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Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine (ISSN 
0039-7342). Issued four times yearly, fall, win- 
ter, spring and summer by Sweet Briar College. 
Periodicals postage paid ol Sweet Briar, VA 
24595 and Lynchburg, VA 24506 

Send form 3579 to Sweet Briar College, Box E, 

Sweet Briar VA 24595. Telephone (434) 381- 


Sweet Briar Alumnoe Mocjaxine Production 

Graphic design b) Nan . B : 

Printed b , 

Honor Roll 
of Donors 

Fiscal year July 1. 2000 through June 30. 2001 

Message from the President 2 

Message from the Vice President for 

Development and College Relations 3 

Report from the Vice President for Finance and Administration . 4 

The Student Commons: Reshaping the Campus Community .... 6 

Ensuring Integrative Learning Opportunities for 

Environmental Studies 8 

Sweet Briar Continues to Draw Stellar Students 10 

Renowned Study Abroad Program Expands 

Students' Knowledge of Global Affairs 11 

The Legacy of Planned Giving Continues at Sweet Briar 12 

Donor Societies 14 

Annual Fund 29 

Alumnae Donors by Class 32 

Parents of Current and Past Students 48 

New State-of-the-art Conference Center Opened 51 

Friends, Faculty, and Staff 52 

Friends of Art 54 

Friends of Library 55 

Corporate and Foundation Friends 56 

The Indiana Fletcher Williams Associates 58 

Estate, Honorary, and Memorial Gifts 60 

New Gatehouse, A Welcoming Portal 62 

Visions Realized: Graduate Placements for the Class of 2001 . . 63 
Board of Directors 64 



O F 








Your support in this, the centenni- 
al year of our 1901 charter, has 
enabled Sweet Briar to build 
upon its standing as one of the 
nation's most distinguished liberal arts col- 
leges for women. Providing a bold and dis- 
tinctive educational experience for women 
literally would not be possible without your 
dedicated partnership. Your generosity sus- 
tains and energizes the college, assisting us 
in realizing every element of our vision, 
from an exemplary co-curricular life pro- 
gram, to the academic rigor and 7.5:1 stu- 
dent-faculty ratio that have together made 
possible a number of national recognitions 
and honors in 2000-2001. 

As one of only four colleges and univer- 
sities in the nation to rank in the top 20 
percent in all five areas studied in the new 
National Survey for Student Engagement — 
indeed Sweet Briar ranked as the top col- 
lege in the country in terms of student 
interaction with faculty in the senior year, 
the College continues to draw intelligent, 
self aware students seeking the intense and 
rigorous educational experience only Sweet 
Briar can offer. Your investment in the 
College allows us to compete in an increas- 
ingly challenging market for students. 

The uncommon educational experience 
offered at Sweet Briar continues to draw 
superb students. Two members of the class 
of 2002 were awarded prestigious national 
fellowships, with each young woman 

selected from a pool of exceptional stu- 
dents nominated by their institutions across 
the nation. 

Investments in new programs have 
enlivened our learning community and 
heightened the college's national reputa- 
tion, making it an exciting intellectual desti- 
nation. Continued growth in innovative pro- 
gums and initiatives include new majors in 
Environmental Science and Environmental 
SUidies; the Honors Summer Research 
Program, pairing undergraduates and pro- 
lessors one-on-one in directed, graduate- 
level research; and the Center for Civic 
Renewal. We made great strides towards 
integrating the ideals of the College with its 
physical landscape when the Board of 
Directors created two additional nature 
sanctuaries in April 2001, preserving nearly 
15% of our 3.300 acres as sanctuaries. 

The College community joins me in cele- 
brating you, our donors, and your legacy of 
generosity. Your continued sen ice has had 
an immediate impact and continues to 
assist us in realizing our potential in the 
twenty-first century. Thank you for helping 
us sustain the Sweet Briar experience and 
joining in the philanthropic partnership 
inspired by our common vision. 





O I 







I— I ^ 





uq i" (J 







£tetfr Alumnae, Friends, 
Supporters and Volunteers, 

These are extraordinary times we 
live in. In this volume, we high- 
light the wonderful success of the 
past fiscal year 2000-2001 at Sweet 
Briar, but we do so with hearts still full of 
the events of September 11. We have been 
forced overnight to re-examine both the 
blessings and the dangers in our lives, and. 
no matter how small or large the town 
where we reside, to acknowledge the 
national and global ties that unite us. 

You. the Sweet Briar College family, 
have created a tradition of unwavering loy- 
alty and warm devotion that every year 
finds expression in an outpouring of gifts. 
Y< >ur generosity supports the current stu- 
dents, faculty, and programs at your alma 
mater. For all of us who work at this 
beloved instiaition, your sustained support 
in turn sustains our enthusiasm and energy 
to work hard on her behalf. We cannot 
thank you enough for all that each and 
every one of you has done to express in 
such a real way the ties that bind you to 
Sweet Briar. 

I know that in recent weeks, like mil- 
lions of other Americans and thousands of 
our friends overseas, you have turned your 
hearts, minds, and charitable impulses to 
provide immediate relief to the victims of 
the brutal and evil attacks on America. We 
salute and commend you as you continue 
in all your philanthropic endeavors this fall. 
If you are a volunteer, now is not the time 
to hesitate, but rather to redouble your 
eff< >rts to involve as many of our fellow citi- 
zens as possible in philanthropy. 

For it is not just our physical well being, 
but our culture and our very way of life 
that are under attack. This is a good time to 
remind your classmates and friends about 
the wonderful American charitable spirit 
and how it sets our nation apart from all 
others. This is the time to remind each 
i ither that we have the freedom to create 

voluntary and educational organizations that 

arc sustained through charitable gifts; thai 
this "third sector" improves the lives of mil- 
lions year in and year out. In America giv- 
ing has never stopped growing: not in war 
times, not in hard economic times. To stop 
encouraging charitable gifts now would be 
to admit defeat of the American spirit. 

Liberal arts colleges, Sweet Briar College 
among them, ensure a brighter future for 
America by educating the future leaders of 
our nation. We at Sweet Briar stand proud 
of our enduring success in preparing young 
women for leadership positions in all walks 
ol lite. Sweet Briar women have led in their 
fields and their communities, have helped 
strengthen our values and freedoms, and 
will do so for generations to come. 

Sweet Briar cannot stop teaching, honing 
voting intellects and preparing women for 
their challenging lives. We cannot deny the 
special Sweet Briar experience to current 
and future young women who have the 
desire to seek us out and commit four years 
to us. We cannot give up this worthy goal 
even when tragedy strikes, because we can- 
not give up the very essence of what makes 
us strong and united: our American opti- 
mism for a better future for human kind. 

Sweet Briar shall go on, but your sup- 
port is critical. Every year it provides a 
substantial, essential portion of Sweet 
Briars budget. You have given us a great. 
record year in contributions, for which 
everyone at Sweet Briar is deeply thankful. 
We are confident that the coming year will 
bring an even higher, unprecedented level 
of commitment to the bright future for 
Svv eet Briar College. 

Ivana Pelnar-Zaiko 

Vice President for Development and 

College Relations 

B R A T I O N 







by Mary Lou Merkt 

As we conclude Sweet Briar's won- 
derful Centennial year, many of 
our greatest gifts simultaneously 
provide us with the greatest chal- 
lenges. While we are blessed with a unique 
heritage and a campus unparalleled in its 
natural and human resources, our ongoing 
challenge is to steward these extraordinary 
assets so that they will continue vibrant and 
vital when our children come of age, in 
2025 and beyond. 

Our historic physical plant, for example, 
is costly to maintain, and we are now facing 
the deferred maintenance issues confronting 
campuses nationwide. As we move into the 
second generation of technology, maintain- 
ing our national recognition as "Most Wired 
Women's College" will require additional 
resources if we are to keep abreast of the 
advanced technology needs in the class- 
room. The College's 7.5:1 srtident-faculty 
ratio will require increased support if we are 
to attract and retain talented young faculty 

Most importantly, perhaps, the College 
must chart a paident strategic balance 
between a healthy endowment and a strong 
enrollment, keeping tuition increases com- 
petitive while ensuring that our financial aid 
package does not drain endowment funds. 
As is the case with several of Sweet Briar's 
peer institutions, the College does not 
depend heavily on tuition and fees to sup- 
port its operating budget. In fact, only 16.3% 
of its annual budget is financed through 
tuition and fees. 

As depicted in Graph A, the generosity of 
alumnae and friends contributes significantly 
to the operating budget and allows us to 
keep the benefits of a Sweet Briar education 
accessible and affordable to all young 
women who meet our selective admissions 
standards. Table B illustrates recent increas- 
es in tuition, which have been consistently 
below the national average. 

For the year ending June 30, 2001, contri- 
butions to the endowment totaled 
$3,057,41 1, and $1,876,600 was given to 
support the operating budget. Additionally. 
$2,596,407 was given to support new facili- 
ties and physical plant improvements, and 
other restricted gifts totaled $786,535. The 
Board of Trustees continues to pursue a 
prudent investment strategy, coupled with 
an aggressive plan in place to control oper- 










Graph A 

ating costs such as payroll and energy con- 
sumption, two of our biggest line items. 
Although subject to the fluctuations of the 
stock market. Sweet Briar's endowment 
remains one of the highest per student col- 
lege endowments in the nation. 

Sweet Briar College's entering Class of 
2005 reflects increasing selectivity and diver- 
sity, continuing the College's reputation as 
one of the nation's top liberal arts colleges 
for women, and enrollment is strong. The 
opening of the new Florence Elston Inn and 
Conference Center in March 2001 is expect- 
ed to generate additional revenue, and 
many other improvements are nearing com- 
pletion, including restoration of the exteriors 
of buildings listed on the National Register 
of Historic Places, new signage, and renova- 
tion of the former College daily into art stu- 
dios. Construction of the new Student 
Commons, exemplifying the College's com- 
mitment to an educational environment that 
is integrated, intentional and rooted, is well 
underway. Upon completion, this "village 
green concept" linking student dining areas 
with meeting and social space is expected 
to be a strong vehicle for recruitment and 
retention. Like other capital projects, it is 
being financed through the generosity of 
forward-thinking donors. 

As we begin our second century, Sweet 
Briar College is pledged tc > continue as g< K id 
stewards of our physical, financial, and 
human strengths. The College remains well 
positioned to capitalize on our numerous 
advantages and to thrive in a time of accel- 
erating change. 






Year Ended 


















Table B 



the Campus 



The new Prothro Building, with 
Prothro Dining Hull as its dra- 
matic first floor, is now under 
construction. After Reunion was over 
in mid-May. the long-awaited Sweet 
Briar College Student Commons got 
underway. Imaginatively designed to 
incorporate Prothro as well as Meta 
Glass. Reid, and Dew residence halls, 
the new center will visually exemplify 
the College's commitment to an educa- 
tional environment that is integrated, 
intentional, and rooted. Upon its com- 
pletion in fall 2002, the Student 
Commons will be Sweet Briar's "Village 
Square." a commons lined with activi- 
ties that will draw everyone in the 
community — saidents, faculty, staff, 
alumnae, and the outside communi- 
ty — to livery interaction. Here, our 
community's intellectual, social, spiritu- 
al, and residential life will blend seam- 

The §16,000,000 project— which will 
be transformational in terms of student 
life — will be a central place to 
acknowledge and honor several recent 
leadership commitments to Sweet 
Briar, including 55,000,000 from Nancy 
and Holcombe Green and 55,000,000 
from the Texas-based Prothro-Perkins 
Foundation. Others honored in this 
project include, for example, a gift of 
5100.000 from William M. Passano, Jr.. 
in honor of Helen M. Addington. the 
mother of Helen Addington Passano 
'55, his wife. There remain several 
impressive naming opportunities, such 
as the Courtyard, the Student 
Organizations Suite, the Career Services 
Suite, the West Terrace, the Sweet Briar 
Outdoor Program ( SWEBOP ) Suite, 
and the Co-Curricular and Residential 
Life Suite. These transformational lead- 
ership gifts reap a tangible, immediate 
impact, enlivening the College while 
protecting the Sweet Briar experience 
far into the future. 

H A T I O N 

D O N O R 


Envi vnm nt<m 

One of the essential elements of a 
Sweet Briar education is access 
and exposure to unparalleled 
biological resources. The College's new 
environmental studies program stresses an 
integrative approach to learning, blending 
classroom, research, and field experience. 
This ambitious new curriculum, made pos- 
sible through generous support of the 
endowment, relies on careful and continu- 
ous stewardship of our beautiful and 
expansive campus, that remarkably 
includes stands of old forest growth. 

Consistent with our long tradition of 
protecting areas deemed environmentally 
and educationally important, the Sweet 
Briar College Board of Trustees approved 
a Forest Management Plan for environmen- 
tal stewardship of the 3,300-acre campus. 
The environmentally sensitive plan devel- 
oped by independent consulting forester 
McChesney "Ches" Goodall of Richmond, 
son of alumna Wayne Stokes Goodall '49, 
and commissioned by the Board, creates 
two new sanctuaries while limiting selec- 
tive thinning to no more than 30 percent 
of hardwoods in those areas previously 
harvested. It bans altogether the harvesting 
of old growth sites displaying no evidence 
of previous timbering and recommends 
experimenting with horse-logging when 
possible to reduce environmental impact. 
An environmental assessment prepared by 
six students in Sweet Briar's "Environ- 
mental Risk Assessment" class was also 
presented for the Board's review, indicat- 
ing that if thinning were limited to no 
more than 30 percent, carried out over five 

years, the impact on the environment 
would be minimal. 

While stewardship of Sweet Briar's natu- 
ral environment is of the utmost impor- 
tance, it is the endowment support of 
environmental studies that synergistically 
underwrites student research and field 
work. Betty Byrne Gill Ware SS sites sev- 
eral reasons why she chose to endow a 
scholarship in environmental studies. 'First. 
the scholarship will be named in memory 
of my parents who made it possible for 
me to attend Sweet Briar. Second, my 
interest in the environment was initiated 
by the beauty of the Sweet Briar campus 
and by my botany teacher. Miss Sprague. 
who led field trips emphasizing the variety 
of lovely trees and shrubs on campus. 
Third, my major volunteer efforts have 
been in the areas of conservation and 
beautification, and I was impressed that 
Sweet Briar was emphasizing environmen- 
tal studies and civic renewal." 

Most importantly, with interest in envi- 
ronmental sciences on the rise, scholar- 
ships created by forward thinking donors 
support students who have an interest in 
the field. As Mrs. Ware succinctly states. "I 
wanted a deserving student to have the 
excellent experience that I had at Sweet 
Briar and one who would continue my 
interest in environmental activism." Such 
visionary and steadfast support has 
allowed Sweet Briar to build upon its 
strength in the sciences and launch one of 
its most dynamic and far-reaching pro- 
grams in decades. 






Sweet Briar continues to draw 
intelligent, adventuresome 
young women who strive to be 

pioneers in their professions and in 
life. Through their generous academic 
investments, our donors ensure 
access to qualified students from a 
broad range of backgrounds. Two 
members of the class of 2002 have 
earned prestigious national scholar- 
ships in their fields of study. Tia 
Trout, Louisa, Ky., was named a 
Truman Scholar just two weeks 
before classmate Laura Reither, 
Summerville, S.C., won her Goldwater 
Scholarship. Such noteworthy recog- 
nition of our students enhances the 
College's national reputation, 

enabling us to continue to attract tal- 
ented students and scholars. 

Each student was selected for her 
award from a pool of highly qualified 
students from across the country. Tia. 
a government major with a law and 
society concentration and music 
minor, was among - (> recipients from 
51 colleges and universities nation- 
wide to receive the highly selective 
Truman Scholarship. This award rec- 
ognizes college juniors with excep- 
tional leadership potential who are 
committed to careers in government 
or other phases of public service. 

Likewise, Laura was selected on 
the basis of academic merit from a 
field of 1.164 as one of only 302 

recipients nationwide to receive the 
Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship, 
which encourages students to pursue 
careers in fields of mathematics, natu- 
ral sciences, and engineering. 

Laura, a biochemistry and molecu- 
lar biology major recently elected to 
Phi Beta Kappa as a junior, is work- 
ing toward an honors degree doing 
research on a chemically-related envi- 
ronmental issue. "Sweet Briar has 
given me so many opportunities. 
Laura said. "I was doing research in 
the Chemistry Department my first 
year. I doubt I would have received 
this award if I hadn't had the oppor- 
tunities Sweet Briar gave me." 





O F 




xposure to a variety 
of world cultures 
through foreign travel 
and study fuels independ- 
ence of thought and self- 
awareness. Our renowned 
study abroad program 
nourishes the adventurous, 
intellectually curious spirit 
of our students. Through a 
generous gift to the Sweet 
Briar College endowment 
fund, more promising 
young women will expand 
their knowledge of global 
affairs, so critical to careers 
in the 21st century. A 
recent $400,000 pledge 



from friends of the College 
has endowed four $5,000 
scholarships for Sweet Briar 
students in international 
studies or for international 
students attending the 

The international experi- 
ence afforded Sweet Briar 
students by such generosity 
builds leadership skills and 
allows students to enter the 
world more conversant with 

Briar has embraced. "Bright, 
talented, and creative stu- 
dents enrich Sweet Briar 
inside and outside the class- 
room," said Ivana Pelnar- 
Zaiko, Vice President for 
Development and College 
Relations. "Again and again, 
endowed scholarships 
increase our ability to attract 
the best and the brightest to 
Sweet Briar, and we know 
from our own personal 

global cultures. According to experience that students 

President Elisabeth S. thrive on campus and after- 

Muhlenfeld, global affairs is ward, in their chosen pro- 

among a number of strate- fessions, as a result of these 

gic emphases that Sweet opportunities." 


T I O N O N O R S 


/ 1 


Nannette McBurney Crowdus '57 and Molly Nelson '64 participate in the College's 
Centennial Founder's Day celebration. 

Tlic thoughtful plan- 
ning, dedication, 
and vision of our 

donors have played a major 
role in building the endow- 
ment and providing an 
unparalleled liberal arts 
education. Gifts of retire- 
ment plans represent the 
enduring commitment of 
the College's patrons. The 
\ it.ilily of Sweet Briar is 
truly a testament to the 
strength and loyalty of its 

The new Individual 
Retirement Account distri- 
bution rules have made it 
more favorable than ever to 
name Sweet Briar College 
as the ultimate beneficiary 
of your retirement 

For more information, contact Deal Tompkins, 

Director of Capital & Planned Giving, i/toni/>ki)is@sbc.eciit . 


accounts. Under current tax 
law. if you leave the residu- 
als in your retirement 
accounts to individuals, 
they may be subject to both 
estate tax and ordinary 
income tax. [f you name 
Sw eet Briar as the death 
beneficiary there will be no 
taxes incurred on these 
funds. The same is true 
with U.S. Savings Bonds. 

In keeping with the 
College's strong legacy of 
planned giving, a grow ing 
number of alumnae have 
elected to name Sweet 
Briar as the beneficiary of 
their estates in 2000-2001. 


"Leaving my IRA to Sweet Briar 
serves two purposes: first, I will 
be able to make a significant 
contribution to support the col- 
lege, and second, I will relieve 
my children of paying the 
taxes that were deferred for 
years during my lifetime and 
possibly estate taxes as well. 
Sweet Briar pays no taxes, so 
the amount of money in my 
IRA is not diminished and will 
go in its entirety to the college. 
A real win-win situation!" 

— Nannette McBurney Crowdus, Campaign Planned 
Giving Chairman, Class of 1957 

'I like to put my money where 
my heart is, and Sweet Briar 
has always been a top priority. 
The education I received has 
enriched my life immensely, 
and the friendships made over 
the decades have sustained me 
through good times and bad. 
How could I not give back?" 

—Molly Nelson, Class of 1964 



O F 



Annual Gifts of $10,000 or more 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Marshal] Acuff, Jr. 

Mrs. Homer I. Altice 

Lisa Hassan Arnold '88 

Bruce Johns Baher 

Ann Ritchey Baruch '62 

Mona Wilson Beard '51 

Gordon (i. Beemer H'21 

Audrey T. Betts '45* 

Carolyn Martindale Blouin '30* 

Catharine Fitzgerald Booker '47* 

Catherine Baniett Brown '49 

Walter H. Brown H'49 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Armistead Burwell, Jr. 

(Ethel Ogden '58) 
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Cabaniss, Jr. 

(Catherine Caldwell '68) 
Emily Schuber Carr '47* 
Ruth Simpson Carrington '21* 
Elizabeth Stanly Cates '63 
Fay Martin Chandler '43 
Nannette McBumey Crowdus '57 
Nina E. Damold-Boone 
Deborah Day 
Margaret Huxley Dick '36 
Dr. and Mrs. William H. L. Dornette 
Ernest P. Edwards 
MichelaA. English '71 
Beryl Bergquist Farris 71 
Frances Johnson Finley '37* 
Katherine Agard Flewelling '25* 
Carol McMurtry Fowler '57 
Anne Cooke Gilliam '40 
Laura Hand Glover '86 
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Hale 

(Anne Sheffield '54) 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Stanley Hare* 

(Margaret Bell '32*) 
Vesta Murray Haselden '38 
Betty-Potter Kinne Hillyer '43 
Gladys Wester Horton '30 
Anne Stuckle Houston '46 
Margaret B. Humphrey 76* 
Julia Mills Jacobsen '45 
Rose Montgomery Johnston '56 
Lucile Cox Jones '36* 
Donna Pearson Josey '64 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Lane, Jr. 

(Helen Murchison Lane '4(1) 
Elizabeth Bramhara Lee '48* 
Elizabeth Hanger Lippincott '42 
Sara Finnegan Lycett '61 
Julia Groves Martin -tl 
Man Lee McGinnis McClain '54 

John R. McClenon 

Miriam Washabaugh Meglan "1 

Norma Patteson Mills '60 

Edson Mitchell 

Irene Mitchell Moore '42 

katherine l.enore Morgan 

Kathleen Bailey Nager '53 

Mrs. Lawrence G. Nelson 

Mr ;md Mrs. J. Wilson Newman 

Tennessee Nielsen 76 

Helen Addington Passano '55 

Ivana Pelnar-Zaiko 

Tern Faulkner Phillips '51 

Bettie Arnold Reed '64 

Linda k. Reinhold 

Stephanie Bredin Speakman '68 

Sara Davis Spencer '48 

Agnes Cleveland Stackhouse '31* 

Jean G. Taylor '49 

Evaline Edmands Tlioma '20 

Mary-Fleming Willis Thompson '66 

Julia Baldwin Waxier '49 

Elizabeth Smith White '59 

Karen kniskern White '43 

Lois Peterson Wilson '26* 

Florence Barclay Winston '57 

Margaret Jones Wyllie '45 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Zender 


Annual Gifts of$5.000-S9.99<J 

Carolyn Sample Abshire '51 
Patricia Sorensen Ackard 4l 
Nancy Baginski 
Nella Gray Barkley '55 
Patricia Anne Barton '51 
Bryan Alphin Bente '69 
Joan Moore Biddle '64 
Ann Mountcastle Blechta '51 
Mr and Mrs. J. Bruce Bredin 
Alice Can Farmer Brown '59 
Ann Amspiger Canipe '69 
Mr. imd Mrs. John R. Childress 
Mary Whipple Clark '35* 
Louisa Hunt Coker '56 
Mr. and Mrs. W Ford Cramer, Jr. 
Winifred Storey Davis '61 
Mary Talcott Dodson '38* 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Dudnvan 
Marie Shields Duke 76 
katherine Guerrant Fields '53 
Shelby French 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Fretwell, Jr. 
Barbara Ripley Furniss '42 
Adelaide Boze Glascock '40 

Allison Roberts Greene '81 
Man Beth Hamlin Finke 76 
Mr. and Mrs. L. Parker Harrell, Jr. 

Elizabeth A. Harris 
Mr. and Mrs. W. Gibbs Herhruck 

(Dorothy Marks '51) 
Anna Man Chidester Heywood '45 
Susan Ostrander Hood '51 
Lucy Kiker Jones '4.5 
Kathleen A. Kavanagh "4 
Nancy Hudler Keuffel '62 
Rebecca Faxon Knowles '55 
Sarah Tarns Kreker '39 
Elizabeth Landeii Krone '81 
Pamela Sulli\;ui lJ\ingston '67 
Christina Martin 
Arthur L. McDougal 
Dorothy Woods McLeod '58 
Ellen Duval Miller '44 
Virginia Cates .Mitchell '63 
Yaughan Inge Morrissette '54 
Mary Johnson Nelson '04 
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin B. Nordhem 

(Shirley Hauseman 'i2) 
Ann N. B. Parks '39 
Joanne Holbrook Patton '52 
Ellen Gilliam Perry '45 
Kitty Corbett Powell '38 
Margaret Craighill Price '41 
Elizabeth Perkins Protliro '39 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul 11. Pusey 
Nancy Pesek Rasenberger '51 
Amanda Steel Rich '79 
Betty Rati Santandrea 70 
Allison Stemmons Simon '63 
Anne Sinsheimer '51 
Betty llaverty Smith '44 
Margaret Semmes Stavropoulos '61 
Nina K. Steel 

Linda Reynolds Stern '66 
Martha Lou Lemmon Stohlman .54 
Katherine I'pchurch Takvorian '72 
Margaret Towers Talman '49 
Mildred Newman Thayer '61 
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Thorstenherg. Jr 
Sally Gipson Tully '69 
Carolyn Dickinson Tynes '56 
Adeline Jons Voorhees '46 
George F. Walker 
Jane Tatman Walker '60 
Betty Byrne Gill Ware '55 
Margaret Storey Wasson '61 
Connie Burwell White '34 
Susan Snodgrass Wynne 72 
Barbara Smith Young 71 




O F 


THE 2000-2001 

Ethel Ogden Bunvell '58 

Lochrane Coleman Smith 76 


Mary Love Ferguson Sanders '43 
Martha Mansfield Clement '48 
Audrey Lahman Rosselot '48 
Helen Elliott Sockwell '48 
Man Fran Broun B;dlard '49 
Man Dame Stubhs Broad '50 
Eleanor Johnson Ashby '53 
Man Kimball Grier '53 
Louise Aubrey McFarland '54 
,\nne Kilby Gilhuly '55 
Rebecca Faxon Knowles '55 
Charlotte Heuer de Serio '57 
Nannette McBumey Crowdus '57 
Ann Pegram Hanis '59 
Betsy Smith White '59 
Margot Saur Meyer '60 
Adele Vogel HaiTell '62 
Jane H. Goodridge '63 
McNair Currie Maxwell '63 
Rosamond Sample Brown '64 
Lee Huston Carroll '64 
Jean Mcintosh '65 
Alice Perry Park '65 
Milbrey Seabring Raney '65 
D;ma Reinschmidt Tliompkins '65 
Ann Peterson Griffin '68 
Ann Arnspiger Canipe '69 
Diane Dale Reiling 73 
Man Bush Nonvood 74 
Sandra Taylor 74 
Dorsey Tillett Northrup 75 
Janet Myers Deans 77 
Peggy Haley Sheehan 77 
Elizabeth Wray Longino 78 
Julia K. Sutherland 78 
Cindi Little Townsend 79 
Emily Quinn McDermott '80 
Carol Searles Bohrer '82 
Ann Morton Young Babliston '82 
Tracy Gatewood Lyons '83 
Iili Gillespie Billings '84 
Heather Willson Freeman '84 
Kimberly Knox Norman '85 
Jean Lewis Guergai '87 
Teresa Pike Tomlinson '87 
Katrina Evans Gatti '88 
Kathleen Keogh Snelling '88 
Kate Robinson Hillestad '89 
JoAnn Roderick Tankard '90 

Elizabeth Gilkeson King '93 
Elizabeth Thigpen Landry '94 
Mary Celeste Holmes ' l )4 
Charlotte Prothro Philbin '95 
Leah Anne Jorgensen '96 
Sara D. Selby '96 
Allison Amy Gerber '98 
Erin Elizabeth Sobotta '99 
Emily Suzanne Taylor '00 



Animal Gifts of$l,000-$4.999 


Lt Gen. and Mrs. John G. .Albert 

(Jean Love 46) 
Margaret Ryan Ale 76 
Hazel Sterrett Allen '40 
Jean Cole Anderson '31* 
Mr. and Mrs. Pat C. Aneralla 
Norma Bradley Arnold '44 
Mr. and Mrs. Truman Arnold 
Eleanor Johnson Ashby '53 
Jan lluguenin Assmus '69 
Marjorie Whitson Aude '57 
Nancy Weinberg Auersperg '81 
Mr. and Mrs. Guilford C. Babcock 
Sarah Garland Babcock '83 
Barbara Gracey Backer 71 
Irving W. Bailey 11 
Alberta Pew Baker '49 
Dorothy Tobin Baldwin '44 
Nancy Godwin Baldwin '57 
Man Fran Brown Ballard '49 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. Burnett 

(PutriciuLevi '49) 
Menill Underwood Barringer '54 
Burbara Rockefeller Bartlett '63 
Mury Brush Bass '62 
Mr. und Mrs. R. Bruce Bass 

(Catherine Price 45) 
Salty Skinner Behnke '44 
Colleen Bradley Bell '89 
Suzanne Hardy Benson '48 
Polly Benson-Brown '58 
Sally-Ann Sells Bensur 79 
Malinda Bradley Bergen '87 
Mr. and Mrs. Gary N. Betz 
Elizabeth Gillespie Billings '84 
Janet Martin Birney '53 
Clare Newman Blunchurd '60 
Ann Young Bloom '59 
Suzanne Edinger Boas '68 
Sarah Porter Boehmler '65 
Louise Cobb Boggs '61 

Man Morris Gamble Booth '50 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Bowen 

(Laura llailey '56) 
Mr. and Mrs. W. Wuldo Bradley 
Kenneth W. Brudt 
Jounne Raines Brinkley '57 
Betty Suttle Briscoe '5 1 
Mary Dame Stubbs Broad '50 
Jane Bryan Brockenbrough h2 
Dr. ;md Mrs. Owen W. Brodie 
Frances Bailey Brooke '38 
Laura Lee Brown '63 
Mary Lanman Brown '50 
Frances Gilbert Browne '56 
Gay Kenney Browne '82 
Nina Wilkerson Bugg '60 
Cai'la Pellegrino Cabot '84 
Margaret Wadman Cafasso '61 
.Vnn Walsh Cahouet '54 
Mr. and Mrs. Craig). Cain 
Mr. and Mrs. Victor). Cameron 
Barbara Hastings Came '69 
Rew Price Came '59 
Donna Robinson Cart '52 
Elsie Prichard Carter '59 
Susan Fitzgerald Carter 74 
Elizabeth Frenzel Casalini '82 
Mr. and Mrs. S. /Mien Chambers, Jr. 

(Bettye Thomas '62) 
Ernestine M. Chandler '44 
Hilda Hude Chapin '45 
Lynn Mather Charette '86 
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur I. Chenoweth 

(Barbara Derr .38) 
Courtney Warrick Cherna '84 
Mr. and Mrs. E Hudnall Christopher. Jr. 

(Claire Cannon '58) 
Victoria Chumney '87 
Ellen Rumsuy Clurk '49 
Lynn Adams Clurk '61 
Morton H. Clurk 
Dr. und Mrs. Tenence T. Clark 
Mary Lee Bell Coffey '69 
Harriotte Blund Coke '48 
Virginia L'pchurch Collier 72 
Ann Compton 
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Duncan S. Cook 

(loan Kells '55) 
Carol D. Cooper 71 
Bonnie C. Cord '66 
Nancy Webb Corkery '81 
Evelyn Carter Cowles 73 
Jean Inge Cox '65 
Man King Craddock '68 
Margaret A. Craw 72 
Flora Cameron Crichton '46 

Sally Fishburn Crockett '52 

Sus;m Bronson Croft '64 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Cronin 

Thomas I. Crowell 

Mr. und Mrs. Overton A. Currie, Jr. 

Jaquelin Ambler Cusick '57 

Rebecca Munning Cutler '27 

Sally Dobson Danforth '59 

Harold R. Dann 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Durden 

Rosemary Ashby Dashiell '46 

Alice Edwurds Duvenport '45 

Mr. and Mrs. Luis de Hechavarria 

Linda C. DeVogt '86 

Direxa Dick Dearie '67 

Ruth Frye Deaton '54 

Catherine Newman Detering 76 

Margaret Swindell Dickemian '43 

Carol Anne Dickson '86 

Eleanor Griggs Diemar '66 

Janet Broman Dingle '51 

.Alice Warner Donaghy '62 

Anne Qu;irles Doolittle 78 

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Dorminey 

Carol Goodman Doty '87 

Mr. and Mrs. Chris S. Doughtie 

Nancy Pingree Drake '43 

Mrs. Desi Dreffin 

Ellen ('Jure Gillespie Dreyer '83 

Elizabeth Space Dunn '59 

Kemp V. Dwenger 

VVillia Fales Eckerberg '61 

Lucy Boyd Lemon Edmunds '63 

Elizabeth Yeager Edwards '84 

Martha Meehan Elgar '67 

DebraA. Elkins'93 

Mary Jane Eriksen Ertman '51 

Maria Ward Estefania '69 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Eubanks, Jr. 

Helen Scribner Euston '65 

Kimberley McGraw Euston '92 

Mr. and Mrs. H. Clyde Evans 

Patricia Dolph Fallon '84 

Leila Burnett Felker '45 

Frances McClung Ferguson '80 

James D. Finley II 

Eleanor Damgard Firth '41 

Judith Brown Fletcher 71 

Virginia Squibb Flynn '32 

Linda Knickerbocker Ford '59 

Elizabeth Morton Forsyth '36 

Sarah Tomlinson Foscue '38 

Evelyn Lane Fozzard '52 

Decca Gilmer Frackelton '41 

Mary Carter Frackelton 72 

Joanne Williams Fraser '51 



O F 






Rebecca Young Frazer '35 

Carta de Creny Freed '51 

Man \nn Robh Freer '54 

Mr and Mrs. Eric (I. Friberg 

Mrs. Robert J. Friedlander 

Forrest I.. (lager. Jr. 

Gaj Hart Gaines '59 

Sarah Belk Gantbrell '39 

Booiiee Key Garrett '43 

Katrina Evans Gatti '88 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Gilchrist, Jr.* 

(Edna Lee '26' ) 
Mary Waterman Gildehaus '69 
FJisabeth Elmore (iillehmd '50 
Mrs. William B. Gillies, Jr. 
Suzanne Lockley (ilad '51 
Barbara Paulson Goodbarn '83 
Mrs. Frank Goodman 
Valerie Gordon-Johnson 74 
Patricia Paterson Graham 79 
Madeleine F Green 
Nana Hall Green '64 
Dianne Verney Greenway SS 
Meredith Smythe Grider '56 
Man Kimball liner Si 
Ann Peterson Griffin '68 
Claire Dennison Griffith '80 
Jane Eastin Hager '6^ 
Winborne Leigh Hamlin '58 
Frances G. Hanahan '64 
Adelaide 11. Hapala 
Helen Schmid Hardy '40 
Ann Pegram Harris '59 
David W. Harris 
Elizabeth Tmeheart Harris '49 
William P. Harris 
Joan Arey Hanison '53 
Martha Mattern Harvey '64 
Ann Petesch Hazzard'51 
Mary Groetzinger Heard '63 
Jean Stapleton Hellier '51 
Helen Hellmuth 
Janet Maynard Henderson '6(1 
Mr. and Mrs. Victor W. Henningsen, Jr. 

(Mayde Ludington '48) 
Mr and Mrs. Leonard (1. Herring 
Anne Day Herrmann '64 
Kathryn Trogdon Hightower '67 
Sarah Battle Hitch Hill '63 
Macon Winfree Hilton '62 
Alexandria Hiribame '96 
Linda Schwaab Hodges '65 
Esther Jett Holland '43 
Bridget O'Reilly Holmes '83 
Margaret Milleiulcr Holmes '63 

Mr and Mrs. William R. Horbatt 

Kathy Jackson Howe 78 

Marj lane S. Oliver Hubbard '62 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas C. Hughes 

Arthur E Humphrey III 

Cissy Humphrey 76 

Jacqueline Mabie Humphrey '60 

James E. Hungerpiller 

Page Anderson Hungerpiller '54 

Dr. and Mrs. Fred I). Hunker 

Carol Hays Ilunley '81 

[Catherine Grosvenor Hutcheson '83 

Kathleen Meredith lacobelli '88 

Man Bailey Izard '32 

Elizabeth Washabaugh Jarvis '"5 

Lucy Gordan Jeffers '39 

Logan Phinizy Johns '36 

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Johnson, Jr. 

( Margery Scott '57) 
Catharine Hardwick Johnston '49 
Mr. and Mrs. G. Paul Jones 

(Dallis Johnson '54) 
Nancy Parsons Jones '36 
Louise Corrigan Jordan '39 
Deborah Judd 
Ruina Wallace Judd '61 
Leon J. Kaplan 
Mary A. Kelley 70 
Narcissa Dillard Kelley '39 
Anne Hoagland Kelsey '52 
Keenan Colton Kelsey '66 
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Kemper 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Kenefick 
Mr. and Mrs. Warner W. Kent, Jr. 

(Jane Johnson 48) 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Kestner 
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Kientz 
S;dly Old Kitchin 76 
Cornelia Chalkley Kittler '40 
Susan Walton Kbveness '"6 
Ann Stuart McKie Kling 74 
Janet Hiestand Roller '63 
Jo Ann Soderquist Kramer '64 
Mr. and Mrs. NX illiiini A. Kroh 
Bruce Watts Knicke '54 
Mrs. Charles J. Kurtz, Jr. 
Min Ho Kwaan '60 
Shapleigh Donnelly LaPointe '86 
Eli/abeth Todd Landen '50 
Mice I'. Laubach '35 
Jane Lewder '35 
Dorothy Moore Lawson '59 
Elsie Landram Layton '50 
Ann Remain Lee '69 
Leila Fellner l.enagli '46 
Elizabeth Crones Leonard 76 

Diane M. Leslie 73 
Man Woodford Leslie 76 
Richard E. Leslie 
Kate Sulzberger Levi '38 
.Anne Noyes Lewis '43 
Caroline Casey Undemann '49 
Elizabeth Johnston Lipscomb '59 
Anne Cone Liptzin '61 
Beatrice Dingwell Loos '46 
Valerie Stoddard Loring '59 
M. Phyllis Lose 
Julia Fort Lowe '63 
Susan Posey Ludeman '80 
Frances Graham MacHwinen '63 
Margaret Holcomb MacMillan '37 
Elizabeth Haskell Mack '57 
Katharine Phinizy Mackie '51 
Kathrina Howze Maclellan '33 
Michael J. Madden 
Brooke Patterson Mahlstedt '65 
Marjorie Willetts Maiden '44 
Peachey Iilhird Manning '50 
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Mapp. Jr. 

(Rebecca Douglass '3") 
Jean Caldwell Marchant '52 
Robert G. Marshall 
Jamie Planck Martin '81 
Margaret Sheffield Martin '48 
Daniele Mason 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Mason 

(Emily W'ilkins 44) 
Joy Peebles Massie '57 
Cornelia Long Matson '58 
McNair Currie Maxwell '63 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Maxwell 
Anne Stupp McAlpin '68 
.Allison Jennings McCance '64 
Stella Moore McClintock '57 
Margaret Graves McClung '53 
Martha Hoffman McCoy '44 
Marie Musgrove McCrone '49 
Emily Quinn McDermott '80 
Ann Van Norden McDuffie SI 
Louise Aubrey McFarland '54 
Joan M. McGcttigan '83 
Aimee Des Pland McGirt '47 
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Can 

Mr. ;md Mrs. William II. McNair 

(Rebecca Towill '60) 
Mr. ;uid Mrs. Wayne E. McOwen 
Helen Sim Mellen '31 
Carolyn Foster Meredith '61 
Anne Taylor Merrill '60 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E Meyer 
MargotSaur Meyer '60 

Julia Cray Saunders Michaux '39 
Jeannette Bush Miller 71 
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis N Miller. Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Mobley 

(Sue Lawton '55) 
Mildred Moon Montague '40 
Dorothy Lear Mooney 78 
JaneD. Moonej 77 
Marie L. Moore 70 
Carter Heyward Morris '"3 
Makanah Dunham Morriss '66 
Frances Kin en Morse '68 
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Morse. Jr. 
Miriam Molander Moss '62 
Elisabeth S. Muhlenfeld 
Grace Bugg Muller-Thym '42 
John J. Naegel 
Mr. ;utd Mrs. John E. Neill 

(Elizabeth Doucett '41) 
Elizabeth Schmeisser Nelson '43 
JaneW. Nelson '66 
Judith Nelson 
Patricia Smith Nelson '48 
Theda Sherman Newlin ;>1 
Linda Sims Newmark '60 
Anne Walker Newton '38 
Mary Bush Norwood ~4 
Katharine Mockett Oberteuffer '66 
Anne Borough O'Connor 4l 
Denise W isell O'Connor 7 1 
Nancy McVayO'.NeilT43 
UndaJ. Odum 72 
Luu;u- Ellis Oglesby '54 
Jean C. Old '4~ 
Man Scully Olney '4l 
Rudolpho Ongjoco 
Katharine Weisiger Osborne '47 
Cynthia W ilson Ottaway '57 
Kathryn Bolton Overman '89 
Mr and Mrs. Terrell Wallace Oxford 
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Palmer 

( Nancy Keen Bunenvorth '51) 
R. Anne Pankoski 06 
.Alice Perry Park '65 
Marie Gilliam Park '50 
Man Owens Parkinson '61 
Margaret Weimer Parrish 76 
Man Judd Patton '39 
Kathleen Garcia Pegues 71 
Courtney Gibson Pelley '59 
Edna S\*ka Peltier '42 
Mr. and Mrs. Barry A. Perlow 
Meredith Slane Person '47 
Elaine Newton Peters S" 
Greta BarkscLtle Brown Peters '66 
C. Gregg Petersmeur 



C E L E B R A T 

O N 

O F 


Mr. and Mrs. Jolin G. Pflugfelder 

(Anne Allen '54) 
Charlotte Profliro Philbin "95 
Mr. and Mrs. Cecil M. Phillips 
Mr. and Mrs. C. Cotesworth Pinckney 

(Helen Raney '66) 
Susan Dern Plank 73 
Ruth Myers Pleasants '34 
Andria Ciillioun Plonk;! '67 
Catherine Tift Porter '-h 
Christine Mendel Prewitt "3 
Barbara Johnson Prickett '68 
Donna Jan Pridmore "1 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry T. Pringle, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Prodiro 
Louise Elizabedi Pnlizzi 75 
Patricia Powell Pnsey '60 
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Ragland 

(Betty Johnson 48) 
Ann Wesley Ramsey 75 
Milbrey Sebring Raney '65 
Patsey Carney Reed '62 
Diane McCabe Reid 70 
Elizabeth Zulich Reuter '45 
Catherine Cox Reynolds 49 
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph R. Riehl.Jr. 

