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St. Joseph's College, New York 

'ege 1 


Winter 1989 

VOL. XXXIX, No. 1: Winter 1989 

Alumnagram is published twice a year by the Alumni 
Association of St. Joseph's College, 245 Clinton Avenue, 
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11205. Third Class Postage is paid to 
Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Editor: Mary Elizabeth McLoughlin Farrell '35 

Editorial Assistants: Kerry McConway '86 

Eleanor McLoughlin '31 
Joyce Hayes '88S 

College Phone Numbers: 
Switchboard: 718-636-6800 
Alumni Office: 718-636-6882 
Alumni Fund Secretary 718-636-6884 
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"In order that the college would have an everlasting 
memory of its Pioneer Class, as they were in 1916, we had 
our picture taken." FOOTPRINTS 1920 
See page 14 for The First Four Years. 


April 30, 1989 

St. Joseph's College complies with Title IX of the Education 
Amendments of 1972 and with the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, 
as amended, Section 504. Paper provided by The NYNEX Corporation 





The death of Sister Patricia McKenna on July 16th 
saddened all of us at St. Joseph's College for she had a 
radiant personality that touched us as she came through 
the halls, greeted us or stopped to chat. 

Sister Patricia was assistant professor of mathematics at 
St. Joseph's since 1978. She had attended the college for a 
year, 1949-50, but left to enter the novitiate of the Sisters of 
St. Joseph. 

Initially, Sister Pat taught at the primary level in Our 
Lady of Perpetual Help and St. Ambrose in Brooklyn and 
at Holy Family in Flushing. After earning a BS degree 
from St. John's University in 1962, Sister Patricia taught 
math in St. Francis Xavier Academy, Bishop Kearney, and 
the Academy of St. Joseph in Brentwood. During this time 
she studied for her master's in teaching science and 
received her MTS from The Catholic University of 
America in Washington, DC. She also received New York 
State Certification in School Administration and Super- 

In 1972 she was appointed principal of St. Pascal 
Baylon High School, St. Albans. From 1975-78, Sister 
Patricia served as personnel director for the Congregation 
of St. Joseph and was a delegate to the chapter from 
1985-1986. She was elected councillor of her congregation 
in 1986. 

Sr. Patricia was very popular with the students at St. 
Joseph's College. When she was on leave with a serious, 
near-fatal illness, the class of 1982 dedicated their 
Footprints to her, which read in part: ". . . this dedication 
wishes her well and hopes the halls of SJC will be a little 
brighter in the near future because of her twinkling Irish 

At the Mass of the Resurrection for Sister Pat held in 
Sacred Heart Chapel in Brentwood, Sr. Clara Santoro, 
CSJ, General Superior and a trustee of St. Joseph's 
College, delivered this brief reflection: 

"The Lord has seen me and to my surprise 
It gave my heart new life, my eyes new sight." 

We all have a need for those who can testify by their lives 
that it is possible to die and possible to rise again. Pat 
McKenna was one of those people! For in significant ways 
during the past years, she experienced resurrection - and 
her love for life was tied to the wonder of that new life and 
new sight. 

The three words on the card we received in Pat's 
memory are: Serenity, Courage, Wisdom. I would like to 

Sister Patricia McKenna 

use Pat's own words to reflect how her profound 
experiences of dying and rising shaped her spirit. 
SERENITY: "I am grateful for the miracle of grace and 
science that has been worked in my behalf and I thank each 
and all of you for the prayerful support you gave me. . . 
Glory to God whose power working in us can do infinitely 
more than we can ask or imagine." 
COURAGE: "Being faced with the realization of my own 
mortality and imprisoned by muscle failure has forced me 
to a simplicity of need and a deep sense of the un- 
complicated. This is confused only by the consciousness I 
have of the profound suffering of those I left behind in 
wheel chairs." 

WISDOM: "My experience was very hard, very painful, 
very broadening, and it leaves me very blessed, truly 
grateful and I hope a better human being." 
Pat McKenna. . . bright. . . vital. . . irreverently witty. . . 
dedicated. . . restless. . . tenacious. . . counselor. . . friend. . . 
May the blessing of our God be upon you 
We bless you in the name of our God 

The following week, Fr. Richard W. Ferris offered a 
Mass for Sr. Patricia McKenna, in the college chapel for 
faculty and students and friends. His homily was a stirring 

I am going to speak to you this morning in a way that I 
hope will be pleasing to Sister Pat. You know, therefore, 
that my remarks will be brief and to the point. If you have 
ever served on a committee with her, you know exactly 
what I am talking about. 

Death is a subject with which we all grapple. There are, 
to be sure, many reasons for this. One of them, however, 
has to be the finality of death. We have so many sayings in 
our language which in one way or another speak of 
tomorrow as being another day. If things do not go well 
today, there is always tomorrow. When we deal with 
death, we know that as far as this world is concerned, there 
is no tomorrow. We find that hard to take. 

The timing of death is another problem for us. It seems 
that it almost never comes at the right time. When a person 
dies very young, we say that he had his whole life ahead of 
him. When someone dies in middle age, as did Sr. Pat, we 
say that she was in her prime, in her most productive years. 
When an old person dies we say that we had her with us for 
so long that we find it hard to imagine what life will be 
like without her. The timing seldom seems right. 

continued on page 4 

Chemists Present Papers 

Maria Sobieraj '82 

Corinne Camper '79 

Each year the Metro Women Chemists, a subsection of 
the American Chemical Society, holds the "Jean Durana 
Mini-symposium" in memory of a young chemist whose 
scientific contributions were cut short by an untimely 
death. The meeting took place in the China Pavillion on 
Joralemon Street in Brooklyn Heights. 

On Monday, September 19, 1988, chemistry-major 
alumnae of St. Joseph's College presented papers at this 
meeting. Corinne Camper 79 presented "Opportunities 
for Chemists in the Pharmaceutical Industry," based on 
her experience at Pfizer, Inc. Maria Sobieraj '82 presented 
Ce+ 3 -> Re+ 3 Energy Transfer in Ba YF5", based on her 
graduate work in chemistry at Polytechinic University. 

Corinne Camper received a graduate teaching assistant- 
ship at the University of Connecticut and earned a 
master's degree in Analytical Chemistry in 1982. Since 
then she has been employed by Pfizer, Inc., Brooklyn, in 
various positions of increasing responsibility. Essentially 
Corinne designs the scientific approach to demonstrate 
that Pfizer's manufacturing processes comply with in- 
ternal specifications as they relate to federal regulations of 
the FDA. Corinne is presently Validation Manager. 

Maria Sobieraj, a summa cum laude graduate, accepted 
a teaching fellowship at Polytechnic Institute of New 
York in a doctoral program in Chemistry. She has just 
successfully defended her doctoral thesis and will receive 
her degree in 1989. Maria hopes to continue in post 
doctoral studies. 

Sr. Patricia McKenna, continued 

Sr. Pat McKenna was an extraordinary woman. In 
saying that I am not attempting to make her larger in 
death than she was in life. That would certainly not please 
her. When I call her extraordinary I do not necessarily 
mean that she did spectacular things. I mean that she did 
the ordinary things extraordinarily well. She was a very 
good Sister of Saint Joseph, serving her Congregation in 
many capacities. She was an excellent teacher, as many of 
her students have testified. She was a very good and loyal 
friend, as many of you know well. On whatever she did, Sr. 
Pat left the imprint of her own humanity and her down to 
earth style. That is what made her someone special. 

Recently I have gone back to read for the third or fourth 
time that magnificent little story, "The Little Prince." 
The author talks about the beauty of the stars and makes 
the following observation. If one looks at the heavens on a 
starry night, at first glance all of the stars look alike. 
If one observes more carefully, however, it becomes clear 
that there are many different types of stars and each of 
them has its own beauty. I think of the star that is Sr. Pat 
McKenna. At first glance, she seemed quite ordinary, not 
very different from the rest of us. If we studied her 
carefully, however, we became convinced that in the 
devoted attention she paid to the ordinary details of daily 
life, she stood out as an extraordinary woman. 

That star is no longer with us. She has moved on to 
another orbit, another galaxy and she shines now more 
brilliantly than ever, illumined as she is by the vision of 
God, the beautific vision. Her death is a sober reminder to 
all of us. The prayers at the graveside caution us that we 
are most certainly to follow her. The only way to a happy 
death is a good prayerful life, a life in union with God on a 
daily basis, a life in which we try to do the ordinary things 
as well as we can. 

We all know that eight years ago, Sr. Pat had a 
frightening brush with death. She recovered in a way that 
might be called miraculous. Shortly after her return, I met 
her one day as we were both leaving the library to go to the 
main building. We joked a bit and then the conversation 
turned serious. I asked her what differences she thought 
her experience would make in her life. She answered 
without hesitation, saying that she would have much less 
time foi nonsense and more time for the important things. 
As I look back over the last eight years, I am convinced that 
she kept her word. What intrigues me, however, is this: the 
important things for Sr. Pat McKenna were the ordinary 
affairs of everyday living. She truly did the ordinary things 
extraordinarily well and in this, we would all do well to 
imitate her. 




In a remarkable tribute to Dr. Ursula Gerty '40, upon 
her retirement as Professor of Social Service in Fordham 
University, more than 350 people gathered for a dinner at 
Fordham Lincoln Center, on June 10th. Faculty members, 
colleagues with whom she had worked in various social 
mia ice organizations, former students and friends met to 
celebrate the culmination of a successful career in social 
work and leaching. 

Professor Harold Robbins, of Fordham's Graduate 
School of Social Services welcomed the guests, and Prof. 
John T. McCarthy, SJ, of Fordham gave the invocation. A 
series of distinguished persons, with whom she had been 
associated rose to express their appreciation and admira- 
tion of Dr. Getty's work: Msgr. John Fagan, Executive 
Director of Little Flower Children's Services, Dr. Mary 
Ann Quaranta, Dean of Fordham Graduate School of 
Social Service and Rev. George J. McMahon, SJ, Vice 
President of Fordham University. The benediction was 
given by Professor Emeritus Nicholas J. Langenfeld of 

Two of those paying tribute were former students of Dr. 
Gerty - two auxiliary bishops of the Diocese of Brooklyn, 
who are charged with responding to the enormous and 
difficult social problems of the Brooklyn Diocese. Bishop 
Rene Valero, Director of the Migration and Refugee 
Office and Bishop Joseph M. Sullivan, Executive Director 
of Brooklyn Catholic Charities, crossed the bridge to 
honor their teacher. 

Ursula Gerty received her bachelor's degree in Social 
Science from St. Joseph's in 19-10. She began her career as a 
case worker for Angel Guardian Home in a work-study 
program, attending Fordham School of Social Studies, 
where she received a master's degree in 1944. 

To help in the war effort, in 1944, Ursula joined the 
Amei it an National Red Cross as a medical soc ial worker 
and was sent to a military hospital in Hawaii, then to 
Guam and Japan. While she was in Japan serving the U.S. 
occupation forces, the Korean war broke out and the 250 
bed hospital where she served was inadequate for the U.S. 
casualties arriving from Korea. Her responsibilities were 
itu leased as faci lilies were expanded to a 1 000 bed hospital 
to meet the increased demand. Ursula also served in the 
Canal Zone where she was supervisor over three hospitals, 
as well as doing case work in one of them. 

When Ursula returned to the U.S., a grant from the 
National Institute for Mental Health enabled her to 
embark on studies at Catholic University where she 

Dr. Ursula Gerty '40 

attended the Catholic School of Social Service full time for 
two years and received the degree of Doctor of Social 
Welfare (DSW) in 1955. She had returned to New York in 
1953 and, while she worked on her dissertation, was 
engaged as a Social Service Consultant for the New York 
Catholic Charities Child Welfare Department, continuing 
in this capacity until 1958. 

She began teaching at Fordham, and was appointed 
Associate Professor in 1958 and full Professor in 1969. At 
Fordham her basic fields were in guiding research in 
Child Welfare and in Social Work Values. She has also 
been a visiting professor at the School of Social Service 
Universidad Boliviana, Columbia, South America. 

Dr. Gerty is president of the Board of Little Flower 
Children's Services, which has recently atracted attention 
for its work with "boarder-babies." She has been a board 
member also of Mercy Home for Children, American Red 
Cross in Greater New York, the Brooklyn Diocese 
Ecumenical Commission and the Committee for UNICEF. 

Dr. Gerty is the author of: The Adaptive Behavior of 
Adolescent Children Whose Mothers are Schizophrenic, 
Washington D.C. Catholic University of America Press, 
and Sisters in Social Work, Catholic Charities Revue, as 
well as several unpublished studies. 

She has been honored with the Alumni Award of 
Fordham Graduate School of Social Service, and with the 
Fordham University Bene Merenti medal given to out- 
standing faculty members. Dr. Gerty was cited as showing 
"a generous spirit, an unstinting and conscientious 
dedication to all those whose lives she touches." 

In her retirement she still teaches a course at Fordham 
and plans to lake some onuses "for fun." She hopes to 
write up for publication someol her research projects. Her 
full life, she savs, "would not have happened had I not 
attended St. Joseph's. I am truly grateful foi those foul 

Eleanor McLoughlin 

Dr. Geraldine Keating Powell '60 

Geraldine Keating Powell attended St. Joseph's from 
1956 to 1959. She transferred, in her senior year, to Johns 
Hopkins University as one of three women among fifteen 
students selected for a special program leading to medical 
school. She obtained her BA in 1960 and her MD in 1964 
from Johns Hopkins. While studying there, she married 
Gerald F. Powell, a Pediatric resident, and continued at 
Johns Hopkins as an intern in the Department of 

Following her Pediatric residency at Duke University, 
Geraldine developed a strong interest in gastroenterology, 
at that time a fairly new and little known specialty. She 
obtained two one year post-doctoral research fellowships 
at Duke University and was an instructor in pediatrics 
there. In 1969 she accepted an assistant professorship at 
the University of Texas, Department of Pediatrics, Division 
of Gastroenterology, and in 1975 became an associate 

Many readers of Alumnagram will recognize that the 
area to which Dr. Powell has directed most of her medical 
career and research activities is an area of tremendous 
concern to mothers of infants and young children - 
feeding and digestion. The absorption of food by infants 
and the effects of food and chemicals on the system have 
been the subject of numerous studies whose results Dr. 
Powell and her colleagues have published in professional 
journals of Pediatrics and Gastroenterology. 

Dr. Powell has been active in professional and scientific 
societies and has been honored with responsibilities in 
directing them. In 1980 she was chairman of a joint session 
of several societies on Gastroenterology and Nutrition; in 
1979 she was coordinating chairman for Gastroenterology 
and Nutrition sessions of the Society for Pediatric Research. 
In May 1980 she was a speaker at a symposium on the 
Immunological Basis of Gastrointestinal Disease State, 
held by the North American Society for Pediatric Gastro- 
enterology. This society whose membership includes all 
Pediatric gastroenterologists from the United States and 
Canada, elected her President for 1981-82. 





Dr. Powell lives in Galveston, Texas - but does not stay 
there. She is frequently invited to give talks at professional 
meetings. Most recently she travelled to Marienhamm, 
Auland (an island in the Baltic between Stockholm and 
Helsinki) togivea talk to the joint meeting of the Swedish 
Pediatric Society and the Finnish Pediatric Society on the 
subject of "Gastrointestinal Food Allergy in Infants and 
Children." Then, after a brief stop at home, she went to 
Chicago to a meeting of the American Association for the 
Study of Liver Disease. 

When Geraldine goes "back to work", she is embroiled, 
she says, in the constant problems and negotiations of 
patient care in a teaching hospital. Not confined to the 
lecture platform and the lab, she gets down to real cases. 
She is involved both directly and indirectly in the care of 
patients in the Pediatric Gastrological Service of the Child 
Health Center of the University of Texas. She acts as 
consultant to the pediatric wards, the clinics, the neonatal 
nursery and family practice. 

Her lecture responsibilities include students in all years, 
residents in pediatrics and those in continuing medical 
education. She participates as a lecturer in the teaching 
faculty of other departments, lectures to the house staff, 
and, as a guest speaker, to physicians in practice, on 
Pediatric Gastroenterology. 

Dr. Powell takes pride in her investigation of the 
mechanics of food protein intolerance and is well known 
for her work on gastrointestinal food allergies. Her 
present research interest includes studies of food absorption 
in abnormalities such as neonatal jaundice, cystic fibrosis 
and enterocolitis. Geraldine's older son, Edward, just 
graduated from Trinity University in San Antonio; her 
younger son, Michael is a guitar major at Berklee College 
of Music in Boston. 

Eleanor McLoughlin 


As a student at St. Saviour's High School in Brooklyn, 
Emily Sabbagh enjoyed two favorite subjects, art and 
chemistry. She loved them both and thought she could 
make a career of either one - but which should she choose? 

On graduating from high school, Emily received a 
Medaille scholarship to St. Joseph's College and was 
admitted in 1976. She chose Chemistry as her major and 
cites Sr. St. Francis and Sr. Mary Maier as excellent 
professors. In 1980, she graduated Cum Laude and with 
Departmental Honors. Continuing her studies in City 
College of New York, she received a Master's degree in 
Biochemistry in 1982. While in the Master's program, 
Emily was first author of a paper published in the Journal 
of Biological Chemistry, June 1985, Alpha-Mercapto 
Probionic Acid - A Potent Inhibitor of Beta Oxidation in 
Rat Heart Mitochondria. 

Emily's real interest, however, had turned from labora- 
tory research to the health professions. In dentistry she felt 
she could combine her scientific knowledge and expertise 
with her artist's feeling for form and shape, as well as her 
sympathy for patients as persons. She was accepted into 
the Columbia University School of Dental and Oral 
Surgery, and there developed a strong attraction to the 
sub-specialty of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. 

In her second and third year Emily felt the need to 
supplement classroom theory and laboratory practice by 
coming in contact with real cases. Using her Christmas 
and Easter vacations, her summer and weekends, she spent 
a total of six months in externship. One six-week term was 
at Harlem Hospital as an extern learning Oral and 
Maxillofacial surgery; another at the University of 
California in Los Angeles in the Department of Oral and 
Maxillofacial Surgery. She spent seven weeks at the Royal 
Infirmary in Edinburgh, Scotland, in Oral and Maxillo- 
facial Surgery. At the Columbia University Department of 

Emily Sabbagh, DDS '8 

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, she assisted in reconstruc- 
tive surgery and in other oral and maxillofacial procedures 
for about six weeks. 

Emily received her degree in Doctor of Dental Surgery 
from Columbia in May 1987, graduating with awards 
from The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial 
Surgeons, and the Academy of Oral Medicine for out- 
standing achievement. As she dealt with applications for 
residency training she was able, when interviewed, to 
speak from her actual experience during the externships. 
Dr. Sabbagh is now in a combined M.D. and Oral and 
Maxillofacial Surgery Residency Training Program at the 
University of Pennsylvania. She will receive her medical 
degree in 1990 - in two years rather than four because she 
was given credit for two years in Columbfa. In 1993, she 
will be a Certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. 

During her two years in medical school, Emily will 
study all other phases of medicine for her medical degree. 
At present, she is in the Alleghany General Hospital in 
Pittsburgh for three months doing Obstetrics and Gyne- 
cology. She finds that Pittsburgh is a clean and pleasing 
city, situated as it is on the confluence of three rivers. 

Dr. Sabbagh recently purchased a rowhouse in the 
Manayunk section of Philadelphia. She loves New York, 
however, and hopes eventually to return. Her mother still 
lives in Brooklyn, in the Bay Ridge section. Her brother, 
John A., who received his degree from St. John's Law 
School in 1988, and his wife also live in Brooklyn. 

Getting Together in Connecticut 

In March of 1988, Eleanore Kennedy '35, who moved to 
Heritage Village, Connecticut, became aware that four 
other graduates of St. Joseph's, Ann Jones Gordon '36, 
Kathleen Holland Janson '36, Dorothea O'Neill Schmidt 
'36, and Jean O'Reilly Stone '38, also lived in the village. 

Eleanore arranged a luncheon at a local restaurant. 
They met again in June, September and November and 
plan to "keep this going." Since their first meeting other 
SJC Connecticut Yankees joined them for one or more of 
the luncheons: Tina Carbonara '40 of Brookfield, Madeline 

Kendall Friel '32 of Newton, Sister Marie Louise Hubert 
'36 of New Haven, Isabelle Hession Lonegan '37 of 
Woodbury, Kathleen Mulrooney McDermott '30 of 
Bethlehem, Muriel McMahon Mulvey '36 of Woodbury 
and Virginia Beatty Trum '36, from Ramsey, New Jersey. 
They take turns at making the arrangements and love 
every minute of it -"the conversation is non-stop!" Other 
SCJgradsin the area who would like to join the group can 
get in touch with Eleanore at 4470 Heritage Village, 
Southbury 06488. 


At an early age Schery Mai kee-Sullivan could draw. She 
loved her school art classes and even then her focus was to 
develop her talent. After graduation from St. Joseph's 
College in 1972, Schery enrolled in the Creative Arts 
Master's Program at New York University where she 
studied painting with Robert Kaupelis. 

A strong inclination toward the physical expression of 
energy also directed her to study dance with June Lewis, 
the gifted choreographer, dancer and teacher. Schery was 
asked to join the company in 1980 and was invited to teach 
with the company in 1984. She is constantly inspired in 
dance and believes art and dance are intrinsically connected. 
The search of kinetics, sensuality and infinite dimension 
of color, coupled with the demand of changing shape, 
space, weight and form is the springboard of her work. 

Schery Markee-Sullivan's paintings have been shown in 
galleries at Hundred Acre Wood and the Henry Hicks 
Gallery, both in Brooklyn Heights, at the Polizzi Gallery 
in Bay Ridge and Scribbles in Park Slope. She has had 
shows in the Amityville Gallery and Gallery South in 
Wantagh and the Jed Gallery at Penn Plaza. In Wantagh 
Public Library she has had two one-woman shows and has 
participated in numerous group shows including the 
Preservation Grounds at Emeric and The Seventh Avenue 
Show in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Currently, her paintings 
may be seen in the Avant Polizzi Gallery in Greenwich 
Village, the Owl 57 Gallery in Woodmere and in Garden 
City Galleries, Ltd., where a very good selection of floral 
paintings can be found. A painting from her American 
Landscape series was recently accepted in the 1986 Juried 
Show of The Fine Arts Museum of Long Island. 

Schery 's hand painted greeting cards have been carried 
all over New York City and nationally by such well known 
firms as Bergdorf Goodman, Hallmark, Greetings, Harris 
Graphics, and Star Magic. 

Since 1975, Schery has explored various mediums 
including oils, acrylics, collage, pen and ink, pastel, 
pencil and watercolors, as can be seen through her 
"Mother and Child" theme. Her "Man/Woman" series 
was begun in 1983 and continues to develop. She is now 
working on her "Yellow Eyes" series which includes 
"Lifeline" and "Kites of Blood." 

Schery has an intense energy drive. She strives to remain 
faithful to her own instinct for color, and constantly to 
explore the open ended environment to which every sense, 
sensation and sensibility can lead her. 

Schery Markee of the Class of '72 married James 
Sullivan, a graduate of St. Francis College, in 1973. Their 
first son was born in 1985. They were blessed with Adam 
in 1987 but lost him two days after he was born, to 
hypoplastic left heart syndrome. They are looking forward 
to the birth of their third child shortly. 

Schery Markee -Sullivan '72 

c^ oOooj e«J?oori'«n»Or o » 





With Aspira 

Cruz Sanchez Reyez '84GS 

When Cruz Sanchez Reyez started a full-time job with 
the General Studies Division at St. Joseph's College in 
1980, she also started studies in the General Studies 
Community Health Program, attending classes after work 
and on Saturdays. It took a long time, but a dream came 
true when, on June 7, 1984, she stepped forward to receive 
her bachelor of science degree in Community Health and a 
Certificate of Child Care Services. 

Cruz' first job was with St. Joseph's Children's Services, 
as a social worker in a group home in Williamsburg. In 
1985, she went to work for Aspira, an Hispanic group that 
she very much admired, as an educational counselor. In a 
year and a half, she was promoted to Director of the Youth 
Leadership Development Program. She is in charge of 21 
youth clubs in New York City. 

A non-profit organization, Aspira aims to motivate 
Hispanic youth, to help them to improve their self-esteem, 

to develop leadership, and to urge them to continue their 
education into college. Aspira has three Drop-Out 
Programs in the city that work to help children overcome 
their apathy and indifference towards schooling. They 
graphically explain the need of an education and provide 
support and encouragement as needed. Children learn 
about their cultural heritage and background and take 
pride in it. They participate in group activities and receive 
individual counseling. Counselors work with high school 
students and their parents. If necessary they go to the home 
and talk with the entire family. Parents come to a better 
understanding of their children's potential. The child 
begins to move upward. 

Aspira groups meet after school and on Saturdays and 
Sundays. They have cultural events such as music, 
dancing, plays, special festivals, games and sports. They 
take trips to museums and libraries and the seniors and 
juniors visit colleges. 

Children are helped to develop study skills, improve 
their marks and do well enough in school to apply for 
college admissions. Aspira helps them with these appli- 
cations and will even assist in tuition payments. As they 
work with the students, social workers tell them that they 
are held accountable for their own and each other's 
behavior. They are taught responsibility for their 
community and they serve the elderly in nursing homes, 
the homebound, children's groups etc. 

Cruz Reyez loves her job and is so involved in it that she 
has little time for anything else. However she managed to 
continue her studies after graduation from St. Joseph's. 
Although working full time, Cruz earned a master's 
degree in Public Administration with a concentration in 
Human Resources from Long Island University in June 

New Executive Board 

Betty Anne McDonough 

Bettyanne McDonough '59 was elected president of the 
Alumni Association and Mary Devlin '66 vice-president, 
for two years, 1988-90. Roberta Nelson '52 continues to 
serve as treasurer and Clare E. Collins '69 as secretary. The 
twelve members-at-large who will serve with them are: 
Margaret Cooney Darraugh '57, Roseann Henry DiBella 
'82S, Regina Fitzgerald '85S, BernadetteCassidy Fitzpatrick 
'48. Doris Price Johnson '42, Kerry McConway '86, 
Barbara Mrozik '82, Dianne Piwinski "74, Veronica Reehil 
'86S, Cruz Sanchez Reyez '84GS and Joan Sullivan '87. 
Yvonne Graham '83GS who was also elected has just 
resigned due to the requirements of her position. 

Bettyanne is Assistant Principal of Pupil Personnel 
Services in Sheepshead Bay High School. Prior to this she 
was an Assistant Principal at Franklin K. Lane High 
School, an administrator in one of the Alternative 
Programs of the Board of Education Off-Site Education 
Services. She served as interim acting Principal of 
Westinghouse Vocational/Technical High School. 

Active in community service, Bettyanne is Treasurer of 
Catholic Teachers Association and is a member of their 
Executive Board. She is a member of the Irish-American 
Teachers Association and past officer of the Emerald 
Society of the Board of Education. She has also served as 
president of the Association of Assistant Principals 
Administration of New York City High Schools. Bettyanne 
has been a member of the Advisory Committee to the 
president of the Council of Supervisors and Administrators 
(CSA); she was a member of CSA Executive Board and is 
now co-chairman of American-Irish Heritage Committee 
of the Board of Education. 

We wish to thank our outgoing president, Helen 
Fennelly Reilly '42 for her dedicated service over the past 
two years. During her term, the Suffolk Chapter was 
established again and will serve the growing number of 
alumni in that area. Helen will remain on the Executive 
Board as Past President and Chairman of the Alumni 
Scholarship Committee. 


Suffolk Chapter Renewed 

President ha Sheehan, I 'ice President Veronica Reelul, Secretary Rosanne Henry DiBella and Treasurer Toby Wiles 

The Suffolk Chapter of St. Joseph's has recently been 
reorganized and Iva Sheehan of Bayport will serve as 
President. Iva received her BS in Human Relations in 
1981. She also holds certificates in Gerontology and 
Community Sen ices. Iva is an assistant teacher working 
with disabled children, for BOCES. One of Iva's five 
children, Donald, graduated from St. Joseph's in 1985 and 
another, James, is currently attending the college. 

Veronica Reehil will fill the Vice-President position. A 
graduate of the class of 1986, she holds a BA in Human 
Relations and works as a Personal Adjustment Trainer 
Teacher for the Association for the Help of Retarded 
Children, Inc. 

Acting as Treasurer is Toby Wiles, a graduate of 1986, 
with a BS degree in Human Relations and certificates in 

Gerontology, Management and Leadership and Human 
Management. Toby lives in Miller Place with her husband, 
Harold, and two sons. 

Secretary of the reactivated chapter is Rosanne Henry 
DiBella '82S who holds a BS in Recreation and a Mastei \ 
degree in Mathematics Education. She teaches fourth 
grade at Chestnut Hills Elementary School in the Half 
Hollow Hills School District. Roseann had worked for 
several years in the Admissions Department of St. Joseph's 
Brooklyn Campus. 

"The Suffolk Chapter is growing and we are looking 
forward to a very active and fun-filled year. I hope that 
many people will join us and help make this a very 
successful group," Iva Sheehan says. 

Spend Easter ■ 1989 In 


TEN DAYS — Departing on Holy Thursday, March 23rd 





Round Trip air ticket - JFK to Lisbon via TAP Air 

Portugal wide body jets 

First Class all with private bath - tax and baggage 

handling paid 

Bi-Lingual guide joins us at Lisbon until departure 

Private motorcoach, air conditioned with private 

facilities on board. Group size limited to number of 

seats on standard bus. 

Breakfast and dinners daily plus two lunches on 

Monday and Friday. Tips and Taxes included 

for meals. 

Paid for all places of visit that have an 

admission charge 

As in past years we can assist to find compatible 

roommate if you are alone. 

Passport fees (no visa needed/no vaccination) room 

service, phone alls, laundry, meals other than 

those indicated 

DEPOSIT $100 per person. FINAL PAYMENT February 28. 1989 

CANCELLATIONS Your deposit is fully refundable at any time prior to 

final payment, should you need to cancel. 
RESPONSIBILITY St Joseph's College, New York, is not officially 

sponsoring this trip or any aspect of it and disclaims 
all liability in connection with this trip. Chosen 
Ventures Inc. disclamations can be had upon 
application for the trip 




WRITE: Sister Joan Ryan, CSJ, St. Joseph's College 
155 Roe Boulevard, Patchogue. NY 11772 

Workshop dates will be announced for meetings ol the tour group at the 
Brooklyn & Patchogue Campuses. Phone: (516) 654-3200 



Rita Paolucci Vassallo V 

"I've done everything I've wanted to do, including 
selling real estate, doing family therapy and getting a 
Chemical Awareness Specialist degree. For years I sang 
and danced every major role in musical comedies," writes 
Rita Paolucci Vassallo from her home in Minneapolis to 
class agent, Ann Clancy. 

"Just want you to know," she continues, "I have always 
read the Alumnagram everywhere we lived - seven moves 
so far - and really appreciated your work. It's very snowy 
today so I take this time to say how wonderful it is to read 
how all are doing. Helen Connell '50, Dot Maguire Green 
and Pat Dennen Dunne '52 and I visit whenever I return to 
the East and that's fun!" 

"Mostly I have my health, my loving family (now that 
parents and kids have all grown up) nearby and four 
beautiful grandchildren with one on the way. . . It's been 
fun, with some scary parenting years (60's '70's) but, 
looking back, I grew more from those years and pain and 

things go well now. We're a unique breed and we've 
survived. God is Good." 

The Vassallo family moved back to Minneapolis in 1973 
so that Rita could play her role at Chanhassen Dinner 
Theater. She has been a professional TV and stage actress 
since 1973 and also does radio and TV commercials, 
industrial films, modeling and stagework - mostly in 
musical comedy - Garrison Keillor show etc. . . Rita has 
played Rose in "Gypsy", Mother Abbess in "The Sound of 
Music", Goldie in "Fiddler on the Roof", and Dolly, in 
"Hello Dolly", to name a few of her roles. Among the 
many TV commercials, you may have seen her on 3M - 
Copier, General Mills, Mr. Donut (National) and 
Montgomery Ward. She has been in Industrial Slide Films 
for General Motors, Canada, Royal Bank of Canada, 
Control Data, General Mills and many more. 

Rita's husband, Vincent, to whom she has been married 
for 36 years, retired from his position as a store manager of 
a drug chain and is now a chef and caterer in Minneapolis. 
Loves it! He cooks and shops for the family, too! All seven 
children live in Minneapolis. Vin, Jr. is married, has a 
daughter Kate, 8 years old, and another on the way. 
Rosemarie married a Minneapolis policeman. Their son, 
Michael is 9. Robert has two girls, Kristin, 5 and Jamie 2. 
Joan has been workng in Control Data ten years. Richard 
is a roofer in Rob's company. Mary is a secretary and is at 
Control Data on weekends. Rita's youngest, Patricia, is a 
Counseling Clinical Secretary. In January, Patti will 
work and attend the University of Maryland where she 
will live with Rita's brother, a doctor. 

The Vassallos have travelled up north, out west and to 
Long Island where they visit Vin's brother in North 
Babylon, and to Maryland where they visit Rita's brother, 
who has twelve children. Rita moves to Los Angeles, 
California, in January toact.and Vin will follow later on. 
"Look for me on the tube!!" 

Formal Installation 

On December 15, 1988, Adele Vocel '65 was formally 
installed as Principal of Franklin Delano Roosevelt High 
School in Brooklyn. In her address that evening Adele 
recalled memories of those who helped her along the way. 
She recalled Phyllis Capotosto Johnson '55 who introduced 
her to St. Joseph's College and Sister John Baptist for 
being "such a good teacher." She remembered Sister John 
Raymond, who provided budding teachers with the skills 
to meet their responsibilities in a loving and caring way. 
"You must be doing something right," she said, "because 
last year, of the 18 women high school principals in New 
York City, 5 of them were your students." She cited Eileen 
Guerra Petruzillo, her teacher and mentor, and Sister 
Mary Beatrice who not only taught anatomy, genetics, 
physiology and all the other - ologies but taught the 
beauty of life and our responsibility to enrich the lives of 

At St. Joseph's College, Adele majored in mathematics 
and took biology as a minor. After graduation, she taught 
both math and biology as well as general science at Bryant 
High School. At the same time, she studied at New York 
University and received a master's degree in Science 
Education in 1972 and is now nearing completion of her 
doctorate in Education Administration. Adele served as 
Assistant Principal in Bryant High School and in 1986 


Adele Vocel '59 

became Assistant Principal of Thomas Jefferson High. In 
1987, she was made Principal of Franklin D. Roosevelt 
High School. 

Believing that the success of a principal is measured by 
the degree to which all members of the school work 
together, Adele encourages students and faculty to make 
suggestions. The way to get things done is to involve 
people in the decision-making process, she says. 

Praising former FDR principal, Alan Irgang, Adele 
Vocel adds that her goal is to continue the family 
atmosphere that Mr. Irgang established and continue 
integration of extra-curricular activities with the academic 
life of the school. 

Barges & Chinese Antiq ues Area Director 

Vera Tuozzo Esposito '77S 

Nine years ago, Vera Tuozzo Esposito assumed 
responsibility and management of the family owned 
business, Tony's Barge Service, in Holbrook, New York. 
Tony's Barge Service picks up and transports garbage to 
and from Fire Island Pines, Cherry Grove, Seaview Ocean 
Bay Park, Fair Harbor and various other communities on 
Fire Island. Tony's also carries trucks such as cement, 
backhoes, telephone and lighting company heavy equip- 
ment and trucks, servicing all of Fire Island. All this has 
developed her good rapport with hundreds of customers 
and suppliers. 

In 1987, Vera created another business and opened a 
warehouse outlet of imported Chinese porcelains. Before 
opening United Phoenix Warehouse Outlet, Vera studied 
Chinese History and Art, particularly noting the works of 
art and designs of the various dynasties. She went to the 
Chinese Trade Commission to review the best sources of 
Chinese merchandise, such as silk carpets, artwork, porce- 
lains, cloisonne, furniture, silk embroideries, etc. that she 
wished to purchase. 

When visiting United Phoenix, not only can you 
purchase the item you choose, but can learn about the 
history and making of the objects of art. 

Vera Esposito completed her studies - after a nine year 
journey - and earned a bachelor's degree in Human 
Relations from St. Joseph's College, in 1977. She also 
acquired life-experience credits from St. Joe's during her 
study years. 

Vera and her husband, Neil, live in Bayport. Neil's 
accounting firm, Joseph Zak 2c Company is in Patchogue. 
He is also Vice President of Brookhaven Memorial 
Hospital. They have three children, Tom. Tina and Tara 
Fries and one granddaughter, Alexandra. 

Lori Locurto Tolento '81 SGS 

"Give 100% plus" is the way Lori Tolento lives her life 
in all areas. Lori moved to Suffolk County in 1975 as a 
young mother and wife with a commitment to her family 
but also with a realization of the need to fulfill her desire 
for further study. While working part time as a nurse, Lori 
attended St. Joseph's College and graduated in 1981 with 
senior honors and with the distinguished graduate award. 
Skillfully balancing all of the different facets of her life, 
Lori had managed to accomplish earning a Bachelor's 
Degree with the love and respect of her family and friends. 

Lori loves academia, so naturally she applied to graduate 
school at C.W. Post and graduated in two years while 
working full time. She earned a Master's in Public 
Administration with a major in Health Care Administra- 
tion and a minor in Gerontology. While in graduate 
school, Lori became an honorary member of Pi Alpha, the 
national honor society for Public Affairs & Administration. 
In order to be a member, you have to be above the Dean's 
list and be recommended by a faculty member. 

Lori's vitality and energy led her along an upward path 
in her career. She had been the Director of Nursing for 
eight years and is currently the Area Director for Suffolk, 
Nassau, Queens and Westchester for Medical Personnel 
Pool, an international home nursing and staffing sen ices 
company. Lori is on the move constantly to supervise the 
offices under her management. The total operation - 
administrative, sales, personnel and financial - is under 
her direction. 

Simultaneously working full time in her career, Lori is 
dedicated to International Coma Recovery Institute, 
teaches a Health Administration course at St. Joseph's 
College, Suffolk Campus, and has a full family life. Lori is 
certified by the American Nursing Association in Geron- 
tology, as a Gerontological nurse. Her biography, 
published by American Nursing, is included in the 
"National Distinguished Service Registry in Nursing." 
This incorporates the national registry of certified nurses 
in advanced practice 1988. 

On a personal note, Lori has a very supportive family: 
her husband, John, her 20 year old daughter. Christine, .i 
junior at Gettysburg University, and her 16 yeai old 
daughter, Dana Lynn, a sophomore in Centerreach High 
School. For fun and relaxation, Lori like to go to fine 
restaurants, listen to music, and dance. Anyone interested 
in reaching Lori can call (516) 689-8920 

Joyce Haves '88S 


New Horizons Campaign 

Response of Alumni 

The Alumni Association responded immediately to St. 
Joseph's College New Horizons Campaign by pledging to 
raise $1,000,00. Individual pledges already received 
indicate the enthusiasm of the alumni ae and their pride 
in St. Joseph's as it continues to meet the needs of an 
increasing enrollment amid the changes of an ever- 
evolving society. 

St. Joseph's College has spanned the years from before 
World War I to the space age. It has grown from an 
intimate group of twelve young women and has expanded 
from a purely academic curriculum to a wide variety of 

The First Four Years 

On October 2, 1916, a time when few women had the 
opportunity to go to college, twelve young pioneers began 
studies at 286 Washington Avenue in Brooklyn. The 
president of the college, Rev. Thomas E. Molloy, and 
faculty challenged these students to academic excellence, 
independent thinking and integrity of action. Though 
awed by the gravity of their responsibility, this small class 
realized the unique privilege of establishing college 
precedents. Before the end of the first two semesters the 
"twelve apostles" as Father Molloy called them, had 
managed to set a lofty precedent in scholarship and had 
established an Undergraduate Association, a Literary 
Society and Le Cercle Moliere, organized by the French 

On registration day the following September, fifteen 
new students came, a pledge of future prosperity. Early in 
November a Dramatic Society was formed which, in 
December, presented two humorous sketches at Queen of 
All Saints Auditorium. A College Orchestra consisting of 
four violins, four mandolins, three banjos and a piano 
accompanist made rapid strides. With a smaller Glee 
Club, they played and sang at lectures, assemblies and 
Literary teas. April 1917 marked the entrance of the 
United States into World War I. All twenty-seven students 
immediately joined the Red Cross. They also undertook to 
raise money to purchase Liberty Bonds in the name of the 

These energetic sophomores and freshmen were loo 
much for the little grey building on Washington Avenue. 
Thanks to the generosity of the people of Brooklyn and to 
some special friends of the college, St. Joseph's opened in 
the fall of 1918 in the 245 building on Clinton Avenue. 
The faculty increased to twenty members. Now Juniors, 
the twelve welcomed eleven new students as their Freshmen 
sisters. Junior year studies required more earnest applica- 
tion than ever, yet the students continued fund-raising 
events to raise money for the United War Drive. 

With the incoming class of 1919, enrollment reached 
sixty-two. Two new members joined the twelve in senior 
year, Mae Moore, who travelled from the Bronx every day, 
and Amalia Simonetti, from East New York. The Seniors 
started work on their year book which they called Foot- 
prints - a book of 92 pages filled with memories of their 
forty years, with many photographs and sketches. It was 
early in 1920 that St. Joseph's College Basketball team 
finally played other college teams; Adelphi, Manhattan- 
ville and Mt. St. Mary's. They won the third game. 

To express in more than words, their appreciation for 
the efforts made in their behalf, the class of 1920 gave a 

dinner for the college president, Rt. Reverend Bishop 
Charles E. McDonnell, and all the faculty. At last came 
graduation day for the class of 1920 and they left St. 
Joseph's with the "wonderful feeling of a task well done." 

Steady Growth 

Throughout the twenties there was a steady growth in 
enrollment and an increase in faculty. By 1930 the Alumni 
Association had 360 members and the enrollment at the 
college was 246. In the early thirties, Father William T. 
Dillon, dean of the college, called for a program to study 
child development and envisioned a laboratory pre-school 
setting to provide actual experiences for students of Child 
Study. Sr. Margaret Louise Shea implemented this program 
and led St. Joseph's to preeminence in the field of Child 
Study education. 

Need for Expansion 

The need to expand the Brooklyn campus became 
evident to the next college president, Sr. Vincent Therese 
Tuohy, who launched St. Joseph's first capital funds 
campaign in 1963. How many of you alumnae lived 
through the construction of McEntegart Hall, which 
opened in February 1965? Will you ever forget the size of 
the boulders that were unearthed? Called on to help 
finance this project, alumnae gave overwhelming support. 

Soon afterwards, construction began for a modern 
educational facility for the Child Study Program. The 
Dillon Child Study Center, a two-story building, was 
opened in 1968. Again, alumni support was generous. 

A Period of Turbulence 

The presidency of Sr. George Aquin O'Connor began in 
1 969 and was marked by a period of turbulence and radical 
changes. It was a critical period for higher education. 
Nevertheless Sister George, enlisting the help of the Board 
of Trustees, faculty, administrators and business com- 
munity, expanded our "small but wiry" (to use her words) 
college's mission of excellence and service in a number of 

- The charter was changed to make the college co- 

- The Suffolk campus was established in Brentwood. 

- A Division of General Studies was created to meet the 
needs of adults of diverse backgrounds. 

- Sister Virginia Therese Callahan was appointed as Vice 
President with a mandate to develop the Suffolk Campus. 

- The Suffolk Campus was relocated to a 27 acre site on 
Great Patchogue Lake. 

- Programs in business and health care were implemented 
to provide contemporary career preparations. 

This brings us up to date on the growth of our college. 
Throughout its history, St. Joseph's College has main- 
tained its core requirements, exposing each student to a 
diverse academic program so that with some understanding 
of all major areas of knowledge, he/she will be able to 
make an informed career choice. 

In its eary years the phenomenal progress of St. Joseph's 
College came about without heavy contributions from 
wealthy patrons, foundations or corporations, but rather 
from the contributed services of a dedicated faculty, 
religious and lay, and a small but enthusiastic student 
body and loyal alumni/ae. With the continuing generous 
alumni/ae support, the college looks forward to the 
attainment of the goals of the New Horizons Campaign. 


Strengthening Ties 

Active involvement of alumni of St. Joseph's College strengthens the very special ties among its graduates. If you 
would like to take a more active role in volunteer activities at the college, please indicate your activity preferences and 
mail this back to the college by folding at the lines indicated. 

I am interested in: 

COUNSELING □ yes □ no 

in providing career planning assistance in: 
□ discussions □ workshops 

□ internships 

□ class presentations 

ADMISSIONS □ yes □ no 

in assistance in: □ the Admissions office 

□ in student recruitment 


□ in chairing or coordinating events at the college or in the metropolitan area 

□ in organizing alumni receptions or events in geographic areas 

□ in serving as class agent 

□ in serving as New Horizons phonathon volunteer 

D in serving on contact committee by phoning or writing letters 

□ in arranging □ small group discussions in my home 

□ seminars in my home 

□ workshop in my home 

□ in writing personal reminder letters to alumni/ae 

PARENT SUPPORT □ yes □ no 

D in organizing a parent effort 

□ in preparing letters □ to parents of undergaduates 

□ to parents of SJC scholarship students 

PLANNED GIVING - Send me information on 

□ making/changing my will to include St. Joseph's College 

□ tax deferred/tax advantage - major gift to St. Joseph's 

D lama planning specialist and willing to assist St. Joseph's in my area regarding wills etc. 


□ help the college arrange corporate and/or foundation gifts 

□ provide an introduction at: 

OTHER ACTIVITIES - Please indicate any other areas that you would like to develop for the 
"New Horizons" Campaign": 










SOSTT JI-ioa M8N 'iiA^oo-ie 
anuaAV uoiuijO g^g 

aoijjo ^uauidoiaASQ/xuuiniv 
aSanoo s.qdasof ;s 




1 ) Look for your company s name on this I ist. 2) Obtain a matching gift form from your personnel office. 3) Send completed form wi th your gift. 
In the KEY box you will find the meaning of the letters beside the company's name. If you have any questions, check with your company's 
personnel office. 

ACF Industries. Inc (U.G) 

AMP Inc. (All).d 

ARA Services, Inc (Allj.d.s 

AT&T (J,C.U,G),d,r 

Abbott laboratories ( 

Adams Harkness 4 Hill Inc (All) 

Advanced*Micro Devices (U.G).r.s 

Aeroglide Corp (U.G.UMj.A 

The Aerospace Corp (Allj.d.s 

Aetna Lite & Casualty (All).d.r.s 

Aid Association for Lutherans 

Air Products and Chemicals. Inc 

AKTion Associates. Inc (All).r.s 
Akzo Amenca, Inc (All) 
Albany International Corp (Allj.d.r 
Albertson's. Inc (J.CU.G.R) 
'Alcan Aluminum Corp. (All).r 
Alco Standard Corp (All).d 
Alexander & Baldwin, Inc (All).d.r 
Allegheny Ludlum Corp (All) 
Allendale Mutual Insurance Co 

Allied Signal Inc (Alll.d 
Allstate Insurance Cos (All) 
Alpha Industries. Inc (All) 
Aluminum Co ot Amenca 

AMAX. Inc (J.CU.G.R) 
Amcast Industrial Corp. 

Amerada Hess Corp (Allj.d.r.UM 
American Airlines (All) 
American Brands. Inc (AII).A.d 
Amencan Broadcasting Cos . Inc 

Amencan Cyanamid Co. (J.C.U.Gj.d 
American Electnc Power Co . Inc 

Amencan Express Co (J.CU.G.R).d.r 
Amencan Genera/ Corp (All).d 
Amencan Home Products Corp 

'American Information Technologies 

Corp (J.C.U.G.T).d.r 
Amencan International Group. Inc 

American Medical International. Inc 

American Motors Corp (All) 
American Mutual Insurance Cos 

Amencan National Bank (Conn) 

Amencan National Bank & Trust Co 

ol Chicago (J.C.U.G) 
American Optical Corp. (J.C.U.G).r.s 
American Petrofina. Inc (U).A 
Amencan Standard, Inc 

Amencan States Insurance Co 

Amencan Sterilizer Co 

American Stock Exchange 

American United Lite Insurance Co 

Amentech Services, Inc, (J.C.U.G.T).r 
AmenTrust Co National Association 

Amtac, Inc. (Allj.d 
Amoco Corp (J.QU.G.R).d.r 
Amstar Corp (J.CU.G.R) 
'Analog Devices Inc. (Ali).d 
Arthur Andersen 4 Co 

The Andersons (All) 
Anheuser-Busch Cos.. Inc 

Appleton Papers Inc. f All] 
Arkwnght Mutual Insurance Co 

Armoo. Inc. UQU.G.Tj.d.r 
Armstrong World Industries, Inc 

Arnitek Corp (U) 
Ashland OH. Inc (All).d.r 
Associated Box Corp. (AI.Prj.A 
Associated Dry Goods Corp (Allj.d 
Athos Steel and Aluminum, Inc 

Guy F Atkinson Co of California 

( Allj.r 

Atlantic City Electnc Co (U.Gj.d 
Atlantic Richfield Co (Allj.d.r 
Alias Rigging and Supply Corp 

Augat Inc (U.G).d.r 
Automatic Data Processing, Inc 

Avon Products. Inc (J.C.U.G).d 
Avtex Fibers. Inc (U.Gj 

BASF Corp Fibers Division (Allj.r 
■BHP-Utah International Inc (Allj.d 
BMC Industries, Inc (J.C.U.G) 
The BOC Group, Inc (J.C.U.G.Rj.d.r 
MS Bailey & Son. Bankers 

Ball Corp (Allj.d.r.s 
Baltimore Bancorp (J.C.U.G) 
Baltimore Gas 4 Electric Co 

Bancroft-Whitney Co (J.CU.G.LIMj 
Bank of Boston (All).d.r.s,t 
The Bank of California. N A (Allj.d 
Bank of Hawaii (C.U) 
Bank of Montreal (U.Gj.d 
Bank of New England, N.A. 

The Bank of New York (Allj.r.s 
Bank South (All) 
Bankers Life and Casualty (All) 
Bankers Trust Co (J.C.U.Gj.d 
Barber-Colman Co (U).d 
BarclaysAmericanCorp. (Allj 
CR Bard. Inc. (JCU.Gj.d 
Barnes Group Inc (J.C.U.G.Rj.d 
Barnes & Roche, Inc (All) 
•Barnett Associates. Inc (U.G.Prj.A 
Barnett Banks. Inc (JCU.Gj.d 
Barry Wright Corp (Allj.d.r 
The Barton-Gillet Co (J.C.U.G.Rj 
BATUS Inc (Allj.r.s 
Baxter Healthcare Corp (Mj.d 
BayBanks Inc (Allj.d 
Beatrice Co. (Allj 
Bechtel Power Corp (J.C.Uj.d 
AG Becker Panbas Inc (Allj 
Becor Western Inc (Uj.r 
Becton Dickinson and Co. 

Beech Aircraft Corp (Allj.d.r.s 
Bell Atlantic Corp (J.C.U.G).d.r 
Bell Communications Research, 

Inc. (J,C,U,G.T),r 
Bell Federal Savings and Loan As- 
sociation (U.G.R).d.r 
Bell 4 Howell Co (All) 
Bell of Pennsylvania & Diamond 

State Telephone Co 

BellSouth Corp (Allj.d.r 
Beloit Corp (Allj.d 
Bemis Co., Inc (J.C.U.GXUMj.d.r 
The Benj Franklin Federal Savings 

and Loan Association (Uj.d 
The Bergen Record Corp (Allj.d 
"l.M. Berry and Co (J.C.U.Tj.r 
Best Products Co (Allj.d 
Bill Communications, Inc (Allj 
Bird Cos Charitable Foundation. 

Inc. (JCU.Gj.d.s 
Bituminous Casualty Corp (U.Gj.d 
H & R Block. Inc (C.U.G.R.Tj.LIM 
The Blount Foundation, Inc. (All).d.s 
Blue Bell. Inc (J.C.U.G) 
The Boeing Co (J.CU.Gj.d.r.s 
Boise Cascade Corp (All).d.s 
Borden Inc (U).d 
Borc-Wamer Corp (All) 
Boston Edison Co. (Uj.d.r 
The Boston Globe Newspaper Co 

Bowater Inc (J.C.U.G.Tj.d 
The Bowery Savings Bank 

Bowes/Hanlon Advertising. Inc (All) 
Brakeley. John Pnce Jones Inc (All) 
Bernd Brecher and Associates, Inc, 

Bristol-Myers Co (J,CU.G,R).d.r 
Brockway Glass Co Inc 

Brown-Forman Corp (JC.UG.Rj 
Brown Group Inc. (U.G.R.T.Pr).d 
John Brown Inc (J.CU.G.Tj.UM 

Brunswick Corp (J,C.U.G).d.r 
Buell Industries, Inc (Allj.d 
Buffalo Color Corp (All) 
Bunge Corp (Allj.r.s 
Burlington Industries, Inc (Allj.d.r 
Burlington Northern Inc (J.C.Uj.d 
Leo Burnett Co . Inc (Allj 
Burroughs Wellcome Co (Allj.r 
Business Men's Assurance Co of 

America (J.C.U.G.Rj 
Butler Manufacturing Co. 


CBI Industries. Inc (U.G.Tj.d 
CBS Inc (U.Gj 

CFS Continental, Inc (U.G.R.Tj 
The CNA Insurance Cos (U.Gj 
CPC International Inc (Allj.d.r.s.UM 
•CSX Corp. (Allj.d 
Cabot Corp (Allj.d.r 
Cabot's Stains (All) 
Calex Manufacturing Co . Inc (All) 
Callanan industries Inc. (AII).A.d 
Campbell Soup Co (Allj.d.r 
Capital Cities/American Broadcast- 
ing Co „ Inc (J.CU.G).d 
'Capital Holding Corp (All) 
Carolina Power & Light Co 

Carolina Telephone and Telegraph 

Co. (J.CU.G.R).A.d.r.s 
Carpenter Technology Corp 

Carson Pine Scott 4 Co (J.C.U.Gj.d 
Carter Hawley Hale Stores, Inc 

Carter-Wallace. Inc (Allj.d.r.s 
Castle and Cooke. Inc (All) 
Caterpillar Inc (U.G).d.r 
Centel Corp (J.C.U.G.Rj.d.r.s 
Centenor Energy Corp (Allj.d.r 
Centerre Bank, N A (J.C.U) 
Central Illinois Light Co 

Central Life Assurance Co (Uj.d 
Central Vermont Public Service 

Corp (C.U.G.R) 
Century Cos of America (J.CU.G.R) 
CertamTeed Corp (Allj.r 
Chamberlain Manufacturing Corp 

Champion International Corp 

The Chase Manhattan Corp. 

Chemical Bank (All),d.r.s,t,u 
Chemtech Industnes. Inc (Allj.A 
Chesapeake Corp (J.CU.G).d.r 
Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone 

Cos. (Allj.d.r.s 
Chesebrough-Pond's. Inc 

Chevron Corp (JCU.G.R.UM).d.r 
Chicago Pacific Corp (U.Gj.d 
Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co 

Chicago Title and Trust Co 

Chicago Tribune Co (Allj 
Chrysler Corp (J.C.U.G.Tj.A.d.r.s 
Chubb Lite Insurance Co of Amen- 
ca (Allj.d.r 
Chubb 4 Son Inc (All).d.r 
Church 4 Dwight Co , Inc (U) 
Church Mutual Insurance Co 

CIBA-GEIGY Corp (All).d 
CIGNA Corp (All).d.r 
Cincinnati Bell. Inc (J.C.U.G.TXIM) 
Citicorp/Citibank. N A 

Citizens Fidelity Bank & Trust Co 

The Citizens and Southern Georgia 

Corp (J.CU.Gj.r 
The Citizens and Southern South 

Carolina Corp (J.C.U.G.R).d.r.s 
Cleveland-Clilts Inc (AJIj.d 
XlopayCorp (All) 
The Clorox Co (JC.U.G) 
Coats S Clark. Inc (Allj.r 
The Coca-Co/a Co (Allj.d.r.s.! 
The Coleman Co.. Inc (J.C.Uj.r.s.t 
Colgate-Palmolive Co 


Collins 4 Aikman Corp (Allj 
Colonial Bancorp, Inc (Allj.r 
Colonial Parking Inc (Uj 
Colonial Penn Group. Inc. 

Columbia Gas System. Inc 

The Columbus Mutual Lite Insur- 
ance Co (J.CU.G.R) 
Combustion Engineering, Inc 

Comenca Inc (J.CU.G.R) 
Commonwealth Energy System. 

Inc (J.U,G.R.T).r 
Commonwealth Insurance Co (Allj 
Communications Satellite Corp 

•Community Mutual Blue Cross & 

Blue Shield (JC.U.G.UM) 
Connecticut Bank 4 Trust Co 

Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance 

Co. (Allj.r 
Connecticut Natural Gas Corp 

Connecticut Savings Bank (All) 
Conoco. Inc (J.C.U.G.Tj.d.r 
Consolidated Edison Co ol New 

Vbr*. Inc (J.CU.G.Tj.r 
Consolidated Natural Gas Co 

Consolidated Papers, Inc (Allj.r 
Consolidation Coal Co (Allj.r 
The Continental Corp 

Continental Illinois National Bank 

and Trust Co of Chicago 

Continental Telecom Inc (J.C.U.G) 
Frederic W Cook I, Co. Inc (All) 
Co-Op Banking Group Cos (All.Pr) 
Cooper Industnes (J.CU.G.Tj.UM 
Cooper Tire 4 Rubber Co (Allj.r 
Coopers & Lybrand (U.G).A 
The Copley Press. Inc (All).d.r.s.t.u 
'Copley Real Estate Advisors. Inc 

Copolymer Rubber and Chemical 

Corp (Uj 
Corning Glass Works (Allj.d.r 
'Covington 4 Burling (UM) 
Cowies Media Co (Alij.d.s 
Crane Co (J.C.U.Gj.d 
Cray Research. Inc (AII).LIM 
Cnton Technologies (JC.U.G.T) 
Crompton 4 Knowles Corp (Allj 
Cross & Trecker Corp (J.C.U.G.T) 
Crown Central Petroleum Corp 

Crum and Forster. Inc (J.C.U.G.Tj.d 
Cummins Engine Co . Inc (Allj.d.r 
CUNA Mutual Insurance Group 

Cyclops Corp (U.Gj.d 

Dam Bosworth Inc (All) 

Dana Corp (All).d.r.s.t 

The Danrbrth Foundation (All) 

DEKALB Corp (Allj.d 

Delta Air Lines. Inc (CU.G.R.Tj.d 

Deluxe Check Pnnters. Inc (Allj.d.r 

Dennison Manufacturing Co 

Deposit Guaranty National Bank (Uj 
DeSoto. Inc (U.Gj.d.r 
Detroit Edison Co (At).d 
A WG Dewar Inc. MUG.R.PrJ.A.s 
The Dexter Corp (J.C.U.G.UM).d.s 
Diamond Crystal Salt Co. (Allj 
Ditco Laboratories f All) 
Digital Equipment Corp (Allj.d.r.s 
•Digital Sciences Corp (U.G.T).A 
Dillingham Corp (Allj.d 
'Dominion Bankshares Corp 

Donaldson Co Inc. (Al) 
Donaldson. Lutkin & Jenrene (AKj.s 
RR Donnelley t Sons Co 

Dove-Knight and Associates. PA . 

Architects fX/l A 
Dow Chemical USA 

Dow Coming Corp ( 
Dow Jones 4 Co.. Inc. (AMj.d.r 

Dresser Industnes Inc (U.G.Rj.d.r 
Dry Dock Savings Bank (JC.U.GJ 
Duke Power Co. (J.C,U.G.R).d.r 
The Dun 4 Bradstreet Corp 

Durham Corp (Allj.d 
Duty Free Shoppers Group Ltd 


EG4G. Inc (C.UG).A.d.r.s 
Eastern Gas and Fuel Associates 

Eaton Corp (Allj.d.r 
Ecolab Inc (All).d 
Educators Mutual Lite Insurance 

Co (Allj.A 
Egan Machinery Co (J.U.Gj 
Elf Aqurlaine. Inc (Allj.s 
Elizabethtown Water Co (U.G.R.Tj.d 
Emerson Electric Co (Allj.d 
Emery Air Freight Corp (J.C.U.Gj.d 
Emhan Corp (Allj.d.r.s 
Engelhard Corp (J.C.U.G.R) 
Engineered Systems 4 Develop- 
ment Corp (J.C.U.G) 
Enron Corp (C.U.G.Rjjd.r 
Ensign-Bicktord Foundation 

Envirotech Corp (J.C.U.GJI 
Equibank (J.C.U.G.Rj.r 
The Equitable Life Assurance Soci- 
ety of the United States 
Equitable Lite Insurance Co. of Iowa 

'Equitable Resources. Inc (CU.Gj.d 
Ernst 4 Whinney (U.GJ.A 
Ethcon, Inc (Al).r 
Ethyl Corp (CU.G.R).d.r.s 
European Amencan Bank (J.C.U.G) 
Exxon Education Foundation 

FMCCorp (All).d.s 
Facet Enterpnses, Inc (AH) 
Factory Mutual Engineering and 
Research/ Service Bureau 
Fatrchild Industnes. Inc (AH) 
Farm Credit Banks of Spnngfield 

Federal-Mogul Corp (Allj.d.r.s 
Federal National Mortgage Associa- 
tion (J.C.U.G.R).d.r 
Federated Department Stores. Inc 

Ferro Corp (J,C.U.G.T).d 
Fidelity Bank (UG.R.UM).d,r 
'Fidelity Investments (JU.Pr) 
Fiduciary Trust Co (Boston) (Alj.d.s 
The Field Corp (Al) 
Fireman's Fund Insurance Co. 

The Firestone Tire 4 Rubber Co 

First Atlanta Corp /The First Nation- 
al Bank ol Atlanta l J.CU.G.R) 
FirstBaneotp. Inc (AIJ.A 
First Bank System. Inc (Al).r 
The First Boston Corp (Allr 
First Chicago Corp./The First Na- 
tional Bank of Chicago 
First Hawaiian. Inc (J.U.G.UMj.d.r 
First Interstate Bank of California 

First Interstate Bank of Oregon, 

N A (CU.G.UUlr 
First Interstate Bank of Washington 

N A (U.G.R.Tj.d.r.UM 
First Kentucky National Corp 

First Maryland Bancorp (AMlr 
First Mississippi Corp (AM).d 
First National Bank m BarttasvKe 

First National Bank of Pennsytvania 

Fust Union Corp. (Al) 
First VUay Bank (First Way Corp) 


First Virginia Banks. Inc (UG).d 
Fleet National Bank (J.C.U.G) 
Fluor Corp (All) 
Ford Motor Co. (J.C,U,G,R),d.r 
Ford Motor Co. of Canada, Ltd 

The Foxboro Co (All),d,r 
Freeport-McMoRan. Inc. (J.C.U.G).d.r 
Fruehaul Corp. (J.CU,G.R),d 
HB Fuller Co (All),d,r 
Funderburke & Associates, Inc 


GATX Corp. (All) 
GTE Corp. (J,C,U.G.T).d.r 
Gallatin National Bank (U.G.R) 
E. & J Gallo Winery (J.C.U.G).A 
Gannett Foundation (All) 
Gary-Williams Oil Producer/The Pi- 

ton Foundation (All).r 
Gast Manufacturing Corp (All) 
The Gates Corp (J.C,U,G,R),A.r 
GenCorp Inc (All).d.r 
General Accident Insurance Co of 

General Cable Co (All) 
General Cinema Corp. (J,C,U.G) 
General Defense Corp. (All) 
General Dynamics Corp. (J.U).d 
General Electric Canada Inc 

General Electric Foundation 

General Foods Corp (J.CU.G.R).r.s 
General Foods. Inc. (U.G).r.s 
General Housewares Corp 

General Mills. Inc (All),d,r 
General Re Corp (U,G),r 
General Signal Corp (J.C.U.GJ) 
GenRad Foundation (All),d,r.s 
Gerber Products Co (U.G.R).d.r 
Gilbane Building Co. (J.C.U.G.T) 
The Gillette Co (U.G,T).r 
Gilman Paper Co (All).d 
PH GlatlelterCo (J.C.U.G.T).r.s 
Glaxo, Inc (J.CU.G).r 
•Glendale Federal (U) 
Goldman, Sachs & Co. (All) 
Goldome (All) 
Good Value Homes. Inc. 

The BFGoodrich Co 

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co 

Gould. Inc (J.C.U.G.R).S 
Goulds Pumps. Inc (J.C.U.G.T).A 
Government Employees Insurance 

Co. (U.G.R.T),d 
W.R Grace & Co (J.C.U.GJ).d,r 
WW Grainger, Inc. (All) 
GrandMet USA. Inc. (All) 
Grant Thornton (U.G.LIM) 
The Graphic Printing Co. Inc. (All) 
Great Lakes Carbon Corp. 

Great Northern Nekoosa Corp. 

Great West Casualty Co. (U,G).d 
Greenwood Mills. Inc. (U.G.R.T).r.s 
Gregory Poole Equipment Co (All) 
John Grenzebach & Associates 

Gnnnell Mutual Reinsurance Co 

Grumman Corp (J,C.U.UM),d.r.s 
The Guardian Life Insurance Co of 

America (J.C.U.G).d.r.s,t.u 
Gull + Western inc (J.C.U.G.T).r.LIM 

Hackney Industries Inc (All) 
Halliburton Co (J.U.G.R).d,r.UM 
Hallmark Cards. Inc. (All) 
Hamilton Bank (All).d.r 
Hammermill Paper Co (U.G.R) 
Hampton & Harper. Inc (All) 
M. A. HannaCo (All) 
Harper & Row Publishers. Inc. (All) 
HarnsCorp (J.C.U.G.R).d 
Harris Trust & Savings Bank: Harris 
Bankcorp (U.G.R.T).A.d,r.LIM 

The Hartford Insurance Group 

Hartford National Corp. (All).d.r 
The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspec- 
tion and Insurance Co. (All).d.r.s 
Hartmarx Corp (U.G,R,T).A 
H.J. Heinz Co (All).d.r 
Hercules Inc. (All).d.r 
Hershey Entertainment & Resort 

Co. (J,C.U.G.T),r.s 
Hershey Foods Corp. 

Hewitt Associates (All) 
Hewlett-Packard Co (U.G.R).d 
The HigbeeCo (J.C.U.G.LIM) 
'Higher Education Publications, inc 

•The Hillman Co. (All) 
Hoechst Celanese Corp (J.C.U.G) 
Hoftman-LaRoche Inc. (All).r 
Holiday Corp. (J.C.U.G),d 
Holmes & Narver, Inc 

Homestake Mining Co 

Honeywell Inc (U.G).d.r.s 
Geo A Hormel & Co (J.CU.G.R).s 
Hospital Corp of America (All).d.r 
Houghton Mifflin Co (All).d.r.s 
Household International, Inc 

Hubbard Milling Co. (U.G.R) 
Harvey Hubbell. Inc. (J,C,U,G.T).d 
J.M HuberCorp. (All).d.s 
Huck Manufacturing Co (J.C.U.G) 
Huffy Corp (All),d,s 
Hughes Aircraft Co (AII.UM) 
Hughes Tool Co. (U).r 
The Hydraulic Co (All),d 

IC Industnes. Inc (J.U.G).d 

ICI Amencas Inc. (J.CU.G.Tj.A.r 

IDS Financial Services Inc. 

•ISC Group. Inc (J.C.U.GJ) 
ITT Corp (J.C,U,G),d.r 
III International (J.C,U.G,T),d 
Illinois Bell (C.U.G,R),d,r 
Illinois Tool Works Inc (All),d,r 
Indiana Bell Telephone Co.. Inc. 

Industrial Indemnity Co. 

industrial Risk Insurers (All),r 
Ingersoll-Rand Co (All).d,r 
Innovation Packaging. Inc 

Instron Corp (All).d 
IntegonCorp (Alt) 
Intel Corp (J.QU.G.R) 
Intelligent Controls. Inc. (All) 
The Intedake Corp (J.C.U.G.R),d,r 
International Business Machines 

Corp (All).d.r,s.t,u 
International Flavors and 

Fragrances Inc (AII.UM) 
International Minerals & Chemical 

Corp. (All).d.r.u 
International Multitoods Corp. 

International Paper Co (All).d 
Iowa Resources Inc (All).d.r,s.t 
Irving Trust Co (U.G).A.d 
Itek Corp (All) 

JSJ Corp (J.C.U.G ,T),d,r 
Jack Eckerd Corp (All),d 
•Fred S. James & Co. Inc. (All).s 
James River Corp (All).d 
Jamesbury Corp. (All) 
Jeffenes & Co. Inc (All).s 
The Jefferson Mills. Inc. (UM) 
Jefferson-Pilot Communications Co. 

Jetlerson-Pilot Corp (J,C,U.G,R),d.r 
John Hancock Mutual Life Insur- 
ance Co. (All).d.r,s 
Axel Johnson Inc (J,C.U,G,Pr),d,r 
Johnson Controls. Inc. (Alt).d.r 
•E F Johnson Co (All) 
Johnson & Higgins (AII),r,s,UM 

Johnson t, Johnson (J,C.U.G.R),d,r 
S. C Johnson & Son. Inc. (All).d.r 
Jones Group. Inc (J,C.U,G.R).UM 
Jostens. Inc. (AII).A.d.r,s.t,u,LIM 

K mart Corp (J.C.U.G.R.UM).d 
Kansas City Southern Industries, 

Inc. (All).d 
Karmazin Products Corp. (U.G) 
Kearney-National Inc. (U.G.R.T) 
KeeblerCo. (J.C.U.R.T) 
Keefe. Bruyette & Woods, Inc. (All) 
Kellogg Co (All).d.r 
The M W Kellogg Co (All) 
•WK Kellogg Foundation (All).d.r 
Kemper Group (All).d 
The Kendall Co (U,G.R.T).r.s.t.u 
Kennametal Inc. (U.G.R.T) 
The Kente Co. (J.CU.G.LIM) 
Kerr-McGee Corp. (AII).r.UM 
Kersting, Brown & Co., Inc. (U) 
Key Bank of Puget Sound 

Walter Kidde & Co. (U.G).A 
Kidder, Peabody & Co.. Inc. (All.Pr) 
Kingsbury Machine Tool Corp. 

Kiptinger Washington Editors 

Knight-Ridder. Inc (J.C.U.G).d.r 
H. Kohnstamm & Co . Inc. 

KoppersCo. Inc. (J.C.U.G.T).d.r,s 
Ralph Korte Construction Co . Inc 

Kraft, Inc (J.C.U.G).d 

The Lamson & Sessions Co (U.G) 
Lanier Business Products, Inc., A 

Harris Co. (All). A 
LaSalle National Bank (J.C.U.G) 
The Law Co , Inc (C.U.G).A 
The Lawyers Co-operative Publish- 
ing Co (J.C.U.G) 
Lehigh Portland Cement Co 

Lever Brothers Co. (All).s 
Levi Strauss & Co (J.C.U.G).d.r 
The Liberty Corp. (All).r.s 
Eli Lilly and Co (All).d.r 
Lincoln National Corp 

Link Engineering Co , Inc. (U) 
Thomas J Lipton. Inc (All).s 
Little. Brown and Co. (J.C.U.G.T) 
Loews Corp. (Ail) 
Lone Star Industries. Inc. 

Lotus Development Corp. 

The Louisiana Land and Exploration 

Co (All) 
Louisiana Power & Light Co. (U) 
Lubrizol Corp (All),d.r.s 
Lucky Stores. Inc. (All).d 
Ludlow Corp (J,C.U.G.T).A.d.r.s 
Lukens Inc (All).d 
Lummus Crest. Inc (C.U.G).d.r 
Lutheran Brotherhood 



M/A COM Government Systems 

Division (U.G.Tf.A 
MCA INC (J.C.U.G).s 
MSI Insurance (J.C.U.G) 
M & T Chemicals Inc (J.CU.G) 
MTS Systems Corp. (All).r 
John D and Cathehno T MacArthur 

Foundation (All),d 
Mack Trucks. Inc. (J.C.U.G.R) 
MacLean-Fogg Co (U.G.R.T) 
R H Macy & Co., Inc (J.CU.G.R).d 
Maguire Oil Co (All) 
Mallinckrodt. Inc (U.G) 
Manufacturers Hanover Corp. (Alt).d 
Manufacturers National Corp 

Marathon Oil Co (All).d.r 
Maremont Corp (J.C.U.G.T) 

The Marine Corp (J,C.U.G.T).r 
Manne Midland Bank, N.A. 

Maritz Inc. (J.CU.G).d 
Mark Controls Corp (J.C.U.G.T) 
The Marley Co. (U) 
Marsh & McLennan Cos.. Inc. 

Martin Marietta Corp (All).d 
Massachusetts Mutual Lite Insur- 
ance Co. (J.U,G),d.s 
•Mast Drug Co. (U.LIM) 
Mattel. Inc. (J.C.U,G,T),d 
Maxus Energy Corp. (All) 
The May Department Stores Co 

Maytag Corp, (U).d.r 
MBank Houston (U.G) 
McCormick & Co. Inc (All) 
McDonald's Corp. (All) 
McDonnell Douglas Corp (C.U) 
McGraw-Hill, Inc. (All),d,r 
McKesson Corp. (All).dj 
McQuay Inc. (AII),A,d 
The Mead Corp. (All),d 
Mebane Packaging Corp. (All),d 
Mechanics Bank (All).s 
Medtronic, Inc. (All) 
Mellon Bank Corp (J.C,U.G.R).d,r 
MenashaCorp. (U.G.R.Pr).r 
Merck & Co, Inc. (All).d.r 
Meredith Corp (AII.UM),d.r.s.t.u 
Meridian Bancorp, Inc. (U.G.R).r 
Merit Oil Corp. (J.C.U.G. T).r.LIM 
Meritor Financial Group (J.C.U.G.T).d 
Merrill Lynch & Co . Inc. 

Metropolitan Lite Insurance Co 

Mettler Instrument Corp (J.C.U.G.R) 
Michigan Bell (J.C.U.G.LIM).A.r 
'Michigan Mutual Insurance Co 

(The Amensure Cos ) (U).d.r 
Middlesex Mutual Assurance Co 

The Midland Mutual Life Insurance 

Co (All).d.r 
Midland-Ross Corp (J.CU.R).d 
Midlantic Banks Inc. (All).d 
Miehle-Goss-Dexter Inc (J.C.U.G.R) 
Milliken & Co (J.C.U.G.R.Pr).d.r.LIM 
Millipore Corp (All).d 
Milton Bradley Co (J.C.U.G.Pr) 
Minnesota Mutual Lite Insurance 

Co. (J,C,U.G.R),d.r 
Mississippi Power & Light Co. (U) 
The MITRE Corp (All).d 
Mobil Oil Corp (All).d.r 
MohascoCorp (J.C.U.G.R).A.d.s 
Monarch Capital Corp (J.CU.G).d 
Monroe Auto Equipment Co (U).A 
Monsanto Co (J.C.UG).d.r 
The Montana Power Co. 

Montgomery Ward & Co.. Inc. 

Monumental Corp (J.C.U.G.R) 
MONY Financial Services 

MOOG Inc. (All) 
Moore Financial Group. Inc 

Moore McCormack Resources. Inc. 

Morgan Construction Co. (All) 
Morgan Guaranty Trust Co. of New 

Morgan Stanley & Co.. Inc (J.CU.G) 
Morrison Knudsen Corp. (All).d 
Morse Shoe. Inc (J.C.U.G) 
Morton Thkjkol, Inc. (U,G.T),d.r 
Motorola. Inc (U.G).d.r 
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation 

Murphy Oil USA, Inc. (All).d.r.s 
Mutual of America (C.U,G,R,T),d,r 
Mutual Benefit Life (J,C,U,G,R),d,r 
Mutual of Omaha 


NACCO Industries. Inc (All),d,s 
NCNB Corp (C,U,G,R,T),d,r 
NCR Corp. (All).d.s 
NL Industnes. Inc. (J.CU.G).d 
NRC, Inc (All) 

Nabisco Brands, Inc (All),d,r,s,t.u 
Nelco Chemical Co. (C,U,G,R,T),d,r 
National Bank of Detroit (U),d 
National Can Corp (All).d 
National City Corp. (All).s 
National Distillers and Chemical 

Corp (All).r 
National Gypsum Co. <Ail±s 
National Medical Enterprises, Inc 

National Steel Corp. (C.U.G.R.T) 
National Westminster Bank USA 

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. 

Nepera. Inc (J.C.U.G).UM 
The New England (J.U.G).d.r 
New England Business Service. Inc. 

The New England Education Loan 

Marketing Corp. (All) 
New England Electric System Cos. 

New England Telephone (J.CU).d.r 
New Jersey Bell Telephone Co. 

New Jersey Natural Gas Co 

The New York Bank lor Savings 

New York Lite Insurance Co 

New York Stock Exchange, Inc 

New Ibrk Telephone (J.C.U.G.Tj.d.r 
The New VbnV Times Co. 

The New Yorker Magazine, Inc (All) 
Newmont Mining Corp (U).d 
Newsweek, Inc (All) 
The Samuel Roberts Noble Foun- 
dation. Inc. (All).d.s 
Nordson Corp (All) 
Norfolk Southern Corp (All),d.r.s,t,u 
North American Philips Corp 

Northeast Utilities (All).d.r.s 
Northern Illinois Gas (J.U.R).r.s 
Northern States Power Co. (All).r 
Northern Telecom. Inc. (J.CU.G.T) 
The Northern Trust Co (All).d.r 
Northwest Airlines, Inc (U.G.R).a 
Northwest Industries, Inc. (All) 
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance 

Co (All),d.r 
Northwestern National Lite insur- 
ance Co (J,CU.G.R).d.r 
Norton Co (All).d.r.s 
WW Norton 8 Co . Inc (J,C.U.G).s 
Norwest Corp (All).r 
Noxell Corp. (All).r.s 
•The NutraSweet Co. (J.C.U.G).r 
John Nuveen & Co. Inc. (J.C.U.G.Pr) 
NYNEX (J.C.U.GJt.d.r 

Oakite Products. Inc (U.G).A 
Occidental Oil and Gas Corp. 

Occidental Petroleum Corp. (Alt) 
Ohio Bell Telephone Co (AII).d.r.LIM 
Ohio Edison Co. (All) 
The Ohio National Life Insurance 

Co. (All),d,r 
Oklahoma Gas and Electric Co. 

Old Stone Bank (All).d 
Olin Corp (J.CU).d.r 
Oneida Ltd (J.CU.G).d.r 
Openaka Corp , Inc. (U.G) 
Oregon Portland Cement Co 

Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp 

Owens-Illinois, Inc (All),d 
Oxford Industrtes, Inc. (J.U),A,LIM 

PHH Group. Inc (J,C,U,G.T),d,r 
PPG Industnes. Inc. (J,C.U,G,R),r 
PQ Corp (J,CU.G,T),d,r,s 
Paccar, Inc (J.C.U,G.R),d 
Pacific Enterprises (All),d,r 


Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Co. 

Pacific Resources. Inc (U).d 
Pacific Telesis Group (U.G.R).d 
Pan-American Life Insurance Co 

Panhandle Eastern Corp (Atl).d.r 
Parker-Hannitin Corp. (J.U.G.R).d 
The Paul Revere Cos (All) 
Pearte Health Services. Inc 

Peat Marwick Mam & Co (U.G).A.r 
PechmeyCorp (All).s 
The Penn Central Corp. (AII).d.r.LIM 
Penn Central Telecommunications 

Co (All) 
Pennbancorp (U.G.R).d 
JC. Penney Co , Inc (All).d.r.s.t.u 
Pennsylvania Power & Light Co 

PennwaltCorp (J,U,G,T,Pr),d.r 
Pennzoil Co (J.CU) 
People's Bank (J.C.U.G. R).r.s.l 
The Peoples Gas Light and Coke 

Co. (J.CU.G.R).d.s 
PepsiCo, Inc. (J.C.U.G.T).d.r.s.UM 
PET Inc. (J.CU.G).s 
Pfizer, Inc. (All),d,r 
Phelps Dodge Corp (All).d.r.s 
Philadelphia National Bank fAII),d.r,s 
Philip Morns Cos. Inc. (AII).d.r.UM 
Phillips Petroleum Co (All).d.r 
Phoenix Mutual Lite Insurance Co. 

Piedmont Aviation, Inc (All).d 
The Pillsbury Co. (AII,UM),d 
The Pioneer Group, Inc (All) 
Pioneer Hi-Bred International. Inc 

Piper, Jaffray & Hopwood Inc (All). A 
Pitney Bowes Inc (All).d.r.s 
Pittsburgh National Bank (AII).A 
Pittway Corp. (J.CU.G).d 
Plante & Moran, CPA's (C.U.G).A 
Playboy Enterprises. Inc. (All) 
Pneumo Abex Corp. (All),r 
Pogo Producing Co (J.C.U.G).r 
Polaroid Corp (All).d.r.s 
Pope & Talbot. Inc. (J.C.U.G.T) 
Porter Paint Co (U.G.Pr) 
PotlatchCorp (All).d.s 
Preferred Risk Mutual li 

Co. (U.R),d 
Preformed Line Products Co 

Premark International. Inc (All) 
Price Brothers Co (J,C,U.G).A 
T Rowe Price Associates, Inc (All) 
Price Waterhouse (U.G).r 
Pnmenca Corp (All),d,r 
The Principal Financial Group 

The Procter & Gamble Co (U.G).d.r 
Protection Mutual Insurance Co 

Provident Life and Accident Insur- 
ance Co. (J.CU.G.R) 
Provident Mutual Life Insurance Co 

of Philadelphia (J.C.U.G.R).d.s 
Provident National Bank (AII).A.d 
The Prudential Insurance Co of 

America (J.C.U.G.R.UM).d.r 
Public Service Co. of Colorado 

Public Service Electric and Gas Co 

Puget Sound Power & Light Co 



Quaker Chemical Corp (All).d.r.sXu 
The Quaker Oats Co (All).d.r 
Quaker State Corp. (All).d.r.s 

Redlands Federal Savings & Loan 

Association (U.Pr).A 
Reichhold Chemicals, Inc (U.G) 
*The Reliable Life Insurance Co. (All) 
Reliance Electric Co (All) 
Reliance Insurance Cos (All).s 
Republic National Bank of New 

York (All) 
Research-Conrell. Inc. (All) 
The Research Institute of America. 

Inc (J.C.U.G).d 
Revlon, Inc (All) 
Rexham Corp (U).d 
Rexnord Inc. (All).d 
Reynolds Metals Co (J.C.U.G).d.r 
Riviana Foods Inc (J.C.U.G) 
Rochester Midland Corp (U.G).A 
The Rockeleller Brothers Fund, Inc 

Rockefeller Family & Associates 

The Rockefeller Group (All).d.r.s 
Rockwell International Corp (All).d 
Rohm and Haas Co (All).d.r.s 
Rolling Thunder, Inc (All), A 
ROLM Corp (All) 
Rolscreen Co (All).d.r.s 
Rorer Group Inc (All).d 
Rospatch Corp (J.C.U) 
Ross, Johnston & Kersting, Inc. (All) 
Royal Insurance (J.C.U.G,R),r 
Rubbermaid Incorporated (LIM).d.r 
RUST International Corp (J.U.G).s 
Ryco Division, Reilly-Whiteman, Inc 

•Ryder System. Inc (J.C.U.G.T) 

SDS Biotech Corp (All) 

SKF USA (All).d 


SPS Technologies, Inc (Atl).d.r.s 

Safeco Insurance Co 

Saga Corp (All) 

The St Paul Cos (J.C.U.G.Tj.d.r.UM 
Salomon Inc (All).d 
Sanders Associates. Inc 

Sandoz, Inc (All).d.r.s 
Santa Fe Southern Pacific Corp. 

Sara Lee Corp (J.CU.G).d 
Schering-Plough Corp (J.CU.G.R) 
Schlegel Corp (All) 
Charles Schwab & Co.. Inc (AII).A 
The Scott & Fetzer Co (All) 
Scott, Foresman and Co (U).r,s 
Scott Paper Co. (J.C.U.R.T).d.r 
Joseph E Seagram & Sons, Inc. 

Sealed Power Corp (U.G).r.u 
Sealnght Co . Inc. (J.C.U.G) 
G.D. Searle & Co (J.C.U.G.R).d.r.UM 
Security-Connecticut Life Insurance 

Co (All).d.r 
Security Pacific Corp (All).d.r.u 
Security Van Lines, Inc 

Seton Co (U.G).A.UM 
Shaklee Corp (U.G).d 
•Shearson Lehman Hutton (J.C.U.G) 
Shell Oil Co. Foundation/Shell Oil Co 

Sheller-Globe Corp (J.C.U.T.LIM).d.r 
Shenandoah Life Insurance Co 

The Sherwin-Williams Co. (All).d 
Siemens Capital Corp (All) 
Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc 

Silco Industries. Inc (J.CU.G,T).d.s 
Simpson Investment Co. 

The Singer Co (U.G.R).d.r.s 
Skinner Corp. (All).d.s 
Smith International. Inc (U.G) 
SmithKline Beckman Corp (All).d.r 
Society Bank, National Association 

Somers Corp (MersmanAHaldron) 

Sonat Inc (All).d.r 
Sonoco Products Co (U.G.R).d.r 
Sony Corp of America (All).d 
Soo Line Railroad Co (J.C.U.G.T) 

RCA Corp (U.G).d.s 
R. J R. Nabisco. Inc. (All).d.r 
RKO General, Inc. (J.CU.G.R) 
Ralston Purina Co (UG.flJ.d.r.s.r.u 
Rand McNally & Co (U.G) 
Raytheon Co (All).d.r 
Reader's Digest Association. Inc 

Reading & Bates Corp (C.U.G.T).d 

(£) 1988 Council tor Advancement and Support of Education 

This publication may not be reproduced in whole or in pan without written permission ot the Council for Advancement and 

Support ot Education, Washington, DC. 

South Carolina National Corp (All) 
South Central Bell Telephone Co 

Southeast Bank, N.A. (U.G).d 
Southern Bell (All).d.r 
Southern Lite Insurance Co (Atl),d 
The Southland Corp (J.C.U.G.T) 
Southwestern Bell Foundation 

South-Western Publishing Co (All) 
Sovran Financial Corp (J.CU.G.R) 
Spiegel. Inc. (U.G) 
Spring Arbor Distribution Co 

Sphngs Industries, Inc. (J,U,G,R).d 
The Square Co. (U.G).d.r 
Squibb Corp (All).d.r 
The Stackpole Corp (All).d.r.s 
'Slaley Continental Inc (All).d 
Stanadyne, Inc. (All).d 
Standard Coosa Thatcher Co. (U) 
Standard Insurance Co (C.U.G.R.T) 
The Standard Products Co. 

Stanhome. Inc (J.C.U.G) 
The Stanley Works (C.U.G.R).d.r. 
State Farm Insurance Cos. (U.G).r 
State Mutual Life Assurance Co of 

America (All).d.r 
State Street Bank and Trust Co (All) 
Stauffer Communications, Inc 

Steel Heddle Manufacturing Co 

Steiger Tractor. Inc (All) 
Sterling Drug Inc (All).d.r 
J P Stevens & Co.. Inc. (All).d 
Stone & Webster, Inc (All) 
The Stop & Shop Cos., Inc (All).d 
Subaru of America (J.C.U.G.T.LIM) 
Sun Co., Inc. (J.C.U.G. D.A.d.r 
Sun Life Assurance Co of Canada 

Swank. Inc. (U) 
Swanson Analysis Systems, Inc. 

Swiss American Securities, Inc (All) 
Syntex Corp (All).d.s 

TRW Inc. (J.C.U.G.R).d 

Tambrands. Inc (J.C.U.G) 

Tandy Corp (AII).d.LIM 

Technimetrics. Inc. (All) 

Tektronix. Inc (All).r 

Teledyne. Inc (U.G).d 

The Telex Corp (G) 

Tennant Co (J.C.U.G.T) 

Tenneco Inc (J.C.U.G.R).d 

Tesoro Petroleum Corp (J.C.U.G. R).r 

Texaco Inc (U.G).r 

Texas Commerce Bank - Houston 

Foundation (J,C.U.G).s 
Texas Eastern Corp. (All).d.r.s.t 
Texas Gas Transmission Corp 

Texas Instruments Inc 

Textron Inc (J.CU).d 
Thomas & Berts Corp (J.CU.G).d 
Thomas McFadden & Associates, 

Inc. (U.G).A.d.r 
Thomasville Furniture Industries. 

Inc (U.G.R) 
J Waiter Thompson Co. 

3M (All).d.r 
Time Inc. (All).d 

The Times Journal Co. (J.C.U.G).d.r 
Times Mirror (All).r.s.t 
Times Publishing Co (J.CU.G.T),A 
The Tom Co (All) 
The Tornngton Co. (All).d.r 
Total Petroleum (North America) Ltd 

Towers. Pernn. Forster & Crosby 

Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A.. Inc. (All) 
Tracor, Inc.. a Westmark Co. (All).d 
Trailer Train Co (J.CU.G.T) 
The Trane Co (All).d.s 
Transamenca Corp (All).d 
Transco Energy Co. (All).d 
The Travelers Cos. (C.U.G.R).d.r.s 
Travelers Express Co.. Inc. (Alt) 


U — Four-year Colleges and Universities Eligible 

J — Junior Colleges Eligible 

C —Community Colleges Eligible 

G —Graduate and Professional Schools Eligible 

R — Seminaries and Theological Schools Eligible 

T —Technical and Specialized Schools Eligible 

All —All Six Types of Institutions Listed Above Eligible 

LIM — Inside ( ) — Limited to Specific Institutions 

LIM— Outside ( ) — Limited to Specific Employees 

Pr —Private Institutions Only 

A — Previous or Current Affiliation with School Required 

d —Non-employee Directors of Company Eligible 

r —Retired Employees Eligible 

s —Spouses Eligible 

t — Spouses of Retirees Eligible 

u — Widows or Widowers of Retirees Eligible 

* —Companies Added Since Last Year 

—Greater than 1 to 1 Match is in italics 

Treadway Cos . Inc fU.G.R; 
Tremco Inc (J.C.U.G.Tj.A 
TRINOVA Corp. (J.CU.G.T).d 
TnskelionLtd (J.U.G).A.d.s 
Trust Co Bank— Atlanta (All).r 
The Turner Corp (J.C.U.G).A.d 

UGI Corp (J.C.U.G.R).d 
UNUM Life Insurance Co. 

US Bank ot Washington (C.U.G).d.r 
U S WEST. INC (All).r 
USG Corp. (C.UG.R).d.r 
UST. Inc. (All) 
USX Corp. (U.G.R).d 
Union Bank (J.C.U.G) 
Union Camp Corp (All) 
Union Electric Co (J.CU.G.R) 
Union Mutual Fire Insurance Co 

Union Pacific Corp. (J.C.U.G.R).r 
Union Trust Co (AII).A.d 
Unisys Corp (All).d 
United Bank (All).r 
United Engineers & Constructors. 

Inc (J.U).r 
United Gas Pipe Line Co. 

United Jersey Banks (All).d 
United Mutual Savings Bank 

United Parcel Service (All) 
United Services Automobile Associ- 
ation (U) 
United States Borax & Chemical 

Corp. (U.G.Pr).r 
United States Fidelity and Guaranty 

Co (U.G.R).d.r 
United States Leasing International. 

Inc. (J.CU.G).d.s 
United States Tobacco Co. (All).d 
United States Trust Co. of New York 

United Technologies Corp. (All).d.r 
United Telecommunications. Inc 

United Telephone Co. of Flonda 

United Telephone Co. of Indiana. 

Inc. (J.CU.R.T).d.r 
United Telephone Co of Ohio 

United Virginia Bank (All) 
Universal Foods Corp (U.G) 
Unocal Corp (J.C.U.G).d.r 
The Upphn Co. (All).d.r 
USLIFE Corp (J.CU.G).d 
Utah International Inc (Ali).d 
Utica National Insurance Group 


Valero Energy Corp (J.C.U) 
•Valley BanCorp (J.C.U.G) 
Valley National Bank of Arizona 

Vanan Associates (All).d 
Victaulic Co of America (U.G).A 
Virginia Power (All).d.r 
Vulcan Matenals Co (J.C.U.G.T).d.r 


Wachovia Bank & Trust Co.. N.A. 

The Wallingford Steel Co (U.G) 
Warnaco (J.U.G.R.Pr).d 
Warner-Lambert Co. (J.C.U.G.R).d.r 
Washington National Insurance Co 

The Washington Post Co 

Waste Management. Inc (All).d 
Watkms-Johnson Co (U.G.R).A.d 
Wausau Insurance Cos (AII).d.r.UM 
C J Webb. Inc. (All).d 
Welch's (U.G) 

Wells Fargo Bank, N A (All).d.r 
West Pomt-Peppereli Foundation. 

Inc. (All).d 
'Western Lite insumnce Co (All), LIM 
Western Publishing Co.. Inc. 

Westinghouse Electnc Corp 

Westvaco Corp. (All).d 
Whirlpool Corp (J.C.U.G.R).d.r 
'White Consolidated industries Inc. 

Whittaker Corp. (C,U.G.T).d 
John Wiley & Sons. Inc (AH).d.s 
Willamette Industries. Inc (Alt) 
The Williams Cos (U).d 
Williams & Co.. Inc. (J.C.U.G).A 
Winn-Dixie Stores. Inc (J.QU.G.UM) 
The WiremoW Co (J.C.U.G.T).d.r 
Wisconsin Bell. Inc (AM).d.r 
Wisconsin Electnc Power Co 

Wolvenne World Wide. Inc (Alf.d.r 
Wyman-Gordon Co (AU).d 

Xerox Corp (U).d.r.s 

TOTAL: 1.021 Companies 

The Yankee Cos . Inc (Al).d.r 
Yarway Corp (AH) 
Arthur Young (AM).r.s 
Young i Rubcam Inc (AH.LIk 

Zapata Corp (J.U.G) 
Zurn Industries. Inc (AM) 


Let Us Know Now Your Choice 
Of Alumni Activities 

The Alumni Calendar may be found on page 35. You will note that some events have no fixed date. If you are interested in 
obtaining more details on any of our events, please indicate below and return to us NOW and we will put your name on our 
mailing list. 

□ New Jersey Dessert Party 

□ Brunch Clare Rose Playhouse - Patchogue 

□ Open House - Patchogue/Spring Fling 

□ Day of Personal Growth/Reflection 

□ Wagner College Lunch & Theater - Brooklyn 

□ Alumni-ae/Varsity Basketball Games - Brooklyn 

□ Spring Luncheon - Honoring Jubilee &: Anniversary Classes 

□ Senior Reception - Brooklyn 

□ Open House - Patchogue 

□ Second Annual Boat Cruise - Patchogue 

□ International Boat Cruise - General Studies Brooklyn 

□ Day at Shea - Patchogue 

□ Alumni Day - Patchogue 

□ Tailgate Party - Patchogue 

□ Walkathon - Brooklyn 

□ Alumni Basketball Game - Patchogue 




Class . 

State . 

Zip . 

Telephone # 

Do You Or Someone You 
Know Qualify? 

The General Electric Foundation has announced the 
GE Angel program which will recognize individuals 
who have addressed a need in their communities with 
exceptional energy and creativity. The GE Foundation 
will bestow the Angel Award to winners, selected from 
across the country, and contribute $2,500 to an approved 
non-profit organization affiliated with the volunteer. 

If you wish to be nominated or to nominate an 
alumnus a, contact the Alumni Office for a nomina- 
tion form. 

Alumni - Mark Your 

The date for the Annual Sports Night at St. Joseph's 
College is Friday, March 3, 1989. In addition to the usual 
program of basketball games, music and food, we will have 
a "legends" basketball game. Any male who graduated 
prior to 1980 is eligible. 

Alumni night is a wonderful opportunity to return to St. 
Joe's in a relaxed way. Meet your friends here on March 
3rd. For more information, call Sherrie at (718) 636-681 1. 
Flyers will be mailed out in a few weeks. 

vitol statistics 


Please remember the deceased of St. Joseph's College's family in 
your prayers 


Ruth Lavin '25 

Agnes McShane Madden '26 
Margaret Doyle Dunderman '27 
Anita Ludder Martz '28 
Margaret Murphy Johnson '31 
Helen Curran Flynn '32 
Josephine McKeon Broad '32 
Genevieve Kelly Pickel '35 
Mercy Peppard Franke '36 
Teresa lacobellis '40 
Eileen Barron Gilleran '41 
Regina Graves Carroll '42 
Catherine Monks Wayler '46 
Eileen Rensmg '46 
Rita Jannace Manganelli '47 
Roberta Schreiber '81GS 


Ruth Hagen Pette '30 
Ethne O'Leary Manz '30 
Ethel Sullivan Deering '33 
Vita Aloisio Domino '35 
Anne Jones Gordon '36 
Elizabeth Kernan Adams '49 
Virginia Lee Powers '60 
Marilyn Balogh Taylor '64 


Frances Caetta lanora '40 
Mary Burns Quinn '44 
Barbara Kuehn '45 
Victoria McMahon O'Moore '54 
Beatrix Duffy Volchok '59 
Madeline DiLorenzo Coscia 70 
Maria DiLorenzo Keanon '73 
Santa Tumminia '88 


Eleanor Fanelle '38 (101 years) 
Margaret Jones Downing '59 
Jeannette Stanbrough McCarthy '69 
Mary Winifred McCann Sirianni '70 
Emily Sabbagh '80 (5/87) 


Eileen Lavin May '29 
Claire Smith '32 
Dorothy Kelly '34 


Sr. Winifred Grass '39 
Elizabeth T. McLoughlin '49 
Richard Rice '74 


'70 Mary Buckley to Raymond Teatum 

'75 Rose DeFina to Wayne T. Smith 

'82 Bonnie Maxwell to Bassam Sauma 

'82 Mary Kearney to William Anderson 

'82 Margaret Adamczak to Joseph Gioia 

'82 Mary Ann Wydronek to Richard Zablocki 1987 

'82 Santa Tumminia to Joseph Miragliotta 

'84 Theresa Yard to Eric R Panten 

'84 Mary Meade to Thomas King 

Joseph Liguori to Suzette Mormando '85 
Suzette Mormando to Joseph Liguori '84 
Maria Wagner to Leslie Recio 
Angela Mmucci to Sean Donnelly 
85S Maria Bartolloto to Steven Liantonio 
85S Joan Hackett to Dr Carl Blohmke 
Donna Marie Bova to James Knight 
Diane Mirabella to Joseph Napoli 
Frank McQuail to Kathleen Bell 
Lynne Russo to David Ross 





Eleanor Kathleen to Mary Alice Jordan Hanna 

Michael to Margaret Mohan Meegan 

Ashley to Maria Vassar Recchione 

Tess to Peggy Reilly Roehrig 

Kira to Schery Markee Sullivan 

Stephanie Arline to Steven and Evelyn Pupplo-Cody 

Erin to Maureen Donovan Hale 

Lauren Marie to Pat and Garry Stegeland 

Jennifer to Victoria Taylor Harrison 

Timothy to Richie and Virginia O'Brien 

Jaclyn Mary to Joe and Joan Carrig Collins 

Eric William to Pat Sappraicone Boris 

Caitlin Elizabeth to Brigette Doyle McCue 

Joshua Brent to Christine and Theodore Ericson 

Christopher Andrew to MaryAnn Wydronek Zablocki 

Megan Elizabeth to Kathy Donnelly Richter 

John Paul to Brenda Kelly Hinshaw 

Erin Elizabeth to Laurie Ward Scally 


'40 Marie Birmingham Ponsot. elected Professor of the Year at 

Queens College 1988 
'45 Martha A. Leaver, elected President of Bay Ridge Chapter of 

AARP (American Asociation of Retired Persons) for second 

'54 Joyce Clark Dryden, MLS of Master of Library Science, 

C WPost May 1988 
'56 Peggyann Heidelberger, named Bergenfield Teacher of the Year 

for 1988 
'56 Mane Lydon Heidelberger, awarded grant by State of New 

Jersey to computers and software to teach word processing 

skills to moderately handicapped at Dumont High School 
'64 Regina Paladino Friedman, Director of Education 

at Mercy Hospital School of Radiography, Rockville Center 3/87 
'69 Roseann Quinn. appointed Chairman, English Department, 

La Salle Academy 1987 
'82 Bernadette Brosnan Toomey, MA Educational Reading. 

St. John's 1988 
'81SGS Lori Tolento. MA Public Administration, Health Care and 

Gerontology. CW Post. 6/83 
'82 Margaret Adamzak Gioia. MA Occupational Therapy. NYU 

'82S Valerie Clark. MS Special Ed. Adelphi 1985 
'82S Jeannette Moss, MA. Reading with Learning Delayed 

Emphasis. Adelphi. 1987 
'82S Lynda Byrnes. MS Reading. Southampton University 

'83S Donna Knepple Steinman. MS Early Childhood/Special Ed. 

Adelphi, Dec 1988 
'84GS Cruz Reyez. MA Public Administration, Human Resources. 
'85GS Billy Carmon. MPA. Master's in public Administration. LIU. 6/88 
'85 Diana Pavlic, MA Queens College. 1987 


'63 Sr Kathleen Carberry. CSJ. honored for her silver jubilee in the 

Congregation of St Joseph 
72 Sister Irene Couget MSIC, celebrated the Silver Jubilee of her 

profession of vows in the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate 

'81 Sister Karen Ann Burke CSJ. professed final vows on Sunday. 

