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Starting Line. 


In introducing the current strategic planning process, I used the metaphor of the 
"starting line." A starting line, of course, suggests that a race is about to begin. 
There were several reasons I liked the metaphor of a race for this particular 
strategic planning process. A race has a beginning, a middle and an end. It has a 
clear goal and a clear pathway toward that goal. A race involves an awareness of 
competition— even if only against one's own previous best— and success depends 
on training, preparation and attitude. And, of course, a race involves moving 

The "Starting Line White Paper" (available in its entirety on the strategic planning 
blog at laid out my charge to the community; in a way, 
it charted out our racecourse for us. The rest of this message summarizes its key 

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str ategicplan .blog . sbc . edu 

Ki«' // I 

■j,.-. in 1 p 

o D 



Hank Yochum, Director of the Margaret Jones , 
Wyllie '45 Engineering Program 


One of (he objectives of ihe magazine is to 

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Briar College. The Sweet Brior Alumnae 
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publication. Contact us any time! 

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2 Engineering Inspiration: 1945 Graduate Endows $3 Million Fund to Support 
Engineering Program 

4 Engineering Inspiration: 2009 Engineering Graduates 

8 1 01 st Commencement Links Class of 201 to SBC's 1 0th President 

10 Going Places in the Foreign Service 

1 2 All in a Life's Work: Elinor Stebbins '00 Receives the Congressional Gold Medal 

1 4 Worlds Within Worlds: 201 Senior Art Show 

1 8 Sweet Briar Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Boxwood Circle 

20 Advanced Fiction with Carrie Brown 

22 Homecoming 2010: Go Somewhere You Love this Fall 

24 Strategic Planning Continued 

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INSIDE BACK COVER: In the Sweet Briar Tradition: Anne Walden Dewey Guerin '41 


Mixed Sources 

Cover Image: Juniors Sarah Lightbody (left) and Lauren Perhala work on one of the 
engineering department's ongoing projects to design and build a low-cost, functional 
prosthetic hand. The students are contributing to the project through the Honors Summer 
Research Program, which awards competitive fellowships to work one-on-one with faculty 



■ f 1 

3R w / ft H 

1945 Graduate Endows $3 Million Fund 
to Support Engineering Program 


Margaret "Peggy" Jones Wyllie always wanted to be 
an engineer, but when she entered college in 1941 
pursuing that dream, was nearly impossible. In those 
days, universities with engineering programs rarely 
admitted women and no women's college in the 
country offered the degree. So in 1945, Wyllie 
graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in chemistry from 
Sweet Briar College. 

2 •Summer 2010 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 


Sixty-five years later. Sweet Briar is one of only two 
U.S. women's colleges to offer an engineering degree. 
The program's success has permitted Wyllie to revisit 
her childhood dream while expanding opportunities 
for Sweet Briar's aspiring engineers of today. She and 
her husband, Jesse Wyllie, have given $3 million to 
Sweet Briar to create an endowment in support of the 
program. Shortly after the gift was announced, Jesse 
Wyllie passed away. 

In recognition of the gift, SBC Engineering will 
henceforth be known as the Margaret Jones Wyllie '45 
Engineering Program. It is the first named academic 
program in the College's 109-year history. 

Sweet Briar's engineering curriculum was built 
over several years beginning in 2002, largely with $1.5 
million in grants from the National Science Foundation. 
The first class of degree candidates was enrolled in 
2005 and graduated last year. 

The College offers a B.S. in engineering science 
and a B.A. in engineering management. The 
curriculum emphasizes experiential learning, design 
as a fundamental element of engineering, and creating 
solutions to human problems. The engineering science 
degree track is multidisciplinary, rooted in mechanical 
engineering and engineering design, with an emphasis 
on electrical and mechanical systems. 

The B.A. option responds to the high demand 
among today's technical companies for graduates with 
strong educational backgrounds in both management 
and technology. Fundamental science, math and 
engineering courses, combined with an emphasis on 
developing management skills and interconnections 
between the disciplines, are the core of the program. 

The Wyllies, who met at The Johns Hopkins 
University where Peggy earned her master's in 
chemistry, were early and generous supporters 
of engineering at Sweet Briar. They contributed 
substantially for laboratory renovations and equipment, 
computers and software from 2005 to 2007. 

Earlier this winter. President Jo Ellen Parker invited 
the couple to campus to attend a lecture, tour the 
department's labs and machine shops, and meet with 
students, faculty and administrators. 

"Peggy and Jesse Wyllie were impressed by the 
quality of Sweet Briar's engineering students and 
faculty, by the mission of the program and by the 
innovative curriculum," Parker said. 

"They appreciated the careful stewardship, which 
made effective and thoughtful use of their previous 
gifts and of National Science Foundation grants. But 
mostly, I think, they appreciate the importance of 
Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

sending women engineers into today's marketplace 
prepared to use their skills responsibly, sustainably and 

SBC engineering director Hank Yochum also noted 
that the Wyllie s gift validates what the College has 
done to develop a high-quality program. 

"This endowment speaks to the success of 
the program and to our commitment to creating 
opportunities for women to become engineers that 
make a difference in the world," Yochum said. 

"The gift will help us provide even more 
opportunities for our students, including funds 
for additional state-of-the-art lab equipment and 
scholarships. It will also support community-based 
design courses, like last year's collaboration with 
disabled workers at Lynchburg Sheltered Industries. 
That project resulted in a national workplace innovation 
award for design." 

Peggy Wyllie lives on her cattle farm in Troy, Va. 
She and Jesse retired there in 1982 after his career as 
a research scientist and executive with Gulf Oil Corp. 
They moved around, living in the United Kingdom, the 
Middle East, and Texas. California and Pennsylvania. 

While her husband, a Rhodes Scholar from South 
Africa, climbed the ranks at Gulf to serve as president 
and chairman of the company, Peggy raised three 
children and pursued her own interests, including riding 
horses. In a recent interview with Virginia Business, 
Wyllie said she rode competitively at Sweet Briar and 
didn't stop riding until age 75. 

There also was a time in the 1950s when she 
satisfied her need for speed as a race car driver on 
the Sports Car Clubs of America circuit. What the 
somewhat diminutive Wyllie lacked in stature she made 
up in nerve, sometimes pushing the Jaguars she drove 
to 1 1 miles an hour. 

The Wyllies 

appreciate the 


of sending 



into today's 



to use 

their skills 






Left to right: President Jo Ellen Parker with Jesse Wyllie, Peggie Wyllie '45 and Hank 

Summer 2010 • 3 

Inspiration 2009 Engi 

In May 2009, Sweet Briar graduated its 
first full class of engineers — four women 
who helped pave the way for future engi- 
neering students. Recently, we learned that 
these new alumnae have begun promising 
careers or gone on to further study. From 
conducting research in nanotechnology 
to working with a government intelligence 
agency, these engineers are doing work 
that proves the program's success. 

During interviews with the four graduates, each was asked about 
her most memorable experience at Sweet Briar. Three, who 
attended the spring 2007 Technology and Society course, said 
the same thing. As part of the class, they planned and executed 
a trip to Guatemala, where they helped build a clean-water sup- 
ply system for a rural boarding school. They also built a pump 
connected to the storage tank that could be operated by hand 
or electrically. All three alumnae spoke of how the project gave 
them the chance to help others, one of the fundamental goals of 

The newly named Margaret Jones Wyllie '45 Engineering 
Program continues to grow with 20 students enrolled for the 
coming year. The number of women in engineering is steadily 
increasing through our Explore Engineering program for high 
school girls and through our engineering scholarship pro- 
gram, both of which are funded through the National Science 
Foundation and the Wyllie endowment. 

4* Summer 2010 

neering Graduates 

Sarah Smiley stands in front of Tuck School of Business 
where she attends many of her classes at Dartmouth. 
Smiley's intended degree integrates both engineering sci- 
ence and business. 

Sarah Smiley 

Helping others in practical ways has always been 
important to Sarah Smiley, and engineering has 
provided her with the tools to do just that. She chose 
Sweet Briar's engineering program for its focus on 
mechanical and electrical engineering, small class 
sizes and varied course offerings. Having graduated 
magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa with a double 
major in engineering science and mathematics. Smiley 
now attends Dartmouth College where she is earning 
a master s degree in engineering management. 

"I believe that we're blessed to be a blessing," 
Smiley said. "And I want to help people. I want to be 
the best leader that I can be, and I believe that one 
way to obtain this goal is to challenge myself and get 
the best education I am capable of." 

At Sweet Briar, Smiley was involved in the Falls- 
on-Nose tap club, golf club, the American Society of 
Mechanical Engineers, and she participated in three 
separate internships. 

During her sophomore year. Smiley traveled to 
Guatemala with her classmates where they began 
construction on a water system for a local school. For 
Smiley, the project was rewarding, not only because 
of the hands-on experience, but also because of the 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

s ■■■ 


Amanda Baker explored parts of Ecuador in January 2009 on a kayaking trip. 

connections she made with the children at 
the school. 

"We got to throw a party with the kids 
there with a pinata, which we helped them 
to set up," she said. "The water system 
construction was a lot of physical labor, but 
we learned about the culture while we were 
there. We practiced our Spanish, drew on 
our history of Latin America, really put to 
work our problem-solving techniques." 

Smiley always valued the intimate setting 
she encountered at Sweet Briar and the 
confidence that a women's college gave her, 
especially since she has entered a field in 
which women are the minority. 

Currently, Smiley is working toward 
a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certificate, 
which focuses on developing best practices 
in manufacturing production. Eventually, 
she'd like to work for a technical company 
in operations. She is on the Master 
of Engineering Management Council 
and is co-leader of the Operations and 
Manufacturing Professional Club. She is 
a teaching assistant for the upper-level 
mechanical engineering class, machine 
design. Overall, Smiley is thriving in her 
new life at Dartmouth, and fondly cites her 
Sweet Briar experience as the springboard 
for her path. 

Amanda Baker 

As a young girl, Amanda Baker was curious 
about mechanics. She took apart radios, 
remote controls and toys with moving parts, 
trying to figure out how they worked. When 
she heard her mother's footsteps coming 
down the hall, she'd quickly attempt to 

reconstruct the items before being caught. In 
high school. Baker began taking engineering 
classes at a community college and felt she'd 
found her niche. 

Now she is a full-time employee of 
Straughan Environmental Services in 
Columbia, Md. She spends her days doing 
stream surveys and assessments, field 
work, habitat assessments and storm water 
management plans. She's also a part-time 
student at The Johns Hopkins University, 
where she's earning her master's in 
environmental engineering and science with 
a focus on stream restoration. She's also 
part of the Johns Hopkins Outdoor Pursuits 
program, leading kayaking, backpacking, 
rock climbing and outdoor adventure trips. 

Baker chose Sweet Briar to provide 
her with the necessary link between her 
high school education and post-graduate 
aspirations. A double major in engineering 
and environmental sciences, Baker was 
involved in clubs, activities and programs 
all over campus, including the Sweet 
Briar Engineering Society, American 
Society of Mechanical Engineers, Women 
in Engineering, SWEBOP (the College's 
outdoor program) and Tau Phi. 

During her sophomore year. Baker was 
part of the Guatemala trip and said that it 
was an adventure she'll never forget. 

"I helped organize the logistics of the 
trip," Baker said. "It was one of the most 
demanding classes and at the same time one 
of the most gratifying." 

The trip taught Baker that engineering is 
about helping people. "That should be our 
number one priority," she said. 

Group Names 

weet Briar 
i jrst Recipient 

f Award 


The Richmond Joint Engineers' Council 
has selected Sweet Briar College 
to receive its 20 1 RJEC Award 
for Outstanding Achievement in 
Advancing the Study and Practice of 

Sweet Briar is the first recipient of 
the new award. The RJEC chose the 
College to recognize its creation of 
degreed programs in engineering and 
the graduation of its first class in the 
spring of 2009. Sweet Briar is one of 
two women's colleges in the country to 
offer degrees in engineering. 

Hank Yochum, director of the engi- 
neering program at Sweet Briar, 
accepted the honor at the RJEC's 
annual Engineers' Week Awards 
Banquet, held Feb. 1 8 at the Jefferson 
Hotel in Richmond. 

"The award acknowledges the 
College's commitment to increasing 
the number of women in engineering," 
Yochum said. "We are especially 
pleased to earn this inaugural award 
from an organization with such state- 
wide reach as the RJEC." 

Since the class of 2009 graduated, 
Yochum has been following the wom- 
en's progress as they pursue advanced 
degrees or begin careers in the field. 
"The success of our first graduates, in 
graduate school and in practice, dem- 
onstrates the high quality engineering 
education a small liberal arts college 
can provide," he said. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 


Lauren Guyer 

Lauren Guyer found her way to SBC 
engineering along an indirect route. She 
started with a strong interest in architecture 
and also in riding. Searching for colleges 
that offered intensive riding instruction, 
she stumbled upon Sweet Briar and the 
engineering program, which turned out to be 
the right fit. 

2009 Engineering Graduates 

Guyer received a B.A. in engineering 
management at Sweet Briar. The degree 
combines engineering science and the 
business practices that are common in her 
field, which include production management, 
marketing, human resources and accounting. 
Guyer s Sweet Briar experience gave her the 
confidence to work in a male-dominated field 
and also the practical knowledge she needed 
to get a job and excel in it. 

Like others in her major, Guyer was 
involved in the Falls-on-Nose tap club and the 
Sweet Briar chapter of the American Society 
of Mechanical Engineers. A member of the 
riding council, Guyer spent many hours at 
the barn planning in-house horse shows, 
volunteering, riding and caring for horses. 

At Sweet Briar, two events were 
particularly memorable for Guyer, who 
is now an intelligence specialist with the 
National Ground Intelligence Center in 
Charlottesville, Va. In her first year, she 
and her teammates won the Cardboard Boat 
Regatta, paddling to victory in Sweet Briar's 
lake aboard their cardboard-and-duct tape 

During her sophomore year, the 
Guatemala project had a strong impact on 
her outlook as an engineer. Guyer and her 
team overcame numerous obstacles during 
and before their trip including fundraising, 
bad weather, language barriers and sickness. 
In the end. the opportunity to have a tangible 
effect on a school in need was invaluable, 
said Guyer, who feels that Sweet Briar helped 
her to become a confident leader, equipped to 
handle the challenges in front of her. 

Kaelyn Leake 

Kaelyn Leake is doing something at the 
University of California, Santa Cruz, that 
most people have never heard of. She's 
specializing in nanoscale optofluidics, a 
research field that studies optic and fluidic 
components in the same microscopic 
system. Leake is attempting to design a 
portable, inexpensive device that will be 
used to detect dangerous viruses and strands 
of DNA, as well as many other processes 
that take extensive amounts of time and 
money to detect in a laboratory setting. 
These devices would be useful to traveling 
researchers as they enter developing 
countries and remote areas where they could 
identify a hazardous virus on site. 

"Engineering is very much a 
multidisciplinary field," Leake said. "We use 

Engineering Students Recognized Nationally 
for Community Outreach 

In a recent regional version of the Technology and Society course, students designed and 
created tools for physically and mentally challenged employees at Lynchburg Sheltered 
Industries, a local nonprofit company. The new tools created by the students are being 
used at LSI today. 

Students involved in the project participated in the 2009 NISH National Scholar Award 
for Workplace Innovation and Design, a national engineering design competition. Sweet 
Briar students, including '09 graduate Sarah Smiley, earned third place in the competi- 
tion, an impressive accomplishment for our program. 




Sarah Smiley '09, left, and Maxine Emerich '10 
at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., where 
they were recognized for a project design. 

6 'Summer 2010 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www.alumnae.sbc.erJu 

physics, chemistry, math and even biology 
daily at UC Santa Cruz. Sweet Briar s 
engineering program, which combines 
mechanical, electrical and some civil 
engineering, prepared me for this." 

As an undergraduate, Leake was involved 
in the Engineering and Physics Society, 
fencing, American Society for Mechanical 
Engineers and the Falls-on-Nose tap club. 
She graduated Phi Beta Kappa with majors 
in engineering science and physics and 
received the George H. Lenz Excellence in 
Physics Award. 

One of Leake's favorite moments at Sweet 
Briar took place on a late night in the Guion 
Science Center. In her first engineering class, 
she was tasked with creating a Beanie Baby 
launcher. The contraption had to launch a 
Beanie Baby over a "mountain" at a certain 
angle and height. 

"The night before the assignment was 
due, the whole class was in the engineering 
lab trying to finish the building for the 
project and calibrating the catapults ... 
There were many flying Beanie Babies, 
collisions and races on wheeled chairs down 
the hall," Leake said. 

When most of the catapults did not meet 
the specifications, Leake and her classmates 
realized how much testing, thought and 
study goes into completing a seemingly 
simple task. 

Leake recently received a QB3 
Fellowship for first-year studies in the Keck 
Center at UC Santa Cruz and looks forward 
to new discoveries in the field of electrical 


Honk Yochum 

Associate professor 
Program director 
Ph.D. Wake Forest 

Interests: nanotechnology, 

optics, engineering 




The engineering program at Sweet Briar now hosts a week-long summer 
course and two overnight Explore Engineering weekends for junior 
and senior high school girls. Participants engage in engineering projects such as 
creating robots that make music and art, designing electronic clothing, making 
iPod speakers, building interactive stomp pad games and more. 
The program emphasizes the creative nature of engineer- 
ing and the ways that engineers make the world a better 
place. Students see engineering in action as they 
work with current SBC students and faculty. 
They also meet with area women engi- 
neers, learn about Sweet Briar's pro- 
gram and stay in the residence halls. 
No prior experience in engineering <^C 

is needed. For more information on Explore 
Engineering, visit: 

Scott Pierce 

Assistant professor 
Ph.D. Georgia Tech 
Registered Professional 

Interests: machine design, 

low-cost prosthetics, 


Dorsa Sanadgol 

Assistant professor 

Ph.D. University of Virginia 

Interests: mechatronics, 
increasing opportunities 
for women in engineer- 

T.C. Scott 

Associate professor, joint 

with UVA 
Ph.D. University of 

Interests: heat transfer, 

automotive engineering 

Scott Hyman 

Whitney Guion Professor 
Ph.D. University of 

Maryland, College Park 
Interests: radio astronomy, 

image processing 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine 

Summer 2010 7 


10 1st Commencement 

Links Class of 2010 

to SBC's 10th President 

Jo Ellen Parker opened Sweet Briar's 101st 
commencement on Saturday, May 15, ready to confer 
155 undergraduate degrees and six Master of Arts 
in Teaching degrees. When she left the stage at the 
conclusion of the ceremony, she had become an 
honorary member of the first class to graduate since 
she became president. 

Senior class president Carlisle "Carlie" Adams 
announced the honor, and presented Parker with 
a class ring. Adams noted that Parker had faced 
challenges during her first year, but rose to meet them. 

"I'll say to my new classmates, I'm just a little bit 
verklempt," Parker said in response, and noted that as 
the College's 10th president she is numerically as well 
as emotionally linked to the Class of 2010. 

Debra Elkins '93 delivered the commencement 
address, which struck an engineering theme 
appropriate to her background. She is a risk analysis 
expert serving as a section chief with U.S. Homeland 
Security. After receiving her bachelor's from SBC in 
mathematical physics, she earned a master's in math 
and a doctorate in industrial engineering. 

Elkins advised the Class of 2010 that the liberal arts 
education they received at Sweet Briar has prepared 
them to engineer the future in everything from health 
care and education to fixing energy shortages and 
environmental issues to ensuring the nation's security. 

"You have the rights and privileges that go along 
with being a Sweet Briar graduate, but you also have 
a responsibility to use your education to help address 
these tough issues," she said. 

Elkins said each also has a responsibility to herself. 
"Find whatever it is that you love doing and that you 
do really well, and go after that dream with all your 
passion and energy. Then you will have found not only 
a job, but an interesting, fulfilling career path, where 
you have lots of opportunities to give back to your 
community and broader society." 

Elkins comes from good stock and a proud Sweet 
Briar tradition: A sister and two cousins also are 
graduates and her late mother was professor emerita 
and former chair of Sweet Briar's math department, for 
whom the family established the Judith Molinar Elkins 
Prize. It recognizes outstanding achievements in math 
or science and is one of five all-College awards that 
are presented during commencement each year. 

Elkins was able to present the award named for 
her mother to Laura Nicole Jett. Jett also earned the 
8 -Summer 2010 


President Jo Ellen Parker was given a class ring by senior class president Carlie Adams 
at commencement. Parker is now an honorary member of the Class of 2010. 

honorary title of Emilie Watts McVea Scholar as the 
highest ranking member of her class, a distinction she 
shares with Elkins, who won it in 1993. 

As is customary, dean of the College Jonathan 
Green called each candidate to the stage to receive 
her diploma from President Parker. Other speakers 
included Rachel Flynn representing the board of 
directors and Jennifer Crossland '86, president of the 
Alumnae Association. 

Three guests also were acknowledged at 
commencement. President Emerita Betsy Muhlenfeld 
and her husband, Larry Wollan, and Margaret "Peggy" 
Jones Wyllie '45, who with her late husband, Jessie 
Wyllie, recently endowed a fund to support the 
College's engineering program. 

Visit for the full 

Debra Elkins '93 delivers 
the 2010 commencement 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Aili McGill '10 and Marian McGill 02. 

Left to right: Missy Flanigan Clark '77, Barbara Clark McLaughlin '77, Kathryn Smith 
'10, Blair Clark Swoope '83 (mother). 

Lisa Weisbrich '10 with her sister, Petra Weisbrich, 
who graduated in December 2009 and received 
her diploma at the 2010 ceremony. 

Maribeth Turner '10 and Grace Turner 
Creasey '01. 


Malone Roberts ' 1 with her mother, 
Martha Roberts '75. 

Four turning point students earned their bachelor's 
degrees. Left to right: Wanda Spradley, Deborah Taylor, 
Donna Kerley and Tina Thompson. 

Autum Catalon Wade '04 
and Sarina Catalon '10. 

Sisters Caroline Bailey '13 and Elizabeth Bailey '10 with 
their mother, Susan Parr Bailey '81. 

Six students received their Master of Arts in Teaching. Graduates from left to right are: Sarah Johnson, Elizabeth Shuford, Lisa Mazingo, Tracey 
Nicely, Jennifer Gottfried and Erin Coppersmith. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Summer 2010 • 9 

Going Places 

in the Foreign Service 

participated in a Hindu cremation. Now in her 
second year, she has shared tea with an Afar sultan 
and stood on the deck of the USS Cole. 

Wright is consular section chief at the U.S. 
Embassy in Djibouti, a small country on the Horn of 
Africa. She also is acting political chief and acting 
public affairs officer. <. 

In the course of a day she may brief U.S. 
military personnel at Camp Lemonnier on 
local customs, visit an American in jail or 
arrange another's funeral. More often she 
sleuths through visa applications separating 
^fact from sometimes hilarious fiction made 
up by people trying to get to the United 

"I do a lot of talking and meeting new 
people in support of the U.S. government's 
mission. I also do a whole lot of writing, 
something that I can thank SBC for," Wright 
says. "My work is very interesting and 
challenging, no day is ever the same as the 

0~ Summer 2)10 

Sweet Briar ftillfigeHltinihae^lagazine www.akimnae.sbc .«du_ - 

day before. It can be stressful, but I love it 
and thrive in it." 

Wright, an international affairs and 
Spanish double major, knew she wanted to 
be a diplomat when she applied for a Thomas 
R. Pickering Graduate Foreign Affairs 
Fellowship in 2006. Hers was one of 19 
graduate fellowships to be awarded that year. 

The Pickering paid her way through a 
master's program at George Washington 
University, where she graduated magna cum 
laude. It provided housing, a living stipend, 
two summer internships, including one as an 
assistant public affairs officer in Asuncion, 
Paraguay, and a guaranteed job in foreign 
service after graduation. 

In return, she has to fulfill all 
requirements for a regular Foreign Service 
Officer, including security and medical 
clearances and passing written and oral 
exams. She also must have tenure by the 
end of her three-year service obligation in 

While the whole package was worth about 
$150,000, Wright said the opportunity "to 
hob-knob with and be mentored by senior- 
level personnel in the U.S. government" has 
been invaluable. So are the travel and cultural 
experiences that come with working for the 
State Department. 

She is a long way from her hometown of 
Princess Anne on Maryland's Eastern Shore, 
where she grew up with her mother and her 

Djibouti is in Northeast Africa on the Gulf 
of Aden. It has nearly 200 miles of coastline 
and encompasses coral islands off its shores. 
Bordered by Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia, 
much of it is rugged desert, where on hikes 
Wright said she has seen children seem to 
materialize out of the rocks. Though most 
Djiboutians live in the cities, many remain 
nomadic herders, raising goats and cattle. 

Wright lives among and works with 
the locals, who are predominantly ethnic 
Afars and Somalis. Ethiopians, Arabs 
and Europeans also make up part of the 
population. As a former French territory the 
culture is influenced by African, Arab and 
European customs. 

Most Djiboutians are devout Muslims 
and some bear the mark of "sujood" on their 
foreheads from their daily prayers. 

"It's a mark of piety and people are 
very proud of it," Wright said. "People are 
generally open here and if you make an effort 
to learn a few words in Somali, it will get you 
pretty far. I started out with just the words, 
'yes,' 'no,' 'thank you,' 'please' and 'I don't 


People are generally open here and if you 
make an effort to learn a few words in 
Somali, it will get you pretty far. I started 
out with just the words, 'yes,' 'no,' 'thank 
you,' 'please' and 'I don't have any money' 

have any money.' The last phrase normally 
gets a lot of laughs, a handshake or a hug or 
two when I'm in the market." 

She discovered Djiboutians love to party, 
too, to the point of shaming Americans. "I 
went to an International Women's Day Event 
in honor of the first lady. I got there at seven 
p.m. and didn't leave until after two a.m., and 
that was only with other Americans. I later 
found that the party lasted until six a.m." 

Wright's work hasn't just exposed her to 
people and places that most Americans never 
experience, it's allowed her to see her own 
country in a new light. 

"Not that many Americans get to see the 
good work that we do overseas," she said, 
describing a visit to a food pre-positioning 
warehouse. "It's the jump-off point for almost 
all food aid going into Africa, particularly 
Ethiopia. It's really an incredible feeling to 
see boxes of food stuffs piled thirty feet high, 
all stamped with US AID. 

"It's also a great feeling to visit refugee 
camps that are really the last hope for people 
fleeing horrendous conflicts and know that 
my country funds about twenty-five percent 
of their operation." 

Even more gratifying, she said, is helping 
an American who has gotten himself stranded 
in a dangerous situation in Somaliland to get 
home or helping a family in the United States 
deal with the loss or injury of a loved one in 

While representing the U.S. government 
makes her more wary than she might be 
otherwise, it hasn't hindered her immersion 
in the culture. 

"I'm not naive and I know that there are 
people out there who don't like Americans 
and Djibouti is right in the middle of it — 
Somalia, Eritrea, Yemen, pirates, need I say 
more?" Wright said. 

"But working for the State Department 
has afforded me an incredible opportunity to 
live and work in a world that I scarcely think 
I would have visited on my own. I'm getting 
to see and do things that not that many people 
can say they have seen or done." 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Elinor was everything that Sweet Briar is about . . . 
She was a living example for us sitting right there in 
the classroom. 

-Emily Pegues '00 


Elinor Stebbins (far left) poses with some of her fellow pilots. 

At age 19 Elinor Fairchild was among the 
youngest members of the Women Airforce 
Service Pilots, who in World War II became 
the first women to fly American military 

At the age of 75, Elinor Fairchild 
Stebbins was the oldest person ever to 
graduate from Sweet Briar with a four-year 

She didn't really plan any of it, Stebbins 

Retired and living in Richmond with her 
husband, Robert, she began attending classes 
because she admired poet Mary Oliver, 
who was then SBC's Banister Writer-in- 

"One thing led to another and I finally 
matriculated," Stebbins said, laughing. 

In 2000 she graduated from Sweet 
Briar with a degree in English and creative 

writing. The occasion was most memorable, 
she said, because her children and 
grandchildren were there to celebrate with 

Nearly 10 years later, on March 10, 
2010, she was one of about 200 veterans 
of the WASP to accept a Congressional 
Gold Medal during a ceremony at the U.S. 
Capitol. The medal, the highest civilian 
honor bestowed by Congress, was overdue 
recognition for the women's wartime service 
that for a long time the military barely 
acknowledged, let alone heralded. 

It was an important event, and Stebbins 
borrowed back her old dress uniform, 
which she had donated to the Virginia War 
Memorial, for the occasion. Numerous 
dignitaries spoke, including House Speaker 
Nancy Pelosi and former NBC news anchor 
Tom Brokaw. Stebbins thought the ceremony 

was well done. 

"It was expeditious," she said. "Nancy 
Pelosi was graceful and brief." 

Again, for Stebbins one of the best parts 
of the whole experience was the family 
reunion that went along with it. 

Stebbins decided to take flying lessons 
after her first plane ride at age 18. She'd just 
graduated from high school in Pelham, N.Y., 
and moved to New York City, where she was 
working and going to college at night. It was 
in late 1943, on the day she logged her 35th 
hour of flight time — the minimum required 
to apply for the WASP — that someone 
mentioned an Army agent was in the city 
recruiting women pilots. 

"I went in and signed up." Stebbins said. 
"You wanted to do something during World 
War II. Everybody did." 

As a student at Sweet Briar, her friend 

12 -Summer 2010 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Elinor Stebbins was honored by family and friends at a nearby restaurant after the ceremony. 
Standing left to right: Douglas Seay, senior staff member House Foreign Affairs Committee; Lorna 
Stebbins Fossand, daughter; Rodger Stebbins, son; Elinor Fairchild Stebbins '00; Paul Stebbins, 
son; Ben Alexander, nephew, son of Elinor's only sister. Seated, left to right: Conrad Carter, friend 
of Elinor; Elin Stebbins Waldal, daughter; John Stebbins, son; and Janelle, John's friend. 

and classmate Emily Pegues '00 saw in 
Stebbins' choices not an overt role model 
but someone who was the "real thing." 

"Elinor was everything that Sweet 
Briar is about," Pegues said. "Yes, lifelong 
learning, but responsibilities first, and then 
she went back and did what she needed to 
do. Her priority was the war, then her family 
and when she had a chance, it was time for 

As for women who go out and make a 
difference, "She was a living example for us 
sitting right there in the classroom," Pegues 

The WASP operated in the United States 
between September 1942 and December 
1944. relieving male pilots for combat duty. 
They were civil servants, although they 
woke to reveille and marched everywhere 
they went, Stebbins said. 

They went through seven months of 
basic, primary and advanced training, 
the same as male pilots. According to the 
WASP national archive at Texas Woman's 
University, 1,074 of 1,830 accepted pilots 
graduated from training. More than 25,000 
applied. The program was ended when the 
men began coming home, despite a bill 
already before Congress to militarize the 
WASP. In 1977 they were finally given 
veterans' status after a number of the 
WASP pilots successfully lobbied for the 

The WASP trained at Avenger Field in 
Sweetwater, Texas, then were stationed 
at U.S. bases. Missions included testing 
aircraft, ferrying planes, and towing targets 
to give ground and air gunners practice with 
live ammunition. 

Stebbins began training in Texas in 
January 1 944 and later was assigned to 
Grand Island Army Air Base, Neb., where 

her unit's mission was to prepare personnel 
for overseas duty. She often flew the C-45, a 
twin-engine transport, but her ambition was 
to check out as first pilot on the four-engine 
B-17 bomber. She did log one flight as first 
pilot of the famous Flying Fortress. 

For a pilot, going from single or twin 
engines to four engines is a jump, she 
explained. "It's not a giant step for mankind 
but it's a big step." 

The B-17 was a "plane with no vices," 
Stebbins said, so forgiving that her only 
worry when flying it was that if she ever 
had to bail out, "it would land peacefully by 
itself in a cornfield." 

"I thought it a distinct possibility that it 
would be capable of landing itself," she said. 
"Not so of other planes. A '17 could come 
in on a glide. The B-25 had to be flown 
all the way to the ground. I flew it only as 
co-pilot. The C-45 was easy to fly, but I 
don't picture it landing itself either." 

But Stebbins knows first-hand that planes 
don't land themselves and bailing out was 
an ever-present danger. In fact, two of the 
38 women who lost their lives while serving 
in the WASP were her roommates and best 
friends at Sweetwater. One was returning 
from her first solo in an AT-6 and collided 
with another plane. The other parachuted 
from her plane as smoke billowed from the 
engine, but she was too low to land safely. 

It fell to Stebbins to escort their bodies 
home. The Army paid the train fare and gave 
her a flag for the families, with whom she 
stayed in touch after the war. Sixty-six years 
later, she put on the same uniform she wore 
to her friends' funerals to accept the Gold 

Stebbins' year in the WASP was marked 
by strong relationships with the people she 
served with, and not just the women. The 

Elinor Stebbins, March 10, 2010. 

men, she said, "treated us with respect and 
kindness and friendship." 

When it ended, she returned to her job 
at Esso in New York, where she edited the 
employee newspaper, the Esso Manhattan. 
She later worked at the Olympia News in 
Washington. In 1950 she married Robert H. 
Stebbins, a geologist whose career would 
take them to a mining camp in Washington, 
and to posts in California, New York, Texas, 
Utah and Alaska. 

Her son Paul Stebbins says his mother 
regards life as an adventure and that when 
you see what you love, you go for it. 
Like flying — and literature and writing. 
Initially she commuted to Sweet Briar from 
Richmond, but lived in a single room in 
Randolph for her last two years. She went 
home on weekends, but during the week ate 
meals with friends and frequently attended 
lectures and events. 

Paul Stebbins said it was like her to 
immerse herself in the experience. "Why 
would you rob yourself of the opportunity?" 
he said, adding that his father, who died 
in 2006, didn't mind. "My father thought 
that was the most wonderful thing on earth 
— yet another reason to be amazed by this 
woman I love." 

He believes his mother is typical of her 
generation, the one Tom Brokaw wrote 
about in "The Greatest Generation." She'll 
never brag about her accomplishments, 
because she sees no reason to. It's what he 
finds so special about her: The sense that to 
her everyone can do something remarkable. 

"She would say we should not be 
surprised by the capacity of ordinary people 
to do wonderful things." 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Summer 2010- 13 

The 2010 senior art show, 
"Worlds Within Worlds," 
unveiled the depth of 
thought, skill and creativity 
of six graduating seniors. 
The collection exhibited a 
wide range of media and 
styles including photography, 
oil paintings, drawings in 
charcoal, pencil and pen and 
ink, and mixed media works. 
The seniors coordinated 
publicity for the show and 
prepared all of their own 
works for hanging, a project 
they worked on for months 
before their debut. Each 
year, the campus community 
anticipates the opening of 
the senior show, and this 
year's display provided 
an exceptional view into 
the artistic worlds of these 
six students. View more of 
"Worlds Within Worlds" at 


f ** 


Meredith Paysinger Paradox 

14 • Summer 2010 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 


I am inspired by the 
natural beauty of the 
surrounding world. From 
an early age, I have had 
a strange connection 
with the curious nature 
of animals, which is 
revealed in the focus 
of my work. I enjoy the 
simplicity and beauty of nature, whether 
it is the depths of an ocean or the top of 
a mountain. When I create my work, I 
definitely go somewhere else in my mind, 
as if I am in that particular place or in the 
animal's mind, feeling its emotions. I want 
people to look at my art and see what I see, 
which is the rare and unbelievable presence 
of the earth's amazing creatures and their 
natural realm of life. I want the viewer 
to feel as if they are within the world of 
the painting. I believe the Earth speaks to 
everyone, and if we just take the time to 
listen, we will hear what it is saying. 

1 am open to trying all forms of art, 
though I gravitate toward oil painting. I like 
blending colors to find new ones and trying 
things to make a project come alive. I see 
a dreamlike quality within my art, which 
is not purposely done, but it's something 
that takes a life of its own. Thinking about 
it now, on some subconscious level I may 
dream of living a life free of what being 
a human entails; a life full of adventure. 
I believe it's important to dream, living 
each moment with wonder, curiosity and 



The majority of my artwork in this collection is inspired by architec- 
ture. At the beginning of the fall semester, I struggled with creating 
artwork that genuinely expressed my vision as an artist. I explored 
a variety of different ideas, techniques and mediums, yet nothing I 
created resonated with me. That is, until I looked to architecture for 
inspiration. The overwhelming beauty of the architectural structures 
s spoke to me, and I was able to find my voice. I have especially been 
■if'.jm-. stimulated by the architectural design of old cathedrals. The intricate 
details, awe-inspiring craftsmanship and grandiose form have been 
the source of inspiration in this collection. My artwork is not a literal translation of the 
structures that inspired me, but instead an abstract compilation of their lines, shapes and 

I have also incorporated my digital design skills and graphic design background 
into this collection. I have used text to create images and then used a transfer technique 
to incorporate my computer artwork into a more traditional setting. I took a more 
contemporary approach with these pieces, which forced me to loosen my control over the 
fate of the work. 

My relationship with Jesus Christ is one that envelops my life and defines me as a 
person. Because God is the center of my being and influences all that I am and accomplish, 
the spiritual — which so strongly defines me — naturally translates into my artwork. 

oberls Transcending Presenc 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Summer 2010 • 15 



The line between fantasy and reality is a fine one. I sometimes find it 
difficult to differentiate between the two worlds, but as an artist I find this 
trait helpful most of the time. 

Motorcyclists are such illusive creatures. They have an air of mystery, 
danger and an undeniable level of "cool" that fascinates me. 

With this romanticized perception, I set out on my most recent 
photographic journey. However, after a couple of months of shooting, 
reality set in. I had to deal with the fact that these people were indeed 
"real." Weeks of criticism made me doubt at times whether I would be 
able to express my fascination, and capture for my audience the mystery and elusive nature 
that I saw. A momentary feeling that I had been defeated by reality forced me to strike back 
by diving deeper into fantasy. 

During my struggles with the Biker project, I set forth on a new endeavor. I decided 
to turn my friends and classmates into fairy tale characters. My goal in this project was 
to re-create scenes from some of my favorite stories and make the characters seem more 
tangible by turning college students into damsels in distress. By creating these imaginary 
worlds and successfully capturing them with my camera lens, I was able to better see the 
target I had been missing with my Bikers, allowing me to reach a turning point in my work. 
In these most recent bodies of work I have attempted to show two different yet connected 
concepts. With my Bikers I have taken reality and sculpted it to match my fantasy, 
showing my viewers the magic and intrigue I see when I look at my new friends. In my 
interpretations of classic fairy tales, I have explored the world of fantasy and brought it 
much closer to reality. Instead of seeing the impossibilities of these timeless characters, I 
hope my audience can now see real human beings in the same fantastic situations. 

In my opinion, the connection between these two concepts lies in the constant struggle 
between fact and fiction. The ability to jump back and forth between the two with the use of 
my camera is what fuels and inspires me most as an aspiring artist. I now know that through 
my craft I can create and display my own interpretation of the world, whether it is real, 
fictitious or somewhere in-between. 

Caiti Kuczynski 
Cool to the Touch 

Brvca Brewer 


As humans, we dream 
when we are asleep, but 
also when we are awake 
and unattached mentally 
to anything around us. 
These dreams are often 
bits of memories coupled 
with fantasy and things 
otherworldly. The focus 
of my recent body of work has been to 
transform my dreams and memories into 
works of art. 

Making these fleeting and often shadow- 
images into drawings is not an easy task; 
the original idea is not always the best or 
most informative. In moving from smaller 
drawings into larger ones with some of my 
pieces I was able to transform the drawings 
slowly into the stories I wished to tell. For 
instance. Life Within Ruins has a small and 
large version, both related yet distinct in 
their own right. From the smaller to the 
larger, I changed certain details in order 
to make my memories of Rome, as well 
as the images from my imagination, stand 
out separately, but also remain reliant upon 
each other in order to make the story whole. 
This piece evokes the spectacular life of the 
Romans and their great conquests that fell 
by the wayside, yet it depicts that new life 
emerged and flourished among the ruins. 
In pulling from my personal life I've 
tried to make my work more emotional, 
connectable and interesting to myself and 
my viewers. 

16 • Summer 2010 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Ashleiqh Hawkins 


Madeline Davis 


Up until this year, I have always made art in the same way: using the 
same techniques, using the same materials, and creating a specific motif 
that can be recognizable anywhere. I have a defined style when I paint 
and when I draw, both with charcoal and ink. This semester, I branched 
out by using new materials and mediums. Both aspects of my art until this 
point in time are represented in this show: the past and the new. Although 
I continue to love creating traditional works such as oil on canvas, 
charcoal on paper, and using pen and ink. the new mediums force me to 
experiment and come up with new ways to express my ideas and feelings. 
It is in this way that I feel freer, more ambitious and even more excited about creating art. 
In each of my self-portraits, I bring attention to internal growth, intimate emotion and 
the challenge of overcoming pain. The organic nature of each piece shows that even through 
the most difficult circumstances, the artist within me continues to persevere and grow. Love, 
compassion and the influence of the natural world calms even the most troubled heart. 

Questioning who I am and why I am here lies at the root of my existence. My images 
have a confident and austere nature that confronts the viewers by asking them if they know 
the answers to these very questions pertaining to themselves. Through colors and contrasts, I 
strive to create images that reflect the details of a reality that I am constantly searching for. I 
discover a small piece of it every day. 

Light fascinates me and 
I wonder at its infinite 
capabilities. It has the 
capacity to sustain 
life, to change a mood 
dramatically, to alter 
people's emotions or 
feelings or to spotlight an 
otherwise ordinary object 
and make it extraordinary. 

With photography, light is crucial. The 
eye conveys an image to the mind. Through 
the magic of light, photography enables that 
image to appear on paper. A single person 
can, from a mere rectangle of information, 
create something multitudes can appreciate. 
Light makes the seemingly impossible, 

In my photography, light is the subject. 
I marvel at the way it can make the most 
common objects beautiful; the way light 
makes a glass on the table seem magical 
or a doorway seem like a portal to the 
beyond. As light is the focus of my series 
of photographs and not a mere element, all 
other components of the photograph are 

I will forever be amazed by light's beauty 
and will strive to use photography to depict 
light as I see it. 

Ashleigh Howkii It's the Humidity 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Summer 2010 • 17 

Sweet Briar Celebrates the 

of the 


Gladys Wester Horton '30, 
Elizabeth "Jackie" Bond 
Wood '34 and Nancy 
Dowd Burton '46 were, 
individually and together, 
forces to be reckoned 
with in whatever project 
they undertook. Now 
deceased, Sweet Briar 
celebrates the legacy 
they began 50 years ago 
with the invention of the 
Boxwood Circle society. 

Gladys Wester 
Horton '30 

Elizabeth "Jackie" 
Bond Wood '34 

Nancy Dowd Burton '46 

In the 1959-60 academic year, these three alumnae wanted to bring giving to a new high. 
They pooled their talents for fundraising. Wood looked at the impressive circle of 3 1 
boxwoods in front of Sweet Briar House and saw the inspiration for the name of the new 
giving society. Their impressive goal that year was to find 3 1 alumnae who would each 
contribute $1,000 or more to Sweet Briar College. Possessing such tireless determination 
and enthusiasm, perhaps they were not surprised at all to meet such resounding success. In 
2010 the Boxwood Circle celebrates 50 years of existence. 

When Wood was presented with the Outstanding Alumna Award in 1970, she said, "...our 
role as alumnae should be to give to the College four of its primary needs: interpretation, 
ideas, students and money." That statement sums up the drive the three had for helping 
Sweet Briar continue to provide for other young women the exceptional education that they 
had experienced. 

The vision of these founding members for a giving society exceeded all expectations. 
Thanks to the leadership of Wood, Horton and Burton, and so many other dedicated alumnae 
leaders over the next 50 years, the Boxwood Circle has grown from an ambitious goal of 
securing 31 leadership givers at $1,000 in 1960 to securing 318 leadership givers in 2009. 
Giving levels have risen to include $5,000 and $10,000, now the Fountain Society and 
Column Society respectively, and gifts at the Boxwood level are between $2,500 and $5,000 
annually. These gifts are a vital source of support for the College. Those who gave to the 
Annual Fund last year at the Boxwood Circle level or above raised a total of $1,885,573 in 
unrestricted support for the College. That is over 80 percent of the total Annual Fund! 

This year's Boxwood Circle is led by Kimberley McGraw Euston '92. Euston is 
enthusiastic about her continuing connection with Sweet Briar. 

"The Boxwood Circle, as a leadership giving program, creates one of the strongest ties 
you can have with Sweet Briar once you have graduated," she said. "I don't know of anyone 
who didn't feel the tearing of a beloved bond at graduation, a sense of loss because of the 
extraordinary experience we had as students. Part of that loss was about traditions. It doesn't 
have to be a loss. Committing to Sweet Briar at a leadership giving level keeps you firmly 
entwined with the College and brings you incomparably closer with the greatest Sweet 
Briar tradition of all, upon which this College was founded by Indiana Fletcher Williams: 
philanthropy. This is the truest, purest tradition at Sweet Briar." 

Euston, along with the Boxwood Circle Committee comprising 16 alumnae volunteers, 
has a goal of 320 leadership members for 2010. 

The 50th anniversary celebration in April paid respect to the founders of the society, as 
well as the many dedicated volunteers who have contributed to the continued success of 
the Boxwood Circle over the years. To honor this milestone, do your part through giving 
and volunteer service to ensure that the Boxwood Circle moves forward toward another 50 
remarkable years of distinguished achievement in support of the College. 

Wood, Horton and Burton gave a firm start to a giving society that would support Sweet 
Briar into the future, long past their years of service. They pass on an inspiring tradition of 
sustaining the future of the College so many of us love. 

18 -Summer 2010 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www.alumnae.sbcedu 



& . if 





Grounds superintendent Donna Meeks takes Boxwood celebration guests on a tour of the President's Garden. 

Winnie Leigh Hamlin '58, Allison Garrison '10 and John 
Risher at the celebration luncheon. 

Sweet Briar senior Laura Jett sits with Ann Morrison Reams '42 and Sarah Murdock 
Moore '59 at the 50th Anniversary Boxwood Luncheon. 

Boxwood Circle Giving Chair Kimberly McGraw Euston '92 
and her daughter Katherine at Sweet Briar House. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine www.alumnae.sbc.erJu 

Summer 2010 • 19 

• Brown is the author of the novels 
Kose's Garden, Lamb in Love, The Hatbox 
Baby, Confinement and The Rope Walk, 
as well as the short story collection The 
House on Belle Isle. She has received 
the Barnes and Noble Discover Award, 
the Janet Heidinger Kafka Prize and 
a National Endowment for the Arts 
fellowship. She has twice been the 
recipient of the Library of Virginia Book 
of the Year Award. 

Over the spring semester. Banister Writer-in-Residence Carrie Brown 
taught three award-winning hooks in her advanced fiction workshop: 
Too Much Happiness hy Alice Munro; Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth 
Strout; and The Thing Around Your Neck by Chimamanda Ngozi 

ichie. Brown chose these texts not only for their powerful, expertly 
itten prose, but also because she felt a strong personal connection 
with them. 

"I've read all of Alice Munro s work," she said, "and my admiration 
for her has only deepened over the years. Strout s Olive Kitteridge 
was given to me by a friend long before it won the Pulitzer Prize, and 
I fell in love with the book. I've been a one-woman distributorship 
for it. I think I've given away about fifty copies to women who mean 
something to me. It s a perfect book for female readers because it's 
so much about a woman's experience in the world. And Adichie's 
work, though it is the work of a writer much younger than Munro or 
Strout, shows intellect and energy and range and heart, and I'm full of 
admiration for those qualities." 

Brown also wanled students to see how the sensibility of these 
writers might have been influenced by their age and background, 
she said. In Too Much Happiness. Alice Munro is writing at 79, with 

the wisdom of her age and a wealth of experiences to include in this 
collection of stories, many of which are dark and terrifying, yet at 
the same time full of beauty and majesty. Strout, 54, is writing in 
her prime. Her work often focuses around the American small-town 
existence, and Olive Kitteridge is full of everyday tragedies and joys. 
Adichie, born in 1977, is a young Nigerian writer, bringing vitality 
and insight into a foreign culture many of us have not experienced. 

Many of the stories in the texts focus on the lives of women 
and their particular place in the world and in society. When Too 
Much Happiness won the Man Booker Prize in 2009, Jane Smiley 
wrote in her announcement speech: "Alice Munro understands and 
communicates that a moral life full of drama can be lived by any 
woman, in fact, must be lived by every woman. To read her work is 
to see lives from the inside that in another author's work might appear 
meaningless and unimportant — such is her capacity for empathy." 
Strout and Adichie take on a similar task to Munro 's, writing 
characters with nuanced and realistic experiences who suffer quietly in 
lives full of drama and meaning. 

"I think all three of these books are towering works," Brown said. 
"That's not an adjective typically used to describe the lives of women 

20 -Summer 2010 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Advanced Fiction 
with Carrie Brown 

" ' "■ ■ '■ ■ ii i » i 

" ii ■ " ■ i n i n urn - - 

in fiction. That kind of moral majesty 

is more often ascribed to works by and 

about men. Yet the complex, moral 

dimension of the work of all three of 

these writers is profound; these are 

very big and important books about the human experience. There's 

nothing diminutive or quiet about them. For young women writers to 

be reading the works of authors who see the lives of women in this 

important way can't help but be an inspiration. I want students to feel 

that their own lives, their own imaginations, are important." 

Brown hopes that her students will fall in love with the stories 
she teaches, that by reading them, they will gain skill in their own 
writing and appreciation of the craft in general, but also an enlarged 
understanding of humanity. It's through the experience of reading, she 
said, that students are connected to the part of themselves that helps to 
inspire their own stories. 

"The experience of empathy one has as a reader is the same as 
the experience of empathy that is critical to the making of stories," 
she said. "The experience of being moved by a story — the pure 
astonishment and magic of that — is often the experience that makes 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

It's through 
the experience 
of reading that 

students are 

connected to the 

part of themselves 

that helps to inspire 

their own stories. 

someone want to write in the first place. 
The struggle, again and again, to say 
the thing that feels inexpressible, to 
find language for the complexity of felt 
experience, is thrilling and mysterious." 
In any fiction workshop. Brown said, students learn from their 
own writing and from reading the work of their peers, but they also 
— almost unavoidably — learn from the texts they read. "Students 
will learn much more from their own experience as readers." she said, 
"their own encounters with stories — and all the dawning amazement 
contained in that encounter — than they will learn from someone 
trying to tell them in an abstract way how it's done." Every story 
provides a model for original creation, she said. 

"It's a little bit like standing under a wave as it washes over you. 
You absorb the complex aspects of storytelling from these books and 
bring everything that has soaked into you to the next story you try to 
write. The experience is cumulative and exponential. Students become 
more and more sophisticated as readers and writers as they read and 


Summer 2010* 21 



R 2 4-2 5 

Miiiiii iiinini Hiiiil 

■' I 




Once upon a time you were a 
student at Sweet Briar without a 
care in the world. That may seem 
like a long time ago, but a tew 
days on campus can bring it all 
right back. Playing all day without 
a care is what Homecoming is all 
about. So call your classmates 
and see who's up for a trip back 
to the Patch. Get out and play. 
Play somewhere you love. 


