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f VOLUME 80 
WINTER 2009/2010 


The new year is a wonderfully appropriate occasion to thank 
everyone for the warm welcome that my husband. Rick Manasa, 
and 1 have received at Sweet Briar. This campus feels like home 
already, and we are delighted to get to know more of you every 

We hope you come to Sweet Briar soon so that we can make 
you feel as welcomed as we have been. If you haven't been to 
Sweet Briar lately, you haven't been to Sweet Briar! 

Our teaching focus is shifting to prepare students to live 
in a world that is digitally sophisticated. We practice what we 
preach: Instead of a traditional card this year, you can view our 
not-so-traditional holiday video message at In 
keeping with our pledge to lessen our carbon footprint, more 
of our communications will be delivered electronically. Please 
keep us informed of your current email address at alumnae(«' Our ultimate responsibility is to generate the future 
that our students will lead. Let our legacy be carrying Sweet 
Briar's tradition of excellence into the digital age. 

Connecting students with the land through this 3250-acre 
laboratory gives them a sense of environmental responsibility 
and stewardship. Issues of sustainability are examined across 
the curriculum because the future belongs to those who take 
care of the present. 

Whether on the sports fields or in the classroom, the 
art studios or the labs, we give students the experience of 
discipline, focus, goal-setting, and empowerment. Quite simply. 
Sweet Briar builds leaders. 

Our fundamental philosophical commitment gives us great 
pride: we take the long view, educate students for a lifetime of 
learning and reflection, and think about generations past and yet 
to come. 

Our responsibility to protect the rich legacy of which you are 
part includes financial responsibility, even in difficult times. We 
do that with the help of all of you who love Sweet Briar. 

Handed from generation to generation, the College becomes 

Thank you for being part of our vision at Sweet Briar, and 
thank you for inviting Rick and me to be part of your future. 
We are touched by the warmth of the welcome extended to us 
as we join this vibrant community. May 2010 bring you much 
happiness, and may it also bring you back to Sweet Briar! 



jo Ellen I'arker, president Rick 


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INSIDE FRONT COVER: Holiday Message from President Jo Ellen Parker and Rick Manassjn flOiiFG'^ 

2 Inauguration of Dr. Jo Ellen Parker LIBRARY 

6 VVords of Advice ^y^j .^ j ^ij]^ 

8 Inaugural Address 

1 2 Fitness and Athletics Center Dedicated During Homecoming, ^^^'^'^OA'Vi^ ' ^" 

Paul Cronin and Jennifer Crispen Inducted into Hall of Fame ^4030 

1 6 Katie Hearn '85, 2006 Athletics Hall of Fame Member, Inducts Jennifer Crispen 

1 8 Vivian Yamaguchi Cohn '77 Introduces Director Emeritus of the Riding Program 
and Professor Emeritus Paul Cronin, 2009 Athletics Hall of Fame Inductee 

20 Homecoming/Inauguration Weekend Events 

23 Notes from a Student 

24 Defining Business, Sweet Briar's Most Popular Major 
28 Admissions Notes 

30 Reunion 2009— A Success! 

34 Edna Martin '81 Captains the Starfish Enterprise 

36 2001 Graduate Receives $1 Million in Funding 

38 Message to Alumnae about College Finances 

39 Financial Update and General Comments on the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2009 

40 Statement of Activities 

41 Consolidated Statement of Financial Position 

42 Thoughts . , . Letters to the Editor 
Conversation Circles 

43 SBC Parent Involvement 
Get with the Plan 

44 Transitions 

46 President's Update to the Community 

47 Mini Reunions 

48 In Memoriam 

49 Recent Deaths 

50 Class Notes 

INSIDE BACK COVER: In the Sweet Briar Tradition: Linda Mae Visocan Gabriel '87 

COVER: Dr Jo Ellen Parker, tenth president of Sweet Briar College. Photo by Aaron Mahler 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae AAagozine • www.otumnae sbcedu 

Winter 2009/2010 • I 

Dr. Jo Ellen Johnson Porker 
"enth President o' 
Sweet Briar College 






'W ^w. 



President Parker was joined by a very supportive group of family members for 
the special occasion. Seated, L-R: Morgan Manaso (stepdaughter), Janet Ahlstrom 
(sister), Jo Ellen Parker, Justine Johnson (mother), Linda Perry (cousin). Standing, 
L-R: Laura Dwyer (stepdaughter). Bill Perry (cousin). Rick Manaso 
(husband), Adam Ahlstrom (nephew), Jim Perry (cousin). Sue Perry (cousin). 

Sweet Briar College President Eitierita Betsy 
Muhlenfeld and new president. Dr. Jo Ellen 


^ Y- .J 

Faculty filled the atrium of Prothro Hall before being led to the Upchurch Field House by faculty 
marshal and professor of classics, philosophy, and religion John Goulde. 

Anticipation rose as hoods were pinned and 
caps were set into place inside the dining hall. 
Just before the pipes and drums began to 
play, the excitement was simply contagious! 




Members of the senior class, 
closed doors, were giddy w« 
ation robes for the first time. 

Delegates and representatives from President Parker's (center) alma mater, Bryn Mawr College, 
included L-R: President Emeritus Mary Patterson McPherson, Dean Karen Tidmarsh, President Jo 
Ellen Parlcer, former Dean Michele Myers, and president of Bryn Mawr College Judith Shapiro. 

-acuity, senior staff, delegate representatives, tfie presi- 
dential stage party, and tfie senior class met in Prothro 
Hall to robe tfiemselves for the ceremony and prepare 
"or the inaugural procession to the Fitness and Athletics 
Center. Anticipation was in everyone's eyes and on 
everyone's lips as they greeted one another, jokec 
about the rain outside, encouraged one another, one 
-took a last, deep breath before the main event. 




"he Albemarle Pipes and Drums Band led the 
inaugural procession from Prothro Hall to the new 
'itness and Athletics Center through a dramatic 
downpour. Braving the weather, robed constituencies 
marched one after the other through the rain, buoyec 
3y the cadence of the drums and resonating pipes, 
"he rain became a challenge that created a kind o" 
Dond — in this case, most were quietly chuckling about 
the common experience of wet feet. It also renderec 
stepping foot inside the new Fitness and Athletics 
Center for the first time all the more rewarding. 

Once inside the Upchurch Field FHouse, the students 
stood on their chairs and chanted a hearty "holla, 
lolla" to Dr. Parker. With the green walls set aglow 
with pink lighting, the ceremony commenced, and Dr. 
^arker was sworn in as Sweet Briar's tenth president. 

Mary Patterson 
McPherson, executive 
officer of tfie American 
Philosopfiical Society, former 
vice president of The Andrew 
W. Mellon Foundation, 
president emeritus of Bryn 
Mawr College 

You [Sweet Briar] have not 
lacked in ttie past for leaders 
with stamina and vision, and 
once again I believe you have 
chosen the right woman for 
the job in these times. The 
challenges these days are not 
only many and complicated, 
they are unusually interesting 
and they present exciting 
opportunities for all sorts of 
institutions — not least for a 
liberal arts college like Sweet 
Briar . . . 

Without question, the 
most fiindamental challenges 
come out of the technological 
revolution we are living 
through. It is having a profound 
influence on how, where, 
when, and what we teach — it is 
altering the notions of teaching 
spaces, academic calendars, 
the relationship of students to 
faculty, faculty to the institution, 
and just generally, it is making 
us rethink how we do our 
business . . . 

Designing the formal 
educational experience to lead 
a student to deal in depth with 
subject matter, to understand 
sophisticated subtle aspects of a 
work of literature, a problem in 

biology, a painting by Duchamp 
— to understand the meaning 
and purpose of intellectual 
integrity in a time when 
information from all sources is 
ubiquitous — is what a liberal 
arts college does best . . . 

Managing the wise use 
of instructional technologies 
in the support of liberal 
learning is the task of faculty 
and administrators working 
thoughtfully together and these 
are just the issues your new 
president has been focused upon 
for the last five years. The issues 
are complicated and the costs if 
not addressed sensibly can be 
prohibitive, but the issues are 
fascinating, are fundamental to 
the educational mission of the 
institution and can give a small 
college new energy and purpose. 

It is an interesting, 
challenging and exciting time 
to be thinking about ensuring 
the best educational experience 
for women fortunate enough 
to come to this beautiful place. 
Many colleges and universities 
seem to be responding to the 
current economic downturn by 
hunkering down, fiddling about 
the margins and praying for a 
quick return to their recent good 
times. To respond in this fashion 
seems to me to miss a great 
opportunity. Those particular 
"good times" will probably not 
recur but a different set of "good 

times" can be imagined — and 
given all that is happening in 
the world — what better moment 
could there be to consider 
together how a Sweet Briar 
education could strive to prepare 
a woman for a life that will 
probably be both somewhat like, 
but also very unlike that lived by 
members of the current faculty 
and administration. 

So as it is always so easy to 
give advice, I say "carpe diem" 
and God speed. 

And to your new president, 
a few suggestions to help you 
to lead your new life with 

1. Understand that leisure is a 
state of mind, not an interval 
of time. 

2. Enjoy people as they are, 
for chances are that only 
the students will mature and 

3. Appointing people of vision, 
character, energy, and brain 
is always good — but for your 
own mental health never 
forget the importance of a 
robust sense of humor. 

4. Go tomorrow to the local 
SPCA and bring home a dog 
or two — they will always be 
glad to see you and never ask 
how your day went. 

5. And finally, may you be 
blessed with the stomach of a 

Ken Garren, president of 
Lyncfiburg College, former 
chair of the Council of 
Independent Colleges in 

... I, along with many other 
presidents, also have another 
reason to welcome Dr Jo Ellen 
Parker into our community of 
academic leaders, and that is 
due to the new expertise in the 
area of technology as it applies 
to collegiate education that 
she brings to our educational 
table. In my opinion, the most 
valuable preparation that we can 
provide the young women and 
men who will lead this and other 
nations in the world is ultimately 
provided by institutions 
championing at its very core a 
liberal arts education. Indeed, I 
expect that in having Dr. Parker 
within our leadership circle, we 
have a never-before available 
opportunity to optimize the use 
of technology in accomplishing 
the critical goals of a liberal 
arts education. In this fashion, 
her specific knowledge and 
insights will benefit not only the 
young scholars of Sweet Briar 
College, but indeed so many 
other students of the colleges in 
this historic cornmonwealth of 
Virsinia . . . 

6 • Winter 200P/2010 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magozine ■ 

Jennifer Lundy '10, 

president of the Student 
Government Association 

. . . Indiana Fletcher Williams 
had a vision for transforming 
young women into productive 
members of society. These 
young women would spend four 
years at Sweet Briar learning 
and engaging, practicing and 
perfecting, and then go out into 
the world to make a difference 
and change it. It has been said 
that a leaders courage to fulfill 
her vision comes from passion, 
not position. Both Indiana and 
Dr. Parker possess the passion 
for excellence that makes Sweet 
Briar College so great. Miss 
Indys vision has become a way 
of life for women here at Sweet 
Briar College, and manifests 
itself not only in our students, 
but in our faculty, staff, and 
leaders as well. We welcome 
Dr. Parker into our tradition of 
excellence, and we are confident 
that she will lead us with 
dignity, courage of conviction, 
and passion . . . 

Shirley P. Reid, library 
circulation supervisor 

. . . Sweet Briar College 
has been an exceptional place 
to work, and it has been a 
place of exceptional change 
over the years. In the 1 950s, 
Sweet Briar College's students 
were primarily wealthy and of 
a single ethnic group. As the 
country's views have changed, 
so have Sweet Briar's. We now 
attract students from all walks of 
life and from all ethnic groups. 
Students from all over the world 
attend Sweet Briar College 
today and many of them receive 
need-based financial aid. This is 
a far cry from my early days. 

Additionally, we have grown 
to be a leader in technological 
advances for students, faculty, 
and staff. Through workshops 
and training, our college is on 
the cutting edge of computer 
access and use. 

It is so appropriate that you, 
Dr Parker, have been selected 
as the tenth president of Sweet 
Briar College. Your visions of 
diversity and technology are 
a remarkable match for Sweet 
Briar and its future . . . 

Rob Alexander, professor 
of environmental studies 
. . . Just as we ask our 
students to challenge our ideas 
in the classroom, we also see 
it as our task to challenge you, 
Dr Parker, and we expect you to 
challenge us. Through spirited 
discourse among all members 
of the campus community, and 
through a strong system of 
shared governance between the 
faculty and the administration. 
Sweet Briar College will 
prosper and grow to meet its full 
potential. As faculty, we have 
invested our professional lives in 
this institution, and many of our 
careers span across the terms 
of presidents. Today we entrust 
our legacy into your care with 
the faith and confidence that 
together we will build an even 
stronger and more intellectually 
challenging Sweet Briar 
College. Madame President, you 
have our confidence. 

Jennifer Crossland '86, 

president of the Alumnae 

... As a testament to the 
passion our alumnae share for 
this institution, close to 300 
alumnae representing eight 
decades of graduates from 1935 
through 2009 have traveled 
here to participate in this joyous 
occasion and to pay tribute to 
you [Dr. Parker]. On behalf 
of the 14,000 members of our 
Alumnae Association, it is our 
great pleasure to receive you 
into this educational community 
that is so special to us for the 
many ways in which it has 
enriched our lives. 

As you know, the Sweet Briar 
community extends far beyond 
the front gate of this beautiful 
campus. Our alumnae hold 
positions of local, national, and 
international prominence and 
make impressive contributions 
in professional and volunteer 
capacities. We thank you for 
traveling around the country and 
world to introduce yourself and 
share your vision for the future 
of our beloved alma mater. You 
will meet alumnae who are 
excited to host events for you 
in their cities and hometowns 
and who are eager to share with 
you their cherished Sweet Briar 

President Parker, we are 
delighted and fortunate that 
you have chosen to spend 
the next phase of your career 
guiding Sweet Briar to remain 
competitive, relevant, vibrant, 
and strong. Your inauguration 
begins your legacy and ushers in 
a new era for Sweet Briar . . . 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ^" 

/ olumnoe-sbc-edu 

Winter 2009/2010 • 7 






IF I MAY, this afternoon I 
will forego the ritual form of 
greeting, and address you all 
simply — in the manner of my 
Quaker ancestors — as friends. 

Today we simultaneously celebrate 
Homecoming, Founders' Day, and an 
inauguration. As I've anticipated this day, 
my mind has been drawn again and again 
to the concept of generation; and so it's of 
generation and of generations that I would 
like to speak. 

But first, I would like to add some 
personal greetings to the chorus of 
welcomes. The College that we love 
and celebrate is the cumulation of the 
experiences of many generations of 
Sweet Briar women. Welcome to all those 
alumnae and friends who have returned 
for Homecoming. This lovely place, this 
land and these buildings, resonate with the 
dreams and aspirations you nurtured here, 
and it is richer because each of you became 
part of it. 

Generations of my fainily join the Sweet 
Briar family here today as well. Welcome 
to my mother, my sister and nephew, my 
cousins and their spouses, my stepdaughter. 
I had the immense good fortune to be born 

into a house full of books and a family that 
encouraged the aspirations of its daughters. 
My mother and my late father, like the 
parents of so many Sweet Briar women, 
knew they could give me no greater legacy 
than a first-rate education, and I will be 
forever grateful to them for their unflagging 

And, while we're on the subject of 
unflagging support, I'd like to express my 
gratitude to my husband Rick Manasa. Rick 
has embraced Sweet Briar just as I have and 
has joined me fully in this adventure. He 
represents all the husbands and fathers and 
boyfriends and uncles and brothers and other 
men who honor and support the strength and 
ambition of the Sweet Briar women in their 

Finally, generations of my professional 
family are here today as well — those from 
and with whom I have learned so very 
much; not least among these Pat McPherson, 
from whom you have already heard. Many 
other dear mentors and colleagues have 
joined us today, representing Bryn Mawr 
and Barnard and Smith and Sarah Lawrence: 
the Mellon Foundation, and JSTOR and 
ARTstor, and many other institutions and 
organizations; I thank them for all that I 
have learned from them and for honoring 
Sweet Briar with their presence. 

Inevitably, thinking of families and 
generations brings to mind those who are 
no longer among us. Many distinguished 
women and men who served Sweet Briar 
are with us today in memory — inspiring 
professors, dedicated members of staff and 
devoted directors who, during their lifetimes 
of service, defined and sustained the 
excellence of the College. Their influence 
shapes what we do here every day, and we 
feel their presence among us still. 

Later this afternoon, we will proceed 
to the Chapel to pay tribute to the Fletcher 
Williams family, whose legacy established 
this college, as we do annually. As we 
honor our founders, may we also recall 

and honor those others whose labor was 
foundational — the enslaved persons and 
sharecroppers whose work on the land was 
the wellspring of that legacy. 

All of our legacies — personal, 
institutional, familial, intellectual — derive at 
least in part from many individuals whose 
names we do not recall and whose deeds we 
do not remember. 

George Eliot, in Micldlemarch. reminds 
us that much of the world as we know it is 
"owing to the number who lived faithfully 
a hidden life and rest in unvisited tombs." 
May we commemorate all those hidden lives 
to which Sweet Briar owes so much as well. 

Now, like any sensible person 
undertaking a responsibility as complex 
and consequential as the presidency of 
an academic institution, I have recently 
spent a good deal of time casting about 
for tutelary deities whose auspices I 
should cultivate. I have considered many 
candidates — gray-eyed Athena, she of 
wisdom and guidance; Phoebus Apollo, of 
truth and music (but I think Dean Green, 
composer of the wonderful piece we just 
heard, has an exclusive understanding with 
Apollo); theatrical Dionysus, he of ecstasy 
and epiphany (but I think Dean Steele 
would prefer that I not actually encourage 
him) — or perhaps elephant-headed Ganesh, 
the deva of study and letters, the remover 
of writer's block. (On whom I called more 
than once in composing these remarks!) But 
I have finally settled, personally, on double- 
headed Janus, he of beginnings and endings, 
doorways and passages, of past and future 
and the transitions between them. 

In Roman myth, as you'll recall, .lanus is 
gifted with the ability to simultaneously see 
the past and the future. He stands, as we all 
inevitably do, on the fulcrum of the present, 
at the precise point at which the weight of 
the past and the potential of the future hang 
in balance. As individuals, we all stand on 
the pivotal point between the generations 
that preceded us and the generations that 

Sweet Briat College Alumnae Magazine 


will follow us. As scholars and educators we 
likewise stand between those from whom 
we have learned and those who learn from 
us, between the lessons of the past and the 
discoveries of the future. It is the Janus-like 
role of higher education to simultaneously 
interpret the past, serve the present, and 
generate the future. 

Perhaps it goes without saying here at 
Sweet Briar, but an educational philosophy 
that does not rightly balance tradition. 

It is the Janus- 
like role of higher 
education to 
interpret the past, 
serve the present, 
and generate the 

service, and innovation cannot ultimately 
be satisfactory. We have long known that 
an educated woman, in her scholarly 
and professional and civic lives, must be 
able to understand present circumstances 
in historical context and to assess their 
potential future implications. As educators 
in the tradition of the liberal arts, we are 
proud of our fundamental philosophical 
commitment: we take long views, we 
educate students for a lifetime of learning 
and reflection, we think about generations 
long past and yet to come. 

But as Harvard president. Drew Faust, 
noted in a New York Times essay earlier 
this month, there are at the moment many 
forces that discourage higher education 
from taking the necessary long, interpretive, 
and speculative view. Under the pressure 
of economic contraction, and in the spirit 
of utilitarianism, higher education is 
increasingly called to account for itself 
in purely immediate terms. What jobs do 
students get the year after they graduate? 
What discoveries from academic labs can be 
put to use for immediate profit? Educational 
programs and organizations that define 
their missions frankly in terms of short 
term market value — many of them operated 
as for-profit businesses — are flourishing. 
Regulatory bodies propose assessment 

Sweel Bfiar College Alumnae Magazine • www oiumnoe sbc 

Ellen Parker, 
accepted the 
>l medallion, 
er inaugural 








The educational challenge noMv is not making sure that 

students have access to sufficient information 
but rather making sure they know how to sort through 

bthe overw^helming amounts of information 
with which they are bombarded. 

measures foeused solely on short-term 

Now, 1 would be the first to agree that 
academic engagement in the needs of the 
present is a good thing. Students indeed 
must be prepared to succeed in useful 
professions; academic research should 
indeed engage the most pressing problems 
of society; institutions should account 
clearly and willingly for their present day 
impact on students and on society. It is right 
and good for higher education, and for a 
college like Sweet Briar, to ensure that it 
responds to and serves the present social 
and economic claims of its students, its 
community, its nation, and the world. 

But without the balancing Janus-views 
of past and future, an insistent focus on 
the present "becomes, in President Faust's 
word, "myopic." As she put it, "Higher 
learning can offer individuals and societies 
a depth and breadth of vision absent from 
the inevitably myopic present. Human 
beings need meaning, understanding, 
and perspective as well as jobs." It is not 
the immediate and present outcomes of 
education that will tell us whether we are 
succeeding in offering our students vision 
and understanding that is grounded in the 
past and will be influential in the future. For 

that, we must attempt to gaze ahead. 

Fortunate Janus had the gift of actually 
seeing the fiiture; we do not. One thing 
we do know about the future is that, as 
the great Yogi Berra pointed out, it ain't 
what it used to be. It ain't what it used to 
be demographically, it ain't what it used 
to be economically, and, crucially, it ain't 
what it used to be technologically. Digital 
information technology marks one of 
those moments of punctuated equilibrium 
that irreversibly changes the relationship 
between the past of higher education and its 

As we stand, Janus-like, looking 
backward and forward, we can see the 
technological pivot on which we stand. 
Academic institutions, the professional 
structures of the professoriate, scholarly 
communications, and pedagogical 
practices — most of the institutional features 
of what we know as higher education — were 
shaped in a world in which information was 
scarce, expensive, and difficult to move 
around. Books, paintings, maps, laboratory 
equiprnent, sound recordings, performances, 
scientific specimens, and expertise were 
hard to find and hard to get to, expensive to 
maintain, and challenging to reproduce or 

Many aspects of higher education 
followed from these economic and 
technological facts. Libraries were 
built, and the profession of librarianship 
defined, in order to safeguard and provide 
access to expensive and scarce materials. 
Professional societies, annual conferences, 
and periodical publications developed in 
order to facilitate the sharing of expertise 
and the dissemination of research findings 
among remote colleagues. Curriculum 
assumed that students would have access 
primarily to the academic resources actually 
located on campus with them. The primary 
information resource in the classroom was 
the professor's expertise, the books in the 
room, and possibly some maps or other 
audio visual displays. 

But now, the fundamental assumptions 
have changed. Digital information is cheap 
and pervasive and really easy to reproduce 
and move around. The educational challenge 
now is not making sure that students have 
access to sufficient information but rather 
making sure they know how to sort through 
the overwhelming amounts of information 
with which they are bombarded. Scholars 
now need not wait until next year's annual 
conference to hear exciting research results, 
or to wait for the quarterly publication 

10 • Winter 2009/2010 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 

/alumnae sbcedu 

of a journal to learn about advances in 
their fields. They can take a webinar and 
talk with experts in real time, and watch 
as experiments on other campuses or in 
other nations unfold or read prepublication 
articles online. It is no longer necessary 
to buy every guest lecturer a plane ticket 
and ask her to devote three days to visiting 
campus in order to get the benefit of her 
immediate answers to student questions; 

Briar women are prepared to succeed and 
to lead as digitally sophisticated scholars 
and citizens. Can they interpret and create 
multimedia presentations that present 
scholarly evidence in a meaningful way? 
Can they locate the datasets that contain 
the information they need and use the 
appropriate tools to mine that data? Are they 
as effective in a desktop videoconference 
as they are around a seminar table, and 

she can chat with them over Skype. It is 
no longer hard or expensive to publish 
anything, and hence my blog is possible. 
(And yes, I recognize that it's debatable 
whether that is actually a good thing. ) It is 
now utterly necessary to think about how 
to deal pedagogically with the fact that 
students, while listening to a professor's 
presentation of a topic, can be Googling 
for alternative views, or fact checking his 
assertions, or maybe shopping online while 
their handhelds record the discussion for 
later consumption. 

Looking out at this audience, and all 
the eminent faculty members and delegates 
in their splendid medieval regalia, I see 
an emblem of the current moment. How 
many of those grand robes are concealing 
blackberries and iPhones? I know mine 
is. I assume that a number of you have 
already Googled Ganesh to find out if he is 
really the patron of letters, or perhaps you 
recorded those wonderful bagpipers, and 
some of you have even Tweeted about the 
theme of this speech! 

As educators in the early years of the 
2 1 st century we must ask ourselves, in 
an intentional and thoughtful way, what 
it means to be a liberal arts college in the 
age of digital information. And we must 
commit ourselves to making sure that Sweet 

can they communicate through blogs and 
in e-mail as well as they can in essay 
form? Can they create interactive maps 
comparing historical migration trends for 
various population groups? If we are serious 
about preparing them to shape the future, 
we must make sure that we are educating 
them to be digitally sophisticated artists, or 
historians, or educators, or physicians, or 
field biologists, or whatever else they may 
choose to be. 

But perhaps the most important thing I 
have to say on this subject, today, is this: 
Our analog past and our digital future 
are not an either/or choice but a both/ 
and opportunity. I do not believe that we 
are faced with a choice between books 
and computers, between webinars and 
seminars, between videoconferencing and 
face to face discussions. We aren't facing 
the choice between essays and interactive 
multimedia, or between field work and 
remote instrumentation, or between digital 
images and standing in the presence of a 
masterpiece. The challenge we are faced 
with is how to integrate and merge these 
modes. We must learn to use digital tools 
and resources for what they are uniquely 
able to do, and to use print and personal 
interaction for what they are uniquely able 
to do. Today, here, right now, we use our 

handhelds to access large amounts of data 
from around the world to quickly publish 
and share immediate impressions, to capture 
experience in aid of memory, and to share 
experience with those unable to be present 
in person. But that does not diminish the 
value we find in gathering as friends in this 
beautiful place, discussing compelling ideas 
and sharing cherished reminiscences. 

I find it encouraging to remember that 
at one point, many generations ago, writing 
and books were educationally suspect too. 
In the Phaedrus, as many of you recall, 
Plato presents Socrates as worrying about 
the disastrous effects of the new technology 
of writing on higher education. If students 
could read what a teacher had to say in 
writing, why would they bother to go meet 
with him in person? Getting information 
from a text was clearly second rate, as no 
one can ask a question of a book and receive 
an answer. And surely no one would bother 
to remember anything, if he could simply 
consult a book. Now, we can hardly imagine 
what education was actually like before print 
technology. Which is just to say that liberal 
education has passed through revolutions in 
literacy and the information technology in 
the past, and it will pass through the one we 
are experiencing now. 

The opportunity we have at Sweet Briar 
is to ensure that we prepare women to be 
sophisticated practitioners of digital literacy, 
as scholars, as citizens, and as professionals. 
That much I know. The question of how, 
precisely, we will seize that opportunity 
is one that I very much look forward to 
working out with the faculty, staff, and 
students of this wonderful and inspiring 
College, with the support of our alumnae, 
friends, supporters, and directors. 

Generations of Sweet Briar women and 
men who came before us created a powerful 
legacy of success and achievement. My 
call to the community today is to extend 
that legacy, to generate the future that 
our students will inherit from us. When, 
in future years, other generations gather 
here, and other ceremonies mark other 
milestones in this college's journey, let us be 
remembered as the generation of scholars 
and teachers who carried Sweet Briar's 
tradition of excellence into the digital age. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www alumnae sbcedu 

Winter 2009/2010 • 11 

About to cut the ribbon in honor of the new Fitness and Athletics Center, Sweet Briar Vixens gather in support of President Parlcer and the new ini- 
tiatives of the College. L-R: Linda Mae Visocan Gabriel '87, Megan Behrle '09, Hannah Hesser '10, president emerita Betsy Muhlenfeld, board chair 
Ginger Upchurch Collier '72, President Parker, Katherine Upchurch Takvorian '72, Virginia Edahl '10, Sarah Sindstead '12, Kathryn Alexander '1 1, 
Laura Jett '11, Jordan Pugh '11, and Lindsay Eneguess '11. 

Fitness and Athletics Center Dedicated During Homecoming 

Paul Cronin and Jennifer Crispen inducted into Hall of Fame 


An immutable din of happy voices filled the Upchurch Field House 
on the night of Saturday, September 26, 2009. They — Sweet Briar 
students, alumnae, faculty, staff, and guests — had come for a party 
in the room where just a few hours earlier Jo Ellen Johnson Parker 
was officially sworn in as the College's tenth president. 

Maybe it was the excitement of the day or the long anticipation 
of being m this room in this building, Sweet Briar's Fitness and 
Athletics Center, which is so brand new that crews would be back 
to work on it Monday. For most, the events of this Inauguration/ 
Homecoming Weekend offered their first look inside the center. 

Revelers basked in the green glow cast by the wall paint and the 
lighting set up for the occasion. The room had been transformed 
from earlier in the day, when 1,100 chairs had filled much of the 
floor. Now, more than 100 tables were elegantly set and food stations 
around the perimeter offered Latin, Mediterranean, Asian, and 
Virginian tapas-style cuisine. 

On this night, the College was celebrating the inauguration of a 
new president, the dedication of the long-awaited building, and the 
induction of two cherished members of the Sweet Briar teaching 
community into its Athletics Hall of Fame, Paul D. Cronin and the 
late Jennifer Crispen. 

12 • Winter 2009/2010 

It was "undoubtedly one of the most phenomenal days in the 
history of Sweet Briar," said Kathy Upchurch Takvorian '72, one of 
several speakers during the formal dedication of the fitness center, 
which opened the gala. The field house is named for Ann Samford 
Upchurch '48, mother of Takvorian and board of directors chair 
Virginia Upchurch Collier '72. 

All three were student athletes during their time at Sweet Briar 
and continued to support the College through philanthropy and 
service on numerous committees and the board. Takvorian chaired 
the fundraising committee for the fitness center. 

After a ceremonial ribbon cutting, the stage was turned over to 
The Real Geniuses, who would rock the house into the early hours 
of the morning. Between the band's first and second sets, however, 
the Hall of Fame induction ceremony was held to honor Cronin. 
director of the riding program for thirty-four years until he retired in 
2002, and Crispen, who coached several sports and taught at Sweet 
Briar for thirty years. 

When the induction concluded, the band, which had been chosen 
for the event by a student vote, took the stage again. Before long, the 
tables were mostly empty, the dance floor was packed and the all-out 
party was on. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnoe Magazine ■ 

/. alumnae. sbcedu 

Dr. Katherine Upcburch Takvorian '72 and board chair Dr. Ginger Upchurch Collier '72 
smile together at the dedication of the Upchurch Field House in the new Fitness and 
Athletics Center. The field house is named for their mother, Ann Samford Upchurch. In 
2006, Mrs. Upchurch was inducted into the very first class of Sweet Briar's Athletics Hall 
of Fame. 

Alumnae Board members (L-R): Ellen Harrison Saunders 
'75 and Linda Frozier-Snelling '75 enjoy the evening of 
dinner and dancing. 

Board of directors members Karen Gill Meyer '63, Dick Leslie and wife Ellie, Natalie 
Batman Barton '08 and husband James, Jo Ann Soderquist Kramer '64, parent steer- 
ing committee member Donald Chappell. 

Director of auxiliary services Steve Edwards and his wife 

Swee! Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


Winter 2009/2010 « 13 

Emilie Malone '04, Sarah Ruff '04, Jozanne Summerville '04, and Philicia Reid '10. 

Frances "Frantie" Root '80, Mary Ann Mellen Root '53, 
Frances MeClung Ferguson '80. 






.> -r '*i 

^.- X 

/ ^ 





^^\'_)V' ' J^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B^ .^^^H 



^I^R^H^^^^^P ' ^^V 


Mr ^ Jk^^^^^^^^I 

-j^HH^B^^^B^HH^^^^r ■ 


Jerri Elliot '13, Brin Schneider '10, and Sue Knojse V2. 

Jordan Fedrizzi '11, Mollie Linden '10, Carolyn Vaccaro '11, Greer Gordon '12, Michelle DeWilt '12, and Ren Goldberg '11. 

L-R: Emily Lilly, assistant professor of English Tony Lilly, associate 
professor of English Eleanor Salotto, and El Warner '85. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ^ www.alumnae sbc edu 

Winlei 2009/ 20 1 15 

Katie Hearn '85, 2006 Athletics TT^Tl of Fame Member, Inducts 

Jennifer Crispen 


"I know that she would have thanked 

all the people who directly or 

indirectly had a hand in her amazing 

career . . . And I think she might 

have had a piece of advice for all 

of us: Carpe diem— seize the day. 

When I reflect back on the many 

things that made my sister such a 

special person, one thing stands out: 

She was always ready! Ready to try 

that monster bike trail, try new team 

uniforms, try a new recipe, paint 

another picture of the bell tower or 

sunflowers, try a new hairstyle, make 

a new friend . . . She was never 

afraid to try something new ... I 

think she would tell you to live your 

life, and that this is not a rehearsal. 

1^ I think that if she were here she 

would say: 'You Go Girl! Go 

Sweet! Do it! Live strong!'" 

^ — Whitney Crispen Hagins 
sister of late coach Jennifer 
J Crispen 

I am honored to be asked to induct .lennifer 
Crispen into the Sweet Briar Athletics Hall 
of Fame, and at the same time, so very 
sad. Sad because she should be here with 
us, celebrating this amazing new building 
and all that it means for this College. She 
spent so much time reminding people how 
important fitness and athletics are in the 
development of young women, and equally 
as much time pounding the pavement and 
selling the importance of this facility to 

16 • Winter 2009/2010 

anyone who would listen. This building is 
truly a dream she began for all of us. 

I am also sad that she's not here teasing 
me in order to draw attention away from 
herself If she were with us, she would 
undoubtedly tell some embarrassing story 
about me, then spend all of the rest of her 
allotted time talking about her players. 
That's just how she was. It was never about 
her, it was always about all of us. Let's make 
this about Crispen. (I don't mean to sound 

disrespectful, that's just what we called her.) 
I'll start with the numbers . . . 

Jennifer Crispen coached at Sweet Briar 
for thirty years. She was the head coach 
of thirty field hockey teams and eighteen 
lacrosse teams. She also coached diving 
for a couple of years, fencing, tennis, and 
probably could have coached the riding 
team, too, if Mr. Cronin let her. (I think she 
told me that she had been somewhat of a 
rider as a kid.) 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www.alumnae.sbc edu 


m 1 ';^^ii^ 

■ ^^Hl 


^3K . Jt- 






1 ^w 

^ '1 












|g- ^:Wt^^ 

w^ ^1 . 


— y 

■ ^-'-^^i^wiiPi-' 


A ^ ' 


1 i^*^ ■ 


\ 1 


* « 




■ ■ 


^ 1 

<* ^m^^ 




' : \^ 

Whitney Crispen Hagins accepted the honor of Coach Crispen's posthumous induction into Sweet Briar's Athletics Hall of Fame. L-R: Vivian 
Yamaguchi Cohn '77; Paul Cronin, director emeritus and professor emeritus of the riding program; Whitney Crispen Hagins, sister of Coach Jennifer 
Crispen; Katie Hearn '85, 2006 Athletics Hall of Fame inductee; and Jennifer Crossland '86, 2007 Athletics Hall of Fame inductee and president of 
the Alumnae Association. 

In her thirty years at Sweet Briar, Crispen: 

• was the sixth winningest coach in 
the countiy in NCAA field hocivey — 
Division I or Division III; 

• worked with the U.S. and Olympic field 
hockey teams; 

• was inducted into the National Field 
Hockey Coaches Hall of Fame; 

• was the Old Dominion Athletic 
Conference Coach of the Year four times; 

• coached /?/h'-sei'en National Field 
Hockey Coaches Association National 
Academic Squad players; 

• coached two nationally ranked lacrosse 

• coached twenty AU-Americans: eight in 
field hockey, twelve in lacrosse; 

• coached seven Old Dominion Athletic 
Conference Players of the Year: four in 
field hockey, three in lacrosse. 

How about some non-sports related facts? 

• taught physical education for more than 
thirty years; 

• was the chair of the physical education 
department for four years; 

• was a member of nearly every committee 
that's ever held a meeting on this campus; 

• chaired the faculty senate for two years; 

• was an extraordinarily talented painter; 

• owned more pig-related paraphernalia 
than anyone I've ever met. 

Pretty good stuff, huh? But Crispen 
was about more than numbers, or wins and 
losses. She was about teaching, and she 
was a hall-of-fame teacher, too. Her biggest 
lesson: she taught all of us how to fight — to 
fight for a win in a tough game, to fight 
for what we believe in (especially if we 
believed in the Red Sox), and how to fight 
cancer. She stood right up to it and wouldn't 
let it get in the way of living her life. As a 
teacher, that's a hall-of-fame lesson right 

Crispen was a hall-of-fame inspiration. 
She inspired countless of her former players 
to follow in her footsteps and become 
coaches themselves, from moms coaching 
their ten-year-old daughters' recreation 
council field hockey teams all the way to 
Missy Ackerman, an ice hockey player 
turned field hockey and lacrosse star, and 
now head coach of the NCAA Division I 
Longwood Lancers women's lacrosse team. 

Crispen's courage was inspiring, and 
so I'll leave you with this — Maria Kitchin, 
Class of 2004, is running the New York 
Marathon in five weeks. She's running 
for the Lance Armstrong Foundation, in 
Crispen's honor and memory. Maria said, 
"Crispen's strength and spirit will keep me 
running through the five boroughs of New 
York." It doesn't get any more hall of fame 
than that. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine 


Winter 2009/2010 • 17 

Vivian Yamaguchi Cohn '77 Introduces 
Director Emeritus of the Riding Program 
and Professor Emeritus 

Paul Cronin 

2009 Athletics Hall of Fame Inductee 

Paul Cronin, currently of Rectortown, 
Virginia, was director of the Sweet Briar 
College Riding Program for thirty-four 
years. Paul coached Sweet Briar teams 
to fourteen Affiliated National Riding 
Committee championships and reserve 
championships, and many horses and riders 
to top ribbons in recognized horse shows, 
intercollegiate competitions, and hunter 
pair races. Paul developed one of the finest 
collegiate riding programs in the country, 
including its superb facilities. He established 
a system and curriculum for educating 
both horses and riders on all levels that has 
withstood the test of time and is studied and 
followed by many other schools and riding 
programs to this day. 

Paul grew up riding and competing 
in horse shows in the Boston area. Later, 
while a graduate student at the University 
of Pittsburgh, he successfully campaigned 
horses through the national le\el for General 
Richard Mellon 's Rolling Rock Farm in 
Pennsylvania. Paul was also a student of 
international horseman and educator Captain 
Vladimir S. Littauer for more than 30 years. 
Paul also served as a lieutenant in the U.S. 
Navy, based out of Africa and Cuba. 

Paul was an "R""-rated senior judge 
for over twenty years with the United 

18 • Winter 2009/2010 

States Equestrian Federation (formerly 
the American Horse Show Association) 
and judged top "A"-rated hunter shows 
across the country. Paul continues to 
conduct clinics and teach, serves as a 
consultant to riding programs for many 
commercial, educational and nonprofit 
institutions, enjoys riding and schooling 
young horses and is a regular member of 
the first flight field with the Orange County 
(Virginia) Hunt. He donates his spare 
time and energies to various historical and 
environmental groups. 

Paul is first a teacher. When Paul arrived 
at Sweet Briar in 1967. the riding program 
consisted of about twenty students and 
recreational riding in modest facilities. In 
researching and designing the Sweet Briar 
Riding curriculum, Paul integrated the 
College's educational mission into its riding 
program. The riding curriculum teaches the 
modern forward riding system to riders of 
all levels, from beginner through advanced. 
This system provides a foundation for all 
types of riding, even the highest levels 
of dressage, as demonstrated by Sweet 
Briar alumna Lendon Gray "71, who was a 
member of the 1980 and 1988 U.S. Olympic 
Equestrian Dressage teams. 

Paul is held in the highest regard by 
the Sweet Briar faculty who elected him 
to represent them on several committees, 
including search committees for the dean 
and president. He was one of four faculty 
members elected to the working committee, 
now known as the faculty senate, and was 
elected faculty budget representative. 

In 1998, Sweet Briar established an 
endowed position in his name, the Paul D. 
Cronin Chair of Riding, to commemorate 
Paul's years of excellence in teaching at 
Sweet Briar College. The stable courtyard at 
the Rogers Riding Center was also dedicated 
as the Cronin Yard. In 1997 Paul received 
the Educator of the Year Award from the 
Virginia Horse Council and was inducted 
into the Hall of Fame of the Southwest 
Virginia Hunter Jumper Association. 


Paul retired from Sweet Briar in 2002. 
He always said that he would write a book 
when he retired, and Paul being Paul, 
did what he said he would do. His book, 
Riding and Schooling the Sport Horse was 
published in 2004 with a second printing 
in 2006, and he is working on a second 
manuscript on the history of educated riding. 

Most recently, Paul was a member of 
the U.S. Hunter Jumper Association Trainer 
Certification Committee. This group of 
top riding professionals spent four years 
developing a certification program for 
riding instructors that brings consistency in 
standards, terminology, and theory to the 
American hunter/jumper system — something 
Paul brought to the Sweet Briar riding 
program throughout his tenure. 

While achieving these many 
accomplishments, Paul instilled values and 
taught life skills to hundreds of athletes 
during their formative years. Those of us 
who had the good fortune to participate in 
Sweet Briar's riding program under Paul's 
tutelage continue to benefit from those 
lessons learned including the value of 
preparation, hard work. ha\ ing a plan, and 
maintaining the highest standards. There is a 
self-satisfaction and confidence that comes 
from working hard to achieve a goal, to give 
it your best effort, and not just "to get by.' 
Paul taught us to keep things in perspective 
and not to lose sight of what makes life 

Paul truly believed in his students, 
and we believed he wouldn't ask us to 
do something unless he knew we were 
capable of doing it. We were seventeen- and 
eighteen-year-olds, planning and running 
horse shows and horse trials, organizing 
volunteers, and inviting well-known 
equestrians we had only read about in 
magazines to judge our events and to give 
clinics. It comes as no surprise that Sweet 
Briar alumnae continue to "run the show" 
long after they have graduated. 

Paul's students are his legacy, for they 
have become the best they could be for 
having such a teacher. Paul Cronin — 
exceptional teacher, coach, mentor, and 
friend and most importantly, exceptional 
human being — on this auspicious occasion 
of your induction into the Sweet Briar 
Athletic Hall of Fame, with heartfelt 
aratitude. we salute vou now and alwavs. 

Briar College Alumnae Magazine 


^4 " l^'^ ^ 


The Vixens take on Eastern Mennonite in a Homecoming volleyball match. 




SHR* ■k^^yrif^^:-'*^''^-'^. 


Vixen volleyball players huddle before their 
match during Homecoming/Inauguration 
Weekend. The Sweet Briar team engaged in a 
tournament over the v/eekend/ playing Salem, 
Mary Washington, and Eastern Mennonite 

Morganne Young '1 1 rides Sweet Briar's Emily Richonne '12 and Sweet Briar's Chinook 

Hatrick in the In-house Horse Show that took take the jump, 

place before the inauguration on Saturday, 
September 26, 2009. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www alumnae 

Winter 2009/2010 • 19 


Wayne Stark, director of Sweet Briar's 
award-winning career services depart- 
ment, led an engaging career panel 
on Friday evening of Inauguration/ 
Homecoming Weekend. All members 
of Sweet Brier's advisory councils were 
asked to join in tfie discussion and 
some served as panelists. Panelists 
included: Kyle DuVall Blonde '01 , Kristin 
Chapdelaine '08, Pia Chio '09, Courtney 
Gleason '03, Heidi Trude '07, Joyce 
Scott '05, and Ariano Wolynec-Werner 

Members of the Vixen field hockey team, Jo Ellen Parker, Bee Newman Thayer '61 , 
and her husband, Bradley, gather on the newly dedicated Thayer Hockey Field. The 
field was dedicated to honor Bee Thayer's generous contributions to Sweet Briar and 
the new Fitness and Athletics Center. Bee is a 2006 Athletics Hall of Fame inductee. 

Bradley Thayer stands next to 
his wife, Bee, as she takes 
her first swing with Coach 
Crispen's hockey stick, a gift 
presented to her by the ath- 
letics department and Vixen 
field hockey team. 

20 • Winter 2009/20)0 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www alumnoesbcedu 

The popular campus band FoSt played for the Sweet Briar crowd once again on 
Friday night of the big weekend. This year, FaSt invited o special guest to accom- 
pany them on keyboard — Rick Manasa, husband of President Parker, helped rock 
Prothro FHall.The band includes moth professor Steve Wassell, dance professor Mark 
Magruder, chaplain Adam White, academic technology trainer and consultant Tom 
Marcais, and chemistry professor Rob Granger, 

Rick Manasa, keyboardist, has performed 
with Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band 
and various Motown artists. 

Kit Newman Detering /6, Betsy Pearson Griffin 62, Garolyn Monteith Clarke "42 
(not pictured), and Sadie Gwin Allen Blackburn '45 (also not pictured) provided the 
leadership in FHouston, Texas, that made the Houston Bistro naming possible. Pictured 
L-R: Betsy Pearson Griffin '62, board chair Ginger Upchurch Collier '72, President 
Jo Ellen Parker, and Kit Newman Detering '76. 

Students, faculty, and staff are excited 
about Sweet Briar's new FHouston Bistro 
located in the Fitness and Athletics Center. 
Inside the new building, the restaurant 
is complete with a flat-screen TV as well 
as table, bar, and booth seating. Much 
of the food will be cooked on the new, 
nnovotive Rational Self-Cooking Centers, 
which offer cutting-edge cooking technol- 
ogy. These cookers can simulate frying 
or steaming and can also bake and broil 
like o traditional oven. 

During Inauguration/Homecoming 
Weekend, a special reception was held 
to officially name the FHouston Bistro 
which honors the generous alumnae of 
the FHouston Club who donated to its 

Sweel Briar College Alumnoe Magazine • www,alumnae,sbc,edu 

Winter 2009/2010 • 21 


Jonathan Green, dean of the College, a 
the hlomecoming Tec. 

On Friday, Septennber 25, Sweet Briar welcomed special guest Deborah Burnham, 
poet and former colleague of creative writing professor Dave Griffith and President 
Parker, to share her poetry at a reading of creative works. Sweet Briar's entire creative 
writing faculty also read from their own pieces. L-R: adjunct professor John Casteen, 
assistant professor David Griffith, President Jo Ellen Parker, University of Pennsylvania 
professor Deborah Burnham, Margaret Banister Writer-in-Residence Carrie Brown, and 
Julia Jackson Nichols Professor of English and director of creative writing John Gregory 


Tables at the Elston Inn & Conference 
Center were elegantly set for the 
hlomecoming Tea; it was the first time thot 
the weekend included this delightful affair 

John Gregory Brown, 
director of the creative 
writing program, reads 
from his recent work. 

22 • Winter 2009/2010 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www, alumnae. 

Keystone Society members were 
invited to a luncheon held in their 
honor on Saturday. September 26, 
2009. Members of the Keystone Society are 
those alumnae and fi'iends of Sweet Briar 
who have made lifetime commitments to the 
College totaling $ 1 million or more. Norma 
Patteson Mills '60, 2005 Outstanding 
Alumna Award recipient, remembered 
Sweet Briar founder Indiana Fletcher 
Williams in her welcome remarks: 

". . . As you look around the room today, 
know that you are in very good company. 
This visionary group is the rock-solid 
foundation of philanthi'opic leadership for 
Sweet Briar. I am preaching to the choir 
when I say that a Sweet Briar education 
instills the confidence that creates great 
leaders. Sweet Briar provides an outstanding 
education as a lasting contribution to the 
world and each of us should be pleased that 
our contributions to this College help create 
the next generations of leaders for this 
country and the world. 

Miss Indie would be proud. Indiana 
Fletcher Williams was well ahead of 
her time in her ability to recognize the 
importance of philanthropy. As alumnae, 
parents and friends, we follow in the steps 
of a great woman, and your generosity helps 
future students to walk that same path of 
greatness . . ." 

President Parker (right) meets Donna Josey 
Chapman '64 (left) at the Keystone Luncheon. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ^ www alumnae. sbc 


from a Student 


Student Relations Committee Co-Choir 

I have spent a great deal of my life thus 
far being in love with Sweet Briar. I was 
only in seventh grade when I discovered 
the school, and there has not been a time 
since then that I was not completely certain 
it was perfect for me. 

This Septembers homecoming 
celebration, like every year, brought the 
opportunity for students to meet with 
alumnae and hear their stories. 1 heard about 
a junior banquet after-party that turned 
a dorm into a barn, complete with hay 
bales. I heard about a girl who removed her 
roommate "s furniture and transplanted it all 
to Guion. I even heard a few stories about 
wild nights that are probably not suitable for 
print. These stories all ended the same way: 
"1 love Sweet Briar so much! My time here 
was unforgettable." 

Naturally, my love for Sweet Briar 
was only made more fervent during 
Homecoming Weekend. In attendance were 
many women who understood my love of 
the place. Their influence 
made me start thinking about 
the stories that 1 might tell to 
fliture generations of Sweet 
Briar women. Without a 
doubt I will tell the story of 
our water balloon war at the 
lake and of the impromptu 
Prothro sing-a-longs. I will 
tell them that I am in Tau 
Phi. That time we had a 
professor come re-teach class at 1:30 in the 
morning? 1 would definitely talk about that. 
These are the memories that I hold near to 
my heart, but 1 do have over a year and half 
left here. With the many promising changes 
our campus has seen recently, I am certain 
the memories I want to hold onto will also 
change because something bigger than my 
own personal experience is occurring. 

Being at Sweet Briar during such a 
time of change is a lot to internalize, 
particularly because 1 have been interested 
in the school for nearly a decade, despite 
only being a junior here. I am very 


comfortable with "my" SBC, and it is in 
my nature to fear change (you are reading 
the thoughts of a woman who has lived on 
second-tloor Randolph twice with every 
intention of remaining there next year). 
This Homecoming was coupled with the 
dedication of the Upchurch Field House, 
a grand new addition to the College's 
amenities. While I was initially unsure of 
the project — 1 admit 1 felt a little ornery that 
the beautiful, foggy view Protliro offers in 
the morning would be disrupted — walking 
into the space that Saturday night was 
unforgettable. In my role as a co-chair for 
the student relations committee, I was asked 
to be at the dance early. 1 was sure then, as 
I walked across the new building alone, that 
this was a healthy change for Sweet Briar 
and also that I would share the memory 
of that night with future generations. I 
have no doubt that the new field house 
will fundamentally change Sweet Briar's 
day-to-day life and attract many different, 
new students. It offers us 
^' " places for the entire campus to 
congregate and locations where 
students can gather informally. 
We are anxious to use the 
building and excited to see how 
it changes our lives. 

More importantly, this 
year's celebration included the 
inauguration of Sweet Briar's 
tenth president. Dr. .To Ellen 
Parker. This change is simply exhilarant for 
a self-proclaimed Sweet Briar devotee like 
me. I am among the select group of students 
who will have experienced both Betsy 
[Muhlenfeld's] and Jo Ellen's leadership 
at Sweet Briar. I am looking forward to 
the new adventures Dr. Parker's term will 
bring. Just like Betsy, Dr. Parker has taken 
an active interest in our daily lives, bringing 
opportunity for each student to get to know 
her. In the future, I know 1 will begin some 
of my stories with, "One time with Dr. 
Parker ..." 

Winter 2009/2010 • 23 


Sweet Briar's Most Popular Major 

TOM SCOTT, Ph.D., chair and assistant professor, business department 

In just six years, the Sweet 
Briar business program 
has evolved from a busi- 
ness certificate program 
to the largest major on 
campus. It is a tribute to the 
entire faculty, full- and part-time, 
adjuncts, and administrators 
that were involved during this 
period that the program was 
able to experience such dramatic 
growth. At the beginning of the 
2008/2009 academic year, the 
business and economics depart- 
ments were separated, and the 
stand-alone business program 
installed its first chairperson. The 
department, already committed 
to experiential learning, is now 
placing more emphasis than ever 
on applying critical thinking skills, 
business knowledge, and triple 
bottom line* focus to real business 
scenarios. Students now have the 
opportunity to create and start 
their own business with the guid- 
ance of the department. 

*The triple bottom line (o.k.G. people, planet and profit) 
refers to an expanded, and increasingly accepted, measure 
of corporate success that incorporates not only economic, 
but ecological and sociol factors as well. 

24 • Winter 2009/2010 

■ The Experiential 

Sweet Briar provides multiple opportuni- 
ties for students to apply their critical 
thinking skills to all aspects of business 
in real-world settings. Experiential learn- 
ing currently plays a large role in many 
courses, including marketing, marketing 
research, negotiations, ethical leadership, 
management lab, finance, investments, 
and senior seminar. While the curriculum 
is still changing to offer additional expo- 
sures for students, below are some exam- 
ples of the current opportunities provided 
to students. 

Management Lab 

The first exposure students have is typi- 
cally during their freshman or sophomore 
year, when they participate in the manage- 
ment lab. This course requires students to 
develop an idea for a fundraising event 
(typically held on campus), plan and mar- 
ket the event, secure the resources, carry 
out the plan, make money for the cause, 
and report back to senior staff. Past proj- 
ects, which have included a fashion show, 
a battle of the bands, a pie-your-professor 
event, a 5k run, a silent auction, and so 
on, have collectively raised $15,050 over 
the past tlrree years for causes that include 
Habitat for Humanity, Susan G. Komen 
Foundation, Make a Wish Foundation, and 
Operation Smile. This years fall projects 
include the development and sale of an 
alumnae cookbook and a pie-your- 
favorite-senior event. 

in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Office 
Excel, an important tool in the business 
world today. Students will continue to 
learn financial staples such as time value 
of money, the basics of stocks and bonds, 
financial projections, cost of capital, cash 
budgeting, and risk-reward tradeoffs. The 
new approach will also require students 
to produce pro forma financial statements 
for a business and perform scenario analy- 
sis based on several sets of assumptions. 


This semesters principles of investments 
course introduces students to data driven 
investment principles and stresses the 
importance of consistently applied rule- 
based decisions on Wall Street. The class 
is working with Robert Fischer, author 
of The Naked Portfolio Manager, and an 
investment advisor and industry thought 
leader with over twenty years of experi- 
ence managing portfolios for affluent 
families. With high-level guidance from 
Fischer and Scott, each student will 


For additional information on the 
investments class experiment visit: 

Bob Fischer's blog and Web 



The department is taking a new approach 

to finance that requires students to gain an 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www alumnaesbcedu 

President Parker's blog 

V' -'lir-y-?^ 

''Students now have the 
opportunity to create and start 
their OMvn business with the guidance 
of the department." 

Bob Fischer, author of The Naked Portfolio Manager, 
speaks with Tom Scott's principles of investing class. 

develop her own rule-based model by the 
end of the semester. These models will be 
tracked online against the best minds on 
Wall Street during 2010. Both Fischer and 
SBC president Jo Ellen Parker have writ- 
ten about the experiment on their blogs. 
Fischer has also appeared on television 
and radio shows along the East Coast, 
talking about the women of Sweet Briar 
and their experiment. He expects, using 
the principles in the book, that the stu- 
dents will beat Wall Street. 

■ Senior 

In senior seminar, students are challenged 
to bring their business disciplines together 
to develop a solid business plan. Although 
not everyone's plan can be implemented. 
Sweet Briar hopes that with the additional 
preparation of the new curriculum, SBC 
will be able to produce one or two solid 
businesses per year that will be run by 
graduating students. 

Tins i- aii's Senior Class 
The senior seminar has fifteen students 
and nine potential businesses. While there 
is a broad spectrum of ideas, the most 
promising appear to be a start-up candy 
store in Bermuda, a consignment store 
on campus, bringing the Zipcar (or Hertz 
Connect) to campus, and starting a local 
home delivery business for organic foods 
(Organic on the Go). 

A High-end Candy Store in 
Bermuda — Hayley Hill and 
Laura McKenna 

It sounds a little bit crazy until you find 
out that: 

> Hayley Hills permanent home is in 

> there are currently no candy stores in 

> the owner of the recently-closed candy 
store retired at age 80; 

> Hayley's father distributes foods in 
Bermuda; and 

> Bermuda is home of 69,000 people 
with per capita income of about 

Among other things. Hill and McKenna 
are in the process of examining two poten- 
tial properties for the store, more clearly 
defining the market demand, identifying 
a mix of candies that will minimize the 
amount of specialized equipment needed 
to meet this demand, putting together the 
cost structure for these candies based on 
the required ingredients and estimated 
waste, and attempting to secure volume 
contracts, or letters of intent, from a few 
critical customers (grocery stores and 

Consignment Store — 
Kristen Dillon 
Dillon had the idea that when students 
leave for holidays or graduation, they 
don't have time to sell items they wish 
to leave behind. Dillon's operation would 
make it possible for students to sell their 
previously owned items at the Book Shop. 
The College would keep a significant per- 
centage of the proceeds, and the remain- 
der would be given to those individuals 
providing the item(s). Some of Kristen's 
challenges will be ironing out the logis- 
tics of the program with the Book Shop 
including space for the items, labeling of 
items, specifications for salable items, 
valuation, paperwork, and maintaining 
a no-added cost profile for the College. 
While the Book Shop has agreed to work 
with Dillon on the smaller items, she is 
working with the co-curricular life office 
to identify the best place for furniture. 

Car Sharing on Campus — 
Molly McGonegle, Carlyle 
Eden, and Hannah Hesser 

These three students believe that the 
potential for a rental car business on 
Sweet Briar's campus exists. They believe 
that making a rental car easily accessible 
to students would add value to the Sweet 
Briar experience. While the women ini- 
tially wanted to begin this as a stand-alone 
business, the insurance quickly became a 
blinding restriction. This team is currently 
in the process of assessing options with 
Zipcars, Enterprise, and Hertz Connect, 
having already brought Hertz Connect to 
campus for a meeting. 

26 • Winter 2009/2010 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Organic on the Go — 
Kelly McDonald and 
Catie Gumpman 

McDonald and Gumpman want to start 
a home delivery service that specializes 
in organic food. They believe there is a 
need for a local distributor that will bring 
together various suppliers and distribute 
a wide product line of vegetables, fruits, 
meats, dairy products, and more through 
home delivery. By establishing contracts 
with vendors and key local restaurants, 
the students hope to gain a solid anchor 
for their business and then expand to resi- 
dential delivery. Obstacles McDonald and 
Gumpman will need to overcome include 
discerning market demand for the service 
and coordinating the ever changing offer- 
ings of vendors and needs of restaurants 
and consumers. 


The business world is looking for a gradu- 
ate who understands the world through a 
liberal arts lens; has the ability to think 
creatively and critically about a business 
and its potential; has the confidence to 
embrace change; and has the business 
knowledge to make an immediate impact. 
It is our goal as a department to provide 
the skills and understanding our students 
will need to be successful entrepreneurs 
and business innovators. 

Michelle Anderson '1 1 and Laura Jett '1 1 give a presentation in the principles of investing class. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www alumnae 

Winter 2009/2010 • 27 


KEN HUUS, dean of admissions 


Fleaci all alDOU-t it! 

Sweet Briar College goes 

As we have done every 
year I've been here, the 
admissions office spent time 
over the summer evaluating 
its work process. This year, 
we spent significant time talking about 
whether our practices matched students' 
expectations about the college search and 
application process, especially at a place that 
prides itself on attention to the individual. 
After much discussion, we decided it was 
time to update several things about our 
work; as a result, we've begun the year with 
renewed energy about our recruitment. 

First, we decided to drop early decision ai 
an application option in favor of being more 
responsive to all applicants. Over the last 
several years, we have seen more colleges do 
away with early application deadlines, and 
we feel this is a much better way to serve all 
of our applicants. We will still maintain an 

Recruiting: How Can I Help? 

Refer a student. Call 
or email the admissions 
office (800.381.6142 or with: the 
name of a prospective student. 

Offer to host off-campus 
interviews in your office 
or business. We are 

conducting off-site interviews 
during our recruitment travel. 
Allowing us to use your 
office/business location 
OS an interview site would 
demonstrate the strength of the 
alumnae network and would 
provide an opportunity for you 
to interact with parents, sharing 
your experience as a successful 
Sweet Briar alumna, while their 
daughter is talking with an 
admissions counselor. 

Volunteer to attend 
a college fair in your 
local area. While we have 
expanded the areas where we 
actively recruit students, we still 
have some limitations. fHoving 
a Sweet Briar representative 
present provides the opportunity 
for girls from your area, even 
if only a few, to learn about 
Sweet Briar. You can also help 
by letting us know when area 
college fairs are taking place; 
we get many invitations, but 
not all. 

Sponsor a student's visit 
to campus. Students are 
becoming more selective with 
the number of colleges they 
visit, in part due to the cost 
of travel. It is now common 
for students to express interest 
in visiting Sweet Briar, but 
be unable to do so because 
of traveling costs. Individual 
alumnae or alumnae clubs 
could establish student travel 
funds to allow the College to 
assist interested prospective 
students with the cost of a visit. 

28 • Winter 2009/2010 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ■ www. alumnae, sbc edu 


application deadline of February 1, but we 
will now begin evaluating applications as 
soon as they are completed and will admit 
students on a rolling basis. This gives us 
the advantage of notiiying students of their 
admission as early as September, if a student 
chooses to apply early in the fall. 

Second, we decided not to print a paper 
application. This was both a cost-savings 
measure — printing and postage — and part 
of our effort to be "green." To advertise this, 
we created a simple postcard on recycled 
paper and mailed it to all seniors on our 
prospect list. The postcard notified them of 
the online application and of the option to 
request a paper one if necessary. We also 
sent an email announcement containing 
a direct link to our online application to 
all seniors on our prospect list. We don't 
believe this will have any negative impact 
on our application volume, and there 
exists the possibility, as a result of some 
of the customized features of our online 
application, that we might see a slight 
increase in application numbers due to 
ease of use. 

Finally, we have done some exciting 
things to help make the on-campus 
visit more memorable. When a student 
visits, we allow her to take a flip 
video camera on her tour of campus 
so that she can record short video 
clips of her visit. When she returns 
to our office, we burn her video 
onto a DVD and give it to the 
student as a reminder of her 
tour at Sweet Briar. We also 
send students home with a 
personalized packet of daisy 
seeds printed with a brief 
description of what "Daisy" 
means to our College. This 
is another way of making 
her visit to Sweet Briar memorable. 

and gives us an opportunity to highlight a 
distinctive aspect of the College's history. So 
far. both activities have been well received 
by prospective students. 

We're excited about these changes in our 
process as we work to make Sweet Briar 
the college choice for more young women. 
And I'm excited about how these changes 
have energized the recruiting staff. We're off 
to a great start in this recruiting cycle and 
are looking forward to what that will mean 
when we welcome an incoming class next 


Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 

/ alumnae-sbcedu 

I ach year, alumnae club 
members from various areas 
reach out to students. Sweet 
Briar Day events, which take place 
during the winter holiday in the 
hometowns of alumnae, include 
students, prospective students, and 
parents and ore one great way 
to make on impression on those 
attending or hoping to attend Sweet 
Briar. If you are unable to attend 
an event, there are other ways to 
reach out. Many clubs send care 
packages and goody bags to 
students during challenging times in 
their semester: when they arrive in 
the late summer and during exams. 
Other clubs send a note of welcome 
and encouragement to their students 
or visit them when they are passing 

Cincinnati area alumnae, 
setting a wonderful 
example, welcomed Ohio 
^students to campus with 
gift baskets. The baskets, 
assembled in Cincinnati and 
shipped to campus, contained 
"taste of home" — a can of the 
ty's famous Skyline Chili — along 
ith school supplies and other 
' small treats, to ease the transition 
into a new academic year. "We 
wanted students to know we 
were thinking of them," says one 
Cincinnati alumna. "We also were 
looking for a way for alumnae to 
reconnect with their alma mater. The 
gift baskets were a fun idea that 
accomplished both." 

If you are interested in reaching 
out to students in your area, contact 
your club leader (list available at html\ 
or the alumnae office at alumnae@ 

Winter 2009/2010 29 

An alumnae art exhibit was popular during the week- 
end. Featured artists included: Diana Davis '64, Elizabeth 
W. Matheson '64, Patty Hughes Niebling '69, Bruce 
Watts Krucke '54, Penny Fisher Duncklee '59, Laura 
Elkins '74, Elizabeth Wassell Sauder '84, Allegra Gilbert 
Helms '89, Kathleen Rosafo Preziosi '89, and Susan 
Margaret Barrett '94. 

Cliff Ambers, owner of 
Chateau Z Vineyard in 
Amherst County, Virginia, 
brought several of his 
wines for a v^ine tasting 
event on Friday. 

Reunion 2009 — A Success! 

NANCY KLEINHANS CARR '06, assislant director of ihe Alumnae Association 

Three-hundred and eighty ahimnae 
returned to campus with excitement and 
enthusiasm for Reunion 2009. Memorial 
Day weekend May 22, 23, and 24! 
On Friday afternoon. Reunion began 
with sunshine in the forecast. The celebrated fiftieth 
reuning class, 1959, was joined by president emerita 
Betsy Muhlenfeld for an exclusive dinner at the 
Florence Elston Inn and Conference Center. Post- 
fiftieth classes celebrated at the conference center 
as well with an intimate gathering attended by Dean 
Jonathan Green, his wife. Lynn Buck, and Dr. Barbara 
Perry, Carter Glass Professor of Government. The 
Class of 1984 celebrated with dinner at the Boathouse 
in honor of its twenty-fifth reunion. Louise Swleckl 
Zingaro '80, vice president for communications and 
chief of staff, and her husband, Scott, hosted the Class 
of 1964 at the Farmhouse in recognition of 2009 

Outstanding Alumna Award recipient Mary "MoUie" 
Johnson Nelson '64. Other classes enjoyed a festive 
picnic of Mexican fare. 

Saturday morning began with Betsy Muhlenfeld's 
last convocation ceremony as president. She and other 
senior staff members gave a college update before the 
giving awards were announced and class skits were 
performed. Mary "Mollie" Johnson Nelson "64 was 
recognized for her service to the College. 

Following convocation, alumnae colleges took 
place in Memorial Chapel and included presentations 
by Bonnie Kestner, associate professor of physical 
education, and John Morrissey, associate professor 
of biology. A first-time alumnae book club led by 
Margaret Banister Writer-in-Residence Carrie Brown 
on her recent novel. The Rope Walk, made for a 
relaxing afternoon in the newly renovated Book Shop 
cafe. The evening began with classic tunes from the 

Mary "Mollie" Johnson Nelson '64 and family pose before Reunion convo- 
cation on Saturday morning. Mollie Nelson was the recipient of the 2009 
Outstanding Alumna Award. Front row, L-R: Peggy Johnson Laney '62 
(sister), Mollie Johnson Nelson '64, and Anna Johnson (sister). Back row, 
L-R: Jim Laney, Cynthia Vanderwagen (daughter), Luke Vanderwagen, 
Alan Nelson (son), Kathryn Nelson. 

30 • Winter 2009/2010 

The Class of 1944 welcomed back a wonderful, large group of sixteen. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


The Class of 1 959 announced their giving totals and 
performed a skit on stage. 

band King Cadillac and continued with dancing and 
dinner into the wee hours. 

On Sunday morning. Chaplain Adam White led 
the Service of Remembrance to honor alumnae who 
died this past year. The farewell luncheon followed in 
Prothro Hall and afterward alumnae left the dorms, 
which had once been their second home. 

Thank you to everyone for your support in making 
Reunion 2009 a success! 


Reunion Gift ($) 




5 Year Total 
Giving ($) 


1 1 ,995 


49, 233 




2 1 , 1 77 
















































Weather was beautiful for the Friday 
evening picnic in the lower quad. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 

/. alumnae. sbc edu 

enjoyed the sunshine. 