(Susan Van Cleve '47) 
Mary Cosby Rinehart '61 
Norma Neblett Roadcap 76 
Lisa Nelson Robertson 76 
Clara Pfeiffer Rodes '55 
Frances A. Root '80 
Audrey Lahman Rosselot '48 
Eric A. Rothfeld 
Patricia Traugott Rouse '48 
Dorothy Rouse-Bottom '49 
Mr. and Mrs. Josiah P. Rowe 111 

(Anne Wilson '57) 
Elizabedi Moore Rusk '26 
Betty Ann Jackson Ryan '48 
Christie Calder Salomon '64 
Betty Van Dusen Samson '44 
Mary Love Ferguson Sanders '43 
Helen J. Sanford '42 
Yvonne Leggett Sanford '39 
Judith Welton Sargent '59 
Ellen Harrison Saunders '75 
Tracy G. Savage 70 
Frances Domette Schafer ' 7 
Mr. and Mrs. Hughes S. Schroder 

(Frances Longino '44) 
Man Barge Schroder '39 
Mildred Schroder 
Leila VanLeer Schwaab '33* 
Elizabeth Pinkerton Scott '36 

Vivian Buder Scott '59 
Mary Lou Morton Seilheimer '63 
Anne Darden Self '80 
Daniel E. Shannon 
Esther Cunningham Shay '45 
Frances Bell Shepherd '55 
kari Andersen Shipley 76 
Sandra Stingily Simpson '57 
Anne Kleeman Sites '47 
Sarah Garrison Skidmore '56 
Ellen S. Smith '87 
Emily Pleasants Smith '65 
Mr. and Mrs. F. Ames Smith 

(Margaret Lotterhos '54) 
Frances Street Smith '52 
Cochrane Coleman Smith 76 
Man Virginia Camp Smith '36 
Alice .Allen Smyth '62 
Capt and Mrs. C. Stribling 

Snodgrass, Jr. 

(Eleanor Potts '48) 
Mr. and Mrs. Warren S. Sockwell 

(Helen Elliott '48) 
Caroline Birdsall Sory '61 
Patti Birge Spivey '61 
Melanie Bowen Steglich 78 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Stephens 

(Synor Neblett '57) 
Margaret Jones Steuart '54 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Steves 
Ruth Lowrance Street '27 
Josephine Reid Stubbs '30 
Mary Lane Bryan Sullivan '58 
Cindy Sorenson Sutherland 74 
Julia K. Sutherland 78 
Grace E. Suttle '60 
Cheryl Sweeney 
Doris Huner Swiech '41 
Paulett Long Taggart '44 
Margaret Cromwell Taliaferro '49 
Nancy St Clair Talley '56 
Margaret Robinson Tallmadge '81 
Jo Ann Roderick Tankard '90 
Mr. and Mrs. S. Joseph Tarnowski 
Elvira McMillan Tate '65 
Jane Findlay Tate '43 
Ann Sheldon Taylor '5 1 
Sandra A. Taylor 74 
Ann Collins Teachout '54 
Mason Tenaglia 

Margaret Smith Thomasson '36 
Isabel Gaylord Thompson '45 
Jane Arensberg Thompson '6l 
Joan Vail Tliome '51 
Eleanor St. Clair Thorp '58 
Patricia Smith Ticer '55 

Lida Matthews Tingley '01 

Ruth Ulland Todd '11 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Toepffer 

Lisa Redd Toliver '86 

Jane Roseberry Tolleson '52 

Mr. and Mrs. George F. Tomlinson 

Teresa Pike Tomlinson '87 

Dana Reinschmidt Tliompkins '65 

Deal Tompkins 

Mr. and Mrs. Myron E. Tremain 

(Betsy Gilmer '42) 
Patricia Tucker Turk '55 
Margaret Addington Twohy '48 
Georgene M. Vairo 72 
Sally Schall Van Allen '42 
Anne Hinshaw Yanderweil '68 
Dorothy Barnum Venter '35 
Mary Haskell Walker '66 
Dawne Cotton Ward '81 
Mr. and Mrs. Woodward A. 

Warrick, Jr. 
Dr. and Mrs. William J. Watt 

(Helen Gravatt '44) 
Lee Montague Watts '39 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Webb 
Wendy C.Weiler 71 
Mrs. Richard C. Weiss 
Jane Feltus Welch '55 
Murrell Rickards Werth '44 
Jane Bradley Wheeler '64 
Helen Littleton White '4 1 
Kimberly Wiehl 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Wilcoxson 
Cecil Butler Williams '47 
Ernest G. Williams 
Jane Dildy Williams '55 
Kimberly K. Willock '89 
Courtenay Sands Wilson '66 
Joan O'Meara Winant 
Mary Burgman Winston '55 
Florence Bagley Witt '42 
Ariana Jones Wittke 46 
Camilla Crocker Wodehouse 71 
Johanna Yaple Wolski 70 
Diane Duffield Wood '57 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Adams Wood, Sr. 
Mary Denny Scott Wray '61 
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Wright 111 

(Joan Broman '56) 
Elizabeth H. Wyatt '69 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Yates 

(Dorothy Malone 42) 
Katharine Jones Youell 71 
Cynthia Noland Young '40 
Lane Young 
Mr. and Mrs. Seymour R. Young 

(Marion Mundy 42 ) 
Mr. and Mrs. Elwin J. Zanvell 
Marie Brede Zimmerman '24 
Fannie C. Zollicofer '80 
Jane Lewis Zollicoffer '50 


The Junior Boxwood Circle Committee 
Lee Foley Dolan '96, Chair 

Rachel C. Balms '96 
Chantel N. Bartlett '98 
Josie Erin Beets '00 
Ana-Marija Beskin '96 
Laura D. Billings '96 
Kimberly N. Bolz-Andolshek '99 
Wendy Irene Bramlett '00 
Natalie J. Brown '96 
Constance G. Bump '96 
Christie L. Cardon '96 
Ann MacDonald Carter '97 
Kathryn Ann Cesarz '00 
Wynn Cole '96 
Heather L. Cushman '97 
Lisa Buckingham Darr '95 
Devon Denise Day '00 
Lee Foley Dolan '96 
Amelia E. Dudman '96 
Jesse W Durham '96 
Sarah M. Elkins '99 
Mary E. Friberg '98 
Gretchen G. Gravley '98 
English E. Griffith '95 
Elizabeth H. Groves '96 
Tonya N. Grudier '98 
Margaret R. Hanis '98 
Gwendolyn R. Hickey-Babcock '95 
Jessica M. Hiveley '97 
Ann F. Kitchen '99 
Laura E. Lamb '99 
Laura S. Lechler '96 
Ardyce Gregor Lee '00 
Jennifer Beck Locke '96 
Noelle Waterhouse Lotano '00 
Lucia K. Marks '94 
Lynn M. McEachern '96 
Elizabedi M. Mcintosh '97 
Jera L. Niewoehner '99 
Sarah E. Nolton '98 
Julia A. Paris '99 
Emily Stevens Peques '00 
Darelle A. Pfeiffer '98 
Abigail E. Pliillips '96 
Meghan M. Pollard '99 
Elizabeth A. Prem '98 




O F 



Cynthia Rakow Prewitt '96 
Cynthia Bumgardner Puckett '98 
Amy Cook Rexrode '97 
Amanda Lynn Rice '00 
fcitie Clarkson Robeitson '97 
Kindle L. Samuel '98 
Marilen Jordas Sarian '00 
Kelly B. Schmitt '94 
Janeen K. Sbaima '96 
Andrea L. Sharretts '99 
Carol Lee Skriloff '00 
Imogen M. Slade '96 
Kristin A. Smith '99 
Shannon M. Smith '99 
Alison Freya Stockdale '00 
Caitlin N. Suiidby '94 
Mary Kathryn Taylor '99 
Catherine L. Thomas '98 
Meredith Tillery '99 
Benedicte M. Valentin '00 
Devon L. Vasconcellos '99 
L. Paige Vaught '96 
Katherine G. Warner '95 
Julie Hildebrand Warren '96 
latum Duncan Webb '00 
Kathryn Ann Wright '00 
Catherine C. Zahrn '98 


Annual Gifts of$500-$999 

Dr. and Mrs. William A. Adair 
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Albanis 
1 leather Pirnie Albert '82 
Man Armstrong Allen '29 
Susan Palmer Amaro '85 
Victoria L. Archer '8 1 
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick K. Arey 

(Pamela Henery 71) 
Mona Thomhill Annistead '65 
Salhe Bernard Armstrong 76 
Lauren Ashwell 
Tina Austin 

Nancy Thompson Baker '50 
Mrs. James L. Baldwin 
Etliel Green Banta '55 
Martlia Barchowsky 76 
Jeanne Beard Barden 78 
Florence Rowe Bamick '80 
Phyllis Carr Beinhorn '4l 
Joan Potter Bickel'54 
Elizabeth Barnes Bird '39 
Dr. and Mrs. Edward A. Blackburn. Jr. 

(Sadie Allen '45) 
Patricia McClay Boggs '55 

Barbara Sampson Borsch '59 
Saralee Cowles Boteler 79 
Desiree M. Bouchat '83 
Deborah Price Bowman '82 
Martha J. Brewer '69 
Mr. ;ind Mrs. Frank Briber. Jr. 

(Anne Mcjunkin '43) 
Phyllis llerndon Brissenden '55 
Rosamond Sample Brown '64 
Ann-Barrett Holmes Bryan '49 
Margot Malioney Budin 76 
Mrs. Franklin L. Burke (h 
Frances Simmons Byerly 45 
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Byrne 

(Jean Shaw '65) 
Man House! Carr '38 
Joseph F. Carroll 
Victoria McCullough Carroll '84 
Candida M. Casey '"6 
Anne Smffen Cates 71 
Sharon Bradford Christhilf '65 
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart G. Christian, Jr. 

(Margaret Robertson '47) 
Barbara Little Chuko '64 
Glenys Dyer Church 73 
Anne Macfarlane Clark '45 
Mary Pierce Clark '51 
Mr. and Mrs. James N. Clarke 
Class of 52 

Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Dean Coalter 
Vivian Yamaguchi Colin '77 
Alexandra Carpenter Cole '58 
Eleanor Myers Cole '46 
Man Henningsen Collins 75 
Elisabeth Ward Connors '80 
Sheila Carroll Cooprider '64 
Paula Ayotte Convin '67 
Molly Rogers Cramer '81 
Virginia Ramsey Crawford '59 
Faith Rahmer Croker '54 
Mrs. R. Godwin Crysler 
Marcia Monison Curtis '34 
Suzanne Gay Dailey '83 
Diane Dalton '67 
Roberta T. Daniel '97 
Carolyn Conley Danley '46 
Jane R. Davenport 70 
Diana G. Dent '50 
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Dick, Sr. 

(Marilyn Mandle '46) 
Barbara Woodward Downs (14 
Mary Major Duncan '56 
Pauicia Potter Duncan '4l 
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Duncan 
Celia Williams Dunn '61 
Shannon Thompson Eadon '80 

Frances Earl) '62 
Julie Micou Eastwood '51 
Anne Hill Edwards '46 
Mr. and Mrs. James G. F.hlen, Jr. 
Caroline Robinson Ellerbe '56 
Heather Colson Ewing '90 
Man Rich Ewing '36 
Dr. and Mrs. Eric B. Farber 
Fit/alien Kendall Fearing 1^ 
Karen Fennessy-Ketola '86 
Alice Johnson Fessenden '44 
Sail) Bianchi Foster '50 
Page E. Franson '87 
Catherine Gornto Freeman '92 
Heather Willson Freeman '84 
Natalie Robeils Funk '66 
Caroline Chobot Gamer '54 
Mary Davis Garone '81 
Anne Christovich Gay 73 
Garvin M. Gentry 76 
Nancy Nolle Genung '37 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Gibson, Sr. 
Anne Kilby Gilhuly '55 
Robert M. Gill 
Sarah Giddens Glenday '69 
Man - Elizabeth Ryan Glenn 78 
Donna Reese Godwin S2 
Nancy L. Golden '81 
Laura Radford Goley '52 
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Greer 
Elizabeth Pearson Griffin '62 
Jean Lewis Guergai '87 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Hall III 
Mary E. Hannah '62 
Margaret Troutman Harbin '42 
Margaret May Harden 73 
Margaret Nelson Harding '52 
Ruth Gilliland Hantaan '35 
Mr. and Mrs. C. Jerry Harris 
(Virginia Robinson '59) 
Mary Lawrence Harris 79 
Virginia Robinson Harris '59 
Marion Bower Harrison '48 
Karen J. Hartnett 70 
Katherine A. Hearn '85 
Marjorie Montgomery Hebard 71 
Barbara Cain Hegarty 73 
Katherine Powell Heller 78 
Susan Moseley Helm '66 
Helen Chapman Herring '61 
Melissa Schoen Hitt '85 
Louise Chapman Hoffman '61 
Mrs. Theresa E. Hogan 
Ellen Warner Hudson '50 
Hallam Hurt '67 
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hutchison 

Lauren MacMannis Huyett "9 
Mr. and Mrs. B. Key Jackson 

(Barbara Garfbrth '55) 
Sara Callison Jamison '29 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Jenkins 

(Nancy Kegley 42) 
Martha Black Jordan '53 
Anne Wimhish Kasanin '59 
Beth Anderson Keanis '85 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F Keller 
Pamela Ford Kellej '67 
Virginia Lynch Kiseljack '84 
Michael S. Koppisch 
Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. Kruschwitz 
Jane Shipman Kuntz '58 
Margaret Johnson Laney '62 
Lucinda Young Larson 73 
Drs. Oscar and Rosario Laserna 
Mary Scales Law son 70 
Catharine Bracher Legged '43 
Susan C. Lehman 
Margaret W Leigh "3 
Amy Joan Lemieux '91 
The Honorable and Mrs. Gavin 

G. K. Letts 

(Dorothy Wood '50) 
Elizabeth M. Lewis '69 
Margaret Sibley Lewis '46 
Nancy Palermo Lietz '86 
Nancy Robinson Lindberg 78 
Lucia Woods Ijndley '59 
Judith Perkins Llewellyn '48 
David L. Longfellow 
Man Jane Luke 48 
Patricia Sparks Lyndon '68 
Anne MacClintock '65 
Julia Easley Mak '49 
Ann South Malick 75 
Susan Jalin Mancini '64 
Dr. and Mrs. A. Dallas Martin. Jr. 
Antonia Bredin Massie 77 
Elizabeth W. Matheson '64 
Emory Fumiss Maxwell 74 
Elizabeth Parker McColl '63 
Carol Blanton McCord '47 
Heidi McCrory 
Jean Mcintosh '65 
Cynthia A. McKay '"8 
Sherrie Snead McLeRoy 74 
Elizabeth Lee McPhail '37 
M. Elizabeth Medaglia '69 
Joanna Fink Meeks '34 
Michael Melnick 
Man Lou Merkt 
Lucy Chapman Millar '83 
Ruth Courand Miller '55 




O F 

D O N O R S 

Preston 1. Moffett 

Ann R. Moore '69 

Louise P. Moore '50 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Moring 

\ irginia Van Winkle Morlidge '28 

Helen Turner Murphy '56 

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Nason 111 

(Laura Conway '61 ) 
Lindsay Smith Newsom '67 
Virginia lllges Norman '47 
Julia A. Northrup '"0 
Martha Bulkley O'Brien '59 
Susan C. O'Toole 73 
Isabel Grayson Parish '53 
Elizabeth Pidgeon Parkinson '64 
Dr. and Mrs. Cornelius \Y. Peninga 
Darlene B. Pierro '69 
Jeannette N. Pillsbury 72 
Ehzabeth Brawner Pittman '59 
Claudia Forman Pleasants 70 
Janice E. Pogue ' 7 1 
Eleanor Cain Pope '58 
Elisabeth Scott Porter '64 
Mr. and Mrs. Jack J. Powell 

(Hallie Nixon '46) 
.Allen Boyd Puckett III 
Gail Anderson Ramey '64 
Yvonne Worley Randall '50 
Stacy Reazin 
Diane Dale Reiling 73 
Anne H. Richards '84 
Michael D. Richards 
Mr. and Mrs. G.L. Buist Rivers. Jr. 

(Carroll Weitzel'5") 
Joanne Hicks Robblee "0 
Anne A. Robinson '58 
Barbara Collis Rodes '56 
Margery Davidson Rucker '51 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ruff 
SBC Alumnae Association 
Margaret Mackie Sanders 71 
Gloria Sanderson Sartor '42 
Jean Oliver Sartor '39 
Kathryn Smith Schauer '56 
Helene P. Schewel 
Patricia Hassler Schuber '47 
Janet Monroe Schumann '56 
Mrs. John H. Scott 
Ieke Osinga Scully 78 
Beverly Benson Seamans '50 
Jane Russo Sheehan '52 
Burney Parrott Sheeks '55 
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson E. D. Shepard 

(Lola Steele '50) 
Jane Slack Sigloh '56 
Diane Richmond Simpson '51 

Man L. Skinner 7 1 
Adelaide Johnston Skoglund 70 
Jonathan Small 
Julie Littleton Smith '89 
Teresa Powell Smith '82 
Wendy Weiss Smith 71 
Marion Brown Snider '38 
Nancy Salisbury Spencer '56 
Mr. and Mrs. R. C.Steele, Jr. 
Ann Maride Stefano 78 
Man Clarkson Stein '82 
Susan Row at Steiner '81 
Charlotte Snead Stifel '52 
Judith Bensen Stigle '67 
Mr. and Mrs. Ben C. Stimpson 

(Nedra Greer '51) 
Edward S. Stone 
Janet E. Storey-Honick "3 
Valeria Parker Storms '58 
Karen Adelson Strauss 76 
Virginia Burgess Struhsaker '4-t 
Nan Stuart 75 

Elizabeth Hemenway Sullivan ' 7 8 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Swales 
Elizabeth Tyree Taylor 71 
Katherine Redmond Teague '86 
Martha Owen Thatcher '48 
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Theodores 
Caroline Keller Theus '64 
Ray Henley Thompson '62 
Elizabeth Schneider Thornton '80 
Janet D. Thoipe '39 
Janet Smalley Todd 78 
Alice Jones Torbett '60 
Terry Starke Tosh "5 
Jane Fitzgerald Treheme-Thomas '57 
Gail Langford Turner 71 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry T Vallery 

(Martha Falk '44) 
McKenzie Reed vanMeel '86 
Jane Richardson Vieth '46 
Anne Souder von Weise '86 
Laura Campbell Walker '68 
Helen Gwinn Wallace 4l 
Edith Brainerd Walter 42 
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas G. Warner 
Catherine Arp Waterman '51 
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Waters 

(Patricia Whitaker '44) 
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Weiler. Jr. 
Charles M. Weis 
Dr. and Mrs. Clifton F. West, Jr. 

(Joan Darby '46) 
Hedi Haug Wliite '64 
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh F. White 
Joan McCarthy Whiteman '49 

Margaret Richards Wiederseim 78 

Patricia Calkins Wilder '63 

Dr. and Mrs. Carrington Williams, Jr. 

(Emory Gill '40) 
Eleanor Claflin Williams '39 
Jane Warner Williams '47 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Williams 

(Sally Smith 48) 
Man Ann Hicklin Willingham '56 
William B. Wolf, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Woods 
Kathleen Harris Wray '63 
Bern Cocke Wright '45 
Jane Miller Wright '48 
Alexandra Bernard Wyllie '86 
Anne Joyce Wyman '53 
Ann Benet Yellott '51 
Margaret Mapp Young '67 
Donna Martin Zahorik '66 


Annual Gifts of$250-$499 

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ad;im 

(AnneEUice '62) 
Harriet McNair Alexander '86 
Joan Motter Andersen '51 
Catharine Hubbard Andry '85 
Carolyn Scott Arnold '57 
Betty Boswell Athey '65 
Nursat I. Aygen 76 
Brenda Muhlinghaus Barger '65 
Rebecca Carter Barger '81 
Joanne Harrier Barker '60 
Martha Davis Barnes '48 
Myth Monnich Bayoud '80 
Kathryn Beard '55 
Ruth Marshall Bell '67 
Josephine Benedek 
Marcia Rhodes Berglund '55 
Suzanne Seaman Bern '61 
Patricia Ashby Boesch '58 
Catherine Sims Boman 
Martlia Neill Boney 72 
Chaiia A. Borchers^eon '81 
Susan Desmet Bostic 72 
Anne Ule Bow den '47 
Elizabeth Rodgers Boyd '84 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bradford 
Elizabeth Bulkley Bradley '61 
Gracey Luckett Bradley '39 
Jane W illiams Bradle; '44 
Judith Haskell Brewer '61 
Claire Cieszko Britt '83 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brodie 

Judith llarhvell Brooks '62 
Martha Ake Brouse '36* 
Sophia Ciunpbell Brown '36 
Stephanie A. Brown '93 
Wendy Norton Brown "1 
Cecilia A. Bryant '68 
Deborah Donigan Bulled '81 
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Bundy, Jr. 

(Marie Ironmonger '51) 
Terese DeGrandi Busch 76 
Elizabeth J. Butler '91 
\irginiaClaus limit '83 
Victoria Campo Byrd '91 
Deborah Ryan Cairns "-i 
Rushton Haskell Callaghan '86 
Sigrid Zirkle Can-oil '93 
Jane Reeh Chadwick 74 
Elena Quevedo Chigas '83 
Jane Mattas Christian '52 
Mr. and Mrs. David Clark IV 

(Jane Black '56) 
Katherine Wood Clarke '65 
Lucile McKee Clarkson '69 
Martha Mansfield Clement '48 
Mrs. William H. Cogswell 
Barbara Bush Cooper '81 
Mr. and Mrs. Clarke Cooper, Jr. 

(Shirley Sutliff '55) 
Martha Hays Cooper 76 
Caroline Webster Cotter '81 
Louise Martin Creason 72 
Cutler Bellows Crockard 72 
Jennifer E. Grassland '86 
l.ynne Smith Crow '64 
Man Via Cuoco '87 
Judith Harris Cutting '6l 
Holly Chaikowski Davis '61 
Julia Brooke Davis '81 
Sallie Legg De Martine '49 
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Detmer 

(Lynne Gardner '68) 
Natalie Griess Deupree '63 
Cathleen Gilmore Dietz 75 
Peter B. Dirlam 
Emily Pitts Dixon 71 
James T. Dolan.Jr. 
Marian Dolan 76 
Cynthia Abbott Dougherty '42 
Mr. and Mrs. William Dow 

(Barbara Bin '51) 
Elizabeth Healy Downing '45* 
Eleanor W. Schnabel Doyle '87 
Loti Kennedy Dunn '62 
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Dunn 
Jane R. Dure '82 
Joan McCoy Edmonds '47 




O F 



Man' Evans Edwards '64 
Jane Campbell Englert '57 

Nancie Howe Entenmann '56 

C. Lee Essrig 

Ann Sims Fauber '64 

Lisa Faulkner-O'hara '80 

Rose .Ann Feldman 70 

Man Berkeley Fergusson '50 

Sarah Kalber Fiedler '66 

Albert and Janet Finch 

T. Richard Fishbein 

Frances Butt Fisher '66 

Emily FitzHugh '61 

R. Elliot Fleming 

Barbara Childrey Fowler '61 

May Humphreys Fox 70 

Ruth lloopes Frangopoulos '69 

Daun Thomas Frankland ""4 

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Fruehauf, Jr. 

Maureen S. Garces 

Sharon McGrath Gardner '81 

Marine Garner 

Capel Grimes Gerlach '36 

Constance Hancock Getman '48 

Cynthia Livingstone Gibert '63 

Marguerite Myers Glenn '39 

Lucy Regester Goode '51 

Jane 11. Goodridge '63 

Anne Evans Gorry '64 

Nancj Douthat Goss '55 

Jane Powell Gray 72 

Marian F. Grenn '82 

Man E. Gress '68 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Grier. Jr. 

(Catherine Smart '46) 
M. Keating Griffiss '60 
Katherine C. Grones 79 
Mrs. Uidrey McCullough Gunn 
Ann Voting llabliston '82 
Mr. and Mrs. Neilson J. Hackler 
Mrs. William N. Hale 
Man French llalliday '51 
Anne Dougherty Hamblett '81 
Katharine C. Hardin 79 
Dale Huttcr Harris '53 
Edward R. Harris, Jr. 
Jeannine Da\is Harris '80 
Deborah R. Harvey '82 
Jane M. Hatcher '61 
Kim Hershey Hatcher 78 
Kate 1.1 law '92 
Robin Rodger Heller 76 
Man Brower Henderson '39 
Elizabeth Knapp Herbert '47 
Sandra Herring 74 
Patricia Neithold Hertzberg '67 

Virginia Heizer Hickenlooper '38 
Ann Ramsey Hill 78 
Renate Weickert Hixon '60 
Man Bouiware llobbs '86 
Dorothy Duncan Hodges '5~ 
Barbara Mathews Hoik) '54 
Bets) Benoil Hoover '65 
Joseph E. Horak 
Elizabeth Mason Horsley '90 
Marsha Taylor llorton 76 
Wanda Cronic Howell 74 
Susan Scales Hunt '87 
Alicia Markey Hutter '89 
Man belle L. Iliff '61 
Deanne Daw son James '86 
Rosemary Bjorge Johnson -t() 
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Jones 

(.Arnold Susong '36) 
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm G. Jones. Jr. 

(Judith Cowen '60) 
Amie Usner Kaiser '83 
Manha Legg Katz '52 
Mary H. Keating '81 
BriggettJ. Keith '"2 
Carol Gamberg Kenyon ' 7 7 
Mehssa McGee Keshishian 71 
Elizabeth Scott Kimmel '"5 
Mr. and Mrs. Jack F. King 

(Wistar Watts '46) 
Polly Shriver Kochan '75 
Cara Ardemagni LaRoche '92 
Aileen H. Laing '57 
Linda McGuire Last '58 
Blair Walker Lawrence '68 
Karol A. Lawson '81 
Mr. and Mrs. Canille Leaf. Jr. 
Ann Crowell Lemmon '60 
Virginia Sheaff Liddel '52 
Deborah J. Lindblom 
Karin Lindgren ""5 
Jean Morris Long '54 
Ann McLean Loomis '45 
Katharine Tilghman Lowe '57 
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Ludwick, Jr. 

(Virginia Timmons '53) 
Clair Falcon Maasbach '81 
Linda Poole Maggard "'5 
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Manderson, Jr. 
Chen! Mares 

Nancy Blackwell Marion 74 
Dr. ;tnd Mrs. Virgil Marshall 
Jimmie D. Martin 
Mary-Ellen Martin '67 
Olivia W. Martin 76 
Genevieve Maxon-Stark 00 
Emily Dick McAlister 78 

Alice E. McBee '4l 
Man Lee McDonald '65 
Carter Donnan McDowell '57 
Mr. and Mrs. Marion McEachem 
Sorrel Mackall McElroy '59 
Sarali Kennedy McGroarty 77 
Thelnia llouk McGrory '57 
Unda A. McKeever '99 
Man Beeler Meadows '69 
Susan Somerville Menson '68 
Harriet 11. Meyer 
Joan Hess Michel '51 
Elizabeth Garrett Milstein 
Katharine Crommelin Milton '62 
Nancy P. Moody '54 
Bettie Lee Moore '"" 
Margaret Preston Moore '42 
Sail) Hamilton Moore '61 
Charlotte Sprunt Murchison '46 
Mary Petree Murphy 70 
Susan Waller Nading 72 
Mellie Hickey Nelson '67 
Martlia Clay Nichols '56 
Frances Stith Nilsson 72 
Molly Reeb Nissman 77 
Lossie Taylor Noell '41 
Louise Konsberg Noll '44 
Norma Davis Owen '56 
Elizabeth Conner Pace '86 
Anna Chao Pai '57 
Leila Kucewicz Parham '63 
Frances Reese Peale '54 
Elizabeth Few Penfield '60 
Deborah Haslam Peniston '66 
June Arata Pickett '53 
Mr. and Mrs. E. Lee Piepho 
Elizabeth Tyson Posdes '31 
Rozeha Hazard Potter '43 
Judith B. Powell '69 
M. Anne Powell '88 
Sail) Mathiasen Prince '61 
Ehzabetli Cate Pringle '62 
Elizabeth Boyd Puckett 01 
Elizabeth Kernan Quigley '48 
Stacej Hannan Quinn '89 
Bonnie Damianos Rampone '"5 
Eloise English Rankin 42 
Carolyn King Ratcliffe '60 
Elizabeth D. Ravvles 75 
Mr. and Mrs. James Read 
Gretchen Armstrong Redmond '55 
Mr. and Mrs. Lee R. Redmond. |r. 

Mr. and Mrs. Victor Renfrew 
.vnne Leavell Reynolds '63 
Lvnne Rilev-Coleman '64 

Peggy Moore Ripley '52 
Charlotte Battle Robbins 73 
Captain and Mrs. Evan Robinson 
Josephine Shaw Robinson 70 
Mrs. Roy O. Rodwell 
Ann \ enable Rogers >t 
Doris Brody Rosen SI 
Elizabeth Beltz Rowe '48 
Lynn Pearson Russell '69 
Margaret Christian Ryan 74 
Nathalie M. Ryan '42 
SB Club of Denver 
Patricia llalloran Salvador! '50 
Ruth Frame Salzberg '58 
Jo Schneider Samp 77 
Evelyn Ware Saunders '30 
Ann Orr Savage 18 
Katherine A. Schlech '"() 
Anne Parker Schmalz '62 
Margaret ComweU Schmidt '37 
Sally R. Schultz 76 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Schulz 

(Judith Greer '61) 
Kathleen Cochran Schutze 73 
Elizabeth Taylor Seifert '83 
Joan Markey Shaw "b 
Mrs. Linward P. Shivers 
Karen Norris Sibley '43 
tone Smith Simet '63 
Amy Simmons 86 
Kathleen Cushman Slack '90 
Mr and Mrs. Kelson Skyman 
Susan Hendricks Skyman '60 
\\y lie Jameson Small '83 
Katharyn Kelly Smitli 76 
Sheila Haskell Smith '61 
Virginia H. Sortor-Sumner '62 
Caroline Hawk Sparrow '81 
Man Jackson Speare 76 
Katharine Osborne Spines 75 
Sarah Anderson Stanton '89 
Jean Blanton Stein '44 
Ellen R. Selling 73 
Virginia Lutz Stephen '61 
Catherine Lawder Stephenson '39 
Catherine McNease Stevens '86 
Betty Behlen Stone '53 
Ann Percy Stroud '62 
Sue Graves Stubhs '33 
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Svoboda 

(Marianne Oliveri '60) 
Kristin Amylon Swain '"4 
Nancy Conkle Swann '66 
Martha Madden Swanson '66 
Carol Moseley Hash '69 
Claire KinnettTate "1 




O F 


Elizabeth Smith Taylor '69 

Kathryn Telfer 74 

Vicky Thoma-Barrette '65 

Alice Wood Thompson '59 

Cathy Weiss Thompson 74 

Susan Boline Thompson '80 

David Tickel 

Sherilyn Irving Titiis '69 

Sandra Schwartz Tropper 73 

Gail Rothrock Trozzo '64 

Sharon Watts Turner '91 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Tyree 

Ellen Byrne I tterhack 79 

Mary Einhaus Vallcn 72 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Vautard 

Patricia Balz Vincent '39 

Karen H. Waldron 75 

Elissa C. Walker 75 

Diana Bradford Walsh '92 

Sarah Esler Walters '41 

Joan Davis Warren '51 

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Webster III 

Dorothy C.W'estby '60 
Emily Whaley Whipple '61 
Barbara Holman Whitcomb '41 
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Wbitehurst, Jr. 

(Margaret Ballard '39) 
Roselise Holmes Wilkinson '49 
Elizabeth Harley Willett '84 
Charlotte Moore Williams '67 
Eleanor Keen Williams '68 
Mildred Gill Williamson '38 
Hildee Williams Wilson '89 
Camille Mitchell Wingate '84 
Dana Dewey Woody '58 
Joyce Lenz Young '56 
Amanda Ottaway Zambetti '89 
Mr. and Mrs. Jolui F. Ziebold '87 

(Page McFall '60) 
W. Denman Zirkie '95 



Annual Gifts of$100-$249 

Leif Aagaard 

Teresa Witt Aagaard '87 
Leland R. Abbey 
Eleanor Goodspeed Abbott '44 
Louise Brandes Abdullah '54 
Mr. and Mrs. David I. Abrams 

(MaryMolyneux '86) 
Mary Dohs Acey '60 
Melissa Jill Ackerman '87 
Mrs. Victor Ackermann 

Ann Greer Adams '56 
Carol Ferrer Adams 76 
Janice Wiley Adams '38 
Judith Daniel Adams '69 
Kathryn Ewald Adams 79 
Priscilla Powell Adams 78 
Victoria Lee Adams '82 
Elaine 0. Ahnell '01 
Mary Oakey Aiken 71 
Deborah Butteri Akers 77 
Leigh Ann White Albers '86 
Cecilia Albert 72 
Leslie Carson Albizzatti '90 
Marion Robbins Alexander 42 
Shirley Haywood Alexander '38 
Courtney Banton Alford '87 
Julia Hunt Allen '63 
Kathleen Ward .Mien '40 
Sara Bryan Allen '43 
Holly PflugAllport '84 
Judith M. Alperin-Fried 
Beverley Sharp Amberg '65 
Jane Yardley Amos '63 
Elaine Krause .Anderson '45 
Mary Symes .Anderson '45 
Augusta Marshall .Andrews '65 
Deniese R. Angelino 
Mariha Garrison Anness '48 
Florence Pye Apy '53 
Toni Santangelo Arcliibald '80 
Elizabeth Kurtz Argo '67 
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory T. Armstrong 
Jane Brady Arnold '68 
Lucinda Converse Ash '47 
Susan Wilson Ashcom '66 
.Ann Belser Asher '50 
Kirsten Bailey Atkinson '86 
Katherine Lindsey Auchter '94 
Dr. and Mrs. D.C. Augustine 
Cynthia Wliitley Auman 78 
Mrs. Quincy C. Ayres 
Cassandra Smith Babbitt 78 
Harriet Coons Babbitt '69 
Martha Rugeley Bachman '44 
Jean Duerson Bade '51 
Eleanor Hirsch Baer '53 
Alberta Zotack Baigent '69 
Mary Trembly Bailey '66 
Susan Lazarus Bailey '85 
Gray Baird '62 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Bake 
Sara Houston Baker '33 
Victoria!. Baker '67 
Mary Dixson Baldwin '67 
Myra Carr Baldwin '36 
Sydney Holmes Bales '44 

Cecilia MacKinnon Ballard '40 

Mary Handy Ballentine '59 

Patricia Carroll Bankenstein 74 

.Ann Henderson Bannard '49 

Gretchen Bullard Barber '67 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Barbour 

Jeanne Stoddart Barends '54 

Roberta Nelson Bargamin '58 

Henry M. Barker 

Carol V. Barlow '83 

Brooks Barnes '43 

Louise Smith Barry '44 

Katherine Reynolds Barsness '82 

Dede T. Bartlett 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gerald Barton 

Mr. and Mrs. Nicolas A. Basbanes 

Carey Bates '91 

Frances Fowler Bauerle '82 

Susan Dwelle Baxter '64 

Heather L. Bayfield '94 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Beach, Jr. 

Linda K. Beck 

Nell Orand Beck '52 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Charles Beck 

Patricia A. Becker 

Peggy Pattillo Beckham '56 

Page BreakeD Beeler 79 

Judith Howe Behn '65 

Elizabeth Boatwright Bell 73 

Mary-Baird Shinberger Bell '67 

Phyllis Schulman Bell 76 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Bellan 

Jennifer Slade Belovsky 71 

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Bender 

Lois Vanderhoef Benner '35 

Mrs. William Bennett 

.Anne Crawford Bent '69 

Melissa Lohr Berge '63 

Leslie Malone Berger '83 

Pamela Subranni Berman-Pecarsky '93 

Sara Gump Berryman '64 

Ethel Gurney Betz '41 

Marianne Pownall Billings 74 

Edith Lasher Birch '64 

Barbara Baker Bird '52 

Leslie Ludwick Bires '80 

Elisabeth Vaughan Bishop '44 

Mrs. George P. Bissell, Jr. 

Ana Serrano Black '83 

Mr. and Mrs. David Black 

Ashley Flynn Blanchard '90 

Nancy Dicks Blanton '36 

Lynn Carol Blau '63 

Cynthia Craig Bliss '66 

Carol Searles Bohrer '82 

Brian J. Bolton 

Frances Bingliam Bolton 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Bolz 
Jane Merkle Borden '65 
Mary Green Borg '64 
Mr. ;md Mrs. Edwin W. Bostain 
Lucia de Oliveira Bosworth '95 
Elizabeth Harder Botzis '93 
Marion Coulter Bovvditch '48 
Rene Roark Bovvditch 71 
Maria Tucker Bowerfind '47 
Fine Siegling Bowers '43 
Ann Vandeventer Bowies '86 
Mr. and Mrs. James N. Boyd 
Robert Adams Boyd 
Patricia Brown Boyer '49 
Rebecca Randolph Boyers 71 
Laura Hawkins Brady 70 
Sydney Graham Brady '57 
Kimberly L. Bramley-Estep '94 
Barbara A. Brand 71 
Nelly Osinga Branson 75 
Kathryn McLain Brault '68 
Diane Ball Brendel 78 
Susanne Turner Brennan '83 
Ann Smith Bretscher '60 
Dr. and Mrs. Carlos B. Brewer 

(Grace Lanier '42) 
Mr. and Mrs. Slade A. Brewer 
Anne S. Briber '69 
Susan Davis Briggs '58 
Beatrice Totten Britton '65 
Lorna Thompson Bred '01 
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Brod 
Ashley Wilson Brook 79 
Lisbeth Gibson Brooks '53 
Anne Carter Brothers '63 
Leslie Wilkinson Brotman 78 
Edith Tanner Broughton '50 
Betsy Smyth Brown '45 
Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Brown 
Eden Zuckerman Brown '88 
Ellen Hagan Brown '81 
Ellen Moseley Brown 71 
Emily Garth Brown 73 
Emily McNally Brown 72 
Mary Jo Biscardi Brown '86 
Mary Traugott Brown '45 
Pauline Hudson Brown '43 
Peggy Kennedy Brown '67 
Susan Glasgow Brown '64 
Virginia Gowen Brown '44 
Dorothy Gilbert Browne '38 
Jane Patton Browning '66 
Shirley Poulson Broyles '54 
Catherine Cage Bruns '55 
Chase Lane Brans '55 



C E 1 E B R A T I O N 

O F 


cy) Jean Randolph Bruns '51 

U-J Helen Anderson Bryan '4(1 
Mr. ;md Mrs. Robert L. Bryant 
Isabel Desprosper Bucher 7 i 
Grace Crisler Buchignani '5 1 
Mr. and Mrs. Pierpont B, Buck 

C (Alice Lancaster +4) 
Martha Hedeman Buckingham '55 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Woolsey 

Mr. and Mrs. Rohert Banks Bnril 
Elisabeth Chambers Burgess '59 
Kathrin Burleson 
Susan Jackson Burns '48 
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Burritt 

Mr. ;uid Mrs. Rohert Alton Burroughs 
Dr. and Mrs. Rohert Burt 
Mrs. Jalon S. Burton 
Ann Stryker Busch 76 
Susan Ileitiniller Busch 78 
Margaret Lloyd Bush '36 
Anne Worhoys Btiske '61 
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Butcher 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Byrne, Jr. 
Snowdon Durham Byron '59 
John M. Caliill 
Eugenia Dickey Caldwell '65 
Ruth Ellen Green Calhoun '57 
Michael J. Cambera 
Dr. ;utd Mrs. Joshua F. B. Camblos 

Virginia Sbipe Cameron 75 
Anne Estill Campbell '50 
(Catherine II. Campbell 
M. Lin Campbell (id 
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Campbell 
Suzanne Jones Cansler '63 
Man Noble Caperton '54 
Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand L. Carangelo 
Betty Noland Caravan' '63 
Hullie Powell Cardwell 78 
Lucy Kreusler Carey '50 
Martha Burnet Carlisle '59 
Laura Bowen Carmichael 79 
Victoria White Carpenter "1 
Man Wolt/ Carrison ""0 
Georgia Graham Carroll '66 
Mary Miller Carroll '52 
Anne Russell Carter '34 
Mr. and Mrs. George I). Miller Car) 
Anne Elliott Caskic '53 
Elizabeth (iantt Castles '82 
Helen Butler Cato '68 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Catucci 
Man E. Cave '53 

Mandee Wimbish Clialfant 00 
Judith Sorlej Chalmers '5') 
Mollie Wait/man Chambers '81 
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Chandor 
Elizabeth Wharton Charles '86 
Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Chase 

(Katharine Barnhardt '67) 
Cynthia Manning Chatham "5 
Karen McLain Chiapetta '82 
Anne llee Clio '95 
Dorothy Montague Cholnoky '50 
Joan Dearborn Choremi 79 
Mr. and Mrs. C. Lynch Christian, Jr. 
Kate-Roy Massie Christian '64 
Mr. and Mrs. James Randolph Clark 
Laura Morrissette Clark '85 
Nan Robertson Clarke 73 
Mr. ;uid Mrs. William S. Clarke 

(Carolyn Monteith '42) 
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Clarkson 

(Kirkland Tucker '53) 
Class of 91 

Jan Schnihbe Clean 75 
Alicia Clegg 77 
Heather Tully Click 70 
Virginia Skeppstrom Cline '48 
Jeannette Singleton Cloyd 75 
Susan F Coates 
Katherine Mikell Cochran 76 
Betty Farinholt Cockrill '44 
Margins Dunlap Cogswell '67 
Alice (!. Cohn "4 
Keli Colby '84 
Louise Gaucher Coldwell '56 
Lucy Darby Cole 78 
Marissa .Ashe Cole '93 
Robin Rutter Colebum 72 
Joyce M. Coleman '85 
Rodes Kstill Coleman '51 
Thomas E. Coleman 
Man Duer Colen '64 
Louise Wilboum Collier '46 
Virginia Marks Collier '92 
Gertrude G. Collins '84 
Lee McEachern Collins '94 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Collins 
Nancy Lenihan Comity 73 
Henry Conkle 
Mr. and Mrs. Adelbert B. Conley, Jr. 