Traditions. They connect us 
and call us back to what is real 
and true. Step Singing, Lantern 
Bearing and lifelong friendships. 
Magic. These are the stories we'll 
never forget and the ones we'll 
talk about forever. Founders and 
friendships, legends and leaders, 
teachers and teammates: They 
are still here and will inspire you 
once again. Honor something 
you love. 


It's easy to get caught up in our 
hectic schedules and endless 
to-do lists. Luckily there is a whole 
weekend at Sweet Briar dedicated 
to connecting you with a place you 
love. So this fall, come back to 
Homecoming. Laugh, listen, share 
and simply soak up the beautiful 
surroundings of a campus so 
breathtaking and vibrant that it still 
fills up your heart. Connect with 
somewhere you love. 


Remember when you were a 
student at Sweet Briar? You 
were a dreamer, an explorer, 
a creator, a researcher. Every 
day you set out to learn new 
ideas, new languages and 
new cultures. All of those 
discoveries and more are still 
here at Sweet Briar. Learn 
something new at a 
place you love. 

Fireworks • Homecoming Boxed 
Lunch Picnic at the Boathouse • 
Saturday Evening Cocktails, Dinner, 
and Dancing • In-House Horse Show 
Varsity Soccer Game • Alumnae 
Tennis Social • Varsity Field Hockey 
Alumnae Soccer Game • Alumnae 
Swim Meet • Alumnae Volleyball 
Game • Alumnae Field Hockey Game 

The Indiana Fletcher Williams 
Associates Luncheon, with special 
guests the Keystone Society, Silver 
Rose Society, Boxwood Circle, and 
Bell Tower Society • Founders' Day 
Convocation and walk to Monument 
• Traditions Panel • Athletics 
Hall of Fame Reception • 2010 
Distinguished Alumna Award 

Alumnae Association Board Meetings 

• Founders' Day Community Picnic • 
Alumnae and Student Coffee House 

• Gold Star Volunteer Panel • Post- 
game tailgates co-sponsored by the 
Parents Steering Committee and 
Friends of Athletics Parents 

Celebrity Jeopardy! • Annual 
Giving Volunteer Training • 
Seventh Annual Cardboard Boat 
Regatta • Homecoming Alumnae 
College: African American History 
and Slave Graveyards on Campus 
• Marker Dedication and Service 
of Remembrance at the Slave 

See the complete schedule and register onli] 

22 Summer 2010 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine 





Homecoming Registration Form 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Association 
SEPTEMBER 24-25, 2010 


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We will post your name on the Alumnae Association Web site as planning to attend Homecoming. 
If you would prefer that we not post your name on the Web site, please initial here . 

Please return this form by Friday, September 3 to: 

Boxwood Alumnae House, Box 1 055, Sweet Briar, VA 24595 — or by fax to 434.381 .61 32. 
Registrations and fees are also accepted online at 

Payment Options 

The cost for the weekend is $75 per person and includes all meals and 
advertised activities. Overnight accommodations should be booked and 
paid for separately by alumnae and guests. 

Please indicate the number of people attending each meal: 

Friday, September 24, 2010: 

Founders' Day Community Picnic 

Saturday, September 25, 2010: 

Breakfast at Prothro Dining Hall 

Homecoming Boxed Lunch Picnic at the Boathouse 

Cocktails and Dinner Dance 

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registration fees: 

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t sbc . edu/alumnae/homecoming . html 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Summer 2010' 23 


The Values 

Throughout the fall of 2009, 1 conducted "conversation 
circles" with three key constituencies: faculty, first-year 
students and alumnae. Several themes emerged from these 
sessions powerfully and insistently. The faculty spoke of 
the importance of high standards for 
student achievement. First-year students 
expressed a desire for confidence and 
competence. And many of you as 
alumnae emphasized the friendships 
you forged at Sweet Briar, the beauty 
of the campus and the way your 
JO ELLEN PARKER education prepared you for a lifetime of 

PRESIDENT unexpected opportunities. 

The vision that emerges is of a college 
where young women discover and learn 
to respect their own abilities and prepare for a lifetime of 
adaptation and change, through the high aspirations their 
faculty hold out for them and in an environment of natural 
beauty and enduring friendship. If our strategic plan 
promotes and supports a culture of excellence, confident 
and resourceful graduates, and an expanded network of 
women active in business, academics and civic life who 
are proud to say they are Sweet Briar women, we will 
have done well. 

The Process 

Until quite recently, academic "strategic planning" 
meant that institutions would convene a large number 
of large committees, which would dedicate two years 
to developing a comprehensive five- or 10-year plan. 
Current good practice looks rather different. Now, the 
recommended approach involves an active planning phase 
of six or nine months, focused on specific challenges, 
contexts and opportunities; rolling implementation of 
programs or pilots as soon as circumstances permit; and 
an iterative approach in which data are used annually to 
assess progress, revise planned activities, adjust goals and 
redirect efforts. 

Our strategic planning process will therefore move 
quickly, focus on specific questions, be informed by 
data and metrics, and will assume rapid implementation 
and iterative review. In the end, strategic planning must 
identify the results we hope to achieve. Subsequent 
operational planning will focus on the activities we intend 
to undertake to produce those results and the ways in 
which we will measure our progress. 

The Questions 

There are questions that need to frame our efforts. They 
are not the only questions that could be asked, but they 
are the questions that must take priority at this time. 

How can we balance our facilities, resources, student 
body, faculty and staff to create a sustainable financial 
model for the College? 

Whom should Sweet Briar aspire to serve in coming 
years? Should we educate more women of non-traditional 
age? Should be expand to serve more students from 

particular ethnic or religious communities, first generation 
attenders, or students who identify with a particular 
interest or activity? Where are there students who could 
benefit from a Sweet Briar education, but who are not 
currently finding us? 

What are our strongest competitive advantages '.' Where 
do our strengths resonate most strongly with what today's 
students and their families care most about? 

Programmatically, how can we ensure that our academic 
program incorporates the technological tools and 
resources that represent the current state of practice for 
young scholars in each discipline? 

Our answers to these questions will allow us to envision 
a Sweet Briar that is operating sustainably, competing 
effectively, engaging new populations and producing 
liberally educated and digitally sophisticated graduates. 

Our goal is to produce, through both strategic and 
operational planning: 

1. A realistic model for a Sweet Briar that is sustainable 
in the present and which has significant potential for 

2. A vision of a more inclusive student body and a 
marketing strategy which is aligned with that vision. 

3. An approach for distinguishing Sweet Briar in a 
highly competitive marketplace. 

4. A program which gives liberally educated graduates 
the technological sophistication they need for 
academic, professional and civic achievement. 

The plan will be effective only to the extent that it 
accurately captures the aspirations and values of the 
entire community. Imagination, research, frankness and a 
delicate balance of caution and ambition will be required 
to seize this opportunity. 


We want you, as alumnae, to be involved. Every one of 
you, no matter when you attended Sweet Briar, what you 
have done since you left campus, and how involved you 
have or have not been in the past. We've set up a survey 
so that your ideas and feedback can be incorporated into 
our planning. The survey is online, easily accessible, and 
will take no longer than 20 minutes for you to complete. If 
you are unable to participate online, please simply contact 
the alumnae office at 434.381.6131. We will immediately 
send a copy of the survey to you through the mail. 

Also, we have dedicated an area online to keep you up-to- 
date on our planning. We invite you to visit strategicplan., where you can follow along with each of the 
study groups that is under way. 

Finally, I would like to say that the energy, intelligence 
and dedication that the campus community has brought 
to this process is inspiring. In the months since the study 
groups were convened the campus has been buzzing with 
interesting ideas, provocative questions, new data and 
optimism. There is no question that this race is off to a very 
solid start, and that we have a winning team on the track. 

24 'Summer 2010 

strategicplan .blog . sbc . edu 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine 

It is the beginning of Sweet Briar's fiscal year and the timing could not be more 
perfect for you to re-engage with Sweet Briar! Here's how you can become 
more active with the College. . . 

VolUIlteer. Stay engaged with the 
College through volunteering. Share your career 
knowledge with students interested in your field 
through work with career services. Reconnect with 
your classmates by serving as a member of your 
class giving committee in Reunion or host a young 
alumnae phonathon. Serve as a member of the 
Parent Steering Committee. English Griffith Koontz '95, 
Annual Giving chair says, "I enjoy volunteering for 
Sweet Briar. For me, it is an opportunity to give 
back a little to the institution that gave so very much 
to me. Additionally, it is a delight to meet and get to 
know students, alumnae and friends of the College 
— and to get back to campus for visits!" 

VjrlVe. Make your best gift to the Annual Fund 
every year. The Annual Fund comprises unrestricted 
gifts that impact each facet of the Sweet Briar 
College experience. Unrestricted gifts are crucial 
to the success of the College and provide essential 
necessities such as student scholarships, faculty 
and staff salaries, academic programs, and other 
less exciting but equally important needs. So when 
you hear the phone ring and see Sweet Briar or a 
classmate's name on the caller I.D. this fall, please 
answer the phone. Now more than ever, your gift to 
the Annual Fund makes a difference! 

UOII16 D81C.K. Return to campus for 
Homecoming, Reunion or Families weekends. Each 
weekend is action-packed and provides a wonderful 
opportunity for you to see old friends, make new 
ones, and take a tour of campus to see what has 
changed and what has remained the same. Or, visit 
whenever! There is always something going on and 
we would love to see you. The gates are always 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Just as the value of a 
Sweet Briar degree 
is always related 
to the most recent 
graduating class, 
their opportunity to 
succeed is directly 
related to you and 
your commitment to 
the College. So this 
year commit to saying 
"yes!" to volunteering, 
to giving, to coming 
back and to Sweet 

"Til the 
Home. . . 

The cows all came home during the SBC Annual 
Fund's Third Annual Philanthropy Week, 

March 1-5, 2010. Both local and Sweet Briar 
artists were invited to participate in Philanthropy 
Week by painting "art cows," which consisted of 
two-dimensional plywood cow cutouts. These art cows 
were the Annual Fund's tribute to the Sweet Briar 
College Dairy that was in operation for over 40 years. 
The herd of more than 30 cows went on parade and 
moo-ved from place to place during the week. 

On Thursday, March 4, the SBC Art Cows 
moo-ved to greener pastures when they were put on 
the auction block during the live Art Cow Auction. 
For those who attended the auction, a wonderful time 
was had by all! Bidding was fierce with the most 
sought after cow, a mini moo by SBC art professor 
Laura Pharis, selling for more than $350! The Art 
Cow Auction was just one event out of a wonderful 
week of activities highlighting supporters of Sweet 
Briar and the power of philanthropy. 

To check out other highlights and to view more 
photos from this year's Philanthropy Week, visit! 

Summer 2010 - 25 


Alumnoe celebrated the wedding of Susan Snodgrass Wynne's son on Amelia Island, Fla., on May 9, 2009. Left to 
right: Lisa Nelson Robertson '76, Sally Old Kitchin '76, Greyson Shuff Tucker '72, Kathy Upchurch Takvorian '72, 
Margaret Hayes Brunstad '72, Susan Snodgrass Wynne '72, Rhonda Griffith Durham '72 and Ginger Upchurch 
Collier '72. 

Left to right; Sarah Kingsley Foley '99, Molly Reeb 
Nissman '77 and Jane Reeb Short '74 met at the Norfolk 
area YMCA luncheon. 

A group of alumnae attended Barbara Perry's speech at the U 
Professor of Government at Sweet Briar. 

Perry is the Carter 

Cindy McKay '78, left, met Barbara Paulson Goodbarn 
'83, right, at the NCAA Division III Regional Cross 
Country Race where Cindy's son, Kevin Frick, and Barb's 
daughter, Biz Goodbarn, were running. 

fiB *• 

Sweet Briar students accompanied financial aid officer Wanda Spradley to the General Assembly in Richmond to 
lobby for the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant and met with Senator Patsy Smith Ticer '55. Left to right: Wanda 
Spradley '10, Whitney Waller '13, Patsy Smith Ticer '55, Michelle Messier '12 and Emily Masiello '11. 

Jane Lauderdale Armstrong '78, center, and her husband 
Mike, left, reunited unexpectedly with Cindy McKay '78 
Jane and Cindy were roommates at Sweet Briar. 

26 • Summer 2010 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Tori Hankins '06 married Doug LaBrosse (HSC '06} on Nov. 21, 
2009, in Charlotte, N.C. Several members of the Class of 2006 
attended the celebration, including (left to right) Henslee Evans, 
Olivia Ungerer, Hollylane Riley, Sara Coffey and Shanthi Ramesh. 

Christopher Chamblin (HSC '97) and Lyndsay Wray Welsh '05 were married on Aug. 9, 2008, at St. 
James Episcopal Church in Leesburg, Va. 

Left to right: Kelli Bergmann Thomasson '04, Meredith Shaw Hansen '04, Katie A. Niemeier '05, 
Courtney Pfaff Kimble '03, Lyndsay Welsh Chamblin '05, Angela Grisby '03, Krystal Dean Tucker '05, 
Ashley Forehand '05, Laura Pearson '04, Laura Wolf '11. 

Maggie Saylor '07 married 
Martin Patrick on Aug. 29, 

Jessica Mercier '06 and Mike 
Andryshak were married on 
Aug. 1, 2009 at Mountain 
Meadows Lodge in Killington, 


Gwen Oiler Bombay '89 mar- 
ried Greg Hess on May 5, 
2009, After a honeymoon to 
Disney World, they're making 
their home in Stone Ridge, Va. 


Erin M. Dennehy '06 married 
Jason M. Kopczyk on May 
17, 2008, at Waldenwoods 
in Hartland, Mich,, where they 
celebrated the day with close 
family and friends. 

Victoria Chappell '06 was wed 
on April 4, 2009, to David 
Harvey HI in Normandy, France. 
The service took place in a 
historic chapel and the recep- 
tion was held on the grounds of 
Victoria's family home, where 
they were surrounded by close 
family and friends. 

On September 12, 2009, Sarah Belanger '01 married David Levinson (W&L '00). Natasha Nickodem Stevens '01 was the matron of honor; 
Christine Rangel '01 and Casey Perlow '02 were bridesmaids. Also in attendance were Misa Sarmento '02, Allison Funkhouser '03, Maria 
Kitchin '04, Vicki Zok Rosenthal '00, Grace Turner Creasey '01, Whitney Bryant '02 and Heather Brown Evans '86. 

(Left to right) Misa Sarmento, Allison Funkhouser, Maria Kitchin, Natasha Nickodem Stevens, Sarah Belanger Levinson, Vicki Zak Rosenthal, 
Grace Turner Creasey, Casey Perlow, Whitney Bryant, Christine Rangel. 

Nancy Kleinhans '06 and 
Christopher Carr married at 
Snow Shoe Ski Resort in W.Va. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Summer 2010* 27 



Sweet Briar College 


October 15-17,2010 

For more details call 434.381 .6205 
or visit the Web page: 


In the fall of 2010, your alumnae 
magazine will become the Sweet 
Briar Magazine and will have a 
completely new look! Watch for 
changes to feature articles, photo- 
graphs and design. 


In the Winter 2009/2010 issue, 

Eage 3, Judith Shapiro should 
e listed as former president of 
Barnard College, not Bryn Mawr. 

6i dcMii 

Year After College! Kathryn Marion '84, 
QwikSmarts Publishing, an imprint of Real 
Solutions Press, LLC, 2009. During college, 
Cliffs Notes helped you survive your exams, 
but where are they when you really need 
them ... in real life? Grads: Take Charge is 
like getting summaries of all the best advice 
from over a dozen other books for new 
young professionals. It covers more than 140 



topics from careers to credit to cooking and 
everything in between to make navigating the 
real world of work and independent living 
less stressful and more successful. And it's all 
presented in fast-reading, bulleted action-item 
lists, which are perfect for the sound-bite 
generation. Grads: Take Charge won finalist 
honors in the National Best Books 2009 
Awards in two categories. 

The Lipstick Nomad, Jenne Lauren '01, 
Eloquent Books 2010. The Lipstick Nomad 
invites you to live your own Designer Life 
— one where wisdom, righteousness and the 
narrow path of love lead to finding your true 
self — and in doing so, inspire others to do 
the same. 

Lauren's book is a delight for all 
your senses as she incorporates virtual 
soundtracks, films, books and recipes; 
beautiful fabrics; scintillating fragrances; a 
map of notorious and colorful places; and 
a workbook for creating 
your own Designer Life. 
Written with fire, love 
and the unquenchable 
desire for adventure, The 
Lipstick Nomad will paint 
a tapestry of true beauty 
within your heart. 

V« i [ Ti« ifT" 

Pnncipl»», tvuom m St>al»g<» 

Differentiation at Work, K-5, Principles, 
Lessons, and Strategies, Kay Brimijoin, 
associate professor 
Differentiation of education, and 

Lane Narvez, Corwin 
Press 2010. Based 
on research and the 
authors' experiences 
at one remarkable 
elementary school, 
this book describes 
what schoolwide 
differentiation looks like in practice. The 
authors show school administrators and 
teachers how differentiated curriculum and 
instruction can be successfully implemented 
schoolwide. They share data that shows 
significant gains in school achievement as a 
result of the emphasis on staff development 
focused on differentiation. Included in the 
book are nine lesson plans from a range 
of grade levels and disciplines, reflective 
dialogues with teachers about refining their 
design of curriculum and instruction, and 
examples of how coaching teachers on 
differentiation improves their abilities to 
meet a range of learning needs in today's 

Plato's Ghost, Spiritualism in the American 
Renaissance, Cathy Gutierrez, associate 
professor of religion, Oxford University Press 
2009. Plato's Ghost examines the Spiritualist 
movement as the legacy of European 

esoteric speculation, 
particularly Platonic 
ideals, transformed on 
a new continent. The 
movement, Gutierrez says, 
was a "renaissance of the 
Renaissance," a culture in 
love with history as much 
as it trumpeted progress 
and the future, and an 
expression of what constituted religious 
hope amidst burgeoning technology and 

Gutierrez analyzes Spiritualist conceptions 
of memory, marriage, medicine and finally 
nascent psychology. In each she finds echoes 
of Plato, pulling time backward even as it 
marched toward a brighter future. 

28 'Summer 2010 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 


Choices, A. C. White (Anna 
"Chips" Ohio Pai '57). 
Dorrance Publishing Co, Inc. 
2009. A team of scientists have 
isolated an enzyme that allows 
them to 

that was 
once alive, 
as long 
as they 
have the 
set of DNA. This means being 
able to clone and bring to life 
any individual who is dead or 
an extinct species if there is a 
source of their DNA. Scientists 
could clone Abraham Lincoln 
from the blood on his shirt 
when he was assassinated, or 
Jesus Christ from the blood 
gathered during his crucifixion 
— which a church in Italy 
claims to possess. But what 
would be the consequences 
of such technology? Choices 
explores, through the eyes of 
Dr. Ellen Chen, the head of 
the team, what the potential 
of such genetic cloning 
would mean to society. The 
book also depicts the politics 
of academia at the highest 
levels, and the pressures on 
scientists to be productive and 
to publicize discoveries before 
competing laboratories can 
do so. The pressures can be 
extreme, sometimes resulting 
in catastrophic effects on the 
young scientists involved. 


Elizabeth Moore 

Miss Elizabeth V. Moore 

January 1, 2010 


Marion Walker 
Dr. Marion Walker 

December 13, 2009 

Sarah Turpin 
Mrs. Al Senecal 
October 24, 2009 


Josephine Happ 

Mrs. Spain Willingham 

April 15, 2010 


Elizabeth Barnes 
Mrs. Elizabeth B. Bird 
February 1 1 , 20 1 

Mary Buchanan 
Mrs. George H. 

Flowers, Jr. 
March 16, 2010 


Margaret Woods 
Mrs. M. W. Gillette 
November 8, 2008 

H. S. (Stuart) Hensley 
Mrs. Gilbert H. 
December 29, 2009 


Carolyn Spivey 
Mrs. Carolyn Spivey 

October 22, 2009 


Ruth Hensley 
Mrs. Joshua F. B. 

December 3 1 , 2009 

Mary Ellen Thompson 
Mrs. Mary Ellen Beach 

October 8, 2009 

Frances Meek 
Mrs. John E. Rowe 
November 18, 2009 

Joanne Oberkirch 
Ms. Joanne Willis 
October 25, 2009 

Barbara Freking 
Miss Barbara Freking 
August 25, 2008 


Nancy Pingree 

Mrs. Emerson H. Drake 

October 22, 2009 

Fayette McDowell 
Mrs. W. Roscoe Willett, 

June 5, 



Dorothy Beuttell 
Mrs. E. Chatfield 

December 18, 2009 


Martha Holton 

Mrs. Donald G. Glesser 

May 26, 2009 

Joanne "Jodie" Morgan 
Mrs. James R. Hartman 
March 18, 2010 

Alice Nicolson 
Mrs. Alice Mcllvaine 
September 9, 2009 


Mary Vinton 
Mrs. Douglas K. 

February 16, 2010 

Evaline Rife 

Mrs. Leland Thompson, Jr. 

January 7, 2010 

Virginia Wynn 

Ms. Virginia Q. Wynn 

February 5, 2010 


Anne Webb 

Mrs. George H. Moses 

February 26, 2009 

Marie Holman 
Mrs. Douglas A. 

November 30, 2009 

Jean Old 
Jean C. Old 
March 1 1, 2010 


Margaret McCallum 
Ms. Margaret M. 

November 8, 2005 

Suzanne Hardy 
Mrs. Suzanne H. B. 

January 19, 2010 

Effie Jane Gray 
Mrs. Philip A. Starck 
January 3, 201 


Catherine "Bunny" 

Mrs. Walter H. Brown 
February 19, 2010 


Tsun-Hsien (Sunshine) 

Mrs. Shantilal P. Bhagat 
October 10, 2009 


Marjorie Levine 

Mrs. Leonard S. Abrams 

March 1 1 , 2009 

Barbara Hoyt 

Mrs. John W. Boyer, Jr. 

October 26, 2008 

Jane Mattas 

Mrs. F Philip Christian II 

November 27, 2009 

Nancie McCann 
Miss Nancie McCann 
March 8, 2010 


Gage Bush 

Mrs. Richard Englund 

January 12, 2009 


Barbara Wilson 
Mrs. Wilson Daniell 
April 1, 2010 


Diane Hunt 

Mrs. James D. Lawrence 

January 26, 2010 


Sarah Sharp 

Mrs. Sarah S. Taylor 

January 24, 2010 

Mary Pender 

Mrs. Bertram Warren, Jr. 

April 5, 2010 

Joyce Lenz 

Mrs. Hugh H. Young 

February 28, 2010 


Marian Martin 
Mrs. Paul P. Harrison 
January 3, 201 


Gretchen Smith 
Mrs. Gretchen 

February 1, 2010 

Ethel Bruner 

Mrs. Carl E. Campbell 

January 23, 2010 


Griselda Fages 

Mrs. Giselle Theberge- 

January 15, 2009 


Elizabeth Grant 
Mrs. Peyton Peters 
February 22, 2009 


Pamela Sullivan 
Mrs. W. Curtis 
Livingston III 
March 28, 2010 


Lee Cooper 

Mrs. Bernard H. Schulte 

December 1 3, 2009 


Mary Waterman 
Mrs. Mary W. 
November 29, 2009 


Deborah Smith 
Mrs. Deborah S. 

February 9, 2010 

Barbara Livingston 
Ms. Barbara E. 

August 28, 2009 


Alicia Jo Ayotte 
Miss Alicia J. Ayotte 
December 1 7, 2009 


Katherine Campbell 
Ms. Katherine Campbell 

January 28, 2010 

If you wish to write to a member of the family of someone recently deceased, please contact the 
Alumnae Office for the name and address. 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Summer 2010 • 29 


Walter Brown and Catherine "Bunny" Barnett Brown '49. 

Catherine "Bunny" 
Barnett Brown '49 

The College is saddened to report the death 
of devoted alumna and former board member 
Catherine "Bunny" Barnett Brown. Brown 
died on the morning of Feb. 19, 2010, at 
Indian River Medical Center, Vero Beach. 
For 32 years, she was active in both the 
Vero Beach, Fla., and Convent Station, N.J., 

Brown graduated with a degree in psy- 
chology from Sweet Briar in 1949. As a 
student she was involved in the Bum Chums, 
Paint 'n' Patches and Chung Mung tap clubs. 
After college, she went on to become a 
reporter, working for several newspapers and 
Time Life. 

Brown was an interested and caring 
alumna who worked tirelessly for Sweet 
Briar. Long before there was an Alumnae 
Admissions Representative program, she 
recruited students for Sweet Briar. She 
served as a member of the Boxwood 
Circle Committee, her class's Reunion 
Gift Committee, a Leadership Donor, the 
Campaign Leadership Committee and the 
Development Leadership Council. She 
organized alumnae events in both her New 

Jersey and Florida homes and assisted with 
Recognition Weekends and FOCUS events. 
From 1981 to 1985 she served as a member 
of the Alumnae Association board as edi- 
tor of the Sweet Briar Alumnae Magazine. 
Afterward, she served as the 1949 class sec- 
retary, faithfully recording and submitting the 
class news. 

A member of the Keystone Society, 
Silver Rose Society and the Indiana Fletcher 
Williams Associates, Brown made Sweet 
Briar a philanthropic priority. In recognition 
of enduring commitment and devotion to the 
College she was presented with Sweet Briars 
Outstanding Alumna Award in 1992. Brown 
also influenced others to work for Sweet 
Briar, most notably her husband Walter H. 
Brown, who served on the College's board of 
directors beginning in 1986 and as chairman 
of the board from 1987 to 1995. 

Brown is survived by her husband of 59 
years, Walter H. Brown; sons, Walter H. 
Brown Jr. and Harold G. Brown; daugh- 
ters, Catherine G. Erickson and Rebecca K. 
Holmes; sister, Jean Ketcherside; 12 grand- 
children and two great-grandchildren. 

A memorial service was held at Sweet 
Briar College's Memorial Chapel on Sat., 
June 19, followed by a reception at Sweet 
Briar House. 

Notes of condolence may be sent to: Mr. 
Walter H. Brown, 1 19 Silver Moss Drive, 
Vero Beach, FL 32963. 

Katherine "Kay" Macdonald 


Katherine "Kay" Macdonald, 87, died March 
4, 2010, in Yarmouth, Maine. She was the 
daughter of Arthur Souls and Katherine 
Cameron Macdonald of Putnam, Conn. 
Professor Macdonald received her B.S. 
degree from The Bouve-Boston School of 
Physical Education, Tufts University (now 
Northeastern University). After teaching 
at Abbot Academy in Andover, Mass., she 
went on to complete a master's degree at 
the State University of Iowa. Macdonald 
then began a lifelong career as a teacher, 
coach and administrator in Virginia at Sweet 
Briar College, retiring in 1983 as professor 
emerita. During these years, she took many 
homesick, troubled and disabled students 
under her wing, befriending them until they 
could fly with their classmates. 

Kay played a significant role in the 
development of interscholastic field hockey 
in Virginia. For many years, she held 
workshops for area high schools, delivered 
USFHA loan kits of equipment and hosted 
international teams and regional tourna- 
ments. Leading by example, Macdonald 
played club hockey for more than 20 years 
on the Blue Ridge Campus Characters team. 
As the College's tennis coach, she was 
instrumental in bringing top tennis coaches 
to Sweet Briar for summer tennis camps. 
In 2006, Kay was inducted into the Charter 
Class of the Sweet Briar Athletics Hall of 

Katherine "Kay" Macdonald 

30' Summer 2010 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Fame in honor of her devotion to Sweet 
Briar and its athletic success. 

After retirement, Macdonald contin- 
ued her interest in education by taking 
undergraduate poetry courses, conducting 
aerobic classes for the faculty and assisting 
the College in fundraising. She was active 
in local Audubon activities, the Humane 
Society and Amherst County Library. 
Macdonald promoted outdoor activities on 
campus and received the Golden Shovel 
Award from the Appalachian Trail Club for 
her service clearing trails. If there were a 
blue ribbon for a feline devotee, she would 
have earned it for her many years of cater- 
ing to an assortment of beloved feline 

Macdonald's travels covered a good part 
of the globe, with considerable time in the 
British Isles. Always a champion of the 
underdog, her worldwide view led to many 
years of active involvement on behalf of 
Amnesty International, USA. 

For some time after retirement, 
Macdonald lived in Fayetteville, Pa., then 
moved to The Highlands in Topsham, Maine. 
As her health failed, she resided for the past 
five years at Brentwood R & N Center in 
Yarmouth, Maine. 

Macdonald is survived by two cousins, 
Sarah Wright, of Sugar Land, Texas, and 
Joan Roberts, of Baddeck, Nova Scotia; and 
by many devoted friends, who will miss her 
easy companionship, many talents, strong 
code of justice and whimsical sense of 

The Rev. Susan Lehman conducted a 
memorial service in Memorial Chapel at 
Sweet Briar College. 

Macdonald requested that memorial 
contributions be designated for the Nenah 
Elinor Fry Presidential Scholarship Fund c/o 
Sweet Briar College, Box 1057, Sweet Briar. 
VA 24595. 

Robert Marshall 

The Sweet Briar community was saddened 
to learn of the death on March 30, 2010, of 
Robert Marshall, the former director of the 
College's Junior Year in France program. 

Marshall served from 1972 to 1984 as 
the third director of JYF, which was founded 
in 1948. He dedicated his career at Sweet 
Briar College to improving and perfecting 
the program, said Margaret Scouten, JYF's 
current director. 

He also organized a number of events in 
observance of the program's 25th anniver- 
sary, including the establishment of a 25th 

Anniversary Scholarship Fund, a festival on 
campus and completion of a short history of 
JYF's first quarter-century. In addition, he 
arranged for a group of alumni to visit the 
Elysee Palace in Paris at the special invita- 
tion of Claude Jacqueline Pompidou, wife of 
France's then-president Georges Pompidou. 
Those wishing to remember Marshall are 
asked to consider a memorial to the Robert 
G. Marshall Scholarship Fund, Junior Year 
in France, Sweet Briar College, Sweet Briar, 
VA 24595, or Christ Church, P.O. Box S, St. 
Michaels, MD 21663. 

Sweet Briar Remembers 
Beloved Professor, 
Eleanor Salotto 

The College community mourns the loss 
of Eleanor Salotto, associate professor of 
English, who died this past winter. Salotto 
began teaching at Sweet Briar in 1998 and 
is remembered with fondness by her friends, 
colleagues, students and 

Salotto received a BA. 
in English and French and 
an M.A. in English, both 
from Temple University, 
and a Ph. D. in English 
from Bryn Mawr College. 
She taught 1 9th-century 
British literature and film 
studies at Sweet Briar. 

Among Salotto's stron- 
gest interests were women's 
narratives and identity, film 
noir, film theory and liter- 
ary theory. 

Her accomplish- 
ments include her book, "Gothic Returns 
in Collins, Dickens, Zola and Hitchcock," 
published by Palgrave in 2006; an intro- 
duction for the Barnes and Noble Classic 
Series edition of Emile Zola's "The Ladies' 
Paradise;" and articles on that novel as 
well as on "Frankenstein," "Bleak House" 
and "Villette." She had been working on a 
book project linking Darwinian thought and 
Victorian multi-plot novels. 

Lee Piepho, professor of English emeri- 
tus, knew Salotto from the very first days of 
her career at the College and recognized her 
remarkable life as a professor and scholar. 
Early in her career, she took on the task of 
teaching a combination of 18th- and 19th- 
century literature as well as heading the film 
studies program, a growing topic of interest 
among the student body. 

Eleanor Salotto 

Piepho remembers when the English 
department was searching for a film studies 
candidate. It was clear that Salotto was the 
right person, yet, at that point in her career, 
she needed additional professional develop- 
ment before beginning to teach in the field. 
She was given a two-year assistant profes- 
sorship on a trial basis. 

"In the summer, she went off and took 
classes at New York University," he said. 
"It was remarkable the way she grew. Her 
accomplishment in the field was quite 
extraordinary. The permanent results are her 
book and, of course, the students who stud- 
ied under her." 

On March 23, an informal gathering to 
reflect on her memory was held at Memorial 
Chapel for the immediate community. 
President Jo Ellen Parker noted Salotto's 
devotion to her students, academic interests 
and love of the College. Close friends and 
colleagues spoke of her unconventional and 
vibrant personality. They shared unforget- 
table stories of their friend, 
saying in various ways that 
"Eleanor was Eleanor" 
— a person of brilliant 
intellect, deep feeling and 

Parker also recalled 
the first time she'd met 
Salotto, 20 years ago. "I 
had the good fortune to 
know Eleanor long ago, 
before we had any idea 
that we might reconnect 
again at Sweet Briar. 
Eleanor was a graduate 
student at Bryn Mawr dur- 
ing my days on the faculty 
and in the dean's office there. We shared a 
passionate interest in 19th-century literature 
and in teaching. 

"When I realized she was on the fac- 
ulty at Sweet Briar, it was a joy to think 
we would once again be colleagues. She 
approached me after my first faculty inter- 
view with her usual grace and generosity of 
spirit, offering words of support and encour- 
agement to a nervous job candidate. 

"I know many of you have similar memo- 
ries of the thoughtful kindness of our friend 
and colleague. We will miss her sorely; how 
lucky we were to know her!" 
Notes of condolence may be sent to Salotto's 
sister: Carol Watkins, 603 Belvoir Road, 
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine ■ 

Summer 2010 • 31 


Zach Kincaid 

Media, marketing and communications 

Zach Kincaid's first day as the new director of media, marketing and 
communications was March 29. He and his family moved from Milledgeville, Ga., 
where he served as director of marketing and publications and taught history at 
Georgia College & State University. 

Kincaid has 15 years of experience in marketing, communications, strategic 
planning, branding, Web site effectiveness and copy writing. His experience 
includes 10 years in higher education and several at a promotions and events 
agency where he served as a marketing coordinator. 

In 2008, he managed a campaign that placed eighth in University Business's 
"50 Best Branding Ideas." He has won several CASE Awards for design and 
advertising projects and has served as a marketing and Web site consultant for the 
film industry. 

Kincaid will be responsible for creating and leading a comprehensive 
communications and integrated marketing program that emphasizes Sweet Briar's 
brand and enhances the visibility of the College. 

As a senior staff member, he will counsel the president and senior staff on 
communications and messaging work. He will work collaboratively across campus 
to integrate and improve institutional media, marketing and communication 
initiatives, and to support advancement and recruitment goals. 

Kincaid holds a bachelor's in English from Washington University in St. Louis 
and a Master of Arts in history from Trinity International University. He and his 
wife, Heather, and sons Micah, Caleb and Benjamin reside on campus. 

32 -Summer 2010 

Bob Chase Retires to Life of 
Some Work, Some Play 

Mathematics professor Bob Chase is retiring after teaching physics and computer 
science courses at the College for more than three decades. 

Chase and his wife, Kathy Earnhardt Chase '67, plan to remain in Amherst, 
where they reside. As a part owner and now vice president, secretary and treasurer 
of Rebec Vineyards, he will spend much of his time working in the winery 

He'll also get to do more fishing, he said. Over the past few years he has 
trekked to the Bob Marshall Wilderness in Montana for eight-day horseback 
and float-fishing trips, and he spent nine days in Alberta and British Columbia, 
Canada. He hopes to take at least one trip per year in the Missoula-Bozeman area 
of Montana. 

This summer the Chases plan to travel to Poland, Hungary and the Czech 
Republic, and they're already anticipating next summer's trip to Ireland. 
Chase said he also will continue spending as much time as possible with his grand- 
son, Holden, who turned 10 in May. 

A reception was held in Chase's honor on April 29 at Sweet Briar House. 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 


Juliet Halliburton Davis 
4100 Well Spring Dr., No. 2305 
Greensboro, NC 27410 


Frances Bailey Brooke 
405 Jackson Ave. 
Lexington, VA 24450 



Ann Morrison Reams 
771 Bon Air Cr. 
Lynchburg, VA 24503 

What an unbelievable winter we experi- 
enced this year! At Sweet Briar classes 
were held most of the time, but with 
some off-campus faculty not able to 
get there. However, the students had a 
fine time with great gatherings and fun 
things planned. Schools were closed in 
this area for 7 days during that 3-wk. 
period. Happily, spring is on the way, and 
I hope this issue finds all of you warm 
and in good spirits. 

I look forward each year to Bobby 
Engh Croft's Thanksgiving letter. She's 
keeping busy following Crosswell's 
death last Mar. She still spends winters 
in Tucson, but planned a trip through 
the Panama Canal in Jan. and one to 
AK in Jul. How wonderful to hear from 
Edie Brainard Walter in D C, who 
is enjoying her usual activities. Her 
daughter, Anne, and husband Michael 
are in India. They both have Fulbright 
grants to teach at Madras Christian Coll. 
Betty Childs and Mackall (Annapolis) 
sent a beautiful card designed by their 
son-in-law, Sanford Murck, an artist 
married to their daughter Dryden (Class 
of '65). It won an award from the Land- 
lover organization in Savannah. I also 
received my annual cherished card from 
Ann Hauslein Potterfield and Tom. 
From AR, Alice King Harrison sent a 
clipping trom the Chattanooga paper 
highlighting our alumna, Mollie Johnson 
Nelson '64, who was the recipient of the 
Outstanding Alumna Award at Reunion 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 


2009. Arkie writes that even though she 
uses a walker, she enjoys bridge, Mah 
Jong, church work and grandchildren. 
Shirley Hausman Nordham is glad to 
have moved to Leawood, KS, to be near 
her daughter especially since Al died 
soon after. They enjoyed 20 good retire- 
ment yrs. in Savannah. It's great that 
Margaret Leonard Proctor still enjoys 
keeping up with us even though she was 
only at SBC for a short time. She lives in 
a retirement community in Baltimore. 

We continue to lose many of our 
beloved classmates, but then aren't 
we grateful to have lived this long at 
such a wonderful time? Those who died 
since my last letter are Mary Alice 
Bennett Baumberger in AZ (5/3/09), 
Patty Rose Early Trippet in Waco, 
TX, (6/17/09), Mary Ellen Thompson 
Beach Ela in Madison, Wl, (10/8/09); 
Joanne Oberkirch Willis in St. 
Petersburg, FL, (10/25/09); Frances 
Meek Rowe in Fort Lauderdale, FL, 
(11/18/09); and Ruth Hensley Camb- 
los in Ashville (12/31/09). Ruth's sister, 
Stuart Hensley Woodward '40 died 2 
days before her. To all of these families 
we send our love and sympathy 

Stay well, stay happy and send 
news. Much love to each of you. 

Alice Lancaster Buck 

21085 Cardinal Pond Ter., Apt. 106 

Ashburn.VA 20147 


Dale Sayler Morgan 
486A Beaulieu Ave. 
Savannah, GA 31406 

Julia Mills Jacobsen 

Mary Haskins King 
501 Kimberly Dr. 
Greensboro, NC 27408 

Holly Zweigler Schroeter wrote in to 
the alumnae office: I write to say that 
I won't be able to attend our 45th. I'm 
waist-high in boxes still, but loving every 


Send your news to the class secretary listed with o 

your class, If your class has no class secretary listed, please send 

news to Colleen Murray at or PO Box 1 056, Sweet Briar, 

VA 24595. Classmates want to hear from you! 

Secretaries may submit notes for every issue of the magazine. Please see 
that your class secretary receives your news before the deadlines below: 



Fall '10 

August 1,2010 

Spring '11 

February 1 , 201 1 

Class secretaries are volunteers elected by their class and are responsible 
for the accuracy of the class notes. 

Make sure the Alumnae Office has your correct e-mail address! 
Please send e-mail addresses to: 

moment in my new Tucson apt. I can 
now walk out onto my terrace and have 
a beautiful view of the Santa Catalina 
Mt. range. I hadn't planned to miss the 
reunion; I was there in 1990 for our 
25th, along with my 2nd husband. My 
son Eric (40) and his wife Katja live 
in Falls Church, while my daughter 
(39) lives in Prague. In 2002, 1 briefly 
stayed in Somerset, VA, at one of their 
father's homes, and my daughter saw 
to it that we all traveled to Sweet Briar 
for a visit. It was late Dec, so no one 
was on campus. We sat next to the new 
Prothro Center to eat our homemade 
lunch. Then, we drove to the former 
dairy, only to discover that the milk pro- 
cessing building was now an Art Center. 
The old Refectory where I had served as 
a waitress was now an Art Gallery dedi- 
cated to former President Pannell. 

I have two grandsons, Jakub and 
Nikolas, ages 9 and 7. They're enrolled 
in Haycock Elementary School in Falls 
Church, and are bi-lingual. Their mother 
is Slovak. She owns and runs an art 
restoration company in McLean; my son 
works for the Washington Post in Arling- 
ton. I am now retired. Best wishes to 
everyone attending. 


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community? Please let us know! The 
Alumnae Office is compiling a list 
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Murray '06, editor of the Alumnae 
Magazine, at with 
the link to your class page. 



Mary Vandeventer Saunders 
955 Harpersville Rd. 
Newport News, VA 23601 


Linda McKoy Stewart 
18 Osprey Lane 
Rumson, NJ 07760 

Maddin Lupton McCallie 

1508 Edge wood Cir. 
Chattanooga, TN 37405 

As 201 gets underway your class 
scribe of these last few decades has 
decided she is too far advanced in yrs. 
(I turn 84 this 1 st weekend in Apr.), and 
I'm not able to write another column. 
After all, I walk with a cane or walker 
or a rolling chair, have hearing aids, 
a mouth full of partial plates, droopy 
eyelids, an occasional heart flurry, too 
many pounds, no driver's license, no 
get up and go — I just can't do it! Then 
comes a warm, friendly voice and it's 
Wayne Stokes Goodall on the phone 
from Pittsboro, NC, my friend since 
camp days in the 1930s who is always 
interested in what's going on, and she 
suggests that maybe I could get some 
help from computer whiz classmate 
Liz Barbour McCrea to communicate 
with classmates for news. This great 
idea creates conversations with Liz in 
Alexandria, VA, so we join together to 
write a newsletter. She had a brief note 

Summer 2010 • 33 

from TX from Polly Rollins Sowell 

saying she "plays bridge and jitterbugs 
by herself since her favorite partner Liz 
is in VA, and she's in TX." A call from 
Peggy Sheffield Martin in Atlanta tells 
me she has lost her precious daugh- 
ter Lisa Tunnell who has had lupus 
for a long time. She died in late Feb. 
and some 300 attended her service. 
Martha Davis Barnes didn't answer 
a call since she probably was on one 
of her many trips, but we did learn that 
she has a granddaughter who chose 
to head to Hollywood to make a career. 
Her name is Ellen Woglan and she's 
active in movies and appears in weekly 
TV series, Bold Case. Another piece of 
sad news is that my SBC roommate 
Suzanne Hardy Benson died in late 
Jan. and her memorial service was in 
an old Episcopal church in downtown 
Augusta, GA. We recall when 8 of her 
Briarite classmates gathered there a few 
yrs. ago for her marriage to Cameron 
Benson. Conversations with classmates 
Felicia Jackson Burns in Gainesville 
and Diane King Nelson in Homer, LA, 
brought back to my memory the con- 
nection Suzanne's daughters, Zan and 
Bon, had with ballet in Augusta. We also 
remembered that the Burns' daughter 
Susan has 4 teenage children and 3 
of them are triplets! Interesting news 
from the Alexandria area reports that 
the Kelly Foundation, which was set up 
by our Nancy Vaughn Kelly and Dan, 
has been recognized for 10 yrs. of ser- 
vice with native Americans in Montana 
encouraging them to better themselves 
and improve their standard of living. We 
heard that some of them put on feath- 
ers and danced in D.C. although they 
mostly are getting educated to lead use- 
ful and productive lives. I learned from 
a conversation with Audrey Lahman 
Rosselot about living in the Alexandria 
area with SBC classmates the Kellys, 
McCreas, Virginia Wurzbach Vardy 
all living in the same complex. Mary 
Jo Armstrong Berryman reportedly 
visited in D.C. from TX. 

Since this class letter doesn't have 
lots of names and news your scribe 
is going to take the liberty of quoting 
from Closey Faulkner Dickey and 
her unsolicited letter which arrived a 
month ago. This is to welcome spring- 
time, do away with winter blahs and 
cause you to sit back in amazement 
at our classmate's life. "Our greatest 
joy in the last 5 yrs. has been our new 
summer home in Quarry Cove, ME. 
The kids and grandkids share a big 
modular home designed by Whit and 
the waterfront activities include our 
kayak, a canoe, 2 sailing dinghies and 
our boat Wendelen. A quick rundown 
on their progeny begins herewith: Whit 
Jr. is drumming and composing in NYC, 
playing mostly with the Matthew Shipp 
Trio (sometimes in Europe). They are 

34 • Summer 2010 

sometimes written up in the NY Times 
Art Section. Spoon and Renee love liv- 
ing in beautiful Seattle. He's a financial 
consultant, does lots of volunteering, 
cooks for family and good causes and 
plays guitar in bistros around town. 
Renee is head of Perfusion at Children's 
Hospital, rides a Vespa to work and 
they all ski! Don lives near his parents, 
works for state of VT in health care 
and is getting a MA from the Woodbury 
School of Mediation in Montpelier. His 
children do well in high schools and col- 
leges nearby. John and Julie live near 
in South Hamilton, MA, where he has 
his own business franchise, Express 
Employment Professionals, matching 
employers with employees. Julie works 
with him and their 4 children participate 
in various sports as well. They all ski at 
Mad River Glen. Colt and Lynn live in 
San Rafael, CA, where they enjoy amaz- 
ing bird watching. Clo and Bruce live in 
Anchorage, AK, and are kept busy with 
2 young sons. Bruce is an expert on 
measuring glacier melt and undertakes 
other environmental endeavors for the 
National Park Service. Closey adds that 
the Dickeys still live in the winter in the 
house they built 30 yrs. ago on Hardy 
Hill in the midst of a wildlife sanctuary. 
She plays duplicate bridge twice a wk. 
and has recovered from a broken neck 
caused by adjusting a high Venetian 
blind. They are active in the community 
of Lebanon, NH. Personal to my class- 
mates... SBC 1948.... I'm wearing my 
tee shirt with the roses on it from an 
almost forgotten reunion to inspire me 
to get this done, and at the age of 84 it 
has been difficult. My dear David at age 
88 has remained patient, good humored 
and very helpful. This has been a fun 
thing to do over the decades because 
I have gotten to know so many of you 
better than when we were at The Patch 
back in the 1940 era. Thank you for 


Catherine Cox Reynolds 
20 Loeffler Rd. T-408 
Bloomf ield, CT 06002 

I must start these notes with the sad 
news that Bunny Barnett Brown died of 
pancreatic cancer on 2/1 9/1 0. Bunny 
kept us together as Class Secretary, 
writing notes on our activities as well 
as updates on the Coll. She worked 
tirelessly for Sweet Briar and was 
presented with the Outstanding Alumna 
Award in 1 992. I'll try to follow in her 
footsteps with your help. Thanks to all 
who sent me news. Some of the news 
may be old hat by the time you read 
this, because 
I'm writing on 3/14 on a dark rainy late 

winter day. If you have e-mail, you may 
receive more recent news from time 
to time. Those of you who decide to 
join the 2lst century and acquire email 
should let me know your address. 

Most of us have been involved with 
family and travel over the last year. 
However, Dot Rouse-Bottom's 
activities may have a wider impact. 
She's celebrating Hampton, VA's 400th 
birthday this year on 7/9/10. Hampton 
is the 1st continuously operating English 
speaking community in the U. S. I had 
thought that honor went to Jamestown, 
but that settlement didn't last, and Saint 
Augustine and Santa Fe were Spanish 
speaking communities. So Dot is quite 
right that Hampton's 400th birthday is a 
big deal. Hampton came into being on 
7/9 of 1610 when fully armed English- 
men came ashore, attacked the Indians 
and established a maritime community, 
which has grown and prospered to 
this day. By the time you read this, 
the celebration of Hampton's 400th 
anniversary will have culminated with 
spectacular fireworks and significant 
historical events (conferences and 
publications) thanks to Dot. 

As for travel, perhaps the award for 
the most miles covered should go to 
Peggy Cromwell Taliaferro She 
visited her sister in the Swiss Alps last 
summer and journeyed to the Galapagos 
Islands, 600 mi. off the coast of Ecua- 
dor, in Feb. There she saw blue-footed 
boobies and the rarer breed, red-footed 
boobies. (I noticed that SBC was running 
a trip to the 

Galapagos this winter. Maybe some of 
you went?) Alice Trout Hagan and 
Patsy Davin Robinson are perhaps the 
most inveterate participants in Sweet 
Briar trips, but Alice tells me that 
although they're both fine, they've given 
up long trips. 

Phil and I went to Morocco last 
winter. That may be our last overseas 
trip, but we're planning a cruise on the 
Erie Canal, Lake Ontario and the St. 
Lawrence Seaway in Sept. Domestic 
travel without long airtrips is more ap- 
pealing these days. 

Caroline Casey Lindemann may 
surpass Peggy Cromwell's travel 
record by the time she completes her 
trips for 2010. She'll be going to 
Norway and, on a separate trip with the 
Richmond Museum, to the Italian Lake 
District. Caroline will also be coming 
north to Cambridge to see her oldest 
grandchild graduate from Harvard Law 
School. (I hope she'll stop in Hartford 
en route). Caroline's adventures are 
planned by her daughter who lives in 
Richmond and is a travel agent. Her 2nd 
son, Stephen McGehee, is in his 1st 
yr. at VA Theological Seminary having 
retired from a 30-yr. banking career in 
Atlanta. Caroline lives in Westminister 
Canterbury, a retirement community in 

Richmond. Libby Trueheart Harris. 
Margaret Towers Talman and Kitty 

Hart Belew also live there. 

There seems to be a trend among 
49s toward retirement home living. We 
like to be relieved of cooking, cleaning, 
snow shoveling and have the security 
of onsite medical care. Carolyn Can- 
naday Evans needed such care this 
year. She broke 2 ribs camping trip with 
her son last fall, developed shingles and 
fell on the ice and broke her wrist this 
winter. However, she has recovered from 
all those ailments and is now looking for 
a job as a court advocate for children 
in foster care in Ashburn, VA, similar 
to what she was doing when she lived 
in Reston. Carolyn sees Flip Eustis 
Weiner, who now lives in a retirement 
community in Silver Spring, MD. 

Jean Taylor is still in her Washing- 
ton apt. She has a severe back problem, 
but is able to get out and about with the 
help of a back brace. 

June Eager Finney has been busy 
preparing an art exhibit for a good friend 
in Baltimore. June says she doesn't 
draw anything, but is able to create her 
images/scenes using an ordinary pair 
of scissors. She sees something in her 
head as she flips through magazines, 
catalogues, newspapers, etc. that she 
can turn into an object to be mounted on 
whatever paper she has around. Good 

Pat Brown Boyer had a chilly 
winter in FL, but was expecting to see 
Judy Easley Mak and Dayton who 
were stopping for a visit in Winter Park 
on their way south. Dayton is working on 
an oral history of the State Department 
and Judy is still selling real estate in 
Washington, 30 yrs. and still going 

I hope it warmed up in New Smyrna 
Beach, FL for Sue Corning Mann's visit 
at Hank's daughter's house. They have a 
grandson in Argentina. Maybe that's 
the place to go these days. 