Sv/ee\ Briar was pleased to welcome such an exuberant group of 50th Reunion revelers! Forty-two members of 
the Class of 1 959 attended their milestone reunion. 

a CD 
o o 

S <M 

The Class of 1 964 won the Centennial Award, given to the class with the largest total giving to all funds of the 
College, including Friends programs, special scholarship funds, planned gifts, and Annual Fund over the five years 
leading up to Reunion. They also broke the record for the largest unrestricted gift ever given by a 4Sth reuning class! 
The Class of 1964 is recognized on a plaque in Prothro Hall, which will remain there until another 4Sth Class can 
break the record. 

One of the most popular events was a book club 
gathering led by Margaret Banister Writer-in-Residence 
Carrie Brov/n. 

The Class of 1994 won the Participation Aw/ord for Annual Giving. 

32 • Wmlec 2009/2010 

Sweet Briar College Alumnoe Magazine • www alumnae, 

The Class of 1969 celebrated their 40th Reunion and broke the record for 
the largest class gift given by a 40th class! Their accomplishment is remem- 
bered with a special plaque in Prothro Hall. 

Alumnae danced to the lively music of King Cadillac, a 
good-time band whose classic covers entice even the 
most sheepish dancers onto the floor. 

The Class of 1959, celebrating their 50th Reunion, took home the Nancy Dowd Burton Award, recognizing the class to give the largest unrestricted 
gift to the Annual Fund during their reunion year. 

The 25th class (1984) celebrated with a dinner at the Boathouse. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www.alumnae-sbc-edu 

Winter 2009/2010 • 33 


Edna Martin '81 Captains thi 


Edna Martin '81 hails from Bar Harbor, 
Maine, where she and her husband. 
Ed Monat, run a one-of-a-kind 
"Dive-In Theater" from their boat. 
Starfish Enterprise. Passengers on 
the Star/ish, typically school children 
and tourists, are treated to an encounter with 
underwater invertebrates that they are not 
likely to forget. First, they are welcomed 
onto the vessel by Martin, a.k.a. "Captain 
Evil," and Monat, a.k.a. "Diver Ed," as well 
as three massive, friendly Newfoundland 
rescue dogs — guardians and protectors of all 
those floating on the seas. Once anchored in 
the bay, Diver Ed jumps overboard, taking 
along a camera that projects his dive onto 
a big screen on deck for the passengers to 
follow along. Captain Evil then narrates the 
expedition, pointing out the creatures that 
Monat passes and explaining the challenges 
of his dive. When Diver Ed returns to the 
surface, he brings sea urchins, moon snails, 
sculpins, fan worms, lobsters, and other 
crustaceans on deck for the onlookers to 
handle. Some creatures even get a goodbye 
kiss from the children before being returned 
to their homes. 

"1 don't know of anyone else who is 
doing what we're doing," Martin said. 
"Ed had started the business before we 

34 • Winter 2009/2010 

met, having been inspired from his past 
experience with invertebrates in college, as a 
lobster fisherman, and as a marine ecologist 
for the Smithsonian. To him, invertebrates 
just weren't getting enough press." 

Monat began the business in 2000, with 
their first boat, The Seal. On Thanksgiving 
Day, 2008, The Seal was destroyed in a 
fierce storm whose unpredicted 80-knot 
winds pushed her aground on Bar Island. 
Despite the efforts of the entire Bar Harbor 
community to save the beloved boat, it was 
completely destroyed in the wind and waves. 
Procuring a new boat proved to be Martin 
and Monat 's biggest challenge. Monat dove 
for scallops to earn money for a new boat. 
Martin worked with homeschooled children 
and marketed the scallops. The community 
held fundraisers to gather the sum of 
$30,000 to get them started. 

"I was touched by one little four-year-old 
who started it all. She came to me and 
emptied her piggy bank, which totaled $7.42 
and the rest of the community stood behind 
her," Martin said. 

Two bankers took a chance on the 
Dive-In Theater, noting that it was an 
essential part of the town experience. The 
couple was able to begin the construction 
of the boat with $300,000— still not quite 
enough to hire a team of professional 
builders. So, Martin and Monat rolled up 
their sleeves and, with the help of several 
hired hands, built the boat themselves. They 
worked long hours, hoping to finish the boat 
for the next diving season, a brief period 
from June through mid-October. Arriving at 
the building site at 5:00 a.m. each day and 
returning home at midnight or later made 
for a difficult, yet exciting construction 
experience. Martin herself cut nearly every 

piece of fiberglass used on the boat. She 
sanded, ground, and made all of the benches. 
She organized tools and made sure that 
builders had all of the supplies they needed. 

Martin, Monat, and their motley crew 
of builders had the vessel finished before 
the architect could complete the drawings. 
When the drawings, which had to be altered 
to match the boat, were finally sketched 
and submitted for inspection, the Coast 
Guard passed the boat with flying colors, 
proclaimmg that it was a beautifully built 
and sound ship. Martin and Monat held 
a contest at a local school allowing the 
children to invent a name for the boat and 
Starfish Enterprise won. 

Martin finds that being out on the 
water with children and tourists is the most 
rewarding part of her job. "We took a group 
of seniors out in terrible weather, but they 
all had such a good time," she said. "Every 
trip is different . . . what is ugly to one 
person might be fascinating to another." 

Martin has been working with her 
husband and their dogs for seven years, 
narrating dives three to four times each day 
during the peak season. "The creatures are 
fascinating," Martin said. "Take Mahogany 
quahogs, for example, they can live for over 
200 years. They must be at least 40 years old 
to be harvested." Mahogany quahogs, also 
known as black clams, are a popular choice 
at many New England restaurants. "Each 
year we find new organisms," she continued. 
"So far, Ed has three new species named 
after him!" 

Of the dogs — Levi, Halo, and 
Morgan — she said, "They absolutely love the 
children. And they don't like anyone going 
into or even near the water. Newfoundlands 
are born swimmers, and it's as if they don't 

feel that others are competent enough to be 

Bar Harbor is the town nearest to Acadia 
National Park, which is full of rugged, 
natural charm. "When you are on top of 
Cadillac Mountain, which overlooks Bar 
Harbor, you can be the first person in 
America to see the sunrise," Martin said. 
"It's not an easy place to live, but it is 
absolutely beautiful." 

Martin graduated with a degree in 
anthropology from Sweet Briar, having 
spent two years abroad — one in Israel and 
one in Scotland. She went on to earn her 
M.S. in child psychology from Fitchburg 
State College, and afterwards worked for the 
University of Massachusetts Medical's early 
intervention program for children zero to 
three years old. 

"People often ask how I live with Ed's 
boundless energy and unbridled enthusiasm 
for all things gross and slimy," she said. 
"I just remember my years as a child 
psychologist and smile." 

Sweef Bnar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


Winter 2009 • 35 


2001 Graduate Receives 


II Million in Funfa 

Meet Leah SoUvan Busque "01. She's 
thirty years old lives in Charleston, 
Massachusetts, and has a $1 million 
offer to expand her business idea 
that could revolutionize modern city 
living. The idea? RunMyErrand. 
com, a Web site run through what Busque 
has termed "service networking." It's an 
online marketplace for anyone in the city 
of Boston who needs an extra set of hands 
to help accomplish their day-to-day tasks. 
RunMyErrand takes the social networking 
phenomena a step beyond connecting 
with friends. It utilizes online profiles and 
reviews to create a trusted base of errand 
runners for anyone to employ. In essence, 
RME helps community members help each 

Busque 's liberal arts experience at 
Sweet Briar helped her uncover the road to 
success. At Sweet Briar, Busque enjoyed 
dance classes with Petrus Bosman and the 
Magruders and was involved with student 
government all four years. She worked in 
the Book Shop as a coffee barista. As a math 
and computer science major, Busque spent 
a lot of time in Guion taking classes and 
working as a C++ tutor. "Sweet Briar helped 
me gain the confidence I have needed to 
push forward, be aggressive, and always 
look ahead," Busque said. After Sweet 

Follow Leah Basque's blog at 

Briar, she took up a successful career in 
computer programming and had a wonderful 
experience working in Boston for IBM. 

One evening in February 2008, 
everything changed for Busque and her 
husband, Kevin, who had planned to join 
friends for dinner. As they prepared to meet 
their cab, they realized that there was no 
dog food in the house for their 100-pound 
yellow Labrador, Kobe. When procuring dog 

36 • Winter 2009/2010 

food began to complicate their dinner plans, 
Busque wished that there was some place 
online where she could go to find people 
within the community who might be able to 
help. She knew they had to be out there — 
someone already at the store, someone 
passing her way after work, someone with 
a few extra minutes to help her out. Busque 
immediately typed the domain name 
"ruimiyerrand" into her iPhone and found 
that it was still available. She purchased the 
domain right then, and they spent the rest 
of the evening talking about ideas for a new 
business that would harness the energy, trust 
and efficiency of the community to make 
life a little easier. 

Over the next four months, she 
began networking, seeking advice from 
experienced, well-known professionals 
like Scott Griffith of Zipcar and Robbie 
Vorhaus, a PR media strategist from NYC. 
She built an advisory board of top-notch 
professionals, and. with their insight to 
guide her, she resigned her position at IBM 
to build her brand new idea. 

Busque said that launching her own 
business was frightening at first, "but I was 
so passionate about my idea and had gotten 
such great feedback, that I knew I could do 
it. It was the best decision I have ever made. 
IBM was great. I enjoyed the people, but, 
on a daily basis, I felt that 1 had many more 
skills to offer Now, I feel that my path is to 
be an entrepreneur, to create new ideas from 
nothing. That's what keeps me going!" 

RME is a demand-driven marketplace 
where people can go online to post a need. 
Typical requests include charity donations, 
dry cleaning drop-offs and pick-ups. grocery 
pick-ups. birthday cake deliveries, taking 

the dog to be groomed, and even lending 
assistance with dead car batteries and other 
emergencies that require a helping hand. 
When a customer, termed a "sender," posts 
an errand on the site, 150 background- 
checked runners receive both a text and 
email message about the job. The sender 
specifies how much they are willing to pay a 
runner; runners can either accept the errand 
at that price or make a counter offer. When 
the job has been taken, its online status 
changes so that others know it has been 
picked up. 

The operation works on a first-come, 
first-serve basis, and there are no set prices. 
Senders can ask their favorite runners to 
complete tasks; they can review runners 
and check runners' Facebook profiles. 
Runners establish trust through these 
social networking building blocks and 
so the market is self-policing. To date, is based in Boston and 
can only be used in that city. RME's biggest 
clients are young professionals working long 
hours, small businesses, and busy urban 
parents juggling children, work, and all that 
comes with home life. 

"About a week after we launched 
in Boston's Charlestown area, I was 
approached by Cold Stone Creamery," 
Busque said. "The manager was looking 
for a way to outsource the delivery of her 
goods, since the creamery does not deliver." 
Cold Stone and RME struck a perfect 
partnership, as runners were able to make 
ice cream deliveries at no extra cost to the 
store. All of the delivery expenses were 
exchanged between Cold Stone customers 
and RME runners. Other small companies 
soon caught on and the possibilities have 
been steadily emerging. 

"The key to this is 'service networking'," 
Busque said. "The social networking 
paradigm is very powerful, but there's only 
so much you can share. We're using this 
to get real things done every day. Also, 
[] uses technology to 
live more efficiently, which translates into 
green living and sustainability — it's all very 

Over the summer, RME was selected 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

as one of twenty-five companies from a 
world-wide application pool of thousands, 
to be part of an incubator program run by 
Facebook. RME was also the only East 
Coast company invited. Busque spent twelve 
weeks in Palo Alto. California, housed 

in the old Facebook offices downtown, 
brainstorming about the future of social 
networking and how companies can leverage 
the online community to build their markets. 
She also established a strong network of 
contacts on the West Coast. 

"Building a network on the West Coast 
was an amazing opportunity," said Busque, 
as she shared the company's latest big news. 
"We recently received $1 million for what's 
called a 'series A' round of funding to start 
a branch in San Francisco. Two investing 
firms with excellent track records picked 
us up. These firms have invested in Twitter, 
Digg. and UserVoice, so this was a nice vote 
of confidence." 

Recently Busque and RME have 
appeared in numerous news articles and on 
local Boston television. "When I left IBM," 
Busque said, "I didn't know what to expect. 
The future has always looked like a big 
black box, but 1 have relied on my mentors 
and advisors to light the way. I enjoy being 
able to learn new things quickly and adapt 
very fast. It's been so rewarding to see the 
concept of service networking catching on 
and becoming an industry standard." 

Busque is excited to open an office in 
San Francisco within the next twelve months 
and hopes to eventually expand throughout 
the country. "Every milestone is another 
brick in the wall," she said, "and the wall 

has a long way to go!" She is enthusiastic 
about the service networking revolution that 
is already having a tangible, positive impact 
on the Boston community. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www alumnae sbcedu 

Winter 2009/2010 • 37 

Message to 
Alumnae about 
College Finances 


Message to the community: 

An article on 
news/2009/1 1/30/sweetbriar. 


College finance is a complicated matter. In the accompanying article by Paul Davies, 
you will read that Sweet Briar s financial condition continues to improve. Our reli- 
ance on endowment and endowment-spending rate continue to drop, our discount rate 
remains below that of many of our competitors, our conservative approach to invest- 
ments moderated the impact of the market decline on our endowment, and in the last 
fiscal year we had the largest student body in more than two decades. These are all 
important indicators that tell us the underlying financial structure of our College is 
becoming stronger, year by year. 

Meanwhile, you have also received messages from me outlining the steps we are tak- 
ing to respond to a revenue shortfall in the current year's budget, caused by lower-than- 
projected enrollment. As I travel aroimd the country, meeting and talking with alumnae 
and parents, I know I will be asked some version of this question: if the College's finan- 
cial position is getting stronger, how can we have a problem in this year's budget? 

In answer to this question, I will point out that we are making cuts in the current 
year's budget precisely in order to continue our progress toward a sustainable financial 
structure. Sweet Briar's recent progress on endowment spending and endowment reli- 
ance is hard won. Living within our means this year will protect those gains and ensure 
that these key indicators do not take a step in the "wrong" direction. 

Living within our means this year cannot be achieved without costs. All faculty 
and staff will be affected by the temporary suspension of retirement contributions. The 
workforce has been reduced by a small number of positions. Senior staff are taking a 
voluntary salary reduction. Some budgeted purchases and maintenance projects will be 
put on hold. The result of these difficult actions is that we will be able to avoid taking 
an additional draw from the endowment, which would turn unrealized losses into real- 
ized ones and increase our effective spending rate for the year. 

Obviously, making sure we are doing everything we can to increase enrollment for 
next year has become our top administrative priority. Dean Ken Huus and his admis- 
sions team have been working intensively on developing a "prospect management" 
approach to recruiting, reworked the campus tour experience and developed new 
recruiting materials, started using blogs and Facebook to interact with prospective stu- 
dents, and taken many other steps to return admissions to the upward trajectory of the 
last several years. Most importantly, admissions and financial aid have been reviewing 
the formulae which govern our approach to awarding student aid. We believe, and our 
enrollment consultant confirms, that the primary factor affecting this year's enrollment 
was the need to make sure that our financial aid packages are structured so as to meet 
the real needs of families at a time of economic uncertainty. 

In short, both things are true: we are making great progress on strengthening Sweet 
Briar's financial structure for the long term and this year we ran into a revenue shortfall 
that required decisive and proactive response. 

Next semester, the College will launch a strategic planning process. Louise Zingaro, 
in her new position as vice president and chief of staff, will be coordinating this pro- 
cess so as to make sure that all constituencies are engaged and all voices are heard. The 
goal of this planning process will be to identify ways that Sweet Briar can continue to 
strengthen its academic programs and serve new populations of women so as to oper- 
ate sustainably, responsibly, and efficiently. I look forward to bringing you news of 
this planning process once it gets underway and to hearing your thoughts, suggestions, 
ideas, and reactions as we move foinvard together. 

Very truly yours, 


Jp Hllen Parker, president 

38 • Winter 2009/2010 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • w^A'w alumnae sbcedu 

Financial Update 

and General Comments 
on the Fiscal Year 
Ending June 30, 2009 

PAUL DAVIES, vice president for finance 
and administration 

In reviewing the fiscal year ending June 30, 2009, the board of directors was once 
again pleased to note the College's financial position continues to improve. The fiscal 
year ended with a slight operating surplus of $15,000, and for the fifth year in a row, 
the College achieved the targeted spend rate. Since FY 03 the College has reduced its 
reliance on the endowment from $12.1 million to $6.4 million, for a decrease of $5.7 
million or 47% (before inflation). The endowment now supports less than 15% of our 
operating budget, as compared to over 30% in FY 03. The overall tuition discount rate 
has been reduced from 54% to 40%, which is now below the discounts rates of many of 
our peers. (The discount rate is a percentage produced by dividing institutional financial 
aid grants by total tuition and fees, excluding room and board). 

During the last fiscal year, the College had an undergraduate full-time equivalent 
enrollment of 675, the largest student body since 1983. Thanks to the generosity of 
our alumnae, board, parents, friends of the College, and faculty and staff, the College 
met the goal of $2.3 million raised by the Annual Fund. Your continued support of the 
Annual Fund is critical: it supports the financial aid that helps more than 91% of our 
students attend Sweet Briar. 

The year was not without its challenges. Sweet Briar was certainly not immune from 
the nation "s financial crisis. The Colleges endowment — which is comprised of invest- 
ments managed by Cambridge Associates, employee mortgages, and a "beneficial inter- 
est" in a perpetual trust — dropped from $95 million in FY 08 to $75 million in FY 09. 
Investments managed by Cambridge had a negative 19.1% return for the fiscal year. 
While any negative return is cause for concern, of course, this is compared to some col- 
lege and university endowments that lost over 30%; the College was therefore relatively 
protected from the market drop. And, because the College has worked to reduce its reli- 
ance on the endowment, the majority of our losses remained unrealized. 

During the fiscal year ending June 30, 2009, Sweet Briar College adopted two new 
accounting policies: SFAS 157, Fair lalue Measurements, and FASB Staff Position No. 
117-1, Eudowiiients for Not-For-Profit Foundalions: Net Asset Ckissijieation oj Funds 
Subject to an Enacted Version of the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional 
Funds Act and Enhanced Disclosure for All Endowment Funds. SFAS 157 essen- 
tially deals with identifying the appropriate carrying value of the investments. FASB 
Staff Position No. 117-1 deals with the classification of donor restricted funds. These 
changes in accounting policies have been reflected in the Net Assets of the Consolidated 
Statement of Financial Activities. 

Sweet Briar began the new fiscal year with great excitement and, at the same time, 
with caution: excitement about our new president, Jo Ellen Parker, the much needed 
upgrade of our computer network, and the completion of the Fitness and Athletics 
Center and Green Village; caution about how the continuing challenges of the larger 
economy would impact Sweet Briar s enrollment. As it turned out, for the first time in 
five years, the College did not meet its enrollment target and is consequently facing a 
revenue shortfall. 

President Parker has communicated with alumnae, parents, and friends, by email, 
through her blog, and elsewhere in this magazine, about the steps we are taking to man- 
age this year's budget responsibly while continuing to build toward a financially sustain- 
able future. 

Your continued support remains critical in this effort, whether it be recruiting pro- 
spective students and promoting Sweet Briar to friends and family or giving to the 
Annual Fund, capital projects, or the endowment. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www.olumnoe.sbcedu 

Winter 2009/2010 • 39 

Sweet Briar Institute 






Tuition and fees 



Less sciiolarship aid 



Net tuition and fees 




Investment income 





Realized gain (loss) on long-term investments 





Unrealized gain (loss) on long-term investments 





Annual Fund 










Auxiliary sales and services 





Sales & services educational dept 





Federal grants 





State grants 





Other sources 





Total revenues 












591 ,099 

1 .49% 


1 .34% 

Academic support 





Student services 





Institutional support 





Scholarship and fellowship 





Auxiliary sales and services 





Total expenses 





Change in net assets before adoption of SP 1 17-1 



Net assets at the beginning of the year 




Net assets at end of year 



40- Winter 2009/2010 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magozine • www alumnoe.sbcedu 

Sweet Briar Institute 





Cash and cash equivalents 

Accounts receivable 

Loans to students 

Dividends & interest receivable 

Contributions receivable 

Pledges receivable, net 


Prepaid expenses and deferred chgs 


Beneficial interest in a perpetual trust 

Assets restricted to Investment in land, building and equipment 

Land, buildings and equipment 

Deferred bond issuance costs 

Funds held by trustee under bond indenture (1) 

Total assets 































Liabilities and net assets 


Net assets 

Accounts and other payables 

Accrued interest 

Student deposits and advance fees 

U.S. government grants refundable 

Annuity obligations 

Asset retirement obligation 

Post retirement benefit obligations 

Self insurance liability 

Bonds payable (1) 

Total liabilities 

Temporarily restricted 
Permanently restricted 

Total net assets 

Total liabilities and net assets 

































(1) Proceeds from Series 2006 bonds to retire prior issued bonds 
at the earlier of the callable date or maturity date of each bond. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 

/alumnae sbcedu 

Winter 2009/2010 • 41 

Thoug:hts . . . 

The Sweet Briar College Alumnae 
Magazine welcomes your thoughts and 
comments. While we will preserve the 
original message, letters may be edited for 
length and clarity. Note that we may not 
have space to publish all letters received. 
Please send your thoughts to: cmurray® or c/o Colleen Murray, PO Box 
1056, Sweet Briar, VA 24595. 

Dear Editor: 

I wanted to tell you how much 1 enjoyed the 
photography in the Sphng/Siiinmer 
21109 Aluwnae Magazine. 

First prize overall goes to the upper 
photograph of the fitness center on page 18. 
First prize in portraits is on page 1 1 , Chris 
Witcombe; followed closely by the portrait 
of Jo Ellen Parker on page 2; then Drs. 
Parker and Muhlenfeld on the inside second 
cover; and finally, Mrs. Elizabeth Prothro on 
page 29. 

Putting the extra front cover on was a 
great idea. Did you by any chance see the 
New Yorker a few months ago, which had 
three or four front covers, with one cartoon 
continuing through each cover from left 
bottom to right top of each one (as best 
I can recall)? Yours gets a plus for being 
more utilitarian. 

Buck Edwards 

Dear Editor, 

The SBC magazine has just arrived, and I've 
read the splendid interview you did of our 
new president. You asked some excellent 
questions, and I imagine you really enjoyed 
your time with her She appears to be a fine 
successor to Betsy Muhlenfeld. 

Well done! 

Patty Lyiias Ford '51 

Dear Editor, 

As a member of the class of "60, 1 was 
somewhat dismayed by the article on our 
new president Dr. Parker [Spring/Summer 
2009 magazine, page 2] . . . 

In this day and age when women's 
colleges are fewer and fewer, the idea of 
starting out with questions regarding pets, 
food, songs, vacations, and novels seems far 
too trite. There is certainly a place for these 
Q&As somewhere but not, 1 think, in the 
article which gives our SBC alumnae their 
first sense of this new woman president, 
her goals for the College, her understanding 
of what it means to even have a single-sex 
college in this day and age and, surely, to 
discuss what SBC women are called and 
challenged to do in the 2 1 st century . . . 


Lucy Martin Gianino '60 

Dear Editor, 

I was very disappointed in the article in the 
summer bulletin about our new president. 
1 thought it seemed like an interview one 
might read in a high school newspaper due 
to the triviality of the topics covered. Surely 
there are more substantial things to write 
about as you introduce Dr. Parker to the 
Sweet Briar community! 

Lura Coleman Wampler '60 

Dear Lucy and Lura, 

Thank you for taking the time to share with 
us your thoughts on the interview with Dr. 
Parker that was published in the spring issue 
of the Alumnae Magazine. 1 very much 
appreciate any feedback regarding magazine 
articles as it helps all of us who have a 
hand in College publications to better our 
work here. The purpose of the interview 
was not so much to reiterate the College 
communications that had already been 
distributed to alumnae over the Internet, 
but to show a side of Dr. Parker that most 
had not yet seen, and were, in fact, curious 
about. 1 think that in time you will discover 
that Dr. Parker is a dynamic, intelligent, 
and current woman who is very capable of 
leading our institution. 


Colleen Murray, editor 

Conversation Circles 

You are invited to join in 
"Conversation Circles," 
group discussions with 
President Parker about your 
aspirations for Sv/eet Briar. She 
has already begun these circles 
on coinpus with faculty, students, 
and staff and will continue them 
throughout this academic year. 
If you would like to submit a 
response to the circle questions 
please send to 

What are the most important changes 
in higher education since your own 
undergraduate years? 

What makes you most proud to say that 
you are a Sweet Briar alumna? 

Name two or three skills that are 
essential for a Sweet Briar graduate 
today, or two or three things that are 
essential for her to know. 

What single improvement is most 
needed to enhance the excellence and 
distinctiveness of the College? 

What one piece of advice would you 
give the president? 

Beiow is a listing of the upcoming presidentiol trovel schedule. If you 
ate a resident of those club areas, you will be receiving on invitation! 
For more information about Alumnae Clubs, pleose visit v»v*v*.sbc. 

Naples, Florida— 1/7/10 
Sarasota, Florida — 1/7/10 
Tampa, Florida — 1/8/10 
Atlanta, Georgia — 1/9/10 
Richmond, Virginia — 1/10/10 
Washington, D.C.— 1/17/10 
Tidewater, Virginia — 1/14/10 
Jacksonville, Florida — Feb. 2010 
Vero Beach, Florida — 2/17/10 
West Palm Beach, Florida — Feb. 2010 
Miami, Florida — Feb. 2010 
Dallas, Texas — Mar. 2010 
Houston, Texas — Mar. 2010 
Austin, Texas — Mar. 2010 
San Antonio, Texas — Mar. 2010 

42 • Winter 2009/2010 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine 


naesbc edu 

SBC Parent Involvement 

MISSY GENTRY WITHEROW '80, associate director of annual giving 

The Parent Steering Committee works to 
inform, involve, and engage parents in 
the Sweet Briar community. This group 
was started in the mid-1970s by several 
families who wanted to actively ensure for 
their daughters and the daughters of other 
families the best possible opportunities for 
international study, internships, research, 
and student leadership. 

The committee is an active, available 
resource for parents. They are listening 
ears for parents who are wondering what 
to expect during their daughters' first year 
away from home and a contact for more 
information on numerous activities and 
opportunities for parents to be involved. 

This year s committee — under the 
leadership of co-chairs Ann and Biv 
Balderston (Sarah '09 and Maggie '11) 
and Elliott and Laura Bondurant (Cabell 
' 1 1 ) — promises to be better than ever 
with events and activities for parents" 
participation both regionally and on campus. 
Some of these events include a parent-to- 
parent panel discussion during orientation, 
a regional living room learning event with 
faculty and senior staff members, on-campus 
tailgates at athletic events and receptions for 
major student events. We hope you will join 

August 22, 2009 

Parent-to-parent panel during orientation 

for first-year families 

Moderated by 

PSC co-chair Elliott Bondurant PA ' 1 1 

October 17, 2009 

Families Weekend 
Champagne reception with 
President Jo Ellen Parker and faculty 

October 29, 2009 

Dessert reception with cast members 
following the opening of the fall production 
of The Bacchae 

Spring 2010 

Living Room Learning in Richmond, Virginia 
at the home of Nancy and Woyne Chosen 
PA '11 

April 10,2010 

83rd Annual Horse Show tailgate for 
families and students 

Get with the Plan 

EMILY C. VERMILYA '08, assistant director of annual giving 

Many alumnae, parents, and friends of the College make their gifts to the Annual Fund through installment plans, and we invite you to 
consider making your gift this year through installments. Installment giving not only maximizes your giving to the College, but may also be 
more budget- friendly for you. Making a gift through installments allows the College to reduce the costs of mailings and reminders, which 
means even more of your gift is going directly to students, faculty, and programming. 

Making your gift to the Annual Fund through installments is EASY! Call 1.888.846.5722, email annualfund(a!, or simply write it 
on our pledge card and mail it back to PO Box 1057, Sweet Briar, Virginia, 24595 to set yours up TODAY! 

"I mode my gift to 
tfie College last year 
through installment 
giving. Giving 
through installments 
allows you to do 
more than you 
thought you could." 
— Mollie Johnson 
Nelson '64 

"Giving back to Sweet 
Briar is important to 
me, and installment 
giving allows me to 
do this in a way that 
is meaningful and also 
fits into my lifestyle. By 
giving throughout the 
year, I don't feel the 

'pinch' that I might if I gave all at once. 

As an added bonus, giving this way 

allows me to earn reward points with my 


— Susan Wooldridge Yeatts '95 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • wwwalumnae.sbcedu 

"Making my gift 
to the Annual Fund 
early and through 
installments allows 
me to maximize my 
giving to the College. 
It also allows me 
to budget my gift 
financially as the 
payments are stretched out over a few 
months as opposed to one month." 

— Kristin Chapdelaine '08 

Winter 2009/2010 • 43 

^ XjXinAvtoCrnA' 

Marketing VP Retires, 
Heads for Seminary School 

The Sweet Briar community will bid a 
fond farewell to Professor Linda Shank 
who, for all practical purposes, leaves 
the College s service on December 1 1 . 
She is headed to her home in Carlisle, 
Pennsylvania, to join her husband Bill and 
enjoy the fruits of "retirement." 

That is to say, she will be moving on 
to the next phase of her life — attending 
seminary so she can become qualified as 
a chaplain. Her plan, once she completes 
the schooling, is to volunteer part time at 
a local hospital or cancer center. 

"In the last fifteen years, I've thought 
about the fact that when I retire I really 
wanted to be able to give back to the 
community," Shank said. "I've felt called, 
particularly in the last couple of years, to 
work with people who have cancer. I sur- 
vived two cancers and I just feel called to 
do that." 

Shank retires as vice president for 
marketing and communications, a position 
in which she headed the publications and 
college relations department and served 
on the senior staff. She also taught princi- 
ples of advertising and marketing research 

44 • Wintec 2009/2010 

as a member of the business faculty since 

As a vice president, she had respon- 
sibility for overseeing a number of the 
College's planning initiatives and pro- 
duced its first integrated marketing and 
communication plan, identifying goals 
and strategies to achieve them in all key 

She is leaving at a time of economic 
difficulty for many higher education 
institutions, including Sweet Briar. 
Nonetheless, Shank said, the College's 
position is relatively strong because of 
enhancements to the organizational struc- 
ture that have occurred in the past decade. 

"We really are stronger, so I think we'll 
weather this blip on the screen better than 
when I came here ten years ago," she said. 

Reflecting on her time at Sweet Briar 
and its neighboring communities — where 
she has been active in her church, with 
Girl Scouts, and with several civic orga- 
nizations — she acknowledged leaving will 
be bittersweet. 

"I've made a lot of good friends on 
campus and in the surrounding commu- 
nity," she said. "I'm really going to miss 
the people here in Central Virginia." 

In addition to her volunteer ministry. 
Shank will stay busy with family, includ- 
ing her mother and grandchildren who live 
in the Carlisle area, and with her hobbies. 
She likes to paint with oil and is already 
planning to take an art class. 

She also makes hand-sewn lap quilts, 
which in the past she has donated to 
elderly recipients through her Lynchburg 
church. That, too, is something she wants 
to spend more time doing during her 

Shank's retirement officially begins 
at the end of the year She says she plans 
to visit, however, at least as soon as next 
year's Homecoming Weekend. 

Melissa Coffey '98, Director 
of Alumnae Relations 

The rich tradition of alumnae engage- 
ment at Sweet Briar continues as one of 
the College's greatest assets. As we move 
foi"ward with the reorganization of the 
alumnae and development offices into one 
new, combined department, we are thrilled 
to announce that Melissa Coffey has 
accepted the role of director of alumnae 

Coffey graduated from Sweet Briar 
in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts degree 
in theater. She has served in the alumnae 
office since 1999, most recently as associ- 
ate director of alumnae. During her ten- 
ure at the College she has been involved 
in every aspect of the operations of the 
alumnae office and her breadth and depth 
of experience makes her uniquely quali- 
fied to lead our ongoing efforts to further 
strengthen the relationship of alumnae to 
the College. Please join us in congratulat- 
ing her on her new position, and offering 
our full support as she undertakes her new 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www.alumnaesbc edu 

Louise Swiecki Zingaro, Vice 
President and Chief of Staff 

Louise Swiecki Zingaro '80, former 
executive director of alumnae affairs, has 
assumed the new title of vice president 
and chief of staff. In her new role, she will 
serve as principal aide to the president and 
liaison to the board of directors. She will 
oversee the Office of Media, Marketing 
and Communications, coordinate 
College-wide strategic planning, assist 
the president with the College's strategic 
initiatives, and coordinate relationships 
with key external constituencies such as 
alumnae, local community, and state and 
regional associations. 

"Sweet Briar College has enriched 
my life in countless ways," said Zingaro, 
"from the excellent education 1 received 
from a top notch faculty, to the profes- 
sional opportunities and experiences that 
have enhanced my career and, of course, 
through the friendships that have devel- 
oped and which I hold very dear. For all 
of these reasons I am thrilled and honored 
to serve the College in this new capac- 
ity and to have an opportunity to work 
with President Parker, the extended Sweet 
Briar family, and our local communities." 

Zingaro became executive director of 
alumnae affairs in July 2007 after hav- 
ing served as director of the Alumnae 
Association since 1991 and previously 
as assistant director since 1984. A 1980 
graduate of Sweet Briar, she has com- 
pleted additional graduate courses in edu- 
cational administration and supervision at 
the University of Virginia. 

She has served as a member of the 
board of the Virginia Skyline Girl Scout 
Council, past president of the Amherst 
.Junior Woman's Club, and as district 
international affairs chairman for the 
Virginia Federation of Junior Woman's 
Clubs. Zingaro has also been a member 
of the Amherst Rotary Club. In 1990, she 
represented Rotary USA District 489 as 
a member of a Group Study Exchange 
team to Argentina. She has served on the 
Council for Advancement and Support of 
Education faculty by lecturing on topics 
such as strategic planning, managing vol- 
unteer boards and special events manage- 

She has also served the College as 
campus chair for Sweet Briar's Centennial 
Celebration, co-chair of the presidential 
inaugural committee in 2009, and as 
interim director for career services and 
interim dean of admissions while searches 
were held for replacements. 

"Louise Zingaro brings enormous tal- 
ent, knowledge and energy to the presi- 
dent's office. In her new role as chief of 
staff, she will pay special attention to the 
way the College communicates with all 
constituencies and to the strategic plan- 
ning process that will define our goals 
and aspirations for the coming decade," 
President Jo Ellen Parker said after 
announcing the change. 

"As a new president, I rely especially 
on her deep knowledge of Sweet Briar 
alumnae and her long-standing collegial 
relationships with faculty and staff, as 

well as her connections in the Amherst 
and Lynchburg communities. At every 
alumnae gathering I've attended since 
Zingaro 's promotion was announced, at 
least one person has characterized the 
decision to make her chief of staff as 
'brilliant' or 'inspired' and, if I do say so 
myself I have to agree!" 

Zingaro and her husband, Scott, reside 
on campus in the Farmhouse with their 
cocker spaniel, Bud. 

Sweet Brior College Alumnae Magazine • www.alumnae-sbc-edu 

Winter 2009/2010 • 45 

to the 

The following note was emailed to 
alumnae, parents, and friends on 
December 7. If you have an email 
account, but have not been receiving 
College news, please share your 
email address with us. Email your 
address to 


Recently I reported to you on the revenue shortfall Sweet Briar experienced this year 
and some of the steps we are taking to reduce expenditures. We have made great prog- 
ress on several fronts, especially on the administrative reorganization, a key component 
of our plan. 

I hope that you find the following information helpful. 

• The planned reductions in work force related to the reorganization have now been 

• Several of our colleagues have taken on new responsibilities. 

• Louise Swieckl Zingaro "80 is now located in the president's office in Fletcher. 
Louises new title is vice president and chief of staff. 

• The former college relations group has been renamed media, marketing, and 
communications. It is currently being led by Louise Zingaro; the search for a 
director for this group is underway. (This director will replace Linda Shank, 
who retires from the College this month, and will report to Louise.) Matters 
you would formerly have addressed to Linda Shank or college relations 
generally should now be addressed to Louise. 

• Melissa Coffey "98 has agreed to serve as director of alumnae relations. Her 
office has been moved downstairs in Boxwood Alumnae House, into the space 
formerly occupied by Louise. Matters you would formerly have addressed to 
Louise should now be addressed to Melissa. 

• Colleen Karaffa Murray '06 and the Alumnae Magazine have been integrated 
into the new media, marketing, and communications unit. Matters regarding 
the magazine should still be addressed to Colleen or to Louise. 

• Sheila Alexander is taking on more responsibility within the development 
group for corporate and foundation fundraising. She will also be contributing 
her considerable writing talents to the new media, marketing, and 
communications unit on a project basis. 

• John Jaffe is serving as director of integrated information services. He remains 
in his former office in Cochran. In his new role, John now attends senior 
staff meetings. John is acting in the capacity of a CIO, and matters regarding 
technology should now be addressed to him. On the user support side, John 
recently announced a new help desk plan. All questions regarding support 

for technology on campus (on the desktop or in the classroom) should be 
addressed to the help desk. 

• In Fletcher, the offices of the president, dean, and vice president for finance 
and administration are working much more closely together. This has allowed 
the support staff assigned to the president's office to be reduced by one full- 
time equivalent position. Karen Summers, Cyndi Fein, and Theresa McNabb 
remain the primary contact people for the offices of the president, dean, and 
vice president. 

In the immediate term, there will doubtless be occasional confusion as people learn 
to collaborate in new patterns and as duties are in some cases redefined. However, the 
good news is the changes that we have made will increase the longer term efficiency of 
several key areas. I'd like to take this occasion to thank all on campus for their patience, 
and especially to thank those whose areas have been reorganized for their imagina- 
tion, flexibility, and good cheer during a time of transition. Any questions related to the 
reorganization can be addressed to me, to Louise Zingaro, or to any member of Senior 

Best wishes, 

Jo Ellen Parker 

46 • Winlec 2009/2010 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine 

^ alumnae. sbc-edu 

^ r 

(An^t/ V\ C^yU^^UXrP^A/ 

Meg Richards Wiederseim '78 hosted a mini reunion at her family's summer camp on Upper 
Saranac Lake, New York, in June 2009. L-R: "JoJo" Scott Busey '77, "Keedie" Grones Leonard 
'76, Meg Richards Wiederseim '78, Addy Eshbach Donnelly '78, Maggie Shriver '77, 
Mary Goodwin Gamper '78, Mimi Borsf Quillman '78, Libby White Drbal '77, Linda Allen (SBC 
"wonno be"), Vivian Yamaguchi Cohn '77. 

L-R: Katie Mendelson McDonald '60 , Gale 
Rogers Fortebuono '64, and Caroline Kincaid 
Pesola '64 are pictured at the wedding of 
Gale's daughter, Katerina, in Palmi, Italy. 

Several alumnae whose class years ranged 
from 1985 - 1988 met for a mini reunion 
at Sugartown Strawberry Form in Malvern, 

Back row, L-R: Lisa Flaherty Will '85, El 
Warner '85, Emery Jones '86, Karen Gonya 
Nickels '86, Katie Hearn '85, Beth Ann Trapold 
Newton '86, Ann Martin Gonya '85, Mary Jo 
Biscardi Brown '86, Kathryn Ingham Reese 

Front row, L-R: Solly Cngleby Forrell '86, 
Lisa Leigh Ringler Bennett '86, Ava Spanier 
DeGhetto '86, April Adelson Marshall '86, 
Katie Keogh Weidner '88. Front and center 
is Bob Longe, Lisa Leigh Bennett's boyfriend, 
and ow^ner of Sugartown Strawberry Farm in 
Malvern, PA, where the party was held! 

Sweef Briar College Alumnae Magazine 

/alumnae sbc edu 

Several alumnae attended the vov/ renewal of 
Sobryna McClung Roberson '93 and Greg on 
June 20, 2009 In Isiomorada, Florida. 
L-R: Dianne Hayes Doss '93, Tracie Allen 
Webber '93, Katherine Schupp Zeringue 
'94, Kelly Coggshall '95, Sobryna McClung 
Roberson '93, Mimi Davies Wroten '93. 

Winter 2009/2010 • 47 


Ellen Hobart Hutchinson 

Ellen Hobart Hutchinson, '^l. of Amherst, 
passed away peacefully at her home with 
her family on Friday, July 24, 2009. Ellen 
had worked for thirty years in Sweet Briar's 
co-curricular life office before retiring. 

Born in Roanoke, she was the daughter 
of the late George W. Hutchinson and the 
late Ellen Hobart Hutchinson. In addition to 
her parents, she was preceded in death by 
one brother, William Hutchinson. 

She was a loving mother, a devoted 
member of the Church of the Epiphany of 
Amherst and a great lover of animals. 

She is survived by one son, Michael 
Hutchinson, and his wife, Gail, of Madison 
Heights; a brother, George A. Hutchinson 
of South Carolina; a sister-in-law, Mary 
Hutchinson; three nieces, Karen, Cindy, and 
Dale; two step grandchildren, Cory Jaques 
and his wife, Jill, of Gladstone, Paul Vigue 
of Madison Heights, and a lifelong friend, 
Sally Schaffer of Pottstown. Pennsylvania. 

James E. Shelton, Sr. 

James "Jim"" Edwin Shelton Sr., 60, of 
Roseland, died Tuesday, Aug. 4, 2009, at 
the University of Virginia Hospital. Jim was 
the brother of Tom Shelton, superintendent 
in Sweet Briar "s Carpenter Shop, and uncle 
of Tommy Shelton, carpenter in physical 
plant. Jim also worked at Sweet Briar in the 
physical plant department from 1983-1990. 

Bom in Louisa on September 28, 1948, 
he was a son of Mary Mitcheltree Shelton 
of Richmond and the late Robert R Shelton, 
Sr. Jim was an avid trapper, hunter, and 
fisherman and was loved by all as a pillar of 
the community. 

In addition to his mother, he is survived 
by his wife, Bettie Abbott Shelton; two 
sons, James E. Shelton. Jr. of Roseland 
and Christopher S. Shelton of Shipman; 
three stepsons, Lee White of Spout Spring. 
Winston W E. White and Daniel R. L. 
White, both of Monroe; three brothers, 
Robert P. Shelton. Jr. of Carolina Beach, 
North Carolina, and Thomas W. Shelton. Sr. 
and Michael G. Shelton, both of Arrington; 
two sisters, Judith S. Cheadle of Richmond 
and Evelyn S. Knight of Chesterfield; and 
eight grandchildren, four step-grandchildren 
and numerous nieces and nephews. 

Lloyd Haywood Jackson 

Lloyd Haywood Jackson. Sr died on July 
16, 2009. Before his retirement, Lloyd had 
given thirty-two faithful years of service to 
the College as grounds supervisor He was 
born in 1 93 1 and was preceded in death 
by his wife, Doris Dickerson Jackson; his 
son, Lloyd H. Jackson, Jr.; his brother. 
Earl Jackson, Sr.; and his sister, Edna 
Jackson. He is survived by three sisters- 
in-law, Geneva Rose, of Amherst; Clarese 
Merrill of Amherst; and Justine Rose of 
Clifton, New Jersey; two brothers-in-law. 
Tommy Carpenter, of Amherst, and Andrew 
Dickerson of Havre de Grace, Maryland; 
and several aunts, nieces, nephews, cousins 
and friends. He was a faithful attendant and 
member of First Baptist Church in Amherst. 

48 • Winter 2009/2010 

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Katherine McMahon 
Mrs. Doniel W. Heagy 
November 10, 2008 


Frances Harrison 

Mrs. Rutherford N. McGiffert 

June 1 , 2009 


Susan Marshall 

Mrs, W. B. Timberloke, Jr 

September 4, 2009 


Morjorie Kay 

Mrs. Herbert H. Peebles 

May 3, 2009 


Betty Suttle 

Mrs. Clarence C. Briscoe 

May 3 1 , 2009 

Elizabeth Scheuer 

Mrs. Charles R. Maxwell, Jr. 

September 1 1 , 2009 

Amy Davies 
Mrs. John Yingling 
October 3, 2009 


Mary Bacon 

Mrs. Howard Barney 

July 1 , 2009 


Imogen Brock 

Mrs. Gene B Hawley 

October 1 1 , 2009 

Virginia Heizer 

Mrs. Smith Hickenlooper, Jr. 

October 16, 2008 


Gracey Luckett 

Mrs. Morris A. Bradley 
July 20, 2009 

Bettina Bell 

Mrs. Bettina Wyman 

June 1 2, 2009 

Elizabeth Perkins 

Mrs. Charles N. Prothro 

May 23, 2009 


Agnes Spencer 

Mrs. John Woolfolk Burke, Jr. 

September 1 4, 2009 

Elizabeth Ivins 

Mrs. William C. Hoskins 

August 14, 2009 

Harriet Walters 
Mrs. London Jarrett 
July 6, 2007 

Rosemary Bjorge 

Mrs. Richard E, Johnson 

February 27, 2009 

Morjorie Peggs 
Mrs. Robert E. Perry 
Date Unknown 

Anne Conont 

Mrs. Conant Weaver 

April 15, 2009 


Elizabeth Harrison 

Mrs. William B. Monroe, Jr. 

May 9, 2008 

Marietta Solon 

Mrs. Horace Woolverton 

July 18, 2009 


Mary Alice Bennett 
Mrs. Peter Baumberger 
May 3, 2009 

Margaret Troufman 
Mrs. Thomas S. Harbin 
August 18, 2009 

Betsy Gilmer 

Mrs. Myron E. Tremain 

June 9, 2009 

Pattie Early 

Mrs. Harry Trippet 

June 1 7, 2009 


Frances Simmons 

Mrs. Kenneth McConnell 

June 2, 2009 

Dolores Cheatham 
Mrs. Harry C. James 
September 4, 2009 

Marion Bloch 

Mrs. Marion Owens 

October 2, 2009 

Brooks Barnes 
Miss Brooks Barnes 
September 22, 2009 


Phoebe Sweney 

Mrs. G. Craig Woolley 

May 1 1 , 2009 


Elinor Clement 

Mrs. Frederick C. Littleton 

August 28, 2009 

Ellen Robbins 
Mrs. David D. Red 
July 16, 2009 


Sara Bryan 

Mrs. James C. Glascock 

August 18, 2009 


Dorothy Wallace 

Ms. Dorothy W. Wood 

August 26, 2009 


Katherine Royal 
Mrs. Robert Gate 
Date unknown 

Alice Dulaney 

Mrs. Alice Dulaney Sheridan 

March 20, 2008 

Roselise Holmes 

Roselise H. Wilkinson, MD 

May 27, 2009 


Edith Tanner 

Mrs. Edith T Broughton 

June 1 1 , 2009 

Ellen Wilkerson 

Mrs. Sam Perry Given 

June 9, 2009 


Jean Stopleton 

Mrs. Samuel B Hellier 

June 19, 2009 


Sue Starkey 

Mrs. Cruger Roglond 

October 25, 2009 


Carolyn Dickinson 
Mrs. Bayard Tynes 
September 1 , 2009 


Julia Green 

Miss Julio T. Green 

July 5, 2009 


Karen McKenzie 

Mrs. Karen McKenzie Smith 

June 10, 2009 


Susan Galleher 
Mrs. Paul Askew 
June 16 2009 


Virginia Lutz 

Mrs. Robert H. Elwell 

August 13, 2009 

Marybelle lliff 

Ms Marybelle L. lliff 

August 4, 2009 


Andrea Denson 
Ms. Andrea Denson 

October 1 1 , 2009 


Sharon Price 

Mrs. James B. Quill, Jr. 

July 15, 2009 


Mary-Baird Shinberger 
Mrs. Baird S. Bell 
September 14, 2009 


Sandra Starrelt 

Miss Sandra R Starrett 

July 5, 2009 


Catherine Blackburn 

Miss Catherine L. Blackburn 

July 30, 2009 


Debra Duckworth 
Debro Lyn Todaro 
July 1 2, 2009 


Carlise Kemph 
Mrs. Carlise Rials 
June 1 7, 2008 

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Winter 2009/2010 • 49 


•\ :\ ' "'Vr.- :i 7?.:>cK 

Juliet Halliburton Davis, Jr. 


2673 Belcher Mountain Rd. 

Meadows of Dan, VA 24120-9801 


Frances Bailey Brooke 
405 Jackson Ave. 
Lexington, VA 24450-1905 


Sarah Belk Gambrell 
300 Cherokee Rd. 
Charlotte, NC 28207-1908 


Ann Morrison Reams 
771 Bon Air Cr. 
Lynchburg, VA 24503 

Wasn't the last issue of the magazine fan* 
tastic?! It's hard to believe that it's time for 
another, I'm so pleased that I've heard from 
several of you, some as a response to my 
request for your interest in the Friends of 
the SBC Library, It was good to hear from 
MimI Galloway Duncan who is well and 
happy still living in the same house in Palm 
Beach that they bought 40 yrs. ago. She 
wrote about her large collection of books 
of the Bloomsbury period and England 
before and through the 2 world wars— lots 
of letters and memoirs. She wondered if 
our library would be interested in them. 
Of course it was! What a generous gift! It 
was a delight to hear from Cynthia Abbot 
Dougherty who no longer lives in NYC, 
but is in Quoquo, NY, where her 3 children 
live and work. She has a wonderful woman 
who lives with her and reports that she is 
a "bossy" supervisor of her garden, includ- 
ing roses, her specialty, A lovely note from 
Frances Caldwell Harris indicated that 
life goes along uneventfully in Louisville. 
Jim has Parkinson's and is in a wheelchair, 
but she has good caregivers for him. She 
enjoys Bridge, prayer groups, 2 big dogs, 
good neighbors, and having children close 
by. Sudle Clark Hanger and Bill are well, 
busy, and happy. I feel confident that they 
continue to win the prize for the largest fam- 

50 •Winter 2009/2010 


lly — expecting their 23rd great grandchild. 
That shows what 67 yrs. of happy mar- 
riage will do for you! Daphne WIthlngton 
Adams lives happily in a wonderful con- 
tinuous care retirement community in Fort 
Worth, TX. She moved there to be near her 
daughter. Even though she's on a walker, 
she's well and enjoys volunteering for vari- 
ous activities. 

What a real sadness to lose our won- 
derful Betsy Gilmer Tremain. who died 
in Jul. in Charlottesville, Ann Hauslein 
Potterfleld and Tom were grateful that they 
had gone to see her before she died and 
had found Mike holding up well. We have 
also learned of the death of Patty Rose 
Early Trippet in Waco, which brings us 
great sadness, 

I was happy to hear from Virginia 
Wilkerson Swanson She and I were 
freshmen roommates. She transferred to 
U,TX, She hadn't been back to campus, but 
one of her daughters and husband went by 
recently and, of course, were impressed. 
They took pictures for her. She has contin- 
ued to read SBC info and has kept in close 
touch with Carolyn Montelth Clarke when 
visiting her daughter in Houston, They were 
Pi Phi sisters at LI,TX, Carolyn has been 
wonderful about staying in touch. She was 
on campus last spring with Betsy Pearson 
Griffin '62 for a board meeting and called 
me from campus. We had a wonderful 
conversation, Houston has a very active 
alumnae group, which raised a generous 
amount of money for the new Fitness and 
Athletics Center, and they were requesting 
naming rights for the Bistro there. Several of 
Nathalie "DeeDee" Ryan's nieces are out- 
standing leaders there. As for me, I continue 
to stay busy and happy doing the things that 
many of you also enjoy Do stay in touch so 
that we can continue to share our news. I 
cherish our times together and send love to 
each of you. 


Alice Lancaster Buck 
21085 Cardinal Pond Ter. 
Apt. 106 

Ashburn,VA 20147 

Our 65th reunion in May was a great 
success. Sixteen of us attended, plus 4 
husbands, 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren. 
Retiring President Betsy Muhlenfeld gave 
her final report on the excellent state of the 
College. She's been an amazing president 
and will be missed. Thanks to the efforts 
of Louise Smith Barry, unanimously 


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reelected as class president, not only were 
we all housed at the Elston Inn, but also 
had the privilege of having government 
professor Dr Barbara Perry as the speaker 
at our class dinner Fri. night. She seems to 
enjoy being known as the "the class of '44 
mascot." Many of you "regulars" weren't 
able to join us this yr., but hope we'll see 
you in Charlottesville next spring. Ann 
Woods Guzzardi and Emily Anne "Em" 
Wllkins Mason are making plans for our 
66th reunion! Others who attended this yr, 
in addition to Louise, Ann, Em and Pete and 
me (Alice Lancaster Buck), were Betty 
"Fence" Williams Gookin and Richard, 
Martha "Marty" Falk Vallery. Virginia 
"Dykie" Watts Fournier and Paul and 
their daughter Anne, Marian Shanley 
Jacobs and her granddaughter Shanley, 
Anne Moor Remington and daughter 
Carol Remington Foglesong '78, Martha 
Lee Hoffman McCoy and Mac. Jean 
Blanton Stein. Frances Longino "Longe" 
Schroder Catherine "Tee" Tift Porter 
Phyllis Tenney Dowd. Peggy Gordon 
Seller, and Louise "Weezie" Konsberg 
Noll and her daughter Penny "Dykie" said 
she and Paul enjoyed Reunion; she was 
"impressed with how mobile most of us 
still are and certainly how still 'with it.'" 
She added her thanks to Louise "for all her 
organization, help, and enthusiasm." Marty 
commented on "what fun to see everyone 
looking so young." She said that Dykie 
won the no wrinkle contest thumbs down." 
Marty went from SBC to Charleston to see 
her 2 newest great-grandchildren, and then 
to OH to stay 'til Oct. when she returns to 
her home in Deerfield Beach, FL. Marina 
Shanley Jacobs arrived a day early for 
Reunion and stayed a day late, which gave 
her the opportunity to immerse herself "in 
the quiet beauty ol SBC." She said "we were 
so fortunate to be at SBC during the war. 

drawing on our own resources as a class 
due to limited travel, blossoming under 
the stimulating professors who gave us 
such individual attention. I think we cherish 
those yrs. together and enjoy our renewed 
friendships. I was so impressed with our 
collective accomplishments and general 
well-being, considering our considerable 
age!" Her husband Bill is in a wheelchair 
most of the time in their retirement home 
apt,, but enjoyed her talks of Reunion, 
Betty Williams Gookin said, "Reunion was 
truly wonderful. What I love about reunions 
is that not only do we see dear longtime 
friends, but also I've gotten to know and 
love some that I didn't know well in student 
yrs. What a nice group we had including 
daughters, husbands, and granddaughters." 
Betty said she also loved English professor 
Carrie Brown's discussion group, but the 
"best news of all of course is that we are 
back in our wonderful house after 2 yrs. of 
restoration following the devastating fire of 
2/07, We're enjoying every room and every 
view. The insurance company was great: the 
result is a perfect restoration. Trips haven't 
been a priority these last 2 yrs,, but this 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www alumnae, sbcedu 

Aug. Richard and I are going with a group 
of expert singers, gathered from around 
Middleburg, to Canterbury Cathedrai where 
they've been invited to sing admiring audi- 
ence and in on the nice side trips to great 
houses in England. Other than that we love 
to stay home, garden and relax around the 
pool." Em Mason also wrote that "Reunion 
was great, as always. I have attended all but 
one, and relished them all. I always come 
away from SBC with feelings of satisfaction, 
I have always been proud to be a Sweet 
Briar grad. Never once did I wish I had gone 
elsewhere." Em added that her daughter 
and son-in-law and family love their connec- 
tion with the SB community. He's a librarian 
there. Paulett Long Taggart wasn't able 
to join us this yr., but saw a number of 
classmates in Richmond in Jun, at a lun- 
cheon she and her daughters gave at the 
Jefferson Hotel. We missed Betty Farinholt 
Cockrill too who says she "feels blessed to 
be back in Annapolis with friends and fam- 
ily (including 8 great-grandchildren!)" She 
has been struggling with arthritis in both 
knees. Another classmate greatly missed 
was Sydney Holmes Bailes who went to 
be with the Lord last spring. We've lost a lot 
of classmates in the past 5 yrs, and many 
of them were remembered in the reunion 
service. Betty Gookin and I enjoyed singing 
in the choir. Pete and I have moved from our 
farm in Marshall to a new retirement com- 
munity, Ashby Ponds, just east of Leesburg, 
It's a big change for us (and for our 2 
dogs), but we're meeting lots of interesting 
people and slowly getting involved in the life 
of the community. We're close enough to 
attend the same church as before, and to 
"go home" to the farm occasionally as our 
daughter Kat, the vet, moved into our house. 
Thanks to all of you for your letters and 
notes and e-mails. 


-V-,,.,.., -:.',;\- y,a,i ;ii:iS. 20ic 
Julia Mills Jacobsen 

Mary Haskins King 
501 Kimberly Dr. 
Greensboro, NC 27408 

Mary did yeoman's work and got letters out, 
and I had an intern from Russia transcribe 
them for me since I can't see well enough 
to type, so forgive errors and omissions. — 

I'm back at Grandfather Club for the 
summer. Not able to travel far from Hickory. 
Children and grandchildren are well and 
busy I'm thankful for their care and visits. 
With love and greetings to all. — Mary 
Katherine Fry Hemphill 

We live a pretty routine life these 
days — 6 mos. in a villa in Ann Arbor near 
our children, then 6 mos. at our northern Ml 
lake home that we have enjoyed for 56 yrs. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Mogazine • 

A new branch on family tree was born this 
yr — our 3rd great-grandchild. Such fun! — 
Joyce Livermore Foust 

I've been in rehab following back sur- 
gery and then a fall — old age! I return to my 
apt. tomorrow. Feel like I'm getting back into 
the world again. Attending Reunion depends 
on my health at the time. Are you still driv- 
ing? How many 45ers are expected at 
Reunion? My 9 grandchildren plus Potty's 3 
are spread across the U.S. — Perk Traugott 

I hope our class has a happy Reunion. 
Talked to Lovah not long ago, and she was 
shocked to hear someone says "Hello, 
Lovah!" — she said "Who is this?" Will 
look forevard to seeing pictures of '45 and 
reading about it. Goodness gracious, we 
graduated 65 yrs. ago! Wish we (Bruce 
and I) could come, but travelling days are 
about over Our home in Delray is for sale, 
so we aren't even spending winters there. 
Two grandsons were married a yr. ago, and 
a granddaughter is to be married Oct, No 
great-grandchildren yet. None of 4 children 
live near us, but they come to see us. We 
keep AT&T in business. — Cappy Price 

Thank you for communicating with me, 
but I'm unable to travel at this time of my 
life, 10 yrs. ago I suffered a massive stroke, 
which left my left side paralyzed I've been 
in the nursing home receiving therapy: I'm 
still in a wheel chair. — Frances Matton 

Am ensconced in a great Charleston, 
SC, retirement home 8 yrs. Three fabulous 
kids with esoteric jobs in 3 different states. 
Do water aerobics 3x wk, plus rest up the 
other 4. Have scoliosis, stentosis plus, God 
forgive, probably halitosis! If you are ever in 
my Holy City, do give me a call — Harriet 
Porcher Barnwell 

I haven't talked to any of my classmates 
about Reunion, but I will. It will be fun and 
I'd love to see all of you.— Hilda Hude 

You are great to remind us of the big 
65th. I hope to be there. It will be great to 
see you. I will talk to Dickie. Fun seeing her. 
She and Luke are so happy! Just had my 
1 0th grandchild. Page's twins are seniors at 
Wakes Forest; they love the place! So good 
to hear from you! — Edie Page Gill Breakill 

I'm fine and dandy awaiting the arnve 
of my 7th grandchild. Still play a little golf 
and bridge. Have a house at Sawgrass and 
spend a winter there. The family uses it 
the rest of the yr for its beautiful beach. I 
leave Mon. for my early visit to the Music 
Festival, It is spectacular.— Hedy Edwards 

I'll be thinking of you as you gather 
in May for Reunion. Bill died on 1 1/7/08, 
and I'm still learning how to be a widow, — 
Alice Gearhart Stinson 

How great to hear voice from our past, 
long past! I'm happily living in Richmond. 
It's a wonderful place full of grand people. 
My 3 daughters and their families are in 
Richmond so I'm surrounded by family, 

I enjoy walking, reading, and being with 
friends, go to Church — try to keep active. 
Hope to see you, but I'm not sure. — Lile 
Tucker Bell 

Thank you for your will note regarding 
SBC, I didn't see you for 56 yrs. Where is 
time going? But I see a few classmates in 
winter I'm alone, but see my grandchildren 
often. — Mia Hecht Owens 

How I wish I could make it to Reunion, 
but arthritis made me dependent on a 
walker. And Don's balance depends on a 
cane. What a pair we are! Family is well. 
Three grandchildren graduated from college 
this yr. We also have 2 great-granddaugh- 
ters (6 and 7)! How I would love to see 
you! — Isabel Zulick Reuter 

Inspite of the admonition to "get with 
it," I refuse! My mother who died in '79, age 
98, lived from horse and buggy to going to 
the moon, continued to write, her handwrit- 
ing never deteriorating. Obviously mine has. 
What with my brother's death in Oct,, age 
95, another birthday in Nov., many good 
friends of all ages, children, grandchildren, 
etc., etc, and so forth, , .My grandfather's 
house (1891) with acreage, out buildings, 
in town, have now become a pleasure to 
maintain. Can't say the same for JHC's 
pool. I endeavor to stabilize his greenhouse 
with 2-ton-tessie pots. Any able-body who 
appears is pressed into service. She taught 
me how to pronounce my middle name, 
and she and Marvin were at Agnes Scott 
Coll, My cousin Mary Bailey Izard was May 
Oueen in the 1950s, and husband Jack 
came to tend Bailey property here. Nieces 
Kathy Barnes Hendricks '70 and Suzanne 
B, Inman '72 live in Atlanta and are joint 
farm acreage (1400A-I-/-) inheritors. My 
son, JHC III, lives on farm property and is an 
invaluable avid trout fisherman in NC. James 
Cheatham # 2 saw the light and moved to 
cowboy country, WY. Leila Grantland C. von 
Stein is in Brevard on Rich Mtn. All were 
here for their last uncles "Seato" Grantland 
Barnes' funeral service — pall bearers, etc. 
My oldest granddaughter Annie and hus- 
band Roger came today from Athens, GA 
area, and rehung portraits. Two grandsons 
are Summa Cum Laude — oldest's youngest. 
Name sake Leila Gilliam von Stein pursues 
her Ph,D, in yoga in Albuquerque and will 
doubtless go to the moon and return, #2 
Eleanor married last fall to Britain Lawson. 
Her sister, Laura, is likely to follow suit. JHC 
IV has an emporium in Athens. Ga-John 
Russel von Stein has one in Brevard, NC. 
About meno replacements, nothing bionic. 
So far no medical history — mother 2, father 
53, total shock, I trust your news is good. 
Sweet Briar was a gift to me after 3 yrs. in 
Dismal Prep. School in Baltimore, MD, It is a 
long, long, time till the spring issue, — Leila 
Barnes Cheatham 

Incredibly i have now lived more than 
50 yrs, in the UK and alas am now so poor 
in mobility that I need a "walker" — long-haul 
flights in these terror struck days aren't 
possible, I used to visit the US several times 
a yr.; we had a home in Ruidoso, NM, and 

were regularly at grandfather's Mt. Games. I 
often wondered if other SBC'ers were there 
too! I've never written up-to-date news, so 
to catch up: In 1956 I married Ian who was 
English, but served through the war with the 
Scottish regiment, the Gordens— we moved 
to England in '57 and to Scotland in '68, I'm 
still here though I still have a U.S. accent 
I'm told. We both enjoyed helping the Nat. 
Trust for Scotland to others to liaise with the 
Scots in the U.S. by introducing links across 
the sea to familiarizing both with scenery, 
heritage and humans since we both could 
"speak the language" of the other. Kilcoy 
Castle was the name of a 1 600 built Tower 
House, which was in need of "American" 
modernizing, i.e. electricity, heat, bathrooms 
and a "lift" (4 floors) which turned it into a 
comfortable family home. When Ian died, 4 
/91 , 1 downsized into a small snug house 
built for advancing yrs. I enjoy the maga- 
zine news — congratulations to all of you 
who keep it going. I've never been all that 
active! — Anne Warren Robinson 

Sarah Temple Moore is discovering 
that being an octogenarian offers many 
surprising changes, not only in the body, but 
also in mind. She discovers a heartwarm- 
ing showing of canng and family and old 
friends, Sarah says she is spoiled by her 5 
sons and their families. Sarah has 19 grand- 
children and 1 1 great-grandchildren (still 
counting) all adorable of course! Recently 
Sarah attended her grandson's wedding 
at Jacksonville Beach and caught up with 
her children living in the North East. Next, a 
big family reunion was planned for Sarah's 
birthday at the Homestead by son #5, 
Freddy, and his brothers! A special evening 
honoring her was given by an old friend for 
pioneering art galleries in Chattanooga, In 
1972 Tom and Sarah had the first Gallery 
with only original paintings and art works by 
local, national and international artists. Over 
many yrs. they traveled to Europe and other 
exotic places to purchase paintings and find 
starving artists to help get started to suc- 
cess! Sarah now has her gallery at home 
with a small collection of paintings. 

Living in Bartlesville, OK (retired art- 
ist). 582 E. 1 fi^ Street Tulsa, OK 1 41 36. 
Children. Tom -i- Nancy Atkinson — Mesa, AZ 
— 4 children, Tom -i- Diane Toburen— Tulsa, 
OK — 3 children — 1 granddaughter. George 
-I- Donna Atkinson — Oakton, VA — 3 
children — Suzanne Thomason Atkinson 

I haven't been a good SBC correspon- 
dent. Here's a brief bio: have 6 children — 5 
girls and 1 son in the (meeting?) field. 
Daughter Carol is manager and part owner 
of small luxury hotel in Key West — the 
Marquesa. Also 1 2 grandchildren: 6 girls, 6 
boys. Husband Bill passed away in 9/08. I'm 
living with my daughter-in-law in Miami and 
am well — Ellen Dodson Wightman 

Dale Sayler Morgan is still living in 
Savannah, busy with garden clubs and 
entertaining or passing through. Dale helped 
me out by composing the last class notes 
because I couldn't see to type them. 

I don't have a lot of news except I had 

Winter 2009/2010 • 51 

a stupid stroke that has blinded my left eye 
and a couple of falls left me dependent 
on a scooter. My travels have taken me to 
Houston for a National Occupational Therapy 
Convention to see what's new for us "physi- 
cally challenged" seniors. They said if I'd 
stand up straight and keep my mouth shut 
nobody would know anything is wrong with 
me. Had lunch with Antoinette LeBris 
Maynard, She lives in a retirement apt, out- 
side of Washington, D,C, "Tony" has 1 son 
living nearby Rest of her children are scat- 
tered from PA to the West Coast, Her apt, is 
a mini art gallery, Mary Haskins King and 
I periodically talk on a phone to exchange 
news. We both thank you lor all of your 
responses and hope a lot of you will make 
it back for our 65* reunion, I have been 
assured we will be put up in the Elslon Inn, 
It is "accessible"!— Julia Mills Jacobsen 


Mary Vandeventer Saunders 

955 Hapersville Rd. 

Newport News, VA 23601 -1085 


Linda McKoy Stewart 
ISOsprey Ln. 
Rumson,N J 07760-1821 


Maddin Lupton McCallie 
Chattanooga, TN 37405 


Catherine Cox Reynolds 
20 Loeffler Rd. T-408 
Bloomfield CT 06002 

Fourteen members of the class of 1 949 
gathered at SBC on 5/22, 23, and 24 to 
celebrate our 60th Reunion, Present were: 
Mary Fran Brown Ballard Kitty Hart 
Belew Pat Brown Boyer, Debbie Carroll 
Conery, Goode Geer DiRaddo, Carolyn 
Cannady Evans Alice Trout Hagan, 
Preston Hodges Hill Caroline Casey 
Lindemann, Judy Easley IVIak, Katie 
Cox Reynolds Dot Rouse-Bottom, Larry 
Lawrence Simmons, and Ann "Flip" 
Eustis Weimer Bunny Barnett Brown 
and Margaret Towers Tallman were 
unable to come because of a broken hip and 
ankle respectively (more Fosomax please). 

