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St. Joseph's College, New York 


VOL. XLV No. 1: Winter 1994 

Alumnagram is published twice a year by the Alumni 
Association of St. Joseph's College, 245 Clinton Avenue, 
Brooklyn, NY 11205. 
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Editor: Mary Elizabeth McLoughlin Farrell '35 

Editorial Assistants: Mary Whelan Phelan '32 
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Cover: Division of General Studies building. 


Afghans for Aids: Knitted or crocheted 12" x 12" squares are 

constructed into blankets for AIDS patients, resident of 

nursing homes, a mother-child unit, and a disabled veterans' 

hospital. For more information contact 

Caroline DeGennaro Noto '67 

BlOKStreet, Elmont, NY 11003 -516 437-7759 

Mediplex Group: Ninfa (Niki) Trani Goren works with the 
Mediplex Group which has rehab facilities across the counu-y 
for Head Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, General Rehab, Psycho 
Social and Short-term Sub Acute Rehab and Pediatrics. If I 
can help anyone call me at 212-399-6900. 

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See inside back cover for convenient postcard. 

Surrogate for Family: Elizabeth Eggleton '85GS, MPA, is 
owner and manger of Surrogate for Family - a service to 
match and monitor services for older adults. Located in 
Western Suffolk County, the phone number is 516-543-8746. 

Help Wanted: Editor for Alumnagram which is published 
twice a year. This remunerative position involves journalistic 
skills, i.e.. interviewing, writing, editing, layout etc. - also 
assembling class notes, vital statistics and calendar. For more 
information, phone Ruth Davis at 718-636-6880 or Mary E. 
Farrell (current editor) 718-768-4827. 

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APRIL 25, 1994 

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St. Joseph's College complies with Title IX of the 
Education Amendments of 1972 and with the 
Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, Section 504. 


St. Joseph's College Library has just acquired a University of 
Texas publication on Sacred An by the French Dominican 
Marie-Alain Couturier. Father has been instrumental in 
bringing "great modern masters to the creation of church art 
and architecture." 

Of interest to some alumnae is the fact that the translator is 
Father Granger Ryan, who taught History at the college in the 
late 30"s and early 40's. He later became president of Seton 
College in Pennsylvania. 

Sister Margaret Louise Shea, CSJ 

Pioneer in 

Pre-school Education 

Sister Margaret Louise Shea, CSJ 

Sister Margaret Louise Shea, CSJ, a pioneer in pre-school 
education and Director of the Dillon Child Study Center of St. 
Joseph's College from 1942 to 1980, died on December 21, 
1993, at the age of 83. Graced with a keen intellect, a deep 
interest in childhood development and a generosity in serving 
others. Sister Margaret Louise was an outstanding educator and 
exemplary Sister of St. Joseph. 

Born in Brooklyn, Margaret Shea attended Our Lady of 
Perpetual Help elementary school, and after completing her high 
school education at Bishop McDonnell's in 1930, entered the 
novitiate of the Congregation of St. Joseph in Brentwood. While 
a novice, she taught fifth grade at St. Teresa of Avila in 
Brooklyn. Her first teaching assignment as a Sister was a sixth 
grade class at Our Lady of Victory. 

In September 1934, Sister Margaret Louise matriculated at St. 
Joseph's College and began full-time study. The following 
month, St. Joseph's College opened a pre-school for children 
between the ages of 2 - 4 1/2, and offered pre-school development 
courses. Sister took a lively interest in Child Study which was 
under the aegis of the Psychology Department. In 1938, having 
earned her bachelor's degree in Psychology, she taught at the 
newly founded kindergarten of the preschool, while pursuing 
studies for a master's degree at Columbia University. She 
received he MA in January 1940 and was introduced to college 
teaching by Margaret Gardner, the Director of the Preschool. 

In 1942, when Margaret Gardner left St. Joseph's to be 
married, Sister succeeded her as Director. Meantime a major in 
Child Study was established which attracted so many students 
that a Child Study Department was created and Sister became 

From 1946 to 1949, Sister Margaret attended Catholic 
University full time and received her doctorate in Psychology - 
Psychiatry in 1950. She returned to the college as a full time 
professor and Director of the Dillon Center. In 1955, she 

succeeded in getting the Child Study Program registered in 
Albany, which enabled students to receive their teaching 
certificate for early childhood classes, automatically. 

Acknowledged as a leader and expert in the study of child 
development. Sister Margaret shared her expertise as an adjunct 
professor at the Catholic Universities of Washington and Puerto 
Rico during summers from 1960-68. A popular lecturer, she 
willingly gave lectures on Child Psychology at parish and 
diocesan programs, at New York City Board of Education, and 
at State and County conferences. St. Vincent's Child Care 
Services welcomed Sister as a consultant. 

Sister Margaret was an active member of the Board of Child 
Care Institutions in New York City and served on a task force for 
the evaluation of the Day Care Centers of NYC Agency for Child 
Development. In 1973, Sister Margaret received the Mary L. 
Brady Award from the Catholic Teachers Association. In 1981, 
the Brooklyn Borough President presented her with a Certificate 
of Merit for her service on his Advisory board. Skilled in 
psychological testing, she directed testing programs for several 
religious congregations, including the Sisters of St. Joseph. 

Professional memberships included the New York academy 
of Education and the American Psychological Association. In 
1981 Sister became a fellow of the Menninger Foundation, a 
group devoted to mental health problems of the nation. Last 
October, Sister Margaret, who, was an active member of the 
Fellowship of Catholic Scholars, flew to California to attend 
their annual conference. 

These professional involvements did not limit Sister's full 
participation in the religious activities of her local convent 
community and of the congregation. She served as a delegate to 
the recent chapters. A charter member of the Board of Trustees 
in Brentwood College, she also served as secretary from 1955 to 

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Deans^ Presentations to the Board of Trustees 

During 1993 our college Deans made brief presentations of their respective divisions to the St. Joseph's College Board of 
Trustees. Thomas Travis, PhD., Dean of General Studies, both campuses, presented his report on February 17th. After a brief 
history of the college read by S. Mary Florence Burns, PhD, S. Margaret Buckley EdD, Dean of Arts & Sciences in Brooklyn, 
reported at the May 12th meeting, and S. Jean Marie Amore, PhD., Dean of Arts & Sciences, in Patchogue, on October 13, 
1993. We wish to share these informative up-to-date reviews with you. 


The establishment of the Division of General Studies in 
the mid 1970"s and its almost overnight success, is best 
explained in the context of two interrelated factors: the 
first is that the State Education Department was directing 
its colleges to increase educational opportunities for adults, 
minorities, and women. To accomplish this, the State 
encouraged colleges to be more flexible with regard to 
transfer credit policies, program requirements, and 

In response, St. Joseph's established the BS degree in 
General Studies, a highly flexible degree designed around 
the special needs of working adults. Special policies and 
procedures were put in place to serve these new students: 
non-restrictive admission requirements, transfer credit for 
prior professional training, credit for prior experiential 
learning, and convenient once-a-week classes offered 
nights and weekends, oftentimes at the work site. 

The critical second factor supporting the Division's 
initial success was the push by the National League for 
Nursing to encourage registered nurses to continue their 
education and to earn the baccalaureate. From the 
beginning, the Division targeted this population, and it 
proved to be ideal. Within two to three years, we had over 
a thousand nurses taking our courses. 

The Divisions ability to respond to this almost 
instantaneous demand underscores the important function 
that General Studies serves for the College. By design and 
in practice, the Division is an innovative, adaptive unit, 
which - happily-enjoys a great deal of support not only 
from the administration but from the faculty as well. 

In 1979, th Division expanded its programs to include a 
BS in Community Health and a BS in Health 
Administration. There were two purposes for this 
expansion. One was to better serve the nurses. The second 
was the anticipation of a lessening demand from the RN 
population. To prepare for this, we took our first steps 
towards diversification. These new degrees were designed 
to be marketed to an array of allied health professionals, 
including X-ray technicians, dental hygienists, lab 
technicians, and administrative support personnel. Our 
objective was to get our promotional material into every 
unit of every health care facility on Long Island and in 
New York City. 

In 1986, to strengthen our offerings to nurses, the 
College registered a B.S. in Nursing (BSN). This is a 
structured program that is costly for the College both with 
regard to the expense of additional full-time faculty and 
the need for specialized equipment. However, it is the 
preferred degree of the National League for Nursing and 

we deemed the BSN essential if we wanted to continue to 
serve the nursing population. It has paid off. Today, 
approximately twenty percent of our students in the 
division of General Studies are in the BSN program, and 
this new offering has done much to enhance the reputation 
of the College with the health community. 

Concurrently, we moved to diversify our programs to 
serve a non-health population. This was necessary because 
the enrollment for the health majors was declining - a 
reflection of ( 1 ) trends in that profession and (2) an 
increase in competition from other colleges. 

In keeping with our mission to serve working adults, the 
next obvious area to develop was management. At first this 
took the form of developing a series of credit-bearing 
certificates attractive to adults climbing the management 
ladder. For example, we have business related certificates 
in: Leadership, Management, Human Resources, Training 
and Staff Development, and Data and Information 
Processing. What we did with these was to bring them to 
the work place and offer them on-site. The courses for 
these certificates would be presented in three hour blocks, 
typically at the conclusion of the working day. In this way 
we encouraged college-shy adults to take incremental 
clusterings of courses that bring them so close to a degree 
that they can no longer put off making the final 
commitment to earning the bachelor's degree. 

To further encourage enrollment in the management 
area, we developed a special, one-of-a-kind program called 
the B.S. in Management of Human Resources. This is a 
flexible degree: built on the prior learning assessment 
rubric, and focused on the management of people. It is off 
to a good start and attracting adult students from 
management as well as the human resources sector. 

Additionally. I want to highlight several activities that 
support non-traditional learners and contribute to the 
vitality of the communities served by the Brooklyn and 
Suffolk Campuses. 

Law Enforcement Personnel Grants 

Begun in 1989, this program involves offering tuition 
grants to New York City Police attending the Brooklyn, 
Campus. The success of this program has been 
tremendous. Police currently represent approximately one- 
fourth of our Brooklyn General Studies population, which 
helps to explain the Division's record-breaking high 

Training and Development 

This effort is just getting off the ground. It involves 
offering non-credit workshops and seminars - on site or on 

campus - to employees of hospitals and businesses. We can 
present a range of topics. For example, we have done 
Supervisory Skills at Booth Memorial Hospital, and Lotus 
and WordPerfect at our Suffolk Campus for the employees 
of North Atlantic Industries. 

Continuing Education 

The Summer Non-Credit program was started on the 
Suffolk Campus in 1991. We offered 19 workshops and 
enrolled 275 people. In the summer of 1992, the program 
showed substantial growth, with 31 offerings and a total 
enrollment of 456. And this is the trend we expect to 

In closing, I would say that for the future the Division 
will continue its efforts to identify new student populations 
and to devise better ways to deliver our services to them. 
In this way, we will make our contribution to help insure 
the success of the College. 


St. Joseph's College of Arts & Sciences here in 
Brooklyn is closely identified with the college founded in 
1916 then known as St. Joseph's College for Women. 
While many aspects of the college have evolved over time, 
we continue to reflect the vision of the founders - to 
provide an education characterized by academic excellence 
and value orientation, with provision for career 

Our student body of men and women comes from the 
five boroughs, primarily Brooklyn and Queens. Most come 
directly from high school, though we welcome returning 
students. Although we recruit in the public and private 
high schools, most come from Catholic high schools. Our 
student body reflects the ethnic diversity of the 
metropolitan area, with about 25-30% being minority 

St. Joseph's is a liberal arts college, rooted in the liberal 
arts tradition. We offer a wide range of majors, the newest 
being Accounting and Business Administration, and the 
largest being Child Study. We have strong majors in 
Biology, Chemistry, English, History, Mathematics, 
Psychology, Social Sciences, Spanish and Speech. 

We are proud of all our graduates, many of whom gain 
admission to medical and law schools and to graduate 
programs, and who have gone on to successful careers. Our 
reputation for preparing well-qualified teachers for the 
elementary and secondary schools is outstanding. 
Principals seek our graduates. We have a large and 
supportive alumni group in the area. 

The faculty's primary commitment is to teaching and 
helping students to develop their full potential. Each year 
our graduates are given a questionnaire. One question we 
ask is what they value most in their education. Every year 
the same response stands out - the close relationship with 
faculty and other students. This is why applicants have 
been attracted to St. Joseph's College. 

Although the small size of our college imposes 
limitations in terms of scheduling of classes and range of 
faculty, it allows each student to be known personally and 
to receive the support and challenge needed. We believe 

this accounts for our high retention and graduation rates. 

You have all read during the past year of violence and 
hate-speech incidents on college campuses. This has not 
happened at St. Joseph's because students know each other 
as persons, therefore there is no atmosphere of fear or 

We continue to maintain our commitment to Brooklyn 
and the metropolitan area. We exist ina very competitive 
educational environment, surrounded by the huge public 
system and many private colleges. After a period of 
struggle, we are seeing an increase in enrollment, the result 
of serious and consistent efforts of our Admission staff. 
We have weathered the worst of the enrollment crunch. We 
are particularly pleased with the increase in the number of 
transfer students, especially those coming from 
Kingsborough Community College where an Early 
Childhood program articulates well with our Child Study 

We look to our past with gratitude and our future with 
optimism. If we continue to grow, our big problem will be 
parking space! 


In 1971, St. Joseph's College established an extension 
in Brentwood which served Junior and Senior years. It was 
moved to Patchogue in 1979 with about 350 students. 
Since then the Suffolk Campus, now serving all four years, 
has grown to a current enrollment of 2,039. 

I refer to an article I read recently, "Student 
Expectations of College." It states that because, nationally, 
the number of non-traditional students in colleges now 
significantly outweighs the number of 18 to 22 year old 
students, there has been a change in values, expectations 
and beliefs. No longer is college the central activity of 
their lives. Work and family overshadow this. Students 
want education nearby and at convenient hours. They seek 
a stripped-down version of college without extra curricular 
life and activities or specialty courses. 

The non-traditional adult student makes up about one- 
third of the student body. We are being challenged more 
than ever to be faithful to the mission of the College, while 
at the same time meeting the needs of today's students. 
The mission of the college has always been to provide 
students with excellent professional preparation. We also 
envision the college as a time of personal change, a time 
for students to dream and reflect and to see differently, 
themselves, the world, and their place in the world. 

We see the narrow expectations of the adult student 
reflected in .the younger full-time student who is working 
thirty or more hours a week. Today, as we plan for the 
future, our challenge is to continue to prepare each student 
for a life characterized by integrity, intellectual and 
spiritual values, social responsibility and service - a life 
worthy of the College motto: Esse non videri - to be, not to 
seem, I think we are doing this. 

We have an ideal population here. Of the 605 new 
students accepted in September 1993, 150 are freshmen; 
275 are transfer students from Suffolk. Nassau, and 

Coiuiinied on page 4 

Farmingdale Community Colleges, Stony Brook and other 
colleges; 180 are adult returning students. This has proven 
enriching. The serious, experienced, adult students are 
good models and friends for the freshmen, while the 
freshman qualities of spontaneity, idealism, and openness 
are contagious. 

We draw high school students from Riverhead, 
Mattituck and East Hampton in eastern Suffolk, to 
Lindenhurst in western Suffolk, and occasionally from one 
or two schools in Nassau. Our freshman class presents 
students from about 40 public high schools and 14 private 
schools. Over half of them receive financial aid (college 
grants and state and federal funds) and 66% of them have 
additional loans averaging $3700 a year. 

As the number of women entering the work force 
grows, we have an increasingly larger number of women 
coming to college part-time. Business and Accounting, 
majors that were predominantly male, have an almost 
equal number of women and men. Many of these women 
pursue their degrees while balancing a number of other 
responsibilities and stresses. 

Regarding our academic program, the Child Study 
major is the largest, with an enrollment of about 450 
students; Accounting and Business Administration majors 
are second; Human Relations, Recreation Therapy, and 
Psychology are also popular majors: and the traditional 
liberal arts programs are strong in servicing students with 
both major and core courses. The newest programs on our 

campus, the math major and the math/computer science 
major, have attracted a number of academically strong 

Surveys sent to alumni one year after graduation are 
consistent in indicating that 86% of alumni are employed, 
62% of the 86% are employed in the fields related to their 
major, and 43% of our graduates pursue graduate study 
within one year of graduation. 

Our buildings are well used. The Clare Rose Playhouse 
has earned a fine reputation for itself in the Suffolk area. 
Performances are usually sold out. Students receive 
anexcellent experience from working there. The plays also 
include cast members from the community who have 
experience in acting in local theaters, and some interesting 
networking has occurred. The Callahan Library, made 
highly attractive by its structure and its state-of-the-art 
services, has added significantly to the academic 
environment of the campus. It is used well by faculty, 
students, and the local community. 

As we grow and plan new programs, we face some 
practical as well as philosophical questions. How large do 
we want the Suffolk Campus to become? What directions 
should our growth and development take? How do we 
address our immediate needs for more classroom and 
office space, additional parking, and more appropriate 
areas for students to gather and hold their varied events? 


Escorted 14 Day Tour of Ireland 
May 28. 1994 

A leisurely tour featuring all the major historical and 

scenic attractions of Ireland with two night stops 

in most areas 

SEE: Dublin, Donegal, Galway, Limerick, 

Killarney, Cork and Waterford 

Full Irish breakfast daily. 

Professional Irish driver/guide 

to escort yoii throughout your tour. 

Accomodations in First Class and Superior First Class 
hotels with private bath/shower 


per person - double occupancy 
Airfare included 

Call Connie McGlinchey '39 '718-229-1245 
or Fern Travel Service 718-357-8070 


Northern Italy 



See Geneva, Lausanne, Berne. Interlaken and the 
Jungfrau, Lucerne in Switzerland; and Stresa, Lake 
Como, Borromean Islands, Milan, Venice in Italy. 


March 31 -April 13, 1994 


All SJC Alumni/ae and all friends of SJC 


A detailed brochure is available. 
If you would like one, contact: 

S. Joan Ryan, St. Joseph's College 

155 Roe Boulevard, Patchogue, NY 11772 

516-654-5711 (evenings) 

516-447-3231 (days) 


Join a congenial group for a refreshing interlude in the 
mountains and lakes of Europe. 







___^^\ r ' ~ 

m - i 

, t ■ 






Dr. Calherine Scorcia Kane '55 

Dr. Catherine Kane, Pediatrician and Medical Director 
at Angel Guardian Home in Brooklyn, retired in June 
1993, after thirty years of service to this well-known child 
care agency. At the time of her retirement she was 
responsible for the health and well-being of 800 foster 
children. Her first association with Angel Guardian was as 
a social worker during summer vacations, while attending 
Downstate Medical School. 

Catherine, a pre-med student at SJC, graduated in 1955. 
Asked why she chose St. Joseph's, she says she didn't. She 
had applied to and was accepted by Hunter College, but on 
the day of her graduation was offered a full four-year 
scholarship to St. Joseph's College. Coming from Bishop 
McDonnell High School, a large school, Catherine loved 
the smallness of St. Joseph's and the more intimate, caring 
faculty. She has made wonderful, lasting friendships - she 
still plays Trivia regularly with Joan Scanlon Owens, as 
classmate pal. She enjoyed the opportunity of serving as 
President of the Undergraduate Association and was 
delighted in her junior year to be nominated to Who's Who 
in American Colleges and Universities. Kay majored in 
Chemistry and had a double minor in Biology and Math. 
Because she loved her freshman English course and was so 
fond of Sister Joseph Immaculate, she took additional 
English courses just for the enjoyment 

After graduation in 1955, Kay entered Downstate 
Medical College and received her medical Degree in 1959. 
Her internship, in Internal Medicine, was taken at Kings 
County Hospital Center. Dr. Scorcia then started her 
Residency in Pediatric Medicine in St. Vincent's Hospital 
in Manhattan. "It was the first time I took any of my 
education outside of Brooklyn" she mused. However, she 
returned to Kings County for her second year of Pediatrics 
and in her third year there, she served as Chief Resident. 
For the next three years. Dr. Scorcia worked full time in 
the Children's Emergency Room of Kings County 

In 1959, Catherine Scorcia married Walter Kane, whom 
she met in her junior year in college at a St. Patrick's Day 
party. He was a student at Manhattan College. They 
quickly became good friends. Walter was in the Manhattan 
College ROTC program and after his graduation in 1955, 
he served four years in various Air Force assignments as a 
.meteorologist, while Catherine attended medical school. 
When he finished his tour of duty. Walter, whose ambition 




was to become a doctor, entered the State University of 
New York Downstate Medical School and both he and Kay 
worked to pay his tuition. He received his medical degree 
in 1963 and practiced as a neuropathologist until his 
retirement in 1986. 

With the arrival of Walter, Jr., Catherine left Kings 
County Hospital to take care of him, and she worked part- 
time at Angel Guardian Home as staff physician. Fifteen 
years later she became Medical Director as well. Walter, 
Jr. is a television reporter and producer in Grand Rapids, 
MI where he lives with his wife Nancy and son, Daniel. 

Reflecting on her practice from her early years to date, 
Catherine said it was an escalating job. Pediatrics in 
general is no longer preventive practice. Many of the foster 
children have more complications due to the social climate 
of drug use. homelessness, poor prenatal care and 
premature delivery, and care has to be more 
comprehensive. Pediatrics today deals with developmental 
delays, learning problems and serious infections such as 
HIV and Hepatitis. The number of Children with emotional 
problems has escalated. The number of children with 
referrals to specialty clinics has greatly increased. A 
coordination of services is needed for almost every child, 
that is, services of a child development specialist, a 
psychologist, a psychiatrist, a therapist, an educational 
consultant as well as the help of a nursing staff and a 
secretarial staff. It is a team approach. 

The necessity and the satisfaction of seeing a child 
obtain the services he needs and seeing him progress, 
drove Dr. Kane to work long days and even to continue at 
home to catch up on paper work. To her, each child was 
his special endearing self with his special needs. 

Many of her "children", now grown up, have come back 
to visit Dr. Kane, still regarding her as their pediatrician. 

Sharon, a former foster child and now a married adult, 
as a teenager adopted the Drs. Kane as her parents and they 
reciprocated the attachment by considering her their 
daughter. She became a part of the Kane family, a sister to 
their son and an aunt to their grandson. Sharon and her 
husband join the Kanes for all holiday celebrations. 

Somewhat loathe to leave the problems she has dealt 
with for so many years, Kay nevertheless looks ahead to 
enjoying her retirement with travel, leisure reading and 
spending time with family and friends. 




Denne McLaughlin '79GS 

"Gold stars all the way," say residents of Meridian 
Nursing Center of West Melbourne, Florida, for their new 
Nursing Director, Derine McLaughlin, who took over this 
position in March 1992. Well qualified, Derine earned her 
bachelor of science degree in Health Care Administration 
from St. Joseph's College in 1979, and her master's degree 
in Community Health, majoring in Health Administration, 
from Brooklyn College in 1990. 

Derine Colyard came from a family of eight 
children, and having to take care of the younger ones 
motivated her towards her nursing career. A native 
Jamaican, she entered Kingston Public Hospital School of 
Nursing at age 17. After receiving her Registered Nurse 
diploma in 1966, Derine studied midwifery and received 
certification as a midwife from Aberdeen Maternity 
Hospital in Scotland where qualifications were strict and 
training was detailed and exacting. 

On completion of this training, Derine returned to 
Jamaica where she practiced her nursing skills in 
midwifery, medical and surgery techniques, and also added 
operating room techniques, for appro.ximately two years. 
During this time she worked at the Mandeville General 
Hospital, Nuttal and St. Joseph's hospitals in Kingston. 

However, by the end of 1971, Derine again had the urge 
to travel overseas and left Jamaica to practice at hospitals 
in Grand Cayman then at Princess Margaret Hospital in 
Nassau, Bahamas. In both hospitals she increased her 
operating room techniques and was promoted to the head 
nurse position. Although her dream was to live in Florida, 
her husband's job took them to New York in 1972. Her 
first job was as an operating room staff nurse in a small 
Brooklyn hospital. 

To add to her experiences, Derine decided to work in 
geriatric nursing. In 1975 she took a position as charge 
nurse at the Linden Day Care Center, formerly Baptist 
Medical Center of New York - a skilled nursing facility on 
Linden Boulevard in Brooklyn. Working with the elderly 
was such a satisfying experience that she stayed with it. 
There her knowledge and expertise in caring for the 

geriatric population was immensely increased and 
acknowledged by her superiors. She was rewarded by 
being promoted up the ranks to Director of Nursing 
Services in which capacity she served for four years. 

In 1991 her son, Elvin Jr., after graduating from 
Brooklyn Technical High School, was accepted by Florida 
Tech. Derine was inspired to send her resume for jobs in 
Florida. By December 1991 the family was relocated to 
Florida. To her delight. Meridian Nursing Center contacted 
her in March about a position as Director of Nursing in 
their 179-bed. long-term care facility which offered 
complete skilled, intermediate, and Alzheimers care. 
Meridian's goals include helping residents to live as 
independently as possible and equipping them to live 
outside the center when possible. 

Kathy Kondolf-Harmer, Meridian's administrator said 
that Derine McLaughlin's qualifications and knowledge of 
health-care facilities was the key to her selection. Her 
duties include directing nurse services and nursing, hiring, 
and making sure that Meridian meets regulatory 
guidelines. "Her background and experience made her a 
top candidate," she continued. "She has integrated well 
with the staff. We recently participated in a state survey 
and she was instrumental in Meridian Nursing Center 
receiving another superior rating." 

Residents like her, too, because she gives her own 
personal time to them and is always available. "To me 
she's a boon I never expected to have. I've been in two 
other nursing homes before this one, and she towers above 
all of their people," says Florence Bross, who lives in 

Derine's husband Elvin Sr.. graduated from Pratt 
Institute in Brooklyn, NY, in 1983 with a bachelor's 
degree in Construction Management. He was employed 
with the City of New York until March 1992. He has now 
established his own business. 

Derine, Elvin and their two children, Elvin Jr. and 
Jacqueline, and her stepson, Mark, now live in Palm Bay, 


Di: Dolores Ama 

"Esse non videri", so often quoted half-jokingly by Dr. 
Dolores Amar in conversation, well identified the 
productive life she lived. Her peaceful death on October 
21st brought an end to many years of service to others in 
various areas of the medical profession. 

From her earliest years. Dolores wanted to be a doctor. 
Her Mother encouraged her in her ambition, although at 
that time the medical profession offered little opportunity 
for women. After graduation from elementary school, 
Dolores planned to attend Bay Ridge High in Brooklyn. 
However, when she spoke of her ambition to the principal, 
she was advised to choose a more traditional career. 
Disappointed but not daunted, Dolores transferred to St. 
Agnes Academic High in Rockville Center. Here, not only 
the principal but the teachers also urged her to continue in 
her chosen path. She enjoyed science and saw a dream 
being fulfilled. She began her college work at Hunter, but 
again had no success in furthering her medical education. 
Once more she made a transfer - to St. Joseph's College 
where her desire finally began to become a reality. We all 
know how she loved the college and how proudly she 
spoke of her wonderful education. Father Dillon 
immediately concurred with the pursuit of her dreams and 
upheld her in every decision. 

Sister Clotilde became her most treasured professor as 
she sought to provide the necessary background for 
Medical School for Dolores. Under the direction of Father 
Dillon, Sister Clotilde taught Dolores and another student 
the necessary pre-med courses, not at that time included in 
the catalog. The goal seemed near, but another problem 
appeared. What school would accept a woman? At last she 
found Women's Medical College of the University of 
Pennsylvania. In 1943 Dolores Amar received her medical 
degree with distinction. She served her internship in 
Women's Hospital. 

Since next to family and St. Joseph's, her country was a 
great love, Dolores joined the Army. She served two years 
and was discharged with the rank of Captain. She was 
"tough" - so said her Army mates, but her intelligence and 
devotion earned their respect and admiration. 

Dolores became a general practitioner in her home town 
in Seaford. Her specialty was obstetrics and gynecology in 

which she was certified in 1957. Her love for her patients 
was famous and she followed the babies she delivered as 
long as she could, always interested in their progress. 
Dolores estimated that she had delivered some 2,000 
babies, including, in 1957, the first set of triplets born at 
East Meadowbrook Hospital. She also remembered her 
teachers, the sisters from St. Agnes, as well as her 
classmates, and served them in their need. 

Dolores loved life, but she was a most self-effacing 
person, never realizing how much of a pioneer she was - as 
apparent in her becoming the first woman Medical 
Examiner in Nassau County, in 1948. At the time of her 
appointment, Newsday noted that she had often responded 
to accidents as a member of the Meadowbrook staff. 
"Buttoned into a trench coat, her light brown hair showing 
under a small cap. Dr. Amar was well known to members 
of the press who usually found her bent over an accident 
victim when they arrived on the scene." 

A conservative by declaration, Dolores still saw the 
need to move forward in social service. Upon retirement 
she volunteered to work in Pilgrim Psychiatric Center in 

Dolores had a wonderful sense of humor. While arguing 
with me about politics - Dolores a staunch Republican and 
I, a most liberal Democrat - she would suddenly see the 
fun of it and have a hearty laugh. She had a lovely voice 
which she explained as a gift from her father, a talented 
musician. Last summer, at her 75th birthday party, she 
honored us with a song. Her voice was still lovely to hear. 

All of us who knew and enjoyed Dolores as a devoted 
friend who worried about each one of us, will certainly 
miss her. But her spirit of quiet, courageous womanliness 
will live on as surely as "Esse non videri." 

Sister Dorothx Mercedes Finn '39 

Dr. Dolores Amar is survived by five nephews Peter 
Amar of Gaylord, Michigan, James of Worcester, 
Massachusetts, Stephen and Vincent, both of Gloucester, 
Massachusetts and Matt of Pembroke, New Hampshire, 
and also by three grand-nephews and one grand-niece. 



In June 1993 Thomas Wendt received a promotion at St. 
Mary's University, San Antonio, Texas to the post of 
Director of Student and Employee Support Services. He is 
responsible for campus-wide alcohol and drug education. 
He administers services for students with disabilities and 
directs the campus mediation center, the employee 
assistance program and the peer education program. 

Tom Wendt received his bachelor's degree at the 
Suffolk Campus of St. Joseph's College in 1988, and 
delivered the keynote address, "The Value of Our 
Education" at the Baccalaureate Prayer Service. Since then 
he has had a busy and productive career in student 
personnel administration, dealing with the disturbing 
problems that beset young people today. 

On graduation from SJC he took a full-time position 
with Youth Focus, a non-profit Catholic youth ministry 
organization serving thousands of Long Island teens. Tom 
had worked part-time for the organization during his 
undergraduate years. As Director of Programs and Services 
he supervised undergraduate volunteers, designed and 
implemented the first Inter-Campus Peer Education 
Network and presented multi-media productions on teen- 
related issues. 

After two years Tom decided to move to the college 
setting. "My own years at St. Joe's had been so rewarding, 
he says, "that I wanted to help other students grow from 
their undergraduate experience." He enrolled at Columbia 
University for a Master's Degree in Student Personnel 
Administration. Serving as Greek Advisor he facilitated 
the resolution of disputes in the Panhellenic Council, 
advised 25 fraternities and sororities and coordinated 
workshops on alcohol abuse, hazing, sexual violence and 
gender communications. He responded to emergency and 
crisis situations and adjudicated Greek Discipline cases 
with the Greek Judicial board. 

In 1991, having received his Master's degree, Tom went 
to St. Mary's University in San Antonio Texas, as 
Assistant Director of Residence Life and Greek Advisor. 
He managed a residence hall of 170 residents, and in one 
year turned the most problematic hall into the least 
problematic. He also oversaw the management of six other 
residence halls, supervised four Graduate Hall directors 
and 25 resident assistants and chaired training programs 
for directors. He presented programs to staff, faculty and 

Thomas Wendi '88 

Students on student development theory, and to all new 
students on issues of sexual violence, alcohol and 
communication. Meanwhile he continued to sharpen his 
skills, taking training courses for certification in Mediation 
and in Substance Abuse Screening. 

Tom Wendt's competence was recognized by his 
supervisor at St. Mary's who nominated him, in 1992, for 
an award granted by the American College Personnel 
Association to an outstanding new professional in the field 
- one of seven in the entire nation. In 1993 he won first 
place at the annual New Professionals Case Study 
Competition of the Southwest Association of College and 
University Housing Officers. 

He has made significant and award-winning 
presentations at professional conferences. Among topics he 
has dealt with are "Living with AIDS," "Gender Swap-Put 
Yourself in My Shoes," "Straight Talk About Gay Issues" 
and "Careers in Student Affairs." At the 1992 conference 
of the National Forum on Substance Abuse in Higher 
Education, sponsored by the U.S. Department of 
Education, he spoke on "Preventive Programs and 
Minority Students: a Mexican-American Perspective." 
Tom's bi-lingual (Spanish-English) ability gives him a 
special competence in this field. 

Tom will address the 1994 Annual Conference of the 
National Association of Student Personnel Administrators 
on "Finding the Right Job in Student Affairs," and on "Job 
One - What They Didn't Teach You in Graduate School." 
At the 1994 San Antonio Residence Assistants Conference 
he is to give the Keynote address: "To a Different Drum - 
Commitment and Service." 

At present Tom is working on a text book entitled 
Ethical Issues in Higher Education. He contributes a 
monthly column, "On Campus," to the San Antonio 
Handicapable Gazette. He looks forward, in a few years to 
working toward a doctorate in higher education 
administration, with the long term plan of teaching in 
graduate programs in the field of higher education. 

Tom's hobby is acting. Back in 1988 Tom Wendt made 
his stage debut at the Clare Rose Playhouse, as Stanley in 
Neil Simon's Brighton Beach Moments. He has casually 
pursued both volunteer and professional acting 
engagements and is currently a member of a professional 
San Antonio acting troupe called Illegitimate Theater. 

Eleanor McLoughlin '31 

A Career 


Ban, Thomas and Helen Minieri Slacy 

When Helen Minieri Stacy graduated from St. Joseph's 
in 1980 with a bachelor's degree in Child Study, she never 
could have predicted where her career track would take 
her. "I look back and just shake my head," she says. Yet 
her position as financial adviser is not entirely different 
from her former job as a pre-school and grade school 
teacher. Instead of teaching children ABC's, she advises 
women on the 1-2-3's of financial planning - an issue she 
feels many women need to address. 

"Whether a woman is single or married, she must learn 
sooner or later how to manage her finances," explains 
Stacy. "Some women say that they don't earn or haven't 
enough money to think about financial planning. It is true 
that they earn less than their male counterparts, but you 
would be surprised how much you can accomplish with 20 
dollars a week." 

A turn of events forced Stacy to realize she needed a 
better paying job herself, so she moved from the Brooklyn 
classrooms to the Wall Street corridors. Driven by 
necessity and armed with teaching experience and naivete, 
she sought jobs at all the large financial houses. She laughs 
at the recollection. "I went to all these big companies, 
thinking they would want Helen Minieri with no 
experience. I must have received dozens of rejections." 
Finally, she was hired as a sales assistant by a small 
Boston firm, Mosely Securities. That was in 1985. Exactly 
one year later, she was entered into the trainee program for 
financial advisement. In 1988. Mosely was taken over by 
Thomson MacKinnon. While Stacy climbed the corporate 
ladder. Prudential Securities took over. Today, she is the 
Vice-President of Investments and was recently appointed 
as assistant manager of the Southampton branch. 

More than a career, she also met her husband, Bart 
Stacy, at Mosely. They married in March 1990 and 
Thomas Richard was born in December of the same year. 
After his birth, Stacy took two months of maternity leave, 
but never lost contact with her job, thanks to a computer, a 

fax machine and modem at home. Likewise, when she 
returned to her office full time, she equipped it with home 
necessities, such as a playpen, for the two days a week she 
brought Thomas, with his food, bottles, toys and clothes. "I 
did that for a year while 1 lived in Brooklyn, then I 
transferred to Southampton. Looking back, I wonder how I 

Now on the other end of Long Island. Stacy has become 
of member of East End Women Networking. Inc., and 
writes a column in their monthly publication. She has also 
become a licensed representative of the National Center for 
Women and Retirement Research. There are 21 of these 
groups nationwide and Stacy competed with four other 
women for the position. She holds financial seminars for 
women, which fulfills her desire to teach and to help them. 
She also calls in a radio show on WBAZ called Market 
Report, both mornings and evenings daily. 

"I want to help women and educate them. While it is 
hard for a woman to break into a man's industry," she 
admits, "I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for a 
few men." She credits her husband, Bart -no longer a 
broker, but a gourmet chef - for his tremendous support 
and help in allowing her to pursue her career. "I do work 
hard, but Bart is so supportive. He watches Thomas during 
the day, and brings him to the office so we can have lunch 
together a few times a week. He frees me from so many 

Other people who intluenced Stacy's life include her 
parents, Cecilia and Richard Minieri, whose steady 
guidance and inspiration helped her at crucial crossroads. 
Her cousin. Rosalie Tutino '59, Vice President of 
Development and College Relations, also assisted Stacy's 
career when she convinced her to attend St. Joseph's in 
order to earn a teaching degree. "Who knows where I'd be 
without these special people in my life?" 

Today, Stacy offers her own special guidance to those 
who need it. 

Term Baniao Tiinlti '74 

To Spread 

Love and Laughter 

In the spring of 1974 I graduated from St. Joseph's College. 
I was engaged to marry that summer and my plans for the 
future included teaching and motherhood. Never in my wildest 
dreams did I expect to be a clown. Yet, during the past fifteen 
years, I have entertained at countless birthday parties, 
performed at company picnics and grand openings, visited 
hospitals, and marched in parades. 

How did a (then) young mother and former elementary 
school teacher become a clown? The process began in 1979 
when my husband, Don, decided to own his own business and 
we opened an ice cream store in East Meadow, Long Island. 
We planned to host children's birthday parities and I was sure 
that with my Child Study background, I could entertain 
children easily. The franchise suggested magic shows, so I 
visited a few magic shops asking for suggestions on tricks for 
children and invested in many tricks and magic books. After 
months of practice and developing routines, I began performing 
at children's parties at our store. 

I auditioned and was accepted as a member of the Long 
Island Mystics, the local chapter of the Society of American 
Magicians. At their monthly meetings I watched and learned 
from performers more skilled and experienced than I, and 
occasionally had the opportunity to perform for the group. 

After several years, Don and I decided to leave the ice cream 
business. He returned to engineering and I returned to being a 
full-time mother to three boys. However, after receiving several 
requests for magic shows, I decided to continue performing and 
made myself more marketable by becoming a magic clown. 
Thus "Tootie the Clown" was bom. 

In 1985, we made a job-related move to Houston, Texas. 
One of the first things I did was join ihe Cheerful Clown Alley, 
the local chapter of COAI - Clowns ot America International. I 


also became a member of TCA, the Texas Clown Association. 
In New York I had very little contact with other clowns, but in 
Houston I attended monthly alley meetings and had the 
opportunity to learn from others. I attended the alley's annual 
clown school and improved my makeup and wardrobe. I 
participated in a six week class given by a former Ringling 
Brothers clown and greatly improved my physical comedy, 
learning some balancing and juggling tricks. In late 1985 I 
attended the Texas Clown Association Convention and placed 
in the Top Ten for Auguste Makeup and Wardrobe 
competition. There are three basic clown types: Whiteface, 
Auguste, and Tramp. Augustes, like Tootie, have flesh-colored 
base makeup with patches of white around their eyes and 

In 1986, 1 spent a week at the University of Wisconsin at La 
Crosse, at the Laughmakers' Conference. I took classes in 
juggling, ventriloquism, balloon animals, magic, and other 
clown skills. The instructors were former circus clowns and 
other seasoned children's performers. Later that year I returned 
to the TCA convention and received a first place trophy for 
Auguste Makeup and Wardrobe. 

I help to keep my clown character and skills developing by 
attending conventions, and workshops and by visiting 
performers, and by staying active in the Cheerful Clown Alley. 
I perform at birthday parities on weekends and do a volunteer 
show each year for the kindergarteners and first graders at our 
local elementary school. I also speak annually at the fifth 
grade's Career Day. Eventually I hope to expand my business 
by performing at preschools and daycare centers. 

Clowning is an incredibly satisfying field. Whether 
volunteering at a hospital or performing at a children's party, it 
is a great opportunity to spread love and laughter. 

continued on page 19 

World Youth Day 

Marie Mackey '84 (left) and youlhfid journalists 

"The experience of a lifetime," Marie Mackay '84 says of the 
encounter with Pope John Paul II that she and some of her 
students had at World Youth Day in Denver, Colorado. 

Marie teaches in the Department of Religious Education at 
St. Francis Preparatory School in Fresh Meadows. She is also 
advisor of the student newspaper, The Seraph. The paper has 
won many awards - this year alone nine of the Tablet press 
awards, a first place from the American Scholastic Press 
Association and an award from the Columbia University Press 

In the spring of 1992, Marie attended a Taize gathering in 
Dayton, Ohio. There she learned that the next Worid Youth Day 
would be held in Denver, Colorado, in 1993. She contacted 
Sister Mary Ann Walsh, RSM, Director of Communications for 
World Youth Day and expressed her interest, as a religion 
teacher and advisor of the school newspaper, in having her 
students take part in a unique role as press participants. Sister 
was not not only receptive but "definitely excited about the 
possibility." Copies of the previous issues of The Seraph and a 
list of recent honors and awards were sent to Sister Mary Ann 
and she was put on the mailing list for future issues. 

The prospect of being recognized as accredited journalists 
thrilled the thirteen reporters and photographers of The Seraph 
staff, the only high school journalists given this status. They 
were to attend the same press briefings and cover the same 
photo opportunities as professionals. Before they left for Denver 
they became the focus of much media attention here. They were 
interviewed on programs of the major TV networks, ABC, NBC 
and CBS, and on several radio stations. The Daily News, 
Newsday and the Brooklyn Tablet printed articles. While they 
were in Denver, articles and interviews appeared in the Denver 
Post, The Washington Post, the Daily News and other 

On arrival in Denver the Seraph group was assigned to stay 
at the Radisson Hotel, the designated lodging place for members 
of the media. One of the group was included in a special Secret 
Service Rotating Photography Pool for the Archdiocesan 

welcome, an event to be covered by only a dozen local Denver 
photographers, out of more than 3,000 journalists covering 
Worid Youth Day. This opportunity meant that James Dooley 
was escorted within a few feet of the Pope to take photographs. 
The prep students were also within a few feet of the Holy Father 
during the Papal Mass at Cherry Creek Park. Besides covering 
their assignments, they attended as many of the events of World 
Youth Day as they could reach. 

Marie has been informed that The Seraph World Youth Day 
Edition will become part of the official files of the event. She 
was also asked to send copies to Vatican officials. The World 
Youth Day issue of The Seraph was distributed to the 250 
bishops gathered for a meeting in Washington, DC, this 
November. The Seraph has received complimentary letters from 
all over the country and the world, from people who saw the 
young journalists on television. 

Marie credits her organizational ability to the opportunities 
and experi-ences offered to her by St. Joseph's. "Coming to a 
small liberal arts college gave me the opportunity to get 
involved in a number of things. I made contact with key people 
who have been mentors to me, among them Sister Margaret 
Buckley, Sherrie Van Amam and Rosalie Tutino." 

Marie was the recipient of a full four year Medaille 
Scholarship. As an undergraduate, she held a number of offices. 
In her senior year she was president of the Undergraduate 
Association. "My involvement in student government gave me 
the opportunity to create and implement new programs." As a 
student assistant to Rosalie Tutino and Sherrie Van Amam, she 
gained practical experience in producing the 245/155 
Newsletter and in putting together the dinner dance. "All of 
these things, combined with a love of teaching fueled by the 
dedication and direction of Sister Margaret Buckley, have 
served me well." 

Marie received a Master of Science degree in Education 
from Queens college in 1988, and an MA in Theology at 
Immaculate Conception Seminary in 1991. She taught English 

continued on page 19 

Mary Camper McCinnis '25 

Mary Camper McGinnis of the class of 1925, former 
principal of New Dorp and of Bay Ridge High Schools, died 
on July 2, 1993, after a long illness. Mary began her forty- 
seven year career with the New York City Board of Education 
at Abraham Lincoln High School, as a teacher of history and a 
grade advisor. Connie Giampietro Annucci '39, a student there 
in the early thirties sent her remembrances of Mary. "Though 
she never taught me, I became one of the group of students 
whom she took under her wing, along with Carmela Napoli, 
Frances Caetta, Jerome Loizzo, Claudia Pollicano, Agatina 
Carbonaro, Norma Strauss, and many others before and after 
us. Her zeal was unsurpassed. She urged us to continue our 
education and guided us to Catholic colleges. Thus I found 
myself at St. Joseph's. I share the love which Mary had for the 
college and consequently my daughters, Mary Anne and 
Geraldine, are also St. Joe's alumnae." 

In 1939, Mary transferred to Bay Ridge High School where 
she chaired the Social Studies Department and later served as 
an administrator. 

In 1944, Mary McGinnis was appointed principal of New 
Dorp High School in Staten Island. During her nineteen years 
there, many St. Joseph's alumnae began teaching careers under 
her supervision. On hearing of her death Ruth Hall Carey '52 
recalled, "I was a teacher who worked under her tutelage at 
New Dorp for five and half years. Her integrity and 
unselfishness in devoting her life to the welfare of the pupils 
was truly an inspiration. No effort or time was ever spared by 
her to give students more opportunities to grow, whether in her 
unique assembly programs or in her applications for students to 
get scholarships for higher education. She trained less 
academically gifted students for leadership roles. As a 
newcomer, through her encouragement, I learned how to be an 
effective teacher. She gave us young teachers what we needed 
most - confidence in our abilities and support for our growth. 
Some other New Dorp teachers I remember from St. Joseph's 
were Doris Jacklitsch '56, Mary Schlesser Regan '54, Nettie 
Rementeria McKenna '54, Joanne Bradley Milza '58 and Mary 
Bennett '50." 


