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This is Your Official Invitation and Registration Form 

& Homecoming 

Schedule of Events 
September 25 - 27, 2009 

Sweet Briar College has many reasons to celebrate the arrival of academic year 2009/2010, 
the most momentous of these being the inauguration of our tenth president. Dr. Jo Ellen 
Parker A special ceremony and celebration will be the focus of our annual Homecoming 
Weekend, and we hope you will be there to join us. 

In an effort to be fiscally and environmentally responsible, this magazine cover serves 
as your invitation and registration form for the Presidential Inauguration/Homecoming 
Weekend 2009. There will not be a separate mailing. We strongly encourage you to visit 
the Web site for additional information, event locations, or to register online: 
aliimnae/homecoming.html. Alternatively, you may tear off and mail your registration form 
and appropriate fee to Boxwood Alumnae House, PO Box E, Sweet Briar, VA 24595. 

Friday, September 25, 2009 

11:30 a.m. 

Alumnae Swimming Meet 


- 6:00 p.m. 

Registration for Inauguration/Homecoming 

11:30 a.m. 

- 1:30 p.m. 


Weekend at the Florence Elston Inn and 
Conference Center 

11:30 a.m. 

Talk by Sherrie Snead McLeRoy '74 on 
Thomas Munson, "The Grape Man of 


- 6:00 p.m. 

Alumnae Association Board Meetings* 

Texas" Followed by a grape tasting with 

3:00 p.m. 

Homecoming Tea** 

Cliff Ambers, owner of Chateau Z Vineyard 

Space available is veiy limited 

12:00 p.m. 

Keystone Society Luncheon Honoring 

6:00 p.m. 

Advisory Councils Dinner and Panel 

Dr. Jo Ellen Parker* 


- 7:30 p.m. 

Houston Bistro Gathering* 

12:00 p.m. 

SBC Field Hockey vs. Washington & Lee 

7:30 p.m. 

Poetry Reading with Deborah Burnham, 
Poet/Professor, University of Pennsylvania 


-2:00 p.m. 

Paint 'N' Patches 100th ,\nniversary 
Celebration and Tours 

and Sweet Briar College Creative Writing 


- 2:30 p.m. 

Lunch and Meeting for the Visiting 


Committee on Riding* 


11:00 p.m. 

Kick off the weekend with FaSt 
Join your favorite campus band 


-2:30 p.m. 

Open House -The Green Village, 
new student housing 

members - Rob Granger, Tom Marcais, 
Steve Wassell and Adam White. Special guest 

2:00 p.m. 

Thayer Hockey Field Dedication 

performer - Rick Manasa. 

3:00 p.m. 

Founders' Day and Inauguration of 

(Rick performed with Bob Seger and various 

Dr. Jo Ellen Parker Tenth President of 

Motown artists and is the husband of our new 

Sweet Briar College 

president, Dr Jo Ellen Parker) Co-sponsored 

Walk to the Monument 

by the Student Relations and the Young 
Alumnae Giving Committees 

7:00 p.m. 

Dedication of the new Fitness and Athletics 

Saturday, September 26, 2009 

7:30 - 

11:30 p.m. 

An Evening of Celebration to honor Dr. Jo 


10:00 a.m. 


Ellen Parker 

8:30 a.m. 

6:00 p.m. 

Registration for Homecoming/Inauguration 

Cocktails, Buffet and Dance 

Music by: "The Real Geniuses" 

8:30 a.m.- 

12:30 p.m. 

In-House Horse Show 

8:30 p.m. 

Induction of new Athletics Hall of Fame 


11:00 a.m. 

Annual Giving Volunteer Training 

Breakfast provided 

Paul D. Cronin, Professor Emeritus and 
Director Emeritus of the Sweet Briar 


- 9:45 a.m. 

Breakfast roundtable discussion with Wayne 
Stark, Director of Career Services 

College Riding Program; Jennifer Crispen, 
(dec. JOOiS) Associate Professor and Chair of 

9:00 a.m. 

-4:00 p.m. 

SBC Volleyball Tournament vs. Salem, Mary 

Physical Education 

10:00 a.m.- 

12:00 p.m. 

Washington, and Eastern Mennonite 
Advisory Council Meetings 

Sunday, September 27, 2009 


10:00 a.m. 

Interfaith Service 

English and Creative Writing 

Reception to follow 

Government and International Affairs 

11:00 a.m. 

Friends of .athletics Steering Committee 

10:00 a.m. 

-1:00 p.m. 

SBC Tennis Dual Meet 


Alumnae tennis match and social to joUow 

1:00 p.m. 

SBC Field Hockey vs. Wilson 

10:30 a.m. 

SBC Soccer vs. Southern Xirginia 

Alumnae soccer game to follow 

11:00 a.m.- 

12:00 p.m. 

Gold Star Volunteer Panel 

*invilation only 
** additional fee 




ArCJU&i^N E 




^;; NUMBER 2 



^ 'mmlt^Mi^-p • ' Km^miir|ji|^jt^awJJyiiy^'f £ 


become'reebgnized for preparing wome 
for success and leadership in the age of 
digital information." 

Meet Dr. Jo Ellen 


Dr. Jo Ellen Parker's impressive 
resume and bio paint a highly 
qualified picture of our tenth 
college president. Creative, brilliant, and 
current — we know the College will have 
a bright future under her leadership. What 
some of us may not know however, are 
those things about Dr. Parker that reveal a 
more personal side — her likes and dislikes, 
her hobbies and interests, her hopes and 

The day of my interview with Dr. 
Parker was one of those spring days at 
Sweet Briar that alumnae will remember 
well. The flowering trees were in bloom 
and the afternoon was breezy and warm. 
We met in the office lobby, exchanged 
a happy greeting, and commenced with 
the interview. As we talked. Jasmine 
Jones, Class of 2010 and student assistant 
in the Alumnae Office, sat quietly at a 
computer station nearby working on some 
assignments. When I asked Dr. Parker if 
she planned to host her own version of 
"Brownies with Betsy," Jasmine, nearly 
forgotten in the corner, called out a 
suggestion for "Petits Fours with Parker." 
Dr. Parker laughed, and further culinary 
hosting ideas — including popcorn balls — 
were soon shared among us. 

I found Dr. Parker to be extremely 
amiable. Not only was she self-confident 
and astute, but also friendly and down-to- 
earth. The only thing missing during our 
meeting were the petits fours! 

Colleen Murray: Do you like pets? 
Do you own dogs or cats? 

Dr. Jo Ellen Parker: My husband 
Rick and 1 have three cats. We also had a 

wonderful dog who passed away between 
Thanksgiving and Christmas. We're trying 
to figure out when to get our next dog. We 
certainly won't do that until we get down 
here, and we definitely need a dog that's 
going to be a good fit for Sweet Briar 
House and the traffic that comes and goes. 

CM: What is your favorite food? 

JEP: Everything. I love everything. I 
do have serious coffee and chocolate habits 
. . . And a serious ice cream habit. I tend 
to enjoy Middle Eastern or Indian cuisines 
where you eat little bits of a lot of different 
things. Mezza, tapas, small plates, that kind 
of thing. 

CM: What is your least favorite 

JEP: I've never been good with organ 
meats like liver, heart, or kidneys. I don't 
much like foie gras. Once in Kenya I was 
served ugali and bull's blood in a Maasai 
community: that might go on the least 
favorite list too. 

CM: What is your favorite novel 
and why? 

JEP: Oh, so many, so many favorite 
novels. My Ph.D. is in English, and I 
worked on the 19th-century novel. One 
that I keep going back to is Emma. I just 
love Emma. Emma is such a wonderful 
story about a young woman learning about 
herself, and much of the way she learns 
about herself is through "reading" the social 
world around her. She plays word games. 
She draws pictures and watches how people 
react to her pictures. She tries to make 
sense of herself through symbolic activities 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • wwwalunnnaesbcedu 

throughout the novel, and it's just ftm to 
watch Emma groping for meaning. She gets 
it so wrong, but ultimately she gets it right. 

CM: What is your favorite 
everyday music? 

JEP: It depends on my mood. I have 
to drive a lot, and I'm prone to put on the 
music of my youth and oldies in the car. I 
have a wonderful CD of The Temptations' 
Greatest Hits. For hanging around the 
house, I like jazz, often big band jazz. 
Being married to somebody who was once 
a professional musician is really good; Rick 
is often playing artists that I would never 

CM: What is your favorite 
vacation spot? 

JEP: In the winter, we try to take a 
week on a beach in Mexico. We like to go 
to a place that's just outside Tulum on the 
Yucatan Peninsula. We pack lots of books, 
and we eat wonderful fish and wonderful 
fruit, and we read. We also like to do a long 
weekend a couple of times in the summer 
in Stratford, Ontario, for the Shakespeare 
festival. So, we'll go for four or five days 
and see a play a day. 

CM: What are your top three 
priorities for Sweet Briar? 

JEP: I think a Sweet Briar education is a 
wonderful thing, and I think there are a lot 
of young women who would benefit from 
that education. The number one priority 
is finding more young women from the 
various regional, ethnic, and religious 
communities that make up this country 
and bringing them into the Sweet Briar 

Spring/Summer 2009 • 3 


. ^'.?!^^' .several 

traditional .-^ ^ 

recruiting tJI' 

mcssa9e'^'^=''"'" sophisticatecl LJ I 
dedicated . .wawr 

"-^r.™ mission 










worked ""J 






omise „.„„,programs ""= 

,s,ness''='™ technologies pw,,parinnai PIcl-'SSJio?;. 
co,,ege-s Briar's ^"^^^^p^'OQn^J ^'^L ^^ ^^ 



institutions important 

value n:;:icnr program 

models closely L>L'co!-ne served 

This word cloud ( was made from Dr. Parker's original letter of application to 
Sweet Briar. 

experience. That's the number one priority 
for me. 

Another very important priority is to 
build the relationships that Sweet Briar has 
with other institutions and partners. In this 
day and age, there are a lot of things that no 
small college can expect to do on its own. 
Collaborations with other colleges 
and universities; collaborations with 
employers to develop internships; 
collaborations with community 
organizations for service learning — in all 
kinds of ways, we need to be looking for 
partners so that we can expand what we 
offer to students in the academic areas and 
the pre-professional areas. 

The third priority — based on my 
background I think it's the one that a lot of 
people would expect — is making sure that 
faculty and students at Sweet Briar have all 
the opportunities they need to incorporate 
digital resources and tools into their 
teaching and learning. I think there are a lot 
more things that could be done on campus, 
both academically and administratively, with 
digital technologies. My dream is that Sweet 
Briar will become recognized for preparing 
women for success and leadership in the age 
of digital information. 

CM: What are your top three 
priorities for your life? 

JEP: One of the top priorities for my 
life is to make a positive difference for 
the people around me. That's a priority 
in the context of family; in the context of 

4 • Spting/Summer 2009 

friendship and community; and of course 

Another top priority is to keep finding 
interesting things to do. I am very lucky, 
because every job I've had has given me 
the opportunity to keep learning. Who 
would have thought a Ph.D. in Victorian 
literature like me would end up leading a 
national technology institute, for example? 
That's the benefit of a liberal education. 

A third priority has to do with health 
and wellness. I benefit a great deal by being 
physically active. I'm careful to make sure 
that my energy and my health are good, 
and that I have the kind of strength and 
flexibility — both mental and physical — I 
need to do the kinds of things I want to do 
in my life. 

CM: How would you address the 
issue of diversity in the students, 
faculty and staff? 

JEP: I will lead by encouraging 
the community to engage that issue in 
a holistic manner. Diversity must be 
addressed by everyone in the community in 
different ways, depending on the specific 
responsibilities and roles that people 
have. It's my responsibility to make sure 
people have the resources that they need 
to strengthen diversity in their respective 
spheres. Often, diversity initiatives fail when 
they're not holistic, when you wall them 
off and assign responsibility for diversity 
to a few individuals, often individuals of 
color So, it's my responsibility to insist 

that diversity is on everybody's agenda, 
and I will do that. Finally, diversity isn't 
mono-dimensional. Racial diversity is 
central, but there are many dimensions 
of diversity. There's socio-economic 
diversity and there's religious diversity, 
regional diversity and political diversity, 
for example. Within racial groups, there are 
ethnically diverse communities. We want a 
Sweet Briar community that supports and 
engages people wherever their personal 
identities lie along any number of continua. 
1 want to make sure that we're creating an 
environment where everybody feels that 
they can contribute and grow . . . 

CM: Have you been informed 
about the various traditions 
here at Sweet Briar including^ 
The Game, Junior Week, The 
Ring Game, etc.? 

JEP: My visit as a candidate happened 
to be at the time that some of the issues 
about The Game were really hot. I have two 
things to say about that, and the first one 
is: I loved the traditions that I had as an 
undergraduate at Bryn Mawr Bryn Mawr 
had step singing, Bryn Mawr had lanterns. 
Such things are part of women's college 
culture. I understand completely how central 
traditions are to defining a community and 
people's relationships to their college. I 
know how they touch your heart. 

When I toured campus as a candidate, 
my husband and I had a student tour guide. 
She was clearly used to giving tours to 
people who may not understand traditions 
culture. We came to one part of the 
campus where she stopped and said, "Now, 
this may sound a little odd, but we're 
a women's college, and we have these 
traditions — in this place sometimes the 
students gather on the steps," and I blurted 
out, "Oh, I know! Step sings and lanterns 
and class colors!" I chattered away with 
her about class colors — my class color 
at Bryn Mawr was green — while my 
husband stood three feet back, rolling his 
eyes. Traditions create affirming, positive 
relationships within the community that 
help students appreciate each other and 
appreciate themselves. But if traditions 
ever operate in a way that they're not 
helping us appreciate each other and 
celebrate what's best in ourselves, then 
they're not fulfilling the purpose that 
makes us love them. On some occasions 
it may be necessary to look at the way a 
particular tradition is being experienced 

Sweet Brjof College Alumnae Magazine • ■ 

/alumnae. sbcedu 

and introduce changes to make sure the 
tradition is serving our highest values. 

CM: Who would you consider to be 
a role model of yours? 

JEP: Pat McPherson. Mary Patterson 
McPherson was my dean when I was an 
undergraduate student at Bryn Mawr. In 
fact, she taught me Greek philosophy when 
I was a freshman. She was the president 
of Bryn Mawr when I worked there. For 
many years she was a vice president of 
the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and I 
worked with her closely in that role. Now 
she's the executive officer at the American 
Philosophical Society in Philadelphia. I am 
deeply honored that Pat has agreed to speak 
at my inauguration in September. 

Pat is a leading figure in liberal arts 
education. At Bryn Mawr she did 
wonderful, wonderful work in making 
the college a more inclusive community; 
she supported innovative collaborative 
projects at the Andrew W. Mellon 
Foundation; she has been throughout her 
career a stalwart supporter of America's 
liberal arts colleges and of women's 
leadership in higher education. Basically, 
my whole life I've wanted to be Pat 
McPherson when I grow up. 

CM: Is there an experience from 
your undergraduate career as a 
student at Bryn Mawr that made a 
lasting impression on you? 

JEP: 1 took a class in poetry from a 
professor named Sandra Berwind. who may 
have been the best teacher I ever had and 
certainly is the reason I became an English 
major and got a Ph.D. in English. She once 
gave me an assignment to write a paper 
on sestinas — a particular kind of elaborate 
poetic form. 

In a sestina, key words at the end of 
each line are cycled through the poem in a 
different order in each stanza. Researching 
this paper, 1 found three sestinas by different 
writers in different historical periods that 
used the same key words. To this day I 
can still visualize where I was sitting in 
the library at Bryn Mawr when I suddenly 
understood that these three poems were a 
dialog. This poem was answering that poem, 
which was answering yet another poem, 
and the poetic form was the medium of 
their conversation. It was the first time I 
understood that literature just didn't come 
out of people's experience of life, that it 
came out of the experience of previous 

literature. It was the first time I understood 
the nature of literary tradition. 

I still remember bursting into Sandra's 
office — I must have looked demented — 
saying "Oh my goodness, about those 
sestinas, you know what?" Of course she 
knew, and she had known it for years. That 
story means many things to me. Mainly, 
it taught me something 1 always tried to 
implement in my own life as a teacher 
Sandra didn't teach me that lesson about 
poetry by showing it to me or telling me 
about it. She taught me that lesson by 
setting me off on a path where I would have 
the opportunity to discover it for myself 
And I did. To my mind that is the essence 
of teaching in the liberal arts: setting the 
student off on a path of discovery so that 
what she learns becomes truly her own. 

CM: Do you participate in any 
kind of social networking . . . 
Twitter, facebook, MySpace? 

JEP: I don't have a facebook presence. 
In my current organization, we use Twitter 
a lot to keep in touch as a staff I have a 
profile on Linkedin — but that's not quite the 
same thing in terms of social networking. 
I make a lot of professional use of Instant 
Messaging, I love Instant Messaging. 1 use 
a desktop point-to-point video conferencing 
tool that has been important to me. It 
combines Chat with video and audio . . . 
that really makes the communication richer 

CM: What do you do for fun/ 

JEP: I like to cook. I find it refreshing, 
after working with words all day, to make 
something with my hands. Theater is 
another favorite treat. And when I can spend 
time outside, say in our canoe on the river or 
on our pontoon boat, I love that! 

CM: Do you have ideas for an 
event or new tradition that 
will help you connect with the 

JEP: These things have to be organic. 
I'm seeking advice from the students about 
what form of interaction would feel good 
for them. Clearly they love Brownies with 
Betsy. Several of them have asked me if 
I want to continue it, and I keep saying, 
"Well, wouldn't it be a little weird? I'd have 
to call myself Betsy." No, that would be 
strange. We might have to take up Jasmine's 
idea; how about Pizza with Parker? 

The Facts about 
Dr. Jo Ellen Parker 

• Bryn Mawr College Alumna. 

• Ph.D. in English literature from 
the University of Pennsylvania. 

• 1984 to 1996— taught Victorian 
literature, women's literature, and 
composition at Bryn Mawr. 

• 1984 to 1996 — served as academic 
affairs/student life administrator 
with varied responsibilities, 
including academic advising and 
student life programming. 

• 1996 to 2004 — served as president 
of the Great Lakes Colleges 
Association, and focused on 
pedagogical innovation, diversity 
programming, and international 

• Executive director of NITLE. the 
National Institute for Technology 
and Liberal Education, a non-profit 

• Leadership mantra — "We're 
building something, not just 
working somewhere." 

• Published on a variety of topics 
including the novelist George 
Eliot, teaching composition, and 
academic collaboration, 

• Has broadcast commentaries on 
higher education for National 
PubUc Radio and regularly speaks 
to diverse audiences on teaching, 
liberal education, and technology. 

• Member of the Forum for the 
Future of Higher Education. 

• Serves on the editorial board of the 
Association of American Colleges 
and University's publication 
Liberal Education. 

• Trustee of Albion College. 

• Married to Richard G. Manasa, 
former musician who now works 
in information technology. 

• Mother of John Parker, 24, and 
stepmother of Morgan Manasa, 28. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnoe Magazine ' 


Spring/Surrmer 2009 • 5 


Kelly Hall '95 poses next to a pressure ridge, 
which can be all manner of shapes and sizes 
when they rise from the ground. This particular 
one Kelly colls a "whole shard," due to 
its shape. 

1995 graduate Kelly Hall has always yearned 
for travel and adventure. As a double major 
in French and histoiy. Kelly says that her 
love of travel was greatly influenced by her 
years at Sweet Briar. She was a participant 
in the 1993-1994 Junior Year in France 
program, and later earned her M.4 in 
medieval studies at the University' of York in 
England. She says that many Sweet Briar 
professors and staff members encouraged 
her love of travel and learning, such as Joan 
Kent and Karl Tamburr (both now sadly 
deceased), as well as Jeff Key. Christopher 
Witcombe, Marie-Therese Killiam, Angelo 
Metzidakis, Ron Horv^ege, Dominque 
Leveau, Anne Grimm, and Lisa Johnston. 

Having taught literature and composition 
courses for several years, Kelly took a break 
from teaching to do a job where "there were 
no papers to grade." She has become Sweet 
Briar's own "Ice Road Trucker," braving 
the ice shelf of the frozen continent from 
the seat of a monstrous vehicle. Fascinated 
by the test of endurance and the beauty of 
the unknown wilderness. Kelly embarked 
last year on a sojourn in Antarctica. What 
follows is a snapshot of her story as a 

6 • Spring/Summer 2009 

vehicle driver and as part of an eclectic 
community of people all drawn to the 
challenge of The Ice. 


I any of you were surprised by the 
news that I wanted to come here, and 
lots of people back home have been 
asking. "'Why Antarctica?" For months, 
my answer has been a long, rambling 
explanation about how I once read a book 
about the continent and later an article about 
working down here. But from now on I'm 
plagiarizing a new friend's answer to that 
question: Because I've never been. 

You may already know a little bit about 
Antarctica or "The Ice" as we call it. It's the 
highest, driest, windiest continent on Earth 
and the most difficult one to reach. Early 
explorers tried to conquer it, some with 
more luck than others. The U.S. Antarctic 
program has been up and running for 
over fifty years and the National Science 
Foundation currently operates three bases on 
the continent: McMurdo — where I am — at 
the edge of the continent closest to New 
Zealand. South Pole in the middle, and 
Palmer on the South America side. 


In winter, McMurdo has about 200 
people, but as more flights arrive each 
day the capacity rises to around 1 ,000 in 
the summer time. These include workers, 
scientists, media, and people from all over 
the world. Last year, Ann Curry from the 
Today Show came down. This year, there's a 
BBC filmmaker from England working on a 
documentary, and Prince Albert of Monaco 
also came for a visit. 

Workers at the station come from all over 
and range in age from eighteen to seventy- 
nine, each with an interesting story to tell. 
I feel a great kinship for the other workers 
and scientists. They value new experiences. 
They prize travel and adventure. Family and 
friends think I've been everywhere, but I 
can't hold a candle to some of these folks. 
I make jokes about how it's great to escape 
America with its politics and bad economy, 
but I think the main reason people come 
here is to get an experience they can't get 
anywhere else. 

I arrived on the continent after three 
years of applications, two months of 
medical exams, seven ditTerent flights, and 
a great deal of finger-crossing. Before my 

Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

"Men wanted for hazardous journey. Low 
wages. Bitter cold. Long hours of complete 
darkness. Safe return doubtful. Honour and 
recognition in event of success." 

— from an advertisement preceding Ernest Shackleton's Nimrod Expedition to Antarctica. 

landing. I was given special cold-weather 
gear in Christchurch, New Zealand. I've 
got boots, socks, thermals, fleeces, goggles, 
hats, gloves, and about four different coats 
for various conditions. When I'm suited 
up in the whole shebang, I'm about thirty 
pounds heavier. I spend a good deal of time 
getting dressed and undressed. So far. I've 
been warm — just my fingers and toes feel 
the cold. 

My first day could not have been more 
perfect. We turned up to the airport at 10:00 
p.m. the night before, got dressed in all the 
gear, had a safety briefing, and boarded the 
plane for a 1 :00 a.m. take off. We rode a 
C-17. which was more comfortable than 1 
would have thought. It set down at dawn. 
light as a feather, with the sun just coming 
up over the horizon. 

The doors opened and let in the arctic 
cold. The temperature was -lOT with a 
wind chill of about -20°F. The wind felt 
sharp on my face. I kept my eyes down to 
get off the plane safely — no easy task when 
you're wearing twenty pounds of gear and 
carrying two bags — and then looked up 
to see the vast ice shelf and snow-covered 
peaks in the background. The sun was 
topping the mountains, and the sky was 
turning blue. My eyes welled up at the 
harsh beauty. 1 had waited so long for that 
moment — it was almost too much. 

We were shuttled into vehicles, and my 
future instructor. "Shuttle Bill." picked me 
out of the crowd to ride in the front of the 
delta. 1 had the best view as we approached 
the base. 

I learned how to drive the vans around 
the base that afternoon. If you've ever seen 
the show on the history channel called Ice 
Rociil Truckers that's more or less what 
I'm doing. Sometimes I'm driving a van 
shuttle service around the base on land and 
sometimes I'm driving off the base onto the 
ice shelf and going out to a field camp or 
the airstrip to pick up passengers. I drive 
four different types of wheeled vehicles; 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www alumnae 

ten-passenger vans, two large transporters 
called airporters and deltas, and a bus called 
"Ivan the Terra Bus." Ivan weighs twenty- 
eight tons and can carry fifty-six passengers. 
1 thought the hardest part would be reversing 
the deltas, but it's actually the climb inside. 
I'm going to have thighs of steel at the end 
of this job! 

Two experienced and patient guys, 
Shuttle Bill and Geoff taught me to drive. 
I was cautious my first day as I learned 
alongside a twenty-five-year-old named 
Brandon who had been driving trucks in 
Alaska for a few years. He instinctively 
knew where all the gauges and controls were 
located and already seemed to know his way 
around the base. 

It wasn't long before 1 felt more 
confident myself When it was time to take 
the delta over the "big hill" to the New 
Zealander's base, Scott Base, my instructor 
said: "If you're feeling confident, shift her 
up to fourth gear." Yeah baby! I slammed 
it into fourth and hit the gas. Woo hoo! 
Queen of the Ice Road! You get up to 
fifteen mph around here and you're a road 
warrior. It was two miles to Scott Base and 
what a drive! As you crest the "big hill," 
you get a great view of Mt. Erebus, a live 
volcano about forty miles in the distance. 
By evening I was already heading out to the 
airfield about thirteen miles away to pick 
up passengers. My training was equivalent 
to having one driver's education class and 
being turned loose with my parent's new car. 


Ivan the Terra Bus weighs fourteen tons and 
can hold fifty-six people. There are only seven 
such vehicles in existence. This buS/ Kelly in 
the driver's seat, is the only one in the south- 
ern hemisphere. The other six vehicles are 
used in the Canadian Arctic. 

On base, there are two workout rooms, 
a gym, chapel, library, computer labs, 
lounges, three bars, a store, several dorms, 
and several working buildings. Most of the 
buildings are made with just plywood and 
siding, but the views are incomparable. In 
the dorms, first-timers usually end up with 
three other roommates, but I lucked out and 
have only one. Our dorm is the smallest with 
teeny, tiny rooms, but I'm happy because it's 
a quiet place. The food here isn't bad, pretty 
comparable to what 1 have when I teach for 
the Navy. 

The average temperature is about -5°F, 
but will warm up to 20°F/ 25°F most days. 
They say it sometimes climbs to 40°F. at 
which point I imagine we'll all be outside 
in bathing suits sipping margaritas! We still 
have a few hours of "night," although you 
could probably still read a book outside. 
On October 2 1 we experienced the last 
sunset, and on October 22 the last sunrise 
for winter. After that, the sun danced around 
the horizon, inching ever upward and giving 
twenty-four hours of full daylight. 

This delta is a twenty-eight-year-old Navy 
vehicle that can transport up to twenty 
passengers over the ice. 


Kelly at snow craft school, or "Happy Camp/' 
with her Scott tent. Scott tents are modeled 
after the tents explorers used about 1 00 years 
ago. Mt. Terror is pictured in the background. 

In November, I attended Snow Craft 
School, also known as "Happy Camp" — a 
two-day survival course that teaches you 
how to stay alive if you were stranded in the 
snow or if you had to set up a field camp. 
You learn how to operate radios, camp 
stoves, and tents, and how to build other 
structures like snow walls and trenches. 

We had two instructors. Brian and 
Dylan. Brian was the more serious of the 
two and Dylan the cuter and funnier. As 
we introduced ourselves, we told what sort 
of cold- weather camping experience we'd 
had. A few people stood out immediately; 
me. because I made a joke about having 

cross-country skied across Greenland. That 
was actually my friend Alice. Anyone who 
knows me knows I couldn't ski across my 
own backyard; Firefighter Chris, a.k.a. 
Annoying Chris, who immediately irritated 
everyone with his over-long, pedantic 
answers; and Alaskan Phil, who was exactly 
the sort of experienced person you'd want 
on your team if you were in a survival 
situation. He'd been camping in Alaskan 
temperatures of -30°F. If I had to be sent 
off to the snow to die. this was the person I 
wanted to dig my grave. 

After a few hours we set out onto the 
ice shelf on a beautiful sunny day — a little 
cold, but not much wind. We learned how to 
set up camp stoves, the classic canvas Scott 
tents and the modern nylon mountain tents, 
and the camp kitchen. We learned how to 
build a snow wall for wind protection and 
dig sleeping trenches. It was funny to see 
the gender breakdown when the instructors 
left us to our own devices. The men carved 
ice blocks and built the snow wall while 
the women started setting up the tents and 

One of the more interesting things we 
built was a quincy, like a modern igloo. We 
piled up all the sleeping bag sets together 
and put a larp over them. Next, we dug 
snow to pile on top. We packed down the 
snow, letting it sit for a while in the sun 
to harden. After a few hours, we dug out 
the bags and made a timnel entrance. I 
was digging on one side with a young 
guy named Michael. We were both on our 
knees shoveling like little badgers and 

Kelly poses with Prince Albert of Monaco — 
v/ho is also actress Grace Kelly's son. Prince 
Albert happened to be visiting on a tour after 
signing the Antarctic Treaty. 

pulling bags out. Super-shoveler Alaskan 
Phil was on the other side, doing the even 
more difficult task of shoveling out the 
tunnel that people would use for entry and 
exit. Annoying Chris was standing around 
watching everyone else shovel and trying to 
offer what I'm sure he thought were helpful 
hints. Indeed, they were not. I kept trying to 
get this guy involved. "Hey Chris, why don't 
you help us pull these bags out . . ." but he 
seemed oblivious. He'd pull one bag out and 
then go back to talking. Finally Phil said, 
"You know, I see you doing a lot of talking, 
but not a lot of digging." Oh, I liked Phil 
right away. It was no surprise when we were 
choosing where we wanted to sleep that 
no one chose to share tent or trench with 
Annoying Chris. 

Once we had begun our projects, the 
instructors left us to die . . . er, survive . . . 
the snow. The sun was shining full force, but 
it was getting colder as the evening went on. 
Phil was trying to build a traditional igloo 
out of blocks, but gave up the fight after 
two hours — we used his blocks to build a 
mini Stonehenge instead. We all had dinner 
around the kitchen, eating funny-tasting, 
freeze-dried meals out of foil envelopes. 
Alas, my fettuccine alfredo did not taste like 
the Olive Garden. But we also got nuts and 
fruit and an endless supply of hot drinks. We 
sat around the kitchen and I quickly earned 
the nickname "Cruise Director" because I 
suggested we go around the circle and tell 
either our most exciting moment, favorite 
book, or a secret we'd never told anyone. 
Some of us went sightseeing — and by that I 
mean we went inside a double quincy. It was 
one that people had built the week before, 
and when they were digging the floor out, 
they opened up a chamber from a quincy 
that had been built last year. The tunnel was 
a ten-foot, Shawshank-Redemption-esque 
crawl that was not for the claustrophobic. 

8 • Spring/Summer 2009 

Sweet Bfiar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


"If Antarctica were music it would be Mozart. 
Art, and it would be Michelangelo. Literature, 
and it would be Shakespeare. And yet it is 
something even greater; the only place on 
earth that is still as it should be. May we never 
tame it.' 

-Andrew Denton 

After dinner and tea we drifted to our 
preferred acconiniodations. I'd heard the 
Scott tents were the warmest, so I had 
chosen one of those. I was rooming with a 
guy named Bill. Only in Antarctica would 
you be sharing a tent this quickly with 
someone you just met. 1 couldn't seem to 
get warm in my sleeping bag and ended 
up getting the shakes twice (the first stage 
of hypothermia) — a miserable, frustrating 
feeling. We later found out that it was -14°F 
that night! Alaskan Phil had the good idea 
to use the spare sleeping kits to provide me 
a few more layers, and I managed to stop 
shaking, although I never got "cozy." 

I was bleary-eyed the next morning as 
we dismantled camp. Annoying Chris went 
around to wake everyone. I'm sure he meant 
well, but he went to the people who were 
sleeping in trenches and banged on the top 
of their structures, caving in two of the four. 
One girl was using her pee bottle at this 
inopportune moment. 

That afternoon, we learned how to find 
someone in a whiteout, how to use the 
Vietnam-era radios, and how to set up a 
basic camp in a survival situation. I excelled 
at tent construction and was not so skilled 
at radio operation. We finally packed up all 
the gear and headed back to civilization. I 
fell into an exhausted, but happy coma for 
a few hours. Despite the mild hypothermia 
and sleeplessness, I still had a fun time and 
recommend Happy Camp to others. 

After Happy Camp came Thanksgiving 
and with that, a trip to the hospital. What 
started as a scratchy throat became a sore 
throat so bad that if I ttied to swallow or 
cough, it brought tears to my eyes. I trudged 
to the hospital and couldn't speak well 
enough to tell them what was wrong. I had 
to write it out. The doctor said I had a bad 
case of the "crud" — the catch-all term for 
any sort of cold or sinus infection down 

here. I was so dehydrated they had to put 
me on IV fluids before they could draw 
blood. They gave me a painkiller shot of 
liquid ibuprofen and, when they came back 
in a half hour and I still didn't feel any 
better, they switched to a morphine drip. 
"What?! You're putting me on morphine?! 
Who takes morphine for a sore throat?" I 
croaked out. "You do," the Doc answered 
with a face that suggested 1 should start 
making my will and saying my prayers. "It's 
the only thing we've got left." 

I spent the next several hours at the 
hospital. The morphine made me sleepy and 
steroids made me jumpy, so I couldn't relax. 
After several shots of morphine, 1 still didn't 
feel much better and still couldn't swallow. 
The doctor said they were thinking about a 
medical evacuation to Christchurch, New 
Zealand. Yikes! I wasn't dead yet and did 
not want to leave. I flat-out refused. Most 
people who get medevac-ed are sent home 

I said, "I worked too hard to get here. 
I don't want to be sent home. Worst-case 
scenario, bury me in the snow and tell my 
loved ones I died on some bold Antarctic 
expedition. Barring that, I promise to get 
better immediately. Start bringing me the 
tea." Having lived in the UK three times, 
I learned tea is the solution to many 
problems. After a night in the hospital, I 
was sent back to my dorm. The other shuttle 
drivers brought my mail and food and called 
to check on me. I'd heard they were worried 
about the possible medevac, but had also 
started a grocery list of what they wanted 
brought back from New Zealand. 

I barely made it to the Thanksgiving 
dinner because I still wasn't feeling my 
best. It was nice to sit with all my shuttle 
buddies for the big feast. The galley went 
all-out with the meal. We had all the 
traditionals — turkey, ham, stuffing, and 

cranberry sauce — but also cheese, fruit, and 
killer desserts. 

By Christmas, the weather had warmed 
up and most of the snow around the station 
had melted. Temperatures hung around 
20°F. We had twenty-four hours of daylight. 
Sometimes the sky would go for days 
without showing a cloud. The base looked 
a little bleak without the snow, but the 
surrounding scenery was spectacular. The 
ice shelf had pushed up against the land and 
created pressure ridges like tall waves of 
ice. A line of ice shards stuck into the air as 
high as twenty feet. 

The warmer weather meant sports and 
hiking. The other day I went to Scott Hut, 
built by explorer R. F. Scott in 1902, just 
to sit awhile. It was windy and cold on the 
station side, but when I topped the hill the 
winds were calm, and I had a beautiful, 
sunny view of the seals on the sea ice. 

Driving the vehicles continued to be a 
fun and varied job with four main duties: 
watching the phone/radio in the office on 
dispatch, doing town taxi, doing regular 
shuttle service out to the airfields, and 
taking passengers to and from the planes. I 
could now reverse Ivan the Terra Bus on a 

I took another small hike out to the Scott 
Hut. You can't get into the hut without the 
key, but I circled around for photos and then 
climbed toward Observation Hill behind 
the station. I looked out on the ice shelf, 
a vast expanse of white with several small 
patches of blue, which gave the impression 
of melting pools, but was really light 
refraction. The sun was shining and the 
mountains in the distance looked vast and 
unconquerable. I first thought it's a shame 
that more people can't see what I'm seeing. 
But then I reconsidered. Maybe it's fitting 
that only a few people get to see all this 
wondrous beauty. No picture I send will 
ever be able to do it justice. No description 
I write will ever be enough. To be here and 
experience this has been the hardest thing 
I've ever worked for and the richest reward I 
may ever receive. 

Kelly flew back to the United States in 
March 2009 and will be returning to The 
Ice in October. She is currently finishing a 
Ph.D. in medieval literature and hopes that 
fiiends and classmates will contact her at: 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www.olumnae, 

Spring/Summer 2009 • 9 

New Book Focuses on 

1 6th-century 

Print Publishing & Murder 


Anew book by Sweet Briar College 
art history professor Christopher 
Witcombe, Print Piihli.shiiig in 
Sixteenth-Centwy Rome: Gimvlh and 
Expansion, Rivalry and Murder, gives 
readers an overview of the business, 
personalities, artwork, and scandals 
surrounding the Roman printmaking 

Published in 2008 by Harvey Miller 
Publishers, the 469-page book contains 
more than 300 illustrations. It is the result 
of nearly two decades of research that 
took Witcombe to archives, libraries, and 
museums across the United States and 
Europe, including six months spent in the 
Vatican's Secret Archives. 

"Print publishing," in this case, refers 
to engravings and etchings — an emerging 
commercial art form of the period — which 
often depicted architectural sights or 
religious subjects. 

"Rome had already long been a 
host to pilgrims," Witcombe explained. 
"Throughout the Middle Ages, there were 
people who would come to Rome for that, 
so they would obviously be customers for 
religious prints. But in the Renaissance 
there was also a new type of tourist who 
came to see the antiquities and in part these 
print publishers were catering to this new 

The publishing companies that produced 
the prints, and there were perhaps a dozen 
by the end of the 16th century, were highly 
competitive. Underhanded practices, up to 
and including murder, occasionally ensued. 

Witcombe originally titled the book, 
"Print Publishing and Murder in Sixteenth- 
Century Rome," but said the marketing 
folks thought it a bit too "Dan Brown-ish." 
He modified the title, but "murder" 

"I wanted to keep murder in the title, 
because the book hinges on a murder that 

occurred which was very clearly due to 
rivalry between print publishing houses," 
he said. 

The murder to which Witcombe is 
referring is that of the engraver Gerolamo 
da Modena, whose drowned body was 
found in the Tiber River. He writes about 
the homicide in the book's fourth chapter, 
"Rivalry and Murder." 

During his research, Witcombe read an 
article that mentioned depositions taken 
after the homicide, which was largely 
thought to have been carried out by a rival 
publishing house or a consortium of shops. 
He found the transcript of the testimonials 
in Rome, studied it, and learned a lot about 
the personalities involved in the printmaking 
industry, many of whom were rounded up 
and questioned by local authorities. 

"On the assumption that this was a 
murder that had been committed, many 
individuals were arrested and interrogated. 
What this document is is a record of the 
questions and answers." 

From his research, Witcombe already 
knew the names of many of those who were 
questioned, but reading the depositions 
gave him what he calls a "street-level view" 
of the people and places involved. "What 
people were doing, who they were related 
to, where they were living, what restaurants 
they were going to — all this. I was able to 
tease out of this document," he said. 

That painstaking research is a part of 
writing Witcombe says he enjoys and it 
explains his love of archives. "This is the 
real stuff," he said. For more information 
about Witcombe and his book, visit his Web 

About the Author 

Christopher L.C.E. Witcombe began his 
career at the Accademia di Belle Arti in 
Florence, Italy, where he studied painting. 

intending to become a studio artist. He 
was fascinated by the paintings of the 
Italian Renaissance, however, and when a 
friend introduced him to Janson 's Histoiy 
of Art, his plans for the future began to 
change. Witcombe describes the book as "a 
revelation." He soon left Florence for the 
University of Massachusetts to receive a BA 
and later an MA in art history. He earned a 
Ph.D. from Bryn Mawr College in 1 98 1 and 
has been a professor of art history at Sweet 
Briar since 1983. 

Aside from his extensive knowledge 
of the Italian Renaissance, Witcombe is 
well known for his presence on the Web. 
Ever since the first appearance on campus 
of the World Wide Web in 1994, he has 
been excited about using technology to 
communicate aspects of art history to his 
students and the world. 

"1 saw the arrival of the Web as a great 
opportunity for art history since it merged 
both text and images," says Witcombe. 
The Web site "Art History Resources on 
the Web" he launched in 1995 and still 
maintains is an excellent resource for anyone 
interested in art history, and has been the 
first resource listed in the "art history" 
Google search for ten years. The site receives 
around 20,000 page views each day. 

Witcombe has taken merging text and 
images one step further with his iTunes 
podcasts, also accessible through his Web 
site. The series "Art History in Just a 
Minute," starring Witcombe as narrator, 
offers entertaining, informative clips about 
various works of art. With well over 100,000 
viewers since it was launched, his podcasts 
have been in the top twenty-five highest 
rated in the visual arts on iTunes for nearly 
two years. 

It's not surprising that Witcombe 's 
internet popularity and exceptional 
scholarship led to him being recruited by 
cruise lines as a speaker for their guests. 

10 • Spting/Summei 2009 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


After an interview process, Witcombe began taking trips 
all over the world, giving lectures on the ships and stopping 
off at ports to do research along the way. "I've been able to 
see things 1 thought 1 would never see, such as the pyramids 
in Egypt and the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg," 
Witcombe says. This summer he will be lecturing on two 
cruises in Europe and one in Tahiti. 

In addition to lecturing on cruise ships, while he is in, 
London this summer between cruises Witcombe 's comments 
on Leonardo da Vinci will be filmed for a documentary on 
the artist to be aired this fall on the History Channel. 

His current venture is a series of books entitled Eye and 
Art. According to Witcombe, the series will examine issues 
of vision and perception in the history of European visual 
culture. In the first book Eye and Art in Ancient Greece he 
analyzes how ancient Greeks saw and interpreted the visual 
culture in which they were immersed. He combines various 
disciplines including philosophy, science, and history to 
explore his topic. Second in the series will be Eye and Art in 
Ancient Rome and Byzantium. For more information about 
Witcombe, his accomplishments, lectures, articles, and books 
visit his Web site, witcombe. 

Christopher, Kimberley, Katherine, and Alex Euston, 

Kimberley McGraw Euston *92 wins 

"Working: Mother 
of the Year" 

Alumnae Association Board Member Kimberley McGraw 
Euston '92 was recently designated as a "Working 
Mother of the Year" by Working Mother Magazine. Euston 
has twins, Alex and Christopher (8) and Katherine (5) and 
is currently the director and client relationship executive for 
PricewaterhouseCoopers — one of the world's largest professional 
services firms. According to Worl<ing Motlier. Euston has 
mastered juggling various careers while managing a growing 
family, and in fact, she seems to enjoy the challenge. On top of 
her home and work life, Euston also volunteers for Sweet Briar 
as Boxwood Circle Giving Chair. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www. alumnae. sbcedu 

Spring/Summer 2009 • 1 1 


Some might say Sweet Briar College, 
with its pink-and-green color scheme 
and Vixen mascot, is sugary enough, 
but Micaela Weiss '09 is trying to make the 
all-woman's college and the world a little 
sweeter still. 

Soon, the 22-year-old business 
management major from Portsmouth, 
Virginia, will begin marketing Free 
and Sweet, an all-natural sweetener she 
developed that's derived from the stevia 
plant, a shrub that grows in South America. 

The product will be packaged in pink and 
green with a daisy flower logo — an homage 
to Daisy Williams, daughter of the College's 

It all started several years ago when 
Weiss was just trying to be a good big sister. 

On Weiss' si.xteenth birthday in October 
2003, she and her family were out to dinner 
when her younger sister, Natasha, suddenly 
fell ill. Thinking it was a migraine, they took 
Natasha home. They couldn't have been 
more wrong. 

"For the next six months, she would fight 
for her life and go undiagnosed repeatedly," 
Weiss recalled. "Halloween night, we 
thought for sure we were going to lose 
her. The doctors had prepared us that she 
probably was not going to live. She could 
not walk [or] eat, and could barely speak. 
She was on so many medications she was 

"That night my father, who is a 
physician, had flown to New Orleans for an 
important conference. My mom and 1 sat 
Natasha up to watch Charlie Brown's it's 
the Great Pumpkin." as was tradition, when 
my sister turned purple and swelled twice 
her body size." 

It Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

"I started doing some research and came 
across stevia, an all-natural [sweetener] with 
no calories, no carbohydrates and no fat." 

Throughout the night, Weiss and her 
mother kept vigil, moving Natasha to 
and from the garage, hoping the colder 
temperature would reduce the swelling and 
slow her heart rate. Believing his daughter 
was dying, her father telephoned, saying, 
"Be strong. She is going to a better place." 

But Natasha didn't die that night or any 
night following. After massive amounts 
of intravenous antibiotics, many nights in 
the hospital and lots of prayer, Natasha, 
who Weiss calls her "best friend" and 
"ying to my yang," survived. She is now 
a sophomore at Sweet Briar studying 

However, the disease, which Weiss and 
her family suspects was the deadly dengue 
fever carried by mosquitoes brought in 
with a recent hurricane, left Natasha with 
rheumatoid arthritis and new food allergies, 
including one to artificial sweeteners. 

"Talk about tough," Weiss said. "You 
almost die your freshmen year [of high 
school] and now you cannot eat anything 
fake as far as sugar. Moreover, you cannot 
exercise because you are constantly in pain 
and now have rheumatoid arthritis. 

"I started doing some research and came 
across stevia, an all-natural [sweetener] 
with no calories, no carbohydrates and no 
fat. It was a complete shot in the dark but I 
ordered some in from China for her to try. It 
was a success. She had no problems with it 

Over the next two years, Weiss 
experimented and added natural fibers to 
the powdered stevia to make it fit into a 
one-gram sweetener packet. Othei-wise, 
she said, "it is just so sweet that either a 
sugar packet would have only a tiny amount 

of stevia or, at one gram of stevia [per 
package], a person would have to save the 
packet for future use." 

She also tested it on friends and other 
family members, with rave reviews. "Plenty 
of my own friends have dietary problems 
and they had no adverse effects, and all the 
research shows diabetics can use it," Weiss 

During her junior year at Sweet Briar, 
she decided to produce and market the 
product herself Weiss, who said she's "in 
charge of everything from Web site to 
ordering to insurance and sales." is in the 
process of getting a patent. She has formed 
a limited liability company. Free and Sweet 
will soon be a registered trademark, and 
she's hoping the product will be certified 
both organic and kosher in the next six 

She also worked on the Free and Sweet 
business plan this year for senior seminar. It 
was a timely project, according to associate 
professor Tom Scott, who taught the class. 
"As the business department begins to move 
toward its vision of creating entrepreneurial 
women, Micaela's budding business 
provided an excellent opportunity to jump 
start this process," he said. 

For the first batch of 100,000 packets, 
Weiss mixed the Free and Sweet at her 
dad's Virginia Beach doctor's office and 
then shipped it in bulk to a manufacturing 
company in Washington State for 
packaging. The manufacturer. First Priority, 
is packaging the Free and Sweet and will 
mail it back to Weiss for distribution. 

Her plan is to eventually have everything, 
from mixing the raw products to shipping, 
done in Washington State. Although the 

Free and Sweet's logo, with its pink and green 
color scheme and daisy graphic pays homage 
to Sweet Briar and Daisy Williams, daughter 
of the College's founder. 

immediate plan is to market one-gram 
packets in fifty-count boxes, her three- 
year plan includes offering the product in 
one-pound bags for cooking and baking. 

Weiss recently launched a Web site and 
began accepting pre-orders for shipment 
in mid-February. She plans to market the 
product to hair salons and spas where coffee 
is served, and health food stores and other 
places that serve people with special dietary 
needs. Sweet Briar College, with its catering 
and dining services, also is on her target list. 

"The company is just getting started 
officially and although it has been a 
challenge, it has become a great learning 
lesson," she said. "The reason 1 bring all 
of this up is that Coca-Cola and Pepsi have 
synthesized stevia and have created a new 
product. They are beginning to produce it 
in their soft drinks, as well as in separate 
individual packages." 

Another stevia product, Truvia, also 
recently started advertising on television, 
but Weiss isn't worried about the 
competition. "There is, of course, room 
in the market for more than one company 
and I just want people to know they have 
options," she said. 

"Stevia could change the way Americans 
eat, because now they have a healthy and 
safe alternative to artificial sweeteners. Free 
and Sweet is based on family, and although 
we are the little guys we have big hearts." 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine 


Spring/Summer 2009 • 1 3 

Career Services, Leading Students Through 

Tough Times 


As we all know, our graduates will 
encounter an economy in the throes of a 
recession as they graduate. My staff and I 
are keenly aware of this exigency, and we 
are regularly reviewing the research and 
current reporting on how the economy is 
playing out vis a vis employers and their 
hiring decisions. 

Current news media and report sources 
portray a gloomy job market scenario. In 
order to mitigate the impact of this reality, 
we continue to rely on and emphasize our 
tried and true mixture of collaborative 
programming, strong array of resources, 
and intensive, individualized, and highly 
responsive student and alumnae service. 
As usual, these options were offered to 
help students realize their career goals and 
dreams. The Sweet Briar Career Services 
team is continuing the hard work that has 
landed them in the top ten of the Princeton 
Review s Best Career/Job Placement 
Services rankings the past couple of 
years. These events, programs, services, 
and resources can be viewed at 

All of our students, seniors in particular, 
have been provided with opportunities 
to connect with employers and alumnae. 
A new career fair, Career Premier, 
was recently added to the lineup of our 
usual Challenge Job and Internship Fair, 
GovernmenfJnternational Careers Event, 
Natural Sciences/Environment Careers 
Event, the Tri-College Education Career 
Fair, Commerce Careers Event, the College 
2 Career Fair in Richmond, and other 
collaborative events with the Development 
Office, Alumnae Office, our Co-Curricular 
Life colleagues, and other Virginia 
colleges and universities. My staff and I 
also strongly emphasize the importance of 

working closely with Career Services and 
recommend that students avail themselves of 
all the individuals, programs, and resources 
around them. 

This past year the Career Services Center 
added a new E-Recruiting Experience 
database that provides students with 
hundreds of internship and full-time 
employment opportunities to an already 
strong bank of job and internship locating 
resources developed to compliment our 
programs. I conduct regular workshops 
on job searching in a tough economy 
advertised around campus with the slogan: 
"the economy is tough but so are you." 1 
encourage students to use action to cure 
fear Along with these workshops, we have 
added a "job search strategies for tough 
economic times" link on our Web site. Also, 
the staff and I participated in a national 
audio conference devoted to sharing with 
Career Services practitioners' advice and 
strategies for working with students" career 
development during a recession. Couple 
this with regular emails devoted to advice 
on navigating tough times and a new office 
goal for next academic year to examine all 
that we do in Career Services in light of 
the tough economic realities, I feel that our 
students are being well served. 

At last glance, the majority of the seniors 
have visited the Career Services Center at 
least once. Many of them make it a regular 
part of their semester routine. The class of 
2009 is motivated and positive. The students 
that put in the effort will find that hard 
work, persistence, and taking advantage 
of the substantive resources around them 
will pay off As of March 2009, the Career 
Services Center's usage numbers are in line 
with the "well above average" numbers 
posted in the 2007-2008 annual report. As 

far as predicting senior outcomes at this 
point, I feel that like previous classes, the 
Class of 2009 will outperform its peers. 

1 would like to thank the many alumnae 
who have participated in our career events, 
and worked with or assisted our students 
in the past with internships, full-time 
employment, or shared good advice. I would 
also like to thank the Alumnae Office and 
their staff who partner with us on many 
fronts. We are able to do our jobs better 
because of Louise and her crew. 

All alumnae are welcome to peruse our 
Web site, come to our events and programs, 
and email or call Career Services for 
one-on-one advice and assistance. It is your 
Center as well. Kristin Ewing. Carolyn 
Brazill, and myself work with alumnae 
almost every day. We help alumnae with 
their resumes, cover letters, graduate/ 
professional school applications, job search 
strategies, and more. Our assistance coupled 
with the strong alumnae network offers you 
a powerful package of resources to help 
weather the economic storm, or work on 
your personal career development. You can 
access the online alumnae directory, Banner 
Self Service, by going to: https://www2. 
Happy networking! 

Remember that "the economy is 
tough but so are you!" Feel free to give 
your Career Services staff a call 
at 434-381-6151, or email us at 

14 • Spring/Summer 2009 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Sweet Briar Creative 
Writing Conference 

On March 5-8. Sweet Briar hosted 
its first annual creative writing 
conference for undergraduate 
students. Though intense, residential writing 
retreats and conferences exist for high 
school students, graduate students, and 
independent writers, very few, if any. exist 
for college students. John Casteen. visiting 
assistant professor of creative writing at 
Sweet Briar, founded and organized the 
conference. In his closing remarks. Casteen 
explained, "All over the state, and probably 
all over the country, there are talented 
students and committed teachers doing very 
similar kinds of work. All of you — all of 
us — are sustaining literature, carrying the 
tradition of those who love and aspire to 
the power of the written word. It's like an 
archipelago, with people on all the different 
islands all trying to reinvent the wheel. 
Better to gather our strengths in one place, 
both to teach and to celebrate." 

Sixty top undergraduate creative writers 
nominated by their own faculty from Sweet 
Briar, University of Virginia.. Virginia 
Tech, Virginia Commonwealth University, 
Hampden-Sydney College, Washington 

and Lee University, Liberty University, 
Lynchburg College, and Randolph College 
participated in the conference. The 
conference gave students a brief, MFA-type 
experience in which they could surround 
themselves with other people also working 
to improve their fiction, non-fiction, or 
poetry writing. Jess Quinlan, a fourth year 
student at Lynchburg College said, "Going 
to a small school myself it is so nice to see 
perspectives outside of what you normally 
get from your own faculty and fellow 
peers." Visiting students and faculty stayed 
at the Elston Inn and ate in Prothro Dining 
Hall. Most of the scheduled events took 
place in the Conference Center, although the 
warm, early spring days also pulled a couple 
of workshops outside. 

The schedule allotted time for writing 
and reflection, between structured events. 
At 10:30 each morning "craft talks" were 
given by both Sweet Briar and visiting 
faculty. Topics ranged from "The Problem 
of Happiness," a discussion of writing about 
joy led by SBC's Carrie Brown, to "From 
Religious to Ecstatic Poetry" by U.Va's Joe 
Chapman. After lunch, students broke into 

'», , , I felt that 
all the students 
in my workshop 
responded well to 
this^ were open to 
receiving criticism 
and encouragement 
from a relative 
stranger^ and to 
sharing ideas with 
each other — to help 
each other,'* 

Sweel BriQf College Alumnoe Magazine ' 


Spring/Summer 2009 • 15 

Perforins at Sweet Briar 

On April 22, filmmaker, actor, 
and writer John Waters made 
his second visit to Sweet Briar's 
campus. The first time he stepped foot 
inside the Pink Bubble was in 1991 to 
speak on his celebrity experience. This 
time, he delivered his one-man show. This 
Filthy World. Filthier and Trashier to the 
campus community. 

Waters is the creative mind behind 
such movies as the 1972 cult classic Pink 
Flamingos and the more mainstream, 
Hairspray. His quirky characters 
and penchant for scenes that test the 
strongest of gag reflexes have earned 
him the nicknames "Pope of Trash" 
and "Prince of Puke." Needless to say, 
these nicknames have not hindered his 
popularity as tickets were sold out for the 
Sweet Briar event. 

Waters has a special connection to 
Sweet Briar with several alumnae in his 
family, including his mother, two sisters, 
and cousin. 

their assigned workshop groups of about 
ten people each to meet and discuss one 
another's work. Julia Hansen, one of the 
visiting faculty members from U.Va and 
leader of a poetry workshop noted, "To 
share your writing with strangers takes 
courage, and to comment on strangers' or 
just-met-writers' work takes courage, and 
I was impressed and encouraged by how 
trusting my workshop students were of 
each other and of me. Because we were 
only going to work together for three days, 
I felt a sense of urgency — to maximize 
our workshop time, not to tiptoe around a 
problem in a poem but to address it directly, 
and nearly immediately — and I felt that all 
the students in my workshop responded well 
to this, were open to receiving criticism and 
encouragement from a relative stranger, and 
to sharing ideas with each other — to help 
each other." 

During the evenings, all conference 
attendees went to and participated in events 
such as a panel discussion on "The Writing 
Life," and student and faculty readings. 
Jessica Baker '09 commented, "I was most 
impressed by the student reading because 
people read things that they wrote this 
weekend. Everybody was really enthusiastic 
just to be here. It really exemplified how 
happy they were that this conference was 
happening." Indeed, the overall atmosphere 
throughout the weekend was one of 
support, challenge, and open-mindedness. 
The accessible faculty not only served as 
mentors and leaders, but they shared their 
own experiences and advice over meals 
and during unstructured time. Walter 
Kovacs, a fiction student from Virginia 
Tech, elucidated that the conference was, "a 
weekend of literary and cultural debauchery 
not seen since the Roman times." 

In addition to serving as an incredible 
learning opportunity for emerging writers, 
the conference has and will continue to put 
Sweet Briar at the forefront of academic 
innovation. The conference was free for 
Sweet Briar students and visiting students 
paid only $100 towards their instruction, 
lodging, and food. The conference, made 
possible by Sweet Briar's obtainment of 
a feasibility grant from the Jessie Ball 
DuPont Foundation, has given visiting 
students and faculty a taste of Sweet Briar's 
vibrant program and Sweet Briar students 
the chance to broaden and strengthen their 
own writing community. The conference, 
though, did not only teach, it showed that 
Sweet Briar has a lot of offer not only its 
own students, but to the greater writing and 
education circles. 

Katherine Beach '09, frequent writer for 
the Alumnae Magazine, graduated this 
May with an honors degree in English and 
creative writing, a business minor and an 
equine studies certificate. She thought that 
the creative writing conference was "one of 
the best things Fve done during my time at 
Sweet Briar and I 'm so thankful I was able 
to be a part of it." 

Julia Kudravetz attended the conference from 
Johns Hopkins University to instruct one of the 
fiction workshops. She is pictured here with 
one of the attendees, Joey Pickert, from the 
University of Virginia. 


Writers conference attendees gather in front of the Conference Center. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 



on Campus 

20 Pink Bikes. 

Sweet Briar now owns twenty bubble-gum 
pink bikes, available for anyone to sign out 
at Daisy's Cafe and ride around campus. 
The bikes are part of the effort to make 
our campus as eco-friendly as possible, 
in keeping with the Presidents Climate 
Commitment. President Muhlenfeld signed 
onto this commitment as one of almost 600 
college presidents who are resolved to make 
college campuses climate neutral. On your 

next visit, youMl see pink bikes studding the 
campus, a visible sign of our commitment to 
physical and environmental health. Helmets 
are required. 

Daisy's Cafe. 

Sweet Briar's Bookshop Cafe has been 

given a makeover. Reimagined and 
renovated over the winter break, it is now 
called Daisy's Cafe — a quaint little shop 
offering Boarshead deli sandwiches, better 

quality espresso drinks, a new coffee brew, 
and other delicious goodies. 

Our Own Coffee. 

In partnership with the Rosetta Coffee 
Company of Lynchburg, Virginia, Sweet 
Briar now serves a special coffee roast 
found only on our campus at Daisy's Cafe. 
The Sweet Briar Roast comes from the 
famous Blue Mountains of India where it is 
grown on a plantation owned by a woman. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine 

.' alumnae. sbcedu 

Spring/Summer 2009 • 17 


The decaf blend is an Arabica, 

which comes to Rosetta through a Peruvian 

company that, according to Rosetta, 

supports women's issues in their local 


Fitness and Athletics Center. 

The Fitness and Athletics Center is 
scheduled to open in the fall of 2009. The 
approximately 53,000-square-foot, $10.5 
million building includes a racquetball and 
squash court, an elevated running track 
and a state-of-the-art floor that provides 
multi-use space for regulation sports as 
well as college functions, concerts, and 
events. In addition to meeting the needs 
of the athletics department and serving 
as a wellness center for the entire Sweet 
Briar community, the facility also will be a 
place to gather to study, dine in the bistro, 
watch TV, or catch a film in the brand-new 
movie theater. Construction of the building 
incorporates green features including a 
geothermal heating and cooling system. The 
metal Energy Star-rated roof will be able 
to accommodate photovoltaic solar electric 

Green Village. 

Construction on the first new student 
housing on campus in more than fifty years 
should be complete in time for students 
to take up residence in August 2009. The 
appro.ximately $3.5 million complex will 
house sixty students in five three-unit 
buildings. Each unit will accommodate four 
students with full amenities indoors as well 
as outdoor living spaces. Two apartment 
units will be designated for handicapped 

residents. Some of the "green" features — 
which give the Village its name — include 
Structural Insulated Panels (SIP's) that are 
40- to 50-percent more efficient than stick- 
built buildings. Energy Star appliances, 
low-flow showers and toilets, maximum 
insulation and high R-value windows. The 
metal Energy Star-rated roofs will be able 
to accommodate photovoltaic solar electric 

18 • Spring/Summer 2009 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • wwwalumnae.sbcedu 


Braln-Compalihle Dance 
Education, Anne Green 
Gilbert "69. National Dance 
Association 2006. 
'^1 il^M Recent scientific research 

1 nUIH supports the important role 
movement plays in developing the brain. This 
highly anticipated text reviews this research 
and describes how to effectively present 
holistic dance lessons (using the 5-part lesson 
plan) to engage learners "to think as well 
as to move." This book explores innovative 
teaching methods for infants through seniors. 
It includes the "BrainDance," conceptual 
explorations and improvisations, movement 
combinations and folk dances, dance making 
and dance talking, reflection and assessment. 
A must for all interested in brain-compatible 
teaching — from the novice to the experienced 
dance educator. For teachers of all ages, 
abilities, dance styles, and techniques. 

,„„„,. ,u. James Castle. A 

M Retrospective. Ann Percy 
'62, Philadelphia Museum 
ofArt 2008. James Castle 
(1899-1977) never learned 
to speak, read, or write — 
nor did he ever leave his native state of 
Idaho — and yet he created a wide range of 
extraordinary works that resonate with 
much of 20th-century art. This book offers 
the first critical exploration of the many 
creative genres of this self-taught artist, who 
first came to notice in the 1950s and 1960s 
but has only recently been recognized by 
major museums. 

This book examines Castle's drawings, 
color-wash works, idiosyncratic cardboard 
and paper constructions, and work, sign, 
and symbol pieces. As a child he developed 
his favorite medium and method of working, 
mixing stove soot with saliva and applying 
this "ink" with sharpened sticks and cotton 
wads to such found materials as product 
packaging and discarded paper. These 
everyday materials have given his works a 

singular, immediate, and appealing natural 

This engaging volume considers 
Castle's remarkable art from a variety of 
perspectives, examining his life, modes of 
depiction, working methods and materials, 
and the "visual poetry" of his text works. 
James Castle is available at: vivi vr. 

"There Can Never Come a 

Jii-i:^^^k Second Home Half So 
m "-^-f" W Sacred: ' ' Selected 

Documents of Miami 

Universit}: 1873-1931. Betsy 

^^^^ 9 Butler '91, Miami University 
Libraries 2008. 
This is the second in a series of 
publications highlighting correspondence 
and documents of those who shaped Miami 
University and made contributions to 
American history and culture. The book 
includes letters written by Miami alumnus 
and United States President Benjamin 
Harrison, Booker T. Washington, and 
Woodrow Wilson, as well as excerpts from 
reports and meeting minutes of Miami's 
board of trustees. Several items document 
the construction of Miami's Alumni Library 
(a Carnegie library) from 1899 to 1910. 

Introduction to the Law for 
Paralegals. Deborah Benton 
"79, Career Education 2006. 

Law for Paralegals is 
an innovative and engaging 
textbook written for the 
student who is just starting 
a paralegal degree program. It provides 
simple and concise explanations of legal 
concepts and topics, encouraging students to 
develop critical thinking skills by applying 
the legal principles to numerous problems 
and exercises contained in each chapter. 
Stimulate your discussions with fun. 
motivating, and current exercises. Integrated 
real-world applications in each chapter 
teach students the practical skills needed 

for a thriving career in the field. A common 
vocabulary among all McGraw-Hill titles 
ensures consistency in learning. With a 
thorough set of ancillaries and dedicated 
publisher support, these texts will facilitate 
active learning in the classroom and give 
students the skills sets desired by employers. 
-Courtesy of McGraw-Hill 


Encyclopedia of Women in 
the Renaissance. Diana 
Robin '57. Anne R. Larsen, 
and Carole Levin, editors. 
i-;'2007. All rights reserved. 
Reproduced with permission 
of ABC-CLIO INC., Santa 
Barbara, CA. 