We stayed at the comfortable Elston Inn 
on campus and were joined by 4 stalwart 
men: Mary Fran's husband Don Ballard, 
Goodie's husband The Rev. Joseph DiRaddo, 

52 • Winter 2009/2010 

Preston's brother Dr Emory Hodges, and 
Larry's husband, Charles Simmons, We 
came from as far away as TX, CO, and 
FL, Travels from faraway places were 
rewarded with perfect weather, a bounty of 
azaleas, laurel, and peonies on the campus, 
interesting and inspirational programs, good 
food and drink, and long conversations with 
old fnends. 

Several who couldn't get to Reunion 
sent in the questionnaire distributed and 
compiled by Caroline Casey Lindemann 
for our scrapbook, A certain pattern evolves. 
Almost all of us married and spent some 
yrs, raising children and contributing to 
our communities, Martha Lucas would be 
proud! For some, volunteer work evolved 
into full-time, paid employment in education 
(most), politics, horticulture, church work, 
social work, and real estate. Our children, 
grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren 
are too numerous to count, highly educated, 
and "above average." Synthesizing our 
conversations and the survey, I've concluded 
that many of us are concerned about 
the decline of morality in the country's 
political and economic life. Some have even 
switched political parties. Almost all think 
President Obama is doing well, although a 
few strongly oppose his economic program 
because of the debt it may impose on future 

Our class has been without a president 
since Fritzie's death, and we now have one, 
Caroline Casey Lindemann was elected 
by acclamation, Caroline will have more 
time now since she gave her collection 
of miniature books (1 1 ,000 of them) to 
the UVA. I agreed to be class secretary 
temporarily through the publication of the 
alumnae magazine's Dec. issue, so that 
Bunny can concentrate on mending her 
hip. (She's been able to return home to 
NJ from FL after intensive rehabilitation 
and has recovered enough to attend a 
granddaughter's wedding). Mary Fran 
Brown Ballard continues as fund agent. 
She has done a wonderful job. In spite of 
difficult economic stresses, our class gave 
$37,058 to the annual fund this yr with 68% 
of us contributing to the effort. Since our last 
Reunion, our class has given $448,235 to 
the College, 

I've heard from several other members 
of the class who were unable to attend 
Reunion for one reason or another 
June Eager Finney was too busy with 
grandchildren's graduations to get to SB, 
Peggy Cromwell Taliaferro would've 
come if there had been another Baltimorean 
to drive down with, but Judy Baldwin 
Waxter wasn't able to come, Peggy had 
planned to spend Aug, in the French Alps 
with her sister Peggy says she'll take the 
Alps over Baltimore in Aug, any day Another 
Baltimorean, although a long time NY, is 
Betty "Trip" Corddry, who I tracked down 
in her Greenwich Village apt, in NY. She 
lives on the same block as actress Sarah 
Jessica Parker, but doesn't travel much 
because of arthritis and stenosis. (I had a 

very successful operation for spinal stenosis 
a couple of yrs. ago and am finding many 
friends and acquaintances who are also 
wrestling with this unpleasant condition. 
One is Ellen Ramsay Clark who is trying 
to learn to walk again after an operation last 
Dec. I wish her the best of luck!) Trip says 
she's very good at sitting. However, she's still 
doing some freelance editing, but has had to 
give up acting. 

Sally Ayers Shroyer wasn't able to 
get to Reunion because she can't leave 
her husband Lou who isn't well. So sorry to 
hear that. Lou has come to many of our past 
Reunions with Sally. 

Several classmates extended their trip 
to SB with post-reunion expeditions. Preston 
and Emory took a nostalgic tour of VA 
culminating with a visit to Libby Trueheart 
Harris in her beautiful apt. at Westminster 
Canterbury Retirement Community in 
Richmond. Several other SBC classmates 
live there Margaret Towers Talman. 
Kitty Hart Belew, and Caroline Casey 
Lindemann, They can have their own 

Mary Fran Brown Ballard and Don 
continued their trip south to TX for a reunion 
with Don's family — a classic TX BBO on 
the banks of the San Marcos River Instead 
of returning immediately to New Orleans 
to her home (fortunately undamaged by 
Katrina), Debby Carroll Conery went to the 
mountains of NC where she was spending 
the summer I found Ruth Garrett Preucel 
at home by her telephone when I called, Ruth 
is still in her house of 47 yrs, in Gladw/yne, 
PA, She volunteers at the Morris Arboretum 
of the U, Penn, and digs in her garden daily 
"I'm covered with dirt all the time, and I 
love it," says Ruth, "I must not have spent 
enough time in the sandbox," Ruth takes the 
winter off from gardening and visits 2 of her 
children in CA, 

I called Patty Levi Barnett who had 
just returned from a 1 0-day trip to ME with 
her daughter where they went antiquing and 
ate lobsters. Good time and good weather 
The good weather is surprising since we 
have had the rainiest, coolest summer 
here in CT in yrs. Global warming has gone 
elsewhere this yr 

I'm writing this at the end of Jul,, and 
you won't be reading it until Dec, If all goes 
according to plan, Phil and I will have a visit 
in Sept from Ann Henderson Bannard 
and Yorke, Ann has a son in MA and a cousin 
who lives here at Duncaster, the retirement 
community where Phil and I live, I hope 
everyone continues to be active and happy 
and still with us. 

It's my sad duty to report the death of 
several classmates in the last yr They are 
Beth Jansma. Emily Thornton Mimi 
Powell Lucie Wood, Nancy Keith, Anne 
Bush, and Rosie Holmes, On behalf of 
all of us, I extend our sympathies to their 

According to the list I received from 
the alumnae office, the class of 1949 has 
65 members still living and known to the 

College. That's pretty good considering 
there were only 1 50 of us who started out 
at Sweet Briar 64 yrs. ago. There were! 4 
of us on the campus in May, but the class 
of 1944 had 1 7 reuning. They looked hale 
and hearty. Here's hoping we can do as well 
in 2014. 


Patricia Halloran Salvador! 
9 N. Stratford Rd. 
Arlington Heights, IL 60004 


Patty Lynas Ford 
2165 W. Dry Creek Rd. 
Healdsburg, CA 95448 

Thank you to all who have contributed to our 
class notes, 

Mary Pease Fleming Jean Stapleton 
Hellier passed away yesterday, 6/19/09, at 
her home in McLean, VA, Jean had battled 
cancer for some time, but had managed to 
keep it at bay until recently Jean, Mary 
Emery Barnhill, Ann Sheldon Taylor 
Campbell, Seymour Laughan Rennolds, 
and I all married great men from the same 
fraternity house in Charlottesville and have 
kept up on both the male and female 
sides. As a matter-of-fact, we had a call 
at Christmas from Dick Barnhill, Mary's 
widower, chiding us on our huge family as 
displayed on our Christmas card! Burgess 
Hellier Dick Barnhill, Henry Taylor, Ann 
Sheldon Campbell, Rivo Fleming, and I are 
still standing for the group and sadly miss 
our former pals. Sorry I don't have anything 
happier to report — other than I got through 
my 80th birthday on 6/03! 

Sue Lockley Glad: Ned is in the 
Californian (skilled nursing home) recovering 
from his fall. Stitches in his head and knee 
will be removed next week, but the brace 
on his leg (hip to ankle) remains until the 
tendon surgery has healed somewhat and 
then he will have physical therapy for sev- 
eral weeks, I suppose. He isn't happy, but he 
is resigned. They had a little 90th birthday 
party for him at the hospital before he left 
that included nurses and ambulance drivers 
singing "Happy Birthday" and a cupcake. I 
saw my surgery doctor yesterday and will 
have an MRI soon, followed by a lumpec- 
tomy sometime this mo. and then radiation 
for 5-6 wks. later this summer A lot of 
my friends have gone through this, and I 
won't panic unless they find the cancer has 
spread, and they don't think it has so I am 
optimistic. In any event, it appears that we _ 
won't go to OR this summer, and we are I 
both unhappy about that. The children and 
some grandchildren are there now. The plan 


Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 

J alumnae sbcedu 

was to have the family all there for Ned's 
birthday. We have had a iong stretch of 
good iucl< so at this point we simpiy have to 
accept the hand we have been dealt. Hope 
you are ali in better shape! 

Mona Beard Wilson: I'm pretty well 
settled and the dog is used to the new 
patterns too. It's busy times, for I still have 
my old life — yes, we still volunteer at the 
Children's Hospital, Hospice House and 
a day care center My old neighbors and 
friends have all been to visit and I now have 
the opportunity to meet wonderful, interest- 
ing new neighbors. Nice to be able to select 
one's occupations. My new "cottage" has a 
guest room, so if you all come there is room 
to stay. Nancy Strosnider from SBC stopped 
to visit for lunch last week and give me an 
up-date on the college activities and plans. 

Julie IVIicou Eastwood I've been 
trying to think of something to send, but 
we haven't been doing much to report. 
Swimming, reading, and keeping cool at 
home. My "granddog" is here for a visit and 
even he doesn't want to go out except for 

Susan Taylor Hubbard; So glad to 
hear from you. I have no big news. I did go 
to VA Beach recently and got in the ocean. 
It was wonderful! I hadn't been in it for yrs. 
because in my last swim I had a hard time 
getting out with the waves knocking me 
about, so I was spooked! Anyway I loved it 
this time. All is well with me. My best to all 
the '51ers. 

Ruth IVIagee Peterson: I'm still busy 
at the zoo, tapping, and singing in the cho- 
rus. Did find time and the company of my 
daughter, Diane, and toured South Africa, 
a bit of Botswana and Victoria Falls in Feb. 
Next, late July off to Seattle and the Olympic 
peninsula. Still find travel fun as long as 
someone else is handling the luggage. 
OthenA/ise just enjoying the grandkids from 
the 1st one to marry to the last one entering 
1st grade. 

Lynne IVIcCullough Gush: Kensington 
Weimaraner is lovely and skinny at 90 
lbs. We have just returned from the bayou 
where it's not yet 1 00°, but will be shortly 
Ballet class now boasts a MAN whose leaps 
and jumps leave me envious, indeed. We 
will have a piano soiree on 9/09 with a 
new performer— a doctoral candidate who 
wants exposure with a baritone. I've met 
neither at this point. A friend in CA put us 
in contact. Small continent. Nancy and 1 
will do some pieces by Piazzoiia. Teaching 
is slow in Jul., providing time to practice 
the harp and repair house and garden. I've 
planned no summer trips, but may wander 
off for a long weekend in Oct. I'll mail a 
photo of Handsome Dog when I get them 
out of the terrifying new camera. Better late 
than never! 

Anne Sinsheimer: I just returned from 
the gym, where I try to go 2 or 3 times a 
wk. in hopes that it will keep me healthy a 
bit longer?! Have been doing the usual vol- 
unteering. This past yr I've been chairperson 
of our homeowner's association landscape 

committee. I live in a PUD. I do guite a bit of 
knitting and enjoy and learn from our local 
groups. Big news is my fall trip to South 
Africa. You may recall that I've been to Chile 
twice with cousins. Their h. s. exchange 
student sister was from South Africa. She 
joined us in Chile in 2005, and said when 
she retired as a school headmistress, she 
was going to organize a trip for us to South 
Africa. I leave 9/16 (I use my Visa card for 
everything possible in order to accumulate 
miles, so I have a free round trip ticket from 
Los Angeles to Cape Town.) A cousin who 
has lived her whole life in Los Angeles, (she 
is 6 yrs. older than we are) has moved to 
a Santa Rosa retirement place. Two of her 
children live in that area. At some point I 
shall go up there. It may be after the first of 
2010. 1 shall let you know and maybe Julie 
could |Oin us for a mini reunion 

Angie Vaughan Halliday I believe 
I have already mentioned the glorious trip 
my husband. Bob, and I took last summer 
Drove through Canada to Alaska, and then 
back home again to Louisville. Mid-Aug. of 
last yr we were in Inuvik (Canadian Yukon) 
and the weather was 39°. Not like that here 
at present! Bob takes his easel and stops 
and paints wherever he likes, so we make 
no reservations ahead. I usually go for long 
walks while he paints, but I began to see 
bears along the way and found it better to 
stay near the car Scenery, wildlife, glaciers, 
ocean — it was all beautiful and awesome. 
Bob continues his life as an artist, and I 
continue to do small business accounting 
and tax preparation. My office is next to 
our kitchen, and Bob has taken over the 
basement as his studio. He keeps very busy 
and I do also, but especially in late winter 
and eariy spring for me. The many tax law 
changes coming up for the 2009 returns will 
be a challenge indeed. We do have the free- 
dom to travel and do a fair amount. I keep in 
sporadic touch with Susan Taylor Hubbard 
and Terry Faulkner Phillips, but not as 
much as I'd like Betty Kellogg Wilbourn s 
death was sad for me and took me back 
to all the crazy good times we shared. It's 
such a trip down memory lane to read the 

M.J. Eriksen Ertman: Martha's wed- 
ding took place on an estate here on Sat. All 
the family was here, and our granddaughter 
Kit, from Denver is still here until Sun. Kit is 
going to be a senior at George Washington 
U. in DC, and has been accepted for the 
Peace Corps for the yr after next. We'll go 
to NH on Fri. to pick up Kit's brother, Henry, 
who has been visiting Andy and his family 
on vacation up there. Whew! I haven't even 
had time to read the '51 Class Notes, but 
thanks a million for writing them. What a let- 
down it will be when everyone goes home. 
If you want to read about Martha's wedding, 
it was in the Style section of the Sun. Times. 
9/09/09, with a nice photo, 

Janet Broman Dingle At the end 
of May we attended my grandson's h. s. 
graduation In Morgantown, WV. He gradu- 
ated with honors and won 2 scholarships 

to WVU. While in WV we visited with Larry's 
son and wife and Larry's daughter and 
husband in the southern part of the state. 
Larry and I were busy in Jul. working at our 
local Kiwanis Club's annual rummage sale. 
It's a lot of work, but definitely worthwhile 
as the proceeds (over $25,000) are donated 
to about 20 charities. I, too, am saddened 
to learn of Jean Stapleton Hellier's death 
We used to chat about Cuthbert, GA. I've 
forgotten what her connection was with 
this small town in the southeast part of 
the state, but it's where my mother was 
born. Late news flash! I just became a 
great-grandmother! My daughter, Cathy's 
daughter Laura had a baby boy on Aug. 5 In 
Charlotte, NC. 

Patty Lynas Ford: We had planned to 
go to SBC in Apr while visiting our daughter 
in Herndon, VA (now in Leesburg), spend- 
ing a night with Jean Graham "Randie" 
Randolph Bruns on the way but had to 
cancel due to Dick's visit to the ER. He is 
better now, and we are planning (all being 
well) to be there in late Sept. tor the inau- 
guration of our new president. While there. 
I will go to the Alumnae Office to look at 
the Class Scrapbook in anticipation of our 
60"^ reunion in 201 1 and attend a Greek 
class (something I was going to do in April). 
We're looking fonward to seeing the many 
additions to the Campus. Our local wildlife 
viewing this summer was the sighting of a 
bobcat in our driveway relaxed and lingering 
until it sauntered off Into the woods across 
the road. While I was at my computer, I 
looked out the door to see a gray fox head- 
ing towards the fruit orchard. As it has deci- 
mated former crops of plums and peaches, 
I did not encourage its presence. And the 
wild turkeys have been frequent visitors, 
usually 2 hens and 1 6-1 8 chicks of various 
sizes. Our daughters have just left after a 
week's visit — Elizabeth from Redwood City, 
south of San Francisco and Becca from 
Leesburg, VA. They are very close and the 
4 of us enjoyed this precious time together. 
Elizabeth is now painting the sound board of 
her harpsichord. She does beautiful calligra- 
phy and from what we've seen of the flow- 
ers and arabesques, the results should be 
lovely, Becca is involved with St. Timothy's 
Church in Herndon where she has been in 
an EFM class for several yrs, and is taking 
part in the Stephen Ministry (visiting the sick 
and the needy). Thank you all very much for 
your kind words and your contributions to 
our news. It's a pleasure to hear from you. 


Patricia Layne Winks 
312ArguelloBlvd.,Apt. 3 
San Francisco, CA 94118 

Our Alumnae Magazine has reduced the 
frequency of publication of class notes, so 
I'm scrambling to come up with snippets of 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www 

information before the submission deadline. 
Special thanks go to Nancy Hamel Clark, 

who keeps up with many of us and gener- 
ously passes along her news. 

Unsurprisingly at this stage in our 
lives not all news Is good news. Jack Izard, 
husband of Mary Bailey Izard, passed 
away In Jul. after 54 yrs. of marriage, a 
distinguished career as attorney and foun- 
dation director, and an active retirement. 
Another tremendous loss was the death 
of Zachary 1 1 -yr-old grandson of Casey 
Black Underwood, in a zipline accident 
at summer camp. A foundation has been 
established in Zachary's name (see the 
website and community 
service projects have been organized by his 
church, friends, and loving family 

Pat Beach Thompson and Calvin 
recently celebrated their 50th wedding 
anniversary in a more subdued manner than 
originally planned, as Calvin had broken 
his liip. They are considering selling their 
beloved farm and house in Mt. Kisco, in 
anticipation of decreased mobility. But know- 
ing this amazing couple, I'm sure they'll be 
on the go again soon, though traveling to 
perhaps less exotic locations. 

When visiting family in NYC in May I 
had the pleasure of seeing Gay Maupin 
Bielenstein for the 1st time in 57 yrs. 
She lives in a lovely book-lined apt. near 
Columbia U,, where husband Hans taught 
Ancient Chinese Studies for many yrs. Gay 
still has her beautiful long hair as well as a 
tall husband and a short dog. Hans and 2 
daughters share her delight in the Maupin 
House in Tidewater, VA, which they all visit 
each summer 

We no longer boast of our spouses' — or 
our own — publications, but we can take 
pride in the works of at least 3 offspring. 
Ben Patton. son of Joanne Holbrook 
Patton, had a warm and witty memoir of 
his father, "Recovered Ground," in the Jun. 
2009 Smithsonian Magazine. Do read it! 

Nancy Hamel Clark's son Jim has a 
book coming out about James Best, who 
appeared on The Dul<es ofHazzard. And 
Palgrave-Macmlllan recently published 
Symbolic Cities in Caribbean Literature by 
my own son Christopher a comparative liter- 
ature professor at Queens College, C.U.N.Y 

At Joanne Holbrook Patton's sug- 
gestion, I finally decided to do more than 
look guiltily at her list of classmates living In 
the western U. S., and picked up the phone 
to call. First on my list was Jane "Tink" 
Guthe Coffey. She and I are the only San 
Francisco residents of our class. We met for 
lunch, exchanged news of each other and 
our families, and found a good many experi- 
ences in common. Both of us separated 
from our spouses yrs. ago, but maintained 
cordial relationships until they passed away 
Both of us remain contentedly unmarried, 
but have "significant others" in our lives. We 
have children and grandchildren living on 
both coasts, and children who have made 
untraditional life choices. What a pleasure it 
was to see Tink again and catch up! 

Winter 2009/2010 • 53 

I've spoke with Sally Geartiart, who 

can no longer be induced to visit the Bay 
Area now that she is happily settled in 
Willits, far up the CA coast. Of course Sally 
is perennially active, participating in every- 
thing from yoga to square dancing, 

Casey Black Underwood is just 
as active — she plays tennis 3 times a 
wk,! (As someone who was relegated to 
Fundamentals of Movement at Sweet Briar 
and never rose above Beginner's Tennis, I'm 
in awe.) She and husband Roger enjoyed 
a Sweet Briar-sponsored cruise to Ukraine. 
More recently, they went to Knoxville, TN, to 
their granddaughter's h. s. graduation. 

Trudy Kelly Morron moved from the 
East Coast to Lafayette, CO 6 yrs. ago. One 
of her daughters lives in NY, another in WA, 
and a 3rd in CO. In addition to 2 grand- 
daughters and 2 grandsons, Trudy has twin 
great-granddaughters (4). Let me know if 
there are any contenders for this distinction! 

I still work, travel, and confine my 
exercise to walking urban neighborhoods. 
In Sept , Nancy Morrow Lovell and I 
may meet in Ashland, home of the Oregon 
Shakespeare Festival, to indulge in our 
shared passion for the theater 

Do follow Joanne's suggestion and call 
those classmates on your list. You'll be richly 
rewarded! And pass along to me any news 
you learn so that we may all share. 


Florence Apy 
67 Rivers Edge Dr. 
Little Silver, NJ 07739 

I'm sad to report that Jane Perry Llles' 

husband, George, passed away in May. Jane 
and her family have our sympathy George 
was a faithful supporter of SBC and of our 
class activities. As reported earlier, they 
celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary 
in Nov 

Good news from Dale Hutter Harris: 
Quote: "The brown metal thing that looked 
a bit like a totem pole at the gate (is) gone." 
The fact is, this "thing" didn't enhance the 
appearance of the campus and distressed 
quite a few. I suspect Dale had a hand 
in getting it removed. Thanks, Dale. Dale 
also reported that she and Ted visited their 
daughter Jenna, and her husband who live 
on the island of Kauai. Sometimes being 
parents is not so tough after all. 

Isabel Grayson Parrlsh wrote that Hav 
had a bad fall from his bicycle resulting in a 
fractured pelvis and the tearing of his rotator 
cuff. He has a long convalescence in store, 
but we hope that he is back "on the road" 
and "in the air" by the time you read this. 

Prior to the fall, Isabel reported that 
she and Hav have been traveling to arts 
festivals all over the country — to Charleston 
for the Spoleto Festival, to a music camp 

54 • Winlec 2009/20)0 

at Allegheny Coll . , to the Williamsburg (VA) 
Consort, and to the Southern Highlands Arts 
Festival after attending the Flying Physicians' 
Meet in Asheville, NC. They also toured the 
French Countryside via a barge trip on the 
Seine to Paris. She highly recommends it. 
Hav's fall temporarily halts their piloting 
adventures and attendance at the flying 
meets he loves. 

"No news is good news," reports June 
Arata Pickett. My phone call to her resulted 
in finding that she and Bob are leading a 
quiet and uneventful (as she calls it) life in 
FL. Their 2 children and their families come 
to visit from the northern climes. They're 
happy with the status quo. 

Nancy McDonald and I had a nice 
conversation. She lives near Eleanor 
Johnson Ashby and travels with her and 
Eleanor's husband, Garnet on occasion. Her 
travels include a cruise to New Zealand and 
Australia. She also took a wonderful SBC 
trip to South America. President Muhlenfeld 
accompanied them. The group was small 
and congenial. The tour took them to 
Argentina, Patagonia, and Chili among other 
places. She highly recommends the SBC 
trips for their size and organization. 

Speaking of SBC trips M.A. Mellon 
Root and daughter Francie returned from a 
trip to Africa where they visited some of the 
national parks and game preserves. Their 
accommodation throughout were A-h, mostly 
hosted by English people. They stayed in well 
appointed cabins with all the amenities you'd 
expect in an English B&B, and yet they could 
walk outside and see warthogs chewing 
grass. Seeing elephants, giraffes, lions, and 
cheetahs close-up in their natural habitat in 
a more than acceptable degree of comfort 
was more than they anticipated — another 
compliment for SBC trips. No, I'm not a travel 
agent for SBC. 

To those from whom I have not heard: 
don't forget to write, phone, or e-mail. 


Bruce Watts Krucke 
7352 Toogoodoo Rd. 
Yonges Island, SC 29449 

You're going to be disappointed with these 
notes. The '54 Reunion Scrapbook has been 
lost, so I don't have anything to tell you 
about your classmates from all the wonder- 
ful green forms that you sent in. The book 
somehow never made it from Grammar 
Parlor where we had our brief meeting, to 
the Alumnae Office at the end of Reunion. 
The group at Reunion was small, but 
we had a great time Those attending were: 
Mary Jane Rods Fenn Faith Rahmer 
Croker Hattle Hughes Stone and Richard, 
Ann Henry Wilson and Mickey Bee 
Pinnell Pritchard, Nancy Edwards Paul, 
Helen Smith Lewis and George, Bruce 
Watts Krucke and Bill Ann Thomas 
Donohue and Tom. Maggie Mohlman 

Degler and Sally Bumbaugh A great 
many people wanted to come, but had to 
go to grandchildren's graduations and wed- 
dings. And some were traveling too. 

Some of us stayed at the Inn and some 
in Grammar Our official class meeting was 
a cocktail hr before dinner Sat. night. We 
had sadly lost our class president, Weezie 
Aubrey McFarland to breast cancer last 
yr so needed to elect a new one. Mary 
Jane was elected by acclamation since she 
was willing to do it. We heartily welcomed 
Ann Henry's fun new husband, Mickey, as a 
great addition to our group. 

Reunion Convocation went smoothly 
with wonderful talks by some of the admin- 
istration. The statistics for SBC in every 
category are impressive. Our class made 
a decent showing in the announcements 
of gifts. There were a few cute skits by the 
main reuning classes. 

The food that was served throughout 
the weekend was outstanding and so dif- 
ferent from our day. Mostly buffet style 
with endless choices and lots and lots of 
healthy choices. At dinner Fri. night while the 
younger classes had picnics, we and those 
from even earlier classes than ours, like my 
sister's class of '44 which had more people 
attending than we did, enjoyed an excellent 
dinner at the Inn. Dr Barbara Perry, Carter 
Glass Professor of Government, spoke 
and she was of Hapala quality — excellent. 
Unfortunately, the weather kept us from 
having the Sun. lunch in the gardens at SB 
House, but we had enjoyed 2 meals in the 
lovely area behind Reid earlier They do a 
good job of feeding a mob. The music at the 
dinner dance Sat. night was good and Hattie 
and Dick cut a mean rug. 

A couple of notes, Dilly Johnson 
Jones has moved into a new house near 
her old one, but more suitable for a single 
senior She's hoping to sell her former home 

Caroline 'Kobo' Chobot Garner writes 
that her husband Thom has had some seri- 
ous medical problems. Various tests during 
the past 3 yrs. have indicated symptoms 
of small strokes, early stage Alzheimer's. 
Parkinson's, and adult normal pressure 
hydrocephalus. They have decided to treat 
that last one and Thom had shunt surgery in 
Nashville for this in the summer The recu- 
peration takes wks., but they are expecting 
good results. We wish them well. 

I'm sorry and embarrassed to say that 
that's it. I'm sure you can sympathize with 
my not being able to remember more. If the 
scrapbook ever turns up, I'll send out per- 
sonal emails with lots of other news. Which 
reminds me, please send me your email 
address. Nearly all correspondence with me 
and with the College will be done by email 
from now on as part of the 'going green' 
that Sweet Briar is doing. 


Kathryn Beard 
1074 Zanzibar Ln. 
Plymouth, MN 55447 


Meredith Smythe Grider 
Louisville, KY 40207 

Martha Anne Clay Nichols 
3928 Old Brownsboro Rd. 
Louisville, KY 40207 


Carol McMurtry Fowler 
10 WoodstoneSq. 
Austin, TX 78703 


Jane Shipman Kuntz 

4015 Orchard View PI. 


Powell, OH 43065 


Ali Wood Thompson 1 

89 Pukolu Way 
Wailea, HI 96753 

Dear Classmates: I asked Elizabeth 
Johnson Lipscomb (our new class 
president) to summarize our wonderful 50th 
Reunion that we had in May at SBC and she 
graciously responded: 

"Our 50^*^ Reunion was a joyous 
occasion with 44 classmates present to 
celebrate. We will long remember the festive 
dinner on Fri. with President Muhlenfeld 
as speaker and the chance to recapture 
old memories through the DVD featuring 
photos of our college days. Sat. began with 
Convocation, updates on SBC today and 
announcements of class gifts — highlighted 
for us by our performance of 2 songs from 
our Freshman Show. We moved on to a 
picnic lunch and tour of Thomas Jefferson's 
retreat home. Poplar Forest, then back to j 
campus for dinner and dancing. On Sun. I 
many of us attended the moving Service 
of Remembrance in the Chapel, and then 
lingered as long as possible over lunch to 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www alumnae. sbcedu 


renew old friendships. There were lots of 
good conversations, too, in our hospitality 
room in Grammar throughout the weekend. 

We owe many thanks to Tabb 
Thornton Farinholt and the Reunion 
Committee for making this a special occa- 
sion. Alice Gary provided the party fare 
(nibble and drinks) for us since she was on 
her way to Vienna with her husband Lee. 
Cay Ramey Weimer did our note cards 
and Reunion Giving Co-chairs Betsy Smith 
White and Barbara Sampson Borsch 
and their committee did a fantastic job of 
fundraising for our record-breaking class gift 
of $305,783!" 

On a sad note, we lost 2 of our class- 
mates Jane Duncan IVIiller and Karen 
IVIcKenzie Smith Judy Sorley Simpson 
lost her wonderful husband. Kep and Gay 
Hart Gaines' eldest son passed away. We 
send all these families our heartfelt sym- 

Rachael Bok Goldman I wish I could 
be with you for hugs, tears, and laughter, 
Allen and I just returned from a 4-mo. trip 
on a ship circumnavigating the world. We 
travelled 37,000 mi., stopped in 27 ports, 
and had some interesting travelling com- 
panions. We didn't get caught by pirates, 
but did go through the Gulf of Aden so we 
could traverse the Red Sea into the Med. We 
loved New Zealand, Tasmania, and Australia 
as well as Thailand and India. We went on 
the Queen Victoria from NYC westward to 
Southampton, transferred to the Queen Mary 
2 to "hop the pond" to NYC. 

Allen had a heart attack in 2004, has 
been a compliant patient and is doing far 
better than we had hoped. He suffers from 
fibromyalgia in both legs so walking is both 
painful and difficult. We took his wheeled 
walker and he wheeled himself through 
Ephesus with little difficulty. 

Next will be the Baltic Sea and the 
fjords of Norway from Spitsbergen to Oslo, 
but on a smaller ship. 

Mary Boyd Davis: Irvin and I cel- 
ebrated our 50th wedding anniv. with a tnp 
to the Long Boat Key area with family— 18 
of us. A wk. later Irvin achieved his 80th 
birthday — quite a mo. We remain happy and 
healthy (mostly) and looking forward to our 
next 50! 

Catherine Brownlee Smeltzer: Sorry 
I missed Reunion. Mike and I had planned 
to come, but in early May, I had a flare up of 
PMR. We are still in Roanoke and are both 
still working. We did move to a condo, but 
still have our place at Smith Mountain Lake. 

Ann Bush Dunlap: My partner, Melinda 
Moffitt, and I are now retired from the B&B 
business and spend a lot of time seeing 
the kids, who seem to spread out on both 
coasts, with only one actually living in NM. 
We live in Albuquerque and have a get-away 
condo in Taos. Last yr when CA opened 
up marriage to single sex couples, we flew 
there and got married. After being together 
for 28 yrs., we wanted to make a statement. 
It turned out to be much more emotional 
than that — a really sweet ceremony It was 

Sweet Brior College Alumnae Magazine • \ 

at the top of a giant marble staircase at the 
courthouse. Quite grand! 

Lucia Carozza Morrison: I piay a lot 
of Tournament Bridge; take furthering edu- 
cation courses with Osher in Baltimore, pur- 
sue my love of horticulture with 2 complex 
gardens — 1 in Baltimore and 1 in Rehoboth 
Beach, DE— and travel with another wid- 
owed friend to bird watch. 

Mary Ballou Handy Williams: We 
visited friends in the Wiltshire, England, and 
saw a lot of beautiful country houses, private 
and public. Wiltshire is one of the most gor- 
geous counties in England. Then we took the 
Chunnel to France and drove to Normandy 
It was so very moving. We went to Roaring 
Gap in NC — a lovely spot. We attended 
a friend's 70"^ birthday and saw Sally 
Armfield McMillion and her 2 daughters 
She looks fabulous. The rest of the summer, 
we've been visiting our 16 grand children. 

Mary Chen Gutmann: After 1 8 yrs 
of working internationally Frank and I are 
getting reacquainted with our own beautiful 
country. We spent last wk. hiking and 
camping in the Rocky Mountain National 
Park and are planning a trip to NM to visit 
an old fnend, passing through the peach 
and wine country of Western CO on the 
way The rest of the summer, we tried to 
grow a vegetable garden at our home in 
Silverthome, CO, at 9,000 ft. elevation. Son 
Dan lives 1 hr. away in Denver; we enjoy 
his company I return to the Washington, 
D.C. area for business meetings and 
visits with daughter Lily and 2 growing 

Pat Davis Sutker: Marshall and I will 
have been married 49 yrs. in Nov. After 
long careers in law (Marshall) and Early 
Childhood Development (me), we've been 
retired for yrs. and enjoy life as grandparents 
of 4 and traveling. Favorite trips so far have 
been to Turkey and then to China both with 
the Council on World Affairs. I volunteered 
many yrs. as an education consultant with 
a Domestic Violence Program and Marshall 
is still building with Habitat for Humanity. 
We enjoy our summers in South Haven, Ml, 
and the rest of the yr. in Naples, FL. Both 
homes have a lovely guest bedroom, and 
we are always ready to welcome company 
(Hint! Hinfi) 

Claire Devener: I still commute 
between NY and Anguilla where I've been 
producing a 52-pg. quarterly magazine I 
founded 22 yrs. ago called Anguilla Life. 
Lots of work, but I just love it. The island 
seems a popular winter vacation getaway 
for SBC-ers, so I've enjoyed a fun semi 
annual drinks, dinner and reminiscing 
rendezvous with classmate Mary Blair 
Scott Valentine, her husband, and other 
Richmond pals . . . Missed a long awaited, 
well planned reunion there with former 
roommate Cay Ramey Howard Weimer 
2 winters ago after I fell in Antigua, broke 
my arm big time and had to undergo major 
surgery and long recovery in Guadeloupe 
... My fluent French came in handy! Will 
be in N all fall this hurricane season for 

WW alumnae sbcedu 

arthroscopic work on my knee's torn menis- 
cus. Apparently another somewhat delayed 
side effect of that fall! Anyone visiting either 
place do get in touch. I'm in both phone 

Di Doscher Spurdle I retired in 03 
from 40 plus yrs. of being a stock broker 
and am glad I did. I followed the retirement 
with a walking trip with one of my nieces 
to Provence — spectacular — and a trip to 
Russia. Still play tennis 2x a wk. in the sum- 
mer I go into NYC almost weekly to play 
see plays, concerts, and museums. Currently 
travel has been reduced, but we get to 
Healdsburg, CA, to see step-son Doug and 
his children: Sophia (2) and Mason (2 mos.) 
2x a yr. We head to South Beach another 2x 
a yr to keep up with Brooks (15 mos.) and 
his parents, Craig and Miianou. Craig skied 
for the US in freestyle-moguls and having 
witnessed the 1 00% injury rate decided 
to go back to school and do pre-med. He 
finished his fellowship in Atlanta and is an 
orthopedic pediatric surgeon. He's heading 
to Chile with the US Olympic team as doctor 
for their training session, 

Deborah Dunning: The nonprofit 
organization I founded — The Green 
Standard — is creating tools and training to 
empower manufacturers to make products 
that support our health and quality of life. 
We're working to develop the environmental 
equivalent of the nutrition bar on the cereal 
box to help people like you choose wisely. 
Additionally I'm busy keeping up with my 2 
adult children and 3 grandchildren as well 
as serving on the board of the American 
Friends of Compiegne, a group supporting 
restoration of the 3rd royal palace in France, 
and KidzNotes, a national organization sup- 
porting at-risk children in learning how to 
lead productive lives through music educa- 
tion. Call me when you next come to Chapel 
Hill, NC. You'd love this special piece of 
God's heaven 

Alice Cary Farmer Brown: My hus- 
band Lee and I excitedly celebrated our 50th 
wedding anniv 6/1 3/09 in Paris, France, 
where we lived once. In Jul. our 3 married 
children and 8 grandchildren (ages 10-19), 
gave a party for all 1 6 of us gathered at our 
summer house on Fishers Island, NY We're 
residents of NYC, having sold our farm in KY, 
We divide our time between Manhattan and 
Vienna where we bought an apt. in '05 at 
the end of Lee's 4-yr. term as the American 
Ambassador to Austria. I enjoy being a 
Horticulture Judge for the Garden Club 
of America, a long-time Dir of the Storm 
King Art Center and a Trustee of Winterthur 

Liz Chambers Burgess Our recent 
travels have been to Manhattan when son 
Chuck got married in Mar, and to Atlanta 
where daughter Elisabeth lives with her hus- 
band and our one grandchild. My husband, 
although technically retired from teaching 
English at Old Dominion U., still teaches a 
world lit, course; as a retiree I enjoy doing 
research on family history. 

Penny Fisher Duncklee John and I 

went to Earth! Yup. Earth, TX, is almost in 
Plainview, Population 1109. Flat! Earth is not 
round. Earth is flat Actually Earth was on 
our way to Oklahoma City, where we went 
for this yr.'s Western Writers' of America 
Convention (instead of SBC Reunion). The 
convention was fun, and while John drove 
over and back in our wonderful Pleasure 
Way camper van, I photographed our beauti- 
ful heartland. Lately I've been painting 
watercolors to match sofas, examples sent 
to Reunion, and covers for John's books. 
Check his website: 
Also, I've been the 1st editor for John's 
stuff, as well as illustrator of his short stories 
and poems. Health is good so far, and we 
had fun going to Tucson to celebrate John's 
80th birthday I'm enjoying life and being 
72 — I can say what I want, be silly, talk to 
strangers, and jump in puddles, (Of course, 
it has rained only 2x in Las Cruces in the 
last couple of mos.) 

Pat Gay Sills: I was at SBC only my 
last 2 yrs., my senior yr, as a day student 
commuting from Lynchburg. I married 
Tom after my junior yr, I lived in Dew my jr. 
yr, and my roommate was Patsy Bulkley 
O'Brien — also a transfer student — and 
many of our friends were sophomores. Tom 
and I went back to Aurora in early Jun. 
for my 50th Reunion from Wells Coll. We 
live in the Naples area of FL after 35 yrs. 
in Allentown, PA. Four grown kids and 12 
grands, 4 of which are now in coll. We are 
well and as active as our bodies permit. 

Susan Hater Hambrick: I'm involved 
with volunteer work in Hickory, Last yr. I 
joined the Metrolina Food Bank for the 
Service League of Hickory They provide 
backpacks of food for children who are at 
risk of being hungry. Children in our 5 elem. 
take the backpacks home on weekends. 
Since our unemployment rate is at 15%, it 
is a rewarding experience. Next time I will 
send pictures. 

Gay Hart Gaines: I didn't attend our 
50th Reunion because our son Stanley, Jr. 
was very ill. Perhaps you know the dreadful 
news. Our beloved first born child, aged 
48, died on Jun. 1 8th. It has been a gut 
wrenching experience and I really haven't 
been much in touch with anyone ... He had 
been a Type 1 diabetic since eariy childhood. 
It is a terrible disease and finally won. On 
a happier note, my husband Stanley and 
I are taking our 3 other children and all of 
our grandchildren to Williamsburg for a wk, 
to celebrate our 50th anniv, and it will be a 
sad/happy occasion. It was our son Stanley 
who was putting together a family video for 
the occasion ... But Stanley and I said, "I 
do" and did and can't believe 50 yrs, have 
passed. We've been building a home on the 
ocean for 2 yrs, and expect to move in, in 
Nov It's lovely: a real Island home where I 
hope my family will visit often. 

Harriet Henderson Stubblefield: 
Austin and I moved to Collierville (Memphis), 
TN after happily living in Miami for decades. 
We're a 10-min. drive from our daughter 
and granddaughter rather than a thousand 

Winter 2009/2010 • 55 

mile airline flight away, and all of us are 
enjoying this very much. There's an SBC 
connection to ail of this. In 1 956, when all of 
us were entering our sophomore yr, I was 
asked to come back early in order to be an 
adviser to an incoming freshman student, A 
letter arrived informing me that my advisee 
was Elsie Burch from Collierville, TN, and I 
commented to my mother that I had never 
heard of Collierville, Elsie was very cute, and 
now she is an author of several books. At 
that time, I would never have dreamed that 
I'd grow to know and love Collierville, 

Trudie Jackson Smither: I've been 
out of town all of Jul, in CA, in Anaheim, 
as a deputy from Dallas to the (every 3 yr,) 
General Convention of the Episcopal Church, 
and at Disneyland and the beach with 

Jane Jamison Messer: I had to have 
melanoma surgery on 7/1 4, which delayed 
our trip to Ml, We had planned to rent for 5 
wks, up here, but lost a wk, because of me 
and this last wk, had to put our adorable 
dog of 14 yrs, down. My 30 stitches came 
out last Mon, I'm doing fine, but can't get in 
the lake. All of my kids are here, which has 
been a wonderful help; they own their own 
cottages so that is good too, 

Jini Jones Vail: To the many whom 
say: What can you do with a liberal arts 
degree with a major in French literature? 
Jobs are out there! I moved to NYC and 
found 3 jobs on Fifth Ave,, which kept me 
busy from 1958 through 1962, My 1st 
position was as an executive secretary to 
the President of Steuben Glass, I rode their 
private plane to and from my hometown 
near corporate headquarters in Corning, NY, 
I was asked to come in to make coffee one 
morning for Robert Frost, My job was to take 
care of the miniature rare book collection of 
French books. I wrote letters and ordered 
books in French, Then I applied for a job 
in Public Relations at Air France, In the 
meantime, I worked at the French Embassy 
further up Fifth where I was in the Press and 
Information Division answering questions 
about France, Then a position opened up 
at Air France, I took it immediately I wrote 
French travel stories for my boss who 
signed his name on every one. The articles 
were published in all the major papers in 
the city and on Long Island, I had traveled 
in many parts of France and knew 1 st-hand 
the fascinating out of the way magical 
spots which would induce readers to fly Air 
France, Then I married a medical student 
at Cornell Med School, We were married a 
yr while he finished med school and then 
we moved to Rochester, NY, then the high 
desert in CA which I loved. My husband was 
in the Air Force as a class D surgeon during 
the Vietnam War. He wasn't called abroad 
fortunately. Then we moved to Philadelphia 
for 4 yrs. after which we moved to CT with 
our 4 children. The next yrs. were spent 
traveling and putting down roots. We had a 
lovely historic home and acquired a large 
farm as well. After a divorce I remained 
in our home and again looked for work to 

56 • Winter 2009/2010 

support my children. It took a while to find a 
job where I could use French, After several 
yrs. of juggling several jobs, such as running 
a B&B to make use of our many bedrooms, 
teaching Cross Country skiing, casting for 
films, travel agent etc, it dawned on me I 
needed to consolidate my work into 1 good 
job, and that was teaching French, I went 
back to get my graduate degree, I took most 
of my courses at the U. of Tours, France, 
and also the U, of Dijon, Every summer for 
10 yrs, I studied and traveled in France 
and adjoining countries. It was a re-birth, 
almost as fulfilling as becoming a born 
again Christian, which changed my life in 
1980. When I began teaching I also began 
to write poetry and essays, I enjoyed being 
single, I liked making my own decisions, but 
deep inside I longed to share my time with 
someone, I didn't meet him until '96, and 
we wed 2 yrs, later. My children finished 
school and found jobs and then married. 
By 2000 I had retired and all 3 lived near 
John and me and produced wonderful 
grandchildren. 2 in CT and 1 in MA. Back in 
'93, when in France one summer, my son 
and I had a marvelous chance meeting with 
the Count and Countess of Rochambeau 
who lived not far from where I was staying. 
From this meeting an idea was born in my 
head. That was to write a book or produce 
a DVD with my son who by then was a film 
producer, telling the long-forgotten story of 
General Rochambeau who, in 1 780, came 
to America at the bequest of King Louis XVI 
to help Washington win the Revolution, I was 
asked to be a Commissioner on Ct, Governor 
John Rowland and later, Gov, Jodi Rell's 
Commission on American and Francophone 
Cultural Affairs, Working in this capacity, 
I met Jacques Bossiere, the Founder and 
First President of the Washington and 
Rochambeau Revolutionary Route, I worked 
with him and others to promote this route 
from Newport, Rl, to Yorktown, VA, I worked 
on the 225th celebration of Rochambeau's 
march to victory in 2006, 1 had an 18th 
century changeable silk taffeta gown made 
by the Silly Sisters of Fredericksburg, VA, 
which I wear to the Rochambeau lectures 
that I give at local museums and historical 
societies as well as gala 18th c. balls and 
the annual Washington's birthday parties, 
I continue on the board of the Alliance 
Francaise, have planned their programs for 
a few yrs, and tor yrs, led summer readings 
of French poetry and prose in my garden. 
I joined the local PAR, established an Aulls 
family reunion association, joined a local 
120-yr-old literary group called Sexta Feira, 
I became archive keeper of at least 4 sides 
of our family history, planted and maintained 
a biblical garden at our church, helped 
to create a summer adjunct to our local 
Waterbury Symphony Orchestra and on and 
on, I began to write more and more on all 
subjects, and then I finally started to focus 
on writing the book on Rochambeau, I call it 
Rochambeau. Washington's Ideal Lieutenant. 
A French General's Role in the American 
Revolution. It's more like a biography, and it 

draws from a multitude of personal journals 
and diaries of the officers and foot soldiers 
who traveled with the French general in 
America. I have a backache just thinking 
about how I ever finished it. John and I 
have just celebrated out 1 1 th anniv. We 
spent most of Jun. and Sept. at Heather and 
Stuart's Cape Cod home where we kayak in 
the salt march off their dock. Winters often 
find us on Tybee Island off Savannah, GA, 
We love taking care of our grandchildren 
(we have 6) and entertaining friends in the 
beautiful garden which John has enhanced 
with a fountain. Every yr, I meet with my 5 
SB roomies (Sarah IVIoore, Sandy Sylvia, 
Erna Westwig, Polly Taylor and Mary 
Davis) I'm full of vim and vigor most of 
the time and love to plan gatherings for my 
friends and family. The 50th reunion was a 
wonder! We all danced our silly heads off 
for nearly 2 hrs. Our feet didn't give out, 
and we were hot as dogs, but loved every 
minute of it 

Elizabeth Johnson Lipscomb: We 
owe many thanks to Tabb Thornton Farinholt 
and the Reunion Committee for making 
this a special occasion for all of us. Thanks, 
too, to everyone who made possible our 
record-breaking class gift, I'm honored 
and delighted to have been elected class 
president for the next 5 yrs. Watching the 
exciting developments at SBC has made 
me more enthusiastic than ever, I hope that 
those of you who weren't able to be there in 
May will visit soon. Lloyd and I moved into a 
comfortable apt. at Westminster-Canterbury 
of Lynchburg in January '09 — grateful to 
survive the downsizing from our home of 
37 yrs. We particularly enjoy the freedom to 
travel more often to see our grandchildren 
in SC and NM, 

Sorrel IVIackall McElroy: I was so 
sorry to miss Reunion. I'm very fortunate 
to belong to the SBC Richmond Book 
Club so I'm able to keep up with the 
news(sometimes we discuss the book!). 
Jack and I are fortunate to have good 
health, good children with good spouses, 1 3 
good grandchildren and 3 good step-grands. 
We live in the country and have family 
country places so we see them often and 
love it. We play golf, kayak, and walk with 
Dover and Ranger 

Virginia MacKethan Kitchen: For the 
fall. Corky and I are planning a trip to Russia 
and France to celebrate our 50th anniv, 
8/1 5, 1 continue my career as a realtor It's 
been 26 yrs,! (Later email) Right now, we're 
at our beach cottage (right on the Atlantic 
Ocean) at Sanbridge Beach, a more rural 
part of VA Beach, for the 7/4 holiday until 
Tues, Alexander, 1 of our 4 sons, who lives 
in Charlottesville, is here with his daughter, 
Virginia (11), and son Carter (9), The fire- 
works on the beach last night were fabulous 
with pertect weather. 

Ginny IVIarchant Noyes: Thank you for 
the wondertui visit to SBC. I'm bedazzled by 
college views and class chums! Delightful 
deja-vu-ing and mental meander down 
Memory Lane! I'm sorry I was unable to be 

at Reunion, remembering with fondness the 
reconnections at the 40th which I attended 
with Tom (who I met sophomore yr, and 
married in Amherst the day before gradua- 
tion) He died last summer and the proximity 
of time, place and circumstance would've 
been more difficult than I felt able to man- 
age, I'm "doing so well" according to all my 
friends — travelling, concerts, films, theatre, 
classes, book groups, flower lectures, shows 
and such 

Kathleen Mather Koestler: Since my 
retirement from UNCG I've kept my hand 
in doing thesis advising and writing for 
academic journals, I spend most of my time 
doing volunteer nursing (got my BSN and RN 
license in '94), cooking, and playing bridge, 

Evelyn IVIoore Horton: I'm helping 
with a Champagne Dessert and Garden 
Party at my daughter's home in Bethania, 
(built in 1 792 in the first Moravian planned 
community in NC) in honor of the Hospital 
Hospitality House of Winston-Salem cel- 
ebrating the halfway mark of our $6 mill, 
goal. It's my hope that this event on my 
late husband. Ham Horton 's birth date will 
help them go the extra mi, to the finish line! 
This will be like a Ronald McDonald House 
for Families of ado/? Hospital Patients who 
cannot afford a motel room and have no 
other place to stay except to camp out in the 
hospital waiting rooms. More information is 
on line at>. 

Eleanor "Nellie" IVIorrison I live in 
VT (since 1 966) and have 2 sons who own 
a restaurant here (Two Brothers Tavern), I'm 
divorced and feel so, so lucky to have my 
sons nearby — makes all the difference in 
the world! First grandchild coming at the 
end of Aug, 

Judy Nevins LeHardy: Ward and 
I have been living in Kilmarnock on the 
Northern Neck of VA for nearly 1 1 yrs. It's 
the longest we've ever lived anywhere. 
We're in good health and keep busy with 
golf, sailing, traveling, and having our 
children and their families come to visit. 
We like to spend winters in our cottage on 
Kiawah Island, SC, I love to read, and have 
been taking piano lessons for the last 3 
yrs, I participate in Bible studies and other 
church activities, 

Polly Space Dunn: We have a vizsia 
puppy! I'm far too old for a puppy. We're 
in our mountain house till Nov playing golf 
every day. 

Val Stoddard Loring: Friends make 
your life better!" One doesn't need to have a 
50th Reunion to prove that truism, but what 
a good time we all had, I planted Tabb's 
thoughtful gift of the Sweet Briar rose. Have 
to check it daily to see if it has survived the 
torrential rainstorms New England has been 
blessed with this summer In late Jun., Steve 
and I took our three 13-yr-old grandsons 
(our 3 children each had a boy in 1 995) on 
a fantastic Lindblad/National Geographic trip 
to the Galapagos Islands 

Debbie von Reischach Swan: After 
working in Manhattan for CBS TV News, I 
married and moved to CT for over 40 yrs, I 

Sweet Brior College Alumnae Magazine • 

My husband died of leukemia; I stayed 
in CT selling real estate. Three yrs. ago I 
decided to make a change and so moved 
to Williamsburg, VA. Three married children 
and 7 grandchildren. Spend 3 mos. each 
summer in Boothbay Harbor, ME, where my 
children have summer houses. I race my 21 ' 
sailboat, still play tennis, golf, ski and love 
photography. Next week I fly out West to raft 
the Grand Canyon and in Jan. I'm going to 

Susan Taylor Montague: I just 
returned from a wk, in Nantucket with my 
daughter, her husband and 2 grandchildren. 
It was heaven! In 2 wks. I will embark for 
a 2 wk, trip on the SBC sponsored Celtic 
Lands tour, i will let you know how it was 
when I return. 

Tabb Thornton Farinholt: My news is 
that the Reunion went off wonderfully. 

Family: Young Bart is off to Denison to 
play lacrosse along with enjoying the Liberal 
Arts — his 2 siblings are at home going to St. 
Christopher's and St, Catherine's. Grandsons 
in Philadelphia go to the Haverford School. 
We try to follow their activities as best we 
can! Last spring we attended lots of lacrosse 
games. Blair still works in the Real Estate 
Business — appraising, managing properties, 
selling — while I garden, read, swim, 
knit, and join in a few volunteer efforts. 
Otherwise, I delve as lightly as possible in 

Ann Turnbull Lowry: I'm married to a 
retired orthopedist and live in Austin, where 
I moved in 1 960. There is a huge rivalry 
between the U. of TX (Austin) and the U. of 
OK where I went after 2 yrs. at SBC, but 
I've managed to straddle that fence and 
love the advantages of living in a university 
town. My children are 2, one in Austin, one 
in San Antonio with precious grandchildren. 
Book club, Pilates, bridge, some Kappa and 
church volunteer work keep me active. I still 
love to cook and decorate the house, and 
we travel as often as we can afford to. In 
Oct, we're going on a SBC sponsored trip to 
Turkey! Will I see any of you there? 

Dede Ulf Mayer: Sweet Briar ties are 
strong and friendships are lasting. Over the 
yrs. I have kept in touch with my good SB 
friends who all mean a lot to me. When I 
moved to Richmond 4 yrs, ago and was 
asked to join a Book Club consisting of 8 
classmates, I found a whole new group 
of wonderful friends. It's a joy to live in 
Richmond — not only because of these 
friends, but my entire famiiy lives here 
now — my 2 sons and their wives and all 4 
grandchildren: 1 giri (15 mos,) and 3 boys 
(2 V2. 5 and 8). My big summer project is to 
deal with my family history, 

Judy Walton Sargent: My daughters 
and I are off to Barton Creek Resort and 
Spa in Austin for a few days this wk. and 
then my daughters, son-in-law, grandson 
and I will be in Nantucket the 1st 2 wks, 
of Sept, I'm getting my house ready to go 
on the market in Sept. Lots to sort through 
after 27 yrs. 

Ann WImbish Kasanin: After 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine • ^ 

graduation, I came to San Francisco where 
I met and married Mark Kasanin. We have 
lived in Belvedere, on Connthian Island, ever 
since. While Mark was alive we traveled a 
lot both for business and pleasure. After 
our sons were born, they came along, too. 
Our oldest son. Marc, lives near me on 
Connthian, and our youngest son, James, 
lives with his family in Mamaroneck, NY. 
Ever since retirement in 1963, I've been 
active in volunteer work with the San 
Francisco Opera Guild in the city, and in 
Marin County, with the Garden Club of 
Marin, the Master Gardeners of Marin, and 
with local organizations, I feel I've been very 
fortunate to lead the life that I do. 

AM Wood Thompson Travis and I 
spent about 28 yrs. living in Bellevue, WA. 
Travis worked at Boeing and I stayed home 
and helped raise our 2 children. Tarn and 
Lynne. I got involved with working with the 
elderly and still played field hockey all those 
yrs. My mother got us involved in buying 
a condo unit in Kihei, Maui, in '75. Over 
the yrs. of renting and managing our unit 
and her condo unit, Travis fell in love with 
Maui. So he early retired Boeing at 55, 
and we moved out here to Wailea, Maui. I 
continued to work with the elderly here on 
Maui tor many yrs. I took hula and ukulele 
when I moved here, at the Senior Center. . . 
still taking weekly lessons to this day! Well, 
somehow I joined a Hawaiian band in '93 
because they needed dancers. Two yrs, later, 
they made me the leader of the band so I've 
been leading this band for almost 14 yrs. 
I have 1 6 members and the average age 
is 75 and the maiority are part Hawaiian. 
Six are in their 80's and 3 of them are still 
dancing! We play at 2 nursing homes, a 
geriatric hospital "up country", and at 2 Day 
Care Centers each mo. This keeps me off 
the streets and busy 

Cookie Payne Allen: I've been happily 
married to Wallace Allen for 6 yrs. Everyone, 
please come see us if you are ever near 
Jacksonville! I had my left knee replaced 
in Apr, and it prevented me from being at 
Reunion, But beware giris, I'll be skipping at 
the next one! 

Marcia Payne Grant: Guess my entry 
would say something like: loves retired 
life in the beautiful mountain town of 
Hendersonville, NC, I'm a very active patron 
of Historic Johnson Farm, serve on the 
Board of Directors, am Programs Chairman 
and do decent work there all on volunteer 
basis. Am looking forward to my 8th cruise, 
this time to the Eastern Caribbean; my 
grandson is being married on the cruise 
ship, so it will be a very special time for all 
of us, 

Fleming Parker Rutledge; The 
reason I didn't come to the wonderful 
Reunion is that I had just gotten back from 
a big teaching-preaching engagement in 
Vancouver I was able to go to eastern VA 2 
weeks later where I had such a good time 
seeing Tabb, and also Betsy Seaman on a 
guick pass through Monticello, but alas, I fell 
between 2 stools and just missed the Ware 

A'w alumnae sbc edu 

Neck reunion where Judy Sorley heroically 
showed up so soon after her beloved hus- 
band's death, I'm on an intense schedule of 
writing 5-6 hrs, a day, attempting to finish 
the 1st draft of my magnum opus for which 
I won a grant some yrs, ago. Dick and I will 
celebrate our 50th anniv. with a renewal of 
vows ceremony in one of the chapels at the 
National Cathedral in Nov. We'll be there 
because Dick is being installed as a member 
of the Episcopal H. S, Athletic Hall of Fame 
at the same time, in Alexandria, 

Ann Pegram Howington I just had 
to tell you how tine was the SBC trip to 
the Cotswold's. I took my 12 yr old grand- 
daughter (when Sally Seattle couldn't 
go). Katie Lyie especially loved tea, the 
Broughton Castle ducklings, and the makeup 
(!) at Boots chemist, also the Duke of 
Marlborough's brother greeted us at length 
at Blenheim and gave K a prize for being the 
youngest and prettiest, 

Susan Perry Farmer: Jerry and I are 
retired, enjoying our life in Del Mar, our 3 
sons and their families, including 7 grand- 
children. The only giri (7) is the youngest! 
We recently returned from 3 mos, in Italy 
We taught English in Puglia with Global 
Volunteers, then rented an apt, in Bologna 
and soaked up all the Italian culture. Loved 
it! My address is the same; we've managed 
to stay put for 25 yrs. 

Rew Price Carne: I didn't get to VA 
because so much going on. I spent 15 days 
in New Zealand returning to CA, 5/5. Then, 
family reunion/graduation in CT eariy Jun. 
My renewed passport finally arrived so I 
can make some plans for a trip to South 
America in fall. 

Barbara Sampson Borsch: We're 
at home in Los Angeles during the sum- 
mer and then we go to Philly for the 1st 
academic semester, Sept. through mid-Dec, 
returning to LA for Christmas vacation from 
mid-Dec. 2009— until 2/1/10 when we go 
back to Philly again for the 2nd semester. 
Our address dunng the academic yr. is: 
7301 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia, PA 
19119 Telephone: 21 5/381 -0752, Usually 
mail which goes to us at our CA home when 
we're not there is forwarded to Philly. 

Gretchen Smith Buntschuh: I'm still 
working and loving it. Sturgis Charter Public 
School, an 1 1 -yr.-old institution with an 
International Baccalaureate curriculum, was 
listed as 28th in the nation in NewsweeK^ 
evaluation of American public schools. I've 
been part of the school for about half of 
its existence as head of the English dept., 
administration, and now consultant and 
grant writer, I find working with outstanding 
h, s. students and an international faculty 
keeps me growing and curious. I have 3 fine 
daughters. The eldest, ingrid, lives in NYC 
and is in administration of the NY public h, s. 
Middle daughter Erika is settled in Germany 
in the wine country on the Rhine. She and 
Reinhold have 3 children: Hannah (17), 
Alyssa (15) and Ian (3)1 Youngest daughter 
Lise lives in Paris with her husband who is 
one of the directors of the Four Seasons 

Hotel, Georges V I travel as often as I can, 
I live on Cape Cod, but I have lived in VT, 
San Francisco, and Boston, I've been the 
business dir, for a rare book auction house 
in San Francisco and the Head of the 
English Dept, (K-1 2) for the Lycee Francaise 
La Perouse in San Francisco, We were in 
the wine business for many yrs, and even 
made our own wine which won some fine 
prizes. On the Cape, I'm on the board of a 
dear local library that is 100 yrs. old. I've 
been divorced for 10 yrs. and am dating a 
delightful retired college professor who lives 
near me. I'd love to see SBC souls anytime, 

Judy Sorley Simpson: I'm sending 
along a photo of 8 of us who got together 
here in Ware Neck, VA, for lunch last week, 
as we have done the last few summers. A 
few yrs. ago, Tabb found this dariing cottage 
for Kep and me to rent each Jul. and some 
of our grandchildren from Atlanta have 
participated in the annual Sailing School, 
again thanks to Tabb. It was desperately 
difficult to be here this yr. without my dear 
husband, Kep, who died last mo. in the UK, 
He loved everything about this idyllic place, 
so we will continue to congregate on this 
beautiful river to honor memories of our 
happy life. 


Lura Coleman Wampler 
1406 Thomas Rd. 
Wayne, PA 19087 


Mrs. Jean A. Sharland 
1724 Aberdeen Cr. 
Crofton.MD 21114 

Thanks to all who sent in news, '61 is active 
and fun! 

Winifred Storey Davis spent most 
of Jul, up in Cashiers, NC, and had a 
great visit with Stuart Bohannon Evans, 
who's still beautiful, Winifred is guiding her 
eldest grandchild, Bailey Davis, through her 
freshman yr at the nearby U, of GA, as an 
out-of-stater, even though it doesn't seem 
to her like 52 yrs, since we were freshman, 
John and Alicia Laing Salisbury spent 
Jul, at their home on Grand Lake in the CO 
Rockies, sailing and attending the repertory 
theater. In fall, they checked out Manchu 
Pichu, Peru, and the Galapagos. Bob and 
Linda Mollis toured Scotland, found traces 
of some MacArthur ancestors and absorbed 
a /o?of history, loving Edinburgh, the Inner 
Hebrides and sailing the Caledonian Canal, 
Her daughter's son Connor loved golf camp 
in Jul. For 4 hrs. a wk. Linda generally loses 
games to her 96-yr-old Hospice patient. 
At Church, she continues as a deacon. 

Winter 2009/2010 • 57 

a Stephen Ministry leader, and leads the 
supervisory group. In her spare time, she 
improves her golf game with a new driver 
In Aug., she and Bob visited their son Scott 
and his 2 daughters (16 and 13), relatives in 
VT, and friends on the Cape and in CT. 

Sally Hamilton Moore and Tom still 
divide time between Charlotte and their 
cabin in Haywood County. Their eldest 
grandson is a freshman and on the tracl< 
team for Appalachian State U. in NC. His 
younger brother runs for his h. s. in Raleigh. 
Their younger grandsons (3 and 5) and par- 
ents live in Austin, TX. Tom and Sally have 
been traveling to Austin, with stops along the 
way to see friends, and to Copper Canyon, 
the Northeast and the Northwest, and even 
China in recent yrs. "The younger grandson" 
runs for Broughton h. s. in Raleigh. 

A part-time CA classmate reports that 
many highly respectable groups out there 
("the most dysfunctional state," www. are proposing legalizing 
marijuana, so's to tax it and become a bit 
more solvent. 

Last Jun., John and Louise Cobb 
Boggs watched Jay graduate from the LLIVI 
in real estate development law program at 
IVIiami. Another group sky dive was planned, 
but rain saved John. Instead, they drove 
up the Peace River, then hopped on to an 
airboat like in the Everglades and went 
upstream with a licensed fossil hunter 
Next they waded chest-deep for 4 hrs. in 
alligator-infested water They found great 
numbers of sharks' teeth, horses' teeth and 
manatee ribs. A megaldon shark tooth was 
over 5 in. long and from 65 to 100 million 
yrs. old. The River was clear and pristine, 
and the trees, hanging moss and other veg- 
etation were beautiful. John caught a huge 
bass on his 3rd cast! They saw tote of birds, 
wild pigs and those alligators, but, amaz- 
ingly, not another human or even a house 
on the river The rest of the Boggs' summer 
was spent between Richmond and their 
place on the Bay, packed with grandchildren 
and their parents. The grands stayed at 
the Bay for 2 wks. to attend sports camps 
at Indian Creek Country Club. In mid-Aug. 
was the extended family's annual wk. in 
Williamsburg, enjoying Busch Gardens. The 
Annapolis Daily tries to keep itself and local 
businesses going by offering a daily freebie. 
Some are quite worthwhile. After thought, 
Bette Hutchins Sharland drove over to 
Eastport (Annapolis) for a 3-hr scuba-diving 
lesson. She leaned over, blew bubbles, and 
those hoses, that tank and goggles worked! 
Down into the pool she and classmates 
descended and looked around. Next, flip- 
pers. During the 4th hr, she was fading, but 
she climbed out of the pool under her own 
steam. While not contemplating a "shark 
dive," it's easier to face that Bad Birthday 
in Feb. having done something new and 
different. (No free skateboarding lesson for 
her) She continues tryin' to follow the local 
umbrella civic group. 

We're all grateful for the work Sara 
Finnegan Lycett continues to do for SBC. 

58 • Winter 2009/2010 

Last academic yr, she was at SBC twice, 
once in Nov. for the unveiling of the portrait 
of President Muhlenfeld, and then in May for 
the gala retirement dinner for her The por- 
trait is beautiful, with lovely pastel skintones, 
and really brightens up the wall of presi- 
dential portraits in the library reading room. 
The dinner was spectacular — a huge crowd 
and good speakers. It was bittersweet. Betsy 
has done extraordinary work at the Coll.; it's 
in much better shape than when she came 
13 yrs. ago. The campus remains beautiful, 
but is so different from when we were there 
because of the new entrance and all the 
new buildings. I urge all of us to go back to 
see it. It is a delight. On the personal front, 
this past yr she and Ike have welcomed 2 
great-granddaughters, Peyton and Camryn, 
who are dariing and very good-natured. 

Bette's seen some amazing (and varied) 
videos on Facebook and other such sites. Is 
there anyone out there who could set one 
up for us? Or, do we want one? Bette can 
do nothing, but surely one (or more) of us 
could if we want one. Also, my files will tell 
me who has highly hip grands. 

Classmates, it's only a yr and a half 
before our nifty Fiftieth Re-Union. As many 
as possible need to be there, and we can 
plan some terrific activities. Bette thinks we 
need to offer a skit. Maybe Louise and an 
alligator can parachute in? 

Parry Ellice Adam 
33 Pleasant Run Rd. 
Flemington, NJ 08822 


Jane Goodrldge 
Charleston, SC 29401 

The long lost Sally Smith is alive and well! 
She is living happily in downtown Charleston 
with Gene Byers, her husband of 4 yrs. She 
wrote that she and Gene love Charleston 
and, in this very walk able city, they walk 
a lot tor exercise and enjoy lots of fun and 
interesting cultural stuff related to the arts. 
such as the Spoleto Festival, the Gibbes 
Museum, the Charleston Symphony, and his- 
toric preservation. Gene is an avid swimmer 
and Sally is an enthusiastic cyclist (skinny 
tires and unattractive nylon outfit). They just 
returned from Santa Fe where they enjoyed 
much of the same sort of stuff they love in 
Charleston — walking, opera, jazz, museums, 
and great restaurants. 

Last spring Nikki Griess Deupree and 
Tom were in FL for some R&R. They have 
a condo in Venice, just south of Sarasota. 

They get down there when they can, which 
is not as often as they'd like since Tom is 
still involved in his business. Their condo is 
available for rent when they're not there. It 
has 4 bedrooms and a spacious updated 
kitchen and is in a complex that is right 
on the beach. In other vacation news, they 
made a 2nd trip to the Antarctic in Jan., 
this time including South Georgia and the 
Falklands, with Lindblad, their favorite expe- 
dition cruise line. Just after Christmas they 
took the kids and grandkids to Kauai. Nikki 
hastened to add that they planned these 
trips before the economy collapsed! 

Anne Clute Obenshain was kind 
enough to get in touch with Judy Kay 
Alspaugh Harrison for me since I didn't 
have her e-mail address (judykay63@ Judy Kay was shoulder deep 
in rehab for her husband; heart, back, and 
knee surgeries have him pretty dependent 
on her She has retired from 42 yrs. of 
medical laboratory work, has 3 kids: Carrie 
(40) with a boy and girl grandchildren; Gary 
(37) in active reserve Marines after 10 yrs. 
and 3 tours in Iraq, a helicopter pilot who 
(she prays not) might just have to go to 
Afghanistan; and Baker (35) with 1 girt and 
2 step-girts. 