(Frances I'lmer '47) 
Cynthia M. Conroy 74 
Man McClure Conway '6.5 
\nne Rush Cook 
Anne Helms Cooper "1 
Hortense Powell Cooper ' til 
Mr. and Mrs Ronald V. Cooper 

Valerie Fannon Cooper 73 

Caroline F. Conim '88 

Mazeppa VI. Costa "8 

Elizabeth New Costen S2 

Sandra D. Costin 01 

Sally M. Councill 

Mr. and Mrs. Brien Marc Cowan 

Susan M. Craig 73 

Paula Wirtzman Craighill '6.5 

Laura Grogan Crane '47 

Primrose Johnston Craven '43 

Jean Craver '65 

John T. Crawford 

Martha Boxlej Creasj '85 

Betsy Salisbury Creekmore '59 

\1111 Kiley Crenshaw 76 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Kenneth Crocker 

(Marilyn Hannah '46) 
Susan Brush Croft '68 
Margaret Reeder Crosbie '64 
Martha Stewart Crosland 71 
Mr. and Mrs. W. Howard Grassland 
Eleanor Crossley '67 
Caroline (iibhes Crosswell 71 
Susan .Andrews Cruess 79 
Laura L. Cram 79 
Lee Cullum '60 
Tiffany Cummings 
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Curling 
Mr. and Mrs. Overton A. dime 
Jane Guignard Curry '23 
Carroll N. Curtis 75 
St. Claire HaydeiiD'Wolf '51 
Mr. and Mrs. T. Todd Dabney 

(Lucy Call '42) 
Chesley Johnson Dale-Amurius '43 
Jacqueline Sexton Daley 4() 
Betty McEachern Dalsemer '62 
Mr. ;tnd Mrs. Peter V. Diinicl 
Josephine Ragland Darden ~4 
Ruth Allen Darlington 71 
Nancy Daugherty Davidson '82 
Garland Hunter Danes '50 
Nancy Frantz Davies '49 
Susan Bell Davies '61 
Juliet Halliburton l)a\is '35 
Marjorie Tliaden l)a\is '38 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Eugene Davis 
Man Hitchcock Davis '54 
Terry L. Davis '86 
Anna Gilbert Davy .52 
Laurinda King deBeck '63 
Ruth Hemphill DeBuys '4 1 
Calvert G. de Coligny, Jr. 
William G. de Coligny 
Georgjna Riley de Havenon '68 

Rapu Manohara de Silva '88 
Margaret Twohj DeVan '84 

John F. DeVogt 

Christine WitcouT Dean '68 

Heidi Debevoise 

Christine Navratil Deeter '86 

Margaret Mohlman Degler '54 

Katlinn Chandor DelPlato '93 

Virginia Carpenter Delgado '67 

Marj Farinholt Denious '86 

Beverlej Birchfield Derian '59 

Katherine A. Dering 

katherine Munter Derr '47 

Barbara Tessin Deny 72 

Bet!) limerick Dethlefs '43 

Eva Marie Devine '81 

Mr. and Mrs. M;irk H. Devine 

Mary Geer DiRaddo 49 

Close) Faulkner Dickey '48 

Kara D'Ambra Dickey '95 

Kimberley Anne Dickey -Brown '90 

Margaret Highsmith Dickson 71 

Page Croyder Diehl '54 

Ann King Dietrich '53 

Man Holland Dinsmore '86 

Mrs. Foster E. Dixon 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Dixon. Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Doc/j 

Beatrice A. Dodd '58 

Vincent J. Doddy 

Man Talcott Dodson '38* 

Margaret S. Dodge '84 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Donald 

Keir Henley Donaldson '52 

Judith Vallen Donohue 71 

Ann Thomas Donohue '54 

Dianne Hayes Doss '93 

Phyllis Tenney Dowd '44 

Vidmer Megginson Downing '49 

Diana Muldaur Dozier '60 

Michelle Kocik Drag '84 

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Brown Drake III 

Kathleen Walsh Drake '72 

Viand Tucker Drane '58 

Elizabeth White Drhal '77 

Margaret McCJellan Driscoll '92 

Judith Kingman Driskell '58 

Mr. and Mrs. LeifA.DuVall 

Susan Hancock Duke 73 

Julia Howell Dunbar 77 

Vlimi Galloway Duncan '42 

Helen C. Dunn '64 

LeRae Hehl Dwight "56 

Jane Spiegel Eakin '45 

Virginia Eldridge Eaton 70 

Barbara Elliott Eddins '58 




O N 

O F 


Pamela Dawn Edwards '86 
Anne Wrightson Efird '63 
Deborah Hart Eiserle 74 
Cynthia Seiler Eister 76 
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Elkins 
Marguerite Rucker Ellen '48 
Margaret Ross Ellice '34 
Pamela Koehler ElmeLs '80 
Hannah Davis Emig '83 
Bettina Bell Emmons '39 
Dana Dotten Endacott '78 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Eney 
Joan Chamberlain Engelsman '54* 
Alan M. Engler 
Barbara Duffield Erskine '69 
Adelaide Eshbach "8 
Nancy Cornell Esposito '60 
Charade Boiling Estes '86 
Janet Pehl Enele '5 7 
Carolyn Cannady Evans '49 
Julia Johnson Evans '"3 
Stuart Bohannon Evans '61 
Judith Evans-Grubbs 
Susan Sellers Ewing 71 
Gladden Adam Falivene '90 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Faller 
Paula Steers Farese '93 
Mr. and Mrs. H. Blair Farinholt 

(Tabb Thornton '59) 
Sue Wakeman Farquhar '63 
,\nne-Marie Farrell '8" 
Maydelle Foster Fason '60 
Sarah Norman Faulconer '44 
Nancy Banfield Feher '64 
Margaret Mather Feldmeier 71 
Hollyann M. Fellows 
Man Jane Roos Fenn '54 
Jennifer J. Fesche '8" 
Regina Fields '00 
Elaine Barksdale Finucane '92 
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund W. Fisher 

(Elaine Floyd '5") 
Genevieve Marsh Fisher '38 
Susan Croker Fisher '84 
Manha Field Fite '56 
Deborah Meister Fitzgerald 77 
Isabel Anderson Fitzgerald '55 
Janna Staley Fitzgerald '61 
Margaret Handly Fitzgerald '6" 
Margaret Medlock Fitzgerald '81 
Rachel Mays Fitzgerald ' 7 3 
Kelley Manderson Fitzpatrick '85 
Stephanie Stitt Fitzpatrick '81 
Catherine Flaherty '80 
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy T. Flaherty 
Man LaVigne Fletcher '82 

Moselle Woisley Fletcher '38 

Ann McCullough Floyd '58 

Carol Remington Foglesong '"1 

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll G. Foley 

Carolyn Inine Forbes '48 

Judy S. Forbes 

Jeanne Brassel Ford '68 

Patricia Lynas Ford '51 

Elsa Jones Forter '70 

William W. Foshay, Jr. 

.Alice Migliell Foster '65 

W. Richard Foster, Jr. 

Virginia Watts Foumier '44 

Brandi Beck Fowler '90 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Fowler 

Anne Gwinn Fox '57 

Nathalie Robertson Fox '55 

.Alexandria S. Francis 74 

Caroline Newman Francisco '92 

Clara Call Frazier '40 

Renee Brooks Frederiksen '94 

Helen Plowden Freeman '65 

Jane Hutcherson Frierson 74 

Ethel L. Froewiss 

David Fronk 

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Frothingham 

Penn Willets Fullerton '66 
Moira Fulton 74 
Beverley Hill Furniss '35 
Ruth Mackie Gabay '58 
Corinne Myers Gaillard '94 
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Gaillard 
Virginia Del Greco Galgano '64 
Lynda R. Gallagher 
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Gammill HI 

(Lynn Crosby '58) 
Maria Rixey Gamper 78 
Catherine Ireys Gandel '66 
Debra Marks Gantt 77 
Clara Jackman Garbett 79 
Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Garcia 
Elizabeth Moore Gardner '58 
Lisa Wallen Gardner '89 
Jeanne Morrell Garlington '48 
Elza Long Garnett 72 
John R. Garrett 
Man Moore Garrison 78 
Ann Gateley "0 
Frances Dilworth Gates '80 
Elizabeth Dershuck Gay '49 
Man Bryan Gay 72 
Eileen P. Gebrian '72 
Genevieve Hammel Geer '50 
Patricia Mast George 70 
Thomas W. George 

Susan Stephens Geyer "4 

Amy C. Ghiz '92 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Gibbons HI 

Elizabeth C. Gibson '48 

Joshua D. Gibson 

Dr. and Mrs. Joe H. Gieck 

Anne Green Gilbert '69 

Linda MacPherson Gilbert '58 

Elizabeth P. Gilgan '94 

Mrs. Glen Gilson II 

Kathleen Button Ginn '55 

Marion Phyllis Girard '69 

Paul W. Girard 

Juanita Frost Giusti '80 

Ellen Wilkerson Given '50 

Martha Holton Glesser '45 

.Alice Williams Glover '42 

Kathy Godsalve 

Joan Lamparter Goldberg '58 

Kana Roess Goldsmith '91 

Martha Dillard Corner '02 

.Ann Martin Gonya '85 

Barbara Ross Goode '62 

Jarrett Dudley Goodwin 70 

Mr. and Mrs. John K. Goodwin 

Katherine Veasey Goodwin 49 

Elizabeth WiTMams Gookin '44 

Dr. and Mrs. James P. Goolsby. Jr. 

Cheryl L. Goiman '84 

Mr. and Mrs. G. Deanes Gornto 

(MaryMurchison '69) 
Jane E. Gott '70 
Mary E. Gottlieb '89 
Priscilla Mullen Gowen '34 
Melanie .Archer Graetzer 76 
Palmer Gulley Graham '71 
Mercedes Gravatt Grandin 72 
Louise Mandeville Grant '56 
.Anne Lee Gravely '62 
Frances C. Gravely 70 
Elizabeth S. Gray '33* 
Karen Gray 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Shepard Gredler 
Elizabeth Duggins Green '86 
Susan E. Greenwald '"1 
Man- Shine Gregg '62 
Evelyn Christison Gregory '56* 
Courtney Kneece Grimm '89 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Grist 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Grosvenor 
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Groves 
Caroline Mauck Grumbine '72 
Mr. and Mrs. Peyton Grymes, Jr. 
Isabelle Viguerie Gsell '86 
Suzanne Collins Gurley 78 
.Alice Trout Hagan '49 

Kadierine E. Hagan '81 
Derrill Maybank Hagood '55 
Margot H. Halin 

Margarel Mueller Haldeman '45 
Barbara Jones Hale '43 
Gabrielle Eraser Hale '65 
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Hale 

(Barbara Murphy '60) 
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hall 
Virginia Moomaw Hall '42 
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Halsey 

(Judith Burnett '4") 
Mary S. Halsey 74 
Jennie Bateson Hamby 76 
Mr. and Mrs. Tom L. Hamby 
Doreen Booth Hamilton '54 
Jeanne Bounds Hamilton '61 
Tracy Drake Hamilton '81 
Jane Pinckney Hanahan '57 
Dr. and Mrs. Edward H. Hancock. Jr. 

(Elizabeth Wood '63) 
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Hanger 

(Sudie Clark 42) 
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Hanket 
Sarah McDuffie Hardaway '46 
Elisabeth Sartor Harden '68 
Jean Mann Hardesty '72 
Alice Stewart Harper 73 
Heather Riegel Harper '83 
Lynn Prior Harrington '58 
Eleanor Magruder Harris 74 
Kathryn H. Harris '70 
RhodaJ. Harris '82 
Ronald B. Harris 
Mr. and Mrs. W. Gibson Harris 

(Jane Hardy '43) 
.Alice King Harrison '42 
Marian Martin Harrison '58 
Dabney A. Hart 
Donald R.Hart. Jr. 
Georgia Herbert Hart '40 
Henriette Minor Hart '39 
Sophia Crysler Hart '81 
Elisabeth Wallace Hartman '53 
Lenora Fiducia Hartmann '55 
Martha Mitchell Hartzog '67 
Laurel L. Harvey '90 
Connie G. Haskell 70 
Diane Hatch '64 
.Ann Elise Hawkins "6 
Imogen Brock Hawley '38 
John T Hayes 
Isabel Olmstead Haynes '37 
Nancy Bean Hector '43 
Beverley Crispin Heffeman 75 
Mr. and Mrs. Rainer W Heller 




O F 


Maria wlglesworth I lemmings '67 
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Hemphill 

(Mar) Frye'45) 
Anne Johnson Henderson '62 
Sarah Easter Henderson '50 
Catherine Goodhart Henson 77 
Harriet Daniel Herd '38 
Cornelia Dumas llerff'52 
Sarah Martin Herguner '81 
Ann Banks Herrod '68 
Leslie Hertz '82 
Kristin E. Herzog 70 
Mr. ;uid Mrs. Eric Herzog 
Elizabeth G. Hester 79 
Carolyn Mapp Hewes '69 
Elizabeth Hurley Ilewson '4(1 
Man Halliganfflbbard'70 
Mr and Mrs. John Ira Hickman, Jr. 
Phyllis Shelton Higginbotham 79 
Vdrianne Massie Hill '60 
Latane Spencer Hill '89 
Margaret Preston Hodges Hill '49 
Theodora (i. Hill '60 
Catherine Driskill llindman '02 
Pamela McDonnell Hindsley "(1 
Eve Godchaux Hirsch '48 
Grace Gould Hobbs '67 
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hoffman, Jr. 

(Elizabeth Carper '54) 
Sally Thomas Hoffman '66 
Vinton Smoot Holladay'74 
Emily Moravec Holt 70 
ZedaE. Homoki '94 
Mr. ;uid Mrs. John H. Honig 
Frances (Tardy Hooper '85 
Kathryn Levi Hoover '81 
Jane Haldeman Hope '60 
Marilyn Wellborn Hopper '53 
Susan Messikomer Horenkamp 05 
Karen IHott '91 
Ina Hamilton Houck'58 
Mr. and Mrs. Lee H. Houston. Jr. 
Nathalie Ryan Hoyt'72 
Susan Taylor Hubbard '51 
Nana kaufmann Hudec 72 
Ann Frasher Hudson '57 
Janet Rakoczy Hudson ~S 
Thomas P. Hughes 
Frances Chichester Hull '41 
Marguerite E Hume '43 
Barbara Plamp Hunt '55 
Beth Folmar Hunt '57 
DarrellW Hunt 
Man ChesnuttHunt'69 
Louise Lambert Hunter '" 
Still Hunter. Ir. 

Mary PopeHutson '83 
Sally Wright Hyde '65 

Janice T. Ikenberry 
Lynn Ikmna Ingram '82 
Suzanne Balog Ingram '83 
Mary Amanda McThenia lodice '55 
Mr. and Mrs. Louis C, Ison 
Louise Jackson 71 
T. Haller Jackson. Jr. 
Man Wilmer Jacobs 76 
Rebecca Garrett Jamison '80 
Susie \ enable Jamison '61 
Elizabeth Gallagher Jenrej '86 
Mr. and Mrs. Francis P Jenkins. Jr. 
Laura Murphy Jennings '83 
Virginia R. Pascoe Jennings '87 
Kathleen Hsujeong '64 
Nanq Carter Jewell '50 
Ann Gumaer Johnson 50 
Elizabeth Walker Johnson "5 
Grace Butler Johnson '66 
Mr. and Mrs. Hard) Johnson 
Moira Hohvay Johnson '81 
Vicky Tool' Johnson '54 
katherine Estes Johnston '40 
Anne Smith Jones '61 
Mrs. Carl A. Jones 
Dona Van Arsdale Jones '64 
Ellen Quinn Jones 78 
Joan Sheets Jones '60 
Louise Coleman Jones '51 
Margaret Lyle Jones 72 
Patricia Damron Joy '48 
Phyllis A. Joyner '55 
Colleen M.Jozwiak 
Ellen Nichols Jump '60 
keeley Sullivan Jurgovan '02 
Mr. and Mrs. l)a\id A. Kaatz 
Monika Kaiser '82 
Beatrice L, Kallina '60 
Keith C. Kanaga 
(iwen Sped Kaplan '60 
katherine Knopf Kaplan '65 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Kaplan 
Aimee Brett Kass 79 
Patricia Swinney Kaufman 70 
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard J Keating. Jr 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. G. Keck, Jr. 
Georgia Dreisbach Kegley '51 
Mice Mitchell Keister '"() 
Frances Smith Kellej '82 
Paula Brown Kellej 78 
Susan Smith Kemp '80 
Anna Plan Kemper '64 
Jean Felly Kenny '53 
Hoik Weaver Kenrdch 76 

Man Fontaine Keown '63 
Karen 1). Kerlin '83 
Dorothy Barnwell Kerrison '60 
Nanq 1). Kershner 00 
William k Kershner 
Carol Tumbull Kidd '50 
Kevin Paul Kiger 
Beverly Basset! Kimmel '60 
Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey C. King 
Mary Haskins King '45 
Susan J. King '78 
Mr. and Mrs. H. Donald Kisiler 
Virginia MacKethan Kitchin '50 
Page M. Kjellstrom 70 
Michelle Scherrer Klimt '84 
Mr. ;uid Mrs. Richard R. Kline 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Kline 

(Jean Pollard '46) 
Sarah Johnston Knoblauch 74 
Sauy Martin Kobrs '59 
Kathryn Kotula 
Kama Boswell KoudeJka '85 
Joan Lawson Kuhns '57 
\lberi A. la Londe 
Lisa C. La Londe '93 
Nancy Gkiser LaGow '"1 
Anne Richardson Lackey 00 
Alice Cutting Laimbeer '83 
Gwen Hoffman Lamb '56 
Muriel Wikswo Lambert '66 
Amy Campbell Lamphere '80 
Grayson llanis Lane '83 
Sarah Gay Lanford '40 
Theresa Blane Lange '81 
Willie Newbury Lansing '62 
Wesley Powell Lassen '80 
Virginia Donald Latham '81 
Nancy Dew Lathrop '67 
Virginia Tyson Lawrence '58 
Mice J. P Lawson '34 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Lawson 
Mr ;md Mrs. Robert Mark lawson 
Denise Alexandre LeComte 76 
Judy Nevins LeHardy '50 
Eleanor Snow Lea '4(1 
Debra Mine Lee '00 
Sally Uptegrove Lee 71 
Nancy Fink Leeds '57 
Carroll Morgan Legge 52 
Maren Howard Leggett 05 
R;dpb \\. l.eighton 
Deirdre A. I.eland '68 
Leslie Braginetz Letnish '80 
Dr. ;uid Mrs. George H. Lenz 
Ann Colston Leonard '47 
Janet T, Letts 

Lynda Overly I.evengood '64 

Julia B Leverenz 

Elizabeth Randolph Lewis '63 

Mr. and Mrs. Jack C. Lewis 

Whitney Boh Lewis '88 

Sue Taylor Ulley '51 

Rachel McHugh Lilly '63 

Mr. and Mrs Carl G. l-ind 

Susan Dickinson Lindner '84 

Ann E. Lindquist 02 

Sara McMullen lindsej '47 

Susan Anthony Lineberry 79 

Jane T. Lingo 

Miriam Wyse linskj '50 

Ijnda Lipscomb 73 

Anne Corbitt Little '34 

Suzanne M. Utile '68 

Patricia Miller l.i\el\ '53 

Joan Hulley Liverman '64 

June Krehs Liversage 10 

Maria Burroughs Livingston '40 

Marilymi Marshall Livingston ~4 

Elizabeth Bates Locke 76 

Peggy Fossett Lodeesen '58 

Nanq Dabbsl.ofun '81 

Edna Osmanski Loftus '72 

Iinda S. E. Lomhardo O4 

Eve Jackson London 78 

Mrs. Mbert Long 

Mr. and Mrs. Lowell E. Long 

Randi Miles Long '66 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Louis 

Virginia Page Love '50 

Mr. and Mrs. Dan C. Loy 

Elisabeth Fletcher Lubin Sit 

Mm key Lucas '78 

Jerry Dreisbach I.udeke '54 

Mine \\ lute Lumpkin "6 

Catherine A. I.umsden 78 

Elizabeth Hanger Luther '65 

Barnq Walker Lutsk '65 

Cheryl Lux 76 

Ary Lotterhos Lyle '60 

Catherine M. Lynn '64 

Elizabeth Francke Lynn 74 

Nancy Coppedge Lynn '61 

Jo Vestal Lyon '48 

Christina Savage I.ule '88 

Mr. and Mrs Charles P. MacDonald 

Mr. ami Mi> James Russell MacFall 

Brooke Hamilton MacKinnon '62 

Monna Simpson MacLellan '51 

Nanq E. Mac.Meekin '65 

Evelyn Snyder MacMillan '65 

Faith Bulks Mace "61 

Polk Plumnier Mackie '49 



O F 


Daphne Macneil 

Mrs. William H. Macon 

The Rev. and Mrs. Charles F. Magistro 

Dorothy Campbell Malier '43 

Katlierine Cooley Malier '68 

Alice Benton Major 79 

Ann Vandersyde Malbon '80 

Mariah Smith Malik '86 

Margaret Milnor Mallory '76 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Malm 

Camilla Aim Malone 

Anne Williams Manchester '55 

Anne Baldwin Mann 78 

Lucetta Gardner Mannion '63 

Sherri Lynn Manson 79 

Katlierine McKelway MarcharteiTe '86 

Joan Teetor Marder '50 

Margaret Nichols Markliam '66 

Mary Seaton Marston '31 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Martin 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth E. Martin 

Mary Murdoch Martin '33 

Nancy Snider Martin '48 

Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Martin 

Susan Elder Martin '57 

Marcia Brandenburg Martinson 74 

Eugenia Ellis Mason '5 1 

Valerie Jones Materne '43 

Mr. and Mrs. Linwood S. Mather, Jr. 

Ann C. Mathews '69 

Barbara Offutt Matliieson 70 

Constance Somervell Matter '48 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard V. Mattingly, Jr. 

Shirley Allen Matzdorf 

Louise Jenkins Maybank '60 

Dorothy Llf Mayer '59 

Antoinette LeBris Maynard '45 

Wendilynn Wood McAfee '81 

.Ann McAllister '87 

Cynthia Hardy McCabe 74 

Erlend Carlton McCaffree '54 

Mr. and Mrs. John W. McCaleb, Jr. 

(Elizabeth Hutchens '50) 
Maddin Lupton McCallie '48 
Lenetta Archard McCampbell '85 
Elizabeth Cooke McCann '51 
Ann Pickard McCarry '41 
Deborali Koss McCarthy 77 
StaceyD. McClain'93 
Marilyn K. McClelland 76 
Caroline Miller McClintock '43 
Margaret Katterjohn McCollom '40 
Pamela Drake McCormick 72 
Harriotte Dodson McDannald '65 
Nana' M. McDonald '53 
Mr. and Mrs. Donagli M. McDonaugli 

Anne Billings McDougall 73 
Banie Jeffrey McDowell '81 
Ellen Sellers McDowell 77 
Joseph M. McDowell 
Nana- B. McDowell '63 
Aline Rex McEvoy '65 
K. Holly McGlothlin 78 
Karen JaflaMcGoldrick 79 
Sarane McHugh '81 
Evelyn Graham Mclnnis '65 
Joan Baggs McKenzie '58 
Heather E. McKoy '94 
Mr. and Mrs. Wiliiam G. McKoy 
Elizabeth Gockley McLellan '40 
Caroline Bickel McLoughlin 76 
Elvira Cochrane McMillan '34 
Lynne Pottharst McMillan '69 
Sallie Amifield McMillion '59 
Janie Willingham McNabb '67 
Cynthia Moorhead McNair '53 
Mr. and Mrs. Colin A. P. McNease 
Rebecca Micliie McVeigh '87 
Frances deSaussure Meade '68 
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Meadows 
Rebecca Bottomley Meeker 71 
Carson Freemon Meinen '80 
Suzanne Bassewitz Mentzinger '52 
Anne Old Mercer '38 
Thelma M. Merrill 74 
Alice Meyer 71 
Ruth Oddy Meyer '51 
Frances Mallory Meyers '64 
Petsy Gautier Mezey '55 
Rosalinda Guardabassi Michael ' 7 ' 
Betty Murden Michelson '57 
Beverly Van Zandt Mickley 71 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Harris 

Joseph R. Mighell III* 
Diane Riley Milburn '80 
Ethel James Milburn '41 
Fredda Duncombe Millard '49 
Catherine Adams Miller '82 
Charlotte Taylor Miller '55 
Holly Leigh Miller '95 
Warren Moore Miller 72 
Mr. and Mrs. J. Clifford Miller, Jr. 
Keithley Rose Miller '69 
Mary Webb Miller '57 
Mary White Miller '41 
Phyllis Thorpe Miller '48 
Nancy Ettinger Minor '56 
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Minton III 

(Katharine Shaw '52) 

Wendy Hoilman Mitchell 73 
Katherine Oglesby Mixson '33 
Genevieve Minor Moeckel 70 

Sarah Bonham Mohle 77 
Jane Losse Momberger '81 
Amy Andrews Monalian '80 
Mr. and Mrs. Withers W. Moncure, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. C. Robert Monnich 
Mary Street Montague '51 
Susan Taylor Montague-Reese '59 
Denise Montgomery 75 
Margaret Cook Montgomery '60 
Marion Saunders Montgomery '44 
Elizabeth Braden Moody '67 
Sharon J. Moody '02 
Anna Marie Moore 
Barbara Bowen Moore '60 
Cecilia A. Moore '88 
Ashley Quarrier Moran '91 
Julia Arnold Morey '63 
Mr. and Mrs. Jolin Luther Morgan III 
Kelli Ketchum Morgan '89 
Danielle DePaul Morgenthaler '85 
Katharine Fisher Morland 71 
Maiilyn Garabrant Morris '66 
Mary-Linda Morris '94 
Margaret Moran Morrow '67 
Natalie Wittich Moitow '57 
Elvira Wliitehead Morse '48 
Marion Harvey Morton '67 
Mary Payne Morton '64 
Margaret Mundy Mosby '62 
Anne Webb Moses '47 
Myrtle Alston Mott '51 
Lydia Plamp Mower '55 
Jane Dawson Mudwilder '53 
John C. Mueller 
Barbara Pearsall Muir '62 
Ann Porter Mullen '48 
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mullen 
Rosemary Newby Mullen '45 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Mullen 
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Mullens 

(Donna .Anderson '53) 
Janet Staples Munt '44 
Valeria Murphey 71 
Caroline Tuttle Murray 71 
Joan Douglas Murray 75 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Naquin 
Frederika Merriman Naylor '55 
Mr. and Mrs. Hairy R. Nelson 

(Diane King '48) 
James A. Nelson 

Jan Armstrong Neuenschwander '57 
Francisca Brackenridge Neumann '61 
Jane Shoesmith Newcomb '48 
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Newman, Jr. 
Beth .Ann Trapold Newton '86 
Louise Cooke Newton '82 

Margaret K. Newton '68 
Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Nexsen 
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Nickodem 
Barbara Ashton Nicol 74 
Nancy NLx-Kamakis '63 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Noble, Jr. 
Lindsay Grumpier Nolting '42 
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Nolton 
Mary Humelsine Nonnent '68 
Margaret Swann Norris '45 
Jule Seibels-Northup '68 
Margaret MacKenzie Nowacki '6.3 
Maiilyn A. Nowogroski 
Neal E. Noyes 
Pamela Noyes '69 
Barbara Kelly O'Connor '57 
Marsha Dumas O'Connor '66 
Sarah Whitener O'Connor '63 
Angela Cardamone O'Donnell '41 
Nan E. O'Keeffe '53 
Roberta Harmon O'Neil 73 
Barbara Callahan O'Neill '84 
Emily Bowen O'Neill '36 
C. Gail Robins O'Quin '67 
Grace Garry Oates '64 
Susanna Bernard Odence '55 
Carolyn Stamaii Ogilvie '38 
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Alan Ogle 
.Allen Dunnington Ohrstrom '50 
Janet Richards Oikawa 75 
Paige Shiller Okun '88 
Josephine Noland Old '66 
Dr. and Mrs. W.Levi Old, Jr. 
Michael J. Olecki 
Lucy Israel Oliver '61 
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Olmsted 

(Jane Ramsay '52) 
Mary Thornton Oppenhimer '56 
Robyn Bailey Orchard '86 
Virginia Echols Orgain '56 
Mary Beth Miller Orson '86 
Katharine Wilson Orion 75 
Mrs. Prime F. Osborn 
Dana Freas Ostrowsky '87 
Drucilla Springer Oswalt 78 
Josephine Wheatley Overbey '62 
Harnett Tavenner Owens '44 
.Ann Prichard Pace '61 
Diana Tarride Palmer '80 
Nina Rowies Panarese '90 
Kathleen Papadimitriou '84 
Elizabeth Cheney Parker '69 
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Parker 
Mary Booth Parker '49 
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Parker '87 

(Camilla Mueller '58) 
Mr. and Mrs. Archie Jay Patterson II 



O F 


Olivia Cantey Patton '53 
Catluyn Gray Paul '69 
Mollie Archer Payne '58 
Sarah W. Pearre '48 
Barbara Sloan Pearsall '49 
I.ucrelia Crater Pearse '55 
Barbara Behrens Peck 78 
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Peck 

(Beverly Avers '61) 
Jacqueline E. Penny ""I 
Josephine Neal Peregrine '48 
Hannah Malloiy Perkins '44 
Elizabeth Graves Perkinson '48 
Susan Morck Perrin '67 
Elizabeth G. Perry 73 
Catherine Connor Peters 73 
Ruth Magee Peterson '51 
Mr. and Mrs. William 11. Petree 
Almena Hill Pettit '69 
Joan M. Petty '96 
Christine Weiss Pfeil 74 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery R. Philbrook 
Ida Todman Pierce '38 
Luanda Lawrence Pierce 72 
Bonnie Blew Pierie '67 
Mary Kraus Pierson '51 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Pike 
Mr. and Mrs. Ballard E Pinkard, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Pinson 
Nancy Mortensen Piper 74 
Stephanie B. Piper '69 
Vernon W. Piper 74 
Sarah E.Pitts '91 
Kathryn Spencer Pixley '63 
Bowdre Budd Poer '46 
Virginia Shackelford Poindexter '47 
Elizabeth Hicks Pollak 45 
Virginia Spangler Polley '"?6 
Ann Bruce Eaircloth Porter '86 
Catherine Porter '68 
Audrey Breitinger Post '51 
Jane G. Potts 73 
Anne Utle Poulet '64 
Barbara Golden Pound '47 
The Hon. and Mrs. Carleton D. Powell 

(Linda Byrd '62) 
Florence A. Powell '80 
Candace Collins Preston '90 
Ruth Garrett Preucel '49 
Barbara Mendelssohn Price 78 
Haifleigjb Hall Pritchard '85 
Martha Bennett Pritchett '68 
Cynthia Gridley Pniden 71 
Sarah Rick Putnam '35 
Leslie Heye Quarrier '62 
Mr. and Mi's. W E Quesenberryjr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Ramsay 
Jean Eerrier Ramsay 7 
Clair Clancy R;unsay '85 
Leslie Armstrong Ramsey "2 
Molly Fontaine Randolph '67 
Whitney Jester Ranstrom '65 
Mary Scon Rauch '62 
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Ra\ 

Betty Forbes Rayburn '56 
Ellen Pringle Read '60 
Katharine Porter Read '39 
Ann Connolly Reagan '80 
Ann Morrison Reams '42 
Margaret W. Redfern '47 
Ann Benson Reece '63 
Patricia Talbott Reed 76 
Judge and Mrs. Richard L. Reeh 
Caroline Price Reid 
Marion Sim Reid '36 
katherine Willcox Reiland '54 
Mr. and Mrs. Craig W. Rein 
Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Reiter, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Reither, Sr. 
Pamela Ward Renfrow '89 
Page Munroe Renger '67 
Robin Ould Rentsch '6(1 
Julie Smith Rentschler '80 
Gail Gamer Resch 72 
Emory Hill Rex'4l 
Marguerite Morgan Reynolds '65 
Carol Reifsnyder Rhoads '65 
Mary Hudgins Rice '47 
June Lee Richardson '86 
Louise Winslett Richardson '60 
Susan P. Richeson '81 
Dralios Ricny 
Amy Dickson Riddell '02 
Elizabeth Gawthrop Riely '67 
Georgia Schley Ritchie '80 
Margaret Ewart Riter '54 
Man Reid Roach 74 
Anne Da\is Roane '54 
Rachel E Robbins 
Man Lineberger Robeits '58 
Sarah Archibald Roberts '83 
Alice Barnes Robertson '57 
Jane Nexsen Robertson '69 
Deborah Schmidt Robinson '89 
Marguerite Brendlinger Robinson ' 
Olive Wilson Robinson '63 
Patricia Davin Robinson '49 
Susan K. Robinson 
Patricia Martin Rodier-Keni '66 
Lee Carroll Roebuck S" 
Rosemary Frey Rogers '34 

Virginia Luscombe Rogers '50 

Nana Josephs Rohrer '69 

Phyllis k. Rohrlich 

William D. Romey 

Mary Ann Mellen Root '53 

Frank V. Rosa. Jr. 

Nan Locke Rosa '53 

Jennifer Memmott Rosenberg '86 

Da\id Rosenbloom 

Anne Sargeant Rosenthal '81 

Amy Biathrow Ross '94 

Ann Train Ross '56 

Mr. and Mrs. Johnie E Roth. Jr. 

Nancy Buckey Rothacker '86 

Jewett Winn Rothschild '83 

Elizabeth Mayfield Roughton '34 

Lillian Simmons Rountrey '35 

Traylor Rucker '65 

Raymond G. Ruff 

Susan Clay Russell '81 

Susan Griste Russell '"8 

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Russo 

Mr. and Mrs. Burt T. Ryan. Jr. 

Helen Jenkins Ryan '68 

SB Club of Indianapolis 

SB Club of Miami 

SB Club of Peninsula 

Magdalena Salvesen '65 

Kindle L. Samuel '98 

Letitia Sanders '62 

Lee Addison Sanfbrd 73 

Francis R. Santangelo 

Neil C. Sapp 

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Sarmento 

Polly Saltier '88 

Catherine Callender Sauls '86 

Lucie Wood Saunders '49 

Susan P. Scanlan '69 

Sallie E Scarborough 75 

Amelia Dausman Schaaf '80 

Muriel Abrash Schapiro '44 

Katherine Maxwell Schellhammer '95 

Patricia Whelan Schenck '82 

Grace Tredwell Schild '82 

L. Angelyn Schmid '8~ 

Elliott Graham Schoenig 

Elizabeth Kopper Schollaert '64 

Dr. and Mi's. J. T. Schriempf 

Rowena Van Tuyi Schubert '"6 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Schultheis 

Mary Boehling Schwartz '81 

Ruth Mealand Schwartz '40 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Scon 

Elisabeth McKeown Scott '46 

Elizabeth Shepherd Scott '43 

Nana Pendergrass Scott '67 

Prudence Sandifer Scott '50 
Cara Scouten 
Isabel Scriba '35 
Cornelia Harrison Scribner '62 
Elizabeth G. Seacord '81 
EJizabeth Duke Seaman '50 
Barbara Bradshaw Sedgwick '56 
Jamie Beard Seigel '80 
EJizabeth Conway Selden '~~ 
Pamela Dickens Sellars '83 
Anne Frierman Sewell '84 
Cannie Crysler Shafer 78 
Harriet Houston Shaffer '64 
EJizabeth llutchins Sharland '61 
Mr. and Mrs. James 11. Shaw. Jr. 

(Mary Mackenzie '61 ) 
Margaret Haley Sheehan 77 
Mr. and Mi's. Gilbert H. Sheinhaum 
Diane Dietrich Shepherd '50 
Janet Lewis Shepherd '84 
.Alice Dulaney Sheridan '49 
Marguerite Stephens Sheridan '34 
Man \lexander Shenvood '53 
Dorothy Wyatt Shields '58 
Julia Shields '62 
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Sliillestad 
Karen Schwabenton Shipper '6~ 
Mr. ;uid Mrs. Kenelm L. Sltirk 
Marjorie Shugart Short '43 
Virginia Vekerton Show alter '6" 
Anne Jacohson Shnunko '56 
Maggie Shriver 7' 
John M. Shuey, Jr. 
Penelope Steketee Sidor '66 
Susanna JuddSilcox S2 
Man Laird Silvia '60 
Margaret Lawrence Simmons 49 
Beatrice Backer Simpson '48 
Mary Todd Singh '50 
Jessica Michelle Sinnott '86 
Ruth Longmire Skelton '45 
Elizabeth Gallo Skladal '58 
Carter Nan Dev enter Slaten '49 
Catherine Slatinshek 76 
Virginia Borah Slaughter '62 
Joann Derrickson Slights '59 
Kelly Bonowman Slobodian 74 
Michael A. Slomovitz 
Catherine Brownlee Smeltzer '50 
\li\ Sommer Smith '"1 
Anne G. Smith '86 
Barbara Hahn Smith si 
Belle W illiams Smith '65 
Chloe Mason Smith SI 
llallie D;u'h\ Smith '67 
Helen Oaklev Smitlt 73 




O F 


Holly L. Smith 72 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery King Smith 

Marsha Phillips Smith ""4 

Ruth Sanders Smith '54 

Mr. and Mrs. William \Y. Smith 

Susanne Williams Snead '64 

Mr. and Mrs. Ham H. Snyder 

(Audrey Siebert '39) 
Mr. and Mrs. Da\id Sobotta 
Katherine Scott Soles '32 
Mr. and Mrs. Jose L. Solivan 
Suzette Morton Sorenson '47 
Susan Moorman Southworth '66 
Tracy Glaves Spalding '84 
Judith Dunn Spangenberg '64 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Sparks 
Anne Haw Spencer '89 
Cora Morningstar Spiller '50 
Elizabeth F. Sprague 
Laura Saunders Spratley '66 
Diane Doscher Spurdle '59 
Jeannine Corbett Squires '66 
Brent Stait-Gardner 
Julia Pettinga Stalnecker '"6 
Bene Smith Stamats '54 
Jane Johnson Stanek '68 
Dorothy Jean Stanhope '81 
Jessica C. Stapleton '92 
Eugenia Michelle Stark '95 
Nana' Sanders Starr '46 
Mr. and Mrs. Philip John Stassi 
Jane Street Steele '56 
Kathleen Pretzfelder Steele 73 
Linda Lucas Steele 75 
Tracy L. Steele '92 
Mr. and Mrs. H. Robert Steiman 
Lucinda Lowry Stein '61 
Celia Newberg Steingold '68 
Janet Cook Stephens '61 
Diane Stevens '61 
Lisa-Margaret Stevenson ' 7 1 
Jesse A. Stewart 74 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Stinnett 
Cordelia Lambert Stites '47 
Anne Stoddard '68 
Audrey Stoddard '55 
Gracey Stoddard '6"" 
Elizabeth Smith Stone '58 
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Stone 

(Anne Green '53) 
Nan Hart Stone '47 
Catherine Hall Stopher '69 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Elwood Story 
Laura L. Stottlemyer 
Bettie Roberson Stovall '68 
Sallv C. Strain '63 

Lynn Gullett Strazzini '6~ 

Anna Garst Strickland '52 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Stringfellow, Jr. 

Ann Anderson Stuckey '62 

Harriette Horsey Sturges '66 

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Suchta 

Virginia Barron Summer '47 

May Waters Summeroui 75 

Mr. and Mrs. Kimbel L. Summerville 

Carlene Harper Simmer '94 

Marie E. Sushka 'b^ 

Anne Benedict Swain '39* 

Carey Cleveland Swan 70 

Lillian Sinks Sweeney '80 

Dr. and Mrs. James A. Swenberg 

Katharine Baker Sydnor '66 

Anne Men S\monds '62 

Rebecca Trulove Symons 79 

Deborah Griffin Tanner 74 

Helen Bradley Tarbutton '89 

Carol Eckman Taylor '64 

Dr. and Mi's. Edmund R. Taylor 

(Mary Herbert '45) 
Elizabeth Stinnett Taylor '93 
Kadileen Watson Taylor '65 
Margaret Wayland Taylor '33 
Katherine Mensing Teitgen '44 
Madeleine Long Tellekamp '67 
Ellen McClintock Templeton '40 
Jeanne Skerry Tepe '45 
Deborah L. Thacker 77 
Jean Mackenzie Thatcher 71 
Penelope Writer Theis '64 
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry A. Thomas 
Mary Morrison Thomas 72 
Elodie Taylor Thompson '"1 
Jessie Silvers Thompson '38 
Joanne Bossert Thompson '59 
Grace Quirk Thompson '88 
Patricia Beach Thompson '52 
Vernice Lois Thompson '84 
Erica M. Thomson '92 
Christopher Kilcullen Thurlow '65 
Mary Bell Timberlake '67 
Elizabeth McMahan Tolbert '57 
Marjorie Holthaus Tomaso '88 
Bertha Lee Toole '46 
Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Toomey III 

(Joyce Cooper '60) 
Virginia Hudson Toone '53 
Man Dixon Torbert 76 
Carol Rolston Toulmin '51 
Lise V. Tousignant 
Neal J. Toward 
Cvnthia Little Townsend 79 
Patronella Sykes Treadwell '58 

Man Kelso Treanor '31 
Rosemary Dunaway Trible ' 7 1 
Mary Murray Trussell '55 
Ann Rowland Tuck '48 
Greyson Snuff Tucker "2 
Alexandra Marcoglou Tully '47 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Turtle 

(Hazel Fellner '44) 
Charlotte Davenport Turtle '4l 
Patricia Williams Twohy '58 
Ainslie Jones I'M ' 7 6 
Suzanne Stryker Ullrich 78 
Laura Warren Lndenvood '93 
Barbara Clark Utley '44 
James W. Lit 

Norma Bulls Valentine '93 
Gypsie Bear Van .Antwerp 73 
Katharine Weinrich Van Geel '65 
Ann Pritchett Van Horn 74 
Suzanne Fitzgerald Van Home '47 
Lucy Dennington Van Zandt ' 7 3 
Virginia Wurzbach Vardy '48 
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar W. Vaught 
Paula Anne Veale '86 
Michelle E. Venema '84 
Celia Gerrard Veselka 75 
Marian Wahlgren Vester '84 
Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Via, Jr. 

(Ann May '54) 
Evalena Sharp Vidal '48 
Sally Estes Vigezzi '93 
Mrs. Arthur L. Vogelback 
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Vogler 
Sarah P. von Rosenberg 72 
Jerrold R. Voss '81 
Elizabeth Wade 77 
Victoria McClintock Wade '95 
Virginia Joachim Wade '63 
Virginia Haynie Wainstein '86 
Patricia Tighe Walden '53 
Man Brown-Serman Walke '38 
Ashley Jones Walker '68 
Deborah Camalier Walker 74 
Julia Snodgrass Walker '83 
Elizabeth Fleet Wallace '62 
Carolyn Jones Walthall 71 
Anne Newton Walther '66 
Jessica Bemis Ward '63 
Phyllis Blythin Ward 70 
Anne English Wardwell '65 
Rev. and Mrs. Marshall T. Ware 

(Patricia Coxe '59) 
Pamela Compton Ware '55 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Waring 
Patricia Anderson Warren '6l 
Patricia W. Waters 77 

Sarah Watson 70 

Elizabeth Andrews Watts 74 

Cherrie Wheeler Weatherford '69 

Mr. and Mrs. .Andrew D. Weaver 

Sarah Clifford Weaver '95 

Judy Webb 

Katharine McCardell Webb 70 

Man Stevens Webb '49 

Barbara Chase Webber '54 

Mr. and Mrs. Lester H. Weekes 

Pamela S. Weekes '83 

Deborah Davison Weidner 78 

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. Weigle 

.Ann Eustis Weimer '49 

Mr. and Mrs. Jay M. Weinberg 

Peggy Roudin Weinberger '43 

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R Weiner 

Meredith Leslie Welch '65 

Elder Witt Wellborn '6" 1 

Marguerite Geer Wellborn '56 

Carol Davis Wells '62 

Edith Mapother Wells 

Jane Westbrook '53 

Suzanne Torgan Weston '68 

Elizabeth Kemper Wharton '58 

Katherine V. Whitby '95 

Mr. and Mrs. Alan J. White 

Caroline W. White 79 

Frances Schroder White 72 

Jesse A. White '86 

Joyce Smith White '49 

Nancy Storey White '50 

Dr. and Mrs. Harold B. Whiteman, Jr. 