Thirty years ago, the historian Joan 
Kelly asked the question "Did Women Have 
a Renaissance?" — and answered herself 
with a resounding "no." That provocative 
thesis sparked a surge of research interest 
into the achievements of women in an era 
long assumed to be an age of "great men" 
only. A product of current studies on early 
modern women. Encyclopedia of Women in 
the Renaissance: Italy. France, and England 
offers over 135 revealing biographies of 
women artists, leaders, scientists, doctors, 
writers, religious and philosophical thinkers, 
and more. 

Encyclopedia of Women in the 
Renaissance provides vivid portraits of 
famous women such as Catherine of Siena, 
Elizabeth I, and Christine de Pisan, and 
those less well known like Elena Lucrezia 
Cornaro, the first woman in history to 
receive a doctorate, and Louise Boursier, 
author of medical textbooks and midwife 
to Marie de Medicis. Based on the latest 
research and enhanced with thematic 
essays on witchcraft, women writers and 
salons, masculinity, women and power, and 
more, this groundbreaking work casts our 
understanding of women's lives and roles 
in Renaissance history and culture in a 
provocative new light. 

Sweel Btiar College Alumnae Mogozine • wwwalumnae.sbcedu 

Spring/Summer 2009 • 19 

Ibl AVHklt-'AN 

^^ A'/oM«/ /)»>', Liz Farmer 

^^HIB Jarvis '76, Arcadia 
jjHjJIj^ Publishers 2008. 
^^^^HB After autiioring two 

|HpB^^^. photographic history 

books on Chestnut Hill, 
Chestnut Hill in 2002 with 
coauthor Thomas Keels and Chestnut Hill 
Revisited in 2004, Liz Jarvis has assembled 
223 vintage photographs of Mt. Airy for 
publication as part of the Arcadia Publishing 
series of local history books. This book 
contains many never before published 
images from family albums and historical 
archives, showing the area as it once was, 
and how it grew to become one of the few 
neighborhoods in America celebrated for its 
racial integration. 

^ A Model American, Elsie 
Bwch Donald '60, Black 
Swan 2008. A literary novel 
set in Cambodia just prior to 
the triumph of the Khmer 
Rouge. It is a powerful 
portrayal of a clash of 
It is 1969, and businessman Bill Bolton 
decides to surprise his wife with a birthday 
trip to the ancient temples of Angkor Wat in 
Cambodia. They will be the first American 
tourists there since Jackie Kennedy. Getting 
a visa to a country that borders war-torn 
Vietnam requires milking some very 
high-level connections in Washington. 
Accompanied by a female English guide, 
a draft-dodging young pilot and an elderly 
French passenger, their daytrip turns to 
disaster when their small plane crashes 
and they are stranded like castaways in the 

A Model American is a story in which 
an American abroad tries to "improve" a 
primitive culture through the introduction 
of capitalist -ideas. It is a multi-dimensional 
parable of the clash between East and West, 
and American foreign policy. — From the 
hardcover edition 

From hlea to Funded 
Project. Grant Proposals for 
_ . the Digital Age. 5th Edition, 

■ rOJBCl Julia M. Jacobsen '45 and 
■.oiSSrSi! Jan Kay Kress, Praeger 
■■■■■■ Paperback 2007. 

Ideas are products of individual human 

20 • Spring/Summer 2009 



minds. Some of the ideas that emerge 
in educational, cultural, health-related, 
community, service, and faith-based 
organizations are potentially as important to 
the institutions as their endowments. These 
ideas are the concern of this guidebook: 
how to encourage their articulation, how 
to muster the cooperation necessary to 
turn them into formal blueprints, and how 
to secure whatever support is needed to 
see them materialize as projects serving 
the interests of the originators and their 
institutions. Designed for grant seekers 
in the digital age, this book helps readers 
make sense of the various printed and 
Web-based resources that are available to 
improve the quality of proposals and find 
successful funding. The chapters cover 
origins and early development of an idea, 
drawing up a proposal, finding funding 
sources, submitting a proposal, evaluation 
of a project, grant administration, and basic 

Pathways to History: 
Charles Count}' Maryland. 
1658 - 2008, Julia King, 
Christine Arnold-Lourie, and 
Susan Shaffer, Smallwood 
Foundation, Inc. 2008. 
Pathways is this year's recipient of the 
Heritage Book Award of the Maryland 
Historical Trust. The handsome 336-page 
volume, produced by Ann Compton and 
edited by Kathryn Harris '70, offers fresh 
perspectives on a county that is relatively 
unknown, despite its proximity to the 
nation's capital and its founding twenty-four 
years after the first landing of English 
settlers on Maryland soil. More than 370 
illustrations accompany the te.xt written by 
three historians and five additional 
contributors. The book, ambitious in scope, 
ranges from the Paleo-lndian period to the 
plantation society that controlled the county 
well into the 20th century, and concludes 
with the unexpectedly swift demise of 
tobacco, a crop that defined Charles County 
until the 21st century. 

Ghost Stories of Venice Old 
& New. Kim Cool '62, 
Historic Venice Press 2008. 
The OTHER history of 
Venice by IPPY Award- 
winning Venice historian 

Kim Cool This is the fifth in her series of 
Florida Ghost Stories and her second look 
at the ghosts of the Venice area. Some 
of the stories are continuations and/or 
updates of stories from Ghost Stories of 
Venice, although most are new ghosts who 
have been dying to be heard since Cool's 
first book of Florida-based ghost stories 
appeared in print. 

Find a Great Guy. Now and 
Forever. Kristin Kuhns 
Alexandre '68, Runnymede 
Press 2008. Two failed 
marriages sparked Alexandre 
to do some hands-on field 
research regarding the 
"perfect gentleman" and how to avoid men 
who might have money but are cads 
underneath. She's learned the difference, 
found the love of her life and set down all 
the essential lessons to help you do the 

Singles who are looking for great guys 
and married women who want to nurture 
classy traits in their husbands will find this 
bible an essential part of their quest. All 
women will enjoy the insider tips in this 
candid and witty self-help book, which 
offered every ordinary girl the chance for 
true love. 

Josephine Crawford, An 
Artists Vision, Louise C. 
Hoffman '61, The Historic 
New Orleans Collection 

In Josephine Crawford: 
An Artist's Vision, author Louise C. Hoffman 
skillfully recreates the Parisian and New 
Orleans art worlds in the first half of the 
20th century. Featuring more than 70 
paintings and drawings by the prolific 
artist and works by Andre Lhote, Josephine 
Crawford: An Artist's Vision marks the third 
entry in the Louisiana Artist Biography 
Series established by The Historic New 
Orleans Collection in 2003 and funded by 
The Collection's Laussat Society. 

Muraqqd: Imperial Mughal 
Albums from the Chester 
Beatty Library. Dublin, 
authored Dr Elaine Wright; 
Curator of the Islamic 
Collections, the Chester 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine 

/.alumnae. sbcedu 

Beatty Library; Dr. Susan Stronge, Senior 
Curator, Asian Department, Victoria and 
Albert Museum; Prof. Wheeler M. 
Thackston, former Professor of the Practice 
of Persian and other Near Eastern 
Languages, Department of Near Eastern 
Languages and Civilizations, Harvard 
University; Dr. Steven Cohen, textile 
specialist and independent scholar and 
author; London; and, also from the Chester 
Beatty Library, Charles Horton, Curator of 
Western Collections, and Rachael Smith in 
association with Jessica Baldwin, both 
Conservators. Hardcover distributed by the 
University Press of New England 2008. 
Mwaqcia won Best in Show in the 
Washington Publishers Association. The An 
Newspaper recently ranked the attendance at 
the exhibition's initial venue — the Sackler 
Gallery of the Smithsonian Institution in 
Washington — as the ninth most highly 
attended Asian Art exhibition for 2008! 
Lynn Rogerson Lewis '76 is director of Art 
Services International (ASI) and helps to 
produce and select the projects for 

Beyond 21)20: Envisioning 
the Future of Universities in 
America, Mary Landon 
Darden '74, American 
Council on Education and 
Rowman & Littlefield 
Publishers 2008. 
In a world progressing with dizzying 
acceleration from the Machine Age to 
the Information Age, the slow, measured, 
even plodding approach of the traditional 
university can place administrator, faculty 
member, and student alike at a potentially 
fatal disadvantage. 

To move into this brave new world the 
academic animal needs additional tools — or 
weapons. What's ahead? Forewarned, 
of course, is forearmed. Armed with 
knowledge, the future stands not as another 
barrier, but an unparalleled opportunity. 

Co-published with the American 
Council on Education (ACE) and Rowman 
& Littlefield Publishers, Beyond 2020: 
Envisioning the Future of Universities in 
America is that tool. Experts in a host of 
fields that directly and irrevocably impact 
academia will project into the future and 
paint a picture — as clearly as possible — of 
the future university. Together, nearly two 

dozen scholars including James Duderstadt 
and Stephen Joel Trachtenberg, provide 
the most detailed roadmap yet to the perils 
and promise of the Information Age — as 
it directly applies to academia — 20 years 

This is a collection of refreshingly frank 
opinions and observations from forward- 
thinking experts on the front lines with the 
best views on how to prepare the healthiest 
possible institution of tomorrow. It is 
something akin to an academic prophesy. 

Frankly, My Dear: Gone 
with the Wind Revisited, 
Molly Haskell "61, Yale 
University Press 2009. 

The film Gone with the 
Hind premiered in Atlanta 
in December 1939, and 
this year's 70th anniversary is sparking a 
raft of revivals. It's a perfect moment for 
Molly Haskell's Frankly, My Dear: Gone 
with the Wind Revisited — a reappraisal 
of Margaret Mitchell's Pulitzer Prize- 
winning novel and David O. Selznick's 
Depression-era blockbuster. Molly Haskell, 
originally from Richmond, Virginia, is a 
writer and film critic in New York City. Her 
work has appeared in the New York Times, 
Esquire, Vogue, and 7"ovi7( & Countiy. She 
has lectured widely on women in film and 
is author of the classic From Reverence 
to Rape: The Treatment o) Women in the 
Movies. Frankly, My Dear, just published on 
February 24, is receiving rave reviews. 

on thejanies 

The Canal on the James: An 
Illustrated Guide to the 
.lames River and Kanawha 
C lUHil, Nancy Blackwell 
Marion '74, Blackwell Press 

Graphic designer, 
columnist, and publisher Nancy Black-well 
Marion "74 is at her creative best when 
given the opportunity to apply her 
experience toward book-length projects. 
In 2002, she took on the challenge of 
wrangling the scattered lectures of the late 
T. Gibson Hobbs. Jr. into a delightfully 
readable and useful compilation of his 
research on Virginia's once-bustling 
canal system. 

For adventurous alumnae The Canal on 
the James: .An Illustrated Guide to the James 

River and Kanawha Canal provides the 
perfect excuse to venture out and explore 
"the hidden relics of Virginia's greatest 
engineering adventure." The book is filled 
with annotated topographical maps with 
inset photos illustrating the canal works 
to guide the reader to the sites. For those 
more inclined to wade into a good read. 
The Canal on the James offers a satisfying 
peek into the perpetual rivalries, natural 
disasters, and financial booms and busts that 
threatened the canal's success at every turn. 

As an engineer hirnself, Gibson Hobbs 
(1917-2005) had special insight into the 
difficulties faced by the men on the ground, 
including the slaves and immigrants 
recruited to complete sections of the project. 
And, as a native of Lynchburg, Virginia, 
he was exquisitely tuned into the local 
hostilities and local romances sparked 
by the "Yankee engineers" who invaded 
people's property and plowed through their 
best lowlands. 

Hobbs did not live to see his work in 
finished form, so this guidebook serves 
as a memorial to "a true friend of the 
James River." 

Hollister Ranch, Its Histoty, 
Preservation and People, 
Nancy Ward '46, Hollister 
Ranch Conservancy 2004. 
Rare, limited first 
' - — ~- edition printing (limited 
distribution). The complete history of the 
Hollister Ranch with color plates showing 
paintings of the Ranch and maps and lots of 
older photos of people, land, and buildings 
over the years. Various chapters written by 
Ranch owners and employees. Great stories 
of the formation of the Ranch and land 
deals that have shaped the development 
and character studies of the people who 
have owned and used the Ranch. Preface 
by David Hill., introduction by Nancy 
Ward, with epilogue by Andy Mills. A 
true collector's item to be cherished and 
passed on the generations. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magozine • www alumnaesbcedu 

Spring/Summer 2009 • 21 

Plantations of St. 
Bartholomew's Parish, South 
Carolina, Nina Burke '64, 
Turner Publishing Company 

Between Charleston 
and Beaufort, in the South 
Carolina Lowcountry, lies Colleton County, 
formerly St. Bartholomew's Parish. Rich 
in history and blessed with landscapes 
of inspiring beauty, the plantations of St. 
Bartholomew's Parish have for centuries 
maintained a lifestyle unique to the 
Lowcountry. Possibly numbering more than 
any other single county in South Carolina, 
these plantations form the heart of the 
famous ACE basin, named for the Ashepoo, 
Combahee, and Edisto Rivers. The legacy 
of the rice planting era, combined with 
a tradition of stewardship, has led to the 
preservation, conservation, and restoration 
of these properties. The plantations date 
to the eighteenth century, with an array of 
houses ranging from the nineteenth to the 
2 1 St century, and representing an exciting 
diversity of styles. 

Snow Over the Osslpees, 
Page Coulter '57, Top of the 
Worid Press 2008. 

Page Coulter's splendid 
new collection. Snow Over 
the Osslpees, is a just-about 
total immersion in Nature. 
We move with her carefully shaped poems 
through the seasons, surrounded everywhere 
by vivid and passionate descriptions of 
wildlife and wilderness: falling oak leaves, 
turtles, snow, win4 water, a Zen rowboat, . . 
There's a brilliant homage to Wallace 
Steven's ("Persephone's Harp"), the 
carpe diem of "This is the day" which is 
"happening in a pistachio nut, on a /snow- 
covered rock, and to a boy in Afghanistan." 
In "Chopin Etudes" music mixes with trees 
and sparrows. "Earth breathes morning 
pink as suet" in the wonderfully visualized 
felt and titled "Red Teapot on a Black 
Stove." And Coulter's "Ode to Max, Golden 
Dog from Seattle" is the best variation on 
Christopher Smart's "Jubilate Agno" 
("For I Will Consider My Cat Jeoffrey") 
I've ever read. Snow Over the Osslpees is 
a truly full celebration of New Hampshire 
as it stands for all of Earth's teeming life. 

— Dick Allen, Author of Ode to the Cold 
War: Poems New and Selected 

Forget the Poe-biz and read this book. 
The lyric beauty alone will take your breath 
away. Imagine the imagistic clarity of Jane 
Kenyon and the sensuous philosophizing 
of Wallace Stevens and you have Page 
Coulter — just as heartbreaking as the 
former — just as wry and intelligent as the 
latter. Working for a lifetime at her craft. 
Coulter gives us poems that matter and 
mountains that think. — Ralph Savarese, 
Author and Poet 

j CulttireShock! France, Sally 
•-■ Adamson Taylor '70, 
Marshall Cavendish 2009. 

With over three 
million copies in print, 
CultiireShock! is a 
bestselling series of culture 
and etiquette guides covering 
countless destinations around the world. 
For anyone at risk of culture shock, whether 
a tourist, business traveler, or long-term 
resident, these handy guides provide a 
sympathetic and fun-filled crash course 
on the do's and don't's in foreign cultures. 
Packed with useful details, CultiireShock! 
France enlightens and informs across topics 
such as language, food and entertaining, 
social customs, festivals, relationships, and 
tips for business. The book is available 

, Green , 
^ museum 

The Green Museum, Sarah S. 
Brophy '83 and Elizabeth 
imiil^lllgt Wylie. AltaMira Press 2008. 
AltaMira Press has 
published The Green 
Museum, a primer on 
environmental practice, 
wrhlen by Sarah S. Brophy and Elizabeth 
Wylie. Environmentally friendly practices 
are crucial to the mission of our museums, 
and as learning institutions of all types, 
museums are uniquely suited to modeling 
green behavior. In The Green Museum, 
authors Sarah Brophy and Elizabeth 
Wylie, acclaimed across the country for 
bringing green to the museum, offer a 
complete handbook to guide museum staff 
in incorporating green design into new 
construction and day-to-day operations. 
Sustainable practices can save on operating 

costs and even make museums attractive 
to new fundraising sources, as Brophy and 
Wylie show in case studies of museums that 
have already taken steps to become green. 
In this easy-to-read book, they demystify the 
process of going green, including detailed 
explanations of. for example, the basics 
of recycling, options for environmentally 
friendly exhibit design, and how to conduct 
energy audits. The Green Museum is full 
of practical information for museums of 
any size and a vital resource for every 
museum that wants to remain relevant in an 
increasingly green world. 

Moon Croatia and Slovenia, 
Shann Fountain Culo '96, 
Avalon Travel Publishing 

Travel writer and 
Croatian local Shann 
Fountain Culo shares her 
love of the locale from the wooden village 
houses, folk festivals, and wineries of 
Croatia to the rafting, skiing, and cave- 
exploring opportunities that abound in 
Slovenia. Shann includes unique itineraries 
such as the 14-Day Best of Croatia and 
Slovenia, A Culinary Tour of Istria and 
Dalmatia, and Sailing the Croatian Islands. 
Moon Croatia and Slovenia is packed 
with information on the best dining, 
transportation, and accommodations. 
Complete with expert advice on when to 
explore the city sans tourists, participate in 
the grape harvest season or ski in the Julian 
Alps, Moon Croatia and Slovenia gives 
travelers the tools they need to create a more 
personal and memorable experience. 

From a Colonial Garden, 
Susan Might Rountree '59, 
Colonial Williamsburg 
Foundation 2004. 

Colonial Williamsburg's 
renowned gardens have 
always played a major role in the life of the 
town, and their beauty and bounty inspired 
this book. The author harvests a wealth of 
cleariy written and illustrated entertaining 
and decorating how-tos and recipes from 
those famous gardens. With its myriad of 
ideas, this book deserves a special place 
on the bookshelf of any host, hostess, or 

22 • Spring/Summer 2009 

Sweel Briat College Alumnae Magazine • 


"The Supremes ": An 
Intwdiitiion to the U.S. 
Supreme Court Justices, 
Jiul ed. Sweet Briar 
College Carter Glass 
Professor of Government 
Barbara A. Perry, Peter 
Lang Publishers 2009, 

This second edition of "The Supremes " 
introduces readers to the Supreme 
Court s newest members. Chief .Justice 
John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito, 
with vivid biographical sketches and 
riveting accounts of how they successfully 
navigated the politics inherent injudicial 
appointments. Compelling portraits of 
all nine justices are completely updated 
with clear explanations of their votes and 
opinions in landmark cases involving 
free speech, religion, capital punishment, 
gun control, affirmative action, privacy, 
abortion, and terrorism. Never has the 
Supreme Court s story been so lively or 
so relevant! 



Figuring the Future, 
Globalization and the 
Temporalities of Ch ildren 
and Youth, edited by Sweet 
Briar professor of 
anthropology Deborah 
Durham and Jennifer Cole. 
©2008 by the School for Advanced 
Research. All rights reserved. 

Child laborers in South Asia, child 
soldiers in Sierra Leone and Uganda, 
Chinese youth playing computer games 
to earn virtual gold, youth involved in sex 
Mafficking in the former Soviet republics 
and Thailand: these are just some of the 
young people featured in the news of 
late. The idea that young people are more 
malleable and the truisms that "youth are 
the fliture" or "children are our hope for 
the fliture" give news stories and scholarly 
accounts added meaning. To address how 
and why youth and children have come 
to seem so important to globalization, 
the contributors to this book look at the 
both the spatial relations and the temporal 
dimensions of globalization in places as far 
apart as Oakland, California, and Tamatave, 
Madagascar, in situations as disparate as the 
idealization of childhood innocence and the 

brutal lives of street children. Discourses of 
and practices by, youth and children, from 
the design of toys to political mobilization, 
are critical sites through which people 
everywhere conceive of, produce, contest, 
and naturalize the new ftitures. 

Free Union, visiting 
assistant professor of 
English John Casteen, 
University of Georgia Press 

"John Casteen is a 
craftsman in his life and 
in his poems. .lust as any good carpenter 
understands the wood upon his lathe, down 
to its xylem and its phloem, its roots, its 
weathered bark and leaves, Casteen knows 
language at its most cellular level; and he 
makes poems that are durable and elegant, 
solid not just for their construction but for 
the sense of stewardship that he brings to 
the task of writing. In the deepest sense, 
these poems are true: he does not shy away 
from the ethical problems of his age, nor 
does he reduce their complexities. What 
does it mean to sharpen tools, to hew and 
saw, to hunt, to take from the bountiful 
world? i owe a debt 1 don't know how 
to repay.' But these poems are a most 
generous repayment, a fine new forest 
upon the land, one that will endure." 
— D. A. Powell, author of Cocktails 

hi The Differentiated 
authors Carol Ann 
Tomlinson, Sweet Briar 
Associate Professor of 
Education Kay Brimijoin, 
and Lane Narvaez have combined years of 
expertise and research on differentiation to 
show how an elementary school in 
Missouri and a high school in Vermont 
have undergone second order change with 
drainatic and positive results for students 
and teachers. The Differentiated School 
provides specific examples of how 
knowledge, understanding, and skills in 
effective differentiation develop over time. 
The authors offer suggestions for 
professional development, coaching, and 
leadership that are intended to nurture and 
sustain continued growth and improvement 
as schools seek to appropriately challenge 
and engage all learners. 

Yellow Ribbon 


I weet Briar has just received official 
^notification from the Department of 
'Veterans Affairs (VA) that we have 
been accepted as a partner in the Yellow 
Ribbon Program. 

The Yellow Ribbon Program is a 
provision of the Post-9/1 1 GI Bill signed 
into law in 2008 that allows colleges to 
enter into an agreement with VA to fund 
tuition expenses that exceed the highest 
public in-state undergraduate tuition rate. 
Sweet Briar's agreement effectively allows 
a qualifying veteran or their dependent to 
live on campus and attend Sweet Briar full 
time at no cost to the beneficiary. Final 
language outlining College participation was 
announced April 8. Sweet Briar's agreement 
was submitted April 21, and we received our 
signed acceptance May 1 . 

Our interest in participating with the 
Department of Veterans Affairs in this 
program was a "no-brainer," This is a 
win-win for all involved — the qualifying 
veteran or her/his dependent receives a free 
Sweet Briar education while the College 
enjoys the opportunity to enroll students 
while sharing the cost of that education with 
VA. We're thrilled to be able to show our 
support for military professionals in this 
way. Participating colleges will be listed 
on the VA's Web site on June 1, 2009. The 
Yellow Ribbon Program officially takes 
effect August 1,2009. 

For more information about whether 
you might qualify for this benefit, please 
visit www.gibill. For information on 
this program at Sweet Briar College, please 
contact the Admissions Office. 

Sweet Briar Rose Motif Scarf Sweet Briar Rose Motif Necl<tie 

1 00% A cuaom dKiS". 32" X 32" 100% A Mom dmr 

J59 09 530 09 

The Book Shop 

.« Sued BrrarCollcgc - 1 .800.381 .6106 

Sweet Brior College Alumnae Magozine • www alumnae sbcedu 

Spring/Summer 2009 • 23 

Caroline Byrd '08 married Blake Dozier • November 1 , 2008 • Gloucester Virginia 

Sweet Briar bridesmaids included: Natalie Batman Barton '08, Sarah McLemore '08, Lindsay 
Rice '08, Ellie Donahue '08, Ginny Moncure '08, Kate Skafidas '09, Sarah Ross Stewart '08, and 
Virginia Edahl '10. 

Choris Lease-Trevothan '06 married Chris 
Chose • June 21, 2008 

2006 Classmates Alex Blair, Nicole Bergeron 
Joelle Andrews, Jessica Mercier, and Jenny 
Jones Collins attended the wedding. 

Nancy Wh-..e^79 -rned^^AtV-r 
KeTtoX'ont, New York. 

Beth Glaser Morchower '67 married Dr. 
Edward R. Isaacs • November 8, 2008 

Brook Tucker '02 married James "Trey" Buck 
June 28, 2008 • Raleigh, North Carolina 

Pictured L-R: Jenaire Terry '01, Denise Gentry '02, 
Victoria Tucker, Brook Tucker Buck '02, Lori Smith 
Nilan '02, Mario Thacker '02. 

Ginger Tripp 'OS married Judson 
McAdoms • June 28, 2008 

Front Row: Judson McAdams (HSC '04) 
and Ginger Tripp McAdoms 'OS 

Middle Row, L-R: Brooke Sagalowsky 
'05, Ashley Forehand '05, Maria 
Kitchin '04, Shelly Taylor (former SBC 
athletic trainer), Grace Turner '01, 
Maribeth Turner '10, and Caroline 
Camp '08 

Bock Row, L-R: Sloan Howell '07, 
Ellie Donahue '08, Blair Sutton '09, 
Tory Hankins '06, Tomro Scott '06, 
and Hilary Cooper Cook '05. 



Grace Fornsworth '04 married Jason 
Loughhead • November 1 5, 2008 
Sweet Briar Chapel 

Sweet Briar attendants included maid of honor 

Beth Fornsworth '05 and bridesmaids Sheena 

Belcher Hubbard '05 and Mary Dovij Blood '04. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www olumnae.sbcedu 

■■^' ^ 

V- -I ' ■ - 



Judy Williams '79 married Dean S. Hawthorne 
July 2008 • Biddeford Pool, Maine 

Classmate Lisa Hagan Kliefoth (right) attended 
the wedding. 

Hilary Pool '03 married Erik Strickland 
September 27, 2008 • The Belmont, Elkridge, 

Dr. and Mrs. Wm. Frederick Lewis (Lynn 
D„„^r=on '76) and Olivia • March 2»' ^"" 

rPrin^et^n Chapel, Princeton Univers.ty 

Lindsey Parr '04 married Steve Knick 
May 3, 2008 • Barboursville, Virginia 

Sarah Lindsey '04 married Stephen Quertermous 
November 2007 • Bali, Indonesia 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www 

Maria Thacker '02 married Matthew Joseph 
Weiss • May 25, 2008 • Walt Disney World, 

Bridesmaids included classmates Kelly 
Monical, Lori Smith Nilan, Denise McDonald 
Gentry. Brook 7ucker Buck '02 served as a 

Nicole Crowder '03 married Mike Lowry 
June 21, 2008 • Powhatan, VA 

SBC alumnae in the bridal party were Kelly 
Hughes Kaufman '03, Sarah Canovaca Poirier 
'03, Jade Boardman '03, and Michelle Moshier 
'05. SBC alumnae in attendance were Olevia 
Neary Carothers '03 and Sheena Belcher 
Hubbard '05; SBC Chemistry professors Rob 
and Jill Granger also attended. 

Spring/Summer 2009 • 25 


Philanthropy is . . . 



The Annual Fund's Philanthropy 
Education Program at Sweet 
Briar, which includes the Senior 
Class Campaign and SBC Community 
Philanthropy Week, highlights the way we 
think about philanthropy and promotes 
an understanding of its importance as an 
integral part of a liberal arts education. It 
educates the community on the power and 
joy of giving and celebrates the special 
community that is uniquely Sweet Briar. 
The Senior Class Campaign has been 
in existence for many years serving the 
purpose of philanthropy education as well 
as offering programs just for seniors that 
teach valuable life skills not found in the 
classroom. The concept of making a special 
gift in a senior year has morphed into a 
program that encourages philanthropy 
beginning in a student "s first year. The 
Philanthropy Education Program culminates 
with a week-long celebration that includes 
students, faculty, and staff It not only 
emphasizes the importance of giving back 
to Sweet Briar, but also the giving of time, 
talents, and finances to a broad spectrum 
of organizations or causes with which an 
individual might feel a connection or a 

While the Senior Class Campaign is 
a year-long program, SBC Community 
Philanthropy Week occurs at the point 
in the semester where tuition dollars are 

exhausted and the College relies on the 
generous support of individuals like you. 
This year's campaign, in conjunction with 
the Annual Fund's Step Up! Challenge, 
was entitled Philanthropy is ... It was an 
educational and fun-filled week that truly 
made a difference for SBC. Here are some 
highlights to enjoy. 

Philanthropy is . . . 

On Monday evening, students came to Josey 
Dining Room to watch a film featuring 
famous philanthropist Audrey Hepburn. 
Students enjoyed faux mimosas, crepes, and 
cookies. What do giving to the Annual Fund 
and a little blue box have in common? The 
joy of giving! 

Philanthropy is . . . FUN! 

The Sweet Spirits braved the cold and snow 
to participate in the Campus Work Day at 
the preschool. The mural was designed by 
studio art major Ashley Winters ' 1 1 and 
features a girl climbing a white picket fence 
surrounded by sunflowers. 

SWEBOP instructors took the lead on the 
teepee project, assisted by German professor 
Ron Horwege, SWEBOP director Laura 
Staman, and grounds superintendent Donna 
IVleeks. The bamboo and grapevines used for 
the project were harvested from the Sweet 
Briar campus. 

Philanthropy is . . . 

A philanthropy and non-profit career 
panel was held in Josey Dining Room, 
co-sponsored by the Student Relations 
Committee. Alumnae joined by 
professionals in education and community 
service included Chasity Clarke Miller "04, 
Teresa Pike Tomlinson '87, Melissa Zadell, 
Bob Dendy Jr., Heidi Hansen McCrory, 
Kim Shrader "09, James Barton, Cathy 
Hurley-Foose '78, and Fran McCliing 
Ferguson "80. 

Philanthropy is . . . 

Runners and walkers from the Sweet 
Briar community converged on the Quad 

for the first Annual Fund Run. The event 
was co-sponsored by the Student Athlete 
Advisory Committee. Teams dressed up 
in costumes and ran or walked a long 
course — up to Monument Hill and back — 
or a short course to and from the traffic 
circle by the train station. Prizes were 
given for the most money raised, best team 
uniform, best team name, and fastest course 
time. The Swim Team won the award for 
best team name: The Swim "We Walk on 
Water" Team. 

Philanthropy is . . . SEXY! 

On Friday, students, faculty, and staff had 
the opportunity to show off their sexy shoes 
in a Sexy Shoe Contest. The winner of the 
contest was senior Kathryn Brock '09 with 
her super stilettos. 

The week's events concluded with 
senior staff serving lunch in Prothro, also 
wearing their "sexy" shoes. Those on 
hand to flip burgers and serve food to the 
masses included Sweet Briar President 
Betsy Muhlenfeld, Dean Jonathan Green, 
Dean of Admissions Ken Huus, Dean of 
Co-Curricular Life Cheryl Steele, and 
Vice Presidents Paul Davies, Heidi Hansen 
McCrory, and Linda Shank. 

//; conjunction with the Annual Fund's 
Step Up! Challenge, community 
members were asked, "What does 
philanthropy mean to you?" 

Philanthropy is. . . 

". . . always relevant. There will 
always be a group that needs help 
and there's always a way to help." 
— Elizabeth Young ' 1 1 

". . . green love." 

— President Elisabeth S. Muhlenfeld 

". . . walking outside as the sun is 
setting behind the construction of the 
new gym. I see how beautiful this 
campus is and how wonderful my 
experience has been and will be." 
— Ashley Carpenter ' 1 2 

". . . the knowledge that your 
donation (whether it be of time, 
money, or other means) has the 
power to touch the life of someone 
down the street or across the world, 
a current SBC student or a girl who 
dreams of becoming one." 
— Martha Schley Kemp '12, winner 
of the Quote of the Week contest 

Community Campaign 
Stellar Stats 

• $20,000 was raised by students, 
faculty, staff, and parents during 
the SBC Community Philanthropy 

• 1 departments on campus 
reached 1 00 percent participation 
in the Annual Fund during the 
Community Campaign. 

• 30 percent of staff participated in 
giving to the Annual Fund. 

• 15 percent of faculty participated in 
giving to the Annual Fund. 

• Almost $5,000 was raised by 
the Class of 2012 (parents and 
students) representing the most 
dollars raised by a class outside of 
the Senior Class Campaign. 

Spring/Summer 2009 • 27 


Anne Rowe '57 


Anne Martin Wilson Rowe, seventy-four, 
died peacefully Saturday, Jan. 24, 2009, at 
her home on Lewis Street in Fredericksburg, 
She died of lymphoma. 

A native and lifelong resident of 
Fredericksburg, Mrs. Rowe was the daughter 
of Katherine Stoffregen Wilson and Dr. 
Fielding Lewis Wilson, a longtime dentist 
in Fredericksburg. She grew up in the 
family home on Hawke Street in the very 
neighborhood she would call home for the 
rest of her life. 

Mrs. Rowe 
attended public 
schools in the 
city and was 
valedictorian of 
the class of 1-953 

at James Monroe High School. Hers was 
the first class to graduate from the new 
building on Washington Avenue following 
the schools move from its former location 
in what became Maury Elementary School. 

She went on to attend Sweet Briar 
College and she graduated in 1957 from 
Mary Washington College of the University 
of Virginia, where she majored in English. 
She married Josiah R Rowe 111 in 1956. The 

couple made their home on Lewis Street and 
became the devoted parents of four children. 

Mrs. Rowe lived a full, satisfying life 
centered around family and her beloved 
hometown. She loved nearly everything 
about Fredericksburg, and she committed 
herself early on to personal and public 
endeavors that would benefit the area and its 
people. Her gifts of time, talent, hard work 
and philanthropy will be everlasting. Ever 
the Southern lady, Mrs. Rowe possessed a 
gentle demeanor that belied an energetic 
spirit and great strength of character 
Whether chairing a foundation board, 
donating blood, or taking soup to a sick 
neighbor, she gave of herself with grace. 

As a dedicated volunteer, Mrs. Rowe 
accomplished much in her seventy-four 
years. Three awards illustrate the extent 
of her efforts. In 2003, she was named 
"Woman of the Year" by the Woman's 
Club of Fredericksburg, which annually 
recognizes extraordinary service to the 
community with its prestigious award. In 
2002, she received the Citizen Salute Award 
given by the Friends of Mary Washington 
College-Community Symphony Orchestra in 
recognition of her significant contributions 
to the Fredericksburg area. And in 2004, she 
received the Women of Distinction award 
from the Girl Scout Commonwealth Council 
of Virginia for her lifelong volunteer efforts 
in the community. 

Mrs. Rowe modestly claimed that her 
long list of accomplishments resulted in part 
from having stayed in her hometown and 
having gotten an early start. 

Mrs. Rowe served on the board at Sweet 
Briar for a total of seven years. She was a 
loyal donor and member of the Keystone 
society — those alumnae and friends who 
have given one million dollars or more 
to the College. She also served on her 
Reunion Gifts Committee in 2007 and on 
the Alumnae Board. As a student, Anne was 
a member of the QVs, a specially selected 
team that participates in a cherished student 
club tradition. 

Martha Mansfield Clement '48 


Martha Mansfield Clement '48 arrived at 
Sweet Briar College, in the late summer of 
1944, beginning a life-long affection for 
which she was recognized in 2006 with the 
Outstanding Alumna Award; the same year 
that her granddaughter Sarah graduated 
from the College. Clement died on March 1, 
2009 at the age of eighty-two surrounded by 
her children, grandchildren and her priest. 

Clement, born in rural Munfordville, 
Kentucky, was introduced to Sweet Briar 
by her brother, Paul, who saw her as a 

diamond in the 
rough who needed 
to go to a smaller 
school. From the 
day she arrived 
she blossomed. 

She graduated in 1948. In 1951 she married 
Army Lt. Col. Wallace Clement and spent 
the next twenty-six years traveling around 
the world and raising five children. After 
their retirement in 1970 she taught seventh- 
grade English at Flint Hill and Robinson 
High School in Fairfax. Drawn back to 
Sweet Briar, she worked in the development 
office where she was appointed director in 
1986, left in 1989, but returned again for 

28 • Spnng/Summec 2009 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 

/ alumnae, 

eight months in 1992. She maintained a 
constant connection with Sweet Briar and 
served in many volunteer chair capacities. 
She admired what Sweet Briar represented 
and the education it offered to young 
women, "So anytime I was asked to take on 
a volunteer job I always said yes and did it 
willingly," Clement said in an interview for 
the College in 1979. Her daughters, Sarah 
and Ellen, also graduated from Sweet Briar. 

Clement is survived by her daughters, 
Sarah, Ellen, and Anne; sons, Douglas 
and David, her brother, Preston Mansfield, 
and grandchildren, Grace Young, Meredith 
Buck, Stewart Buck, Sarah Mouri, Cameron 
Mouri, Sara Clement, and David Clement; 
nieces Carolyn Clarke, Susan Bartlett and 
nephew, Paul Mansfeld, her Vietnamese 
children, and a host of cousins, great-nieces, 
grand-nephews. Sweet Briar classmates and 

Sweet Briar Benefactor Elizabeth 
Perkins Prothro '39 Dies 

Sweet Briar alumna and benefactor 
Elizabeth Perkins Prothro died Saturday, 
May 23, 2009. at her home in Wichita Falls, 
Texas, at the age of eighty-nine. The College 
has lost a beloved friend and community 
member, while all of higher education has 
lost a respected philanthropist and devoted 

Elizabeth Perkins Prothro was born 
September 7, 1919, in Dallas to Lois 
Craddock Perkins and Joe J. Perkins of 
Wichita Falls. She attended Wichita Falls 
public schools, graduating in 1935 from 
Wichita Falls High School, and attended 
Sweet Briar and Southern Methodist 
University, from which she earned a 
Bachelor of Arts degree in 1939. She 
married Charles Nelson Prothro of Wichita 
Falls in 1938. 

Elizabeth and Charles Prothro continued 
a family tradition, initiated by her parents 
in Dallas in 1913, of championing higher 

education. Major recipients of their 
generosity include Sweet Briar, SMU in 
Dallas, and the University of Texas in 

She also made contributions to 
Southwestern University in Georgetown, 
Texas; Baylor University in Waco, Texas; 
Wofford College in Spartanburg, South 
Carolina; and Midwestern State University 
in Wichita Falls. She served on the SMU 
board of trustees, executive board of Perkins 
School of Theology at SMU, and MSU 
board of regents. 

At Sweet Briar, her family made 
possible the Charles and Elizabeth Prothro 
Natatorium, Prothro Hall in the Student 

Commons and one of the College's largest 
endowed scholarship funds, the Prothro 

"Elizabeth Prothro has been one of the 
keystones of Sweet Briar for generations, 
and in many ways the very embodiment 
of the Sweet Briar woman," said President 
Elisabeth Muhlenfeld. "Her death is a real 
loss for the College. This weekend would 
have been her seventieth reunion. To my 
mind, she was a fabulous woman, gracious 
and smart and generous, and I am saddened 
by her death." 

Prothro and her family's connection 
to Sweet Briar began in 1935 when she 
decided to attend the school, becoming 

the first Prothro woman to do so. Her 
daughter Kathryn Prothro Yeager '61 and 
granddaughters Kathryn Elizabeth Yeager 
Edwards '84, Linda Yeager Beltchev '85 
and Charlotte Holland Prothro Philbin '95 
followed her. 

Her family has served the College in 
numerous ways. Her husband, Charles, 
served on the board for eighteen years 
and as chairman from 1972 to 1977. Her 
daughter, Kathryn Yeager, and son Mark 
Prothro also were board members. Her 
mother, Lois Perkins, donated the organ in 
Memorial Chapel in honor of her daughter 
and granddaughter. 

Prothro was an organizer and first chair 
of the SBC Friends of the Library when it 
was founded in 1966. She served on the 
Dallas Campaign Planning Committee in 
2003 for Our Campaign For Her World. 
She also was a charter member of the 
Keystone Society when it was created in 
2002 to recognize donors whose lifetime 
commitments to SBC have totaled more than 
$1 million, and she belonged to the Silver 
Rose Society, having been a College donor 
for more than twenty-five years. 

In 2001, Prothro was one of twenty-two 
recipients of Sweet Briar's Centennial Award 
for making a significant impact on the 
College during its first 100 years, and she 
received the Distinguished Alumna Award 
in 2006. 

Prothro also was a noted photographer 
whose work may be found in private 
collections, educational institutions, 
commercial settings and publications. 
Esteemed for her floral photographs, she 
served on the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower 
Center Board during the years the first lady 
was actively involved. 

Prothro made possible the Elizabeth 
Perkins Prothro Photography Gallery at the 
Harry Ransom Center at the University of 
Texas and was instrumental in providing 
the cornerstone gift and subsequent 
commitments for Ransom Center and the 
Prothro Theater at UT. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magozine • ' 

/ alumnae-sbc edu 

Spring/Summer 2009 • 29 

At SMU, Prothro and her family have 
contributed to endowed scholarships, 
fellowships and premier facilities. In 
addition, the university is home to her 
485-volume collection of Bibles and 
related works spanning eight centuries. 
The collection grew from several volumes 
presented to Prothro by her husband in 1963 
on their twenty-fifth anniversary. 

Today, the collection is housed in the 
Elizabeth Perkins Prothro Galleries, a 
gift from her husband on their fiftieth 
anniversary, at Bridwell Library. Perkins 
School of Theology at SMU. Books from 
the collection have been exhibited at Sweet 
Briar, UT, Emory and Henry College, 
Southwestern University, and Wichita Falls 
Museum and Art Center. 

Her interest in Bibles spawned a broader 
interest in books and libraries, leading her 
to serve as president of Friends of SMU 
Libraries/Colophon and chairman of SMU 
Libraries Executive Board. A member of 
SMU Press, she served as editor of "SMU 
Reflections" (SMU Press, 1986) and also 
contributed photographs to the work. 

Prothro was named recipient of the 
Distinguished Alumni Award and honorary 
Doctor of Humane Letters by SMU, Doctor 
of Letters by Southwestern University, and 

the Award for Philanthropy by the Council 
of Independent Colleges. Her most recent 
honor was the naming of Elizabeth Perkins 
Prothro Hall at Perkins School of Theology 
at SMU in 2007. 

Also a lifelong supporter of First United 
Methodist Church of Wichita Falls, Prothro 
was the first woman named chairman of 
the Official Board, in addition to serving 
on numerous committees. She held several 
positions in United Methodist Women, 
and taught Sunday school. Prothro and her 
husband were instrumental in construction 
of the Prothro Family Atrium at the church 
in 1997, among other contributions. 

Other philanthropic interests in her city 
of residence included Wichita Falls Museum 
and Art Center, of which she was a founding 
member; and River Bend Nature Center, 
home to the Elizabeth Perkins Prothro 

Prothro is survived by three children, 
Joe Prothro and wife. Dale; Kay Yeager 
and husband Frank; Mark Prothro and 
wife. Dianne. all of Wichita Falls; and 
daughter-in-law, Caren Prothro of Dallas. 
Other survivors include grandchildren 
Kathryn R. Prothro, David Prothro and 
wife, Leslie; Nelson Prothro and wife, 
Jaclyn; Mary Perkins Prothro, Elizabeth 

Yeager, Linda Beltchev and husband, Alex; 
Vincent Prothro, Nita Clark and husband, 
Cullum; Holly Philbin and husband. Phillip; 
and Pat Prothro. Great-grandchildren 
include Reagan Lunn and wife. Ashley; 
Erica Green-Prothro. Christopher Prothro. 
and Katie Prothro; Lara Herreid, Yeager 
Edwards, Nicholas Beltchev, and Andrew 
Beltchev; Lillian Clark, Annabel Clark, 
and Charlotte Clark; Charles Philbin, Luke 
Philbin, and Mark Philbin. She also is 
survived by one great-great-grandchild, 
Parker Lunn. 

She was preceded in death by her 
husband in 2001, their son. Charles Vincent 
(C. Vin) Prothro of Dallas in 2000, a 
younger sister, Dorothy Jo Perkins in 1926; 
and her mother and father in 1 983 and 1 960, 

The family wishes to acknowledge 
Glenda Ponder, Marilyn Campbell, and 
Arnita Myles for their longtime dedication 
and care of Prothro, and the care provided 
by Lucy Davila, CarePartners and Hospice 
of Wichita Falls. 

Honorary pallbearers are Ralph 
Bullington. Robert Priddy; nephews James 
J. Prothro and Charles B. Prothro, and all 
present and past employees of Perkins- 
Prothro Company. 

Karl Tamburr Memorial 
Scholarship Fund 

Karl Tamburr's friends and former 
students know of his devotion to the study 
of English literature in general and to the 
Virginia Program at Oxford, in particular. 
He was the Sweet Briar director of this 
program for many years. Members of the 
English Department and of the Sweet 
Briar community wish to announce that 
gifts given in Karl Tamburr "s memory 
will be applied to scholarship funds to 
enable students to study in England. We 
think that such a gift would recognize 
Karl's passionate engagement with 
literature, with England, and with Sweet 
Briar students in the best possible way: 
by making it possible for more students 
to study abroad. Gifts to the Tamburr 
scholarship fund may be sent to Sweet 
Briar College, Office of Development, 
Box G, Sweet Briar, VA, 24595 or call 

In Memory of Jennifer 

Jennifer Crispen, field hockey coach 
for Sweet Briar since 1977, was much 
beloved by students, alumnae, and many 
members of the campus community. She 
encouraged and inspired many young 
athletes on this campus, and for that 
reason we wish to announce that gifts 
made to the College in her memory 
will be donated to the new Fitness and 
Athletics Center. This new facility will 
be part of Coach Crispen's legacy at 
Sweet Briar — a place where athletes are 
discovered, team work is fostered, and 
the campus community is enlivened and 

The Conyers Riding Fund 

Jon Conyers was dedicated to the art 
and teaching of riding. Many riding 
students at Sweet Briar excelled under 
his instruction. His passion for horses 
and the show ring was obvious and is 
memorialized through his legacy. The 
Conyers Riding Fund. This fund was 
established by Jon Conyers to benefit 
Sweet Briar's Riding Program. The fund 
will be used for an array of projects 
within the Riding Program with an 
emphasis on those that support the 
welfare of the program's horses, such 
as sheds to provide year-long shelter 
and improvements to the footing in the 
outdoor arena. 

30 • Spring/Summer 2009 

Sweef Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 

/ alumnae 


Missy Gentry 
Witherow '80 

Missy Gently Witherow "80 has left the 
Alumnae Office to join the Development 
Office as Associate Director of Annual 
Giving. Missy joined the Alumnae Office 
staff on September 1, 2004 as an assis- 
tant director. On July 1, 2007 she was 
promoted to associ- 
ate director. While v-'i*i*.>> 
Missy has done 
an exceptional job 
in all of her areas 
of responsibility, 
she is to be com- 
mended for bringing 
our Homecoming 
Program to a new 

level of excellence. While all of us are sad 
to have her leave the Alumnae House, we 
are delighted that she is staying at Sweet 
Briar and look forward to working with 
Missy in her new role. 

Dr. Alix Ingber Retires 
After 29 Years 


Dr. Alix Ingber retired this spring after 
working twenty-nine years at Sweet Briar. 
She grew up in New York City and received 
her B.A. at CUNY. She received a master "s 
at the University of Illinois and returned to 
CUNY to earn her Ph.D. After a couple of 
years employed at Ohio State University, she 
came to Sweet Briar in 1 980 as an assistant 
professor of Spanish. 

Dr. Ingber was promoted to professor of 
Spanish in the early nineties. During this 
time, she also served three years as chair of 
the Department of Modern Languages and 
Literatures. In addition to the teaching of 
elementary and intermediate Spanish, her 
teaching specialties included Cervantes and 

other earlier Spanish writers. She published 
many articles and presented many talks at 
professional meetings. One of her more 
extensive undertakings was the translation of 
Spanish sonnets into English. 

While spreading the messages of Don 
Quixote and other older works of Spanish 
literature, she found a new passion in the 
early eighties with the appearance of Apple 
Macintosh computers. While most of us 
were still struggling with the intricacies of 
simple word processing, she was developing 
programs for computer assisted language 
instruction. With the rise of the internet, she 
was among the first to realize and make use 
of the new technology. She still continues to 
be in the technological forefront. 

Although she always remained actively 
involved in the Department of Modern 
Languages, Dr. Ingber gradually took on 
administrative responsibilities. After serving 
for two or three years as an assistant dean, 
she became the director of advising. In this 
position she dealt not only with academic 
issues of the students, but also with many 
reforms in the advising program, including 
the recent drastic 
changes called for 
under the Sweet Briar 
Promise instituted 
by the Shape of the 
Future Committee. 
Her innovations in the 
office of advising will 
resonate for years to 

Although Dr. Ingber is giving up her 
academic and administrative responsibilities, 
she will continue to be an active member 
of the Sweet Briar community. In the Sweet 
Briar Community Garden, among other 
places, she will still have a chance to apply 
her energy and expertise. 

On behalf of the community and scores 
of students and alumnae with whom she has 
worked and whose lives she has touched, 1 
thank Alix for her years of devoted service 
to the College and for the opportunity to 
know her and to work with her. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • wwwalumnae-sbc-edu 

Helen Grose Retires 
After 21 Years 


After 21 years of service to Sweet Briar 
College, Helen Grose, office manager of 
Junior Year in Spain, retired on April 30, 
2009. Few Sweet Briar alumnae know who 
Helen is and what she did because her con- 
tributions lay mostly outside the confines of 
the campus: in those 21 years (the longest 
anyone has worked for Junior Year in Spain), 
Helen helped, mostly at a distance, via the 
telephone, fax, snail- and e-mail, more than 
1 ,600 students from more than 1 1 differ- 
ent U.S. colleges and universities including 
Sweet Briar. And their families. And their 
study abroad advisers. 

In her work, Helen was meticulous, 
diligent, discreet, and reliable, but what 
made her really special and unforgettable 
to all those students, parents, and advisers, 
whom she rarely got to meet in person, 
were her affability, her helpfulness, and the 
genuine interest she took in their concerns. 
On the very day she retired, Helen and two 
friends from the Junior Year in France office 
went for a last walk around the campus 
and were approached by two visitors who 
were there for a board meeting. After a 
few minutes names were exchanged and, 
upon hearing that they were "Mr. and Mrs. 
So-and-so," parents of a Sweet Briar and 
Junior Year in Spain alumna, Helen said to 
the woman. "Oh, so you must be Judy! It s 
so nice to meet you!" You can all imagine 
the surprise of the couple when they realized 
that their daughter, who attended Junior Year 
in Spain in 2003, had not been just one more 
student to go through the program, just one 
more number. To Helen, all students were 
individuals, and she 
cared about them as 
such. Very few people 
are capable of such 
generosity. We will 
miss Helen dearly. i C-> 

Spring/Summef 2009 • 31 

MINI ty&OU-^U^<Ji''y^ 

President Muhlenfeld with Sydney Turk, 
daughter of Heidi Turk '85, at the Washington, 
D.C. farewell reception. 

R-L: Sarah Peterson '03, Rachel Roth Allred 
Katherine W. Morse '01 in Washington, D.C. 

Angelique Milone '02 and 
Katherine W. Morse '01 on a 
recent visit to Sweet Briar College. 

The Washington, D.C. Alumnae Club hosted a 
very successful Sweet Briar Day on January 
1 1 , 2009 at Top of the Town in Arlington, 
Virginia. L-R: Kris Herzog '70, Arney Walker 
'02, Sara Coffey '06, Joanna Wood '06, and 
Alison Stockdale '00. 

Wi^SS^W \ 

^■^v Ik til' '^^^^i' ^r^^^, >Mi^^l 

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^HftMk ^^^1 

Milwaukee alumnae gathered to celebrate Sweet Briar 
Day on January 10, 2009. Back Row, L-R: Kory Aldrian 
Faulkner '92, Kothryn Hagist funk '91, Gail Ann Zarwell 
Winkler '76. Front Row, L-R: Diane Dalton '67, Casey 
Knapp Fleming '05, Louise Sw/ecki Zingaro '80, 
Ann Smith '74. 

1992 classmates Stephanie 
Brundage Snasdell (left) and 
Kathleen Hughes Hartman (right) 
and their girls Aiden and Ella 
Snasdell and Amanda Hartman. 

Seveioi ,,.>:i>ibers of the Class of 1981 
celebrated their fiftieth birthdays in Maui, 
Hawaii. L-R: Nan Dabbs Loftin, Allison 
Roberts Greene, Jane Terry Feley, Theresa 
Blane Lange, May Carter Barger. 

L-R: Jane Terry Feley, Theresa Blane Lange, 
Allison Roberts Greene, Nan Dabbs Loftin, 
and May Carter Barger. 

On December 6, 2008, Solly Aloft Freeman hosted a party honoring classmate Cathy Slatinshek 
and her then fiance Bill Prillaman. L-R: Paula Brumm Hennessy '77, Sally Mott Freeman '76, 
Megan Morgan '76, Meg Shields Duke '76, Caroline Bickel McLoughlin '76, Becky Dane Evans 
'78, Mary Beth Hamlin '76, Cathy "Slats" Slatinshek Prillaman'76, Peggy Weimer Parrish '76, 
Maggie Shriver '77, Ookie Hays Cooper '76 and Margot Mahoney Budin '76. 

32 • Spring/Summer 2009 

Sweet Briar College Alumnoe Mogazine ' 

/.olunnnaesbc edu 


- you wish to write to a member of the family of someone recently deceased, please contact the Alumnae Office for name and address. 


Frances Barnett 

Mrs- George D Crosby 

Date Unknown 

Wilhelmina Rankin 
Mrs. Paul E. Teter, Jr. 
January 22, 2009 


Mary Stewart Kelso 
Mrs, Walter J. Treanor 
December 1 7, 2008 


Annette Enderly 
Mrs. Henry T. Birgel 
January ) 7. 2009 

Mary Kate Patton 

Mrs. St. Clair Bromfield, Jr. 

Morch 16, 2009 


Serena Coe 

Mrs. Stuart Hurlbert 

Date unknown 

Rosemary Prey 

Mrs. Rosemary P Rogers 

September 1 , 2008 

Emily Marsh 

Mrs. EmilyJ. Nichols 

March 15, 2009 

Charlotte Meyer 
Mrs. T. S. Sitterley 
March 5, 2009 


Harriet Taylor 
Mrs. Walter H. Leo 
November 9, 2008 


Myra Carr 

Mrs. Robert P Baldwin, Jr. 

March 5, 2009 

Eliza Lewis 

Mrs. Russell J. Parham 

April 6, 2009 

Jane Shelton 

Mrs. R. Clayton Bowers 

March 2 1 , 2009 


Evelynn Little 

Mrs. Harry M. McForland, Jr. 

March 13, 2009 

May Weston 

Mrs. Barton p Thompson 

March 23, 2009 


Susan Gibson 

Mrs. Stephen R. Davenport 

January 1 2, 2009 

Marjorie Thaden 

Mrs. Marjorie Thaden Davis 

April 3, 2009 


Patty Moncure 

Mrs. Thomas W. Drewry 

January 1 8, 2009 

Lee Montague 
Mrs. Grady Watts 
December 18, 2008 


Dorothy Campbell 

Mrs. William P O'Connor, Jr. 

November 30, 2008 

Jane Hopkins 

Mrs. P Huber Hones, Jr. 

January 1 5, 2009 


Kathryn Blish 

Miss Kathryn E. Blish 

February 2, 2009 

Helen Gwinn 

Mrs. John A. Wallace 

March 1 2, 2009 


Isabel Gardner 
Mrs. Eric Sellix 
January 13, 2008 


Wilhelmina Cullen 
Wilhelmina Robertson Smith 
January 26, 2009 

Sydney Holmes 

Mrs William A. Boles 

February 21, 2009 

Lucy Love 

Mrs. Warren R Elmer, Jr. 

Date Unknown 

Jane Rice 

Mrs. Jane R McPherson 

January 8, 2009 


Rosemary Ashby 

Mrs. David A. Dashiell, Jr. 

January 15, 2009 

Mary Taylor 

Mrs. William B. Hollowell, Jr 

February 9, 2009 


Constance Clevenger 
Mrs. P Christian Berg, Jr. 
January 26, 2009 


Marion Bower 

Mrs. Archibold C. Harrison, Jr. 

December 14, 2008 

Martha Mansfield 

Ms. Martha M. Clement 

March 1 , 2009 

Pamela Terry 
Mrs. Pamela Terry 
December 22, 2008 


Anne Bush 

Mrs. H. M. Comer Train 

December 3, 2008 

Nancy Keith 

Mrs. Nancy Keith Tenaglia 

March 10, 2009 


Betty Kellogg 

Mrs. P W. Wilbourn 

March 25, 2009 


Pride Binger 
Mrs. Pride Forney 
January 18, 2009 


Joan Arey 

Mrs. Charles Harrison 

November 24, 2008 

Patricia Marshall 

Mrs. Lloyd A. Meech, Jr. 

July 26, 2008 


Mary Kay Coffell 
Mrs. Kay Trautschold 
Apnl 18, 2007 

Morgaret Ewart 
Mrs. Michael M. Riter 
September 16, 2008 

Bette-Borron Smith 

Mrs. Belte-Barron Stamats 

February 1 1 , 2009 

Katherine Willcox 
Mrs. William P Reiland 
December 21, 2008 


Barbara Babb 
Miss Barbara Babb 
October 27, 2005 

Mary Burgman 

Mrs. James H. Winston 

January 13, 2009 

Nathalie Robertson 
Mrs. David E. Fox 
December 1 9, 2007 


Helen Wolfe 

Ms. Helen Wolfe Evans 

Apnl 21, 2009 


Anne Wilson 

Mrs. Josiah P. Rowe III 

January 24, 2009 


Catharine Hill 

Mrs. Catharine Hill-Loth 

January 7, 2009 

Nancy Imboden 
Mrs. Richard Spears 
November 6, 2008 


Page Tucker McFall 
Mrs. John P Ziebold 
November 28, 2008 


Mary Frances Culbertson 
Ms. M. Frances Knight 
June 2008 

Marnee "Mimi" Hellier 
Mrs. George B. Dornbloser 
January 3, 2009 

Claire Hughes 

Mrs. Claire H. Knopp 

March 29, 2009 

Julia Threefoot 

Mrs. Joseph A. Craig, Jr. 

December 24, 2998 


Betsy Buchanan 

Mrs. William D. Fishback 

January 1 7, 2009 


Anne Tschudy 

Ms. Anne Tschudy Jackson 

April 20, 2009 


Rachel Elizabeth Virden 
Mrs. Rachel Virden Hulscher 
February 26, 2009 

We received several calls 
informing us that Lillian West 
'47 jMrs. Marion A. Parrott] 
is very much alive. We 
apologize for our error in 
listing her as deceased in the 
Winter '09 magazine. 

The Sweet Briar Alumnae Association appre- 
ciates notifications of deaths. Please relay 
information to the Alumnae Office, P.O. Box E, 
Sweet Briar, VA 24595 or 

Sweet Brior College Alumnoe Magazine • 

Spring /Summer 2009 • 33 

etoA^ i^uyteAy 


:\ ..I ,\V.\ :'7liv it- ^S. 3.010 

Wilhelmina Rankin teter, nearly 101 

years old, died 1/22/09 in Orlando, FL, 
wliere she has lived for the last 40 yrs 
I, William R, Dill, her oldest nephew, am 
notifying you in case you are interested 
in her life. Please contact the alumnae 
office if you would like to learn more about 


Martha Lou Lemmon Stohlman 
Pennswood Village D-212 
1382 Newtown-Langhorne Rd 
Newtown, PA 18940-2401 


?l .•<-«.'.> AVti- .yJ.-<; .;t-.i3. aoro 

Juliet Halliburton Davis, Jr. 


2673 Belcher Mountain Rd 

Meadows of Dan, VA 24120-9801 


Frances Bailey Brooke 
405 Jackson Ave 
Lexington, VA 24450-1905 


Sarah Belk Grambrell 
300 Cherokee Road 
Charlotte, NC 28207-1908 

Ivly mother, Patty Moncure Drewry, died 
peacefully at her home at Westminster 
Canterbury in Richmond at the age of 91 
on 1/18/09. If anyone from her time at 
the College contact me, I can be 
reached at: 

(Vis. Virginia W. Drewry 

118 Prince Street 

Alexandria, VA 22314 



My brother can be reached at: 
Mr William S. Drewry II 
PO. Box 658 
Williamsburg, VA@31 87 


Ann Morrison Reams 
771 Bon Air Circle 
Lynchburg, VA. 24503 

Spring has arrived! I was on campus 
last week, and it was like fairyland with 
the flowering trees, and such gorgeous 
jonquils, etc. You will be impressed with 
the amazing new Fitness and Athletics 
Center! Also, the new apartment housing 
for seniors is coming along. Both are in the 
bottom between Reed and the old gym, but 
haven't marred the view, I was there for a 
joint meeting of the Friends of the Library 
and of Art, which is always a lovely affair 
with wonderful people, a grand program 
and good drinks and dinner 

Not much news from you good 
folks Betty Blackmer Childs and 
Mackall enjoyed a Christmas cruise to 
the Caribbean with family, but on return 
Mackall suffered a stroke, damaging an 
eye which seems to be improving 

Sad news from Bobbie Engh Croft 
Crosswell died 3/21/09, We all send 
sympathy, and also to Peggy Gearing 
Wickham whose Henry died last fall. She 
has moved to Westminster-Canterbury in 

A conversation with Mike Tremain indi- 
cated that Betsy Gilmer Tremain is in the 
health care unit at Westminster-Canterbury 
in Charlottesville, and is getting along all 
right. He visits with her several times a day 

I'm grateful to say that I'm well and 
staying busy with the usual activities — 
bridge, garden club, book club, Bible study, 
time with family, etc. We welcomed great- 
grandson, Bernard Lawrence Reams III, in 
mid-Mar, born in NY weighing in at 10 lbs, 
1 oz. I won't see him until he comes to 
visit this Jun. Like many of your communi- 
ties, Lynchburg is planning a party for Betsy 
Muhlenfeld on her retirement as president 
of SBC. We hate to see her go! The good 
news is I hear that her replacement is 
great. Wish I had more news. If you can't 
write, just send me an e-mail amrsbc@ All of us want to hear from 
each other. 


Alice Lancaster Buck 
Covenant Hill Farm 
9357 Covenant Hill Lane 
Marshall, VA 201 15 
pbbuckl © 


Send your news to the Class Secretary listed with ( ^ 
your class. If your class has no Class Secretary listed, please send 
news to the Alumnae Office, Sweet Briar, VA 24595. r,j 

(E-mail: alumnae@sbc.edul . Classmates want to hear from you! 

Secretaries may submit notes for every issue of the magazine. Please see j 
that your Class Secretary receives your news before the deadlines below: 



Fall/Winter '09 

August 15, 2009 

Spring '10 

March 15,2009 

Class Secretaries are volunteers elected by their class and are responsible 
for the accuracy of the class notes. 

Make sure the Alumnae Office has your correct e-mail address! 
Please send e-mail addresses to: 



ivj; ?/,a^ ar-as. a,oio 

Julia Mills Jacobsen 

Mary Haskins King 
501 Kimberly Dr 
Greensboro, NC 27408 

From Sadie Gwin Allen Blackburn: So 

good to hear from you! I too am now limited 
in getting around because my husband had 
a terrible fall in his wheelchair down to the 
stair landing and is now recovering in the 
hospital. My activities are restricted to going 
back and forth to his recovery room. But it's 
wonderful to hear from the outside world, 
particularly from you. Keep it coming. 
And from Mary "Perk" Traugott 
Brown: I'm taking the easier, faster way 
via the computer to send what little news 
I know of classmates. But first, how are 
you? The last I heard you had slowed down 
as I am now Harriet Willcox Gearhart 
amazed me when she traveled to England 
in Dec. She has had health problems, but 
daughters Mary and Rosalie got her to 
England to visit friends she had known 
when living there. Classmates, hop in a 
wheelchair and GO! Dickie Waldrop and 
Luke are also travelers; they cruised around 
the tip of South America, Hope Dickie is 
reporting on her fabulous trip! I am now a 
resident of a retirement home overiooking 
the Chesapeake Bay — quite a view of 
ships heading into Norfolk. Had a knee 
replacement in Dec. and am still hobbling 
on a cane. New address: 3100 Shore Drive, 
Apt 1 01 7, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 . Hope 
classmates are sending you news. I'm 
anxious to hear about SBC friends. Healthy 
wishes. Perk. 