July 31. 1988 in the Congregation of St Joseph 
'83 Sister Nancy Clare Gilchnest SSND. made first commitment as 

member of School Sisters of Notre Dame on August 27th, 

1988 at Wilton. Ct. 




'24 had a Mass offered in October for all deceased members Mary St. John 
Murphy vacationed in Port Jefferson, Cutchogue and Maryland. Then she 
attended a wedding in Georgia and had a delightful visit with friends on a 
lake in Alabama. With her daughter Marygene and granddaughter Regina, 
Regina Munz Meyer flew to San Diego where they met Gene's daughter, 
Catherine, and her son, for a happy family reunion. Theresa Dolan Janton, 
after phoning each member of the class, flew to Tucson. Arizona, to spend 
the winter with her son and his family. Vincent and Mildred Hayes 
Donohue enjoyed a beautiful scenic tour through the Adirondacks in 
October on their way to visit daughter, Marion in the "North Country". Rila 
Fearon Bryon is enjoying visits from her children and grandchildren. 
Christine Gibson Dougherty phoned to report that she is well and sends 
love to all classmates. Ethyl Gleason Skinner is still "lost" Does anyone 
have any idea where she may be? It will be sixty-five years since our 
graduation from St. Joseph's next year. 1989. Let's meet at the Spring 
Luncheon to celebrate this milestone. Mark the date on your calendar, now 
-April 8th, at Antun's. Queens. 

Alice McGrane Feeley, 118th 8th Avenue, Apt. 5F, Brooklyn, N. Y. 11215 


Agnes McShane Madden's death in October was a shock. Hal and Marita 
Ryan Rockefeller were at the wake and funeral Mass, as Agnes lived only 
five miles from them. They were always close to one another. Please 
remember Agnes and her loved ones in your prayers. Of the thirteen 
members left in the class of '26, I heard from six. Eleanor Dolan Reardon 
and her daughter, Joan Reardon Dillon '53, attended the Fall Luncheon at 
the Downtown Athletic Club. Barbara Eckels Cattogio is enjoying member- 
ship in the Ladies Auxiliary of St. John's University. Her daughter, Barbara, 
has three boys - all altar servers. Anita has three girls who compete in their 
summer club with other clubs in Westchester. Eileen Murray Heaney's 
granddaughter, Eileen, is Production Manager for "Elle" Magazine. She 
will marry in January and will live in Chicago, atti, oldest daughter of Marita 
Ryan Mullholland '55 was married on October 8th to Ben McCarty in St 
Mary's in East Ishp. They live in Carlyle, PA where Ben is studying law. Path 
is a book editor. The wedding was quite a reunion - with families from 
California. Vermont and Pennsylvania - and with 25 granchildren and four 
more Ryans and their spouses, as well as six more Mulhollands. On 
January 26, 1 988, Diane Mirabella an '87 graduate of the Suffolk campus, 
married Joseph Napoli in Deer Park, Diane is the grand niece of Mary 
Mirabella and the wedding was a huge reunion of families from Eugene, 
Aurora and Seattle, Washington. May Magrath is recovering from a stroke 
in a nursing home in Plainview Please drop her a line in care of her 
nephew, Lt Col Joseph S. Magrath Jr. USAF Ret. 22 Semon Road. 
Huntington. NY 11743. Marita's daughter, Roberta Ryan Synowiec, 
continues to lecture to high school students all over the country on drugs, 
teenage pregnancy and suicide. She is to go to Thousand Oaks. CA and 
Binghampton, NY Despite her assignments, she and her husband found 
time this summer to sail with their five children to Georgian Bay on Lake 
Huron. Barbara Ryan Larkin and Pat Ryan Casey keep busy "pushing 
chalk" in Trenton and Allentown, N.J. Son, Philip, father of six. flies all over 
the western hemisphere in his job. Blessed Holiday Greetings and warmest 
wishes to all of you! 

Marita Rockefeller Ryan, 69 Chestnut Av.. Poquott Village. East Setauket 
NY 11733 (516) 473-0720 

starring Mare Winningham. She is cousin of the Ed McLoughlins. Speaking 
of theater. Monica Mylod. granddaughter of Katherine Normile Mylod is 
now a member of "Up With People." This production is touring the USA so 
watch for it in your community. Elva Rockefeller Ryan writes with news of 
her grandchildren -Jimmy Darden has just received his Air Pilot's license. 
Michael Ryan is a national champion diver and is now giving diving lessons. 
Michael Kavanagh has just been named homecoming King, best athlete 
and most popular senior in his high school. The school holds the Football 
championship of Ulster County. NY. Elva plans to spend the holidays with 
Marilyn and son Jimmy in Woodstock, New York. Miriam Cleary McNeill, 
still recovering from a bad fall, called and reported on the McGroddy 
grandnieces. Susie is still in Kenya, Sara is in Japan, and Megan is a student 
at Yale. Alumni Day was delightful. The program included a slide show 
entitled "History of the College." It showed some old photos of the original 
rooms at 245 . . . also some pictures of basketball teams from the 1920's, and 
a couple of pictures of those twin cheerleaders! Please send news for our 
next issue and in the meantime pray for each other. God bless you. 

Margaret Normile McLoughlin. 201 Webb Avenue. River Edge, NJ 07661 
(201) 261-2942 


The winter blahs came early this year so there was little response to the call 
for news. Virginia Sorley, daughter of Margaret Sullivan Fitzgerald, reports 
that her mother is doing well at Fairhaven, VA. In spite of seriously 
impaired sight, she rides around in her wheel chair. One of her greatest 
pleasures is receiving news via Alumnagram which evokes memories of 
happy days at SJC. Mary Manning Doherty also from Virginia, was in New 
York this summer to visit her brother Phil and family to celebrate the Phil 
Manning's wedding anniversary. Mary's recently widowed daughter. 
Eileen, accompanied her. Mary looks forward to the Spring wedding of 
Phil's daughter who is following the family tradition of studying law. Hope 
to see Mary then. Virginia Sorley is planning to visit Mary Manning soon, 
on a sentimental journey, for it was at Mary's home that Margaret Sullivan 
met Al Mezey, her first husband, who became Virginia's father. Marie 
Kelley Smith enjoyed the fallen leaves this year, but did not have to rake 
them. Marie excerises at a very active Fitness Club where she frequently 
swims, and walks a mile around the track every day. She relaxes with her 
cronies at the Kisco Club, enjoying the Golden Years Mary Keller Lawler 
now has ten great-grandchildren which will increase by three by publication 
time. Besides attending christenings, birthdays, graduations, and weddings, 
Mary is involved in parish activities as well as diocesan organizations. Yet 
she was able to spend a week at Cape Cod, travel to the Canadian 
Northwest, and visit Washington DC on August 15th to attend the rites at 
the Cathedral closing the Marian Year. John and Agnes Kelly Bryan are 
active in their church in Matawan, NJ. as well as with travel and family. 
Agnes' oldest granddaughter is on the teaching staff of Villanova where 
another granddaughter is a senior. Jeannette Farrell Amery doesn't travel. 
She stayed put at her beach house all summer where her family visited 
frequently. Her son. Ted, on weekly visits gave her an education in the 
history and art of military insignia. He is a serious collector specializing in 
airborne pocket patches, flashes and ovals, and contributes to the 
magazines. Chute and Dagger, and The Trading Post. He is collaborating 
in publishing a book dealing with Viet Nam made military patches. Colonel 
(ret.) Annette Nolan '44 who is interested in Ted's project, visited Jeannette 
at the beach house this summer and brought some additions for the 
collection from her own insignia She also presented Ted with some 
patches worn by General John Corley, her cousin, who was known as the 
hero of the Battle of the Bulge and the most decorated soldier of World War 
II. Aren't alumnae wonderful! All this and the cool ocean breezes "made" 
the summer The only member of '28 to attend Alumni Day was Jeannette. 
The classes were fun and the day most enjoyable. Particularly memorable 
was the attitude of the younger alumnae who marvelled that the "old 
ladies" from '26, '27 and '28 could still think, articulate and climb to the 
classes on the third floor! 


Jeannette Farrell Amery, 1 Prospect Park S.W., Apt. 4F Brooklyn, NY 11 215 
(718) 499-5262 

As you know our loved and loyal classmate, Margaret Doyle Dunderman, 
was called to her eternal reward Our sympathy goes out to her wonderful 
family. Her daughter-in-law and her grandson read the scriptural passages 
at her beautiful Mass. We sent a Spiritual.enrollment from the class and here 
is a quote from her daughter, Cathie, "Many of her fondest memories were 
of her dear friends at St. Joseph's. The bond you all kept was truly special " 
By the way the address mistake in the college announcement was mine - 1 
read it incorrectly - mea culpa. We have recently seen some TV movies 


Next year, come June, it will be sixty years since we graduated from St. 
Joseph's College - and time for another big celebration together Get in 
touch with your friends and start thinking about meeting together at the 
Spring Luncheon. April 8th, 1989. We will be honored as an anniversary 
class. We still have quite a list of classmates whose whereabouts are 
unknown. If you have any clue as to where they may have moved, let us (or 


the alumni office (718) 638-6882) know and we will try to follow up They 

Marie Cunningham Savarese Frances McGuire Burns 

Margaret Fitzgerald Virginia Quinn White 

Margaret Wilson Hamlin Mary Savina Fieri 

Grace Hundeman Ethel Smith Weiser 
Gertrude Jones Mulry 

Marie Keegan, 109 Irving Av., Floral Park, NY 1 1 101 (516) 354-2182 


Fall luncheon brought twelve of us together at the Arbor Inn, in October. 
The group included Gen Archipoli Kelly, Mildred Brogan Walsh, Sarah 
Crowley, Mary Oalton Oberle, Isabelle Donohue Fitzgerald, Marda Doyle 
Ticho, Mary Golden Meehan, Zita Hawkins Stoddart, Vera McNally, 
Margaret Reiliy Parker, Clare Stanton Sweeney and Kay Wheeler Smith. 
We were particularly glad to have Kay Smith with us. She had not been able 
to join us for the past few years Kathleen Mulrooney McDermott had just 
spent a strenuous and exhausting week in New York, and was too tired to 
make another trip from Connecticut. We do appreciate Kathleen's frequent 
notes to share news with us. Dot Hanagan Griffin had a previous 
engagement, but reported she had just returned from a trip along the Gulf 
coast, and on her travels she had met a friend of Margaret Parker from 
Point Lookout Ethne O'Leary Manz who recently lost her husband, is at 
present living with her son and his family in Rockville Centre. Her plans are 
indefinite. Marion Toshack was very disappointed that she missed the 
luncheon. She had made her reservation and travel arrangements, only to 
have to cancel out at the last minute. We were very sorry to hear that Sister 
Ruth Wlllmann had fallen and broken her hip. She has recovered nicely 
and is now back in the convent in Rosyln Bernadette Hughes Carroll sent a 
delightful letter with her regards. She is well and very involved in 
community affairs. Unfortunately an important meeting was scheduled for 
the same day as the class luncheon. As of now construction, has not begun 
on the life-care community she hopes to move into, and she is reconciled 
to being in her condo for another two years. As you notice nearly all of our 
contacts are within the tri-state area. We wonder about those of you who 
are living elsewhere. Won't you please write and let us know how you and 
your families are doing? Margaret Reiliy Parker sent us Mary Miner 
O'Halloran's address in Merritt Island. Florida. Mary looks good and would 
love to be as active as she always was. but loses her breath. William is not 
that well either and they are happy to be in a place that serves the meals 
you want and with medical help within the reach of a button. They have an 
apartment with their own furniture. Margaret writes that she is very grateful 
that she and Carroll have had very good health. They will keep travelling 
"as long as we can climb on and off a bus!" Around December first they will 
leave for Florida and as usual will share the driving. You all remember our 
stunning "gym" teacher, Mary Close. In February she sent a donation to 
the Alumni Association in memory of Peg Cosgrovewith whom she kept in 
touch over the years. She writes that she "spent four happy years at St. 
Joseph's from 1933 to 1937. as the Physical Education Instructor." Mary 
lives in Niantic, Connecticut. 

Isabelle Donohue FitzGerald. 319 Webster Av., Brooklyn, NY 11230(718) 


Zita Hawkins Stoddart, 39 Maple Drive, Roosevelt, NY 11575 



The St. Joseph's connection is fantaastic! Marie O'Connor has added to 
her activities visits to Eileen Schilling Bassler's '60 recently opened 
Meadowflower Nursery School in Fair Haven. Eileen's husband, William, 
was recently appointed a New Jersey judge and that was the occasion of a 
dinner celebration Mary Dolan '33 was a recent correspondent to ask a 
New Jersey question in which Dorothea Sommer '36 was interested. 
Bernadette Hughes Carroll '30 and Marie write to each other concerning 
their future retirement homes neither of which ahs been completed as yet. 
(But the pipes are laid!) Both are looking forward with great enthusiasm to 
halcyon days. Mary Flanagan Rigaut and Marie O'Connor drove to the 
Downtown Athletic Club for the Autumn Luncheon. They also try to fit into 
Mary's busy schedule, a weekly brunch. Incidentally, Marie was the sole 
member of '31 to attend the luncheon but enjoyed meeting her former 
fellow-travellers, particularly Kay Waters '29 her table companion. Gen 
Oliver Longley who lives in Highland Beach Fl. enjoys the fact that two 
fellow-alumnae are members of her condo - Violet Castana Falcone '42 

and Mary McVeigh Williams '43 Marie Rickaby Blake's daughter, Margo. 
writes that her mother has long been ill Please include her in your prayers. 

Janet Prendergast Vickrey, 334 82nd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209 (718) 


Marie O'Connor. 72 Riverside Avenue, Apt 48, Red Bank, NJ 07701 (201) 



The high spot for '32 this year was the delightful reunion in September at 
Helen Coughlan Worthley's home in Glen Cove. A Mass for deceased 
members was celebrated by Rev. Nicholas Figliola. Father's homily about 
forgiving and gently forgetting spoke to all our hearts. After the liturgy, 
everyone enjoyed a beautiful luncheon Attending were Kathlyn Ansbro 
Wurts, Marie Furey Boyce, Katherine Kelly Carlin, Anne McCormack 
Fennessy, Gertrude Unser, Mary Whelan Phelan, Mary White Kearney and 
Gladys Worthley. We had notes and calls from a number of '32s who were 
unable to be present - from Christine Barton, Anne Burns Meehan, Helen 
Curran Flynn, Edna Dawkins McDonald, Frances Dieckert Rebele, Kathryn 
Frey Lynch, Mildred Hines Ryan, Madeline Kendall Friel, Margaret Kenny, 
Mildred Martin Donnelly, Winifred McMahon and Irene Parker Parks - all 
with a word of cheer in coping with life's travails. Edna Dawkins McDonald, 
Anne McCormack Fennessy, Mary Whelan Phelan and Buddy found the 
Alumni Day program on October 22nd very rewarding Many of our 
classmate's children are doing exciting things' One especially interesting 
achievement is that of Mildred Hines Ryan's daughter, Valerie Bells, an 
attorney. She is assigned by the US Department of Justice as chief legal 
consultant on the case of the Japanese internments during World War II. 
We offer heartfelt sympathy to Claire Smith whose sister was fatally injured 
in an automobile accident near her Florida home. Please remember both in 
your prayers. It is very hard for me to write about Josephine McKeon 
Broad's death. I do appreciate the sympathy notes and calls to me, since 
many of you understood my loss. Jo and I met on the very first day at St 
Joseph's and through the years we remained steadfast friends who shared 
our lives with joyful devotion. Jo had two wonderfully caring sisters and 
many loving cousins including the Dooling sisters. St. Joseph's alumnae. 
She had a multitude of friends, classmates, colleagues, associates in 
volunteer work, neighbors and had a special interest in each and added a 
happy dimension to their lives. Ever loyal to St. Joseph's College, she 
never missed a reunion and regularly kept in touch with friends from 
college. Jo served as president of the Alumni Association from 1975-1977. 
Several classmates were present at her funeral Mass. Although she had a 
number of physical problems over the years. Jo brushed them aside as 
minor, temporary inconveniences. She brought light and love to many. 

Anne McCormack Fennessy, 2 Horatio Street, NY, 10014 (212) 691-8484 


Although a few of our regulars could not attend, eleven of the Long 
Islanders met for our semi-annual lunch at La Grange on October 24th 
-Rita Bopp Mahoney, Jerrie Young Murphy, Mildred Donohue Fltzpatrick, 
Peggy Clarke Keating, Liz Schaefer Dalton, Joan Glambalvo Palazzo, Rita 
Pollock Murphy, Barbara Owens Miller, Jo Ford Scanlon, Marie McGrath 
Browne, and Mary Dolan. We were fascinated by Bobbie Miller's description 
of a project of the Columbiettes - assembling "Funny Alphabet" books for 
blind and sight-impaired children. The left-hand page has a letter in Braille 
and a raised conventional version of the same letter. The right hand page 
has attached to it a small article, the name of which starts with the same 
letter. For example, a small apron is used for A The printing, making of 
illustrative articles, and assembly of the books is part of the Three 
Dimensional Transcription program This is only one of Bobbie's activities. 
She has managed to find time and energy to spend fourteen days in July on 
an Alaskan land and cruise trip; in August she was a delegate to the 
Supreme Convention of the Columbiettes held in New Jersey, and in 
September she was on a golf weekend with the Bud's Golf Club at 
Mountain Maid Inn in Marshall's Creek. Pennsylvania. Joan Glambalvo 
Palazzo and Frank will spend the winter in Florida and will return north in 
April. In May. her grandson, Tom, will graduate from Boston College; in 
June, granddaughter Jennifer will graduate from Massapequa High 
School and another granddaughter will be a June bride. Rita Bopp 
Mahoney has a new grandchild. Kathleen Eileen Ryan born July 18. Katie 
and parents, Kathleen and Jerry Ryan, live in Rockville Center One of our 
more distant classmates, Rita Herzog Sturm, of Winchester, Virginia, 
writes that she is a great grandmother of two boys, Matt and Erik She 
manages to get to California once a year to see them Jerrie Young Murphy 
is also a great grandmother of two boys. Nicholas. 14 months old and 
Matthew, one month (as of our lunch date). Jerrie s grandson. Mark, is now 


in college; he has also received his pilot's license. Her granddaughter. 
Pamela is engaged and will marry in the Spring. Pam's brother Joseph was 
married in October Jerries daughter. Eileen Hoffman, will have a show of 
her ceramic art in late November at the Smith Gallery on Madison Avenue, 
and granddaughter, Megan, will be dancing in "Nutcracker." Both Ceedle 
David and Marie Murphy are in touch with S. Mary Germaine (Grace 
Flnlay), who is consultant to the President of Catholic University of Puerto 
Rico in Ponce, where she is researching the history of the Josephites in 
Puerto Rico. As an extracurricular activity. S. Germaine is taking a 
computer course - in Spanish! Catherine Gebelein Earl, in a letter to Sr. 
George Aquln recalls the Brooklyn Campus "where I joyfully attended and 
enjoyed the Chapel and other facilities and received an excellent academic 
basis for life. I was not a Catholic at the time. . . I was converted to 
Catholicism at age 18" in 1952, Catherine received her LLB from St. John's 
and practiced law at Shokan, New York for twenty years. She was admitted 
to the N.Y. State Bar at age 40! Catherine retired some 19 years ago in 
Deming, New Mexico, where she enjoys the desert, the beautiful skies, 
clean air and sunshine - "close to God's Beauty and Love." The sound basis 
for life was given to me by you all at St. Joe's - Sister Lorenzo, Sister 
Manuella, Sister Charitina and others and of course - Father Dillon. We 
weather many storms and the strength to bear them is the Faith I received 
at St. Joe's. I had five close deaths - my only child, a son killed at 28, and a 
half year after, my husband at 51. (The Dillon Center has a plaque in her 
son's memory- Harold Carlson). I thank God for 50 years of life after I was 
close to death at King's County Contagious Hospital in 1938. Catherine 
was married again in 1984 to Herbert W Earl, a fine husband who needs 
prayers because of a debilitating illness. Please remember him. 

Mary Dolan, 130E. Lincoln Av.. Valley Stream, NY 11580 (516) 825-1582 
Rita Pollack Murphy. 72 East Cypress Lane, Westbury, NY 11590 (51 6) 531 4 


At Alumni Day in October, there were only three of us, Agnes Brown 
Drummond, Muriel Hottenroth Magenhelmer and Marie Lilly. Sure hope 
we'll be better represented at the Spring Luncheon as it will mark our 55th 
Anniversary! Let's meet again for a grand celebration. Muriel had a reunion 
with Dorothy Burgen Loehfelm at a surprise birthday party given by her 
daughter. Barbara, at her home in Glastonbury, CT. Dorothy and Bob 
spend their summers in their Glastonbury home and their winters in Coco 
Beach, Florida Eleanor Lagututta Murphy and Muriel met for Mass at St. 
Francis and had lunch in the city They visited S. James Cecilia (Mary 
Cullen) at New York Hospital for Special Surgery where she was recovering 
from knee relacement and is doing very well. Eleanor is also doing well after 
her serious operation and John has recovered from a cataract operation. 
Speaking of cataracts, Gina Latorraca joined the group in November. Fran 
McGovern Delany's husband, Jack, had a hip replaced. Marie Lilly is again 
going to spend Christmas at her niece's home in California. Below is our 
lost list. Is it possible someone has a clue to their whereabouts? Call the 
Alumni Office, (718) 636-6882. if you do. 

Collette Anthony 
Dorothy Hallahan Hofgren 
Margaret Impellizzeri Valle 

Margaret Powell Daly 
Susan Swanton Welsh 
Ellen Weinfurt Le Cerff 

Marie Lilly. 8201 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11209 

(718) 680-2069 

Margaret Bier. 6 Brooklands, Apt. #4A, Bronxville. NY 10708 

(914) 793-0243 

Catherine Cooke. 9956 Ft. Hamilton Pkwy. Brooklyn, NY 11209 

(718) 748-9866 


What's for lunch? The answer was provided recently at the delightful 
Alumnae Luncheon at the Downtown Athletic Club for Mary Eliz McL 
Farrell, Edna Brennan Maloney, Anne Seitz Smith and Helen Brown. Helen 
recently heard from Harriet Faye Wynne, who live in Boston with Bob and 
who likes Massachusetts. Harriet was in touch with the alumni office too, for 
addresses etc. Try to leave Massachusetts next spring and attend the 
luncheon on April 8th, Harriet! Edna told us of lunching with Kay Allen and 
Mary Lavery and they chatted about their many pals in St. Joe's whom they 
met, courtesy of Marion Brennan and Kay and Peggy Lavery. Kay Allen was 
in touch with Betty Devlin Lockwood, who sold her home in Bradenton, but 
bought another in Sarasota. All the while we were hoping she would return 
to us in the "north country." At another luncheon in Bay Ridge. Grace 
Flannery Morris, Florence Kemp Carberry and yours truly Anne Seltz Smith 
learned that Florence's son John, who has his MBA from Harvard Business 

School, had been invited to give a lecture there on the ups and downs of 
Wall Street and environs. Florence's daughter, Sr. Kathleen Carberry CSJ 
'63, celebrated twenty-five years as a Sister of St. Joseph, and had a 
beautiful Mass and reception in Brentwood Eleanor Ivers Dugan plans a 
Florida vacation in January, in the area of Tarpon Springs, famed home of 
the "sponges". They now have two Catholic churches there, she says, 
because the Catholic population keeps growing. Eleanor is still an avid 
golfer and also enjoys bridge, especially duplicate bridge. She chats 
frequently with her son who lives in Dallas. Vivian Bird, still in Freeport. now 
has a nephew living with her. Until recently she also enjoyed the company 
of a niece, until she married. Vivian, who is retired, told me that Freeport 
has a woman mayor who is doing an excellent job. Also retired is Rosalie 
Sullivan Parrett. She and Joe live in Elmhurst and she still meets with a 
local group of pals from grammar school. Rosalie mentioned Helen Collins 
Rod who started SJC with us and attended for three years She later 
returned to SJC to finish her education, graduating in 1973. Helen inquired 
about Catherine Wills and I told her that although she sometimes uses a 
cane. Catherine continues to lead an active life. She does work for Our 
Lady of the Rosary church and I have met her at the Ladies of Charity 
affairs in New York, and Helen Dermody as well -another faithful, 
hardworking member of that organization. Catherine's brother comes 
down every Sunday from Goldens Bridge, NY, to spend the day with her. 
Genevieve Sheerin, now in Bay Ridge, plans a trip to Phoenix. Arizona, for 
the wedding of her nephew, Robert. She has been there before and has 
made the grand tour including Yellowstone Park, the Grand Canyon etc. 
Genevieve spends much time with her niece, Mary Ellen McManus 
Maguire and her family who live nearby We learned that Jane McLoughlln 
O'Connor underwent surgery recently but is recovering nicely. Jane's 
three daughters each presented their parents with a grandchild this year! 
Barbara, who lives in San Francisco, had Jane whose two year old sister is 
Mary. Christine, a lawyer, living in Denver had her first child, Benjamin on 
July 16th and on August 6th, Josephine had Claire, little sister of Lynn. Rod 
and Jane flown out to CA and CO to see the families there. Jo. John and 
daughters live nearby in Queens. Mary Eliz McL Farrell's youngest, 
Elizabeth, was married last August in Massachusetts, where all the 
relatives and friends gathered for a three day weekend. The weather, as 
well as the wedding and the whole weekend of events, was perfect. All 
seven children are now married. Anne Scanned Smith moved to Warrenton, 
Virginia, but has kept her pad in Peter Cooper Village. Her brother, Father 
Richard, is in St. John's Church in Alexandria and Anne is planning to 
move up that way, as another brother, Monsignor Tom, is in that area also. 
Anne is very fond of Warrenton, however, extolling the merits of the library 
there, the marvelous antique shops and the friendly people and has second 
thoughts about leaving. We offer our condolences to Belle Robertson 
O'Connor on the death of her husband last April and to Vita Aloisio 
Domino, whose husband, Francis, died on October 8, 1988. Please 
remember them in your prayers and Belle, too, who has not been too well. 
Catherine Lottus wrote regarding the death of Mercy Peppard Francke 
who died on August 14th. Mercy had started SJC with us but lost six 
months for personal reasons and received her diploma in 1936. Please 
remember her and her family in your prayers, also. Grace Flannery Morris 
was also very friendly with Mercy years ago We look forward to seeing 
many of you at the Annual Spring Luncheon next April. Please! It is such a 
lovely time and a way to meet and greet old pals 

Anne Seitz Smith. 8301 Ridge Blvd.. Brooklyn. NY 11209 (718) 238-5118 
Anne Hennessy O'Rourke, 651 Vanderbilt Street. Apt. tt4K, Brooklyn. NY 


We were sorry to hear of the death of Mercy Peppard Franke recently and 
extend sympathy to her family and remember her in our prayers. Last 
summer, John and Virginia Humphreys Cooke celebrated their fiftieth 
wedding anniversary. Monsignor Diviney said a special Mass for them at 
their parish church which was followed with lunch at the Westhampton 
Country club. They were joined by all their children and their spouses and 
sixteen of the eighteen grandchildren. "It was a wonderful day - God has 
been very good to us." After reading of the "finding" of Kay Morgan, Virginia 
Norton Morgan wrote from Albuquerque, NM. asking for her address - old 
friends were reunited. Virginia does volunteer work for St. Vincent de Paul 
and is a member of the Holy Ghost Prayer Group. She and John find time for 
a little travelling now and then. Via the grapevine, we hear that Claire 
Brennan Suchan's daughter was a bride this year - in Sparta, New York. 
Again, Alumni Day on October 22nd. at the college, was a delight. Betty 
Pyne Dunleavy was the lone attendant from '36. "The college is just 
beautiful and it is worth the time and effort to visit just to see the many 
improvements that have been made in the last fifty years", she says. The Fall 
Luncheon on November 5th, at the Downtown Athletic Club, Manhattan, 


was attended by me, Dot Delay, Isabel Farrell and Alice Hagan Flnnerty. 

However, the lovely view of the harbor from the 16th floor was obscured by 
rain and fog. Dot Sommer missed the event because she was unable to 
make connections with someone to travel into the city. We offer heartfelt 
sympathy toAnn Jones Gordon on the death of her husband. Remember 
both in your prayers. Alice Fagan Flnnerty has fifteen grandchildren. Dot 
Delay has been homebound due to her sister's accident at the Atlantic 
Beach Club. However, her sister is doing well. We look forward to a reunion 
at Dot's cabana in summer '89. Dot and Isabel play weekly bridge and attend 
the theater in New York together - the latest: The Phantom of the Opera! I, 
Betty Pyne Dunleavy, am awaiting the birth of my sixth great-grandchild 
on November 17th. I understand it is a girl who will be named Danielle 
Nicole Donegan I'm always waiting word from each of you to bring us 
'36ers up to date on your own family ventures Write or phone some news 
for the next summer column God bless and keep you healthy for many 
more years. 

Belly Pyne Dunleavy. 335 E. 32nd St., Brooklyn. NY 11226 (718) U/L 


Annette Robinson Dunn sent a newspaper clipping about Fran Bennett 

Jacobsen who retired from teaching five years ago but who does 
substitute-teaching part time. Fran is a volunteer in teaching adults to 
read, and spends one day a week plus evenings testing potential literacy 
students. Volunteers must pass a stiff 21 hour course to qualify as a tutor. 
Annette will be leaving for Florida right after Thanksgiving. She will return 
home for five days at Christmas time Margaret Laux O'Reilly visited 
relatives and friends in Ireland this summer. Clare Ruane, on the other 
hand, entertained her relatives from Ireland at her home. Joe and Mary 
McGrath Verville spent a quiet summer vacationing weekends and 
especially enjoyed the Concord upstate Kay Hetternan Steflany helped 
her daughter, Kay, prepare to move, with her daughter and twin sons, to a 
new home in Denver, Colorado Fran Young McCarthy enjoyed a 
Scandanavian cruise this year. In October, she had a knee replacement 
operation but expects to be fully recovered in time to spend her usual three 
winter months in Florida on Singer Island. Still working at Brownstone 
Studios. Mary Michel Costa .enjoys being picked up each morning by car, 
and delivered home each night. Her talented daughter is on location with a 
new movie "Blue Steel" starring Jamie Lee Curtis. Rita Griffin Bjornson is 
Vice President of the Massapequa Historical Society. They meet in an old 
church which was bought and restored and were instrumental in installing 
some wonderful old stained glass windows. In the Fall they hold an Apple 
Festival and in the spring, a Strawberry Festival. Rita enjoyed lunch one 
afternoon with Joe and Fran Oliveri Baicich. Rita Staiger Bowers just 
returned from a flying visit to her son and grandchildren in Boston. To 
accommodate her other son and his wife, Rita made an apartment in her 
home by raising the roof. Rita has two grandsons and a granddaughter, 
age 3. An only child, herself. Rita takes great delight in them She also 
enjoys playing poker! Gen Sullivan Costello is awaiting her 9th grandchild 
. Her son. John, a producer on CBS Morning News had a stint with 
Vice-President elect Dan Quayle on his campaign circuit Gen's daughter 
while working on her PhD has decided to take up law. Active in the Jamaica 
Estates Home Owner's Association, Gen has written admonitory letters to 
her councilman At meetings they often have around 100 people, all 
interested in keeping the neighborhood safe and in good, clean condition. 
Lillian Keenan Hayes' sister-in-law, Eleanor Hayes, told of Bill and Lillian's 
trip to Denver, Colorado, this summer. Joe and Fran Oliveri Baicich still 
enjoy dancing the polka! Their oldest grandchild is now 20 and in college, 
their youngest is one year old. Margie Parker Smith has spent almost seven 
years as a volunteer rolling bandages for medical missions and an even 
longer time teaching once a week at St. Saviour's Learning Center to guide 
students in Comprehensive Reading. On a great trip to Stockholm this 
summer, Marge spoke to young people there who asked her to send this 
message back to the US - "Socialism is not working 1 " The youth have lost 
all ambition -there are no goals to work for since everything is paid. . why 
work? And when they do. 80% goes to taxes Marge was in Orlando, FLfor 
the National Masters Track and Field Championships where 970 
participants came from all over the country. With great anticipation, Marge 
was looking forward in early December to a pilgrimage to Medugorje, 
Yugoslavia where the Blessed Mother has been appearing every day 
for the last eight years to a group of youngsters She will remember 
everyone in her prayers while there. Alice Hlnes Smith's son Frank M 
Smith, principal of Lindenhurst Senior High School was voted Principal of 
the Year of Suffolk County. He was honored at a dinner and given a plaque 
by the New York State Association of Secondary School Principals Alice. 
Joe and Fran Oliveri Baicich had lunch with Rolf and Rita Griffin Bjornson 
at their lovely home in Massapequa and Alice reciprocated during the 

summer. Alice has joined the New Bethlehem Community of St. Pius in 

Marjorie Parker Smith, 65 Prospect Park West. Brooklyn. NY 11215 (718) 


Eileen Brennan, 1203 Fenwood Drive, Valley Stream, NY 11580 1516) 



Those who attended our fiftieth at the Alumni Luncheon last April were 
delighted and the class picture showed a pert bunch Your response for 
request for news is appreciated. Pat and Fran Coffey Kelly moved from 
Mahopac. NY, to Hyde Park Their son, Pat and family, have moved up from 
Florida and will be settling close by. Edgar and Marie Cavagnaro Debany 
now live in Southhold Their son. Fr. Edgar Debany. SJ, is the chaplain at 
Loyola High School in Towson, Maryland, and also teaches Theology 
Marie and Edgar got together with Bishop Coscia and Grace before they 
returned to Brazil. Neil and Marita Egan McNeill toured the upper and 
lower peninsulas of Michigan last September and plan to be in California 
for the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena and then be on their way 
to San Diego and Mexico Helen Dolan and Fran McLoughlin Rellly are 
recuperating from knee surgery. Helen uses a walker and after therapy 
hopes to graduate to a cane Eleanor Fanelle's father, after spending a 
week or so in a nursing home, died last May at the age of 101. Tom and 
Betty Carter Birney took a bus tour of the Canadian Rockies on the 
recommendation of Helen Regan McLaughlin. Helen Higgins Foley 
welcomed the early Fall weather, after the hot dry summer. Helen was 
disappointed at not seeing Katherine Shea - so were we all. Kay Holmberg 
Schuster and Steve attended Elderhostel classes near Washington DC and 
then drove on to Beech Mountain, NC. They will be seeing the Heckmans 
(Ellen O'Toole) for dinner on their return. We all certainly enjoyed Dot 
Lennon's call from Hawaii to Ruth Whitbread's. She loves her life in Hawaii. 
Her two brothers. John and Rick also live there. She has sixteen Lanai 
(adopted) grandnieces and nephews that she tutors in Math. She donates 
time to the Department of Education and Friends of the Library. In quiet 
time, Dot is working on a large needlework project - but, she says, she does 
not give hula lessons Cate, daughter of Bill and Peggy Magee Buckley. 
who lives in Cocoa, FL, is expecting twins around Christmastime. Their 
grandson, Noah, was four years old on November 5th. Peg and Bill are 
postponing their annual trip to Barbados in case they are needed at the 
Haselows. Helen Doian thanks all of you for your notes about our 50th 
celebration The committee. Angie Liebinger Conlon, Helen Dolan, Ellen 
O'Toole Heckman, Agnes McNamara, Frances McLoughlin Reilly, Ruth 
Whitbread and Rita McGovern Root worked hard to insure the successful 
celebration Helen spent the summer in an out of the hospital. She and 
Mary are considering a move to an apartment. Agnes McNamara is 
scouting for them After a fall. Winnie Meade Burke is in the East Rockaway 
Nursing Home, 243 Atlantic Avenue, East Rockaway. NY 11518 Mail would 
really help to pass the time and keep the class of '38 ever in touch. 

Helen Dolan. 130 E. Lincoln Avenue. Valley Stream. NY 11580 


Margaret Magee Buckley. Stonegate Apts. 7-C7. Peekskill. NY 10566 

(914) 739-6369 


'39 was well represented at the Fall Luncheon, November 5th at the 
Downtown Athletic Club. Present were Connie Giampietro Annucci, 
Peggy Bolton Barsin, Kay Braithewaite, Bea Hunkele Brennan, Bette 
Bressi, Mary Kane Glllen, Laura Hundley, Aurora Jorgensen, Florence 
Kennedy, Eleanor Van Wagner Nace, Eileen Daly O Shea. Sr. Mary Corde 
Tymann, Joanna Venezla Zlnno and Marie Gluffre McLoughlin, who was 
accompanied by her daughter Geanne Grivalsky Despite the inclement 
weather, we enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon Plans are already underway 
for our Golden Jubilee Celebration We are looking forward to an exciting 
two-day celebration on April 8th and 9th. 1989 Hold the dates You will be 
receiving a letter shortly with more of the details We look forward to seeing 
all of you on this very special occasion Let's try for 100% attendance. We 
list the lost and ask that if you have an inkling where any of them may be. 
please get in touch with the Alumni office: (718) 636-6882 

Geraldme Coakley Hagan 
Maria De Jongh Nolan 
Mary Farrington O'Leary 
Ruth Giorgio McDonald 
Evelyn Huth Rugee 
Miriam Lally Freyer 

Gertrude Loughlin 
Mary C McCabe 
Mary McMahon Davis 
Kathryn McVey 
Margaret Pollack Putnam 


Florence Kennedy, 69-40B 186 Lane. ttIB, Flushing, NY 11365 
(718) 591-5735 


Helen Gribben Mally moved from New Jersey to Taos, New Mexico, and 
Harriet Bodemer Fox from Bellmore LI to Pembroke Pines, Florida. Dot 
Sullivan Woglom made a short move from Garwood, N.J. to Cranford, N. J., 
likewise Mary McCue Timmons went from Sparta. N.J. to Newton, N.J. All 
addresses and most phone numbers are available, excepting those who 
are "lost": Mary Brady, Dot Carlin O Hare, Irene Eichorn Najera, Virginia 
Glaser Knudsen, Anne Hyland Furer, Florence Kirvin Leonard and Olive 
Selmer. We extend condolences to Fran Caetta lanora on the death of her 
mother, and to the family of our dear Teresa lacobellis, who called herself 
Teddy, died September 11th, our third classmate to die this year. Anna 
Sullivan took two Franciscan trips, one to Puerto Rico in the spring and 
another to St. Louis and New Orleans, with beautiful scenery along the 
way. Her brother Frank's birthday party in Albany took precedence over 
our Fall luncheon at the Downtown Athletic Club. They had beautiful 
weather up there and a good family get-together. Dot White and Ruth 
Drucker attended the Fall luncheon. Dot works two days a week at Cabrini 
hospital and also matches volunteers with those needing a ride in the FISH 
program. She also works three times a week in a parish after-school 
program, Monday thru Friday. On June 29, 1988 Armand and Fran Caetta 
lanora celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary. They spent the day 
entertaining Mary McNulty, Ruth Drucker and Isabella Knight Foster in 
their beautiful New Jersey home. Mary did the driving that day. I enjoyed a 
short lunch with Doris Whelan Coneys and Lillian McCloskey one day in 
Connecticut. Lillian's aunt, Sr. Fidelis Marie (McCloskey) had been their 
art teacher at St. Joseph's Academy in Brentwood, which evoked a flood of 
memories of high school and college days. Marie Birmingham Ponsot was 
elected Professor of the year at Queens College Cecilia Ruane Finnegan 
wrote that she has not been receiving mail. The alumni office checked and 
found that all was in good order and she should have no problem. 

Ruth Drucker, 7148 Juno St., Forest Hills, NY 1 1375 (718) 793-4665 


Irene Butler Lozano enjoyed a trip to the Orient, except for the extreme 
heat. Later she spent a quiet time with Eileen Heenan Caswell in Mentor, 
Ohio, remininscing about St. Brendan's and St. Joseph's. Eileen is in 
contact by mail with Theresa Wilson Stewart of Staten Island and Eileen 
Conway Brown Delmar, NY. How about a line from you both? In June. 
Eileen's seventh son. Paul, and wife Darlene, welcomed Joshua Warren. 
Her family nearby, help Eileen to go on without Warren, who died in 
December of '87. Neil Toomey. widower of Teresa Garvey Toomey, writes 
that he has married again and spends winters in Corona, CA. Ann 
Campbell received word that Eileen Barron Gilleran had died in California 
where she had moved a few years ago to be near her son. Ann is enjoying 
retirement from American Red Cross. The proximity of her apartment to 
Lincoln Center gives her easy access to the Center's cultural offerings. Her 
mother, in New Hyde Park, is 94 and managing very well with a pacemaker. 
Virginia Titus Meyer, who spent freshman and sophomore years with our 
class, died in August Lorraine Schultheis Vaccaro was unaware that she 
and Virginia lived near one another in Malverne until she heard Virginia 
prayed for in Church. Lorraine's son, Fr. Peter, has been transferred from a 
Brooklyn parish to teach in Rome. Her other son is an assistant pastor in St. 
Fidelis, College Point. 

Margaret McDerby Shea, 1905FurmanCT., Cocoa Fl 32922 (407 ') 631 -5170 
78 Yale PI, Rockville Center, NY 11570 (516) 766-7966 


Here are some statistics about our classmates: Of the 51 members 
currently listed in the Alumni files, three are members of the Sisters of St. 
Joseph, six are single and forty-two are married. Over one half (27) 
continue to reside somewhere on Long Island, six in New Jersey, five in the 
rest of New York State, three in Maryland and Florida, two in Manhattan 
and one each in California, Vermont, Virginia, Connecticut and South 
Carolina Here is some news from Florida: Miriam McDonough Keefe 
moved to Palm Harbor near Tampa seven years ago when husband Bob 
sold his business. They find life in a retirement community ideal and have 
become avid golfers They still return to Long Island to visit their four 
children and five grandchildren. They recommend their adopted state to 
all of us Helen Gebhardt Oberholer is also on the west coast of Florida in 
Bradenton. She is involved in real estate there. We received a note from 

Mary McHenry Schwarz telling us of her move to Woodhaven Adult Home 
in Port Jefferson Station. She was operated on for a detached retina and 
judging from her letter, her sight is quite good. Best wishes, Mary. A 
reminder that 1989 marks our forty-filth anniversary! Let's try to get 
together at the Spring Luncheon! We have no addresses for those 
classmates listed below. If you know where they might be - even the area 
please let the alumni office know. (718) 636-6882. 

Dr. Loretta Assaretti 
Anne Duryea McDermott 
Faith Carey 
Carol Harrison Werner 

Emilia Malzone Hill 
Vincene Pace Ippolito 
Joan Riordan Grohegan 
Jeanne Wilson Seidel 


Annette Nolan, 289 Clinton Street, Brooklyn, NY 1 1201 (718) 624-2154 


Not much to tell because I haven't heard from you Why'' Babette Harper is 
working for Hermandad - a non-profit, community organization which 
works among the poor in Central America and the Caribbean. She is also 
the landlord of a house in Kent, England. If you're interested in the British 
Isles this summer, perhaps you can visit! Margaret Jokiel Joyce and Clare 
Bauch were the sole members of '45 at the Fall luncheon. Margaret's family 
from Texas visited her this summer and she and John gloried in the 
attention of children and grandchildren. Pat Brown Schoen has had 
surgery and the prognosis is good. Martha Leaver was elected president of 
the Bay Ridge Chapter of AARP - American Association of Retired Persons 
- for the second year. There are 400 members plus a waiting list. We offer 
our sympathy and prayers to Barbara Kuehn on the death of her mother in 
September. We would enjoy seeing/hearing from you. How about the 
Spring Luncheon at Antun's this coming April? Shall we see you then? 

Clare T. Bauch, 6 Stevens Court, Stewart Manor, NY 11010(516) 328-9449 


October's mail brought sad news of the death of Eileen Renslng who 
graduated with us as Sister Vincent Miriam. She left the convent and was 
living in Florida at the time of her death. A week later, another classmate, 
Catherine Monks Waylor, died suddenly of a heart attack. She was my 
dearest friend of 50 years. We had just celebrated our birthdays at dinner 
on September 19th, sharing joys of being grandparents. Her husband, 
Dick in eulogy, said that Catherine always had the perfect word to comfort 
someone or put him at ease. He spoke of her love for her family and for her 
students. He ended with "Catherine was a very special person." Please 
remember them both in your prayers Alice Reilly Jones called and told us 
that she and Roy have six grandchildren - two sets of twins and all girls. 
They enjoy them so much because they had all sons - three of them. One of 
thegirls could ride a two-wheel bike before the age of four! Alice and Roy, 
Vincent and Imelda Lavin Procida, Bob and Doris Blewett Allyn, George 
and Eileen Broderlck Grigg met at Madeline Martin McGowan's place in 
the Hamptons. Madeline lives in Vero Beach FL but spends summers in the 
Hamptons. Bob and Doris commute between Freeport, Gilgo Beach and 
the Virgin Islands where Bob has a Marina. Three years ago, Joan 
McManus Fusco retired from Glen Cove Secondary Schools and she and 
Clifford, who is also retired, have traveled extensively - to Europe, Asia and 
South America. Four of their children are married and Christopher, the 
youngest is in his last year at the New England Conservatory of Music. 
Marian Quealy Zoll had ten adults and five grandchildren around her 
Thanksgiving table. Her youngest son works at Carnegie-Mellon and the 
oldest traveled in from California's Silicone Valley. Marian teaches 
kindergarten half-days in a local school. She attended Alumni Day this 
year and loved it. I was there last year but couldn't make it this year. We 
shared feelings of being renewed and refreshed from having spent the day 
at SJC in Brooklyn Genevieve Kingman Lindner's daughter, Cathy, had a 
boy,. Daniel Thomas West, in June. His sister, Michelle is nearly five. Son, 
Michael bought a house in Basking Ridge. NJ. He works for Bell Labs and 
enjoys it very much. Herb retired two years ago. but Gen is still teaching 
pre-kindergarten full time and she loves every minute Dick and Marygrace 
Calhoun Dunn who live in San Francisco at 530 Junipero Serra Street, 
were in Rome for the beautification of Father Junipero Serra. founder of 
the California Missions. They went on to Venice where they shipped out 
with a Harvard Alumni Cruise through the Mediterranean for fifteen days. 
See you at the Spring Luncheon on April 8th! 

Genevieve Kingman Lindner, 23 Alliance Street, Valley Stream, NY 11580 
(516) 561-0001 

Marian Quealy Zoll, 165 Greenwood Drive, Millington. NJ 07946 
(201) 647-2434 


Irene Kelly Matos dropped in at the college one Sunday and enjoyed a chat 
with Sr. Teresa Avlla. She also left a new address, which may have 
accounted for her failure to receive mail Jrom the college. Mary Pantano 
Malolo, who lives in Bethesda. MD. is still interested in OWL Older 
Women's League, and attends meetings "on the Hill" once a month. "It is 
fascinating to see these very knowledgable women - many working for 
senators and bureaucrats, adept at analyzing legislation and on the 
lookout for making life more equitable for women," she writes "Don't let 
the name fool you This is no group of "little old ladies ." OWL members are 
young and old. women and men. and come from all walks of life. Their 
common belief Women in this country are entitled to a better future. 
OWL'S purpose is to propose solutions to the difficult problems women 
face as they age. . . and to educate and support women so they can become 
advocates for change in public policies that adversely affect their lives 
Mary finds that working with this group has been a wonderful lesson in 
how the democratic process works. Legislative changes are being made 
slowly but surely, she says. Recently, mail was returned from Catherine 
Sclafanl Lenlhan of Saddle River. NJ. Does anyone know her current 

Bemadette Cassidy Fitzpatrick. 2608 Voorhies Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 


Elizabeth Kernan Adams lives in Norfolk, VA and has four children. Two 
are married. She has two granddaughters age 6V£ who were born two 
weeks apart! Elizabeth's 21 year old daughter is a senior at the University of 
Virginia and a son. 17, is at Norfolk Catholic High School. He plays soccer, 
basketball and golf. Elizabeth also plays golf and volunteers her help at 
high school. Aside from running the house, she enjoys sewing. The family 
spends vacation times at their summer home at Kitty Hawk, NC. Elizabeth's 
husband, Edward, died in August of 1987. Our FORTIETH anniversary is 
coming up in 1989 and it is not too early to phone your friends to discuss 
ways of celebrating this milestone We will be especially honored at the 
Spring Luncheon at Antun's on April 8th, 1989. Why not meet together for a 
grand reunion! Mark the date on your calendar NOW. 

Our Lost Members: 

Patricia Blair Beatty 

Pat Eberle Miller 

Helen Fitzgerald Kellaher 

Patricia Kenny 

Helen Livingston Hughes 

Mary McCarty Schoos 
Mary Regulski Heaney 
Marion Richardson Freddo 
Louise Voelker Kinnie 

Ann Clancy. 4817 42nd St.. Long Island City. NY 11104 (718) 784-4157 


Terry Doyle Gallagher writes of thei r big move to Potsdam, NY occasioned 
by the fact that her husband, Richard H. Gallagher, became Clarkson 
University's 14th president on July 1st. Aside from attending "good-bye" 
parties, Terry entertained 32 relatives at a party in her home for her 
mother's 85th birthday. "After our travels in 59 countries and 6 continents." 
writes Terry. "God is bringing us back to our regional beginnings, New 
York State - and we are thrilled and delighted ." On March 30th. Senator 
Daniel Patrick Moynihan delivered a testimonial to Clarkson University 
and Dr, Richard Gallagher and they received two gold-trimmed parchment 
copies of the March 30th Congressional Record of which the testimonial is 
apart The Gallaghers will live in Hepburn House which is the home of the 
presidents of Clarkson College 

Eileen DavisEvans. 7708Ridge Blvd. Brooklyn. NY 11209(718) 745-1713 
Eileen Mahoney Hoban. 83 Long Ridge Road. Manhasset, NY 1 1030 (516) 


July 16. 1988 was the date for the January '51 class reunion at Jerry Hanlon 
Weiss' house on Shelter Island We had a wonderful time. Gertrude 
Agoglla. Ann Ollva Apollo, Vllma Sauss Campbell, Margaret Slmonelll La 
Cerra, Grace Arnone Marra and Geraldlne Hanlon Weiss attended 
Dorothy Sauss Babyak sent us a beautiful greeting and then telephoned 
from Missouri S, Alice Harrington sent her best regards to everyone. She 

has been in Latham. NY 12110 (Jeanne Jugan Lane) since 1985. S. Alice 
thinks often of St Joseph's and of how fortunate we were to go there Stella 
MacNell Flnan called and was able to give us Sally Harmon's address at 21 
Pearl Road, Rocky Point, NY 1 1 778. Stella and John have retired to Flagler 
Beach Florida Sally visited with us on the telphone; she is not able to get 
around easily due to arthritis Also sending love and best wishes to all are 
Glnny Shart Falls, Florence Sergio O'Connor, Margee Catalano Grasso, 
Caryl Dwyer Bergen, Connie Pompa Barry, Gloria Lopez Bruschlnl, Agnes 
Maher Carr, Joan McCarthy Dillon, Ellen Duffy Smith. Ellen Heffron Walsh 
sent us some beautiful pictures of her family as well Irene Donohue Alpeii 
retired and has moved to Sedona, Arizona which is 100 miles north of 
Phoenix She will keep her apartment in Manhattan Talked with Joan 
McCarthy Dillon who says that Dan has retired Joan still has a marvelous 
sense of humor. Jackie Rupp Lynch of Florida was to be in New York in 
August although she hated to leave her grandchildren: Kelly Moran Lynch 
born June 17th and Matthew who is six month older Marilyn Marvin 
Fitzpatrick visited the Lynches in Florida Jerry Hanlon Weiss enioyed a 
trip to the Scandinavian countries and Leningrad. She's President of the 
Westchester County Federation of Women's Clubs 

Claire MacVenn Dillon, 1838 East 33rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 1 1234 (718) 


Joan McCarthy Dillon, 32 Sparkill Avenue, Tappan, NY 10983 (914) 


Julia Cummings Murphy, 114 Burtis Avenue, Rockville Centre. NY 11570 

(516) 678-5076 

Geraldine Hanlon Weiss. 63 Deerfield Lane South. Pleasantville NY 10570 

(914) 769-7865 


This past Saturday was wet but very mild. A good day to stay in, clean out 
drawers, straighten out desks and generally catch up Aha! but also a good 
day and great opportunity to make a few telephone calls! So after placing a 
few calls I was able to get the following newsy tidbits. Mildred Feudtner 
tells me that a group got together in the spring at Pat Dennen Dunne's 
house in Muttontown. She and Gerald hosted a dinner party in honor of 
Joseph and Joan Walsh Robinson who were visiting from the coast. Others 
present were Pat Kermath Lynch. Dot Freese Breiner, Joan Little Donoghue 
and Terry Copln Meehan and all their husbands, as well as Margot Ryan 
Cassanl and Helen Connell 50 Ruth Hall Carey told me that Dan retired 
from the Port Authority and that her son James was married in July. James 
works for Merrill Lynch and the newlyweds reside in Stamford. CT. Ruth 
continues to teach learning disabled in Herncks Middle School The call to 
Pat McKenna Fitzgerald brought news that Claire Althlsar Moran returned 
to her teaching job in the city after a year's sabbatical The Morans have a 
country home near Lake George where they spend much o' ihe summer. 
They have oodles of grandchildren. Pat also said that Ann Schmitt Krebs 
teaches second grade at St. Joseph's in Hewlett Her oldest son is married 
and lives in Malverne. the youngest son will graduate from Chaminade in 
the spring, Pat Fitzgerald's three girls are out of school. One is married, 
another a psychiatric nurse at LI Jewish Hospital, and the third works for 
an advertising agency Pat has been teaching CCD for almost 20 years and 
will receive recognition for her work Our own little group. Ann Sferrazza 
Mollica, Rita Rutigliano Kagwada and I plan to meet at Phyllis Lee 
Pagano's house Phyl still teaches multi-handicapped children and is 
awaiting the arrival of her fourth grandchild Rita has six grandchildren. 
Ann retired as Supervisor of school Social Workers. Committee on Special 
Education, Board of Education. At present Frank and Ann are looking into 
colleges for their daughter. Gina. I, Jeannette Mazzuka Sombrotto. still 
teach first grade in the Herrick School System and I have developed an 
interest in golf This summer Vin and Jeannette visited two of their sons 
who live in California in the Redondo Beach area Looking at the class list. I 
see that 27 of us live out of state: 7 in New Jersey, 6 in California and 6 in 
Connecticut. The rest are in Colorado. Texas and Pennsylvania So 
telephoning isn't always feasible So please call or drop me a note If you're 
like me. the first thing I do when the Alumnagram comes is flip to our year 
to see what is happening Let's hear from all of you. 

Jeannette Mazzuka Sombrotto. 155 Birchwood Drive. New Hyde, NY 
11040(516) 747-4123 


Elaine Durante Colotl writes. "Alleluia!" One of her four sons is married On 
July 9th. George. #2 son. age 28. married a lovely girl. Denise Kelly. Among 
the wedding guests were two of Elaine's St Joe's friends. Virginia Bradley 
Connolly '54 and Frances Fumo Chionchlo, '55 Elaine's husband. Jim. 
retired in June from the North Babylon Public School System, after 


devoting 38% years to education. Just so he wouldn't be lonely. Elaine 
resigned from her position at Kellenberg Memorial High, where she had 
been teaching French and Spanish for the past year. They plan to travel 
and just enjoy some quality time together. We offer our sympathy and 
prayers to Victoria McMahon O'Moore on the death of her mother, Mary, 
on July 3rd Joyce Clark Dryden was awarded her Master of Library 
Science from CW Post on May 15, 1988. Next year we will have reason to 
celebrate together as it will be thirty-five years since we graduated from St 
Joseph's College. If you have any special ideas, let us know. We will be 
honored as an anniversary class at the Alumni Spring Luncheon. Why not 
meet there for a great reunion? We have addresses for classmates listed 
below. Do you know where they are? 

Mary Connolly Hoban 
Florence D'Amato 

Natalie Hughes Kelly 
Claire Peterson Klink 

Rosemary Corbelt Hannon. 3000-19 Stevens Street. Oceanside NY 1 1572 

(516) 764-1824 

Pat Finn McDonnell, 20 Wareham Road, Dumont, NJ 07628 

(201) 384-9548 


'56 was well represented at the Fall luncheon with Ginny McGuire Fortsch, 
Eileen Hale Peters, Mary Engelsklrger Seery, Louise Cavallaro Sikorski. 
Kay McMullen Schafer. Winnie Cavanagh Malone, Anne Bauch, Carolyn 
Black Sedacka and Joan Reardon Dillon. Carolyn and Joan served on the 
luncheon committee with chairperson Anne Porter Molanphy, Some news: 
Ginny's son, Greg, is a sophomore at Johns Hopkins University. Eileen 
Hale Peter's daughter Mary Jo, is a nurse and will be moving to Florida 
shortly. Larry has a year and a half until he graduates from the Royal 
College of Surgeons in Dublin. Nancy graduated from Scranton University 
and is selling Fax machines. Claire will graduate from Scranton next June. 
Sean is a freshman at Kings College in Pennsylvania and Katie, the 
youngest, is a junior at Our Lady of Mercy Academy. Eileen teaches 1st 
grade in Merrick and Jack is paying tuition and still smiling (occasionally)! 
Dick and Mary Engelskirger Seery just became grandparents; oldest 
daughter, Eileen, presented them with little Kathleen Mary. In May the 
Seery's had a wonderful trip to Monte Carlo. Daughter, Kathy a second 
grade teacher at St. Thomas the Apostle in West Hempstead, will be 
married in July Henry and Louise Cavallaro Sikorski and daughter, Anne, 
a senior at Villanova, visited son Raymond in London where he is on a 
Journalism internship for the fall semester. All enjoyed the sightseeing and 
visiting friends in the English countryside, but especially the family 
reunion. Kay McMullen Schafer has three grandchildren living in Dallas. 
Her oldest daughter, Terry, is on an extended trip around the world with 
one back pack She was last heard from in Kuala Lampur Don and Jackie 
Taafe Coleman are grandparents of twins, Alexandra Nicole and Matthew 
Douglas, children of daughter, Pattie. Don and Jackie enjoyed a cruise 
through the Panama Canal and Mexico Ann Bauch met Doris Jacklitsch at 
a wedding this summer. Doris has returned to teaching math at Fort 
Hamilton High School. Her sister, Elaine, teaches 2nd grade in Yorktown 
Heights Jean Haslam Darnowskl's son, Doug, is a sophomore at Yale 
Anne Porter Molanphy's daughters, Mary Lou and Jane ably assisted her at 
the fall luncheon at the DAC It has been a busy year for Marie Lydon 
Heidelberger. During the year, she wrote a proposal for a State Grant to 
purchase some computers and software to teach word processing skills to 
moderately handicapped students at Dumont High School. She was 
awarded the grant by the state of New Jersey Marie's youngest son, Mark, 
graduated from Fairfield University with a B.S. in Finance and is currently 
working as a Computer System Control Analyst. During the past summer 
William and Marie visited Colonial Williamsburg and enjoyed seeing "1 8th 
Century America" Peggyann Heidelberger was named Bergenfield 
Teacher of the Year for 1988. 

AnnE. Bauch. 6 Stevens Court, Stewart Manor, NY 11010(516) 328-9449 


Four members of the Class of '57 took advantage of the Suffolk Moonlight 
Cruise to stage their o^n reunion Joan Seibert Sprague and Bob, Gloria 
Johnson Tally and Jack, Pat McCarthy Bradshaw and Dick and Barbara 
Morrison Marlborough and Bob met on board on June 17th and spent the 
evening recalling their days at the college and telling each other news of 
their jobs, homes and families. All are in some aspect of teaching. Joan is a 
kindergarten teacher in Ronkonkoma schools Gloria works with Special 
Ed pupils in Long Island City. Pat heads a program for BOCES that enables 
adults to attain high school equivalency diplomas. Barbara teaches 

remedial writing skills in the Middle School in Islip. With so much to tell, the 
evening passed too quickly. 1957 is still without a class agent. There are 16 
English majors. . . though not a requisite, wouldn't someone like to do 
some reporting - ferret out the news? Write to the Alumni Office for more 
information and a class list. 


We offer our condolences to Beatrix Dutfy Volchok on the death of her 
mother on July 19. 1987 after a long illness. Please remember them in your 
prayers. The autumn luncheon at the Downtown Athletic Club was a 
delightful day for members of the Class of '59 Betty Anne McDonough, the 
new president of the Alumni Association, has been active in the field of 
education. She left Lane High School in 1984 after 25 years, and whe 
received the Teacher of the Year award from the graduating class. AFter 
several interim positions, she is presently at Sheepshead Bay High School 
and pursuaing her goal of attaining appointment as a high school 
principal Anne O'Connor Gallagher '60spent three weeks last spring on a 
student exchange program in the United Kingdom. She visited England. 
Scotland and Wales. In June she was accepted into the Canadian Studies 
Workshop at St Lawrence University to study Canadian History. Mary 
Margaret Farley May recently moved from her home on the hill over- 
looking Indian Lake in Denville, NJ, to the lake itself. Frank and her son 
Kevin are thrilled to be on the water while Mary Marg is only beginning to 
be comfortable, having lived in and loved their past home for eighteen 
years. Eileen Feeney Smith teaches fourth grade in Queens. Her husband, 
Ed. recently left Citicorp after thirty years and has formed a new 
Investment Management Company. Michael graduated from University of 
Bridgeport Law School. Daughters Suzanne and Shelagh both work at 
NYU graduate school. Brian is a sophomore at Pomona-Claremont 
College in California Ned is a freshman in high school and was the 
recipient in June of Most Valuable Player awards in basketball, basketball 
and soccer! Margaret Jones Downing called with the exciting mews that 
she was a grandmother. Marguerite had a daughter, Carolyn Marie, in 
September - eight pounds, healthy and beautiful. John and Maureen 
Colbert McMahon recently bought a realty firm in Garden City. Their 
Maura is a senior at University of Rhode Island and looking forward to Law 
School. Jay is a sophomore at Brown University in Pre-Med. Chris, a high 
school senior. Susan (15) and the twins. Kerry and Kate (13) are all fine. 
The McMahon family spent a month in Australia and Hawaii to see Jay play 
on the World Team Carl and Kathleen Crowe Sardegna are in Baltimore 
where Carl is CEO of Maryland Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Daughter. Kathy. 
graduated from George Washington Medical School and is doing a three- 
year residency in pediatrics at Children's Hospital in DC. Mark graduated 
from Syracuse U. School of Architecture and is working in Portland, 
Maine. The family spends summers in Maine where they plan to build a 
house on an island in Casco Bay - with architect son, of course, doing the 
design. Kay is also into volunteer work, tennis and paddle tennis. 
Rosemary St. Thomas Hottinger's youngest of three sons graduated from 
college in June and this is the first semester with no tuition. "It's great!" 
Rosemary and Carl welcomed their first grandchild. Kathryn, in September. 
Dolores Martirano Lynch's son. Chris, entered Manhattanville College as 
an International Studies major After four years of private study of the 
Japanese language he was placed in the third level at school and selected 
Vice President of the International Club Twelve-year-old Steve was 
awarded a piano scholarship He composes classical and jazz music. Look 
for Dolores in the final scene of a new movie called "The Second Effort." 
"Lost my speaking part because I didn't have a union card." She auditioned 
with Viveca Lendfors at the River Art Reperatory and received a part in a 
staged reading She's also still baking at her restaurant, Christy's in 
Woodstock Carolyn Courtney Stalters son Brian is a land surveyor, 
working for a Long Island firm Catherine is married and a PhD candidate 
in Psychology at Hofstra. Eric is a senior at Oneonta majoring in nutrition. 
He has already catered a few small parties and is considering going into 
the Culinary Institute. Carolyn works for Nassau County in Mineola. She 
keeps in touch with Doris Healy Petrocelli, Marion Galantl Hatnel and 
Marlon Trivelll Rlzzo who surprised her at a 50th birthday party last 
February "How depressing!" Jim and Carolyn Hill Dalton were surprised 
at a 25th Anniversary Party planned by Anne Gallagher" It was a 
wonderful evening - and we continued the celebration on a trip through 
Switzerland. Weather and sights were spectacular " It's great hearing from 
so many of you. If you haven't sent news, please do so for the summer 
issue. Looking forward to seeing you all at Antun's on April 8th for our big 
three-oh-Th/rf/erh Anniversary. We're a pretty great class! Of the hundred 
of us who graduated only two are lost: Jacqueline Monahan O'Brien and 
Joan Schneider Burns. If you have any leads as to their whereabouts, 
please let us know. 


Mary Sullivan Luongo. 4 Crescent Drive, Easton C T 06612 (203) 372- 1 155 
Carolyn Hill Dallon. 124 South Park Avenue. Rockville Centre NY 11570 
(516) 764-6261 

Barbara Lynch Schoemberg. 336 West End Avenue, New York, NY 10023 
(212) 873-9470 

Maureen Maguire Sullivan, 2043 Route 112. Coram. NY 11727 

(516) 736-1991 

Catherine TraversAlcuri, 109 Brower Avenue. Rockville Centre. NY 11570 



In September Gerry Keating Powell, M.D. was in Scandinavia to address a 
joint meeting of the Swedish and Finnish Societies. She met with Eileen 
Mullen afterwards and revealed that she had taught at Duke University 
School of Medicine and also at the University of Texas Medical Branch in 
Galveston, where she has been an Associate Professor since 1975. Gerry is 
past president of the North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenter- 
ology Maureen Welsh Leopold is a crisis intervention counselor at 
Danbury High School as well as a member of the Fair Rent Commission 
there Helen Barth Kelly's oldest son, Donald, graduated Magna Cum 
Laude from New Jersey Institute of Technology with a degree in 
Mechanical Engineering He is now pursuing his Master's Two years ago, 
Helen left full time high school teaching and now is at Brookdale 
Community College as part time assistant in the writing lab. In her spare 
time. Helen enjoys studying art. She swims regularly at the Y and does 
some PR work for them. Helen wrote of the death of Virginia Lee Powers' 
husband last February. They have six children from 13 to 25 years old. We 
extend our sympathy to Virginia and her family. Please remember them in 
your prayers Therese Duffy Best is an assistant campus minister at Marist 
College and finds it challenging and exciting Her second son, Robert, 
graduated from Bryant College last may. "Two down, two more to go!" 
says Therese Once again, Therese and Marylou Fitzgerald Cain, were 
together this past summer at Shelter Island, where their children have been 
working during the summer Ann Cocuzza Picconotti's daughter, Grace, 
graduated from Villanova School of Nursing last May Grace is working at 
the National Institute of Health. Ann completed ten years teaching at the 
Woods Schools in Langhorn, PA, where she works with multi-handicapped 
and developmentally delayed of all ages Maureen Brandow Gillespie is 
enjoying the watercolor of the 245 building which she sent for recently. 
She met Peggy McDerby Shea not long ago at a Tommy Meacham concert 
and they chatted about St. Joseph's and how welcome we are made to feel 
when we return Peggy leaves for Florida on December 1st. Around the 
corner from Maureen is Julia Cummings Murphy 51 and they often run 
into each other. Maureen met Eileen Feeney Smith '59 twice in one week 
and she often sees Judy Kilfoyle Ferguson who lives only a few blocks 
away The daughters of Carol Trivisonno Lambiase 61 and Maureen 
Gillespie attended Sacred Heart Academy together. When Bishop McGann 
was honored for his thirty years in Rockville Center, Maureen met his 
sister, Sr. John Raymond, and had a great time exchanging stories about 
St. Joseph's. Twice, Maureen met S. Joan de Lourdes . "there are so 
many alumnae in Rockville Center!" Labor Day weekend Maureen was in 
Breezy Point and visited the family of Margaret Cooney '32 who was 
principal of PS. 27 in Brooklyn. Over the summer Maureen saw Kathy 
Carroll Patton and her sister Jeanmarie who treated them to lunch. Kathy's 
daughter started Marist College in September. 

Eileen Mullen. 92 Parrot Place. Brooklyn NY 11228 (718) 745-6624 


A note from Pat Hayward Brunk revealed that she moved from Long Island 
up to Steuben County, New York. She moved into a monastery and found 
that "the bulding is incomplete and it will be some time before the dust 
settles. Our moving van was delayed four days. We had no electricity for 
over a week, and the well water, filled with sulphur, was not drinkable." Late 
last summer, Frank and Mary Collins Macchlarola were visiting friends and 
were delighted to find that Paul and Eileen Boyle Daly, and John and Judy 
Kilfoyle Ferguson were also guests Judy and John have a second 
grandchild and they are expecting another wedding in the family, as son 
John is engaged Judy teaches religion to high school students in 
Huntington. Recently. Mary attended a retirement dinner with nearly three 
hundred guests, chaired by Rosemary McDonald Ahern. Rosemary is still 
teaching pre-kindergarten at PS 217 in Brooklyn She is enjoying her 
granddaughter to the fullest Her son. Tom. has entered the seminary to 
study for the priesthood In September. Mary accepted an invitation from 
her pastor to serve as the Director of Religious Education in the parish The 
work is challenging and rewarding and enjoyable A Happy New Year to all. 
and please drop a note to let us know what you are up to 

Mary Collins Macciarola. 3431 Bedford Avenue. Brooklyn. NY 11210 
(718) 951-7494 


It has been difficult to get news from classmates. Guess we are all talked out 
from our delightful 25th anniversary luncheon! Marie Gumieney Flamme 
writes from California that she can't believe that is is six months since then 
and would love to keep in touch with classmates after such nice memories. 
This summer. Jim and Mlchele Priscandaro Gallagher visited New Mexico. 
Colorado. Utah and Arizona They loved the desert Southwest and 
especially the cosmopolitan Santa Fe Michele is teaching two courses at 
St. John's University In the spring, she will teach Chaucer, Shakespeare 
and Milton at lona College. Last Christmas, Michele published a small 
booklet, "In Her Will I Dwell." meditations on BVM as she appears in 
Scripture She dedicated it to Sr. Teresa Marie on the twentieth anniversary 
of her death Alberta Van Valen Brown lives in Woodstock. New York She 
has been an ordained nun in the Tibetan tradition of Buddhism since 1980. 
Alberta, a chem major, reeived her Master's in Chemistry and Education 
from City College in 1971. She was a quality control Analyst, teacher, 
textbook editor, technical editor and writer She has two children. Daniel 24 
and Alexis 22. 

Elizabeth Williams Auncchio. 540 East 20th Street. New York. NY 10009 
(212) 228-9350 


Joellen Sheehan Faucher writes: 

An announcement to the Class of '64: Remember our 25th Anniversary is in 
the Spring. Anyone with ideas about how best to celebrate it would do well 
to do some polling and also get in touch with Barbara Kempczinska or the 
alumni office. I'm in a very intense, one year Graduate Program and will be 
lucky to be alive come April. I hope I can attend. Thanks. . Barbara has 
volunteered to be a class agent but as you see from her address, she is in the 
far west! Anyone interested in serving on a committee (or assuming the 
class agent's duties) to help in organizing our 25th reunion, write or phone 
the alumni office for a class list. The Silver Jubilee class will be honored at 
the Spring Luncheon on April 8th. . , Save this date for this celebration. We 
can all meet there and discuss any further celebration. Listed below are the 
lost members of our class. Please make an effort to find any that you might 
have a connection with Marilyn Balogh Taylor has moved from Maine to 
Owings. Md We extend our sympathy to her on the death of her husband. 
Henry, on January 21, 1987. 

Margaret Browne Lombardi 
Virginia Bush Reidy 
Marlene Comisky Potter 
Dr. Margaret Candee Jacob 
Elena Latella Caruso 
Susan McCafferty Cordero 
Carole O'Brien Chenera 
Susan V. Pelizzzi 

Margaret R Penney 
Joan Rizzo Wittig 
Geraldine Thompson Sokol 
Adele Tozzi Thomas 
Catherine Vesey Reeves 
Victoria Vega Shnayer 
Carol Ann Volini 
Theresa Wolpensinger Schmitt 

Barbara Kempczinska. 4441 Montgomery St.. Oakland. CA 94611 NIL 
Alumni Office. St. Joseph s College. 245 Clinton Ave.. Brooklyn. NY 11205 
(718) 636-6882 


Barbara MacDonald Di Giovanni has plunged into the world of computers 
developing an educational program for grades K through 8 at St 
Brendan's. Brooklyn, and has trained parents to tea two large tents with 
most of the modern amenities They hate September when they have to 
leave the outdoors behind Robert and Sarajane Jeppson Kennedy live 
near Milwaukee with eight-year old Robbie She has just been elected to 
the parish council, is working at establishing a county level League of 
Women Voters The Kennedys just returned from an in-law family reunion 
in the Pacific Northwest Vincenza Muselll Schiera, after almost twenty 
years in a "regular" classroom is now teaching creative dramatics 
(Remember Chapel Players 7 ) to pre-K through 6th grade, including 
special ed students She also coordinated the parish members' response to 
the Bishops' letter on "Womens Concerns in the Church ." A recent stint on 
the Brooklyn Grand Jury has given her a close-up view of the current drug 
crime wave and its enormous implications Janet Lista Fuges has 
established her own office for a private therapy practice on the upper east 


side. Lorraine Penfold Appleton is on the board of Governor's Island 
Preschool. She, Ken and three-year-old Katie are looking forward to a 
Disneyworld visit in December. Lorraine is the most eager of the three. She 
spent a wonderful Saturday in October at the college Alumni Day. She 
attended a Shakespeare class given by S[. Mary Florence and Milton by Sr. 
Joseph Immaculate. Mary Elizabeth Devlin also attended She is helping to 
raise funds for the SJC New Horizons drive Patty Buckley Mullaney 
coaches her daughter's CYO basketball team. She still plays in women's 
Softball league and this year was MVP of her division. Jean Coleman Dulfy, 
Jim and their three sons spent last Christmas in Oahu, Hawaii with Jim's 
mother and sister. Marianne Duffy McSharry '66. The whole family took 
hula lessons and they're available for special occasions! Marianne also 
visited Joan Mlley Danehy in Chittenango on the Fourth of July weekend. 
Joan is a faculty member at SUNY, teaching Computer Sciences. Joan's 
son Kevin is working as an engineer in Boston and Kara recently graduated 
from Cornell University with a degree in Agricultural Economics. Joan and 
Bill look forward to starting a "Bed & Breakfast" in the near future for 
visitors to the scenic Finger Lakes District. Helen Lynch Canal works in 
Real Estate in the Bay Ridge area. Joanne Danaher Shea moved to Belle 
Harbor area and her son. fifth grader, is a classmate of Eileen Jones Lavin's 
son. Barbara Hautch Black has been seen strolling the area Barbara works 
at Stella Marris High School. Pat Hunter Grace divides her time between 
landscape painting and nursing - and between her homes in Needham, 
M.A. and on Cape Cod. Claudette Townsend teaches, but also travels the 
tennis circuit. Watch carefully on TV and you may see Claudette '65 was 
happy to join us youngsters and hopes to bring more of her class to the Fall 
Luncheon next year Judy Collins has become an Educational Evaluator in 
District 32, Brooklyn. 

Lorraine Penfold Appleton. Bldg. Ill, Apt. 83, Governor's Island, NY 10004 

(212) 825-7423 

Mary Devlin, 4005 Quentin Road, Brooklyn, NY 11234 (338) 8775 


Bob and Terry Perrone Bozza are planning a short trip to New York and 
hope to visit Rich and MaryAnne Annucci Williams. Maria Zullo Rudy's 

husband, John has had four articles accepted for publication. They all 
relate to the poetry of William Wordsworth. John has been promoted to full 
professor. During last summer, the Rudys travelled to Tucson, A2 to visit 
relatives. Anne Selz Radday's daughter, Anne 11, won a state-wide contest 
for students in grade 3-6 in music composition. Karl 16, was elected to the 
National Honor Society, Outstanding High School Students in America and 
Who's Who in American High Schools. At present he is an exchange 
student studying in West Germany. The Raddays have a 17-year old 
exchange student from Turkey. Adam, 13, is enrolled in a special social 
studies curriculum at school for students especially talented in that area. 
Jane Farrell Link's daughter, Becky 1 1 , is again dancing in the Nutcracker 
Suite at Kennedy Center in Washington DC. This year she has the children's 
lead part. Daughter, Melissa, is attending East Carolina State College in NC 
and loves it. Son, Conan, is a junior in high school - and a skate board 

Therese Perrone Bozza, 847 Kerry Down Circle, Melbourne, FL 32940 
(305) 259-0196 

Mary Ellen Dublel Freeley, 67-124 Burns St., Forest Hills. NY 11375 
(718) 544-3216 


Carol Bracco Fish and Don. with son Stephen, vacationed in San 
Francisco last summer and loved it; then travelled to Oregon and climbed 
part of Mt. St. Helena. Barbara Bracco Christina is the Long Island 
Regional Coordinator for New York State Teachers of English to Students 
of Other Languages (TESOL) and will chair the conference on March 4, 
1989atC.W. Post college. Barbara and Frank travelled to Denmark in July 
where they were reunited with Anika, the Danish foreign exchange 
student who lived with them during the 1987-88 school year. Mary Alice 
Jordan Hanna wrote to tell us that she was married to Phillip Hanna in 
June 1986 and they moved from New York City to Chatham, New Jersey. 
On February 5, 1988, they had a lovely daughter, Eleanor Kathleen. Mary 
Alice resigned from her job as project manager in a systems development 
department and is now a full time mommy. 

Maureen Quinn Scherer, 44 Plymouth Avenue, Mt. Sinai, NY 11766 
(516) 928-4630 

Catherine Colgan Stanton, 1221 Underhill Avenue, Yorktown Heights, NY 
10598 (914)962-3756 


The University of Lowell Board of Trustees approved the promotion of Dr. 
Mary Flahlve to the rank of associate professor at the University A former 
assistant professor of mathematics in the College of Pure and Applied 
Science, Mary received a master's degree in mathematics and a doctorate 
from Ohio State University. The board also granted Professor Flahive 
tenure. A letter from Grapevine, TX, tells us that Kate Graves Mente works 
part-time for the Grapevine Independent School District. Alvin and Kate 
have three children: Kristin 14, Brian 9, and Karin6. They moved to Texas 
last year after having lived in Kentucky, as well as various other places on 
Army Assignment - including West Germany. Nancy Brlnkman McManus 
teaches 4th grade at PS 229 in Woodside, Queens. She completed 30 
credits beyond her MA last August. She and Bob have three children, 
Kara, a sophomore at Holy Cross College in Worcester, MA, Krista a 
senior at St. Francis Prep and Richard, a sixth grader. Roseann Quinn was 
appointed Chairperson of the English Department at La Salle Academy. 
Cathy Garone Dede teaches Engl ish at PS 1 04 BK. She and Tony have two 
sons, Christopher 7V4 and Justin 4%. Cathy recently met with Pat Devane 
Bell and Marie De Rita Passero. She sees Mary Kowalski Clark and Kathy 
Kellerman Martorano at District 20 Staff meetings Kathleen Donnellen 
Allison left her position at Tufts University when her second child, 
Li ndsey, 4 years old, was born. Her daughter Kristen is eight. Kathy hopes 
to become active in Special Ed again. Wellington and Barbara Schneller 
Carvalho live in Ridgefield. CT, with Peter 1 4, and Yvonne 1 1 . She teaches 
in a local nursery school and serves as a social worker for Family and 
Children's Aid in Danbury, CT. Quadragenarians Chris Giangreco, Marie 
Rocca Arway, Elaine Siewlec Beck and Mary Beagan Gaestel enjoyed 
40th birthday celebrations with one another. . . in Brooklyn Heights in 
September, Park Slope at Christmastime and Gravesend in March Mary 
Jo Burke Chiara, Jeannette Stanbrough McCarthy, Marianne Traviglla 
Ferrara and Mary Ward Cronin also celebrated their 40ths together last 
March, enjoying a weekend in Manhattan catching upon past and present. 
It was good to hear from Mary Ellen Bradley who has been teaching deaf 
children for the past nineteen years at St. Francis de Sales in Brooklyn. 
Frank and Peggy Mohan Meegan live in Allendale. NJ.with Frank 8'/2, Pat 6, 
and Michael who was born in September. Michael and Jane Cozzi Murray 
live in San Jose, CA, and love down hill skiing. Jane is a preschool director. 
Jane, Dot Kelly Carroll and Ronnie Cell Pawson had a delightful visit 
together this summer Kevin and Nan Miller Schultz live in Simsbury, CT, 
with Robyn 1 1 , and Gavin 9. Nan loves selling training programs for Dale 
Carnegie. She keeps in touch with Irene Reddy Schneller. It was great 
hearing from Valerie Kilmartin who lives and works in Manhattan. A former 
librarian, Valerie now owns a pet food and supply business. Morris Plains. 
N J, is home to Bi 1 1 and Jeannie Goreckl Diamond and one year old Herbert. 
Jeannie loves Jersey and commutes daily to New York City to her position 
as manager for New York Telephone She and Dolores De Mare Asthalter 
still keep in touch. Peggy Tiernan Meehan and John live in Connecticut 
with Jeanne, now in college, Kristen in high school and JR. in first grade. 
Peggy is a Realtor with offices throughout Connecticut and Westchester. 
Last September, Sr. Mary Ross, Nora Ash, Nancy Mulholland 
Brogan, Kathy De Santis Fugelsong, Peggy Tiernan Meehan, and Kathy St. 
John Barton met at Kennedy's in Breezy Point for lots of laughs At the 
recent fall luncheon Angela Vista Savino, Maria Vasser Recchione, Claire 
Collins and Mary Jo Burke Chiara enjoyed dining together and offered 
congratulations to Maria on the birth of daughter, Ashley, this past year. 
Thanks so much for your terrific response Keep your letters coming. 
Veronica Phillips Arikian is in Richmond, VA and has a management 
position at St. Mary's Hospital there. Husband, Alan, is in his last residency 
year in psychiatry. They have two girls and a boy with another child 
expected soon. Louise Dantes Bianca lives in Sykesville, MD and has two 
daughters Christine Callahan Wasserman just completed two years as 
Executive Director of the Alaska Women's Commission. It was a highly 
political two years and she worked to get legislation passed to reauthorize 
the Commission itself and to change the state's divorce laws and parental 
leave policies to promote greater economic equity for women. On a lighter 
side, Chris was asked to portray herself in a "cameo role" in the yearly 
political satire put on by the Women's Political Caucus. Her husband, Paul 
Wasserman. and Chris have decided to move to Boston. After thirteen 
years in the far north, they are ready for a change. Chris looks forward to 
seeing classmates at the '89 reunion. Yes, this will be our TWENTIETH 
anniversary and we will be honored at the Alumni Spring Luncheon on 
April 8th at Antun's, Queens. Let's meet together to celebrate and enjoy a 
great reunion Make note of this date, April 8th on your 1989 calendar. Get 
in touch with your old group and meet there We list our lost below and ask 
that you make every effort to find them. Perhaps you know the area they 
live in. Phone or write the Alumni office with any information - (718) 


Rosalie Baratta Colon 
Kathryn Dallas Bryant 
Rosemarie Di Benedetto Cooney 
Lois Esposito Barrow 
Joan FitzGerald DuBois 
Maureen Fitzgerald O'Brien 
Gail Heidinger 
Mary Henneberry 
Mary Innamorato 
Kathleen Leonard 

Diane Mailey Alexander 
Lyndorcas McCann Carlson 
Mary Alice McGrath Beinert 
Theresa McParland Sullivan 
Rosemary Naccarato Jones 
Bernice Nocco Kufeld 
Denise OToole 
Paula Radioli Thomas 
Francesca Schipano 
Mary Sheehy Fazio 

Mary Jo Burke Chiara, 94 5th St.. Garden City. NY 11530 (516) 746-6920 
Mary Ward Cronin. 2515 8th St.. East Meadow, NY 11554 
(516) 794-0263 


Jo Nunzlata Rossicone's eleven year old Robert is in sixth grade in St. 
Rita's on Staten Island. Seven year old Michael is in second grade at PS 54. 
The boys, as well as their parents are very involved in soccer. Robert is on 
two teams, one being a select travelling team. Jo's husband, Greg, is 
Associate principal at Bishop Keaney HS and Jo is Acting Assistant 
Principal at PS 104, Brooklyn. 

Maria Falconetti. 1205 Wellington Place. Aberdeen, NJ 07747 

(201) 566-3729 

Barbara Ridzi Yovme. 26 Sylvan Avenue, Delmar. NY 12054(518)439-2062 

Kathleen Flanagan Brolly, 3 Keswick Lane, Plainview, NY 11803 NIL 

Mary Mone Dorney, 141 Park Avenue, Williston Park, NY 11596 

(516) 746-3987 

Kathleen Medican Fogarty has recently moved from Shore Parkway, 
Brooklyn, to Staten Island. 

Patricia Garvey, 223 78th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209(718) 680-3797 
Mary Brown Singer, 808 Bronx River Road, Bronxville, NY 10708 
(914) 776-2510 


Sister Irene Couget of the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception - SMIC 
recently celebrated the silver jubilee of her profession of vows. She is 
currently principal of St. Francis School in Gallup, Texas. Meg Ambrose 
Preller lives in Rockville Center. Meg taught in grammar school until six 
year ago, when she left to care for her children. Evan 6 and Adam 2'/;. She 
awaits a new arrival this winter. Kathy Jensen Marchetti lives in Woodmere, 
Nassau County, with George and daughters Jessica 12, and Laura 9. Kathy 
does some substitute teaching and also works on the Marchetti's latest 
project, a house in the Hamptons She tells us that Dotsy Murphy Rooney 
teaches in Rosedale and has two sons. Timothy and Christopher. Gllda 
Plcclnl King and Elfie Picclnl Maldarl are loyal Brooklynites, living in Bay 
Ridge and Dyker Heights, respectively. Gllda teaches math to freshmen 
and sophomores at FontbonneHall. Etfie has two sons. Ralph 9 and Guy 6. 
Gllda promises to send news of those classmates that she still sees. Ellen 
Nofl Murphy has left the corporate world and returned to teaching 5th. 6th 
and 7th graders at St. Edward's in Syosset. Baby, Meghan June, just 
celebrated her first birthday. Anne Bochner Plotrowskl, who has a Master's 
degree in French from NYU (1978), is currently working at the Rindge & 
Latin High School in Cambridge, Massachusetts as a French/Spanish 
teacher - levels 1 and 2. She hopes to obtain permanent status after 
receiving her Spanish certificate next Spring. Anne was married in 1975. 
Her husband, is a supervising United States Probation Officer working in 
the U.S. District Court in Boston. Anne writes that she always remembers 
her college years fondly, especially all the good teachers she had and the 
friends she made and with whom she still keeps in touch. Dlanne Plwlnski 
ran into Patricia Faint while on jury duty. Pat has been with the Telephone 
Company for 1 8 years and at present is supervisor over about sixteen men. 
She recently took a three weeks' course in Computer Programming at the 
Telephone Company's learning center in White Plains to become certified 
to teach, and has been asked to teach computer to employees Pat 
matriculated with the class of 72 but did not receive her diploma until '76 
due to lack of a credit or so. She asks prayers for her mother who is ill. In a 
note from Mary Ellen Gatlney Kenny, we learn that Schery Markee Sullivan 
exhibits her art in several galleries in Suffolk. She works in watercolor - both 

abstract and floral paintings. Schery has 40 credits toward a degree in 
Creative Arts at Brooklyn College but she also became involved with the 
June Lewis Dance Company and has performed with them Schery 
teaches art in Brooklyn College. Mary Ellen, Brian and their three children 
went to Disneyworld via 22 hours on Amtrak. Brian has been travelling to 
India and Thailand Two classmates. Cathy Steinman and Oianne Plwinski 
have been bitten by the acting bug. They are to be seen in the January 
production of "Hello Dolly", presented by the Blackfriars Theatre Group of 
their parish, St. Adalbert's in Elmhurst No stranger to the stage. Dlanne 
was recently seen in the St Mary's Players (Woodside) production of the 
very successful "Bye. Bye Birdie." 


Tom Mohan and Regina ( Connaughton 75) have a home on the Jersey 
shore which they enjoyed this summer Back in Bay Ridge again, routine 
has begun for Brendan who is in 6th grade and Mary in 4th at St. Patrick's 

Maryanne Carnno Besheer. 86 Liberty Drive. Dayton NJ 0881010148 (201) 


Catherine Forgione Zaic, 1 Kingsmere Lane, Marlton, NJ 08053 


Linda Ellen Borelli Ridzi, 72 Windsor Place, Brooklyn, NY 11215 

(718) 499-5540 

1974 Brooklyn 

David and Maureen Donovan Hale had their second child in April, a girl, 
Erin. Her big sister Jenny is now five and has started kindergarten Alicia 
Szlosowski Batko wrote of a new postal routing over in Montague. NJ 
However, she expects to move again in the next six months The Class of 
1974 has a FIFTEENTH anniversary coming up next year! Contact your 
friends now and think of celebration. As an anniversary class, we will be 
honored at the Spring Luncheon on April 8th. Let's meet there for a grand 
reunion! Listed below are classmates for whom we have no addresses. If 
you know anything about their whereabouts, phone the Alumni Office 
(718) 636-6882 

Theresa Allen Granville 
Eileen Barton Lasowski 
Joanne Haubert Folke 
William A. Kerbawy 
Joan Mahon 

Diana Sallusto Agone 
Diane Polkowski Winkmueller 
Linda Rosiello Medina 
Stephanie Viti 
Judith Wagner Eckstrum 

Anna Maria Tufano, 864 60th Street #4A. Brooklyn. NY 11220 NIL 

1974 Suffolk 

Kathleen Haeslin moved to Eaton's Neck. New York and found that Cindy 
Beach of the Class of 1 975 Brentwood, lives on the same block ! 1 989 marks 
a milestone for the Class of 74 and we should meet together to celebrate 
this FIFTEENTH anniversary Phone your friends and think about a class 
reunion. As an anniversary class, we will be honored at the Alumni Spring 
Luncheon, on April 8th, at Antun's in Queens. This would involve no 
planning on our part and we could discuss whether we wish to have some 
other affairlater on. Do you know where any of our lost are? (Listed below) 
If so, please write or phone (718) 636-6882, the Alumni Office: 245 Clinton 
Avenue. Brooklyn. NY 11205. 

Eileen Busch McGovern 
Burton Brazier 
Patricia Cronin 
Harold Coleman. Jr. 
Lorraine Lyon Kane 

Eileen McLoughlin 
Elizabeth Netska Kelly 
Barbara Saffron 
Nancy Schaefer Huniken 
Christine Tallarico Guercio 

James Flannery Jr.. 224 Merriligld Av.. Oceanside. NY 11572 
(516) 764-8654 


Congratulations to Pat. Garry Stegeland and big sister Kristen on the birth 
of Lauren. The Stegelandi are settled in their new home in South Orange. 
NJ Tom and Regina Connaughton Mohan enjoyed the summer at their 
new home on the Jersey Shore Routine has begun again in Bay Ridge 
where son. Brendan, is in 6th grade and Mary in 4th at St Patrick's School 
Noreen Burke Romano recently made the New York Daily News with other 
new members of the Home-School Association of Our Lady of Angels 


School, Bay Ridge Victoria Taylor Harrison writes from White Plains, that 
her daughter, Jennifer was a year old on October 7th. Jeanne Tammara 
has moved from Rego Park to Nanuet, New York Rose Anne De Flna 
married Wayne Thomas Smith on Saturday, November 5th, 1988 at St. 
Patrick's Cathedral. Crest Hollow Country Club in Woodbury, New York, 
was the scene of the reception The couple honey-mooned in St. Thomas 
and St. John. VI, and now reside in a townhouse on Staten Island. Joanne 
Berezowski Casella and family moved to Mahopac, Putnam County, and 
the children love it. Julianne is 6 and Adam is 4. Joanne is a substitute 
teacher in Peekskill-Yorktown BOCES school district She is also a 
Brownie Girl Scout Leader. The family vacationed in London, England for 
two weeks last summer. Michael is a motorman for #1 team in the New York 
City Transit Authority. 

Theresa Cimakasky Mason, 251 90th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209 

(718) 833-3878 

Jacqueline Reisert Esposito, 950 W. Aaron Dr., #6D, State College, PA 

16803 (814) 234-7226 

Rose Anne Defina Smith, 1 5 Kay Place, Staten Island, New York, NY 10305 

(718) 981-0743 

Vincent Vizzo, 59 Rustic St.. Medford, NY 11763 NIL 

Debra Stevenson Nelson, 3638 Howard Lane, Wantagh, NY 11793 

(516) 735-0583 

William Gorman, 458 Degraw Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217 


1975 Suffolk 

Blrgit Hammler, who had been teaching in Japan for five years, is back in 
the United States. She is teaching in the College of Aeronautics. Fifty- 
seven of us graduated in June 1975 and Barbara Ross Antonucci has been 
serving as class agent. Will someone volunteer to help her? Next year will 
be our fifteenth anniversary and we want to plan a reunion. Please write to 
the Alumni Office, 245 Clinton Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205, for more 
information and a class list. 

Barbara Ross Antonucci, 181 Commercial Blvd '., Brentwood. NY 11717 
(516) 231-3340 


on October 12th. Mail, addressed to Susan Oldham, as below, has been 
returned "not-forwardable" Do you know her current address? Please 
phone the alumni office (718) 636-6882 

Maureen Fleming Wicelinski. 60-08 78th Ave, Glendale, NY 11385 


DianneHayden, 1301 East 37th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11210(718)337-5862 

Susan Oldham, 3000 Ocean Parkway. Brooklyn, NY 11235 (718) 372-5781 

1980 Suffolk 

Maria Shehi writes from Lake Havasu City, Arizona, that the summer was 
quiet except for company - who brightened up the days. Weather was 
relentless with a three-week period of hot days never dropping below 1 06° 
and most days at 108°-114°. Daytime, was spent indoors working on 
assorted projects. Sometimes they would take side trips by bus. In May, 
Maria and Scott stayed for two weeks with her son Randy and his wife 
Christina, in New York, and it was grand being with the children. 
Christina's time was taken up with a course for "Certification for Critical 
Care Nurses" at Mt Sinai Hospital where she is employed and had to work 
a ten hour evening shift as well. She passed the course and is now CCCN. 
We need more class agents to help our one and only, Arlene Murtha! 
Consider serving your classmates - and the college - in this way. Write to 
the Alumni Office, 245Clinton Avenue. Brooklyn, NY 1 1205or phone (718) 
636-6882 for a class list and simple instructions. 148 of us graduated and it 
would be ideal to have four agents. 

ArleneMurtha, 12Hill Street, Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779(516)585-7111 


Sister Karen Ann Burke, CSJ, professed her final vows as a Josephite sister 
on Sunday July 31st, in Brentwood. The Eucharistic celebration was 
followed by a reception at St. Elizabeth Seton School in Bushwick, where 
Sister Karen teaches seventh and eighth grade mathematics. 

Marie Clancy, 2348 Benson Av., Brooklyn, NY 11214 (718) 266-6621 
Lisa Kern Sawin, 12 Kathlie Drive. RD 2, Box 358, Averill Park, NY 12018 

Congratulations to Richie and Ginny O'Brien Mayo on the birth of Timothy 
who is little brother to Patrick. The Mayo's reside in Delaware where Ginny 
and Rich work for Morgan Guarantee Trust Co Gerry Regan Lavln is 
working with hearing impaired students in Neptune, NJ School District. 
Kaitlyn, now two, keeps her parents constantly on the go. 

Mary Frances Healion Muldoon. 2674 East 22nd Street, Brooklyn, NY 


Ann Simko Rennard, 966Shelburne Drive, Franklin Square NY 11010(516) 


Martha Stoistis Spezzano, 73-04 67th Road, Middle Village. NY 11 379 (718) 



Joe and Joanie Carrlg Collins have had a year of celebration. Jaclyn was 
born just as they were ready to move into their new home in Marine Park. 
Joanie is taking time off from her nursing career at Lutheran Medical 
Center to be home with the baby. The Class of 1977 needs another class 
agent or two There are seventy seven members and Paul Weiss could use 
some help. Please consider serving the class in this way and write (or 
phone) the Alumni Office. 245 Clinton Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205 (718) 
636-6882 You will receive instructions and a class list 

Paul Weiss, 46-01 39th Av. #225, Long Island City, NY 11 104 (718) 786-3581 

1979 General Studies 

Linnette V. Slmms, RN has moved from Brooklyn down to Sebastian, 
Florida. Write and tell us how you are doing, Linnette! 

1980 Brooklyn 

Theodore Erlcson writes that he and his family have moved to I7th Avenue 
in Brooklyn. His wife. Christine, gave birth to a second son, Joshua Brent, 


Joseph Gennardo, who received his BS from St. John's School of 
Pharmacy, has completed one year as a licensed pharmacist and is 
employed at Almarc Drugs in New Rochelle. We extend our sympathy to 
Santa Tumminia whose mother, Susie Tumminia passed away in August. 
On October 22nd, 1988, Santa married Joseph Miragliotta. Margaret 
Adamczak Gioia received her M.A. in Occupational Therapy from NYU in 
1984 and is now a pediatric therapist working in a private practice. She 
teaches Mental Health Aids in gero-psychiatric settings and is also 
working towards her certificate in sensory integration with learning 
disabled children. Margaret has her own private practice in occupational 
therapy in her home in New Hyde Park. Margaret and Joseph took a well 
deserved vacation in the Bahamas this summer. They are now awaiting the 
birth of their first child due in May. Bonnie Maxwell Sauma and her 
husband are living in Fort Lee, NJ. They were married in May 1 987. Bonnie 
is a special education teacher in New Jersey. Thomas and Brosnan 
Toomey recently purchased a new home in Rockaway They have three 
beautiful children. Bernadette received her MA in Education Reading from 
St. John's. Laura Moss is planning her wedding for March 11, 1989. Tim 
and Kathy Donnelly Richter are proud parents of Megan Elizabeth, born 
July 20. 1988. Joe and Anne De Muro Salamone are living in Staatsburg, 
NY. Anne is working as a Loan Officer and Assistant Manager in a local 

Maureen Sullivan, 553 78th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209 (718) 836-8294 
Joseph Gennardo, 1247 Bradford Ave., Apt. #2B. Bronx, NY 10461-6184 
(212) 792-5320 

1982 Suffolk 

Debra Schuller, who lives in Beacon, New York, is a first grade teacher at 
Haldane Elementary School, Cold Spring. NY. Last spring, this school was 
awarded the National Award for Excellence in Elementary Schools from 
the Department of Education. It is one of the leading schools in the state in 
the use of the whole language approach to Reading. Debra is studying for 
her master's degree in Early Childhood Education at SUNY. New Paltz. 
Congratulations to Laurie Ward Scally on the birth of Erin Elizabeth on 


June 1, 1988 and to John and Brenda Kelly Hlnshaw on the birth of their 
first child, John Paul, on August 6th! Linda Byrnes who has an MS in 
Reading from Southampton University, is employed in Riverhead School 
District as a High School Resource Room Teacher. Jeannette Moss 
obtained her Master's in Reading with Learning Delayed Emphasis from 
Adelphi in 1987. She became engaged last June and plans to wed in May 
1989 at St. Mary's In East Islip. There were 172 graduates in our class and 
Joyce Donneson is the only class agent. Ideally, we should have 4 or 5 
agents Will someone please volunteer to serve classmates and the college 
in this way? Please write to the alumni office at 245 Clinton Avenue, 
Brooklyn, NY 11205 or phone (718) 636-6882 for a list and some 

Joyce Donneson, 115 Aspetuck Road. Westhamplon Beach, NY 11978 

1983 Brooklyn 

Allison Cooney La Rosa is employed by Steinway Mental Health Center in 
Queens and is the Clinical Social Work Supervisor with a caseload of her 
own. She is also Field Instructor for NYU School of Social Work as well as 
having additional administrative and clinical duties. She and her husband. 
Frank are expecting their first child in June. Sr. Nancy Gilchriest sent 
greetings from Boston where she is now settled for a time, after three years 
of moving because of religious formation. Nancy professed First Vows as a 
School Sister of Notre Dame on August 27, 1988. She is teaching math at 
Mission Church High School, Roxbury, Massachusetts. Mary Ellen Ward is 
teaching a Communication Handicapped class in Bayonne NJ. She has 
wedding plans for next St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 1989. 

Elizabeth Ruggiero Mulrane, 27 E. 13th Street. Huntington. NY 11746NIL 
Catherine Rogers ODonnell. 4 Sherman Street #2. Brooklyn, NY 11215- 
6015 (718) 965-0947 

1983 Suffolk 

Patricia E. Palmeri, class valedictorian for '83 Suffolk, graduated from, 
Hofstra Law School in 1987, passed the bar and was admitted to the 2d 
Dept. on January 13, 1988. Patricia is specializing in Labor Law on behalf 
of labor at the law office of Richard Brook. 114 Old Country Road, Suite 
250, Mineola, NY. Patricia and her husband, Robert J. Palmeri of the class 
of 1982 live in Middle Village. Joann Tedesco is currently attending C.W. 
Post and is 18 credits into a Master's degree in Special Education. 

Ann Cameron, 13 Wheatley Avenue, Huntington Station, NY 11746 


Susan Murtha, 86 Park Avenue. Lake Ronkonkoma. NY 11779 

(516) 737-3917 

Bridget Reilly. P.O. Box 605, Coram, NY 11727 (516) 689-2897 

Barbara Bischotl, 273 Derby Ave., #212, Derby CT 06418 (203) 734-21 19 
Donna Ortolani. 2 Kent Road. Rmgwood, NJ 07456 (201) 962-4412 
Theresa Yard Panten. 56 Parkway Drive. Westbury, NY 11590 
(516) 997-9095 

1984 Suffolk 

No news was reported for the Suffolk Class of 1984, but we remind you that 
it will be five years since our graduation from SJC and time we got together 
to compare notes. At the Alumni Spring Luncheon on April 8, 1989. at 
Antun's in Queens, we will be honored as an anniversary class This will be 
a great place to meet - and we do not have to do any planning. We can 
discuss any further get-togethers there. Of course, if you have any other 
suggestions that you prefer, please get in touch with class agents and 
they'll follow through Please look at the list of our members below who are 
"lost" and if you know any current addresses, send to the Alumni Office, 
SJC. 245 Clinton Avenue. Brooklyn, NY 1 1205 or phone (718) 636-6882 
Don't forget to mark April 8th on next year's calendar! 