Phil and I enjoyed seeing Ann Hen- 
derson Bannard and Yorke last Sept. 
when they were here on a great circle 
tour of the Northeast. They're just fine 
and had seen Kay Veasey and Dave 
Goodwin, who are also fine. 

My dear roomies, Preston Hodges 
Hill and Larry Lawrence Simmons 
are both 

widows now, but are keeping busy with 
good works and family visits. Larry deliv- 
ers food for Meals on Wheels and reads 
weekly to third graders. Her daughter 
Dede has published a mystery called 
Silent Screams under the pen name C.E. 
Lawrence. It's a real page turner. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 


to stay in touch. Make sure to keep 
our new class secretary au courant 
even though you may think no one is 
interested. We are! 

It's always great to hear from 
classmates who left us midstream. 
Mary Ellen Davis Gettel, who earned 
a B.A. from U. IN and an M.A. from 
Stanford, wrote "as I look back I realize 
how much help SBC has been and what 
friendships it has brought about." 

Pat Owens Purvis and family 
spent spring break traveling to Wash- 
ington D.C., VA, and NC looking over 
schools for her granddaughter. Then 
she visited a grandson at Wake Forest 
U. He'll study next spring in London. 
Her other grandson at the U. AL went to 
Cambridge (England) for the May Dance 
in Jun.l Pat herself plans to travel to 
Aspen, CO, and then to England this 

Edith Brooke Robertson attended 
her grandson's graduation from U. Ml 
and then was off to CO to visit her son 
and family. 

Ann Preston Vick has moved to St. 
Augustine; Anne McNeer Blanken to 
Lexington, VA, to be near her daughter 
and husband, both graduates of W&L; 
and Mary Waller Berkley Ferguson 
and husband are living at Westminister 
Canterbury in Richmond. 

Nancy Drake Maggard sent a 
photo of her family of 8 children, 17 
grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild. 
Can anyone top that? 

Betty, B.G., Elmore Gilleland and 
Guy are still traveling. Last year they 
took a trip to the Baltic and Scandina- 
vian countries. In Nov., B.G. attended a 
Colonial Dames meeting in Jacksonville 
and saw Margaret Murchison Corse 
who is living in Jacksonville again. B.G. 
keeps in touch with Diana Dent, Nell 
Greening Keen and Nancy Storey 
White, all of whom are happy in their 
respective retirement homes. She and 
Guy venture into the deep freeze in Ml 
every Christmas to visit their daughter 
and family. 

Jean Probeck Wiant was unable 
to attend Reunion as she went to her 
granddaughter's graduation from the 
Manhattan School of Music and then 
on to her grandson's h. s. graduation in 
Katonah, NY. She has moved to a new 
retirement center east of Cleveland, but 
is still active on the Women's Board of 
the Cleveland Institute of Music and the 
board of a baroque music group. She 
also works with a mission group involv- 
ing transitional activities for the jobless 
and homeless. 

Sally Bianchi Foster has another 
2 grandchildren off to coll. (Earlham & 
Lafayette) and I have 1 , but no telling 
where at this writing, as he applied to 
13 coll.! 

This is my last report. I've enjoyed 
hearing from all over the yrs. and hope 


Patty Lynas Ford 
2165 W. Dry Creek Road 
Healdsburg, CA 95448 

Thank you to all who have contributed to 
our class notes. 

Sunshine (Tsun-Hsien Kwan) 

died on 1 0/1 0/09 at age 81 . Her hus- 
band, Shantilal Bhagat called to let us 
know. She'd have been 82 on 1 1/6/09. 
In 1/09, because of an irregular heart 
beat, she had open heart surgery as 2 
valves were leaking. She chose to have 
them repaired rather than replaced. 
The surgery stopped the leaking for a 
while, but only temporarily. Hypertension 
ensued and the causes of death were 
congestive heart failure and septice- 
mia. She had had a hysterectomy yrs 
.ago, but had adhesions that had to be 
repaired off and on so she was opened 
up 4 times, resulting in staph infections. 
After SBC she went to Cornell to get her 
M.A in nutrition. There she met Shantilal 
who was getting a degree in agronomy. 
They were married there; then went to 
India for 1 6 yrs. There are 2 daughters 
in San Diego and a son in Kansas City. 
They had been married 57 J£ yrs. Isolde 
Baisch Werhahn '53 was a close friend. 
Shantilal said that his son tried unsuc- 
cessfully to contact her in Stuttgart re- 
cently. A service was held on 1 2/6/09 at 
the Church of the Brethren in La Verne, 
CA. His number is 909-392-4078. 
Joanne Williams Ray: (Words 
from her faithful and caring son, Max.) 
Nothing significant this yr. other than 
her getting a cold 1 2/1 8 and was so 
weak she couldn't get out of her chair, 
and we feared the worst. She's doing 
OK, but we're still fearful of this turning 
into pneumonia. She spends all day 
to and from the bed into the kitchen 
to eat, a slow, but steady decline. She 
doesn't know us, much less other 
family and friends, I'm sad to report. 
She was dropped from the Alzheimer's 
study 02/06/09, as she went from a 
23 to between 0-3 in a 1 2-mo. period 
on the mini-mental exam, and we're 
told to expect to have to call in hospice 
between 6-1 8 mos. out. So we bide 
our time and try to keep her happy, fed 
and comfortable. (Note to PLF: As you 
may have noted, I'm pretty good about 
information retention. It's my job as a 
financial advisor and it doesn't suit badly 
as mother's social secretary either! 
Mother is still going pretty well, consid- 
ering. We endeavor to take good care of 
her. She still maintains a constant laugh, 
says thank you when you do what she 

wants. I've also heard from Joan Davis 
Warren and am now friends with her on 
Facebook, as well as Samuel B. Hellier, 
Jean Stapleton Hellier's husband who 
was a Phi Psi and one of my father's fra- 
ternity brothers (and mine as well now!) 
It seems the more consistent I get about 
sending out Mama's Christmas cards, 
the more folks I'm hearing from. Max 
T, Ray, AEP, CLU, FBS, Family Business 
Associates, 2766 Smyer Circle, Vestavia 
Hills, AL 3521 6-1 025 

Mary Pease Fleming Trying to 
free my desk of 2009, which includes 
messages from '51 classmates. Ann 
Petesch Hazzard writes that her dear 
husband, Rutledge, passed away in 
2009. She and Rutledge had moved 
some yrs. ago to 4800 Fillmore Ave. 
#551 , Alexandria, VA, 2231 1 . (As you 
know Ann and Rutledge had retired from 
a lifetime career in the Army. At the time 
of his retirement he was a Brig. Gen.) 
Many of their neighbors on Fillmore Ave. 
are also retired Army friends. Ann says 
that she's grateful to be living "in this 
wonderful place with wonderful people," 
now that Rutledge has passed away. I 
also heard from Eugenia Ellis Mason 
in Petersburg, VA, and Jean Duerson 
Bade in Louisville, KY. Both are widows 
now, Jean electing to stay in her big 
house. Jean frequently sees Diane 
Richmond Simpson, her friend of 
many yrs. Diane is in a wheelchair from 
an arthritic condition and unfortunately 
cannot continue to swim with Jean as 
she has done for a long time Jean still 
does her laps in the pool "when I can"! 
Also heard from Joan Davis Warren in 
Philadelphia, but not from Barbara Birt 
Dow, who also lives there. Rives and 
Joan celebrated the holiday season with 
Rives's shoulder in a sling from rotator 
cuff surgery on 1 2/9. He's doing well 
and together they're looking forward 
to the summer wedding of our oldest 
grandchild. They see Ann Sheldon 
Taylor Campbell often. She and Bill 
Campbell travel some, but mostly 
hang out at their apt. at Westminster 

Sue Lockley Glad I have zero 
news! Ned and I spent the winter quietly, 
recovering from our lousy summer of 
surgery. However, we're both on the 
road to mending completely and hope to 
get to OR this summer. There will be a 
constant parade of children and grand- 
children (accompanied by their dogs) 
and that will be fun, if chaotic. However, 
I think I'll retire from the competition on 
the tennis court and golf course, maybe 
stick to croquet. We should all aim to 
be healthy and prepared for our 60th 
reunion in 201 1 . Good grief! Best to all. 

Mona Wilson Beard: May and 
sunshine seem a long way off just now! 
Thank you for the reunion dates. At least 
it won't be snowing 30 in. 60 yrs. is 
a pretty long time! No real news here. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

I'm gradually establishing a pattern and 
getting acquainted with the folks and 
activities here. 

Betty Browder Nibley: I spent 
most of the yr. getting my house ship- 
shape and downsizing (ugh) by throwing 
out, shredding, and otherwise dumping 
30 yrs. of stuff I'd accumulated in that 
big house. I've moved to a beautiful apt. 
at Knollwood, a retirement community 
for military widows and spouses. It's 
located in Washington D.C. and there 
are many friendly and gracious people 
here. I'm attending exercise classes and 
a multitude of events and trips. Sold my 
house to a nice couple (she went to SBC 
class of '93!) I'd love to hear from and/ 
or see classmates. 

Ruth Oddy Meyer: I look forward to 
any issue that has news of the Class of 
'51 . It seems like a lifetime ago, but one 
that I remember with much pleasure. I 
have 4 granddaughters, but have been 
unable to persuade the 2 eldest to 
consider SBC. They want to go where 
the boys are. I'll keep the pressure on 
the other 2. We're going to London in 
Jun. for the graduation of the 2nd eldest 
from the American School. After 5 yrs. 
of England's weather, she only looked 
at colleges in warm climates and will be 
going to the U. Miami, FL, next yr. After 
graduation the whole family will be 
going to St. Petersburg, Russia for a few 
days. Aside from wild plans, Ed and I 
continue our hospital volunteering (ER 
for 24 yrs.) and in our spare time, bridge 
is his hobby and painting is mine. Mona 
Wilson Beard and I keep in touch 
by email, and I hope to persuade Sis 
Hayden D'Wolf to join in this yr. 

Ann "Ben" Benet Yellott: Still 
helping out with the local therapeutic 
riding program and the nature center. 
Love hearing about classmates. Really 
sorry to hear about Sunshine (Tsun- 
Hsien Kwan). I waited tables with 
her. She was a special person. I heard 
from Ruth Oddy Meyer at Christmas. 
The puppy is fine; we're busy now with 
agility, which is a blast! Trouble is, I can't 
keep up with him! 

Jean Graham "Randie" Ran- 
dolph Bruns: I avoided a dreadful siege 
of winter weather in postponing my 
return home (from FL) until a lot of melt- 
ing goes on. Julie Micou Eastwood is 
planning to come "back east" to see her 
brother who isn't well. And I hope she'll 
have a few days in Warm Springs. 

Lynne McCollough Gush: I have 
no real news for SBC, since dog, ballet 
and teaching go along as usual. Not 
enough teaching, due to the economy, to 
warrant a trip to reunion, but sufficient 
for customary adventures. Nancy and I 
are working on the Liszt B minor sonata 
arranged for 2 pianos by Saint-Sans. 
The garden needs doing. We didn't 
need a hard freeze of 2 days after the 
drought, the hurricane, and the flood. 

Summer 201 • 35 

The greenhouse habitants are lovely, 
but everything I failed to bring in is thor- 
oughly Gothic. The Alumnae Magazine 
is glamorous. So, in fact, is the campus 
these days, 

Patty Lynas Ford: While visiting 
our daughter and family in Leesburg, 
VA, in Sept., we were fortunate to be 
able to go to SBC for the Inauguration 
of our new president, Jo Ellen Parker, 
a most impressive person inaugurated 
in a stirring event. We are fortunate 
to have her, a fine successor to Betsy 
Muhlenfeld. The Upchurch Field House 
has to be seen to be believed! It's 
enormous and very adaptable for dif- 
ferent functions. I was able to audit the 
Intermediate Greek class, exactly 60 yrs. 
after my time in 2nd-yr. Greek. Also, I 
was able to have some time with Dr. Eric 
Casey, the excellent classics professor, 
to read selections from Oaphnis and 
Chlo . Greek was my dearest love at 
SBC so I was able, thanks to Dr. Casey's 
kindness, to be a part of his class. 
Afterwards, we had lunch with him and 
his wife who teaches religion. All meals 
are served cafeteria-style now, no more 
student waitresses on the scene. And 
the dress code has become extremely 
relaxed. But that doesn't detract from 
the spirit of the girls. We visited the new 
student house called "The Green Vil- 
lage," which are very much in demand. 
Recently, we had lunch with Julie 
Micou Eastwood and Dick in the Napa 
Valley. She's planning to go east later in 
the spring to see her brother and plans 
to go down to VA to visit Jean Graham 
"Randie" Randolph Bruns Last week 
we had lunch in Santa Rosa with Anne 
Sinsheimer who was in the area to 
visit friends and relatives. She had had 
a splendid trip to Africa last yr. Her life is 
busy with community activities, her dog 
and knitting (she was wearing one of her 
gorgeous sweaters when we saw her). 
Lynne McCoullough Gush sent youth- 
ful pictures of herself and her fun-loving 
Kensington Weimaraner. Our local 
daughter, Elizabeth, is awaiting delivery 
of the harpsichord she commissioned 
last yr. She painted the soundboard last 
summer and has put some finishing 
touches on it. She's active in the Early 
Music scene in the Bay Area. I've been 
at the Animal Shelter for 1 3 yrs. now, 
3 mornings a wk., training and walking 
dogs and cuddling cats. Gardening gives 
Dick and me great pleasure, and as I 
write this, the many camellias, daffodils, 
daphne and other shrubs and flowers 
are in bloom. It's good to hear from you 
and to find connections with some of 
you that we didn't know existed. I invite 
others to write. It's hard to believe that 
in 14 mos. (May 201 1) we'll have our 
60th reunion! Thanks again. 

36 • Summer 2010 


Patricia Layne Winks 
312 Arguello Blvd., Apt. 3 
San Francisco, CA 94118 

Christmas 2009 brought the gift of 
many messages from our class. To all of 
you, thank you so much! 

It was good to hear that a number 
of you reunited, sometimes after many 
years. Janis Thomas Zeanah lunched 
with Freddie Collins Brister when she 
was in Richmond — the first time they 
had seen each other in more than 40 
yrs. As Janis noted, "The really good 
news: we recognized each other." Ellen 
Galey Sher drove up from Asheville, 
NC, to visit with Laura Radford Goley 
and celebrate the inauguration of 
President Parker. 

Joanne Holbrook Patton wel- 
comed Edie Marsh Fonda and Jane 
Russo Sheehan to her annual alum- 
nae picnic at Green Meadows Farm. 
And most recently, at the Vero Beach 
reception honoring Dr. Parker, Anne 
Hoagland Kelsey reunited with 3 
classmates: Frances Street Smith, 
Kitchie Roseberry Tolleson, and 
Mary John Ford Gilchrist 

Many of us continue to travel far 
and wide. Anne Hoagland Kelsey 
probably racks up the most frequent 
flyer mileage, what with residences 
in FL, Cape Cod and NJ, as well as 
children and grandchildren around the 
country. Between travels she remains 
involved in, among many activities, 
Childcare Resources, an organization 
providing early childhood and family 
support for working parents. 

Trudy Kelly Morron observes 
that with all the airport security, delays, 
and general lack of amenities, "getting 
there is not even half the fun," but she 
did get to London and Cornwall all the 
same. Others anticipate journeys in 
201 Mary Barcus Hunter plans a 
trip to the Italian Lake District with her 
sons, Bare and Tom. Florence Fitch 
Patton will go on a cruise of the Orient, 
visiting all the capitals of countries from 
Japan down to Singapore. In late sum- 
mer 2010 she'll see the once-a-decade 
Passion Play at Oberammergau. Leila 
Booth Morris is looking forward to a 
trip to Tuscany, as well as a visit to West 
Point in May for what would have been 
her late husband Jim's 65th reunion. 

When I asked you for one specific 
thing you'd like to accomplish in 2010, 
many of you echoed my own determina- 
tion (perhaps the word "hope" is more 
accurate) to get papers, files, and gen- 
eral collections of junk/treasure in order, 
as Laura Radford Goley put it, "so the 
kids won't have to." Joanne Holbrook 
Patton has enlisted the help of Gordon 

Coll. archivist and student interns to 
prepare a database of the historic Patton 
home and its contents, in order to deter- 
mine their future use. Another classmate 
dealing with the challenging prospect of 
downsizing is Nancy Morrow Lovell, 
who is first trying to organize her vast 
files of genealogy research materi- 
als, before ultimately moving from her 
large home on 5 acres. As she notes, 
"One of the best features of this home 
is its fabulous storage space. One of 
the worst features of the home (at this 
point in my life) is the fabulous stor- 
age space." Mary Barcus Hunter has 
maintained her late husband's oil and 
gas business over the past 10 yrs. Now 
she's clearing out files in anticipation 
of turning over the business to her 
sons Florence Fitch Patton is looking 
forward to the last year of her three- 
year term as National Corresponding 
Secretary General of the Daughters of 
the Revolution, though she'll continue 
activities and responsibilities at the local 
level Martha Yost Ridenour is ahead 
of the rest of us: she already cleared 
out a treasure trove from her basement 
and uncovered, among other things, 
lamps from family steamboats, dueling 
pistols, Bowie knives from the Spanish- 
Amiercan War, panning equipment from 
the Gold Rush. (She'll leave the attic for 
relatives to deal with!) 

Leila Booth Morris is grateful 
for her continued health and mobil- 
ity. Martha Yost Ridenour hopes to 
continue in good health and able to care 
for herself. Nell Dumas Herff plans to 
enjoy life. 

I'm impressed by the wide range of 
activities Peggy Nelson Harding bikes 
and kayaks. Ann Whittingham Smith 
plays badminton and has rediscovered 
playing the piano — even duets! Janis 
Thomas Zeanah has regular exercise 
as a goal in 2010. 

Like many of you, I hope to continue 
to travel. I was especially pleased to 
hear that both Josie Sibold and Mary 
Lois Miller Carroll may include San 
Francisco on their 2010 itineraries. 
Mary Lois and husband Hugh rejoice 
in his clean bill of health after a chal- 
lenging course of radiation and che- 
motherapy. Helen Graves Stahmann, 
who lives in Queensland, writes that 
she hopes to clear her coastal property 
of lantana (Australia's equivalent of 
kudzu?) and to travel to the U. S. I hope 
she stops off in San Francisco, too. 

Not all our news is happy news. 
Several of you are bravely coping with 
the care of seriously impaired spouses. 
Our thoughts and prayers go out to you. 
We lost three members of our class: 
Barbara Hoyt Boyer, Marjorie Levine 
Abrams, and Jane Mattas Christian 
We are grateful for their presence in our 
lives, and now in our memories. 

Again, thanks so much to all of you 

who wrote and enabled me to pass 
along some news. I realize I've left out 
news of our baby-boomer children and 
Generation X grandchildren, but this 
time I wanted to be sure you heard 
about each other. More about our fami- 
lies next time! Please keep me up to 
date, so that I may share the news. 


Florence "Flo" Pie Apy 
67 Rivers Edge Dr. 
Little Silver, NJ 07739 

A big thank you to those who sent news 
at Christmas: Kirk Tucker Clarkson 
and Jack began 2009 with a "fabulous 
trip to Southern Chile where we found 
the glaciers and fjords breathtaking." 
The remainder of the winter was spent 
at their home in Ponte Verda, FL, near 
their family. There, she enjoys seeing 
Eleanor Johnson Ashby and Garnett. 
The 3 Clarkson grandsons are all in 
coll., and their granddaughter is a suc- 
cessful caterer in Telluride, CO. Kirk had 
a total knee replacement in May and 
a thyroidectomy in Aug. She's playing 
tennis again and ready to travel. Jack is 
substituting in the courts (judicial, not 
tennis) in Norfolk. Kirk often sees Katty 
Turner Mears at Chesapeake Bay 
Foundation meetings. 

Sug Cantey Patton and Pat spent 
a delightful 4 days at Cashiers, NC, 
with Anne Elliot Caskie and Challen 
and Edie Norman Wombwell and 
George, all enjoying the great weather 
and mountain scenery. The Pattons are 
expecting a great-grandson in Mar. via 
oldest grandson, Tim and wife Brooke. 

Great news for Jeanne Duff and 
me — Parti Tighe Walden is returning 
to NJ after living for several yrs. in Las 
Vegas. Parti's son-in-law has been 
transferred back to Tishman's NY of- 
fice. She and the rest of the family will 
return at the end of the school yr. Now 
Jeanne, Patti and I can resume our 
luncheon get-togethers. Jeanne and I 
have continued our meetings, but have 
missed Patti. If any of you live within 
driving distance of Princeton, NJ, we'd 
be happy to have you join us. 

A Christmas card from Anne 
Joyce Wyman and Joseph pictured 
their beautiful family — a handsome 
son-in-law, a beautiful daughter and two 
good-looking blond grandsons, but no 

From my roommate. Kay Amden 
Mary Lou underwent total knee replace- 
ment (there seems to be an epidemic 
of that). The knee having been deemed 
"better than over," she and Kay are 
taking their show "Sisters by Heart" on 
the road to senior centers, retirement 
communities, and women's clubs, Kay 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

mastered the art of Power Point presen- 
tation to illustrate the program. 

Sally Gale Beck and Doug enjoy 
life in Merida, Mexico. Sally reports that 
her knees are no longer what they once 
were, so she has curtailed climbing the 
Maya ruins. She now has more time for 
reading and research. 

From the Apy household: In Oct., 
Chet and I cruised the Mediterranean 
in celebration of our 55th wedding 
anniv. We toured Rome for 3.5 days 
before boarding the Grand Princess. 
The ship took us to Naples (Pompeii), 
Athens, Istanbul, Ephesus, the Greek 
island of Mykonos, Cairo (the Sphinx and 
Pyramids), Alexandria and then back to 
Rome and home. I'm sure that this will 
bring back memories of your own travels 
and perhaps encourage some of you to 
see more of the world. 

Just before we left, Chet and I got 
the news that we will be welcoming 
our 9th grandchild (a boy, as we later 
learned) in Apr. Six of the grandchildren, 
all the young ones, live in CA — in 2 
households, 400 mi. apart — so we're 
commuting grandparents. As of Apr., 
they'll range from age 0-30. Not exactly 
a one-size-fits-all group. 

As I was completing this column, I 
was notified by the Sweet Briar alumnae 
office that Gage Bush Englund died 
over a year ago on Jan. 1 2, 2009. A 
long and interesting obituary appeared 
in the Jan. 1 5 edition of the NY Times, 
a copy of which can be found if you 
Google her name on the Internet. 

My inbox is now empty, so please 
send me your news for our next column. 


Bruce Watts Krucke 
7352 Toogoodoo Rd. 
Yonges Island, SC 29449 


Kathryn Beard 
1074 Zanzibar Ln. 
Minneapolis, MN 55447 

Well, Ladies, here I am again! I did 
hear from several of you, but most of 
us seem to be living quietly these days. 
Quoting Gail Davidson Bazzarre 
wrote to let you know nothing is hap- 
pening here!" That's just fine, as it's 
enough for me to know that "we are 
still here!" Gail still volunteers at their 
church, and she and John enjoy their 
"darling" great-granddaughter (2). Most 
of you echoed Pam Compton Ware s 
sentiment: "Family continues to bring 
great joy." For Christmas Marty Hede- 
man Buckingham's 2 children brought 
their families to GA to celebrate. She 

spent the summer on Cape Cod so she 
was near both families. Bexy Faxon 
Knowles and Bob may hold the record 
with 16 grands and twin greats. Now 
that they're boatless, they take a cruise 
or 2 every yr. With a grandchild count 
of 1 5, Betty Byrne Gill Ware and 
Hudnall are a close 2nd. I love that she 
sends photos — her daughter looks like 
her twin! Emily Hunter Slingluffs 
children both live within an easy drive 
so she can see them frequently. Her 
2 granddaughters are in school at 
Princeton and UVA. Patty McClay 
Boggs and Flip will head north in May 
to attend the h. s. graduation of one of 
their grandchildren. The biggest event 
in Ruth Campbell VanDerpoel's yr. 
was the marriage of son Jim last Sept. 
to a lovely girl he met at his cycling 
club. Ann Jeffers Hogarty writes 
that although she very much misses 
Dick, her family is with her often so she 
feels very blessed. Last summer Sue 
Bernard Odense and Larry spent 4 
days with all the granddaughters — 2 of 
them home from coll. Lots of fun, but 
it took her a wk. to recuperate! In the 
fall they went on their 1st cruise, from 
Boston to Nova Scotia, with 2 couples 
they've known for 50 yrs. Many of us 
spent time on the road — no one more 
than Joan Kelts Cook and Duncan. 
Their family is scattered across the west 
in CA, OR and MT. They also spent time 
in the east visiting friends, cruising the 
islands and exploring Disney World, and 
that doesn't even count the 2 wks. at 
their time-share in Mazatlan, Mex. last 
winter Honey Addington Passano and 
Bill were finally able to fly out of snowy 
Baltimore in mid-Feb. and headed to the 
Bahamas for 7 wks. in the sun. Honey 
wrote of Sue Starkey Ragland's 
death last fall. Sue was her freshman 
roommate, and they had stayed in touch 
through the yrs. 

By now, most of us are retired, 
but we're still volunteering. Diane 
Johnson DeCamp is less active in 
her Garden Club but still participates in 
their events. She also volunteers at her 
church as do Gail Bazzarre and Betty 
Sanford Molster. Even I put in my 
one morning a wk. at the County Adult 
Corrections Facility! Others are enjoying 
more comfortable climates for their 
retirement. Gay Reddig Mayl and Jack 
love sunny FL. In CA, Barbara Plamp 
Hunt and George enjoy their retirement 

I am frequently in contact with Didi 
Stoddard Fritz Merriman Naylor, 
Ginger Chamblin Greene and Manda 
McThenia lodice. Didi and her partner, 
Jess Tobin, have a handsome new 
grandson who they're silly about. Fritz 
is still teaching and shows no sign of 
slowing down, so I assume she enjoys 
it. Ginger is still getting used to hot and 
cold running water after her time in 

rural Africa. Manda and Don are enjoy 
having their older son with them for an 
extended visit. 

That's all I have. I echo Gail's senti- 
ment: "There's nothing happening here!" 


Meredith Smythe Grider 
1307 Killiney PI. 

Louisville, KY 40207 

Martha Anne Clay Nichols 
3928 Old Brownsboro Rd. 
Louisville, KY 40207 

In the last issue of this magazine, 
our class notes, written by Meredith, 
was cut short, leaving an incomplete 
sentence and omission of news from 
classmates — so much for technology! 
So the missed news will be included 
with all the latest. 

It is with great sadness that we note 
the following deaths: Betsy Meade 
Hastings Carolyn Dickinson Tynes, 
Joyce Lenz Young Ann Irvin, Sarah 
Sharp Taylor. Helen Wolfe Evans. 
Jane Slack's son Ethan Engl, Nancy 
St. Clair Talley's husband Lilburn, 
Nancie Howe Entenmann s husband 
Dick, and Frances Shannonhouse 
Clardy's husband Jim. To each family 
we send our condolences in their loss 
and our loving support. 

From Sarasota, Bunny Burwell 
Nesbit resides in The Glenridge, a 
continuing care retirement community, 
and enjoys life there. She's at the top 
as dean of a new community school, 
chairman of the cruise committee, social 
committee, liaison to performing arts 
committee, opera guild and is active at 
the Church of the Redeemer. What a 
resume! Daughter, Katherine, married at 
50, lives in Charlottesville, works for the 
Federal Reserve and welcomes Bunny 
for long summer visits. Let her know 
when in Sarasota — she'd love a visit. 

Ruth Phillips Hollowed continues 
her career in advertising, but mostly 
"does everything" for her 9-yr.-old 
granddaughter who lives with her and 
son/father, Chad. 

Rose Montgomery Johnston 
travels to visit her 4 daughters when 
her profession in psychotherapy allows. 
Holland and Croatia have been recent 
destinations as well as a drive through 
SBC, which inspired her with the beauty 
of the campus and with gratitude for her 
years there. 

Barbara Brown McFarland in 
OR still enjoys her work and will have a 
granddaughter/graduate this spring. 

Kay Smith Schauer and Bob 
(battling cancer) keep a non-stop travel 
schedule — Antartica, Central America, 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

hiking and to DE for a Smith family 
reunion. Their volunteer lists includes tax 
preparation for AARP, Stanford's Arizona 
Cactus Garden, Unity Church. Add a 
meditation group, 45-yr.-old book club, 
Palo Alto tree advocacy and you know 
why they lead "a wonderful life" and 
send blessings to us sisters in the Class 
of 1956. 

Karen Steinhardt Kirkbride and 
Dick focus their travel on beaches — DE, 
FL, HI and St. Maarten. Apr. takes them 
to NYC for son Trevor's wedding pre- 
ceded by parties "from Fort Lauderdale 
to Tokyo." 

Nancy Greer Howe Entenmann 
recommends the book When Husbands 
Die, which had a strong impact on her 
when she read it. She also says that 
she's impressed with the SBC senior 

Barbara Darnall Clinton and Dean 
have attended assorted engineering 
conferences in Puerto Rico and Kuwait. 
They attended grandson's graduation in 
Ghana where daughter, Mary Kay and 
husband serve as Methodist missionar- 
ies; other grandson is in 10th grade. 
Daughter Laura has active teenagers — 
Shannon and Connor — travels interna- 
tionally for AEI Energy. Son Charles has 
made the Colonels List for the Air Force. 
Barbara continues singing with her choir, 
especially at Easter. 

Nancy Ettinger Minor has earned 
bridge Life Master, but volunteers with 
elementary students in neediest Savan- 
nah schools, too. The Savannah Music 
Festival is a highlight on her Apr. calen- 
dar. She finds time to play golf in spite 
of a bum knee. Meredith and Macie can 
sympathize as they each have 2 new 
ones — anyone else? 

Joan Broman Wright and Jim 
survived the blizzards of 2010, which 
assaulted Charlottesville. So, off to FL 
for recovery and visits with family and 
friends up and down the coast. She and 
Mary Ann Hicklin Willingham are 
planning our 55th in 2011 — put May 
20,21 , 22 on your calendar now and 
await more details. They won't accept 
any excuses for not attending! 

Jane Slack Sigloh has authored 
a book, "Like Trees Walking," which 
Meredith reports is wonderful and avail- 
able from Amazon. Our class Scholar- 
ship Fund has a value of $1 1 ,739 and is 
helping a student in the class of 201 3. 
Additions to the fund may be made 
through annual giving and memorials. 

Martha Clay Nichols is complet- 
ing a 2-yr. term as President of the 
Colonial Dames in KY. where 2 museum 
houses in Frankfort, which offer them 
lots of volunteer challenges in addition 
to the normal Dame activities, She and 
Robert travel to Providence to Martha's 
family, Barcelona for Rob's and spent 
2 wks in Egypt last month — did it a//! 
Dr. Martha is teaching French at Brown, 

Summer 2010 -37 

juggles an amazing schedule; Rob is in 
international real estate after 1 3 yrs. in 
Spain. Robert is retired, but busy and 
she's hanging on in the wonderful world 
of real estate. 

Meredith Smythe Grider spends 
summer plus in her Ml retreat as a 
shopkeeper and hostess to many family 
and friends. For a winter break, Sanibel 
for a few weeks is the balance. Her 3 
girls and families are all right here in 
Louisville and spend time with her — 
wherever she is! 

Now, if you aren't mentioned in this 
tome, it's because nothing came to us or 
SBC — please take a moment to share 
some news for the next issue. And many 
thanks to those who sent news — we 
can't do this without you! Keep in touch. 


Carol McMurtry Fowler 
10 WoodstoneSq. 
Austin, TX 78703 


Jane Shipman Kuntz 
4015 Orchard View PL, No. 1 
Powell, OH 43065 

Greetings from Buckeye Land! In case 
you hadn't heard, Eddie and I have 
moved to suburban Columbus; more 
about that later. Our notes are a little 
sparse, but I'm grateful to the few 
people who did get in touch. 

Adele Scott Caruthers has 
retired again from her profession as an 
occupational hand therapist. To help fill 
her time, Adele volunteers helping 2nd- 
graders learn to read. She's also taking 
a continuing education class using New 
Yorker articles as a textbook. She's 
pleased to have extra time to paint and 
is writing her memoirs. Adele will have 
her 2nd hip replacement in May; she 
had the 1 st one 7 yrs. ago and coded 
on the anesthesia, so she has a differ- 
ent doctor and procedure. Adele serves 
on the hospitality committee of her 
Episcopal Church in Albuquerque and 
has recently moved. 

Elizabeth Gallo Skladal was 
selected as Alumna of the Year for 
the U. of AK, Anchorage. The awards 
luncheon was held at the Gorsuch 
Commons in Anchorage. Elizabeth said: 
"This award is personally shared with 
Sweet Briar as I feel my education there 
prepared me for the role as leader 
in community endeavors. Thank you, 
Sweet Briar!" 

Joan Nelson Bargamin and 
husband Paul had attended the early 
curling contests at the Olympics after 
a visit to Fort Worth to try bull riding! 

38 'Summer 2010 

Among her many accomplishments is 
practicing law for 1 yrs. after gradu- 
ation; she only substitutes now. Joan 
also has had an antique business. 
She keeps in touch with many SBC 
alumnae; Californian Polly Barnes 
Hester, a near professional golfer; Ann 
Watkins Custer of NY, due for a visit, 
with her husband David; and Carol 
McClave Duncan owner of a beautiful 
dairy farm in PA near the Land-O'Lakes, 
a frequent visitor with her husband 
Don. In Richmond Joan sees Mary Ann 
Vandevoort Large '57 and Bob; Molly 
Haskell '61 when she visits her SBC 
roommate Barbara Fowler; and Pearl 
Adamson '60 and Louise Dunham 
Williams and husband Harold are 
neighbors as well as Weezie Laughlin 
'57. Joan also sees a lot of Betty 
Waddell Henson who lives in Roanoke. 
Joan has fascinating family history: 
her father, a professor at W&L, was 
British and still has many relatives 
there; her mother was French and a 
Cordon Bleu graduate as well as a 
member of Howard Carter's team when 
he excavated King Tut's tomb in 1922. 
As a result of all these connections, 
Joan and Paul visit England, France 
and Egypt regularly. Joan's tales of her 
youth are fascinating: she says she lived 
in NYC, where she was a Rockette and 
later moved to Chicago and FL; when 
her father joined the faculty at W&L 
the Nelsons moved to Lexington where 
Joan met her husband Paul while he 
was in law school and she was a pool 
life guard; after a few years in SC they 
moved to Richmond where they raised 
their 2 sons. Joan has also appeared on 
"All My Children," courtesy of her god- 
child Eden Riegel. I would be remiss not 
to send sympathy for the death of one 
of her sons not long ago. 

Thank goodness for holiday let- 
ters; Judy Graham Lewis and Jim, 
Charleston, WVA, sent a delightful 
Valentine note. The Lewises celebrated 
their 51 st anniv. on 6/1 4/09. Judy 
spends her time at their church where 
she's a bellringer and sings in the 
choir, and serves food for Manna Meals, 
a breakfast, lunch and dinner served to 
as many as 400 people a day. She also 
serves on the Gay & Straight Alliance 
committee and tends to the church gar- 
den. Judy had a hip replacement 2 yrs. 
ago so she "walks vigorously" and starts 
her day in a water aerobics class at the 
YWCA. Jim has retired from the active 
Episcopal ministry, but just finished 
work as an interim "supply" minister for 
4 parishes that combined into one. The 
Lewis offspring are equally as active 
as their parents' oldest son Stephen 
has moved back home with his parents 
and is exploring new business oppor- 
tunities to support his 3 children who 
live with their mother in MD. "Having 
Stephen back home has been one of 

life's unexpected gifts," his parents say. 
Daughter Elizabeth and husband Mac 
live in Durham, NC; their daughter is at 
UNC-Asheville and son Lewis is decid- 
ing where he wants to go to college. 
Because Mac had serious surgery on 
his foot, Beth and he have made the "in 
sickness and in health" journey together. 
Daughter Katherine and husband Bill 
are both Episcopal priests. They're serv- 
ing in a parish in Minnetonka, MN; they 
and their children Eva and Jesse love 
MN. Deborah, Katherine's twin sister, 
in Concord, NH, is in her 2nd yr, as a 
nurse in a cardiac care unit in a local 
hospital. Her daughter Sarah is in high 
school; besides being a good student, 
she competes in crew, track and cross- 
country running. Son Alex is the owner 
of a local paintball facility. Deborah will 
be remarried in Oct. 

First, I want to apologize to all of 
you for not getting the summary of our 
fabulous 50th reunion in the Alumna 
Magazine. I raced home and wrote a 
comprehensive recap; the only problem 
was that my e-mail didn't reach the 
editor and I didn't realize it until the 
magazine came out. For some strange 
reason, I had no hard copy, my usual 
practice, so that column is still float- 
ing around cyberspace somewhere! 
Fall 2008 and winter 2009 turned out 
to be difficult because I developed a 
low grade infection that just hung on 
and on; I was also diagnosed with 
polymyalgia rheumatica, an unpleas- 
ant but treatable condition. The final 
straw was cracking my ankle from a 
fall while walking our dog. Then, due 
to the influence of our daughters, we 
moved to Powell, OH, in order to be 
near Anne who started working for 
the Zusman Hospice in 1/09; they felt 
that, due to our "advancing yrs.," we 
should be near one of them. We've 
settled into a lovely patio condo, but I'd 
forgotten what a nightmare moving was. 
Martha Schneck, Don and children, 
moved back to their home in Ashburn, 
VA, after 4 yrs. in Pretoria, South Africa. 
Don is now advising on security mea- 
sures at new and remodeled embassies 
and consulates around the world for 
the State Department; he just returned 
from consulting in China. Martha is 
the aquatic director at the Pavilion, the 
local community activities center. Katie 
is a jr. at Mary Washington U. majoring 
in fine arts with an emphasis on pho- 
tography; Lauren graduated from the 
American Int'l School of Johannesburg 
last Jun. and is in a post graduate 
year in VA and is taking flute lessons; 
Cole is in the 8th grade and is an alto 
sax player. This yr.'s snows were hard 
on them after their sojourn in Africa. 
Lee and Steve Caira, Clarksville, TN, 
have a busy household with Steve's 2 
children Ryan (19) and Ashley (16) liv- 
ing at home. Steve is a distributor with 

Hostess products and Lee continues 
as the victim-witness coordinator for 
the local attorney general. Anne loves 
her job as community coordinator at 
Zusman. She lives with her "significant 
other" Rick Farley, a funeral director, 
and daughter Lindsey (16). Eddie and 
I are delighted being so close to them 
and they've been great helpers with 
our move. 

Since my postcards were not a suc- 
cess, I'll just ask you all to write your 
news before the next magazine, due 
out in the fall; that means getting your 
news to me as soon as possible, either 
by e-mail or snail mail. Both addresses 
are with this article. Our reunion just 
confirmed my opinion that our class- 
mates are remarkable; they are attrac- 
tive, bright and highly motivated, fine 
ambassadors for Sweet Briar. Keep the 
news coming. 


Ali Wood Thompson 
89 Pukolu Way 
Wailea, HI 96753 

One of our sad moments in Feb., was 
the passing of our wonderful Gretchen 
Smith Buntschuh. All of us who went 
to the 50th Reunion in Sept. remember 
the delightful time we had with her and 
have fond memories of her. 

I want to thank all of you for such a 
wonderful response to this 2nd newslet- 
ter! For those that don't have email (for 
the next edition of the SBC Alumnae 
magazine), please send me your news 
as soon as possible so that I can include 
you in the next letter. 

Liz Chambers Burgess: I'm 
still reeling from Gretchen Smith 
Buntschuh s death. It was so very 
wonderful to renew that friendship at 
Reunion. Have started volunteer work in 
the Archives/Special Collections section 
of the Old Dominion U. library. Also, 
I've agreed to be treasurer for my DAR 
chapter for the next 3 yrs. May be over 
estimating my energy level, but it keeps 
me out of trouble! Chuck and I just got 
back from Atlanta, where we stayed with 
our daughter and her family for a few 
days. Our one grandchild, a 5-yr-old 
girl who is beautiful and brilliant as are 
all grandchildren everywhere, is quite a 
drawing card for Atlanta visits. We visit 
our son and his wife in NY regularly. 
Otherwise, my main hobby is digging 
into family history, which I do on the in- 
ternet with occasional trips to NC where 
many of my ancestors were. Chuck is 
still teaching part time at Old Dominion 
U., although he's technically retired. 
He loves it, and I love the fact that he's 
happy with what he does. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Betsy Colwill Weigers: I'm off to 

the Caribbean tomorrow after having 
spent a few days in NYC where the 
weather was the pits and coming home 
to Vail where the weather was also 
the pits. Whatever does one expect in 
Feb.? We sold our place in Mexico and 
are now looking for other venues. Have 
reconnected with Claire Devener (in 
Anguilla), and I hope to see her while 
we're in St, Barts. I've also reconnected 
with Jackie Hekma Stone and Alice 
Carey Farmer Brown Along with Di 
Doscher I hope to have a mini reunion 
this spring in NYC. 

Tricia Coxe Ware: I'm looking for- 
ward to spring. Richmond had 30 in. of 
snow this winter! At least my grandchil- 
dren, Mac and Riley, enjoyed it. 

Caroline Blake Whitney: I'm a first 
time writer of news. I've been reflecting 
or reviewing the past many yrs. since 
departure from our alma mater. From 
the tranquil east coast of the Northeast 
to the "Old Country" after marrying, we 
lived in Switzerland for a couple of yrs. 
and even considered settling in England. 
However, the call from my husband's 
father to come home to Argentina was 
too irresistible. I had never been there, 
so it was a great adventure, never to 
be regretted. My 4 children call it their 
country, having grown up surrounded 
by family. My Mother-in-Law came from 
a large Scottish clan who settled in the 
deep south of Argentina, near the Straits 
of Magellan. Those were amazing, excit- 
ing and vibrant yrs. before everything 
began to crumble. The government was 
never good, became enmeshed in ram- 
pant terrorism, friends disappearing, and 
our lives had to change from a steady 
rhythm to an irregular, inconsistent life 
style. I guess it affected our marriage 
more than I wanted it to do so. Sadly, 
I had to accept that this part of my life 
was over, and due to continued strife in 
Argentina, it seemed best to return to 
Boston. Shortly thereafter my husband 
died, thus I call myself a divorced 
widow. I had been away from the USA 
for over 25 yrs. It was similar to starting 
all over again, in a new country. Much 
had changed and seemed strange, 
even connecting with old friends. Their 
lives had moved on, just as mine had, 
there were gaps in the connections — 
unknown children, different friends, the 
changes wrought by the 60s and early 
70s, which were not in my experiences. 
Today seems like yesterday in that once 
again I have lived just 2 yrs. short of 
my other life in Argentina, back here in 
Boston. Thus, reminiscing, it seems as 
though there have been 3 volumes of 
my life. What will the 4th contain? I'm 
looking forward to a productive one! 

Mary Harrison "Cookie" Cooke 
Carle: I've decided to sell my house 
in Wynnewood. I expect to move to a 
2-bedroom, 2-bath condo in Havertord 4 

mi. away. If the entire class of '59 could 
please come here on my moving day, 
carry an armload and enjoy a nice 4-mi. 
walk together, it could be a wonderful 
experience for all. Besides I could save 
on a moving van. You all would need to 
make a few round trips, so plan to bring 
your most comfortable booties! As for 
me, I hyperventilate at the thought of 
climbing one flight of stairs to my cur- 
rent bedroom, so I'd have to follow the 
group in my Prius. (Snowdon, you can 
ride in the car with me!) If I live through 
this, it'll be a miracle. I've been here 38 
yrs. I have enough stuff to fill ole Daisy's 
gym and Babcock too. I'm clearly a bona 
fide 'keepaholic.' 

Deborah Dunning: Primarily, I'm 
very busy working to insure that our 
children and the children of our children 
and future generations have health and 
quality of life. The NGO I founded and 
serve as president, The Green Standard, 
is hosting a forum in Washington in late 
Apr. to help manufacturers learn how to 
"go green" and expand their exports and 
sales. It's an adventure and, if any of you 
are interested, you can learn about it I'd love 
to see a bunch of you there and look 
forward to catching up wherever. 

Alice Cary Farmer Brown: We're 
trying not to feel ancient as our oldest 
child turns 50 this yr. and our oldest 
grandchild just turned 20 and 6 other 
grandchildren are teenagers. One little 
guy is still just 1 1 . We managed to 
drive up to The Pomfret School in a wild 
blizzard recently to see a granddaughter 
dance as a Flapper Girl in the school's 
musical revival of "Thoroughly Modern 
Millie." A week earlier we had driven up 
to Deerfield Academy to see a grandson 
come in 2nd in a ski race of over 200 
skiers from 10 boarding schools. We're 
off to FL to visit my mother-in-law (99) 
who wants to go out every night! We 
plan to spend, as usual, all of May and 
Jun. at our place in Vienna. We were 
there, also as usual, all of Oct. and Nov. 
We returned in time for a big family 
Christmas in Telluride, CO, with our 
youngest son and his family. I share 
our class's enormous sadness over 
the untimely deaths of Ethel Bruner 
and Gretchen Smith. Both were truly 
special young women. I feel fortunate to 
have known them. 

Penny Fisher Duncklee: Jan. 
took me to CA to visit Clint and Dave 
and their families. Of course, it was fun 
visiting, going to the San Diego Zoo and 
Ventura beach. The train ride to Ventura 
from Oceanside was wonderful. We 
should all get back to taking trains. 

John is writing some neat books 
(, and I'm paint- 
ing when I'm not "pottywashing" (doing 
all the other stuff instead of what you say 
you are going to do that day). I've taught 
one of John's writing students how to use 

a computer. Yesterday I had a pleasant 
moment when I won an award for this 
fun watercolor painting. I've been a little 
discouraged lately because it's seemed 
that only scribbles and splashes were 
deemed "good art." "Why bother to learn 
to draw or use paint?" I asked. Getting a 
little prize shut me up nicely. 

This Jun., we're taking our camper 
to Knoxville, TN, for John's annual West- 
ern Writers of America Convention. We'll 
zigzag our way out and back so we can 
explore and I can paint some of the neat 
places along the way. We're happy and 
healthy and enjoying life. My Web site is: 

(Ali's note: Did anyone want to know 
what "potty washing was?... I wrote 
Penny and she answered: "Pottywashing 
goes like this: I get up from the break- 
fast table and head to my studio. On the 
way I see that the iron is still out on the 
counter from cooling off after ironing 
clothes yesterday. I stop and put the 
iron away, As the cabinet door is open 
I see the plant fertilizer and remember 
that I was going to feed the plants in the 
front hall last week. I get the fertilizer 
out, dilute some of it and go water and 
feed the plants. Then I notice that the 
window in the front hall is dirty. So I 
wash the window and the ones in the 
dining room and living room. By then an 
hour has gone by, and it's time for a cup 
of coffee. And, I haven't done my email 
yet. Suddenly it's 1 1 :30 and nearly time 
for lunch, and I haven't touched a brush 
or wet the paints, or, even thought about 
the painting. THAT is pottywashing. 

Jackie Hekma Stone: Synopsis 
of My Life So Far. After I graduated, 
I worked as a media buyer for Young 
and Rubicam until I got married in '63 
to Charles Lanier Stone. We moved 
to Greenwich where we have lived in 
the same house for 47 yrs. We had 2 
daughters and now have 5 grandchil- 
dren (2-13), which we enjoy spending 
time with. After various volunteer jobs, 
I realized I love to teach and learn. I got 
my masters in elem. education from 
Manhattanville Coll. In 74 and taught 
middle school at Greenwich Academy 
for 1 yrs. before becoming the Head 
of Middle School in 1982. 1 loved that 
job, but decided to move on in '89 to a 
degree in landscape architecture. Just 
at the time I decided this was not for 
me, I was asked to be a consultant to 
the School of the Holy Child, which was 
forming a middle school. I was the 1st 
dir. of the Middle School of the Holy 
Child in Rye, NY for 6 yrs. During that 
time, I pursued my Ph.D. in education 
from Fordham U., which I finally earned 
in '02. Next I was a Clinical Assistant 
Professor at Fordham teaching and 
running their Secondary Initial Teacher 
Program full time for 3 yrs. Since retir- 
ing, I occasionally teach as an adjunct 
professor at local universities. I'm look- 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

ing forward to getting more involved in 
local education programs as a volunteer. 
I'm involved in tennis and boating; I oc- 
casionally ski and play golf. My current 
passion is playing duplicate bridge. 

Meriwether Hagerty Rumrill: I'm 
so lucky to have the 1st (Charles Rumrill 
called Chip) of my 6 grandkids living 
close by in Alexandria and have the joy 
of watching him change weekly. The 
mighty snows that hit VA were also a joy 
this winter since I could just walk out the 
front door, put on my cross country skis 
and get on a trail through the woods and 
around my lake. Clients are beginning to 
call and I am eager to get back to work 
(that's from someone who loves her 
work). I still feel the loss of Gretchen 
Smith whom I was getting to know as 
we shared our joy of dancing. 

We were hoping to meet in DC so 
we could enjoy together the best dance 
venue in the country. Great love of 
family, friends, fun and work, and good 
health. I feel very blessed. 

Gay Hart Gaines: Sadly, Stanley 
and I suffered the loss of our eldest 
son last Jun. 18, to the ravages and 
complications from his lifelong Juvenile 
Diabetes. (Type 1) He was only 48, and 
it was the worst blow we have ever 
had. One has to keep on going for the 
sake of all our family. You never get 
over it. Really. You somehow get around 
it. We celebrated our 50th wedding 
anniv. with all of our children and 1 of 
the 1 1 grandchildren and it was bitter 
sweet, but wonderful. We took the whole 
family to Williamsburg for a wonderful 
dose of history as well as sports and 
wonderful food. It was a big success. 
I still represent FL on Mount Vernon's 
board and am totally committed to my 
favorite hero, George Washington. I 
was elected chairman of the Capital 
Campaign to raise $80 million to build 
a library honoring our 1st and greatest 
President and am very excited about 
it. I'm also working for some exciting 
political candidates, Marco Rubio for the 
FL Senate, a thrilling young man, John 
Kasich for Gov. of OH and think he's just 
what OH needs and Lt. Col. Allen West 
for our Congressman, here in FL. We 
finally moved into our wonderful new 
home on the ocean in time for Thanks- 
giving and Christmas, and we adore it. 
We named it "Lalaland" because all of 
Palm Beach is really Lalaland! 

Trudie Jackson Smither: I've 
been working on my h, s, 55th reunion 
in Sept. We have a very active and in- 
terested class and hope for even more, 
perhaps, than for our 50th, In May, I'm 
going out of the country for the 1 st time 
in yrs. to Prague, where I'll be one of a 
tour of 17 people who will be sponsored 
and led by the cultural leaders of the 
Czech Republic in the US. It's 7 days, 
staying in Prague. I'm really looking 
forward to it. 

Summer 2010 • 39 

Jame Jamison Messer At the 

moment I'm melanoma free. I see my 
oncologist every 3 mos. at the cancer 
center in IN. We spent Christmas at Dis- 
ney with 3 of my children and 6 of my 
grandchildren. I had the wonderful thrill 
of swimming with the dolphins and 5 of 
my grandchildren. A survivor indeed, I'm 
leaving tomorrow to go to Grand Rapids, 
Ml, to celebrate my granddaughter's 
birthday. I've made a snowboard cake! 
We'll go north for the weekend where 
we spend part of our summers on beau- 
tiful Torch Lake near Traverse City. 