Does your class have a page on 
Facebook, Linkedin, or other web 
community? Please let us know! The 
Alumnae Office is compiling a list 
of class pages for our updated web 
site. Send an email to Colleen /Ca/affa 
Murray '06, editor of the Alumnae 
Magazine, at cmurray@sbc,edu with 
the link to your class page. 

Antoinette LeBris Maynard writes: 
Dear Julia, I wonder if I sent the last email 
I wrote you to tell you I'm back in Chevy 
Chase, MD, at Classic Residence by Hyatt, 
81 00 Conn. Ave., apt. 41 4. I'm not doing 
too badly, but on a walker and after 2 new 
hips, and 4 vertebrae out of the spine I'm 
still ambulating slowly and happy to be 
back in this area, I love to be here in the 
spring ... and hope to hear from you. 
(I'll be out to see you, Julie), 

Jean Riddler Fahrenbach is still in 
VT with a new email address. (I've been on 
my way to visit and see my granddaughter 
for 2 yrs.) 

From yours truly Julia Mills Jacobsen: 
I'm going to Houston with my OT friend for 
the Occupational Therapy conference to see 
what's new for the "physicaliy challenged." I 
hope to see anyone in Houston 4/24-27. I'll 
be at the Hilton. I have lost most of the sight 
in my left eye and can't see very well out of 
the other We're bringing OT students from 
Howard U. where I'm their Guinea pig. That's 
all my big news. 

34 • Spring/Summer 2009 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www, alumnae. six. edu 


Mary Vandeventer Saunders 

955 Harpersville Rd 

Newport News, VA 23601 -1085 


Linda McKoy Stewart 
ISOsprey Lane 
Rumson.NJ 07760-1821 


Maddie Lupton McCallie 
1508 Edgewood Circle 
Cliattanooga, TN 37405 

How do you go about gathering news from 
80-plus-yr-old classmates and put the items 
into a SBC Aiumnae News article to be 
published this summer? Penny postcards 
at 27 cents apiece to almost 1 00 surviving 
friends? Various short cuts with address 
stickers on front, a transparency by Fed Ex to 
stick-on the cards, husband assistance, $10 
each to granddaughters to do the transfers 
to the cards, pressure of 4/1 deadline to SBC 
and an anguished phone call from Audrey 
Lahman Rosselot and an email from 
Liz Barbour Beggs from Alexandria, VA, 
saying Class President Martha Mansfield 
Clement had died! Our hearts shut down 
and tears flowed, and we quickly scratched 
the message across the penny cards to 
many of her friends. A huge crowd gathered 
at the Episcopal Seminary a few days later 
for a memorial service at which her daughter 
read a poem she had written and others paid 
tribute to this beloved friend. The Clement 
family have decided to place Martha's ashes 
in the Columbarium on Monument Hill at our 
beautiful SBC campus this coming May 

The process of getting together news 
has been delightful. Notes, cards, and calls 
have brought a surge of memories and a 
charge to my inner batteries, I got a charge 
out of visiting with our exuberant song 
leader. Harriotte Bland Coke, from Kent, 
OH, where she is active in tri-weekly yoga 
and Pilates with a home office. She has a 
daughter in VT who has won awards in field 
hockey (Do you remember our coach, that 
fierce lady Mrs. Appleby with her "sticks"?) 
Upon being pressured Harriotte declares 
she wears the same dress size as when we 
were at The Patch, and she also believes 
in having a dog along always! Pat Smith 
Nelson has residences In Charleston, WV, 
and in Naples, FL: she files back and forth 
on holidays and has seen Jane Johnson 
Kent in airports several times. Pat has 1 
son who is a realtor living in Charlottesville 
with a wife who is a teacher; they have a 
handicapped child (8). Other offspring live 
In Union, WV, and Charleston and get to FL 
for visits. Pat has visited with Helen Pindar 
Withers in Westminster-Canterbury in 
Irving, VA. Salute to Helen who still teaches 

friends to play mah-jongg after 30 yrs! Pat 
Nelson and I have a unique sharing — we 
have granddaughters who were chosen 
at graduation from college by Teach for 
America to teach In a US public school for 2 
yrs, usually in an underprivileged area. Both 
students found it very challenging. Pat's has 
finished her commitment, gotten an M.A. 
along the way and is now In law school. My 
Anna McCallie has another year after her 
present assignment and has not yet decided 
her next career move. 

Ruthie Howe Faulkner called from 
LongmonI, CO, to chat: you'll recall she 
was at SBC tor 2 yrs Husband Wilson, 
a self-made inventor who held several 
patents, died In '07. They have 3 children, 5 
grandchildren, and 3 greats. As this is being 
written (at the end of Mar.) she's packing to 
take 1 5 of her family to Disney World in FL. 
That will be fun after the snow storms we're 
seeing in CO. A gentle voice from the deep 
South — it's Rosemary Gugert Kennedy 
from New Orleans with excitement because 
this is the day the 17th ed. of her book is 
coming off the press headed tor use In the 
music programs of CA public schools! There 
are some details to be worked out on the 
book, Bact) to Rock, as the patron saint of 
music teaching must be removed from the 
booklet cover before it can be used In CA. 
We were able to share the sadness of the 
loss of Rosemary's daughter Wendy (40) 2 
yrs ago from malignancy Rosemary Is finding 
joy in teaching piano in the afternoons 
and following her ranked tennis player 
grandchildren. Her historic New Orieans 
house was badly damaged by Katrlna and 
so Rosie spent time in Atlanta with friend 
Martha Davis Barnes while repairs were 
made. Another New Orleans classmate is 
Eve Godchaux Hirsch who suffered from 
Katrina likewise, but managed her theater 
and museum trips to NY In spite of storms. 
She reports staying in touch with Bea 
Backer Simpson In Silver Springs, MD, 
who called for a fun chat. Bea claims to have 
no real news and that she is in a self-made 
disaster area. She cannot throw anything 
away and she finds herself surrounded 
by stacks of old newspapers, scrapbooks, 
letters, and pictures which she ends up 
examining over and over again. Her husband 
died 2 days before 9/1 1 so her life became 
very complicated as we can Imagine. She 
has 2 grandchildren who are gifted musically, 
playing the flute, piano, and oboe. Someday 
Bea and I will go to Staples together for 
scissors, glue, and other scrapbooking 
supplies as I can't throw anything away 
either Jane Shoesmith Newcomb called 
from Wolfeboro, NH, reporting on 2 sons who 
live nearby. One of them at age 51 Is getting 
married this Apr. for the 1st time. She has 
4 grands and all are Involved in the music 
activities of the area. Jane is active In her 
garden club and library and has had a knee 
replacement along the way A trip to Italy was 

Beautiful May Queen Bess Pratt 
Wallace from Huntsville, AL, has a daughter 
who lives at home and brightens her days. 

Her card reminisced about beautiful snows 
we had at SBC since AL was covered with 
shining snow at that moment. Frances 
Robb's note from Williamsburg, VA, had 
comments on the loss of our Meon Bower 
Harrison in 1 2/08 and now our Martha 
Clement. Robbie comments on the fact that 
at our age "blessed is monotony because 
we are all still here." A note along the 
same theme came from Marjorle Smith 
Smithey from Roanoke who writes that she 
is "doing well — play doubles tennis 2 or 
3 times a week, do my own housework in 
my own condo and feel great." Cheers for 
you, Smittie! Vi Whithead Morse makes 
me feel close to the campus as she sent 
news of the reception for Ann Marshall 
Whitley who died 9/28 after working for yrs 
collecting SBC memorabilia and establishing 
a museum on campus. Vi also reported 
that she and her husband (89) celebrated 
their 60th wedding anniversary and that 
2 of their prized cows died of pneumonia. 
Betsy Anderson Gorrell claims to have 
no new news, but |ust being around Is 
enough since "days are spent going to lots 
of funerals." She has 2 grands and 3 great 
grandchildren who are a joy! Mary Barrett 
Robertson from Augusta uses "snail mail" to 
communicate and describes it as being sent 
by "escargot." She reports that her progeny 
Is doing fine and that she still rattles around 
In her big house which she enjoys when 
visitors come. 

Marguerite Rucker Ellett writes 
from Westminster Canterbury in Richmond 
saying she is attending her St. Catherine's 
reunion in Apr. and joining up with husband 
Taz to attend his VMI reunion later They 
still vacation at Pawley's Island late in 
summer Martha Sue Skinner Logan 
got to visit with our retiring SBC president 
Betsy Muhlenfeld in Tampa. This summer 
the Logans migrate to Cashiers, NC, where 
Bob has time for a vegetable garden and 
she grows flowers. They took a trip on the 
Mississippi from St. Louis to Minneapolis 
last fall to finish out the year Your scribe 
had the nicest phone call from Little Rock 
where your secretary from a few yrs ago, 
Phyllis Thorpe Miller, lives She admits 
to still having the neatest handwriting ever 
by a '48er, Phil says she hangs out with the 
widows and still lives in her original home. 
Her children live in Denver, Houston, and 
Little Rock; she visits often. Phil visits Nancy 
Moses Eubanks in a retirement home. 
Nancy has a son who Is a minister in Dallas. 
A call from Closey Faulkner Dickey from a 
home In ME or NH where she and Whit have 
gardens, do community service, entertain 
friends and children, and play duplicate 
bridge. They're planning a trip to AK where 
she'll connect with Mary Vinton and visit 
the Dickey daughter whose husband has a 
job measuring glacier melt. She promised 
a long letter, but I haven't seen It yet. She 
keeps In touch with Indie Lindsay Bllisoli, 
Frank, their daughter and 3 sons — all are 
busy and active Norfolk citizens. Betsy 
Plunkett Williams writes that she has no 
dramatic goings-on, also from Norfolk. She 

sees class of '47 friends Jean Old, Margie 
Redfern. and Martha Smith frequently and 
enjoys having son Glynn in residence. They're 
regulars at Plunkett family reunions. From 
far away Wichita Falls, TX, Helen McKemie 
Riddle writes from a retirement home that 
she's busy with Its activities and her friends 
there. Her oldest son is in the Radiology 
Department at Vanderbilt Med. School. She 
lost her middle child, a daughter, a few yrs 
ago, and her grandson lives with his father in 
Houston. Another daughter and family live in 
Dallas. Also from TX, Polly Rollins Sowell 
writes: I keep in touch with Liz Barbour and 
Wayne Stokes and T, but otherwise I'm out of 
touch with SBC. Personally I'm fine. Retired 
from the Governor's office in '05, have 
become a provocateur and just love it. No 
accountability! I serve on the TX Commission 
on the Arts and play bridge. I thank God 
every day for letting me live In the great days 
of the USA because I think It is all over. 

If you missed news of Judy Blakey 
Butler from York, PA, it's because she 
spent the month of Dec. traveling with a 
group of 7 all over India. She went shortly 
after the Mumbal incident, but was able to 
see and do much in that vast country of 
contrasts. We received word from the college 
Alumnae Office of the death of Pamela 
Terry Stoutenburgh in Washington, DC, 
1 2/22/08. We send the class sympathy to 
her family I had the nicest phone call from 
Robert Savage in Fort Myers, FL, reporting on 
his wife Ann Orr Savage. He has moved her 
to a care facility, which adjoins the retirement 
center where he lives and is able to visit her 
every day Peggy Sheffield Martin (Scoff) 
from Atlanta announces with pride that she 
has 2 great-grandsons — ages 1 and 2. 
Peggy has had some painful down time in 
the hospital with kidneys stones. She feels 
fine now. She's concerned that daughter 
Lisa has rejected a kidney transplant and 
is under treatment for a lymphoma. Our 
prayerful thoughts are with Scoff at a difficult 
time Martha Garrison Anness has a 
2-home life style — 1 In FL and the other in 
Cincinnati. She has reason to spend more 
time In the "North" because her daughter is 
the mayor of a small town near Cincinnati. 

This paragraph is bringing your scribe 
to the end of her report and I finish with 
a special message to the Goodwin House 
ladies, Audrey Lahman Rosselot, Nancy 
Vaughn Kelly, and Liz Barbour Beggs. 
who were so close to our Distinguished 
Alumna and Class President, Martha 
Mansfield Clement, I thank you for 
keeping all of us informed with your loving 


Cattierine Reynolds 

20 Loeffler Rd, Apt 408 

Bloomfield, CT 06002 

rey nolds@dencastermail .com 

Sorry to have no news in this issue, class- 
mates, but this spring issue of the alumnae 

Sweel Briat College Alumnae Magazine ' 

/ alumnae, sbcedu 

Spring/Summer 2009 • 35 

magazine will appear close to our 60th 
class Reunion. Many of us, I tiope, will be 
there sharing our news in person! At that 
time, we will gather lots of items to put in 
the next issue for those of you who will not 
be on campus in May. Meanwhile, happy 
60th, if you can believe it was that long ago 
that we graduated from college. 


^i.nion- aoTO: 7/la,i-a.i-as. aoro 
Patricia Halloran ^aivadori 
9 North Stratford Road 
Arlington Heights, IL 60004 

Betty B.G. Elmore Gilleland celebrated 
her 80th birthday 3/09. Is she our youngest 
classmate? Her family surprised her with a 
party at her sister's home in Jacksonville. 
Daughter Lynn and husband Guy compiled 2 
albums of photos and letters, many of which 
recorded B.G.'s SBC days. Here are few 
excerpts: Bonnie Lloyd Crane has moved 
her art gallery to her home in Magnolia, MA, 
until the economy recovers. She enclosed 
a photo, lool<ing great, from an art show in 
Boston; she visits daughter Melinda in Bedin, 
Germany, frequently. She was there for the 
grand opening of the new US Embassy. Her 
daughter was the M.C. for the event; Sally 
Ann Blanchi Foster made an attractive pink 
and green booklet with photos from each 
yearbook with our last will and testament 
included. She also sent quotes from our 
50th reunion. One from Lola; "Where else 
do you come across so many interesting, 
attractive and intelligent people — and in 
those surroundings?" Sal celebrated her 80th 
last May with a home-cooked family dinner 
It was "cheffed" by her daughter Kate who 
runs her own culinary institute in Buffalo; 
Betsy Margraf Waring remembered B.G. 
and her missing the SBC train station, pulling 
the emergency bell, collecting their luggage 
and hiking back to the station! Now, the 
station has been moved to campus as a relic! 
Last fall, B.G. and Guy had a great trip to 
Croatia and Montenegro. Dubrovnik was their 
favorite place as it was mine. We went when 
the children were young and Tito was still in 
power That "vacation" is part of the Salvadori 
family lore! In Feb. B.G. attended a lovely SBC 
farewell luncheon for Pres. Muhlenfeld in 
Winter Park. In Mar they were off to Atlanta 
to participate in aaElderhostel program, "The 
Art and Culture of Atlanta," and also visited a 
traveling exhibit of the "Terra Cotta Warriors 
of China." 

Lola Steele Shepherd and Deedee 
are fine — still riding although Deedee has to 
hoist up the saddle tor her Their grandson 
is teaching in South Korea (as is our son). 
Daughter Sallie and granddaughter are going 
over for a visit after school (Bucknell) is out, 
Lola spoke with Jane Lewis Zolicoffer who 
has recovered nicely from her long illness. 

Edith Brooke Robertson sent a 
Christmas letter and photo of herself and 
Peyton on the Continental Divide. They 

were in CO celebrating their 56th wedding 
anniversary. They were stationed there 
on their honeymoon in 1952. They spent 
their annual summer vacation at VA Beach 
fighting Hurricane Bertha — "a challenge for 
people in their advanced years"! Christmas 
was spent with family in Newport, Rl. 

I received photos and a Valentine 
letter from Dolly Clark Rasmussen Her 
granddaughter, Lynn, was married in Dallas 
last May Daughter Cindy invited them for 
Thanksgiving in Devon, PA. Husband Jeffrey 
prepared the turkey for both Thanksgiving 
and Christmas when Dolly and John 
entertained 15 at their home in Bethesda. 
That is a son-in-law to have! They go to 
Norfolk once a year to visit Dolly's brother 
David and Edith and Peyton Robertson. Dolly 
and John celebrated their 58th wedding 
anniversary last Sept. and a photo shows 
them as attractive as ever 

Lucy Kreusler Carey enjoyed her 
trip to Argentina with a group of students 
and colleagues from the Comm. Coll. of 
Baltimore County where she teaches Polish 
and Russian. She continues to live in a nice 
retirement home in Chariestown. MD. Many 
activities keep her busy. 

Cora Jane Morningstar Spiller stays 
busy volunteering and emailing her far-flung 
family: a son in Iraq; daughters in Capetown, 
South Africa, FL, and NJ; and 8 grandchildren 
just as scattered. She's also actively engaged 
with the Colonial Dames. 

If you didn't receive an email from me 
in Mar, it indicates that neither I nor the 
Alumnae Office have a correct email address. 
Also, several of you have changed home 
addresses. I will have 2 more class notes to 
prepare and would like to pass on an up-to- 
date list to the new secretary. So please send 
this info to me or the office. Thanks. 


Patty Lynas Ford 
2165 West Dry Creek Road 
Healdsburg, CA 95448 

Thank you to all who have contributed class 

Joanne Williams Ray Eraser's faith- 
ful son. Max, keeps us informed about his 
mother In a Christmas letter he pays tribute 
to those SBC friends who sent messages 
to her: Jane "Tuttie" Kirkpatrick, Anne 
Sinsheimer, Mary Jane "MJ" Eriksen 
Ertman, Joan Davis Warren. Margaret 
"Margie" Works Gibbs, Margery 
Davidson Pucker, Joan McCoy Edmonds 
'47. Alzheimer's continues to take its toll, 
but she's well loved and looked after by 
family and friends 24/7, by his description. 
Max's words: "As I was the youngest child, 
I was around home more than my brothers 
and sisters (especially with Susan off at 
SBC!) and could always tell when a class- 
mate called. I know many of the names, but 
of course was and am always still confused 

because of nicknames. I began care-giving 
for my grandmother in 1992 and buried 
her in 2002, as well as my stepfather, and 
I buried my brother James W. Ray, III, last 
Apr at age 50. A sad update on mother; 
Last year her Mini-Mental measured 25 at 
the annual appointment at the Alzheimer's 
Disease Research Center Last week she 
had her annual appointment and they are 
dropping her from the study. She was able 
to repeat 3 words and score a 3, Anyway, 
thanks for the email and notes. I value 
all our family, friends, and classmates as 
they're always the building blocks for the 
rest of our life! Max T Ray, AER CLU, FBS, 
Family Business Associates, 2766 Smyer 
Circle, Vestavia Hills, AL 35216-1025, 
http://wvm. familybusinessassociates. com[, 
(205) 823-1629 Phone, (205) 823-1758 
fax. Cell (205) 223-4925. Toll; (800) 250- 

Mona Wilson Beard: Very busy times 
here; the movers come next week. There 
are boxes, piles, and things all about. My 
house sold without even being officially 
on the market and I'm moving to a "cot- 
tage" at Westminster-Canterbury of the 
Blue Ridge. This is a wonderful community 
here in Charlottesville, and I have friends 
at Westminster Family promises they will 
continue to visit. This is sooner than I had 
ever thought, but it all seems to be moving 
along. New Address: 250 Pantops Mountain 
Rd, Box 45, Charlottesville, VA 2291 1 . 
New Phone: (434) 972-2573. I'd love to 
have friends visit; there's a guest room. My 
regards to all. 

Susan Taylor Hubbard: I wish I had 
some news, but alas, have none except 
that I am mourning the death of my beloved 
dog Zoe who died very suddenly last Wed. 
at age 10. She was never sick, but full of 
energy and fun, my constant companion for 
10 yrs. My 7 grandchildren are growing up 
fast, are all beautiful and above average, 
like the children of Lake Wobegon, 

Jean Graham "Randie" Randolph 
Bruns: Thanks to your last column, Joan 
Hess Michel, now living in KY, and I are 
back in touch and planning to get together, 
here, there or in between. I had a total knee 
replacement 1/8/09 and spent the winter 
in rehab. I had a visit in Nov in Cincinnati 
with former SBC chaplain Susan Lehman 
and husband John Dalzell. After retirement 
she was my neighbor here, then vicar of my 
church in Highland County, VA. Thanksgiving 
was a week in NY with 1 7 or 1 8 of us at 
my nephew's in Brooklyn for dinner This 
included all 3 children of my sister, the 
late Bevedey Randolph Knight '46. 1 plan 
to close the Bed & Breakfast this fall and 
at some point move to Kendal, a Quaker 
retirement community in Lexington, VA. I'm 
looking forward to a visit this spring from 
Dick and Patty Lynas Ford 

Sue Lockley Glad; Not much to report 
at the moment. We spent Christmas in 
Tucson visiting our son and his family in 
their new home and enjoyed the trip and 
the local history, museums, and scenery. 
Back to Pasadena in time for the usual 

onslaught of west coast family who come 
to sleep on the floors and couches on New 
Year's Eve because we live on the very 
beginning of the Rose Parade route. We 
go out around 10 or 1 1 p.m. (champagne 
in hand) to watch the floats line up, sleep 
briefly and then up early to walk up Orange 
Grove Blvd and find a good place to stand 
and watch! We're looking forward to the 
summer in OR, as usual. Hope everyone is 
having a good year — aside from the stock 
market of course. 

Rosalie "Pinkie" Barringer 
Wornham: Were in good health, all our 
kids have good jobs, our grandchildren 
are healthy and on a good track (Tommy 
a freshman at Princeton and will be the 
quarterback next year), Amara waiting to 
hear from colleges (Stanford is top choice), 
other 4 guys are stair steps away from col- 
lege the next 4 yrs. We walk our 3 mi, on 
the beach every morning; 1 0-yr-old Lab is 
raring to go still, thanks to Rimadyl. Wish 
they made that pill for people. I build my 
whole life around swimming a 1/2 -h mi. 
every day. Altar Guild at St. James, Meals 
on Wheels on Tues. with Tom, reading a lot. 
Each day is a gift. I was interested in SBC's 
new president — amazing academic and 
experience "tickets," so that will be a good 
thing. I'll miss Betsy Muhlenfeld, she had it 
ALL and was here for a west coast "thank 
you for your support" party. She is/was SO 
gracious and SO good for SBC. The class of 
1951 is/was special. 

Lynne McCullough Gush: Forgive, 
please, my lack of email! I have, however, 
joined the 21st cent, to the extent of mas- 
tering a i/ery fancy digital camera and a 
dumb cell-phone. All the classmates sound 
glamorous and dedicated to good works. 
My fall and winter were consumed with 
the original 2-piece version of Gershwin's 
Rhapsody in Blue. We did 5 performances. 
On 1 occasion the caterer failed to show 
and 1 of the 30 guests, my Russian friend, 
Igor stepped into the breech at the moment 
we are practicing the tangos of Piazzolla in 
preparation for a summer concert some- 
where. Tomorrow, the younger students are 
coming here for a "workshop" with cookies. 
Kensington Dog (3) continues to haunt the 
Bayou with me twice daily. Ballet class 
continues. I wear numerous band-aids! 
Regards to all. 

Julie Micou Eastwood We continue 
to love living in Rossmoor Dick spends 
most of his time reading, 3 to 4 books a 
week! I can't even begin to keep up with 
him on that! I'm still active in the camera 
club print group contnbuting to shows in 
2 galleries in Rossmoor 4-5 times a year. 
I still print my own photos, but now mostly 
digitally, it's fun! I still go birding with 
friends around CA occasionally. 

Anne Sinsheimer: I'm still doing the 
usual here — dog walking, gym, knitting, 
bridge, concerts. Last Oct., I went on the 
SBC tour to Cortona, Italy. We were in 
beautiful areas, but an 8-day trip is too 
short, coming from CA. The tour group also 
included alumnae from Northeastern U. who 

36 • Spring/Summet 2009 

Sweet Briai College Alumnae Magazine ' 


were very nice traveling companions. On 
President's Day weel<end I was in Yosemite. 
(Family tries to go up there every otiner 
year.) It was fantastically beautiful, I don't 
remember seeing ttiat much snow there in 
recent yrs. It didn't prevent us from having 
good hikes on both days. We stopped early 
on Sun. when it snowed harder than earlier 
in the day. Last weel<end our library had 
their annual book sale. We came out very 
close to last year which is great, consider- 
ing the economy. 

Janet Broman Dingle: We spent 
Christmas with my daughter and family 
in Morgantown, WV, and then traveled to 
southern WV to visit Larry's daughter and 
her family and Larry's son and his wife who 
live nearby Their oldest son was married last 
Aug. in Columbus, OH. and we enjoyed the 
festivities. We stay busy with weekly Kiwanis, 
a monthly bridge group, and church activi- 
ties. Our local Meals on Wheels organization 
isn't what it used to be. About 4 yrs ago the 
number of recipients began declining; now 
we serve only 1 or 2 people. Thus, I haven't 
been delivering meals since 1/08. Several 
of the long-time recipients have gone into 
nursing homes, to live with their children, 
or sadly passed away How wonderful that 
Betsy Muhlenfeld came to your Bay Area 
SBC meeting in Jan. She will be missed at 
SBC. but Jo Ellen Parker seems well quali- 
fied according to the write-up we were sent. 
About 10 alumnae from the area plus a pro- 
spective student and her dad attended our 
Jan. luncheon. We, the class of 1 951 , are 
blessed to be alumnae of a wonderful college 
that still holds fast to its traditions, but has 
also progressed with the times by offering 
computer programs, self-designed majors, 
pre-professional and graduate programs. 

Betty Browder Nibley: I talked to Ann 
Klepinger Mueller. She and Paul are well 
down there in Moneta, VA, Their children and 
grands enjoy coming to see them at their 
lakeside home, Mary Kraus Plerson sent 
greetings at Christmas and hopes to come 
east sometime for a visit, I hope so! I've 
been busy going to aerobics twice a week, 
keeping up with 8 grandchildren and their 
parents. Took a cruise to Bermuda in Sept, 
with Class of 1 950 West Point friends. Went 
to Annapolis and Williamsburg on the way. 
after which I took a bus to NYC to visit my 
eldest son and kids and to visit their "escape 
from the city" home on a lake that borders 
NJ and NY We tried restaurants and parks 
on both sides! 

Ann Benet Yellot: The puppy is great. 
He passed his AKC Good Citizen test to my 
surprise. He's a good boy if a little wild. (I 
had asked her about the puppy For those of 
you who are not familiar with this title, it's an 
honor, not easily obtained and is an achieve- 
ment for both dog and owner — PF) 

Patty Lynas Ford: We're looking for- 
ward to our 2-week cruise to HI in Nov. and 
really enjoyed the 1st week, seeing friends 
in Hilo and Honolulu. However, on 1 1/22 I 
started to cough, very seriously, not all the 
time but very loudly The 2nd week was 
spent visiting the Medical Center for X-ray, 

medication, diagnosis. We almost flew home 
from Kona, but decided it would be too stren- 
uous to do so. We arrived home on 1 2/7 
and saw our doctor the next day. Diagnosis: 
bronchitis and pneumonia, unwelcome 
souvenirs of unknown origin. Fortunately, I 
had done a lot of baking before we left, so 
some of the Christmas gifts were ready, and I 
had written most of the Christmas letters. All 
is well now. Our nearby older CA daughter 
is renting a harpsichord until her Flemish 
harpsichord arrives. She still finds time to 
do calligraphy in addition to working full 
time. Becca, our younger VA daughter, will 
be moving from Herndon into a new house 
in Leesburg on 4/1 , her 50th birthday. She's 
very much involved in the Episcopal church 
in Herndon. We're looking forward to spend- 
ing a night with Jean Graham "Randle" 
Randolph Bruns in Apr before going to 
SBC for a couple of days. We continue to 
love living in Healdsburg. We enjoy having 
lunch with Julie MIcou Eastwood and Dick 
a few times a year, either in the Napa Valley 
or by San Francisco Bay Thank you all again 
for writing. 


Patricia Layne Winks 
312ArguelloBlvd., Apt. 3 
San Francisco, CA 94118 

Earlier this year the local SBC Club honored 
President Muhlenfeld at a reception. We 
had the opportunity to thank her for her 
inspiring work guiding the College through 
difficult yrs and bringing SBC into the 21st 
cent. It was also an opportunity to see 
alumnae who live in the Bay Area includ- 
ing Patty Lynas Ford '51 and Jane Collins 
Sjoberg '53. Patty kept in contact with "our" 
1st president Martha Lucas Pate, and has 
many wonderful memories of that remark- 
able woman. 

Among class globetrotters are Anne 
Hoagland Kelsey and Jack, who stayed 
at the Oberoi Hotel in Mumbai just weeks 
before the terrorist attack. Jane Ramsay 
Olmsted and I were in Venice at the same 
time last Oct. I wish that we had known that 
BEFORE we went, or that we had run into 
each other enjoying cicchetti, or Renaissance 
paintings KItchie Roseberry Tolleson 
could be counted on for the most ambitious 
travel program: taking 23 family members to 
Tuscany for 2 wks and 1 to AK. 

Edith Marsh Fonda and significant 
other plan a trip to sunny FL in Apr. Anne 
Hoagland Kelsey and Charlotte Snead 
Stifel are already there. Martha Legg 
Katz and Bill also plan a trip to FL in Apr 
with their extended family, including 7 
grandchildren, ages 2 to 14. Others travel- 
ing to see family include Leila Booth 
Morris, who went to VA for a grandson's 
wedding and a granddaughter's gradua- 
tion Harriet "Binji" Thayer Elder, who 
maintains a part-time counseling practice, 
moved back to Nashville, so she no longer 

has to travel to see family. Nancy Trask 
lives in Edenton, NC, and has family close 
by Nancy Hamel Clark paid a family visit 
to her sister-in-law. who had recently retired 
to Asheville, NC. While there Nancy talked 
with Lyn Lane Fozzard. who promptly 
got in touch with Nancy's sister-in-law and 
made her feel welcome in her new home. 
Nancy and Blake are moving to another 
apartment in Greensboro. 

A number of us have moved to retire- 
ment communities. Leila Booth Morris 
loves her community in Columbus, GA, 
where she swims daily and is chairman of 
the Food Committee (that means many peo- 
ple, many meals, many complaints). Carma 
Lindsay Burton is at The Cedars in Chapel 
Hill, where she has taken up croquet and 
painting. Kitty Coxe Page also lives in a 
retirement community in Columbus, NC. 
She recently suffered a fall and concussion. 
I hope that by the time this appears in print 
she has fully recovered. 

I was so pleased to hear from Nell 
Dumas Herff , though saddened to hear 
that she had lost Augie, her dear husband 
of 55 yrs She's adjusting to life on her own. 
with the support of her daughter and 3 
grandsons. Next time I visit my daughter in 
Austin, I hope to drive down to San Antonio 
and see Nell. 

Sue Judd Wilcox celebrated husband 
Jack's 80th birthday with multiple children 
and grandchildren. Ann Whittingham 
Smith participated in a wide range of joyful 
celebrations: 2 graduations, 2 major birth- 
days, and 3 family weddings. Martha Yost 
Ridenour didn't get married herself, but 
she had 2 marriage proposals. Wow! (No. 
she didn't accept either) 

Not all the news of our class is good 
news. Pride Binger Forney passed away 
in Jan. Some of us have lost husbands or 
care for ailing loved ones. And some of us 
are being cared for. In this difficult economy, 
some of us find the comfortable retirement 
we anticipated a little less comfortable, and 
we are concerned too about our children 
and grandchildren, whose lives are sud- 
denly less secure. 

There's an understandable reluctance 
to respond to my questionnaires, but I can 
report on a few responses! Many of us 
would love to be multilingual. Gay Maupin 
Bielenstein wishes she had learned a 
Germanic language (in addition to French, 
Spanish and Latini) since she married a 
Swede. Nancy Hamel Clark, Nell Grand 
Beck, and I wish we had mastered Spanish. 
Martha Yost Ridenour wishes she had 
learned to say "No, I can't do that." Helen 
Graves Stahlman wishes she had learned 
more about machinery Binji Thayer Elder 
wishes that when she was raising her own 
children, she had known what she later 
learned from her grandchildren. 

But there is much that we have learned. 
Florence Fitch Patton has learned to 
appreciate her SBC academic background, 
which has stood her in good stead as a 
teacher, principal, and active participant in 
multiple organizations. Martha Yost 

Ridenour has learned to treasure 
friends and faith in God. Nancy Hamel 
Clark has learned patience. Nell Grand 
Beck now knows that "not saying some- 
thing can be valuable." Helen Graves 
Stahlman has learned that "things don't 
turn out just as you've planned — so you 
have to plan again." 

Finally. I hope we can all learn to follow 
Kitchie's wise counsel: "to hold life close 
and live every minute." 


Florence Apy 

67 Rivers Edge Drive, 

Little Silver, NJ 07739 


I have sad news to report: In Nov.. Joan 
Arey Harrison died suddenly before 
Thanksgiving. We'll remember Joan for 
her beautiful smile and wonderful sense 
of humor She had attended most of our 
reunions and was an active member of 
our class. Husband Charies, their children, 
and other members of her family have our 
sincere sympathy. 

The SBC Office received word just 
before publication deadline that Patricia 
Marshall Meech passed away in Littleton, 
CO, on 7/26/08. Again, on behalf of the 
class, I express our deepest sympathy to 
her family 

On a happy note: Kay Amsden and her 
companion, Mary Lou Fuller, were joined in 
a civil union in NH on 2/3/08 after a 28-yr 
engagement. Congratulations are in order 
Chef and I visited them several yrs ago at 
their comfortable retirement residence in 
Concord, NH. 

Anne Joyce Wyman sent her regrets 
at not having attended our 55th reunion. 
Our reunion was a week before she and 
Joseph left for a 3-week trip to the Baltic. 
During '08 they made separate trips to 
London and Toulouse. Switzerland; and 
Dubai. They have a daughter in England, so 
that accounts for some of the trips. They'll 
simply have to plan ahead for our 60th 
reunion in 2013. 

Was anyone in the NY area watching 
"Jeopardy" on the evening of 1/7 when Alex 
Trebek asked the name of a college founded 
by Daisy Williams that had the word "sweet" 
in it? Unfortunately none of the contestants 
knew the answer 

When I wrote the last column 
which included mothers, daughters and 
granddaughters of the Class of '53. 1 was 
unaware that Anne Elliott Caskie and 
Challen's granddaughter will graduate 
this Jun. 

As we welcome our 1 0th president, Jo 
Ellen Parker, we say a sad goodbye to our 
honorary class member, Betsy Muhlenfeld. 
Best wishes for success. Betsy in whatever 
paths you may follow in your "retirement." 

Received a newsy email from Patti 
Tighe Walden the day after Edie Norman 

Sv^eet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www alumnae sbcedu 

Spring/Summer 2009 • 37 

Wombwell and George visited her at 
her home in Las Vegas. The Wombwells 
were on their way to CA to visit son 
Andy. Edie has recovered well from knee 
replacement surgery. Patti had valve 
replacement surgery after which she was 
attacked by MRSA. She is still recovering 
from that dreadful infection. In spite of 
that, she has been visiting her children and 
grandchildren on Long Island, NY, and her 
sister in Spokane, WA. On the same day as 
Edie's visit Patti received a telephone call 
from Kay Venard Lebianc, who reported 
that Mary Little John Belser had been in 
a car accident and is recovering rapidly from 
a broken pelvis. It seems to be hard to keep 
some of us down. Edie's report following 
her visit with Patti: "Patti and I had a great 
time going through our yearbook and 
commenting on everyone. I'd have loved 
to have had a tape of that conversation. 
Edie and George live 8 mo. in CO, and 4 
mo., Apr., May, Nov and Dec, in Louisville. 
They have 3 grandchildren via son, David, 
who is a bank president. Son Van is 
married, no children, and son Andy works 
for a Japanese-owned company called 
Stickham. It makes commercial Web pages. 
His partner, Alex, is in the music business, 
writing and filming documentaries. Edie 
spends her "spare" time on the computer, 
playing bridge, lunching with friends 
and volunteering at the Aspen Hospital, 
while George is busy using his talents 
helping people with financial disasters — 
unfortunately a full-time job these days." 

Jane Perry Liles and George 
celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary 
on 1 1/1 . The party was hosted by their 
son and daughter-in-law who now live in 
what was the family home for 39 yrs. Dale 
Mutter Harris and Ted, Katzy Bailey 
Nager and C J and Maggie McClung 
and David celebrated with them. Janie 
and George's oldest grandson is a senior 
at NC State, 2nd grandson is a freshman 
at GA St., and daughter Perry is campaign 
manager for a candidate for Mayor of 

In response to my email Eleanor 
Johnson Ashby reported that son, 
Linden, is still acting — mostly made-for 
TV on Lifetime. He and his wife moved to 
Alpharetta, GA , much nearer to Eleanor and 
Garnett than L.A. was. 2 granddaughters, 
Grace (Linden's daughter) and Olivia 
(Stuart's daughter), both will graduate from 
2nd school in May. As Eleanor reports, 
Grace is going to the U. of GA, and Olivia 
is still making up her mind. The Ashbys 
daughter, Baba, still teaches AP Spanish and 
is Head of Community Service at the Taft 
School in CT while her husband is Director 
of Admissions. Baba and Peter's daughter, 
Amanda, will graduate from Hamilton this 
spring and their son. Max, is a junior at Taft 
(no surprise). In the meantime, the Ashbys 
are seeing the world — last year they took in 
London in Feb.. New Zealand and Australia 
in Apr, and a place in the Highlands 
of Scotland which they have visited 1 8 
times. Sounds like an endorsement. 

Nancy McDonald accompanied them on 
some of their trips. Last Aug. their oldest 
granddaughter was married in their front 
yard and plans to live nearby. What is 
Eleanor doing besides traveling and keeping 
up with the younger generation? Among 
some very notable community activities 
she is a life member of the Board of PACE, 
a nationally recognized program for at-risk 
giris. Tennis is a thing of the past, but taking 
its place is a weekly mah jongg game. 
Obviously she's a very busy lady. 

And I finally heard from a classmate 
we haven't heard from in a long time — 
Jean Felty Kenny. She retired in 2000 
as a Professor Emerita from East Carolina 
U. where she was in the Department 
of Pediatrics as an infectious disease 
specialist. Although she hasn't been to 
reunions, she hasn't been an inactive 
alumna. Last summer she and her sister 
went with the SBC Group on a very 
interesting trip to Romania and Ukraine. 
President Muhlenfeld was on that trip and 
Jean said "She is delightful." She said, 
"Most of the group were younger graduates, 
but along with us were Casey Black 
Undenwood '52 and her husband Roger." 
Jean and Casey recognized one another 
and, during the course of the trip, they 
discovered that they had "both gone to the 
same small giris' high school in Hartford, 
CT and had known each other there 60 yrs 
ago." She further says, "In fact she may 
have been one of those who influenced 
me to go to SBC!" When not traveling, 
Jean spends her time reading, gardening, 
working out at a gym and volunteering at 
church and at the hospital. 

A note from Ginger Timmons 
Ludwick: She remembers a trip to Morocco 
she and David took with Kirk and Jack 
Clarkson 2 yrs ago. She now enjoys their 
home in Palm Desert (CA, where else?) 
where "the golf is terrific and the weather 
even better." She attended a luncheon at 
the Beverly Hilton in Jan. honoring Betsy 
Muhlenfeld. She said lots of SBC alumnae 
reside in CA now. Although only at SBC for 
her junior yr,, she treasures the friendships 
she made which have lasted these past 55 
yrs. She has been to all our 5-yr reunions 
since the beginning with the 10th. Very few 
of us can match that record. 

Okay, what are the rest of you up to? 
Call me, write me, or email me. 

Editor's Note: In ttie previous edition 
of 1953 Ciass Notes, it should be noted 
that Shirley Rankin Dumesnii's grandson is 
attending NJ State U. .not NY State. 


Bruce Watts Krucke 
7352 Toogoodoo Rd 
Yonges Island, SC 29449 

These will be hard notes to write. First 
because several of our class members have 
died and 2nd because we're about to have 

our 55th reunion, but the notes won't be 
published till after we meet, so they'll seem 
rather anticlimactic. 

We send sympathies and condolences 
to the families of these classmates of 
whose deaths we have recently been 
informed Louise "Weezie" Aubrey 
MacFarland, our Class President, who died 
in Nov. of breast cancer; Judith Catlin. 
who passed away last Jun ; Katherine 
"Kitty" Willcox Reiiand. who died in 
Dec ; Mary Kay Coffelt Trautshold. 
whose death 2 yrs ago was just reported. 
Bette Baron "BB" Smith Stamats 
who passed away in Feb. after a long 
battle with uterine cancer; and Margaret 
"Peggy" Ewart Ritter, who died last Sept, 
These deaths will also be published in the 
Alumnae Magazine and their names will 
be read at the Memorial Service up at the 
Chapel this spring. This is way too many 
people — very sad! 

I was underwhelmed by the 1 7 reunion 
forms that were returned to me, out of over 
a hundred that were sent out. That will 
make for a very thin notebook at Reunion, 
but those of us there will enjoy seeing the 
pictures that people were kind enough to 
send. I've gotten some nice emails from 
various gals — that's the best way to 
contact me 

Sally Gammon Plummer writes that 
she won't make Reunion, but she has a 
great excuse. She'll be in Greece! She looks 
just like she did in college. She's active at 
church and loves birding, taking classes, 
and being a decent at the Denver Museum 
of Nature and Science. Ann Venable 
Rogers and I are also into birding, but my 
docenting is at Botany Bay Plantation, a 
recently opened Wildlife Management Area. 
Anne Brooke spends a lot of time in the 
Norfolk Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary and the 
St. Paul's Butterfly Garden. She still goes 
back to Wales for several months a year. 
Also traveling were Margaret Lotterhos 
Smith and Ames — to China last fall. Our 
intrepid Jerry Dreisbach Ludeke will be 
on a freighter in the South Pacific while 
we're at reunion. My big trip for the year, 
besides reunion of course, will be to Costa 
Rica with some photography friends in Jun, 

Ann Henry Wilson and Beverly 
Smith Jeans had planned to come to 
Reunion together with their new hus- 
bands — both were widowed and have hap- 
pily married old friends. Bev has had to bow 
out because of grandchildren's graduations, 
as have Doreen Booth Hamilton and 
Shirley Poulson Broyles They're all still 
active in their communities and travel. 

Jo Nelson Booze Jeanne Stoddart 
Barends Barbara Tompkins Ames Meri 
Hodges Major, and Ruthie Frye Deaton 
won't make Reunion this time. They've all 
had to cut down on their travel for various 
physical reasons. One of these days we're 
going to have to admit we're not as young 
as we think. 

I'm hoping that lots of you are at 
Reunion and I'll write a full report for the 
magazine that you'll get at Christmas. 

Please do send me emails about any news 
that you have about you and your family or 
anyone else from the wonderful class of '54 
that you hear about. 


i\^c.,.uc,. .iOtO: 'Vla^a,1-Q3. 3O10 

Kathryn Beard 
1074 Zanzibar Lane 
Plymouth, MN 55447 

Starting at the top this time with a wonderful 
letter from Honey Addington Passano 

telling of her reception in 1 0/08 in honor of 
SBC Pres. Betsy Muhlenfeld during her visit 
to Baltimore. "About 50 SBC ladies, along 
with some husbands, gathered to meet & 
greet each other and to hear an inspiring 
talk by Betsy of the many exceptional 
things at the school." Many spoke to Honey 
afterward about how encouraged they felt 
about the school 

From Frances Bell Shepherd and 
Jimmy comes a beautiful photo card 
showing their highlight of '08. On 10/9, the 
nearly completed James Wylie Shepherd 
Observatory on the U. of Montevallo 
campus, was dedicated. Most of the family 
gathered for the occasion. When last heard 
from, Frances and Jimmy were preparing to 
travel to NC for a grandchildren fix. 

Sue Bernard Odense is having fun 
writing her memoirs! She says the clue is to 
write by subject rather than by year! She is 
amazed by how much she remembers and 
by what she remembers. She lives within 
a couple of hours of her children and 5 

Welcome home to Ginger Chamblin 
Greene! She completed her assignment 
in South Africa for the Peace Corps and 
arrived back on U.S. soil 3/12. She's had a 
great adventure, but is happy to be home 
again, with central heating and hot water 
from the tap! 

A "pilgrimage" to Wales highlighted Gail 
Davidson Bazzarre's 2008. A pilgrimage 
differs from a tour in that the group visits 
holy places, "wells deep in the forest, 
primeval, tiny churches perched on cliffs 
as well as large St. David's Cathedral." She 
recommends travel to Wales — as the locals 
say, "the people are friendlier and the air is 

Betty Byrne Gill Ware wrote that 
their travels this year were within the U.S. 
and mostly to see children and grandchil- 
dren. She is still involved with recycling 
and scenic preservation. She and Hudnall 
were among the 8/08 mini-reunion group 
pictured in the winter issue of the Alumnae 
Magazine. Also at the Blowing Rock, NC. 
gathering; Jane Feltus Welch Newell 
Bryan Tozzer Phyllis Joyner Diane 
Hunt Lawrence Camille Williams Yow. 
Anne Williams Manchester and Eli, 
Mary Boyd Murray Trussell and George, 
Kathleen Peeples Ballou and Dennis, and 
Emily Hunter Slingluff 

38 • Spring/Summer 2009 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

and attractive friend, Doug (as 
described by Anne Manchester!) I received 
ttiis list from both Anne and Kathleen and 
have checl<ed it against the photos to be 
sure I didn't leave anyone out^ Kathleen 
wrote from Australia where she and Dennis 
were spending the winter They were in 
Sydney where he teaches GA Tech students 
who are there for a semester She enjoys 
their summer weather and the fact that they 
like Americans! 

In search of a respite from an unusu- 
ally wicl(ed Yankee winter, Fritz Merriman 
Naylor, Didi Stoddard, and Amanda 
McThenJa lodice and Don made their way 
to Jekyll Island for a few days of sun and 
sand. Just so all you travelers know, Mitzi 
Streit Halla still works full time at her 
travel business. She and Roman are plan- 
ning their next trip to ME to spend some 
time with their grandchildren. 

Shirley Sutliff Cooper reported that 
she and Gretchen Armstrong Redmond 
spent the day 3/9 at Mount Vernon explor- 
ing "George Washington's Legacy of 
Leadership" with other SBC alumnae. They 
both enjoyed it and were impressed with the 
talks given by Dr. Barbara A, Perry, Carter 
Glass Professor of Government at SBC. 

Sadder news from Ann Jeffers 
Hogarty and Dick who lost their son, Peter 
from a heart attack last fall. We send con- 
dolences to them both. Unfortunately Ann 
broke her back last Jun. and is wearing a 
brace which limits their travels, I have also 
received news of the deaths of Nathalie 
Robertson Fox in 1 2/07 and Mary 
Burgman Winston in 1/09. We send our 
deepest sympathy to their families. And 
finally, a proud and loving salute to our 
most distinguished alumna. Patsy Smith 
Ticer, who received the 2008 Distinguished 
Alumna Award at the Founders' Day 
Convocation Ceremony on 9/26, 


Meredith Smythe Grider 
1307 Killiney Place 
Louisville, KY 40207 

Martha Anne Clay Nichols 
3928 Old Brownsboro Road 
Louisville, KY 40207 

It would be wonderful if all of the lovely 
ladies in the class of '56 would keep 
in touch with us as the Alumnae Office 
refuses to send out the postcards any 
more. Send us your Christmas letters, your 
emails or whatever so we can pass it on. 
Unfortunately we don't do Facebook or 
Twitter . . , don't know how and aren't going 
to learn and it is obvious that snail mail is 
a thing of the past! So in order to keep in 
touch you're going to have to make the 
effort and help us out , , , we appreciate it. 

Joan Broman Wright writes: "As 
many in our class do not have email, I 

want to take this opportunity to reach 
each of you to remind you of the Class of 
1 956 Scholarship Fund. This Fund was 
established in Weezie Watson's memory by 
her Mother who contributed to it annually 
until her death. Her only specification was 
that the fund was to be for a scholarship. 
This fund, awarded annually is little known, 
therefore small, needs help, and contnbu- 
tions to benefit a scholarship are worthy of 
thought. Additions to this fund are always 
welcome and, if you wish, a contribution 
may be made in memory of a classmate. 
This seems a very nice way to honor a 
classmate and help a deserving student. 
Memorial contributions will be recognized in 
the "Honor Roll of Donors List" and a letter 
sent to the family of the deceased from the 

Should you wish to make a contribu- 
tion for other than a scholarship, you would 
state your wish to the college, in which 
case it would not be included in the Class 
of 1956 Scholarship Fund, Give this your 
consideration and let me know if you have 
questions." And another request from 
Joan: a lot of the emails that she sent out 
requesting information were returned, so 
would you please send her your new email 
address. Anyone who hasn't given her an 
address and would like to do so please get 
in touch with her at 

Kay Smith Schauer and Bob have 
traveled to Antarctica this past year and 
loved the scenery of snow, ice, water and 
mountains as well as the penguins and 
birds. She recommends this beautiful con- 
tinent for any of you hearty travelers, Bob's 
health from 2 cancers has improved and 
he's getting very good health care for which 
they are grateful. They're preparing for a 
reunion with Kay's 3 sisters and 42 family 
members at Bethany Beach, DE in 6/09. 

There's not room to print the lengthy 
news from Nancy Ettinger Minor who, 
as she says, doesn't let any grass grow 
under her feet! She too loves to travel and 
went on a river cruise from Nuremburg to 
Amsterdam and spent 3 wks in China this 
past fall. Along the way she's made numer- 
ous visits to family and friends in the good 
'ol USA. She plays duplicate bridge and is 
20 points from becoming a life master: also 
does church work, volunteer work and fund 
raising in Savannah. Nancy says she's very 
content in her "little patio home" and will be 
busy with a container garden this spring/ 

Fun to hear from Barbara (Bucky) 
Brown McFarland who I think is still a 
practicing law/yen She and sister Suzanne 
Henry travel to Switzerland on a SBC trip 
this Jun. I loved her comment that she has 
2 grandsons who are older than she was 
when she got married! Oh where does time 
go? Barbara says all children and grandchil- 
dren are happy and well as is she. 

From Janet Schumann Marshall 
comes word of many blessings. Daughter 
Patty Carr lives in Ireland with 2 wonderful 
grandchildren, 12 and 9, who usually spend 
the summers and Dec, in the states, and 

she loves going there to visit. Daughter 
Paula has a successful business in interior 
design with an art focus in Washington, 
D,C,; her son does home renovations and 
repairs in Reading, PA. Henry, the hubby, is 
well after bouts with heart disease, so they 
appreciate each day and look fonward to 
warm weather when they can enjoy their 
3-acre pond and watch the geese raise 
their young. She retired from JHU in '06 
and soon joined 3 excellent book clubs and 
a foreign affairs discussion group. Also, 
she is on the board ol the Howard County 
Historical Society and loves the theatre, 
lecture and concert offerings in Baltimore, 
One busy gal, but she wants anyone com- 
ing through the area to make contact and 
have a visit. 

It is always nice to hear from Nancie 
Howe Entenmann who continues to be 


Carol McMurtry Fowler 
10 WoodstoneSq 
Austin, TX 78703 

Here we are together, one more time around 
the campfire, although one bright part of the 
fire is missing, and another came close to 
being extinguished. 

Anne Wilson Rowe died at her 
Frederickburg, VA, home on 1/24, after 
giving our ancient and cruel foe, cancer, her 
best shot (or shots) for several years, Anne 
attended the annual Washington/Chevy 
Chase mini-reunion collaboratively designed 
by Jackie Ambler Cusick and Nannette 
McBurney Crowdus in Dec Anne's 
rapid decline and death was all the more 
surprising to those who kept close tabs on 
her, thanks to the indefatigable Nannette. 
Anne spent 8 yrs on the SBC board, and she 
and Joe were hugely generous contributors 
to the college from which 2 of her daughters 
were graduated. Anne moved quietly though 
life, but she cast a large shadow over every 
area in which she was involved — SBC, the 
Presbyterian Church, garden clubs and 
historical organizations, and the center of 
her universe, her family 

Virginia Marks Paget played down 
her near brush with death in Feb, saying 
she had not written because "I'm flat on my 
back after being hit by a bus in Washington, 
DC" Anna "Chips" Chao Pai was less 
laconic. According to Chips, Gina got in the 
way of a speeding city bus that ran a red 
light, hitting Gina in the back, but rolling over 
her body and running over a foot breaking 
a toe. But the whack in the back causing 
multiple low vertebrae fractures. Those are 
the injuries that take so long to heal. Write 
Gina at 205 Parks Meadow Drive, Yellow 
Springs, OH 45387, congratulate her narrow 
escape, and wish her well in her recovery 
And urge her to stay out of D,C, 

As for the rest of us, Medicare must 
be moaning, maybe shrieking, while 

shelling out big bucks for the various parts 
of our bodies that are being removed 
and replaced — knees, hips, shoulders, 
and cataracts — at a rapid rate. And I'm 
wondering if the security guard at Gatwick 
was correct when she asked me: "What 
is it with you Yanks? Are you a// getting 
new knees or hips?" Lots of us are now 
members of what I christened "Ding Club," 
phonetically called after the dread sound 
emitted when one waltzes through the metal 
detector in airports. 

Back to ace correspondent Chips. She 
and David will be living in a Davidson, NC, 
retirement community as you read this 
(new address: The Pines #423, and the zip 
is 28036). Of course the new location is 
but a 20-min, drive to Charlotte where son 
Ben, wife Susan, and their children live. 
Son Mike and wife Katherine presented the 
Pal's with a 3rd grandson recently Chips 
shouts huzzah that neither she nor David 
were hospitalized this year after almost 2 
yrs of multiple trips for each of them. Golf 
is still on the agenda and Chips is taking up 
duplicate bridge. 

Anne McGrath Lederer still living near 
Charlottesville says life is just fine. Excellent 
news is that her Marine Corps son is back 
from Iraq after more than one tour and lives 
in WA State. Word is that Anne is a terrific 

Barbara Tetzlaff , San Francisco, is 
one of our bionic wonders, adding a new 
shoulder to a replaced knee. She was in 
hospital 8 — yes, that is 8 hrs, had her own 
blood transfused into the wound (yes that 
is the platelet-rich-plasma technique we're 
all reading about which enhances healing). 
No stitches for Barbara, they glued her 
back together Exercises for recovery and 
rehab aren't fun, but she was itching to get 
back to her solo law practice. No Type-A 
personality here! 

Margery Scott Johnson, Raleigh, 
NC, claims no news. This is hard to believe, 
given that Margery and Earl are giving to 
rounding up 3 generations and hitting the 
road. Tune in for the true word in 201 0. 

Marje Whitson Aude, continuing in 
Phelps, NY joined the Ding Club with a 
new knee, Marje attended a grand giri's 
wedding held in the equestrian club in NJ 
where she is employed. The bride arrived 
on horseback. "Certainly different," Marje 
deadpanned. Another grand giri was a h, s. 
Jeopardy contestant (outcome unknown) in 
LA, Marje is on a history reading binge, and 
finally: Yes, Marje, footnotes in a Civil War 
History book you read that quoted footnotes 
from the late James Rawley belong to the 
former SBC prof, 

Sydney Graham Brady, Galesburg, IL, 
is another "no news," respondent, but her 
Austin daughter told me Sydney was looking 
fonward to helping her mother, who lives in 
FL, celebrate her 100th birthday Congrats 
to you and your Mom, Syndey 

Ninie Laing, in the old family home, 
Bunree Farm, stays busy with "horses, 
dogs, (note order) church, garden clubs and 
gardens, in season." She misses Anne Rowe 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


Spring/Summer 2009 • 39 

terribly, between their close connection 
to SBC and regular telephone calls. She 
was one of several from 1 957 who made 
the SBC sponsored trip to the Ukraine and 
Romania last summer 

Carolyn Westfall Monger. Stamford. 
CT, had her second hip replaced. Ding! 
Westie says knees may be next, but she's 
not rushing to embrace that ordeal. She 
cautions us to keep our car floor mats clean 
and debris clear. Westie's mat located next 
to her accelerator accumulated enough 
winter sand and dirt that it took control of 
her car as she was backing out, slamming 
into the back of a car. No one was hurt, but 
a good cautionary to share. 

Carolyn Swift Fleming, out Omaha 
way, is heavily involved with her 3 children 
and 7 grands, playing duplicate bridge (on 
occasion with the Sage of Omaha himself, 
and urges all of us to read Buffet's book 
Snowball). In recent months trips to the 
Netherlands and Switzerland occupied her 
time, as well as working with her sisters 
on an exhibit of family items from the 
Revolutionary War. 

Carroll Weitzel Rivers, splits time 
between her new retirement digs in 
Charleston and her mountains. Carroll says 
she lives in the "partyingest" (her word) in the 
country, which includes senior water polo. 
With her at 1 Bishop Gadsden Way, C-53, 
Charleston 29412, are 2 each, cats and 
dogs. Carroll continues to paint, but has given 
up riding, following the hunt now by car. 

Charlotte Heuer DeSerio, Bryn Mawr 
and Ft Lauderdale, keeps her travel shoes 
polished. She was on the SBC Ukraine trip 
with Ninie, Nannette, Jody Brinkley 
Raines and our classmate and soon to be 
former SBC president, Betsy Muhlenfeld: 
then she and son Bill sailed aboard Cunard's 
new Queen Victoria down the coast from 
Rome, into the Greek Isles, Dubrovnik into 
Venice, where they hopped a plane for Cairo 
and on to Aswan, an upriver sail to Luxor, 
taking in Abu Simbel on the side. It's good 
to report that her MLW (Most Lucky Westie), 
Bonnie, is fine and when Charlotte is 
around, gets walked miles daily by her mom. 

From Goochland, VA, Joy Peebles 
Massie writes "life is full." No Ding Club 
membership for Joy who continues to play 
tennis, enjoy nine of the 10 grands who are 
in and around Richmond (the 1 0th grand is 
teaching in the UK). On occasion she and 
Jimmie discuss "downsizing," but it's just 
that, so far. 

Carol Turner Crosthwait. is a Waco 
whirling dervish, taking trips, mastering the 
Mac, dashing her and there to see family 
and friends (Natchez where she visited 
with Rutti Ellen Green Calhoun and her 
sister, Ethel Green Banta), continuing 
her photography and planning an Alaskan 
cruise with a daughter and 6 grands. Almost 
forgot — an Elderhostel trip is planned for 
Iberia (aka Spain). Almost forgot to add that 
Carol is on Ruth Ellen's Facebook page. 

Dagmar Halmagyi Yon, Poway, CA, is 
on the surgery bandwagon, having a highly 
successful encounter with cataract surgery, 

and is delighted to re-learn how "very bnght 
colors are." She and best bud, Bud, travel 
only occasionally now and strictly by car 
as Bud doesn't want to repeat near death 
illness after almost completing a long trip. 
Dagmar got to say hello/goodbye to Betsy 
at the San Diego SBC Alumnae Club event. 

Diana (Dee) Robin, still hanging out 
and still loving Chicago, (when she is not 
nestled in archives in Rome, Milan or Paris, 
continues to gain national prizes (3 in 2008 
alone), honors and kudos for the books 
she writes, with concentration on Italian 
Renaissance women. However, Harvard 
University Press is publishing Dee's most 
current book this fall: The Lyric Poems of 
Francesco Filelfo in Nov (Google the name 
and you will learn Filelfo was a famed Italian 
humanist, and that Dee previously published 
Filelfo in Milan: Writings 1451- 1455. This 
book along with at least 3 others is listed 
by Amazon) 

Diane Duffield Wood, for whom Oak 
Brook, IL, continues to be home, does a bit 
of wandering herself — Mexico, HI, AZ for 
golf and is looking fonA/ard to Scotland this 
summer. Duffy was part of the December 
mini-reunion in Washington and is glad she 
was there to see Anne Rowe. 

Chris Smith Lowry. Rutherfordton, 
SC, like Joy, says "life is good," and had that 
philosophy underscored when after almost 
freezing on the beach in FL, learned that the 
temperature was zero (0) back home. She 
and Day Gibson Kerr were collaborating on 
a h. s. reunion. Chris likes the fact that she's 
now reading "all those books," she never 
had time for as a kid. Britt is hale, well and 
shooting his age (80) at golf. 

Dot Duncan Hodges, Charlotte, NC, 
has to be the funniest Notes correspondent 
in the Class of 1 957. Were she to live in TX, 
she'd be the top Yellow Dog Democrat in 
the Lone Star State. Dot's clever dialogues/ 
diatribes are available to the more or less 
6 to 8 fellow Dems in our class. Just mail/ 
email your requests to me. In addition to the 
intelligent and penetrating observations Dot 
makes, she forwards droll photos of "lost 
cat" posters (they're possums, by the by), 
which her WA State son sends her. Missing 
all this wit and humor at Reunion inspires 
me to have her kidnapped to ensure her 
presence at the 55th Reunion. 

Elayne Steele Shults, Amarillo, was 
part of the "no news" chorale, but I can 
report she was to join the Ding Club this 
spring, sings in the local opera and does 
more volunteer charity work than I can list. 

Ruth Ellen Calhoun, still wedded to 
Natchez, first said "no news," but when 
bullied by email, had a neat piece of info — 
her oldest grand girl is at W&L and is in 
some classes with the grandson of Baba 
Conway Debicki. Ruth Ellen is another 
member of the "life is good, life is full," 
organization, with family and friends taking 
highest ranking for her. Ruth Ellen just 
added me to her Facebook Friends. If you 
aren't on Facebook, get with it. 

Enid Slack, Mile High City Denver, 
remains in rare form doing Enid things — 

conjugating French verbs, reading "racy" 
French novels in French, snow showing and 
cross country skiing, and volunteers "extra" 
time for NPR and the Denver Public Library. 
Last we heard from Enid several years ago 
she was deep into Richard Wagner and the 
Ring cycle 

Flo Barclay Winston, delightful 
spouse Charles, daughter Marion, son Bob 
and 3 grands were on hand to see North 
Carolina whomp Michigan State at the Final 
Four. Does any one of us question whether 
Motor City was ready for the contingent 
from Raleigh? At least the Winston's were 
better treated this year than last when they 
made the long haul to the Final Four in San 
Antonio and went home trophy-less. 

Anne Ford Melton, winner of the 
First Response for Notes Trophy (glory only, 
Anne, no cash prizes), has thrown over 
her newspaper job in Chattanooga, and is 
occupying her time writing poetry and has 
plans for a children's book: the 
Adventures of Frederick the Bear and His 
Better-Not-Do-That-Book. Anne sent several 
poems, which are evocative of ice and 
snowstorms on Lookout Mountain, sun and 
sand in South Carolina, and the ocean and 
freezing hot sands. 

Fran Childress Lee, like Willie Nelson, 
on the road again in the U.S., between the 
family ranch in FL and the cool summer 
climes of Jackson, WY, and travel abroad. 
She particularly enjoyed seeing her 1 5-year- 
old climb the Matterhorn, a feat Fran's son 
accomplished some years ago when he was 
but 15. 

Sandra Stingily Simpson is a bit 
of a road warrior herself, but gets home 
to Birmingham, AL, with lots of good 
sketches and photos, which evolve, into 
fine paintings. Maine and Mexico and the 
Caribbean were painting opportunities 
recently, from which Sandra hopes to mount 
a major exhibition soon. We hope she has 
time for another visit with us in ME. 

Susan Ragland Abrahamson is 
still in FL when she isn't in MD or ME, or 
corralling her family (up to 24 at a time) 
and trooping off to Scotland or Vienna and 
points further east. Still Susan continues to 
paint and sell her paintings and enjoy visits 
from SBC classmates — Chips and David 
Pai visited in Mountain Lake, FL, and a Kay 
Tilghman Lowe and Jim were going to 
see the Abrahamsons in Longboat Key, FL 
in late Mar or early Apr. With some luck 
she and I might end up for a meal and a 
natter somewhere between Ogunquit, where 
Susan will be in May and late Aug., and 
Camden where I will be Jul. to mid-Oct. 