Viky Antonopoulos 
Margaret Bellamore 
Carol Boyce 
Kristne Chrappa 
Theresa Eschvarria 
Susan Flannigan 
Timothy Kroecker 
Cheryl McCarthy 
Victoria Mauro 

John Spruyt 
William Walsh. Jr. 
David Wood 
Linda Young 
Brenda Jacobs 
Barbara Olsen 
Jacqueline Lipski 
Rosalie Schrader 
Barbara White 

Lucretia Lucivero. 19 Yale Street. Islip. NY 11751 (516) 666-7848 
Joan Kelly. 21 Dorothy Lane. Kings Park, NY 11754 (516) 265-3768 
Gail Kempton. 22 Abbey Street. Massapequa. NY 11762(516) 541-3815 

1985 Brooklyn 

Angela Mlnucci writes of wedding plans for August 5. 1 989 at Regina Pacis 
church. Her cousin, Donna Bova Knight '86 will be maid of honor Diana 
Pavlic is in her third year of teaching fifth grade at PS. 108 in Brooklyn. 
Diana received her Master's degree at Queens College last year. She plans 
to attend some art classes at Queens in January - something she's always 
wanted to do Suzette Mormando was married to Joseph Liguorl, class of 
1984, on June 25th, 1988 They spent a two weeks honeymoon in the 
Bahamas. They now live in Greenpoint. Suzette teaches 2nd grade at PS. 
269 Annex and loves every minute of it. 

Alice Kennedy. 5 Hallister Street. Staten Island. NY 10309 ,/18) 853-9783 
Josephine Gallo. 535 Dahill Road. Brooklyn. NY 11218(718) 435-1928 

1985 GS Brooklyn 

1984 Brooklyn 

Billy Carmon received his MPA, Master's in Public Administration in June 
1988 from Long Island University. 

Erin Dowd recently made a move from Brooklyn to the Garden Statewhere 
she enjoys a large, sunny apartment in Hoboken She has a new position 
with Marketing Department of the legal publishing house, Warren Gorham 
& Lamont. Erin is an active member of Green Peace. Terry Yard Panten 
caught up with Ellen McCarthy at the wedding of Mary McManus '85 on 
October 29th. Ellen is looking forward to combining her legal education 
with the experience she has gained while working part-time in the 
investment industry. Ellen recently spoke with Mary Mead who enjoys 
teaching at the Cobble Hill Montessori School Mary plans to marry 
Thomas King in November 1988. Ann Lydon is diligently working on her 
Master's degree in Education. Tina D'Alessandro was recently promoted in 
the Computer Department at LTIC Associates. Linda Johnson has made a 
challenging and rewarding career for herself with one of the largest 
hospital TV rental organizations in metropolitan New York She is Sales 
Manager with this dynamic, growing organization and although the pace 
of work can be hectic, she recently managed to get away to Jamaica for 
some R and R. Linda has been in touch with Linda Glbaldl whose career is 
at Life Style Agency as an Account Representative Joseph Liguorl 
married Suzette Mormando on June 25, 1988 and spent two weeks in the 
Bahamas on their honeymoon. They live in Greenpoint. Joe is a Manager 
at Bankers Trust Company We have no addresses for Jack Agostlno and 
Michelle Lutz. Does anyone know where they are? If so. phone the alumni 
office: (718) 636-6882 

Michael Jeffrey, P. O. Box 224. Brooklyn. NY 1 1226 (718) 604-0834 

Joan Hackett was married to Dr Carl Blohmke on October 24th. 1987 and 
honeymooned in Bermuda. 

Laurine Rothe Volkmann. 2 Autumn Court. East Patchogue. NY 11772 

(516) 758-6950 

KellyAnn OHanlon. 1434 Pine Acres Blvd.. Bay Shore. NY 11706 

(516) 666-4079 

Dorothy LaFerrera, 94 Claremont Avenue, North Babylon. NY 11704 

(516) 669-4045 

1986 Brooklyn 

Donna Marie Bova married James Knight on August 14. 1988 Angela 
Minuccl of the class of 1 985 was maid of honor Barbara Brereton. a math 
teacher at Bishop Kearney High School, has been awarded an Empire 
State Challenger Fellowship for part-time study in mathematics teacher 
education. She is enrolled in the Master's Program in Brooklyn College 


Kerry McConway. 7510 10th Avenue. Brooklyn, NY 11228(718)680-4197 
Linda Fisk, 53-30 37th Road, Woodside, NY 11377 (718) 335-2309 

1986 Suffolk 

Annette Plichta began graduate work at Middle Tennessee State University 
in January 1987 where she has held a graduate Teaching Assistant 
position while in pursuit of her Master's in Sociology. She has been 
teaching Introductory Sociology for three semesters and thoroughly 
enjoys it. Annette holds the Senior Resident Assistant position in one of 
the two largest residence halls on campus (over 400). Annette is starting 
work on her Master's thesis and plans to have her degree in May 1 989, and 
to graduate from MTSU with a 4.0 which she has maintained after 24 credit 

1986 Suffolk GS 

Congratulations to Marvin and Michell Middleton on the birth of Kimberly 
Ashley, their first child, on June 28th Stephen Collettl is engaged to 
Pamela LoPresti and the wedding is planned for October 1 989 Stephen is 
assistant treasurer of mutual funds investment at the Chase Manhattan 
Bank, Manhattan. Do you realize that 21 3 of us graduated in June of 1986? 
The class of 1986 desperately needs more class agents and ideally could 
use five or six. Please consider this very special way of serving the college 
and your classmates. Write to the alumni office for a class list and for some 
simple instructions. Write to Alumni Office, St. Joseph's College. 245 
Clinton Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. 11205 or simply phone (718) 636-6882 

Diane Ripollone, 31 Horma Blvd. Holbrook. NY 11741 (516) 585-4162 

1987 General Studies Brooklyn 

Jo Anne Nunn has entered an MPA program at Long Island University. 
Professionally, aside from being the Administrator for the Department of 
Anesthesia at Long Island College Hospital, he is also administrator for 
Multi-disciplinary Pain Service at five affiliated hospitals, and is a 
consultant for Quality Assurance at KCHC as well as a Brochure Producer 
for Residency Training Prorams. She is completing a brochure for the 
Department of Orthopedics at State University Hospital. 

1988 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 

Christine Apicella is a second grade teacher at St. Edmund's Elementary 
School. During the summer, Christine was a camp counselor for the 
Children's Aid Society. Jacqueline Connolly started grad study at Fordham 
U. Sheila Connors sent in a change of address but is still in Brooklyn 
Maureen Daly is employed by HMO Maxicare of New York. Sheila Dorsey 
is a teacher of first grade in a public school in Queens. An English teacher 
at Bishop Kearney High School, Monica Goodwin is also pursuing English 
graduate studies (MA) at Brooklyn College. Mlchele Main, who moved to 
Woodside recently, is one of our class agents. Pamela McNeela is 
employed by the Dillon Center as a Head Teacher. Kevin Murphy was still 
looking for a job when we last heard from him. Eileen Slavin is a Special Ed 
teacher in a program for Severe-Profound mentally retarded. A legal 
secretary, Patricia Williams is attending a Paralegal Law School in New 
York City. Pat also volunteered to be a class agent John Fitzgerald worked 
in the Registrar's office at St. Joseph's until his assignment with the Peace 
Corps program came through. He left for a two-year stint in New Guinea. 
Notes from Mlchele Main tell us that both Josephine Stabile and Monica 
Goodwin have begun graduate studies at Brooklyn College. Josephine 
teaches Special Education 6th to 8th grades at IS 125 in Queens. Monica 
teaches English at Bishop Kearney High School Theresa Mascaro, Ann 
Ratel and Eileen Slavin teach Special Ed at PS. 53, East New York Eileen 
teaches profoundly retarded and wheelchair-bound, aged 10-14which she 
finds very challenging. Kevin Murphy is working for C.S. Brooks 
Corporation in Manhattan while he waits for the right job to open up. Kevin 
is going to be a member of Frank McQuail's wedding party. Frank will be 
getting married on December 23, 1988 to Kathleen Bell. Jackie Harris 
teaches Kindergarten at PS. 88 in Ridgewood. Queens. Anna Helen 
Panagakos is teaching pre-school at Holy Cross Parochial School in Bay 
Ridge. Both said they love their work. 

Christine Apicella, 1607 E. 7th St., Brooklyn, NY 11230 (718) 645-6710 
Michele Main. 41-36 51 Street, Woodside. NY 11377(718) 651-2334 
Patricia Williams, 395ClintonAv. #6D, Brooklyn. NY 11238(718)857-5884 

1988 Brooklyn General Studies 

Word from Marie Bastien tells us that she is an RN supervisor. Enrolled for 
further study are Jean Christian! who is in LIU in the Master's program and 
Carnola Florestal who is at Columbia University. Presently working as a 
milieu Counselor for emotionally and troubled adolescents, Ernest Jackson 
Is also attending Fordham University of Social Work. Evelyn Jones is a 
Health Facility Surveyor Chinyelu Mbogu-HIII is planning to attend NYU 
in the fall. Head Nurse in OBS, Aleyamma Philipose enrolled in the MPH 
program at Hunter College. Janet Reynolds has a new position as 
Supervisor of Discharge Planning Department, St. Mary's Hospital. She is 
continuing her studies at C.W. Post in the MPA program with a minor in 
Gerontology. Wanda Rodriguez Santiago, RN works for the Bronx 
Community College; teaching Home Attendants. "Will have a Christmas 
baby," she writes. Mildred Wilson is in graduate study in Brooklyn College. 
We had cards from Doreen Tudor, Agnes Belgrave, Marylene Forde and 
Justiniana Cabanit, but with no news. We hope to hear from them early 
next year telling us what they are doing and where. Jean Leila Chrlstiani is 
attending graduate school at Long Island University. "I am proud to be a 
member of the Alumni Association" she writes. 

1988 Suffolk Arts & Sciences 

Jonnie Angrlsani is now in Jupiter, Florida seeking employment in Palm 
Beach County as an elementary school teacher. Though she had no news 
when we last heard from her, Claire Belmonte was hoping to have replies 
from those to whom she sent resumes. She is planning grad studies next 
year. Donna Berberich is a teacher in South Country Schools. Barbara 
Britt is an accountant. Attending graduate school this fall are Jean Evans 
and Susan McCallan. John Ferguson is a teacher in Valley Stream. 
Christine Folz recently became engaged and plans a June wedding for 
next year. She was hoping to obtain a teaching job, when we heard from 
her. A Public Relations assistant with the town of Brookhaven, Beth 
Keating is at Hofstra studying for a master's degree. Had a card from 
Camille Kostew and Susanne Lee but no news as to study or occupation, 
but we hope to hear from them again telling us what they're doing. Claire 
Lambert! is at Brookhaven National Laboratories. Donna Marmor is 
teaching this year Irene McCullough is enrolled for grad study at C.W. 
Post, Greenvale in Information Science, and Denise McElhone is studying 
at St. John's Graduate School for Sociology. Planning to continue their 
education at Dowling College are Jacqueline Murphy and Lisa Panzer. 
Lisa hopes to obtain a Master's in Reading. She is a substitute teacher in 
East Islip School District. At William Paca Jr High School in Shirley, New 
York, we find Mary Pittinaro who teaches 7th grade English. Jennifer Ray is 
at Stony Brook in grad studies and is student teaching. Lynne Ross is a 
Special Ed Teacher at Moriches Elementary School in the William Floyd 
School District. Joanne Ryan is a Certified Public Accountant. Working as 
a Sales Representative for R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Dianne 
Sgueglla is also studying for a Master's in Business and Marketing. Janine 
Sokolowski was taking one English course to extend NYS provisional 
certification from N-1 to N-9 - English area of concentration. In January, 
she will begin graduate study. She was interviewing for elementary 
teaching positions. Let us know how you made out. Janine. We heard from 
Thomas Wendt, Selma Ugalde and Betty Ann Tomforde, but their plans 
were not firm at the time. Send us more news soon. Stevey Widmark is in 
grad study, training and learning Technology on the Old Westbury 
Campus of NYJT. Cecilia Wilnau is at C.W. Post for an MSL (College 
Librarian), Dina Fico, who lives in Hicksville, teaches in Mark Country Day 
School. Krista Downie was accepted into the graduate program of Adelphi 
School of Social Work. 

Joan Ryan. 49 Jellerson Av.. Patchogue, NY 11772 (516) 654-3625 
Camille Kostew, 67 Sequoia Drive, Coram, NY 11727 (516) 331-5911 
Selma Ugalde, 818 Lmdenmere Drive, North Babylon, NY 11703 

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2 z 

Aiumm Calendar 1988-89 

January 15 New Jersey Dessert Party with 

Sister Mary Florence 

January 15 Brunch/Clare Rose Playhouse - 


January 22 Alumni Steering Committee Meeting - 


February 25 Executive Board Meeting - Brooklyn 

March 3 Alumni-ae/Varsity Basketball Games - 


March Wagner College Lunch & Theater - 


March Phonathon 

April Suffolk Phonathon 

April 8 Alumni Spring Luncheon - Antun's 

April 29 Open House - Patchogue Spring Fling 

May 19 Senior Reception - Brooklyn 

May Open House - Patchogue 

June 3 Commencement Patchogue General 
Studies and Arts & Sciences 

June 8 Commencement Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 

June 9 Commencement Brooklyn General Studies 

June 16 Second Annual Boat Cruise - Patchogue 

June International Boat Cruise - 
General Studies Brooklyn 

August Day at Shea Stadium - Patchogue 

September Alumni Day - Patchogue 

September 23 Tailgate Party - Patchogue 

October Walkathon - Brooklyn 

October 14 Seventh Annual Dinner Dance 

November 3 Alumni Basketball Game - Patchogue 

December Day of Personal Growth Reflection 









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2 O 3 










Z O £ 





"* 5 

il c jj_ 












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o 2 

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P A 1 

— -• 

-7 Ol 

r* o» 

O > o 


SutfuH&i t9%9 

Ooo o°oO 

VOL. XL, No. 2: Summer 1989 

Alumni Network Column 

Alumnagram is published twice a year by the Alumni 
Association of St. Joseph's College, 245 Clinton Avenue, 
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11205. Third Class Postage is paid to 
Brooklyn. N.Y. 

Editor: Mary Elizabeth McLoughlin Farrell '35 

Editorial Assistants: Mary Whelan Phelan '32 
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— a column for pooling resources in order to benefit from 
each other's services and needs. Mail your need or service 
statement to: Alumni Office, St. Joseph's College, 245 
Clinton Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205 

FOUND - Some time ago a gold charm bracelet was found 
at the college and immediate efforts made to trace the 
owner were to no avail. At the end of the academic year it 
was put aside and has just been re-discovered. You may 
phone inquiries to the Alumni Office at (718) 636-6882. 

RELATIONS for your firm or project? Rose Marie 
Dunphy '65 is a published writer and public relations 
consultant. 22 Maria Court, Holbrook, NY 11741 

GRAPES FROM THORNS, a book of poems, prayers 
and sacred songs by S. M. Immaculata Muldoon '44, 
published by the Congregation of St. Joseph in Brentwood, 
NY $7.00 per copy. Write to S. M. Immaculata, St. 
Joseph's Convent, Brentwood, NY 11717. 

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Brooklyn (718) 636-8600 
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CENSUS - Last fall a census form was sent to all alumni. 
We thank those who responded. However, the percentage 
of returns (18%) was very disappointing. For those of you 
have not yet responded, will you take the time, soon, to 
complete it and return it to us? If you've mislaid or lost 
your form, please let us know and we will send a 
replacement. Alumni Office, St. Joseph's College, 245 
Clinton Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11205 

1991 will be a Diamond Anniversary for St. Joseph's 
College. It will be 75 years since the class of twelve young 
women began their four years of study at St. Joseph's. If 
you have any memorabilia you would like to send us such 
as prom photographs, clear snapshots, dance cards, SJC 
knick-knacks, etc., please send them to the Alumni Office. 

St. Joseph's College complies with Title IX of the Education 
Amendments of 1972 and with the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, 
as amended, Section 504. 

CLASS AGENTS and ALUMNI: Please observe the 


for the Winter 1990 issue of Alumnagram 

November 10, 1989 




It is with sadness that we write of the death of our 
beloved faculty member, Father John C. Hession, on 
Saturday, February 18th of this year. Although he had 
been ill on and off for some time, his last illness was short 
and his sudden death left his parishioners at St. Genevieve's 
in Roxbury, grieving for the pastor they dearly loved. He 
is survived by his sisters, Alice Piatt, Isobelle Lonehan and 
a brother, Daniel Hession. 

John Hession was born in Brooklyn. He attended 
Manhattan College, Columbia University, and Immacu- 
late Conception Seminary in Huntington and was 
ordained on May 30, 1942. He served as assistant at St. 
Vincent Ferrer, Flatbush, until 1945 when he was assigned 
to the faculty of St. Joseph's College. 

Father Hession came to St. Joseph's College Philosophy 
Department as a young man, brilliant, cultured, a born 
story teller, with an infectious sense of humor. All of these 
qualities combined to make him a memorable teacher. He 
served as Chairperson of the Philosophy Department from 
1955 to 1973. During this period, one of his great joys was 
to team-teach a course in Aesthetics with S. Joseph 
Immaculate (English) and Father D'Ecclesiis (Music). 
Later he team-taught the "Riddle of Life" course with 
S. Mary Beatrice (Biology ) and Father Ferris (Religious 

As the college expanded, he taught at the Brentwood 
and then the Patchogue campuses as well as on the 
Brooklyn campus. Even after his appointment as pastor of 
St. Genevieve's in 1978, he countinued to teach until his 
retirement from SJC in 1982. 

Father Hession also served as a member of the Catholic 
Debating Club, a moderator of the Polytech Institute 
Newman Club and a member of the Priests' Senate. 

At a Mass in the college, Father Richard W. Ferris gave 
the following homily and tribute to his friend of many 

This is a privilege and I mean that from the bottom of 
my heart. It is a privilege because Fr. Hession was 
someone special. He was a gem of a man and a gem of a 
priest. Now I know that sounds a bit dramatic but I make 
no apology for it. I do believe that God puts a little bit of 
himself in every one of us and I believe that each of us is 
unique. But while everyone has his own special beauty, 
there are certain people who are exceptional. Among the 
endless variety of flowers, for example, roses or lillies or 
gardenias stand out for some people for their special 
delicacy. Similarly, while all stones have a certain appeal 

Father John C. Hession 

there are a few we call precious, such as diamonds or 
rubies or emeralds. Father Hession was a precious stone. 
He was a gem. 

He was a magnificent inspiration to anyone in the field 
of Theology. His life was a very vivid illustration of 
precisely how the theological virtues are meant to be lived. 
He was a man of unwavering faith, persevering hope and 
Christ-like charity. 

Father Hession's faith was not a very complicated one. 
Very simply, he accepted that God has spoken and that he 
continues to speak to each one of us. He believed that God 
has dramatically intervened in the lives of his people 
through Christ, His Son, and that He continues to do so in 
not so dramatic, but just as real a fashion. In its depth and 
intensity, his faith made the faith of so many of us seem 
weak by contrast. You might say that while many people 
believe in one fashion or another, he really believed. 

His faith was a faith that could move mountains and his 
spirit of hope was its equal. He trusted that God's 
providence was lovingly guiding the course of his life and 
that God would give him all that he needed to do His will. 
A gentle man by nature, he was capable of making a bold 
move once he decided that it was God's will. 

"The greatest of these is charity." Father Hession knew 
this and belived it. Love has a way of melting away so 
many details and clearing up so much complexity. Fr. 
Hession finally saw all life in terms of love of God and 
neighbor. One time we had both read an article on 
preparing for a happy death. It was a very long article and 
it was really too complicated. After reading it, I asked him, 
"Well, John, how do we prepare for a happy death?" 
There was a long pause, a humble shrug and the answer: 
"Love God, love your neighbor. Live a good life." Father 
Hession's charity came in a variety of little ways. He didn't 
cultivate his own personality all that much. He was too 
reserved and humble for that. But the little things were 
always there and carefully tended to. 

Father Hession was a family man. All of us know how 
much he loved his own family. As a professor for more 
than three decades at St. Joseph's College and as the pastor 
for more than ten years at St. Genevieve's, he showed the 
same fatherly concern for his students and his 
parishioners. He was a stickler on baptisms and 
weddings, caring for the sick and the dving and praying 
for all. 

continued on page 15 


Catherine and Henry Stanton 
with Maura, Sheila, Michael 
and Cathie 

Catherine Colgan Stanton '68 

As the disposal of low level radioactive waste has 
emerged as a high priority public issue, one of the people 
both government and industry are looking to for expertise 
in finding a solution is 1968 St. Joseph's graduate, 
Catherine Colgan Stanton. 

In 1987 Cathie, who received her Masters in nuclear 
engineering from Ohio State University in 1970, gathered 
up her eighteen years of experience working for other 
people in the nuclear energy and safety field and 
incorporated Catherine C. Stanton & Associates. She has 
not had many quiet moments since. 

"The decision to cut the strings and go it alone was a 
difficult one," Cathie says of setting up her own business. 
"But nothing matches the satisfaction of being your own 

In part, she says, starting up was made a lot easier by 
both New York State and Federal programs that encourage 
big primary contractors to subcontract work to minority 
and women-owned businesses. "They won't keep you 
afloat if you can't make the grade," she says, "but they 
open a lot of doors and, if you are good at what you do, the 
doors stay open." 

The firm offers consulting services in connection with 
all types of nuclear technology, but low level waste has 
become the area of highest demand in recent years and 
Catherine C. Stanton 8c Associates, Inc. has quickly built a 
reputation of competence in sorting out the problems and 
translating them into language business people and 
policy makers can deal with. Cathie says she is as much an 
interpreter as an engineer on many jobs. 

Low level radioactive waste includes mostly industrial 
by-products ranging from parts of nuclear reactors to old 
exit signs and smoke detectors. Modern medical science 
produces low level waste at both treatment centers and 
pharmaceutical laboratories. Every new drug approved 
for use in the country must first pass tests using radio- 
active tracers that are eventually handled as low level 
waste. Academic researchers, searching for answers on 
cancer, AIDS, sickle cell anemia and crop productivity, 
among other subjects, are producers of low-level waste. 

Low level waste is considered less dangerous than high 
level waste, such as spent nuclear reactor fuel, because it 
usually is less concentrated and shorter lasting, but it can 
be hazardous and there is far more of it. There is a need 
under present law to develop new disposal facilities by 
1993. As the number of states planning these facilities 
increases, so do the concerns about how and where its gets 
disposed. "The challenge," says Cathie, is to make sure 


Nuclear Waste 

that this material is handled safely and that the vital 
services that depend on having safe disposal capability can 

The concern has become wide enough that colleges and 
universities have begun incorporating courses on radio- 
active waste in their physics and engineering curricula. 
The textbook some of them are using at both the graduate 
and undergraduate level is Radioactive Waste Manage- 
ment, co-authored by Cathie and Manhattan College 
professor Robert Berlin (John Wiley & Sons, New York). 
Cathie said that the text will fill a real need in compiling a 
lot of information about a subject that is surprisingly 
diverse. She's looking forward to hearing the reaction 
from students, who she knows will be the toughest critics. 

Cathie also teaches radiation safety as an adjunct 
professor at Manhattan College, in what she calls her 
"spare time." Spare time for Cathie is what comes before 
sleep but after business and caring for a husband and four 
children aged 15, 12, 6 and 3. 

That part of life includes four different PTAs, bus 
schedules and trip reminders as well as several scout 
troops (including a Girl Scout troop for which she is a 
co-leader) and assorted music lessons. Harry's position as 
Executive Director of the New York State Bridge Authority 
means that the whole family is very involved in what's 
going on in the Hudson Valley since his five bridges span 
the river from Bear Mountain to Rip Van Winkle just 
south of Albany. Cathie says she is an engineer who thinks 
like a lawyer while Harry has become a lawyer who thinks 
like an engineer, even to receiving the Bridge Man of the 
Year award from the Association of Bridge Design and 
Construction Engineers in 1988. 

Partly in response to what her children have been doing 
in school, Cathie has taken an active interest in encourag- 
ing science education — for students and teachers. She has 
given many talks to school groups of different ages on 
topics related to nuclear energy and radiation safety. In the 
fall she is scheduled to give a talk on comparative 
environmental impacts of different methods of producing 
electric energy to state science teachers at their annual 

Looking ahead to almost twenty years of paying college 
tuition gives Cathie strong motivation to keep her business 
growing. However, while the arrival of the first royalty 
check on the same day the station wagon needed new tires 
was serendipitous, she may need to think up a gothic 
romance that makes some real money rather than a second 
edition of the textbook. 

Inez Votta '50 

When our editor invited me to write some anecdotal 
material about my experience teaching English Conversa- 
tion to Japanese newcomers, I was at a loss. My work with 
them for the past ten years seemed as natural and 
uneventful as the usual flow of most of our lives. But then, 
upon further consideration I realized what an important 
part of my life these gentle Japanese ladies and their 
families have become. 

And how did this all begin? By sheer serendipity - for I 
had no teaching credentials. I graduated from St. Joseph's 
with a major in French and a minor in Philosophy, 
seeking merely to better use my leisure time - since I had 
plenty of it having been paralyzed by polio during my 
infancy and living a rather sedentary life. 

I met my first Japanese student those many years ago, in 
the mail room of my apartment house. Hers was a new face 
to me - so I welcomed her with a big smile. She readily 
responded, telling me in charming, flawless English that 
she and her husband had j ust been assigned to the States by 
the Mitsumoto Co. of Japan for a three year stint and asked 
if I could recommend an English teacher with whom she 
could further improve and practice conversational 
English. I quickly offered myself, instinctively sure we 
could hit it off learning English and becoming friends. 
And so my career of "Sensee" (teacher) was launched by 
Yuko Tanaka. Each week when she came to my apartment 
she would bring one of her friends, recommend me 
enthusiastically, and thus a network was formed and my 
modest little classes had developed into a veritable academy 
of eager, buzzing Japanese ladies - about 13 a week. 

As each lady has different needs and educational levels I 
tailor my lessons individually, acting more as guide than 
teacher, leading them gently through what could be a 
Stygian mire of grammar and vocabulary and above all, 
building their sagging self-confidence with a sincere show 
of affection and empathy. 

As an example: Mrs. Ito is a college graduate of Tokyo 
University with studies in Italian Culture. She has a great 
appreciation for the Italian Renaissance. So, we have 
long, gossipy, English conversations about the famous 
Medicis and the infamous Borgias, and to add zest to this 
rich fare, I coax my 94 year old mother (the Indomitable 
One!) who is fluent in both English and Italian, into the 
fray. This potpourri of ideas and exchange of opinions is 
an enriching experience and I often end up after such a 
session feeling I have taken much more than I have given. 

All my ladies consider it a great treat to have Mother join 


in the conversation, for at her venerable age they revere her 
-and call her their "National Treasure." They are amazed at 
her spry step, coiffed hair, manicured nails and so greatly 
amused to see this regal matriarch still smoking cigarettes 
with a firm and steady hand that belies her age. I wish her 
memory were as good! She has some difficulty remembering 
names nowadays so she slyly resorts to giving nicknames to 
cover up these lapses. These exotic Japanese names become: 
"Lady Renaissance", "Lady Cookie" (she brings home- 
made ones each week), "Lady Melba", who sang Opera 
professionally in her native Japan, and "Lady Tiffany" 
who delighted us this Christmas with a crystal vase from 
that company. It's an endless list and I eagerly await 
Mother's ingenious flights of fancy as she dubbs each 
newcomer. She reminds me of Adam in the Garden of Eden 
when he named all of creation. 

A few of my students come to me with a very rudimentary- 
knowledge of English or Western ways. They are simple 
housewives and mothers who are perfectly happy in this 
role and want to learn either at the urging of their husband 
or from the sheer necessity of communicating in super- 
markets and in the school scene which they take very 
seriously, managing their children. 

To facilitate and encourage these young mothers I found 
it necessary to learn to read and write Japanese. A few "How 
To Do It Yourself" books were my first brave attempts - and 
then some of my more advanced ladies gave me some key- 
words and expressions in Japanese that helped me along. I 
shall never forget the thrill I felt when after showing me 
how to write the expression, to learn in their Chinese 
adapted characters, one of my girls explained the origin ol 
its radical. It is comprised of two roots, one is the symbol for 
flight or wings and the other is the abstracted pictograph for 
"self." Thus, to learn means to take flight or to soar. What a 
beautiful concept, or rather picture of the word and what a 
noble people these are to have so captured the very spirit of 
learning! Their pictograph for to love is yet another 
instance of the universality of thought. It combines the 
character of woman and child - thus you have woman plus 
child equals love - an equation that makes sense in any 

Indeed when I think of my association with these ladies 
and how my own horizons have widened I'm grateful to 
have been open to the beckoning of my first student - that 
stranger in need, and I recall the words of Paul in Hebrews 
1 3:2: "Do not foregt to entertain strangers, for thereby some 
have entertained angels unawares." 




Benedictine Life 

Patricia Hayward Brunk '62 

Last summer, Patricia Hayward Brunk '62 and her 
family moved from Brentwood, Long Island, to Hornell, 
New York, some 350 miles away. That sounds ordinary 
enough but this was not quite an ordinary move. It was 
not just a matter of relocating a family into a new home 
because this new family home is also the monastic home of 
Holy Trinity Community. 

Holy Trinity Community is an evolving mixed 
community living a vowed life in the spirit of the Rule of 
Saint Benedict. Its members hope to become a community 
of single women and men, married couples, priests, and 
celibate persons living a Benedictine spirited monastic life 
adapted to our times. Patricia is a vowed member of this 

At SJC, Patricia Hayward majored in psychology and 
received her B.A. in 1962. Immediately after graduation, 
she began a career as a caseworker for Child Welfare 
Services of Suffolk County. She married Altino Brunk in 
1963, and their first child, a son, was born in June 1965. At 
that time Pat gave up outside employment to pursue full- 
time homemaking. A second was born the following June, 
and three more sons were to follow. 

Through many events and experiences during these 
years, Pat and Al began to sense an attraction to a 
communal way of life particulary centered on prayer and 
hospitality. Their work in Marriage Encounter had 
enriched them and had exposed them to the beauty and 
dignity not only of marriage, but of the single and celibate 
states as well. They envisioned a community in which a 
microcosm of the Church would be present, i.e., married, 
single and celibate people working, praying, and living 
together in complimentarity, without competition. 

In the early 1970's, Al and Pat were introduced to 
another couple with a similar dream, and a deep and 
abiding friendship was formed. Eventually, the decision 
was made to purchase a large parcel of land in the lovely 
rolling hills of Western New York State, in preparation 
for the "someday" when the dream of community would 
be realized. Then tragedy intervened. 

In October, 1980, Al died suddenly and unexpectedly 
from an undetected aneurysm. Pat was left not only a 
widow, but the single parent of five boys. The oldest was 
15 and the youngest, twins, were barely six. It was a 
painful, empty, and frightening period. Pat and her 
friends never even approached the topic of community 
during that first year of grief, shock and Joss. They did, 

however, continue to meet together twice a week for 
revealing and sharing life experiences and prayer, 
primarily Vespers and Compline from the Liturgy of the 

In the course of the next few years, Pat and her friends 
Pat and John Brewster, parents of Mary '85, made a 
number of week-long retreats at a Benedictine Abbey 
outside Boston, Massachusetts. In prayer and discernment, 
they realized that Al's death had not changed the call to 
community life except that now that call was to be lived 
not as two couples, but as a couple and a single woman. 
Already, different vocations were represented in the 
community. Moreover, the three recognized the Benedictine 
way of life as the kind of life they had been trying to live for 
a number of years. Pat and the Brewsters received 
encouragement and support (and prodding!) in the 
formation of this new expression of Benedictine life from 
friends, both lay and clerical, including the commmunity 
of Benedictine monks at the Abbey. This formation 
resulted in the profession of their first vows in 1985 
(traditional Benedictine vows of obedience, conversion of 
life, and stability in community). 

In the meantime, Pat had returned to part-time work in 
her parish rectory, close to home and children. She had 
also matriculated at the Seminary of the Immaculate 
Conception in Huntington, NY for a Master's degree in 
Theology which she received in December 1985. 

Pat maintains that in justice, the names of her children 
should appear on that diploma. Older sons supervised 
homework for younger ones and officiated at bed-time 
rituals while Pat attended night classes and struggled to 
juggle single-parenting, a job, lectures, and term papers. 
She recalls one Thanksgiving weekend shortly before 
completing her degree when Tim, home from Amherst 
College, and Terence, a freshman home from Drew 
University, spent most of their precious vacation time 
typing a Biblical exegesis which Mom had due on Monday 
night. Theology became a family affair! At the present 
time, Tim is completing his Master's degree in theology at 
Boston College. Terence is in the Doctoral program in 
English Literature at Rutgers University. Paul, 18, is a 
sophomore at Cornell University where he is a philosophy 
major. Daniel and David, 14 year old twins, are now 
freshmen at Hornell High School. 

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AARP Director 

Early this year Martha A. Leaver '45 was appointed an 
Assistant State Director for New York by the American 
Association of Retired Persons. Since January, Martha has 
been supervising eight Brooklyn Chapters and is organiz- 
ing a new one in Park Slope. This Spring, she attended 
Conferences for new AARP Volunteer Leaders held in 
Philadelphia and Albany. 

Prior to this appointment, Martha Leaver served as 
President of the Bay Ridge Chapter #3630 of the AARP, 
which has a membership of 50, plus a waiting list. In 1986 
she started an award program whereby a $500 scholarship 
is awarded to a student nurse at Downstate College of 
Nursing whose interest is in Gerontology. There have 
been four winners. 

AARP also sponsored an in-service course, given by 
Adelphi University to staff members at Lutheran Medical 
Center, on Long Term Care. AARP members have also 
made 35 hand crocheted lap robes to date. 

In working with AARP members, Martha says, "I try to 
transfer the skills of working with young adults to older 
people. From the time I retired in 1983, I started working 
with AARP at the Bay Ridge Chapter. It has helped me to 
become more active in community service, and by getting 
involved I »."ot only learn for myself, but I can transfer that 
knowledge to other people." 

After Martha graduated from St. Joseph's College, she 
taught at Pratt Institute for three years as a full-time 

Martha A. Leaver '45 
Instructor. She retired from the New York City school 
system, after 35 years of teaching, which included 13 years 
at James Madison High School in Flatbush and 1 5 years at 
Susan E. Wagner High School on Staten Island. Martha is 
a member of the Association of Retired Teachers of New 
York City, the CSREA - an advocacy group of retired civil 
service workers, the Bay Ridge Interagency Council, and 
Alpha Beta Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma, the 
International Honor Society for Women Educators. 

AARP is the nation's largest organization of Americans 
age 50 and older. The nonprofit, nonpartisan organization 
offers a wide range of membership benefits, legislative 
representation at the federal and state levels, and 
educational and community service programs carried out 
through a national network of volunteers and local 
chapters. Its headquarters are in Washington, D.C. 

Benedictine Life, continued 

Moving to Hornell was, in itself, quite an adventure. 
Because of heavy spring rains, the building was still in the 
last stages of completion, necessitating over a week's stay 
in a motel before the Brunks could move in and "camp 
out" in their new home. The moving van with all their 
clothing and possessions was delayed four days in arriving. 
There was no electricity — not even the long-promised 
electric poles on the road had been put into place. The 
well-digger, who had been contacted seven months prior 
to the move, had failed to show, and when the first well 
was finally put in, (by a different well-digger!) the water 
was black, laden with sulphur and iron. Better water came 
from a second well but it was still poor quality and a 
sizeable filtration system had to be purchased and installed 
to make the water both safe and palatable for drinking. 

The local pastor took pity on the six Brunks and the one 
member of the Brewster family who was with them, (the 
rest of the Brewster family arrived later) and welcomed the 
adventurers for dinner and showers (remember the record- 
breaking heat of July 1988?) each day until the water 
problem was solved. 

The building itself comprises three wings: two are 
individual family residences, complete family apartments, 
and the third wing is the common or community area 
which houses the chapel, community dining room and 
kitchen, library, and conference room. There are three 
guest bedrooms available for anyone wishing to spend a 
few hours, an overnight or several days apart from his or 
her daily routine. 

How does a single parent "monk" live? Pat describes it 
this way: 

"The Benedictine way of Christian life was not begun 
by St. Benedictine to do any special work. Benedictines are 
to be living signs that strangers can come together in 
Christ, care for one another, support one another, 
challenge one another to grow. Our essential ministry is 

Holy Trinity Community gathers in the chapel for the 
Liturgy of the Hours to mark the coming of light and 
darkness, the passing of night and day, and the turning of 
the seasons. This gives a distinctive rhythm to our life, in 
which there is also time designated for spiritual reading 
and personal prayer. 

In addition to periods of communal and private prayer, 
there are also times set aside for serving others. The ways 
we serve are expressive of the gifts and skills of the 
members and responsive to the needs of the local area. For 
example, we were recently asked by one of the area 
parishes to conduct a Lenten program for one of their 
organizations. There are also times for coming together 
for meals and discussions, for silence and solitude, work 
and play. 

Our community includes members who are also parents. 
However, their children are not community members and 
great care is taken to safeguard the integrity of each 
family's life." 

Pat's children lead ordinary, normal lives, and being a 
mother is primary in her life. 

Questions about Holy Trinity Community or inquiries 
about retreat possibilities may be addressed to Patricia 
Brunk, Holv Trinitv Community, 7200 Tobes Hill Road. 
Hornell, N.Y. 14843. 

Pat Hayward Brunk 

Life of 

Kevin Reilly '76 

At. St. Joseph's College, Kevin Reilly was an ernest, 
well-rounded student, who accelerated his studies to 
receive his bachelor's degree in three years. In 1976 he 
graduated with Departmental Honors in History, his 
major field. He left St. Joseph's with the ambition to 
continue his education and to expand his knowledge of 
the world. 

In September, Kevin matriculated at Brooklyn College 
to study for a Master's degree in History, but travel was 
also on his mind. In the summer of 1977 he boarded a 
plane bound for Shannon, Ireland, and with a pack on his 
back began four weeks of hitch-hiking to many of the 
places he had read about. This was a way of meeting the 
people intimately, learning their customs, family life and 
culture, as well as seeing places off the beaten track. Before 
summer was over, he travelled in Great Britain then flew 
to the continent where he sojourned in France, Germany, 
the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland. 

When he returned home Kevin took up studies again at 
Brooklyn College, but he was not feeling well. After some 
time doctors diagnosed his problem as hepatitis, which he 
might have picked up in his travels. Weeks of hospital- 
ization and recuperation set him back in his time schedule, 
so that his master's degree, which he had hoped to acquire 
in 1977, was not earned until 1978. 

In 1978 he was awarded a Thomas More Fellowship for 
a Law Degree at St. John's University Law School. Kevin 
recalled that the day he began his studies, his father died, a 
shock and grief to him and the family. Nevertheless, he 
finished his first year, and in the summer returned to 
Europe to study at the London School of Economics 
where he received nine credits towards his law degree. The 
rest of the summer he "back-packed" again, mostly in 
Ireland. But he made sure to be in Paris on Bastille Day, a 
day to remember! 

In his second and third year of law school, Kevin was 
elected Academic Vice President of his class. During those 
years he was also a full-time doctoral student in American 
History at City University Graduate Center at Fifth 
Avenue and 42nd Street. He finished his graduate credits 
for this degree but has yet to complete his dissertation 
which he would like to do on the development and 
breakdown of ethnic neighborhoods in New York City 
during the 19th and 20th centuries. 

Kevin Reilly received his law degree in 1981. After three 
years of study day and night, Kevin chose to work in the 
construction field for a while, doing manual work. He 
thoroughly enjoyed this change. Concurrently, he served 
as an adjunct professor at CUNY, teaching History and 
Political Science. 

In the fall of 1982, Kevin had a brief stint at private law 
practice. In December, he accepted a position in Criminal 
Court in the Bronx, serving for a year. During that period 
he ran for election to his local School Board in Bay Ridge, 
Brooklyn, but lost by a narrow margin. For the following 
three years, he was Law Secretary for a Supreme Court 
Justice in Bronx Supreme Court. 

The next change, he vividly remembers, was on the day 
before his wedding. He became Executive Assistant to 
Presiding Justice Francis T. Murphy of the State Supreme 
Court, Appellate Division, First Department. In April 
1987, a Law Assistant position in the Appellate Division 
opened and he began to work for the bench, doing research 
and writing on appeals. Kevin, besides his background in 
criminal law, specializes in Environmental Law and asked 
that such cases, be assigned to him, in order to gain 

The summer of 1986 found Kevin Reilly in Great Britain 
again. He spent some time in London, the highlight of 
which was attending the American Bar Association Annual 
Convention. Interested in the criminal justice system of 
Northern Ireland, Kevin next visited that republic to make 
inquires first-hand. Paul O'Dwyer had directed him to 
Patrick Finucane, an attorney, with whom he had lunch 
and an informative conversation. It was a shock for Kevin 
to read that Patrick was killed recently. Kevin also met with 
members of parliament and local leaders to whom he was 
introduced by a friend. He hopes to return to Ireland this 
summer to continue his inquiries. 

Kevin Reilly is Vice President of Cathedral Club in 
Brooklyn, a club for lawyers and business people. He is 
member of the Board of Directors of St. John's Law School 
Alumni Association and has served on the Executive Board 
of St. Joseph's College Alumni Association as a member at 
large and as vice-president. Kevin is a charter member of 
the Brehon Law Society, a group of New York lawyers 
involved with Civil Rights in Northern Ireland and related 
issues. He is on the Board of Catholic Lawyers Guild, 
Kings County, and is active in the Breezy Point Cooperative. 

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What is Needed to Educate Our Students 

At a recent faculty meeting, Carol J. Hayes, PhD. 
Chairperson of the Biology Department of St. Joseph's 
College, read her opinion of what is needed to educate our 
students properly for life in a technological society: 

We, and our students, present and future, are and will 
continue to be living in a society which is becoming 
increasingly technological. There has been already, and 
there will continue to be, as a result of this technology, an 
ever increasing information explosion the likes of which 
has been unknown in the history of humankind. 

Our students will be dealing in a society 

• in which higher animals (including humans) will 
be genetically engineered 

• in which the human genome will be completely 
mapped and there will be gene therapy for human 

• in which biotechnology will be a 30 billion dollar 
plus industry 

• in which the environment will be increasingly 

• in which the energy crunch will worsen and we will 
be forced to rely on nuclear power 

• in which drug abuse and other plagues (like AIDS) 
will affect more and more people 

• in which the population will continue to increase as 
we become better able to decrease infant mortality 
rates and increase life spans 

As a result, they will be forced to deal with and to make 
decisions concerning such problems as 

• whether or not life forms should be patented - or do 
they belong to all of us 

• whether or not technology should deal in dollar 
profit - or for the good of all humankind 

• which human beings should be subjected to gene 
therapy - should all of us be alike? - or is diversity 
still the essence of survival? 

• what chemical, physical, or biological agents 
should be declared imminent hazards to humans 

• how to feed the burgeoning humanity 

• what to do about the greenhouse effect - if such, in 
fact, exists 

• the strict control of nuclear technology 

Decisions on these must be made from a knowledge base 
and not on an emotional level in which there is blame and 
lack of understanding. 

Our technological society demands, and will continue 
to demand, knowledge and production on every level. 
There is current concern in the business community 
among educators at every level, and at the national level 
that our students simply are not being prepared for the 
challenges that will face them. 

In a Business Week article entitled "Needed: Human 
Capital ", the author points out that now, Chemical Bank of 

of New York must interview forty applicants to find one 
who can be successfully trained as a teller and that IBM 
has to teach high school algebra to thousands of 
employees before they can run a computer. 

In a Business Week article entitled "Where the Jobs Are, 
the Skills Aren't", the author cites the fact that technology 
is upgrading the work required in most jobs - the modem 
workplace needs people with high reading, math, and 
science capabilities. People who are already working will 
need massive retraining to keep pace with changing 
requirements. He points out that there are currently 30 
million of these people who will need more math and 
science, or better reading and writing skills. 

The National Science Foundation is concerned that 
there will be a shortfall of 400,000 scientists and engineers 
by the year 2000. 

All of this is happening against a background in which 
science and math literacy are at an all time low in the 
United States. Our students, according to NSF and the 
National Research Council, are at the bottom of the pack 
when it comes to math and science achievement. On 
international achievement tests: 

• only 78% of American students can do one-step math 
problems (simple addition or subtraction) 

• only 40% can solve two-step math problems (eg., 
calculating an average 

• and, in understanding concepts, eg., the basic 
principles of measurement and geometry, the 
problem is even worse - only 9% of American 
students understand 

The scenario is similar for science scores: 

• most know basic everyday facts 

• but, only 78% can apply simple scientific principles 

• only 35% can analyze simple data 

• only 7% can design experiments and interpret data 

What does all this mean for St. Joseph's College? What 
can we do for our students to put them ahead of the 
international averages? 

I think, first of all, we must provide them with a work 
ethic. Our students must understand that to be educated is 
not synonomous with working less. They must have a 
passion for their disciplines because, in fact, they will be 
called upon to work longer hours for less pay than many 
of their uneducated counterparts. They will have this 
passion and this work ethic only if they see it in us - their 
mentors, their role models. They tend to think that 
academic communities run on a 15 to 18 hour week. We 
have to demonstrate to them the fallacy of the thinking 
that accomplishments reveal themselves in 15 to 18 hours 
a week. 

Each department should have a core of recent alumni 
who are willing to feed back honestly to the department - 
to tell us what they feel we are doing well and what we 
should do better. They are able to make these judgments 
based on their own experiences in graduate and professional 
schools and in the workplace. We, in turn, must be willing 
to listen to what they say and to hear some things that may 
be a little hard to swallow. 

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Speech Pathologist 

To realize life's dream is something that many people 
fantasize about, but few get the opportunity to do. Joan 
Kronman, SJC Patchogue graduate '82, is one of those 
lucky few. 

Some years ago, Joan attended Brooklyn college where 
she majored in Speech - which was much different from 
the Speech major today' However, she left Brooklyn 
College before graduation, married, and embarked on a 
career as homemaker and mother of three children. 

When her third child entered college, Joan decided it 
was time to return to school. She earned her Associate 
degree at Suffolk Community College and then transferred 
to St. Joseph's College in Patchogue, where she graduated 
in December 1981 as a Child Study major with dual 
certification in Special Education and Elementary 
Education. Because it is necessary to have a Master's 
degree to work in Speech Pathology, she entered the 
graduate program at C.W. Post. While she was taking 
nine credits that first semester at C.W. Post, she was asked 
to teach a Special Education class from March to June, 
1982. (If you want something done well, ask a busy 
person.) In May, 1984, during an awards ceremony at the 
university, Joan received the Graduate Memorial Award 
for Outstanding Achievement in Speech and Hearing. In 
October '84, she graduated from Long Island University at 
C.W. Post with an MA in Speech Pathology. Nine months 
later, after doing her Practicum with adults and children, 
Joan became a New York State Clinical Speech Pathologist. 

Joan has a small office in a Professional Building in 
Center Moriches, where she sees clients varying greatly in 

age and medical condition. Working with stroke and head 
trauma patients, people with tumors, children with 
learning disabilities, articulation or voice disorders and 
lanaguage delayed problems, is part of her daily routine. 
On any given day for example Joan can be found working 
with a stroke patient who knows clearly what he wants to 
say, but cannot get the words to come out right; a 17 
year-old girl with an inoperable brain tumor, or two year- 
old with a language delayed problem as a result of too 
many middle ear infections. The work could be depressing, 
but acceptance of one's condition is the key to a positive 
outlook and something that Joan stresses. 

In addition to her private practice, Joan is a faculty 
member at SJC in Patchogue, teaching in the rapidly 
growing Speech Communication Department. The 
courses are planned so that students may develop 
confidence and poise, become better listeners, learn how to 
get and hold attention in speech situations, acquire the 
means to express their convictions effectively and receive 
training in the skills of interpretative reading and character 
portrayal. Joan is teaching three courses this semester: 
"Speech Communication," "Voice and Articulation," 
and "Audiology." 

Joan maintains an active family life with three grown 
children, Bruce, Steven and Celia, and six grandchildren. 
Spending time with her family is among her life's 
pleasures. This past January, Joan and Herbert went to 
Hawaii — another life's dream — and a dream come true. 

Joyce Hayes 

What Is Needed To Educate Our Students, continued 

We must involve our students more and more in their 
own education. This we can do in a number of ways: 

• By teaching them to work independently and to 
think critically in recitation sections of courses and 
in laboratories 

• by giving them projects which will challenge them to 
work to completion - a semester's length, a year in 
length, or four years in length. 

• by providing internships or cooperative arrange- 
ments with companies, research institutions, etc., 
where they can demonstrate to themselves the value 
of all they are learning, in a practical sense. In the 
sciences, for example, many of our alumni look for 
students who are willing to work with them. I 
recommend that all departments get involved with 
their alumni in this manner - students are very 
practical today - they want to know what they can do 
with what they are learning in all of their courses, not 
just their major courses. 

In order for us to provide these experiences, we 
must have confidence in the students, no matter what 
their entering scores are (perhaps we should not 
know what these are). Expect more of them than you 
think they can accomplish. You will be surprised at 
what they can produce when you make them think 
they are better than they really are - because you have 
given them the confidence that they never had. 

Perhaps the College can consult with some of the 
corporations that have a need for retraining their 
employees. Based upon the outcome of these discussions, 
we could then develop programs in the division of Arts and 
Sciences for adults from these companies, for the purpose 
of retraining. 

We must keep in mind that the concept of what an 
educated person is has changed over time. The complete 
person of medieval times and the compleat person of 
modern times are vastly different. In medieval times, it was 
possible to teach a student much more of the truth because 
there was not that much known. Today, that is impossible - 
the body of knowledge is just too vast and we must be 
satisfied with educating specialists, and not generalists. 

And lastly, we must upgrade the mathematical and 
scientific knowledge of all of our students - scientists and 
non-scientists alike. I suggest we do this by requiring all 
students to take real science courses. Let us not decide that 
these are too difficult for our students to learn - whatever 
our own feelings about our past experiences in these areas 
may be. Let us not prejudice them so that they come to 
believe that understanding in these areas is above them. 

All of our students - scientists or not - will be expected to 
make critical moral, legal, and ethical decisions in these 
areas and without the necessary knowledge, they will be 
impotent. When the time comes, it will not be sufficient for 
them simply to have the ability to think clearly - they must 
have the knowledge base for the decision making. 

Special Day 

At Teachers College, Columbia University, a "special 
day" was held to honor Professor Frances Partridge 
Connor's achievements in the field of special education. 
The theme of the day was "New Coalitions With and For 
the Handicapped: Advocacy in the 21st Century." Dr. 
Frances Connor, who joined the TC faculty in 1954, served 
for more than 20 years as the chair of the Department of 
Special Education. She retired in 1987. Monsignor John 
Houlihan, who received hisdoctorate in Special EdatTC, 
was master of ceremonies for the dinner honoring 
Professor Connor. 

Dr. Frances Partridge Connor '40 with P. Michael Timpane 
President of Teachers College, Columbia University and 
Msgr. John Hourihan 

Michele Pilo '84S 

Stony Brook Museum, in Stony Brook, New York, is a 
very exciting place, so finding Michele Pilo, SJC 
Patchogue '84, working there as Acting Assistant Director 
for Education was not a surprise. 

That she loves her job is evident from the wonderful 
programs she has helped to establish there. Michele is 
Educational Director of the Volunteer Guides. Guides 
receive extensive training during Monday morning 
sessions at the museum. They are taught ways to reach 
children and to address the needs of special classes. To 
help coordinate the program Michele uses the teaching 
techniques that she learned at St. Joseph's. 

Michele graduated magna cum laude in January 1984 
with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education. An 
outstanding student, she was on the Dean's List and 
elected to Delta Epsilon Sigma, Sigma Iota Chi and Kappa 
Gamma Pi. Her dedication to hard work has not waned 
since graduation. 

Michele is the President of the Long Island Museum 
Association. She has served as Chairperson of the Long 
Island Museum Association Educators Committee from 
1984 to 1987 and was affiliated with the Fellowship for 
Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums in 1985. Other 
professional experience includes chairing and presenting 
a workshop entitled, "Developing and Marketing 
Teaching Materials: Taking Museum Resources to the 
Schools," at the American Association for State and Local 
History Conference, held in Rochester, New York, in 
1988; organizing and presenting workshops entitled 
"Interpreting Music and Dance Through the Art of 
William Sidney Mount," and "Teaching with Carriages: 




Horse Drawn Transportation History for the Schools" at 
the 1988 ALHFAM Annual Conference. Michele also took 
an active role in the publication of Nineteenth Century 
American Music and Dance in the Art of William Sidney 
Mount, (The Museum at Stony Brook, 1986.) 

One of her greatest loves is the "School House" 
program at the Museum, which operates on the hands-on 
principle. There are programs for gifted and talented 
classes and programs tailored to special groups. Michele 
also worked on a grant that developed a music and dance 
teaching program for Long Island, called "Catching the 
Tune". She found that the educational experiences she 
had received at St. Joe's - such as writing lesson plans and 
her thesis - were invaluable to her museum career. 

Michele and her husband, Joseph have four chidlren: 
Teresa, a graduate of St. Bonaventure; Kristine, a Senior at 
SUNY Albany; Michael, a Freshman at Towson State 
University, and Danny, a 5th grade student. Michele's 
husband, Joe who is the Chairman of the Science 
Department at Smithtown High School East, initiated 
and developed Advance Placement Biology there. 

"It is important to expose children to a museum when 
they are young," said Michele. "The exposure is invaluable 
and leads them to keep an open mind about culture." 

For relaxation, Michele likes to read and quilt. She is a 
Eucharistic minister in her parish in Stony Brook. 

She is interested in working with students majoring 
either in Child Study or History who would like to serve as 
interns at the Museum. Students who are interested should 
contact their Head of Department. 

Joyce Hayes 

Directors of Counseling and Career Services 


Anna Bess Robinson is Director of Counseling and 
Career Services in Patchogue. She broke away from her 
small town in Oklahoma to attend Randolph Macon 
Women's College. While there she received a grant one 
summer to study in Mexico and to observe a different 
culture. It was her first travel experience. 

Anna Bess married a military man, James Robinson, 
and as they moved from one assignment to another, she 
continued her education through travelling, through 
observation of people and their customs, and through the 
variety of jobs she undertook along the way. 

With military obligations over, the Robinsons settled in 
New Jersey where Anna Bess attended Rutgers University 
Graduate School and earned a Master's degree in 
Counseling. She worked part time as a Youth Counselor 
for New Jersey State youth and part time as Associate 
Professor of Sociology in a new community college. 
During this time Suzy was born. They moved again to 
upstate New York where Erin was born. In 1978, the 
Robinsons made a final move to Long Island and in 1981 
Anna Bess started to work for St. Joseph's College in the 
Career and Counseling Center. 

Anna Bess is available to students and alumni in all 
phases of career and personal counseling. She explained 
that a good guidance counselor doesn't always get credit. 
If the counselor is good the person being counseled thinks 
he did it himself. Usually people have the resources within 
themselves, but just need a professional to bring them to 

The Career and Counseling Office is a place where St. 
Joseph's College alumni can always go for help in their 
professional life. Call (516) 654-3200, extension 159, for an 

Joyce Hayes & Laura Lo Manto 

MA \\ 


Two years ago the position of Director of Counseling 
and Career Placement was filled by Ms. Deborah Dejohn. 
A recent graduate of St. John's University, with an MS in 
Education Rehabilitation Counseling. Debbie found St. 
Joseph's College the perfect place to begin her career. 

Her days are filled with providing "students with 
information that will take them beyond the halls of St. 
Joseph's. Debbie has set up a Senior Placement file on the 
Brooklyn campus through which she can aid grads in 
finding jobs in offices, schools and other professional 

In addition to improving resume writing and inter- 
viewing skills, Deborah administers the Strong-Campbell 
and Self-Directed Career Exploration tests which are 
designed to assist individuals in choosing a career suited 
for their personalities. It is in her office that students 
receive information regarding Graduate, Medical and 
Law school admittance. 

Deborah's door is also open to personal counseling. 
Many of the issues she has encountered relate to social 
adjustment and family relationships. To combat some of 
the more prominent issues of today, Debbie makes 
available mental health care notes relevant to today's 
problems such as drug and alcohol abuse, rape, divorce, 
and AIDS. 

Debbie Dejohn is also involved in Freshman Orientation, 
the Health Professions Committee, the Pre-law Committee, 
and the Academic Development Committee. She acts as 
liaison for St. Joseph's College and the New York police 
Department's Cadet Corps. Her memberships in pro- 
fessional groups include the American Association for 
Counseling Development, the American Rehabilitation 
Counseling Association, and she serves as a member of the 
Executive Board, Rehabilitation Chapter of the New York 
State Association of Counseling and Development. 

Kerry McConway 

Life of Rally, continued 

On October 11, 1986, Kevin married Mary Fallon, also 
an attorney, who is litigator for an insurance company. 
His mother, Helen Fennelly Reilly, is a graduate of the 
Class of 1942, who twice served as President of SJC 
Alumni Association. Kathleen Masterson, his sister, also 
graduated from St. Joseph's, in 1979. His brother, Sean, 
graduated from Yale and Fordham Law School and his 
brother, Daniel, from St. John's University. 

Travel, scuba diving, skiing and rafting (on the Grand 
Canyon and Green Rivers) have been a big part of Kevin's 
recreational activities. On his agenda at some future time is 
an African safari and back-packing through New Zealand. 

Kevin is also a writer. He has contributed chapters to 
legal textbooks published by Matthew Bender, Inc. A book 
on Criminal Law, in the proposal stage, is intended as a 
practical handbook on that subject. 


We're Seeking Alumnae/i to be Career Advisors 

Dear Alumnae/i, 

Your Alma Mater is proud of you and is now seeking your help to serve as career advisors. 
We hope that you can share some of your experiences with our students. For instance, 
without sacrificing too much of your time you may be able to: 

• provide students with information about your field 

• sponsor an on-site visit to your field 

• provide internship opportunities 

• serve as a speaker or panelist as a career event. 

These are several possibilities. We would welcome any other suggestion you may have. If 
you can help, please return the form below as soon as possible. 
We hope to hear from you. 

Deborah Dejohn Anna Bess Robinson 

St. Joseph's College St. Joseph's College 

245 Clinton Avenue 155 Roe Boulevard 

Brooklyn, N.Y. 11205 Patchogue, N.Y. 11772 

Directors of Counseling ir Career Placement 

first maiden last 

(if name at graduation) A&S GS 








I prefer to be contacted 

□ at home □ at work 

□ by phone □ by mail 

Yes, I would be willing to help students. I could 

□ provide information about my work 

□ arrange an on-site visit 

□ arrange an internship 

□ serve as a speaker or panelist 

□ provide information about other companies, businesses, agencies 

□ provide information about graduate school opportunities 

Other suggestions: 



Three Phonathons in '89 

On March 8th our regular Phonathon was held in 
Garden City and 62 enthusiastic, hard-working volunteers 
received just over $60,000 in pledges. We are so grateful to 
them for their contribution of their time and effort. You will 
find many familiar names below - and several new ones. 


Sr. George Acquin O'Connor 

S. Elizabeth Hill '64 
S. Mary Florence Burns '46 
S. Teresa Avila Burke 
S. Margaret Buckley '55 
S. Jean Marie Amore 
S. Mary Winifred Grass '39 
S. Mary Corde Tymann '39 
S. Helen Kearney '67 
S. Rosamond O'Keefe 
S. Agnes Meagher '65 
S. Joanne Forker 
S. Bonnie Kelly 
S. Alice Francis Young '40 
S. Patricia Dittmer 72 
Rita Dorgler Bartscherer '51 
Clare T. Bauch '45 
Robert Bauer, faculty 
Theresa Cuneo Bolen '48 
Justine Donohue Butz '60 
Rosemary Chapman, staff 
Virginia Mannebach Cleary '45 
Mary Uravic Clement '60 
Ruth Davis, staff 
Mary Ann DeLuca, staff 
Pat Egan Englehart '52 
Joan Farley '85SGS 
Mary Elizabeth McL. Farrell '35 
Maureen Dougherty Fraser '53 
Regina Fitzgerald '85S 
Lisa Friedman, staff 

Jean Vallone Gagliardo '51 
Marie C. Grace, staff 
Rosemary Corbett Hannon '54 
Joyce Hayes '88S 
Melodie Horan. staff 
Dr. Marilyn Kalyvas, faculty 
Dr. Lenore Kelly, faculty 
Constance Runkele Lockwood '57 
Jean Stephens Maflei '66 
Edna Brennan Maloney '35 
Kerry McConway '86 
Pat Finn McDonnell '54 
Margaret Langan McDermott '34 
Martha McCann McGuirk '40 
Arlene Murtha '80S 
Rosalind Cuneo Murray '48 
Harold Murray, husband 
Helen Burke Naylor '51 
Roberta Nelson '52 
Jane McLoughlin O'Connor '35 
Roseann Connolly Palmer '57 
Virginia Roche '40 
Marion Salgado "78S 
Annabelle Mealey Skoglind '49 
Ann Tarzia '84S 
Ann Thompson, staff 
June Thompson '83S 
Betty Ann Tomforde '88S 
Rosalie Tutino '59 
Dolores Twachtman '83S 
Sherrie Van Arnam, staff 
Joanne Walsh '86S 

General Studies 
Initiates First Phonathon 

With no previous experience, a dedicated group of 
volunteers "manned" the phones in 265 on April 6th and 
20th, to ask fellow alumni to make a pledge towards the 
New Horizons Fund. A total of 864 calls were made and 
pledges amounting to $6,585 were received from 123 grads. 
Many thanks to all of you listed below, for your gift of time 
and hard work to make this "first" such a success. We hope 
we didn't miss any names in our list. 

Dan Beni 
Jean Black 
Dr. Lorraine Boykin 
Victor Brown 
Rupert Campbell 
S. Carole Lessard 
Annette Davis 
Bob Dunn 
Janet Gill 
Christine Gryziec 
Carmen Irizarry 
Coddington John 

Suzanne Krase 
Kevin McKennon 
Sadie McMillan 
Eileen Mullen 
Sandra Ramirez 
Cruz Sanchez Reyez 
Doris Richardson 
Dorothy Robinson 
Dr. Maude Robinson 
Angie Tamara 
Suzanne Trappier 
Dr. Thomas Travis 

Ruthann P. Rizzi '85 

Ruthann P. Rizzi '85 was among those selected for 
inclusion in the 1988 Outstanding Young Women of 
America award. 

Ruthann graduated cum laude and with Departmental 
Honors in Chemistry in 1985. A member of Delta Kappa 
Sigma, Ruth was also valedictorian for her class. She is 
attending SUNY Upstate Medical College in Syracuse 
studying for a medical degree. 

Students Help Alumni 
at Patchogue Phonathon 

The Phonathon at Patchogue on April 1 7th was another 
"first." With great enthusiasm, students and alumni 
dialed 1600 calls and received a total of $5,877 in pledges. 
To all listed below (and we hope we didn't miss anyone) 
we say, "Thanks! Hope to see you again next year." 

S. George Aquin O'Connor 

S. Jean Marie Amore 

S. Joan Ryan 

S. Teresa Rogers 

S. Agnes Meagher 

S. Pat Manning 

S. Jane Fritz 

S. Bonnie Kelly 

S. Elizabelh Hill 

Susan Barrasso '89GS 

Clare T. Bauch '45 

Mark Beleck. student 

Charles Caputo. student 

Bob Crowley, student 

Dom D'Achillc 

Roseanne Henry DiBello '82S 

Joan Dixon '89SGS 

Evelyn Farkas. staff 

Mary Eliz McL. Farrell '35 

Carolyn Gallogly, staff 

Tom Greco, student 

Myra Greenfield '86S 

Joyce Hayes '88S 

Betty Hill '88S 

Anne Marie Horn, student 

Dr. Marilyn Kalyvas, /i 
Penny Kehl '89SGS 
Vincent Lopez, student 
Pete Manger, student 
Laura LoManto '86S 
Ritz Melicha '86S 
George Meyers, faculty 
Jacqueline Murphy '88S 
Kathleen Murphy, student 
Jim Nolan, coach 
Providence Petrlak '87SGS 
Ann Powers, faculty 
Maureen Read, staff 
Veronica Reehil '86S 
Marion Salgado '78S 
Iva Sheehan '8 IS 
Cathy Sullivan '82SGS 
Ken Sweeney, student 
Dr. Thomas Travis, staff 
Rosalie Tutino '59 
Paul Trudnak. coach 
Paul Venturi. student 
Gerard Walsh, student 
Eve Zimmerman, staff 
Madeline Zunno '89SGS 



Frank and Linda (Borelli) Ridzi 

Linda (Borelli 73) and Frank Ridzi are a coordinating 
couple for the Natural Family Planning Apostolate of the 
Brooklyn Diocese under the umbrella of the Family Life 
Ministry. As coordinators, they share the teaching of 
Natural Family Planning with other couples, and help 
prepare new teachers for the program. 

The Ridzis are frequently invited to address college 
groups, high school students, mostly girls, and occasion- 
ally the more-mature eighth graders. 

When they thought of marriage, Linda and Frank knew 
they wanted a family. They knew, too, that a child very 
early in marriage would be a real hardship. They reviewed 
Linda's notes from her marriage course, wishing to follow 
church teaching. They reassessed their goals in marriage, 
confirming their decision to have a life free of guilt, of 


artificial birth control, and full of love. They wanted a 
family they could plan and care for. Luckily a brochure 
found at the rear of the church led them to the Natural 
Family Planning Association and put them in touch with 
a group of couples already using and teaching NFP, who 
shared personal experiences of sacrifice and fulfillment. 

When they began their married life fifteen years ago, the 
Ridzis found that although it was not always easy to live 
their commitment with God there were many surprising 
benefits. Soon shared responsibility became a loving way 
of life, blessed with the peace of a clear conscience and 
filled with joy which they share with their planned family, 
Frank, Tom, John Paul and Mary, ages 12 to 3, and Clare, 
born in May. 

They will share that joy with you. For information 
about NFP call Frank and Linda at (718) 499-7209. 

Fr. John Hession, continued 

These are some of the words and phrases that I think of 
when I think of John: gentleness, clear vision, modesty, 
story-telling, intelligence, books and more books, wisdom, 
humor, Fr. D'Ecclesius, class, thick eyebrows, zany 
descriptions of people and things, travel, reserve, 
reassurance, loyalty, love of the Holy Father, purity, more 
books, praying, praying, praying. 

John did not have a great number of close friends, but 
the ones he had were friends for life. Death measures the 

quality of good relationships. An endearing relationship 
builds on more than physical presence. It builds on 
experiences we have shared, common interests, a sense of 
camaraderie, loyalty and hope. And the hope is that 
though distance may separate us for a time, we will one 
day be together again. Death is the space between John 
and us for now, but not really for long. He is so fortunate. 
How wonderful it is to sit in the presence of God. Father 
Hession is with his Lord. 

Do You Know Candidates for Admission to St. Joseph's College? 

We want to involve more alumni in the recruitment of students. Many of you know high school seniors or graduates - your 
own perhaps, or your nieces or nephews, cousins, or a "kid" on the block or in the neighborhood. We urge you to send 
nominations to the Admissions Office on the form below (xerox it if you need more than one). Many General Studies graduates 
know of colleagues, associates, friends or relatives who could benefit by enrolling in St. Joseph's College degree programs. 

Admissions Office, St. Joseph's College, 245 Clinton Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11205 

I recommend the following individual for the rj ^ ns an( j s c j ences Deeree 


Address — 
Telephone _ 
My name is 
Address — 
Telephone _ 

□ General Studies Degree 

Class . 


vital smnsucs 


Please remember the deceased of St. Joseph's College's family 
your prayers 


Mae Moore Waldorf '20 (3/87) 
Marie Uhlinger'20 
Ethel Perkins Lee '28 
Catharine Irwin 29 
Kathleen Vaughn Fitzgerald '33 
Ellen Weinfurt '34 (9/85) 
Helen Sawyer Scully '35 (1985) 
Genevieve Sheerin '35 
Dorothea Visconti Mallon '39 
Sr Mary Mediatrix Green'39 
Mary Jane Gibbons Kennedy '43 
Barbara Kuehn '45 


Anne Connolly Burns '34 
Marie Mallon McCormack '47 
Margaret Cody Murphy '48 


Rita Maitland Carr '47 
Janice Alberti Russell '54 
Roseanne Connolly Palmer '57 
Mary Anne Egan McDonough '62 
Anne Larkin Wilkins '63 
Anne Marie Nardi Paley '66 
Mary Pickel Docherty '66 
Theresa Perrone Bozza '67 
Beatrice Flynn Nocerino '67 
Patricia Needham Toomey '68 
Elizabeth McCullough 74 
Marilyn Flynn Michelson 74 
Eileen McCullough Wihlborg 77 
Marlene Baisley 78 
Marie Clancy '81 
Helen Mojo '84S 
Maureen Connelly '84 
Joanne Visalli '85S 


Eileen Malloy Muzio '51 (dec.) 
Ann Malloy Murphy '56 
Mary Lou Fitzgerald Cain '60 
Maryann Holzderber Kennedy 70 
Mary Vaiano Bayer 72 
Katherine Vaiano McCormack 74 
Joanne Berezowski Casella 75 


Gertrude Roberts Delworth '23 


Catherine O'Connor McLaughlin '39 


Vera McNally '30 

S. Marie Clotilde Falvey '33 

Catherine Cooke '34 


Sr. Mary Frances Flinn RGS '21 
Mary Fogarty Reilly '34 
Charity Wilson Mathias '41 














Lois Esposito to William Von der Goltz 
Mary Buckley to Raymond Teatum 
Laura Moss to Steven Donnelly '85 
Carol Webber to Keith Lally 
Mary Ellen Ward to Kevin Ahr 
Barbara Bischoff to Jochen K Eckner 
Eileen Jarvis to Kevin Whitley 
Barbara White to Joseph Evers 
Pamela Palm to James Fox 
Beverly Bisig to David Wright 
Mary Edwards to Dr. Frank Verdone 
Mary McManus to James McElroy 
Steven Donnelly to Laura Moss '82 
Debora Umphred to Anthony Taggio 
Kim Thompson to John Krulder 
Denise Artus to Mark S. Tillery 
Michelle Patrovic to Joseph A. Pelosi 
Roseanne Kump to Dominic Marino 
Margaret Meyer to James Giorgio 
John Di Mare to Rosemarie Cappelleri 89 
Kim Buffa to John Tarpey 
Dawn Cronogue to Thomas Stephens '87S 
Thomas Stephens to Dawn Cronogue '87S 
Margaret Maraviglia to Frank Leitgeb 












Joseph John to Eileen Marchitelli Krahe 

Michael Francis to Colomba Furio Spigner 73 

Sean to Gail Colgan Brown 

Matthew Curtis to Carol McBride Luckam 

Meghan Elizabeth to Ginny and Bill Gorman 75 

Rachel Alexandra to Adelaide Lembo Polito 

Jonathon James to Richard Pelc and Maureen Leikens 76 

Bridget Amanda to Jackie Reisert Esposito 

Thomas to Robin Feit Burns 

Joanna Grace to Marilee Cosentino Pettet (5/19/88) 

Ashley Marie to Ann Marie Hallock Gralton 

Robert Francis Jr. to Kathleen '82S and Robert Kay '82S 

Kyle Brian to Kathleen Heaney Shimchak 

Arielle Michelle to Dianne Hamill 

Michael to Joan Apicello Fokas 

Michele Ann to Robert Tymann '86 



Jo Ann Bonauro entered Novitiate of Sisters of Charity, Jamaica 


'53 Eileen Guerra Petruzillo, EdD in Ed. Administration, Teachers 

College, Columbia University 1988 

Eileen Guerra Petruzillo, Appointed Headmaster, Greenwich 

(CT) High School. August 1988 
'54 Joyce Clark Dryden, MLS, C.W. Post, May 1988 

'54 Edwina Carew Brennan, One-Person Art Show at Sande 

Webster Gallery. Philadelphia, in July 1989 
'55 Angela Crociata Rodin, received N.J Governor's $5,000 grant 

for a water pollution study 
'58 Rita O'Connell Carlisi, MA. Administration/Curriculum 

Development. Trinity College, Washington DC, Summer 1988 
'60 Mary Pergola Hughes, Professional Diploma in School 

Administration and Supervision, Fordham, 9/88 
63 Nazha Besheer Beshara. completed Certificate Program at 

Institute of Financial Education 1987 and Associate Degree as a 

Paralegal 5/89 
'64 Joellen Sheehan Faucher, MA, Elementary Ed, University of 

Lowell, MA 1989 
'65 Cathleen Reynolds Gordon, NYS Certification in Reading, 

April 1989 
'66 Sandra Bonilla-San Miguel, named in 1988 Who's Who Among 

Human Services Professionals 
'67 Priscilla O'Connell Franzese. MA Special Ed, Adelphi 1/88 

'67 Bea Flynn Nocerino. MS Reading. Adelphi 1989 










Antoinette Lozito Shaver, MA Secondary Ed. 

Dowling College 6/88 

Alice McKenna Kelly, MA Organizational Psychology, Kean 

College. NJ 5/89 

Michele Esposito, PD Administration and Supervision, St. 

Johns, 1989 

Lois Esposito von der Goltz. MA Dance Therapy. Antoich 

College 1989 

Katherine Ott Reemer elected as Atlantic County Learning 

Disabilities Teacher of the Year 

Mary L. Zini, PD Administration. College ot New Rochelle 5/89 

Louise Nardo. MA Administration and Supervision. College of 

Staten Island 1989 

Barbara Irolla Panepinto. JD. Brooklyn Law School 6/84 

Valentina Parchin, PhD Professional Child Psychology, St. 

John's 1/89 

Thomas LaGuidice received the Crown Award for the fifth time 

as #1 Sales Representative in Liberty Mutual, at a ceremony in 

Boston 1989 

Frances Rosato, MA Public Administration, Baruch College 2/89 

Janis Smykla, MA Learning Disabilities, Baruch College 5/89 

Doris Wagner. MA Social Welfare. SUNY Stony Brook 5/81 

Eileen McCaffrey Farrell. JD St. John's Law School 1987 

Michele Stunano, MSW Social Work. Hunter College 2/89 

Barbara Mrozik. 1988 Citation in Who's Who Among Young 


Louise C Kratoville, MS Education, Long Island University 1986 

Laura Napolitano, MA Community Health, Adelphi 1987 

Laura Napolitano, article on Rhumatoid Arthritis published in 

Eta Sigma Gamma, profession health science journal 

Liziamma Abraham. Award for Outstanding Work with patients. 

sponsored by Brooklyn Union Gas/Women's History 

Month/Presented by Ralph J Lamberti. Borough President, 

Staten Island 

Cindy Noble, MALS, Stony Brook 5/89 

Patricia Baessler, MS Elementary Education. 

Dowling College 6/89 

Lynn Fazio Genovese, MA Special Ed. Stony Brook 5/89 

Marguerite Hartill, MA Liberal Studies with English 

Concentration, Stony Brook, 1988 

Diana Pavlic, MA Elementary Education, Queens College, 1987 

Geri Arnold. MA Education. St. John's 1/87 

Ruthann Rizzi selected for inclusion in 1988 Outstanding Young 

Women of America Award 

Mary McManus McElroy, JD Fordham Law School. May 1988 

Joanne Visalli, MA Reading & Learning Disabilities 7/88 

Linda Locantore. MALS. SUNY Stony Brook, 6/89 

Peggy Wilson, MA Marriage & Family Counseling, Hofstra. 1989 



In February this year, we learned that Mae Moore Waldorf had died in 
March 1 987 Through Marie Uhllnger's sister, we were able to get in touch 
with her son who told us that his mother had moved to a nursing home and 
died about a year later On March 31. 1989. Marie Uhllnger died Marie had 
been helpful in identifying her classmates in the photo on the cover of our 
Winter '89 issue. Please remember them and those dear to them in your 



Mary St. John Murphy returned from Maryland in time to attend the Spring 
Luncheon which she enjoyed very much. She still gives her time and 
attention to the Valois group which celebrated its 34th year in April. Mary is 
also active in Catholic Charities for "Handicapped and Aides." Tess Dolan 
Janton will return from Tucson in May and is happily anticipating the 
arrival of her twelfth great grandchild in the fall. Rita Fearon Bryan had a 
recent trip to California and saw four of her sons and their families. This 
summer she will visit her daughter in Pennsylvania and her son Jim on 
Long Island. She is looking forward to seeing many of the married 
grandchildren who live in the north. Rita has 19 great-grandchildren and 
another on the way Mildred Hayes Donohue reports that she and Vincent 
are well and enjoying life in Lynbrook Reglna Munz Meyer is well She 
enjoyed the cherry blossoms in Washington this Spring. 

Alice McGrane Feeley, 118th 8th Avenue, Apt. 5F. Brooklyn, NY 11215 


Beatrice Rick Richards writes that "the fact that I am alive and able to live 
alone in my own home on the shore of beautiful Green Pond in the 
mountains of northwest New Jersey is my latest accomplishment, lam 84!! 

Margaret Roche Moore, 216 E. 50 St., New York. N. Y. 10022 
(212) 688-5026 

Mary Camper McGinms, 434 74th Street, Brooklyn. NY. 11209 
(718) 748-0742 


Five of us attended the Spring Luncheon Barbara Eckels Catoggio, 
Bernadette Garvey, Eleanor Dolan Reardon, Margaret Crowley and Marlta 
Rockefeller Ryan. Eleanor and her daughter. Joan Reardon Dillon '56 
always attend the Fall Luncheon too. Peg Crowley and Bernadette Garvey 
had the great joy of visiting the Marian Shrines in Italy and France, on a 
pilgrimage, that included the Pope's Mass for the closing of the Marian 
Year Peg visited Doris Leavy at the Madonna Residence recently. Doris is 
always happy to hear about her SJC friends. She is quite well but unable to 
write letters Do drop her a line Mary Mirabella has not been able to go to 
the opera at Lincoln Center and misses it. She does, however, attend 
concerts and off Broadway theaters She plans to visit her nephew in 
Aurora, Colorado this summer and will see her brother and niece in 
Eugene. Oregon She keeps in touch with her nephew and his daughter. 
Diane Mirabella '87, in Patchogue. The Mirabellas have great family 
gatherings Julie McDonnell, sister of Mary McDonnell '26. always brings a 
friend and sits with us Barbara Eckels Catoggio spends much time with 
her daughter. Anita, and her three little girls, attending their swimming 
matches and meets where trophies are awarded Barbara Jr and her 
husband are lawyers and have three sons and a daughter. They all love 
sports, especially soccer and basketball We were glad to see Bernadette 
looking so well We missed Mary Green and were sorry to hear that she had 
pneumonia As Director of Education, Teen Ryan Mulholland '55 never has 
an idle moment at St. Mary's parish in East Islip. Her son, Jim, just 
graduated from the University of Bridgeport in Electrical Engineering. 
Kathy is studying Hotel Management at Wiedner. Eileen is at Pace 
University, Briarcliff, NY studying nursing. Peggy will graduate from East 
Islip HS in June and will go to SUNY Cobleskill. NY. Roberta is still 
lecturing all over the United States on teenage problems. Richard is a 
student at the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, studying Graphic 
Design. Lori is at Eastern Michigan University, studying Business. This 
summer she will teach sailing at Wyndotte Yacht Club in Michigan Many 
thanks to Barbara. Peg, Eileen and Mary Mirabella for helping me. 

We extend our sympathy to Sr. Mary Francis Fllnn. RGS. on the death of 
her brother. Msgr Dermod Flinn, on May 22nd. Sister is a missionary in 
Hong Kong. China, and was unable to come to the states Please 
remember them both in your prayers. 

Marita Rockefeller Ryan, 69 Chestnut Ave.. Poquott Village. East Setauket. 
NY 11733 (516) 473-0720 



Gertrude Roberts Delworth asks remembrance in your prayers of her 
daughter, Gail M. Steiger, who died of cancer on March 30th She was a 
graduate of Seattle University '60 and a Space Journalist She is survived 
by her husband. Robert, two sons and her sister, Dr. Ursula Delworth. 

One of the reasons that I regretted not getting to the Alumni Luncheon was 
missing the opportunity to greet and congratulate Janet Morris Hamilton 
in the Golden Class She is the sister-in-law of our loved and faithful Lalia 
Rowan Morris Delightful news from Rose Stuart Doran includes the 
mending the 100 year old family christening dress for the latest family 
additions - a pair of twins, boy and girl, born to Teresa, Rose's 

Members of the Class of 1939 who attended the Golden Jubilee Luncheon 

Margaret Courtney Gargiulo '67, chairman of the Luncheon, with S. 
George Aqum and Betty Anne McDonough, President of the Alumni 

S. George Aqum addresses the alumnae i at the luncheon 

S. Mary Kternan, OP,S. David Miriam O'Brien, CSJ, S. Mary 
Winifred Grass, CSJ, Sr. Mary Corde Tymann, CSJ and Dorothy 
Mercedes Finn, CSJ all members of the Golden Jubilee Class 

Another anniversary class enjoys the luncheon 

Members of the thirtieth anniversary class, 1959 

f 1 T*f 


Group of alumnae from Suffolk celebrate together 

Alumnae at the luncheon model New Horizons T-shirts 

Margaret Courtney Gargiulo, Chairman, andRei: John J. Berkery who is 
giving the invocation 

Eleanor Van Wagner Xace presents S. George Aqum with the Golden 
Jubileee Class Gift for New Horizons Campaign 

grandaughter, who lives in Marblehead. MA. Congratulations and welcome 
to great-grandmotherhood! Rose has been travelling with her daughter, 
Rose, to such places as Russia and the Balkans, and northward each 
summer to visit her son, Tom, who lives in Rockville Center. She has been a 
volunteer in St. Mary's Hospital for over 25 years Jo Weiden McBride 
reports on her "growing family" - 18 grandchildren and 6 great- 
grandchildren who keep her busy and happy Miriam Cleary McNeill called 
to say she has no news to report but she sounds great and is still going 
strong Marie Savlno Degnan has six grandchildren. Tom and Joe are 
graduates of F & M and Ithaca, respectively. Maria was graduated from 
Emerson in Boston and is now producing commercials. Michael, who will 
graduate in June, has his eye on the stage as a career Colleen is heading 
from Berkley to a job in Japan, and Shannon, aged 10, "is an honor student 
in all her endeavors ." Katherine Normlle Mylod is looking forward to two 
more grandchildren's weddings. This will bring the family count to 57! You 
can list me also in the great grandmothers column - my fourth is due in 
June. Many thanks for your delightful messages and please send more. In 
the meantime pray for each other. May God bless you. 

Margaret Normile McLoughlin. 201 Webb Avenue, River Edge, NJ 07661 
(201) 261-2942 


We wish to extend our sympathy to the family of Ethel Lee Perkins who 
died last November We will remember them in our prayers. Also remember 
Elinor Woods Paul who injured her shoulder and Helen Callahan Brink 
who is recuperating after a stay in the hospital News centers mostly 
around grandchildren, bless them. Mary Kelly Hoermann now has nine 
great-grandchildren, one of whom is Joseph IV. Mary has time and energy 
for her bible group, a refresher course in Spanish and frequent visits to 
Water Mill where she has lunch with her sister. Sister M Naomi Betty 
Hebron Dldle is proud of her grandaughter, Kathy Didie, who made the 
Honors Program at Fordham during her first year, and her grandson, John 
Rausch who was awarded a Presidential Scholarship to Fordham Prep. He 
spent his Easter vacation in England and Ireland while Kathy went to 
Acapulco. Betty keeps in touch with the sister and daughter of Alice 
Adams Elliott who thrive on her companionship and concern Jeannette 
Farrell Amery hopes to spend the summer at her beach house again. She is 
proud of her grandchildren: Ted who will be a junior at college, Jane a 
sophomore and Scott a freshman. Elizabeth who will be a junior in high 
school was admitted to the National Honor Society in May Margaret, still 
in elementary, is a shining light on the track and basketball court. 
Jeannette, by the grace of God and the kindness of Eleanor McLoughlin 
'31 joined Mary Keller Lawler in representing '28 at the Spring Luncheon 
Emma Bergen had planned to be there but there was a change of plans. 
Mary Keller Lawler now has 13 beautiful great-grandchildren She's still 
doing her usual parish work and favorite charities and is looking forward to 
a North Cape cruise in July. Jack and Regina Peppard Fitzpatrick will 
spend the summer in their Amityville cottage. Mary Manning Doherty will 
remain in Virginia this summer. Her daughter, Eileen and three children 
live nearby. Mary Walsh, ill for over a year is now, in a nursing home in 
Smithtown and would love to hear from her friends. Phone the alumni 
office (718) 636-6882 or Jeannette (see below) for her address. 

Jeannette Farrell Amery, 1 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY. 11215 
(718) 499-5262 


After an uneventful winter, we are now in the midst of a very active season 
of weddings, anniversaries, graduations, confirmations and First 
Communions, as well as the inevitable "home improvements" and we 
decided to postpone the ususal spring luncheon until early October. We 
were sorry to hear of the death of Ruth Hagen Pette's husband, Judge 
Nicholas Pette, and of Vera McNally's sister, Elizabeth Dwayne Please 
remember them in your prayers. Mary Dalton Oberle fell in the street near 
her home and suffered a broken leg. She is staying with her daughter, Mary 
Lyons, in Seaford Kathleen Mulrooney McDermott has two grand- 
daughters studying abroad: Kathleen Amendolia in Cambridge and Ellen 
McDermott in Avignon. Kathleen's sister, Maria, is at Holy Cross and 
Ellen's brother is in Cornell Medical College Zita Hawkins Stoddart is 
looking forward to September 1st, when Gerald Curry Jr. her oldest 
grandchild will be the first to wed. Can you believe it? We are fast 
approaching our sixtieth anniversary. Please get in touch with us and 
share your ideas, suggestions and news. . . 

Isabelle Donohue FitzGerald, 319 Webster Ave., Brooklyn, NY. 11230 


Zita Hawkins Stoddart, 39 Maple Drive, Roosevelt. N Y 11575 

(516) 376-4519 


Marian Baltes Duncan writes enthusiastically of family, gardening and life 
in general. She is happy that one of her children lives on Long Island. Son, 
Tom, resides in Merrick. One of her daughters lives in Princeton. NJ, and 
the other lives out of the country, in Montreal, Canada. There are three 
grandchildren: grown-ups in Princeton and three youngsters in Merrick. 
Thanks for Alumnagram!- she writes. Marie Duffy Ouinn was 80 years old 
on April 23rd this year Her life centers around her three children and ten 
grandchildren, sharing family celebrations and travelling to visit them. "St. 
Joseph's was a great experience for me and my degree gave me a position 
in teaching that I enjoyed for over 25 years. May God bless all our 
members." writes Marie. The Spring Luncheon was attended by Eleanor 
McLoughlin, Julia McDonald Kuehne, Janet Prendergast Vickrey and 
Marie O'Connor Julie divides her time between her Manhattan apartment 
and her Long Island residence, with a bit of travelling now and then Marie 
is deep into activities sponsored by SCAN, Senior Citizens Activities 
Networks, formerly known as OASIS, Older Adult Service and Information 
Systems. Its aim: cultural and educational opportunities for the active 
senior - all absolutely free. Marie is taking a course in Drawing and Water 
Color and is attending many lectures on such varied topics as: Income Tax, 
Hair Care, Skin Diseases. Music and History, Exercise and Travel. On the 
other side of the desk, Marie is giving a course entitled: Books: The 
Pleasure of Their Company. Some of the topics that have been covered 
are: love through the pages of the ages; empathy through the reading of 
biography; famous sleuths of mystery fiction. This type of activity which, 
as stated, is for seniors, she balances by periodic visits to the 
Meadowflower Nursery School in Fair Haven which is run by Eileen 
Schilling Bassler '60. "Miss Marie" joins in the varied programs that Eileen 
offers for four year olds (the group that Marie visits). Nature walks are a big 
feature Marion Willmott Thorn and Dick visited Rosemary Sheridan 
recently, and keeps in close touch with Marie Duffy Quinn in SC. Dick and 
Marion play lots of bridge and are regular visitors to Maine and Vermont. 

Janet Prendergast Vickrey. 334 82nd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209 
(718) 836-0855 

Marie O'Connor. 72 Riverside Avenue. Apt. 48. Red Bank, NJ 07701 
(201) 747-5807 


The New Year began with a sad note for '32 - the news that Helen Curran 
Flynn died on January 7th. She was the sole Manhattanite in our class - 
what's more a Greenwich Villager' Helen was truly delightful, a cheery, 
sensible gal who added just the right touch to any discussion. Warm and 
gracious Helen brought these attributes to her 52-year marriage to Simon 
and to her fine family of four - Maeve. Sheilah, Kevin and Brian. We share 
their loss John and Mary White Kearney spent some time in Florida as did 
Katherine Kelly Carlin, Anne McCormack Fennessy. and Florence Raymond 
Morano I took a wonderful weekend trip to St. Augustine, a city that I had 
longed to visit all my life I recommend it highly for its font of historical and 
spiritual enrichment - and the "bed and breakfasts" are fantasticl Mary 
Whelan Phelan was our sole representative at the Spring Luncheon. Thanks. 
Mary We touched base with a few classmates: Kay Frey Lynch, Kay Kelly 
Carlin. Winifred McMahon and Helen Coughlin Worthley They send 
greetings to all Mildred Hines Ryan and Mary Whelan Phelan had a chance 
to chat at a luncheon at the home of Margaret Langan McDermott '34 In 
writing about Jo McKeon Broad in the last issue, I omitted a very important 
fact. Jo was also survived by her beloved niece. Ann Fallen Knapp '55. Ann, 
ever loving and devoted, was Jo's pride and joy. 

Anne McCormack Fennessy. 2 Horatio St.. New York. NY 10014 


Elizabeth Gegan Mattes and Frank spend more than six months in Boca 
Raton, Florida, each year and return to Ridge, New York every summer. 
There she has the pleasure of seeing Edith Stanley Smith and Mildred 
Donohue Fitzpatrick. who also live in Leisure Knoll. Elizabeth's children. 


alas, are scattered Son, Alfred, a cardie-vascular surgeon, practices in 
NY. University Hospital and lives in Harrison, NY Claire lives in Piano, a 
suburb of Dallas and Elizabeth in Wilmington. Massachusetts. Frank and 
Elizabeth have nine grandchildren, the oldest of whom has |ust entered 
Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT. Rose Brown Clarke was sorry to 
miss a call to her on Phonathon night They spend each winter in Venice, 
Florida from December 1 to March 30. They return home by TWA and send 
their car up by auto transport. Mary Dolan and her sister. Helen have been 
clearing out their attic in preparation for a move. She came across a supply 
of Footprints and Lorias which she forwarded to the alumni office for 
archives Dorothy Harold McNeil in sending her donation for the Alumni 
Fund for the Dillon Center recalled the following anecdote her sister told 
her. While he was visiting with the children, a child asked Monsignor if all of 
this big shoe was his foot (He was a big man 1 ) Many were the happy 
memories of St. Joseph's We had a beautiful day for our semi-annual 
lunch at LaGrange. although unfavorable weather never seemed to 
discourage us Present were Marie McGrath Brown. Elizabeth Schaefer 
Dalton, Mary Dolan. Mildred Donohue Fitzpatrlck Jo Ford Scanlon. Irene 
Cosatarlno Sarro. Rita Bopp Mahoney. Peggy Clarke Keating, her friend 
Helen McManus, Jerri Young Murphy. Rita Pollock Murphy. Evelyn Harris 
Martin and Elizabeth Gegan Mattes Although conversation was constant, 
no one could be persuaded to give me any news for this column. However, I 
did hear from Dorothy Harold McNeil of Pompano Beach, FL. Her letter 
came too late for the last Alumnagram. Dorothy has become a globe trotter 
in the past few years - in '87 a cruise tour of Scandinavia, in '88 an Alaskan 
trip from Fairbanks to Anchorage and then a cruise of the Inside Passage. 
"Awesome" is her word for it; wished she had done it years ago. Her most 
recent trip was to Hawaii 

Mary Dolan. 130 E. Lincoln Ave., Valley Stream. NY 11580 


Rita Pollack Murphy. 72 East Cypress Lane. Westbury, NY 1 1590 

(516) 334-5314 


We offer our sympathy and prayers to Mary Fogarty Rellly whose brother 
died last December. Mary Harron Hupczyc writes to the class of '34: "When 
I was living in Europe all those twenty years, I could not make the trip to 
attend your Alumnae Luncheon even though I truly yearned to. I was sure 
that when I got back to our USA. there would be no problem. But I was 
wrong. I can't get down to that 55th year reunion! But, believe me. on April 
8. 1 shall bewithyouin Spirit and I shall be thinking of you all. Have a lovely 
talk-fest all of you. . . forget those 55 years and keep remembering those 
four from 1930 to 1934 when we felt we were so important and the world 
was our oyster. Until, of course, in July 1934, when no one wanted to hire 
us. Please have a wonderful reunion and show the Class of 1 988 that we're 
still very much alive!" In a note with her annual contribution. Angela 
Mazzoll Rosa says her situation is status quo and she is still living in 
Whitestone We didn't make too good a showing for our 55th. but we did 
see some of our classmates Margaret Bier. Ada Scully Cahlll. S. James 
Cecilia Cullen Fran McGovern Delany, Agnes Brown Drummond. Glna 
Latoracca and her sister. Mary. Muriel Hottenroth Magenhelmer. Eucharla 
Mulligan. Alice O'Reilly, Angela Mazzoll Rosa and Marie Lilly We extend 
our sympathy to Catherine Cooke on the death of her sister, Mary Shea, 
who often came to the luncheon. She died in April, Please remember them 
in your prayers. 

Marie Lilly, 8201 4th Avenue. Brooklyn. NY 11209 


Margaret Bier, 6 Brooklands, Apt. #4A. Bronxville. NY 10708 

(914) 793-0243 

Catherine Cooke. 9956 Ft. Hamilton Pkwy., Brooklyn, NY 11209 

(718) 748-9866 


As members of Chamber Theater of the Palm Beaches. Joe and Elvle 
Trlmborn Mullally appeared in "The Gin Game" at Lighthouse Gallery on 
February 18 and 19. Elvie played the Jessica Tandy role on a "walker" 
which is the way she gets around these days! Cecilia Finn Fahy sent us her 
new address. She has moved to Delray Beach, We had a cheerful letter 
from Belle Robertson O'Connor who has been missed at the luncheons 
After the death of her husband, last April, Belle writes, "I managed to stay 
in my home till I apparently had a stroke and was in the hospital in 
Southampton till just around Thanksgiving. At that time I moved to this 
nursing home in Florida and have been here since " One of her cousins has 

a winter home in St Petersburg and had experience with this nursing home 
with her mother-in-law, so it was familiar to her Two of her cousin's sisters 
(twins) flew down with Belle who has "no other plans for now " Belle writes 
"hello" to all. Her address is Bon Secour Maria Manor. 10300 4th Street 
North. St. Petersburg. FL 33702 A note from another Floridian. Catherine 
May tells of some trouble she has been having with her eyes since October 
which makes reading difficult. Catherine's sister, S. Marie May '50, a 
Maryknoll sister, is due home for a visit this year but her schedule is not 
firm yet Marlon Musante reports that at last count there are 34 gals from St 
Joseph out in Baldwin - all ages and classes. Marion, a Eucharistic Minister 
in St. Christopher's, is on the Liturgy Committee and the Committee for 
Vocational Awareness They have a program "Adopt a Father" day on the 
Feasts of St Joseph and St Francis of Assisi The Confirmation class 
adopted a class of seminarians with whom they correspond and Marion is 
involved She sees Wllma Rlepe on occasion Agnes Rafferty Sladmeyer s 
son. Peter, is in Pleasantville taking care of emotionally disturbed children 
Frank Jr. lives in Connecticut with his wife and two children, and Steve, 
married with two children, lives in Queens Village Betty Zangle was to 
have lunch with Dot Tobln Forget, but it was cancelled Betty enjoyed a trip 
to Utah and visited the historic places where the old wagons used to stop. 
Salt Lake where she took many pictures, the Bee Hive House, Mormon 
Tabernacle and the Pioneer Museum. Anne McGuIre of Garden City and 
her two sisters are members of St. Ann's Church, but are a "fur piece" from 
the stores. They put on their walking shoes when it's time to shop. They 
enjoy their lovely surroundings and their own garden Edna Brennan 
Maloney looks forward to attending a wedding in Connecticut. She and I 
were the only 35'ers at the luncheon this year. Where were you all? It would 
be nice to see your friendly faces! Elizabeth Eckhoff Rhatlgan. just back 
from their annual trek to Hawaii, said that all goes well She wondered if 
anyone ever hears from Gen Naughton Dumvllle Like all of us she was 
upset by the sudden demise of Genevieve Sheerin please keep Gen in 
your prayers Elizabeth also sees Marlta Rockefeller Ryan '26 who lives 
across the street from her' Florence Kemp Carberry had a marvelous 
birthday-mother's day at Windows on the World with her entire family. . . 
John up from Atlanta, Frank down from Boston and Steve from Bay Ridge 
She is looking forward to her summer in Madison. CT. Grace Flannery 
Morris is anticipating a wedding in Fort Hamilton when her son. Jerry, will 
be married Kay Allen will visit Betty Devlin Lockwood in her new home in 
Florida. Kay and her sister Eileen '40 just returned from a trip to Cleveland 
where they attended a family graduation. Helen Browne is a busy lady with 
her painting and print-making. She plans a July vacation in the northern 
part of Maine. 1.000 miles away, near New Brunswick, Later in the fall she 
hopes to visit Yugoslavia for two weeks with her sister. She has also been 
occupied with family confirmations, christenings and Mother's Day 
Bernadette Moroney Metzler's son. Bill, has been transferred from Omaha, 
Nebraska to Columbus, Ohio via a nice big promotion. Her brother. Bill 
Moroney was in a serious skiing accident and is now in the Bronx VA 
hospital. Please keep him in your prayers. Again - keep in mind to meet 
face to face at the next Spring Luncheon 

Anne Seitz Smith. 8301 Ridge Blvd.. Brooklyn. NY 11209 


Anne Hennessy O'Rourke. 9930-3 Pineapple Tree Drive. 

Boynton Beach. FL 33436 (305) 734-8736 


Virginia Beatty Trum writes that she had her first great-grandchild. "Added 
to twenty-one grandchildren, it makes quite a group " Alice Enrlght has 
been retired since 1973 from Fullerton High School Oistrict where she 
taught Business subjects and later became a counselor. Alice received a 
master's degree in Business Education from Teachers' College, Columbia 
U. and through studies at Claremont College became a Certified Counselor 
Since retirement Alice is in volunteer hospital work and is busy in many 
other associations Josephine Fltzslmmons Faulkner asks for prayers for 
her husband, James, a stroke victim What a beautiful setting for our April 
18th Mass in the newly decorated Our Lady of Lourdes Church. The 
renovations where spectacular This brought back many youthful 
memories for Betty Pyne Dunleavy because Mass was concelebrated by 
Father Berkery who grew up in her parish. St Jerome's Margaret Berkery 
'39 and Betty were close friends and it was a joy to take pari in her 50th 
anniversary Also at the luncheon were Mary Pinter Brandes. Alice Hagan 
Flnnerty, Dorothy Delay and her sister. Ruth We missed Isabel Farrell who 
was confined to the hospital for a short stay She asked to be remembered 
in your prayers We also missed Mary Elizabeth McLoughlln Farrell '35 who 
was doctoring a bad cold We are so grateful to her for her untiring efforts 
in keeping the Alumni Association such a close knit organization 
Luncheon at Antun's was thoroughly enjoyable with the added touch of 
Dot Delay winning $100 in the 50/50 split. St Patrick's Day this year was 


celebrated at Alice Hagan Flnnerty's, with her family and Dot Delay and 

Isabel Farrell's families joining in. Please girls, let's hear from the many of 
you who must have lots of news to share of yourselves, families, jobs, 
interests. . , 

Betty Pyne Dunleavy, 335 East 32nd Street. Brooklyn, NY 11226 
(716) 462-7457 


While at Shannon Airport after attending a cousin's ordination in Ireland, 
Eileen Brennan and her brother, Fr. Gerald OFM bumped into Kathleen 
Haigney Hemmer and Bernard. They had just arrived from Scotland where 
Bernard had played golf, while Kathleen visited Scottish castles. As the 
men discussed golf, Kay told of her visit to Hilton Head Golf Course where 
she later had a dinner reunion with Mary Twlgg Conners and Isabelle 
Andersen Miles. Small world! Marlon Rogers Solan was delighted with the 
cover of the Winter Alumnagram with the picture of the Class of '20. One of 
the "twelve apostles" is her cousin, Marie McConnell. Marion is gradually 
getting back in the main stream after surgery. She and Edith Bruce were 
the only '37 reps at the NT. Athletic Club Fall Luncheon - however, they 
enjoyed visiting with so many others. Marion was in Florida for several 
week but will return home for the summer with East Hampton or Montauk 
as top choices. In the meantime, graduations and weddings are keeping 
her busy and happy. 