Mary Camper McGinnis 

During the many years of service to New York City schools, 
Mary McGinnis was known as one who did more than educate 
children. She prepared them for the real world and touched 
them in ways they would never forget. Staten Island Borough 
President. Guy V. Molinari, recalled her as a strong woman. 
During the mid-forties he was called into her office and 
questioned about his future. "Without her influence I might 
never have attended college," he said. 

James F. Regan, former Staten Island representative to the 
New York City Board of Education, and later its President, was 
a teacher at New Dorp for 18 years. "She was a truly noble 
woman in her profession," he said. "She was responsible for 
bringing many young people into the teaching field and she 
trained them exceptionally well." Mary McGinnis was known 
for praising the individual accomplishment of each student and 
for encouraging students to serve their school and community. 

In 1963, Mary McGinnis returned to Bay Ridge High 
School as principal. Her decision to retire in 1973, four years 
in advance of the time she would reach mandatory retirement, 
was based "not on any cynicism on my part in regard to the 
profession which has been my life work, but on various 
considerations of a personal nature." 

Mary McGinnis was a member of the Catholic Historical 
Society, of Delta Epsilon Sigma, and the National Catholic 
Honor Society. A loyal and active alumna, she will be 
remembered as the chairman and driving force of the 
Alumnae's first Library Fund Drive of 1928-29, as president of 
the Alumnae Association 1931-33, and as Commencement 
Speaker in 1944. Through the years Mary attended nearly all 
alumnae functions, keeping in touch with many graduates 
whose careers she followed. 

Mary Camper McGinnis was truly one of those of whom it 
is written: 

They that are learned shall shine 
as the brightness of the firmament: 
they that instruct many to justice, 
as stars for alt eternity. 

Dan. 12:3 


1993 Day at Belmont 

With echoes from Damon Runyon and the Marx Brothers 
in our head, my niece, Clare Murphy'65, and I spent a day at 
the races, specifically, Saturday October 2nd, with a few 
dozen other SJC alums at Belmont. 

What a great way to greet October! The track was bright 
and clean, embellished with yellow, russet, gold and white 
chrysanthemums. The turf was emerald green and in the center 
pond a snowy egret stayed for all nine races. The sky was 
clear, cloudless and blue and the horses glorious, sleek and 
anxious to show their stuff. 

Do you know an exacta from a quintilla? Can you box your 
bets to parlay them? No matter. What you do is pick the horse 
with the most appealing name or the horse bearing a number 
that grabs you and then bet - win, place or show. Remember 
long shots are for suckers but, what the heck, for $2 you can 
try one. 

This SJC day at Belmont is certainly an enjoyable autumn 
event. Lunch is served in the fourth floor clubhouse, where 
you have an excellent view of the entire track. There were 
several other organizations there on October 2nd and in the 
program each group had a race dedicated to them. 

Clare and I took off from the clubhouse for a couple of 
races. We checked out the paddock, watched the horses parade 
and searched the jockeys' faces for revelations. The best place 
to watch the race itself, the most exciting, is from the ground- 
level grandstand. To see the horses coming toward you and to 
be so close when they cross the finish line is a thrill. 

Did we win? Well, yes and no. I cashed in quite a few 
winning tickets - no big bucks, but a win is a win. I did fall for 
a couple of long shots (with intriguing names), sure losers and 
they were. I came close in the daily double but that was a ticket 
to tear up too. 

But basically it was a winner of a day, with pleasant people, 
a tasty lunch and nine little adventures. Watch for the 
announcement in the Alumnagram next year. This is a fund 
raiser for the Alumni Association because there are no mailing 
costs and it is a wonderful way to visit with some old friends 
and to celebrate autumn. 

Rosemarv Glim Myers '48 

AH Florida Alums 

On Sunday, March 27th, Jeanne McGuire Glenn 
'69 will be hosting an alumni reception at her home 
in Fort Lauderdale. All Alumni living or wintering 
in Florida are invited. Invitations have been sent. 
Sister George Aquin and Sister Mary Florence will 
be attending. 

Margaret Dwyer Minson '70 

Letter to the Editor 

Dear Mrs. Farrell. 

I read with great surprise and disagreement the 
feature article entitled "Chiropractor". As a physician I 
am well aware of the differences between medical 
doctors and chiropractic doctors, not the similarities. To 
say the chiropractors and physicians take the same 
course work is misleading, as this is course work given 
in two completely different academic settings. In 
addition, how the material is applied during the third 
and fourth years of medical schools is unique to medical 
school. Even within the medical profession where we all 
share the same initial course work there is great 
diversity. By the time we have finished our residency, 
comparison of course work in the first tMO years of 
schooling becomes irrelevant. 

I have the utmost respect for chiropractors who 
practice chiropractic medicine but they are not 
physicians and physicians are not chiropractors. I 
believe the presentation in the Alumnagram was a 
misleading and irrelevant comparison betiveen nvo veiy 
different professions. 


Paul P. Romanello. M.D. 
Class of 1979 


Saturday, September 25 1994 

Make your reservations for a day at Belmont! Enjoy luncheon 

in the Garden Terrace and the excitement of betting on your 


No flyers will be sent for this affair. Tickets limited. First 

come, first served. Ticket price: $30.00 

I wish to reserve 

Enclosed is $ 


tickets for Belmont '94 




Phone # 

Make checks payable to: 

St. Joseph's College Alumni Association 

Send to: Eileen Rossman 

432 76th Street, Brooklyn, NY 1 1209 - (718) 836-6424 


Fall Phonathons 1993 

Our first Fall Phonathon held in Garden City on October 7th, M-as chaired by Pat Luciana English '74, with the assistance of Valerie 
Wertz Qitinlan '70. Forty-five volunteers devoted time and energy and raised $44,000 in pledges. Supper was available all evening 
and volunteers were given a Christmas tree ornament with the college seal on it. Heartfelt thanks to these dedicated workers. 

Ruth Davis Vincent Handal 

Marie Grace Marilyn Jaeckel '71 

Roxey Taylor Nora McNerney Keenan '48 

Christine Amante Genevieve Kingman Lindner '46 

S. George Aquin O'Connor 

S. Elizabeth Hill '64 

S. Mary Florence Bums '46 

S. Teresa Avila Burke 

S. Margaret Buckley '55 

S. Mary Corde Tyinann '39 

S. Mary Beatrice Schneller '43 

S. Mary Joel Acerno '48 

S. Alice Francis Young '40 

S. Mary Winifred Grass '39 

S. Helen Kearney '67 

S. Miriam Honora Corr "51 

S. Joan Ryan '53 

S. Pat Dittmer '72 

S. Carol Lessard 

Christine Eschenauer 

Clare Bauch '45 

Mary Callahan Browne '63 

Pat Coleman Campbell '61 

Carol Cole Sullivan "69 

Pat Luciana English "72 

Pat Egan Englehart '52 

Maureen Dougherty Eraser '53 

Charlotte Ferraro '76 

Jean Vallone Gagliardo '51 

Mary Jane Hawkrigg Handal '51 

Edna Brennan Maloney'35 
Betty McCullough '74 
Margaret Dwyer Minson '70 
Julia Gumming Murphy '51 
Mary Murphy '83 
Virginia Cooney Murray '69 
Valerie Wertz Quinlan '70 
Frances McLoughlin Reilly '38 
Mary Kiers Shaw '44 
Peggy McDerby Shea '41 
Rosalie Tutmo "59 

The Patchogue campus also held a Phonathon this fall on November 4th, from 5:00-9:00 p.m. and raised $5,205 in pledges. All those 
who attended were delighted with the Christmas tree ornament. Many thanks to those listed below for giving an evening of their time 
and talent to another successful Phonathon. 

S. Jean Marie Amore 

Cynthia Armstrong '87 

Florence Biancardo '92 

Karen Brunschwig 

S. Frances Carmody 

S. Miriam Honora Corr '51 

Lucille Curley 

Maureen Esposito 
S. Elizabeth Hill '64 
S. Bonaventure Kelly 
S. Loretta McGrann 
Veronica Reehil '86 
Mary Riley '90 
S. Teresa Rogers 

S. Joan Ryan '53 
Shawn Ryan '91 
Patty Slabowski "91 
Rosalie Tutino '59 
Catherine Walker '91 
Jane Hoffman Westfield '42 

Sister Margaret Louise Shea, CSJ, 

Pioneer in Pre-School Education 

continued from page 1 

1971, and at the last graduation of Brentwood College on August 

15, 1971, she gave the Commencement address. 

Sister Margaret Louise's family, friends, associates and 

former students joined Sister George Aquin O'Connor. 

President, and the faculty in attending her wake and funeral. 

Sister Clara Santoro, General Supervisor of the order, and many 

Sisters of St. Joseph were also present at the Mass of Christian 

Burial offered at Queen of All Saints Church in Brooklyn on 

December 24th. Reverend Timothy S. Valentine, S.J., a nephew, 

was the main celebrant. Monsignor Joseph G. Konrad was 

homilist. Burial at Calvary Cemetery, Brentwood, followed the 


Sister Margaret is survived by her sisters, Eileen McNulty. 

Betty Valentine and Gertrude Shea '50. 

Memorial for 
Sister Margaret Louise Shea, CSJ 

We have received inquiries from alumni about an 
appropriate memorial to Sister Margaret Louise, 
and will be in touch with you later in the year when 
our plans are completed. If you wish to send a 
contribution at this time, send it to the Development 
Office, St. Joseph's College, 245 Clinton Avenue, 
Brooklyn, NY 11205. 



Please remember the deceased of the St. Joseph's College Family in your prayers. 


Margaret Piggott '24 

Doris Leavy '26 

Irene Parker Parks '32 

Clara Griesmer '33 

Margaret Dorney Tyrell '33 

Catherine Burke '34 

Helen Hayes Miller '37 

Grace Skelly Fountaine '41 

Virginia Martin Price '43 

Jean Harms Cohan '49 

Ellen Kennedy McCabe '52 

Diane Balladonna Jensen-Lindner '63 

Sister Patricia Ann Smyth '67 

Rosa Browne '88GS 

Nancy Ruth Cuccia '88S 

Sister Miriam Imelda Murphy, CSJ 


Mary McLernon Loughlin '34 

Helen Finnin Haase '41 

Lillian Traficante Schembri '44 

Eileen Kelley Coulter '44 

Mary Whalen Gronell '45 (12/27/91) 

Kathryn Conlon Conboy '48 

Kathleen Quin Matedero '57 


Mary Devlin '66 

Beatric Vella Mohsinger '66 

Diane Evanac '71 


Claire Sheridan '42 

Lillian Trafiicante Schembri '44 

Patricia Sheridan '52 

Mary Winifred McCann McLaughlii 

Mary Lindner Evans '82 

Matthew Regan '93 

Frank Macchiarola - SJC Trustee 


Rita McGovern Root '38 


Mane Carmichael '42 
Elizabeth Egan '48 
Adelaide Balfe Hall '50 
Patricia Egan Englehart '52 
Sister Margaret Egan, RSM 
Angela Vista Savino '69 


Eileen Halley Sisti '48 


'72 Joan Pittelli to Vincent Oliveri 

'72 Barbara Brinkman to Michael Hughes 

'77 Donna Pulaski to Joseph Merkel 

'78 Frances Abate to Larry Martone 

'81S Bonnie Waddell to Robert Mosher 

'87 Carmela LoPiccolo to Patrick McCann 

'90S Christine Romaneck to Anthony Ward 

'90S Anthony Ward to Christine Romaneck 

'91 Filomena Scibelli to Daniel Lunden 

'93 Julie Ann Aiello to James P. Rubino 


'75 Terrence Patrick to Virginia and Bill Gorman 

'76 Kevin Peter to Mary and Kevin Reilly 

'76/'77 Robert Vincent to Robert and JoAnn Tufano Freund 

'77 Robert Michael to Joel and Lorraine Burns Goldhirsh 

'77 Erin Tracey to Joe and Jean Carrig Collins 

'80 Gilbert Fallat to Cheryl Fallal Hegermiller 

'818 James Richard to Patricia Kelly Collins 

'82S John to Tammy and James J. Paxson 

'83 Kathleen Eleanor to Allison Cooney LaRosa 

'83 Mary Kate to Kathy Kessel Martinez 

'84S Michelle to Michael and Lynn Fazio Genovese 

'85S Hannah Rose to Kelly Ann O'Hannon Hammer 

'86 Steven Raphael to Theresa DaCosta Guzman 

'88 Mary Elizabeth to Brian and Anne Martino Keenan 

'89GS A. Jene Daniel to Patricia (Mason) and LeRoy Robinson 


'39 Geraldine Donnelly Chapey, PhD, Elected President of 

School Board 27 - 1993 
'57 Patricia McCarthy Bradshaw, awarded Teacher of the Year in 

Continuing Education by Suffolk County Community - 1993 
'60 Grace Martin Cipriani, received Governor Florio's 

Distinguished Teacher Recognition Award - 1993 

MA in Elementary Education, Long Island University, 

Rockland County, January 1994 
'65 Patricia D'Amato Basili received Regional Catalyst Awrd from 

Chemical Manufacturers' Association for excellence in college 

chemistry teaching. 
'65 Elaine Giarrusso DeSilva, MA in Marriage & Family Therapy, 

St. Joseph's College, West Hartford, CT 1993 

Associate Director of Science & Technology Resource Center 

Prince George Community College 
'66 Marisa Ting Wu, MSW, Stanford University, 1991 
66 Kathleen Mauceri Hecker, EdD in Counseling Psychology, 

Indiana University 1972 
'70 Mary Ann Jurgensen Hart, MSW/CSW, Stonybrook 1993 
'70 Mary Mone Dorney, MA Counseling, St. John's University, 1/93 
'70 Christine Boutross, Principal, Kaloidas Parochial School, Bay Ridge 
'70 Josephine Nunziata Rossicone, Assistant Principal IS 227, 

Shallow Intermediate School, Brooklyn 
'70 Diane Brusca Bronkhurst, received Pope Pius X Award 

for 10 years in Religious Education 
'70 Mary Ann Jurgensen Hart, MSW,CSW, Stony Brook '93 
'71 Diane Evanac, EdD, Nova University - 4/93 

'73 Kathleen Barnack Todd, MA in Reading, Adelphi 5/93 
'73 Joanna Perotta, Certificate-Paralegal Education, NYU '80 
'76 Kathleen Moran Marino, BS in Nursing, Summa Cum Laude, 

University of North Carolina, 5/93 
'81 Erin Feerick, MA in Education 1993 NY State Certification 

Teacher of the Deaf 
'81S Bonnie Waddell Mosher, MA in Education, Stony Brook 1993 
'83S Louise Kratoville, MS Long Island University, Southampton 1993 
'88GS Agnes Belgrave, MA Public Health, Long Island University 1993 
'88S Thomas Wendt, MA in Student Personnel Administration 

Columbia University 1991 
'89GS LeRoy Robinson, JD Seton Hall School of Law, June 1993 
'91 Filomena Scibelli, MA in Education, Fordham 1993 
'92S Christopher Cristofaro, Certification in Criminal Justice 

Administration and Applied Sociology, 1992 
'93GS Kathleen Wessels, MPA, in Health Administration C.W.Post 1993 15 

This is a list of companies that will DOUBLE YOUR DOLLAR! 

A-O Electronics, Inc. lAII) 

ACF Industries. Inc. (U.GI 


Ttie ARA Group, Inc. fAII).d.s 

AT&T (J.C.U.GI.d.r 

Abbott Laboratories lAlll.d.r.l.u 

Access Energy Corp. (All) 

Acuson Corp. (J.C.U.G.T) 

Addison-Wesley Publishing Co. 

Adria Laboratories Division of 

Erbamont, Inc. fU.GlJ 
Advanced Micro Devices (U.G).s 
The AEROSPACE Corp (All).d.s 
Aetna Life 8, Casualty (All).d.r.s.l 
Affiliated Publications. Inc. (All) 
Aid Association for Lutherans 

Air Products and Chemicals. Inc. 

Air & Water Technologies Corp (All) 
Akzo America. Inc. (AH) 
Alabama Power Co. (U.G).d.r 
Albany International Corp. (All).d.r 
Albertson's. Inc. (J.C.U.G.R) 
Alcan Aluminum Corp. (U.G.RJ).r 
AIco Standard Corp lAID.d 
Alexander & Baldwin. Inc. (All).d.r 
Allegheny Ludlum Corp. (Alh 
Allendale fVlutual Insurance Co. 

Alliant Techsystems (U.C.T.t) 
AlhedSignal Inc (Ain.d 
Allstate Insurance Cos. (All) 
Alpha Industries, Inc. (All) 
Aluminum Co. of America 

AfWAX, Inc. IJ.C.U.C.RI.d 
Amcast Industrial Corp, (C.U.G.R.TI.d 
Amerada Hess Corp, (All) 
American Brands. Inc (Alh.d 
American Cyanamid Co. (J.C.U.G).d 
American Electric Power Co., Inc. 

American Express Co. (Alh.d.r 
American General Corp. (Alh.d 
American Home Products Corp. 

American International Group. Inc. 

American Mutual Insurance Cos. 

American National Bank (J.C.U.G) 
American National Bank & Trust Co. 

of Chicago (J.C.U.G) 
American National Can Co. (Allj.r 
American Optical Corp. (J.C.U.G).r.s 
American Savings Bank (NY) (All.f) 
American Standard, Inc. 

American States Insurance Co. 

American Stock Exchange (C.U.G.R) 
American United Life Insurance Co. 

Ameritech (J. C.U.G.Tj.d.r 
Ameritech Services. Inc. 

( J.C.U.G. v. r 
AmeriTrust Co. National Association 

Amfac, Inc. (Alh.d 
Amoco Corp. (Alh.d.r 
AMSCO Internahonal, Inc, tU).A 
AMSTED Industries Inc (J.C.U.G. 
Anadarko Petroleum Corp. 

Analog Devices Inc (Ath.d 
Anchor Capital Advisors, Inc. (All) 
Arthur Andersen & Co., SC 

The Andersons Management Corp, 

Anheuser-Busch Cos.. Inc, 

Appleton Papers Inc. (Ah) 
Aquarion Co. (Alh.d 
ARCO (Alh.d.r 

ARCO Chemical Co. (Alh.d.r 
Argonaut Group. Inc. (J.C.U.G).d.r 
Argus Research Laboratories. Inc. 

Aristech Chemical Corp. ( 

Arkwright Mutual Insurance Co. 

Armcoinc, (J.C.U.G.V.d 
Armstrong World Industries, Inc. 

Armtek Corp. (U) 
Ashland Oil. Inc (Alh.d.r 
Associated Box Corp. (AII.Pr).A 
Guy F. Atkinson Co. of California 

Atlanta Gas Light Co. (All. institu- 
tions in GA and TN only).d.r 
Atlantic City Electric Co, 

Augatinc, (U.G.R).d.r 
AutoAlllance International, Inc, 

I J.C.U.G.T) 
Automatic Data Processing. Inc, 

I J.C.U.G) 
Avery Dennison Corp. (J,C.U.G.T).d,s 
Avon Products, Inc. (J.C.U.G.Tj.d 

BASF Corp. (All).r 

BHP Minerals International. Inc. 

BHP Petroleum Americas (Hawaii) 

BMC Industries. Inc. (J.C.U.G).d 
The BOC Group. Inc. (J.C.U.G.R).dj 
BP AMERICA (/1//W.r 
Ball Corp. (All).d.r.s 
Baltimore Bancorp (J.C.U.G).tt 
Balhmore Gas & Electric Co. 

(C.U.G.R). d.r 
Banc One Wisconsin Corp. 

Bancorp Hawaii (C.U).d 
Bancroft-Whitney (J.C.U.G.t) 
Bank of Boston (4//|(J.r.s.( 
The Bank of California, N.A. (Alh.d 
Bank of Montreal (U.G).d.r 
The Bank of New York (All.Prl.r 
Bank One Arizona (U).A.d.r 
Bank One. Texas - Houston (J.C.U.G) 
Bank South Corp, (Alh 
BankAmerica Corp (Alh.d.r 
Bankers Lite and Casualty (All) 
Bankers Trust Co (J.C.U.C).d 
Barber-Colman Co (U).d 
Barclays Bank PLC (J.C.U.G.T) 
BarclaysAmericanCorp. (All) 
C,R. Bard. Inc. (J.C.U.O.d 
Barnes Group Inc. (Alh.d. s 
Barnes & Roche, Inc. (Alh 
Barnett Associates, Inc, (U.G.R.Pr).A 
Barnett Banks. Inc. (J.C.U.G.R) 
Barrett Design. Inc. lAlh 
Barrett Technology, Inc, (Ah) 
The Barton-Gillet Co, (J.C.U.G.R) 
Baxter International Inc. (Alh.d 
BayBanks, Inc. (Alh 
Beatrice Co, lC.U.G.R).d 
Bechtel Power Corp. (J.C.U).d 
Becor Western Inc. (Ul.r 
Becton Dickinson and Co. (AID.d.r 
Beech Aircraft Corp lAID.r 
Bell Atlantic Corp ( 
Bell of Pennsylvania (J.C.U.G.V.d.r 
Bellcore (J.C.U.G. /5.r 
BellSouth (Alh.d.r 
Beloit Corp. (Alh.d 
Bemis Co.. Inc. (J.C.U.G.T).dj 
The Bergen Record Corp. (Alh.d.r 
L.M. Berry and Co. (J.C.U.V.r 
Betz Laboratories, Inc (J.C.U.GI.d.r 
Bill Communications, Inc (Alh 
Bituminous Casualty Corp. (U.G).d.r 
H8, R Block, Inc. (C.U.G.R.V.d.n 
The Blount Foundahon, Inc. (Alh.d. s 
Blue Bell, Inc. (J.C.U.G) 
The Boeing Co (J.C.U.G.Tj.dr.s 
Bonneville International Corp. 
Borden, Inc. (U).d 
The Boston Co. (AID 
Boston Edison Co. (U.G.RI.d.r 
Boston Mutual Life Insurance Co. 

Bowater Inc, (J.C.U.G.T).d 
Brakeley, John Price Jones Inc. (Alh 
Bernd Brecher/lnstitutional 

Advancement Programs (All) 

Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc, 

Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. 

Bristol Savings Bank (AII).A 
Brockway Glass Co.. Inc. 

Brooklyn Union Gas Co, (U.G).A.d.r 
Brown-Forman Corp, (J.C.U.G.R) 
Brown Group. Inc (U.G.R.T.Pr).d 
John Brown Inc (J.C.U.G.T).* 
Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp. 

Brunswick Corp IJ.C.U.G.R).d.r 
Buell Industries, Inc. (Alh.d 
Buflalo Color Corp. (Ah) 
Bunge Corp. (Alh.r.s 
Burlington Industries, Inc. (Alh.d.r 
Burlington Northern Inc. (J.C.U).d 
Leo Burnett Co . Inc (Alh 
Burroughs Wellcome Co. (Alh.r 
Butler Manufacturing Co. (J.U.G.f)j 

CBI Industries. Inc. (U.G.R.V.d 
CBS Foundahon Inc (C.U.GI.d 
CNA Insurance Cos lAID.r.n 
CP Rail System (J.C.U.G.T) 
CPC International Inc. (Alt),d.r,s.ft 
CSX Corp (Alh.d 
Cabot Corp. (AID.d.r 
Cabot Stains (Ah) 
Calex Manufacturing Co., Inc, (AH) 
Callanan Industries Inc. (Alh.A.d 
Campbell Soup Co. (Alh.d.r 
Capital Cihes/ABC, Inc. (J.C.U.G).d 
Capital Holding Corp. (Alh.d.r 
Carolina Power & Light Co (All.t).d.r 
Carolina Telephone (J.C.U.G.R).d.r.s 
Carpenter Technology Corp. (J.U).d.r 
Carson Products Co. (AID 
Carter-Wallace, Inc (Alh.d.r.s 
Castle and Cooke, Inc. (AID 
Caterpillar Inc. (U.G).d.r 
Centel Corp. (J. C. U. G. R). d. r. s, t 
Centerior Energy Corp. ( 
Central Illinois Light Co. iJ.U.G.R.V.d 
Central Life Assurance Co. iU).d 
Central Vermont Public Service 

Corp. (Alh 
Century Cos. of America (J.C.U.G.R) 
CertainTeed Corp. (Alh.r 
Chamberiain Manufacturing Corp. 

Champion International Corp. 

Champlin Refining S, Chemicals, Inc. 

Charles River Laboratories, Inc. 

The Chase Manhattan Corp, 

Chemical Bank (J.C.U.G.R).d.r 
Chesapeake Corp (J.C.U.G.R).d.r 
Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone 

Cos. (J.CUG.nd.r 
Chesebrough-Pond's USA 

Chevron Corp, (J.C.U.G.R),d.r 
Chicago Title and Trust Co, 

Chicago Tribune Co. (Ah) 
Chrysler'Corp. (J.C.U.G.T).A.d.r.s 
Chubb and Son Inc. (Alh.d.r 
Chubb Life Insurance Co. of America 

Church & Dwight Co., Inc. (U) 
Church Mutual Insurance (io. 

CIBA-GEIGY Corp (Alh.d 
CIGNA Corp. (Alh.d.r 
Cincinnah Bell. Inc. (J.C.U.G.T) 
Circuit City Stores, Inc. (Alh 
Citicorp/Citibank, N,A, (Alh.d.r 
Cleveland-Clitfs Inc (Ath.d 
Clopay Corp. (Alh 
The Clorox Co, iJ.CU.GI.d.r.s.t 
Co-Op Banking Group Cos, (All.Pr) 
Coats & Clark, Inc. lAlh.r 
The Coca-Cola Co. (Alh.d.r.s.t 
The Coleman Co., Inc. (J.C.U).r.s.t 
Colgate-Palmolive Co. (Alh.d.r 
Collins & Aikman Corp. (AH) 
Colonial Bancorp. Inc. (AID.r 


in most cases, recipient institutions must be accredited, degree- 
granting, and located in tlie United States. 

(ALL! — All SIX types of institutions listed below eligible 

(J) — Junior colleges eligible 

(C) — Community colleges eligible 

(U) — Four-year colleges and universities eligible 

(G) — Graduate and professional schools eligible 

(R) — Seminaries and theological schools eligible 

(T) — Technical and specialized schools eligible 

(Pr) — Private institutions only 
(t) — Limited to specihc institutions 
A — Previous or current affiliation with school required 
d — Nonemployee directors of company eligible 
r — Rehred employees eligible 
s — Spouses eligible 
t — Spouses of retirees eligible 
u — Widows or widowers of rehrees eligible 
# — Limited to specific personnel 
Italics — Greater than I to 1 match on all or part of donation 

© July 1 993 by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education. All 
rights reserved. No part of this leaflet may be reproduced in any manner 
whatsoever without the express written permission of the copyright holder. 
Inquiries requesting permission may be addressed to Director. National 
Clearinghouse for Corporate Matching Gift Information. CASE, Suite 400, 
11 Dupont Circle, Washington, DC 20036-1261 

Colonial Parking Inc. (U) 
Colonial Penn Group, Inc. 

The Columbia Gas System. Inc. 

Columbus Life Insurance Co. 

Comerica Inc. (J.C.U.G.R) 
Commercial Intertech Corp. 

Commonwealth Energy System 

Commonwealth Insurance Co. (Alh 
Communications Satellite Corp, 

Community Mutual Blue Cross 8, 

Blue Shield (J.C.U.G.R.t).r 
Congoleum Corp, (Ah) 
Connecticut Bank & Trust Co, 

Connecticut Mutual Life Insurance 

Co. (Alh.r 
Connecticut Natural Gas Corp. 

Conoco Inc, (J.C.U.G.T) 
CONSOL, Inc, (J.C.y.G.D.r 
Consolidated Edison Co. of New 

York. Inc. (J.C.U.G.T).r 
Consolidated Natural Gas Co. 

Consolidated Papers. Inc. (Alh.d.r.u 
Consolidated Rail Corp. (J.C.U.G).d 
Consumer Programs Inc. (Ah) 
Consumers Power Co. (J. C.U.G.Tj.d.r 
Continental Bank (U.GI.d.r 
The Continental Corp (J.C.U.G).d 
Frederic W. Cook & Co.. Inc. (Ah) 
Cooper Industries (J.C.U.G.T) 
Cooper Tire i Rubber Co. (Ah).r 
Coopers S. Lybrand (U.G).A 
The Copley Press. Inc. (AID.d.r.s.t.u 
Copley Real Estate Advisors, Inc. 

Copolymer Rubber & Chemical Corp. 

CoreStates Financial Corp. (Alh.d.r 
CoreStates Hamilton Bank (Alh.d.r 
Corning Inc. (Alh.d.r 
Courtaulds Coatings Inc. (U.G.Pr) 
Covington & Burling (G.t) 
Cowles Media Co. (All).d.s 
Crane Co. tJ.C.U.G.R) 
Cray Research. Inc. (J.C.U.G.V.d 
Credit AgricolerJ.CUG) 
Credit Suisse (Ah) 
Crestar Bank lAlh.s 
Crompton & Knowles Corp. (Alh 
Cross & Trecker Corp. (J.CU.G.TI.U 
Crown Central Petroleum Corp. (U.G) 
Crum and Forster, Inc. (Alh.d 
Cummins Engine Co.. Inc. (Alh,d.r,ff 
CUNA Mutual Insurance Group (U),A 

DFS Group Limited (AID,d 

Oain Bosworlh Inc. (AJh 

Dana Corp (Alh.d.r.s.l.u 

The Danforth Foundation (AID.d 

Dauphin Deposit Corp. (AID.d 

DEKALB Genetics Corp. (All),d 

Deloitte & Touche (U),r 

Delta Air Lines. Inc. (C.U.G.R.Tj.ti 

Delta Dental Plan of Massachusetts 

Deluxe Corp (J,C,U,T),d,r 
Deposit Guaranty National Bank (Alh 
The Detroit Edison Co. (Ah.t).A.d 
A.W.G. Dewar Inc. (J.U.G.R.Pr).A.s 
The Dexter Corp. (J.C.U.G. T.p.d.s 
Diamond Crystal Salt Co. (Ah) 
Difco Laboratories (Ah) 
Digital Equipment Corp. 

Digital Sciences Corp. (U.G.T)A 
Donaldson Co. Inc. (Alh 
Donaldson. Lufkin & Jenrette (A)D.s 
R.R. Donnelley & Sons Co. 

Dow Chemical U.S.A. 

Dow Coming Corp. (J.C.U.G.T).r.u 
Dow Jones & Co.. Inc. (Alh.d.r 
DowElanco (Alh.d.r 
Dresser Industries. Inc. (U.G.RI.d.r 
Dresser-Rand Co, (Alh.r 
Dry Dock Savings Bank (J.C.U.G) 
Duke Power Co. (J.C.U.G.R).d.r 
The Dun & Bradstreet Corp. 

Duquesne Light Co. (Alh.d 

Eastern Enterprises (Alh.d.r.s.t 

Eaton Corp. (Alh.d.r 

Jack Eckerd Corp. (Alh.d 

Ecolab Inc. (Alh.d 

Educators Mutual Life Insurance Co. 

Egan Machinery Co. (J.U.G) 
Elf Aquitaine, Inc. (Alh.s 
ELFAtochem North America. Inc. 

Elizal)ethtown Water Co. (U.G.R.V.d 
Emerson Electric Co. (Ah).d 
Engelhard Corp. (J.C.U.G.R) 
Engineered Systems & Development 

Corp. (J.C.U.G) 
Enron Corp. (C.U.G.R).dr 
ENSERCHCorp. (J.C.y.Gn 
Ensign-Bickford Foundation 

Envirotech Corp. (J.C.U.G.V 
Equifax Inc. (U.G) 

The Equitable Life Assurance 

Society of the tJnited States 

Equitable Life Insurance Co. of Iowa 

Equitable Resources, Inc. (C.U.G).d 
(.ms\ & young (All), r.sXu 
ESSTAR Inc. (J.C.U.G.R).* 
Esterline Corp. (J.CM.G.T) 
Ethyl Corp. (AII)M.r 
European American Bank (J.C.U.G.R) 
Exxon Education Foundation 


FMC Corp. (All).d.s 

FPL Group. Inc. (J.C.U.G).d.r 

Factory Mutual Engineering and 

Research/Service Bureau 

The Fairchild Corp. (All).d 
Farm Credit Banks ot Springfield 

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. 

Federal-Mogul Corp. (All).d.r.s 
Federal National Mortgage 

Association (J.C.U.G.R).d.r 
Federated Department Stores, Inc. 


FerroCorp. (J.C.U.G.T).d 
Fidelity Investments (J.U.GPr) 
Fiduciary Trust Co. (Boston) (All).d.s 
Fifth Third Bancorp. (All) 
FINA, Inc. (U).A 
FingerhutCorp. fJ.Ct/.GIrtr 
Fireman's Fund Insurance Co. (All) 
First Bank System, Inc. (All).r 
The First Boston Corp. (All) 
First Fidelity BanCorp. (U.G.R.t).d 
First Interstate Bank of California 

First Interstate Bank of Oregon, N.A. 

First Interstate Bank of Washington, 

N.A. (All).d.r 
First Maryland Bancorp (Allj.r 
First Mississippi Corp. (Atl).d 
First National Bank of Chicago 

Foundation (J.C.U,G.Ft).d.s 
First Union Corp. lAII) 
First Virginia Banks, Inc. (U.G) 
Fleet Bank - Rhode Island (J.C.U.G) 
Fleming Cos., Inc. (All).s 
Fluor Corp. (All).d.r 
foWen Corp. (J.C.U.G) 
Ford Motor Co. (J.C.U.G.R).d.r,ft 
Ford Motor Co. of Canada, Ltd. 

Fortis Benefits Insurance Co./Fortis 

Financial Group aCWG.r.) 
Foster Wheeler Corp. (C.U.G.R.T) 
4-Guys Stainless Steel Fabricators, 

Inc. (au.G).d 
Ttie Foxboro Co (All) 
Freedom Forum (All) 
Freeport-McMoRan, Inc. 

H.B. Fuller Co. (All).d.r 
Fulton Financial Corp. (U.G.R) 
Funderburke & Associates (All).d 

GATXCorp. fU,Gj 
GTE Corp. (All).d.r 
Galileo Electro-Optics Corp. 

E.& J. Gallo Winery aC,U,GA/« 
The Gary-Williams Co./The Piton 

Foundation (All).r 
Gast Manufacturing Corp. (All) 
The Gates Corp. (J.C.U.G.Rj.A.r 
GenCorp Inc. (All).d.r 
General Accident Insurance Co. of 

America (J.C.U.G.R).r 
General American Investors Co.. Inc. 

General Cable Co. (All) 
General Cinema Corp. 

General Defense Corp. (All) 
General Dynamics Corp. (Allj.d 

General Electric Canada Inc. 

General Electric Co. (All.t).A.d.r.u 
General Housewares Corp. 

General Mills. Inc (Alll.d.r 
General Motors Corp (U.GI.d 
General Public Utilities Corp. 

General Re Corp (J.C.U.G V.d.r 
General Signal Corp. (J.C.U.G.T) 
M. Arthur Gensler Jr. and 

Associates, Inc. (All) 
Georgia Power Co. (U.G.R).d.r 
Gerber Products Co. (All).d.r.u 
Gilbane Building Co. (J.C.U.T) 
The Gillette Co. ((y,G,0.rt'' 
Oilman Paper Co. (All).d 
P. H.GIatfelter Co. aC,U,G,Ur,s 
Glaxo Inc. (J.CU.GAr 
Glendale Federal (U) 
The Glenmede Corp. (All).d 
Goldman, Sachs & Co. (All) 
Goldome (All).d 

Good Value Homes, Inc. (U.G.R).r 
The BFGoodrich Co. 

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. 

Gould Inc. (J.C.U.G) 
Goulds Pumps, Inc. (J.C.U.G.V.A 
Government Employees Insurance 

Co. (U.G. R.n.d 
W.R.Crace&Co. ( 
Graco Inc. (All) 
W W- Grainger. Inc. (All) 
Grant Thornton (ttG,.^,) 
The Graphic Printing Co., Inc. (All) 
Great Lakes Carbon Corp. 

Great West Casualty Co. IU.G).d 
Greenwood Mills, Inc. (U.G.R.T).r.s 
Gregory Poole Equipment Co, (All) 
John Grenzebach & Associates, Inc. 

Grmnell Mutual Reinsurance Co. 

Grumman Corp. (J.C.U).r.s.t.u 
The Guardian Life Insurance Co. of 

America (J.C.U.G).d.r.s.t 


Halliburton Co- (J.U.G.R).d.r.# 
Hallmark Cards, Inc (All).d 
Hampton & Harper, Inc. (All) 
U-h.HannaCo. (J.C.U.G.T) 
The Hanover Insurance Co. (All).d.r 
Harleysville Mutual Insurance Co. 

HarperCollins Publishers Inc. (All) 
Harris Corp. (J.C.U.G.R).d 
Harris Trust & Savings Bank: Harris 

Hartford Insurance Group (U.R).d.r.s 
The Hartford Steam Boiler 

Inspection and Insurance Co. 

HartmarxCorp. (■U,Gftr)./l 
Haworth. Inc. (U.G).r 
H.J. Heinz Co. (All).d.r 
Heller Financial, Inc. (J.C.U.G) 
Hercules Inc. (All).d.r 
Hershey Foods Corp. 

Hewitt Associates (All) 
Hewlett-Packard Co. (J.C.U.G).d 
Hexcel Corp. (All) 
Hibernia National Bank (J.C.U.G) 
Higher Education Publications. Inc. 

The Hillman Co. (All) 
Hoechst Celanese Corp. (J.C.U.G).r 
Hoffmann-La Roche Inc. (All),r 
Holmes & Naruer, Inc. (J.C.U.G.T) 
Home Life Insurance Co. 

Homestake Mining Co. (All).d.s 
Honeywell, Inc. ry-GRUrt^s 
Hormel Foods Corp. (J.C.U.G.R).d.r.s 
Hospital Corp. ot America (All).d.r 
Houghton Mifflin Co. (All).d.r.s 
Household International. Inc. 

Hubbard Milling Co. (U.G.R) 

Hubbelllnc. aC,t/,G,7),d 

J.M. Huber Corp. (All).d.s 

Huck International, Inc. (J.C.U.G.T)J 

Huffy Corp. (m.d.s 

Hughes Aircraft Co. (All) 

Hunt Manufacturing Co. (All) 

ICI Americas Inc. (U.G.T).A.r.s.t.u 
IDS Financial Services Inc. (All).r.s.t 
IE Industries Inc. (Uj.s 
ISC Group, Inc. (J.C.U.G.T) 
in Corp, (J.C.U.G).d.r 
lU International (J.C.U.G.V.d 
Illinois Bell ( 
Illinois Tool Works Inc. (All).d.r 
IMCERA Group Inc. (J.C.U.G.Tj.d 
Imo Industries Inc. (All),d,s 
Indiana Bell Telephone Co., Inc. 

Industrial Risk Insurers (Allj.r 
Ingersoll-Rand Co. (Allj.d.r 
Innovation Packaging, Inc. 

Instron Corp. (All).d 
Integon Corp. (All) 
Integra Financial Corp. (All) 
Intel Corp. (All).d.s 
Intelligent Controls, Inc. (All) 
The Interlake Corp ( J.C.U. G.R),d.r 
International Business Machines 

Corp. (All).d.r.s.t.u 
International Flavors and 

Fragrances Inc. (All) 
International Multifoods Corp. 

( J. C. U.G.R) 
International Paper (All).d 
International Student Exchange 

Cards, Inc, (U) 
Iveco Trucks of North America, Inc, 


JSJ Corp. U.C.U.G.V.d.r 
James River Corp, (J.C.U.G.Tj.d 
Jefferies&CcInc, (Allj.s 
Jefferson-Pilot Communications Co, 

Jefferson-Pilot Corp, (Allj.d.r 
John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance 

Co. (All).d.r.s.t 
Axel Johnson Inc. (J.C.U.G.T.Prj.d.r 
Johnson Controls, Inc. (Allj.d.r 
E.F. Johnson Co. (All) 
Johnson & Higgins (Allj.r.s 
Johnson & Johnson (J.C.U.G.Rj.d.r 

SC Johnson & Son, Inc. (Allj.d.r.u 
J. A. Jones, Inc, ( 
Jostens, Inc. (Allj.A.d.r.s.t 


K N Energy, Inc. (Allj.d 
KPMG Peat Marwick (U.G).A.r 
Kansas City Southern Industries, 

Inc. (Allj.d 
Karmazin Products Corp. (U.G) 
Kearney-National Inc. (U.G.R.T) 
KeeblerCo. aC,U,fl,n 
Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, Inc. (All) 
Kellogg Co. (Allj.d.r 
The M.W. Kellogg Co. (All) 
WK. Kellogg Foundation (Allj.d.r 
Kemper National Insurance Cos. 

Kennametal Inc. (U.G.R,Tj,» 
The Kerite Co. ( 
Kerr-McGee Corp, (Allj.d.r 
Kingsbury Corp. (Allj.A.d.r.s.t 
Kiplinger Washington Editors 

Y.mzr\Co!0. (J.C.U.G.R.tJ.d 
Knight-Ridder, Inc, ( 
H, Kohnstamm & Co., Inc. 

Korte Construction Co, (U).A 

The Lamson & Sessions Co. 

Land O'Lakes, Inc. (Allj 
Lamer Worldwide, Inc (J.C.U.G.TJ 
LaSalle National Bank (J.C.U.Gj 
Law Cos, Group, Inc. (U) 
The Law Co., Inc. (C.U.G).A 
Lehigh Portland Cement Co. 

Levi Strauss & Co, (Allj.d.r 
Libbey-Owens Ford Co. (J.C.U.G.Tj.r 
The Liberty Corp. (Allj.r.s 
Liberty National Bank and Trust Co. 

of Louisville MCUG 7^ 
Ell Lilly and Co. (Allj.d.r 
Lincoln National Corp, 

Link Engineering Co,, Inc. (U) 
Thomas J. Lipton Co (All).r.s 
Litton Itek Optical Systems (All) 
Loctite Corp. (J.C.U.G.R).d 
Loews Corp. (Allj 
Lone Star Industries, Inc. 

Lotus Development Corp. (Allj 
The Louisiana Land and Exploration 

Co (All! 
Louisiana Power & Light Co, (U) 
The Lubrizol Corp. 

Lucky Stores, Inc. (Allj.d 
Ludlow Corp, (J.C.U.G.Tj.A.d.r.s 
Lukens Inc. (Alll.d.r 


The M/A/R/C Group aCU.C; 

M & T Chemicals Inc. (J.C.U.G) 

MCk\nc. (J.C.U. Gl.s 

MSI Insurance (J.C.U.G.Rj 

MTS Systems Corp. (J.C.UG.Tj.A.d.r 

John 0. and Catherine T. MacArthur 

Foundation (Allj.d.r 
Mack Trucks, Inc, (J.C.U.G.Rj 
MacLean-Fogg Co (U.Gj.A 
R. H. Macy 8, Co., Inc. (J.C.U.G.Rj.d 
Madison Mutual Insurance Co. (NY) 

( J C. U.Gj.d 
Maguire Oil Co, (All) 
Mallinckrodt Medical, Inc. (J.C.U.G) 
Management Compensation 

Group/Dulworth, Inc. ( 
Manufacturers National Corp. 

ManvilleCorp. (Allj.A.r.s.t.u 
Marathon Oil Co (Alll.d.r 
Maremont Corp. (J.C.U.G.TJ 
Marion Merrell Dow Inc. 

Maritz Inc (J.C.U.Gj.d 
The Marley Co. (Uj 
Marsh & McLennan Cos,, Inc, (Allj.s 
Martin Marietta Corp. (Allj.d 
Marymac Industries Inc. (U).A.r 
Massachusetts Mutual Lite 

Insurance Co. (Allj.d 
Mattel, Inc. aC,y,&T},tf 
Maxus Energy Corp. (All) 
The May Department Stores Co. 

Maytag Corp. (C.U.T.t).d.r.M 
Mazda (North America), Inc. 

McCormick & Co., Inc, (Allj 
McDonald's Corp. (Allj 
McDonnell Douglas Corp. 
■ (J.C.U.G.R).A.d 
Thomas McFadden & Associates, 

Inc. (U.Gj.A.d.r 
McGraw-Hill. Inc. (Allj.d.r 
McKesson Corp. (Allj.d.r 
McOuay Inc. (Allj.A.d 
The Meaa Corp. (J.C.U.G.Tj.d 
Mebane Packaging Corp. (Allj.d 
Mechanics Bank (Allj 
Medtronic, Inc, (Allj.d.r 
Mellon Bank (Allj 
MenashaCorp (U.G.R.Prj.r 
Merck & Co., Inc. (Allj.d.r 
Meredith Corp. (Allj.d.r 
Meridian Bancorp, Inc, (C.U.G.Rj.r 
Meridian Insurance Co, (U).A.d.r 
Merit Oil Corp. (J.C.U.G.T).d.r.# 
Meritor Savings Bank (J.C.U.G.Tj.d 

Merrill Lynch & Co,, Inc, (Alll,d,r 
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. 