Renee Regen Sage and Ed are head- 
ing to the East Coast for her Scarsdale, NY, 
50th h. s. reunion in Sept. They'll visit her 
sister on Cape Cod and her son and grand- 
son in VA whom they haven't seen for 3 Vi 
yrs. She does plan to make our 50th at SBC, 
which is just around the corner, the way 
time melts. She sends her love to everyone! 

Prue Gay Stuhr and Ed attended her 
50th Ridgewood H. S,, Reunion in NJ on 
5/09. One of her h. s. classmates was Judy 
Van Vlaanderen MacGregor who was in 
our SBC class for 2 yrs. before heading off 
to UNC and who Prue says looks wondertul. 
Prue and Ed spend time with his children 
and their grandchildren and enjoy observ- 
ing the natural world, attending plays at 
a regional theater, taking short trips, and 
spending time with Cole, their super friendly 

Another h. s. reunion attendee is Lynn 
Carol Blau whose get-together is in Oct. 
She and Jeffrey are well and enjoying sum- 
mer in CT with visits from their Las Vegas 
daughter, Elizabeth Blau and grandson Cole 
(5). They spent a great 2 wks. in Snowmass, 
CO, with their daughter Alex and Rose (2) 
and Chariie (4 mo.) 

Anne Carter Brothers is off to 
Daufuskie Island to meet her son Carter 
and his Roanoke family. She claims that it 
takes all their organizational skills to go on 
vacation to a spot with limited food supplies! 
(For those who are unfamiliar with the SC 
sea islands, Daufuskie can be reached only 
by boat.) She looks forward to visits from 
Anne Leavell Reynolds now that her son 
Stu, his wife, and 2 daughters are down 
the street from her in Nashville. He's doing 
a 2 yr fellowship in urology at Vanderbilt. 
She also looks forward to seeing Cynthia 
Hubard Spangler in Baltimore at theii 50tli 

class reunion at Roland Park Country School 
in Oct. and hopes it will be as much fun as 
SBC Reunion. 

Not a lot of activity at her place right 
now, according to Katherine Haskell 
Subramanian, but she's focusing on her 
organic garden and her aromatherapy busi- 
ness.They're going to Snowbird in Aug. for 
their annual wk. of hiking; their choral group 
starts again in Sept; and in Nov she's plan- 
ning to go to Mexico for a weeklong organic 
farming workshop near San Miguel Allende. 

Barby Rockefeller Bartlett and John 
have a new grandson. Cooper Nathanial 
Bartlett. He's their younger son Jonathan's 
3rd boy. Older son David has 2 children, 
Anna and Thomas. She wrote that she 
and John are okay, with only the "usual 
aches and pains of our age." They're off 
to Budapest and Vienna in Oct ... a trip 
planned before the economy mess. 

Ann Funkhouser Strite-Kurz travels 
frequently to teach and visit family on both 
coasts (ME, DC, San Francisco). She has 
5 grandsons including twins (3). She's 
working on her 6th needlework book titled 
More Potpourri of Pattern, scheduled to be 
released in 6/10. She's also doing a senes 
of articles called Using Common Stitcties 
in Uncommon Ways for a magazine called 
Needlepoint Now. 

After many yrs. Betsey Beale and I 
caught up with each other in Richmond for 
the funeral of a long-time friend, and man- 
aged to laugh a little in spite of the sadness 
of the occasion. 

Thanks to all who sent up-dates and all 
the best to everyone in our class! 


Virginia "Ginny" deBuys 
HI 6 Shirley Ln. 
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 

It seems I couldn't get myself fired from 
this job. I have enlisted Dona Van Arsdale 
Jones and Grace Mary Gates to help 
keep in touch with everyone. If you enjoy 
calling friends and would like to volunteer, 
please let me know. Because of Reunion, we 
skipped the summer issue and now we have 
learned that there will be 2 magazine issues 
this yr (winter and spring). Please send 
news and address changes whenever you 
have them. There were a number of people 
who wanted to come to Reunion but couldn't 
for a variety of reasons. Please know that 
we missed you all very much! There are 
a few others (you know who you are) who 
came after a bit of arm twisting. We hear 
that you are glad you came! As soon as a 
date for the 50th Is established, we'll let you 
know. No excuses next time! The weekend 
started with a lovely picnic at Louise Swiecki 
Zingaro '80 and Scott's place (on the road 
to the old stables). It was a beautiful set- 
ting and the party was in honor of our 
Mollie Johnson Nelson, who received 

Sweet Briar College Alumnoe Magazine • 

the Outstanding Alumna Award this yn Her 
attractive family was there too, including her 
2 SBC alumnae sisters. Everyone had great 
things to say about Mollie and her dedica- 
tion to SBC. One in particular stands out — 
her relationship with the senior class. She 
guides them in their 1st philanthropic effort: 
giving their class gift. There is mutual affec- 
tion in this relationship and the certainty of 
a long lasting impact that goes well beyond 
the Initial mission to encourage the habit 
of giving Tina Patterson Murray was 
asl<ed to retell (it's become a tradition) her 
story about being reprimanded for a certain 
style of dancing while at SBC. You l<now the 
story! If not, you'll have to come to the next 
Reunion. Later in the weekend, Tina returned 
to the scene of the crime and added another 
little chapter which "good taste and good 
judgment" prevent me from describing in 
this space. Lynne Smith Crow filmed this 
Reunion and brought videos of old reunions 
and we looked at them to much laughter 
President Betsy Muhlenfeld came to visit us 
later in the evening and we treated her to 
Grace Mary's 25th reunion explanation of 
the social rules we had to follow (remember 
"3 ft. on the floor"!) At convocation on 
Sat,, Mollie received her award and the 
class reunion gifts were announced. We (of 
course) beat the record of the previous 45th 
yr. The students of the future thank you all 
for making that stretch gift to SBC! We par- 
ticularly missed Claire Hughes Knapp who 
died in Mar. We showed the Fever skit from 
our 30th and the reprise at our 40th and 
dedicated it to Claire. The audience loved it. 
And now to bits and pieces of news. 

Anne Litle Poulet, Libby Kopper 
Scholieart and Jim, and IVIary Fitzhugh 
Miller and Sam, all Junior Yr. in France 
classmates enjoyed one another. Anne is 
giving everyone In the Northeast great plea- 
sure as she continues to provide spectacular 
leadership to the Frick Collection. However, 
her schedule is busy and sometimes she 
forgets things. She rented a car to drive 
herself and friends to SBC, but found that 
she had an expired driver's license at which 
point she pleaded mth the agent to do 
something to fix it! The agent helped her 
renew online and the trip continued. Libby 
Is enjoying her grandchildren and while not 
heading the French Dept. come fall, has a 
daunting number of students to teach, all of 
which fuels thoughts of retirement. Melody 
McCormick is Involved in music and dance. 
Including Jazzercize. We all got to see the 
results as she burnt up the dance floor with 
some cool moves. Her roommate Linda Lee 
McAndrew also came to Reunion, taking 
a break from her career working with at 
risk youth. Anne Pruitt Everett came to 
Reunion and is compiling the pictures every- 
one took to put on a CD. She did this for 
our 40th and we had fun looking at those 
pictures too. Several people brought their 
albums of SB pictures. It was fun to look up 
and see the real Daisy Mae from L'll Abner, 
Wendy Wilkens looks just as lovely. Wendy 
Is a mental health professional and lives in 

Sweet Brior College Alumnae Magazine • ^ 

NH. Quite a tew came with their spouses 
or best friend: VM Del Greco Galgano 
and Mike, Carry Peyton Walker and Rick, 
Grace Mary Garry Dates and Wally, Mary 
Duer Colen and Joe, Tina Patterson 
Murray and Mac, Beebe Boiling Downs 
and Tim, Gail Rothrock Trozzo and Chuck, 
Betsy Pidgeon Parkinson and Geoffrey 
Other illustrious partiers include: Anne Day 
Herrmann, Penny Writer Theis, Scottie 
Newell Lennon, JoAnn Soderquist 
Kramer, Rosamond Sample Brown. 
Nancy Gillies. Dagi Stoll Murphy Leezee 
Scott Porter, and Alice Fales Stewart 
(not in class picture). Carrie Walker also had 
a little problem with forgetfulness. She left 
her purse at home (ID, wallet, etc) along 
with her new wedding rings (Carrie and Rick 
were married this yr.) After having her iden- 
tity verified in the government database, she 
got on the plane. Her purse was Fedexed 
to SBC and never left her side — she even 
took it to the bathroom (it's true!) For a little 
virtual reality, Leezee gave Carrie her rings 
to wear for a day. When she got home and 
let the dog out, he gave her a warm greet- 
ing on her leg. While we were at Reunion, 
Sarah Strother King and John were lead- 
ing a tour in Spain, They spend most of their 
time in Portugal where they enjoy visits from 
their children and grandchildren. Coloradans. 
please welcome Sheila Carroll Cooprider 
who has recently moved to the Denver area 
to be near her daughter. Hedi Haug White 
continues to run the family real estate busi- 
ness in NY and ski and travel. Meanwhile 
her son Tim "is making his mark in the 
music business with 2 of his own albums 
out now (TH. White "More Than Before" and 
"Private Spotlight") and another coming 
soon. He has formed his own record label. 
Ski Council Productions, which will launch a 
new artist, Megan Wolf "Theory of Gravity" 
this fall. It's been exciting to watch him 
evolve in this difficult business." And from 
the film corner, Susan Shierling Harding 
reports that her daughter is a successful 
film editor (Tatiana S. Riegel). (For details, 
you can google Tatiana and Tim.) Now 
retired, Susan lives In a wonderful 80-yr-old 
house in a lovely section of San Diego, CA. 
"I live with my dog, play bridge, garden, 
quilt, knit, make jewelry, and volunteer 
at the First Unitarian Universalist Church. 
I'm blessed and happy." Marsh Metcalf 
Seymour paints with pleasure and passion 
and enjoys her grandsons. While in CA she 
and Jack also "joined a Friends of the Freer 
and Sackler Galleries (Smithsonian) tour of 
private collections of Asian art, the Getty, 
LACMA, etc. It was a lovely interlude tor us, 
between seeing our grandsons in Pacific 
Palisades, and my mother in northern CA." 
Penny Utiey Stryka says she loves her 
job at St. Joseph Montessori and gets a 
kick out of the wise kindergarteners. She 
has 3 children, grandchildren, and 2 spry 
90-yr.-old parents. Nancy Lynah Hood 
had to miss Reunion, but had a nostalgic 
visit to Charlottesville this spring. While her 
husband taught at U.VA, she visited all of 

WW. alumnae, sbcedu 

the fraternity houses. Nancy and Robert 
will be off to Hong Kong again next yr. 
Jackie Nicholson Wysong has proven 
the resilience of us older folk. When one 
|ob with a financial planner ended due to 
the economy, she got herself another one 
with an attorney. "I'm learning to do probate 
which, as I understand it, is a skill that is 
always in demand! I'm so grateful to anyone 
who would hire a 66-yr,-old woman and I'm 
equally grateful to be getting a paycheck for 
learning a new skill — win/win!" Daughter 
Mary and son Dave live nearby with 4 
grandchildren between them. Son Matthew 
is in CO with one child and another on the 
way." As for me (Ginny), I'm enjoying retire- 
ment and am having a personally wonderful 
summer (you'll have to call for details). On 
that note, every good wish to each of you. If 
you're thinking about calling an old friend, 
don't hesitate, do it today. 


Sally Hubbard 
52 Sherwood TrI. 
Sewanee.TN 37375-2166 

Heads Up! On your 2010 calendar, write 
45th Reunion, May 21-23. 

Eugenia Dickey Caldwell's busy 
spring included trips with Peter to New 
Orleans for Jazz Fest, to a mountaintop in 
AZ to visit her mother (88) and mother's 
new husband (!), and a visit with her sister 
Paula. Their annual birding trip took them to 
Mt. Lassen in north-central CA. Both of their 
jobs are still safe, prayers Invited. Eugenia's 
Goddaughter Lee Phillips (daughter of Cora 
lee Logan Phillips) married Kyle Hansen in 
San Francisco where they will live. Almost 
all members of both families attended to 
celebrate. Eugenia was excited to see Cora 
Lee again and was involved in wedding 
plans for the 1st time since her own 2nd 
wedding in 1980. 

Melinda Musgrove Chapman has 
a new address and phone number in 
Birmingham (205-871 -3042). The real 
estate market is slow in Birmingham so 
she spends her spare time playing with her 
youngest daughter's 2 little giris; an elabo- 
rate, lighted dollhouse Is under construction, 
which should be finished by the time they 
go to college. Her son is moving with his 
wife and 4 children to CT from Augusta, GA, 
Melinda, as a member of the sandwich gen- 
eration, is dealing with moving her mother 
(96) from assisted living to a dementia unit 
because of her confusion and attempts to 
wander. Melinda plans to come to Reunion. 

Mary K. Pederson Grum and Clifford 
are building a new house in Lufkin, TX, and 
racing their thoroughbreds In KY — there 
are ups and downs, but what a fascinating 
business it is to race those beautiful horses. 
A close friend of Mary K's from TX moved 

to Davidson, NC, where she met and made 
friends with Brenda Muhlinghaus Barger 

Some of you may remember Mary K's ex- 
husband, Ross Kyger, from W&L days; Ross 
died In late Mar 

Sally McCrady Hubbard's prize 
souvenir from Russia is a painted wooden 
nesting doll with Barack Obama outside and 
Michelle, Sasha, Malia, and Bo dolls Inside. 
The feared retirement has just not been half 
bad so far! She's read all of next yr.'s book 
club selections, fallen asleep in the porch 
rocker, and hiked 1 12 mi. this summer. She 
sadly sold her cherished AIDS-ride bicycle 
to someone with bones 25 yrs. younger 
than hers, but with a friend has undertaken 
to hike all the maintained trails in the local 
South Cumberland State Park and to publish 
a guide. 

Libba Hanger Luther says all 3 of her 
children are married now and she has 7 

Carol Cole Pelzer (Cozy) and Felix say 
being a grandparent is every bit as good as 
people say; they have enjoyed having son 
Felix, wife Magda and grandson Chlsolm 
in Charleston. Their youngest son Arthur 
married Laura In Apr; they also live in 
Charleston, which is wonderful. 

This important announcement from 
Laura Haskell Phinizy: "Ladies, mark 
your calendars and forewarn your siblings, 
parents, spouses, children, grandchildren, 
and significant others that May 21-23 
is reserved for you. (Last Sept., daughter 
Laura reserved me to babysit for her 20th 
Princeton reunion in May!) Allow no wed- 
dings, births, baptisms, or funerals to 
interfere with our 45th Reunion. We'll meet 
SBC's new president and hear about her 1st 
yr., elect a new class president and secre- 
tary, and make plans for our glorious 50th 
Reunion in 2010." 

Laura's grandson Stewart (6) visited 
twice this summer to attend sports camp 
and golf camp, avidly practicing for 2 hrs. 
on the driving range beforehand and play- 
ing golf aftenA/ards each day regardless of 
the heat. The entire family met at Kanuga 
in Aug Jean Flanagin Batson, Harriet 
Houston Shaffer '64, Margaret Street Wilson 
'64, and their families were again neighbors 
in Kanuga's laketront cottages. Laura's 
mother (93), who never smoked, drank, or 
was an ounce ovenA/eight, lives at home and 
swims to ease her constant pain. Laura Is 
in charge of her mother's medications and 
oversees her care. 

Traylor Rucker of Mount Pleasant, 
SO, has downsized; she's moved down the 
street to an apt. without stairs, and still 
has room to welcome SBC visitors to the 
Charieston area (843-881 -7939). 

Magda Salveson is busy helping with 
2 Jon Schueler exhibitions this yr.: one In 
Spnngfield, MO, and the other at the Moray 
Art Centre in Scotland. She's working on a 
new guide book of gardens open to the pub- 
lic within 2 or 3 hrs. of NY While traveling 
in DE and PA in May she had dinner with 
Stephanie Bredin Speakman and man- 

Wintet 2009/2010 • 59 

aged to do some great catctiing up. 

Elvira McMillan Tate has returned 
from a McMillan Clan Gathering in Scotland, 
a first for her It was such fun meeting their 
Chief and cousins, playing Tug of War, and 
seeing magnificent Scotland by rail. She 
invites us all to come to Reunion and chal- 
lenges us to a Tug of War contest next May 

Katy Weinrich van Geel and Tyll have 
been in Amherst, MA, for almost 2 yrs. and 
love life there. Beside the natural beauty of 
the area, they're closer to their 3 grandchil- 
dren. As Katy says, "So much to do, and so 
little time." 


Makanah Dunham Morriss 
1317 Rocky Mountain Rd. 
Forest, VA 24551 

Randi Miles Long 
19 Hidden Valley Rd. 
Lafayette, CA 94549 

Once again it was a privilege and joy to 
receive your news, reflections, and wise 
insights. Thank you all so very much. 

Cynthia Baynham is married to a 
Dutchman. Galtjo Geertsema (his mother 
was an American) who is a forester and land 
surveyor They have a 27-yr-old daughter, 
Mary Elizabeth Geertsema, who is in nursing 
school at Shepherd Coll, Cynthia has taught 
2nd grade for 40 yrs. and will retire after the 
2009-2010 school yr, but will still have her 
hands into things since the school is only a 
2-min. walk from her house. 

Sally Van Winkle Campbell and 
Tinsley gained a wonderful daughter-in-law 
this spring when their youngest. Van (who 
is a musician), married his love of 6 yrs., 
Ashley (who is a photographer). Sally is 
working on her 2nd book entitled Samg 
Kentucky, which should be out sometime 
next yr 

Robin Cutler is working on a project 
related to the film industry in the '30s 
and '40s as well as doing some volunteer 
work and loving NY. She writes that, "This 
past yr, it's been great to see several SB 
friends including Anne Mason Curti. Rab 
Willis Finlay Thompson. Tia Campbell 
McMillan and Ginny Butters and Margo 
Langenberg who live in NYC. I've had fun 
traveling to give several talks in the past yr 
and been happy at the warm reception of 
my book from a number of historians and 
Navy experts. 

Judy Barthold Desimone shares (in 
her own words and style) that "Frank and 
I run the law office still, keep somewhat 
subtle eye on mother (88) who's more 
active (or at least certainly wants to be 
more active) than I, and travel to "grands" 
as often as we can. The only real news is 
actually from/about Linda Bailey and if she 
is too "engaged" to tell you herself by Aug. 

60 • Winrer 2009/2010 

1, here's the skinny... Linda expects her 1st 
grandchild any min. and she may or may not 
be there for the event because her choral 
group has been invited to sing at Canterbury 
Cathedral for a wk.l" 

Sally Kalber Fiedler writes that she 
and Jay are still in the same house (25 
yrs.) with no plans to downsize. Jay is only 
working 40 hr/wk. now, has no more night 
call, and is only doing Gyn., so life is con- 
siderably easier They're traveling as much 
as possible "before our legs give out." Son 
Lee and family are in Portland, OR; ador- 
able grandson, Alex, is 6. Julie's still in NYC, 
working for NBC. but expects to move when 
her husband gets his military assignment: 
right now he's at Ft. Benning, GA. 

Judy Wilson Grant: "We're doing 
well out here in the Wild West Provinces! 
Newell and I have bought a beautiful ranch 
in southern CO at the base of the Spanish 
Peaks. It came with a charming house in the 
Santa Fe style, but it has only 2 bedrooms, 
so we're in the process of adding on to 
accommodate our 4 children, 2 of whom 
have spouses. Right now, we still reside in 
Denver Our kids are in numerous zip codes: 
Chicago, Boston, Missoula, and Denver I 
have just gone on the board of the Mesa 
Verde Foundation so am learning a lot about 
the National Parks system. Still, my favorite 
"job" is the Sweet Briar Board, and I'm not 
just saying that. 

Suzy Moseley Helm and Nelson are 
thriving in Louisville and Chautauqua and 
both kids are fine. Pen is in ID and Ted is in 
the Boston area. Suzy concludes with what 
many of us probably agree, "I like my 65-yr- 
old mind, but miss my 35-yr-old body!" 

Susan Sudduth Dodson Hiller reports 
that she. Keenan Colton Kelsey Jane 
Nelson and Penn Willets Fullerton will 
be meeting at Keenan 's condo near Lake 
Tahoe this summer for their annual reunion. 
As she says, "We're so blessed that we 
have been able to be together once a yr 
for many yrs. Love and best wishes to all 

Sally Thomas Hoffman and Paul 
enjoy living out in the country about 30 mi. 
from Seattle, WA. They enjoy the trees, birds, 
and deer who often come around looking 
for apples. tHer exercise in the warmer mos. 
consists of gardening and neatening the for- 
est. Sally's indoor hobby is sewing clothes. 
She goes to a sewing lab at a local commu- 
nity college and is involved in the American 
Sewing Guild. This winter they took a long 
trip to Brazil where Paul's brother lives in 
Florianopolis on the coast and to Argentina. 
Her favorite place was Curitlbia, Brazil up in 
the mountains outside Sao Paulo. 

Margo Langenberg, who lives in NYC, 
has a full and helpful life as she is involved 
in a large number of political, foreign policy 
charitable and holistic health organiza- 
tions, including the Manhattan and Hudson 
Institutes, the Pilgrim and St. George's 
Societies, the Hope for Depression Research 
Foundation and a very special focus, the 
Northeastern Organic Farming Association of 

NY She offers her time and talents in orga- 
nizing a variety of gatherings for these and 
other non-profit organizations. She appreci- 
ates finding time to re-gather her energies 
at the Hippocrates Health Institute in West 
Palm Beach and the Sanoviv Health Institute 
in Rosario, Mexico, 

Randi Miles Long and Herb are 
blessed to see their daughter and 4 grand- 
children (ages 13 to 3) so much despite the 
distance from the San Francisco Bay Area 
to Charlotte, NC, They have enioyed Disney 
World, Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada, and 
Cape Cod this summer Son Kent lives in 
SF and works at the SF Art Institute, Randy 
also shared the very sad news of the death 
of Sharon Price Quill on 7/15. Sharon had 
cancer in her liver and her brain. She was 
surrounded by her family and even got to 
hold her 3-wk,-old grandaughter Husband 
Jim and son Brian brought her great com- 
fort. Her mother and sisters were also able 
to spend time with her 

Peg Henning Minnick's oldest daugh- 
ter. Linden Cornett, visited from OR with 
husband Ben and Jude Alexander (10 mos.) 
Her son Duncan (30) is in San Francisco 
and daughter Margaret (27) is in NYC, a 
pre-school teacher Peg still teaches Latin 
at Jericho Public Schools. She and Kathy 
Sheahan Reid and Kemble White had 
a wonderful reunion this past yr. in Santa 

Andrea Pennington shared that "The 
only thing to report here in Mobile, AL, is 
that our younger daughter, Anna, married 
Robert Powell, 6/27, at St. Mary's Catholic 
Church, with a reception at the Mobile 
Carnival Museum. Great band and lots of 
people from all over the place, even as far 
as Nonway They live in Birmingham, AL. 
Our older daughter, Katy, and her husband, 
Scott were married 2 yrs. ago and live in 
Washington, D.C. Today is our 35th wedding 
anniv., and both girls were hitched by the 
same priest who married us 35 yrs. ago, so 
we've come full circle." 

Greta B. "Cherry" Peters and Charles 
are well. Charles retired almost 1 1 yrs. 
ago. Greta still works as a business analyst 
for SunTrust Bank. She works with the 
Mortgage line of business, which is being 
bombarded with new operational restrictions 
from Congress, from HUD, and from Fannie 
Mae and Freddie Mac. Cherry and Charles 
both do a lot of volunteer board work. 

Kathy Sheahan Reid and Kemble 
White (W & L '66, W & L Law '69) have 
been married for 8 yrs. and are very 
happy He has 2 grown children in TX with 
families, and Kathy's son, Jim (24), lives 
in Hermosa Beach outside Los Angeles. 
Kemble and Kathy live in Santa Barbara 
where he practices law and she's complet- 
ing a Ph.D. in history. Most of her family is 
in this area and in Jackson Hole, WY. Kathy 
and her husband travel when they can and 
have been to AK, Northern CA, Yosemite, 
Carmel, Mexico and Europe in the last few 

Jane Utiey Strickler Tm having a 

great summer being laid off — lots of time 
for Bible study tennis, dancing, children, 
grandchildren, girlfriends, boyfriends and 
travel. I had a great trip to Temecula, CA, 
just north of San Diego with my friend Bill 
going to the annual Pierce-Arrow event. 
Have visited Augusta, GA, on numerous 
occasions to visit daughter Kathryn, a hap- 
pily married pediatrician with 4 children. Still 
going to ballet classes at Atlanta Ballet and 
playing tennis at Bitsy Grant Tennis Center 
with lots of characters. Was fortunate to 
attend SBC roommate Mary Anne Farmer's 
daughter's beautiful wedding in Savannah. 
Looking forward to a trip to the Gulf soon. 

Harriet Horsey Sturges shared these 
thoughts and reflections entitled "Read 
the Directions:'" I must have forgotten to 
read the directions although I thought I did. 
However, I must confess that Tve never fig- 
ured out spatial directions, map directions, 
N,S,E, W/left and right directions. Thus the 
reason all my friends are retiring or have 
retired and I'm still working. My friend and 
former roommate Marcy Fisher still works 
as well so we commiserate on bad days. 
Fortunately, I'm still happily (most days) 
working in D.C. and would love to hear from 
or have a visit from any Roses passing by 
or living in D.C. My husband celebrated his 
70th birthday. 

Nancy Conkle Swann and David con- 
tinue to enjoy their retirement split between 
Asheville, NC, and their little villa on St. 
Barths. They spend their time gardening, 
traveling, and with their 2 grandsons (6 and 
2) in Atlanta. Nancy enjoys hiking around 
Asheville with friends and when in St. 
Barths. she and David enjoy snorkeling. 

Martha Madden Swanson continues 
to enjoy retirement and the freedom it gives 
her to travel, read, work in the garden (or 
watch her husband work in the garden) and 
watch a lot of sports. She and her husband 
enjoy visiting their daughter in NY and the 
opportunity to see Broadway shows and 
museum exhibits. They've been recently 
to upstate NY for a big family celebration, 
to San Francisco to watch Georgetown 
compete in the national championships for 
sailing and to Mobile for Andrea Pearson 
Pennington's daughter's wedding. She 
continues to provide unpaid consulting to 
Georgetown, and is working on the 20th 
anniv celebration for the Women's Center. 
She also gives workshops periodically Her 
major volunteer work is for St, Aloysius 
Gonzaga School in the Kibera Slum in 
Nairobi, Kenya. They have raised enough 
money to build a new school, doubling the 
number of students, and they will move in 
next May Martha and her husband plan to 
go back for the big celebration next Jun. to 
see the results of our work. They continue 
to raise funds for operating expenses and to 
support the students in their post second- 
ary work 

Sidney Turner: I no longer have to 
wonder if I qualify for the senior citizens 
discount. I'm on facebook, but really don't 
get it. I think it's for all those young people 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • ' 


who go around all day texting and phon- 
ing each other. What on earth do they talk 
about? Lee and I and our greyhound are all 
retired now. However, I notice that 1 of us is 
much less retired than the other 2, mainly 
because I haven't figured out a way to ditch 
the household chores, errands, and projects. 
How did I ever have the time and energy for 
a full time job and night law school? When 
I graduated, my future stretched before me 
as far as the eye could see and there was 
plenty of time to accomplish all kinds of 
things. The horizon is much closer now. I 
know there will be things I wanted to do that 
I will never do — learn another language, 
cook all those delicious recipes, build and 
live in a log house. I feel the need to down- 
size, organize, and simplify. Fortunately, I 
continue to learn more about myself, others, 
and the world. I have also gained insight 
about things, people, events that I didn't 
understand before. Thank goodness for NPR. 

Anne Newton Walther and Roger are 
still, after almost a yr, knocked out by the 
size, numbers, and stunning visual effects of 
the Beijing Olympics. Their 8 grandsons are 
thriving and Anne's books Divorce Hangover. 
Not Damaged Goods, A Time for Treason, 
and Loss of Innocence are still selling (and 
can be found in the SBC Bookstore!) 

Carole Peer Williams: We're celebrat 
ing the birth of our 1st grandchild. Everett 
James Williams, 6/1/09. 1 continue to be 
active on the board of local and national dog 
clubs and the local museum. Bill enjoys the 
peace of retirement. 

As for myself (Makanah Morriss), Bob 
and I continue to love our retired life on our 
small "farm" here in Forest. VA. Bob has a 
huge garden, we enjoy riding our horses in 
this beautiful countryside, and we're both 
involved in volunteer and denominational 
activities. I've just become president of our 
over 800 member Unitarian Universalist 
Retired Ministers and Partners Association, 
which alms to offer support and networking 
for our retired ministers and their spouses 
across the country. I'm so lucky to live 
almost next door to Kit Baker Syndor and 
her husband. Kit continues to teach riding 
and does some judging as well as help- 
ing with some of the evaluations in the SB 
riding program. And I have Betty Booker 
Morriss as a sister-in-law (how lucky can a 
person be!) Betty is married to Bob's brother, 
Dabney They live in Richmond; we do get 
to see them several times a yr., and we had 
a wonderful week this summer with them 
on the Outer Banks. Betty writes a regular 
column for the Richmond magazine "Boomer 
Life," which enables her to share her knowl- 
edge about issues related to the joys and 
challenges of growing old. 

Thanks to one and all for your 
responses and sharing! 


Diane Dalton 
Milwaukee, Wl 53202 



Lynne Gardner Detmer 
125 Wareham's Point 
Williamsburg, VA 23185 

Thanks to all who sent news. Remember 
to put me on your Christmas mailing list, or 
send me e-mails! I shall keep all photos that 
you send for printing in our next Reunion 
book. I enjoy being class secretary, espe- 
cially now that, with e-mails, I can easily 
copy your words into our news. That means 
that we can all enjoy yot/rways of verbal 
expression, rather than have to read my 

Do you remember where your envelope 
is? (If you don't know what this means, then 
e-mail me and I shall explain.) 

Barbara Baur Dunlap Charlie and 
I have just had our 7th grandchild. All 5 
kids are well, 3 are married with kids, our 
27-yr.-old "baby" is teaching school, and our 
37-yr.-old capitalist is in IVIalawi trying to 
figure out how to start something there for 
the population who need work. Love to all. 

Susan Bokan: Last winter, I ran off on 
an amazing 3 wk. safari with Linda Fite 
through 4 countries in Africa; took my first 
road trip in decades I dubbed the "Redbud 
tour" in early spring armed with my books 
on tape and my GPS and had a great tour 
of assorted friends' homes and lives in VA 
and SO, including Melissa Allen. Then, I 
found myself on Sweet Briar Road unexpect- 
edly. I drove in, but students had left on 
spring break and really nothing I could see 
with a drive by looked familiar. Christina 
Bacchiani lives near Saratoga Springs so I 
see her often 

Pamela Boyd; We moved to Lakeland, 
FL, after living in Chariotte for less than a yr.. 
and we've been here ever since. I retired 2 
yrs. ago from teaching geometry and honors 
algebra to kids at Santa Fe Catholic H. S. 
(and before that, I taught the same subjects 
at Lakeland Christian H. S.) Older daughter 
Dee has been working for GEICO for 1 2 
yrs. and is the dir. for partnership market- 
ing. Younger daughter Kelli finished her 
Masters of Divinity at Princeton, married an 
Englishman, and works for Penguin Books 
as a publicist for religious and Inspirational 
books in NYC. Husband Dave is CEO of the 
Lakeland Diagnostic and Surgery Centers 
and says he will retire someday My father 
will celebrate his 100th birthday in Dec. 
I'm thankful for the degree I received from 
SBC. In all our travelling, I've been able to 
get numerous teaching jobs in all types of 

schools, public and private, because of hav- 
ing graduated from there. 

Katey Buster; 1 hope this finds you 
doing well! I still live in Aspen, trying to get 
over the shock of a much reduced income, 
taking up birding and love trying to identify 
those flighty creatures! Still doing property 
management and some guiding and mostly 
trying to keep my body together to do all 
those things! Lotsa love to all. 

Katherine Cooley Maher; Life is all 
about the grandchildren. We're up to 6 and 
none of them live here so we're always 
going to visit some in Charlotte, NC (3), 
Birmingham, AL (1), or Jackson Hole, WY 
(2). Philip still works, but I've been happily 
retired for 2 yrs. and spend a lot of time 
volunteering with Habitat. Life is good. 

Mary Gress; Retired in '07 after 27 
yrs. at the Dept. of Energy, and moved 
soon thereafter from Gaithersburg, MD. to 
St. Simons Island. GA. Thus began a new 
chapter in life with new friends, the beach, 
starting duplicate bridge, gardening, even a 
new cat. Life is goodi 

Kristin Kuhns Alexandre wrote in 
Jun.: just had dinner with Sweet Briar for- 
mer roommate Ram Browning Durrant 
here in Nantucket. We had so much fun, 
and we wandered down to Sconset's Low 
Beach and saw the seal colony A baby 
seal hopped up to take a close look at my 
beagle, Dottie. It was scary as I was worried 
Dottle would bite that baby seal and pass on 
her dog germs to the entire Nantucket seal 
colony. But Pam's brave husband David car- 
ried both of my dogs back to the car. I also 
took care of 2 orphaned Latvian sisters all 
summer and spoke with Stephanie Bredin 
Speakman. who owns land in Australia and 
also a house in Nantucket. 

Penny Oliver Chapell; Retired on 
8/4/09. I've loved my career, but I'm ready 
for free. Daughter Liz and her husband have 
graciously agreed to share their 2 adorable 
sons with me once they return from Lake 
Michigan, My son. Miles. (36) is finally get- 
ting married this fall. Carl and I are looking 
fonA/ard to relaxing and enjoying the freedom 
that retirement offers. 

Addie Russo; My latest book {Le 
Peintre comme modele: Su Surrealisme 
a TExfreme Contemporain, Presses 
universitaires du Septentrion. collection 
"Perspectives". 2007) won 2 significant 
prizes. It was awarded the Prix Debrousse 
Gas Forestier by the French Academic des 
Beaux-Arts, Here's a description of the 1st 
prize; Mazarin and Colbert founded the 
Academic des Beaux-Arts, one of the 5 
Academies that constitute the Institut de 
France. The diverse units — architecture, 
music, painting, engraving, and sculpture — 
of the Academy were united in 1 795, 
Professor Russo's study is an interdisciplin- 
ary analysis of the dialogue between poets, 
painters, sculptors and composers in 20th 
century France and their participation in or 
reaction against the surrealist movement. 
She received her prize in Paris on 1 1/14/07. 
The award that is given every other yr, to 

acknowledge a work that deals with the 
interdisciplinary relationship between the 
arts. More than 100 books were submit- 
ted by their editors to the competition." 
In 1 2/08. 1 received the Aldo and Jeanne 
Scalgione Prize for the Outstanding Book 
in French and Francophone Studies for 
'07 awarded by the Modern Language 
Association, the largest and oldest profes- 
sional organization in the U. S. devoted 
to research and teaching of literature 
and languages. In Mar., I was decorated 
by the French Ministry of Culture and 
Communication as a Chevalier in the Ordre 
des Arts et Lettres. This past yr., I received 
an Atlas Grant from the Louisiana State 
Board of Regents to finish research on a 
new book devoted to the Contemporary 
French poet Michel Deguy I spent the yr in 
the Archives of the Institut de la Memoire 
de I'Edition Contemporaine near Caen. So 
sorry I missed Reunion. Am always in touch 
with Jane Weihman Block whom I see all 
the time and Stephanie and Kristen. whom I 
havn't seen recently. Jane and Harold invited 
me to meet them in Beaune last fall when 
Harold was honored by the Chevaliers de 
Tastevin, an organization to promote the 
wines of Burgundy In which Jane's father 
played a significant role too. N.B. I remem- 
ber with great fondness our endless over- 
night trips on the train from NYC to Madison, 
VA, getting in at 4 a.m. 

Jan. 09, Emmy Savage; I've just gone 
through the trauma of selling my dad's 
house. Houses aren't just repositories 
of stuff, but all that stuff has memories 
attached to it and I think it's one of the 
hardest things I've ever done. I bought a 
new car, a little Honda Fit, and I'm setting 
off across the country to CA via TX stop- 
ping at some Benedictine monastic retreats 
and with friends along the way It's a work- 
ing trip for painting material and also to 
explore prayer. 

In Jul,; I'm still painting with a studio 
in Chestertown and a website and gallery 
although the present economic realities 
make me continue to guestion my sanity. 
I took some time out last winter to drive 
across the country and back to visit old 
friends including my SBC roommate, Blair 
Lawrence and her husband in Warrenton, 
VA and ecology professor. Dr. Edwards in 
Lynchburg. I continued on to KY to stay at a 
Benedictine retreat and then to TX to visit a 
friend who rescues dogs. Then on to Big 
Bend National Park and then to CA to visit 
an old friend and my brother who lives in 
Marine County. All the while I was collect- 
ing photos to use as references for future 
landscapes. More recently I drove with my 
TX friend to CO with her horse for a train- 
ing in Pagosa Springs. Now I'm home and 
must get to work to justify all of this goofing 
off. I'm in conversation with 2 women about 
starting an intentional Benedictine com- 
munity so stay tuned. I'm always glad to see 
my classmates at Reunion and am looking 
forward to our next time together in 201 3. 

Jun. 2009. Julie Seibels Northup; I'm 

Sweet Brior College Alumnae Magazine • ' 

Aolumnae sbc edu 

Winter 2009/2010 • 61 

a partner at the Atlanta law firm of Barrett 
& Farahany, LLP, representing employees 
in employment law and civil rigfits matters. 
This was a pre-SBC-era career ambition 
fulfilled late in life, so I was fiappy to finally 
make it from a "Rising Star Super Lawyer" 
peer rating to a grown-up "Super Lawyer" 
tfiis yr Fred still manages the non-profit he 
founded in '98: Athletes for a Better World. 
Both sons are married and thriving. Fred 
Jr. heads Southdown Creative in Seattle, 
with gigs all over the country, and Temple 
is getting a Ph.D. in Mass Communications 
at UNC, My outside activities include sing- 
ing with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra 
Chorus (I have 2 Grammies on my wall!) 
and mentoring through the I Have a Dream 
Foundation. I see former roommate Ann 
Webster often and have reconnected with 
several classmates and Jr. Yr. Abroad friends 
through Facebook. We enjoy a little cabin 
in the north GA mountains and just bought 
a fixer-upper (a.k.a, hurricane wreck) in the 
Virgin Islands that we hope will be wonderful 
sometime soon. But the best news is that 
Fred and I will be grandparents for the 1st 
time in Oct,i 

Patricia SItarda: I still teach fulltime 
as a professor of English at Smith Coll, 
in Northampton. (VIA. This fall I'll give the 
Convocation Address to the whole college, 
something of a dubious honor. My field is 
Romantic Poetry and Prose, but I teach a 
large class on Telling & Retelling; Modern 
Novels and Their Literary Antecedents and a 
Ist-yr. seminar on academic fiction, called 
"The Groves of Academe" (title a tribute to 
the best of lot, by Mary McCarthy). I spent 
summers and holidays with my father (94) 
in Clovis, NM. It's refreshing to come back 
to the flat land (really a high plateau) after 
a semester in New England, where I perch 
but have never really felt at home. My work 
for the Roman Catholic Church continues to 
inspire me. too. Since I never married, I'm 
free to enjoy the meetings of the National 
Conference of Catholic Bishops as a consul- 
tant to one of the big committees. 

June 2009. from Amy Thompson 
McCandless: I went to a reception the 
Charleston alums had for Betsy Muhlenfeld, 
and I saw her again at the Southern Assoc, 
for Women Historians' triennial conference 
at the U, of SC in eariy Jun, It was excit- 
ing to hear about the new programs at 
SBC, especially the women in engineering 
program, I still enjoy my job as dean of the 
graduate school at the Coll, of Charleston, 
I've been co-chair of the university strategic 
planning committee — a more challenging 
assignment, especially with horrible budget 
situation in SC. Right now we're working 
on a global MBA program (and I'm trying to 
persuade our B-school dean to send me to 
Asia to check out the various sites for him). 
In Jul. I head off to the UK to give a paper 
on southern women in higher education at 
the Oxford Round Table. Afterward, a friend 
and I plan to spend a wk. sightseeing in 

Suzanne Torgan Weston: "Since 

62 • Winter 2009/2010 

being laid off from my job of 19 yrs, in 
7/06, I've been working around the house. I 
helped my husband work on a "flip" house. 
He finished it this Mar., so we've been mak- 
ing up for lost time. We visited our daughter 
and family in OR. and did sightseeing and 
visited friends on 2 trips to NM. On 7/8/09, 
we head to TN for a national BMW rally 
and to visit family (and maybe visit SBC?), 
and to ME, and Nova Scotia in Aug., also 
to visit family. Then it's back to NM in Sept, 
for another BMW rally. All on our BMW 
motorcycles, of course! Since the flip house 
is under contract, we'll probably look for 
another after riding season is over, I'll also 
try to catch up on my neglected correspon- 
dence, I don't know if I'll be able to attend 
our 45fh Reunion in 2013. but I'll keep it in 
mind. Although I was at SBC for only 1 yr., I 
remember a number of my classmates, and 
it would be fun to get together, BTW, SBC is 
the only college out of the 4 that I attended 
to which I give annually I've done so every 
yr, (I think) since receiving my B,A, (from U. 
of CA, Santa Barbara) and M.S. (from CA 
State Coll.. LA) 

Ellen Wakefield Yenawine I live 
in the woods (with the bears and moose) 
in NH, I'm a learning specialist at Proctor 
Academy in Andover, NH. I still collaborate 
with my husband, Gardner, in our career and 
life planning practice, Yenawine Lifeworks. 
as well and am focused on working with 
young adults in transition who are trying to 
figure out next steps. Son Chris is in private 
banking in Switzeriand, and son PJ is in MD 
in advertising. Gardner's kids live closer in 
MA and VT, Gardner and I share 7.5 grand- 
children who bring us joy and much hilarity. 

Christine Witcover Dean says: "I 
retired from the US Attorney's Office in 1/07, 
and I'm having a great time. I ride my horse 
and compete in low level dressage, I also 
have a retired horse who I treat as a pet. 
My husband retired in May, so we're getting 
adjusted to him at home all of the time. My 
kids still live in the Raleigh area. I was at 
SBC in the fall, and I saw Nancy Baldwin 
'57. She hasn't changed. I look fonward to 
our next reunion. 


Nancy Crawford Bent 
14 Popping Brook Road 
Sherborn.iVIA 01770 

Too bad for me & all others who missed 
Reunion! Comments from attendees: "Y'all 
looked fabulous & totally happy . . . Cathy 
Stopher did a magnificent job of making 
those phone calls to all corners of the globe 
& seeing to it that we won a prestigious 
award! I'm still shocked that Cathy was 
able to get us to break records! Most of the 
records our class broke weren't the kind 
that you wanted to be known for breaking. I 
saw each of us arrive at SBC & peel off our 

adult armor. Indeed we did revert to college 
■giris' & have an absolutely fabulous time! 
SBC looked beautiful & seems to be a very 
vibrant & prospering campus." 

Susan Bloomer Rice (Capt. Cook, 
HI): "I came out here in '78 with my then- 
husband, have 3 daughters, & have recently 
been laid off from my long-time museum 
job. Fortunately, the girls are finished w/ 
their educations & are launched so I'm 
relying on my superior SBC education as 
the basis for career re-invention. I'm taking 
online courses in graphic design, writing 
grants trying to get some stimulus money 
for my favorite organizations, & painting my 

I got a photo from Diane DeLong 
Fitzpatrick (Atlanta) of husband John & her 
in Vail, both looking happy w/ the slopes in 
the background. Diane is a print production 
mgr/proofreader & John is a trial attorney w/ 
the US Dept. of Justice. 

Annie Green Gilbert (Seattle) 
has published Brain-Compatible Dance 
Education (Natl. Dance Assoc. '06) & 
daughter Bronwen took all the photos for it. 

In case you don't know, Cattiy Hall 
Stopher (Louisville) & her fundraising 
committee broke 2 records: the amount 
($1 35,000-1-) for the 40th Reunion, & the % 
of giving: 88%, which broke a 20-yr. record! 
Our class has a permanent plaque by the 
student dining room. 

Recently in NOLA to give a talk, 
Claudette Harloe Dalton (Earlysville, VA) 
visited IVIartha Brewer & Susan (& their 2 
great danes), drank MB's "really wonderful 
Rum & Diet Rite mixture," & told medical 
war stories. 

In May Ridgely Fuller (Waltham, MA) 
went to Gaza as part of a children's interest 
delegation invited by the UN, She visited the 
areas devastated by the recent 23-day war, 
walking w/ childen among the bombed-out 
buildings, & visiting in the UN tents set 
up for the homeless. At the Smile Society, 
an organization working w/ children, she 
participated in the building of a very pink 
playground, "My job became to entertain the 
100-1- children who joined in. It was joyful & 
exhausting!" Later she visited the compound 
of the family that received intrnati, press 
attention when 29 of them were killed by 
Israeli troops, an incident being investigated 
as a war crime. Our group visited youth 
centers, hospitals, schools, & many officials 
(including Hamas leaders), some of whom 
placed themselves in danger to meet with 

There was an appalling exchange of 
emails between Elizabeth Lewis (San 
Francisco) & Claudette Dalton affer 
Elizabeth's 8/09 surgery. We now have 2 
doc classmates who've experienced our 
medical system from the patient's side & 
advise that none of us go into a hospital w/o 
family there to advocate for us. Claudette 
wrote, "Despite my position in the AMA, I 
have no idea what to do about this. It isn't 
so much about doctors as it is about money 
When the CEO of United Healthcare makes 

1 ,3 billion dollars a yr, something smells 
pretty rotten." Elizabeth replied. "Decisions 
are shaped by what insurance will pay for. 
There's an incentive [for the docs] not to 
know certain things because if a problem 
is uncovered it might not get reimbursed. 
If David hadn't been w/ me when I came 
back from the recovery room I'd be dead, 
but I would've died in a private room w/ 
an amazing view & who can put a price on 

Mary Mahan Marco (Doylestown, 
PA) was glad for the trip to Reunion w/Sue 
Roessel Gibson & Phyllis Girard What I 
enjoyed most was the chance to connect w/ 
people I didn't know well, but found to be so 
interesting, friendly, & informed. Our class 
has some amazing people! As to the college, 

1 can attest to the wonderful experience 
that it was for my niece (SBC '07). After 
spending a semester at VA Tech, she found 
SBC's nurturing environment the place for 
her S is now finishing her requirements to 
become an Occupational Therapist." After 
Reunion, Mary & husband Bob spent 2 
wks. in Maui, their favorite place to swim, 
snorkel, hike, & walk the beach. She was 
looking at the approaching fall semester at 
Bucks Co. C.C, where she has been a Prof, 
of Mathematics for 24 yrs,, as a transitional 
period. With her husband retired & a 
retirement package 'on the table' for her, 
she thought a lot about her diverse group 
of students, her teaching, & the privilege 

to be part of a college community, & she 
found that she couldn't give it up. Son Rob 
(29) is engaged to a wonderful girl from DE; 
John (26) is the IT manager for a company 
in Boston; and Todd (24) is an electrical 
engineer w/Schure Electronics in Chicago. 
Carolyn Mapp Hewes (Atlanta) Lem 

6 I, married 14 yrs . have 6 children & 

7 grandchildren between us. My oldest, 
Michael, just graduated from Stanford 
Business School & moved back here w/ 
his wife & toddler son to run the family real 
estate company, Dorsey Alston Realtors. I 
do a lot of babysifting. Son Paul teaches 

at St. Andrew's School in Boca Raton; son 
David does acting, writing. & some produc- 
tion work in LA. Lem has 2 children & 4 
grandchildren here & a son w/2 children 
in Boston. We're heavily involved in several 
charities: Alzheimer's Society, Childhood 
Autism, Grady Hospital Foundation, & 
Peachtree Rd. UMC. We play golf when we 
can. but we seem to always be away visiting 
friends (eg Anne Rhett Merrill Cathy 
Hall Stopher. & Blair Josephs Rohreri 
& going to weddings! I see Ann Arnspiger 
Canipe here a lol 

Lynn Cakes Miller (Pacific Palisades, 
CA) "Steve & I have been married 34 yrs. 
& have lived here the whole time. We have 

2 children, Carolyn (31) & Patrick (29). 
Carolyn played varsity volleyball for 4 yrs. at 
Emory & was 1st in her class at USC film 
school where she directed the class film. 
She has written & directed a feature length 
film that is still looking for a distributor. 
Patrick IS in his 1 0th sophomore yr. at a 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www, alumnae, sbcedu 

surfing school In HI, dates Cubby Broccoli's 
granddaughter (the family that makes the 
James Bond movies). & has appeared in 
about 200 print ads (Vogue etc.) as a swim 
suit model. I've worked part time In HR 
at DSC for 1 2 yrs. where I'm a retirement 
counselor for the faculty & administer some 
specialized retirement programs, it's virtu- 
ally pro-bono. but I enjoy the interesting 
faculty & the many things that are always 
going on at a large urban campus. Steve 
worked principally in the financial area, 
most recently selling a small manufactur- 
ing CO. he owned with partners & is now 
looking for the next thing to do. I'm an avid 
orchid grower. I like golf & try to play a little. 
We belong to a beach club where there is 
a great gym" 

Lynn Pearson Russell (Alexandria, 
VA) & Bill's daughter Emily graduated from 
NYU in 5/08 & was still living In the E. 
Village, working 4 jobs including editing a 
book, making jewelry, & putting In 2 nights 
a wk. as a hostess at a downtown club. 
Son Mudge was in San Francisco, but Lynn 
& Bill managed to see him every few mos. 
In '08. A favorite trip was to stay with him 
& his wonderful girlfnend in cabins at Big 
Sur. "We hiked the high ridges overlooking 
Carmei, searched for mushrooms, & toasted 
one another with wine & oysters at sunset 
on the cliffs above the Pacific." In 10/08, 
Bill & Lynn spent a wk. in Venice w/friends. 
Fortunately they missed the 'highest water' 
which submerged the city a few weeks later 
What an incredible experience! 

JP Powell (Chattanooga) still works 
at the TN Aquarium, although her job 
duties have changed. She still oversees 
the retail division, but spends 50% of 
her time working on the design of new 
galleries & graphics (interpretives) for 
those exhibits. "In '05 we added a new 
building devoted to marine life. I was on 
the team that helped design it & oversee 
the 2-yr construction project. I've become 
more & more committed to environmental 
Issues & have developed a special interest 
in green building. 2 yrs. ago I attended 
house-building school in preparation for 
building my own 'green' house. I purchased 
a building lot & worked w/an architect 
on a design. Just as I was ready to put 
my current house on the market & begin 
building my dream house, the economic 
meltdown occurred so my house project is 
on hold until things Improve. Meanwhile, I'm 
working on several sustainablllty efforts w/ 
the city & have represented our Aguarlum 
on some initiatives related to climate change 
& the oceans." Since '04 JP has traveled 
to Africa (Tanzania & Zanzibar), China, & 
Vietnam, She took a "fun trip" w/famlly to 
Provence & the Lake District of Italy. JP 
has stayed close with her sister (also an 
SBC grad) & her 2 brothers & is a doting 
auntie to their children. "I campaigned 
for & was overjoyed by Obama's election. 
During the campaign I was fanatical in my 
devotion to the news & special websites. 
I'm better now. having weaned myself from 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • ^ 

all-polltlcs-all-the-time & am trying to live a 
more balanced life: time w/friends, exercise, 
reading, volunteer work, etc. Life is good 
and I'm thankful!" 

Susan Scanlan (Alexandria. VA); "1 
had the pleasure of meeting with Elizabeth 
Lewis's son. Matt, a couple wks. ago. We 
traded stories about our experiences in 
Spain.'Cataluna; his from the last yr & mine 
from 4 decades ago. living in the Pyrenees 
w/Jean McKee Carmlchael '70 and her UVA/ 
Barcelona basketballer husband. Matt was 
amused by my descriptions of Gen. Franco 
being in 'grave condition' during my stay. 
Elizabeth wins the Gold Medal for raising a 
terrific son." 

On behalf of the class, I offer my 
sympathy to Ann Tremain Lee (Newport 
News, VA) whose mother died in Jun. She 
had been in a facility in C'vllle where Ann 
was headed to visit her after Reunion. Saint 
is a cardiologist & therapist while Ann is 
a Stephen Minister at her church, visiting 
the elderly & the housebound, & a hotline 
volunteer at a domestic violence shelter 
She's also a member of a dream group, 
a book group, & a I'ery low-key bridge 
4-some. One of the most important things 
she's done since '69 has been "being a part 
of my own growing, stretching, maturing, & 
accepting life on life's terms." 

AtLee Walker (DC.) is retired from 
teaching & is now a "mixed-media artist" 
working at home. She won 1st prize at a 
"wearable art" show in VA 2 yrs. In a row & 
sold her artwork at galleries in VA for several 
yrs. Husband John Rippey is a retired 
legislative asst. for a trade assoc. for bank 
holding cos. & is a ham radio enthusiast. 
Jessica (W&L, Loyola in Baito) is married to 
a Balto City Police Detective & grandchildren 
are Julia (5) and Alex (2). The 2 things she'd 
like us to know about her are that she Is 
a conservative & that she loves doing art, 
but still feels like a mathematician & a 
linguist. As coach for the Martha's Vineyard 
girls varsity lax team, Betsy West Dripps 
(Chllmark, MA) missed Reunion because 
they were playing In the MA state tourney 
as they have done every yr since Betsy 
started the program 13 yrs. ago. Craig still 
teaches the top level math courses at the h. 
s, & Betsy has a wonderful job as education 
coordinator of the Pelly Hill Arboretum, being 
the "hands on" science teacher Betsy plays 
golf & spends a lot of her free time traveling 
to see her grandchildren since none of them 
live nearby. Luckily in the summer they all 
go to visit Betsy & Craig since everyone 
loves going to the Vineyard. 

The Bents' news is that Adele (30) is 
now a social worker at the Arlington School, 
a h. s. at McLean Hospital near Boston for 
kids w/psych disorders, & she lives near 
Harvard Sq. so there's always something 
to do. Charles (26) lives In Soho NYC, is 
finishing his M.A. thesis in the Business of 
Art, & has been offered a job at Sotheby's. 
Delerium! Peter & I spent a summer week- 
end w/Ridgely & Brad on their island In a 
ME lake. We swam, kayaked, rode around 

^w alumnaesbc edu 

In their "party boat," read, & went to a loon 
calling contest In town. What a hoot! 


:\c-,-u... x\Y.\- ?/~,a^,a.1-a3. 3.010 

Nia Eldridge Eaton 
461 Rittenhouse Blvd. 
Jeffersonville, PA 19403 

How ironic! As 1 compile these notes in 8/09 
the media Is distracting itself with remem- 
brances of Woodstock 40 yrs. ago. Crosby 
Stills, Nash & Young is playing in the back- 
ground, commentators our childrens' ages 
are remarking on the Woodstock generation, 
and we're preparing for our 40th Reunion 
in 5/10. Thanks to all of those who wrote. 
I look fonward to hearing more from all of 
you — what an Interesting group of women! 

Margaret Arnold Jackson exclaims 
"Life is Good." Still living in Macon, GA, with 
husband Jim and golden retriever Ginger 
who rules the household. She retired in 
12/07 after 34 yrs. In public schools In spe- 
cial ed., counseling and administration, and 
does part-time consulting for State Dept. 
of Ed. while building a timber frame home 
in Monroe Co. Son James lives in Macon 
where he does one-of-a-kInd custom furni- 
ture and cabinets. Daughter Meg and hus- 
band Ben Beaird live In Dallas with Bailey 
(8-the princess), Jackson (6), and Dobson 
(4). Mother (84) and mother-in-law (98) are 
both independent and doing well. 

I write with sad news that Sandra 
Starrett passed away on 7/5/09 at age 60. 
She lived in Pompano Beach, FL. I know you 
all will join me in grieving for our classmate. 

Monnie Brown Groos, San Antonio; 
The big excitement in our lives has been 3 
weddings in the last 1 8 mos! That's it for Bill 
& me; we're ready for some serious R&R. 
And some grandbabies! 

Ann Coleman Hicks extends a very 
tempting invitation! I'm still In Miami after 
all these yrs. and still married to Mark 
Hicks: come see us here or in the Bahamas 
at Romora Bay Club In Harbour island, N. 
Eleuthera — great fishing, snorkeling, and 
the prettiest pink sand beach In the world, 
not to mention world class restaurants. 
We're part of a group that bought the resort, 
and we spend a couple of mos. there in the 
spring and summer — my largest yellow fin 
tuna is 115 lbs! 

Terri Eoff Walsh moved back to 
Norman, OK, to support her mother (92). 
Most of us can identify with the plight 
of parents upon whom age has been a 
vicious predator in body &/or mind. Norman 
revolves around the U.; Terri is leveraging a 
number of its arts and cultural resources. 
She has developed a support system for her 
mother so she can make some short trips to 
visit her children. 

Kudos to Ann Gateley for taking on the 
chore of wheedling monies out of us for our 

class gift. Lets ail help Gateley in her mis- 
sion; My big news is that I'm reimg — well, 
going to quarter time. I'll be a professor 
emeritus. I plan to keep traveling; Italy, Peru, 
Mexico, and Spain this yr I still run, hike, 
ski, and cycle with multiple overuse iniuries 
to compare with my patients. I will be at 
Reunion and will organize our class reunion 
gift. I'll use the opportunity to catch up with 

Betty Glass Smith gives us a snap- 
shot of her busy life: I'm an employee of 
the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond 
for almost 3 yrs. now, after having been a 
consultant for 8 yrs. in the IT Industry, and 
with BofA for 1 8 yrs, before that. Hubby Bill 
retires next spring. Oldest son Wes (27), 
Army Capt., returned in Mar from his 2nd 
deployment to Iraq. He and wife Lauren and 
granddaughter Allison (2) will be based at 
Ft. Meade, MD, in a yr only 3 hrs. from us. 
I can't wait! 2nd son Corbin (26) moved 
back In with us. Bill and 1 are dealing with 
parents in their 90s. which has opened our 
eyes to many Issues of the elderly and those 
that must look after them. I plan to attend 
Reunion next yr and hope that many of our 
classmates will. After the 1st day of Reunion 
last time, only Kristin Herzog, Mary Kelly 
and 1 were there! So everyone make plans 
now! 1 hear from Barbara Ann Lalance 
Kelly on occasion. 

Jane Gott has exited the corporate rat 
race and is focused on gentler pursuits; Ron 
and I have been retired in Northern VA for 4 
yrs it took at least a yr to decompress from 
my life in pharmaceutical sales with Sanofi- 
Adventis. I'm enjoying the time to take art 
courses (mainly watercolor) and participate 
in the arts community. Some of my paintings 
have been accepted in local juried shows. 
I'm keeping flexible with yoga and working 
on my spiritual growth in Bible studies. 1 
saw Barbara Offutt Matheson a tew mos 
back. She's well and both children now live 
in the D.C, area, 1 keep in touch with 
Laura Sickman Baksa on Cape Cod and 
Candace Buker Chang in Boston. About 
5 yrs. ago we 4 had a fun-filled Reunion 
on Cape Cod at Laura's home. The high- 
light of my retirement thus far has been a 
2-wk. painting course In the hiiltowns of 
Umbria followed by a cruise through the 
Greek Islands, starting in Rome and ending 
In Venice, i have reference photos for many 
paintings and wonderful memories. 

Class of 70 has a lot of gifted artists. 
Kris Herzog writes; I've been having a 
great yr I started doing watercolor and 
joined the Art League at the Torpedo Factory 
in Alexandria where 1 have my work in their 
gallery Right this minute I'm in Edinburgh, 
Scotland, scouting out galleries and visiting 
my mother's family 

JoAnne Hicks Robblee is currently an 
elem. principal in Cobb County, GA, outside 
of Atlanta; It's my 10th yr as a principal. 
Husband Paul is retired from the Army 
JAG Corps and works for the GA Court of 
Appeals as a staff attorney Son Clay Is 
In Raleigh with wife Rebecca and beauti- 

Winter 2009/2010 • 63 

ful daughter Madison (15 mos. in Aug.) 
Daughter Jessica is in Denver as an actress 
and about to start her Masters of Fine Arts. 

Sue Holbrook Daly: I still practice resi- 
dential real estate in Northern VA and teach, 
write, and edit real estate classes. Our 2 
daughters, Andrea and Stephanie, have 5 
sons between them, 6,5,4,3, and 23 mos! 
They're the lights or our lives! We still live in 

Lucy Lombardi Evans: Stewart and 
I divide our time between our houses in 
Denver and Upper Captiva Island, FL, and 
are keeping active in both places by bik- 
ing, running, swimming, and golfing. We'll 
celebrate our 30th anniv. next yr! We have 
1 granddaughter from our daughter in Ft. 
Collins, and I'm loving every min. of being a 
grandmother Our son graduates from busi- 
ness school in Nov. and will take off for Chile 
after Christmas to seek his fortune. 

Mimi Moore has relocated! After 
spending virtually all my life riding and farm- 
ing in VA hunt country, I have started a new 
life in the town of Ashland, OR, with 2 dogs 
and 3 cats. My children are still in school 
(do they ever finish?) and have miraculously 
turned out to be happy productive, kind 

Denise Mullen has taken a new posi- 
tion in Canada. She moved to the Alberta 
College of Art & Design as Provost and Vice 
President of Research and Academic Affairs. 

Many of us probably share Julia 
Northrup's message, writing from Seattle: 
Nothing of great interest to share. 

Marcla Pollack Ragsdale in SC 
reports: I'm retired from retailing and have 
a new granddaughter Sterling, along with 
twins (3 y?). I've been keeping up with 
Emmy Holt, Mary Lawson, and a few 
others plus saw Franny at the Sanctuary last 
Jan. doing her Vietri thing. 

Hugs to all from hot and muggy DC. 
from Kate Schlech: Still with DOJ Antitrust 
Division, coming up on my 29th anniv 
Working on a couple of maior criminal 
matters that I can't talk about. Am in good 
health — celebrated my 5 yr. anniv. post- 
breast cancer: I'm officially cured of that. 
Saw Debbie Jones a yr ago: her husband 
is retired and they live in ME where Debo 
telecommutes, still doing hospital certifica- 
tions, I think. 

Odds and ends of business travel, 
usually to such garden spots as Newark, 
Brooklyn, or Detroit. But, I did treat myself 
to a fabulous trip 2/09 with a friend: 2 wks. 
on a tenting and photo safari in Tanzania 
(Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and Olduvai 
Gorge), followed by 5 days of pristine 
beaches and spice tours on Zanzibar. I'd do 
it again in a heartbeat. Next stop most likely 
to be the Nile River and pyramids. 

Pat Swinney Kaufman NY: I continue 
to see Mary Jane Hipp Brock and Fran 
Griffith Laserson regularly in NY and on 
some girl trips we've started to organize — 
1 St to Vegas and next to Fran's place in The 
Georgian Bay of Lake Huron. These trips are 
proving to be as much fun as a road trip to 

64' Winter 2009/2010 

PrincetonAJVA/Chapel Hill (insert your favor- 
ite weekend destination from the late 60s!) 
Also thanks to Mary Jane we spend time 
with Wallis Wickham (married name?) and 
Jessica Holzier out at Mary Jane's beauti- 
ful East Hampton house. Again, so much 
fun. Back here in NYC, I continue to enjoy 
my job as the Executive Dir of the NY State 
Governor's Office for Motion Picture and 
Television Development, which is long hand 
for NY State Film Commissioner. Big news 
for my husband Lloyd is that his classic cult 
film from the 80s, The Toxic Avenger, has 
been turned into a musical and actually won 
Best Off Broadway Musical this summer So 
any one coming to visit NYC should go see 
The Toxic Avenger musical at the New World 
Stages. Our 3 daughters continue to flourish. 
Lily Hayes is about to start her final yr. at 
Harvard Business School. Lisbeth gradu- 
ated from Yale last yr and was working in 
DC, but has returned to NYC to work on a 
number of eco green sustainability projects. 
Our youngest, Charlotte, just spent 1 5 mos. 
studying Arabic. Middle Eastern Studies and 
anthropology in Yemen with a final stretch 
in Oman, but is now returning home to start 
her jr yr at Columbia U. We'll be glad to 
have her back in the USA for a while. I do 
hope to get to the 40th as it would be my 
1 St SBC Reunion and I'd love to reconnect. 

From Sally Taylor My news this yr. 
is the Cancer Dance. Seems like nearly 
everyone is doing it; mine was endometrial 
cancer I'm through with the treatments and 
spending time in VA, when I'm not sailing in 
San Francisco, at a piece of family property 
in Powhatan County (right off old Rt. 60) 
known as "Weatherall." (Seems appropriate!) 
Hoping to create a state wildlife preserve 
out of my part of that. SBC kindly included 
my latest edition of Culture Shock France in 
their last Alumnae News. 

We can all probably identify with 
Pam Walker's musings from Little Rock. 
Reminded me of the old observation that the 
Rolling Stones would tour so long that the 
women in the audience would be throwing 
their walkers instead of room keys at Mick 
dagger: I'm ready to retire, but my broker 
tells me I can't yet. I'm still practicing labor 
law, but on a much more restricted level — 
no more complex litigation, no more 3-mo. 
trials, no more big class actions, no more 
living out of a suitcase. I'm teaching a class 
in pre-trial lawyering skills at the U. of AR 
law school here in Little Rock (essentially 
teaching a lot of former business majors 
how to write) and doing monthly programs 
for AR Women Lawyers. (I'm the perennial 
program chair only because I am so old — 
that means I know more people to get as 
speakers.) I'm still keeping up an old house 
in the Quapaw Quarter Historic District, the 
only neo-Egyptian house left in the country, 
apparently (according to the Old House 
Journal, not really a definitive survey); and, 
since I seem to be practicing law to support 
this monstrosity, I have my law offices here 
now. I'm also serving in loco grand-parentis 
for my niece's 3 children: a boy (4) and 2 

girls (5 & 6). Auntie is, therefore, once again 
into children's clothes and dolls. Barring any 
unforseen illnesses (I have been averag- 
ing a virus every other mo. since the kids 
started going to school) I plan on making 
it to Reunion. I hope we all recognize each 
other After looking like a 12-yr,-old most of 
my adult life. I suddenly look 60! Last yr in 
a Christmas card, I received 2 photographs 
taken at a friend's retirement party, and 
my 1 st thoughts as I looked at the pictures 
were: "Who is that old woman next to X?" I 
literally didn't recognize myself! We're going 
to need name tags in REALLY BIG PRINT 
Here's hoping we can all still see enough to 
ambulate and can still ambulate! Looking 
fon/vard to seeing everyone then, no matter 
how indistinctly 

Debbie Warren Rommel Ross & 

1 have moved to TX Hill Country (near 
Kerrville) after many yrs. of talk. Love it here, 
though still drive to Houston once a wk. A 
river, deer, stars, great spot! 

Katie Lou Warren Towers: Chadie 
and I celebrated our 1 5th anniv. I love my 
lite with my old man (he's 25 yrs. older 
than me)! We spend most of our time in 
Jacksonville, FL, but get to the mountains 
for about 3 mos. each yr plus still take a 
few trips. Last fall we went to the Baltics 
and Russia for 2 wks., and in Mar we went 
to Israel for 2 wks.; both were wonderful in 
their own way. Life is i/e/ytull. I'm busy with 

2 Bible studies, a foundation board, garden 
circle, book club, volunteer work at church. 
Women for Christ (a local organization), etc. 
on top of keeping my house and yard in 
order, looking after my husband (and parents 
in the summer), seeing family and friends, 
running every day. I certainly don't feel 61 : 
I'm too young for that! 

Your absentee secretary and erstwhile 
president, Nia Eldridge Eaton, apologizes 
for being so derelict in my duties. Like 
everyone else, life gets in the way of good 
intentions. I have a new man in my life — a 
14-mo.-old boxer dog named Stormy, whom 
I adore or am ready to strangle depend- 
ing. The company where I worked for 10 
yrs. was acquired by IBM 2 yrs. ago. What 
a cultural shock going from a 3K person 
entrepreneurial organization to a small fish 
in a big pond of 360K people in a very 
matrixed organization! This yr my travels are 
constrained to the MidAtlantic and CA. I still 
have my home in suburban Philly and my 
condo at the Delaware shore, which I don't 
see as much as I'd like. Please send news 
& pictures; maybe we can put out an interim 
newsletter in advance of Reunion. 