Marjorie Parker Smith, 65 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY 11215 

(718) 499-5834 

Eileen Brennan, 1203 Fenwood Drive, Valley Stream. NY 11580 


On May 8th our class had a 51st reunion luncheon at Ann Arbor Inn in 
Rockville Center Attending were S. Margaret Louise. S. Joseph Immaculate 
Schwartz, Fran McLoughlin Reilly Marlta Egan McNeill. VI Tully Kane, 
Midge Masterson Eifler, Jean O'Reilly Stone. Agnes McNamara, Norma 
Straus Slater and her daughter, Rosemary. Frances Garistlna, Ruth 
Whltbread. Angle Lelbinger Conlon. Peggy Magee Buckley and Katherine 
Shea and her sister. We were all delighted to see Katherine after too long an 
absence. Helen Dolan masterminded the idea and layed the plans but on the 
day of the lunch, she was in Mercy Hospital for tests to determine what is 
causing her back pain. Also absent was Rita McGovem Root, Eleanor 
Fanelle and Dot Allen Murphy due to last minute change of plans. Angle 
Conlon's son, James, will become Chief Conductor of Cologne Opera. He 
will direct the opera and concert activities in Cologne. He is the first 
American to hold either position. Her daughter. Lorle Heagney 78 is a 
practicing geriatric internist and also manages a home for husband, four 
year old Tim and 18 month old Margaret Fran Rellly's total right knee 
replacement has worked and she is now very mobile. Her oldest daughter 
Peggy Roehrlg 71 has been in the Florida Keys since August and has two 
children, Daniel 6 and Tess 1 . She and Fred have bought a 45 foot boat and 
plan to come up the Intercoastal Waterway and be in Long Island waters for 
the summer. Fran's oldest son, Joseph, is a Nassau County Police Detective. 
Fran is grandmother to 12. S. Margaret Louise still works at the Dillon Center 
-testing, and counseling parents. Agnes McNamara works three days a week 
at the Chancery in Rockville Center. She visited Ann Kenny in Florida in 
April. After very successful surgery, Ann is in now enjoying good health and 
hopes to be playing golf again soon. S. Joseph Immaculate is Administrator 
of the R.C. Diocesan Religious Education Media Center. Jean O'Reilly Stone 
enjoys life in Connecticut - has seven granchildren, one in college and the 
youngest three years old. Meets with other SJC grads for lunch every few 
months but she is the only one from '38. She's planning a trip to the Canadian 
northwest this summer Frances Garistlna just returned from a Delta Kappa 
Gamma Convention at Bolton's Landing, Lake George. She was chairman of 
the Achievement Awards Committee. Norma Straus Slater sold her house to 
her daughter, Rosemary The house was extended to form a separate 
apartment for Norma. She loves it, lots of light and little housework. Marlta 
Egan McNeill still lives in Smithtown but is taking trips to Vermont and 
Pennsylvania. Violet Tully Kane has a grandson graduating from Brockport 
May 13th. Then she and Ed are off to Portland, Oregon to visit daughter 
Barbara, then to Calgary and Lake Louise. Midge Masterson Eifler and Nick 
spend the summer at their place in the Poconos. . . in the winter, between 
visits to son in Coral Springs, FL, and daughter Peggy in Charlottesville, VA, 
they reside in College Point. They have six grandchildren. Peggy Magee 
Buckley's daughter Cate gave birth to twins on December 21, 1988 - a girl, 
Anna 6 lbs. 9 oz. and Benjamin 7 lbs. 14 oz.. They were launched at Cape 
Canavaral Hospital! Peg and Bill spent a few months last winter in Cocoa. FL 

to help out with the twins and four-year-old Noah. Fran Coffey Kelly has had 
surgery on her neck which turned out successfully. She and Patrick are now 
living in Hyde Park, NY. Helen Stroppel Lazzaro has two grandchildren 
receiving First Communion next Sunday. The problem is one ceremony is in 
Albany, the other in Maryland. S.M. Katerl, IHM (Betty Nlcolaus) is seriously 
ill and has been moved from St. Dominic's in Oyster Bay to the Motherhouse 
at Marywood. Scranton, PA Please remember her in your prayers. Above all. 
we want to thank Ruth Whltbread who took over the plans for the luncheon 
and with Agnes McNamara did a wonderful job and we all enjoyed a very 
pleasant afternoon and a delicious meal. However, we were very sorry that 
Helen couldn't be with us. Get well soon, Helen! 

Helen Dolan, 130 E. Lincoln Avenue, Valley Stream, NY 11580 
(516) 825-1582 

Margaret Magee Buckley. Stonegate Apts. 7-C7. Peekskill, NY 10566 
(914) 739-6369 


From the many notes and comments received after our Fiftieth Anniversary 
celebrations on April 8th and 9th, everyone enjoyed the two beautiful days. 
Fifty-six attended one or both days! At the Saturday luncheon, fifteen 
daughters of class members joined in the festivities, participating in the 
celebration. We enjoyed reminiscing about our college days and the many 
experiences we shared together At the Fort Hamilton Officers' Club on 
Sunday, a table was provided for old photos taken during college years 
which helped us recall many happy moments. Many came a great distance. 
From Florida: Grace Brennan Lawton, Madeline Warganz Spier, Elizabeth 
Manning Krlvlan, Elizabeth Taggart Schubert, Eleanor Van Wagner Nace. 
From Wyoming: Jane Walsh DiPaola. From Ohio: Janet Lewis Finn. From 
Maryland: Ruth Milde Phelan, Marjorie Burns Gallagher, Jeanne Gorman 
Tokarz, and Mary McMahon Davis. From Vermont: Carmela Napoli Loizzo 
and from Massachusetts: Frances Carroll McAnnulla. We were so pleased 
to see some who have been absent from our reunions for many years: 
Janet Morris Hamilton, Hazel O'Connell Reukauf, Ruth Mllde Phelan, 
Jeanne Gorman Tokarz, S. David Miriam O'Brien, S. Joan deLourdes 
Leonard, S. Dorothy Mercedes Finn, Janet Lewis Finn, Majorle Trimble, 
Marjorie Burns Gallagher and Dolores Amar. It was a distinct pleasure to 
have Fr John Berkery, Margaret's brother, and Fr. John Gorman, Jeanne's 
brother, concelebrate the Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes on Saturday. 
Special thanks go to the hard-working committee: Margaret Berkery, 
Margaret Glllen Hurley (who composed the attractive memorare folder 
dedicated to our deceased classmates), Elizabeth Bressl (who was 
responsible for the "stick-on" photos), Beatrice Hunkele Brennan, Estelle 
Webb Gelshenan and Grace Brennan Lawton. For the record, also present 
at the luncheon were: 

Constance Giampietro Annucci 

Margaret Bolton Barsin 

Kathryn Braithwaite 

Pauline Cavagnaro 

Irene McDonald Corgan 

Helen Pellegnno Cuscione 

Marian Kinsley Donnelly 

Rita Duhig 

Grace Seims Fennell 

Roseanna Fity 

Mary Kane Gillen 

Mary Guiney 

Virginia Hagan 

Eugenia Tyler Hagan 


Jeanne Bertrand Hanrahan 
Laura Hundley 
Aurora Diaz Jorgensen 
Florence Kennedy 
S. Mary Kiernan, O.P 
Marie Giuffre McLaughlin 
Jane Bell Norton 
Helen Brown Nugent 
Mary Concannon O'Connell 
Elizabeth O'Keefe 
Eileen Daly O'Shea 
Frances Kopp Schwerdt 
Claire O'Neil Seiz 
S. Mary Corde Tymann, CSJ 
Joanna Venezia Zinno 
We, Florence and Mary, loved getting it all together (we started over a year 
ago) and truly appreciate your thank you notes for our efforts to make our 
celebrations memorable and happy. We heard from Dorothea Visconti 
Mallon who, for eleven years now, has been living upstate in White Sulphur 
Springs, a part of the village of Liberty and she loves the country. She 
babysits for her grandchildren-has eighteen ranging from age 3 to 22. 
Dorothea is a member of the Ladies Fire Auxiliary and Senior Citizens of 
White Sulphur Days are busy and interesting and she is attempting to 
write a novel. We extend our sympathy and prayers to Catherine O'Connor 
McLaughlin on the death of her son, Robert. Remember also, our 
classmate Agnes Green who entered the Sisters of St. Dominic in 
Amityville in 1940 She died on January 8 this year. Sr. Mary Mediatrix 
served 46 years as a teacher in various schools and almost 25 of those at 
Molloy College in Rockville Center. 

Florence Kennedy, 69-40B 186 Lane, #1B, Flushing, NY 11365 

(718) 591-5735 

Mary Kane Gillen, 8 Valley Palce, Tenafly, NJ 07670 

(201) 569-8969 


Each year Cecilia Ruane Flnnegan looks forward to a visit from Martha 
McCann McGuirk and Helen Byrne McCabe. For years, she says, their 
families got together and their children enjoyed each other's company. 
They had vacation and celebrations together, and she adds that Ruth 
Drucker has been the greatest for the class of 1 940! Along with her gift to 
Alumni Fund, Mary McCrlmllsk, LLB, sent "best wishes for a wonderful 
summer to all you special people who mind the store at 245!" Mary is living 
in Delray Beach, Florida. Bill and Marcella Canale Reld drove from Fairfax, 
VA for the Mass and luncheon on April 8th, joining Ethyl Mascheck 
Comerford, Ruth Drucker, Frances Caetta lanora, Jane Kearney, Margaret 
Mack, Virginia Owens, Anne Sullivan and Cathleen Farrell Walsh at a full 
table for our class. When I called Marcella on Easter Sunday. Bill had just 
come out of the hospital after heart surgery. They had photos from her 
daughter's wedding and Anne took photos of us at the table Anne proctors 
Civil Service exams occasionally. We're both retired and have signed up 
for a bus trip to the Culinary Institute and a visit to the FDR home in New 
Hyde Park afterwards Mary McNulty has been visiting students at the 
Patchogue campus where she took Irish History. The students' Spring 
Fling on Saturday May 6th was lots of fun with surprises for themselves, 
their faculty, and us alumni. We were welcomed, treated to a delicious 
lunch and given the guided tour It was a delight to see the new library, 
nearing completion, and to talk to some of the undergraduates. As Virginia 
Roche said (she and Virginia Mannebach Clean/ drove out that Saturday) 
"They have it a lot better than we did." Mary McNulty and I were there also 
As regards to our 50th reunion in 1990, the good Lord willing, we are now a 
group of 62 people, and if anyone wants an updated class list, just let me 

in Philadelphia for a year then at St James Cathedral. Brooklyn Jane 
Hoffman Westfield sent us a copy of an article she wrote that was 
published in The New York Times, Sunday April 9th, under "Topics". It is 
an amusing, clever tongue-in-cheek critique of modern hair-dos. This is 
her second article accepted by the NY Times. She has also been published 
in other media. Keep your eyes open for her name on more. . . 

Helen Fennelly Reilly. 333 83rd St.. Brooklyn. NY 11209 


Margaret Rausch, 62 Pierrepont St., Brooklyn. NY 11201 



Claire Trautfleld Conk and Marie Carroll Daly spent a delightful afternoon 
at the Spring Luncheon. They joined the class of 1944 on their 45th 
anniversary. Claire is practicing law in California Jean Mahoney is now 
living in Sun City, Florida During Easter vacation Catherine Reldy Qulnn. 
her sister-in-law Marie Carmichael 42 and sister Ann Reidy joined the St. 
Joseph's group on a trip to Portugal. After ten days the three of them went 
on to Paris and stayed for five days. They saw all the important places in 
both countries and found the people very kind, hospitable and helpful 
They're looking forward to another trip! Veronica Harvey Delaney is 
looking forward to a large group from '43 at a college luncheon. She 
reminds us that "Soon it will be 50 years!" 

Mane Carroll Daly. 51-14 Overbrook Place. Douglaston. NY 11362 

Ruth Drucker. 7148 Juno St.. Forest Hills. NY 1 1375 
(718) 793-4665 



A surprise party was held for Mary Hafley Winters for her 70th birthday In 
addition to Joe, her husband, the party was attended by her brothers, 
sisters and many nieces and nephews. It was a mini St. Joe's reunion with 
Grace Haffey Murphy '42. Dorothy Halfey Krahm '48. Marie Nolan Haffey 
'48, and Gertrude Haffey Rooney '50 in attendance Therese Wilson 
Stewart's daughter, Elaine Stewart Esq., was married on April 22nd. Eileen 
Heenan Caswell's youngest grandchild, Joshua Warren, was baptized on 
Holy Saturday. Eileen, with her sister Anne from Staten Island, flew to 
Hawaii in February to visit their sister, Mary. From there they went to El 
Paso to visit her son and his wife "Loved the starry skies of Texas," she 
writes. Eileen's parish in Mentor, Ohio, is celebrating its 25th anniversary 
this year with many exciting events We offer our sympathy to Charity 
Wilson Mathlas on the death of her brother, Luke S. Wilson, on December 
25, 1988 Please remember them in your prayers Mary Leahy deary's 
daughter, Mary Seton Stevenson, and her husband, Lt Col Mike Stevenson, 
flew in from West Germany where he is assigned, to be present when their 
daughter. Caprice, received her degree from Catholic University 
Grandparents, Mary and Ed, also attended The Stevensons expect a 
stateside assignment in July Isha Murphy Klefer is moving from Tarpon 
Springs, FL to Marietta, GA, where one of her sons lives. Gerald and Peg 
McDerby Shea left Florida in mid-April for the funeral of Peg's 40 year old 
niece, Nancy, who died of liver cancer. Shortly after returning to Cocoa, 
Gerald required emergency heart surgery - a triple by-pass, at an Orlando 
hospital. Peg and her son lived in a nearby motel during Gerald's hospital 
stay. Helen Mahoney Keating was the only '41er to attend the Spring 
Luncheon. Fifty-five golden jubilarians attended! It's not too early to plan 
on our celebration in '91 and have a large group. Joe and Anne Reilly 
Flaherty added two more grandchildren this year via daughter. Kathy 
Hundersmarck, and son, Frank Bill and Mary McDonough Wlesnet 
attended the Golden Jubilee celeration, in Pennsylvania, of a grammar 
school friend of Mary's. Sr. Geraldine Quinlan. They then went on to Myrtle 
Beach for a vacation. 

Margaret McDerby Shea. 1905 Furman Ct.. Cocoa, FL 32922 


78 Yale PI.. Rockville Center. NY 11570 

(516) 766-7966 

Eleanor Shea Sullivan's daughter, Pamela, graduated from St John's U in 
1986and was married last October. She worked in the Vincentian Service 

Charlotte Rosalia Rampolla and family moved to Levittown last July. "We 
live in a little red house and all I need is the yellow brick road and I'm 
Dorothy ." Charlotte and John are trying to convince Carolynn Rampolla 
Pelrelli's '68 daughter to go to St. Joseph's so there could be three 
generations of graduates from St. Joseph's. Charlotte has been retired for 
five years and John retired last July. Her mother is very ill with Alzheimer's 
which limits their "doing things." But they hope to go to Alaska in July. 
Virginia Hughes Sweeney was happy to attend the admission of her son. 
John, to the New York State Bar last January. Joe and Regina Cogan Becht 
have lived in Lexington, VA for forty years. They raised seven children, four 
girls and three boys: Anne. Mary, Clare. Rosemarie. Joe Jr.. John and Paul. 
They are all married and they have fourteen grandchildren Joe and Regina 
are enjoying their retirement; just had a month in Hawaii visiting daughter 
Clare and family. Regina keeps in touch with the North through Mary 
Burns Quinn. She was sorry to have missed the luncheon this year 
Twenty-eight of the original sixty-five members of the class attended our 
45th reunion in April. We welcomed Mary Durr Held back for her first visit 
since graduation 1 Kathleen Landers Gschlecht called from Port St Lucie 
FL to wish everyone well She moved there several years ago but returns 
each summer to see her children Eileen Kelley Coulter was unable to 
come because her husband Bob was ill. Hopefully he is well on the way to 
recovery. They enjoy retirement in a community in Toms River, NJ. Their 
daughter. Chris, returned for Easter, from England where she now works. 
Family members now number seventeen. Gen Faure Fontaine's husband 
George is retired. Son, Christopher, is married and has a daughter. 
Meghan. Son, Peter, married in June Ruth Murray Hoffman's husband 
also retired but she continues to teach at Notre Dame Academy on Staten 
Island. Their daughter. Marie, has two children. Son. Frank, is unmarried. 
Gloria Bonanno Almerlnl's husband also joined the retired ranks Sons 
Bob and Toni are married and Louis married in August We had a great time 
renewing friendships and we hope that those of you whom we haven't seen 
will join us for the next festivities. Let's hear from you! 

Annette Nolan. 289 Clinton Street. Brooklyn. NY 11201 
(718) 624-2154 


For those who might be in touch with Margaret Mally, 109 Michigan Blvd., 
Dunedin, FL, please note that her zip code has been changed to 34698. 
Magda Crowe Boylan's Christmas card told us 1 988 was a good year! Vince 
got his master's in History at George Mason University and Magda retired 
from Fairfax County Special Ed social work. She and Vince are traveling-a 
marvelous trip to the National Parks and a trip to Italy in June Also on the 
agenda is Gressen. Germany, where son. Tim. is a field artillery officer Tim 


has a Korean bride and a ready-made family of two sons. Pat Brown 
Schoen is a grandmother again. On March 10th, daughter Mary had little 
Kelly Marie Frazie. Pat is feeling better these days-she and Bill were down 
in Florida in February. They met Jim and Peggy Meagher Lundebjerg at 
Vero Beach With Betty and Mary Dudley and Clare and Ann Bauch also 
dropping in for the gathering, it was a mini-reunion in the Sunshine State, 
thanks to Peggy and Jim's hospitality, and a good time was had by all I The 
Spring Luncheon saw Margaret Jokiel Joyce, Edith Voelker Piazza and 
Clare Bauch attending. Margaret was down to Texas for her son's wedding 
and reported seeing Marjorle Bauer O'Leary and Dorothy Dolan Hartlg for 
lunch. She was pianist at the luncheon and organist at the Mass for the 
alumni. Edith's daughter, Terri, graduates from Georgetown in May. Edith 
and Sal purchased a condo in Pompano Beach, FL for vacations. Within 
the year, they travelled to D.C., California, St. Maartensand Nicaragua but 
since Sal had major surgery they are staying close to home Always the 
hostess. Edith is volunteering to have our next reunion-our 45th. . . in 1 990! 
See you all then. . . 

Clare T. Bauch, 6 Stevens Court, Stewart Manor, NY 11010 


This year's luncheon at Antun's afforded me (Genevieve Kingman Lindner) 
three nice surprises. First, it gave me a chance to chat with Father John 
Gorman who had been moderator of our Christian Family Movement while 
he was assigned to Holy Name of Mary in Valley Stream The meeting 
brought back fond memories. Second, I sat with Anna Bier, whom I hadn't 
seen for a few years, and with S. Mary Florence Burns and Mary Fucella. 
Third, I sat back-to-back with a new friend, Mary Dolan '33, whom I met at 
our bible study course at Holy Name of Mary, S. Mary Florence has just 
been re-elected President of the Board of Trustees of the Brooklyn Public 
Library. Mary Fucella is the proud grand-aunt of Andrew Jonathan, 
courtesy of her sister's younger daughter. Her older niece lives in Germany 
with her husband who is in the Army. She plans to go to med school and 
become a doctor. Mary spends her time going to plays, operas and ballets 
with her sister. Anna Bier is retired from her job as Art Editor of children's 
books but is busy with freelance editorial work on children's books for a 
number of publishers, both in the metropolitan area and in California. She 
also works diligently as a member of the Bronxville Senior Citizens group. I 
had a telephone chat with Virginia Lee who is principal of K-2 school in 
Queens. She plans to retire in June and hopes to move to Nassau County 
to be near her nieces and their little ones. Virginia has traveled extensively 
over the years and is looking forward to retirement. No retirement for me 
(Genevieve Kingman Lindner) however I just contracted for another year 
at Blessed Sacrament School as Pre-Kindergarten teacher-cant get 
enough of a good thing! This June Marian Ouealy Zoll completes 1 5 years 
of teaching kindergarten and pre-school. She has been a CCD teacher on 
all levels from pre-school through high school in her local parish, in the 
diocese of Paterson, for some 20 odd years. She is considering retiring to 
active grandma status for visiting six far flung grandchildren. Marian 
hopes to celebrate her fortieth wedding anniversary in December with 
Edward, who is a professor of Computer Science at Kean College in Union, 

September. Gene and Mary Flanagan Rlgaut visited their daughter, Kathy 
(an alumna of the Dillon center) in London, where she was spending the 
fall semester at the University of London. She graduates in May from 
Amherst. Their son, Gene, was married last September. Anne McKenna 
McCormack was with us at the Spring Luncheon, well recovered from her 
heart by-pass surgery Margy Lauro Perretta, Evelyn Smith Greenll, Terry 
Martin Jurek and Mary Flanagan Rlgaut were also there Early this year 
Norma Clrino, Anne McKenna McCormack, Bea Tarsia Savlne, Mary 
Rlgaut and Marie O'Connor '31 enioyed a day touring the college, seeing S. 
George and S. Mary Florence, visiting the Dillon Center with S. Helen 
Kearney and visiting the library. We then had lunch at Cino's Italian 
Restaurant. We highly recommend this to all other alumnae Terry Martin 
Jurek's son. Edward, took her on a trip to Hawaii last May. Bill and Marge 
Cogan Ward's walking tour of Greenwood Cemetary was included in The 
New York Times list of highly selective Spring Things to do in New York 
City Eileen Brophy Rossman's son, Michael, is studying for a MBA at 
American University. Her daughter, Annie, and husband, Marco Zauro, are 
living in their newly purchased cooperative apartment in Brooklyn Heights. 

Eileen Brophy Rossman, 432 76 St., Brooklyn, NY 1 1209 


Mary Flanagan Rigaut. 90 Woodland Drive, Fairhaven, NJ 07701 

(201) 747-5358 

Anne McKenna McCormack, 110-50 107 St.. Ozone Park, NY 11417 

(718) 848-1560 


Margaret Adams Sturm writes that after seven children, having the first 
grandchild, Stephen James, is certainly a very special experience "I am 
thankful for it." Rosemary McVarish Latham is currently teaching courses 
in Commercial Arts at Molloy College. Four of their six children are 
married and the Lathams have 8 grandchildren. All live nearby. They're 
looking forward to spending time with all the family during the summer at 
the beach and at their country place in Delaware County, NY. Rosemary 
keeps in touch with Pat Gorman Jones. "Last year's Alumni Luncheon was 
great." she writes, "so many classmates were there and it was great fun 
seeing them The years seemed to slip away " Glnny Lang Shea and her 
husband, Jack, became grandparents for the first time. Daughter, Eileen 
had a boy. Kevin Shea McDermott. Glnny got together with Anne Connell 
Irving and May Whalen Gronell '45, down in Florida. Ann and Jerry now live 
in Palm City. FL. and are very good golfers. We offer our condolences to 
Peggy Cody Murphy on the death of her husband, Dr. Charles E. Murphy 
on August 3. 1988. Please remember them in your prayers. Eileen Halley 
Sisti and Raymond sold their house in Rockville Center last September and 
took a winter rental at Point Lookout. It was a real surprise to hear from 
Marian Butt Kelleher after years of being "lost." She phoned to give us her 
address and said that she was in Florida all these years, but is now back in 
New York Currently in the hospital, she asked that mail be sent to her at 
her daughter's home in Irvington, NY. 

Bernadette Cassidy Fitzpatrlck, 2608 Voorhies Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 

Genevieve Kingman Lindner, 23 Alliance Street, Valley Stream, NY 1 1580 


Marian Quealy Zoll, 165 Greenwood Drive, Millington, NJ 07946 



Two of Vic and Grace White Rohe's children are planning weddings in the 
near future. Bill will be married in June of '89 and Thomas the following 
May. Vic and Grace celebrated their 40th anniversary in April 1988. Their 
children surprised them by arriving from various parts of the country and 
presenting them with a trip to Munich, Salzburg and Vienna, where they 
attended the Vienna Statsoper for a performance of the Marriage of Figaro. 
We were saddened to hear of the death of George McCormack, husband of 
Marie Mallon McCormack. Marie's brother, Fr Vincent Mallon, MM gave 
the eulogy and the children did the readings. We extend sympathy, too, to 
Rita Maitland Carr on the death of her mother. Both Jim and Rita are now 
retired. Grace White Rohe, Norma Cirino, Bea Tarsia Savine, Margy Lauro 
Perretta and Mary Flanagan Rigaut were at the Fall Luncheon Norma 
retired as a member of the Community School Board 24, Queens. She is 
still on the board of the Donald Savio Home in Queens. Bea Tarsia Savine, 
retired, is enjoying her five grandchildren. Her son Joseph was married last 


Alice Sloat Singer boasts of the following grandchildren: Henry Joseph 14, 
Michael 11, and Emilie Quinn 6. Kerry Leigh 5, and Daniel Patrick Meehan 
6 months, and Patrick Ian Singer 2V4 years. Since September 1 988, Audrey 
Sorrento has been Program Director of GRAILVILLE in Loveland, Ohio, 
working with a small international team, Philippine and German, to 
develop new programs concerning spirituality, ecology and international 
relations especially as they relate to women. Ann Clancy received a letter 
from Louise Voelkner Kinnle who says living in Florida is like being on 
vacation year round The whole family was together for Thanksgiving. Her 
daughter, Louise, and Mark have a 1 5 month old son, Jeffrey, and they live 
in Jacksonville Daughter, Nancy is studying German, French and History 
preparing to take a Master's in History. Daughter, Gigi moved to a new 
apartment in Quincy, MA. She is vice president of magazines at Bob 
Admams, Inc. Son, Greg, is enjoying his life and his music and makes a 
living as a massage therapist Son Yannick, 15, is a junior at Boca Raton 
H.S. His last report card had five As and two Bs. Her husband. Gray, is 
travelling some for IBM. Louise has two part-time jobs, one, a special 
project person at Seawood Builders, and the other as receptionist at the 
Soma Center. They have taken trips to California, New York, Boston, 
Breckenridge, and Denver (to visit cousins). 


Ann Clancy, 4817 42nd St.. Long Island City. NY 11104 
(718) 784-4157 


Our classmate. S. Marie May, a Maryknoller. is due home this year for a visit 
but her schedule is not firm yet-probably some time in the summer. Marie 
has been on assignment in Yap in the West Caroline Islands since 1975. 
Helen Plcco Beagen's daughter, Margaret will receive her BA degree from 
St. Joe's in Patchogue on June 3rd. She is the last of the six children to 
receive degrees A family reunion is planned 

Eileen Davis Evans. 7708 Ridge Blvd.. Brooklyn. NY 11209 


Eileen Mahoney Hoban. 83 Long Ridge Road. Manhasset, NY 1 1030 

(516) 365-9238 


Caribbean She would be happy to assist alumnae who have sons or 
daughters interested in studying for an MD degree. She finds her job very 
challenging and rewarding. Dorothy believes her background in training 
exceptional children, in raising her own children who run the gamut from 
gifted to brain injured, as well as her master's degree and the studies she is 
now undertaking for her doctorate, prepared her for her role as Academic 
Registrar. Her daughter, Linda is vice-president of Bankers Trust and 
Bernadette is a fashion designer Her husband, Tom, runs a flight school 
and flies daily Dot would like to hear from Eileen Farrell Palestrini. Joan 
Cuff Gobel, Marie Corrlero Corsentlno, Joan Brancacclo Keevers. Ruth 
Hall Carey. She can be reached at (516) 665-2177 Ruth Hall Carey and 
Jeanette teach in the Herricks School system and have met at some 
In-Service courses. 

Jeannette Manuka Sombrotto. 155 Birchwood Drive. New Hyde Park, NY 


Carolyn Taylor Anner. 29 Lorraine St.. Syosset, NY 11791 

(516) 931-7568 

Patricia Egan Englehart. 596 Georgia St.. South Hempstead. NY 1 1550 

(516) 487-5668 

Bernadette Foley Donahue just celebrated her sixth anniversary working 
for Rand Properties, a real estate company on Staten Island. They are 
awaiting the graduation of their youngest son from Georgetown in May 
and looking forward to continuing in real estate. She has no plans for 
retirement but has managed a little foreign and domestic travel. Not one of 
their five children is married, but they are scattered from Montauk to 
Hawaii. Bernadette has been serving on the Board of Staten Island Mental 
Health Society, is secretary of the Board of Trustees of S.I. Museum, and 
Women' s Council of Realtors, and is chairperson of American Home Week 
for S.I. Board of Realtors. "I never did learn to say "No." Mary Maron 
Nielsen's daughter, Jane, graduated from St. Joseph's Suffolk Campus in 
June 1988 Florence Bockus Datlg says "hello 1 ' to all She's still framing 
pictures in Greenlawn, but starting to daydream about "going fishing." 
Joan McCarthy Dillon writes "Our first grandchild, Edward, just arrived in 
April and we are unbelievably thankful and happy " Joyce Hartey Scavullo 
attended the Sand Hill Writers Conference in Augusta College, Augusta, 
GA, May 10-12. She is Education Director of Augusta Richmond County 
Museum and was responsible for two successful Children's Saturdays at 
the Museum - February 18 and May 6th. The Scavullos will vacation on 
Long Island this year, Amagansett and Nassau Point. Joyce spent a day 
with Florence Bockus Datlg '51 and another with Terry Duenzl '50. Her 
daughter. Joyce, is expecting her first child in November and daughter. 
Alice, plans a November wedding, the fourth to be wed. 


Eileen Guerra Petruzlllo received her doctorate in Education Administra- 
tion from Teachers College. Columbia, in 1988. In July 1988. she was 
appointed Headmaster of Greenwich High School in Connecticut. Ann 
Collins Burns' oldest son. Paul, is Supervisor of Assistant DA's in the 
Homocide Bureau in Brooklyn "back in my old home town!" Her youngest 
son. Tim, graduates from New Orleans Loyola Law School in May and has 
just gotten a clerkship in New Brunswick. NJ. Daughters Susan and Julie 
are both living and working in Washington, DC. Susan is an Assistant 
Editor of Journal of Association of High School Science Teachers, and 
Julie is manager of Chadwicks, a Georgetown restuarant Neil is in the 
process of moving to Oxford, Mississippi for a new job. "So. you see." 
writes Ann. "three out of five of our children have followed the national 
trend to the Southland ." Maureen Dougherty Fraser has just become a 
grandmother again! 

Maureen Dougherty Fraser. 123 Wayford Terrace. Garden City, NY 11530 


Dorothea Casey Gleason. 116-05 217 St.. Cambria Heights. NY 11411 

(718) 528-2785 

Claire MacVenn Dillon. 1838 East 33rd Street. Brooklyn, NY 11234 

(718) 336-3046 

Joan McCarthy Dillon, 32 Sparkill Avenue. Tappan. NY 10983 

(914) 359-4256 

Julia Cummings Murphy. 114 Burtis Avenue, Rockville Centre. NY 11570 

(516) 678-5076 

Geraldme Hanlon Weiss. 63 Deerlield Lane South, Pleasantville, NY 10570 

(914) 769-7865 


Eileen Almon Bishop's daughter. Noreen. will graduate in May 1989 with 
an MBA from the Wharton School. She is on the Wharton School Director's 
Honor List. Noreen will be married in July of this year. Carolyn Taylor 
Anner reports that she has become a grandmother for the third time. Baby, 
Joseph Francis Solano, joins his sister, Grace and brother Louis! Larry and 
Katie Meehan Mais live in El Cajon. San Diego County, CA Katie is going 
back to school for Special Ed. Their four children are married. Daughter, 
Mary has three children and Tom is expecting his first. "If you're visiting 
San Diego look us up and let's go to dinner." Katie writes Jeannette 
Mazzuka Sombrotto heard from Regis GUI Buckley who writes: "In 
September 1988 Carl and I were on a pilgrimage to Medugorje. Yugoslavia, 
where the Blessed Mother is reported to have been appearing since 1 981 to 
six Croatian children. We were among thousands of pilgrims crowding into 
this tiny village where the peasants opened their homes and hearts to 
people from all over the world. We met with Vicka, the visionary who is 
suffering from a brain tumor She says Our Lady is asking us to say the 
Rosary and to fast, in order to bring peace into our hearts, our families and 
to the world. We saw many signs and wonders associated with the 
apparitions and we believe as do many others that Our Lady is present 
there each day at the time of the evening the Rosary is said in the local 
church." Dorothy Helnlein Murphy is Academic Registrar of St George's 
University School of Medicine, an International Medical University in the 


"Grandma again!" writes Victoria McMahon O'Moore. Barbara O'Moore 
Molinari presented her parents. Victoria and John, with a beautiful baby 
girl. Mary, on December 15th. Susanne Cogllanese Spinola writes to Pat 
Finn McDonnell, who phoned her on Phonathon night, that the blue note 
card arrived just when Joe and she were feeling absolutely wonderful. 
"Our daughter. Daria, gave birth to Andrew John, our first grandchild. 
Were happily singing nursery rhymes at our house again. Sorry I can't join 
you at the Spring Luncheon. Hardly can believe it's our 35th. I do hope 
some day to attend ." Artist, Edwlna Carew Brennan is having a one-person 
show at Sande Webster Gallery, Philadelphia, in July 1989. Son, Brian, is at 
Binghampton SUNY for a master's degree and Peter is practicing law in 
New York City, Edwinas husband. James, is taking another sailing trip to 
Bermuda in May. 

Rosemary Corbett Hannon, 3000-19 Stevens Street, Oceanside, NY11572 
(516) 764-1824 

Pat Finn McDonnell, 46-27 Glenwood St.. Little Neck. NY 11362-1418 
(718) 631-8954 


Angela Croclata Rodin received a NJ Governor's Grant for $5,000 for a 
water pollution unit of study She is a science coordinator and also teaches 
health and family life. Angela's daughter. Rita is a junior in Boston College 
and young Angela is a sophomore in Loyola. Maryland Ann Smith Coates 
of Setauket, L.I . ran for public office last fall, but lost. However, she says 
she will run again for State Assembly Marie Therese Pomares Daily's 
husband. Tom, an elementary school principal in Mountain Lakes, NJ, 
retired last June He is happy at home working on his new computer, 
reading and doing research However, the nest is empty since son. Jerry, 
moved into his own apartment and son. Martin, is in the Army He is 


stationed in Germany. Marle-Therese is busy running the CCD program in 
her parish. Six members of our class spent a very enjoyable day at the 
Spring Mass and Luncheon. S. Margaret Buckley and Irene Breen came 
from Brooklyn Pat McGovern who lives in Queens is enjoying retirement, 
having taught in Valley Stream ever since graduation. Pat is seriously 
thinking of moving to Florida. Diane Milde Hitter, from Belle Harbor, is very 
proud of her husband, Bob, who received the "Catholic Educator of the 
Year" award at the Catholic Teachers Association luncheon this year. 
Diane is also busy preparing for her daughter's wedding in July. Joan 
Foley Hubert came from New Jersey and Teen Ryan Mulholland from Long 
Island-with her mother who always enjoys seeing her daughter's class- 
mates as well as her own. Since the Class of '55 will celebrate its 35th 
Anniversary, let's plan on having a LARGE turnout next April! 

Irene Breen, 1370 E. 26th St.. Brooklyn, NY 11210 


Mary Shea Pawlowicz. 5308 Del Ray Drive, Dallas, TX 75229 

(214) 691-3716 


The usual familiar faces were seen at the Spring Luncheon: Angela 
Alexander Maher, Ann Bauch, Carolyn Black Sedacca, Joan Reardon 
Dillon and our long lost classmate Dorothy Whalen Newbert. After nearly 
25 years of teaching and "journalizing" in the Bahamas, Dorothy 
renounced allegiance to the Crown and returned to her roots. Happily 
married and equally happily childless, she is again chatelaine of the old 
Whalen manor in Bay Ridge-the home she left twenty-five years ago. She 
re-surfaced due to the efforts of Kay McMullln Schafer who undertook a 
year-long postal quest. Kay, Dorothy, Joan and Winnie Cavanagh Malone 
celebrated a reunion in March at Carolyn's home. It was a wild and wooly 
event. Angela's husband is retiring in June as principal of an elementary 
school and having taught for many years. He plans to try other things- 
coaching and writing. Angela plans to join him when he is ready to travel! 
Sher-ocks of '56. how about getting on the trail of our three missing 
classmates: Valentine Cannon Curry (Kenneth), Carol Hadek Garrity (JL) 
and Jean Martin Clnelll (Herules). 

Ann E. Bauch, 6 Stevens Court, Stewart Manor, NY 11010 


Anna Costello Stellwag, 117 Edgewood Dr., Orangeburg, NY 10962 

(914) 359-0769 

Marie Heidelberger. 20 Wareham Road, Dumont. NJ 07628 

(201) 384-9548 


Barbara Morrison Marlborough celebrated St Patrick's Day in the company 
of fellow alumnae, Gloria Johnson Talty '57 and Diana Bonetti Simeone 

'58. Gloria and Jack recently became grandparents to Paul Richard, son of 
their son Paul. It seemed like old times: Barbara and Joan Slebert Sprague 
were together in a classroom for the first time since graduation. They are 
both enrolled in a Mid-Life Directions Course in St Patrick's Parish in Bay 
Shore Mary Kelly Hoermann '28 writes about daughter, Bernadette 
Hoerman Donohue. Bernadette and Arthur enjoy traveling and also their 
three children. Bernadette teaches math at Nyack Middle School. Her 
daugher Kathleen will graduate in June and looks forward to William and 
Mary College to prepare for a medical career. Arthur Jr., a doctor of 
chiropractic, specializes in sports medicine. Bernadette Jr. lives in San 
Diego, CA and writes for a newspaper. 

Still no class agent! 


Emilia Longobardo Govan is working on a study of nuclear waste and 
environmental cleanup at the nation's nuclear weapons complex for the 
Office of Technology Assessment of the U.S. Congress. Jim works on 
African Programs at the Agency for International Development (State 
Department). Their son Stephen (23) is a police officer in Fairfax County, 
VA. Michael (25) is Assistant Director of the Guggenheim Museum and 
lives in Manhattan. He was co-curator of the exhibition on German 
paintings at the Guggenheim and is involved in organizing an exhibition of 
avant-garde Russian art for the museum. He plans to be married in June, in 
Massachusetts. Rita O'Connell Carllsi received her MA in Administra- 
tion/Curriculum Development from Trinity College in Washington, DC. 

Monica Mangan Wheaton, 228 Royal Oak Drive. Chesapeake. VA 23320 

(804) 482-3086 

Patricia Maguire. 65 Bay 19 St. #5F, Brooklyn, NY 11214 

(718) 259-8532 


Dolores Martirano Lynch sent a clipping of her son's award in the Fourth 
Annual Martin Luther King Arts and Sciences competition. Steven, 14, 
inspired by lessons learned about the slain civil rights leader, won second 
prize for his piano composition "Free at Last", a tribute to Dr. King. Steven 
has a sister 21 and a brother 1 8. He was honored with a special luncheon at 
the Empire State Plaza in Albany on Friday when he received $250 at an 
awards ceremony at the Empire State Institute for the Performing Arts. A 
group of '59ers welcomed in the holiday at Bud and Delores Estes 
Brannigan's. Mary Marg Farley May entertained us with a lively account of 
her recent visit to Roseland. Ballroom dancing is in, and Roseland. 
according to Mary Marg, is a special place. John and Eileen Maloney 
Graziani talked of their winter skiing plans, got some computer hints from 
Delores' daughter, Mary, who works for IBM, and spoke of son Andrew's 
college search process. Mary Anne Sullivan Luongo is also looking at 
colleges with son, Jonathan, an Andover senior, who played the part of 
Richard III in Andover's Fall production. His mother, with her Chapel 
Player's background, takes full credit for his thespian talents. Heard from 
Suzanne Trlnneer Drumm, who came up from Richmond for the Fall 
luncheon. Suzanne and Tom and the boys will make a trip again for a 
Christmas walk on Fifth Avenue. Everyone promises to meet at our thirtieth 
celebration in the Spring CORRECTION: In the class list sent to all, 
change the name Patricia Burns O'Neill to Patricia O'Neill Burns and her 
phone number should be (516) 352-5853 Carolyn Courtney Stalters' son, 
Eric, graduated from Oneonta this year and hopes one day to have his own 
catering business. 

Mary Sullivan Luongo, 4 Cresent Drive, Easton, CT 06612 


Carolyn Hill Dalton, 124 South Park Avenue, Rockville Centre, NY 1 1570 

(516) 764-6261 

Barbara Lynch Schoenberg, 336 West End Avenue, New York, NY 10023 

(212) 873-9470 


Remember when I (Eileen Mullen) asked about the most fun thing during 
the last year? I had a wonderful response from Gee Termini Dobson. She 
and Ron were honored guests at both the Inauguration of President Bush 
and the Inaugural Ball They also viewed the Inaugural Parade in the 
company of our nation's Medal of Honor recipients. Ron's brother, Kevin 
Dobson, chairman of the the National Salute to Hospiatalized Veterans, 
was Master of Ceremonies at the ball. Kevin and his wife Susan, later met 
privately with President and Mrs Bush. For Mary Lou Fitzgerald Cain, the 
two most exciting events were seeing her son receive his Medical Degree 
from Columbia College of Physcians and Surgeons, and touring Greece 
with her students from a Paramus Catholic high school in New Jersey. 
Mary Lou, Charlie and their youngest daughter, Courtney, spent a 
wonderful week in Disney World. They enjoy summers out on the North 
Fork with Justine, a Penn State sophomore, and with Carolyn, a soon-to- 
be C. PA. with Peat Marwick in Stamford, CT. Carolyn is a 1987 graduate of 
Holy Cross. We offer our sympathy to Mary Lou on the death of her father 
last year Please remember them in your prayers. For Gall Madden Doherty 
and Tom it was spending a few days in the city with Dan and June Marie 
Kelly O'Neill and having dinner with them. They hadn't seen each other in 
years. Gail now works in a high school library. Mary Pergola Hughes' latest 
degree is a Professional Diploma in School Administration and Supervision 
from Fordham, which she received last September. Enjoy the summer and 
let's keep in touch. 

Eileen Mullen, 92 Parrot Place, Brooklyn, NY 11228 
(718) 622-4690 


Patricia Dawson McCormlck is Assistant Vice President and Editorial 
Director (Humanities) for Globe Book Company/Simon and Schuster. I 
received lovely letters in response to my postcards with lots of news about 
classmates. Lynn Sorensen Thornton wrote that Roberta Gentile Neuman 
has been made principal of Winnacunnet High School in Hampton, NH-a 


school of over 1000 students Bobby and Donald are enjoying the "empty 
nest" time now that Kimberly, 21, and Mitchell, 19, are in college. Lynn 
writes that Ada Tracy Stankard had a wonderful wedding for her daughter, 
Kathy, last June in Rochester, New York. When Ada and Bob came to 
Washington to visit the bride and groom, Ada, Jean Ryan Driscoll and 
Barbara Feldman had a lovely reunion. Lynn is chairman of the Municipal 
Board of Health of West Windsor and also vice-president of the Board of 
Education. She helped to make a film with the New Jersey Health Officers 
Association and the State TV Department. And she continues to run a 
home for her family of six! It was exciting to hear from Carole Hoffman 
Wood. Carole married Clay Wood in 1 977 and they live in Sheepshead Bay 
where they enjoy sailing on Jamaica Bay. Clay is a senior partner in the law 
firm of Delafield, Hope & Linker and occasionally Carole helps him. They 
are both interested in the Jewish community as well as in the Charismatic 
Renewal in Brooklyn, and in prayer groups and Bible study Carole's sister. 
Mary Alice Hoffman McVarlsh '60 lived in Maryland for five years before 
she moved to Canada, then to the Phillipines and now to Washington state 
My own family news is that my daughter, Anne, is working in Hong Kong 
and plans to contact John Regan, Mary McLoughlln Regan's son, who is 
studying there. Linda works for Customs Intelligence and starts law school 
in the Fall; Lisa will be a junior at Hopkins. Richard and I are enjoying our 
time alone together and are building our long-awaited beach house in 
Delaware. If you are in Washington in the near future, call and visit. Thanks 
for all the news and keep those cards and letters coming. 

Paf Coleman Campbell. 89 Jedwood Place, Valley Stream, NY 11581 
(516) 791-8693 

Barbara Frohnhofer Feldman, 1 7800 Mill Creek Drive, Derwood, MD 20855 
(301) 963-4191 


Jeanne Pluchlno luvara is in a post-graduate program in School Administra- 
tion and Supervision at Queens College She's still working as a speech 
teacher for the Board of Ed, NY, but applied for a sabbatical next year. The 
Spring Luncheon provided a great opportunity to chat with classmates and 
catch upon news Glnny O'Rourke McLaughlin has completed three more 
credits, studying the stars in South America. She has been appointed to 
the Special Education Committee of NEA, NY and goes to Albany for 
meetings. Son, Kevin, half way through his Marine Corps service, is 
stationed in California. He leaves in June for six months in the Far East. 
Kate is a varsity basketball player and Tommy plays Little League baseball 
with the enthusiasm of a 10 year old. Marietta Trlnneer Cleslas Eileen will 
be attending Rutgers in the Fall. Cathleen is in Mother Seton HS and Paul 
will start St Joseph's HS in September. Marietta told us that Mary Ann 
Egan McDonough's mother died recently. We extend our sympathy, and 
please remember them in your prayers. Mary Ann still teaches at Bushwick 
High. She and Jack are acting in "Arsenic and Old Lace." Maureen Magulre 
Sullivan's new job is Assistant Manager in the Trust Real Estate Department 
of Manufacturers Hanover, which has taken her to San Francisco and Los 
Angeles. Her son Raymond (25) earned his CPA. Kevin graduated from 
Columbia this May and Fran will graduate from SUN Y Stony Brook in May 
'90. Hopefully, he will teach Social Studies in Jr. HS. Maureen recently 
visited Joan Patrone Albertella and family in Burke, VA. Joan works for the 
Department of Conservation in Washington and Ray works for the 
National Guard. They are now grandparents-of Lauren Michele Griffin, 
born to daughter, Robin. Rita Enrlght Aldrlch and Richard live close to 
Albany. Rita is in charge of Radioactive Materials Section of the Bureau of 
Radiation Protection in NY State Health Department. Richard isa pharmacist 
in the New York State prison system. Both love sailing and do so frequently 
out of Greenport. Daughter, Mary Catherine, graduated from Siena in May 
Pat Jeslnkey Palmer and Mary Elinor Edwards were also at the luncheon. 
They arrived too late to share news for this column except that Mary El 
became an expert at changing tires, having experienced a flat en route to 
the luncheon! That's it for now. Have a great summer and keep those letters 

Mary Collins Macclarola, 3431 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11210 

(718) 951-7494 

Catherine TraversAlcuri. 1 09 Brower Avenue. Rockville. Centre, NY 11570 


Maureen Maguire Sullivan, 1-16 Atlantic Avenue. Farmingdale. NY 11735 

(516) 420-0956 


June will be a busy month for Mary Alice Larkln Slmonson. Mary, their 
third child and only girl, will graduate from the University of Scranton. 
Ronald, second son, will be married at the end of June and Danny, the 
youngest, will graduate from 8th grade. Artie, the oldest, is a financial 
planner with Standard & Poor. Tom, third son. will be entering his senior 
year at Monsignor Farrell High School. The Simonsons will be joining the 
Baker family (Mary Kenealy, John and children) at the shore and then Art 
and Mary Alice will escape for some time to themselves Two years ago. 
Nazha Besheer Beshara completed the Certificate Program at the Institute 
of Financial Education and this May will receive her Associate Degree as a 
Paralegal. Her children want to know if she's going to Apex Tech next! In 
September Alexis will be a senior at Douglas College, David is in his third 
year at Rutgers College of Pharmacy, and Brad will start high school. 
Husband, Raymond, wants to know if anybody is ever going to work!! We 
offer our condolences to Anne Larkin Wilkins on the death of her mother, 
Anne, last December 9th Please remember them in your prayers. In 
phoning for class notes, two grandmas supplied me with news of their 
daughters and grandchildren. Barbara Costa McCafferty's mother tells us 
that Barbara still works for Prudential. She has three girls in college: 
Denise 18, is in Brookdale, and Christine 19, and Theresa 20. are in St. 
Francis College in Loretto, PA Patricia Connelly Condon's mother reports 
that Pat teaches kindergarten at St. Martin of Tours and loves it. She and 
Timothy are going to Ireland in June with her cousin and her husband. The 
Condons celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary on April 4th. Pat's 
three children are now 12, 18 and 23. My daughter, Laura Auricchio. is one 
of twelve |unior women inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, Radcliffe chapter 
Inductees were selected, with help of faculty recommendations, from 24 
junior women with the highest grade point average. Laura is maioring in 
psychology at Harvard/Radcliffe and is also the President of the Harvard 
Gilbert and Sullivan Players Karen Schrage, daughter of Anne Mlllen 
Schrage is graduating from Notre Dame College this year Dolores Dunn 
Dorkowski's Kathleen will join their eldest son. Bill at the University of 
Florida in Fall '89. Brian 14, will be in high school while Michael moves on 
to Middle School Dolores and Bill "are hanging in there." 

Elizabeth Williams Auricchio, 540 East 20th Street, New York. NY 10009 
(212) 228-9350 


It's Frances Geiger Curtin's ninth year teaching at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel 
School. 6th grade. The Curtins are grandparents (unbelievable!). Their 
oldest daughter. Maureen married and has a son, Ryan. Jeanne is a junior 
at Mt. St. Mary College in Newburgh. Deb is in the 1 1th year at Minisink 
Valley High School and is contemplating college. Husband Pat works at 
Camp LaGuardia in Chester, NY. He had a heart attack last June but doing 
great after an angioplasty. Frances just heard from Loretta Capoblanco 
Burnham who lives nearby in Monroe. NY Deidre Connelly Galvin enjoyed 
seeing many of our classmates at the 25th reunion. Their son, George, will 
be their first teenager- 1 3 on April 25th. They're all getting "Maine fever" as 
they look forward to vacationing in Maine again this year. , . hazy, lazy 
recuperating from the tribulations of high school teaching! Their second 
son, 10 years old, is into skateboarding in a very big way-no competions 
yet. . . soon! Mary Ann Zottarelli Verzl has been teaching at the Academy of 
St. Joseph in Brentwood for ten years, but she moved into the high school 
and is teaching Earth Science to freshmen this year. 

Barbara Kempczinska. 4441 Montgomery St., Oakland. CA 94611 NIL 


Rosalie Corlito Henderson has resumed teaching at the junior high school 
level. She was a Spanish major and French minor at SJC and teaches 
English as a second language Rosalie's husband. James, is a self- 
employed geologist Son, John, is a high school sophomore and daughter. 
Laura, is in fifth grade. "We will have lived in Dallas for 18 years in June. 
Hope to head back East this summer for a visit and attend our 25th reunion 
next year " Ann Healion Grant is in her ninth year as Director of the 
Preschool at St. Mary Mother of Jesus School in Bensonhurst. Her son will 
graduate from Allegheny College in June and her oldest daughter is a 
freshman at St Joseph's Cathleen Reynolds Gordon attended CW Post. 
Brentwood, for required courses and in April 1989 received a NYS 
Certification in Reading She is now actively seeking a reading position 
Her daughter. Suzanne, graduates from Cortland State in May and will be 
looking for an elementary position She enjoyed upstate and there is a 


possibility of working there. Fifteen-year-old Nancy will participate in the 
Walk America in Hauppauge on April 30th. Maureen, 18, is finishing her 
first year at SUNY Morrisville. Kevin, 15, is looking forward to a job this 
summer Rosemary Perinelll Kelley is teaching GED to "welfare" mothers 
(AFDC). Many of her students have gone on to jobs and/or college! Anne 
KirbyChellus became a stock broker in 1988. "I am enjoying the challenge, 
learning all the time and meeting and helping wonderful people We still 
have our computer consulting firm-Software Enterprises, Inc." The 
Chelius family is living in Lloyd Harbor enjoying the water, nature and 
serenity. The oldest child, Garrett, just finished his first year of college. 
Genevieve (16) and Ginette (13) are ardent soccer players as are their 
brothers Geronimo (10) and Geremy (8). "Would love to hear from '65 
alumnae in the area," writes Anne. 

Terri Civello. 150 E. 3rd St., New York, NY 10009 

(212) 473-3491 

Rosemary Collins link, 9 Highlield Lane, Coltsneck, NJ 07722 

(201) 946-4654 

Mary Beth McNerney Lamond. 9106 Ridge Blvd., Brooklyn, NY 11209 

(718) 833-2488 


I spoke to Mary Devlin, Vice President of the Alumni Association. She is 
organizing a Day at the Races at the Belmont Club, which includes 
luncheon. Mary spent a day with Evelyn Martin who is practicing dentistry 
in Huntington. Maryalice Grant Glarratano is an Early Childhood teacher 
at John F. Kennedy Elementary School in Brewster, NY. Sandra Bonllla- 
San Miguel was named for inclusion in 1988 Edition of Who's Who Among 
Human Services Professionals A note from Elizabeth Soden Hansen tells 
of her move from Amityville back to Brooklyn-Bay Ridge. Dr. Anne Marie 
Nardi Paley has also moved-from Manhattan to Remsenburg on Long 
Island. We offer our sympathy to her on the sudden death of her mother 
last October and to Mary Plckel Docherty whose mother died recently. 
Please remember all of them in your prayers. In less than two years, we will 
be celebrating our 25th Anniversary. We want to get in touch with 
everyone. If you know where our missing classmates (see below) are, 
please let us know 

Jane Boden Muir 
Kathenne Bourdonnay Elmer 
Virginia Cioffi Daly 
Catherine Clancy Murphy 
Angela Como Drozdoff 
Patricia Dorico Sama 
Laura Patella Fiore 
Ellen Hynes Garvey 
Janet Aribis Zimmer 
Barbara Paglia Curtola 
Clementina Palmeri Lagana 

Catherine Parks Conway 

Patricia Pellegnno Curi 

Joanne Prete Mazzini 

Geraldine Richardson Beckwith 

Nora Richetti Figueroa 

Marjone Savarese Monagle 

Diane Shaw 

Carol Wright Sasso 

Marie N Wynne 

Ann Ferguson Del Giorno 

Lorraine PentoldAppleton. Bldg. 111, Apt.B3, Governor's Island, NY 10004 

(212) 825-7423 

Mary Devlin, 4005 Quentin Road. Brooklyn, NY 11234 

(718) 338-8775 

environment and labor. Husband Joe is Chief of Staff for Hon. David Obey. 
U.S. House Democrat, Wisconsin-Foreign Affairs and Health and Human 
Services Appropriations. Their son, Judd, is a junior at Hobart College in 
Geneva, NY, majoring in English and minoring in Spanish and Politcal 
Science. In 1988, they traveled to Turkey (Ankara, Ismirand lnstanbul)and 
France (Paris). So far in 1989 they've been to Los Angeles, Arizona 
(Tucson and Phoenix) Alice McKenna Kelly received her master's in 
Organizational Psychology in May '89. Daughter, Mary Alice will graduate 
from Westfield High and will attend University of Scranton. Margaret 
Courney Garglulo did a marvelous job as chairperson of the Spring 
Luncheon at Antuns. She enlisted Sr. Helen Kearney, Gerry Fltzpatrlck 
Graetzer, Bea Flynn Nocerino and Mary Ellen Dublel Freeley as committee 
members and a wonderful time was had by all. Mary Ann Annuccl Williams 
was present. . . it was her mother's Golden Anniversary-class of 1939! Mary 
Ann and Rich wil be taking a twelve day trip to Europe in May and plan to 
tour England and France Bea Flynn Nocerino now has her MS in Reading 
from Adelphi and she vacationed in Hawaii to celebrate her achievement. 
Her son Chris is a senior at Manhattan, majoring in Civil Engineering. Her 
husband, Anthony enrolled in school last year to pursue a teaching degree 
and begin a second career Pat O'Connell Kraemer lives in Maryland with 
her husband and six children including three-year-old twins. She had 
called Bea who also heard from Carol Ryan McLean who lives in Arizona. 
Gerry Fltzpatrick Graetzer, Nancy Roche Howser and Mary Ellen Crosby 
Irace went to dinner and a show at the Top of the Sixes. Gerry lives around 
the corner from the Downing School in Malverne and occasionally drops in 
to see the principal. Mary Ellen Freeley. Mary Ellen and Jim were 
consultants on board the QE II and sailed to Europe last summer. They 
presented workshops in the areas of their expertise to passengers. Mary 
Ellen is leaving her position as principal and has accepted the position of 
District Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction, K-12, in the Malverne 
School District Her son, JP, has been accepted into the College of 
Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University. Meghan is a freshman 
at Mary Louis and Erin is in sixth grade S. Helen Kearney, a much sought 
after speaker for parent and professional groups, continues as Director of 
the Dillon Center Margaret Courtney Garglulo teaches kindergarten full 
time. She and John, working on their house, have virtually doubled its size. 
Terry Patella Mannix who moved from Brooklyn to New Jersey four years 
ago, has now moved to Maryland. Richard has a position with a law 
firm in Washington. Rich. Peter and Kathryn attend St. Andrew's School 
and Jennifer attends Good Counsel where her English teacher is a 
graduate of SJC! Terry is doing social work on a part-time basis at a local 
hospital. She would love to hear from her classmates in the Maryland area. 
She is at 2028 Merrifields Drive in Silver Spring. If traveling that way, give 
Terry a call. Janice Mlrablle Rao moved from Mt. Vernon to Clinton Avenue 
in Brooklyn and promises to have a reunion right there on the college's 
doorstep in the near future Her youngest daughter. Sophia, is enjoying 
every moment of preschool at the Dillon Center. Basil and Jo Ann Baslleo 
Asciutto and their 12 year old son spent Easter week in Florida visiting 
Disney World and Deerfield Beach. They're very proud of Robert who is 
completing his first year at Totten Intermediate School and was installed in 
Arista with a 95 average. "I'm sure it's all due to the great foundation he 
received at the Dillon Center under the nurturing eyes of S. Patricia 
Dittmer, S. Helen Kearney (my classmate) and S. Margaret Louise (always 
a mentor and friend)!" Joe Ann is looking forward to spending some 
vacation time with Arlene Francis Palazzolo and family this summer. 
Arlene and Frank have two children (JoAnn's godchildren) Erin 9 and 
Arlene Joanmarie 5. We offer condolences to Terry Perrone Bozza on the 
death of her mother last February Please remember them in your prayers 


Marilyn Allen Mierzwa was sorry to have missed the call to her home on 
Phonathon night. Having finished being Stanley's leader for Webelos den, 
she became leader of a Brownie Troop and a Girl Scout trip for Kerry and 
Maureen She was the Troop Leader Coordinator for her parish, also vice 
president of the Home School Association, and coach of girls Softball for 
Dunwoodie Youth Association, after serving on the DYA board for 
Baseball/Softball committee. Occasionally, Marilyn subs at Lincoln High. 
The Mierzwa family thoroughly enjoys their summer vacation in Saratoga 
County, NY. Prlscllla O'Connell Franzese received her master's in Special 
Ed from Adelphi in January 1988 and now teaches severely emotionally 
disturbed students, 15 to 21 years old. at the Martin de Porres School in 
Springfield Gardens. Jerry and Lorraine Smith Phelan celebrated their 
15th Anniversary on April 27th. In addition to four cats and a collie, they 
recently acquired two 30 gallon tropical fish tanks. Jerry continues work as 
a Eucharistic Minister at St. Francis Xavier Church. Lorraine works at 
Globe Book Company, a division of Simon & Schuster in New Jersey, as an 
editior of Science textbooks Barbara Vaslas Crapa is Legislative Director 
for Hon. John Bryant, U.S. House of Representatives, Democrat, Dallas, 
TX. Areas of specialization are telecommunications, finance, energy. 

Therese Perrone Bozza, 847 Kerry Down Circle, Melbourne. FL 32940 
(305) 259-0196 

Mary Ellen Dubiel Freeley, 67-124 Burns St.. Forest Hills, NY 11375 
(718) 544-3216 


Rose Farrell Lowe has opened an office jn Westhampton Beach and Kate, 
age 10, is enjoying living in the country. Denis Kotyk Shanahan and 
Michael live in Sandy Hook, Connecticut, with their eleven year old 
daughter and six year old son. In 1975, Denise finished a master's in 
speech pathology at the University of Denver. She practices speech 
pathology in the Shelton Public Schools, working with pre-school speech 
handicapped children. She is involved in the early identification-interven- 
tion programs. Denise met her husband eighteen years ago while skiing in 
Lake Tahoe. They still enjoy skiing. They lived in Colorado two years, then 
in Arizona, while he completed graduate school, then moved to Sandy 
Hook, Connecticut to take a corporate position. "It was fun to read about 
other alums in the area (CT)and I'd love to hear from any ! " Tonl Tatta Ohle 
lives in the Bronx. Son Louis, age 15, attained Eagle Rank in the Boy 


Scouts of America Allison age 10 received two First Place trophies and 
one Second Place trophy in Dance Competition. It was great to visit by 
phone with Anne Marie Dolan Duca when the family was in from Hawaii for 
Christmas. The Duca's schedule of family visits and skiing (they were the 
ones who found the snow this winter!) was full and they had a terrific time- 
Andrea Vescova Swedlund writes that Paul's congregation has recently 
dedicated a new sanctuary with additional space for classrooms, a kitchen 
and fellowship hall. Andrea has been the Director of Youth Development at 
the Don Bosco Commmunity Center in Kansas City since last February 
and is thriving on the challenges and rewards of working with the children. 
Scott, now a senior in high school, has a strong interest in drama and the 
performing arts Peggy Smith has turned world travel into a high art and 
was planning a repeat trip to the Far East She didn't want to get too settled 
in after spending the New Year's in Venezuela Cathie Colgan Stanton is 
enjoying the feeling of being a published author of a book "guaranteed to 
cure insomnia ." The text on Radioactive Waste Management was 
published in February and should be used for the first time in the 
classroom in the Fall. 

Blanche Lindner Pesce, 127 Pine St., Rockville Center, NY 11570 

(516) 764-2951 

Maureen Quinn Scherer, 44 Plymouth Ave., Mt. Sinai, NY 11766 

(516) 928-4630 

Catherine Colgan Stanton. 1221 Underhill Ave., Yorktown Hgts, NY 10598 

(914) 962-3756 


Forty three of our classmates enjoyed old times at the annual Spring 
Luncheon on April 9th Thanks to Margaret Courtney Garglulo '67 
chairperson, especially for accomodating our last-minute responses 
Traveling the farthest were Jane Cozzl Murray and Irene Reddy Schneller 
both of whom flew in from California Irene. Frank and daughter Kristine. 
now 4. moved to CA from MA in June 1987. Irene is directing a program 
called "Spanish for Pre-schoolers." Mlchele Esposito, who teaches reading 
at PS 15 with Kate Leonard, received her P.D. in Administration and 
Supervision from St. John's University. Michele reports that Lois Esposito 
von der Goltz lives in New Orleans with William and son Talish. Lois 
received her master's in Dance Therapy from Antioch College and is 
working as a dance therapist. Lorene McHale Llndahl teaches kindergarten 
at PS 321 in Park Slope and lives in Bay Ridge with Lou and their five 
children: Kim 18, Michael 16, Matthew 14, Joseph 7 and Jonathon 4. Also 
teaching at PS 321 is Pat Devane Bell who has two daughters, four-month- 
old Noel and 5VS year old Kendel Maryallce McGrath Belnert teaches first 
grade at PS 102. lives in Bay Ridge with Bill and Sara 12 and Kenneth 10. 
Mary Susslllo Zelsel. Mary Juska, Mary Hanrahan and Barbara Schneller 
Carvalho enjoyed seeing Chris Callahan Wasserman again Marcy Boyle is 
currently the Vice President for commercial development of Lefrak 
Organization Marcy's godson. Chris Hardardt is graduating from SJC this 
June. Veronica Phillips Arlklan came up from Richmond. VA where she 
lives with Alan and their four children. Ronnie is the Director of Education 
at St. Mary's Hospital. After leaving her position in public affairs at 
Citibank, Barbara Conley took a position as director of the Federation of 
Child Welfare agencies, affiliated with the diocese of Brooklyn Ann 
Favlcchlo Longton just returned from a Caribbean cruise with her 13-year- 
old daughter, Susan. Ann is a systems analyst for NYNEX Service 
Company. Clare Collins has also been traveling. She went to Portugal with 
the Alumni Association in March. Veronica Cell Pawson is still teaching 
kindergarten at PS 102. Veronica and John have four children: Johnny who 
attends Fordham University, Karen in high school and Joseph and Laura in 
elementary school Maureen Sullivan Tully lives in Whitestone with Martin 
and their three daughters, Peggy in 6th grade, Maura in 3rd grade and Mary 
in 1st grade Louise Dantes Blanca has just returned to school for re- 
certification. Sister Mary Ross is Director of Providence House and is 
responsible for the operation of five shelters for homeless women and their 
children. Maryellen Fallon Wilkinson and John have three children, Erin 7. 
J.T. 6 and Joey 3 Before the children, Mary Ellen taught for twelve years in 
PS 10 in Brooklyn Margo Murphy O'Brien divides her time between 
working for her PhD in English and teaching for the Board of Ed, and 
caring for Pat and their daughter Ann Margaret. 9 years old Joan Kurtze 
Mitchell Is a busy mother of three boys. Matthew 1 6. Mark 1 2 and Ryan 8 
Sarah Basqulll Coluccl is living in BelleMeade. New Jersey We hope to see 
a great turnout for the Class of '69 at the Fall Luncheon where we can 
continue celebrating our 20th Anniversary! Dorothy Kelly Carroll's husband, 
Don, recently retired from the New York City Police Department after 21 
years. Their children are Sean 9 and Mary 7. Dorothy finished her second 
year as PTA co-president of PS 104 in Brooklyn She works at home for 
Don's Security business Joseph John was born to Eileen Marchltelll 

Krahe and Billon March 16th, their fourth child Ingrld S. Balady wrote that 
she couldn't make the luncheon but wondered if anyone would be 
interested in meeting for a cocktail party or luncheon How about the Fall 
Luncheon? (Ingnd's home phone is (718) 998-3339 and office (212) 

Mary Jo Burke Chiara. 28 Brompton Rd.. Garden City, NY 11530 
(516) 746-6920 

Mary Ward Cronin. 2515 8th St.. East Meadow. NY 1 1554 
(516) 794-0263 


We extend our sympathy to Maryann Holzderber Kennedy on the death of 
her father, John Holzderber, last February 26th Please remember him and 
his family in your prayers. Maryann's daughter. Christine, is 2 1/ 2 and just 
began a parent/child gym program. Maryann still teaches in PS 124 in 
Brooklyn. She and John are looking forward to spending most of the 
summer in Montauk - Christine loves the beach! Judl Kuhn Pregot works 
full time and is studying for her master's in Adult Education Her daughter 
Suzanne is in junior high and Kristine is in fourth grade. Judi corresponds 
with Diane Rezln who married Peter Wasmund a few years ago. Mary Ann 
Jorgensen Hart has five children: Sean 16. David 14. Christopher 13, Annie 
8, and Mikey 6. The three older boys are back in school, but the two 
younger children have never been to school since Mary Ann and her 
husband are doing home schooling. Mary Ann is at graduate school and 
hopes to finish her MSW in December. She keeps in touch with Maureen 
O'Dwyer Rube who has two children, Katie 8 and Christopher 5 Maria 
Falconettl is chairperson of the Alumni effort in the New Horizons 
Campaign She and Ellen Farrell are on the General Steering Committee 
and Celie Kennlon Soccl. Mlchele Azenaro Bracco. Fran Stavola Daly and 
Glnny Klrby Brown are on the Alumni Committee Some pledges have 
been made towards a memorial for our deceased classmates, Susan 
Damlanl Caruana and Florence Donohue Linda Salamy Szabo was a 
gracious hostess at the cultivation event held in New Jersey - a dessert 
party. Fifteen alumnae attended and S. Mary Florence delivered an 
informative and delightful "Return to Shakespeare". S. Irene Veronica was 
also there. A surprise 40th birthday party was given Maria Falconettl by 
Linda Szabo Celie Kennlon Soccl's son. Patrick 9. is in the LI Junior 
Soccer League and Danny 6. plays intramural soccer Mary Mone Dorney. 
a high school math teacher, is also grade advisor at Wingate in Brooklyn 
Valerie Wertz Qulnlan plans a vacation in the great Northwest this summer. 
Barbara Linskey, Ellen Farrell and Maria Falconettl had dinner in Brooklyn 
Heights. Barbara works with Heidelberg Eastern. Inc. and Ellen, a lawyer, 
works for the Board of Education. Ellen's daughter. Nora. 7. is attending 
1st grade at Sacred Heart Maria was named president of International 
Advertising Research firm in Glen Cove Kathy Ott Reemer's son David 
1 3'/2, made his confirmation in April and graduated from 8th grade in June. 
Colleen 17'4 graduated from Ocean City HS and will attend Cabrini 
College in Radnor. PA. Kathy is finishing her fourth year as a resource 
teacher in Atlantic City She was elected this year as the "Atlantic County 
Learning Disabilities Teacher of the Year " Kathy, John (who is with the 
FBI) and family enjoyed a cruise to Bermuda last summer. Diane Brusca 
Bronkhurst of Bayshore is a substitute teacher in a local Catholic school. 
She also teaches CCD and is a den mother for her sons' troop. Fran Stavola 
Daly is finishing her second year as a teacher in the Recreation 
Department of Lehman College. The Dalys bought a vacation home in the 
Poconos. Carmela Casa Mehserle was promoted to Director of Data 
Processing at Burson-Marsteller Michele Azenaro Bracco's daughter. 
Amanda 4. attends the Alphabet Land Nursery School in Brooklyn About 
80% of the staff and teachers are SJC graduates Ann Trivoluzzi is a vice 
president in the International Division of a Wall Street bank She is also 
studying computers. Ann recently took a trip to Italy and France Michele 
Marcigllano Mule has two children She teaches in Brooklyn Glnny Klrby 
Brown's daughter. Kirby, will enter freshman year at Marywood College in 
Scranton, PA Mary Buckley was married last November 19th to Raymond 
Teatum and they are living in Manhattan Mary is principal of PS. 217 in 
Brooklyn She is also president of Catholic Teachers Association and 
recently presented scholarships to three seminarians at Immaculate 
Conception Seminary and one to a seminarian in Cathedral These are 
given in honor of the late beloved Monsignor Francis X Downing, who 
served as moderator of CTA Christine Boutross is assistant principal at 
Holy Child School in Westbury. and also teaches 4th grade. In September 
she will be appointed Middle School Coordinator at this school and will be 
responsible for 6th. 7th and 8th grades Chris also teaches swimming, 
lifeguard training and advance life-saving For the past four years she has 
been an Assistant Director of Poly Prep Day Camp where she also teaches 
swimming. Chris is an avid runner and has completed four New York City 


Marathons! She also swims competitively and expects to complete a 
Triathlon: run-bike-swim. Antoinette Vaslle has been promoted to 
Principal Librarian at the New Utrecht Public Library, the fourth largest in 
Brooklyn. A few years ago, Antoinette spent five weeks in Oxford, England, 
taking two literature courses and she would like to do it again some time. 
Margaret Dwyer Minson's oldest son, Artie, is a sophomore at Georgetown; 
Jack is a junior at the Loyola School in Manhattan; Eddie 12, is in 7th grade 
and Patrick 8, in third at St. Francis de Sales in Belle Harbor. 

Maria Falconetti, 1205 Wellington Place, Aberdeen. NJ 07747 

(201) 566-3729 

Barbara Ridzi Yovine, 26 Sylvan Avenue, Delmar, NY 12054 

(518) 439-2062 

Kathleen Flanagan Brolly, 3 Keswick Lane, Plamview, NY 11803 NIL 

Mary Mone Dorney, 141 Park Avenue. Wllllston Park. NY 11596 

(516) 746-3987 


Diane M. Evanac has been working with Digital Equipment Corporation 
Latin America/Caribbean Region since September 1988. The company is 
providing her with Spanish lessons and her progress is good. Diane still 
keeps her hand in teaching by tutoring math students and she may 
possibly return to this if something comes up Susan Proclda Tlghe and 
Diane saw each other last year when they were at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in 
Naples, Florida. Diane and family drove there to spend some time with 
them. Mary L. Zlnl received her P.D. in Administration in May from the 
College of New Rochelle She recently travelled to England and France - 
then to Florida. Mary still teaches Honors S.S. Humanities Program in a 
Westchester high school and is enjoying the students. Rita E. Guare is on 
sabbatical this year. "What a wonderful year it has been!," she writes. Rita 
is a Research Assistant at Fordham and is teaching and supervising 
education courses there. Matthew and Colombia Furio Splgnerwelcomed 
Michael Francis Spigner, born on January 6, 1989 Catherine Bruno 
Jacobsen's little Julia is now 4Vi years old. Catherine has taken the name 
Catherine Jacobsen Hyland for her acting profession She, Richard and 
Julia now live in Manhattan. Since 1979, Margaret Wander Bonanno has 
had five novels published, three in mainstream and three in science fiction. 
She will have a fourth mainstream novel out this spring. Margaret's 
husband, Russell and their two children, Danielle 15 and Michael 12, live 
on Staten Island. Margaret keeps in touch with Rachele Rala and Reglna 
Accardi Doherty Jo Ann Bonauro entered the novitiate and is with the 
Sisters of Charity in Jamaica. Elaine Thoelen Mastropasqua lives in 
Connecticut and is working for Equitable Insurance. Her husband, Steve, 
is working for the West Haven Police Department. Pat Garvey, who has 
done a wonderful job as class agent for many years, wishes to resign, and 
we're calling for volunteers to take her place. It is one way of serving your 
class and the college and is not too arduous. Write to the alumni office for 
further information, or call the office at (718) 636-6882. 

which is a big help to her. This year Chris is recording secretary for the 
PTO and will continue next year. She is Brownie Troop Leader for Jackie's 
troop #307, serves on the Beautification Committee for the school and is 
active in the Newcomer's Club. . . it's been a busy year. Linda Arezzo is still 
at PS 25 in District 16 in Brooklyn, teaching in the Resource Room and 
Drama. Linda saw Debbie Hayes Larsen last summer with her two sons in 
Newport, Rhode Island. She and Glen are fine, she reports. There was an 
error in class notes in Winter '89 regarding Schery Markee Sullivan's post 
graduate study. She is studying at New York University, not Brooklyn 
College Also, Schery teaches dance at the June Lewis Company School in 
Manhattan - not art in Brooklyn College. Gail Colgan Brown welcomed 
son, Sean, on May 5th. The whole family, Tom, Patrick and Aileen, are 
delighted with the newest Brown. We extend our sympathy to Mary Vaiano 
Bayer on the death of her father recently. Mary is now living in East 
Northport Mary Ellen Gaffney Kenny's husband Brian, though still with 
Catholic Charities, has a new job with food distribution to third world 
countries. He will supervise a staff of seven or eight at a warehouse in Long 
Island City Cathy Stelnmann and Dianne Plwlnskl were actresses in a very 
successful run of "Hello Dolly." Dianne. however, broke-a bone in her foot 
and couldn't finish the last two shows, but she settled for a front row seat! 
Unfortunately she was home with a cast for two months! The show will go 
on again for our two budding thespians now that all is mended. Rosemary 
Pendola Daetsch, one of our New Jersey classmates, chaired the NJ 
Chapter luncheon on April 2nd at Ye Cottage Inn in Keyport. Thirteen 
alumnae including S. Mary Florence and S. Alice Francis, attended. 
Marianne Anastaslo Jerome and Denise Manglerl DeCarlo were there 
Marianne works for Revlon in Edison, NJ and Denise. who lives in 
Princeton commutes to Brooklyn for her teaching job. Rosemary and 
family spent a week in Hollywood, Florida, visiting friends and taking in the 
sun. While attending the 85th anniversary of St. Joseph's High School, 
Dianne Piwinski met S. Josephine Daspro who is in the Pastoral Care 
program at Sacred Heart parish in Bayside, and Alice Gronowskl Piatt who 
teaches at PS 31 in Greenpoint. Alice enjoys her home in the Wine country 
of upstate New York on weekends with husband. Bud. and son, Chris. 
Barbara Brinkmann is a Project Manager in the Software Evaluation and 
Development Department for J C Penney in Texas. Spent her winter 
vacation skiing in Colorado and Utah Recently spent a weekend at John 
Newcomb's Tennis Ranch in New Barunfels, TX. Barbara is an active 
member of the Dallas North Stars Chapter of The American Business 
Women's Association and a volunteer with the Family Place, a non-profit 
organization which provides counseling, support and shelter to victims of 
family violence. 

Christine Guardia Kopyt, 34 Castlewood Rd.. Simsbury. CT 06070 

(203) 658-2792 

Dianne Piwinski, 188 Java Street. Brooklyn. NY 11222 

(718) 383-6847 

Kathleen Lavm. 1367 E. 72nd Street . Brooklyn. NY 11234 


Patricia Luciana English. 143 Beach - 133 St., Belle Harbor, NY 1 1694 

Patricia Garvey. 223 78th Street. Brooklyn. NY 11209 

(718) 680-3797 

Mary Brown Singer. 808 Bronx River Road. Bronxville, NY 10708 

(914) 776-2510 


Loralne Mazzella Maiolo writes from Canada that she is anxiously awaiting 
the warmer summer Loraine is an examiner for the College of Family 
Physicians of Canada, which is a three-day exam given to candidates in 
June, so she will be in Ottawa for four days giving simulated office visits. 
Loraine did this last year and it was great fun, she says, but lots of 
concentration Louise Nardo has seen Denise Mangier! DiCarlo, who 
commutes every day from Lawrenceville, New Jersey to Brooklyn - 
Madison High School. Denise and Al have a beautiful home in Jersey. 
Denise is working on her PhD At the end of April, Louise will visit Linda 
Riccobono Claccia, Peter and the children, who live in Andover, 
Massachusetts. Louise teaches first grade at P. S. 1 28 in Brooklyn. She just 
earned hersecond Master's degree in Administration and Supervision and 
will take the A. P. s exam soon. Rita Scalzo writes: "Doing well in Marlboro, 
New Jersey. Teaching 7th grade at Marlboro Middle School. Thanks to St. 
Joseph's College!" "All's well here in Simsbury. CT," writes Christine 
Guardia Kopyt Chris has been subbing a lot this year and hopes to go back 
to full time teaching next year. "I really enjoy it," she says. Her girls. Lauren 
8 and Jackie 6 keep her busy with aerobics, Brownies, dance class, piano 
lessons, CCD etc. Joe is fine and is not travelling as much this year as last, 


After fifteen years of teaching, Frances Maccarone Rosado is looking 
forward to taking a sabbatical. Although she will be going back to school, 
she will have plenty of free time to devote to her children, Anthony 5 and 
Andrea 3 Carol McBride Luckam and her husband, Dr John, live in 
Gloucester Point. VA. They have two children, Stephanie 6, and Matthew 
born on March 19th of this year. Carol now has an MBA degree and is 
Personnel Director at James City County Barbara Irolla Paneplnto 
received her law degree from Brooklyn Law School in June 1984. She 
worked for Assistant Corporation Counsel for two years but now works for 
ludges on Staten Island in family court. Her daughter, Lauren, is in the 4th 
grade in St. Joseph Hill Academy on Staten Island. 

Maryanne Carrino Besheer. 86 Liberty Drive. Dayton NJ 08810-0148 

(201) 274-2973 

Catherine Forgione Zaic. 1 Kingsmere Lane. Martton, NJ 08053 

(609) 983-7494 

Linda Ellen Borelli Ridzi. 72 Windsor Place. Brooklyn. NY 11215 

(718) 499-5540 

Joan Denauski Halpern, 8 Jennifer Drive. Howell, NJ 07731 NIL 

Jim and Jane Lawlor Courtien are venturing into their own Communica- 
tions Consulting firm They are also seeking to adopt their second child. 


Joyce Newsham Kessel is a Resource Room teacher in the Sachem C.S.D. 
and working toward a P.D. in School Administration She and George are 
the proud parents of Matthew 8 and Adam 2. Tina Parchln received her 
PhD in Professional Child Psychology from St John's University on 
January 23, 1989. She lives and works in Middletown, Connecticut. S.Mary 
Jane Kelly. OP is teaching Theology at St. John's. She works full time as 
Director of Religious Education at St. Francis of Assisi in Astoria. 

Anna Maria Tufano, 864 60th Street. #4a. Brooklyn, NY 11220 NIL 

Mary Frances Healion Mudoon. 2674 East 22nd Street, Brooklyn, NY 1 1235 


Ann Simko Rennard, 966 Shelburne Drive, Franklin Square. NY 11010 

(516) 825-5479 

Gary and Camille Karlson will celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary 
this July. They are the proud parents of Gary Jr. 12. Leeana9, and Jarret7 

Julia Plume just purchased a new home in Lake Ronkonkoma They had 
lived in Lake Grove. 

James Flannery Jr., 224 Merritield Ave.. Oceanside. NY 11572 
(516) 764-8654 

1975 Brooklyn 

Tom LaGuldlce received the Crown Award in a ceremony in Boston for the 
fifth time, as being the #1 sales rep in all of Liberty Mutual. Tom will also 
attend the Leaders' Meeting in Tampa for the 1 1th time. Bob and Adelaide 
Lembo Pollto are the proud parents of Rachel Alexandra, born on April 
29th Rose Anne DeFlna Smith and Wayne are expecting their first baby in 
August. Jo-Ann Maggio teaches Religion at Holy Trinity HS in Hicksville. 
She is also a Eucharist minister. Meghan Elizabeth was born in January to 
Ginny and Bill Gorman She has an older brother Brendan who is 3. 
Edward C. Plller, MD. an Internal Medicine specialist in Red Oak, Iowa, is 
busy being a doctor and dad to five children. He coaches soccer and 
baseball. . . likes to relax-fishing and riding bicycles with the entire family - 
quite a sight! Richard Pelc is studying for his second Master's in Computer 
Science at NJIT in Newark. He was elected to Upsilon Pi Epsilon. the 
National Computing Honors Society in 1988. He works for Roche 
Diagnostics Systems as an Associate Information Systems Scientist. 
Richard and Maureen Llekens Pelc are proud parents of Jonathon James, 
born in April. 

William J. Gorman. 458 Degraw St.. Brooklyn, NY 1 1217 


Vincent Vizzo. 59 Rustic St.. Medtord. NY 11763 NIL 

Theresa Cimakasky Mason, 251 90th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209 

(718) 833-3878 

Leonora Lang Brisotti. 817 Aberdeen Lane, Bayshore. NY 11706 

1977 Brooklyn 

Janls Smykla teaches 5th grade at PS 64 in Manhattan She is completing 
a Master's degree in Learning Disabilities at Baruch College. Patricia 
Radigan Hallinan is living in Peekskill and has two full time jobs: Head of 
Reference at the John C. Hart Memorial Library in Shrub Oak and mother 
to Michael (1)and Katie (4). We extend our sympathy to Eileen McCullough 
Wlhlborg on the death of her mother, Claire McCullough on February 20, 
1989. Frances Rosato completed her master's in Public Administration 
from Baruch College in February 1989. She is still employed by the 
Department of Correction in the rank of Captain and is assigned to 
Brooklyn Correctional Facility on Flushing Avenue Mary McLaughlin 
Duffy has been married to Brian since August 1977 and they have a son, 
Sean, ten years old. They live in Bloomfield. NJ. Mary works for Schering- 
Plough Corporation as Director of Compensation. 

Paul Weiss. 46-01 39th Ave.. #225. Long Island City, NY 11104 
(718) 786-3581 


We offer our sympathy to Marlene Baisley on the death of her mother, 
Eunice Baisley, on March 3rd. Please remember them in your prayers. Bill 
and Marilee Cosentineo Pettet live in Bay Ridge with Joanna Grace who 
was one year old on May 19th. They expect an addition to the family in 

Sarah Murphy Berliner, 570 Westminster Road, ftC8, Brooklyn. NY 1 1230 

1975 Suffolk 

Joanne Jordan is teaching at the Nassau Center for the Developmentally 
Disabled in Woodbury. She is also the secretary of the local union at the 
center and was past president. Joanne, looking forward to a fifteenth 
anniversary of the class of 1 975 would like to know if anyone is interested 
in a reunion. Helen Frlcano and her husband, Tony, have retired to Spring 
Hill, Florida. They are grandparents of eight! Their son, Lon Fricano (also 
of the class of 75) his wife Midge and sons, Haven and Simon, are living in 
the Finger Lakes region of New York. Lon is Operations Manager of 
Response Vehicles, Inc.. 

Barbara Ross Antonucci. 181 Commercial Blvd., Brentwood, NY 11717 


Mary Frances Healion Muldoon works with profoundly disabled children 
under age 3 at Step by Step Infant Development Program. "This is 
something that I've always wanted to do," she writes. "It's very challenging 
and it gives me a different perspective with my own children " Maureen 
Lleken Pelc's husband Richard '75 is studying for his second master's at 
NJIT in Newark - in Computer Science He was elected to Upsilon Pi 
Epsilon, the National Computing Honors Society, in 1988. He works at 
Roche Diagnostics Systems as an Associate Information Systems 
Scientist. Maureen works at Orange Middle School, teaching 7-8 grade 
Special Ed. The Pelcs are pleased to announce the arrival of Jonathon 
James in April - "healthy, active and of course smart - kind of cute, too!" 
Jennie Brutus attended SJC with us but did not receive her degree until 
1987. Her name is now Jennie Posner. She has five children, 18 year old 
twin sons (Dillon alumni) who attend St. John's, and Susan 6. Adam 3. Erin 
Patrick 10 months. 


Maureen Troicl writes good news regarding her career status She was a 
Special Educator for ten years in PS 222K and has now moved on to 
something new and exciting. She works for the special Educator Support 
Program She has established a new Staff Resource Center in the 
Lindenwood School, PS. 232 in Howard Beach. Maureen also now owns 
her own home in Rosedale and awaits hearing from old friends. 

1979 Suffolk 

Doris Wagner is now Director of Senior Companion Programs in Suffolk 
County. She has been working in Mental Health since completing a 
Master's in Social Welfare at SUNY Stony Brook in 1981. 

Teresita Acquino. 2956 Far Rockaway Blvd.. Far Rockaway. NY 1 1619 
(718) 386-3215 

James Menneg. 120 Fitzmaurice St., Massapequa Park. NY 11762 
(516) 789-4247 

1980 Suffolk 

Maria Gaudlo Shehl (GS) who lives in Arizona has studied Stained Glass 
for the past two years Her lamps and mirrors were on display at the annual 
college exposition Maria helped to complete twelve windows for a local 
Presbyterian Church She says that retirement gets better every day! 
Blaise D. O'Connell is working as a Recreation Therapist at Long Island 
Developmental Center in Melville, in Program Operations Peggy Mahoney 
will complete her MSW Program at Adelphi in August 1989 

Arlene Murtha. 12 Hill St.. Lake Ronkonkoma. NY 11779 

1981 Brooklyn 

1983 Brooklyn 

Melissa Marchese married Kevin Dougherty on February 4, 1989. The 
reception was held at the Top of the Crescent in Bay Ridge. Many SJC 
alumnae were present - Donna Nettleberg '81, Jeanne Egan '83. Brlgld 
McMaster Noreen Munnelly 82. Corlnne and Denise Gamper, Angela 
Poccla Bryan. Cathy McKenna 79 and Kathy Mullln 81 It was a great 
afternoon with friends from SJC. Melissa and Kevin honeymooned on the 
island of Antigua. 

Marie Clancy, 2348 Benson Ave., Brooklyn. NY 11214 

(718) 266-6621 

Lisa Kern Sawm, 12 Cathlie Dr., RD 4 Box 63, Averill Park, NY 12018 


Mary Ellen Ward was married on St Patrick's day to Kevin Ahr They are 
living in Staten Island Irene Cavanagh Husselnl visited the Alumni Office 
with nine-month-old Sarah. She just returned from Saudi Arabia where she 
and Rick, whom whe married in August 1983. are living. Irene works there 
in the Center for Retarded Children as a therapist She would love to hear 
from friends: (718) 499-9795. 

Elizabeth Ruggiero Mulrane, 27 E. 13th Street. Huntington. NY 11746 NIL 
Catherine Rogers O'Donnell, 4 Sherman Street, #2, Brooklyn, 
NY 11215-6015 (718)965-0947 

1983 Brooklyn General Studies 

1981 Brooklyn General Studies 

Jo Furcick and her husband are retired and are awaiting the arrival of their 
first grandchild. 

Wo class agent 

Laura Napolltano received her MA in Community Health Education from 
Adlephi in 1987. Since then she has been engaged in research work for the 
American Cancer Society in the area of immunology and did part-time 
teaching for ACS in primary health education for children, grades K-5. 
Laura had an article on Rhumatoid Arthritis published in the Eta Sigma 
Gamma professional health science journal. Lorraine Bullock is presently 
employed in the area of Home Health Care. 

1981 Suffolk 

Michelle Grande teaches a first grade learning disabilities class in 
Levittown where she just received her tenure. Michelle recently moved 
from Bayport to Hauppauge. 

Michelle Grande, 80 Kristin Lane, Hauppauge, NY 11788 
(516) 724-8304 

1982 Brooklyn 

Barbara F. Mrozlk is pursuing doctoral studies in Educational Administra- 
tion at Fordham, while teaching for the Board of Ed.. Barbara received 
1988 citation in Who's Who Among Young American Professionals 
Kathleen Heaney is married to Robert Shimchak and they now live in 
Jackson, New Jersey, with their little son, Kyle Brian. 

Joseph Gennardo, 1247 Bradford Ave., #2B. Bronx, NY 10461 
(212) 792-5320 

Maureen Sullivan Griffin, 633 77th St., Brooklyn. NY 11209 
(718) 680-3307 

1982 Brooklyn General Studies 

Howard Schecter, RT, BSC. has moved to Florida and is Director of the 
School of Radiologic Technology at the University of Miami/Jackson 
Memorial Hospital. 

1982 Suffolk 

On September 22nd 1988. Ann Marie Hallock Gralton and Thomas were 
blessed with Ashley Marie, a 7 lbs. 6oz girl with brown hair and bright blue 
eyes. Michelle M. Sturlano earned her Master's degree in Social Work in 
February 1989 from Hunter College She recently became engaged to be 
married. Gina Savoca is working for Long Island Association for Children 
with Learning Disabilities, as an Infant Teacher in a home-based program. 
Anthony and Sharon Altmann Belllto recently purchased a new home in 
Massapequa Park. Sharon has been employed by Allstate Insurance 
Company for 4V4 years and is currently based in the Jericho Plaza claims 
office Richard and Theresa O'Shea DaVollo will be celebrating their fourth 
anniversary in July. They just purchased and moved into their first house, 
in Patchogue. 

Joyce Donneson, 115 Aspetuck Road, Westhampton Beach, NY 11978 


Sharon Altman, 356 Lincoln Blvd., Hauppauge. NY 11788 

(516) 234-5640 

1982 Suffolk General Studies 

Carol Schnelderman's daughter. April, graduates from the University of 
Michigan - she is a Communications major. 

1983 Suffolk 

Louise C. Kratoville received her MS in Education from LIU in 1986andhas 
been teaching Special Ed in the Riverhead School District for the past six 
years She has a wonderful four year old grandson and is awaiting the 
arrival of another in the beginning of May. 

Ann Cameron. 13 Wheatley Avenue. Huntington Station. NY 11746 

(516) 421-5531 

Susan Murtha. 46 Campbell St.. Patchogue. NY 11772 

(516) 447-8837 

1984 Brooklyn 

On March 11th. Barbara Blschoff married Jochen K. Eckner and went to 
Tahiti, Bora-Bora and Moorea on their honeymoon. It was simply a 
"paradise.'' They recently bought a ranch house in Connecticut and love it. 
Maureen Connelly has been teaching second grade at OLPH since 
graduation Maureen recently moved into her own apartment in Bay Ridge 
Please remember her mother, Kathleen Connelly, in your prayers. She 
died on April 4th after a short illness. Maureen is looking forward to her 
wedding on August 27th at OLPH church. Her good friend Mary Jean 
Connolly 86 will be a bridesmaid Lynn Marie Schanz Fitzpatrick works for 
the Department of Aging at City Hall and loves it. Donna Ortolan! has been 
promoted to a senior staff position at Dutton Counseling Center, a 
community health counseling center in Mornstown, NJ. She will start a 
master's program in Clinical Psychology at Fairleigh Dickinson in the Fall. 
Joseph Llguorl and his wife. Suzette Mormando '85, celebrated their 1st 
wedding anniversary on June 25. Suzette is teaching the "eagle" class at 
269 Annex. Joseph became an officer at Bankers Trust. "We're doing fine!" 
writes Joseph. Ellen R. McCarthy received her JD from St. John's in June 
'89 and looks forward to a legal career within the investment industry in 
which she has been working for over three years. 

Barbara Bischott Eckner. 32 Sunset Dr., Derby, CT 06418 NIL 
Donna Ortolam, 2 Kent Road. Ringwood. NJ 07456 

1984 Brooklyn General Studies 

Jeanne T. Fraas, a Therapeutic Recreation Graduate is a volunteer ski 
instructor for the handicapped at Ski Windham Disable Ski School in 
Windham, NY in the Catskills Llzlamma Abraham received an award in 
recognition for outstanding work with patieVits. This was sponsored by 
Brooklyn Union Gas for Women in History Month and was presented by 
Ralph J. Lamberti Staten Island Borough President. 

1984 Suffolk 

Kathleen Lawlor thoroughly enjoys her career as a real estate broker for 
Coldwell Banker in Port Jefferson. She has wedding plans for October 
1 989. Her fiance practices law and teaches at Suffolk Community College. 
Cindy Noble teaches third grade in Half Hollow Hills. She will be receiving 
her MALS from Stony Brook this May. Corlnne Sauerwald is currently 
working as a Trusts & Estates Legal Assistant with Carro, Spanbock, 


Caster & Cuiffo on Sixth Avenue in Manhattan We extend sympathy to 
Helen Mojo on the death of her mother September 26, 1988 Please 
remember them in your prayers. Helen would love to hear from former 
classmates at 26 Marbeth Circle, Miller Place. NY. 1 1764. She has lost track 
of Betsy Graeb whose mail has been returned to the college Does anyone 
know her current address 7 Patricia Baessler is finishing up work for her 
MS at Dowling and hopes to graduate in June Marguerite Hartlll earned 
her master's degree from Stony Brook in 1988 She has been teaching 
English in the Wm. Floyd School District for the past five years. In addition 
she is a free-lance writer for SUNDANCE Publishers and Distributors, an 
educational publishing company in Boston Richard Panvlnl sent a new 
address for Barbara White Evers. who now lives in Decatur, Georgia Lynn 
Fazio received her Master's Degree from Stony Brook University in May 
1989. and also her certification in teaching Social Studies (Special Ed) 
She has wedding plans for August 1989 Karl Klug has been promoted to 
District Manager for Motorola State & Local Government Markets Division. 
He has been Chief of Patchogue Ambulance Company since 1985. . . 
reelected to 4th term in April 1989 Deldre Jersey is President of the 
National Association of Women Business Owners. 

Lucretia Lucivero, 19 Yale Street. Islip, NY 11751 
(516) 666-7848 

Joan Kelly, 21 Dorothy Lane. Kings Park, NY 11754 
(516) 265-3168 

1985 Brooklyn 

Geri Arnold received his master's degree in education from St. John's in 
January of 1987. He is now teaching third grade at a public school in 
Queens. Mary McManus married James McElroy on October 29, 1988 and 
now lives in Roselle Park. NJ. She graduated from Fordham University 
School of Law in May 1988 and is an associate in the firm of Seaman and 
Ashley in New York City Maria Sokol is married and happy for seven years 
now She is Dean of Sophomore year and Educator at St John's 
Preparatory HS "Teaching is still a rewarding job!" she writes. Joseph and 
Suzette Mormando Llguori celebrated their first wedding anniversary on 
June 25th. Joseph graduated in 1984 and recently became an officer at 
Bankers Trust Co Suzette is now teaching the "eagle" class at 269 Annex. 

Alice Kennedy. 5 Hallister Street. Staten Island, NY 10309 

(718) 853-9783 

Josephine Gallo, 535 Dahill Road. Brooklyn, NY 11218 


1985 Brooklyn General Studies 

When she graduated in 1985, Carmen Phinn-Blnnom obtained a 
supervisor position in August at the Veterans Outpatient Clinic, in 
Radiology Service, on Ryerson Street in Brooklyn. 

1985 Suffolk 

Laura Geelan LoManto is working as an Infant Teacher at Suffolk Child 
Development Center. Laura, Jim and their 15 month old son. Nicholas, 
have just moved into their newly built home in Miller Place Bill Liggan 
after graduation, worked for AT&T Information System as an Account 
Executive In 1987 he left AT&T and started his own business (office 
cleaning). In December 1987 he also started to work for L.I.A.C.L.D. as a 
Counselor to the Learning Disabled. In December 1988. Bill joined Canon 
USA Inc. as a recruiter of sales, marketing and data processing personnel. 
Joanne Vlsalll graduated from Adelphi in July 1988 with a master's in 
Reading and Learning Disabilities and has been teaching in Special 
Education since 1 985. Joanne is looking forward to marriage in April 1 990. 
"On a sad note," writes Joanne, "I regret to share the loss of my mother in 
June 1988. She was not only my mom but my best friend." Since 
graduation in 1985 as a certified Elementary Education and Special Ed 
Teacher, Patricia E. Leonard worked as a teacher-assistant and a special 
education teacher for two years. She is now finishing her second year as a 
first grade teacher for the East Meadow School District and loves it' 
Patricia is also half way through the master's program in Computer 
Instruction at LIU and hopes to finish next year Lt. Kevin Elssler, Jr. is now 
a pilot with the U.S. Navy, stationed in Europe. Linda Locantore teaches 
Kindergarten in Patchogue-Medford School District. She will receive her 
MA/LS from Stony Brook in June 1 989. Tony and Mary Indellcato Mosca 
celebrated their first wedding anniversary in Atlantic City on May 14th 
Mary Edwards married Dr Frank Verdone on April 23rd. 1989 and 
honeymooned at the Acapulco Princess for one week Mary has been 
teaching 9th grade Special Ed. Math & Science at the Oregon Middle 
School in the Patchogue-Medford District for four years. She also coaches 

9th grade cheerleading for football and basketball and is advisor to the 
"Just Say No to Drugs" Club Vita Tesoro will be starting her fourth year as 
a Special Ed teacher in the Brentwood School District. 

taurine Rothe Volkmann, 2 Autumn Court. East Patchogue. NY 11772 

(516) 758-6950 

KellyAnn O'Hanlon. 1434 Pine Acres Blvd.. Bay Shore. NY 11706 

(516) 666-4079 

Dorothy LaFerrera, 94 Claremont Avenue. North Babylon. NY 11704 

(516) 669-4045 

1986 Brooklyn 

After a two-year teaching stint at Bishop Kearney HS in Brooklyn. Zareh 
Artlnlan has left to pursue a career in writing Currently enrolled in the 
Master's program at Emerson College in Boston, he assures us that one 
day he will be a famous author. (This news also came in from Elizabeth 
Williams Aurlcchio 63, who is Zareh's aunt.) Zareh is the editor of the 
college paper, V.P. of the Graduate Student Government and is mingling 
with several published authors. Many '86ers showed up for Alumni Nite in 
March and helped make the evening a success Next year we want to see 
more new faces! Brian Curley is managing a group home in Park Slope and 
loves the progress his clients are making Ed Keever was wed this winter 
and he introduced his wife to all Chris Walsh is still teaching her little 
cherubs over in Greenpoint, and Linda Flsk is still at Dillon. Kerry 
McConway has taken up residence in eastern Queens and relishes the 
escape from Brooklyn Hopefully next issue we will have heard from more 
'86ers. . . send us your news Till then. . . 

Kerry McConway. 260-21 73rd Ave.. Glen Oaks. NY 11004 
(718) 470-0213 

Linda Fisk. 53-30 37th Road. Woodside, NY 11377 
(718) 335-2309 

1986 Brooklyn General Studies 

William Bellinger is working at Harlem Hospital as a supervisor in the 
Department of Psychiatry He also does per diem in the Nursing Home 
setting. "My sincere thanks for the superb background given to me at St 
Joseph's through the kind and caring attitudes of the many instructors. St. 
Joe's will always be a part of me." he writes Juanita Ellas writes that her BS 
degree from St. Joseph's was instrumental in helping her obtain her 
present position as caseworker for the Bureau of Child Welfare. Special 
Services for Children "I am proud to be a St. Joseph's graduate" she 

1986 Suffolk 

Annette Pllchta has extended the date of graduation from Middle 
Tennessee State University from May to December 1 989 She is employed 
by the University as a Dorm Director and also as an Introductory Sociology 
Instructor After completing her Master's, Annette plans to pursue and EdS 
(Specialist in Education). She is working on her Master's thesis which is a 
study of attitudes toward male and female alcohol use Annette recently 
became engaged and is planning a wedding for October 7, 1989 Laura 
LoManto has been accepted into the graduate school of Stonybrook and 
will begin to study for her master's in English in September Diane 
Marchesoni Hamill had a baby girl, Arielle Michelle, on March 9. 1989 
Michelle Patrone was married on October 30. 1988, to Joseph A. Pelosi in 
the Byzantine Catholic Church of the Resurrection in Smithtown Michelle 
is working as a Special Ed Teacher for Help of Retarded Children in 
Commack Denise Artus married Mark S. Tillery of North Carolina last 
July She is in her third year of teaching in Norfolk Public Schools She and 
Mark live in Virginia Beach Bernadette O'Rourke is a certified teacher 
assistant working with speech impaired youngsters at the BOCES 2 
preschool at Wing Learning Center in Islip She is studying for her Master's 
degree at CW Post and looks forward to a teaching career Patrick J. Rellly 
was designated a Naval Aviator. Presentation of the "Wings of Gold" 
marked culmination of 18 months of flight training He joined the Marine 
Corps in May 1986. 