Mettler Instrument Corp. (J.C.U.G.Rj 
Michigan Bell (J.C.U.G.t).A.r 
Michigan Mutual Insurance Co. (The 

Amerisure Cos.) (Allj.d.r 
Microsoft Corp. (Allj.d 
Middlesex Mutual Assurance Co, 

Midland Montagu (J.C.U.Gj 
The Midland Mutual Life Insurance 

Co, (Allj.d.r 
Midland-Ross Corp, (J.C.U.R).d 
Midlantic Corp. (Uj.d 
Midwest Resources Inc. (Allj.d.s 
Miehle-Goss-Dexter Inc. (J.C.U.G.Rj 
Milhken 8, Co. (J.C.U.G.R.Prj.d.r 
Millipore Corp. (Allj.d 
Milton Bradley Cd (J.C.U.G.T. Prj 
Minnesota Mutual Life Insurance Co, 

(J.C.U.G.Rj.d J 
Mississippi Power Co. ( 
Mississippi Power & Light Co. (Uj 
The MITRE Corp. (Allj.d 
Mitsubishi International Corp, 

( J.C.U.G.TJ.' 
Mobil Oil Corp, (Allj.d.r 
Moen Inc, (Allj.d 
Mohasco Corp. (J.C.U.G.Rj.Ad.s 
Monroe Auto Equipment Co. (Uj,A 
Monsanto Co. (J.C.U.G.Tj.d.r 
The Montana Power Co. (All) 
Montgomery Ward & Co., Inc. 

MOOG Inc. (Allj 
Moore McCormack Resources. Inc. 

Morgan Construction Co. (Allj 
J. P. Morgan & Co. Inc. (All).d.r.s.t 
Morgan Stanley & Co,, Inc, (J.C.U.Gj 
Morrison Knudsen Corp. ( 
Morse Shoe, Inc. (J.C.U.G) 
Morton International, Inc, (U.Gj.d.r 
Motorola, Inc. (All).d.r.s 
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation 

Murphy Oil Corp (Allj.d r 
Mutual of America (U.G.R.Tj.d.r 
Mutual Of New York ( 
Mutual of Omaha MC,UGD,d 


NBD Bancorp. Inc. (J.C.U,R),d 
NBD Indiana, Inc, (J.U.G.R.Tj.d 
NCR Corp, (All).d.r.s 
NRC. Inc, (Allj 

The NWNL Cos., Inc. (J.C.U.G.Rj.d.r 
NACCO Industries, Inc, (Allj.d.s 
Naico Chemical Co. (C.U.G.R.Tj.d.r 
National City Corp, (Allj.d.s 
National Gypsum Co. (All.t).s 
National Intergroup, Inc, (Allj 
Nahonal Medical Enterprises, Inc. 

National Starch and Chemical Co, 

National Steel Corp, (C.U.G.R.Tj 
National Westminster Bank USA 

( J. C. U.Gj.d.r 
NationsBank Corp, (Allj.d.r.u,^ 
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. 

(J.C.U.G.Rj.d J 
Neles-Jamesbury (Allj 
Nepera, Inc, ( 
New England Business Sen/Ice. Inc. 

The New England Education Loan 

Marketing Corp, (Allj 
New England Electric System Cos. 

New Jersey Bell Telephone Co. 

New Jersey National Bank 

New Jersey Natural Gas Co. 

New York Life Insurance Co. 

New York State Electric & Gas Corp. 

New York Stock Exchange, Inc, 

The New York Times Co. (Allj.r.u 

The New Yorker Magazine. Inc. (Alii 
Newmont Mining Corp. lUl.d 
Nike, Inc. (All) 
The Samuel Roberts Noble 

Foundation, Inc. (All).a.s 
Nordson Corp. (All)j 
Norfolk Southern Corp. (All).d.r,s.t.u 
North American Philips Corp. (All).d.r 
Northeast Utilities (All).d.r.s 
Northern Illinois Gas (J.U.W.r 
Northern States Power Co. ( 
Noilhern Telecom, Inc. (J.C.U.G.T).d 
The Northern Trust Co. (Alll.d.r 
Northwest Industries, Inc. (All).d 
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance 

Co. (All).d.r 
Norton Co. (All).d.r.s.l 
W.W. Norton & Co., Inc. 

Norwest Colorado, Inc. (Alll.r 
Norwest Corp. (All).r 
Noxell Corp. (All),r.s 
The NutraSweet Co. (J.C.U.G.FI)j 
John Nuveen & Co. Inc. (J.C.U.G.Pr) 
NYNEX Corp. (J.C.U.G.d.d.r 

Occidental Oil and Gas Corp. (All),d.r 
Occidental Petroleum Corp. (All) 
Ohio Bell Telephone Co. 

The Ohio National Lite Insurance Co. 

Oklahoma Gas and Electric Co. 

Olin Corp. (J,C,U.G).d.r 
OMNI Construction, Inc. (J.C.U,G),A 
Ontario Corp. (Alh.d.r 
Openaka Corp., Inc. (U.G).a 
Oregon Portland Cement Co. 

Outboard Marine Corp. (All).d 
Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp. 

Owens-lllinois. Inc. (All).d 
Oxiord Industries, Inc. (J.U).A.It 

PHHCorp. aC,U,G,n.d.r 

PNC Bank, Kentucky, Inc. (J,C,U,G,R) 

PPG Industries, Inc. (All).d.r 

PQCorp. (J.C.U.G.T).d.r.s 

Paccar Inc (J.C.U,G.R).d 

Pacific Enterprises (All).r 

Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Co. 

Pacific Telesis Group 

Pan-American Life Insurance Co. 

Panhandle Eastern Corp. (All).d.r 
Paramount Communicabons Inc. 

Parker-Hannihn Corp (J,C.iJ,G,R).d.r 
The Paul Revere Cos. (All).tl 
Pearle Health Services, Inc. 

Pechiney Corp. (All).s 
PeHa Corp. (AID.d.r.s.t.u 
Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co. 

J.C.Penney Co., Inc. (All).d.r.s.t.u 
Pennsylvania Power & Light Co. 

PennzolICo (J.CUi.d.r.s.t.u 
People's Bank (J.C.U.G.R),r.s.l 
Peoples Energy Corp. (U.G.R).d.s 
PepsiCo, Inc. (J.C.U.G.T).d,r,s 
The Perkin-Elmer Corp. (J,C.U,G.T),d 
PET Inc. (U.G).s 
Peterson Consulting Limited 

Partnership (Alh 
Pfizer Inc (All).d.r 
Phelps Dodge Corp. (All),d.r 
Philip Morris Cos. Inc. (All).d.r 
Phillips Petroleum Co. (All).d,r 
Phoenix Home Life Mutual Insurance 

Co. (J.C,U.G.R) 
Piedmont Aviation, Inc. (Allj.d 
The Pinherton Tobacco Co. (Allj.s 
The Pioneer Group. Inc. (All) 

Pioneer Hi-Bred International. Inc. 

Pitney Bowes Inc. (All),d,r 
Pittsburgh National Bank (AII),A 
PIttwayCorp. (J.C.U.G).d 
Plante & Moran, CPA's (C.U.G).A 
Playboy Enterprises, Inc. (All) 
Pogo Producing Co, (J.C.U.G).r 
Polaroid Corp. (All).d,r 
Pope & la\bol inc. (J, CU.G.T) 
Potlatch Corp. (All),d,s 
Preferred Risk Group IU,G).d 
Preformed Line Products Co, (All).d.r 
Premark International, Inc. (All) 
Price Brothers Co. (J.C.U.G. T).A 
Price & Pierce International Inc. 

T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc. (All) 
Price Waterhouse (U.G),r 
The Principal Financial Group 

The Procter & Gamble Co. (U.CI.d.r 
PromusCos. (C.U,G.T).d 
Protection Mutual Insurance Co. 

Provident Life and Accident 

Insurance Co. (J,C.U.G,R).r 
Provident Mutual Life Insurance Co, 

of Philadelphia (J.C.U.G.R).d.r.s.t 
Provident Nahonal Bank (Alt).A.d 
The Prudential Insurance Co. ol 

America IJ.C.U.G.R,t).d.r 
Public Service Co. of Colorado 

Public Service Electric and Gas Co. 

Puget Sound Power & Light Co. 

Purolator Products Co. (All) 

Quaker Chemical Corp. (All).d.r.s.t.u 
The Quaker Oats Co. (All).dj 
Quaker State Corp. (All).d.r.s 

R. J. R. Nabisco, Inc. (Alll.d.r 
RKO General, Inc. (J.C.U.G. R) 
RLI Insurance Co. (All).d 
Ralston Purina Co. (All).d.s 
Rand McNally (U.G.R) 
Raytheon Co. (All).d.r 
Reader's Digest Association. Inc. 

Redlands Federal Bank (U.Prj.A 
Reichhold Chemicals, Inc. (U.GI 
The Reliable Life Insurance Co. 

Reliance Electric Co. (AIII.A.d.r 
Reliance Insurance Cos. (All).s 
Republic National Bank of New York 

The Research Institute of America, 

Inc. (J.C.U.GI.d 
Revlon, Inc. (All) 
Rexham Corp. (U).d 
Rexnord Corp. (Alh.d 
Reynolds Metals Co. (J.CU.G).d.r 
Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Inc. (All).d.r 
Riviana Foods Inc. (J.C.U.G) 
Rochester Midland Corp. (U,G),A 
The Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Inc. 

Rockefeller Family & Associates 

The Rockefeller Group (All).d.r.s.t 
Rockwell International Corp. (All).d 
Rohm and Haas Co. (All).d.r.s 
Rohr, Inc. (All) 
Rolling Thunder, Inc. (Alh.A 
Rolm, A Siemens Co. (J.C.U.G).r.s.u 
Rospatch Corp. (J.C.U) 
Ross, Johnston & Kersting, Inc. (All) 
Royal Insurance (J.C.U.G.Rj.r 
Rubbermaid Inc. (J.C.U.G.t).d.r 
Ryco Division, Reilly-Whiteman, Inc. 

Ryder System, Inc. (J.C.U.G.V.s 

SOS Biotech Corp (All) 

SKF USA Inc. (All/.d 


SPS Technologies, Inc. (All).d.r.s 

SPX Corp. (U,G).d,r,u 

Safeco Corp. (J.C.U.G.V.d.r 

The St. Paul Cos (J.C.U.G V.d.r 

Salomon Inc (All).d 

Sandoz Corp. (Alt).d,r.s 

Santa Fe Pacific Corp. (J.C.U.G.R).d 

Sanwa Bank California (J.C.U.t) 

Sara Lee Corp (J,C,U.G).d 

Schering-Plough Corp. (J.C.U,G.R).d 

Schlegel Corp. (All) 

Schulman Management Corp. (All) 

Charles Schwab & Co. Inc. (Allj.A.d 

Scientific Brake & Equipment Co. 

Scott, Foresman and Co. (U).r,s 
Scripps Howard, Inc. (J.C.U.G.V.d.r 
Seafirst Bank (All) 
Joseph E. Seagram S Sons. Inc. 

( J.C.U.G.Rj.r 
Sealed Air Corp. (J.C.U.G.T).d.s 
SealrightCo.lnc. (J.C.U.G) 
G.D Searle & Co. (J.C.U.G.R).d.rtt 
Security-Connecticut Life Insurance 

Co (Ain.d.r 
Security Van Lines, Inc, 

Sedgwick James. Inc. (All).s 
Seton Co. (U.G).A.D 
Shaklee Corp. (All).s 
Shawmut National Corp. (AlO.d.r 
Shearson Lehman Brothers, Inc. (All) 
Sheldahl, Inc. (All) 
Shell Oil Co (All).d.r 
Shenandoah Life Insurance Co. 

The Sherwin-Williams Co. (All),d.r 
Shin-Etsu Silicones of America, Inc. 

Siemens Corp. (AII) 
Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc. 

Sierra Pacific Resources 

Sifco Industries, Inc. (J.C.U.G.V.d.s 
Signet Banking Corp. (All.Pr).d 
Simpson Investment Co. 

(J.C.U.G.R) J 
Skinner Corp. (J.C.U.G.V.d.s 
Smith International, Inc. (J.C.U.G.T) 
SmithKline Beecham (All).d.r 
Society Corp. (All) 
Somers Corp. (Mersman/Waldron) 

Sonat Inc. (All),dj 
Sonoco Products Co. 

Sony Corp. of America (All).d 
South-Western Publishing Co. 

Southeast Bank, N.A. (U.G).d 
Southwestern Bell Corp, 

Spiegel. Inc. (U.G) 
Spring Arbor Distribution Co. 

Springs Industries. Inc. (Alh.d 
Sprint Corp. (J.C.U.G.R).d.r 
Square D Co. (U.G) 
A. E. Statey Manufacturing Co. 

Standard Insurance Co. (All).r.u 
The Standard Products Co, (All) 
Stanhome, Inc, (J.C.U.GRI.d 
The Stanley Works (C.U.G.R).d.r. 
Star Enterprise IJ.C.U.G).r 
State Farm Insurance Cos. 

State Mutual Life Assurance Co. of 

America (All).d.r 
State Street Bank & Trust Co. (AID.d 
Stautter Communications, Inc. (All.t) 
Steel Heddle Manufacturing Co. 

Steelcase Inc, (All) 
Sterling Winthropinc (J.C.U.GI.r 
Stone & Webster, Inc. (All) 
The Stop & Shop Cos., Inc, (All).d 
The Stride Rite Corp (All).d 
Student Loan Marketing Association 



In most cases, recipient institutions must be accredited, degree- 
granting, and located in the United States, 

(ALL) — All SIX types of institutions listed below eligible 

(J) — Junior colleges eligible 

(C) — Community colleges eligible 

(U) — Four-year colleges and universities eligible 

(G) — Graduate and professional schools eligible 

(R) — Seminaries and theological schools eligible 

(T) — Technical and specialized schools eligible 

(Pr) — Private institutions only 
(t) — Limited to specific institutions 
A — Previous or current affiliation with school required 
d — Nonemployee directors of company eligible 
r — Retired employees eligible 
s — Spouses eligible 
t — Spouses of retirees eligible 
u —Widows or widowers of retirees eligible 
# — Limited to specific personnel 
Italics — Greater than 1 to 1 match on all or pari ol donation 

Subaru of America (J.C.U.G. V 
Sun Life Assurance Co. of Canada 

Sun Microsystems, Inc. (All) 
Super Valu Stores, Inc, (J.C.U.G) 
Susquehanna Investment Group 

Swank, Inc. (U) 

Swiss American Securities Inc. (All) 
Syntex Corp. (All).d.r.s 

TCF Financial Corp. (All).d 
TRW Inc, (J.C.U.G.R).d 
TT)i Co. (J.C.U.G.T) 
Tambrands Inc. (J.C.U.G).d 
Tandy Corp. (Allj.d.* 
The Teagle Foundation, Inc. 

Technimetrics, Inc. (All) 
Tektronix, Inc, (All),r 
Teledyne. Inc (U.G).d 
The Telex Corp (G) 
Temple-Inland Inc (Alh.d 
Tenneco Inc, (J.C.U.G.R).d.r 
Tesoro Petroleum Corp. (J.C.U.G.R).r 
leWey Inc. (J.C.U.G) 
Texaco Inc. (J.C.U.G) 
Texas Commerce Bank Houston 

Texas Gas Transmission Corp. 

Texas Instruments Inc. (U.G).d.r.s.t 
Textron Inc. (J.C.U).d 
Thomas & Betts Corp. (J.C.U.G),d 
Thomasville Furniture Industries, 

Inc, (U.G.R) 
J, Walter Thompson Co, 

3M (Alll.d.r 
Tietex Corp. (Alll.r 
Time Warner Inc. ( AID.d 
Times Mirror (All).r.s.t 
Times Publishing Co. (J.C.U.G.V.A 
The Tore Co ( Alh.d. s 
The Torrington Co. (Alll.d.r 
Towers, Perrin, Forster & Crosby 

Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. (All) 
Transamerica Corp. (Alh.d 
Transco Energy Co. (J.CU.G.R).d 
Transtar, Inc. (U.G.R) 
The Travelers Cos. (J.C.U.G.R).d.r.s.t 
Travelers Express Co.. Inc. (All) 
Treadway Cos., Inc. (U.G.R) 
Tremcolnc. (J.C.U.G.V.A 
TRINOVA Corp, (All).d.» 
Triskellon Ltd. (U.G).A 
Trustee, Bank, Atlanta ^/lW,r 
The Turner Corp, (J.C.U.G).d.s 
20th Century Insurance Co, 



UGI Corp. (J.C.U.G.R).d 

UJB Financial Corp. (Alh.d 

U.S. Bancorp (C.U.G.V.r 

U S WEST. Inc, (Alh.d.r 

USA GROUP, Inc, (All).d 

USG Corp, (U.G.R.t).r 

UST. Inc. (Alh 

USX Corp. (U.G.RI.d./t 

Unilever United States. Inc, (Alh.r.s 

Union Camp Corp, (All).d.s 

Union Electric Co. (J.C.U.G) 

Union Mutual Fire Insurance Co, 

Union Pacihc Corp. ( 
United Engineers & Constructors, 

Inc. (J.U).r 
United Fire 8, Casualty Co, (J.CU) 
United Parcel Service (All).d 
United Services Automobile 

Association (U).r 
United States Borax Inc. (U.GI.r 
United States Fidelity and Guaranty 

Corp. (U.C.R).d.r 
United States Leasing International. 

Inc. (Alh.r.s 
United States Trust Co, of New York 

(Alh.d.r. s 
United Technologies Corp, 

United Telephone Co. of Florida 

United Telephone Co. of New 

Jersey. Inc. (J.C.U.G.R).r 
United Telephone Co. of Ohio & 

Indiana (Alh.d.r 
United Telephone - Eastern 

Unitrin. Inc ( Alh.d.r 
Universal Foods Corp, (U.G) 
Unocal Corp. (J.C.U.G).d.» 
UNUM Corp. (J.C.U.C).d.r.s.t.u 
The Upjohn Co. (All).d.r 
USLIFE Corp. (J.C.U.G).d 
Utah International Inc. (Alh.d 
Utica National Insurance Group 


Valero Energy Corp, (J.C.UI 
Valley BanCorp, (J.C.U.G) 
Vanguard Group, Inc, (J.C.U.G) 
Varian Associates. Inc. (Alh.d 
Victaulic Co. of America (U.G).A 
Virginia Power (All).d.r 
Vulcan Materials Co. (J.C.U.G.V.d.r 


Wachovia Bank of Georgia. N.A. 

Wachovia Bank of North Carolina, 

N.A, (Wachovia Corp. of NC) 

Wallace & Wallace Ltd. (Alh 
The Wallmgford Steel Co. (U.G) 
Wamaco (J.U.G.R.Prj.d 

Warner-Lambert Co. 

Washington National 

Insurance Co. (Alt) 
The Washington Post Co. 

Waste Management Inc. 

Watkins-Johnson Co. 

Wausau Insurance Cos. 

C.J. Webb, Inc. (Atlld 
Welch Foods Inc. (J.U.G) 
Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. 

Wenzell International 

Corp. (U,Pr),A 
West One Bancorp 

Western Life Insurance 

Co. (All) 
Western Publishing Co., 

Inc. tJ.C.U.G) 

Westinghouse Electric 
Corp. (U.Cj.A,d.r,s.!t 
WestStar Bank. n.a. 

(J. cut 

Westvaco Corp. (All),d 

Weyerhaeuser Co. 

Wheat, First Securities, 

Inc. (All) 

Technologies Inc. 

Whirlpool Corp. 

White Consolidated 

Industries, Inc. (U.G) 
Whitman Corp. (J.C.U.G).d 
Whinaker Corp. (C.U.G.V.d 
John Wiley & Sons. Inc. 


Willamette Industries, Inc. 


The Williams Cos., Inc. 

Williams & Co., Inc. 

Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. 

The Wiremold Co. 

Wisconsin Bell, Inc. (All),r 
Wisconsin Energy Corp. 

Wisconsin Power & Light 

Co., Inc. (C.U.V.d.r 
Wolverine World Wide, 

Inc. (All).d.r 
Wyman-Gordon Co. (All).d 

Zapata Corp. (J.U.G) 

Insurance Group 

Zurn Industries, Inc. 


Xerox Corp. (U).d.r.s 

Yosemite Asset 

Management (U.G).A 
Young & Rubicam Inc. 


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World Youth Day 

continued from page 11 

at Bishop Kearney High School before moving to St. Francis in 

1989 to teach in the Religious Education Department. 

In 1986 Marie was honored with a TEACH (Teachers 
Energizing a Creative High School) award, given by the Office 
of Catholic Education, for a sixty-minute television news 
program produced by her students. Other honors include 
recognition by Mayor Koch for her volunteer work with the 
poor mentally retarded and disabled children, the Brooklyn Hall 
of Fame award and the St. Joseph the Worker award. 

Her achievement at World Youth Day brought Marie many 
job offers but she loves being a teacher at St. Francis. She has 
plans to start a journalism program there and would welcome 
suggestions from alumni. Phone her at St. Francis-7 18-492-88 10. 

Marie has little time for her hobbies: photography, cooking, 
and journalism. Her mother, still working, hopes to retire in a 
few years. Her brother Jimmy and his wife, Veronica, are 
expecting their first child which will make Marie a first-time 
aUnt. Her sister is with the U.S. Army in Virginia. 

Eleanor McLoiighlin 

To Spread Love and Laughter 
continued from page 10 

When I'm not clowning around, I volunteer at my children's 
elementary school and junior and senior high schools. My son 
David is 1 1, Michael is 13 and Don is 16. 1 also work part-time 
as a registrar/greeter at Jazzercise, where I've been enjoying 
aerobic dance classes for six years. One of my other passions in 
life is recycling and I am a co-leader of the recycling team at 
our church. 

Living so far away from New York, I am never able to 
attend the Spring Luncheon and visit with former classmates. 
When we do fly home, it is usually for Christmas or during 
summer vacation. If any alums pass through the Houston areas, 
please give me a call at 713-550-6345. I would truly enjoy the 
opportunity to visit with former classmates from St. Joseph's. 

BROOKLYN, N.Y. 11205 '' 

The Official 
Saint Joseph's 
College Lamp 

A design of the College Seal has been deeply etched into the 24 kt, 
gold-finished medallion. 

A classic solid brass lamp available for a limited time only. 

Featuring a richly detailed, three-dimensional re-creation of the 

College Seal, finished in pure 24 kt. gold. 

Convenient interest-free monthly installment plan. 

For faster service, credit card orders may be placed weekdays from 

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Telephone toll-free 1-800-523-0124 and request Operator 722AV. 

Personal %tstrvation ^orm 

Mail orders to: 


P.O. Box 39840 
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Please accept my reservation for (SJO-LMP) Official Saint Joseph's College 

Lamp{s) @ $175', plus $8.50 for handling and insured shipping charge per lamp. 

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Street Address 



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Expiration Date: 

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"All orders are subject to acceptance. There is no finance charge on the monthly payment plan. The 
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Teresa Dolan Janton, Regina Munz Meyer, Mary St. John 
Murphy and Alice McGrane Feeley attended the delightful tea and 
reception given for the Golden Graduates Society at the College. We 
thoroughly enjoyed a very pleasant afternoon greeting old friends and 
catching up on news. Mildred Hayes Oonohue and Vincent are 
expecting three new great grandchildren, bringing their total to 
twelve. Mildred's recent birthday at the Garden City Hotel, brought 
forty-five guests. Rita Fearon Bryan's birthday was celebrated in 
North Palm Beach were ninety nine guests attended, mostly family. 
Father Paul said the Mass which preceded the festivities. 
Unfortunately, Rita had a fall the next day and broke her hip. She has 
made a remarkable recovery and is once again driving her car and 
getting out each day. Rita's oldest son, Jim, lost his son who was 
living on Orcas Island off the coast of Washington. He was buried 
from North Palm Beach and Father Paul flew down to say the Mass. 
Father Paul is now Director of St. John Newman's Shrine in 
Philadelphia. Mary St. John Murphy, busy as usual with all her 
good works and meetings, is planning a vacation to visit a very dear 
niece in Maryland. Teresa Dolan Janton is very happy in her new 
home. Grandchildren and their young families are nearby so she does 
not lack company. A delightful young mother, Barbara Owens, drove 
her to the Golden Reception and we are all glad that she is nearby and 
could join us. Regina Munz Meyer is well and is still an avid Bridge 
player. There are two new engagements in her family so she is 
looking forward to the weddings. Angela Donaldson sends her best 
wishes to all and a warm "thank you" for cards, notes and phone calls. 
This year will be an Anniversary Year for us-our 70th. Let's celebrate 
together at the Spring Luncheon in Garden City on April 16th. Mark 
your calendar nowi 

Alice McGrane Feeiey, 118 Eighth Avenue, Apt. 5F, Brooklyn, NY 
11215, 718-622-1822 


On July second, Mary Camper McGinnis died after a long illness. 
Mary was a most loyal alumna. The last alumni function she attended 
was the 75th anniversary of St. Joseph's College. All through her 
illness she was eager for news of the college, always reading 
programs and such about college events. Mary was the first SJC 
alumna to become a high school principal. During her active years as 
Assistant Principal of Abraham Lincoln High School, and as principal 
of New Dorp High School and Bay Ridge High School, she guided 
many young women to St. Joseph's College. We will hold Mary in 
loving memory. The party given by Sister George for the Golden 
Graduates was a most enjoyable affair. Grace O'Brien Martin had 
the pleasure of driving in from New Jersey with Margaret Normile 
McLoughlin '27. Meeting old friends and exchanging news makes 
for a pleasant afternoon. Cecilia McLoughlin sent a gracious note 
saying how sorry she was to learn of the recent death of our 
classmates, Agnes Corry Murtaugh, Marion Aubert Oak and 
Mary McGinnis. Let us keep them in our prayers. 

Grace O'Brien Martin, 39 Grove Street, Hillsdale, NJ 07642 


Margaret Roche Moore, 216 East 50th Street, New York, NY 10022 



On September 26th, we had a wonderful reunion at the beautiful party 
that Sister George gave for the Golden Graduates. Grace O'Brien 
Martin and Margaret Normile McLoughlin missed the reception 
part of the day. President Clinton held them up on the East River Drive 
for over an hour. Upon their eventual arrival, they were royally 
received by Sister Elizabeth Hill. They then loined their "fellow upper- 
classmen", Teresa Dolan Janton, Mary St. John Murphy, Alice 
McGrane Feeley, Regina Munz Meyer, Bernadette Dolan and 
Jeannette Farrell Amery. Sister John Baptist was also with 
them. Sister George inducted the Class of 1943 with pins and 
certificates and spoke about the college. We then heard from an 
undergraduate whose delightful talk made us all glad we belong to 
,S.J.C. We sang the Alma Mater and joined in the chorus of some old 
memory songs from the earlier decades of the century. (We know all 

the words, and wish you all could have been there.) In June Elva 
Rockefeller Ryan attended the graduation of her grandson from 
Fordham. Years ago, Elva received her Masters in Philosophy on that 
campus. Elva's California children paid her a visit in June and spent 
the week visiting all the Eastern cousins. Alice Gallagher writes that 
"as a Golden Grad" she sends thanks for her memories of SJC. She is 
proud to see some SJC graduates serving in her Parish, St. Anne's, 
where she prepared so many First Communion classes. She is very 
active now in Catholic Daughters of America. Rose Stuart Doran 
visited her daughter in Wayne, PA last June, then went on to son 
Tom's in Rockville Center where she celebrated her July 4th birthday. 
She then visited her granddaughter and great grandchildren in 
Marblehead. The following day, she had a fall, and broke her arm and 
injured her back. Granddaughter, Teresa was a "great nurse and the 
children a delight." She returned to Wayne in September and is still on 
the mend. She calls it a "crazy summer" but adds not a word of 
complainti What a wonderful spirit! We heard from Miriam Cleary 
McNeill who sends greetings. My daughter. Sister Jean 
McLoughlin, SSND, has been elected to the Provincial Team of the 
Northeast Area and now resides in the Mother House in Wilton, CT. 
Many blessings! 

Margaret Normile McLoughlin, 201 Webb Avenue, River Edge, NJ 


Agnes Kelly Bryan reported the happy event of her 60th wedding 
anniversary last year. Her son, Christopher, and family are living in 
Maine where they have become ski enthusiasts. Son, Daniel, is 
Superintendent of Schools on Long Island. In June, the Bryan family 
had a reunion at Palm Beach Gardens in Florida to celebrate the 90th 
birthday of Rita Fearon Bryan '24 and John and Agnes attended. 
John and Agnes vacationed at Rye Beach, New Hampshire last 
summer, staying at the Franciscan Retreat House, where they met- 
guess!-another alumna, Anna Marie Arcoleo '74. Dorothy 
Thompson Rossini feels more independent since she acquired a 
motorized wheel chair. Her children keep in touch with her. Fred is a 
provost at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. Her oldest son is 
studying for a doctorate at Harvard and second son, for his doctorate 
at Duke University. Daughter, Laura, has left New York to join a ballet 
company in Europe. Emma Bergen, although she loves New York, its 
weather, and all it has to offer, feels she made the right decision to 
remain in Florida. Helen Callahan Brink finds her grandchildren and 
great-grandchildren a great joy. On the arrival of her granddaughter 
Carolyn's second child in November, Helen became a great 
grandmother for the second time. Eugenia Cormier Ahders' 
daughter, Catherine Ahders Schmitt '56, who has been living for 
many years in England, appeared in a photo on page 17 in Summer 
Alumnagram with Margaret Dwyer Minson '70, our new Director of 
Alumni Relations. Also in the photo is Christine Strianese Coulton 
'79 and her young son. Margaret, who was on a sojourn to London, 
arranged this meeting. Marie Kelly Smith became a great 
grandmother three times last yeari Dorothy Hand is active still in 
Columbiettes, Fatima Club, Retired Teachers and Salvation Army. This 
summer at the Annual Fire Department Bar-B-Q, of which she is a 
volunteer, about 3,000 people were served. Dorothy still drives and 
meets friends at a local diner for breakfast and a chat. Mary Kelly 
Hoermann suffered a leg injury in an escalator accident but is 
recovering now at home. Mary Murray Kelly's son Frank reports 
that his mother can use the phone from 9 AM to 9 PM. She is in 
excellent spirits and would like to hear from classmates. Elinor 
Woods Paul is a lector in her church. Her daughter, Bernadette Paul 
Gardella '68 is nearby. Elinor says she just doesn't work as fast as she 
used to. Mary Keller LaM/ler no longer drives, has acquired an 
efficient housekeeper, and enjoys life and her family. Her son, John, 
recently became Chairman of the Board of Manhattan College. Her 
daughter, Mary, a nurse, was keynote speaker at a Symposium on 
Diabetes at Rockland County Community College. Mary Hennessy 
Riley attended the second Golden Graduate Reception at the college 
this fall and was happy to see friends she hadn't seen in years. 
Jeannette Farrell Amery, recovered from her hospital stay, was 
there, too. For her, summer without Cedar Grove was not as 
impossible as expected, (if you recall Jeannette's summer place on 
Staten Island was totally ruined in last year's storm. I A cool breeze 


blew through the apartment, sometimes from Prospect Park and 
sometimes from New York Bay. The air conditioner was not needed. 
In early October, Jeannette was returning from a luncheon of the 
Nursing Sisters Auxiliary when the local high school track team 
thundered behind her, knocking her down head first, practically in 
front of a Medical Center, In no time a nurse, doctor and three 
policemen had carried her into the center, kept her an hour and 
decided by some miracle she had no broken bones, concussion etc. 
The police escorted her home. For three weeks she had a swollen, 
black face, one closed eye, a bruised and swollen left knee and ankle 
but, thank God, no broken bones or destroyed eye. The athletic 
director visited next day with a a dozen American Beauties and offer 
to help, which fortunately was not needed. The Amery children and 
grandchildren are all well, enjoying life. Three have finished college 
and are gainfully employed. Elizabeth left for Oxford in October and 
Margaret is happy in high school. We are hoping to hear from those 
whose names do not appear in this column. . . 

Jeannette Farrell Amery, 1 Prospect Park SW, #4F, Brooklyn, NY 11215, 


No news from the class of 1929-but we want to remind you that 1994 
is a big year for us. It marks our 65th Anniversary of graduation 
from St. Joseph's College! Let's celebrate together at the Spring 
Luncheon in Garden City, to be held on April 16th. Mark your calendar 
and make it a date! 

Marie Keegan, 109 Irving Av.. Floral Park. NY 1 1001 516-354-2182 


■Marie Ward and Janet Prendergast Vickrey were at the Reception 
for the Golden Graduates this fall. It was a lovely party with good 
company, wonderful refreshments and encouraging reports on the 
college's progress. We wish you all could have been there! 

Janef Prendergast Vickrey, 334 82nd Street, Brooklyn, NY 1 1209 


Mane O'Connor, Applewood Estates, 1705 Applewood Drive, 

Freehold, NJ 07728, 201-409-7740 


It is with sorrow that we write of the death of Irene Parker Parks on 
November 30. She attended the Golden Graduates Reception \n 
September, driving all the way in from Halesite, Long Island. Please 
remember her and her loved ones in your prayers Last fall we had to 
cancel our Mass for deceased members because Helen Coughlan 
VUorthley was having eye surgery and Clare Smith, a double 
bypass. Both are domg well. On the appointed day for our Mass, 
Father Keith Fennessy celebrated Mass at the chapel of the Terence 
Cardinal Cooke Health Center in Manhattan and I was the lector. He 
told those attending about our class and there were expressions of 
wonder and congratulations on our loyalty through the years. Father 
John Worthley still works with Mother Teresa's new mission in China, 
and says that Mother is stronger and very active again. In anticipation 
of our September meeting, I heard from Kathlyn Ansbro Wurts, 
Frances Dieckert Rebele, Madeline Kendall Friel (now in 
Gainsville, FLI and Margaret Leahy Hinchey, by mail, and by 
telephone from Margaret Kenny who had surgery but is now 
recovering. I talked with Mary Whelan Phelan, Mary White 
Kearney, Katharine Kelly Carlin, Christine Barton, Edna 
Dawkins McDonald and Irene Parker Parks, all coping with life in 
the "eighties" and nineties. Gertrude Unser told of her trip to 
Toronto and Marie Furey Boyce wrote of a big family reunion on 
Long Island. In October I attended a retreat at Graymoor and at lunch 
found myself next to the only other St. Joseph's alumna there, Peggy 
Bolton Barsin '30, sister of Mary Bolton McDonald '39! If you 
would like to reach out to any of our classmates, please write or 
phone me for addre .s and phone numbers. 

Anne McCormack Fennessy, 2 Horatio St., New York, NY 10014 


Rita Pollock Murphy, speaking of Golden Grad Day, 



classmates didn't know what they missed-a little rain shouldn't 
hamper anyone." She hopes they'll have another opportunity to 

Rita Pollock Murphy, 72 East Cypress Lane, Westbury, NY 1 1590 


Josephine Ford Scanlan, 8 Cross Avenue, Greenlann, NY 11740 



Sister James Cecilia Cullen wrote of her regrets at being unable to 
attend the "Golden Oldies" reception. She was thrilled to receive the 
Pin and the Charter Member Scroll. She wrote of her Silver Jubilee 
celebration: "Everyone was filled with such enthusiasm at meeting 
one another that no one saw evidence of passing years until 
Monsignor Dillon began his talk of welcome with 'Well, now that you 
have been graduates for twenty-five years. . . All the gay flowers on 
our hats started to droop and lines formed on everyone's faces . . ." 
Sister was looking forward to the alumni meeting in Patchogue in 
September. Mary E. O'Connor also wrote with thanks for scroll and 
pin which she will war in her lapel. She reminds us that 1994 will be 
our sixtieth anniversary! S. Mary Domitilla Dirig RSB received her 
Golden Graduate certificate and pin. She did not go east for the two 
receptions but was here for their 50th anniversary. S. Mary is retired 
and in their Health Care Center. Appreciates receiving Alumnagram 
and death notices of classmates. She had a call from Cathrine 
Loftus '35 who was concerned about the flood (Sister lives in St. 
Louis, MO). The convent is on high ground. On July 18 the river Des 
Pereshas began to flow over the Morganford bridge, ten or twelve 
blocks down the hill. Angela Rosa wrote of a wonderful pilgrimage 
to Lourdes, Fatima and Rome. The BIG NEWS for our class is that 1994 
marks our SIXTIETH anniversary. Let's celebrate together at the 
Spring Luncheon in Garden City on April 16th. Mark your calendar, 
call a classmate, and join us there. 

Margaret Bier, 6 Brooklands, Apt. tt4A, Bronxville, NY 10708 


Marie Lilly, 8201 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 1 1209, 718-680-2069 


Helen E. Dermody, the only doctor (she received her PhD from 
Fordham) in our class, had retired from her position as the Dean of the 
school of Social Studies, Fordham. For her it means more time to visit 
with her friends both "old" and new. At the fall luncheon at the Hotel 
Westbury in Manhattan Edna Brennan Maloney and Anne Seitz 
Smith were the only ones from '35 present. Mary Elizabeth who had 
planned to be there was unable to attend, but they were joined by 
Rose Marie O'Reilly '36 and others. Anne was disappointed that 
Margaret Ferry Healy '31 did not show up. At the cocktail hour, Ann 
and Edna strolled around to visit with other friends from various 
classes and talked with S. Alice Francis, S. George Aquin and S. 
Mary Florence. Edna was in touch with Cele Finn Fahy who moved 
to Ginger Cove, Annapolis, MD. At a Cathedral Club Communion 
Breakfast, Anne learned that Grace Flannery Morris' daughter, Beth 
is a permanent sub in NYC school system. Son Gerry and Mary 
announced the arrival of another daughter, Erin Leigh. They are going 
to swap homes with Grace who will move into their apartment on 
Shore Road, and they will move into Grace's home. Florence 
Carberry's son, Stephen, has a new daughter, Caitlin. Her son, John 
was playing golf in Ireland and on his return flew off again to 
Bermuda with his son. Jay. Son Frank, who lives in Boston is involved 
with the insurance on the new tunnel connecting the City of Boston 
with the Airport. It will be named after Ted Williams, a favorite ball 
player of Anne's who remembers seeing him play in the Boston 
Baseball Park. Anne met Catherine Loftus who was en route to meet 
three friends from Flatbush. They planned to eat lunch in Bay Ridge. 
Marion Musante enjoyed a change of scene when she visited a niece 
in a Chicago suburb. She sees Wilma Riepe on occasion. Marion was 
in a party for four who attended the fund-raising Concert of Operatic 
Music at Huntington Seminary. It was followed by a sumptuous 
dinner. At the request of the Polish Government, Bernadette 
Maroney Metzlar's son, John, spent a week at the Warsaw Hotel. As 
Superintendent of Arlington Cemetery, he had buried Paderewski and 
then as planned had him returned to Poland. Jack gave a speech at an 
Art Symposium. It surprised him that the people he met there all 
spoke at least three languages. On his return home he took a cab 
down town, crossed over into Germany and flew home from there. 
Jack has three boys, one a college graduate and the other two in high 

school. Elvie Trimborn Mullally received her Golden Graduate pin 
and certificate but she "hadn't a clue" about it. At the time her 
husband was ill and she probably overlooked her mail about the 
meeting. Elvie doesn't travel any more so couldn't come this year. She 
does get around town, however, still plays the organ at 12 Noon Mass 
on Sunday and at the local Convalescence Pavilion plays for the 
Patients' Sing-a-long. And she still writes her Chatterbox Column for 
the local newspaper, and attends various meetings. On August 4th, 
she and Joe celebrated their 53rd wedding anniversary. "Where did 
the time go?" she asks, and so do we. Betty Devlin Lockwood has 
sold her home in Florida and is now living in Massachusetts, near her 
son, Bill. It would be nice to hear from more of you. I do try to get in 
touch by phone or card . . .but please try to get in touch with me . . . 
Enjoy 1994! 

Anne Seitz Smith. 8301 Ridge Blvd., #5G, Brooklyn, NY 1 1209 


When we heard from Claire Brennan Suchan, she was looking 
forward to a trip to Vermont in October to see the changing leaves. 
Mary Urquhart Toomey writes of her appreciation for the lovely pin 
and certificate of membership in the Golden Graduates Society. "What 
a lovely idea it is to remember us 'old timers' in such a thoughtful way. 
Thank you so much," she wrote. 

Dolores Pyne Dunleavy, 335 East 32nd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11226. 718- 


A heartfelt thanks to Sister George Aquin and Margaret Dwyer 

Minson for a most enjoyable Golden Graduate Day. Our Class was well 
represented with Margaret MacGillivray Seidei, Eileen Brennan, 
Edythe Bruce, Emily Billington Smisek, Margaret Laux O'Reilly, 
Kay Heffernan Steffany, Clare Ruane, and me, Margie Parker 
Smith. Claire Brennan '36 and my sister, Irene Parker Parks '30, 
who drove all the way in from Halesite by herself, also sat at our table. 
Despite our Golden Graduate status, we all looked well and sounded 
great. Mary Michel Costa had hoped to be with us but a death in the 
family took precedence. She enjoys her retirement. Her daughter is a 
movie Production Manager and is now in New Orleans working on 
Pelican Brief, with Julia Roberts . Mary met Janet and Rita Morris '36 
in Washington and had a pleasant dinner with them. They told her of 
their plans to take a cruise to Russia in October, coming back by way of 
Bermuda. The Morrises live in Bethesda, Maryland. Rita Griffin 
Bjornson returned from a trip to San Francisco. Prior to that she 
attended a military convention in Nashville, She and Rolf rented a car in 
San Francisco and took a wonderful stght-seeing ride which included 
Chinatown, the famous cable cars and a new Japanese town, now 
evolving. Their daughter, Anne Riley is in England working on another 
of her gardening books - she has now published some 58! Her new 
book "The Roses" has been bound in silk and is a "coffee table" 
treasure. She still finds plenty of time to be with her two daughters. 
James and Dorothy Moore O'Neil are planning a big 50th wedding 
anniversary in November. Their two sons, one daughter and nine 
grandchildren will be there. The sons are in business together in 
California. Her daughter lives in Virginia where her husband is General 
Counselor at the University of Virginia. There will also be relatives from 
Texas, New Orleans and Rochester. Edythe Bruce renewed her 
subscription to the Metropolitan Opera. Edythe is also an artist and 
plans to take a course in pastels. She decided to do so after attending 
an Art Exhibit in Gramercy Park and a demonstration of pastel painting 
the next day. Also on her agenda is a trip to Alaska. Rita Staiger 
Bowersox is not letting an eye problem slow her down. She attends 
senior and community groups regularly, Helen Hayes Miller had 
planned to attend the Golden Graduate Reception, and we were grieved 
when her daughter phoned to tell us of her death. She spoke eloquently 
of her mother, attesting to a wonderful relationship. Please remember 
Helen and her family in your prayers. Dot O'Neil was able to make the 
funeral services. Claire Ruane derives great pleasure from her piano - 
which is also great for finger agility! Frances Young McCarthy keeps 
busy with several organizations. In her parish, Sts. John and Paul in 
Larchmont, she is a member of the women's Guild and is on the Board 
of the Larchmont-Mamaroneck Ladies of Chanty, as well as on the 
Board of Cardinal McCloskey's Family Services in Westchester and New 
York City. She volunteers once a week at St Agnes Hospital in White 
Plains. Again this winter, she plans to go to Florida. I still work on my 

four mile run each day and have become embroiled in my Wednesday 
"Call For Action" Radio WABC volunteer stint. One can't help but feel 
good when a telephone call or letter brings about a solution. One thing • 
never, never fall for the "You have won etc. . . " scam. With Mary 
Elizabeth's retirement, I find that I also have to bow out of my position 
as class agent. I informed Pat Billington Smisek who will take over 
this job. I've enjoyed over twenty years with all of you. Should I receive 
news or calls, be assured I will get them to Pat or the editor. Keep our 
column going with your input! Many thanks. Marge for your service all 
these years. 