Jini Jones Vail: I'm waiting for 
good news on my book. Hope it will 
come this week. It's being read by a new 
publisher in Yardley, PA. 

Elizabeth Johnson Lipscomb 
I continue to treasure opportunities to 
take advantage of SBC events. Lloyd and 
I enjoyed a wonderful performance of 
Dylan Thomas's radio play, Under Milk- 
wood, transformed into a lively drama 
by Professor William Kershner. He's the 
chair of the dept. of theatre and dance, 
and his outstanding cast of SB students 
and neighbors. Dean Jonathan Green 
composed music for the production. The 
program noted that this yr. marks the 
100th anniv. of Paint and Patches! I'll be 
back on campus in Apr. for the spring 
meeting of the Friends of the Library. 

Isa Mary Lowe Zieglar Though 
it's not a competition, I'd love to know 
if I'm the oldest 1 st-time grandparent 
in the class. Our 1st just celebrated his 
2nd birthday. 

Sorrel Mackall Mcelroy: All is 
great with us. We're still in the country 
outside of Richmond enjoying good 
health and our 1 3 grand children. We 
just returned from a week of sailing 
with one of the families in the BVIs. It's 
such a treat. I love being part of the SBC 
book club, We talk a lot, but do read the 

Virginia MacKethan Kitchen: 
Here I am faux belting out a song at the 
Sun Studio, where Elvis recorded. Corky 
and I were in Memphis for a wk. in Feb. 
to visit our 3rd son, Cameron and his 
wife and 2 young boys. Our 2nd son 
Alexander, who lives in Charlottesville, 
was also there with his daughter and 
son. Cameron is director of the Brooks 
Art Museum in Memphis. For our 50th 
wedding anniv. celebration Corky and 
I took a Tauck Tour trip last fall to St. 
Petersburg and Moscow and then rented 
an apt. for a wk. in Paris. 

Vicki Meeks Blair-Smith: I've 
been up to my ears with a 60th grade 
school reunion, would you believe, and 
then away at the CAN-AM Crown sled 
dog races. (Caroline did 206 mi. of the 
250-mi. race.) Since I had to do some 
bio thing for the 60th in May, I gave it 
a SBC touch for you. Ages ago, I went 
back to one reunion and enjoyed it, 
especially since I was able to ride even 

40 • Summer 2010 

though I hadn't ridden for many years. 
Here's a brief bio of my life: At SBC 
'til end of soph, yr., I transferred to St. 
John's, Annapolis to be with Jon Sweet. I 
did yr. 1 of the 4-yr. program as student; 
Jon & I married in '58; held a variety of 
non-jobs while Jon finished senior yr. 
Then we moved to Denver where Jon's 
started law school. Another variety of 
non-jobs ended as sec. receptionist for 
Denver Country Day (now Kent Denver) 
where I stayed for 6 yrs., going to DU at 
night. Unfortunately the marriage didn't 
succeed. In '65 I earned a B.A. with a 
major in history and a minor in history. 
of art. My parents died relatively young 
in '65 and '66 causing me to move back 
to CT. I went to SBC in part because 
my aunt Marjorie E. Silvester was '34; 
she rode for Miss Rogers (probably why 
I "won" the Freshman Horsemanship 
Cup & majored in philosophy under 
"Lucifer." While I had many friends at 
SBC, my best friends left when I did; as 
a Northerner then, it became tiresome 
to deal with the Mexican & Civil Wars. 
My manners were not "Southern;" I was 
called into D. Jester's office regularly for 
being "rude" — e.g. forgetting to punctu- 
ate sentences with "M'am." In New 
Haven, we used "Sir" -surname for male 
teachers but Miss or Mrs. + surname for 
woman; even Hey, Sir was OK! In 1967, 
I moved to Cambridge to work on a Ted 
Sizer project at H'vard's Ed. School, 
A Study of the American Independent 
School. I met Hugh a.k.a. Bear sailing; 
he was an engineer at MIT/Draper Lab 
on the Apollo space project; we married 
in '68 and have 2 children who were 
"Lifers" at BB&N in Cambridge: Rob, 
a graduate of Lake Forest, is married 
and works as an engineer for Cbeyond. 
They live in Downers Grove, IL and 
have 2 children: Amelia (1 1 ) and Adam 
(8). Caroline, a graduate of Bowdoin, is 
Program Director for Outward Bound, 
ME. She and her Brit husband Andy 
live nr. Bethel; they have 1 5 sled dogs 
with whom they run tours and race. See 
my Grand Puppies at: www.sledpets. 
com . While the children were young, I 
volunteered in their various school librar- 
ies and earned a Simmons MLS in 1 991 
leading to work in Technical Services 
(mostly cataloguing) in the h. s. library, 
a special library in Boston (NEHGS), and 
a Public Library on Cape until I retired 
in 2009, primarily to spend more time 
in genealogical research. A dog owner 
since age 15, I've had 2 Dais, a string 
of 5 Goldens, and now a string of retired 
Alaskan Huskies from Caroline's sled 
dog colleagues in ME. I moved to the 
Cape about a decade ago between jobs 
to be more at hand for Hugh's mother 
who lived into her 90s on the B-S family 
property in Dennis; Hugh followed about 
2005 when he retired. Avid sailors, 
we cruised in ME with the kids for yrs. 
and now keep the same Vindo sloop 

in Marion on Buzzards Bay. I gave up 
sailing for kayaking over a decade ago 
with a new interest in wildlife, ecology & 
geology, and go out regularly with AMC. 
Hugh works for the local U.S. Power 
Squadron and gets his "crew" thru them. 
I also lap swim, enjoy "woodsing" on our 
property and am relearning recreational 
reading. We travel some. Our favorite 
home away from home being the Aigas 
Field Centre, nr. Inverness, Scotland, 

Lizora Miller Yonce: We still live in 
Greenwich, but winter in Boca Grande, 
FL, and spend part of the summer in 
Fishers Island, NY. Mary Blair, Tabb & 
Mary Ballou came to BG in Jan., and 
we had fun in the cold weather. I have 
4 grandkids. Sam (14), Isabelle & Caro- 
line)! 0), and Miller (3). 

Jane "Puss" Moore Banks: 
The best thing that has happened for 
me was a trip with my daughter to Ecua- 
dor and the Galapagos Islands last Jun. 
It was a learning and bonding experi- 
ence. I work with my daughter every day, 
but there were so many things I learned 
from her, about her, and with her. I'm 
fortunate to have my 2 older children in 
the business with me. My daughter, the 
RN, is dir, of nursing services and my 
son is business manager and will take 
over when I retire. I'm not planning on 
that real soon! Tennis, paddle tennis, 
and three hrs. with a trainer each week 
keep me in shape. I'm lovin' life. 

Fleming Parker Rutledge: Dick 
and I renewed our vows on our 50th 
anniv. at the National Cathedral in Nov. 
with family and a few friends including 
Susan Taylor Montague. The main 
news, I suppose, is that I will be a visit- 
ing scholar at the American Academy 
in Rome in Apr. Our granddaughter 
Dabney will be studying the history of art 
in Rome for a term, I'm getting a book 
of Old Testament sermons ready for 
publication early next yr. 

Ann Pegram Howington reports 
her excitement with the SBC's Living 
Room Learning. She comments that 
Richmond has just caught on to some- 
thing that has been happening in Atlanta 
for 40 yrs. The SBC alumnae group of 
20 or so get together weekly during 
the 2 winter mos. to listen to lectures. 
The basic approach is to meet in a 
member's home. They were fortunate to 
have an outstanding professor (Patrick 
Allitt) from Emory U. lecture on Victorian 
England. The series is so popular that 
there is a long waiting list. The group 
also went to Symphony Hall for an eve- 
ning of entertainment, including dining. 
The result was an elegant evening for 
Ladies of a Certain Age, plus friends and 
a spouse or 2. 

Virginia Ramsey Crawford: 
returned from St. John's in the Virgin 
Islands. It was beautiful and we got 
in lots of swimming. My 2 married 
girls are well. Wynne works for H & 

R Block; she's very busy. Her oldest 
son was married last Jun. to a fellow 
Cornell graduate. My grandchildren are 
very adventurous. One of them spent 
a semester in Italy, taking courses in 
Italian. Another girl spent several mos. 
in Senegal. In all I have 6 grandchildren: 
3 boys and 3 girls. I'm living in a CCRC, 
like it very much. 

Judy Welton Sargent: I'm in high 
gear trying to declutter and get my 
house ready to put on the market by 
4/1 . After 28 yrs. of being a pack rat, 
sifting through the accumulated papers, 
clothes of every size, and miscellaneous 
junk, I'm somewhat overwhelmed. The 
good thing is that I've made some prog- 
ress. My 2 daughters, son-in-law and 
precious grandson (2) moved to Austin 
last fall, and I'm trying to catch up with 
them. Enjoy the spring! 

Mary Blair Scott Valentine: We 
continue to have our 59 Book Club. 
Everyone is going to hear Molly Haskell 
SBC '61 (I think) talk at Randolph Macon 
Coll. in Ashland, VA. The topic is her 
book Frankly My Dear, a critique of 
GWTW. Joe Knox, husband of late Ella 
Prince, came to talk to us about The 
Foreign Student. He had a SBC book 
bag! My daughter, who was living in 
Richmond, moved to Kiawah Island, SC, 
loves it. So, Stukie and I continue living 
in this cold. Bah! Off to Anguilla next 
wk. to thaw out. Hope to see Claire 
Devener. (Ali's Note: just got in another 
email from M.B. who says, "Spent a 
lovely evening with Claire Devener in 
Anguilla, where we are now. Sweet Briar 
girls can find each other everywhere.") 

Anne Smith Heist: John and I 
are celebrating 50 happy yrs. We have 
1 daughter and 4 grandchildren who 
live in Weston, MA. After being in the 
clothing business for 30 yrs., I've been 
active as a floral design judge with both 
the NGC and GCA. We still live on the 
ocean in Ormond Beach, FL, and travel 
as much as time allows, mostly by ship 
to Europe and car and house rentals 
there. I was diagnosed with a rare lung 
condition 1 1 yrs. ago and have been 
on oxygen that long. Don't let it get me 
down and all it does is complicate our 
travel a bit more as flying isn't possible. 
It makes John more creative. I see Ann 
Pegram Howington at flower shows 
and she hasn't changed a bit. Love to 
read about all the other classmates, but 
long to see Sue Pohl, Barbara Kelly, 
Anne Wimbish Kasanin and Cath- 
erine Brownlee Smeltzer one day. 

Judy Sorley Simpson Not my 
best yr.: my precious husband, Kep 
Simpson, died in England of mesothe- 
lioma last summer, from exposure to 
asbestos 51 yrs. earlier in the Royal 
Navy! I now parent our 7 grown children 
and 20 grandchildren on both sides of 
the Atlantic, yo-yoing back and forth, 
and spending every Jan., May and 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Sept. in our cottage in Little Missenden 
in the UK. (If anyone is interested , it 
is available for rent most of the year. 
2 bedrooms in a delicious converted 
barn in one of the most charming 15th 
century villages in Buckinghamshire. 50 
min. from London by train.) Had just re- 
turned to NJ in early Feb. and fell flat on 
black ice in our driveway, smashed my 
forehead, elbow, and knees, 3 wks. in 
hospital and now about to go home, No 
more snow for me. It has haunted me 
from NJ to Atlanta to the UK, and it is 
still snowing, 28" in the last 24 hours, 
and it's nearly Mar.! 

Rew Price Came: A friend of 
mine plus me, my brother and his wife 
and a friend of theirs took a cruise to 
the southern Caribbean in Nov. We 
visited 6 islands, a wonderful time. I 
had cataract surgery in Feb. and that is 
such a fantastic thing. Now I'm thinking 
about fixing a bunion problem. Such fun 
getting all these parts corrected. 

Polly Space Dunn: Winter has been 
unusually cold; I painted a lot. We skied 
one week with the grandkids, but did no 
socializing in that I was recovering from 
a face accident and couldn't talk too 
well. I'm minus my front tooth for now. 
Then, I fell again on Sat. and busted 
open my lip! They're trying to figure 
what caused the falls in that everything 
checked out great, and I'm in "perfect 
health"! No one seems too worried, but 
for now, I'm very uncomfy. I don't like 
to talk ailments but honestly, that's all 
that's been happening! I'm looking for- 
ward to a summer in the NC mountains 
and to playing lots of golf. Other than 
that, Mrs. Lincoln! Still remembering 
Reunion with lots of smiles! 

Val Stoddard Loring: I returned 
with my sister from 9 days at Caneel 
Bay on St. John to find that spring has 
arrived in MA. There are buds on my 
SBC rose! Steve and I will return to the 
island in late Mar. with 8 grandchildren 
and their parents. Where have others 
of you taken successful family trips? I'd 
love to hear from you. 

Susan Taylor Montague: I took 
a 3-wk. cruise from Buenos Aires to 
Santiago in Jan. They're beautiful cities 
(or should I say, were, before the earth- 
quake). Montevideo and Valparaiso are 
beautiful as well. I returned just in time 
for the 2 blizzards we had in Feb. We're 
finally rid of all the snow, but, sadly, all 
the boxwoods, and holly and Magnolia 
trees in my yard are ruined. I'm so ready 
for spring, 

Tabb Thornton Farinholt: Really 
have nothing to report that's "news," 
just surviving a brutal winter! We went 
to see Molly Haskell '61 speak at 
Randolph-Macon College (in Ashland, 
VA). Her book, Frankly, My Dear, on the 
making of Gone With the Wind, we've 
read and loved, and I've heard her 
speak before. Can't get enough of her! 

She's articulate, witty, informative, and 
delightful. We were fascinated by her 
incisive analysis of many aspects of 
the movie's making, and its place (as 
well as the novel's) in our culture. Molly 
Haskell, a renowned movie critic, is as 
impressive and effective on her feet as 
she is in print, and we were so proud to 
claim her and bask in all that reflected 

Kathy Tyler Sheldon: I was 
shocked and surprised to hear of 
Gretchen's death. I can see her so 
well in my mind's eye at Reunion. My 
sympathy goes out to the family. We're 
snowed under this wk. after having 
a mild Christmas. John and I visited 
our daughter in Vancouver in Oct. and 
stopped off to see our eldest grandson 
who is playing ice hockey at the Ontario 
Hockey Academy. He's off this wk. to 
play in Pittsburgh, but we don't know 
what all of this will lead to! 

Ali Thompson: I just came up 
from the beach (5 min. walk) where I've 
been taking a water aerobics class with 
a Styrofoam noodle — for an hour. We 
call ourselves the "Noodle Soup Gang." 
And, being it is humpback whale season 
here; we see a lot of whales and their 
calves cavorting around in the ocean 
while exercising. My "Plunkers" Band 
is still plunking along with 16 members 
and my oldest member just turned 
90 in Feb. and she's still dancing the 
hula! We'll be taking off for Turkey in 
latter part of Apr., so that should be an 
interesting trip. 


Carol Barnard Ottenberg 
1420 41 st Ave. E 
Seattle, WA 981 12 


Jean Hutchins Sharland 
1724 Aberdeen Cir. 
Crofton.MD 21114 


Parry Ellice Adam 
33 Pleasant Run Rd. 
Flemington, NJ 08822 

Addie Kamke Cook is busy teaching 
English at a local coll. She paints as 
well, having done several murals, wa- 
tercolors, and also some sculpture. They 
live in the middle of the Finger Lakes 
Region of NY, home of 267 wineries! 
They sold their lake house, but still have 
2 guest rooms and a boat. Fishing and 
swimming are good. Addie has a son 

who is moving from Virginia Beach to 
College Station, TX. He's a veterinarian 
dermatologist; his wife is working on a 
pathology degree. They have 2 children. 
Addie's daughter lives nearby in Canan- 
daigua, NY, with her 2 children. 

Cute message from Bettye Thom- 
as Chambers: "If everyone has as little 
news as I do, you have a thankless job 
indeed. No children, no grandchildren, 
no nobel prizes, no American Idol or 
lottery winnings," 

Ann Ritchey Baruch is spending 
8 mos. of the yr. on Spring Island, SC, a 
beautiful marshland community focused 
on preserving native habitats with 35 
mi. of hiking trails and 200+ species of 
birds. Ginger Cates Mitchell is also 
there. Gardening is Ann's passion. She 
has started a native plant propagation 
and rescue group and has joined the 
Board of the SC Nature Conservancy. 
She's still on the Board of NC Outward 
Bound School, running a scholarship 
program that sends 20-25 inner-city 
young Philadelphians on 2-3 wk. 
courses. Her son, David, will be married 
on May 15. 


Jane Goodridge 
Charleston, SC 29401 

After the long, cold winter everyone who 
responded to me was longing for spring! 
Betsey Beale was struggling through 
back-to-back snowstorms at her farm 
and reported that even her Great Pyr- 
enees dogs had trouble walking! Lynn 
Carol Blau reported that CT has had 
more rain than snow and that a visit to 
FL kept them in winter coats. She and 
Jeffrey were planning a trip to Honolulu 
at the end of Mar. as well as a musical 
summer atTanglewood and Aspen. CT 
is still their base; Jeffrey is still work- 
ing and Lynn has been active on the 
Hartford Art School and New Britain Art 
Museum Boards Randy Kendig Young 
had an unusually cold winter in FL; 
she stays busy with Garden Club and 
golf. Her granddaughter was sailing in 
the Bahamas for 5 1 /2 wks. of sea turtle 
tagging — yes, learning can be fun! 

Ann Funkhouser Strite-Kurz's 
recent travels have been to visit the 
grandkids — 3 boys (ages 10, 7, and 4) 
on the West Coast and twin boys (3) on 
the East Coast. They spent the holidays 
at Rehoboth Beach and were marooned 
at son Jeff's house in Alexandria for 2 
days beforehand thanks to the 1 st big 
blizzard that paralyzed Washington. They 
had 2 ft. of snow at the family farm in 
WV and the horses loved it! Her new 
book, Potpourri of Pattern Encore is on 
track for a Jun. release. Anyone interest- 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

ed in seeing Ann's needlework can find 
her teaching portfolio and commercial 
designs on . 

Laura Lee Brown was in FL where 
her husband Steve was training for 
coaching; after some back-and-forth 
she explained that he was driving car- 
riages or carts. In Sept., Ginger Cates 
Mitchell, Prue Gay Stuhr, Mary Gro- 
etzinger Heard, Sue Jones Cansler, 
Judy Gutches Needham, and Cinnie 
Hooten Magowan joined her in Louis- 
ville for the Idea Festival. They stayed in 
Hotel 21c within walking distance of the 
lectures and had a splendid time. Laura 
Lee and Steve are off to Stockholm for 
an art opening of an exhibit that features 
American pieces from their collection. 

In her note Prue Gay Stuhr 
mentioned an earlier posting from 
Lea Osbourne Angell about a joint 
replacement prior to our 45th reunion; 
Prue now belongs to that small club 
as she had the final hip replaced in 
1 2/09 and is recovering well thanks to 
the medical people and her husband 
Ed. She mentioned the 50th anniv. of 
the Greensboro (NC) Four who sat in at 
Woolworth's and was reminded of the 
brave women at SBC who sat in the 
Lynchburg Woolworth's. She hopes that 
the history will be recorded by a profes- 
sor and student collaboration. It's been a 
while since we've heard from Barbara 
Sullivan Wanamaker, but she's still 
in Huntington (NY) on Long Island and 
selling real estate. She opened her own 
real estate company 2 yrs. ago after 
leaving Coldwell Banker. She said that 
she figured she "would give it a shot 
at this stage of my life" with a young 
builder; now they have 3 offices, 70 
agents, and 24/7 days! It's been very 
successful so far and they hope to keep 
growing! For more information see www. . Barbara spends any 
free time with daughter Amy, married 
to Joe, and 3 grandsons who live near 
her. Her other daughter Laura is married 
to Sebastien, a French chef; they have 
a son Alexandre and plan to open their 
1 st restaurant named Le Coimtre in the 
Williamsburg section of Brooklyn in May 
and will welcome any SBC people. Her 
son Dave lives in Manhattan and sells 
real estate there so at least one followed 
her into the business! 

Ginger Cates Mitchell and Mitch 
are spending a lot of time at their home 
in Spring Island (SC) and traveling as 
much as possible while they can. They 
had wonderful trips last year to Peru and 
a cruise on the Baltic; they're looking 
forward to another trip to Italy in May. 
They are also on the road a good bit 
trying to keep up with a fast-growing 
passel of grandchildren spread from NY 
to Mexico. 

Pat Calkins Wilder is still photo- 
graphing as full time as she can. Pat 
plans to travel in the fall with a long 

Summer 2010 -41 

photo journey in the southwest. She and 
Mike finished a long, messy construc- 
tion project for which she packed away 
everything to keep it out of drywall 
dust, and they hope to have things 
back together before the winter snows 
melt. Their kids are fine and liking what 
they do; there's one grandchild in each 
family: Ben (11) and Clara (2). They're in 
Seattle and England. 

Sallie Yon Williams wrote that 
she spends her time bouncing back and 
forth from Virginia Beach to NY to see 
son Whit and his daughter Allegra (7) 
and to Istanbul where son Courtney lives 
with his wife Nazli and Emyr (2). They 
compromised at Christmas and met in 
Paris for a wk. together. By the time they 
got organized the only tree available 
looked remarkably like Charlie Brown's, 
but it had lights and a few ornaments 
with a paper star made by Allegra, so 
the children were pleased. Santa found 
them, stockings and all; it was one of 
those last minute decisions that became 
an unforgettable experience. 

My sincere thanks to everyone who 
sent me updates and all the best to 
everyone in our class! 


Ginny deBuys 
H16 Shirley Lane 
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 

If you haven't signed up to receive Presi- 
dent Parker's blog postings, I encourage 
you to do so. Some day's it's a light note 
about an event on campus and on 
others it's a serious reflection on the 
academic program, the College's future 
or her experiences with the students. It's 
a great way to keep in touch when you 
are far away (http://blog.president.sbc. 
edu). Thanks to Grace Mary Garry 
Oates and Dona Van Arsdale Jones 
who helped me gather news. Before 
your next trip, get a class list and see 
where your classmates are. Almost 
everyone who responds says to visit or 
call if you're in their area. If you need 
more details, just ask me. Then 
remember to look at the list! I just 
missed seeing Lynn Youngs Esmay in 
Naples because I didn't check my list 
early enough Sheila Carroll Cooprider 
writes that she "retired on 5/1/09 from 
the active Episcopal priesthood. Have 
you ever known a passive priest? 
Retiring meant resigning from the 
perfect job and then moving on to the 
Denver area (Bloomfield, CO) where 
Chuck's mother lives, and our daughter 
LeaAnn, husband Geoff and son Logan 
(3) and 6-mo.-old Maya live also. With 
more time now, we can also be with 
our Illinois (St. Louis area) daugh- 
ter Kathryn and her men, Roger and 

42 • Summer 2010 

Aidan (9), Evan (6) and Kellan (1). Chuck 
has pretty well finished with his course 
on retirement, but I'm only beginning to 
learn 'Retirement.' I'm trying to practice 
my new findings, but with faltering 
steps. I'm certain someday the picture 
will clear. Come see us! Tuck Mattern 
Harvey visited and had a great reunion 
with Sheila. "Ralph and I are enjoying 
retirement. I play duplicate bridge and 
we travel. I met Edi Lasher Birch last 
Jun. and spent the evening catching up. 
Last Fall I visited with Pam Hellmuth 
Wiegandt and Ebbie Evans Edwards 
and found them both well." In Mar., 
Stephanie Stokes was "in Villefranche 
for a mo. studying French, seeing the 
museums of the Cote d'Azur, going to 
Opera Galas in Monaco and Nice, and 
seeing great friends. Will go on to 
Maastricht for the fair before returning." 
Sounds like fun! Stephanie now works 
from home (when she's home!) Mary 
Duer Colen is a grandmother for the 
6th time. "We're building an addition to 
our farm in MD, so that we'll have more 
space to share with them all." Mimi 
Couch Teschner "has recently retired 
after years as director of develop- 
ment for the Aspen Music Festival and 
School, one of the country's pre- 
mier learning and presenting institu- 
tions in classical music and opera where 
every summer artists from Yo-Yo Ma to 
Renee Fleming perform and work with 
students and faculty members from all 
over the world. I plans to continue active 
community volunteer service, while 
looking forward to exploration 
of new pursuits ." Nancy Lynah Hood is 
on the go. "Roger has been busy with 
the Death Penalty Project group, with 
conferences in China twice, and Taipei in 
Taiwan. He did his stint at UVa in Apr, 
and I joined him for a spell in Charlot- 
tesville and visiting Washington. We had 
brilliant trips to Turkey in May and to 
Tunisia in Sept. Taipei houses the Chaing 
Kai Chek collection of Chinese 
antiquities taken from the Forbidden City 
in a huge Palace Museum, so that kept 
me busy " Vera LeCraw Carvaillo 
enjoys her family and granddaughter 
Julie who is 2 and totally bilingual. After 
a wonderful family Christmas near 
Geneva, they rented "a 32-ft. sailboat 
and sailed between Marseilles and 
Cassis on the Riviera for 4 days, 
mooring in quaint little ports each night. 
It was our present to Philippe for his 
70th birthday! We've also purchased a 
new boat to keep on Lake Geneva near 
daughter Patricia. We still haven't 
retired! We continue looking for a 
solution to avoid closing down the 
company and abandoning employees 
and clients. It hasn't been easy, but 
miracle after miracle has kept us going. 
We're thankful for the health to go on 
working and also to enjoy our 
blessings Marsh Metcalf Seymour is 

now bi-coastal, racking up airline miles 
between VA and CA. "My mother passed 
away in Jan. just after her 96th birthday. 
I'm clearing out centuries of family 
artifacts and art works! Anyone wishing 
to visit on either coast should contact 
me 1 st to determine where I am! We 
traveled twice with the Friends of the 
Freer and Sackler Galleries, to L.A., and 
then Cambodia. Both were excellent 
curator-led trips. Dona Van Arsdale 
Jones had a wonderful chat with Mary 
Daes Boykin who is busy and happy. 
Nina Sledge Burke is enjoying her 
children and grandchildren and is still 
active as Master of Fox Hounds for the 
Low Country Hunt in SC. Tria Pell Dove 
writes: "I moved to Geneseo, NY, to be 
near my sister with my dog, 2 cats and 
a horse. Still living in horse country. My 
oldest granddaughter is a senior at St. 
George's School in Newport, Rl, and 
starting to look at colleges. My youngest 
grandchild was born 5/09, quite a 
spread! I have 5 all together." Carrie 
Peyton Walker says: Why retire? "I like 
what I do. I'm doing one-on-one 
language coaching at Gilead Sciences 
with fascinating people, people with 
really interesting personalities and 
unusual life stories. In other news, we're 
still travel nuts. Venice (walking and 
vaporetti) and the Slovenian mountains 
by car last summer. A friend of many 
years went with us, which led to some 
humorous comments when we rented a 
room together to save money. And who 
in the world goes to England and 
Scotland in the middle of winter? We do. 
Academics get early Jan. and Jul. as 
travel time. It was a winter wonderland 
this year — the most snow in 1 00 yrs. 
and very cold. But who cares? A roaring 
fire and falling snow are perfect 
together Missie Reeder Crosbie: We 
spend a great deal of time in FL during 
the winter. I married a Canadian, we live 
in Toronto, but I finally got so tired of the 
cold winters that we bought a little 
house in Boca Grande on the Gulf Coast. 
Allan and I live in the heart of this 
wonderful city, Toronto, and have raised 
3 boys here. The youngest 2 are 
married: one couple in Manhattan and 
the other in Dubai. The eldest is with 
Doctors Without Borders in operations 
and management and considers his 
home base to be Cologne, Germany 
where his girlfriend practices medicine. 
These years have been very busy with 
various volunteer involvements, 
particularly with the boys' schools and 
with the visual arts at the Art Gallery of 
Ontario. 1 yrs. ago a friend and I 
co-founded an advocacy group to 
support the visual arts in Toronto and 
we're so pleased with the financial 
contributions it has made to individual 
artists and to artistic projects here. I've 
also had the great privilege to serve on 
the board of the National Ballet of 

Canada and be involved on the board of 
the Bata Shoe Museum, a small, 
delightful museum with a fabulous 
collection of shoes from early Egyptian, to 
Chinese to Christian Louboutin. I talked 
to Judy Dunn Spangenberg She and 
her brother continue to manage her 
mother's photography collection. You can 
see the pictures at www.pheobedunn. 
com Grace Mary Gary Oates: I'm 
taking my 3rd semester of Italian at the 
Univ, of Maryland. It's a tor of work, but 
I'm happily surprised that I can still learn 
a few new tricks in spite of being such an 
old dog; and I've thoroughly enjoyed all 
my new 20-yr.-old friends. Who knew I'd 
fall in love with Italy? As you know, we've 
been spending time in Rome every fall 
for the past 7 or 8 years, thanks to a nice 
association Wally has with the U. of 
Rome, La Sapienza. I adore Rome and 
still cannot believe my incredible good 
fortune. This past Sept. we tested our 
stamina by going to Heidelberg for a 
conference (preceded by 5 lovely days in 
Paris), then came back here for the U. 
convocation recognizing Wally as a 
Distinguished U. Professor (something we 
really couldn't miss!), then back the next 
week to Rome. Lesson: we are way too 
old ever to try such nonsense again! As 
for other classmates, I talk with Nancy 
Gillies, who is delightful and funny and 
never fails to cheer me up. I've had 
several delightful telephone visits with 
Elizabeth Matheson this past spring 
We discovered that we're both besotted 
with Italy so had many notes to compare. 
Elizabeth lives in Hillsborough, NC, where 
she grew up, and, as many of you know, 
is a splendid photographer. Those of us 
who saw her wondertul photographs of 
Italy displayed in the Pannell Center 
during Reunion can attest to her talent. It 
was wonderful to see everyone at 
Reunion last May, and I was especially 
pleased to see some classmates for 
whom this was a 1st reunion (Mary 
Fitzhugh and Anne Litle, for example) 
and other dear old friends like Linda Lee 
McAndrew whom I hadn't seen forever 
and ever. I hope more people will decide 
to come to the 50th, even if they've never 
been before." Ginny concurs and says 
she couldn't have said it better. As for 
Ginny's news, I think retirement is really 
fun! A year ago I met a guy, a widower, 
while ushering at concerts at a Princeton 
University facility. We're both retired and 
free to play. This chilly Feb., we rented a 
condo in Sarasota, FL, for a mo. and 
then, since the Northeast was still snow 
covered, drove to the Keys (Key Largo to 
Key West) and then up to Cocoa Beach 
and the Kennedy Space Center and then 
home by autotrain. It was a great time. I 
tutor a very kind and interesting 
Palestinian woman as a literacy 
volunteer. Till next time, be well and keep 
in touch. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 




Sally McCrady Hubbard 
52 Sherwood Trail 
Sewanee, TN 37375 

Eugenia Dickey Caldwell says she's 
in a flap trying to get ready to go to 
Guangzhou and Beijing in late Mar. 
to teach a class. Peter will join her in 
Beijing and they'll be tourists for 6 days. 
She's looking forward to seeing us girls 
at Reunion. 

Jane Merkle Borden, after 38 
yrs. in Denver, decided it was time for 
her (widowed 8 yrs.) to return to the 
East Coast where both her sons live in 
CT with their families. She's so happy. 
Great fun to be a hands-on grand- 
mother. No regrets. 

Sally McCrady Hubbard s feared 
retirement lasted all of 9 mos. and 
then she took an unexpected 10-mo. 
temporary job as office manager of 
the Sewanee Summer Music Festival. 
Her father founded the festival 54 yrs. 
ago, and she was a piano student in 
its 1 st 2 summers — what goes around 
comes around. They hope for 180 stu- 
dents, age 1 2 and up, and plan 4 wks. 
of intense study with ensemble and 
orchestra performances every weekend. 
A great time to visit Sewanee: week- 
ends between June 19 and July 18. 

A favorite local h. s. art teacher, 
Christi Teasley, approached Sally at a 
concert to say that her mother, Merrily 
Austin Teasley, had mentioned getting 
SBC mail from her. Remember Merrily 
from our freshman class? She trans- 
ferred and went on to run historic inns 
in interesting parts of TN and NC. Hope 
we hear more from her. 

Brooke Patterson Koehler and 
Dan love to travel, but their style has 
become seriously cramped by their 
golden doodle puppy, Max. Brooke lost 
her head at Christmas and bought said 
puppy for Dan. They should have got- 
ten a pound dog — they support their 
local Humane Society in honor of their 
beloved stepdog who's no longer with 
them. But Brooke secretly wanted the 
non-shedding golden doodle. 

Last year they took 4 awesome 
trips: a cruise around Vietnam, sailing 
from Hong Kong where they celebrated 
New Year's Eve amid unbelievable 
fireworks, and ending in Singapore; a 
round-the-world wildlife trip by private 
jet; an African safari with their son and 
daughter-in-law; and finally a cruise to 
Antarctica in Nov. 

Congratulations to Elvira who has 
worked tirelessly and sometimes thank- 
lessly; no one deserved it more! Brooke 
wishes she could be with us at Reunion, 
but this year it won't work; maybe the 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Laura Haskell Phinizy has been 
busy this winter helping daughter Laura 
get ready to sell her D.C. home, with 
real estate, and with beginning the 
process of settling her mother's estate. 
She had Laura, Keith, and the twins, 
and Marion's Wesley in Augusta over 
the Christmas holidays, which was dear 
and helpful, as her mother died 12/30 
at home. The family and business are 
perking up this spring, though com- 
pared to D.C, the real estate market is 
slow and low. 


Randi Miles Long 
19 Hidden Valley Rd. 
Lafayette, CA 94549 

Makanah Dunham Morriss 
1317 Rocky Mountain Rd. 
Forest, VA 24551 

Diane Dalton 

1014 N Astor St., Apt. 43 
Milwaukee, Wl 53202 

Lynne Gardner Detmer 
125 Wareham's Point 
Williamsburg, VA 23185 


Nancy Crawford Bent 
14 Dopping Brook Rd. 
Sherborn, MA 01770 


Susan Davenport Simrill 
4945 Dupont Ave. S 
Minneapolis, MN 55419 


Lynne Manov Sprinsky 
The Old Smithy 
Montoursville, PA 17754 

Jill Johnson 

2012 Wolftrap Oaks Ct. 

Vienna, VA 22182 

Ladies, here we are again. Lately, 
whenever someone says, "It's nice to 
see you," I have begun saying, "It's nice 
to be seen." That is, until I look in the 
mirror and try to figure out who the 
heck that fat old woman is looking back 
at me. All information on new rejuvenat- 
ing procedures, surgeon references, and 
miracle cosmetics are welcome and will 
be shared. 

In the interest of our class and 
adopting new avenues to connect, I've 
started a Group on Facebook — Sweet 
Briar Class 72. Just so you know, as 
the admin, I'm not letting anyone in 
except us girls. That's so we can post 
pics, tell stories, and make comments 
that only we will see. There are quite 
a few of our class now on Facebook 
who we don't hear from often, and I'll 
be trying to "friend" and get them to 
join the group. I'm not saying who, but 
there's someone in fabulous sunglasses 
in some chic cafe in San Salvador, then 
there's someone doing the "Hot Cha 
Cha" and looking like a contestant on 
Dancing with the Stars, then there's 
someone in a pool doing some kind 
of solo water therapy, and then there 
are a few holding the most gorgeous 
grandchildren. Enough! Just consider 
joining, OK? 

Ann Barton Brown reports that 
over the past winter she enjoyed a 
great wk. on the coast in rural Jamaica 
eating fresh fruit and reading novels. A 
perfect escape from the snows of PA! 
She still loves consulting with nonprofits 
and finds the challenges facing non- 
profits during this economic downturn 
a wonderful opportunity to help organi- 
zations completely rethink all aspects 
of operations in order to survive and 
better serve their constituencies. Ann is 
welcoming a new cardigan corgi puppy 
into her home in Apr. and offers free 
bedroom space to any SBC class of 72 
members visiting Philly. She also has a 
funky cottage in Cape May that is avail- 
able for a modest rental fee for those 
seeking a beach getaway. 

Cutler Bellows Crockard and 
Doug enjoyed a wonderful fall '09 trip 
to the Amalfi coast, Rome, Venice, Lake 
Como and Paris. After the ordeal of set- 
tling estates, the economic meltdown 
and the aftermath of hurricane Ike, 
it was nice to get away and think of 
nothing but the four major food groups: 
pizza, pasta, beer and wine. One of 
the highlights of the yr. so far has 
been reconnecting with The Reverend 
Patricia Reardon Riggins Patricia 

was ordained in Jan. not far from San 
Antonio and so met Cutler and Doug for 
lunch after their grandson's 1st birthday 
in Mar. It was great to see her and 
they look forward to many more visits 
to come. (See Patricia's details below!) 
Cutler was also lucky enough to see 
Susan Waller Nading at Liz Clegg 
Woodard and Woody's daughter's 
wedding in Dec. Happy 60th birthday 

After 25 yrs. of working in health- 
care admin Patricia Reardon Riggins 
entered the Seminary of the Southwest 
in Austin, TX. She was ordained as an 
Episcopal priest in 1/10 and is serving 
as the Assistant Rector at St. Francis 
by the Lake in Canyon Lake, TX. Her 
husband Mike is an engineer, work- 
ing for Sandia National Laboratory in 
Albuquerque, NM and teaching atTX 
Lutheran U. Their daughter Gloria and 
husband live in Rio Rancho, NM. 

Vivian Finlay has moved to Homer 
by the ocean in South Central AK, 300 
mi. south of where she had lived for the 
last 26 yrs. She hopes to find part-time 
work doing psychotherapy or teaching 
counseling/psychology at the U. of AK 
campus in Homer. She was fortunate to 
enjoy a brief winter break at her condo 
in Mexico. 

According to Lexington, VA, resident 
Margaret Lyle Samdahl Jennifer 
Linsley Alphin also has a house in 
that lovely pastoral place. It's to be her 
retirement home! Jennifer contacted 
Margaret with the news, and they hope 
to meet soon when Jennifer and hus- 
band Tom next come to visit. 

Cleveland Hall reports in for 
the 1st time in a long time, "forever 
humbled by her classmates' high 
performance and grand accomplish- 
ments." She lives with her partner Lafe 
of 35 yrs. in the woods on Whidbey 
Island, WA, in a small log house of 
their dreams, built by their hands from 
Douglas firs on their land that took 
about 18 yrs. to not quite finish. (All 
in the journey, not the destination.) 
Cleveland works as a bookkeeper for 
small local firms, and keeps the neigh- 
borhood water system going, but her 
passion is native plants, volunteering 
with Native Plant Stewards to propagate 
natives for the local land trust and state 
parks, salvaging natives for restora- 
tion projects and monitoring rare plant 
populations. Did you know there are 
prairies (vanishing ecosystems) here in 
the Northwest? Favorite activities are 
hiking, camping, botanizing and getting 
lost in the woods. Maybe some of that 
beautiful territory at SBC had a subtle 
effect after all... 

Rhonda Griffith Durham enjoys 
her work in independent school 
accreditation as executive dir. of the 
Independent Schools Association of the 
Southwest. The only not great thing 


about a fulfilling career is that it makes 
keeping up with friends so challenging! 
She goes to Houston every now and 
then and always wants to see Nathalie 
"Bobo" Ryan Hoyt. Since Bobo is a 
full-time educator and Rhonda is always 
on a mission, it rarely happens. Rhonda 
and husband Lynn had dinner with 
Bobo and Mont on a recent trip. Rhonda 
reports that Bobo looked fabulous and is 
as thin as she was when she could eat 
what she wanted in the "Pit." Susan 
Snodgrass Wynne and Rhonda keep 
in close touch. Susan, ever thoughtful 
and "queen of making happy memories" 
for friends, sends fun messages and 
keeps on the go. Susan keeps a sched- 
ule that rivals that of Michelle Obama! 
They both serve on their alma mater 
Norfolk Academy's Board of Trustees. 
So, that's an automatic quarterly visit. 
Rhonda's daughter Caitlin is getting 
married this fall and hopes that a few 
SBC friends who know Caitlin well might 
make it out to Midland. With a travel- 
ing job, a son in Salt Lake City, a son 
and daughter-in-law in Manhattan, and 
daughter in L.A., it's no surprise that 
Rhonda related well to "Up in the Air" — 
well /us? the tricks of going through 
security fast and getting perks! She and 
Lynn are still blissfully married. 

Marion Walker has been ever so 
busy since 5/09 when 2 of the 4 law- 
yers in the Ford & Harrison Birmingham 
office left with one day's notice. She 
and her remaining partner managed to 
save a big case, but she has worked 
practically non-stop until a big trial 
ended 2/1 2. With a bit of a breather she 
took a trip with Nan LaGow 71 to visit 
Palmer Graham, Nan's SBC roommate 
the 1st 2 yrs., in Ochos Rios, Jamaica. 
The weather was wonderful and the 
rum drinks at 11 a.m. on the beach 
were just the thing to wash away all too 
serious thoughts of "the law." Marion 
only bought one present and that was 
for her new grandniece (!) Mary Knox 
Walker, who was born 10/22/09— the 
day Marion headed off for Charlottesville 
for a mini-reunion with some SBC 
buds. Marion sees Margaret Hayes 
Brunstad frequently and attended her 
2nd daughter's wedding last Nov, It was 
gorgeous! Leaving the legal workload 
for a spell this summer, Marion will be 
going to Barcelona for a conference 
and then to France to spend a wk. with 
a friend who purchased a house there. 
C 'est la vie, Bonnes Amies. 

Nonna Rosie Leparulo sends 
greetings from Tallahassee! William and 
Rosie enjoyed their granddaughter's 2nd 
birthday in late winter. Gracie is their 1st 
granddaughter, from son #2 Robert and 
his lovely wife Kristy. They expect their 
1st grandson in early Jun. Firstborn 
Willy is still playing the field. Fortunately, 
both sons live nearby in Tallahassee. 
William is still at FSU after what seems 

44 • Summer 2010 

like a hundred years, and Rosie has 
been commuting to teach at North FL 
Community Coll. in Madison, FL, for the 
past 23 yrs. Can retirement be too far 
off? FL has the Deferred Retirement 
Option Plan (DROP). When people ask 
Rosie if she's on the DROP program she 
tells them she's been working so long, 
she thinks of it more as the DROP DEAD 
program. Can't wait to be playing Nonna 
full time! 

By the way, Rosie stays in touch 
with Cindy Miles Martinez, who is 
a single grandmother of many — 5 or 
6. Cindy lives and works in Louisville, 
KY, and has 3 of her 4 children close 
by. Also, Kathy Leibell Pasternak 
and Rosie have never lost touch since 
the 10th grade! Kathy is happy to have 
her 3 kids out of coll. and on their own 
in the NYC area. Son DJ married last 
summer and "the girls" are just starting 
careers. Kathy and husband Dana live in 
New Canaan, CT 

"Busy year as the economy 
improves and wine business pick- 
ing up," wrote Deidre Conley. She 
missed Julia Woodard's wedding in 
Dec. in Houston due to a conflict with 
her company's national sales meet- 
ing. Last summer Deidre and husband 
Gerard had a fabulous trip to Austria 
and Budapest. A mission to see the 
original "Kiss" from Klimt was a suc- 
cess, while they also enjoyed the music 
in all the churches and squares in 
Vienna and the original architecture 
of Hundertwasser that they had never 
seen before. Spent a day in Budapest 
as Liz had always said it was one of her 
favorite places and rising up on both 
sides of the Danube, it's spectacular. A 
boat ride on the not so Blue Danube 
to the wine country "the Wacau," west 
of Vienna, and a visit to MELK abbey 
were a highlight. Drank delicious 
Gruner Veltliner wines, the specialty of 
Austria. Also loved Salzburg, the Alps, 
a trip over to "Eagles Nest" in Germany 
for a never forget history lesson and 
a round trip through Graz — a World 
Heritage Site, worth a visit, Here's to 
a great 201 0! (Check out a couple of 
her fun photos on the Facebook Group 
page. ~JJ) 

In Feb Jeannette Pillsbury 
received word that she was granted 
tenure and a promotion to associate 
professor at Luther Coll.! She's most 
relieved and grateful. She promises 
even bigger news in the next Magazine 
edition so please tune in again. (I know 
what it is but am sworn.) 

Peggy Hoy McFadden reports 
that husband John joined the ranks of 
the unemployed when he was laid off 
1 wk. after the company he worked 
for was sold, A mo. later he became a 
self-employed contract worker when 
he found employment with another 
company. They're still taking care of his 

mother using the PACE program avail- 
able in Lynchburg. During spring break 
they are taking their (SBC!) daughter 
and her roommate to Disney for a much 
needed break after all of the snow dur- 
ing the winter. 

Peggy Morrison Outon celebrated 
her 60th in Turkey, consulting with the 
goddesses about this growing older 
business! She reports that son Ross 
was named the winner of the Season 
I PBS show "The Winemakers"! Ross 
created his own wine from Paso 
Robles, CA, which was then sold to a 
national market, courtesy of the show's 
nationwide audience. Her daughter 
Katie also lives in Austin and paints, 
cooks and lives with gusto. Peggy and 
Paul continue to live in their beloved 
Victorian house on the hill, although it's 
somewhat the worse for wear after the 
snowiest winter mo. in Pittsburgh's 

Having lived 22 yrs. in Clifton, VA, 
Kitty Howell Riordan is retired from 
middle management in a retirement 
home and is planning on looking for 
part-time employment soon. Getting 
her mother's estate settled has been 
a big job, and continuing to support 
family and deal with older brother's 
roller-coaster leukemia recovery keeps 
her very busy. Kitty and Dave celebrated 
oldest son's 30th birthday and look 
forward to his move to local N. VA area 
in summer. Youngest son is off to med 
school in Aug., not sure which yet. Kitty 
and Dave have a planned transatlantic 
cruise to W. Europe (Azores to London) 
in Apr. and look forward to some relax- 
ing, pampering, and stimulating times 
at 6 ports, ending in 3-day stay in 
London. 10 step-grandchildren, 10-16 
yrs., keep up the grandparenting activ- 
ity, especially cheering on sports. Kitty 
stays active with community peacemak- 
ing activities and Pastoral Care Team 
leadership at church. She stops into the 
SBC campus periodically when on route 
to Lynchburg for grandparenting duties. 
Nice memories of days gone by. 

Ellen Apperson Brown moved 
back to Roanoke in Oct. (after spend- 
ing the past 1 5 yrs. in Asheville, 
Blacksburg, Stuart, and Radford), and 
is hoping to develop a new career as a 
freelance writer/historian. Although this 
is probably the worst time to be looking 
for work in the field of public history, 
Ellen keeps knocking on every door 
and has completed a 50-page history 
for the Roanoke Kiwanis Club's 90th 
anniv. celebration. Her latest bold idea 
involves creating a website to teach 
history, especially of Southwest VA, and 
also provide assistance to genealogists, 
teachers, and people worldwide who 
are trying to learn more about their 
ancestors in 1 8th and 1 9th century 
VA. In addition to several other books 
in progress, she's thinking about put- 

ting together a book about our class. 
She thinks it would be fun to collect 
our various perspectives about our 
Sweet Briar experience and compile a 
social history about a women's coll. in 
the late '60s and early 70s. Perhaps 
some current students could help col- 
lect interviews from us at a reunion, 
or over the phone? She'd love to hear 
from you if you have any suggestions or 
would like to help. You can reach Ellen 

Trish Neale Van Clief and 
husband Dg are moving back to the 
Charlottesville, VA, to be near son 
Danny (32) and awesome Aussie 
daughter-in-law, Anna, and 2 of their 3 
grandchildren: Daniel (3) and George (7 
mos.) Daughter Helen (31) and husband 
Chase (also an awesome architect, 
musician, and artist) are parents of 
Ginny (1 8 mos.) and are expecting a 
2nd baby in Aug. They live in Austin, 
TX, where Trish and Dg manage 
many visits now that they are retired. 
Trish was happy to have seen several 
friends from SBC this year, from 71 : 
Cami Crocker Wodehouse, Nan Glazer 
LaGow and Michela English and from 
our class: Barbara Tessin Derry Gail 
Garner Resch, Lee Essrig Marion 
Walker. Marcia Wittenbrook, Louise 
Martin Creason and Char Sturbitts 
Everyone discussed her favorite books 
(See our Facebook Group for details! 
-JJ) and focused at length on wrinkles, 
lard, thinning hair, exercise, aching 
joints, knees and rotator cuffs, suddenly 
and profoundly becoming grandmothers, 
fears of job loss, the cost of insurance, 
needing glasses and recalling all our old 
Sweet Briar times. All 72ers pledged 
to return to SBC for reunion in 2012! 
Trish sends best wishes to everyone — 
these are tough, challenging times for 
ourselves and our families — and urges 
everyone to pick up the phone or email 
to stay in touch with their beloved 
Sweet Briar friends. (Couldn't have said 
it better, Trish. Thanks for the nudge. 
You need an old friend's email? Contact 
me! ~JJ) 

Hers may be redundant news, but 
since Elise Webb Neeland turned 60, 
repetition isn't an unusual occurrence! 
Older daughter, Leslie Harvey, and her 
husband, Thomas, had a baby girl with 
red hair in 4/09. The baby is named 
Virginia, since both Leslie and Thomas 
went to UVA law school and VA was 
their 1st home. They now live in San 
Francisco in Alameda (a little too far for 
grandparents, but frequent travel helps), 
and both have practices in intellectual 
property. 2nd daughter, Elizabeth, was 
married in 2/09, and she and husband 
Dave live in Charlotte, NC, where Liz 
does PR and marketing for a large group 
of lawyers. Liz and Dave moved from 
Atlanta to Charlotte just 2 mos. after 
they were married, so they have had a 

Sweel Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www.alumnae.sbc.erJu 

busy 1st yr. Elise's husband David is still 
trying to slow down in his practice and 
maybe will be able to retire in less than 

2 yrs! Elise and David hope it'll work out 
so they'll have more time to travel to see 
family and friends. 

Last year was busy for Carol Cody 
Herder's family. Son Charles graduated 
from MIT with 2 degrees, one in electri- 
cal engineering and one in physics, got 
engaged, and then completed his M.A. 
in electrical engineering at MIT. Since 
his fiance Tina is also an MIT grad, 
they decided to get married on a binary 
date: 01-10-10! Carol's daughter Sarah 
and son-in-law Marc Nathan just bought 
their 1st home. Sarah is busy with busi- 
ness travel while Marc is returning to the 
U. of TX to pursue an M.A. in mechanical 
engineering. Carol and husband Charlie 
have decided it's time to downsize to a 

Pam Drake McCormick reports 
that all is well in Wenham, MA. She and 
Gardner are adjusting to the "empty 
nest," All 3 children have migrated to 
CO. Tucker and Tim are in Boulder and 
Molly is in Denver, Pam stays busy 
doing part time work for her town's local 
Education Fund. Sadly, her mom, "Ping" 
(Nancy Pingree Drake '43) passed away 
suddenly, but peacefully in Oct. She 
thanks all her SBC friends for all their 

Needless to say, Pam sees sister-in- 
law, Kathy Walsh Drake, on a regular 
basis. Pam is reporting for Kathy who's 
on the road south for 2nd daughter 
Hadley Nixon's opening of a fashion 
boutigue in Chapel Hill, N.C. called 
"Hadley Emerson." (Check it out on the 
Internet, or better yet, stop by!) Kathy 
and David still live in ME and their other 

3 daughters are scattered, Elizabeth is 
an auditor at Price, Waterhouse, Coo- 
pers in Boston; Courtney is employed 
at Thompson Financial in Boston and 
Virginia (Jen) is applying to nursing 
school. Pam reports that Kathy's golf 
game continues to "shine." 