Diane Ripollone. 31 Horma Blvd., Holbrook, NY 11741 

1986 Suffolk General Studies 

Dorothy Damiano is currently enrolled at LIU/CWPost in the MPA 
Program and Suzanne B. Edelman is in the MSN program Psychiatric/- 

Mental Health Track at SUNY Stony Brook. Nancy D. O'Rourke is working 
at Good Samaritan Hospital in West Ishp. Since graduation, Nancy has 
been promoted twice. First she was made an Assistant Head Nurse and 
then Head Nurse of a surgical unit. In a few months Nancy and her family 
will be moving to Boca Raton, FL where she intends to continue in the 
nursing profession as well as continuing to pursue her master's degree. 
(Be sure, Nancy, to drop us a postcard with your new address.) Ethel M. 
Lane is still looking for an MA in her future. Though in retirement she keeps 
busy painting, doing aerobics, hatha yoga, and especially reading. 

1987 Brooklyn 

Mary Beth Radday is still happily teaching 3rd grade at PS 199 in Brooklyn. 
She is getting her Master's in Reading from Brooklyn College. Martha 
Caruso is in her class. Christine Kennedy teaches 3rd grade at PS 154 and 
loves it. She is busy fixing her own apartment, having just moved into it. 
Mayra Santos is teaching MIS II at JHS 162 Bushwick She became 
engaged to Martin Torres. Helen Rappa is still attending John Jay College 
of Criminal Justice for her master's in Forensic Science. She is an adjunct 
faculty member, as a college Lab Technician. Christine Hickson has also 
become engaged - to Frank Pere. Christine teaches third grade at St. 
Anselm's in Bay Ridge. Since June 1987 Linda Egan has been working at 
Sloan Kettering as a research technician in the Department of Clinical 
Immunology. She works with four other SJC grads, Liza Garifalaki '85, 
Brendan McGuIre '85. Kathy Harrington 85 and Millie Vldot 88 Sal Di 
Gaetano is studying hard at Florida Atlantic University. He recently 
performed in the school talent show "New York State of Mind" by Billy Joel 
and received a standing ovation. He misses his SJC friends and sends 
regards Dawn Tzlmoratls White lives in Texas and is awaiting a baby this 
summer. Roseanne Kump married Dominic Marino on May 13th and 
honeymooned hiking and climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, Eileen Harkin works at 
Bloomingdales. She became engaged last September and will wed this 
coming October. Mary Holmes, a social worker for Catholic Charities is 
engaged to Kevin Browne Margaret Meyer Giorgio can't believe that she is 
married a whole year on July 9th Francis O. Egbeyale is studying towards 
his master's degree in Political Science at Brooklyn College. Adrian 
Agosto teaches first grade at St. Fortunata School. She returned to St 
Joe's to help with the fashion show and to be moderator of the SJC Dance 
Club John Di Mare will marry Rosemarie Cappelleri '89 on July 1st. They 
will start their new life together in a lovely house in Breezy Point Martha 
Caruso taught at St. Agnes Seminary this past year. She is at Brooklyn 
College in the same program as Mary Beth Radday. Ann O'Dea is a nurse at 
Methodist Hospital in Park Slope. Joan Sullivan will be touring the 
Scandanavian countries - Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland for 
fifteen days. She finishes her second year of teaching Special Ed at PS. 
222. She also serves as an attendant at Flatlands Volunteer Ambulance 
Corps. Thanks to all of you who responded to our request for notes. To all 
of you that we didn't hear from, please let us know how and what you are 
doing. Send the news to either one of us for the next Alumnagram. Have a 
great summer, MaryBeth and Joan. Gregory Branch finished his second 
year as a medical student at Buffalo University. He is a recipient of the Dr. 
Mark W. and Beulah M. Welch Scholarship and plans to specialize in 
trauma emergency room medicine. "My father passed away unexpectedly 
the end of July '87 and I had to be in school in August," Greg said. "The 
Welch Scholarship played a practical role for me. I was accepted into 15 
medical schools including Johns Hopkins. Howard University and 
Georgetown but I chose to come to the University of Buffalo because of the 
low tuition and the scholarship." 

Mary Beth Radday. 1373 E 28th Street, Brooklyn, NY 1 1210 
(718) 377-7051 

1987 Brooklyn General Studies 

Courtney Glenn has returned to Jackson Memorial Hospital where he has 
added to his list of accomplishments: Cat Scan imaging, serving on 
Selection and Advisory Committees for the School of Radiologic 
Technology and Medical Imaging - University of Miami/Jackson Memorial 
Hospital. Courtney will also be teaching in the program as an adjunct. On 
graduating from St. Joseph's Courtney joined the staff of NYC Technical 
College of CUNY as an adjunct clinical educator in the School of 
Radiologic Technology and Medical Imaging. 

Courtney Glenn, 4115 Monticello Ave., Bronx, NY 10466 


Diana Murillo, 5416 4th Ave., #3C, Brooklyn, NY 11220 


1988 Brooklyn 

Debbie Adenusl is attending Brooklyn College to pursue a master's degree 

in Special Ed. Cathleen Srour is a counselor at Bishop Kearney High 
School in a new program offering assistance to students and parents. 

Patricia Williams, 395 Clinton Ave., #6D, Brooklyn, NY 11238 
(718) 857-5884 

1987 Suffolk Arts & Science and General Studies 

Peggy Wilson finished her Master's program in Marriage and Family 
Counseling at Hofstra. Midge Grattan RN, of the General Studies Division, 
has been appointed Nursing Supervisor by the Central Suffolk Hospital 
Skilled Nursing facility. She has resided in East Moriches for 13 years and 
has two grown children In May. Phyllis Cannella will be moving to 
Charleston, SC with the company that employs her, as a Computer 
Software Technical Writer. "Many thanks to everyone at St. Joseph's for 
years of support and encouragement. I am proud to be and alum and very 
proud that my brother has also chosen SJC as his new "family." Lillian 
Budnick, a Child Study/Special Ed Teacher, has been teaching in Loretta 
Park Elementary School in Brentwood since September 1981. She has a 
self-contained LD class of 10-11 year olds. Next year she will be getting 
tenure. In May of 1990, Lillian will begetting her master's degree in Special 
Ed from LIU and she hopes to be married the following month, June. 
Michele LaBarr works as a Special Ed Teacher in Valley Stream Central 
HS She will attend Queens College for a master's in Special Ed. Therese 
O'Connorteaches full time in Bayport Junior High School. She is in Stony 
Brook continuing graduate studies. Therese also plans an August 1989 
wedding. Kim Buffa was married to John Tarpey on April 8, 1989 and they 
are living in Uniondale. Kim is a Recreational Therapist in the Psychiatric 
Day Program at Mercy Hospital, Uniondale. working with seniors in their 
short term day program Sally Zeitlen (GS) is still working part time as a 
dental Hygienist She hopes to return to school at some later date to study 
for her master's. 

Jean Marie Kirchner, 3 Boone St., Bethpage, NY 11714 
(516) 931-3887 

1988 Suffolk 

Denise Esposito is a part-time children's librarian at Middle County Public 
Library in Centereach. She is enrolled in LIU Graduate School, Palmer 
School of Library and Information Science. She plans an getting an MS in 
School Media Specialist and Public Librarian Certification. Karen Hewlett 
is also a children's librarian. Jonnie Angisani teaches 4th grade at 
Roosevelt Elementary School in West Palm Beach, FL. Andrea Lynn 
Duggan was hired last September as as a Special Ed Resource Room 
teacher for the Bay Shore School District. In December, she became the 
district's first provider of Consultant Teacher Services, providing direct 
and/or indirect services in the regular classroom. Claire DiSpirlto is a 
substitute teacher for Mt. Sinai School District. She is studying at Dowling 
for a master's degree in Reading. Donna Campisi is teaching in South 
Huntington School District. She has wedding plans for June 1990 Another 
classmate with wedding plans for April 1990 is Elizabeth Slabowski 
Elizabeth's mail has been returned and we have no address for her. If you 
know her new one, phone or write to your class agent or to the Alumni 
Office. Stephanie Qulnn became supervisor of HIP. labs in Ronkonkoma. 
Michael Fokaswasbomon July 26, 1 988 to Joanne Apicello Fokas He was 
9 lbs., 22 inches with big brown eyes and beautiful. Kathleen O'Neill was 
accepted to St. John's Law School January 1989 - accelerated program. 
She also won the Patchogue Soroptimist Scholarship last year. Ceil 
Comfort is currently working as an Administrative Supervisor at South 
Nassau Community Hospital. She will attend Hofstra University in 
September and her goal is a Master's in Health Administration. Debra Ann 
Selig is active with the League of Women Voters of Brookhaven. She 
recently joined the National Association for Female Executives and is 
employed at HHL Financial Services in Central Islip as a clerk typist and 
Research Technician. Krlsta Downie will start graduate study at Adelphi 
School of Social Work. Jane Becker has accepted a full scholarship and 
teaching assistantship for a doctoral program in Sociology at Stony Brook. 
Selma Ugalde is a counselor for the mentally disabled at a community run 
by Transitional Services of Long Island Betty and Jim Hill's son Jimmy 
graduated from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point on May 24th, 
receiving a BS in Economics and a commission as a Second Lieutenant in 
the US Army. After officer's basic training in Georgia and six weeks in 
Ranger School. Jimmy will be stationed in Wurtzburgh, Germany for three 
years. The Hill family is looking forward to a trip overseas in the future! 
Claire Belmont teaches kindergarten at Rocky Point Elementary School 
and is at Stony Brook - CED studying for her MA/LS. Participated in this 
year's Mentor/Intern program funded by a grant from NYS in Rock Point 
School District. 

Joan Ryan, 49 Jetterson Ave., Patchogue, NY 11772 
(516) 654-3625 

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c en 2 

Alumni Calendar 1989-90 

Sept. 5 Freshman Orientation • Both Campuses 

Sept. 6 Classes begin - Both Campuses 

Sept. 16 Executive Board Meeting - Brooklyn 

Sept. 25 SJC Blood Drive - Brooklyn 

Oct 1 Day of Reflection • Brooklyn 

Oct. 13 Annual Dinner Dance • 

Crest Hollow Country Club 

Oct. 21 'Alumni Day - Suffolk 

Oct. Walkathon • Brooklyn 

Oct. Wagner College Theater Party 

Oct. 28 Fall Luncheon - New York Yacht Club 

Oct. 29 Open House • Prospective students - 

Nov. 3 Alumni Basketball Game ■ Suffolk 
Nov. 12 Admissions Open House - Suffolk 

Nov. 18 Executive Board Meeting • Suffolk 
'There will be no Alumni Day in Brooklyn this year. 

Dec. 8 

Lessons & Carols - Suffolk 


Clare Rose Brunch and Theater 

Feb 3 

Executive Board Meeting • 


Feb. 4 

Open House • 

Prospective students - Brooklyn 

March 2 

Alumni Night - 

Brooklyn Basketball Games 


Lenten Weekend Retreat 

April 28 

Spring Luncheon • 

Terrace on the Park 

May 1 

Opening Ceremonies ■ 

Suffolk Library 


Executive Board Meeting - Suffolk 

May 31 

Baccalaureate • Suffolk 

June 2 

Commencement • Suffolk 

We invite you to attend our calendar events. Further 
information will be mailed to you on those you check. 
Reservations may be made now. 

□ Day of Reflection. Oct. 1. 1989 

□ Alumni Day Suffolk, Oct. 21. 1989 

□ Walkathon • Brooklyn. Oct. 1989 

□ Wagner College Theater Party. Oct. 1989 

□ Fall Luncheon. New York Yacht Club, Oct. 28, 1989 
U Alumni Basketball Game - Suffolk, Nov. J 1989 

□ Lessons & Carols ■ Suffolk, Dec. 8, 1989 

□ Clare Rose Brunch & Theater, Jan. 1990 

□ Alumni Night - Brooklyn 
Basketball Games. Feb. J, 1990 

□ Alumni Spring Luncheon • 
Terrace on the Park, April 28 1989 

□ Opening Ceremonies • Suffolk Library. May I. 1990 


Phone . 

. Zip. 
Class . 

























— - 























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O ■* 


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O 3 1 


OD 5 

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-, a 

° 3 
o 2. 

•< Z 

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P A 1 

_ H -* 

o >o 

2 2 

m • 

VOL. XLI, No. 1: Winter 1990 

Alumni Network Column 

Alumnagram is published twice a year by the Alumni 
Association of St. Joseph's College, 245 Clinton Avenue, 
Brooklyn, N.Y. 1 1205. Third Class Postage is paid to 
Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Editor: Mary Elizabeth McLoughlin Farrell '35 

Editorial Assistants: Mary Whelan Phelan '32 
Eleanor McLoughlin '31 

College Phone Numbers: 
Switchboard Brooklyn: 718-636-6800 
Switchboard Patchogue: 516-654-3200 
Alumni Office: 718-636-6882 
Alumni Fund Secretary 718-636-6884 

Cathy Hayes '74 has left teaching and for the past four 
years has been working as a certified personnel consultant 
in downtown Manhattan. Her firm, Bryan Gordon 
Associates, places various levels of personnel from 
receptionists and secretaries to executives. 

Anyone looking for a position should feel free to call her 
at (212) 742 1810. Cathy would also welcome calls from 
those in personnel looking for qualified employees. 

Carol Chapman '77S, CSW - Counseling and Psycho- 
therapy for Individuals and Couples. (516) 928-0372 by 

Dorothy Nokes Sanchirico '56, Realtor with Schlott 
Realtors in Wayne, New Jersey, can help you with 
buying or selling a home, real estate investments, life- 
home-auto insurance. Not limited to New Jersey. Day- 
time call (201) 694-8000. Evenings call (201) 595-5029. 

Stella The Safety Star - an exciting Bus Safety Program 
of great appeal to children. For an introductory 
performance of Stella, call Mai v Beth Stevenson Malloy 
'73 at (516) 549-4900. (See page 13.) 

Learn more about AAUW - American Association for 
University Women. Attend one of the monthly meetings. 
For the Islip Area Branch, phone Joan Siebert Sprague '57 
at (516) 666-4031, or for Queens Branch, call Jane 
McLoughlin O'Connor '35 at (718) 229-5837 for meeting 
dates. (See page 16.) 

St. John Chrysostom School in the Bronx is looking for all 
its graduates. They are reactivating the Alumni Associa- 
tion and want to plan class reunions and news letters. Get 
in touch! Call Helen Kelly Head '47 at (212) 328-7227 from 
10 A.M. to 2 P.M. or write S. Ann Rutter '52, 1144 Hoe 
Ave., Bronx, NY 10459. 


April 20, 1990 
for the SPRING 1990 ISSUE 

For consultation on your decorating ideas problems 
come to Affordable Interiors in Roseland, NJ, which is 
owned by Carol Dwyer Bergen '51. 

A good service to keep in mind: Dolores Campbell Penders 
'50 and her husband opened a Packaging Shop in 
Manhasset where they ship items all over the country-very 
quick and efficient. 

Interested in renting a Vacation Villa very near to 
Disney/Epcot? Contact Artie Meyer '80S (516) 289-6285. 

WANTED! Dedicated, reliable "alumns" to work in the 
College Relations Development Alumni office. Full 
and part-time. If interested please contact Mary E. 
Farrell, 245 Clinton Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205 or 

St. Joseph's College complies with Title IX of the Education 
Amendments of 1972 and with the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, 
as amended, Section 504. 




Fond thoughts of his alma mater prompted Steven Cody 
to visit St. Joseph's College during a recent trip to New 
York for the christening of his niece. Now a psychology 
professor himself, Steve spent part of the day teaching 
classes in Abnormal and Introductory Psychology in the 
same classrooms where he began his own studies in 
psychology years ago. 

In 1971, his senior year in high school, Steven attended 
Open School Day at St. Joseph's and found a staff truly 
interested in him and his desire for a career in psychology. 
At Christ the King High School in Queens, Steve had 
taken a first course in Psychology, and that initial 
exposure was to set his career path for him. 

Steve matriculated at St. Joseph's in September of 1971 
and began four years of "mostly" serious study. He was a 
brilliant student, a member of Delta Epsilon Sigma, a 
permanent member of Sigma Iota Chi, and he was on the 
Dean's List in 1973, 1974, and 1975. Steve received his 
bachelor's degree in 1975, magna cum laude, and earned 
Departmental Honors in Psychology. He also received the 
J. Gardner Conroy Award for Excellence in Philosophy. 

Assessing his four years at the college, Steve said that the 
liberal arts base and philosophical preparation he 
acquired prepared him well to function independently as 
a graduate student. Having seen what class sizes can be 
like in larger schools, he is more appreciative than ever of 
the personalized atmosphere he enjoyed at St. Joseph's 
and the intellectual freedom it accorded him. 

Steve started graduate school in 1976 in the doctoral 
clinical program at the University of Connecticut, and 
took immense pleasure in the opportunity to immerse 
himself in his favorite subject, in the company of talented 
and enthusiastic colleagues. After two years of basic 
training, he went to Albany Medical Center in New York 
for a year's internship, specializing in behavioral 
medicine and neuropsychology. He then returned to 
Connecticut for three more years of research and training. 

In 1982, Steve started teaching in the Psychology 
program at Marshall University in Huntington, West 
Virginia. He then spent two years teaching at Morehead 
State University in Kentucky. In 1988, he was recruited by 
the School of Medicine at Marshall University, returning 
there to take the position of Assistant Professor of Medical 
Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry, and Adjunct 
Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychology. 
After his first year, he was named Course Director for both 
of the medical schools' basic psychiatry courses, Be- 
havioral Medicine and Psychopathology . He is one of very 
few psychologists in the entire country playing that kind 

of role in a medical school curriculum. 

Steve is also Director of the Neuropsychology Service 
for the School of Medicine, and Acting Director of 
Psychology at Huntington State Hospital. He is consulting 
neuropsychologist for the West Virginia Rehabilitation 
Center, Huntington State Hospital, Hungtinton VA 
Medical Center, and the Hanshaw Geriatric Center. 

Steve has presented papers at meetings of the American 
Psychological Association, the National Academy of 
Neuropsychology, the Kentucky Academy of Sciences, 
and other professional organizations. This past year he 
coauthored a chapter on "Neurological Disorders in the 
Elderly" for a forthcoming book on developmental 
neuropsychology, and a chapter on "Intellectual and 
Neuropsychological Assessment" for a forthcoming book 
on behavioral medicine. 

In 1977, Steve married Evelyn Pupplo (73), who was a 
math major at St. Joseph's. They had taken a few courses 
together and were good friends while at college. Evelyn 
joined the Peace Corps after graduating and taught math 
in Ghana, in western Africa, from 1973 to 1975, before 
starting graduate work in mathematics at SUNY Albany. 
Steven and Evelyn had kept in touch all along, and shortly 
before Steve started graduate school he wrote to Evelyn 
suggesting that they meet again. A letter from Evelyn to 
Steve, suggesting the same thing, crossed his in the mail! 

They were married a year later and made their home in 
Connecticut, moving to West Virginia in 1982 when Steve 
first went to work for Marshall University. Evelyn taught 
mathematics at Rio Grande University in Ohio (within 
commuting distance) for a year and then decided to pursue 
her doctorate in mathematics at the University of 
Kentucky. For three years, she lived in Lexington, 
Kentucky, and he lived in Huntington. West Virginia, 
spending weekends together. When Steve left Marshall for 
Morehead State, they were able to put an end to the "long 
distance" aspect of their marriage. 

In the spring of 1988, Evelyn took some time off from 
working on her dissertation to have their daughter 
Stephanie Arline, born on November 17, 1988. It turned 
out that Stephanie was the first of three grandchildren 
Steve's mother was to enjoy in the space of a year. The 
Cody household also includes a trio of dogs - a German 
Shepherd now getting along in years and a pair of 
hyperactive Norwegian Elkhounds, each two years old. 

This fall finds Evelyn finishing her dissertation for the 
doctorate in mathematics at the University of Kentucky, 
and teaching at Marshall University as Assistant Professor 
of Mathematics. 




Mary Francis Kiernan loved children. She spent her life 
and fulfilled her religious vocation caring for little ones, 
directing child care institutions, guiding and organizing 
child care workers, leading, supervising, counselling, always 
with her focus on the individual child. 

Mary was born and raised in Brooklyn, an ardent 
Dodger fan until the team left the borough. She majored in 
Early Childhood Education at St. Joseph's, receiving her 
bachelor's degree in 1939. After a year of graduate study at 
Columbia she entered the Dominican community at 
Sparkill, NY, in 1940 and took her final vows there in 1947. 

In 1942 the young sister started the first kindergarten at 
St. John Chrysostom school in the Bronx. She was a 
natural with children who responded to her with 
openness and trust. 

Responding to the need for social workers in the child 
care field, sister enrolled in the Fordham University 
School of Social Service and in 1 946 received her degree in 
MSW. For the next twenty years she was a social worker, 
then supervisor of Social Service at St. Agnes School in 
Sparkill and Cardinal McCloskey Home and School in 
White Plains. 

Meanwhile Sr. Mary completed the requirements for 
psychiatric social worker, and initiated therapeutic 
programs for emotionally wounded children at both 
McCloskey and St. Agnes. 

New York Catholic Charities recognized her abilities 
and recruited her for the diocesan Department of Child 
Care. There she initiated, organized and developed the 
Central Referral Unit, which coordinated intake services 
for the 21 child care agencies operating in the diocese. 

But she preferred more direct contact with children and 
their families. She became Director of the McCloskey city 
office on 149th Street, Bronx, where she organized the 
social service department to meet the needs of families 

Sister Mary Kiernan O.P. '39 

whose children were placed outside the city. She was made 
Executive Director of the McCloskey Home in 1972 but 
resigned after a year to become Assistant Director so that 
she could be more directly involved with the residential 
group home and foster care programs, and with com- 
munity groups concerned with delinquency prevention 

One of Sr. Mary's most significant activities was her 
effort to raise the status of the primary child-care workers. 
She knew herself what it was to be charged, not only with 
minding, but feeding, clothing, listening to and consoling 
a score or more of rambunctious little ones. She knew it 
was neither easy nor unimportant. She helped organize 
and served as first Vice-President of the New York 
Association of Child Care Workers. She chaired the Child 
Care Program at Dutchess County Community College, 
organizing courses, teaching, and supervising field work. 
She continued this work as coordinator of the Center for 
Families and Children's Services at the Fordham School of 
Social Service. Sr. Mary knew that better trained child care 
workers, with professional status, would result in better 
care for children. 

Sr. Mary's last assignment was at the Sparkill Dominican 
Convent as program director of Thorpe Village, a Senior 
Citizen Apartment complex on the convent grounds. Her 
experience, her wisdom, her energy and her humor 
vitalized the programs there, and made her as much loved 
by the elderly as she had been by the children. 

Sr. Mary Kiernan died on October 22, 1 989. A number of 
the Class of '39 journeyed to Sparkill to be present at her 
funeral Mass and burial. Afterwards they enjoyed the 
hospitality of the Dominican Sisters and together shared 
special memories of their well-loved classmate. 

Eleanor McLoughlin 

A Day of Recollection 

St. Joseph's College held a Day of Recollection for 
alumni and friends on October 1, 1989, at the college's 
Clinton Hill campus. Virginia Kirby Brown guided the 
group, giving them the opportunity, first of all, to reflect 
where they were in their family life cycles. She effectively 
had them review what transitions they had already 
accomplished. They then reflected on what growths 
resulted from these passages. The use of slides and charts 

helped in recall of the past and meaningful questions 
elicited answers for this self-examination. A luncheon was 
served at noon and the day ended with Mass celebrated at 
three o'clock by Father Peter De Sanctis, Chaplain at 
Methodist Hospital. Those who attended thoroughly 
enjoyed the day and several suggested that it should be an 
annual event on our calendar. 

Advert turoits 

Ifftrr-r-'-il.T i 



Norman and I'ickie Tortorelli Morey by the statue of Our 
Lady in front of St. James Church in Medugorje, Yugoslavia. 

My adventurous life, after leaving St. Joseph's, started 
the September after graduation in 1953 when I married 
Norm. In my senior year I had taken a marriage course 
with Father Charles Diviney and had never forgotten his 
words: "The person you marry will decide whether or not 
you get into heaven." Though there was tremendous 
disparity in our education and background, I knew Norm 
Morey was the one person who could possibly do it. My 
parents were not so convinced, since he was a paratrooper 
at the time. 

I must admit life was sometimes difficult. We moved 
often, had little money because Norm was struggling 
through the enlisted ranks, and within seven years we had 
four children, two boys and two girls. We lived one year in 
Puerto Rico. By that time Norm had switched to the Air 
Force and had obtained a GED high school equivalency 
diploma. In 1961 he was transferred to Plattsburgh AFB 
and despite a hectic schedule (he was working midnight 
shifts and I was teaching in a local high school) we both 
started taking courses at SUNY, he for a bachelor's degree 
and I for a master's. 

In late 1962, Norm was called to serve an isolated tour 
for 13 months in Korea and Vietnam. I continued to teach 
and to work on the master's. On his return in early 1964, 
we moved to Homestead, Florida, his next assignment. I 
began teaching there and that summer returned to New 
York to finish the requirements for my master's degree. I 
lived in the dorm and we left the boys with my parents in 
Queens. The girls stayed with Norm in Florida. Again, in 
1965, Norm went to Vietnam, but only for 5'4 months. 

Our next assignment in 1966, to Torrejon Air Base just 
outside of Madrid, Spain, was a dream. I taught 
Americans at the high school on base, with the bonus of 
participating in host nation tours with my students. With 
the blessings of the Catholic chaplain, Norm and I 
organized the music and started a special folk mass for the 
youth of the parish, our son Art, and two of his friends 
playing the guitars. We also conducted combined CCD 
classes for the high school juniors and seniors. During the 
summers and on school vacations, we drove all over Spain 
and much of Western Europe, the six of us, either staying 
in paradore in Spain or sleeping in a tent, the most 
economical means at the time. We had many memorable 

In 1970, Norm received orders to Dover AFB in 
Delaware. We were there a year and I taught in a local high 

school. Norm then decided to retire and we chose to live 
in Peru, New York, where we built a house. I returned to 
teaching in the same system where I'd taught in the early 
60's. From 1971 to 1980 we actually stayed in one place. 
During that time our three oldest children were married, 
and we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary by 
going on a Caribbean cruise. 

Wanderlust and opportunity combined for a move in 
1980. Norm accepted an assignment as a civilian for the 
Department of Defense in Sembach, West Germany. Our 
unmarried child, Christopher, was at West Point and no 
longer living at home. We agreed that all our children and 
their spouses would come over to visit us at least once 
during our three-year tour there; it seemed like a good 
move. Though I was sorry to leave the students and 
faculty, I resigned my tenured teaching position. I'd been 
honored in 1979 when the class I was advisor to, for four 
years, dedicated their year book to me. But I was looking 
forward to our new venture. 

We traveled a great deal either in connection with 
Norm's job or for pleasure, every chance we could. We had 
just returned from a trip to the Soviet Union in 1981 when 
we learned that our oldest daughter, Bernadette, had 
drowned in a freak accident. It was a double tragedy 
because she was in her last month of pregnancy; we also 
lost a grandson. Through the Red Cross we were able to 
secure space immediately on a government plane back to 
the states, and numb with grief, attended our daughter's 
wake and funeral in Florida. In the months that followed 
only my faith upheld me. 

Before I attended St. Joseph's I had a public school 
education with only perfunctory attendance in released 
time and CCD instructions. It was a minor miracle that I 
selected St. Joe's at all. I was tired of a large institution, 
having attended New York City public high school, and I 
was looking around for a small college. I know now that 
the most valuable part of my education at St. Joe's was in 
the awakening of a religious spirit within me, not only 
through the required theology and philosophy courses, 
but in the example of my classmates and the faculty. Ever 
since, that four year experience has stood me in good stead, 
especially since the death of Bernadette. 

We returned to Germany. Trying to focus my life away 
from our tragedy, I started teaching part time for the 
University of Maryland at a U.S. Army post in 

continued on page 16 

Benjamin Adetola '89GS 

Benjamin Adetola, the flag-bearer of St. Joseph's 
College 1989 graduating class, has matriculated in the 
School of Public Health and Health Policies at Yale 
University's College of Medicine. 

A husband and father of five, Benjamin was frequently 
on the Dean's List and received his Bachelor of Science 
degree in Management of Human Resources from the 
General Studies Division of St. Joseph's. He plans to work 
for the World Health Organization, writing health 
policies to improve living conditions in Third World 

Benjamin remembers the misery he encountered while 
Vice President of International Operations for a Nigerian- 
based cosmetic manufacturer; many Africans living in 
sickness because of unsanitary and crowded conditions; 
families sharing one room shanties without heat; 
communities destroyed by AIDS and other diseases. "They 
live a grim existence," he says, and has vowed to one day 
help these people. 

A revolution in Nigeria forced Benjamin Adetola to flee 
and he returned to the United States intent on pursuing an 


education in Public Health. He had no idea what college 
would meet his needs. His wife, Princess Eliza Adetola, 
who received her BS from St. Joseph's in 1981, suggested 
that he try her college. "So I applied to St. Joseph's and 
have never once regretted this decision. The staff 
understood older students like myself," says Benjamin, 
"and the professors helped me to realize that I was not too 
old." Benjamin developed a close relationship with his 
professors both in and out of the classroom. It was this 
closeness with Dr. Margaret Jennings that helped him to 
apply to Yale. "I didn't believe I could make it at Yale," he 
said, "but Dr. Jennings had such confidence in me that I 
began believing I could do it." 

Yale University has awarded Benjamin Adetola a 
teaching fellowship in the African-American Studies 
Department. He will teach undergraduates the Yoruba 
language. After his graduation from Yale, Benjamin 
plans to fulfill his promise to help the destitute people of 
the Third World Nations, but, though thousands of miles 
away, he says, he will never forget the college that helped 
him to pursue his ambitions. 

Assistant Coaches - PatcTxogue Soccer Team 

Jim Bradley and John Almond, both 1987 Suffolk 
graduates and both members of the college's first soccer 
team, have returned as assistant coaches to help the 
Golden Eagles reach the play-offs of the NAIA again this 

Jim Bradley, who received the Golden Eagle Soccer 
Award in 1986, has assumed the role of everyday coach, 
aiding Coach Smith in development of player tactics and 
skills. A recreation major, Jim is employed at Kings Park 

State Hospital and is actively involved in both indoor and 
outdoor soccer. 

John Almond, who received the Most Valuable Player 
Award in 1986 for outstanding work as goalkeeper, has 
been named "goalkeeper coach", to help build up this 
area of the team. A business administration major at SJC, 
John runs his own plumbing business in Center 
Moriches. He, also, keeps active in indoor and outdoor 
soccer in Long Island leagues. 

Kyle Svenningsen 

Customs 9 Career 


Janet Labuda '74 and William Von Raab 

Our last "formal" contact with Janet Labuda, Class of 
197-4, in the pages of 1981 Alumnagram, showed her on the 
tarmac at Kennedy Airport dressed in the regulation blues 
of a Customs' Inspector. What a difference eight years 
make! The accompanying photograph show Janet with 
William von Raab, Commissioner of the United States 
Customs Service in Washington, D.C. at her office, that of 
Director, Revenue Enforcement Division, Office of 
Regulatory Audit in the Customs Headquarters Building 
on 14th and Constitution. 

Janet's progress from the tarmac to headquarters has 
been meteoric by Customs' standards. Its building blocks 
were a series of brilliant drug seizures at Kennedy Airport: 
from marijuana in hollowed-out lamps to a multi-million 
dollar heroin find in the ubiquitous false-bottomed 

Her several trips to England as a member of the Britain 
Bound Bunch, and her NYU Masters in European History 
with a British archaeology component also came in handy 
as she moved from a special operation in Miami on drug 
money laundering to a program officer position in the 
office of Inspection and Control in Washington, D.C. in 
1983. There her teaching credentials and experience were 
invaluable as she developed a joint heroin interdiction 
program between Her Majesty's Customs and Excise in 
England and U.S. Customs, represented the United States 
at the United Nations Narcotics Interdiction Training 
Seminars in New Delhi and Cairo, and coordinated field 
activities for the Operational Analysis Staffs in North 
Central and Pacific Regions. 

After a 120 day stint as the Special Assistant to the 
Deputy Commission of Customs, she was appointed the 
Commissioner's "Good Will Ambassador" to the Customs' 
Services in Europe. The subsequent thirteen months, 
from March 1986 through April 1987, would have made 
Odysseus pale: based in The Hague, Netherlands, Janet 
traveled through Europe in a "one-man show" capacity 
making three-week official visits to the Customs Services 
of Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Sweden the 
United Kingdom, West Germany and, of course, the 
Netherlands. In addition, she taught two narcotics inter- 

diction courses to the entire Hungarian Customs airport 
staff, after which she received an operational Inspector's 
badge making her an honorary member of the Hungarian 
Customs Service. 

Upon her return to the United States, Janet chose an 
assignment in Inspection and Control and developed the 
Maritime Container Narcotics Interdiction Strategy. 
Shortly after its implementation, 6900 pounds of cocaine 
were seized from one container shipment! Charged by this 
type of success, Janet's star shone even more brightly; she 
joined the Commissioner's Narcotics Interdiction Staff 
and dealt with Federal Government Agency Heads, i.e. the 
Coast Guard, FBI, DEA, INS and other acrostics! Within 
months she helped develop the Zero Tolerance anti-drug 
use program and after attending congressional hearings 
with the Commissioner became its full-time Ombudsman 
with the duty to explain the sanctions and to apply the law 
fairly and equitably. 

On call day and night, Janet added to a host of 
wonderful stories, one of the more amusing being the 
conversation with a Canadian octogenarian who was 
ah. lid her Metamucil would be seized in crack-downs at 
the border. 

Media enquiries abounded and Janet found herself 
making live TV and radio broadcasts in the United States 
and Canada, and appearing on the front page of USA 
Today, June 8, 1988. She was promoted to a Division 
Director (GM-15) last April and now she and her staff 
wrestle with global trade issues and with Trade Act 
enforcement for Customs brokers and importers to ensure 
that the United States government is not being defrauded 
of its rightful import duties. 

At home in a spacious Woodbridge, Virginia, townhouse. 
Janet relaxes by tending a beautiful rose garden, entertain- 
ing two nephews, and playing hostess with the mostest to 
some of her many European and Asian friends who travel 
to the United States. 

She has remembered SJC recently in a most unusual 
way: she hired her own SJC composition teacher, 
Margaret Jennings, to conduct a five-day training course 
to sharpen the writing skills of the regulatory audit staff. 

Margaret Jennings, PhD 




Harold "Mike" Bailey , 86S 

Harold Bailey '86, a graduate of the Suffolk Campus, is 
teaching in the Lower Kuskokwim School District, 
located in the southwestern section of Alaska. The largest 
school district in the state, it encompasses 21 villages as 
well as three schools in Bethel, the District Headquarters. 
It is spread over an area the size of Pennsylvania and 220 
teachers serve 2,750 students in grades kindergarten 
through twelfth year. 

The land in that area is flat and marked by lakes and 
marshlands, with muddy conditions during the summer, 
which necessitates the use of rubber boots. Winter 
temperatures go as low as 30 to 40 degrees below zero, with 
a wind chill factor of minus 80 to 100 degrees. 

Mike, as he is better known, lives in a Cupic (pronounced 
Joo-p ik) Eskimo village named Mekoryuk, on an island 
called Nunivak in the Bering Sea. He teaches Language 
Arts and Social Studies to seventeen high school students. 
There is one other teacher in the high school, one teacher 
for kingergarten through fourth grade and one for grades 
five through eight. There is also a Site Administrator. 

Mike's courses include World History, Reading, 
English I & II, English III & IV, Alaskan Studies, and a 
subject called A.N.C.S.A., which is the Alaska Native 
Claims Settlement Act wherein the native population of 
Alaska received 44 million acres of Alaskan land, 1 billion 
dollars, and the creation of 13 native regional corporations 
to manage the land and money. He is also cross country 
coach. All travel between villages is by bush plane and one 
literally travels across country for a cross-country meet or 
basketball game. 

The village of Mekoryuk is a friendly one consisting of 
approximately 140 people. Natives are employed by 
government, school and native corporations. Many 
natives still choose to practice subsistence living. They 
hunt muskoxen, geese and reindeer, and fish often for 
trout, salmon and halibut. They also trap arctic fox. 

How did Mike obtain this position? We go back to 
December 1979 when he had earned enough high school 
credits and opted to join the Marine Corps in which he 
served until September 1982. (He did get leave in June 

1980 to receive his diploma from Babylon High School.) 

When he left the service Mike worked as a gas station 
manager but felt the need for further education, which 
brought him to St. Joseph's College. In May 1986 he 
earned a bachelor's degree in History. 

At SJC Mike was a member of the History Club, a 
representative on the Student Council, and writer for the 
student newspaper. In the summer of '88, he participated 
in the European Cultural History Program of Eastern 
Michigan University and travelled, with 30 other students 
from the USA, Canada and Europe, visiting museums and 
historic sites of East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Austria, 
Italy and Greece. Mike earned 3 credits each in Art 
Appreciation and History of 20th Century Europe. 

From January 1987 to May 1989, Mike worked for 
Nassau Center for the Developmentally Disabled as a 
Habilitation Specialist in conjunction with therapists, 
social workers, psychologist, the nursing staff and house 
managers. Concurrently, he worked sixteen months as a 
Case Manager for the Sunrise Support System in 
Amityville, acting as a link to legal and medical services 
for the emotionally impaired. 

Always adventurous, Mike enjoyed two weeks in the 
summer of '88, travelling by car around Ireland and being 
present at Dublin's Millenium Celebration. In May 1989, 
Mike was off again, driving up through Canada to 
Fairbanks, Alaska, enjoying the extraordinary sights and 
the many beautiful creatures along the way. Arriving at 
Fairbanks, he enrolled at the University in classes in 
Alaskan History, Native Culture, and Music Appreciation. 
He became interested in the Alaska Teacher Placement 
Program touted at one of the three job fairs held during 
the summer and on applying was assigned to Meyoryuk. 

As for the future, Mike has to decide among three 
things: returning to Mekoryuk, earning a master's degree, 
or fulfilling another dream to work in the Faith 
Community of Covenant House as a one-year volunteer. 

Mike is single with no serious relationships but hopes 
to find someone who enjoys taking chances, adventure, 
and helping others. 


John J. Fitzgerald '88 at Mt. Hagen Singsing and Culture Show 

The Toughest Job Vll Ever Learn From 

"Peace Corps. . . the toughest job you'll ever love." 
Smile when you say that. For even though living and 
working in a culture so very different from your own can 
be ever so taxing, the return you get is ever so rewarding. 
Nowhere is this paradox more apparent than in the 
constant cross-cultural confusion, the small misunder- 
standings between myself and the Papua New Guinea 
nationals which occur almost daily. These breakdowns in 
communication can sometimes drive you to pull out your 
hair which, due to the lack of barbers in "the bush", can 
grow quite long. But more often, they make you laugh 
with a strange combination of humor and insight, at the 
differences between Western and Melanesian cultures. 

Papua New Guinea is one fascinating place. Occupying 
the eastern half of the island of New Guinea, P. N.G. is the 
largest country in Melanesia. Though the population is a 
mere 3 million, this country contains a vast array of 
cultures; well over 700 different tribal groups and 
languages have been documented. These tribes are spread 
out over three main areas: the Coast - where the people are 
friendly even if the sun is not; the Islands (Bougainville, 
Manus, New Britain and New Ireland) - with local color 
right out of Tales of the South Pacific; and the Highlands- 
where the richness in minerals rivals the richness of 

My Peace Corps assignment is as an English Teacher at 
Kagua High School in the Southern Highlands. It is here 
that I try my best to educate the Papua New Guineans in 
my charge, putting to good use everything Sr. Margaret 
Buckley and Sr. John Raymond taught me. 

The kids here are under immense pressure from their 
villages. The villagers pool their money and send the kids 
to school with the understanding that they will get jobs 
and help to support the village. But the problem is that 

there are simply not enough jobs. Only 15°o of the Grade 
10 graduates will go on to further education or get a job. 

I suppose that my real task here is to instill some pride 
into these children, to instill in them the notion that there 
is no shame in going back to the village. I try to make them 
see that it is they who have been trained in modern 
agricultural techniques, it is they who can write a business 
letter in English, it is they who can bring development to 
their villages. 

Though the homesickness still strikes deep at times, I've 
settled in nicely. In fact, I no longer look at the calendar 
and cry out, "Oh no! I've got 2 more years to go!" Instead 
it's, "Oh no! I've got only 12 months left!" 

Yes, I've become quite used to this place called Kagua. 
The other day I met a grandfather of one of my students on 
the road. I was conversing with him in my slowly 
improving Tok Pisin (Melanesian Pidgin - lingua franca 
of P. N.G.) and it was live whole minutes before I realized 
that the man had a piece of wood through his pierced nose 
and wore nothing except his grass skirt. It just goes to 
show you that beyond the surface there is really not much 
difference between the so-called "civilized man" and the 
so-called "primitive". 

If that old man were to ask me what I am getting out of 
this Peace Corps experience, I would tell him: "Mi kisim 
wanpela bikpela save - olgeta man long olgeta pies i stap 
olsem." ("I am getting an understanding - an under- 
standing that people are the same everywhere.' 

The more I think about it, the more I realize that there is 
another understanding dawning on me. It paradoxically 
falls in line with "the toughest job you'll ever love." This 
world we live on is so much bigger and smaller than I ever 

John J. Fitzgerald '88 

Eleanor O'Boyle, RN 

Eleanor Frey O'Boyle, RN, Clinical Nurse Specialist, 
was honored at a special Award Ceremony and Reception 
on April 28, as Long Island's "Nurse of Distinction," - the 
first such award initiated and given by the State 
Legislature. With seven other nominees, Eleanor was 
feted at a gala luncheon in Albany. More than 700 eminent 
nurses and health professionals attended. 

Out of 334 nominations submitted by health care 
facilities and professionals, eight winners were chosen by 
regional peer review committees. A panel of 12 nursing 
and health care specialists picked the statewide winner, 
citing her as a "role model who could attract people into 

Concerned to restore dignity to seniors, Gerontological 
nurse, Eleanor O'Boyle battles misconceptions about 
aging, through a network of community programs 
ranging from senior wellness to caregiver support. A 
practioner, educator and researcher at Mercy Hospital, she 
is piloting programs on fall prevention and she coaches 
senior citizens' groups on weight and stress management, 
safety and memory enhancement. "It's wonderful," she 
says, "to see people take responsibility for their own 
health." Eleanor tells her own story: 

I was born in the Bronx, the oldest daughter of a family 
that would eventually have six girls, no brothers. My 
father died when I was 1 1 and my youngest sister 2, so ours 
was a household of women. 

I spent the first twelve school years in parochial schools: 
St. Helena, and St. Catherine Academy. In spite of my 
teacher's objections and my mother's doubts, I chose 
nursing as a profession, and I have never once regretted the 
decision. I spent three happy and busy years at Grasslands 
Hospital in Westchester County and left there after 
graduation to work at Jacobi Hospital in the Bronx. 

I met my husband soon after graduation and we married 
after a short courtship - again despite the doubts of my 
mother. We recently celebrated our twenty-seventh 
anniversary! We've had a busy and unconventional 
twenty-seven years. Both of us returned to college as adults 
and each supported the other, struggling through term 
papers, book reports and late night classes. 

Our children grew up amid this chaos and have 
survived - in fact thrived very nicely. We have four natural 
children: Anita, 26, a SUNY Geneseo graduate, works as a 
manager for trade shows in New York City; Edward, 25, 
graduate of Virginia University, is an Assistant Vice 



President for Barclay Bank; Denise, 22, will graduate from 
St. Joseph's in December 1989, and Christopher, 17, a 
senior at Sayville High School. We also have two 
Vietnamese children who have been with us since 1980, 
Huy, 24, who works for Nature's Bounty and Thu, 19, a 
senior at Sayville High School. 

I have worked as a nurse since I became one - nights, 
evenings, summers, etc., on a part-time basis. Our 
children were cared for by their father when I wasn't 
home. He could do it all - change diapers, go to PTA 
meetings, drive in car pools, sponge a fevered brow, make 
terrific sloppy joes, etc.. 

I've enjoyed my work and my schooling. St. Joseph's 
gave me the confidence to say "I can" and my bosses at 
Mercy Hospital gave me the opportunity to do all the 
things I thought I could do. I work with older people and 
we have a special bond - we learn from each other, find joy 
in each other, and praise one another. 

Accomplishments of which I am especially proud are: 

The Caregiver Program - Education and support for 
those who care for the older adult. Most caregivers I have 
seen, endure great physical and psycholocial deprivation 
in order to care for their parents or other loved ones. They 
receive much empty praise and little real help from their 
families, friends, co-workers, religious organizations and 
the government. 

The Gerontological Nursing Program - This not only 
prepares 35 or 40 registered nurses per year to take the 
American Nurse Association examination in Geron- 
tological Nursing, but also supports excellence in nursing 
practice in all clinical settings, and autonomy and 
professional decision-making for the nurse who works 
with the elderly. Gerontological Nursing was always 
considered very low-status perhaps a reflection of the 
value that is placed on older adults in our society. Not so 
any more. Gerontological Nursing has come into its own, 
as well it should, considering that almost thirty million 
Americans are now over sixty-five and nurses play an ever 
more important role in their lives because of their need for 
care rather than cure. 

Wellness program for Older Adults - started three years 
ago when wellness for older adults was snickered at. "How 
is it possible," people asked, "to be old and well at the 
same time? Don't old and sick go together?" We're 
delighted to say, "Absolutely no!". In fact the capacity of 
our older folks for life-style changes, education and 
continued on the next page 




Gloria Zvinglis '83GS 

Gloria Zvinglis matriculated at the Patchogue Campus 
in 1978 and in 1983 received her Bachelor of Science 
Degree in Community Health. She is now a Nursing 
Supervisor at Brunswick Medical Center, working with 
substance abusers at Brunswick House. She is also 
studying at New York Institute of Technology in Old 
Westbury, majoring in Substance Abuse and expects to 
receive her Master's in Professional Human Relations in 
January 1990. 

Gloria attributes much of her success in life to her 
Catholic education, having graduated from Little Flower 
Elementary School in Woodside, and from Bishop 
McDonnell High School in Brooklyn where "we were 
taught to be valiant women," she says. When the second of 
her two daughters started school, she decided to become a 
Licensed Practical nurse. She graduated from Huntington 
Hospital in 1962 with an Associate degree in Applied 
Science. Next came Marymount College and then on to St. 
Joseph's College. 

"I am 62 years old," she writes, "love school, love 
nursing. When I was counselled before graduation I was 
asked, 'Why would a woman your age want to go to 
school? And who would hire you? The company would 
not want to spend the money on benefits.' I ignored these 
comments and as a result I received a Nursing Supervisor's 
position and I am furthering my education at New York 
Institute of Technology, pursuing my Master's degree. 
Thank you St. Joseph's and all your teaching staff - you 
were wonderful!" 

While pursuing her Master's degree, Gloria was 
admitted to the Psi Chi - National Honor Society in 
Psychology in May 1988. "The greatest thrill of all was to 
have four generations of family present to applaud as I 
received this honor." The fourth generation, and the joy 
of her life are twins - a boy and a girl - who were born 3'? 
years ago to her daughter. 

Nurse of Distinction, continued 

the application of learned information is inspiring, and 
the feeling of control and the loss of helplessness brings 
giant smiles to older faces. 

The Education of Neighbors - of those in the 
community and of professional health care workers 
concerning elder abuse, neglect and maltreatment. 

We have always been in the midst of new programs at 
Mercy Hospital and we are now. 

My family continues to be happy and my new-found 
fame has enabled my husband and me to travel, so that I 
can teach others about the care of the older adult. I hope to 
return to school - for certification as a Nursing Home 
Administrator or for certification as an Alcoholism 
Counselor, specifically focused on the problem of alcohol 
misuse among older adults. 

Two years ago I returned to St. Joseph 's as an instructor. 
It was a strange feeling but a rather nice one. I learn from 
my students. I have met some very smart and creative 
people and it is a distinct pleasure to see adults reach their 
full potential. 

This past year has been exciting - with the Nurse of 
Distinction Award, with inclusion in "Who's Who 
Among American Nurses," with the presentation of my 
research projects at the Center for the Advancement of 
Nursing Practice, with membership in Sigma Meta Tau, 
the Nursing Honor Society. Sometimes I have to pinch 
myself to be sure it's all happening to me. Perhaps the fact 
that I'm really quite ordinary will help others to believe "I 
can" too. I believe as Robert Kennedy did, that "I see 
things as they could be and ask 'why not?'" 

1 ■ ' 

w * ' M 

v %^ 




Veronica Wazny Murphy '64 

When I remember St. Joseph's, I think of the friends I 
had there, but I also remember two teachers who greatly 
influenced my life. Sister Therese Marie made creativity 
and writing both parts of my everyday living. Sister Grace 
Maria confronted me with my dishonesty the one time I 
ever relied on Cliff Notes instead of reading the assigned 
literature. Beyond the embarrassment I felt at being so 
easily found out, I also learned that I could only be as 
honest with others as I was with myself. That was perhaps 
the most important lesson I ever learned. 

My first profession was teaching: one year at Franklin 
K. Lane High School in Brooklyn and another six years at 
two high schools in Toledo, Ohio. The last school, for 
emotionally disturbed adolescent women, provided the 
transition from teaching to counseling, my second career. 
I earned my Master's degree in Education, serving as a 
part-time Guidance Counselor and then as a peer 
consultant for other teachers, K-8, in the Toledo Public 
School system, for thirteen years. 

I was also active in my teachers' union, serving office as 
a part time staff member and as associate editor of union 
publications. As a teacher advocate, I representated union 
members at public-agency hearings. Other duties included 
negotiating, drafting contract language, lobbying and 
general political activism. I counseled and assisted teachers 
both with classroom concerns and with personal problems. 
My union consultation experiences led me to law school 
in 1978. 

1978 was also the year of the second Toledo teachers' 
strike and I resigned all my union positions in order to 
relieve myself of any obligation of loyalty to the elected 
leadership so that I could act independently. 

When I began law school that fall, my general intention 
was to use my law degree within the context of education 
or the labor movement rather than to become a practicing 
lawyer. During law school I continued to work full time in 
the schools and part time writing for the union and 
editing. I attended night classes four to five times a week 
year round and earned my JD, Juris Doctorate, in four and 
a half years. During the last three summers of law school, I 
clerked for a public interest firm doing poverty law. That 
first summer, the executive director told me there would be 
a place for me in the firm after law school if I were 
interested. But I continued to tell myself that I was 
independent and could succeed alone. 

I graduated from law school and received the Dean's 
Award. I took and failed the State Bar examination twice, 
by less than one percent, before passing it on the third try, 
with points to spare. Once I passed the Bar exam and was 
sworn in as a licensed attorney and officer of the court, I 
resigned form the school system, withdrew my retirement 
contributions, rented space, hung out my shingle and 
began to practice law. About two weeks after I opened my 
office, I received a telephone call from the senior partner in 
a firm I respected, inviting me to interview for an associate's 
position as yet unadvertised -but I chose to go it alone. 

To help keep myself financially afloat during the next 
two years, while I continued to build my business, I sent 
writing samples to the firm mentioned above so that it 
might consider me for the kind of piece-meal work large 
firms sometimes farm out. I received two research projects 
from one of the partners. I did ghost writing and editing for 
more experienced lawyers and developed and taught a 
writing refresher course for lawyers and support staff for 
the firm where I'd clerked. 

Because of violence I experienced in two years of married 
life, I divorced my husband. Since I began practicing law 
five years ago, I have done pro bono (lawyers' volunteer) 
work with the residents of Bethany House, a long-term 
shelter for domestic violence victims and their children. I 
also mediate disputes between couples and among 
neighbors for the municipal court once a month and accept 
invitations to speak on various legal topics from groups 
willing to make donations to Bethany. 

Mine remains a general practice - mostly civil, but also 
criminal - in federal, state and municipal courts. I find 
myself being drawn into juvenile court by the hope of truly 
turning lives around there - helping youngsters free 
themselves from substance abuse, reuniting troubled 
families, protecting endangered children. I'm the working- 
people's lawyer I wanted to be - the legal equivalent of the 
old-fashioned country doctor "G.P. ." There are coloring 
books and crayons on hand for children who accompany 
clients to my office. 

For about two years, I've done public readings of my 
poetry and just this month entered some in a local 
competition. My life bears little resemblance to the one I 
expected in adolescence and is richer, fuller and happier 
than anything I was then capable of dreaming. 

more on page 17 

Mary Beth Stevenson Malloy '73 as Stella with her 
family - husband Billy, Betsy, Patricia and 
What parent has never felt a twinge of fear for the safety 
of his child as he boards the school bus? School bus safety 
is a major concern also of teachers and administrators. 
Awareness and adherence to procedures of waiting for, 
loading, riding and leaving the school bus must be carried 
out constantly with the children. 

Mary Beth Stevenson Malloy 73, a certified teacher, was 
appointed Bus Safety Specialist for BOCES III. This term 
Mary Beth offered a new and exciting bus safety program 
of great appeal to the children. It features a larger than life 
character, Stella, the Safety Star, in a 60-minute assembly 



Safety Star 

program for grades K-6. Cartoon slides, safety demonstra- 
tions and a sing-along actively involve the youngsters and 
dramatically demonstrate why safety rules must be 
practiced at all times. Handouts, a bookmark and a 
placemat with eleven NEVER NEVERS of school bus 
safety, and a school bus safety song reinforce the safety 

The program was successfully shown in the Pittsburgh 
area to over 100,000 cheering children. Interested in an 
introductory performance of Stella? Contact Mary Beth 
Stevenson Malloy at (516) 549-4900. 

in Spring" 1990 

A tailor-made trip for your interests 

Depart: Holy Thursday, April 12 
Return: Saturday, April 21st 

It will include trips to: 

• Dromoland Castle 

• Cliffs of Moher 

• Connemara Drive 

• Counties Mayo & Sligo 

• County Donegal 

• Dublin 

Rates: $1455 -single $1275 -double $1260 -triple 

A four night extension in southern Ireland from 
Dublin, around to Limerack and Shannon - a night 
in Wexford, Cork and Killarney. Return April 25th. 

Inclusive cost for 14 days 
$ 1 875 - single $ 1 595 - double $ 1 540 - triple 

For further information write to: 
Sr. Joan Ryan 
St. Joseph's College 
155 Roe Boulevard, Patchogue, NY 11772 

Super Deal 
Cruise toALASKA 

Cruise to Alaska aboard the Regent Sun 

Northbound from Vancouver B.C. 

August 24-31 1990 

Ports of call: 

Ketchikan, Juneau, Skagway, Whittier (Anchorage) 

Rates are per person (double occupancy ) 
plus port tax of $91.00 p.p. 


5 Outside dbl 

6 Outside dbl 

7 Inside dbl 

8 Inside dbl 

SI 585.00 

Round trip air sennce from Newark or JFK included. 
Deposit of $200.00 per person is needed for each 

Arrangements made by New Bruswick Travel 
For additional information call or -write to 

Pat Sheridan 

31 Ardley Court, East Brunswick, NJ 08816 





Great JPets 

Helen relaxing at the salon! 

Helen Golden Brown '45 wrote about her geese in the 
Summer '81 issue of Alumnagram. She still has two 
ganders, but her female goose died last winter. The two 
ganders, now 17 years old, are such pets - they still like to 
be picked up. The Browns own 60 acres in upstate New- 
York, and have set up the land as a nature habitat by 
planting pines, putting in a pond and cutting trails. Now 
she tells of her latest acquisitions. 

In 1981 after the death of our dog, we decided to try a 
different type of pet. My husband, Lew, had always had a 
yen for a parrot, so to Albany we went and came home 
with an orange wing amazon who became Sam. In the 
course of next year, we came home with a Severe macaw 
named Lady, a Greenwing Macaw, named Holly, a pair of 
Gold mantled rosellas and three parakeets. We were given 
Mimi, a military macaw, by a friend. 

Cages are a necessity and the cages for the two big 
macaws are of iron 6'3" high. A macaw can chew through 
anything weaker than iron. The macaws, parrot and 
rosellas were all wild, imported birds, not hand raised, 
which meant we had patiently to train them to accept us as 
friends. Lew and I have always disliked teaching animals 
"cute tricks" and instead gave them freedom to use their 
own intelligence. 

Mimi found that the kitchen sink was the best place to 
bathe. Opening cupboard doors was simple and jumping 
on a loaf of bread was fun. Holly found that sitting on a 
chair and preening my hair was a friendly thing to do and 
made me look as though I had received a shot of electricity. 
Sammy discovered that an antique horsehead on the 
mantle was good place to survey his domain. He also 
prided himself on saying, "I'm a good boy," from the top 
of a white silk lampshade. 

We don't clip wings, so our birds can fly where they 
choose inside the house. The flash of colors when they fly 
is lovely, although Sammy is a bit of a "hot" flyer. Mimi is 
jealous of the other birds so her free time is in the morning 
when we share breakfast. She enjoys tasting cereal, toast 
and juice. She climbs down the chair and explores the 
kitchen and sun porch. 

In the evening, Sam, Lady and Holly are free and I 
sometimes feel like a tree when they land on me after a 

I have learned that preening a bird's head or rubbing the 
preen gland on a macaw's back creates euphoria in the 

I haul feed, walnuts, peanuts and fruit, vacuum 
frequently and clean cages, but in turn I get a lot of 
affection and a chance to be close to some of the most 
beautiful creatures on God's earth. 

Dignified Holly 

Mimi enjoying a bath 


This Mouse Won 't Byte 

Patricia Dittmer at the Dillon Center computer 

There is a mouse in the Dillon Child Study Center at St. 
Joseph's College, but the preschoolers in Sr. Patricia 
Dittmer's class are not worried because they know this 
mouse won't bite. Indeed this "mouse" is just a computer 
term for the communication device on the Center's new 
Apple II computer. 

The Apple II is part of a teaching program designed by 
Sr. Patricia Dittmer and Sr. Helen Kearney, Director of the 
Dillon Center. The goal of the program is to help children 
become computer literate through the development and 
utilitzation of programs appropriate for young children 
and consistent with the principles of good early childhood 

Apple II adds to the rich environment at Dillon Center 
which includes many experiences that involve sight, 
sound, touch, taste and smell, adult-child and child-child 
conversations, as well as an array of other age-appropriate 

activities. The computer supplements but does not 
substitute for experiences in which children can discover 
with all their senses. This special children's program is 
designed to help nurture creative expression while at the 
same time familiarizing them with the computer. 

The emphasis is to learn by doing. There is Ricky, for 
example, a five-year old, who uses the Apple's drawing 
and coloring program to make colorful computer 
creations. By selecting from among the spectrum of colors 
on the computer's panel, Ricky chooses a color to draw 
with, much as he would select a crayon. With a circular 
slide of the computer's mouse, Ricky creates corresponding 
circular figures on the computer screen. When the 
drawing is complete, he taps a button and watches as the 
printer prints a color copy of his creation - a lasting 
reminder to the child that he can be creative with a 

Though the program is still in its developmental stage, 
Sr. Patricia and Sr. Helen are quite satisfied with the 
results so far. "The children are becoming very confident 
with the computer, have increased their thinking and 
creative abilities and are enjoying themselves in the 
process," says Sr. Patricia. 

The Dillon Child Study Center was established in 1934 
as a laboratory for St. Joseph's College students in the 
Child Study Department. An integral part of the Child 
Study program, the center provides a strong model for 
students preparing to be teachers, child psychologists or 
early childhood specialists. Teacher education programs 
in the Child Study Department are registered with the 
New York State Education Department for Certification 
in Early Childhood, Elementary and Special Education. 

For more information about the Dillon Center or other 
programs at St. Joseph's, contact the College at 245 
Clinton Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205 or call (718) 636-6800. 

Kyle Svenningsen 

Problem Solver 

Pictured here is our alumnus, John DiMare '87, as he 
appeared in a New York Times advertisement for IBM. 
John, a Chemistry major, is Manager of Scientific Systems, 
Concept Data Resources, located in Manhattan. Concept 
Data Resources is an independent business organization 
with an in-depth knowledge of industries. They combine 
the right hardware and software to provide on-target 
solutions to industries and offer service and support 
throughout. Concept Data's integrated solutions for 
chemical research include: 

Molecular Design 

• 3-D graphics model building 

• Peptide design 

• Quantum chemistry 

• Molecular dynamics 

• Crystallography modeling 

John may be reached at (21 2) 302-7663 if you wish to see 
solutions in action. 

Pictured above is our alumnus. John DiMare '87, who 
appeared in a New York Times advertisement for IBM. 
John, a Chemistry ma;or, is Manager of Scientific Systems, 
Concept Data Resources. IBM Business Partners, such as 
John DiMare and Joe DiMauro have an m-depth knowledge 
of industries and can combine the right hardware and 
software to provide an on-target solution. 


AA.UW- American Association 
of University Women 

The Islip Area Branch (South Shore of Suffolk County) 
of the American Association of University Women 
extends an invitation to all graduates to attend its monthly 
meetings. For date information call Joan Siebert Sprague 
'57, Membership Vice President, at (516) 666-4031. 

The Queens Branch of the AAU W offers an opportunity 
to meet as study groups (in literature, the arts, archeology- 
anthropology); the meetings of interest to the community; 
support for educational fellowship and grants for higher 

education for women. Call Jane McLoughlin O'Connor 
'35, Membership Vice President at (718) 229-5837. 

For over 100 years the American Association of 
University Women has been working to help college 
graduates in their personal and professional lives - in the 
workplace as well as in the home. Join the 140,000 college 
graduates nationwide and let AAUW expand your range 
of choices and help you to make connections that work. 

Adventurous Life, continued 

Kaiserslautern. I also taught one semester for City 
Colleges of Chicago at a radar site. I chaired the reading 
group of the German-American Women's Club of 
Kaiserslautern, an organization composed not only of 
Germans and Americans, but women from many other 
countries living in Germany. On base, I was a member of 
the CWOC, Catholic Women of the Chapel, and for a year 
was in charge of programs for the Officers' Wives Club. 

At the end of our tour, we returned to our home in Peru, 
NY, where I taught classes at Plattsburgh AFB for the local 
community college. In 1985, Norm again accepted a 
position in Ramstein, West Germany, not far from 
Sembach. I resumed membership and old friendships in 
the German-American Women's Club. Most of my 
American friends had returned to the states, but all my 
German friends were still there. I became American 
President of the club, sharing duties with my German 
counterpart, who recently visited us here in the States, 
with her husband. That position was an opportunity to 
promote in international understanding on many levels; 
personal, local and federal, because I was involved with all 
the aspects of the Club and with the federation of all the 
German-American clubs in Germany. One of the 
highlights was running the annual Pfennig basar, which 
is like a huge indoor flea market. The proceeds went half 
to German and half to American welfare. A car was 
purchased for the use of the local German Social Services, 
and on the American side, we donated to American scouts, 
Red Cross, USO and other American programs right in 
the area. 

I also attended the annual AWAG, American Women's 
Activities in Germany, conferences that bring together 
women representatives from all organizations and 
activities in Germany, a testament to the valuable 
contributions that American women are making to their 
local communities there, both military and civilian. For 

instance, Family Services at Ramstein is a place on base, 
staffed entirely by volunteers, where military families can 
sign out household items until their own houehold goods 
arrive from the States, find information regarding their 
next assignments, where lower ranks can find used 
clothing for themselves and families, where single and 
una« i ompanied military can have their stripes and patches 
sewed on free of charge, and many other needs met. 

I'm really fortunate. Most of all, I have a wonderful 
husband of 36'/2 years. (He now has four degrees.) Our 
son, Art, is a graduate of SUNY, Plattsburgh, and has a 
master's from the School of Advanced International 
Studies, Johns Hopkins University. After working for 
the Department of Agriculture in Washington, he is 
now a third year medical student at Georgetown School 
of Medicine. God bless his wife Kathy! They have four 
children, Sarah, Anna, Michael and Margaret. Lisa is a 
graduate of the S.I. Newhouse School of Journalism, 
Syracuse, and lives in Salem, NY, with husband, Jack 
Murphy, and daughter. Shannon Bernadette. Christopher, 
a West Point graduate, and now a Captain in the army, 
is stationed at Ft. Lewis, WA, but will leave this summer 
for the Naval Postgraduate school in Monterey, CA 
where he will work for two years on a master's in 
Operations Research. He, his wife, Kim and Daphne 
and Zachary presently live in Tacoma, WA. 

Since our return home to Peru last year, I've taught 
again for the local community college and I am organist 
for our church. We've been getting our house back in 
order, having had three different sets of tenants while we 
were gone. We recently returned from a visit with Chris 
and his family in Tacoma, family and are looking 
forward to a summer of seeing our other children and 
grandchildren. In November, we'll be going to 
Medjugorje, Yugolsavia, with other members of our 
parish. We're truly blest. 

A Special Order Of Business 

At the Ohio Federation of Teachers Convention held on 
March 23, 1984, the following was submitted by Delegate 
Dale Pertcheck; seconded by Delegate Dal Lawrence and 
passed by unanimous vote of the convention: 

Brothers and Sisters: 

I would urge this convention to give special 
recognition to someone for whom this is probably 
the last O.F.T. Convention, as a delegate. She has 
been a teacher for 20 years, 19 of those in the Toledo 
Public Schools. She has been an articulate, fervent, 
irrepressible advocate for all of those who are 
oppressed, especially our oppressed majority - 
women. She understands well the role of women as 
victims in our society. To those who believe that she 
has been too abrasive and too strident about women's 
issues, I say, "Walk a mile in her shoes." 

Personally, as you have witnessed at this con- 
vention, we have often disagreed. I remember well 
riding home with her from my first O.F.T. Con- 
vention, and arguing about my position in the 
union for over two hours. These disagreements have 

never affected our friendship or mutual admiration. 

She leaves us not because she enjoys teaching less. 
but, in her own words, because she has found 
something that she enjoys even more. 

She is unique. We shall never see another like her 
again. Others, in this room and elsewhere, will pick 
up the gauntlet, but they will be in the same position 
as Thomas Jefferson was when he became the 
Ambassador to France following Benjamin Franklin. 
Jefferson said that it was a lesson in humility. When 
asked, "Is it you, sir, who replace Dr. Franklin?" 
Jefferson would answer, "No one can replace Dr. 
Franklin, I am merely his successor." 

I would close by being so presumptuous as to add 
two words to another Jefferson statement, which 
best sums up the driving spirit of the person I ask 
this convention to recognize. "I have sworn upon 
the alter of God eternal hostility against all tyranny 
over the minds of men," and I would add "and 
women." Please recognize with your applause. . . 



by Veronica Wazny Murphy '64 

You lie there imploding with pain 

where smoked glass holds back the sun 

that warms me here on my sister's mountain 

many miles north, 

and we are still connected. 

I am waiting watch with you, 

my friend, asking only 

what do you want? 

So long as you choose to fight, 

here is my strength to add to yours. 

Help your mother lift and turn you, 

you say? 

My arms are steel and my hands velvet. 

Look through your scrapbook 

of comforts condensed from memories 

and messages from friends? 

I can turn the pages if you're tired. 

Listen to the words you place in my lap 

with which you want not to burden 

those dearest to your heart? 

Water listens well, woman of humus. 

Hold only your hand and not turn away 

when you are ready to weep 

and the shards of glass traveling through your 

veins will not allow you 

to be cradled in a loving embrace? 

I can give you that, my friend. 

I am a great coward 

in this earthsuit of mine, 

with little tolerance for physical pain, 

and have been better at confronting issues 

than people in this my span, 

but I am well acquainted with the dark. 

These great silent caverns 

you explore 

do not frighten me, 

and I will wander them with you 

as far and deep as a comrade can be 

permitted to come. 

Here is my open hand: 

trace on my palm what you want next of me 

if words are wearying you now. 

* Julia Lois Spenser Hess, 49, died of cancer on October 17, 1988. 

Julie was a consultation partner and union collegue of mine, but most of all a beloved friend. 
Veronica Wazny Murphy '64 


Forbidden Fruit 

I wonder what we'd be like, 
If Eve hadn't been so nosy, 
I) she didn't taste the apple 
So deliciously sweet and rosy. 

The Good Book and the Parson 
Both tell us that we'd be 
Much stronger to fight temptation 
And all kinds of deviltry. 

But when I think what fun it is 
To be a little sinner 
I'm rather glad Eve disobeyed 
And ate that fruitful dinner. 

And as long as there's an Adam 
Who likes us weak and failing 
I'll keep on eating apples 
To make me more appealing. 



by Inez Votta '50 

Dare to Hope 

When all is said and done, my friend, 

And we've laid by all our toys. 

When we've wept the tears of sorrows 

And smiled the tears of joys; 

When all we've loved and lived for 

With a gust goes out like a flame, 

Can we treat the end 

Without flinching 

And take it just the same 

As we took the gift 

Without asking 

As part of a song to be sung? 

When the Dark Wing 

Finally folds us 

Can we say, "It's only just begun?" 

The New Yorker 

When I matriculated at St. Joseph's I chose to major in 
French and minor in Political Science because I had a yen 
to travel. I have done a great deal of traveling, mostly to 
Europe, but also in and around the United States and to 
Hawaii. Travel is still one of my favorite diversions. 

My profession, however, is that of a Secretary. For the 
past thirty-five years I have worked as an Executive 
Secretary at the New Yorker Magazine. I had the privilege 
of working for one of the founders, Raoul Fleischmann, 
whenever his secretary was on vacation, and I also worked 
for his son, Peter, for ten years when he was chairman of 
the magazine. During my years with The New Yorker, I 
have worked for two chairmen, four presidents, two 
advertising directors and one publisher. In 1985, when 
The New Yorker was bought by Advance Publications, I 
was working for both the chairman and the president and 
was certainly in the middle of things! Currently I 
coordinate the advertising small space program, oversee 
order fulfillment for a new merchandising venture, and 
supervise our gratis advertising. When President Steve 
Florio's secretary goes on vacation, I step in there. It's 
never dull. 

In 1965, I earned a master's degree in History of 
Education at New York University, thinking I might one 
day return to work with foreign students, which I had done 
for two years in the early '50's. I started studies for a 
doctoral degree in the same field, but found the pressures of 
work and study too much, so abandoned this pursuit. 
However, in 1980, I achieved the Certified Professional 
Secretary rating, passing exams in accounting, business 
law, office technology, office administration, economics 
and management, and behaviour science in business. It 
was challenging! It took two years and I'm very proud of it. 

Theresa Duenzl '50 

I am an active member of the Long Island Chapter of 
Professional Secretaries International. We work hard to 
encourage professionalism among secretaries, to keep 
abreast of what's going on in our profession. And we have 
fun doing it, too. Last July, I attended the International 
Convention in San Antonio - 1500 of us took over the town 
and had a great time. 

Nine years ago, after living in Manhattan all my life, I 
moved out to Bellmore, Long Island to be with my 
parents. They haven't thrown me out yet, so I guess I'm 
here to stay. I discovered Long Island Gardening and Bird 
Watching. I like the latter so much that I took the Bird 
Biology course offered by mail by Cornell's Labortory of 
Ornithology. Needlepoint keeps me occupied during the 
train commute. Twenty-three months of commuting went 
into the completion of the Metropolitan Museum's petit 
point kit of the Unicorn in Captivity! 

My four years in the drama club at St. Joe's have borne 
fruit, too. I am now lectoring regularly at St. Barnabas 
Apostle church in Bellmore. I do love getting up before a 

I keep in close touch with Joyce Hartey Scavullo '51 of 
Augusta, Georgia, and enjoyed a visit with her and 
Charles when they were on Long Island this summer. I 
also see Alice Bambrick Fucigna '50 and the family of 
Eileen Fitzgerald Noone '50. 

Next year I hope to retire and am fascinated by all the 
possibilities opening before me. 

Best of all, I became a great-aunt for the first time in 
December. After playing "Auntie Mame" to thirteen 
nieces and nephews, I can't wait to start on the next 

Terry Duenzl '50 

vital smnsncs 


Please remember the deceased of St. Joseph's College's family in 
your prayers. 


Cecile Cassidy '23 
Elsa Harper McAvoy '25 
Gertrude Dilworth Rossworn '25 
Agnes Hearns Bogan Hooper '25 
Dr. Rita McCaffrey '25 
Anne Schrage '27 
Elizabeth Hebron Didie '28 
Mary Walsh '28 
Teresa Hoffman '29 
Lillian Kraus Comeau '29 
Mildred Martin Donnelly '32 
Dorothy Kilcoin Meade '34 
Margaret Callahan '35 
Catherine Wills '35 
Dorothea O'Neill Schmidt '36 
Vera Roth Thompson '38 
Sr. M. Kateri Nicolaus, IHM 38 
Sr. Mary Kiernan OP. '39 
Frances Elizabeth Burns Winter 40 
Mary Jane Organ Philips '41 
Rose Lopapa Butler '50 
Kathleen Dorothy Beck Panoff '50 
Virginia Chapan '63 
Patricia Lettieri Hveen 72/73 
Kenneth Floersch 74S 
Denise Giovanelli '89S 




























Helen Fennelly Reilly to James Buckley 

Jeanne Corbett Jamieson to Raymond Sheehan 

Evelyn Vieta Smith to Charles M. Robinson 

Mary Lou Hiler to Roger Mumford 

Kathleen Geehern to Augie Aloia 

Nancy Henry to Mr. Howland 

Jean Stevenson to Joseph DiSanza 

Eileen Toy to William Grob 

Lorraine Stabile to John DelGenio 

Melissa Marchese to Mr. Dougherty 

Peggy Wolfe to Edward Duffy 

Donna Neftleberg to Vincent Faiella 

Maryann Finneran to Lawrence Roberts 

Mary Dunat to Rick Demshok 

Mary Allen to Salvatore Bosco 

Roseann Garzillo to Richard Harris 

Mary E. Allen to Salvatore Bosco 

Kathleen Lawlor to John Ammerman 

Mary Edwards to Frank Verdone 

Kelly Ann OHanlon to Richard L. Hammer 

Angela Minucci to Sean Donnelly 

Christine Agostino to Kenneth Asmar 

Patricia Gallagher to Robert McCormack 

Claire Mousseau to Mr. Merz 

Therese O'Connor to John Blake 

Jeraldine Spitaleri to John Willis 

Therese O'Connor to John Blake 

Janet Ferrara to Edward Cush 

Kathleen Chance to Jeff Copping 

Karen Gambaro to Robert Higgins 



Mary Murray Kelly '28 

Kathleen Mulrooney McDermott '30 

Agnes Coughlan Dioguardi '30 

Cecelia Finn Fahy '35 

Winifred Meade Burke 38 

Sara Miller Silk '42 

Jeanne Wilbert Concannon '46 

Marjorie Cogan Ward '47 

Katherine Arlotti Castucci '49 

Helen McCaffrey Flanagan '49 

Evelyn Dever Saal '50 

Mary Maron Nielsen '51' 

Lee Curatola Wilson '54 

Lynn Soerensen Thornton '61 

Ellen Boyle Daly '62 


Julia Cummings Murphy '51 
Margaret Cooney Darraugh '51 
Janice Alberti Russell '54 
Sr. Kathryn Clarke '62 
Elizabeth Hogan '64 
Maura Gallagher Pennachio 71 


Peter Saal 74 

Joanne Berezowski Casella 75 

Barbara Brereton '86 

Kathleen Heaney Shimchak '82 

Shawn McCormack '86 

Eileen Slavin '88 

Patricia Molloy '88 


Marita Rockefeller Ryan '26 
Elva Rockefeller Ryan '27 
Anne Connolly Burns '34 
Agnes Connolly Huether '41 
Sr. Alice Harrington '51 


Kathleen Mulrooney McDermott '30 

Margaret Berkery '39 

Sr. Maria Regina Sullivan '39 (dec.) 

Sr, Mary Winifred Grass '39 

Anna Sullivan '40 

Claire Lavin ORegan 62 


Barbara Mrozik '39 

72 Drew to Meg Ambrose Preller 

73 Matthew John to Celeste Rebecchi Kaden 
74S Rachael lllyse to Arne Sandal and Anne 

75 Ashley Elizabeth to Rose Anne DeFina Smith 

78 Donald William III to Marilee Cosentino Pettet 

79 Sean Patrick to Donna Efferen Kehoe 
79 Justin John to Linda Scudieri Delluome 
'80 Kirsten Jean to Jean Stevenson DiSanza 
'82 Brian Thomas to Barbara Kreitsch Mann 
'82 Alissa Anne to Fran Spagnuolo Ferrucci 
'82S Meghan to Mary Lindner Evans 

'83 Robert William to Allison Cooney LaRosa 

'86 Donato Peter to Mary Neave Juliano 

'86S Philip Edward to Marie Maxwell 

'87S Colleen Joan to Mary Finan 

'89 Timothy John to Leeann Harrigan 


'52 Joan Capparelli Shea, awarded a New York City Administrator 

Fellowship at Harvard University 
'55 Lillian Infosino Monastiro. Governor Kean's 1989- 

Teacher Recognition Award, grant of $3,000. 
'62 Judith Perry Cleary, awarded the National PTA Jenkins Award 

for service to the children of Jericho Elementary School. 
64 Joellen Sheehan Faucher, M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction, 

University of Lowell, MA 1989 
'66 Cathy Harper Burgh, M.Ed.. May '89 

'66 Rosemary Canella Guglielmo, honored for work in 

Catholic Preschool in Glenrock. NJ 
70 Mary Buckley Teatum, Ass't Principal of PS 217 Brooklyn, 2789 

76 Catherine Liberator!. MS in Computers in Education, 

CW Post/LIU 5/89 
79S Doris Wagner, MA in Social Welfare. SUNY Stony Brook 5/81 
'80S Peggy Mahoney, MS Social Work, Adelphi, 1989 
'80S Eileen Toy, MA Special Ed. Adelphi. 1989 
'80S Peggy Wolfe Duffy. MS Counseling. 

University of La Verne, CA 1989 
'82 Mary C Waldron, MD. New York Medical College, Valhalla, 6/89 

'83GS Raymond Peterson, MA/LS. Stony Brook. 1987 
'83GS Helen McCarthy, MPA, Health Service Management, 6/86 
'83GS Bernard Wheatley. MBA Management. 

NY Institute of Technology 
'84S Joan Marie Costa. JD American University. 5/87 
'84S Kathleen Lawlor (Ammermaw), MA Political Science 

Stony Brook 5/89 
'84 Roseann Garzillo Harris. MS Ed. Reading. Fordham, 1989 

'86S Kathleen Cast. MSLS, Long Island University/CW Post. 1989 
'86S Kathleen Cast. New York State Empire Challenge Fellowship for 

Teachers, a grant for full-time study 19 




We received a note from Sr. M. Francis Fllnn, from Marycove, Hong Kong, 
China in June to thank us for the Mass offered for her brother, Msgr. 
Dermod Flinn who died on May 22, 1 989, "Tho' I miss his visits, I feei nearer 
to him than before; I know that he is interceding for us with our Lord and 
with Our Blessed Mother," she writes. "China is in crisis, but life in Hong 
Kong is about normal However, there have been fervent prayer groups 
and peaceful demonstrations here. Our Cardinal Wu celebrated Mass for 
those killed; 1 50 priests, many Sisters, and thousands of laity were present 
at it in the Hong Kong Stadium. Do beg prayers for China!" 


August 31 st was a happy day for the Class of '24. On that summer day Rita 
Fearon Bryan, Teresa Dolan Janton, Mildred Hayes Donohue. Alice 
McGrane Feeley, Regina Munz Meyer and Mary St. John Murphy met at 

Regina's apartment in Forest Hills. Later, all enjoyed luncheon at the West 
Side Tennis Club We had not met for a few years and we exchanged a 
great deal of family news including children, grandchildren and great 
grandchildren. We remembered our departed members and Mary 
arranged to have our annual memorial mass said in October. Mary has 
been our "globe trotter" this year. In May and June, she visited California 
and Alaska, She found Alaska magnificent. During the summer she went to 
Maryland and later visited Ocean Beach, New Jersey Mary was the only 
one of our class to attend the October 1st "Reflections" at the college this 
fall. She enjoyed it very much. Rita is looking forward to a family reunion at 
Christmas time. Father Paul and George Jr. are planning a visit as well as 
Tom and Kathy and their Katie - travelling from Ojai, California. Donald 
and his family are nearby in West Palm Beach, so they will have a very good 
size reunion. Catherine Shore, one of Regina's granddaughters is a 
member of a nationwide bicycle club. They are on a three month bicycle 
trip from New York to the west coast They are greeted and welcomed at 
each of the well-planned stops. In October, Gene had a card from Kansas 
She had covered 1700 miles and had 1700 more to go, but enjoying it 
immensely. What a wonderful way for young people to see America. Tess 
announced that her 12th great grandchild, Patrick Raymond Owens 
arrived safely on October 12th. 

Alice McGrane Feeley. 118th 8th Avenue. Apt. 5F. Brooklyn, N.Y. 11215 


Word from her daughter, Kathy Thomas, told us of the death of Gertrude 
Dilworth Rossworn last fall (89) "St. Joseph's College for Women was a 
very special and wonderful time in my mother's life which lasted for her 
lifetime, the joy of which was distinctly transferred to all her loved ones," 
she wrote. Please pray for her and for Elsa Harper McAvoy who died in July 
1989. Elsa was a retired teacher at Sacred Heart School in Hartsdaleand is 
survived by three sons, Thomas, James, Alois, and a daughter Elsa 
McAvoy, and a brother, Walter Harper, as well as 10 grandchildren and six 
great-grandchildren. Her daughter wrote: "Please know that mother was 
forever grateful for the education she received at your college. I have her 
year books and treasure them along with the countless stories she told me 
of the 'old day's." Agnes Corry Murtaugh wrote us of the death, on 
September 16, 1989, "of my dear friend and classmate" Agnes Hearns 
Bogan Hooper. Remember her and all our departed in your prayers The 
year 1990 will be an anniversary year for us - our sixty-fifth! Let's meet at 
the Spring Luncheon to celebrate. It will be held on April 28, 1990, at 
Terrace on the Park, in Queens, the site of the World's Fair. 

Margaret Roche Moore. 216 E. 50 St., New York, N. Y. 10022 
(212) 688-5026 

Mary Camper McGinms. 434 74th Street. Brooklyn. N. Y. 11209 
(718) 748-0742 

Joe Rooney, Kay Kilgallen s husband has not been well lately and we hope 
and pray he will recover soon. When I spoke to Mary Mlrabella, our 
accomplished musician, she said. "Isn't it sad today'" She was referring to 

the death of Horowitz Mary, a lover of great music, has not been to the 
opera lately but enjoys the concerts at Avery Fischer Hall in Lincoln 
Center. She spent Thanksgiving with a brother and also visited a nephew in 
Kings Park Doris Leary has returned to Madonna House after her 
operation and is feeling well again. Eileen Murray Heaney tells of her four 
lovely grandchildren: young Eileen is a fashion coordinator for 
Bloomingdale's, Chicago, Carolyn, a graduate of Holy Cross, is production 
manager for Lear Magazine; Megan is a junior at Cornell; Kate is in Garden 
City High School. Marltaand Hal's grandson. John, son of daughter Pat, is 
employed in Scott's Valley, CA, three miles from Santa Cruz, where he 
experienced the devastation of the earthquake, driving over the highways 
on his motorcycle. Pat is teaching in Covenant School in Trenton, NJ. 
Marlta's daughter, Barbara, has four children. Doug is a Sophomore at 
Trenton State U; Sean is a freshman at Drew University in Madison, NJ; 
Julie is a sophomore at Steinerl HS and Ricky is a 7th grader at Meynold 
Middle School. It was a year ago, October 24th, that our classmate Agnes 
McShane died. She was one of eleven children. A good student, she 
attended St. Joseph's on an academic scholarship. After graduation she 
took up a career as a teacher in the public school system, but continued 
her education in the evening, earning a master's degree from Fordham and 
a degree in law from Fordham Law School. In 1943 Agnes married John 
Madden and twin girls were born in 1945 followed by another girl in 1947. 
Agnes became a homemaker. The girls grew up and moved upstate and to 
the midwest which provided the parents with frequent trips to visit them 
and their families. John and Agnes retired to St. James, in Suffolk county 
where they lived the rest of their lives. The Spring Luncheon will be on April 
28, 1990, at Terrace on the Park, Queens, a lovely place to meet again. 
Please send me your news. 

Marlta Rockefeller Ryan. 69 Chestnut Ave.. Poquott Village. East Setauket. 
NY 11733(516)473-0720 


Elva Rockefeller Ryan sent news of her family. Her 5th great grandchild 
arrived in July. Her son, Richard, who is regional manager for Clinton 
Electronics, lives in Los Gatos, where the earthquake broke dishes, 
mirrors, etc., but caused no injuries. Grandson, Michael Kavanagh, was 
listed in "Who's Who" when graduating from high school in Woodstock, 
NY He won the US Marine Corps Award for the senior "who displayed 
courage, poise, self-confidence, and leadership." He now attends 
Fordham U where Elva received her master's in 1932. Son, Jimmy Ryan, 
the musician and composer, is very busy with TV and Radio commercials. 
He also did the sound track for award-winning movie "Working Girl". He 
has been the guitarist for Carly Simon for twenty years, which includes the 
award-winning song "Let the River Run " Daughters Elva and Marilyn are 
teachers. Elva is off to Woodstock for Thanksgiving. Margaret Doyle 
Dunderman's daughter, Kathy Fortunato, called recently. Her daughter is 
top student at Mt. St. Vincent's and her son is in the Air Force Academy. 
Katherlne Normlle Mylod's son Bob recently received the B'nai B'rith 
Award in Detroit. He is president of Michigan Bank. Please send me a post 
card with some more news so this column will be longer in our next issue. 
God bless you. 

Margaret Normile McLoughlin, 201 Webb Avenue. River Edge, NJ 07661 
(201) 261-2942 


Our deepest sympathy is extended to the families of Elizabeth Hebron 
Didie whose sudden death on August 1st was a shock to her family and 
friends, and Mary Walsh who died on August 7th after a long illness. We 
also send sincere condolence to Mary Murray Kelly whose husband, 
Horace, died in June. Let us remember all of them in our prayers. On a 
happier note, Marie Kelly Smith writes that September marked for her. a 
"moment of glory" when she was awarded a swimming trophy at the 
Briarcliff Manor Club for having completed (over a period of six months) 50 
miles of swimming in the club pool. Congratulations! Happy news from 
Emma Bergen from St Petersburg, Fl. is that she has a full recovery from 
her pneumonia last January. She has become active in the St Petersburg 
chapter of the AAUW of which she is the only St. Joseph's College Alumna 
representative. Emma recently met Miriam Crofton '36 who was visiting her 
sister-in-law, Terry Mangiardi Crofton '38 in St. Petersburg. The contact 
gave Emma a yen to visit St. Joseph's soon. Regina Peppard Fltzpatrick 
and Jack vacationed at their summer home in Smithtown. LI. They enjoyed 
touring the island and rediscovering their favorite restaurants. Dorothy 
Thompson Rossini is content to call a halt to travelling. Instead, she and 
Fred are happy to be in Florida, basking in the limelight of Fred's three 

grandchildren Jon graduated from the Marist School. Atlanta, GA in May 
He was the school's first Presidential Scholar and recipient of a National 
Merit Scholarship which he will use to attend the Cincinnati Conservatory 
of Music. His brother. Anthony, is a graduate of Rice University, and is 
lecturing on Computer Science in Bonn, West Germany. Anthony is 21 
years old. Grandaughter, Laura, is a ballerina with a New York ballet 
company. Agnes Kelly Bryan and John do like to travel. This summer they 
toured Vermont where they visited, among other points of interest, the 
home of Abraham Lincoln's son, Robert They were impressed by its rich 
beauty and ambience. The Bryans are also enjoying the success of their 
grandchildren. One graduated from Berkeley in June with a degree in 
Chemical Engineering; another from Villanova, and a second Villanova 
graduate is now employed there as Program Director. However, the 
Bryans' chief interest is the Apostolate of the Sick to which they have 
dedicated many years of person service Helen Callahan Brink has 
recovered from her recent illness and is living with her son. John and 
family, in Westport, Connecticut. Her grandson, John, was married in April 
and lives in Washington, DC where he is Subscription Manager for U.S. 
News and World Report. Agnes Comerford still lives in the Bronx and is a 
member of the community which services St. Joseph's School for the Deaf. 
She spent part of the summer at the community's home in Mount Holyoke 
but is now back at the school where she is recuperating from a broken hip. 
Mary Kelly Lawler might also be added to the list of those "recuperating" 
Mary had started on her journey to the North Cape with her long time travel 
companion. They flew as far as Copenhagen and had transferred to their 
cruise ship, when a sudden heart attack claimed the life of her companion. 
Mary had to disembark, arrange for the return of the body to the United 
States, meet with Department of State officials from the U.S. and Sweden, 
and then fly back to the United States with all the baggage, the distress of 
having lost a friend, and the disappointment of having sacrificed a long 
awaited cruise. Settled back in the States another shock awaited Mary. 
This one came from San Francisco. Five members of Mary's family were to 
take part in a conference of Engineers in San Francisco on October 17. 
They arranged to meet at the St. Francis Hotel at 5:00 P.M.. One of her 
grandchildren who is at Berkely, drove across the now famous bridge and 
arrived ten minutes early, at the hotel Mary was home watching TV. 
Happily all the Lawlers recovered in time to welcome Mary's thirteenth 
great-grand-child Jeannette Farrell Amery was spared Nature's fury this 
summer when Hugo decided to land on somebody else's beach However, 
she and all her neighbors battened down the hatches, boarded the 
windows and doors of their cottages, and took all other precautions "just in 
case." The only calamity of Jeannette's summer was a mishap to her 
grandson, Ted. While helping some friends to lift a car, it fell on him 
causing serious injury to his leg. Fortunately, it was not necessary to 
amputate and he was able to return to college in a hip-to-ankle cast and 
crutches for support. He has now been divested of both, and visits to a 
physical therapist three times a week promise to make him whole again. 
Otherwise her summer was pleasant and peaceful and her return to 
Brooklyn was somewhat auspicious Recently. Jennette completed her 
fifth afghan, one for each of her grandchildren. To make another for herself 
seemed too much. Then came an omen that her winter evenings would be 
most comfortable with the news that she had won a beautiful, hand-made 
afghan in a church raffle. A pleasant telephone conversation with Elinor 
Woods Paul indicated that she was in good spirits in spite of her injured 
shoulder. She, too, is in the hands of a physical therapist and is able to 
return to her parish work. Her daughter, Bernadette, is a busy photogra- 
pher, concentrating on the work of ballet artists. Messages from members 
of '28 have commented on the news reference to the accomplishments of 
28's children and grandchildren. They find that the younger members of 
their families are impressed and inspired so keep the news coming. If you 
know the address or general locale of Myrtle Foster White, Gertrude 
Loughlln or Catherine Quinn Shell, please notify the alumni office (718) 

Jeannette Farrell Amery. 1 Prospect Park SW #4F. Brooklyn, NY 11215 
(718) 499-5262 


On our Fiftieth Anniversary, we saw Lillian Kraus Comeau for the first time 
since college days. In October, her daughter wrote us to say that she died 
on September 26th and was buried from St James RC Church in Milton, 
New York, where she lived. Please remember her and her family in your 

Mane Keegan, 109 Irving Avenue, Floral Park. N. Y. 11001 516 354-2182 


Agnes Kenney Neugent wrote from Tampa, Florida, that she had a 
coronary by-pass in mid-September and she asks for prayers for a speedy 
recovery Thirteen of us met for lunch on November 8th at the Arbor Inn 
Gen Archipoli Kelly, Mildred Bogan Walsh, her sister Mary, Isabelle 
Donohue FltzGerald, Marda Doyle Ticho, Mary Golden Meehan, Dorothy 
Hanagan Griffin, Zita Hawkins Stoddart, Bernadette Hughes Carroll, Vera 
McNally, Margaret Reilly Parker, Clare Stanton Sweeney and Sister Ruth 
Wlllmann. We were particularly glad to see Bernadette for she missed the 
last few get-togethers, and we appreciate that she had to leave Lakewood 
before 7:30 AM to make it to Rockville Center for lunch. We have been in 
contact with Sarah Crowley, Mary Dalton Oberle, Ruth Hagen Pette, 
Kathleen Mulrooney McDermott, Marlon Toshack, Terri Schrelber Kelly 
and Kay Wheeler Smith. None were able to join us. Some sent news, others 
promised news later. Kay Smith spent the last few months coping with 
contractors renovating her house To sell or not to sell'' Her family would 
like her to move to California, but the decision is a difficult one Ruth Pette 
has left Manhattan and has acquired an apartment on East Camino Real in 
Boca Raton Terrl Kelly wrote that Port St. Lucie has grown greatly in the 
nine years she and Charlie have lived there. They have been blessed with 
good health and are able to play golf several times a week They're also 
involved in Holy Family parish, a new and very active one with a delightful 
young Irish pastor She also sent us a picture of a huge and very beautiful 
jacaranda bush, of which she is justly proud Clare Sweeney has been 
accepted in a life-care residence near her daughter's home and plans to 
leave Oceanside soon We extend condolence to Kathleen McDermott and 
family on the death of her brother, Bishop Charles Mulrooney We are fast 
approaching our sixtieth anniversary Dig out, gather up all your memorabilia 
and we'll share them when next we meet. Shall it be at the Spring 
Luncheon'' The following classmates are still on our "lost" list. Has anyone 
an idea of their address or locale? 

Kathenne Dwyer 
Phyllis Townsenc 

i Rynack 

Ethel Madden 

Isabelle Donohue FltzGerald, 319 Webster Ave Brooklyn. NY. 11230 

(718) 438-7744 

Zita Hawkins Stoddart, 39 Maple Drive, Roosevelt, N. Y. 11575 



November found Gen Oliver Longley and Walter on their second cruise of 
the year, this time on the "Sovereign of the Seas". Their daughter. Peggy, 
works in Communications in Madison Square Garden and is editor of their 
bulletin, printed regularly during the year. A highlight of 1989 was the April 
celebration of the 50th wedding anniversary of Gens sister and brother-in- 
law, Marge (Oliver) and Charlie Kaiser Members of the family came from 
all over the United States, including Hawaii. 

Marie O'Connor. 72 Riverside Avenue. Apt. 48. Red Bank, NJ 07701 
(201) 747-5807 

Janet Prendergast Vickrey, 334 82nd Street, Brooklyn. NY 1 1209 
(718) 836-0855 


Our annual Mass for deceased members was an occasion for loving 
thoughts and fond memories My home was blessed by the liturgy, 
celebrated by my son, Father Keith Fennessy, who has come to know and 
love my classmates. His homily reinforced our sentiments that old friends 
are precious treasures We then enjoyed luncheon at Bruxelles. a charming 
village restaurant just a few feet from my apartment At the reunion were 
Edna Dawkins McDonald, Marie Furey Boyce, Kathenne Kelly Carlin, 
Anne McCormack Fennessy, Irene Parker Parks, Claire Smith. Mary 
Whelan Phelan, Mary White Kearney and Marie Berry, our honorary 
member Last minute complications prevented Helen Coughlan Worthley. 
her seminarian son. John, and Mildred Hlnes Ryan from being with us 
Frances Dleckert Rebele, though back in the swim again, was not quite up 
to a trip to Manhattan. Marge Kenny was on a well-deserved vacation. She 
has been extremely active in volunteer work for over thirty years Gertrude 
Unser was off to Europe for an extended tour and Madeline Kendall Friel 
wished she could bilocate! We were saddened to hear, belatedly, of the 
death last February of ebullient Mildred Martin Donnelly. Her son said how 
she clung to her joyful philosophy and was happy for all the blessings of 
her life We will remember her that way. Another piece of sad news was the 
illness of Anne Burns Meehan. She was a "regular", adding her delightful 
charm to our reunions. Please remember them all in your prayers Kay 


Ansbro Wurts, of Florida, had her travelling curtailed this year because of 
her husband's surgery. He is doing well Christine Barton, Kay Frey Lynch 
and Winifred McMahon sent their best wishes to all. Members of the family 
from all over the United States, including Hawaii came to celebrate the 
50th wedding anniversary of Charlie and Marge Oliver Kaiser last April. I 
would be happy to hear from other members of our class who seem to have 
lost touch. Everyone is still remembered with affection. Please let me know 
how you are. A telephone call or a little note would add cheer to my life. Kay 
Kelly Carlln whom we all remember for her lovely soprano voice that added 
much beauty to our Mass, was inspired to write a poem for our reunion. We 
share it with all of you. 

My memories pursue each other 

through the meadows of my mind. 
They stand in silhouette 

against the years. 
They come in laughter, and chagrin. 

and often tears. 

And pierce the inner places of my heart. 

Anne McCormack Fennessy. 2 Horatio St.. New York, NY 10014 
(212) 691 8484 


Bobbie Owens Miller spent several weekends at her son's summer home 
on Peconic Bay in Jamesport and also enjoyed three days at Mauritius 
Manor with Tee Birds Golf Club. She attended the New York State 
Convention of the Columbiettes at Stevensville. In June she visited a friend 
on Lake Pleasant in Speculator and in late August attended another 
Columbiettes Convention in Saddlebrook, NY. September's trip was to the 
Shrine of Our Lady of the Isle at Eastpoint. Again with the Columbiettes, 
Bobbie visited Montreal, Ottowa, Toronto, and Niagara Falls. Once a 
month she is lector at St. James Church. Seaford. Evelyn Harris Martin and 
her daughter visited the Bahamas early in '89 and came home to a snow- 
buried car. Our lunch gathering on October 23rd brought a good crowd: 
Marie McGrath Brown, Rita Pollock Murphy, Bobble Owens Miller, Mildred 
Donohue Fitzpatrick, Jerrie Young Murphy, Elizabeth Gegan Mattes, Irene 
Costarlno Sarro, Miriam Scholly Schiebler, Rita Bopp Mahoney, Elizabeth 
Schafer Dalton and Mary Dolan A few of the regulars couldn't make it. 
Hope to see you all May 21st. 

Mary Dolan. 130 E. Lincoln Ave.. Valley Stream, NY 11580 


Rita Doherty (Sr Eucharla) is in Monrovia, CA again. The house in 
Terryville, Connecticut closed, and so after three weeks at Maryknoll, she 
flew out to Monrovia. It's a beautiful spot in the foothills of the San Gabriel 
Mountains. She and the other sisters watched as firemen raced in with 
engines and others fought the forest fires from helicopters. Rita is awaiting 
an eye exam for cataracts. Incidentally, the Thomas A. Doherty whom the 
college honored as the Distinguished Citizen at the October Dinner Dance 
is Rita's nephew. Catherine Cooke is in a nursing home in New Jersey. Her 
brother-in-law. Jerry Shea, is going to follow her as soon as he sells the 
house, and will live in a residence nearby. I've also gathered news about Sr. 
James Cecelia (Mary Cullen). She and Sr. Clare Imelda (Helen Ruane) 
formed part of the Guard of Honor for Anne Connelly Burns' sister, Sr. 
David Xavier, who died this year. Anne was in the hospital, so our two 
classmates attended the Mass, in addition to Anne's sister, Agnes Connelly 
Huether '41 and family. In Brentwood, both Helen (Sr. Clare) and Mary (Sr. 
James) are renewing friendship with Josephine Ford Scanlon 33 Rita 
pollack Murphy 33, Frances McGovern Delany 34 and Virginia Hagan 39 
Muriel Hottenroth Magenhelmer has completed 25 years of teaching at St. 
Patrick's in Glen Cove. Marie Lilly is going out to California— the San 
Francisco area— for Christmas and New Year's Day to celebrate with her 
family. Eucharla Mulligan has been traveling in New England, and Glna 
Latoracca and her sister, Mary, travelled through New England and 
Canada this summer. We received a note from Colonel Thomas F. Lancer, 
who enclosed a check in memory of the first anniversary of the death of 
Kathleen Flynn Murphy. Kay was the wife of an old friend of his. J.J. 
Meade, husband of Dorothy Kilcoln Meade, informed us of her death on 
July 14th, from a heart attack and asked for remembrance in your prayers. 
At the same time, let us remember all our deceased members. 