Emily "Pat" Billington Smisek, 864 Schuman Place, Baldwin NY 11510, 


Dorothea Lennon, who moved recently, enjoys reading about 
classmates and she gave us her new address: 421 Seaside Avenue, #2, 
Honolulu, HI 96915. Norma Straus Slater and daughter, Rosemary, 
enjoyed the SJC trip to Israel, in the company of Clare '45 and Ann ' 56 
Bauch and Jane Walsh DiPaola '39. This summer when her "Texan 
family" visited her, she took them to Ellis Island and the Statue of 
Liberty. On a visit to her son in Massachusetts, she went whale 
watching! Two of her granddaughters, there, were taking off to college ■ 
one to North Carolina and the other to George Washington University. 
Miriam Mannix, in Laguna Hills, CA, and her sister Catherine feel lucky 
that they found this beautiful part of the world for their retirement. 
Fortunately, the CA fire did not affect their area. Miriam plays golf, 
bridge, does a weekly stint at the library, a bit of gardening and line 
dancing, a new activity of good exercise and fun. Last August at an 
annual family reunion Fran Coffey Kelly's brother, Monsignor James 
Coffey, celebrated, in the Kelly home, an anniversary Mass for Pat, 
Fran's husband, who died August 1992. Fran and Pat had 10 children, 8 
girls and 2 boys. There are 18 grandchildren. Frances and several of her 
daughters made plans for a ladies-only trip to Ireland next summer. She 
continues her involvement in Respect For Life movement. Violet Tully 
Kane is enjoying the beautiful countryside and glorious fall foliage of 
Connecticut. Ed and Vi volunteer at their church and on their condo 
board. Ed gets to ride horseback in Bridgeport. Betty Carter Birney's 
house in Bridgeport is up for sale. She moved out at the end of 
September. Betty tells of a news report in the Connecticut Post of her 
granddaughter, Erinn, 16, a high school junior, who rushed to the aid of 
a co-worker in Milford, CT, and gave cardiopulmonary resuscitation 
until paramedics arrived. "Without her prompt efforts," officials said, 
"the woman, who had heart problems, could have suffered severe brain 
damage. Instead, she has fully recovered." Erinn received a heart 
pendant with "Thank You" on the back from the woman she saved. She 
also received a Milford Fire Commissioner's Award. Erinn hopes to 
attend Fairfield or Boston College (where her brother is a freshman.) 
Rosalyn Manfredonia Manganaro's fourth grandson, Paul Joseph, 
arrived last April in time for Rosalyn and Joseph's 50th wedding 
anniversary. Her son, who lives in Ohio, his wife and two boys will be in 
for Thanksgiving and the entire family will be together. Frances 
McLoughlin Reilly and most of her clan gathered in Becket, MA, in 
late August. Mary and Kevin Matthews and Nora 7, pitched their tent, as 
usual. Son, Philip set up a two-room and "porch" tent for himself 
(Catherine had to work) and Brendan 5, and Meghan, 3. The Lemanski 
family, Steve and Elizabeth, and Michael, Caitlin, Anna, Dennis and Jack 
used both house and a third tent. What a weekend! Weather was great. 
Evening meals, pre-pared by Mary and Elizabeth were delightful. This 
fall, Frances attended the Golden Graduate reception and also 
participated at the Fall Phonathon. Dorothea Alien reports she is 
doing well. Anne Walsh King and John are in reasonably good health. 
Three of their grandchildren will graduate from college in '94! One of 
Ann's daughters was married recently to a grandson of Eileen 
McLoughlin Magilligan '28. Small world! Peggy Magee Buckley is 
visited frequently in the Nursing Home in Croton-on-Hudson by her 
daughter Meg and little Lily, age 3. Kate who lives in Florida, with Noah, 
9, and twins Emma and Ben, 4, comes up for a visit when she can. 
Helen Dolan asks for prayers for herself and her sister Mary '33. Please 
remember them. Since retirement, Catherine (Pat) Muller Ryan and 
John find more time for their favorite sport, tennis. Since they're in 
Florida six months, this is a year-round sport. Eleanor Fanelle is active 
in the parish of St. Andrew the Apostle. Eleanor received an invitation in 
October from Grace Coscia to attend the dedication of Cathedral 
Divino Espirito Santo de Jatai Goras, Brazil. However she could not 
consider taking such a long trip. Ray and Ellen O'Toola Heckman 
enjoyed a trip to California and the Canadian Rockies. In San Francisco 
they visited their son, Thomas, and their grandson, Carl and his family 


in Oakland. They also attended a game in San Jose where grandson, 
Andy, was pitching for the San Francisco Giants. In Laguna Hills, CA. 
They were entertained by Miriam IVIannix who served a delicious 
supper on the patio of her home. Together with Miriam's sister, 
Catherine, they enjoyed many reminiscences of the early '30s when 
they were growing up in Elmhurst. Ellen O'Toole Heckman recently 
met with Katharine Shea's sister, Dorothy '40 and Betty Leibinger, 
sister of Angelina Leibinger Conlon. They enjoyed lunch at Patrick's 
Pub in Little Neck. It is with sorrow that we inform you of the death of 
Rita McGovern Root's sister, Joan Smith, in October. Please 
remember her and the family in your prayers. Margaret Masterson 
Eifler and Nicholas live in Virginia, near their daughter Peggy. They 
sold their summer hideaway in Pennsylvania but are holding the house 
in College Point. Peggy has two daughters, Kathy and Terri who has 
twins, a boy and a girl 2 1/2 years old. Margaret's son who lives in 
Florida has two girls, Kim and Amy. Both attend the University of 
Alabama. Altogether the Eiflers have 6 grandchildren and 4 great- 

Rita McGovern Root, 6801 Shore Road, #3F, Brooklyn, NY 1 1220 


Frances McLaughlin Reilly, 75 Belfry Lane, Hicksville, NY 1 1801 



In early summer, Catherine O'Connor McLaughlin visited family in 
Pittsburg then went on to Middletown, MD, for a family reunion at son 
Victor's. She also had a visit with son Dennis and family in Rockville, 
MD before returning to Tallahassee, FL. Catherine had plans to visit 
her daughter in England in August, but to be back in time for a 
grandson's wedding in September. Claire O'Nail Saiz spent her 
birthday weekend in September with daughter Nancy Radday '67 
and family and son Mark and family joined them. Claire's son Ed. Jr. 
and his wife will be touring the Great West with her parents who are 
visiting from South Africa. Bea Hunkele Brennan, Marge Trimble, 
Mary Nally, Sr. Mary Corde (Vera), Sr. Mary Winifred and Claire 
Seiz attended the Golden Grad Reception at the college in September 
and enjoyed the hospitality of Sister George and all at SJC. In 
October, Paul and Marian Kinsley Donnelly entertained Paul's sister 
and husband from California at their country home in Proctorsville, 
Vermont. Mary Loftus Holder attended a special Mass for Grace 
Brennan Lawton, honoring her for three years of distinguished 
service on the Pastoral Council of St. Matthew's in Hallandale, FL. The 
Archdiocese of Broward County Catholic Community Services of 
ABCD I arish Outreach made public acknowledgement of her good 
works. Peggy Bolton Barsin will travel to her son Jack and family 
for Thanksgiving and Eleanor Van Wagner Nace wilt visit her 
daughter, Susie, in DC for Thanksgiving. She hopes to visit Marjorie 
Burns Gallagher who has recovered from her heart attack and 
surgery. Aurora Dias Jorgensen is one of "Five Red Hot New York 
Painter's" showing at Cork Gallery at Lincoln Center, Avery Fisher Hall 
from October 21st to November2nd, 1993. Congratulations on another 
successful showi On September 19th, Connie Giampietro 
Annucci's nephew, Anthony Emile Giampietro (9th child of Connie's 
brother Alex's 11 children), was ordained in the order of St. Basil in 
the church of St. Laurent in Meridan, CT. All the Giampietro's attended 
as well as Connie's three children and families. Mother Perpetua, a 
cloistered Benedictine, sister of the newly ordained priest, was able to 
attend. Mary Kane Gillen's youngest son, Brian, and Eileen are 
proud parents of a second daughter, Hayley Ryan, who joined little 
Catherine. They just moved into a lovely new home in Morristown, 
NJ. Jane Bell Norton, Helen Brown Nugent and Mary 
Concannon O'Connell met for dinner recently and are planning a 
December meeting at Miller Ridge Inn, Jericho. Recently, Jane and 
Jack visited their son. Jack Jr., an internist, in Colorado. Joanna 
Venezia Zinno, Aurora Dias Jorgensen and Laura Hundley 
enjoyed the Fall Luncheon on November 6th. On September 30th 
Stanley and Catherine Constantino Penny moved from their home 
of 25 years in Bayport, Suffolk County, to Tucson Arizona. They plan 
to make Tucson their permanent address. We all have reason to 
celebrate in '94, for it will mark our 55th anniversary of graduation 
from SJC. Mark your calendar and make plans to be at the luncheon 
in Garden City on April 16th. Call some of your classmates. . . 
invitations will be in the mail early next year. Marian Kinsley 
Donnelly's son Peter, his wife and 7 and 4 year old sons arrived from 
London for Thanksgiving. Marian and Paul made two trips to 
California this year, one to Paul's sister and brother-in-law's 59th 
wedding anniversary in Yosemite. They'll spend the new year at their 
home in Vermont. 

Mary Kane Gillen, 8 Valley Place, Tenafly, NJ 07670 

Eleanor Van Wagner Nace, 5 Bowditch Rd., Woods Hole, MA 02543 



Last 4th of July Mary Etzel McLaughlin's brother, Tyler, who is still 
on the farm, had a family reunion. 61 members were there, covering 5 
generations, from Mary's mother, 94, to Mary's great grandchild, 4 
months old. Mary is planning a trip to Australia in '94. Kathleen 
Mulligan and friend enjoyed a cruise and sightseeing tour of Alaska, 
visited Ketchikan, Skagaway, Juneau and Anchorage. We thank Sister 
George Aquin for the Golden Graduate reception in September. Ann 
Sullivan, Ruth Drucker, Marie Birmingham Ponsot, and Sister 
Alice Francis sat at a small table enjoying wine, cheeses, snacks, 
college songs, and cake and listened to Tammy Fasoye of the class 
of 1994, and Margaret Dwyer Minson, '70 our new Alumni director, 
speak. We are now 11,000 ( with known addresses across the USA. 
Margaret is arranging a meeting of alums in Florida, hopefully in 
March. Mary McNulty and Ruth Drucker were classmates at St. 
Bartholomew's High school where Sister Mary Jordan, OP, was 
principal, and we learned of her death on July 27, 1993, at the age of 
98. Marie Birmingham Ponsot is teaching the Fall '93 Poetry 
Workshop at the Poetry center of the 92nd Street YMCA. Last summer, 
after she returned from a month in Spain and Portugal, Marie served 
as consultant to a writing program at the Cooper Union. Florence 
McGough Bridge wrote "thanks' for the Golden Graduate Certificate 
and for the pin." She and Charles spend seven months of the year in 
Florida and is far away from SJC gatherings when they are held. 
Florence's northern address is in Milford, Connecticut. 

Ruth Drucker, 7148 Juno Street, Forest Hills, NY 1 1375, 718-793-4665 


"Just started my 36th year of teaching Social Science at St. Mary's 
Elementary School in Manhasset, LI," writes Bette Whalen Bonsall. 
Marie Gelling Watt moved permanently to Islamorada in the Florida 
Keys where she enjoys the sunny weather and two new 
grandchildren. Marie intends to fly to New York often to visit family 
and friends from St. Joe's. At the commencement in Patchogue last 
June, Helen Mahoney Keating placed the bachelor's hood on her 
daughter, who graduated from the General Studies division. Her 
daughter, Helen E. Keating, said that it was an unforgettable 
experience and something she will always treasure. Grace Lynch 
Perrott and Bill enjoyed a tour of the British Isles in September. They 
will celebrate their Golden Anniversary in February 1994. Edith 
Mullen Boisi and Jim were elevated to the rank of Commander in the 
Knights and Ladies of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher in 
Jerusalem at a ceremony in St. Patrick's Cathedral. They had a family 
portrait taken with 31 members. Jim is working with son, Geoff, on his 
one-on his one-on-one literacy and learning project. Eileen Heenan 
Caswell moved in July with her son. Jay, Becky and children to 
Madison Ohio. Their housewarming featured a 90 lb. roast pig 
enjoyed by 50 guests. Eileen keeps in touch with Theresa Wilson 
Stewart, Irene Butler Lozano, Eileen Conway Brown and she 
would love to hear from others. She is a good correspondent: 4468 
Dayton Road, Madison OH 44057. Gerald and I visited Margaret 
Mary Stankevich Bolen at Bergen Pines, Ridgewood, NJ in August. 
She had appeared on a TV program featuring Mass for the 
Homebound. Her daughter Claudia and son Bill visit her weekly. 
Helen Finnin Haase's husband, Charlie died January 3rd 1993 in 
Santa Monica, CA. In October 1992 they were in New York to celebrate 
their 50th anniversary. They visited a grandson in Villanova who made 
it to the Olympic semi-finals in track. Bette Whalen Bonsall, 
Eleanor Maguire, Peg Wolfe and Agatha Maimone Lombardo 
were at the Golden Grad Reception in the fail. I was visiting in 
Maryland awaiting the birth of our 8th grandchild. Constance Cohen 
Singer is an Artist Representative and lives on East 63rd Street, 
Manhattan. Rosedna Hall Murray and daughter Frances '78, 
volunteered in the Fall Phonathon. Margaret Fallon Connell and 
Terence spend part of the winter in Fort Lauderdale and summers in 
Spring Lake, NJ. Cecelia Kelly King lives in Tucson, has six children 
and fifteen grandchildren - youngest is 2. I left a message on Adele 
Mulligan Seymour's machine. She was visiting Mary Leahy Cleary 
and Ed in Pennsylvania. Irene Butler Lozano vacationed in London, 
Stonehenge, Bath, etc. in early Spring. In June she went to Baltimore 
to assist son, David, Karen and baby on their move from Oklahoma. 
Karen is finishing her 2nd year psychology residency in Baltimore 
since the University of Oklahoma lost its accreditation. Grace 

Dooling and Isha Murphy Kiefer enjoyed an Elderhostel program In 

Peggy McDerby Shea, 78 Yale Place, Rockville Center NY 1 1570 
516-766-7966 (July-Dec.) 1905 Furman Court, Cocoa, Fl 32922 


Virginia Worgul Davis continues to work as a Clinical Social Worker 
at the Veterans Administration. She has six children and six 
grandchildren. Newest grandson, Jimmy, was born in February. 
Michael, 16 months old, lives m New Jersey with his parents, both 
attorneys. After 25 years in Hawaii, her son Philip moved to Arizona, 
which will be a new place to visit. Virginia relaxes with vacations in 
Long Beach Island and Elderhostel programs and Florida. In March 
she visited her sister in St. Petersburg, Fl. (Margaret Loughlin 
Sheldon writes from Dunedin, Fl, that she received her Golden 
Graduate certificate and pin. She's too far away, she says, to get to 
any of the gatherings but she did attend her 50th reunion, a day to 
remember After our lovely weekend get-together at Gurney's Inn in 
April 1992, a group of us determined that we should not wait another 
five years to meet again. This spring some of us met at Kennedy's in 
Breezy Point and planned the reunion at Woodloch Pines in the 
Poconos on the weekend of November 5, 6 and 7. Attending were 
Marie Carmichael, Grace Dooling, Dorothy Dooling Alcide, 
Frances Donahue, Edna Cunningham Hughes, Helen Fennelly 
Buckley, Vera McGrath Lynch, Kay Reidy Quinn, Sally Cooney 
Steets and Sally Rogan Lpverty. We hope to continue these 
meetings either in mid-week or over a weekend and hope many more 
classmates will join us. We're open to suggestions and to possible 
places and times you find most acceptable Write or call Helen 1-908- 
747-4349. We will notify you about these mini-vacations. We extend 
condolences to Marie Carmichael on the death of her brother, Harry. 
We know the devotion which existed with Marie , Henry and his wife 
and four daughters. Marie is active in planning our reunions and 
enjoyed the get-together at Woodloch Pines. They travelled to and 
from the Poconos in a mini-van. The driver was a friend of Vera 
Lynch. Vera has a beautiful new house in Breezy Point. They have 
met there several times and hope to plan further weekends. Marie has 
travelled on Sister Joan Ryan's Easter trips for a number of years. We 
extend sympathy, too, to Claire Sheridan on the death of her 
mother, Patricia. And congratulations to Helen Fennelly Buckley on 
the arrival of grandson, Kevin Peter, son of Mary and Kevin Reilly '76. 

Helen Fennelly Buckley, 412 River Rd., Fair Haven, NJ 07704 


John and ConnieTheiss McGlinchey celebrated their 50lh wedding 
anniversary last July. At a Mass in Sacred Heart Church, Rev. John T. 
Sherman, who officiated at their marriage there in 1943, was the 
celebrant. Their seven children participated in the Liturgy. Maribeth 
'68 came from Singapore and spent two weeks at home - having 
organized the entire celebration from half way around the world. Jane 
McGlinchey Malin '70 and family as well as eleven grandchildren 
and many relatives were there. Classmates Peggy Foley Cody, 
Eileen Wolfe Gaffney and Kathleen Brennan McGettigan and 
their husbands joined Connie and Jack for the reception at the 
Washington Manor in Roslyn. 

Marie Carroll Daly, 51-14 Overbrook Place, Douglaston, NY 1 1362 


Muriel O'Connor Dauscher retired after 25 years of teaching, the 
last twenty at St. Joseph's in Hewlett. She has great bragging rights 
as grandmother of 10 and mother of 5, all married. She and Bill live in 
Lynbrook. Muriel keeps in touch with Mary Byrne Kitson, who is 
wheel-chair bound these days and would love to hear from you - at 
1556 Bell Boulevard, Bayside, NY 11360. Mary taught at Blessed 
Sacrament School, Bayside for 21 years. The Kitsons have 2 sons, 2 
daughters and 6 grandchildren. The "champ" in the grandmother 
department must be Alice Fitzgerald Harvey who has 20 
grandchildren - only fair since she and Bill had 7 children, including 2 
sets of twins! They travel from New Jersey to California, just visiting 
the children! Jack and Lyn Sutherland McKenna also had 7 children 

but 2 are not yet married. Their youngest daughter, Pattie, is studying 
for her PhD in Special Education at Vanderbilt University. Middle 
daughter, Marie, a red-headed RN with a master's degree in Public 
Health, presented them with their 9th grandchild, Sean Michael, on 
September 25, 1993 . . . "Back to square one," writes Genevieve 
Faure Fountaine. Her four boys have all left the nest. By now 
Annnette Nolan is back home again after an exciting trip to 
Thailand. Where are the rest of you? Remember, this is our JUBILEE 
YEAR. April 16, 1994, is the date when we will be guests at the 
Alumni Spring Luncheon in the Garden City Hotel. Let us hear 
from you now. Write or call your class agents, especially if you have 
news of classmates we haven't heard from lately. 

Annette Nolan, 289 Clinton Street, Brooklyn, NY 1 1201 


Eileen Sutherland McKenna, 127-05 Keswick lane, Bowie, MD 20715 



Hopefully you heard from your class agent regarding your doings 
and thoughts about our impending 1995 celebration. Are you giving 
the matter serious consideration? We want to be able to satisfy your 
wishes, and most of all have a great reunion. My time at St. Joe's was 
very special in the friendships I made and above all the excellent 
education I received which enabled me to follow a challenging career. 
I'm sure you agree, so let me hear from you. Call or write and I will 
pass your suggestions on. Phonathon afforded me the opportunity to 
speak with many of you whom I haven't heard from in a long time. 
Joan Cory Erhardt, Dorothy Dolan Hartig, Agnes Fennelly 
Place, Teresa Kane Corsa, Grace Leary Schmitt were among 
those called. Agnes, living in Illinois, enjoys her grandchildren there- 
Grace IS considering a trip from Texas to be with us in '95. Terry is 
fine, Dorothy is between jobs and Joan is well. Catherine Glynn 
Lovell, in Colorado, is recovering from a spinal fusion. Her children 
are in banking, recreation counseling, cattle, and teaching. Magda 
Crowe Boylan, in Virginia, enjoys travelling to Elderhostel Programs. 
She is also "Learning in Retirement" - a Senior program. Magda's 
four boys are spread to Hawaii, New Jersey, Maryland and Illinois. 
Betty Dudley was off to Hawaii in November with her sister, Mary. 
Martha Leaver is still working with AARP, but on a reduced 
schedule. Jane Jacobs Porcine is recovering from Illness and had 
to curtail her activities. She votes for a weekend away so we can really 
talk and get reacquainted. Maria Maddock Turner left her house for 
an apartment and is now a neighbor of Babette Harper, who joined 
me and Miriam Kelly Chaplin at the Fall Luncheon in Manhattan, 
and we caught up on the latest news. Miriam has had several health 
problems but is well on the road to good health. Babette spends the 
month of May in a rented cottage in Sussex, England. She also 
administers a literacy program and award program for Excellence in 
English at the English-Speaking Union. She is on the Executive 
Committee of ESU National Board, as well as still the Secretary of 
Hermandad Board which does excellent work in the Dominican 
Republic. Dolores Hughes teaches English at Hofstra University. 
Sister Catherine McElroy, known to us as "Bunny", phoned to 
bring me up to date on herself. At one time she taught at Sacred Heart 
Academy and then became head of the Guidance Department. In 1990 
she went to St. John's Hospital to work in the Patient Relations 
Department where Sister Mary Beatrice '43 is her boss. Right now 
she is working at Brentwood putting her Math skills to use by doing 
endless accounts for the doctor who is a member of the Community. 
She lives in East Northport. Tom and Pat Dunne LaRocca visited 
Australia and loved it - especially Cairns. They have a new 
granddaughter, Kelli Ann, courtesy of son Tom and his wife, Jan. Que 
bonita! Miriam Kelly Chaplin's oldest son, Jim, has been 
transferred to London for six months by ITT - consultant in electrical 
engineering. He went to Manhattan College, received his MA from 
Brooklyn Polytech, He has two children: Tom graduated from 
Ridgewood HS is now going to Villanova. Jimmy is a junior in 
Ridgewood HS. Miriam's son, John, is a Senior Vice President with 
North American Re-Insurance Co. His family skied in Colorado, just 
came back from Bermuda and will vacation in Mexico in August. Jim, 
Miriam's husband, is a partner in DeSimone, Chaplin and Dobryn. He 
is a consultant ■ and a golfer! Peggy Meagher Lundebjerg is 
coming along nicely after a hip replacement. I missed Margaret 
Jokiel Joyce at the luncheon since she is usually there. Margaret is 
directing the choir at St. Andrew Avellino, subbing at St. Agnes High 
School, College Point, and playing the organ at St. Alban's Veteran 
Home. She and John will go to Florida in January, to Windham in July 


and to San Antonio, Texas, in September where they will visit their 
three sons and their families which include seven grandchildren. 
Margaret's daughter, Kathy, who lives in Rockville, MO, has a 
master's degree in Nursing and is studying law at Catholic University. 
She works on weekends at the George Washington Medical Center. 
Eileen McDermott Ott called and chatted. She and Frank are 
enjoying their retirement and also the facilities of Woodlock Pines 
community where they have a vacation home. May Whalen is not 
feeling "up to par" these days. Why not drop a note or call some of 
our recoverees. Phone the Alumni office for address or telephone 
number. I'm sure it would be much appreciated. Hope I'll hear from 
you and about you, and I look forward to seeing you at the Spring 

Clare T. Bauch, 6 Stevens Court, Stewart Manor, Franklin Square, NY 


It is with sorrow that we write of the death of Margot Schulte 
Kandah from cancer, on May 22nd, and of Dorothy Connor on May 
30th after a long illness. Please remember them in your prayers. Both 
were retired, Margot from the advertising field, and Dottie from the 
Telephone Company where she was a traffic engineer/supervisor. 
Margot is survived by her husband, Sabri, a New York City 
Immigration Judge. Nancy O'Brien Schueler and Mary Grace 
Calhoun Dunn attended Margot's vigil and funeral where Mary 
Grace eulogized Margot. "A coincidence," she says, "was that each 
was buried from a St. Joseph's church, . . Margot in Manhattan and 
Dorothy in Babylon." We pray also for Margaret Reddington 
Stadler'a husband, Ernest who died March 20th. Marygrace 
Calhoun Dunn's youngest daughter, Noel is finishing a second year 
in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, assigned as Youth Minister in Camden, 
N.J. She and one of her housemates were in a "drive-by" shooting 
incident. Newspapers which followed the story, featured them and 
their housemates, all JVs in an excellent presentation of the Christian 
philosophy of service to the disadvantaged-by youth! Marygrace still 
writes a monthly newsletter, articles for a quarterly and a yearly 
report. "There always seems to be a deadline around the corner" she 
says. She is looking forward to coming east for our '96 celebration. 
Genevieve Kingman Lindner enjoyed participating in St. Joe's Fall 
Phonathon in Garden City where supper was available before the start 
of phoning as many alums as possible, to ask them for continuing 
support. In addition to being lay planner for parish wedding liturgies 
and Eucharistic Minister, Genevieve has been attending a lecture 
series. Joan McManus Fusco's youngest son, Christopher, is 
studying for the priesthood at the University of Louvain, Belgium. He 
received his degree from Wadham Hall Seminary in Ogdensburgh, NY 
and will be ordained for that diocese. Alice Reilly Jones says 
"Hello" to classmates. Congratulations to Marian Harvey Higgins 
who retired September '93 as Association Professor of Long Island 
University, Stony Brook. John and Rita Strachan Fitzsimmons 
enjoyed their trip to the British Isles. Another retiree is Regina 
Gallagher Gerard, from Manager of Marketing and Research of U.S. 
News and World Report. Edward and Marian Quealy Zoll's plans 
this fall were to visit their tenth grandchild in California. They have 
five of each gender. Marian and Ed joined other St. Joe's alums with 
Sr. Grace Edna Rowland and Father Tom Petriano on a 
pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The sights and sounds were exciting to 
experience and it was enjoyable to meet and share with the other 
congenial travelers. 

Marian Quealy Zoll, 165 Greenwood Drive, Millington, NJ 07946 
(908) 647-2434 

Genevieve Kingman Lindner, 23 Alliance Street, Valley Stream, NY 
11580, 516-561-001 


In November, Vinny and Anne McKenna McCormack spent some 
time in the Poconos and Vinny appeared with Paddy Noonan in a 
great Irish Show in Pocono Manor. We heard that Norma Cirino has 
moved to Pelham Manor. Rita Ceiling O'Rourke, Margaret Klotz 
Lechler and Anne McKenna McCormack had a grand time at a 
reunion of the class of '43 from Bishop McDonnell's. Pat Mallon 
Joyce, Norma Wilson Weekes, Jeanne Mullen and Dorothy 
Bloodgood were also there. One of their high school teachers. Sister 
Dorothy Mercedes joined them. A note from Valerie Fleischer 
Cleary said she wants to be remembered to all; she could not attend 


the gathering. Neither could Gloria Ortolani Amorosi. She spent 
the summer in Montauk where she saw the Disken sisters who also 
have a house there. In August Gloria toured the Grand Canyon with 
some friends. She had never been to the great southwest and found it 
enjoyable and educational. Gloria's daughter, Lorraine, was in the 
Paris marathon and wanted mother to come and cheer her on. Not 
knowing French (she minored in Spanish), Gloria cheered in English! 
Lorraine finished in 4 hours 15 minutes. She plans to run in the NYC 
Marathon in November. After 32 years with AT&T, Peggy Wilson 
Sullivan retired in June of 1990. Two weeks later, she and John 
travelled to Oberammergau, Germany, to witness the Passion Play 
which is performed every ten years. The townspeople are the actors in 
this five hour drama - with a two hour break for lunch. The 
performance is very moving and you feel like part of the crowd 
following Jesus. Their son Patrick left his position with River Bank and 
returned to school for his MBA at the University of North Carolina. 
Maureen is a Project Administrator with Malcolm Pirnie • an 
engineering firm. She is studying at lona for her bachelor's degree. 
Eileen is with Financial Group, setting up in-house accounting 
procedures. When it is completed, she will be responsible for running 
it. Eileen Brophy Rossman's daughter, Maura, has moved to Ellicott 
City, MD. She is a developmental pediatrician at the University of 
Maryland. Granddaughter, Sarah, is in Montessori Pre-School. 
Daughter, Regina, an accountant had her second child, Joseph 
Andrew. His half-sister, Kristen, is in sixth grade at Notre Dame 
Academy, Staten Island. Daughter, Susan, a Santa Fe-New Mexico 
resident and an Alexander Technique instructor, has a one-year-old 
son, Sky Emmet. Granddaughter Anna, daughter of Eileen Jr. '74, is 
in the first grade at the newly established LaSalle Center in Oakdale, 
Long Island. Mary Kapper has returned to California, is living in El 
Sabrante and serves as a hospice chaplain. Melissa , daughter of son 
John, recently made Mary a great grandmother. Melissa attends the 
University of Akron. Mary visited son, Jimmy in Minnesota last 
summer, daughter Maureen, also a Californian, is a social worker. In 
1991, Arline Brown Scaglione retired from Campus Nursery School 
in Farmingdale, NY, after thirty years as a Kindergarten-Nursery 
School teacher. "With four grandchildren, it was time," she says. 
Norma Weekes Griffith is a dedicated child advocate. She received 
her MSW from Fordham and is a Certified Social Worker (CSW) 
licensed by New York State. 

Anne McKenna McCormack, 110-50 107st., Ozone Park, NY 11417 


Mary Flanagan Higaut, 90 Woodlawn Drive, Fair Haven, NJ 07704 



It is with sadness that we write of the death of Rosemarie Speltman 
who died suddenly this past summer, a number of our classmates 
attended the funeral Mass in St. Bonaventure's Church. Please 
remember her and those dear to her in your prayers. We extend 
condolences to Elizabeth Egan whose brother. Rev, William Egan, SJ, 
died on October 15, 1993. He was brother also of Pat Egan 
Englehart '52 and to Sr. Margaret Egan RSM who attended St. 
Joseph's for three years before entering the convent. "So glad St. 
Joe's found me again," writes Anne Connell Irving. "I have my 
sister, Helen, to thank for sending in my address." Anne is a past 
President of the Home Owners Association in Sunset Terrace, Palm 
City, Florida, and President of the Martin Downs Women's Golf 
Association, She and Jerry, both retired, are enjoying golf four days a 
week, but only on Sunday do they play together. Anne also substitutes 
at the local high school on occasion. The Irvings' three daughters are 
in Florida but the boys are spread out from Montreal to Dallas - only 
one on Long Island whom they visited last May to attend grandson 
Joe's First Holy Communion. They also saw Kevin perform at City 
Center with Les Grandes Ballet of Canada, He is now with the Twyla 
Thorpe ensemble and Anne hopes they'll tour somewhere nearby in 
Florida next winter. In July, Anne met Frank and Eleanor Miller 
O'Connor, on the sad occasion of the death of Joseph Conboy, 
husband of Kathy Conlin. He was the group's "social director" and 
organized their first yearly and lately half-yearly get together, Kathy's 
seven children and the grandchildren, as well as friends and 
neighbors, like Eleanor, were a great support during Joe's final days. 
Theresa Cuneo Bolan and Rosalind Cuneo Murray recently 
attended the wedding of Bernadette Cassidy Fitzpatrick's 
daughter, Megan. Everyone enjoyed the day and plans were set for an 
outing to Nantucket some time in the Spring. If you are aware of any 
of our classmates who have been out of touch, please send their 

names and addresses to the Alunnni office. Joan Walker Baldinger 

is putting us on the alert with "Class of '48 - as we get closer to Our 
50th celebration - keep me informed I " she writes. 

Barnadette Cassidy Fitzpatrick, 2608 Voorhies Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 
11235, 718-646-1001 


Rita Paolucci Vatsallo's daughter, Mary was married on July 17th 
to Gene Patnode; daughter Patti expects her first child next May. Rita 
is teaching acting and auditioning, etc. to children and adults. Grace 
Leary Schmitt writes "Our far flung offspring are keeping us busy. 
We are expecting our 6th and 7th grandchildren early next year! I 
suspect we're really running away, but we're planning a trip to China 
next year, too." Mary Plunkett Bentzlin is President of Morris 
County Retired Educators association and Chairman of International 
Affairs of Morristown Women's Club. She volunteers in Morristown 
Memorial Hospital. Mary has six children, all married, and six 
grandchildren. Her son-in-law. Dr. Gerard Begley is in the Maxial 
Facial Surgery Residency Program for four more years at Temple 
University Hospital. Mary plans to move to Colorado in 1994. Be sure 
to send us your new address! 1994 is a special year for the class of 
1949, for it will be FORTY-FIVE years since our graduation from St. 
Joseph's College and we have reason to celebrate! Let's get together 
at the Spring Luncheon at Garden City on APRIL 16th where we will be 
especially honored. Mark your calendar and call your classmates and 
be there for a wonderful time. 

No Class Agent - Will you Volunteer? 
Phone or write the Alumni Office 


We offer prayers and condolences to Adelaide Balfe Hall, on the 
death of her brother, William, on July 25, 1993. Malvin and Peggy 
Walker Leininger retired to Williamsburg, VA, last year and love it. 
They'd love to hear from anyone in '50. . . they are the only Leiningers 
in the Williamsburg phone book. Gloria Fragale Miller is still 
working at A&S Paramus, selling men's suits. They have 3 adorable 
granddaughters who live in Pearl River. Gloria went to the April 
Luncheon with Dorothy Allison McKee '48, but she was the only 
one from '50. In May Gloria visited Louise Voelker Kinnie, '49 at her 
new home in Hilton Head Island, SC. 

Eileen l\Aahoney Hoban, 83 Long Ridge Road, Manhasset NY 1 1030 


Margaret Simonelli LaCerra and her sister Maria travelled 2,050 
miles, visited 12 states and Canada while on a Baseball Tour. They 
enjoyed the ball parks, games, historical and cultural sights, but 
especially the cross section of Americans who are sports enthusiasts. 
Margaret is a Phily fan and Maria is a Mets fan. Dorothy Sauss 
Babyak and family are converging on Washington, D.C. in late 
October for daughter Patricia's wedding. Vilma Sauss Campbell 
spent a few days on Shelter Island during th summer but just missed 
seeing Gloria Lopez Bruschini and John, who enjoy bicycling there. 
Gloria, Ann Oliva Apollo and Jerry Hanlon Weiss met for their 
annual Luncheon on the opening of school - all retired teachers, 
obviously! Lots to chat about • Ann's son, Eugene, has moved to 
North Carolina and Gloria's eldest, Paul, is studying as well as living 
in Rochester, New York area. Jerry is walking on air, as she just won 
the Pleasantville Ladies' Golf Club Tournament! Gertrude Agoglia'a 
mother, 95 years young, continues to do well, no doubt from the 
loving care and many laughs supplied by Gert and her Sister Eileen. 
Grace Arnone Marra never changes she's always so upbeat and 
positive when I call. Joan McCarthy Dillon's son, Joey became a 
second-time dad in August when Kaitlin joined four-year-old Eddie. 
Terri Malone's house in Spring Lake was flooded in the December 
storm; the entire first floor was "hit". During February school break, 
Terri went on a cruise in the Caribbean. She's still working as 
Assistant Principal for all deaf children in Brooklyn and Staten Island. 
Sister Miriam H. Corr, still on the Patchogue Campus, is teaching 
Child Study. "We have over 500 majors in Patchogue, she writes. "We 
are attempting to instill the same values and excellence.' Helen 
Burke Naylor and her sister Mickey Burke Eldon '56 spent their 
vacation last summer in London and York. They had a wonderful time. 

Rita Dorgler Bartscherer revisited the French Riviera and Lourdes 
in February. Her 10th grandchild was born in June. Husband, Joe, has 
retired so they hope to continue travelling. Claire MacVenn Dillon is 
the proud grandmother of Brendan Thomas, 16 months old. "What a 
beautiful afternoon we had at the fall Luncheon," she writes. 
"Everything was done to perfection." A traveller, Claire was on a 
cruise to Bermuda and also took in the Caribbean islands. Recently 
she vacationed in Scotttsdale, Arizona and Hilton Head, South 
Carolina. Mary Jane Hawkrigg Handal's son, Vincent, obtained his 
LLM from New York University in Law - Estates and Trusts. Son, 
Michael, is an Executive Sous-Chef at La Cote Basque, on 55th Street, 
Manhattan. Jacqueline Rupp Lynch writes that in May, at the end of 
a cruise from Ft. Lauderdale to San Diego, she and Frank stayed in 
Sedona, AZ, with Al and Irene Donohue Alpert. In September, the 
Alports plan on coming to Florida and to stay with the Lynches in 
Stuart. Irene called Marilyn Marvin Fitzpatrick and Marilyn and 
Bob made plans to be in Stuart at the same time. The six of them had 
a great visit and many laughs together. They talk of repeating it in 
March 1994. Nancy Welker Frenze and Stanley are enjoying 
retirement in Philadelphia and watching the family grow. This year 
they celebrated the fourteenth birthday of their eldest grandson J. 
Ryan Donahue, and the birth of their 7th grandchild, Timothy Leighton 
Frenze (4 boys and 3 girls) and they now feel like the patriarch and 
matriarch of the clan! Their four children are married, and living in 
Vienna VA, Newark DE, Wayne PA and Washington Crossing PA - 
geographically close enough to allow for many family get-togethers, 
including for their 40th wedding anniversary. 

Joan McCarthy Dillon, 32 Sparkill Ave., Tappan, NY 10983, 914-359- 


Geraldine Hanlon Weiss, 63 Deerfield Lane South, Pleasantville NY 

10570, 914-769-7865 

Claire fVlacVenn Dillon, 1838 East 33rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11234, 



Elaine Smythe went on a trip to Australia and New Zealand in 
November and wrote that she could not take care of class notes for 
this reason. She promises to report about her three-week trip for 
Summer Alumnagram. However, she did hear from Paulita Ahern 
before she left. Paulita spent six weeks in New England-Burlington, 
Vermont and Gorham, New Hampshire, where she saw a cow moose 
and her calf. She has joined the Garden Club of Bay Ridge and gave a 
brief talk on the rabbit's foot fern. She attended the District's Flower 
Show in Oyster Bay. Paulita just began an "At Home" Retreat at St. 
Anselms, which is a twelve-week course based on St. Ignatius' 
Spiritual Exercises. Paulita and her brother are searching for a large, 
expanded, accessible ranch home in Nassau County. Claire Althisar 
Moran retired July 1, 1990, after serving 26 years in NYC public 
schools. She and Larry, also retired, enjoy living on the edge of a 
small lake in the Adirondacks where they'll stay until the snow gets 
too deep ■ about the middle of December. They bought this cottage 15 
years ago, but return to their co-op in Brooklyn for the winter where 
they are closer to their five children and ten grandchildren. They hope 
to go to Italy next spring after the wedding of their youngest son, 
John, on April 9th. Last spring they took a trip to attend the 
graduation of their oldest daughter, Kathleen Moran Marino from 
the University of North Carolina, whose BS in Nursing was received 
Summa Cum Laude. Kathleen, a graduate of SJC class of '76 is 
married to Joseph Marino '76, After the graduation, Larry and Claire 
went to Charleston and Hilton Head Island where they spent several 
wonderful days with Doris Rogers Conneely and Pat. On the way 
north they visited Durham NC and the Shenandoah National Park in 
Virginia. Eileen Almon Bishop and Ruth Hall Carey joined S. 
Grace Edna and other alums in a trip to the Holy Land, last January. 

Carolyn Taylor Anner, 29 Lorraine Street, Syosset NY 11791 


Jeanette Mazzuka Sombrotio, 155 Birchwood Drive, New Hyde Park, 

NY 11040, 516-747-4123 

Patricia Egan Englehart, 596 Georgia Street, South Hempstead NY 

11550, 516-481-5668 

Elaine Smythe, 2439 28th Street. Astoria, NY 1 1 102, 718-728-8193 


Last October, Sister Joan Ryan visited Ed and Doris Oshinski 

Powers at their beautiful waterfront home in Easton, Maryland. Their 


six children are either married, or on their own. Doris and Ed enjoy 
sailing on the Chesapeake and entertaining their grandchildren. Joe 
and Marilyn Eckhoff Farina have been living in Massachusetts 
since 1967. They have four children. Ann is an attorney in Los 
Angeles. John is an attorney in Palm Beach, Florida. Bill is a director 
of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation at a Boston hospital and Paul is 
in 2nd year in law school at Gonzaga University in Washington. All are 
married and there are four grandsons. Marilyn received her MA in 
Education in 1969 her C.A.G.S. (Reading, Linguistics) in 1987, and her 
Supervisor of Reading for the state of Massachusetts in 1987 (K-12). 
She taught kindergarten for 28 years until her retirement in 1990. Joe 
also retired from the University of Massachusetts at Lowell at the 
same time and they divide the year between Chelmsford, MA and 
Clearwater, FL. 

Maureen Dougherty Fraser, 123 Wayford Terrace, Garden City, NY 
11530, 516-294-6241 


Pat Van Inwegan Conaty, Mathilda Bock LeFevre and Virginia 
Connelly had a wonderful reunion in Cleveland at the wedding of Pat 
Finn McDonnell's son. Dr. Bryan McDonnell, to Peggy Jennings. It 
was a beautiful day and Pat's family participated with all in 
attendance: Kevin as best-man, Mary as maid-of-honor and John, Pat 
and Kevin as ushers. Pete and Mary Connolly Hoban, who live in 
Wilmette, IL, retired in June. They plan to spend their winters in 
Florida where two of their four sons, and one grandchild, are living. 
Mary is looking forward to seeing many old friends at our fortieth 
reunion in April. "Tempus fugit," writes Victoria McMahon 
O'Moore. "I celebrated my twenty five years teaching in Valley 
Stream!" Speaking of celebrations, it's time for the class of '54 to 
celebrate our FORTIETH anniversary of graduation in Garden City on 
April 16th, 1994, where we will be especially honored! Mark your 1994 
calendar NOW and come together with your friends. 

Rosemary Corbett Hannon, 3000-19 Stevens Street, Oceanside, NY 
11572, 516-764-1824 

Patricia Finn McDonnell, 46-27 Glenwood Street, Little Neck, NY 
11362-1418, 718-631-8954 


Therese Young Beckwith's son, Kevin-a senior at Assumption 
College in Worcester, MA, has been voted President of his honor 
society. "We are so proud of him, especially his determination to earn 
as close to a 4.0 average as he can. He's not far off the mark," writes 

Irene Breen, 1370 East 26th Street. Brooklyn, NY 1 1210 


Ten seems to be the magic number! Once again the Class of '56 had 
ten members attending the Fall Luncheon. It was an enjoyable time 
and we hope to double attendance in the Spring. Carolyn Black 
Sedacca, who usually attends, was in Florida, looking at different 
areas in preparation for her eventual move to the Sunshine State. 
Winnie Cavanagh Malone was mother of the groom, was very 
pleased to announce that her son, Bobby, was married in October. 
Mary Engelskirger Seery's son, John, was also married, as was 
Eileen Hale Peter's daughter, Claire. She was the first of her 
daughters to walk down the aisle. Betty Savino Accera and Lou 
recently returned from a trip to Italy, They rented villas in both 
Florence and Venice and had an enjoyable vacation after all the 
tourists went home. Jackie Taaffe Coleman and Don enjoy cruising. 
They sailed in the Caribbean and spent extra time in Puerto Rico. 
Ninfa (Niki) Trani Garen writes that all's well. She has spoken to 
Brenda Stack Frappollo and S. Miriam Lucille Montella, CSJ. 
Niki is still working hard with the Mediplex Group which has rehab 
facilities across the country for Head Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, 
General Rehab, Psycho Social and Short-term Sub Acute Rehab • and 
of course, but sadly Pediatrics, "If I can help anyone please don't 
hesitate to call me at 212-399-6900." Niki is taking a vacation to 
Germany, Austria and Hungary and will let us know how it is. Both 
Jackie and Don, Anne Porter Molanphy and Tom, and Ann Bauch 
spent a fun afternoon with the Alumni group a: Belmont Racetrack. It 
was profitable for some. Ann and her sister, Clare '45, went to 

California in September and spent a week visiting the children of 
Anne Marie Seedorf Martin '54. It was great to see all of them, 
especially her many grandchildren. Keep in touch. Let's hear from our 
other members! 

Ann E. Bauch, 6 Stevens Court, Stewart Manor, Franklin Square, NY 

11010, 516-328-9449 

Anna Costello Stellwag, 117 Edgewood Dr., Orangeburg, NY 10962 


Marie Lydon Heidelberger, 20 Wareham Rd., Dumont, NJ 07628 



Peggy Ansbro will be going to Clearwater, FL, for the Month of 
January to visit her sister. In February, Peggy will visit her cousin 
Kathlyn Ansbro Wurts of the Class of 1932. Barbara Morrison 
Marlborough, Edna Gibbons Andreassi and Kerry Sullivan 
Courtois try to get together periodically. They met for brunch at 
Donovan's Restaurant in Bayside. Kerry works for. St. Francis 
Hospital. Her daughter, Kara, is a student at Notre Dame. Edna 
teaches classes in creative writing. Barbara and Richard, now retired, 
keep busy with courses, parish activities and family. This September, 
the Talty's (Gloria Johnson) daughter, Tricia, was married to Robert 
Dugan at a nuptial Mass at St. Agnes Cathedral in Rockville Center 
and had a wonderful reception afterwards. Pat McCarthy Bradshaw 
continues to recuperate after her automobile accident of last February. 
She is able to take short trips, visit children and grandchildren, and 
dine out. She and Dick are planning a trip to Florida. Last May, Pat 
was honored by the Suffolk County teaching Community with the 
award for Teacher of the Year in Continuing Education. She developed 
a special program enabling adults to earn their GED diploma through 
BOCES. Joan Seibert Sprague and several of her AAUW friends 
travelled to Alaska on the Princess Line. They spent part of the trip at 
sea and visited ports along the Inside Passage. Part of the tour was on 
land and Dinali National Park and Mt. McKinley were featured. Joan 
had always wanted to visit there and she was not disappointed. Carol 
Humphrey Pecoraro and Andrew have made their home in the Palm 
Beach area of Florida and enjoy the beautiful weather. They are active 
in parish and community affairs. Mary Pat Peyton McGrover and 
family have lived in Cincinnati, Ohio, for seven years. Bert is a 
national sales manager in the carton industry and they travel often, 
Mary Pat coordinates a runaway program for the Juvenile Court. 
They have three sons. Michael is an assistant vice president with the 
Bank of New York. He and his wife have three daughters, Lauren, 
Jessica and Carolyn. Son Peter is a substance abuse specialist for the 
state of Ohio and works with adolescent felons. Tim graduated from 
Miami last year with a degree in Accounting and is working towards a 
master's tn Taxation at Xavier University. The McGrovers would love 
to see SJC friends and invite anyone passing through to visit and tour 
with them. Barbara Marlborough met Marie Marchesini Zarouni 
at a St. Angela Hall reunion. Mane and Alfred live in Middletown, New 
Jersey. She has worked in Bell Labs for the past eighteen years. 
Marie's talent for math has been passed on to their children. 
Kimberly is a chemical engineer. Jane and Kenneth are both electrical 
engineers. Alicia, the only one living at home, is in marketing 
research. We'd love to hear from more members of the Class of '57! 
Dolores Bryan Maguire's son, Kevin, was married recently. He is 
the grandson of Rita Fearon Bryan '24. His sister, Joann is on the 
staff of Emerson College in Boston. His brother, Andrew, who 
graduated from Penn State in May 1993 is with the Peace Corps in 
Kenya, using his engineering expertise. 