■Ann Marshall Whidey '47 

Barbara Smith Carter Whitlock '40 

M. Lyndon Whitmore 

Melinda S.Wick '92 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Wickman 

(Margaret Gearing '42) 
Cassandra Whaling Wierman '85 
Herbert N. Wigder 
Sarah MacFarlane Wiley ' 7 
Ashby Jenkins Willcox '51 
Elizabeth M. Williams 78 
Elizabeth Plunkert Williams '48 
Sallie Yon Williams '63 
Stephania Paparazzi Williams 73 
Joanne Oberkirch Willis '42 
Kathleen Davis Willis '92 
Lillian Neely Willis '39 
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Willock 
.Alexandra D. Willson '81 
Margaret Sefeldt Wilson 73 
Mary Anne Wilson '57 
Timothy Nathan Wilson 
Nancy Ray Wiltshire '86 




O F 


Valerie Annette Winbome '86 

Emily Co.xe Winburn '55 

Kay Leroy Wing '50 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Wingate, Sr. 

(Betty Leffel '48) 
Gail Zanvell Winkler "6 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Winn 

(Betty Bentsen '53) 
Sanili I litt Winston '63 
kimberly Cutting Winter '93 
Lavalette Dillon Wintzer '35 
Anne Brown Wise 76 
Bet Basbinsky Wise '75 
Melissa Gentry Witherow '80 
Helen Pender Withers '48 

Mary K Witt 74 

Helen B.Wolcott '35 

Edith Norman Wombwell '53 

Thi Nguyen Woo '"5 

Christine Sheris Wood 73 

Keitt Matheson Wood '63 

Mimi Etheridge Wood '44 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Wood 111 

(Mina Walker '62) 
Mr. and Mrs. Clay E. Woodard 
Helen Cantey Wbodbridge '44 
Rosalie Barringer Wornham '51 
Man Satteriield Worrell 74 
Cecilia Kirbv Wraase 74 
Angelyn Odom Wright '81 

Barbara L. Wuehrmann "1 
Bernard J. Wiinder. Jr. 
Virginia. Q. Wynn '46 
Susan Dicker Yankee '50 
Mr. and Mrs, Shahram Yavari 
Carolyn Griffin Yeager 92 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Yeager 

(Kathryn Prothro '61) 
Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp '68 
Lizora Miller Vonce '59 
Anne Kendig Young 63 
Cheryl Foilin Young '85 
Jacqueline Lowe Young '53 
Mr. and Mrs. Monroe .Mien Young 
Susannah Scagel Young '85 

l.etha Dameron Zackowski si 
Janis Thomas Zeanali '52 
\nn Calandra Zechini '90 
Diana L Zeidel 71 
Man T. Ziebold '87 
Suzanne Weaver Zimmer '85 
Louise Suietki Zingaro '80 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zuckerman 
Barbara J. Zvirbulis 
Raimonds A. Zvirbulis 

* Deceased 


I E B R A T 

O N 

O F 



ith extraordinary leadership from National Reunion Giving Chair Ann Stuart 
WcKie Kling 74, classes celebrating reunions in 2001 raised $ 119,805- 

The Class of 1951 raised $90,906 in unrestricted Annual Fund gifts, winning the covet- 
ed Nancy Dowd Burton Award for the largest Annual Fund gift total in a reunion year. 
The class of 1951, with 72% participation, also won the Participation Award for classes 
celebrating their 2Sth-50th reunions. In a closely contested and spirited effort, the Class 
of 1981, with 36.94% participation, won the Participation Award for classes celebrating 
their 5th-20th reunions. 

A new award aptly named the Centennial Award — recognizing the highest total of 
both unrestricted and restricted gifts from a class during a reunion year — was awarded 
to the Class of 1976 for raising $121,875. 

The purpose of the Reunion Giving Program is to increase unrestricted gifts to the 
Annual Fund. However, the addition of the Centennial Award enables Sweet Briar 
College to recognize and thank all donors appropriately for their gifts to all funds. 

'Both dollar totals ami participation rates are as of Reunion Weekend 2001 and may differ from year-end totals 
and rates listed elsewhere within the Honor Roll of Donors. 





Total Gifts 

to Annual 


Total Cifts 

S Pledges 

to All Funds 






Ann Mountcastle Blechta 
Anne Sinsheimer 






Frances Gilbert Browne 
Nancie Howe Entenmann 
Janet Monroe Schumann 






Catherine Caldwell Cabanis; 
Willia Fales Eckerberg 

; Co-chair 





Man- Fleming Willis Finlay 






Jacque Penny 






Cissy Humphrey 
Tennessee Nielsen 


$52,873 $121,875 



Nancy Webb Corkery 
Allison Roberts Greene 






Harriet Dunlap Alexander Co-Cfaair 
Karen Lynn Fennessey-Ketola Co-Chair 





Elizabeth Jane Butler 
Karen Temple Hon 






Amelia Elizabeth Dudman 
Jesse Wilson Durham 
Lee Foley Dolan 






E L E R R A T I O N 

Through the terrific leadership of Betsy 
Smith While '59 and other members of the 
Alumnae Fund Committee, the Annual 
Fund had a successful year. With countless hours 
of hard work by more than 100 volunteers, and 
gifts from more than 4.000 donors, the Annual 
Fund succeeded in supporting Sweet Briar 
College with $1,871,861. 

Through the efforts and generous support of 
our volunteers and donors, we: 

• raised a total of $1,871,861 in unrestricted 
funds for Sweet Briar: 

• had 722 members in the top three gift societies 
at SI, 000, $5,000, and SI 0,000 levels: 

• grew the Parents Fund to $284,456; 

• broke a three-year record in the Phonathon 
Program for most dollars raised in one 
evening: 850,200; 

• completed the year with an amazing alumnae 
participation rate of 45%. 

With gratitude, we thank each donor and volun- 
teer w r ho helped make this year's fundraising to 

support Sweet Briar College a success! 



Betsy Smith White '59 
Alumnae Fund Chair 

Ethel Ogtlen Bunvell '58 
Boxwood Circle Co-Chair 

Lochrane Coleman Smith 76 
Boxwood Circle Co-Chair 

Ann Stuart McKie Kling 74 
National Reunion Gifts Chair 

Nannette McBumey Crowdus '57 

Planned Giving Chair 

Lee Foley Dolan '96 

Junior Boxwood Circle Chair 




Annual Fund 




Annual Fund 








Fund Gift 






Fund Gift 









































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































CLASS OF 1921 

Gordon G. Beemer ll 21 
Ruth Simpson Carrington* 


Ruth I Hand Ibdd 

CLASS OF 1923 

Jane Guignard ('.urn 
Fit/alien Kendall Fearing 

CLASS OF 1924 
Marie Brede Zimmerman 

CLASS OF 1925 
Katherine Agard Flewelling* 

CLASS OF 1926 

Edna Lee Gilchrist* 

Martha liachman McCoy 
Elizabeth Moore Rusk 
Lois Peterson Wilson* 

CLASS OF 1927 

Rebecca Manning Cutler 
Ruth Lowrance Street 

CLASS OF 1928 
Virginia Van Winkle Morlidge 

CLASS OF 1929 

Man Armstrong .Mien 
Isabelle North Goodwin 
Virginia Chaffee Gwynn 
Sara Callison Jamison 
Evaline Edmands Thoma 
Susie Tucker Yates 

CLASS OF 1930 

Carolyn Martindale Blouin* 
Elizabeth Gorsline 
Charlotte Brown Harder 

Clacks Wester Morton 
Eveh/n Ware Saunders 
Josephine Keid Stuhhs 

CLASS OF 1931 

Jean Cole Anderson* 
Man Seaton Marston 
Helen Sim \lellen 

Elizabeth Tyson Postfes 
Vgnes Cleveland Stackhouse* 

Man Kelso Treannr 

CLASS OF 1932 

\nna Gilbert Davy 

Virginia S(|iiihh Flynn 
Margaret Bell Mare* 
Eugenia Ware Myers 
Theda Sherman Newiin 
Barbara Munter Purdue 
Gertrude Buisl Robert 
Katherine Scott Soles 

CLASS OF 1933 

Sara Houston Maker 
Elizabeth S. Gray* 
Margen Cubelman Hasten 
Kathrina Howze Maclellan 
Man Murdoch Martin 
Katherine Oglesb) Mixson 
Frances Neville Newberry 
Jane Martin Person 
Leila Vanleer Schwaab* 
Sue Graves Stuhhs 
Margaret Wayland Taylor 

CLASS OF 1934 

Helen Hanson Bamford 
Bettj Suttle Briscoe 
Anne Russell Carter 
Marcia Morrison Curtis 
Margaret Ross Ellice 
Helen Benin Emery 
Dorothj Turno Gardner 
Priscilla Mullen Gowen 
Bonne] McDonald Hatch 
vine J. P. Lawson 
Anne Corbit) Little 
Marjorie Westcotl Mackey 
Elizabeth Scheuer Maxwell 
Elvira Cochrane McMillan 
Joanna Fink Meeks 
Dorotln Prince Oldfield 
Ruth Myers Pleasants 
Rosemary Frey Rogers 
Elizabeth Mayfield Roughton 
Marguerite Stephens Sheridan 
Martha Lou l.emmon Slohlman 
Man Ryan Strother 
Elizabeth Collier Wardle 
Connie Bureell While 
Elizabeth Bond Wood 
Amy Davies Yingling 

CLASS OF 1935 

Lois Vanderhoef Benner 

Man Whipple Clark* 
Juliet Halliburton Davis 
Man Honeywell Dodds 
Frances Meeks Ford 
Rebecca Young Frazer 
Beverlej Hill Pumiss 
Ruth Gilliland 

vhee F Laubach 
Jane Lawder Lawder 
Sarah Rick Putnam 
Lillian Simmons Rountrey 
Kabel Scriba Scriba 
Doroth] Barnum Venter 
Lavalette Dillon Wintzer 

Helen B Wolcott 

CLASS OF 1936 

Myra Carr Baldwin 
Nancy Dicks Blanlon 
Martha Vke Brouse* 
Sophia Campbell Brown 
Margaret Lloyd Bush 
Lillian Steele (look 
Margaret Huxley Dick 
Man Rich Euing 
Elizabeth Morton Forsyth 
Capel Grimes Gerlach 
Logan Phinizj Johns 
Vrnohl Susong Jones 
I uc He Co\ Jones* 
NanCJ Parsons Jones 
Vbigail Lesmck Leibouitz 
Margaret I Mencke 
Emily Bowen O'Neill 
Marion Sim Reid 
Elizabeth Pinkerton Scott 
Man Virginia Camp Smith 
Margaret Smith Thomasson 

CLASS OF 1937 

Elizabeth Ball Fensom 
Fiances Johnson Finley* 
Nancj Nalle Genung 
Isabel Olmstead Haynes 
Margaret Holcomb MacMillan 
Rebecca Douglass Mapp 
Elizabeth Lee McPhail 
Dorotln Price Roberts 
Margaret Cornwell Schmidt 
Marion Leggeti Whyte 

CLASS OF 1938 

Janice V\ ilex Vdams 
Shirle) Haywood Alexander 
Frances Bailey Brooke 
Dorotln Gilbert Browne 
Man Housd Carr 
Barbara Derr Chenowetfa 
Florence Caven Crosnoe 
Marjorie Thaden Davis 
Man Talcott Dodson* 
Maud Tucker Drane 
Genevieve Marsh Fisher 
Moselle Worsley Fletcher 
Sarah Tomlinson Foscue 
Elizabeth Cumnock Gunn 
Vesta Mtirrav Haselden 














■9 M 

o 2 -3 
8 8 £ 

CM — 







E a> 

o >- 





L. .£ 

•I -5 

-3 if 


9- ' — 
















































- _S> 










J Q. 




"> O Q. 


"k- -C Q. 


O U 3 





weet B 


l/"> I/O U- 






3 D 
O a, 




e - 

-2 co 




0) _ CO 

U Sop 


b ^ a) 

c , •* 
'v */i ^= 


E £ - 

.E ^- n 

o ~ CO 

_ co^ 




















./> Q_ 

8 s 

Q_ 0) 


V) 5 



o a 









ro o 

.£ co 

.1 g 

CD 3 

0) ^ 

_D >~ 

■£ — 

c : 

° "5 . 
E ^ 


l_ c 















H? £ 


'o ~ 



: v) c 


5 1 = 


■E J 

E .£ > 






a) c 
F ° 



ould ti 

f ' — 1 








S z lS 







—1 CO 







> CD 

5 £ 



c S- 


Q Q 


— -1 
































O F 


Imogen Brock Havvley 
Harriet Daniel Herd 
Virginia Heizer Hickenlooper 
Kale Sulzberger Levi 
Elizabeth Locked Lord 
Anne Old Mercer 
Anne Walker Newton 
Carolyn Staman Ogilvie 
Ida Todnian Pierce 
Kitty' Corbett Powell 
Mary Hamilton Schick 
Marion Brown Snider 
Jessie Silvers Thompson 
Mary Brown-Serman Walke 
Mildred Gill Williamson 
Josephine Happ WiUingham 
Justine Domhoff Wright 

CLASS OF 1939 

Elizabeth Barnes Bird 
Gracey Luckett Bradley 
Elizabeth Vanderbilt Crampton 
Bettina Bell Emmons 
Sarah Belk Gambrell 
Marguerite Myers Glenn 
Henriette Minor Hart 
Mary Brovver Henderson 
Lucy Gordan Jeffers 
Louise Corrigan Jordan 
Narcissa Dillard Kelley 
Sarah Tarns Kreker 
Julia Gray Saunders Michaux 
Ann N. B. Parks 
Mary Judd Patton 
Elizabeth Perkins Prothro 
Katharine Porter Read 
Yvonne Leggett Sanford 
Jean Oliver Sartor 
Mary Barge Schroder 
Audrey Siebert Snyder 
Catherine Lavvder Stephenson 
Lois Lear Stoops 
Katharine Bonsall Strong 
Nancy Gatch Svien 
Anne Benedict Swain* 
Janet D. Thorpe 
Patricia Balz Vincent 
Anna Davies Volvviler 
Jean Moore von Sternberg 
Lee Montague Watts 
Margaret Ballard Whitehurst 
Eleanor Claflin Williams 
Lillian Neely Willis 
Shirley Jones Woodard 
Lottie Lewis Woollen 

CLASS OF 1940 

Hazel Sterrett Allen 
Kathleen Ward Allen 
Cecilia MacKinnon Ballard 
Janet Martin Bennett 

Helen Anderson Bryan 
Agnes Spencer Burke 
Barbara Smith Carter 
Marjorie Stock Clemens 
Hortense Powell Cooper 
Jacqueline Sexton Daley 
Clara Call Frazier 
Anne Cooke Gilliam 
Adelaide Boze Glascock 
Helen Schmid Hardy 
Georgia Herbert Hart 
Mary Frances Hazelton 
Rosemary Bjorge Johnson 
Katherine Estes Johnston 
Margaret Dowel! Kearney 
Cornelia Chalkley Kittler 
Eleanor Snow Lea 
Maria Burroughs Livingston 
Marion Daudt McBride 
Margaret Katterjohn McCollom 
Ehzabeth Gockley McLellan 
Mildred Moon Montague 
Ruth Mealand Schwartz 
Ellen McClintock Templeton 
Emory Gill Williams 
Cynthia Noland Young 

CLASS OF 1941 

Patricia Sorensen Ackard 
Phyllis Carr Beinhom 
Betsy Tower Bennett 
Ethel Gurney Betz 
Edith Vongehr Bridges-Cone 
Jane Loveland Byerts 
Jeanne Posselt Clear 
Shirley Devine Clemens 
Helen Winter Clobridge 
Betty Bartelt Croasdale 
Josephine Harlan Darby 
Cynthia Falkner Day 
Ruth Hemphill DeBuys 
Patricia Potter Duncan 
Katherine Estes 
Eleanor Damgard Firth 
Decca Gilmer Frackelton 
Laetitia Seibels Frothingham 
Frances Chichester Hull 
Patricia Eaglesfield Kirchhoffer 
Alice E. McBee 
.Ann Pickard McCarry 
Ethel James Milbuni 
Mary White Miller 
Elizabeth Doucett Neill 
Lossie Taylor Noell 
Anne Borough O'Connor 
Angela Cardamone O'Donnell 
Mary Scully Olney 
Barbara Thompson Parker 
Margaret Craighill Price 
Wilma Cavett Records 
Emory Hill Rex 

Marion Webb Shaw 
Doris Huner Swiech 
Lillian Fowlkes Taylor 
Charlotte Davenport Tuttle 
Judith Davidson Walker 
Helen Gvvinn Wallace 
Caroline Des Granges Wallis 
Sarah Esler Walters 
Ehzabeth Lancaster Washburn 
Barbara Holman Whitcomb 
Helen Littleton White 
Marietta Solon Woolverton 
Barbara Nevens Young 

CLASS OF 1942 

Daphne Withington Adams 
Marion Robhins Alexander 
Margaret Cunningham .Allen 
Grace Lanier Brewer 
Ruth Hensley Camblos 
Edna Swann Carter 
Betty Blackmer Childs 
Carolyn Monteith Clarke 
Barbara Engh Croft 
Jean Hedley Currie 
Lucy Call Dabney 
Cynthia Abbott Dougherty 
Mimi Galloway Duncan 
Barbara Ripley Furniss 
Alice Wilhams Glover 
Virginia Moomaw Hall 
Sudie Clark Hanger 
Margaret Troutman Harbin 
Frances Caldwell Harris 
Alice King Harrison 
Diana Greene Helfrich 
Susan Greer Hendrick 
Nana' Kegley Jenkins 
Anne Bundy Lewis 
Mary Lewis Lewis 
Ehzabeth Hanger Lippincott 
Jane Taylor Lowell 
Genevieve Mundy Lyttle 
Julia Groves Martin 
Irene Mitchell Moore 
Margaret Preston Moore 
Grace Bugg Muller-Thym 
Lindsay Crumpler Nolting 
Shirley Hauseman Nordhem 
Edna Syska Peltier 
Eloise English Rankin 
Ann Morrison Reams 
Jeanne Buzby Runkle 
Nathahe M. Ryan 
Helen J. Sanford 
Gloria Sanderson Sartor 
Jeanne Sawyer Stanwood 
Ruth Jacquot Tempest 
BeLsy Gilmer Tremain 
Sally Schall Van Allen 
Edith Brainerd Walter 

Lucy Case Wendelken 
Margaret Gearing Wickham 
Joanne Oberkirch Willis 
Florence Bagley Witt 
Dorothy Malone Yates 
Marion Mundy Young 

CLASS OF 1943 

Anne Mitchell Albyn 
Sara Bryan Allen 
Brooks Barnes 
Erne Siegling Bovvers 
Anne Mcjunkin Briber 
Virginia White Brinton 
Pauline Hudson Brown 
Frances Simmons Byerly 
Fay Martin Chandler 
Carol Tanner Cover 
Primrose Johnston Craven 
Chesley Johnson Dale-Arnurius 
Betty Emerick Dethlefs 
Margaret Swindell Dickerman 
Nancy Pingree Drake 
Pauline Boswell Fosdick 
Bonilee Key Garrett 
Barbara Jones Hale 
Jane Hardy Harris 
Nancy Bean Hector 
Betty-Potter Kinne Hillyer 
Esther Jett Holland 
Marguerite F. Hume 
Dolores Cheatham James 
Jean Latham Jones 
Lucy Kiker Jones 
Catharine Bracher Leggett 
Anne Noyes Lewis 
Dorothy Campbell Maher 
Valerie Jones Materne 
Clare Eager Matthai 
Caroline Miller McClintock 
Elizabeth Schmeisser Nelson 
Nancy McVay O'Neill 
Rozelia Hazard Potter 
Annabelle Forsch Prager 
Betty B. Preston 
Mary Love Ferguson Sanders 
Roselle Faulconer Scales 
Ehzabeth Shepherd Scott 
Marjorie Shugart Short 
Karen Norris Sibley 
Jane Findlay Tate 
Suzanne Douglas Terry- 
Peggy Roudin Weinberger 
Karen Kniskem White 
Fayette McDowell Willed 
Mary- Steiger Wingerd 




O F 




— 1 







CLASS OF 1944 

Eleanor Goodspeed Vbbotl 
Norma Bradlej Vrnold 
Martha Rugelej Bachman 
Dorothy Tobio Baldwin 
Sydney Holmes Bales 
Louise Smith Barn 
Sally Skinner Behnke 
Elisabeth Vaughan Bishop 
Dorothy Beuttell Blakeman 
Jane Williams Bradlej 
Carlisle MorrisseH Branch 
tan Seguin Briti 
Virginia Gowen Brown 
Mildred Faulconer Bryan) 
\liii' Lancaster Buck 
Ernestine M. Chandler 
taita Lippid Clay 
Bettj Farinholt Cockrill 
Phyllis Tenney Dowd 
Sarah Norman Faulconer 
Mice Johnson Fessenden 
Virginia Watts Foumier 
Elizabeth Williams Gookin 
Carol Myers Hunter* 
Marian Shanley Jacobs 
Jean Ryan Mil 
Marjorie Willetts Maiden 
Emilj Wilkins Mason 
Martha Hoffman McCo) 
Jane Rice McPherson 
Ellen Duval Miller 
Marion Saunders Montgomerj 
Janet Staples Muni 
Constance Budlong Myrick 
Louise Konsberg \oll 
Harried Tavenner Owens 
Hannah Mallorj Perkins 
Catherine Tift Porter 
Shirley Coombs Kamsour 
Ann Moore Remington 
Marguerite Brendlinger Robinson 
Anne Hynson Rump 
Bettj Van Dusen Samson 
Muriel Mirash Schapiro 
Frames Longino Schroder 
Margaret Cordon Seller 
Louise liesson Shelburne 
Bettj Haverty Smith 
Jean Blanlon Stein 
Virginia Burgess Slruhsaker 
I'aulelt Long Taggart 
Katherine Mensing Teitgen 
Ha/el Fellner Tuttle 
Barbara Clark i ilej 
Martha Talk Vallerj 
Patricia Whitaker Waters 
Helen Gravatt Watt 
Mabel Breese Wellinghofl 
Murrell Rickards Werth 
Mimi Etheridge Wood 
Helen Cantej Woodbridge 

CLASS OF 1945 

Elaine Krause Anderson 
Man Symes taderson 

Catherine Price Bass 
Lile Tucker Bell 
Audrey T. Belts 
Sadie Mien Blackburn 
Betsy Smyth Brown 
Man Traugod Brown 
Hilda Hude Cliapin 
tane Macfarlane Clark 
Mice Edwards Davenport 
tan Parsons I)a\is 
Elizabeth Healj Downing' 
Jane Spiegel llakin 
Jean [tidier Fahrenhach 
Leila Burnett Felker 
Martha llolton Clesser 
Jane l.esh Gould 
Elizabeth Cray Cray 
Margaret Mueller Haldemari 
Joanne Morgan llartman 
Mary Frye Hemphill 
Anna Man Chidester Heywood 
Julia Mills Jacohsen 
Anne Dickson Jordan 
Man Haskins King 
Ann McLean Loomis 
Antoinette LeBris Maynard 
Sarah Temple Moore 
Dale Sayler Morgan 
Rosemarj Newbj Mullen 
Margaret Swann Norris 
Ellen Gilliam Pern 
Elizabeth Hicks Pollak 
Elizabeth Zulicfa Renter 
Caroline Parrish Seager 
Frances Kstes Seibels 
Esther Cunningham Shay 
Ruth Longmire Skelton 
Alice Gearhan Stinson 
Man Herbert Taylor 
Jeanne Skerry Tepe 
Isabel Gayiord Thompson 
Amanda Parsley Worth 
Betty Cocke Wright 
Margaret Jones WyUie 

CLASS OF 1946 

Jean Love Albert 
Katherine Brooks tagustine 
Lucy-Charles Jones Bendall 
Edwina Young Call 

Jane Pickens Church 
Eleanor Myers Cole 
Louise Wilbourn Collier 
Mora Cameron Crichlon 
Marilyn Hannah Crocker 
c.arohn Conlej Danlej 
Rosemarj \shb\ Dasbiell 

Marilyn Mandle Dick 
Anne Hill Edwards 
Helen CraelT IJlerman 
Man \ inton Fleming 
Catherine Smart Crier 
Marian Duncombe lladley 
Sarah McDuffie Hardawaj 
Man Holland Hardin 
Elizabeth Guile) Hewson 
Anne Stuckle Houston 
Wistar Watts King 
Jean Pollard Kline 
Helen Murchison l.ane 
Leila Fellner l.enagh 
Ann Fair lewis 
Margaret Siblej Lewis 
Elinor Clement Littleton 
Louisa B. Lloyd 
Beatrice Dingwell Loos 
PalmOUr Holmes Mclntire 
Elizabeth I nut Metzenthin 
Charlotte Sprunt Murchison 
Bowdre Budd Poer 
llallie Nixon Powell 
Legate Thompson Robertson 
Elisabeth McKeown Scott 
Nancy Sanders Starr 
Bertha Lee Toole 
Jane Richardson Yieth 
Adeline Jones \oorhees 
Joan Darb\ West 
Ariana Jones Winke 
Virginia Q. Wynn 


Lucinda Converse Ash 
Elaine Davis Blackford 
Catharine Fitzgerald Booker* 
Anne Lile Bowden 
Maria Tucker Bowerfind 
Emily Schuber Carr* 
Margaret Robertson Christian 
Frances I lmer Conlej 
Julia Holt Coy le 
Laura Grogan Cr;me 
Frances Gardner Curtis 
Elizabeth Ripley Davej 
Katherine Munter Den- 
Joan McCoy Edmonds 
Man McGuire Gilliam 
Judith Burnett Halsej 
Elizabeth Knapp Herbert 
Frieda Manle\ Hutchinson 
Elizabeth Newell Johns 
Gloria Gamble Jones 
Ann Colston Leonard 
Sara McMullen Undsej 
Carol Blanton McCord 
Aimee Des Pland McGirt 
tane Webb Moses 

Virginia Dlges Norman 

Jean C. Old 

Katharine Weisiger Osborne 
Cecil llerr Pern 
Meredith Shine Person 
Virginia Shackelford Poindexter 
Barbara Golden Pound 
Jean terrier Ranisav 
Margaret W Ri-dlcrn 
Man McDuffie Redmond 
Man lludgins Rice 
Susan \an Cleve Riehl 
Patricia Hassler Schuber 
tane Kleenian Sites 
Su/ette Morton Soretison 
I m l\n White Spearman 
Cordelia Lambert Stites 
Nan Hart Stone 
Virginia Barron Summer 
Alexandra Marcoglou Tully 
Suzanne Fitzgerald Van Home 
tan Marshall Whitley 
Cecil Butler Williams 
Jane Warner Williams 

CLASS OF 1948 

Martha Garrison taness 
tanabeU Brock Badrovi 
Martha Davis Barnes 
Suzanne llardv Benson 
Marion Coulter Bowditch 
Susan Jackson Burns 
Julia Blakey Butler 
Martha Mansfield Clement 
Virginia Skeppstrom CJine 
Harriotte Bland Coke 
Closey Faulkner Dickey 
Marguerite Rucker Ellefl 
Carolyn Irvine Forbes 
Jeanne Morrell Carlington 
Constance Hancock Getman 
Elizabeth C. Gibson 
Elizabeth taderson Gorrell 
Marion Bower Harrison 
Maydc [aldington lleiiningsen 
Eve Godchaux Hirsch 
Elinor Taylor Hough 
Murrav vnnstrong James 
Patricia Damronjoj 
Nanq Vaughn Kelly 
Jane Johnson Kent 
Elizabeth Bramham Lee* 
Judith Perkins Llewellyn 
Man Jane Luke 
Jo Vestal Lyon 
Margaret Sheffield Martin 
Nanq Snider Martin 
I onstance Somervell Matter 
Faith Madison 
Maddin l.upton Mif.allie 
Phyllis Thorpe Miller 
Elvira Whitehead Morse 




O F 


Ann Porter Mullen 
Diane King Nelson 
Patricia Smith Nelson 
Jane Shoesmith Newcomb 
Sarah W. Pearre 
Josephine Neal Peregrine 
Elizabeth Graves Perkinson 
Emily Loftis Peters 
Ardis Fratns Porter 
Elizabeth Kernan Quigley 
Betty Johnson Ragland 
Elizabeth Hooks Richards 
Helen McKemie Riddle 
Fnmces L. Robb 
Audrey l.ahman Rosselot 
Patricia Traugott Rouse 
Elizabeth Beltz Rowe 
Betty Ann Jackson Ryan 
Ann Orr Savage 
Beatrice Backer Simpson 
Caroline Haskell Simpson 
Eleanor Potts Snodgrass 
Helen Elliott Sockvvell 
Sara Davis Spencer 
Martha Owen Thatcher 
Ann Rowland Tuck 
Margaret Addington Twohy 
Virginia Wurzbach Vardy 
Evalena Sharp Vidal 
Bess Pratt Wallace 
Elizabeth Plunkett Williams 
Sally Smith Williams 
Betty Leffel Wingate 
Helen Pender Withers 
Jane Miller Wright 

CLASS OF 1949 

Alberta Pew Baker 
Mary Fran Brown Ballard 
Marilyn Hopkins Bamborough 
Ann Henderson Bannard 
Patricia Levi Burnett 
Katharine Hart Belew 
Elizabeth Wellford Bennett 
Patricia Brown Boyer 
Catherine Burnett Brown 
Wulter G. Brown H'49 
Ann-Barred Holmes Bryan 
Ellen Ramsay Clurk 
Elizabeth Ruth Cleuver 
Alice Dahm Crune 
Nancy Fruntz Duvies 
Sallie Legg De Martine 
Mary Geer DiRaddo 
Vidmer Megginson Downing 
Carolyn Cannady Evans 
June Eager Finney 
Elizabeth Dershuck Gay 
Katherine Veasey Goodwin 
Alice Trout Hagan 
Elizabeth Trueheart Harris 

Margaret Preston Hodges Hill 
Sarah Melcher Jarvis 
Sarah Strickland Johnson 
Catharine Hardwick Johnston 
Ann Doar Jones 
Emily Pruitt Jones 
Sarah Gay l.anford 
Jacquelin Jacobs Leffers 
Caroline Casey lindemann 
June Krebs Liversage 
Polly Plummer Mackie 
Julia Easley Mak 
Sue Corning Mann 
Marie Musgrove McCrone 
Fredda Duncomhe Millard 
Mary Booth Parker 
Barbara Sloan Pearsall 
Ruth Garrett Preucel 
Catherine Cox Reynolds 
Patricia Davin Robinson 
Dorothy Rouse-Bottom 
Lucie Wood Saunders 
.Alice Dulaney Sheridan 
Margaret Lawrence Simmons 
Carter Van Deventer Slatery 
Gratia Boice Smith 
Margaret Cromwell Taliaferro 
Margaret Towers Talman 
Jeun G. Taylor 
Anne Bush Train 
Julia Baldwin Waxier 
Mary Stevens Webb 
.Ann Eustis Weimer 
Joyce Smith White 
Joan McCarthy Whiteman 
Roselise Holmes Wilkinson 

CLASS OF 1950 

Ann Belser Asher 
Nancy Thompson Baker 
Mary Morris Gamble Booth 
Elizabeth White Bradley 
Elizabeth Worthington Brandt 
Mary Dame Stubbs Broad 
Edith Tanner Broughton 
Mary Lanman Brown 
Anne Estill Campbell 
Lucy Kreusler Carey 
Dorothy Montague Cholnoky 
Julia Freels Chwalik 
Anne Peyton Cooper 
Carolyn Tynes Cowan 
Garland Hunter Davies 
Diana G. Dent 
Frances Marr Dillard 
Mary Berkeley Fergusson 
Sally Bianchi Foster 
Caroline Bailey Fritzinger 
Genevieve Hammel Geer 
Elisabeth Elmore Gilleland 
Ellen Wilkerson Given 

Jo Gulick Grant 
Nancy Franklin Hall 
Sarah Easter Henderson 
Ellen Warner Hudson 
Nancy Carter Jew ell 
Elizabeth Todd l.anden 
Elsie Landram Layton 
Dorothy Wood Letts 
Miriam Wyse I.insky 
Virginia Page Love 
Peachey l.illard Manning 
Joan Teetor Murder 
Ehzubeth Hutchens McCuleb 
Mary Roberts Mellow 
Louise P. Moore 
Allen Dunnington Ohrstrom 
Marie Gilliam Park 
Yvonne Worley Randall 
Edith Brooke Robertson 
Virginia Luscombe Rogers 
Patricia Halloran Salvadori 
Beverly Benson Seamans 
Diane Dietrich Shepherd 
Lola Steele Shepherd 
Cora Morningstar Spiller 
Nancy Storey White 
Kay Leroy Wing 
Susan Tucker Yankee 
Jane Lewis Zollicoffer 

CLASS OF 1951 

Carolyn Sample Abshire 
Joan Motter Andersen 
Jean Duerson Bade 
Mary Emery Barnhill 
Patricia A. Barton 
Mona Wilson Beard 
Diana Weeks Berry 
Ann Mountcastle Blechta 
Jean Randolph Brans 
Grace Crisler Buchignani 
Marie Ironmonger Bundy 
Mary Pierce Clark 
Rodes Estill Coleman 
Joan St. John Curtner 
Janet Broman Dingle 
Barbara Bin Dow 
St. Claire Hayden D'Wolf 
Julie Micou Eastwood 
Mary Jane Eriksen Ertman 
Mary : Pease Fleming 
Patricia Lynas Ford 
Joanne Williams Fraser 
Carla de Creny Freed 
Margaret Works Gibbs 
Suzanne Lockley Glad 
Lucy Regester Goode 
Angie Vaughan H;dliday 
Mary French Halliday 
Ann Petesch Hazzard 
Jean Stapleton Hellier 

Dorothy Compton Marks Herbruck 

Susan Oslrander Hood 

Susan Taylor Hubbard 

Louise Coleman Jones 

Joan Kuehnle Kaufman 

Georgia Dreisbach Kegley 

Sue Taylor Lilley 

Katharine Phinizy Mackie 

Monna Simpson Macl.ellan 

Joan Widau Marshall 

Eugenia Ellis Mason 

Elizabeth Cooke McCann 

Ann Van Norden McDuffie 

Ruth Oddy Meyer 

Joan Hess Michel 

Mary Street Montague 

Jane C. Moorefiekl 

Myrtle Alston Mott 

Frances Browder Nibley 

Nancy Keen Butterworth Palmer 

Ruth Magee Peterson 

Terry Faulkner Phillips 

Mary Kraus Pierson 

Audrey Breitinger Post 

Nancy Pesek Rasenherger 

Anna Coolidge Richardson 

Doris Brody Rosen 

Margery Davidson Rucker 

Diane Richmond Simpson 

Anne Sinsheimer 

Barbara Hahn Smith 

Chloe Muson Smith 

Nedra Greer Stimpson 

Ann Sheldon Taylor 

Joan Vail Thorne 

Carol Rolston Toulmin 

Joan Davis Warren 

Catherine Arp Waterman 

Ann Kilpatrick Webster 

Ashby Jenkins Willcox 

Rosahe Barringer Wornham 

.\nn Benet Yellott 

CLASS OF 1952 

Nell Grand Beck 
Barbara Baker Bird 
Grace Wallace Brown 
Carma Lindsay Burton 
Mary Miller Carroll 
Donna Robinson Cart 
Jane Mattas Christian 
Ehzubeth New Costen 
Sully Fishburn Crockett 
Keir Henley Donaldson 
Edith Marsh Fonda 
Cynthia A. Fowle 
Evelyn Lane Fozzard 
Donna Reese Godwin 
Laura Radford Goley 
Brigitte C.H. Guttstadt 
Margaret Nelson Harding 




O I 







Nancy Laemmel Hartmano 
Cornelia Dumas Herff 
Man Bailey Izard 
Benita Phinizy Johnson 
Ginger Dreyfus Karren 
\larllia Legg 
Anne Hoagland Kelsey 
Carroll Morgan Legge 
Virginia SheaS l.iddel 
Edith Bell lyon 
Jean Caldwell Marchanl 
Susan Hobson McCord 
Suzanne Bassewit2 Mentzinger 
Katharine Shaw Minton 
Leila Booth Morris 
Jane Ramsay Olmsted 
Joanne Holbrook Patton 
Louise Kelly Pumpelly 
Nana Messick l\;i\ 
Lynn Mitchell Riddick 
Peggj Moore Riplej 
Jane Russo Sheehan 
Susanna Judd Silcox 
Frances Street Smith 
Charlotte Snead Stifel 
Anna Garst Strickland 
Louise Warfield Slump 
Man Kimball Temple 
Patricia Beach Thompson 
Jane Roseberrj Tolleson 
Catherine Kinnear Train 
Carolyn Black I nderwood 
Janis Thomas Zeanah 
Cornelia Perkins Zinsser 

CLASS OF 1953 

\aiu\ Bomar Andrews 
Florence Pye \pv 
Eleanor Johnson tehbj 
Eleanor Hirsch Baer 
Elizabeth Moore Baker 
Sallie Gayle Beck 
Man Litdejohn Belser 
Janel Martin Birney 
Lisbeth Gibson Brooks 
Patsy Phillips Brown 
Anne Elliot) Caskie 
Man I. Cave 

Kirkland linker Clarkson 
Ann king Dietrich 
Jeanne Dull 
Jane Voe Duggan 
K.iiln line (luerrant Fields 
Dorothea M. Fuller 
Man Kimball Mid- 
Dale Duller Harris 
loan \ivv Harrison 
i lisabetfa Wallace Hartman 
Marilyn Wellborn Hopper 
Nanq Ord Jackson 
Manila Black Jordan 

Jean Felt} Kenny 
Patricia Miller Livelj 
Virginia Timmons Ludwick 
Mice Trilck McClements 
Margaret Graves McClung 
Nanq M McDonald 
Cynthia Moorhead McNair 
Kutli Courand Miller 
lane Dawson Mudvvilder 
Donna Anderson Mullens 
Kathleen Bailey Nager 
Nan E. O'Keefie 
Isabel Grayson Parish 
Olivia Cantej Patton 
June Anita Pickett 
Midge Chace Powell 
Josephine Wells Rodgers 
Man Ann Mellen Root 
Nan Locke Rosa 
Man Alexander Sherwood 
Jane Collins Sjoberg 
Anne Green Stone 
Bettj Behlen Stone 
Virginia Hudson Toone 
Carol Exnicios linker 
Patricia Tighe Walden 
Kathryn Johnson Waller 
Jane Westbrook 
Betty Bentsen Winn 
Edith Norman Wombwell 
Anne Joyce Wyman 
Jacqueline Lowe Young 

CLASS OF 1954 

Louise Brandes Abdullah 
Bettj Orr Atkinson 
Jeanne Stoddart Barends 
Merrill Underwood Barringer 
Man Bowns Bell 
Joan Potter Bickel 
Jo Nelson Boo/e 
Beverly Smith Bragg 
tone C. Brooke 
Shirlej Poulson Broyles 
Sarah M. Bumbaugh 
\nn Walsh Cahouet 
Man Noble Caperton 
Judith R. Callin 
Nancy II Cornwall 
Faith Rahmer Croker 
Barbara Wilson Daniel] 
Man Hitchcock Davis 
Uuth Frye Deaton 
Margaret Mohlman Degler 
PageCroyder Diehl 
\nn Thomas Donohue 
Joan Chamberlain Engelsman* 
Man Jane Rons Fenn 
Susan Basset) Finnegan 
Man Ann Robb Freer 
Caroline Chobol Garner 

\nne Sheffield Hide 
Dorceii Booth Hamilton 
Elizabeth Carper Hoffman 
Barbara Mathews Hollej 
Page \nderson Hiingcrpillcr 
Karen Duiker Hyde 
\icky Toof Johnson 
Dalhs Johnson Jones 
Bruce Watts Krucke 
Ann Henry lake 
Elisabeth Helm Law son 
Page Brydon Leslie 
Helen Smith Lewis 
lean Morris Long 
Jerry Dreisbach Ludeke 
Meri Hodges Major 
Friend Carlton McCaffrec 
Man Lee McGinnis McClain 
Ionise Vubrej McFarland 
Jean Crocker McMillan 
Nancj I' Mood) 
Vaughan Inge Morrissette 
Lamar Fllis Oglesby 
Frances Reese I'eale 
\nne Mien I'lluglelder 
Sail) Gammon I'lummer 
Margaret Morris Powell 
Barbara Pinnell Pritchard 
katherine Willcox Keiland 
Margaret Fvvarl Riter 
Anne Davis Roane 
Ann Venable Rogers 
Clara Tretter Rosegger 
Margaret llobhs Shaw 
Margaret I.oiterhos Smith 
Ruth Sanders Smith 
Bette Smith Stamats 
Margaret Jones Steuarl 
\nn Collins Teachoul 
Ann Max Via 
Barbara Chase Webber 

CLASS OF 1955 

Ethel Green Banta 
Nella Gray Barklej 
Gail Davidson Bazzarre 
Kathryn Beard 
Marcia Rhodes Berglund 
Patricia McClay Boggs 
Phyllis lleindon Brissenden 
Catherine Cage Brims 
Chase Lane Brims 
Martha lledeman Buckingham 
Susan Hayward Collins 
Joan Kells Cook 
Shirley Sutliff Cooper 
Man Simpson Daugette 
Isabel \nderson Fitzgerald 
Nathalie Robertson Fox 
tone kdln Gilhuhj 
kallileen Button (iinn 