Lynne Manov Sprinsky 
Montoursville, PA 17754 

Gale Hull Wtietzel 
2696 Coventry Rd. 
Columbus, Ohio 43221 

Alison Jones spent a delicious summer 
break with Jean Mackenzie Thatcher. 

enjoying her family from ages 65 to 9 mos., 
2 huge Bernese Mountain dogs, and 5 
perfect summer days on the beach. They 
talked of days studying by the dam at SBC 
and of books just read: Wildflower. about 
Joan Root, an African filmmaker (Alison) 
and The Walmart Effect {Jeari). Meanwhile 
Alison continues to expand the work of her 
No Water No Life ® project; and urges 
classmates to follow her on Twitter (as 
"NoWaterNoLife") to learn of the current 
threats and solutions to our fresh water 
resources. The project's website is www, 

Rene Roark Bowditch wrote from 
Williamsburg, VA where her youngest 
graduated from h. s. and is off in the fall 
to Washington and Lee, "which didn't even 
have girls, except on the weekends, when 
we were at SBC!" She's still busy with her 
part-time teaching job at the William and 
Mary Law School and her full-time volun- 
teer job with Beyond Boobs! Inc., a 501(c) 
(3) nonprofit Rene started 3 yrs. ago with 
her co-founder, a 41 -yr.-old with breast 
cancer Their story is on their website: www, 
beyondboobsincorg and FaceBook page: 
Beyond Boobs. Their mission is to support 
and nurture young breast cancer survivors 
(diagnosed pre-menopause) and to educate 
all women about "the things we wish we 
had known" about taking charge of our 
breast health. They'll travel anywhere to 
speak to groups about breast health and 
the positive things they learned from going 
through this experience. Rene writes. "We 
use humor to break through the fear of this 
disease and to get women doing what they 
need to be doing to ensure early detection, 
our best weapon thus far Oh. and little did I 
know that my education and life experiences 
would put me in the role of The Good Health 
Fairy in my later yrs! I even have a group of 
Fledgling Fairies N Training to expand the 
work the GHF is doing — cheering up sick 
people, calming cancer patients, speaking to 
groups about breast health, and appearing 
at Health Fairs and other events. I'm having 
a blast playing dress-up with prom dresses, 
boas, tiaras, wands, and high-top tennis 
shoes! In fact, the original, "signature," Good 
Health Fairy dress was one of Rosemary 
Dunaway Trible's America's Junior Miss 
dresses from our SBC days! Rene reports 
that Rosemary is doing great things as the 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ' 


president's wife at Christoplier Newport 
U. in Newport News, and is still pouring 
fierself into tlie lives of young people. She 
and Rene are very close and "in fact, I don't 
know wtiat I'd do wittiout my 'sister.' I ttiink 
Rosemary may have been the best gift SBC 
gave me, among many good gifts," 

Maggie Mather Feldmeiar's back 
problems have abated so she's as active 
as ever and is thrilled to be expecting our 
1st grandbaby in Nov.! They took daughter 
Kate (future mom), son-in-law Nate, and 
daughter Julie to WY to Eaton's Ranch for a 
wk. of discovering their inner cowgirl/boy! It 
was a belated celebration for Jake's birthday 
and also to celebrate Kate's pregnancy and 
Julie's graduation from getting her MBA at 
Kellogg (Northwestern) Julie will start a job 
in marketing with ING Direct in Wilmington 
and live in Philadelphia. IVIaggie still works 
for The Carlisle Collection and in that capac- 
ity spends a lot of time in NYC — keeps her 
busy and distracted enough not to redo the 
house constantly! The Feldmeiers are loving 
their lakeside home although the summer's 
frequent rainy weather did "dampen" their 
enjoyment somewhat 

Barbie Gracey Bacl<er sends word 
that they're well and happy this yr after 
the death of Barbie's father and husband 
Ron's surgery for stage 1 lung cancer last 
yr "This yr, we're taking advantage of good 
health. We took the children on a cruise 
to AK in IVIay In Aug., we're going on the 
SBC cruise to Scotland. In Nov., we visit 
our daughter Katie, who will be studying in 
Florence." They'll also be travelling to the 
wedding of Wendy Norton Brown's son, 
David, in Oct The Backers' children are all 
in college — John in grad. school in account- 
ing at Auburn, David in his 4th yr. study- 
ing engineering at UVA, and Katie in her 
sophomore yr at Auburn studying education. 
Jeannette Bush Millers daughter Liz, is 
in David's class at UVA. Other than that," 
Barbie writes, "I continue to work fulltime in 
our insurance business with Ron. I'm active 
on the board of a local women's shelter So 
life is full and I have much for which to be 

Frances Barnes Kennamer has 
retired after an illustnous career in public 
health with the State of AL. A nice tribute 
was published about her and you can 
read it at^ (Click on A-Z, 
then on Alabama's Health, then on June 
2009. pg. 10-1 1 .) She Is busily pursuing 
her goal of breaking 100 in golf and is 
almost there! "I play 2-3 times a wk. with 
a ladies' golf group. One of the members 
of the golf group is Nan Rosa '53. Martha 
Roton Terry and I are planning our next 
trip with our girls' travel group to Eastern 
Europe, a river cruise from Budapest to 
Amsterdam and points in between." Frances 
began work in Aug. as Dir of Public Health 
Programs with the School of Public Health 
at the U. of AL at Birmingham. Daughter 
Helen has completed her M.S. in Speech- 
Language Pathology and begins her career 
in Nashville this fall. 

Alex Sommer Smith had back sur- 
gery in Jan. and is still doing twice a wk. 
physical therapy along with swimming and 
yoga. She's also working on family history 
projects — organizing/collecting family slides 
and movies onto CD and DVD and putting 
on computer her mother's letters from col- 
lege and early marriage for Alex's siblings 
and their families. She recently found slides 
from her own 1 st visit to SBC, thinks the 
campus hasn't changed all that much, and 
encourages all her classmates to plan to 
attend our 40th Reunion, 201 1 . 

Andrea Bateman insists she has "no 
real news except I broke my arm in May." 
But she sends word that Carol Remington 
was quoted in the Orlando Sentinel as head 
of her professional association. 

Kathy Jones Youell's husband John 
wrote in for Kat to say that the 2 of them are 
enjoying retirement in their new Chester, VA, 
home on 10 acres. The Youell's son Blanton 
is a din at Westview on the James and his 
wife Lauren is finishing her residency at UVA 
med. school and has been asked to come 
back as the Chief Resident for Pediatrics. 
Daughter Katie went back to grad. school 
after her BS from JMU (Media Arts and 
Design with a minor in English) and is now 
in her 3rd yr, of teaching in Brooklyn with 
her M,A. in Teaching from VCU. 

Anne Wiglesworth Munoz is still 
creating wonderful batik pieces and had a 
"very nice show in downtown Salt Lake at 
the Finch Lane Gallery over the holiday," 
garnering good feedback. She was accepted 
into 2 national quilt shows (Paducah and 
Houston). You can see her work at http:// She and 
husband Milton went to Peru to celebrate 
his 60th birthday in Feb. In May they went 
to daughter Maya's graduation from med. 
School. Now they have a doctor and a 
nurse (daughter Aliria) in the family. Aliria 
bought a house in Scottsdale, AZ, where she 
and Maya live together Amazingly enough 
Maya's residency (pediatrics) is in the same 
hospital where Aliria works. "We love to visit 
in the winter!" Anne notes. Milton's mother 
still spends 6 mos. of every yr with them 
(summers), and winters in New Orleans with 
his sister 

Trudy Slade McKnight says: I remar- 
ried in '05, and husband Jack and I are very 
happy We moved back to Bainbridge Island, 
WA, after spending 2 yrs. In downtown 
Seattle. I've gotten back into swimming, 
having been a competitive swimmer in my 
youth. I'm continuing to feel fulfilled through 
my work as a life, career and recovery 
coach, and Jack and I are exploring the 
world of online business. In Mar, we took 
a fun trip across the country to FL, in our 
Prius, and saw lots of friends and relatives 
along the way. I saw Kathy Burns, and we 
got to watch her son pitch a great baseball 

Pam Henery Arey's 4 children are on 
their own, with the oldest married and the 
youngest engaged. No grandchildren yet. 
Pam still serves as dir. of a preschool and 

teaches the 3 yr olds, and husband Pat 
continues to practice tax exempt finance law 
and serve as an Episcopal deacon. They live 
in Severna Park, MD. 

Martha Stewart Crosland enjoys 
life in Washington, DC, "It's great having 
Charlene Sturbitts '72 and husband Rick as 
a coworkers in the Dept. of Energy's Office 
of the General Counsel!," she reports. "My 
daughter Mallory is enjoying her job at the 
PGA of America in Palm Beach Gardens, 
FL, as a Senior Production Coordinator My 
husband and I enjoy visiting and golfing 
with her Son Stewart is a 3rd yr student 
at W&L Law and Editor-in-Chief of the Law 
Review for 2009-2010. Wendy Norton 
Brown: "Our son is getting marhed in Oct., 
and we're excited to welcome a daughter 
into our family! I left teaching to spend more 
time with my parents, then lost my Dad. so 

1 now spend time every day with my sweet 

Chris McLain: I spend my time split 
between FL and Vienna, AUS. Vienna is a 
delight. Family is thriving with Mother still 
going strong. My Cliff got his Ph.D. last 
summer and married the following weekend. 
Youngest son John is thriving with his music 
in the Washington, D.C. corridor" 

Betty Duson reported in Jul., "Record 
hot temperatures in Houston through Jun. 
and the 1st part of Jul., and a drought 
across most of TX. It's strange to drive 
across bridges over rivers and see no water 

Jacquie Penny still teaches AdultEd/ 
GED and loves it, "Such stories I could 
tell!" (Bring them to our 40th, please!) "I'm 
now divorced 20 yrs, (and dateless 13)!" 
Jacquie lost her dear Teddy cat in Apr, just 

2 wks. after his 21st birthday "He died in 
my arms at the beach, smiling at the ocean 
and purring the whole time — a lovely death 
(and life)." Jacquie was planning to travel 
to Prince Edward Island in Aug. to visit her 
folks — her 1 st trip anywhere since mov- 
ing to FL — and was planning a solo trip to 
Venice over Thanksgiving to celebrate her 
big 6-0. 

Mary Frances Okey Aiken has sur- 
vived being the Mother of the Bride (young- 
est Courtney became Mrs. Steven Ash, 
5/30, 2 wks. after finishing grad. school to 
become a nurse practitioner). Her oldest 
child and wife expect a baby in Oct, to join 
their son (2 >2), The Aikens' middle child is 
happily leading a tour of h, s, students this 
summer around Europe and will be back 
in plenty of time to again tackle the m. 
s. language dept. in Aug. Stepson John II 
changed jobs and enjoys life in Richmond. 
Stepdaughter Courtney (yes, they have 2 
Courtney's) is in Austin and loves working 
at Apple. Mary Frances and John split their 
time between FL and VA and en|oy traveling. 

Mim Washabaugh Meglan: Just 
about all I do is practice, which seems bor- 
ing to most on-lookers. But the world that 
opens up to me when I'm playing is richly 
beautiful, entertaining, challenging, and 
exciting. I am happy and grateful for the 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www alumnae sbc edu 

gifts I have and for my teacher a most gifted 
pedagogue who's helped me lift the lid off 
my playing. 

Jill Minnema Worth and Larry still 
live in Irvington, VA, and love it. "Just after 
we got a little sailboat so we could putz 
around Carters Creek without spending a 
fortune on gas I found out that I needed a 
total left shoulder replacement, osteoar- 
thritis, just beginning to fall apart. It took a 
bit to get back into shape though the MD 
told me to stop physical therapy before I 
did more damage to myself — had clenched 
my jaw so hard that my mandible went out 
of place and then did the thrust exercises 
so violently that I got tennis elbow. If I told 
you all this last yr (the op was last Aug.) put 
it down to menopausal memory loss! (It's 
okay. Jill. This is the first we 've heard of it! 
We think . .) 

Jill Lowry Wiemer welcomed grand- 
child #3 in Oct. and stays busy with family, 
golf, and bridge. They spend 6 mos. a yr 
in Highlands. Next yr. will be a busy one 
as they are building a new home in the 
mountains, welcoming grandchild #4 in 
Jan. and planning the last wedding. At that 
point, they'll have all 4 daughters married. 
"Hallelujah!" comments Jill. 

Sue Greenwald sent a concise note: 
"Busy yr again. Visiting friends whenever I 
can." Sue, we could use a few more details! 
Fortunately, Dee Kysor keeps in touch with 
Sue. Dee's daughter, Jennifer, was married 
last Oct. "Susan Greenwald was there to 
help us celebrate," Dee reports, and came 
back for another visit to Goochland Co., VA, 
over Memorial Day Weekend. "Now Jennifer 
and husband Andy are expecting their 1st 
child in Dec. She's doing a post-doc at 
the Center for Brain Health in Dallas, TX, 
but hopes to be back east in fall of '10. 
My holistic house call veterinary practice 
continues to thrive." Dee will soon celebrate 
her 25th anniv. with husband George, whose 
storytelling is lots of fun. Dee provides 
music for their joint storytelling and for their 

Carol Remington Foglesong has 
completed a 2-yr stmt as the president 
of the national Property Records Industry 
Association (PRIA). Now she assumes the 
title of Immediate Past President. She's 
also Treasurer of the National Association 
of County Recorders, Election Officials 
and Clerks (NACRC) for one more yr Carol 
and her 86-yr-old mom had a marvelous 
adventure in 1 1/08: a trans-Atlantic cruise 
from Barcelona back to Miami. It was Carol's 
1st cruise; she loved it. "I was rotten spoiled 
aboard Oceania's Nautica. We're talking 15 
days for me without email or phone or work 
and that was an adventure in and of itself. 
Then in May, I drove my mom and one of 
her classmates back to SBC for the Class 
of 1944's 65th Reunion — what an incred- 
ible group. On campus during World War II 
yrs.. they all graduated and went to work. 
May we be as intriguing and lively as they 
were when we get to a 65th!" Carol spent 
a Jun. wk. in Grand Forks, ND, speaking to 

Wmler 2009/2010 • 65 

the land recorders and nary a SBC connec- 
tion to make^ Somehow she managed to fit 
in a getaway 3 days to NYC, a place she'd 
never explored before. "Fortunately," she 
explains, "I traveled with a well experienced 
NYC friend, and we took in many of the 
sights, museums, food flavors, shopping 
and a Broadway play" Carol ends with 
a pitch for folks to join up on Facebook, 
"There's a group for the Class of '71 , which 
I started, and I'll keep lifting photos of our 
last Reunion; other folks can lift photos and 
add their remarks as well. It's an easy way 
to keep in touch." 

The highlight of Wendy Weiss Smith's 
summer was a trip with her husband of 33 
yrs. from their home in Durham, NO, where 
they've been cheering on the Duke Blue 
Devils for 1 5 yrs. now, to a lovely outdoor 
wedding south of Athens on the Aegean. 
They followed that up by hiking 75 mi. over 
several days between Budapest and Krakow, 
low Carpathian Mountains included. She 
celebrated her mom's 93rd birthday with 
her SBC '74 sisters Cathy & Chris at the 
end of Jul. 

Liz Glassman: "Like many of you, 
I survived turning 60, happy to be here, 
healthy and fulfilled. In 2001 I moved to 
Chicago, and I looked up last wk. and here 
it is — 8 yrs. later. But the job has changed 
every yr sometimes subtly and sometimes 
radically. The Terra Foundation is involved 
In projects all over the world, with particular 
emphasis in Europe. So this involves a lot of 
travel. In Sept., my niece (23) will join me for 
a work trip to Paris, Edinburgh, and Glasgow. 
I've been going out with a fella who is a 
baseball fanatic, among other things. But 
the short of it is that in 1 yr., I've been to the 
Worid Series in Tampa, caught a foul ball in 
White Sox park, and was at the stadium for 
the Perfect Game pitched by Mark Buehrle 
recently It's definitely out of the box of my 
normal when I write about baseball, but that 
is keeping me young. Let me know when 
any of you are in Chicago — or Paris." 

Claire Kinnett Tate: "I've just spent 
a mo. in Malawi with daughter Bright who 
is a Peace Corps Volunteer. My new title is 
"Peace Corps Mom"! Son Austin still works 
for NASCAR in International Licensing and 
husband John still makes corporate loans 
for Wachovia/Wells Fargo. My nonprofit, 
POST is still moving along. 

Brool<e Thomas Dold: "still in Houston 
working as a paralegal in public finance. 
Daughter Lindsay is engaged and we're 
starting that journey Son Thomas and wife 
have relocated to Houston from Piano. 
Brooke, Claire, and Liz sent greetings to 
the class and especially to my stalwart 
co-secretary. Gale. 

I had a nice chat with Carol Cooper. 
who is recovering well from a life- 
threatening fall in her bathroom in 5/08. 
Her neck was broken; she was concussed, 
and ended up lying in her tub for 3 days 
until co-workers came looking for her. She 
spent the entire summer in a cast, some 
of it at a very unpleasant rehab facility, 

66 • Winter 2009/20)0 

contracted a serious MRSA infection, and 
IS left with on-going kidney problems. On 
top of that, her father passed away and left 
his home of 50 yrs. for Carol to clear out, 
and then repair/update before putting it on 
the market. Carol apologized for not having 
any cheerful news to share, but hopes her 
upcoming retirement from the US Patent 
Office in January '10 will be the beginning 
of a new and happier period for her 

Thanks from me, Lynne Manov 
Sprinsky, for the notes of care and concern 
from many of you following the death of my 
husband of 30 yrs. , Bill, in 1 1 /08. At this 
writing, I'm almost 9 mos. out from that 
sad day and am beginning to hit my stride 
again, teaching BALIMQT" clinics across the 
country (Lendon Gray is on the Board of 
Directors for Equestrian Education Systems, 
Inc., which sponsors the BALIMO™ pro- 
gram in the USA), and doing a bunch of 
catch-up maintenance work on our old 
1800s farmhouse, including the complete 
gut-|ob remodel of our upstairs bath. I'm 
serving as my own general contractor, and 
it's eating vast amounts of time and energy 
but will be worth it. The more I do to the 
old place, though, the less inclined I am to 
sell it! So for now I'm modifying my plan to 
merely doing a lot of traveling, thus proving 
the wisdom of traditional advice about not 
making any drastic changes for the 1st yr. 
of any major life change. Beyond the clinics, 
I'm planning an Oct. tour of Spain with my 
lifetime best friend of 48 yrs. My biggest 
discovery in the last yr. is how content I've 
become with my own company after the 1 st 
lonely wks. I have an extra bedroom for any 
classmates traveling RT 15 or 1-80 through 
PA, or those with grandkids who make it to 
the Little League World Series — it would be 
great to see you! 

I checked on co-secretary Gale Hull 
Whetzel to see how she was doing after 
her 7/23 surgery On 7/29, she responded, 
"We got home yesterday and I'm living in 
the world of wet rags at the moment. The 
surgery was a success, part of what we got 
was cancer and the other part was NOT so 
that was a pleasant surprise! But I've that 
cut down the middle, like you have with 
open heart surgery, and it's pretty ouchy! A 
bit of a pill here and there, helps so much." 
She finished, in typical Gale fashion, by 
promising she'd be back for the next round 
of Class Notes! I checked with her again 2 
wks. later, just before I sent in these notes, 
and she says she's "on the mend" and 
sends the class her love. Gale, you're such a 
trouper! We send it right back! 


Jill Johnson 

2012 Wolftrap Oaks Ct. 

Vienna, VA 22182 

Good to hear from so many of you! Please 
continue to respond, either to my email pleas 
or by snail mail. 

Kathy Upchurch Takvorian became 
the Clinical Chief of Rheumatology at U. 
Mass Medical Center almost 3 yrs. ago. 
During that time she has worked to build a 
new Rheumatology Center where 1 other 
rheumatologists work. She's been promoted 
to Clinical Professor of Medicine. Son Sam 
is a 2nd yr. med. student, daughter Kate is 
working in NYC while sorting out next steps, 
and daughter Sarah is a senior at Duke. 
Kathy enjoyed visiting Rhonda Griffith 
Durham Margaret Hayes Brunstad, 
and Greyson Shuff Tucker, among oth- 
ers, at Susan Snodgrass Wynne's son's 
wedding in May. Susan really knows how 
to throw a party! Kathy participated in the 
search process for our new president Jo 
Ellen Parker and is very enthusiastic about 
her experience and her potential to lead SBC 
during this challenging time. She encour- 
ages everyone to sign up for the president's 
blog and come back to campus to see the 
new fitness center as well as the new Green 
Village, an apartment-like residential option 
for students. She looks fonward to 2012— 
our 40th — and encourages everyone to 
make plans now. 

A special big thank you to Ginger 
Upchurch Collier, who continues her 
excellent hard work as Chair of the Sweet 
Briar Board of Directors. 

Ginny Stevens Purcell and husband 
Riker's daughter Brooke was married in 
Sept. to Rob Babb in Richmond, VA. Brooke 
and Rob, from Melbourne. Australia, met 
when he spent a semester at UVA Law 
School. Now both are attorneys in NYC. 
Younger daughter Anne Riker is also in NY 
getting her M.A. while continuing to work 
part time at the Metropolitan Museum. Ginny 
is still fundraising at Westminster Canterbury 
Richmond, a large retirement community 
where lots of SBC grads live. Jane Powell 
Gray's son, Matthew, was married 7/1 1 to 
Lauren Bailey. It was a beautiful wedding, 
and Jane and Frank couldn't be happier 
about their new daughter-in-law. The best 
part is. they're living in Raleigh. The day 
Matt returned to work from their honeymoon 
in Mexico, he got a promotion at work. Other 
big news: Jane is planning to file in Feb. 
201 for a seat on the NC Court of Appeals 
and has to start running now. After running 
unopposed twice in her home county of 
Wake for her current position as a District 
Court Judge, she's taking the plunge for a 
contested statewide election. She's facing 
the big 6-0 in Nov. She needs the help of all 
SBC'ers in NC, so please look for her web- 

site going up soon. 

Deborah Wilson Hollings says son 
Christopher is pursuing a doctorate degree 
in Clinical Psychology at LaSalle U. in 
Philadelphia. Deborah and her mother went 
on a fun mother/daughter cruise starting in 
Barcelona and ending in Venice. Deborah 
and husband Michael will soon move to 
Charleston, SC, since he became counsel 
to U. Medical Associates at MUSC. Deborah 
still works as a realtor with Coldwell Banker 

Susan Waller Nading is the proud 
grandmother of 2 boys. Ward and Hill 
Bromstad. She still enjoys golf, bridge, hiking 
in Birmingham and in Highlands. Son Alex, 
based in Wl, is completing work on his Ph.D. 
in Anthropology Son Will is in his last yr. at 
Clemson where he's working on a Masters 
in Engineering. Daughter and son-in-law, 
Murray and Marc, are moving to Atlanta with 
the grandsons. Any SBC connections for 
Murray would appreciated. . .please contact 

From our International Set. Holly Smith 
reports that she continues to produce her 
local magazine for central London's garden 
squares, writing about topics such as how to 
deal with urban foxes and resolve neighbor- 
hood disputes. Check www.gardensquare- for a taste of the contents. She 
writes on her Mac while overlooking big win- 
dows with a view of her own lovely garden 
square. So far the crash in the newspaper 
industry hasn't hit her little mag. Holly and 
husband Neil Osborn are becoming avid 
golfers. Neil's job as a financial publisher 
keeps him on the airplanes a lot; luckily golf 
is a great antidote for jet lag. Neil turns 60 
this autumn, which is shocking considering 
Holly is only 251 As for honors, Holly was 
named to the Advisory Council for Sulgrave 
Manor, George Washington's ancestral 
home in England. She's also on the board of 
the Cavalier Daily Alumni Assoc, following 
her days working on the U. of VA student 
newspaper Holly stays in touch with Paris 
resident Stephanie Harmon Simonard, 
who shares the love of Daughters of the 
American Revolution activities (yes. Virginia, 
there are DAR chapters in London and 
Pans!) Sarah Chapelle, her husband, and 
daughter Eliza (Holly's goddaughter) visited 
Holly in London Marilyn Prichard Harvey. 
who lives in a lovely rectory in bucolic 
Devon, also comes to London to party from 
time to time, and Holly's hoping to see 
more of Marilyn's daughter Lindsey who 
has moved to London Marilyn and Holly's 
mutual friend Denise Hotchkiss visits her 
mother in London, and last yr. she and Holly 
got to have a nice lunch together. 

On rare occasions Holly sees Vivian 
Finlay, who had been traveling for the bet- 
ter part of 1 y? yrs. for a volunteer job with 
Rotary International, an international service 
organization. Her husband was governor for 
the rotary district where they live, and they 
traveled throughout AK, Yukon Territory of 
Canada, and 2/3 of Russia (the Far East, 
and Siberia). Vivian is back to work part time 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae /v\agazine 

/alumnae sbc edu 

as a psychotherapist and also teaches part 
time at the local coll., a part of the U. of 
AK. Her sisters live in England and Ireland, 
and she visits them periodically, and her 
brother is in CA. Between Vivian and her 
husband, they have 7 children, 22 grand- 
children, and 2 great-grandchildren! They 
had a huge family reunion in OR, Vivian has 
lived in AK tor 26 yrs,, loves it there. 

From Bethesda, MD. Dale Shelly 
Graham and James are happy to announce 
that their son Fielding graduated from SMU 
last IVlay, and they're even happier to report 
that he started a rea/job 6/1 in Financial 
Services at John Hancocl< in Dallas, 
Daughter Lily is a junior at Davidson coll, 
in NC and playing Division I lacrosse, 
Kathy Keys Graham and Bill get out of 
Birmingham regulariy now that they have 
finished work on their lake house and are 
enjoying more time there. Son David and his 
wife Ruth Ann are at Auburn U,, completing 
work on their respective IVIasters, 

Grayson Shuff Tucker is in Raleigh 
and still sees a lot of Susan Snodgrass 
Wynne who is daughter Liza's godmother, 
Liza (28) is married to an Episcopal priest 
who is working on his Ph,D, They've lived for 
the past 2 yrs, in Berlin and are moving to 
Vienna where Greyson and Gariand hope to 
visit them after Christmas, Liza is a portrait 
artist and teaches English, Older daughter 
Grey (32) is married and just had her 3rd 
child, Greyson says that Margaret Hayes 
Brunstad's daughter is marrying the son of 
a good friend of hers from Raleigh — small 

In Oct , Eileen Gebrian and Karen 
Medford visited Viet Nam for 3 wks,, their 
2nd exotic Asian vacation together When 
not on wonderful adventures, Karen divides 
her time between Annapolis, MD, and her 
beach house in Rehoboth, DE, where she 
hosts an annual summer SBC get-together 
with Mary Heller Jill Johnson Dale 
Shelly Graham, Janet Nelson Gibson, 
Eileen Gebrian, and Carter Frackelton 
among others, 

Betty Works Fuller is still in 
Beaumont, TX. where in addition to being 
part-time chaplain at All Saints Episcopal 
School, she is also part-time Christian 
education director at St Mark's Church 
where her husband serves as rector Son 
Will is going to spend the fall at the U, of 
Maastricht in the Netherlands as part of the 
Baylor U, Abroad Program, Daughter Mary 
is Director of Development for a NRG in 
Oakland CA, 

Carol Cody Herder is happy to report 
that son Charles (23) got engaged the day 
before graduating from MIT! The wedding 
is set for 1/10 in Dallas, Daughter Sarah 
(26) and son-in-law Marc purchased their 
1st home in Austin. Carol and Charlie are 
enjoying playing with their dog, an energetic 
terrier, reading their Kindles, and looking 
fow/ard to cooler weather in Houston! 

Martha Holland's daughter Katherine 
lives and works in the Washington area. 
Daughter Elizabeth is between schools and 

Sweet Briof College Alumnae Magazine • \ 

is pursuing a fine arts degree. Son Paul 
graduated from Hamilton Coll. in 5/09 and 
now lives and works in Boston. Martha and 
husband Chris Iribe traveled to Peru in 3/09 
and visited pre-lnca archeological sites. 
Their Virginia Beach house was completed 
in 1/09, and they and their family enjoyed it 
throughout the summer 

Anne Garrett Norloff still defends 
abused kids for the Supreme Court of VA, 
Anne's 1st granddaughter. Ivy, just turned 
1 , Parents Alison and Mike live in Chariotte, 
and Alison is enjoying running "Ivy's Organic 
Cloth Diaper Service," Anne and husband 
Chris had a wonderful time in Russia last 
tall where their son Evan married Vera 
Chernova, who is the world's sweetest 
daughter-in-law, Evan and Vera are living 
in Washington, D,C,, and super busy, since 
Evan's company Synteractive was awarded 
the IT contract for the White House recovery 
program. Daughter Morgan and husband 
Mike live in Portland, OR, where Morgan is 
an attorney. Daughter Fallon has been sworn 
in as a Deputy Sheriff in Alexandria, VA, As 
a rookie, she's doing a lot of night shifts in 
the jail, and she loves it. Anne and Chris 
adopted Fallon and her sister Hale at ages 
8 and 9. Hale Is in nursing school and is 
enjoying taking care of elderly clients. 

Jeannette Pillsbury spent 2 nights 
at SBC in the late summer while needing a 
place to be thoughtful and focused as she 
wrote her application for tenure and promo- 
tion at Luther Coll, (lA) where she teaches 
in the Education Dept, Jeannette said it 
was great to walk around and reminisce 
—slipping into dorms and the Pit, She sat at 
the lake and put her feet In the water She 
thought the liberal arts community that nur- 
tured her way back when was a good place 
to contemplate tenure at pretty good liberal 
arts college in the Midwest, In the past yr, or 
so, Jeannette has been in touch with Betty 
Works Fuller and Jody Broome Barnett, 
who's spending the yr teaching elem, school 
in Guatemala, 

In Houston, Cutler Bellows Crockard 
and Doug love being 1 st time grandpar- 
ents, San Antonio has gotten a lot closer 
since grandson. Sunny, was born in Mar, 
to daughter Callie and J,B, Musselman, 
They see lots of son Bradford and new 
wife Sarah who love going to the Galveston 
beach house. They enjoy spending time 
in Galveston and Houston with Liz Clegg 
Woodard and Woody, Liz and Woody expect 
their 1 St grandchild, a girt, in Sept,, and 
youngest daughter Julia will walk down the 
aisle in Dec, 

After 2 lawyers left abruptly at the end 
of Apr, Marion Walker has been busy 
consolidating cases in the Birmingham 
office of Ford & Harrison, a boutique labor 
and employment firm where she is an 
equity partner Marion took time out though 
to go to Williamsburg to the wedding of 
Nan Glaser LaGow's daughter Elizabeth, 
The SBCers sang a song Nan wrote for 
the rehearsal party and they were wonder- 
ful ,, , so was the song! She got to know 

vvw alumnae. sbcedu 

Palmer Graham a bit better as they arrived 
on Thurs, Marion became a grand Auntie 
Mame over Thanksgiving when her nephew 
Michael's wife Susan gave birth to a pre- 
cious little girl, Mary Knox Walker, named for 
her aunt and uncle. The nieces Marion kept 
for 3 wks. when they were 1 1 wks. old and 
premature are now 9 because she saved 
their lives that yr; their brother John Walker 
(14) is aspiring to be a professional soccer 
star. The Walkers are fortunate and Marion 
finds herself happily approaching her 60th 
yr To celebrate, she and her friend/cousin 
Mary Riser are going to France and take an 
apt. for 2 wks. in Apr, hopefully near Lyon, 
She's still playing golf, reading and advocat- 
ing civics instruction in classrooms across 
the country, 

Peggy Hoy McFadden and husband 
John still live on their tree farm in Amherst 
County, They officially joined the "Sandwich" 
generation when his mother moved in with 
them after a serious injury took away her 
independence. Since then, their daughter 
started college and is now a happy junior 
at SBC. The biggest bit of excitement was 
Peggy's appendectomy 2 days after return- 
ing from a beach vacation. This suspended 
her training program for the Avon Walk for 
Breast Caner in NY in Oct. She expects to 
resume her training and succeed in the 
marathon-and-a-half walk. 


Evelyn Carter Cowles 

PO Box 278 

Free Union, VA 22940 

Weezie Blakeslee Gilpin "I'm back in 
La Jolla after spending 7 wks, on the 
Vineyard, the 1st mo. of which was the 
wettest in 70 yrs. Fortunately, the day of 
our son Blake's wedding, the weather god- 
dess looked favorably upon us and let the 
sun shine. Before being pronounced wife 
and husband by the officiate, our youngest 
Christopher, Blake, and his about-to-be 
wife Abbey took off their clothes , , , for- 
tunately they were wearing bathing suits 
and I knew about their plan so was able to 
warn my mother (85)1 Hand in hand, they 
ran down the long pier and jumped into 
the cold waters of Vineyard Sound, literally 
taking the plunge. Son Christopher and 
his wife Allison (married in Costa Rica in 
Mar) spent 2 wks, at our home in CA this 
summer which convinced them that their 
job search next yr should move from San 
Francisco to San Diego, Alexa continues 
to love her job as a student advisor at an 
online university. Bob's business seems to 
have survived the economic downturn and 
he does wonderful work with the families he 
serves. The Bishop's School has a new head 
of school after the retirement of our head of 
25 yrs. I'm excited about the new yr and all 
it will bring." 

Kris Howell's nonprofit, The Ruffian 

Foundation, has become a full time job, 
"I haven't gotten another horse since my 
beloved 28-yr-old died a few yrs, ago, I'd 
be willing to host a mini-reunion down here, 
Wilmington is quite the tourist destination," 

Abigail Allen has been divorced for 
18 yrs, with 4 kids, "My kids are grown so 
I'm now trying to figure out what | want to 
do, I live in Crestwood outside Louisville, 
KY, I work part time at Yew Dell Botanical 
Gardens managing the plant data base and 
making the plant ID signs and labels and 
play tennis, I'm going to Portland for Sept, to 
visit my oldest child there, Lettie Jane, who 
graduated from SF Art Institute, is an artist 
and makes pizza. My next oldest, Annabell, 
graduated with an aeronautical science 
degree from Embry Riddle, is married to a 
marine fighter jet pilot and getting ready to 
move to Buford, SC, She plans on finishing 
Marine OCS next spring, #3 is Rachael and 
she lives in Boca Raton, just finishing her 
degree in event management and now has 
a job at Boca Beach and Resort planning all 
sorts of fun events! Youngest is Billy, who 
has finished his junior yr at Bard, and tak- 
ing some time off living in Berlin doing an 
internship in net art, 

Candace Sheffield Neilson: 'Life 
is good here in East Lyme, CT My oldest 
daughter was married last Sept, and lives 
in Stratham, NH, working for the Dept, of 
Children and Families as a case worker 
Oldest son is about to be transferred to the 
London office of his Non/i/alk, CT company 
where he'll train new IT employees. Next 
daughter is finishing her final yr at UCONN, 
majoring in psychology. "Baby" John (19) 
is starting a career in the Coast Guard. I've 
worked 1 yrs. for the same accounting firm 
in New London, CT Keith has an engineer- 
ing business in Mystic, CT For fun, we love 
to dance, Keith flies as often as he can in 
a Citabria (tiny 2 seater) and I sing with a 
group, currently ranked 4th that competes 

Nan Robertson Clarke: "I attended 
my 40th Mountain Brook H. S. reunion this 
summer and ran into Betsy Oakley Smith, 
married to my classmate Smitty, I also saw 
over 1 5 h, s, classmates, obviously male, 
who had gone to W&L. like Smitty. or to UVA, 
In fact, I bring a very special shout-out to 
Allison Baker Gruby a,k,a, 'Allie Bakes' from 
one still lovesick swain!" 

Carter Morris; "Hampton and I expect 
our 2nd granddaughter in Sept, born to 
parents Heyward and J,R Fougerousse, 
who live nearby in Atlanta, We toye being 
grandparents. Son Wade and wife Megan 
are headed to Beirut to teach at the 
American Community School for the next 
3 yrs, Lebanon is at the top of our travel 
wish list! 

Marion McKee Humprheys; 'Hey to 
everyone from SBC '73, I'm a happy grand- 
mother, as of 1 9 mos, ago, and between 
work, babysitting, older parents, etc. I've 
been busy!" Marion also reported that 
Cathy Blackburn's brother, Bobby, called 
her to let her know the sad news that Cathy 

Winter 2009/2010 • 67 

had passed away in late Jul. Cathy, besides 
being a iovely woman, was an architect, art- 
ist and worid traveler, 

Linda Lipscomb: "It seems that not 
much changes in my life these days. Life 
is good in Dallas, and I enjoy my work at 
the Dallas Museum of Art, in spite of these 
challenging times for all museums, I've 
reluctantly returned from Mexico to the 
100+ temperatures in Dallas, but look- 
ing forward to a weekend reunion in Oct. 
with Gary Davis King and Gypsie Bear 
VanAntwerp " 

Scottie O'Toole still lives in Atlanta and 
works in HR for J.M. Huber Corp. She stays 
in touch with Nancy Height 75 and they 
celebrated their "birthday week" with a lun- 
cheon at her home in Cartersville, GA. She 
adds: "Going to my hometown in Upstate 
NY this Sept. for my 40th reunion. Cannot 
believe we will be celebrating our 40th 
@ SBC in another four yrs.l I stay active 
with dancing, Cajun, Waltz, Swing, Rumba, 
Foxtrot, etc. Absolutely love it. I'm learning 
to play guitar. Also, I'm a coordinator at my 
church for Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace 
U. (FPU)," 

Carol Anne Gallivan: "Mills is involved 
with the Legal Defense Bar organizations, 
so we travel constantly. Anne Genevieve 
has taken a new job in Greenville, so after 4 
yrs. of living in D.C. and then Atlanta, we're 
excited to have her backl Henry was married 
last Aug. to Mandy, and they, both attorneys, 
have settled here as well! Harriet is in grad. 
school getting an MA, in Occupational 
Therapy at MUSC in Charleston, SC, She'll 
be doing her internship at Vanderbilt U, 
Hospital in Nashville, beginning in Jan, I 
transferred to Vanderbilt my junior yr, to be 
with Mills, so it'll be fun for us to visit her! 

Cynthia Anderson "Our daughter is 
in her junior yr at TCU and plans to spend 
her 2nd semester in Spain. We look forward 
to visiting her in spring. Our son is an h. 
s. senior and we've begun the "Senior Yr. 
Experience." He also became an Eagle Scout 
this yr. I attended 2 yrs. at SBC, but have 
many fond memories! Best wishes to all! 

Karol Kroetz Sparl<s: "I've the best 
of all news, a 1 st grandbaby. Jack Austin 
Sparks was born 7/24 in Chicago. He's my 
son Austin and his wife Kara's son. My hus- 
band Steve was transferred to Greensboro, 
NC, last yr I commute from Greensboro 
to Chicago where I still practice law. I also 
teach law at the respective law schools of 
Eton U. and Wake Forest. 

Susan Bundy: ""Andre and I are still 
happy in Charlottesville. Tm in property 
management. Love keeping up with the SBC 
crowd wherever I can. Facebook is turning 
into a fun place to check. 

Susan Dern Planl<: ""Our spring was 
interesting and hectic. We moved our 
daughter to a new apt. in D.C. in mid-Aphl. 
We had friends from Mexico visit the day 
after we returned. I caught the cold their son 
(8) had, which laid me low for several wks. 
I was happy to recuperate in sunny Belize 
in May, where scuba diving on the 2nd 

68 •Winter 2009/2010 

longest barrier reef in the world is always 
interesting. Upon our return, I spent several 
wks. teaching classes at the environmental 
education center until NYS schools ended 
in mid-Jun. Since then I've been catching 
up on gardening, but the rainiest Jul. since 
records began to be compiled in 1 826 has 
thwarted those plans. Maybe Aug. will be 
drier and I'll make more progress; I can only 

Molly Dunn Martin: "William and I are 
planning a trip to Australia and NZ in Oct/ 
Nov. I've been invited to judge at several dog 
shows in the Melbourne area. Our daughter 
Cameron is engaged and will have a spring 

Betsy Thayer is having an interest- 
ing time as a mental health and substance 
abuse counselor in a men's prison in ME. 

Chris Sherwood Warner: "Just as 
we're getting Destinee ready to head off 
to Bates C, I discovered a trove of artifacts 
from my own final mo. before SBC. Included 
in the '69 "what to bnng" memo: "Dresses 
for dates and teas ... 1 cocktail dress; 1 
formal dress; low heels are suggested for 
shopping in Lynchburg." (That latter got a 
big laugh.) I also have a sweet welcome 
letter from big sister Dale Shelly, the fresh- 
man orientation program, and fergawdsakes, 
my study notes from "comps." and more. It 
was a million yrs. ago. Except for the culture 
shock/time warp bit, feels like yesterday. 

Jean Piatt Rospondek: I'm thankful 
to be busy giving golf lessons this yr in the 
current economy. I'm happy with my choice 
to teach where I have a covered facility so I 
don't have to reschedule lessons on every 
rainy day (I think in Jun, we had 19), We 
look forward to a late summer trip to CO 
with friends to relax and golf. In the fall we'll 
be in Ireland for a wk, of golf with other 
friends. Stan and I try to visit with Jessica 
and the grandkids (3 and 5) in VA at least 
once every 3 mos. Jess is coming up to 
stay with me next wk. because she wants to 
have a major garage sale with all "my stuff' 
that I have collected over the yrs. I guess I'm 
glad she wants to do this because some of 
the stuff I have is my mothers' and grand- 
mothers' that I couldn't decide what to do 
with when they died, therefore our garage 
doesn't have room for the 2 cars it's sup- 
posed to house." 

Robin O'Neil: "I'm enjoying my senior 
in college who's living in Charleston this 
summer We're on different house parties at 
Debordieu for 7/4. She's a 4.0 psych major 
and wants to pursue it in grad. school. I'm 
development dir tor a statewide nonprofit 
helping families of children with disabilities." 

Anita O'Connor is still in PA with hus- 
band John. "We see family and h. s. friends 
regularly since we both grew up here. I'm 
still (happily) working at a senior center and 
John is still in business for himself, despite 
challenges we both face in our respective 
fields due to the economy" 

Renee Sterling will be recognized in 
TEXAS MONTHLY Magazine. 8/09 issue. 
She was voted "FIVE STAR: Top 100 Wealth 

Managers and Estate Planners-Client 
Satisfaction List 2009." 

Joan May Harden: "Rick's retire- 
ment and our tentative move date is in 
4/10. Aside from working on the farmhouse 
in Lexington, VA, we aren't doing a whole 
lot. My daughter and son-in-law in Stafford, 
VA, have 2 boys (3 & 1). Our middle son 
who went to Rhodes in Memphis works in 
NY and NJ as an actor, model and bartender 
(the latter is the best paying so far) and dat- 
ing a lovely teacher, my youngest son who 
went to W&L is working at Snag-a-Job in 
Richmond while his girlfriend gets her NP 
degree at MCV, I attended my 40th h, s, 
reunion in Bethesda in Jun, and ran into Lyn 
Fisher who was in our freshman class, and 
transferred to UVA the following yr She's still 
very active, busy with dogs and horses. She 
plans to attend our next reunion," 

Christine Eng Leventhal teaches 
genetics, forensic science, and authentic 
science research at Darien H, S,, as well as 
fitness for Wilton Parks and Rec, "I've got- 
ten back into ballet and loving it, Peter still 
teaches Tai Chi, and runs his natural foods 
and wellness counseling business. Amy our 
oldest, is following in Mom's footsteps and 
is now a certified personal trainer and spin 
instructor in VT, Nick is a carpenter here in 
CT and Jon will be a junior at CU Boulder 
this fall. We'll be going to Block Island this 
summer and visited my sisters in AZ and 
MN this past yr" 

Jane Garland Lucas "Our big yrs, of 
recent changes (selling businesses and our 
major move out of Boston) are in the past. 
Carmen and I are settled in Austin, TX, keep- 
ing busy teaching at UT-Austin as adjunct 
faculty. We sure didn't miss the last Boston 
winter Right now I'm emailing you from 
our island in ME, where we plan to spend 
summers. We sure are collecting plenty of 
rain water for our "off grid" existence here. 
Both step-sons are now in CO, with the 
older providing our 4 grandchildren (7-19), 
Last fall on our way south from ME to TX 
we stopped in CT to see my SBC roommate, 
Creigh Casey Krin and family Fun to catch 
up. Then on our way through VA, we toured 
the SBC campus. Much still looks familiar 
nestled amongst the new buildings and 

Laura Coccio: "After a wonderful yr of 
travel following my retirement as a school 
principal, in Jan, I accepted the position of 
dir of our town library. It's a small library 
and a part time position with flexible hours. 
My husband Chris and I will raft the CO 
River in Jul., go to Oxford in Sept. to visit 
my daughter who is finishing her Ph.D., and 
head back to Europe in Nov. for a series 
of trade shows for Chris's company. Life is 

Diane Dale Reiling: "I have ended my 
3 yr, term on the SBC Alumnae Board and 
the Board of Directors for the Coll, What 
a privilege! The cross country jaunts from 
Seattle have become a bit of a hardship in 
this economy. The real estate market has 
been hard hit, and although Chuck and 

I aren't yet greeters at Wal-Mart, we're 
conserving resources like everyone else! I 
recommend getting involved with the Coll,, 
however and I'll continue to serve in some 
capacity, I also urge everyone who can 
to make a trip to SBC, perhaps Homecoming 
for President Parker's Inauguration (?) to 
see the new Green Village housing and the 
amazing Fitness and Athletic Center — new 
student magnets, for sure! There are a 
group of us on Facebook who'd be happy to 
have others join us! Come be my friend." 

Lyn Fisher Cortright "Just thought 
you'd like to know. Joan May and I had 
our 40th h. s. reunion this past weekend in 
Bethesda, MD. It was fantastic to see her; 
she's twisting my arm about the 40th at 
SBC. I think it's time I headed down for the 
next Reunion. If it's half the fun we just had, 
it'll be a blast." 

Peggy Cheesewright Garner: "I con- 
tinue to be fascinated with ornithology, esp. 
bird ID and am moving toward IDing by calls, 
too. Flower arranging is my favorite hobby 
as well as designing gardens — can even 
plot in scale after about 1 00 hrs! Stay in 
close contact with Lisa F. Winslow who is 
John's and my go-to cancer advice gal. Also 
Betsie M. Gambel who has just started 
her own communications co. in NO and 
also Jane McFaddin. So blessed with such 
fantastic SBC buddies." 

Ann Major Gibb: "Ernie and I had 
a great day with Diane Dale Reiling in 
Washington, D.C. in Jan. She was there for 
the final interviews for the new SBC presi- 
dent. We went up to see her and spent a 
wonderful day visiting Mount Vernon. I have 
a new career as a grant writer for a small 
town in MD, Snow Hill, lots of fun. Ernie is 
enjoying practicing from 9-5 and our chil- 
dren are in Philadelphia and Richmond so 
we can see them often. 

Wendy Robertson "After about 42 
yrs , Betsy Banton Jaxtheimer and I got 
together for lunch and had a wonderful time 
catching up. We"re old friends from grade 
school days." 

I'm still moving which only means we 
haven't sold our old farm yet and therefore 
I can procrastinate all the longer though 
at least we've rented it. Reynolds is still 
doctoring the horses and I'm doing some 
riding this summer as well as painting. I 
spent 3 wks. in MT (great fishing, hiking and 
weather this yr.. it was still green from so 
much rain. I used a down comforter at night 
and wore shorts during the day!) and we go 
back again for 2 more in Sept. We're off this 
weekend to Nantucket to visit Missy Leib 
Veghte '74 and her husband Bob. The kids 
and grandkids are all doing well, growing up 
too fast! Many thanks to all my contributors. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www oiumnoe sbc edu 


Rosalind Ray Spell 
2710 Orchard Knob SE 
Atlanta, GA 30339 

Meredith Thompson Sullivan 
PO Box 1283 
Livingston, MT 59047 


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Karin Lindgren 
Lantana, FL 33462 


Ann Kiley Crenshaw 
1216 Cedar Point Dr. 
Virginia Beach, VA 23451 


Sally Bonham Mohle 
5039 Lewisetta Dr. 
Glen Allen, VA 23060 

Kate McElhinney Montgomery: Our big 

news mo. this yr. was May, when our daugh- 
ter Suzanne (22) graduated magna cum 
laude from Kenyon ColL, and our son Delano 
(1 7) came in 2nd in Piedmont's annual 
bird-calling contest and got to appear on the 
David Letterman Show. 

Elvira Cash-Pecora: Chapel Hill is 
geared up for the new students. Husband 
Chip still works at NY Life and rets soccer 
games in his spare time. He and our boys 
love the game. Oldest son Greg still plays 
in adult soccer league games and coaches 
recreational girls and boys teams in addition 
to teaching at our local h. s. 2nd son, Kent 
is spending fall semester in 
Brisbane, Australia, having a blast. He'll 
return to Dicknison Coll. in PA for spring 
semester. Greg plans to visit and travel with 
Kent before he returns. I'm still on a break 
from teaching and currently work at Talbots. 
I'm loving the change from education. I 
recently heard from Mary Ann Mutton Felch 
'79, Peggy Hailey Sheehan, and Janet 
Myers Deans 

Sarah Bruce Kelly: Frank and I enjoy 
more than ever our new home on the SC 
coast. We've lived here going on 4 yrs. 
now, but the newness of this lifestyle hasn't 
faded! My big news is the launching of 
my new publishing enterprise, Bel Canto 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine • \ 

Press, along with Its debut publication, 
my own historical novel: li\e Red Priest's 
Annina. which is doing well. More books are 
forthcoming, and I'm busy these days with 
research and writing, as well as book sign- 
ings, fundraisers, and other events. I still 
teach part-time (because I love it too much 
to stop), and with Frank's flexible schedule, 
we're able to travel. This past summer we 
spent 2 wks. in HI, where besides enjoying 
all the beauty and wonders that part of the 
world has to offer, we managed to get in a 
couple of book signings. We celebrate our 
30th wedding anniv this Nov and will spend 
the wk. in Cocoa Beach, FL. We make fre- 
quent trips to Richmond to visit family The 
children are well. Frankie is still pursuing his 
golf career down in Pawley's Island, SC, and 
Mary Cathenne is teaching In Richmond. 
Life is good, and I feel blessed. 

Debbie Koss McCarthy: David and I 
are fine. I still love directing the Augustine 
Project and he's still consulting at UNC. I 
may take a sabbatical for a few mos. next yr 
because Courtney Is pregnant with our 1 st 
grandchild! Baby is due in Jan., so please 
say a prayer that Courtney avoids the swine 
flu. Alex is in Africa this summer, taking a 
break from his engineering job in Manhattan 
to volunteer with a project that is building 
a girls' school in Muhuru Bay, Kenya. He's 
finding it amazingly rewarding to help bring 
water, sewer, and electricity to a village 
that has never known any modern conve- 
niences. We had a fun vacation hiking in 
Glacier National Park (MT) with Courtney 
and John in Jun. 

Roxane Clement: I'm still living in 
Asheville, NC, doing decorative painting and 
researching a book. 

Carolyn Williams Seeling: Had a 
wonderful trip to South Africa last Oct., 
which included scuba diving & snorkeling 
with seals off the coast of Good Hope and 
safari. Still enjoy working with Special Ed 
students; currently with 3rd, 4th, and 5th 
graders. Sarah begins her senior yr. & we've 
been touring colleges. Justin graduated from 
Temple U. & enjoys his job & is considering 
certification in teaching. Stephen enjoys 
working with graduates of foreign medical 
schools with ECFMG. 

Becky Mayer Gutierrez: Lite is full 
and hectic, but keeps me young. Finished 
my M.A. in May from the U. of New England 
in Literacy K-12, 1 teach 5th grade at 
Greenfield M. S., getting so I like it better. 3 
grandsons: Gavin (2), Gauge (16 mos.) and 
George Jr. (4 mos.). They are here a lot. The 
moms and dads (my sons) work and we 
babysit. Now I know why the young have 
babies. My baby Mike, graduated from h. 
s. in Jun., we went with a group of friends 
to the Bahamas at the end of Jun. and then 
7/6/09 he left for the Army. He is in Fort 
Leonard Wood in MO now, graduates in Nov. 
and then who knows where. I miss him a lot. 

Ellen Sellers McDowell: Youngest 
daughter Kate will be a senior in h. s. this 
yr. She's involved with our church youth 
group and went on the summer mission trip 

^w alumnae 

to Jamaica. I got to be a sponsor. We had 
great trip. Emily (24) will finish her Master of 
Geology degree from U. of TX this tall. Ginny 
(22) will finish at Trinity Christian U. in Dec. 
so we'll have 2 graduates looking for jobs! 
Mary Susan (1 9) will be a sophomore at TCU 
this yr. She's met Michelle Taride Frasier's 
('78) son John at TCU so it has been fun 
for me to catch up with Michelle. Rex is 
traveling to AL to work on some projects for 
Governor Riley as well as working for his 
small telephone company Softswitch, I stay 
busy with school and church volunteering as 
well as a teaching a few cooking classes. 

And I, Sally Bonham Mohle, am loving 
our new home in Richmond and being 2 
mi. from our niece. We now have 3 "virtual 
grandchildren":! great-niece and 2 great- 
nephews, spread between VA and NH. If you 
didn't get an email from me, soliciting news, 
then I don't have your correct email address. 
Please email it to me at the above address. 


Suzanne Stryker Ullrich 
820 Waverly Rd. 
Kennett Square, PA 19348 

For the Class of '78, life continues to be 
filled with events that make for full and 
rewarding lives, along with the occasional 
bumps. Many of us have experienced the 
joys of our children's accomplishments 
and milestones, as well as dealing with, 
as Mary Page Stewart put it, having the 
"care of our parents. . .taking on a new 
priority." Mary Page was also in the process 
of getting ready for a family vacation in ME 
("Poor Bob, my iv/7o/e family!") but was able 
to get together with Maria Rixey Gamper 
and Missy Powell Adams, sharing stories 
about kids and having a nice glass of wine, 
I hope. 

Lisanne Davidson wrote In, as General 
Counsel for Southwest Bank in TX. Son 
Donald will be a sophomore at Wake Forest 
while younger son Jaime will be a jr. at 
Fort Worth Country Day School. Husband 
Douglas teaches theater and film at the local 
college, and tits in seminars around the 
U.S., and has taught yoga for the past 2 yrs! 

Dana Dotten Enacott wrote in from 
the high desert of northern NV, and was in 
the throws of getting oldest daughter Ariel 
ready to take off for Barnard Coll. in NYC. 
When traveling to NY in late Aug., she was 
hoping to link up with Jane Hemenway 
Sullivan. Dana was also staying busy with 
home-schooling her son, and volunteering in 
her community. Jane spent a couple of wks. 
in France with her children, and realized 
how great Cote du Rhone wine was! 

Melanie Bowen Seglich and hus- 
band Lee celebrated their 29th anniv. 'a 
la Lance Armstrong.' They got some Trek 
bikes and Melanie discovered "muscles 
I Didn't know I had! I hope I survive this 

adventure." Melanie and Lee were planning 
a trip to Tucson, AZ, for a Gnathology Dental 
Meeting, and some personal R&R last Sept. 
They continue with their Gourmet Supper 
Club and encourage others to give it a try. 
Like many of us, she stays in touch with her 
roomies, Ann Thrash Jones and Drusie 
Hall Bishop 

Leslie Battle Anderson wrote from 
Miami. She and husband Mike have both of 
their daughters in college. Taylor is attending 
Lynn U. and Bailey was about to graduate 
from FL International U. as a marketing 
major, economics minor Two yrs. ago, she 
went to Morocco and Spain with her sister, 
Helen Lewis '79 and just last yr. she and 
Mike explored the lake region in northern 
Italy. This past summer Leslie was going 
to escape the Miami heat and head to the 
NC mountains, followed by a visit to the 
Broadmoor in the fall She stays in touch 
with Katie Brown Eney in Annapolis, get- 
ting together about twice a yr. Ann Ramsey 
Hill, Anne Baldwin Mann and Marl 
Monahan are among those from our class 
she stays in contact with. Anyone passing 
through Miami is welcome! 

Deb Davison Klein and Terry have 
been transitioning to life without kids, being 
'bi-coastal'! Her daughter, Whitney (22) 
was moving to NYC from Boulder. "I'm so 
excited that Cannie Crysler Shafer, Mary 
Page Stewart and I can have reunions in 
the city when we visit our daughters!" Bo, 
her oldest, lives and works near Deb and 
Terry in Laguna Beach, so they get to see 
him periodically. Peter (1 7) transferred to 
a school in Chester Springs, PA, to spend 
some time with his dad before graduating 
from h. s. Deb had a great visit there last 
Jun., with Peter saying he loved his school 
but missed Deb and Terry, his friends and 
the surfing in Laguna Beach. Deb and Terry 
are busy with ski trips to Sun Valley, ID, and 
trips up the CA coast with friends, visiting 
the many wineries along the way to a house 
they all rented in Mendocino. Deb still rides 
and shows her horse on the CA A Circuit in 
the AA Hunter Division, plays in the ocean, 
and is still working in Real Estate. 

Cindy Whitley Auman says last yr 
was rough. She lost her mom and her job 
in late fall of '08, but took that time to 
settle her mother's estate, while explor- 
ing opportunities in her field of Cultural 
Resouces/Historic Preservation. "Senior 
management jobs are hard to find these 
days, but I did prevail." She was "starting a 
new job with an environmental consulting 
firm doing marketing, business development, 
and program management." Whitless and 
Dave are still working on their 105-yr-old 
house, 'Storybook Farm.' Dave is in a small 
consulting firm of 8 that deals mainly with 
homeland security clients. 

Katie Renaud Baldwin spent her 1st 
whole yr. in OR, "a busy one getting to know 
my way around. My oldest daughter Amanda 
had a beautiful baby girl named Addison and 
Emily completed her freshman yr. at college 
on the Dean's list." Katie became part of 

Winter 2009/2010 • 69 

Facebook and has enjoyed reconnecting 
with friends. Gary was busy with 2 part-time 
jobs. Katie admitted that, although she lii<ed 
subbing, she lil<ed having her own class 
better. Covering in a Kindergarten class 2 
times a wk. also kept her busy last school yr 
Katie was very excited to be heading back to 
AK last fall to sub for a former co-worker on 
maternity leave. 

For the past 14 yrs., Cathy Lumsden 
has been residing in Raleigh, NC. As of this 
past Jun. she has been with SAP where "I'm 
the Marketing Director, Public Sector, and 
Public Security Industry Solutions. Prior to 
SAP, I was the Public Sector Marketing Lead 
at Lenovo and before that, I was the Public 
Sector Marketing Manager at SAS where 
I spent almost 10 yrs." As well as keeping 
busy at work, Cathy found time to start in 
the Executive MBA program at UNC-Chapel 
Hill in 1/10. "This is a competitive program. 
I'm excited to have been accepted. It's an 
intense program that lasts 1 8 mos. and 
meets every other weekend. The rewards 
will be well worth the effort." 

Liz Williams has been busy travel- 
ing and sailing. She and Chuck spent last 
Christmas on Maui. They then converted 
some non-sailing friends on a bareboat 
charter in the BVI. Liz had gotten together 
with Marybeth LIpinski Perez-Soto a few 
times, as well as Carey Johnson Fleming 
"Neither of them looks as if they've aged 
at all!" 

Donna Mlhalik Lee has been a prolific 
poet! Her poems have appeared in various 
literary publications this past spring/sum- 
mer issues. Some titles include "Re-sort," 
"Beyond Appearances." and 3 others 
("The Supper," "The Permissible Food of 
Marriage," and "Calling Out") appearing 
in the spring 2009 issue of cssura; The 
Journal of Poetry Center San Jose. 

Cathy Mellow Golterman's twins, 
Cathenne and Christen graduated from h. 
s. and were both off to Westminster Coll. in 
Fulton, MO. Catherine will be playing ten- 
nis while Christen will be a 'Bluejay' on the 
cheerleading team. Woody is a jr. in h. s. and 
is involved in sports, both in school and out, 
after a summer of life guarding at the same 
camp where the 4 of them worked. Cathy 
still teaches preschool and babysits on the 
side. Their annual family trip to Wl was a 
fun-filled time after their cruise to Grand 
Cayman, Belize, Cozumel, and Isia Roatan to 
celebrate the twins graduation. 

Paula Brown Kelley had gotten back 
from picking up daughter Genny (14) at 
SBC. Genny attended band camp there, 
improving her skills as a flute player. "The 
girls stayed in Glass and had a great time. 
They had 'dorm meetings' and thoroughly 
enjoyed the dining hall banquets! I took 
my mother back to see the campus. She 
loved seeing SBC again! We noticed the 
athletic facility and senior housing under 
construction." Our son. JP (17) is looking 
at colleges and working at his 1st job in 
a park this summer. Jack is recovering 
from knee replacement surgery and is a 

70 • Winter 2009/2010 

trooper! Paula and her mother had attended 
the funeral of Martha Mansfield Clement '48 
in Alexandria. "We were so saddened by the 
news. 1 1st met Mrs. Clement when our 
classmate, Anne Clement, and I took riding 
lessons together in the '60s!" Paula's par- 
ents played bridge with the Clements, and 
it was always fun to see Mrs. Clement at 
reunions over the yrs. Her oldest daughter, 
Sarah Clement '75, gave a beautiful eulogy, 
full of touching, witty stories. It was also 
great to see Anne, her children, and their 
sister, Ellen Clement Mouri '80 again. "Mrs. 
Clement and her girls introduced me to the 
idea of attending SBC many yrs. ago for 
which I have always been grateful." 

As for me, life is full with work, travel 
with Rick for work and pleasure, family and 
friends, and visits with SBC friends. Alex (28) 
is getting married in Mar., Andrew (26) is 
working for a drug and alcohol rehab group 
in the Phila. area, and Ned (21) is a jr. at 
Penn State. The miles seem to add up on 
the car. Siamese cats, Zoe and Mac, have 
the run (literally) of the house now! My best 
to you all. Stay in touch! 


Mary Robbie McBride Bingham 
7624 Coors Blvd. SW 
Albuquerque, NM 87121 

Thank you so much for your reply's to my 
e-mail and letters. I'm so excited to be the 
new secretary and I hope I can do as good 
a job as the previous secretary. Here is all 
of your wonderful news. I've put in peoples' 
husbands' names and children so we can 
get caught up with each other 

Mary J. Cowell and David are cel- 
ebrating their 8th wedding anniv They live 
in Nantucket, MA, where Mary is selling 
ads for the Inquirer and the Mirror. She 
sees Harriet Whittaker and Bill, who are 
in Boston, whenever she can. She sees 
Marianne Hutton Felch and husband Bob 
around Nantucket as they live these also. 
They go to the U.S. Open every labor day 

Anne Garity Nelson: My eldest son 
graduated from NYU this spring and has 
joined the ranks of the legion of unemployed 
college grads with very expensive degrees. 
My middle son finished up his freshman 
yr. at Mary Washington and my daughter 
is going into her last yr. of h. s. She and I 
are college road-tripping this summer and 
will visit Wake Forest, Coll. of Charleston 
and Clemson. I'll show her SBC, although it 
doesn't seem to be her cup of tea. Maybe 
that gorgeous campus will change her 
mind! It was great to be back on campus for 
Reunion — fun times even though we were 
such a small group. Best to all. 

Judy Carpenter Hawthorne is still 
alumnae dir. at St. Catherine's. Son Hunter 
(24) is in commercial real estate in Atlanta. 
Melinda (20) at the U. of SC. She got mar- 
ried last yr. in ME. Both parents are still with 

her at 90 and 91 ! We all should be so lucky. 

Vicki Wingate Wilkes and Craig live 
in Columbia SC and have George (7) and 
Susannah Kate (4). They're very busy with 
these 2. 

Nancy White got married and if you 
saw the last alumnae magazine there was a 
lovely picture of them. Nancy works in sales 
and advertising, but is looking to change 
careers. She'd like to be a floral designer. 
She's been working part time at the NY 
Botanitical gardens and will start classes in 
the fall. Cook luck Nancy 

Louise Mueller Cook has 2 boys 
Craig(17) and Fritz(16). They keep her busy. 
She took a 2-wk. vacation in Jun. with her 
horse to CO. She visited Claire Cartwright 
Vaughn at her ranch in Dinero, TX, and they 
went riding. She also had lunch with Nancy 
Hatch Schwartzmiller and Ann Yauger in 
Atlanta last Jan 

Lisa Dennig Coulter went to SBC for 
her freshman yr. and is a cancer survivor. 
She writes: "I live in St. Louis, have 4 
children — Elizabeth (24), SMU graduate and 
working in Marketing in St. Louis: Chris (22), 
senior at Ole Miss; Caroline (19), sophomore 
at Ole Miss: and John (1 4), 9th grade at 
MICDS in St. Louis and avid Lacrosse player 
I've been married to Kevin for 26 yrs. and 
sell real estate for Janet McAfee, Inc, I also 
enjoy volunteering. 

Annette Teng works in Silicon Valley 
for a semi conductor firm and when she 
got my e-mail, was traveling in New 
Zealand with her son. Her daughter is now 
an alumna of Sweet Briar, class of 2008! 

Clara Jackman Garbett lives in Glen 
Allen, VA, with her children Megan and 
Stuart. Megan is attending Longwood and 
Stuart is trying to figure out what he wants 
to do. They have 2 horses and 2 dogs. She's 
a Kindergarten teacher at Dumbarton Elem. 
school and enjoys the English language 
learner kids and helping them learn English. 

Lauren Macmannis Huyett lives in 
Concord, MA, and Falmouth, MA, for sum- 
mers. She has 5 children: Phillip (24), Peter 
(21 ), Chip (19), and Susan (1 5). All with her 
husband who is a UVA graduate and college 
sweetheart. She's active in the Boston area 
SBC alumnae group. 

Conner Kelly is living in New Zealand 
doing dance and dance therapy as well as 
choreography for the 1st time in yrs. Sons 
are traveling and the oldest is a swim- 
mer. Teague (1 2) is an outstanding debate 

Susan Anthony Linberry writes: I'm 
a grandmother! Claire Afton Lineberry was 
born on the 4th of Jul. to my son Cole and 
his wife Denise. Neal and I are enchanted. I 
want to buy her a pony, now. I so deserve a 
granddaughter after surviving the Extreme 
Sport of raising 4 boys. Mark is planning 
a move to Denver to pursue his career in 
Sports Management. Patrick and Kevin are 
trying to finish their degrees at VA Interment 
Coll. I'm still busy managing festivals and 
events for the City of Newport News. 30th 

Reunion was fun. Hope to see more of you 
at our 35th. 

Karen Alex Bender: Ive been mar- 
ried 24 yrs. Aug. 17th. We have 2 children: 
Alex (22), Catie (21). Alex graduated from U. 
MASS this past spring. Catie will graduate 
this coming spring from U. MASS. Five yrs. 
ago I started my own business. I have a 
partner and we opened "Jo Karen LLC," a 
lingerie and active wear boutique in Acton, 
MA. It's fun and keeps me busy. We deal 
with a lot of breast cancer patients as well 
as 80% of women that are wearing to wrong 
size bra. Every business needs a niche! 

Andrea Lawrence: I was at Sweet 
Briar for 2 yrs. and then transferred up to 
Montclair outside of Manhattan and obtained 
my undergrad there. It's fun to see some of 
the goings on, but I don't have the connec- 
tions that others who bonded and stayed 
for 4 yrs. might have. Fortunately, I did 
have that opportunity in grad school. I can 
see why you want to keep up with others 
at SBC. I still think it's one of the prettiest 
places on earth 

Karen Nord lives in Santa Fe, 
NM. Her mother died in '08 and she's been 
having a hard time dealing with that. She's 
still active with horses and sees Mary Beth 
LIpinski Perez Soto '78 a lot. 