Beth McMahan Tolbert, Oklahoma 
City, offers an excellent reason why we 
should both contribute to and read Class 
Notes. From the last edition. Beth had a 
surprise telephone call from her freshman 
roommate, Fran Childress. They discovered 
during the call: each was an only child, 
each married and remains married to her 
h. s. sweetheart, each had 4 children — 3 
boys and a girl — and they both have grand 
girls named Miranda. This news may not 

reverse the market slide; somehow, it's very 
satisfying to maintain old friendships and 
bridge gaps of more than 50 yrs standing. 

Helene Bauer Magruder. an earlier 
member of the Ding Club (both hips) is 
happy with her new spare parts because 
they allow her and spouse Alan to travel 
and digitize their trips, making up for lost 
time when Helene's hip problems kept them 
grounded in Indianola, lA. They've taken 
in sights in India, Mexico, Nepal, Tanzania 
and the Galapagos. When she's at home, 
Helene retains her long time interest in her 
bonsai trees. 

Jane Campbell Englert is one 
proud grandmother. Her oldest grand girl 
is finishing at the U. of Pittsburgh and is 
heading for a master's in Family Counseling, 
while grandson is off, come fall, to Davis 
& Elkins in WV. Jane took off from home 
in Manorville, PA, to travel in Europe with 
teachers (retired and active) as well as 
students, where she did a full year's worth 
of walking in 2 wks, visiting Barcelona, 
Paris, Rome and Pompeii. Ouch, Jane! The 
"streets" of Pompeii have no mercy for feet. 

Jane Fitzgerald Treherne-Thomas 
was not in Sewickley, PA, when the call 
went out for Notes. Our Oueen of the Travel 
Circuit was in Doha. Qatar with Best Friend 
Bill, a trustee of Carnegie Mellon University 
to open CMU's building at Education 
City (this huge complex located outside 
Doha and home to other U.S. educational 
institutes such as Virginia Commonwealth, 
Cornell Medical School, Texas ASM, and 
Georgetown). Last summer Jane and Bill 
were on a Danube cruise and ran into 
Janet Pehl Ettele on travel with a group of 
friends. A reprise trip on another segment 
of the Danube was planned for the summer 
of 2008 

Jane Pinckney deButts and Hunter 
of Marshall, VA, and Charleston, SC, by 
now have celebrated their 1st wedding 
anniversary. Jane and Hunter split their 
time between both states. They were in 
Mumbai/Bombay some 10 days before 
the horrendous assaults on humanity and 
the venerable Taj hotel last Nov. Jane was 
a lunch bunch participant in Washington/ 
Chevy Chase in Dec, and like Duffy, was 
grateful she was present and got to see 
Anne Rowe one last time. 

Jane Rather Thiebaud, Vancouver, 
WA (yes, Washington, not British Columbia) 
was fresh in from Geneva when she 
responded to the request for news. Fluent 
in French from years spent in this most 
Protestant of cities (1961-1999): Jane 
was there when the 500th birthday of 
John Calvin was celebrated. The city was 
extremely stimulating, Jane says, with all the 
"reformers" in town. No academic slouch 
herself (she completed her Ph.D. at U. of ME 
a few years back), Jane held her own salon 
during the month she was there. We may 
have breakfast again at our old hangout, 
"Just Plain Barb's" if Jane gets back to ME 
this summer for a visit. 

Janet Pehl Ettele confirms that she 
ran into Jane Fitzgerald and Best Friend 

40 • Spring/Summer 2009 

Sweet Briar College Alumnoe Magazine • 

Bill on the Danube last summer Alas, 
Jane won't be back on that river as she is 
about to become a member of the Ding Club 
(left l<nee), 

June Heard Wadsworth. Old Lyme, 
CT, when she and Frank aren't hanging out 
on splendid Block Island, is stowing her 
time as volunteer extraordinaire (she's in the 
Charles Winston school of thought that at a 
certain age, the generation below us needs 
to take up the volunteer slack). With their 
new found freedom, the Wadsworths zip 
across the country visiting family and friends 
from MA to CA, 

Kay Diane Moore Bowles sent 
"sort of news," in copying me on an email 
directed to the Washington/Chevy Chase 
luncheon group, I keep KD in mind as I have 
a picture from the 50th reunion with KD and 
Jackie Ambler front and center, and I wave 
at you every day, KD. 

Jody Raines Brinkley, Richmond, 
frightened several ol us nearly out of out 
wits when she was poorly for several 
months last fall. It was finally determined 
that she is suffering from "ropathy," as in 
"neuropathy," for which there's no cure 
other than some happy pills which keep 
her humming, Jody says. Once we learned 
Jodes was playing golf once more, a 
collective sigh of relief was heard from sea 
to sea. Jody and I are going to Betsy's last 
hurrah gala at the college May 1 . 

Judith Ruffin Anderson traded 
Winchester, VA, for the Outback and a 
"trip of a lifetime," last fall. She visited 
good friends who live in Australia and who 
showed her the sights, starting with Sydney, 
including the de rigueur concert at the 
Opera House. They then traveled down the 
road to New South Wales where her friends 
live and Judith got to see up close and 
personal humpbacks cavorting in the water, 
gray kangaroos and the wily kookaburra, 
a bevy of them "so tame you could feed 
them by hand." A trip to Australia's capital, 
Canberra, rounded out the trip. 

Day Gibson Kerr took computer in 
hand in Shawnee Mission, KS, and wrote 
on Chips' Facebook Wall Day accepted a 
grandson's invitation to be his Facebook 
Friend; she joined, entered her college's 
name, and up popped Chips. Like Carol 
Crosthwait, Day saw Ruth Ellen and sister 
Ethel on a fairly recent trip to Natchez. 

Lou Wallace Wilemon insists we all 
show up at our 55th, because a last min. 
illness prevented Lou from coming, and 
she's still sore about the cancellation. Life in 
Redondo Beach, CA, is good now, however, 
and Lou has a New Best Friend named 
Charies. She and Charies shoot pool and 
take some short trips together. Lou has 3 
daughters and 5 grand girls, whom she says 
are "very bright." What karma you must 
have. Lou — 3 daughters and 5 grand girls! 

Carolyn Scott Arnold, out there 
in "Paradise," aka Honolulu, HI, passes 
along the good news that husband Mark 
is virtually recovered from serious injuries 
suffered in a fall a couple of years ago. 
The accident has put paid to the Arnolds' 

traveling days, but hey, Scottie says, friends 
and family are able to tough it out by visiting 
that far away island. 

Baba Conway Debicki took her 
friends from Lawrence, KN, down to show 
them the glories of MS, and of course, 
visited with Ruth Ellen. Why on earth does 
anyone still believe that all roads lead to 
Rome? Clearly, clearly the path is straight 
to Natchez, MS. Baba continues her 10-day 
trips with an individual grand when the 
grand reaches the age of 1 4. The upcoming 
trip is Greece. And come Dec. Baba is 
rounding up 19 members of her family and 
heading off to Machu Picchu, and Baba 
promises not to fall off the mountain. Hope a 
llama doesn't bite her. After Peru the family 
will visit the Galapagos. 

Marguerite McDaniel Wood, 
Montgomery, AL, like Gaul, is divided into 
several parts — tennis, church, travel, 
including a thoroughly enjoyable trip to 
Chicago to study buildings and homes 
designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. And, says 
Marguerite, the weather was so compatible, 
she and her friends took boat rides on that 
big lake. A cruise to the Iberian Peninsula, 
plus the Canaries, was nifty for Marguerite 
and husband George, while a spring trip 
with Enid was contemplated for the 
Spoleto Festival, 

Nancy Godwin Baldwin, still keeping 
SBC on the straight and narrow, points out 
that there's been "a whole lot of building 
going on here," with the rapidly rising new 
Fitness and Athletics Center and the new 
"Green Village" now under construction to 
provide extra student housing. Nancy says 
she "helps out" at the Alumnae Office. Ha! 
That's modesty for you. She's pleased that 
a Creative Writing Conference was held 
on campus in early Mar., attended by 20 
creative writing majors and minors from 
SBC, plus an additional 60 students from 1 
VA colleges and universities. One would win 
a wager that Nancy delighted, nay, reveled, 
in such a conference. 

Nannette McBurney Crowdus, 
the consummate correspondent and the 
keeper of the flame for our class, was the 
thread that allowed a number of us to stay 
connected to Anne Rowe, her ups (and they 
were vast) and her downs (they happened) 
and her slipping away from us. The annual 
Christmas luncheon she and Jackie put 
together yearly at the Chevy Chase Country 
Club attracted a good group on 1 2/1 1/08 — 
the hostesses, Duffy, Ninie, Judy Anderson, 
Chips, Anne, Janie Fitz and Jane deButts. 
The luncheon of the year will be held in the 
exact same place on 1 2/1 2 this year. 

Nannette guided those who could 
attend Anne's funeral with specific 
directions and followed up with information 
about how to locate the final story in Joe 
Howe's newspaper. 

As to Nannette's news, she and Bill 
had their time in FL, got home at which 
time Nannette threw herself back into her 
numerous civic activities and organizing a 
family party consisting of 1 persons for 
Bill's 75th birthday Location of the family do 

was Normandy in a renovated chateau (read 
four bathrooms and a functioning kitchen). 
Bill's actual birthday is 6/6, the true D-Day 

Final word and another sad word 
from Nannette is that our great friend and 
class comic, Lee Haskell Mack is now 
living in a private facility offering special 
care to victims of that other cruel disease, 
Alzheimer's. Lee's spouse Charlie said cards 
or notes from us would be a help, so if you 
want to, drop Lee a card or letter it is: Lee 
Mack, 83 Bank Street, New Canaan, CT 

Page Phelps Coulter makes it difficult 
to decide which gives her the greatest 
joy: publication (and well received) of her 
fourth volume of poetry. Snow Over the 
Ossipees, or a 10th grand girl appropriately 
named Margaret Page Coulter. Each of 
the 4 reviews I read of Page's new volume 
described the poems as "lyrical." I read 4 
of her poems, and while I am much better 
versed in 1 7th Century English History 
than poetry, the poems are lyrical. And 
while Page isn't charming us with her 
"word songs," she is shoveling lots and 
lots of snow, cross country skiing and 
snow showing. Page is living in Center 
Sandwich, NH. 

Still in Big D is Patricia Lodewick, 
though given the rotten weather that part 
of TX endured the past 6 mos., she might 
be considering an alternate (read habitable) 
location. But an escape from the vagaries 
of weather was in the offing with a trip to 
Egypt and Jordan. Bridge is a preferred 
hobby for Patricia who is working on master 
points, but says she will not live long enough 
to reach the Master status. 

Priscilla Vermooten. once of Dallas, 
once of Maui and now of CO and /\Z, is 
splitting time 50/50 between the 2 latter 
states. She remains dedicated and devoted 
to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, 
which named one of the 2 new buildings, 
which Priscilla helped create, the Priscilla 
V Baldwin Education Building. The Baldwin 
Building is now the location for Priscilla's Art 
Institute. Priscilla and Michael are building 
a new home in Tucson, which is being 
designed by the 2 architects who designed 
the museum buildings. Priscilla did the 
artwork on a children's book on which she 
collaborated with her brother Bill. The story 
line is about a lonely desert rattlesnake that 
falls in love with a garden hose. Check it out 

Jackie Ambler Cusick splits time and 
locales with Chevy Chase, MD, Rehoboth 
Beach, DE, and Upper Captiva, FL, then 
travel substantially to boot. Their 3 sons 
live in or near Washington, and middle son 
Arthur has provided Jackie and Ralph with 
a grand girl and grand boy. Jackie says the 
annual mini reunion was better than ever 
this year, noting it was very special because 
it was the last time most of those attending 
got to see Anne Rowe. 

Classicist Elaine Kimball Carleton 
offered up a hearty mea culpa for lagging 
in her response to desperate cries for Notes 
material. She and Sam are staying put in 

Athens, GA, while her NY son moves west to 
Portland, OR, which will put him mega miles 
closer to his sister who lives and teaches at 
UW in Seattle. 

Suzanne Gipson Farnham, still in the 
Baltimore area is co-authoring still another 
book. This book is the joint effort of Suzanne 
and an Episcopal priest, and carries the title: 
Keeping in Tune with God: Listening Hearts 
Discernment lor Ciergy. No publication date 
is set. 

Mary Webb Miller and husband 
Tom returned to Houston just in time to 
welcome Hurricane Ike, which struck the 
Galveston-Houston area in early 9/08, killing 
almost 200 persons and almost destroying 
Galveston. Mary and Tom had spent quality 
time in the Holy Land and were fascinated 
by all the Biblical spots, particulariy the 
Garden of Gethsemane. When day broke 
and the storm furor abated, Mary and Tom 
got up to find a pine tree had fallen on their 
roof opening 2 guest rooms to the world. 
Fortunately their contractor got to work 
ASAP, but they had no electricity for 1 3 
days. In the commercial areas of Houston 
the electricity worked just fine, so the Millers 
ate their meals out and recharged their cell 
phones over their meals. 

Peggy Liebert Dobbins has bought a 
home in Kilmarnock, VA, with an address of 
452 Church Street, zip of 22482. It was not 
clear to me whether Peggy is keeping her 
place in Callao, VA. 

Mary Stoll Cross hasn't let one tiny 
blade of grass grow under feet. She raised a 
lot of money for Barack Obama, held a large 
exhibit of her photographs at Rutgers in 
conjunction with an international Byzantine 
art collection. Additionally Mary continues 
to audit courses at Princeton, where she 
serves on the advisory board in Comparative 
Lit. At the same time Mary participated 
in the opening of a new campus at the 
American University of Cairo (yes, as in 
Egypt), which attracted Suzanne Mubarak, 
First Lady of Egypt. 

Mary Landon Smith Brugh, aka 
PeeWee, one ol the sunniest of our class 
correspondents, is enjoying her life in 
Clifford, VA. She continues and very much 
enjoys the English and art history classes 
she audits at SBC. PeeWee is almost always 
off on another Elderhostel trip with her 
sister, Helen, class ol 1954. On one of her 
rarely sad notes, she laments the deaths 
of Anne Rowe and several Sweet Briar 
stalwarts — Jennifer Crispen, Karl Tambur, 
Ann Whitley who created the SBC museum 
and delightful Martha Clements. 

If the order of participants in this 
edition of Notes seems totally off the wall, 
It is because I followed classmates as their 
email names appear in my address book. 
Thus by the order dictated by my Windows 
Outlook, it is totally reasonable for Margery 
Johnson to follow Barbara Tetzlaff, 
whose email address that starts out as 
btetz, and comes just before Margery's 
which begins bigearl ... So few postal 
cards are returned it is discouraging to 
continue sending them. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www alumnae sbcedu 

Spring/Summer 2009 • 4 1 

Dudley Fowler says I have dragged him 
on the last frostbite trip he is taking, having 
endured in the last 18 mos polar bears in 
Canada, fishing in Alaska's Glacier Bay and 
10 In Yellowstone watching wolves, bison, 
elk, beaver, red foxes, and lots and lots of 
snow. Enough of being a good sport, says 
he. So other than summers in ME, (in which 
the cool air of sailing is just fine for Dudley, 
compared to endless days of 1 05 in Austin) 
it looks as if I'll be a travel femme sole. I'm 
intrigued by a trip to the ice floes to see 
baby harp seals: then again, the thought 
of a dress code donning a survival suit 
when traveling by helicopter does give me 
pause. At this long in the tooth stage of life I 
decided to learn all I can about the Allies in 
World War I, the period 1914-1917 when 
the Yanks went "over there," History, bridge, 
gardening, church along with my Almost 
Best Friend, Breeze and Golden Retriever, 
keep me fully occupied, that and freezing 
truly Best Friend Dudley. 

After wheedling and whining, I managed 
to get a 55 per cent participation for this 
issue of Notes. I would have failed in 
dentistry, pulling teeth is hard. 


Jane Shipman Kuntz 
222 Irving Ave 
Dayton, OH 45409 


Mrs. Ali Wood Thompson 
89 Pukolu Way 
Wailea, HI 96753 

As I write my last "report" for our class, 
our 50th class reunion is just a few weeks 
away Another member of our class will 
take over in the collecting of news, as 
"secretary," and 1 hope that 2 people will 
work together, as it's more fun that way, 
and sometimes yields better results. In any 
event, you'll have a report of our reunion in 
the next issue, and I hope I will have seen 
many of you. By then there'll be much to 
tell. For now, I just have this; 

3 members of our class attended the 
special program held at Mount Vernon in Mar 
Besty Smith Wtiite, Patrica Coxe Ware, 
and Barbara Sampson Borsch Each con- 
tributed a little summary of the event. 

"The seminar was hosted by Mt. 
Vernon and SBC. The theme was "George 
Washington's Legacy of Leadership." There 
were about 1 1 5 people there from 1 7 
states. The speakers were James C. Rees, 
executive director of Mt. Vernon, Gen. Suter, 
Clerk of the Supreme Court, and SBC's 
own Dr Barbara Perry, Professor of 
Government. The lectures were informative, 
interesting and entertaining. We all had 
lunch at the Mt. Vernon Inn, then toured the 
house and grounds." 

Bill White, husband of Betsy Smith 
White also attended the seminar and gra- 
ciously accompanied our threesome, after 
which the Whites stayed over in Richmond 
for a gathering hosted by Tricia so they 
could see classmates and husbands here. 
Then they hurried back to Charlotte to greet 
Fleming Parker Rutledge who was to be 
a featured preacher at Christ Church, a role 
she's filled a number of times. Fleming then 
came to Richmond for a week to preach 
in the Lenten Series at St, Paul's Church, 
another return engagement. Several 
classmates attended some of the services, 
and Tricia Coxe Ware and Betsy Duke 
Seaman had lunch with Fleming one day 
Fleming travels all over the country preach- 
ing because she is in such demand. This is 
her calling which she fulfills magnificently 

You will be as distressed as I was by 
the news Gay Hart Gaines reported of 
the fire that demolished the Gaineses' 
family home (for many generations) in WV. 
Gay wrote that very little was salvageable 
because what fire didn't damage, water 
did. How very shocking and heartbreaking! 
We do so sympathize with their loss. Gay, 
please extend our sincerest sentiments of 
sympathy to Stanley, his family, your chil- 
dren and grandchildren. 

Please support your new secretary by 
sending in news, not just of yourself but of 
any classmates you know anything about. 
We need to keep in touch. 


Lura Coleman Wampler 
1406 Thomas Rd 
Wayne, PA 19087 

Happy 70th birthday to everyone! Please 
mark May 21-23, 2010 on your calendar. 
Our 50th reunion! Also, notice below that 
some classmates, as requested, have writ- 
ten of trips they would recommend. If you 
want more information on these, I can sup- 
ply email addresses. Here's the latest. 

Working through the JHU M.A, of Teach- 
ing, Mary Ellen Dohs Acey continues to 
supervise new teachers in Baltimore's public 
school system. She enjoys getting into 
the inner city schools where she sees the 
need for change. From Durham, NC, Judy 
Barnes Agnevi/ writes that her retirement 
days are spent playing bridge, reading and 
seeing her 3 grandchildren. At the top of her 
travel list are Africa, China and Egypt. She 
and Jim have also visited all of our national 
parks, which is a great way to see the US 
and its wildlife. Jane Allan continues to 
enjoy living in Ormond Beach, FL. Ginger 
Newman Blanchard and Bob spend the 
winter in Vero Beach and headed back north 
in late Apr They have literally traveled all 
over the world and driven across the US 3 
times. She would like to return to Argentina, 
Turkey and Ecuador She had a visit with 
Joyce Cooper Toomey last fall. I had a 

nice conversation with husband Bob who 
reports that Ann Smith Bretscher contin- 
ues to deal with her mental disease with her 
typical cheerful and positive attitude; she is 
always ready to smile and to point out good 
things like flowers. Bob's greatest pleasure 
is making their home a place where she is 
happy Isabel Ware Burch continues to 
serve on the vestry of Bruton Parish Church 
in Williamsburg, VA. She was on the com- 
mittee that searched for an interim rector 
when their rector was elected bishop of 
the diocese. This spring, she was part of 
a church mission to Gulfport, MS where 
they helped with Katrina relief. She also 
volunteers for an organization called Faith in 
Action. Last winter Isabel saw Gwen Speel 
Kaplan when she came to Williamsburg, 
I see Sue Styer Cahill from time to time 
when she's not traveling to SC to play golf 
or UT to ski Anne Rienecke Clark splits 
her life between Wilton, CT and Venice, FL 
She's had several visits with Gwen Speel 
Kaplan as well as lunch with Sue Cahill 
and Janet Maynard Henderson when the 
latter was here from HI. Jane Ellis Coving- 
ton feels fulfilled to have just completed a 
program called EFM, Education For Ministry. 
This 4-yr program, developed by Swanee 
U. TN, delves deeply into church history and 
theological thought. Lee Cullum hosts an 
interview program with business leaders 
called "CEO" on the Dallas-Fort Worth PBS 
station. She also does commentaries for 
NPR Her travel recommendation is South 
Africa Barbara Beam Denison feels like 
a bionic woman with a new hip and 2 new 
knees. She still runs her framing business 
in a studio at her home in Bethesda, MD 
and spends a fair amount of time visiting 
her 8 grandchildren in CA. Kathy Knox 
Ennis retired last Jun. from 10 yrs in the 
active diaconate in the Episcopal Church 
of Naples, FL, Since she was ordained as a 
deacon, she continues to retain the title and 
work at her church. She touts Spain as a 
favorite destination and also suggests taking 
a repositioning cruise (which means a one- 
way trip on a ship that is relocating for the 
summer or winter months). My wonderful in- 
law, Lucy Martin Gianino, is more involved 
in the theater than ever She is standing by 
for 2 roles in Roundabout Theater's produc- 
tion of Hedda Gabler and is about to start 
rehearsals for Flamingo Court, in which she 
starred last summer. Husband Jack is in San 
Francisco with Souvenir which he stage- 
managed on Broadway. Daughter Antonia is 
#2 stage manager for NYC's Lion King, and 
actor son Gian-Murray just closed a show 
in NYC and is standing by for one in L.A. 
Daughter Gemina now lives in Philadelphia 
with her husband, my son Hoopes, who is 
Assistant Vice President in charge of Alumni 
Relations at U, PA, Both Lucy and I dote on 
their adorable children. Coleman and Adelle. 
In Richmond, Anita Perrin Grymes enjoys 
her pottery class and volunteer work at the 
VA Museum of Fine Arts. She visits her chil- 
dren in NC and TN and spends some part of 
the summer in ME. Barbara Murphy Hale 
is a busy lady! In addition to bush-hogging 

a 50-acre meadow on her 220-acre farm in 
the Chesapeake Bay area, she is President 
of the League of Women Voters of Mid- 
Shore and is on the vestry, the altar guild 
and the worship committee of her church. 
She is a Master Gardener on the Bay Wise 
Committee and is very active in a garden 
club. She highly recommends a Viking 
Cruise to China. In Sterling, VA, Carolyn 
Gough Harding is still involved in an Adult 
ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Lan- 
guages) Program even though she retired 
as a teacher 6 yrs ago. Early this spring, she 
and her husband returned to Montevideo, 
Uruguay where they had lived for 2 yrs right 
after their marriage. They visited Chile and 
Argentina on the same trip Teddy Hill 
writes that she and Liz Few Penfield are 
still involved in planning African safaris and 
are now working with a small conservancy 
in the Masai Mara in Kenya. They split 
their time between CO and New Orleans 
where they were presented with awards for 
post-Katrina volunteer service in the French 
Quarter Their trip suggestion is Argentina, 
especially the wineries in Mendoza and the 
lovely city of Buenos Aires. Jane Haider- 
man Hope still talks with a smile in her 
voice. She has worn many hats since SBC; 
her longest involvement was tutoring U. of 
Louisville football players in history. Her last 
job was with the Drug and Alcohol Interven- 
tion Service. She loves the challenge of a 
new job and is determined to keep learning. 
Elizabeth Meade Howard reports that her 
documentary "Rosalina's Faith in America" 
was shown at this year's Virginia Film Fes- 
tival. She had a wonderful early Christmas 
reunion with Suzanne Reitz Weinstein 
and Jackie Mabie Humphrey in NYC 
Heidi Wood Huddleston and husband 
Joe travel back and forth between Bowling 
Green, KY and Hilton Head, SC. They had 
the misfortune of a water line rupture which 
destroyed the lower level of their home in 
Bowling Green. It took 5 grueling months 
to get the house back into shape. Mary 
Ann Claiborne Johnson spends time in 
their condo in Denver and their home in 
the mountains of Summit County. She also 
visits children and grandchildren in Atlanta 
and San Francisco. Her favorite trip is on 
barges navigating along the canals and 
rivers of France which is a great way to see 
Burgundy, Alsace/Lorraine and the Bordeaux 
regions. In Oxford MD, Carter Nichols 
Jump is on the board of a Children's Home 
Foundation; when we talked, she was in 
the process of interviewing h.s. seniors for 
vocational and technical scholarships. She 
is also involved with a camp program for 
children whose parents are in prison Jane 
Riddle Lancaster's life is greatly enriched 
by having 10 grandchildren, all living nearby 
in Dallas, One of them is going to W&L next 
fall. She and John will spend the summer in 
the mountains of NC. In a conversation with 
Ann Thomas Lasater I learned that she 
was a professional runway model for 1 2 yrs 
after her last child was born. She continues 
to live in Houston, TX and has 1 1 grandchil 

42 • Spring/Summer 2009 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www olumnae sbc edu 

dren. Peggy Cook Lunt is planning 
an Apr, reunion with Ann Weingart Teig 
at Heidi Huddleston's liouse on Hilton 
Head Island, In Santa Fe, NM, she and David 
assist at a homeless shelter and keep up 
with their 8 children and 13 grandchildren, 
Margot Saur Meyer and her husband are 
enjoying a new house they recently built on 
some land they purchased 33 yrs ago in 
Gladstone, NJ, They have 3 children and 7 
grandchildren, with one more on the way. 
They spend time in the summer on Fishers 
Island, She is active on the alumnae board 
of Kent Place School, Norma Patterson 
Mills recently served on the SBC Presi- 
dential Search Committee and says that 
we will be very pleased with the selection 
of Jo Ellen Parker as the 10th president, 
Betsy Buechner Morris sent a message 
from aboard the Salsa as it took off for the 
Bahamas from the Keys, When she's not on 
board a boat, she lives in Marblehead, MA, 
Linda Sims Newmark divides her time 
between Salem SC, Atlanta and Denver. 
She keeps up with Nina Wilkerson Bugg 
who lives near Salem and Ann Crowell 
Lemmon when visiting in Atlanta, In early 
Jan , Carol Barnard Ottenburg helped 
her mother celebrate her 100th birthday in 
PA, She and Simon took a side trip to NYC 
and then up along the Hudson to visit the 
Dia:Beacon Art IVIuseum, where a large 
collection of modern art is exhibited in an 
old fJabisco packaging plant, Patti Powell 
Pusey and husband Bill spent 7 wks this 
winter in Boca Grande where a highlight 
was dinner with Ann Catling Honey, In 
Atlanta, they also saw Adrianne Massey 
Hill and husband Mai who, in addition to 
their life of music, also read on the radio for 
the sight-impaired Carolyn King Ratcliffe 
writes that she and Clyde met Susan and 
Kelson Slayman and Becky and Bill 
McNair for a 4-day reunion in Orlando. The 
Ratclitfes then spent 5 wks on Marco Island 
before going to an Elderhostel program at 
the Red Sox spring training camp in Fort 
Myers; each day they watched a game with 
follow-up talks by team players. In 1 1/08 
in Great Falls. VA. Robin Ould Rentsch 
received the Sally Ormsby Environmental 
Stewardship Award for her work in estab- 
lishing numerous county and regional trails, 
her advocacy on behalf of parks and her 
leadership in protecting the environment. 
She was described as "a role model for all 
people who care about the natural world 
and remain committed to the enjoyment, 
protection and sustainment of all its won- 
derful attributes," Congratulations, Robin! 
Mary Laird Silvia and her husband are 
now addicted to cruises. So far they have 
plowed the waters of the Caribbean, and 
visited many South Pacific islands, Arabia, 
and the east coast of Africa, It is nice to hear 
from Melinda Moore Sweet who lives in 
Sharon, CT after retiring from a career as a 
lawyer for CBS, Macmillan Publishing Com- 
pany and most recently for Lever Brothers 
in NYC as General Counsel, She now heads 
a nonprofit organization and is a director of 
the local land trust. More about Ann We- 

ingart Teig: she lives in Oslo, Norway with 
her husband who has been very instrumen- 
tal in the development of cochlear implants 
and who travels extensively to teach doctors 
how to perform the surgery They have a 
daughter and grandchildren in San Diego; in 
'04, they tragically lost their 2nd daughter 
who was an architect in NYC, Ann says, "life 
has to go on, although not in the same way" 
Sally Underbill Viault enjoyed attending 
an early spring reception in Charlotte for 
SBC President Betsy Muhlenfeld; Becky 
Towill McNair was also there Jane Tat- 
man Walker and Frank provide a great 
watering spot for friends traveling near 
Sarasota, FL, where they spend the winter. 
In Feb, they hosted a cocktail reception 
there for Betsy Muhlenfeld as she took her 
last jaunt to visit area alumnae. To celebrate 
their 30th anniversary in Jun,, they are 
taking their daughter and her family on a 
cruise to AK, They have taken this same trip 
previously, but think it is worth repeating. 
In Jefferson, NH, Winnie Ward and her 
husband truly love the outdoors year round; 
they hike, canoe, snowshoe and ski as 
well as tend a garden in the summer. She 
continues to be involved with the Historical 
Society Conservation Commission. Gail 
Hayman Wilson and husband John took 
their 1st cruise also in AK and savored the 
glaciers and wildlife as they wended their 
way inland to Fairbanks with stops in Denali 
State and National Parks, They then spent 3 
months in Kiawah, SC to escape the harsh 
upstate NY winter, I'm now at the end of 
the alphabet and am very sad to report the 
death of our wonderful friend and classmate 
Tucky McFall Ziebold in 1 1/08 She 
waged a long and courageous battle against 
cancer; her husband John wrote, "she was 
a SBC giri through and through; she fought 
with resolve and ended with decorum." One 
of Tucky's fervent hopes was that enough 
funds be raised to build a cancer center in 
Charleston, WV. If anyone would like to make 
a donation in her name, send it to CAMC 
Foundation. 3412 Staunton Ave, Charleston, 
WV 25304. Of course a donation to SBC 
would be appropriate as well. As for me, I 
am heavily involved in many projects and 
committees in my garden club, the Garden 
Club of America and my church. Best of all I 
am Nana to 7 grandchildren; my best times 
are when I am with any or all of them! 


Mrs. Jean A. Sharland 
1724 Aberdeen Circle 
Crofton.MD 21114 

Julie O'Neil Arnbeim continues as 
Princeton's chem. librarian. In Mar., she 
attended the American Chemical Society's 
meeting in SLC, taking time to investigate 
the genealogy library there. Last Jul., her 
6th grade class re-connected for the 1st 
time back in Knoxville. She's still on the 
advisory board of an international database, 

and will meet with them in Cape Town this 
fall. She boards Amtrak Fri. evenings and 
wakes up in Charleston, where their retire- 
ment home is, on Sat. mornings in time for 
the farmers' market. 

Alicia Laing Salisbury wrestles 
"with the market's impact on university 
endowment funds and community founda- 
tion assets," Last Apr, "attracted by the 
venue," she spoke to a women's group 
in the Napa Valley on "Women in Politics: 
A Road Less Taken." Yale U. Press, in its 
"Icons of America" series, has published 
our film critic, Molly Haskell Sarris's lat- 
est. Frankly, My Dear 'Gone With the Wind' 
Revisited^ The San Francisco Chronicle, for 
one, praised Molly's intelligence, insights, 
and writing "with ease and authority." 
Margaret Gwatbmey, who spends a cou- 
ple of months in San Francisco twice a year, 
sent that review. "Josephine Crawford: An 
Artist's Vision" by Lou Chapman Hoffman 
has been published in New Orieans, writes 
Celia Williams Ounn. Last fall. Junior 
Achievement inducted realtor Celia into the 
Savannah Business Hall of Fame. While 
attending the SBC Friends of Art meeting 
last spring, Celia visited with Steve and 
Judy Greer Scbultz and Mary Denny 
Scott Wray in Richmond. 

Our leader. Louise Cobb Boggs (but 
not John) has a new skill — skydiving. Last 
Feb., while visiting her son Jay who's 
studying real estate development law at the 
U. of Miami, John took her to an airport. 
Buoyed by a tandem partnership with the 
fellow who did stunt skydiving in "Point 
Blank," Louise "floated gently through the 
air" and "could see from one coast to the 
other. Awesome!" At home, she continues 
yoga, she and John walk 4 mi. almost every 
day, she serves on a committee designing 
a new rectory for her church, and keeps 
up with her 3 grandsons. She says, "Start 
planning to be at our 50th reunion. It'll be 
here before we know it, and we need all of 
us to make it the special occasion we all 
want it to be," Let's Do That! 


Parry Ellice Adam 
33 Pleasant Run Rd. 
Flemington, NJ 08822 

Andrea Denson Wechsler had a 

lovely visit at her home recently with Betsy 
Muhlenfeld and Louise Swiecki Zingaro 
'80 while they were in Vero Beach, Andrea 
also keeps in touch with Nancy Baldwin 
'57. Hearing about the future of SBC and 
connecting with old friends gives her great 

Mig Garrity Sturr is enjoying her 
travel agent career. She recently took the 
Huntiqueeten along the coast of Nonway. 
including a dog sled excursion, and visited 
Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo. Last year 
she and daughter Dixanne visited India be- 

fore the Olympics. Dana-Lynn, her youngest, 
and family moved back to MD after living in 
Belgium. Sharon's son Josh will start college 
this fall in VA. 

Mina Walker Wood's address has 
changed a few digits to 1 704 Parkland 
Dr, Lynchburg, which is her late mother's 
house. It has an apartment for their visiting 
son and his wife, Mary Catherine Garrison. 
She is an actress who will be starring on 
Broadway this spring opposite David Hyde 
Pierce in "Accent on Youth." The Woods 
enjoy having their twin grandchildren (boy 
and girl; 1) right up the street. Mina is busy 
as emeriti member of the Garden Club 
of VA. Her husband is still practicing law, 
gardening and golfing. 

Pat Perkins Wolverton sold her busi- 
ness a couple of years ago and is enjoying 
retirement. She still does volunteer work, 
plays cards and gardens. She is president of 
her church choir and enjoys music activities 
there. Their granddaughter is attending col- 
lege at Midwestern State U. in Wichita Falls 
so they see her often. They seem to have 2 
generations of grandchildren - Megan (1 8). 
Ross (16); then David (5) and Jack (3). Life 
is rather simple. David is still head of a large 
charitable foundation and they find time to 
travel. Life is good! What a way to end the 


Jane Goodridge 
31 -CArchdale Street 
Charleston, SC 29401 

So many replied to my request for news by 
mentioning Gail Blanke's new book Throw 
Out Fifty Things - Clear the Clutter. Find 
Your Life that I thought it was a 'must' to 
lead off! More information is available on 
Gail's website: 
and the book is available in stores and from 

Pat Calkins Wilder reminded me 
that '09 will mark the 50th h.s. reunions of 
many of us — a little hard to imagine, really! 
She continued. "Did you know that in '59, 
AK was admitted as the 49th state? How 
old does that make you feel?" Pat says 
that doing something that she's excited 
about, her photography, helps to overcome 
that feeling a lot. Her children are thriv- 
ing — oldest son Chris is the district director 
of the International Baccalaureate program 
in Seattle; wife Rayne is the manager for 
Gary Hill, an internationally known video 
artist, and their son Ben (10) is a total 
joy. Daughter Kelley is the director of the 
MA, Program for History and Science of 
Photography at DeMonfort U, in England 
and is the happy mother of Clara (10 mo,), 

Jane Yardley Amos is planning to 
attend her reunion at Chatham Hall in a 
month with her daughter and 2 grand- 
daughters (3; 5), She continues to volunteer 
as a tax preparer through AARP, work on 
her church bazaar, and hike the CO Trail in 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


Spring/Surrmec 2009 • 43 

the summer — physically she thinks 
she's in better shape than she was in col- 
lege, but mentally, not so sure! In the last 
year she and John have been to South 
America and have ridden the train through 
Copper Canyon, Mexico. They continue to 
love their life in Santa Fe and vi/ish that all 
our classmates vi/ho visit there would call 
because they have many insider tips on 
things to do in the area! 

Stevie Fontaine Keown and Mark 
are headed for reunions on back-to-back 
weekends: His is at Darlington in Rome, GA, 
and hers is a destination event for Chatham 
h. s. (NJ) in the Poconos, Stevie and Mark 
had a great weekend with the grandchildren 
and attended the ACC basketball tourna- 
ment in Atlanta. 

Lucetta Gardner Mannion and Ed are 
going to St, Louis lor her reunion at John 
Burroughs. They enjoy living in the Nashville 
area as her 2 children live there. They have 
4 grandchildren in town and keep busy with 
them as well as volunteer work — she's the 
wedding coordinator at their church. 

Traveling never seems to lose its appeal 
for us. Laura Lee Brown took a stunning 
photo trip to Mongolia last fall for their 
Golden Eagle Festival! She has been to a 
couple of art fairs buying art with Steve for 
their museum hotel 21c. She's hosting 6 
classmates next fall coming for their Idea 
Festival, an event that attracts leading 
creative and highly diverse thinkers from 
around the world to explore and celebrate 
innovation, imagination, and ideas. In the 
meantime she's still painting, gardening, 
and riding. 

Harriet Reese Jensen just returned 
from her 1st cruise which was through the 
Panama Canal on the Seabourn Legend 
with some old friends from Wilmington, 
DE. They started on the Pacific side of 
Costa Rica and ended up 1 4 days later in 
Ft. Lauderdale. In May Harriet is flying to 
Boston to attend her 50th reunion at Miss 
Hall's School. She reports that her family 
is well and her 8 grandchildren a constant 

Sailing again this season, Ann Clute 
Obenshain writes from aboard a 41 ' 
Morgan sailboat that they spent the winter 
in the FL Keys after the last 2 seasons 
in the Bahamas. She and Judy Kay 
Alspaugh Harrison are in touch because 
she lives near Louisville. Sallie Yon 
Williams spent 2 wks at Christmas with 
her son Courtney, wife Nazli, grandson Emyr 
(13 mo.) and Nazli's wonderful family at 
their home in Istanbul, While Chhstmas isn't 
a holiday there. New Year's is, and the Turks 
have adopted the decorated tree, street 
lights, and general holiday atmosphere 
for that celebration. Her son Whit is in NY 
and she tries to spend as much time every 
month as she can there with granddaughter 
Allegra (6). 

Lynn Carol Blau and Jeffery were in 
Aspen, CO, where they celebrated the birth 
of a new grandson. Daughter Alex and her 
husband work at the Anderson Ranch Art 
School. They reported wonderful skiing. 

They're planning to visit daughter Elizabeth 
and her family in Las Vegas, 

Katharine Blackford Collins and 

John are weathering the economic down- 
turn in Mexico; they are converting their 
home in Comala (state of Colima) to a bed 
& breakfast. Katharine wrote that she got 
started a bit too late to do much this year, 
but has high hopes for next season. 

Lyn Gabel-Brett continues to enjoy 
traveling between CT where their grand- 
daughter Jasmine Allen-Sengupta cel- 
ebrated her 1 St birthday, and NY where her 
partner Leslie works at Lambda Legal, and 
Rochester where her mom, who is almost 
98, still lives in her home. She writes that 
being retired is fun and busy! She and 
Leslie will celebrate their 30th anniversary 
this fall. 

Both Lee Kucewicz Parham and 
Mary Ann Utterback Burritt wrote 
about their get-together during Super Bowl 
weekend. Lee and John Parham were in 
Norfolk for the city's commemoration of 
the end of segregation in VA and the 1 7 
who integrated Norfolk Public Schools. Lee 
wrote that she, Stevie, and Kathy Caldwell 
Patten will meet May Bowers Morris in 
ME again this summer. Mary Ann hopes to 
come to Charleston in late spring. 

Volunteering is a major occupation for 
some members of our class. Sue Jones 
Cansler and Chuck have had a super busy 
year with multiple volunteer activities on St 
Simons Island, GA — for Sue it's the Coast 
Symphony of GA Society and the Annual 
Tour of Homes. She enjoyed both but some- 
times feel as if she never retired! Sue and 
Chuck are looking forward to the summer 
months and time to see their 3 grandchil- 
dren — twins (9) and younger sister (7). A 
different kind of busy! 

Ann Knickerbocker McCulloch and 
Bill went to Damascus, Syria, last fall to 
work with a church in the old city that is 
reaching out to an overwhelming number 
of Iraqi refugees. The church provides food 
distribution, medical care, and school for 
the Iraqi children because the Syrian gov- 
ernment infrastructure is overtaxed. Their 
team taught in the school and fell in love 
with the Iraqi kids from preschool through 
h. s. They have continued their work with 
both Iraqi and Iranian refugees since their 
return to Houston. 

Karen Gill Meyer reports that the year 
started off with a bang with Jim having a 
5-way by-pass! He had no symptoms and 
was lucky that his doctor picked up the 
problem during a routine physical. Karen 
and Allie Stemmons Simon were in DC. 
in late Jan. to interview the finalists for 
the new SBC president. She says that our 
new president Dr Jo Ellen Parker is most 
impressive and will be terrific for the col- 
lege. Allie had the opportunity to meet her 
last fall and was impressed. She and Heinz 
just returned from Karen's (their oldest 
daughter) 50th birthday bash on a private 
island near Andros in the Bahamas; it was 
a 4-day party for 24 of her friends and the 
old folks — quite a production! Their younger 

daughter Kimberly teaches 2nd grade in 
Carrollton, TX, 

Margaret Millender Holmes wrote 
that riding at SBC a year ago went to her 
head! They have moved to VT to be near 
grandchildren and have promised them 
they'll have some horses or ponies for them 
to ride. What a change in their lives! She 
thanks SBC for trying to keep her young! 

Barby Rockefeller Bartlett writes 
that this year has been one of concentrat- 
ing on family and friends, joys, and losses. 
Their younger son Jonathan and his wife 
Paige are expecting their 3rd child in a few 

After visiting family in Columbia (SC) 
and friends in Seabrook Island, Keitt 
Matheson Wood and Frank were in 
Chadeston for a week- long program 
"Historic Charleston" sponsored by 
Elderhostel and based at the Coll. of 
Chadeston. George and I had a chance to 
have a glass of wine with them and hear 
about the speakers and the tours; we think 
they earned a PhD in Charlestonia! 

Many thanks to all who responded to 
my request for this issue and please keep 
in touch! 



Virginia "Ginny" deBuys 
H16 Shirley Lane 
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 

As this issue of the magazine goes to press, 
the class of '64 is looking forward to their 
45th reunion. Instead of giving you all the 
news in this issue, we'll do it in the fall 
issue and have news of those who came 
and did not come to reunion. We do have 
some news that can't wait. 

Sadly, we report that Claire Hughes 
Knapp died on 3/29 at her home in 
Phoenix, AZ. She spent her life as a volun- 
teer and professional in non-profit develop- 
ment work. Most recently she worked for 
the Actor's Theater in Phoenix as Director 
of Development. She made us laugh and 
made us sing to the tune of Fever with 
words that only Claire could write. We will 
miss her this May — and always. 

On a happier note, after over 30 yrs 
as a widow, Rosamond Sample Brown 
married David Banks in Jan. They maintain 
2 homes, one in Dallas, TX and the other in 
Fayetteville, AR. Congratulations Rosamond! 

And, drum roll please, you'll soon have 
new class officers and a new voice for 
these notes. I've enjoyed my 2 terms as 
your Class Secretary very much and know 
that the new secretary will too. You guys in 
the NY and D.C. areas take note. I'm keep- 
ing East Coast mini reunions on my "fun 
to do" list. 

Sally McCrady Hubbard 
52 Sherwood Trail 
SewaneeTN 37375-2166 

Jane Merkle Borden shares a new email- 
address: bor( 
Eugenia Dickey Caldwell and 

husband Peter identified 300 wonderful 
species of birds in Panama in Jan. At their 
lovely lodges in the rain forest, the food 
was good and they were woken up an hour 
before dawn by Howler Monkeys roaring 
outside their window. Her work at IBM has 
increased to 6O-1- hrs. per week. Peter's job 
is in jeopardy as the convention business 

Scribble Eusten has nothing glamor- 
ous to report; they're just healthy and 
happy and doing their things 

Nancy MacMeekin and Vicky Thoma 
Barrette embarked on their annual spring 
skiing adventures in New England and at 
Tahoe, Nancy stays in touch with Saralyn 
McAfee Smith via email. She's enjoying 
retirement — the great outdoors, reading, 
spending time with her brother's extended 
family. She is involved with church, literacy 
efforts, and sailing club activities. Nancy 
recently took courses in paper and digital 
chart plotting/navigation and celestial naviga- 
tion, for use on club boats and on sailing 
trips with friends in the British Virgin Islands. 

Mimi Vogt Macht is happy in Hood 
River, OR, skiing, hiking, and bicycling. She 
has a grandson (1) in Denver, where she 
spends a week monthly She'd love to con- 
nect with SBC classmates. She says she's 
a lucky girl. 

Carol Cole Pelzer and Felix welcomed 
Felix Chisolm Pelzer III last Jul. and love 
having him in Chadeston, Sally McCrady 
Hubbard's niece Allston McCrady was the 
matchmaker who introduced son Felix to 
Magda, Son Arthur is engaged to a wonderful 
girl from Hickory, NC, Cozy says life is good, 

Stewart and Laura Haskell Phinizy 
find that real estate is still moving in 
Augusta in the lower price ranges. They 
visited Marion and Wes and their boys in 
Jan. and then went to D.C. to see Laura 
and Keith and twin grandsons. Family will 
assemble in Augusta for the Masters week- 
end at Easter time. 

Milbrey Sebring Raney is fine 
and enioying retirement in Austin, TX. 
Granddaughters (7; 3) live nearby. Their 
grandson (20) moved with his parents 
from Houston to Charlotte, meaning more 
fun travel, Mibs sends special greetings to 
Mel Freese Cota (who needs to write us 
next time) 

Carol Reifsnyder Rhoads is slowly 
working toward 1 00 master points in dupli- 
cate bridge. She visited Mayan ruins this 
winter and is going to London in Jun. to 
observe the casting of 8 tower bells for her 
church, St. Mark's! She and Bob are train 

44 • Spring/Summer 2009 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

ing as change ringers — pulling the 
ropes and sounding peals. Daughter 
Jennifer is in Winston-Salem and has 3 
boys; son Richard, a psychiatrist in Tucson, 
adopted 2 boys from Africa; son Ben is 
unmarried and works in northwest AR as a 
city planner They have a 2nd home in CO 
and en|oy the nice winters in LA. 

Since Chris Kilcullen Thurlow and 
Steve's honeymoon 40 yrs ago took them 
to Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, It's 
no wonder that his wanderlust has since 
added South America, Antarctica, the 
Baltics, Russia, the Galapagos Islands, the 
Himalayas; not to mention the plain old 
Caribbean and Europe, But the excitement 
in her life involves her 6 little grandmon- 
sters (2-5), Their children Katie and Mike 
and their families live 15 min, away, so 
laughing, reading, and hugging fill the time 
Chris is vice chair of the board of directors 
of the local skilled nursing facility. She is 
constructing a dementia garden there — 
a therapeutic environment for cognitive 
stimulation with an integrated program of 
care and recreation. As president of the 
Connecticut NFL alumni, Steve raises funds 
for disadvantaged youth. Life is sweet and 
they are blessed. 

Meredith Leslie Welch retired after 
20 yrs of publishing in NYC, the last 1 1 yrs 
being at TIME. After 38 yrs in Greenwich, 
she and husband Bill Costa moved to 
Skidaway Island in Savannah, GA, He 
continues to work; she is slowing down 
and integrating into their new community, 
gardening, writing, and improving her golf. 
They love the historic and artistic side of 
Savannah — the Flannery O'Connor house 
reminds Mai of the author's visit to SBC in 
spring of '63. She and Bill have 8 grand- 
children in Boston, Long Island, and Atlanta. 
Ireland beckons in her 65th year 

Sally McCrady Hubbard is struck 
this time with how many classmates said 
"life is good." Turning 65 is good and, for 
her, marked a conscious letting go of some 
obligations and angst on many levels. The 
next generations will figure out life for 
themselves! Her role as of this birthday 
involves choosing activities carefully (none 
by default) and seeking contentment in the 
issues of each day. Grandson Duncan will 
visit Sewanee for 3 wks in Jun. for hiking, 
tennis, reading, TN battlefields, and hugs. 
Sally, Charles, and 5 relatives will explore 
IVIoscow and St. Petersburg and the water- 
ways in between in May. Gather ye Sweet 
Briar Rosebuds while ye may. 



Makanah Dunham Morriss 
1317 Rocky Mountain Rd 
Forest, VA 24551 

Rand! Miles Long 
19 Hidden Valley Rd 
Lafayette, CA 94549 

Diane Dalton 
Milwaukee, Wl 53202 


Lynne Gardner Detmer 
125 Wareham's Point 
Williamsburg, VA 23185 


Nancy Crawford Bent 
14 Dopping Brook Road 
Sherborn, MA 01770 

By the time you read this our 40th will be a 
happy memory, but as I type there is a flurry 
of activity among those who plan to attend 
& are urging others to sign up. too. House 
3 leads the pack with many emails back & 
forth about travel plans, rooming arrange- 
ments, pre-party parties, & "correct" dress 
code for Sat. night. Our Class Scrapbook 
has pix of Martha Brewer's Mardi Gras 
dominatrix outfit which several classmates 
have already seen & are urging her to wear 
to Reunion. One wag observed that "Dean 
Jester won't be there to tell us we're not 
appropriately dressed." Claudette Harloe 
Dalton responded, "Having lost all the 
shape in my legs after decades in concrete- 
floored ORs. I'm wearing slacks." 

Martha Brewer (New Orleans); Even 
though I don't have any kids, we (MB & 
spouse Susan Landry) now have 2 great 
nieces; My nephew's baby Anna Wells 
Brewer, born in Sept. & my niece's baby. 
Lillian Rebecca Johnson, in Mar. So now I'm 
(among other titles) Great Aunt Martha. I can 
handle that 

Hattie Coons Babbitt (DC) and Bruce 
had travel plans & couldn't attend Reunion, 
but she was sorry to miss it as "it sounds 
as if we are a varied & interesting & busy 
lot!" Hattie's biggest news is that son Chris 
(& Claire), both lawyers in D.C . are the 
parents of "the most wonderful Eli Babbitt." 
born in Feb. 

Annie Green Gilbert (Seattle); Creative 
Dance Center & Kaleidoscope Dance Co. are 
28 yrs old! I'm still teaching dance daily di- 
recting my dance co. of young people (8-1 5) 
& presenting workshops around the world on 
BrainDance & Brain-Compatible Dance Edu- 
cation, mmi.cKaiwedanceMQ, great for ag- 
ing SBCers as well as the grandchildren! All 
of my children are married! Son Huw & Tind- 
ley live in NYC with beautiful daughter. Pryor 
(almost 2). Huw is PR director lor Pepsi Co. 
Bronwen & Eli are traveling South America 
until May after living in NYC for 2 yrs. & then 
may come to Seattle to settle down. Bronwen 
is a photographer Griffith & Kris live 

in Orono. ME. where Griff is getting a 
Ph.D. in Entomology They were expecting a 
baby in Apr David is still a gastroenterologist 
& plays piano in a Dixieland band on the side. 
Life is good now that we have a new presi- 
dent. & to think that VA voted for him! In '64 
a black man I waited tables with at the refec- 
tory was fired for talking to me. I had a tough 
time at SBC, & I'm glad those days are over! 

Jan Huguenin Assmus wrote. "Gert 
is fully retired from the Tuck School & we've 
entered a new phase of life, involved in town 
matters (Hanover, NH). I continue working 
on the quality of education in the schools 
& am fascinated by the process of trying to 
make education better I'm also serving on 
a committee of the Hanover Conservation 
Council, working to preserve natural areas in 
the midst of town for citizens to enjoy & learn 
from. Gert fina//y became a US citizen in '07 
& now serves on the Hanover Zoning Board. 
He also serves on a committee at the hospi- 
tal, trying to improve doctor-patient commu- 
nication. We lead a mundane existence, but 
love the people we've met in these endeavors 
as well as old friends with whom we have 
more time to spend. We get some travel in. 
visiting our children in OH & NO. & going to 
Germany & other European spots as well as 
to our summer cottage in ME. My mother 
died last year & we made many trips down 
to TX to close down the house where she & 
Dad lived tor 60 yrs I miss her & realize how 
spoiled I was to have her for so long. She was 
always the one I could count on to be inter- 
ested in even the smallest facts of my life. 
We have decided to stay put here in Hanover 
for the foreseeable future. It's a wonderful 
place to live, although as the snow was flying 
this morning [1 1 /1 9| , I did wonder about the 
wisdom of that decision." Jan added that she 
and Gert also go to the gym, "reluctantly," 

Elizabeth Lewis (San Francisco, CA); 
My life is pleasantly uneventful. David & I 
spent Christmas holidays in Spain with son 
Matt (23) who has been living in Barcelona. 
It was nice traveling with our own tour guide 
& translator Mali's supporting himself there 
teaching English. He's coming back in Jul. & 
probably will take the LSAT 

Keithley Rose Miller (Palm Beach) 
wrote that she'd be at Reunion, combining 
it with a visit to her mother (89) who's in a 
nursing home in Richmond. Dwight might 
join her as he's "always game for anything! 
I went 2 yrs ago to his 40th at Yale & had 
a ball." 

Sharon Singletary Vanzant has been 
in Columbia, SO "since 1 973 & probably 
will be here forever! Our oldest son is mar- 
ried & has 2 children; our 2nd son is also 
married & is in the Ph.D. history program at 
Vanderbilt. Our daughter is in her 3rd yr of 
med. school & working hard. I'm fortunate 
to live close to my grandchildren (4;1). so I 
see them a lot & they are a joy! My husband 
& I go to the UVA home football games as 
often as we can. We both love VA and look 
forward to being back in the C-ville area 
for those visits. We did drive into SBC one 
time & the campus looks wonderful. A giri 
from Columbia is up there now; she loves 

it. My time is spent with family, learning to 
play golf. & trips to the beach. My work & 
volunteer days are over, but I enjoyed both 
immensely when I was involved. Reunion 
sounds like fun, but it's also our 40th wed- 
ding anniversary so we'll be taking some 
kind of trip with all the children & grandchil- 
dren to celebrate. I'll be thinking of y'all. I 
know it will be very special. 

Lisa Smith Taylor (Houston, TX); Life 
has been good to me since SBC days! 
Happily married with 3 grown children, 
the 2 boys not married but with very nice 
lady friends, & my daughter married with a 
baby (2)! I keep up with SBC with financial 
support & through the SBC group here in 
Houston, I'm not planning to attend Reunion 
this year I like to remember you all the way 
we were! 

AtLee Walker (DC.) couldn't attend 
Reunion because her niece was getting 
married that weekend, but she might send 
news & photos for the Scrapbook. Any news 
I get from AtLee & the rest of you before 7/1 
will be in the fall issue. Please do write! 


Ac , . M , . M WO: .Vio^^ ai-as. aoro 
Nia Eldridge Eaton 
461 Rittenhouse Blvd 
Jeffersonville, PA 19403-3382 


Lynne Manov Sprinsky 
Montoursville, PA 17754 

Gale Hull Whetzel 
2696 Coventry Road 
Columbus, Ohio 43221 

We'll start off with some news that might 
be out of date by now. but came in after 
the deadline for the Spring '08 Class Notes. 
Since we didn't get fresh updates from 
these classmates, we'll go with what they're 
doing when last heard from: Alisa Yust 
Rowe finished remodeling their Houston 
house to update it from a previous remodel 
25 yrs ago. The year before they did some 
remodeling at their farm about 90 mi. from 
Houston. "We're tired of remodeling!" she 
says. "In the country, near our farm. I've 
been involved with the board of a small 
non-profit organization called The Art Guild 
of Rural Texas. This group is bringing the 
visual and performing arts to children in 4 
counties now. It's worthwhile, but also hard 
work trying to find funding. This will be my 
3rd year to run a fundraiser — a dinner and 
auction of original art — to help raise those 
operation funds. I'd never run an event 
before this, so it's been interesting. I've met 
some talented artists in the process." Alisa 
would love to have some of 

Sweel Bfiar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Spring/Summer 2009 • 45 

our talented artist-classmates donate to the 
auction. How 'bout it, gals? And that's not 
all Alisa's been up to: "Our Houston SBC 
Club is becoming more active: it's been fun 
being involved with that." Alisa also sends 
regrets that she missed our last reunion: 
"Though I didn't graduate from SBC, I have 
the best memories and a great allegiance to 
it. I have 3 grandchildren now — 2 of those 
are little girls who I hope will one day think 
about attending SBC." Let us know it we 
can tielp persuade ttiem. Alisa!- L 

Figuring out how to organize these 
notes is always a challenge. This year Lynne 
is letting her computer's email function 
alphabetize half of the class list by sender, 
but since it uses first names . . . we'll go 
with it! So we'll start off with Alison Jones, 
who sent her own news with a mention 
of Jean Mackenzie Thatcher. She and 
Jean "followed different paths since leaving 
SBC: she's a deputy mayor of her village 
and I'm a conservation photographer. But 
overlapping patterns in our lives continue. 
We both had rotator cuff surgery last year, 
and thus decided on a recovery road trip, 
a la "Thelma and Louise" across the US 
Southwest — leaving out the Grand Canyon 
part! I went to Board and Summit meetings 
for the North American Nature Photography 
Association in Albuquerque where Jean 
joined me. We hit the shops of Santa Fe to 
support this failing economy as best as we 
could — which also meant that we needed 
hot stone massages to help heal our shoul- 
ders. While in Santa Fe, we mostly focused 
on Georgia O'Keeffe's career and presence 
in Santa Fe, Abiquiu and Ghost Ranch. 
Without her l<nowing it, I'd listed Jean as an 
"expedition researcher" for this somewhat 
casual No Water No Life expedition (see 
the project's Feb. calendar details at tittp:// 
www. nowaternolite. org/calendar/index. 
html). Thus we headed south, following 
the Rio Grande and witnessing the sandhill 
crane migration in Bosque del Apache. We 
photographed the US border fence at entry 
points into Mexico en route to visit her 
cousin in Ajo, AZ, the driest valley in the US 
which offers both the calm and the drama 
of the Sonoran Desert, What memories!" 

Andrea Bateman sent a quick note 
saying she'd had a wonderful alumnae 
lunch with the president and Orlando area 
alums — Carol Remington Fogelsong 
and Denise (Nesi) Wisell O'Connell 
Then I heard from Carol with details; it 
was an SBC luncheon hosted by President 
Betsy Muhlenfeld in Winter Park, FL on 
2/20/09. "There were 3 members of '71 
present!" Carol reports. "Myself, Nesi, and 
Dre Bateman. Considering there were about 
20 folks total and 3 were from college, we 
were the best represented class. The best 
part came when the 3 of us got to sit in the 
nearby park and talk, catching up on lives 
and activities; Dre was only able to stay for 
about 40 min., while Denise and I talked on 
for over 2 hrs. I'm reminded again what an 
incredible group of women our class holds." 
Carol went on to say that "I'm going to 
SBC in May to escort my mom to her 65th 

Reunion. There's a commitment amongst 
the class to get together again, plus there 
are willing daughters to drive and escort 
(And we get to have beds in the Elston Inn 
Instead of the dorms. Works for me!)" 

Barbara Brand writes that the last 
12 mos. have been a challenge for her 
and Mike. He's had 2 cancers removed 
successfully but in the midst of this Barb 
had a large tree limb fall on her. "I was just 
minding my own business having lunch 
out on the patio!" she reports. Mercifully 
Barbara suffered no cuts or breaks, "only" 
major deep bruising of the lower back. 
She was forced to forgo virtually all activity 
for months, and it eventually healed, but 
she had to watch as her flower beds and 
vegetable garden suffered from neglect. 
She finishes by saying, "I anticipate a more 
successful gardening season in '09." 

Beryl V. Bergquist sent word that 
she has her name back. "Divorce is final; 
congratulations are in order," she says. "I'm 
interested to date . . . male, 60s, not mar- 
ried, dead or gay are the basics. I'm still 
doing visas, green cards, citizenship law. 
For fun I purchase investment properties, 
and my daughter Kristin ('03) renovates and 
manages them. Visited friends at the Grand 
Canyon North Rim and at Monument Valley 
and now home in Atlanta." You go, girl! 

The recession has caused Betty 
Duson and husband A! to delay their retire- 
ment by a few yrs, in order to wait out the 
recession. "Nonetheless, we are feeling 
fortunate to be in higher education, which 
is somewhat insulated from lay-offs," writes 
Betty. "Our son Andy has taken a semester 
off from college and is on tour with his 
band "Chandeliers" this spring. I guess 
many of us celebrate our 60th this year. Al 
gifted me with a wonderful party, includ- 
ing serenades and toasts to help ease the 

From Houston, Brooke Thomas Dold 
and husband Wylie send greetings. "I'm 
a paralegal at Johnson Radclifte Petrov 
& Bobbitt PLLC, a law firm specializing 
in municipal and public finance," Brooke 
reports. "We took an excellent Viking 
Cruise on the Rhine last Oct./Nov. It was 
the 1 St time in many yrs that I took off for 
2 consecutive wks! My kids have left the 
nest, but make return flights for holidays. 
I went to a wedding shower 2 wks ago 
and learned that I was sitting with Carrie 
Glassman Schumach, the sister of Liz 
Glassman. My godchild, Julia Woodard. 
daughter of Liz Clegg Woodard and 
Woody Woodard is engaged to be married 
this Dec Cutler Bellows Crockard's 
daughter Callie recently gave birth to a baby 
boy who is the 1st grandchild." 

Tricia "Honey" Hammer's national 
advertising agency. Berry Network, changed 
owners, from BellSouth to AT&T "AT&T 
is a great company," she says, "and very 
strong in technology and product develop- 
ment, which I feel good about, but there is 
a definite change in culture and procedures 
around here, because AT&T is so large. 
I'm still doing national account sales in a 

16-state area, now with an emphasis on 
interactive, search, free 41 1 , and IPTV 
advertising as well as print YP's for all 
publishers. I sell to the medical market — 
mainly hospitals and health systems." On 
a more personal note, she adds, "I'm no 
longer able to ride, due to some arthritis in 
old injuries to my hip, knee, and back, but 
I'm still active with horses. I judge shows 
and events, teach clinics, including for the 
Miami Valley Pony Club (Cincinnati), and 
have my own group of students, which 
I teach and coach at shows and events. 
I help to run several events for our local 
foxhunt in Cincinnati." She's also looking 
forward to seeing all of us at our 201 1 
reunion — it'll be our 40th! <Stiudder! ~ 

Mary Frances Okey Aiken reports 
that "all IS well with John and myself except 
for an unfortunate encounter with a vicious 
laundry basket in my closet last spring 
that resulted in a broken knee. It's healed 
now, and I was able to go on a great trip 
with my daughter In Aug. with a group of 
her m.s. students to Paris. Then in Oct. my 
husband surprised me with an early BIG 
6-0 birthday trip on a Mediterranean cruise 
that was wonderful. (I'm glad he bought the 
tickets before the market went south)." As 
I gathered these notes, she was busy plan- 
ning a wedding for the youngest daughter 
In May in the Northern Neck of VA, and was 
fortunate to attend a lovely area alumnae 
luncheon In Naples, FL with President 

Ever heard of a "Laughologist"? Well, 
that's what Kathleen Burns Halperin 
does. "I'm a Certifiable Laughologist (LIVING 
LAUGHTER) and my passion has led to end 
of life transitions. My new company, GOING 
IN STYLE, will help educate and honor the 
family, ease the final journey and give the 
patient an opportunity to participate in 
the process. SBC didn't offer a Sociology 
course in this area, and I hope to demystify 
the dying process and inspire celebration 
of a life well lived," she writes. "As the 
economy tanks, the demand for Laughter 
Workshops has increased tremendously. I'm 
also in the process of writing a book about 
the miracles of the laughter work." Kathleen 
is married to a wonderful doctor who 
practices acupuncture as well as Internal 
Medicine. They've gotten grants from the 
U. FL Deans' office to research the laughter 
benefits. Their son (1 7) is "a left handed 
pitcher who's on the prospects to watch for 
2010 " Kathleen, Trixie Hatten Chambers, 
and Cami Crocker Wodehouse share a 
Jun. birth month and we're planning a big 
FL reunion. 