Nancy Douthal Goss 

Virginia Chamblin Greene 
Dianne Vernej Greenwaj 
Dernll Maybank Hagood 

Constance Hill Hall 
Melta Streit llalla 
Lenora Flduda llartmann 
Barbara I'lamp Hunt 
Man unanda McThenia lodice 
Barbara (iarforth Jackson 
I'lnlhs \ JuMier 
Rebecca Faxon Knowles 
Diane Hunt Lawrence 
Anne Williams Manchester 
Petsy Gautier Mezey 
Charlotte Taylor Miller 
Sue Fawton Mobley 
Lydia Piamp Mower 
Irederika Mernnian Navlor 
Jlldy Trevor Nellies 
Patricia Kilmer Norris 
Susanna Bernard Odence 
Helen Uldington Passano 
l.ucretia Crater Pearse 
Gretchen Armstrong Redmond 
Clara Pfeiffer Rodes 
Elizabeth Miller Sayier 
Burney Parrolt Slieeks 
Nancy \nderson Shepard 
Frances Bell Shepherd 
Audrey Stoddard 
Patricia Smith Ticer 
Newell Bryan Ibzzer 
Man Murray Trussell 
Patricia Tinker lurk 
Betty Byrne Gill Ware 
Pamela Coniplon Wan- 
Jane Feltus Welch 
Jane Dildy Williams 
Emily Coxe w inburn 
Man Buigniaii Winston 

CLASS OF 1956 

Ann Greer \dams 
Sally Whittier \danis 
Peggj I'attillo Beckham 
Laura llailey Bovven 
Frances Gilbert Browne 
Frances Shannonhouse Clardv 
Jane Black Clark 
Louisa Hunt Coker 
Ionise (ialleher Coldwell 
Susan Clay Disharoon 
Man Major Duncan 
LeRae Hehl Dwighl 
Caroline Robinson Fllerbe 
Nancie Howe Fnlcnniann 
Martha Field File 
Louise Mandeville Grant 
Evelyn Christison Gregory 
Meredith Smvthe Glider 




O F 


Man Koonz Gynn 
Denny Dolan llenkel 
Rose Montgomery Johnston 
Gwen Hoffman Lamb 
Barbara Bernhard MacLea 
Sally Hyde Mc.Millin 
Catherine Lotterhos Mills 
Nancy Ettinger Minor 
.\nne Carroll Mnlholland 
Helen Turner Murphy 
Martlva Clay Nichols 
Man Thornton Oppenhimer 
Virginia Echols Orgain 
Norma Da\is Owen 
Paula Purse Pointer 
Betty Forbes Rayburn 
Barbara Collis Rodes 
Ann Train Ross 
Kathryn Smith Schauer 
Janet Monroe Schumann 
Barbara Bradshaw Sedgwick 
Annejacobson Shramko 
Jane Slack Sigloh 
Sarah Garrison Skidmore 
Nancy Salisbury Spencer 
Jane Street Steele 
Nana St. Clair Talley 
Sarah Sharp Taylor 
Carolyn Dickinson Tynes 
Marguerite (leer Wellborn 
Man Ann Hicklin Willingham 
Joan Broman Wright 
Joyce Lenz Young 

CLASS OF 1957 

Judith Ruffin Anderson 
Carolyn Scott Arnold 
Marjorie W hitson Aude 
Nancy Godwin Baldwin 
Kay Diane Moore Bowles 
Sydney Graham Brady 
Joanne Raines Brinkley 
Man Landon Smith Bmgh 
Ruth Ellen Green Calhoun 
Elaine Kimball Carleton 
Catharine Spessard Cooper 
Nannette McBurney Crowdus 
Jaquelin Ambler Cusick 
Margaret Liebert Dobbins 
Jane Campbell Englert 
Janet Pehl Ettele 
Suzanne Gipson Farnham 
June Mills Fenner 
Elaine Floyd Fisher 
Carol McMurtry Fowler 
Anne Gwinn Fox 
Jane Pinckney Hanahan 
Dorothy Duncan Hodges 
Ann Frasher Hudson 
Betty Folmar Hunt 
Margery Scott Johnson 

Joan Lawson kuhns 
Aileen H. Laing 
Anne McGratli Lederer 
Nanq Fink Leeds 
Katharine Tilgliman Lowe 
Christine Smith Lowry 
Elizabeth Haskell Mack 
Susan Elder Martin 
Joy Peebles Massie 
Stella Moore McClintock 
Carter Donnan McDowell 
Thelma Houk McGrory 
Anne Ford Melton 
Betty Murden Michelson 
Mary Webb Miller 
Carolyn Westfall Monger 
Natalie W ittich Morrow 
Jan Armstrong Neuenschwander 
Barbara Kelly O'Connor 
Barbara Falge Openshaw 
Cynthia Wilson Ottaway 
Virginia Marks Paget 
Anna Chao Pai 
Elaine Newton Peters 
Eleanor Johnson Ponder 
Averala Paxton Poucher 
Carroll Weitzel Rivers 
Alice Barnes Robertson 
Emma Matheson Roe 
Anne W ilson Rowe 
Elaine Steele Shults 
Sandra Stingily Simpson 
Elynor Neblett Stephens 
Jane Rather Thiehaud 
Ehzabeth McMahan Tolbert 
Jane Fitzgerald Treherne-Thomas 
Jane Best Wehland 
Man Anne Wilson 
Florence Barclay Winston 
Diane Duffield Wood 
Elizabeth Wilson Woodruff 
Dagmar Halmagyi Von 

CLASS OF 1958 

Sarah Austen Adanis 
Cecile Dickson Banner 
Roberta Nelson Bargamin 
Polly Benson-Brown 
Patricia Ashby Boesch 
Susan Davis Briggs 
Marietta Eggleston Burleigh 
Ethel Ogden Burwell 
Man Johnson Campbell 
Claire Cannon Christopher 
Edith Knapp Clark 
Alexandra Carpenter Cole 
Marion Thorington Conover 
Ehzabeth Fairfield Creighton 
Betty Sivalls Davis 
Beatrice A. Dodd 
Judith Kingman Driskell 

Ann Plumb Duke 
Carol McClavc Duncan 
Barbara Elliott Eddins 
Man Sample Edmonds 
Ann McCullough Flo\d 
Ruth Mackie Gabaj 
Lynn Crosby Gammill 
Elizabeth Moore Gardner 
Linda MacPherson Gilbert 
Joan Lamparter Goldberg 
Julia T. Green 
Winbonie Leigh Hamlin 
Lynn Prior Harrington 
Marian Martin Harrison 
Virginia Griffin Hartrampf 
Susan Calhoun Heminway 
Ina Hamilton llouck 
Jane Shipman Kuntz 
Linda McGuire Last 
Virginia Tyson Lawrence 
Judith Graham Lewis 
Peggy Fossett Lodeesen 
Cornelia Long Matson 
Olivia Benedict Maynard 
Joan Baggs McKenzie 
Dorothy Woods McLeod 
Lertie Hurlbert North 
Camilla Mueller Parker 
Mollie Archer Pay tie 
Eleanor Cain Pope 
Man Lineherger Roberts 
Anne A. Robinson 
Ruth Frame Salzberg 
Betty Phillips Sanford 
Dorothy Wyatt Shields 
Ehzabeth Gallo Skladal 
Ehzabeth Smith Stone 
Valeria Parker Storms 
Man Lane Bryan Sullivan 
Ann T. Taylor 
Sue Rosson Tejml 
Eleanor St. Clair Thorp 
Patronella Sykes Treadwell 
Patricia Williams Twohy 
Langhorne Tuller Webster 
Elizabeth Kemper Wharton 
Dana Dewey Woody 

CLASS OF 1959 

Man Handy Ballentine 
Karen Herschbach Bates 
Ann Voting Bloom 
Barbara Sampson Borsch 
Alice Can Farmer Brown 
Julia Watts Buchanan 
Elisabeth Chambers Burgess 
Patricia Chandler Burns 
Snow don Durham Byron 
Ethel Bruner Campbell 
Martha Burnet Carlisle 
Rew Price Carne 

Elsie Pilchard Carter 
Judith Sorlej Chalmers 
Virginia Nassib Collett 
Virginia Ramsey Crawford 
Betsy Salisbury Creekmore 
Sally Dobson Danforth 
Beverley BircMeld Derian 
Anne Fisher Duncklee 
Ehzabeth Space Dunn 
Tabb Thornton Farinholt 
Catherine Watjen Flemings 
Linda Knickerbocker Ford 
Gay Hart Gaines 
Jane Wheeler Garcia 
Patricia Frawley Gates 
Rachel Bok Goldman 
Ann Pegram Harris 
Virginia Robinson Harris 
Ann B. Ilearin 
Evelyn Moore Horton 
Ann Gumaer Johnson 
Anne Wimbish kasanin 
Carol Turnhull Kidd 
Virginia MacKethan Kitchin 
Sally Martin Kohrs 
Dorothy Moore Lawson 
Judy Nevins LeHardy 
Lucia Woods Lindley 
Ehzabeth Johnston Lipscomb 
Valerie Stoddard Loring 
Sandra Maddox 
Kathleen Mather 
Dorothy I If Mayer 
Sorrel Mackall McElroy 
SaUie Armfield McMilhon 
Susan Taylor Montague-Reese 
Sarah Murdock Moore 
Martha Bulkley O'Brien 
Courtney Gibson Pelley 
Elizabeth Brawner Pittman 
Meriweather Hagerty Rumrih 
Judith Welton Sargent 
Prudence Sandifer Scott 
Vivian Butler Scott 
Ehzabeth Duke Seaman 
Mary Todd Singh 
Joann Derrickson Slights 
Catherine Brownlee Smeltzer 
Diane Doscher Spurdle 
Jacqueline Heknia Stone 
Patricia Davis Sutker 
Alice Wood Thompson 
Joanne Bossert Thompson 
Patricia Coxe Ware 
Barbara Lewis Weed 
Cay Ramey Weimer 
Ehzabeth Smith White 
Uzora Miller Vonce 




O F 














Man DohsAce) 
Judj Barnes Vgnen 
Joanne Harrier Barker 
Clare Newman Blanchard 
Ann Smith Bretscher 
Nina Wiikerson Bugg 
Isabel Ware Burch 
Marydee Wimbisb Chalrant 
Anne Rienecke Clarke 
Elizabeth Quaile Clement* 
Lee Cullum 

Diana Muldaur Dozier 
Kathj Knn\ Ennis 
Suzanne Styer Ericksen 
\am\ Cornell Esposito 
Maydelle luster Fason 
Lucy Martin Gianino 
M. Keating Griffiss 
Anita I'errin Grymes 
Barbara Murphy Hale 
Doroth) Grant Halmstad 
Elizabeth Forsyth Hani'- 
Janet Maynard Henderson 
Adrianne Massie Hill 
Theodora G. Hill 
Renate Weickert Hixon 
Anne Galling Hone] 
Jane llalileman Hope 
Elizabeth Meade Howard 
Jacqueline Maine Humphrey 
Man Claiborne Johnston 
Judith Cowen Jones 
Ellen Nichols Jump 
Gwen Speel Kaplan 
Dorothy Barnwell herrison 
Min Ho Kwaan 
\nn Crowell Lemmon 
Gail P. Lloyd 
An Lotterhos l.yle 
Louise Jenkins Mavhank 
Marjorie McGraw McDonald 
Rebecca Towill McNair 
Margot Saur Meyer 
Norma I'atteson Mills 
Margaret Cook Montgomery 
Barbara Bowen Moore 
Betsej Id lisle Mi neland 
Harriet Huriej Nelson 
Linda Sims New mark 
Carol Barnard Ottenberg 
Elizabeth lew Penfield 
Patricia Powell Pusej 
Carolyn King Ratcliffe 
Ellen Pringle Read 
Robin Ould Rentsch 
Louise Winslett Richardson 
Marj Laird Silvia 
Susan Hendricks Slayman 
Elizabeth Sbwab Stephen 
Shirley Hayman Suddutfa 

Grace E. Sutde 
Marianne Oliu-n Svoboda 
Joyce Cooper looniey 
Mice Jones Torhetl 
Sarah I nderhill Viaull 
Jane human Walker 
Lura Coleman W ampler 
Doroth) C Westbj 
Page Mel all Ziebold 

CLASS Ol 1961 

Jill Crawford Adams 

Simone Aubrj 

Kuth Jones Basset! 

Suzanne Seaman Berry 

Louise Cobb BoggS 

Marjorie Hill Bradford 

Elizabeth Bulkley Bradley 

Judith Haskell Brewer 

\nne Worboys Buske 

Catherine Caldwell Cahaniss 

Margaret W adman Cafasso 

Elizabeth Bethea Cain 

Julia Johnson Chapin 

Lynn Adams Clark 

Dale A. Cooper 

Judith Harris Cutting 

Susan Bell Danes 

llollv Cluiikowski Davis 

Judith Rohrer Davis 

W inifred Storey Davis 

Celia Williams Dunn 


Margaret McCall Engelhardt 

Stuart Bohannon Evans 

Janna Stale) Fitzgerald 

Emily Fit/Hugh 

Barbara Childrey Fowler 

Marion Moll/ Funkhouser 

Margaret Parr Gallagher 

Rosalie Owings (iraiit 

Jeanne Bounds Hamilton 

Jane M. Hatcher 

Helen Chapman Herring 

Louise Chapman Hoffman 

Marybelle L. Miff 

Susie Venable Jamison 

Anne Smith Jones 

Ruina Wallace Juild 

\mie Cone Liptzin 

Sara Finnegan Lycett 

Nanq Coppedge Lynn 

Faith Bullis Mace 

Carolyn Foster Meredith 

Patricia Stanton Meyer 

Sail) Hamilton Moore 

Diana Gardner Morelli 

Nell L Morlidge 

Laura Conway Nason 

Rosalind Cohen Neuman 

Francisca Brackenridge Neumann 

Luc\ Israel Oliver 
Ann Prichard Pace 
Man Owens Parkinson 
Beverl) lyers Peck 
cbloe Lansdale Pitard 
Sally Matluasen Prince 
LuCJ diles Rickey 
Man Cosby Rinehart 
Ann P. Rudierford 
Alicia Laing Salisbury 
Judith Greer Schulz 

Susan Cone Scott 
Elizabeth Hulchins Sharland 
Mary Mai kcn/ic Shaw 
Sheila Haskell Smith 
Christine R. Snyder 
Caroline Birdsall Son 
Patti Birge Spivey 
Margaret Semmes Stavropoulos 
l.ucinda Lowr) Stein 
Virginia Lutz Stephen 
Janet Cook Stephens 
Diane Stevens 
Mildred Newman Thayer 
bine Arensherg Thompson 
l.ida Matthews iingley 
Elizabeth Jones Turner 
Patricia Anderson Warren 
Margaret Storey Wasson 
Stephanie Barutio Welch 
Emily Whale) W hippie 
Man Denm Scott \\ra\ 
Kathryn Prothro Yeager 

CLASS OF 1962 

Anne Ellice Adam 
Juliette M. \nthony 
Gray Baird 
\nn Ritche) Barucfa 
Mary Brush Bass 
Jane Bryan Brockenbrough 
Judith llartwell Brooks 
Bettye Thomas Chambers 
Betty McEachem Dalsemer 
Alice Warner Donaghy 
Ion Kenned] Dunn 
Frances Early 
Chloe Fort 
Barbara Ross Goode 
Anne Lee Gravel) 
Mary Shine Gregg 
Elizabeth Pearson Griffin 
Man E, Hannah 
Allele \ogel llarrell 
Anne Johnson Henderson 
Macon Winfree Hilton 
Mary Jane s. oli\er Hubbard 
Margaret tones 
Nancj Hudler keuffel 
Margaret Johnson Fancy 
Willie New bun Lansing 

Page Nelson Loeser 
Man Stekelee Mai Donald 
Brooke Hamilton MacKinnon 
Katharine Crommelin Milton 
Margaret Mund) Mosb) 
Miriam Mokuider Moss 
Barbara Pearsall Mmr 
Jean Gantt Nuzum 
Josephine Wheatlev Overbej 
Elizabeth Farmer Owen 
Linda Bud Powell 
Elizabeth Cate Pringle 
Leslie lieu- Quarrier 
kale Webb Ragsdale 
Man Scott Rauch 
Patse) Came) Reed 
Letitia Sanders 
.\nne Parker Schmalz 
Cornelia Harrison Scribner 
Julia Shields 
Gratia Walker Slater 
Virginia Borab Slaughter 
Mice Mien Smyth 
Judith Whiiacre Snider 
Virginia ll. Sortor-Sumner 
Mm Percy Stroud 
Ann Anderson Stuckey 
tone Mien Synionds 
Ray llenlcv Thompson 
Elizabeth Fleet Wallace 
Carol Davis Wells 
Mina Walker Wood 

CLASS OF 1963 

Susan R. Alexander 
Julia Hunt Allen 
Jean Meyer Aloe 
Jane Yardlej tanos 
Lucy Olis Anderson 
Lea Osborne Angel] 
Barbara Rockefeller Bartlett 
Jean Young Behan 
Melissa Lohr Berge 
Lynn Carol Blau 
Harriet McCormick Bobbin 
Nancy Caldwell Briggs 
Anne Carter Brothers 
Laura Lee Brown 
Linda Reierson Burcliard 
Mary l tterback Burnti 
Suzanne Jones Cansler 
Betty Noland Caravati 
Elizabeth Staid) Gates 
Katharine Blackford Collins 
Man McClure Conway 
Paula Win/man Craighill 
Laurinila King ileBeck 
Natalie Griess Deupree 
Lucy Boyd Lemon Edmunds 
tone Wrigbcson Efird 
Sue Wakeman Farqubar 




O F 


Aiine Pinckney Gay 
Cynthia Livingstone Gibert 
Jane H. Goodridge 
Elizabeth Wood Hancock 
Man Groetzinger Heard 
Sarah Battle Hitch Hill 
Margaret Millender Holmes 
Harriet Reese Jensen 
Man 1 Fontaine Keown 
Janet Clark Knudsen 
Janet Hiestand Koller 
Kate Myer Ledhetter 
Elizabeth Randolph Lewis 
Rachel McHugh Lilly 
Julia Fort Lowe 
Frances Graham Macllwinen 
Lucetta Gardner Mannion 
McNair Currie Maxwell 
Elizabeth Parker McColl 
Nancy B. McDowell 
Man Trabue Meyer 
Barbara Vocom Miller 
Virginia Corwin Millo 
Virginia Cates Mitchell 
Julia Arnold Morey 
Joan New hall 
Nanq- Nix-Karnakis 
Margaret Mackenzie Nowacki 
Ann Clute Obenshain 
Sarah Whitener O'Connor 
Leila Kucewicz Parham 
Carolyn Clark Pegg 
kathryn Spencer PLxley 
Ann Benson Reece 
Ruth Reeves 
Anne Leavell Reynolds 
Olive Wilson Robinson 
Man Lou Morton Seilheimer 
Anne Smith Simet 
Allison Stemmons Simon 
Sally C. Strain 
Prudence Gaj Stuhr 
Virginia Joachim W ade 
Barbara Sullivan Wanamaker 
Jessica Bemis Ward 
Patricia Calkins Wilder 
Sallie Yon Williams 
Sarali Hilt Winston 
Keitt Matheson Wood 
Nancy W. Wood 
Kathleen Harris W'ray 
Anne Kendig Young 
Invin Leatherman Zanone 

CLASS OF 1964 

Adrienne Ash 
Susan Dwelle Baxter 
Sara Gump Berryman 
Joan Moore Biddle 
Edith Lasher Birch 
Anne Booth 

Mary Green Borg 
Rosamond Sample Brown 
Susan Glasgow Brown 
Nina Sledge Burke 
Kate-Roy Massie Christian 
Barbara Little Cliuko 
Man Duer Colen 
Sheila Carroll Cooprider 
Susan Bronson Croft 
Margaret Reeder Crosbie 
Lynne Smith Crow 
Virginia S. deBuys 
Laura Denman-Cuuck 
Tria Pell Dove 
Barbara Boiling Downs 
Helen C. Dunn 
Mary Evans Edwards 
Anne Pruitt Everett 
Ann Sims Fauber 
Nancy Banfield Feher 
Virginia Del Greco Galgano 
Nancy L. Gillies 
Anne Evans Gorry 
Nancy Hall Green 
Frances G. Hanahan 
Martha Mattern Harvey 
Diane Hatch 
Anne Day Herrmann 
Kathleen Hsu Jeong 
Dona Van Arsdale Jones 
Jillian Cody Jones 
Donna Pearson Josey 
Anna Piatt Kemper 
Jo .Ann Soderquist Kramer 
Anne Whaley LeClercq 
Nancy Newell Lennon 
Lynda Overly Levengood 
Joan Hulley Liverman 
Catherine M. Lynn 
Susan Jalin Mancini 
Elizabeth W. Matheson 
Allison Jennings McCance 
Melody McCormick 
Frances Mallory Meyers 
Man Payne Morton 
Carol Lowdon MulMs 
Dagmar Stoll Murphy 
Katherine Johnston Myatt 
Man Johnson Nelson 
Grace Garry Oates 
Elizabeth Pidgeon Parkinson 
Elisabeth Scott Porter 
.Anne Litle Poulet 
Gail Anderson Ramey 
Bettie Arnold Reed 
Lynne Riley-Cole 
Barbara Burns Roper 
Christie Calder Salomon 
Stephanie Decamp Saunders 
Elizabeth Kopper Schollaert 
Harriet Houston Shaffer 

Susanne Williams Snead 
Judith Dunn Spangenberg 
Alice F;des Stewart 
Carol Eckman Taylor 
Penelope Writer Theis 
Caroline Keller Theus 
Gail Rothrock Trozzo 
CaroKn Peyton Walker 
Jane Bradley Wheeler 
Hedi Haug White 
Wendy E. Wilkens 
Man Boykin Wortley 

CLASS OF 1965 

Julie Bearden Adams 
Beverley Sharp Amberg 
Augusta Marshal] Andrews 
Mona Thornhill Armistead 
Betty Boswell Athey 
Nancy Moog Aubrecht 
Abby Starke Baird 
Brenda Muhlinghaus Barger 
Vicky Thonia Barrette 
Judith Howe Behn 
Sarah Porter Boehmler 
Jane Merkle Borden 
Beatrice Totten Britton 
Margaret Cuthbert Broaddus 
Jean Shaw Byrne 
Eugenia Dickey Caldwell 
Sharon Bradford Christhiff 
Katherine Wood Clarke 
Jean Inge Cox 
Jean Craver 
Susan Hobbs Crowder 
Alice V. Dodd 
Helen Scribner Euston 
.Mice Mighell Foster 
Helen Plovvden Freeman 
Fairfax MacRae Gouldin 
Gabrielle Fraser Hale 
Juliet Young Hancock 
EUzabeth Sutton Healy 
Linda Schwaab Hodges 
Betsy Benoit Hoover 
Sarah McCrady Hubbard 
Sally Wright Hyde 
Katherine Knopf Kaplan 
Elizabeth Hanger Luther 
Barney Walker Lutsk 
Anne MacClintock 
Nancy E. MacMeekin 
Evelyn Snyder MacMillan 
Brooke Patterson Mahlstedt 
Harriet Wall Martin 
Emory Williams McCoy 
Harriotte Dodson McDannald 
Man Lee McDonald 
Aline Rex McEvoy 
Olivia Anne McGregor 
Evelyn Graham Mclnnis 

Jean Mcintosh 
Alice Perry Park 
Carol Cole Pel/er 
Laura Haskell Phinizy 
Milbrey Sebring Raney 
Whitney Jester Ranstrom 
Marguerite Morgan Reynolds 
Carol Reifsnyder Rhoads 
Alice Haywood Robbins 
Traylor Rucker 
Magdalena Salvesen 
Belle Williams Smith 
Emily Pleasants Smith 
Saralyn McAfee Smith 
Jane Hamill Sommer 
Elvira McMillan Tate 
Kathleen Watson Taylor 
Dana Reinschniidt Thompkins 
Christopher Kilcnllen Thurlow 
Payson Jeter Tilden 
Katharine Weinrich Van 
.Mine English W'ardwell 
Meredith Leslie Welch 

CLASS OF 1966 

Susan Wilson Ashcom 
Linda Wallace Bailey 
Mary Trombly Bailey 
Cynthia Craig Bliss 
Frances Watson Bond 
Jane Patton Browning 
Virginia Lee Butters 
M. Lin Campbell 
Georgia Graham Carroll 
Anne Frothingham Cross 
Eleanor Griggs Diemar 
Sally Dunham 
Laura Penick Felt 
Sarah Kalber Fiedler 
Frances Butt Fisher 
Penn Willets Fullerton 
Natalie Roberts Funk 
Catherine [revs Gandel 
Ann Crowe Griffin 
Susan Moseley Helm 
Sally Thomas Hoffman 
Grace Butler Johnson 
Keenan Colton Kelsey 
Muriel Wikswo Lambert 
Mary Behnke Larsen 
Randi Miles Long 
Margaret Nichols Markham 
Sarali Dean McGill 
Dorothea Campbell McMillan 
Margaret Helming Minnick 
Marilyn Garabrant Morris 
Susan Parker Morrison 
Makanah Dunham Morriss 
Margaret Gillmer Myers 
Jane W. Nelson 
Katharine Mockett Oberteuffer 




O I 













Marsha Dumas O'Connor 
Josephine Noland Old 
Deborah Haslam Peniston 
Grela Barksdale Brown Peters 
Helen Ranej Pincknej 
Patricia Martin Rodier-Kern 
Diana Simrell Savor) 
Penelope Steketee Sklor 
Susan Moorman Southworth 
Laura Saunders Spratle] 
Jeannine Corbet! Squirt's 
\nnic Ward Stern 
Linda Reynolds Stern 
Jane I tin Slinkier 
Harriette Horse) Sturges 
Nana Conkle Swann 
Manha Madden Swanson 
Katharine Baker Sydnor 
Mary-Fleming Willis Thompson 
Sidne) Turner 
Man Haskell Walker 
Anne Newton Walthcr 
Courtenaj Sands Wilson 
Donna Martin Zahorik 

CLASS OF 1967 

Elizabeth Kurtz Argo 
victoria J. Baker 
Man Dixson Baldwin 
Gretchen Bullard Barber 
Carroll Randolph Barr 
Man Baird Shinberger Bell 
Ruth Marshall Bell 
Marsha Ketcham Bozartfa 
Peggj Kenned) Brown 
Sara II. Brydges 
Katharine Barnhardt Chase 
Margina Dunlap Cogswell 
I'aula \\olte Convin 
Eleanor Crossley 
Diane Dalton 
Direxa Dick Dearie 
Virginia Carpenter Delgado 
Martha Meehan Elgar 
Linda v Fite 

Margaret Handl) Fitzgerald 
Judj Schlatter I ogle 
Susan Soriero Galbreath 
Jill Berguido (.ill 
i. mi. i Pratt Crcgg 
lane l.astin llager 
Martha Mitchell Hartzog 
Maria Wiglesworth I lemmings 
Patricia \eilhold llerl/herg 
Kathnn Trogdon Hightower 
Grace Could llohhs 
llallam Hurt 
Norvell M |ones 
Victoria Jones 
Barbara lillman Kelle) 
Pamela Ford Kelley 

Nanq Dew Lathrop 

Pamela Sullivan Livingston 
M Lynn Lyle 

Josephine Wiens MacMichael 
Mary-Ellen Martin 
Judj Addison Mayberry 
lame Willinghatn McNabb 
Man Gillespie .Monroe 
Elizabeth Braden Mood) 
Margaret Moran Morrow 
Marion llane\ Morion 
Mellie Hicke) Nelson 
Lindsaj Smith Newsom 
Britton llassell Nielsen 
Kristin Ainundson Ogley 
C. Cail Robins O'Quin 
Margaret I'ittman Patterson 
Susan Morck Perrin 
Bonnie Blew Pierie 
\ndria Calhoun Plonka 
Pamela Pnor 
Moll) Fontaine Randolph 
Page Munroe Renger 
Elizabeth Gawthrop Rich 
Nana Townsend Schlachter 
Nanc\ Pendergrass Scott 
Rose Smith Sharp 
Karen Schwabenton Shipper 
Virginia Yetverton Showalter 
llallie Darb) Smith 
Judith Bensen Stigle 
Grace) Stoddard 
Lynn Gullet! Strazzini 
Marie E. Sushka 
Madeleine Long Tellekamp 
Melissa Sanders Thomas 
Mary Bell Timberlake 
Anne Dearborn Vance 
Elder Witt Wellborn 
Ann Denton Wells 
Charlotte Moore Williams 
Jane Stephenson Wilson 
Margaret Mapp Voting 

CLASS OF 1968 

Jane Brady Arnold 
Suzanne Edinger Boas 
Kathnn Mcl.ain Brault 
Cecilia A. Bryant 
Eugenie Carr 
Helen Butler Cato 
Octavia Wood Cooper 
Man King Craddock 
Susan Brush Croft 
Electa Hoffman Culver 
Georgia Rile) de Havenon 
Christine Witcover Dean 
Lynne Gardner Detmer 
Anne Kinsey Dinan 
Jeanne Brassel Ford 
Kathleen Ohenchain Class 

Man L Cress 
Ann Peterson Griffin 
Elisabeth Sartor Harden 
Rickey I. Hendricks 
\nn Banks Herrod 

leslev Bissell llniipes 

Conover Hunt 
Susan Herbert Kyle 
Blair Walker Lawrence 
\la\me Liskin Leader 
Deirdre A. I.ehuid 
Suzanne M. Little 
Candida Connard Low 
Patricia Sparks Lyndon 
Kalhcrme Coolej Maher 
Judith Harhottle Maselh 
\nne Stupp McMpin 
Janalee Bourne McDonald 
Frances deSaussure Meade 
Susan Somenille Menson 
Frances Kinen Morse 
Courtnej Cash Mustin 
Margaret K. Newton 
Mary lltimelsine Normenl 
Frances Warren Pope 
Catherine Porter 
Barbara Johnson Prickett 
Martha Bennett Pritchett 
Marguerite Chandler Riggall 
Helen Jenkins Ryan 
Christina Bacchiani Schieflelin 
Jule Seibels-Northup 
Stephanie Bredin Speaknian 
Jane Johnson Stanek 
Celia New berg Steingold 
Anne Stoddard 
Bettie Roberson Slmall 
Michal S. Twine 
\nne Hinshaw Vanderweil 
Ashley Jones Walker 
Laura Campbell Walker 
Ann A. Webster 
Suzanne Torgan Weston 
Eleanor Keen Williams 
Betsy M Wolfe 
Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp 
Ellen Wakefield Yenawine 

CLASS OF 1969 

Judith Daniel Ulams 
Jan lluguenin \ssmus 
Harriet C. Babbitt 
Mherta Zotack Baigenl 
Elizabeth Beach Baker 
Katherme lltilton Barry 
Pennj Proctor Beebe 
Anne Crawford Bent 
Bryan Vlphin Bente 
Marcia Bernbaum 
l.oraine Kneip Bradley 
Martha J. Brewer 

\nne s Briber 
Jean Rushin Brown 
Anne Richards Camden 
\nn trnspiger Canipe 
Barbara Hastings Carne 
Lucile McKee Clarkson 
Man Lee Bell Coffey 
Carolyn Jones Elstner 
Barbara Duffield Erskine 
Maria Ward Fsiefania 
Ruth lloopes Frangopoulos 
\nne Green Gilbert 
Man Waterman Gildchaus 
Marion Pin His Cirard 
Sarah Giddens Glenda] 
Man Murchison Cornto 
Carolyn Mapp Hewes 
Edna Cunningham Horning 
\lice Powers Hudson 
Man Chesnutt Hunt 
Kimberh Johnson-Smith 
Joan Sheets Jones 
Beatrice L. Kallina 
Bevert] Bassea Kimmel 
\nn Tremain Lee 
Elizabeth M Lewis 
Man Malian Marco 
Ann C. Mathews 
Lynne Pottharst McMillan 
M.m Beeler Meadows 
M. Elizabeth Meibglia 
\nne Taylor Merrill 
Joan Adriance Mickelson 
Kdmle] Rose Miller 
Ann R. Moore 
Janet Ahney Moore 
Pamela Tipton Newton 
Pamela No\es 
Carol Osborn 
Elizabeth Chene) Parker 
Cathryn Cra\ Paul 
Nancy Wendling Peacock 
Virginia Stanford Perdue 
Almena Hill Petlit 
Darlene B. Pierro 
Stephanie B. Piper 
Judith B. Powell 
Bettye Hobhs Pruitt 
Jane Nexsen Robertson 
Nanq Josephs Rohrer 
Lynn Pearson Russell 
Susan P. Scanlan 
Katherme BKlhe Southerland 
Catherine Hall Stopher 
Carol Moseley Tash 
Elizabeth Smith Taylor 
Sherihn Ining Titus 
Salt) Gipson Inlly 
Cherrie Wheeler Weatherford 
Elizabeth II. W\att 




O I 


CLASS OF 1970 

Loring Harris Amass 
Elizabeth Edwards Anderson 
Sarah Embrey Bass 
Laura Hawkins Brady 
Linda Williams Buitrill 
Suzanne Yates Cahill 
Man Wolfe Garrison 
Candace Buker Chang 
Jonna Greaser Clarkson 
Heather Tully Click 
Sherrill Milnor Crump 
Susan Holbrook Daly 
Jane R. Davenport 
Virginia Eldridge Eaton 
Rose Ann Feldman 
Elsa Jones Forter 
May Humphreys Fox 
Fielding Clark Gallivan 
Ann Gateley 
Patricia Mast George 
Jarrett Dudley Goodwin 
Jane E. Gott 
Fr;mces C. Gravely 
Deborah D. Hand 
Kathryn 11. Harris 
Karen J. Hartnett 
Connie G. Haskell 
Kristin E. Herzog 
Mary Halligan Hibbard 
Emily Moravec Holt 
Margaret Sharp Howell 
Carolyn Barr Hoyt 
Deborah L. Jones 
Patricia Swinney Kaufman 
Alice Mitchell Keister 
Mary A. Kelley 
Barbara LaLance Kelly- 
Cathie C. Kelly 
Virginia Klise Kidd 
Page M. Kjellstrom 
Man Scales Lawson 
.Allen Lybrook 
Barbara Offutt Mathieson 
Marjorie Rebentisch McLemore 
Genevieve Minor Moeckel 
Marie L. Moore 
Mary Petree Murphy 
Man Kyger Norman 
Julia A. Northrup 
Martha Paul 

Claudia Forman Pleasants 
Anne D. Purinton 
Mary Clemens Randolph 
Diane McCabe Reid 
Kathy L. Robbins 
Joanne Hicks Robblee 
Josephine Shaw Robinson 
H. Stuart Camblos Rodwell 
Betty Rau Santandrea 
Tracy G. Savage 

Frances Dornette Schafer 
Katherine A. Schlech 
\delaide Johnston Skoglund 
Carey Cleveland Swan 
Sally A. Taylor 
Kitty Warren Towers 
Susan Hampton Vemooy 
Phyllis Blythin Ward 
Sarah Watson 
Katharine McCardell Webb 
Sarah Nutt Wigert 
Sarah MacFarkuie Wiley 
Jane H. Williams 
Johanna Yaple Wolski 

CLASS OF 1971 

Man Oakey Aiken 
Nancy Wood Ambrosino 
Pamela llenery Arey 
Barbara Gracey Backer 
Jennifer Slade Belovsky 
Rene Roark Bowditch 
Rebecca Randolph Boyers 
Barbara A. Brand 
Dorothy Wetzig Brand 
Ellen Moseley Brown 
Wendy Norton Brown 
Sherrill Marks Byrd 
.Anne Sniffen Gates 
.Anne Helms Cooper 
Carol D. Cooper 
Martha Stewart Crosland 
Caroline Gibbes Crosswell 
Ann Webster Danford 
Ruth .Mien Darlington 
Margaret Highsmith Dickson 
Comer Schmoeller Diehl 
Emily Pins DLxon 
Carolyn Thomas Dold 
Judith Vallery Donohue 
Betty Duson 
Michela A. English 
Susan Sellers Ewing 
Beryl Bergquist Farris 
Margaret Mather Feldmeier 
Judith Brown Fletcher 
Carol Remington Foglesong 
Palmer Gulley Graham 
Susan E. Greenwald 
Carol Johnson Haigh 
Marjorie Montgomery Hebard 
Louise Jackson 
Melissa McGee Keshishian 
F. Lodi Kysor 
Nancy Glaser LaGow 
Sally L ptegrove Lee 
Virginia Lord McKee 
Rebecca Bottomley Meeker 
Miriam Washabaugh Meglan 
Anne Milbank Mell 
Ahce Meyer 

Beverly Van Zandt Micklej 
Jeannette Bush Miller 
Katharine Fisher Morland 
Valeria Murphey 
Caroline Turtle Murray 
Denise Wisell O'Connor 
Kathleen Garcia Pegues 
Jacqueline E. Penny 
Janice E. Pogue 
Donna Jan Pridmore 
Cynthia Gridley Pruden 
Mary Lyman Ray- 
Margaret Mackie Sanders 
Amanda Thrasher Segrest 
Mary L. Skinner 
Alix Sommer Smith 
Wendy Weiss Smith 
Melissa McDowell Stevens 
Lisa-Margaret Stevenson 
Claire Kinnett Tate 
Elizabeth Tyree Taylor 
Martha Roton Terry- 
Jean Mackenzie Thatcher 
Elodie Taylor Thompson 
Rosemary Dunaway Trible 
Gail Langford Turner 
Nancy Liebowitz Voss 
Carolyn Jones Walthall 
Wendy C. Weiler 
Camilla Crocker Wodehouse 
Rosanne L. Woodroof 
Barbara L. Wuehrmann 
Katherine Jones Vouell 
Barbara Smith Young 
Diana L. Zeidel 

CLASS OF 1972 

Cecilia .Albert 
Martha Neill Boney 
Susan Desmet Bostic 
Ehzabeth Wilhams Bowman 
Ellen Apperson Brown 
Emily McNally Brown 
Nancy Hagar Bruetsch 
Victoria White Carpenter 
Robin Rutter Coleburn 
Virginia I. pchurch Collier 
Cissel Gott Collins 
Kate Wilhams Cox 
Margaret A. Craw 
Louise Martin Creason 
Cutler Bellows Crockard 
Barbara Tessin Deny- 
Kathleen Walsh Drake 
C. Lee Essrig 
Patricia Clasgens Fisk 
Ahoy E. Flvnn 
Man Carter Frackelton 
Betty Works Fuller 
Elza Long Garnett 
Man Brvan Gav 

Eileen P. Gebrian 
Kathryn kcvs Graham 
Mercedes Gravatt Grandin 

Jane Powell Gray 
Carohne Mauck Grumbme 
Jean Mann Hardest) 
Marsha .Albert Haugen 
Nathalie Ryan Hoyt 
Nancy Kaufmann Hudec 
Martha Bugg Hughes 
Margaret I.yle Jones 
Briggett J. Keith 
Alice Johnson Krendel 
Rosario Brache Leparulo 
Edna Osmanski Lofrus 
Pamela Drake McCormick 
Dorothy Courington McGinley 
Warren Moore Millet- 
Man Vara Moore 
Susan Waller Nading 
Elise Webb Neeland 
Frances Stith Nilsson 
Linda J. Odum 
Lucinda Lawrence Pierce 
Jeannette N. Pillsbury 
Virginia Stevens Purcell 
Leshe Armstrong Ramsey 
Gail Garner Resell 
Charla Leonard Reynolds 
Catherine Howell Riordan 
Holly L. Smith 

Katherine I pchurch Takvorian 
Carohne Busby Talbot 
Mary Morrison Thomas 
Penelope A. Thomas-Kezar 
Greyson Shuff Tucker 
Georgene M. Vairo 
Man Einhaus Vallen 
Sarah P. von Rosenberg 
Frances Schroder White 
Susan Snodgrass Wynne 

CLASS OF 1973 

Elizabeth Boatwright Bell 
Jeanne Schaefer Bingham 
Emily Garth Brown 
Susan L. Bundy 
Glenys Dyer Church 
Nan Robertson Clarke 
Ehzabeth Thayer Clough 
Nancy Lenihan Conaty 
Deirdre S. Conley 
Valerie Fannon Cooper 
Evelyn Carter Cowles 
Susan M. Craig 
Susan Hancock Duke 
Julia Johnson Evans 
Betsy Buchanan Fishback 
Rachel Mays Fitzgerald 
Sally Slaughter Foster 
Carol Provence Gallivan 




D O N O R 










tone Christovich cav 
Ionise Blakeslee Gilpin 
Man Beverley Baylor I laijuc 
Margaret May Harden 
\liii- Stewart Harper 
Barbara Cain Hegart) 
Gillian M. Heptinstall 
lla/el Wright Hilsman 
Marion McKee Humphreys 
Hibernia Cutbbert Langlej 
l.ucinila Young Larson 
Margarel w Leigh 
Diane M. Leslie 
Christine Eog Leventhal 
Linda Lipscomb 
\l(ill\ Dunn Martin 
Anne Billings McDougaU 
Wendy Hoilman Mitchell 
Carter Heyward Morris 
Langhorne king Murray 
Laurel \. Norris 
Roberta Harmon O'Ncil 
Susan C. O'Toole 
Susan kirbv Peacock 
Elizabeth G. Perry 
Catherine Connor Peters 
Susan Dera Plank 
Jane G. Potts 
Christine Mendel Prewitt 
kimherlv Kiccardi Ramsey 
Pamela J. Rasche 
Diane Dale Reilmg 
Charlotte Battle Rohhins 
Odessa Ruller 
Lee Addison Sanford 
Kathleen Cochran Schut/e 
Helen Oakley Smith 
Karol Kroetz Sparks 
Jean Piatt Spencer 
Kathleen Pret/lelder Steele 
Ellen R. Selling 
Patricia Cesak Stephenson 
Janet E. Storey -llonick 
Sandra Schwartz Iropper 
Gypsie Bear Van Antwerp 
Lucy Dennington Van Zandt 
Mary Van Gund) Waller 
Sharon Sanders Williams 
Stephania Paparozzi Williams 
Margaret Seleldl Wilson 
Christine Sheris Wood 


Lucy Bryan Ballard 
Patricia Carroll Bankenstein 
Marianne Pownall Billings 
i lien Bass Brady 
Captain Sail) Bnce O'Hara 
Isabel Deprosper Bucher 
Deborah R\an ( aims 
Susan Fitzgerald Carter 

Jane Reeb Chadwick 
Sara I Clan 
Mice G. Cohn 
Cynthia M. Conroy 
Linda Kemp Couch 
Josephine Ragland Darden 
Man Burch Doering 
Cecilia I.inebaugh Dove 
Deborah Hart Eiserlc 
\le\andria S Francis 
Daun Thomas I rankland 
Jane llutcherson Frierson 
Moira Fulton 