Barbara Morrison Marlborough, 10 Castle Lane Bay Shore, NY 11706 


Emilia Longobardo Govan writes that the Office of Technology 
Assessment (OTA) study of nuclear weapons dismantlement that she 
has been working on, was released in September at a Capitol Hill 
News conference in which Senator John Glenn of Ohio and Emilia 
participated. Emilia was a project director of that study. The report is 
titled "Dismantling the Bomb and Managing the Nuclear Materials." 
The report was edited by Florence Scaduto Poillon '58. Release of 
the report was covered in The New York Times, Washington Post and 
the news wire services. Emilia has now been appointed Program 
Manager for the Energy and Materials Program at OTA, one of the 
nine subject areas into which OTA is organized. 


Ellen Doyle McCartney, 11 Beau Jol Court, Nesconset, NY 11767 


Monica Mangan Wheaton, 228 Royal Oak Drive Chesapeake, VA 

23320, 804-482-3086 

Patricia Maguire, 145 East 15th Street, Apt. 2A, New York, NY 10003 



Eileen Feeney Smith's daughter, Shelagh, was married to William 
Davenport In December 1992. Her son, Michael, Is an attorney for 
Legal Aid In Suffolk. Daughter Suzanne teaches 3rd grade at St. Agnes 
In Rockvllle Center. Son Brian, lives and works in Manhattan. Ned is a 
sophomore at Lehigh University, his father's college. Jim and 
Maureen McLaughlin Butler had a great trip to Santa Fe last 
summer. Their guide was Carol Ann Miller Mullaney '60. She works 
in Los Alamos and has a beautiful home there. Their daughter Merry, 
graduated from Ithaca College and currently has as role In "Blood 
Brothers" a musical on Broadway. Susie graduated from Manhattan 
college In May and just started to work for a clothing company in New 
York City. Hugh and Anne O'Connor Gallagher have one 
grandchild, Lauren, who is In first grade. Anne Is still teaching In 
Locust Valley High School and has started to teach Advanced 
Placement European History, which is something she enjoys. We have 
an anniversary coming up In 1994-our 35th year since graduation from 
SJC. A great place to celebrate is at the Spring Luncheon In Garden 
City, on APRIL 16th. Mark the date and call your friends to meet and 
have a glorious time together. 

Barbara Lynch Schoenberg, 336 West End Avenue, New York, NY 

10023, 212-873-9470 

Mary Sullivan Luongo, 4 Crescent Drive, Easton, CT 06612 

203-372- 1 755 


Mary Lou Cain Fitzgerald started study at Stony Brook In 
Philosophy, on a national Endowment of the Humanities fellowship. 
Her oldest child, Charles, is a doctor at Columbia Presbyterian 
Hospital. She enjoyed a summer in Southold with husband, Charlie, 
and youngest daughter, Courtney, who is a high school senior. Mary 
Uravic Clement is still teaching mathematics as an adjunct professor 
at Nassau Community College and can't believe its been 15 years 
already. Her son, John, graduated cum laude from LeMoyne College 
in June and Is teaching math and computer science at Mother Cabrini 
High School in Washington Heights, Manhattan. Mother and son now 
compare notes! Youngest, Christopher, is a junior at LeMoyne and is 
going Into engineering. After this year he will probably attend 
Manhattan College on the 3-2 program. This year the Clements were 
in Guthrie, Oklahoma for a family reunion. It was great fun! Mary had 
a great time at the wedding of the daughter of Theresa DePompa 
Mazzola. Caroline Re Bertinelli was also there and they spent time 
talking of "old" times. Grace Martin Cipriani received New Jersey 
Governor Florio's Distinguished Teacher Recognition Award for the 
school year 1992-1993. She has been a primary specialist at West 
Ridge School in Park Ridge, NJ, since 1984. Grace is in the Executive 
Master's program at Long Island University's Rockland Campus and 
expects to finish course work for a master's degree in Elementary 
Education in January 1994, Eileen Mullen wants to update you on 
some SJC data as of the fall of 1993. The total student body for both 
campuses is over 3,000: 2000 at the Patchogue campus and over 1100 
in Brooklyn-very different from 500 in our time. In the Arts and 
Sciences and Adult Division, we have had the largest entering classes 
in more than ten years. For the first time the adult division has 
expanded to four off-site campus sites on Staten Island, where we 
offer courses towards a BS degree in Community Health at Carmel 
Richmond Nursing Home, Eger Health Care Center, Elizabeth Connolly 
Center and Pax Christ! Hospice at St. Vincent's Medical Center. We 
now have more than 250 members of the police department, including 
5 captains, 14 lieutenants, and many sergeants, detectives and 
officers. These students typically pursue the BS in Management of 
Human Resources. The adult division has had six-week Saturday 
sessions for many years, but we are planning for Sunday classes 
starting in the fall of 1994. 

Eileen Mullen, 92 Parrot Place, Brooklyn, NY 1 1228, 718-745-6624 


During October Phonathon, I made some contacts and worked up a 
mini-reunion with Liz Hussey Jennings who urged me to call Pat 
Balducci lacono and Eileen Fitzgerald Troy '62, and we arranged 
to meet in a Bay Ridge restaurant for Brunch one Sunday in 
November. We made plans to meet again in January with the hope of 
continuing beyond that. Call if you would like to join us. The more the 
merrier. Liz has been teaching math for 16 years in a Queens 
elementary school. Husband Charlie is in guidance work in a Port 
Washington high school. Son Charles goes to school in Florida and 
Catherine attends State University of Oneonta. Pat Balducci lacono 
is back teaching after some years working for the Board of Education 
in curriculum planning. Carl has retired from the court system. Pat has 
great success in real estate sales on Staten Island, but it should be no 
surprise that Pat is quite a salesperson. Son, Carl is in hospital 
equipment sales, and a curious story emerged as we compare notes 
on our offspring. Her second son, Tom, has been hired by Deloitte 
Touche an accounting firm, and though he works in Connecticut, he 
and my son, who was hired in Manhattan by that firm, spent a week 
together at a training program in Phoenix and became friendly, never 
knowing that their mothers had been schoolmates. It was months later 
that the connection was made. Sheila Whelan Conticello teaches in 
Washington Irving High School in Manhattan. Her son is studying Bio- 
Chemistry at Stony Brook and her daughter attends Hunter College 
and is majoring in Sociology. Joan Dowd Gleason teaches at 
Georgia Court, from which one son graduated, and another son 
transferred to Rutgers. Barbara Frohnhofer Feldman informed me 
that she heard from Jean Baumgarten Guglialmo who teaches In 
Maryland. Jean led a flock of ten students to London and Paris this 
year. Her son and her daughter were married this year. Another 
daughter is in the Peace Corps in Hungary. Don and Gertrude 
Lantier Jones closed their Hallmark store in March 1992. In October, 
Gertrude went to work as the Public Information and Education 
Specialist for Green County, Ohio's Board of Mental Retardation and 
Development Disabilities. Their older daughter. Donna, was married 
on September 1 1th. Now for the best news! I, Pat Campbell am now 
a granny and loving it. My daughter, Cathy gave birth to Joseph 
Daniel Giordiano on August 13th and he is the light of our lives. 

Katherine (Pat) Coleman Campbell, 89 Jedwood Place, Valley Stream, 

NY 11581,516-791-8693 

Barbara Frohnhofer Feldman, 17800 Mill Creek Drive, Derwood, MD 



Recently, a study carrel in the library on the Brooklyn Campus was 
named in memory of Maureen Maguire. Donations form 24 
classmates helped to make the memorial possible. Marietta 
Trinneer Ciesia, who handled the donations thanks all for their 
generosity and she hopes to receive more contributions. Send your 
check to Marietta or to the college, and be sure to specify that is for 
the Maureen Maguire memorial. Noreen Doherty managed to get 
Mary Ann Weindler Horan, Mary Elinor Edwards McCarthy, 
Kay Doherty, Eileen Fitzgerald Troy and Pat Jesinkey Palmer 
together for brunch last May. Ample time that sunny afternoon 
enabled all present to catch up on lots of news. Noreen Doherty is a 
volunteer sailing teacher for the Red Cross at Flushing Meadow Park. 
Last Summer, Katy Ahern, Rosemary McDonald Ahern's daughter, 
took lessons from her. Tommy Ahern '85, Rosemary's son, will be 
ordained a priest for the Brooklyn Diocese in May 1994. Judy Perry 
Cleary's daughter Mary is studying at Dowling College for a master's 
degree in Education. Daughter, Anne, was married last September. 
She and her husband, Philip Savadore, work together for the Fire 
Island National Seashore. Daughter, Joan, '86 still teaches at the 
Kennedy Child Study Center and plans to be married in June 1994. 
Judy and Tom celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary last summer 
with a week n Bermuda - "just beautiful!" They also spent two weeks 
on Fire Island in August. Dorothy Morelli Conforti, PhD, is teaching 
full time at Westbrook College in Portland, Maine. Claudia Gale 
Montani and Tony celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary last 
summer with a trip to Vancouver, BC. Later, their girls put together a 
wonderful family gathering to celebrate the occasion. Their daughter 
Deirde, who lives in Centerville, VA, gave birth to her second child, 
Kelly Elizabeth, last February. Little brother, Michael Kevin, was two in 
July. Claudia's younger daughter, Jennifer, is the office manager at 
Woman's Day Magazine. Tony is kept busy with his job and Claudia, 
for the past two years, has been working with autistic children in 
nursery school. Alice Sheridan, Pat Jesinkey Palmer and Mary 


Collins Macchiarola attended a Bishop McDonnell High School 
reunion in October. We had a great time but were disappointed that 
more of our SJC classmates did not attend. Jeannie Foley Edwards' 

sister was there and informed us that Jeannie recently underwent 
triple by-pass surgery in Florida. I recently talked with Ginny 
O'Rourke McLaughlin who confirmed that Jeannie is doing great! I 
visited Ellen Boyle Daly this summer on the occasion of her 
daughter Eileen's bridal shower, Eileen will be married on November 
27th and I look forward to seeing Ellen and family again. I also look 
forward to hearing from you for some news for the next Alumnagram. 
Keep those letters coming. A sad note -On November 24th, my 
husband's mother, Lucy Macchiarola, died, and was buried from Our 
Lady of Christians Church on November 27th. Please pray for her and 
all dear to her. (Frank Macchiarola is a member of St. Joseph's 
College Board of Trustees.) 

Mary T. Collins Macchiarola, 3431 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 
11210, (H) 718-951-7494, (W) 718-377-6932 

sophomore in high school and very active in soccer and basketball. 
Mostly by telephone, Elaine is in touch with Vera DeMuth Biondi 
and Marianne Crozier Winters. They are trying to plan a reunion m 
a central location. Any classmates near Hebron, CT, give her a call! 
Pat O'Amato Basili received Regional Catalyst Award from 
Chemical Manufacturers' Association for excellence in college 
chemistry teaching. She is Associate Director of Science and 
Technology Resource Center - Prince George Community College. 
Thomas and Joan McCourt Lillis have moved to Woodstock, 
Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. Joan would like to contact other alums 
in the arna. 

Teresa Civello, 150 East 3rd Street, New York, NY 10009 


Rosemary Collins link, 9 Highfield Lane Coltsneck, NJ 07722 


Mary Beth McNearney Lamond, 9106 Ridge Blvd., Brooklyn, NY 11209, 

718 833-2488 


It IS with sorrow that we inform you of the death of Diane 
Belladonna Jensen-Lindner. She died suddenly on October 13th of 
cardiac arrest. Please keep her and her dear ones in your prayers. 
Anne Millin Schrage visited Charles and Julie Wanzel Bernroth in 

their new summer home on the water in Hampton Bays this summer. 
She had a lovely time seeing Julie's daughter, Anne, who is a high 
school sophomore, and Christine, now in seventh grade. Anne and 
Rich's daughter, Karen, is working in Chicago and Anne was on her 
way to visit her and hoped to catch the Florida-Notre Dame game. 
Son, Rich, is living in Manhattan and working at Chemical Bank, and 
Anne continues to enjoy her government job as investigator with new 
quarters at the World Trade Center. I had a nice chat with Mary 
Riordan Wilhelm this fall. Mary, who is the Director of the 
Ridgewood Presbyterian Preschool, has seven children. Four have 
college degrees, and two of her five boys graduated from St. Joe's: 
Matthew in 1992 and Timothy in 1993. Damien is at Fordham. Tara 
her oldest daughter, has a medical degree in Occupational Therapy 
from Columbia and works at Mt. Sinai. Erin will be getting married in 
January. Brendan is at Cathedral Prep Seminary, and Kieran, her 
youngest, is in fifth grade. Thanks, Mary for taking time out of a very 
busy schedule to talk with me! Marie Gumieney Flamme retired 
from the University of California in Berkley at the end of October. She 
was honored at a retirement party sponsored by Services for 
International Students and Scholars office. Margaret Connor 
Fortier's granddaughter. Colleen Elizabeth, just turned two. Her dad, 
William is a pilot with American Eagle, out of Raleigh, North Carolina. 
Margaret's younger son, Richard, is a musician in Halifax, Nova 
Scotia, who specializes in Celtic music. The Fortiers now live in 

Elizabeth Williams Auricchio, 540 East 20th Street, New York, NY 
10009, 212-228-9350. 


Deidre Connelly Galvin writes that Parents' Night at Ridgewood 

High School was truly special this year when Peggy Garrett O'Ryan 

stepped into her classroom to say "Hello." So nice to see her after all 
these years. We're short on notes this time, but our BIG news is that 
we are an anniversary class - 1994 marks our THIRTIETH year since 
graduation from SJC. Let's celebrate together at the spring luncheon 
which will be at Garden City Hotel, on APRIL 16th. Remember our 
25th! Hope to see you all there . . . mark the date on your '94 calendar 

Barbara Kempczinska, 444 1 Montgomery Street, Oakland , CA 94611 


Patricia McNulty Kushner, 51-15 63 Street, Woodside, NY 1 1377 



Elaine DeSilva Giarrusso received her master's degree in Marriage 
and Family Therapy from St. Joseph's College in West Hartford, CT 
and has established a part-time practice in marriage and family 
therapy. Joseph, her husband, is a guidance counselor in Deep River, 
CT. Son Paul will graduate from SUNY Purchase in May with a BFA in 
music performance. His instrument is the piano. Michael is a 


We offer our sympathy to Beatrice Vella Mohsinger on the death of 
her father, Robert Vella, in February 1993. He and Beatrice's mother 
lived with her for part of the the year. He suffered from Alzheimer's 
and died of a stroke. Please remember this family in your prayers. Ben 
and Marisa Ting Wu and daughter, Margaret, took a tour to China 
last July. It was a marvelous trip. Everyone enjoyed it tremendously, 
especially climbing the Great Wall and visiting the Forbidden 
City. Marisa and Ben are very actively involved in the Ascension 
Catholic Church which is a relatively new Chinese mission church in 
Houston TX . Marisa is the curia president of the their Legion of Mary, 
and she still teaches Mandarin Chinese. Ben is working in the Special 
Chemistry Division, Virginia Medical Center. Margaret graduated from 
Stamford in 1991. After two years of working in a San Francisco law 
firm, she is a first-year law student at UC Berkeley. "Best regards to 
Sister George and all the sisters of St. Joe's." Elizabeth Redmond 
Warwick teaches grade 4 at Catholic elementary school in Rome, NY. 
She has been married 26 years. Older son, Michael is Sports 
Information Director at Moravian College in Bethlehem PA. Kathryn 
will graduate from Rome Catholic High School in June and plans to 
study to be a high school phys-ed teacher/athletic trainer. Youngest 
child, John, is a freshman at RCH, Mary Short Lynch is teaching 
English at the Roslyn Middle School. Daughter Kristin is studying for 
her MBA and working for a firm in Delaware, having graduated from 
the University of Delaware. Karen is a professional ballet dancer who 
just returned to New York, having danced with Pacific Northwest 
Ballet Company in Seattle for four years. Sean is a senior in high 
school, and plays both varsity football and baseball. Both of Eileen 
Ferrell Misek's children are in college: John, a freshman at 
University of Cincinnati and Charles, a sophomore at Wright State 
University, Ohio. Eileen is an active board member of Greene County 
Violence Project. "Does anybody have $100,000 to donate for the 
Project?" she asks. Jean Doleman Duffy had a grand time visiting 
Ireland for two weeks with her mother, her sister Pat Coleman 
Campbell '61, and her niece. Kathleen Mauceri Heckar, EdD, who 
earned her doctorate from Indiana University, in Counseling 
Psychology in 1972, is in full time practice as a licensed Psychologist, 
in Austin, Texas, (where she has lived since 1972). Her practice 
incorporates the spiritual aspects and a holistic approach. She works 
with couples, families, children and adolescents as well as individual 
therapy with adults. Kathleen designed and built her own home over 
15 years ago. She serves as a Eucharistic Minister in her church. All of 
the above notes were sent in on the Blue Alumnagiam cards with a 
donation to the alumni fund. This may be the reason why your class 
agent, Nina Lagana DiFusco received only one reply to the thirteen 
requests she sent to some of you. She carefully left ample room for 
your reply on the same sheet of paper. The one note that Nina 
received was from Geraldine Keller Furey. Geraldine and Joe live 
in Chester, New York and on August 3rd celebrated their 25th wedding 
anniversary with a cruise to St Thomas, San Juan, and the Virgin 
Islands which Gerry proclaimed as "fantastic"! Their daughter, Tara, 
graduated from York College last May and is an assistant case 
manager for Occupations, Inc. She is planning to be married on 
October 15, 1994. Daughter Laura is finishing her senior year at 
Misericordia College and just took her LSAT. Joe is a freshman at 
York, majoring in "fun and girls with some academics" says his 
mother. Christopher is in 7th grade and helps to keep his mother 
feeling young! Joan Connolly Marone sent an unsolicited update on 
her life. Joe is enjoying his retirement as an Intermediate School 


Principal. He does consulting for the Board of Education. Joan is still 
teaching Special Ed. Daughter, Kerry, graduated June 3rd from Baruch 
College. She was enrolled in the American Advertising Federation. On 
Graduation, she started a job with A.I. Friedman in Manhattan where 
she is a marketing sales administrator. Marissa will be a senior in 
Baruch this fall majoring in Education. She was honored by Baruch in 
May at a dinner at the Gramercy Park Hotel for her dedication to the 
Baruch community. Joan has also heard from Jane Murphy 
Sherman who lives on a ranch in Colorado where she teaches 
swimming to the blind. Diane Murphy McDonald's oldest son, 
William, graduated from University of Scranton and is teaching 
English at St. Peter's High School in Staten Island. Stephen (20) is a 
junior at St. John's University on S.I. John (17) is a freshman at SUNY 
Geneseo. Michael (13) is in 8th grade at IS 7. Diane is still teaching 3rd 
grade at P.S. 69 and Steve is still with Con Edison (32 years). Diane's 
nephew, Keith McDonald graduated from St. Joseph's College - 
Patchogue in June. 

Nina Lagana Difusco, 1599 Victoria Street, Baldwin NY 11510 


Barbara Hautsch Blacit, 2612 Quentin Road, Brooldyn, NY 11229 



I waited until the last possible day, hoping to receive replies to the 
postcards I sent in September. There were no replies. One postcard 
was returned "with no forwarding address". An empty mailbox is so 
disappointing! On the brightei side, John and t (Marie Anderson 
Provanzana) have announced the engagement of our oldest 
daughter, Kathy to David Brown. Both are students at Ohio State 
University., Kahy is a 3rd year medical student and enjoying the 
program. They plan a '95 wedding. Beth is a junior at Washington and 
Lee University and Suzanne will graduate from high school in June 
1994. So, we will have three graduations and one wedding all within 
one year! It's exciting (and stressful)! Helen Hanley received her 
masters in Social Work from Yeshiva in 1986, She is working on Bikers 
Island with inmates who have AIDS or HIV infection. Jane Farrell 
Link expects to receive her bachelor's degree in nursing next 
summer. Her daughter, Becky, again played Clara, the lead role in the 
Nutcracker Suite, in the Washington, DC area. Many of her family 
attended the ballet at one of the 12 performances. Melissa, who 
graduated from college last May, is studying for her master's at the 
University of Georgia in Atlanta. Son Conan, is stationed in 
Washington. He will be home for Christmas. 

Mary Ellen Dubiel Freeley, 197 Puritan Avenue, Forest Hills, NY 1 1375 


Marie Anderson Provanzana, 304 Delegate Drive, Worthington, OH 

43235, 614-436-9356 

Judith Raikowski Joyce, c/o Chase Manhattan Bank, P.O. Box 521, 

New York, NY 10004, 212-385-5330 


Carol Terlicki Hahn's daughter, Cynthia, was chosen for Who's Who 
in American High Schools and is presently looking into colleges. Rose 
Farrell Lowe's daughter, Kate Lowe, age 14, is in her first year at 
Dana Hall School in Wellesley. She spent a week sailing in the Mystic 
Seaport Program and three weeks at the Center for Talented Youth 
program of Johns Hopkins, held at Skidmore this past summer. On 
August 31, 1993, Bob and Mary Griffon Brown celebrated their 25th 
wedding anniversary. They also purchased a vacation/retirement 
home in Lake Wallenpaupack, Pennsylvania. After four years in the 
Marine Corps, Robert Jr. now attends Mercy College as a Sophomore. 
Catherine is in her junior year at Assumption College in Worcester, 
MA. She is double-majoring in Education and Pre-Law. Mary recently 
began her 26th year teaching 1st grade at Kent Primary School in 
Carmel, NY. As of September 23, 1993, Annette Desalvo Boyle has 
been teaching history, English, and civics to the pregnant teenagers of 
Bermuda. "Four years ago, I had the same job but had to leave 
because a Bermudian had applied when my work contract expired," 
she wrote. She also teaches American History, Part I, at the University 
of Maryland on the base (in Bermuda), two nights a week for eight 
weeks. A few ^eeks ago, Annette was appointed Acting Officer-in- 
Charge of U.S. Agriculture at the airport. She works there on 
weekends. Her boss developed some medical problems so he is going 
to retire. Ellen Straney just completed 23 years with the YMCA. She 
spent some time in New York and Chicago and is now in Washington, 

DC, as Senior Vice-President of Human Resources and Training. Carol 
Bracco Fish and family spent an enjoyable summer traveling to 
Bermuda, New Hampshire, and North Carolina. Son Chris is now in 
the 8th grade at Shoreham Wading River M.S. Carol has been 
teaching special ed for 20 years at Little Flower Children's Institution. 
Don is still employed at Grumman's. Frances Kaiser Wos' son, 
Adam, is a freshman at Johns Hopkins University and interested in 
pre-med. Kathleen Kane Miller enjoyed seeing every one at the 
Spring Luncheon last year. Her daughter, Elizabeth, will receive 
Confirmation in spring 1994 in St. Patrick's Church, Bay Shore. 
Kathleen is directing an adult handbell choir at St. Patrick's. Patricia 
Needham Toomey received her Master's in Psychology/Dance 
Therapy. She is recovering from a horseback riding accident in July 
which fractured her pelvis in numerous places. She will resume riding 
and Liturgical Dancing as soon as she is healed. Patricia was recently 
promoted to Director of Mission Effectiveness at St. Joseph Villa 
Continuum of Care in Salt Lake City. Her husband, Patrick, is 
recovering from heart surgery. 

Maureen Ouinn Scherer, 44 Plymouth Avenue, Mount Sinai, NY 11766, 


Catherine Colgan Stanton, 1221 Underhill Avenue, Yorktown Heights, 

NY 10598, 914-962-3756 

Blanche Lindner Pesce, 127 Pine Street, Rockville Centre, NY 1 1570 



Cathy Cooper Gregorio and Joseph live in Plainsboro, New Jersey, 
with their two daughters. Cathy has attended both Rutgers and Rider 
College. We offer our prayers and condolences to Angela Vista 
Savino and family on the death of her brother, Leonard, on June 
19th. Marie DeRita Passero sends greetings from Potomac, MD. "I 
can't believe next spring we'll be celebrating our 25th 
Anniversary," she writes. In May her daughter, Kim, graduated from 
Gettysburg College and hopes to start Dental School next fall. Son, 
Kevin, graduated from High School and will go to the University of 
Colorado at Boulder. For the past eight years, Marie has owned and 
operated a gift store in DC, called The Horse of a Different Color. She 
enjoys the everyday challenges and creativity of retail. "Little did I 
know I would have been better off with a business major rather than 
social science," she says. "It's hard to believe," writes Jane Cozzi 
Murray "that Michael and I have been in Europe a year already. I've 
travelled quite a bit - to Italy, France, Spain, England, Russia and 
Egypt. I've become a real gypsy and loving every minute." Jane also 
volunteers at a nursing home, studies French, and takes golf and 
painting lessons. She is looking forward to our 25th reunion in '94. 
Kathy DeSantis Fugelsang has 5 boys. Oldest, Peter is at Brooklyn 
College. Youngest, Joseph, is in kindergarten. As SILVER jubilarians 
we will be especially honored at the Spring Luncheon which will be 
held on April 16th in the Garden City Hotel. Mark your '94 calendar 
NOW and call some of your friends to make plans to be there. There is 
a special reception for silver jubilarians before the luncheon so that 
we can be by ourselves when we meet again. 

Mary Jo Burke Chiara, 28 Brompton Road, Garden City, NY 1 1530 


Mary Ward Cronin, 2515 8th Street, East Meadow, NY 1 1554 



In Summer '93 Alumnagram we listed the death of the sister of S. 
Mary Winifred Grass '39, but overlooked the fact that Mrs. Ann 
McCann was the mother of Mary McCann Sirianni McLoughlin of 

'70. We extend sincere condolences to Mary and her family. In coming 
months, Charles and Janet Cutaneo Benante will leave Brooklyn 
and move to Bergen County, NJ, where Charles is a Systems Director 
tor Paramount Publishing, Their two children, Latha, 10, and Cnstian, 
5, have been attending Good Shepherd School in Marine Park. 
Joanne Hartman Peluso teaches 4th grade at Minisink Valley in 
Slate Hill, NY. She and Richard live in Middletown, Michelle graduated 
from the University of Pennsylvania (Wharton), and is at Oxford 
University in England, on a full fellowship. Christopher is a 
sophomore engineering student at Lehigh University. Amy is a 
sophomore at Minisink Valley. Mary Mono Dorney earned her 
master's degree in counseling from St. John's in January 1993. She is 
a math teacher and grade advisor at George Wingate High School. Her 
son Jim IS attending Chaminade high school and Mary Kate is in 6th 


grade at St. Aidan's. Her husband, Colin, is an attorney. Grace 
Angerstein was married to Michael Dean last June. They live in 
Garden City. Michael is a commercial real estate officer at Greater 
New York Savings Bank in Mineola. Mary Ann Jurgesen Hart is the 

mother of five children, Sean 20, a junior at SUNY Albany, David 18, a 
sophomore at Suffolk Community College, Christopher 17, a high 
school senior, Annie 13, an 8th grader, and Michael 11, a sixth grader. 
Mary Ann received her MSW/CSW in social work from Stony Brook 
and works as a parent educator for a number of schools districts and 
libraries throughout Suffolk County. After 21 years of raising a family, 
Mary Ann is anxious to begin her career and is currently looking for a 
school social worker position. The Rossicones, Jo (Nunziata), Greg 
(Associate Principal of Bishop Kearney High School) and their sons 
Robert 16 and Mike 12 went to Europe this summer with 43 of 
Kearney's juniors and seniors. From Amsterdam to London it was 
truly a "tf It's Tuesday It Must Be Belgium" tour, but it was great fun! 
Jo just received her license for Junior High School Principal. She is 
currently Assistant Principal of IS 227, Shallow Intermediate School in 
Brooklyn. Stina Colombo Daddona's youngest child, Stephanie, is 
performing in a children's chorus m the Broadway production of 
"Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat." Christine 
Boutross has been the principal of the Kaloidis Parochial School 
(Holy Cross School) in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. It is a Greek Orthodox N-8 
school with a population of 200 children. On her faculty there are 
three recent St. Joe's graduates. Christine is also a swim instructor at 
Poly Prep, teaching in the summer day camp as well as teaching the 
fall-spring adult ed classes there. In her busy schedule, Christine has 
time also to teach Lifeguard Training at the Prospect Park YMCA. On 
November 14th, Christine ran in her 8th NYC Marathon, All this 
exercise helps her deal with the stresses which confront today's 
administrator. She would love to hear from more members of the 
Class of '70. Just take a moment to keep in touch! Diane Brusca 
Bronkhurst's husband, Frank, retired from the New York City Police 
Department in October, after 20 years. He had been promoted to 
sergeant and enjoyed his position of midnight supervisor at the 
College Point-Whitestone Property Division. David, 17 graduated from 
Brentwood's Sonderling High School. He enjoys Music, Theater and 
umpiring Little League. . . and is considering attending SJC. Stephen, 
13, started high school this fall. He is a member of the Junior National 
Honor Society, enjoys music, theater and also plays baseball and 
umpires the younger games at Little League. Diane and Frank are also 
active in Little League. Diane was president of the Parents Auxiliary 
for three years. Frank has been manager, coach and Director of 
Equipment, with David as assistant, and the Journal Committee. Diane 
received the Pope Pius X award from Bishop Dunn for her 10 years at 
Our Lady of Lourdes in Religious Education and currently preparing 
for Confirmation. Stephen, a 9th grader, will be confirmed in the Fall 
of 1994. For the last seven years, Diane has served as a member of the 
Pastoral Council. She also does substitute teaching at the Academy in 
Brentwood, St. John Baptist de la Salle, Regional in Farmingdale and 
Bethpage and occasionally at St. Cyril and Methodius and Our Lady of 
Lourdes. Frank is the treasurer and Diane is secretary at West Middle 
School. It will be their final year because Stephen is leaving. . . they 
will go on to the high school PTSA. Carmel Cassa Mehserle 
matriculated with the Class of 1970 but dropped out. Twenty years 
later, she graduated from the General Studies Division of SJC. Carmel 
has just become a grandmother. 

Valerie Wertz Quinlan, 520 Beach 136th Street, Belle Harbor, NY 
11694, 718-945-6615 

Josephine Nunziata Rossicone, 135 Suffolk Avenue, Staten Island, NY 
10314, 718-698-9686 


We offer condolences to Diane M. Evanac on the death of her father, 
Frank Evanac, January 18, 1993 and her mother-in-law, Colombia 
Carpetto who died April 22nd, 1993. Diane received her Ed.D. from 
Nova University on April 30, 1993, (her birthday), and attended the 
graduation ceremonies in June '93. In the summer Diane travelled to 
Guatemala on a mission retreat (one week) with the Christian 
Foundation for Children and Aging (CFCA). "I sponsor a child in 
Guatemala, but was unable to see her because we were on the west 
side of Guatemala and see lives on the east side." she wrote. Diane 
spent a week in San Francisco this year and a weekend at Rutgers 
University in New Brunswick, NJ, for the 25th Anniversary Conference 
of Worldwide Marriage Encounter. . . then stayed in NJ to see her 
sister Mary, a graduate of the Nursing Program. Helga Michitisch 
Burk's oldest son, Chris, is a freshman in college. Twin daughters, 


Melissa and Stephanie, are freshmen in Ramsay high school. The 
Burks live in Ramsay and Helga works as a medical 
secretary/assistant. She is very involved in the high school Marching 
Band Parents Association. Bridget Farrell is a senior attorney 
affiliated with Bower & Gardner, specializing in medical malpractice 
defense, in the metropolitan region. Bridget is the mother of Seamus 
O'Farrell Campbell 4 1/2, and lives in Manhasset. Barbara Marino 
Hillel works for Chemical Bank and recruits college students for a 2- 
year Management Trainee Program. Her husband. Tommy, is doing 
computer repair and daughter Laura Ann, age 10 1/2, is in fifth grade 
and growing very tall. Mary Zini travelled last summer through 
Austria, Germany and Hungary and was able to recall the wonderful 
History courses she had at St. Joseph's! Elizabeth Cammarota 
Zullo is in her 20th year of teaching at St. Clare's Rosedale. We 
learned lately from Lucille De Marinis that our classmate, Gail 
Marchione, died on November 11, 1991. She suffered a stroke while 
teaching and went into a coma. She was a fifth grade teacher at Holy 
Name School in Brooklyn, and is survived by a son, Stefan, who is in 
his sophomore year at Bishop Ford High School. Please remember her 
in your prayers. 

Carol Maliska Tschernutter, 79 S. Jefferson Street, Beverly Hills, FL 

32665, 904-746-7263 

Eileen Cannon Higgins, 125 80th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209 



In a recent note, Marianne Anastasio Jerome tells of a grant she 
received of an ASM (Associate of Science in Management) in 
Accounting from Thomas A. Edison College in Trenton, NJ, which is a 
great help to her in her position as Accounts Payable Supervisor at 
International Flavor and Fragrances, Inc., in Hazelet, NJ. Marianne has 
been in the accounting field since she left teaching in 1981. She keeps 
in touch with Barbara Brinkman Hughes who lives in Texas with 
her husband, Mike. Barbara and Mike were married last January while 
on a ski trip in Steamboat Springs, CO where they met seven years 
before. They were transported to the ceremony, happy hour and 
wedding dinner in a Jeep Wagoneer stretch limo! The wedding party 
surprised them the next morning with a wonderful homemade 
breakfast which they delivered to their condo. "It's been a wonder 
year," says Barbara, "I'm still working for J, C, Penney as a Systems 
Programmer, and Mike is a partner in a small computer technology 
firm." In addition to water and snow skiing, they have taken up 
windsurfing. They would love a visit from any St. Joe's alums who 
might get down their way. "Give us a call at 214-495-7908." Barbara 
sends her best and hopes to be with us on our 25th anniversary in '97! 
Mackinac Island, Frankenmuth, Michigan and Saulte St. Marie and 
environs were the travel destinations of Dianne Piwinski and Cathy 
Steinmann this summer. They visited Niagara Falls from both 
Canadian and American sides as well as underneath! Once again they 
were joined by their friend from Dallas, for a Labor Day trip to Mystic, 
CT and Newport Rl. Angela, daughter of Barbara Hurley 
Camporeale, started Fordham University, Rose Hill Campus, this 
year. Barbara is teaching 5th grade at P.S. 29 on Staten island. 

Dianne Piwinski, 188 Java Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222, 718-383-6847 
Patricia Luciana English, 143 Beach 133rd Street, Belle Harbor, NY 
11694, 718-474-8621 
Kathleen Lavin, 336 99th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209, 718-241-4285 


We were pleased to hear from Joan Casazzone who had been 
missing from our mailing list since 1984. She gave her address several 
times in the interim when she attended the basketball games but it 
never reached us. Joan, who teaches in Bishop Ford High School, 
lives in Fresh Meadows. Joanna Perotta received a Certificate in 
Paralegal Education with specialization in Estates and Trusts from 
NYU in 1980. She has worked for many firms, such as Shea & Gould, 
Summit Solomon & Feldesmann as well as for the entertainment 
firms of MCA/Universal Pictures and Paramount Pictures/Records. 
Joanna lives in Yorktown Heights and enjoys quilting as a hobby, as 
well as raising Arabian horses. They have two foals, one born 
March'93 and the other April '93. Linda Borelli Ridzi received a note 
from Christine Lang, M.D., who is leaving anesthesia practice and 
studying other forms of healing. She has travelled in the West Indies 
to attend seminars on Holistic Medical Practice, Accupressure, 
Ayuveda (a system of medicine from India) Ericksonian hypnosis. 

Homeopathy, Metaphysical Healing, Transpersonal Counseling and 
more. She has been so impressed by the many doctors studying this 
type of medicine. Linda's daughter, Mary, received her First 
Communion in May. Son Frankie received the Bausch and Lombe 
award for Science and she and Frank are talking about a collage 
nearby. Kathy Barnack Todd just received her master's in reading 
from Adelphi, Their son, Glenn was accepted to the U.S. Naval 
Academy at Annapolis and started in July, daughter, Lorraine, started 
Fontbonne high school in September. Jim Moran lives in Bethpage 
and has his own insurance agency. 

Joan Denauski Halpern, 8 Jennifer Drive, Howell, NJ 07731 


Linda Borelli Ridzi, 57 Westbrook Drive, Nassau, NY 12123 


1974 Brooklyn 

The summer of 1993 was very eventful for Don and Torri Barnao 
Turilli. Their 13 year old son, Michael, spent three weeks in Russia 
with the People-to-People Student Ambassador Program. He travelled 
with a group of 30 junior high school students from Houston. They 
spent a week at a Russian youth camp visiting with Russian students. 
They toured Moscow and St. Petersburg as well as several smaller 
cities and had the opportunity of visiting with Russian teenagers at 
each stop. Some other highlights were the evenings at the Moscow 
Circus and the Russian Ballet. He especially enjoyed the day he spent 
in the home of a Russian family. The trip was an incredible learning 
experience. Michael and his brothers, Don 16, and David 11, then 
spent three weeks in New York visiting their parents' families and had 
a great time with their cousins while Don and Torri had a wonderful, 
quiet time in Houston, together. In August the Turilli family went to 
Cozumel, Mexico. They took an interesting excursion to Chichen-ltza 
and toured the Maya ruins. However, most of their time was spent in 
snorkeling and enjoymg fun in the sun - a great vacation! Jane 
Lawlor Courtien's daughter, Mary Clare, is in 2nd grade at the 
Academy of St. Joseph's, Brentwood. Jane's business, Courtien 
Communications, is doing well with some large clients such as Boston 
Edison, and Allied Signal. Jane requests prayers for her husband, who 
is ill. She has been in touch with Eileen Rossman Swanby, who 
lives in Oakdale, and would like to hear from other classmates-about a 
celebration of our 20th anniversary!! We will be especially honored at 
the Spring Luncheon which will be held on April 16th, 1994, at the 
Garden City Hotel. This is a great place for a reunion so mark your 
calendar, call some of your friends. . . NOW! 

Anna Maria Tufano, 321 Bay 14th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11214, N/L 


Tom LaGuidice, his wife, Carol Donovan '79 and son, Michael, 
vacationed in Ireland again this summer, Tom is Chairman of 
Transportation and Traffic Committee of Community Board #3, in 
Staten Island. Tom and Carol attended the Award Presentation in Palm 
Springs, California, where for the fifteenth consecutive year, he was 
presented with an award for being the top representative at Liberty 
Mutual Group of Boston. Active in his community, Tom sits on the 
Gowanus Reconstruction Committee, the Staten Island Anti-Arterial 
Committee and the Richmondtown Loop Alternative Study. Michael, 
age 2 now 37 inches tall, may be the center for the St. Joseph's 
basketball team in 2010! Susan Jaftok and Marge Picone 
Magnano celebrated their 40th birthdays by meeting in Nice, France, 
and travelling to the Magnano's apartment on the Italian Riviera. They 
made quick trips to Monaco, Menton, Milan, Genoa and San Remo, 
visiting friends and family. It was such a great way to celebrate! Susan 
lives in Sacramento and teaches 3rd grade at St. Charles Borromeo. 
Marge lives in New York and teaches kindergarten at Our Lady of 
Pompei. Mary Pat Acerno Bostwick and Jamie celebrated their 
12th wedding anniversary. Meg, who was 11 in July, is a fifth grader 
at Indian River School (NH) where her mom teaches. Mary Pat has 
taught 6th grade at the middle school since it opened six years ago; 
and she is also kept busy as the Student Council Moderator. She is 
involved in the beginnings of a mentor program for new teachers in 
her district and also in the "Rosette Project" - an educational program 
of lesson plans, teaching strategies and "amazing potential" in the 
classroom. She has also begun study for an advanced degree in 
administration. It was great to hear from her after such a long time. 
Ed Pillor wrote last summer about the year of "the great Iowa 
floods." Many neighboring farmers were unable to use 10% to 20% of 

their land during the growing season. The rivers swelled to such great 
heights that an entire truck was submerged in a river normally 8 feet 
deep. The Pillers have moved to a larger house in the area and the 
children are disappointed that the baseball seasons were cut in half 
due to the rain. Just in time to make it for this news column, was the 
arrival of Terrence Patrick, born to Virginia and Bill Gorman on 
November 16th - Congratulations and best wishes to the whole 
family! Rosa Anne De Fine Smith's daughter, Ashley 4, attends 
pre-school at St. Joseph Hill Academy on Staten Island. Cody, 2, 
enjoys visits with godparents, Ann Simko Rennard '76 and her 
husband, Jimmy. 

Theresa Cimakasky Mason, 5 Quimby Lane, Flemington, NJ 08822 


William Gorman, 458 Degraw Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217 


Debra Stevenson Nelson, 170 Nassau Avenue, Manhasset, NY 11030 


Alice Hagan, 360 Bay Ridge Pkwy., Apt. 2C, Brooklyn, NY 11209 


Jacqueline Reisert Esposito, 1659 Circleville Road, State College, PA 

16803, 814-234-7226 

Rose Anne DeFina Smith, 15 Kay Place, Staten Island, NY 10305 


1976 Suffolk Arts & Sciences 

Joan Stutzbach presently teaches grade 1 in Smithfield, Rhode 
Island and loves it! 

Leonora Lang Brisotti, 817 Aberdeen Rd., Bay Shore, NY 11706 

1976 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 

Robert (Rick) Freund and Jo-Ann Tufano Freund '77 welcomed 
their third child, Robert Vincent, on January 11, 1993. He joins 
Christopher, age 8 and Danielle, age 4. Robert, a Physical Therapist, 
has a very successful practice, Oakland Physical Therapy, in Oakland, 
NJ. Jo-Ann is working as a Speech Pathologist three days a week, 
with special ed students. "September 1992 to September 1993 was 
one of the busiest as well as emotional year of my life. In September 
'92, I went back to teaching full time as a Reading Teacher in PS 207, 
in Howard Beach. I met Charlotte Ferraro at many meetings because 
we both teach in District 27. Then I was appointed to the same 
school," writes Mary Theresa Moringiello Nelson. In December the 
Nelsons started house-hunting and now own a lovely home in Bay 
Ridge ■ their first - and they are thrilled. Kris, age 12, made his 
Confirmation at Our Lady of Angels last April 28th and Pie, age 8, 
made her First Communion on May 8th, also at OLA. They celebrated 
at the Greenhous Cafe but missed the Freunds being there - they had 
another Communion. Mary Theresa still teaches CCD at St. Andrew's 
and just completed 21 years as a parttime bookkeeper at the A&P. Her 
sister-in-law, Kathy Basquill Moringiello graduated in 1972. Now 
her sister's son, Steven Mastromarino, entered SJC in September 
1993 on a full scholarship from Xaverian High School. Mary Frances 
Healion Muldoon writes that due to family and job-related 
obligations, she no longer can fulfill responsibilities as class agent. 
We want to thank Mary Frances for all these years of service to the 
class. Martha Stoistis Spezzano and Ann Simko Rennard are still 
serving as agents, but we could use another for such a big class. 
Please consider becoming an agent and send for more information to 
Margaret Dwyer Minson '70, our new Alumni Director. 

Martha Stoistis Spezzano, 29 Walnut Street, Central Islip, NY 11722 


Ann Simko Rennard, 966 Shelburne Dr., Franklin Square, NY 1 1010 


1977 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 

Terry Bennett has been promoted to Manager/Assistant to the 
Director of National Information Center at Price Waterhouse. Terry will 
oversee the corporate reports of Department and Research Services 
where she will supervise a staff of eight. As many of you will 
remember, Terry was one of the few English majors who was also a 
member of the History Honor Society. Last June Joel and Lorraine 
Burns Goldhirsch welcomed another baby, Robert Michael, who 
weighed in at a healthy 8 lbs 12 oz. Big brother William 2 1/2, is 


enjoying the new addition. Joe and Joan Carrig Collint are the 

proud parents of Erin Tracey. Big sister, Jackie, now attends St. Agnes 
Seminary. In January, Joann Tufano Freund and Robert announced 
the arrival of their third child, Robert Vincent. 

Lorraine Burns Goldhirsch, 500 Tuckahoe Road, H/IB, Yonkers, NY 

1977 Suffolk Arts & Sciences 

Donna Pulaski was married to Joseph Merkel in November of 1992. 
She has two children and three stepchildren. Donna has been teaching 
for six years in William Floyd School District-Resource Room. She 
earned an MALS from SUNY Stony Brook and an I^S in Special Ed 
from C.W. Post. 

No Class Agent: Will you volunteer? 

1978 Suffolk Arts & Sciences 

Dianne Stark Ungaro lives in Holbrook with Vincent and their son 
Vinny (9) and daughter Jessica (8). Dianne is working in a private 
nursery school teaching 4 year olds. 

Maria Sabell Shukri, 10 Jill Dr., Commack, NY 11725. 516-269-9032 

Mary P. Annett, 252 Riviera Pkwy, Lindenhurst, NY 11757 


Marion Salgado, 16 Sequams Lane North, West Islip, NY 1 1795 


Mary Teresa McKenna, 8215 4th Ave., Apt. IE. Brooklyn, NY 11209 


Freehold, NJ with their two year old son, Andrew. Elena is Grade 
Coordinator for at-risk 8th graders at IS 14 in Sheepshead Bay. 
Michael is a Hospital Pharmacist at Jersey Shore Medical Center. 

Lisa Kirn Sawin, 10 Starboard Way, Latham, NY 12110, N/L 

1981 Brooklyn General Studies 

Daphna Black*ea writes "St. Joseph's College was one of the best 
and most fulfilling schools I have attended. Your life experience 
credits enabled me to earn my BS in one year. I had very valuable 
courses that still help me - very enriching." 