Marty Neill Boney writes that her 
biggest news is daughter Kristen's mar- 
riage to Doug McBride out in northern 
CA in 9/09. Wedding excitement hit a 
fevered pitch when word came that Kris- 
ten had to have emergency abdominal 
surgery 2 wks, before the wedding. As 
Marty and Bill landed on the runway 
for the wedding weekend, son Andrew 
called to say that Kristen was headed 
back into the hospital for an infection. 
After an overnight stay, Kristen some- 
how managed to rally in time to make 
it down the aisle. Love once again con- 
quered all! The newlyweds Kristen and 
Doug are thrilled to be in the process of 
buying a house in Berkeley. Meanwhile, 
son Andrew still loves hangin' in D.C. at 
his editor's job at CQ Press. 

Marty reports great success in her 
annual Christmas Extravaganza shop- 

ping trip in Raleigh with Carter Frack- 
elton last fall. Santa managed to stuff 
every stocking on Carter's list before the 
weekend was over. Carter then surprised 
Marty and Bill this winter on one of their 
world-wind stays in Fredericksburg with 
special appearances from Dale Shelly 
Graham, Jill Johnson, and Ginnie 
B. Payne Sasser. (Yes, photos on 
Facebook Page! ~JJ) 

Carter had her 7s/ ever Christmas 
away from home in '09 and packed 
a lot in a short period of time. She 
went to visit Marty and Bill Boney in 
Wilmington, NC, to celebrate the Sept. 
marriage of their daughter, Kristen to 
Doug McBride at a lovely "East Coast" 
reception on 12/23. It was a beautiful 
occasion, she loved being with them all 
for such a happy time. On Christmas 
Eve, Carter flew to Cincinnati to join her 
brother and sister-in-law and her father 
(who drove from Richmond) in sharing 
the holidays with her niece Sara, her 
husband Evan and his family who also 
live there. The Feast of the Seven Fishes 
was a memorable holiday meal that just 
kept on coming! She then flew back to 
Charlottesville to make the tail end of a 
holiday family dinner there, 

Carter has learned to knit. Working 
with a group of friends, she has accom- 
plished a couple of scarves, a hat and 
a baby blanket and cap which she 
will be proudly delivering to nephew 
Robbie and wife Christine at a baby 
shower. Their new baby boy is expected 
to arrive mid Apr. Meanwhile, Carter 
stays busy with volunteer activities in 
addition to carrying out the duties of the 
family manufacturing business, which 
is experiencing the same difficulties of 
these tough economic times as most 
businesses are, particularly those in the 
building related industries. 

Dale Shelly Graham says she 
really doesn't have much to report 
since she and James lead a pretty dull 
life. She's still following daughter Lily's 
lacrosse games up and down the east 
coast as she plays for her 3rd yr. at 
Davidson Coll. Their son Fielding lives in 
Dallas and works for Morgan Stanley, in 
case any of you Texans need some help 
with financial investments. In between, 
Dale tries to keep in touch with local 
SBCers as they celebrate birthdays and 
catch rays together at the beach. 

Well, Ladies. That just about covers 
it, with the exception of a wonderful 
2-day weekend celebration of Mary 
Heller's big birthday! Postponed in 
Dec, it was finally wedged in between 
Jan. snowmageddons and a wild time 
was had by all. Janet Nelson Gibson, 
Carter Frackelton, and Ginnie B. 
Sasser drove up from Fredericksburg. 
Karen Medford arrived from Annapolis. 
Dale Shelley Graham hosted the 
guests, and I drove in from Vienna, VA, 
both days. Mary wore one of my special 

Tiara creations. (Photos on Facebook 
Group. ~JJ) Hopefully, we'll meet again, 
courtesy of Karen's ever-generous offer 
of summer entertainment at her lovely 
Rehoboth beach house, (Hopefully, we'll 
see pictures from Karen and Eileen 
Gebrian's trip last fall to Vietnam!) Tina 
Hall Baugher, who also has a beautiful 
beach home right around the corner, 
promises to join us for cocktails and 

I appreciate all the news reporters 
who responded to my pleas. May the 
rest of you feel a twinge of nostalgia/ 
obligation and contact me at your 
earliest. Email or USPS, either/both are 

And, please keep me up to date 
with any email address changes! If you 
aren't getting my rare emails, I do not 
have your email address. Again, not 
that I'm a rabid social media fan, but 
do check in, look, laugh, and contribute 
whatever to the Facebook group, Sweet 
Briar Class 72 Big Thanks to all. 


Evelyn Carter Cowles 

PO Box 278 

Free Union, VA 22940 

I have sad news to begin. . .Barbara 
Livingston died the end of Aug. after a 
long illness. Barbara had lived in Auburn, 
NY, for nearly 15 yrs. She'd been 
employed by Wells Coll. in Aurora, NY, 
for several yrs. and recently was an ad- 
ministrative employee with the Cayuga- 
Onondaga County BOCES in Auburn. 
She was an active volunteer in a number 
of organizations, from the SPCA to those 
involving the performing arts, and the 
Willard Chapel. Sara Meyerdierks 
Hillgrove attended the memorial 
service for Barbara Livingston in Oct., 
where, along with her brother from D.C. 
and sister from CA, she recalled happy 
SBC memories for the guests. "The 
theater ones were the best, as Barbara 
and I were the 2 theater majors in our 
class and were both very dramatic, then 
and in life! She was a good friend to me 
in spite of being completely whacky. I'll 
miss her." 

I'm also sad to report the death of a 
former classmate, Deborah Smith- 
Mardelli, in Feb. 2010 of lung cancer. 
After leaving SBC, she graduated from 
George Mason U. Until recently she 
had worked as a technical writer for a 
company contracted to do work for the 
Justice Dept, She spent her younger yrs. 
in Germany with her parents, then lived 
the rest of her life in Northern VA. In 
addition to being a past president of the 
Northern VA Republican Women's Club, 
Deb was involved with a welcome home 
program for returning veterans at Ft. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Belvoir and also was active in a program 
that escorted Iraqi War veterans around 
the sights of Washington while they re- 
cuperated at Walter Reed Hospital. She 
is survived by her mother of Annapolis, 
her former husband and her 2 sons. 

Thank goodness spring is just 
around the corner, at least we hope 
since snow was the big news this win- 
ter. Glenys Church had just finished 
shoveling the snow from last weekend 
and this wk, off the deck, only to have 
to start again! Renee Sterling even 
had blizzard-like conditions Christmas 
Eve in Dallas! Cindy Bekins Anderson 
wrote "I don't have any news to report 
this time, but I hope your snow is as 
pretty as ours was. We had about 
20 in. in 2 separate storms, one 
on Christmas eve and the other just 
in time for the kids to return to school 
(worth 3 snow days!) It still hasn't 
melted, and we got another 5 in. last 

Diane Dale Reiling has been 
watching the winter weather in VA 
with disbelief! "Susan Bundy has 
posted some photos and even said they 
couldn't get out the front door and had 
to climb out a 1st floor window in order 
to get out to shovel. Not much to report: 
good weather, no snow and a slowly 
improving economy and real estate 
market. I was admittedly relieved to not 
have to travel to SBC for board meet- 
ings this winter in light of the record 
snowfalls (plural) in VA. "I enjoy keeping 
in touch on Facebook with so many 
73ers from around the country. I see 
Facebook as a great tool to use both 
to keep in touch and to plan our 40th 
reunion (gulp). 

Trish Gilhooly O'Neill writes "I'm 
in Phnom Penh at the moment, I come 
here every yr. as I'm honorary trustee 
of a wonderful orphanage just outside 
of the city. I just returned from taking a 
bus from Phnom Penh to Ho Chi Minh 
City. It's a 6-7 hr. bus ride. What was 
I thinking? Interesting however to see 
the countryside. I'm off to Bangkok for a 
few days, then to the U.S. before return- 
ing to the Cotswalds where we still live 
part time. 

Robin O'Neil was jealous of our 
snow! "We have only the cold weather 
with none of the fun. Although we 
do get to continue to foxhunt, very 
important! Hunting with The Camden 
Hunt has been cold but good. I've been 
busy with family, both happy and sad. 
My nanny who, at 18, came to live 
with us when I was born is in a nurs- 
ing home and has started receiving 
hospice. I haven't had experience with 
this, but think it is really wonderful and 
am so grateful for it. The extra atten- 
tion is most appreciated. My continued 
fundraising in the community for the 
non-profits I support is really tough. I 
just remind others that the world would 

Summer 2010 • 45 

be an awful place in which to live if it 
weren't for the non-profits." 

Joan May Harden writes the only 
new thing in her life is a 60 lb., yr.-old 
pit bull puppy they adopted from a shel- 
ter in Dec. "It's turned my life upside 
down (in a good way) and given our 
beagle a very large friend. The snow 
you've had this yr. has kept us in NJ 
more than we like! I think we'll probably 
be in Lexington full-time by this sum- 
mer... here's hoping!" 

Susan Craig reports "Our oldest 
son, Bennett, graduated last May from 
Davidson, and after working in WY into 
the fall, is now in the job search like so 
many others his age! Having a 23-yr.- 
old at home has been an adjustment, 
but also wonderful. Our younger son 
Edward is a senior at Coll. of Charleston 
and plans to graduate in the spring, I 
continue to work at my design and com- 
munication business, trying to keep up 
with technology and learning a lot, even 
with my aging brain. Wayne has joined 
a commercial real estate company after 
being on his own for most of 30 years. 
It's been good support in this economy. 
We're both working hard and enjoying 
life's simpler pleasures, not a bad thing!" 

Peggy Garner and John are mov- 
ing back to the Seattle area to be close 
to John's oncology doctors and their 
dear friends and family. We send all our 
best wishes to John. 

Laurie Norris Coccio writes 
"Having retired as an elem. school 
principal, I'm now dir. of our town 
library. I love it, and not just because 
the schedule is flexible! It's allowed us 
to continue traveling, just recently surf- 
ing in Sayulita, MX, and skiing in Grand 
Targhee, WY. Nevertheless, my husband 
and I are looking to retire "again" and 
will enjoy our next chapter when (if?) 
our house sells. We're having fun con- 
sidering the possibilities." 

Susan Dern Plank and Joan May 
Harden attended the Inauguration 
of President Jo Ellen Parker and 
Homecoming on a soggy Sat. in Sept. 
"But the rain couldn't dampen anyone's 
spirits at such a wonderful celebration 
of the coll. I urge all of you to visit cam- 
pus now; don't wait till Homecoming or 
Reunion! The new athletics center, with 
its Houston Bistro and the Upchurch 
Field House, is fabulous and the new 
"green" apartments are nicely-designed, 
spacious and eco-friendly. It was heart- 
warming to see and hear the students 
break into spontaneous applause as 
their professors processed into the inau- 
guration ceremony. The reception that 
evening was a special time with good 
food, music and conversation. Steve and 
Kathleen Cochrane Schutze joined us 
at dinner and we met their lovely family: 
daughter Emily, who is a member of the 
SBC Class of ' 1 1 , and her elder and 
younger brothers. I'm looking forward to 

46 • Summer 2010 

spring daffodils blooming and hope it's 
sooner rather than later." 

Anne McDougall writes "During 
the past yr. I've been taking some 
courses in Christian counseling and 
am working toward certification. The 
process is slow since I haven't been in 
school for many yrs. but I'm enjoying 
the idea of embarking on a new career 
at this (great) age. Husband Ed has a 
new job working with our Central FL 
Presbytery. Daughter Maggie and her 
husband Jonathan (UVA alum) and 
daughters Annie and Lily (my grandchil- 
dren!) are planning a move to India later 
this yr. They've signed on for at least 4 
yrs. of missionary work there. We'll miss 
them immensely, but look forward to 
travelling to places we hadn't planned 
to visit! Son Jim got married last sum- 
mer and he and Rachel will settle in the 
central FL area. Ed and I are thankful to 
be healthy and involved in our careers, 
church and community. Blessings to all 
in class of 1973!" 

Christine Eng Leventhal is still 
teaching science at Darien H, S. "Peter 
is teaching Tai Chi, doing nutritional 
counseling, and running his natural 
food store in Wilton; Amy, our eldest, is 
a certified personal fitness consultant 
in Montpelier VT, and is celebrating her 
30th birthday (can't believe I have a 
30-yr.-old daughter!) with a 3-wk. trip 
to Costa Rica; Nick (26) is working on a 
house reconstruction in Darien, and Jon 
(22) is living in Boulder CO. We visited 
my sister and her husband in Phoenix 
last winter; went to my niece's wedding 
in MN last spring, and went to Block 
Island in Jul. Just returned from Boulder 
last weekend and planning another 
Block Island visit in Jul. 

Debbie Pollock Arce writes "I 
haven't written news in a long time, so 
here goes: 

First, I connected with Diane & 
Chuck this weekend. They were down 
in OR for a mini-vacation, and we 
met for Sun. brunch & caught up. We 
traded what we knew about other 
classmates and promised to see each 
other more often when she is in OR or 
I'm in Seattle. I'm the CFO of a soft- 
ware company in the greater Portland, 
OR area. I was recruited away from a 
similar position at another software 
company a yr. ago, and this one is a 
little closer to home. I'm experiencing 
the empty nest as well. After getting 
amicably divorced 3 yrs. ago, I still had 
my youngest son, Reed, at home, but 
he's now a freshman at OR State. My 
older son, Ross, is a senior at U. of OR, 
majoring in English. My oldest child, and 
only daughter, Cory, is a graduate of U. 
of WA. She lives near Seattle, and is a 
manager for a wind energy company 
there. She and her boyfriend travel the 
world for fun, heading off to Iceland this 
month for 6 days, and Japan, Korea, 

Thailand and Singapore for 3 wks. this 
summer. I travel a fair amount in my 
job, and am heading to the UK on busi- 
ness in mid-Mar. For fun, I run/walk half 
marathons. I did 4 last yr. and hope to 
do a few this yr. as well. My job keeps 
me busy, but I'm so looking forward to 
the day when all the college tuition is 
paid, and I can "retire" to something 
way less demanding to return the bal- 
ance to my life!" 

Weezie Blakeslee Gilpin I don't 
have much to report other than the 
hair being a little grayer and 2 children 
mysteriously managing to be in their 
30s, the other about to turn 28. To fight 
the perils of gravity, I've been taking a 
PE class at Bishop's called strength and 
conditioning which is loads of weight 
lifting and other exercises designed to 
make you stronger and fitter. I've dis- 
covered I love bench pressing and do it 
with gusto. One of my 9th grade "class- 
mates" told his mother that he called 
class "weightlifting with Weezie." Bob 
shows no signs of slowing down doing 
college counseling and gap yr, counsel- 
ing and loves southern CA as much as 
I do. No grandchildren yet, much to our 
dismay. I'm trying not to be an obnox- 
ious mother and mother-in-law. Alexa 
is a student advisor at an on-line uni- 
versity and lives in the new snowbelt, 
MD. Blake has been at UNC Chapel Hill 
as a scholar-in-residence and is looking 
for a coll. teaching job and doing so at 
the worst possible time. Christopher 
and Allison are taking a yr. off from 
teaching and live in Australia for a yr. as 
she has dual citizenship. So, life is full 
and it's easy to stay healthy while living 
in the best climate in the country (La 
Jolla). Much love to all." 

Lisa Marshall Chalmers reports 
her latest: "Our son, Marshall, gradu- 
ated from Harvard Law and is working 
for the British firm, Freshfields, in 
London. Our daughter, Elizabeth, got 
married on 12/19/09 to Chris McGanity. 
They're living in Nashville where he 
attends Vanderbilt Law and she works 
for Gaylord-Opryland as a marketing 
coordinator. David and I are great and 
I'm still painting portraits. 

Reynolds and I too survived the 
snow living down a little dirt road in our 
new place. We are off this week to the 
DR for my nephew's wedding and up 
to Boston this summer for my brother's 
wedding. All the kids and grandkids 
(some of whom we have to look up to 
now!) are all doing well. Reynolds is 
still treating horses, foxhunting, fishing 
and bird hunting. I'm still painting, fish- 
ing, hiking and hope to get back in the 
saddle with better weather. We plan to 
spend time in MT this summer and fall. 
I, like Weezie, am attempting to fight 
gravity by an exercise class called "boot 
camp," the name says it all! On that 
note, great to hear from you all! 


Rosalind Ray Spell 
2710 Orchard Knob SE 
Atlanta, GA 30339 

Meredith Thompson Sullivan 
PO Box 1283 
Livingston, MT 59047 

What a class! You came through in 
spades via e-mail, and we thank you for 
your updates! Many of you traveled to 
SBC for our 35th Reunion last May, and 
some of you wrote your impressions of 
the weekend: 

Sandra Taylor continues to be 
an active SBC alumna. She attended 
Reunion, and said she realized her 
"dream" of staying in Randolph. She 
thanks her classmates for helping reach 
our (financial) goal! She also attended 
the inauguration of President Jo Ellen 
Parker. Her sister, Marsha Taylor Horton 
'76, sang at the event, and reports 
the new Field House on campus is 

On a recent trip to Atlanta, she met 
Rossie Ray Spell and Mary Bush 
Norwood for breakfast, and they talked 
about Mary's recent bid for mayor of At- 
lanta. Unfortunately, it was a close race, 
and she lost by less than 1 ,000 votes. 

Sandra sees Mary Witt, Con- 
stance Scott, and Terry Starke Tosh 
'75, several times a yr. in Richmond, VA. 
Sandra continues working at SunTrust 
Mortgage as a Project Manager. 

Rossie Spell had a wonderful time 
at Reunion, and enjoyed spending time 
during and after the event with Daun 
Thomas Frankland, Tricia Barnett 
Greenberg. Beth Franke Lynn and 
Meredith Thompson Sullivan 

Mary Witt, who also made it to 
the reunion, had a pre-reunion visit 
with several classmates in Richmond, 
VA before driving down to Sweet Briar. 
She and husband Fritz are doing well. 
Mary still works at Anthem Blue Cross 
and Blue Shield, but has recently been 
named medical director for care man- 
agement. In her new position, she works 
closely with nurses and physicians to 
provide the best care for patients with 
complex medical conditions. She will 
also be the first woman to hold the post 
of president of the University of Virginia 
Medical Alumni Association. 

Paula Hollingsworth Thomas: 
All is well in Lewisburg, TN. Steve is the 
minister at Belfast Presbyterian and we 
love our little church. Charles and wife 
Julie live nearby in Franklin, TN. Elyse 
is finishing coll. at Belmont Univ. in 
Nashville. We hear from Barbara, Ellie 
and some other Boxwoodites. Sorry to 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www.alumnae.sbc.erJu 

have missed Reunion. I'm sure that it 
was wonderful. 

Debbie Hooker Sauers said it 
was hard for her to get back to the real 
world after being a coll. girl again over 
Reunion weekend. Debbie and Drea 
Peacock Bender Maureen Hynes 
Binder and Pam Cogghill Graham 
helped Sue Castle Rolewick celebrate 
the wedding of her daughter, Katie. 
According to Debbie, the wedding was 
beautiful, and all the SBC girls were 
there in style! 

The week after Reunion, Jane Piper 
Gleason and Joe moved from their 
suburban house in Webster Groves, 
MO, into a roomier urban condominium. 
From their home on the 23rd floor, they 
have a fabulous view of downtown St. 
Louis and the Arch. 

"The fireworks around the metro- 
politan area on the 4th of July were 
wonderful," Gleason added. She also 
said it was great seeing everyone and 
that "we haven't changed a bit." 

Also the week after Reunion, 
Marcia Brandenburg Martinson s 
oldest son, Andrew, was married, so she 
was unable to attend. (The best excuse 
yet!) She still lives in South Weymouth, 
MA, and works at her h. s. as director of 
alumni relations. She has fun follow- 
ing some of her SBC classmates on 

Jane Renne Steffen teaches at 
Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Divi- 
sion. Her specialty is textiles for interior 
designers. I teach quilting in southern 
CA. I just bought a new 1 8" long arm 
quilting machine and it's computerized. 
She enjoyed the 35th reunion and saw 
many friends and made some new 
ones. She wishes we could've had a 
week together. Afterward she and her 
husband vacationed in D.C. and went to 
dinner with Nancy Mortenson Piper 
and Chris. 

M. Tracy James wrote, "I always 
have fond memories of that gorgeous 
campus, beautiful rolling hills and area 
communities and the many wonderful 
people I met there on campus, while 
hiking and motorcycling." Tracy went on 
to graduate from CO Coll. on the "Block 
Plan" where students study one course 
at a time. She worked on design exhibits 
at the Children's Museum in Denver, and 
community arts programs. She complet- 
ed law school in 1981 and is working as 
a mediator in the court system. She has 
been married for 37 yrs., has 2 boys (1 7 
and 20) and lives on what she describes 
as a "semi-rural" farm in CO. She gave 
up horseback riding a few years ago, 
but continues to hike, ski, and garden. 
She also enjoys "good food, wine and 

Nancy Mortensen Piper attended 
the SBC Homecoming where she met 
new president, Jo Ellen Parker. She later 
gave a brunch for Parker in Washington, 

D.C, where she saw Sally Rebentish 

Randolph and her sister who was in the 
class of 70. She also had a chance to 
see Terry's sister, Dorothy Lear Mooney 
78, at the Saturday brunch "at Clyde's." 
Nancy's daughter, Kate, is graduating 
from Gorgetown U. in May. Daughter 
Liz is 7th grade, plays basketball, and 
could be a Sweet Briar candidate since 
she loves horseback riding. Nancy works 
part-time at Talbot's and sees Sandra 
and Maria Vonetes 75 at the store of- 
ten. Sharon Mangus had a Christmas 
dinner at her house in Dec. where she 
saw Cindy Conroy, Lisa Walker 75, 
and Jody Anderson 75. She reports 
that Sharon is an EMT in Alexandria, 
VA; Cindy is retired and splits her time 
between Alexandria and Cape Cod; Lisa 
recently moved to Georgia; and Jody is 
working at the SBA in Washington, D.C. 
(I hope I got all that straight!) 

Nancy Blackwell Marion is the 
owner of The Design Group, a graphic 
and Web design firm in Lynchburg, VA, 
which has been designing this magazine 
for the last 25 yrs. She has also started 
a publishing company, Blackwell Press, 
and so far is publishing local histories, 
historic prints and a magazine, Lynch's 
Ferry. She taught a graphic design 
class at Sweet Briar for 8 yrs., but 
resigned last year to concentrate on 
her businesses. Now that her 3 children 
are grown and all but one out of coll., 
she and Dave are traveling quite a bit, 
thanks to their son's perks as a Conti- 
nental Airline pilot. 

Val Gordon-Johnson wrote: We 
did one Broadway play in 2009 (Neil 
LaBute's "Reasons to be Pretty"), 
which was critical and popular hit, but 
closed too early. We spent summertime 
between NYC, WY and Toronto, and 
winter in HI. 

Andria Frances has been develop- 
ing educational assessments at CTB/ 
McGraw-Hill where she has been for 
the past 24 yrs. Daughter Ashleigh (24) 
has a master's degree in archaeology. 
She's been living in London for the past 
several yrs. and has participated in 2 
archaeological digs in Kazakhstan with 
SBC Professor of Anthropology Claudia 
Chang. In the past couple of years, Andria 
has traveled to China, cruised down the 
Yangtze River, walked along the Great 
Wall, seen the Terracotta Warriors in Xian 
and enjoyed a foot massage in Shanghai, 
all of which were on her "1 00 Things to 
Do Before I Die" list. She also went on an 
African safari where she saw up-close 
the elephants, giraffes, flamingos and 
lions in several state parks. She's on 
the board of directors for "Baby Love," a 
nonprofit organization that participates in 
"rocking the babies" in a hospital's neo- 
natal intensive care unit. She continues 
her volunteer work at the Animal Services 
where she plays with cats and kittens and 
helps with adoptions. 

Many of our classmates are traveling 
to interesting places around the world. 

Julie Shuer is still living in southern 
CA, but with 2 children in coll. and one 
in a h. s. semester program in Israel, 
she traveled to Tel Aviv for 3 mos. to 
continue her Hebrew studies. Her 
husband took off 3 wks. from his law 
practice and joined her. After that, they 
all met up again in Washington, D.C, to 
attend their son's graduation, summa 
cum-laude, from George Washington U. 
Afterwards, she took her 2 oldest on a 
road trip to Sweet Briar and Lynchburg 
where they visited friends. The graduate, 
Benji Davis, is now living in Tel Aviv; their 
daughter, Gabrielle, is in her 2nd year 
of coll. in Los Angeles; and Sofia, their 
youngest, is a junior in high. Julie enjoys 
swimming, cooking, walking the dog and 
a "great 25-yr. marriage." 

Bonnie Chronowski writes that 
she's facilitating a course for 46 regis- 
trants on church history. Son Christo- 
pher will graduate from the U. of VA's 
Darden School of Business in May, after 
which he'll work for Heinz in Pittsburgh. 
PA. Daughter Meghan lives in NYC and 
is a public relations coordinator for J. 
Mendel, the 5th generation furrier and 
designer of ready-to-wear clothing. Bon- 
nie is looking forward to a vacation on 
St. Barth's in a couple of wks. with hus- 
band Jim. They're also planning a trip to 
Oberammergau, Germany, in Jul. to see 
The Passion play, which is performed 
every 10 yrs., and will be spending the 
rest of the summer in Nantucket, MA. 

Debbie Pelham Bigum is living in 
Orlando, FL, with husband Randy who is 
now working for Lockheed Martin after 
retiring from the Air Force. Daughter 
Lindsay graduated from U. of VA and 
married Dan Huttman, also a UVA gradu- 
ate. She holds a master's degree and 
continues to work at Lockheed Martin in 
Human Resources. Daughter Courtney 
will be graduating from FL State U. 
with a degree in recreation and leisure. 
Debbie said she and her husband are 
traveling quite a bit, their most recent 
excursion to Costa Rica in Jan. Both are 
now looking forward to a trip to Tuscany 
in Apr., Atlantis in Jun., and a family 
fly fishing trip in Sept. to Steamboat 
Springs, CO. Last Sept., Debbie had 
lunch with her SBC roommate, Mary 
Fantone Davies in Norfolk, VA. 

Meredith Sullivan and John trav- 
eled to Botswana this past fall to photo- 
graph the "Big Five," including a viewing 
of "ol' Silver Eye," an aging lion, known 
far and wide for his opaque cataract eye 
and bad disposition. We saw Rossie 
Spell and her children in Atlanta on the 
way to catching our flight to Johannes- 
burg, South Africa. We ended in Cape 
Town at the Cape Grace for a much 
needed rest before chugging north on 
the Rovos Rail to Johannesburg for 
our trip back to MI Meredith also had 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine » 

dinner with Jo Ellen Lenoir Blunk 75 in 
Houston over the Christmas holidays. 

Victoria Bates continues to work 
as a family practitioner for an HMO 
in Tallahassee, FL., and has started 
a part-time Osteopathic Manipulative 
Treatment Clinic for back and neck 
within her practice. This yr. she'll take a 
3-mo. sabbatical to better understand 
osteopathy. 3 yrs. ago, she moved her 
mother, Carolyn Bates, to an assisted liv- 
ing facility near her home. She and her 
husband took a quick trip to Copenha- 
gen, Denmark in Nov. 

Joan Buckley Saunders said, 
"I've never been in Class Notes, so here 
goes." She's married to an Englishman 
(Robert), has been living in Andover, MA 
for the past 26 yrs., and they have 3 
children: Nicholas (24), Amanda (22), 
and Peter (19). She has her own design 
business, and works mainly with fabric 
when she and her husband are not on 
the golf course. (You did a good job, 
and we'll look forward to your next 

Marion Van Horn Eagan cel- 
ebrated Mardi Gras and the Super Bowl 
victory in her city of New Orleans. She 
and Ann Pritchett Van Horn were 
looking forward to a visit from Robin 
Christian Ryan and Ruthie Lentz in 
Mar. over spring break. 

Elizabeth Watts reports that she 
and husband Bobby are in their 18th 
yr. at Episcopal H. S. where he teaches 
history and coaches track, and she still 
works for the development and commu- 
nications offices. She's also the school's 
photographer. They're thrilled to be 
grandparents of Robert C Watts (Chip), 
born in 6/09. He and his parents, Rob 
and Alden, are now living in Japan. 
Daughter Betsy and husband David 
are living in Atlanta for a yr. before they 
return to Washington, D.C in the fall. 

Laurie Epstein Dearlove says she 
enjoys being "Nana" to her 1st grand- 
child, Quincy, born 7/8/09. He lives in 
Denver with his parents, Jenni and Jim, 
but "there are numerous visits." Her 
husband continues to create new busi- 
ness enterprises in the field of health 
and wellness. Stepdaughter Jessica is 
back from a 3-yr. mission to Kenya to 
provide AIDS testing and information to 
the Maasai as well as spreading God's 
Word. She's now going for her master's 
in psychology. The other stepdaughter, 
Brady, will enter coll. in fall, and stepson 
John is a junior at Glenbrook South H. 
S. She also keeps active in her Pilates 
reformer sessions and practices her 
program of "Sheanetics," a combination 
of yoga, tai chi, ballet and Pilates. 

Betsy Hellmuth was sympathetic 
to our plight as class secretaries since 
she herself compiles Class Notes for 
her h. s. graduation class and is now 
planning its 40th reunion with Sarah 
Johnston Knobluach hosting one of 

Summer 2010 -47 

the parties. She and husband Ted will 
be grandparents at the end of May, in 
fact, the baby is due on Janie Reeb 
Short's birthday! Daughter Katie and 
husband live in Beacon, NY, after 8 yrs. 
on the upper west side of Manhattan. 
Son TJ owns a RED movie camera and 
travels on assignments as they come 
up. He and his wife live in Columbus 
where she'll be teaching dance. Their 
youngest, Kimberly, is in Chicago, where 
she is studying to become a certified 
paralegal. She still sells Doncaster 
clothing while her husband works as an 
investment advisor, concentrating on 
corporate bonds. 

Francesca "Checka" Delle is 
still a kindergarten teacher at PS 7 in 
Cypress Hills, Brooklyn. Her daughter 
is following the footsteps of her father, 
Paul, and is in her 2nd yr. of Hofstra 
Law School. Her son is a paramedic in 
the city. She hasn't seen anyone from 
SBC since her parents moved from 
Washington D.C. to the eastern shore 
and unfortunately, was not able to make 
Reunion. Checka plans to take a group 
of 4th graders to a dairy farm in VT for 
a wk. in the summer. She did it last yr. 
and it was a blast. It exposes city kids 
to a whole different environment and 
they learn so much from it, she says. 
She and her husband are planning to 
go to Saratoga Springs, NY for a few 
days this summer. "Other than that I'm 
trying to fight the battle of the bulge by 
running, biking, swimming, going to the 
gym and kayaking. I'm also involved in 
my church as a eucharistic minister and 
catechist. Hope you are well." 

Sally Rebentisch Randolph 
who will become a grandma for the 
2nd time, reports, "This grandmother 
thing is great!" She's still teaching 3rd 
grade and will be retiring in about 5 yrs. 
Sally also saw Ceci "Kirby" Wraase, 
Sally Clary. Jane Frierson, and Karla 
"Kline" Bradshaw recently when they 
all met for "tea." (Tea? Riiiiiiggggghhh- 
hhttttttt . . .) 

Alethea Lee is making the rounds, 
1st spending Thanksgiving with her 
family in Rl, and later visiting her mother 
and other family members over the 
Christmas holidays in ME. She also 
reported, "As I was coming home I had 
a really bad auto accident on 95 — high 
speed, hit and run, 3 cars. I got a broken 
hand and had to have an operation. My 
car is gone, but I'm alive!" Fortunately, 
she is in physical therapy and back to 
knitting again. 

Please send more news for our next 
Class Notes, and we'll "get it out there" 
as they say on CNN! 


Sarah Preston Clement 
5028 Domain PI. 
Alexandria, VA 22311 

Johna Pierce Stephens 
1703 Beard's Creek Ct. 
Davidsonville, MD 21035 


Ann Kiley Crenshaw 
1216 Cedar Point Dr. 
Virginia Beach, VA 23541 


Sally Bonham Mohle 
5039 Lewisetta Dr. 
Glen Allen, VA 23060 

Hi, classmates! We now have a 
Facebook group, so if you're on Fb and 
haven't joined yet, please do! It's a great 
place to reconnect. 

Our deepest condolences to Jo Ella 
Schneider Samp and Rich on the un- 
expected loss of their son Peter in 2/09, 
which I just learned about recently. 

Becky Mayer Gutierrez: My 3 
sons and 3 grandsons are well. George 
and his wife bought a house; their son 
was 1 on 3/1 4/1 0. Anthony and his girl- 
friend are very close and visit often with 
Gavin (3) and Gauge (2) on 3/15/10. Mi- 
chael is in Heidelberg, Germany working 
as an MP in the Army; he is doing well. 
I hope to visit him during the summer 
of 201 1 . 1 continue to teach 5th grade, I 
love teaching and the students, I hate all 
the paperwork and stress from the state 
standardized test. I also work weekends 
baking at a coffee shop, enjoy the 
variety. My family has rented a house in 
York Beach, ME, for a week in Jul., can't 
wait. We are truly blessed. 

Debbie Koss McCarthy: Our 
1st grandchild, Anna Grace Ramey, 
was born 1/25 to our daughter Courtney 
and husband John. But Atlanta is too far 
away from Chapel Hill! I'm taking a sab- 
batical in the spring and will spend lots 
of time there. Alex still enjoys work and 
play in Manhattan. David and I are fine. 

Barb Bernick Peyronnet: I'm busy 
with Annie (15) and Maggie (20). Mag- 
gie attends William and Mary and Annie 
is a freshman in h. s. I continue to play 
golf and serve on the 9-holers board. 
We've had a great season snow skiing 
at Wintergreen, VA, with terrific condi- 
tions! Doug & I stay busy with church, 
kids and elder care. I'm walking in the 
annual 1 0K and am raising money for 

Massey Cancer Center as I celebrate 6 
yrs. in May as a cancer survivor. 

Angela M. Scully: I'm enjoying 
serving as Exec. Dir. of the Darlington 
Arts Center in PA. Daughter Clara gradu- 
ated from Kenyon and is working in 
theatre in Philadelphia and son Matthew 
is a Jr. atClarksonU. 

Molly Reeb Nissman: My kids are 
growing fast! Nancy (29) works at the 
national office of the American Diabetes 
Assoc, in Washington, D.C. Andrew 
(1 7) and Matt (1 3) are both at Norfolk 
Acad. I'm busy with my job at UBS as 
a Financial Advisor in Norfolk. I have 
3 partners at UBS, one of whom is my 
sister, Jane Reeb Short 74. We have 
fun working together! I continue to play 
tennis; it's a great physical and mental 
outlet. Last year, my 4.5 USTA team 
went to Nationals and we came in 4th! 
I'm renovating my house; there's always 
a project to do! 

Ellen Sellers McDowell: My 
youngest child Kate graduates from high 
school in May. We had a nice visit to 
SBC last fall but she has decided to go 
somewhere else. I thought the campus 
looked great and the food was wonder- 
ful. I would love to be going back. Kate 
and I are going on a fun spring break 
trip together, 1st to England to plan a 
summer mission trip for our church 
youth group and then to Paris where we 
will meet my sister Susan Sellers Ewing 
71 . 1 hope I remember enough of my 
French to get around. Rex is working 
in AL every week so he's commuting 
between Dallas and Montgomery. Our 
oldest daughter Emily (24) is finish- 
ing a master's degree in Geology from 
U. TX in Austin and will be moving to 
Houston this summer to work for Hess 
Petroleum. Ginny (22) finished atTCU 
last year and is working in Dallas for a 
small communications company. Mary 
Susan (20) is a sophomore at TCU and 
is studying engineering. I'm volunteering 
at Kate's school, Parish Episcopal, as a 
Senior Mom planning fun lunches for the 
senior class (I still love to plan parties!) 
and at our church with the youth group 
and with Altar Guild. 

Stephanie Maxson Kenyon: All is 
well in the Maxson-Kenyon household. 
We're gearing up for the h. s. baseball 
season. Jay's the starting Varsity catcher 
this year, so we get to sit in the bleach- 
ers and sweat every pitch. Next it's col- 
lege tours. I'm still teaching 6th grade. 
My husband has retired, but substitutes 
most days. 

Fran Scott: I've begun a 2nd 
decade with Scott Gardner Group, my 
marketing/branding consultancy. Son 
Zach turns 21 this yr. and still hopes to 
make his fame and fortune writing and 
producing in the music industry (as does 
everyone else in Nashville). 

Christine Boulware: Last year, my 
youngest child, my daughter, finished 

law school and is now a practic- 
ing attorney in Houston, TX! My son 
continues his career as a mid-level 
financial executive with his multinational 
corporation and is now weighing options 
regarding an overseas assignment — 
fun! I continue weathering the economic 
storm as an executive recruiter, but have 
now begun the final stages of launching 
our internet business, 

Kathy Roantree Renken What a 
year! We've moved from MN to TX. It 
all happened very quickly, but now the 
family is together. Jeff no longer has 
to commute as he's now a full-time 
employee of Lockheed Martin. Children 
have had lots of changes also. Doug 
(23) graduated from SD School of Mines 
and also started working for Lockheed 
Martin, but in Marietta, GA. Emily (20) 
graduates this yr. from Evangel U. and 
is planning a 3-mo. missions/internship 
trip to Nairobi. Then she'll be in the job 
market for a job in public relations. Tim 
(1 7) is a homeschooled h. s. junior; so I 
have only one more year of teaching at 
home. With the move everything is very 
new and starting over seems daunting. 
SBC'ers in Fort Worth, give me a call! 

Libby White Drbal: Life keeps 
cooking with Drew loving his sophomore 
yr. at Elon in NC and the fraternity life 
there. He hopes to study in Dublin fall 
semester next year, which would be 
very exciting. He'd check in on my 
Amsterdam family from junior semester 
abroad. I'm still in touch with them. Tyler 
(1 7) a junior, is in the throes of trying to 
complete his Eagle Scout project and 
focusing on where he wants to go to 
college. Doug has a challenging new 
job as director of marketing in a small 
veterinary pharmaceutical company 
based in northern NJ. He loves the 
challenge of bringing in more business, 
which he's doing, but not without losing 
a few more hairs. I worked for a small 
saddlery shop last year, which was fun, 
but unfortunately it didn't survive the 
small business crunch and right before 
Christmas had to close its doors. I'm 
interviewing, trying to get back into 
veterinary pharmaceutical marketing 
communications, part-time. Like all of 
us, Doug and I continue to monitor our 
aging parents' health and home issues. 
We're fortunate to still have all four of 
them with us, but as you all know, aging 
is not for sissies. (Ain't that the truth! 
These birthdays are getting ridiculous 
for us 77ers!) 

Roxane Clement: I've been whip- 
ping myself into shape going to Bikram 
Yoga with Gregor Lee (class of 2000). 
I'll soon be travelling back and forth 
between Asheville and MT for a decorat- 
ing job. I've enjoyed being able to touch 
base with more SBC classmates through 

Nina Baker Neal: Got remarried 3 
yrs. ago to a wonderful man and moved 

48 • Summer 2010 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www.alumnae.sbc.erJu 

to Ellicott City, MD. My daughter, Natalie, 
is a sophomore at U. of St. Andrews in 
Scotland and really enjoys it. She has 
always been a rider, but is now into 
playing polo! I stick to riding bikes with 
my husband. 

Missy Flanigan Clark: Life in VA is 
going well. David and I have our grown 
kids, Lauren is married and graduating 
from UVA with her masters and will be 
a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Patrick 
finished NC State a couple of years ago 
and Philip is at ECU playing baseball 
for the Pirates in the spring and the 
Outer Banks Daredevils in the summer 
months. I love my work at Saint Patrick 
Catholic School as the Minister of 
Spiritual Formation, and I never have a 
dull moment as the lower school religion 

And I, Sally Bonham Mohle, am en- 
joying being near our new great-nephew 
Alec Brown, born 1/18. He joins his 
brother Jack (6) also nearby. We count 
them as our "virtual grandchildren," along 
with their cousins Zach (1) and Bella Can- 
non (4) in NH. I'm also enjoying living in 
Richmond. Pete and I celebrated 32 yrs. 
of marriage in Feb. 


Suzanne Stryker Ullrich 
820 Waverly Rd. 
Kennett Square, PA 19348 


Mary Robbie McBride Bingham 
7624 Coors Blvd. SW 
Albuquerque, NM 87121 

Saralee Cowels Boetler writes: 
I'm still busy as senior partner with 
Fleishman-Hillard International Commu- 
nications; serving on a National Trust for 
Historic Preservation advisory board for 
Historic Woodlawn (George Washington 
gave it to his step-granddaughter, Nelly 
Custis) and Frank Lloyd Wright's Pope- 
Leighey House (only FLW building in VA 
open to the public) and spending time 
with George and dog, Angus at our WV 
cabin. I'm starting to ride again (baby 
steps!) and spending as much time as I 
can with my 2 nephews, both of whom 
had small roles in Academy-Award win- 
ning film, "The Blind Side" with Sandra 

Aimee Brett Kass: I work at Vort & 
Morgen, LLC, a law firm that concen- 
trates on civil litigation with a focus on 
DYFS and public education. I'm also the 
producer of a popular radio talk show 
in the NY metropolitan region, The Sam 
Greenfield Show on WVNJ. (The show 
can be heard online.) We're not right or 
left, just rational and entertaining. We 

had SBC alumna Molly Haskell '61 as a 
guest last summer. I manage a comedy 
troupe called Full Metal Mamas in NYC 
with edgy humor. The leader is Sam's 
wife, Barbara Singer. And finally, I'm 
busy with the Ethical Culture Society 
of Bergen County as Pledge Chair and 
organizer of fund raisers. 

Betsy Byrne Utterback: Jim and 
I moved to Tampa in Dec. where he's 
working for Moffitt Cancer Center. 
I've been lucky enough to visit Laura 
Evans and Graham in Palm Beach and 
Sally Ann in Key Largo. I'm looking into 
continuing interior design in Tampa 
once I get comfortable. Our children are 
out of the house: James (28) is in grad 
school (architecture) at Syracuse, Chris 
is working in Phila in clinical research 
consulting and Jenny (23) is in NYC at 
SonyMusic working at Epic Records. 
Looking forward to the summer in NH. I 
had lunch with Louise about 6 mos. ago 
and she's busy with her 2 girls who are 
wonderful swimmers! 

Susan Andrews Cress: Leigh's 
job, SVP Energy Marketing & Inter- 
national at Enbridge, had its ups and 
downs. Travel mercifully slowed down 
a bit with the sale in Apr. of Enbridge's 
stake in a crude oil pipeline in Colombia. 
Sadly, that means no business reasons 
for now to visit a country that Leigh 
and Susan have come to love, but the 
May closing party in Bogota, preceded 
by a few days in Cartagena, was a 
memorable farewell. Susan is in her 2nd 
year as president of the Junior League 
of Calgary, her full-time unpaid job. Her 
term has been eventful but rewarding, 
highlighted by steady growth in mem- 
bership and preparation for a celebra- 
tion of the League's 60-year history in 
Calgary. Her term ends in Jun. 201 and 
Susan will take some time to relax and 
decide what she wants to do next. Jim is 
a 1st yr. law student at the U. of British 
Columbia. Andrew is a 3rd-yr. student at 
U. of Alberta. 

Deborah Parker Gibbs is still 
practicing law in Baton Rouge, LA; saw 
Carol Williamson in Boston in Oct. She 
stays there often to visit her son at St. 
Paul's. Margaret Hixon arrived to visit 
her just as I was leaving, unfortunately. 
I had a good telephone visit with Mikki 
Farley Canning, who has a new farm 
in KY where she'll be spending time 
soon, nearer her sons at Vanderbilt 
and Fort Benning, GA. In the small 
world department, youngest daughter 
Martha, a freshman at Sewanee, has 
befriended Sumner Dalrymple, Liz Day's 
(78) daughter. I had a wonderful time 
parent's weekend seeing Liz and her 
husband Chris. I think often and fondly 
of the peaceful days at Sweet Briar and 
look forward to hearing news of our 

Lauren MacMannis Huyett: I'm 
in Concord, MA, and down to 1 child 

at home, Susan, (16) a sophomore at 
Concord-Carlisle H. S. Kate is 26 and 
working at Goldman-Sachs in NYC, 
Phillip (24) is at Tufts Medical School 
in Boston; Peter (21) is a senior at 
Gettysburg Coll., Chip (20) is a fresh- 
man at Miami U. in OH. I have my own 
residential interior decorating company, 
a lot of fun. In Jan., I hosted the Boston 
Alumnae SBC Club luncheon. Many 
ages came (60 plus people), a lot of fun! 
My mother Lois Gene Patton '44 and 
her friend Paulett Taggart '44 sang the 
Senior Steps song that my Mom wrote 
while at SBC! 

And I, Mary Robbie McBride 
Bingham, have a wonderful job working 
at Helen Cordero Elem. in Albuquerque, 
working with the gifted and talented 
students and the lower archiving kin- 
dergarteners. We have a promising 
3-yr.-old at the racetrack and hope he 
does well this spring. Please email me 
at: . I have 
tried to email everyone, but got a lot of 
returns! Also, please do not feel that the 
only thing you can write in about is your 
family. We'd all love to hear about what 
makes you happy and your hobbies, 
passions, etc. Thank you! 


Frances McClung Ferguson 
1917 Maylin Dr. 
Salem, VA 24153 

Phyllis Watt Wilson 
3939 Livingston St. NW 
Washington, D.C. 20015 


Claire McDonnell Purnell 
Four Thompson St. 
Annapolis, MD 21401 

Hello Classmates! A number of you 
sent your news. Thank you all. Naomi 
Weyand Smith and husband Scott live 
in Atlanta where Scott is the General 
Counsel of Genuine Parts Company. 
Naomi is an employment discrimination 
attorney at Fisher Broyles. She writes, 
"I'm also on the Board of Directors of 
the Center for Family Resources, which 
helps homeless families with hous- 
ing, food, and job training. Our son, 
Harrison (21), is a junior at Presbyterian 
Coll. in SC and thinking about law 
school. Our daughter, Emily (18) is a 
h. s. senior, and is considering SBC. 
We recently moved to an old house in 
Druid Hills in Atlanta, which we'll have 
to renovate. We also bought a house in 
Nantucket and saw Roberta Perillo '82 
in Nantucket last summer. I had ankle 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www.alumnae, 

replacement surgery at Duke in Jan. 
and am still recovering from that and 
hoping for good results." 

Elaine Arozarena is a global 
Advisor in Human Capital Solutions with 
partners in Europe and headquarters 
in Vienna, Austria. "The brand name 
is Neumann Partners, and my brand 
in Iberia and the Americas is Global 
Human Capital Solutions." She adds, 
"My husband Carlos Montero de Alba 
and I have no children but split our 
time between Madrid, Spain, and NYC. I 
also head a nonprofit foundation called 
where we will start qualifying Mexican 
restaurants by their authenticity with 
ONE, TWO or THREE EAGLES...the idea 
is to differentiate us from Tex-Mex, 
which is the food you eat in the U.S." 

Helen "Sam" Masters Durham 
is still in Rochester, MN, working as dir. 
of marketing for the Mayo Civic Center 
with Buck (HSC '80) at the Mayo Clinic. 
Rob (20), the youngest, is in his 2nd yr. 
at Hampden-Sydney. Arch (27) is in NYC 
and Ann Husted (23) is in NC. Helen 
saw Mary Ware Gibson, Lea Sparks 
Bennett and Mason Bennett Rummel 
'83 last mo. Helen writes "Sadly I lost 
my mom right before Christmas and the 
most touching text came from Mary 
Ware Gibson when she told me she'd 
be driving up for the funeral, 'SBC girl 
needs a hug, I'll be there.' It just goes 
to show you that the lifelong friends 
you make at SBC carry you through the 
toughest times." 

Boo Major is in her 1 2th yr. as 
head coach for the U. of SC Equestrian 
team. She keeps up with Lisa Kean '80 
who has built a beautiful vacation home 
on the outskirts of Asheville, NC. Boo 
says, "You'd never know that Asheville 
is 5 min. from her house with the beau- 
tiful views of the mountains she has." 
Boo's son, Mac, is in the 4th grade and 
enjoys hunting and fishing; he shot 2 
bucks this year. Mac also plays football 
and baseball. "He's not too interested 
in horses which leaves me relieved! I 
couldn't afford it. Of course I still have 3 
retired horses and a donkey at my farm 
as pasture ornaments." 

Kathy Levi Hoover and Michael 
are living in Richmond and they have 
finally emerged from 2 major renova- 
tions to their home. Kathy writes "We 
loved our neighborhood and didn't 
want to move (Anne Little Woolley '83 
is our neighbor). Kate (21), a '3rd year' 
at the Mclntire School of Commerce at 
UVa, is following in her dad's footsteps. 
Anna (1 4) attends Collegiate School in 
Richmond I see Terrell Luck Harrigan 
often, as we're both room mothers for 
our daughters' 8th grade advisories. 
I also see Daughty Hagan Godfrey 
when our daughters' sports teams play 
each other. Michael is president of 
Caprin Asset Management. I keep busy 

Summer 2010 • 49 

with family, friends, and volunteer work. 
I enjoy planning our vacations. Our 
favorites so far have been Yellowstone 
and San Francisco. I love to hear from 
and see all my SBC classmates!" 

Stephanie Rinaldi Charlip is 
living in Weston, MA, and she writes, 
"This year my husband, Steve, (UVA 
class of '81 , UVA Law class of '87) 
started his own commercial real estate 
law practice. My oldest child, Allie (23) 
graduated from UVA in 2009; she'll 
be applying to vet school in the fall. In 
the meantime, she and I are going to 
Panama in May on a Castration Vacation 
(a program called SpayPanama, which 
spays and neuters over 5,000 feral 
cats and dogs per yr). My middle child, 
Annie (21), is a sophomore at the U. 
of Ml, loves it. My youngest, Jeff (1 5) 
is a freshman in h. s. I'm still training 
and boarding dogs in my home. I have 
a new bird dog, an American Brittany 
puppy named Finn; and I have taken up 
pheasant hunting. I see Anne Sargeant 
Rosenthal frequently, and talk to 
Harriet Bielitsky as often as I can 

Susie Wilson Lyons writes from 
Lexington, KY, "I wasn't a real active 
student at SBC so many may not even 
know me! But, it was a good time with 
some super fun memories." Susie's 
oldest son, Will (24) has graduated from 
college; sons Michael (21) and Chris 
(20) are in college and her youngest, 
Sam (16) is a sophomore in h. s. Susie 
completed 2 yrs. at SBC and spent a 
summer taking classes at the U. of AZ 
then went to KY for a short while, or so 
she thought. Susie met her husband, 
Robbie, and the rest is history! 