Betsy Burn Utterback has been liv- 
ing in New Hope, PA for 6 yrs. as well as 
Wolfeboro, NH, in summer. I'm in love with 
the lifestyle of NH. It's an escape from the 
real world! Hiking, golf, tennis, painting, 
reading ... Jim continues his busy inter- 
national traveling for work and at times, 
I join him. James (27) is in his last yr. of 
grad. school at Syracuse for architecture. 
Chris (25) works in Philadelphia for Jim in 
the pharmaceutical world and Jenny (23) is 
in NYC working for SonyMusic where she 
has interned tor 3 yrs. The interior design 
business is going surprisingly well. We're 
a group of 5 women who manage to keep 
our days occupied! I love the work. I have 
seen Louise VW Wright Erwin for lunch 
and Laura Evans in her lovely house in 
Umbria, Italy. 

Louise VW Wright Erwin: I'm a stay- 
at-home mom nght now, Mark & I have 2 
still at home. Emily (1 3) & Alison (1 0). My 
son, Alex (25) is grown and on his own! 
I'm lucky, he lives nearby and we see him 
often. I work part time at our YMCA and 
volunteer for my children's schools and 
teams. Our summer has been spent enjoy- 
ing swim meets & training. We're back from 
our annual vacation in Gloucester, MA, & 
off to one last swim meet for Em in State 
Coll. this week. The rest of the summer will 
include me nof getting up at 5:00 a.m. to 
get anyone anywhere! 

Patti Snowden Cloetingh: We still live 
in HoneyBrook, PA, a small community about 
1 hr. west of Phila. Caroline (20) is going to 
school locally after a yr. and a half at Auburn 
U. Too far, too different culturally, not thriv- 
ing, so she came home. She's much happier 
and pursuing a degree in elem. ed/spec. ed. 
Tyler (19) is heading off to WV U. in Sept. 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

to study business/finance. He's excited and 
looking forward to the adventure^ Brett (1 6) 
will be a fi, s. |r. He's a yr, round competi- 
tive swimmer and runs xc. A great student 
too. I'm still substituting for our local school 
district, primarily middle and h. s. I enjoy my 
work as well as a variety of volunteer activi- 
ties. Husband David is terrific, and we look 
forward to celebrating 29 yrs. together in 
Oct. I'll enjoy reading everyone's news and 
wish everyone well. 

Melinda Treutle Collie: Husband David 
is a saint to deal with my "mid-life crisis" of 
returning to the equestrian world. We're up 
to 1 1 horses and ponies. They range from 

2 Dutch warmblood show horses to rescued 
welsh ponies; we even have 2 foals. Our 

3 Cavalier King Charies Spaniels weren't 
thrilled when I rescued 2 Jack Russell pup- 
pies recently We now hope to sell the his- 
toric house we renovated in Pinehurst. NC, 
to purchase a farm to house everything. Last 
yr in Palm Beach I saw Laura Evans who 
has a place there in addition to Italy. Laura 
looked great and has an adorable Jack 
Russell. She sees Graham often. Laura was 
looking forward to seeing Jenny Kelsey in 
FL. Jenny has a child at Lynn U, nearby so 
Laura hopes to get everyone together! 

Susan Andrews Cruess I joined 
my husband Leigh on a business trip to 
Colombia (both Bogota and Cartagena) Life 
in Calgary remains busy Jim (23) gradu- 
ated from McGill U. in 2008 and spent last 
yr. studying, volunteering, and traveling in 
Spain, China, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. 
He lived in Beijing for 3 mos. and worked for 
a nonprofit agency there — a fabulous expe- 
rience in a small office where he was very 
involved. He heads off to law school at the 
U. of British Columbia in Vancouver this fall. 
He's particularly excited to learn that school 
closes for the Winter Olympics, so now he 
just has to figure out how to get tickets! 
Andrew (20) is entering his jr. yr. at the U. of 
Alberta, majoring in history and anthropol- 
ogy He lived in the dorm his 1st 2 yrs., so 
now he gets his 1 st experience cooking for 
himself in a house with 5 other guys! Kylie. 
our 1 yr. old dog, continues to rule the 
household, but misses the boys. I completed 
my 1 St yr as President of the Junior League 
of Calgary. We have a small League, but 
it's an amazing group of women, and we're 
continuing a 59 yr. legacy of community 
projects in Calgary. I've one more yr. as 
president and will finish up on 5/31/10. 
We're working hard to grow the membership 
and expand our reach, so hopefully the trend 
will continue this yr. Leigh refers to the JLC 
role as "my full-time unpaid job," but I love 
having the flexibility to join him on business 
trips and to get away to Ontario for 2y2 wks. 
at my in-laws' cottage each summer. We 
purchased a condo on the ski hill in Fernie, 
British Columbia, so we try to get there 1-2 
weekends a mo. It's a great getaway, just 2 
hrs. and 45 min. from Calgary; we enjoy it in 
the summer as much as in the ski season. 
I've been back to VA a few times this past 
yr. and got the chance to catch up with 

Bitsy Hester in Dec. I've also had fun re- 
connecting with SBC alumnae on Facebook. 
I've found a lot of friends from the class of 
'80, so It's time tor SBC '79 to catch up! 

Jacquie Kenner Carmody: I'm still 
residing in Shreveport, LA, with Arthur (W&L) 
and in Nov. celebrating our 30 yr. wedding 
anniv I've been busy running the roads rais- 
ing 6 children the last 25 yrs. or so. Arthur 
IV (25) works for Chase Bank after being an 
Ail-American Football player (kicker) at U. 
of Louisville. Harrison (23) graduated from 
West Point is at Ft. Rucker AL flying Apache 
Helicopters. Kenner (23) graduated from 
LSU in architecture and is looking at living 
in Beijing to start his career. Aubry (20) is 
a sophomore at Ole Miss, Drake (1 8) is a 
senior at Loyola Coll. Prep, and Helen (15) is 
a freshman in h, s. In a nutshell, that's been 
what's kept me happy and busy since my 
days at SBC. 

Mary Robbie Mcbride Bingham; 
I'm now class secretary. I was 1 of the 7 
that went to Reunion. I had a great dinner 
with Elizabeth McMartin in Charlottesville 
before driving down to Reunion. I'm in 
Albuquerque, NM, with husband Patrick, 
sons Samuel (13) and William (10). I got my 
alternative teachers license and am trying 
to get a job as an elem. school librarian. 
My husband is the executive dir. of the NM 
Horsemen and a lawyer (UCLA Law). We 
have 5 racehorses— 2 retired, 2 running, 
and 1 on the shelf. Again, please e-mail me. 
I loved the e-mails and will be e-mailing you 
back soon. 


■ aoro: 9?7a</ ^r-«!S. ^ro 

Lillian Sweeney 
74 Longuevue Dr. 
Pittsburg, PA 15228 


Claire McDonnell Purnell 
Four Thompson St. 
Annapolis, MD 21401 

Dana Painter Parkey and husband Bob are 
living in Houston, TX. Dana writes, "Without 
any ties to the state of GA, we have 2 
kids in school there (Will, a junior at UGA 
and Anna, a freshman at Savannah Coll. 
of Art and Design), purely coincidentally! I 
saw my old roommate, Virginia Donald 
Latham, twice in the last few yrs., after not 
having seen her (or almost 30! Bob and I 
loved meeting her husband Rick, and Anna 
and I got to stay with them this past Apr 
and got to know their daughter Forsyth! 
After 21 yrs. as a stay-at-home mom and 
volunteer, I'm going back to teaching. I'll 
be teaching a bilingual 5th grade class at 
a school with mostly disadvantaged kids, a 
far cry from the schools my own kids were 

able to attend. Other alumnae I keep up 
with are Harriet Harrison Leavell. Annie 
Fisher McDaniel '80, Susan Andrews Cruess 
'79, Nancy Broun Gerner, Michelle Tarride 
Frazier '78. All is well in Houston! 

Anne Grosvenor Evrard still works 
at her antique shop in Versailles and hopes 
to see SBC classmates if they're in France 
antiquing! Anne writes, "We're located next 
to the Old Market Square in Versailles, just 
a 10-min. walk from the chateau. I'm in 
Biarritz at our summer house with children 
and the dog; Walter came down for 2 wks. 
and will join us again in Aug." 

Nancy Webb Corkery lives in Dedham, 
MA, up the road from Molly Rogers 
Cramer. Nancy's son Kevin (21) is a jr. at 
St. Lawrence U. playing football. Kyle (19), 
is at the Coll. of Charleston playing club 
lax. Husband David is with CBRE in Boston 
Nancy writes, "Had a great time for my 50th 
at Mill Reef Club with Carta Cabot '84 and 
Laura Evans '79 " 

Barbara Bush Cooper lives in 
McLean, VA, and found that she couldn't 
stay out of the work force long. She says. 
"I'm now working part-time as the dir. of 
development for the Sarnoff Cardiovascular 
Research Foundation — a foundation dedi- 
cated to inspiring the physician scientists of 
tomorrow. I'm helping them celebrate their 
30th anniv with launching a fundraising 
program and capital campaign. Husband 
Doug and I celebrated 20 yrs. of marriage 
in Jun. and will celebrate 10 yrs. of having 
adopted our daughter Sophie and turning 50 
this fall — many milestones." 

Betsey Simpson Hilberts visited 
Annie Callahan Keech in Washington, DC. 
"We had a great time. Like everyone else, 
we find it I'e/y hard to believe that we're 
all turning 50!" Betsey works in special 
education at the elem. level and enjoys the 
children very much. Oldest daughter Eliza 
will be a sophomore at Denison U. this fall. 
Other daughters are Greta (1 5) and Allie 
(11). Betsey writes, "We drove through SBC 
when we were looking at colleges 2 yrs. 
ago. I look forward to our next reunion." 

Mary Stuart Boiling Smith is a realtor 
in Richmond and she has a son, Stuart, who 
will be a freshman at U. of Mary Washington 
in Fredericksburg, VA. The Mary Washington 
campus reminds Mary a bit of SBC. 
Daughter Lucy Gordon will be a 10th grader 
at Collegiate School. She'll be a jr. counselor 
at Camp Mont Shenandoah in Bath County, 
VA, this summer. Susan Clay Russell has 
children at Collegiate as well. 

Tracy Drake Hamilton and Greg are 
celebrating the birth of a grandson, Aiden 
Michael. He was born 7/12/09. Tracy and 
Greg just got back from Panama where they 
celebrated their 50th birthdays. Son Evin 
(16) is a phenomenal fisherman and daugh- 
ter Caitlyn (12) enjoys cross country running. 

Liz Seacord and Adam live in 
Manhattan. Sasha (20) will be a sophomore 
at the Art Institute of Chicago. Daughter 
Iris (1 2) is going in to the 7th grade at the 
Dalton School. Liz and her family spent 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www.alumnae 

much of Aug. at their "camp" on Long Lake 
in the Adirondacks. 

Sophie Crysler Hart writes, "After 
SBC, I went down the road to UVA and got 
an M.A. and Ph.D. in Foreign Affairs and 
East Asian Studies from the Woodrow Wilson 
School. I married Ford Hart, a classmate 
from grad. school, and moved overseas 
where we both worked for the Foreign 
Service for nearly a decade, with tours in 
Guangzhou, Moscow, Taipei, Beijing, and 
Washington, D.C, When we returned to the 
States, we realized we had little left in com- 
mon and divorced. I decided to leave the 
service and moved down to Williamsburg, 
VA, where my mother had retired from our 
home in Philadelphia. Have been here ever 
since working for Colonial Williamsburg for 
15 yrs., first in Public Relations and now 
(since 2005) in development as a fundraiser. 
I also teach a Chinese and Japanese politics 
class in the Government Dept. at William 
and Mary as an adjunct professor Husband 
Rick Hadley, who I met while working at CW, 
is in charge of exhibition design and produc- 
tion for the Foundation's museums. We live 
in downtown Williamsburg and would love to 
see any SBC folks in the area. This has been 
an uneven summer for us. Rick and I were 
in an auto accident in Jun. when a woman 
driving a Ford Explorer rear-ended us in our 
Honda Accord, totaling both cars. A couple 
of concussions and cases of whiplash later, 
we're both still in physical therapy We did 
have a fun visit a few wks. later from Hugh 
Robinson (W&L '80). his wife Liz (W&L '88) 
and their 2 sons Weld and Stuart, then took 
a quick trip in Jul. (in our new, enormous, 
post-accident SUV) to Charleston, SO, for a 
mini reunion with Hope Keating, who came 
up from Tallahassee, FL, and Alex Willson, 
who came down from Alexandria, VA." 

Kearsley Rand Walsh sends news 
from Arlington. VA, "Like most of you, I'm 
now half way to 1 00. My 2 teenage boys 
continue to push the envelope and exhaust 
me daily. Oldest son Angus is going to be 
a freshman at "We are . . . Marshall." and 
younger son Duncan will be a jr. in h. s., 
class officer, and varsity lacrosse, and foot- 
ball player. I've been playing Bunco and Mah 
Jong, joined water aerobics and belong to a 
book club and wine tasting group, I keep in 
touch with Brendy, Claire, Mary Kate, Carrie, 
and Lori Faust Graham." 

Brendy Reiter Hantzes writes that 
son Will left for his last yr. at WVU. Harrison 
graduated and works in the family business 
as a real estate appraiser working on right 
of way/ eminent domain projects, which are 
a direct result of the government's stimulus 
package. Molly (18) is doing great. She's 
very healthy and living at St Mary's Home 
for Disabled Children. It's a wonderful place 
where they do wonderful things for kids with 
the most severe disabilities." Husband Nick 
is well. 

Maggie McCarthy Stoeffel says. "I 
turned 50 yesterday— not possible. Dave 
and I celebrate our 25th wedding anniv 
in Oct. — again, not possible." Maggie 

Winter 2009/2010 • 71 

and Dave will be empty nesters this fall, 
Daugtiter Katherine (20) is entering Iner 
sr. yr. at Brown, and James (1 8) will be a 
freshman at Gettysburg. "Time to reinvent 
myself for the 'post-mom' yrs. I'm a very 
active volunteer, serving on the board 
of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra 
League, chairing human concerns out- 
reach at church, and working with Habitat 
for Humanity. We moved to Milwaukee 
7 yrs. ago from Darien, CT, when Dave 
joined Northwestern Mutual Life where he 
runs Investment Products for their broker- 
age firm " 

Margaret Mayfield will be a candidate 
for Circuit Family Court Judge this yr The 
primary election will be 6/10. Margaret's 
daughter Megan (19) is a sophomore at 
Auburn U. in Musical theatre and son 
Brandon is 15. Margaret writes, "My hus- 
band and I will celebrate our 27th anniv in 
2010 and 33 yrs. since our 1st blind date." 

Naiomi Weyand Smith lives in Atlanta 
with husband Scott who is the General 
Counsel at Genuine Parts Company. Naomi 
left Home Depot's employment law dept. 
after 7 yrs. to join a virtual law firm, FSB 
Legal Counsel, practicing employment law 
and developing a mediation practice. Naomi 
says, "I love my job. Since I can work 
remotely I spent this past summer in 
Nantucket with my 2 children, Harrison (20, 
a junior at Presbyterian Coll. in SC and Emily 
(17), a h. s. senior Roberta Perillo '82 came 
to visit us this summer in Nantucket." Naomi 
is on the Board of the Center for Family 
Resources in Atlanta, which is a nonprofit 
that helps homeless families with housing, 
food, utilities, and life-skills training. Naomi 
and Scott bought a new home in Atlanta. In 
Mar 201 0, they'll attend their 25th Mercer 
Law School reunion, 

Steptianie Skinner Daney sends a 
belated Happy 50th Birthday to all her SBC 
classmates! "Yes, we've all changed a lot 
since '81 , but it's nice to keep in touch! I got 
my certification to instruct aerobics! i'm an 
aerobic instructor for the Kennett, PA, 
YMCA; I love my job! I'm also coaching 
youth sports for the 3 to 5 yr olds. I love 
my husband, Chris Daney, who is a CPA, 
gardener and avid Fox Hunter I love my 
boys. Drew (20) and Corey (18), who keep 
me busy! Drew is going into his 2nd yr at 
Wilmington U. Corey is going into his fresh- 
man yr at WVU." 

Leslie MacNeil Dobbins and Helm are 
happy and living in Danville, VA. Daughter 
Courtenay (19) is entering her second year 
at UVa. Their son Mac is a busy 16 yr old. 

Helen "Sam" IVIasters Durham 
writes, "Buck (NSC '80) and I are still in MN 
with him at the Mayo Clinic and me as the 
Director or Marketing and Ticket Operations 
at the Mayo Civic Center Oldest child Arch 
works in NYC, Ann Husted is in school in NC, 
and Rob returns to Hampden Sydney this 
fall. I talk to Mary Ware '83, Judy Hestnes 
'82, and Angela Averett '82 frequently 
Thank goodness for Facebook. I fought it 
long enough and finally gave in. Would love 

72 • Winter 2009/2010 

to find Letha Dameron Zackowski again 
Found her once, the day before she moved 
to NC and haven't found her since!" 

Danielle Stratta Claroni just launched 
her company ReloSport, Inc., nationally 
(www.relosport,com). She's still working 
in real estate in Greenwich, CT Danielle 
says, "I have 3 sons — Tim (21) a senior at 
Towson U, (film major dean's list), David (20) 
a jr at Tulane (finance major), and Daniel 
(1 4) a freshman at Greenwich H. S. Husband 
Michael is retired and manages our portfolio 
from home," 

Pam Wood Valle and John live in the 
Boston area. They have 4 children. Son 
Chris (23) works and lives in the Chicago 
area, Ashley (21) is a sr at Hope Coll, in 
Holland, Ml, Madeline (18) is a freshman 
at Purdue, IN, Rachel (15) is a sophomore 
in h, s, Pam writes, "I have my own college 
consulting business, John is COO for a 
Professional Employers Organization (PEG) 
based in Burlington, We visit my mother 
Diane Duffield Wood '57 often; she's still in 
the Oak Brook, IL, area," 

Dawne Cotton Ward, Jim, Elizabeth 
(7), and Caroline (4) live in Scottsdale, AZ, 
Dawne is still recovering from the surprise 
of Jim's decision to run for US Congress in 
2010, "I guess his many yrs. in advertising 
followed by 1 1 yrs, at Lucasfilm, Ltd, didn't 
curb his latent political aspirations, I never 
imagined I would be a politician's wife, but 
Sweet Briar prepares us for all life's chal- 
lenges, ,, right? Thank goodness I have SBC 
friends willing to step up and help with the 
daunting fundraising tasks, Barbara Baur 
Dunlap '68 and husband Chariie have taken 
us under their wing and sponsored a very 
successful fundraiser for Jim's campaign. 
Another alumna has helped our cause, 
Karen Gill Meyer '63 and husband Jim, 
Karen interviewed me when I was applying 
to Sweet Briar Ahem, how many yrs, ago? 
If you're interested in learning more about 
our journey ahead, please checkout Jim's 
website www.voteiimwardcom." 

Dawne writes, "Like many of you in 
the class of '81 , 1 turn 50 this yr as will 
Jim in Nov, and we're celebrating our 
25th anniv,, so we treated ourselves to a 
trip to the Mediterranean sans enfants! 
On our return, the girls and I headed to VA 
where they attended 2 wks, of camp at the 
Congressional School, I saw Alison Lyons 
for the 1st time since our graduation. She 
hasn't changed a bit and lives with her 
family in Northern VA. I took the girls to see 
SBC — as beautiful as ever! AZ is a great 
vacation spot so be sure to call on me if 
you're in town." 

For Carol Hays Hunley life is crazy in 
Pittsburgh, PA, as Chief Compliance Officer 
for PNC Financial at a time when PNC 
acquired a same-size bank at yr-end. Carol 
writes, "So combining a major acquisition 
with a crazy political and regulatory environ- 
ment, I've redefined stress. Add to that I find 
myself deeply involved in my church at the 
local, regional, and national level and just 
returned from 3 days in Dallas meeting with 

a task force of which I'm a member tasked 
by the national denomination with revising 
the Form of Government of the Presbyterian 
Church USA. Barbie is a sr at George 
Washington and Chrissy will be a freshman 
at OH U. Chrissy will be taking her horse 
with her to college. Still 5 yrs. to go before 
the nest is empty, however, as Tommy will 
be in 8th grade this yr It's fascinating to see 
the difference between giris and a boy in m. 
s. (thanks be to God, I don't have the energy 
for another giri in m s.)!" 

Louise "Heidi" IVIerrill de Ortiz 
has been married for 29 yrs., and has 4 
children: John (27), Chris (25), Marisa (22), 
and Angela (19), and grandson John (1 
mo.)! Heidi says that she was lucky enough 
to be full-time mom, and then spent 7 yrs. 
as a school bus driver which gave her the 
same hrs. as her kids. Heidi writes, "Living 
in Bridgewater, MA, and Cape Cod. Hoping 
to retire there part-time, just built a new 

IVIary Kate Ferguson spent most of 
the summer participating in and rehears- 
ing for an annual water ballet performance 
in Baltimore. Mary Kate says, "I had such 
fun. Kearsley and Claire attended with their 
families and fnends in support of this zany 
extravaganza. Also took my welsh corgi. 
Pace, to obedience school religiously We 
were "expelled" tor bad behavior from the 
last one. Also got a few glimpses of Michael 
Phelps who owns the swim club where I 

Lynn Danesi lives on an island on the 
west coast of FL with husband Joe, cat 
Stanley and dogs Stella and Finn, She works 
as a relief veterinarian in day practices 
and emergency hospitals, which gives her 
lots of flexibility and the opportunity to visit 
Bar Harbor, ME, several times a summer 
Lynn and Joe have a house and she says, 
"I've recently reconnected with classmates 
Claire and Florence Baldwin Langford on 
Facebook and I'm looking for more!" 

As for the Purneiis, we're still in 
Annapolis, MD, I turned 50 in '08, and we 
celebrated by going to NYC for the Macy's 
Thanksgiving Day Parade, I continue to work 
as a graphic designer and share a home 
office with my husband, John, who is an IT 
consultant. Daughters Mary (15) and Lizzie 
(1 2) are well. They're playing field hockey 
this fall. We went to Mary Kate's water 
ballet — lots of fun. Our family including 
my brother Ned, went to the Adirondacks 
where we stayed on Long Lake next door to 
Liz Seacord, Her family has been going to 
Long Lake for generations; she introduced 
us to many nice people, I enjoyed meeting 
her husband Adam and son Sasha, Lizzie 
and Iris had a great time together. Daughter 
Mary is studying European civilization right 
now and she enjoyed talking with Liz about 
art history Liz said that it reminded her of 
studying under Miss Laing, 

Last yr, I mentioned that I was going 
to take an SBC pennant to the Lake Placid 
Pub & Brewery where many school pen- 
nants adorn the walls, Liz, Ned, the kids and 

I went to LPP&B this yr only to find that the 
pennant had been stolen along with a num- 
ber of other school pennants. The manager, 
Josh, said that if I send a new pennant, he 
would hang it high where it will be safe, 
and he'll send me a photo. Another field trip 
next year! 

Many of you responded to my request 
for news by email and through Facebook, If 
you aren't familiar with FB, when you sign 
up, you can list your college and graduation 
year and then you will find a list of class- 
mates who have also signed up. Thanks to 
everyone that wrote and have a good winter 

Consuelo Michelle Martinez 
7007 North Tripp Ave. 
Lincolnwood, Illinois 60712 

As always, it was a pleasure to read our 
classmates' news; I understand how busy 
everyone in is the summer so I appreciate 
receiving your notes. 

Punctual as ever, Deborah Price 
Bowman sent her notes sharing that her 
family had a great trip to the Mayan Riviera 
in Mexico for Feb, break, fortuitously before 
the A H1/N1 flu outbreak. Ever the globetrot- 
ter, husband Jeffrey surprised them with a 
trip to Amsterdam for Apr break as he was 
there on business. The tulip gardens were 
in full bloom! Katie (13) and Kessler (8) 
enjoyed their visit, Deborah doesn't expect 
to travel for the remainder of the yr and was 
hoping for a low-humidity, gorgeous sum- 
mer in NJ. 

Summer jobs are hard to come by 
especially if it's like the one Kit Johnson 
Parks landed. Dog sitting at the beach in 
Costa Rica. She and her husband hoped to 
brush up on their Spanish, immerse them- 
selves in the native culture and learn Tai Chi. 

Jennifer Rae, President of Invitation 
to Better Things, LLC Proiect Development 
and Management — Event Planning — Web 
Services — Newsletter Publishing and Other 
Publishing wwwJnvitationtobetterthings. 
wrote that she previously worked for an 
aerospace, educational nonprofit and was 
back in touch with fellow longtime teaching 
members. She was finalizing a website she 
developed for the group and also enjoyed 
being back in touch with her former boss 
and manager The consummate multi-tasker 
Jennifer is associated with Katherine Gibbs 
School where she enrolled in an introduc- 
tion to business course the summer upon 
graduating from SBC. A graduation gift from 
her grandmother who graduated from the 
school circa 1930, the school was founded 
100 years ago, by Katherine Gibbs, a widow 
in Rl upon her husband's death due to a 
shipping accident. Finding herself with no 
means of support and 2 sons (9 and 11), 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www alumnae. 

she was forced to fight for custody of her 
children. A pioneer worl<ing to enable and 
empower women, she founded a Katherine 
Gibbs School in NYC as well as Providence, 
Rl, and Boston, MA. Friend Rose Doherty, 
also a graduate of the school, is writing a 
book on the history of Katherine Gibbs and 
the school. Jenny enjoyed gardening and 
turned over all of their gardens with 5 differ- 
ent kinds of tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, basil 
and several kinds of herbs. As husband Luigi 
loves to be in the kitchen, Insalata Caprese 
was frequently on the menu. The couple 
enjoyed attending the Taste of Vermont on 
the Hill at the Senate Russell building that 
Senator Leahy and his office have spon- 
sored for the past 4 yrs. Similar to a trade 
show, commerce from VT was featured such 
as hotels, wineries, and bakeries. Jennifer 
(southern nom dar Jenny Lynn Rae) sends 
her best to fellow classmates. 

Time flies for Monika Kaiser-Neheim 
as her children are growing up. Daughter 
Alexa finished her 1st yr at UM's Frost 
School of Music with her double major in 
Musical Theater and English and also suc- 
ceeded in making the Dean's list. In Apr she 
was in the cast of "Hello Dolly" Son Julius 
"graduated" from m. s. with all A's. Husband 
Richard is with Pepsi and spends about 4 
out of 5 wks. in the Caribbean or Central 
America. Monika says he works hard, 
but in this economy, they're grateful he's 
employed. Ever the stage mother, Monika 
remains active with German and Drama at 
Julius' future h. s. The musical 'Guys and 
Dolls' was featured and although it was an 
h. s. play, Julius was invited to participate as 
part of the ensemble, where he played Liver 
Lips Louie! As always, if fellow classmates 
are in the area please visit Monika. 

Jean Von Shrader Bryan (Jean-The 
Dancing Machine), is ready for summer 
Husband Peter gave Jean their timeshare at 
Sanibel Island for 1 wk. to go with friends. 
Jean planned to be there by 8/21 and 
looked fom/ard to "relaxing" with friends. 
Daughter Betsy graduated from Maury H. 
S. and will attend Radford U. in fall. She 
worked at a dentist's office, while son 
George (16) worked at Panera Bread for the 
summer He and his sister Anne (1 5) were 
planning on attending a mission trip with 
their church in Jul. for a week. Anne will 
then attend 2 other camps: this was to be 
her last summer to enjoy her youth as Jean 
plans for her to have a full-fledged career by 
next yr Jean managed to keep Peter busy 
with projects around the house. She enjoyed 
spending spring break with Leie Frenzel 
Casalini. George and Anne and she were 
treated to Leie's hospitality; LeIe looked 
"awesome" and is still an outstanding lady 
Jean also reports that The Virginia Diner 
where she is a fundraising account rep, is 
celebrating 80 yrs., 1929 to 2009. Anyone 
who needs to raise money may contact 
Jean, not only do they have catalogs to sell 
from, but also a group can order custom 
made cans of peanuts at a discounted price 
and resell them for a profit. If interested. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnoe Mogazine • \ 

contact the nutty lady (as she identifies 

For the 1st time. Gay Kenney Browne 

had 2 wks. where she was an empty nester 
Colin (1 0) and Katie (8) were at sleep away 
camp while son Alex (20) went pack back- 
ing in Europe. Tony and Gay intended to 
spend time by the pool eating bon-bons. 
Gay writes that life is busy as a mother of 
3 and founder/entrepreneur of a start up 
company called, Greenopia. They have a 
series of city guides, website and 2 phone 
applications, that offer business service 
and listings as well as product information 
for the eco-minded. You can visit them at: And, if anyone is in the 
Santa Barbara area, do call. 

Congratulations and best wishes to 
Nancy Dougherty Davidson who gradu 
ated with a Masters in Theological Studies 
from Virginia Seminary this past spring, 
Nancy enjoyed a much needed summer 
break showing her horse "Martini" before 
looking for a job in the fall. Also a member 
of the class of 2009 is eldest daughter 
Meredith who is headed to Clemson U. 
Younger sisters Hyten and Lydia continue 
with horseback riding and various school 
sports, while husband Mike is busy with his 
legal work. 

Also enjoying summer vacation was 
Rosemary Hardy who, during the school 
yr., works in the Shawnee Mission school 
district. 3 days a wk., she took water aero- 
bics in addition to volunteering at a local no- 
kill animal shelter She added a new kitten 
to the house, playful and always getting into 
trouble, the perky feline keeps Rosemary 
on her toes. A favorite aunt to many nieces 
and nephews, Rosemary attended the Jun. 
wedding of her eldest nephew in Chicago, 
the 1st one of her nieces/nephews to get 
married. Family from all over the country 
attended and she enjoyed spending time 
with relatives she doesn't see very often. 

Summer vacation included academic 
pursuits for Marie Engel-Earnhart who 
attended a history program at Columbia U., 
NY, in addition to a Project Citizen program 
in Newport, Rl. Dunng the yr, Marie teaches 
U.S. History at a D.C. m. s. Like her mother, 
dynamic daughter Mary Whitney attended a 
summer program in economics and market- 
ing at William & Mary U. Mary Whitney will 
be a senior in h. s. this fall and is looking 
at Sweet Briar and other universities for fall 

After a busy spring of moving from a 
previous laboratory to another at the Wallace 
Tumor Institute, Leisa Seay Sanford is 
at the new facilities and enjoys a lab with 
windows! She is working on an experimental 
drug for lung cancer and a new antibody 
made from scorpion toxin for breast cancer 
She and husband Paul managed to get away 
to visit family in the NC mountains. Summer 
rain produced lovely flowers and an abun- 
dance of vegetables in their garden. 

Life is far from boring for Berrie 
Pitts Bamberg who graduated from the 
International Brotherhood of Electrical 

kvw alumnae sbcedu 

Workers Local Union 26 as a Journeyman 
Wireman in Jun.! Also graduating was 
daughter Ruth Berrien from Sewanee. while 
stepdaughter Shannon graduated from h. s. 
Berrie works with husband Ed, as construc- 
tion electricians. In the little spare time they 
have, they enjoy fishing and going on long 
motorcycle rides in "wild and wonderful" WV, 

Ann Morton Young Habliston writes 
that she enioys working in the administra- 
tive division at St. Paul's Nursery and Day 
School and being around all the 3-5-yr-olds 
as it reminds her of days gone by Eldest 
daughter Caroline will be a sr at Washington 
& Lee U, where she is the goalie for the 
field hockey team. Ann Morton and husband 
Charlie plan to spend a lot of the fall in 
Lexington cheering on the Generals. Son 
Chazzo graduated from St. Stephen's & 
St. Agnes School and will attend Davidson 
Coll. in the fall where he's excited about 
the opportunity to become a member of 
their football team as a kicker. Bennet, their 
youngest, graduated from 8th grade at St. 
Stephen's & St. Agnes and looks fonward 
to h. s. 

Life is never dull for Patricia Whelan 
Schenck in Albuquerque. Eldest daughter 
Lillian (and my god daughter) a sr at U. of 
CA Berkley, traveled to Israel over the sum- 
mer where she was a nanny Son Gus, a 
sophomore at AZ State, worked for Coors 
brewery in the summer and will head to 
Madrid, Spain, for a semester in the fall. 
Helen graduated from Sandia H. S., was a 
summer camp counselor and looks forward 
to attending Loyola U. in Chicago, this fall. 
Twins Helen and Gus will be juniors this fall 
and are busy with academics, community 
service and sports. Husband Bob is the 
chairman of the Dept. of Orthopedics at the 
U. Hospital in Albuquerque and Patricia is a 
professor of Spanish and French and enjoys 

On a personal note, I'd like to extend my 
sincere thanks to many of you for the kind 
words, support, thoughts and prayers during 
my father's illness and passing this past 
spring. I'm grateful for your friendship. 

Fondly, C. Michelle 


Gary Cathcart Fagan 
329 Kelford Ln. 
Charlotte, NC 28270 

My husband Chris and I traveled last sum- 
mer to Rochester NY for his 25th h. s. 
reunion. While there, we had dinner with 
Wylie Jameson Small and Stuart. I told 
stories of my time at SBC: skidding on 
black ice and rolling 2 V2 times down the 
mountain coming home from W&L, and my 
beating on Jean Von Schrader Bryan '82 
while all of you were fighting for the Senior 
Stairs the night of Junior Banquet, etc., 
Wylie at one point looked at me and said 

"did we go to the same school"? It's funny 
that our class is small in comparison to a 
university class yet our experiences at SBC 
were just as diverse. On the home front our 
bar. Pagan's Creek, is breaking even. We 
have live music on Sat. nights either a solo- 
ist or a small band. All proclaim to perform 
some contemporary, some country and 
classic rock. But whenever I yell out "PLAY 
FOGHAT" they ail look at me like squirrels in 
the headlights! What ever happened to the 
classics? I want to send shout-outs to my 
dancing buddy Catherine McNider, my fel- 
low history major Janet Kroh and my fellow 
Ass Sue Gay Dailey. I'd love to catch-up! 
Since you all know that I try to live my life 
by following the values and lessons of the 
Brady Bunch I'll end with a quote "Forget it 
Doug. Even with a swollen nose, I can still 
smell a rat." Words to live by . . . 

Alicia Nygaard Formagus and Nace 
became empty nesters in Aug. In fall, they 
were planning to fly to Greenville, picking 
up their son William at Furman, and drive 
to Knoxville, TN to watch other son Thomas 
play offensive tackle at Carson Newman. 
Alicia continues to work in the family busi- 
ness, serve on The City of University Park's 
Public Works Board and the Woman's Club 
with her mom. Alicia's family was home 
in Dallas for Thanksgiving and traveling to 
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, for Christmas and New 

Amy Painter Hur is doing fine in 
Austin, TX. She had lunch with IVIiriam 
Baker Morris while in Birmingham last 
spring. Oldest daughter Laura is a freshman 
at Alabama and youngest daughter Elizabeth 
IS a sophomore in h. s. 

Ann Goldman Uloth celebrated her 
10th yr working at Fidelity Investments 
last Mar She's grateful to have survived 3 
rounds of layoffs. She and Doug (UVA '82) 
took a fabulous cruise to AK to celebrate 
their 1 7th wedding anniv 

Ann Sterling Hart was very busy 
playing show secretary for dressage shows 
as well as keeping her own horses fit and 
show ready Her oldest, Stephanie, is back at 
Stetson for her last yr, and Ann's youngest, 
Ali, is a freshman at U. of FL. Ann is amazed 
how time files! 

Bobbie Serrano Black sent her 1st 
child to college in Aug. Daughter Elizabeth 
is swimming for the Sewanee Tigers this 
fall! Bobbie's middle daughter is a sr at 
North Cross School and traveled to Spain 
last summer to study. Youngest daughter 
Gracie is a freshman at Patrick Henry H. S. 
in Roanoke. 

Diana Dawley Clem celebrated 25 
yrs. with IBM. Youngest son Chistopher got 
married Labor Day weekend. Daughter Julie 
and her husband are expecting Diana's 1st 
grandchild after Thanksgiving. She and Ron 
are looking fonward to being grandparents 
and retirement, 

Deirdre Piatt wrote near the end of 
last summer the tides of change were rolling 
in on her and her family The summer had 
been filled with family visitors and lots of 

Winrer 2009/2010 • 73 

British groups and volunteers to coordinate. 
Her husband was considering a new archae- 
ological contract for a huge site 2 hrs. from 
their home in Manabi, Equator It they move 
Deirdre will especially miss the big wildlife 
garden she's created and nurtured these 
past 5 yrs. She's even had tourists visit her 
garden where she talks about "green living." 
citing examples of washing their clothes 
with fruit from the soap tree and their dishes 
with wood ash. By the time this is published 
Deirdre will be presenting a weekly ecologi- 
cal program on National Radio! She's sad 
to see such a beautiful and rich country, 
where biodiversity is its best resource, being 
sabotaged by the foolish greed of politicians 
and businessmen. Deirdre wrote that the 
children are well and she's looking fonward 
to traveling to SBC next May for her oldest 
daughter Tanya's graduation! 

Ellen Chaney Webster and family 
had a fun and eventful summer No major 
vacations, but they took the children to 
Busch Gardens just before school started, 
Ellen attended a family reunion on the 
Rappahannock River Earlier in the summer 
She took her children and stepfather to the 
same river for several days. While out on 
a walk, she spotted an Indigo Bunting (a 
beautiful, bright blue bird), and the following 
night she saw a young deer in one of the 
small fields 

Gigi Harsh Mossburg and family 
had a wonderful summer! They spent 4th 
of Jul. weekend on the water in Annapolis, 
MD, Oldest son went to the Naval Academy 
for basketball camp and got to spend time 
with some current mids, the assistants and 
coach for Navy, Gigi's youngest went to sail- 
ing camp in Annapolis and took her sailing 
on the last day Gigi hadn't been sailing in 
30 yrs. and thinks it's awesome! The family 
(with 2 other families) took a camping trip 
45 min, outside of Syracuse, NY, She and 
Mark attended a surprise 40th birthday party 
for a friend. It was a 60s, 70s, or 80s cos- 
tume party, and they dressed-up as Sharon 
& Ozzy Osbourne, Yes, the fake eyelashes, 
red short wig, and Mark had the long black 
wig and round purple glasses. But he drew 
the line on shaving off his mustache, Gigi 
misses her wonderful friends from SBC! 

Grayson Harris Lane lives in Menio 
Park, CA. with husband David who works 
as a venture capitalist. Her kids Virginia (1 3) 
and Robert (1 1 '72) are both middle school- 
ers and keeping her busy with their activities 
and sports. Grayson has been involved with 
fundraising and event planning at the kids' 
schools as well as at the Cantor Arts Center 

Katherine Robison Davey is still in 
Atlanta, She works part-time with the Emory 
Psychiatry Residency Program, helping to 
coordinate the residents' educational needs. 
Husband Drew still practices Pediatric 
Intensive Care & Neonatal Medicine, 
Youngest son Marshall is a sr. in h. s., so 
they have one more round of college visits. 
Middle daughter Ebet is a sophomore at 
SBC, and older daughter Laura Katherine 
graduates from Wake Forest in spring. 

74 • Winter 2009/2010 

Katherine does some volunteer work and 
travels as often as she can, 

Kathy Barrett Baker wrote she had 
t ,000 different things going on as usual! 
She's hosting the "Cowgirl" Christmas party 
this yr (about 170, or so, local ladies from 
the "Horsie Set"), Everyone brings a dish 
or a bottle of wine, Kathy is busy going to 
auctions and collecting fine art, mostly OOC 
American or French 19th and 20th century 
landscapes. She and Jim had a luxurious 
trip to La Samanna in St, Martin in Aug, In 
Sept,, they went to Beaufort, NC, for Baker 
Beach Week, Also in Sept., Jim turned 62. 
Kathy has been working on some Barrett 
genealogy. She's gone back to the records 
of her great-great grandfather's wedding in 
1 853, Speaking of that, please share photos 
for our class scrapbook(s). Send pics of 
graduations, proms, vacations, etc. to Kathy 
at sabotschool@hughes^nei Kathy also 
wanted to remind all of you again that Wylie 
set-up a Facebook page for our class, check 
out "SBC Class of 1983"! 

Kim Howell Franklin had a busy 
spring traveling which included LA, Honolulu, 
Amelia Island, San Diego, and San Francisco 
(all work related)! Her family went to Cape 
Cod for their Aug. vacation, which they were 
all excited about. Kim's daughter Isabelle is 
in 7th grade this year 

Laura Mixon Rodriguez finished 
her Ph.D. in Communication this past yr 
Congrats Laura! She lives in Greenville, 
NC, teaching public speaking and coach- 
ing clients how to give better presentations 
with greater confidence, Laura shared a 
favorite quote by Somerset Maugham "It's 
a funny thing about life; if you refuse to 
accept anything but the best, you very often 
get it," Check out Laura's blog: The Art of 
Presenting Your Best Self: http://www.mixo- 

Lee Ann MacKenzie Chaskes wrote 
"Two down one to go!" Middle son Robert 
is a freshman at Hampden-Sydney and 
oldest Win is in his final yr at West Point, 
She anticipated a busy yr visiting both 
boys while youngest son Adam (9) is in 3rd 
grade, Lee Ann wrote that her summer was 
interesting with the 3 boys home for 6 wks, 
(doesn't happen often given Will's schedule). 
Having 2 college-age boys in the house was 
a little like living in a fraternity house — boys 
coming and going; people needing rides at 
all hrs, of the night; not really knowing who 
is in your house at any time — plus feed- 
ing them! Lee Ann was looking forward to 
returning to a 3rd grade schedule of play 
dates and dioramas! 

Libby Glenn Fisher says thanks to 
Facebook, she's been in touch with several 
SBC ladies. She had lunch with Melissa 
Pruyn Vaughan (who she hadn't seen 
since graduation) while in Denver last sum- 
mer Libby wrote that it was so fun to see 
Melissa; she looks wonderful! Libby thinks 
Facebook is super for catching up and 
encourages classmates to get on board! 

Mandy Beauchemin Frohn took 
a "staycation" last summer at nearby 

Englewood Beach. She and son Zachary 
(1 5) wanted a getaway before school 
started. Mandy wrote that the sea turtles 
nested around that time of yr and Zack saw 
one when he went for his SCUBA certifica- 
tion dive. 

Mason Bennett Rummel and family 
spent a week in ME last summer with her 
aunt. She and Rick had a romantic getaway 
to Cabo last spring (kiss kiss). Mason wrote 
that besides school and work, they're enjoy- 
ing their labs, continuing the never-ending 
work on their old house and |ust enjoying life 
with the last of 3 children at home (who is 
in her sr yr) 

Miriam Baker Morris was hoping to 
see Mimi Kitchel DeCamp over Labor Day 
weekend (if only briefly), Miriam has been 
keeping up with Amy Painter Hur because 
Amy's daughter, Laura, is a freshman at U, 
of AL where Miriam's son, Claiborne, is a jr 

Phyllis Feddeler Fejzuli enjoyed a mo - 
long break from the FL heat last summer by 
visiting Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Their cot- 
tage was very remote — quiet and peaceful 
Phyllis hopes everyone is doing well! 

Ruth Lewin attended her 30th h. s, 
reunion in Aug, She wrote that it was inter- 
esting to see those friends all grown-up! 
They had such a good time, they're doing 
it again, Ruth heard from Carol Hadley 
Molnar last summer, Carol is doing great, 
still running the Inn, Ruth is hoping that she 
and husband Marc can take a trip to NY to 
visit her Ruth, I had such fun visiting with 
you at our SBC 10th Reunion, I hope you 
can make to our 35th! 

Stephanie Frantz Snyder returned 
to Ukraine last summer with family and a 
team from her church to once again assist 
in a wk.-long English camp. The 2008 trip 
inspired Stephanie's daughter to study 
Rosetta Stone Russian to complete her h, 
s, language requirement this yr's trip she 
was able to enjoy simple conversations, 
Stephanie's son is taking Russian at Lehigh 
U, with the intention of returning to Ukraine- 
Stephanie practiced the Cyrillic alphabet so 
she could read the billboards and signs. 

Wendy Chapin Albert still sells real 
estate and husband Tolly is still a stockbro- 
ker, 2 crazy jobs for the strange times of this 
past yr! Wendy had great fun hosting her 
h, s,. Garrison Forest School, 30th Reunion 
in May. Women came from WY, Seattle, 
Atlanta, Boston, Richmond, Pittsburgh, 
and neighborhoods just around the corner 
Daughter Annie (1 7) had an exciting spring/ 
summer; she attended her junior/senior 
prom, got her driver's license and took the 
ACT exam. After the exam the family drove 
to the Outer Banks to meet up with their 
younger daughter Eleanor (13), Wendy loves 
gardening, photography, and horses. She's 
been in touch with Meg Price Bruno, but 
it had been a while since she heard from 
her Wendy wants to send a shout-out: "Hey 
Meg, I hope everything is OK, miss you," 

Wylie Jameson Small gave a talk 
about the Salem Witch trials in Oct, She 
got interested in the trials while she was 

teaching Arthur Miller's "The Crucible." 
She researched them extensively, includ- 
ing traveling to Salem and mapping her 
family's genealogy back to the area during 
the period in question (1692), Actually, her 
husband Stuart is related to Ezekiel Cheever. 
who was the court reporter for many of the 
trials, Wylie was busy this past yr doing 
grassroots political stuff in her community, 
playing golf, and traveling to VT for vacation 
with Stuart and son Rudy. Rudy is in 10th 
grade, Wylie wrote that it was grea( seeing 
Chris and me in Rochester! Thanks Wylie, 
we might make this an annual event. And 
yes Wylie, we did go to the same school! 


Debbie Jones 
4416 Bromley Ln. 
Richmond, VA 23221 

Cathy Toomey Gregorie writes that all is 
well in Charleston, She's busy shuttling 5 
kids to activities — Catharine is entering her 
3rd yr at W&L, Chesney is in her senior yr 
of h, s, and has started her college search, 
Caroline is in 10th grade and Lili is in 6th 
at Ashley Hall. Little Harry enters 5th grade 
and the world of little boy sports! Harry and 
Cathy opened a 4th GDC home, our home 
furnishings store, in Summerville, SC, and 
have been riding the recession rollercoaster 
with everyone else, but are encouraged 
by the positive things we have seen lately 
They've celebrated their 25th wedding anniv 
and, in true Gregorie fashion, took the kids 
with them to St, John, A fun time for all! 

Chris Svoboda had a blast at Reunion; 
she hopes more people come next time! She 
has some interesting stuff in the works, but 
is too superstitious to talk about them until 
they're finalized. Meanwhile she's being a 
tough-as-nails attorney in the nation's capi- 
tal, cooking as often as possible and taking 
on too many projects at home. 

Ginger Reynolds Davis writes that 
Carter (1 8) starts his senior yr next week. 
Presbyterian Coll, is still his 1st choice. 
Jeffery starts his sophomore yr of college 
next wk. as well. Jeff and Ginger just want 
to know when they're leaving our house only 
to return as guests as they kind of like it by 
themselves! Ginger's sister, Ashley Reynolds, 
is pregnant! Mama isn't pleased to say the 
least, 40 yrs. old and having a baby, but God 
bless her she says, 

Susan Dickinson Lindner loved being 
able to catch up with people she hadn't 
seen for a while. She's now working as a 
nurse (RN) at one of the local hospitals in 
Chattanooga and been doing it for about a 
yr now and loving it. For anyone else think- 
ing about making a mid-life career change, 
she says "Go for it," 

Cheri Burritt Yates and son (10) spent 
a mo. in South Africa and had a wonderful 
vacation — hard to get back to reality, Cheri 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www,alumnae-sbc-e(du 

spends a lot of time volunteering at his 
school and other activities. Both are well and 
still in Charleston! 

Vicky McCullough Carroll lives in 
Cincinnati, OH, with husband Mike, daugh- 
ter Emma (8), dogs Max & Little and cat, 
Kitty, Vicky is a Brownie leader, soccer & 
basketball coach, and school/community 
volunteer who plays tennis a few times a 
wk. Vicky says she's reestablishing SBC 
ties: Emma rides at stables owned by Patty 
Sheehy Rogers '83; in Aug., Vicky hosted 
a Cincinnati alumnae get-together at her 
home; and she's loving Facebook postings 
from '84. 

Liz Sprague Brandt says that 8/21 
she and her husband will be taking their 
one and only child, Betsy, to Nashville to 
begin her freshman yr. at Vanderbilt U. Her 
husband Is especially excited that she'll be 
following in his footsteps. Liz isn't looking 
fonward to an empty nest. At least Nashville 
is a quick flight on Southwest, After they 
leave her they'll be heading to Atlanta 
where she will catch up with SBC room- 
mates Elizabeth Harley Willet and Mary 
Howard Patterson Hatcher Elizabeth 
promised both shopping and culinary 
therapy to make her feel better 

Patricia Fallon fulfilled a dream by 
bringing her 2 daughters to SBC for our 
25th reunion, Christina (14) and Caroline 
(12) — a magical trip! She's almost 2 yrs, 
post breast cancer surgery and chemo and 
wants to make sure that anyone who might 
need emotional support feels free to call 
or email her at 61 7-772-1 366 or patricia. She's working full time and 
kids are entering the teen yrs. Life seems 
to be getting busier! Patricia is grateful for 
each day and values the sense of commu- 
nity and family she gets from SBC. 

Camille Mitchell Wingate still loves 
Greenville where all is well! Frank and her 
daughters Caroline (1 7) and Meredith (14) 
had a wonderful time in summer '08 visit- 
ing over lunch with Liz Boyer Caldwell as 
she was driving from FL through Greenville, 
SC, on her way to NC to pick up her child 
at camp! It was great to catch up and she 
brought a mutual friend, Robin Dunn, who 
was Camille's roommate at SMU Junior 
Yr — small world! They're in the process of 
college applications with Caroline and pre- 
paring ourselves for Meredith to begin h. s.l 

Sharon Brown lives in Tampa with 
her husband and 2 ctiildren, Davis (1 5) and 
Caroline (11). They had an amazing tour 
of Versailles this spring where hanging in 
the Hall of Battles they found 7 large battle 
scene paintings painted by her ancestor! 
She unfortunately rarely sees SBC alumnae, 
except her sister Kathryn Reese and Katie 
Keogh '88. 

Elaine Godsey Freim worked with 
the VA Dept. of Health as an Environmental 
Health Specialist & District Supervisor for 
yrs. and has since changed careers to 
Activities Din at Riverside Sanders Assisted 
Living in Gloucester, VA. Two of her residents 
are also alumnae, Frances Curtis '40 and 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • \ 

Connie Cornelia Kittler '44. Elaine is in touch 
with Marty (Martha Gamble Lee) Dillon '85, 
but doesn't hear from anyone else. Her chil- 
dren Robb & Jennifer are grown. She and 
Michael (McMahan), together now 16 yrs,, 
have 5 grandchildren ranging from 9 mos. 
to 10 yrs. and enjoy them. She continues to 
have her own arts & crafts business, selling 
at shows and display in a local galleries. 
Elaine is active in her local art league and 
continues to enjoy creative expression with 
her residents. Working with the elderiy is a 
challenge, but very rewarding. 

Teri Baldus Rugely says daughter 
Katie is heading off to U. of KY to be 
a wildcat. Son Vi/ells Is turning 16 and 
anxiously awaiting his driver's license. They 
still live in Charleston, WV, and she sells real 
estate and Ned practices law. 

Wendy Hyland Warren is a busy mom 
of 3 teenagers The oldest is a freshman 
at JMU. Husband Stephen is going back to 
school this yr to get his MSW degree from 
Radford U. Oh, to be In college again! She 
had a fun, busy job as Finance Dir for the 
Roanoke Symphony Orchestra. Wendy had 
a blast reconnecting with classmates at the 
Boathouse party in May and looks fom/ard 
to our 30th Reunion in 2014! She has been 
in touch with Jocelyn Brine Speliter, 
Farzana Alam, Patsy Kraeger '85, and 
Irene Cahill. She'd also love to give a 
shout-out to some of her old dorm mates: 
Linda Miller '85, Elizabeth Kelley Ravitz '85, 
Debbie Fischer Oleisky '85, Lisa Etz Picken 
'86, Elizabeth Yeager 

Staci Skufca is still in Boca Raton, 
FL She talks to Juliet Jacobson, Kristin 
Bryan, and Anne Sewell. Stacey works in 
advertising and marketing. 

Shannon Young Ray is well in Fort 
Worth. She and Breck have been married 
23 yrs. and their 5 children are great. Breck, 
Jr (21) will be a sr at St. Louis U. Peter 
(1 7) is a sr in h. s. and football captain. 
The triplets (1 5), Carson, Taylor, and Megan 
will be freshmen in h. s. driver's ed started 
this week! She continues to work for her 
family oil and gas company Shannon's 
father passed away in Apr, and she's now 
president. In addition to being busy as 
a mom and in her business, she continues 
to do volunteer work serving on several 
community boards. She and Breck still 
find a little time for themselves and try to 
get out of Fort Worth, She hopes all is well 
with everyone and would love to hear from 
anyone when passing through DFW. 

Lisi Carlen Robison spent 2 wks 
with her son in Spain and Portugal. Ted 
will be a freshman at Bucknell U. this fall. 
Her daughter Anna keeps her traveling a 
good deal with the soccer team. She enjoys 
talking about the SBC days with her next 
door neighbor Bobbie Serrano Black '83. 

Maria Elena Ferran's son graduated 
from h. s. and will attend college in the fall 
with preparations for a major in English Lit, 
Her daughter is a sophomore In college 
and is entering her pre-nursing curriculum. 
Maria finished writing 2 children's books 


and is currently developing the illustrations 
and lining up her publisher She's also plan- 
ning her applications to Harvard so that it 
seems her whole family will be In school at 
the same time! Still living in Chariotte and 
the summer weather has been pleasant. 
She's doing a lot of gardening and has, for 
the 1st time, successfully grown cucumbers, 
tomatoes, herbs, and has 1 watermelon 
that is the size of baseball right now and it's 
hanging in there! She hopes to see everyone 
In everyone in Sept.! 

Kathy Marion writes that the 1 st book 
In her Take Charge™ series for students 
was released. GRADS: TAKE CHARGE of 
Your First Year After College! has gotten 
terrific reviews from counselors around the 
country. Two more books in the series are in 
the works for release next yr She's having 
a great time as the College-to-Career col- 
umnist for Denver on Examinercom. She'd 
love to hear from anyone in recruiting or HR! 
On the personal side, her beautiful Chinese 
daughters are now 1 3, 1 1 , 9 and 9. 

Louise Jones Geddes writes that all 
is well — same husband and kids: they're all 
just older! Kids are jr, sophomore, and 6th 
grader Youngest Lucia shared a tentalow 
at Camp Greystone with Melissa Cope 
Morrissette's ('83) daughter last summer 
Still teaching middle and upper school 
mathematics. Still enjoying it, although 
summer holidays are (almost) the best part 
of the work! Chaperoned a school trip to 
Shanghai, China, and took a family trip to 
Australia this past yr Both trips were amaz- 
ing! Enjoy seeing Elizabeth Harley Willett 
and Georgia Schley-Ritchie '80 in Atlanta. 
Email and Facebook others. Louise says she 
was sorry to have missed Reunion (was on 
the school trip to China). Heard it was fun 
and will try to make it next time! 

Teresa Ramirez de Dixon is happily 
settled in the UK where she has lived for 20 
yrs. with husband Bill. She stopped work- 
ing after 5 yrs. with Procter and Gamble, 
in Peru, and the UK, and started a family 
They're now a family of 4: Martin (1 2), 
who is a Music Scholar at Leighton Park 
School and a choirboy at the Royal Chapel 
in Windsor: and Emilia (1 0) who loves 
sports. At the moment, they're making big 
changes. Teresa finished teacher training 
and start work in Sept. as Spanish Lecturer 
at East Berkshire Coll. in Windsor, and she's 
relocating to Reading, where Bill joins a new 
law partnership. Also, this is her 8th and last 
yr. as accounts volunteer for Great Ormond 
Street Hospital. Teresa mentioned that while 
she's been remiss in staying in touch with 
us; she remembers classmates fondly 

Roxane Lie still lives in OR with her 2 
Vizslas, Connor Quinn and Salus, where she 
adopted both from Vizsia rescue. She's had 
several jobs since moving to OR In 1 998 — 
dog grooming at 3 different places; kennel 
help; fast food management; bakery sales at 
a local grocery store. Just lost her job and is 
looking again. Hope everyone Is well! 

As for me, Debbie Jones, I'm enjoy- 
ing being Class Secretary getting these 

tun updates and seeing many of you at 
our 25th Reunion! I've been traveling often 
to Europe these past few yrs. for personal 
and business travel, mostly Scotland and 
Ireland where I rode horses cross country 
a few times. Still In mortgage banking with 
RBS Citizens and I cannot describe what 
an experience it has been dealing with the 
credit crisis! So to ease the pain, I continue 
to spend my spare time supporting my sister 
in her green biz. Square One Organic Spirits 
(\Ne'\ie had 
great fun and success in launching 3 vodka 
products In our 3 yrs. in business. Thanks 
to my friends for your support! Haven't been 
spending the time with my horses as I'd 
hope, but when the pace at work slows I'll 
be back in the saddle. Look forward to hear- 
ing from you all again soon! 


-\.v AYiir yi,T.i r}/-23. softy 

Cecily Schuiz Banks 
11 Harbour Rd. 
Barrington, Rl 02806 

Dear classmates; What a treat to receive 
your enthusiastic updates as we count 
down to our 25th Reunion, May '1 0! It 
appears that a number of you are already on 
Facebook, so you'll get some more class- 
mate updates there; I'm not yet Facebook- 
sawy, but I encourage you to check it out 
when you have a chance. OK, I'll start; I live 
In Barrington, Rl, with my British husband, 
Jonathan, and 2 children, Angus (1 0) and 
Lucie (7), I still teach at Roger Williams Law 
School and work on fundraising events for 
various charities. Jonathan is Executive Dir 
of Sail America, the U,S. trade assoc. for 
the sailing industry We're a sailing family, 
and we enjoy every day the natural won- 
ders of coastal New England life. In recent 
yrs, I've kept In great touch with and seen 
Betty Sayler Youles, husband Charies, 
and gorgeous daughter Shelby who live in 
Alexandria, VA. 

Suzanne Bowers Isaack lives in 
Atlanta, GA with 2 children Kegan (16) and 
Kylie (13) and husband of 17 yrs, Stephen. 
In '98, she went back to UNC for a 3rd 
degree of BSN and became an ER nurse; 
she's loved it ever since! Her family volun- 
teers with the GA Humane Society and has 
fostered 232 cats, kittens, puppies, and 
dogs through their loving home over the 
past 3 yrs. Suzanne would love to be back 
in contact with her SBC friends and those 
who were on the swim team, cheerlead- 
ing for W&L, and Interim trips to Keys and 
Everglades. Sadly, Suzanne's father died 
suddenly this mo.; her parents have been 
in TX for 25 yrs. and her mother, Margaret 
Lawrence Simmons '49, just returned from 
her SBC Reunion. She'd appreciate any 
Information on Dierdre Piatt '83 who is living 
In Ecuador [Editor's note: Suzanne, see the 

Winter 2009/2010 • 75 

1983 noteg). 

Michelle O'Neill lives in Washington, 
D.C., with husband Marshall and son Carter 
(5) where they've recently bought a new 
"old house" to renovate. Michelle has now 
worked at the Commerce Dept. for 22 yrs. 
(wow!) and still enjoys going to work every 
day. She currently serves as the Acting 
Under Secretary of Commerce, and her 
work focuses on helping U.S. companies 
succeed in the global marketplace. She 
traveled to Moscow as part of Obama's 
delegation and joined Commerce Secretary 
Locke and Energy Secretary Chu in China. 
She'll return to China in Sept., and then jet 
off to Spain. Michelle saw Lisa Sproha 
Jennay on a D.C. visit after 19 yrs. Lisa, 
who lives in FL and works as a therapist, 
visited her with husband Tom and 2 chil- 
dren, Cameron and Conner. Michelle writes 
that Carmen PInelle Mones (below) and 
Brigid McGlynn Lengyel are long overdue 
for phone calls! Carmen Pinelle Mones 
writes that her family moved to Phoenix, AZ, 
In 2006 after almost 20 yrs. In D.C. She 
has a daughter, Emma (10). She's in touch 
with Patsy Kraeger, Mary Beth Orson '86 
and Phoenix Chapter President, and MIml 
Wilke '76. Carmen and MIml visited Patsy's 
"dariing little cottage home" for a ladies 
lunch a few wks. ago. Renee Selvaggio 
Pappas, who attended SBC her fresh- 
man yr. is currently teaching 5th grade In 
Hllliard, OH. She finished a Master's degree 
In the Art of Teaching, She's been married 
to Craigen, the dir. of golf at The Country 
Club at Muirfield Village in Dublin, for 21 
yrs. (wow!), and they have 2 children, Taylor 
(who will attend OH State U. in fall) and 
Madison (12, in 7th grade). Her family is 
traveling to South Africa for a mo. to visit 
family Barbara Tragakis Conner Is living 
in Northern VA, still loving her job as the 
Coll. and Career Center Specialist at West 
Potomac H. S. in Fairfax County. She does 
organizational consulting, and she's enjoyed 
some very interesting projects this yr. involv- 
ing a workforce development project for the 
National Youth Employment Coalition and 
Goodwill Industries. She has two children, 
Maggie (a sr. at Holllns U. this fall) and Kit (a 
2nd yr. at New England Coll. in NH). If you 
know any great single men in the D.C. area, 
please let her know! Kelley FItzpatrick 
and her husband CT spend their summers 
on the Gulf coast of the FL Panhandle work- 
ing to the sounds of crashing waves, while 
their son works his summer in a restaurant 
kitchen there. She has immersed herself 
in a suitcase full of art supplies, reading, 
and cooking. Her family has moved from 
Memphis (after nearly 20 yrs.) and returned 
to their home state of AL, in Mountain Brook. 
Kelley volunteers with the AL Symphony 
and the YMCA, She has 2 sons, Tranum IV 
(16) and Lewis (13). Ashby Clark Hopkins 
and Jim live in Winston Salem, NO, with 
their children Eliza (1 2), Tommy (1 0) and 
Cackle (6). She volunteers In the schools, 
enjoys community work, and plays tennis, 
Joan Wyatt writes: "after a looooonnnng 

76 ♦ Winter 2009/2010 

absence," she's back in touch with many 
SBC friends on Facebook and catches 
herself humming "Holla holla holla!" Joan is 
living In San Antonio, TX, happily married to 
Richey She has 2 boys, Henry (9) and Taylor 
(6). For work, she does interior design and 
manages a private art collection, Cathleen 
Brooke Dunkle lives in Jacksonville, FL, 
with her daughters Caroline (1 7 and a h. 
s. sr.) and Maddie (1 5, learning to drive!) 
Husband Kurt is rector of Grace Episcopal 
Church in Orange Park. She serves on the 
Alumnae Board for SBC and is president of 
Riverside Fine Arts Assoc. Patsy Kraeger 
lives in Phoenix, AZ, and is entenng her 3rd 
yr. of her doctoral program at ASU School 
of Public Affairs. Her research Is focused 
on international NGO's and cross cultural 
management, and she has presented on 
this topic at several national conferences. 
She was appointed by the Governor of AZ to 
head the AmeriCorps State program for the 
State of Arizona. She sees Carmen Pinelle 
Mones (above) and Mary Beth Orson '86 
Patsy is involved with the SBC Alumnae 
Club in Phoenix, which she co-founded in 
'92. Patsy probably won't be able to attend 
the 2010 Reunion due to field work for her 
dissertation, but she hopes everyone has 
a good time at SBC Cheryl Fortin Young 
is a busy wife, mom, and volunteer in SO, 
helping out with almost everything at her 
childrens' grade schools and h. s., as a 
substitute teacher, test monitor, chaperone, 
alumni organizer, and cheerieader to her 
kids and their friends. Her oldest son Tate 
starts at Washington & Lee this fall! (wow!) 
Her son Tim starts h. s. this yr. Daughter 
Kayla starts 7th grade at Saint Andrew's 
Catholic School; Kayla and her mom love to 
ride horses! Cheryl is keeping up with lots 
of sports, and she loves performing with 
her local professional singing group. The 
Carolina Master Chorale. 

As a final note, I hope you all will come 
back to SBC for our 25th Reunion to see 
your SBC friends, get back in touch with the 
exciting updates to the school (both in the 
facilities and curriculum), and meet the new 
president. In the meantime, please reach 
out to all of your contacts and urge them 
to come celebrate in May! I look forward to 
seeing you there! 

Mary Jo BIscardI Brown 
29 Willowgreene Dr. 
Churchville, PA 18966 

Charade Boiling Estes lives in Stafford, 
VA, and works as a contractor in northern 
VA at DARPA (DoD Research Agency) as 
a business financial manager. Between 
work and her 2 daughters, Chelsea (20) 
and Cameran (14), she keeps busy 
Chelsea is a junior at UT-Knoxville studying 
communications and psychology Cameran 
is a competitive dancer; she's on her h. s. 

dance team and is a member of a dance 
company where she pertorms tap, jazz, 
lyrical, and ballet. 

Now living in Houston, TX, Bella 
Viguerie Gsell is a member of the active 
SBC Houston Alumnae group, which has 
accomplished a great deal in Its fundralsing 
efforts and has had the new Bistro at SBC 
named after them (The Houston Bistro)! 
Bella's family has grown. She's mother to 
her 3 children, plus an exchange student 
from Thailand 

Melissa Halstead Baugher lives 
in Atlanta, where she's been since '97, 
She works full time as an attorney with 
the Georgia-Pacific Law Dept., where she 
has been since '05. She remarried in '07. 
Husband Jim owns a residential remodeling 
business, specializing in kitchens and baths, 
Melissa's son, Chris (13), Is in 8th grade. 
She also gained 2 stepdaughters: Brittany a 
sr. at Wofford Coll. and Sarah, a sophomore 
at U. of SC. Melissa and Jim visited SBC 
in 1 2/08. They enjoyed dinner with Laura 
Hand Glover, who treated them to a tour of 
the campus, 

Nancy Ray Wiltshire is looking for- 
ward to 201 1 (25th reunion!). She spent 
the summer touring college campuses for 
her oldest son. Nancy says, "No place has 
topped SBC to me"! 

Lynn Mather Charette has little time 
for things other than driving, fundralsing, 
and lots of games at many fields and courts! 
"I'm so excited to have our 25th Reunion be 
a BIG success in 201 1 ! Mark your calendars 
'cause we want a /of of people to ring in the 
big 25th! Othen/irise, I play tennis, volunteer, 
and run to keep myself going." 

Nancy Buckey Rothacker and her 
family are happy about the move they 
made from Cleveland, OH, to Columbus, 
OH, in '09. Husband Jack has purchased 
the Columbus office of Roth Construction 
from his father. Nancy keeps busy with her 
children's activities. Twins Jake and Sarah 
(6) began 1st grade this yr. Sarah has been 
taking tap and ballet for 3 yrs., while Jack 
loves baseball, golf, and animals. Nancy 
is thrilled that Columbus has organized 
lacrosse for boys and girls antf that both of 
her kids show interest! She wishes fellow 
'86ers the best and looks forward to seeing 
everyone in 2011! 

Traveling to Seattle and Vancouver 
Island on a family trip this summer, Missy 
Duggins Green had the opportunity to see 
Anne Smith They had a great visit over 
dinner and talked good times at SBC. Miles 
IS 1 1 (5th grade), and serves as his school's 
ambassador, and Nancy Is 9. 

Paula Veale still lives in NYC and sees 
Stephanie Pesakoff. Paula and Dan have 
a son lam (5) who started kindergarten this 
yr. — hard to believe! 