Marie Lilly. 8201 4th Avenue. Brooklyn, NY 11209 

(718) 680-2069 

Margaret Bier, 6 Brooklands, Apt. tt4A, Bronxville, NY 10708 

(914) 793-0243 


Last June 30th, Catherine Wills died at Cabrini Medical Center after a brief 
illness. She was a former supervisor in the Foster Care Program of the 
Catholic Home Bureau in New York. We also learned very recently of the 
death of Genevieve Kelly Plckel last July. We extend our deep sympathy to 
Ceal Finn Fahy on the death of her husband, Edward. A retired rear 
admiral, he served as a submarine officer in World War II and was Chief of 
the Navy's Bureau of Ships. Ceal who lives in Floria may move to the 
Virginia area where her three daughters live. Please remember all the 
deceased and their families in your prayers. Dot Tobln Forget visits her 
daughter in San Diego a couple of times a year. Dot has ten grandchildren. 
Two are college graduates and another two are in college. Brian went to 
the University of Virginia and is an architect in NYC; Maureen, from 
Indiana University, is a flight attendant for United Air Lines and is stationed 
in New York. Kevin is a Junior at Villanova and Sean a freshman in Loyola, 
Baltimore. Before she went back to Florida, Anne Hennessy O'Rourke 
phoned the office. She mentioned that Monsignor Fitzgibbon was in very 
poor health Keep him in your prayers. Rod and Jane McLoughlln 
O'Connor were out in the Los Angeles area visiting daughter Barbara and 
enjoying the beach with her two little girls, Mary and Jane. From there they 
went to Denver to visit daughter Christine and David and their family, 
particularly their 1V4 year old grandson, Benjamin. They enjoyed the 
beautiful, breathtaking scenery of the mountains, and the vibrant air. They 
also visited the renowned Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. Last 
March, Jane accepted a proclamation from Queens Borough President 
Claire Shulman, noting the observance of the American Association of 
University Women Week. Jane is president of the Queens Branch. Anne 
Seltz Smith's nephew, Steve Smith, has just been transferred to Denver 
and Ed and she are looking forward to flying to that part of the country very 
soon. Florence Kemp Carberry's sons, John and Frank, are both in the 
Boston area and manage to have lunch frequently. This is quite a change 
for John— from Atlanta to the Northeast. Grace Flannery Morris' daughter, 
Beth, now teaches in Delaware but is contemplating a return to our town. 
Beth teaches first grade and loves the little ones. I had a great chat with 
Virginia Conran Cheasty who sounds as vibrant and perky as ever; she and 
Si, who is practicing law in Stamford, tell me that their daughter Ginny is 
teaching up there. Jack has been sent by the Army to get a Master's in 
Environmental Science. Robert is a lawyer, married to a lawyer and living 
in Oakland, CA, and daughter. Mary, lives in New York. She also is a 
lawyer, married to a lawyer, Peter, whom she met while attending 
Columbia Law School Mary Ellz McL. Farrell and I upheld the honor of 
1 935 by attending the lovely Alumnae Fall luncheon at the New York Yacht 
Club We enjoyed the company of Betty Pyne Dunleavy '36 and Sister Alice 
Francis Young '40 who is a very dear pal of mine from way back in high 
school days Marlon Musante had a busy fall— went canoeing on the Erie 
Canal, tripped to Chicago, attended the 50th anniversary of her very first 
class of students and generally had a great time. Anne Scannell Smith, who 
had been living in Virginia, was in New York for a couple of weeks to close 
up and sell her New York residence. She is moving to West Palm Beach, 
Florida and is looking forward to it. We just received a short note from Leo 
Callahan telling us of the death of his sister Dlda (Margaret) Callahan on 
November 11th. We all remember her as the most valuable basketball 
player - though short by today's players, Dida could maneuver and run 
faster than anyone on the team. Pretty as a picture, Dida, had a great sense 
of humor and added much to our college days. Do hope that more of you 
will meet at the Spring Luncheon next April 28th at Terrace on the Park, 
Flushing. This will be another milestone for us— our fifty-fifth anniversary. 
Let's renew the joy we felt at our golden reunion. Make plans now for April 
28th! We still have four classmates on our lost list: Jeanette Griffin 
McMurray, Genevieve Naughton Dumbille, Helen O'Connor and Rita 
Shevlin. Does anyone have an idea of their locales? 

Anne Seitz Smith. 8301 Ridge Blvd., Brooklyn, NY 11209 (718) 238-5118 
Anne Hennessy O'Rourke, 9930-3 Pineapple Tree Drive, Boynton Beach, 
Ft. 33436 (305) 734-8736 


Very little news from the class of '36! Just Dot Delay, Isabel Farrell, Betty 
Pyne Dunleavy and her granddaughter, Meghan O'Brien, attended the Fall 
luncheon at the New York Yacht Club. You missed a delightful affair. The 

building is beautiful and the food was outstanding. Do hope that more of 
you will join us at the Spring Luncheon which will be held on April 28th at 
Terrace on the Park (the old World's Fair Ground). You'll hear more of this 
after the first of the year, but mark your calendar now. Betty was given a 
wonderful surprise party on her 75th birthday at Ye Olde Fire House in 
Point Lookout, by her daughter, Nancy and her six grandchildren. What a 
surprise to see Isabel Farrell, Dot Delay, Alice Hagan FInnerty and Jack, 
Edna Brennan Maloney and her sister-in-law, Rita Brennan. Former co- 
workers, club members, old neighbors, relatives and friends were all there, 
Now looking forward to my 80th! Don't forget— drop us a line now and 

Beffy Pyne Dunleavy. 335 East 32nd St.. Brooklyn, NY 11226 
(718) 462-7457 


Gen Sullivan Costello, though still having problems resulting from a 
broken hip, says she has acquired a serenity she did not have before; she 
has learned not to worry in advance! Her oldest daughter is attending law 
school, as her own daughter graduates from college. Gen is pleased with a 
new grandchild, a girl. Betty Humann Thleme has been attending medical 
conventions. She and Thurston were in Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountains, 
Georgia for one and in Atlanta for the American College of Surgeons 
meeting. They also managed to get in some golf. Clare Ruane is 
comfortably settled in her new apartment— right across the street from her 
church! Betty McMahon Corrlgan and Ed returned from a 9,000 mile trek 
across country in their Winnebago, visiting their children and seeing the 
country— Banff, Calgary, Vancouver and Seattle to name a few. They 
stopped in Navadato to visit a new granddaughter whom they hadn't seen 
yet. Their son Richard and family are still in Singapore but his daughter 
attends college at Mt. St. Vincent's. Betty is still active in the Catholic 
Daughters of Boston, and Ed in the Right to Life Movement. John and 
Virginia Norton Morgan made a trip east from Albuquerque. They stopped 
to visit Marge Laux O'Reilly and Mary McGrath Vervllle in Lakehurst Alice 
Hlnes Smith attends the monthly charismatic mass sponsored by the 
Rockville Center diocese. She highly recommends the show "Romero" 
which she attended recently. Alice devotes her time also as greeter and 
salesperson at her church. She has been in touch with Marlon Harrington 
and later Rita B|ornson Grlflin, meeting them for lunch. Frank and Mary 
Twlgg Connors were forced by Hurricane Hugo to evacuate Hilton Head 
Island, SC, going to Columbia, SC. The next day they left for Palm Beach 
for a meeting of members of the Holy Sepulchre. Marge Parker Smith's son 
Parker's in-laws evacuated from Charleston and took refuge with them. 
Marge's two sisters and all her children and families with the exception of 
Rosemary will be home for Thanksgiving. Rosemary works for ABC in 
Harrisburg and will have a busy day. She and her husband now have a 
profitable business filming weddings, commercials, etc. Marge's son Brian 
is returning from Dallas, after a year with his company down there. Son, 
Kevin, and Marge took a pilgrimage to Medjugorje He has returned twice 
since. As for Marge, she can be seen on her four mile run around Prospect 
Park every morning, after attendance at Mass She feels safe with fellow- 
joggers, cyclists, dog walkers and park patrols always to be seen. Kay 
Helfeman Steffany plans to spend Thanksgiving in Rhode Island with her 
daughter and family, which includes twins Margaret McGiillvray Seldel 
was in Buffalo for Thanksgiving with one of her sons. The older son is in 
Rockville Center. Betty O'Halloran— Sr. Mary ol the Holy Ghost managed a 
quick visit with Marge Laux O'Reilly when she was in New Jersey. Last year 
Muriel Campion Sample was Chairman of the Irish Sweepstakes at the 
Irish Country Fair for the Royale Woman's Club of Boca Raton, Florida. 
With the proceeds, the Club was able to provide three $1 ,000 scholarships 
each year for girls who are seeking nursing scholarships. They also 
contributed to sixty other charitable causes in the region. 

Marjorie Parker Smith, 65 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY 11215 
(718) 499-5834 

Eileen Brennan, 1203 Fenwood Drive. Valley Stream, NY 11580 
(516) 285-5612 


We were saddened to learn of the death of Sr. M. Kateri, IHM, (Betty 
Nlcolaus) in September. She died in the motherhouse in Oyster Bay and is 
buried there. Pray for her as I am sure she prays for us. Helen Dolan, after 
two months in Mercy Hospital, three months in Russ Institute and a short 
stay in Franklin General is now undergoing physiotherapy and is on the 
road to recovery. She is home, and we feel she is qualified for a new 
career— a hospital evaluator Rita McGovern Root has had a successful 

shoulder replacement Fran McLoughlln Rellly really keeps on the go Her 
daughter Peggy Roehrig '71 after spending a year with her family in Key 
West is now back in Vermont. Peggy and Fred, with Danny and Tess ages 6 
and 3. sailed up from Florida last summer on their 40 foot boat, to Long 
Island. Fran visits her children often, Mary and Kevin Matthews and Nora 
age 3. in upstate New York; Peggy, Fred and the children, in Vermont, John 
in Peekskill, Elizabeth. Stephen and their four little ones in Southampton. 
Sons Joseph and Philip live nearby. Fran is also taking classes at 
Community College. Agnes McNamara still works for the Rockville Center 
Diocese part-time I wish to thank her and also Helen Dolan for help in 
gathering these notes. Dot Allen Murphy just welcomed her 1 1th grandchild 
Helen Regan McLaughlin and Neil came through the earthquake safely in 
October. When reached by phone, she was shoveling out her broken 
china. They had damage to their foundation and chimney, but, says Helen, 
"We're alive" Bill and Peggy Magee Buckley will spend Christmas with 
Cate and family. Noah is 5 and the twins, Emma and Ben. will be a year old 
on December 21 st Then in February they'll be off to Barbados. Just as we 
were compiling our news, we learned the sad news of the death of Winnie 
Meade Burke's husband, Ed. Please remember them and their family in 
your prayers. 

Margaret Magee Buckley. Stonegate Apts. 7-C7, Peekskill. NY 10566 

(914) 739-6369 

Helen Dolan. 130 E. Lincoln Avenue, Valley Stream, NY 11580 



It is with sorrow that we inform you of the death of Marge Berkery's 
brother, Father John Berkery, in November. Allot us will remember Father 
John as principal celebrant of our Jubilee Mass last April 8th. Please 
remember him and his loved ones in your prayers. Mary Concannon 
O'Connell, Eileen Daly O'Shea, Florence Kennedy and Mary Kane Glllen 
felt privileged to attend the wake and Mass of the Resurrection for our 
beloved classmate, Mary Kieman— Sr. Baptlsta a member of the Sparkill. 
New York, Dominicans. Mary was ill for about five weeks and undergoing 
treatment at Nyack Hospital where she mercifully passed away on October 
22nd, of a heart attack, She would have celebrated 50 years in Religious life 
in April 1990. Connie Glampletro Annuccl and Al drove to Vermont where 
they visited Gerry and Carmela Napoll Lolzzo. Gerry was recuperating 
from surgery. Eleanor Van Wagner Nace attended the marriage, in Silver 
Spring, Maryland, of Margie Burns Gallagher's daughter, in November On 
Saturday, October 28th, five members of the class of '39 attended the 
Luncheon at the New York Yacht Club Sr. Vera Tymann, Eileen Daly 
O'Shea, Peggy Bolton Barsin, Elizabeth Bressi, and Florence Kennedy 
enjoyed a delicious lunch and a pleasant afternoon together. 

Florence Kennedy, 69-408 186 Lane. ItlB. Flushing. NY 11365 

(718) 591-5735 

Mary Kane Gillen. 8 Valley Place. Tenafly. NJ 07670 (201) 569-8969 


Last summer Ursula Gerty took a cruise to Alaska. In June, Mary Etzel 
McLaughlin started with a trip to the Norfolk Harbortest, then in July to the 
state of Washington, viewing the Cascades, visiting Victoria and Vancouver. 
In August it was to Cape Cod for a week with the family and in September 
to the Catskills for five days. Mary is active at her club house and goes on 
day trips, to dinner theatres, etc. Her mother celebrated her 90th birthday 
last February at a big party— she's still going strong. Isabella Knight Foster 
attended the Gold Star Wives Convention in Philadelphia, in July, then 
went to Valley Forge, Atlantic City, but never got to the Amish country on 
the third day With an injured ankle, she left the group, requested a 
wheelchair at each airport and spent the rest of July and part of August at 
home in Palm Coast recuperating. By September it was "pretty good." 
Isabella asks. "Do you think that Doris, and Lillian and Agatha will come 
down for the day?" The DAY is April 28th, 1990 and perhaps April 29th with 
Virginia Mannebach Cleary, Cathleen Farrell Walsh, Ursula Gerty and 
others very kindly working on it. The PLACE is Terrace on the Park in the 
old World's Fair grounds, now Flushing Meadow Park, the PEOPLE are us. 
graduates of the Class of 1940, waving a diploma and wearing a ring for 50 
years and ready to share lots of happy memories with the rest of the "girls" 
Janice Ahearn— Sr. Mary Regina —now has her permanent address at 
Madonna Heights. Dix Hills, New York, where there is a residential facility. 
a day school for troubled teen-age girls, a mental health clinic, group 
homes, and shortly a teen-mother and baby shelter which promises to fill a 
much needed void in the community Frances Partridge Connor now 
makes her home in Spring Lake, NJ We offer condolences to Anna 


Sullivan on the death of her brother. Francis, on July 27th, after a short 
illness. I (Ruth) was called for jury duty for the first time and found it 
interesting and enjoyable. Mark April 28, 1 990 on your calendar now. You'll 
be hearing more about it. Meantime, do you know where any of the 
following are? 

Mary Brady 
Dorothy Carlin O'Hara 
Irene Eichorn Naiera 
Irene Glaser Knudsen 

Anne Hyland Furer 
Florence Kirvin Leonard 

Silk's husband, Edmund, this year. Sally, who lives in Forest, Virginia, was 
with us for our 45th reunion. Also present at that time was Reglna Carroll 
Graves, who died in December 1988. She and Norman travelled widely due 
to his position in the service, but she always kept in touch. You may recall 
that she was president of the Glee Club and a member of the Senior 
Council while in college. Please remember them and their loved ones in 
your prayers. 

Margaret Rausch, 62 Pierrepont St., Brooklyn, NY 11201 (718) 625-6927 
Helen Fennelly Buckley, 412 River Road, Fair Haven, NJ 07704 
(201) 747-4349 

Ruth Drucker, 7148 Juno St., Forest Hills. NY 1 1375 (718) 793-4665 


Peggy McDerby Shea was happy to attend the Fall Luncheon— a great 
afternoon and the food was delicious. She enjoyed the company of Grace 
Cooling who has settled in East Rockaway. Grace retired from an 
interesting, varied business career which came to an end in Atlanta. 
Georgia. While there she was in frequent contact with the sons of Isha 
Murphy Klefer. Ann Hennessy had to cancel her luncheon reservation due 
to her sister's illness. Keep in mind that the Spring Luncheon of '91 will 
mark our 50th. Even if it is your first time back, please plan on making that 
event a BIG one and memorable Tempus fugit! Called Mary Stankevlch 
Bolen whose arthritis of the spine has slowed her activity and made a cane 
necessary. True to her humorous self, MM says, "No more break-dancing 
for me!" Her son Bill and daughter Amy and her husband live in New 
Jersey. Daughter and Mary keep the home fires burning. Claudia received 
her degree from St. John's U and works in the medical field. Marge 
Andresen Breedis enjoys her eleven grandchildren (the latest were twins 
born to Liz). The eldest is eight! Terry Gough de Tar was indispensable 
during a visit to son John and Sue in West Hurley, NY. The couple had their 
first child after seventeen years of marriage. Within a short time. Sue gave 
birth to twins! Belte Whalen Bonsall was honored last June at a party given 
by faculty and students of St. Mary's, Manhasset to mark her thirty-two 
years of teaching there. In September. Bette returned to her post Agnes 
Connelly Huether's sister, Sister David Xavier, CSJ, died in September 
Mass and burial were in Brentwood Mary Leahy Cleary enjoyed a visit 
from Adele Mulligan Seymour. Mary continues to give piano lessons to 
seven very talented youngsters, one of whom won first prize in a 
Pennsylvania competition last year. Mary McDonough Welsnet and Bill 
just settled into their oceanfront rental in Myrtle Beach when Hugo 
dispossesed them in a hurry. The motel to which they retreated miles 
inland had no electricity so they were literally in the dark for many hours I 
guess we should all have battery operated radios with us when travelling. 
Travelling north to Long Island just before Labor Day when Gerald was 
discharged by the cardiologist, we visited Grace Lynch Perrott and Bill in 
Virginia Beach. They gave us an interesting tour of the area including the 
Naval Air Station. Both of them are excellent bridge players and have 
joined bridge groups. Mary, their daughter, recently moved to New 
Hampshire from Long Island. Son, Bill and family live in Dallas After 
leaving the Perrotts we drove leisurely up the Eastern Shore of Maryland 
and met our daughter Mary Ellen and family for a week at a condo on the 
ocean at Ocean City, MD. I was impressed by the vitality of the congregation 
of St. Luke's Catholic Church nearby. I wish to thank all of you who called 
or sent cards to Gerald following his open heart surgery. I was truly 
warmed by the concern and the tendering of prayers which even his 
surgeon credited for Gerald's recovery 

Margaret McDerby Shea, 1905 Furman Ct„ Cocoa, Fl. 32922 

(407) 631-5170 

78 Yale PI., Rockville Center, NY 11570 (516) 766-7966 


On Saturday, September 30, 1989, Helen Fennelly Rellly was married to 
James Buckley at a Nuptial Mass in St. Anselm's Church. Brooklyn. Helen 
was radiant as she walked down the aisle on the arm of her son, Kevin 76 
Her daughter, Kathleen 79, was Matron of Honor and granddaughter, 
Megan was flower girl. Sons, Sean and Daniel were ushers. Jim's two 
daughters did the readings and his three sons were also ushers Many 
members of the Alumni were present. Those from our class included Vera 
McGrath Lynch and her husband. Sally Cooney Steels and her son, Edna 
Cunningham Hughes and Margaret Rausch. It was a joy to renew our 
friendships and to share in the happiness of such a beautiful occasion. The 
Class of '42 offers best wishes to Helen and Jim, and God's blessings of 
great happiness After a trip to Vermont, Helen and Jim will live in Fair 
Haven, New Jersey Frances Donohue told us of the death of Sally Miller 


Elisa Carrillo was in China on a Travel/Study tour at the time of the Beijing 
Massacre. Though the occurrence was tragic, Elisa was glad to have been 
in China at such an historic time. In June, Bishop McDonnell High School 
had a reunion of the Class of 1939, a Fiftieth Anniversary A large number, 
close to 200 returned; among them from our class were Ann Coakley 
Doyle, Virginia Kehoe Lopez, Catherine Lambert McLean, Dolores Wittrock 
Mullaney, Nora Dooley Smith and Marie Carroll Daly. It was a great 
reunion and this reminds us that our 50th from SJC is not far off! Does 
anyone have addresses for the following "lost" members? 

Mary Cox Lacomb 
Margaret Cronn Sherwood 
Concetta D'Antonio 
Dorothy Fitzgerald Fagan 

Natalie Lawlor Keaver 
Cecile Mills McLean 
Margaret Von Bronkhorst 

Mane Carroll Daly, 51-14 Overbrook Place, Douglaston, NY 11362 


We were saddened at the sudden death of Michael Casey last June, the 
husband of Rosemary Chrlstman Casey. In November, Monsignor Diviney 
celebrated a Memorial Mass attended by many students and associates of 
Michael, who had taught in St Francis College for over twenty years Mary 
Hlggins Slnzer and Joe welcomed their first grandchildren during the 
summer: Chase Arthur is the son of Joe, Jr. and Christina Marie is the 
daughter of Marie Louise Elizabeth Keating Harson has lived in 
Manchester, Vermont, since 1984 She has always done volunteer work, 
including four years of taping books for the blind, and secretary for the 
Garden Club of Manchester As we get closer to our fiftieth anniversary it 
becomes imperative that we update addresses and telephone numbers for 
the files Please send any changes to the college or to me, along with any 

Annette Nolan, 289 Clinton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (718) 624-2154 


Sorry, so little to report 1 Pat Brown Shoen had a hip replacement but 
expects to be as good as new so that she can come to our 45th Anniversary 
celebration at the Alumni Luncheon on April 28, 1990at Terrace in the Park 
in Queens. This is in the old World's Fair Grounds— plenty of parking. Let 
us know your ideas and intentions! Happy 1990. Class of '45— our 45th 
year' Have you an address for any of our "lost" listed below - ' Or do you 
know of their locale, le state, town etc7 

Regina Daly MacDonald 
Virginia DeGeronimo Matrose 
Dorothy DiSalvo Previte 

Dolores Henderson 
Grace Olsen Egan 
Irene Toland ODonnell 

Clare T. Bauch, 6StevensCourt. Stewart Manor. NY 11010(516)328-9449 


Mary Ellen Dowd Orr retired from teaching and she and Gerry moved to 
Pleasantville, NY Virginia Lee retired last June from her position as 
Principal in Queens. She went to Alaska in July and in August visited 
Portugal. Spain and France. It was interesting to hear her contrast her visit 
to Fatima with her visit to Lourdes In September, she took a Fall Foliage 
trip, so she is wasting no time enjoying her retirement Jeanne Wilbert 
Concannon married in 1946 and had five children: Loren lives in London. 
England with her Sports Editor husband and 4 year old son. James Jr. was 
killed in Vietnam at 19 years of age. Amy and husband liveinConcordville, 

PA and she is attending college full time to earn a nursing degree Mary has 
two children and lives in Lancaster, PA. Margaret graduated from Dickinson 
School of Law in June and works for a judge. When the youngest was in 
college, Jeanne took accounting courses at Franklin and Marshall College 
and worked locally She retired in 1987 Her husband, Jim, died on June 6. 
1989 after a long illness. Our deepest sympathy and prayers to all the 
Concannons Jeanne plans to sell her house, buy a condo and travel 
Rosemary Thompson Keane wrote last June that she has been ill for three 
months and asks for prayers "Good luck with the 89 fund 1 " she adds. Herb 
and I (Gen Kingman Lindner) were honored guests at a surprise birthday 
party given by our children last August. One of our gifts was a money tree 
which I do not want to dismantle Its so beautifully made Another gift was 
a portable telephone which I use constantly. Please send me news any 
time I love hearing from you. 

Genevieve Kingman Lindner, 23 Alliance Street, Valley Stream, NY 11580 


Marian Quealy Zoll, 165 Greenwood Drive, Millington, NJ 07946 

1201) 647-2434 


We extend sympathy to Marge Cogan Ward, whose husband died on May 
tenth. Please remember them in your prayers. Bill and Marge were the 
well-known historians of the Greenwood cemetery Their walks through 
the cemetery drew visitors form many states and foreign countries Marge 
boasts of ten grandchildren The four Ward daughters are married, as is 
William Jr Maryalice and Alison live in Stamford. CT, Margaret, Jane and 
William Jr. reside in Brooklyn. Michael, a professional photographer, and 
James live at home. Eileen Brophy Rossman s daughter. Maura, passed 
her specialty boards and is now a Fellow of the American College of 
Pediatrics. Sarah Beth, Maura's first child, was born in September, She is 
Eileen's fourth granddaughter Michael is a counselor in the Office of 
Admissions & Financial Aid of The American University. Norma Cirino, 
Anne McKenna McCormack, Margaret Perretta and Mary Flanagan Rigaut 
enjoyed the fall luncheon at the New York Yacht Club They hope to see 
more classmates at the Spring Luncheon which will be held on April 28th at 
Terrace on the Park, Queens. 

Eileen Borphy Rossman. 432 76th St., Brooklyn, NY 11209 

(718) 836-6424 

Mary Flanagan Rigaut, 90 Woodland Drive. Fairhaven. NJ 07701 

(201) 747-5358 

Anne McKenna McCormack, 110-50 107 St., Ozone Park, NY 11417 


classmates to |oin us; just call me to make arrangements All of us attended 
the wedding of Elizabeth Singleton, Pat's daughter, in August. Four of her 
five girls are married Anne Nawojchlk is our politico— she is a trustee of 
the Village of Flower Hill and an officer of the local chapter of AAUW, two 
very responsible positions. Eileen's daughter has returned from her 
wanderings and has decided to pursue a career in nursing Whoever heard 
of a nurse/architecf While in the far east she contacted our classmate 
Sister Marie May, a Maryknoller, who is stationed on the island of Yap in 
the Pacific. Marie was to be home in New York last summer. If she was, I'm 
sorry I missed her Ed and Dolores Campbell Penders opened a packaging 
shop in Manhasset where they ship items all over the country— a good 
service to keep in mind. They are very quick and efficient Joan Hlnes Tana 
is still doing a fine job as a travel agent. She has escorted groups to France, 
Spain, our Pacific Northwest and many other places on the globe. She 
hears regularly from Terry Doyle Gallagher. I saw Joan Crane Medvecky 
who lives in Jackson Heights and is involved in many volunteer works. 
Georgette Bomer Brown and Tom are still enjoying their retirement in Hot 
Springs Village. Arkansas "It's the greatest place in the country." she 
writes "If anyone is ever in the area, be sure and give us a call: (501) 
922-0869 Remlgla Foy visited Mary Lou Klein Werner and Bill at their 
home on Hilton Head Island, SC in March. They're both anticipating the 
40th reunion of our class next year Mary Lou taught on Dafuskie Island 
this year, commuting by boat The school was the subject of a book "The 
Water is Wide" by Pat Conroy. It was later made into a movie starring Jon 
Voight Remember, classmates, that 1990 is our big year-our fortieth 
anniversary. We will be especially honored at the Spring Luncheon on 
April 28th. to be held at Terrace on the Park, Queens You will be hearing 
more, but meantime mark the date on your 1990 calendar 1 If anyone is 
interested in having a get-together beforehand, drop me a line and we'll 
work it out. 

We have no addresses for the following classmates If you have any idea 
where they might be— the state, town, area write to the alumni office: 

Virginia Bechtold 
Mary Bourke McGrath 
Margaret Breen 
Maureen Calvey Curran 
Denise Caubisens Auguchon 
Ann Davis Hatton 
Jeanne Divine Commerford 
Nancy Gregory Kay 
Germaine Hangley Coogan 
Virginia Hennques McEvoy 

Mary Jane McCarthy Litschgi 
Anna McNerney Wmdels 
Mary O'Dea Drury 
Ruth Murtagh 

Sr Mary Ramona Pena CSJ 
Margaret Walaker Leimnger 
Mary O'Dowd Walsh 
Rita Schmidt Reeves 
Alice Walcutt Gerber 
Kathleen Woods McMahon 

Eileen Mahoney Hoban, 83 Long Ridge Road, Manhasset. NY 11030 

(516) 365-9238 

Eileen Davis Evans. 7708 Ridge Blvd.. Brooklyn, NY 1 1209 (718) 745-1713 


Eileen Halley Slsti has moved from Point Lookout and now lives at 90 
South Park Avenue in Rockville Center. Marian Butt Kelleher travelled to 
Georgia the weekend of July 15th to visit her father and celebrate his 91st 
birthday. Catherine Sclafani Lenihan and her husband, Dr. T.F., who has 
retired, have moved to Hohokus, N.J.. Jim and June Hanley O'Hara 
attended the 50th reunion of their grammar school graduation class on 
June 4th at Good Shepherd Grammar School. 

Bernadette Cassidy Fitzpatnck, 2608 Voorhies Avenue. Brooklyn. NY 


We extend our sympathy to Katherlne Arlottl Castuccl, on the death of her 
husband. Joseph, who died suddenly on July 5th of a heart attack, in West 
Covina, California. Since their marriage in 1975, Kathenne and Joe, both 
retired, worked untiringly as a team to increase citizen involvement in 
community problems and events in order "to make what is right and best 
happen to West Covina " Katherine has promised to continue their 
activities, and we wish her well. 

Ann Clancy. 4817 42nd St.. Long Island City. NY 11104 
(718) 784-4157 


A group of 50's still get together for dinner once a month on a Friday: Pat 
Doherty Singleton, Anne Churchill Hanley, Betty Baldwin O'Hara, Anne 
Rettlg Nawojchlk and me, Eileen Mahoney Hoban. We would like any other 


We extend our sympathy to Julia Cummlngs Murphy whose mother, Julia 
Fogerty Cummlngs, died at the age of 90 Please remember them in your 
prayers. Julia's son, Peter, was married last August to Susan Richmond. 
Julia met Immaculata Curiale Hubbel at St Agnes Cathedral They hadn't 
seen each other in 20 years. Immaculata had taught kindergarten for many 
years but is now retired and living in Florida She would love to hear from 
classmates and friends. Drop her a line at 4433 S.E Mulford Lane. Stuart, 
Fl 34997, or phone her if you're down that way: (407) 286-1351 Gloria 
Lopez Bruchinl, Ann Oliva Apollo and Jerry Hanlon Weiss spent a beautiful 
summer day together, lunching and catching up on news. Vllma Sauss 
Campbell and Jerry spent Labor Day weekend together Dottle Sauss 
Babyak, our Missourian, sent an article describing the 12 Annual Marian 
Days celebration and the 45,000 Vietnamese who honored Mary and 
renewed ties with other refugees The celebration took place in Carthage. 
MO., bringing together those separated in the resettlement camps across 
the United States, after the fall of Saigon in 1975. Mary Maron Nielsen, a 
widow since Harold died last year, is teaching at Sachem HS. Harold and 
Mary's family consists of five boys and one girl.. Jane, a recent SJC 
graduate. Oldest son, Thomas is a Marine Major in Okinawa, two sons live 
in Florida and two in the Long Island area. Mary has eight grandchildren. 
She uses two ovens when she entertains all the family' Theresa Widen 
Cahill Coleman moved to Florida after retiring from the Connetquot 
School District. We do not have her address. If anyone knows it. please 
send ittothe Alumni Office, 245 Clinton Av., Brooklyn 11205. In Roseland. 
New Jersey, Caryl Dwyer Bergen has her own Decorating business and 
loves it— "Affordable Interiors " Her son Joe. Jr works for Goldman Sachs 
on Wall Street, Bill works for NJ Manufacturers Insurance Co. in NJ. John 
lives and works in San Diego CA and is studying for his MBA Joe Sr . a VP 
at Prudential in Florham Park, isn't ready for retirement yet. Both Irene 
Donahue Alpert and Al are retired and living in Sedona, Arizona Irene is 


attending Yavapai College studying Archeology and doing volunteer work 
with the Sedona Arts Center. Call her if you're in the Arizona area. Irene 
returns four times a year to NYC to attend Board Meetings of a small 
insurance company. We must be the class with the greatest percentage of 
sons Jeanne Corbett Jamieson has five sons. A widow for five years. 
Jeanne was married on October 15, changing her name to Sheehan. She 
lives in South Nyack, NY and winters in St Petersburg. Fl. Florence Sergio 
O'Connor's sons are still single and things are status quo. Marilyn Marvin 
Fltzpatrlck of Hyde Park. NY. is Director of Volunteer Services at Northern 
Dutchess Hospital, Rhinebeck, NY. She raised six children "My job has 
broadened since I started and I find myself busier with added responsi- 
bilities coming my way each year. I am co-chairman of the hospital's guest 
relations, staff advisor for the new medical Explorer Post program, 
coordinator of the Junior High School Health Career program, on the 
Capital Campaign Committee for the new Nursing Home, Community 
Liaison, etc. The challenge of this job is satisfying though at times it 
becomes overwhelming." Bob still practices dentistry in Hyde Park. They 
have four grandsons and two more grandchildren due. Oldest son, Rob, is 
general attorney for ABC/Capital Industries in NYC, three sons live in New 
Jersey. Brian works for Shark Financial Investment Corp., a subsidiary of 
Wang Industries (he's in sales). Gail is Bob's Dental Hygienist. Jeanne 
Marie is a systems specialist for Shared Medical Systems. She has a degree 
in nursing but left hospital nursing after 4V4 years. She now travels all over 
the country demonstrating computer programs for hospital services. 
Karen has her BSN and is a neonatal nurse. She has a six-month old son. 
Mary Ellen is a shareholder representative for Keystone Securities in 
Massachusetts Marilyn is also involved in professional groups and will be 
President of Northern Metropolitan Hospital's Directors of Volunteer 
Services Affiliated for 1989-90. Margaret Slmonelll LaCerra spent time with 
her borther's family in Florida this summer Her four sons are living near 
her in New Jersey and four grandsons, too Margaret teaches in a nearby 
parochial school. She claims to be the biggest sports fan that SJC ever 
produced. For Stella MacNell Flnan, living in Florida in retirement is a new 
and enjoyable experience. All their children, with the exception of their 
retarded son, Bill, are on their own and scattered. Bill lives with Jack and 
Stella and works in a sheltered workshop The Finans recently returned 
from a trip to Scotland and Ireland, which they had been talking about and 
planning for thirty-four years! It was worth waiting for. Joyce Hartey 
Scavullo attended the Sand Hill Writers' Conference held in Augusta 
College, Augusta, GA May 10-12. Joyce is an Educator Director of Augusta 
Richmond County Museum and was responsible for two successful 
Children's Saturdays at the museum. The Scavullos were on Long Island 
during the summer, dividing time between Amagansett and Nassau Point. 
Sr. Alice Harrington LSP has been stationed in Latham NY since May 1 985, 
working in the order's home for the elderly. In Latham she has been doing 
much the same work as when she was in the Bronx. Glnny Scharf Falls' 
husband, Jack, has been a Deacon for the past 10 years in Rockville Center 
Diocese and also Assistant Director of Office of Human Development in 
RVC Diocese, trying to secure and build housing for Senior Citizens and 
Handicapped people. Ginny is a Certified Tumor Registrar working at 
Nassau County Medical Center and has been president of the L.I. Tumor 
Registrars' Association for the past four years. Ginny and Jack's seven 
girls are all grown and all graduated from college. Rosemary, the 
youngest, graduated from SUNY Binghampton in May and received an 
Internship to pursue her Master's at Bowling Green University in Bowling 
Green, Ohio. Three girls are married: Susie (R.N. from Villa Marie College. 
Erie, PA) is a Major in the Army Nurse Corps and lives in St. Pete Beach, Fl, 
the mother of Neil 8. Katie 5 and Erin 2 Cecilia, a Special Ed teacher 
graduated from St. Joe's 1 979 and CW Post 1 983 is the mother of two boys, 
Brian 2 and Timothy 4 months. Alison and Marianne both graduates of St 
John's, are Executives with Commercial Credit Corporation, Alison in 
Connecticut and Marianne in Tampa, Fl. Eileen also graduated from St 
John's and is a Production/Cost Analyst for Aramis Company, pari of 
Estee Lauder. Her son, Michael Francis was born July 28th. Thank 
goodness Bernadette works for Northwest Airlines. She has a degree from 
Niagara in Travel and Tourism and lives at home. Everyone was home in 
August, girls, husbands, children to celebrate the baptism of Timmy and 
Michael. Jack was privileged to baptize them as he has done with all the 
others and we use water from our trip to the Jordan River which we brought 
home several years ago. 

Claire MacVenn Dillon, 1838 East 33rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11234 

(718) 336-3046 

Joan McCarthy Dillon, 32 Sparkill Avenue, Tappan, NY 10983 

(914) 359-4256 

Julia Cummings Murphy, 114 Burtis Avenue, Rockville Centre, NY 11570 

(516) 678-5076 

Geraldine Hanlon Weiss, 63DeerfieldLane South, Pleasantville, NY 10570 

(914) 769-7865 


Joan Capparell O Shea, Principal of School for the Deaf Junior High 
School 47M, was awarded a New York City Administrator Fellowship at 
Harvard University, Cambridge, Ma. Joan will spend the 1989-90 school 
year pursuing an advanced course of study at Harvard. Sister Catherine 
Tuohy has moved from Sacred Heart Academy in Hempstead to Edgerton 
Boulevard. Jamaica. 

Jeannette Mazzuka Sombrotto, 155 Birchwood Drive, New Hyde Park, NY 


Carolyn Taylor Anner, 29 Lorraine St., Syosset, NY 11791 (516)931-7568 

Patricia Egan Englehart, 596 Georgia St., South Hempstead, NY 11550 

(516) 481-5668 

Nancy Sottile Cafiero has moved from Irvington, NY to Amagansett, on 
Long Island. 

Maureen Dougherty Eraser, 123 Wayford Terrace, Garden City. NY 11530 


Dorothea Casey Gleason, 116-05217 St., Cambria Heights, NY 11411 

(718) 528-2785 


Lillian Infoslno Monastlro was selected by her peers to receive Governor 
Kean's 1989 Teacher Recognition Award. With the award was a grant of 
$3,000 to be spent by the recipient. She chose to purchase a new piano and 
other musical equipment to enhance the lives of the entire student body of 
her school. Think of it, classmates! We will celebrate our forty-fifth 
aniversary in 1990. Mark the date of our Spring Luncheon. April 28, 1990. 
and let's meet for a gala celebration. This year the luncheon will be held at 
Terrace on the Park in Queens— site of the old World's Fair. You will be 
hearing more about it. The following classmates are on our "lost" list. Do 
you know their whereabouts? 

Elena M. Coban 
Ann Hamilton Singh 

Joan Riccio Libbon 
Clara Scuitto Cannavo 


Irene Breen. 1370 East 26th St.. Brooklyn, NY 11210 (718) 338-1458 
Mary Shea Pawlowicz, 5308 Del Roy Drive, Dallas, TX 75229 
(214) 691-3716 


Ma Bell says, "Reach out and touch someone! ", and a phone call from 
Betty Savino Acerra to Sr. Miriam Lucille Montella, brought her to the Fall 
Luncheon at the New York Yacht Club. Lucille teaches at Sacred Heart 
Academy in Hempstead. Also at the luncheon was Angela Alexander 
Maher, whose daughter-in-law and son. Carol and Christopher, presented 
her with a grandson, Brian Christopher in September. We were happy to 
see Dottle Whalen Newbert there, too. Dottie recently visited East 
Germany just as most people were going the other way. Winnie Cavanagh 
Malone tells us that son Robert is an attorney; James is teaching Special 
Ed in New Jersey; Maureen lives in Monterey, CA with son Andrew. Joan 
Reardon Dillon will be retiring from the city school system after 32 years of 
teaching. She will take it easy for a while and then maybe open a new 
business. Carolyn Black Sedacca and Ann Bauch, still happily teaching, 
are enjoying the children of students they taught in kindergarten many 
years ago. Kay McMullen Schafer left her job as financial planner in the 
spring and is now tutoring at East Stroudsburg University in Accounting. 
Kay just had a new grandson— her fourth! Mary Feeney Dwyer announced 
a judge in the family. Her husband, Tom, was elected to the District Court. 
Their daughter, Tracy, is president of her own modeling agency— Tracy's 
Kids; Kathleen was married in August; Mary just moved to Santa Cruz; 
Tom, a financial consultant in New York City, is finishing his MBA; Sean is 
in Hollywood working in the movies; Megan is finishing college and wants 
to be a social worker. Mary, herself, teaches 1st grade in East Williston and 
loves it. Mary Engelskerger Seery's daughter, Kathy was married in July. 
She teaches in St. Thomas in West Hempstead. Jackie TaaMe Coleman has 
four grandchildren and will soon have number five! We received a copy of a 
bi-monthly newsletter entitled "Newsreal" put out by Dorothy Nokes 
Sanchlrlco who works for Schlott Realtors in Wayne, NJ. It contains realty 
information and has sections on Home Repairs. Dining Out, Health Hints 
and, in the September/October issue, the 1 989 Football Schedule. Dorothy 
is a Sales Representative for Schlott. We are looking forward to meeting 

again at the Spring Luncheon in Terrace on the Park on April 28, 1990! 
We're only a phone call away— let's hear from you! 

AnnE. Bauch, 6 Stevens Court, Stewart Manor. Franklin Square P.O., New 
York 11010 (516) 328-9449 

Still no class agent. Will someone please volunteer? How about you 
English Majors 9 

Julia Twomey Earley and Michael have moved from Massapequa Park to 
Vienna, Virginia, 

Monica Mangan Wheaton, 228 Royal Oak Drive. Chesapeake. Va. 23320 

(804) 482-3086 

Patricia Maguire. 65 Bay 19th St., Apt. 5F. Brooklyn. NY 11214 

(718) 259-8532 


Rosanne Perlllo Vastano and Tony moved to West Palm Beach, Fl. Tony 
works in Miami All three married daughters are expecting in September 
and October. Son, Guy, graduated from West Point and is in Fort Louis, 
Washington. Deb the youngest is in her last year at Daemen College in 
Buffalo and will be a physical therapist. Rosanne gave up teaching and is 
now in banking. Anyone in West Palm Beach? Margaret Jones Downing s 
son, John M. Downing. Jr. Esq , is a practicing attorney He passed the 
Connecticut and New York Bar examinations and is anticipating a career 
in Tax Preparation, Estate Planning and Real Estate closings. He is also a 
Notary Public. 

Mary Sullivan Luongo. 4 Cresent Drive, Easton, CT 06612 (203) 372-1155 
Carolyn Hill Dalton. 124 South Park Avenue, Rockville Centre, NY 11570 
(516) 764-6261 

Barbara Lynch Schoenberg. 336 West End Avenue. New York, NY 10023 
(212) 873-9470 


Eileen Mullen was in contact with Barbara Cooke Nash, who lives in Silver 
Spring, MD. She and Jack have four children: a daughter and three sons, 
the youngest, Pete, is in his junior year and an engineering major. With Five 
grandchildren, Barbara is exulting in grandparenting - says it far outshines 
her master's from Catholic U and her love of computers. Had a chance to 
talk with Margery Robblns Glfford who teaches senior English classes, 
including Advanced Placement English for the Gifted and Talented. Since 
1985 Margery has hosted a Christmas party for former students, many of 
whom attend Harvard, Yale, William and Mary or the University of Virginia. 
Margie and Larry also have their own college graduates: Kieran, nowCPA; 
Regina, a Smith grad on her way to Chicago to undertake a new position: 
and Mary Elaine, a May '89 Bryn Mawr grad and a summer bride. This 
summer, probably the last weekend of June, Margie proposes that English 
majors or minors - and anyone else who would like to join - meet at the 
Brooklyn Campus for lunch. If you're interested, give Margie a call. Related 
to this, I will send a list of class members' addresses and phone numbers. 
Had a wonderful letter from Joan Bambach McCann who is now doing 
substitute math teaching and taking graduate coursework in math. John 
works for AT&T in telecommunications and spends several days each 
month in Washington. Elizabeth, their oldest is finishing her senior year at 
William and Mary, while Jim. 18, began at Rutgers this past fall. Their three 
other children are still at home. Keep the good news coming so that I can 
pass it on. Oops, I almost forgot! Next year is a big one for us. It's our 
thirtieth anniversary - a great reason to meet together and celebrate. We 
will be especially honored at the Spring Luncheon on April 28, 1990 which 
will be held at Terrace on the Park in Queens. You'll be hearing more about 
it but meantime, mark your 1990 calendar and call some of your friends - 
start planning. . . If you know where any of our "lost" are (listed below) 
phone or write to the alumni office. 

Maureen Cartwright Marazzi 
Nancy Cavallaro Lisciotto 
Bridget Feola 
Vivian Graepel Hudson 

Michele Nota 

Monica Rose 

Barbara Tartagalia Murphy 

Teresa Tolvo 

Eileen Mullen. 92 Parrot Place. Brooklyn. NY 11228 
(718) 745-6624 (H) (718) 622-4690 (W) 


I received a phone call from Jean Baumgarten Gugllelmo who lives in 
Olney, Maryland. She spent her spring break taking students to Greece - 
wonderful trip. She has taken groups to England three times and her Good 
Counsel High School students can't wait for the trip to England next 
Spring. Her daughter. Rachel, is going to Italy to spend several months 
learning Italian. She hopes to look up Marie Pesce who teaches at the 
University of Florence and we may have some interesting news of her for 
the next issue! Our deepest sympathy goes to Lynn Sorensen Thornton on 
the tragic death of her husband. Please keep them and their four children 
in your prayers. And. please send me news of your family, job. interesting 
"doings" to share with our class. 

Barbara Frohnhofer Feldman, 1 7800 Mill Creek Drive. Derwood. MD 20855 
(301) 963-4191 

Pat Coleman Campbell, 89 Jedwood Place. Valley Stream, NY 11581 
(516) 791-8693 


I received a lengthy note from Claudia Gale Montanl She and Tony are still 
in Corry. PA where Claudia has begun her 15th year as a nursery school 
teacher. Their oldest daughter, Deidre, was married in June and lives in 
Fairfax. VA. Jennifer graduated from Mercyhurst College in May with a BA 
in Communications. At present she works for her aunt at Cuisine, Cuisine, 
a successful food catering business in Manhasset. She plans to work for a 
year and then live in Europe. The Montanis hope to be in New York around 
Christmas time for a get-together with Tony's friends from Fordham. I 
spent an afternoon with Rosemary McDonald Ahern, Jeanne Funke 
O'Brien and Noreen Doherty Rosemary is enjoying her first grandchild 
and looking forward to a second one soon. Jeanne enjoys her career in the 
travel business. Noreen continues to be a sailing enthusiast spending most 
weekends on the water Joan Corcoran Fordham's son. Jim, is a junior at 
Marquette University He spent last summer studying French at the 
University of Limoges Karen entered St. Mary's College in Indiana and 
Brian (15) is a high school student My (Mary Collins Macchlarola) son 
Joseph started Notre Dame in September. On learning that Joan would be 
in South Bend the same weekend, we arranged to meet there and had a 
wonderful time. I was delighted to meet Joan's husband, Jim. Summer was 
hectic for the Macchiarolas. Frank campaigned for public office. Family 
life was on hold and perpetual motion was the order of the day. Though 
losing was hard, the experience of a political campaign was invaluable, 
especially for our two sons who were active campaign workers all summer. 
Michael, a senior at Regis, is searching out suitable colleges. Frank, an 8th 
grader is working on a high school choice The Fall Luncheon was very 
special. The New York Yacht club was especially impressive, the food was 
delicious, but the company was the best Noreen Doherty, Mary Ann 
Welndler Horan, Alice Sheridan D'Anna and Pat Jeslnkey Palmer Alice 
was the victim of a chain snatcher as she entered the club, but hooray for 
Alice - she foiled the robber's attempt and saved herself and the chain. 
Carole Roswell Matter's oldest daughter, Tara, graduated Cum Laude from 
Woodbury University in June '89 with a degree in Marketing. One down 
and two to go. says Carole. Mary Jean finished her third year at University 
of Santa Barbara, majoring in Religious Studies. Son Dan finished his first 
year at St. Mary's college in Moraga, CA, outside Oakland. Husband, Dan, 
and Carole taught CCD for nine years but decided to take a year off from 
the challenges of 8th graders Instead Carole presented a six-week 
program of drug and alcohol awareness in their parish. "It was a rewarding 
experience " she writes Christine Grlncato Turnbaugh is responsible for 
Travel and Publications for Michelin Guides & Maps for the US and 
Canada, and has done a lot of travelling. She and John have a son. 
Jonathon, 3 Christine taught French and Spanish for 1 1 years and loved 
teaching. She may return to teaching next year. We extend sympathy to Sr. 
Kathryn Clarke, CSJ, on the death of her mother. Both Mr and Mrs. Clarke 
were active in the Parents' Club, you may recall. A Happy New Year to all 
and please keep those letters coming!! 

Mary Collins Macchiarola. 3431 Bedford Avenue. Brooklyn, NY 11210 

(718) 951-7494 

Maureen Maguire Sullivan. 1-16 Atlantic Avenue. Farmmgdale. NY 11735 


Catherine Travers Alcuri. 109 Brower Ave.. Rockville Center. NY 11570 


Around Labor Day. Peggy Conner Fortler and family moved from 
Edmonton. Alberta. Canada to Harrisburg. Pennsylvania, their first time 



living in the States since 1968! Her younger son, Richard. 20, is making the 
move with them but their older son and his wife will stay in Canada He is a 
pilot in the northern part of Manitoba. In May he received a B S in Aviation 
Science from the University of North Dakota. Peggy and John are looking 
forward to being relatively close to New York again and hope to be able to 
see some of their old friends Maryann Gentile Norcott's son. James Liam. 
graduated from Archbishop Molloy High School in June. He received the 
Champagnat Award for Service, and is now attending St. Michael's 
College in Vermont. Maryann is coordinator in the Life Management 
Program for Long Beach Adult Learning Center and has spent the past 
year as representative for New York State Department of Adult Education/- 
Nassau-Suffolk counties for the National Issues Forums sponsored by the 
Kettering Foundation. Susan Hussey St. John-Parsons is a Senior 
Computer Analyst at Columbia University's Center for Computing 
Activities. Husband, Donald, is Director of the Teacher Practitioners 
Program at Bank Street College. Daughter. Fiona, was sixteen in October 
and in her junior year at Manhattan's Loyola School They live in 
Morningside Heights and would love to hear from any Manhattan 
alumni/ae. Julie Wanzel Bernroth won a trip to Aruba as the Grand Prize 
from Our Lady of Grace Montessori School She and Charlie had a grand 
time Julie is now a Guidance Counsellor at JHS 210 in Ozone Park where 
she is working a special project to help improve students' self image. The 
class of 1963 has 163 members, but only one class agent Elizabeth 
Williams Auricchio who says she has not had much response lately to her 
efforts to collect news. She would like a co-agent. English majors may 
want to try their skills as reporter!! Will you help? Write to the alumni office 
for a class list, a special folder for you to keep notes and records, and other 
tools. . . 245 Clinton Avenue. Brooklyn, NY 11205. 

Elizabeth Williams Auricchio, 540 East 20th Street, New York 10009 
1212) 228-9350 


I am reporting to you live - after the quake - from sunny California and am 
among the very fortunate who survived the experience intact. However, the 
bedrock of NYC is beginning to seem very appealing again! Although I 
never realized that I'd volunteered as Class agent when I offered to help 
organize the class reunion last spring, I'll give it my best shot. Phil and 
Mary Hllgeman Meyers, and daughter, Sara, visited me this summer on 
their return from a vacation in the Far East. We enjoyed a whirlwind tour of 
Disneyland and Universal Studios. . . including the simulated earthquake 
experience. Ron and Pat McNulty Kushner were also out traveling this 
summer and stopped by to visit with Joellen Sheehan Faucher and their 
family in Shirley, MA. Pat and I spent a great afternoon earlier this summer 
walking the streets of Manhattan in the pouring rain and drinking lime- 
rickeys in a coffee shop while we dried out and caught up on each other's 
life Gerl Thompson Sokol and her sons, Peter and Christopher, have 
returned to the East Coast from California. She recently purchased a home 
in Montclair, NJ and is Vice-president for a financial Investment 
Corporation located in Jersey City. She's managed to stay in touch with 
Mary Noberinl Heller and Rosemary Mayer I had a chance to see all of 
them again this summer and am very confident that we will arrange 
another reunion in 1990. It would be great if we could entice some of our 
"absentee" classmates to join us next time Ellen Monahan, Glnny 
Humes Mastondrea, MaryEllen Hennessy Hansen, Kerrl Morrlssey 
Plowman, Marie Kessel, JoAnn Bacon Turltto, Marge Penny et al We 
missed you! We extend our sympathy to Elizabeth Hogan on the death of 
her mother last June. Her father died in 1988. Please remember them in 
your prayers We are sorry that Joellen Sheehan Faucher has resigned as 
class agent and we thank her for her services for the past several years. 
While visiting East Coast beaches last June, Joellen stopped to look up 
Sister Joseph Damlen and shared a few hours, recalling the days when 
Joellen helped out in Public Relations. Joellen is trying to recall who it was 
at the Spring Luncheon, who volunteered to be a 1964 class agent. Get in 
touch with the Alumni Office for a class list and more information and a 
beautiful red folder to help keep track of notes. My mailbox is still standing 
and I would welcome hearing from all of you. 

Barbara Kempczinska, 4441 Montgomery St., Oakland. CA 94611 


Adele Vocel. principal of Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School, was the 
featured speaker at St. Joseph's College Annual Fall Open House on 
October 15. 1989 Prospective students, their friends and their parents 
attended. Do you realize that 1990will mark our SILVER anniversary? That 

it will be 25 years since graduation? We will be honored at the Spring 
Luncheon which will be held on April 28, 1990 at Terrace in the Park, 
Queens Mark your calendar NOW and let's make some plans. You'll be 
hearing more but if you have any ideas or suggestions get in touch with us 
class agents. We have a lot of "lost" members - if you know their addresses 
write or phone the alumni office. Here they are: 


! Barone Fitzpatrick 

Margaret Bunstead 
Geraldine Carey Gibney 
Virginia Conroy Hyland 
Julia Finno 
Maureen Flannery 
Camilla Giampiccolo 
Mary Jane Grace 
S Mary Julia Hannon 
Melame Hering Klaus 
Judith Lauchaire Field 

Evelyn Lynch McTiernan 
Agnes McMurray Davey 
Annemarie Maine Carrino 
Eileen Monteodorisio Virgona 
Nancy O'Donnell Flynn 
Jeanne Paterno Griffiths 
Carolyn Piasecki Helms 
Geraldine Smith Lovejoy 
Marion Stavina Wittine 
Mary Taylor Neiman 
S Miriam Anthilla Whitwell 

Tern Civello. 150 E. 3rd St.. New York NY 10009 

(212) 473-3491 

Rosemary Collins Zink. 9 Hightield Lane, Coltsneck, NJ 07722 

(201) 946-4654 

Mary Beth McNerney Lamond, 9106 Ridge Blvd., Brooklyn, NY 11209 

(718) 833-2488 


Judy Collins, Mary Devlin, Clare Kelly Llnnle, Mary O'Connell Glfford and 
Lorraine Penfold Appleton attended the Fall Luncheon, a lovely occasion 
and an opportunity to gather news Judy is one of a three-person team who 
evaluates the needs of non-English speaking students and prescribes 
appropriate learning experiences for them She enjoys travelling in Spain. 
Mary Devlin spends her vacations in Ireland During the school year she is 
both a computer teacher by day and an ESL instructor in the evening. In 
her very precious spare time, she is Vice President of our alumni 
association Clare Kelly Llnnle is a government financial analyst, a 
challenging new career that she is enjoying. Mary O'Connell Glfford 
journeyed in from New Jersey Her daughter loves being a sophomore at 
Loyola near Baltimore Lorraine Penfold Appleton is a full time mother to 
four-year old Katie and anticipating another move this summer, possibly to 
Washington, DC. Cathy Harper Burgh called with news of a family move 
from New Jersey to the Chesapeake area in Virginia. Cathy's two oldest are 
in college— Glassboro State & University of Miami— and her youngest in 
2nd grade. Cathy just received her M.Ed, in May and is working as a 
teacher in the city system She also spoke about Rosemary Canella 
Gugllelmo, who runs a Catholic preschool in Glen Rock, N.J. and was 
recently honored for her work at a Mass for Catholic teachers. Janet 
Cornelia Fablano has moved from Elmira to Cornwall, New York. Her 
husband. Frank, is International Marketing Manager for Star Enterprises. 
Janet has been teaching French and Spanish for the last five years in 
Highland Falls. Hope, 16, is an honor student. Blythe, 9, is a gifted musician 
who taught herself to play the piano at three Eileen Jones Lavln spent the 
last few years, she says, visiting campuses for Maureen, 20, a junior at 
Fairfield, for Janie, 19, a sophomore at lona.forTrici, 18, a freshman at St. 
John's and for Billy. 1 7, a senior at Xaverian, aspiring for Cornell in the Fall. 
Maribeth, 16, is a sophomore at Stella Maris, Jimmy, 1 1, is in 6th grade at 
St. Frances de Sales in Belle Harbor and last but not least, Robbie. 2, is 
bound for nursery school. You're probably tired of the reminder that our 
25th reunion is only a bit more than a year away. We'll be sending a survey 
to you soon about what kind of gathering you'd like. Anyone who'd like to 
help please contact either of us. We want to make it special for each and 
every class member. 

Lorraine Penfold Appleton, Bldg. 111. Apt. S3, Governor's Island. NY 10004 

(212) 825-7423 

Mary Devlin. 4005 Quentin Road. Brooklyn. NY 11234 (718) 338-8775 


Bill and Pat Cllea Weller and their four children, Michael, 20. Christopher, 
13, Matthew, 12 and Kristen, 10, live in Newburgh, New York. Michael is 
returning to college this fall. Chris was selected to participate in a project 
sponsored by Johns Hopkins University for Gifted and Talented Students. 
He was elected to the National Junior Honor Society, also. The great love 
of his life is sports, particularly baseball and soccer. Matt was elected 
president of the Student Council and received academic honors when 
graduating from elementary school. He also participates in baseball and 
soccer, Kristen is active in Girl Scouts and enjoys soccer and Softball. 

Regina McCarthy is Director of Science at Community School District 27 
in Queens. Jane Farrell Link's daughter Becky, 11, will dance again this 
year in the Nutcracker Suite at Kennedy Center, Washington DC. She will 
have the lead role. After many years of serving as '67 class agent, Terry 
Perrone Bozza wrote of her resignation, and we are sorry to lose a faithful 
reporter. Many thanks, Terry, for all you did for your classmates We have 
only one class agent, Mary Ellen Dublel Freeley, and because of the size of 
the class, we need two or three more Please volunteer your services and 
write to the alumni office now, to receive your beautiful red folder to help 
keep notes as they come in, as well as a class list and brief instructions. It is 
a special way of donating to the college— donating your time and your 

Mary Ellen Dublel Freeley, 67-124 Burns St., Forest Hills, NY 11375 
(718) 544-3216 


We were delighted to get the news of Evelyn Vleta Smith's marriage to 
Charles Robinson last summer. The wedding was held July 29th in Coral 
Gables, Florida. The Stanton crew took a week's vacation in Cape Cod this 
year. Everyone agreed the highlight was the Whale Watch cruise. Two 
humpbacks got close enough that we were sprayed with "whale breath" 
from their spouts several times Elaine DeFellce Spataro, Susan Burke, 
Peggy Smith and Cathie Colgan Stanton had a chance to visit at the fall 
luncheon at the New York Yacht Club. Elaine's son, Michael, is in his 
freshman year at St. John's University He graduated from Xavierian High 
School and received a full tuition, four-year scholarship to St. John's. He 
also received the Vincent Kassenbrock Memorial Scholarship, a New York 
Telephone Scholarship and a Fordham University Scholarship. Susan and 
Elaine have the honor of being on the faculty of Bishop Kearney High 
School, the winner of the Power 95 School Spirit Contest. Somehow they 
didn't seem too enthused about having a disk jockey on top of a van in front 
of the school handing out T-shirts and record albums at dismissal time 
The contest prize was 2000 free tickets to a New Kids on the Block concert 
We're waiting to see whether they go Peggy Smith just started a new |ob, 
still with the State Social Services Department in Albany. She will be part of 
an interdepartmental team developing program ideas for early intervention 
with young children at risk for health, learning and social problems. Cathie 
Colgan Stanton just gave a talk at the annual meeting of the Science 
Teachers Association of New York State on the comparative environmental 
effects of different ways of producing electric energy. Her children think 
she does it because they are not a particularly attentive audience. Kathleen 
Vaslle Jaworskl is on leave from teaching at Lafayette HS in Brooklyn to 
pursue an Administrative Certificate at Brooklyn College. 

Catherine Colgan Stanton, 1221 Underhill Ave., Yorktown Hgts, NY 10598 

(914) 962-3756 

Blanche Lindner Pesce. 127 Pine St., Rockville Center, NY 11570 

(516) 764-2951 

Maureen Quinn Scherer, 44 Plymouth Ave., Mt. Sinai, NY 11766 

(516) 928-4630 

let the alumni office or one of the class agents know if you have current 
addresses or an idea of their locale. 

Alberta D'AMIisio Aldinger 

Georgette Alexander 

Mary Berkery Hoover 

Barbara Blake 

Kathleen Brown Migliaccio 

Zully Colon Papa 

Mary Davis 

Kathleen Game Glasberg 

Elaine Grasser 

Maryellen Lawlor Merngan 

Rita Lyons DeBonis 
Claudia Maietich 
Michele Malone Reilly 
Minerva Montalvo Del Toro 
Eileen McNamara Hergen 
Emilia Nocita Cardone 
Cecilia Roe Downer 
Lissette Stasse Nollner 
Pamela Trozzi Giordano 
Peggy Ann Voltaire Guillou 

If you have any ideas that you would like to share about the reunion, 
contact Michele Azenaro Bracco, Fran Stavola Daly, Cecilia Kennlon 
Soccl, Ellen Farrell or Maria Falconnettl Many of our classmates hope to 
meet again at the Fall 1990 Luncheon for another reunion Regarding the 
status of our Class Gift of $5,000 to name the Student Government Office 
in Memory of Florence Donohue and Susan Damlanl Caruana. we're about 
two-thirds of the way to making this a reality If you would I ike to give your 
contribution to the Capital Campaign for this Class Gift, be sure to write a 
notation on your pledge card We were sorry to receive a note from 
Kathleen Flanagan Brolly, saying that she is resigning as class agent and 
wish to thank her for her service to members of 70 over the past years. 

Maria Falconetti. 1205 Wellington Place, Aberdeen. NJ 07747 

(201) 566-3729 

Barbara Ridzi Yovine, 26 Sylvan Avenue, Delmar. NY 12054 

(518) 439-2062 

Mary Mone Dorney, 141 Park Avenue, Williston Park, NY 11596 

(516) 746-3987 


Joe and Maura Gallagher Pennachlo and children. Danielle 16. and Joey 
13, spent a weekend in the Duxbury, Massachusetts, home of Jack and 
Kathy Wels Gillespie and children, Sean 10. Eileen 7 and Peter 4. Maura 
who lives in Fishkill, NY, is pursuing her Masters at New Paltz. Both are 
wondering how other "Smoker" classmates are doing and hope that there 
will be a good turnout for our twentieth reunion in 1991. We extend our 
sympathy to Maura on the death of her mother in January of 1989. We were 
sorry to receive a note from Patricia Garvey saying that she is resigning as 
a class agent. Many thanks, Patricia, for your service to our members over 
the years. We'll miss your notes Mary Brown Singer is the only class agent 
and we need a few more for our 130 classmates. You will receive a beautiful 
folder and pen, plus a class list and information, if you volunteer to take 
over these not too arduous duties. Write to the alumni office. 245 Clinton 
Avenue, Brooklyn. NY. 11205. 

Mary Brown Singer, 
(914) 776-2510 


I Bronx River Road, Bronxville, NY 10708 


The Fall Luncheon, at the New York Yacht Club on October 28th was a 
wonderful opportunity for many of our classmates to catch up with one 
another It was attended by Michele Azenaro Bracco, Cecilia Kennlon 
Soccl, Ellen Farrell, Amelia Abagnalo Kreltsch, Marilyn Indellcato 
D' Antonio, Adele D'Agostlno Fava, Valerie Wertz Oulnlan, Barbara Llnsky, 
Maria Falconetti. We had a note from Joanne Hartman Peluso who teaches 
fourth grade in Middletown. NY Rich and Joanne's daughter. Michelle. 
was valedictorian for her high school graduating class of Minisink Valley in 
June '89. Their son, Christopher is a sophomore and Amy is in 6th grade 
Rich has an engineering firm. For our 20th anniversary reunion next year, 
we are planning a champagne brunch in the newly renovated parlors of St. 
Joseph's College, on May 6, 1990. Mark your calendars now! We are 
inviting all members of the faculty and administration who were at the 
college in 1970! Aside from the program committee's special surprises 
(Michele Azenaro Bracco and Fran Stavola Daly have volunteered for this 
effort), we're looking forward to an event that will be especially 
memorable. In a month or so we will send you a questionnaire and we ask 
you for an update on your activities so that we may prepare a class year 
booklet. Later, you will receive and invitation for the May 6th celebration. If 
you live out of town and would like to attend the reunion but need a place to 
stay overnight, several of our classmates can provide lodging. Call Maria 
Falconetti at (201) 566-3729 and she will make arrangements with you. 
Many of our classmates are still "lost." Please review the following list and 

Elizabeth Cammarota Zullo of the class of 71 
wrote us of the death of Patricia Ann Lettleri 
Hveen August 13. 1989 After leaving St. 
Joseph's, Pat worked at the Strong Place Day 
Care Center and shortly was married to Frank 
Hveen. She left her job before her daughter. 
Margaret, was born Two years later twins, 
Francis and Ralph, were born and Pat stayed 
home until the boys started first grade. 
Elizabeth Zullo was the first grade teacher at 
St. Clare's and a friendship developed between 
Pat, Frank and herself. When the boys were to 
enter third grade, Elizabeth moved up to teach it so that she could have the 
twins again The following year. Pat began to feel that something was 
wrong in her body After consulting several doctors. Pat was diagnosed as 
having lymphoma. Pat did everything medically available to fight this 
terrible form of cancer but had to give up her job within the year. She never 
complained and was always cheerful in spite of intense pain. She had a 
party for Margaret's eighth grade graduation and a party tor her sons' 
birthday. Her smiling face belied her agony but she was happiest doing for 
her family Pat loved St. Joseph's, too. Please remember her and her family 
in your prayers Barbara Hurley Camporeale teaches kindergarten on 
Staten Island Her daughter. Angela, is a freshman at Notre Dame HS Meg 
Ambrose Preller's new son, Drew, arrived on February 28th Barbara 
Woods Traola is supervising student-teachers at St Joseph's in 


Patchogue Occasionally she meets Peggy Haran McKlnney on the soccer 
field. Patti Luciana English teaches part-time at Stella Maris HS in 
Rockaway. Daughter, Kerry, was a bronze medalist at the National Canoe 
and Kayak Championships this summer in Indianapolis. 

Christine Guardia Kopyt. 34 Castlewood Rd., Simsbury, CT 06070 

(203) 658-2792 

Dianne Piwinski, 188 Java Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222 

(718) 383-6847 

Kathleen Lavin, 1367 E. 72nd Street, Brooklyn. NY 11234 


Patricia Luciana English, 143 Beach - 133 St., Belie Harbor, NY 11694 

William J. Gorman. 458 Degraw St.. Brooklyn. NY 11217 


Vincent Vizzo. 59 Rustic St., Medlord, NY 11763 NIL 

Theresa Cimakasky Mason, 251 90th Street. Brooklyn. NY 11209 

(718) 833-3878 

Debra Stevenson Nelson. 170 Nassau Ave . Manhasset, NY 11030 

(516) 735-0583 

Jacqueline Reisert Esposito, 950 W. Aaron Drive, 6D, State College, PA 

16803 (814) 234-7226 

Rose Anne DeFina Smith, 75 Kay Place, State Island, NY 10305 

(718) 473-7214 


Gayle Clifford Calder and Jim moved recently to Yardley. PA The Calders 
and their three children, Erin 13, Jimmy 10, and Peter 7, have enjoyed 
travelling a great deal. In the past three years they spent a summer in 
Scotland, in England and in Ireland. 

Maryanne Carnno Besheer, 86 Liberty Drive. Dayton. NJ 08810-0148 

(201) 274-2973 

Catherine Forgione Zaic, 1 Kingsmere Lane, Marlton, NJ 08053 

(609) 983-7494 

Linda Ellen Borelli Ridzi, 72 Windsor Place, Brooklyn, NY 11215 

(718) 499-5540 

Joan Denauski Halpern, 8 Jennifer Drive, Howell, NJ 07731 


1974 Suffolk 

I open this column with a sad note - that our classmate, Kenneth Floersch 
passed away last December. His dad asked that we keep Ken and the 
family in our prayers. I will also have a Mass said for Ken from our class. 
Our deepest sympathy to his dear family. Received glad news from Arne 
Sandal Arne and Ann are parents of a lovely daughter. Rachael lllyse, born 
July 6, 1989. All are doing well and are living in a new home in Chester, 
Virginia Arne was placed on the "temporary retired" list for a year because 
of some injuries he sustained. If they do not heal in this period of time, he 
will have to retire Good luck, Arne, and keep us informed how it goes. 
MonaTreanorand her husband are enjoying life. All six children are adults 
and Mona has been enjoying the new stage of her life, working in the New 
York State Office of Mental Health -for 12 years now. On October 15th, I 
had the joy of helping a friend of mine celebrate her 25th Anniversary as a 
Sister of St. Joseph. I was asked to do the homi ly at her Mass and saw some 
of our dear teachers - S. Margaret Louise Shea and S. Alice Francis Young 
They haven't changed. . . and they were so glad to see that I remembered 
them. How grateful we are to these great women for the education 
provided us, the class of 1974. Please keep in touch - blessing to all. . . 

James Flannery Jr., 224 Merrilield Ave., Oceanside. NY 11572 
(516) 764-8654 


Joanne Berezowski Casella has been studying Art at the Westchester Art 
Workshop, taking classes in sculpture, painting, stain glass, calligraphy, 
jewelry making, lapidary and pottery. Joanne has New York State 
Certification in Art K-1 2. Joanne's father died this year in May and we offer 
our condolences and prayers. Joanne's PS. is "I wish more classmates 
would take time to write and tell what's going on in their lives!" Tom La 
Guldice has received the Crown Award for being the #1 Sales Repre- 
sentative in all of Liberty Mutual. Tom and Caroline (Donovan 79) 
vacationed in Charlottesville and Richmond, Virginia. Rose Anne DeFina 
Smith and Wayne are the proud parents of Ashley Elizabeth born last 
September 5th. The year 1990 is a milestone for us. It is our fifteenth 
anniversary of graduation from St. Joseph's. Let's celebrate together at the 
spring luncheon on April 28, 1990 - at Terrace on the Park, Queens. Mark 
your calendar now. A number of our classmates are on our "lost" list. Do 
you have their addresses? If so write to the alumni office. Here they are: 

Arlene Bielicki Borruso 
Donna Diulla Poliseo 
Diane Fessler Ryan 
Dennis Girolamo 
Elizabeth Hayes Reilly 
Maryann Lafaro 
Adelaide Lembo Polito 
Soma Males 
Jo Ann Maggio 

Nicholas Nonaco 
John Raimo 
Ruth Redondo 
Mary Jane Ryan 
Donna Shatter Lorenz 
Judith Sparks 
Garry Stegeland 
Virginia Westwood 

1975 Suffolk 

There is a dearth of news from classmates, but we have special news 
coming up! Believe it or not. 1990 will be a milestone for us. It will be 
FIFTEEN years since our graduation from St. Joseph's in Brentwood! Let's 
meet to celebrate together. We will be especially honored at the Spring 
Luncheon to be held on April 28. 1990. at Terrace on the Park. Queens. 
You'll be hearing more about it, and if you have any other ideas, let me 
know We have no addresses for our classmates listed below. Do you know 
where they are? If so let me or the alumni office know. 

Dominick Albano 
Cynthia Beach 
James Bowser 
Michael Brennan 
Roseanne Carolea Carmo 
Barbara Mclnerney 
Margaret McMann 

William OGrady 
Christine Radtke 
Scott Rubenstein 
Joanne Safranek Doolin 
Carol Sloboda Adamse 
Elaine A Hallahan 

Barbara Ross Antonucci, 181 Commercial Blvd.. Brentwood. NY 11717 
(516) 231-3340 


Hi everyone! It's been 1 3 years since graduation. Our class is scattered all 
over the country, some not even in this country. Here is what some of your 
friends are doing Pat Hartlgan Richards works as a Speech Therapist in 
Boston Steven and Janet Hohmann DIPIetro live in Levittown with their 
two children, David 8 and Jessica 4 years old Janet works locally as a 
substitute teacher two days a week Celeste Dattner Uslschon lives in 
Brooklyn. She has served as a Guest Speaker for the Diocese of Brooklyn 
in Early Childhood. She spent a year as pastoral minister in her parish, St. 
Vincent de Paul. She and Brian have a beautiful 1V4 year old son. Sean 
Christopher. Remember Justine Laskow? Justine worked as a nurse at 
Long Island Col lege Hospital for five years. In 1 984, she left to join the New 
York City Fire Department as a Nursing Supervisor and enjoys it very 
much When time allows, she does per diem work at Long Island College 
Hospital. Who says the teachers of St. Joseph's College don't remember 
you? In October, Ann Slmko Rennard, was at a funeral where she met 
Sister Leonie Conk, her Child Study professor, thirteen years ago Ann and 
Sister Leonie talked about the great years spent at SJC and the last thirteen 
years. Ann has been living in Franklin Square for seven years and is 
currently a domestic engineer and active with her son, Robert, now ten and 
in fifth grade. She enjoys PTA, baseball, and being a chauffeur. Ann is a 
special Minister of the Eucharist in St. Catherine of Sienna and enjoys this 
service. She adds that she has been happily married for eleven years. Joe 
and Joan Carolla Bertorelll live in Astoria. Joan is the mother of a family of 
J's. Joseph Jr., or JJ, attends St. Francis Prep in Fresh Meadows. John is at 
Immaculate Conception School in Astoria. James was just four in October 
and goes to nursery school. Joan can be found on the baseball field, at 
piano lessons, drum lessons or the flea market! On May 14. 1989, Catherine 
Liberator! received her MS in Computers in Education from CW Post/LIU. 
During July she taught a two-week "Introduction to Computers" course, 
sponsored by the Sister of St. Joseph at Kearney High School On July 31st 
Cathy started a new job as the Technical Assistance Manager for the 
Literacy Assistance Center, which is a non-profit organization serving as a 
resource for all agenies that sponsor classes in Adult Basic Education and 
English for Speakers of Other Languages. Cathy works with the ALIES 
system which is part of a citywide adult literacy database. On October 20th 
Cathy was one of 22 laymen and women who became formal CSJ 
Associates and she is a member of the Associate Board. Cathy asks for 
Willie Smith's address Does anyone know it? 

Mary Frances Healion Muldoon. 2674 East 22nd Street. Brooklyn. NY 


Ann Simko Rennard. 966 Shelburne Drive, Franklin Square, NY 11010 

(516) 825-5479 

Martha Stoistis Spezzano. 73-04 67th Rd„ Middle Village, NY 11379 

(718) 894-5838 

1980 Suffolk 

On September 23, 1 989, Kathle Geehern married Augie Aloia, a New York 
City Police Detective. They honeymooned in Hawaii and now make their 
home in Manhattan. 

Sarah Murphy Berliner, 570 Westminister Road, ttC8. Brooklyn, NY 1 1230 

1978 Suffolk 

Robyn Wallstein moved to Boca Raton, Florida and Marie Brofman to 
Lancaster, Ohio Maryteresa McKenna is Assistant Director for Community 
Relations at Lutheran Medical Center and is on the Bay Ridge Community 
Council. This summer she enjoyed a vacation in Cape May "I look forward 
to hearing your news." she writes "Did you get my postcard asking you to 
share news with classmates by writing notes for this column'' 

Maryteresa McKenna, 8215 4th Avenue, Apt. E1, Brooklyn, NY 11209 

(718) 680-5681 

Maria Sabella Shukri, 10 Jill Drive. Commack, NY 11725 (516) 269-9032 

Mary Patricia Annett, 252 Riviera Pkwy, Lmdenhurst, NY 11757 


Marion Salgado, 16 Sequams Lane North, West Islip, NY 11795 


Rosaline Krubiner, 3305 Ocean Harbor Drive, Oceanside, NY 11572 

(516) 764-1961 


Justin John Delluomo was born on July 2, to Linda Scudlerl Delluomo who 
is working at PS. 1 00 teaching in a Resource Room Deborah Franomenl is 
a third grade teacher at PS. 100 Deborah will marry Linda's brother-in- 
law, Steven in June 1990 Donna EfferenKehoe also welcomed a son. Sean 
Patrick, on March 25, 1989 Caroline Donovan La Guldlce enjoyed a great 
vacation in Charlottesville and Richmond. Virginia last summer. 

Teresita Aquino, 2956 Far Rockaway Blvd., Far Rockaway. NY 11691 
(718) 386-3215 

1980 Brooklyn 

A letter from Jean Stevenson tells of her marriage, on August 8. 1987 to 
Joseph Di Sanza. They live in Yardley, PA, in historic Bucks County. 
Yardley is located across the river from Trenton, NJ, and is approximately 
10 miles north of Philadelphia. They find it a nice blend of suburbia and 
country living. For the last three years, Jean has been pursuing a master's 
degree in Elementary Education. She is three credits shy. She hopes to 
start teaching next September. Jean iscurrently enjoying staying at home 
to watch and care for their beautiful daughter, Kristen Jean, born last 
March. Mary Theresa Murphy is working for Catholic Charities as a 
program specialist in the Office of Early Child Development. This involves 
supervising Day Care and Head Start Programs sponsored by Catholic 
Charities. Anna Paternoster Franch is living upstate and is the mother of 
two children, Robert who was 4 in July, and Cindy, a one-year-old- Alblna 
Miller is doing very well operating her own school, The Parkside School in 
Manhattan. Besides the regular school schedule, there is also a summer 
program. Lorrlane Stabile del Genlo lives and teaches in Setauket. L.I She 
celebrated her first wedding anniversary in August. Next year will mark ten 
years since our graduation! Let's get together. We will be honored at the 
Spring Luncheon to be held on April 28. 1990 at Terrace on the Park in 
Queens. Mark your calendar — you'll hear more later. Does anyone know 
the addresses of our "lost" listed here: 

Virginia Ayala 
Debra Ellis 
Isanya Engchantil 
Maria Fernandez 
Lynn Goggin 
Louis Lopez 
Patricia Magovern 
Theresa Manti 

Michael McGrann 

Mane Morano 

Deborah Pafundi Donlon 

Eugene Panissidi 

Arlene Ricci 

Iris Snyder 

Cynthia Wukovits Pliska 

Cindy Carlin is enjoying her kindergarten class in Coram Elementary 
school. Teaching the little ones is great fun, she says, especially watching 
them grow up during that first year Eileen Toy-Grob was married this past 
summer. She has been teaching special education in Patchogue-Medford 
since graduation. More recently she is teaching Child Study courses at St 
Joseph's in Patchogue With all this. Eileen completed her Master's degree 
at Adephi Gertrude Cohen was married on October 29. 1989 Trudi is the 
Director of Recreation at Long Beach Grandell HRF in Long Beach and 
really enjoys her job 1 Artie Meyer is a Deputy Sheriff Investigator/Juvenille 
Officer for Suffolk County. He and his wife Karen and four children live in 
Medford and enjoy vacations in Florida where they own a Vacation Villa 
very near Disney/Epcot Anyone interested in renting this impressive Villa 
for their vacation, contact Artie at (516) 289-6285 Doris Rubin is the 
Coordinator of the two Senior Companion Programs at Long Island 
Developmental Center in Melville. She's busy recruiting, training, etc., with 
frequent trips to Albany Doris has been in contact with several classmates- 
Blaise O'Connell, Carole Kravitz and Lori-Jean Johnson and all are well 
Arlene Adelson has a fast-paced life She is Director of Operations for a 
List Management Company Arlene and husband. Gerry, have been doing 
lots of travelling— to China, Japan, Hong Kong, Paris. England and more 1 
Best of all they are grandparents to six-month old Matthew Ann Radigan 
Azzinaro is a successful business woman, and Associate Broker with 
Dutch Door Realty in Sayville Ann. James and Kathenne (3) live in 
Brightwaters At this writing, she is in the midst of her campaign for Islip 
Town Councilman on the Democratic ticket— very active in the community 
Good luck, Ann' Peggy Mahoney achieved her goal of a Masters degree in 
Social Work, awarded by Adelphi She managed to accomplish this while 
working full time for the Department of Social Services. Paula Silver is a 
social worker at BOCES Her older daughter. Alisa graduated from New 
Paltz last June and is enrolled at Stony Brook for a Master's. Finally, it was 
wonderful to hear from so many of you. Everyone is so busy, yet took a 
minute to share their news The past ten years have flown— 1990 will see 
our 1 0th ANNIVERSARY— let's celebrate together at the Spring Luncheon 
on April 28th. 1990— which will be at Terrace on the Park. Flushing 
Meadow, site of the old World's Fair Mark the date now and talk it up with 
other classmates. You'll be hearing more! Does anyone know the 
whereabouts of our "lost" members listed below? If so let me or the alumni 
office know. 

Sandra Abramovitz 
Marie Ardolino 
Kathleen Boyd 
Lillian Braun 
Gloria Dempsey Zozula 
Cathy DeVito 
Madelyn Doxey 
Joanne Gnlio 
Carolyn Jones Lee 

Carol Keogh 
Tracey Lambert 
Michael Rode 
Anloinette Sakal 
Alfred Scarnah 


i Skit 

Jean Van Jones Niland 
Kathleen Williams 

Arlene Murtha, 12 Hill St.. Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 

1981 Brooklyn 

Starting May 1. 1989. Richard Vazquez Rlos has been working as an 
Assistant Environmental Manager for Analytical Technologies. Inc., a 
subsidiary for Bacardi Rum Corporation He is living in Humacao, Puerto 
Rico Donna Nefftleberg is married to Vincent Faiella and is living in 

Lisa Kern Sawin, 12 Cathlie Dr.. RD 4 Box 63. Averill Park. NY 12018 

1981 Suffolk 

Peggy Wolfe Baldwin married Edward Duffy on March 26. 1988 In 1989. 
she received her MS in Counseling and is continuing her education, 
pursuing a doctorate in Psychology— Family Therapy. Peggy teaches 
Special Education in high school in Quartz Hill. California Her daughter. 
Tracey now eight years old, is brilliant. 

Michelle Grande. 80 Kristin Lane. Hauppauge. NY 11788 
(516) 724-8304 

Maureen Fleming Wicelmski. 60-08 78th Ave.. Glendale. NY 11385 


Dianne Hayden, 1301 East 37th Street. Brooklyn. NY 11210 

(718) 337-5862 

1982 Brooklyn 

Is there a doctor in the class 1 Yes 1 Mary Waldron received her medical 
degree on June 5th from New York Medical College She is an intern in 


Internal Medicine at Beth Israel Medical Center In New York City Joe and 
Fran Spagnuola Ferrucci announce the arrival of daughter Alissa Anne on 
October 21, 1989. All doing well. 

Maureen Griffin, 633 77th St., Brooklyn, NY 11209 

(718) 680-3307 

Joseph Gennardo. 1247 Bradford Ave.. #28, Bronx, NY 10461 

1982 Suffolk 

For the past two and half years, Lisa Del Priore Lehnlng had been on child 
care leave, taking care of her son. In September she returned to Sachem 
School District and continues to teach Emotionally Handicapped children. 
Donna Rogers Kranich an English Major, is Editor of a business magazine 
in Woodbury. New York. 

Joyce Donneson, 115 Aspetuck Road, Westhampton Beach, NY 11978 


Sharon Altman, 356 Lincoln Blvd.. Hauppauge, NY 11788 

(516) 234-5640 

1983 Brooklyn 

Frank and Allison Cooney LaRosa'a son, Robert William, was born, on 
June 15, 1989 in Beth Israel Hospital. He is their first child. 

Elizabeth Ruggiero Mulrane. 27 E. 13th Street, Huntington. NY 11746 NIL 
Catherine Rogers O'Donnell, 4 Sherman Street. #2, Brooklyn, NY 11215- 
6015 (718) 965-0947 

was Chairperson, School Nurse Specialty Group. District 14, NYS Nurses 
Association Bernard Wheatley has been appointed assistant vice president 
of imaging and ancillary services at Robert Wood Johnson University 
Hospital. New Brunswick. He will be responsible for a group of medical 
and administrative hospital departments, including diagnostic radiology, 
ultrasound, nuclear medicine, CT scan, anesthesia services, perfusion 
services, cardiac surgical suction and parking. Bernard had been assistant 
vice president and occupational safety and health officer at Jersey City 
Medical Center since 1987. He is also adjunct assistant professor at New 
York City Technical College in Brooklyn, where he has taught since 1985 
Phyllis Schleef Parker is Nursing Coordinator in Emergency Room at J.T. 
Mather Memorial Hospital. Sylvia Gelfand retired from City Hospital at 
Elmhurst in September 1987 and moved to rural Pennsylvania. She is not 
working at present. Candelaria Green is a Nurse Administrator at night in a 
OMRDD facility. Enid Alrd is employed at the Brooklyn Hospital as a Nurse 
Anaesthetist. She plans to write an article about the history of Nurse 
Anaesthesia for the hospital paper. 

1984 Brooklyn 

Mary Meade King is back working in the Dillon Center, taking the place of 
Mona O'Connor in the special class. Roseann Garzlllo married Richard 
Harris on January 20, 1989. Linda Gibaldl was a bridesmaid Roseann 
continues to teach 4th grade in St. Francis Xavier School in Park Slope. 
Roseann received her MS in Ed in Reading from Fordham University. She 
would love to hear from Maureen Connelly! 

Barbara Bischott Eckner, 32 Sunset Dr., Derby, CT 06418 NIL 
Donna Ortolan/, 2 Kent Road. Ringwood, NJ 07456 
(201) 962-4412 

1983 Suffolk 

Maryann Flnneran married Lawrence Roberts, of Florida, on July 1, 1989. 
Maryann teaches Special Education in William Floyd Schools and hopes to 
finish her certification and work as a school psychologist soon, Lawrence 
is an executive for a small company which manufactures transformers 

1984 General Studies Brooklyn 

Lela Richardson who lives in Manorville, NY, is a registered nurse in the 
Visiting Nurse Service of New York and AHRC in Suffolk County 

Bridget Reilly. P. Box 605, Coram, NY 11727 (516) 689-2897 

Ann Cameron, 13 Wheatley Avenue, Huntington Station. NY 11746 


Susan Murtha, 46 Campbell St., Patchogue, NY 11772 


1983 Brooklyn General Studies 

Raymond Peterson is a Police Lieutenant with the Suffolk County Police 
Department. In 1987 he received his MA/LS from SUNY Stony Brook. His 
program was Labor Studies Waldemar Roebuck is on the Adjunct 
Faculty— CWPost, LIU. He earned his M.Ed, from Lehman College and 
would like some day to return and teach a subject at St. Joseph's 
Waldemar is also a Consultant to Rockland Community College He 
assisted in the successful completion of Self Study for ART. program. 
Helen McCarthy is Director of Cancer Communications and also serves as 
Administrative Liaison for the Cancer Task Force at Brooklyn Hospital- 
Caledonia Hospital. She is Co-Chairforthe Nursing Education Committee 
for the American Cancer Society Brooklyn Unit. Helen has produced and 
directed four videotape productions in Cambodian Khmer language and 
Haitian Creole language. She successfully prepared grant applications for 
these projects. She is co-leader of a patient and family support group: "I 
Can Cope", as well as co-chair of the successful "Distinguished Lecture 
Series." She has presented papers at Nursing Congresses and has been 
published in three magazines. Eleanor Bunyan is Head Nurse of Forensic 
Psychiatry. She is involved in Community Health and the Homeless, 
working through her church, Bethlehem Pentacostal Assembly. The 
organization is Hark Homes, under the umbrella organization, Partnership 
for the Homeless Ann Antocl. an occupational health nurse, is proud to 
say that she is one of four nurses who works for the FBI. They teach and 
counsel all the agents and personnel (1800) in the New York area, 
emphasizing the promotion of good health through diet, stress manage- 
ment and early direction. Annie Lykes is a Head Nurse in a Nursing Care 
Center for Alzheimer's Disease patients. Charlotte McBride is a teacher of 
reading and language arts, 5th grade. She moved to Florida and is teaching 
in a brand new school— Wadsworth Elementary in Palm Coast. She would 
love to hear from classmates: P.O. Box 765, Flagler Beach, Florida 32036. 
Sheila Ort is a School Nurse From 1986-1988 she was Chairperson, 
Council of Nursing Practioners, Hicksville School District. In 1987-88. she 

1985 Brooklyn 

Christine Agostino was married in May of 1 986 to Kenneth Asmar. They are 
living on Staten Island. It may be hard to beleive. but we have reached a 
milestone. In 1990. it will be five years since our graduation from St. 
Joseph's Col lege Let's celebrate. If you have any ideas write to us. We will 
be honored at the Alumni Spring Luncheon which will take place on April 
28, 1990 at Terrace in the the Park, Queens. Let's meet there for our first 
reunion! We have no addresses for the following classmates: Rosemary 
Doran, Sonia Ruiz and Jean Windorf. If you know where they are, write us 
or the alumni office. 

Alice Kennedy, 5 Hallister Street. Staten Island, NY 10309 


Josephine Gallo, 535 Dahill Road. Brooklyn, NY 11218 


1985 Suffolk 

Donna Flore Mruz and family recently moved to Somers Point, New Jersey, 
where Gary has started his own Chiropractic Practice. They are expecting 
their second child in January. Joseph will be two on February 8, 1990. 
KellyAnn OHanlon married Richard L Hammer on November 25, 1989, at 
St. Patrick's Church in Bayshore. They bought a co-op in Bayshore. Mary 
Edwards Verdone and family recently moved into their new home in 
Holtsville. 1990 will mark our first milestone. It will be five years ago since 
our graduation from St. Joe's. Let's celebrate! Have you any ideas 7 We 
could meet at the annual Spring Luncheon which will be held at Terrace in 
the Park in Queens on April 28, 1990. We will be an honored anniversary 
class. Some of our classmates are on our "lost" list. Do you know their 
addresses? They are: 

Victoria Costa 
Deborah Bedford 
Mary Desmond 
Robin Dietz Dallanegra 
Nora Domoroski Waldron 
Michele Johnson 
Roberta Kelly 

Mary Wenner Manz 
Robert Michta 
Lynda Uzzo Robinson 
Elizabeth Roche 
Donna Vaccaro 
Patricia Whalen 
Bonnie Wright 


Dorothy LaFerrera. 94 Claremont Avenue. North Babylon, NY 11704 

(516) 669-4045 

taurine Volkmann. 2 Autumn Court. East Patchogue. NY 11772 

(516) 758-6950 

Kelly Ann O'Hanlon Hammer. 149 Newbrook Lane. Newbrook Gardens. 

Bayshore. NY 11706 (516) 666-1196 

1986 Brooklyn 

Zareh Artinian, Jr. is in his second "and hopefully last" year at Emerson 
College, working (or his MFA. He is teaching freshman Expository Writing 
as a part-time faculty member and enjoying it. Zareh is living on Beacon 
Hill in Boston-5 minute walk to the "Cheers" bar! 

Kerry McConway. 7510 10th Ave.. Brooklyn, NY 11228 
(718) 833-6408 

1986 Suffolk 

Marie Maxwell has been busy since graduation. She gave birth to her 
fourth child, Philip Edward, and is presently working as a substitute 
teacher in her local school district. She hopes to build a career in the 
counseling field. Kathy Cast obtained her Master's in Library Science from 
Long Island University recently. She was the recipient of a New York State 
Empire Challenge Fellowship for Teachers— a grant for full-time study. 
Kathy worked hard, completing the three-year program in eighteen 
months. She is now a Library Media Specialist in the Sachem School 
District and loves her job. Claire Mousseau is married and changed her 
name to Merz. She is living in Amityville. Donna Perclo is currently a Senior 
Claim Representative for State Farm Insurance Company Marie Maxwell 
has volunteered to be a class agent for '86ers. Respond to her request for 
class news notes, by letting her know the latest developments in your life. 

Marie Maxwell, 39 Tappan Avenue, Babylon, NY 11702 

(516) 587-3362 

Diane Ripillone, 31 Horma Blvd.. Holbrook, NY 11741 (516) 931-3887 

Laura LoManto. 7 Margaret St.. Port Jefferson Station. NY 11776 


1987 Suffolk 

have a co-op in Brooklyn Janet teaches English at St Saviour High School. 
Monica Goodwin is starting her second year of teaching at Bishop Kearney 
HS. She has five classes and particularly enjoys her honors class Monica 
has completed 18 credits towards her Master's in English at Brooklyn 
College Pamela McNeela is in her second year of teaching at the Dillon 
Center. She is the head teacher for the afternoon three year olds Christine 
Aplcella is teaching kindergarten at Most Precious Blood in Brooklyn She 
began graduate course work in Early Childhood at Fordham University- 
Kevin Murphy is working for Advertising Information Services He has also 
completed one semester of New York University's Paralegal Program 
During the summer. Kevin attended a bachelor party for Richie Lowe '86. 
Frank McQuall and his wife Kathleen now live in Rosedale Anna Helene 
Panagakos teaches in Bay Ridge She has a fifth grade home room and 
teaches science to fifth through eighth grades Anna Helene also coaches 
the girls basketball team Theresa Mascaro is engaged to marry Bill Trimble 
'87. Sheila Dorsey also has become engaged to her long time friend. Michael. 
In May '89 Debbie Adenusl was offered a permanent job as a teacher of 
Special Education She teaches the 5th and 6th grade MIS II (Emotionally 
Disturbed) students. "It is very challenging and exciting," she writes Debbie 
is attending Brooklyn College for a Master's in Special Ed, Learning 
Disabilities As for me. Michele Main, I do substitute teaching for kinder- 
garten through sixth grade for the Bd. of Ed.. I have a new phone number: 
(718) 507-5 180-which should be helpful in reaching me with your news. 

Michele Main. 41-36 51 Street. Woodside. NY 11377 

(718) 507-5180 

Christine Apicella. 1607 E. 7th Street. Brooklyn. NY 11230 

(718) 654-6710 

Patricia Williams. 395 Clinton Ave.. #6D. Brooklyn. NY 11238 

(718) 634-9536 

Lisa Panzner has been teaching second grade in the East Islip School 
District at Timber Point Elementary school since September 1988 

Camille Kostew. 67 Sequoia Dr.. Coram. NY 11727 (516) 331-5911 
Selma Ugalde, 818 Lmdemere Drive. North Babylon. NY 11703 
(516) 667-2914 

Joyce Hayes. 1057 Courtland Dr., Bay Shore, NY 11706 (516) 666-3978 
Jennifer Ray. 18 Prospect St. East, Selden. NY 11784 (516) 732-2839 
Joanne Ryan. 49 Jefferson Ave.. Patchogue, NY 11772 (516) 654-3635 

Jeraldeen Spltalerl is now a member of the U.S. Air Force and is stationed 
in Germany. Her father received a letter of praise for Jeraldeen while she 
was a student at Goodfellow Air Force Base in Texas. "Not only did 
Jeraldeen fulfill her academic responsibilities, but she was also very active 
in the squadron as a student leader, Jeraldeen's motivation, attitude, and 
enthusiasm far surpassed that of the other students and student leaders, 
earning her the Yellow Rope (Senior Student Leader). As supervisor over 
her fellow student leaders, she exhibited outstanding qualities of leadership. 
Although her responsibilities went far beyound inspecting, drilling, 
marching and overseeing student work projects, she performed all 
assigned duties in an outstanding manner. . She has the potential for a 
bright future in the Air Force." Both Jerome and Mary are indeed proud of 
their daughter and we congratulate our classmate. Thomas Stephens and 
Dawn Cronogue were married on June 20, 1987 and are living in Medford. 
Tom is attending Law School at St. John's University and Dawn is teaching 
in elementary school, St Mary's in East Islip Patricia McKeefery and 
Anthony DiMino have wedding plans for July 1991 Patricia teaches in 
preschool in Hicksville, while Anthony works for Metropolitan Life 
Insurance Company. James Bradley has been working at Kings Park 
Psychiatric Center for the past 2'/; years, as a Therapist Jim coached the 
under- 23 years olds of St. Joe's soccer team in the LISFL Summer League. 
He is the Assistant to Gary Smith this fall. On August 6th Mary and Joe 
Flnan had their third child, Colleen Joan. They live in Roanoke, Virginia. 

Paula Martinez, 11 Orchid Rd., East Patchogue. NY 11772 


Jean Marie Kirchner. 3 Boone St.. Bethpage, NY 11714 

(516) 931-3887 

Anthony DiMino. 184 Spiral Road. Holtsville. NY 11742 

(516) 472-9160 

1988 Brooklyn 

Janet Ferrara married Edward Cush on July 9, 1989 In attendence were 
Dawn Marie Hall, Monica Goodwin, Erica Fagan, and John Pendergast '87. 
Erica was maid of honor. The couple honeymooned on Cape Cod and now 

1989 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 

Theresa Alfano is working for Green Point Savings Bank Dorcas Brown is 
pursuing a course in Basic Statistics at our Brooklyn Campus and plans to 
attend graduate school in Spring 1 990. Last we heard from Mary Conway, 
she was still looking for a job. Maryellen Daly is a pre-school teacher at 
Guild for Exceptional Children Sister Rozanne Daly is at Brooklyn College 
for a master's Raymond Edwards is taking a Master's in Public 
Administration at Maxwell School, Syracuse, NY Jolene Gunther is also 
working at the Guild for Exceptional Children in Bay Ridge as a head 
teacher for a preschool and toddler program. Colleen McCaul is now in 
NYU Graduate School for Occupational Therapy courses Karen 
McCormack is with Wertheim Schroder & Co., Inc.. Working for Merrill 
Lynch as an assistant stock broker is Franclne Nlttolo. "I miss SJC 
already," she writes. Richard Romeo is at Hofstra for an MS in Applied 
Math Lisa Schneider is a teacher, special ed, at Beachbrook Nursery 
School. She is also enrolled in Brooklyn College Graduate School. 

1989 Brooklyn General Studies 

Benjamin Adetola is in graduate study at Yale University. College of 
Medicine, New Haven, CT Monica Chambers has been accepted in the 
Master's in Public Health program at Hunter College. Linda Clchockl is a 
supervisor of Restorative Nsg at Peninsula General Nursing Home. In the 
Spring, Linda will attend Hofstra to study for an MS in Gerontology James 
Fenelius is at Brooklyn College for an MA in Political Science McDonald 
Hurtault is studying at Long Island University Best wishes to Marian Walsh 
who was married April 8, 1989 to Joseph Mondiello Susan Plmentel has 
plans at NYU's Master Program in Occupational Health & Safety or Public 
Administration At CUNY in Brooklyn, Joseph Pullzzl is pursuing a 
master's in Health Administration Ethelln A. Smart will study at LIU. 
Cynthia Superville is looking into Law School for 1990 Steven Wills is in 
the graduate program in Psychology at Brooklyn College. 


1989 Suffolk 

We offer sympathy to the family of our classmate Denlse Glovannelll, who 
was killed in an automobile accident last June 16th. Please remember her 
and her family in your prayers. Kathleen Berman-Reilly is an accountant at 
Union Savings Bank and is attending Dowling College Graduate School 
for a master's in Elementary Ed. Word from Catherine Davidson is that she 
is looking to change careers. Nina Fontanta is working with Choice Care 
on Long Island. On July 2, 1989 Heather Miller married Len Giambalvo. 
Best wishes to both of you. Heather is a special ed teacher in the 
Patchogue-Medford School district. Good news from Janis Gilmore is an 
award of an Empire State Challenger Fellowship to pursue her graduate 
studies for Library Media Specialist. Leeann Harrigan is taking some time 
off and enjoying motherhood with Timothy John, born in September Best 
wishes to another bride, Karin Gambaro Higgins, who was married on 
August 12, 1989. Karin is a Psychology Assistant at Nassau Center for the 
Developmentally Disabled. Susan Hommel is a 3rd grade teacher in 
Shoreham-Wading Schools. Because of a recent relocation, due to her 
husband's job, Mary Cay Kennelly, now in Freehold. NJ. is looking for a 
full-time or substitute teaching position in the area. Jeanne Kessel is a 
substitute teacher in the Middle Country School District and the Rocky 
Point School District. Jeanne is enrolled in the master's program for 
Certified Teachers at Dowling College, getting certification in Special 
Education. Judy Kuhn is also looking for a teaching position. Maureen 
Martin is a teacher at St. Frances de Chantal school in Wantagh and is 
studying for her Master's in Special Ed at CW Post. Kevin McCabe is at 
Hofstra University Law School. Grace O'Connor has started studies for an 
MLS at LIU, Brentwood. She is a librarian trainee at West Islip Public 
Library. A Counselor at Mercy Ministries, Inc., Dolores Skokna is attending 
SUNY Stony Brook for a master's degree. Lynn Stankowitz is also at CW 
Post Graduate School. Joan Stensland has begun studies at Stony Brook 
for her MA/LS. She started teaching third grade at Sts. Philip & James 
Elementary School in St. James, NY. Lisa Von Brook is doing substitute 
teaching in Suffolk County and hoped to start graduate studies at CW Post 
this fall. 

1989 Suffolk General Studies 

Susan Barrasso is attending CW Post Graduate School Teola Ghyll is in 
Community Hospital, Western Suffolk. Mona Kerins is "resting her brain 
cells-then on to graduate school." Patricia McKenna took a new position 
as Assistant Director, Quality Assurance at Syosset Community Hospital 
which requested an RN with a Bachelor's degree in Health Administration. 
Maryellen Mitchell works in St. Francis Hospital and is looking towards 
graduate school. Judy Palino is in Central General Hospital Michelle 
Wruck is in the Pediatric Clinic at University Hospital, Stony Brook. 



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Alumni Network Column 

Jeanne Valenti Eversman '60, who suffers from multiple 
sclerosis is a patient at Suffolk County Infirmary, Yaphank 
Avenue, Yaphank, NY 1 1980. Jeanne would love to hear 
from old classmates, receive cards, letters, and or visits 
from Long Island alumni ae. 

Arlene Murtha '80 Suffolk, ACSW— Adoption Associates, 
P.O. Box 341, Port Jefferson Station, New York 11776 
(516) 696-1816. Homestudy and Post Placement Services 
in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. 