Elizabeth Redwine Garner 
Susan Stephens Geyer 
Jane Piper Gleason 
Nancj Nields (iordon 
Valerie Gordon-Johnson 
Man S. Halsey 
Eleanor Magruder Harris 
Sandra Herring 
Leslie Elbert Hill 
Alice A. Hodges 
Winton Smoot Holladay 
Nanq Lea Houghton 
Wanda Cronic Howell 
Kathleen a Kavanagh 
\nn Stuart Mckie Kling 
Sarah Johnston Knoblauch 
Elizabeth Nicholson Lewis 
Marilynn Marshall Livingston 
Elizabeth Francke Lynn 
\anc\ Blackwell Marion 
Marcia Brandenburg Martinson 
Emory Furniss Maxwell 
Cynthia Hardy McCabe 
Sherrie Snead McLeRoy 
Thehna M. Merrill 
Elaine I. Mills 
Barbara Ashton Nicol 
Mary Bush Norwood 
Christine Weiss Weil 
Vina Mortensen Piper 
Louise Weston Rainey 
Sarah Rebenlisch Randolph 
Man Reid Roach 
Margaret Christian Ryan 
[Catherine Vuicich Schinasi 
Kelt) Borrovvman Slobodian 
Marsha Phillips Smith 
Jesse A. Stewart 
Cimh Sorenson Sutherland 
Kristin Amylon Swain 
Deborah Griffin Tanner 
Sandra A. Taylor 
Kathryn Telfer 
Cathy Weiss Thompson 
Ann Pritchelt Van Horn 
Melissa leib Veghte 

Deborah Camalier Walker 
Elizabeth Andrews Watts 
Man 1 Win 

Man Sattertnld Worrell 
Cecilia Kirbv Wraasc 

CLASS OF 1975 

Dolores-May Sunt \rias 
Constance Crocker Bel/endahl 
Nelly Osinga Branson 
Katylou Gray Brittle 
Virginia Shipe Cameron 
Cynthia Manning Chatham 
Vmanda Weber Clark 
Jan Schnihbc (Jean 
Sarah P. Clement 
Jeannclle Singleton Qoyd 
Man Henningsen Collins 
Carroll N. Curtis 
Cathleen Gibnorc Diet/ 
("anil Brewer Evans 
Heather MacLeod dale 
Sharon Mendelson Gallery 
Kathie Shirk (lonick 
Patricia Wade Goolshv 
Beverley Crispin lleffernan 
Elizabeth Washabaugh Jarvis 
Elizabeth Walker Johnson 
Elizabeth Brooks Jones 
Elizabeth Scott Kimmel 
Polly Shriver Kochan 
Karin Lindgren 
Linda Poole Maggard 
Ann South Malick 
Bonnie Walton May hern 
Denise Montgomery 
Joan Douglas Murray 
Dorsey Tillett Nonbrup 
Janet Richards Oikawa 
Katharine Wilson Orton 
Carol E. Pavia 
Gray Thomas Payne 
Louise Elizabeth Pulizzi 
Cecilia Robertson Queen 
Bonnie Damianos Rampone 
Mm Wesley Ramsey 
Elizabeth D. Rawles 
Ellen Harrison Saunders 
Sallie E Scarborough 
Katharine Osborne Spines 
Cynthia Smith Spotswood 
Linda Lucas Steele 
Nan Stuart 

May Waters Summerour 
Tern Starke Tosh 
( ary Vnderson Trainor 
Nancy Wilson Tucker 
Celia Gerrard Veselka 
Karen H Waldron 
Elissa C. Walker 
Nancy Cunningham Watson 

Bet Bashinsk) Wise 
Thi Nguyen Woo 

CLASS OF 1976 

Carol Ferrer \danis 
Margaret Ryan \le 
Salhe Bernard \nnslrong 
Nursat I tygen 
\nn Works BaJdcrston 
Martha Barchowsk] 
Phyllis Schulman Bell 
Laura Lee Bosl 
Margol Mahoney Budin 
Susan (iaiser Burke 
Ann Sinker Busch 
Terese DeGrandi Busch 
Cornelia Radford Butler 
Candida M. Casey 
Katherine Mikell Cochran 
Martha I lavs Cooper 
tan kilev Crenshaw 
Hilda II Dent 

Catherine Newman Deleting 
Marian Dolan 
Mane Shields Duke 
Thelma Carr Dykstra 
Cynthia Seller Faster 
Norris Judd Fergeson 
Man Beth Hamlin Finke 
Megan Morgan Fischer 
Sarah Mot) Freeman 
Gaivin M. Gentry 
Catherine Ulains Goshoni 
Mclanic \rcher Graetzer 
Kelsev Canadv Griffo 
Jennie Bateson Hanibv 
\nn Elise Hawkins 
Robin Rodger Heller 
Pamela McDonnell Hindslev 
Marsha Taylor Morton 
Man Costello Howell 
Cissv Humphrey 
Margaret B. Humphrey 1 
Man W ilmer Jacobs 
Elizabeth Farmer Jarvis 
Jane De Butts kales 
Inn Neasham Keegan 
llnllv Weaver Kenriuh 
S.dlv Old Kilchin 
Susan Walton Klaveness 
Demetra Georgis Lathrop 
Denise Alexandre LeComte 
Elizabeth Grones Leonard 
Man V Woodford Leslie 
Carolyn Caldwell l.indau 
Elizabeth Bates Locke 
Man F Ludington 
Mine White Lumpkin 
Cheryl Lux 

Margaret Milnor Mallon 
Olivia \\ Martin 
Marilyn K. McClelland 
Caroline Bickel Mcl.oughhn 
Man Briscoe McNatt 




O F 


Sharon Ruvane Neison 
Tennessee Nielsen 

Deborah Mulch Olander 
Anna Coroneos Ordaya 
Margaret Weimer Parrish 
Carol Fiske Plan 
Virginia Spangler Polley 
Patricia Talbott Reed 
Melanie Holland Rice 
Kathryn Creech Richardson 
Norma Neblett Roadcap 
Lisa Nelson Robertson 
Lynn Kahler Rogerson 
Virginia Freeman Roper 
Elliott Graham Schoenig 
Rowena Van Tuyl Schubert 
Sally R. Schultz 
Joan Markey Shaw 
Kari Andersen Shipley 
Man Partlow Short 
Catherine Slatinshek 
Katharyn Kelly Smith 
Lochrane Coleman Smith 
Mary Jackson Speare 
Julia Pettinga Stalnecker 
Karen Adelson Strauss 
Man Weston Streitz 
Brooke A. Wetter Thiess 
Deborah Massie Thurman 
Man Dixon Torbert 
.\inslie Jones I hi 
Leshe Jannasch Warner 
Gail Zanvell Winkler 
Anne Brown Wise 
Ann L. Vellott 

CLASS OF 1977 

Deborah Butteri Akers 
Raniona K. Akins 
Martha Branch Alexander 
Sarah Longstreth Bradley 
.Alicia Clegg 

Vivian Yamaguchi Cohn 
Ehzabeth White Drbal 
Julia Howell Dunbar 
Deborah Meister Fitzgerald 
Dahney Bragg Foshee 
Debra Marks Gantt 
Rebecca Mayer Gutierrez 
Patricia Wornom Henry 
Catherine Goodhart Henson 
Louise Lambert Hunter 
Martha Crowe Jones 
Carol Gamherg Kenyon 
Stephanie Maxson Kenyon 
Virginia Marckesano Larence 
Frances Redmond Malone 
Antonia Bredin Massie 
Deborah Koss McCarthy 
Ellen Sellers McDowell 
Sarah Kennedy McGroartv 

Rosalinda Guardabassi Michael 
Sarah Bonham Mohle 
Jane D. Moone\ 
Bettie Lee Moore 
Molh Reeb Nissman 
Kathleen Roantree Renken 
Jo Schneider Samp 
Angela M. Scully 
Carolyn Williams Seeling 
Elizabeth Conway Selden 
Margaret Haley Sheehan 
Maggie Shriver 
Wendy Congdon Stanton 
Elizabeth Little Stevens 
Deborah L, Thacker 
Ehzabeth Wade 
Patricia W. Waters 
Luanda A. Webb 
Nancy Nichols Williams 

CLASS OF 1978 

Priscilla Powell Adams 
Cynthia Whitley Auman 
Cassandra Smith Babbitt 
Jeanne Beard Barden 
Dmsilla Hall Bishop 
Julie Pfautz Bodenstab 
Lizabeth Lambert Bowden 
Diane Ball Brendel 
Allison Egbert Brokaw 
Leslie Wilkinson Brotman 
Susan Heitmiller Busch 
Hallie Powell Cardwell 
Lucy Darby Cole 
Mazeppa M. Costa 
Lenore L. Cox 
Anne Quarles Doolittle 
Marietta Jones Eddy 
Dana Dotten Endacott 
Adelaide Eshbach 
Anne Riordan Flaherty 
Leigh McDonald Forrester 
Maria Rixey Camper 
Mary Moore Garrison 
Suzanne Collins Gurley 
Kim Hershey Hatcher 
Katharine Powell Heller 
Ann Ramsey Hill 
Kathy Jackson Howe 
Janet Rakoczy Hudson 
Ellen Quinn Jones 
Paula Brown Kelley 
Susan J. King 
M. Karen Kuhlman 
Nana Robinson Lindberg 
Eve Jackson London 
Ehzabeth Wray Longino 
Ann Key Lucas 
Catherine A. Lumsden 
Anne Baldwin Mann 
EmiK Dick McAlister 

K. Holly McGlothlin 
Cynthia A. McKay 
Man Mulvihttl McKenna 
Dorothy Lear Moone\ 
Catherine Taylor Moore 
Drucilla Springer Oswalt 
Barbara Behrens Peck 
Ehzabeth G. Perkinson 
Rebecca S. Pitts 
Barbara Mendelssohn Price 
Meredith Borsl Quillman 
Susan Griste Russell 
Man E. Ryan 
Eileen P. Scully 
Ieke Osinga Scully 
Cannie Cnsler Shafer 
Leigh Ramsay Simmons 
Ann Maride Stefano 
Melanie Bowen Steglich 
Ehzabeth Hemenway Sulhvan 
Julia K. Sutherland 
Janet Smalley Todd 
Suzanne Stryker I llrich 
Claire Carta right Vaughan 
Deborah Davison Weidner 
Margaret Richards Wiederseim 
Ehzabeth M. Williams 
Susan Whitten Williams 
Ann H. Yauger 

CLASS OF 1979 

Kathryn Ewald Adams 
Blyth Steere Bailey 
Page Breakell Beeler 
Sally-Ann Sells Bensur 
Mary McBride Bingham 
Jody N. Booze-Daniels 
Saralee Cowles Boteler 
Ashley Wilson Brook 
Laura Tucker Camp 
Laura Bowen Carmichael 
Judith Williams Carpenter 
Joan Dearborn Choremi 
Susan Andrews Cruess 
Laura L. Crum 
Kathryn Leonard DeWitt 
Sarah Colhoun Engram 
Louise Wright Envin 
Clara Jackman Garbett 
Bridget Wray Gardner 
Patricia Paterson Graham 
Katherine C. Crones 
Krishna Lurches Harcum 
Katharine C Hardin 
Man Lawrence Harris 
Ehzabeth G. Hester 
Phyllis Shelton Higginbotham 
Lisa C. Hite 

Lauren MacMannis Huyett 
Aimee Brett Kass 
Ehzabeth C. Kelly 

Sally Byron LaBarre 
Celia Brown Lee 
Susan Anthony lineberry 
.Mice Benton Major 
Sherri Lynn Manson 
Karen Jaffa McGoldrick 
Pamela Ramsdell Mitchell 
Man Pittman Moore 
Agnes Towers Morrissey 
Corby Hancock Pine 
Prudence Saunders Pitcock 
Amanda Steel Rich 
Graham Maxwell Russell 
Nancy Hatch Schwartzmiller 
Cynthia Lee Sinchak 
Cathy Calello Staples 
Rebecca Trulove Symons 
Beth Bogdan Tetrault 
Cynthia Little Townsend 
Ellen Byrne I tterback 
Caroline W. White 

CLASS OF 1980 

Toni Santangelo Archibald 
Florence Rowe Barnick 
Myth Monnich Bayoud 
Leslie Ludwick Bires 
Elisabeth Ward Connors 
Dianne Delledera 
Can Dollard 

Shannon Thompson Eadon 
Pamela Koehler Elmets 
Lisa Faulkner-0 hara 
Frances McClung Ferguson 
Catherine Flaherty 
Wanda McGill Fry 
Frances Dilworth Gates 
Charlotte Gay Gerhardt 
Juanita Frost Giusti 
Claire Dennison Griffith 
Martha (lose Griffith 
Jeannine Davis Harris 
Pamela Willed Hauck 
Catherine Mills lloulahan 
Rebecca Garrett Jamison 
Susan Smith Kemp 
Pamela Kohrock 
.Amy Campbell Lamphere 
Elisabeth Fletcher l.ubin 
Susan Posey Ludeman 
.Vnn Vandersyde Malbon 
Emily Quinn McDermott 
Carson Freemon Meinen 
Diane Riley Milhurn 
Amy Andrews Monalian 
Nana - Holdsworth Moore 
Ellen Clement Mouri 
Judith Wright Noel 
Diana Tarride Palmer 
Florence A. Powell 
Ehzabeth Hardin Randall 



O F 



— i 









Ann Connoltj Reagan 
Julie smith Rentschler 
Georgia Schlej Ritchie 
Prances A. Rool 
Vmelia Dausman Schaal 
Jamie Beard Seige] 
tone Darden Sell 
Lillian Sinks Sweenej 
Susan Boline Thompson 
Elizabeth Schneider (nornton 
Patricia Longest Tyler 
Melissa Gentry Witherovi 
Ionise Swieckj Zingaro 
Fannie C. Zollicofer 

CLASS OF 1981 

Harriet Bielitsk) wderson 

Victoria L \rcher 

Nancy Weinberg Uiersperg 

Olivia Chaplin Baker 
Rebecca Carter Barger 
Charla V. Borchers-Leon 
l IU 11 Hagan Brown 
Deborah Donigan Bulled 
Susan Graham Campbell 
Mollie Waitzman Chambers 
Barbara Hush Cooper 
Vino Webb Corkery 
Caroline Webster Cotter 
Mollj Rogers Cramer 
Julia Brooke Davis 
Eva Marie l)e\ine 
Leslie \lae\eil Dobbins 
Margaret Medlock Fitzgerald 
Stephanie Siiit Fitzpatrick 
Sharon McGrath Gardner 
Marj Davis Garone 
Nana L. Golden 
Mlisini Roberts Greene 
Katherine E. Hagan 
Elizabeth I). Halsted 
\nne Doughert) Hamblett 
Iraq Drake Hamilton 
Sophia Crysler Han 
Eleanor Frank Hazard 
Sarah Martin Herguner 
\ane\ Palme Hoe 
Aliece Rowland Mollis 
Kathryn Levi Hoover 
Carol Hays Hunley 
Moira Holwa) Johnson 
Mar\ ll Keating 
Elizabeth Landen krone 
Theresa Blane I ange 
Virginia Donald Latham 
Karol \ Lawson 
\m\ Marshall Lewis 
Nana Dabbs Lofton 
Linda Lynch 
Clair Falcon Maasbach 
Nina Brown MacDonald 

Jamie Planck Martin 
Wendilynn Wood McAfee 
Harne Jellrey McDowell 
Sarane Mcllugh 
lane Losse Momberger 
Carrie Maynard Nichols 
Henrietta White Palmer 
Susan l' Richeson 
\nne Sargeanl Rosenthal 
Susan Clay Russell 
Man Boehling Schwartz 
Elizabeth (I Seacord 
Man Medley Sipe 
Catherine Cassid) smith 
Caroline Hawk Sparrow 
Dorothy Jean Stanhope 
Man \dams Steed 
Susan Rowal Steiner 
Margaret Robinson Tallmadge 
Donna J. Tern 
kearslcy Walsh 
Dawne Cotton Ward 
Alexandra 1). Willson 
Angelyn Odom Wright 
l.etha Dameron Zackowski 

CLASS OF 1982 

Victoria Lee Adams 
Heather I'unie \lhert 
katherine Reynolds Barsness 
Frances Fowler Bauerle 
Carol Seaties Bohrer 
Deborah Price Bowman 
Ga) Kenney Browne 
Elizabeth Frenzel Casalini 
Elizabeth Gantt Castles 
Karen Mcl.ain Chiapetta 
Nancy DaughertJ Davidson 
Man Joyner DeSha/or 
Elizabeth Kyle Donahue 
Ethel Bui-well Dowling 
Jane R. Dure 
Man LaVigne Fletcher 
Lucile Redmond Flournoy 
Marian F. Grenn 
\nn Young Habliston 
Rosemar) C. Hardy 
RhodaJ. Harris 
Deborah R. Harvej 
leshe Hertz 
Lynn Hanna Ingram 
Katharine N. Johnson 
Monika ku'ser 
Frances Smith kcllcv 
Jennifer llebb LaRose 
i onsuelo Michelle Martinez 
Catherine Warns Miller 
Louise Cooke Newton 
Rachel Millrood Perlman 
Patricia W helan Schenck 
Grace Iredwell Schild 

leresa Powell Snnth 
Man Clarkson Stem 
Patsj Griffith Van Etten 
Barbara Bryant Williams 

CLASS OF 1983 

Anne Chapin Albert 
Sarah Garland Babcock 
Carol V. Barlow 
Leslie Malone Berger 
\na Serrano Black 
Desuee M Bouchat 
Susanne Turner Brennan 
Claire Cieszko Brilt 
Virginia Oaus Buyck 
Lee Anne Mackenzie Chaskes 
Elena Quevedo Chigas 
Suzanne Cay Dailey 
Emily kitchel DeCamp 
Barbara Miraldi Devine 
Ellen Clare Gillespie Dreyer 
Hannah Davis Emig 
Barbara Paulson Coodbarn 
Heather Riegel Harper 
Bridget O'Reilly Holmes 
Rebecca Coggin Hubert 
Katherine Grosvenor Hutcheson 
Man Pope Hutson 
Suzanne Balog Ingmni 
Laura Murphy Jennings 
\nue Lisner kaiser 
Karen 1) Kerlin 
Marguerite Young Kock 
Mice Cutting Laimbeer 
Grayson Harris Lane 
Joan M McGettigan 
Lucy Chapman Millar 
Elizabeth Sprague O'Meara 
Barbara Rose Page 
Diane While Ramsej 
Sarah Archibald Roberts 
Jewell Winn Rothschild 
Elizabeth Taylor Seifert 
Pamela Dickens Sellars 
W\ lie Jameson Small 
Elizabeth Chirk Smith 
Margery Johnson Springer 
Julia Snodgrass Walker 
Pamelas. Weekes 
Anne Little V. nolle) 

CLASS OF 1984 

Hoik Pflug Ulport 
Elizabeth Gillespie Billings 
Elizabeth Rodgers Boyd 
Carla Pellegrino Cabot 
Elizabeth Boyer Caldwell 
Victoria McCullough Carroll 
Courtney Warrick Cherna 
keh Colby 
Gertrude G. Collins 

Margaret Twohy DeVan 
Michelle kocik Drag 
Elizabeth Yeager I dwards 
Patricia Dolph Fallon 
Susan Croker Fisher 
Heather Willsun I rccman 
i In iM i. Gorman 
Karen Goodspeed llertlem 
Marguerite Kramer kircher 
Virginia Lynch kiscljack 
Michelle Scherrer klimt 
Susan Dickinson Lindner 
Catirj Cash Mays 
Melissa Darden Odom 
Barbara Callahan ONeill 
Kathleen Papadimitriou 
Shannon Young Raj 
\nne IL Richards 
Jane Sigler Sciullo 
Nil in- I Herman Sewell 
Janet Lewis Shepherd 
Tracy Glaves Spalding 
Vernice Lois Thompson 
Michelle E. \ enema 
Marian Wahlgren \ ester 
Wend) I bland Warren 
Elizabeth Harlej Willett 
Camille Mitchell Wingate 
Elizabeth Hicks Zadeh 

CLASS OF 1985 

Susan Palmer \maro 
Catharine Hubbard \ndry 
Susan Lazarus Bailey 
Romi Williams Chadwick 
Laura Morrissette Clark 
Joyce M Coleman 
Martha Boxley Creasj 
Kellej Manderson Fitzpatrick 
\nn Martin Gonya 
katherine V I learn 
Melissa Schoen I lilt 
Frances Clardv Hooper 

Belli Vnderson Kearns 
Kama Boswell Koudelka 

l.eanne Weber kreis 
Brigid McGlynn Lengyel 
l.enetta Archard McCampbell 
l.oiiellen Brooks Meyer 
Danielle DePaul Morgenthaler 
lane Cox Murray 
Karla Kenned) Newman 
Deborah Fischer Oleiskx 
llailleigh Hall Pritchard 
Clair Clanc) Ramsaj 
Christine Corcoran Irautli 
Cassandra Whaling Wicrman 
Jean Gulhans Wilkins 
Cheryl Fortin Young 
Susannah Scagel Young 
Suzanne Weaver /.inimer 




O N 

O F 


CLASS OF 1986 

Man Molyneux Abrams 

Susan Finn Adams 

Alison Kohlhepp Adkins 

Leigh Ann W. Albers 

Harriet McNair Alexander 

Kirsten Bailej Atkinson 

Suzanne Craft Bailej 

Flavia Moore Barksdale 

.\nn Vandeventer Bowles 

Wendy Neuman Bragavi 

Man Jo Biscardi Brown 

Rushton Haskell Callaghan 

Katherine Connors Cassada 

Lynn Mather Charette 

Elizabeth Wharton Charles 

Jennifer E. Crossland 

Tern L. Davis 

Melissa A. Davison 

Christine Navratil Deeter 

Man Farinholt Denious 

Linda C. DeVogt 

Carol .Anne Dickson 

Emery Jones Dickson 

Man Holland Dinsmore 

Pamela Dawn Edwards 

Charade Boiling Estes 

Drusilla Davis Fadns 

Karen Fennessy-Ketola 

Patricia S. Glick 

GaU N. Glifort 

Laura Hand Glover 

Alyson Carey Goods 

Elizabeth Duggins Green 

Isabelle Viguerie Gsell 

Ehzabeth Nott Hall 

Elizabeth Sheehan Hamrick 

Colleen A. Handte 

Olivia C. Hardin 

Eve L Hill 

Man Boulware llobbs 

Deanne Daw son James 

Elizabeth Gallagher Jeffrey 

Patricia H. Kim 

Shannon H. Kuehlwein 

Shapleigh Donnelly LaPointe 

Karyn Harcum Levy 

Susan Mann Levy 

Harriette Cooper Liederbach 

Nancy Palermo Lielz 

Elizabeth Lindsej 

Mariah Smith Malik 

Katherine McKelway Marcharterre 

Man B. Morrow 

Beth Ann Trapold Newton 

Robyn Bailey Orchard 

Man Beth Miller Orson 

Ehzabeth Conner Pace 

Ann Bruce Fairdoth Porter 

June Lee Richardson 

Jennifer Memmott Rosenberg 

Nancy Btickey Rothacker 
Man Johnson Ryan 
Catherine Calender Sauls 
Amy Simmons 
Jessica Michelle Sinnott 
Anne G. Smith 
Catherine McNease Stevens 
Katherine Redmond league 
Lisa Redd Toliver 
McKenzie Reed vanMeel 
Paula Anne Veale 
.Anne Souder von Weise 
Virginia Haynie Wainstein 
Star Hollis Waldron 
Cathryn Lowrey Wallace 
Julie Weyand Watson 
Jesse A. White 
Nana Ra\ Wiltshire 
Valerie Annette Winbome 
Alexandra Bernard Wyllie 

CLASS OF 1987 

Teresa Witt Aagaard 
Melissa Jill Ackerman 
Courtney Banton Alford 
Malinda Bradley Bergen 
Shannon Wood Bush 
Anna Gallant Carter 
victoria Chumney 
Mary Via Cuoco 
Pamela Miscall Cusick 
Carol Goodman Doty 
Eleanor W. Schnabel Doyle 
Dana I. Driver-Rogers 
.Anne-Marie Farrell 
Jennifer J. Fesche 
Page E. Franson 
Shannon Marie Lawless Grantz 
.Amy Tetteh Griffin 
Jean Lewis Guergai 
Susan Scales Hunt 
Barbara M.Jastrebsky 
Virginia R. Pascoe Jennings 
Wimnerly Eaton Jessup 
Laura Lynch 
Ann McAllister 
Rebecca Michie McVeigh 
Elizabeth Cunningham Morgan 
Dana Freas Ostrowsky 
Caroline C. Owen-Houde 
Lee Carroll Roebuck 
Hilary Harris Salley 
Crystal .Anne Sanford 
L. .Angelyn Schmid 
Blair Beehe Smith 
Carol Jones Smith 
Ellen S. Smith 
Ellen Tozzer Smith 
Teresa Pike Tomlinson 
Mary T Ziebold 

CLASS OF 1988 

Christine Diver Ans 
Lisa Haggart Arnold 
Eden Zuckerman Brown 
Lee .Ann E. Conard 
Caroline F. Corum 
Suzanne Reed ('.reveling 
Rapti Manohara de Silva 
Susan C. Detweiler 
Katrina Evans Gatti 
Amy Gould-Pilz 
Susanna Broaddus Hickman 
Kathleen Meredith lacobelli 
Julie Lindauer Jacobson 
M;iia Free Jalenak 
Sarah Harrington Johnson 
Whitnev Bolt Lewis 
Christina Savage Lytle 
Cecilia A. Moore 
Paige Shiller Okun 
M. Anne Powell 
Kristen Petersen Randolph 
Polly Sattler 
Grace Quirk Thompson 
Marjorie Holthaus Tomaso 
Sara Ammar Whitt 

CLASS OF 1989 

Colleen Bradley Bell 
Sharon L. Bittner 
Lisa Wallen Gardner 
Man E. Gottlieb 
Courtney Kneece Grimm 
Latane Spencer Hill 
Kathryn Robinson Hillestad 
.Alicia Markey Hutter 
Wesley Powell Lassen 
Leslie Braginetz Lemish 
Emmy S. Leung 
Ruth Taul Magnusson 
Monica C. Mahoney 
Kimberly Kline Malone 
Donna A. Meyer-Hodgert 
Kelli Ketchum Morgan 
Kathryn Bolton Overman 
Ehzabeth Donald Owen 
Stacey Hannan Quinn 
Pamela Ward Renfrew 
Deborah Schmidt Robinson 
Eden L. Rue 
Julie Littleton Smith 
Anne Haw Spencer 
Sarah .Anderson Stanton 
Helen Bradley Tarbutton 
Laura Lawson Trevey 
Kimberly K. Willock 
Hildee Williams Wilson 
Amanda Ottawav Zambetti 

CLASS OF 1990 

Leslie Carson Alhizzatti 
Ruth N. Allen 
Ashley Flynn Blanchard 
Elizabeth Babbitt Bowen 
Amy E. Burton 
Shannon II. Coleman 
Kimberley Anne Dickey-Brown 
Heather Colson Ewing 
Gladden Adam Falivene 
I hike M. Fischer 
Kathleen Sains llippen 
Brandi Beck Fowler 
Laurel L. Harvey 
Cecilia Schultz Haynie 
Ehzabeth Mason Horsley 
LuAnn Haag Hunt 
K. Tracey Jensen 
Nana 1) Kershner 
Karen Malmquist Laakso 
Anne Richardson Lackey 
Debra Anne Lee 
Rachel Renzy Meima 
Nina Rowles Panarese 
Man Naff Philpott 
Candace Collins Preston 
Kathleen Cushman Slack 
Suzanne Tamara S/ak 
Jo .Ann Roderick Tankard 
Alicia Kay Taylor 
Dena Burnham Wong 
.Anne Marie Workman 
Christine Carriere Zazulak 
Amy Calandra Zechini 

CLASS OF 1991 

Marbury Patrick Abella 
Carey Bates 
Suzanne Petrie Brady 
Elizabeth J. Butler 
Victoria Campo Byrd 
Ehzabeth Robinson Dean 
Allene R. Doucette 
Man Anne Farmer 
Anne Crow Galanides 
Kana Roess Goldsmith 
Katherine Cooper Hoffman 
Karen T. Hott 
Jacqueline M. Kjono 
Amy Joan Lemieux 
Megan Read l.indberg 
Ashley Quarrier Moran 
Dawn Monahan Nelson 
Sarah E. Pitts 
Man Lanford Price 
Patience Richeson 
Charlotte R. Sanders 
Susan J. Spurrell 
Stephanie Banton Troutman 
Sharon Watts Turner 
Kathryn Hagist Vunk 
Suzanne M. Ziesmann 




O I 



— 1 







CLASS OF 1992 

Heather Metzler Wen 
Diana J. Bradford 
Kunberlj Olmstead Calhoun 
Virginia Marks Collier 
Jennifer Toome] Driscoll 
Margaret McClellan Driscoll 
KdK Brown Estes 
IQmberlej McGran Euston 
Jill S. Fahj 

Elaine Barksdale Finucane 
Caroline Newman Francisco 
Catherine Gornto Freeman 
Jaimie Del Monte Galbreath 
\m\ C. Ghiz 
Kale I.. Haw 

Catherine Driskill llindman 
Keelej Sullivan Jurgovan 
Ann E. Knoke 
Cara Irdemagni LaRoche 
Kristin J. Liljes^rt-n 
\im E. Lindquisi 
Sheila M. McWilliams 
Nora s. Oney 
unj Dickson Riddel] 
[essicaC. Stapleton 
Iraq I.. Steele 
Erica M. rhomson 
MelindaS Wick 
Kathleen Davis Willis 
Carolyn Griffin Veager 

CLASS OF 1993 

Bernadette Insalaco Abrams 

Amorette w itt \itken 

Jennifer Jarvis B;dlard 

Pamela Subranni Berman-Pecarsk] 

Elizabeth Harder Botzis 

Stephanie \- Brown 

Dana varnado Campbell 

Sigrid Zirkle Carroll 

Erin O'Boyie Carter 

\shlcv \ Celis 

Marissa \she Cole 

Kathryn Chandor DelPlato 

Dianne Hayes Doss 

Debra v Elkins 

Melon) J. Ellinger 

Paula Steers Farese 

Susan Messikomer Horenkamp 

Catherine M.Jannik 

I is.i C. La I.ondc 

Stacej l). McClain 

Ellen E.Ober 

Laurie \ Palmer 

Elizabeth Stinnett Baylor 

Laura Warren I nderwood 

Norma Hulls Valentine 

Sail] Estes Vigezzi 

Kimherlv Cutting winter 


CLASS Ol 1994 

Katherine iindse] tuchter 
Headier L Bayfield 

Catherine S. Illaik 
Kunberi) I. Bramley-Estep 
Jamee Thompson Briggs 
KimherK L Clayton 
Lee McEachern Collins 
Allison Vollmer Douglass 
shannon llctchel Dykes 
Rence Brooks Frederiksen 
Corinne \l\ers Gaillard 
Elizabeth R Gilgan 
Zeda E. Homoki 
Linda S.E. Lombardo 
Lucia K. Marks 
Heather E. McKoy 
Man -Linda Morris 
Stacej Eisenberg Pavne 
Susan I). Perdue 
\mv Biathrou Ross 
\m\ Jean Ross 
Kellv B. Schmitt 
katherine \V. Schupp 
Elizabeth Riccohono Shiftier 
l.ori Harris Summers 
Carlene Harper Sumner 
Caitlin \. Sundbj 
Erin Curpier Whipple 
(linger Anion White 

CLASS OF 1995 

Lucia de Oliveira Bosworth 

Anne Hee Clio 

Pilar L. Collier 

Lisa Buckingham Darr 

Kara D'Ambra Dickey 

Eleanor L. Dickinson 

English E. Griffith 

Kell) Elizabeth Hall 

\nna E Hawthorne-Henr) 

Elizabeth Dunck Hayes 

Gwendolyn R. Hickey-Babcock 

Maren Howard Leggett 

Susan Hickman Mason 

Holh Leigh Miller 

lumber!) Roda Moorhead 

Erin K. One) 

Jennifer L. Parker 

Charlotte Prothro Philbin 

Daniela N. Ricci 

Katherine Maxwell Schellhammer 

Eugenia Michelle Slark 

Heather Roll Swanson 

Victoria McClintock Wade 

Catherine Winship Walters 

Katherine (I Warner 

Sarah Clifford Weaver 

Katharine Harrington welder 

Courtnev Huffman Whetstone 

Katherine V w hitbj 

Lee Roman Winn 
Sarah B. Young 

CLASS OF 1996 

Rachel C. Baltus 
Bridget (i. BayliSS 
Rachael Boyd Belmonte 

\na-Mariia Beskin 
Laura D. Billings 
Rachel A. Briers 
Natalie J. Brown 
Constance G Bump 

Katherine L Campbell 
Christie L Cardon 
Claire A. E. Christensen 
Wvnn Cole 
\nn M Daughert) 
rolanda L. Davis 
Man Margaret Dixon 
Lee Folej Dolan 
\nielia E. Dudman 
Jesse W. Durham 
Catharine King Fink 
Kathleen I). Franson 
Heather E. Goodwin 
Elizabeth H. Groves 
\le\andria Hiribarne 
Jessica Cindlesperger Hubbell 
Nicole L. Johnson 
Emil) T. Kuchar 
Laura S. Lechler 
Jennifer Beck Locke 
Eileen R MacMurtrie 
Lynn M. McEachern 
Anne L. Osterholm 
R. Anne Pankoski 
Abigail E. Phillips 
Heather L. Plank 
Cynthia Rakow Prewitt 
Sarah E. Reid\ 
Janeen k. Sharnia 
Imogen M. Slade 
Melissa J. Snyder 
tracer) Irejo 
L. Paige Vaught 
Julie Hildebrand Warren 
Carrie Henderson Woldin 


Katrina Bidding Bills 
\lison A. Burnett 
Jill E. Butcher 
Ann L. Campbell 
Ann Everett Carter 
Von MacDonald Carter 
Melanie L. Chriscoe 
Heather L. Cushman 
Elizabeth F DuCharme 
Annette C. Dusenbury 
Stephanie J. Garcia 

Jill E, Gaviti 
\lison S Hall 
Leslie F ilalloran 
Courtnev Burt Haqic-r 
Jessica M Hivelev 
Katherine L Johnston 
lain a K ketchum 
Ann I l.outhan 
Elisabeth McClung 
Eli/abetb M Mcintosh 
Holly James McMickle 
Virginia R. Miller 
Kerri \ RawhngS 
\inv Cook Rexrode 
Kiltie Clarkson Robertson 

Cassandra L. Thomas 

Courtnev L, Totushek 
Megan Keiko L stii 
Jennifer M. Wagner 

CLASS OF 1998 

Susan M. Barnev 
Chantel N. Banlen 
Bronwyn E. Beard 
Man (iheen Bennett 
Melinda S. Brown 
Jessica \. Cronin 
Tara M Dav 
Melissa Coffey Fitz 
Man. E. Friberg 
vJhson \ Gerber 
Gretchen G. Giavte) 
fonya N. Grudier 
Margaret R. Harris 
Man Lea Martin Harris 
Joanne E. Hopkins 
Kim E. fzquierdo 
Carolyn M. I.eddv 
\stnd M B. I.ivennan 
Ulgela Elliott Merrick 
Sarah E. Nolton 
Darelle v Pleiller 
Laura L. Fitton Pieper 
Jayme Calabrese Pomro) 
Elizabeth A. Prem 
Cynthia Bumgardner PuckeO 
Natalie Undfors Recupero 
Katherine \. Rinehart 
Kindle L Samuel 
Stacv L Sharpes 
Elizabeth R. Snider 
Tncia Mohana Summers 
Catherine L. Thomas 
Heather A. Thomas 
Erin W. \alliere 
\iine Claire L Wackenhut 
Tiffinev C Whitmire 
Catherine C. Zahrn 

CLASS OF 1999 

MishjaJ. Anthony 
Aimee E. Armentrout 
Kimberly N. Bolz-Andolshek 
Meredith A. Bonnell 
Margaret F. Butt 
Christine R. Carl 
Jennifer P. Crutcher 
Jessica L. Dennig 
Sarah M. Elkins 
Sarah Kingsley Foley 
Leslie E. Hager 
Tina R. Hansel 
Leslie N. Hardy 
Melissa G. Henning 
Mary Katherine Hughes 
Ann F. Kitchen 
Laura E. Lamb 
Jae- Young Lee 
Katherine E. Lemming 
Jennifer Schmidt Major 
Heather A. McLeod 
Elizabeth C. Melvin 
Undsey C. Neef 
Jera L. Niewoehner 
Julia A. Paris 
Meghan M. Pollard 
Emily L. Poore 
Andrea L. Sharretts 
Kristin A. Smith 
Shannon M. Smith 
Mary Kathryn Taylor 
Meredith Tillery 
Devon L. Vasconcellos 
Natasha T. White 

CLASS OF 2000 

Anita LeShay .Allen 
Amanda Darcy .Ankerman 
Amanda Marie Atkinson 
Josie Erin Beets 
Melissa Jean Bellan 
Susan Christine Bobb 
Suzanne Nicole Bollinger 
Wendy Irene Bramlett 
Shantell Shavon Branch-Fleming 
Lucy Courtney Brooks 
Melissa Brown 
Christine Pamela Bump 
Kimberly Ann Burge 
Kathryn .Ann Cesarz 
.Alison Michelle Cooper 
Sarah Sunshine Cunningham 
.Allison LuAnn Davis 
Elizabeth Davis 
Devon Denise Day 
Noelle Elyce Dvvarzski 
Kimberly Ann Earehart 
Mary Evangeline Easterly 
Virginia Marie Gilbert 
Lina Flflevverq Hailelul 
Elizabeth Kiendl Hamshavv 

Kimberly Anne Harden 
.Alicia Childs Hart 
Ashley Hill 

\manda Elizabeth Jones 
Elizabeth Anne Keating 
Marietta Koper 
Kristen Lawlor 
Ardyce Gregor Lee 
Noelle Waterhouse l.otano 
Christine .Anne Manley 
Emily Demarest McGregor 
Alethea Maren Okonak 
Dina Ruth Orbison 
Emily Stevens Peques 
Jennifer Laine Perkins 
Lindsay .Ann Perkins 
Amanda Lynn Rice 
Laura Wessells Rose 
Jam's Roskelley 
Marilen Jordas Sarian 
Anne-Ryan Sinnott 
Carol Lee Skriloff 
Amy Hess Snavvder 
Elinor Fairchild Stebbins 
Alison Freya Stockdale 
Benedicte M. Valentin 
latum Duncan Webb 
Kathryn Ann Wright 


Working under the theme 
"Building the Next 100 Years," and 
guided by the leadership of Senior 
Class Co-Chairs — Lys Burdette and 
Emily Black — and a spirited 15-mem- 
ber committee, the Class of 2001 
raised a record $25,989 with 7 9% par- 

This year's senior class gift was 
unique in that the proceeds did not go 
to the Annual Fund. Instead, the Class 
of 2001 strived to endow a permanent 
scholarship in remembrance of their 
classmate, Kristin Lynn Keller, who 
passed away before her senior year. 

The College happily announces that 
if all the Class of 200 l's pledges are 
fulfilled, a generous bequest — a 'chal- 
lenge' gift received late this spring — 
will be added to the Kristin Lynn Keller 
Fund, enabling it to become a perma- 
nent scholarship. 

I.orna Thompson Brod 
Mary Margaret Eubanks 
Emily Kathryn Carter Nichols 
Natasha Dewees Nickodem 
Anne McKiernan Ortengren 
Catherine .Annie Peek 
Elizabeth Boyd Puckett 
Bonnie L. Seitz 

* Deceased 

B R A T I O N 

O r 














2000-2001 Steering 
Com in illce Members 

Mr. ami Mrs William kicnlz 111 


Dr and Mrs C. Ulen Martin. Jr. 


Mr. and Mrs. Pal Ancralla 

Mr. and Mrs. William T Benham, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Overton Currie, Jr. 

Mr and Mrs. Robert Ene] 

Mr. and Mrs Thomas Fuhanks. Jr. 

Mr David Harris 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Hughes 

Dr. and Mrs. Fred D. Hunker 

Mr Leon J. Kaplan 

Mr. and Mrs. James s. Kemper 111 

Mr and Mrs. James L Kitchin 

Mr and Mrs James R MacFall 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles l. Maxwell 

Mr. \rtluir McDougal 

Mr and Mrs. Timothy G. McLaughlin 

Mr and Mrs. Wayne McOwen 

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Morse, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Barn V Perlon 

Mrs Cecil M Phillips 

Mr. and Mrs Robed \. Rowland III 

Mr Daniel E. Shannon 

Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Steves 

Mr. and Mrs. Russell B rhorstenberg 

Mr and Mrs. George I. Tomlinson 

Mr and Mrs. |crcmc\ \ Wood, sr 



Mr and Mrs \ Marshall Acuff. Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs William \nhur \dair 

Mr. and Mrs Bruce \d.nn 

Elaine 0. \hnell 

Mr and Mrs. Dean Albanis 

1.1 Gen. and Mrs. John (i \lhcrt 

Mrs. Homer I. Alticc 

Mr. and Mrs Robert \mon 

Mason C. Andrews 

Mr. and Mrs, I'al \neralla 

Mr and Mrs Patrick \rc\ 

Mr. and Mrs. Truman \rnold 

Mr. and Mrs Edwin \ronhalt 

Mr. and Mrs. Clavio Iscari 

Mr. and Mrs Edward Ashe 

Mrs. Quinq C. tyres 

Mr. and Mrs. Guilford Babcock 

Mrs Uhcrta /. Baigenl 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bake 

Myra Can Baldwin '36 

Mrs. James L. Baldwin 

Mr. and Mrs. Julian Banton 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Barbour 

Henry M. Barker 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Barkley 

Mr and Mrs fltnr> I). Barnett 

Louise S, Barn 

Mr. and Mrs LeRoy Bartlelt III 

Mr. and Mrs (iar\ Gerald Barton 

Mr. and Mrs. Nicolas V Bashancs 

Mr. and Mrs R Bruce Bass 

Mrs Vrthur S. Bates 

Jacqueh/n I). Bates 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Beach, Jr. 

BrendaJ. Bean 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Beard 

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Becherer 

Mr. and Mrs.Robert Charles Beck 

Patricia A. Becker 

Mr. and Mrs. John Beche. Jr. 

Mrs. Henrj Behnke 

Mr. and Mrs Daniel Belanger 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bellan 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Bellows III 

Mr. and Mrs. John Bender 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bender 

Mr. and Mrs, William T. Benham. Sr, 

Mrs. William Bennett 

Marcia Rhodes Bergland '55 

The Hon, & Mrs, Maurice M 

Mr. and Mrs, Melville Bern. Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Can Bet/ 
Jean Shay Beveridge 
Mr. and Mrs, Francis C. Biasiolli 
Mr. and Mrs Carl Bialhrow 
Mrs George I' Bissell.Jr 
Mr. and Mrs, David Black 
Dr. and Mrs Edward V Blackburn, Jr. 
Mr and Mrs. Lawrence Blanchard. Jr. 
Nana Dicks Blanton '36 

Brian J. Bollon 

Mr. and Mrs Robert Bolz 

[0 NeKon Boo/e 5 i 

Mr and Mrs Edwin Bostain 

Dr. and Mrs George M Boswell.Jr. 