Linda DeVogt married Robert 
Freis 6/6/09 on a beautiful sunny day In 
Lexington, VA. Sweet Briar attendees: Helen 
Watt '44, Louise Moore '50, Diane Dalton 
'67, Louise Swiecki Zingaro '80, Jennifer 
Crossland, Susan Finn Adams, Joanne 

DeVogt Roczniak '84, Jennifer Wise '87, 
Ginny Moncure '08, Michelle Badger '06, 
Cara Cherry '06, and Jill Frier '06. She and 
Robert renovated his grandfather's house, 
which was built in 1922. Linda began her 
20th yr. at Anthem Blue Cross and Blue 

Dayna Avery Hulme and Tom still live 
In Nashville where daughter Courtney is a 
jr. at Franklin Road Academy and daughter 
Alexandra is in 6th grade at The Harpeth 
Hall School. Courtney cheers for the football 
team and both girls are members of a com- 
petitive dance company They're beginning 
the college search and looking at schools 
with strong dance programs such as SBC! 
Since her girls are so busy, Dayna has 
placed her law license in an inactive status 
the past 3 yrs. "It's such a joy to be involved 
In their activities and schools." Dayna and 
Jonna Lee Ashwood '87 have been volun- 
teering together at a local food bank for 
about a yr, — a wonderful experience! 

Mary Blair Farinholt Denious and 
Dave live in Devon, PA, with their 3 boys, 
Stewart (15), Sam (13), and Jack (10), She 
serves on the board of her sons' camp 
(Camp Pasguaney) along with another SBC 
alumna, Cornelia Suskink; they're the only 
2 women on the board! Mary Blair got 
together with Anne Souder von Weise 
and Harriet McNair Alexander for a great 
weekend in New Orleans in Jan, 

Jennifer Frost Holden is a debate 
and language arts teacher/coach at Park Hill 
South H, S, (located in a northern suburb 
of Kansan City, MO), where she has taught 
for 12 yrs. She spent a wk. in Birmingham, 
AL, over the summer for the National 
Debate Tournament and had several stu- 
dents place in the top 1 2! At home, 2 of 
her 3 children left for college in Aug. Both 
attending U. of MO, Hannah is a sophomore 
majoring in political science/international 
affairs, and Andy Is a freshman living in the 
Beta fraternity house. Hannah spent the 
summer in Washington, D.C. interning in 
Representative Ike Skelton's office. Youngest 
son Jon recently got his driver's license and 
is a sr. at Park Hill H. S. involved in football, 
basketball, baseball, and giris. She keeps in 
touch with Katie Hearn '85, Karen Gonya 
Nickles, and Missy Duggins Green 

Karen Gonya Nickles and Lance 
celebrated their 21st wedding anniv. over 
the summer, just before seeing their son 
off to college! Garrett (18) is a freshman at 
Duquesne U. Daughter Claire (15) plays soc- 
cer. Karen looks forward to spending more 
one-on-one time with Claire, even if it's at 
the mall. Karen has entered her 22nd yr. of 
teaching at the Phillips School. She plays 
soccer in an "old ladies league." She'd love 
to see any classmates passing through the 
Baltimore area 

Stephanie Jones Renfro has lived 
in Hickory, NC, since 2001 with husband 
Jim and daughter Helen, a sr, in h. s., and 
son Gavon, a freshman. She and Jim will 
celebrate their 22nd wedding anniv in Dec. 
In 6/05, Stephanie began a career as a reg- 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

istered nurse working in the operating room. 

Rebecca Young Metro lives in 
Arlington, VA, and reports ttiat daughter 
Kathryn (1 2, 7th grade) wants to go to 
SBC! Son Andrew is 10 and in 4th grade, 
Rebecca is a lampwork glass bead maker 
and works out of her home studio in VA. 
Her glass beads can be found on 
under seller name "PinkMoonGlassworks," 
There you will also find a link to her blog, 
Pink Moon. In addition to her glass bead 
business, Rebecca plays a lot of tennis and 
completed a triathlon in May. 

Sandy Bernard Wyllie is busy con- 
tinuing to work for Fannie Mae while the 
company works to refinance and modify 
loans. Sandy reports that Lisa Redd Toliver 
is still at Fannie Mae as well. Though they 
work in different buildings, she hopes to 
catch up with Lisa soon. Sandy and Kevin 
have 3 children: Jimmy (3), Heather (10), 
and Cameron (1 2), never a dull moment! 

Valerie Winborne Woodson would 
like to let you know that she's on Facebook. 
She left NY in 8/07 to return to VA for a 
better quality of life. She and Roman have 
2 girls, Ming (4) and Ryleigh (2). Valerie 
is a Gifted and Talented Dance Instructor 
and, this yr., Dept. Chair at a school with a 
dance education program, which only 7% 
of schools in the U.S. have. She also has a 
pre professional dance theater company for 
teen and pre-teens that truly is her Dance 

From the west coast, Betsy Nott Hall 
has been living in Los Angeles for the past 
18 yrs. and working at Brentwood School for 
1 4 of them. This is her 3rd year as Dean of 
Students and Service Learning Coordinator 
of the Middle School (grades 7 and 8). She 
and husband Roger, son Griffin (1 2), and 
daughter Caroline (9), love life in LA, but 
come east often to see friends and family. In 
the past few yrs., they've reconnected with 
an old love — the State of ME, and spend 
much of the summer there. 

Christine Jones and family traveled 
to AK on vacation over the summer She 
continues to live in London and is trying to 
balance work with 3 kids (16,13,11) who 
enjoy setting her challenges! 

Elizabeth Lindsay and Ken are still 
in Nashville, living in an old bungalow that's 
always in need of repairs. Elizabeth contin- 
ues her work as a freelance editor, while 
Ken is still the minister at historic Downtown 
Presbyterian Church. "We ceded our battle 
with infertility and are working on learning to 
appreciate the freedom of not having chil- 
dren," Elizabeth reports. She's taking ballet 
lessons again, began figure skating lessons, 
and still does ballroom dancing with Ken. 
Their 2 basset hounds continue to give them 
joy; one sings, dances, and does pet therapy 
work with Elizabeth at a hospice, and the 
other gets into trouble every day. Elizabeth 
reports, "My mother moved into a house 
around the block from us 2 yrs, ago, which 
has given all of us some opportunities for 
personal growth." 

Checking in from Auburn, AL, is Ann 

Bruce Faircloth Porter. Daughter Brucie is 
in 6th grade — hard to believe. 

Mary Beth Miller Orson still lives in 
Scottsdale, AZ, with husband Cad and chil- 
dren Caroline (10) and Eric (6). Her mother 
moved to AZ from NY and lives only a few 
min. away. One of Mary Beth's brothers 
moved from Switzerland to Richmond with 
his family, so she hopes to get back east 
to visit the SBC campus more often. Mary 
Beth left her position at Honeywell after 
8 yrs. and is VP and Associate General 
Counsel in charge of the business law func- 
tion at Apollo Group, Inc. in Phoenix. 
She's president of the Phoenix SBC Alumnae 
Club, which is a small, dedicated group. 
Although the foothills of the McDowell 
Mountains in the high Sonoran desert are 
quite different from the foothills of the Blue 
Ridge Mountains at SBC, it's also a beautiful 
place to live and visit with lots of fun outdoor 
activities. If you ever make it out here, feel 
free to get in touch at orsontamily@hotmail. 

Much to her amazement. Laura Hand 
Glover's son, Patrick, started h. s this yr. 
Laura and Patrick settled into a new home 
this summer, while her daughter. Amber, 
also an alumna and husband Justin moved 
from LA to Houston over the summer, where 
Amber is teaching h. s. biology Laura 
remains alive, well, and busy She enjoys her 
position as SBC Dir. of Annual Giving and 
encourages anyone planning to be on cam- 
pus, especially with perspective students, to 
contact her 

Jennifer Green Mitchell and Jeff 
live in Culpeper, VA, with their 2 children. 
Jennifer and Jeff opened a gourmet 
cheese, wine, and beer store in Culpeper's 
Frenchman's Corner 2 yrs. ago. Their store 
has been well received by the community 
and has doubled in size! They're working 
on a website so that people can purchase 
their goods directly online. Stay tuned , . . 
Jill Johnson '72 and classmates Eve Hill 
and Susanne Gonge Bashkin have visited 
the store and all had an enjoyable time 

Jesse White changed jobs a bit this yr 
by breaking out on her own to become an 
independent contractor school psychologist. 
She says hello to everyone and is anxious 
to see all of the newly constructed buildings 
at SBC. 

Beth Ann Trapold Newton still works 
full time in educational fundraising and has 
been married to Bob for 1 7 yrs. The mother 
of 3 children, ages 1 6, 1 4, and 7, Beth Ann 
weighed in on what she's been doing for 
the past 3 yrs.; "Laundry, paying for braces, 
yelling at my kids, going to confession (still 
Catholic), more laundry, becoming frustrated 
by technology, spending too much time on 
Facebook, working, paying taxes, complain- 
ing about the price of gas, nagging my 
husband, considering a switch to bifocals, 
steering clear of politics, asking 'what's that 
smell?,' worrying about what will happen to 
my health care, and then more laundry." She 
attended the fabulous SBC mini-reunion/ 

Dell Party in PA in Jun, organized by Lisa 
Leigh Ringler Bennett and Ava Spanier 
DeGhetto with assistance from April 
Adelson Marshall and Beth Ann 

MJmi Holland Dinsmore still lives in 
Charleston, WV, with husband Tyler (HSC 
86), son Mac (1 5), one dog, and one cat! 
She still enjoys working as an art gallery 
dir. and curator. Her family enjoyed a busy 
summer of trips to Ireland, the beach, and 
crisscrossing VA to make artist studio visits 
and to shuttle Mac to lacrosse camps, 
including one at W&L! Health and happiness 
to all. Looking fonA/ard to the next Reunion! 

Happy doing the "stay-at-home mom 
thing", Terry Cerrina Davis keeps busy 
volunteering her time organizing and work- 
ing at school functions, being a Girl Scout 
Leader, a cheering coach, and, of course, 
being her daughter's personal chauffeur! 

April Adelson Marshall still lives in 
Potomac, MD. She's the busy single mom of 
teenagers Lily (1 7) and Hayden (1 5). She's 
a technical recruiter and consultant, working 
mostly from home, for an Alexandria, VA, 
based IT company. April also reports, "It's 
been fun connecting with so many dear 
friends and SBC classmates on Facebook 
and a bunch of us had a ball at a 'mini 
reunion' in PA" 

Lisa Leigh Ringler Bennett had a 
great time seeing everyone at the SBC dell 
party at Sugartown Strawberries in Malvern, 
PA. Leigh IS doing PR and media relations 
for the grower's industry. She's living in 
Malvern, PA, with her awesome daughter. 
By the time we're reading this magazine, 
she'll have her rescue/recovery scuba diver 
certification. Can't wait until farming season 
is over so she can dive in warm water with 
Farmer Bob' 

Robyn Bailey Orchard is teaching 
jr. h. s. English and drama. In addition to 
teaching, Robyn is also the drama dir and 
forensics coach at her school. She has 
acted in a few community theater produc- 
tions and teaches 2 drama workshops in 
summer, "toothing beats an SBC liberal arts 
degree for keeping a step ahead of quizzical 

I've been living in southeastern PA for 
the last 8 yrs. and am about to complete 
my 4th yr. working at a small law firm in 
l^ewrtown, PA. Frank and I celebrated our 
14th wedding anniv. in Sept. with a trip to 
Cancun. If you don't receive e-mail charet- 
tereminders to send news, I don't have 
your current email address. Please notify 
me or the Alumnae Office so that we may 
update our records. It's always great hearing 
from you and I hope our class' submis- 
sions continue to grow. I also invite you to 
join Facebook, as many of our classmates 
already have, A page has been set up for 
Sweet Briar Class of 1986. It's a great way 
to reconnect. 


Mrs. Jean G. Guergai 
3641 Elderberry PI. 
Fairfax, VA 22033 


Maia Free Jalenak 
605 Camelia Ave. 
Baton Rouge, LA 70806 

Kelly Meredith lacobelli loves being on 
the alumnae board' She attended Reunion 
for the Class of '89 and caught up with 
friends she hasn't seen in 20 yrs.! She's 
looking fonward to Homecoming and the 
Inauguration of Dr. Jo Ellen Parker. She 
encourages everyone to consider coming to 
Homecoming to check out the new fitness 
center, the athletic events, and the celebra- 
tion for our new president. 

Does anyone have any videos from 
our SBC days'' Kelly writes that Kathryn 
Deriso-Schwartz purchased a machine to 
convert video tapes to DVD format and that 
she'd love any advice for creating a DVD of 
classic moments from our college days for 
our next Reunion. Kelly adds that she can 
picture Kathryn with the big 80s video tape 
recorder on her shoulder at Step Singing. If 
you have advice or tapes to share, please 
call Kathryn at (786) 877-3754. 

Kathryn writes from Miami that "things 
are finally going great." Daughter Kacki will 
be starling her second yr in college in 
a special program and twins Webb and 
Burgen were accepted into Coral Reef High 
School's Mega Magnet program. Webb will 
be in the school of Engineering and Burgen 
in the Performing Arts Strand. 

Kate Cole Hite writes from MD: "I 
can't believe I have a teenager in the 
house. Tucker and I are doing great and will 
celebrate our 20th wedding anniv in Oct. 
To "celebrate," we'll run the Marine Corps 
Marathon together. We have joined a group 
called "Run to Honor," which celebrates 
the lives of those from the Naval Academy 
who have lost their lives fighting in Iraq 
and Afghanistan. I'm looking fonA/ard to our 
(now annual) girls' weekend in Nov. with 
Katie Keogh Weidner Beth Bennett 
Haga Whitney Bolt Lewis Paige Apple 
Montinaro Minta Jones-Ford and 
Kathryn Ingham Reese 

Amy Gould-Pilz in CA and daughter 
Maddie just returned from a business and 
pleasure vacation to FL. "We started off in 
Miami, where I had to conduct a little busi- 
ness for my parents and then continued to 
Orlando for some fun! Unfortunately I'm 
back in the job market again. After getting 
my teaching credentials and working as a 
1 St grade teacher for a yr. I got a pink slip 
(my first)! So I'll have to substitute this yr. 

Svv'eet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • ' 

/ alumnae. sbcedu 

Winter 2009/2010 • 77 

while trying to start a professional organiza- 
tion biz on ttie side. I've started to oversee 
my parents' ventures and ttieir healtti. 
Wishing everyone the best!" 

Kem McCoid Roth writes "the Roths 
are currently nomads." Her family is in 
the process of moving from London to 
Greenwich, CT, to shorten husband Chris' 
commute to Manhattan. "We're spending 
the summer in Avalon, NJ, and Boothbay 
Harbor, ME, while our worldly possessions 
travel by boat from London. Edie and Molly 
are beginning first and Pre-K. Henry is start- 
ing nursery school." 

Stacy Meadows Apter is doing well in 
Atlanta, working for The Coca-Cola Company 
in the international benefits space. Between 
work, travel, and raising son Joshua (10) 
and daughter Abi (8), she and husband Tom 
couldn't be busier 

Susan Detweiler spent a season 
guiding climbers on the highest peak in 
Antarctica (Mt. Vinson. 16k), then taught a 
winter ecology and skiing/avalanche field 
course for Prescott Coll. in the Teton Mts. 
in WY. This was followed by a long spring 
climbing trip including visiting Jennifer 
Roach Childs and family in Portland. She 
spent the summer guiding climbers in the 
Tetons, including Cheryl Fortin Young '85 
and family for 2 days, which was tun. 

Jennifer Bach Rosen writes from New 
Orleans "I'm still truly enioying my position 
as Dir. of Admission at Newman. Matthew 
has turned 12 and Will is 9! We had a great 
summer spending a good amount of time at 
the beach and the boys had some time in 
NC as well." 

Kathryn Ingham Reese lives in DE 
and continues to teach 6th and 8th grade 
at Tower Hill and coach volleyball and 
lacrosse. Her daughters (9 and 7) keep 
her busy She's looking forward to see- 
ing Paige Apple Montinaro at the DE 
beaches in Aug. Kathryn adds that in May 
she and Katie Keogh Weidner had a blast 
at a "Dell Party" on a farm in Malvern, PA, 
hosted by Lisa Bennett '86 and Ava Spanier 
DeGhetto '86. Speidel, Goodrich, and Lille 
played. Kathryn went back to SBC in spring 
tor the alumnae lacrosse game and plans 
to go to Homecoming in Sept. for the inau- 
guration and the opening of the new gym. 
Kathryn and Katie, our class co-presidents, 
are laying the groundwork for our 25th 
Reunion in May 2013. 

Brenda Childress Payne still works 
as a social worker in Nelson County, VA. She 
shares her news that a new granddaughter in 
CA is due in 1 0/09. She's looking forward to 
family visits with grandchildren. Her son and 
grandson will visit them in VA in Aug. In Nov., 
she, husband, and daughter will go to CA to 
visit her grandson and new granddaughter 

Mary Halliday Shaw writes from 
Atlanta that "College is what's new in our 
lives." Her twins. Jack and Mike will be 
18 in Nov. and have been working on their 
college applications, essays and resumes 
this summer They're recording their 1st 
album with a well-known Atlanta producer 

78 • Winter 2009/2010 

scheduled to come out in Aug. Youngest son 
Kevin (14) has a lot to do with his brothers' 
band by handling all of the merchandise 
sales (i.e. t-shirts, drink koozies, etc.) Brad is 
still a SVP at the Home Depot and is always 
busy Mary starts her 5th yr. teaching at Holy 
Spirit Prep. She writes "Jeff Marks (W&L 
'87) and wife Debbie came down to see us 
in Atlanta last winter We get to see Peter 
Pizzo (W&L '88) and wife Maria since they 
live nearby and Brad is the godfather to their 
daughter Nicole." 

Tracy Tigerman Shannon is getting 
ready to start another yr teaching 3rd grade 
in a school about 30 mi, from Lynchburg 
where she has been teaching for 20 yrs. 
Son Ryan (13) is starting h. s. and daughter 
Kaitlyn (7) is starting 2nd grade. 

Melinda Sher writes from Asheville 
that she has 1 yr to go in grad. school. 
She's working on a 2nd degree in 
Environmental Ecology and Biology at the U. 
of NC, Asheville. 

Vida L. Fonseca hopes to begin her 
5th career with a job at the New Orleans 
Public Library and is thinking about get- 
ting her MLS. She still works part time for 
Christine Mohn Carmouche '89, writing 
poetry along with working on her 3 great 
American novels. 

Heather Gregory Skeens lives in 
Fuquay Varina, NC, with her husband and 
2 children. She's an assistant dir at Social 
Services. Oldest child Mckinsey begins her 
freshman yr at SBC this fall. She'll be in the 
Class of 2013. This is so amazing — I think 
this is a 1st for someone in our class to 
have her daughter enrolled at SBC! 

Jennifer Crawley Lewis, husband 
Max and daughter Diana (8) spent a mo. in 
New Zealand this summer 

My husband. Jay, and I celebrated 
our 20th anniv. this summer with a trip to 
Mexico. Son Jack got his driver's license this 
summer Daughter Nina (10) enjoys being 
driven around by her big brother See you all 
on Facebook! 


Miss Emmy S. Leung 
Richmond, VA 23235 

Our 20th Reunion has come and gone. What 
a great time we had! I hope everyone sets 
aside some time to contact classmates that 
didn't make it back to campus. Also join our 
Class page at and 
download pictures and share stories. 

JoAnn Bogolin missed Reunion due to 
her job as an actuarial consultant in Atlanta. 
However, she took her father on the SBC 
alumnae tour to Tuscany last yr 

Kristen Layman Mahoney had the 
best excuse of all tor not making the trip to 
SBC. She and her husband adopted their 

son, Charlie, from Korea and were wait- 
ing for his arrival on Reunion Weekend! 
Congratulations' We all want to see pictures. 

Kate Robinson Hillestad has agreed 
to act as Class President. Kate and family 
have relocated to Buffalo, NY Ellen Duffie- 
Fritz has also relocated to the Philadelphia, 
PA area. 

KImberly Brookes Sniffen has 
been married to Woody for almost 12 yrs. 
They have 2 boys, Devin (1 2) and Logan 
(7), and a future vixen, Kylie (4). They live 
in Apex. NC. Kimberly works part time as a 
Certified Nurse Midwife for a busy practice 
in Cary, NC, and volunteers for the Hope for 
Haiti Foundation in the maternal-child field. 
Her mom duties also include soccer basket- 
ball, ballet, and baseball. 

Gwen Bombay married Greg Hess on 
5/30/09. They built a new house in Stone 
Ridge, VA, and are enjoying decorating their 
home with antiques and family heirlooms. 

I'm happy to say that I'll be continuing 
on as your Class Secretary. Please continue 
to send me your news. I really enjoyed see- 
ing so many of you at Reunion and catching 
up in person! Take care! 


Mrs. Jean L. Spillane Benning 
1506 N Bethlehem Pike 
Lower Gwynedd, PA 19002 

Hi everyone, sorry I've been late in updating 
the class notes. I have asked everyone to 
write exactly what they want me to put so I 
can copy and paste! 

If you haven't joined Facebook, you may 
want to as there are so many SBCers! It 
has been so great to reconnect with people 
and see how their lives have changed and 
families have grown. 

Remember next yr is 20 yrs! I hope 
you're planning on heading to Reunion. It 
looks to be a good time. We want to make 
sure that we have a large dollar figure to 
pledge next yr so expect some calls from 
your old classmates. II you'd like to be part 
of a reunion committee, please email me or 
send me a note through Facebook so I can 
get it to the right people! 

Here are the notes, some from 1/09 as 
well as recently 

Amy Elizabeth Burton writes back in 
1/09: 1 was involved in planning the official 
Inaugural Luncheon at the U.S. Capitol and 
still continue with my duties in the Secretary 
of the Senate's office. My previous employ- 
ers designed furniture inspired by Sweet 
Briar College! Check out the MacKenzie- 
Childs website and look for the Sweet Briar 
tuffet and chair! http://vmw.mackenzie- 

This summer, she added the following: 
It's been a satisfying stage in my career 
My 3 yr project just came to fruition — the 

installation of the monumental painting 
Henry Clay in the U.S. Senate, which under- 
went a dramatic restoration after we found 
it quite literally in a basement in upstate NY 
All are invited to the website www.Senate. 
gov/Clay1851 to learn more about the dis- 
covery and transformation of this forgotten 
historical painting. I'm so grateful for the 
education and training I received at SBC. 

Louise Bouldin Carter: Brian and I are 
doing well in Huntsville, AL, where he joined 
an Orthopedic practice after our 1st child — 
Virginia Louise — was born 6 yrs. ago. Since 
then, we have moved in town a couple of 
times and been doing the renovation thing 
as well as the baby thing. Our 4th child is 
due March 9th. Louise had a boy Lewis 
Henry, in early Mar 

LuAnn Hunt continues to work for the 
City of Lynchburg as the Communications & 
Marketing Coordinator In addition she has 
started a part-time photography business, 
LuAnn Hunt Photography Check out her 
website at http://luann.hunt.googlepages. 
com. She plans to retire from the City in 
about 3 yrs. and make photography her full 
time career She has 2 adorable grandchil- 
dren, Halle 5 yrs. and Josh 2 yrs. 

In Jan , Claudia Schmidt Hunt wrote: 
Technically I'm class of 89 or in between. 
Graduated in Dec. '89. 1 still living in 
Lynchburg: Daughter Catherine (10) who 
wants to go to SBC: working for myself — 
decorating, organizing — mostly Mommying; 
travelling whenever possible. 

Stacy Gilmore Hanllng: We're still 
happily living in Charieston, SC Daughter 
Haylee (13) is doing well as a student and 
a yr round swimmer Son Jake (2) is doing 
well just being a toddler I still can't believe 
I turned 40 recently, and that we'll be cel- 
ebrating our 20 yr Reunion from SBC next 
yr Life moves by quickly 

Parker Pearson: Life is still good in 
Roanoke. Still riding and competing my 
horse, now also into shooting skeet and 
sporting clays. I'm psyched to be helping 
coach a No Boundaries running group this 
spring! (No Boundaries is a national program 
to help people learn to run their first 5K) 
I'm now on Facebook, so feel to look me 
up! Parker updated this summer with the 
following: I've become a running coach with 
a program called No Boundaries that helps 
people train for their first 5K race in 1 2 
wks. It's a nationwide program; anyone who 
wants info can contact me at vparkerp@ and I'll be happy to help them 
find a local NoBo group. As lor myself, I'm 
toying with the idea of taking on a half 
marathon . . . maybe' 

Mary Marcelle Blankenship Niles 
wrote a note wondering if SGG&L had a 
webpage and they do! Marcelle is on FB so 
look her up. 

Sonja Gmhl Dupourque: Working 
full time and loving every mm. as Attorney 
Recruiting & Professional Development 
Coordinator at the international law firm, 
Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP in 
San Diego, CA! Still living on our beloved 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www.alumnae 

Coronado Island. My 3 boys are well: 
Husband, retired airline captain, turned 
full-time law student (2L) & Commander US 
Navy Reserves; Jack (5) is in Kindergarten, 
reading, mature & strong-willed, played 
soccer & t-ball; Eril< (3) goes to Montessori 
and is sweet, happy & fiercely independent/ 
stubborn! As the family CEO, doing my best 
to obtain that elusive, work-life balance! 
Enjoying keeping up with many of you from 
various classes & continuing to support SBC 
as an alumnae admissions rep in SoCal: 
welcome new & renewed SBC connections 
this yr! 

Ashley Flynn Blanchard: I've been 
teaching at SBC since the spnng '08 in the 
Business Management Dept, The business 
major didn't exist when we were there, but 
now it's the largest major on campus! My 
classes include marketing, marketing ethics, 
management, nonprofit management, and 
a marketing lab. The students are great! 
After all these yrs., I'm still playing USTA 
Team Tennis and my team made it to the 
District Finals in Newport News, VA in Jul. 
My partner and I won all of our matches, but 
practically passed out from the heat. I saw 
Allison Nllree in Birmingham when I took 
my oldest son to Camp Laney in Mentone. 
We went on a tour of Southern Living with 
my friend Cassandra Vanhooser. To celebrate 
turning 40 this past fall, I walked 40 mi. in 
Charlotte for the Avon Awareness Walk for 
Breast Cancer! Cheers to everyone who is 
"in the (40) club!" Hope your birthday was 
happy. Holla! Holla! 

Allison MIree Novellino: 9/26/06. 
Marc and I welcomed daughter Anna 
Marie (2). She aiong with son Taylor (8) 
are wondertui and healthy and the joy of 
our existence! In 2007. visited with Sallie 
Mcllheran Wunner for her U.S. Dallas art 
debut at the Norwood Flynn Gallery in Ft. 
Worth. She married Johannes Wunner, a 
photographer and they live in a suburb of 
Munich. She and Johannes own a jazz/wine 
bar Q-BAR GmbH. On Feb. 6-14, 2009 
Sallie had another U.S. show in Marfa, TX. 
Sponsored by the International Women's 
Foundation, the show featured photogra- 
phy by Johannes and paintings by Sallie 
Mcllheran. We need to get her to SBC for 
a show at Pannell or VCCA! 7/08, Ashley 
Flynn Blanchard and I got to catch up as 
she was in town to drop off her oldest at 
Camp Laney in Mentone, AL. 

Amy Kroeger: Still in St. Louis, MO, 
finishing my 1st yr. of residency and having 
a blast. Reconnected with Kristin Whitney 
Lowrey '87 at an SBC function. Also looking 
fon/irard to seeing Jean Spillane Benning, 
Ann Beatty Malone, and Dolly Garcia 
De Simonet for Jimmy Buffet this Jun, and 
rumor has that Joie Roderick Tankard will 
be in town early Aug. on her family's cross 
country trip, Whoopie' 

Carole Witherington Lumpkin: We 
are still live in Athens, GA, and I'm surviving 
as a financial advisor with Morgan Keegan, 
but times aren't fun. My husband is still the 
executive chef of Hilltop Grille. We adopted 

daughter Julianna from Guatemala, 10/06 
and she's a joy Our son (1 2) is a joy also. 
I've found and kept in touch with more peo- 
ple from SBC by recently joining facebook 
and that has been a lot of fun. 

Chiara Ascari Bailey and Scott cele- 
brated their 6th wedding anniv. last May and 
then welcomed 3rd child Angelo to the worid 
on 6/23/08. He joined big sister Rosalia (4) 
and big brother Luca (2). Chiara continues 
to enjoy being a stay-at-home Mom. Still liv- 
ing In the Richmond area and Scott started 
a new job soon after Angelo's birth, which 
fortunately requires a lot less travel than 
the previous job with EMC. Feeling brave, 
however, we'll be headed to Italy to see 
family next mo. In Aug., we're planning a 
family trip to Disney Worid. Chiara caught up 
with Prerana Thapa '91 and son Kundun (2) 
in 1 2/08 when she visited the States from 
Nepal, where she lives. We commented on 
how much things had changed in our lives 
since we were able to last see each other 
6 yrs. prior. 

Victoria Canter: My husband Todd and 
daughter Chloe (3) and I have been living 
in Hong Kong for a yr. We enjoyed a ski trip 
to Niseko, Japan and had a wonderful time! 
I see Holly Aitken '93 periodically through 
our involvement in the American Women's 
Assoc. I'm in touch with Prerana Thapa '92 
who runs a tour and trekking company in 
Nepal with her husband and also works for 
a girls' education charity. Future for Nepal. 
She enjoys being a mom to son Kundan (3). 
I'm looking tonward to starting a position 
representing refugees in their claims before 
the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees in 
Hong Kong in April and am anxious to use 
my legal skills after a yr's hiatus. Would love 
to hear from friends from '90 and '92! 

Amanda Priddy Berkey: After adding 
on and remodeling their home (of almost 
1 5 yrs.) and getting everything just nght, 
Amanda and Chris sold their house and 
started another one. This time, they'll com- 
plete the remodeling before moving in since 
we have Chase (50), an active son, and 
Daisy & Arthur, equally active schnauzers. 
I can't believe Chase will be going to my 
old school this fall! Also last wk., we visited 
Louise Bouldin Carter in the hospital as 
she and Brian prepared to take new baby 
Lewis Henry Carter home to see his 3 sib- 
lings. Louise's son Brian Jr is the same age 
as Chase, so we try to get them together 
when we can. 

Julie Brooks Nyquist: I turned 40 in 
9/08 and my life has been a rollercoaster 
since. I celebrated my 40th birthday scuba 
diving with friends in Cancun and Cozumel, 
Mexico. 2 wks. later my father died after 
fighting lymphoma for 25 yrs. He was in 
great spirits and very active right up to the 
day before his passing. The entire family 
was able to make it home to be with him 
before he died; we're grateful for that. 6 
mos. later, I married Stephen Nyquist in 
Naples, FL. Our fathers flew together in the 
Michigan Air National Guard over 40 yrs. ago 
and introduced us 3 yrs. ago. (Sometimes 

Father's do know best.) Stephen and I are 
living in Miami Springs, FL, and are expect- 
ing a baby boy the 1 st wk. in Sept. 

Brandi Beck Fowler: I'm still living in 
Los Angeles, working as a psychologist in 
private practice. After turning 40. the adult 
life quickly set in. My husband of 13 yrs. 
decided that he would rather not be married 
and somehow we came to an amazingly 
amicable agreement and filed for divorce. 
Within 2 wks. of filing for divorce, I was 
diagnosed with breast cancer Luckily the 
cancer was detected in Stage because 
I had that dreaded but recommended 1st 
mammogram at age 40. (I highly recom- 
mend that any vixen who reads this go and 
have a mammogram.) I made the decision 
to have a double mastectomy to avoid 
chemo and radiation, and future fears of the 
breast cancer returning. I can happily say 
that I'm now cancer free and feeling health- 
ier than ever. My daughter Daria (4) and I 
continue to enjoy the wonders of southern 
CA and travel the world. Last yr, we visited 
Brazil with my sister and her family This yr 
we plan to travel to Singapore and Vietnam. 
There are still so many lovely things to do in 
this world that I hope my fellow vixens are 
living life to its fullest, and yes, this was a 
rather difficult class note to write. 

Christine Carriere Zazulak: I enjoy 
chasing my boys My boys are now 16 
(John), 13 (Robert), 11 (David), 9 (Stephen), 
and 4 (Philip). I'm actively involved with my 
oldest son's Jesuit H. S. and the younger 
ones' elem. school (Stuart Hall School for 
Boys). I keep busy by volunteering for fund- 
raisers. I chaired Jesuit's event this yr. I'm 
also helping rebuild New Orleans by working 
with the Preservation Resource Center and 
our local Children's Museum. Amy Kroeger 
came to visit, and it was fun catching up. 
We're travelling to the Grand Canyon this 

Bryn Currie: I'm remarried to Bryan 
Elliott, and between us we have 4 kids. We 
spend most summers in Cape Cod, MA. 
I'm currently COO @ Consolidated Energy 
Solutions. It provides supermarket design 
and engineering for energy optimization and 
equipment. I've been there 3 yrs. I cannot 
escape the food industry; love it! Facebook 
has been new to me; my kids got me on it. 

Cata McDonald: Hello! After 5 yrs. liv- 
ing in Russia, my husband, 3 children and 
I are moving to South Africa. We'll be in FL 
for the summer prior to the move. Any SBC 
ladies in South Africa? 

Larissa Webb updated on Facebook: 
I started my own private practice providing 
psychotherapy I'm doing an advanced train- 
ing program in couples and family therapy 
I'm still also working for an EAP Otherwise, 
I'm enjoying my son (6), 

Esther Goldberg Harrison updated on 
Facebook: Isn't this FB stuff crazy! You could 
probably do the entire note for our class as 
a FB comment! We live in Germany. I still 
teach, 18 yrs.-i-, for the Dept. of Defense. 
Tony and I are hoping to retire here, but ya 
never know with the Army! Preston(1 5) has 

started h. s., loves it: snowboarding in the 
Alps, playing guitar, and european soccer 
Dollie (12) is loving 7th grade, skiing, shop- 
ping on the economy (ouch!) and has been 
asked to be the volleyball captain for a 2nd 
yr. Ben (9) is up to his eyeballs skateboard- 
ing, drawing comic books, cheering on his 
favorite WWE wrestler (John Cena) and driv- 
ing his daddy (a die-hard Yankees fan) crazy 
with his love for his favorite team — the Red 
Sox! We are, what they say, a house divided! 
I've loved getting back in touch with special 
friends whose lives are clearly as full as 
mine after all these yrs! 

Saida Jetha Allarakhia also used 
Facebook: After SBC, got married and moved 
to Toronto where I finished my education in 
York U. Lived in Toronto for 5 yrs. and moved 
to Hong Kong. Was there from '94 to '05. 
Since mid-2005, I've been in Dubai. Have 
been married since '89. Have identical twin 
daughers (1 3) and a son (7). Never worked 
after marriage. Raising kids and running a 
mama's taxi is what I do! Am looking for 
Elise who used to be my roommate. She was 
from NC. Any news about her? 

As for myself, not much has changed. 
My children are growing, we still go to the 
beach in the summer, and I've enjoyed 
spending time with Ann Beatty Malone 
over our past several visits as well as seeing 
Dolly Garcia Simonet every time she comes 
up to Philadelphia. I have to apologize to 
all of you who received the email from 
Dolly while she was up here . . . Thank you 
though for updating us with your news! 

I've enjoyed being Class Secretary for 
the past 10 yrs. At our 20th Reunion, we'll 
be looking for a new Class President and 
Class Secretary. Think about maybe taking 
on one of these roles. If not, I'll be happy to 
keep doing this for another 5 yrs.! 


Sv/eet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www olumnae sbc edu 

Vickie Campo Byrd 
2800 NE 22nd St. 
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305 

Mamie Farmer Farley 
5302 Bewdley Rd. 
Richmond, VA 23226 

Kathryn Hagist Yunk and family enjoyed 
spending time at their cottage in northern Wl 
this summer. She caught up with Jennifer 
"Egg" Gregg, also employed by General 
Electric, She can hardly believe that Emily 
begins K5 this fall and is already talking 
about being a member of class 2026! 

Marie Wright Haider: Husband Craig 
and I have Abby (8) and Luke (2). We live in 
Basel, Switzerland, but will move in Sept. to 
Milan, Italy We enjoy living in Europe again 
and are thrilled to be taking the kids to Italy 
where we lived right after we were married. 
Craig loves his work with Novartis and will 

Winter 2009/2010 • 79 

be managing sales and marketing for all of 
Italy. I'm currently staying at fiome with the 
kids and enjoying being able to travel and 
visit fhends." 

Heather McGowen Sanford has 
lived in Galway. Ireland, with husband Kevin 
for the last 12 yrs. They enjoy life with 4 
children, Hannah, Abigail, Matthew Henry. 
and the newest, little Elisabeth Eden, who 
was born in 8/08. Heather and husband 
are licensed and ordained ministers and 
family counsellors. They're the pastors of a 
dynamic and growing nondenominational 
church with numerous community outreach 
programs. Heather speaks at women's 
events in Ireland and America and writes 
and directs children's camps, dramas, and 
musicals. If you're ever in Galway they'd 
love it it you stopped by Cead Mile Failte. 

Elliott Pitts was truly blessed and 
very, very surprised to ring in her 40th 
birthday with 1 20 friends, including Beth 
Robinson Dean Mamie Farmer Farley, 
Dawn Monahan Nelson Carey Bates, 
and Beth's wonderful father and sister. 
In Mar, she received an award from the 
Make-A-Wish Foundation of ME for grant- 
ing 30 wishes and was invited to serve 
a 3rd term on the Junior League Board 
of Portland, ME. She still fundralses for 
The Barbara Bush Children's Hospital at 
ME Medical Center, still studying tor her 
Master's degree, and is now enjoying man- 
aging and facilitating wellness conferences 
for Episcopal clergy 

Stacey Lawrence Lee is well and 
staying busy with work and family and 
hopes everyone is doing well too. 

Stephanie Berger has moved to NYC. 
She says she needed a change and made 
the decision that NYC was the place for 
her. She'd love to be in touch with alumnae 
there. She's taking on more local races. 
She's gearing up for her annual beach trip 
to NagsHead with Lorraine "Quiche" 
Haire Greer. Jennifer Kemper and Chris 
Coleman from HS and families. She stays in 
touch with Amber Vallenga and hopes to 
get her up to the City soon for the U.S. open. 

Carey Bates works for eTrade and lives 
in Milford. CT by the beach. Her parents 
relocated to CT so she's looking fonward to 
reconnecting with them. She's also planning 
a ten-day meditation retreat in the state of 
Washington and a possible second Master's 
Degree in Library Science. She went to 
ME earlier this yr for Elliott's 40th and saw 
Dawn Monahan Nelson, Beth Robinson 
Dean, and Mamie Farmer Farley She 
keeps in touch with Amber, of course! 

Suzanne Petrie: "Bob and I are great, 
watching little Bobby grow like a weed! He 
is 3 ft. tall at 14 mos.l Our boarding busi- 
ness. Briar Creek Farm, is going well. All our 
stalls are full and I'm enjoying riding again. 
I just got a 4th horse (one is retired) from a 
rescue organization. We're on facebook as 
briarcreekfarm. We'd love visitors!" 

Jenni Vance: "We're looking forward 
to our beach trip at Amelia Island! I have a 
new job managing a large horse farm. It's a 

80 • Winter 2009/20)0 

beautiful property that dates back to 1714, 
and we live in the house on the property that 
was once an Inn. Vance (2) is talking like 
crazy, loves to play in the water, have to get 
dynamite to get him out of a pool. I finally 
signed up for a Facebook page. Would love 
to make contact with any of you who have 
pages. It's a nice way to see what everyone 
is up to," 

Dawn Monahan Nelson: "Libby 
attended several field hockey and lacrosse 
camps on different campuses, one being 
SBC! How fun to see it through her eyes. 
"Scotch" also went away to sailing camp for 
the 1st time. He came home with a trunk full 
of stinky clothes and stories of his 1st dance 
. . . with a "hot CIT" Help me!" 

Karen Holland Carlisle "I'm working 
at Chico's (apparel) in Ft. Myers. FL. Son 
Hayden turned 3 and we enjoy living 2 hrs. 
from Disney, or at least he does. Just getting 
involved in Facebook and have made lots of 
connections including Lea Renee Garner 
TiWka in Finland, Take care - hope to be at 
our 20th," 

Sonia Haddad Salfity: "We just got 
back from spending 6 wks. in Jordan where 
we enjoyed being with family and friends. 
The kids enjoyed taking private Arabic les- 
sons every morning from a great teacher. 
We played great tennis there with my 
brother Taurik whom our Shareef (13) thinks 
is good enough to beat Roger Federer. Now 
we're back in Omaha. Shereen is going into 
10th grade. Shareef into 8th and Matthew 
into 1st Grade. I'm still working with my 
husband at Nebraska Cardiac Care during 
the kid's school hours. Missing SBC as it 
truly is one of the most beautiful places." 

Nandini Sett: "I went across the 
country to Surat, in Gu|rat, where I hired a 
car and went for a short vacation with the 
driver. Went to Diu (Union Territory from the 
British Raj: there's an old fort, church, and 
the sea side), Somnath Temple, Lord Shiva's 
temple from the 4th century A,D. The temple 
was made witti gold, silver, wood, and 
stone. There, I found the sculptures safely 
kept in a museum. The shiva Jyotorlinga is 
the original one and it is in the temple. We 
consider it as one of the 1 2 sacred Shiva 
shrines. Junagarh, where I climbed 10,999 
steps on Girnath mountain to see Brahma, 
Vishnu, and Maheswar as one, Porbandar 
(birth place of Gandhiji). I went to Bet 
Dwarka from Okha (ferry ride). The temple 
was made by a king from Jamnagar (3,000 
yrs, ago) The original kingdom, captial of 
Lord Krishna, was made of gold and is sub- 
merged under the sea. That was discovered 
by Oceanography and published by National 
Geographic. Rajkot is another old town 
where you get lovely sarees, but I was more 
interested in lions because I didn't see them 
in the wild in Sasan Gir Forest. If any of you 
are interested in India, there's lots to see. 
I come from a country with a long history 
and heritage. You'll have no issues travelling 
here; everyone knows English. Presently I'm 
not working, so I'm traveling and catching up 
on reading philosophical books. Take care." 

Joan Dabney Clickner, 8/09. says 
they had a very nice summer. She's been 
enjoying gardening and eating her veg- 
etables! Ian (8) is a wonderful help with 
Georgia (2), Georgia's right on schedule tor 
becoming horse crazy: sitting on the dog 
and announcing "I riding!" Joan got back 
into running as she turned 40 this summer, 
and enjoys taking the dog out for a spin 
early in the mornings. 

Christine Flint Canterbury lived 
abroad in Europe for 2 yrs, with her family 
but they have happily moved to Austin, TX. 
and are putting down roots! 

Catherine Tavi Goslau Rainold: CO 
is great! My new horse, Almond Joy has 
been wonderful. Numerous championships 
this summer, AJ (2) is reading books! He's 
very smart and that makes mommy and 
daddy happy. Anton continues to work as a 
kite skiing instructor and builder contrac- 
tor in the summer. I continue my property 
management and horses as well as being 
a mom!" 

Signee Hoffman Swartley: "I just 
received my fellow in American Coll, of 
Functional Neurologists so I'm really happy 
I'm looking forward to implementing a ves- 
tibular rehabilitation program." 

Vickie Campo Byrd and family enjoyed 
a busy summer, traveling to NC to see her 
in-laws and then to AL to spend about a 
mo. with her parents who live in Tuscaloosa, 
They're back in FL now and hoping for a 
quiet hurricane season, Vickie had a won- 
derful visit with Elliott Pitts who was in south 
FL tor business and spent the night with 
them, Vickie really enjoyed catching up with 
such a good friend! Let her know if you're 
traveling in south FL, she'd love to see you! 

Lorraine Haire Greer: "I started work 
this summer as principal at a small Christian 
school. Alex is going with me in fall. Tom 
and I still enjoy life on the river. I've been 
preparing for the upcoming school yr. Alex 
has been active in swim lessons. We've 
been doing small projects around the house 
as old historic homes are always full of new 
projects. We enjoyed 2 wks. in FL this spring 
with family. We had our annual wk. at Nags 
Head with fellow SBC and HSC friends; Jen 
Kemper Wallis. Stephanie Berger, and 
Chns Coleman (HSC '91) I had a wonderful 
visit with best SBC friend, Beth Hensley 
Martin, who traveled through on her way 
from Kansas City to FL to VA, I'm still hoping 
(or a visit with Melanie Duke this fall, I look 
forward to attending SBC Homecoming and 
the inauguration of our new president and 
the installation of Paul Cronin and Jennifer 
Crispen into the Athletics Hall of Fame — a 
fun-filled weekend. I hope to see other SBC 
friends who may be able to join us that 

Allene "Al" Doucette Hey there 
We're still in San Diego for another yr. After 
that, stay tuned. We're doing well, Alastair is 
getting bigger, starfing preschool this fall." 

Laura Martin: "We're still in Dothan, 
AL, just built a new house (yea!) I'm working 
as a tutor at a low income elem. school. 

loving it! Chris is an instructor at the nuclear 
plant, loves teaching. The kids are grow- 
ing fast. Kyle is an h. s, freshman this yr.; 
t^athan is in 7th and Elizabeth is in 4th. 
The only college she talks about attending 
is SBC! She's been riding for almost 2 yrs., 
and I'm back riding after 20-^. We're active 
with swim team and scouting (Girl and Boy). 
I'm on Facebook and enjoy keeping up with 
friends! Friend mei" 

Kristin Lee Walberg Urbach: "I 
work at George Washington U. Hospital 
in Washington. DC. as a Dir. of Patient 
Services. It's a rewarding experience to be 
helping others. This summer, daughters 
Kelsey (8) and Kallie (7) are busy compet- 
ing in swim meets and Rob has won some 
triathalons for his age group. If any alumnae 
are visiting Washington. DC, I'd love to see 

As for me, Mamie Farmer Farley, it 
has been a great yr! A highlight was the 
amazing surprise birfhday party for Elliott 
Pitts in Portland. ME' It was a blast to catch 
up with Gary, Dawn, Beth (as well as her 
sister Maryann and father and Beth's young- 
est of 4 children and Maryann's daughter)! 
I have to tell you that the SBC contingency 
was a small, but boisterous group — anyone 
who hadn't heard about SBC before the 
party has now! Truly, the monumental effort 
that went into the party was a testament to 
the wonderful person we know and love as 
Elliott. My boys' swim team swam against 
Anne Crow Galanides children's team; 
it was such a fun surprise to run into her 
at the meet! My husband stays busy with 
his law career, but we've also made time 
for several fun getaways with our children, 
Disney at spring break was very corny but 
as magical as ever! We've been to Tybee 
Island, GA. twice this summer and have 
seen Miley Cyrus filming her next Disney 
move. The Last Songi. Miller is headed into 
4th grade (jokester), Harry will be in 2nd 
grade (soccer maniac), and Joanie starts 
kindergarten this fall! I'm enjoying yoga, 
exercise, reading, and being involved in our 
Catholic church and our children's schools. 
Staying in touch means so much to me, and 
it's been fun to hear from you, so keep your 
news and updates coming! 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

/alumnae sbcedu 


Ms. Tricia Pheil Johnson 
10359 Church Hill Rd. 
Myersville.MD 21773 


Stacey McClain 
Jacksonville, FL 32207 

Ellen Ober Pitera and hubby are start- 
ing the adoption journey for number 2! It'll 
be a long 1 2-1 8 mo. wait, but well worth 
it! Other than that, the farm keeps them 
busy and they're enjoying the adventure of 
parenting. Son Chariie turns 2 in Nov. Miml 
Davles Wroten has exciting news: she and 
Neil expect their 1st child in early Dec! They 
had a wonderful time at Sabryna McClung 
Roberson and Greg's vow renewal in FL 
with many SBCers. Miml reminds us that 
It'll only be a few more yrs. until another 
Reunion, and Homecoming is also becoming 
a popular thing, 

DIanne Hayes Doss and Bill are busy 
doing their duty to create more nerds. Jenny 
started kindergarten and cried on the 2nd 
day because she wants more homework, 
while 4th grader Dan was i/e/y excited 
because his social studies book was so 
thick! DIanne is planning a visit to the SBC 
area in Oct. for the wedding of the girl she 
babysat when she was a student! This yr,, 
Sabryna McClung Roberson and Greg 
happily celebrated their 10-yr. anniv. with a 
vow renewal ceremony in Islamorada, FL. 
Joining them were SBC alumnae and their 
husbands including: Tracie Allen Webber, 
Miml Davles Wroten, DIanne Hayes 
Doss, Katherine Schupp Zenngue '94, & 
Kelly "Dr. Pepper" Coggshall '95, with the 
exception of Bill Doss, who was graciously 
home watching the kids. Sabryna and Greg 
are in the final stages of getting certi- 
fied as Foster Parents in the Sacramento 
area. Eventually, they hope to adopt 2 
siblings under that age of 10. Although 
she describes herself as 'retired,' Sabryna 
has started a blog, Ihe Traveling Culinarian 
{http://travelingculinarian.blogspot.eom/i and 
plans to market hubby Greg's exclusive sea- 
soning blend under the name Seasoning. 

Kristen Swenson Sloop is living in 
Raleigh, NC, with husband Dave and kids: 
John (8), Eliza (5), and Katherine (3). While 
in Atlanta for market in Jan., she enjoyed 
seeing Corlnne Judelkis Hodges and 
Jennifer Mooney Risey Kristen also got 
together with Stephanie Brown and her 
husband in Wrightsville Beach, NC. Jennifer 
Mooney Risey spent the entire summer on 
Daufuskie Island/Haig Point. Jennifer created 
her own little business selling deviled crab 
at the farmer's market and purchased a 7' 

Sweet Bnor College Alumnae Magazine • \ 

mermaid to commemorate her achievement. 
She reports that she become a Daufuskie 
landmark crabbing in her bikini, wellies, and 
chicken legs strung out from her wellies. 
Ashley Flynn Blanchard '90 came for a 
visit and got in on the action as well. Jen 
and Chris will spend the school yr. with the 
3 kids — Jackson (9), Aldan (7), Marigny 
(5) — living in Atlanta, but traded in the mini- 
van for a 6 seat golf cart for the summer 
and lived on Daufuskie Island. 

Julia Skilinski Brooks still teaches 
5th grade, but not the inclusion class this 
yr She hopes to be able to teach the whole 
yr., which she was unable to do last yr. due 
to health reasons. Julia is coming up on a 
yr. anniv with her new MS drug Tysabri and 
so far has been doing well on it. She's still 
working away on her blog. Messy Stuff: A 
Life with MS and Other Ramblings, which 
has had over 1 1 ,000 hits to date. For Nalini 
Mani work is fun, but she's getting itchy 
feet being in the U.S. and not travelling 
overseas for work. She's spending time in 
DC. focusing on her foundation, now In its 
4th yr. of working with at risk kids. Nalini has 
been in touch with Prerana Thapa '92 and is 
planning to visit her in Nepal this fall - going 
to Lhasa and a possible trip up to First Base 
Camp on Mt, Everest in Tibet! She can't wait 
for her "trip of a lifetime!" 

Camille Crawford Finley, Fritz, and 
Graeme welcomed Vivien Amelia Finley on 
06/01 /09, |ust a week after celebrating 
Graeme's 2nd birthday and an awesome 
early birthday present for Camille. Vivien is 
healthy and happy and Graeme is being an 
awesome big brother Camille and family 
visited with Heather Swenberg Craft and 
family just before Easter and met their new 
baby boy Lucas. They have plans to visit 
again in Sept. when Fritz has another race 
near Charlotte 

Norma Bulls Valentine is enjoying 
summer at her NH farm. She got a new 
boat and has been taking it out a lot. Norma 
finished getting a broker's license in SC and 
is busy trying to manage the farms in NH, 
SC, and FL. Sister Nancy Bulls got her FL 
real estate license. It's been fairly quiet over 
in Hong Kong for Holly Witt Aitken. She 
had dinner with Tracie Allen Webber as 
she was passing through on business. Holly 
sees Victoria Canter '91 almost every wk. at 
church. Holly writes that it's great being able 
to read up on folks via Facebook 

Lynn Russell divides her time between 
Boston and Edinburg, VA, with the 3 little 
boys. Oldest son William (3) was the ring 
bearer in his godmother Jennifer Murphy 
Burns Boelter beautiful wedding under an 
oak tree near Winchester, VA in 08/09. Lynn 
is also back on the Friends of Art Board 
as of 07/09 and having fun on a special 
committee with Kate Haw '92 and Lynn 
Russell '69. 

Annalisha "Lily" Anderson 
McGinley loves life as a stay-at-home mom 
in Panama City, FL, though she writes that 
they don't do much staying at home! She's 
been promoted to head organizer of a 1 70 

^w olumnoe sbc edu 

parent playgroup for pre-schoolers. Husband 
Sean is still working as a Combat Dive 
instructor for the DoD, but may be moving 
to a new school In the fall. Annalisha has 
been teaching Sunday school to son Cash's 
(2) class at church and has found she has a 
real knack for it. She'll be working there part 
time in fall caring for the kids during MOPS 
and Mom's Mornings Out — all as resume 
builders to become a preschool teacher 

Patty Sagasti Suppes continues her 
work at FL Southern Coll teaching Spanish 
and has been named Dir. of Study Abroad, 
She took students to Honduras in 03/09 to 
work with a group called Hope for Honduran 
Children and is planning their next trip. This 
will be an ongoing project to help a school 
and work with a group of teenage boys. She 
invites anyone who wants to learn more 
about this project or help to let her know! 
In 05/09, Patty went to Costa Rica for a 
mo. with a group of students and her sons 
Sebastian (9) and Adrian (6). Husband Jeff 
was able to come for a wk. in the middle, 
and they had great adventures. Jennifer 
Jarvis Ballard visited this spring with her 
family — a great time was had by all and 
they miss them already. For the last yr, 
Jennifer has been busy raising Ethan and 
Jesseca (8) who start 3rd grade this yr. 
Since she stopped working last yr. (due to 
health reasons), she has become a PTO 
mom. Jennifer spends all her time doing 
volunteer work for the PTO and will be 
president this yr. I 

As for me, Stacey McClain, it's been a 
hot summer here in Jacksonville, FL, and we 
can't wait for fall. Ever (4) started Pre-K at 
The Bolles School this yr. I'm looking fonward 
to new volunteer opportunities supporting 
not only Ever's school, but also my alma 
mater. Frightenlngly our 20th Reunion 
iscreeping up on us! From what everyone 
writes, it seems that Facebook continues to 
play a role in getting everyone in touch with 
SBC friends virtually. Let's keep in touch and 
plan to celebrate our 20th on campus and 
in person! 



Molly Morris 
6452 Cranston Way 
Dublin, OH 43017 


v\.f,..u«.. ao/O: ??1a.,-a.1-3S. 3.010 

Holly Miller Mallos 
14 Barrow Ct. 
Towson,MD 21204 

Mrs. Amy Daugherty Michel 
8185 E. Smooth Sumac Ln. 
Tucson, AZ 85710 

Holla holla to the Class of '96! We really 
have an amazing class of women! 

Rachel Briers Bell writes that every- 
thing has been great for her family. Charlie 
just finished Kindergarten and is looking 
fonward to playing hockey this summer Jack 
celebrated his 4th birthday on 6/09 and so 
far, so good. He has remained In remission 
for 1 yr. with no signs of cancer. Yeah! Sam 
is now a fe/ybusy 16-mo. old and following 
right behind his 2 older brothers in every- 
thing they do. They're expecting a baby girl 
in Sept.! They're excited to be adding a little 
sugar and spice to their crew. 

Sue Whitehead Froehlich says that 
it's hard to believe she and Mike will be 
celebrating their 10th anniv. on 9/05! They 
went to Vegas in Jun. to celebrate before 
the arrival of their 2nd baby, a little girl, due 
10/16. Sue and Mike plan to name her Lilah 
Marie, and Sue and her mom have been 
having fun buying lots of pretty pink clothes! 
Caden (2) is such a sweet little boy. They're 
having so much fun with him and enjoy 
going to the beach at Smith Mountain Lake. 
Sue hopes everyone is doing well. 

Robin Bettger Fishburne has 
changed job fields since her builder closed 
last yr. She's now a DME medical sales rep 
for Air Care Home Health in Greenville, SC. 
Daughter Gibbs just turned 4 and already 
knows how to wrap her daddy around her 
finger! She started pre-K and thinks she's 
so much older now. The family visited Paul 
and Sarah Betz Bucciero '97 and the new 
addition to their family. Carter Joseph, in 
Locust, NC. Robin writes that Facebook 
has been a wonderful way to catch up with 
friends from SBC, feel free to add her! 

Catherine Lanter is moving from 
San Francisco to Santa Monica. She has 
accepted a teaching job as the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 
and 6th grade French teacher at Viewpoint 
School in Calabasas, CA. Catherine is 
looking forward to this new adventure! 

Laura Powell Catling and Paul wel- 
comed 2nd beautiful daughter Piper Olivia 
Catling on 12/27/08. All are healthy and 

Sarah Chaffee Paris had a great 
visit with Christie Cardon Anderson in 
Houston. Sarah and Jonathan took Isabella 
(6) and Steven (2) to Disney World in Jun, 
and can't wait to go back. 

Angle Conklin Abell started a real 
estate company. Beach Bay Realty on 
Chincoteague Island, VA (www.beachbay- and is finding her new venture 
very exciting! She and her husband are 
great, and the kids are terrific. Son Taulman 
is 10 and daughter Hope is 7. The family 
didn't travel as far this past yr. with the busi- 

Winter 2009/2010 • 81 

ness starting, but made a few stiort trips to 
Venice, FL, Hilton Head, SC, and Pine Knoll 
Stiores, NC. They're tioping to return to the 
Caribbean this winter to visit the Beaches 
Resort again 

Catharine King Laufer and Jordan 
welcomed Roger "Jackson" Laufer on 6/25. 
After spending a week in NICU, Jackson 
came home and is thriving, Catharine is 
enjoying spending time at home with him 
before she returns to teaching kindergarten 
in Oct 

Elizabetli Traylor Howard still lives 
in TX with her 2 children and husband Jeff, 
Seth will start middle school and Heath 
will be in Kindergarten, She and Jeff stay 
busy with the boys' sports yr round and 
enjoy watching them both. Liz says seeing 
everyone on Facebook is great. Her mother 
died 3 yrs. ago and some SBC friends were 
there for her, and she can't thank you all 
enough for coming, helping, and supporting 
her through that terrible time 

Paige Vaught Campion is missing 
all her SBC friends. It's been a great yr so 
far in business with rates dropping and the 
housing market changing. She's been able 
to stay home '/? days everyday and still work 
efficiently, which has been a blessing. Olivia 
turned 2 in Aug.; Ellie started yr-round 
Kindergarten in Jul. and loves it. Olivia and 
Paige miss her, but she's on 9 wks., off 
3, so mid-Sept. Ellie will be on break and 
the family hopes to hit the beach. Paige is 
enjoying lots of friends on Facebook and 
is excited about Homecoming weekend 
the end of Sept. She and Imogen Slade 
Rex are rooming together to celebrate the 
festivities, meet the new president, and 
check out the new facilities. Wow! It has 
certainly changed since we were there. 
Paige misses everyone, and says to add her 
on Facebook to keep in touch! 

Kathleen Craft Loftus writes that it 
has been great reconnecting on Facebook 
with friends Paige Vaught Campion. Amy 
Daugherty IVIichel. Eileen IVIacMurtrie 
and Jen Becl< Locl<e from her yr. at SBC. 
After leaving SBC, she went to U. of Central 
FL in Orlando, saying, "What was I think- 
ing?" Kathleen received a BA in political sci- 
ence and then married. Later she graduated 
from U. of FL Levin Coll. of Law. In her 2nd 
yr of law school, son Liam Redmond arrived 
and while studying for the bar exam, she 
had her 2nd son, Grady George. Kathleen's 
legal career began at Legal Aid in Oriando 
representing domestic violence survivors 
and other indigent people. Currently, she's 
a sr attorney for the Dept. of Children and 
Families in Lake Co. Although Kathleen 
divorced last yr, she loves her work even 
though it can be emotionally draining. She's 
involved in autism awareness and research 
as both of her sons are on the autism spec- 
trum and also mentors h. s. kids interested 
in law. Kathleen would love to hear for you! 

As for me. Amy Daugherty IVIichel, 
Sam and I are happy to announce that we're 
expecting our 2nd child in mid-Feb.l We're 
very excited and think Xander is going to 

82 • Winrer 2009/2010 

make an excellent big brother Although 
we haven't done much traveling this yr, 
I've been able to keep in contact with so 
many people via Facebook and email. 
Paige Vaught Campion Imogen Slade 
Rex Mary Copeland Dellinger and Beth 
Garlough '97 are some of the girls I'm in 
touch with the most. I hope this edition finds 
each of you and your families happy and 
healthy and I look forward to hearing from 
you again soon! 


Mrs. Kerri R. Burtner 
601 N Rosina Ave. 
Somerset, PA 15501 


Cynthia Bumgardner Puckett 

7123 High St. 

Floyds Knobs, IN 47119 

Cady Thomas 
2330 Byrd St. 
Raleigh, NC 27608 

We're doing spectacular things: raising fami- 
lies, travelling, working on other degrees, 
and succeeding wherever we are! Keep in 
touch with us via e-mail or our Facebook 
page. Our goal for the Pink Rose Society is 
underway, so please be sure to give your 
gift to the Annual Fund before the 6/30 
deadline. Contact Cynthia or Cady for further 

Evah Pottmeyer McGinley has 
moved stateside as a Major after serving 
in Germany for several yrs. She and Shawn 
desperately miss the country, but are adapt- 
ing to their new post at Rock Island Arsenal 
in IL. They're expecting their 1st baby in 
Feb. Meanwhile, Sarah Nolton Hergert 
moved to London as a 3-yr, exchange with 
her job at PricewaterhouseCoopers. Her 
husband is working on his Ph.D. at 
Imperial Coll. London, and they both love 
living abroad, having enjoyed vacations in 
Scotland, the Netherlands, and Greece. 
Cady Thomas keeps up with Sarah's 
adventures through her parents who moved 
from Charlotte to Edenton, NC (right around 
the corner from Cady's parents) about 2 
yrs. ago. She's also in touch with Bronwyn 
Beard, Lindsay Culp, and Susan Barney 
Cady spent the 7/4 holiday with Serena 
Putegnat and Tara Putegnat '00 in Nags 
Head and looks forward to seeing them 
in TX for Christmas again this yr, Astrid 
Liverman moved mainland from HI to 
Louisville, CO. where she landed a great job 
at the CO Historical Society as Preservation 
Planning Unit dir This entails oversight of 
things like the National Register of Historic 
Places for the state. She took Taylor to 

France in Jun, for the 1st time to meet 
extended family 

Heather Thomas Armbruster wel 

corned new son William Benton on 4/24/09, 
Courtney Morgan Harris welcomed 
daughter Morgan Elizabeth on 3/3/09, 
Diana Jordan Avery welcomed son Aaron 
Michael on 5/6/09 and baptized him on 
8/16/09 Tonya Grudier Montgomery 
birthed son Thomas Mitchell on 4/22/09 
and says, "I'm busy adjusting to the joys 
of motherhood. I'm lucky enough to be 
off work for 4 mos. It was so much fun to 
see Bronwyn Beard and Katie Martin 
at my baby shower in Mar and to have 
"Aunt Katie" come visit Mitchell here in 
Baltimore, too " Dawn Everett Grobe 
announces that "our son, Jackson Charles 
Everett Grobe was born on my birthday, 
5/1 6/09. 1 was able to stay home for the 
end of the school yr and through the sum- 
mer" TC. Pyle Kennedy welcomed 3rd 
child Van Garrett on 1 1 /2 1 /08 in a scary 
emergency c-section due to his umbilical 
cord prolapsing during labor He did suffer 
minor brain damage; they chose to put him 
in an experimental program that lowered 
his body temperature for 3 days, allowing 
his brain to heal itself. Now almost 1 , TC. 
calls him their miracle baby because there's 
no noticeable signs of lasting damage. Loki 
(4) and Anastasia (2) are doing great as 
well. In the midst of this trial, their family 
moved into temporary housing in Buford, 
GA, while searching for their dream home, 
and TC. accepted a new position within 
SunTrust Bank as the head of Payables and 
Receivables for business accounts. She 
talks to Janine Paris-Mesanko Schofield '96. 
She's also headed to the wedding of Nikki 
Johnson '96 in Oct. where she'll meet up 
with Kelly Knappenberger Foit '96 and Laura 
McGlammery Million '96 sans family, 

Sarah Katherine Spangler Bell is 
married to Jason Bell who co-owns Padow's 
Hams and Deli here in Roanoke. "We have 
2 daughters; Emmaline (4) and Landrie 
(2). I currently work for an eye doctor and 
I'm considering going after a Masters in 
Education. I'm also the board president at 
Emmaline's Montessori School. I keep up 
with several SBC ladies on Facebook." 

Ashley Grosvenor is in her 4th yr of 
neurosurgery residency training at Stanford 
U. "I began 1 of 2 yrs. of research looking 
at pain control and quality of Life after 
cyberknife radiosurgery for cancer metasta- 
ses, I became engaged this past May to Ying 
Tian, who is a 4th yr anesthesia resident 
here, and we'll be married in Nov I look for- 
ward to hearing the news from many other 
girls, but I've managed to keep updated 
on Facebook," Jessica Cronin purchased 
her 1st home in Boston, She works as the 
Assistant Dir of Recruiting for Harvard Law 
School, and true to her SBC roots, she 
started fencing again! She and Jayme 
Calabrese Pomroy met over St, Patrick's 
Day: "it was |ust like old times," 

Valerie Walston has made the full- 
time career change from campaign politics 

to band management. "I work with 5 bands. 
1 of which. After Midnight Project (Universal 
Motown) will drop their 1st full-length record 
in Aug; they're being spun on national radio, 
so check out local alternative rock stations! 
Another band. Vogue In The Movement, 
is a featured band on MTV through Oct. 
The switch from Washington to Hollywood 
has been unorthodox, and while I've never 
worked harder. I've never been happier In 
what spare time I'm able to find, I volunteer 
with the Hospital de la Familia in Guatemala, 
raising funds and seeking medical product 
donations to bring sight and healthy eyes to 
Guatemala's less fortunate," 

Kristy Winstead Anderson moved 
to Dayton, OH, in Aug, so that Todd could 
become active in the Air Force as a 
Major Kristy is looking for a new position 
in the area since leaving her practice and 
patients behind in TX. Son Christopher is 
starting Kindergarten and stepson Justin 
is a 7th grader Kindle Samuel Barkus 
and Terance celebrated 3 yrs. of marriage 
this summer! Along with son Desmond (1), 
they're looking fon/i/ard to welcoming Baby 
#2 in Jan.! 

Elizabeth Baker is teaching Spanish at 
Carl Sandburg Middle School in PA. Virginia 
White Blair Moss married her h. s. sweet- 
heart George 6/2/02, blending their family 
with 9 children and 6-1- grandchildren. They 
live in NoVA and Virginia works for George 
Mason U. as coordinator of operations for 
Loudoun County location. "I'll be complet- 
ing the Facilities Management Certification 
with Mason in fall and plan on sitting for the 
CFM exam in the spring. On the weekend 
we travel to the Northern Neck of VA where 
we plan to retire. We enjoy sailing, golf, and 
music. We have a wonderful life," 

Susan Holman Beck says that "Chris 
has started a new career as a sculptor We 
need to update his website, but for now 
it's mm.cebstutt^om. We'll be showing 
his work at the House of Blues in Myrtle 
Beach in Oct, and B.B. King will be playing 
that weekend! God has blessed us, and we 
love to go to shows and be able to share 
Jesus with people!" Jenny Hogan married 
David Koehn on 9/1 3/08 at her childhood 
home in upstate NY Charlotte Rognmoe 
Gilbar, Susan Holman Beck, Elisabeth 
Hall Flynn Scarlett Swain, and Becky 
Mansell Wilson were there for the week- 
end. They honeymooned in Ecuador and 
visited the Galapagos Islands, "which was 
an absolutely amazing trip." Rush Harris 
married her long-time love Jory Mitchell on 
5/16/09 in AL. And Brigette Laib married 
Mark Mattox on 1 1/28/09 in TX. They were 
surrounded by friends and family for the 
small ceremony Anna Meres Wade and 
Cynthia Bumgardner Puckett were in the 
bridal party, 

Kathy Carr went on a roadtrip to 
KY and OH for vacation while meeting up 
with Cyndi Hague Hineline and Cynthia 
along the way. They had a great time at 
a Louisville Bats game and chatting at 
Cynthia's home. Cyndi notes that Shawn and 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae /V\agazine • www,alumnae,sbc edu 

Alex (3) are doing great, "I finished a run of 
Sweeney Todd, which ended up being one 
of my favorite productions to date. In May, 

I celebrated my birthday and Mother's Day 
by leaving my family behind and vacationing 
with Kathy in Louisville for a long weekend." 
Cynthia is busy with kiddos and pregnant 
with #3 (due Jan.) She's involved in editing 
a Bible study with a friend and is enjoying 
serving in the class. She loves to hear from 
all of you and is working hard with Cady to 
inspire and encourage giving to SBC, while 
keeping the X-factor in mind for future class 

Anne-Claire Wackenhut caught up 
with MaryLea Martin Harris and Emily 
Pegues '00 while in DC. over the summer. 
Other travel over the past couple of mos. 
has included Germany, France, Chicago, 
Minneapolis, and Wl! She'll be adding 
Scotland and the United Arab Emirates as 
destinations in upcoming mos., where she 
plans to visit her sisters who are moving 
there (Celeste '08 to Edinburgh for grad. 
school and Sophie '02 to Abu Dhabi for her 
husband's job). While she's "stuck" in the 
States, she continues working at the Friends 
School of Atlanta, where she's returning for 
a 2nd yr. 