No Class Agent 

1981 Suffolk Arts & Sciences 

Suzanne Sindona Taylor is teaching 2nd grade in Central Islip 
School district. She and Michael have two children, Justine Renelle, 
10 years old and Thomas Andrew, one year old. 

Michelle Grande. 80 Kristin Lane, Hauppauge. NY 11788 

1982 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 

Mary Lindner Evans and Edward live in Seaford with Keith 6, and 
Meghan 4. Mary teaches 1st grade in the Farmingdale School District. 
She also teachers pre-school religion education in her parish. 

Maureen Sullivan Griffin. 633-77 Street. Brooklyn, NY 11209 

1978 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 

Marilee Cosentino Pettet teaches MIS II at Shallow Intermediate 
School. She also works as a salesperson at Century 21 DeMasi in Bay 
Ridge. She can be reached at 921-0004. Frances Abate's big news is 
that she was married on August 7lh to Larry Martone, a projects 
manager for L. Martone & Sons, Inc., a commercial roofing company 
in Glen Cove, LI. They honeymooned for two weeks in Ireland, 
enjoying the country side and the friendly people they met. They are 
still busy repainting and furnishing their home in Sea Cliff. Frances 
finds tree-lined streets a welcome change from the bustle of Queens. 
She now has a shorter commute to Great Neck where she continues to 
teach 2nd grade. Diane Ruf Costagliola is Supervisor for grade 7 in 
a public school in Brooklyn. Diane is married and lives in Staten Island 
(for 3 yearsi with husband and 3-year-old son. 

Sarah Murphy Berliner, 570 Westminster Road, Apt. ttC8, Brooklyn, NY 
11230, 718-856-1531 

1979 Brooklyn 

Carol Donovan La Guidice is president of the Richmondtown/Clarke 
Avenue Civic Association in Staten Island. This summer she, husband 
Tom and 2 year old Michael vacationed in Ireland. Tall for his age - 37 
inches, Tom and Carol think he might be the center for SJC basketball 
team in 2010! Do you know what the year 1994 means to the class of 
1979? It means that it's time for a reunion. . . it is FIFTEEN years since 
graduation and time to get together and celebrate. Let's meet at the 
Spring Luncheon at the Garden City Hotel on April 16, 1994 where 
we will have special tables. Mark your 1994 calendar NOW. You will 
hear more. 

NO CLASS AGENT: Call for volunteers! 

1982 Suffolk Arts & Sciences 

James Paxson lives in New Rochelle, NY with his wife. Tammy, and 
his children Maggie, age 3, and John, seven months. He teaches 
English at lona College, His book. The Poetics of Personification, will 
be published by Cambridge University Press in 1993-94. Diana 
Spagnuolo has been teaching in the Brentwood School District. Her 
daughter Oenise Spagnuolo '93 is teaching Special Education in 
Brentwood and enjoying it very much. In June 1993 Diana was 
honored to "hood" her daughter at her graduation. Debra Schuller 
is in a doctoral program at Fordham studying for PhD in Language 
Literacy and Learning. She teaches full-day in kindergarten in the 
Hudson Valley. Amy Delaney has been married to Kevin Fox since 
1984 and they have three boys, Joseph 7, Gregory 4 and Kenneth 2. 
She IS studying for her master's in Education at Dowling College and 
expects to receive it next May 1994. 

Brenda Kelly Hinshaw, 10 Carpenter Lane, Levittown, NY 11756 


Joyce Donneson, 115 Aspatuck Rd., Westhampton Beach, NY 11978, 


1983 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 

Frank and Allison Cooney La Rosa purchased a home in Valley 
Stream last year. In November 1992, their second child, Kathleen 
Eleanor arrived and joined her big brother Robert, now four years old. 
Kathy Kessell Martinez and Robbie recently welcomed their fourth 
child, Mary Kate, born November 3, 1992. They live in Bellerose with 
their other children, Bobby 8, Shaun 6, and Jenna Rose 3. 

Elizabeth Ruggiero Mulrane, 27 E. 13th Street, Huntington Station. NY 
11746. 516-385-9509 

1980 Suffolk General Studies 

Scott and Maria Shahi are enjoying retirement in Arizona. They have 
been busy travelling, cruising and touring. They went to Asia, took a 
trans-canal cruise and are planning a return trip to Alaska next spring. 
They also keep busing taking college courses. Their daughter 
Christina is about to embark on a 2nd career: law. She is employed as 
a Clinical Investigator/Risk Management nurse at Bellevue Hospital, 

1981 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 

Michael and Elena Governale O'Siillivan are happy homeowners in 

1983 Suffolk 

Louise C. Kratoville has been teaching in a Self Contained Special 
Ed class for 11 years, in Aqueboque Elementary School. She received 
her master's degree in Elementary Ed plus 60 extra credits. She still 
meets with close friends from St. Joe's "very special friendships!" 

Anna Cameron, 13 Wheatley Ave., Huntington Station, NY 11746 

1984 Brooklyn and Suffolk Arts & Sciences 

Anne Martino Keenan of the class of 1988 wrote of an error in our 
Summer 1984 class notes which read: "Anne Lydon Keenan and 

Brian (Class of '88} have moved from Brooklyn to New City, NY" Anne 
Martino went on to explain that the is married to Brian Keenan '88 

and they moved form Brooklyn to New City and now have a 2-month 
old daughter, Mary Elizabeth. Anne Lydon '84 is married to Patrick 
Keenan '85 (Brian's brother) and they live in New Hyde Park. Next 
year, the daughter of Wendy Cifelli will graduate as the first student 
with a Mathematic degree from the Patchogue Campus. Next year will 
mark our TENTH year since graduation from St. Joseph's and it's time 
to celebrate! A great place to be together is at the Spring Luncheon at 
the Garden City Hotel, on April 16th, 1994. Mark your '94 calendar 
NOW and think about calling some classmates and come together. 

Erin Dowd, 40 Henry Street, Brooklyn, NY 1 1201, 718-243-2978 

Donna Ortolani, 2 Kent Road, Ringwood, NJ 07456, 201-962-4412 

Barbara Bishchoff Eckner, 32 Sunset Drive, Derby CT 064 18 


Joan Kelly, 21 Dorothy Lane, Kings Park, NY 11754, 516-271-3441 

Lucretia Lucivero, 26 Great Oak Road, St. James, NY 17780 


1985 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 

Patrick Keenan and his wife, Anne Lydon '84 have moved to New 
Hyde Park. 

Channel, during Catholic Schools Telethon. Dawn received 
certification to run RAP groups with grades 5 through 8. RAP groups 
teach children the value of communication skills. Dawn lives in 
Brooklyn. Your editor apologizes for the mix-up in the Summer '93 
class notes of the class of 1984 which read: Anne Lydon Keenan '84 
and Brian '88 have moved from Brooklyn to New City." Anne is 
married to Patrick Keenan '85 who is Brian's brother and they live in 
New Hyde Park, LI. Brian is married to Anne Martino '88 and it is 
they who moved to New City. In August, they welcomed the arrival of 
Mary Elizabeth. Congratulations! 

Mictiele Main, 41-36 51st Street, Apt. B2, Woodside, NY 11377 


Patricia Williams, 395 Clinton Avenue, Apt. 6D, Brooklyn, NY 1 1238 


Christine Apicella, 1607 East 7th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11230 


1989 Brooklyn General Studies 

LeRoy Robinson received his J.D. law degree from Seton Hall 
School of Law in June 1993. On August 31, 1993, a baby boy, A.Jene 
Daniel Robinson, was born to Patricia IVIason-Robinson '89 and 
LeRoy Robinson. He is their first child. 

Alice Kennedy, 5 Hallister Street, Staten Island. NY 10309 

1985 Suffolk Arts & Sciences 

Richard and KeiiyAnn O'Hanlon Hammer announce the arrival of 
Hannah Rose Hammer, born May 22 1993 - "The handiwork of God -a 
new hand in ours!" 

KeiiyAnn O'Hanlon Hammer, 149 Newbrook Lane, Bayshore, NY 11706 


Dorothy LaFerrera, 395 Nelligan Ct., North Babylon, NY 11703 


1986 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 

Their third son, Steven Raphael, was born to Theresa Da Costa 
Guzman, on May 25, 1993, two days before his father, Francisco, 
received his law school degree. 

Kerry McConway, 167 68th Street, Brooklyn, NY 1 1220 

1987 Brooklyn Arts 8i Sciences 

Carmela Lo Piccolo married Patrick McCann on August 20, 1986. 
Melanie Alyson was born November 29, 1987. Carmela teaches 
kindergarten and pre-kindergarten at St. Athanasius. 

Diana Murillo, 350 65th Street #19N, Brooklyn, NY 1 1220 


Kim-Susan Martini, 140 Jefferson Street, Franklin Square, NY 11010 


Joan Sullivan, 2014 Kimball Street, Brooklyn, NY 1 1234 


1988 Brooklyn General Studies 

Louise Mott is still employed at the Brooklyn Hospital Medical Center 
on DeKalb Avenue. After 22 years, her position is staff nurse on the 
11-7 shift OB post partum unit. Louise is looking forward to 
retirement. On July 14, 1993, Charlotte V. Salandy celebrated 25 
years in the Nursing Profession. She presently works as a Patient 
Service Co-ordinator at St. Mary's Home Health Agency, in Brooklyn. 

1988 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 

Dawn-Marie Hall writes that she lost contact with the college a while 
ago. Dawn is attending Brooklyn College for a master's degree in 
Guidance and Counseling. She is teaching in her own former 
grammar school. Immaculate Heart of Mary - first grade. In March 
1993 Dawn was asked by ETV (Educational Television) to stress the 
importance of Educational Television use in the classroom. This 
interview was aired on March 28, 1993 on channel 53, the Prayer 

1989 All Brooklyn & Suffolk Members 

Next year we celebrate our fifth anniversary of graduation from St. 
Joseph's College. It will be FIVE years since we received our diplomas. 
Think about a celebration! If you have ideas get in touch with your 
class agent or the alumni office. You will hear more soon. 

Francine Nittoli, 367 96 Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209 

1990 Brooklyn General Studies 

Marjorie Whilby received her master's degree in Social Work in May 
1993 from Fordham University. She is now working as a Substance 
Abuse Counselor. Eugene Scollan has no news to report but "I just 
want to say again - that the four years I spent as a Saturday student at 
St. Joseph's College were wonderful years of growth for me. It was an 
enjoyable way to get my college degree. I will never forget those 
years of peace and fulfillment. The atmosphere was relaxed and 
warm. Thank you for the great opportunity you gave me. Peace." 

1990 Suffolk Arts & Sciences 

Anthony Ward is married to Christine Romaneck '90 and they are 
living in Lindenhurst. Christine teaches pre-school. Special Education - 
HASC in Woodmere. Anthony is studying Law and will receive his 
degree in 1994. He is interning with Goldson & Radin in Commack. 

1991 Suffolk Arts & Sciences 

Miriam Rappelt, a Biology major, worked for a year with a firm that 
published scientific and technical material. She was an assistant 
editor. In fall of 1992, she began her master's degree in Environmental 
Studies at C.W. Post. She is a Graduate Assistant in the Biology 
Department, tutoring and assisting in the labs. Through a training 
program at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County, Miriam 
became a Master Gardener in May 1993. Through this program, she is 
building gardens at two of Peter Barnett's homes. She is also a 
volunteer in a Youth Group at St. Joseph's Church, Kings Park. 

Hyacinth Perera, 7 Springbrier Lane, Centereach, NY 11720 

1991 Brooklyn General Studies 

Carmela Case Mehserle matriculated with the class of 1970 but 
dropped out. Twenty years later she graduated from the General 
Studies Division of SJC. Carmela has just become a grandmother! 

1992 Brooklyn General Studies 

Kathleen Degen has moved from her home in Long Island City to 
Otis, Massachusetts. She will find work nearby in the nursing field. 


1992 Suffolk Arts & Sciences 

Christopher De Cristofaro graduated with a bachelor's degree in 
Social Sciences and a concentration in Political Science. He also 
received certificates in Criminal Justice Adnninistration and Applied 
Sociology. An all'round generous and helpful person, Chris was 
Senator in Student Government, Vice President in his freshman year 
and a four-year member of Circle K, as well as a member of Campus 
Activities Board (CAB). Chris founded the Politics Club and was its 
president in his junior and senior years. Now living in Boston, 
Massachusetts, Chris is studying Law at New England School of Law. 
Anthony Ventimiglia is employed by the Ford Foundation as an 
Assistant Administrative Librarian. This fall, Anthony began study for 
a master's degree in professional studies, with a major concentration 
in Public Affairs. He and his fiance are planning a wedding next year. 
Diane Herbert, a Psychology major, has enrolled in Fordham 
University's doctoral program in Developmental Psychology. She is 
employed in a position related to her studies. Susan Whelan is a 
Special Education teacher in Jefferson County School District in 
Littleton, Colorado. She is in the master's program Special Education 
at the University of Northern Colorado. Susan teaches a self- 
contained class with students who are significantly limited in 
intellectual capacity and range from 2nd to 4th grade. "I am very 
excited about this opportunity but wish I was closer to St. Joseph's so 
that I could keep in touch with others who are experiencing the same 
challenge," she writes. If anyone is interested in teaching 
opportunities in Colorado, write to her at 10 Dawn Heath Drive, 
Littleton, CO 80127, or call 303-932-2918. Wendy Appignani, 
attended St. Joseph's College on a four year presidential scholarship 
and also held a nearly full-time position as a Data Processing 
supervisor for a local electronic distributor. Since graduation she has 
been a sales administrator for a local exporter. She is attending 
Adelphi University, pursuing a master's degree in English Literature. 
Jennifer Piazza is teaching Special Ed at North Babylon School 
District. She is also coaching Cheerleading at Connetquot School 
District. Chris Hughes is attending St. John's University, studying for 
his MBA in Finance. Lisa Giuliano just moved to Hartford, CT, to 
work for CIGNA Insurance Company as Case Analyst in their 
Bloomfield Office. 

1993 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 

Christina Murphy, a child study major, had a teaching job three 
weeks after classes in January 1993. She will be an assistant teacher 
in Beausprouts Nursery School in Park Slope. Julie Aiello Rubino is 
doing substitute teaching and hopes it will lead to a full time position. 

1993 Brooklyn General Studies 

Jackie Guzman was in graduate school at Mercy College last 
summer. Natalie Bryan writes, "I am taking this opportunity to thank 
the faculty and staff of St. Joseph's College for helping to make June 
3, 1993 possible. Thanks for your concern and continued support." 
Nadine Juste, Fernanda Almstra and Robin Blackwell started 
studying for their master's degree this fall at Central Michigan. 

1993 Suffolk Arts & Sciences 

Laura Giordano says teaching jobs just aren't available. She is going 
to graduate school at St. John's in the Library Science and 
Information program. She hopes to become a school Media Specialist 
and to finish in the Fall of 1994. James Murray found a job on Wall 
Street, working for Prudential Securities in the Dividend Department. 
It was the first interview and they were very pleased with his GPA and 
Catholic school education. Denise Spagnuolo is teaching special 
education in Brentwood and enjoying it very much. At graduation, 
Denise's mother, Diana Spagnuolo '82, was privileged to place the 
hood on her daughter. Congratulations .to Andrew Small for being 
among the TOP 135 IN USA on May 1993 CPA Exam. Andrew is 
employed by Price Waterhouse. 

On His Way to Work 

Robert Crowley Jr. 

On Monday evening, January 24th, at a village board 
meeting of Bellport, Long Island, Robert Crowley Jr. was 
recognized for a terrific act of heroism. 

Enroute to his teaching job at Fairfield Elementary 
School in Massapequa, at 7 A.M. on December 20th, 
Robert saw the car in front of him, driven by Linda 
Sexton, go into a skid, crash through the fence 
surrounding Great Patchogue Lake and hit the chilly 
waters about 25 feet from shore. 

He could hardly believe what he saw. The Bronco 
slowly started to sink and Linda found the car's power 
windows inoperable because of electric short-out. 
Robert, who worked with life guards for two summers at 
Quoque Beach, heard her screaming and banging the 
windows. He whipped off his jacket and plunged into the 
lake. When he reached her, Linda, who had broken a 
window with a crowbar found in the back seat, was out of 
the car, floundering in the icy water. Robert quickly 
grabbed her and swam to safety. He then drove to her 
husband's business nearby where they called for help. 
Linda was treated for shock and exposure at Brookhaven 
Memorial Hospital and released. 

Robert returned home for a hot shower and change of 
clothes. When he arrived at Fairfield Elementary, he 
received a hero's welcome, particularly from his sixth 
grade students. Recounting the episode for them he said, 
"I didn't think about being a hero. I just jumped in and 
did it. I like to think someone would do the same for me." 

1993 Suffolk General Studies 

Helen E. Keating is now head nurse of one of the Respiratory Units 
at A. Holly Paterson in Uniondale, NY. Helen had the unforgettable 
experience of having her mother, Helen Mahoney Keating of the 

class of 1941, put on her hood at graduation. "It was a memory I will 
always treasure," she writes. 




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Calendar • Inside Bacfc Coi'er 

StytnrLnrLeir 1^94 

VOL. XLV No. 2: Summer 1994 

Alumnagram is published twice a year by the Alumni 
Association of St. Joseph's College, 245 Clinton Avenue, 
Brooklyn, NY 11205. 
Third Class Postage is paid to Brooklyn, NY. 

Editor: Mary Elizabeth McLoughlin Farrell '35 

Editorial Assistants: Mary Whelan Phelan '32 
Eleanor McLoughlin '31 

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Patchogue Fax: 516 654-1782 

Cover: Flowers taken at Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. 

The Alumni Association 
welcomes the 
Class of 1994 
and extends 
Best Wishes 
for a bright and happy future 


Afghans for AIDS: Knitted or crocheted 12" X 12" 
squares are constructed into blankets for AIDS patients, 
residents of nursing homes, a mother-child unit, and a 
disabled veterans' hospital. For more information contact 
Caroline De Gennaro Noto '67, 1310 K Street, Elmont, 
NY 1 1003 - 516 437-7759. Regina Connaughton Mohan 
has started a successful project in her parish. 

Mediplex Group: Niki Trani Garen works with the 
Mediplex Group which has rehab facilities across the 
country for Head Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, General 
Rehab, Psycho Social and Short-term Sub Acute Rehab 
and Pediatrics. If I can help anyone call me at 212 399- 

Need to Connect? Looking for a job? Are you in a 
position to offer a job? We would like to get your feelings 
on having an alumni connection. The connection would not 
only benefit the alumni-to-alumni link, but the alumni to 
new graduate as well. If you have a job opening in your 
company, or if you are looking for a job, please let us hear 
from you. Send both resume and job description to Irene 
Nebel, Counseling and Career Services, St. Joseph's 
College, 245 Clinton Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11205 • 718- 

Bernadette Paul Gardella '68 works for the 
Massachusetts Governor's Commission on Gay and 
Lesbian Youth. For more information she can be contacted 
at State House, Room 111, Boston, MA 02133 or 617 727- 
3600 Extension 3 12. 

Surrogate for Family: Elizabeth Eggleton '85GS, MPA, 
is owner and manager of Surrogate for Family, a service to 
match and monitor services for older adults. Located in 
Western Suffolk County, the phone number is 516 543- 

Please observe the DEADLINE for 
the Winter 1995 Alumnagram 

OCTOBER 30, 1994 

Faith in Action: RoseAnn Connolly Palmer '57 is the 

producer of Faith in Action, a Rockville Center Diocesan 
TV program which can be seen on Channel 25 on 
Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Father Thomas 
Hartman is the moderator. 

St. Joseph's College complies with Title IX of the 
Education Amendments of 1972 and with the 
Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, Section 504. 

Alumna Addresses 

At the Commencement Exercises of the Arts and Sciences Division on June 3rd, the Class 
of 1994 was addressed by one of our own alumnae. Sister Isolina Ferre, MSBT '59. You have 
seen her photo several times in the pages of Alumnagrams and have read of honors she has 
received. Here is a copy of the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters which our Alma 
Mater bestowed on her at this happy event. Sister Isolina Ferre. MSBT '59 

Cfje Jlonorarp Begree of ©octor of Humane iLetters; 

Visiter jgolma fern. M.^MM. 

In honoring Sister Isolina Ferre, a member of the Missionary Society of the Most Blessed Trinity, 
St. Joseph's College is paying tribute to an outstanding alumna, a dedicated advocate for the poor and 
oppressed, a creative community leader - in brief, a woman whose life of service has been marked by 
compassion, vision, courage, and a passion for social justice. 

Before Sister Isolina earned her B.A. from St. Joseph's College, she had already spent a number 
of years working as a missionary among the coal miners of West Virginia. While studying at St. 
Joseph's, Sister was also assigned to the Doctor White Community Center in Brooklyn, and it was there 
that she found her personal mission - the prevention of juvenile delinquency through community-building 
and the development of leadership skills and self-confidence. 

After earning a Master's degree in Sociology from Fordham, Sister Isolina plunged into her life 
work with unwavering enthusiasm and energy. Both in Brooklyn and in her native Puerto Rico, Sister 
has founded comprehensive, community-based, multi-service youth programs. Originally named Youth 
and Community Alerted, the program has been renamed the Sister Isolina Ferre Center, in recognition of 
her dedication. There are now several Sister Isolina Ferre Centers in LaPlaya, and they all stand as 
national examples of cooperative endeavor. These centers provide direct services and education to young 
people, as well as special programs for the disabled, the elderly, and families in turmoil. The emphasis 
throughout these programs is the same - promoting dignity and self-respect through community 

Sister Isolina Ferre's lifetime of love and dedication has been widely recognized. She has 
received fourteen honorary degrees, the most recent from Yale University in 1992, and the list of her 
awards is literally five pages long. She received the Key to the City of New York in 1976, the Albert 
Schweitzer Prize for Humanitarianism from Johns Hopkins University in 1989, the International Peace 
Award from the Eisenhower Foundation in 1992, and the Hispanic Heritage Award for Education in 
1993, to name just a few. 

In everything she has done. Sister Isolina has been inspired by a great love for God, and for her 
brothers and sisters. "Work is not work; work is love" she has said, and throughout her years of 
ministry, her love has touched and transformed thousands of lives. 

It is therefore with great respect and esteem, that the Board of Trustees of St. Joseph's College, 
by the power vested in them by the Regents of the University of the State of New York, bestow on Sister 
Isolina Ferre, the degree of 

Bottor of iiumane Hetterg 

honoris causa. 
June 3, 1994 

A Horse 

of a 



Mario DeRita Passero '69 

Maria De Rita Passero graduated from St. Joseph's College 
in 1969 with a degree in Social Science. "If I knew then," she 
writes, "what I know now, a degree in business would have been 
more appropriate." 

"Shortly after graduation, on June 28, 1969, I married Peter 
Passero, and while he was attending Georgetown Dental School 
I worked for a law firm as an accountant-bookkeeper. In Peter's 
senior year, I gave birth to our daughter Kim, now 22, who is 
following in her father's footsteps. She will enter Maryland 
Dental School in the fall. 

Our son, Kevin, now eighteen, came into our lives when 
Peter was in Periodontal School. We moved and settled in the 
Washington, DC, area where I worked as a Junior 
Accountant/Bookkeeper. My focus on accounting led me to take 
courses at our local college in order to prepare for the CPA 
exams. Midway through my studies, my neighbor and friend, 
Bernadette Zoucha, would come over to help me prepare for the 
exams. She was a CPA but very unhappy in this field. She 
would often say that she wished she could open a retail gift 
store. The seed grew. After many conversations together, much 
thought, and considerable soul-searching, we decided to open a 
gift shop in the business district of downtown District of 
Columbia. And so The Horse of a Different Color was bom. 
It is eight years now since our little store became a reality. We 
have a thriving business, all-consuming and very exciting. The 
store is divided into different departments. Gifts for Baby, 
Wedding, Congratulations, Get Well, Birthday, and Sports- 
related themes, can all be found in our 1,000 square feet of 
space. In addition to our varied inventory, we also specialize in 
custom gift baskets, and for these we found it necessary to have 
a small gourmet food section. During the hours from noon to 
three o'clock, our store is busy with customers, mainly business 
people on their lunch hour looking for gifts. We offer free 
wrapping, a delivery service and United Parcel shipping. We try 
to make their shopping hassle-free in every way. 

Another component of our walk-in store is a phone-in gift 
service for customers who wish to order gift baskets this way. 
Added to the day to day operation of the store are the tasks of 
buying, inventory, meeting sales reps, displaying and arranging 
items, hiring help, bookkeeping, and paying bills and trying to 
analyze new marketing techniques. 

Owning your own business can be very rewarding. It 
requires hard work and good economical planning. The store 
has filled my life with much joy, and some worry. Looking back 
on these past eight years, I must say it has been a lot of fun! 


TO: All Suffolk Alumni/ae 

FROM: Office of Counseling & 

Career Services 
on Patchogue Campus 

As of June 1994, CREDENTIAL FILES will be 
maintained for only seven years from date of 
graduation. Thus any files older than 1987 will be 
deleted unless you notify the office in writing by 
September 1, 1994. Send notification to: 

Counseling & Career Services 
St. Joseph's College 
155 West Roe Boulevard 
Patchogue, New York 11772 


Joel Bamett, a 1990 graduate of the Division of General 
Studies, with a degree in Management of Human Resources, 
really knows the meaning of success. He recently left the 
position of Assistant Vice President of Chemical Bank's 
Flatbush Avenue Branch in Brooklyn, to become Vice 
President and Branch Manager at Chase Bank in Manhattan. 

For Joel, opportunity is one door he never closes. When he 
started working for Chemical, his supervisors soon saw his 
potential and he was promoted a little more than a year later. 
At the time, the branch had not been doing well. Morale was 
down and the sales goal had not been met in five years. Joel 
worked hard to boost morale and to improve his employees" 
outlooks. In a short while they met their goals and have been 
doing well ever since. After two years he moved from Branch 
Manager to Assistant Vice President, a unique 
accomplishment. Usually both promotions require working 
and training five years. Joel accepted the position with energy 
and enthusiasm. 

Although happy at Chemical, Joel felt that the move to 
Chase was a good one, careerwise. As Vice President he would 
be supervising a larger number of employees and he saw this 
an opportunity to better himself. 

Joel received an Associate Degree in Business while in the 
Marine Corps. Influenced by his mother, Joyce Powell, a '79 
graduate of St. Joseph's, he enrolled in the Division of General 
Studies. The quality of the education and the flexibility of the 
classes appealed to him. 

Joel Bamett attributes his success to the faculty of the 
General Studies Division. The instructors at General Studies 
are career people; they work regular jobs during the day and 
they teach at night. Joel also saw this as a chance to network. 
He had copies of his resume always at hand and if he met 
anyone that he thought could help him, he gave him a copy. 
"This was contact," he said. "That's the way to get a job and it 
is how I got mine at Chemical. I took the management training 
program there and was hired. I owe a lot to SJC." 

In addition to working full time, Joel is studying at Long 
Island University. He hopes to graduate next year with an 
MBA. He also volunteers much of his time to young adults. 

Joel Bamett '90 

On Fridays, he is a mentor at Junior High School 113 in 
Brooklyn, which gives him the chance to be a role model and 
offer some advice on career opportunities. For Joel, it is 
important that youth today see positive images. He wants them 
to know that opportunities exist for them, too. 

Does Joel have time for hobbies? "I love to play tennis and 
play as much as I can. I also love to read detective novels, 
especially by Robert B. Parker. When I can, I play basketball 
with my nephews and do things with my nieces. I really like 
outdoor activities," Joel says. Joel is also a movie buff. His 
favorite actors are Clint Eastwood and Steven Seagal. 

Joel lives in Riverdale with his wife, Sherlann, a Nurse 
Practitioner at North Central Bronx Hospital. 

Christine Eschenauer 

Our Ever Popular 


In Brooklyn 
Will he held on 

Sunday y October 2 y 1994 

Tentative Schedule 






Brunch and President's Greeting 
Two Class Sessions 
Games on the Mall 
Barbecue on the Mall 

A detailed program for the day will be mailed in 
late August. 

The Other One 

Irene Parker Parks of the class of '32, 
died last November 29th. She was the eldest 
of three sisters. Marie, an art teacher was a 
graduate of Pratt. Marjorie '37 was an 
accomplished figure skater who won two 
National titles while a student at St. 
Joseph's. Irene would refer to them as "the 
artist" and "the skater" and with a rueful 
grin, herself as "the other one." But to her 
sisters, she was "the brain." 

Throughout her life, there were many 
who were influenced by her teaching, by 
her willingness to listen and advise and by 
her enthusiastic participation in her many 
avocations such as ornithology, mineralogy and astronomy, to 
name a few. Marjorie felt a deep sense of loss at her death and 
was moved to write about the life and accomplishments of her 
extraordinary sister. 

First and foremost, she writes, Irene to us was "the brain," 
with a clear analytical mind and a great intellectual curiosity. 
She was compassionate. When Marie and I were very young 
we were often afraid of the dark and she would call out from 
her own room and tell us stories to allay our fears. She was 
tolerant and understanding, She had firm opinions and wasn't 
hesitant about voicing them but not until after she had listened 
and weighed the problem. 

A bout with polio kept her from attending school until past 
her eighth year - but she made up for the delay, being advanced 
from grade to grade until she entered St. Joseph's at sixteen. 
Since our father and his brother were doctors, and Irene loved 
science, she wanted to follow in their footsteps. But Dad 
pointed out that women doctors had a rough time of it. He felt 
that becoming a teacher, with summer vacations, might be 
better. As a doctor he never had much of a vacation. Irene 
majored in science, and after graduating from St. Joseph's, 
earned her master's degree and eventually had all her credits 
for a PhD though not enough money to publish her thesis. 

Irene became a dedicated teacher in Syosset High School. 
She was a great success with her students, even the unruly. She 
allowed some of them to keep the cages of small animals on 
their desks during class, and they learned to care for and 
respect animals. At term's end she would select them for the 
"honor" (parent's permitting) of taking care of them over the 
summer because she deemed them "trustworthy." None of 
them ever let her down. 

Irene loved to travel and made full use of her summer 
vacations. She became an authority on rocks and minerals and 
combed the world - Europe, Canada, Japan, South America - 
for her specimens. She had some odd experiences in her 
travels. On a tour of Russia, with the St. Joseph's group, she 
brought along several paperback editions of mysteries to read 
on the plane and in hotels. At the Russian airport these were 
pulled out of her baggage and she was taken aside and queried. 

Irene Parker Parks '32 

It took Irene some time to explain that they 
were novels and not Bible tracts that she 
was suspected of trying to smuggle in. 

Some time later, when I went along 
with my husband on a business trip to 
Brazil, Irene learned that we would be 
staying at Copacabana Beach in Rio, on 
our way back from Sao Paulo. She begged 
me to bring some sand from the beach for 
her to analyze and compare with samples 
she had from other beaches. At the Rio 
airport I found it difficult to convince the 
customs officers that the plastic bag 
contained only sand and was not a drug- 
smuggling attempt. 

Another time, Irene signed up for a special and costly cruise 
in order to be at the most advantageous place to view Halley's 
Comet. It was a very select, scientific group. Frank Fields was 
a member of it. She became so stricken with sea sickness, she 
barely left her state room. Though disappointed at not being 
able to view it, she could say she was "there" and she joked 
about giving her stomach an expensive rest. 

Irene loved nature and as a young girl collected all the 
Burgess books on flowers, trees, birds, insects, etc. By her teen 
years she could identify bird calls and songs. She was the 
youngest lecturer on these subjects at the original Brooklyn 
Children's Museum on Brooklyn Avenue. 

Irene joined the Prospect Park Birdwatchers Club and 
participated in the annual New Year Bird Watch and Tally 
taken of all birds sighted, regardless of the weather. When a 
slight stroke prevented her from walking, she continued to 
attend this Watch in her car, collecting tallies from the 
"walkers." She was a member of the Audubon Society and 
attended many conventions, often giving lectures to interested 

After her death, a former member of Irene's Girl Scout 
Troop called me to offer condolences and to tell me that Irene 
had been a wonderful influence in her life and that she would 
like to meet me and reminisce about her. Then too, there was a 
phone call from out west from a fellow bird-watcher who 
wanted to share his viewing of a rare specimen. He was sorry 
to hear of her death and said that he would make a contribution 
to the Audubon society as a memorial in her name. 

For me, Irene's capacity for empathy and understanding 
was a constant factor in my personal and family life. She was 
a comfort, guide and advocate during some difficult years. My 
sister, the "other one" was rather, "one of a kind" and we all 
miss her. 

Marjorie Parker Smith '37 

The Class of '32 must add to this beautiful story about 
Irene, that she was an active participant in all our endeavors 
and we, too, will ever miss her joyful, loving spirit. 


& Northern Italy 

In April 

On Thursday, March 31st, twenty-six eager travelers 
boarded KLM Flight 287, bound for Switzerland and Northern 
Italy. The fourteen day trip included stays in Geneva, Bern, 
Interlaken, Lucerne, Stressa, Milan and Venice. From the 
minute our intrepid guide, Aase Cranil, a native of Denmark 
who has lived in Paris for thirty years met us at the baggage 
carousel in Geneva, to the hour she waved good-bye at Marco 
Polo Airport in Venice, we were treated to wonderful glimpses 
of the best in Switzerland and Northern Italy. 

We experienced the majestic Jungfrau peak (11401 feet) in 
blizzard conditions, and breathtaking Pilatus (6985 feet) from 
a cable car. We ate strawberries with country fresh double-rich 
cream in Gruyeres, strolled through Interlaken and 
Grindewald and enjoyed the neatness and order, and the 
flower-filled squares of Geneva and Bern, where we were 
warmly welcomed to Easter Vigil services in English. 

Crossing into Italy, we sailed Lake Maggiore to Isola Bella 
and other Borromean Islands. We sipped cappuccino on the 
balconies of our hotel rooms which overlooked Lake 
Maggiore, and we toured the Doge's Palace in Milan. We had 
box seats in La Scala, the world-famous opera house, and we 
gazed in reverence at da Vinci's Last Supper. In enchanting 
Venice, we checked out Harry's Bar, shopped on the Rialto 
Bridge where fine leather gloves were a bargain, and took a 
gondola ride right from the dock of our hotel. We saw Giotto's 
frescoes in Padua and the world's most beautiful mosaics in 
Ravenna. Of course, we celebrated the liturgy in the Duomo in 
Milan and toured St. Mark's Square and its cathedral. 

But always we had fun with each other, discovering a 
budding yodeler with us and a talented comrade who could 
blow an Alpine horn! Our meals were delicious and hotel 
service, top notch. On the KLM return flight to JFK, we 
stretched out and relived our two weeks of joy. Why don't you 
join us next year for another out-of-this-world travel 
experience? Watch these pages for further infonnation or write 
to S. Joan Ryan, St. Joseph's College, 155 Roe Boulevard, 
Patchogue, NY, 11772-2399 or phone 516 654 5715. 

On The Road Again 

With more than 12,000 alumni around the world, the 
Alumni Association decided to begin a new and exciting 

It began in March 1993 when Margaret Dwyer Minson, 
Director of Alumni Relations was to visit London. Before she 
left New York, she contacted alumni in England with the idea 
of getting together. Catherine Ahders Schmitt '56 and 
Christine Strianese Coulton '79 were able to accept her 
invitation to meet at the Dorchester Hotel, and for several 
hours they talked of St. Joe's, of friends and families. It 
became apparent that many of our alumni, although unable to 
participate in local alumni activities, were very anxious to stay 
involved with the college. 

The next step on our journey was a gathering on March 10, 
1993, in Bergen County, New Jersey, at the home of Maryann 
D'Annunzio Witowski. A blustery snow storm didn't stop 25 
alumni, who enjoyed a grand dinner and pleasant reminiscing. 

In July over 50 alumni, both Arts & Sciences and General 
Studies, met at the home of Margaret Dwyer Minson, in Belle 
Harbor, Long Island. Although many of the alumni knew each 
other for years, they hadn't realized they had St. Joseph's in 

The next group met in Manhattan. All eight decades had at 
least one representative. What began as a party of thirty 
strangers, ended with promises to get together again. 

In March of 1994, two alumni receptions were held, the first 
in mid-March at the home of Ellen Farrell '70 in Manhasset. It 
was a beautiful setting and a delightful evening. The second, 
on March 27th, was held at the waterfront home of Jeanne 
McGuire Glenn '69, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Sister George 
Aquin and Sister Mary Florence flew down to join them for a 
beautiful Mass and a lovely lunch. The Florida alumni are 
determined to begin regular meetings. 

On June 13th, a reception was held at the home of Mary 
McGrover Peyton '59. All Garden City alumni were invited 
and over thirty attended. Cocktails were served on the terrace, 
after which alumni moved indoors for a delightful and 
delicious dinner in her spacious home. 

The Alumni Association wishes to thank all those who 
opened their homes for these receptions. We are anxious to 
continue our journey and reach out to alumni across the 
country and around the world. 

If you are willing to be a hostess or help us to find a location 
for an alumni reception, please contact the alumni office at 718 
636-6882. The college will help to defray the cost of these 

Winners of Alumni Scholarships 

Listed below are recipients of this year's Alumni 
Scholarships and family members who are already alumni/ae. 

Kirsten Spinner from Bishop Kearney - brother Frank '94 
Kevin Duffy from Archbishop Molloy - sister Kathleen '83 
Aileen Munnelly from St. Saviour - sisters Christine '80, Noreen '82 
Matthew Mullins from SUNY Farmingdale - sister Jacqueline '88 
Mandi Allegretti from Heliport High - sister Michelle '91 
Michelle Belli from Siena College - mother Mary AUeva Belli '68 
Robert Heisler from Franklin D. Roosevelt - sister Denise '94 
Rosario Lo Piccolo from Bishop Keamey - cousin Joseph Grippi '93 


For Aurora Dias-Jorgensen '39, one of the 
high-points of her life came in 1979 when she 
first saw one of her paintings exhibited at the 
National Academy of Design in New York City. She was totally 
surprised when summoned to receive a Painting Award. Aurora 
had always wanted to be an artist, but her parents had denied her 
this choice. 

Aurora was born in Brazil in 1918 at the mouth of the 
Amazon River. When she was four-and-a-half years old, the 
family moved to the United States, entering through Ellis Island. 
She started her education in a New York City Public School 
without knowing English. Even so, she was in third grade within 
a year's time. Aurora matriculated at St. Joseph's College at age 
sixteen, choosing math as her major. Again, her father was 
against this choice for a girl and she respected his wishes. Being 
adept at languages - she spoke fluent Portugese - she majored in 
French and earned a bachelor's degree in 1939. 

Like so many graduates in the ■30's, Aurora could not find a 
teaching job and began a typing course as a job-entry tool. Her 
continuing search for work brought her to the National 
Broadcasting Company where there was an opening at fifty cents 
an hour. She gladly took it and with her linguistic ability, 
creative talent, and zeal, was soon putting together shortwave 
broadcasts to South America. During World War II Aurora 
became an announcer, writer, actress and director of programs to 
Brazil, and a member of ASCAP. 

Meanwhile, in spite of objections at home, Aurora began to 
study art at the Art Students' League, where she obtained a Merit 
Scholarship. Soon she abandoned broadcasting for art. In 1950 
she married Roger Jorgensen, an artist she met in art school. She 
returned to broadcasting at the Voice of America, working for 
the Brazilian and Indonesian Desks in New York City and in 
Washington, DC, where her daughter. Ellen, was born. 

While Ellen was growing up, Aurora decided to leave 
broadcasting and return to New York City. She began her 
teaching career at P.S. 108 in Spanish Harlem. There was little 
time for art while she attended Bank Street College and earned 
her Master's degree in Education. 

Aurora turned to writing and published a story book. Four 
Legs and a Tail. She wrote dramatizations of famous children's 

masterpieces which, in record form, 
were sold to schools throughout the 
United States; she contributed to the 
Bank Street readers and to new 
phonics systems, and provided 
educational guides for recorded 

During the last three of her twenty 
years of teaching, Aurora taught art classes for the whole school 
from kindergarten through sixth grade. Her pupils won local and 
international prizes. One boy's work was shown on the 
electronic billboard at Times Square. 

Upon retiring in 1980, Aurora took up her brushes again, with 
some misgivings as to focus, but soon found great joy and 
satisfaction in art and the art world. 

Since her 1979 showing, she has participated in numerous 
gallery shows in New York City and in New Jersey. She has 
been shown in two museums - the Museo del Barrio and the 
Museum of Contemporary Hispanic Art, both in New York City. 
In 1993 she was viewed at Provincetown, MA, Lexington, VA, 
and Wilkesboro, NC. She has been an annual participant of the 
National Association of Women artists since 1982, where, in 
1992, she won First Prize Medal of Honor and the Elizabeth 
Stanton Blake Memorial Award. She has had solo shows in the 
Broome Street Gallery in 1993. the Sirovich Gallery in 1987, and 
the Lida Gallery in 1982, all in New York City. 

Aurora Dias-Jorgensen is professionally affiliated with the 
National Association of Women Artists, where she served as 
■Vice-President 1987-89 during the organization's Centennial 
Celebration, the Art Students" League, Vistas Latinos, and 
Women in the Arts. She is currently on the Board of Artists' 
Equity in New York City. 

Early this year, during a five-week visit to France, Aurora 
filled a small drawing pad with exquisite fine-pen sketches of the 
French scenery she enjoyed, some of which are produced here. 
This summer one of Aurora's paintings can be seen in 
Garden of Delights, A Summer Exhibition by Women in the 
Arts, in the Steinhardt Conservatory in the Brooklyn Botanic 

"The artist interprets God's world," says Aurora. "This is a 
sacred act and each painting is a-prayer." 


Audrey Sorrento '49 

Audrey Sorrento '49 is program director of Grailville, an 
education and conference center in Loveland, Ohio, which 
offers programs relating to spirituality, feminism, the arts and 
social justice. Grailville is a member of the Grail, an 
international movement of women working for social 

Audrey was an early member of the group of Catholic 
laywomen which began Grailville by purchasing a piece of 
land which they farmed, living on the product of their labors 
and stressing organic farming and ecological responsibility. In 
the fifty years since its foundation the farm has grown to 300 
acres and the Grail has expanded its activities to include the 
exploration of the ecology, of culture and races and health and 
economic priorities from the woman's viewpoint, and in the 
sponsorship of art, music, writing and theatre programs. 

Since her graduation from St. Joseph's College in 1949, 
with a BA in English, Audrey has had a significant role in all 
this development. In 1963 she earned a Master's degree in 

Liturgy at Notre Dame University, and in 1978 received a PhD 
in Religion and Culture from Union Graduate School. In the 
late '70's and early '80's she took a leave from the Grail to be 
with her parents in their last years. During this time she served 
on the Executive Board of the Alumni Association, acting as 
Recording Secretary from 1980 to 1984. 

In recent years, as Program Director, she has been 
responsible for organizing activities that bring to Grailville, 
from all over the world, women of many cultures and varied 
interests. For 1994, the 50th Anniversary year, Audrey has 
developed an impressive program of lectures, exhibits, retreats, 
workshops, liturgy and theatre, demonstrating the 
interconnection of feminism, spirituality and concern for the 

The jubilee year program will end on December 11, 1994. 
Recognizing that the birth of Jesus signifies a presence 
working for all oppressed people, Grailville will have a special 
Open House featuring its international creche exhibit. 

Vatchogue Senior Brunch 

Frank Favazza presents a gift from the Alumni Association to '94 
class representatives Siobhan Elgesem and Cheryl Cervenka, 

More than 300 people attended the annual brunch held for 
seniors who are graduating from the Suffolk campus. The 71 
seniors and their family members enjoyed the fare at the 
Bavarian Inn located on Long Island. 

Dr. Frank Favazza, president of the Suffolk Chapter of the 
SJC Alumni Association, welcomed the seniors as new 
members of the Alumni body. He explained that they will 
automatically become lifetime members upon graduation. Dr. 
Favazza told them that he and his fellow officers are in the 
process of planning a variety of activities for the Suffolk 
campus, and that SJC's first Walkathon, to be held on Sunday, 
April 23, 1995, is sure to be the highlight of the year. 

Folders containing information about the Alumni 
Association were distributed to the seniors. Those who did not 
attend the brunch will receive this material by mail. 


Help for Latino Families 

Elba Montalvo '68 

Elba Montalvo '68 
is Executive Director 
of the Committee for 
Hispanic Children and 
Families, Inc., which 
she founded in 1982. 
She and others saw the 
need to inform and 
educate Social Service 
providers to help them 
in their work with 
Latino families. 

Besides training these 
professionals, the 
Committee also holds 
community education 

workshops on issues affecting families, such as child abuse, teen 
pregnancy prevention, and domestic violence. In 1988, they 
produced a film on Domestic Violence, in Spanish with English 
subtitles, which won an award as the best film drama from the 
National Latino Film and Video Festival. 

Elba was bom in Puerto Rico. The family, parents and three 
daughters, of whom Elba was the youngest, moved to the United 
States, when she was four years old. They settled in Brooklyn 
where the children attended public school. Elba loved school and 
when she graduated from high school she registered at St. 
Joseph's College. She earned her bachelor's degree in Child 
Study in 1968. 

Elba's first job was teaching kindergarten in a bilingual 
program at P.S. 155. After a year, she accepted a position in a tri- 

lingual program - Spanish, English and Chinese - in a public 
school in Chinatown. While there, she was asked to coordinate a 
Bilingual Program for student teachers at P.S. 134, in the lower 
east side. 