Laura Mink Gardner and husband 
Marvin are trying to retire, but still have 2 
to put through college (Tready is a fresh- 
man now at Roanoke Coll., Faith a Jr. In 
h.s.). Marvin will retire from his full-time 
church job the end of May and has taken 
on a huge part-time psychology practice. 
Laura is doing some part-time work as a 
hearing reporter for the SSA, still singing 
with the Roanoke Symphony chorus (some 

things NEVER change), and about to enter 
the serious college search with Faith. "She 
spent a weekend at SBC last fall and loved 
it!" writes Laura, "especially the new art 
studio in the old barn." Laura also reports 
that she finished her 1st marathon in 
D.C. last weekend (at the ripe old age of 
58-1/2)1 "My sister, a veteran marathon 
and one time Iron Man finisher, invited me 
last summer to do it with her. Turns out 
she had some health issues preventing her 
from running so I did it solo (along with 
2,050 others) and finished 5 min. short of 
my goal. And I'm actually looking fonward to 
training for another one, sometime. What an 
awesome experience!" 

Speaking of busy people, London Gray 
ftf)a//y dropped an electronic line to say, 
"My life as a teacher of Dressage riders 
continues with little change. I'm doing more 
traveling to teach — going to Barbados soon 
to help them develop a Dressage team for 
the next Pan American Games. My students 
are doing well. 2 Pan American Gold medal- 
ists started with me, last year an Olympian 
and students In adult and Young Rider 
World Cups. Also working with kids and 
adult amateurs. I've become the president/ 
CEO of The Dressage Foundation." (in case 
you don 't t<now. that's a Very Big Deal In the 
horse world! ~ Lj 

Linda Whitlow Knight practices law 
in the areas of insolvency and commercial 
law with Gullett, Sanford, Robinson & Martin 
in Nashville. She's still on the TN Ethics 
Commission, which basically governs lob- 
bying and financial disclosures for state 
officials in TN. Linda is also a hearing 
officer for the TN Board of Professional 
Responsibility, which enforces the Rules of 
Professional Conduct for lawyers. Husband, 
Dick, is an arbitrator and is active in histori- 
cal and genealogical societies. Their older 
daughter, Katherine Layhew, practices com- 
mercial litigation with the Nashville office 
of Burr & Forman. Their younger daughter, 
Elizabeth, graduated from Emory Law 
School in May, passed the TX bar exam, 
and is with the Dallas office of Sedgwick, 
Detert, Moran & Arnold. They vacationed 
for a few days at the home of Dick's sister 
and her family In ME last summer In Oct., 
they went to VA for Dick's Induction into the 
Society of Cincinnati, 

Louise Jackson and family are well, 
"It's been a crazy year in the asset manage- 
ment and trust business," she writes, "but 
my bank is very conservative and didn't 
have any of the mortgage mess. So we're 
fine, just trying to weather the storm for our 
clients. Had a fabulous 2 wks in France in 
6/08 with 3 couples of best of friends here. 
The 1st part was a wine tour, my friend's 
husband was President of the local Testavin 
society. He drove us on all of the back 
roads and arranged private dinners and 
tastings for us in the Champagne region. 
Chablis, and the Burgundy region. The 2nd 
wk was in Provence! Not much else to say 
except that life is good " 

All's well with Maggie Mather 
Feldmeier's clan, too. Jake still runs the 

46 • Spring/Summer 2009 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

family business and she's still consult- 
ing for The Carlisle Collection, which puts 
her in NYC a wk or 2 each mo. In Mar. 
she was trying something new to escape 
the very long Syracuse winters: renting a 
house in Hilton Head. She can fly to NYC as 
needed and still have lots of sunshine and 
a lovely place to enjoy the outdoors, Jake 
came down for long weekends and their 
daughter Kate and son-in-law Nate joined 
them for a spell. They both teach inner city 
charter school in D,C, and were thrilled to 
get great seats for Obama's inauguration. 
"The happy buzz in D.C, with our new 
president is palpable!" Maggie wrote in Mar, 
"Youngest daughter Julie is finishing her 
MBA program at Kellogg (Northwestern)," 
she adds, "and looks forward to moving 
to the Philadelphia area where she'll work 
for ING Direct in marketing — and be close 
enough to home to visit us on the lake in 
the summer We are blessed," 

Marilyn Kolb always has a lot going 
on, "I retired 6/07 and am thinking maybe 
it was a mite early. My husband is still 
working, so between his schedule and the 
market's pounding the last year, we aren't 
able to travel the way I had always envi- 
sioned my retirement working, and it turns 
out I truly despise going to the gym (not 
that I don't need it!), even with a friend, so 
that isn't a good candidate for a new inter- 
est, I have taken on a couple of nonprofit 
board positions, but after so many years of 
being the manager in charge, it's hard to 
be one of many and have to wait for con- 
sensus. Something to be said for dictatorial 
manager positions! If I wanted It done, I just 
said so and it happened. Doesn't work like 
that, of course, in the "real" worid. But it's 
worked out well in another respect since 
I've had to spend a great deal of time with 
my father who is suffering from dementia 
and the general effects of aging, so I'm 
grateful to have had the time to do that." 

One of Marilyn's daughters was to 
have graduated in 5/09 from Reed Coll. in 
OR. A 2nd daughter matriculated to NYU in 
Sept. and is enjoying NYC. "I'm not so sure 
she's as excited about college courses as 
she is about the city itself, but so far she's 
done all right, so I hope she can keep her 
focus, I'm a little jealous. The NYU area is 
so much fun now compared to the truly 
frightening environment it presented when 
we were looking at colleges for ourselves. 
Good to know improvement comes eventu- 
ally!" Marilyn comments. She had a great 
visit with Caroline Tuttle Murray last 
fall in NC. Caroline is helping care for her 
new granddaughter and loving it. Marilyn 
keeps in touch with Diana Zeldel, who was 
contemplating retirement herself until the 
market free fall happened, so she may need 
to reconsider. In Mar. she was caring for 
her husband who suffered a broken pelvis 
in a car accident in DC. around inaugura- 
tion time. "He's expected to fully recover," 
Marilyn notes thankfully 

Mimi Fahs wrote in anticipation of lots 
of transitions just ahead. "We're sitting on 
pins and needles this month waiting to 

hear on my son's college applications," 
she began, "Then baseball season (Craig is 
a pitcher and team captain) and lots of h,s, 
graduation events. Then a big 60th birthday 
party planned in the summer, with a trip to 
Paris, southern Spain, and then oysters and 
fiddle music back home in Orient Village 
on Long Island. Had a wonderful trip last 
summer sailing with my niece and her ex- 
rooinie from college, from Long Island to 
the Vineyard, Fun to hang with 20-yr-olds! 
Next fall, with the boy gone, we're looking 
forward to spending long 4-day weekends 
in our beloved home in Orient, on 5 acres 
and turning Into a lovely nature preserve, 
and only a 5 min, bike-ride from the Yacht 
club where I keep my Catalina 34, Seems 
far away now, with snow still covering the 
roof-tops I see from my window in NYC, but 
spring will come! I know everyone comes 
through NYC at some time or another, so 
I hope you'll please look me up! We can 
meet at the Oyster Bar in Grand Central 
Station!" She sends Big hugs to all of us as 
we face our 60s, 

"Sioux" Greenwald attended Dee 
Kyor's daughter Jennifer's wedding in 
1 0/08 in Bryson City, NC. It was a "wonder- 
ful time of year and a glorious event," she 
says. She also caught up with Wendy Weiss 
Smith & Gil at Maho Bay, St, Johns, VI for a 
wholesome outdoor eco-friendly vacation, 
Sioux still tries to visit Alexandria, VA, to 
see Robi Randolph during the year, and 
shared a house with Kris Herzog '70 at 
Cape May Point for art, Audubon center and 
farm stand touring. 

Wendy Norton Brown has retired 
from teaching after 30 yrs to be able to 
spend more time with her parents. Sadly 
her Dad died soon thereafter, but, writes 
Wendy, "I know he was relieved that I would 
be there for Mom, Surprisingly we almost 
lost them both the same week — as he lay 
dying Mom went into a coma with double 
pneumonia! We're grateful that she fought 
hard and is now doing quite well, all things 
considered!" On a happier note, Wendy's 
older son David is to be married in 10/09, 
and their younger son adopted 2 puppies, 
"so now we have granddogs, too! I know 
many classmates already have grandchil- 
dren, but we are happy to have this news 
at last!" 

Emails bounced back from Ruth Allen 
Darlington and Terry Helm Haynie, so if 
any of you are in touch with them, please 
ask them to get correct email addresses to 
us or the Alumnae Assoc, okay? 

That's all for my half of the class list, 
I wanted to thank all of you who sent me 
messages of sympathy and concern after 
the loss of my husband of 30 yrs. Bill, on 
11/1 8/08, of pancreatic cancer. He was 
diagnosed 4 days after I sent out the last 
Class Notes, We had 8 mos, together 
post-diagnosis, and most of that time was 
good. We said everything we needed to, 
and son Matt and I were with him when he 
died in our local Hospice, a place where 
angels wear street clothes. He was buried 
at Ariington National Cemetery, where my 

father also lies, I'm doing okay, keeping 
busy with preparing the house for eventual 
sale, not because I have to but because it's 
too big and there's too much yard work, 
something Bill used to take care of, I plan 
to do some extended traveling once I've off- 
loaded the house, and am hoping to teach 
my way across the country, coast to coast 
and border to border, using my BALIMO^" 
skills to help riders and their horses, I'll let 
you know when I start planning my itinerary, 
because there are many of you I'd like to 
drop in on for a quick visit. Until then, I'll 
keep track of y'all through these notes. And 
now, it's time for news from Gale's half of 
the roster, 

Debbie Chasen Wyatt writes, "Well, 
all I have to say is, "Ou sont les neiges 
d'antarf?" (Dear ole' Villon strain we picked 
up in French class back during some nice 
printemps d'antan ~ouR Anne?) As par- 
ents are aging, with that damned winged 
chariot thing, I figure I've got about 20 yrs 
to accomplish it all, so the clock is ticking. 
Hubby Rick (met at UVA while at SBC) and 
I are still together (Guinness?), 2 boys are 
doing what 20 year olds do (Tom putting his 
new U, Ml philosophy degree to meaning- 
ful use as a mason's assistant in NC, Will 
mesmerized by NY as he does music stuff 
at NYU), I've quit law. Had a good run, and 
once enjoyed it, but now I'm with Dickens 
(ever read Bleak House, anyone — I mean, 
really read it?). Instead, I'm now painting, 
painting, painting, have had a few shows of 
my work, been accepted into a fair number 
of juried shows recently, but sales, well, it's 
a good thing Rick has not retired yet. Maybe 
by next time , , , Ciao to all, Debbie," 

Miriam "Mim" Washabaugh Meglan 
says that "Organ continues to be my main 
event, and I'm in a race against the clock: 
there's so much music and so little time! I 
study with the chairman of the department 
at the Curtis Institute; practice four hrs. 
neariy every day; accompany any choir or 
ensemble that will have me; and. In gen- 
eral, keep growing, performing and learning, 
I have been dean of our local chapter of the 
American Guild of Organists for the past 
year and have been appointed recently to a 
regional position in the organization. Most 
exciting has been my work to introduce 
youngsters to the instrument and support 
their studies through a scholarship fund and 
mentoring activities." 

Ellen Weintraub says: In May I'll be 
heading back to SBC for my gorgeous 
godchild's graduation! I'm so excited and so 
proud of her! Wendy and Donald have done 
such a fabulous job bringing up Caroline to 
be a wonderful, delightful LOVELY human 
being. Inside and out! Recently, my Mom 
and I had a nice lunch with Elizabeth 
Muhlenfeld and Louise Swiecki Zingaro '80 
here in Miami, Mom is going to be 94 in 
Jun,, and is always so happy to be included 
in SBC functions. It's a consideration to 
drive to SBC in Jun., so if anybody is along 
the route between South FL and SBC, let 
me know and I'll stop and give you a hug 
along the way! 

Martha Roton Terry writes: Frances 
Barnes Kennamer is coming to Mobile 
today to stay for 3 days — she has meet- 
ings, but will stay with me. We're going 
to try to meet Carol Everest for supper. 
She grew up with Frances and me in 
Montgomery and went to SBC her fresh- 
man year only Carol lives in Daphne (over 
the bay), Frances has finally taken action 
to retire the end of May I'm jealous! I talk 
to Carol Cooper every couple of months. 
She had an awful accident last year (May, 
I think). She was getting ready tor work, 
taking a shower, and fell, that was on a 
Mon, No one found her until Thursday! She 
is very fortunate to be alive! She's back at 
work now, but has some lasting effects of 
this accident, Ann [Martha's daughter) is 
in grad, school in Boston working on her 
Master's in American Studies, She loves 
Boston and her classes. She has a teaching 
assistantship and should finish the end of 
next year. I expect she'll go on for her Ph.D. 
Caldwell [Martha's son] tried working in real 
estate in Huntsville with a friend, but the 
economy's downturn caused him to come 
home to search for something with a salary 
here — no more total commission jobs for 
him, at least not in the near future. The job 
market is rough, as we all know. He's still 
looking, but I'm delighted to have him home 
with me for a while, I still enjoy my work as 
IT Ouality Assurance Manager at Morrison's 
and love that it's so close to home, I get 
to have lunch many days with Hunter 
(chocolate lab), Tyler (Caldwell's "beagle-?"), 
and my 2 cats, CO and Shadow. I've been 
doing a lot of yoga to help keep this young 
body stretched and limber, and it's great at 
relieving stress! Frances and I had a fantas- 
tic trip to Thailand, Cambodia, and China at 
the end of Aug,-9/1 , What an experience! 
We went with 2 friends first to Thailand 
and Cambodia, and then met 6 others in 
China. The highlight of our stay in China 
was a 5-day cruise on the Yangtze River My 
favorite thing from the entire trip was see- 
ing Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia, 

Jill Lowry Wiemer was blessed with a 
3rd grandchild in 10/08 and had the last of 
her 4 daughters complete grad, school. It's 
the 1st time since '93 that she hasn't had 
at least 1 and at times 3 children in college, 
law school or grad, school! Life is good and 
full of bridge, golf and wonderful fnends. 
She spends 6 mos, in Dade City, FL, and 
6 mos, in Highlands, NC, at Wildcat Cliffs 
CC, She hopes anyone in the area will give 
her a call. They are the only Wiemers in the 
phone book in both places 

Jacque Penny saw Barbara "Barb" 
Gracy Backer at an SBC function here 
lor Betsey Muhlenfeld, "She's terrific and 
beautiful as ever, inside and out! I'm fine — 
having weird weather but othenA/ise, FL is 
good; great to live near my folks; wish I 
had a man; wish I had money; wish I were 
thin; wish I lived in France — still, glad to be 
healthy and relatively happy AND I bet I'm 
the only class member whose cat (Teddy) is 
turning 21 on 4/1 , and that's no April fool!" 

Sweet Briar College Alumnoe Magazine • www alumnae 

Spiing/Summec 2009 • 47 

Elizabeth "Libby" Tyree-Taylor 

wrote in to say. "I'm writing to you from 
Charlottesville, reminding me of my days at 
SBC. I still live in San Francisco, but both of 
my children are in school at UVA, prompt- 
ing some visits here. My daughter is in law 
school and my son is a 4th year. Both adore 
UVA. My husband & I serve on some UVA 
committees, so we get in several visits here 
during the year This weekend is our son's 
fraternity parent formal — a grand tradition! 
I'm lucky to be able to travel a great deal. 
Not only getting to VA regularly, but also 
NYC — one of my favorite cities! In Feb., I 
was able to see Jeannette Bush Miller in 
NYC for dinner and to see the Westminster 
Dog Show, what fun! In Sept., while in 
Tuscany for 2 wks I saw Jeannette's daugh- 
ter (a UVA student) while she was studying 
in Sienna. Paris was in Aug., Oct. was to 
Whistler, Canada, Nov. was Beijing and Dec. 
and Jan. were a real highlight. With both 
kids in school with a long Christmas break, 
we all went on a bike trip to Vietnam and 
then went on to Cambodia and then Hong 
Kong. What an incredible experience as a 
family vacation. Biking through the villages 
and countryside of Vietnam, meeting the 
people, and revisiting the history of the war 
was so very interesting as well as beautiful. 
We all were madly reading, discussing and 
biking. Another trip I so very highly recom- 
mend is to Antarctica. It was magical and a 
bit mystical. The icebergs, whales and the 
penguins are spectacular. I must admit that 
with this new economy, I expect to be spin 
biking while watching travel videos! At least 
as many as like can join me for the tour 
and then we can all have take-out from the 
cuisine from our tour My husband Barry is 
in Private Equity, an interesting place to be 
this year. I have several volunteer commit- 
ments, but fewer than in prior yrs because 
of all of my travel. Nothing lasts forever, 
but this has been fun! I've been able to see 
Anne Milbank Mell's children John and 
Meredith, who live in San Francisco. They're 
bright and attractive with great careers. And 
I have been able to see Kathy Cummings 
Catlin '70 several times. Looking forward to 
hearing how you all are." 

Elizabeth "Liz" Mumford Wilson 
wrote, "Things are a bit different now, with 
the economic change. Paintings don't sell 
in this situation so I've been fortunate to get 
a teaching position at our local comm. col- 
lege — intro art history! I'm having so much 
fun, and it brings back so many memories 
of SBC where I took the course for the 
1st time! I'm using the same text, Janson, 
except in the 8th edition, with lots of color 
pictures and a special Web site. No more 
standing in the hall where the extra pictures 
were pinned up, frantically trying to memo- 
rize them. But the kids still fall asleep in 
class, as we did in that big auditorium, and 
still can't remember dates. So thank you 
SBC for making me memorize all that mate- 
rial way back when; it's paying oft today." 

Frances Barnes Kennamer says, "I 
will retire 5/29 after 31 plus yrs in public 
health. I have some public health-related 

irons in the fire, so to speak, to keep my 
brain active. Mostly I plan to improve my 
golf game and spend time in Nashville, TN, 
where our daughter Helen is finishing up 
her clinical for a M.A. in Speech-Language 
Pathology. She'll likely make Nashville her 
home and is job-hunting." 

Sally Uptegrove Lee, Jr. wrote in to 
say, "I'm doing well and things are about 
the same for me in Nashville. I still teach at 
Harpeth Hall School and my husband has 
his masonry company and a company in AL 
that cuts limestone. Business is currently 
terrible for both. Our daughter is married 
and lives in San Antonio, TX. Her husband 
graduated from law school, passed the bar, 
and works for a patent firm there. Rachel 
teaches math and dance. Last summer 
my dad took my sister and me on our final 
cruise together, since he doesn't travel 
easily any more. We started in Greece, but 
mainly toured Spain and France. Bob and I 
took an adventure trip rafting down the CO 
River in the Grand Canyon for a week. I was 
thankful for a hot shower and flush toilets 
at the end. Not much else. How did we get 
to be 60 (or almost) so fast?" 

Kathy Garcia Pegues is going to be a 
Grandma at the end ot May! "A first-timer. 
Very excited here," says Kathy. She further 
reports, "I'm still teaching; this makes year 
30. Our son, Adam, is a jet fighter pilot and 
scheduled to be deployed for 6 mos. right 
after his child is born. His wife is an Army 
helicopter pilot, scheduled to be deployed 
FOR A YEAR about 3 mos. after their baby 
is born. How complicated is that? John and 
I are nearing retirement. We'll spend Spring 
Break in London on holiday. We mourned 
the loss of our 2 SBC professor-friends 
and attended their memorial services on 
campus: Jennifer Crispen and Karl Tamburr. 
The services were both lovely with many 
old SBC friends in attendance. We'll attend 
a celebration dinner for Betsy Muhlenfeld 
on 5/1 and will be sad about her departure. 
I'm anxious to see the progress on the new 
field house, a colossal structure! It was well 
underway on my last trip to campus; it must 
be under roof by now (late Mar.)." 

Claire Tate; The 4 Tates are doing 
well. I'm continuing to run a non-profit, the 
purpose of which is to provide after-school 
and summer programs for all the students 
in our county who need them. John is 
now with Wells Fargo after purchase of 
Wachovia. Son Austin works for NASCAR 
doing international licensing. Daughter 
Bright is in the Peace Corps in Malawi. The 
4 of us spent Christmas together on a tiny 
island in Lake Malawi. Life around us is sad 
and challenging for many people and we 
count our blessings every day. Claire, The 
Tate House, 1431 Biltmore Or, Chadotte, 
NC 28207. 

Susan Schmidt is glad to be back 
home in VA, now teaching English and 
coaching sailing at Christchurch School 
on the Rappahannock River. She's helping 
to plan a dynamic new interdisciplinary 
experiential environmental curriculum called 
"Great Journeys Begin at the River." 

Gale Hull Whetzel (that's me!) wants 
to let you all know that I'm doing well. I 
rebelled recently and went on strike from 
doctors and CT machines. This month will 
tell if I was wrong! I've been so fortunate 
that my kidney cancer has been a slow 
grower and that all the metastases have 
been in places easily reached by a sure 
hand and a scalpel or other various instru- 
ments! If anyone wants to talk cancer, 
just let me know. I've found some helpful 
and accurate places on the internet! Our 
youngest son, Jamie, and his wife, Beth, 
moved back to Columbus from Chapel Hill 
(crazy, huh?) last year, so we now have both 
children living close by, and it's wonderful! 
It's especially wonderful to have a giri in 
the family! Hubby Gene is still working with 
the OH State Bar Assn. and enjoys what 
he does. We get to meet so many great 
people! I'm still at home, taking care of our 
mini-zoo; 3 parrots, 1 retarded cat, and a 
rescue lab and a rescue Doberman. Our 
old Dobie died last month, and I couldn't 
stand having an "only" dog, so we rescued 
another one. They're the sweetest dogs! I 
play bridge, do church stuff, take various 
classes, and go to doctors. Oh, and we 
remodeled a little cabin in the woods that 
tried to self-destruct with the help of a 
raccoon. VERY GROSS! It's lovely now, so if 
anyone needs a quiet getaway, please come 
and stay! We see Tricia "Honey" Hammer 
frequently, in between her work and judg- 
ing horse-shows and teaching riding. She 
has several students who are doing well in 
dressage. She continues to crash on our 
couch whenever she comes to visit. I think 
it may be the only time she sleeps!" 

Lynne again here; Gale wanted to let 
y'all know of the death of Betsy Buchanan 
Fishback '73. She and Honey Hammer went 
to the visiting hours at the Fishbacks' home 
in Lexington, and Gale says, "It was just so 
sad. She was a mover and shaker in the 
Lexington world of horses (hubby a partner 
with a large vet practice). She died in Jan. 
of breast cancer." 

We'll try to pull together more Notes 
again in 6 mos. rather than a year. Please 
encourage any classmates you see or hear 
from regularly to ensure SBC has their 
current email address, so we can gather 
even more news from more people next 
time around. 


Jill Johnson 

2012 Wolftrap Oaks Ct 

Vienna, VA 22182 

My dear Lady Friends. I emailed, asl<ing for 
news on severai life fronts: weddings (your 
own or family), birttis. achievements and 
awards with bragging rights allowed. So 
many of you responded with Ha Ha's but a 
lew cherished classmates provided some 
real news. To them, my heartfelt gratitude 
for sending comments, especially as 

requested in 3rd person. To the rest well, 
just you wait . . 

Lee Essrig, my 1st responder, wrote 
that no one would be able to refuse my 
cries for help! (She was wrong.) Great 
job! {Obviously NOT I'm taking the lack of 
responses personally.) Lee's favorite part 
about getting my emails is seeing that I'm 
almost as much of a night owl as she is. 
(Old term paper habits die hard, don 't they 
Lee.) She's going to work on thinking/mak- 
ing up some FL news in the near future. 

May May Bryan Gay's oldest daugh- 
ter Elizabeth was married this past Aug. The 
rehearsal dinner was at the SBC Boathouse 
(!) and most of the out-of-town guests 
stayed at the Elston Inn. The boathouse was 
magical. They had a bluegrass band on the 
deck and a full moon. May May's middle 
daughter, Lucy, was married in '05, and 
May May is now a proud grandmother to 
Olivia (16 mos.) One more wedding to go! 

Bekki McDowell Cook attended 
SBC in our Freshman year. She was 
Cindy Gaudio's roommate in Grammar. 
She transferred to U. MO, and graduated 
with a law degree, ultimately marrying 
a classmate, John. They had 2 children. 
Hunter and Morgan, now 28 and 26 and 
neither married. She practiced law in Cape 
Girardeau, MO, 1st with the Limbaugh firm. 
She was appointed Secretary of State of 
MO and later elected, holding the position 
for 6 yrs She returned to Cape Girardeau 
and is presently mostly retired, spending a 
lot of time at the family's home in Santa Fe, 
NM. She would love to hear from anyone 
who remembers her at bekcook@hotmail. 
com. Thanks. Bekki. for taking the time to 
respond and fill us all in! 

Ann Barton Brown is happy and 
healthy, consulting for museums and non- 
profit organizations, ranging from the Latino 
Program at the Smithsonian Institution's 
National Museum of American History to a 
start-up Underground Railroad Museum in 
Kennett Square, PA. Work seems to come 
by word of mouth — so spread the word! 
To make sure her life is varied, she's just 
back from a 2-wk combination business 
and personal trip to Guatemala where she 
spent the night in the home of an indig- 
enous Mayan weaver and visited upscale 
art galleries in Antigua looking for work 
by disabled artists. She enticed them to 
enter an international juried art exhibition of 
works of art by artists with disabilities for an 
American rehabilitation hospital where she 
is the consultant curator. 

Bev Home Dommerich says she 
doesn't have much to report, no weddings, 
no babies. Gratefully her boys are hand- 
some, so there's some hope. Husband John 
took over the spotlight last year having 
been appointed by the Governor to a new 
circuit court position. Sometimes you have 
to be careful about what you wish for. He 
ended up with the "D" docket — deten- 
tions, divorces, and domestic violence. Bev 
spends her evenings cheering him up and 
trying to find bright spots in the day that 
they can discuss. Their boys will be going 

48 • Spring/Summer 2009 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

to school this summer and guarding (?) 
the house while she and John steal away 
to the San Juan Islands for a wk of biking, 
hiking and kayaking. Then they'll take a 
jaunt down to San Francisco and return to 
FL where hopefully their house will still be 
standing. {NOTE: Bev sent '08 Bermuda 
vacation pictures ttiat I wish could be 
attactied. Hmmm. Ttien again, maybe not — 
she 's just too thin and too pretty. Drat.) 

The Grapevine reports that Susan 
Snodgrass Wynne is "on the go" with the 
new grandchild plus another son's wedding. 
Still, even with family additions, busy hus- 
band Dubby, demanding civic activities, plus 
her own agendas, I can gratefully report 
that Susan aiways makes time for SBC and 
connections with classmates. 
Carol Cody Herder writes from Cancun (a 
business trip, really!) that being an empty 
nester continues to be lots of fun! She and 
Charlie travel a lot and go biking and kayak- 
ing on weekends when they aren't at their 
ranch in central TX. Daughter Sarah (26) 
and son-in-law Marc live and work in Austin 
and get away to the ranch whenever they 
can, which is a treat for Carol and Chariie. 
Son Charles (22) is a senior at MIT and will 
stay there for his M.A. next year There's a 
serious girlfriend in the picture, but no news 
yet. Although the kitchen is being remod- 
eled, the plan to downsize will have to wait. 
Carol is in the process of completing her 
application to join the DAR and is interested 
in family lineage. She's counting her bless- 
ings and hopes that all of our classmates 
are healthy and happy! 

With regard to the news, cheeky 
Marcia Wittenbrook writes that since she 
doesn't have kids, none of them are get- 
ting married or having babies; she hasn't 
had a date in 7 yrs, so she's not getting 
married; she reads voraciously but doesn't 
write except for boring contracts and busi- 
ness letters and the wonderful limerick she 
wrote in 7th grade; she hasn't received any 
awards, but she did get a beautifully framed 
color Xerox certificate thanking her for 6 yrs 
of service on the Board of Trustees for The 
Old Stone Foundation; she can't draw, but 
she's great at paint-by-numbers because 
she stays in the lines; she can't sing 
(except for in the car and at Church where 
she thinks she sounds terrific) and she 
can't dance because she trips on her feet. 
She has no vacations planned because her 
job is being eliminated, but she's going to 
sleepover camp again in Jun. Maybe she'll 
learn some new crafts there. (A/Off; I just 
want to add that Marcia 's memory needs a 
joit Years ago when we lived in Washington. 
D.C., I begged for a pair of her ballet toe 
shoes I don't know why . . . I thought 
they'd look cool hanging on the wall. I 
think I still have them. Perhaps an Ebay 
sale when fJlarcia is famous? Or maybe, a 
Reunion auction item? A treasured piece in 
the '72 IVIemory Museum?) 
Kathy Keys Graham was thrilled to have 
so many of her SBC friends attend her 
son David's wedding the weekend after 
Christmas in Birmingham. It was quite a 

celebration with Cutler Bellows Crockard 
and Doug and Liz Clegg Woodard and 

Woody coming from Houston. Dale Shelly 
Graham and James came from Bethesda, 
and Carter Frackelton and Ginnie B. 
Payne Sasser came from Fredericksburg. 
Susan Waller Nading and Alec and 
Margaret Hayes Brunstad and Jim were 
wonderful and helped entertain all the 
out-of town SBC guests. Son David is work- 
ing on a M.A. in geotechnical engineering 
at Auburn U. and his bride, Ruth Ann, is 
working on her M.A, in secondary foreign 
language education, also at AU. Keys 
also reports that Susan is a grandmother 
again. Her daughter, Murray and husband 
Marc Bromstad had a 2nd son. Hill Waller 
Bromstad in Feb. Cutler also became a 
grandmother a few weeks later! Daughter 
Callie and husband J.B. became new par- 
ents to adorable son Sunny Musselman. 

Ellse Neeland's younger daughter, 
Elizabeth, got married in Feb. at a winery 
and resort just north of Atlanta, Georgia 
called Chateau Elan. The wedding and 
reception were so much fun, as it was like 
a mini-vacation for those who attended with 
golf, a spa, wine tasting, a hiking trail, and 
many restaurants available. Elizabeth and 
her now-husband work in Atlanta, so the 
location was convenient for their Atlanta 
friends. Liz is a public relations coordinator 
for an Atlanta law firm. Elise and David's 
oldest daughter, Leslie, and husband 
Thomas were expecting the Neeland's 1st 
grandchild, a giri, in early Apr. Elise will stay 
in San Francisco for 2 wks to help with the 
new baby, followed by David the 2nd wk. 
David wanted to retire from his Radiology 
practice, but like so many others in this 
economy, will need to keep working a while 
longer Elise writes that the news of Mary 
Phillips Donohue Carerra s recent wed- 
ding was very exciting. Congratulations to 
Mary from her freshman year suitemate! 

Eileen Gebrlan sent a photo taken of 
the big 25th wedding anniversary celebra- 
tion. She was draped across her husband's 
hospital bed. Seems that Tim Barberich 
couldn't wait for that total knee replace- 
ment. Or else, he knew he had to take care 
of it ASAP in order to keep up with Eileen. 
She spends much time visiting with daugh- 
ters Sophie (NY) and Lily (Vancouver). No 
wedding plans yet for those beautiful girls. 

Special thanks to all of you who 
reviewed my spreadsheets and plea for 
help in locating classmates If you think 
you know how to contact one/some of 
the "lost "please please contact me, If you aren't getting 
my email requests for news, please let 
me know. Also, should your email address 
change, please, please put me at the top of 
your notification list For those who prefer 
snail mail, please, please, please send your 
news ANY TltiJIE to 2012 Wolftrap Oaks Ct, 
Vienna, VA 22182. Collect calls accepted 
only in an absolute, unequivocal, really 
really dire emergency 


Evelyn Carter Cowles 
4677 Catterton Road 
Free Union, VA 22940 

Nancy Lenihan Conaty writes, "As I now 
live in Hilton Head, I'm seeing more SBC 
friends in Chadeston. Attended the Food 
and Wine Festival earlier this month and 
saw Lucinda Young Larson and Tricia 
Barnett Greenberg '74. Last week Lucinda 
and I attended the cocktail reception in 
honor of President Muhlenfeld and saw 3 
"Janes"; McFaddin, McFadden and Potts, 
which I think gave "73 the most representa- 

Anne Billings McDougalls house- 
hold is preparing for daughter Maggie's 
and husband Jonathan's baby #2 in Jun. 
They already enjoy granddaughter Annie 
(1 8 mos.) Son Jim will be marrying in 
Jul, Husband Ed has taken a new job as 
Director of Church Planting for Central FL 
Presbytery, a big change from his long time 
career in Commercial Real Estate related 
businesses! In Aug. she plans to begin work 
on a certification in Christian counseling 
and they have no plans to retire at this 

Jean Piatt Rospondek writes, "I'm 
still giving golf lessons, which I'm thankful 
for in this economy. I guess people still 
need to relax and get exercise, and golf is 
more relaxing when you play better Since 

1 do most of my teaching in PA, while liv- 
ing in NJ, I'm also relieved that gas prices 
have come down from their $4-i- high. My 
younger daughter Katie moved across the 
country to Portland, OR last Jul. and likes 
it so much that she and Jon are house 
hunting (just in case, they rented to start). 
Although the $8000 tax credit is a good 
incentive for them, the housing market is 
still pretty high in that area. Jon works for 
Google and Katie for the city of Portland. My 
daughter Jessica and her husband Vincent 
are still in VA, where she teaches 2nd grade 
and keeps busy with my 2 grandsons, 
Colin (4) and Grayson (2)," Jean and Stan 
are golfing as much as possible from FL to 
HH, SC to Williamsburg and VA Beach and 
Cancun. From the small world dept; her 

2 brothers ran into Kathy Steele and her 
husband Dave at a meeting in Hershey, PA . 

Jane Potts reports the SBC group had 
a fun party in Charleston to say good bye 
to Betsy Muhlenfield, and the class of '73 
was well represented! "From Charieston, 
we had Jane Perry McCutcheon 
McFadden, Jane McFaddin (the REAL 
Jane McFaddin), and Jane Potts. (Jane 
must have been a popular name in the 
50s!). In addition, Lucinda Young Larson 
was there, who is from Milton, MA, but 
has a home here in Charleston, and hopes 
to spend more time here. Also in atten- 
dance was Nancy Lenihan Conaty with 
husband. Jay (they have moved to Hilton 
Head). Betsy Perry, Deborah Ziegler 
Hopkins and Terry Christovich Gay are 

coming to Charleston to visit me for the 
Spoleto Festival in Jun., so we look forward 
to that and hope that Lucinda and Nancy 
can join the Charleston crowd for some 
Spoleto events. Hey, Mac [Mac Cuthebert 
Langley], where are you?" 

Jeanne Schaefer Bingham became a 
grandmother last year: "While my daughter 
Stacy works as a CPA, I take nearly full-time 
care of her son Brody (9 mos.). Who knows, 
but for my brain injury I might have missed 
this joy. Even tragedy can bring blessings." 

Jane Perry McCutcheon McFadden 
was also at Helen Pruitt Butler's ('84) 
lovely party in honor of Betsy Muhlenfeld 
and enjoyed seeing '73 classmates and 
other SBC grads. She writes, "2008 was 
a difficult year for many of us in similar 
and different ways, but ours ended with 
the promise and blessing of the next gen- 
eration; Emmie Wills McFadden was born 
1 2/8/08 in Norfolk, VA. We are delighted 
and have joined the ranks of photo-toting 
grandparents " 

Christine Eng Leventhal; I'm teach- 
ing a new forensic science course at Darien 
H.S., along with genetics and science 
research. I love it. I still teach 1 or 2 fitness 
classes a week, and still take ballet. Peter 
is still running our natural food store, the 
Wilton Organic Gourmet, doing nutritional 
counseling, and teaching tai chi. Our old- 
est. Amy (29) lives in VT, and is a personal 
trainer and spinning instructor Nick (26) 
does carpentry, fishing, painting, and Jon 
(21) is at U.CO Boulder We still live in 
Wilton, TX. 

Nan Robertson Clarke; Our only 
news is that my husband Hal has the same 
job with Wells Fargo's law department that 
he did with Wachovia before the merger, a 
deputy general counsel. Anyone following 
all the bank layoffs knows this was huge 
for our family, and we are grateful. I would 
love to follow this with a great accomplish- 
ment of my own, but... oh well, maybe next 
issue! I have discovered that I have an inner 
"child of the Depression" in me and have 
been checking out books from the library 
(no more book stores!) and starting a small 
Victory garden. My late mother would be 

Laurie Norris Coccio; After retiring 
as principal of an elem. in '07, 1 was able 
to travel with my husband — some of it 
business, all of it pleasure — all around the 
world. Some of the countries we visited 
include Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, 
Eng, NZ, Chile, Argentina, Peru, Spain, 
China, India, and Turkey What amazing 
adventures we have had. Then in 1/08 an 
opportunity came up for me, and I'm now 
the director of our town library in Milton, 
NY. So far, it is less than full-time work, and 
I can still take time off to travel. I feel very 
blessed to have the best of everything in 
my life right now. 

Wendy Hoilman Robertson; I'm still 
working for the VA Dept. of Agriculture and, 
besides the budget, the main news is what 
pest we'll be surveying next. With the global 
economy, along with the trade, have come 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Spring/Summer 2009 • 49 

the exotic pests. It is certainly job 
security, but it is sad to see what our 
forests now have to face, I still live just off 
campus and see those beautiful mountains 
every day that the clouds haven't swal- 
lowed them. It is spring in VA and the early 
bloomers are in full force. My husband. Jim, 
continues to teach music lessons, daughter, 
Lisa, has moved in with us and hopes to 
both find a job and start some classes this 
fall. Life moves on. We feel blessed that 
we have enough at this point to stay where 
we are and enjoy the wonderful Blue Ridge 
Mountains and the lovely natural surround- 
ings where we live. 

Renee Sterling reported very excit- 
ing news. Quite an honor she was just 
named a "2009 FIVE STAR: Best in Client 
Satisfaction Wealth Manager" by Texas 
Monthly Magazine. This is based on con- 
sumer research and selection process and 
the section (with other Wealth Managers 
and Estate Attorneys) will appear in the 
8/09 edition 

"Weezje" Blakeslee Gilpin is in her 
2nd yr. as dean of students at The Bishop's 
School in LaJolla, CA. She writes, "I thinl< I 
must have been destined to be a southern 
CA girl— I absolutely love it here. While the 
east suffers through snowstorms, I enjoy 
"cold" days in the 50's and the exotic day 
of rain every 6 weel<s or so! Bob is on staff 
here temporarily filling in for one of our 
college counselors who had to relocate to 
Dallas. It is great having him on campus 
and we get to eat lunch together daily on 
the school terrace. He continues to run his 
own business doing educational consult- 
ing, so this time of year involves waiting 
for his clients to hear from colleges. We 
thought he was done with that after our 3 
grew up! We leave this weel< for a quiets 
trip to Costa Rica for our youngest child, 
Christopher's wedding. Both he and his 
fiance, Allison, are lower school teachers 
living in NYC, Alexa is living in MD and has 
finished her long-awaited BA and is working 
for an online university. Blaise turned in his 
doctoral thesis this week and has won a 
post-doc fellowship at UNC, Bob, who got 
his PhD at Duke, is having a hard time with 
the thought of Blake being in Chapel Hill. 
Basketball season could get ugly! Blake is 
getting married to Abbey Kuhe on 6/21 on 
Martha's Vineyard, so we get to be parents 
of the groom twice this spring! I went to a 
conference in New Orleans in early Dec. 
and had the chance to go to dinner with 
Betsie Merle Gambel, a real bonus. She 
looks terrific despite having a cold, and it 
felt as if we were back at SBC. I attended 
a wonderful SBC event here with outgoing 
president, Betsy Muhlenfeld. Having missed 
my 1st reunion, it is nice to stay connected. 
Please look me up if you are lucky enough 
to travel to San Diego," 

Candace Sheffield Neilson writes, 
"I'm at work. It is tax season and I work 
in an accounting firm in New London, CT 
We are VERY busy 6 days a week and 
happy for it! It is a blessing to have a job 
with the economy the way it is. Life has 

been busy with 4 kids. My oldest, Sarah 
was married last Sept, and lives in NH, My 
oldest son. Matt (24) works in NonA/alk, 
CT but lives close enough to see us often. 
My 2 youngest, Kate, a senior and John, 
a freshman, are at the U.CT They all are 
very active young adults and they help to 
keep me young — at least in my thinking!" 
In her leisure time Candy pursues what she 
loves: dancing and singing. She sings with 
a Sweet Adelines Chorus (4-part harmony, 
a cappella) out of Providence, Rl, They 
compete internationally and are ranked 4th 
in the world. "I love the competitions and 
the performances! My husband, Keith and I 
enjoy ballroom and swing dancing, and I do 
tap, jazz and sacred dance. It's a fun way to 
get exercise in! I loved seeing the pictures 
from reunion. Everyone looked fabulous! 
I hope to make the next one. Through the 
years I have kept in touch with and seen 
Betsy Thayer and Chris Sherwood 
Warner. When we get together it's amaz- 
ing how the years just melt away! It's a 
"Fountain of Youth" tonic!" 

Lisa Fowler Winslow just got back 
from a wonderful vacation in Cancun 
with Betsie Meric Gambel and Jane 
McFaddin and Jane's sister Margaret (SBC 
'75). "We had a great time gabbing by the 
pool and catching up on our lives. All is 
going well with me - my kids are great. 
My son practices law in San Diego, CA: my 
daughter is in her 1st yr of law school at 
UC Hastings in San Francisco. So I guess 
I'm covered in the legal area! I'm still a 
law librarian at a large law firm in L.A. and 
enjoy my work immensely. I'm playing a lot 
of golf and enjoying that as well." 

Anita McVey O'Connor: After leaving 
the non-profit organization that assisted 
migrant farm workers and other vulner- 
able populations, I went to work at a senior 
center in Kennett Square, PA, It has been 
an eye-opening experience. I have learned 
much about the aging process, what my 
parents can expect in the next few yrs and 
what my peers and I can expect in the next 
20 to 30 yrs The transitions we (as caregiv- 
ers) and our loved ones will go through can 
be traumatic and heart-wrenching, and 
the more we learn about healthy aging, 
residential living options, financial security 
in later life, the better prepared we will 
be for our families. The transitions can be 
celebratory, if we are prepared. I urge all 
my "sisters" from SBC to do their research, 
so that we can all age gracefully! As for my 
husband, John, he is still self-employed, but 
fortunately not traveling as much as he did 
in the past, 

Diane Dale Reiling ends her term 
on the Alumnae Board and the Board of 
Directors in Apr "I served a 3-yr term as 
one of 3 Alumnae Board representatives 
to the Board of Directors, What an amaz- 
ing 3 yrs, and what fun I have had! This 
year's Homecoming will showcase the 
new Fitness and Athletics Center the new 
"Green Village" — student housing, and the 
Tusculum Institute (a resource center for 
historic preservation), as well as introduce 

our 10th President, I'm so honored to have 
had a voice in all the decisions that led 
up to these exciting accomplishments and 
new directions for the College, I advocate 
being involved with your local Club, and if 
you are interested in doing more for SBC, 
please let me know because I would love 
to "nominate" others from our class, I have 
convinced my husband. Chuck, to attend 
my last Board meeting weekend with me 
in Apr and attend Betsy Muhlenfeld's last 
party — maybe we will have our photo in the 

Trish Gllhooly O'Neill I m at our 
house in the Cotswalds at the moment. 
My husband Mike and I still split our time 
between England and HI. I just got back 
after taking the roundabout way ... via 
Cambodia, Thailand, Bali, Singapore, Qatar 
and Egypt. ..the wonders of an around the 
worid ticket! 

Betsy Thayer is now a fully-fledged 
licensed clinical social worker after a 
mid-life career change. "There's nothing 
like a little school work at mid-life to get 
shaken up and energized a bit! Currently 
I'm doing community mental health and 
co-occurring counseling for 2 agencies. 
It's great fun being an empty-nester (after 
a little adjusting). Generational and SBC 
classmate circles have come completely 
around at one of the agencies where the 
HR Director is the daughter of a good friend 
of my freshman roommate, Emily Garth, 
(Emily the daughter is Chariotte Higgason 
Gregorie.) I feel like I'm back at SBC when 
I hear her charming 'southern accent'! Like 
many northern areas, and even the south 
today (3/1/09), we've had lots of snow, 
but most of it pretty and good for snow 
sports. The thought of a beautiful VA spring 
soon, however is a beautiful and warming 
thought, compared to spring in May for us. 
Even though my time at our reunion a year 
ago was brief, it was great to see so many 
people, and encourage everyone to keep 
our 40th in mind!" 

Ann Major Gibb: I recently spent a 
wonderful weekend in D.C. with Diane 
Dale Reiling who was there interviewing 
the last 2 candidates for SBC president. We 
were able to work in a great dinner and a 
lovely day touring Mt. Vernon. I'm working 
as a grant writer for Snow Hill, a small town 
in MD now, in addition to my marketing 
job for them. An interesting job for these 
interesting times we live in. Our children are 
in Richmond, VA and Philadelphia, PA. Fun 
places to visit, 

Kathy Pretzfelder Steele had an 
eventful year "Last Sept., our younger 
daughter, Kelly who trains the killer whales 
at Sea Worid, was marned in Orlando. It 
was a beautiful day all around and we are 
delighted with our new son-in-law. Our 
older daughter Tracy, was maid of honor 
She continues her career as an attorney in 
Chicago. Husband Dave coaches the h. s. 
swim team who just finished their season 
with the triple crown, i.e. they won their 
conference, county and state champion- 
ships, were voted team of the year and 

Dave was named coach of the year As 
for me, I'm AVP of Business Development 
at the insurance company where I have 
worked since graduation — that must be 
some kind of record these days! I like my 
job and I have a 10-min. Commute, so it's 
been a good 36 yrs", 

Sandra Schwartz Tropper This 
is my last year as the national chair for 
the Personal Property discipline for the 
American Society of Appraisers, but I 
continue to be very active in the education 
program of the ASA organization. In addition 
to my own practice as a fine arts appraiser, 

1 teach Principles of Valuation courses at 
Pratt U., Northwestern U,, the Rl School of 
Design, and for the 1st time this summer 
the U.CA at Irvine. I have recently been cer- 
tified by the Appraisal Oualifications Board 
to also teach a course for personal property 
appraisers on The Uniform Standards of 
Professional Appraisal Practice, 

Ginger Woodward Gast: I'm still 
teaching 1st grade in Fairfax, VA and will 
continue until youngest Katie (1 8) graduates 
from college. At this wnting, She's unde- 
cided but has been accepted at several 
places, Katie and I had dinner with Pascal 
in her lovely home last summer and it was 
so much fun to revisit old times. At this 
writing, I have no weddings, and no grand- 
babies with the children, but I'm looking 
tora/ard to those days, 

Susan Kirby Peacock just partici- 
pated in the making of a home in the show 
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, "It was 
a blast — armies of blue-shirted, white 
hard-hatted people (including me) scurrying 
around trying to tear down a house and put 
another one up, complete with furniture, 
landscaping, and the works, all in 1 week. 
It is amazing that this can happen, I helped 
paint wall murals in one of the bedrooms, a 
room housing 2 teenage girls. The theme of 
the room was "Sea and Sky," and we had 
fun painting fish, birds, coral, lighthouses, 
and lots of clouds. The show will aired on 
ABC on 4/12." 

Peggy Cheesewright Garner com- 
pleted Master Gardener's Class last spring 
which she found amazing, challenging 
and interesting. She's still in Jr League of 
Seattle and 2 garden clubs in Seattle. Her 
husband, John, has had health challenges 
for 15 mos. but coming though really well. 
"Our daughter Whitney, is a freshman 
at U.OR and really likes it. She's a math 
and computer whiz like her Dad . . . only 

2 Yi hrs. away, so we love that. Off to 
Mexico for Spring Break. Yippee! I stay in 
constant communication with Lisa Fowler 
Winslow who says cut backs are even 
affecting her legal library in her law firm. 
Whitney and I spent a really fun weekend 
with her in Pacific Palisades last May I'm 
also in email-communication with Betsie 
Meric Gambel. Jane Tierney, and Jane 
McFaddin " 

Susan Dern Plank writes, "Life con- 
tinues relatively uneventfully. I continue to 
be a 'naturalist instructor' at a NYS Dept. of 
Environmental Conservation's education 

50 • Spring/Summer 2009 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • ' 

/ alumnae. sbcedu 

center teaching such subjects as: 
exploring nature with toddlers and classes 
for elem. and m.s. students about insects, 
animal signs, ponds, streams, snowshoe- 
ing, and maple sugaring. We had a normal 
winter with snow this year, so I was able 
go snowshoeing and cross-country skiing 
with friends on the trails at the center also. 
David and I spent time on Ambergris Caye 
in Belize in Nov. with our daugtiter, Elena, 
joining us from D.C. for a week; we will be 
returning there in May. I also serve as sec- 
retary and chair of the scholarship commit- 
tee for another organization. Our association 
will be holding its spring meeting in con- 
junction with our counterparts at Union Coll. 
in Schenectady, NY, in 5/09 as they induct 
new members into their Phi Beta Kappa 
chapter. I had a lovely visit with Laurie 
Norris Coccio in mid-Jun. at her charm- 
ing camp on Galway Lake. We had a great 
time catching up on news of classmates 
and our children. We also had friends from 
my days at St. Andrews visit us in 10/08; 
their daughter, on a semester exchange 
program at the Rl School of Design, spent 
a week with us at Thanksgiving. In 1/09, 1 
finally met the delightful SBC senior from 
my town, Jessica Pisciotta '09, when we 
belatedly celebrated SBC Day over coffee 
one evening. She spent her junior yr. in 
Guanajuato, Mexico, so we had fun com- 
paring notes about our experiences abroad 
and as students returning to campus. My 
husband David recently completed his 10th 
yr, with The Gordian Group, a job order 
contracting firm, whose headquarters are in 
Maudlin, SC. In early 3/09, we attended the 
SBC Symposium at Mt. Vernon on George 
Washington's leadership and had a most 
enjoyable day, after spending the weekend 
with our daughter." She also reports that 
Lucinda Young Larson's younger son 
graduated from Milton Academy in the 
spring of '08 and had plans to attend 
Washington U. in St. Louis, where his 
studies would have a strong focus on 
architecture Ginger Woodward Cast's 
mother-in-law came from IN to live with 
them in Fairfax, VA for awhile prior to her 
death at age 96. Lastly, Susan reports that 
"our frequent flier, Diane Dale Reiling, had 
a hand in selecting SBC's 10th president, 
Jo Ellen Parker. We thank her immensely for 
her tireless efforts on behalf of the college, 
serving on both the Alumnae Board and as 
the Alumnae Board representative to the 
Board of Directors for the past several yrs, 
flying across the country quarterly from her 
home in Seattle. In addition, through her 
efforts as president of the Seattle SBC Club, 
she has encouraged many young women 
to venture 3,000 mi. from home to attend 
a small women's college in VA. Hooray for 
Diane! She does us proud!" 

We had sad news last Jan. when Betsy 
Buchanan Fishback passed away after 
a long battle with breast cancer. She lived 
in Lexington, KY, with her husband Dave 
and her youngest daughter Sarah who 
is a current student at SBC. Her oldest 
daughter, Leslie, lives in VA Beach with her 

husband and 2 children. At SBC she was 
very active in the riding dept. and continued 
her dedication to horses throughout her 
life. She will be missed. I also heard from 
Kris Howell who is in Rocky Point, NC. She 
sent me a great flyer on her nonprofit, "The 
Ruffian Foundation, a Feral Cat Sanctuary" 
designed to help the increasing number 
of feral cats in the Wilmington area mostly 
due to rapid economic development and 
abandoned cats, which is a real problem. 
And I'm still in the process of moving 2 
mi. down the road, a hint that we have not 
yet sold our farm, but at least we have just 
rented it and I can slowly discover what 
junk I don't need to move! Reynolds is still 
practicing vet. Medicine, but looks forward 
to slowing down to enjoy our new place. I'm 
painting as well, and now that spring has 
begun in VA I'm riding again. 


Rosalind Ray Spell 
2710 Orchard Knob SE 
Atlanta, GA 30339 

Meredith Thompson Sullivan 
PO Box 1283 
Livingston, MT 59047 


Karin Lindgren 
Lantana, FL 33462 


Ann Kiley Crenshaw 
1216 Cedar Point Drive 
Virginia Beach, VA 23451 

Becky Wilson McDonough resides in 
Hopewell and is the director of the com- 
merce. She stays in close contact with Pat 
Neal, Nonie Mickley, Missy Briscoe, and 
Jody Anderson 

Ann Brown Richards Last year was 
one of the happiest and saddest yrs with 
the birth of my 1st grandson and the death 
of my parents within 7 mos. of each other. 
Next year will be my last year of teaching 
and I'm really looking forward to being able 
to travel with my husband and be a grand- 
mother! We are planning a spring trip to 
Sedona, Grand Canyon, etc. and my middle 
daughter who lives in Southern CA will meet 
us for part of the trip, 

Mary Woodford reports from 
Washington, D.C. that there are no great 
changes in her life. Her stepdaughters 
continue to pursue their interests in grad. 

school, international public health and 
women's American history. One will com- 
plete her MA. this spring, and the other is 
working away on her Ph. D. Her husband is 
finding, unsurprisingly, that executive search 
has slowed down with the economy, and is 
planning for his retirement. She had 2 sad 
family events last year: her father-in-law 
passed away over the holidays at the age 
of 93. "He was an absolute gem and is 
greatly missed — still very sharp mentally, 
and kept involved in all our lives." The other 
sad event was that she had to put down 
the last of the 3 pets who greeted her when 
she married into Jim's family. "Smokey, the 
cat, was 16, and had learned to control 
both Jim and me since he had become 
the last surviving pet a few yrs ago." They 
are negotiating future pets, but haven't yet 
acted. OthenA/ise, they are trying to ignore 
the economy around them, and will keep 
themselves amused on the golf course as 
much as possible. Her aim to break 100 
last year was not achieved, but she lives in 
hope in '09. Mary and Jim were heading off 
to Vail this weekend to ski for a week, and 
are hoping for fresh snowfall between now 
and then. 

Lynn Kahler Rogerson is getting 
married at the end of Mar. in the Chapel 
at Princeton. They will be honeymooning 
in Bermuda and Olivia (10) will join Lynn 
for the last 4 days — she says:" We are 
going on our honeymoon!" She celebrated 
with Maureen O'Hearn Slowinski and 
Sara Brady Gordon at a tea recently, and 
Norris Judd Fergeson (who will be in 
New England taking her daughter to visit 
schools) will be at the wedding. Lynn's 
wedding colors are pink and green! When 
she returns she will have her spring trip 
to Europe to develop new museum exhibi- 
tions. At the beginning of the summer the 
happy family will move into their new home 
together (actually it was built in 1770), and 
then Bill and Lynn will take Olivia on a road- 
trip out West to "see America." It is a busy, 
but happy time! 

Marilyn Moran Goerler reports big 
news! "In '08, 1 connected with a lot of 
family I didn't know I had, including a half- 
sister Emmy in CO! My son, Chris (13), and 
I have traveled to meet everyone, and I was 
so inspired that I wrote 4 books of poetry 
with corresponding photographs. Several 
poems and photos were even published 
in a literary magazine! Very exciting! I'm 
currently working part time as director of 
client relations for a law firm, writing press 
releases, newsletters, ads, and managing 
their website." 

Caroline Bickel McLoughlin is still 
in D.C, married with 2 kids and enjoying 
sports: tennis, paddle, and golf. Caroline 
reports that she is looking at high schools 
for son Hollis for next fall; daughter Caroline 
is a junior at Bucknell. She is currently on 
UVA's program called Semester At Sea and 
is traveling around the world on a cruise 
ship of 733 college kids who have classes 
on board and travel when at port. They will 
be meeting her ship in Vietnam for their 

son's spring break this Mar. Her summers 
are still spent on Cape Cod at their family 
home in Hyannis Port where Caroline visits 
with extended family and enjoys the break 
from the D.C. heat while sailing, golfing etc. 

Susan Verbridge Paulson is still liv- 
ing in Colorado Springs, and loves her work 
as principal. 

And! Yellott sends a loud "Howdy!" 
Her son Benet (19) is in his 2nd yr at 
Goucher Coll., majoring in psychology, look- 
ing ahead to grad. school, and loving life 
and his growing abilities to psycho-analyze 
his family and friends. "Andrew (1 6) is in yr 
#4 of homeschooling (10th grade), looking 
to graduate a year early, then pursue his 
dreams of making music, being a sound 
engineer/recording technician/producer, and 
becoming a career criminal. He and Benet 
are in a band together, so our basement 
rocks. Ben and I still work for JHU/CTY in 
the Distance Writing Program. I still have 
McBlarney O'Pony, my Irish Cob, although 
not much time to ride. We also have Rollick 
(8), the German Wirehair Pointer, cat Homie 
(6), and, for reasons that escape me, Brosif 
Barclay (8 mos), the Bluetick Coonhound, 
who is not going to be his obedience class 
valedictorian, I can assure you. I'm proud 
that my god-daughter, Sarah Balderston 
(Workado's kid!) is SBC Class of '09. Her 
younger sister, Maggie, remains at SBC to 
carry on the Yellott/Workado tradition of 
model behavior and high academic achieve- 
ment. Finally, I must add that Karl Tamburr 
will be sorely missed by all; he was a 
gentleman and a scholar, and his wondertui 
influence both in the classroom and out will 
live on." 

Cathy Slatensheck's note announced, 
"I got married!" There is a great pic of the 
party at Sally Mott Freeman's with Mary 
Beth Hamlin and other SBCers Slats is 
now living in Weems, VA. near Irvington 
with husband. Bill "Bo" Prillaman, who's 
an architect in Irvington, also the tennis 
pro at the Tides. She works for Rep. Rob 
Wittman (VA-1) as his outreach coordinator 
in the Yorktown office and is busy building 
a new home. Slats and Bo visited Sally Old 
Kitchin in her lovely new home this winter. 
Sally hosted a lovely evening with Sarah 
Longstreth Bradley '77, Chic Grones Gall 
'79, and yours truly, Ann Kiley Crenshaw. 
Needless to say a good time was had by all! 

Sally Old Kitchin is pleased with the 
selection of Jo Ellen Parker to be our 1 0th 
president. "She is passionate about wom- 
en's education and she has the experience 
to continue the momentum created by the 
Shape of the Future process and under the 
leadership of Michela English, Ginger Collier 
and Betsy Muhlenfeld. We are thankful for 
Betsy as she helped us turn the century 
and lead SBC to be a nationally recognized 
leader among women's colleges. We will 
miss her!" 

Lisa Nelson Robertson's daughter, 
Elizabeth, was married in 9/08, and her 
oldest daughter, Laura, and husband Peter 
are expecting their 1st child — Lisa's 1st 
grandchild — in May. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magozlne • 

Spfing/Summec 2009 • 3 1 

Melanie Holland Rice (aka Million 
Dollar Melanie) advises that tier Real 
Estate business is booming in spite of the 
headlines. "And both children, Carrington 
and Tripp, are off into the big world and 
paying their own bills!" 

Ann Works Balderston has been at 
SBC a fair amount in the last 3 yrs because 
Sarah and Maggie are both there. "Sarah 
transferred in and is now a senior (a French 
major who wonders what job she will be 
able to get in this economy!), and Maggie 
is a sophomore, who is considering tak- 
ing advantage of the opportunity to earn 
her M.Ed. They both love it!" Biv and Ann 
have been active in tundraising, and are 
currently serving as the Chairs of SBC's 
Parent Steering Committee. "Our son John 
is a Junior at Allendale Columbia, where I 
continue to spend a lot of hrs. volunteering. 
Our love continues to be Jackson, WY." 
Last year, Ann was out there for 2 mos., 
which was great! They all hiked and rode 
a lot. "All in all, we are healthy and happy 
I stay in touch with Andle Yellott, Felice 
Ludington, Dede Alexandre LeComte 
and Christy Carter Sauer 77, though not 
anywhere near as much as I'd like, Hope all 
is well with you and yours." 

Dede Ryan Ale's writes from Houston 
that life is quiet. Both boys are in college 
and doing well. "I did a redo on my kitchen 
last summer so did not have to cook for 
4 mos. During the project. Hurricane Ike 
hit us, so no power for a week." It really 
was not all that bad, but she was happy 
to get her air conditioning back. Dede will 
be at SBC in Sept. for the opening of the 
new gym and hopes to see a lot of familiar 

Ann KIley Crenshaw: My baby is 
in his 2nd yr at UVA. I continue to enjoy 
my law practice and life in general. Look 
fon/vard to seeing many of you at the next 


Sally Bonham Mohle 
5039 Lewlsetta Drive 
Glen Allen, VA 23060 

Ebet Little Stevens: Still in Durham after 
20 yrs. Our oldest daughter, Liz, a civil 
engineer married her Vanderbilt classmate, 
Derek Detring, 2/07. They live in Perth, 
Australia. The SBC crowd at their wedding 
included Sally Bonham Mohle. Debbie 
Koss McCarthy. Ainslie Jones Uhl '76 
and, of course, my sister, Anne Little Woolly 
'83. Our daughter, Anne, is a senior at 
Davidson Coll., and son Rob is a junior in 
h. s. at Andover outside Boston, MA. Bob 
teaches health care marketing at UNC and 
Vanderbilt business schools, and I now have 
a little more time to work on my small sales 
consulting business 

Sarah Bruce Kelly: Husband Frank 
and I relocated to the SC coast (from 
Richmond, VA) a couple of yrs ago, I'd 

planned to at least semi-retire at that time, 
but I got drawn back into teaching full time. 
Now I'm in charge of fine arts and classical 
studies at a private school; I'm loving it too 
much to consider retiring soon. Frank, an 
insurance broker hasn't retired either, but 
living by the ocean we feel like we're on a 
permanent vacation! We recently celebrated 
our 29th anniversary. Last summer Frank's 
insurance sales won us a week-long cruise 
along the Rhine, from Zurich to Amsterdam. 
From there we rented a car and drove 
down to Belgium, where we spent another 
week touring around and visiting friends. 
We have 2 children, Frankie (28) and Mary 
Catherine (22). Frankie, a UVA-graduate, 
is a rising golf pro and works at a country 
club in Pawley's Island, SC. Mary Catherine 
graduated from Longwood U. and teaches 
Kindergarten at St.Christopher's School in 
Richmond, VA 

Elvira Cash Pecora: Life in Chapel Hill 
continues. We had a snow storm, all of 3", 
but everything came to a standstill. My hus- 
band still works for NY Life selling annuities, 
long term health care, and life insurance. 
I'm taking a break from teaching 4-yr-olds 
and am now in retail at Talbots. I love leav- 
ing my job at my job, and although I miss 
the children, I don't miss writing lesson 
plans, progress reports, and dealing with 
temper tantrums. Our boys are well. Greg 
(23) works in the career counseling dept. 
of the 3rd Chapel Hill h. s. and coaches 
the men's soccer team; he graduated from 
Denison U. in OH in 5/08; Kent (20) is a 
sophomore at Dickinson Coll. in PA, study- 
ing Physics and running cross-country and 
track. On my last trip to PA, I stopped in at 
SBC and was amazed at all the improve- 
ments to the campus. I attended a SBC 
luncheon here in Chapel hill and met some 
new folks. I see Debbie Koss McCarthy 
often and hear from Janet Myers Deans. 
Peggy Hailey Sheehan. and Marianne 
Hutton Felch. As always, the welcome mat 
is out for those passing through. 