Susie writes, "I've decided, at the 
age of 50, to go back to college to get 
my degree. It was interesting to say the 
least to request my transcript from SBC, 
looks like I was not too into studying! 
I'm loving it, working towards a B.S. 
in management and ethics through 
Asbury U. My boys are constantly ask- 
ing me about my grades, and I seem 
to need their help a lot! So interesting 
to be reading books and writing papers 
again, but I love it." Susie and Robbie 
own Hartwell Farms, a thoroughbred 
breeding and sales company. She sees 
Ashton Nesbit Moynihan '82 and her 2 
wonderful daughters. Susie says hello 
to Betsy Simpson Huberts Anne 
Sargeant Rosenthal Stephanie 
Rinaldi Charlip Laurie Coe. Harriet 
Bielitsky, and Nancy Webb Corkery 

Allison Roberts Greene has had 
a busy yr. looking at high schools for 
daughter Mackenzie (14). Allison says 
"It looks like she's headed to the Grier 
School in PA after Labor Day and she 
is excited about her choice. We just 
returned from a wk. in Grand Cayman 
Island. We had a wonderful spring break 
seeing sea turtles, tropical fish, blue 
iguanas, and stingrays. The kids, 

50 -Summer 2010 

Mackenzie, Andrew (13) and Meredith 
(1 0) enjoyed swimming every day. Most 
of all, we enjoyed how friendly the locals 
were to us. We were happy to return 
home to warmer weather." Allison still 
works on the Advisory Board of Walk 
On Equine Assisted Activity. It's been 
a joy for her to see the program grow 
to over 50 participants. Allison will be 
participating in 3 upcoming fundraisers. 
Meanwhile, Carson continues to volun- 
teer as a Life Line Pilot. He just flew a 
cargo mission for Haiti. 

Stephanie Stitt Fitzpatrick is 
"immersed in the sandwich generation, 
with teenagers on one side and an 
80-yr.-old mother on the other, family 
life is full. Work has expanded, too, as 
I've taken on clients with a large con- 
temporary art collection. It's all good, 
but after the snowy deluge D.C. experi- 
enced, I'll be glad when spring arrives!" 
Stephanie's kids, Alex (15) and Robbie 
(12), made "lots of $ for the Special 
Olympics, shoveling!" 

Mary Kate Ferguson is living in 
Baltimore and has enjoyed staying con- 
nected with so many classmates on 
Facebook. Mary Kate writes, "I traveled 
to VT several times this past winter to 
visit an old friend and got hooked on 
the simple clean lifestyle there. Did a lot 
of knitting and opened a shop on etsy. 

DJ Stahnope writes from the 
Middle East, "I spent the last couple 
of yrs. with Military Ministry, where I 
assisted in the production of a 30-hr. 
DVD training series for churches, 
professionals and individuals on Christ- 
centered healing for PTSD; and served 
as volunteer coordinator in the Spiritual 
Resources dept. I bought my 1st home 
ever in lovely Williamsburg, VA, and 
visited with many wonderful SBC pals 
who also now make VA their home, 
including Betsy Kyle Donahue '82 (who 
hosted me for the past 4 Thanksgivings 
at her house), Jean von Schrader Bryant 
'82, and Polk Green '82. In Feb., I 
rejoined the USO for which I had previ- 
ously worked overseas and stateside 
for 10 yrs., in order to return to direct 
service to troops, which has always 
been my heart. Now serving as a duty 
manager at Camp Buehring, Kuwait, 
I have a lot less responsibility than I 
had in senior leadership, but much 
more direct contact. I'm hoping to be 
tapped for a position in Afghanistan in 
the next 6 mos., bringing to bear all the 
experience and training I've had from 
both USO and Military Ministry. I place 
frequent updates about my adventures 
on Facebook and would welcome any- 
one to 'friend' me if they'd like to follow 
along or to send an email to djstan-" 

Anne Grovesenor Evard and 
husband Walter are living in Versailles, 
France. "Our antique shop is doing 

well, and we had a visit from Carolyn 
Birbick Thomason '80 and Tish Longest 
Tyler '80. As for children, Anne-Marie 
and Helene are now working and have 
their own apts. That still leaves me 4 
at home! Constance and Louis are in 
graduate studies at universities in the 
Paris suburbs, and Clotilde is study- 
ing dramatic arts at the Versailles 
Conservatory. My youngest, Bertrand, 
is a senior in h. s., so we're almost out 
of the school routine. Walter still works 
for the Germans, in direct marketing. 
He enjoys the shop on weekends, and 
spends all his free time searching for 
things to sell." Hope more SBC alumnae 
will stop by to see us. We're next to the 
wonderful food market in Versailles, in 
a pedestrian antique quarter, with about 
50 other shops. So y'all come on over!" 

Eve Devine writes from Baltimore 
"In 1/09, 1 left the hospitality industry 
and took a position with the Maryland 
Zoo in Baltimore as VP of Human 
Resources. I love my surroundings; I 
look outside my office window and see 
Giraffes, Elephants, Camels, and Lions. 
The MD Zoo is the 3rd oldest zoo in the 
U.S. and is part of a 200-acre park in 
Baltimore. The property, built in 1809, 
was once owned by a Revolutionary 
War hero and is the main administrative 
office for the Zoo. It is a wonderful place 
to work. If you are visiting Baltimore, 
come see us. I enjoy seeing Brendy 
Reiter Hantzes Mary Kate Ferguson 
and Tania Voss Ryan as regularly as 
our schedules permit." 

Diana Landau McCulloch has had 
an exciting 3 yrs! "I went to my 30th 
h. s. reunion and re-met someone I 
dated in 9th grade! Last summer I 
moved my daughter, Pepper (11), the 
dogs and horses to the Jacksonville 
area. Pepper is attending St. Johns 
Country Day School on Doctors Lake 
and the horses/dogs enjoyed the mild 
(for us!) winter. We're on the St. John's 
River — it's HUGE — and I'm so glad 
to be in the South again! I still have 
my Revolutionary farm in Chadds Ford 
and as both our families are still in PA, 
we try to get up often to visit. I have 
spoken a few times with Stephanie 
Snead Jurascio, who was still in the 
Baltimore, MD, area with 3 children. 
Can't wait to see what all have been 
up to!" 

Harriet Harrison Leavell writes 
that all is well in Houston (no hurricanes 
in 2009!). Harriet's son, Walton (21) will 
graduate from Rhodes College in May 
2010, majoring in international busi- 
ness. Last summer he was in Belgium 
doing an international business program 
through Rhodes. Her daughter, Brooks 
(17), is a junior in h. s. and looking at 
colleges. She plays field hockey, soccer, 
and lacrosse and wants to continue 
lacrosse in college. In between lacrosse 
tournaments, she spent a month study- 

ing in Salamanca, Spain, last summer. 
Harriet writes, "I was able to go to Spain 
for the end of her trip which was lots 
of fun. I'm still working part time as a 
CPA in a private company and I play 
tennis at least once a wk. Whitney is 
still at Merrill Lynch and tries to get to 
AK every yr. or so for hunting, hiking 
and fishing. Walton went with him last 
summer and they had a blast. I see 
Dana Painter Parkey (who is Brooks' 
godmother) and Florence Baldwin 
Langford whose daughter, Annie, plays 
field hockey and lacrosse with Brooks. 

Florence Baldwin Langford and 
Tom have been in Houston for 3 Yi yrs. 
and love it, although they miss the fall 
of the northeast. After 3 yrs. of living in 
temporary housing, they have settled in 
a house they renovated. Florence writes, 
"Our son, Byron (21) is now a junior 
at Middlebury and our daughter, Annie 
(18), is a senior in h. s. and will be 
going to Colgate next yr. We're thrilled 
they'll be in the same general area. We 
will be empty nesters, so I plan to do 
more volunteer work and travel with my 
husband some. I didn't make it up to 
SBC for the dedication of the new Bistro 
in Sept., but hope to get up there soon! 
I see Harriet Harrison Leavell all the 
time — our girls go the same h. s. and 
play sports together." 

Nancy Webb Corkery is working 
part time for a jewel store in Wellesley, 
MA and for The Great American Rain 
Barrel Company. She spent Easter with 
Carla Cabot '84. Nancy is having fun 
playing tennis, cannot wait for golf sea- 
son to start up, and is looking forward 
to racing and some cruising on her 
new boat this summer. All the boys are 
good. David is still working hard with 
CBRE in Boston. Kevin, a junior at St. 
Lawrence U., is majoring in Sociology 
and Education. Kyle, a sophomore, is 
a business major at The College of 
Charleston. Nancy is hoping to get to 
Italy this fall to see Laura Evans 79. 

John, the girls, and I are still in 
Annapolis. Mary (16) is a sophomore 
and looking at colleges is on the hori- 
zon. Seventh grader, Lizzie (13), is tak- 
ing a pottery class and she loves it. 

If you get to the Lake Placid Pub 
and Brewery, you will see the SBC pen- 
nant that I mentioned in my notes last 
time, hanging on the wall. A silly, but 
fun, pursuit of mine. Thank you for shar- 
ing your news. Take care. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Consuelo Michelle Martinez 
7007 North Tripp Ave. 
Lincoln wood, I L 60712 

Amoret Thisell was the 1 st to write, 
wishing her classmates ig Jul og Godt 
NyttAr or New Year's greetings from NY 
where she was busy baking additional 
Julekake (Christmas bread). Daughter 
Emma Grace (4) attends "International 
Pre-School," with many United Nations 
families. Big sister Diana (7) is the mirror 
image of the "girl" from the original Mod 
Squad show — same long hair and tie- 
dyed clothes, (FYI it was actress Peggy 
Lipton). While little sister Dorothea en- 
joys PS 1 16 in Murray Hill, surrounded 
by children from the NY Medical Center 
families. Doro, as she's known, was very 
proud of her class project describing her 
family's immigrant story and how her 
grandfather came to America from Nor- 
way. Happy that builders finally finished 
a new deck for their beach house on the 
East End of Long Island, she describes 
the three levels, as all raised, overlook- 
ing beautiful Moriches Bay; near where 
husband Edvard was born. The family 
will renovate the 1950's bathrooms, 
kitchen, and finish replacing the col- 
lapsed ceilings. An unheated summer 
home, they look forward to it becoming 
as livable as one of the dilapidated 
beach houses in the area, an old East 
End tradition. Amoret extends the invite 
to all who visit the East End. The family 
was busy, last summer, for the 3rd time 
in 10 yrs.; they had a major field fire at 
their farm in upstate NY. The fire was 
from power lines downed during a storm 
and although the entire power line fell 
down, the power stayed on and the hot 
electric cable burned a trench into their 
east paddock, turning the sandy soil into 
glass! Thankfully the windstorm brought 
rain, naturally controlling the spread of 
the fire. The electric company moved 
all the power lines from the back of the 
farm out to the street. Not only will it be 
safer for the family, but the unsightly 
utility lines will be gone from the scenic 
part of the property, she's thrilled. 
Equally thrilling was Amoret's confronta- 
tion with the bats that invaded the old 
farmhouse in Jul. You may ask how 
one gets rid of bats? With a trap, which 
Amoret did. So in case you planned 
to visit Amoret and family upstate, do 
not fear the bats, they were extracted 
from the home at least for now. Back 
in the city, Amoret's genealogical work 
uncovered that Edvard's American 
great-grandfather was an ecclesiasti- 
cal architect and active in the original 
congregation of the Episcopal Church of 
the Heavenly Rest in midtown Manhat- 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

tan. She therefore joined the church, 
and the family celebrated Christmas Eve 
services. We look forward to reading 
more of Amoret's unique encounters 
with nature in future updates. 

Liz Hoskinson sent a Happy New 
Year "and all that" As it is winter; Liz 
has been at her writing desk more than 
usual, penning articles for CentralE- , 
and the area newspaper on notable 
trees. The subject was daunting, since 
it dawned on Liz that she loves trees, 
but "knows zero about them." It took a 
bit of scrambling to pull off a plausible 
piece. The horse business continues to 
do well, with a good roster of students 
and fun horses. Liz continues to be con- 
cerned about the indifference towards 
global warming, especially among the 
"soccer mom" crowd as she indicates, 
and works on a local committee to 
address this. We look forward to Liz 
sharing with us how we can each do our 
part to gain greater awareness, taking 
action in our own lives. 

Speaking of global warming, Pris- 
cilla Ream McPheeters wrote from SC 
on a 68-degree day in Feb., just as she 
was beginning to think that the family 
needed to head farther south for milder 
days. In addition to celebrating the 
balmy weather, Priscilla and husband 
Chip just made their last tuition pay- 
ment this semester to SBC as daughter 
Heather graduates on May 15th. She 
still can't believe how fast 4 yrs. went! 
Priscilla hopes to see everyone at our 
30th reunion. 

Theologian and horse back rider 
extraordinaire, Nancy Dougherty 
Davidson wrote from VA. Daughter 
Meredith is a freshman at Clemson, 
enjoying school and is a member of the 
rowing team. Daughter Hyten, a junior 
in h. s. runs cross-country and rides in 
her spare time, while Lydia the "baby", 
is in 6th grade, rides all of the time with 
mom. Per my last update, Nancy earned 
a master's degree in theological studies 
at the VA Theological Seminary and is 
involved in her church while pondering 
the "valuable things she can do with the 
degree." She continues to teach riding 
lessons in Middleburg and dabble in the 
jumper world with her horse Mar- 
tini. Husband Mike a former West Point 
graduate, is a government attorney. 

Never one to sit back and do noth- 
ing, Frances Ruth Fowler Bauerle 
is the consummate pro multi-tasker 
with 2 sons, a husband and an organic, 
working farm 30 mi. outside of Athens, 
GA. Her life has been consumed with 
leading a grassroots effort in fighting an 
environmental cause. She and her fellow 
citizens of Elbert County, GA, collected 
3,520 signatures (about 28% of the 
registered voters) in only 1 days. The 
petition requested the "right to vote" on 
an amendment on a solid waste ordi- 

nance preventing a garbage incinerator 
or landfill in the county, an unspoiled 
area, void of strip malls and big box 
retailers. Our "Erin Brokovich" shared 
that if a probate judge validates approx. 
2,520 signatures there will be a referen- 
dum. We wish them good luck and will 
stay tuned for the verdict. In addition to 
managing 3 jobs, preparing eldest son 
for Mercer U. where he'll play tennis 
and hopefully "study a bit"; Ruth is also 
busy with son Magill (12) and supports 
husband Jack's busy coaching career at 
the U. of GA women's swim team. 

"No earth shattering news to share," 
but we're glad she wrote. Rosemary 
Hardy continues her noble work as 
a behavior specialist within several 
elem. schools of the Shawnee Mission 
School District. Fortunately Rosemary 
discovered a new outlet to help channel 
work-related stress, she has been 
volunteering for several months at a 
no-kill animal shelter and "absolutely 
loves it." Rosemary wrote that each dog 
at the shelter is a sweetheart and has 
something unique to offer their potential 
family. When not working or volunteering 
she stays in contact with Rebecca Cog- 
gin Hubert ('83) who will visit Rosemary 
in Kansas City this spring. A refreshing 
optimist, she writes that life is good, no 

SBC class of 201 4 will include the 
smart, talented and lovely Mary Whitney 
Earnhart, daughter of Marie Engel- 
Earnhart. Congratulations to Mary 
Whitney who received a scholarship to 
attend SBC. 

Danielle Bielenstein visited SBC 
after 30 yrs. As part of a panel on math 
and science in government, she noted 
that the turnout was large, a good ses- 
sion. While looking out at the attendees, 
toting their electronic accoutrements, 
(laptops, iPods, cell phones), she dryly 
informed the audience that when she 
was at SBC, the greatest thing was 
to have a phone in our rooms! That 
got a laugh, though the students were 
shocked our class was so electronically 
deprived. The following morning, some 
students came to her table in the caf- 
eteria with more questions; Danielle was 
delighted. While on campus, she met 
with two professors, Brent Shea and Bob 
Chase. They had a wonderful catch-up, 
as it was great to be back on campus, 
albeit almost 30 yrs. later! Her godsons, 
Hugh and Christopher (Ande Tenant's 
twin boys), will be turning 9 soon! Nation 
Institute of Health (NIH) continues to be 
busy, with normal business as well as 
yr. 2 now of the stimulus money they 

Fellow graduate school alum, 
Carrie Montague Stanny sent her 
news from Pittsburgh, PA, where she 
and husband Tim, also a T Bird alum, 
live. After graduate school and having 
son Patrick, Carrie attended U. of 

Pittsburgh where she earned another 
master's degree, this one in library 
and information science. Carrie is the 
reference librarian in Whitehall (a suburb 
of Pittsburgh). She enjoys managing the 
reference dept. in a small library, where 
she works on everything from 3rd grade 
school projects, to finding a Swiss bank 
with Parisian offices, and then reading 
a recipe over the phone to a patron. Still 
with the trademark global mystique and 
ready to assist others, Carrie also man- 
ages a resettlement project for refugees; 
Sudanese, Bhutanese and Somali 
patrons. She also assists in providing job 
skills to unemployed patrons and helped 
an 85-yr.-old man refresh his skills. The 
gentleman succeeded in obtaining a job, 
which Carrie states, indicates something 
about the U.S. economy. Husband Tim 
is retired after 1 5 yrs. with Bombardier 
and completed putting their 1 928 house 
"back together." What originally started 
as just "freshening things up" turned 
into a major rehab with everything 
replaced except the family dog. Son Pat, 
a junior, is in the college search 
process. Like his parents, he's thinking 
about a career in international business 
and has the travel bug. The family 
traveled to Russia and will go to Turkey 
this summer. In the meantime, they've 
been shoveling a lot of snow and looking 
forward to the spring! 

Deborah Price Bowman looks 
forward to returning to SBC this May to 
see niece Lauren Miller graduate. The 
Bowman family had a great summer va- 
cation in Basin Harbor in VT after picking 
daughter Katie (1 3) up from camp in 
ME. She'll head there one last time in 
Aug. and the family hopes to take anoth- 
er glorious wk. in New England. Deborah 
writes that Katie enjoys music, tennis, 
soccer and Softball, while son Kessler 
(8) is interested in Star Wars, Legos 
and baseball. Deborah is an avid tennis 
player, on the courts at least 5 days a 
wk. Sadly, late last year her father who 
was battling kidney cancer, passed away 
right before Thanksgiving. Our sincere 
condolences to Deborah and the family. 

Hard to believe that "nothing is 
going on in San Antonio, TX" according 
to Leslie Hertz Firestone The house 
they built in '05 is on the market; once 
it sells they'll downsize and move to 
their "forever" retirement house either 
back home in Cleveland, OH, or back in 
Las Vegas, NV (where we moved from 
in '05). Husband Bob and she are still 
weighing between friends or weather 
in deciding their next move. In the 
meantime, she's glad that Facebook, 
making it so easy to keep in touch with/ 
find old friends from SBC and W&L. She 
claims she spends way too much time 
chatting on the social medium. Their 
2 grandchildren, Samuel (6) and Olivia 
(3), still live in Vienna, Austria, making it 
difficult to spoil them long distance. 

Summer 2010- 51 

Lee Watson Lombardy writes from 
Orlando, FL, where husband Warren was 
named director of campus services for 
Darden Restaurants. He's responsible 
for the new headquarters of the Fortune 
500 company (Olive Garden, Red 
Lobster, etc.), located in Orlando. The 
campus opened in late Aug./early Sept., 
they hope that once some of the kinks 
are worked out of the building's new- 
ness, the family will see more of him. 
Competitive Irish dancer extraordinaire, 
Georgia, (1 3) enjoys 7th grade at the 
Christ School and took a brief break 
from her dancing career due to knee 
problems. Trips to the orthopedist and 
physical therapist helped in the healing 
process and Georgia is progressing well. 
At 57", she is taller than Lee and has 
several more inches to go! An assistant 
city attorney with the City of Orlando, 
Lee encourages any classmates visiting 
the area to give her a call, and if she 
gets any information on the soft launch 
of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter 
at Universal Studios, she'll surely pass 
it along! 

Lucie Stephens Holland continues 
to enjoy working part time in press rela- 
tions and marketing at The Potomack 
Co. auction gallery in Alexandria. She 
works with 3 SBC graduates, including 
the owner of the company, Elizabeth 
Haynie Wainstein '86, Tresy Robinson 
Hillyer '83 and Martha Loftin '07. Lucie 
is happy to help any classmates whose 
parents are downsizing to apts. or 
assisted living and is also busy with her 
14-yr.-old son and husband who is a 
White House correspondent for Reuters. 

Monika Kaiser-Neheim and 
family are all doing well. After spending 
elementary and middle schools at a 
small private school, son Julius started 
h. s. in Aug. Excelling in math and 
science, he's also active in drama club. 
Daughter Alexa, a sophomore at The 
Frost School of Music at U. of Miami, 
will perform in the musical "RENT" this 
spring. Portraying a German princess 
(Annemie von Neuhausen), she's one 
of very few paid performers at the local 
Renaissance Festival. Husband Richard 
is with Pepsi working "unbelievable 
hours" and traveling quite a bit. In his 
spare time, he participates in charity 
races and is also on the committee for 
4H (Helping, Hand, Head, and Heart) a 
charity to help the poor and disadvan- 
taged in the Dominican Republic and 
in south FL. Monika is a volunteer at 
Julius' school tutoring German language 
students and the drama department. 
She designs posters for plays, manages 
and organizes meetings for fellow drama 
parents. This spring she'll chaperone the 
actors to the State's Thespian Festival, 
which is always fun and extremely 
tiring. In Jun. they'll travel to Europe 
to Richard's parents in France and her 
family in Germany. Dreading the actual 

52 -Summer 2010 

travel, according to Monika, taking a 
plane to travel used to be the highlight 
of her vacations, however now with all 
the restrictions, rules and regulations, 
traveling is a nightmare. She fondly 
remembers flying from Paris to NY in 
1 990 and having 3 seats to herself. As 
always, Monika asks that if anyone is in 
the area, please look her up. 

Life has been busy for Lele Frenzel 
Casalini, her father hasn't been well 
for several mos., so she spends much 
of her time with him. A tough and 
emotional journey, but one she found re- 
warding. Lele continues to be busy with 
her business teaching Pilates, Yoga and 
cycling. She enjoys working with clients 
and seeing the difference it can make in 
one's life. She continues with her own 
physical therapy 3 days a wk. for the 
past 4 yrs., continuing to gain strength 
back from her knee injury when she was 
15 in kickball accident and a cinderblock 
wall, (reminding us that gym walls are 
now padded). In addition to a fractured 
spine when she was 35 and fell off her 
horse, a cervical compression fracture 
at age 41 (skiing) and finally a broken 
pelvis at 45, (pulling too many G's skiing 
Aspen Mt). A sport survivor, she feels 
"great" now and has kept body, mind 
and spirit, together despite 2 children in 
coll. and 1 in h. s. When not busy with 
family, Lele spends her time walking 
her dogs (7, count them) and "thanks 
God" for her working farm, 6 horses, 
and passion for photography. Son Eli 
(22), is a senior at Indiana U., starting 
out as a chemistry major, he switched to 
biology and studied at Saint Andrew's U. 
in Scotland his junior yr. Lele thinks Eli 
majored in golf, as she never heard him 
speak about his classes, only golf as he 
made the 2nd tier golf team. He plans to 
go to med school after taking next year 
off to do mission work and an internship. 
Daughter Liza (21) is a junior at a com- 
munity coll. in Indianapolis studying to 
be a marriage and family therapist while 
in a serious relationship with "a darling 
boy" according to her mother. Daughter 
Sophie (18) is a senior at Brebeuf Jesuit 
Preparatory School, pondering on where 
to attend coll. next yr., SBC happens to 
be one of her choices, her 1 st choice is 
Miami U. of OH, they'll visit both schools 
before she makes her decision. Sophie 
and Lele traveled to Africa 2 yrs. ago 
on a 3-wk. mission trip, since then her 
mission has been to save the children 
of the world. She hopes to study global 
health or work in the health field so she 
can travel and work with an organiza- 
tion such as Doctors without Borders. 
Lele and the children enjoy going to 
FL to visit her mom, SBC '57, in the 
winter. During the Christmas holiday 
she comes to IN, where they all pile in 
cars, head "up north" to northern Ml 
for fun in the snow, hot toddies by the 
fire, and a New Year's celebration with 

friends. Grams, as she affectionately 
is known to all, also opens her house 
during the summer mos. for the children 
to have fun on the lake with lots of water 
skiing, wake boarding, or anything else 
behind a boat. Her only rule; "to turn 
the outside lights off when you come 
home at night!" Lele also had fun with 
Jean, (Jean the Dancing Machine) 
Von Shrader Bryan this past year as 
they have visited one another. Daughter 
Sophie had much fun with dear "Aunt 
Jean", and her family. Jean and Lele are 
planning a mini reunion this summer, 
possibly Memorial Day, or a weekend 
in Jun. for classmates to come to IN for 
a long weekend to celebrate our 50th 
Birthdays. There are plenty of rooms 
on the farm for all, arriving on Thurs. 
and leaving on Sun. Lisa Blake is 
even planning on coming. The 2 keep 
in touch, unfortunately when Lele is in 
Aspen, Lisa is not. She sends her love to 
all of her SBC buddies, we wish Lele's 
father all the best. 


Cary Cathcart Fagan 
329 Kelford Ln. 
Charlotte, NC 28270 
cary 1 

First, I apologize for my email problems 
in Mar. I hope to have all this sorted out 
by the next go round. If anyone wrote in 
and didn't make this issue it's because I 
didn't get the email — I sincerely apolo- 
gize. 2010 started out pretty rough. 
My mother went through some tough 
health issues, but made a remarkable 
recovery and is healthier than she's 
been in almost a yr. Sadly, our little bar 
didn't make it and closed 2/28/10. 
There were too many factors against us: 
the bad economy (which was especially 
hard on our blue collar regulars), a 
bad partner (who we finally got rid of 
in 2/09), a liquor licensing glitch that 
took mos. to recover from, and lastly NC 
went "smoke free" as of 1/1/10. Yes, 
a state famous for Tobacco Rd., with 
cities named Winston, Salem, Raleigh, 
Newport and even Marlboro went smoke 
free — go figure. Not even our little bar 
(which didn't serve food) was exempt. 
Oh well, it's mostly just sad not to see 
our friends all together in one place. 
Enough sad, now onto HAPPY. . .for my 
birthday present this year my husband 
Chris and I are going to Lincoln, NE, in 
Sept. for UNL's Homecoming Weekend. 
Finally Chris will get to experience the 
whole Cornhusker tradition and see the 
team play in Memorial Stadium with its 
Sea of Red. Considering I converted him 
from being a Notre Dame fan almost 
1 yrs. ago, this is a big deal! We're 
planning on traveling to SBC in Apr. 
to meet up with Deirdre Piatt's family 

and attend her daughter's senior thesis 
play. Since Deirdre lives so far away in 
South America SBC reunions aren't a 
realistic possibility so I hope we had our 
own mini-reunion in Apr. I'm listening 
to my CD Rock of the 80's (V.3) to set 
the mood as I work on our notes so I'll 
end with. . . "and the silicon chip inside 
her head gets switched to overload, 
and nobody's gonna go to school today, 
she's gonna make them stay at home"... 
aaah the poetic tones of Bob Geldof 
(hey, I could've quoted 99 Luftballons)! 
Away we go... 

Alice Cutting Laimbeer says 
that her big news is that her daughter 
Margot was accepted early decision 
and is headed to Elon where her big 
brother Parker already attends. SBC was 
Margot's second choice, but it lacked 
a football team! (Are you sure it wasn't 
boys that SBC was lacking?) Last spring 
Alice and family took a week long cruise 
in the Caribbean, which Alice said "is 
saving this art teacher's sanity!" 

Ann Sterling Hart wrote that 
horseshow season was in full swing 
and she was working very hard and 
long hours! Both her daughters are in 
college now, Steph is about to graduate 
and Ali is just beginning. Ann's other 
children (her horses) are doing well this 
yr. health wise and showing. Ann wanted 
to write more, but had to get back to her 
extensive duties as show secretary. 

Deirdre Piatt and husband brought 
their 3 youngest children to the U.S. to 
see their older sister, Tanya's, play at 
SBC in Apr. Tanya's play is about the life 
and death of an Ecuadorian female poet 
and Deirdre wrote that it was going to 
be very elaborate. She was also hoping 
that her brother, now living in upstate 
NY, would be able to join them at SBC. 
He had traveled to Ecuador earlier this 
yr. where they enjoyed going to the 
beaches, the forest and horseback rid- 
ing to see howler monkeys! Deirdre and 
her husband have been working on the 
mountain called Cerro Jaboncillo, which 
is rich in archaeology and is covered 
in fine forest. She's doing research 
and setting up a tourist trail. Deirdre 
writes that it is crucial to develop low 
impact tourism so as not to disrupt the 
archaeological ruins, the spectacular 
vegetation, the views, the waterfall and 
most important to save this mountain 
from the quarrying, which is already 
causing destruction on all sides. She 
says that the only trouble with this job, 
apart from the danger of being seen as 
an enemy by the quarry workers, is that 
they have to commute by bus 3 hrs. 
from the little town on Montecristi (the 
center of Panama hat production) where 
the family is now living. 

Kathy Barrett Baker is having 
so much fun on Facebook keeping up 
with our classmates! She says it's great 
looking at the classmates' offspring, 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

their prom photos and videos. Kathy 
specifically mentioned Laura Mixon 
Rodriguez's blog "Mixonian." Kathy has 
been busy serving Writs and Detain- 
ers for Jim's rental businesses. She 
continues to work on her manner blog:, and 
is saving up particularly good blog posts 
for a future book. She was also doing 
some event planning for FIRST Robotics. 
Kathy and Jim welcomed their 4th 
grandchild last spring! Kathy says that 
our class' physical scrapbook is grow- 
ing, but she still needs more photos: old, 
new, weddings, children, Christmas Card 
photos, etc. Please send photos to Kathy 
at Photos will 
be used in the scrapbook and/or may 
be posted on FB at SBC Class of 1 983. 
Everyone should check it out and Kathy 
thinks if you aren't already on FB you 
should join up! 

Kim Howell Franklin said that she 
was probably the 1 person in D.C. that 
footfall the winter weather this past yr.! 
The 3 blizzards were spectacular and 
allowed Kim and her family to experi- 
ence the monuments via cross country 
skis! For spring break her family went 
to Zion National Park. Kim's daughter, 
Isabelle, got her braces off this yr. and 
looks very mature. By the time this 
magazine comes out Kim is hoping that 
the long time coming kitchen renovation 
will be completed. Kim wrote that's what 
she gets for marrying an architect that 
insists on doing everything himself. . .i.e. 
the shoemaker and the kids with no 

Lee Ann Mackenzie Chaskes 
wrote that this yr. has been an exciting 
time in the life of her family. Their eldest 
son, Will, graduates from West Point in 
the spring and will begin living his army 
life in Fort Hood, TX. 2nd son, Robert, 
loved his 1st yr. at Hampden-Sydney. 
Lee Anne's 9-year-old, Adam, leads 
a busy life as a 3rd grader. Adam's 
passions are kickball, basketball and 
football! Lee Ann still volunteers with 
Adam's school and scouting. (She says 
she does the scouting only to wear the 
sexy uniform.) She still loves her job as 
an Area Development Manager with the 
NY fashion company ETCETERA. Rob 
and Lee Ann will be celebrating their 
25th anniv. this Nov. She can't believe 
that he has put up with her for that 
many yrs. We can believe it Lee Ann, 
you're fabulous! 

Leslie Malone Berger is in her 
6th yr. working for Roanoke County 
Public Schools as a Speech-Language 
Pathologist. She says her elem. school 
is wonderful with a gorgeous view of the 
mountains as a bonus! She also works 
with a few students at the middle and 
high school level. A couple summers ago 
Leslie and her friend Diane, a fellow SLP, 
started a summer camp for students 
with Asperger's Syndrome (as well as 

other students with weak pragmatic 
language skills). The camp focuses on 
social skill and role-playing while having 
fun with crafts, music and animals. Both 
Leslie and Diane recruited their own 
children to participate at the camp as 
typical-peer models. They are all looking 
forward to another great summer expe- 
rience. Check out the camp's website at, I did and it's 
amazing! When Leslie wrote they were 
waiting to hear where their son Alex 
(18) will be landing for college. They 
had a great celebration for his Eagle 
Scout award and loved seeing family 
and friends. Kiernan (16) is also working 
towards his Eagle, playing lacrosse and 
learning how to drive. Emilie (1 3) keeps 
all of them busy with her dance and 
music. Earlier this spring Emile got to 
sing with the Roanoke College Children's 
Choir at NY's Carnegie Hall. 

Mandy Beauchemin Frohn got 
a promotion to CFO of her cardiology 
group (that's why she had to work on 
the Sun. she emailed me). Mandy wrote 
better yet she has turned into a NASA 
space "geek." She's making it a point 
to see Atlantis, Endeavor and Discovery 
all launch before they retire the shuttle 
program. One of the benefits of living 
in FL is that she is able to see the 
launches from her front yard! Mandy's 
even been traveling to Titusville to get 
the "up close" experience which she 
says is truly awesome. Mandy wrote that 
as a biology major at SBC, the science 
experiments being done up on the in- 
ternational space station have intrigued 
her, so she's made it her latest hobby to 
follow the last few missions to the space 
station. Good luck Mandy! 

Mary Brown Watt Messer can't 
fathom where the time has gone. She 
writes that it seems like only yesterday 
she was putting her oldest on the bus 
to kindergarten and now he's making a 
college decision! Mary vividly remem- 
bers arriving at SBC in the fall of 79. 
She's back to work after 1 5 yrs. of being 
a stay-at-home mom. She's working 
part-time at BB&T Bank, and loving it! 
Now Mary has to start saving for college 

Mary Pope Hutson wrote in to 
share a great story. She continues to 
travel a lot for the Land Trust Alliance 
and earlier this spring she was on her 
way to a North American Wetlands 
Council Meeting in Louisiana and as 
she was walking through the Houston 
airport Mary Pope saw a lovely lady in a 
Lilly dress and remarked out loud to her 
traveling colleagues "What an adorable 
lady." The next thing she heard was her 
name being called. Sure enough it was 
Jane Dure '82, with her mother headed 
to Mexico on Jane's birthday. When 
she went to speak to Mrs. Dure, Mrs. 
Dure said "I just love you Sweet Briar 
girls!" Mary Pope wrote that this is her 

highlight this year! 

Mason Bennett Rummel and Rick 
are working and traveling a lot. In just 3 
mos. she was off to D.C, Denver, Pitts- 
burgh, Atlanta, Colorado Springs, Kansas 
City, San Juan and Napa Valley, wow! 
Mason is about 1/3 of the way through 
her master's degree. This spring her 
son Bennett (the oldest) was accepted 
into graduate school as well. Now the 
race is on, but Bennett will probably get 
his 1st since he can attend full time. 
Mason's family has 2 graduations this 
spring within about 1 5 hrs. of each other 
and 300 mi. apart: Emma from high 
school and Bennett from Case Western 
Reserve in Cleveland. Annie is Vi way 
through Business School at the U. of 
Louisville. So with these graduations 
Mason and Rick are just mos. away from 
being empty nesters. Of course they'll 
miss the kids, but she's actually looking 
forward to her and Rick having some 
fun! Mason saw Mary Ware Gibson 
and Lea Sparks Bennett in Roanoke 
and commented how nice it is to pick up 
where you left off 25+ yrs. ago. The bot- 
tom line is things are great with Mason, 
but she needed to take a nap. 

Melissa Byrne Partington wrote 
me the nicest email thanking me for 
the job I've been doing with the notes. 
You're very kind Melissa, but I say hats 
off to you for carrying the torch for so 
many many years! Both Melissa and I 
send a shout-out to Cathy "Cate" Mc- 
Nider where are you? Your old friends 
would love to hear from you! 

Miriam Baker Morris and husband 
Clay will be celebrating their 25th anniv. 
this summer! They celebrated it early by 
taking a trip in the spring. This past New 
Year's weekend Miriam hosted Virginia 
Claus Buyck and family, and Elizabeth 
Cahill Sharman'84 and family at their 
lake house. SC was playing in the Papa 
John's Bowl in Birmingham. Miriam also 
hopes everyone is doing well!! 

Ruth Lewin and the firm she works 
for, Summerfield's Interior Design had a 
special visitor, Bunny Williams, a loved 
NY interior designer. She was there 
to do a book signing and Ruth wrote 
that they sold over 1 00 books in 2 hrs! 
Bunny also did a lecture at a Port Royal 
Club luncheon; this is the initial event 
of the Naples Art and Antique Show. All 
proceeds collected from the event and 
the book signing went to Collier County 
charities. This is a highlight for not only 
the firm, but for Ruth! Ruth wrote that 
there has been an influx of tourism in FL 
over the winter mos. This is good news 
for FL. Husband Marc is still playing 
piano gigs. Ruth writes that he's lucky 
because it's pretty cut throat out there in 
the music biz. They don't have any set 
plans for the summer, but will probably 
at least get to the east coast and see 
old friends. 

Wendy Chapin Albert finds it 

hard to believe her oldest, Annie (1 8) 
is graduating from high school. They 
had already heard from 4 colleges and 
were waiting on 2 more. Eleanor (14) 
is psyched to be entering the upper 
school next yr. Husband Tolly is still a 
stockbroker with the firm Chapin Davis. 
The firm that Wendy's father started 52 
yrs ago. And even though he passed 
away in 2001 Wendy loves that Tolly is 
there and writes that she can still feel 
her father's spirit when she's at the 
office. Obviously, the family are animal 
people — they have race horses, 2 
ponies, 3 mares (who were due to foal 
in the spring), a standard poodle and 
a large cat! Wendy adores living in her 
childhood home! She's a Realtor with 
O'Conor and Mooney. She still loves gar- 
dening and is looking forward to planting 
a fabulous vegetable garden in May. For 
spring break they spent a wk. at a very 
special place, Rancho de los Caballeros 
in Wickenburg, AZ. Wendy writes "Hey, 
Sarah, Meg, and Blair would you believe 
this year is my 25th anniv.!" If anyone is 
passing through Baltimore give Wendy a 
call so you can get together! 

Wylie Jameson Smalls children's 
book The Great Prune Caperfinally be- 
came available for purchase earlier this 
year on Amazon. The book is targeted 
to those who enjoy the "Captain Under- 
pants" genre (mainly 2nd-4th graders). 
Wylie started working on the sequel 
tentatively entitled There's Something 
Strange about the New Kid (hint: he's a 
vampire). She got her 1st royalty check 
in Mar., which was enough for 2 mochas 
at Starbucks, yahoo! Wylie writes "aside 
from setting the literary world aflame" 
she's gearing up for golf season, plan- 
ning a family reunion trip to VT in Aug. 
and teaching Rudy (16) how to drive. 
Sorry Chris and I didn't make the Lilac 
Festival in Rochester this year, maybe 
next? Hi to Stuart. 


Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Debbie Jones 
4416 Bromley Ln. 
Richmond, VA 23221 

Peg Twohy DeVan writes that all is 
well out west in beautiful Aspen, CO. 
Peg still works for the Aspen Ski Co. 
in winter, running Powder Pandas at 
Buttermilk. In the summer, she is play- 
ing USTA tennis for the Snowmass Club 
ladies and mixed doubles. Also, going 
to horseshows every weekend with 
her daughter Carolyn (14) and husband 
Bob throughout the warm mos. in CO. 
They'll be back in VA showing this sum- 
mer for 2 1 /2 mos. with their ponies and 
Carolyn's new horse Crown Royal. Come 
visit anytime! 

Louise Jones Geddes's children 

Summer 2010- 53 

are approaching college age! Watching 
the hurdles they're jumping through 
makes her glad that she's not trying to 
get into coll. now! Was sorry to miss 
Reunion, but happy to hear the reports 
of fun. Hopefully will make it next time! 

Elizabeth Rogers Boyd writes that 
Tommy is now a senior and trying to 
decide where he wants to go to coll. He 
wants to play football and has received 
acceptances from several of the MN 
Division Three colleges. He's being 
recruited by one of the last all men's 
universities in the U.S., Saint Johns 
U. in Collegeville, WIN, so he's kind of 
following in Liz's footsteps. No Boyd 
Boy will be going to SBC! Tommy plays 
football, baseball and basketball. Louie 
is a sophomore and just finished hockey 
season. Only 2 broken bones this year, 
not bad! He also plays football and is 
going to give the shot-put and discus 
a try this spring. Tom is in his 20th yr. 
of private practice and enjoys what he 
does. Liz is now dir. of individual and 
planned giving for The Friends of the St. 
Paul Public Library (a real mouthful!) ... 
from a lawyer to a fundraiser. Some day 
Liz wants to do something so people 
will be happy to see her coming rather 
than want to run away! 

Sharon Ingham Brown writes that 
her family is divided between Tampa 
and LA, as her husband and son Davis 
(15) are temporarily living in LA to 
pursue Davis' acting career. It's been 
wild, but Caroline (12) and Sharon love 
spending quality time together! She's 
working on a fiction book based on the 
story of her husband's injury. We wish 
her luck! 

Ann Alleva Taylor says that Carter 
and the girls (Cabot 8, Caroline 6, and 
Charlotte 5) keep her busy. Soccer, 
ballet, gymnastics, you know the drill. 
They continue to juggle living in Atlanta 
and Vera Beach. One day they'll have 
to decide where to stay for at least 9 
mos. of the yr. It was fun to hear about 
everyone during the reunion planning, 
Ann wishes she had been able to join! 
She's been excited to re-connect with 
friends from other classes. Facebook is 

Kathryn Marion is lovin' life in 
gorgeous CO! Kids, biz, and travel 
keep her busy. Her beautiful Chinese 
daughters are now 1 4, 1 2, 1 0, and 
10. They're growing up fast; they can 
practically manage the entire household 
themselves! Kathryn's book, GRADS: 
TAKE CHARGE of Your First Year After 
College! was released last fall, and 
earned Finalist Honors in 2 catego- 
ries of the National Best Books 2009 
Awards. Hubby, Mark, and Kathryn 
celebrate their 20th anniv. this yr. with 
3 wks. on their 2 favorite Hawaiian 
islands. The girls and she are looking 
forward to several wks. in their big 
new motor home — this year's road trip 

54 • Summer 2010 

theme is American history, including 
several presidential museums as well 
as Colonial Williamsburg, Mt. Vernon, 
etc. (and a stop at the alma mater, of 

Beth Bossong Russell can't 
believe it's been almost 28 yrs.! Beth 
transferred after her sophomore yr. to 
UNC-CH. She graduated from there, 
married a fellow econ student (Ward 
Russell) who was also her brother's 
roommate and they now have 3 children 
(ages 19, 17, 14) and live in Asheboro, 
NC. Beth is a homemaker, but active in 
the community — loves to cook, travel, 
and take care of their old home. The 
kids are at NC State and Greensboro 
Day School and her husband works 
from Greensboro. Beth has joined 
Facebook and looks forward to using it 
to reconnect! 

Margy Kramer Kircher lives in 
Massapequa, NY, with her husband of 
24 yrs., Steve, and their 2 kids, Sable 
(12) and Cullen (10). She's with the 
same Wall Street firm for almost her 
entire career, presently as a Senior Vice 
President and Principal of Wellington 
Shields & Co. She does the working 
mother juggle between her office and 
volleyball and baseball games. Margy 
keeps herself sane by running almost 
every morning, skiing in winter, and 
spending summers at a beach club on 
the southern coast of Long Island. The 
pace can be frantic, but it's all good; 
she's aware of how blessed she is. 

Virginia Spigener Teel's children, 
Annie Starr and Virginia Frances are 
1 5 and 1 0, respectively, and love all 
that life offers. Her retail business, The 
Wrinkled Egg, celebrates 20 yrs. this 

Helen Pruitt Butler doesn't have 
much to report since reunion last May. 
Spring is in the air here and the weather 
is delightful. Real Estate is trying to pick 
up a little bit. Her daughter, Frances is 
finishing up her jr. yr. and getting ready 
to start the coll. search. 

Mary Earle McElroy Wright is 
busy with 5 teenagers. She has 2 boys, 
and her husband Bill has 3 girls! She's 
a distributor with Monavie, an antioxi- 
dant juice company and loves what she 

Nancy O'Brien Albus continues 
her work treating eating disorders and 
is currently running a residential treat- 
ment program in St. Louis that treats 
anorexia, bulimia and binge eating dis- 
order. They're in the process of expand- 
ing and in the next 6 mos. will have 2 
sites in St. Louis and one in CA. Tom is 
still working hard and they've adjusted 
well to their kids being gone. Jenny 
graduates in May from Notre Dame and 
will be going to medical school next yr. 
She's in the process of deciding, but 
more than likely will be back in St. Louis 
at St. Louis U. Chelsea is a sophomore 

at Wake Forest, loves life. Apart from 
her mom being sick, Nancy says things 
are really good. 

Shannon Young Ray says 201 
promises to be a yr. of changes for her 
and husband, Breck. Their senior at 
St. Louis U, Breck Jr., will graduate in 
May with a degree in finance and has 
a job in St. Louis as well! Their senior 
in h. s., Peter, will also graduate in May 
and is anxiously waiting to see where 
he'll land for coll. Their triplets are 
freshmen in h. s. and have completed 
driver's ed. They're now being chauf- 
feured on a daily basis. Shannon contin- 
ues to work for her family's oil and gas 
co., and has stayed active on several 
local boards. Breck and Shannon look 
forward to a busy summer of getting 
everyone settled in apts., jobs, and coll., 
with some family travel planned as well. 
Best to all and call her if you visit Fort 

Elizabeth Sprague Brandt and 
husband and are empty nesters and 
have determined that it's not so bad 
(probably because their daughter, Betsy, 
is thriving as a freshman at Vanderbilt). 
They've enjoyed a lovely weekend in 
Nashville catching up with Elizabeth 
Harley Willett and Marian Wahlgren 
in Feb. and are looking forward to an 
action-packed summer when their 
daughter returns from school and joins 
them on a trip to Spain. She's loved 
reconnecting with SBC friends on 

Ginger Reynolds Davis writes that 
Carter will graduate h. s. and will attend 
Presbyterian Coll. this fall. 

Erika Dorr Marshall has been 
enjoying another season of foxhunt- 
ing with Lowcountry Hunt where Nina 
Sledge Burke '64 hosted the opening 
meet. Erika usually sees Elizabeth Sher 
'85 too. Wiley is in her freshman year 
at Coll. of Charleston and Helen Butler 
is assisting in finding an apt. Foster 
is a jr. and Elise is in 8th grade/home 
schooled. Foster and Elise hunt with 
Erika and Elise has joined Storybook 
Farm's IEA middle school team. She 
qualified to go to Zones! Bobby enjoys 
his job at the National Wild Turkey 

Holly Pflug Allport thanks all who 
were able to make it to our 25th and 
remembers what a wonderful time we 
had. She encourages everyone to plan 
on coming to our 30th — the more the 
merrier. All is good in Winter Park, FL. 
Peter is 1 5, Sarah is 1 4, Kate is 1 2 and 
Julia is 9. In 2006, Pete and several 
others left Wachovia to start FL Capital 
Bank. They're so grateful the bank con- 
tinues to do well and grow. Fall of 2009 
brought them Kinsley, her friend's infant 
whom Holly takes care of while her 
mom is at work. Unfortunately for her 
ego, people assume she's her grand- 
mother. Kinsley has been such a lovely 

blessing and addition to the Allport 
household. Miss Holly's Swim School 
opens again March 15, and she can't 
wait to get back in the water with the 
little ones and make them safe. Warm 
wishes to all. 

Kirsten Void Larsen writes that 
after 20 + yrs. in the Chicago area 
she'll be relocating with her family to 
Darien, CT, at the end of Mar. for her 
husband's job in NYC. Kirsten has her 
own design and drapery workroom 
on the North Shore and hopes to set 
up shop when they get settled in CT. 
They're excited about the move! Kirsten 
has 2 children: Lars (11) and Eleanor 
(13). Both kids play travel hockey. 
Although they'll miss the Chicago 
Blackhawks they're looking forward to 
attending some Rangers games before 
the season ends. 

Lee Hubbard aka Sr. Mary Leanne, 
SND is coming to the end of her 2nd 
yr. as director of pastoral formation and 
field education at St. John's Seminary 
outside of Los Angeles preparing Roman 
Catholic priests and lay ecclesial min- 
isters for ministry in the most diverse 
diocese in the country. She loves 
teaching on the graduate level, and is 
pursuing the Doctor of Ministry degree 
as she's working. It's satisfying work 
where she can really make a difference 
as a woman in the Catholic Church. A 
long way from her days as the Chair of 
the Church and Chapel Committee with 
Chaplain Mike Bloy, but it was a start. 

As for myself, Debbie Jones, I 
had the opportunity and joy to present 
at SBC's 1st annual CIELA confer- 
ence in early Mar, talking about 
entrepreneurship in business. CIELA 
is the Conference on Innovation, 
Entrepreneurship and the Liberal Arts. 
I shared my experience as co-founder 
in my sister's company, Square One 
Organic Spirits, LLC. There were many 
great speakers, and I found the stu- 
dents engaged and a fantastic business 
faculty as well! Business is now a major 
at SBC! The campus wasn't the same 
as the great fun we had at our 25th, but 
it was great to be back again so soon. 
I continue with my day job as well, in 
the mortgage industry, which is nothing 
short of a challenge with the residual 
effects of the economy, but I'm grateful 
for the employment while also fortunate 
to see the vodka business surviving as 
well. I appreciate everyone's support in 
that venture and have a blast staying 
connected on Facebook. 


Ellen Carver Burlingame 
1315 Boiling Ave. 
Norfolk, VA 23508 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 


Mary Jo Biscardi Brown 
29 Willowgreene Dr. 
Churchville, PA 18966 

Mary Jo Biscardi Brown and Lynn 
Mather Charette are planning on see- 
ing everyone for our 25th reunion next 
spring 201 1 ! Mark your calendars! We 
had a great time and a great crowd at 
our 20th. Don't miss our next one! 

Lynn Mather Charette and hus- 
band John still live in CT with their 
3 children, Ben (16), Tucker (14), 
and Elizabeth (11). They spend lots of 
time going to sporting events, on their 
boat and at the beach with family, Lynn 
hopes to see you all in 201 1 ! 

On June 30, 2010, Jennifer 
Crossland will end her tenure as 
president of the Alumnae Association, 
though she will serve 1 more yr. on the 
board. She has thoroughly enjoyed all of 
her service to Sweet Briar, having been 
on the board since '98. She considers 
herself privileged and lucky to have 
served with so many of our classmates 
that the board in general got sick of 
hearing about the class of '86! "Our 
class always has been such an involved 
class, no matter what the task, as long 
as the task has served Sweet Briar 
College; for that I thank you," she said. 
Jennifer adds, "for those of you who still 
desire to contribute your time, talents 
or your financial support to SBC, please 
do. There are many opportunities. I can't 
wait to see you all at our 25th (can you 
believe it!) reunion next spring!" 

Elizabeth Eisinger Mackes 
graduated from St. Louis U. School of 
Law in '91 . She moved back to MD and 
married Joe Mackes in '94 and subse- 
quently had 3 children, James, Stephen 
and Claire. For the last 7 yrs. she has 
taught pre-K and is working on her 
practicum for the Orton Gillingham 
Academy (teaching dyslexics to read). 