After seven years of teaching, Elba accepted a position as 
Educational Director of a Day Care Center for pre-school and 
after-school groups. This was a non-profit organization and she 
served there for two and a half years. Elba left the Education 
field to establish the Committee for Hispanic Children and 
Families because she had seen that services for Latino families 
were not culturally appropriate and she wanted to be an advocate 
on their behalf. 

On June 24th, the Committee will celebrate the 12th year of its 
foundation and will host a gala benefit event to be held at the 
Joseph Papp Public Theater in Manhattan. It will feature such 
notables as Gregory Hines, Chita Rivero and Sonia Manzano- 
from Sesame Street. There will be Children's Performances, and 
an awards presentation to three students from the Committee's 
school counseling program, who will be especially honored for 
making a "turn-around" and becoming successful achievers. This 
special event will bring people together to see the 
accomplishments of CHCF in strengthening Latino families and 
hopefully to lend support for its ongoing activities. 

Elba Montalvo is a member of the Civilian Review Board, 
having been appointed by Mayor Dinkins. In March she was 
appointed to the United States Advisory on Child Abuse and 
Neglect. She also served on the Board of the Brooklyn Public 
Library for a year. Married to Zenon Arribalzaga, Elba has two 
children, Luis 20, and Amanda 15. 

Party^s Choice 

Last Spring, Huntington Democrats picked 
Joseph DeVito '87, a graduate of the Suffolk 
Campus, as their new Chairman. He replaced 
Frank Grimes who retired in March, and will 
serve until the term ends in October, when he 
will run for election. 

When Joseph was 12, the family moved from 
Brooklyn to Dix Hills, Long Island. He 
graduated from La Salle Military Academy in 
Oakdale and received his bachelor's degree in 
Business Administration from St. Joseph's in 
1987. He holds a master's degree in Business 
Administration from C. W. Post, Brookville. 

In his early twenties, Joseph became 
politically active when a family friend induced 
him to work for the Assembly campaign of 
Thomas DiNapoli. In 1989 he helped to 
coordinate the campaign of former Supervisor, 
Stephen Ferraro and in 1991 he worked on the campaigns of 
Ann Hurley and William Rebolini In 1990 Joseph ran 

Joseph DeVito 'S7 

party together at 

unsuccessfully for Assemblyman of the 10th 
Assembly District. At one time he served on 
the staff of former U.S. Representative, 
Thomas Downey. 

Joseph DeVito acknowledges that there is a 
lot of work to be done in his present job 
because of the financial debt and the internal 
friction of the Democratic party. Primarily, the 
feuding is due to lack of agreement on town 
policy. His goal is to unite the party and bring 
down the debt. He has the exuberance and the 
energy to do this, thus building for the future 
of the party. 

Realizing there are no quick solutions to the 
problems of the Huntington Democrats, 
Joseph plans to cultivate a new generation of 
members. "It's going to take hard work and 
time," he says, "but we're going to bring the 
a nice steady pace." 

Ordained Minister 

The Year in Review 

Diana Purcell Chapman 

Sponsored by St. John's 
Episcopal Church in 
Wellsville, New York, Diana 
Purcell-Chapman was 

ordained to the Sacred Order 
of Priests in the Episcopal 
Church on January 22, 1994. 
Looking back on her years as 
a student at the Patchogue 
campus of St. Joseph's 
College, she says that the 
solid academic background 
she received helped her 
decide on her goals and to 
follow through to achieve 
them. At the time she felt the 
call to the ordained ministry 
and this became her goal. 
Diana Purcell attended St. Joseph's as an adult student and 
earned a bachelor's degree in Human Relations in 1980. At that 
time, her three children were away at college, her son in 
Florida, and her daughters in upstate New York. She moved 
upstate to Wellsville and continued her studies at Colgate- 
Rochester Divinity School, Bexley Hall, and received her 
Master of Divinity degree in 1986. 

Since 1970, Diana had been registrar for the Finger Lakes 
Conferences held at Hobart William Smith College in Geneva, 
NY, under the auspices of Province II of the Episcopal Church. 
These conferences helped to clarify her knowledge of the 
ordained ministry and to be open to the call. She spent the 
summer of 1985 at Eger Lutheran Nursing Home on Staten 
Island, working on an internship program as hospital chaplain, 
where she learned more about the role of a chaplain and pastor. 
In 1989 Diana began participating in the Chaplaincy Program 
at Jones Memorial Hospital in Wellsville. She was also 
involved in the Clinical Pastoral Education Program at both 
Jones Memorial Hospital in Wellsville and the Strong 
Memorial Hospital in Rochester. 

Reverend Purcell-Chapman has been active in the church as 
a Lay Minister, Parish Secretary and Editor of a parish 
newsletter on Long Island, as well as the Allegheny County 
Episcopal Newsletter, Pacem. For many years, she has been a 
member of the Order of St. Luke's healing ministry. 

At the present time, Diana is Pastoral Care and 
Bereavement Coordinator with Comstock Hospice of 
Allegheny County, where she assists and counsels patients 
with a medical diagnosis of six months or less to live, and later 
comforts the bereaved family members for a year or more after 
the death. Diana is the leader of two monthly counseling 
groups, one called SHARE for families who have lost a baby 
through miscarriage or sudden infant death. The second is for 
people with AIDS or who are HIV positive. 

Reverend Diana Purcell-Chapman serves in the Allegheny 
County Episcopal Ministry, a cluster ministry of six churches 
under the leadership of the Reverends Ralph and Elizabeth 
Gorskoph. Her duties include conducting services and 
preaching in the six parishes. 

In 1990, Diana Purcell married G. Fred Chapman, a resident 
of the Wellsville area. Between them they have eight children 
and four grandchildren. 

Alumni activities began last September 25th with a great 
day at Belmont Race Track. This event is becoming more 
popular every year. The following day, the Golden Graduates, 
those who graduated fifty or more years ago, received a warm 
"welcome back" to the college, and members of the class of 
1943 were formally inducted into the society. 

On October 7th, over 50 alumni gathered in the New York 
Telephone Building in Garden City for our Fall Phonathon. 
Valerie Wertz Quinlan '70 and Pat Luciana English '72 were 
chairpersons. We received over $44,000 in pledges. 

We acknowledged our Major Donors at a special reception 
for them last December. Some alumni present were Clare 
Bauch '45, Ann Bauch '56, Maria Falconetti '70, Maureen 
Dougherty Fraser '53, Doris Oshinski Powers '53, Mary St. 
John Murphy '24, and Anna Sullivan '40. 

After the snow-filled months of January and February, 
activities started up again in March. Our undergraduates 
organized a mini-phonathon at the college and raised over 
$16,000 in pledges. 

April was a busy month. On the 16th, more than 400 alumni 
found their way to the Garden City Hotel for the Annual Spring 
Luncheon. The following day, members of the class of '44 and 
'69 met on the Brooklyn campus for a Mass and Brunch in a 
special private celebration of their gold and silver 

On the 19th, 36 alumni and friends returned to Garden City 
for the Spring Phonathon. Over $24,000 was pledged. Our 
Brooklyn General Studies alumni held their phonathon in the 
265 building on April 21st and raised almost $5,000 in pledges. 
On April 28th, 16 volunteers at the Patchogue Campus 
Phonathon received pledges of $1,900. 

The final event took place on April 27th. The Alumni 
Association hosted a luncheon for the soon-to-be alumni, the 
Class of 1994, which took place in the 245 parlors on the 
Brooklyn Campus. 

Margaret Dwyer Minson 

Theatre Anyone! 

St. Joseph's College Alumni Association has 
secured 30 Tickets for the Broadway production of 


Thursday, December 1, 1994, at 8:00 PM 

Tickets are $65.00 each and will be offered on a 
first come, first served basis. Call the Office of 
Alumni Relations today for your reservations 
718 636 6882. 


St, JosepWs 

The Chionchio family from left to right: Gina '83, Gerardette '79, Laura '94, 

Frances Fumo Chionchio '55, Frank '86, 

Josephine Gallo Chionchio '85 and Lisa '81 

On June 4th, Laura Chionchio became the seventh member 
of the Chionchio family to graduate from St. Joseph's College. 
Her mother, Frances Fumo, graduated in 1955. In August of 
1956 she married Francis Chionchio. Five of her children and 
one daughter-in-law received their bachelor degrees from St. 
Joseph's. The pursuit of their professions reveals a wide 
variance of interests. 

Gerardette Chionchio Stancato '79 received her JD from 
Brooklyn Law School in 1982 and is a Justice for the New York 
State Department of Motor Vehicles. Lisa Chionchio Gallo 
earned her bachelor's degree, magna cum laude in 1981. She 
received a master's degree in a Special Education from New 
York University and is a Special Ed teacher at Montauk Junior 
High School. She is the mother of Gabrielle, age six months. 
Gina Chionchio llluzzi graduated magna cum laude in 1983. 

She majored in math and worked as a computer engineer for 
NYNEX. She is now on leave to care for her two children, 
Christina three-and-a-half and Ginette nineteen months old. 
Frank Chionchio '86 received his DDS from New York 
University and is now in the four year Oral and Maxilo-Facial 
program at Brooklyn Hospital. His wife, Josephine Gallo 
Chionchio, a magna cum laude graduate of the class of 1985, 
was a business major and is staff manager at New York Life. 
Their little girl, Michelle, is two years old. Our new graduate, 
Laura '94 plans to teach history in high school. More important 
to her right now is the preparation for her wedding in August. 
This busy family is an outstanding example in belief of the 
value of education and an acknowledgment of the excellence of 
St. Joseph's College. 


It was late in the '60's that Jane Leder Horn, editor of 
Alumnagram, phoned me to say that her husband had been 
assigned to a job out of state and the family had to move as soon 
as possible. She hadn't quite finish the current issue. Would I 
take over? With some misgivings, I agreed. Fortunately. I had 
observed and learned more than I realized from Grace LeRoy, 
former editor. 

Now, several decades later, I have completed my last issue. 
I want to acknowledge and thank the many alums who have 
contributed over the years to this endeavor-my loyal class 
agents, those whom I have interviewed, members of the 
Executive Board, faculty, staff, my proof readers, the 
Administration, those in the Development Office, our student 
help. . . did I miss anyone? Yes, my printer and especially 

Many thanks - it's been work, but a lot of fun, too! 



Mary Elizabeth Farrell 

Suffolk Chapter 

to hold 

First SJC Walkathon 

Plans are underway for St. Joseph's College's first 
WALKATHON which will be held next Spring, sponsored by 
the Suffolk Alumni Chapter. Proceeds will go into the 
Endowment Fund, which supports student scholarships and 
financial aid programs. We are seeking volunteers to serve on 
the Walkathon Committee. Please phone the Alumni Office at 



Contest #1 • Design-a-Logo 

Contest #2 • Write-a-Slogan 

Anyone interested in entering the contests, or serving on a 
committee, please phone the Alumni Office at 516-447-3215 for 

Helping People 

When Marcia Edwards '83, a graduate of the Division of 
General Studies, gets involved in a project, she gives it her all. 
It is her nature to help people all she can. 

"I find it very rewarding to work with others," she says, and 
she spends most of her time doing that. Marcia is the Program 
Director and HIV coordinator at Flushing Meadows-Corona 
Park Community Corporation Scatter Site Housing, where she 
works with AIDS affected clients and families. Part of her job 
is to provide housing and intensive care management to her 
clients and to care for them in a holistic program. 

Marcia also works as a part-time faculty member at St. 
Joseph's Division of General Studies. She teaches three 
courses: Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Addictions and 
Dependency, Alcoholism: The Family and Society, and 
Community Health. She attributes her desire to teach to what 
she learned from her teachers in General Studies. 

"The professors here did more than just teach me. They 
gave one hundred percent of themselves and I wanted to give 
something back. I love working with people and this lets me do 
it," she explained. 

A self-proclaimed workaholic, Marcia is taking courses for 
her PhD in Health Services. In 1990, she earned her master's 
degree in Social Work. She manages to work part time in 
psychotherapy, as a counselor. 

Marcia' s desire to help others was instilled in her by her 
parents. "My mother and father taught us (my brothers and 
sister) never to forget where we came from, and always to do 
what we can when we can. I come from a family of people in 
the helping professions - nurses, doctors, and social workers!" 

In her spare time - which is rare - Marcia likes to listen to 
music and read up on fashion and interior design. She is an 
antique collector and enjoys refinishing and refurbishing 
furniture. She loves to cook and bake, especially West Indian 
food. Marcia worked with her sister in the catering business for 
a while, but now handles catering only for family and close 

When asked if she had performed any unusual or special 
accomplishments, Marcia stopped and thought. "Well. . . 
someone once told me I was 'Mother Earth' because my life is 
geared towards helping people as a whole. I just think it's a 
good service when you can do that." 

Christine Eschenauer 


For two 1994 seniors at St. Joseph's College in Patchogue, 
college days were a family affair. Two sets of daughters and 
mothers ascended to the stage to receive their diplomas, albeit 
in different majors. 

Both mothers plugged away at St. Joseph's for ten years to 
earn their degrees in Health Administration. Margaret O'Brien, 
65, of Bay Shore, teamed with her daughter, Maureen Greco, 
37, of Ridge, NY. Maureen, holding down a full time job and 
watching over two teen-age daughters, managed 48 course 
credits in her last year to earn her degree. 

Linda Esposito, RN, the second mother, graduated with her 
daughter, Lisa 22, who earned her degree in Elementary 
Education. Another tandem event for each of them took place 
several months ago. Linda Esposito became engaged last 
December and Lisa followed suit a few months later. 

We hope to hear from these grads in their class notes 
column for another chapter in their lives. 

Class Volunteers 

The Executive Board of the Alumni Association has voted 
to expand and reorganize the role of class representatives. 
Bettyanne McDonough '59, who has agreed to become the 
chairperson of the Committee on Class Agents, sees first the 
need for Decade Chairpersons (i.e. the 20s, 30s etc.). This 
person will look for volunteers from each class to fill the 
position of Class President. The President, in turn, will look 
for class members to fill the other categories below. 

The Executive Board is hoping that the present class 
agents will continue to serve their classes. 

1. Class President is the overall class leader. All other 
representatives report to the President who is responsible for 
all aspects of reunions, class news and class giving. 

2. Class News Agents are responsible for soliciting and 
compiling class notes and all vital statistics. They submit a 
class notes column twice a year for Alumnagram. Any 
change of name/address must be forwarded immediately to 
the Alumni Office. 

3. Class Fund Agents (should be two people for this 
position) assist in soliciting individual class members for 
their annual contribution to the college. Once a year they will 
sign a letter to classmates requesting this. They also recruit 
volunteers for phonathon. 

4. Class Reunion Agent is responsible for all aspects of 
class reunions, organizing sub-committees, setting dates, 
activities, and with the mailings. Reunions take place every 
five years. 

Spring Phonathons VITAL STATISTICS 

Admittedly a bit tired, one alumna who was a first-time 
volunteer at a phonathon, summed up her work at the end of 
the evening with, "This was a fun thing to do!" But we know 
it took a lot of energy and concentration to solicit funds for the 
college and we express our sincere thanks to her and all the 
volunteers list below. 

The Brooklyn Campus' first Spring Phonathon was held on 
April 19, 1994, at Garden City. 36 volunteers watched the 
tally rise to over $24,000 in pledges. 

S. George Aquin O'Connor 
S. Elizabeth Hill '64 
S. Margaret Buckley '55 
S. Teresa Avila Burke 
S. Mary Joel Acemo '48 
Clare Bauch '45 
Pat Coleman Campbell '61 
Marie Carroll Daly '43 
Pat Egan Englehart '52 
Pat Luciana English '72 
Charlotte Ferraro '76 
Marilyn Jaeckel '71 
S. Helen Kearney '67 
Genevieve Kingman Lindner '46 
Elizabeth McCullough '74 
Pat Finn McDonnell '54 
Connie Theiss McGlinchey '43 

Margaret Dwyer Minson '70 
Frances Murray '78 
Rosedna Hall Murray '41 
Roseann Connolly Palmer '57 
Valerie Wertz Quinlan '70 
S. Joan Ryan '53 
Cecelia Kennion Socci '70 
Rosalie Tutino '59 
S. Alice Francis Young '40 
Rosemary Chapman 
Ruth Davis 
Jo-Ann During 
Christine Eschenauer 
Melodie Horan 
Roxey Taylor 
Sherrie Van Amam 
Stephanie Ventrice 

Thanks to alumni and friends of Brooklyn General Studies 
who gathered in the 265 building on April 20, 1994, we 
received almost $5,000 in pledges. 

Corinne Alpert 
Daniel Beni 
Jean Black 
Victor Brown 
Rupert Campbell 
Pat Cirillo 
Candice Cruz 
Angela Diaz 
Hayward Gill 
Janet Gill 
Christine Gryziec 
Jason Knell 

Sister Carol Lessard 
Robertha Marlindale 
Sadie McMillan 
Bemice Minott 
Eileen Mullen 
Barbara Murray 
Maude Robinson 
Chasrmane Sett 
Suzanne Trappier 
Tom Travis 
Louise Witthohn 

The Patchogue Campus held its Spring Phonathon on April 
28, 1994, from 5PM to 9PM, and raised $1,900. 

S. Jean Marie Amore 
S. Francis Solano Carmody 
S. Miriam Honora Corr '51 
Lucille Cudey '94 
Jo-Ann During 
Maureen Esposito 
S. John Raymond McGann 
S. Loretta McGrann 


Ann Powers 
S.Teresa Rogers 
S. Joan Ryan '53 
Shawn Ryan '91 
Marion Salgado '78 
Patty Slabowski '92 
Rosalie Tutino '59 
Catherine Walker '91 


Please remember the deceased of the St. Joseph's College family in your 




Constance Reynolds Furey '28 
Anne Marie Dunnigan '29 
Irene Parker Parks '32 
Margaretta Domey Tyrrell '33 
Eleanor Lagattuta Murphy 34 
Doris Devlin Maguire '37 
Margaret Scannell McAuliffe '37 
Genevieve Fanell O'Donnell '41 
Margaret Dougherty Schreiber '43 
Anne McDonald McCully '44 
Joan Cory Erhardt '45 


Mary Marino Venezia '31 
Catherine Gebelein Carlson Earl '33 
Virginia Humphreys Cooke '36 
Ruth Magenheimer Tiemey '36 (dec) 
Eugenia Tyler Hagan '39 
Helen Clark Sileo '39 (dec) 
Patricia George Faust '39 
Kathryn McVey Mulligan '39 
Anastasia Linardos Cibelli '40 
Joan Ghegan Moran '41 
Anne Reilly Flaherty '41 
Violet Castana Falcone '42 
Rosemary Glynn Lamoureux '43 


Margaret Wilson Sullivan '47 
Pauline Riccio Prostowich '49 
Adelaide Balfe Hall '50 
Carolyn Taylor Anner '52 
Eileen Hale Peters '56 


Margaret Tieman Meehan '69 
Kathleen Ott Reemer '70 


Bernadette Moroney Metzler '35 
Alice Hagan Finnerty '36 
Virginia Hagan '39 
Marion Mulligan Dillon '39 
Kathleen Mulligan '40 

Rosemary Thompson Keane '46 

Jean Braithwaite Quincannon '47 

Elaine Kenny Kiss '49 

Jane Chamberiain O'Hara '53 

Barbara Delaney '68 

Molly Singh '79GS 

Peter Obiese '86GS 

Madge Robertson '87GS 

Susan Spinzia '89S 

Nancy Cuccia '89S 

Samuel Argyle '89 

Lena Terry Prestia '43 (1991) 
Aileen Fanning Elliott '44 
Eileen McDermott Ott '45 
Agnes Cogan McGuiness '45 
Mary Ellen Dowd Orr '46 
Mary Farrell Walsh '49 
Arline Brown Scaglione '47 
Sue Ann Glen McCabe '51 
Carolyn Taylor Anner '52 (1993) 
Elizabeth McCann McCarthy '53 
Helen Lande Perrin '54 
Marion Salgado '78S 

Vincentia Termini Dobson '6 
Judy Perry Cleary '62 
Maureen Woods Biesty '73 
Virginia Cox Westwood '75 

Marilyn Jaeckel '71 
Linda Addonisio '75 

Ursula Gerty '40 
Adele Mulligan Seymour '41 
Lucille Waters Granfort '56 
Anne Madden Ray '68 


Bemadette Dolan '27 
Gina Latorraca '34 
Anne Scannell Smith '35 

Muriel McMahon Mulvey '36 
Marjorie Parker Smith '37 
S.Teresa Marie Farreil '37 (dec.) 


Marguerite Griffin Bjornson '37 
Mary Brofman '78S 


Muriel McMahon Mulvey '36 
Muriel Campion Semple '37 


Jeanne Calame Puvogel '43 


Margaret Mack '40 


81 Jeanne Beller to Mr. Stockdale 

85 Sandra Zappier to Ronald Trotta 10/92 

86 Debra Hayes to John Hayes 3/90 

88 Richard Bostwick to Antoinette Nastasi '91S 

89 Joan McCarthy to Neil Mescall 

89 Lisa to Michael Chiarini 

91S Antoinette Nastasi to Richard Bostwick '88S 

91 Karen McNally to Thomas Egan 2/93 

92 Maria Ortiz to Michael Myers 4/93 
92 Shana Flynn to John Raggio 

92 Joyce Buccheri to Robert Accurso 

92 Karen McNally to Thomas Egan 2/93 

90 James McLoughiin to Roseann 

91 Karen McNally to Thomas Egan 

91 Theresa Trotta to Paul Nilsson 


77 Brian Thomas & Michael Joseph to Eileen McCullough Wihlborg 

81S Amy to Cathy Alfano Dries 

83S Matthew to Mary Ann McKay Giannettina 

84 Jeffrey to Linda Gibaldi Thakker 

84 Ryan Elizabeth to Nancy Fusco Flynn 
85S Christopher to Mary Edwards Verdone 

85 Julia Farren to Susan Shaughnessy Ripple 
85 Joseph to Denise DiMare Caruso 

85 Nicole Margaret to Ruthann Rizzi Barr 

87 Jenna Lynn to Caroline Sorrentino Capizzi 
87 Deanna to Denise Puleio Braun 

89 Thomas John to Jennifer Gorman Dambakly 

89 Christina to Elisa Massomillo D'Angelo 

92 Patrick Michael to Patrick and Ellen Darcy Steffens 
92 Rachael Elizabeth to Maria Ortiz Myers 


'41 Marie Shea, Veritas Award - 45 years teaching in Aquinas 

High School, Bronx 
'62 Dorothy Conforti, Associate Professor Westbrook College, 

Portland ME 
'62 Judy Perry Cleary awarded Richard Gazzola PTA Fellowship for 

study at New York State PTA 
'63 Margaret Nolan Paddock, M.Ed in Reading, University of 

New Hampshire 12/92 
'64 Maureen Ryan Mulcahy, MA Special Education, Keane College, 

NJ 1994 
'65 Joan Hinde Stewart, National Endowment for Humanities 

Fellowship for Research and Writing a book on 18th Century 

French Literature 
'65 Teresa Civello, Director Long Term Care & Medicaid Services, 

Great Neck, NY 
'65 Evelyn Carney Flyntz, Award for 20 year teaching in Diocese of 

'69 Winifred Radigan named one of 1994's Trailblazers by NYC 

Administrative Women in Education 
'70 Susan Santarpia Sperraza, EdD Education - Child and Youth 

Studies. Nova Univ 1992 
'71 Elyse OToole MoUo, MA Special Education 1994 
'72 Denise Mangieri Carlo received licenses for Ass't Principal and 

'74S Maria G. Nowotny, JD, St. John's University School of Law 

'75 Linda Incorvaia Fonte, MS Ed Guidance & Counseling, Brooklyn 

College 2/94 
'78 Lucy M. Allison, MA Social Work, Stony Brook 1982 
'82 Barbara Mrozik, PhD Education, Fordham 5/93 
'82S Amelia Delany Fox, MA Education, Dowling College 5/94 
'86S Suzanne Edelman, MS Nursing Administration 5/92 

Inducted into Theta Tau, Internat'l Honors Society/Nursing 4/91 
'87 Denise Puleio Braun, MA Continuing Ed., Stony Brook, 1992 
'88 Kevin M. Murphy, graduated from NYC Police Academy 7/92 
'88 Pamela Bertone McNeela, MSW Counseling & Personnel 

Services, Fordham 5/93 
'88S Richard J. Bostwick, Licensed CPA, New York State 2/91 
'89SGSJohn K. Nelson, MA Exercise Phsyiology, Adelphi 8/93 
'89S Michelle M. Wruck, MS Nursing, Stony Brook 1993 

Certified Pediatric Nursing Practitioner 1993 
'89S Kathy DeVos, MA Special Education, Adelphi 1/93 
'90 Susann Verano, MD Chicago Medical School 6/94 
'90 Louis Perfetto, passed Bar exams in New York and New Jersey 


LLM Corporation Law, NYU School of Law 5/94 
'90GS Barbara Bird, MS Administration, Central Michigan 5/94 
'90GS Marie B. Garson. MA Public Heahh and Health Administration 

'91B Maria Biagini graduated from Rockland County Police Academy 

'92S Marie Call, MA, with distinction, Early Childhood Ed 

Hofstra 1994 


Constitution Revisions 

At the Executive Board meeting on May 19th, the Alumni 
Constitution was carefully studied and revised as below. The 
changes were approved by the Executive Board and we urge 
you to vote affirmatively to adopt the revised edition. 

Please use the postcard on the inside of the back cover and 
mail your vote by September 1, 1994. 





Article I NAME 

This Association shall be known as the Alumni Association of 
St. Joseph's College. 


The purpose of this Association shall be to promote the in- 
interests of St. Joseph's College. 


Membership in this Association shall be limited to 

1. Those upon whom a degree has been conferred by 
St. Joseph's College. 

2. Those who have been matriculated at St. Joseph's 
College and who have expressed a desire to remain 
association with the College. 


1. The President of St. Joseph's College shall be the 
Honorary President of the Alumni Association. 

2. The Governing Body of the Association shall be an 
Executive Board and shall consist of: 

a. All Officers of the Association 

1. President 

2. Vice-President 

3. Secretary 

4. Treasurer 

b. The retiring officer of highest rank 

c. Fourteen members at large 

d. The Director of Alumni Relations, ex-officio 


This constitution may be altered, revised or amended by the 
two-thirds of the voting members of the Executive Board and 
after notice of the proposed change is published in the 
Association's publication, by the affirmative vote of two-thirds 
of Alumni Association members who respond. 



1 . Each year a Nominating Committee composed of 
members of the Executive Board shall meet to draw up 
a slate for nominees to be presented to the membership. 


1. All officers shall be elected for terms of three years. 
None shall be eligible for more than one consecutive 


2. All Executive Board members-at-large shall be elected 
for terms of three years. 


1. PRESIDENT: It shall be the duty of the President to: 

a. Act as the official representative of the Alumni 
Association of Saint Joseph's College. 

b. Preside at meetings of the Executive Board. 

c. Call a special meeting of the Executive Board when 
deemed necessary. 

d. Serve on the Alumni Scholarship and 
Grant Committee. 

e. Appoint a substitute to serve out the term of 
an Executive Board officer or member-at-large, 
should one terminate service before the full 
term expires. 

f To serve on the Executive Board as Past President for 
the three years following term as President. 

2. PAST PRESIDENT: It shall be the duty of the 
Past President to: 

a. Serve as the Chairperson of the Alumni Scholarship 
and Grant Committee. 

3. VICE PRESIDENT; It shall be the duty of the 
Vice President to: 

a. Preside at meetings of the Executive Board in the 
absence of the President. 

b. Succeed to the Presidency in case of the death, 
disability, or resignation of the President. 

c. To serve on the Alumni Scholarship and Grant 
Committee and to preside at meetings of the Alumni 
Scholarship and Grant Committee in the absence of 
the Chairperson. 

4. SECRETARY: It shall be the duty of the Secretary to: 

a. Record the minutes of each meeting of the Executive 
Board and deliver them promptly to the Alumni 
Office for mailing to the members of the Executive 
Board and Chapter Chairpersons. 

b. Record attendance of members at Executive Board 

5. TREASURER: It shall be the duty of the Treasurer to: 

a. Receive and deposit money directed to the Alumni 

b. Make disbursements 

c. Keep all receipts related to the disbursements of 

d. Issue a financial statement to the Executive Board 
at each meeting and submit a copy of the statement to 
the Alumni Office. 

e. Issue a year-end financial statement or Alumni 
Records and submit a copy to the Alumni Office. 


1. The Director of Alumni Relations shall be appointed 
by the President of St. Joseph's College. 

2. The Director of Alumni Relations shall have the power 
to decide questions not specifically reserved 

to the individual officers or to the membership of the 


It shall be the duty of the Executive Board to: 

a. Determine the policies and direct the business of the 

b. Regulate the Alumni Calendar of Events for the year 

c. Amend the bylaws as necessary by a two-thirds vote 
of the voting members of the Executive Board. 

d. Attend all meetings or notify the Director of Alumni 
Relations if impossible to do so. 

e. Establish any committees it deems necessary. 


1. Decisions made by a majority vote of the voting 
members of the Executive Board present at a 
meeting shall be valid and binding. 

2. A general issue must be approved by a majority vote. 


1. An Alumni Chapter shall consist of a group of 
members organized in a given locality with the 
approval of the Executive Board. 

2. The purpose of the Alumni Chapter shall be to promote 
the interests of Saint Joseph's College and the alumni 
in its locality. 

3. Each Alumni Chapter shall set up by-laws for its 
government consistent with the Constitution and by- 
laws of the general Association and approved by 

the members of the Executive Board. 

4. Each Alumni Chapter shall elect a chairperson and 
other officers as deemed necessary. 

5. The Chairperson of each chapter shall receive the 
minutes of all Executive Board meetings. 

6. The Chapter's officers shall submit to the Alumni 
Office in June of each year a report of its activities and 
its financial status. 


1. The Executive Board shall approve a budget for the 
Association each year. 

2. The fund-raising efforts of the Alumni Association 
shall be for benefit of St. Joseph's College. 

May 19, 1994 

Belmont '94 

Saturday, September 24, 1994 

Make your reservations for a day at Belmont! Enjoy luncheon 

in the Garden Terrace and the excitement of betting on your 


No flyers will be sent for this affair. Tickets limited. First 

come, first served. Ticket price: $30.00 

I wish to reserve 
Enclosed is $ 

tickets for Belmont '94 





Phone # 

Make checks payable to: 

St. Joseph's College Alumni Association 

Send to: Eileen Rossman 

432 76th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209*718 836-6424 

Central Europe 
Spring 1995 


See Prague, Vienna, Budapest, 

Bratislava, with 

optional extension to Warsaw and Cracow. 


Easter time 1995: 4/13/95 - 4/23/95 
Extension to Poland: 4/23/95 - 4/27/95 


All St. Joseph's College alumni/ae, their friends, 
relatives, benefactors, and interested travelers. 


The complete itinerary will be available in 

August 1994. Plan early. For a copy 


S. Joan Ryan 

St. Joseph's College 

155 West Roe Boulevard 

Patchogue, NY 11771-2399 


Alumni Luncheon 

Mother and daughter celebrate at the 
Spring Luncheon. Mary Bennett Burke. 
class of 1944. is a golden jubilarian. 
Mary Jo Burke Chiara. class of 1969 
celebrates a silver jubilee 

Alumni Receptions 

Manhasset Reception 

Helen Kralijic Ilijic '59, 
Eileen Schaeder Killeen '70. 
Kathleen Schaeder Mongno '65 
Anita De Santis '9JSGS 

Garden City Reception 

Eileen O 'Keefe Egan '54 

Maureen Colbert McMahon '59 

Ann Hyland Cooke '60 

Anne Patrice Rabuse Heinzelman '64 

June Marie Kelly O'Neill '60 

Bergen County, NJ 

Joan Sidlivan Cusack '69, 

Mary Anne D 'Annunzio Witkowski, 

hostess and Sister Elizabeth Hill '64 

Florida Reception 

Mass on Palm Sunday which preceded the reception at Fort Lauderdale 

Florida Reception 

Muriel Campion Semple '37, Rita Wood Rague '37 and Sister George Aquin 
in Fort Lauderdale 

Belle Harhor Reception 

Alumnae listen to 
Sister George as 
she brings them 
on the college 

Sister Mary Florence Burns '46, 

Sister George Aquin, President, 

Geraldine Donnelly Chapey '39 and 

Rosemary McDonald Ahern '62 

Christine Needham '73, Ellen Gray '93, 
Virginia Cooney Murray '69 
Patricia Luciana English '72 
Mary Murphy '83 



Regina Munz Meyer, Mary St. John Murphy and Alice McGrane 
Feeley represented 1924 at the Spring Luncheon in the Garden City 
Hotel. Our class was honored as a very "special class." We all enjoyed 
the luncheon immensely and were delighted to be seated with Grace 
O'Brien Martin, Margaret Normile McLoughiin and Marita 
Rockefeller Ryan. Regina, Marita and Alice had their daughters as 
guests and they enjoyed each others' company. Teresa Dolan Janton 
had a most enjoyable Easter with a grandson and his young family who 
live nearby. The children had a hilarious Easter egg hunt! Rita Fearon 
Bryan is well and looking forward to a visit from a grandchild to her 
Florida home. Mildred Hayes Donohue and Vincent report that all 
three expected great-grandchildren arrived safely and are adding great 
joy to their families. Angela Donaldson sends her best wishes to all 
and thanks for the notes and telephone chats. 

Alice McGrane Feeley, 118 8th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215 


Once again I have the unhappy task of reporting the death of a member 
of the class of '25. Margaret Roche Moore died on April 27th after a 
long illness. Please remember her in your prayers. The Spring 
Luncheon was a delightful affair. Grace O'Brien Martin attended with 
two of her daughters, Judy Martin Lucas '57 and Grace Martin 
Cipriani '60. Sister George gave an interesting talk bringing us up to 
date on the news of the college. Next year will be our seventieth 

Grace O'Brien Martin, 39 Grove Street, Hillsdale, NJ 07642 


The Luncheon was a delight. Father Cantley said the Mass and it was so 
nice to to be one of the 400 or so, all praying together for our college. 
There were three of us from '27, Bernadette Dolan, Rose Stuart 
Doran (all the way from Wayne, PA) and yours truly. We were seated 
with Alice McGrane Feeley, Regina Munz Meyer, and Mary St. 
John Murphy, all of '24. Grace O'Brien Martin '25, and Eleanor 
Dolan Reardon and Marita Rockefeller Ryan '26. Our trip from New 
Jersey to and from Garden City was executed by Grace Martin and her 
charming chauffeur daughters, Judy Martin Lucas '57 and Grace 
Martin Cipriani '60. It was a perfect day. Katharine Normile Mylod 
now has eleven great-grandchildren. She has two weddings of 
grandchildren that she has to attend in the near future. Kevin 
McLoughiin Jr. was recently married in Kentucky. Travelling to these 
celebrations tends to keep us "young!" Please send news for the next 
issue. Blessings! 

Margaret Normile McLoughiin, 201 Webb Av 

River Edge, NJ 07661 


Once more the angel of death has visited '28 and taken Constance 
Reynolds Furey home. She spent recent years in Colorado and we 
sympathize with her family and friends on her death and will remember 
her in our prayers. Dorothy Hand, first to respond to our appeal for 
news, is still active in the Columbiettes, the Ladies Auxiliary of the Fire 
Department, Retired Teachers' Association, Fatima Guild and the 
Salvation Army. She would welcome any members of '29 who drive on 
Route 25 on Long Island, to stop in and visit. Emma Bergen would also 
welcome visitors at the Bond Hotel in St. Petersburg, Florida, where she 
is a permanent resident. Emma still writes poetry for her own 
enjoyment and for anyone else who might like to see it. Agnes Kelly 
Bryan and John have a regular routine of visiting the sick, bringing 
them Communion and words of comfort. They expect a visit from their 
grandson, Andrew, when he will be on a short leave from the Peace 
Corps. Mary Keller Lawler, when I called her, had little time to talk 
because she was being picked up by a friend and going on a shopping 
spree, then to a meeting of her Home Study Club. Mary's sister, Patty, 
who lives in Texas with her sister. Bo, is recovering nicely from a 
broken hip. Mary Kelly Hoermann doesn't go out as much as she did, 
but enjoys many visits from family and friends, and especially the 
grandchildren who give . er lots of attention. Mary Murray Kelly, 

although unable to navigate on her own is well taken care of and is in 
good spirits. She can be reached by phone any day from nine to five at 
201-796-0185. Jeannette Farrell Amery was unable to represent the 
class of '28 at the luncheon, as she has done all these years, due to an 
ailment which kept her close to home. However, she manages to walk 
to church every day, do all her marketing, cooking, banking, and even 
her income tax! She attends meetings of the Nursing Sisters Home 
Visiting Association, Rosary Society and most parish functions. 
Jeannette spent Christmas holidays in Holmdell, NJ, with Sean's 
family where they were joined by the Amerys from Manalapan. All her 
grandchildren were there, even Elizabeth, who managed a week home 
from Oxford. Grandson Ted, now a working man, in Brooklyn, is with 
grandma but spends weekends in Manalapan or elsewhere. Jeannette 
has been searching for "The Lost Chord" - being the college song "St. 
Joseph's Mother Ours" which in the 20's won a contest conducted by 
the Music Department, for a college song. Jeannette composed the 
music and received an award. It was played at the 1928 Commencement 
and sung at assemblies in the '20s and '30s. If anyone has a copy of the 
lyrics, which was in the 1928 Commencement Program, please send it 
to her at the address below. 

Jeannette Farrell Amery, I Prospect Park SW«4F, Brooklyn, NY, 11215 


On Saturday, April 16th, we shared the celebration of our Sixty-fifth 
anniversary with the Golden Jubilee Class of 1944, the Silver Jubilee 
class of 1969 and the other classes of '"fours" and "nines." Dorothy 
Donelon Faller who came from Columbia, MD, Dorothy Devereau 
Ryan, Helen Griffiths and myself, Marie Keegan, enjoyed the Mass 
and Luncheon at the Garden City Hotel. Seated with us at the table were 
Ann Dolan McBride '30, from Mansfield, Ohio, who plans to move to 
Washington, DC in June, and Bernadette Dolan '25. Earlier this month 
we received the sad news of Anne Marie Dunnigan's death in 
January. Please remember her in your prayers. If you have any more 
news of our classmates, send it on to me. 

Marie Keegan, 109 Irving Avenue, Floral Park, NY 11001, 516-354-2182 


Catherine Wheeler Smith has no news except that three of her 
grandchildren have received doctorates and two are getting married 
this July. 

No class agent. 


Margaret Ferry Healy has 21 grandchildren and 3 great 
grandchildren. She and Nicholas still travel around the world. This year 
her husband will be lecturing in Greece. They enjoy every summer in 
their home in Ireland. And they spend much time visiting their children 
and grandchildren around the country. 

Janet Prendergast Vickrey, 334 82nd St., Brooklyn, NY 1 1209 


Marie O'Connor, Applewood Estates, 1705 Applewood Drive, 

Freehold, NJ 07728, 201-409-7740 


Kathlyn Ansbro Wurts and Edward have had a very happy, busy life 
in Stuart, Florida. In June, they will celebrate 57 years of married life 
and Edward will celebrate 15 years in retirement. Their children, Edward 
III who is married and has four children. Jack, and Kathie all live in 
California. Ed and Kay visit the children and grandchildren twice a year. 
Their particular interest in Stuart is their ten plus years of volunteer 
work in the library. Mary Whelan Phelan and Buddy visited the Wurts 
for a "happy but too short reunion." I begin with the welcome news 
that we will have our Liturgy and Luncheon this year at the home of 
Helen Coughlan Worthley in Glen Cove, on Wednesday, September 
21, 1994. Father John Worthley will be celebrant. All details will be sent 
in August. Please circle that date now on your calendar and resolve to 
be there! Thanks to all the prayers, Claire Smith is recovering from 

her sudden heart attack last fall and hopes to be with us in September. I 
spoke with Winifred McMahon, always serene and pleasant and 
interested in our class affairs. I'm sure she would enjoy a call or note 
from you. Call me for her address or phone number. I also spoke with 
Edna Dawkins McDonald and Christine Barton who are coping 
with their physical problems. My daughter Ruth and I visited Kay Frey 
Lynch at Rosary Hill in Hawthorne. Kay looked absolutely radiant as 
she told us how she had been praying for Ruth's return to full health for 
the past several years. We are so grateful and hopeful as Ruth seems to 
have found the "right" doctor. Kay expressed a great sense of loss at 
Irene Parker Parks' death. The annual Spring Luncheon of the alumni 
at Garden City drew four '32ers - Helen Coughlan Worthley, Mildred 
Hinas Ryan, Anne McCormack Fennessy and Mary Whelan 
Phelan. We shared a table with Marguerite (Marda) Doyle Ticho '30 
and Margaret Ferry Healy '31. Just to show you that we gals get 
around, Margaret Healy and I met again that same evening in 
Manhattan at a concert of the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick's Glee Club of 
which Margaret's husband Nicholas Healy has been a member for 
many years and which my son Father Keith Fennessy recently joined. 
What a memorable day! Kathlyn Wurts and Mary Phelan, Kay's 
house guest, drove from Stuart to Fort Lauderdale for the reunion of St. 
Joseph's Florida alumni. Margaret Oliver Kaiser, who lives in 
Boynton Beach was unable to go. Marge has a very active life. She and 
her husband enjoy the pleasures of Florida as well as staying in touch 
with their three children, five grandchildren and her sister Genevieve 
Oliver who lives nearby. Mary White Kearney is doing well, trying to 
keep up with all the celebrations of her family. Mary and Buddy Phelan 
ditto! As we anticipate our fall reunion, we cannot help but remember 
Irene Parker Parks who always arrived - sometimes late - for every 
event. Her daughter. Donna Crawford and I spoke of her many talents 
and accomplishments. 

Anne McCormack Fennessy, 2 Horatio St., New York, NY 10014 


Dorothy Harold McNeil who lives in Florida writes, "This was the 
year for "them" to visit "me" - from Connecticut, Wisconsin and New 
York. Dorothy will be going to Washington DC, Wisconsin and 
Colorado in the next few months "when their snow has melted off!" 
Dot says the Florida Alumni re-union was a huge success. She never 
realized there were so many grads in the area. "Thank you, Jeanne, 
and your family for entertaining us so beautifully." Dot continues to 
volunteer at the County Library, Beach Branch every Wednesday 
afternoon. It is right on the water's edge. She hopes to make a 
Franciscan Tour in June. We just heard from Catherine Gebelein 
Carlson Earl that her husband, Herbert W. Earl, died on February 22, 
1994. Please remember them in your prayers. 

Josephine Ford Scanlan, 8 Cross Av., Greenlawn, NY 11740 


Rita Pollock Murphy, 72 East Cypress Lane, Westbury, NY 1 1590 


and easy living. Come down and see me, she says. Mary McLernon 
McLoughlin was sorry to miss the luncheon, and appreciated receiving 
the class list. 

Marie Lilly, 8201 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 1 1209, 718 680-2069 
Margaret Bier, 6 Brooklands #4A, Bronxville, NY 10708, 914 793-0243 


Virginia Conran Cheasty and Cye are enjoying life in Stanford, CT. 
They have sixteen grandchildren. Four years ago they had a family 
reunion in North Carolina. Robert came from California and joined 
Patrice, Mary & Peter, Ginny & Neil and Jack, who is a major in the 
Medical Corps with the 101st Airborne in Fort Campbell. Betty Zangle 
made a trip to Arkansas, to be present at the marriage of a dear pal of 
hers in Little Rock. Betty plans a trip to Rochester this summer to see 
some of the friends she made while working there. At the luncheon in 
the Garden City Hotel, it was great to be with Helen Browne (who won 
$75 at the raffle), Edna Brennan Maloney, Mary E. Farrell, Marion 
Musante, and Dolores Pyne Dunleavy '36 and other '36ers. . . a very 
pleasant group. I met and talked with my cousin, Margaret Ferry 
Healy '31, who looks younger and acts peppier than many of our age. 
Florence Kemp Carberry's daughter. Sister Kathleen, attended the 
St. Saviors High School alumnae reunion and met other classmates. 
Florence's grandson, Shawn, is enrolled in Our Lady of Angels Grade 
School. Kay Allen and her sister visited our old neighborhood grade 
school, St. Francis of Assisi and found it in good condition. Grace 
Flannery Morris enjoys her apartment on Shore Road. She says that 
her daughter, Meg, is happy working for a lawyer in Garden City where 
she and Edward live. Bernadette Moroney Metzler reports from 
Merritt Island, FL, that her son Jack and wife Kathy are in Germany on a 
much needed vacation, leaving the cares of Arlington National 
Cemetery far behind. While we were bundling up and enduring the 
winter of winters, Bernadette was turning on her air conditioner and 
enjoying the pool at her apartment complex. A sad note for Bern was 
the death of her brother, John. Mary Walsh Steiger's son, Paul, and 
his wife, Heidi, and two older daughters were at Epcot in Orlando, 
enjoying a stay at the Dolphin Hotel. Mary has plans to travel to 
Olympia, WA, then to Vancouver to see Jim and his family before going 
to San Diego, and then on to see a grandson at the University of 
Nebraska, and finally to Evergreen, near Denver, CO. Ed and I visit his 
nephew in Denver, so we had a common interest in that beautiful part 
of America. Steve and Sylvia Goerlitz Myers had a wonderful winter 
at Delray Dunes Country Club in Florida. They returned to Manhasset in 
early May. "Golf and Bridge are still my favorite recreations," she says. 
Gilda Datri Nisco occasionally visits her son in California. Daughter, 
Diane, is manager of a doctor's office in Point Pleasant, NJ, and Sandra 
works on exports and imports. "We take it easier than we used to and 
occasionally go to the opera," she says. Helen Schwarz Owendorf 
still lives in Cranbury-Monroe, NJ, in a delightful condo with plenty to 
do ■ golf, tennis, swimming plus volunteer church work. They're busy, 
too, with 13 grandchildren, ages 6 months to 32 years old. A great- 
grandchild is expected in November. Again, my usual plea - send me a 
postcard or letter or phone me with your news' 


Present for a great 60th reunion in Garden City were Ada Scully 
Cahill, Vivienne Kelly Devlin, Chris Kavanagh Daly, Fran 
McGovern Delaney, Louise Fallon DeLellis from Florida, Agnes 
Brown Drummond from Maryland, Margaret Bier, Lori Ansbro 
Gerathy, Margaret Langan McDermott, Gina Latorraca, Alice 
O'Reilly and Marie Lilly; We especially missed Angela Mazzoli 
Rosa, Dorothy Harrison Harrington, and Muriel Hottenroth 
Magenheimer who usually come Chris Kavanagh Daly's son, 
Christopher, is a surgeon in Pittsburgh at the forefront of laser surgery. 
He has lectured all over the United States and the East. He and his wife 
have three fine sons, two in college and one in prep school. Dot 
Burgen Loehfelm writes from Cocoa Beach that she was unable to 
attend the lluncheon because she wasn't returning home until the 28th. 
Her daughter, Eileen, is a Sister of Mercy serving at Georgian Court, 
New Jersey. Mickey Kiernan Culligan's letter reached me when I got 
home from the luncheon. She sends her regards to the '34 vets! She is 
travelling north in May to attend her granddaughter's graduation from 
the University of Maryland and in August to visit her son in Henderson, 
New York. Mickey will complete her 9th year on the parish Board of 
Education in Florida. It is with sorrow that we inform you of the death of 
Eleanor Lagattuta Murphy recently. Her husband, John, is still living 
and is in the same nursing home where Eleanor was. Please remember 
them in your prayers. Agnes Brown Drummond is now living in an 
adult residential community with three levels of care, in Catonville, 
'Maryland. She has a lovely apartment, and there are lots of activities. 