Mr and Mrs. \iorel Botea 

Mr. and Mrs Charles I Bow en 

Mr and Mrs James Boyd 

Mr and Mrs Joseph Bradford III 

Grace) Lucken Bradley '39 

Jane Williams Bradle\ 1 1 
Mr and Mrs w Waldo Bradley 
Beverly Smith Bragg 5 i 
Mr and Mrs Patteson Branch 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Bruce Bredin 

Mr. and Mrs. Slade Brewer 

Dr and Mrs. Carlos B. Brewer 

Mr. and Mrs Frank F Briber. Jr. 

David T. Broaddus 

Mrs. Margaret Cuthbert Broaddus 

Mr and Mrs Mitchell Brod 

Dr. and Mrs Owen W Brodie 

Mr. and Mrs Richard A. Brodie 

Mr. and Mrs Carlton Brown 

Mr and Mrs David Brown 

Frances M Brow idee 

Dr. and Mrs. Phillips R. Bryan 

Mr and Mrs Robert Bryant 

Mr. and Mrs. Pierpont B Buck 

Mr. and Mrs Richard Woolsey Buflliam 

Mr and Mrs Nathan IF Bundy, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Banks Burd 

Mr and Mrs James G. Burritt 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Alton Burroughs 

Dr. and Mrs Robeil Burt 

Mrs. Jalon S. Burton 

Mr and Mrs. J. Armistead Burwell, Jr. 

Marvin R. Busie 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Butcher 

Mr. and Mrs John C. Clarke Byrne, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs Michael F Byrne, Jr. 

John M. Cahill 

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Cain 

Dr. and Mrs Joshua F B Camblos 

Mr. and Mrs, Jerry Camden 

Mr and Mrs Victor Cameron 

katherine H. Campbell 

Mr. and Mrs. William Campbell 

Mr and Mrs Joseph Capodanno. Jr. 

Mr and Mrs. Ferdinand Carangelo 

Mr and Mrs. George I). Miller (an 

Mr and Mrs. Peter Catucci 

Mr and Mrs. Benny Cawood 

Mr and Mrs Christopher Chandor 

Dr. and Mrs. Yung Feng Chang 

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur I. Chenoweth 

Mr. imd Mrs. John R. Childress 

Mrs E. Mackall Childs 

Mr. and Mrs c Lynch Christian, Jr 

Mr. and Mrs Stuart Christian. Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs Joseph Cicoiello 

Mr and Mrs. James 1. ("lardy 

Mr. and Mrs David Clark l\ 

Mr and Mrs James Randolph Clark 

Mrs John V Clark 

Mr and Mrs Morton IF Clark 

Dr and Mrs lerrancc Clark 

Mr and Mrs James Clarke 

Mr and Mrs William S. Clarke 

Mr and Mrs John F Clarkson 

Mr and Mrs Joseph I) Clemens 

Maltha M Clement -<s 

Mr and Mrs Earnest Dean Coaller 

Susan I Coales 

Mrs. William Cogswell 111 

Samuel K. Cohn 

Nancy B Cole 

Mr and Mrs thomas I. Coleman 

Mr. and Mrs Edwin I' Collins. Sr. 

Mr and Mrs Michael Collins 

Mrs. Henry Conkle 

Mr and Mrs \delbert B Conlev.Jr. 

I.I. Col. and Mrs Duncan S. Cook 

Mr. and Mrs Clarke Cooper. J r 

Mr and Mrs Peter Cooper 

Mr and Mrs Ronald Cooper 

Mrs rhomas Costen 

Sandra 1) Costin 

Mr and Mrs Bnen Marc Cowan 

Mr. and Mrs George I.. Coyle.Jr, 

Mr and Mrs Herbert C. Craft 

Mr. and Ms W Ford Cramer, Jr. 

Kathnn M. c.raw 

John T Crawford 

Mr. and Mrs C. Kenneth Crocker 

Faith Rahmer Croker '54 

Mr, and Mrs. W. Crossland 

Mrs R Godwin Cnsler 

Mr and Mrs John Cunningham III 

Mr and Mrs William Curling 

Mr and Mrs Orison Curpier 

Mr. and Mrs Hilton Currens.Jr. 

Mr and Mrs Overton Currie 

Mr and Mrs. O\erton Currie. Jr. 

Mrs Frances (1 Curtis 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cuthbert. Jr. 

Mr and Mrs I Todd Dahnev 

Roberta T Daniel 

Mr and Mrs Edwin Daniels 

Harold R. Dann 

Mrs Kenneth C, Darh\ 

Mr and Mrs Frank Harden 

Mrs Ernest G. Davis, Jc 

Mr and Mrs Mark Eugene Davis 

Anita Yvonne Davis 

Mr. and Mrs Richard De Santis 

John F Dc Yogt 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald David DeLuney 

Mr. and Mrs Gregory DePriest 

Man Rolfejoyner DeShazor si 

Mr and Mrs Christian Deboie 

Judy W Dennis 

Mr. and Mrs Mark Define 

Mr. and Mrs lames A. Dick. Sr, 

Mr. and Mrs Kenneth H. Dickey 

Dr and Mrs John R. Dickinson 




Mrs. Foster E. Dixon 
Mr. and Mrs Joseph Dixon, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Dixon 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Doczi 
Margaret S. Dodge 
James T. Dolan. Jr. 
Mr. ;ind Mrs Robert Donald 
Mr. and Mrs. David Dorminev 
Dr. and Mrs. William H. L. Dornette 
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Doughu'e 
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Dow- 
Nancy Pingree Drake '42 
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Brown Drake 111 
Mrs. Desi Dreffin 
Mr. and Mrs. LeifDtAall 
Mr and Mrs. Paul W. Dndman 
Jane Yoe DuggaD '53 
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne I.. Duncan 
Mr. and Mrs. Timothv Dunn 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Dusenbuiy 
Mr. and Mrs. John Dwarzski 
Mr. and Mrs. James Ehlen, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. David Ebons 
Margaret Ross Kllice .34 
Mr. and Mrs. .Mien Elliott, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Elze, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eney 
Jane Campbell Knglert '57 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Etlbanks, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. H. Clyde Evans 
Mr and Mrs. Dart Everett 11 
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Fuller 
Dr. and Mrs. Eric Brian Farber 
Mr. and Mrs. H. Blair Farinholt 
Elizabeth Stafford Farmer 
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Farnsworth 
Beryl Bergquist Farris 71 
Regina Fields 

Drs. Albert and Janet Finch 
Mr. and Mrs. William Fink 
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund W. Fisher 
Linda A. File '67 
Rachel Mays Fitzgerald "3 
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy T. Flaherty 
Sheila Flannery 
Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Foley 
|ud\ Smith Forbes 
Elizabeth Morton Forsyth '36 
W illiam W. Foshay. Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fowler 
Decca Gilmer Frackelton '4l 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Franson 
Sharon L. Franz 
Joanne Williams Eraser '51 
Dr. and Mrs. Charles A. Free 
Mrs. Gerald A. Freed 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Fretwell, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Friberg 
A. Thomas Friend 
David Fronk 

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Frothingham 
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Fruehauf. Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Fry 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Funkhouser. |r 

Beverley Mill Furniss '35 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Garcia 

Vino Garnache 

John R. Garrett 

Nancy E. Gavin 

Mrs. Douglas T. Geddes 

Thomas W George 

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Christ 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Gibbons III 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gibson. Sr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Joe H. Gieck 

Mrs. William B. Gillies. Jr. 

Paul W. Girard 

Alice Williams Glover -tl 

Laura Hand Glover '86 

katln Godsalve 

Martha Dillard Comer 

Mrs. Frank Goodman 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Goodwin 

Mr. and Mrs. John Goodwin 

Dr. and Mrs. James P. Goolsby Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. G. Deanes Gornto 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Shepard Gredler 

Mr and Mrs. Philip Greer 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W Grier, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Grist 

Mrs. William R. Griswold 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Grosvenor 

Mr. and Mrs. George Groves 

Mr and Mrs. Peyton Grymes, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. William Gunn III 

Audrey McCullough Gunn 

Mr. and Mrs. Neilson J. Hackler 

.Mice Trout Hagan '49 

Estella R. Hager 

Mrs. William N. Hale 

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Hale 

Mr. and Mrs. David Hall 

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Halsey 

Mr and Mrs. Tom Hamby 

Star K. Hamilton 

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Hanger 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hanket 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Harden 

Man Holland Hardin '46 

Dr. and Mrs. H. M. Hard) 

Lynn Prior Harrington '58 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Jerry Harris 

The Honorable Dale H. Harris 

Dr. and Mrs. David J. Harris 

Mr. I)a\id Harris 

Edward R. Harris. Jr. 

Elizabeth A. Harris 

Elizabeth Trueheart Harris 4 l ) 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Harris 

Mr. and Mrs. W. Gibson Harris 

Henriette Minor Hart '39 

Georgia Herbert Hart '40 

Jean Hart 

Mr. and Mrs. B. Neal Harm 

Elizabeth W. Haw 

John T. Hayes 

Mr and Mrs. Mckinley Haves 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald lledrick 

Mr. and Mrs. Rainer Heller 

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Hemphill 

Mr. and Mrs. Victor Henningsen, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Mark llerndon 

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Herring 

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Herzog 

Mr. and Mrs. John Ira Hickman. Jr. 

JohnR. Hicks, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Higginbotham 

Mr. and Mrs. John Higgjns 

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hoffman. Jr. 

Mrs. Lloyd R. Hoilman 

Esther Jett Holland '43 

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Holthaus. Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. James Hopkins I\ 

Joseph E. Horak 

Mr. and Mrs. William Horbatt 

Mr. and Mrs. Lee Houston, Jr. 

Susan Taylor Hubbard '51 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Hughes 

Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hungerpiller 

Dr. and Mrs. Fred D. Hunker 

Paul A. Hunter 

Still Hunter, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hutchison 

Renee K. Hylton 

Dr. and Mrs. Dino W. Insalaco 

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ison 

Mr. and Mrs. B. hey Jackson 

T. Haller Jackson. Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Jaffa 

Mr. and Mrs. Evan James 

Sara Callison Jamison '29 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis Jenkins, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Jenkins 

Mr. and Mrs. Jorgen B. Jensen 

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Johnson, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Hardy Johnson 

Mrs. Irving A. Johnson. Jr. 

Col. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Johnson 

Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Johnson 

Katherine Estes Johnston '40 

Mrs. Carl A. Jones 

Dallis Johnson Jones '54 

Frederick M.Jones, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. G.Jones, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ham Jones 

Mr and Mrs. John M. Jones 

Katherine Doar Jones '43 

Lucy Kiker Jones '43 

Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm G.Jones, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Meredith Jones, Jr. 

Nancy Parsons Jones '36 

Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin S. Jordan 

Michele B. Joy 

Colleen Marie Jozwiak 

Mr. and Mrs. David Kaatz 

Keith C. Kanaga 

Leon Jay Kaplan 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kaplan 

Mr. and Mrs. John Keating 

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Keating. Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles keck, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Keller 
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel M. Kelh 
Mr. and Mrs. James Kemper III 
Mr and Mrs Worth Kendall 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert kenefick 
Mr. and Mrs. Warner W Kent, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. William kicnt/. 111 
Mr. and Mrs. Aubre; K 1 1 1 -4 
Mr and Mrs. Jack F King 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert II. Kline 
Capt. and Mrs. John J. Kingston 
Mr. and Mrs. Cenap Kiratli 
Nancy A. Kirhv 

Mr. and Mrs. H. Donald Kistler 
Richard R. Kline 
Mr and Mrs. Robert H. Kline 
The Rev. & Mrs. Peter N. Knost 
Mr. and Mrs. Jan Koper 
Gerald Kottke 
Kathryn Kotula 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kovalch 
Mr. and Mrs William Kroh 
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Kruschwitz 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kuehlwein 
Emilie Kuhlman-Furrer 
Mr. and Mrs. James Kuhns 
Mrs. Charles J. Kurtz, Jr. 
Albert A. La Londe 
Victoria Munn and Bruce Lamb 
Elizabeth Todd Landen '50 
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Lane. Jr. 
Sarah Gay Lanford '49 
Mr. and Mrs. R. Larus, Jr. 
Drs. Oscar and Rosario Laserna 
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lavvson 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mark I.awson 
Mr. and Mrs. Canille Leaf, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lean 
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Lehenbauer 
Richard E. Leslie 

The Hon. and Mrs. Gavin G.K. Letts 
Anne Bundy Lewis '42 
Mr. Charles Carson Lewis 
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lewis 
Sue Taylor Lilley '51 
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Lind 
Carol Lindstrom 
Mine Corbitt Little '34 
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Littleton 
Joan Hulley Overman '64 
Mrs. Albert Long 
Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Long 
Mr. and Mrs. John Losse. Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Louis 
Dan C. Loy 

Mr. and Mrs. David E Ludwick, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Mai Donald III 
Mr. and Mrs. James Russell MacFall 
Mrs. Hugh 1. MacMillao 
Kathrina Howze Maclellan '33 
The Rev and Mrs. Charles F Magistro 



D O N O R 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Malm 

Camilla Ann Malone 

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Manderson.Jr 

Mr. and Mrs George \V Mapp.Jr. 

In and Mrs Virgil II. Marshall 

Condid s. Martak 

Dr. and Mrs. A. Dean Martin, Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. C. Mien Martin, Jr. 

Jimraie I). Martin 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Martin 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Martin 

Mr and Mrs Steven Martin 

Mr. and Mrs Norman Mason 

Mr. and Mrs Thomas B. Mason 

Mr. and Mrs. Linwood s Mather, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard V Mattinglv, Jr. 

Shirley Allen Matzdorf 

Genevieve Maxon-Stark 

Emorj I inniss Maxwell '7 i 

McNair Currie Maxwell 

Mr Vnd Mrs Robert Maxwell 

Carol J, Ma\ 

Mr and Mrs Howard J. Mayo 

Man Mc Dowell 

Cynthia Hardy McCabe 74 

Mr. and Mrs. John W McCaleb.Jr. 

Margaret Graves McClung '53 

Mr. and Mrs. Donagfa McDonaugh 

Arthur L. McDougal 

Joseph \i McDowell 

Mr. and Mrs. Marion McEachem 

Sorrel Mackall McElroj S l ) 

Inula \. McKeever 

llolh Irwin McKinley 

Mr. and Mrs. William McKoy 

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Gary McLaughlin 

Elvira Cochran McMillan -it 

Mr. and Mrs. William II. McNair 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard McVtmara 

Mr. and Mrs. Colin McNease 

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne McOwen 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Meade 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Meadows, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Richard Mclvin, Jr. 

Anne old Mercer '38 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Meyer 

Mr and Mrs Stephen Harris Middlcton 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Clifford Miller, Jr. 

Mr and Mrs William G. Miller 

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Miller. Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Henry l» Mills. Jr 

Mr. and Mrs Samuel R. Mink. Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs David M. Minton III 

Mrs. Darn Mixson 

Mr. and Mrs John II. Moblej 

Preston I. Mollell 

Mr and Mrs Withers W. Moncure, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. c. Robert Monnich 

Sharon J Mood) 

Irene Mitchell Moore '42 

Sarah Jane Murdock Moore '59 

Walter J. Morel/. Jr. 

Col \nd Mrs. Donald Morgan 

Mr and Mrs. John Luther Morgan III 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Muring 

Virginia Van winkle Morlidge '28 

Mrs I rank A. Morris. Jr. 

Vaughan Inge Morrissette '5 i 

Mr and Mrs John Morse. Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. John II. Mulholland 

Mr. and Mrs. \rlhur Mullen 

Mr and Mrs, Thomas Mullen 

Mr. and Mrs. David B, Mullens 

(.race Bllgg Miillerl'liMli -)2 

Mr and Mrs, Edwin Mulock III 

Charlotte Sprunt Murchison '46 

John J. Naegel 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald N'aquin 

Mr. and Mrs, John E. Neill 

Mr. and Mrs I kirn R. Nelson 

James V Nelson 

Mrs. John W. Ncvvlin 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Wilson Newman 

Mr and Mrs. James W Newman, Jr. 

\iine Walker Newton '38 

Mr and Mrs. Waller Ne\sen 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Nickodeni 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles II. Noble. Jr. 

Lossie Taylor Noell tl 

Mr. and Mrs. David Nollon 

Nancj E Norman 

Neal E. Nines 

Mrs James E. OT learn 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Obex 

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Man Ogle 

Dr. and Mrs W. Levi Old, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Olmslead 

Mrs Prime E Osborn 

Katharine Weisiger Osborne '47 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Osterholm 

Mr. and Mrs.Jerold Ostrov, 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Oswald, Jr. 

Cynthia Wilson Ottaway '57 

Mi and Mrs. Terrell Wallace Oxford 

Barbara R. Page 

Mr. and Mrs. Carmen Palermo 

Mr. and Mrs. John G. Palmer 

Mr. and Mrs. David Palmer 

Julia A. Paris '99 

Barbara Thompson Parker 'tl 

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Parker 

Dr. and Mrs Jerrj 1. Parker 

Mr. and Mrs. Archie Jay Patterson II 

Mr. and Mrs. Berkley Paxton 

Mr and Mrs. David W. Peck 

Kathleen Garcia Pegues 71 

David 0. Pelham 

Man M Pender 

Elizabeth Graves Perkinson i.s 

Mr and Mrs. Barry Perlow 

Ellen Gilliam Pern iS 

Mr. and Mrs. William Pelree 

Dr. and Mrs. Cornelius W Pethnga 

Joan M PettJ 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pe\alt 

Mr. and Mrs Damn Plciffer 

Mr and Mrs John (I. Pflugfelder 

Mr and Mrs Jeffen R Philbrook 

Mr. and Mrs Cecil Phillips 

Mr. and Mrs Robert Pike 

Mr and Mrs. Ballard Pmkard. Jr. 

Mr and Mrs Robert Pinson 

Vernon w Piper 

Rebecca S. Puis 

Ruth Mvers Pleasants U 

Bowdre Budd Poer '46 

Catherine Tift Porter '44 

Nana Dutlon Potler 

Mr and Mrs Wayne Pottmeyer 

Kim king Corbel! Powell 'iS 

The Honorable and Mrs Carleton I). 

Mr. and Mrs. Jack J. Powell 
Mr. and Mrs. Philip N Powell 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Prem 
Margaret Craighill Price 'tl 
Mr and Mrs Harry Pringle. Jr. 
Mr and Mrs. Dean W. Proctor 
Elizabeth Perkins Prothro '39 
Mr and Mrs. Mark Prothro 
Mien Boyd Puckctt III 
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Pugh 
Robin Sue Pnrcell 
Mr. and Mrs. W. 1'. Quesenbern. Jr. 
Mr and Mrs. William M. Ragland 
Mr and Mrs Donald Ramsay 
Mr. and Mrs. William Raney 
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Ray 
Mr. and Mrs. James Read 
Mr. and Mrs. Lee R. Redmond. Jr. 
Judge & Mrs. Richard Lee Reeh 
Mr and Mrs. Craig Rein 
Mr. and Mrs. Waller Rciler. Jr. 
Mr and Mrs John Reither. Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm M. Remington 
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Renfrew 
Emory Hill Rex '41 
Man Catherine Reider 
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph R. Riehl.Jr. 
Dr. and Mrs Robert II. Rihl 
Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Buist Rivers. Jr. 
Susan Ketner Robinson 
\nn Barren Robison 
Man tan Mellen Rooi '53 
Mr. and Mrs. Frank V Rosa. Jr. 
Mr and Mrs. Johnie Roth. Jr. 
Patricia Traugoit Rouse 48 
Mr and Mrs. Josiah P. Rowe III 
Mr and Mrs John Ollie Rucker. Jr. 
Raymond (i. Ruff 
Mr. and Mrs Charles Ruff 
Mr and Mrs. Gregory Russo 
Mr and Mrs. Burl Ryan, Jr. 
Mr and Mrs. William E. Sanford 
Francis R. Santangelo 
Neil C. Sapp 

Mr and Mrs. Dennis Sarmento 
Jean Oliver Sartor .i l ) 
Mr and Mrs. John M. Sayler 

Mr and Mrs Joseph Scales. Jr. 
Dr and Mrs Guv I. SchleSS 
Margaret Cornwell Schmidt '37 

Mr and Mrs R Schmidt 

Dr and Mrs. J. T Schriempf 

Mr and Mrs Hughes S Schroder 

Mildred Schroder 

Mr and Mrs. Francis Schultheis 

Stephen I Sclltil/ 

Mr and Mrs Charles Scott 

Elizabeth Shepard Scott '43 

Mrs John IF Scott 

Mr Cabin I. Scovel.Jr 

Mr & Mrs Edward L. Scitz 

Mr and Mrs Rick Scvlarth 

Daniel Edward Shannon 

Mrs Madan M Sharma 

Mr and Mrs James II Shaw. Jr 

Mr and Mrs John Raymond Shaw 

Burney Parrott Sheeks SS 

Mr and Mrs Gilbert Sheinbauni 

Mr. and Mrs. Wilson F. I). Shepherd 

Mice Dulaney Sheridan 

Mr and Mrs Darrell Shields 

Mr. and Mrs, Richard V Shiller 

Mr and Mrs John Shillcstad 

Mr. and Mrs kenelm Shirk 

Rohm Hilar) Shumaker 

Jane Slack Sigloh '56 

Margaret Lawrence Simmons -l 1 ) 

Dr. and Mrs William II Sipe II 

Mr. and Mrs. Kelson Slayman 

Mr and Mrs. F Ames Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffen King Smith 

Man Virginia Camp Smith '36 

Mr and Mrs Paul Smith 

Mr and Mrs William Smith 

Capl. and Mrs C Slrihhng Snodgrass. Jr. 

Mrs Joseph C. Snodgrass. Jr. 

Mr and Mrs llarrv IF Snyder 

Mr and Mrs David Sobotta 

Mr. and Mrs Warren S Sockwell 

Mr. and Mrs Jose Solium 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sparks 

Stephanie Bredui Speakman '68 

Palti Birge Spivcv '61 

Mr. and Mrs. Dan Spivej 

Mr. and Mrs Robert Starkev 

Mr and Mrs Philip John Stitssi 

Mr. and Mrs. IF Sternum 

Virginia Lutz Stephen '61 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L Stephens 

Mr and Mrs Gerry Stephens 

Catherine Fawder Stephenson '39 

Mr and Mrs. Edward G. Steves 

Mr and Mrs Ben C Stimpson 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Stinnett 

Mr and Mrs Kevin Slockdale 

Mr and Mrs. John (1 Stone 

Mr and Mrs Robert Fivvood Ston 

Ruth Low ranee Street 2" 

Mr and Mrs Charles Slnngfellow. Jr 

Man Fee Rvan Slrotlter "34 





Sue Graves Stubbs '33 

Mi and Ylrs Vinceni Suchta 

Marj Lane Bryan Sullivan '58 

Mr. and Mrs. Kimbel LSummervilie 

Dr. ;uid Mrs. Joseph R. Svohoda 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Swales 

Dr. ;uid Mrs. James A. Swenberg 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Szak 

Mr. and Mrs. S. Tarnowski 

Dr. and Mrs. Edmund R. Taylor 

Mr. and Mrs. H. Tyler Taylor. Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Taylor 

Dr. and Mrs Nelson S, Teague 

Mr. and Mrs. James Theodores 

Mr. and Mrs. Calvert Thomas 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Thomas 

Emily B. Thomas 

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Thorstenberg, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Truman TilloLson 

Ruth Uland Todd '22 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Toepffer 

Jane Roseberry Tolleson '52 

Mr. and Mrs. George F. Tomlinson 

Mrs. Charles E. Toomey III 

Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Toomey III 

Newell Bryan Tozzer '55 

Mr. and Mrs. Myron E. Tremain 

Mrs. Ralph R. Triplette 

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Truman 

Mr and Mrs. Charles D. Turtle 

Mrs. John Twohy TV 

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Tyree 

Mrs. James W. I'tt 

Mr. and Mrs. Harry T Yallery 

Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Yarn 

Mr. and Mrs. Roy Varnado 

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Yaught. Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Via, Jr. 

Evalena Sharp Yidal '48 

Mr. and Mrs. George V'ogler 

Jerrold R. V'oss 

Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Wackenhut 

Mr. and Mrs. Gary YYagner 

Helen Gwinn Wallace '4l 

Bess Pratt Wallace '48 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth H. Waller 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Walters 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Walters, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. George Walton, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hampton Warde 

Betty Byrne Gill Ware '55 

Rev and Mrs. Marshall T Ware 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Waring 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Warner 

Mr. and Mrs. Woodward YY arrick, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Waters 

Mrs. L. Bradford Waters 

Mrs. John I. Watson 

Dr. and Mrs. William J. Watt 

Lee Montague Watts '39 

Ylr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Weaver 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Webb 

Mr. and Mrs. William Edward Webber 

Lorene Weber 

Mr. and Mrs. John Webster 

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Webster III 

Mr. and Mrs. Lester YYeekes 

Mr. and Ylrs Gerald Weigle 

Mr. and Mrs. George Weiler, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ja\ Weinberg 

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis YYeiner 

Ylrs. Richard C. Weiss 

Mr. and Mrs. John Wells 

Dr. and Mrs. Clifton E West, Jr. 

Alice G. and Curtis G. West 

Mr. and Mrs. Alan White 

Mr. and Mrs. Hugh White 

Mr. and Mrs. James White 

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Whitehurst, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Whidey 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. YYickham 

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen YY ilcoxson 

Mr. and Mrs. W. Roscoe Willett. Jr. 

Dr. and Mrs. Carrington Williams, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Finest G. YYilliams 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Williams 

Josephine Happ YYillingham '38 

Mr. and Mrs. George Willock III 

Timothy Nathan Wilson 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Wingate, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Winn 

Florence Bagley Witt 42 

William B. Wolf, Jr. 

Diane Duffield YYood '57 

Elizabeth Bond Wood '34 

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Adams YYood, Sr. 

Mr. and Ylrs. Clay Woodard 

Mr. and Mrs. David YYbodbury 

Mr. and Mrs. James YY'oods 

Mr. and Ylrs. Henry Wright, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Wright III 

Bernard J. W under. Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Shahram Yavari 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Yeager 

Ann Benet Yellott '51 

Ylr. and Ylrs. Seymour R. Young 

Mr. and Mrs. Monroe .Allen Young 

Mr. and Mrs. Elwin Zarwell 

Janis Thomas Zeanah '52 

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Ziebold 

W. Denman Zirkle 

Jane Lewis Zollicoffer '50 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zuckerman 

Raimonds A. Zvirbulis 

Barbara |. Zvirbulis 


Expanded and renovated, the Florence Elston Inn 
and Conference Center officially opened March It. 
2001. Sixteen rooms have been added to the 
Florence Elston Inn. bringing the total available to 38. The 
facility also boasts a new reception area, a 24-hour infor- 
mation center, a lounge with a fireplace, and a bridge 
connecting the Inn to the Conference Center. The latter 
has been transformed into a beautiful facility including 
seven conference rooms equipped with sophisticated 
computer and audiovisual technology, direct Internet 
access, and cable connections. It also oilers full catering 
capabilities for formal, informal, or buffet dining. 

The Florence Elston Inn and Conference Center was 
made possible through the vision of one of the College s 
most enthusiastic supporters, Gordon Beemer, a proud 
honorary member of the Sweet Briar College Class of 
1921. the class of his second wife, Florence Woelfel 
Elston-Beemer. The late Mrs. Elston-Beemer, whose trust 
provided $4.3 million to fund the project, graduated from 
Sweet Briar with a major in German and a minor in 
French. She was vice president of Dana Perfumes for mar- 
keting, sales and promotion — very much a woman ahead 
of her time! 

Gordon G. Beomer H'21 with President Muhlenfeld at the dedication for the 
Florence Elston Inn and Conference Center 


\ T I O N 

O I 

D O N O R S 

I.cif Aagaard. Jr 

[eresa w tagaard 87 

Leland R. tbbej 

David I tbrams 

Mrs victor tckermann 

David P. kdams 

lumber!) Ainswortfa 

Kath) Summers Utken 

Judith \l. Uperin-Fried 

Helen \llman 

Deniese R. Angelino 

Dr. and Mrs Gregorj T. Armstrong 

Rosalia C Ascari 

Lauren Ashwell 

Dr. and Mrs. D.C. Augustine 

Tina Austin 

Man Austin 

Regina Auth 

Bruce Baber 

Nancy Baginski 

Irving W. Bailej D 

Nancy Godwin Baldwin '57 

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Baldwin 

Ellyn C. Ballon 

Robert H. Barlow 

Dede T. Bartlett 

Mrs Arthur S. Bates 

Mr. and Mrs. James Beck 

Linda Beck 

Gordon G. Beemer H'21 

S\Kiane Bellani\ 

Josephine Benedek 

Miriam F. Bennett 

Sail) C. Benoist 

Charlotte Biddle 

Barbara Blair 

Kendall T. Blake 

Frances Bolton 

Catherine Sims Boman 

Joan Bootnb) 

Robert Boyd 

Kenneth W. Bradt 

Ruth Briggs 

Robert Brouse 

Patricia Bruce 

kathrin Burleson 

William J. Cabaniss, Jr. 

Karen A. Caccese 

Stephanie Caldara 

Michael J. Camhern 

Joseph F. Carroll 

Maculey Carter. Jr. 

Ann McDonald Carter '97 

Katharine Cerow 

S Mien Chambers. Jr. 

Robert L. Chase 

Mr. and Mrs \lhcrt Chohy 

Chasit) Clarke 

Man Clarke 

Ann Compton 

Anne Rush Cook 

Paula B. Cook 

Joan Cooper 

Sail) M. Council! 

Mr and Mrs Paul Cronin 

Gene Crottj 

Thomas I. Crowell 

Tiffany Cummings 

Mr. and Mrs Peter V Daniel 

Nina DarnoldBoone 

Deborah Da) 

Calvert (1. deColignv Ir 

William G. lie Coligm 

Mr and Mrs Luis de llechaurna 

Pamela J DeWccse 

Monica F. Dean 

Heidi Debevoise 

James Delissio 

Myrna Delson-Karan 

Katherine Dering 

James M. Dernier 

\iola Devinnej 

Gilda Dick 

Peter B. Dirlam 

Vincent J. Doddy 

Mr. and Mrs. Rodman Durlee 

Kemp V Dwenger 

Constance I.. Kcklund 

Ernest P. Edwards 

Mr and Mrs. Michael I. Flko 

Richard Ellis 

.Man M. Fnglcr 

Judith Evans-Grubbs 

Rodger W. Faiiber 

Karla Beth L Faulconer 

Carina C. Faunlleroy 

Diana I Feinberg 

llolhann Fellows 

Jonathan Fielding 

James D. Finley il 

Ruth Firm 

T. Richard Fishhein 

Melissa Coffiej Fit/ '98 

R FJliol Fleming 

W. Foster, Jr, 

Eugenia Francis 

Katherine Freedman 

Bryant C. Freeman 

Shelby French 

Mrs. Robert J. Friedlandcr 

Janet Friedman 

Ethel L. Froewiss 

Forrest L (iagcr. Jr 

Lynda Gallagher 

Mr. and Mrs Stewart (iamiuill 111 

Maureen Carces 

\l.i\me Canter 

Mitchell I. (lamer 

Joshua I). (iibson 

Robert M (iill 

Mrs. Glen (iilson II 

John I Collide 

Nancj Goulde 

Gretchen Gail Gravle) '98 


O F 


Karen Graj 

Madeleine F. (liven 

Elizabeth Griffin 

Anne F. Grimm 

Margot H. Hahn 

Bradley Hale 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hall III 

Nana Hall 

Edward H. Hancock. Jr. 

Judith A. Hansen 

Man F. Hansen 

Adelaide H. Hapala 

W illiam P. Harris 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Harrison 

Donald R. Hart. Jr. 

Dabney A. Hart 

Helen Hellmuth 

Melissa Gail Henning "99 

Christopher Herbert 

Mr. and Mrs. \Y. Herbruck 

Gloria A. Higginbotham 

Jean Higginbothani 

Julie Hilton 

Theresa Hogan 

Mrs. Lloyd R. Hoilman 

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Honig 

Man Jane Oliver Hubbard '62 

Thomas P. Hughes 

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Hughes. Jr. 

Theodore W. Hughes 

Arthur F. Humphrey III 

Darrell W. Hunt 

Mk'ii W. Huszti 

Janice T. Ikenherry 

Julia Mills Jacobsen 45 

Henry James. Jr. 

Deborah Judd 

Gwen Speel Kaplan 

William R. Kershner 

Bonnie Kestner 

Kevin Kiger 

Joseph Kilgore, Sr. 

Mrs. John S. Klein 

Joan Kline 

Michael S. Koppisch 

Susan Kotta 

Laura Lacchia-Rose 

Aileen H. Laing '57 

Rebecca Massie Lane 

Harriet Lawrence 

Barbara Lee 

Susan C. Lehman 

Sandra A. Leibovvitz 

Ralph Leighton 

Dr. and Mrs. George H. Lenz 

Janet T. Letts 

Julia B. Leverenz 

Anne S. Levy 

Deborah J. Lindblom 

Jane T. Lingo 

David L. Longfellow 

Dr. M. Lose 

Jack C. Lotz 

Charlie Lovett 

Joan Lucy 

Daphne Macneil 

Mrs. William H. Macon 

Michael J. Madden 

Sandra Maddox H'59 

Charles J. Mailman 

Martha Malloy 

Cheryl Mares 

RobertG. Marshall 

Christina Martin 

Daniele Mason 

S. Grant Massie 

Gloria K. Matthews 

Cathy Cash Mays '84 

John R. McClenon 

Heidi McCrory 

George W. McDaniel 

Nancy McDearmon 

James H. Mcinerney. Jr. 

Peter McRobbie 

Lynn M. McWhood 

Mr. and Mrs. William Meadows III 

Michael Melnick 

Mrs. Meryl B. Menon 

Mary Lou Merkt 

Stamos Metzidakis 

Helene Mewborn 

Harriet H. Meyer 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Miceli 

Reuben G. Miller 

Elizabeth Milstein 

Sigrid Mirabella 

Edson Mitchell 

Anna Marie Moore 

Michael L. Moore 

Katherine Morgan 

The Rev. and Mrs. Eugene Moritz 

L. Morrison 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Moss 

John C. Mueller 

Elisabeth S. Muhlenfeld 

John B. Nason III 

Mrs. Lawrence G. Nelson 

Judith Nelson 

Mr. and Mrs. Alex Newmark 

Alvin B. Nordhem 

Marilyn A. Nowogroski 

Michael J. Olecki 

James F. Olmsted 

Rudolpho Ongjoco 

Walter Page. Jr. 

Nicholas D. Paige 

Jeffrey Parets 

Julia A. Paris '99 

Julie Parker 

Alice Pasqualetti 

Ivana Pelnar-Zaiko 

Lowndes Peple 

Barbara Ann Pern 

Grace Pern 

Mr. and Mrs. John Petchul 

C. Gregg Petersmeyer 

Elmer Peterson 

Jay Philpott 

E. Lee Piepho 

Susan Piepho 

C. Cotesworth Pinckney 

Joanne Plany 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Pusey 

Ann Morrison Reams '42 

Stacy Reazin 

Kenneth Regan 

Caroline Reid 

Linda K. Reinhold 

Michael I). Richards 

.Anne H. Richards 'N4 

Katharine Richardson 

Patience C. Richeson '91 

Drahos Ricny 

John C. Risher 

Rachel F. Robbins 

Elizabeth H. Robertson 

Capt. and Mrs. Evan D. Robinson 

Phyllis Klein Rohrlich 

William I). Rome) 

Margaret Rose 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rosen 

David Rosenbloom 

Patricia M. Rosenthal 

Eric A. Rothfeld 

Charles Rowe 

Clarissa M. Rowland 

Cornelia Russell 

Charles Ryland 

Barrett Sanders 

Magali Santos 

Tom M. Schaumberg 

Helene P. Schewel 

John Schneidnagel 

Susan Schwartzman 

Cara Scouten 

Bonnie L. Seitz '00 

Brent M. Shea 

Unward P. Shivers 

English Showalter. Jr. 

John M. Shuey, Jr. 

June Siegel 

Manin Sirbu 

Michael Slomovitz 

Jonathan Small 

Jean Smiles 

Cynthia Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Smith 

Elizabeth F Sprague 

Brent Stait-Gardner 

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley P. StanMewicz 

Margaret Stanton 

Robert A. Steckel 

Nina Steel 

Mr. and Mrs. R. Steele, Jr. 

Barbara H. Steiner 

Pat Stepanski 

James F M. Stephens. Jr. 
Elisabeth Stevens 

Patricia Cam Stewart 

Millard and Martha Stimpson 

Edward Stone 

Laura L. Stotdemyer 

Cheryl Sweeney 

Katherine Baker Sydnor '66 

Susan A. Talbot 

Mason Tenaglia 

David Tickel 

Marjorie Tomchuk 

Deal Tompkins 

Lise Tousignant 

Angela H Toussaint 

Neal Toward 

Marc H. Trager 

David Tresan 

Daniel Vaillancourt 

Elizabeth Van lersel 

Margaret V. Vautard 

Ronald E. Vautard 

Mr. and Mrs. Birdsall Viault 

George K. Visich 

Lynn \itali 

Arthur I.. Vogelback 

George F. Walker 

Hugo Walter 

Irene Ward 

Stephen R. Wassell 

Judy Webb 

Charles M. Weis 

Francis Welch, Jr. 

James M. Wells 

Edith Mapother Wells 

Mrs. Wilmuth White 

Carey Whitehead 

Donna Whitehouse 

Dr. and Mrs. Harold B. Whiteman. Jr. 

Ann Marshall Whitley -t" 

M. Lyndon Whitmore 

Kimberly H. Wiehl 

Herbert Neil W igder 

Mr. P. Wijesinghe 

Linda W.Will 

William Penn Middle School 

Man Anne Wilson 

Joan O'Meara Winant 

Jeanne L. Windsor 

Laurel W'omer 

Nichole C. Yaroush 

Charles R. Yates 

Lane Young 

Cheryl Zdziera 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Zender 

Louise Swiecki Zingaro '80 

Cornelia Perkins Zinsser '52 

Roger L. Zissu 


K A T I O N 

D O N O R 








Alice Car) Fanner Brown '59 
Laura Lee Brown '63 
Jean Walker Campbell 'in 
Fa) Martin Chandler '43 
Claire Cannon Christopher '58 
Jocelyn Palmer Connors '62 
lean Inge Cox '65 
Juliet Halliburton Davis '35 
Barbara Boiling Downs '64 
Celia Williams Dunn '61 
Mananne Button Felch 79 
Lynn Croshv Gammill '58 
Allison Roberts Greene 'SI 
Mr ami Mrs. Philip Greer 
Elizabeth Forsyth Harris '60 
Elisabeth Wallace Hantaan '53 
Mr. and Mrs. Wctor W. Henningsen, Jr. 

(Mayde Ludington '48) 
Leslej Bissell Hoopes '68 
Jacqueline Mabie Humphrey '60 
Donna Pearson Jose) (h 
Melissa McGee Keshishian 71 
Caroline Casej Undemann -t 1 -) 
Sara Finnegan Lycefl '61 
Man Seaton Marston '31 
\nionia Bredin Massie 7" 
Mr. ami Mrs William ll. Meadows III 
Irene Mitchell Moore ' i2 
Kmli Myers Pleasants '3 i 
tame Litle Poulet <>i 
Nancj Pesek Rasenberger si 
Lynn Kahler Rogerson 76 
Jill Steenhuis Runaio '80 
Lynn Pearson Russell '69 
Man l.ou Morion Seilheimer '63 
Man Virginia Camp Smith '36 
Elynor Nchlett Stephens s _ 
Penelope Lagakos lurak 74 
Wend) C Wtiler7i 
Connie Burwell White \U 
Nana c. White 79 

Dr ami Mrs Oregon T Armstrong 

Barbara Grace) Backer 71 

Vino Godwin Baldwin '57 

Man I ran Brown Ballard '49 

Robert ll Barton 

Barbara Blair 

Catherine Sims Boman 

Anne Booth '64 

Mr. and Mrs Joseph C Bradford III 

tnne Mijunkin Briber 13 

Mr and Mrs Richard A Brodie 

AliceCar) Farmer Brown '59 

Catherine Barnett Brown '49 

Man l.andon Smith Brugfa S" 

Virginia Lee Butters '66 

Catherine Caldwell Cabaniss '61 

Mr. and Mrs, William V Campbell 

Sigrid Zirkle Carroll '93 

Fa) Martin Chandler '43 

Claire Cannon Christopher '58 

Chasit) (Clarke 

Luq Darb) Cole 78 

Barbara Bush Cooper SI 

Catherine Spessard Cooper '57 

Faith Rahmer Croker '5 i 

Nannette McBumej Crowdus s" 

Mr. and Mrs Peter V Daniel 

Barbara Boiling Downs '64 

Nancy Pingree Drake 13 

Amelia E. Dudnian '96 

Celia Williams Dunn '61 

Hannah Davis Emig '83 

Man Anne Fanner o I 

Karla-Beth L. Faulconer 

Carina C. launtlerov 

Morris Jcdd Ferguson 76 

Ruth Firm 

Stephanie Stilt Fitzpatrick '8 1 

Chloe Fort '62 

Daun Thomas Frankland 74 

Clara Call Fra/ier '40 

Man \nn Rohh Freer '54 

Dorothea M Fuller '53 

Forrest L, (lager. Jr. 