AAUW — American Association of University Women- 
The Islip Area Branch (south shore of Suffolk County) of 
AAUW extends an invitation to all college graduates to 
attend its annual Membership Tea on Wednesday, 
September 19th at 7:00 P.M., at the East Islip Library on 
Montauk Highway. AAUW is an educational and action- 
oriented group that promotes equity for women, education 
and self-development over the life span, and positive 
societal change. Members of an AAUW branch automati- 
cally receive membership at the state, national and 
international levels. Membership includes a subscription 
to Graduate Woman, AAUW New Yorker, and a local 

For further information call Joan Seibert Sprague '57. 
Islip Area Membership Vice President at (516) 666-4031. 

If you are interested in Clare Rose Playhouse productions, 
ask to be put on the Clare Rose Playhouse mailing list. 
Write or phone: Clare Rose Playhouse, 155 Roe Boulevard, 
Patchogue, N.Y. 11772 (516) 654-0199. 

FOOTPRINTS 1991 -Would you like to advertise your 
business or company or be a booster for the 75th 
Anniversary edition of Footprints? Footprints is selling 
full, one-half and one-quarter page spaces and booster 
lines. A full range of graphics is available, Please contact 
Student Activities at (718) 636-6811 or write to Student 
Activities, Footprints Editor, St. Joseph's College, 245 
Clinton Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11205. 

PROGRAM-to train and educate registered nurses to 
provide home health services. Program will cover such 
topics as the Pharmacology, Rehabilitation and Nutrition 
of Home Care Patients. Physical Assessment, Community 
Health Nursing policies and documentation. Seven 
consecutive Wednesdays: Program Ill-July 18,25, August 
1,8, 15, 22, 29-from 8:30 AM-4:30 PM at Sheridan Council, 
828 60th Street, Brooklyn, NY 1 1220 (between 8th and 9th 
avenue). Fee: $40.00 for purchase of Physical Assessment 
Textbook. Contact Person: Program Coordinator, Eileen 
Smilari at (718) 946-9065. 

WANTED - 1960 year book. Send to the Alumni Office, 
245 Clinton Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 1 1205. 

Challenging salaried positions at 245 Clinton Avenue, 
open for alumnae wishing to return to work part time. 
Flexible schedule. Phone (718) 636-6880 or write for 
furthei information: Alumni Development Office, 245 
Clinton Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205. 


Marie Clotilde 
Falvey, C.S.J. 

Sister Marie Clotilde Falvey, CSJ '33 

Sister Marie Clotilde Falvey, C.S.J., Professor Emeritus 
of Chemistry, died on May 23rd at the Maria Regina 
Convent in Brentwood. 

Sister Clotilde, a graduate of Maxwell Training School, 
entered the Sisters of St. Joseph in September 1926. In 1933 
she received her B.A. from St. Joseph's College; in 1937, 
her M.A. from Columbia University. A member of St. 
Joseph's faculty from 1936 on, Sister Clotilde served as 
Chairperson of the Chemistry Department for many years. 

Active professionally, Sister participated in a number of 
National Science Foundation summer programs. In 
addition, she contributed to formulating portions of the 
American Chemical Society exam in Physical Chemistry, 
and abstracted and translated articles in English and 
German for Chemical Abstracts. In September she was to 
have received a medal from the American Chemical 
Society for her membership of fifty years. 

Sister Clotilde was active in local civic organizations 
such as Clergy Concerned for a Better Fort Greene, the 
Pastoral Planning Project, the Dr. White Community 
Center, and, most important, the Jeanne Valois Guild for 
the Handicapped, which she helped to organize in 1951 
and to which she remained dedicated until the 1980's. For 
the last few years she devoted herself to contributing to the 
neighborhood shelter for the homeless. 

At the Mass of the Resurrection on May 26th, Sister 
George Aquin O'Connor, C.S.J. , President of St. Joseph's 
College, spoke "for those of us who have shared our lives 
with Sister Marie Clotilde". 

For more than sixty years, Sister Marie Clotilde has 
lived at St. Joseph's College. Independent, quick-witted, 
clever, curious, determined, and private, she faithfully 
Iwed out her commitment as a Sister of St. Joseph with 
tremendous generosity and joy, always with a great respect 
for authority in civil, religious, and collegiate circles. 

As a professor of Chemistry and long-time chairperson 
of the Department, she is remembered as a dedicated 
teacher, an innovative instructor who introduced courses 
in Earth Science and the Ascent of Man, an avid collector 
of specimens, a reliable predictor of the weather, a roof 
watcher of the heavenly galaxies — always impatient for 
her students and us to learn more and to be up-to-date in 
the ever revealing field of science. 

Holidays often meant trips to the 42nd Street Library, 
museums, the Planetarium. In earlier years N.S.F. grants 
enabled her to explore many areas of the United States. 
Wherever she went — to New Mexico, North Carolina, or 
the library, her curious and capable intellect absorbed 
much to be shared. We shall think of her as ever a part of 
the College and an influential alumna. Sixty years is a 
long time of service in one assignment! 

An observant religious, Sister Clotilde loved the 
Scriptures (her Sacramentary was a treasured gift). She 
prepared liturgies, and was faithful to the Liturgy of the 
Hours. She loved to sew, especially artu les for the Chapel. 
Often, Sister and her generous family provided flowers for 
spec ia I occasions. For many years, Clo cultivated roses in a 
small garden which was hers near the side entrance to the 

Sister's energies were not all centered on the College. 
She knew many of our neighbors, some of whom are with 
us today . She was of ten a lector here at Queen of AllSaintS, 
active in Clergy Concerned for a Better Fort Greene, and 
was often seen planning suppers and going to the 
supermarket for food and treats for the homeless at the 
nearby shelter. For them she bought so< ks, made scarves, 
and reminded us all by her quiet example that we too 
should share what has been gwen us. 

Her activity in the Jeanne J'alois Guild took her time 
many, many Sundays as she prepared for the meetings at 
the College, or more distant locations (usually travelling 
by bus). Closet up for liturgy, provided some refreshments. 
and welcomed all with a cheery hello. Though she almost 
never spoke of love, all her good works bespoke love for 
students, family, friends, her beloved Sisters of St. Joseph, 
and those to whom she readily extended herself. 

More recently, we noted with sadness Clo's loss of 
iveight and inability to move with the swiftness to whit h 
we had long become accustomed, and we saic her submit 
to hospitalization and all that it entailed. Eventually Clo 
agreed to two weeks in Maria Regina Convent in 
Brentwood to regain her strength; then she hoped she 
would be home again. As the ambulance entered the 
grounds of our Motherhouse in Brentwood, she looked 
out the window and gave her last geology lesson. She 
identified the terrain "terminal moraine-Wisconsin 
glacier"! On the morning after her Nth day in Maria 
Regina, with patience, sincere gratitude, and profound 
spiritual strength, surrounded by her Sisters of St. Joseph, 
Sister Clotilde went quietly and serenely to the home 
prepared for her from all eternity. 

And so today we bid farewell to her body-though not her 
memory. May all of us retail the lessons she taught 
without words: love of her family, her Congregation, and 
the Chun h; openess to new ideas, dxntimic interest m all 
aspects of ministry — and sell lew giving. Following her. 
we as Sisters of St. Joseph continue to hold union with 
God and others as our focus — with the hope of ultimate 
transformation until, like her. we max peat efully enter the 
home prepared for each of us from all eternity. Thank you, 

Richly Deserved 

ii. mm 

Mary St. John Murphy '24 

At the Arts and Sciences commence- 
ment exercises in Brooklyn, on June 
8th, St. Joseph's College Board of 
Trustees conferred the honorary degree 
of Doctor of Humane Letters on Mary 
St. John Murphy of the class of 1924. 

Since graduation, Mary has main- 
tained a deep commitment to the college. 
For more than half a century she 
rendered invaluable service as president 
of the alumnae association for three 
years, as a college Trustee for 25 years, 
as supporter of innumerable events, 
and a generous benefactor, through the 
provision of scholarship assistance to 
many deserving students. She was also 
editor of the Alumnagram in its early 

Mary St. John was a junior high 
school teacher in the New York City 
Public School system. She retired in 
1969 after 48 years of service as teacher, 
assistant principal and, her last position, 
principal of Marshall Junior High 
School in Bedford-Stuyvesant. 

An active parishioner in the church 
of the Good Shepherd Mary opened the 
Friendship Club, taught CCD for 25 
years, served on the parish council for 3 
years and as a Eucharistic Minister for 7 

Alumnae extend sincere congratula- 
tions to Mary, delighted that her 
enthusiastic devotion and her generosity 
to the college have been acknowledged 
in this citation. 

wfJ£tX3j£, Mary St. John Murphy has, since her graduation from St. 
Joseph's College, exemplified the highest ideals and goals of the College 

wJjvVvcLS', Mrs. Murphy served the College with enthusiasm and out- 
standing devotion as a member of the Board of Trustees from 1949-1972 

wfJCTCSLSO Mrs. Murphy has provided exceptionally generous and con- 
sistent support to our scholarship program, enabling more than 20 students 
to earn a college degree 

WfJCTCSL?, Mrs. Murphy has given leadership to countless College pro- 
grams and activities, particularly the growth of the Epsilon Chapter of Delta 
Epsilon Sigma, and has enriched each endeavor with her keen intelligence 
and dynamic personality 

wJjvVvaJp, Mrs Murphy, ijke the Valiant Woman of the Scriptures, has 
shared both her resources and her unique qualities of mind and heart, 

5k it tJjttXfOre reS0lt>e& that a perpetual scholarship be 
established, to be named the Mary St. John Murphy Scholarship, which 
will stand as a permanent tribute and expression of gratitude to this 
extraordinary woman 

3Be it Ittrtbtt re^Ofoefr that the Board of Trustees of 
St. Joseph's College, by the power vested in them by the Regents of the 
University of the State of Mew York, bestow on Mary St. John Murphy the 
degree of 

Botmr & 3jmmane 3Utttr* 

honoris causa. 

Given this eighth day of June, 1990. 

With The Stock Exchange 

In the few years since her gradua- 
tion from St. Joseph's, Ellen McCarthy- 
has completed law school at St. John's 
University, been admitted to the New 
York State Bar, and laid the foundation 
for a significant legal career in the 
troubled Wall Street of the '90's. 

Ellen is now employed as an Enforce- 
ment Attorney with the New York 
Stock Exchange. She began this associa- 
tion in September 1989, having held 
jobs in the legal field since her college 

Ellen investigates allegations of 
misconduct by stockbrokers or by 
brokerage firms. After completing her 
investigation, she may recommend 
that formal disciplinary action be 
taken. If her recommendation is 
accepted at the appropriate level 
within the Exchange, she then attempts 
to negotiate a settlement with the 
subject of her investigation. As with 
all legal disputes, negotiations some- 
times break down. In the event of such 
a break-down, Ellen must prepare 
herself for a contested hearing before 
the Exchange's three-member Hearing 

She finds her job exciting and 
challenging. "It's a wonderful job for 
a new lawyer, since I'm getting hands- 
on experience in almost all aspects of 
the legal profession-from researching 
and writing to negotiating and arguing 
in a hearing room". Ellen enjoys the 
work all the more because of co- 
workers who are very supportive and 
willing to share their expertise. 

In September of 1980 Ellen matricu- 
lated at St. Joseph's College on a full 
scholarship from the Board of Trustees. 
She had graduated from Stella Maris 
High School at the end of her junior 
year, in an accelerated program. At 
SJC, Ellen majored in history and in 
1984 received her Bachelor of Arts 
degree, summa cum laude. She was 
also the class valedictorian. 

As a student at SJC, Ellen partici- 
pated in numerous extra-curricular 
activities. Among them were service as 
Junior Class Representative, Presi- 
dent of the Phi Mu Chapter of Phi 

Alpha Theta, President of the 
Political Affairs Club, and Yearbook 
Photography Editor. She was also a 
Peer Tutor, and belonged to Chapel 
Players and the Gaelic Society. 

While a senior, Ellen worked for 
Lawyers Title Insurance Company 
as a real estate title examiner. She 
left LTIC in late 1984 to take a 
position with Technimetrics, Inc., 
an investor relations consulting firm 
servicing the Fortune 500 and the 
securities industry. She acted as an 
intermediary between the firm's 1 1- 
member sales force and 997 insti- 
tutional clients, facilitatingcontract 
renewals and handling orders. She 
also managed Accounts Receivable, 
representing an annual income to 
the firm of $7.6 million. 

In 1986, Ellen joined Wood, 
Struthers & Winthrop Management 
Corporation, an investment advisory 
subsidiary of the brokerage firm of 
Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette. 
While attending law school, she 
continued to work there, performing 
various functions in the firm's 
Legal Compliance, Mutual Funds, 
and Operations departments. She 
left Wood Struthers in June 1989 to 
study for the Bar Exam. After a 
much-needed vacation to Ireland 
in August, she began her present 
employment at the NYSE. 

Of her education at St. Joseph's, 
Ellen says, "The academic training 
I received at SJC was excellent. 
However, I think the most im- 
portant aspect of my college experi- 
ence was the development of my 
sense of self. My family had already 
instilled in me a sense of who I am 
as a person in this world of vast 
opportunity. The caring atmos- 
phere at SJC, from administrators, 
faculty, and fellow students, allowed 
me to further explore my own 
unique possibilities and develop 
my personal potential. I can honest- 
ly say that deciding to attend St. 
Joe's was one of the best choices I 
ever made." 

Anne Schrage '27 

Anne Schrage's delivery of the valedictory at Class Day 
in Commencement Week of 1927 was the culmination of a 
college career distinguished by her spirited participation 
in diversified phases of student life. Outstanding was her 
talent in the field of dramatic performance and direction; 
she continued to manifest this in her enthusiastic 
leadership of the dramatic groups sponsored for some 
years as part of alumnae activities. Anne was always 
articulate in her gratitude for the abiding, positive 
significance of St. Joseph's in her life. She included in her 
indebtedness the "Evenings with Christ" which she 
attended as an alumna during the decades they were held, 
the early '30's into the '50's, open to undergraduates and 
graduates. She was highly conscious of the spiritual and 
intellectual benefits we received from those never-to-be- 
forgotten symposia on First Friday evenings. 

Immediately upon graduation Anne became a member 
of the New York City school system; in February 1931, as a 
result of success in competitive examination, she received 
her appointment as Teacher of Speech in High School. 
She functioned in this capacity for forty-one years, during 
the last thirty-three of which she was on the faculty of 
Forest Hills High School, from which she retired in 1973. 

During her entire adult life Anne was a faithful member 
of the Secular Order of Franciscans. Beginning in 1933, for 
twenty years she gave religious instructions to girls and boys 
attending public school; through the medium of the 
Confraternity of Christian Doctrine she did this in her 
home parish, Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 
Jamaica. Later she was a Lector there. Her service as a 
Eucharistic Minister in a nursing home in her geographic 
area ended only when she sold her house in July 1982 and 
moved into a senior residence, first in Queens and then in 
Somerset, New Jersey. In the latter location she was within 
convenient distance of a much-loved niece who was most 
attentive to her. Anne's mental vigor persisted and her good 
looks endured, but she was in declining physical health for 
five years prior to her death on December 14, 1989. 

In April 1946 Anne was one of the organizers of the 
Queens County Interracial Committee of the Brooklyn 
Diocesan Council of Catholic Women. As Chairman of 
this Committee she addressed innumberable groups and 
conferred with countless persons in her unremitting 
efforts to promote both the understanding of Catholic 
principles of interracial justice and the determination to 
act in conformity with them. She was a member of the 
Catholic Interracial Council and for a period of time its 
Secretary. She regularly attended its meetings at the Vesey 




Street headquarters in Manhattan and found very valuable 
not only the inspiration and widsom of the scholarly 
Father John La Farge, S.J., and the acumen of the 
indefatigable Executive Secretary, George Hunton, Editor 
of Interracial Review, but also the contributions to the 
discussions by other members of this interracial group. 
Anne was a charter member of the New York State 
Commission Against Discrimination. In 1952 she was the 
recipient of the Queens Brotherhood Award. In 1980 she 
was the Right to Life Party candidate for the New York 
State Assembly. 

Anne's ardor in the causes which she espoused revealed 
strikingly to a large number of people the qualities which 
we, her fellow-alumnae, knew to be characteristic of her: 
thorough and constantly expanding and deepening 
knowledge of her Faith; sensitivity to its implications for 
the individual and for society; generous sacrifice of self in 
countless hours of inconspicuous, tedious, and necessary 
labor in behalf of Catholic ideals and the measures to 
implement them; enlightened, eloquent, and courageous 
defense of right, regardless of circumstances or person- 
alities; unfailing spirit of charity. Consequently it was 
with joy that, in 1964, we welcomed the news that Anne 
had been selected to be one of the delegates from the 
Brooklyn Diocese to the canonization in Rome of the 
Uganda Martyrs; her letters and her later oral narratives 
shared with us her memorable experience. 

One of Anne's cherished possessions was a photgraph of 
Laurian Cardinal Rugambwa, Bishop of Bukoba, 
Tanzania. At Vatican Council II he presided over a central 
secretariat about which the bishops of Africa grouped 
their episcopacies; he was the first African cardinal. The 
photograph which His Eminence gave Anne bears his 
handwritten inscription, "To Miss Anne Schrage, 
wishing you God's blessing" and his signature. 

Anne's fervent love for her Faith, her zeal for justice, her 
variety of natural gifts and cultural interests, her outgoing 
personality, her fine voice and bearing, her strong family 
ties, and her ability to give and to receive warm friendship, 
enriched her life and the lives of us who cherish our fond 
memories of her. The quotation from St. Thomas More, 
that appears on the lovely acknowledgement card made by 
her artist-niece, truly reflects Anne: "Pray for me, as I will 
for thee, that we may merrily meet in heaven." 

Mary Camper McGinnis '25 

Honored By Marymount 

Dr. Elisa Carnllo '43 

Dr. Elisa Carrillo '43 has recently been singularly 
honored by Marymount College, Tarrytown. Marymount 
has named its adult scholars' program the Elisa Carrillo 
Scholars Program for Adult Women. 

This program makes it easy for women who have 
postponed their college education for personal or 
financial reasons, to pursue the degree they desire. When 
the time comes that it is important for them to return to 
study, the college provides the support and 
encouragement they need. The returned student brings 
with her the immeasurable gift of life experience. When 
she has earned her degree, she leaves with new skills, a 
fresh outlook, and a sense of personal fulfillment. 

Dr. Carrillo, an internationally known and respected 
historian, has been a professor of history at Marymount 
College, Tarrytown, since 1945, becoming a full professor 
in 1958. She received her PhD in history from Fordham 
University in 1953. She has done research in 15 foreign 
countries, including the Soviet Union, Israel, Turkey, 
Morocco, and most of Europe, and is an authority on the 
history of modern Italy, on Soviet life and culture, and on 
women in European history. 

Elisa Carrillo is the author of an impressive list of books 
and articles. Some of the latter have appeared in the 
Journal of Modern History, Review of Politics, Catholic 
Historical Review, America, and New Catholic 
Encyclopedia. The biography she compiled: Alcide de 
Gaspari, the Long Apprenticeship, was published in 1965 
by the University of Notre Dame Press. De Gaspari was the 
first Christian Democratic Prime Minister of Italy after 
World War II, serving from 1943-1953. After his death in 
1954, Dr. Carrillo was the only American scholar granted 
access to his private papers by the family who had custody 
of them. 

Elisa is the recipient of many prestigious grants and 
awards including the King Award of the United States 
Catholic Historical Society, for Excellence in Research. 
She has also served in an executive capacity in several 
major professional organizations. 

In the classroom, Elisa is a legend. Her teaching is rich 
with energy and excitement and it is this love of 
scholarship that stimulates many students to attain 
further academic goals. 

St. Joseph's College takes immense pride in Dr. Elisa 
Carrillo on whom this unique honor has been bestowed 
and extends congratulations and best wishes to her. 




Departure: Wednesday, March 27th 

Return: Saturday, April 6th 

Coordinator: S. Joan Ryan, CSJ 

Where: London, Bath, Devon, Cornwall, 

Stonehenge, Brighton, Hastings 
and more 


You and your friends 


Will be available in 



S. Joan Ryan, CSJ 

St. Joseph's College 

155 Roe Boulevard 

Patchogue, NY 11772 



January 9, 1991 

Return: January 14 - 6 days and 5 nights - S699.00 
January 16-8 days and 6 nights - S799.00 

R T American Airlines - The Kennedy House, Russell 
Square, Double Occupam \ . Continental Breakfast - Half- 
day Sightseeing - All tips, taxes and gratuities included. 


on the S.S. HORIZON 

Newest ship of the Chandris Line 

May 18 - 25, 1991 

With Stops m Hamilton and St. Ceorge 


Quads ( Outside cabins) S 789.00 pet person 

Triple (Inside cabins I S 880.00 per person 

Double (Outside cabins) 5 1,228.00 pei person 

Double (Inside cabins) 51,058.00 pei person 

For complete brochures, contact Sister (trace Edna 
Rowland. St. Joseph's College. 155 Roe Boulexard. 
Patchogue, N.Y. 11772 -Phone (516) 654-0199. 

Prize For Humanitarianism 

Sister lsohna Ferre, MSBT '59 

An alumna of St. Joseph's College, 
Sister Isolina Ferre '59, whose work has 
been described in previous Alumna- 
grams, has received a most prestigious 
award for humanitarian effort. 

The Albert Schweitzer Prize for 
Humanitarianism is named for the 
celebrated physician who gave up a 
brilliant career to devote his life to a 
heroic humanitarian mission in Africa. 
It was established in 1986 by Alfred 
Toepfer, the international grain 
merchant of Hamburg, Germany, 
founder of the Alexander von Humboldt 
Foundation. The prize, given annually 
by the foundation, is intended to 
advance the cause of humanitarianism 
through recognition of exemplary 
achievement. In 1987 it was awarded to 
former President Jimmy Carter, in 1988 
to Marian Wright Edelman. 

The award was presented to Sister on 
October 20, 1989, at a ceremony at The 
Johns Hopkins University. Among the 
speakers was the Honorable Rafael 
Hernandez-Colon, Governor of Puerto 
Rico. Steven Muller, President of the 
University and Chairman of the Board 
of Trustees for the Prize, presented the 
award with this citation: 

The Johns Hopkins University 

on behalf of 

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation 


The Albert Schweitzer Prize for Humanitarianism 


Sister Isolina Ferre 

Educator, missionary, and friend of the downtrodden, 

you have dedicated your life to the service of those less fortunate, 

extending your hand to help them help themselves. 

Your grace, understanding, and hard work for more than fifty years on behalf of poor 

families in the Appalachian coal mines of West Virginia, 

Portuguese immigrants in the islands near Cape Cod, black and Puerto Rican youths 

in the troubled streets of New York, and rural youths in your native Puerto Rico 

have rekindled their hope for a life of dignity and justice. 

As a young woman, you could easily have chosen a life 

amidst the security and wealth of your family in Puerto Rico. 

Instead, when you joined the Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity 

at the age of twenty-one — and when you mediated between gangs 

in Brooklyn and the city's juvenile justice system, when you devoted yourself to the 

study of criminology at Fordham University, and when you reassembled a 

shattered community in Ponce, Puerto Rico, and 

established the Sister Isolina Ferre Centers — you chose, again and again, 

with intelligence and compassion, to confront the despair of poverty 

rather than accept the comfortable notion that the needs of the 

disenfranchised are the concern of others. 

The educational, health, and social programs of the Sister 

Isolina Ferre Centers give youths, the disabled, and the elderly in Ponce the 

tools they need to help themselves, and these exemplary programs stand as 

national models of what community-based action can accomplish. 

Sister Isolina Ferre, for your unceasing commitment to 

improve the lives of your fellow brothers and sisters, 

The Johns Hopkins University, 

on behalf of The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, 

is proud to bestow upon you The Albert Schweitzer Prize for Humanitarianism. 

Steven Muller 

President of The ]ohns Hopkins University 

Chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Prize 

October 20, 1989 

Queens High School 

Mary H. Shea 
Professor Emeritus 

Margaret Harrington '64 

On May 7th, Margaret R. Harrington '64 was named to 
be the new Superintendent of Queens High Schools by 
City Schools Chancellor, Joseph Fernandez. Prior to her 
assignment, she was principal of Port Richmond High 
School in Staten Island. 

In her new role, Margaret Harrington will supervise 26 
public high schools in Queens, with a total enrollment of 
approximately 60,000 students. Several specialized schools 
are part of her jurisdiction, such as Aviation High School 
in Long Island City, which offers a curriculum in 
aerospace mechanics, and John Bowne High School in 
Flushing, which offers a curriculum in farming and 
agriculture. Her office will be at Newtown High School 
Annex in Corona. 

Peg notes that Queens high schools are high-achieving 
schools and that this presents a wonderful opportunity for 
collaboration, collegiality and professionalism on the 
part of school staff, parents, and the community. She 
looks forward to the opportunity to be an educational 
leader and bring even greater heights to the Queens 

Dr. Noel kriftcher, BASIS Superintendent, credits Dr. 
Harrington with bringing a community spirit to Port 
Richmond. She worked to get the parents and community 
involved in the school and "brought real community 
spirit to the place." 

During her tenure as principal, Peg continued her own 
education at Fordham University, Lincoln Center, 
Department of Administration, Public Policy and Urban 
Law, and was granted a Doctor of Education degree this 
year. Her dissertation was on the "First Year of the 
Implementation of the Peer Intervention Program within 
the City of New York." In addition, she was recently 
admitted into the New York Academy of Public Education. 

Margaret Harrington, a History major, received her 
Bachelor's degree from St. Joseph's College in 1964. That 
year she began teaching Social Studies at Mckinley Junior 
High School in Brooklyn. In 1969, she joined the Curtis 
High School staff and advanced to Assistant Principal 
therein 1977. She was named Principal of Port Richmond 
High School in 1982. During that time Peg received a 
Master's (1966) from Brooklyn College and a Professional 
Diploma in Supervision and Administration from the 
College of Staten Island. 


Mary H. Shea 

Mary H. Shea, Professor Emeritus, died on May 22nd, 
after an illness of several months. 

Miss Shea joined the faculty of St. Joseph's College in 
1943. She held degrees from Brooklyn College and New- 
York University, and had studied at the University of 
Wisconsin in a doctoral program. 

Miss Shea taught Speech at the college and later was 
Chairman of the Speech Communications Department. 
She was well qualified in speech, as an art and as therapy. 
She developed the speech pathology track, and became 
deeply involved in providing pathology courses foi the 
Child Study Special Education program. 

Kind and sympathetic toward students with speech 
problems - and with personal problems. Miss Shea had the 
ability to help students help themselves. 

From 1972 until her retirement in 1980, Mary Shea 
travelled each term to Suffolk to help to establish that 
Campus and to provide continuity. She was a valued 
member of the faculty and of the college community. 

Queens continued 

In 1975, Peg was selected by the New Yoik Slate 
Education Department foi a special program in India, 
traveling extensively, absorbing the culture, education, 
politics and social fabric oflndia. All of this she latei used 
in Social Studies classes as well as for lectures and the 
creation of a filmstrip used by the State. She was one of 
eighteen people, nationwide, selected by the Department 
of Health, Education, and Welfare foi a 1- ullbirght-Hayes 
Fellowship in Egypt. Peg became extremely interested in 
the' culture and life st\les of this people and latei 
incorporated her knowledge into the curriculum. Ha 
segment of the resulting study dealt with the Dynamics of 
Change, the role ol women in various cultures. 

Margaret Harrington is a member of the Delta Epsilon 
Phi and of the honorary education societies Phi Delta 
kappa and Delta kappa Gamma. She met her husband. 
Mel Hardin, in Egypt during the Fullbright-Hayes 
Fellowship studies. Mel has his own business in museum 
services, painting restoration and conservation. They 
have a daughter, Jessica Anne, who just turned eight and 
attends Public School 29 on Staten Island. 

Advocate For The Mentally 111 Named School Superintendent 

Angela Shillitani McGrath '50 with her husband John. 

In recognition of her dedication to the mentally 
handicapped, the Virginia State Mental Health, Mental 
Retardation and Substance Abuse Services Board, presented 
Angela Shillitani McGrath '50 with its community service 
award for her work with the mentally ill. A wife, mother 
and successful insurance agent, Angela has and still does 
devote much of her spare time to assisting the mentally 
retarded, mentally ill, and substance abusers in her home 
community of Richmond, Virginia. 

The problems faced by the mentally handicapped are of 
personal interest to Angela and her family. She was 
motivated 14 years ago when her daughter, now 27, was 
diagnosed as having schizophrenia. After Anne Marie 
finished high school, Angela saw that there was very little 
that she alone could do for her, and she started to attend 
parent support groups to learn what other parents were 
experiencing and doing about it. They all had similarly 
handicapped young adults who were at home with 
nothing to do, and all were deeply concerned about what 
was going to happen to their children when they were 

It was concluded that competent professionals should 
develop programs to find where each handicapped person 
could be employed, and eventually to establish residences 
for them. County officials needed to know of this problem 
and Angela urged parents to be advocates - to go to 
hearings and contact legislative officials to tell them of 
these young people and their needs. It all came down to 
two requests: for employment and for appropriate 
residential services. 

When the county decided to establish group homes, 
Angela realized that most peopledon't understand mental 
disability and have the warped concept that mentally 
disabled should be left by themselves, that they are 
dangerous and can't do anything. Angela set about to 
educate citizens and to explain the need for employment 
training and the establishment of group homes in 
neighborhoods familiar to them. She co-founded the 
Henrico County Citizens for the Mentally Handicapped 
and served as its president for a number of years. 

When the Virginia Department of Mental Health, 
Mental Retardation and Substance Abuse Services needed 
more money for community services for its clients, Angela 
again saw the necessity to educate people for the need for 
financial assistance. She took part in a statewide coalition 
that went to the Virginia General Assembly two years ago 
and persuaded legislators to allocate $65 million for 
community services for the mentally disabled. This past 
year, 400 to 500 citizens attended a budget hearing to beg 

Sister Mary Kieran Hartigan, 
RSM, has been named School 
Superintendent of the Rockville 
Center Diocese, which serves 
Nassau and Suffolk counties. 
She is an experienced educator 
and administrator who has 
served the diocese for more 
than 22 years. 

Sister Mary Kieran, a graduate 
of the class of 1968, has taught 
at both the elementary and 
secondary school levels. She 

S. Mary Kieran Hartigan, RSM % 6S wa s principal of Our Lady of 

Mercy Academy in Syosset from 1972-80, and principal of 
St. Pius X in Plainview from 1968-72. In 1980, she joined 
the St. John's University faculty as an adjunct professor. 
Four years later Sister Mary Kieran returned to the Diocese 
as Associate Superintendent of schools. Last July, when 
Dr. Hugh F. Carroll left to assume a position in public 
education, sister became Acting Superintendent. 

Sister Mary Kieran considers it an honor to serve the 
people of the diocese in such a high capacity. She believes 
that there is a need for the preservation, revitalization and 
extension of our Christian message and that an organized 
institution will preserve the integrity of our Catholic 
faith. Academic excellence and the development and 
growth of this faith is to be found in the Catholic 
education system. Catholic schools must enable parents to 
be the primary educators of their children, both in secular 
and religious subjects. 

Other major concerns facing Catholic education, she 
says, include developing the ministry of teaching, a 
comprehensive health education program, public re- 
lations, enrollment, and improved communication with 

Sister Mary Kieran holds a master's degree in education 
and a professional diploma from St. John's University 
and is presently a doctoral candidate at St. John's. A 
member of the National Catholic Education Association, 
she serves on the executive board from Region 2. She is 
also a member of the New York State Catholic Council of 
Superintendents and Chief Administrators of Catholic 

Advocate continued 

legislators not to cut funds for mental health. If money 
were not allocated for these positive goals, it would have to 
go for institutions, a far more costly operation. 

After two and a half years on a waiting list, Angela's 
daughter has moved into the county's supervised apart- 
ment program. She shares an apartment with two other 
mentally disabled women. Angela has three other grown 
children and three grandchildren and she now has some 
peace of mind knowing that Ann is, with assistance, able 
to be on her own. 

Angela will be retiring from active employment at the 
end of June this year. She is looking forward to spending 
time with the grandchildren, and to continuing her 
advocacy efforts for the mentally handicapped. 

Hero In Education 

Thomas F. Roeder '77 

Thomas F. Roeder, teacherat P.S. 138 in New York City, 
who was profiled in Alumnagram Winter '88, has been 
named a 1990 Reader's Digest American Hero in 
Education. Tom will receive $5,000 from the company for 
his efforts to integrate severely disabled students with their 
nondisabled peers in academic, social and work, settings. In 
addition, RS. 138 will receive $10,000 to support Tom's 
ongoing programs that further educational excellence. 

"The achievements of Thomas Roeder are truly 
heroic," said George V. Grune, Reader's Digest chairman 
and chief executive officer. "He has risen above the 
extraordinary challenges facing him and motivated his 
students to excel. He isan inspiration to people everywhere." 

The Reader's Digest American Heroes in Education 
Awards is a three-year program to honor educators in 10 
schools — individuals or teams of up to six teachers and 
principals — solving the critical problems facing schools 

The program, in its second year, is jointly sponsored by 
the Reader's Digest Association, Inc., the National 
Association of Secondary School Principals, National 
Education Association, National Association of Ele- 
mentary School Principals and American Federation of 
Teachers. A panel of leading educators representing these 
organizations chose this year's "heroes." 

Tom, along with the other 1990 award recipients, was 
chosen from 400 nominations submitted by fellow 
educators in public, private and parochial schools 
nationwide. Tom has been teaching students with severe 
physical and mental disabilities — and also challenging 
those who feel that his students are incapable of 
learning — for the past 13 years. 

Four years ago, Roeder initiated a "Community 
Integration Program" which brings disabled and non- 
disabled individuals together so they can learn from each 
other inside and outside the classroom. 

The biggest obstacle Tom Roeder faced was winning 
support for his program. He spent hundreds of hours 
developing the program, including searching for New 
York City worksites that could accomodate wheelchairs, 
as well as persuading employers to participate. Tom 
enlisted parents, community volunteers, college interns 
and professional therapists to provide the individual 
support students needed in his program. 

According to Ronald Miller, principal of P.S. 138, 
"Scores of disabled students today have a greater sense of 
dignity because of Tom's relentless determination. 
Hundreds of non-disabled students and community 
members also better understand their disabled peers. He 
has helped both groups discover friendship and mutual 

Tom was born and raised in Astoria, and still lives there. 
He graduated from St. Joseph's College, has a master's 
degree in education from Fordham and a certificate in 
Administration and Supervision from Hunter College. 
He is married and has four children, ages 9, 7, 5 and 2. 
Tom is a Euchai istic Minister in his parish, member of the 
New York Public Library Outreach Services Committee, 
the Association for Persons with Severe Handicaps, and 
the Self Advocacy Association. 

Tom says of his work: "I have used the gifts God has 
given me to improve the quality of life of individuals with 
disabilities and their families. Through the Community 
Integration Program developed at my school, with my 
colleagues, I have helped provide opportunities for 
students with severe disabilities to participate more fully 
in their community through recreation, learning and 
work activities. As a result, my students, and their non- 
disabled peers, have been able to share in the love and 
beauty of friendship." 

Active Retiree 

Evelyn Marzano Corcoran has always been a go-getter 
who likes hard work. In her positions as teacher, art 
director, sales manager and fashion consultant, she was 

Since her retirement in 1987, Evelyn has been taking 
classes, doing volunteer work and serving on citizens 

Not long ago, in the local Third Age newspaper, 
Evelyn saw that applications were being accepted for a 
Senior Intern program assisting members of the state 
legislature. She raced to the office to get her resume in 
under the wire and received a two-month appointment 
as a Legislative Senior Intern for the 21st District 

Representative, Jeannette Wood. 

The Senior Intern Program has been running since 
1981. This year more than 235 seniors applied for 15 
slots. Evelyn was accepted on the basis of her application 
and a personal interview. luteins are not secretaries. 
They sit in at meetings, do research, handle the 
Legislature's hot line and attend committee meetings. 

Competition is fierce for these two-to-three month 
positions. Evelyn would like to return for another 
internship but it's one to a customer. "It was one of the 
high points of my life to be a pan ol the sessions in the 
House Chambers," Evelyn said. "I'd recommend it for 
those who like to work." 

New Challenges 

Improving Reading 

Sister Ann McCarthy, CSJ '65 

The Diocese of Albany has named Sister Ann McCarthy 
CSJ to be Superintendent of Schools effective July 1, 1990. 
She has been principal of Bishop Kearney High School for 
the past ten years and previously served the diocese as 
assistant superintendent for instruction and supervision 
from 1976 to 1978 and as associate superintendent from 
1978 to 1980. 

During her tenure at Kearney, Sr. Ann restructured the 
Guidance Department to take care of health needs, both 
physical and emotional, of the students. A family 
counselor, personal counselors, a school nurse and a sex- 
education consultant nurse work together for the benefit 
of students and parents. 

Sister enlarged the Fine Arts Department. This year the 
Music Department, which has a regular band, started a 
marching band. Mary Corcoran, a music teacher, with the 
help of Sister Barbara Lynch, CSJ, puts the band members 
through their paces. The girls love it although it requires 
much time, energy and discipline, but each feels it an 
honor to be a part of the various city parades. 

An Honors Program was started by Sister Ann and 
Latin was re-introduced into the curriculum. Those who 
take it love it. This year Nancy Cribbin, a freshman, had a 
perfect score in the National Latin Examination given by 
the Classical Society. Honors students can be in the new 
Bridge Program, similar to and replacing the Save- A- Year 
program. Students take advance placement courses and 
the credits received are accepted by St. Joseph's College as 
well as some other colleges. 

In the Development Office started by Sister Ann, we find 
Sister Virginia Lake in charge of Public Relations. She 
photographs and reports all school events and news 
related to the school for newspapers in the area. She has 
been very successful in getting good press for Bishop 
Kearney. Parents, students, faculty and staff take pride in 
reading about their school! 

Kearney seniors do extremely well in receiving honors, 
medals and scholarships. This year three graduates 
received New York State Empire Scholarships, which are 
awarded solely on scholastic scores. Sister points out that 
these were three out of seven awards made to Brooklyn 
diocesan high schools - a tribute to wonderful teachers and 
wonderful students. 

In 1981 Bishop Kearney High School became the first 
community school in which lay people were hired for 
administrative positions. Dr. Gregory Rossicone (husband 
of Jo Nunziata Rossicone 70) is Associate Principal and 
Susan Burke '68 is Assistant Principal. 

"These have been ten good years," says Sister. "I've seen 
many of my goals accomplished and it's time to move on 
to new challenges." 

Joan Hunter De Olivera '49 

Joan Hunter De Oliveira, '49, had come belatedly to 
teaching. After three years working for Western Electric in 
Winston-Salem, NC, and a stint at Radio Station WAIR 
writing advertising copy, Joan went to Korea and Japan 
where she worked for the Red Cross in recreation, for 
seventeen months, until the end of the Korean war. 

On her return to the United States, Joan read that 
schools were desperately in need of teachers. She entered 
the Intensive Teacher Training Program for college 
graduates at SUNY on Long Island. In September 1955, 
Joan began teaching second grade in West Islip. 

Joan met Joseph De. Oliveira in the West Islip High 
School cafeteria in September 1956. They were married 
three years later. From then on, with the exception of a 
brief semester in Captree School teaching first grade, Joan 
stayed home to care for their seven children born in rapid 
succession between 1960 and 1970. 

The dismaying media reports on the poor reading 
scores of high school students were very real to Joe, who 
encountered these poor readers in his high school 
literature classes, some with scores as low as first grade. He 
felt that the fault lay with the poor teaching of reading and 
the "new" teaching methods in the lower grades. With 
Joan's encouragement and aid, he undertook to remedy 
the situation in a practical way. He enrolled in courses in 
the teaching of reading and began tutoring students after 
school and on Saturdays. 

In 1965 the Reading Improvement Center was opened 
in the De Oliveira home. In a short time more than forty 
students were coming for weekly instructions, and several 
capable teachers were engaged. Joe trained and supervised 
them while he continued his graduate studies (he earned a 
doctoral degree in Educational leadership in 1975) and 
taught English full time in high school. 

With five children in the house under the age of six, and 
the patter of little feet overhead, Joe concluded that a 
professional location would be more appropriate for the 
Center. Just after Joan came home from the hospital with 
Janine, baby number six, telephones were being installed 
in their new office on Main Street, East Islip, with a 
"private line" intercom to the house a mile away, so that 
Joan could continue to answer the phone during the day. 

Their children evidently had no reading difficulties. 
The two youngest are in college, Janine at Providence, RI, 
and Julianne at St. Francis in Loretto, PA. Joanne 
Schechter, 29, the oldest, is working for her husband, 
Larry, in multi-level marketing. Joanne and the three 
boys are graduates of Le Moyne College in Syracuse. 
Jacqueline Bregman, 28, a graduate of Holy Cross and 

continued on next page 



Barbara Oddo '86GS 

During her senior year at Grover Cleveland High 
School, Barbara Oddo grew increasingly discontent with 
the prospects of her future. She could not foresee the day, 
nearly 17 years later, when she would realize her dream of 
becoming a practicing attorney. 

Barbara grew up in a housing project of Manhattan's 
lower east side and moved with her family to Queens, at 
the age of eleven. She remembered the negative reaction of 
her family when she first expressed a desire to attend 
college after graduation. "I grew up in an environment 
where graduating from high school was an achievement 
in itself. A college education, especially for a woman, was 
considered a frivilous venture." Succumbing to the wishes 
of her family, Barbara went to work after her high school 
graduation. She began her career as a receptionist for a law 
firm, and later took a position in a nursing home as a 
nurses' aide. 

Although she enjoyed her work, Barbara was not 
content. Something was missing from her life and that 
something was an education-the key to professionalism. 
In 1976, she enrolled in Kingsborough Community 
College in Brooklyn and earned an Associate Degree in 
Nursing in 1979. For the next two years, she worked as a 
registered nurse at Lutheran Medical Center. 

In 1981 , she left bedside nursing and took a position as a 
medical review coordinator with the Kings County Health 

Care Review Organization. Her responsibilities included 
reviewing hospital medical records and imposing fiscal 
penalties for failure to comply with Medicare and 
Medicaid regulations. 

In 1983 Barbara joined the utilization staff at Hospital 
for Joint Diseases Orthopaedic Institute. There she met 
Eleanor Taylor, Director of the Department. Ellie, a 
graduate of the General Studies Division of St. Joseph's 
College, encouraged Barbara to continue her education. 
As a result, Barbara received a Bachelor of Science degree 
in Health Administration from St. Joseph's in 1986. 

While attending St. Joseph's, Barbara took a Business 
Law course taught by Professor Hugh Snow. Influenced 
by his sense of professionalism and her unquenched 
ambition to be an attorney, Barbara applied and was 
accepted by New York Law School in 1986. She earned a 
Juris Doctor degree and in 1989 was admitted to the New 
York State Bar. 

Barbara is currently working as a medical malpractice 
attorney with the law firm of Wilson Elser Moskowitz 
Edelman 8c Dicker, but will soon be taking a position with 
the New York City Health and Hospital Corporation in 
their Case Mix Management Division. Her position with 
HHC will involve close contact with the 1 1 city hospitals 
and 5 nursing homes, in an effort to assist them in 
reducing losses. 

Improving Reading, continued 

Touro Law School has her own law practice in 
Albuquerque, NM, where they live. Joseph, 26, has his 
own business in multi-media productions in the Boston 
area. John, 25, is a computer programmer for Stratus 
Corporation in Marlboro, MA. He will soon leave for a job 
in Hamilton, Bermuda, to work for the Bank of Bermuda. 
James, 23, works at the Hyatt Hotel in Manhattan, also in 
multi-media productions. 

The Reading Center continues to be a big part of the De 
Oleivera's lives. Because of the time it takes to keep the 

household going, Joan has a secretary to help manage the 
office and to do scheduling, reports and bookkeeping. 
With the children gone most of the time, Joan and Joe 
devote time to the local Chamber of Commerce, trips to 
their home in the Poconos, and travel. In recent years they 
have taken vacations in Portugal and Spain, California (to 
visit Joan's sister, Anne Hunter Tubridy '53), to Ireland in 
July 1989 and to the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque last 
October. They are looking forward to full retirement, 
perhaps in New Mexico where the winters are a bit easier. 

Three Phonathons in '90 

Phonathon 1990 was different. For the first time, we 
used computer-generated phonathon sheets - a trial run. 
But our volunteers weren't fazed! After reviewing the new 
form and receiving instructions, they went right to work 
with their usual good-will and cheerfulness and racked up 
$40,867 in pledges at the Garden City site. 

Our volunteers at the General Studies phonathon, held 
on April 3rd, in their building at 265 Clinton Avenue drew 
pledges in the amount of $4,340. This is excellent 
considering that they had far fewer phones than we had at 
Garden City. 

The Patchogue campus held its phonathon on April 23 
using all available phones and raised $3,810, another great 
showing. We are indebted to all the volunteers whom we 
list below. 


S. Jeanne Marie Amore 

S. Margaret Buckley 

S. Teresa Avila Burke 

S. Mary Florence Burns 

S. Pat Dittmer 

S. Jane Fritz 

S. Mary Winifred Grass 

S. Elizabeth Hill 

S. Helen Kearney 

S. Bonnie Kelly 

S. John Raymond McGann 

S. Loretta McGrann 

S. Agnes Meagher 

S. George Aquin O'Connor 

S. Joan Ryan 

S. Frances Salano 

S. Mary Corde Tymann 

Clare T. Bauch '45 

Rita Dorgler Bartscherer '51 

Ruth Hall Carey '52 

Rosemary Chapman 

Mary Uravic Clement '60 

Jean Connery 

Patricia Egan Englehart '52 

Mary E. McLoughlin Farrell '35 

Maureen Dougherty Fraser '53 

Jean Vallone Gagliardo '51 

Marie Grace 

Catherine Greco 

Rosemary Corbett Hannon '54 

Melodie Horan 

Dr. Marilyn Kalyvas 

Marie Keegan '29 

Edna Brennan Maloney '35 

Kathy Maguire McQuade '73 

Joan Metz 

Frances McLoughlin Reilly '38 

Patricia Teague Rick '50 

Marion Salgado '78S 

Mary Kiers Shaw 

Louise Cavallero Sikorski '56 

Kyle Svenningsen 

Rosalie Tutino '59 

Dolores Twachtman '83S 

Terry Yard Panten '84 

Sherrie Van Arnam 


Thomas Travis 
Lorraine Boykin 
Victor Brown 
Rupert Campbell 
S. Carole Lessard 
Bob Dunn 
Regis Lake 
Gloria Gasper 
Hayward Gill 
Joan Thompson 
Dorothy Robinson 
Daniel Beni 

Susanne Trappier 
Audrey Conley 
Maude Robinson 
Coddington John 
Kevin McKenna 
Sadie McMillan 
Lynn Barna 
Phyllis Bayne 
Sylvia White 
Zaileen Washington 
Sandra Ramirez 
Gracie Williams 

Marion Russo 

Jane Hoffman Westfield '42 
Lucille Curley 
Mary Riley '90 
Veronica Reehil '86S 
Cindy Armstrong '87S 
Maureen Read 
Clare Bauch '45 
Patricia Cassese 
Rosalie Tutino '59 
Margaret Roe '90 
Joan Farley '85SGS 

Ann Powers 
Joanne Walsh '86S 
Barbara Novack '87SGS 
Penny Kehl '89SGS 
Carolyn Gallogy 
Dr. Thomas Travis 
Dr. Marilyn Kalyvas 
Sister Bonnie Kelly 
Myra Greenfield '86S 
Dolores Twachtman '83S 
Marion Salgado '78S 

Asked whether any alumni/ae fail to honor their 
commitments, we assessed last year's records. 433 members 
failed to fulfill their pledges by June 30, 1989. We believe 
there was a reason, an unforeseen obligation that took 
priority over these pledges. In some cases it was just an 
oversight and some were paid after that date. However, we 
always appreciate it when we are advised of inability to 
honor these pledges, so that we do not carry them on our 
books for further reminders. (Alumni ae should not feel 
obligated to make a pledge at phonothon and should not 
do so if they cannot or will not follow through.) 

When our Alumni Fund was first inaugurated in 1966, 
after our first capital funds campaign for the McEntegart 
Library, Sister Virginia Therese Callahan, then Director 
of Development, using guidelines of other fund-raising 
colleges, determined that $25.00 from each alumna was a 
fair share. Many alumnae began their annual giving of 
that amount to the Alumni Fund. Some gave more and 
those who could not give the "fair share" were asked to 
give something each year in order to yield a good 
percentage figure because corporations, foundations and 
businesses look at that figure when we approach them for 
aid. It is an indication of alumni loyalty. As you probably 
noted from the Donor Report of last year, that figure was 
23%. We hope that non-givers will help us to raise this 
considerably next year, our Diamond Jubilee year. 

When the Alumni Association was first formed in the 
early '20's, dues were set to cover the modest costs of 
maintenance and mailings, as well as publication of 
alumnae news. These costs have increased as the number 
of alumnae/i has increased. We believe that each graduate 
should consider these facts and help as much as possible 
by giving annually. 

Survey Alert 

Belmont 90 

All Alumni to be surveyed 
for first A lumni Directory 

All alumnae i with known addresses will be receiving a 
Directory Questionnaire in the mail. This is your 
opportunity to be accurately listed in St. Joseph's College 
first Alumni Directory. Please be sure to complete and 
return your directory questionnaire as soon as possible! 

Once your information is 
received Harris Publishing Compa- 
ny, our publisher, will edit and 
process your form. Over 9,000 of 
our great alums will be included in 
this impressive directory. 

If you don't return your question- 
naire there is a possibility you may 
inadvertantly be omitted. Don't 
take a chance-watch for your 
questionnaire and remember to 
return it promptly. 

Suffolk Chapter 

A good number of alumnae i attended the February 
Theater-Brunch Party, sponsored by the Suffolk chapter. 
As always the production at Clare Rose Playhouse, 
Butterflies Are For Free, was well done. All enjoyed an 
elegant brunch overlooking the water at Land's End. This 
is an annual event in mid-winter and we look forward to 
seeing more of you next year. 

At the Suffolk Chapter meeting on May 30, 1990, new 
officers were elected: President, Arlene Murtha; Vice 
President, Joanne Walsh; Secretary, Susan Barrasso and 
Treasurer, Joan Farley. Sister Jean Marie Amore extended 
thanks to the outgoing officers, Iva Sheehan, Veronica 
Reehil, Roseanne Henry DiBella and Toby Wiles. 
Discussion of future events followed and some suggestions 
made were: Alumni Career Night, Home-coming 
Weekend in conjunction with the Alumni Basketball 
game in November, Alumni Soccer Game, Theater in 
New York, Theater-Brunch Clare Rose Playhouse and 
Moonlight Cruise. 

The Suffolk Chapter is an active and growing group. 
Attending the last meeting were: Iva Sheehan, Veronica 
Reehil, Roseanne Henry DiBella, Arlene Murtha, Joanne 
Walsh, Susan Barrasso, Joan Farley, Mary Verdone, 
Jeannette Moss, Louise Hendrich, Betty Hill, Mary Riley. 
Lucretia Ruppel, Jane Hoffman Westfield, Sister Jean 
Marie Amore, Maureen Read, Jeanne Connerv and 
Patricia Cassese. If you want to join and become involved, 
call Pat Cassese at the Alumni Office (516) 654-3200. The 
next meeting of the Suffolk Chapter will be held on 
August 16, 1990 at 7:45 P.M., Board Room. Mark your 
calendar and "come on down"! 


Saturday, September 29, 1990 


Gates open at 11:00 AM, dining room at 11:30 AM. 
Luncheon will be served at 12:00 noon. 


Fruit cup, salad, rolls, roast prime rib of beef with 
baked potato and vegetable, deep dish apple pie, coffee, 
tea or milk. 


No jeans or T-Shirts of any type. Gentlemen are required 
to have a sports jacket or suit. 


General parking $1.50, preferred parking $1.50 additional, 
valet parking $3.00 additional. 


Enter through the main clubhouse entrance. You will 
receive a complimentary Racing Program. Proceed to the 
dining area. 


By car - drive to the junction of Cross Island Parkway and 
Hempstead Turnpike and follow signs to Belmont. 

By L.I.R.R. - Frequent special trains leave for the track 
from Penn Station and Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn. 
Check with L.I.R.R. for specific schedules. 

By Subway - Take IND "E" or "F" train to Parsons Blvd. 
Queens, and express bus to Belmont, or the IND "E" or 
"F" train to 169th Street station and local bus to track. 


$28.00 per person 

Note: There will be no flyers sent for this affair. Tickets are 
limited. First come, first served. 

Yes, I wish a reservation for BELMONT '90 on: 
Saturday, September 29, 1990 





No. of tickets. 

Amount enc losed. 

Make checks payable to: 
St. Joseph's College Alumni Association 

Send to Belmont '90 - Alumni Office, St. Joseph's College, 
245 Clinton Avenue. Brooklyn. NY 1 1205 


vital statistics 


Please remember the deceased of the St Joseph's College family in 
your prayers. 


Eleanor Howard O'Leary '21 

Ruth McCormack Schneider '21 

Helen Delany Cook '30 

Veronica McNally '30 

Marion Toshack '30 

Mary Hurley Lenihan '31 

Marie Rickerby Blake '31 

Sister Marie Clotilde Falvey CSJ '33 

Agnes Toner O'Shea '33 

Kathenne David '33 

Anne Connolly Burns '34 

Carmel Cavaliere Poggi '35 

Isabel Farrell '36 

Alice Hines Smith '37 

Eunice Kilboy Graziano '40 

Joan Euler'42 

Elizabeth Keating Harson '44 

Margaret Mally 45 

Marian Butt Kelleher '48 

Jane F Engelhardt '82S 

Lloyd A. Brotherson '86GS 


Cecelia Finn Fahy '35 
Bernadette Moroney Metzler '35 
Emily Billington Smisek '37 
Margaret Magee Buckley '38 
Eleanor Van Wagner Nace '39 
Helen Rochford Shalvoy '40 
Martha McCann McGuirk '40 
Edna Shephard O'Gara '41 
Eileen Loughlin Henmger'42 
Elaine Burns Eilenberg '47 
Paula Ryan Caccavi '59 
Anita DuBritz Kalwaszinski '63 



Estelle Webb Gelshenan '39 
Sally Miller Silk '42 
Mary Bennett Burke '44 
Angela Sola Gagliardo '49 
Maureen Lynch Boyle '67 
Dorothea Lynch '69 
Patricia Lynch '72 
Margaret Lynch Ariz '76 


Arlene Murtha '80S 
Joanne Walsh '86S 
Margaret Higgins '89 


Anne Schrage '27 (dec.) 

Sister Margaret Louise Shea '38 

Ellen Toner Shanaphy '43 

Anne McDonald McCully '44 

Gertrude Shea '50 

Lillian Zerilli Cavallone '64 


Gertrude Roberts Delworth '23 
Kathlyn Ansbro Wurts 32 
Sister Mary Corde Tymann '39 
Helen Kane Moloney '40 
Helen Gribbin Mally '40 
Kevin Dolan '87 


Eileen Kelley Coulter '44 


Mary Jo Burke Chiara '69 





Veronica Dumbrowska to Emanuele P. Candiano 

Bridget Reilly to Michael Costello 

Leona Frascinelli to Mr. Mitchell 

Linda Gibaldi to Neil Thakker 

Dianna Graham to Dennis Locher 

Maryellen Maida to James Fonti 

Maria Humphrey to Robert Dell'Aquila '86S 

Robert Dell'Aquila to Maria Humphrey '85S 

Annette Plichta to Walter Smith 

Angela Di Lauro to Scott Merrell 

Mary Holmes to Kevin Browne '87 

Michelle Caputo to Richard Feeley 

Camille Saltarelli to Michael Allers 


'45 Jean Urbanek, President of Telephone Pioneers Group 

'50 Evelyn Dever Saal, MA Theology. Immaculate Conception 

Seminary 5/84 
'58 Nuala McGann Drescher, nominated by Governor Cuomo to be 

a member of NYS Labor Relations Board for a five year term 
'60 Carol Ann Miller Mullaney, PhD Human Relations Development, 

Vanderbilt-Peabody College. Nashville, TN May 1990 
'60 Kathleen Walsh Fallon, MS Education, Queens College 1981; 

Ed. Supervision & Administration, Bank Street College 1986 
'60 Barbara Maher McConville, MLS, Rutgers 1987 

'62 Claire Lavin O'Regan, PhD. author: The Consultant as 

Communicator-Tr\\\ium Press. April 1990 
'62 Dorothy Morelli Conforti. PhD. Education. University of 

Connecticut 1985 
'62 Maureen Coonan Brolly, appointed Principal of PS. 207K 9/89 

'63 Carol Cusack Aamodt. Special Recognition, Teacher 

Appreciation Week by Morrow Elementary School, 

N. Lauderdale. Florida 
'64 Margaret Harrington, EdD Education, Fordham, 1990; named 

superintendent of NYC high schools in Queens. 
'65 S. Ann McCarthy, appointed Superintendent of Schools in 

Albany, New York effective July 1, 1990 
'68 S. Mary Kieran Hartigan RSM, named school superintendent of 

Rockville Center Diocese 
'69 Winifred Radigan, appointed Assistant Principal Brooklyn 

College Academy 
'69 Marianne Traviglia Ferrara, appointed Ass't Principal. 

PS. 207K, 4/90 
'71 Joan Carollo Bertorelli. MA, Elementary Reading, Queens 

College 1990 
'71 Rita E. Guare, PhD Education. Fordham. 1990 

'72 Alice Butler. MA, Math and Math Ed, Teachers College, 

Columbia 1974 
'72 Alice Butler, MA, Education & Reading. Fordham, 1988 

'75 Thomas La Guidice. received Crown Award as #1 Agent in 

Liberty Mutual, achieved membership in Leader's Club, Liberty 

Mutual for 13 consecutive years. Nashville Award Ceremonies 
'76 Charles Mason, Director of Technical Support and Application 

Department, at Pharmacia Company. Inc 
'76S Daniel P Kapsak, J.D., Creighton University 1986 
'77 Frances Rosato. MA Public Administration, Baruch, 2/89; Pro- 

moted to rank of Ass't Deputy Warden . NYC Dept of Correction 
'82S Barbara Fehring Hulahan, MA Reading. Dowling. 1985 
'82S Debra Schuller. MA Early Childhood Ed, SUNY New Paltz, 1990 
'82S Margaret Titone, received Hugh J B. Cassidy Memorial Award 

for her contribution to the community, and the teaching 

profession of special children 
'83 Margaret Kenna. PhD Biology, University of North Carolina 5/90 

'84 Ellen R McCarthy, JD, St. John's University School of Law 6/89 

'84SGS Dolores Nisito, Certification for Professional Achievement in 

Perioperative Nursing Practice (CNOR) 
'85GS Uda May, MA Health Service Administration. New School 5/89 
'85SGS Edward J Speigel. MBA Dowling College, 6/90 
'85 Elizabeth Murphy, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, New York 

School of Podiatry, 1989 
'86GS Barbara Oddo, JD New York Law School. 1989 
'86 Barbara Brereton. MA Math Education. Brooklyn College. 6/90 

'87S Catherine Antonelli. MS Secondary Ed. Adelphi 6/89 











Brittany Nicole to Joseph and Michelle Mele 
Brian Peter to Manbeth Pinz Olsen 
Gregory Thomas to Therese Stevenson Scott 
Meghan Ellen to Mary Lindner Evans 
Stephanie Robyn to Jill Siegel Pfluke 
Meaghan Rose to Patricia Conroy Steingraber 
Michael Thomas to Mary Golde Hammond 
Blake Andrew to Therese Yard Panten 11/12/89 
Gma Elaine to Lisa diFiore Ridolph 
Melissa Rose to Denise DiMare Caruso 
Jennifer Anne to Anne Marie Perri Bornello 
Brianne Patricia to Laura Geelen LoManto 
Daniel Alejandro to Theresa Da Costa Guzman 
Melissa to Dorothy Maltese Procopio 
Brianne Patricia to James LoManto 
Lisa Marie to Marian Walsh Mondiello 
and Joseph Mondiello 


We received two notes from Sr. M. Francis Flinn. RGS. from China, in 
response to our letters regarding the deaths of Classmates, Ruth 
McCormack Schneider and Eleanor Howard O'Leary She is having 
Masses offered for them and "will continue to keep them in our community 


Reglna Munz Meyer reports the arrival of her first great-grandchild in time 
for last Christmas He was appropriately named Nicholas for jolly St. Nick. 
Mary SI. John Murphy toured Arizona. Colorado and California this winter 
and has plans to attend a wedding in Texas this summer. We are all very 
proud of Mary who will receive an honorary degree from St. Joseph's 

College at commencement this year Tess Dolan Janton spent the winter in 
Tucson. Arizona and then flew to Florida to visit Rita Fearon Bryan at North 
Palm Beach. She spent a few days at a reunion with former neighbors in 
Nalcrest, FL then flew back to New Jersey for Easter. Rita's daughter, Ann. 
and her husband visited her at Eastertime In May, Rita is to fly to Ojai, CA 
to visit son, Tom, and family - then on to Vista, CA to visit son, Bob, and 
family. August will find her in Pennsylvania for a grandson's wedding and 
then she will visit her son Pauls Retreat House in Long Branch, NJ Mildred 
Hayes Donohue and Vincent are well and en|oying suburbia They visit 
each of their three far-away children each year. Their daughter, Claire, 
lives nearby, which is a great pleasure to them. 

Alice McGrane Feeley. 118th 8th Avenue. Brooklyn. N. Y. 11215 


Four of our class came to Terrace on the Park for the Alumni Luncheon 
Eleanor Dolan Reardon Dr. Bernadette Garvey Margaret Crowley and 
Marlta Rockefeller Ryan. We enjoyed the company of members from older 
classes who came over and |Oined us. We were particularly proud of Mary 
St. John Murphy who was honored at the June 8th commencement. We are 
sorry to learn that Eileen Murray Heaney is not well. Do remember her in 
your prayers. Her grandchildren are a great |Oy to her. Her granddaughter 
and husband, John and Eileen Kruger live in London where they are 
establishing a branch of their business Carolyn works for Lear's Magazine. 
Megan plans to move to California after she finishes Cornell Kay Kllgallen 
Rooney is hoping Joe will not have to be moved to a nursing home or 
hospital. They have enjoyed the oceanfront for many years Peg Crowley 
told us that Mary Greene was ill this winter, but is quite well again Marlta's 
daughter, Teen Mulholland '55 vacations in St. Martin's every year. Her 
son. Jim. just moved to California Pat's son is a landscape specialist in 
Trenton, NJ Brendan is a freshman in Caprillo College. CA. Michael is a 
senior and Doug a sophomore at Trenton State College. Doug will go to 
Australia as an exchange student this year. 


The Class of '27 sends congratulations to Mary St. John Murphy as 
recipient of her Honorary Degree from the College, on June 8th. Since our 
last issue, we have lost our beloved Anne Schrage who was always an 
inspiration to us May she be at perfect peace Josephine Welden McBrlde 
had a stay in the hospital but is "hanging in there." She reports two new 
great-grandchildren, the seventh is a girl and the eighth is a boy She has 
18 grandchildren and 8 great-grandchildren "Do hope and pray that the 
New Horizons Campaign is a success." she writes. Alice Gallagher is 
rejoicing that Spring is here, saying that the first robin, daffodil and crocus 
are looking good to her. Marie Savino Degnan is "blessed with a wonderful 
family" Her son is still in "show biz" and her six grandchildren are a joy- 
Rose Stuart Doran drives from Palm Beach to New Orleans to visit her 
family Last winter her grandaughter, Teresa and her four children came 
from Massachusetts to visit her This summer Rose will return the visit. She 
gets to "Europe or somewhere" every year Her ten great-grandchildren 
"make life good." Elva Rockefeller Ryan reminds us that she has lived in six 
states since graduation from college. Her local Caritas Guild in Lakehurst. 
which she founded, has made many substantial donations to such groups 
as St. Johns Youth Group. Sacred Heart Missionaries. Covenant House 
and many others. Elva really started someting! Katherlne Normlle Mylod 
reports two more weddings of grandchildren. This summer we plan to get 
our two entire families together. The count so far is 90! 

Margaret Normile McLoughlm. 201 Webb Avenue. River Edge. NJ 07661 


Although some of our classmates have been ill this winter, they send news 
of general improvement Helen Callahan Brink, recovered from her recent 
stroke, has moved to a Carmelite residence in Connecticut, is in good 
spirits and would like to hear from friends. Mary Keller Lawlor also suffered 
a stroke in April but after a stay at Nyack Hospital and at the Helen Hayes 
Rehab Center is now at home getting back to her old self with the help of a 
home therapist and very attentive family. John and Reglna Peppard 
Fltzpatrlck were hospitalized this winter but are now on the road to good 
health and are planning their summer vacation in Amityville, LI Agnes 
Comerford still travels in her wheel chair and finds no difficulty "driving" to 

chapel out of doors She attended the wedding of her niece in Connecticut 
in May Agnes is a member of the Daughters of the Heart of Mary who are 
now celebrating their 200th anniversary. She comments on the modern 
attitude of the founders who. because of conditions in France, where they 
originated, started this religious order which bore none of the usual 
outward signs - no title, no convent, no habit, no cloister - yet had the 
approval of the church. At the annual Smith's Easter wing-ding in 
Yorktown Heights. Marie Kelly Smith's children and grandchildren greeted 
the Easter Bunny, but also celebrated Granny Smith's latest achievement 
She has now completed 100 miles of lap in the club swimming pool' Mary 
Murray Kelly confines her activities to Fairlawn. NJ where she is involved in 
many societies connected with St Kathenne's Church and with the 
Radburn Senior Group. Her sister. Eileen Murray Heaney '26. has several 
granddaughters who frequently "make" Alumnagram and give Mary added 
interest in St Joseph's. A program sent us by Mary Kelly Hoermann 
described a benefit piano concert performed in March by her son, Richard, 
at the JFK Middle School in Port Jefferson Station, NY. The two-hour 
repertoire included works of Chopin, Liszt, Beethoven, Bach, and 
Schubert. Richard is a retired school teacher who is now pursuing a 
musical career on the concert stage, TV. and radio Mary's sixteen 
grandchildren and their parents are all well and happy. Mary saw most of 
them at the concert and all enjoyed the thrill of a standing ovation 
accorded their Richard Agnes Kelly Bryan and John enjoy life in Matawan 
and the frequent visits of children and grandchildren. They are planning a 
trip this summer, to take part in the Oberammergau festival and will spend 
some time in Vienna to enjoy the music. Dorothy Hand is active in 
Columbiettes, Ladies' Auxiliary of the Fire Department. Fatima Club 
Retired Teachers' Association, and Salvation Army. Jeannetle Farrell 
Amery was the only member of the class willing and able, by the grace of 
God and Eleanor McLoughlin's new red car. to attend the Spring 
Luncheon She was pleased to see her daughter-.n-law, Maura Conway 
Amery, who travelled from Holmdel, NJ to help celebrate her sister's 25th 
anniversary Anne Conway Creech '65 came from Raleigh. NC. to |Oin her 
classmates at the luncheon Jeannetle is hoping to spend a peaceful 
summer at her beach house in Staten Island - with the help of her family 
and a great new bulkhead which will warn the ocean to keep its distance. 

Jeannetle Farrell Amery, 1 Prospect Park SW »40, Brooklyn NY 11214 
(718) 499-5262 

Summer: 48 Cedar Grove Beach Club. Staten Island NY 10306 
(718) 987-7804 

Once again, we are an anniversary class - this time celebrating our sixtieth 
Our ranks have thinned and life-styles have changed in the ten years since 
our gala golden celebration. Only nine of us were able to attend the Spring 
Luncheon. Distance as well as family and personal problems prevented 
others from joining us. Present were Mildred Bogan Walsh, Sarah Crowley. 
Isabelle Donohue FitzGerald Marda Doyle Ticho Mary Golden Meehan 
Bernadette Hughes Carroll Kathleen Mulrooney McDermott Margaret 
Reilly Parker and Sister Ruth Willmann Special cheers to Margaret who 
interrupted a Florida vacation to fly up for the luncheon, to Bernadette who 
travelled three and a half hours to come from Lakewood, NJ, and to 
Kathleen who drove down from Connecticut Many thanks to Mary 
Meehan Shanley and Mary Ticho Carroll who chauffered mothers and 
friends to St. Leo's and to Flushing Meadow Kay Wheeler Smith was sorry 
to miss the luncheon; she had been away for over a month visiting family in 
Minnesota, Wisconsin and California and had been too late getting back to 
White Plains. Dot Bird Daly has moved from her Washington townhouse 
and is living in Mitchellville, MD. a retirement community Clare Stanton 
Sweeney is now settled in Lancaster. PA Ruth Hagen Pette has made a 
permanent move to Boca Raton. FL She has six grandchildren: Ruthann 
Tormey just received her MA from University of North Carolina and is 
teaching at Greensboro Community College Her brother, Robert, 
received his degree in Dentistry in May from Chapel Hill. NC. and her 
sister, Megan is a junior at Wake Forest, NC. Ruth's son. Dr. Stephen 
Carney, an Oral Surgeon in Albany. NY. has a daughter Mary Frances, a 
junior at Holy Cross in Worcester. MA, and two boys Stephen and Michael, 
students at La Salle Military Academy in Troy, NY. JoAnne Meyer wrote of 
the death of her aunt, Marion Toshack on January 20th after a brief illness 
"We miss her tremendously." she writes and asks for prayers. We extend 
sympathy to her and to the family of Helen Delany Cook who died on 
March 6, 1990 and to the family of Veronica McNally who died May 13th. 
Margaret Parker and Gen Kelly were at Vera's funeral and remarked on a 
most impressive group of mourners Vera was one of I3children We are in 
contact with most of our class, but if you are one who has been missed, get 
in touch with us. We'd love to hear from you. We care' 


28, 1990 

3n the Park 

ry Ann Weindler Horan '62 

George Aquin O'Connor, 

ee * r>~r n "62 , 

u o/t e . * to. 

Isabelle Donohue FitzGerald. 319 Webster Ave. Brooklyn. N. Y. 11230 
(718) 438-7744 

Zita Hawkins Stoddart, 39 Maple Drive. Roosevelt. N. Y. 1 1575 
(516) 376-4519 


Richard and Marion Willmott Thorn are still playing a lot of bridge and 
taking trips to Maine and Vermont. In May they hope to go to California for 
a reunion with former students Marian Baltes Duncan is happy that one of 
her children lives on Long Island, with three youngsters to visit. Her 
younger daughter, who is single, is still a Montreal resident, the older, who 
has three grown children, resides in Princeton, NJ. Two of the children live 
at home, the other in NYC Marian is within walking distance of church and 
shops, fortunately, since, by her own choice, she no longer drives Margot 
Blake. RN. of Seaford Harbor, NY wrote of the death of her mother, Marie 
Rickerby Blake, from complications of colon cancer, on December 22. 
1989 Going through her belongings, she found many mementos of her 
happy years at St. Joseph's "Those who remember my mother know what 
a comedian she could be Although she suffered from short-term memory 
loss, she knew her condition was terminal, but she never let that reality get 
her depressed," writes Margo. "She was entertaining and spontaneous 
until days before she died I had promised her I wouldn't put her in a 
Nursing Home because she wanted to die in her own home 'by the sea' I 
was able to keep this promise because I'm an R.N.. . I'm enclosing a gift in 
her memory to 'her best college." Please remember Marie and her loved 
ones in your prayers. Margaret Ferry Healy and Nick will spend the 
summer in their home in Glengariff. County Cork, Ireland on Bantry Bay 
They are expecting two great-grandchildren— the start of the next 
generation Marie Ward, Julie McDonald Kuehne. Janet Prendergast 
Vickrey and Eleanor McLoughlin were at the Alumni Luncheon. We visited 
with our friends from '30s and talked of our 60th anniversary next year We 
hope we'll have a large group! Janet Vickrey |ust returned from the Easter 
trip to Ireland with S. Joan Ryan and her group of travellers. 

Janet Prendergast Vickrey. 334 82nd Street. Brooklyn. NY 11209 
(718) 836-0855 

Marie O'Connor, Applewood Estates, 1705 Applewood Drive. 
Freehold. NJ 07728 (201) 409-7740 


Glorious news of the class of '32 is the ordination of Helen Coughlan 
Worthley's son. John Worthley, on May 26th at St. Agnes Cathedral, 
Rockville Center. John is also the nephew of Gladys Worthley Sharing this 
wonderful, special occasion were Mary Whelan Phelan and Bud and 
myself. Ad multos annos. Father Worthley 1 Irene Parker Parks just 
returned from a National Audubon Tour from Jacksonville to Norfolk, on 
which she visited historic southern cities, some of which were associated 
with her paternal ancestors. She has regained her strength and vitality 
since she suffered a stroke a couple of years ago. Talk of achievements! 
Gladys Worthley still drives back and forth between Maryland and Florida 
each winter Perenniel travelers, Mary Whelan Phelan and Buddy, enjoyed 
another trip to Ireland with the St. Joseph's group during Easter week The 
tour was fine but the weather wasn't! Katherine Kelly Carlin, the Phelans 
and I escaped part of the winter at our various spots in Florida. Of course. 
Kathlyn Ansbro Wurts, Sara Gannon St. Pierre. Lucille Jacobson 
Augenstein. Katherine Krebs, Margaret Oliver Kaiser, and Gladys 
Worthley are in residence in Florida for all or a good part of the year Laura 
Brennan Loughlln '31 and Dick and I managed to get together for a 
luncheon in Sarasota. I have been in touch with Joan Meehan Goldfem, 
daughter of Anne Burns Meehan. who visits her mother frequently Anne's 
spirits are good and she's always ready with a witty remark. If you want to 
send a card or note to Anne send it to me with her name in parenthesis on 
the second line and I will forward it to Joan Although Kay Frey Lynch and 
Winifred McMahon don't get out much, they are interested in all activities 
of St. Joseph's and especially our class. They were pleased to hear about 
the Spring Luncheon which Mary Kearney, Mary Phelan and I attended, 
following Mass at St. Leo's. What joy to see so many of our sister-class, the 
'30s, who celebrated their 60th 1 Mary White Kearney told us of the very 
special honor to be bestowed on her husband, John He received the 
Thomas More Award given by the Catholic Lawyers Guild. We were 
saddened at the news of the death of Rev. John Ansbro, brother of Kathlyn 
Ansbro Wurts The Ansbro family was blessed for many years with two 
priests and one remains to continue his service and dedication. We will 
have our own Mass for deceased classmates in September - so please don't 
make any plans to go to California or Greece or the moon, until you hear 

from me In between times, I will be bedazzled by the sights of the 
Canadian Northwest, Banff, Lake Louise, etc. etc. I think I must be the last 
one to visit that scenic area. Au voir! 

Anne McCormack Fennessy, 2 Horatio St., New York, NY 10014 
(212) 691 8484 


We extend condolences to the families of three of our members who died 
this year, Katherine G. David on March 3rd, Agnes Toner O'Shea on April 
8th and Sister Marie Clotilde Falvey, CSJ on May 23rd Please remember 
them and those dear to them in your prayers Monday. May 21st. was the 
date for our Long Islanders to meet at LaGrange It was a slightly smaller 
group than usual, but the decibel level and hilarity were high. Present were, 
Rita Bopp Mahoney, Irene Costarino Sarro. Mary Doian, Jo Ford Scanlan, 
Marie McGrath Browne. Barbara Owens Miller, Rita Pollock Murphy, and 
Elizabeth Schaefer Dalton Jo Scanlan and Rita Murphy had recently 
visited Brentwood and had lunch with Sister James Cecilia, whom we 
remember as Mary Cullen '34. Marie Browne's daughter, Justine, was 
married to Dana Hagan on February 13th Jerrle Murphy and Mary Dolan 
attended the April Alumni Mass and Luncheon - we helped Jerrie's 
daughter, Kathleen Murphy Reilly '60. celebrate her 25th anniversary. She 
came from Texas for the occasion. Now, in May, Jerrle was in Texas 
visiting them and the grandchildren, then went on to Albuquerque - 
enjoying graduations, recitals, confirmations and other family occasions. 
Our next gathering will be on Monday. October 15th. same place. Save the 
day and make it a good crowd! Irene Costarino Sarro just returned to Long 
Island after spending two lovely months in Palm City, FL She played some 
rounds of golf and enjoyed the heated pool every day. "Rest of the time ole 
rockin' chair got me" and she knitted sweaters for her four grandchildren! 
Maria Struglia Fields has no earth-shaking news but as an aging, retired 
housewife, she is enjoying life 

Mary Dolan. 130 East Lincoln Ave., Valley Stream, NY 11580 


There isn't much news because only two of us signed up for the luncheon 
and one. Angela Mazzoli Rosa, didn't make it because of a long wait for the 
bus and it was hot So Marie Lilly was the only one there from '34 Rita 
Doherty (Sr. Eucharia) has been in touch with Jerry Shea, Catherine 
Cooke's brother-in-law. Rita is again in Monrovia. CA and loves it there. A 
friend of Catherine writes from Jersey that she and Jerry (and caregiver) 
have moved, as of April 2nd, to a newly-opened facility and seem quite 
content, albeit not like home in Brooklyn They like their accommodations 
and the staff. They moved from Allendale, NJtoThe Heritage at Norwood. 
110 McClelland St., Room 120. Norwood, NJ 07648 Marie Lilly spent the 
Christmas holidays with her niece in Fremont, CA, and February with her 
brother in Florida Gina Latorraca is sticking close to home because her 
sister, Mary, broke her hip and is still recuperating. Eleanor Lagattuta 
Murphy regrets that she can no longer continue her usual donations. She 
has been having enormous hospital and medical bills. She is carrying an 
internal cancer, and a left eye that has had several operations is still 
sightless. "But I'm still surviving," she writes She and John will be 
celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary in 1991. 

Marie Lilly, 8201 4th Avenue. Brooklyn, NY 1 1209 

(718) 680-2069 

Margaret Bier, 6 Brooklands, Apt. #4A. Bronxville. NY 10708 

(914) 793-0243 


What a delight our 55th reunion at the Spring Luncheon turned out to be, 
with Kay Allen still looking about 25 years old, Helen Browne next to her. 
with Edna Brennan Maloney. Elizabeth Eckhofi Rhatigan. who still enjoys 
her frequent trips to Hawaii, Betty Zangle who brought some fascinating 
snapshots of her nieces and nephews, our amazing twins, Jane and Mary 
Elizabeth with whom I attended St. Saviour's High School, and at the next 
table. Anne Hennessey O'Rourke whose two lovely daughters, both SJC 
grads, appeared from time to time Mary Walsh Steiger was with us, 
travelling from Florida for this important occasion. She had missed our 
fiftieth because of Ernie's illness. Mary, Betty Z and Mary Elizabeth took in 
a Broadway show, City of Angels, while Mary was in town, and stayed 
overnight at the Yale Club Breakfast in the grand Yale dining room on the 
20th floor was a wonderful way to start the day! Mary's son. Paul, is a Yale 

alumnus and an editor on the Wall Street Journal Anne Scannell Smith 
reports from West Palm Beach that they are unhappy that Bishop Daily has 
left their area for Brooklyn Anne and her brother. Father Dick Scannell, a 
Jesuit, will really miss their bishop, but she says. "West Palm Beach's loss 
is Brooklyn's gain " We learned that Belle Robertson O'Connor is in a 
nursing home: Bon Secour Maria Manor. 10300 4th St. North, St. 
Petersburg. FL 33701, should you want to drop her a line Mary O'Connell 
Steenken's husband is also in nursing home in Deerfield, FL. so she will 
stay in the sunny south and live, as she says, in air conditiong permanently. 
She misses the cool breezes of Atlantic Beach, Had a letter from Kay Cahill 
Durkln from Alexandria. Va. She is still doing volunteerwork at Woodlawn 
Plantation and does a lot of travelling The last four summers she has 
visited friends in El Paso, has toured the southwest, covering New Mexico, 
Arizona, Colorado. Wyoming and Utah She hopes to go to Europe next 
year, she hasn't been since 1982. Kay also finds time for French lessons 
and needlepoint classes and church worki Ed and I just returned from a 
wonderful trip to Denver and environs, visiting a nephew One of the high 
points was attending Mass at the Catholic Chapel at the Air Force 
Academy, followed by a scrumptious brunch at the fancy Broadmoore 
Hotel, Closer to home, Florence Kemp Carberry's daughter. Sister 
Kathleen, is going on a trip to the Holy Land with twelve of her friends 
Florence has been visiting her son. John, who now lives in Wellesley. MA. 
Gllda Datrl Nlsco writes that she has retired She can enjoy her four 
children and six grandchildren. Ceal Finn Fahy has moved to Annapolis, 
MD. Maybe we'll see more of her one of these days Kay Loftus whom I see 
frequently as we are in the same parish, tells me that her nephew, Dr. 
Ronald Loftus. Associate Professor of Foreign Languages at Wilmette 
College. Salem, OR. has received a Fullbright grant to do research in 
Tokyo on women in the context of Japanese culture He is coordinator of 
an Intercultural Exchange Program of Japanese students at Wi I Imette His 
brother. Peter, does land and seascapes of Santa Cruz. CA One of his 
paintings and a biographical sketch are included in American Realism: 
Twentieth Century Drawings and Watercolors. published by the San 
Francisco Museum of Modern Art 

Anne Seitz Smith, 8301 Ridge Blvd.. Brooklyn. NY 11209 (718) 238-5118 


It was with deep sorrow that we learned of the death of Isabel Farrell on 
March 24th. She had been suffering for the past few years but continued to 
be her happy self and tried to participate in all her normal activities. We 
could always depend upon Isabel Mass of the Resurrection was 
celebrated by Bishop McGann at St Agnes Cathedral in Rockville Center 
and his eulogy was a beautiful tribute to Isabel She will be greatly missed. 
Please remember her in your prayers. It was such a surprise to see Msgr. 
William Granger Ryan at St Leo's where he concelebrated the Mass It 
brought back fond memories of his religion classes Mary Pinter Brandes 
and Betty Pyne Dunleavy were the only ones from '36 to attend the 
lunchon. Terrace on the Park is such a beautiful setting and more should 
have been there to enjoy it with us One person who truly wanted to come 
was Ethel Chambers Meldon, who lives in Glenside. PA. a Philadelphia 
suburb Efforts were made by Katherlne Patton and Mary Ann Horan. who 
chaired the event, to find someone who might be coming from that area, 
but to no avail Ethel spent her childhood and part of her married life in 
Corona. Her parish was Our Lady of Sorrows, but after marriage to 
George, she lived in St. Leo's parish Her son. Greg, graduated from St. 
Leo's school. Ethel was up to St. Leo's about two years ago to attend the 
wedding of her sister-in-law's daughter. Cora, who had her reception at 
Terrace on the Park Maybe we will see you next year, Ethel, at our 55th 
reunion which will be held again at Terrace on the Park! John and Virginia 
Norton Morgan plan to take a pilgrimage to Med|ugorje in August. We do 
hope to see many of you at the Fall Luncheon. Write or call me with a 
contribution for our next Alumnagram. . . 

Beffy Pyne Dunleavy. 335 East 32nd St.. Brooklyn. NY 1 1226 
(718) 462-7457 

Bernard and Kathlyn Haigney Hemma enjoyed a month exploring 
Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii. They especially recommend New 

Marione Parker Smith. 65 Prospect Park West. Brooklyn. NY 11215 
(718) 499-5834 

Eileen Brennan. 1203 Fenwood Drive. Valley Stream. NY 11580 
(516) 285-5612 


In December we learned of the death of Vera Roth Thompson from her 
daughter, and in April of the sudden death of Peggy Magee Buckley's 
husband, Bill. We offer our sincere condolences to their families and ask 
that you pray for them and their dear ones Marita Egan McNeill and Neill 
were on a tour of Texas in March and were in San Antonio on the 17th. 
when they dye the river green in honor of St. Patrick. Now they are 
Elderhosteling in Atlanta at Mercer University and then they will go on to 
the University of Kentucky to a program here In August they plan a tour of 
the Pacific Northwest Happy trails to themi Ellen O'Toole Heckman and 
Ray are back in New Jersey after a delightful winter in Florida. Ellen busied 
herself at times making plans for the 60th reunion with her elementary 
school classmates Eleanor Fanelle has had a second successful cataract 
operation. She's looking forward to Grace Coscla's annual trip to Brooklyn 
from Brazil We all have fond memories of Grace's brother. Bishop Coscia, 
as the celebrant of our 50th jubilee Mass in 1988 Angle Lelbinger Conlon 
returned home in April after attending son James' Concert with the 
National Symphony at Kennedy Center Jims 1990-91 conducting 
schedule at the Metropolitan will include 3 operas. 27 performances Late 
in May, Angle will fly to Cincinnati where Jim is to conduct the May festival 
(5 choral concerts) While there, she expects to meet with Monsignor 
Diviney and Janet Lewis 39 Rita McGovern Root had a complete joint 
replacement of the left shoulder Last year, she had a similar operation on 
the right one "Things get better every day." she says. Rita, Ellen and Angle 
get together several times each year. 

Helen Dolan, 130 E. Lincoln Avenue. Valley Stream. NY 11580 
(516) 825-1582 

Margaret Magee Buckley, Stonegate Apts. 7-C7. Peekskill. NY 10566 
(914) 739-6369 


Claire O'Neil Seiz writes: On March 31st. a surprise birthday party was 
given by Margaret Acerra, Daughter of Carmela Napoli Loizzo. for her 
mother, who was visiting from Vermont. Among kith and km attending 
were classmates. Bea Brennan. Connie Annucci. Peggy Barsin. Geraldine 
Chapey, Claire Seiz and Fran Keely 38 Catherine O'Connor McLaughlin 
writes from Florida of a new grandson, Dylan, child of her son Ken and 
wife. Erin, and brother of Duncan. She does volunteer work at the museum 
and at the hospice in Tallahassee and enjoys canasta and needlework 
Mary Kane Gillen was a friend in need and in deed when Claire O'Neil's 
husband was hospitalized for four weeks in Englewood Hospital last fall. 
Janet Morris Hamilton, who matriculated with us in 1935 wishes to be a 
member of '39. She received her degree in 1940 because she stayed an 
extra six months to do her student teaching. 

Florence Kennedy, 69-40B 186th Lane, #1 B, Flushing, NY 11365 

(718) 591-5735 

Mary Kane Gillen. 8 Valley Place. Tenafly. NJ 07670 

(201) 569-8969 


On April 28th our class assembled first, to attend Mass in St. Leo's church 
in Corona then to attend, as guests of the Alumni Association, a delightful 
lunch at Terrace on the Park, for our 50th anniversary of graduation from 
SJC. From California came Arthur and Florence Mitchell Wilson, who will 
also be attending a wedding on Long Island. Bill and Isabella Knight Foster 
came from Florida, and Marcella Canale Reid, from Virginia. The rest of us 
are in the tri-state area Sr. Regina Ahearn Eileen Allen. Anastasia 
Linardos Cibelli Virginia Mannebach Cleary. Ethyl Masheck Comerford 
Frances Partridge Connor. Ruth Drucker Ursula Gerty Frances Caetta 
lanora. Marie Thorman Johnson. Jane Kearney. Loretta Cook Kelly 
Margaret Mack. Martha McCann McGulrk. Mary McNulty. Helen Kane 
Moloney Kathleen Mulligan Agatha Walsh O'Brien Virginia Owens 
Marie Birmingham Ponsot. Adelaide Zeng Rach Marion Noel Risafi. 
Virginia Roche. Anna Sullivan. Cathleen Farrell Walsh. Mary Bartley 
Waters. Dorothy White, and Sr. Alice Frances Young Also present was 
Marie Cimlno Smith, who started college with us but after 1VS years 
transferred to St. John's from which she received her degree in 1940 She is 
an associate alumna of SJC. Unable to attend but sending best wishes to 
us were Charles and Florence McGough Bridge, wintering in Ozona, 
Florida and Jim and Rosalie Saitta Cahill who were attending an ordination 
and First Mass in Ontario, and Jack and Evelyn Winter Sexton who were in 
Aruba and then were to visit their daughters. Hannah and Mary in 
Connecticut Anastasia Linardos Cibelli made plans to bring Eunice 
Kilboy Grazlano to the luncheon, even with her lung condition, but Eunice 
died on March 15th Let us all keep her in our prayers Mary Etzel 


McLaughlin belongs to a travel club and wasn't due to arrive home until 5 
PM on Saturday, but she said she'll be thinking of us all. Margaret Conlon 
Neal called from California with regrets and asked if Adelaide Zeng Rach 
would be there Our thanks to Mary Ann Weindler Horan and Kathy Carroll 
Patton for such a lovely, memorable day. About 30 classmates met again 
on Sunday at Salisbury on the Green Frances Partridge Connor had to be 
off to DC. the next day for a meeting of the President's Committee on 
Employment of People with Disabilities. Last Week she had been to the 
Toronto International Conference of the Council for Exceptional Children 
(CEC). In April, Marie Birmingham Ponsot was awarded the Delmore 
Schwartz prize for poetry. She still teaches at Queens College and will be 
giving a Poetry Workshop at Hofstra this July She has a new book of 
poems "The Green Dark" recently printed Anastasia Clbelll teaches 
Speech and Theatre at the NY. Institute of Technology. Our thanks for the 
class committee for arranging so well our two-day celebration, and to 
Doris Whelan Coneys for a basket of beautiful flowers Yet another 
celebration was the dedication of the Callahan Library in Patchogue which 
Anna Sullivan. Irene Corgan, Ethyl Masheck and her husband. Mary 
McNulty, Isabella Foster and I attended Word for Helen Gribbin Mally 
from Florida - she wanted to come to the reunion, but Gregory's sister, 
Margaret Mally '45 was critically ill with cancer She died on May 11th, and 
we extend our sympathy to Gregory and Helen Gina Savocca a graduate 
of 1982 of the Patchogue Campus was reading her Alumnagram and saw 
her aunt's name, Mary Brady, listed as lost. She gave us news of Mary who 
served in the U.S. Navy, and also taught She was married in 1963 to Mr 
Breil, whom she knew in high school. Mary died of cancer in 1974. He died 
two years ago and there were no children. Mary was "lost" to us soon after 

Ruth Drucker. 7148 Juno St.. Forest Hills, NY 11375 
(718) 793-4665 


We offer condolences to Edna Sheppard O'Gara on the death of Tom on 
January 8th Bette Whalen Bonsall recently had successful laser 
treatments for glaucoma. She hopes to return to teaching at St. Mary's. 
Manhasset, in the fall Eileen Heenan Caswell visited Florence Callahan 
Nolen (with us in freshman year) and during lunch Eileen Conway Brown 
called from upstate because she was unable to travel to New Jersey that 
day Eileen volunteers with Legion of Mary, visiting hospitals and nursing 
homes. Last Christmas, Eileen, her sisters Mary, from Hawaii and Sally 
from New Jersey were at their sister Anne's in Staten Island Margaret 
(Isha) Murphy is in her new home in Mariott, GA, (after selling her Florida 
home), where she is near two sons and grandchildren. She is expecting 
Marge Murphy Lynch for a visit. Recently Isha spent a few days with Adel 
Mulligan Seymour on Long Island where they had lunch with Dot Whalen 
Barber and Grace Dooling Mary McDonough Weisnet and Bill had 
planned to meet Jack and Terry Gough de Tar in San Diego for a cruise to 
Mexico. Due to mechanical trouble, the cruise was cancelled. Arriving 
back in NJ, Bill had a cardiac problem but is doing well now. Terry will be in 
Kingston, NY from June 6 to 13, visiting son, John and family. She'll join in 
the 50th wedding anniversary celebration for her sister, Marie Gough 
Brown and Gerry, at their daughter Pat's home in New Jersey. When Agnes 
Connelly Huether and Charlie are not travelling to conventions of the 
Piano Technicians Guild in the orient and other exotic places, they visit 
daughter, Sara in New Orleans and son Joe and wife Kate in Washington 
DC. Daughter. Anne and husband Jim live nearby with their two children, A 
letter to the Paterson Diocese paper, 77ie Beacon, from Agnes' husband, 
extolled the film "Romero" and decried the lack of interest in it throughout 
the entire Catholic community - clergy and lay. Agnes rented it from the 
video store - and we all can, too. Doris Hillis Gilmartln and Roger flew to 
Charlotte, NC, for the wedding of their youngest, Roger. They are leaving 
for a tour of the Balkans and later plan to travel to Japan. The whole family 
assemble at Vero Beach for Christmas: Tom, wife and three sons from San 
Diego, Molly, who is with City Corp, Carol from Glen Cove, and Christine 
and Roger Our 50th Anniversary is just around the corner Please send 
suggestions for a program which might bring back those classmates who 
have seldom or never participated in our five-year reunions. We'd love to 
see you all. 

Margaret McDerby Shea, 1905 Furman Ct„ Cocoa, Fl. 32922 


78 Yale Pi, Rockville Center. NY 11570 (516) 766-7966 

October 7th in their parish church Our Lady of Angels. Daughter Mary is 
doing research work at Boston College Library Brother, John, is finishing 
his internship at Beth Israel and will return to NYU to continue to study 
periodontics. Winifred Reilly Gaffney has moved to Westhaven. CT. 

Helen Fennelly Buckley. 412 River Road. Fair Haven. NJ 07704 

(201) 747-4349 

Margaret Rausch. 62 Pierrepont St.. Brooklyn. NY 11201 (718) 625-6927 


Anne Screen Forsman writes that she is the grandmother of five children, 3 
boys and 2 girls. Anne works 20 hours a week as a children's librarian. She 
is Treasurer of the Monmouth County Right to Life Committee. The 
Forsmans spent February at their home in Apollo Beach, Florida Bob and 
Peg Cronn Sherwood retired to Bloomington, MN,9yearsago- the area is 
"the best kept secret in the country." 4 of their 10 children live in CA, 2 in 
the Southeast, 2 in NYC area and 2 in Minneapolis area. Bob and Peg are 
deeply involved in church work, marriage enrichment and preparation 
programs Evelyn Marzano Corcoran belongs to the Literacy Coalition and 
is an Advocate for Marriage Tribunal in the Seattle diocese. Has 3 sons and 
a daughter and one granddaughter. 

Mane Carroll Daly, 51-14 Overbrook Place, Douglaston, NY 11362 
(718) 224-4944 


I visited by telephone two of our classmates recently. Three years ago, 
Joan Byrne Gibilaro moved from Brooklyn to Windham, NY, when her 
husband retired. The family, four children and three grandsons, had 
vacationed in that area for many years Although she misses the big city 
hustle, Joan finds the countryside beautiful and life very peaceful. In 
October 1 989, when Anne McDonald McCully returned from her summer 
home in Damariscotta, ME, to her winter quarters on the Isle of Palms 
outside Charleston, she faced the devastation of Hurricane Hugo. She and 
her neighbors have worked hard to repair the damage. Anne's older sister, 
Betty, died on March 16th and we offer our sympathy to Anne and the 
family. Anne's son is the curator of the Army Museum at Fort Dix, daughter, 
Annette, teaches at Glassboro College. Mary Burns Qulnn and Annette 
Nolan attended the dedication of the Callahan Library on the Patchogue 
Campus on May 1st. The only representatives of '44 at the Spring 
Luncheon were Mary Bennett Burke and Rosemary Chrlstman Casey A 
note from Eileen Kelley Coulter and Robert reads: "Kindly pray for the 
repose of the soul of our special angel daughter, Karen Maureen. She 
passed away peacefully on November 18, 1989." The Coulters live in Tom's 
River. New Jersey Jeanne Russell Scova writes that she retired from 
teaching in the Clarkston School District (NY) after 31 years, 29 of which 
were teaching Special Education. Her last year was spent on a pilot 
program in which she set up a computer lab for learning disabled students 
in the senior high It was open all 8 periods a day and the students were 
able to come in and do their homework and other assignments whenever 
they had a free period. The English teachers also made use of the room for 
teaching students written expression. The program went well and the 
district had her back this year as a computer consultant to continue the 
program. Next year they want her to set up the program in our second high 
school. Jeanne's youngest daughter. Sara, has become a paralegal and 
likes it so well that she has decided to become a lawyer She figures she'll 
get her degree in 6 years. Sue and Sarah still live at home and are great 
travellers. They plan to go to Moscow, Rome and London in July, together 
with their uncle Brother Peter Russell, CFX. Jeanne's married daughter, 
Maryanne Davanzo and her husband. Mike, bought a house last year and 
find the experience delightful Mim has a built-in decorating ability and has 
done a fantastic job decorating. She found a "hoosier" antique kitchen 
cupboard with a pull out work space at a flea market and it looks great in 
the kitchen. We extend our sympathy to Mary Bennett Burke on the death 
of her mother, Marguerite Bennett. 

Annette Nolan, 289 Clinton Street, Brooklyn. NY 11201 
(718) 624-2154 


Alice Canevari Fopplanl's daughter, Rose Ann, married Eric Porterfield on 

Lots to report on now that our 45th anniversary has come and gone. It was 
wonderful to see so many at the Alumni Luncheon Ann Viviannl Caruso, 
unable to come, called to tell us her daughter was married in November 
and Ann sang at the wedding! Also, her family surprised her with a 65th 

birthday celebration. Winnie Comer Turner intended to come but she 
accidentally fell and broke both wrists and her nose She is mending well 
and will spend the spring and summer in New Jersey and her winters in 
Florida. Jean Urbanek is president of her Telephone Pioneers group 
She has been spending the last two years between Ft Myers and Ocala, 
Florida and wonders if any other St. Joe's gals are in her area How about 
organizing a Florida reunion in February for all the snow birds, Jean? 
Eileen Scanlon writes from Florida that she is a new resident there and is 
enjoying life to the fullest. She likes 80° weather in January, too 1 She was a 
neighbor of Margaret Mally Margaret had written that she had gall bladder 
surgery at Christmas and sadly she was very ill She asked for our prayers 
and hoped that god would spare her for our 50th Needless to say, 
Margaret's wish was not granted as she passed away in May Please offer 
your prayers as she requested Edith Voelker Piazza had offered to host a 
reunion, but unfortunately this didn't materialize Edith is active in tennis 
and other activities, and enjoys spending time with her husband in their 
Florida retreat Miriam Kelly Chaplin is in touch with Winnie. Dolores 
Murray, and Anne Vlviani Health wise, she could be better. She has found 
Grace Olsen Igan in Tuckerton, NJ Welcome back, Grace! Grace Leary 
Schmltt writes that she has five grandchildren and that four of her five 
children are married. She and Karl, who has retired to half time, spent last 
year in England where he taught at the University of Manchester They 
spent weekends traveling and celebrated their 40th anniversary in Paris 1 
This summer Scandinavia and Ireland are on their agenda. In between they 
keep in touch with their children who are scattered from Oregon to 
Maryland and in between Lily Manlx Morris bilocates between Palm 
City, Florida and Wellesley, Mass She had medical problems necessitating 
a knee replacement. Her spirits are good and she wishes to be remembered 
to all - as did my other correspondents Martha Leaver cancelled her 
luncheon plans the last minute She has been elected to attend the AARP 
Biennial Convention in Orlando, Florida the week of June 11, 1990 as a 
delegate She has been at meetings in Texas and Albany as well Martha is 
the Assistant State Director of New York State Babette Harper also 
disappointed us and had a change of plans for the luncheon She is always 
on the "go" having just returned from England and is planning a month 
long tour to Australia and New Zealand Cay Phillips Haffey unexpectedly 
changed plans because of cataract surgery. Her night driving from her 
library job as a Tech assistant in Ledyard, Connecticut revealed the 
necessity of the surgery Cay is doing well and the operation was a 
success. Cay's daughter, Maureen Gushlaw '80S, is expecting her second 
child She too, is celebrating her 10th anniversary of graduation from 
Patchogue . . Helen Golden Brown sent regrets. Her husband's health 
made it impossible to get away Helen manages their property in Greenville 
and is kept busy with her small menagerie of animal friends Magda 
Crowe Boylan is an ardent advocate of AARP's Elderhostel programs. She 
and Vince will be in France in the Spring and then will go on to Germany to 
see a new grandchild. Vince will be celebrating his 50th anniversary from 
Manhattan College in June so they'll be up our way from Virginia. Then off 
to Austria and Hungary in September She sends best wishes to all Those 
who came included Janet Blessing, now retired and looking very well and 
Eileen McDermott Ott Eileen and Frank continue to enjoy retirement 
Frank is director of a shelter for six homeless men who are housed in the 
parish rectory. Eileen is one of the 60 people who give time to the proiect 
and it operates 19 weeks. Their four children are married and their son will 
graduate from law school. Grandaughter, Colleen (daughter of Kathy Ott 
Reemer 70) attends Carbrini College in Radnor. PA. S. Ann Edmund Carey 
joined us. She is enioying her retirement years as sacristan at the College. . 
Joan Cory Erhardt came and revealed that she had just recovered from 
surgery We were happy to see her doing well Mary Daniels Dee is working 
in Stony Brook library, and May Whalen Gronell and Margaret Millus 
Maroldy were exchanging notes about family and decorating. Margaret is 
redoing her kitchen Betty Dudley. Pat Brown Schoen and Agnes 

Fennelly Place almost missed the luncheon because of traffic problems on 
the George Washington Bridge Agnes expects to go to Chicago to visit 
new grandchildren #12 and #13 Pat came from Florida for the reunion. She 
has recovered nicely from her hip replacement Virginia Hughes Sweeney 
was there with her wonderful spirit and sense of humor Marie Maddock 
Turner and Mary Rita Roche O'Brien were busy talking-both are sports 
enthusiasts and Garden City residents Margaret Connors Weigand 
came with two friends who usually accompany her to the annual luncheon. 
They have become regulars' Doris Zerrenner Harrington and Peggy 
Meagher Lundebjerg came from Connecticut Peggy spent a month in 
Spain this winter and missed her usual Florida stay in February, Doris is a 
world traveler accompanying her husband on business and pleasure trips 
Margaret Jokiel Joyce was looking forward to a visit to Texas where 
three of her children reside and a new grandchild has put in an 
appearance Dolores Murray Clements has retired from teaching. Her four 
children are married and living in Washington. DC. Boston, MA, Tucson, 
AZ.andTempe, AZ . Pat Dunne LaRocca writes from El Paso. Texas that 
she and Tommy are fine-very busy with tournament bridge and tennis. 