Joanne Hopkins is participating in 
Cycle Oregon in Sept.. biking over 400 mi. 
In 7 days to support community develop- 
ment projects throughout OR. Tiffiney 
Whitmire Graham spent the 7/4 week at 
the Greenbriar, "We had a wonderful time! 
One day we drove to SBC so that I could 
show my husband and son the school. This 
was the 1 st time that I have returned since 
graduation! It was beautiful and my husband 
and son loved seeing the dorms. Dew looks 
the same. The dining hall was different 
especially with the post office and bookstore 

Joelle Jackson writes, "I'd love for 
the generous SBC girls to know that the 
money given to me in memory of Joey, my 
brother who passed away suddenly last 
yr., will be a donated to the "Joe W. Jackson 

II Memorial Scholarship Fund" that my family 
and I are funding in Joey's honor. I think that 
all of us are excited about this opportunity 
because something so horrible and tragic 
can be turned into something wonderful and 
positive. Although vje continue to miss Joey 
terribly, we feel that we're keeping him alive 
through this memorial scholarship, in turn, 
glorifying God." In Jul., Joelle visited Isabel 
Jean-Pierre and Britt Sheinbaum in DC, 
which was wonderful She talks to Cynthia 
and to Gretchen Gravely Tucker "It's nice 
to keep in touch with SBC friends through 
Facebookand email!" 


Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Ms. Lindsey Neef Kelly 
15012 Ashby Way East 
Carrollton.VA 23314 

At the time this was written, Christy Carl 
Allison was 37 wks. pregnant and working 
hard in the summer heat at her pet sitting 
duties. She and husband James hope to 
have welcomed a little girl to the family 
by mid-Aug. She was happy to see both 
Kathryn Alflsl & Traci Haubert at the 
baby shower, as well as Traci's son Blaine. 

In Apr , Kelley Dize Anderson moved 
into to her new home in Suffolk, VA, which 
she spent 2 yrs. designing and building. 
She's fully embraced 2 things she once 
detested: the suburbs (specifically planned 
communities) and minivans. Kelley enjoys 
staying home with her daughters (5 and 3). 
She has traveled extensively over the past 
yr., tagging along with husband Adam on 
business trips. Cartagena, Colombia and 
Nice, France were the most fun, and she 
looks forward to more travel now that her 
children are older. 

Rachel Bratlie and Chris have settled 
back in the San Francisco area. Rachel is an 
inpatient psychiatrist and Chris is doing part- 
time engineering. Rachel saw Kris Harris, 
and they were excited when Kim Bolz- 
Andolshek travelled to CA to visit earlier 
this yr The mini-reunion whirlwind covered 
Napa, the beach, and San Francisco. Rachel 
looks forward to Meredith Tillery's wed- 
ding this Nov. 

Debbie Lanham Bushek returned to 
SBC for Reunion with husband Chris and 
their 3 children. They reside in the Omaha 
area and expect to be there at least 1 more 
yr. Her party planning business is going well; 
she's begun taking on weddings! Debbie 
had a great time showing her family around 
SBC and getting caught up with so many 
wonderful women! She regrets she's not 
able to join Facebook (so stop asking!), but 
can be contacted from the information listed 
on Banner Self Service (online alumnae 

Andrea Capano is taking a yr, off from 
teaching to embark on a new leadership 
position during which she'll provide content, 
instruction, and curriculum support to sci- 
ence teachers within her district while pur- 
suing her leadership certification. The school 
yr brings exciting opportunities both profes- 
sionally and personally as she and husband. 
Rod Bartlett, plan for their 2nd child! "Sorry 
to have missed Reunion; hoping to join you 
all for our 15th." 

Kristin Hard demons and husband 
Leiand (W&L '99) welcomed a beautiful 
baby giri Lillian "Lilly" Clemens on 5/27. This 
is their 1st child, 

Andrea Dubenezic is working out of 
Fairbanks, AK, as an itinerant public health 
nurse. She travels out to rural villages by 

,vw alumnae sbcedu 

plane to provide services to residents in 
the bush. When she's not busy picking 
wild blueberries and backpacking in her 
free time, she misses her sister, Allison 
Dubenezic, and the mountains of Jackson 
Hole, WY, where they've been living together 
the past 3 yrs. She keeps in touch with 
Devon BIjansky down in Austin, TX. 

Kris Harris moved to San Jose, CA, in 
Oct, to work on the implementation team 
of a worldwide program roll-out at her firm. 
She couldn't believe it when her relocation 
manager was Noelle Milbury Morlcl and 
they were able to catch up on old times! 
She loves the change of pace and scenery 
and has taken several trips along the West 
Coast, cross-country jaunts, as well as a 
work trip to Brazil, She hung out with Erin 
Mckinley Wiley '01 (and is excited for her 
new arrival) in Seattle and welcomed Kim 
Bolz-Andolshek for a guick weekend 
trip to Napa, as well as a trip with Rachel 
Bratlie to Lake Tahoe, She was surprised 
and thankful to have Megan Senecal 
Burton travel back to OH to attend her 
mom's memorial service. While visiting in 
Washington, D,C, area, she celebrated at a 
girls weekend at the Lake with Tina Hansel 
Stover, Melissa Henning Hill, Erin Wright 
East 00, Meredith Tlllery, and Susan 
Hurley, She's looking forward to Meredith's 
wedding in TN in fall and welcomes any 
Class of '99ers that want to get away to the 
West Coast to come over! 

Sarah Elklns Ince has been liv 
ing outside of Charlotte for since 6/08 
when she accepted the position as Dir of 
Coll, Placement for Gaston Day School, 
Though she misses the pace of Sweet Briar 
Admissions, the move has allowed Sarah 
and husband Keith to extend their family 
beyond the labs and hateful cat, Sarah 
and Keith are expecting their 1st child, a 
baby boy they intend to name Asa David 
Ince, on 1 2/6/09, Sarah is enjoying the 
Charlotte area and welcomes SBC guests 
anytime they're in town. She's co-hosting 
the Charlotte Back to School event with 
Sarah Betz Bucciero '97 and loves playing 
an active role as an Alumnae Admissions 
Representative (AAR) as well, 

Sean and Lindsey Neef Kelly are 
excited to announce that Catherine and 
Rachel will be joined by a baby sister, due 
12/18 (yes, that's 3 little giris in 3 yrs,) 
She still works full time, but has reluctantly 
agreed to "take it easy" at home (something 
she's not very good at) since we're hoping 
to avoid having another preemie. Meanwhile, 
preemie Rachel is now a yr, old, walking, 
talking, eating everything in sight, and hold- 
ing her own against her big sister Catherine, 

Derek and Valerie Roche Kite have 
moved to York, NE, so that Derek can pursue 
his next chapter in life (from a professional 
athlete to a Head Track/Cross Country Coach 
at York Coll,) Jacob celebrated his 2nd birth- 
day (time flies), and they're expecting a little 
girl at the end of the yr, 

Meghan Pollard Leypoldt enjoyed 
celebrating with family and friends her 

graduation with a Master's from Duke U, 
and the christening of her daughter, Piper 
Marie. Meghan continues to work at Duke 
as Sr, Associate Dir, of Admissions, She and 
her husband took their 1 st trip sans Piper to 
Monte Carlo where they enjoyed spending 
a wk, in the French Riveria and exploring 
Monoco and France, Meghan enjoyed girls 
weekend with Brandi Whitley Hllder and 
Sarah KIngsley Foley where their little 
ones could all play together While in Norfolk, 
VA, Meghan was also able to catch up with 
Megan Butt Glover and Jenn Dixon Graves 
'01 , Meghan keeps up with Joce Wiherele 
Grelmel and Amy Brown Gibbs — they 
share mommy stories and advice with each 
other, usually the remedy always includes 
a glass of wine or cocktail, Meghan loves 
Facebook where she has enjoyed staying 
touch with her fellow Vixens and seeing how 
wonderful everyone is doing. If you ever 
find yourself in NC, Meghan would love to 
host you! 

Jen Schmidt Major and family 
kicked off the summer with a 10 day trip to 
London, England, Daughters Anna (9), Emily 
(7). and Allie (2) had a wonderful time visit- 
ing castles and riding on the double decker 
buses. Jen and Mike expect to add a baby 
boy to the family any day. She's looking 
fonA/ard to spending time in Oct, with sisters 
Abby '00 and Kim '01 at Kim's baby shower 
in Hershey, PA, 

Marlena Dearman McGuIre is living 
in 29 palms, CA, with husband Christopher 
and son Patrick, They're expecting their Ind 
child in fall, but daddy will miss it due to his 
deployment. Marlena is still working as an 
investigator for USIS. 

Heather McLeod and husband TJ 
remain in Austin and are expecting a baby 
giri in Oct., due just after Eamon turns 2. 
She stays home and TJ works from home, 
but he might have to rent an office some- 
where once the decibel level doubles. 

Emily Sartor Patterson and Brad are 
enjoying being parents to Claire (1), and love 
their new house in Chapel Hill, NC. Emily still 
works part time at Duke Medical Center as 
a clinical social worker, but is spending most 
of her time being a mom! 

Laura Walters Price has been enjoy- 
ing her 2 children, Olivia (4) and Jackson 
(2). She continues to work as an Elem. 
Special Education teacher for Amherst 
County Public Schools in Amherst, VA. She's 
been busy with the kids and husband Jeff's 
campaign for House of Delegates here in the 
24th District. 

Betsy Wilbun Ranson had her 1 st 
child on 12/4/08 — Lexi Elizabeth Ranson. 
Betsy & J.D. will be celebrating their 8 yr. 
wedding anniv in Sept. Betsy is enjoying her 
summer off with Lexi and will be starting 
her 7th yr. teaching at Appomattox Co. H. S. 
She'll be teaching Geometry and Algebra I. 

Meredith Tillery will be marrying 
Martin McNamara on 1 2/1 4/09. Kris Harris 
will be a bridesmaid, and hopefully several 
Sweet Briar girls will be in attendance. Marty 
met several of you at Reunion, and looks 

Winter 2009/2010 • 83 

forward to more Vixen events. 

Erin Vlasaty was sorry to miss 
Reunion, Tfie previous weekend, sfie mar- 
ried Jotin Paul Cooper and her fioneymoon 
prevented her attendance. On the upside, 
she was able to host some fabulous SBC 
girls in St. Louis for her wedding. Erin's 
sister, Kara Vlasaty Smith '97, and Lillie 
Voght Tillar served as her attendants 
and Marisha Bourgeois. Julie Harju 
IVIIskinis. and Sarah Dean were all a part 
of the ceremony. Erin and Cooper are hap- 
pily settled In St. Louis. 

Lindsay Hicl<s Watrous and Tim are 
expecting a baby boy on Christmas day. 
She's thrilled and terrified to have 2 boys 
under 2, along with a couple of spirited 
German shepherds. She has decided to tal<e 
a hiatus from her PR career in fall to prepare 
for the new baby and adjust to having 2 little 
ones at home. 

Last min. update: In the last wk. before 
submission, I've learned via Facebook that 
Jen Schmidt Major has welcomed baby 
Ryan and Kristin Smith Radtl^e has wel- 
comed baby Jack I'm checking every day 
for baby news from Christy Carl Allisoni 


.C/-.Z3. ZC10 

Elizabeth Davis Baker 
1008 S. Walnut Dr. 
Smithfield, NC 27577 

Hello, Class of 2000! Mark your calendars 
for our 10th Reunion this May. We've got a 
lot of catching up to do! First, congratulations 
to all the new moms in our class. Benedicte 
Valentin Lamothe welcomed 2nd son Paul 
on 5/19/09. She says Rem! (born 12/06) is 
very proud of him. Benedicte is on "parental 
leave" to take care of them. Rem! started 
preschool in Sept. Emily Pegues visited 
Benedicte and her family at the end of Apr, 
and Anne-Claire Wackenhut '98 in Jun. 
Ginny Gilbert gave birth to son Eamon 
Everett on 8/6/09 Elizabeth Hamshaw 
Mitchell and Chris welcomed 1 st son on 
2/26/09, Evan Douglas. They planned a 
big family trip to France in 10/09. Alison 
Stockdale. Adam, and Annika (18 mos.), 
were preparing for the birth of baby number 
2. They didn't find out the sex, so they're 
anxiously awaiting the baby's arrival, 
scheduled for late Sept. In late spring they 
traveled to Sanlbel Island, FL, for a family 
vacation. Alison saw Betti Rice Kinnaman 
and her oldest daughter Ashylyn (9) recently. 
Beth's family is well; she and the kids are 
getting ready for the start of the school yr 
Beth will return as a teacher at the kids' 
school, Susan Bobb reports that her 1st 
child, son Benjamin David Bobb Clark, was 
born 4/24/09. He was 7 lbs. and 21 in. and 
she and Jamie are thrilled. Susan says it 
was a long wait, as she spent 4 mos. on 
bed-rest due to complications. But everything 
turned out beautifully; Ben is great, and 

84 'Winter 2009/2010 

Jamie and Susan, while not sleeping much, 
are adjusting to parenthood. Lucy Brooks 
Thomas and Mike were expecting their 1st 
child in early Nov They went to Atlanta for 
Leah Brooks Waldrip's ('01) son Garrett's 
1 st birthday, spent a wk. at the beach with 
Mike's family, and Lucy taught Vacation 
Bible School at their church. Mike was 
retained by Wells Fargo in the Wachovia/ 
Wells "merger," so they'll be in Charlotte for 
the foreseeable future. Tarrah Kehm writes 
from Brussels, Belgium, where she's pack- 
ing up for a move to Geneva, Switzeriand, 
for 6 mos. She and fiance Daniele spent 
some much-needed time together before he 
went out to sea again and before her move. 
Kibbyjane Bryenton Fergusson and her 
brood are still in Japan, but hoping to be 
back in the U.S. in 8/10 (Newport, Rl?) Son 
lain is 4 and daughter Anna is 2. Donnie and 
Kibby spent a wonderful vacation In Australia 
without children. She's now working with 
her father in investment real estate, which 
is very exciting. Donnie received a promo- 
tion and is now a Lt, Commander! Laura 
Wessells Waisner got married 7/4 to 
Brian Waisner He's a computer programmer 
and she's known him since she moved to 
Colorado Springs in 2000. They got married 
on a cruise ship in FL and then followed with 
a honeymoon cruise to Nassau, St. Thomas, 
and St. Maarten. They continue to live in 
Colorado Springs where Laura is still teach- 
ing. For the last 4 yrs. she's been working 
at an alternative h. s. for 16-21 yr olds. It's 
fulfilling working with at-risk students. Laura 
does card and scrapbooking workshops 
and parties in her spare time. She's looking 
forward to our Reunion and seeing some of 
her old SBC friends and all of the new things 
on campus Abby Schmidt Anzalone is 
back in San Diego after her MBA, teaching 
Pilates and beginning her own real estate 
investment business. She saw Emily Black 
Burns '01 when she was In town for a 
conference a few wks. ago, and Brenda 
EIze '99 has been out to visit with her beau 
Jon. Abby will head back to the East Coast 
for a visit with her sisters who are both 
pregnant with boys! Nikki Lamm taught 
summer musical theatre camp for kids at the 
Levine School of Music and will be teaching 
another similar camp in Aug. at the YMCA. 
She performed in HI on the Big Island with 
the HI Performing Arts Festival as a profes- 
sional fellow. The concert series included a 
night of Spanish songs, a cabaret of musical 
theatre selections, among other themes. 
She sang the role of Rosasharn in Ricky Ian 
Gordon's opera "The Grapes of Wrath Suite," 
which is a condenced version of the larger 
4 hr opera. This fall, she'll sing in numerous 
concerts and events with the 7 Sopranos, 
now a part of the VA Commision of the Arts 
2010/201 1 Tour She continues to work with 
classical guitarist Jesse Crites on various 
concerts of Spanish and Brazilian music. 
And Nikki still teaches aerobics at the YMCA 
and voice lessons in Northern VA. Amanda 
Ankerman hopes to close on a home in 
the DC. area soon and is excited. She plans 

to be at the Reunion, but will have to cut it 
short to attend her cousin's wedding in ME. 
He's marrying an SBC grad! Amanda Jones 
and Jeremy moved from Virginia Beach to 
Abilene, TX, with dog Dalsie about 7 mos. 
ago In search of the quiet life. She still works 
as an event planner but is with the Grace 
Museum. They're taking advantage of their 
new locale and recently went to Sante Fe, 
NM. Carol Skriloff wrote before taking off 
on a trip to Spain with Susana Bobadilla 
'01 and Renee Dupre, She says all is 
well in New Orleans Gregor Lee is still in 
Asheville, teaching dance, and enjoying living 
downtown with her 2 dogs, Henry and Max. 
She sold her business last yr and is in yoga 
teacher training. Katie Wright Thomas and 
Tara Putegnat came to visit in Jun, for her 
sister's debutante parties at the Grove Park 
Inn By the time these notes are published, 
Angelina Alongi will be married to David 
Vieyra — life is good! Evangeline Easterly 
Taylor and Eric are renovating their eat-in 
kitchen themselves this fall to triple all the 
storage and counter space and can't wait to 
see Amanda Ankerman's new home as 
well- Betsy Bagg writes from LA, where she 
says '09 has been a lot of fun. She spent 
the 1 st half of the yr casting for a CBS show 
from the same people who produce "Top 
Chef." Her own show (still in development 
at Lions Gate) has stalled out a bit. She 
pitched to all the major networks, but as it 
was such a high concept/high budget show, 
and the economy is so bad. It doesn't look 
like it will move fonward at all. Right now 
she's producing a short musical film writ- 
ten by Neil LaBute. Teddy Geiger wrote the 
original music and lyrics and Betsy sang 
with him on the demo. It's her 1st producing 
gig and she's learning how to stretch every 
penny Betsy also finished her 1st full length 
screenplay (a thriller) and is working on her 
1st book — a young adult novel. She started 
singing with a band for fun. She was able 
to spend time with Germaine Gottsche, 
Allison Davis, and Amy Scott at the 
Charleston Food & Wine Festival last yr 
and celebrated Amy's 30th birthday seeing 
George Michael in concert. She sees Dina 
Orbison every once in a while for parties/ 
concerts around LA, is looking fonward to 
meeting new baby Gottsche (she reports that 
Germaine named her Adelaide) and catch- 
ing up with everyone at Reunion. Marilen 
Sarian is singing lead for a cover band In 
Virginia Beach. Add her on Facebook to know 
the current schedule of performances. Also, 
she has started a couple of new work-related 
blogs, which can be accessed through her 
main site, As for 
me, Brian and I celebrated our 5th anniv 
with a couple of beach trips this summer, 
while still balancing work and school. I'll 
graduate In Dec. with my MA. in Technical/ 
Professional Communication and plan to 
apply to the Ph.D. program shortly thereafter 
I keep in touch with Alissa Harris. Josie 
Beets, Lindsey Brooker Brooks, and 
Tarrah Kehm and can't wait to see every- 
one at Reunion! Just a friendly reminder to 

please email/snail mail your pictures or other 
scrapbook contributions to me as soon as 
possible We're gathering these items for our 
class scrapbook to be displayed at Reunion! 
Can't wait to see you all! 


Amanda Campbell Wright 
19304 Anna Kate Ct. 
Pflugerville, TX 78660-2972 
swim VixenOI © 

Congratulations to everyone on your accom- 

Natasha Nickodem married Matthew 
Stevens m Galena. IL, on 8/8/09. Christine 
Rangel Sarah Belanger and Stephanie 
Sherrard were bridesmaids. 

Sarah Machinist still wori^s In sales 
for Kraft Foods and is in the process of 
moving from Greenville, SC, to Myrtle Beach, 
SC. She hopes to meet new friends and new 
horses once she's settled. 

Meghan Frier Stawasz and husband 
Nick (W&L '01), are proud to announce 
the birth of Charles Alexander on 6/7/09, 
He weighed 9 lbs., 13 oz. and was 22 in. 
Meghan is taking time off from teaching to 
stay at home with Charlie, and Nick is an 
attorney in Boston. They celebrated their 4th 
wedding anniv in Aug. Meghan Is happy to 
report that sister Jill Frier '06 has moved 
back to the Boston area. 

Sarah Belanger enjoyed the wedding 
of Grace Turner Creasey on 6/6/09 She 
also had a great time with Anna Lundburg 
and fellow bridesmaids Christine Rangel 
and Stephanie Sherrod at Natasha 
NIckodem's wedding 

After working at UVA and VA Tech for 
several yrs. and producing a few pub- 
lications, Agnes Sabat moved back to 
Charlottesville in Mar to begin planning for 
graduate school. She took her GRE in Jul. 
and is happy it went well She's in the pro- 
cess of applying to the MS/RD in Nutrition 
program at several universities. In addition, 
she'll continue her internship with a local 
Registered Dietician,whlle working part time. 
When not planning for grad. school, she 
enjoys yoga/meditation and volunteering. 

Catherine Holswade Asher still lives 
in Richmond. VA, with husband Andrew and 
critters. They'll be moving at the end of the 
yr to another house nearby. After 8 yrs, as 
a zoologist at Maymont, she's moving on to 
a new a career in teaching. She has almost 
completed the teaching licensure program at 
U, of Richmond and is getting ready to start 
her student teaching in 2nd and 4th grades 
this fall, Catherine caught up with Allison 
Johnson Haley and kids and loves seeing 
what everyone's up to on Facebook, 
Jesse and Rami Achterberg Heers cel- 
ebrated son Brian's 1st birthday on 8/7/09. 
Rami enjoys teaching German at UT State U. 
and being a mom. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www 

By the time of publication, Ariana 
Wolynec-Werner hopes to have finished 
speed walking the Marine Corps Marathon 
and graduating her 2-yr, Presidential 
Management Fellowship with the U.S. Dept. 
of Homeland Security, both in Oct. She 
plans to continue developing her program in 
interagency policy coordination, Ariana was 
grateful to have stayed a few mos. with Nia 
Fonow Ravenstahl, husband Matt, and 
teen boys Maris and Seth as they prepare 
to adopt a new child into their blended 
household, but she's finally struck out on 
her own again, adding another move and a 
new state to her list. Her work hrs. are long, 
but Ariana and black cat Kit- Mo are trying to 
making the best of their new North Bethesda 
home. This past summer Ariana visited with 
Amanda Campbell Wright and her amaz- 
ing children Campbell (SBC '28?) and baby 
Owen during one of their trips to Pittsburgh. 
She hopes that everyone will be well enough 
for their annual gathering in Austin for 
Thanksgiving. Ariana also attended a mini- 
reunion at Sweet Briar with Nia and Kim 
Schmidt Miscavage, the latter bringing 
husband Brian and expected baby boy (due 
in Dec.) down from their home in Palmyra, 
PA Katy Kruschwitz Carricato and new 
FBI agent husband Peter were to |Oin the 
group from their new home base in NC, but 
their baby is expected in Oct. so her travel- 
ing is limited. She had domestic vacations 
this summer and fall to her family homes in 
Steamboat Springs, CO, and New Orieans, 
LA, and is super-excited to attend her 1st 
destination wedding (Tulane Law-related, not 
SB) in Turks and Caicos this Dec. The wed- 
ding, however, is not her own! Ariana is still 
very single in the city and doesn't expect a 
miracle to happen any time soon, but refer- 
rals are welcome! 

Joy Powell Talmon and family moved 
to lA about a yr ago where Joy took a job as 
Volunteer Coordinator for the Animal Rescue 
League in Des Moines. The celebrated their 
son Oren's 1st birthday on 3/25. Joy hasn't 
done much travelling in the past yr. but 
did get to see Jennifer Montfort, Sarah 
Bradford, and Heather Carson '00 in 
Boston for her birthday 

Lys Burdete Paulhus and Michael 
continue to enjoy living in Atlanta. They 
welcomed 1st child. Caroline Marie Meynier 
on 7/2. All 3 are excited to meet Meghan 
Frier Stawasz's boy Charlie, and Sarah 
Houston Kenning 's boy Jackson who were 
born within a mo. of Caroline! They enjoyed 
meeting Red Burns when Emily Black 
Burns came to Atlanta for a visit. Lys is 
keeping busy serving as co-chair of the auc- 
tion portion of the Junior League of Atlanta's 
Ball. It's a lot of work, but fun 

Elizabeth "Lizard" Haeberle Davis 
and James are having a ball with son 
Wyatt (1). Elizabeth is practicing law with 
James in Mt. Sterling and trying to be in the 
office 3 days a wk. Elizabeth loved seeing 
Hunter McOwen Byrd. Melissa Campos 
Bartolomeo Sarah Herndon Sydnor, and 
Nil<ki Gilkison La Rue in Jun at Melissa's 

house in Maryland! (A certain karoake bar in 
Adams Morgan will never be the same!) 
Jess McCloskey writes, "I'm creeping up 
on my 6th anniv. of living in the UK — a cou- 
ple yrs. in Wales, a couple in London, and 
now in Newcastle, leaving only Scotland on 
my to-do list — and I'm still loving the ram 
and lacklustre food. I'm working for a proj- 
ect that helps to bring long-time drug and 
alcohol addicts back into society, through 
counseling, training, and support to remain 
sober, I'll be applying this yr to get into the 
clinical psychology doctorate, after using my 
MSc in Clinical Psych for all it was worth. 
I've started selling handmade jewellery, con- 
tinue to do a spot of freelance writing, and 
garden in my spare time. I continue to avoid 
respectability and keep my dog as the only 
other body dependent upon my care. Life, in 
other words, is grand." 

Keep us updated in between Alumnae 
Magazine editions by joining the SBC 2001 
group on Facebook! 


Margaret Brooks Buck 
4436 Yoruk Forest Ln. 
Charlotte, NC 28211 

Lori Smith Nilan 
14600 Windjammer Dr. 
Midlothian, VA 23112 

Hey there Class of 2002! Thank you for all 
the notes! We have a lot of email addresses 
that no longer work, so if you're reading this 
and you haven't been receiving emails from 
Brook and myself, please send one of us an 
email. We will add your new address to the 
list! Here are the wonderful things that have 
happened to the Class of 2002! There are 
upcoming nuptials for some of us! Corrine 
Weiland got engaged in Jul. to Ed Zeruto. 
Congratulations Corrine! 

First comes love, then comes mar- 
riage, then comes . . . babies! Liz Waring 
McCracken and Chris expect their 1 st baby 
girl in Oct. They live |ust south of Pittsburgh, 
PA. Donyele Gibson Wilkerson and Earl 
welcomed 1st child Eart Wilkerson III on 
4/9/09. Misa Sarmento attended her 
baby shower in Mar, Earl and Donyele are 
celebrating their 5th wedding anniv. in Aug. 
She is an instructional systems designer 
for the Federal Government and keeps up 
with her SB sisters on Facebook. Amanda 
Davis Stevens left the prosecutor's office 
for a position in a small civil law firm. 
She now does ADA and products liability 
defense. She and her husband will cel- 
ebrate 1 yr in their home in Oct. Rachel 
Roth Allred celebrated her 3rd wedding 
anniv. on 8/5 to her wonderful Toby They 
bought a house last Sept. in Columbia, 
MD, minutes from Columbia Mall. In Feb., 
Rachel visited Stacey Armentrout Fallah 

to celebrate her son Jackson's 1st birth- 
day. She's still teaching at Oxon Hill Elem. 
in Oxon Hill, MD, where she has spent 2 
yrs. teaching 1st grade and 1 yr. teaching 
4th grade. This fall, she'll be moving up 
with her students, where she'll teach them 
again in 5th grade. Stacey Armentrout 
Fallah and Eric celebrated son Jackson's 
1st birthday in Feb. He's growing by leaps 
and bounds and doing well despite all of 
the teeth he has coming in. Stacey had 
some poems published in Stepping Stones 
Magazine. Jaime Henna is still living in 
Las Vegas, making graphics part time 
for KVBC and taking some 3D Animation 
classes She says, "Hello girls!" from Sin 
City Nicole McDaniel-Carder gradu- 
ated with her Ph.D. in English from TX 
ASM U., in 8/09. Her dissertation is titled 
"Seriality in Contemporary American 
Memoir: 1957-2007," and she received a 
Post-Doctoral Lectureship to teach at TX 
A&M for the 09/1 yr. Kim Martin had a 
chance to catch up with Alisa Cline Berry 
'03, Sam Grist '03, Erin Keck '03, and 
Tamara Young Metzfield at Christ Rose 
Hart's house. Also, she had a chance to visit 
Lara Hansen '03 in her brand new home! 
And she has spoken with Megan Beley 
Withrow '01 . Kim is enjoying her newfound 
fame as she and her horse were featured 
in Sidelines Magazine\ Kim was hired by 
Ariat International as the Territory Manager 
for the state of VA. She writes that "It's 
truly my dream job!" Also, she's training 
for the Suntrust Richmond Marathon and 
loving every min. Christi Rose Hart has 
moved in to her new house and has had 
a busy summer. She has enjoyed spend- 
ing time with Samm Grist '03 and seeing 
Alisa Cline Berry '03 and her new baby 
Carter, Christi's daughter Kendall (2) is 
growing quickly! Mary Tassone Dunlevy 
returned to SBC for the 1st time since 
graduation last Jan. for Prof. Tamburr's 
Celebration of Life Service. She got to 
see many of her former professors and 
spend the weekend with Kathy Fowler 
and Amy Waller '04. Sophie Wackenhut 
Szymanski and family moved to A! Am 
in the United Arab Emirates in Aug. Her 
husband Evan is teaching h. s. English on a 
2-yr. contract. They're all enjoying learning 
a new language and exploring the culture. 
Brook Buck is in her last yr. of nursing 
school at Queens U. She'll hopefully gradu- 
ate in 5/10. She had a fun summer without 
the dog, who was at a training camp for 
2 mos. He came home trained and better 
behaved; it's great! Brook and Trey are going 
to Cancun to celebrate her 30th birthday in 
Oct. They can't wait! Other than that, things 
are good and she can't wait to see Lori 
Smith Nilan and Maria Thacker in Oct 
for Ashley Johnson McGee's '03 birthday. 
Andrew and I are training for the Richmond 
Marathon and are hoping to move into 
a bigger house this fall. I enjoyed seeing 
Brook. Maria, Denise McDonald Gentry, 
and Ashley Johnson McGee '03 in Jul. for 
a beach weekend in Oak Island, NC, Brook 

and I hope everyone is happy and healthy 
and we look forward to the next round of 
class notes! 


Courtney Arnott Silverthorn 
501 Palmtree Drive #4 
Gaithersburg, MD 20878 

Leslie Sidwell O'Neal and Rob have been 
getting settled in Woodbridge, VA, since their 
move in 5/08. Other than the traffic and 
being further away from her mom, Leslie 
likes it. They recently welcomed son Liam 
on 07/28/09 at 8lbs,. 7.8 oz, 20 in. and a 
full head of hair! Amanda Carpenter Page 
and husband were blessed 3/09 with the 
birth of their 1st child, son Wyatt. They live 
in Bedford County, where Amanda works 
as a Foster Care Social Worker for the DSS, 
Alisa Cline Berry and Jason also had their 
1st son Carter Michael, born 2/28/09. Jason 
was hired at the SBC Riding Center starting 
08/09 as the riding fellow; they'll be moving 
back to campus this summer 

Heather Cole Kraft and Kathryn 
Kraft have been keeping busy in Boston. 
Kathryn is entering her 4th yr. of her doctor- 
ate degree and will apply and find out about 
her internship this yr. After 5 yrs. they may 
be leaving Bostoni For now though they've 
been happily relaxing in their favorite city, 
with a few breaks on the side. In '09 they 
visited FL and then took a trip to Europe 
where they spent 2 wks. trekking around 
Paris and then relaxed with Caroline 
"Cookie" Williams in beautiful Barcelona. 
They're headed to New Orleans on a service 
trip with the h. s. youth group from church, 
which they've been preparing for over the 
last yr. — they're very excited as Heather 
hasn't been in yrs., and Kathryn's never 

Mara Wegerski was admitted to the 
NY and Ml Bars as an attorney and got 
engaged to Brian Hoist 08/09. They're 
planning a wedding for 08/10. Megan 
Gaillardet is getting married on 9/26/09 
to Robert Steiner of NY Her bridesmaids 
will be Kylene Smith. Tiffany Williamson 
Norwood, and Angela Grisby The 4 of 
them try to get together twice a yr. and 
Megan is so excited to be sharing her spe- 
cial day with such wonderful friends. Bobby 
and Megan will be tying the knot in the 
mountains of NC near Asheville and will be 
honeymooning in Florence, Italy They built a 
home together last yr. just outside Charlotte, 
NC, and are looking forward to this exciting 
next chapter in their lives! 

Amanda Crighton has been working 
and living in Cincinnati, OH, now for almost 
3 yrs. She's planning a wedding to Joseph 
Trefzger on 1 1/7/09 in Cincinnati, OH. 
Fellow classmates Anna Yankee and Lana 
Davis Booth will be bridesmaids. Joseph 
and Amanda are looking forward to their 

Sweet Briai College Alumnae Magazine • www alumnae 

Winter 2009/201 • 85 

new life together and are so thrilled to be 
celebrating their big day with those closest 
to them. Amanda keeps in touch with Tara 
Conte Courtney Finklea, Courtney Pfaff 
Kimball, Courtney Arnott Silverthorn and 
Hilary Pool Strickland through Facebook 
and loves that everyone is doing so well! 

Courtney Yerdon Gleason still enjoys 
Charlotte, NC, She recently had a "slee- 
pover" with Lara Hansen and Lindsay 
Kinyon Ashton, and they'll all be attending 
Homecoming this yr with Danielle Ross 
Oberg Julie Capodanno and Genlvieve 
Troxell rented a car and traveled through 
Spain with a group of friends. They began 
their journey in Seville during Holy Week, 
and visited Italica, Toledo, Cuenca, and 
Madrid, It was a wonderful spring trip and 
an unforgettable experience! 

Amanda Tyree Goodwin was mar- 
ned 09/14/08 in Richmond, KY: Cristina 
Paxton Manjarres was a bridesmaid in the 

Rita Thomas Brookheart celebrated 
her 1st wedding anniv, with husband Johnny 
this past spring. She spent the summer 
writing her doctoral dissertation and inter- 
viewing for postdoctoral positions around the 
East coast. This fall, she received her Ph,D, 
in molecular cell biology from Washington U. 
in St, Louis and has accepted a position at 
Johns Hopkins to research novel pathways 
in cholesterol signaling. Rita is very excited 
to live on the East coast since she'll be 
closer to her SBC friends. Laurel Rodgers 
Spielman also defended her dissertation in 
3/09 and now has her Ph,D. from the U. of 
/\Z. She was a visiting instructor in Biology 
at SBC for the Spring '09 semester while 
Dr. Davies was on sabbatical. She has since 
moved to Durham, NC, and is a postdoctoral 
researcher at UNC, in the same building as 
Julia Schmitz 

I wanted to thank everyone who sent 
their condolences after my dad's passing on 
07/10/09. I'm very much looking forward 
to seeing many '03-ers at Homecoming 
next mo.! 


Virginia Wood 
7975 Dunstable Cir. 
Orlando, FL 32817 

Ginny Wood is living in Orlando. She 
got engaged on 9/1 5 in ME. She enjoyed 
reunion and is proud to announce the elec- 
tion of our new president, Maria Kitchin, 

Maria Kitchin loved seeing so many 
of our classmates at our Reunion in May, 
Just started a grad, program in educational 
leadership and will continue teaching and 

Mary Davis Blood had a baby boy 
Liam, on 12/26/08, She enjoyed seeing 
everyone at Reunion. 

Breanne Lelbering is living in 
Charlottesville, VA, She's teaching 7th 
grade English at Jack Jouett M, S, In 
Charlottesville, She had a blast at Reunion 
where she hung out with '04 graduates. 
She can't wait for the 10 yr. Reunion, She's 
also excited about Margaret VanHook's '03 
wedding in 10/09, Anne Benham Willson 
moved to Greenville. SC, in 06/09 where 
husband Dave is now coaching basketball at 
Furman U, She's enjoying staying at home 
with her baby Maggie, Tasha Purcell is 
working as program coordinator at UNLV 
Outdoor Adventures, She went backpacking 
in Utah in 06/09, And was seen hiking with 
Nick! Brandt 06 Brienna McLaughlin 
Pruce was teaching art courses at 
Tidewater Community Coll, in Virginia Beach 
and her husband recently returned from a 
half a yr, deployment in Afghanistan, They're 
moving to England In 08/09 and are looking 
fora/ard to traveling Europe together Merri 
Morris Park is still living in Bluefield, WV, 
She's working at First Presbyterian Church 
as the Dir, of Children and Youth Ministries, 
She has 2 boys: Ethan (3) and Davis (1 ,5), 
She IS also expecting again in 01/10, Kate 
Lawson received her MA in Art History 
from the Institute of Fine Arts at NYU, She 
saw Katie Barnette Whisenant, Lara 
Zvlrbulls Caroline Ogllvie and Christina 
Chubb at Leila Williams Smith s wed- 
ding in VA Autum MatysekSnyder Fish 
and Jeremiah welcomed their son Xavier 
LeRoy Fish on 06/13/09, They're adjusting 
to parenthood and all that comes along 
with having a little one in the house. She 
loved seeing everyone at Reunion and looks 
forward to seeing more 04'ers at homecom- 
ing this yr, Camille Simmons Is in her 5th 
yr of teaching m, s, Spanish and enjoyed 
taking a group of 8th graders to Costa Rica, 
She also had the chance to meet up with 
Khadine Fisher and Caville Stanbury '06 
in D,C, Nicole Basbanes remains in D,C, 
where she has finished the yr,-long task of 
building a medical library for The Endocrine 
Society in Chevy Chase, MD, which she now 
runs herself. She has taken on a new part- 
time job since then as a personal assistant 
to fellow alumna Linda Reynolds Stern '66, 
widow of violin virtuoso Isaac Stern, She also 
keeps in close touch with a few good lady 
vixens in the D,C, area. Tiffany McCabe 
Carr and husband Joseph purchased their 
1st home in Franklin, VA, and welcomed 
their 1st son in Aug, Tiffany is entering her 
6th yr, teaching general music and chorus at 
2 elem, schools in Southampton County, 
VA Kelli Bergmann Thomasson still 
teaches h, s, government in Spotsylvania 
and was selected as Spotsylvania County 
New Teacher of the Yr. Kelli and her hus- 
band Will are also very excited about their 
upcoming move to Hanover County, VA in 
the early fall. Kelli attended the baby shower 
of Jenni Stanley Thompson '03 where she 
spent time with Chasity Clark, Francesca 
Catucci '03 and Megan Ogborn '03, Emily 
Suchta made a big move in Jul, from Long 
Island, NY to Orlando, FL, and loves it. She 

has an apt. and is job hunting! She visited 
Ginny Wood who lives across town. Misty 
Vandergriff Forsberg and Adam welcomed 
their 2nd son Sutton Henry on 07/30/09. 
Erin Coleman is living in Los Angeles. 
She is studying with The Groundlings and 
continues to pursue acting. As she writes 
these notes, she's preparing for a 10-day 
trip to Japan. She's sad she missed Reunion 
and hopes everyone is well. Megan Owens 
Thompson started her 2nd yr. as the mid- 
dle school counselor at Cannon School and 
head varsity swim coach. She was named 
the 2009 All Piedmont Girls Swim Coach of 
the Yr. and helped lead her girls team to 1st 
place at the NCISSA 2009 swimming cham- 
pionships. The boys team was 2nd. Sara 
Gredler lives in Austin, TX, is still sliding 
down bridge embankments, and had a great 
time at Reunion, Stephanie O'Sullivan 
Fitzpatrick and Brendan welcomed Bailey 
Matthew Fitzpatnck on 5/29/09. She 
graduated from U. Denver with an MA in 
International Security. They left CO and 
have been living in Falls Church, VA since 
07/09, Adrienne Arnold married Philip 
Ciccarello in Bermuda 8/1/09. Elise Arnold 
and Amanda Beck-ter Stege attended 
They live and work in Charlotte, NC, She 
has continued teaching middle school 
Language Arts since she graduated with 
an M Ed from SBC, Virginia Patterson 
Duncan and Jack welcomed son Gavin in 
5/09, Sascha Rogers is currently pediatric 
occupational thearpist in Stafford, VA, She 
saw Jozanne Summerville and Karen 
Story Mckenzie s marriage Jozanne 
Summerville thoroughly enjoyed herself at 
our 5th Reunion in May She's still working 
for the Navy and living in D,C, She started 
the MBA program at U, of MD in 08/09. 
She'd like to announce that the Black Pearls 
will be getting together at Homecoming. 


Amanda Jane Watts 
801 N Monroe St. Apt. 313 
Arlington, VA 22201 

Hey ladies! It's that time of yr again. I hope 
you're all doing well and enjoying life. Also, 
I hope you are all getting excited about 
our upcoming 5-yr. Reunion! I still can't 
believe how quickly these past few yrs. have 
flown by All of us working on Reunion look 
forward to seeing you on campus in May 
2010! Now here are those class notes . . . 
Ginger Tripp McAdams and Judson 
enjoyed their 1st wedding anniv. She 
resides in Richmond and loves teaching 1st 
grade at St. Christopher's School. She is 
also co-chairing our Reunion with Ashley 
Forehand Cathy Sobke graduated in 5/09 
from Florida International U. School of Law 
in Miami, FL. Amber McGlothlin Finnegan 

relocated from GA to OK and is loving life. 
She and Brendan welcomed son Craig 
Forrest on 4/6/09. It's been a whirlwind 
since but Amber is enjoying motherhood 
and staying home. She and Brendan will 
soon be moving into their 1st home once 
its finished construction! Brooke Lynne 
Middleton is working as a research monitor 
with Medicus Research, and will finish her 
MEd, in Clinical Mental Health Counseling In 
5/10, On 5/23/09, she attended the wed- 
ding of Jessica Price Moore and Taylor 
Moore of Charlottesville in Earlysville, VA, 
Sarah Patterson '03 was also in attendance 
as bridesmaid, Jess had a Celtic themed 
wedding with a handmade bridal gown and 
bridesmaid dresses. It was a small, beauti- 
ful ceremony with lots of singing, dancing, 
and good fun! Joyce Scott is pursuing her 
MBA at the U, of GA. Brentz East lives in 
Lynchburg working as a Securities Analyst 
for her father's company. She takes Rosa 
(her daughter, class 2030?) with her to work 
everyday and loves it. She recently got back 
from her annual weekend at 'the lake' with 
Lauren Byrne 04, Catherine Brumley, 
and Tamara Himelright Helton and had a 
blast; fun, sun and s'mores. She looks for- 
ward to seeing everyone next yr. at Reunion 
and can't believe it's been 4 yrs. already! 


Victoria Chappell Harvey 
PSC 76 Box 7851 
APO,AP 96319-0057 

Ellena Bethea is teaching chemistry at 
Trinity School in NYC. 

Leigh Darrell graduated from the 
U- of Baltimore School of Law, sat for the 
Maryland Bar Exam, and is happily living in 
Centreville, MD, clerking for a Circuit Court 
judge She spent time with Kate Dobie, 
Laura Pierce, and Sarah Hart at Sarah's 
wedding to Ben Corpron (NSC '07), 

On 8/15, Sarah Hart married Ben 
Corpron (HSC) just outside of Seattle, WA, 
surrounded by their family and friends. Kate 
Dobie was maid of honor, Leigh Darrell 
and Laura Pierce were bridesmaids. 

Victoria Chappell Harvey loves life 
in Japan with her husband! The people 
are wonderful and the culture is quite fun. 
Hopefully she'll learn the language quickly 
so she can communicate better with the 
locals. If anyone would like to visit, her home 
is open and she'd love to be your tour guide! 

Allison Martell is celebrating her 
engagement to Michael Heath, They'll be 
married 4/1 7 amongst close friends and 
family at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens 
in NC. To their dismay, their 2 cats will be 
unable to attend as they are under age. 

Stephanie Scherer McCallister 
bought her 1st home on 3/27! She spent 
the summer teaching summer camps at 
the barn on top over her normal job as the 

86 • Winter 2009/2010 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae /V\agozine • www 

lesson program manager and school horse 
manger at Stonehouse Stables. She'll be 
making a trip at the end of Aug. to visit her 
old roomie Ivey Tabor Godfrey in NC! 
Everything is going great in life; she loves 
her house, hubby, dog and job. 

Lea Pyne has had another awesome 
yr. in the D.C. metro area, living in MD and 
working in D.C. as a Navy contractor. Team 
Submarine continues to be an excellent 
and challenging organization and working 
there has shown how many things one can 
do with a liberal arts degree. This yr also 
saw the marriage of one of her closest 
SBC friends, Victoria Chappell, and Lea 
had the opportunity to see some of France 
and a lot of Germany after attending the 
beautiful ceremony She's also gearing up 
for the wedding of another wonderful SBC 
buddy, Allison IVIartell, whose wedding 
will be next spring. Lea has completed 3 
triathlons to date (including her 1st Olympic- 
distance race). She continues to train with 
the amazing Tri Team Z, and rides with the 
Oxen Hill Cycling Club (check them out if 
you live in the area). Her wonderful other 
half, Mike, and her 9-yr.-old Gordon Setter, 
Indy continue to be the best life companions 
a girl could wish for. To the amazement of 
her friends, Lea actually set-up a Facebook 
account, and has enioyed reconnecting with 
a lot of long-lost SBC pals. She says, "Here's 
hoping I'll never lose touch with my Sweet 
Briar friends and to another awesome yr.!" 

Kathleen Wilson graduated 
from Indiana U. School of Public and 
Environmental Affairs in 5/09 with a 
Masters in Environmental Science and a 
Masters in Public Affairs. After graduation, 
she accepted a staff scientist position with 
Linebach-Funkhouser, Inc., an environmental 
consulting firm in Louisville, KY, She recently 
became engaged and visits Kimberly 
Wilson frequently 


Emily Olson 

382 E. Scripps Rd. 

Lake Orion, Ml 48360 

Hello all! I'm happy to be back after serving 
a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ 
of Latter-day Saints in the UT Salt Lake 
City South Mission from 9/07 to 4/09. Yes, 
I know, UT doesn't sound exotic, but I had 
a wonderlul experience. Some of the high- 
lights for me included working with 2 African 
refugee families and some rather delinquent, 
but lovable inner-city youth. I worked with 
people from all over the world, from all dif- 
ferent races, religions, and backgrounds and 
I loved being able to serve and help them. I 
hope I was able to help them as much as I 
know all of them helped me. Thank you to 
Eleanor O'Connor and Ferrell Lyies tor 
doing class notes for me while I was away. 
In Aug. I was able to visit Washington, D.C. 

where I stayed with Eleanor O'Connor and 

Virginia "Didi" Robinson '06, 1 was also able 
to see Laura Schaefer, Angelica Shea '06, 
Caitlin Cashin, and Margaret Loebe '06. 
We had a lot of fun catching up, and they're 
all doing well. Eleanor and I took a day trip 
to SBC. It was my 1st time back since grad- 
uation and It was wonderful! By the time you 
read this I'll have also visited Kim Battad in 
CA and Sarah Kindschuh in NM 

Caitlin Cashin is finishing up a yr. of 
working as a paralegal in D.C. and is leaving 
to go to Ireland soon to get her M.A. 

After living and working in the D.C. 
area for 2 yrs., Eleanor O'Connor heads to 
London In Sept. where she'll enter a yr.-long 
program at the U. Coll. of London to earn a 
M.A. in publishing 

Hollie Jennings Payne married her 
h. s. sweetheart and boyfriend of 7 yrs.. 
Johnny on 5/24/08 in Roanoke, VA. She 
writes, "We're enjoying married life in 
Roanoke with our 2 dogs, Roxie and Millie." 

Laura Schaefer met with Margaret 
Loebe '06 and Rachel Reynods at SBC 
the weekend of the board meeting to 
say farewell to Betsy and chat with the 
Introduction to Environmental Studies class 
about her job. After working in Arlington for 
a little more than 2 yrs. she's moving to 
Portland, OR, in Sept. to work as an Energy 
Conservation Outreach Coordinator for the 
Beaverton School District. She writes, "It's 
a position through the Northwest Service 
Academy and I'm thrilled to have the 
chance to experience a different side of 
environmental work." In Aug. she, Rachel 
Reynolds and Natalie Pye attended 
Maggie Baylor's wedding 

Yes! By the time you all read this, 
Maggie Saylor will have married Martin 
Patrick on 8/29 in OH. Then they headed 
back to Saint Paul, MN. Of the ceremony 
she says, "It will be a small, casual wedding 
... and I'm really looking fonward to it." She 
left the grad. school program she was in this 
past May to "look for jobs; I'm crossing my 
fingers for something interesting." Maggie 
still visits SBC a few times a yr. for Board 
meetings, but "would love to see some SBC 
giris other times too," she says, "look me up 
if you ever need a place to stay in MN!" 

Danielle Briggs-Hansen started a 
new job 5/1 1 in the Human Resources and 
Finance Dept. with a defense company 
called Systems Planning and Analysis, 
Inc. She says, "so far so good!" She's still 
"adjusting to the change in work atmo- 
sphere. It's a big change from working in 
the back room of a Trader Joe's as the store 
artist where I got to wear jeans and a tee 
shirt everyday to wearing suits and heals 
and having my own office!" 

Morgan Roach continues to live 
Washington, D.C. and works at The Heritage 
Foundation's Allison Center for Foreign 
Policy and Margaret Thatcher Center for 
Freedom as a Research Assistant. She pub- 
lished her 1st paper in Jun. and continues to 
research and write on European affairs and 
U.S. public diplomacy She'll start American 

U.'s WeLEAD program in Aug., working with 
DCs female professionals on promoting 
women in the workforce. Polish language 
classes are also in the works, 

Jaclyn Fowler bought a house in 
Gaithersburg, MD, and Rosanna Hawkins 
Winner and husband bought their 1 st 
house in VA. 

Rebekah McSpadden recently fin- 
ished teaching in Prague, Czech Republic 
and then moved to Taipei, Taiwan to teach 
English for 2009-2010. 

Heidi Trude graduated with her M, Ed 
on 5/9/09 from the U, of Mary Washington 
and was presented with the Outstanding 
Student Award for the M.Ed program at 
commencement. She writes, "The award is 
the most prestigious award presented by 
the university which recognizes a student 
who demonstrates academic excellence 
beyond the GPA, as well as demonstrates 
leadership, enthusiasm, commitment, and 
professional potential." Way to go Heidi! 
She completed her Master's research and 
thesis on early foreign language learning 
and how it relates to foreign language learn- 
ing at the secondary level. In addition to 
the research, she designed a 12-wk. early 
language learning program that could be 
used to increase 2nd language acquisition. 
After graduation, she finished her 1st yr. of 
teaching at Skyline H. S. in Front Royal, VA, 
and is excited to return to Skyline this fall! 
Heidi is looking forward to seeing you all at 

Emily Fitzpatrick is starting her 2nd 
yr, as assistant women's lacrosse coach at 
Oberiin Coll. in OH. 

Thank you all for sending in your class 
notes. I enjoy hearing from you and hope 
you all enjoy reading these notes! I'm so 
proud of all the amazing things the class of 
2007 is doing around the world. It's awe- 
some! Until next time, take care! 


Kathryn Purnell Mills 
4310 Bromley Ln. 
Ricmond, VA 23221 

Celeste Wackenhut; This past spring I 
spent an exciting 3 mos, interning at the 
Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice. I 
extended my stay to visit with family and 
friends in Malta, France, and England. In 
Sept., I'll continue my European travels as I 
begin a masters program in modern art at 
the U. of Edinburgh in Scotland, 

Tess Drahman; I moved to NYC and 
began work on my Master's degree In media 
studies at the New School U. In Sept, 

Amanda Prine is engaged and will be 
married on 9/18/10. 


Sweet Briar College Alumnae Mogazine • www 

Julia Kathleen McClung 
14957 Santa Lucia Dr. 
Charlotte, NC 28277 
Julia.McGlungI @gmaiLcom 

Thank you so much to everyone who con- 
tributed to the class notes! I appreciate your 
putting up with my Facebook stalking and 
many e-mails! It was great to hear from so 
many of you, and I'm so excited that our 
class had so much to contribute so soon 
after graduation! 

Erin Coppersmith is pursuing her M.A. 
in teaching from SBC She'll be marrying 
Thomas Aitken (ODU '1 0) on 07/1 7/1 in 
Berkeley CA. 

Bethany Melendy got engaged to 
Mohammed Al-Ghnem over the summer. 
She spent most of the summer in Jordan 
studying Arabic at the U, of Jordan and ran 
into an SBC alumna while visiting Petra. 

Casey Pacheco writes: "I've been 
accepted into the Doctor of Veterinary 
Medicine Program at Saint George's U., in 
Grenada, West Indies. I'm also honored that 
Saint George's U. awarded me the Decade 
of Excellence Scholarship, a scholarship 
the university begun in honor of their 
10-yr, anniv. and given to vet students who 
show academic excellence and a proven 
dedication and passion for the veterinary 
profession. I'll be leaving for Grenada in Aug. 
and will be completing 6 semesters of pre- 
clinical work in Grenada before returning to 
the U.S. to finish my clinical work at either 
U. Penn (New Bolton Campus) or VA Tech. I'll 
be studying large animal veterinary medicine 
with a specialization in equine surgery." 

Jessica Brenneman traveled to 
Ireland for 10 days over the summer. She's 
pursuing a job with Imagine One, and will 
be moving to Arlington, VA. She volunteers 
at Jubilee Kitchen once a week. She was 
the maid of honor at her best friend, Sarah 
Gardner's wedding to Jake Farinholt on 

Shannon Schalestock has moved 
to Richmond, VA with Courtney LeBlanc 
and Natalie Renaldo. She's teaching at a 
children's cooking school, the Young Chef's 
Academy with Natalie, and waitressing at a 
new restaurant. She is also i/ery excited to 
become a aunt to triplets by 1 2/09! 

Lauren Schwartz has been accepted 
at So. IL. U. to study Plant Biology 

Katie Bird will be moving to North 
Bethesda, MD, to begin work on her Masters 
in Public Communication from American U. 
She'll be living in an apartment with Kate 
Lydin and Lucy Hankinson 

Megan Behrle started grad. school this 
fall, pursuing her Masters in International 
Development and Social Change from Clark 
U, in MA. Over the summer, she had the joy 
of reuniting with friends from SBC, including 
Michelle Badger '06, Sue Knouse '05, Diana 
Simpson '08, and classmates Alison Sims, 
Kathryn Brock, Lucy Hankinson, and 

Winter 2009/2010 • 87 

Sarah Hall, She's looking forward to grad. 
school in a new environment and is excited 
for what the future holds, 

Meredith Newman has been work- 
ing as the nature dir at Camp Bryn Mawr, 
a 7-wk, girls camp located in the Pocono 
Mountains in PA, She's currently in negotia- 
tions with a few colleges around the country 
for an assistant women's lacrosse coaching 
position for the 2010 season, 

Lindsay Mills lives with Stephanie 
Altoff in MA, 

Laura Cromwell, along with Megan 
Combs Lauren Guyer Rebecca Girten, 
Amber Lubeck. Paige Cantfil, Hope 
Moller. and Leslie Lewis '08 attended Mary 
Lingerer's ('08) wedding in NY, Laura is also 
volunteering at Martha Jefferson Hospital, 

Sarah Smiley will begin her work 
towards her Masters at Dartmouth Coll, In 
NH in the fall, 

Caroline Sapp will begin her work 
towards her MLItt in International Security 
Studies this fall at the U, of St. Andrews. 
She recently completed Summer Honors 
Research at SBC with Professor Ashbrook, 
researching the relationship between Spain 
and the European Union, specifically looking 
at membership negotiations. Her research 
will be a chapter in Prof, Ashbrook's upcom- 
ing book. She's been forming opinions on 
healthcare reform as an insurance liaison for 
a dental office. 

Lara Salyer lives in Richmond, VA, and 
is attending nursing school. She's also on 
the public policy board at Susan G, Komen 
Richmond Affiliate. She'll be getting married 
to Steven D'Antonio (HSC '07) on 10/03/09, 

Jessie Lile Hudson has relocated to 
Bowie, MD, and works as an FBI Analyst, 

Katharine Fish is all settled in lA and 
enjoying her job as a dept. manager for 
JoS, A, Bank Clothiers. She's counting the 
days until her Mar wedding to Chnstoph 
Lohr (VMI '08). 

Liz Zuckerman recently returned from 
VPO (VA Program at Oxford), a 6-wk. pro- 
gram studying English literature and history 

at Oxford U, 

Heather Riggleman is a volunteer as 
1 Sky Climate Precinct Captain, She's mar- 
ried to Justin Wallace, a writer, and is living 
in Kill Devil Hills, NC, She plans to attend 
grad. school in CA next yn 

Caroline Chappell is working in the 
SBC Admissions Office this fall and loves it! 
She'll be traveling to AL, FL, WA. OR, and CA 
during her time at there. She looks forward 
to traveling around the country and hopes to 
connect with alumnae along the way She's 
excited for Homecoming, 

Emi Masuda has returned to Doshisha 
Women's Coll, of Lib. Arts in Kyoto, Japan. 
She'll be finishing her senior yr this Sept. 

Brooke Agee works part time at 
Sweely Estate Winery in Madison, VA, She's 
starting an online business, hoping to sell 
wine and wine accessories. She's also in the 
process of applying for a job at the DIA, 

Stephanie Nance is living in Socorro, 
NM, working on her Masters thesis research 
in Atmospheric Chemistry at NM Tech, 

Tracey Nicely will be at SBC for 1 
more yr to complete her M,A, in Teaching. 
Her fiance, Nick Roesler recently completed 
his 1st novel, Tracey and Nick will be mar- 
ried on 6/1 8/1 1 

Kathryn Brock has moved to Atlanta, 
GA, and is sharing an apt, with Alison 
Sims. She's working as the Marketing 
Coordinator for GREENGUARD Environmental 

Jadrienne Brown is teaching English 
as a Second Language in Daejeon, South 
Korea, She'll be living in South Korea for the 
next yr She has traveled to Japan frequently 
during her time in South Korea. 

Kirsten Porter-Stransky is attending 
grad, school for Biopsychology at U, Ml, 

Amanda Strickland is working at the 
MacArthur Memonal in Norfolk, VA, as a 
Museum Attendant, She volunteers at the 
Casemate Museum in the Collections Dept, 
She's pursuing a full-time job, but is satis- 
fied broadening her horizons in her current 
positions. She sees Abigail Adkins often 

and is having a blast as an SBC graduate! 

Melissa Diehl moved to Spain and is 
participating in a teaching program, after 
which she will pursue a full-time job, 

Paige Cantfil has been accepted into 
the INOVA Scholars Program and started 
George Mason U.'s 1 2 mo. Accelerated BSN 
Program in 08/09, 

Brittney Huffer Layton was mar- 
ried last fall to Edward Layton and lives 
in Raleigh, NC, She spent last summer In 
South America for a course In participatory 
field research in Anthropology, 

Sarah Doyle is working for the 
Smithsonian National Zoo Conservation 
GIS Center creating a Human-Elephant 
Conflict Database for the Asian Elephant 
to be published in the science magazine, 
GAJAH. She'll be moving to Port Townsend, 
WA, in fall to work for the Northwest Salmon 

Becca Girten has decided to put off 
enrollment in the SBC MAT program for a 
yr in order gain experience in teaching. She 
works for AmeriCorps teaching 5th and 6th 
grade math and science to underprivileged 
girls at Serviam Girls Academy in New 
Castle, DE, and lives in a former convent. 
Over the summer she volunteered at the 
Lynchburg Public Library. 

Lucy Hankinson spent the sum- 
mer in a sustainable agriculture program 
at a college in VT, She's now at George 
Mason U, working on her Masters in Public 
Administration with a concentration in 
Nonprofit Management, 

Rebecca Adams is employed by the 
U,S, Army Center for Heath Promotion and 
Preventative Medicine in the Environmental 
Health Risk Assessment Program, She'll be 
pursuing a Masters in Chemistry from U, MD 
and will be living in Mariboro, MD, 

Murphy Home began her studies at 
Wake Forest Law School, 

Courtney LeBlanc works for the 
American Cancer Society as a recruitment 
specialist. She's studying for the LSATs and 
hopes to go to law school next fall. 

Meagan Bell spent a wk. In the 
Bahamas over the summer She's working 
as the Assistant Sales Lead Coordinator 
at Wooldridge Heating Air Electrical, the 
company where she worked during college. 
Her fiance, Duck Lloyd, is a Commercial 
Manager at Lloyd Concrete Services. They 
live in Forest, VA, in a home they purchased 
in 10/08, They plan to be married on 
05/29/10 In Bedford, VA. 

Dori Rucker began working for Wells 
Fargo Financial as a Credit Sales Manager in 
Chesapeake, VA, on 06/1 5/09, She's excited 
to be in training for her 1st Bodybuilding/ 
Figure Competition with the OCB 
(Organization for Competitive Bodybuilders), 
The show is scheduled for 1 0/24/09 in 
Norfolk, VA 

Lauren Guyer lives in Charlottesville, 
VA, working for the National Ground 
Intelligence Center She continues to ride, 
now for a small farm in Charlottesville. 
Boyfriend Matt has finished his deployment 
In the Gulf of Adyn/lndian Ocean and is now 
based in Mayport, FL, for the next 2 yrs, 

Sarah Barta has moved to Shoreview, 
MN, and is working for WuXi App Tech, a 
pharmaceutical research corporation, as an 
Animal Care Technician, 

Reda Masincup works as a Sales 
Associate at Luray Caverns, where she has 
worked seasonally for the past 3 yrs. She 
visited TN with Bethany Melendy for Emily 
Green Tucker's wedding. She volunteers at 
the Luray Art Warehouse in her spare time. 
She's writing a novel, and taking a yr off in 
order to evaluate all of her options before 
pursuing a graduate degree. 

88 • Winter 2009/2010 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ■ 


Linda Mae Visocan Gabriel '87 

SHEILA ALEXANDER, development communications coordinator 

Linda Mae Visocan Gabriel is a familiar name at Sweet Briar. She is a graduate of the 
Class of 1987, but her visibility with Sweet Briar goes far beyond her performance 
as a high-achieving Sweet Briar woman — international affairs major, QV, junior 
class vice president, student government president, varsity sports council, academic affairs 
committee, resident advisor, varsity swim team . . . The list is almost endless, and cer- 
tainly impressive. 

"Sweet Briar has helped to form who 1 am, and for that 1 am grateful," Gabriel says. 

After leaving Sweet Briar, Gabriel continues to be closely involved with her alma mater. 
Louise Zingaro, who was then executive director of alumnae relations, knows her well. "Linda 
Mae is Sweet Briar pink and green through and through. An active and supportive student, she 
developed into a key alumna volunteer leader. From alumnae admissions representation to first 
vice president, she continues to make a positive impact on the life of our College." 

Despite her current connections with Sweet Briar, Gabriel explains that Sweet Briar wasn't 
initially where she planned to go to school. 

"1 was going to attend Miami University in Ohio, but my Dad insisted I go to a college fair 
and look at all my options. 1 went straight to the Miami table while Dad followed me, gathering 
brochures for other schools. I saw the Sweet Briar representative standing nearby, so I thought I'd 
talk to her while I waited on him. 1 picked up a brochure and immediately thought, Wow! This 
is the most beautiful place . . . wouldn't it be wonderful to go to school there! 1 put my name on 
the mailing list, and within a week I not only received an invitation to visit from admissions, but 
Bonnie Kestner wrote to me about the swim team. 1 came to visit Sweet Briar with my mom, and 
the rest is history. I was captivated, I think, from the moment we drove through those gates." 

In addition to seven years of service to the alumnae board, Gabriel is a dedicated volunteer for 
events and committees and a steadfast contributor to the Annual Fund. She gave her most recent 
gift in support of the new Fitness and Athletics Center. 

"I've been an athlete all my life. The Fitness and Athletics Center gift was something 1 saw 
that needed to be done. Good athletes were not coming to Sweet Briar because of dated facili- 

As well as thinking about current gifts, Gabriel always considers the future. She is an Indiana 
Fletcher Williams Associate, one of the many visionaries who have included Sweet Briar in her 

"My first inspiration for philanthropy was receiving an alumnae club scholarship to attend 
Sweet Briar," she remembers. "It eased the burden for my parents, but it also made me realize 
that graduates back in Cleveland or wherever were doing fundraisers to help others go to Sweet 
Briar. They know that you can continue to be connected after graduation in so many ways." She 
reflects for a moment on the loss of her husband, Todd, who passed away in 2006. "I knew I 
wanted to do something significant in Todd's memory. He loved Sweet Briar. He worked so hard 
in his career so that I could give back to Sweet Briar. I remember the first time he went with me 
to visit. He said, Tf I ever have a daughter, she's going to Sweet Briar.' Gabriel ensures that her 
daughter, Meri Caroline, always has a current Sweet Briar t-shirt to wear to events and hopes that 
she will want to attend Sweet Briar, "but it will be up to her, of course." 

Gabriel urges graduates to remain connected to the College. "There are unlimited possibilities 
for helping the College continue its mission after graduation. I can't imagine a more worthwhile 
investment than sending numerous women into the world with plans for making a difference. 
Sweet Briar isn't about putting in your four years and then leaving; it's a lifelong partnership. You 
can volunteer on committees or boards, participate in a career panel at Homecoming Weekend, 
and take advantage of the matching gifts that may be provided by the company at which you 
work. It's about contributing in some way, including writing your check. It truly is my home away 
from home. Every time I go back, I feel like I've never left." 

Susan Dern Plank '73 (left) and 
Linda Mae Visocan Gabriel '87 at the 
Homecoming 2008 celebration. 

After graduation, 
a close relationship 
with S'weet Briar 
can continue for 
every 'woman. The 
fun, education, and 
connections with 
others that were 
enjoyed as students 
can be continued as 
women remaining 
engaged with their 
alma mater and 
ensuring that the 
current Sweet Briar 
experience remains 
as sweet as ever. 

To learn more about the 
personal, financial, and 
charitable advantages of 
making a gift to Sweet Briar 
College, please contact the 
Office of Development at 
(434) 381-6161 or toll-free 
at 888-846-5722. 

Sweet Briar College 


Sweet Briar, VA 24595 


U.S. Postage 


Permit No. 132 




Effvpt & The Eternal Nile 

March 12-28, 2010 

Galapag-os Islands: 

A President's Trip 

June 3-1 2, 2010 


TnelnnrI- Thn Tn-nH of Fire and Ice 

July 28-August 5, 2010 

PqI-I .••1 \i />r T( il^r 

October 9-25, 2010 

*Dates, destinations, prices and itineraries are subject to change 

Contact Melissa Coffey '98, tour coordinator, for more information at 800-381-6131