Cindy Kendree Thieringer Recently, 
I spent time with Barbara Morgan She 
was the #2 teacher for the NASA teacher 
in space program. Christa McAuliffe was 
the #1 , and she perished in the 1986 
Challenger disaster After the Challenger 
Disaster, NASA determined that anyone 
going up on a mission needed to be trained 
as an astronaut. So Barbara Morgan went 
through over a 2-yr astronaut training 
program, and 8/07 went up to the ISS 
(International Space Station) where she 
worked unloading the pay load (supplies tor 
the ISS) and conducted experiments to be 
shared with students in classrooms back 
on Earth. As you already know, I have par- 
ticipated in both Space Academy and then 
last summer in Advanced Space Academy. 
After only a few weeks of rigorous astronaut 
training, I would say that being an astronaut 
is "out of this wodd." In 2/09 I'm headed 
to Houston to present at the SEEC (Space 
Exploration Educators Conference). I'll be 
teaching teachers how to inspire their 
students through math, science and tech- 

nology curriculum based on the instruction 
of Space 

Jean Romanske Zaniewski: I'm 

enjoying retirement with husband Ken, son 
Eric (12), and daughters Ilka (9) and Alice 
(6). The year's highlight was attending the 
inauguration with my son. 

Debbie Koss McCarthy: I continue 
to love my work as Exec, Director of the 
Augustine Project, a non-profit literacy 
program serving low-income children and 
teens throughout the Triangle and now 
replicated in 6 other cities. David is con- 
sulting with UNC-Chapel Hill, and we have 
fun visiting son, Alex, in Manhattan and 
daughter Courtney, and her husband, John, 
in Atlanta. We had a great vacation in Spain 
with Courtney and John last summer 

Dee Hubble Dolan: I've thrown myself 
into my company this year and it's going 
great guns. Dignity Care Services provides 
companionship and transportation for the 
senior sector of the population. It is such a 
rewarding professional adventure! My hus- 
band, John, passed away 7/4/08 after only 
8 yrs. of marriage. I'll live the rest of my 
life missing him, but am fortunate for the 
time we had together Nina Baker Neal 
and Barb Bernick Peyronnet helped me 
through this sad experience. Now, I have a 
new home and plenty of loving critters to 
keep me company. Amy, my stepdaughter in 
Lexington, VA, is quite busy with Will (2) and 
Cafe (8 mos.). Anyone have a pony to sell 
for my grandkids? Recently it snowed a foot 
here in Powhatan, VA, so I hooked up the 
sleigh to Banner and took a bunch of kids 
and seniors for a ride. I'll never grow up. 

Kate Mcllhinny Montgomery: I hope 
to direct another film soon and am mean- 
while busy writing 2 new screenplays and 
trying my hand at a novel. My daughter, 
Suzanne, will graduate from Kenyon Coll. 
this spring. She was in Paris all last year 
with SBC's program, which she loved (and 
so did I as I managed to visit her twice!) 
My son Del is a junior in h. s. just starting 
to look at colleges, including a few on the 
east coast. My husband Doug is still in real 
estate investment and cyber security. We 
just crossed the $1 million mark in net funds 
raised for our local Children's Hospital with 
an annual benefit called "Chase the Blues." 

Becky Mayer Gutierrez: My family is 
growing, and I love it. I have 2 grandsons, 
Gavin (2), and Gauge (1) — Anthony's— and 
a new grandchild due 3/19 — George's. 
Grandchildren are absolutely the best. My 
youngest son, Mike, is graduating in Jun, 
and leaves in Jul. for the Army. It's an 
honorable thing to do, but scares me a lot. 
He's going to St. Louis to become an MP 
Teaching 5th grade in Greenfield, MA, at 
the m. s. Have always taught at an elem. 
before, and this just confirms why I did. I 
hate being run over by 7th-graders as big 
or bigger than me. Trying to keep paying 
the bills like everyone else. Now the MA 
governor wants to add a 1 9 cent-tax to a 
gallon of gas. Let's hope that doesn't 
happen. Finishing up my M.A., happy 
and blessed. 

Linda Guardabassi Michael: 8/08 

our middle son Paul married Kimi. They 
live in Wake Forest, NC, and are getting 
their M.A. of divinity at the seminary there. 
When they graduate in '1 1 they'll be sent 
somewhere in Southeast Asia as missionar- 
ies. Oldest son Andrew got his undergrad 
degree and is now getting his degree in 
nursing. Daughter Krista will attend Miami 
of OH U. in fall and will join their eques- 
trian team. In fall, Doug and I will become 
empty-nesters and move into a new stage 
of life. Doug works full time. I'll be figuring 
out what to do when I grow up. I'm hoping 
to go on a mission trip with my church to 
Cuba. I saw Karl Shipley when she visited 
me in Ft. Lauderdale in Feb. All is well with 
her and she continues to be an excellent 

Vivian Yamaguchi Cohn: All is well 
at the Cohn household. In Jun., our old- 
est, Clayton (22), will complete his term of 
service with the U.S. Marine Corps, which 
included 2 tours to Iraq. It'll be nice to have 
him close to home when he starts classes 
at DePaul U. in Sept. A special thanks to all 
our men and women in the military for their 
service. Our 2nd son, Cliff (19), is a sopho- 
more at Vanderbilt. He loves the school and 
is playing club rugby. He spent spring break 
with other Vanderbilt students on a house- 
building mission to Uruguay last year This 
year they just returned from a similar mis- 
sion in Rio de Janeiro. He also spent 2 wks 
in Israel last summer. Our twins, Chadie 
and Will (14) are h. s. freshmen. They play 
hockey and lacrosse. We spent winter break 
in UT skiing. It was a special time for Stuart 
and me to have all of our boys together 
Clay hadn't made this ski trip in 5 yrs 
because of his deployments or training, and 
he managed to join us this year while on a 
96-hr leave. I'm still working full time — ^just 
marked my 1 9th anniversary as General 
Counsel at Chicago Underwriting Group. 

Stella Wright Martin: I don't remem- 
ber the last time I relayed news, so let's 
catch up! The biggest news is that I'm a 
grandmother! Oldest son Everett and wife 
Laura had Thomas Everett Martin V (Rett) 
on 1 2/1 . They live in Tulsa, OK, and all are 
doing great. I can't believe that we're all 
old enough for the next generation. In my 
mind, but obviously not my mirror, I'm still 
20-something and will hopefully keep this 
delusional feeling for many yrs to come! 
Youngest son George is a junior/senior at 
U.AL and loving every min.; he's figured out 
how to squeeze 1 more football season as 
a student out of life. Tom and I have been 
married for 27 yrs. and business partners 
for 6 yrs. We're together all the time and 
having a ball! We don't make anything that 
is a necessity of life, but life is good and 
business is good. I know we're in a reces- 
sion, but we have decided not to participate 
and most of our stores are doing the same! 
We own 2 companies and manufacture 
and sell gift products to stores all over the 
country through all the wholesale gift marts. 
Twice a year I make the rounds of gift marts 
in Atlanta, Dallas, Boston, Chicago, 

52 • Spring/Summer 2009 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

L,A., Seattle and NY, and twice a year 
I go to CtiJna and Hong Kong to develop 
more products, I never know wtiat time of 
year or even what year it is — I'm currently 
worl^ing on spring '10, just finisliing the 
designs for Holiday '09. I'd love to visit 
with anyone and everyone in these points 
around the globe! Now for a little shame- 
less promotion. . . the brands are Fine 
Whines, Bellemonde, Noble Initials and 
Gerard Puvis Collection. Fine Whines is 
a whimsical, yet sophisticated (if I say so 
myself) line of products poking fun at life 
through acronyms (P.M.S.: Punishing My 
Spouse). Somehow a lot of them do have 
a festive cocktail theme (ri c.h : Relax It's 
Cocktail Hour), and our new acknowledge- 
ment of the current state of the economy, 
p.o.o.r (Proudly Only Offering Rot-Gut). 
My research and development depart- 
ment is the corner wine store! The creative 
juices do flow with the aid of wine, and I 
do believe I developed this skill in the wee 
morning hours after the parties had ended 
in The Pit! Bellemonde is predominately a 
luggage line, good prices and good-looking, 
and our Gerard Puvis line is all about enter- 
taining with a French flair, our trays and 
plates feature the intoxicating sculptures 
of this famous French wine artist. End of 
advertisement! Ya just can't get rid of the 
salesmen — I love to sell! We're working 
harder than we have ever worked, and as 
a friend in the biz said, I'd love to cut down 
to half days — 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.! The joys of 
having your own business! We still live in 
Atlanta, and when not on the road for biz 
or pleasure we love to travel home to AL. 
Eventually it's our plan to move to AL — no 
retirement in sight, just move to AL and 
keep traveling the globe as much as pos- 
sible. I'd like to keep my bags packed and 
be on the go all the time. 

Stephanie Maxson Kenyon: The 
Maxson-Kenyon household continues at 
its hectic pace. The oldest son made the 
varsity baseball team and has had multiple 
(fortunately relatively minor) injuries this 
year to keep us on a 1 st-name-basis with 
the folks at Urgent Care. The youngest is 
enjoying m. s. while I continue teaching 
6th grade, and my husband is working as 
a full-time substitute in 2nd grade. We're 
off to the spring baseball tournament in 
Charleston in Apr. and, as always, looking 
fonward to summering in ME. 

Barb Bernick Peyronnet: We're well 
Maggie (19) is enjoying her freshman yr. at 
W&M and Annie (1 4) will start h. s. in the 
fall, Doug and I just try to keep up! I'm still 
snow-skiing and golfing. In May, I celebrate 
5 yrs. cancer-free; last Oct. my 9-hole 
group raised $39,000 for VCU Massey 
Cancer Center, and I'm walking in the 
Ukrops 1 0k 3/28 to raise money for cancer 

Libby White Drbal: All is fine here, 
with Drew (1 8) loving college life at Elon 
U. outside of Greenville, NC. He joined a 
fraternity, so is not hurting for a social life. 
Tyler (16) is experiencing the "only-child- 
syndrome" and IS missing his big bro. As 

a sophomore, he's busy with lacrosse this 
season and Boy Scouts and continues pur- 
suing his interest in acting. I enjoy working 
part time at a saddler, dabbling in the horse 
worid again and easing out of running the 
Boy Scout Troop, finally. Doug travels quite 
a bit out West with Pfizer Animal Health and 
is active in Boy Scouts as a scoutmaster. 
An 80 lb Golden Retriever "puppy" (1 1 
mos.) is keeping us "young." It was great 
to catch up with Meg Richards Weiderseim 
'78 in New Hope, PA, for lunch Hoping 
to see IVIaggie Shriver, Jo Jo Scott 
Busey, Vivian Yamaguchi Cohn— all 77 
grads, Addie Eshbach Donnolly and Meg 
Weiderseim '78 and Keedie Crones Leonard 
'76 in a lakeside cabin this Jul. We're 
workin' on it. 

And I, Sally Bonham Mohle, am 
making another change; by the time you 
get this, Pete and I will have moved to 
the Richmond, VA area, to another 55-1- 
community, courtesy of the recession. Our 
niece lives there; we're looking forward to 
seeing her and her family more often. If 
you didn't get an email from me soliciting 
your notes, then I don't have your cur- 
rent email address. Please email it to me 
at the address shown above. Also, I have 
created a group for our class to reconnect 
on Facebook and we have 20-1- members. 
Please join us if you're on Facebook, 


Suzanne Stryker Ullrich 
820 Waverly Road 
Kennett Square, PA 19348 

Life continues to be busy for all of us with 
holidays, celebrations, and all the day-to-day 
activities and challenges that come with it. 
Lee Corollo Boyes was thrilled to have 
gotten a clean bill of health after her 2nd 
round of chemotherapy for breast cancer 
and continues with teaching h. s. chemistry. 
She also does a little consulting on the side 
with a company called Clean Air Challenge, 
helping teachers implement new "green" 
curricula. She is about 50 mi. north of San 
Francisco, but her son, who lived and taught 
in San Diego, was about to move to Wl. 
"Culture and weather shock!" Her husband 
sells promotional products for conferences. 

Cathy Mellow Golterman was at 
the "decision making" time with her h. 
s. seniors, twins Catherine and Christen. 
Catherine chose Westminster in Fulton, MO, 
while Christen was still undecided between 
Westminster and Ole Miss. Their graduation 
present came a little early in the form of 
a Western Caribbean cruise for the whole 
family, a long time in the making! Woody 
was finishing up his sophomore yr in h. s., 
playing a lot of tennis. They'll all be working 
at Burr-Oak Camp as counselors (Cathy as 
assistant director) this summer, then go up 
to Minocqua, Wl "for summer skiing, sailing, 
bar-b-queing, shopping and family bonding." 
lee. have your son get in touch with Cathy. 
Her Wl sounds pretty nice! (Don 't l<now 

about the winters though.) 

After living further south for many yrs, 
Carey Johnson Fleming was "desperate 
for winter to end," but was in the throes of 
the NY State Hockey Championships. Ian, a 
junior in h. s., is quite a player and his team 
was on to the Nationals if they won! Ian had 
been accepted into the Summer Session 
at the Naval Academy in late May to have 
a taste of the "plebe" experience. He'd like 
to study aeronautical engineering there, but 
they all realized the long process that lies 
ahead with the application. (Is there anyone 
that might be able to help with the nomina- 
tion end of things?) lan's other interest is 
golf. Carey's and David's older son, David, 
is a firefighter in Charleston, SO, and just 
bought a house. Carey was hoping that he 
would continue with his education. He was 
studying for his entrance exam, with interest 
in getting his M.A. in Public Administration. 
Carey was excited about her jobs that had 
developed. She works 20 hrs a week con- 
sulting with a group that handles drug and 
alcohol prevention programs, and she also 
works 1 hrs a week at the Therapeutic 
Riding Center. "It's perfect!" She and David 
were able to fit in a trip to Mt. Vernon to 
attend the SBC event, where they met up 
with Paula Brown Kelley 

Donna Mihalik J. G. Lee wrote in; "I 
was a featured reader at the Poetic Voices 
Without Borders 2 and Small Press Month 
celebration at the New York Center for 
Independent Publishing, Mar. My poems 
"Blue Dusk" and "The Women" appear in the 
anthology. I'll be a featured reader at Barnes 
& Noble Booksellers in the Princeton (NJ) 
MarketFair on 9/14/09. My poem "A Life 
of Blood" appears in the anthology Women. 
Period. My poem "Country" appears in the 
journal genre: arrivals and departures [http:// 
www. csulb. edu/colleges/cla/departments/ 
complit-ciassics/genre/index.htnl}. My hus- 
band's poem "I'm Dennis" is online (spring 
2009 issue of Umbrella: A Journal of Poetry 
and Kindred Prosd) ; http://www. umbreh click on Wondrous Strange. 
Dennis's poem "My Jesus" appears in sub- 
Terrain magazine, Canada. 

Lura "Lu" Litton Griffin wrote in; 
"Things are busy here with Sarah's senior 
year! She decided on NC State U. in Raleigh. 
Her plans at this point are to major in 
biological sciences with a concentration in 
human biology and then apply to pharmacy 
school. Everything we've seen at NCSU has 
appealed to her. She wants to study abroad 
one semester and become fully bilingual 
in Spanish before she enters pharmacy 
school. NCSU emphasizes that they're a big 
school with a small school feel. Though I'm 
not a fan of large schools, they are doing 
everything right for her! She's doing great 
in h. s. and will graduate in the top tew of 
her class. She's considering applying for a 
special research job at NCSU this summer 
for lab experience, but also thinking about 
working in a local pharmacy 

Ivey is so tall you wouldn't know him! 
About 6 ft! He loves 9th grade and all the 
social things. He's in a public h. s. that just 

opened this year about 5 min. from our 
house. He's adjusted well moving from his 
80 student K-8 private school. He swims 
for a USA team year round and in addition 
lettered in cross country and swimming for 
his school. His swim team went to the state 
meet and came in 4th across the whole 
state! He's on the track team now and doing 
well on it also! He made the A honor roll so 
we have no complaints. He's training for a 
triathlon on 4/4 and getting ready to start 
his Eagle project in Boy Scouts. He's a great 
drummer and plays daily. 

Alan is doing well and has recovered 
fairiy well from his fall a year ago. Still has 
some issues with his teeth that they're 
working on. Business is slow, slow, slow. 
Know anyone who needs a multimillion dol- 
lar house built in Linville, NC? 

I'm working now and then when there 
is work. Not too much money available to 
write grants for right now. Most foundations/ 
donors have pulled back after 10/08. not 
knowing what to do with their principles 
decreased by 25%-^. It's wait and see for 
most. There's lots of mom support work 
to do for Sarah as she applies for scholar- 
ships and such. Driving Ivey here and there. 
Keeping our home lives sane. Alan is con- 
tinuing to work very long hours. 

Deb Davison Klein is enjoying being 
an empty-nester with husband Terry (ski- 
ing a lot, a trip to Sun Valley) and is still in 
Real Estate. Her passion is still riding and 
showing hunters and jumpers on the CA 
A Circuit, but she and a friend had each 
written a book last summer, the first 2 in 
a series of books they have in their heads 
("about divorce and the crazy life it entails; I 
can't tell the title yet, but it is hysterical. It's 
funny and sad and a greaf survival guide"). 
They were looking for an editor to help with 
rewrites, and then a publisher. ("Anyone 
in the publishing business?") Deb's son 
Peter is attending the Kimberton School 
in PA, near his Dad, and "is definitely my 
East Coast Child, loving the lifestyle of the 
easterners as opposed to Californians." 
After spending half of his junior yr in Laguna 
Beach, he decided to head east in Jan. 
Deb's older son. Bo, lives nearby in Newport 
Beach, CA. She and Terry get to see him 
"when he is desperate for a home-cooked 
meal, and doesn't have any parties to 
attend." Daughter Whitney graduated from 
CO U. in Boulder and decided to stay there 
to look for work. She was seeing a boy from 
Atlanta, "so who knows where Whitney will 
end up!" 

With all of the economic upheaval, 
Lenore Cox was happy to have been trans- 
ferred by her company. Genworth Financial, 
to Richmond, There were 1 000 people 
laid off, and only 30 transferred. She was 
thankful to be among the 30! Lenore was in 
the process of planning a brief escape next 
Aug. to the beach, to get away "from all of 
the grim financial news," Hope it is better 
by now! 

Betsy Hurley admitted that she was 
at the stage of life where "no news is good 
news," but had just gotten back from a 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Spring/Summer 2009 • 53 

Patrick's Day with family. "Beautiful, 
warm weather never gets old ... I could get 
used to that climate!" 

Edie Baird became a great-aunt! Her 
oldest nephew and wife had a boy this past 
Mar. She's learning to knit in a mission 
group at her church. "I enjoy it and it gave 
me a creative outlet in the cold weather! 
Now that spring is here, I'm back in the yard 
gardening. It's always good to have those 
kinds of 'outlets,' although I'd consider it 
more like 'therapy' sometimes! Other 'out- 
lets' include getting together with friends, 
old and new, catching up and sharing life's 
experiences Lauren Place Young and 
Chris are doing an incredible job on their 
1 880s house in VT. A Valentine's visit proved 
to be chilly outside with lots of snow but 
toasty inside! The views were spectacular 
Julie Pfautz Bodenstab, Mimi Borst 
Quillman and I were able to finally get 
together for a fun evening in Apr., commis- 
erating over the many challenges and joys 
of raising boys! The Limoncello was a nice 
treat too! 

With all classes allowed to include infor- 
mation in all issues of the Alumnae News, 
I'll continue to send out electronic reminders 
for the Class Notes periodically However, 
I will send out a "snail mail" note once a 
year in late summer, so that everyone will 
have an opportunity to submit their news. 
Email addresses change, as do physical 
addresses. Please let me, or the school, 
know if yours have changed. I know that 
many of you didn't receive the most recent 
email. Many apologies. If you could please 
send me a short note from your current 
email address, with SBC '78 in the 
subject line, that would help me verify my 
information. Hope you have all enjoyed 
your spring, and have lots to tell next time! 
Be well. 


Ms. Graham Maxwell Russell 

525 S Flagler Dr 


West Palm Beach, FL 33401 

Elizabeth Connor Kelly wrote in to the 
Alumnae Office: Although I have managed 
to be in Louisville, KY, for the 135th Derby 
plus celebrate my father's 80th birthday, 
I must return to New Zealand before our 
30th reunion. I'm sad to miss returning to 
SBC. I'm still dancing and performing. A 
small group of us performed a contempo- 
rary dance piece in our park's Festival of 
Lights in Jan., plus I've done improvising 
for young children celebrating their school's 
birthday I also work privately as a dance/ 
movement therapist. Steve is a child/ado- 
lescent family psychologist at the hospital 
in our town New Plymouth, New Zealand. 
Our son Patrick (1 7) won the 200- and 
100-meter butterfly at the NZ division 
swim meet. Next year he'll swim at the 
division I meet (national age groups). He's 

attending a global young leader's congress 
in Washington, D. C. and NY in Jul. with 
mates from his school (New Plymouth Boy 
H. S.) Then he goes to Houston to attend 
the International Space School as the 1 boy 
(there's also 1 girl) from NZ. This has been 
his dream since he was 3 (loved hpoWo 
?3). He wants to return to the USA to study 
aeronautical and space engineering. Teague 
(1 2) won his intermediate school debating 
trophy last year and also does sudo and 
swimming and |ust started playing bassoon. 
Patrick plays violin. Life is good in Aetearoa 
(land of the long white cloud). I'm grateful 
for all my blessings. 


>\a.,.<.„ .iYLi; '??la^ 3.1-3.3. 3070 

Lillian Sweeney 
74 Longuevue Dr 
Pittsburgh, PA 15228 

Toni Santangelo Archibald writes All 
is well here in NY I'm still working as the 
director of alumnae relations and special 
events at my h. s.. School of the Holy Child, 
in Rye working part time 3 days a week. 
It's a great job for me. Eldest son Johnny 
graduates from U.CO Boulder in Dec. 
majoring in civil engineering; son Franny is 
a freshman at the U.S. Naval Academy play- 
ing football, and daughter Sara is a junior at 
Rye h. s. I enjoy connecting with many SBC 
classmates on Facebook, so much fun! Chip 
and I enjoy playing golf and are traveling to 
Annapolis for football games. 

Randie Benedict will be leaving 
Garrison Forest School after 19 yrs of being 
the Director of Admission and Financial Aid 
and will become the Head of School at The 
Ellis School in Pittsburgh, an all-girls PK-12 
day school. The family will move in Jun., so 
if you're in Pittsburgh, please look us up. 
We'll have a guest room for visitors! Parker 
will be a senior in 9/10 — the Centennial 
Class at Garrison Forest — and was elected 
Student Body President, very exciting. 
She's been living in the dorm for the 2nd 
semester this year, as she is enrolled in our 
coordinate program with JHU and is study- 
ing with an environmental engineer Lex has 
taken some time off this year and is now 
back in school trying to decide what he 
would like to concentrate on going forward 
and Ben is busy with his manufacturing job 
which has him traveling all over the U.S., 
and he's cooking up some "green" ideas as 
well. Randie looks fonA/ard to catching up 
with you this fall, I hope. 

Silky Hart writes: I got married in Oct. 
to Tom Michero! We 1st met 29 yrs ago, 
crossed paths again 3 yrs ago and finally 
had our 1st date 1 V2 yrs ago. I'm VERY 
HAPPY! We bought a darling house in the 
historic district of McKinney, TX. Recently, 
I received a small business development 
grant to relaunch my business. Expressive 
Hart. I'm transitioning from working with an 
agency (A.R.tS. for People) as an expres- 

sive arts therapist to setting up my own 
shop. Also, it has been so much fun to re- 
connect with SBC classmates on Facebook! 

Pam Koehler Elmets writes: Hi from 
CA. The twins are in college, Andrew at 
use and Lauren at Santa Clara. Both are 
happy, which reminds me of my great 4 
yrs at SBC. Caroline is in 7th grade and 
has a new puppy! In Jul. Doug and I will 
have been married for 25 yrs! I had the 
pleasure of visiting the Elmets clan in SF 
last Apr — whata treat to meet Caroline and 
here about their goings on, 

Anne Secor still lives in the woods 
north of Montreal with twin girls Romy and 
Naia (going on 3) and husband Steve. Been 
doing Web design for US and CA clients, 
and Steve is consulting with an agency that 
services the airlines. Enjoying precious time 
with the girts They bring so much joy. 

Jeannine Davis Harris writes: Big 
year for the class of 1 980 with 50th 
birthday celebrations! Celebrated with 
classmates in Mary Esther, FL & VA Beach 
with classmates Fanny, Lillian, Catherine, 
True, Barbera, Carole, Lisa, Liz, Georgia & 
Ginny Lots of laughing ... and drinking! 
Went to Paris with my sister last spring, 
traveled to Aix en Provence and stayed with 
Jill Steenhuis and her family Extremely 
memorable trip! Saw Jill again this past 
summer in the Highlands, NC. I continue to 
be active with the NJ SBC Alumnae Club 
and fundraising. My daughter Leigh is going 
to Furman fall of '09. If you know of anyone 
going there, let me know: 

Susie Smith Kemp: Brad and I are 
doing great. We hosted an art show with 
Kim Fuller last fall for Jill Steenhuis, It was 
fun seeing her again. Saw her last summer 
in France. Michelle (1 8) graduates from 
Casady this year. 1st one to leave the nest. 
She hasn't decided where she'll be attend- 
ing college. 

Beth Fletcher Lubin: Lilian, you are 
a trooper to do this job again. Thank you! 
Marvin, Hill, and I are all good. Hill turned 
21 on 2/29, which we didn't have this year, 
but he's legal nonetheless. We celebrated 
25 yrs of bliss last summer and will hope- 
fully make it to 26! We see Georgia and her 
brood regularly, which we love. Just rocking 
along, much poorer, like most of the world. 
Oh well, things just have to get better We 
all have soon-to-be college graduates look- 
ing for employment! Love to you and yours. 
Take care, 

Allison Becker Chapman still lives in 
Austin with husband Ronnie, daughter Sara 
(11), and Boston Terrier Mia. Loves work- 
ing in the Intensive Care Unit and planning 
to enter an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner 
program in the fall. 

Lind Robinson Bussey writes she has 
taken up the game of golf at 50 — not very 
pretty! "But even more so, can you believe 
we're all 50! Our daughter is in the world 
of the employed for now (yeah!) and has 
a serious boyfriend. Both sons seem to be 
taking a very long time to complete their 
Ole Miss college educations. John and I are 
enjoying life and having fun!" 

Here is my update — I got together with 
Sally Gray Lovejoy Janel Hughes Wiles 
and Lisa Falkner O'Hara in Sept. We all 
met at Sally's condo in Kiawah, SC, The 
weather was perfect and we had a great 
time catching up. 

Kim Wood helped Susie Smith 
Kemp host an art show for Jill Steenhuis 
Ruffato in Oct. — a huge success. "Susie's 
house was perfect for the event and we 
all had a great time. Life is super busy for 
me working 7 days a wk. I still work as a 
travel agent 3 days a wk and then I spend 
the rest of the time at Therametics working 
with my husband Bryan. I'm hoping all our 
hard work will pay off someday. Anyone 
looking for great anti-aging products should 
visit our Web site at www.therametics. 
com. We also have products that treat 
Eczema, Rosacea, Psoriasis, and Radiation 
Dermatitis. We are hopeful that '09 will 
be a big year for us and that our products 
become nationally known. We did manage 
3 quick get-a-ways, all in Mexico: Play Del 
Carmen in Apr to celebrate my 50th, Puerto 
Vallarta for Thanksgiving, and Cozumel in 
Dec. to celebrate our 21st wedding anni- 
versary. Looking forward to seeing everyone 
next May (2010) at the 30th Reunion!" 

Carson Freemon Meinen keeps wait- 
ing for life to slow down a little bit, but so 
far no such luck. "Our son Burk graduated 
from TX ASM last May, so we are halfway 
there. Caroline is due to graduate from A&M 
next May so we're on the downhill slope. 
Ed and I are looking forward to a cruise of 
the Greek Isles this Aug. Work continues to 
occupy most of my time that isn't taken up 
with my new Golden Retriever puppy. Ed 
says I needed something to fill my empty 
nest. Hope all is well with you. Caroline still 
talks about how much fun she had when 
she came to our 25th Reunion. I can't wait 
until the next one," 

Nancy Bade Fuller: Caroline (26) mar- 
ried in Aug. to a wonderful boy she met at 
Vanderbilt. He's an officer in the Marines 
and heads to Afghanistan in May Elizabeth 
(23) graduated from GA and is living in 
Austin. Craig (16) is at Woodberry Forest in 
Orange, VA, so we spend a lot of time in VA, 
Drew and I are still in San Antonio, trying 
to get used to the empty nest. Call if you 
come to town. 

Lisa Heisterkamp Davis had that 
"milestone" birthday and intends to 
"celebrate all year A trip to Aruba with a 
girlfriend was my 1st indulgence. We had 
drinks with umbrellas in them and laughed 
a lot. Augusta is a freshman at Hobart and 
William Smith Coll. Every time she tells me 
it's cold, I don't say "I told you so!" She will, 
once again, work with Mary Gearhart '78 at 
Raquette Lake this summer Dash, a junior 
at Cambridge School of Weston, is livin' that 
sweet 16 life. Josh is using the business 
downturn to devote himself to physical fit- 
ness and have some of the fun he didn't 
have when he was working so hard the last 
20 yrs! I'm finally a grad. student in a M.A. 
program in Clinical Mental Health at Lesley 
U. in Cambridge, MA, I just asked for my 

54 • Spring/Summer 2009 

Sweet Bfiof College Alumnae Magazine • 

1st extension on a paper! Try that if you 
want to feel young. Regards to ail. 

Sandra Rapaccioli PadJIla: Tfiis past 
year I had to do lots of traveling since my 
husband Max was assigned the office in 
Montevideo, Uruguay, He traveled back and 
forth from Managua to Uruguay from Apr- 
Dec, and I went to see him a few times. 
This year his is going only once a month, 
I was able to visit with Toni Santangelo 
and Francie Root in May in NYC In Jun. 
we went to Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. 
It was fun for the 3 young ones, since they 
had not seen snow. We went to the skiing 
area in Santiago, Max and I took Max Carlos 
and Jorge during their college spring break 
to Peru, to see the Machu Picchu ruins. It 
is breathtaking, a trip that I recommend to 

Kate Sharp (Belle): Kate works as 
a legal aid attorney and loves it. Daughter 
graduating from college and going to China 
for a year Son is going into senior yr in h, s. 
and is quite the hockey player, Kate joined 
Facebook recently . , . "what a 'hoof!" 
{katebelle@comcast. net or katesharplaw® 
Comcast, neti 

Elizabeth Thorsey aka Beth Purdy: 
Britt (19) returned home from a year work- 
ing in Paris and London and is now officially 
a 1 st-yr at UVA and has pledged the Kappa 
Kappa Gamma (KAPPA) house. Katherine 
(16) is a sophomore in h. s. busy with 
soccer, friends and. above all else, music. 
I still run my search firm and riding every 
chance I get. I hope to be competing at 1-1 
this spring. Just survived a kitchen remodel 
which I think was worth the stress. Rich and 
I are busy with work supporting all of us. 
Best wishes to all! 

Missy Gentry Witherow: I'm here 
and waiting for each of you to return 
for our 30th Reunion! We are living in 
Chariottesville, VA, and are busy with family 
and work and watching our giris grow up 
too fast! 

Susan Gentry Taylor is still with Brit- 
ish Airways (19 yrs in Apr). Still married 
to the same fellow (30 yrs last 9/24!) "His 
name is Patrick Taylor No kids of our own, 
we borrow nieces and nephews and their 
kids! In our minds, we're grandparents 6 
times over! Still traveling as much as pos- 
sible. Next is a big family trip to the Mayan 
Riviera in May, I'm also starting to plan a 
group trip to Oberammergau, Germany, 
next year to see the Passion Play, which 
only happens every 1 yrs. That should be 
a great one\ Another trip I'm planning is to 
see my "Glass" dorm-mate, Sandra Rap- 
paccioll Padilla, in her native Nicaragua 
where she now lives with her husband and 
5 kids! By the way. Gentry is my maiden 
name, and Taylor is my married name, and 
my name is only hyphenated in British Air- 
ways, Everywhere else, Gentry is my middle 
name now." 

Phyllis Watt Jordan still works at 
the Washington Post as MD editor These 
are tough times for newspapers, between 
the economic downturn and the migration 
of readers and advertising to the Web. But 

the Post is a good place to weather the 
storm. She lives with her husband, a Navy 
JAG, and kids in northwest D,C. Miranda 
(11) shows real talent as a writer and artist, 
Jake (10) loves history, science, and sci- 
ence fiction, 

Pam Leuzinger Williams: I live in the 
Richmond area where I spend most of my 
time selling houses, playing tennis/hang- 
ing out with the girls, learning golf (a good 
midlife crisis/50-i- sport) or running around 
for my boys. Trip attends St, Christopher's; 
Will is finishing up at U,AL, A big hello/ 
smooches to Quela, Susie, Rube. Cammie, 
Nancy, Anne, Cackle, Lisa & Mary! 

Georgia Schley Ritchie is General 
Counsel for a real estate developer and 
hanging in there! "Son Addison turned 16 
in Sept., and India is 13, but still proud to 
be able to say I have 1 child under 1 — 
Tallulah is 9! Tailulah and I just returned 
from a fun weekend in NYC with Francie 
Root, Looking forward to reunion #30 in 

True Dow Datillo: The yrs have flown 
by, haven't they? 30th reunion is looming, 
OMG, My work here at Phillips Exeter is the 
same, unlike my 2 boys (16 and 17) who 
are moving through adolescence too quickly 
for my liking. I relish the time my SBC bud- 
dies and I've been able to be together this 
past year, especially VA Beach walks and 
the life-line of emailed photos & updates 
afterwards, Barby, Lil, Schneids, Jay. Ginny- 
sue, Carol billy b-bisquit, Catherine, Fanois, 
Georgia, Liiiiiz, and those unable to be 
at 2 places at once , , , I love you all! 
50 is a wonderful time to be alive. Oh, 
was in Ireland seeing to my aunt Martha 
Fehsenfeld's book signing, getting rave 
reviews already, about Samuel Beckett's 
Letters, Am on my way to Italy to celebrate 
husband Lou's big birthday in his family's 
hometown, Guilianova, How cool will that 
be! Jet-setting yayas, move over 

Tish Longest Tyler: I'm coming up 
on my 25-yr anniversary with the Attorney 
General's office in Richmond. I still greatly 
enjoy my work. I traveled to France with 
some friends in 9/08 and spent 1 wk at a 
language school and the 2nd wk touring 
the Loire Valley, ending in Paris. I traveled 
to Paris in 2/09 for vacation — the highlight 
of this trip was taking a fun (and delicious) 
pastry course with a French pastry chef! 
I chat and visit with Carolyn Birbick 
Thomason (Wilmington, NC) frequently, 

Fran McGlung Ferguson: After 
spending the winter as an unemploy- 
ment statistic, I'm starting a new job on 
4/1 as the director of development at 
the VA Museum of Transportation here in 
Roanoke — trains, planes, and automobiles! 
Husband Norman works at VT, Son Robert is 
a sophomore at Lenoir-Rhyne U. in Hickory, 
NC, studying to become a m, s, science 
teacher Daughter Carol is a freshman at 
SBC this year, and my niece Julia McClung 
graduates this spring. They are the 4th 
generation in my family at SBC, It's wonder- 
ful to have the college that meant so much 
when we were there still be so wonderful 

today, and it's been gratifying to get to go 
back and watch the new gym finally ris- 
ing, that our class worked so hard to bring 
about. Viva the pink and green! I can't wait 
for our next reunion! Thanks for all you do! 

Thanks to all of those who emailed 
me, and to those of you who did not, make 
sure SBC has your current email address, 
so I can include you in the magazine. As for 
moi, Lillian Sinks Sweeney aka Muffit: 
Still living in Pgh — I'm now Educational 
Coordinator at Family Hospice and Palliative 
Care. An exciting "big" job to keep all staff 
in compliance and competent to take care 
of the dying. Son, Taylor (1 6) is thankfully 
too busy to get the old driving license! He's 
very involved in musical theater and rifle 
team. Yes, they give loaded 22's to teenage 
boys and giris! Husband John is still an 
evangelist for new technology in the printing 
industry, I hope everyone will be thinking of 
our next reunion; it's always a ball! 


Claire McDonnell Purnell 
Four Thompson St 
Annapolis, MD 21401 


Consuelo Michelle Martinez 
7007 North Tripp Ave 
Lincoinwood.lL 60712 

In spite of her busy life. Heather Pirnie- 

Albert was the 1 st to share her news; 
thank you Heather! She and the family 
relocated 1 5 mi, outside of Nashville, TN, 
where they enjoy their brand new home 
where "everything works properly and is 
under warranty," Heather is in her 2nd tax 
season with Direct Tax Services and likes 
the challenge of building a business from 
the ground up. Now based in the greater 
Nashville and Tampa areas, the main 
focus of this expanding business is auto 
insurance (located in the southeast area). 
Husband Michael is finishing his teaching 
certification, student teaching in fail, and 
will become fully certified. He hopes to 
teach either m. s. or h. s. in eariy 2010. 
Daughter Rebecca (24) is in Atlanta, work- 
ing as a case assistant at a major law firm 
while sister Samantha (19) is a freshman 
at Sewanee: The U, of the South, She made 
Dean's list her 1st semester and is enjoying 
college life. Last summer, the family took 
a Caribbean cruise, followed by a trip to 
Williamsburg, VA, to celebrate Heather's 
parents' 50th anniversary. She and Mike 
celebrated 26 yrs of wedded bliss in Mar. 
and will mark the occasion with their own 
family cruise this May. The celebration will 
continue in CT for Mike's parents' 50th 
anniversary celebration in Jun. 

A true NJ girl Deborah Price- 
Bowman enjoyed seeing Bon Jovi and 

Bruce Springsteen both in NJ in '08. When 
not rocking & rolling, she and the family 
took a beach vacation in the Mayan Riviera 
in Mexico for winter break. Deborah writes 
that children, husband, and dog are all 
doing well. 

Surviving a cold winter and looking for- 
ward to spring. Liz Hoskinson writes from 
Bronxville, NY Liz thrives on teaching, writ- 
ing, and riding which has been minimally 
impacted by the poor economy. Liz hopes 
fellow classmates are as fortunate as she 
has been and are surviving the downturn. 
She achieved certification in equine sports 
massage therapy, thoroughly enjoys doing 
energy work clinics, and working with "just 
about anything with a pulse," 

Gracie Tredwell-Schild sends her 
greetings from cold and snowy Mdssingen, 
Germany, where she enjoys teaching 
English part time and bird watching. On Fri. 
3/13, Grade's lucky day, she was fortunate 
to see a troop of Bohemian Waxwings. She 
enjoys quilting and knitting. Her husband's 
biography of Lincoln debuted and was cov- 
ered in the papers and radio for Lincoln's 
birthday celebration. She also appeared in 
the paper as one of the many Americans 
celebrating President Obama's election 
in Nov. Gracie writes that her son makes 
decent grades in school "without breaking 
a sweat" and is sure other mothers can 
sympathize with the frustration of seeing a 
"possibly great mind slouching around in 
a (pre-) teen body." She has been assured 
that he'll pull himself together in his own 
good time and therefore tries not to become 
too stressed; he's not even 1 1 . 

As always, it was delightful seeing 
Marie Engel-Earnhart in Jan to celebrate 
Nancy Dougherty-Davidson and Molly 
Finney-Grenn's 50th birthdays Briana 
Boswell-Brown and Alice Dixon were 
also on hand to enjoy the hospitality of 
Jean Von Schrader-Bryan at her parents' 
wonderful home in Alexandria, VA. When not 
teaching history and doing volunteer tutor- 
ing on the weekends, Marie and her lovely 
and very bright daughter, Mary Whitney, are 
touring college campuses, as she will start 
college in the fall 2010, 

Danielle E.M. Bielenstein is the 
Budget Officer. FIC, the international arm 
of the National Institute of Health, She 
writes that the center is caught, just like 
everyone else, in the perfect storm of 
uncertainty — as they have no current year 
spending bill, have not yet submitted the 
reams of paper for funding FY 2010, and 
are therefore in unknown territory with 
regards to the Stimulus package. On the 
bright side, SBC invited Danielle to come 
in mid-Mar as part of a panel on women 
in science in government. She will stay 
over, have breakfast in the Refectory and 
host an informal breakfast for any students 
who have remaining questions. This will 
be Danielle's 1st time back to SBC since 
graduation, she therefore looks forward to 
it, and we look forward to reading about 
her visit. 

Ready for spring, Monika Kaiser- 

Sv^eel Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Spring/Summer 2009 • 55 

emotional roller coaster. Daugtiter 
Alexa (18) graduated from h. s, and is now 
studying Musical Theater/English at the 

Miami's Frost School of Music, Son 
Julius (13) excels in school and will start 
h. s. in the fall. Husband Richard still 
works and often on business travel in 
the Caribbean. Last Jun. Monika went to 
Germany with Julius to visit her family and 
father who was very ill. Less than 2 wks 
upon her return to the U.S., her father 
passed away, and she traveled back to 
Germany for his funeral services. In Aug. 
the whole family went back to Europe 
to visit Richard's family in France and 
her family in Germany Always an active 
participant, Monika helped register voters 
and canvassed for the Obama presidential 
campaign. Our sincere condolences to 
Monika and her family. May the memories 
of her father bring them much happiness. 

Life in Washington continues to amaze 
and entertain Monty Tripp who writes 
from D.C. The new administration has 
brought fresh energy to the lobbying busi- 
ness and she still enjoys her work with 
Wexler&Walker Husband Don and Monty 
looked fonA/ard to a great '09 when they'll 
celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary 
and her 50th birthday. She hasn't seen 
anyone from SBC in quite some time, but 
welcomes the chance to catch up with any- 
one coming to D.C. 

2009 has been a busy one for Cathy 
Miller. Daughter Madeline (16) is in the 
final process of getting her driver's license. 
As a sophomore, she is busy with a select 
volleyball team going to tournaments. 
Daughter All (14) is involved with perform- 
ing in plays at her h. s., husband David 
is on their church vestry as the Junior 
Warden, while Cathy is busy with work and 
recovering from back surgery. Fortunately 
she and David look forward to a cruise to 
the inland watenways of AK in May. Cathy 
hopes all is well with our classmates and 
would love to hear from them. 

Joan Vetter Ehrenberg continues to 
find joy in daughter Kate's (11) interest in 
musical theatre. Kate achieved her 1st role 
with lines after 3 yrs She was so excited, 
she came home and counted out her 1 9 
lines, thrilled to have lines and a song with 
the local theatre company. She also takes 
voice, plays piano and loves the theatre. 
Joan won the judges award for the state 
PTA Reflections gontest for literature, her 
other passion. She volunteers, either for 
the theatre company or for the Democratic 
Parly and "is thankful for our new president, 
one for all Americans" and looks "for a 
more united America." 

Same job, same husband, same kids, 
same car and even the same pets, Martha 
Tisdale-Cordell writes from OK that 
time is stretched thin juggling between 2 
teenagers and aging parents. Gracious as 
ever she feels blessed to have a nice life 
when so many are being affected by the 
economy Son Ryan, a junior, and family are 
headed to VA and NC to look at schools. 

Martha hopes he'll consider W&L, but at 
the end of the day, he may want to go 
to OU and admits that at least OU has a 
great football team! Daughter Mary Louise 
is a freshman with the intention to go to 
a school in the Northeast, preferably NYC. 
Martha will return to her previous position 
as Dean of Students this summer: she 
had reduced her hrs this past year to take 
care of some issues with her parents, and 
believes she is happier and more productive 
when she is working full time. Unfortunately, 
Martha claims she never sees anyone from 
SBC and decided that OK is not a destina- 
tion for the class of '82. If anyone ever 
travels Route 66, please do make Martha 
happy and give her a call! 

It's been quite a year for Anne Goebel 
Bain: she sold her import business to her 
ex-partner who is taking it to China as a 
domestic company. Anne is now a senior 
investment consultant at American Century 
Investments and much happier to not have 
the daily stress of running her own busi- 
ness. She does miss the travel — many trips 
a year to China and Vietnam along with 
visiting customers in the U.S. She still has 
vacation time: her next jaunt is a quick trip 
to the silver towns of colonial Mexico to cel- 
ebrate her 15th wedding anniversary. She is 
avidly studying Spanish, especially the "bus 
station" words. Anne still lives in Palo Alto 
(Silicon Valley), enjoys working on jewelry, 
trying to remain fit, which she says is "an 
endless battle." 

From Athens, GA, Frances Ruth 
Fowler-Bauerle retired from her ophthal- 
mology assisting position, but still works 
with a cornea specialist one day a month. 
Ever the jack-of-all-trades, Ruth juggles 
several ventures: a personal assistant to a 
retired artist, an occasional receptionist at a 
very fun salon, but most importantly taking 
her 2 sons (17: 1 1) to tennis tournaments, 
and cheering on husband Jack's swimmers 
at U.GA and abroad. She is on Facebook. 
Busier than ever but the payoff comes 
when Ruth heads 30 min. east to the family 
farm where she enjoys gardening, carpen- 
try, and entertaining. 

Since moving 2 yrs ago, Rosemary 
Hardy remodeled her kitchen and the fire- 
place. For nearly a week, she had a crew 
of workers in the house from eady morning 
until evening, but the end product is worth 
it. In Jun., Rosemary will go to Chicago for 
her eldest nephew's wedding (1st of 13 
nephews and nieces to marry). Her nephew 
asked her to be a part of the wedding party, 
and she's amazed that a young man in 
his mid-20s would think his middle-aged 
aunt is "cool enough" to be included in the 
festivities. After the wedding, Rosemary will 
make a trip to VA to visit Rebecca Coggin 
Hubert '83. 

Jennifer Rae would like to share with 
the rest of classmates about Linked In, as 
there is an SBC Alumnae Group. Margareta 
Colangelo set up the entry. It's a great 
online networking tool, which she uses for 
networking and business purposes. Another 
tool Jennifer would like to share is Skype 


Polk Green wishes she could share 
fabulous news, but cannot at the moment 
as she was laid off on 1/1 9 and as of 2/1 5, 
no nibbles whatsoever No pity party for 
Polk, ever the optimist, she believes that 
everything is for a reason. She misses 
everyone and wishes she could see us all in 
Lynchburg, VA. Fellow classmates, if you or 
someone you know are looking for an expe- 
nenced quality manager and consummate 
professional in the Lynchburg area, please 
contact me for Polk's info. 

Recently earning the title of MAID — 
Mother Addicted to Irish Dance — Lee 
Watson-Lombardy was in the middle of 
several St. Patty's Day shows in local area 
pubs. If there are any other SBC MAIDs out 
there, she'd love to hear from you. Between 
now and the end of Jun., the family will 
travel to Philadelphia, West Palm, Charlotte, 
Chicago, and Augusta, GA, all for Irish 
Dance. They find the dancing rewarding, 
but hectic when combined with jobs and 
the 6th grade. Lee had the chance to visit 
with President Muhlenfeld, Louise Swiecki 
Zingaro '80, and Heidi McCrory for a SBC 
luncheon in Winter Park. She enjoyed 
catching up with Roshani Gunewardene '85 
at the luncheon. 

Diane Boles and Jim were blessed 
with the addition of a beautiful little girl into 
their family; Daysha Grace Boles (7). She 
was adopted her on her birthday, 12/7/07. 
Beautiful, smart, sweet, funny and mischie- 
vous, she keeps her parents on their toes 
daily, and they don't really remember their 
life BD, before Daysha, though they know 
it existed. Diane had a beautiful announce- 
ment to send to everybody, but the address- 
ing of envelopes somehow became lost in 
the wonderful craziness of their new lives. 
They're taking care of parents and children 
now, and amid the drought and great reces- 
sion are able to see many blessings daily. 
Our warmest congratulations to Diane. Jim, 
and Daysha Grace. 

Alice Dixon heeded my pleas for notes 
and wrote from Richmond, VA, where she's 
braving the economic storm as a mortgage 
planner — 2 of the 4 companies she worked 
for in the past 1 V2 yrs went out of busi- 
ness! But for now, as an eternal optimist, 
Alice is trying to ride out the storm. Always 
an athlete, Alice won the club championship 
(First Flight) with a career score of 85, and 
following rotator cuff surgery this past Nov.. 
she looks forward to more mid-80 scores 
this year. She has enjoyed being in frequent 
contact with former freshman yr roommate, 
Carol Searles-Bohrer, and loves to spoil 
her 2 children. Price (17) and Emily (14). 
Alice also wrote of having the unexpected 
joy and treat of seeing True Dow '80 at SBC 
back in Sept. at a celebration of Jennifer 
Crispen's 30 yrs in coaching. 

Last but certainly not least, Jean 
Von Schrader Bryan wrote that she, son 
George, and daughter Betsey will visit Leie 
Frenzel in IN for spring break. The trio will 
take an overnight train to Chicago, then rent 
a car and drive to Leie's farm. LeIe is work- 

ing on organizing a mini reunion, and pre- 
planning a session for our next official SBC 
reunion. The consummate networker Jean 
is on Facebook and wrote that she enjoyed 
a recent lunch with DJ Stanhope '81 . 


Gary Cathcart Pagan 
329 Keiford Lane 
Charlotte, NC 28270 

When I have the pleasure of reading all 
of your emails, it never ceases to amaze 
me that we have classmates with children 
either entering college, in college, or even 
graduating from college! Although my body 
is deteriorating at a rapid pace, mentally I 
feel as if we are all still in college ourselves. 
Strange how that works? Last spring I 
attended a reception here in Charlotte for 
President Muhlenfeld where I had a fabu- 
lous reunion with Liz Kaufman '82! She and 
her fiance moved to Chadotte in 12/08. 
There were alumnae at the reception rep- 
resenting 8 decades. It was cool not being 
the oldest alum at one of these events for 
a change (no Liz I'm not referring to you). 
Wylie Jameson Small asked that I men- 
tion that she started a fun Facebook page 
for our class. Many have already visited the 
site, but we encourage everyone to check 
it out. My big news is that my husband and 
I bought a bar Now don't get excited we 
don't have that kind of money. It's a little 
neighborhood beer joint that has existed 
for 30 yrs. It has 4 pool tables, 3 TVs and 
boasts to have the "coldest beer in town." 
And yes, we have Karaoke on Friday nights. 
The "regulars" are a real cast of characters 
ranging from working professionals to ex- 
hookers. Chris and I like to think of it as our 
own little Cheers, but without the attractive 
actors. Hey Norm, here we go . . . 

Alice Cutting Laimbeer and family 
had a wonderful Spring Break in St. Croix, 
where they had lots of sun and tennis! They 
spent a lot of time after their trip traveling 
around the south looking at colleges for 
their daughter Margot. Margot will be start- 
ing her senior year in high school this fall. 

Alicia Nygaard Formagus and 
husband Nace are proud to report that 
their son Thomas has graduated from high 
school and has been granted a Football 
and Dean's Scholarship to Carson Newman 
Coll. His scholarship also includes an MBA. 
With their other son, William, at Furman 
Coll.. Alicia and Nace are planning on fly- 
ing into Greenville, picking up William and 
driving to Knoxville. TN, to attend Thomas' 
football games. While at home Alicia keeps 
herself busy with needlepoint, garden club 
and charity work. When not involved with 
family business or social obligations she's 
still dreaming of their life as empty nesters 
tilled with travel, dancing and of course, 

Amy Boyce Osaki was looking for- 
ward to seeing Deslree Bouchat in Jun. in 

56 • Spring/Summer 2009 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Amy from the Netherlands. Amy's 
daughter (9) constantly asks questions 
about SBC! Amy had a wonderful time 
attending an SBC event in Portland where 
she met our outgoing President Muhlenfeld, 
She joined forces with Kate Eskew '98 and 
hosted another SBC event in Apr Amy wel- 
comes any messages from alumnae! 

Amy Painter Hur is living in Austin, TX, 
with Russell and has 2 giris in h. s., Laura 
and Elizabeth, Amy has been busy raising 
the giris and deciding where Laura wants to 
go to college! 

Ann Sterling Hart wrote that she 
was up to her armpits in horse shows! She 
either ran or worked dressage shows every 
weekend from Jan,-mid-May Ann also 
keeps three horses fit and ready to show 
at a moment's notice. She was looking for- 
ward to being able to sleep again this sum- 
mer! Her daughter Stephanie (21) will be in 
her 4th year at Stetson U, this fall. Daughter 
Alexandra, or All, (1 8) graduated h, s, this 
spring and will be starting at the U, of PL 
in Jul, Ann also wrote that her husband 
was working hard to keep his business 
from succumbing to the dismal economy. 
At that point in time she wasn't sure who 
was winning. Well Ann, I hope by the time 
this magazine has come out he has not only 
won, but kicked it in the butt! 

Anne Little Woolley had a get 
together last Mar at a restaurant in 
Richmond with IVIelissa Bryne Partington 
and Blair Clark Swoope Anne's daughter 
Sarah is starting at Eton U, this fall. Son 
Prescott (15) will be in 10th grade, while 
her other son John will be in the 7th grade, 
Anne has been having a lot of fun with 
other SBC classmates on Facebook! 

Bet Dykes Pope and husband Carter 
will be empty nesters next year Oldest son 
Carter Jr will be a Junior at W&L this fall, 
and youngest Ross will begin his freshman 
year at U, of NC, Bet stays in constant touch 
with Jewett Winn Rothschild Bet writes 
that Jewett is doing great as are her chil- 
dren and husband Alan, Sarah Dorn Perry, 
who left SBC freshman year had a son in 
Bet's son Ross' class at Lovett School in 
Atlanta, The boys are close friends and 
played football and lacrosse together So 
needless to say, Bet and Sarah sat together 
in the stands many, many times! Elizabeth 
Sprague O'Meara's son Gerry was also 
in Ross' class and is a fabulous baseball 
player! Bet runs into lots of SBCers at W&L 
Parent's Weekends and wishes that she 
was the same size as she was "way back 
then" when driving into Lexington, 

Betsy Birckhead Click and her hus- 
band will celebrate their 20th anniversary 
this summer! Their eldest son will be a 
junior this fall and they'll start the daunting 
task of searching for colleges, Betsy sighs 
at the thought because he was a baby 
only a couple years ago! Their youngest is 
12 so the boys keep them both busy with 
sports and such, Betsy loves her job as an 
administrative assistant at the boys' school. 
Except for having to work most the summer 
they can enjoy school breaks off together 

Her husband has his own computer busi- 
ness which is up and down in this economy 
but Betsy writes that a lot of us are proba- 
bly going through the same thing. If anyone 
is in Hilton Head this summer or any time, 
Betsy would love to see you! Email her at 

Bobbie Serrano Black and middle 
daughter Anna had a wk-long road trip 
last spring looking at colleges for next 
year (where Anna hopes to play volleyball). 
Oldest Lizzie will be a freshman at Sewanee 
U, this fall. Youngest Grade is an avid 
swimmer and competed in the Age Group 
Championships in Manassas last Mar 
Husband Paul does a lot of work in com- 
mercial bankruptcy so he's been extremely 
busy these past months, Bobbie hopes to 
see Nancy Cunningham Mauck, Tracy 
Gatewood, Janet Lewis Shepherd '84, 
and Lizzie Pierpoint Kerrison sometime 
very soon! 

Diana Duffy Waterman and husband 
spent a wk in Seville, Spam in Apr to visit 
daughter Caty who was studying there with 
the SBC JYS program, Caty was having the 
time of her life learning a lot and traveling 
all over Europe, (Diana is jealous that she 
didn't study abroad!) Caty is interning in 
D,C, this summer and the worid traveler is 
heading off to St, Andrews, Scotland, for fall 
semester Son Kevin graduated from Seton 
Hall in May He also is looking to D,C,, but 
for full-time employment, Diana asks that 
if anyone in the D,C, area is looking for a 
house sitter or renter please let her know. 
She's amazed that she's old enough to have 
a child who not only is a college graduate, 
but will probably be engaged by the time 
this news is printed! Diana holds about 6 
different leadership positions with 4 differ- 
ent Republican groups so her poor husband 
rarely sees her She's enjoying having the 
kids home this summer (even if it's just on 
weekends), and is looking forward to going 
to Orlando for the National Federation of 
Republican Women's Fall Convention, One 
last note, Diana encourages anyone who 
has children considering studying abroad to 
support the idea. With today's technology 
you can stay in touch, talk, and even see 
them almost on a daily basis! 

Deirdre Piatt and family continue to 
live in beautiful sunny coastal Ecuador She 
attends yoga classes twice a week, which 
she thinks helps to deal with the rather 
tough current political and economical situ- 
ations, Deirdre looks forward to the annual 
arrival of LI,S, ecology students whose 
4-wk projects she directs. The ages of the 
3 children still living at home are now 1 3, 
9 and neariy 5. Oldest Tanya will graduate 
from SBC in the spring of '1 0. Deidre is 
extremely proud of Tanya's accomplish- 
ments academically and especially as a 
pertormer Tayna is becoming a star on 
stage! Deidre is hoping to get to SBC before 
Tanya graduates. She wrote that she was 
very touched to receive the class Christmas 
card with the picture from Reunion, 

Eleanor Bibb attended a Friends of 
Art Board (FOA) meeting at SBC last Mar 

where she ran into Sarah Sutton Brophy 

Eleanor is in awe of Sarah who has written 
2 books (see Sarah's website www.bmuse. 
net)\ Eleanor wants to report that SBC has 
a fabulous art collection (mostly housed in 
Pannell Art Gallery opened in '84 in the old 
Refectory) and a wonderful group of Board 
Members from all over the arts world work- 
ing together to make the growing collection 
noteworthy Eleanor asks if we know of any 
alumnae in the art world (arts, directors, 
collectors, donors) that need to be recog- 
nized. If so, let her know and she'll report 
it in the FOA publication called VISIONS 
(she's the new editor), 

Gigi Harsh Mossburg still enjoys 
being a Design Consultant for the tile 
importing company where she has worked 
for 9 yrs. Son Tyler (13 V?) is her first 
teenager and other son Garrett is 12, Gigi's 
husband helps coach football, baseball, and 
basketball. They stay active running the 
boys from sport to sport. Last year they all 
enjoyed family vacations to various loca- 
tions. They went to Colonial Williamsburg 
and Busch Gardens & the Water Country. 
While in Colonial Williamsburg, Tyler was 
selected to be the jury foremen at the 
House of Burgess and a woman dressed in 
period costume retold of one of the actual 
trials in the eariy 1 8th century. The kids 
were given the task of deciding the defen- 
dant's fate according to the facts. Amazingly 
they decided the same way as the original 
jurors, the decent said the Governor of VA 
couldn't pardon the witness and a letter 
was written to the King of England, Gigi was 
amused with this nice introduction to history 
for the boys! The family traveled to Ocean 
City, MD, and Rehoboth Beach where their 
good friend has opened a restaurant, Gigi 
writes that she takes time to laugh every- 
day, stays spiritually connected, enjoys fam- 
ily dinners every night and misses all of us, 

Grayson Harris Lane lives in Menio 
Park, CA, with her husband David, 2 kids 
Virginia (1 2) and Robert (11), She spends a 
lot of time fundraising for the kids' schools 
and Stanford's Cantor Arts Center Life is 
very busy with kids' sports and activities! 

Kathy Barrett Baker finally got high 
speed internet, sabotschool@hughes. 
net She has a blog: www.betteretiquette. 
blogspotcom and was working on an 
interactive etiquette website: wvm.eti- 
Quetteofmannerxom^ Kathy was excited 
to have a Letter to the Editor make it into 
the February 9th issue of Vogue^ She has 
donated more of her books and did some 
event planning for FIRST Robotics, She and 
Jim attended 3 weddings of children of 
their friends. This makes Kathy think they 
are getting old! They both enjoy going to 
auctions and galleries and keeping up with 
their art collecting. In spring she was plan- 
ning on painting 5 antique iron benches 
and chairs (or their back patio that they 
bought at auction, Kathy still enjoys her 
now 5-year-old Mini Cooper and of course 
George the cat their "only child," 

Kim Howell Franklin has been a trav- 
eling maniac! She scored a fabulous work 

tnp to L,A, & HI in Mar This was her first 
trip to HI and she treated herself to a week- 
end of R&R in Maui, She got to see Peart 
Harbor one day before work, which she said 
was wonderful and very emotional. Then it 
was off to Park City, UT for a spring break 
ski trip with her daughter After that trip a 
conference took Kim to Amelia Island, FL, 
On the domestic scene, Kim's husband was 
designing their kitchen remodel that they 
hope will be completed by fall. She felt like 
the last person on earfh that is cooking out 
of a very dated kitchen (try 1935)! Daughter 
Isabelle, or Izzy, (13) has loved being in m, 
s, Kim is thankful that so far things haven't 
been too traumatic in the pre-teen years! 

Lee Ann MacKenzie Ohaskes and 
Mary Pope Hutson both wrote they didn't 
have anything new to report at this time, 
but of course say "hi" to everyone! 

Libby Glenn Fisher has been work- 
ing for just over a year as Finance Manger 
for a non-profit that promotes oral health 
among the needy and working poor This 
work constantly reminds Libby of how 
fortunate we are to have access to health 
care! She works part-time, which allows 
her to stay involved with the kid's activities 
and volunteer work. She was recently voted 
President of the Board of their local food 
pantry which is also extremely fulfilling. Son 
Wil is starting his senior year in h, s, this 
fall. He spent much of his junior year work- 
ing on his running career and searching 
for colleges. Daughter Mary Kathryn, also 
a runner will be a sophomore this fall. She 
is an avid equestrienne, competed on an 
interscholastic riding team and is a great 
candidate for SBC! Libby's husband works 
for P&G and dreams of retirement. They 
both hope to move back south when the 
kids are off in school and their house price 
recovers. She was awfully sorry to have 
missed Reunion, but from the pictures she's 
seen she thinks we all look wonderful and 
not a day older than when we graduated. 
Thanks Libby, back at ya! 

Mary Brown Messer is still in 
Richmond (1 9 yrs). The thought of moving 
puts Mary over the edge! Son Jack (1 7) 
will be a senior this fall while daughter 
Mary Kate (14) will be a 9th grader They'll 
attend separate high schools because they 
go to area "specialty centers," Jack is in 
the IT program and Mary Kate will be in 
the Math and Science center Mary and 
her husband John are very proud of them! 
The children keep her busy with sports, 
scouts, and social activities. She and John 
still have their "previously owned" car lot 
and feel lucky to still be open. The whole 
family went on a cruise for Spring Break 
and Mary is sad to think there's only one 
more together before college! Mary ran 
into Angelia Goodwin Ashley at a party 
last spring. They made a pact to both write 
notes to the class. Unfortunately we didn't 
hear from Angelia this time so Mary if you 
see her again please tell her we'd all love to 
hear from her! 

Mary Ware Gibson is still in Charlotte 
teaching third grade at the Charlotte Latin 

Sweet Briof College Alumnae Magazine • www oiumnae sbcedu 

Spring/Summer 2009 • 57 

School and loving it! Husband Brian 
stays busy as an ENT with a group here 
in town. Oldest son Taylor (21) is in school 
and working in Columbia, SC. Andrew (18) 
will be attending Appalachian State in fall. 
Youngest Clair (16) looks forward to having 
the house to herself. Mary and Brian are 
looking forward to traveling more in a few 
years, and she is always on the lookout tor 
a girls' get-away weekend! 

Mason Bennett Rummel and fam 
ily had quite a year battling with Mother 
Nature! First it was Hurricane Ike last 
Sept., then a horrific ice storm in Feb. 
again knocking out power and taking down 
tons of trees. Her 2 children in college are 
plowing their way through biomedical engi- 
neering and vocal performance degrees. 
Mason's youngest will be starting her 
senior year in h. s. in fall. Rick's medical 
equipment business is continuing to do 
well despite the hard economy. Mason 
writes that her job of 20 yrs at the Brown 
Foundation is awesome! She enjoys the 
challenges of graduate school working 
towards a degree in Philanthropic Studies. 
Mason saw Libby Glenn Fisher in the spring 
and stays in touch with many SBC class- 
mates since her kids talked her into creat- 
ing her own Facebook page (or "Facelift" 
page as I heard Mason has sometimes 
called it). 