Sarah Belk Gambrell '39 

Jane Piper Gleason 74 

Sarah (iiddens Glcndav '69 

Allison Roberts Greene '81 

\nue F Grimm 

Tonya N. Grudier '98 

Alison S. Hall '97 

Fli/aheth Forsyth Harris '60 

William I'. Harris 

Elisabeth Wallace Hartman '53 

\esia Murraj Haselden '38 
Elizabeth w Han 

kale I. Haw 02 
Kristin l. Herzog 70 
rlazel Wright Hilsman 73 
Esther Jett Holland is 

Man lane S Oliver Huhhard '62 
Barbara M. Jastrebsk) '87 
Phyllis v Joyner '55 

\nne Wimhish Kasanin '59 

Manila Legg kat/ '32 

Nanq Hudler keulTel '62 

Sarah Johnston Knoblauch 74 

\nn Elizabeth Knoke '92 

Bruce Watts Krucke '54 

\ileen II. Laing '57 

Grayson Harris Fane '83 

Rebecca Massie Fane 

Karol A. Fawson 'SI 

Dr. and Mrs George 11. Lenz 

Ann Colston Leonard '47 

Elizabeth Crones Leonard 76 

Jane T. Lingo 

Astrid M. B. I.iverman '98 

Beatrice Dingwell Loos "46 

Sara Finnegan Lvcett '61 

Nanq Coppedge Lynn "61 

Nanq E MacMeekin '65 

\nlonia Bredin Massie "" 

Gloria k Matthews 

Auium Matysek-Snyder 

Nanq McDearmon 

Brenda Jane Mckenzie 

Rebecca Towill \lc\air '60 

Mr and Mrs William II Meadows III 

Jeannette Bush Miller 7J 

Norma Patteson Mills '60 

Irene Mitchell Moore -I J 

Elisabeth s Muhlenfeld 

Dawn Monahan Nelson oi 

Diane king Nelson '4S 
Emir) kathnn Carter Nichols til 
Natasha Dewees Nickodem '01 
C. Gail Rohms O'Quin '67 
Anne Mckiernan Ortengren 01 
Katharine Weisiger Osborne '47 
Susan kirhv Peacock 73 
Barbara Behrens Peck 78 
Catherine \nnie Peek '01 
Emit) Stevens Pegues '00 
Edna Mska Peltier -il 
Elizabeth Few Penfield '60 
Susan Dern Plank 73 
\nnahelle Forsch Prager 43 

Elizabeth Cate Pringle '62 

Barbara Munler Purdue '32 
ionise Weston Rainq 7 1 
Carolyn king Ratdiffe '60 
Amanda Steel Rich 79 van Qeve Riehl '47 
Deborah Schmidt Robinson '89 
Lynn kahler Rogerson 76 
Nihil* Wilson Rowe '57 
Melissa Rudder 
Lynn Pearson Russell '69 
SB Club of Indianapolis 
Magdalena Sabesen '63 
Bell) Ran Santandrea 70 
Jean Oliver Sartor '39 
Sandra Stingilv Simpson t" 
\nne Haw Spencer SO 
Elizabeth I Sprague 
Brent Stait-Gardner 
Nina Sleel 

Jean Blanton Slein '44 
Elynor Nebletl Stephens '57 
Janet I Storey-Honick 73 
Ann Perq Stroud '62 

Mildred Newman Thayer '61 
Susan Boline Thompson '80 
Janet I) Thorpe '39 
Jane Rosehern Tolleson '52 
Sandra Schwartz Tropper 73 
FJizabetb \an lersel 
Patricia Balz Vincent "39 
Sophie (.lenience Wackenhut (12 
Diana Bradford Walsh 02 
Jessica Bemis Ward '63 
Helen Grav alt Watt 44 
Sarah Clifford Weaver '95 
Langhome fuller Webster ^s 
Wend) C Weiler'-| 
Mr and Mrs. John II. Wells 
Doroth) C.Westb) '60 
KatherineV. Whitb) '95 
Helen Littleton White '4l 
\nn Marshall Wlutlev '47 
Patricia Calkins W ilder '63 
Josephine Happ Willmgham '.3S 
Man \nne Wilson '57 
\nne Brown Wise 76 
Louise Swieckl Zmgaro SO 
Cornelia Perkins Zinsser '52 
W Demnan Zirkle 




O E 



Iran Love Albeit '46 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Bruce Bredin 

Bettye Thomas Chambers '62 

Faj Martin Chandler '43 

Dorothy H. Crosby 

Laura L. Crum 79 

Juliet Halliburton Davis '35 

Frances Biggers Flock 79 

Lynn Crosby Gammill '58 

Jane Piper Gleason '"4 

Laura Radford Goley '52 

Pamela Cogghill Graham "4 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Greer 

Gladys Wester Morton '30 

Marjorie Ris I bland '33 

Carohne Casey Lindemann '49 

John J. Marquis, Jr. 

Antoru'a Bredin Massie 77 

Evelyn D.Mullen '31 

Mrs. Lawrence G. Nelson 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Wilson Newman 

Dr. and Mrs. Cornelius W. Pettinga 

Vernon \V. Piper 

Elizabeth Perkins Prothro '39 

Nancy Pesek Rasenberger '51 

John C. Risher 

Margaret A. Rogers '56 

Anne Wilson Rowe '57 

Elizabeth Pinkerton Scott '36 

Catherine C. Seaman 

Mary Virginia Camp Smith '36 

Stephanie Bredin Speakman '68 

Constance Lane Vucurevich '69 

Jane Miller \\ right '48 

Margaret Jones Wyllie '45 

Deniese R. Angelino 

Martha Garrison Anness '48 

Juliette M. Anthony '62 

Dr. and Mrs. Gregory T. Armstrong 

Rosalia C. Ascari 

Regina Auth 

\ursat I. Aygen '"6 

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Baldwin 

Mary Fran Brown Ballard '49 

Mr. and Mrs. Julian W. Banton 

Mrs. Arthur S. Bates 

Mona Wilson Beard '51 

Mr. and Mrs. James Beck 

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Benham, Sr. 

Man McBride Bingham 79 

Sharon L. Bittner '89 

Mr. and Mrs. James N. Boyd 

Patricia Brown Boyer '49 

Beverly Smith Bragg '54 

Edith Vongehr Bridges-Cone '4 1 

Sophia Campbell Brown '36 

Dr. and Mrs. Phillips R. Bryan 

Katharine Barnhardt Chase '67 

Claire Cannon Christopher '58 

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Cogswell III 

Man King Craddock '68 

Lt. Col. and Mrs. John I. Craw 

Faith Rahmer Croker '54 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Cronin 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin R. Daniels 

James Delissio 

Comer Diehl 71 

Alice V. Dodd '65 

Nancy Pingree Drake "43 

Judith Evans-Grubbs 

Jean Ridler Fahrenbach '45 

Mary Vinton Fleming '46 

Kathleen Sams Flippen '90 

Decca Gilmer Frackelton '41 

Clara Call Frazier '40 

Dorothea M. Fuller '53 

Sarah Belk Gambrell '39 

Thomas W. George 

Elizabeth C. Gibson '48 

Man McGuire Gilliam '47 

Paul W. Girard 

Marion Phyllis Girard '69 

Laura Radford Goley '52 

Jane H. Goodridge '63 

John I. Goulde 

Jo Gulick Grant '50 

Nancy Hall Green (14 

Mrs. William R. Griswold 

Elizabeth Cumnock Gunn '38 

Alison S. Hall '97 

Mary F. Hansen 

Ann Pegram Harris '59 

Georgia Herbert Hart '4(1 

Mary Groetzinger Heard '63 

Jean Higginbolham 

Julie Hilton 

.Alice A. Hodges "4 

Mrs. Lloyd R. Hoilman 

Esther Jett Holland '4i 

Lesley Bissell Hoopes '68 

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Hughes, Jr. 

Theodore W. Hughes 

.Allen W. Huszti 

Karen Looker Hyde S4 

Henry James, Jr. 

Lucy Kiker Jones '43 

.Anne Wimbish Kasanin '59 

Nancy D. Kershner '90 

Nancy Hudler Keuffel '62 

Marguerite Kramer Kircher '84 

Bruce Watts Krucke '54 

Helen Murchison Lane '46 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Lawson 

Abigail Lesnick Leibowitz '36 

Dr. and Mrs. George H. Lenz 

Helen Smith Lewis '54 

Elizabeth Johnston Lipscomb '59 

Catherine M. Lynn '64 

Martha Malloy 

Cheryl Mares 

Mary Seaton Marston '31 

Barbara Offutt Mathieson 70 

Maddin Lupton McCallie '48 

Dorothea Campbell McMillan '66 

Jeannette Bush Miller 71 

Reuben G. Miller 

Sigrid Mirahella 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Robert Monnich 

Denise Montgomery 75 

.Anna Marie Moore 

Walter J. Moretz.Jr. 

The Rev. and Mrs. Eugene Moritz 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Moss 

Elisabeth S. Muhlenfeld 

Margaret Gillmer Myers '66 

Diane King Nelson '48 

Elizabeth Schmeisser Nelson '43 

Jane W. Nelson '66 

Mr. and Mrs. \h\ New mark 

Frances Slith Nilsson "1 

Mr. and Mrs. Carmen J. Palermo 

Elizabeth Few Penfield '60 

Mr. and Mrs. E. Lee Piepho 

Susan Dern Plank 73 

Elizabeth Tyson Postles '31 

Kim King Corbett Powell 58 

Margaret Craighill Price '4l 

Barbara Pinnell Pritchard 5 i 

Barbara Munter Purdue '32 

Mr. and Mrs. James P. Read 

Michael D. Richards 

Anne H. Richards '84 

John C. Risher 

Elizabeth H. Robertson 

Rosemary Frey Rogers '34 

Clarissa M. Rowland 

SB Club of Indianapolis 

Dr. and Mrs. Guy L. Schless 

Brent M. Shea 

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Smith 

Margaret Stanton 

Sarah Anderson Stanton '89 

Eugenia M. Stark '95 

Millard and Martha Stimpson 

Martha Lou Lemmon Stohlman '34 

Virginia Burgess Struhsaker '44 

Mr. and Mrs. Fred F. Szak 

[Catherine Lpchurch Takvorian 72 

Deborah L. Thacker 77 

Emily B. Thomas 

Mary-Fleming Willis Thompson '66 

Janet I). Thorpe '39 

George K. Visich 

Sarah Watson 70 

Helen Gravatt Watt '44 

Mr. and Mrs. .Andrew D. Weaver 

Mrs. Richard C. Weiss 

James M. Wells 

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Wells 

Elizabeth Smith White '59 

Carey Whitehead 

Dr. and Mrs Harold B. Whiteman. Jr. 

Ann Marshall Whitley '47 

Susan W. Williams 78 

Josephine Hupp Willingham '38 

Elizabeth Bond Wood '34 

Justine Domhoff Wright '38 

Mr. and Mrs. Elwin J. Zarwell 



A 1 8 T Foundation 
Abbott Laboratories Fund 
Aetna Foundation, Inc. 
Agilent Technologies 
Alleghany Asset Management 

American Express 
American International Group, Inc. 
American 1 ntted Life Insurance 

Andersen Consulting Foundation, tat 
Andersen Foundation 
BBC Foundation 
Bank of New York 
BankAmerica Foundation 
Hank of America 
Barkfe) Foundation 
Barnes & Batzli, PC 
Bell Family Foundation 

Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. 
Boeing Company 
Boston Foundation 
Bradle) Foundation, Inc. 
Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, Inc. 
Bruce lord Brown Charitable Trust 
Brown-Fonnan Corporation 
W. L. Lyons Brown Foundation 
Burlington Industries, Inc. 
Burlington Northern Santa Fe 

Burns Family Foundation 
CNA Insurance Companies Foundation 
c.s\ Corporation 
Cahouel Charitable Trust 
Flora Cameron Foundation 
Kmli Camp Campbell Charitable Trust 
Campbell Insurance 
Waller (l Canipe Foundation, Inc. 

Capital Concrete 

Carolina Power and Light Companj 

Caterpillar Foundation 

Central Carolina Communit) Foundation 

Chalfont Foundation, Inc. 

champion International Corporation 

Charlottesville- Albermarle Communit; 

Chase Manhattan Foundation 
Chesapeake Corporation Foundation 
Chrysler Museum 
dark Construction (Iron]), Inc. 
Coca-Cola Company 
Columbia (las System. Inc. 
Communit) Foundation 
Communit) Foundation for Greater 

Communit) Foundation of Greater 

Communit) Foundation of Louisville 
Communit) Service Sodetj 
Compleat Naturalist I.TI) 
Computer Associates International, Inc. 
Cord Charitable Foundation 
Corning Incorporated Foundation 
Crum Charitable Foundation 
Crum & Forster Insurance 
DaimlerChnsler Corporation Fund 
Dayton Foundation Depository, Inc. 
Marie (i Dennett Foundation 
Carl and Phyllis Delering Foundation 
Dominion Resources, Inc. 
Dow Chemical Company Foundation 
Camille and Henry Dreyfus 

Foundation. Inc. 
Dun & Bradstreet Corporation 

Jessie Ball Duponl Fund 
Easlej Charitable Trust 
Ecolab, Inc. 
ExxonMobile Foundation 

FannieMae Foundation 

Fidelity Investment Charitable Gift Fund 

First Union Corporation of NC 

First i nion National Bank 

First Virginia Banks, Inc. 

C. B. Fleet Company 

Fleet Matching Gifts Program 

Ford Motor Compam 

lint Mill Associates 

Foster Wheeler Corporation 

Foundation For The Carolina* 

Charles A. FrueaulT Foundation. Inc. 

Sarah Belk Camhrell Foundation 

GE Fund 

General Motors Corp 

Georgia Power Company 

Gipson Family Foundation 

Glaxo Wellcome. Inc. 

Goldman Sachs & Co. 

Greater Lynchburg Communit) Trust 

(ircif Bros. Corporation 

Luther ami Claire (iriffidi Foundation 


II & R Block Foundation 


Richard M & Yvonne Hamlin 

John Hancock 

llarrah's Operating Company. Inc. 
Hartford Insurance Group 
Man E. HavertJ Foundation. Inc. 
Hercules. Inc. 

Leonard (i. Herring Family Foundation 
Hilton Head Island Foundation. Inc. 
Hoechst Celanese Foundation 
Household Finance Foundation 
Howe Foundation. Inc. 
Hutter I.iiiiiK Foundation 
Hyperion Solutions 

IBJ Whitehall Bank and Trust Company 
IBM International Foundation 

ImaSGO Holdings. Inc. 

JeffreSS Foundation 

Jewish Communit) Endowment Fund 

Johnson And Johnson 

Jose) Foundation 

uine S Mark Kasanin (lift Fund 

KPMG Peal Warwick Foundation 

knight Foundation 

hunt/ Foundation 

LandAmerica Foundation 

Lane Charitable Tnist 

Lanier Goodman Foundation 

Eli Lilly and Companj Foundation 

l.orillard Tobacco Co. 

Lowe Brockenbrougb & Co., inc. 

Robert L S Kathrina ll MadeDan 

Marsh & McLennan Companies. Inc 
Martin Famih Charitable Foundation 
McCance Foundation Trust 
McGraw-Hill Companies 

Foundation. Inc. 
McKesson Foundation. Inc. 
Mellon Financial Corporation 
Merck Company Foundation 
Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation. Inc. 
Minor Foundation. Inc. 
James A. Moore Foundation for 

Otologic Research 
Monsanto Fund 
Rose and Walter Montgomery 

J. I' Morgan & Co. Incorporated 
Motorola Foundation 

RJR Nabisco Foundation 
National Instruments 
New Virk Community Trust 
New York Life Foundation 
Newport News Shipbuilding 
Newtec America, Inc 




Norfolk Southern Foundation 
Northwestern Mutual Life 
\\\\ Norton & Company, Inc. 
Oaklawn Foundation 
October Hill Foundation 
Openaka Corporation. Inc. 
PPG Industries Foundation 
Z. V. Pate Foundation. Inc. 
Stanley & Dorothy Pauley 

Charitable Trust 
Pellegrino-Realmuto Charitable 

Peninsula Community Foundation 
Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual 

Perkins-Prothro Foundation 
Pfizer, Inc. 

Philip Morris Companies, Inc. 
Powell Foundation 
T. Rowe Price Associates Foundation 
Price Waterhouse LLP Foundation 
Pridmore Family Foundation, Inc. 
Procter and Gamble Fund 
Prudential Foundation 
Rouse-Bottom Foundation 
Rust Foundation 
SBC Foundation 

Salisbury Community Foundation 
Caroline.!. Sanders Foundation 
Sanoh-Synthelabo, Inc. 
Charles Schwab Corporation Foundation 
James A. Scott and Son 
Seilheimer Foundation 
Sheffield Harrold Charitable Trust 
Sledge Foundation 
Spartanburg County Foundation 
Starke Foundation 
Linda And Isaac Stern Charitable 

Guy T. Steuart Foundation, Inc. 
Stupp Bros Bridge-Iron Co. 
SunTrust Bank, Atlanta Foundation 
Survey Sampling, Inc. 
TRW Foundation 
Texaco Foundation 
Tianaderrah Foundation 
Towers Perrin 


Van Der Meer Tennis University- 
Vanguard Group 

Wachovia Corporation 
Walker Family Foundation 
Washington Post 
Clara Weiss Fund 
Wells Fargo and Co. 
Westvaco Corporation 
Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation, Inc. 
Charles M. Winston Family Foundation 
Winston-Salem Foundation 


2000-2001 VFIC Leadership 

(These names provided by the VFTC) 

$150,000 AND ABOVE 

AT&T Foundation 

Jessie Ball duPont Fund Endowment 

The Pew Charitable Trusts 

E. Claiborne Robins Scholars 

S 100.000 AND ABOVE 

The Batten Foundation 

The Bryant Foundation 

Camp Foundations 

Camp Foundation 

Camp Younts Foundation 

J. L. Camp Foundation 

Ruth Camp Campbell Foundation 

Philip Morris Companies, Inc. 

Verizon Foundation 

$50,000 AND ABOVE 


Beazley Foundation, Inc. 

Collis Warner Foundation 

CSX Corporation 

Mr. & Mrs. C. A. Cutchins, III 


Jessie Ball duPont Fund 

Norfolk Southern Foundation 

North Shore Foundation 

George A. and Lorraine C. Snell and 

Snell Construction Company 

SunTrust Bank, Mid-Atlantic 

United Parcel Service/Foundation for 

Independent Higher Education 

Wachovia Bank, NA 

$30,000 AND ABOVE 

American Electric Power 

Barnhart Endowment 

BB&T of Virginia 

First Union Foundation/First Union 

First Virginia Banks, Inc. 

Shelley Krasnow Endowment 
Landmark Communications, Inc. 
The Virginian-Pilot 
The Roanoke Times 
Mars Foundation 
Massey Foundation 
Perry Foundation. Inc. 
E. Claiborne Robins, Jr. 

GE Financial Assurance 
Maurice L. Mednick Memorial Fund 
Mrs. E. Claiborne Robins 
Matthew G. Thompson 
Universal Corporation 


Bassett Furniture Industries. Inc. 
Robert B. Claylor/ 

Norfolk Southern Fund 
Emily S. & Coleman A. Hunter 

Charitable Trust 
Richard W. Wiltshire 

$15,000 AND ABOVE 
William E.Betts, Jr. 
Clark-Winchcole Foundation 
Media General, Inc. 
Bristol Herald-Courier 
The Charlottesville Daily Progress 
Culpeper Star-Exponent 
Danville Register & Bee 
The Lynchburg Daily X News 
The Manassas Journal Messenger 
Potomac News 
Richmond Times-Dispatch 
Suffolk News-Herald 
Washington Forrest Foundation 

$10,000 AND ABOVE 

AOL Time Warner, Inc. 

Carpenter Company, Inc. 

The Case Foundation 

Ethyl Corporation 

Barry J. Fitzpatrick 

Gottwald Foundation 

Thomas F. Jeffress Memorial, Inc. 

Markel Corporation 

T. Justin Moore Endowment 

The Pittston Company 

ReliaStar Foundation 

Roanoke Electric Steel Corporation 

Sallie Mae, Inc. 

Tredegar Corporation 

Ukrop's/First Market Bank 

Vulcan Materials Company 

Washington and Lee University 

The Wilton Companies 

$7,500 AND ABOVE 

Birdsong Peanuts 

Macon F. Brock, Jr. 

Burlington Industries Foundation 

Ernst & Young 

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce C. Gottwald 

Hunton & Williams 

Robert II. and Jane B. Spilman 

Williams Mullen Clark & Dobbins 

\bb(itt Laboratories/Ross Products 
Armstrong Fund 
Jane Parke Batten 
J.W. Burress, Incorporated 

The Honorable Harry F. Byrd. Jr. 

Canon Virginia, Inc. 

Capital One 

Carter Machinery Company. Inc. 

Stephen P. Carulhcrs 

Chas. I.unsford Sons & Associates 

Christian & Barton 

Circuit City Foundation 

Craddock-Terry Foundation, Inc. 

Deloitte & Touche 

Dollar Tree Stores, Inc. 

Eagle Corporation 

Empire Machinery & Supply 

English Foundation - Trust 
Ferguson Enterprises, Inc. 
C. B. Fleet Company. Inc. 
The Fred Whitaker Company 
Mr. & Mrs. William II. Goodwin, Jr. 
Garland and Agnes Taylor Gray 

H. Hiter Harris, III 
The Herndon Foundation 
LandAmerica Financial Group, Inc. 
Mrs. Lawrence Lewis, Jr. 
Man' and Daniel Loughran 

Foundation, Inc. 
McGuireWoods, LLP 
H. P. McNeal 

Nationwide Insurance Company 
Noland Company Foundation 
Owens & Minor Inc. 
Clarence R. Payne 
Performance Food Group Co. 
W. Russell Ramsey 
Retail Merchants Foundation, Inc. 
C.E. Richardson Benevolent 

Evelyn J. Richardson 
Rouse-Bottom Foundation 
Jeremiah J. Sheehan 
Shenandoah Life Insurance Company 
Snell Construction Corporation 
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Snow 
SouthTrust Bank of Alabama, N.A. 
Sprint Mid-Atlantic Telecom, Inc. 
Michael E. Szymanczyk 
The Titmus Foundation. Inc. 
Virginia Concrete Company. Inc. 
Weinstein Management Company. Inc. 
Westvaco Corporation 
Alan L. Wurtzel 



O F 


Anonymous (7) 

Eugenia Burned \ffcl 12 

KalhleenWard Men '40 

Carolyn Scon Arnold '57 

Sarah Garland Babcock '83 

\iiik' Goebel Bain '82 

Carol Gilkeson Baker 

\anc\ Godwin Baldwin '57 

Brooks Barnes '43 

Patricia Anne Barton '51 

Myth Monnlch Bayoud '80 

Elizabeth M. Beale '63 

Ruth VV ill Beckh '26 

I'olK Benson-Brown '58 

Deborah Kocik Benton '79 

Paula Dlckej Berault '69 

Janet Martin Birnej '53 

Clare Newman Blanchard '60 

Ann Young Bloom '59 

Barbara Sampson Borsch '59 

Patricia Brown Boxer '49 

Joanne Raines Brinklev '57 

Bern Suttle Briscoe '34 

Mrs. Owen W. Brodie 

Alice Can Parmer Brown '59 

Nanq Dixon Brown '63 

Catherine Cage Bruns '55 

Sarali M. Bumbaugh '54 

Julia Thomas Burleigh '28 

Ethel Ogden Burwell '58 

Elizabeth!. Butler '91 

Carl W. Calandra 

Eugenia Dickej Caldwell 'd5 

Anne Russell Carter '34 

Elizabeth Stanly Gates '63 

Lynn Mather Charette '86 

Ellen Ramsay Clark '49 

Kirkland Tucker Clarkson '53 

Martha Mansfield Clement '48 

\nne Stelle Cole 78 

Kim Patmore Cool '62 

Mr. and Mrs. W. Ford Cramer, Jr. 

Sally Fishhurn Crockett '52 

Susan Branson Croft '64 

Faith Rahmer Croker '54 

Paul I). Cronin 

Nannette McBurnej Crowdus '57 

Jane Guignard Curry '23 

Chesley Johnson Dale- Arnurius '43 

Diane Dalton '67 

Lydia C. Daniel 

Peter V. Daniel 

Juliet Halliburton Davis '35 

Ruth Hemphill DeBuys '41 

Monica F. Dean 

Ruth Frye Deaton '54 

Margaret Mohlman Degler '54 

Andrea Denson-Wechsler '62 

I live Wachenfcld de Papp '55 

Lynne Gardner Detmer (>s 

Margaret Huxlej Dick '36 

Margaret Stuarl Wilson Dickej '4i 

Carol \nne Dickson '86 

W ilma Dotson 

Patricia Potter Duncan '4 1 

truest P. Edwards 

Mary Ellen Thompson Beach Ela i2 

Michela \ English 71 

Nancic Geer Howe Bntenmann '5t> 

Eleanor Crosb) Erdman '60 

Man Rich Bwing '36 

Filzallen Kendall Fearing '2!> 

Katherine Guerrant fields '53 

Elizabeth Glenn Fisher '83 

Elizabeth Morton Forsyth '36 

Carol McMurtry Fowler '57 

F.linor Ward Francis '37 

Rebecca Noting I razer '35 

Clara Call Frazier '40 

Dorothea M. Fuller '53 

Barbara Ripley Funuss '42 

Forrest 1. Gager. Jr. 

Lynn Crosby (lammill '58 

Stewart (lammill III 

Reed Johns (lax '53 

\lfred G. Genung 

Nana Nalle Genung '37 

Adelaide Boze (ilascock '40 

Jane Piper Gleason ~4 

Jane H. Goodridge '63 

Virginia Chamblin Greene 55 

Man Kimball drier '53 

Lura Litton Griffin "8 

Claire Dennison Griffith '80 

Roshani VI. Gunewardene '85 

Alice Trout llagan '49 

Anne Sheffield Hale '54 

Virginia Hardin '37 

Vdele \ogel llarrell '62 

Ann Pegram Harris '59 

Elizabeth Trueheart Harris '49 

Jeanne Harris '40 

George Harrison 

M;irion Bower Harrison '48 

Vesta Murray Ilaselden '38 

Katherine Powell Heller ""8 

Mayde (aldington Henningsen '48 

Victor W. Henningsen. Jr. 

Dorothy Compton Marks Herbruck 51 

VV. Gibbs Herbruck 

\nne Daj Herrmann '64 

Kristin E. Ilerzog 70 

Anna Man Chidester Heywood '45 

Jane Burnett Hill '40 

Margaret Preston Hodges Hill '49 

Esther Jett Holland '43 

Martha C. Holland 72 

tone Galling Honey '60 

Kathleen VI lloran 71 

tone Stuckle Houston '4(1 

Oss\ Humphrey 76 

Man belle L. Hill 61 

Marj Bailej Izard '52 

Marian Shanley Jacobs '44 

Julia Mills Jacobsen '45 
Helen CornweUJones (0 

Lucy Kiker Jones '43 
1. wen Speel Kaplan '60 
Kathleen A Kaunagh ~4 
Jane Johnson Kent in 
Nanq Hudler Kcuffel ()2 

Sarah Buns Kreker '39 
Helen Murchison Lane '46 
France'- Griffith LaserSOD 70 
Alice F Laubach '35 
Ann Colston Leonard '47 
Anne Noyes lewis '43 
Jane Pern Liles '53 
Karin 1 I.indgren 75 
Elizabeth Hanger Uppincod '42 
\nne Corhitt Lilde '34 
Judith Perkins Llewellyn 18 
Virginia Timmons l.udwick '53 
Marj lane Luke t8 
Sara Finnegan Lycetl '61 
Katherine Macdonald 
Vlen Hodges Major '54 
Marj Seatcm Vlarston '31 
Margaret Sheffield Martin '48 
Buckle; Maynard 
Ona C. Vlaynard 
Maddin Lupton McCallie '48 
Marj Lee McGinnis McClain '54 
Margaret Graves McClung '53 
Nanq B. McDonald '88 
Aimee Des Pland McGirl '47 
Vera More) Searcj McGonigle '37 
Mrs. Peyton F McLamb 

Dorothy Woods Vlcl.eod '58 
Helen McMahon '25 
\11ne Milhank Mcll "I 
Suzanne Bassewitz Mentzinger '52 
Julia Gray Saunders Michaux '39 
Margaret C. Sandidge Vliller '3~ 
Norma Patteson Vlills '60 
Catherine Taylor Moore 78 
Louise I' Vloore '50 
Margaret Preston Moore '42 
Vlakanah Dunham Vlorriss '66 
Joj Reynolds Mouledoin '84 
Janet Trosch Moulton '39 
Lysbetfa Munq 
Kathleen Bailq Nager '53 
Laura Conway Nason '61 
John B Nason 111 
Muriel Barrows Neall '40 
Elizabeth Schmeisser Nelson 13 
Vlrs Lawrence G. Nelson 
Mary Johnson Nelson (14 
Lindsaj Smith Newsom '67 
Anne Walker Newton J8 
Fmih Vlarsh Nichols '34 
\K111 B. Nordhem 
Shirley Hauseman Nordhem 42 
Anne Borough O'Connor '4 1 
Denise Wisell O'Connor 71 



O F 


Jean C. Old '47 

Katharine Weisiger Osborne '47 
Anna Chao Pai '57 
Katharine Niks Parker '36 
Ann N. B. Parks '39 
Joanne Holbrook Patton '52 
Gray Thomas Payne 75 
Kathleen Garcia Pegues 71 
Kathleen Peeples Pendleton '55 
Ellen Gilliam Pern '45 
Margaret Eggers Pern '44 
Frances Gregg Petersmeyer '43 
Dr. and Mrs. Cornelius W. Pettinga 
Susan Dern Plank 73 
Ruth Myers Pleasants '34 
Catherine Tift Porter '44 
Ann Hauslein Potterfield '42 
Patricia Powell Pusey '60 
Ehzabeth Kernan Quigley '48 
Sally Reahard '30 
Ann Morrison Re;uns '42 
B. [Catherine Arnold Reed '64 
Janice L. Renne-Steffen 74 
Catherine Cox Reynolds '49 
Caroline Moody Roberts '53 
Rosemary Frey Rogers '34 
Mary Ann Mellen Root '53 
Natalie Roberts Ross '31 
Elizabeth Mayfield Roughton '34 
Frances Meek Rowe '42 
Helen J. Sanford '42 
Yvonne Leggett Sanford '39 
Betty Rati Santandrea 70 
Judith Welton Sargent '59 
Ellen Harrison Saunders 75 
Kathryn Smith Schauer '56 
Margaret Cornwell Schmidt '37 
Patricia Hassler Schuber '47 
E. Elaine Schuster '58 
Isabel Scriba '35 
Harriet Houston Shaffer '64 
Joseph F. Sherer. Jr. 
Mary Alexander Sherwood '53 
Dorothy Wyatt Shields '58 
Martha McBroom Shipman '31 
Polly Sloan Shoemaker '53 
Deborah Snead Shrader 78 
J. Thompson Shrader 
Susanna Judd Silcox '52 
Allison Stemmons Simon '63 
Sandra Stingily Simpson '57 
Anne Sinsheimer '51 
Jane Collins Sjoberg '53 
Mary Virginia Camp Smith '36 
N'ancyellen Keane Smithers 78 
Marion Brown Snider '38 
Anne Haw Spencer '89 
Evelyn Manov Sprinsky 71 
Robert A. Steckel 
Melanie Bowen Steglich 78 
Serena Ailes Stevens '30 
Judith Bensen Stigle '67 

Martha Lou l.emmon Stohlman '34 
Bonnie Wood Slookey '34 
Virginia Burgess Struhsaker '44 
Louise Warfield Stump '52 
Virginia Barron Summer '47 
Dorothy Denny Sutton '44 
Katherine Upchurch Takvorian "1 
Jean G. Taylor '49 
Wilhelmina Rankin Teter '30 
Evaline Edmands Thoma '29 
Douglas Dockery Thomas '62 
Margaret Smith Thomasson '36 
Man-Fleming \\ illis Thompson (1(1 
Janet D. Thorpe '39 
Jane Roseberry Tolleson '52 
Virginia Hudson Toone '53 
Anne Bush Train '49 
Alexandra Marcoglou Tully '47 
Lucy Dennington Van Zandt 73 
Birdsall S. Viault 
Sarah Underfill] Viault '60 
Martha von Briesen '31 
Adeline Jones Voorhees '46 
Marion F. Walker 72 
Wendy Igleheart Walker '78 
Helen Gwinn Wallace '4l 
Jessica Bemis Ward '63 
Betty Byrne Gill Ware '55 
Barbara K. Warner '46 
Joan David Warren '51 
Woodward A. Warrick, Jr. 
Patricia Whitaker Waters '44 
Julia Baldwin Waxter '49 
Man Stevens Webb '49 
Ann K. Weigand 
Gwendolyn Weiner '62 
Jane Westbrook '53 
Connie Bunvell White '34 
Helen Littleton White '41 
Kenneth S. White 
Ann Marshall W hitle\ '47 
Elizabeth Colwill Wiegers '59 
Patricia Calkins Wilder '6.3 
Carrington Williams, Jr. 
Emory Gill Williams '40 
Mary Anne Wilson '57 
Florence Barclay Winston '57 
Helen Pender Withers '48 
Mary F. Witt 74 
Helen B. Wolcott '35 
Diane Duffield Wood '57 
Elizabeth Bond Wood '34 
Keitt Matheson Wood '63 
Wendy Bursnall Wozniak 76 
Susan Snodgrass Wynne 72 
Dorothy Malone Yates '42 
Frank Yeager 

Kathryn Prothro Yeager '61 
Susan Wooldridge Yeatts '95 
Jacqueline Lowe Young '53 






Audrey T. Bens '45 
Carolyn Martindale Blouin '30 
Catherine Fit/gerald Booker -t 
Emit) Shuher Can '4 7 
Ruth Simpson Harrington '21 
Man Whipple Clark '35 
Frances Johnson Finley '37 
Katherine Agard Flewelling '2S 
Joseph A. Gilchrist, Jr. 
Mr. ;uid Mrs. J. Stanley Hare 

(Margaret Bell '32) 
Margaret Humphrey 76 
l.ucile Cox Jones '36 
Elizabeth Branham Lee '48 
Katherine l.enore Morgan 
Leila Van Leer Schwaab '33 
\gnes Cleveland Stackhouse '3 
Lois Peterson Wilson '2d 


Harriet McNair Alexander '86 
Man Iran Brown Ballard h 1 ) 
Holly McGovem Barber '86 
Ann Ritchey Barueh '62 
Barbara Blair 
Ann Young Bloom S l ) 
Jennifer Dodge Booysen '84 
Ashley Simmons Bright '86 
Nancj Dixon Brown '63 
Rehekah Louise Burr 01 
Rushton Haskell Callaghan '86 
Elizabeth Stank Gates '63 
Jennifer Crispen 
Linda Christine DeVbgl '86 
Margaret Wilson Dickey '4 1 
Man Holland Dinsmore '86 
Marian Ellen Dolan 76 
Elizabeth Ashley Finch '01 
Sara .Mice Foltz '01 
Page Ellen Franson '87 
Rebecca Young Frazer '35 
Marine (iarner 
Melinda P. Goldstein 
Nancy Hall Green '64 
Jean Ruggles Hall '41 
Elizabeth Sheehan Hamrick '86 
Bern Forsyth Harris '60 
Elizabeth Truchcart Harris '49 
June I.emvich Head 
Sarah Saunders Hemdon (II 
Man Boulware Hobbs '86 
Wend) WUcoxson Jennings '93 
Nancj Budler Keuffel '62 
Julia Vamer Kienl/ '01 
\ileen Laing '57 
Margaret Sheffield Martin '48 

Faith Mattison '48 

John McClcnon 

Helen McMahon '23 

C. Robert Monnich 

Lysbeth Muncj 

Kathleen Garcia Pegues 71 

Ann Bnice Faircloth Porter 86 

Man McDulfie Redmond '47 

Catherine Clarkson Robertson '97 

Cannie Godwin Shafer 78 

Allison Stemmons Simon '63 

Floise Ellis Simons -t.i 

Eleanor Potts Snodgrass 48 

Man -Fleming Willis Thompson '66 

Bets) Gilmer Tremain -i2 

Sara \11ne Wilcoxson l )8 

Celia II. and Bernard F. Williams 

Margaret V and John I). Wimherb 



Diana Stout Allen '42 
David Anthony 

Marilyn Ackerson Barker '50 
Marie Gaffney Barry '4l 
Catharine Fitzgerald Booker '47 
Suzanne Criswell Bornschein '46 
Martha Ake Brouse '36 
Lynn K. Brugh III 
Eugenia Griffin Burnett 10 
Sarah Adams Bush '43 
Margaret Chisholm '51 
Sally Searle Clarke '49 
Elizabeth Quaile Clement '60 
Judith Clippinger '51 
Virginia D. Guild Colmore '38 
Elizabeth Embrey Cowan 
Robin Sue Cramer "" 
Helen Smith Davenport '57 
Patricia Jean Dean 76 
Ruth Dickens 

Elizabeth T. Healy Downing '45 
Helen Williamson Dumont '37 
Barbara Lasier Edgerley '51 
Ann Elizabeth Elliott 
Mariana Gomez Ferre 
Frances Johnson Finley '37 
Constance Currie Fleming '40 

Elizabeth Campbell Gawthrop '39 
(Catherine Lang Gibson '50 
George Godwin, Jr. 
Jacquelhi Woods Gorman '51 
Corinne Fentress Gray '36 
Anne Ryland Ricks Griffin '48 
Emma Griffin '33 
Stephanie Michelle Hall '89 
Elizabeth Jean Handle 
Milan llapala 
George A. Hatcher, Jr. 
Mary Ann Hatcher 
Cozette Drury Hilmick 
Clare Harrison Harvey '57 
Carol T. Myers Hunter '44 
Ruth M. Prettyman Irvin '68 
Carol Worboys Johnson '62 
Elizabeth Cox Johnson '27 
Kristin Lynn Keller (11 
Joan Kent 

Ella-Prince Trimmer Knox '56 
Cornelia Fitzgerald Lange '59 
Rebecca Tomlinson Lindblom '52 
Kenneth D. Loos 

Mary Virginia Grigsby Mallett 49 
The Rev. Dr. Frank McClain 
Joan Livingston McFall '50 
Marjorie Hicks Montgomery 
Virginia Morgan Mowry '35 
Martha Frye Nye '48 
Loren Oliver 

John Ottaway, Jr. 

Mrs. Albert Perry 

Averala Poucher 

Charles Prothro 

Vin Prothro 

Mary P. Cogan Rankin 70 

Virginia E. Ranney 70 

Willard L. Robbins 

Lindsay Coon Robinson '49 

Clarice Bailey Robinson '39 

Harriet H Rogers 

John Root 

Frances M. Morrison Ruddell '35 

Ann Horak Shafer '64 

Eleanor Bosworth Shannon '47 

Lisa Guigon Shinberger '29 

Raymond W. Short 

Louise Watson Steele '56 

Byrd Stone '56 

.\nn Baxter Taylor '40 

Margaret Ellen White Van Buren '47 

Mrs. Arabelle Walker 

Halhe E. Watts '56 

Catherine B. Guy Weatherford '59 

.Alice Sweney Weed '42 

Elizabeth Munce Weis '43 

Anne Toole Rotter Wellford '3 1 

Janice B. Fitzgerald Wellons '43 

Helen Davis Wohlers '45 





O F 




Tin.- recently completed gatehouse honors the teach- 
ing careers <>! Lysbeth \\ Muncy, professor ol histo- 
ry emerita ( L943-1975), and G. Noble Gilpin, profes- 
sor of music emeritus ( 1946-1972). It is a gift of Anne 
Sheffield Hale '54, and her husband Bradley Hale, who was 
a long time vice-chairman of Sweel Briar's Hoard of 
Directors mk\ member of the hoard of the National Trust for 
I listi mi Preservation. 

The Gatehouse is carefully placed to mark the point on 
the < lolleee's forested entry drive where visitors first catch a 

glimpse of the historic campus on the hill. Although there is 
no "gate .is such, the pavilion and its surrounding pla/.i 
provide a place to pause for security and direction. Mr. 
Hale, guiding spirit of the new structure, was clear about 
the qualities he sought in its design: "A garden pavilion with 
a sense of openness" and a relationship with the College 
hell tower.' 

Our thanks go to Mr. and Mrs. Hale for their generous 
contribution to the entire Sweet Briar community. 





ince the first class graduated from Sweet Briar in 1910, our students have always pursued graduate education 
from leading institutions. This tradition has continued throughout decades of graduating classes at Sweet Briar. 
Here are selected placements from the Class of 2001. 

Angela Aiken - Accepted into the Peace Corps, Honduras 

Erin Alberda - UCLA's Interdepartmental Graduate Program, Ph.D. in biomedical physics 
Emily Black - Rockefeller University in New York, Ph.D. in neuroscience 

Lorna Brocl - Salt Institute for Documentary Studies, Portland, Maine, as a writer for a publishable documentary 
Courtney Burkey - University of Hawaii, Manoa, advanced degree in asian studies 
Rebekah Burr - Rutgers University, Ph.D. in pharmacology & medicinal chemistry 
Allison Clark - Idaho State University, Ph.D. in clinical psychology 
R( >xanne Fox - Accepted into the University of Maryland Law School 
Nicole Gilkison - George Washington University, M.A. in museum/archival studies 
Elizabeth Haeberle - Accepted into the University of Kentucky College of Law- 
Patricia Hamilton - Texas A&M, M.S. in the Wildlife and Fisheries Department 
Laurna Kaatz - NASA academic internship in atmospheric and hydrospheric physics research 

Ian McDougal - Accepted into New York University and Columbia University for degree in rehabilitation counseling 
Elizabeth McGovern - Mclntire Business Institute. Mclntire School of Commerce at University of Virginia 
Hunter McOwen - Emerson College in Boston, M.F.A. in creative writing 
Yen Nguyen - California Institute of Technology, Ph.D. in chemistry 

Sarah Patterson - University of New Haven, M.A. in industrial and organizational psychology 
Emily Reeh - Academic internship with Milward Brown, an international marketing firm, in Milan, Italy 
Amy Sherman - New York University, M.F.A. in dance performance and choreography 
Leah Solivan - Accepted into Boston University, M.S. in computer science 
Marian Spivey - Georgetown University, M.S. in foreign service 
Amy Tabb - Duke University. Ph.D. in musicology 

Meredith Taylor — Virginia Commonwealth University, Ph.D. in counseling psychology 
Brieanne Vogler - Accepted to George Washington University Medical School 
Ariana Wolynec- Werner - University of Chicago Divinity School, M.A. in divinity 



Michela English '71 

Elizabeth Smith White '59 

C. Gregg Petersmeyer 

Paul W. Duilman 
Madeleine F. Green 
Nancy Hall Green '64 
Nancy Hudler keuffel '62 
Elisabeth S. Muhlenfeld 
Man Johnson Nelson '64 
Mark H. Prothro 
A. Marshall Acuff, Jr. 
Amanda Atkinson '00 
M\lh Monnich Bayoud '80 
Elizabeth Stanly Cates '63 
Carol Young McMurty Fowler '57 
L. Parker Harrell, Jr. 
Melissa G. Henning '99 
Donna Pearson Josey '64 
Vaughan Inge Morrissette '5-4 
Kathleen Garcia Pegues 71 
Anne Wilson Rowe '57 
kindle Lanee Samuel '98 
Stephanie Bredin Speakman '68 
Mildred Newman Thayer '61 
Man-Fleming Willis Thompson '66 
Jane Tatman Walker '60 
Florence Barclay Winston '57 


The Honor Roll of 
Donors reflects the 
College's abiding grati 
tude for gifts sent by 
members of the Sweet Briar 
family between July 1, 2000 
and June 30, 2001. We have 
made every effort to provide a com- 
plete and accurate listing of donors and 
gifts. Please accept our sincere apologies if 
any mistake or omission has been made. If you 
contact the Office of Development, Box G, Sweet 
Briar, VA 24595; or call (434) 381-6161, we will correct 
our records. 

Louise Zingaro 
Alumnae Office