Rushton Haskell Callaghan ran 
2 marathons (12/09) and (3/10) and 
qualified for Boston Marathon 201 1 ! 
Rushton's children, Hampton (12) and 
Farley (10), keep her busy with their 
sports; Rushton volunteers at their 
school as well as serves on The Jax 
Zoo Board, Girls on the Run Board, and 
Episcopal H. S. Alumni Board. She's 
looking forward to Reunion 201 1 . 

For the past 4 yrs., Leigh Ann 
White has been living in Boston with 
her 2 crazy kitties and the love of her 
life, Brian. She works at a consulting 
firm conducting health economic 
studies for the pharmaceutical and 
biotechnology industry. Happily, she has 
reconnected with her fellow alumnae 
online and hopes to see many of them 

Mary Beth Miller Orson is still 
living in Scottsdale, AZ, with husband 
Carl and children, Caroline (11) and Eric 
(7). She spends her time juggling fam- 
ily, work and children's activities. Mary 
Beth also organizes the occasional SBC 
Phoenix Alumnae Club event! 

Harriet McNair Alexander and her 
family have been living in Houston for 
over 8 yrs. now and simply can't believe 
they like it so much. One very bright 
spot for Harriet is seeing the marvel- 
ous Bella Viguere Gsell every once in 
awhile. Harriet's 3 daughters keep her 
and her husband very happy and busy 
and insane (2 are teenagers). Harriet 
hopes she survives to see this in print! 

Lisa Leigh Ringler Bennett and 
Bob spent 3 amazing wks. in Costa Rica 
in Feb. She and Bob are getting ready 
for things to start up on the farm. Lisa is 
working in PR for the grower's industry. 
Daughter Sydney (14) may not know it 
yet, but they plan to put her to work this 

Louanne Woody continues to 
sell homes on the Outer Banks of NC, 
though is not as busy as she was a few 
yrs. ago. She has returned to utilizing 
her degree in mathematics by tutoring 
h. s. math students. She enjoys the 
one-on-one interaction both with real 
estate clients and students. Louanne's 
flexible schedule allows her time to 
work on projects with fellow church 
members at Mighty Wind UMC, includ- 
ing health kits for Haiti, doing local food 
pantry collections, and working on a 
new project called "Jesus Loves You 
Cradles." Additionally, Louanne attended 
the John C. Campbell folk school to 
take a course in creative writing and is 
looking forward to visiting friends this 
spring in NM. 

Catherine McNease Stevens 
lives in southern VA with husband 
Nelson and son Henry (10). She works 
as a research & data specialist for the 
Southern VA Higher Education Center 
in South Boston and teaches hunt seat 
lessons in the afternoons. Henry is 
foxhunting with his parents now, which 
delights them to no end! Catherine is 
enjoying catching up with SBC class- 
mates and friends on Facebook. 

Karen Fennessy-Ketola and 
Barry continue to live in Freeland, Ml 
and are doing very well. Karen has 
just hit her 22-year mark with Dow 
Chemical Company. Barry is in the Solar 
Systems Group at Dow Corning. Karen 
reports that Mid-Michigan is becoming 
a beacon for Alternative Energy and 
Technologies. Daughter Morgan (12) 
is a competitive gymnast, is in Poms, 
and loves math and science. Karen and 
Barry are having a lot of fun traveling to 
her competitive meets in places such 
as Chicago, Orlando, Columbus, etc. 
The Ketola family traveled to Spain for 
spring break this year; Karen's first time 

back to Seville since her Sweet Briar 
Junior Year Abroad so many years ago. 

In Jan., Laura Hand Glover visited 
daughter Amber (SBC '03) and her 
husband, who have settled back in 
Houston and are happy to be "home." 
Laura reports that Amber is scheduled 
to be in South Africa this summer as a 
fellow at a research institute studying 
great white shark behavior, her passion. 
Understandably, Laura is so proud of 
her, just as she is of son Patrick, who is 
steeped in music with his sax: march- 
ing, concert and jazz bands in addition 
to the church ensemble. Patrick is also 
in JROTC and is in both rifle and drill 
teams. Laura continues to work at SBC 
and counts her blessings daily that she 
can enjoy time on the campus every day 
among such fascinating and promising 
young women and an amazing faculty 
and staff. Every semester she wishes 
she could take half of the courses 
offered! She's greatly looking forward 
to working with our class for our 25th 
Reunion and invites anyone venturing 
back to the Briar in the meantime to 
contact her as she would love to see 
you and reconnect. 

Susan Swagler Cowles and 
husband Robby celebrated their 1 8th 
wedding anniversary. Daughter Elli (1 7) 
is a junior and is starting to "shop" 
colleges; son Jake (14) is starting h. s. 
next yr. Susan works at The U. of AL in 
Tuscaloosa managing the Career Center 
for the Coll. of Commerce and loves 
working with students! Time flies, but 
Susan relays that it's been great recon- 
necting with SBC friends on Facebook! 

Suzanne Craft Bailey and hus 
band Drew have been married 1 9 yrs. 
and live in Birmingham, AL. After 23 yrs. 
in corporate banking, Drew opened his 
own company, ECA Risk Management, 
working with small to mid-size banks 
developing their environmental policies. 
Son Chris (15) continues to inspire 
everyone as he learns to live with Type 
1 Diabetes. In fall, he was featured on 
The Rick and Bubba Show, and raised 
over $3,500 for JDRF in the Walk to 
Cure. Two recent opportunities Chris 
had to raise awareness about juvenile 
diabetes included his being featured 
on Matters of Faith on ABC 3340 in AL 
and having co-written a song titled "A 
Crooked Road" with Dove Award winner, 
Nashville singer songwriter, Steve Siler. 
Check it out at http://www.facebook. 
Currently we're raising funds to pro- 
duce a full recording of the song, and 
eventually turn it into a project and full 
length CD. (Steve records the symphony 
music in Prague). If anyone would like 
to donate towards the project, they can 
contact me at nascarfunbOwindstream. 
net. Chris was also cast as the lead 
character Frederick in his h. s.'s pro- 
duction of "The Sound of Music" this 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

year. Suzanne's daughter Elizabeth (10) 
is an avid horseback rider; she's jump- 
ing and looking forward to her 1 st show. 
She participated in Holiday Show Offs 
and Summer Show Offs in Birmingham 
and Entertainment Night. She had solos 
in each of these song and dance stage 
productions. Suzanne continues to work 
with JDRF and all efforts on Juvenile 
Diabetes research to find a cure. She is 
also writing a Christian Fantasy Trilogy, 
working with a fantastic editor in the 
industry. Her goal is to finish her current 
manuscript for editing by this summer, 
In addition, Suzanne has been asked 
by Christy Award winning author Shelly 
Beach to be a member of her prayer 
team, which is an honor and a privilege, 
and has also been asked to be a core 
leader for Community Bible Study in 

Sue Finn Adams is "living the 
dream" in Williamsburg, VA! With her 
kids now in elem., middle and h. s„ 
life is full. Daughter Elizabeth (16) is 
starting to think about the future that 
is all-too-soon approaching. Sons Ben 
(1 3) and Thomas (1 1 ) aren't too far 
behind — time is flying by. Sue continues 
to work from home for a book publisher 
in new project development. She enjoys 
the flexibility and being available to 
her children when they get home from 
school as well as taking time off when 
she feels like it. Sue loves keeping up 
with so many Vixens on Facebook. It's 
amazing to hear what everyone is up to 
on a regular basis — a little bit like living 
in the dorm again! 

I thank everyone for their contribu- 
tions to this and every other edition of 
our notes. I hope to hear from you in the 
future. If you aren't receiving reminder 
notices from me for each publication I 
apologize, as I must not have a current 
e-mail address for you. Kindly contact 
me at with 
your e-mail address. On behalf of all of 
us Class of 86'ers on Facebook, I invite 
you to join us. Please remember that 
Reunion 201 1 is just around the corner. 
We're anticipating a great turnout and 
hope to see you there! 


Jean Guergai 
3641 Elderberry PI. 
Fairfax, VA 22033 


Maia Free Jalenak 
605 Camelia Ave. 
Baton Rouge, LA 70806 

Our class is involved in so many inter- 
esting endeavors and in such amazing 

Summer 2010* 55 

places around the world. Facebook has 
been a wonderful tool for reconnecting 
and keeping up with old friends. I was 
delighted to hear from my freshman 
and sophomore yr. roommate Alyson 
Springer who transferred to William 
and Mary during our jr. yr. Alyson got 
a master's degree in social work from 
the U. of GA and bought a beautiful 
horse farm in Martinsburg, WV (near 
Shepherdstown, WV, and Hagerstown, 
MD) called Whiting's Neck Equestrian 
Center. It's a full-service boarding and 
training facility with indoor and out- 
door arenas, miles of trails along the 
Potomac River, and programs for all 
ages and levels of experience. 

Susan Detweiler writes that she 
didn't go to Antarctica this past winter 
because she needed to take care of her 
climbing partner who was hurt in an 
accident initiated by a mountain goat 
knocking off a big rock. Instead, she 
took a job teaching Nordic skiing and 
guiding ski/snowshoe tours in Grand 
Teton National Park. After a spring 
desert rock climbing trip, she plans 
to guide climbers again in the Tetons 
this summer and will probably return 
to Antarctica (the science support job) 
again this fall. She enjoys keeping track 
of SBCers on Facebook. 

In 2009, Jeanne Rovics Mexic 
and family went on an amazing trip 
to Jordan, Israel, and Dubai, and 
they're getting ready to go on another 
adventure in 201 to New Zealand 
and Australia. She continues to work 
for Hilton Worldwide's International 
Team and in the past few months has 
traveled to: Venice, Barcelona, London, 
Prague, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong 
and Singapore. She notes: "I'm VERY 
lucky that I'm able to call this work, and 
I've gotten used to sitting in small seats 
for long distances (and am thankful 
I'm not 5'1 1 "). I see Kristen Petersen 
Randolph regularly, and she makes 
me do at least 2 workouts a day, so it's 
a little like boot camp, but I keep going 
back and LOVE it every time. Kristen got 
me hooked on Hot Yoga." 

Kristen Petersen Randolph writes 
that she keeps in touch with Jeanne 
Rovics Mexic, Nici Fraley Pechman 
and Laura Schumacher Kasprzak 
She and husband Ran keep busy with 
their 3 boys and all of their activities. 
Ran still works with the same law firm 
where he worked when they 1 st met; 
Kristen does some real estate work 
and a bit of personal training. On a sad 
note, Kristen's sister Reilly's husband, 
Mark was diagnosed with non-smokers 
lung cancer about a mo. ago after a 
long bout with what was thought to be 
pneumonia. The cancer is advanced and 
he's taking chemotherapy treatments. 
Reilly and Mark are inspiring with how 
they're handling this heartbreaking time. 
Kristen says they're hoping for the best 

56 • Summer 2010 

and appreciate everyone's prayers and 
good thoughts. 

Paige Shiller Okun writes "we're 
in our 7th yr. in Singapore and still love 
living in southeast Asia. My work with 
Caring for Cambodia building schools 
is amazing. We support 7 schools (pre- 
school to h. s.) with a total of 5,400 
students! I'd love to talk to anyone who 
is interested in getting their community 
or school involved in a service project 
overseas, ( 
My boys are now 7 and 9, and very 
involved in sports — soccer, baseball, 
swimming and tennis. Because of the 
tropical weather, everything runs year- 
round! If anyone is in Singapore, please 
look me up." 

Eden Brown works full-time as an 
independent writer-director. She finds 
this new job amazing. She never imag- 
ined making this career transition or 
that she'd enjoy it so much. She's busily 
working on a short film that she'll direct, 
a feature film and a documentary on the 
Korean War Veterans Memorial. She and 
husband Bill will celebrate their 17th 
anniv. in Jun. 

Stacey Sickels Heckel reports that 
sons Kent (14) and Leland (11), are do- 
ing great and are involved in sports, arts 
and friends. "I pinch myself that I'm the 
mother to a rising middle schooler and 
high schooler! Every age with them gets 
more fun. I'm still enjoying working as 
the exec. dir. for the foundation for our 
local community coll., Anne Arundel. My 
synchronized figure skating team, DC 
EDGE, won the Eastern Championships 
and then went on to get the silver medal 
at the National Synchronized Skating 
Championships in Minneapolis. I recently 
caught up with Kate Cole Kite who also 
lives in Severna Park. She reports that 
her children are doing great. I had a nice 
visit with Leslie Corrado Stillwagon in 
her beautiful home in Chestnut Hill. Her 
3 boys are precious. My sister, Susan 
Sickels Dyer '91 , is living in Seattle and 
recently went to the Olympics. Her boys 
are into hockey and she keeps busy with 
their schedules and volunteering at their 

Leslie Corrado Stillwagon and 
husband David moved from Australia 
and are now living in Chestnut Hill in 
PA. She says it's wonderful being back 
on the east coast after being away 
for over 20 yrs. Leslie loves being a 
stay-at-home mom raising her 3 boys 
(16-mo.-old twins and a 5-mo.-old, 
Holden, Porter & Ridgeway). She says 
it's hectic having had 3 boys in 1 1 
mos., but so fun! Leslie has enjoyed 
seeing Katie Keogh Weidner, Kathryn 
Ingham Reese and Stacey Sickels 
Heckel and would love to hear from 
any SB girls in the area! 

Kate Cole Hite and husband Tucker 
celebrated their 20th anniv. in Oct. and 
commemorated the occasion by running 

the Marine Corps Marathon. She notes, 
"Yes, I did say marathon, and no, I've 
never done that before (nor will I ever 
do that again!) The day was wonderful, 
and the 2 of us ran it side by side. I'm 
so thankful to Beth Bennett Haga and 
Katie Keogh Weidner for their sup- 
port and encouragement along the 6 
mos. of training. Since they've both run 
marathons, they gave me a lot of good 

Kate Cole Hite. Kathryn Ingham 
Reese, Mary Halliday Shaw, 
Beth Bennett Haga Paige Apple 
Montinaro, and Whitney Bolt Lewis 
had a blast at their annual get-together 
weekend, this yr. in New Orleans. I 
drove down to New Orleans and had 
a fun visit with them Mary Halliday 
Shaw and husband Brad have a big 
milestone this yr. with the graduation of 
their twins (Jack and Mike) who will be 
heading off to coll. in the northeast in 
the fall. Their youngest, Kevin will start 
h. s. in the fall. 

Kelly Meredith lacobelli has a 
new job as VP of marketing for BidAlert. 
com which is a construction leads sys- 
tem. It's the 1st time she's worked for a 
small company and says it can be excit- 
ing and challenging. She's still on the 
alumnae board and is looking forward 
to going to Reunion to see friends in 
classes a little older and a little younger 
than ours. 

Tracy Tigerman Shannon says 
things are pretty much the same. She's 
still teaching 3rd grade and getting 
used to her son being in h. s. on the JV 
baseball team. She's also gearing up 
for her 2nd grader to come to her class 
next yr. for reading and math. She notes 
that it should be a challenge (more for 
her daughter than herself). 

Dena Driver lives in Brooklyn, NY. 
She and husband Greg Morcroft (who 
graduated from W & L) have 2 children: 
Emma (14) and Liam (9). They've been 
married for 1 7 yrs. She works as a 
property manager, which allows her to 
find time to study yoga. 

Brenda Childress Payne is happy 
to announce a new addition to her 
family. Her beautiful granddaughter, 
Zoe Rae Elizabeth Payne was born on 
Thurs., 9/24/09 in Orange County CA. 
She weighed 8 lbs. 5oz. and was 20 Vi 
in. Brenda enjoyed traveling to CA to 
visit with the new baby and her family. 

Anne Powell is still tax manager 
at Henry Schein in Southwest VA. 
She traveled to London and Salisbury, 
England, where she got to play on the 
famous Father Willis pipe organ at 
Salisbury Cathedral. Another highlight of 
the trip was taking the Eurostar to Paris 
for a short holiday. 

Vida Fonseca writes from New 
Orleans that she received a promotion 
with the Census OOS-QA/C, which she 
notes "rhymes with moose back." She 

writes that the promotion came at the 
same time that she was voted senior 
warden at her church. She adds, "Now 
if I could just find a full-time, long-term 
job with benefits before I reach retire- 
ment age!" 

Kathryn Deriso-Schwartz and 
Mary Nelson Densmore Notaro 
are planning a 22.5 yr. reunion for 
anyone in our class who'd like to get 
together for a girls' weekend. It will 
take place the 1st weekend in 11/1010 
in Jacksonville, FL, at a house that 
belongs to Kathryn's family that used 
to be a bed and breakfast. Anyone in 
our class who'd like to go can contact 
Kathryn at (786) 877-3754 or e-mail 
her at 

I've been busy doing some free- 
lance museum projects in Baton Rouge 
along with working on an exhibition 
with the Dixon Gallery and Gardens in 
Memphis. They're holding an exhibi- 
tion of the work of Helen Maria Turner, 
the artist who was the subject of my 
master's thesis. One of the paintings in 
the exhibition is coming from the Sweet 
Briar collection. My son, Jack will be 
starting his senior yr. in the fall and my 
daughter, Nina will be in the 6th grade. 
I'm excited that they'll be at the same 
school this yr, even if it's just for 1 yr. 
I'm looking forward to coming to VA 
this summer for a family reunion near 
Charlottesville and hoping to make a 
side trip to Sweet Briar. Best to all! 


Miss Emmy S. Leung 
7102 Wynne wood Ct. 
Richmond, VA 23235 


Kelly Wood Erickson 
Smithfield, VA 23430 


Victoria Campo Byrd 
2800 NE 22nd St. 
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305 

Mamie Farmer Farley 
5302 Bewdley Rd. 
Richmond, VA 23226 

Tricia Pheil Johnson 
10359 Church Hill Rd. 
Myersville, MO 21773 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 


Stacey McClain 
Jacksonville, FL 32207 

Ellen Ober Pitera loves life with Charlie 
(2) and is waiting patiently for the arrival 
of their 2nd baby from Korea. She hopes 
travel to get him/her in winter 201 0. 
Mimi Davies Wroten and husband Neil 
welcomed baby Connor in 1 2/09! 

Beth Gilkeson King gave birth 
to twins, Sarah Colby and Alexander 
Gilkeson on 1/11/10! She plans to be 
home with them until early May and 
return to work. Tracy Camden Wilburn 
visited the babies and her, and Tracy 
enjoyed a lovely day together with her 
husband, Adam. Beth is in touch with 
K.L. Polevitzky who is deploying to 
Afghanistan in Apr. Jennifer Jarvis 
Ballard has been busy as a stay-at- 
home mom and helping in girl scouts 
and cub scouts. She and daughter 
Jessica (8) have been active in a brand 
new brownie troop. Jennifer says that 
"it's great fun to work with these future 
leaders. Maybe we'll get a Sweet Briar 
girl or 2 from these girls." 

Laura Warren Underwood, 
husband George, and girls Christine 
(9), Katherine (5), and Charlotte (2) 
have made another trip to the Magic 
Kingdom! Laura reports they're pretty 
much experts now. Pictures are posted 
on their website for all to see: friend T. 
George Underwood on Facebook and go 
to the links. Laura et. al write, "We miss 
our friends from SBC." 

Tracy Stuart has moved to Mar- 
tha's Vineyard and is working part-time 
as a freelance writer. She loves life by 
the ocean surrounded by friends and her 

Maria Bergh and her husband 
welcomed a 2nd daughter in 12/08 and 
now live in Madrid, Spain. She is well 
and keeps in touch with lots of Vixens. 

201 started with a bang for Nalini 
Mani. New job, but same career! After a 
yr.'s hiatus of not seeing the inside of a 
plane, she's back doing what she loves 
most: travelling, albeit now it's primarily 
during the wk. within the U.S. Nalini 
plans a trip to Rome during Memorial 
Day weekend and hopes to meet up with 
Amy Davis '94 if she makes it over the 
pond from UK. She's also planning a 2 
wk. trip to Tibet in fall and is determined 
to make it up to First Base Camp Ever- 
est. She hopes to see Prerana Thapa 
'92 in Nepal on her way there. Nalini 
plans to celebrate the big 4-OH (shhhh!) 
on Dec. 31 in Rio — come one come all 
if you want to enjoy Caipirinha's on the 
Tropic of Capricorn (perfect for my sun 

Julie Skilinski Brooks is walking 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

in the local National Multiple Sclerosis 
Society's Walk on 05/02/1 0. She's 
been busy hitting up friends, family, and 
alumnae online to donate. She has also 
learned to love the Wii and has danced 
and boxed her way to a 20+ lb weight 
loss! Julie reports that Laurie Palmer 
just bought an 1 1 -yr.-old thoroughbred, 
and she'll be up and riding him ASAP. 
Laurie is excited about the purchase. 
Julie occasionally gets to chat with 
Gretchen Petrus and Nalini Mani. She 
likes to talk about her gelato-eating ex- 
ploits on Facebook. Sally Estes Vigezzi 
learned how to fish last yr. and spent the 
whole summer at the lake with her kids. 
The family has even bought a fishing 
boat and is excited to spend another 
summer at the lake fishing! Sally is also 
planning a trip to VA this summer with 
a few days in VA Beach to see Colleen 
Losey Daughtry who she hasn't seen 
since graduation! Their kids are all about 
the same age, so both are excited about 
the visit. Sally hopes to make it to SBC 
for a day. 

Debra Elkins has just moved back 
to D.C. and is now working for the U.S. 
Dept. of Homeland Security building 
strategic risk models. Good to know we 
have Debra on our side! She writes that 
it's great being back in VA. 

Holly Witt Aitken is still having a 
great time in Hong Kong. She and the 
family are headed to the Great Barrier 
Reef and Ayers Rock, Australia, on 
03/10 and planning trips to Shanghai for 
the World Expo, Angkor Wat, and a trip 
back to the U.S. before the end of 2010. 

Patty Friend Douglass is expect- 
ing her 3rd girl in a few wks. She and 
Melissa Cranmer McManus are still 
great friends have seen each other a lot 
this yr. Melissa's 3 children are Jack, 
Olivia, and Finnegan, and Patty's kids 
are Parker, Sarah Grace, and Georgia 
(on her way.) Patty is still married in NY 
and training horses, and she reports that 
Melissa in Mclean VA, is married and a 
very hard working momma. 

Norma Bulls Valentine is still 
doing real estate in Aiken, SC, and Wel- 
lington, FL. Sister Nancy Bulls is also 
doing real estate in FL and busy taking 
care of the 1 2 horses on our farm . 

Annalisha "Lily" Anderson 
McGinley and family are still in Panama 
City Beach, FL, and looking to staying 
there for the foreseeable future. She's 
working part time at her church, but 
most of her time is taken up being 
a mommy and running a large local 
playgroup for pre-schoolers. Son Cash 
(3) will be getting a baby sister the 1 st 
wk. of Jun.! 

Kimberly Cutting Winter writes 
that twins Evy and Lolly (4) make their 
parents laugh every day with some of 
the humdingers that come out of their 
mouths! Hayden (7) is enjoying school 
and tae kwan do. Kimberly has started a 

bakery from home and been pleasantly 
surprised by its success! Her goal is to 
open a storefront once the girls get into 
school full time in a few yrs. Kimberly 
had lunch with Susan Messikomer 
Horenkamp in Maui, HI, in 02/10; they 
were both there for their husband's win- 
ners circle trip with the company SAP. 
It was great to catch up and have some 
time together sans children! 

Tracie Allen Webber and Lee just 
got back from a trip to the Bahamas 
with Kelly "Pepper" Coggshall '95 and 
Jim. The group had lots of fun diving, 
although weather was a little cool. 
Tracie reports that the kids are getting 
big: George (1 0), Porter (6) and Anna- 
Margaret (5). "Life is good!" 

Dianne Hayes Doss has been 
promoted to a Software Development 
Manager position at Cox Communica- 
tions, where she's been working for 
the last 4 yrs. It's exciting and daunting 
at the same time. Husband Bill has 
resigned from HP and will be starting 
a new job with TitleMax, working on 
their consumer-facing website(s), which 
will be new for him. Dianne and family 
have adopted a puppy, a female, black 
lab-mix named Sophie. Kids Dan and 
Jenny are doing very well at school 
and are participating in the GA State U. 
Sat. School program again this spring. 
They're planning a trip to Tampa for 
a week in Jul., and otherwise will be 
adventuring as kids, puppy, and energy 

Sabryna McClung Roberson 
reports that she's thoroughly enjoying 
being a foster parent to 2 siblings, a 
boy (6) and his little sister (2). She and 
hubby Greg are hoping to move toward 
adopting them late this summer! Sa- 
bryna has started the countdown to our 
spring break trip 'back home' to Islamo- 
rada, FL! The kids have never been to 
the Keys and are excited to finally meet 
her side of the family. (They met 31 
members of Greg's family in AZ during 
a holiday wedding in 12/09.) She and 
Greg look forward to volunteering again 
at the 201 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach! 
Sabryna (as always) hopes to visit with 
anyone headed to Northern CA! 

As for me, Stacey McClain, I'm re- 
covering from a back injury and ready to 
be better so I can get out in the garden 
among other things! My daughter Ever 
(5) is enjoying PK at Bolles and will be 
attending Theatre Camp at the Jewish 
Community Alliance this summer. She's 
a reading, writing, and a budding artist 
and performer and she never forgets a 
thing! Husband Bob Folwell is enjoying 
work with Interline Brands as well as 
the view from the 14th floor of their new 
digs. We are planning on a trip (or 3) 
to Disney this year and hopefully some 
time in VA to see family/friends/visit 
SBC and a trip CA to visit Sabryna's new 
clan. Yes, it is true, our 20th reunion is 

approaching! Keep in touch and plan to 
celebrate our 20th on campus and in 


Molly Morris 
1411 S 6th St. 
Columbus, OH 43207 

Thanks to all of you who attended 
reunion last spring. It was great to see a 
few faces of people who hadn't attended 
before, and a few of whom we can now 
call "regulars." It was wonderful to catch 
up, and we made some new memories. 
Amy Loux, challenging some of the 
guys to a bike race on the pink bikes 
that the College has placed around 
campus - and that took place at what? 
One in the morning? Some habits are 
hard to break when we get back on 
campus, I think. 

The class of 1994 is busy! Nicole 
Streeter-Hokes and her husband Tyson 
welcomed a daughter, Nahla Nicole 
Hokes in April 2009. LaQuinta Donatto 
'92 hosted her baby shower. 

Caitlin Sundby Russell finishing 
her last year of classes to get her M.A. 
in Nutrition. She has to complete a 
9-mo. internship in 201 1 , and then sit 
for the Registered Dietician Exam. She's 
thankful for her supportive family, es- 
pecially her husband, Scott. Eva turns 5 
this yr. and will start Kindergarten in fall. 
Julia, hot on her older sister's trail, turns 
2. She enjoys keeping up with her SBC 
classmates on Facebook, and wonders 
what we did without it. 

Wendy Wall Nace is living in 
Birmingham and working as a Licensed 
Professional Counselor. She'll celebrate 
her 13th wedding anniv. in 7/2010, and 
is planning a mini-reunion in Atlanta in 
4/2010 (and is very excited.) She wishes 
everyone well! 

Heather Bayfield Weidle and her 
boys are doing great. Michael (5) and 
Matthew (2) are going to a Montessori 
school that they enjoy. Her business, Life 
Management Advisors is going well, and 
was a finalist for Best Overall Company 
and Best Entrepreneur categories for the 
Stevie Awards for Women in Business — 
an international award given each year 
in NYC. No win this year, but they're 
keeping their fingers crossed for next yr. 
They're franchising with a concentration 
in FL. Check out their website at www. Misses 
seeing Katherine Lindsay Auchter 
since she moved to ME. 

Elizabeth Thigpen Landry is living 
in Pinehurst, NC with Aaron, Emma Gen- 
try (9), Caroline (8) and Marshall, who'll 
be starting Kindergarten in fall. They got 
together a few times with Courtney 
O'Dea Plaisted and her kids over the 

Summer 2010* 57 

summer and had lunch with Allison 
Vollmer Douglass in NYC while on a 
trip with Aaron. 

Mtesa Cottemond Wright and her 

husband Tony gave birth to a baby girl 
on 1 0/1 5/09. She was a healthy 7 lbs, 
13 oz, and 19 in. 

Liz Gilgan has made the pro- 
nouncement that she'll notbe pregnant 
this summer. Nicholas is 18 mos., and 
running all over the place and Liz had a 
daughter 8/27/09 - Isabella Muirin.14 
months apart, not quite Irish twins. She 
saw Ashley Henderson Swigart in 
early Dec. She came to Boston with her 
son Preston. She saw Adria Lande '96 
in Feb. for a short visit. She talks to Lia 
Colbert Amelia Johnson, Corinne 
Gaillard and Robyn Barto often and 
they're all doing well. 

Nellie Kan was happy to report that 
she and Al got engaged on Valentine's 
Day. They're planning a small private 
wedding in a secret location. Best 
wishes! There will be a lot of traveling 
for the 2 of them in the next year! 

Katie Blaik- James is celebrating 
Elizabeth's 18-mo. mark. Conner is 10 
and Jackson is 8. She and John are 
celebrating their 5-yr. anniversary in 
Jun. She's on indefinite maternity leave 
and loving it. 

Amelia McDaniel Johnson reports 
that Wyly and Jed are growing like 
weeds. They have 2 yellow labs, Ruth 
and Earl. Jed would like to grow up to 
be a "hunter" and Wyly is going to save 
the world by recycling. (Sounds like her 
mom!) Amelia is teaching, and Wooten is 
working hard. 

Allison Vollmer Douglass and 
William welcomed Will on 1 2/4/08, 
joining Kate and Abby. They're in NY. 
Allison is doing art appraisals part time 
with her dad and William is at CIT. She 
loves keeping up with the SBC girls on 

Amy E. Loux wants to thank the 
SBC staff and alumnae office for a 
fabulous reunion. It was her 1st visit to 
campus since graduation, and she was 
so happy that so many others attended. 
She caught up with Katherine Cook, 
Molly Phemister Sarah Underhill, 
Nellie Kan. Mtesa Wright, and was 
thrilled to see other alumnae that had 
made the trek: Rebecca Carle '93, 
Laurel Knaup '95 and Mary "Cookie" 
Carle '59. She enjoyed visiting with Lisa 
Johnston and getting an update on the 
great work the library is doing. "Big love 
to all my SBC Sisters!" 

Andrea Buck got engaged to 
Christopher Bingham on 8/2/09 with 
a wedding planned in later 2010. She 
hopes that some of her SBC classmates 
will be able to visit Somerset to attend 
the celebration. 2009 was a whirlwind 
yr. for her. She finished working for the 
Financial Times and completed her 
Masters studies at Oxford U. She hopes 

58 'Summer 2010 

she'll be able to have some time to 
enjoy being engaged! 

Susan-Margaret Barrett and hus- 
band Scott welcomed Lillian Margaret 
Johnson into the world on 7/1 0/09. She 
is joined by Charlie (4) and Benjamin (2). 
Susan Margaret and Scott are staying 
true to their passions for photography 
and music, but are also very busy with 
their growing family. Susan Margaret's 
stunning photographs were part of the 
alumnae art exhibition at Reunion. 

Amy Ross, living and teaching in 
the Bay area, reconnected with an old 
friend and rediscovered her city over the 
summer — as a tourist. She visited New 
Orleans with some friends from Mem- 
phis and spent time with Corinne Gail- 
lard. She took her boys camping in the 
Sequoia National Forest for a wk. (She 
is proof that Ms. High-Maintenance can 
indeed go camping.) She also travelled 
to Costa Rica for 1 days, loved it. 

Tysha Calhoun Stroka enjoys life 
in central TX. She's working for SSA, 
and is involved with and on the Board of 
Dir. of the Gaslight Baker Theatre. The 
latest addition to their furry family, Roux, 
just turned 1 and is over 1 0Olbs. Tysha 
still has a clean bill of health, but wants 
to encourage all her SBC sisters to get 
checked out annually to make sure 
everything is working properly. 

Betsy Lanard married Kevin Mc- 
Cafferty in 3/09 and on 2/23/1 gave 
birth to Brook Elizabeth. Marley is now 5. 
Betsy is still teaching music for the Phila- 
delphia School District and Alvernia U. 

I'm the wine buyer/general manager 
for a wine shop and bistro in Columbus, 
and I'm also an active member of an 
independent restaurant group in town. I 
seek out new member restaurants and 
give them the "tough sell." I'm also busy 
planning a January 201 1 wedding to 
Chuck Flasche. He proposed on a trip 
to Rome just after the holidays, and 
we're hoping to honeymoon in Australia. 
(He was the tall guy at Reunion, and 
yes, you'll be seeing him there again in 
2014. Possibly with something to make 
those dorm beds appropriate for a guy 
who's 6'4".) 


Beverley Stone Dale 
2006 Ashcrest Ct. 
Richmond, VA 23238 


Mrs. Amy Daugherty Michel 
8185 E. Smooth Sumac Ln. 
Tucson, AZ 85710 

Julie Baer Diter lives and teaches h. 
s. English and French in Grosse Pointe 

Ml. She's married to Gregory, whom she 
met on her junior yr, abroad in France. 
She has 3 children Alexandra (11), 
Justin (10), and Guillaume (11) mos. 
She's looking forward to warm weather 
and travel. Julie sends a warm hello to 
all old friends from class of '96. 

April Collins Potterfield says her 
big news is they will be moving to China 
in Jun. Russell is starting business 
ventures there and still functioning 
as the CEO of Battenfeld Technolo- 
gies. Benjamin will be going to Shekou 
International School, as will Oliver and 
Nathaniel (our 20-mo.-old twin boys). "I 
was just recommended for Tenure and 
Promotion at Westminster Coll. by the 
Board of Trustees, however, I'll be leav- 
ing the biology dept. in May. It's hard to 
be an Associate Professor from across 
the world. I intend to get the kids settled 
into their schools, and their Mandarin 
training, and then I might take some 
courses at Shenzhen U. myself in order 
to take advantage of all that China has 
to offer." 

Susan T. Cash writes: "I live in Elon, 
VA, with my husband Jeff. I'm Dir. of Day 
Support Services at The Arc of Central 
VA in Lynchburg. I have 3 children in 
college and 2 adorable grandsons, Seth 
and Alexander, and 2 granddaughters, 
Trinity and Faith. When not working, Jeff 
and I love to go to Nags Head and fish, 
and be with the kids and grandkids. 

Amy Daugherty Michel & Sam 
welcomed 2nd son Owen Laine Michel 
on 1/28/1 0.Xander was thrilled to final- 
ly meet his baby brother, and has been 
excellent with him! Things were a little 
crazy in the beginning, as Owen was 
born 2.5 wks. early and then contracted 
RSV and bronciolitis at 1 1 days old. He 
had to be hospitalized for a wk., though 
he has made a full recovery. Xander 
turned 3 on 3/09/10, and continues to 
be a smart, funny and joyful child. All of 
the Michels are looking forward to a visit 
from Paige Vaught Campion in Apr., 
and eagerly await the news of Imogen 
Slade Rex's new baby boy in early 
Apr. Amy continues to enjoy keeping in 
touch with classmates and their families 
through facebook, and especially loves 
everyone's pictures! 

Christie Cardon writes in 6/09: 
"I was delighted to be a bridesmaid 
in Ann Kay's wedding in MA and had 
fun seeing other SBC friends. Then, on 
1 0/9/09, Darryl and I welcomed our 1 st 
child, Alexander Leathers Anderson. He 
was a full month early, but healthy and 
happy. I'm now back at work with King 
& Spalding. In spring, we hope to travel 
to Northern VA to introduce Alexander to 
our SBC friends in the area. 

Leah Jorgensen is living in 
Portland, OR, and is enrolled in the 
winemaking degree program at 
the Northwest Viticulture Center at 
Chemeketa Coll. in Salem. She's also 

consulting northwest wineries and wine 
businesses with marketing and com- 
munications strategies. She freelance 
writes about wine and gluten free 
living. She plans to see Meg Magistro 
Arcadia Cindy Rakow Readyhough, 
Eileen MacMurtrie and Ardas Kaur 
Khalsa (Alex Hiribarne) this summer, 

Cindy Rakow Readyhough and 
husband Patrick live in Charlotte, NC. 
They have a little boy, Sam (2) and 
recently had their 2nd child, Katelynn, 
who's 5 mos. Cindy will be going back 
to work soon with Ernst & Young and 
her husband still works for himself 
in the building/construction industry. 
She keeps in touch with Meg Magistro 
Arcadia. Eileen MacMurtrie. Leah 
Jorgensen and Alex Hiribarne 

Jennifer Smith reports all is well in 
Richmond VA. "I'm in my 6th yr. as Dir. 
of School Counseling at Varina H. S. in 
Richmond, VA, and am back in school 
pursuing my post masters certification in 
Educational Leadership. I'll be graduat- 
ing in Dec! At work I get very excited 
speaking to my students about SBC. I 
hope to get more there! I stay in touch 
with Lynn Davis Saunders, Reneca 
Rose Atkinson '97 and Andie Thomas 
Young '95. We're hoping to find time to 
get together soon! Life is great!" 

Linday Mactavish Vogt was mar- 
ried on 3/21/10 in San Pedro, Belize. 
Her husband, Brian, is from Hibbing, 
MN, and they're currently living in 
Harrisburg, PA. Lindsay stays busy with 
work, trail running, mountain biking, and 
adventure racing. 

Abby Phillips Hinga and Sean wel- 
comed James Phillips Hinga on 2/5 (his 
due date!) He weighed 9lbs and was 22 
in. long. He's a healthy, happy baby who 
is letting his parents get lots of sleep, 
for which they are very grateful. The 
family is loving life in Denver and having 
Janeen Sharma and Laura Powell 
Gatling close enough to see often! 

As for me, life is treating me kindly. 
I've had a great time getting to know 
James Hinga in his 1st few wks. and re- 
cently had a wonderful visit with Annie 
Pankoski Sherman. Annie is happily 
living in the Bay Area with her husband, 
Peter, and their beautiful children Max 
(4) and Elsa (15 mos). After 5 yrs., I 
still love living in Boulder, CO. Last yr., I 
finished my master's in psychology and 
keep busy enjoying the Rockies and 
working as a Human Factors Engineer. 
My best to the class of '96. 


Kerri Rawlings Burtner 
601 N Rosina Ave. 
Somerset, PA 15501 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • www.alumnae.sbc.erJu 


Cynthia Bumgardner Puckett 

7123 High St. 

Floyds Knobs, IN 47119 

Cady Thomas 
2330 Byrd Street 
Raleigh, NC 27608 

Alicia Foster Wilbun says the Wilbun 
family is doing great! She has learned 
how to do Bunka (Japenese embroi- 
dery), and it makes gorgeous pictures 
and is tons of fun! It's nice to get out 
once a wk. for adult time. Brianna (4) is 
reading 3 letter words. It was exciting to 
watch and listen as she read her 1st 
word. She has also started gymnastics 
and is doing really well — a natural. 
Estelle (1) is running now (started walk- 
ing at 10 mos.) and having a good time 
playing with Brianna. Alicia had a great 
visit with Fionna Matheson in Jan. 
Fionna saw the girls and they went out 
to dinner; it was nice to laugh like they 
did in coll.! Alicia's family took a road 
trip to Ml last May to see Krista 
Wigginton Gravatt '99. They talk often 
and hope to see her again this summer 
so Alicia can meet Grace! Alicia keeps 
in touch with Betsy Wilbun Ranson '99 
and sees her when they visit 
Appomattox. Alicia talks with Chantel 
Bartlett often and hopes to see her 
soon! Brigette Laib Mattox married 
Mark Mattox in The Woodlands, TX, 
1 1/28/09. Anna Meres Wade was a 
bridesmaid Cynthia Bumgardner 
Puckett was absent due to the 
impending arrival of her new baby girl! 
Brigette and Mark are now living in 
Montgomery, TX, and loving married life! 
Brigette is looking for a career change 
from chemical sales to possible cos- 
metic sales. Cynthia Bumgardner 
Puckett gave birth to Eliza Joy Puckett 
on New Year's Eve 2009! Cynthia and 
Darrin are enjoying the roller coaster 
ride of parenting 3. Although busy with 
children, hearing from friends is a wel- 
come respite during the day. Stephanie 
Belk Loter and Tom are expecting their 
2nd child, a boy, on 5/19. Stephanie 
says, "Pregnancy is going well; we're 
enjoying preparing the house, dogs, and 
big sister for the new arrival." Abilene 
(1 1/29/07) is growing like a weed and 
exploring the world around her. She 
amazes them with new words, songs, 
activities. Stephanie works in 
Greensboro at Novartis Animal Health 
part-time and lives in Wake Forest. She 
keeps in touch with Cady Thomas and 
Susan Barney Astrid Liverman has 
moved to CO for a new job. She and 
Taylor bought a house in Evergreen, a 

chalet on the side of a mountain, which 
they love and will make their own in the 
spring when it gets a bit warmer. They 
have a puppy named Quoia (for 
Sequoia, as she'll be huge) and Piki, a 
feral kitten. This past weekend she had 
a surprise visit from Cari Petrulli Class 
of '99 and her husband Scott and baby 
King. She was her freshman year room- 
mate, but left SBC after. Carolyn Leddy 
reports that with the situation looking 
bleak for Republicans in Washington, 
D.C., she decamped to Tokyo this past 
fall for a yr. Her husband remains in D.C, 
to advocate the misguided policies of 
the Obama administration. But Carolyn 
remains hopeful that he at least has the 
good sense to keep the house clean 
while she's gone! Carolyn is spending 
the yr. on a Council on Foreign Relations 
fellowship at the National Institute for 
Defense Studies in Japan and is explor- 
ing issues related to nuclear deterrence 
in East Asia. She loves living in Tokyo, 
drinking sake and traveling around 
Japan and looks forward to her husband 
joining for a trip to Vietnam in spring. 
Carolyn will return to D.C. this summer 
to join the Republican resurgence! 
Cyndi Hague Hineline is excited that 
winter finally seems to be ending in OH! 
She and Shawn are well, and it's been 
fun watching Alex grow (he never 
stops!) and learn everything he can. 
Cyndi performed in a production of 
Sweeney Todd last summer and is help- 
ing to develop a summer children's the- 
atre program at her community theatre. 
Last May, she met Katherine Carr in 
Louisville for a long weekend, and they 
visited with Cynthia Bumgardner 
Puckett. They had a great time, even 
though Cyndi managed to get them lost 
a couple of times! She chats with 
Heather Thomas Armbruster via the 
internet quite a bit, and it's been fun 
"reliving" the many late night discus- 
sions they had in coll., although the 
subject matter is a bit different! Leslie 
Farinas Padron met with Samantha 
Brodlieb Platner during Christmas in 
NYC while she was home visiting family. 
They met up for coffee and cake at the 
Plaza Hotel. Leslie lives in Zaragoza, 
Spain, has been married for 3 yrs. 
Samantha Platner reports that she 
always looks forward to their annual 
Christmas reunion in NYC. She and 
Mary Friberg collaborated during Feb. 
201 New York Fashion Week on the La 
Perla Fall 2010 show. Hourglass 
Cosmetics sponsored the makeup for 
the La Perla show that Sam was pro- 
ducing as PR Manager, La Perla North 
America. Mary was appointed PR 
Director for Hourglass. It was fun work- 
ing together! MaryLea Martin Harris 
is having fun making artsy messes with 
her 2 daughters Emma (7) and Claire 
(3). She blogs about their arts and crafts 
adventures on her blog Pink and Green 

Mama ( It's been fun catching up with 
SBC friends who read the blog and try 
out her ideas with their kids. Amanda 
Diamond Ring made the ribbon bar- 
rettes for her daughter and achieved 
rock star mom status. Also check out 
MaryLea's Peep Diorama "Goodnight 
Peep" (based on the children's book 
Goodnight Moon) as one of 5 finalists in 
this year's Washington Post's Peeps 
Diorama Contest. A few months ago, 
MaryLea received news from Anne- 
Claire Wackenhut when she 
announced her engagement to Scott! 
She still sees Courtney Totushek Brown 
'97 for play dates with their kids. 
Amanda Diamond Ring and Kevin 
celebrated a decade of marriage in Oct. 
and keep active with Karleigh (who 
loves school and is perfecting her 
Hebrew and correcting her mom 
already!) and Asher (3) who is starting 
preschool this fall. Karleigh takes ballet 
with Gregor Lee '00. Amanda had a 
great time at Homecoming with more 
friends than she can name, but 
Scarlett Swain, Gretchen Tucker, 
Charlotte Rognmoe Gilbar. Kimberly 
Osborne Jerger. Jenny Hogan 
Koehn, Lisa Hall Flynn, and Gregor to 
name a few. She saw Robin Bettger 
Fishburne '96 when she rode her horse 
at the Biltmore Estate. Amanda and her 
family /cveAsheville and requests all 
SBC ladies give her a shout when in the 
area. Nichi Benson Knox quit her 
teaching job this past summer to stay 
home with her 2 boys. Robert David (3 
1 /2) and Elijah (1 5 mos.) are full of 
energy and are keeping her busy! 
Erikka Sund Neal and her husband 
welcomed baby #2, Samuel Garrison 
Neal, on 5/27/09. He and Frances are 
1 6 mos. Apart. Erikka is in her 7th yr. 
teaching 3rd grade and now teaches at 
the same school that she went to as a 
child. Erikka spent a girl's weekend in 
New Orleans with Erin Wortley 
Valliere and Joanne Hopkins in Apr. 
Erin Wortley Valliere says the Valliere 
family is great and life feels so much 
more manageable with the baby turning 
2 this spring. She's working for the 
Marine Corps as a government civilian 
in Fire Support, loves it. Erin is running 
quite a lot and signed up for a trail half 
marathon Mar. and the Marine Corps 
historic half in May. She misses every- 
one. Erin is hoping to see folks at her 
daughter's First Communion in May. 
Laura Fitton Pieper has been out of 
work for over a year now, after being 
laid off from her last journalism job. 
She's trying to make do with freelance 
writing and temp jobs. If any alumnae 
out there work for publications that 
need freelance writers, give her a call! 
Laura had an amazing experience in 
Los Angeles last spring as a fellow in 
the National Endowment for the Arts' 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Journalism Fellowship in Theater. She's 
considering going back to school to pur- 
sue an MFA in creative writing. Nathane 
and Laura will be married 12 yrs. in 
6/1 0! Jessica Pavia Tra changed jobs 
and now works as a special education 
administrator in Prince William County 
Schools. Her job requires her to support 
the teachers and school administrators, 
so the day is never the same twice. 
Jessica is working on a dissertation 
proposal for her Ed.D. in Educational 
Leadership. She hopes to submit her 
proposal in the next mo. Her boys, 
Kenny (7) and Donovan (5), are getting 
big. Ken and Jessica have been married 
for 10 yrs. Cady Thomas keeps in 
touch with Katie Martin, Bronwyn 
Beard, Lindsay Culp, Susan Barney 
and lots of other SBC Ladies thanks to 
facebook and email. She's planning a 
trip with Susan and Lindsay this sum- 
mer. Cady and her family spent 
Christmas with Serena Putegnat and 
Tara Putegnat '00 in Brownsville, TX, 
and looks forward to seeing them again 
this summer. Chantel Bartlett and 
Kim Izquierdo returned from a long 
weekend where they were reunited after 
nearly 7 yrs. They spent the weekend in 
Sonoma, CA, barrel tasting. Kim 
Izquierdo is celebrating 9 yrs. with 
Phizer. She travels both personally and 
for work. She soon jets off for a week of 
fun in Tokyo. Chantel continues to work 
with foreign exchange students. In a few 
weeks, she'll be turning in her 2 months 
notice without a new job lined up! 
Rather difficult to find a new job when 
you won't be able to start for 2 mos! 
Chantel thinks that she'll return to work 
as an executive assistant for a while, 
take a break from high-stress jobs and 
focus on her new passion of becoming 
a Zumba instructor. She'll achieve that 
in May and is considering going to the 
Zumba convention in Orlando come 
Aug. She's hoping to have more time to 
visit friends around the U.S. like Fionna, 
Candice, Alicia and many more once 
work-life isn't so crazy. She keeps in 
touch with Candice Broughton 
Maillard. Candice and family are doing 
well, just always on the go with home- 
schooling, swimming lessons and enjoy- 
ing the great outdoors. 

We want to encourage you to give 
to the Annual Fund! Our goal for the 
Pink Rose Society is underway, and 
we're aiming at a 1 00% participation 
rate for our class and want to challenge 
everyone to give $5. As of today, 37 
of us have pledged and given $3,865. 
We'd love to give a grand total of 
$10,000 with 100% participation by 
6/30/10. Contact Cynthia or Cady for 
further information. Keep in touch with 
us via e-mail or Facebook. We want 
to be the support network that uplifts, 
encourages, and provides a haven for 
each of us when we need it. 

Summer 2010 • 59 


Lindsey Neef Kelly 
15012 Ashby Way East 
Carrollton, VA 23314 

Christy Carl Allison is a SAHM of little 
Laurel Elizabeth, born 8/21/09. Laurel 
is happy, healthy and, just like Mommy, 
loves to sing. Christy continues to pet 
sit and do some online freelance writing 
on occasion. She was excited to see 
Kathryn Alfisi Marisha Bourgeois 
and Sara Skoglund at a snow party 
she held this past Jan.! 

Kim Bolz-Andolshek is keep- 
ing busy with her 3 children, Kate (7), 
Leo (5), and Gus (2). Kim and husband 
Justin are looking at some new models 
for their grocery store this spring as they 
have a new competitor building .5 mi. 
from them. Kim was elected to serve 
as chair for the 3rd yr. in a row on the 
Pequot Lakes School Board. 

Marisha Bourgeois is working on 
her M.S. in speech language pathology. 
She's the proud recipient of the Dept. 
of Education Grant that provides free 
tuition with a monthly stipend. In addi- 
tion to her new love of science, Marisha 
spends the rest of her time in the D.C. 
dance world: performing, teaching, and 
choreographing. Lately she's been cho- 
reographing couples' wedding dances. 
Her 1 st couple's dance was for Sarah 
Dean in '08. She's also working on a 
children's dance book, which her sister 
is illustrating. She speaks to Jennifer 
Crutcher daily and swears they're the 2 
old guys from the muppets. 

Rachel Bratlie and Chris are well in 
Northern CA. Rachel continues to work 
as an inpatient psychiatrist at a county 
hospital in Martinez, CA. She's now 
board-certified! Chris is working part- 
time in civil engineering. They've made 
several trips to Phoenix and D.C. to visit 
with family. They're planning a 2-wk. trip 
to Italy this May and can't wait! 

Kristine Bria Brown and Andrew 
are celebrating 2 yrs. of marriage this 
Mar. and look forward to starting a 
family soon. Kristine is excited about 
her new business she just started. While 
still doing social work, Kristine has just 
accepted an offer as a wardrobe con- 
sultant for the Doncaster Clothing col- 
lection. Kristine is responsible for styling 
the Trunk Shows as well as marketing 
this fabulous upscale clothing line that 
is developed in the same clothing mills 
as Prada, Lanvin, and Chanel. Kristine 
is looking forward to this new adventure 
and encourages all SBC alumnae to 
check out her website at http://www. 
com/kbrown and please contact her if 
you're interested in purchasing any of 
the items available. Kristine keeps in 

60 • Summer 2010 

touch with Sarah Dean Annie Orten- 
gren, Zakiya Norris and many others 
via facebook. 