They plan a three week vacation in the British Isles and Wimbledon in June 
and July Eileen Quigley Casey announced the arrival of their 14th 
grandchild, a girl, making 4 girls and 10 boys She's rooting for another girl 
this fall Eileen's oldest son is in San Diego and has a foreign car shop her 
oldest daughter is in Edison, NJ, an investigative reporter for the Newark 
Star Ledger The rest of their 14 children are nearby Eileen had a 
wonderful trip to Med|ugor|e last spring with five "girlfriends" They loved 
every minute of it and would like to go again soon Write again for the next 
issue and keep us informed of your news Have a great summer' 

Clare T. Bauch, 6 Stevens Court, Stewart Manor, 
Franklin Square PO, NY 11010 
(576) 328-9449 


Jeane Overend Whelan writes that #1 son, Jack, is expecting his first child 
after twelve years of marriage #2. Michael, has three children and is 
building a post and beam home in New Hampshire #s 3, 4 and 5 are "busy 
doing what they must" and #6 is a Naval Academy graduate (1987) and a 
navy pilot Her only daughter, Mary Cecilia, was married in March to a 
fellow law student She will graduate in May and her husband. Matthew 
Daly, in 1991 Jeane and Fred are living the retired life in Savannah. GA 
The Luncheon at Terrace on the Park was delicious. Sister Mary Florence 
and Genevieve Kingman Lindner were the only two from '46 Sister is doing 
some teaching as well as handling the responsibilities as Academic Vice 
President. She is President of the Board of Trustees of Grand Army Plaza 
Library After finishing teaching this year, Genevieve will retire Virginia 
Lee retired last year and has travelled every month so far to Disneyworld. 
Switzerland. Italy. Austria, Ireland, Arizona and more. Since retiring from 
teaching music in public school. Diane Volze Cukro and her daughter, 
Veronica, have been operating a music school, which offers classes in 
piano, theory and movement. George retired from school administration 
three times and is now working with Navajo children on one of the 
reservations - loves it Son, Gregory, is in Belgium pursuing a performance 
career on his bassoon Geoffrey is an electronics-microwave technician 
with WWOR-TV in Syracuse. The Cukros have lived in Colorado for 37 
years Next year, our class will celebrate our 45th anniversary Let's plan to 
meet at the Spring Luncheon which will be held at Terrace on the Park 
again, on April 13. 1991 Mark the date now! 

Genevieve Kingman Lindner, 23 Alliance Street. Valley Stream, NY11580 
(516) 561-0001 

Marian Quealy Zoll, 165 Greenwood Drive. Millington, NJ 07946 
(201) 647-2434 


At the Spring Luncheon on April 28th were Virginia Swilt who still works at 
the Chatham Square Branch of the New York Public Library. She invites 
class members to visit the library and have a meal in the local restaurant, 
excellent eating in Chinatown. Marge Klotz Lechler. who lives in East 
Northport, retired four years ago from school teaching. She is recuperating 
from a heart attack in December and a double by-pass in January She 
boasts of four grandchildren Tom and Bea Tarsia Savinl took an auto trip 
out to California for three months Norma Cirlno, Mary Gibbons McNally 
and Marge Lauro Perretta were also at the luncheon, and looked 
wonderful Gene and Mary Flanagan Rigaut are expecting twin grand- 
children. They have a three-year-old granddaughter, Elizabeth Mary and 
Gene recently visited their daughter Kathy, in Houston. Texas Anne 
McKenna McCormack was proud of her husband. Vince. who was Aide to 
the Grand Marshal in the St Patrick's Day Parade on Fifth Avenue. Many of 
her classmates saw him on television Their son. Vincent and his wife. 
Jodie, presented them with Ryan Michael their fifth grandchild, and 
number 6 arrived when daughter Regma had a baby girl, Bridget Mary 
News from Mary Kapper finds her moving from El Sobrante. CA. to a 
parsonage in Hanska, Minnesota, where she will serve as the minister on a 
three-quarter time basis. She will also serve on a one-quarter time basis at 
the Mankato Fellowship Mankato is thirty miles from Hanska Mary was 
ordained into the Unitarian Universalis! ministry on Mother's Day. 1989 
We offer condolences to Elaine Burns Eilenburg on the death of her 
husband. Ted was Associate Chancellor for Business at the University of 
South Carolina. Elaine would like to hear from alumnae in her area 238 
Talmadge Drive. Spartansburg. SC 29302 

Eileen Brophy Rossman, 432 76th St.. Brooklyn. NY 11209 
(718) 836-6424 

Mary Flanagan Rigaut. 90 Woodland Drive, Fairhaven. NJ 07701 
(201) 747-5358 


Anne McKenna McCormack. 110-50 107 St.. Ozone Park. NY 11417 
(718) 848-1560 


Margaret Adams Sturm will be chaperoning a group of American Junior 
high school students, visiting Brittany for two weeks This year will be her 
fifteenth year working as a Learning Consultant in New Jersey. Her 
youngest daughter. Kristen, was married in Detroit in February There are 
now two grandchildren Three of her seven children are married 
Bernadette Flynn Ahlstrom's third son. Albert William Ahlstrom. is 
completing his doctorate at Julhard in Music (organ) and Composition He 
was awarded a Fullbnght Scholarship to Toulouse. France. 1989-1990. Her 
fourth son, Joseph, is in the Merchant Marine 

Bernadette Cassidy Fitzpatnck. 2608 Voorhies Avenue. Brooklyn. NY 
11235 (718)646-1001 


In June 1988. Angela Sola Gagliardo retired from NYC Board of Education 
and in September she and Michael travelled to Italy In Febrary 1989. 
Michael had a quadruple by-pass and in March of that year, her mother, 
Anna Sola, died. The Gagliardos have one grandson and three grand- 
daughters, the last, Laura was born May 19, 1989 Last November, Maryann, 
was the last of their three daughters to marry Angela and Michael also 
travelled to Germany and Austria, Hawaii, and Egypt Jean Templeton 
Stavrakas writes that as a result of the notice in Alumnagram of their 
retirement to Cape Cod, they re-established their friendship with Mary 
Farrell Walsh and Dick They had called when they were visiting the Cape 
and since then have shared many delightful times together Roma Norelli 
Arcidiacono retired from teaching two years ago and loves it She lost 17 
pounds at Weight Watchers and hopes never to find it again She and Tom 
expect to spend three weeks in Europe this summer - Vienna, Budapest and 
Italy Both sons are on their own. Guy, still single, is an Assistant DA. in 
Suffolk County. Tom teaches at New York Tech and is going to St Johns 
Law School at night His daughter, 20 months old, "fills our lives with joy " 
Roma participates in Woman's Club activities and volunteers once a week 
at P S 98Q for the Great Books Reading Program Mary Plunkett Bentzlin. 
retired, now travels extensively to visit 6 children and 7 grandchildren 
scattered across the USA. She is a research volunteer at Morris Museum of 
Sciences and Anthropology. She resides in Convent Station. NJ. Our 
actress, Rita Paolucci Vassallo says "Look for me real quickly in Ghost Dad 
on the movie house big screen, plus I have a line to Bill Cosby Late May I 
shot a first episode of Dallas I had about ten lines to JR This will be the first 
episode to be seen when it comes back on in September Such fun - this 
acting - and I adore California weather and people " 

Ann Clancy. 4817 42nd St . Long Island City, NY 11104 
(718) 784-4157 


We are saddened to learn of the death of our classmate, Kathleen Dorothy 
Beck Panott, on May 20, 1989 after a long, heroic fight against cancer. Her 
son writes that her original illness went back to 1985. She seemed to 
recover after surgery but it was detected again in the spring of 1988, widely 
spread throughout her bones Radical chemotherapy slowed the progress 
Her final months were more restful and she spent considerable time with 
her children and grandchildren Her faith, which she had instilled in her 
children, grew stronger in herself as time progressed At the end she was in 
severe pain and her death was "as much a cause for thanksgiving and relief 
as her final loss was a cause for grief." Her son, Robert. Assistant Professor 
of Physics at Clemson University, enclosed a contribution in her memory 
Tom and Georgette Bomer Brown visited Ed and Jeanne Divine 
Cummerford in Sun City. AZ between Elderhostels Georgette joined the 
AAUW in Hot Spring Village. AR. where she lives, and met a woman whose 
granddaughter goes to the Dillon Center, Small world 1 Georgette sent us 
the address of Jeanne and also of Nancy Gregory Kay who lives in Allison 
Park. PA Both had been "missing". We hope to have some "catch-up" 
news from them for our next issue. Drop a line to one of us listed below 1 
Evelyn Dever Saal received her MA in Theology from Immaculate 
Conception Seminary in May 1984. She met lots of St. Joseph's alumnae 
there. Evelyn is working part time as a reference librarian at a library a few 
minutes from home. She is enjoying "grandma" things like trips to the zoo. 
museums, The Nutcracker etc., with Patricia's four children. Evelyn and 
Frances Moch Neil took a trip to Greece last Fall, and in May-June, she is 
going on a travel-study program with Syracuse U for 21 days. Called "The 

Pilgrimage Road to Santiago de Compastella", they study Romanesque 
architecture and medieval thought Three sons are still at home and in her 
spare time. Evelyn takes care of renovations and improvements on the 
house Mary Loos tells us that after forty years of teaching in elementary 
school, she will retire in June. The Spring luncheon was held on the 
warmest day so far, this year and twenty-seven of us turned out for our 
thirtieth anniversary. Everyone looked well and we had a great time. 
Terrace on the Park is a lovely place. S. Mary Delaney was elected to a 
four-year term as Councilor in her Congregation, the Buffalo Sisters of St. 
Joseph She is now serving a two-year term as President of the Council on 
Education of the Deaf, and is a functioning member of the National 
Planning committee preparing for the 1990 International Congress on 
Education of the Deaf to be held in Rochester, NY As a panel member, she 
will speak on "The North American Perspective on Teacher Education " 
Agnes Shlllltanl McGrath retired from the insurance business. She will stay 
active in state and local movements to improve services for the mentally 

Eileen Davis Evans. 7708 Ridge Blvd.. Brooklyn. NY 11209 

(718) 745-1713 

Eileen Mahoney Hoban. 83 Long Ridge Road. Manhasset. NY 11030 

(5161 365-9238 


Margaret Simonelli La Cerra's son, Robert, is a consulting engineer in the 
area outside Philadelphia Son. Charles, is in line for VP in an 
environmental company Mark owns several automobile transmission 
shops and Tim is also employed in transmission Margaret continues to 
teach 6th grade in a parochial school, where she says there are no religious 
order teachers Dorothy Sauss Babyak is a new grandma which makes 
Vilma Sauss Campell a great auntl Dorothy sent us the address of "lost" 
classmate Theresa Whitlen (Cahill) Coleman, who lives in Lake Worth, 
Florida Tom and Agnes Maher Carr are still in the same house in Port 
Washmgton-32 years-and their two sons live nearby Tom still works as a 
publisher and Agnes is a Public and Community Relations Manager for 
Digital Equipment Corporation in New York. Tennis and walking are her 
avocations as well as involvement with Join-A-School and a Vocation High 
in New York Stella MacNeil Finan, who admits that she has never sent in a 
note for our column, tells us that this is their first year in Florida and she 
finds life style a bit different "and there seems to be more time to write 
about it " In September of 1988 they moved to Flagler Beach, Fl. It was hard 
to leave family and friends, but some of their children were already living at 
a distance Chip is in Buffalo. Christopher in St. Louis and Catherine in 
Albany Youngest, Sean, is still in Bay Shore and daughter, Jane Arena, 
lives in Elmont with her husband Victor and 19-month old son Peter. 
Coming to Florida with them was their Down Syndrome son, Bill, who 
works in a sheltered workshop, and son, Gerry whose apartment in 
Daytona Beach is convenient for the overflow when visitors come All of 
the children plus JR, six-year old son of Chip, have checked out the condo 
and understand why they like it. They've had several visits from Jack's 
sister, Joanne Kilgallen Kelly who started SJC in our class. In June'89. 
Jack and Stella toured Britain and were impressed by so much history 
Most moving was the Cathedral at Coventry with its theme of Forgiveness. 
In August, Stella went to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia with daughter Cathy, to 
visit the places where Stella's dad grew up and also to Prince Edward Island, 
visiting Green Gables, where there were so many tourists, Cathy 
said "You'd think they'd canonized Anne" Bernadette Foley Donahue is 
still a partner with Rand Properties on Staten Island, All five children 
(34-23) have left the nest, living from Montauk, LI to Hawaii She is at 
present corporate Secretary of S.I. Board of Realtors and President-elect 
of Women's Cou nci I of Realtors and member of the board of trustees of the 
Museum of Staten Island and the Staten Island Mental Health Society. As 
chairperson of the Education Committee for the Board of Realtors she is 
involved in the orientation of new realtor-associates and has an 
opportunity to do a bit of teaching which was her original profession. 
Catherine Wiggins Duncan retired as teacher of the deaf at JHS 47 
Manhattan in June 1989 Joyce Hartey Scavullo looks forward to the 1991 
Spring Luncheon when our class will celebrate our 40th reunion Mark 
your calendar now for this date next year - see calendar on inside of back 
cover Charles and Joyce spent three weeks in California waiting to 
welcome their daughter Joyce's and Mark's baby into the world Baby; 
Francesca Scavullo Kelly, arrived November 30th and they both held her 
soon after she was born. The four of them had a quiet Thanksgiving 
together. Back at the ranch, however, the rest of their children met and had 
thanksgiving together Grace Arnone Marra just completed her 23rd year 
of teaching kindergarten. Son, Peter, was married in October 1988. 
Younger son, Gary, will be a junior at Tufts where he is studying Business 

Claire MacVenn Dillon, 1838 East 33rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11234 

(718) 336-3046 

Joan McCarthy Dillon, 32 Sparkill Avenue. Tappan, NY 10983 

(914) 359-4256 

Julia Cummings Murphy, 114 Burtis Avenue, Rockville Centre, NY 11570 

(516) 678-5076 

GeraldineHanlon Weiss. 63 Deerlield Lane South, Pleasantville. NY 10570 

(914) 769-7865 


Doris Rogers Conneely just retired as principal of Our Lady of Fatima 
School in Wilton, CT. and she and Pat have moved to beautiful Hilton Head 
Island, South Carolina. Carl and Regis Gill Buckley sold their home in 
Garden City in 1989and moved to Southold, the north fork of Long Island, 
to a cozy retirement ranch They enjoy boating and swimming close by. In 
February 1 990, they spent time in New Zealand and Australia, summertime 
down under. All four children are married and the first grandchild is 
expected in September 


We had a good showing at the Spring Luncheon Carol Klnsella Huggard, 
Jane Kavanagh, Lillian Johnson Michiioft Anne Moore, Doris Oshlnskl 
Powers, Marie Blaber Schmitt Virginia Swift and Joan Londrlgan Touhey 

Doris has received much publicity (which is great for the college) for her 
generous contribution of $100,000 to the New Horizons Campaign, and 
we're proud to have this top donor a member of '53! We heard from Vlckl 
Tortorelll Morey. was featured in Winter Alumnagram She tells us that son 
Art and his wife Kathy had another boy, Thomas Arthur, on March 4th, 
making two girls and two boys in his family. Art finished his medical degree 
and will start residency soon. Vicki and Norman hope to go back to 
Medjugorje in October This time Vicki's mother, her daughter Lisa and 
Lisa's daughter Shannon, and grandaughters, Sarah and Anna (Art's two 
girls) will be with them Anne Hunter Tubridy was just re-elected as 
President of the Zonta Club of the Long Beach Area. Zonta International is 
a worldwide classified service organization of business and professional 

Maureen Dougherty Fraser, 123 Waylord Terrace, Garden City, NY 1 1530 

(516) 294-6241 

Dorothea Casey Gleason, 116-05 217 St., Cambria Heights, NY 11411 



Mary Schlusser Regan's daughter, Cara. has a doctoral fellowship at the 
University of Rochester: dual doctorate in clinical and developmental 
psychology Her daughter, Claire, is an editor on the staff of Staten Island 
Advance. Mary, herself, is Assistant to the Superintendant of Brooklyn/- 
Staten Island High Schools. President of Board of Trustees. Tebetan 
Museum and President of the Board of Directors of Sr Elizabeth Boyle 
Child Learning Center. Nettl Rementerla McKenna has been teaching in 
Tottenville High School for 25 years. Her husband. Jerry, practices law in 
Staten Island and Manhattan. He organized and is part of an Environmental 
Investigatory firm called GAIA. Daughter, Hilary, St John's '88, has 
returned to Columbia University for a Post Baccalaureate Pre Med 
Certificate Program. Abby, Georgetown '87. is in Asset Management-Bond 
Trading and lives and works in Manhattan Amy Noelle graduates from 
Georgetown this spring and will be leaving in June with Jesuit Volunteers 
for a year in Nicaragua. 

Rosemary Corbet! Hannon, 3000-19 Stevens Street, Oceanside, NY 11572 
(516) 764-1824 

Pat Finn McDonnell, 46-27 Glenwood St., Little Neck, NY 11362-1418 
(718) 631-8954 


Blue skies, bright sunshine and warm temperatures provided a perfect day 
for 13 members of '55 to gather at the annual Mass and Spring Luncheon 
Celebrating our 35th anniversary, members came from New Jersey. Long 
Island and Connecticut as well as Brooklyn and Queens We were brought 
up to date with the following bits of information Frances Fumo Chlonchio 
is living temporarily in Brooklyn awaiting the completion of a new house 
they are building in Dongan Hills. SI. Her son, Frank '86 will graduate from 
NYU Dental School and plans marriage in October 1990. Gerardette 79. a 
lawyer, works for Motor Vehicles, Lisa '81 teaches at Montauk Jr HS and 

Laura starts SJC in the fall. Anthony is married and doing well as an 
electrical engineer for the Port Authority and Paul is in a special master's 
program at Poly Tech University Frances looks forward to being a 
grandmother in October when Gina is expecting. Frances is in touch with 
Joan Massa Petrlccione who is already a grandmother Santina Urslno 
Naddeo commutes from Brooklyn to Manhattan where she is Director of 
Admissions at the Episcopal School of New York Her daughter, Barbara, 
is at the University of Chicago Graduate School and her son, Richard, is 
attending Poly Prep HS S. Margaret Buckley celebrated 25 years as a 
member of the Congregation of St Joseph She is Dean of Arts & Sciences 
at the Brooklyn Campus and a member of the Secondary Ed Department. 
Margaret enjoys visits with her sister Anne and family in Wayne. PA. and 
looks forward to her annual visit to Mary Shea Pawlowicz in Texas Peggy 
Kruse Mooney began a new career in 1986 as Executive Director of a 
non-profit agency in Stamford, CT whose aim is to place people 55 years 
and older in |Obs After studying at the Center for Spirituality & Justice. 
Peggy is now certified as a Spiritual Director, directing individuals and 
leading retreat experiences Pat Daum Hastings showed pictures of her 
family. Son. John who was married in October 1989 is an attorney and 
daughter, Laura, a graduate of Yale and #1 graduate from Brooklyn Law 
School, is a clerk for a Federal Judge Teen Ryan Mulholland is Director of 
Religious Education at St. Mary's in East Islip Her husband, Phil, is Chief 
of Pediatrics at Southside Hospital One of their seven children is married: 
two are still in college and one is in high school Diane Mllde Hitter's 
daughter. Marianne, was married last July and was recently promoted to 
assistant secretary of Chemical Bank Daughter. Demse, teaches at PS 42 
in Queens and son, Andrew, graduated from Pace, Pleasantville and is with 
Citicorp. After 33 years teaching in the same school in Lodi. New Jersey, 
Lillian Infosino Monastiro retired in January She and Jack plan to travel to 
Italy, Malta and Sicily Joan Foley Hubert and Joseph, who retired 
recently, live in Madison, NJ Oldest son, Joseph, graduates this May from 
the University of Scranton and will look for employment as an electronic 
engineer Their daughter. Maria, is at St Elizabeth College. NJ and son. 
Gerald, at Caldwell College Their youngest son Stephen is at Madison NJ 
HS. All four children of Maura Bennett O'Brien are married and she and 
Jack have four grandchildren. Jack retired in March but Maura continues 
to teach PreK in their parish school Angela Crociata Rodin brings her love 
for science to children in a K-8 school in Haworth, NJ. She is on the 
Demarest Environmental Commission and the Liberty Science Center 
Museum Educational Advisory Committee Last summer she attended a 
two weeks' course at Steven's Institute of Technology in Hoboken to learn 
how to use a portable planetarium Her older daughter. Rita, graduated in 
May from Brooklyn College and Angela, the younger, attends Loyola in 
Maryland Irene Breen will complete 35 years of teaching with Language 
and Hearing Impaired children in NYC Public School System Marie- 
Therese Pomares Dally and Tom went to Europe last year, where the 
highlight of their trip was a visit with son, Martin, in Rome. Martin, who is in 
the service, came from Germany to meet them. In August, Tom and Marle- 
Therese travelled to Alaska with a group from their parish. They spent five 
days inland and seven days on the original "Love Boat" for a cruise down to 
Vancouver Patricia Rupp Cascioli can hardly believe it's 35 years! Vinnie 
and Pat have been busy raising five daughters, (four received their 
degrees: the youngest is attending University of Florida) watching them 
get married and best of all being surrounded by 9 grandchildren! Patricia 
McGovern retired two years ago after 33 years of teaching. She has been 
doing promotional work for agencies. In July she will move to Palm Coast, 
FL, where she is building a home close to her sister and brother-in-law. 
Wonderful new beginnings! 

Irene Breen. 1370 East 26th St.. Brooklyn. NY 1 1210 


Mary Shea Pawlowicz. 5308 Del Roy Drive. Dallas. TX 75229 

(214) 691-3716 


In December, greetings from Joan Marren Brennan and Ted came from 
Colonial Williamsburg where they had a house built: they moved into it 
year ago June. Joan retired from teaching in Fairfax County after many 
years. Ted works for the Defense Department and occasionally reports to 
his Washington office while working regularly in an office near home. They 
have four grandchildren Mary Feeney Dwyer is a member of the East 
Williston Teachers Association She received a plaque for her outstanding 
efforts for the Democratic party in the 17th Assembly District of Nassau 
County. Man/ serves as Vote/Cope chairwoman for the teachers and the 
building representatives at Northside School Winnie Cavanaugh Malone 
through the school board and PTA. was awarded the New Jersey Teacher 
Recognition Award in the Old Tappan School District Winnie teaches 5th 
grade in the Charles DeWolf School Let's hear from others of our class. 


Remember, I'm only a phone call away 1 You too must have some news to 

Ann E. Bauch, 6 Stevens Court. Stewart Manor, New York 11010 (516) 


Several class members met for a spring brunch: Gloria Johnson Talty and 
Jack, Joan Selbert Sprague and Bob, Barbara Morrison Marlborough and 
Rich. Pat McCarthy Bradshaw and Dick and Diana Bonetti Slmeone of the 
class of 1958 Carol Humphrey Pecarara also joined the group She is a 
reading specialist in the Uniondale School District. Over Easter vacation, 
she and Andy travelled to Denver, CO and Arizona Their daughter, Maria 
is attending SUNY Stony Brook Gloria Johnson Tally is a special 
education teacher in Astoria. She and Jack are proud grandparents of Paul 
Richard, a year old. Son, John, will be married in June Joan Sprague has 
been very active in AAUW for the last 22 years and is vice-president in 
charge ol membership for the Islip Chapter She recently returned from the 
State Convention in Buffalo where she received an award. Joan still 
teaches kindergarten in Sachem. She and Bob plan a summer drive to St. 
Augustine, FL, where daughter, Barbara, will attend college. Barbara 
Marlborough teaches supportive writing in Islip. a town next to Bay Shore, 
where she and Rich have lived for 30 years Son Richard is teaching in the 
high school in Jericho. Pat McCarthy Bradshaw is still in the adult high 
school equivalency program in BOCES Dick is an engineer with 
Grumman. Their children are grown and independent Will, married and 
living with wife, Stacy, in St James has a year old daughter. Sara. Colleen, 
a geriatric nurse, and husband, Glenn, live in Charlotte Hall, MD with son, 
James, age 5. David is Chief of Naval Operation for LCAT in Little Creek. 
VA. He and Stella have a son and a daughter. Alicia, the youngest works for 
UPS in Westchester She is also pursuing an art career on a free-lance 
basis. The entire family recently celebrated Grandpa Bradshaws 90th 
birthday in Virginia. Pat and Dick enjoyed a February cruise to Mexico 
Recently heard from Peg Kearney Coughlin who works as assistant to 
Father John Fagan at the Little FlowerHome Husband. Bill, is a CPA with a 
business in Port Jefferson Oldest son, Michael, is with Shearson, Lehman, 
Hutton in midtown New York. Noreen is studying tor her MBA in the 
University of Louisville. Margaret is finishing her undergraduate degree in 
the University of Virginia The Coughlins recently met with Jerry and Joan 
Costa Davis. Jerry is an attorney with the IRA Joan works at an alternate 
high school in Brownsville for teen-age parents. Day care, parenting, 
training and counselling are offered to the young mothers and fathers. It is 
a new and very unique program. Peggy Ansbro is now working as a Phys 
Ed teacher at PS. 102 in Brooklyn. Present at the Spring Luncheon were 
Eileen Blaber Maloney, Pat Higgins. Peggy Cooney Darraugh who is the 
new Assistant Principal at PS. 69, Staten Island, Judy Martin Lucas, 
Roseanne Connolly Palmer who is retiring in June from the NYC Board of 
Ed, as a Speech-Language Evaluator in District 29 Queens, and Peggy 
Collins Heslin '56. Virginia Mosca is involved with the alumnae of St. 
Joseph's High School on Bridge Street, Brooklyn and edits their news 
publication "Notes from the Bridge". "We'd like news from many more 
members of '57, so please send us your notes," writes Barbara Morrison 
Marlborough who has consented again to be class agent, until some other 
loyal, generous, classmates volunteer Thank you, Barbara Brenda 
Buckley Johnston has completed the course work, has passed the comps 
and completed the thesis for her master's in Counselor Education. 

Barbara Morrison Marlborough, 10 Castle Lane, Bayshore, NY 11706 
(516) 665-1997 


Nuala McGann Drescher was nominated by Governor Cuomo to be a 
member of the New York State Labor Relations Board for a term ending 
June 25, 1995. Senate notification is pending. Eileen Judith Callahan 
Riccillo writes that the foregoing is her legal name but she has always been 
called Judy. This past year has been very difficult for her husband. John, 
who was diagnosed with terminal cancer, melanoma, the incurable form of 
skin cancer which spreads to numerous vital organs. He will have to retire 
on disability from his position as Vice President of Business at Mesa State 
College in Grand Junction, Colorado, a position he has held for the past 
twelve years. Their daughter, Suzanne, the youngest of six children will 
start college in the Fall. She has been awarded a Heart Foundation 
Scholarship and a University Grant to Loyola Marymount University in 
California, but, Judy says, ", . we will still have a hefty bill for our 
contribution, so we are declaring a moratorium on donations for the 
present. I am sorry we will be unable to contribute money, but our prayers 

are for a successful drive ." Jim and Marjorle Wing Black enjoyed a reunion 
in August 1989 with their close friends from St. Joseph's and spouses: 
Audrey DwyerBeatty and Paul. Ellen Doyle McCartney and Ray, and Mary 
Jane Driscoll O'Farrell and Bill They took the Fire Island ferry from 
Brightwaters and relaxed at Dinner at Flynn's The Blacks have been living 
in Houston, TX, almost seventeen years. Their married son, Jim (29) and 
wife Kathy live in Issiquah, WA, with their two daughters. Jessica 5. and 
Arion 3. Dennis, who is 26. has been living in Chicago, IL, this year. By the 
fall, he will begin working for Williams and Connolly in Washington, DC. 

Monica Mangan Wheaton, 228 Royal Oak Drive. Chesapeake, VA 23320 
(804) 482-3086 


Rosanne Perillo Vastano writes that she and Tony have three grand- 
children, Sal. Alyssa. and Justin. Guy is still in Ft. Louis, WA. Deborah will 
graduate from Daemen College as a Physical Therapist. Rosanne and 
Tony are moving to Palm Coast, Florida and would love to see or hear from 
someone. Peter, Catherine and Michele. children of Lillian Sclrla Frlsko 
attend La Salle University in Philadelphia Peter graduates in May 1990, 
Catherine in '91 and Michele in '93. . . still living at Somers Point, NJ. Mary 
Ann Sullivan Luongo teaches two English and two Theater classes at Joel 
Barlow HS, Redding, CT and chairs the Fine and Performing Arts 
Department. Son Tom is finishing doctoral in Medieval History at Notre 
Dame. Chris left the Wall Street Journal to work as a reporter for Register- 
Citizen, Torrington, CT Jon, an English/Theater major at Oberlin will 
spend the summer working at Lincoln Center We extend our sympathy to 
Paula Ryan Caccavo on the death of her husband, Joseph, on April 18. 
Please remember them in your prayers. 

Mary Ann Sullivan Luongo, 4 Crescent Drive, Easton, CT 06612 


Carolyn Hill Dalton. 124 South Park Avenue. Rockville Centre. NY 1 1570 

(516) 764-6261 

Barbara Lynch Schoenberg. 336 West End Avenue. New York. NY 10023 

(212) 873-9470 


At our 30th anniversary luncheon at Terrace on the Park in Queens. I want 
to share with you some of the good things recounted there Grace Martin 
Cipriani, who appeared on stage in two plays with rave reviews, retired at 
the height of her success and resumed her position as prompter. She has 
her license to work in TV production with Cablevision of New Jersey 
Grace is also "little by little" gaming on her masters Betty Trust Conlon's 
oldest son John, 26, graduated from Fordham Law. his father, an alum, 
presented him with his diploma Marianne. 18. the youngest will graduate 
from Uruline High School She has a scholarship to Hobart, William Smith 
College and will start in September. Barbara Maher McConvllle who 
earned her MLS from Rutgers in 1987 is director of the Florham Park, NJ, 
Public Library. She has three married daughters and a grandson. Ellen 
Thayer Houck's daughter Marianne graduated from Manhattan College in 
1986 and is now an accountant. She will be married at St. Vincent Ferrer 
Church in NYC on September 29th. Son Lee. a graduate of Boston U '88, is 
an engineer. Mary Clement Uravic's son, John finished his freshman year 
at LeMoynewith honors. Christopher, ahighschool junionn Merrick, isan 
accomplished wood carver and had a show in Merrick featuring his wildlife 
carvings. Mary, an Adjunct Professor of Math at Nassau Community 
College, has been a Euchanstic Minister for three years. Carol Ann Miller 
Mullaney received her PhD this May She has moved back to Los Alamos, 
New Mexico and works in the Los Alamos National Laboratories as a 
Training Specialist. Rosemary Volta Tamaro's daughter. Jean was married 
in February Sheila McCarthy Maher changed careers in 1 988 and is now 
an Educational Consultant in the field of Chemical Dependency. She 
provides services to schools and communities in Portage County, Ohio. In 
March, she received certification as an Ohio Prevention Specialist. In the 
summer of 1989, Caroline Re Bertalli studied in the foreign language 
program at the University of Urbino, Italy, with her son, Stephen, who 
resides in Rennes, France Son. Joseph, is in the graduate program at 
Rochester Institute of Technology. Kathy Hatem Carey works two days a 
week at PS 102. Daughter, Mary Lee. who lives in Ardmore, PA, works for 
Coopers and Lybrand in Phildelphia. Mary Lee's husband, a med student 
at Medical College of Pennsylvania will graduate May 1991. Christine, 
married last September, works as a systems analyst in the Legal Depart- 
ment of the New York Stock Exchange, and her husband, John, a 1990 
graduate of Brooklyn Law School will be an Assistant DA in Manhattan 
Joanne Tomao McNamara is a Special Ed English teacher in Harborfields 


HS and has been successful in getting grants for the special curriculums 
she has written. Both of her daughters have announced their engagements. 
Mary McCabe Duggan's oldest son will marry next year. This fall there will 
be three in college and one in high school. Mary returned to work and 
delights to "dress up" each day. Theresa Oe Pompa Mazzola works as a 
high school librarian in Jericho. Son Michael is an accountant with 
Metropolitan Life; Laura is a personnel recruiter for a Long Island firm; Lisa 
will graduate from Oswego State in 1991 Last year Theresa and Vincent 
took a belated 25th anniversary cruise in the Caribbean. Marie Leno 
Gllmore works part-time in a Senior Citizen Nutrition Program and drives 
for Meals on Wheels. Daughter, Catherine married Joe Hennessey May 
1989 - both are Bucknell '85 grads. Joan Bambach McCann's daughter, 
Elizabeth graduated from William and Mary this year. Jim, 18, excelled in 
high school debate and attends Rutgers and also coaches a Princeton HS. 
debating team. Gall Leonard Nelll teaches home-bound on part-time 
basis. Husband Jim is a CPA. Jimmy graduated from St. Lawrence and 
works for Bank of Australia in NYC Deborah a St. Lawrence grad, spent 
her junior year in Spain. Twins, Christie and Maureen, 21, both Psych 
majors finished their junior year abroad in Scotland Vivian Graepel 
Hudson's youngest son Tim finished freshman year at Providence. 
Maryellen transferred from the College o Notre Dame, MD, to St. Joe's in 
Patchogue. Betsy Stoddard Darcy's sons, Jim and Andrew are graduates 
of the Naval Academy and are Ensigns and SEALS. Christopher, a lacrosse 
players, is a senior at the Air Force Academy. Patrick just finished his first 
year at Loyola in Baltimore. Only daughter, Liz, is a sophomore at St. 
Anthony's HS. and Joseph is a sixth grader at St. Patrick's. In addition to 
preparing 2nd graders for First Communion, Betsy volunteers at Hospice 
and. when she can find the time, gets in a round of golf. Joe commutes to 
Manhattan and would love to retire. Enroute to Rota, Spain, Anne Keane 
Anderson was seated next to Chris Carldad '85, and they enjoyed sharing 
SJC experiences. Anne was on her way to attend the christening of her first 
grandchild, born to daughter Sharyn and husband. Lt. Louis Martin Papet, 
USN. Kathleen Walsh Fallon, who received her MS in Education in 1981 
and her Ed. in Supervision from Bank Street College, is currently working 
as an Early Childhood Specialist for Schoolwide Enrichment Education in 
the Office of Professional Development at the NYC Central Board of 
Education Maureen Brandow Gillespie's daughter, Margaret Mary, is 
engaged to Bernard James O'Connell, a Fordham football players. She isa 
grad-student at Fordham. They plan to marry in September at St. Agnes 
Cathedral in Rockville Center Jeanne Drlscoll Poulton's daughter. 
Adrienne, works for the U.S. Information Agency in the Soviet Union on 
the "Design USA" project. Greg, a 1 7 year old HS senior, became an Eagle 
Scout in March 

Eileen Mullen, 92 Parrot Place, Brooklyn, NY 11228 
(718) 622-4690 


I (Barbara Frohnhofer Feldman) received a pleasant phone call from 
Carole Rooney recently. Carole has been in data-processing in NYC for 
twenty years and is very active in her professional association. However 
there is a possibility of a career change to selling financial products 
Although this profession is along the same lines, she finds that getting 
back to the books is quite a change. For many years Carole has been 
actively involved in St. Agnes Parish, a business parish in midtown 
Manhattan, and is coordinating a huge celebration in honor of the fortieth 
anniversary of a priest of her parish. She has chaired so many parish 
activities in the past that she easily handles all the work involved and still 
finds time to work in the parish soup kitchen. Carol gave me Gabrielle 
Tlnley McDonough's phone number For the past twelve years, Gabrielle 
has been teaching sixth grade at Resurrection-Ascension parish school 
and loves it. Her son, Kevin, is in the medical school at the University 
College in Galway, Ireland and will finish in two years. Son. Brian, is 
finishing up at Fordham University and working as a teacher's aide in 
Archbishop Molloy as well Gaby and her husband purchased a piece of 
land in Westchester County and now divide their time between Queens 
and Cross River. It was so much fun getting all this news and I hope to hear 
from more classmates Pat Coleman Campbell says that she hasn't written 
much in this column in recent years, but her conscience was pricked by a 
letter from Eileen Scanlon Fitzgerald. "I'm in word-processing, so I have no 
excuse for not producing an update for our class." Eileen is a librarian in 
the NYC school system. Her son, John '88, is in the Peace Corps (see 
Winter Alumnagram page 9). Son Kevin received a degree from Pace in 
1989. Daughter, Kathleen is a student at SJC and Patrick, youngest son, is 
at St. Francis. I recently called Lynn Soerenson Thornton to offer my 
condolences on the death of her husband. Gerry. She is holding up well 
and credits her close friends and fellow classmates. Ada Tracey Stankard, 
Bobbie Gentile Newman and Jean Ryan Drlscoll who gave her much 

needed support. I also called Gerry Pisklak Mannion in Winchester. MA. 
One son is married. One is getting some exposure in a touring company of 
a major Broadway show. She is working for the Federal government in an 
environmental study department Maureen Rossler Price teaches at John 
Bowne HS in Flushing. Daughter, Claire, graduated magna cum laude 
from Georgetown in 1989 and is an analyst for Drexel Burnham Lambert- 
She will enter a training program at Equitable Kiera is a third year nursing 
student at Villanova and Brian is a junior at St Francis Prep As for the 
Feldman family, I recently lost my father, and it was a blow to all of us. My 
three older children are out of college and doing well Cathy is married and 
teaching in Jacksonville, FL. Charlie is with American Express and Dan is 
with the Hofritz Corporation. Jeannie, the youngest, is a sophomore in 
high school She recently made a tour of England and Scotland with a 
school group. My only high school trip was a senior tour to Washington 
and in college, a "Where the Boys Are" trip to Fort Lauderdale I would love 
to hear from more of you. 

Barbara Frohnhofer Feldman, 1 7800 Mill Creek Drive. Derwood. MD 20855 
1301) 963-4191 

Pat Coleman Campbell, 89 Jedwood Place, Valley Stream, NY 11581 
(516) 791-8693 


The weather was ideal, the liturgy was inspiring and the meal was excellent 
for all who attended the Spring Luncheon this year. Alice Sheridan D'Anna 
never made it. Starting out early that morning Alice sat in her car on the 
George Washington Bridge, sweating it out in her pretty new spring suit 
By the time the traffic jam cleared, Alice could only head for home. Mary 
Ann Weindler Horan did a marvelous job as chairperson She is presently 
engaged in freelance consulting in Uses Acceptance Testing, and plans to 
go to Africa on a Safari in June. To insure the success of the luncehon, 
Mary Ann invited other classmates from as far as Indiana and Florida to 
help. She even put them up at her place in Park Slope and had a pajama 
party on the night before the luncheon with Noreen Doherty. Joan 
Corcoran Fordham and Dorothy Montouri Ryan attending Dorothy, who 
lives in Plantation, FL loved returning to Brooklyn for the first time in 20 
years. Her oldest son, Tommy (25) is an assistant basketball coach at 
Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL and is pursing his MA in education 
Michael (21) a junior at Miami U. is a finance major and will be working in a 
bank learning about investments. Joan also enjoyed coming East, and 
especially the wonderful food, ambiance and facilities at "Chez Horan." 
Joan's youngest. Susan (16). is a sophomore at Marion High School in 
Indiana and a drummer with the schools travelling variety show "26th 
Street Singers," last seaon on SS Dolphin in March. Virginia O'Rourke 
McLoughlin's mother and sister Anne, were also at the luncheon, all 
celebrating Mrs O'Rourke's 55th anniversary. Glnny travels to Albany at 
least two or three times a year as a member of the Special Ed Committee of 
N.E.A. She encourages everyone to ride the Amtrak to Albany and enjoy 
the view. Ginny still walks 30 miles a week and won't miss a day. Son, 
Kevin, finishes his duty in the Marines soon and plans to stay in California 
for schooling, Kate is finishing her junior year in high school and Tommy is 
in 6th grade. Bill is forced to be home because of his disability, but he is 
actively involved with Parish Outreach at St. Hugh's in Huntington Pat 
Sweeney was at the luncheon. She teaches pre-kindergarten in NYC 
public schools in Bay Ridge. Pat is always in touch with Peggy La Salle 
Nlcora and Joan Tagliafero Zangre Peggy's daughter, Claudine, has 
opened her own business— Columbo Yogurt, ice cream, salad bar near the 
Jersey shore. Chris Nicora is studying for his master's degree at Seton 
Hall. Stephen Zangre is in the insurance business and is happy and 
successful, as is Marissa Zangre who works in Manhattan. Mary Collins 
Macchiarola is finishing her second year as Religious Education 
coordinator in her parish and loving it. Frank continues to teach at 
Columbia and involves himself in scores of other projects which keep him 
busy all the time. Son Joseph (19) finished his first year at Notre Dame 
Michael (18) will start at Holy Cross, MA in September and Frank (13) starts 
high school this fall at Xavier in Manhattan Maureen Coonan Brolly was 
appointed Principal of PS. 207 on September 19, 1989, where she has been 
assigned for 25 years— first as a teacher and then as an assistant principal 
(1972-1989) In April. Marianne Traviglia Ferrara '69 was appointed 
Maureen's Assistant Principal She, too, taught at P S. 207. Maureen asks. 
"Are we unique to educational leadership or are there other schools where 
the Principal and Ass't Principal are St. Joe's graduates'" Trillium Press 
published Claire Lavin O'Regan's (PhD) latest book "The Consultant As 
Communicator" in April. They published her previous book, "Reading 
Through Imagery" in 1988 Congratulations. Claire' Dorothy Morelli 
Conforti is on the faculty at the University of Maine at Farmington. 
Department of Education Dorothy received her PhD from the University of 
Connecticut in 1 985 Chris Connolly Steffens writes that she will celebrate 


24 years married on November 19, 1990 Congratulations and best wishes. 
Have a great summer, everyone and keep me posted on all your doings. 

Mary Collins Macchiarola, 3431 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11210 

(718) 951-7494 

Catherine Travers Alcuri. 109 Brower Ave., Rockville Center, NY 11570 

Maureen Maguire Sullivan, 1-16 Atlantic Avenue, Farmingdale. NY 11735 



Marie Gumieney Flamme was in Germany on a Fulbnght scholarship last 
year and spent a month learning about the German educational system. 
She reporst that the weather was cold, but the people were warm. She is 
now planning a trip to Bali and would love to hear suggestions regarding 
what to see and do there, if anyone has any thoughts Marie is a health 
education consultant in addition to her regular job. Laura Elizabeth 
Auricchio, daughter of Elizabeth Williams Auricchio will be awarded her 
bachelors degree, summa cum laude, from Harvard University in June. 
She is a Psychology major Margaret Nolan Paddock is director of Chapter 
I and Curriculum Coordinator for a school district in the White Mountains 
of New Hampshire where she has lived for the last fifteen years. Her son, 
Robert Jr . graduated from Holy Cross and was commissioned a 2nd 
Lieutenant in the army and will be stationed in Bamberg, Germany, for 
three years Daughter, Erin, is a freshman at St Anselm's College in 
Manchester. NH We extend our sympathy to Anita DuBrltz Kalwasinski 
whose husband, Gregory, died on November 24, 1989 She asks that we 
keep her in our prayers Dorothy Fitzgerald Green is teaching part-time at 
Moravian College and taking graduate courses in English at Lehigh 
University Her four children are Mary Frances (17), John (15) and Anne 
and Patrick (12) Mary Frances and John attend the local high school John 
is also in the Saturday pre-college program at the Jiulliard School in New 
York. He plays the viola The twins are in seventh grade 

Elizabeth Williams Auricchio, 540 East 20th Street, New York. NY 10009 
(212) 228-9350 


During a recent visit East, Barbara Kempczinskl visited Gerl Thompson 
Sokol in Montclair. NJ. Gathered there were Pat McNulty Kushner and 
Ron. Mary Noberini Heller and daughters, Catherine and Elizabeth. 
Rosemary Mayer, and Geri's two sons. Christopher and Peter. A surprise 
late-comer was Ginny Humes Mastondrea who lives in Hackettstown with 
Bob, her son Christian, her mother and her niece. Christian will attend 
Elmira this fall. Barbara had dinner with Mary Hilgeman and Phil in their 
Manhattan apartment. Mary, Phil and daughter, Sara, were to spend the 
weekend at Montauk after celebrating their 11th wedding anniversary. Pat 
McNulty Kushner was in touch with Peg Harrington who has been named 
Superintendent of Queens High Schools Pat and Ron, after leaving Geri's, 
were off to Philadelphia to see Peg Candee. then spend the weekend in 
Pennsylvania Peg continues to commute to NYC twice a week to teach at 
the New School Mary Noberini, a faculty member at Manhattan College, 
met Diane Minshosky Sheridan there Diane's daughter was inducted into 
the honor society of the Psychology Department at Manhattan Mary Ann 
Amalfitano Narciso teaches in Brighton Beach at PS. 253. Her husband, 
Lou. teaches Desk Top Publishing at Graphic Communication Arts High 
School in Manhattan. They have three children, Louis (25) a graduate of 
Pace University and Vice President of the Oriental Rug Division of C.W. 
Ryan Joseph (22) will graduate from Fordham Lincoln Center this May 
1990. Jessica (18) will graduate from James Madison High School in June. 
John and Deidre Connelly Galain and boys are off to the Belgrade Lakes 
region in Maine this summer. George. 14, and John, 11, will attend hockey 
camp in Orono for a week. Bob and Muriel O'Riordan Ward are still living 
on Long Island and summering in Breezy Point Muriel has been teaching 
in Levittown School District for 18 years. Last year was their 25th wedding 
anniversary and their daughter. Patricia, was married to James Hamilton 
from Breezy Point Both are teachers. Son, Robert, is graduating from 
Nassau Community College and hopes to become a Phys Ed teacher Bob 
is still an administrator in the Town of Hempstead They had a brief, but 
nostalgic, visit with Bob and Patty Nicholson Wagner last year. They made 
pains to go to the reunion lunch but the day slipped away. Marylou 
Abatemarco Busse and Ronald were given a surprise 25th wedding 
anniversary party and the most surprising guest was Diane Minichosky 
Sheridan and Chris. Marylou put on the old wedding gown (it was big!) and 
Diane recreated her role as maid of honor. They had a great time 
reminiscing about Open House Dances and all their double dates. We offer 
our sympathy and prayers to Lillian Zerilli Cavallone on the death of her 

sister. Nettie Adelfio, last December. 

Barbara Kempczmska, 4441 Montgomery St., Oakland, CA 94611 


Almost half the class celebrated our 25th anniversary at the Spring 
Luncheon at Terrace on the Park, which 25 years ago. the site of the 
World's Fair, was the background of many of our yearbook pictures. Here's 
the info on those who attended Pat D'Amato Basil) is Associate Professor 
of Chemistry at Prince George's College, MD, and the mother of three. 
Margie Morrow Becht has four children and she teaches high school in 
Springfield Gardens Vera Demuth Blondi, up from Florida, has two 
children. She teaches Bible Studies and works in a pregnancy crisis 
center Jane Jacobson Blrzln has four children and is studying for her 
Board of Ed supervisor's license Ann Klrby Chellus operates a computer 
consulting business with her husband and is a registered stock broker. 
They have five children Kathy Gordon Cirillo, who has three children, is 
head of the English Department at St. Mary's HS in Elizabeth. NJ. Teresa 
Civello is a Public Affairs Director for NYC's Medicaid Program On May 
4th. Terri was at her 25th anniversary breakfast as a city employee and 
discovered our "lost" classmate, Margaret Bunstead, who works in the 
Child Welfare Administration Barbara Farley Columbo has two children 
and considers herself retired, even though she tutors regularly. Pat 
Higgins Comer, a reunion regular, has three children, two of whom attend 
SJC in Brooklyn Judy Jacobsen Corbelllni is involved with religious 
education in Suffolk County. She has two children and this summer will 
travel to Italy to celebrate her 25th wedding anniversary. Carol Glurlando 
Corrigan has three children and is a school librarian in Hauppauge. She's 
in her fifth year as Library Media Specialist. Ann Conway Creech came 
from Raleigh, NC where she. Jim. Suzanne and James are firmly established 
Jim teaches at the college and is introducing a training program for 
correction personnel Ann is a counselor at the public school three days a 
week and a volunteer at her children's Catholic school the other two days 
Suzanne. 4th grader, takes piano lessons. Third grader James' forte is 
soccer and baseball and Boy Scouts. Ann stayed with her sister, Maura 
Conway Amery, who came to the luncheon with her and confused many of 
us since they look like twins Mary Dawson manages the Social Security 
Office in Kings Plaza in Brooklyn Elaine Giarrusso DeSilva, with two 
chidlren, teaches 1st grade in Connecticut and continues her studies in 
marriage and family therapy Rose Marie Calicchio Dunphy has four 
children. The second. Kathleen will graduate from SJC Patchoguein June 
1990 She has had numerous articles published, and co-authored a book 
on food addictions: "That First Bite— Chance or Choice." Ruth Koehler 
Fiumaro has three children Taught Biology and Science for 3 years before 
raising her family Has a second home in Southhold, LI. Margaret 
Testagrossa Garay teaches kindergarten in a private school in Locust 
Valley and has three children Carol Glurlando Corrigan found Gerray 
Carey Gibney who lives upstate in Scotia NY with husband and three 
children. Kathleen Murphy Goldman lives in Denton, Texas with husband 
and two children She teaches English as a Second Language to a virtual 
United Nations at Denton HS Cathleen Reynolds Gordon just received her 
NYS License in Reading and is looking for a job. She, husband and four 
children live in Lake Ronkonkoma Pat McCarthy Hale lives in Hyannis, 
MA, and is a legal administrator. She has three children Catherine 
Twomey Hanson works on Wall Street in computer research and finance. 
She lives in Bay Ridge with her three children. Jeanne Rice Harvey moved 
from California to New Jersey where she works in real estate in Eatontown. 
She has one child Louise Beddow Kelly has four children and is a cruise 
expert, and according to Ruth Koehler Fiumaro does beautiful interior 
decoration Catherine Klembella has remarried and lives in Brooklyn, She 
finished training in computer programming and works in Manhattan. She 
has one daughter Helene Oppedlasano Kosotf is the Assistant Director of 
the Office of Occupational Education at NYC Board of Ed. Mary Beth 
McNerny Lamond a teacher, has four children. Margaret McCartney 
Leder, with five children somehow finds time to play bridge Maureen 
McCartney Lorenz, with two children, continues to work with her husband 
who is writing a new book on color and illustration Marie Barrese Magaldl, 
with three children, teaches special education in Brooklyn. She hobbled to 
the reunion with her foot in a cast after recent surgery Maureen O'Connor 
Mannlx has three children and it taking a year off and plans a lot of 
travelling Maryanne Keenan Moller is planning a new business venture 
with her husband after they sell their furniture store in New Jersey They 
have two children. Antonia Lombardo Moore gets the award for the most 
heroic attempt to get to the reunion. Tonl was stuck in traffic on the George 
Washington Bridge for hours and missed the luncheon Tonl is a veteran 
marathon runner and probably would have made it on foot. Tonl has two 
children and is a counsellor for a special drug program in New Jersey. A 

reunion of the smoker crowd' is planned at Tonl's house during June 
Gerry lannuzzl Moore has one daughter and teaching reading in the 
Wantagh/Seaford school system. Ellen Kllgannon O'Leary has one child, 
lives in NJ and teaches at PS 104 with Mary Beth McNerny Lamond Terry 
Brzeskl Phlllpp has two children, teaches high school math near Kingston 
and lives in Woodstock Chris McArdle Reno has three children and as 
many homes She teaches French at Vassar Next year she will be living in 
Paris with her youngest son while she does research Joan Kavanagh 
Rooney has three grown sons and celebrated her 25th wedding 
anniversary last year She teaches parents of infants with Down Syndrome 
Eugenia Serpe Slvlllo has three children and is changing careers from 
teaching to alcoholism counselling Kathleen Spruyt works at Augustana 
Lutheran Nursing Home She is interning for her Administrators license 
Mary Ann Barry Stevens is the Director of the Education Center for 
Literacy Volunteers and is completing her PhD Joan Hlnde Stewart is 
head of the Foreign Language Department at North Carolina State 
University She has two children Eileen Monteodorlslo Vlrgona works in 
her husbands architectural firm in Fort Lee coordinating home interiors. 
They have two children Adele Vocel is the single mother of 3500 children 
Actually, Adele is principal of FDR High School in Bensonhurst Margie 
Smith Walsh is an Administrator with the Board of Ed in her local school 
district Marianne Crozler Winters has two children and is between jobs 
She offered to illustrate the children's book Elaine Glarrusso hopes to 
write. Rosemary Collins Zlnk, with four children, calls herself "super 
volunteer ." Annamarla Baslll Zonak drove up from Maryland where she is 
Director of Audio and Speech for Veterans Administration. She has two 
children. We found Anna Rosato Pell who has four children and works as 
an investment researcher on Long Island Veronica Wazny Murphy came 
form Toledo where she has a private law practice Ronnie is an offical 
member of the class of '65 even though she accelerated to graduate in 
1 964 A note from Terry Holmes Hickman, who remarried, says she did not 
receive the luncheon invitation Terry has three children and is our first 
(reported) grandmother. Her granddaughter was 7 months old in April 
Terry works as a computer programmer for NYNEX Grace DeAngelo 
Amato lives in Marlboro, MA and has four children. She taught Math and 
Art in NYC for 5 years and presently is working as a Design Drafter She 
was involved with local theater group doing detail art work on their sets — 
8' x 12' canvases' Barbara (Bonnie) Sekula Waldron also from MA, 
(Howard) tutored in the Special Needs Dept. of the Bromfield School. 
Harvard 1 980- 1 988 and is now Bookkeeper for the Harvard School System- 
Daughter, Tara, graduated May 1990 with a degree in marketing Mary 
Kaye, 17, was diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma, and has been a 
remarkable inspiration during all her treatments Bonnie asks that we 
remember her in our prayers Eileen M. Zinck taught Social Studies in 
North Babylon School District 22 years and at present teaches Global 
Studies and Economics in the High School Sister J. Miriam Blackwell, 
MSBT. returned her tear-off with no news but she writes "God's blessings 
on all you do ." Christina McCullagh Cronin's son, Brian, is just finishing 
his freshman year at Boston College. He is in the Honor Program and 
Pre-med. The rest of the family, Tim (17), Brendan (14) and twins. Kevin 
and Deidre (9) will be moving to Spokane, Washington, in August. 
Husband. Gene, took a job as Vice-President of Marketing with ISC- 
Bunker-Ramo Although it will be an interesting experience, they are sorry 
to leave Rowayton.CT. after 18 years Before they move. Christina and her 
mother will spend 2'i weeks visiting relatives in Ireland. 

Tern Civello. 150 E. 3rd St., New York NY 10009 (212) 473-3491 
Rosemary Collins Zink. 9 Highlield Lane. Coltsneck. NJ 07722 
(201) 946-4654 

Mary Beth McNerney Lamond. 9106 Ridge Blvd.. Brooklyn. NY 11209 
(718) 833-2488 

at PS 135, District 18, where her interests have branched out to the 
hearing-impaired child and the deaf community She has taken American 
Sign Language courses and is working hard to sign proficiently. Adria. at 
14. has been dancing for eight years and makes Pat justly proud She will 
be attending Notre Dame Academy on Staten Island next school year Pat 
looks forward to our 25th reunion Megaly Lopez Lohnes teaches 7th and 
8th grade history at St Luke's. Son, Rob, is in first year at Nassau Tech and 
has joined his dad in working with their Boy Scout Troop Daughter. 
Melissa, recently earned the Girl Scout Gold Award. The entire family has 
been involved in scouting for 13years. Bob is a 2nd grade detective with 27 
years experience He is an expert in baby footprints and has traveled 
widely to testify in court cases Ann Kenny Duenkl writes from her home in 
Switzerland that her job keeps her moving around Europe, an exciting 
place, especially these days Ann would like to hear from Joan Hinde 
Stewart who inspired her to learn more French than she ever expected to 
use Ann would like to have our 25th reunion in Europe and I second the 
motion 1 Anyone for the Logistics Committee'' We were sorry to hear from 
Barbara Tortora Bailey that her husband passed away four years ago She 
is teaching second grade and caring for her four girls: Jennifer is an 
accounting major at St. Francis. Mary, a sophomore and cheerleader at 
Kearney; Michelle who will begin Kearney in September on a full four-year 
scholarship, and Nicole, 9, who is looking forward to her dance recital in 
June Jackie Walsh Conlon and Vinny have lived in Middletown. NY, for 18 
years Michael and Erin are in college Eileen begins junior high in 
September Jackie teaches second grade and they spent Easter break at 
Myrtle Beach Marge Cody Baudo. newly married, is working at Mercy 
Hospital full time in the Newborn and Intensive Care Nursery Marge and 
her husband are avid Goldwing Motorcycle Riders, participating in 
thousands of miles of touring Mary Picket Oocherty will finish courses in 
Administration this summer and will qualify to be a vice-principal or 
principal The coming year she will be on sabbatical leave, traveling and 
studying children with learning disabilities She and Brian live in Toronto 
Vincenza Muselli Schiera also hopes to finish her requirements to qualify 
as a Vice Principal this summer. Husband. Thorn, is a boat salesman and 
ten-year-old Thomas is an avid Little Leaguer Sarajane Jeppson Kennedy 
is an admissions counselor for a woman's liberal arts college in Wisconsin 
She juggles her full-time career with being a wife and a mother to ten-year- 
old Rob Husband, Robert is developing and marketing software under his 
own company's trademark Carolyn Casner White sent word of the 
marriage of her son, John, to Suzanne Paolmi. Kevin and Ellse Clyne 
O'Brien and sons Deryck (20) and Graham (16) live in Ridgewood, NJ. 
Ellse is a vice president in the Investment Bank of Manufacturers Hanover 
Trust. During the Christmas holidays, they had a visit from Viviane Messina 
Gentile and family, who live in Columbia. Maryland Elise also chatted with 
Mary McNiff who is responsible for the College office at Erasmus High 
School. "I have such fond memories of my days at St. Joe's." she writes, 
"equally the faculty and students in our History department - Sister Joseph 
Damien in particular." Classmates: next year will be our silver anniversary 
year - 25 years since our graduation. The Alumni Spring Luncheon will be 
held on Saturday, April 13, 1991, Terrace on the Park in the old World's 
Fairground in Queens. Mark this date now and plan to be there where we 
will be especially honored, along with the golden jubilanans We'll be 
sending a note soon asking what kind of special class gathering you'd like 

Lorraine Pentold Appleton, Bldg 111. Apt. B3.Governor's Island. NY10004 

(212) 825-7423 

Mary Devlin. 4005 Quentm Road. Brooklyn, NY 1 1234 

(718) 338-8775 



Judy McKeon Holland lives in the mountains of southwestern Virginia 
where she teaches 7th grade. Tom is the Director of Social Services for 
their county Judy has a Master's in Public Health and teaches part time for 
the local community college. Thomas III. 16, and Michele, 13, keep Judy 
busy as chauffeur to their numerous after-school activities Barbara 
MacDonald Dl Giovanni is working temporarily as a word-processor with a 
view to teaching software eventually. She and her family backpacked 100 
miles on the Appalachian Trail last year. She would love to hear from 
anyone interested in hiking, biking and/or backpacking this summer. 
Beginners welcome. Bob is a clinical social worker, practicing both at 
home and at a clinic Mark is a 9th grader in Xaverian and Andy is in 6th 
grade. Pat Archlopoll Calasclo, after teaching 18 years, left school in Ft 
Green. While on a year's sabatical. she took courses to enable her to 
become an educational evaluator Since September 1 988 she has worked 

Mary Ellen Dubiel Freeley was in Elmira on a consulting job with the school 
district She saw Rita Marie (Irish) McGrath Finnerty, visiting her home for 
a short while, where she met sons Billy and Peter. The two oldest children 
are away at college. Tommy at Le Moyne and Margaret at Marymount 
MaryEllenthen continued up to Ithaca to pick up her son, J P at Cornell to 
bring him home for the Spring break Helen Kustowska Heftier was 
recently elected President of the Oratorio Society of Queens Concerts 
this past season included performances of Bernstein's Chichester Psalms. 
Handal's Messiah and Bruckner's Mass in F Minor Basil and JoAnn 
Baslleo Asciutto are building townhouses in Staten Island. Art work of 
godchild. Erino Moira. daughter of Arlene Francis Palazzolo is displayed in 
a model home Son. Robert, won 1st place in sit-ups in SI Jr. High Olympics 
and is a continuing member of Arista 

Therese Perrone Bozza. 847 Kerry Down Circle. Melbourne. FL 32940 

(305) 259-0196 

Mary Ellen Dubiel Freeley, 67-124 Burns St.. Forest Hills. NY 11375 




On March 2, 1990, in Austin, Texas. Dr. Frances Panchok became 
President of the Texas Catholic Historical Society for a two year term 
Frances and other members think that this is the only state wide Catholic 
Historical Society in the U.S.A. 

Blanche Lindner Pesce. 127 Pine St., Rockville Center, NY 11570 

(516) 764-2951 

Maureen Quinn Scherer, 44 Plymouth Ave.. Mt. Sinai, NY 11766 

1516) 928-4630 

Catherine Colgan Stanton, 1221 Underhill Ave., Yorktown Hgts. NY 10598 

(914) 962-3756 

luncheon in New York. Mark your calendar now (see inside back cover) 
and be there Help us to find our "lost" classmates, so that they can join us, 
too. Vicki Castagna now lives on Pioneer Street, Brooklyn. 

Georgette Alexander 
Barbara Blake 
Kathleen Brown Migliaccio 
Zully Colon Pappa 
Mary Davis 
Elaine Grasser 
Mary Berkery Hoover 
Kathleen Gaine Glasberg 
Ana Maria Loureiro 

Rita Lyons De Bonis 
Diane Mancuso 
Minerva Montolvo Del Toro 
Sheila Murnane 
Emilia Nocita Cardone 
Cecilia Roe Downer 
Lissette Stasse Noller 
Pamela Trozzi Giordano 
Peggy Ann Voltaire 


At the Fall luncheon, it was wonderful seeing old friends— Claire Collins, 
Angela Vista Savino, Betty Connell Bielowsky, Mary Jo Burke Chiara 
and Dotsy Lynch, particularly in the lovely New York Yacht Club Dotsy 
Lynch is teaching Advanced History at Brooklyn Tech Ros Picclarelli 
Marino is teaching with Dotsy's sister. Maureen, at PS. 70 in Bay Ridge. 
Claire Collins visited Isabel Pirretti Pause in Albany this past year Winnie 
Radigan is Assistant Principal at Brooklyn College Academy (an alternate 
high school on Brooklyn College Campus) Mary Butz is associated with 
the U.F. T. teachers center, and has finished her last year under the Kellogg 
grant Mary Kowalski Clark has been teaching the fourth grade in a Gifted 
Children's Program Angela Vista Savino is practicing Interior Design, in 
Staten Island, where she lives with her husband, Frank, and son Marc who 
attends Poly Prep in Brooklyn Betty O'Connell Bielowsky is an Administra- 
tive Assistant at Thomas Edison High School Denise O'DonnellTrynosky 
teaches in Pre— K at St Catherine's School in Glen Rock. NJ. She and Ken 
have four children— Stephen. Joseph. James and Elizabeth Teresa Altuna 
Wainger and Robert have moved to Redmond, Washington and have 
started a new business renovating old houses in Seattle Valerie McGann 
Stoifi is the mother of three girls, Tricia. Jackie and Valerie. She teaches 
high school Special Ed classes. In April, Marianne Travlglia Ferrara was 
appointed Assistant Principal of P.S. 207, District 22 in Brooklyn, 
Marianne, husband Paul and three children, Therese 12, Christopher 9 and 
Susan 6, live in Brooklyn Jeannette Stanbrough McCarthy teaches 
second grade in St Francis Elementary School in Belle Harbor, where her 
three daughters attend. Jeannette and Gerard live in Breezy Point with 
theirfourchildren, Gerard who attends Regis High School and Kristen 13. 
Elizabeth 10, and Alison 7. 

Mary Jo Burke Chiara, 28 Brompton Rd., Garden City, NY 11530 
(516) 746-6920 

Mary Ward Crown, 2515 8th St.. East Meadow. NY 11554 
(516) 794-0263 

Maria Falconetti. 1205 Wellington PI., Aberdeen, NJ 07747 

(201) 566—3279 

Mary Mone Dorney, 141 Park Av., Williston Park, NY 11596 

(516) 463—3987 

Barbara Ridzi Yovine, 26 Sylvan Av., Delmare. NY 12054 

(518) 439-2062 


Diane Evanac Carpetto (she uses her own name) and George moved to 
Gainesville. Florida in August 1989 where George is teaching at the 
University of Florida Diane is Dean at Hawthorne High School in 
Hawthorne which is a rural community approximately 21 miles southeast 
of Gainsville They belong to St Augustine Church and are leaving for an 
Education Mission on June 15th to Yajalon, Mexico. Joe and Joan Carollo 
Bertorelli have three children. JJ who is 14, John. 12 and James. 4. Joan, 
who has her MA in Elementary Reading from Queens College taught 5th 
and 6th grades, but is a homebody now. However, she is secretary for 
Home/School Association at her sons' school Peggy Rellly Roehrig and 
family have returned from Florida and have again taken up residence in 
Bondsville, Vermont Peggy and Ann O'Rourke Friedman attended the 
Spring Luncheon to help Annie's mom, Anne Hennessy O'Rourke 35, 
celebrate her 55th anniversary, Anne's other daughter, Virginia O'Rourke 
McLaughlin, was also there Josephine Pace Langone would like to make 
an appeal to the Class of 1971 "Next year," she writes, "we'll be celebrating 
our 20th anniversary— it really would be great if an effort was made to take 
that time out to see our old friends at that reunion. So start preparing 
now — it's only one year away I In the meantime I look forward to personally 
meeting at our annual luncheon with Claudia Tardieu, Eileen Cannon and 
Carol Maliska." 

Patricia Garvey. 223 78th Street. Brooklyn, NY 11209 

(718) 680-3797 

Mary Brown Singer, 808 Bronx River Road. Bronxville, NY 10708 

(914) 776-2510 


May 6th was a bright, sunny day and the Class of '70 celebrated its 20th 
reunion at the college in the 245 parlors. Counting classmates and faculty, 
about 75 attended. Classmates came from far and near A van pool arrived 
from Staten Island, Two classmates from Florida, Theresa Cahill and 
Susan Santarpia Sperrazza, surprised us Anne Marie Ratter Maxeiner 
loined us from Illinois Maria Parascondola Bua came from Virginia and the 
rest were from upstate New York. Connecticut, New Jersey, Brooklyn, 
Queens and Long Island We learned that Carole McGlenn Anders moved 
from Rockville Center to Manhattan Fran Stavola Daly welcomed the 
group and surprised us with fun— filled activities. . from a raffle of a 
vintage bottle of 1970 wine (proceeds donated to the college) to a Trivia 
Pursuit game that stretched all our tired memories. We all had a good laugh 
at the 1966 "New Faces" excerpts given to each attendee on arrival. S. 
George Aquin O'Connor addressed the group and thanked the class for its 
support over the years. She shared with us the new developments at the 
college and the progress of the Capital Campaign effort. Sister also thanks 
the class of 1970 for the donation of the Student Government Office, 
named in memory of our deceased Susan Damiani Caruana and Florence 
Donohue. A special class booklet was distributed, summarizing the 
responses to the questionnaire sent out in February Well over half of our 
classmates responded. If you are not included send in your response and it 
will be in our Winter Alumnagram column. Special thanks are due Fran 
Stavola Daly, Michele Azenaro Bracco, Cecilia Kennion Socci, Ellen 
Farrell and Maria Falconetti for their work in preparing this lovely day for 
us We had such a good time that we've pledged to meet at the Fall '90 


Once again, we find our two aspiring thespians, Cathy Steinmann and 
Dianne Piwinski, cavorting in the fairy tale, "Cinderella" with the Black 
Friars Theater Group at St Adalbert's Parish Mary Monaco Pozyarcki and 
Bob are busy renovating their Middle Village home and get plenty of help 
from their three boys, Robbie. Chris and Steven A note from Rosemary 
Pendola Daetsch informs us that fourteen people attended the New Jersey 
Chapter Luncheon at the Buttonwood Manor Marianne Anastasio Jerome 
attended; she is employed by the International Flavors and Fragrances in 
Hazlet. NJ and is doing well Tommy and Pat Ashe Miller sent word that 
they are fine and enjoying their daughter, Patricia Mary Rosemarie 
D Ambrossi Casaccio, in a note sent with her contribution to the Develop- 
ment Fund writes, "I consider myself very fortunate to be an alumna of St 
Joseph's College ." And these are our sentiments, too. Five of the class of 
'72 attended the Fall luncheon at the elegant New York Yacht Club and a 
wonderful time was had by Linda Arezzo, Barbara Hurley Camporeal, 
Kathy Lavin, Mary Walsh McCann and Patti Luclana English. They plan to 
make it an annual reunion event Donna Ostrowski has retired from 
Citibank in Kansas City and has moved to Florida where she hopes to start 
her own business Christine Guardia Kopyt writes from Connecticut that 
she is still subbing this year, but has accepted a fifth grade position in 
Simsbury for next year. She's looking forward to having her own class 
again. Joe and the girls, Lauren 9 and Jackie 7, are doing well too. "We love 
living here in the country," Chris writes. In two short years, we will 
celebrate our 20th anniversary!! Let's begin now to talk to other classmates 
about a class reunion, possibly a cocktail party or other get— together. If 
you have any ideas, get in touch with one of the class agents listed below. 

Christine Guardia Kopyt, 34 Castlewood Rd.. Simsbury. CT 06070 

(203) 658-2792 

Dianne Piwinski, 188 Java Street. Brooklyn, NY 11222 

(718) 383-6847 

Kathleen Lavin, 1367 E. 72nd Street. Brooklyn. NY 11234 

(718) 241-4285 

Patricia Luciana English. 143 Beach - 133 St.. Belle Harbor. NY 11694 

1973 General Studies 

Eleanor Bunyan is Head Nurse at Elmhurst General Hospital, Forensic 
Unit D11. 


Celeste Rebeccl Kaden is still teaching 1st grade in Garden City. LI. Last 
year she had a new addition to the family. Matthew John Son Steven 13. 
will attend Chammade HS in the Fall. Kristine 10. is in 4th grade Celeste 
had dinner with Donna Pagano Morena and Jeanette Zaloom this spring 
Marge Ferris is employed as a legal assistant and intends to program on 
her own 

Maryanne Carnno Besheer. 86 Liberty Drive. Dayton. NJ 08810-0148 

(201) 274-2973 

Catherine Forgione Zaic. 1 Kingsmere Lane. Marlton. NJ 08053 

(609) 983-7494 

Linda Ellen Borelli Ridzi. 72 Windsor Place. Brooklyn. NY 11215 

(718) 499-5540 

Joan Denauski Halpern. 8 Jennifer Drive. Howell, NJ 07731 



Alicia De Jesus Quiles and her husband Anthony moved to San Antonio, 
Texas, in August 1989 after living in New York all their lives. They are very 
pleased with the change so far, have bought a house and have started their 
own business/computer consulting service. Alicia also teaches Spanish 
part time at St. Mary's University They've also gotten very hooked on 
square dancing! 

thought she had been dropped from the mailing list. Ginny graduated from 
New York Institute of Technology in January 1977. The following October, 
she landed a |ob as a radio announcer in Darlington, SC After being there 
a year, she changed to a position at WTGR in Myrtle Beach. There she met 
Dusty Westwood, a carpenter working on condominiums going up. They 
were married on April 12. 1980. in Brooklyn In December 1980. Ginny got a 
job as News Director on WGXL but the station was sold a year later. She 
landed a job as Morning News Anchor on WQOK but that. too. was sold 
four months later After 8 months of unemployment, Ginny got a position 
at WORD in Spartansburg That lasted a year. In December Erin Kay was 
born When she was a year old, Ginny worked in the only other field she 
knew retail and she worked her way up from part time sales to full time 
assistant manager. On July 29. 1987. Emerson Edward Westwood IV was 
born Kathy Moran '76 and Joe Marino 76 were godparents Ginny stayed 
at home to care for the children. On December 15. 1988. Hardy Brandon 
Westwood II was born. Erin is now in kindergarten and goes to the 
computer room four times a week and to school library each Monday 
Watching Sesame Street. Ed has been learning his letters and numbers 
Brandon at 14 months needs lots of watching Ginny agrees with what she 
saw on a T shirt: Every mother is a working mother' Kelly Ann Flahive. 
daughter of Tom Flahive. was awarded third prize for her proiect submitted 
to the first Bishop Ford Science Fair. Kelly Ann attends St. Agnes 
Seminary Diane Fessler Ryan is living in College Point. Queens and has 
two boys Brendan r<i years old and Gabriel. 6 months. Arthur and Victoria 
Harrison Taylor live in a co-op in White Plains with their children, Jennifer 
214, and Brandon 3 months Victoria is a full time mother and gives piano 
lessons to young children in her home. They are presently in the market for 
a house - anywhere north of White Plains Arthur works for AT&T Their 
hobbies include bike riding, NYC museums, walking and logging and. of 
course, their two children. They travel often to Florida and California to 
visit their parents and other relatives. Arthur and Victoria belong to an 
Environmental group in Westchester and contribute both time and money 
to World Wildlife Fun Gary Stegeland has moved from Florida to South 
Orange, NJ We have yet to celebrate our 15th anniversary Yes. we 
graduated 15 years ago this June and a reunion, to take place in the fall, is 
in the planning stages You'll hear more about it! 

William J. Gorman. 458 Degraw St.. Brooklyn. NY 11217 


Vincent Vizzo. 59 Rustic St.. Medlord. NY 11763 N L 

Theresa Cimakasky Mason. 251 90th Street. Brooklyn. NY 11209 

(718) 833-3878 

Anna Maria Tulano. 864 60th Street. #4a, Brooklyn. NY 1 1220 NIL 



Linda Incorvaia Fonte is back at SJC, this time working in the General 
Studies Division as an Academic Counselor. "It's great to be back," she 
says, "and to see the old faces again " Tom works as a Pension 
Administrator in Great Neck Their daughter. Mary Frances 7, made her 
First Communion this May and Anthony 5, is finishing kindergarten. Betty 
Duggan is busy with PTA and the responsibility as president of a nursery 
cooperative She and her husband. Hugh Kelly, have four children: Beth 
11, Neil 9. Joanna 6 and Julie 2V4. Betty also works part time as an 
educational consultant conducting early childhood science training work- 
shops for teachers and children Joanne (Berezowsky) and Mike Casella 
moved to Mahopac County and enjoy the country living. With their 
children. Adam 6. and Jul ianne 7 Yp, they enioyed tapping their maple trees 
and boiling down the sap to maple syrup this March. They also plowed the 
land for their vegetable garden and are looking forward to the harvest. 
Their hobby is collecting old cars and restoring them; presently they own 
six. Joanne asks, "Is anyone interested in a '59 Pontiac?" Joanne does 
substitute teaching in Peekskill and is a member of the Putnam Arts 
Council, as a resident artist Recently Joanne received her 25 year pin from 
the Girl Scouts. She still has a Brownie troop, and she and her seven-year- 
olds were caught in a thunderstorm while camping Tom LaGuidice was 
appointed by Staten Island Boro President Molinari to a two-year term on 
Community Board #3. and serves on the Transportation Committee Tom 
received the 1989 Crown Award from Liberty Mutual Insurance Company 
for being their #1 sales producer nationwide. He and his wife Carol 
(Donovan) '79 will attend the Leaders Conference and then vacation in 
Pans Tom was promoted to Executive Sales Rep three years ago and 
recently was the first place winner in the Legends of Golf contest. Bill 
Gorman has been chairperson of the Social Studies Department at St 
Joseph's high school since September He and his wife. Ginny. are kept 
busy with Brendan 4, and Meghan 1 », and look forward to an addition to 
the family in September Ginny Cox Westwood received a letter from 
Maureen and Richie Pelc saying that she was listed as missing. She 

Charlotte Ferraro teaches reading to 4th and 6th graders in a school in 
South Ozone Park, Queens. She had spent the previous five years teaching 
reading to 7th graders in a junior high school in the same area. She enjoys 
the younger students and likes the faculty in her new school. Charles 
Mason was recently promoted to Director of Technical Support and 
Applications Department at Pharmacia Co.. Inc., in Piscataway, NJ. 

Mary Frances Heal ion Muldoon. 2674 East 22nd Street. Brooklyn. NY 
11235 (718)934-7649 

Ann Simko Rennard, 966 Shelburne Drive. Franklin Square. NY 11010 
(516) 825-5479 

1976 Suffolk 

We were glad to receive a letter from Daniel P. Kapsak. who had been on 
our lost list for quite a while. After graduating from St. Joseph's Daniel 
received a Bachelor of Sacred Theology and a Masters in Divinity from 
Loyola University. Chicago, in 1982 In 1986, he earned a J D. from 
Creighton University in Omaha. Now an attorney, Daniel is working as a 
Legal Editor with Shepard's/McGraw-Hill in Colorado Springs, Colorado 
Daniel is married and has two children with a third due in August. Peterand 
Carolyn Hohle Rose are living in East Meadow with their two children. 
Douglas, 8, and Amy Beth, 5. Carolyn is enjoying her time at home with the 
children Peter is still working at Creedmore PSY Center as a Senior 
Recreation Therapist. 

Leonora Lang Brisotti. 817 Aberdeen Lane. Bayshore. NY 11706 

Frances Rosato was promoted to the rank of Assistant Deputy Warden, 


NYC Department of Correction in September 1989. She received her 
Master's degree in Public Administration from Baruch College in February 
1989. Joseph Mele and his wife, Michelle, welcomed Brittany Nicole into 
the household on April 30. 1990. She |Oins her older sister, Caitlin, who is 

Paul Weiss, 46-01 39th Ave.. #225, Long Island City. NY 11104 
(718) 786-3581 

1978 Suffolk 

William Link was promoted to Detective and now works out of the Third 
Precinct of Suffolk County. He and his wife Audrey Mannone Link became 
parents again on May 6th. Joey now has a little brother. Jimmy- 
Mary Patricia Annett. 252 Rivera Pkwy., Lindenhurst. NY 11757 
(516) 957-5261 

Marion Salgado. 16 Sequam Lane N.. West Ishp. NY 11795 
(516) 587-4056 

Maryteresa McKenna, 8215 Fourth Ave.. Brooklyn, NY 11209 
(718) 680-5687 

Rosaline Krubmer. 3305 Ocean Harbor Dr., Oceanside, NY 11572 
(516) 764-1961 

1979 Brooklyn 

Carol Donovan LaGuldlce and Tom vacationed in France last year. They 
both attended the Liberty Mutual Company's Award Ceremonies in 
Nashville. TN, where Tom achieved membership in the Leader's Club for 
the 13th consecutive time Veronica Dumbrowska has sent us a change in 
name to Candiano. and is living in Brooklyn. Best wishes to you both 

Teresita Aquino, 2956 Far Rockaway Blvd., Far Rockaway. NY 11691 
(718) 386-3215 

Chapter of the Alumni Association sponsored a Theater-Brunch Party in 
February After an elegant brunch overlooking the water at Land's End. 
they enjoyed "Butterflies Are Free". Peggy Mahoney '80. Joan Walsh and 
Rita Melichar 86. Margaret Titone 82 Dolores Twachtman 83 Betty Hill 
'88 and Toby Wiles '86, were among the many alumni who enjoyed the day. 
We offer condolences to Joanne Walsh '86 and Arlene Murtha '80 on the 
death of their father. Arthur J, Charbonneau. Arlene Adelson has been 
promoted to Vice President of Operations at List Management Company. 
Arlene has a one-year-old grandson. Keith and Janet Ellermann Geoghan 
live in Lake Ronkonkoma with their lovely daughter, Karyn Patricia, born 
February 1988. Janet is in marketing and direct sales. Sharon Lopiparo 
Grauwiler and John are expecting a baby in July who will join their 3 year 
old son, Jesse. Sharon has worked at Suffolk Child Development Center 
since 1982. This past year, she has worked as an infant teacher. Jeanne 
Beller is a teacher with BOCES III, New York Avenue/Sagamore Program 
for Emotionally Disturbed Children. 

Arlene Murtha, 12 Hill St., Lake Ronkonkoma. NY 11779 
(516) 585-7111 

1981 Brooklyn General Sudies 

Muriel John is an Associate Nurse midwife at Kings County Hospital and 
works mainly on the Labor and Delivery floor She delivers approximtely 
200 babies a year and also instructs students that are in the Integration 

No class agent. Volunteer, anyone 7 

1981 Suffolk 

After nine years of teaching in elementary schools. Michelle Grande will be 
taking an eductional leave of absence to return to school for a Master's in 
Social Work at Stony Brook University. She will begin in the Fall of 1990, 
and her goal is to become a school Social Worker. 

1979 Brooklyn General Studies 

Bernard A. Wheatley has completed all requirements for the Certificate of 
Completion in the 1 989 Executive Program in Health Care Management at 
Ohio State University. The program is conducted by the Graduate 
program in Hospital and Health Services Administration. 

1979 Suffolk 

Emily Phillips is a Special Ed teacher in West Babylon Schools Her two 
sons are now attending college and her daughter is in second grade. 
Maribeth Plnz Olsen and Peter welcomed a baby boy, Brian Peter, on May 
3rd. Maribeth is on maternity leave from her teaching job in Sachem 
School District The Olsens reside in St. James Kevin J. Fitzgerald is now 
practicing law and is associated with the law office of Richard H 
Cunningham, 314 East Main St., Smithtown. 

Karen Miller, 32 Brentwood Pkwy., Brentwood. NY 11717 
James Menneg, 120 Fitzmaurice St.. Massapequa Park, NY 11762 
(516) 789-4247 

Michelle Grande, i 
(576; 724-8304 

1982 Brooklyn 

) Kristin Lane. Hauppauge. NY 11788 

Edward and Mary Lidner Evans are happy to announce the birth of their 
daughter, Meghan Ellen, on October 20. 1989. Together with their son, 
Keith 2, they are living in their new home in Seaford. Brenda and Richard 
Vazquez-Rios, who live in Puerto Rico, are expecting another child this 
summer. Richard's job has introduced him to many companies in the 
states and he will be visiting Florida, Kentucky, Texas, California, Alberta, 
Canada, and India. 

Joseph Gennardo. 1247 Bradford Ave.. U2B. Bronx. NY 10461 
(212) 792-5320 

Maureen Sullivan Griffin. 633 77th St., Brooklyn, NY 11209 
(718) 680-3307 

1982 Suffolk 

1980 Brooklyn 

Theresa Manti was dismayed to see her name among the missing. She 
married Rudy Davila and has "a treasure named Claire who'll be five in 
September." She earned her MA in English from NYU and her AAS from 
N YCTC. Theresa hopes to attend Columbia in the fall for an MS in Historic 
Preservation She can be reached at P.O Box 145, Eldred, NY 12732. 

1980 Suffolk 

Maureen Haffey Gushlaw is expecting a brother or sister for 2VS year-old 
daughter, Heather-Marie. Maureen is a Special Education and Math 
teacher in a Maximum Security Division for Youth, she is also working on 
her master's degree in School Administration at New Paltz Peggy 
Mahoney became a grandmother in January, with the birth of her 
granddaughter, Shannon. Peggy is enjoying her new role, as are her son 
and daughter-in-law Marie Del Prete teaches 3rd grade at St. Anne's in 
Brentwood- It was good to see her at the Spring Luncheon. The Suffolk 

Debra Schuller completed her MA in Early Childhood Education at SUNY 
New Paltz. She has received tenure at Haldane Central school in Cold 
Spring, Putnam County. She and her colleagues have just completed the 
development of a whole language assessment instrument for first graders. 
Jill Siegel Pfluke and James became parents of Stephen Robyn, their 2nd 
child, on February 7th. Jill continues to teach visually impaired students in 
Bay Shore James has started his own cleaning business Sharon Altman 
Belllto and Anthony will be traveling to Germany. Switzerland and Austria 
from May 11-26 this year. Sharon and her Prince Charming will begin this 
exciting adventure by staying in a castle on the Rhine. Barbara Fehrlng 
Hulahan received her MA in Reading from Dowling College in 1985. She 
has been teaching for 8 years in the Bayport/Blue Point School District as a 
Resource Room and Reading teacher Margaret Titone is a Special Ed 
teacher at St. Charles E & Y Center- Early Intervention. She is the recipient 
of the Hugh J. B. Cassidy Memorial Award 1990. which she received at 
SUNY Stony Brook for her contribution to the Community and the 
teaching of Special Children Margaret has been working with infants and 
young children for five years and has never felt depressed. She delights in 
seeing each one develop and enjoy learning experiences. She credits her 
SJC education for her abilities in this special education teaching. 

Joyce Donneson, 115 Aspeluck Road, Westhampton Beach, NY 11978 

1516) 288-179B 

Sharon Altman Bellito. 146 Moore Ave., Massapequa Park, NY 11762 


1983 Brooklyn 

Joan Kelly. 21 Dorothy Lane, Kings Park, NY 11754 


Gail Kempton. 22 Abbey Street, Massapequa. NY 11762 


Lucretia Lucivero, 19 Yale Street. Islip. NY 11751 

(516) 666-7848 

Mary Dunat was married on August 19, 1989 to Rick Demshok in San 
Diego, CA Janine Mahlouz Kieran '83 was matron of honor Brian Kieran 
85, Deidre Frary '83 and Jeanne Meyer Barnwell '84 attended the wedding 
All had a great time and enjoyed seeing one another again! Mary and Rick 
are living in the San Francisco Bay Area where Mary teaches 3rd grade. 

Catherine Rogers O'Donnell, 4 Sherman Street. #2, Brooklyn. NY 11215 

(718) 965-0947 

Elizabeth Ruggiero Mulrane. 27 E. 13th Street. Huntington, NY 11746 NIP 

1983 Suffolk 

1985 Brooklyn 

Melissa Rose was born to Joseph and Denise DIMare Caruso on November 
6th, 1988- They are now living in sunny Florida where Joseph was re- 
located. Jennifer Anne was born on May 6, 1989 to Bill and Anne Marie 
Perry Borriello. 

Alice Kennedy. 5 Hallister Street. Staten Island, NY 10309 

(718) 853-9783 

Josephine Gallo, 535 Dahill Road. Brooklyn, NY 11218 


Mary Golde Hammond recently moved upstate to Apalachin, NY. On 
February 9th, a second son, Michael Thomas, was born and Mary is 
enjoying staying at home with her children Bridget Rellly married Michael 
Costello and they are living in Brentwood Forten years, Bridget managed 
group homes for mentally retarded. Now she is surveying them and 
critiquing their programs, making sure there is no mishandling, etc. She 
travels to homes all over the state Cathryn Landseidel Schuster and 
Walter, a dentist, are settled in their new home in Bethlehem. PA 

Bridget Reilly Costello. 96 Third Ave., Brentwood, NY 11717 

(516) 231-4716 

Ann Cameron, 13 Wheatley Avenue, Huntington Station. NY 11746 

(516) 421-5531 

Susan Murtha, 46 Campbell St.. Patchogue. NY 11772 

(516) 447-8837 

1985 Suffolk 

Marge Peper. CSW, in addition to being Director of Social Service at 
Parkview Nursing Home in Massapequa. now has a private practice in Dix 
Hills. She also completed her training in Alcoholism Counseling last year 
Andrew J. Waski, Jr. moved to East Moriches Vince Panicola is living in 
Tampa, FL He purchased a home there and works for Bausch & Lomb 
Pharmaceutical Division in the position of Graphic Arts Manager Vince 
was married on January 28, 1990 Bill Liggan is working at Canon U.S.A. 
based in Lake Success. NY, as a recruiter, since December 1988 Maria 
Humphrey married Robert Dell'Aquila '86S and they are living in 
Woodhaven. NY. Lisa di Fiore and husband Gary Ridolph announce the 
birth of their daughter, Gina Elaine, on May 24. 1989. Laura Geelen 
LoManto and husband, James '87S. are proud parents of Brianne Patricia, 
born December 19. 1989 

1984 Brooklyn 

Eric and Theresa Yard Panten. who were married July 1988. live in 
Westbury and are pleased to announce the birth of Blake Andrew on 
November 12, 1989. After a rough two weeks in ICU, Blake is doing fine 
Erin Dowd is continuing her studies at Northern Arizona University, 
majoring in Archaeology. Linda Gibaldi married Neil Thakker on 
September 23, 1989 at St. Mary Star of the Sea in Brooklyn. They are living 
in Sayreville, NJ. Roseann Garzillo Harris was one of Linda's bridesmaids. 
Lynn Marie Schanz Fitzpatrick is leaving her position with the Department 
of Aging and has taken a new one as the Director of Social Services at the 
Sands Point Nursing Home in Port Washington, NY Mary Allen Bosco has 
been teaching first grade for six years in PS 207 She is teaching an Eagle 
Class. Mary is taking post-graduate courses in Administration and 
Supervision at Brooklyn College. In September 24, 1989, Mary married 
Salvatore J. Bosco. Maryellen Maida was married to James Fonte in July 
1988. She teaches 1st grade in William Floyd School District on LI. She 
recently finished her Master's at Stony Brook. They live in Dix Hills, LI. 

taurine Rothe Volkmann, 2 Autumn Court. East Patchogue. NY 11772 

(516) 758-6950 

Kelly Ann O'Hanlon. 1434 Pine Acres Blvd.. Bay Shore. NY 11706 

(516) 666-4079 

Dorothy LaFerrera, 94 Claremont Avenue, North Babylon, NY 11704 

(516) 669-4045 

1985 General Studies 

Uda May attended New School and finished her Master's degree in Health 
Service Administration in May 1989. 

1985 Suffolk General Studies 

Edward J. Spiegel received his MBA from Dowhng College, June 1990 

Barbara Bischolt Eckner, 32 Sunset Dr., Derby. CT 06418 NIL 
Donna Ortolani. 2 Kent Road, Ringwood, NJ 07456 
(201) 962-4412 

1984 Suffolk General Studies 

Dolores Nlsito has been practicing Operating Room Nursing at Central 
General Hospital. Plain view, for 10 years and is a member of the LI Chapter 
of Association of Operating Room Nurses (AORN). On December 1, 1989 
she received status as CNOR - 5 year Certification for Professional 
Achievement in Perioperative Nursing Practice. 

Wo class agent 

1986 Brooklyn 

Kerry McConway is Assistant Director of Alumni Affairs at LIU. She is 
responsible for working with the more than 35.000 persons who have 
graduated from Long Island University's Brooklyn Campus Kerry had 
worked briefly in the Parks Enforcement Patrol division of the NYC Parks 
Department, and prior to that served in the Development and Alumni office 
of St Joseph's College Linda Fisk recently completed her Master's degree 
at Hunter College Shawn McCormack has just returned from a trip to 
Munich. Germany where he spent a week sightseeing. The Class of 1986 
will be celebrating its FIFTH ANNIVERSARY in '91. If you have any ideas 
on how and where to celebrate together, send them to Kerry (see below) 
Also send news of what you are doing for the next Alumnagram. . . how 
about dropping a short note'' 

1984 Suffolk 

Kerry McConway. 7510 10th Ave.. Brooklyn. NY 11228 
(718) 833-6408 

John Baker, Jr. graduated Columbia University, School of Dental and Oral 
Surgery, 1988, where he met his wife, Silvia, who is also a dentist. They 
were married on August 27, 1989. John recently completed Orthodontic 
Specialization in June 1990, and is currently practicing Orthodontics in 
Middle Island and West Hempstead. He hopes to open his own office in 
Suffolk County. He and Silvia live in Middle Island. 

1986 Brooklyn General Studies 

We heard from Theresa Da Costa Guzman that her second child. Daniel 
Alejandro was born on February 16, 1990 She. Francisco, and the children 
live on President Street in Brooklyn. 


1986 Suffolk 

Robert Dell'Aquila married Maria Humphrey '85 and they are residing in 
Woodhaven. New York Sharon Messina moved to Mineola and Keith 
Magliola moved to Hoi brook Patricia Lehmann has wedding plans for July 
and Donna Percio plans hers for August Laura LoManto has a new job as a 
writer for Northeast Regional Center in Sayville She also writes the theater 
column for 516 Magazine She has a new niece, Brianne Patricia, her 
brother, James' daughter, and a new nephew, Stephen James, born to her 
sister, Joan LoManto of the class of 83S is the grandparent of both 
children. Annette Plichta married Walt Smith on October 7, 1989 in 
Tennessee. They live on the campus of Middle Tennesee State U, where 
Annette is a dorm director, part-time sociology teacher and graduate 
stduent. Walt is employed at MTSU as an electrician. 

Diane Ripollone. 31 Horma Blvd.. Holbrook, NY 11741 
(516) 585-4162 

the fall of '90 Hopina Samuel is presently a student at Hunter College in the 
MPH program - up to 15 credits Evelyn Jones is enjoying her grandson 
and granddaughter. She's working hard as a Health Care Surveyor with the 
NY State Health Department Aleyamma Phllipose. who graduated with a 
BS in Community Health, was working as a staff nurse at Coney Island 
Hospital till 1988. Since she received her degree, she was promoted to 
head nurse of Ante-postpartum unit at CIH Aleyamma is attending 
Brooklyn College to obtain a master's degree in Health Care Administra- 
tion Agnes Belgrave is a student at LIU in a Public Administration 

1988 Suffolk 

Claire Belmonte teaches sixth grade at the Joseph A. Edgar School in 
Rocky Point, NY. She's attending SUNY Stony Brook for a master's degree 
in the continuing education department. 

1987 Brooklyn 

Helen Rapa is studying Forensics at John Jay College and is working on 
her thesis She is a technician at the school as well as an adjunct faculty 
member Mary Beth Radday teaches at P S 199 and is looking forward to a 
relaxing summer vacation. Her sister started in at St. Saviour HS in 
September and her English teacher is Mrs. Cush a.k.a. Janet Ferrara '88 
Now Mary Beth and Janet are back in touch. Martha Caruso teaches 4th 
grade at St. Francis Xavier. During winter vacation, she travelled around 
California and had a great time Joan Sullivan is pursuing her Master's 
degree at Staten Island College, and is a Special Ed teacher at PS 222 She 
hopes to visit Europe again this summer Maureen Dormody is studying for 
her master's in Special Education at Staten Island College. John and 
RosemarieCappelleri ('89) DIMare will celebrate their first anniversary this 
summer. They are living in Breezy Point Sal DiGaetano sends "big hellos" 
from Florida where he is attending school, faking many different areas of 
study. Please let us, your class agents below, know what you are doing. 
Call or send us a note by mid-October and share your news with 

Mary Beth Radday. 1373 E. 28th Street, Brooklyn. NY 11210 


Joan Sullivan. 2014 Kimball St.. Brooklyn. NY 11234 

(718) 252-5843 

Diana Munllo. 5416 4th Ave., #3C. Brooklyn. NY 11220 

(718) 492-2516 

1987 Suffolk 

Dorothy Maltese was married to David Procopio on October 3rd, 1987 
Daughter, Melissa, was born November 1, 1989 and the family lives in 
Center Moriches Michele LaBarr who lives at 23 High St.. East Williston, 
NY, works as a teacher within the St. Christopher-Ottilie Agency in the 
Theresa Paplin School. Her students range in age from 14 to 20 and are 
psychiatrically disturbed. "It's a big difference from working in a school 
district with L.D kids but I love it," she says. "My kids are great". Cathy 
Brenner is now completing her 3rd (and tenure) year as a Special 
Education Resource Room teacher in the Sachem District Cathy Antonelli 
is a Secondary Special Ed teacher BOCES II She received her MS from 
Adelphi in June 1989 She has wedding plans for July 1991. Tom and Dawn 
Cronogue Stephens are expecting their first child next January. 

Kim-Susan Martini. 140 Jefferson Street. Franklin Square, NY 11010 

(516) 328-8751 

Mary Farrah. 231 Coram-Mt. Sinai Rd., Coram. NY 11727 


Paula Martinez. 11 Orchid Rd.. East Patchogue. NY 11772 

(516) 654-3086 

Jean Mane Kirchner, 3 Boone St., Bethpage. NY 11714 

(516) 931-3887 

Anthony DiMino, 184 Spiral Road. Holtsville. NY 11742 

(516) 472-9160 

Camilla Kostew. 4146-2 Falcon PI. #2, Waldorf, MD 20603 

Selma Ugalde, 818 Lmdemere Drive. North Babylon. NY 11703 

(516) 667-2914 

Joyce Hayes. 1057 Courtland Dr.. Bayshore. NY 11706 

(516) 666-3978 

Jennifer Ray. 18 Prospect St. East. Selden, NY 11784 

(516) 732-2839 

Joanne Ryan. 49 Jefferson Ave., Patchogue, NY 11772 

(516) 654-3635 

1988 Brooklyn 

Michelle Caputo married Richard Feeleyon June 11, 1988. They live on the 
North Fork of Long Island, Southold For the 1988-89 school year, Michele 
taught K-1 at a private school in the Hamptons Presently. Michelle is 
seeking a full-time position on the North Fork. 

Patricia Williams, 395 Clinton Ave., #6D, Brooklyn, NY 11238 

(718) 634-9536 

Michele Main. 41-36 51 Street, Woodside. NY 1 1377 

(718) 651-2334 

Christine Apicella. 1607 E. 7th Street. Brooklyn. NY 11230 

(718) 645-6710 

1989 Brooklyn General Studies 

Benjamin Adetola is in graduate study at Yale University, School of Public 
Health and Health Policies in the University College of Medicines Samuel 
Argyle is considering current plans. . let us know more about it Sam. 
Monica Chambers was accepted in the Masters in Public Health program 
at Hunter College Linda Cichocki is currently a supervisor of Restorative 
Nsgat Peninsula General Nursing Home. In the Spring she plans to attend 
Hofstra to study for a master's in Gerontology Mcdonald Hurtault is 
attending Long Island University When we heard from Susan T. Pimentel. 
she was trying to gef into NYU's Master's Program in either Occupational 
Health and Safety or Public Administration Joseph Pulizzi will also be a 
student at CUNY Brooklyn, taking a master's in Health Administration. 
Another student at LIU is Ethelin A. Smart Cynthia Superville is 
considering Law School in 1990 Enrolled in the graduate program in 
Psychology at Brooklyn College is Steven Wilks Marian Walsh Mondiello 
and Joseph welcomed a baby girl, Lisa Marie, on February 16. 1990. Best 
wishes to you' Marie Guadagno became engaged this past Christmas. 
Marie Greening is currently working at V AM C. as a recreation therapist 
She recently purchased a bed and breakfast in Vermont and is renovating 
it Camille Saltarelli was married March 18th to Michael Allers. Camille is 
working as a Recreation Supervisor with mentally retarded. Stephanie 
Figueros moved to New Haven. Connecticut. She has transferred with the 
V A.M.C from Northport to New Haven, where she is also going to 
graduate school for Management in Recreation Therapy 

1989 Brooklyn 

John J. Fitzgerald is into his second year as a Peace Corps volunteer in 
Papua. New Guinea, where he is an English teacher at Kagua High School 

1988 Brooklyn General Studies 

Doreen Tudor reports that she and family are fine. She is planning to start 
studies for a master's degree in Community Health at Brooklyn College in 


1989 Suffolk General Studies 

Jerelyn Silvestro works in Family Residences, Melville, NY. 




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Alumni Calendar 1990-91 

Aug. 16 
Sept. 4 
Sept. 5 
Sept. 29 
Oct. 3 
Oct. 21 
Oct. 26 
Nov. 3 
Nov. 10 

Nov. 16, 17, 18 
Nov. 30 

Suffolk Chapter Meeting - 7:45 Board Room 

Freshman Orientation - both campuses 

Classes Begin 

Suffolk Alumni Soccer Game 

Day at Belmont 

Executive Board Meeting 

Open House ■ prospective students 

Annual Dinner Dance - Crest Hollow Country Club 

Alumni Fall Luncheon • Cruise on the Mystique 

Suffolk Homecoming Day 
Alumni Basketball Games 

Chapel Players 

Junior Class Night 

Jan. 11 
Feb. 9 
March 8 
April 13 
April 19, 20, 21 
May 3 
May 4 
June 1 

June 6 
June 7 

Spring Semester Begins 

Suffolk Theater-Brunch/Clare Rose Playhouse 

Executive Board Meeting 

Alumni Night ■ Brooklyn Basketball Games 

Alumni Spring Luncheon • Terrace on the Park 

Chapel Players 

Annual Awards Dinner I ndergraduates • Brooklyn 

Executive Board Meeting 

Commencement • Patchogue Arts & Sciences 
and General Studies 

Commencement - Brooklyn General Studies 

Commencement • Brooklyn .Arts & Sciences 

** If you are interested in Clare Rose Playhouse Productions, ask to be put on our mailing list: Clare Rose Playhouse. 1 55 Roe Boulevard. Patchogue. NY 1 1772 or 
phone (516) 654-0199. 
















































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3 1960 02921 15$ 



JUL 91