Melissa Pruyn Vaughan enjoys living 
in the Denver area with her 2 daughters 
Virginia and Grace and husband Win. 
Melissa continues to teach yoga and loves 
to go skiing with her family 

Miriam Baker Morris and Clay will 
be taking their daughter Sally off to college 
in Charleston this fall. They're both looking 
forward to visiting her on many occasions. 
Sally will be majoring in French and pos- 
sibly a minor in theatre (musical). Miriam 
Is hoping that she'll go on the SBC abroad 
program her junior year She hopes that 
Sally will make the kind of friends there 
that Miriam did at SBC. One thing for sure, 
Miriam writes that Sally won't have as 
much fun! 

Phyllis Feddeler Fejzuli still has fond 
memories of SBC even though she only 
attended her freshman year She writes 
that maybe she regrets that decision a 
little and blames it on being young and 
silly. But Phyllis wouldn't change a thing 
because that decision ultimately led her 
to a wonderful husband and 2 amazing 
children! A couple years ago Phyllis and her 
family drove through the SBC campus and 
her daughter still refers to it as "the place 
we saw the deer." Now her daughter has a 
fascination with horses and Phyllis wouldn't 
be surprised if she would like to attend SBC 
in the future! 

Ruth Lewin decided not to have a 
New Year's resolution this year, but have a 
New Year's word, which is "grateful." She's 
celebrating her 1 3th year with Summerfields 
Interior Design in Naples. She has great 
clients working on furnishing entire houses 
and total kitchen renovations. Ruth says that 
seeing the advances in kitchen and appli- 

ance design is fun, but she especially loves 
the kitchen renovations because cooking 
(healthy, of course) is one of her favorite 
things! She and Marc still enjoy Naples, 
even though their schedules make them 
ships passing in the night. They plan to 
vacation within FL this summer, but hope to 
get to the Vineyard next year to take in the 
New England sea air Marc loves being a 
cocktail pianist and doing "gigs" at country 
clubs, restaurants, and private parties on the 
weekends. Ruth is still drumming but not as 
often as she would like (too tired after work). 
But she writes that "hitting the skins" on the 
weekends is a great stress reliever! 

Sarah Sutton Brophy visited campus 
in late Mar as part of the Tusculum Institute 
Advisory Board. She had the great good for- 
tune to run into Eleanor Bibb. Sarah wrote 
the 2 had a great evening and expects to 
have many more! 

Sharon Johnson Lewis is still alive 
and kicking and enjoying her family of pets! 

Wendy Chapin Albert and Tolly are 
busy with daughters Annie (1 7) and Eleanor 
(1 3), their horses and ponies, their house, 
golf, school events and much more. Tolly 
has been a stockbroker at Chapin Davis 
since 1986 and has a couple of race 
horses. Wendy is a Realtor with O'Connor 
and Mooney. She's been very involved 
with Paul's Place Outreach Center/West 
Baltimore and had their big gala in the 
spring. Wendy and Tolly have spent the past 
couple years restoring and renovating their 
house, which was her childhood home in 
Ruxton, MD. They took Annie on a big VA 
college tour (which of course included SBC). 
The campus looked beautiful and the new 
gym/athletic center and upperclassmen/ 
senior apartments (under construction) 
were impressive and exciting. Annie isn't 
really interested in attending a women's 
college, but was impressed with SBC and 
the riding center Wendy stays in touch with 
Meg Price Bruno, Blair Redd Barnes, 
and Kathy Barrett Baker If any one is 
ever heading through Baltimore and needs 
a rest stop right off the beltway (695) give 
them a call! Or if any one is ever planning 
on going to the Preakness give them a call, 
Wendy and family only live 1 min. away 
from Pimlico! 

Wylie Jameson Small has been busy 
serving on a couple community boards, 
playing golf and tennis, tending to dogs 
Peyton (2) and Maris (12), son Rudy (15), 
and husband Stuart (51). Wylie chaired her 
h. s. reunion in Jun. and is hoping to get 
down to SBC this summer as Rudy may be 
doing a session at the Vandermeer tennis 
camp there. Not to be outdone by the rest 
of the class, Wylie asked that I include 
that she "skydives in her free time" and "is 
tracking the human genome in her base- 
ment." Wylie you're a riot! 


Debbie Jones 
4416 Bromley Ln 
Richmond, VA 23221 


':\a<,u^,, .^l'iV: .'/,„■,/ O/'-.i^. JcW 

Mrs. Cecily Venable Banks 
11 Harbour Rd 
Barrlngton, Rl 02806 


Mary Jo Brown 
29 Willowgreene Dr 
Churchville, PA 18966 


Mrs. Jean G. Guergai 
3641 Elderberry PI 
Fairfax, VA 22033 

Leslie McRae Ferguson wrote in to the 
Alumnae Office: After 6 yrs, Pat and I were 
married 8/21/08 at the Kennedy Memorial 
Veterans Beach here in Hyannis. I don't 
know if there is a honeymoon period after 
6 yrs, but we're working on it. I'm working 
on my first cookbook and testing recipes 
out on him and anyone I can get to come 
for dinner 


Maia Free Jalenak 
605 Camelia Ave 
Baton Rouge, LA 70806 

Class co-president Katie Keogh Weidner 

is a great source of information on our 
classmates. She sees co-president Kathryn 
Ingham Reese frequently and notes 
that Kathryn is terrific. Katie commented 
that she and Kathyrn have brainstorming 
sessions about our class's 25th reunion 
(201 3!) when they go out on power walks 
together Katie writes "our ideas rarely 
include a budget, and we laugh at how cool 
we would make things if we had unlimited 

Katie also shared that Beth Bennett 
Haga still lives in Dallas and is training 
for a half marathon in NYC this spring. 
Rock on Beth! Kate Cole Hite is another 
wonder woman from our class, training for 
triathlons and staying fit. Mary Halliday 
Shaw is living in Atlanta. Mary's husband. 
Brad Shaw (W&L '88) recently forwarded an 
e-mail from the Lexington, VA newspaper 

stating that the Phi Kappa Pi house at W&L 
had burned down — so sad. 

As for Katie, life is centered around her 
kids. Her stepson lives with them — having 
3 teenage boys under one roof is very lively. 
She's trying to shield her daughter from 
their "mature" sense of humor! Peter is 17, 
Jake is 16, William is 14 and Caroline is 
10. Katie attends many lacrosse games for 
the boys and horse shows for her daughter 

Leslie Corrado Stillwagon says "big, 
fun things are going on with me! I had twin 
boys in Nov., Holden and Porter They're 
adorable!" She notes that she is pregnant 
again and is expecting in Nov. She and 
husband, David are relocating their family to 
Byron Bay, Australia in Apr They're looking 
fonward to a slower pace of life and beach 
living. Leslie writes that "if any vixens are 
down that way, please look us up!" 

Tracy Tigerman Shannon still 
teaches 3rd grade in rural VA (about 30 
min. south of Lynchburg) and has been 
teaching for 20 yrs Her children Kaitlyn (6) 
and Ryan (13) are in 1st and 8th grades. 
Husband John is auditing a local hotel 
in Lynchburg. She's eagerly awaiting an 
upcoming visit and chance to reconnect 
with her SBC roommate, Heather Gregory 

Vida Foseca writes from New Orleans: 
"I enjoy hanging with my chicks (and a 
few dudes) on Facebook" and working part 
time for Christine Carmouche by telecom- 
mute and a job with the census while it 
lasts." Vida is looking a permanent position 
in New Orleans, Nashville, or FL, but is 
open to other locations. She has a BA In 
International Affairs and a MA in English/ 
Education with experience as an office 
manager, college administrator, and instruc- 
tor. She is fluent in Spanish and French. 
She adds that for her cv, writing samples, 
and comments on her work ethic, you can 
visit her website: 
falcon/gavilaninternational. cvitaevida. htm. 
To top things off, she offers the following 
quote: "Not being able to govern events, I 
govern myself" by Michel De Montaigne and 
motto: "Decora, Honora, Vera; Sapientia, 
Scientia, Praestantia." 

Alesia Hildebrandt Gowen has been 
teaching eariy childhood education since 
graduating from SBC and is teaching kin- 
dergarten now. She is married to Doug and 
has a step-son Drew and a soon to be won- 
derful daughter-in-law, Sarah. Son Ryan is 
a freshman in h. s. and he keeps busy with 
theater and band. She and her husband 
raise Olde English Bulldogges! 

Jeanne Rovics Mexic got together 
with Kristen Peterson Randolph in 
Mar for a nice mini-reunion. She noted 
that Kristen has a new dog named "Blue" 
because she and her family are big Carolina 
Tarheel fans. Jeanne is planning a 3-wk 
summer vacation to Dubai, Israel, and 
Jordan. She and son Blake "can't wait to 
see Petra ... we have visions of ourselves 
on horseback, just like Indiana Jones! More 
than likely we'll be riding donkeys (how 

58 • Spring/Summer 2009 

Sweel Briar College Alumnoe Magazine ' 


Nici Fraley Pechman spent a week- 
end with Kristen Peterson Randolph dur 

ing ttie Ttianksgiving holiday. Both of their 
families got together at Chapel Hill where 
NIci was visiting her half-brother, Gus, who 
goes to UNC. Kristen and husband Ran and 
their 3 boys are big Tarheel fans (as noted 
earlier by Jeanne). They enjoyed being 
together and went to the UNC vs. Duke 
football game. The highlight for Kristen's 
boys was dinner Fri. night, because Ty 
Lawson, the Tarheel's star point guard (who 
is a friend of Nici's brother) joined them for 
dinner and signed autographs. Nici's boys, 
Thomas and Jake (both 1 0) were excited 
as well, and even Fraley, Nici's 6-yr-old 
daughter got caught up in the excitement 
and had him sign her arm! Nici writes that 
it was great seeing Kritty and her fam- 
ily and that she looks just the same, and 
is as fit as ever! Nici and husband Scott 
celebrated their 2nd anniversary on St. 
Patrick's Day. They keep busy raising their 
3 children. Nici writes that in Birmingham, 
she sees Suzanna Reed Creveling, Leigh 
Leftkovits, and Wesley Powell, who 
owns a wonderful cooking wares store in 
Mountain Brook. 

Mellnda Sher lives in Asheville, NC. 
She's at the U. of NC, Asheville working on 
a 2nd degree in Environmental Ecology and 

Susan Detweiler is doing her usual 
outdoor activities (climbing and backcountry 
skiing) for both fun and profession and 
enjoyed a different Antarctic gig this past 
season. She's enjoyed staying in touch with 
classmates via Facebook and hopes others 
will also join the party. 

As our class secretary, I enjoy keeping 
up with what everyone is doing. I have just 
wrapped up 2 part-time jobs that I've been 
involved with for the past year. Our family 
went on a cruise to Mexico, Belize, and 
Guatemala in Feb. and we had a great time. 
I'm looking forward to working on home 
projects this summer, both inside and out- 
doors. My children. Jack (15) and Nina (10) 
keep me hopping as I drive them to their 
various activities. 


Miss Emmy S. Leung 
Richmond, VA 23235 

By the time everyone gets this, it will be 
time for our 20th Reunion. Wow, how time 
flies! Our Class page has moved to ftffp // Log in and join the 
group! I post updates there and all mem- 
bers can share news, photos and music. 

Raquel Hickman Thiebes has 
started a new job as the Stuttgart USO 
Tour Manager running about 18 tours a 
month around Europe. Check out the 
website at In April, 
she will be taking a Mediterranean cruise 
with her family. 

Kim Kline Malone and David live in 
Saint Leonard, MD, and love being in the 
country! Brendan is in 4th grade and is 
playing the violin. Jeffrey and Sarah are 
in 2nd grade. Sarah is playing the guitar. 
They're all involved in Scouts and getting 
ready for summer camp. They get together 
often with Sandy Sellman. Kim hears 
from Sharon Bittner-Webb who is lives in 
England with her husband Simon. 

Sandy Compton Sellman, husband 
Neil, Alex (8), and Kyle (5) live in Columbia, 
MD. Both kids play soccer and Nell coaches 
Kyle's flag football team. Alex is a Brownie 
Girl Scout and enjoyed being in a play 
at school. Sandy teaches Kindergarten 
at Jackson Road Elem. This is the same 
elementary school that Allyson Welch 
Cain attended! 

Gina Davis lives in the Seattle area. 
Last summer she was able to get away 
for a road trip to Vancouver with Lisa 

In Jan., we had our annual mini reunion 
at Kate Robinson Hillestad's house Due 
to busy schedules, it was a small group, but 
we still had a good time catching up! Kate, 
Krista Biggs, Clara Green, Allyson Cain 
and I were in attendance. Allyson brought 
along her daughter, Natalie, who enjoyed 
her visit with Kate's daughters, Katie Grace 
and Isabelle. 

I have enjoyed chatting with many of 
you during the months leading to Reunion. 
Keep sending those emails or post mes- 
sages on our group page. Take care! 


Mrs. Jean L. Spillane Benning 
1506 N Bethlehem Pike 
Lower Gwynedd, PA 19002 


Vickie Campo Byrd 
2800 NE 22nd Street 
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305 

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our 
notes for this issue, and if you're not getting 
the reminder email, please let either Mamie 
or me know so we can add you to the 
email distribution list. We hope to hear from 
everyone next time! 

Gwen Fischer Glew is a developmen- 
tal pediatrician at U. of Washington and 
Seattle Children's Hospital. She has 3 boys: 
Duncan (8), Finn (6), and Rich (41 , her hus- 
band) whom she'd like to nominate tather- 
of-the-year. They're in touch with Kathryn 
Johnson Glass who now has 6 children 
and is a full-time family doctor (whew!) and 
Edie Rue '89, who has her hands full with 2 
gorgeous boys in Pebble Beach, CA. Gwen 
is also in touch with her mentor and friend 

from the class of '72, Dr. Kathy Upchurch 
Takvorian, to whom she will be forever 
grateful for taking her under her wing and 
introducing her to Rich. 

Stephanie Pratt McKinney has just 
completed a Ph.D. in history with a double 
major in genocide and modern war. Her 
dissertation was on Rwanda, where she 
traveled last year. At the moment, she 
teaches part time, looking for a full-time 
job, working on various writing projects and 
presenting at conferences. Husband Paul 
and sons Jacob (11) and Rhys (7) are doing 
well, and they're still in Pasadena. 

Karen Hott writes, "The SBC Alumnae 
Club is doing very well; we had our best 
turn-out for Atlanta's SBC Day in Jan. Great 
to see so many alumnae and students, 
most of all, our classmate Wesley Foster 
Huffard! It had been too long! Have caught 
up with so many of our classmates and 
other alumnae on Facebook, it's been so 
fun! Kelly Meredith lacobelli '88 tells me that 
nearly her entire class was on Facebook by 
their 20th reunion. How fun would that be? 
Could we win the Participation Award again? 
Holla holla! My interior design business 
is going well; I have a few incredible new 
projects. A current project is one for a SBC 
Alumna; it's been an absolute joy! We hope 
to have their new house on the neighbor- 
hood Home Tour in Dec. I've enjoyed hearing 
her stories about SBC in the '70s . . . funny 
how the more things change, the more they 
stay the same." 

Kim Hatter Elli still lives in Nellysford, 
VA, near Wintergreen. She's been mar- 
ried for 1 6 yrs and they have a son (1 3) 
who keeps them busy. He plays 3 sports; 
baseball, basketball, and football. He is now 
6 ft. tall and eating them out of house and 
home. They're always busy entertaining 
family and friends and would love to have 
guests anytime. Kim would love to hear 
from Kristen Walberg. 

Kimberly Blackwell lives in Atlanta, 
GA with her son (1 5). 

Signee Hoffman writes, "Curtis and I 
enjoy our giri Piper Anne (2). We look for- 
ward to getting away to a neurology sympo- 
sium in Switzerland in 4/09. We're looking 
fonward to skiing." 

Allene Doucette writes, "We're still 
in San Diego, will be lor another year. After 
that, who knows where the Marine Corps 
will send us. Alastair will be 3 in Sept I'm 
still a stay-at-home mom, but also do a 
little bookkeeping. I saw Lea Harvey '90 out 
here last winter." 

Kathryn Hagist Yunk attended 
Stephanie Pratt McKinney's youngest 
son's baptism as his godmother. They had 
a great time catching up. Husband Daniel, 
daughter Emily, and Kathryn are looking 
forward to a wk at the beach in SC in May 
She has loved reconnecting with friends on 

Joan Dabney Clickner is busy keep- 
ing up with Georgia (2), helping Bobby run 
his practice, serving as committee chairman 
for lan's Cub Scout pack, and managing the 
boisterous pooches. Joan and her family 

joined some friends in a community garden 
plot, and she looks forward to cultivating 
a green thumb! Facebook has become 
a major hobby — it's fun seeing what old 
friends are up to in their daily lives, and 
makes her feel more in touch with SBC 
classmates than she has in yrs 

Mamie Farmer Farley writes, "My 
family just went to Disney for spring break. 
We had the time of our lives! It was fun, 
magical, and hilarious for all of us! We're 
looking forward to spring sports and my sis- 
ter Katharine's wedding in Apr. Miller will be 
10 in May and is going to camp for 3 wks 
this summer! Harry will be 8 this summer 
and has a girifriend who he has exchanged 
gifts with — a pint sized Casanova! Joanie 
is headed to kindergarten at St. Bridgets 
in the tall and is sooo excited! We're busy 
as always, but trying to enjoy each day as 
it comes!" 

Wendy Pressel Sullivan has been 
keeping busy in Gumming, GA. Last year 
she completed a paralegal course at UGA 
and has been working in the legal and real 
estate depts. at Olympus Media, with her 
hands in acquisitions, leasing, and research. 
Biff is fine and his store continues to do 
well, Elizabeth will be 1 1 this year and is 
headed off to m. s. She was named a Duke 
TIP scholar and enjoys ballet (she earned 
her pointe shoes this winter) and basketball. 
Darby will be 5 this year and will start 
kindergarten in the fall. He plays soccer and 
is still fascinated by trains. They may take 
a trip up to Nashville to ride Thomas this 
summer. She's looking forward to visiting 
family again down in Flagler Beach at the 
beginning of Jun. 

Carey Bates writes, "Hope all is well. 
I was laid off a week before my 40th birth- 
day, but I'm in the process of building my 
own independent technical writing business. 
I still live in CT and spend time with my 7 
nieces and nephews. My parents are relo- 
cating back to CT after 5 yrs away in FL." 
Ruth Ewers (Turning Point Student) writes, 
"I still live along the James River in Nelson 
County in a beautiful early house (1 820) 
that has been in my husband's family for 
almost 200 yrs I live with my husband 
Robert Self, who is the Architectural 
Conservator at Monticello, Home of Thomas 
Jefferson. We lease our fields lor cattle and 
farming (soybeans). Our son Logan lives 
in Harrisonburg now and is a restaurant 
manager. We live with a very entertaining 
dog, Lizzy, and 2 elderly cats. As far as 
travels, we enjoyed a trip to San Miguel de 
Allende, Mexico, in Nov, during the Day 
of the Dead holiday It was amazing and 
beautiful. I completed the requirements 
for my M.S. in Social Work in '07. In '08, 1 
completed the coursework and case studies 
to be appointed as an Endorsed Positive 
Behavior Supports Facilitator through a pro- 
gram operated by VCU and The Partnership 
for People with Disabilities. I still work at 
Region Ten Community Services Board in 
Charlottesville. I occasionally visit SBC and 
still think it's the most beautiful campus I've 
ever seen!" 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Spring/Summer 2009 • 59 

Sonia Haddad Salfity is back work- 
ing after 1 4 yrs of taking care of tier 3 
precious children. She's working in her 
husband's new cardiology clinic and loves 
dealing with the patients and scheduling 
their procedures etc. Her hours are perfect 
as she works from 9 to 3 when the kids 
are in school. They have 1 in each school 
(Matthew in kindergarten, Shareef in m. s. 
and Shereen a freshman in h. s.). Marwan 
started his own cardiology practice this 
past Nov. (Nebraska Cardiac Care). Sonia 
takes Thursdays off as that's her tennis 
day; she's been playing in the same league 
for 9 yrs now! She's in touch with Amy and 
Emily Ghiz '92 and Cecilia Moore '88 and 
SBC staff members through Facebook! The 
family went to Jordan this past summer for 
7 wks and had a grand time. The highlight 
was visiting Bethlehem and Jerusalem. The 
Holy Land is truly a very special place and 
Sonia recommends everyone make that trip 
at some point. Sonia writes, "Even Matthew 
was kneeling down at the Holy Sepulchre 
and could feel the significance of the 
moment." They are off to L.A. the wk before 
Easter for spring break where they'll meet 
up with the grandparents and cousins. 

Suzanne Petrie Liscouski writes, 
"I've been crazy busy with Bobby (9 mos.), 
running the horse farm, and working full 
time as the director for international strat- 
egy for a division of Northrop Grumman. 
Luckily I can work from home some, so I 
have some flexibility. Still having trouble 
finding a live-out nanny so I'd love any 
recommendations from anyone in the 
Leesburg, VA, area! I stay in touch with 
Kathyrn Hagist Yunk, Carey Bates. 
Heather McGowen Sanford, and 
Kimberley McGraw Huston '92 — I've 
needed their Mom advice at times! Bob 
is well, and we look forward to our 1 st 
"family" vacation to the beach this sum- 
mer. I'm so glad I had this little boy, he's 
such a blast and already likes pony rides!" 
Suzanne, you almost made me cry when I 
read that last sentence, that Is so sweet! 

Cathi Goslau Rainold. who goes by 
Tavi Rainold, writes, "Anton and I are great! 
AJ is 17 mos., reading books already 
We're still in CO — will always be! I just got 
a new horse from FL (1st one since '96), 
and I'm very excited about the upcoming 
show year with him. We still own our own 
Property Management company and Anton 
still teaches kite boarding on the water and 
snow. Facebook bas been amazing this year 
as I've reconnected with several people 
form SBC. I love it .. . Ashley Cobb, 
Beth Hensley, Brice Mc Rae Tunison, 
Tammy Fein, Judith Kobliska, Megan 
Read Lindberg, Jill Randies, Cheryl 
Gilman and Holly Duello. I'm personally 
training for my 1st triathlon in 2010! Life is 
good. Hope all is well with everyone else! 
Please list my cell number for my friends. 

As for me, Vickie Campo Byrd, writ 
ing these notes made me realize that all 
of us (or at least most of us) are turning 
40 this yr! Happy Birthday to everyone! I 

hope you're able to celebrate and enjoy 
your special day! It's hard to believe that 
we were 1 8 when we first arrived at SBC — 
how time flies! It was good to hear from so 
many of you, and it sounds like Facebook is 
the place to be! Gar and I are well here in 
South FL. Our children, Garnett (8), Ellie (6) 
and Caroline (3 /?) keep us busy between 
basketball, ballet, play-dates, homework 
and everything in between, but we're thank- 
ful for all of our many blessings. Look for- 
ward to hearing from everyone next time! 


Ms. Tricia Pheil Johnson 
10359 Church Hill Road 
Myersville, MD 21773 

Jaimie DelMonte Galbreath and family 
still live in McLean, VA. Rob is a civil rights 
attorney, Kate is 10, Caroline "Kiki" is 8, and 
Elizabeth is 6. Her younger 2 attend a local 
Montessori School where Jaimie teaches 
part time and is the director of development 
and alumni relations. She still enjoys playing 
tennis, volunteering at church and with a 
local women's club and being a Sustainer 
in the Junior League of Washington. This 
fall, she'll be the Matron of Honor in Kelly 
Gardner's ('93) wedding. Jaimie is very 
excited about starting a graduate program 
in science education at JHU this spring! 

Kimberley McGraw Euston joined 
Pricewaterhouse Coopers in Atlanta as a 
senior client relationship executive and is 
excited to be back in the corporate envi- 
ronment. She took her sons to see their 
godmothers and Suzanne Petrie Liscouski 
'91 in Washington DC, and in NY, Kate 
Haw. Kimberiey's niece is a freshman at 
SBC this year. Kimberley is also heading up 
the Boxwood Circle Committee and enjoys 
being back on campus to visit with her. 
She encourages everyone to come back 
to Homecoming in fall. Tracy Steele and 
Kimberley plan to get together this spring. 
Their families visited last Thanksgiving 
and the kids had a blast playing together. 
Kimberley will be featured in the May issue 
of Working Mother magazine, as she was 
selected as one of their working moms of 
the year. Congratulations! 

Meg Moss Guegan and Sebastien 
expect baby #2 this fall. Charlotte (3.5) is 
so excited to be a big sister! Meg is still 
the Director of Communications at the NRA 
and loves it. She's been doing a fair amount 
of traveling lately including Italy France, 
Hungary, and various cities around the 
U.S. . . "Life is good" (It sounds like Meg!). 

Judy Currie is happily living in 
Manhattan (hard to believe it has been 1 7 
yrs!) and working with hospice at Beth Israel 
Hospital, which she finds very rewarding. 
She'd love to hear from SBC classmates if 
you're in town! 

Catherine Gornto Freeman reports 
that life is fun and hectic in New Orieans! 
Her children (Charlotte, 1 0; David and 

Lawrence, 9) keep her busy with soccer, 
basketball, tennis, and other activities. 
She's still working part time and doing 
volunteer work around the community, but 
luckily still finds time to play a little tennis. 
Catherine's family had a fun visit with the 
Van Ness family (Jennifer Valentine Van 
Ness) at their beach vacation home over 
the summer. She also got a quick visit 
with Marilyn Adams, who moved back to 
NC, and looks forward to seeing the Kings 
(Holly Caswell King) in New Orleans later 
this month. Catherine and Peter had a fun 
time at a W&L classmate of Peter's wedding 
in D.C. last Sept. because Margaret 
McClellan Driscoll and Jen Toomey 
Driscoll (and spouses) were there too! 

Laura Davis Fiochetta is running a 
real rat's race in Doylestown, PA as she 
cares for her 3 kids: Kasey (9), Matthew (7) 
and Jack (3). Her husband, who manages 
a marketing and fundraising firm outside of 
DC, comes home only on the weekends, 
most of which are spent running off to 
gymnastics meets or football practices. 
Laura feels so honored and thrilled to be 
godmother to Sigrid Zirkle Carroll's ('93) 
new son. 

Cricket Rabin Katalevsky and family 
are happy, healthy and living in Denver, CO. 
Pippin (6) and Jasper (3) are both skiing 
and enjoying the great outdoors. Cricket is 
still at Visa; it's been 10 yrs. She still enjoys 
her work. She gets to hang out with Ann 
Lindquist Krikos during book club, and 
they read the books! Cricket and husband 
took the kids on the Disney Cruise for the 
3rd time and had a blast. She welcomes 
everyone to visit and ski with them if you 
are ever in the Rockies! 

Diana Bradford Walsh reports that 
her family finally bit the bullet and moved 
out of NYC and into the suburbs, "So far, 
so good." They have a kindergartener, a 
nursery-schooler, and twin "stay-at- homes" 
who will begin nursery school this fall. 
Everyone is doing great! 

I recently connected with Michelle 
Ricks, from our freshman year, on 
Facebook and asked her to send me an 
update to share with everyone. Michelle 
is returning to SBC in the fall to finish her 
degree. She was living in Cincinnati, OH, for 
the last 1 3 yrs working for Delphi and then 
a British company VA Technology when they 
closed their doors. She decided to return 
home to Hampton, VA, and change careers 
by going back to school. She's a happily 
divorced mother of 4 children — Ariel (17), 
Taylor (1 5), Bailey (8) and Trey (6)— and 
says they keep her busy! 

Heather Metzer Allen is still at Sun 
Trust Bank (1 7 yrs now) and her husband, 
HL, is still selling building supplies. Their 
oldest daughter, Jordan (8th grade), made 
the JV girls soccer team at the h. s. and is 
very excited! She still sees a lot of Kelly 
Brown Estes and her family for frequent 

Ann Knoke Kohudic's little girl, Erin (5) 
and Jackson (2) keep her and husband Will 
very busy They still live in Sterling, VA. She 

was able to spend an awesome weekend 
with Carrie Bake Wong and Ann's Mom at 
a B&B/Spa in St. Michael's, MD. She also 
got to meet up with Joely Hetherington and 
her 3 adorable kids last year. Ann hadn't 
seen her in over 6 yrs! After 9 VJ yrs with 
her job, Ann was downsized in Nov, but 
happy to report that she landed a position in 
Jan. with SAIC in McLean, VA, as a Senior 
Recruiter and loves it. 

Kimberly Olmstead Calhoun and 
Clay live in Atlanta with their 4 kiddos: Lily 
(9), Caroline (7), Margaret (5), and Henry 
(almost 2)! Clay lost his job in 8/08 due to 
the downturn in the economy; hopefully by 
the time this posts he'll have a new one! 
Kimberly says it's been tough, but amaz- 
ing to have so much support from friends 
and family and to see miracles happen in 
the midst of it all. She wishes everyone a 
wonderful summer with their families and 

Jennifer Valentine VanNess says life 
is good in Richmond. She and Jim are busy 
with Ashton (9), Hank (7) and all of the kids 
sports and adult sports, and their 3 dogs. 

Amy Peck Driscoll expects baby #3 
in Sept. Matthew (6) and Consie (4) are 
excited, as are mommy and daddy; they 
just have to figure out how to cram every- 
one into their small house. They're still in 
VA Beach and had a wonderful New Year's 
celebration in Hilton Head, with Jaimie 
Delmonte Galbreath and her family 

Melinda Wick Aufmuth and family 
are still in Greenville, SC. They're expecting 
their 2nd child in 7/09, and daughter 
Maggie (3) is excited! They were in DC 
for the baptism of Donna Peters ('91) son 
last spring, and visited with Claire Stapleton 
Batson '91 over Thanksgiving at her 
family's home in Highlands, NC. 

Anne Vogel is happily divorced and 
in a wonderful relationship. She works 
full time as a Chef Instructor for the New 
England Culinary Institute where she 
teaches a pastry class. She won "Teacher of 
the Year" last year! Her boys, Liam (8) and 
Carson (7), also keep her busy. That sounds 
like a tun job, Anne! 

Kathleen Hughes Hartman is doing 
great in Valrico, FL! She and Michael (HSC 
'91) are getting ready to celebrate their 6th 
wedding anniversary in May — time flies 
when you're having fun! Amanda (3) still 
keeps them smiling every day! Kathleen and 
Stephanie Brundage Snasdell took their 
giris (Steph's giris are: Aiden (11) and Ella 
(6) — both incredible beauties and awesome 
to be with) to Disney last month; said it was 
so wonderful to reunite with her and also 
have their daughters meet! The whole day 
was a special treat! Michael saw Stephanie 
Berger '91 when they visited Chris Coleman 
(HSC) and his family last Oct. in VA. They 
visited HSC while they were there and are 
surprised at how much it has changed. 
Kathleen is still with USDA APHIS Veterinary 
Services doing aquatic animal health work. 
She's glad to have a job and also one that 
she loves. If anyone is in FL or visiting, 
please let her know: 

60 • Spring/Summer 2009 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae AAagazine • 

As for me, Tricia Pheil Johnson, I still 
teach my StrallerFIt and Restore the Core 
classes In Frederick, MD. Amelia Grace 
(3 H>) starts preschool in the fall. I took 
her to NYC to see The Little Mermaid on 
Broadway; she dances in a local produc- 
tion of the show in Jun. Today we went 
to D.G. to see the cherry blossoms; she's 
such a fun age! My family has our annual 
4-generations Outer Banks trip scheduled 
in Aug., and I look forward to that! I encour- 
age everyone to join Facebook! Warning: 
It is i/eo' addictive, but I have connected 
with many friends from SBC and h, s, — a 
lot of fun! 


Stacey McClain 
2219 Belote Place 
Jacksonville, FL 32207 

Let's start with a correction from the last 
notes Carolyn Imperato has a Ph D 
and 4 kids, not 3! They are: Garrison (12), 
Evelyn (9), Ashlyn (5), and Donovan (3). 
So sorry to leave out one of your kiddies! 
Carolyn is crazy busy with a full-time elem. 
psychologist job and a small private practice 
on the side. The kids are busy with their 
activities and Carolyn has been playing a lot 
of coed and women's soccer for exercise 
and much needed stress relief! 

Alex Alexander still enjoys being 
mom to a 25 lb, ball of a pure unharnessed 
energy named Lily, She spends most of 
her time outside of work having imaginary 
tea parties, reading Dr, Seuss. and taking 
pictures of Lily as she amuses her with 
her antics. At work, Alex is now lead of 
Advanced Technology for Lockheed Martin 
Undersea Systems, which keeps her happy 
and hoppin' during the work day. She's in 
touch with Imogen Rex Slade '96 often. 
Their daughters Izzy and Lily are great 
playmates! Harpreet Kaur Bed! has quit 
Cisco and is starting a 3-yr. MA. in Medical 
Law degree in Sept. All well with Zara (7), 
Natasha (1), and Satnam (1), Satinder is 
well and playing polo as always! Harpreet, 
like many of us, reports that she misses her 
SBC friends! 

Jennifer Mooney Risey is gearing 
up to spend another summer on Daufuskie 
Island. She has really gotten "the mother- 
hood thing down pat and will enjoy a sum- 
mer with the kids playing golf, swimming, 
and tennis." Jennifer plans on hosting 
SBC girls on the island as well: Ashley 
Flynn Blanchard. Britt Ellison Dressier, 
Corrinne Judakis Hodges, and Kerry 
Pollock Thomas. "If anyone is In Hilton 
Head this summer, look me up! I'll send 
the boat over to Harbourtown to pick them 
up " Johana Kelleher Hoofnagle still 
lives in Northern VA with husband Billy and 
daughters. Ana Colby (5 ¥2) and Mackenzie 
(2 '/2). Johana is a systems engineer with 
Lockheed Martin and keeps very busy with 
work, family, and the girls' activities. In 

Sept., Ana Colby will enter 1st grade and 
Mackenzie preschool. Johana's little sister, 
Nicole (SBC '97), in Richmond, had her 2nd 
little giri in Jan. "Got giri power going In our 
family!" The 3 older girls have a blast when 
we get together! 

Patty Sagasti Suppes is busy as 
usual. She's finishing her 1st yr as a profes- 
sor at FL Southern Coll. She's been working 
a lot on Service Learning and Study Abroad 
and took students to Honduras over spring 
break to work on a teaching outreach 
program. In May, Patty will take students to 
study at a university in Mexico with her 2 
boys, Sebastian (9) and Adrian (6). Husband 
Jeff still works from home, which is wonder- 
ful for the family Jen Jarvis Ballard is 
coming to visit in Apr,, and Patty is excited to 
see Jen, Pat, and the twins, Patty writes that 
"FL has been an adventure with snorkeling, 
parks, the alligators, cycling, the museums. 
Disney, and the Kennedy Space Center. SBC 
pals are welcome to visit!" 

It'll be a whiriwind the next couple of 
months for Sabryna McClung Roberson: 
her plans include weddings in Chicago and 
Lake of the Ozarks, MO, her 10-yr vow 
renewal, and 20-yr. h, s, reunion (which she 
is coordinating from the West Coast) in Jun. 
in Islamorada, FL, In other exciting news. 
Sabryna and husband Greg have started 
the 'Foster to Adopt' program and are 
looking forward to adopting 2 siblings from 
the Sacramento area. Anyone heading to 
Northern CA is welcome to email Sabryna — 
"maybe we can rendezvous as you'll never 
know what day or weekend trip we may 
take!" Dianne Hayes Doss and Bill feel 
blessed to be employed in this economy 
The kids are doing well: in the fall, Dan will 
be starting 4th grade and Jenny starting 
kindergarten. Dianne is planning to attend 
the wedding in Oct. of a girl she babysat 
while at SBC! 

Ellen Ober Pitera is happily worn out 
chasing Charlie, amazed at his vocabulary 
development, and loving that spring is here! 
Heather Swenberg Craft delivered her 
2nd boy, Lucas Jameson Craft, on 1/28/09. 
Big brother Braedon (2 '/2) enjoys his new 
little brother. Heather continues to work in 
HR/Leadership Development for Wachovia 
in Charlotte. Norma Bulls Valentine is still 
tackling real estate in FL and SC. She goes 
to horse shows when she has time. Norma 
welcomed new puppy Ruxton to her home. 
Norma reports that Nancy Bulls is still 
running our FL office 

Patricia Friend Douglass is married 
to Jamie Douglass and has 2 beautiful girls, 
Parker Elizabeth Douglass (6) and Sarah 
Grace Douglass (2). She lives In NY and 
trains horses In Greenwich, CT Rounding out 
the family are black labs, Zoe and Murphy; 
cats Noel, Laurel, and Seaford; and pony. 
Bad Melissa Cranmer McManus and 
Patty remain very close and had children 3 
days apart and talk at least 5 times a day! 
Her children. Jack, Olivia, and Finnegan, are 
Patricia's godchildren, Sisi Zirkle Carroll 
had her 3rd baby boy in 3 yrs: Charles 
"Chappy" Christian Caspar Carroll 1/6/09! 

Brothers, William and Andrew, love him 
terribly Life is hectic and noisy, but fun. Sisi 
goes back to work at Antenna Audio, a part 
of Discovery communications, in May and 
still loves creating audio tours around the 
globe. As of Jul., she'll be back on the board 
of the Friends of Art and looking forward to 
planning new direction for Pannell! 

Erin Glenn is married, living on her 
family's 5th generation cranberry and blue- 
berry farm on the Long Beach Peninsula in 
WA! She has an amazing child, Diego (2). 
and is an ESL instructor at Grays Harbor 
Coll, and ESL Specialist for the Ocean Beach 
School District. Amy Larsen West is hang- 
ing out with baby Winston and getting ready 
for Easter Amy, hubby, and baby send their 
best from Munich! Annegret Weckerle, 
Ron, and daughters, Callan (6) and Sienna 
(4), moved to CO 4 yrs ago. They love the 
lifestyle and exploring the West. Annegret 
has been with Lockheed Martin for several 
yrs as a project manager. Life is busy jug- 
gling family and work, but she wouldn't have 
It any other way. 

Beth Gilkeson King is looking tor- 
ward to a weekend at a retreat with Tracy 
Camden Wilburn in May as they "don't 
get to see each other nearly as much as we 
should!" In Jun., K.L. Polevitzky and Beth 
are headed out on a "Thelma and Louise" 
road trip across the country. She's confident 
that their trip won't end the way the movie 
did! Beth is looking forward to living vicari- 
ously through K.L. should a Brad Pitt-type 
come into the picture. 

Annalisha "Lily" Anderson McGinley 
writes that husband Sean left the Air Force 
and became a civilian contractor for the DoD 
in '07, 10 days before son Cash (2) was 
born. As a result, they can stay in beauti- 
ful Panama City Beach, FL. for as long as 
they want, Lily writes that "being a mama 
is the best thing that has ever happened to 
me." and she hopes to become one twice 
over next year. Lily also works part time for 
a company called ChaCha and volunteers 
as the assistant organizer of the Panama 
City Playgroup, planning play dates and 
maintaining a full calendar for a group with 
over 100 members. All is well with Tish 
Andressen Slattery and her family living 
in Rye. NY and looking fon/vard to another 
summer full of sailing with the kiddies — 
Jack (8), Madelyn (6), and James (4). Tish 
reports that Billy (20) is in college and Katie 
(1 6) is visiting various colleges as she will 
enter her senior year. 

Holly Witt Aitken lives in Hong Kong 
with Randy, Kenneth (3). and Henry (1) and 
loves the shopping in China. She returned 
from a trip to Sydney and is looking forward 
to a trip stateside in Sept. Nalini Mani still 
works with Booz Allen. After spending the 
last 4 yrs living out of a suitcase In hotels 
all over the world, she's back for a little bit 
in the U.S. and working locally in D.G. Nalini 
has no complaints. "There is something to 
be said about housekeeping and room 
service!" She spent an fabulous vacation 
for 15 days in Jan. in China and plans to 
go back again for 3 wks in Tibet. Also. 

congratulations are due: Nalini finished her 
Ph.D.! She's in touch with Dawn Leary '95 
and Leti Rome '92 who are both in the D.C. 
metro area Julia Skilinski Brooks 
continues to blog about her life at: 
http://messystuffalifewithms. blogspot. com/ 

Thanks to Facebook, she's In regular 
contact with Sally Estes Vigezzi, Patty 
Sagasti Suppes, Nalini Mani. and 
Gretchen Petrus Julia talks to Laurie 
Palmer on the phone a few times a week 
and would love to hear from anyone else out 
there in Facebook land. 

As for me. Stacey McClain, I've been 
busy volunteering at Ever's school, making 
costumes for her drama activities (a mouse 
in Cinderella, Rajah in Aladdin, and now 
Woodstock in Peanuts), and getting ready 
for her transition to my alma mater next 
year for Pre-K (and the beginning of the long 
academic journey to SBC, I hope). Hubby 
Bob, Ever (4), and I are looking fonward 
to a trip to Disney in Apr. and attending 
Sabryna McClung Roberson's wedding 
vow renewal in Jun. We hope to see other 
SBCers at the event including Trade Allen 
Webber and husband Lee and Dianne 
Hayes Doss and family. Facebook contin- 
ues to be an excellent way to find and stay 
In touch with SBC friends. We'll be starting 
an official class of 1 993 group as our 20th 
reunion creeps closer. 2013 will be here 
before we know it (and how many more 
annoying Facebook redesigns between now 
and then?) Let's all plan to celebrate our big 
2-0 on campus with friends and family! 


Molly Morris 
6452 Cranston Way 
Dublin, OH 43017 


^eu^-M»^- a.010: Wla^ar-33. 3,010 

Holly Miller Mallos 
14 Barrow Ct 
Towson,MD 21204 


Mrs. Amy Daugherty Michel 
8185 E. Smooth Sumac Lane 
Tucson, AZ 85710 

I'm sad to tell you all of the death of 
Rachel Elizabeth Virden Hurschler 

Rachel was with us at SBC for our fresh- 
man yr and part of our sophomore yr. We 
send our sincerest condolences to Rachel's 
family and friends. 

Crystal Matusevich and boyfriend 
Mathieu Rein have opened their own 
hunter/jumper barn in Alpharetta, GA, Their 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


Spring/Summer 2009 • 6 1 

Web site is still under construction, but 
you can check it out at www.reinfieldfarm. 
com. If anyone is in the area, please stop in 
and say hello! 

Natalie Liberi Joseph and husband 
Daniel live in Shanghai with their children, 
Luke (2) and Allegra (1 in Aug.). Natalie and 
the children are currently in Pittsburgh for 
an extended visit until some food quality 
issues in China are resolved, Daniel flies 
back and forth for the time being. This 
summer they'll move to Hong Kong, one of 
Natalie's all-time favorite cities! She tells 
me it's exciting and challenging living in 
China, but also very cool. The Joseph fam- 
ily lives in Pu Dong (think of the beautiful 
footage always shown in movies, such 
as Mission Impossible 3; that's where 
they live), w/hich is the financial district of 
Shanghai. Natalie's children are quite the 
international travelers, and she's so happy 
being able to stay home with them. She 
hopes to take the whole family to SBC this 
spring. After moving so many times in the 
last 13 yrs, both nationally and internation- 
ally, Natalie has lost contact with many old 
friends and looks fon/vard to getting back 
in touch! 

Sarah Dennis Roberts and Hayden 
expect their 2nd baby in Jul.! Jackson (6) 
looks forward to being a big brother Sarah 
continues to work for Inasmuch Foundation 
and was recently honored with Oklahoma 
City Business 's 40 Under 40 Award which 
recognizes up-and-coming leaders in her 
city. She heard from Lucretia Bock '97 
and says it's been fun to get back in touch 
with her Since Lucretia is in TX and Sarah 
in OK they hope to get together soon. 
Congratulations to the Roberts family! 

Julie Hildebrand Nelson and Brett 
expect their 1st child in Jul.! Julie says the 
pregnancy has been completely uneventful, 
a good thing. Otherwise, they love life in 
Warrenton, VA. They're active in the local 
SBC Alumnae chapter and enjoy seeing 
local SBC girls, such as Imogen Slade 
Rex, Becky Miller '97, Sarah Alexander '93, 
as well as those in town visiting family and 
friends. Congratulations, Julie and Brett! 

Jen Beck Locke has some news 
to share about her family. Thomas (3) 
was diagnosed with sensory integration 
dysfunction (an autism spectrum disorder) 
and is seeing 3 therapists. He is improv- 
ing, but they're "brushing" his skin every 2 
hrs,, listening to special music, and doing 
exercises daily. A- tew weeks after Tom's 
diagnosis, Trae (9 mos.) was admitted into 
the hospital after he slowly stopped eating. 
After seeing several doctors and undergoing 
massive testing he was put on a feeding 
tube, which was in for 7 '/? wks, and was 
finally removed 3/1 0. In addition to the 
feeding tube, both boys were in and out of 
the hospital with shigella and the rodo virus. 
Trae is slowly improving, but the Lockes 
have had a lot going on! Marte (5 M?) is 
thriving in kindergarten and is taking art, 
dance, and about to begin soccer Hunter is 
still the general manager for Georgia-Pacific 
and they're all enjoying Chattanooga. Best 

wishes to the Locke family for everyone to 
get well and things to settle down soon! 

Angie Conklin Abell is in the process 
of building her own real estate office on 
Chincoteague Island, VA. She'll be going 
out on her own after 1 3 yrs of working for 
others in the real estate field, and is excited 
about this new venture. Angle's new com- 
pany is called "Beach Bay Realty" [www. and is scheduled to 
open sometime in Jun., so please look her 
up! Husband. Barry, Taulman (8), and Hope 
(6), are doing great! Angie enjoys keep- 
ing in touch with so many SBC friends on 

April Collins Potterfleld writes that 
Benjamin is starting kindergarten in the fall 
at Columbia Catholic School, and Oliver 
and Nathaniel will be 1 in Jun. They're all 
healthy, generally happy, and cute little 
monkeys. She and Russell are traveling 
with them to Napa for spring break, and 
then a packed summer full of travel. April 
imagines traveling with 3 will be different 
than just 1 ! She has enjoyed this year of a 
reduced course load, but is up for tenure 
at Westminster Coll. in the fall so she'll be 
back at it full time, Russell is doing well 
also, and has become quite the gourmet 
chef. The Potterfields will be visiting the 
Culinary Institute of America when in Napa, 
so April is hoping he doesn't decide to retire 
and start culinary school! 

Jesse Durham Strauss tells me that 
she, Rachel Baltus, and Hilary Carlson 
Katerberg attended the SBC D.C. "Young" 
Alumnae happy hour in Mar where they 
had a great time meeting alums from 
the classes of '06 and '08. They were all 
thrilled to be included as "young alumnae." 
Jesse spent a fun Valentine's weekend 
with Jen Beck Locke and her family in 
Chattanooga. It was great to catch up with 
Jen and spend time with Trae, Thomas, and 
Marte, and of course. Hunter — who hasn't 
changed a bit except for a few more gray 
hairs. While Jesse was in TN with Jen, Oron 
stayed home in VA with their 2 girls: Anna 
(2) who is talking like crazy, and Audrey (9 
mos.) who is crawling everywhere. Jesse 
was looking fonward to going back to SBC 
for the JYS 25th anniversary in late Mar 

Shann Fountain Culo and husband 
Tomislav were moving to Palo Alto, CA, 
in Apr with their 2 children, Noemi (5) 
and Andre (3). Shann finished a book 
that will be published 7/09, called Moon 
Croatia S Slovenia for the Moon Travel 
Guide series. She's kept in touch with 
Slavica Olujic Klapcic '95 and Desiree 
Valenzuela Gribschaw '97, but would love 
to reconnect with other friends from SBC. 
Congratulations, Shann! 

Leah Jorgensen has had some won- 
derful changes in her life. In Dec. she left 
her job as the director of marketing & com- 
munications at Adelsheim Vineyard to begin 
her own consulting business for the OR 
wine industry. Leah does contract market- 
ing and communications, along with event 
planning, and is co-organizing the Best of 
Oregon Food & Wine Festival to celebrate 

local wineries, restaurants, and culinary arti- 
sans. She's also a freelance writer and has 
contributed to a handful of food and wine 
focused magazines, writing mostly about 
the gluten-free lifestyle, having taken on an 
advocate role since being diagnosed with 
celiac disease 2 yrs ago, Leah launched 
her new website, 
which highlights her writing and includes 
her contract work. In Dec. she moved in with 
boyfriend Nathan on his organic farm and 
orchard in Colton, OR. They'll be growing 
pears soon for brandy and vinifera grapes 
for wine (probably Pinot noir and maybe 
some Gewurztraminer). The couple plans to 
get lots of chickens and a few goats within 
the year, and Leah is hoping to host some 
SBC girls on the farm soon! 

Imogen Slade Rex and Chip are look- 
ing forward to celebrating Isabelle's 1st 
birthday in May, and hope for many sum- 
mer outings with SBC friends! 

Rachael Boyd Belmonte can't wait to 
get together with Jessica Gindlesperger 
Hubbell, Mary Jane Bradley Flowers 
and other SBC alumnae this summer! Will 
(8) enjoys basketball, baseball, and Boy 
Scouts. Emma (5) enjoys ballet class and is 
ready for kindergarten next year Joe enjoys 
his new job with McGIII Environmental. 
Rachael still enjoys teaching AP Calculus 
AB, AP Calculus BC, and Pre-Calculus 
for Virtual Virginia, the VA Department of 
Education's online school from the comfort 
of her home in Williamsburg, VA. 

As for me. Amy Daugherty Michel, 
our life remains much the same; balanc- 
ing work, school and family life between 
Sam and I. In addition to writing our class 
notes, I'm taking a turn as president of our 
Homeowner's Association. Xander turned 2 
in Mar and is a very smart, busy, delightful 
little boy! Our family had quite a stress- 
ful time last fall and winter as my niece 
Graysen was diagnosed with an arachnoid 
cyst on her brain, along with sleep apnea 
due to a small palate. She had an outpa- 
tient surgery in mid-Dec. '08 to remove her 
tonsils and adnoids, and then in 1/09, at 
2 y? yrs old, she underwent brain surgery 
at Stanford U. Medical Center to open and 
drain the cyst. She's now recovered and 
doing incredibly well! My sister Jaime was 
pregnant with her 2nd child dunng all of 
this, and delivered my new niece Addison 
Leigh on 2/24. She's a beautiful and 
healthy baby, and we had the pleasure of 
spending a long weekend with the whole 
family in Sedona, AZ, in Mar For any of you 
looking for an amazing vacation spot, check 
out Sedona. I hope you and your families 
are well, happy, and healthy and I look for- 
ward to hearing from you again soon! 



Mrs. Kerr! R. Burtner 
601 N Roslna Ave 
Somerset, PA 15501 
karri. burtner@gmail. com 

Cynthia Puckett 
7123 High Street 
Floyds Knobs, IN 47119 

Chantel Bartlett 

Cady Thomas spent the Christmas holiday 
with Serena Putegnat and Tara ('00) and 
family in Austin, TX, It was great to be with 
them and have a warm holiday Cady loved 
seeing all the ladies at the SBC Day in Jan. 
at Katy McCartney Gilliam's ('97) house in 
Chapel Hill. Anne-Claire Wackenhut is still 
settling into her new house (GA) and discov- 
ering all the joys and tribulations involved in 
home ownership. Highlights for the spring: 
visiting sister Celeste ('08) in Venice for a 
few months, stopping in Paris to see her 
brother and grandparents, as well as meet- 
ing up briefly with Kate Rinehart Eskew 
and John, who will be in Europe at the same 
time! Joanne Hopkins just returned from 
a trip to SBC where she was a panelist at 
the math and engineering career event: "It 
was great to be back on campus, catch up 
with a few professors, and see the new fit- 
ness center and student townhouses under 

Pamela Fine Auble still heads up the 
Microsoft engineering department at NeuStar, 
Inc. in Sterling, VA. She returned from a busi- 
ness trip to Israel and had the chance to visit 
Jerusalem and Haifa and even learn some 
Hebrew! Husband Brent was on solo Daddy- 
duty to Joshua (1 4 mos.) for 2 wks. The 
Aubles see Emily Virkus Calle, husband 
Dan, and son Benjamin on a regular basis 
for play dates. Things in the Erin Wortley 
Valliere house are crazy as ever with work 
and chasing 3 kids. They're all good and 
gearing up for baseball and swim team. 
Joanne Hopkins and Erin are going to 
New Orleans in Apr to meet up with Erikka 
Sund Neal before the new baby makes his 
appearance, and to meet Erikka's daughter 

Dana Bordvick Poleski and (\/lark are 
almost finished with the new house and, 
hopefully, are in by the time you read this. 
Maybe the grass in the newly cleared pas- 
ture will have taken hold as well and possibly 
be fenced in. She's enjoyed connecting with 
everyone on Facebook and wishes everyone 
the best. Laura Fitton Pieper has good 
and bad news. Bad news 1st: she became 
a casualty of the economic crisis when she 
was laid off in Jan. from her dream job as an 
arts and entertainment writer The journal- 
ism business isn't the place to be right now, 
and she doesn't know what direction to take 
next in her career The good news: around 
the same time, she was accepted as a fel- 
low in the National Endowment for the Arts' 
Journalism Institute in Theater and Musical 
Theater in L,A, this Apr! All expenses paid! 

After being a part of the Obama cam- 
paign and then the Presidential Inaugural 

62 • Spting/Summer 2009 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


Committee 2009, Kelsey Larus is now 

a political appointee in the Administration. 
"It's fantastic and awesome to witness his- 
tory as it's being made," Evah Pottmeyer 
McGinley was sworn into the U.S. Supreme 
Court Bar. which was thrilling, but she 
/j/g/7/y doubts she'll ever practice there. She 
should finish her LLfVI at the Judge Advocate 
General's Legal Center and School in IVIay, 
She and Shawn are looking to buy a house 
in Rock Island, IL, where their next duty 
assignment will be at Rock Island Arsenal. 
They look forward to being stationed together 
for this assignment. Rush Harris is marry- 
ing her love, Jory, in May. They are living in 
AL, organic farming and raising free-range 

Valerie Walston still lives in the coastal 
town of Santa Barbara, CA. and enjoys the 
yr-round 75-degree weather (upstaged only 
by a recent 2-wk holiday through Australia in 
Feb.). She spends much time in Hollywood 
managing promotions for bands; one of her 
bands. After Midnight Project, just struck a 
multi-million $ deal with Universal Motown; 
their 1st full-length album premiers this 
summer! She'll ride again with the Lance 
Armstrong Foundation this summer and 
would love to have your support in finding 
a cure for cancer! You can donate online at 
t)ttp://saniose09. Iivestrong. org/valerie. She 
hopes all you lovely ladies are doing great! 
Gardens Kelly Bowman Greenwood 
designed were photographed and featured 
in Backyards: A Sunset Design Guide by 
Bridget Biscotti Bradley, published in Jan. 
And Kindle Samuel Barkus' wedding was 
featured in the 2009 Annual Issue of Real 
Simple Weddings She's happily married 
to Terence and has a son, Desmond Uriah 
Barkus (born 7/1 7/08). They live in CA, and 
she works in Silicon Valley at Cisco Systems 
(the human network effect , . . still seeking to 
change the world). She loves life and knows 
she is blessed each and every day , , , all 
day long! 

Gretchen Gravely Tucker is settling in 
nicely with their new son born in Oct.! Life 
is fun with 2 little ones! They were able to 
visit with Kelli Scott Uttley and family over 
Christmas. Kelli's newest addition. Olivia 
or "Liv," was born in Aug. It was one big 
play-date! Gretchen recently visited Shelley 
Shreve Oliver and Kerry Coleman-Proksch. 
Give Gretchen a call if you are near SBC, 
She'd love to visit with you! Tonya Grudier 
IVIontgomery and Tom were looking forward 
to the birth of their 1st baby in late Apr She 
loves her new job at Indian Creek School and 
is glad that her schedule allows her to be at 
home with the baby for the 1 st 4 mos. 

Cyndi Hague Hineline is looking 
forward to a quick launt to KY in May to 
meet up with Kathy Carr and Cynthia 
Bumgardner Puckett! She's hopeful she'll 
make it to SBC for Homecoming '09. She 
and Shawn are going on 5 yrs of marriage 
and Alex is 2 1/2— how time flies! They all 
continue to do well. After a 3-yr break in 
the routine, Cyndi performed a lead role in 
"Leading Ladies" at her local community 
theatre. She's so excited to be back in it, and 

had 'almost* forgotten how much fun it was. 
although the memorization certainly is harder 
than it used to be. Cynthia stays busy with 
her 2 kids and Love. She was thrilled to run 
into Susan Holman Beck in Chattanooga 
while on a grandparent Grand Tour through 
TN, and she spent a wonderful evening with 
Joelle Jackson in Murfreesboro talking 
about life, love, Twiliglit and Jesus! She 
loves staying in touch with everyone as much 
as her schedule allows. MaryLea Martin 
Harris blogs about crafting and motherhood 
at http://wwv/.pinkandgreenmama. blogspot 
com and would love to hear from you. Her 
girls, Emma (6) and Claire (2). are giving her 
plenty of material to blog and scrapbook 
about! MaryLea is an independent consultant 
for Creative Memories. 

Chantel Bartlett continues to be chal- 
lenged and is constantly busy at her new 
job arranging foreign exchange students. It's 
been interesting dealing with different coun- 
tries and even more amazing at some of the 
problems! Her organization is in the midst of 
placing for the 2009/201 academic season. 
Anyone know of someone who might like 
to bring a piece of another country into her 
home? Always looking for new host families! 
Chantel spent most of Jan. and Feb. traveling 
weekends for work. She went to ME, MD, 
PA, and even returned to SBC. Mar brought 
about a business trip to San Diego for train- 
ing, so she took a few extra days to visit 
with Candice Broughton Maillard and her 
fabulous family. The boys are gorgeous and 
growing like weeds! Chantel tries to keep in 
frequent contact with Alicia Foster Wilbun, 
but has yet to make It south to meet baby 
Estelle. Chantel also hears from time to time 
from Natia Nemetisheva. They're doing 
well, and possibly moving to London. Chantel 
will take a few days in May to go "home" 
to Seattle and have a final vacation before 
she can no longer travel during the summer 
months. Overall, things are going well! 

Heather Smith is graduating from UT 
Chattanooga on 5/3 with a BS in Dietetics, 
She's waiting to hear of her acceptance into 
a dietetic internship, which is the next step. 
She's currently working as a diet tech in 
Enteral Nutrition (tube feeding) and loves it. 
Jessica Simpson, with us during our 1st yr 
and transferred from SBC to WA, her home 
town, has finished her M.A. in Nursing in the 
Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Program at the 
U.WA. She co-authored her 1st academic 
journal article to be published this month! 
[Kieckhefer, G.M., Trahms, CM., Churchill, 
S.S., Simpson, J,N. (2009) "Measuring 
Parent-Child Shared Management of Chronic 
Illness. Pediatric Nursing." 35.7.] She lives 
in Seattle and works part time as an RN in 
a Pediatric/Neonatal intensive care unit and 
loves it! She keeps in touch with Erikka 
and Joanne Hopkins Melissa Coffey 
is engaged and is busy planning a sum- 
mer 2010 wedding! She still works in the 
Alumnae Office and looks foPA/ard to working 
with the new president, Jo Ellen Parker She 
hopes lots of 98ers will return to campus 
tor her Inauguration during Homecoming 
Weekend, September 24-26. She sees 

Jenn Anderson and Rhonda Tyree for 

girls gatherings often. 

Dawn Everett Grobe writes that they 
expect their 1st baby, a boy 5/25. Dawn is 
"sure that, because the pregnancy has been 
relatively easy, he's going to be a pain in the 
rear My sister is so excited you would think 
she was having the baby" Dawn will stay 
home for the rest of the school year and 
all summer, but plans to go back in the fall. 
They took their last child-free vacation in 
Feb. driving to Montreal where they "spent a 
decadent 6 days doing almost nothing. Went 
to the Science Center and the Titanic Exhibit. 
Spent 1 whole day hanging out in the room 
and got room service for the 1st time," 
They also look fonward to taking their 1 st 
family vacation in early Aug. to Star Island 
(Isles of Shoals, NH, not FL). 

Charlotte Higgins is ending her 1 st yr 
in pharmacy school at UNC. Life is all aca- 
demics until she decides whether her heart 
is still in nursing or in this new field. She 
misses the simple days of SBC and morning 
prayer times with Cynthia. Life is busy, but 
good otherwise. 

BABIES: Shelley Shreve Oliver 
birthed a future SBC grad on 3/18. Emily 
"Hamilton" Oliver weighed 6 lbs. 12oz. 
Big brother Loren and Mom and Dad 
are thnlled with the addition! Courtney 
Morgan Harris and Curt welcomed their 
1st baby, Morgan Elizabeth Harris, on 3/3. 
Nichi Benson Knox birthed her 2nd son, 
Elijah Douglas, on 11/12. Despite being 
born a month early, he's thriving thanks to 
the watchful eye of his big brother Nichi, 
has been back in the classroom since the 
beginning of Jan., but will soon be taking 
a new position (pulling students out to 
help them with their writing) at a different 
h. s. in the same district. She looks forward 
to the change in responsibilities. Emily 
Busse Schwartz and Kevin welcomed 
their 1st child Phoebe Rose just in time for 
Christmas. They look fon/vard to introducing 
her to Lindsey Hall '99, Cady Thomas, 
and all her other SBC Aunties in the months 
to come Hobby Holmes Cole delivered 
a healthy baby boy on 1 2/1 3 after 30 hrs. 
of grueling labor and then an emergency 
C-section— Charies Taylor "Holmes" Cole. 
Gannon Hunt was the 1 st SBC friend to 
come and visit them. 

Keep in touch, friends! 


Ms. Lindsey Neef Kelly 
15012 Ashby Way East 
Carroliton.VA 23314 

Jennie Lee Baick is a new mother and has 
never felt more privileged to be a woman! 
Daughter Kennedy was born on 1/26/09 a 
little early to the party, but healthy Jenny 
works for the Keller Investment Group in 
Irvine, CA, and loves CA weather 

Devon Vasconcellos Bijansky com- 
pleted the New Orleans Half Ironman in Apr, 

swimming 1 .2 mi., cycling 56 mi., and run- 
ning 13.1 mi. in 6;14 hrs. 

Kristine Bria Brown and Andrew 
celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary on 
3/28/09. They enjoyed an amazing weekend 
in NYC and will travel to the Bahamas in Aug. 
tor a full week celebration! Kristine keeps in 
touch with Sarah Dean. Erin Vlasaty. Kelly 
Turney, and many others via Facebook. 

Rachel Barnard Fendley. Bill, and son 
Will (2) welcomed Benjamin Palmer this past 
Jul. He weighed in at 9 lbs. 2 oz.l Everyone 
has adjusted nicely Rachel enjoys staying 
home with her boys. This past Oct. she got 
together with Alicia Hart Palmore '05 and her 
kids. Ashley Black Wood '05 and her kids, 
and Katie Whitlock and her son. 

Sarah Kingsley Foley has been taking 
some time away from coaching cheeriead- 
ing to spend more time with Cole (3) and 
husband Bo. The Foleys have been renovat- 
ing their 100-yr-old house since Memorial 
Day '08. Sarah is growing more involved 
with yoga and even went to Yogaville (which 
is very near SBC). Sarah visited Brandi 
Whitley Hilder and Meghan Pollard 
Leypoldt in fall. She has regular play-dates 
with Lillle Vought Tiller and sees Megan 
Butt Glover. Jen Dixon Graves '01 . Elizabeth 
Finch Wright '01 . and Liz Parker Veverka '01 . 
Recently Alison Stockdale '00 (Sarah's OV 
baby) came to Norfolk for a quick visit. 

Mamie Jackson relocated to Atlanta. 
GA, in 4/09, where she accepted the position 
of associate vice president of development at 
Spelman Coll. In accepting this new role, she 
left the position of deputy director of devel- 
opment at the Robert H. Smith School of 
Business at the U.MD. Mamie enjoys being 
the proud auntie to her brand new nephew. 
She continues to keep in touch with Isabel 
Jean-Pierre '98 and Nicole Streeter 

Heather McLeod and hubby TJ Griffin 
can't wait to welcome baby #2 in 10/09. Big 
brother Eamon will have just turned 2. and 
the long, hot Austin summer will hopefully be 
starting to wind down. Heather was sad to 
miss Reunion. 