Brenda Elze still lives in Panama 
City, FL, where she's taking classes 
"for fun" thanks to the Gl Bill! She had 
a fabulous time at Class of '04 Ginny 
Wood-Susi's wedding in Orlando in Feb., 
where she caught up with some alum- 
nae she met at last yr.'s reunion. She 
keeps in (almost) daily contact with Jen 
Schmidt Major and enjoys monthly 
conversations with Alex Sienkiewicz 
Auer Jill Stromberg Abby Schmidt 
Casey Herman and Sarah Lester 

Sarah Kingsley Foley moved into 
her own apt. in Sept. She started work- 
ing for the Hampton Roads Chamber 
of Commerce running their young 
professionals division, Sync757, in Jul., 
loves her job. Sarah recently added ad- 
ditional duties, coordinating the events 
in Chesapeake, Suffolk and Portsmouth. 
Her son Cole (4) is doing great through 
his parents' separation and is a social 
butterfly at his preschool. Sarah has 
started auditioning again and per- 
formed in a "cliff notes" version of The 
Nutcracker and also sings the National 
Anthem at large regional events. 

Natasha White Gamboa has been 
busy chasing after son Sebastian (2) 
and is anticipating the arrival of another 
baby boy on 3/11/10. She's still living 
in Northern CA with husband Juan 
and became a stay-at-home-mom last 
yr. after a full-time career as a tennis 
professional. She still dabbles in the ten- 
nis world as a part-time retail buyer at a 
tennis pro shop, which has been fun! 

Kelly Turney Gatzke and husband 
Ben have been enjoying Monterey, CA 
for the past yr. while Ben attends gradu- 
ate school. They'll be moving to West 
Point, NY, in Jun. where he'll be teaching 
in the math dept. for about 3 yrs. Future 
SBC Vixen, Amelia, just turned 3 and 
is excited for her brother, Cameron, to 
make his arrival. 

Krista Wigginton Gravatt was 
busy in '09 getting ready for the arrival 
of daughter Alexis "Grace," born 9/16. 
She was excited after 2 boys to finally 
decorate a room in pink and green! 
Husband Latham completed his MBA in 
Dec, and they're now looking at relocat- 
ing to the Southeast, if possible. Krista 
enjoys keeping in touch with her SBC 
friends on Facebook. 

Sarah Elkins Ince is still living in 
the Charlotte area and recently returned 
to work after giving birth to her 1 st 
child Asa David Ince on 1 2/8. (Baby 
pictures on Facebook.) Sarah is excited 
to report that 2 of her students have 
applied to been accepted to SB (though 
they haven't made the final decision to 
enroll yet). She also has several juniors 
considering SBC. Sarah had a great time 
at the Charlotte SB Day event and looks 
forward to returning to SBC soon for 

baby showers for Kristin Dane Ewing 
(assistant dir. of career services) and 
Robyn Sanderson (dir. of student activi- 

Mamie Jackson lives in Atlanta, 
GA, and has a new position as assoc. 
vice president of development at 
Spelman Coll. On 11/1 3/1 0, Mamie will 
marry Robert Williams in Huntsville, AL. 

Sean and Lindsey Neef Kelly, 
along with daughters Catherine and Ra- 
chel, welcomed Alice Marian (7 lbs) on 
1 1/30/09. Lindsey is pleased to report 
it was the most painless, uneventful, 
and boring childbirth one could possibly 
imagine. Alice was also the healthiest 
newborn of the family, until Christmas, 
when she went into respiratory arrest in 
the ER. She was diagnosed with non- 
RSV bronchiolitis and spent 1 days at 
the children's hospital, but emerged as 
good as new. The girls are thrilled with 
their new sister, and surprisingly helpful, 
for toddlers. Lindsey's now back at work 
at Glasser and Glasser, looking forward 
to summertime trips to Busch Gardens 
with Sean and the girls, and working on 
launching a blog, details on Facebook. 

Valerie Roche Kite and Derek wel- 
comed Shealyn Marianna on 12/30/09, 
weighing in at 7lbs., 14 oz. 

Meghan Pollard Leypoldt has had 
a great time reconnecting with Vixens 
over the past few mos. In Oct., Meghan 
returned to SBC with Sarah Kingsley 
for a graduate school recruiting event. 
It was a blast to be back on campus, 
see all the changes, connect with cur- 
rent Chung Mungs and sip wine in the 
Bistro with Sarah like old times. In Dec, 
Meghan had dinner in Durham with Jill 
Triana Sarah Dorminey Megan Butt 
Glover and Elizabeth Melvin — talk 
about trouble! In Jan., Meghan and 
Brandi Whitley Hilder drove to MD for 
Leslie Hager Holman s baby shower 
where they were also able to visit with a 
very pregnant Joce Wiherle Greimel 
(her due date was the next day). During 
their time together, they had lovely 
dinner with Anne Jones Manning 
in D.C. and got to meet her husband 
too. The weekend afterward, Meghan 
and her daughter, Piper, celebrated 
Brandi's daughter, Amelia's 2nd birthday 
in Chapel Hill. Meghan continues to 
enjoy family life with Piper and husband 
Steve. Piper is growing like a weed and 
enjoys saying words like "chicken" and 
"naked." Meghan fully indoctrinated 
Piper into the world of football with the 
culmination of the Saints' victory of the 
Superbowl GEAUX SAINTS! Hope every- 
one is having a wonderful new yr. and 
do visit when you are in the area! 

Jen Schmidt Major and Michael 
welcomed Ryan Michael on 8/1 1/09, 
much to Brenda Elze's delight since he 
was born on her birthday. 

Heather McLeod and TJ Griffin 
welcomed daughter Hazel Belle on 

1 0/6/09, a week after big brother Ea- 
mon turned 2. Still enjoying Austin, not 
that we get out much, she says. 

Emily Sartor Patterson and hus- 
band Brad are expecting their 2nd child 
in 7/2010: big sister Claire is excited 
about the arrival of the new baby! 

Kathryn Taylor Paine and husband 
Jonathan welcomed Amelia Rose Paine 
at 1 1 :42 a.m. on 9/10/09 in Houston, 
TX. Amelia's favorite activities are drink- 
ing milk, eating rice cereal, and staring 
at the family dog. After enjoying 3 mos. 
of maternity leave, Kathryn returned to 
work as the dir. of volunteer services at 
the Ronald McDonald House of Houston. 
In her "spare" time, Kathryn volunteers 
at the patient and family library at TX 
Children's Hospital. 

Laura Walters Price can't believe 
that her daughter Olivia just turned 5 
this past Jan. and that she and Jeff will 
be married 1 yrs. on 4/29 — time flies! 
Jackson (3) is so talkative and such a 
boy! Laura has gone back to Lynchburg 
Coll. to get her endorsement in early 
childhood special education so that 
she can teach preschool handicapped 
or work in a home setting as an early 
intervention specialist. 

Tina Hansel Snover is enjoying life 
with her husband and 2 daughters (3 and 
1) and working part time. She's a resume 
consultant with Pathway Resumes and 
still lives in Lynchburg. She also stays 
busy with her MOPS group and is the 
leader of the women's ministry at her 
church. Tina, Melissa Henning Hill Kris 
Harris and Susan Hurley Upshaw all 
attended Meredith Tillery McNamara s 
wedding last fall in TN. 

Leslie Stokes completed her MDiv 
from Emory U. in 5/08. Currently, she's 
in her 2nd yr. of supervisory training 
for Clinical Pastoral Education through 
HealthCare Chaplaincy in Manhattan 
and serves as a staff chaplain at Memo- 
rial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. She 
moved from Brooklyn to Queens this fall. 
In addition to working toward certifica- 
tion as a supervisor, board certification 
as a chaplain, and ordination in the 
United Church of Christ, Leslie is having 
fun planning her wedding to Rachel 
Small this coming Labor Day weekend. 
They plan to have a religious ceremony 
in Louisville, KY. where Leslie's fam- 
ily lives and a legal ceremony in the 

Lindsay Hicks Watrous and hus 
band Tim welcomed a baby boy named 
Owen on Dec. 21 . Lindsay recovered 
well and Owen is healthy and chunky, 
just like his brother Drew (2). Lindsay is 
finding it challenging to divide her atten- 
tion between them, but is managing to 
keep sane on most days. She keeps in 
touch with Anna Carmichael Redding. 
Shannon Weisenberger Habenicht 
and Jera Niewoehner, as well as a 
number of Facebook-sawy Vixens. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 


Marilen Sarian 
760 Kings Ridge Dr. 
Newport News, VA 23608 


Amanda Campbell Wright 
19304 Anna Kate Ct. 
Pflugerville, TX 78660-2972 

Swi m VixenOI 

It seems that '01 ers have been up to 
many exciting things and have a busy 
2010 in front of us! Congratulations to 
everyone on your accomplishments and 
can't wait to hear what's in store for you 
next! Remember that our 10-yr. (Can 
you believe it?) Reunion is next May! 
Holla Holla! 

Jennifer Stringfellow was 
engaged to Paul Lamanna (UVA '02) this 
past Sept. when they were vacation- 
ing in Napa Valley, CA. She and Paul 
are having a blast planning their Dec. 
wedding, which will be in Alexandria, 
VA. Sonya Truman '02 will be her maid 
of honor. Jenn enjoyed seeing Megan 
Thomas Rowe and Angela Rodriguez 
Newman last Sept at Kate Talaber 
Butler's wedding. Jenn is extremely 
excited to have become an aunt in Jan. 
Her older brother, Charlie Stringfellow 
(HSC '96) and his fiance had a little girl, 
Chloe, a future SBC grad, perhaps?! In 
May, Jenn will celebrate her 9th anniv. 
with her company, Jeremy Squire & 

Sarah Machinist still works in 
sales for Kraft Foods and is in the 
process of moving from Greenville, SC, 
to Myrtle Beach, SC. She hopes to meet 
new friends and new horses once she 
is settled. 

Amy Whitney Rippey says hello to 
all her fellow Vixens! She and husband 
Brian are living in Westminster, MD. She 
works for Arnold Palmer Golf Manage- 
ment as a dir. of sales. She's looking 
forward to the next reunion. 

Natasha Nickodem Stevens 
and husband Matt bought a house in 
Chicago's Mayfair neighborhood and are 
looking forward to visits from Stepha- 
nie Sherrard and Sarah Belanger 
Levinson this summer. 

Last fall, Marian Spivey-Estrada 
joined Sarah Riggs Stapleton and 
Erin McKinley Wiley for a mini-reunion 
at the home of Elizabeth Puckett 
Haworth in Sedona , AZ. Erin continues 
to work as a speech therapist in Seattle 
and welcomed her 1st child, Holiday 
Joan in Nov. Sarah left her position as 
an environmental science teacher in 
the Bay area and is now living in Japan 
while her husband Jim completes a 

post-doc. Elizabeth continues to work 
for the nonprofit organization Harvest, 
for which she traveled to Haiti, the 
Dominican Republic and Honduras last 
summer. Elizabeth and Peter recently 
welcomed Lord Finley Nelson, a beauti- 
ful English bulldog, into their home! 
Finally, Marian remains in Washington, 
D.C., working for the American Red 
Cross. Most recently, she was sup- 
porting the Haiti earthquake response, 
before going on maternity leave with 
her 2nd child Benjamin. Big brother 
Othoncito (2) eagerly welcomed the new 

Amy Tabb and husband Dave are 
expecting their 1 st child in late Apr. 
They bought a house last summer in 
West Lafayette, IN, and are happy there 
while Amy finishes her Ph.D. (expected 
sometime in 2010) and Dave teaches h. 
s. nearby. 

Leah Brooks Waldrip and husband 
Adam welcomed their 2nd child, Sabrina 
Ann Waldrip on 3/8/10. Lucy Brooks 
Thomas '00, and her new daughter, 
Norah, came to visit their new niece 
and cousin. Leah is excited to introduce 
Sabrina to SBC. 

Sarah Houston Kenning and hus- 
band Tyler welcomed Jackson Alexander 
Kenning on 7/12/09. He only weighed 4 
lbs 3oz, but has quadrupled his weight 
over the past 9 mos. He was lucky to 
visit his friend, Charlie Stawasz, son of 
Meghan Frier Stawasz, for a weekend 
in Cape Cod. Sarah and Tyler have 1 
more yr. in Albany before they move to 
Philadelphia for Tyler's fellowship. She's 
begun working 3 days a wk. at a reha- 
bilitation hospital as a speech language 
pathologist and hopes to visit Katie 
Wood Rae and her family in Charlot- 
tesville in May. Sarah is excited that her 
term as president for the Junior League 
of Albany is winding down and hopes to 
travel more to see her SBC friends. 

Mariana Souza is happy in Rio and 
moving to a bigger house with husband 
Humberto and Beatriz (1). Still practicing 
law, loving it. Has been in touch with 
Rocio Guerrero. Leslie Farinas. An- 
drea Hidalgo and Olive Eiley through 

Erin Harrison and Phill are 
expecting their 1st baby boy in 7/2010. 
They're excited to expand their family. 
Erin still loves teaching Jr. high and Phill 
is still in the credit union business. 

Gwen Wray-Samans and husband 
Jamie are expecting their 1st child this 
Jun., and best of all: it's a girl! Hello, 
Class of 2028! The parents-to-be are 
moving to Alexandria in May. Gwen is 
also expecting her M.Ed, in secondary 
education in English from the George 
Washington U. this Jun. 

Rami Achterberg Heers and 
husband Jesse are expecting their 2nd 
child in Oct. 

Nia Fonow Ravenstahl and 

husband Matt, and step sons Maris and 
Seth were delighted to welcome home 
their newly adopted daughter Cassidy 
Ellen Owings Ravenstahl, born on 9/17 
in Port Charlotte, FL. The Ravenstahls 
are enjoying being a family of 5 in 
Northern VA and will be spending the 
summer in Durham, UK where Matt is 
working towards his Ed.D. Nia looks 
forward to catching up with Jessica 
McClosky who lives nearby in New- 
castle while the family is there. 

Meredith Taylor Eads and hus- 
band Micah (HSC '96) welcomed their 
1st baby, Isabella Grace, on 8/6/09! 
Everyone is doing well, and the new 
parents are enjoying every second. 
Meredith wants to thank Tia Trout Perez 
'02 for a fabulous baby shower! She's 
wondering how early is too early to 
send in Isabella's reservation fee for her 
spot in SBC's class of 2031 ? Meredith 
also went back to graduate school this 
fall and is working toward her Ph.D. in 
special education; she says it's been a 
crazy few months and wishes maternity 
leave had been longer. 


Margaret Brooks Tucker Buck 
4436 Yoruk Forest Ln. 
Charlotte, NC 28211 

Lori Smith Nilan 
14600 Windjammer Dr. 
Midlothian, VA 23112 

It's been a busy yr. for the class of 
2002. There are many new moms to 

Amanda Davis Stevens and husband 
Isaac are expecting their 1 st child this 
summer, due 8/21/10. They've been 
busy preparing for the baby's arrival, 
and what's sure to be a long, hot sum- 
mer. Amanda saw Jennifer Taylor 
Catano and her husband Dave while 
they were in CA on their "babymoon," 
and plans on attending her shower at 
the end of Apr. Jennifer's sweet pea 
is due 6/2/2010. She's keeping the 
gender a surprise, which has been 
exciting. She's been getting great advice 
from other SBC moms on Facebook, 
including Rebecca Waite Del Piano 
and Laura Reither Marcotte Mary 
Tassone Dunlevy and husband Dale 
will welcome their 1st child into the 
world in Apr. — a little girl and named 
Ariana Elaine Dunlevy. Mary writes, 
"She's already outfitted with Sweet 
Briar goodies, and we expect her to be 
a future alumna." Rachel Roth Allred 
and husband Toby are expecting their 
1 st child, a baby girl, due in Apr. Rachel 
was able to spend time with Mary 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Tassone Dunlevy. Kathleen Fowler 

and Amy Waller '04 in Feb. at Mary's 
baby shower (Mary is due 5 days before 
Rachel), and is looking forward to seeing 
Kathy and Amy again in Mar. along with 
Stacey Armentrout Fallah and Angel 
Milone '03 at her baby shower. Rachel 
is also looking forward to serving as 
a bridesmaid at Angel's wedding in 
2/1 1 . She and Toby will celebrate their 
4th anniv. in Aug. Liz Waring Mc- 
Cracken and husband Chris welcomed 
a baby girl on 1 0/26/09. Her name is 
Isadora Anne. 

There have also been exciting 
professional moves for our class. Emily 
Yerby is enjoying her new career at The 
Greater Boston Food Bank, she writes, 
"Aquiring food to feed the hungry is 
truly a rewarding career." She and her 
partner, Gretchen, are enjoying life in the 
Boston suburbs and are looking forward 
to traveling this summer! Ruth Huff- 
man is running a landscaping business 
in Lexington, VA, and is also writing 
for a local newspaper and playing 
upright bass fiddle in a bluegrass band 
with husband Rooster Ruley. Meghan 
Gregory is finishing off her last semes- 
ter and will be graduating in 08/10 with 
a MBA from Pfeiffer U. Sonya Truman 
accepted a new job in Oct. and is now 
the assistant general counsel in charge 
of litigation at Entaire Global Companies, 
Inc. She just bought a house in Atlanta 
and is scheduled to close on 3/1 7/1 0! 
She's anxious about the renovations, 
but excited to move and to finally have a 
huge yard that her golden retriever can 
run in. Juliana DeSantis married Tyler 
Perkins in the midst of a snowstorm 
at her parents' farm in Culpepper, VA. 
They said their vows in a greenhouse 
surrounded by their friends and family. 
They took a wedding trip to CO where 
they did lots of snowboarding. Kathleen 
Fowler is still teaching Latin in Fauquier 
Cry, VA, and loving every minute (except 
for those pesky snow days). In summer 
'09, Kathy (along with fellow FL teach- 
ers) took a group of students to Ireland 
and the UK for 2 wks. to explore their 
Roman and Celtic roots, and then stayed 
for a few extra days to visit Cardiff, 
Wales, and had a blast! She writes, "In 
Sept., Amy Waller '04 and I bought our 
1 st home. We're happy to be able to 
paint the walls!" 

I've seen several of our classmates 
recently: Mary Tassone Dunlevy for 
her baby shower, Rachel Roth Allred 
for her baby shower, and Stacey 
Armentrout Fallah for her son's 2nd 
birthday. I also took my 1 st trip to the 
West Coast, to visit my parents in their 
new home in Portland, OR, over the 
Christmas holidays." In the last edition of 
the notes, I incorrectly stated that Kim 
Martin and her horse were featured in 
Sidelines Magazine. The article actually 
was about Kim's good friend Megan 

Summer 2010 '61 

Beley Withrow '01 . 1 apologize for the 
mistake. I look forward to seeing Mar- 
garet "Brook" Tucker Buck Denise 
McDonald Gentry, Maria Thacker 

and Ashley Johnson McGee '03 in Apr. 
for a girl's weekend, where they'll cheer 
on myself and Kelly Monical while we 
run the Charlottesville Half Marathon. 
Brook and I hope 201 brings much 
happiness and great health to you all! 


Courtney Amort Silverthorn 
501 Palmtree Dr., No. 4 
Gaithersburg, MD 20878 

I hope everyone is enjoying the East 
Coast thaw after that crazy winter! I, 
Courtney Arnott Silverthorn, actually 
spent my last week of "work" at the NCI 
at home under 47 in. of snow (and paid, 
at least) before taking a new position 
as an Intellectual Property Specialist 
with SAIC-Frederick on 2/16/10. Before 
I left the NCI, I prepared a nomination 
package for the Federal Laboratory 
Consortium's Excellence in Technology 
Transfer Award on behalf of an NCI 
scientist, which won at both the regional 
and national levels! I will be traveling to 
Albuquerque, NM in 04/10 to attend the 
FLC's national meeting and awards cer- 
emony. Matt and I attended 2 VT games 
over the winter (1 football, 1 basketball) 
and are looking forward to a Caribbean 
cruise for Matt's 30th birthday in 10/10. 

Lindy Guill Cash and husband 
Jonathan announce the birth of their 1st 
son, Benjamin Jeffrey Cash on 2/17/10, 
weighing 9lbs 21 oz. They're all doing 
great and happy to have him home! 
Christine Nail announces that she and 
her husband had their 2nd son, Jaxson 
Daniel Beisker, on 2/03/10. 

Heather Cole Kraft and Kathryn 
Kraft are meeting up with Caroline 
"Cookie" Williams and her girlfriend 
for a week-long trip Honduras, Belize 
and Mexico! They are also expecting 
their 1st child in 08/10. 

Allison Albanis Strohmeyer 
married Dax Strohmeyer on 05/09/09 
at The Breakers in Palm Beach, FL. 
Blair Baigent served as maid of honor 
and Meg Foley, Carolyn Eney, Eliza 
Chenault Hamnett '02, Brianna Meighan 
de Hanna '05, and Megan Meighan 
'06 all flew in for the weekend. Allison 
also reports that Carolyn Eney is 
engaged to Matthew Miller, and they're 
getting married 5/10 in Seabrook Island, 

Angelique Milone got engaged to 
William Lee Dodson in Richmond, VA, on 
1 2/1 2/09. They are planning a 2/26/1 1 
wedding in Richmond, VA. Her maid of 
honor will be Katie Morse '01 , and her 
bridesmaids will be Rachel Allred '02, 

62 -Summer 2010 

Stacey Fallah '02, Mary Dunlevy '02, 
and Amanda Schwink 

Amanda Crighton Trefzger 

started a new position as the enrollment 
benefits director with EBC, Inc. in Cincin- 
nati, OH. She recently obtained her OH 
insurance license and graduated from 
Hondros Coll. She and husband Joe are 
enjoying married life and are planning a 
few trips for this summer to Chicago to 
visit with Anna Yankee; Virginia Beach 
to see Lana Davis Booth and husband, 
James; and to Canada. She keeps up 
with other SBC friends regularly through 
Facebook, including Courtney Finklea 
and Meghan Koury. 

Shirley Pinson Hendricks is 
rounding out her 4th yr. of teaching; she 
and her husband are doing fantastic, 
and they visited SBC (his 1st trip) in 
5/09 for Betsy's farewell dinner. He was 
impressed with the campus and said 
he could see how she fell in love with it! 
They hope to visit campus once more 
prior to their move north this summer! 

Julia Schmitz was accepted into 
SPIRE (Seeding Postdoctoral Innovators 
in Research and Education), a post- 
doctoral fellowship at UNC Chapel Hill 
that combines a research experience with 
a teaching experience. She spent 2/10 
interviewing at the partner institutions 
across NC and will soon find out where 
she'll be teaching for the spring '1 1 
semester. She recently went on a surprise 
trip to visit Katy Kummer in NYC. 

Nicole Crowder is loving her 2nd 
yr. of teaching at the U. of Mary Wash- 
ington. Her husband Mike finally got a 
job in VA working for the DoD, and they 
decided to buy their 1 st house. 

Lisa Renfrow moved back to CA 
from FL in 07/09. She'd been working at 
Peju Winery in the Napa Valley, but just 
accepted a position as the consumer 
direct sales and wine club manager at 
Mariposa Wine Company in Madera, CA, 
and is moving 3/1 0. 


Virginia Wood Susi 
7975 Dunstable Cir. 
Orlando, FL 32817 

Brienna McLaughlin Pruce is a free 
lance artist in Cambridge, England. She 
and her husband are traveling the world 
and loving Europe. She started an art 
store on her website: 

Ginny Wood Susi got married on 
2/6/10. Her bridesmaids were Erin 
Coleman and Jozanne Summerville 
In attendance at her wedding were 
Kirkland Wohlrab, Stephanie 
Gleason Peppier, Brenda Elze 
'99, and Emily Suchta. Ginny and 
husband Phill live in Orlando with their 
2 dogs. 

Meredith Shaw Hansen has 

been working at Wintergreen Resort 
since 8/09. Her son Carter (4) is grow- 
ing like a weed and has loved all the 
snow. Christina Chubb and Meredith 
met in Richmond for a girls lunch in 

Stacey Maddox is in her 1st yr. 
of medical school at WVSOM. She's 
enjoying the Problem Based Learning 
Program, which is a self-study, small- 
group program. She also enjoys living 
in Lewisburg, WV, and the great outdoor 
activities in the area. 

Sarah Barrett is happy to 
announce that she and Ivar Aass were 
married in a private ceremony on 
12/1 1/09 in NYC, where they reside. 
Sarah is retaining her maiden name. 

Andrea Staton Koplowitz mar- 
ried Dale Koplowitz in 5/09 in Crozet, 
VA. Katharina Fritzler '05 and Shelly 
Kellogg '02 attended. Andrea is still 
employed at UVA Medical Center in 
Charlottesville, VA, and works in the tox- 
icology laboratory. She volunteered as 
an arts calendar manager for Piedmont 
Council of the Arts in 7/08 and enjoyed 
providing art events in the community. 
She continues to work on art in what 
spare time she can find. 

Diana Marshall had surgery 
on 10/23/09 at UVA hospital to help 
her Crohns disease. She coded, and 
lost half her blood due to internal 
bleeding in recovery, and required 
an emergency trauma surgery. Many 
SBC alumnae helped her through that 
tough time, Breanne Leibering, Leah 
Philhower, Kathryn Davis '05, Andrea 
Hidalgo '01 , and Sarah Parson Breeden 
05. Courtney Pfaff Kimble took Dee 
in post-surgery and used her nurs- 
ing skills to help with proper recovery. 
Diana's boyfriend, Erick Clepper, gave 
her a promise ring for a pre-engage- 
ment soon after surgery. Additionally, 
during Diana's hospital stay, the 1st 
annual Brownie Science Try It Day, 
modeled after Prof. Jill Granger's event, 
occurred. The event was organized and 
planned with Girl Scouts Virginia Skyline 
Council and Northrop Grumman Sperry 
Marine, Charlottesville, Women Initiative 
for Networking and Success Group. 
Diana spent Thanksgiving with Sara 
Lopez Dawson '02. 

Kristin Trayer Barclay and hus- 
band Matt are still living just outside 
Charlotte, NC. Kristin is a church sec- 
retary and teaches piano lessons out 
of her home. In 2/10 Matt and Kristin 
adopted an Australian Shepherd mix 
puppy named Jack. Jamie Jensen '05, 
residing in Charlottesville, VA, visited 
Kristin in 3/10. The old roomies had a 
great time catching up and taking Jack 
on long walks! 

Sascha Rogers is working as 
a pediatric occupational therapist in 
Northern VA, She speaks with fellow 

SBC alumnae CM Burroughs, Karen 
Story Mckenzie, and Jozanne 

Summerville often. When she's not 
going to the movies and to dinner par- 
ties with friends, she's busy planning 
her next vacation abroad. 

Kirkland Wohlrab is the exec, 
assistant for the Sigma Nu Educational 
Foundation in Lexington, VA. She's get- 
ting ready to make the big move from 
Buena Vista to Lexington, a whopping 
6 mi., in Mar. She enjoyed seeing all 
of her classmates and meeting the 
Class of 1999 girls at Reunion last May. 
Kirkland talks with Stephanie Gleason 
Peppier almost everyday and the 2 
recently enjoyed a road trip to sunny FL 
for Ginny Wood Susi's wedding! 


Melinda Wolfrom 
105 State St., Apt. 1 
Newburyport, MA 01950 

Can you believe that our 5-yr. Reunion 
is just around the corner?! Neither can 
I! I hope you're all planning to attend 
(May 21st-23rd). I would like to say 
congratulations to all of you who have 
had recent additions to your families, 
and who have gotten engaged and/or 
married within these past couple mos. 
Hope you all are doing well! 

Liz Eager Marvel lives in 
Indianapolis, IN, with her husband. 
She loves her job as events coordina- 
tor at Coll. Park Church. Her husband 
is in medical school, and this fall he's 
going to Tsiko, Togo, in West Africa to 
work in a missionary hospital for a mo. 
Last Jun. Liz spent a wk. in Nicaragua 
with her family, a great trip. This past 
Sept., she was a bridesmaid in Karen 
Dennehy Godsey's wedding along 
with Lauren Wade Kerry Martin 
Spruill, Erin Gibbs, and Virginia Fowler 
'04. Also in attendance were Dana 
Ripperton Maggie Murray Kathryn 
Strong, and Julia Geyer. They'll be 
getting together again this summer for 
Maggie Murray's wedding in CA. She 
also went to Milwaukee to visit Casey 
Knapp Fleming last fall and had a 
great time. 

Mindy Wolfrom completed her 2nd 
master's in classics at Boston Coll. in 
May '09, and moved to Newburyport, 
MA, to begin her new adventure as 
an h. s. teacher! She's teaching Latin, 
Greek, and philosophy at Haverhill 
Public H. S. She had a very busy yet 
wonderful summer: travels with parents 
up to ME, with friends to the Cape, 
and with Sweet Briar alumnae Nell 
Champoux and Natalie Pye '07 to Eric 
Casey and Cathy Gutierrez's house for 
a visit of fromage, crepes, dachshund 
kisses, and Moccamaster coffee. 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

Mindy also visited Molly Mitchell in 

Minneapolis, MN, last Apr., where she 
presented her 1st academic paper at 
a classics regional conference. She's 
also enjoyed the recent emergence 
of the Sweet Briar Alumnae Club of 
Boston, where she has been able to see 
alumnae Denva Jackson and Michelle 
Badger '06 regularly! 

Diane Lotz Warren and Michael 
got married on 1 2/1 9'1 despite the 
blizzard that struck the D.C./VA area. 

Tamara Himelright Helton and 
Brian just bought a house in Palmyra, 
VA, outside of Charlottesville. They 
recently became proud parents of a 
little girl, Chloe Jane Helton who was 
born on 2/1/10. Tamara plans to return 
to work mid-Apr. at UVA Healthsouth 
Rehab Hosptial. 

Sheena Belcher Hubbard and 
Matthew are happy to announce the 
birth of their 1st child, Aubrey Hubbard, 
on 1/7/10. The family is doing well, and 
mom and dad are adjusting to the lack 
of sleep. 


Victoria Chappell Harvey 
PSC 76 Box 7851 
APO.AP 96319-0057 

Abby Adams bought her first home in 
Ellicott City, MD, this past Sept.! She's 
been doing a bunch of renovations 
and has been living in the house for 
a bit with her dog, 2 cats, roommate, 
and roommate's dog. She's still work- 
ing in the newborn nursery at Greater 
Baltimore Medical Center in Towson, 
MD, loves it! At Homecoming she saw 
some ladies and she has been staying 
in touch with Jenn Wiley, Lindsey 
Cline Joanna Meade, and Jodie 
Weber. Abby will be attending Jenn 
Wiley's wedding in Vegas in Jul.! Abby 
also tries to go riding whenever she 

Joelle Andrews is still living in 
Durham, NC, with her dog Lindy Lou. 
She loves to dance blues and lindy 
hop, and frequently travels around the 
country for events. Joelle is still work- 
ing in Duke U.'s development office, 
but not for long! In Sept., she's moving 
to Sevilla, Spain, to work as an English 
teaching assistant with a JYS sponsored 
program. Maybe when she is there 
Joelle will get to visit Jenny Jones 
Collins who is moving to Germany with 
her husband Tommy. But before the big 
move, Joelle can't wait to see Jenny 
Jones Collins Alexandra Blair. 
Jessica Mercier Andryshak and 
Charis Lease-Trevathan Chase at 
Nicole Bergeron s wedding! 

Michelle Clark Bowe and her 
husband Thomas made daughter Lillian 

a big sister with the birth of their 2nd 
daughter, Madeline "Maddie" Laurenza 
Bowe, on 1/20! 

Jenniter Jones Collins is finishing 
up her 4th year teaching 8th grade 
science in Clarksville, TN. However, 
this Jun., Jennifer will be moving to 
Heidelberg, Germany with her husband 
who is being stationed there with the 
Army! They're so excited to have the 
opportunity to explore Europe! Life is 
getting very hectic preparing for the 
move! Jennifer was lucky enough to 
be maid of honor in Jessica Mercier 
Andryshak's wedding in Aug.! It was 
a beautiful VT wedding and she got to 
catch up with Charis Lease-Trevathan 
Chase Nicole Bergeron and Alexan- 
dra Blair 

Leigh Darrell was sworn in to 
the MD Bar in Dec, and is enjoying 
her judicial clerkship on MD's Eastern 
Shore. She took trips to visit Laura 
Pierce in KY and Kate Dobie in NY 
during the 1st few months of 2010. 

Ivey Tabor Godfrey welcomed son 
Gabriel Martin on Mar. 5 and had a little 
bit of a bumpy road in the beginning as 
he spent his first 8 days in the newborn 
intensive care unit due to breathing dif- 
ficulties as he was 3 wks. premature. 
He's home now and growing stronger 
everyday and Caroline likes giving her 
little brother kisses. They're still living in 
Wake Forest and Ivey is a graphic art- 
ist and her husband, Ryan, works as a 
youth director at their church. 

Tori Hankins married Doug 
LaBrosse(HSC'06)on11/21 in 
Charlotte, NC. Several members of the 
Class of 2006 attended the celebra- 
tion, including Henslee Evans Olivia 
Ungerer Hollylane Riley Sara 
Coffey and Shanthi Ramesh 

Victoria Chappell Harvey is lov- 
ing life in Japan! Besides exploring 
she has kept very busy with volunteer- 
ing on base along with her job. She 
looks forward to future visitors as she 
definitely suggests anyone to visit this 
awesome country! This spring she's so 
excited to be going back to the U.S. for 
a short visit to see family and friends. 
While she's there, she'll have the 
honor of being a bridesmaid in Allison 
Martell's wedding along with Lea 
Pyne, Charlotte Speilman, and Becky 
Teachy '07. Kassie Caola '07 will also 
be in attendance. 

Charis Lease-Trevathan Chase 
graduated from Savannah State U. in 
May with a masters in social work. 

Sarah Liston is still working for 
an IT company in Columbus, OH, as a 
project coordinator. She'll be competing 
in her 1st triathlon in Jul. She became 
engaged to Jason Mitchell (RIT '06), an 
electrical engineer, on 3/6 and they're 
to be married in Mar. '12! She's so 

Jenny Lynn is living in Richmond, 

VA, and working at Henricus Historical 
Park in Chester, VA, where she's the 
Domestic Skills historical interpreter. 
Henricus is the 2nd settlement in colo- 
nial VA, founded in 1 61 1 , and the recre- 
ated park is starling to ready for the 
400th commemoration. Jenny regularly 
interprets the "Maids for Brides" sent 
over in 1621 , domestic servants, and 
Alice Proctor, one of the few women 
from a nearby plantation who defended 
her homestead during the 1622 
Massacre. (If you stop by Henricus this 
summer, you might get to watch Jenny 
give a musket demonstration with a 
reproduction 1 7th century matchlock 
musket!) Jenny is also performing 
regularly with the Crossroads Irish 
Dance Troupe in Richmond and, during 
her time off, has been attending 18th 
and 1 9th century reenactments up and 
down the East Coast. 

Lauren Martin is set to graduate 
with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy 
in May from the Medical Coll. of GA 
after 3 long challenging yrs. This past 
fall she was able to visit with Cara 
Cherry when she came to Atlanta to 
intern at the CDC. If all goes according 
to plan, they'll room together in Atlanta 
following both of their respective gradu- 
ations. She stays in touch with Kassie 
Caola 07, Tabitha Dixon Ward, Nicki 
Brandt, and various other SBC alumnae 
through the wonders of free long- 
distance and Facebook. If anyone is 
ever traveling through Atlanta, feel free 
to look her up! 

Stephanie Scherer McCallister 
has had a lot of entertainment since the 
Jan. addition of her second boarder col- 
lie, Max. This past Mar. also marked her 
first year as a home owner! 

Colleen Karaffa Murray is still 
at Sweet Briar enjoying the beautiful 
campus with her growing family. She 
and Brandon are expecting their 2nd 
child in Nov.! 


Emily Nicole Olson 
382 E. Scripps Rd. 
Lake Orion, Ml 48360 

Thanks to everyone who sent in notes! 
As usual, '07 is up to some amazing 

Danielle Dionne is in her 2nd yr. of 
teaching 1st grade at Countryside Elem. 
in Northern VA, loves it. She's also in the 
process of purchasing her 1st home. 

Megen Blaesing recently 
graduated from V.C.U. with a M.A. in 
Occupational Therapy. She's working as 
a pediatric OT in Lynchburg, VA, where 
she lives with her fiance, Chris and 
their pets, Socks and Sophie. They're 
planning for their Aug. wedding as well 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 

as building a house and a barn for her 3 
horses on 70 acres in Campbell Co. 

Morgan Roach continues to 
work at The Heritage Foundation as 
a research assistant on transatlantic 
relations, public diplomacy, Africa and 
Latin America. She's a member of 
American U.'s WeLEAD Program, a 
series of seminars dedicated to further- 
ing women's leadership in politics and 
government. She's also a member of the 
Young Professionals in Foreign Policy 
Discussion Group on Europe. This spring 
Morgan will be playing in D.C.'s tennis 
and soccer leagues. She continues to 
live in Washington, D.C. 

Danielle Briggs-Hansen works 
for Systems Planning and Analysis in 
finance, since 5/11/09. 

Carlina Muglia continues to live 
in Athens, GA, working at a law firm. 
She recently moved to a new place 
that is next door to Cole Shanholtz '06. 
"We still spend a lot of time with each 
other riding and playing with our dogs," 
she says. Carlina just finished taking a 
trapeze class, is doing dog rescue and 
Crossfit. This summer she'll be moving 
to Austin, TX, and will be visiting in early 
May. She writes, "I look forward to the 
move and networking with any SBC girls 
in the area." 

Natalie Pye is in her 2nd semester 
of law school at Washington Coll. of Law 
at A.U. in D.C, and just made the Mock 
Trial team. She writes, "School keeps me 
pretty busy, but I hope to make it back to 
SBC for homecoming in the fall!" 

Laura Schaefer is still loving OR 
and finishing up her AmeriCorps service 
term with the Beaverton School District, 
which ends in Aug. She writes, "We re- 
cently received funding to upgrade most 
of the lighting in our school gyms and 
cafeterias with more efficient fixtures; 
the retrofits will be complete before the 
end of Jun. and will be saving enough 
electricity each yr. to power 57 homes 
(700,000 kWh per yr, almost $70,000!) 
We've had such a successful yr., and 
I'm looking forward to learning more 
about energy efficiency and starting my 
career on the west coast. I had a short 
and snowy visit back to D.C. to celebrate 
the holidays with Margaret Loebe '06 
and Angelica Shea '06 before heading 
up to PA to see my family." 

Maggie Saylor Patrick started a 
new job working as the assistant dir. of 
the Annual Fund at Macalester Coll. in 
St. Paul, MN. She says, "I keep dream- 
ing of moving back to VA, but so far it 
just doesn't seem to be happening." 
Husband Martin will be finishing up his 
master's thesis in Apr., and they plan on 
staying put another yr. or 2 before mov- 
ing on. She writes, "I had the chance to 
visit with Rachel Reynolds when I was 
down for the Feb. board meeting, but I 
miss getting to see everyone regularly. 
Campus looks great every time I visit, 

Summer 2010 • 63 

and I'm so proud of the new Green Vil- 
lage and the FAC!" 

Sarah Kindschuh spent last 
summer and fall working in NM at the 
Valles Caldera National Preserve and 
recently spent the mo. of Jan. working 
with baboons in a National Park near 
Cape Town, South Africa, then spent 
Feb. touring around the area. She has 
lots of amazing pictures posted on 
Facebook. I wish I could remember more 
of the specifics, but as I write this she's 
moving back to NM to work in the same 
place again for the spring through fall 
and she has no cell phone reception. 
You'll just have to believe me that it was 
really cool. 

Heidi Trude continues to teach 
French at Skyline H.S. in Front Royal, VA. 
She was the head coach for the Aca- 
demic Team (quiz bowl) this winter. Heidi 
had a blast coaching the team and was 
so proud that they came in 3rd place 
in the district tournament. This summer 
Heidi will be taking a group of students 
from Skyline to Ireland, England, and 
France. Heidi had a fantastic time at 
Homecoming and President Parker's 
inauguration. She's planning on return- 
ing to SBC for graduation in May. 

Caitlin Ashley wrote in for herself 
and for Betty Skeen. She writes of Bet- 
ty, "She's been studying at the U. of MD 
since graduation and will be graduating 
with her MFA in dance this yr. Her thesis 
concert, entitled Geminuspace, was 
the 1 st weekend in Mar. and from what 
I hear was well received. In addition 
to being a phenomenal dancer, she's 
dating a wonderful guy, Hunter." Cat also 
says Betty may be looking at moving to 
NYC after graduating and says, "so any 
SBC alumnae in the NYC area make 
sure to let her know you're there! " 

As for herself, Caitlin is going on 
her 3rd yr. as an international trade 
representative with the WV Development 
Office. She says, "I assist WV business 
with exporting. I organize international 
trade missions or booths at international 
trade shows and give WV businesses 
the opportunity to sell their products 
overseas." Since starting there, she has 
participated in the Governor's 2007 Mis- 
sion to China and led 3 trade missions 
with WV businesses, 2 to China and 1 to 
Canada. This yr., she's leading missions 
to Australia and India. Also, she decided 
to go back to school, and is getting an 
EMBA from the U. of Charleston and will 
graduate this Dec. (hopefully, she says). 
She writes, "The business program has 
scheduled an International Practicum to 
Paris and Amsterdam for about 2 wks. 
this summer, so if there are any SBC 
girls in the area, let me know! I have 
an apartment in Charleston (would love 
SBC visitors) and am looking for a house 
since I'm not leaving my job anytime 
soon. My parents are nearby, so it's nice 
to have family around, although, l defi- 

64 • Summer 2010 

nitely miss my SBC family. I do talk to 
Betty Skeen and Rosanna Hawkins 
Winner regularly, and am planning trips 
to see them this spring/summer." 

Kim Wadelton is currently in grad. 
school at Georgia Tech for a dual M.A. in 
architecture and city and regional plan- 
ning. This summer she'll be in Bandung, 
Indonesia working at an urban planning 
firm. After that, she'll be going to Borneo 
to do some volunteer work helping to 
build a hospital which she and some 
other tech students have been designing 
for the past yr. She writes, "I'll be there 
to help them break ground and pour 
the foundations. It should be awesome. 
I'd like to stay there longer to continue 
overseeing the construction, but I'm 
waiting to see if I get funding, and I'll 
have to take a little time off school. But 
no rush to graduate, right?" 

Eleanor O'Connor is still in London 
working on her M.A. in Publishing at U. 
Coll. of London. She says, "I'm having 
lots of fun exploring the city and taking 
day trips away. I start my placement next 
mo. and am looking forward to attending 
the London Book Fair! If anyone is going 
to be in London this summer, let me 
know. I'd love to meet up!" 

Stephanie Norris is teaching 4th 
grade in Richmond, VA, and working on 
her M.Ed, in curriculum and instruction 
at the U. of Richmond which she will 
finish in 5/1 1 . 

Ferrell Lyles writes, "Things are 
well here in NC! Since my fiance, 
Andrew Smith (VMI '06), returned from 
Iraq in 1 1/09 we have been enjoying our 
house in NC with our cat Isobel and her 
arch-nemesis: our Czech/DDR German 
Shepherd puppy, Baron. I'm still working 
for Booz Allen Hamilton as a senior 
consultant. I started my M.A. degree 
in diplomacy with Norwich U. in 12/09 
and will graduate in 6/1 1 . In other 
news, by the time you read this, Andrew 
and I will be married! We're having a 
small wedding with close family that 
will take place on 5/30/10 overlooking 
Frenchman Bay in Bar Harbor, ME. Katie 
Vaughan '06 and Lynnsey Brown '07 
are bridesmaids. Also in attendance will 
be Andrew's sister Lydia Smith (who 
attended SBC in fall '07) and Andrew's 
cousin, Amanda Ankerman '00. After 
serious consideration of many options 
and the deliberation of a few, we finally 
decided to take our honeymoon in the 
British Virgin Islands! I hope that every- 
one is doing well! I miss you ladies!" 

Caitlin Cashin is halfway through 
her M.A. in music and cultural history 
at U. Coll. Cork in Ireland and having a 
wonderful time. 

Irene Maslanik will be graduating 
in May from Stetson U. Coll. of Law in 
Gulfport, FL. She writes, "In the last yr. 
of law school, I've had the opportunity to 
try several cases and it's been amazing 
experience. Upon graduation, I hope to 

work as a public defender in Clearwater, 
FL. Nothing too exciting — ask me in 
a couple a mos., and I should have 
passed the bar, gotten a job, and should 
be a real grown up! Keep your fingers 

Emily Fitzpatrick is in her 2nd yr. 
of coaching lacrosse at Oberlin Coll. She 
writes, "As the recruiting coordinator for 
the women's lacrosse program, I suc- 
cessfully recruited the largest incoming 
class in recent history of 1 2 student- 
athletes." She's planning on moving 
to MA for a grad. program in exercise 
science and sports physiology. She's 
waiting to hear back from Smith Coll., 
but was already accepted to Spring- 
field. She says, "I'm excited to move 
to western MA and looking forward to 
more coaching." 

Kelsey Jeffers is living in Falls 
Church, VA, and keeping busy. She 
writes, "I spend my mornings working as 
a laboratory technician for the Vitreous 
State Laboratory at Catholic U. of Amer- 
ica in D.C. Our research is in nuclear 
environmental protection through the 
vitrification of nuclear wastes. I spend 
my afternoons at the Madeira School 
in McLean, VA, as the assistant aquatic 
director where I coach swimming and 
teach lifeguarding to h. s. girls." 

Hollie Jennings Payne and 
husband Johnny are expecting their 
1 st baby, a daughter they plan to name 
KadenceFaye, in Jul.! 

Mary Petrie graduated from 
Shenandoah U. with her M.S. in Oc- 
cupational Therapy in 1 2/09. She was 
honored to be elected the class speaker 
for her wonderful occupational therapy 
class. As of 1/10, Mary is working for a 
small private outpatient rehab clinic in 
Lynchburg. Currently, she is performing 
contract services for this company in 
the Buckingham County School district. 
Mary loves her new career and is look- 
ing forward to trying many new things 
in 2010! 

Allison Shaw Camper is living 
in VA and teaching 9th grade earth 
science. She's working on her M.A. in 

Rosanna Hawkins Winner is 
working at a school for children who 
have autism and really enjoys the work. 
She says, "While it can be extremely 
taxing, it's rewarding in its own ways. 
She and husband Rob are busy fixing up 
their house, trying to get things finished. 
She says they have been successful in 
some areas, "Our basement no longer 

Kim Battad still lives in the Bay 
area, working as a music teacher at 
Noteworthy Music School, teaching 
keyboarding for children and adults. She 
misses SBC and her classmates and 
hope all is well with them! 

Jennifer Dick is enjoying her 1st yr. 
of graduate school at Eastern Mennonite 

U. where she plans to earn her M.A. in 
counseling. Studying keeps her busy, but 
she'd love to visit SBC to see all of the 
wonderful new changes! 

As for me, I continue to live in Ml 
with my wild and crazy family. In Oct., I 
started teaching musical theatre classes 
for kids at a dance studio and in Jan. I 
started working as the costume designer 
for the local h.s.'s spring production, 
Annie Get Your Gun, which will go up in 
Apr. I'm enjoying both jobs, and looking 
forward to new adventures this sum- 
mer. On the weekends I volunteer at a 
Family History Library and teach Sunday 
school to some rambunctious 7- and 
8-year-olds. In 8/09 1 was able to visit 
Kim Battad in San Jose, CA, which was 
a lot of fun. I didn't get to see Sarah 
Kindschuh in NM last yr. as I planned, 
but plans are in the works for the com- 
ing mos. I'd love to get to London to 
visit Eleanor O'Connor, but so far my 
funding will only allow floating across 
the Atlantic in a barrel and that doesn't 
seem like the wisest plan, I keep in 
touch with many SBC friends and I love 
being able to catch up with a lot more of 
you twice a yr. for class notes! I'm really 
hoping to make it to SBC for Homecom- 
ing this year, so hopefully I'll see all of 
you there! In the meantime, if anyone 
wants to visit Ml, let me know! 


Kathryn Mills 
4310 Bromley Ln. 
Richmond, VA 23221 


Julia McClung 
14957 Santa Lucia Dr. 
Charlotte, NC 28277 


Alaina McKee 
9653 Wexford Cr. 
Granite Bay, CA 95746 

Sweet Briar College Alumnae Magazine • 


Anne Walden Dewey Guerin '41 

Anne Walden Dewey Guerin '41 

SHEILA ALEXANDER, development grants officer 

Anne Walden Dewey Guerin, Class of 1941, loved 
her years at Sweet Briar, where she majored in 

When she passed away, her brother, John Peyton 
'Pete' Dewey, made a commitment to Sweet Briar 
in memory of those happy years his sister spent at 
the College and in honor of his mother, Anne Henry, 
who was a native Virginian raised in Rappahannock 

"My mother loved Virginia. She attended Mary 
Washington, but encouraged my sister, Anne, to 
attend Sweet Briar, which she did," Dewey said. "After my sister passed away I 
read an article in your alumnae magazine, and I thought that a gift to Sweet Briar 
would be a great way to honor both of them and make a lasting contribution. I 
know they would be pleased." 

Dewey created a bequest to the College, making him an Indiana Fletcher 
Williams Associate, a donor who makes a planned gift to Sweet Briar. He also 
gave a generous endowment gift to the Elisabeth Showalter Muhlenfeld Fund for 
Historic Preservation. This gift will help bring Sweet Briar closer to rebuilding 
historic Tusculum on the College campus. This beautiful home was the birthplace 
of Maria Crawford, mother of Indiana Fletcher Williams, who founded Sweet Briar 

When funds are available, Tusculum will be reconstructed near antebellum 
Sweet Briar House, home to College presidents and originally a sister plantation to 
Tusculum and Mount Saint Angelo, which is also a College property and currently 
home to the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. 

"It is important for friends of Sweet Briar to understand that we work to ensure 
that a donor's giving plan is satisfactory in every way to the donor's current and 
future needs," said Garry Buttner, director of major and planned gifts for Sweet 
Briar. "There are many creative ways to plan a gift that contributes to the future of 
the College while creating a legacy in memory of someone special." 


Ann Dewey Guerin at the site of a restored ruin on an American 
Indian reservation in Santa Fe, N. M., during her junior year at 
Sweet Briar. 

"My mother loved Virginia. She 
attended Mary Washing-ton, but 
encouraged my sister, Anne, 
to attend Sweet Briar, which 
she did. After my sister passed 
away I read an article in your 
alumnae magazine, and I 
thought that a gift to Sweet 
Briar would be a great way to 
honor both of them and make 
a lasting contribution. I know 
they would be pleased." 

— John Peyton 'Pete' Dewey 



Sweet Briar College 

Box 1056 

Sweet Briar, VA 24595 


Non-Profit Org. 
U.S. Postage 



Liz Kent 



February 26-March 7, 201 1 


Chianti & the Italian 

May 8-17, 2011 

A President's Trip: 
Discovering Eastern 

June 7-23, 2011 


October 18-31,2011 

For more information, contact 
Melissa Coffey '98, tour coordinator, 
at 800.381.6131 or 

Dates, destinations, prices and 
itineraries are subject to change.