Lindsey Neef Kelly has been busy at 
work and is prepanng to submit an outline to 
teach her 1st VA Continuing Legal Education. 
As of Apr, Catherine is 2 and talking up a 
storm and Rachel (8 mos.) just started pull- 
ing up on everything and blowing kisses. 
Lindsey and Sean look forward to summer 
coming so that they can start building a play 
structure in their backyard 

Emily Sartor Patterson and Brad 
enjoy daughter Claire, born in 9/08, and 
have moved into a new house that they built 
in Chapel Hill. Emily is working part time at 
Duke Medical Center, so she can spend most 
of her time playing with Claire! They enjoyed 
having Anna Redding Carmichel and her 
family come down to visit and go to a UNC 
basketball game. Anna and Charles have 2 
children, Chariie and Campbell. 

Kristin Smith Radtke and Trip will cel- 
ebrate 4 yrs of marriage in Apr and welcome 
their 1st child in Aug. Kristin plans to take 
a sabbatical from teaching Latin for at least 
the next year 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae /V\aga2ine • www.alumnae. 

Spring/Summer 2009 • 63 

Shannon Smith has moved from 
Garner back to Raleigh, She recently started 
a new job with Banfield the Pet Hospital in 
Knightdale, a brand new hospital. She's still 
active at Covenant Church International and 
her 2 cats are doing well, although they did 
not like the move much. 

Tina Hansel Snover was due in late 
Apr. with daughter #2, Elizabeth Claire. 
Brenae (2 '/2) is excited to be a big sisterl 
Tina is now an official resume consultant and 
wori<ing part time from home. 

Katie Leeming Sparkman and Alex 
welcomed Thorne Woodruff Sparkman on 
3/19. He's being the perfect baby and big 
sister Ashley loves him. The dog seems to 
be the most jealous of all! Katie is no longer 
working as a massage therapist and is at 
home full time for the moment. She saw Jill 
Triana briefly when Jill was in NYC. It was 
fun to catch up, but way too short. 

Lillie Voght Tlllar started up a portrait 
photography business in VA Beach last fall. 
Feel free to visit her website at www.photog- She's having a blast doing 
what she loves — staying home with her 2 
daughters. Virginia Ames (6) and Claudia (2), 
while getting to fulfill her dream of being a 
photographer. She looks fonward to being 
in Erin Vlasaty's wedding this May out in 
St. Louis! 

Meredith Tillery is still in Knoxville, 
TN, where she manages an independent 
insurance agency She and her brothers have 
recently formed The Tillery Group which will 
specialize in developing renewable energy 
options. She's President of the Knoxville 
Alumnae Club which has had slack participa- 
tion lately. If there are any other Knoxville 
alumnae out there (any class), please let 
her know. 

Lindsay Hicks Watrous loves mother- 
hood, and can't believe her son Drew is 
now 1 . She's still doing PR consulting out 
of her home office in Phoenix, which allows 
her to spend more time with the baby. She 
keeps in touch with lots of SBC grads by 
way of Facebook! But most often, she talks 
with Shannon Weisenberger Habenicht, 
Anna Carmichael Redding, and Jera 


Pti-,w„«, ^,r/V: yi,T<i sr-as. aoto 
Elizabeth Davis Baker 
1008 S Walnut Drive 
Smithfield, NC 27577 

Hello, Class of 2000! Thanks so much for 
writing in. Only one more year until Reunion, 
can you believe it? If you have pictures you'd 
like included in our class scrapbooks, please 
send them to me (you can send digital or 
snail mail). Be sure to include names, dates, 
and locations so we know who's who! 
Congratulations to all the expanding families 
out there. Susan Bobb and husband Jamie 
Clark expect 1 st child Benjamin David Bobb 
Clark, any day now (as of this writing). Susan 

is on leave from her post-doc research posi- 
tion and will probably take the summer off 
to recuperate. Jamie started a job at Tesia 
Motors in their R&D as an engineer, and 
they're enjoying California (at least what 
they've seen of it!) Alison Stockdale will 
be celebrating her 7th year as a federal 
employee in 8/09. Daughter Annika turned 
1 in 2/09 and hasn't mastered walking, 
but likes to cruise everywhere. Alison and 
Adam are expecting baby #2 due in 9/09! 
Kimberiy Earehart Coleman is still at 
home with daughter Claire. She'll be 3 in 
Aug. and is growing up more each day. She's 
excited about having a new baby brother or 
sister in Sept. Kim has kept in touch with 
Anne-Ryan Sinnot Craig and daughter 
Abbey. Claire and Abbey enjoy playing 
together. Cameron Theodores Neuhauser 
and husband welcomed a beautiful baby 
girl on 1/3/09. Her name is Arianna Nicole 
Neuhauser; she weighed 5 lbs, 1 3 oz. She's 
doing wonderfully, and they love being new 
parents! Benedicte Valentin Lemothe still 
lives near Pans and is expecting another boy 
at the end of May (Remi turned 2 on 12/08). 
Emily Pegues still travels lots for work; next 
trip is to Italy, to escort a Raphael painting 
to the artist's hometown of Urbino. She'll 
be thinking of Caroline Stark and Anne- 
Claire Wackenhut '98, remembering their 
stories of junior year abroad there. She's 
also heading to London and Paris this spring 
as part of a research fellowship from the 
National Gallery — will spend lots of time in 
libraries, archives, and poking around the 
Louvre's storerooms! While in Paris, she 
hopes to see Benedicte and her family. By 
the time class notes come out, Emily will be 
an aunt! Her brother and his wife expect their 

1 St child in late May Kibbyjane Bryenton 
Fergusson wrote in from Japan where 
she was expecting a visit from her parents 
at the beginning of Apr and will be travel- 
ing to Kyoto and Hiroshima. Anna will be 2 
in Aug. and lain will be 4 in Jul, She says 
that some of the food is really good, while 
some is very strange, Japan is a fascinat- 
ing culture. The boys will be gone again for 
much of the summer/fall, but she hopes to 
meet up with husband Donnie at a port call 
or two, Melissa Bellan became a partner 
in the law firm Buchanan & Bellan, L,L,P 
on 1/1/09! She still lives in Dallas with her 

2 dogs and will be traveling to Spain and 
Morocco in the early summer VIcki Zak 
Rosenthal and Ben have been renovating 
their D,C, condo, and just finished installing 
new wood floors. They'll probably tackle the 
master bathroom next! Work has kept VIcki 
busy, and she just passed her 5-yr mark 

at SAIC, She's planning a trip to Athens, 
Greece, this coming Sept,, and hopes to 
visit Istanbul and Paris before the end of 
the year She has kept in touch with Holly 
Wilmeth, who is hard at work building a 
playground plus teaching English to several 
children in her town. Holly lives in Mexico. 
Here is Holly's website with further details 
on the playground, linp://www.hollywilmeth. 
typepad. com/montesplayground/. Lindsey 
Brooker Brooks stopped in NC on her way 

Hilton Head for an eariy spring visit with 
Elizabeth Davis Baker. Baby David is doing 
great, and James is turning 3 in Apr Lindsey 
plans to start selling bags and other items 
from Thirty-One Gifts {www.31gitts.con1i in 
Apr Please contact me if you want to have 
an online or catalog show from anywhere. 
She says that hopefully this will support her 
Starbuck's and Tropical Smoothie addictions! 
Christine Bump writes "As a 5th-year 
associate at the law firm, I'm busier than 
ever I know that I should be very grateful 
that food and drug law is recession-resistant, 
but I'm growing tired of the long hours and 
travel, I enjoy my role as a wife much more 
than being a lawyer! I'm very proud of my 
husband, and he has had a lot of news 
lately. He's worked 8 long years, tirelessly 
and ethically, to build his company In Feb, 
and Mar alone, he and/or the company was 
featured in Smart Money Kiplinger's, Tlie 
Chicago Tribune, and WSJ's Marl<etWatch. 
It's very exciting! " Becky Hamby Marshall 
reports from Oklahoma City, She and James 
moved back to her home state 2 yrs ago 
from Washington D,C,, and they're finally 
over the culture shock — she thinks! She 
works for Chesapeake Energy Marketing and 
her husband is manager for a tine dining 
restaurant called Sloeil, She says their only 
child is a Corgi-Jack Russell mix named 
Henry, and his partner in crime is Albert 
the cat. She looks fonward to Reunion next 
year! Mandy Rockwell is pursuing a 2nd 
Masters in Expressive Arts Therapy and 
Mental Health Counseling in Cambridge, 
MA, at Lesley U, She has 2 babies , , , well, 
Weimaraners, Sarah Cunningham writes 
in from NYC; "I've been in NYC the last 
4 yrs and live with my sister We have an 
amazing apt, overlooking the East River that 
we enjoy decorating. Last Aug. I made a 
career change from working in the Financial 
Services sector to Internet Services. I'm at 
Yahoo within the Internet Video department. 
I manage all top tier partnership integra- 
tions for video content syndication. Most 
likely, it anyone watches TV episodes on 
sites like AOL & Yahoo then you've seen my 
work. The job & company is amazing, and 
I like the video/advertising market. I'm still 
dating my boyfriend of 3+ years, Nate, We 
live in the same apt, building so we practi- 
cally live together I miss my SBC friends 
and apologize for not keeping in touch 
Holla holla to my girlz." Kim Harden Fella 
and Chad were able to travel together for a 
vacation during the last week in Mar They 
met her parents in Barcelona, Spain, (they 
had cruised over from Miami) and spent a 
few days there before heading out to spend 
a few days in the countryside visiting many 
different wineries, Chad is still stationed with 
the Harry S, Truman carrier in Norfolk, VA, It 
looks like their deployment will be sometime 
in fall '09, After that deployment, Chad will 
return to shore duty for a few years, but they 
aren't sure where, Kim is still working as a 
school counselor in Macon, and has been 
busy this year with house projects. They put 
in brand new windows, and have also redone 
the dock on the lake and the deck up by the 

pool. They are having the pool re-done and 
will be putting a screen lanai up over the 
pool area. It'll be great to enjoy that this 
spring and summer Other than that, she 
looks fonfl/ard to seeing classmates at our 
10-year Reunion in May 2010, Tarrah 
Kehm got engaged over the holidays and is 
planning a 2010 wedding in Italy! (Better not 
be during Reunion, Tarrah!) She still lives in 
Brussels, Belgium, but has been on assign- 
ment in Brazil, She admits that she misses 
the USA more and more as the years go by. 
She became an aunt in Apr and says that 
her brother sister-in-law, and her nephew 
are healthy and happy. She hopes to meet 
up with Liz Keating Michaels in CO this 
summer Evangeline Easterly Taylor and 
Eric are painting their sail boat blue and 
fixing it up tor sailing season. This year she 
is organizing her neighborhood Easter Egg 
Hunt, annual picnic, and yard sale, Angelina 
Alongi is engaged to David Vieyra. She's 
raising organic pastured beef ("Pearis 
Pastured Beef") on the family ranch and 
still loves the Houston weather As for me, 
I enjoyed a surprise visit from Lindsey 
Brooks and her 2 adorable boys in Feb. 
Work and school still keep Brian and me very 
busy, but we're hoping to make some time 
this spring/summer for a few beach trips. 
Also keeping me busy is my blog and Its very 
small following of devoted readers. I hope to 
see some of you at Homecoming this year! 
If you can't make the trip in Sept., save the 
date for May 2010 — our 10th Reunion! 
Holla holla! 


Amanda Campbell Wright 
19304 Anna Kate Ct 
Pflugerville, TX 78660-2972 
swim VixenOI © 

Many thanks to everyone who sent in news! 
We sure have some exciting things to report. 
Congratulations to everyone on their amazing 

Joy Talmon and Tamir moved to lA 
about a year ago where she took a job as the 
Volunteer Coordinator for the Animal Rescue 
League in Des Moines. Son Oren celebrated 
his 1st birthday, 3/25! She hasn't done much 
travelling, but did get to spend her birthday in 
Boston with Sarah Bradford, Jen Montfort 
and Heather Carson '00. 

Cristina Paolicchi closed on her 1st 
home in Katy, TX, at the end of Feb. although 
she won't actually be living there for a 
while since her job will be taking her 1st to 
Newport, Rl, for 6 mos. of school and then 
on to Honolulu, HI, to be the Chief Engineer 
on the frigate USS Crommelin. 

Christine Rangel is excited to be a 
bridesmaid in Natasha Nickodem's wed- 
ding in Aug. and Sarah Belanger's in Sept. 
Her water polo club, TNYA, is playing a 
tournament in Toronto, Canada, in Mar! She's 
so happy to hang out with Chanel Smith, 
Christy Holterman Zeigler. and Holly Lane 
Riley '06 quite often in NYC. 

64 • Spring/Summer 2009 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 

/.alumnoe six edu 

Arjana Kateryna Wolynec-Werner 

spent a lovely 6-mo, detail in New Orleans 
with DHS Immigration and Customs 
Enforcement, tracking human smugglers, 
uncovering illegal immigration patterns, and 
representing the U,S, Government in immi- 
gration court. In her free time, she learned 
how to sew/ clothes and lost her 2005 
Katrina evacuation weight walking laps in 
Audubon Park, She's now back working 
in DC and squatting temporarily in Nia 
Fonow Ravenstahl's new home. Ariana 
plans to graduate from the Presidential 
Management Fellows program in late Oct, 
2009, and is in training to walk a half mar- 
athon for Hodgkin's Lymphoma research in 
her father's honor She visits not frequently 
enough with Amanda Campbell Wright 
and her growing brood. 

Kat Morse is enjoying her time work- 
ing at the historic Jekyll Island Club Hotel. 
She has been attending Armstrong Atlantic 
State U. working on a Graduate Certificate 
in Public History and hopes to move into 
the Masters degree program this fall. She's 
awaiting permission to research in the 
Jekyll Island archives and hoping to find 
people still living who have oral history, 
diary entries, letters and artifacts that can 
be sent to her in preparation of a book on 
Jekyll spanning from Native Americans to 
about 1975. She hopes that some of the 
funds will go to restoration and other poorly 
funded programs to ensure the continued 
education of the history of Jekyll Island as 
well as place markers to highlight some of 
its forgotten past. 

Natasha Nickodem is engaged to 
marry Matthew Stevens, 8/8/09 in 
Galena, IL. Stephanie Sherrard will be the 
maid of honor and Christine Rangel and 
Sarah Belanger will be bridesmaids. 

Alison Clark Joe says, "Life is going 
well. After a number of delays, some 
because of me, and some because of my 
committee, I successfully defended my 
dissertation in clinical psychology last Aug. 
Two days later I gave birth to a baby girl, 
Elise Sasaki Joe. My sister, Emily Clark 
Kang '99, was pregnant at the same time 
and had her daughter, Rose-Marie, about a 
month eariier As always, she's been a great 
support through pregnancy and the start of 
motherhood. Right now I'm enjoying being a 
stay-at-home mom. Changing diapers may 
not be glamorous, but right now it beats a 
dissertation. Husband Jeffrey is doing well 
working for the Idaho National Lab, and our 
German Shepherd has become quite the 
nursemaid for Elise." 

Leah Solivan Busque resigned from 
her software engineering position at IBM 
last Jun. to found her own internet startup 
company called 
RUNmyERRAND is a social networking 
inspired community that connects a people 
in real time to get things done. She spent 
last summer and fall developing the idea 
and launched an initial beta site in Boston 
last Nov She secured a 1 st round of fund- 
ing, which will allow the company to grow 
and realize its full potential. 

Sarah Belanger is getting married to 
Dave Levinson (W&L '00) on 9/12/09 in 
Richmond Natasha Nickodem, Christine 

Rangel, and Casey Perlow '02 are brides- 

Grace Turner will be getting married 
on 6/6/09 to Steven Creasey, a police offi- 
cer in Goochland County outside Richmond. 
She teaches civics to accelerated and gifted 
students at Goochland M. S. They met while 
working on a political campaign in which 
both of their fathers were candidates — 
not against each other, thankfully. Sister 
Maribeth Turner will be a senior at SBC this 
fall, and she'll enjoy going back to another 
graduation at SBC in the spring, 

Audrey Dickson Pool is living in 
Mandeville, LA. She got married 4 yrs 
ago and has a beautiful daughter named 
Sophie. She and her husband both teach 
and coach at a private all-giris h. s. She 
coaches the JV cheerleading squad, but 
will be taking over the Varsity/Competition 
Squad next school year She keeps in touch 
with Christi Rose Hart '02 and Leigh Riddell 

This past winter Lori Kovatch Long 
and her husband finished building their 1st 
home. She's all moved in and loves it. She 
still works as the head of Quality Control 
at KY BioProcessing, LLC — a Biotech 
Company producing products such as vac- 
cines and therapeutics from tobacco plants. 
She also still runs a horse farm with her 
husband's aunt, where she trains horses 
and teaches riding lessons. Things are 
busy. She gets a chance to talk to Hillary 
Herlehy, Alison Brown Breene, Christy 
Holterman Ziegler, and Lauren Kaplan 
Slobin on a daily basis. They're trying to 
work out a girls vacation sometime this 
year. She hopes all is well with everyone! 

Jenn Dixon Graves is excited to 
share that she has twins (4), and a new 
baby gid, born in 7/08. Maggie Rose is 
beloved by her brothers Gavin and Blake 
... and especially her Daddy. The Graves 
are busy with soccer, t ball, and swimming 
lessons. They regulariy see Sarah Kingsley 
Foley '99, and her little boy Cole, as well as 
Elizabeth Parker Veverka and her sons 
Parker and new baby Kellan, Recently Jenn 
spent some much needed quality time with 
Sarah Foley Barhight, and Meg Foley 
'04 in Washington, D.C. She got to see Erin 
Wright East '00 and her precious new baby 
girl, Misa Sarmento '02 and several other 
alumnae at Jennifer Crispen's memorial in 
Jan. She's anxiously awaiting the summer. 
She has finished a Master's in Education 
and is looking to re-enter the workforce in 
the near future. Since she can't play hockey 
and lacrosse anymore, she has developed 
a love for long distance running. She loves 
keeping up with old friends from SBC on 

Elizabeth Haeberle Davis and James 
welcomed their son Wyatt Nelson Davis on 

Rami Achterberg Heers and Jesse 
have lived in UT for a year now. Their son 
Brian Lukas Heers was born 8/7/08. Rami 

and Brian traveled to VA in Oct, in order to 
visit his cousins and he found time to intro- 
duce himself to Aunt Angela Rodriguez 
Newman and Aunt Meghan Thomas 
Rowe. Rami is currently teaching 2 German 
classes at USU and spending her free time 

Leah Brooks Waldrip and Adam 
welcomed 1st child Garrett Preston Waldrip 
into the world on 6/24/08. Sister Lucy 
Brooks Thomas '00 came to visit and meet 
her nephew. Two mos. prior to giving birth, 
Katherlne Woodson Bates, also flew 
into Atlanta to visit with Leah and help her 
prepare for Garrett's arrival. Mom, dad, and 
baby are all doing well. 

Mariana Souza is pregnant and 
expecting her daughter, to be named 
Beatriz, at the end of Mar She and 
Humberto are happy and are preparing for 
the change in their lives. Apart from that, 
she's still working as a lawyer in Rio de 
Janeiro and is often in touch with Andrea 
Hidalgo, Rocio Guerrero, and Olive Eiley 

Sarah Houston Kenning and Tyler 
are still in Albany, NY, and expect their 1st 
child this summer They're i/e/y excited 
about their possible SBC or W&L class of 
2031 addition to the family. She is upset, 
however, that it puts her out of attending 
the weddings of Emily Reeh Burke in 
May and Natasha Nickodem in Aug., but 
hopes to make it to Sarah Belanger's 
wedding in Sept. to David Levinson. She 
has been making her SBC rounds this 
year and was lucky enough to make it 
to NYC to visit Christine Rangel on her 
birthday, along with Sarah Belanger, 
Chanel Smith, Victoria Rangel '04, 
and Jane Rangel '06. She reports that 
Christine's party was alot of fun and made 
her miss SBC! She was also visited Anna 
Lundberg with Natasha Nickodem in 
Anna's hometown of Minneapolis in Dec. 
and had a great time visiting polka bars, 
going extreme sledding, and eating cheese 
curds. She talks frequently to and is plan- 
ning on visiting Meghan Frier-Stawasz 
this spring, along with Katie Wood-Rea 
and Lys Burdette-Paulhus She's excited 
about seeing the new additions to their 
families, too! 

Brie Vogler Midura has an exciting 
update: "Ben and I were very blessed this 
year We welcomed our twins, Brynn and 
Benjamin, into our family on 2/25/09. They 
make us happier than we ever thought 
possible. After taking the summer off to be 
home with the babies, I'll begin a new pedi- 
atrics job working in private practice. We're 
in close contact with Vanessa Corry Julsen 
and join them in celebrating the arrival of 
their son, Everett. We also look forward to 
the arrival of Laura Reither Marcotte's baby 
this spring." 

Kyle DuVall Blonde gave birth to 
a boy. Christian, almost 4 wks early on 
12/31/08. Everything went okay and Kyle, 
Philip, and big sister Mylene couldn't be 
happier about the new addition. 

Sarah Herndon Syndor and Raph 
(HSC '01) are happy to report that their 

1st child, Sophia Caroline Herndon Syndor, 
was born on 11/10/08. She's having a 
wonderful time being a parent and reports 
that Sophia's nursery is decorated in pink 
and green! 

Chanel Smith and boyfriend Steve 
moved to NYC from Miami last summer 
for his training program at Montefiore 
Medical Center and were engaged in 1/09. 
Wedding plans are on hold until after the 
birth of their little boy in Aug. She'll attend 
Joanna Slusser Hughes' 30th birthday 
party in Houston in Apr and recently spent 
a giris' weekend in Philadelphia with Emily 
Keating Haag and Ashley Morning 

Elizabeth Finch Wright gave birth 
to Margaret Ann Elizabeth "Maggie" on 
7/8/08. She sold their Tropical Smoothie 
Cafe so that she could stay home with 

As for me, Spencer and I welcomed our 
little boy, Owen James, on 9/2 last year and 
love being a family of 4 with our daughter, 
Campbell, rounding out our bunch. We've 
become experts at travelling with kids as 
we've flown home to PA once a month 
since Oct. to visit my Dad who is still in the 
hospital after receiving a liver transplant 
in Nov. 

Happy 30th to all of us celebrating that 
special occasion and keep well so we can 
see everyone at Reunion in 2 yrs! 


Margaret Brooks Buck 
4436 Yoruk Forest Ln 
Charlotte, NC 28211 

Lori Smith Milan 
7025 Holly Bark Dr. 
Midlothian, VA 23112 

Hi, class of 2002! Most of us are having fun 
enjoying being 28, 29, or wow, even 30! We 
have all been secretly stalking each other 
through Facebook! But it is great keeping 
up with everyone that way! From weddings 
we move to children and even more exciting 
things! It was great to hear from all of you, 
so let's get started! Katherine Moncure 
Stuart and Harrison welcomed a baby 
boy 8/13/08, Edward Harrison Stuart, and 
they have been calling him Teddy They 
are enjoying Knoxville and staying quite 
busy. Katherine is currently working for 
The Education Group, a teacher/adminis- 
trative placement and consulting firm for 
private schools. Harrison is the Director 
of Development at the Episcopal School 
of Knoxville Jennifer Brown Robinson 
is still in MA and finishing grad school at 
the U.MA at Lowell in May and will be a 
nurse practitioner! She has been working 
hard and is happy to be finished. Meg 
Anderson says everything is great with 
her! She is teaching 9th and 10th grade 
world history for Fairfax County, Meg and 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www, alumnae. 

Spring/Summer 2009 • 65 

her boyfriend, Thaddeus, moved into their 
1 St house in Alexandria in Apr with their 2 
dogs and plan to add a 3rd soon. She feels 
very settled these days, and very happy! 
Mary Beth Colvin is still teaching English 
and coaching Field Hockey at Liberty H.S. 
in Bealeton, Ashley Trantham is living in 
Raleigh and rescued a dog named [Henry. 
She has been very busy with him. She is 
still working for the NC Nurses Association 
as the director of a nurse workplace 
recognition program. Ashley visits D.C. as 
much as possible to see Arney Walker, 
Amy Mullen, and Jee-Yon Park. Donyele 
Gibson Wilkerson has been busy prepar- 
ing for the arrival of her 1 st child. He was 
scheduled to be here 4/1 1 , but we'll see. 
Misa Sarmento came to a baby shower 
and Donyele says she has been keeping 
up with most folks through Facebook these 
days. She is still working for the Department 
of Defense as an instructional systems 
designer Diana Latimer Alexander 
was expecting her 1st baby with husband 
Waylyn Alexander on 3/30. It's going to be a 
boy, and they are planning to name him Jax 
Clayton Alexander, "Auntie" Angle Withers 
Dawson is planning on visiting the bundle 
of joy after he's born, and help out if there 
is anything she can do. Angle wishes that 
Diana has a healthy baby boy and a safe 
delivery Angle Wither Dawson and hus- 
band, Jason, are enjoying the new delights 
and interests of daughter Casey (3). She 
is into everything, but Angle is excited that 
Casey is into horses too! Angle still has her 
horse from SBC, Mr Ed, but he isn't being 
ridden too much these days. She visits SBC 
pretty often and says it's neat to see how 
it is changing. Tie Trout-Perez graduated 
from Northwestern Law in May She took 
the IL Bar Exam in Jul., and passed! Since 
Sept. she has been working for Kirkland & 
Ellis LLP in Chicago. Megan Tarnowski 
Gundogdu and husband, Suleyman, 
welcomed their beautiful new daughter 
Ayla Rose Gundogdu on 3/23. Megan feels 
great and is so excited! Aja Grosvenor got 
engaged to David Stephens the day before 
Thanksgiving '08! She was shocked to her 
toes, but elated, and they plan to marry 
in 5/10. She still enjoys her work for the 
Detroit Symphony, and is semi-enjoying 
wedding planning. She plans on getting 
around as much as possible this sum- 
mer to see her SBC girts. Amanda Davis 
Stevens recently accepted a new position 
at a small law firm, Rushford & Bonotto 
in Sacramento. She is doing civil litigation 
defense now, quite a change from being 
a prosecutor but is really enjoying it. She 
and her husband bought their 1st home in 
West Sacramento in Oct., and have been 
busy painting, landscaping, and trying to 
make it theirs. She enjoyed seeing Jennifer 
Taylor Cantano briefly while she was in 
San Jose for a conference. It was so nice to 
see her, and hard to believe that it's been 
almost 2 yrs since she saw her last at her 
wedding Tamara Young Metzfield writes 
that Meg Pringle visited her in Dec. and 
they asked her and Craig Elkins (HSC '02) 

to be godparents to their daughter Cora, 
born 6/1 9/08. Tamara also asked Amber 
Solivan '04 and Ben Farmer (HSC '02) to be 
godparents to their other daughter Emma. 
Tamara and her daughters wanted to help 
Ghrlsti Rose Hart celebrate Kendall's 
2nd birthday in Mar, but the girts got sick 
and they were not able to make it. She 
and Dennis celebrated their 6-yr wedding 
anniversary at the beginning of May They 
are also in the process of selling their home 
to move into something that will better fit a 
growing family and 4 dogs! ChristI Rose 
Hart is still in Richmond. She and Jason 
just built a new house and were getting 
ready to celebrate Kendall's 2nd birthday 
She keeps up with Alisa Cline Berry '03 and 
is excited to meet her new son. She also 
sees Tamara Young Metzfield and her 2 
little girls. Heather Minor Gelormine and 
her family made another Army move from 
CO to Okinawa, Japan in 8/08, and will be 
here until the summer of 201 1 . They are 
enjoying the change of scenery (and all the 
food!), and being on a sub-tropical island. 
She is still staying at home with children, 
Brenna (5) and Anthony (1 .5), and is in the 
process of training for her 1st marathon 
at the end of the year Denlse McDonald 
Gentry and her husband Temple are get- 
ting settled into their new home with their 
3 dogs! In May she will celebrate her 1 -yr 
wedding anniversary! Denise is working for 
her parents in northern VA. She sees Lori 
Nilan when she is not cooking and looks 
forward to getting together with Maria, Kelly, 
Ashley McGee '03, and Brook this summer 
Kelly Monical is in Atlanta and is settled in 
her new house. She and boyfriend, Dustin, 
have already been in the pool! Kelly recently 
got a new kitty to play with her black lab 
Maggie. She enjoys hanging out with Maria 
Thacker and Sonya Truman. Serena 
Basten graduated from nursing school and 
is still living out in CA. She is still riding and 
enjoying the scenery when she isn't work- 
ing at Mad River Hospital in the Emergency 
department, Meghan Gregory is in Raleigh 
and having a great time. She is going back 
to school to get her MBA and can't wait to 
be finished! Emily Johnston was looking 
great when I saw her at Christmas. She 
is now associate director at the world's 
oldest auction house in London. Emily is 
currently pulling her hair out cutting her 
life in half with most time spent on a plane 
between London and L.A. to spend time 
with her boyfriend, Alex, which has her 
thinking about a more permanent move 
back to the states in the near future. When 
in the states, Emily has fun seeing all of 
her brothers and their families, who now 
live in San Diego, with the exception of her 
parents! Katie McNamara Brown is still 
teaching AP Biology in Woodbridge. VA, and 
recently completed her M.A. Katie finally 
has more time to enjoy family and horses. 
Daughter Carolyn Joy (9 mos.), is beginning 
to walk — Carolyn has already visited SBC 
twice to enjoy lime with her aunt Maggie 
McNamara '1 1 and preview her future alma 
mater! Katie is planning a visit to Krista 

Schuler Zlegenfuss to finally meet her 
horse and is excited to hear Krista recently 
switched from architectural engineering to 
bridge engineering. Lori Smith Nilan is 

still enjoying working in the family business. 
She and Andrew got a Cavalier King Chartes 
Spaniel puppy Phoebe, for Christmas 
and are staying busy training for their 
2nd marathon. Lori enjoys seeing Brook, 
Maria, Kelly Denise and Ashley McGee 
'03 whenever possible. Susan Seltz 
Jackson is having fun chasing Benjamin 
(2) and enjoying his brother Samuel (Baby 
Sam) born 1/2/09. She and Josh have 
been redecorating their Madison Heights 
home where they've lived for 6 yrs Last 
but not least, I am still in nursing school in 
Charlotte and plan on finishing in 5/10! It 
has been challenging to say the least! Trey 
and I got a new Chocolate Labrador puppy 
for Christmas, Beaufort, and he is growing 
like a weed! Between school. Beau, and 
working in the Pathology Lab at Carolinas 
Medical Center I am staying busy For New 
Year's, Trey and I traveled to Richmond to 
see Lori and Denise. I am excited for the 
summer to be here and to hopefully see 
friends and get out of town! Trey and I will 
also celebrate our 1 -yr wedding anniversary 
in Jun.! Can't wait to hear more about y'all 
next time! Happy Summer! 


Courtney Arnott Silverthorn 
501 Palmtree Drive #4 
Gaithersburg, MD 20878 

Shirley Pinson Hendricks is finishing up 
her 2nd yr of teaching m. s., loves it She's 
still coaching cheerleading, but has taken 
on the task of choreographing a musical — 
quite the job! She and Wesley (ECUA/T), will 
celebrate their 1 st yr of marriage this Aug. 
Shirley proclaims that married life is truly 
blissful! At the end of 3/09, Shirley and Lana 
Davis Booth had a get-together in Newport 
News, VA, They hadn't seen each other 
since Shirley's wedding, so they were SUPER 
excited to get to spend time together Shirley 
has already planned to attend this year's SBC 
Homecoming and hopes to see many '03s in 

Courtney Yerdon Gleason is also 
ready for Homecoming and has booked her 
hotel room with Danielle Ross Oberg and 
Lindsay Kinyon Ashton She and David 
are enjoying living in Charlotte, NC; they're 
both busy with work and Courtney has the 
level II exam for the CFA program coming 
up in 6/09. She enjoyed seeing Danielle, 
Lara Hansen, and Erin Black Miner at 
Lindsay's 6/08 wedding in Roanoke, VA, 
where she was a bridesmaid. Lindsay Lara, 
and Courtney are happy to be able to get 
together for weekends several times a year 

Gwen McKJnney will be completing her 
M.S. in 5/09 at UNC Greensboro, Her degree 
is in interior architecture with a concentration 
in museum studies. Samm Grist will also 

graduate in 5/09, from the VT Law School. 
After graduation, she will be moving back to 
VA to study for the VA Bar 

Ingrld Zensen earned her MAT from 
U. of Portland in 1 2/08. She is engaged and 
will be married on 6/20/09. Her bridesmaids 
include Allison Funkhouser Michaela 
Krohn, and Kristin Aneralla 

Sarah Burd Fratta joined the Air 
National Guard and left on 4/13/09 for 10 
mos. of training. 

Kelly Hughes Kaufman and Nick wel- 
comed their baby Jackson Paul Kaufman on 
2/03/09. Jackson weighed in at 7lbs. 6oz. 

Jenny Smith Hargett and husband 
have moved back home to Charlotte, NC. 
where she's working as a genetic counselor, 
and they welcomed baby boy Graham, in 

On 11 /1 3/08. Courtney Pfaff 
Kimble and Chance welcomed new baby 
girl Addison McKenzie. She was born at 
Culpeper Hospital at 1 1 :54 a.m. weighing 
9lbs., measuring 20.5 in., and is already 
wearing pink and green! Courtney and 
Addison have kept in touch with Diana 
Marshall '04, Lyndsay Welsh Chamblin '04, 
and Anna Yankee. Courtney and Addison 
had a visit from Shirley Pinson Hendricks 
in 2/09 (Shirley says Addison is gorgeous, 
Courtney is well, and their entire family 
appears to be quite healthy and happy!). 
Courtney is happy to keep in touch with tons 
of SBC ladies via Facebook, would like to 
thank everyone for their love, support and 
prayers. Chance finished his last chemo ses- 
sion in 3/09 and is officially cancer-free! 

Kylene Smith reports that 3/09 com- 
memorates the 1 -yr anniversary of her 
move to Birmingham, AL, as well as her 
time with Youth Villages, Inc. as a family 
counselor She enjoys her time developing 
as a counselor and looks forward to start- 
ing her trek to become a licensed therapist. 
This summer brings many joyous events 
for Kylene including her dearest friend and 
freshman-yr roommate, Megan Gaillardet's 
wedding. This event will also allow her to 
reconnect with her other dear friends from 
SBC, Tiffany Williamson Norwood and 
Angela Grisby. They always look forevard 
to our annual get-together! Kylene enjoys 
traveling to Atlanta to spend time with fellow 
classmate and friend Christy Maxwell as 
well. She's also proud to announce that last 
summer, she became an aunt to her twin 
brother's 1st baby giri and will re-establish 
that role as they welcome their 2nd, a boy in 
5/09. Her sister Kristin Smith Radtke '99 and 
husband are also expecting their 1 st in 8/09. 
Kylene thoroughly enjoys her role as an aunt 
and looks fonward to spoiling them rotten! 

Tiffany Williamson Norwood and 
Ryan just bought their 1st home, right 
outside of Richmond in Midlothian, VA. She 
and daughter Campbell recently spent time 
with Erin Keck Walsh and her 2 girls, 
Analise and Keira, for a SBC Class of 2030 
play date! 

After several months of "fun employ- 
ment, " I (Courtney Arnott Silverthorn) 

66 • Spring/Summet 2009 

Sweet Bfiof College Alumnae Magazine • ' 


finally took a job at ttie National Cancer 
Institute in Fredericl<, MD, in 3/09. 1 am 
working as a Tectinology Transfer Specialist 
and managing researcfi and materials agree- 
ments between NCI scientists and outside 
collaborators. I'll be attending my 10-yr h. s. 
reunion (already?) In VA in 6/09 and look for- 
ward to seeing many of you at Homecoming 
this fall! 


Virginia Van Buren Wood 
1350 IVIayfield Ave. 
Winter Park, FL 32789 

Schyler Ellis Burke and Peter welcomed 
their 1st, John Richard, on 11/18/08. She 
received her MBA in Int'l Banking from TX 
A&M Infl U. 

Jaime Heimbegner graduated from 
U.SF Tampa with a Ph.D. in Chemistry. 

Cat Scheer Rymer got married 
9/21/08 in Estes Park, CO. Erica Midkiff 
'03 and Sara Shank Sims '03 were brides- 
maids. She received her MLS in 5/09. 

Jess Long is working towards her CPA 
certificate near Allentown, PA. 

Leah Davis Philhower gave birth to 
Paxton Carter Philhower on 1 0/1 8/08. 

Virginia Fowler has been teaching h. 
s. German since graduation and is slowly 
working her way towards a M.A. She has 
been living in Ashland, VA, with Karen 
Dennehy '05. 2/1 4/09 she got engaged to 
John Voigt at sunrise in Cabo San Luncas. 
She regularly gets to see Erin Keck Walsh 
03, Ashleigh Kresslein Leila Williams, 
Ct)rlstina Chubb, Katie Barnette- 
Whisenant, and Jackie Devine Claiborne 
'03. She's on the Advisory Council for 
Foreign Languages at SBC. 

Megan Owens Thompson and Mike 
live outside Chariotte, NC. She works as a 
m. s. counselor and Varsity swim coach 

Kristin IVIartin Lough is living in AL 
and attending Cumberland School of Law 

Autum MatysekSnyder Fish and 
Jeremiah look forward to the arrival of their 
Istchild, aboy, in 7/09. 

Diana "Dee" Marshall is liv- 
ing in Charlottesville, VA, In 12/08 she 
took a position as a Continuous Process 
Improvement Analyst for Mission Assurance 
at Northrop Gumman's Sperry Marine hq. 
She's working towards her Lean Six Sigma 
Green Belt Certification at U.MI School of 
Engineering online. She's active in local the- 
ater as a director and actor. She saw Jenna 
Armitage '06 and Julia Lockwood '06 when 
celebrating the following. 

Rachel Pottmeyer Moncure gave 
birth to a baby boy Daniel Christopher, on 

Caitlin Webber lives in D.C. and is a 
reporter covering foreign policy and intel- 
ligence for Congressional Quarteriy. 

Stacey Maddox completed a gradu- 
ate certificate program in Microbiology and 
Immunology at VCU in 5/08. She is a 

Ist-yr. medical student at WV School of 
Osteopathic Medicine in Lewisburg, WV 
where she lives with husband, Rodney 

Kelli Bergmann Thomasson gradu 
ated Summa Cum Laude with a M.Ed, from 
UMW in 5/09. She teaches h. s. and was 
awarded 1 st-yr Teacher of the Year as 
well as joined National Omicron-Psi Honor 
Society. She lives in Fredricksburg with her 
husband and cats, 

Sarah Lindsey and her husband, 
as of 11/07, Stephen Quertermous, live 
in Jakarta, Indonesia, and both work at 
the American Embassy. She returns to 
D.C. in 7/09. She has recently traveled to 
Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, Australia, and 
New Zealand. 

Misty Vandergriff Forsberg and 
Adam expect their 2nd son in mid-Aug. 

Anne Benham Willson and Dave wel- 
comed Margaret "Maggie" Stephens Willson 
on 3/1 6/09 in Greensboro, NC. 

Grace Farnsworth Loughhead is an 
admissions counselor at SBC and is excited 
about the future of SBC. She married 
Jason Loughhead 11/15/09 on campus. 
Maid of Honor was Beth Farnsworth '05. 
Bridesmaids were Sheena Belcher Hubbard 
'05 and Mary Davis Blood. In attendance 
were Autum MatysekSnyder Fish 
Anne Benham Willson, Ginny Wood, 
Meredith Shaw Hansen, Sarah Ruff Bre 
Leibering, Kelli Bergmann Thomasson, 
Misty Vandergriff Forsberg, Sue Knouse 
'05, Michelle Badger '06, Paula Kirkland 
Ledbetter '06, Cat Cox '08, Mary Dance 
'08, Celeste Wackenhut '08, Jill Gavitt '97, 
Marge Stiemly '06, and Gretchen Gravley 
Tucker '98 

Lisa Moore is living In Nashville, TN, 
and managing the science labs at Nashville 
St. Comm. Coil- 
Laura Pearson was elected president 
of the Darden student administration at the 
Darden School of Business at UVA. 

Heather Shumaker lives in 
Harnsburg, PA, and studying for the bar 
exam. She received her JD from The Penn 
St. Dickinson School of Law in 5/09. She 
often sees Kerry Keins Mutschelknaus, 
Jessica Porter, and Caitlin Webber. 

Lauren Byrne is living in VA and work- 
ing outside DC. She earned her M.A. in 
Public Policy from GMU. 

Jozanne Summerville lives in DC. 
and works for the Navy doing cost engi- 
neering. She regularly takes dance classes 
to keep her creative side in tact. 

Merri Morris Park and Robert are 
living in WV The welcomed 2nd son Davis 
on 2/1 2/08. Merri works as the Children's 
Director at First Presbyterian Church In 
Bluefleld, WV. 

Brienna McLaughlin Pruce has 
been teaching at Tidewater Comm. Coll. 
in VA Beach. She's still active in her art at Her husband was deployed to 
Afghanistan. He returned this summer only 
to move to England for 3 yrs Brienna sees 
Puthyka Sin, Megan Sinner, Brandy 
Harman, and Kim Burton 

Stephanie Gleason Peppier lives 
in the Outer Banks, NC, with her husband 
and 2 dogs. She worked at the Coll. 
of the Albemarle as Director of Career 
Development. She is working towards her 
MA in Counseling. She teaches cello and 
conversational Spanish and will soon relo- 
cate to Southern MD. She keeps In touch 
with Kirkland Wohlrab, Anne Mohana, 
Caitlin Webber, Heather Shumaker, Jessica 
Porter, Kerry Kelns Mutschelknaus, and 
Andrea Stassi. 

Ginny Wood Is the technical coordina- 
tor for Bach Festival FL {www.bachfestival- She lives in FL with her horse 
and keeps In touch with almost everyone 
listed above through emails or facebook. 
She saw Kirkland Wohlrab by coincidence 
in 1/09 in Oriando. 


;-\Iy.,uc« <^J7(.^• ?77.i,j j7-^o. 3(yro 
Ms. Amanda Jane Watts 
4223 S 12th Rd, Apt. 1 
Arlington, VA 22204 

Heather Wright is now a US Diplomat 
and will be moving to Djibouti next summer 
where she will be the Consul and Political 
Military Affairs Officer. She currently lives In 
Ariington, VA, and is learning French for her 
upcoming adventure abroad. 

Jennifer Sirois married Jake 
Campbell on 4/19/08 in Amherst, VA, and 
had an amazing honeymoon in Jamaica. 
Amy Walker '06, Katie Vaughan '06 and 
Amanda Watts were in attendance. She 
teaches 1 0th and advanced 1 1 th grade 
English at Heritage H.S. in Lynchburg. 

Sasha Levine graduated with an 
MRLS from DU's Sturm Coll. of Law In '07. 
In '08, she joined the Peace Corps and is 
serving in Armenia. 

Sasha Moran has been in 
Chariottesville for 3 yrs now. She plans on 
going to grad. school, preferably Darden, in 
2 yrs. She's still an avid equestrian working 
with many project horses as a side job. 

As for me, work is busy. I accepted a 
position with the U.S. Secret Service as a 
questioned document analyst, so I'm In the 
process of learning the ropes and going 
through training. Life Is good. I ventured 
down to Chariottesville to visit Sheena 
Belcher Hubbard and her husband tor a 
UVA basketball game back in Jan, I visited 
Katie Barker down in FL for a few days in 
early Feb. I just got back from a 1 0-day trip 
around Ireland with 1 of my h. s. friends. It 
was a wonderful vacation with not a single 
drop of rain (that's rare over there)! 


Victoria Chappell 

350 S. Country Rd 

No. 102 

Palm Beach, FL 33480 

Michelle Badger is still In Boston and 
enjoying (as much as you can enjoy) 
grad. school. Recently she saw Charlotte 
Formichella, Denva Jackson '05, Diana 
Simpson '08, and Whitney Wheeler '07 at 
a Boston Alumnae Club gathering to watch 
Charlotte's Band Driftwood Fire perform at 
the Toad in Cambridge In late Mar. It was 
a lot of fun to catch up and hear Driftwood 
Fire live instead of listening to them on 
repeat! In Feb. Molly Mitchell and Laura 
Pierce visited Boston and Michelle was 
able to meet with them. This summer (Jun./ 
Jul.) she'll be in D.C. as part of the Moakley 
Fellowship program. She is 95% sure she'll 
be working for Senator Kennedy's Health, 
Education, Labor, and Pension (H.E.L.P) 
Committee and is so excited. The office 
hasn't told her officially, but the woman who 
runs the Fellowship Program has told her. 
She hopes that she'll be able to catch up 
with many of you who live in the D.C. area 
this summer. Also, she wanted to remind 
you not to forget to give to the Annual Fund 
this year! Our class is still working to get to 
50 % participation; she knows that we can 
reach our goal! Thanks to all of you who 
have already participated this year. 

Victoria Chappell was wed on 4/4 
to David Harvey, her beau of 2 yrs, in Nor- 
mandy, France. Now Suzy Harvey Hodge 
and Victoria are sisters-in-law! The excite- 
ment doesn't stop there: David, who is in 
the Air Force, is being reassigned to Misawa 
AB in Japan where he and Victoria will live 
for the next 4 yrs! So if anyone would like to 
come discover Japan, please come visit, all 
are welcome! 

Kerri Faust lives in a small town 
outside of Antigua, Guatemala, attend- 
ing Spanish school. She is learning the 
language in preparation for her move to 
Bogota, Colombia, In early Apr She works 
with the International Mission Board serv- 
ing the Indigenous University Students in 
Bogota. She'll be teaching them English, 
helping them with their adjustment to the 
big city life of Bogota, and simply building 
relationships with them. She's very excited 
about this new chapter of her life and about 
serving the Lord full time in Colombia. 

Kit Robertson Gonzales married 
Marine Corps Sgt. Patrick Gonzales, VMI '03 
and '08, on 1 1/1/08 in VA Beach. Liz Emery 
'07, Maureen McGuire, and Louisa Meeks 
'05 were among the bridesmaids. Rosanna 
Hawkins '07, Jess McCarthy '07, Eleanor 
O'Connor '07, and Susan Rodriguez '07 
were In attendance, Jess actually "discoed" 
Kit in the eye during the reception ... No 
injuries and Kit has threatened retaliation by 
wearing boxing gloves to Jess's wedding. 
The wedding was beautiful and Kit had a lot 
of fun in her very poofy princess dress! 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www.alumnoe.sbc edu 

Spring/Summer 2009 • 67 

Kit and Patrick honeymooned at Secrets 
Capri on the Riviera Maya in IVIexico and 
settled bacl< into married life in Arlington, 
VA, with their 2 new kittens. Kit is working 
for the Dept, of State and Patrick is deciding 
between a few different job offers. Let us 
know if you're in town! 

Ivey Tabor Godfrey lives in Wake 
Forest, NC, being a stay-at-home mom and 
Graphic Designer from her home office. Her 
husband, Ryan Godfrey, is applying to grad. 
schools to get his Ph,D. and both of them 
are enjoying Caroline Margaret (8 mos,)! 

Melanie Stine will have finished her 
M,A. in geography from VT by the time you 
read this and will be getting ready to start a 
Ph,D, program in forestry, also at VT, School 
has been keeping her busy, but she hopes 
to get out more this summer and do some 
hiking with her dog and kayaking. She 
enjoyed a quick visit from Megan Maloney 
'08 last Dec, and plans on meeting up with 
Anel Avila at a conference in Las Vegas, 

Colleen Karaffa Murray and Brandon 
are happily settled into an apt, on Sweet 
Briar's campus. They have a huge porch, 
great for summer evenings outside! Their 
apt, is one down from Dean Green and Lynn 
Buck, Visitors welcome! She and Brandon 
enjoy life with new baby Constance Rose — 
"Rosie!" She was born 2/3/09, 81b, 602, at 
9:46 a,m,, only 2 hrs after Colleen arrived 
at the hospital! Life with baby is much dif- 
ferent than the good ole days, but the "new" 
days have a grandeur that is all their own. 


Ms. Emily Nicole Olsen 
382 E Scripps Rd 
Lake Orion, Ml 48360 

Finally! The rockin' class of 2007 has some 
class notes in the Alumnae Magazine! From 
the excellent turn-out in responses it's 
evident that our class has been up to some 
pretty amazing things: 

Jaclyn Fowler wrote to say that 
Brittany Lambert got engaged to 
boyfriend Nick Brunney at SBC a few 
months ago, 

Kristina Bloxom got into Ross U, 
School of Veterinary Medicine in St, Kitts, 
She started in Jan, and is almost done with 
her 1 St semester 

After finishing her graduate disserta- 
tion, Morgan Roach moved to Washington, 
D,C, and started work with The Heritage 
Foundation in 1 0/08 as a research assistant 
in the Margaret Thatcher Center She then 
graduated with a merit from the London 
School of Economics in 1 2/08 earning a 
M.A, in European Studies, 

Rosanna Hawkins Winner married 
Robert Winner (HSC '07) on 1 2/1 3/08, 
Caitlin Ashley was a bridesmaid. Ally 
Lynch '10 sang Ave Maria during the 
ceremony Christy Sears '05 and Rebecca 
Soliwoda '08 came to the wedding. They're 
currently closing on their 1st home and 

would love to have people come visit once 
they have moved in, 

Heidi Trude is teaching French at 
Skyline H,S, in Front Royal, VA, She loves 
her job! She graduated with a M. Ed 
from UMW on 5/9/09, Heidi received the 
Outstanding Student Award for the M, Ed. 
program — the most prestigious award pre- 
sented by the university! She looks forward 
to returning to SBC for Homecoming! 

Sara Gurtler got married 12/14/08 to 
Rusty Ogden, They opened an archery and 
sporting goods shop in the town of Amherst 
last Sept, called Ogden Outdoors. 

Garlina Muglia still lives in Athens, 
GA, working as the researcher for 
Blasingame, Burch, Garrard, and Ashley 
She's training her 2-yr-old dogo argentine, 
Che, for competition in Schutzhund, She is 
working out at the local Crossfit affiliate and 
still spends a lot of time hanging out with 
Cole Shanholtz '06, who lives just a couple 
blocks away. 

Maggie Saylor finished her term 
with the Lutheran Volunteer Corps in 8/08, 
She spent a year living in an eco-house in 
Minneapolis and working with immigrant 
and refugee kids from East Africa in an 
after-school program. It was i/e/y tough 
sometimes, as the kids were demanding, 
but she had a lot of fun too and still goes 
to visit and volunteer when she has time, 
Maggie has been spending this year in 
seminary, but will be leaving the program 
in May, It's just not for everyone. The good 
news is that she and boyfriend Martin got 
engaged over Christmas, and look forward 
to being married and having a puppy! 

Caroline Camp moved to Suffolk, VA, 
with Gordon Harrison (HSC '07) and they 
purchased a house on Lake Mead, They 
got a black lab puppy named Savannah, 
Caroline works at the local newspaper 
The Virginian-Pilot as an Advertising Sales 
Account Executive and plans to go to EVMS 
next year to do a 2-yr, program to become 
an Art Therapist, 

After graduation, Natalie Pye spent 
one year as a clerk at Alston & Bird LLP 
in Atlanta, For the last year she has been 
teaching English in Bologna, Italy, and she'll 
be attending law school in fall! 

Laura Schaefer visited Rachel 
Reynolds in Israel in 5/08 with Angelica 
Guarino '06, where they helped teach a 
class at the American Corner about mum- 
mification and religion in ancient Egypt 
and, yes, Cluckopatra was a huge hit. In 
8/08 she and boyfriend Devon drove to visit 
Maggie Saylor at her family's farm in OH 
where they got to feed some adorable baby 
cows and tour Amish country with Maggie 
and Martin, Fall '08 saw the certification 
of the 1st environmental document she 
helped author in the state of CA, and now 
that document is being implemented by the 
FAA, Maggie and Rachel both joined Laura 
and Devon for the inauguration in Jan, They 
had quite the adventure braving the crowds 
and cold to see Barack Obama sworn in 
as President, In more recent news, Laura 

traveled to Sun Valley, ID, and caught up 
with Jennifer Wolf for some good times 
snowshoeing and skiing, 

Ferrell Lyies got engaged to Andrew 
Smith (VMI '06) in 4/08 and is planning a 
summer 2010 wedding on Mount Desert 
Island in ME, She lives in Charlottesville, 
VA, working for Booz Allen Hamilton, and 
finished her 1st Marathon in VA Beach, 
She and Andrew were closing on their 1st 
home near Fort Bragg, NC (where Andrew is 
stationed with the US Army) in late Apr She 
has loved seeing and hearing from Allison 
Shaw Camper Tiffany Corbin Meagan 
Chenault Sarah Fauerbach Lynnsey 
Brown, and Katie Vaughan '06 over the 
past few months, 

Danielle Dionne lives in Loudoun 
County completing her 1st yr, of teaching 
1st grade at Countryside Elem, 

Shaheen Moosa writes, "I'll be going 
to Penn State's Ph,D, program in Philosophy 
in the fall, and will be moving up to State 
Coll. this summer" 

Thank you so much to everyone who 
sent in their notes! It's been so fun seeing 
what you are all up to in a medium other 
than facebook stalking. 


Kathryn Purnell Mills 
1215 Camden Dr 
Richmond, VA 23229 

Dawn Slekis wrote in to the Alumnae 
Office: I'll be moving to Lubbock, TX, at the 
end of Jul, to begin my masters program in 
environmental toxicology at Texas Tech U, 
I'm accepting the offered assitanceship and 
will soon be picking my advisor and project. 
Congratulations Dawn\ 


Julia McClung 
Salem, VA 24153 

68 • Spring/Summef 2009 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magozine • www.alumnae-sbcedu 


The Elisabeth Showalter Muhlenfeld Fund for Historic Preservation 

". . .1 revere the fact 
that the College we 
celebrate today is the 
vibrant legacy of liv- 
ing, breathing people 
who walked across 
these meadows not so 
very long ago — people 
of vision inspired by 
a very special place. 
We who have inherited 
the legacy are not just 
the recipients of their 
vision, but indeed the 
engines thereof, because 
their visions live in us, 
and have not yet been 
fully realized . . . and 
we have within us the 
instinct to take risks to 
realize that vision." 

— Dr. Elisabeth Showalter Muhlenfeld 
Inaugural Speech, April 12, 1997 

Sweet Briar College welcomed Dr. 
Elisabeth Showalter Muhlenfeld as 
its ninth president in August 1 996. 
Under her leadership, the College completed 
numerous initiatives in programming, 
expanded the physical campus with several 
new and recycled buildings, created a strong 
foundation in environmental sustainability, 
and developed sound strategic planning. In 
2006 Sweet Briar completed Our Campaign 
For Her World, raising more than $110 
million, exceeding its target by $8 million. 
Dr. Muhlenfeld has been a strong guiding 
force in setting Sweet Briar on a successful 
path into the future. Environmentally sound 
historic preservation initiatives have risen to 
the forefront of the College's goals during 
her tenure. 

The Elisabeth Showalter Muhlenfeld 
Fund for Historic Preservation provides 
an opportunity for donors to honor 
President Muhlenfeld's dedication and 
loyalty to Sweet Briar while at the same 
time supporting a wide range of historic 
preservation projects campus-wide, 
including Tusculum, Sweet Briar House, 
and the Ralph Adams Cram architecture. 
These buildings bring a depth of character 
to our College that is irreplaceable, as well 
as gain us distinction as a National Historic 

President Muhlenfeld has been well 
honored with gifts made to The Elisabeth 
Showalter Muhlenfeld Fund for Historic 
Preservation to continue preservation of 
our venerable historic district! To date, 
over $ 1 .6 million has been contributed to 
this Fund. In addition, the Annual Fund 
received over $43,000 in gifts made in 
President Muhlenfeld's honor. Thank you 
for your generosity in honoring President 
Muhlenfeld, who has had such a profound 
impact upon Sweet Briar College. 

Elisabeth Shovfatter Muhlenfeld 

President of Sweet Briar College, 1996 to 2009. 

To make a gift to The Elisabeth 
Shov\^alter Muhlenfeld Fund for 
Historic Preservation or to moke 
your Annual Fund gift in honor 
of President Muhlenfeld while 
supporting historic preservation 
at Sweet Briar, please contact the 
Office of Development toll-free on 
888-846-5722 or (434) 381-6161. 

student Art 2008/2009 

Via del'Amore 1945 


She is strolling 
with lemon trees hanging 
above her right shoulder 
and her left hand eagerly 
catching sea mist blown high 
She wanders from Riomaggiore 
towards the town of strangers 
made neighbors by dynamite 
the war used to make enemies 
She sees a boy gazing down 
like a pendant light bulb burnt out forgotten by 
leaving her startled, still, and sad until he sees 

but she stares and he finds his reflection in her eyes 

He is staggering 
near the jagged edge 
looking into the refi-acted sea 
to see a new reflection tenderly 
by hope and out of promise 
He contemplates a slender path 
to separation, an alternative to people 
looking for the craggy rumored love 
just around the hills of lemon trees 
Clambering over rocks, he walks on 
all but the birds flying at his rustle 
her silhouetted by the nitid moon 
above the tumult of the sea below 

Wavesong, a sestina by ginny lightfoot -09 

Across the squeaking sand there comes a laugh, 
Weaving into the breeze from the sea. 
Walking as casually as a traveler 
Is a woman who wears swishing skirts. 
Who makes bracelets of shells and coins. 
She extends to me her graceful hand. 

This woman carries foam in her hands; 

Allowing the wind to blow it away, she laughs. 
She sifts through wet sand to find rare coins 
That have been washed for years in the sea. 
She stands still, and her billowing skirts 
Settle like an exhausted traveler. 

She is like a mirage to a traveler. 
Beckoning with beautiful arms and hands. 
This is my mother, who sews bright skirts 
And smiles each time she hears my laugh. 
She sits on the beach and tells stories of the sea 
While the water sparkles like new, sunlit coins. 

We pretend we've found ancient pirate coins 
Or valuables lost years ago by a traveler. 

We uncover secrets, moving aside sea 

Weed. It leaves stringy, green trails on our hands. 

I run after a pale ghost crab. She laughs 

And complains that the waves have splashed our skirts. 

I still wear her old, handmade skirts. 

Still hope to find treasure chests full of coins. 

Sometimes at the beach. I can hear her laugh. 

I only go there now as a traveler, 

But I hold the shells in my hand 

And close my eyes and wade into the sea. 

I listen to the singing of the sea. 
Watch as it dances in green skirts. 
I remember my mother's hand 
Holding out to me ocean-salty coins. 
As 1 watch the other travelers, 
I hear a young girl's squealing laugh. 

And 1 know this laugh and this sea will always remind me 
Of travelers' coins on the beach, of a fishy-smelling breeze. 
Of a woman who holds my hand while we twirl in our skirts 

From Red Clay, 2009: Beautiful Age, by Bryca Brewer ' 1 0. 

From Red Clay, 2009: The Mirror, by Carolonne Bonanno '09. 

General Information 


We are expecting a record turnout for our 
Presidential Inauguration Homecoming Weekend 
2009. Please register with the Alumnae Office by 
Friday, September 4, 2009 tojom the celebration. 
Simply send in the attached form by mail or fax. 
or visit our Web site at: www.sbc.edii/alumiiae/ 
hnmecoming.hlml. Alumnae Office Contact 


It is essential that all alumnae and guests formally 
register to participate in any facet of the weekend. 


On-campus housing is reserved for Presidential 
Inauguration Homecoming Weekend speakers, 
award recipients, and those working the weekend. 
Attendees must book and pay for their off-campus 
overnight accommodations separately with the 
hotel/motel of their choice. 

Blocks of rooms have been reserved at the 
following locations for the nights of September 
24th, 25th, and 26th. Alumnae must identify 
themselves as members of the Sweet Briar College 
block when calling to make a reservation. 

Holiday Inn Select Lynchburg (downtown) 

601 Main Street 

Lynchburg. VA 24504 


$79.00 per night 

Single or double occupancy 

31) rooms will be held until September 3, 2009 

Kirkley Hotel (near River Ridge Mall) 

2900 Candler's Mountain Road 

434-237-6333 or 866.510.6333 toll free 

$79.00 per night 

Single or double occupancy 

20 rooms will be held until September 3, 2009 


Sweet Briar is located closest to Lynchburg 
Regional Airport, which is serviced by Delta and 
US Airways, and houses rental car facilities for 
Avis (434-239-3622) and Hertz (434-237-6284). 
Other ground transportation options in Amherst 
County and Lynchburg are: Sandidge Taxi (434- 
946-7873) and Amherst County' Taxi Service 


Attire for the weekend is casual and comfortable 
for autumn weather. Attire for Saturday evening is 
black tie-optional. Please note that Inauguration 

will be followed by a walk to Monument Hill for a 
service to honor the College founders. 


When you arrive on campus, check in at the 
Florence Elston Inn and Conference Center (or 
after hours at the Florence Elston Inn Information 
Desk) to receive your nametag and important 
updated information that you will need for 
meetings and events. 

Presidential Inauguration/ 
Homecoming Weekend Fees 

Registration fees: 
Homecoming Tea: 


Your registration fee includes all meals and 
activities listed on the schedule with the exception 
of the Homecoming Tea. Please note that on 
Saturday night, each guest will be issued two drink 
tickets, additional drinks will be available for a fee. 
Overnight accommodations should be booked and 
paid for separately by alumnae and guests. 

Registration forms are due to the Alumnae 
Office no later than Friday. September 4. 2009. 
In the event of cancellation, please notify the 
Alumnae Office immediately. Refunds will be 
made through September 5. 2009. Thereafter, 
cancellations will not be refunded. 

Friday, September 25, 2009 

(indicate number of people attending] 

Homecoming Tea* * 

Advisory Councils Dinner end Panel 

Houston Bistro Gathering* 

Weekend Kickotf with FaSt performing 

Saturday, September 26, 2009 

{indicate number of people attending! 

Breakfast at Prothro Dining Hall 

In-House Horse Show 

Annual Giving Volunteer Training 
(Breakfast provided] 

Breakfast roundtable discussion with 
Wayne Stark, director of career services 

SBC Volleyball Tournament vs. Salem, 
Mary Washington, and Eastern 

Advisory Council Meetings 

Alumnae Tennis Match and Social 
( Player Spectator) 

SBC Soccer vs. Southern Virginia 

Gold Star Volunteer Panel 

Alumnae Swim Meet 

( Competitor Spectator) 

Lunch at Prothro Dining Hall 

"The Grape Man of Texas" Lecture by 

Sherrie Snead McLeRoy '74 and grape 


Keystone Society Luncheon Honoring Dr. 
Jo Ellen Parker* 

SBC Field Hockey vs. Washington & Lee 
ODAC Match 

Point 'n' Patches 100'" Anniversary 
Celebration and Tours 

New Student Housing/Green Village 
Open House 

Thayer Hockey Field Dedication 

Inauguration of Dr. Jo Ellen Parker and 
Founders' Day 

Founders' Day Walk to the Monument 

Dedication of the new Fitness and 
Athletics Center 

An Evening of Celebration to honor Dr. 
Jo Ellen Parker 

Induction of the new Athletics Hall of 
Fame Members 

Sunday, September 27, 2009 

(indicate number of people attending! 

Inferfoifh Service 

SBC Field Hockey Game vs. Wilson 

*invilation only 
** additional fee 

Sweet Briar College 


Sweet Briar, VA 24595 


Non-Profit Org. 
U.S, Postage 


Permit No. 132 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Association 

Homecoming Registration Form 

SEPTEMBER 25-27, 2009 




Preferred Name (FOR NAME TAG) 

Name of Guest 




Payment Options 

You may pay your registration fees by check, 
payable to "Sweet Briar Alumnae Association." 
MasterCard and VISA debn and credit cards 
also are accepted. 

Please indicate how you would like to pay your 
registration fees: 

Enclosed is my check for $ . 

Please charge my debit/credit card 

$ . 

Guest Preferred Name (FOR NAME TAG) 

Phone; (H) 



Name on Cord 

E-mail: (H) 



Job Title: 

We will post your name and e-mail address on the .■\lumnae Association Web site as planning to attend 
Homecoming. If you would prefer that we not post your name on the Web site, please initial here 

Please return this form by Friday, September 4, 2009 to: 

Boxwood Alumnae House. Bo.x E. Sweet Bnar. VA 24595— or by fax to 434-38 1 -dl 32. 
Registrations and fees are also accepted online at www.sbc.edwalumnaeihomecoming.hlml. 


MosterCord/ViSA # 

Expiration Date 

3-drgit security code