Anne Seitz Smith, 8301 Ridge Blvd., Brooklyn, NY 11209, 718-238-5118 


Fifty-eight years ago we left the halls of St. Joe's to take our places in 
the world! Many of us have remained friends throughout the passing 
years and have spent happy hours together. But -there are so many of 
the class of '36 whom we never hear from. I'm sure during all these 
years they have news that would interest the rest of us and which 
should be contributed to our class column. Do contact me at any time 
by phone or letter. The Mass on April 16th, prelude to our alumni 
luncheon in Garden City, was celebrated by Monsignor Michael Cantley, 
whose homily was most inspiring. Attending from our class were Betty 
Pyne Dunleavy, Dot Delay with her sister, Ruth, Alice Hagan 
Finnerty and Betty Bender White with her sister, Jean. Between 
snowstorms this winter Dot and Ruth drove to North Sarasota. All their 
aches and pains were alleviated by the warm sunshine. Now they look 
forward to spending the summer at Atlantic Beach. Alice's second 
great-grandchild, a boy, was born on St. Patrick's Day. She and Jack are 
enjoying life in their condo. Dot Pyne Dunleavy's tenth great- 
grandchild was born February 1st. In July, Dot will head for Point 
Lookout and hopes to enjoy the cool ocean breezes. Betty Bender 
White has no grand-children but is enjoying her thirteen grandnieces 
and nephews. Dot told Mary E. Farrell to say "hello" to her new 
pastor. Father John Savage, who was her pastor at St. Jerome's. They 
really miss him at her church. Still with no addresses are members of 
our class - Evelyn Hagan, Dorothy Kenny Crane, Ruth McQuillan 


McCabe. Have you a clue to their whereabouts? Alice M. Enright 

retired from hgih school counseling in 1973 and then worked for several 
years in business. Since 1975 she has been and active Guild Member of 
St. Jude Hospital, Fullerton, CA. Since January 1994, Alice has been a 
volunteer at La Habra Public Library in their book shop. Don't forget to 
send me your news for next issue I 

Betty Pyne Dunleavy, 335 East 32nd St., Brooklyn, NY 1 1226 
718 462 7457 


Muriel Campion Semple writes us of the death of her son. Dr. Robert 
L. Semple, of Lyons, Illinois, on January 14th. Let us remember her, 
Robert and all dear to them in our prayers. We mourn also the loss of 
our classmate, Margaret Scannell McAuliffe who died last Fall. She 
is the sister of Anne Scannell Smith class of '35. Please pray for them 
and their families. Marguerite Griffin Bjornson received tragic news 
this year. Her only child, Anne Reilly Dines, and her husband, Alan, 
retired from the Royal Air Force, were brutally murdered in their home 
in Belize on Febuary 6th. Ann was a well-known horticulturalist and had 
58 books published on the subject. She received special commendation 
from Buckingham Palace for one book in particular titled "The Rose." 
Ann leaves two children, Peter and Lynne. I'm sure it will help 
Marguerite to hear from you. Rita Wood Rague, in Delray, FL, looks 
forward to a visit from her son and his family. She and Muriel 
Campion Semple, who lives in Boca Raton attended the Florida 
Alumni meeting in a beautiful home on the Inland Waterway. The west 
coast alumnae need a meeting nowl Eileen Brennan was in 
Washington DC to attend her grandnephew's First Communion and 
enjoyed a family reunion there. She is still active in Teachers' 
Retirement and in AAUW. Carol Denelfo has become a regular 
overseas commuter and now plans another visit to London and Paris. 
Edith Bruce is bound for the north this summer • taking a trip to 
Alaska on the Inland Waterway. In November Marjorie Parker Smith 
lost her sister, Irene Parker Parks '32. Let us remember them in our 
prayers. There's a new dog in Marjorie's life - a stray Husky that she 
befriended and that keeps her well protected. This summer she hopes 
to attend the wedding of a niece in Detroit. Her son, Kevin, and she 
participated in the 100 yard sprint (varied age categories) at the Eastern 
Masters Meet. Margaret MacGillivray Seidel, a movie buff, keeps me 
current of the best Hollywood has to offer. Bernard and Kathlyn 
Haigney Hammer were in New York last summer and made a 
sentimental journey through Bay Ridge. They decided to beat the heat 
in Houston and headed for a cruise leaving New York and visiting Nova 
Scotia, Quebec and Montreal. "We recommend it," she writes. "It was 
thrilling to pass the Statue of Liberty as we sailed through the narrows. 
Heard from Katharine Foley McNamara who has two daughters: 
Ellen Delage lives in Silver Spring, MD and has a daughter, Thea. Jane 
Bieher lives in Boston. Emily Billington Smisek is a busy volunteer, 
working at Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Rectory and also with the 
Literacy Volunteers of America. Isabelle Andersen Miles' daughter, 
Cathy Miles Shaver and husband, Donald, are living in Tsukuha, Japan. 
If you have any items of interest please drop me a line. 

Emily Billington Smisek, 864 Schuman Place, Baldwin, NY II5I0 
516-223 1650 


Agnes McNamara works three days a week in the chancery Office in 
Rockville Center. Her brother, Joe, wife Dorothy and seven children live 
in Connecticut and Agnes is frequently involved with their activities. 
She has been blessed with good health and continues to socialize with 
family and friends, plays golf, and enjoys walking on the boardwalk at 
Long Beach. Ruth Whitbread recently bought a condominium in 
Sebastian, Florida, about 18 miles north of Vero Beach. She loves it. 
Nearby are the golf course, swimming pool and the club house. She has 
ample opportunity to partake in the activities which she finds beneficial 
and thoroughly enjoyable. Ruth would like to hear from classmates or 
alumni in the area. We were saddened to learn of the death of Sister 
Margaret Louises Shea last December and are proud of our early 
association as she began her life-time career with the pre-school at St. 
Joseph's. She will be in our prayers. It is with sorrow, too, that we 
report that Peggy Magee Buckley died on April 7th. Frances 
McLoughlin Reilly drove to Peekskill for her funeral Mass at the 
Church of the Holy Spirit. Norma Straus Slater and her daughter 
drove in from New Jersey. In February Peggy had called Frances with 
the happy news of a granddaughter, Anna Faith, born to daughter Meg 
at the end of January. t\i'eg also has an adopted daughter, Lily, who is 
three years old. Norma and Frances had lunch together after the 
funeral. Norma's granddaughter, Kristin Slater, 13, is an outstanding 


soccer player and member of the high school senior team. She has had 
offers from college soccer scoutsi Frances visited Helen Dolan in 
March, for whom the "winter was a real endurance test" and she hopes 
for warmer weather and to get out on her electric scooter again. Present 
at the Alumni Mass and Luncheon on April 16th were Agnes 
McNamara, Ruth Whitbread and Frances McL. Reilly. Agnes still 
works part time for Rockville Center Diocese Chancery. Ruth keeps 
busy with family events of brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews. 
Ellen O'Toole Heckman"cringes when she receives mail addressed to 
'Florida Clubwoman', although she does belong to three book clubs. 
Ellen and Ray also belong to an active Irish-American Club, and when 
they are in New Jersey, she is with a thriving Scrabble Club. The winter 
co-chairman of this group is Marie Nolan Haffey '48. Kathryn 
Holmborg Schuster is going to Florida in May with her sister where 
the wives will enjoy the pool and bridge and the husbands will play 
golf. In June the Schusters will move to an adult community just south 
of where they now live. Kay thanks her Guardian Angel in eluding a 
car-jacking recently. She was able to quickly lock her door, start up her 
car and back out and away. Jean O'Reilly Stone is glad that the golf 
season has started. Although a "duffer" she finds it good fun and 
exercise. Last year, she and a friend enjoyed a Mediterranean Cruise 
and in August will go on a cruise to Alaska. Jean's two sons live in 
Connecticut, one in Greenwich and one in Darien. Another son is still on 
Long Island and daughter Debbie and family are near Wilmington, 
Delaware. Jean has eight grandchildren. Her oldest granddaughter was 
married last summer, and the youngest, a boy, is just a year old. 
Eleanor Fanelle was "confined to quarters" most of the winter and 
doesn't want to even think of ice and snow for years to come. Grace 
Coscia wrote to Eleanor to say that she is coming up from Brazil in 
May, a month earlier than usual. Let's hear from our '38ers who have 
not responded to our most persuasive appeals. 

Rita Govern Root, 6801 Shore Rd., tt3F, Brooklyn, NY 11220 


Frances McLoughllin Reilly, 15 Belfry Lane, Hicksville, NY 11801 



Our class celebrated its 55th Anniversary at the luncheon in the 
Garden City Hotel. Twenty-two members attended: Margaret Berkery, 
Carmela Napoli Loizzo, Estella Webb Gelshenen, Roseanna Fity, 
Virginia Hagan, Jane Bell Norton, Joanna Venezia Zinno, Eagle 
Anderson Wails, Ruth Milde Phelan, Sister Mary Corde (Vera 
Tymann), Margaret Gillen Hurley, Laura Hundley, Helen 
Pelligrino Cuscione, Mary Concannon O'Connell, Helen Brown 
Nugent, Margaret Bolton Barsin, Beatrice Hunkele Brennan, 
Eileen Daly O'Shea, Marion Kinsley Donnelly, Ruth McManus 
Honerkamp, Mary Kane Gillen and Eleanor Van Wagner Nece. 
Thanks to all of you who participated in the Class Gift. We gave the 
college a check for $2,500 for the Endowment Fund in memory of all our 
deceased members. Joanne Venezia Zinno works two days a week at 
an I. S. in Queens in a multicultural program. She has 7 grandchildren - 
Christine graduated from Binghampton College and is an accountant at 
Price Waterhouse. Jennifer is at Villanova University, Alison at Fairfield 
U., and Carole at Albany U. Peggy Barsin, still in East Rockaway, 
leaves for Bermuda to visit her daughter, Midgie, one of the twins, in 
late April. Marge Hurley was so glad to be at the luncheon and visit 
with old friends especially after surviving and safely returning home 
from the January earthquake in Los Angeles! Paul and Marian Kinsley 
Donnelly's children gave Paul a trip to Barbados in March to celebrate 
his 80th birthday - and Marian was included. They also had a 
wonderful visit at Easter from their son, his wife and two boys who live 
In London, England. Estelle Webb Gelshenen's grandchildren keep 
her busy and she loves every minute with them - as well as attending 
their many activities. Arleen Anderson Walsh, Jane Bell Norton, 
Helen Brown Nugent, Ruth Milde Phelan and Mary Concannon 
O'Connell had a wonderful time and now look forward to the 60th! 
Rita Duhig, a member of the Health Accent Writers' Group, took 
second place honors in the St. Francis College writing contest for 
Seniors. The theme of the competition was "What Brooklyn Means to 
Me." Rito, a gifted story teller has delighted many with her memories 
of family and friends and has received well deserved recognition for her 
work. She has written a family history and is now working on her 
autobiography. Rita volunteers at Lutheran Medical Center and at St. 
Andrew, the Apostle, Church in Bay Ridge. Mary Kane Gillen spent 
over two months at Siesta Key, Sarasota, FL with Helen McGarry 
Maguire, a friend from St Francis Xavier's Elementary school, and then 
with Connie Giampietro Annucci, from our class. Marge Gillen 
Hurley and Noreen had an eventful eight days in Los Angeles. They 
arrived on Sunday and were greeted by the earthquake on Monday 
morning. On Thursday, Marge took a side trip to Los Althos to visit 

Father Joe Rickert, M.M„ now living in a residence for retired Maryknoll 
priests , but many are actively engaged in minrstry to neighboring 
parishes. Marge's ministry with RCIA in St. Joseph's Parish, Babylon, is 
spiritually enriching and she recommends it to our classmates who may 
feel so disposed. Helen Brown Nugent, Mary Concannon 
O'Connell and Jane Bell Norton are planning a pre-Christmas get- 
together at Milleridge Inn. Helen's son, Lt. Col. John Nugent (Ret), has a 
supervisory position with Volkswagon. His brother was married on 
June 26th. Sister, Judith, is the mother of two children. 

Mary Kane Gillen, 8 Valley Place, Tenafly, NJ 07670, 201-569-8969 


Because of the strong winds and heavy rain the day of the luncheon, 
Dot White returned home, Agatha Walsh O'Brien remained in 
Armonk, and Mary McNulty in Centerreach and we missed them. 
Present in Garden City were Sister Alice Francis, Marie 
Birmingham Ponsot, Kathleen Mulligan, Virginia Mannebach 
Cleary, Margaret Mack, Adelaide Zen Rach, Anna Sullivan and 
her sister, Ella, and Ruth Drucker. Kathleen Mulligan was on a tour 
of Brazil and Argentina. While in Rio De Janeiro, she took a ride up to 
see the statue of Christ atop Corcovado. Sister M. Regina (Janice 
Ahearn) had a wonderful trip to Lourdes and Paris and in the winter 
spent some time in Florida. The day of the first snowfall, Cathleen 
Farrell Walsh flew to Hawaii to visit son, John, and family and was 
hoping to regain the strength she lost from a lengthy of labrynthitis. 
Happy memories remain for Cathleen of her loving, responsive and 
active grandson, Brian, and of a day spent with Dorothea Lennon '38, 
permanent resident of Hawaii. Oot greeted Cathleen with a lovely lei, 
then treated her to lunch, with lots of chatting about the '30s. Frances 
Caetta lanora is taking a French conversation course, and also Tai Chi, 
a slow form of Chinese exercise, and is preparing to be a lector at Mass. 
Marie Birmingham Ponsot will teach again in the fall at a the Poetry 
Center of the 92nd Street YMCA. She was a consultant in Humanities at 
Cooper Union last Fall. Adelaide Zeng Rach reports of a cruise to the 
islands. Marion Noel Risafi is still writing, acting , directing and 
remembering. We extend condolences to Margaret Mack on the death 
of her cousin. Rose Malone, who had lived with her for many years. 
Does anyone know where our lost Irene Najera Eichhorn is? 

Ruth Drucker, 7148 Juno Street, Forest Hills, NY 11375, 718-793-4665 


Between ice storms Marjorie Andersen Breedis drove to West 
Chester, PA for a visit with Ed and Mary Leahy Cleary. Jack and Terry 
Carroll de Tar expect to spend a few weeks at Torch Lake, Ml. Terry 
hears from Ed Smith who said that Eleanor (Sullivan Smith) who has 

Alzheimer's is in a residence close to the family who visit her often. 
Gerald and Peg Shea left for Florida in December just before the snows 
arrived. In February Gerald was hospitalized with congestive heart 
failure due to complications from emphysema. He returned home after 
three and a half weeks, with visiting nurses and lots of doctors' visits. 
They could not go north until doctors permitted them and thought they 
would miss the graduation of their first grandchild, Deirdre Lockwood. 
She was a finalist in National Merit and was granted early admission by 
Brown, Amherst and Harvard, She chose Amherst. For Irene Butler 
Lozano, the L.A. earthquake has been a stressful situation. One side of 
her house was badly damaged when her neighbor's chimney crashed 
through the roof. Asleep in the other half of the house. Irene felt a thud, 
grabbed a flashlight and rushed to the center hall where she found the 
front door swinging open. The deadbolt had been blown in the center of 
the room! Irene was thankful that there were no broken pipes, and with 
her usual optimism says that all the family china and crystal that were 
blown across the room can be replaced. During the three months 
restoration, Irene went to Idaho Falls to attend a program similar to 
Elderhostel, and visited family etc. Irene is substituting at a Catholic 
school where she admires the motivation of the students and enjoys the 
general atmosphere of discipline. Bette Whalen Bonsall broke her 
seventeen year "no sick days" record at St. Mary's when she missed 
the month of January due to acute bronchitis. Marie Shea was one of 
four veteran faculty members of Aquinas High School in the Bronx who 
was honored at a luncheon marking the 70th anniversary of the school, 
and who received the Veritas Award, last fall. In 1923, a two-year 
business school, Aquinas Hall, was opened. Through the years it served 
each new wave of immigrants. It became a four year high school in 
1939. When she graduated from St. Joseph's, Marie worked as a 
statistician for Western Electric. In 1945, Marie learned of a teaching 
opportunity which opened at Aquinas and in September she began her 
45 years of service to this high school, which was run by the 
Dominicans of Sparkhilll. Marie earned a master's degree in History 

from Fordham in 1948 and fulfilled all but dissertation for a Ph D at 
Fordham. Nancy Hurley Dunn wrote to us of the death of our 
classmate Genevieve Farrell O'Donnell, early in March. Please 
remember her and her family in your prayers. Genevieve was the sister 
of Sister Teresa Marie Farrell, a sister of St. Joseph, who taught 
English Literature at the college and who died several years ago. 
Genevieve leaves her husband, Brian, and her daughter , Kate, a Navy 
Nurse. Adele Mulligan Seymour had a busy Easter - went to Georgia 
to see Margaret Murphy Kiefer then had a week's stay with one son, 
wife and three daughters in Virginia. The following weekend she visited 
Marge Murphy Lynch, who now has 19 grandchildren with two more 
expected, and 2 great-grandchildren. Marge attended an Elderhostel at 
Watermill and stayed with Adele for the weekend, before returning 
home to Delmar, NY. Irene Butler Lozano reports that she and her 
three sons and families are well. Her house, damaged by the 
earthquake should be ready by August and she hopes some alumnae 
will come to see her ■ phone 310 475 3807. Helen Mahoney Keating 
writes, "We are blessed to have our daughter Helen, a registered nurse, 
receive her BS in Nursing from St. Joseph's in Patchogue. "I was 
honored to place the hood on her! What a day! !" We just received word 
of the death of Gerald Shea on May 15th, in Florida • husband of Peg 
McDerby Shea. Mass was at St. Agnes Cathedral, Rockville Center. 
We extend condolences to Peg and her family. Please remember them 
in your prayers. The husband of Anne Reilly Flaherty died on April 
22. Joe was active planning FBI reunions and also in his parish St. 
Bridget's of Westbury. Our sincere sympathy and prayers, Anne. 

Marguerite McDerby Shea, 78 Yale Place, Rockville Center, NY 1 1560 


Marie Carmichael, Frances Donahue, Dorothy Dooling Alcide, 
Helen Fennelly Buckley, Margaret Rausch and Kay Reidy Quinn 

represented our class at the Spring Luncheon in the Garden City Hotel, 
to honor our freshmen sisters, the class of 1944, on their Fiftieth 
Anniversary. Plans are under way to hold another reunion of our class, 
as we did at Gurney's Inn in 1992, and at Woodlock Pines in 1993. This 
time we are looking into a three or four day stay, possibly in the 
Catskills, in late September or early October 1994. Let us know if you 
would like to be with us on what we hope will be an annual event 
together. Call Marie Carmichael 718 446 7864 or Helen Buckley 908- 
747-4349, or write and we'll send you all the information. Frances 
Donahue, Marie Carmichael, Helen Buckley and her daughter, 
Kathleen Reilly Masterson '79, travelled to Switzerland, Northern 
Italy's Lake Region and Venice on Sister Joan Ryan's alumni trip in 
April and had a wonderful tour with a great group of alumni and 
friends. Join us next year at Easter Vacation. You'll love it!! Violet 
Castana Falcone writes that she and Dr. Falcone have been in Florida 
for ten years and it was a great move. However, her husband. Dr. 
Joseph, died early in December 1993. Please offer a prayer for them. 
Violet writes that they did get a chance to celebrate their oldest 
daughter's 25th wedding Anniversary, but just missed their own 50th. 
She thanks God for her many good friends in Florida. 

Helen Fennelly Reilly Buckley, 412 River Road, Fairhaven, NJ 07704 


Margaret Rausch, 62 Pierrepont St., Brooklyn, NY 11201, 718-625-6927 


Patricia Cullen Deeley gives us her new address: 1 Anchorage Way 
Unit 1306, Freeport, NY 11520. She also writes of a wonderful month- 
long trip to India, Her 21st grandchild was born this year. Mary 
McVeigh Williams is recovering from major surgery and we wish her 
a swift one. Lorraine Connor Heiden and husband of fifty years are 
celebrating with a grand trip to England, Scotland and Wales. 
Congratulations! Anne Lee Calhoun reports that she and Cal are well 
and so are their four children. Lee Terry Prestia, since her husband, 
Joe, passed away three years ago, has become very active in her 
community. She is secretary of the Women's Club of Jupiter, Florida. 
The club is the largest Federated Women's Club in Florida. Lee has also 
been elected to the Board of Directors of Jupiter Condo, serving as 
Treasurer. She also serves as a volunteer at the Jupiter Hospital. The 
greatest joy in her life is her daughter Lee and her family, especially 
Emily Jo and Christopher. They live in Connecticut, but see each other 
frequently. Lee keeps in touch with Sally Rogan Laverty '42, 
Margaret St. Pierre Van Hauer '42, and Lillian Santoro Signelli 
'43. During our conversation we (Marie Carroll Daly and Lee) learned 
that our daughters spent four years together as students at Mary Louis 
Academy. Joe and Lillian Santarpia Signorelli have lived in Florida 
for 13 years. Lillian retired from Mineola High School, having taught 


Social Studies there for eighteen and a half years. They celebrated their 
50th wadding anniversary two years ago, a union which produced two 
girls and a boy. Lillian was happy to meet and pray with the alumni 
group who met at Jeanne McGuire Glenn's home. She enjoyed 
discussions of experiences and of how St. Joe's influenced their lives. 
Please remember in your prayers Joanne Calame Puvogel and 
family, on the death of her twenty-three year old grandson, David 

Marie Carroll Daly, 51-14 Overbrook Place, Douglaston, NY 1 1362 


April 16th was a special day for the Class of '44. The following members 
attended the annual spring luncheon: 

Ellen Bartley 
Mary Bennett Burke. 
Gloria Bonano Almerini 
Mary Burns Quinn 
Rosemary Christmann Casey 
Jane Cohen Giles 
Florence Curran Shelton 
Sylvia De Fine Covino 
Yolanda Di Milta 
Betty Eppig Van Bourgondien 
Patricia Euler Seaton 
Aileen Fanning Elliott 
Genevieve Faure Fountaine 
Alice Fitzgerald Harvey 
Peggy Garvey Purcell 
Rose Giambalvo Ferrara. 
Anne Glover Chao 
Paula Haller Bowes 

Mary Higgins Sinzer 
Eileen Kelly Coulter 
Margaret King Fitzgerald 
Kathleen Landers Gschlecht 
Marie McCort McDowell 
Joyce McDonald Newton 
Mary Lou McSweeney Kelly 
Sister Alice Meehan 
Eileen Mullen 
Cathleen Neary Callahan 
Annette Nolan 
Muriel O'Connor Dauscher 
Sister Anita Paglia 
Carol Schluter Dowd 
Eileen Sutherland McKenna 
Lucille Tannuzzo 
Lillian Traficante Schembri 
Peggy Tuohy Dobbins 

It was a warm and wonderful fiftieth anniversary! The following 
morning, twelve of us accompanied by family members and six of the 
class of '69, met at the college for Mass and brunch. It was a weekend 
to remember! A big "thank you" to everyone who contributed to our 
enjoyment of our Special Day. we really celebrated 50 years in a big 
way! Kay Landers Gschlecht came from Port St. Lucie, Florida. She 
married her childhood sweetheart. Bill, in 1946 and has four children, 
ages 46 to 32. They retired and moved to Florida sixteen years ago and 
are grandparents of four, ages 12 to 2. Anne Glover Chao lives in 
Freeport, has a son and daughter who taught in Tsing-Hua University in 
Beijing. She also has Chinese and African American granddaughters. 
Anne is involved in local politics and is an ardent feminist who would 
like to return to the feminine gender "ae" in our Alumni Association 
title. . . Never happen, Anne! Carol Schluter Dowd from West 
Hartford, CT, with a master's in Social Work from Fordham, worked in 
her field until her husband Don, a dentist, retired in 1992. They have six 
children and eight grandchilden. Carol and her sister, Marie, also an 
alumna, just returned from Italy in time for the luncheon. Eileen 
Mullen and her sister Jeanne '47, live in midtown Manhattan and enjoy 
the good life of theatre, ballet, symphonies, etc. Their sister Edith '41, 
and the youngest sister Claire, have blessed them with 26 grandnieces 
and nephews! Somehow, they also found time to travel in Europe and 
the United States., They're enthusiastic volunteers at St. John the 
Evangelist Church, Manhattan, and at Rosalie Hall, a home for unwed 
mothers. For Evelyn Marzano Corcoran 1993-94 has been a terrific 
year. "Our 50th reunion was a high point. Visited with my sister in New 
York. Graduated in June after completing a two-year Paralegal 
Program, with honors. In October went to Washington DC on a 
fellowship to participate in the Close-Up Foundation's National Issues 
Forum. Spent February and March in the Middle East, visiting son Tim 
and family. He is a professor of Physical Chemistry at the University. 
Stopped off in London for a week doing the sights, prior my return to 
the U.S." Eileen M. Bartley is still enjoying her retirement from the 
New York Telephone and AT&T. She's enjoying some travelling, seeing 
Broadway shows and dining out all over. Being at the beach in Breezy 
Point enables all to enjoy boating, swimming and fishing. Mary 
Bennett Burke was looking forward to 1944's 50th celebration in 
April - in tandem with her daughter's, Mary Jo Burke Chiara '69, 
25th anniversary. 

Annette Nolan, 289 Clinton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201, 718-624-2154 
Eileen Sutherland McKenna, 127-05 Keswick Lape, Bowie, MD 20715 



Marie Maddock Turner has been gathering notes for us. She gives 
service at the Winthrop Memorial Hospital, and so does Marjorie Bauer 
O'Leary and her husband Michael. Marjorie and Dorothy Dolan 
Hartig graced our table at the Spring Luncheon at Garden City. The 
official organist and pianist, Margaret Jokiel Joyce, was also there. 
Jeanne Dwyer McPike moved from Garden City and is now a 
resident of Greensboro, North Carolina. Edith Voelker Piazza didn't 
attend the luncheon but sent regards via her sister, Louise '49. Edith 
tried to stir up interest with some classmates in February but our 
terrible winter became a minus factor. Winnie Comer Turner and 
Eugenia Urbanek were scheduled to have lunch together in Florida. 
Winnie spends part of the year in Naples and Jean lives in Florida all 
year 'round. Ann Viviani Caruso is incapacitated, having had two 
hospital stays. Hope things improve for you Ann. Agnes Cogan 
McGuiness is now widowed. She is the mother on nine and the 
grandmother of 23. Agnes, now retired, enjoys her leisure. Mary 
Daniels Dee is a new grandmother, courtesy of her daughter, Clare. 
Unfortunately all news is not good. Eileen McDermott Ott lost her 
husband, Frank, in March. Frank was a deacon in Resurrection- 
Ascension parish in Queens, and was very active. We send our deepest 
sympathy to her. And Joan Cory Erhardt passed away in April. Joan 
had a quiet, unassuming manner and will be especially missed by her 
daughter. We'll remember them both in our prayers. Gene and Eileen 
Quigley Casey have an empty nest, finally. All 14 are off on their own. 
They've been doing some travelling, in Europe-London, Paris and Rome 
last year. Medugorie in '89. Eileen visited Margaret Heron Mally '41 
before she died. "She was wonderful, a saint, I think." Eileen and Gene 
are retired and are enjoying their grandchildren. They're expecting their 
21st in September, courtesy of "our baby" who was married last 

Clare T. Bauch, 6 Stevens Court, Stewart Manor-Franklin Square, NY 
11010, 516-328-9449 


Doris Blewitt Allyn called to say she commutes between Gilgo Beach, 
LI and St. Thomas, VI, where her husband's idea of retirement is 
running two businesses! The Allyns have traveled to the Scandinavian 
countries and the Baltic and recently took a month's World Tour to the 
Far East, including Pacific Rim countries, India, and then to Genoa, 
London and home. Doris meets annually for summer reunions with 
Eileen Broderick Griggs of Hacketstown, NJ, Madeline Martin 
McGowan, Vero Beach, FL, Marian Harvey Higgins, New Hyde Park, 
LI, Alice Reilly Jones, Huntington, LI, Imelda Lavin Procido, NYC, 
and Patricia Cotter Erickson of Westbury, LI. Sister George Aquin 
and Sister Mary Florence were in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where they 
attended the Florida Alumnae Reception at the waterfront home of 
Jeanne McGuire Glenn '70. They were pleased to have a visit with 
Monsignor Francis X. Fitzgibbon who is in a nursing home nearby, and 
they noted the picture of "245" proudly displayed. Genevieve 
Kingman Lindner reported on the Spring Luncheon in Garden City. 
Nine of our classmates were present and Genevieve seized the 
occasion to "salute" the Golden Jubilarians who were our Junior 
Sisters. They were delighted. Anne Dannemiller Lauthorn moved to 
Syosset to be near their first grandchild, Amanda, who is daughter 
Margot's child. Her son, Robert, is in Cambridge, MA, and has passed 
the Bar Exam. Helen Lynch and Pat Mallon plan to go on a Qurlting 
Cruise to Bermuda in the fall. When comparing notes about 
Westchester living, Pat Mallon and Anna Bier discovered that they 
live on the same road in Bronxville. Gloria Lawrence Flynn plans a 
trip to Kentucky to attend a reunion of a Naval Group her husband has 
belonged to since WWII. Their oldest grandson, Kurt, graduated from 
Princeton and Brian, the second, is going there. A new grandson, 
Lawrence Lynn II arrived in August. Helen Sullivan McGregor and 
husband travel every year. Last year they saw moose in Maine. . . 
Canada is next! Jeanne Albino Zebroski recently retired from the 
Bellport school system where she was a Reading Specialist teacher. She 
now lives in the bee-you-tee-ful Blue Ridge Mountains of North 
Carolina. Regina Gallagher Gerard, retired from U.S. World Report, 
has moved to Pinehurst, NC. Virginia Lee, retired and moved into a 
new apartment in Beechhurst in the College Point section. It is with 
sorrow that we write of the sudden death of Gerard Orr, husband of 
Mary Ellen Dowd Orr. Please remember this family in your prayers. 
Jean Carroll Brady's granddaughter, Carline Hines, will graduate 
from the Patchogue campus in June 1994. Last fall she was inducted 
into the honor society, Sigma lota Chi. Jean and her husband enjoy 
retirement in NASA County. Genevieve Kingman Lindner and 
Marian Quealy Zoll were comparing notes on Senior Course Theatre 
going. Gen at Hofstra and Marian at Drew University Summer 
Shakespeare Festival. Genevieve participated in the Spring Phonathon 

which she says is a "fun thing" to do. Our class participation has 
climbed steadily since graduation. Let's keep it going up. Even a modest 
annual donation makes a difference and is a way of giving something 
back. We learned from Peggy Collins O'Connor that Rosemary 
Thompson Keane died two years ago, in June 1992. She had been ill 
for about two years with Lou Gehrig's disease. Remember her and all 
dear to her in your prayers. Dorothea Droesch Szabo closed her kite 
store but continues to do mail orders and give talks and kite building 
workshops. Dorothea is visiting two ladies in a Nursing Home as part 
of her work as a Hospice Volunteer. Marian Quealy Zoll will complete 
36 years as a Catechist in her local parish - on elementary, high school 
and Sunday preschool levels. . . a very rewarding part-time mission - 
one year at a time. 

Marian Quealy Zoll, 165 Greenwood Drive, Millington, NJ 07946 


Genevieve Kingman Lindner, 23 Alliance St., Valley Stream, NY 11580 



Lucia Jurek Varholy's daughter, Cristine, is a teaching assistant at the 
University of Wisconsin. Lucia and Peter spent the winter in Florida. 
Joe and Eileen Brophy Rossman visited their daughter Susan and 
husband Stephen and their two-year-old. Sky Emmet, in Santa Fe. They 
then flew to tVlesa, Arizona, to visit friends. We extend our condolences 
to Peggy Wilson Sullivan upon the death of her mother. Mrs.Wilson 
passed away the day before her ninety-ninth birthday. Our prayers are 
with Peggy for a complete recovery from her very serious illness. It 
was wonderful to be with class.Tiates at the Spring Luncheon and to 
congratulate the anniversary classes. So many were good friends of 
ours. Bea Tarsis Savine, Jennie Cristodero Levy, Mary Flanagan 
Rigaut, Marie Mallon McCormack, Anne Dannemiller Latham, 
Helen Sullivan, Sister Mary Florence Burns and Grace White 
Rohe enjoyed reminiscing. Jennie's daughter, Rebecca, a resident at 
Nassau County Med Center Specializing in Gynecology and Obstetrics, 
has two children, Jacob 3 and Danielle 16 months. Jennie retired after 
33 years of teaching homebound students. Grace White Rohe will go 
to Montreal as a member of the Diocesan choir, and she will travel to 
Lourdes, Avila and the Holy Land in November. Mary Flanagan 
Rigaut met her daughter Kathy in Guadalajara, Mexico in April where 
they visited Kathy's future mother and father-in-law. Kathy, who lives in 
Houston, will marry Ignacio Ramirez on June 11th at the Church of the 
Nativity in Fair Haven, NJ. Mary and Kathy attended the wake of Sister 
Margaret Louise Shea at the college. Kathy had attended the Dillon 
Center and thought so much of Sister Margaret, as did we all. Mary 
enjoyed a welcome respite from this winter, visiting friends in St. 
Thomas. She will go to Houston for a few weeks for more pre-nuptial 
parties for Kathy and Ignacio. Wedding plans are going very well. This 
summer Mary will visit Ellen and Joanne Flanagan, her nieces who are 
daughters of Virginia Clappin Flanagan '47 at Cape Cod. Ellen is 
principal of the same school as Virginia. Joanne is an attorney with the 
firm of Fulbright and Jaworski. Norma Cirino now lives in Westchester 
and plans to join Mary, Anne McKenna McCormack and Margy 
Lauro Perretta at the Fall Luncheon, at the Hudson River Club. Plan to 
be with us! You will hear more. 

Eileen Brophy Rossman, 432 75th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11209 

Mary Flanagan Rigaut, 90 Woodlawn Drive, Fair Haven, NJ 07704 


Anne McKenna McCormack, 110-50 107th St., Ozone Park, NY 11417 



Only a handful of members of '48 attended the Spring Luncheon at the 
Garden City Hotel, but those who came enjoyed a day of pleasant 
chatter. Marge LoCurto Governale told us of an alumni gathering at 
the home of Ellen Farrell '70. It could be the start of an alumni group 
in Manhasset. Marge's son, Paul, was married last September and now 
lives at Bay Bridge in Bayside. Marge is associated with Kappole Realty 
if anyone is looking for a home in the Manhasset area. Kathryn 
Driscoll Reggio and Bob have retired from teaching and now enjoy 
the American dream of traveling, seeing Broadway shows, visiting 
museums and exhibits. Bob and Kathryn have ten wonderful 
grandchildren who keep their grandparents happy and occupied with 
their many activities and teams - as well as First Communions, 
graduations and birthdays. Elizabeth Egan and Catherine Quinn 
enjoyed an afternoon of reminiscing. Nora Mclnerney Keenan has 
moved to Belle Harbor and is enjoying her new home. Mary Hoffman 
Sheppard also enjoyed the afternoon. Her husband. Bob, is still active 
as an announcer of various sports games. Bernadette Cassidy 

Fitzpatrick is enjoying a banner year of weddings. Daughter, Megan, 
was married in October, Deidre will be married in June and Dennis in 
July. Agnes Whelan McMonagle recently enjoyed a trip to Italy with a 
group from her parish. She visited many cities and towns including 
Sotto il Monte, birthplace and home of Pope John XXIII. The highlight 
of the trip was an audience with Pope John Paul II, and an opportunity 
to shake his hand and share a few words. Please let us hear from you. 

Bernadette Cassidy Fitzpatrick, 2608 Voorhies Av., Brooklyn, NY 11235 


While Eileen Mahoney Hoban was in Florida last February, Pat 
Doherty Singleton and Anne Churchill Hanley came to stay with 
her for the first week of her sojourn: they had a good time and lots of 
laughs. Pat had been very sick during the early winter but is totally 
mended now and will be returning to her job in May. While she was 
recuperating, she was able to spend two weeks with her sister Joan in 
Arizona. Neither she nor Ann Hanley have retired yet, despite Eileen's 
telling them that it is all that it's cracked up to be! Ann Hanlay's 
daughter, Kathleen, was married on a terrible Saturday in December. 
Anne Rettig Nawojchik and Eileen Hoban braved the elements and 
had a great time. Anne and her husband, Kazmir, then went to Florida 
to stay the last few days of February with Eileen. They were glad to be 
away from the terrible weather back north. Anne's daughter, Nancy, 
will be back in New York soon, having worked for the past two years in 
London. Daughter, Mary Anne, is a teacher in the NYC school system 
and juggles that demanding task with two adorable children. Joan 
Crane Medvecky and Eileen Hoban had dinner with the Mullen 
sisters who are graduates but not from our class. Joan's son, Michael 
will graduate from medical school soon. Her daughter, Mary Ann, works 
In the city for Jaeger. In early March there was a reception for alumni in 
Manhasset area. Eileen Mahoney Hoban and Trudy Haffey Rooney 
attended. Although they live quite near each other they seldom see on 
another. Trudy's son, Joe, was a classmate of Eileen's son, John. Joe 
and his wife now live in Seattle with their family and Trudy and 
husband, Pete, recently visited them. We extend our sympathy to 
Adelaide Balfe Hall on the death of her mother, Dorothy Balfe. Please 
remember them and all the family in your prayers. A short note from 
Inez Votta speaks of her interest in "the noble work of my beloved St. 
Joe's College." Eileen Mahoney Hoban was unable to be at the April 
16th luncheon because she was giving a bridal shower the next day. She 
was hoping for news from some who were there. "I will get on the 
phone and do some calling or send postcards to some of you to get 
news for the next issue," Eileen says. "I really wish that people would 
call me with their news as I have computer so I can store news as it 
comes to me until time to send it off." 

Eileen Mahoney Hoban, 83 Long Ridge Road, Manhasset, NY 11030 


Eileen Davis Evans, 7708 Ridge Blvd., Brooklyn, NY 11209, 718-745-1713 


The following lines contain the only responses received from the 
January '51 class. Jerry Hanlon Weiss mailed ten letters to classmates 
asking for news and as of April lOth had no returns. Joan McCarthy 
Dillon sent four letters and had two answers almost immediately. Both 
Marilyn Marvin Fitzpatrick and Jeanne Corbett Jamieson 
Sheehan are as busy in their retirement as they were in the classroom, 
the business world and at home raising children. In addition to her 
duties with St. Ann's Parish Council and the St. Vincent De Paul Society, 
Jeanne has become a Facilitator in their Bereavement Support Group. 
She and her husband, Ray, recently returned from an Elderhostel in 
Albuquerque and she confesses to being "hooked on golf." Jeanne's 
five sons live nearby in Rockland County, New York and she shares in 
the pleasures and laughs from Ray's nine grandchildren. Marilyn's life 
is equally busy. When her husband, Bob, retired from dentistry, 
Marilyn left a very fulfilling job as Director of Volunteer Services and 
Guest Relations at Northern Dutchess Hospital. Travel, tennis, bridge, 
fitness workouts, volunteer activities and visiting their four daughters 
and two sons and twelve grandhildren, more than fill their days. Whew, 
some "retirement!" The Fitzpatricks left snowy Hyde Park in March 
'94 for a month in sunny Florida and a happy reunion with Frank and 
Jackie Rupp Lynch. Marilyn is a Eucharistic Minister for her church 
and for the Nursing Home. 

Joan McCarthy Dillon, 32 Sparkill Av., Tappan, NY 10983, 914-359-4256 

Geraldine Hanlon Weiss, 63 Deerfield Lane S., Pleasantville, NY 10570 


Claire MacVenn Dillon, 1838 E. 33 St., Brooklyn, NY 11234, 718-336-3046 



Joan Little Donoghue lives six months of the year in Surprise, 
Arizona, in a place called Happy Trails. She has taken up line dancing. 
Her husband, Jim, thinks she has really gone Western! She writes a 
column for the Nosey Coyote, a local newspaper. Joan has 14 
grandchildren ■ 11 boys and 3 girls at last count. They all had a reunion 
in Jamesport, LI, in July and children and grandchildren camped out on 
her driveway and in the backyard and in the house! Paulita Ahem 
moved on April 15th to Wantagh, NY, and will be busy getting herself 
settled, but will welcome visitors ■ with advanced notice of course. Her 
new address is 3712 Manchester Road, Wantagh, NY, 11793 - 516-785- 
2806. Elaine Smythe travelled "down under" for three weeks 
beginning October 31, 1993. She visited different areas in the vast 
continent of Australia, experiencing many different climates along the 
eastern coast, as well as in the northern areas. She especially enjoyed 
the Great Barrier Reef and Ayers Rock. The Australian cities of Sydney 
and Melbourne are well worth seeing. Next, Elaine travelled to New 
Zealand and toured the North and South Islands which are scenically 
very beautiful, especially the thermal area at Rotorua and the Fiord 
Lands at Milford Sound, and Mt. Cook, as well as the most English of 
cities, at Christ Church. Elaine Smythe, one of your class agents, says 
she wrote to five classmates but received only one reply! Pretty 
frustrating! Pat Lynch's 'Sth grandchild was born April 17, 1994. Her 
five children are married; three live in New Jersey, one in New York and 
one in Massachusetts. Since 1969 Pat has taught 1st grade in 
Immaculate Conception Elementary School in Montclair, NJ, then she 
became a Reading teacher. She retired two years ago but does 
volunteer work four mornings a week and also volunteers at Project 
Read, and at a Soup Kitchen in Newark. Her husband, Jim, retired ten 
years ago and now works as a crossing guard. He "loves the little ones" 
and "we are much blessed - as Judith Vorst says, with an ordinary life!" 
Mildred Feudtner and her friend spent three weeks in the Orient last 
Fall - Tokyo, China, Hongkong, Bangkok and Singapore. Everything was 
fantastic. In December '93, Mildred and several alumnae and husbands 
gathered at the home of Jim and Pat Kermath Lynch in Glen Ridge, 
NJ. They were Harry and Dorothy Freese Breiner, Jim and Joan 
Little Donoghue, Gerry and Pat Dennen Dunne, and Bill and Terry 
Copin Meehan. Even the first snowstorm of the '93-'94 winter that day 
didn't keep us from driving to New Jersey. Sarah Mullady, M.A. 
Fordham and a member of the Academy of Women Achievers, Director 
of the Employee Assistance Program for Champion International and a 
Loaned Executive to the Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse 
(CASA) visited the Brooklyn Campus and spoke to one of the classes on 
today's changing workplace and the problem of substance abuse. She 
commented on the excellent physical condition of the buildings as 
compared with some of the other universities where she has lectured. 
Mary Anne Nagle Hurley received the Franciscan Spirit Award in 
recognition of her achievement in impacting the student body of St. 
Francis Prep with the four Golden Links of the Franciscan Brothers. She 
and Bernard are grandparents of four. Genevieve O'Brien Pellegrino 
finished a two-year program of the Pastoral Formation Institute of the 
Rockville Center Diocese in preparation for lay leadership in the church. 
She and Lou plan a visit to Arizona in January. They have three children 
and five grandchildren. We offer our condolences Carolyn Taylor 
Anner's on the death of her husband in October 1993 and of her 
mother in April 1994. Please remember them in your prayers. Her 
daughter, Carolyn, an RN with a career change, just passed the bar and 
has begun practice in Pennsylvania where she and husband live. 
Daughter Catherine is an orthopedic nurse in Huntington where she 
lives with her husband and three children. Carolyn's son, Robert, is a 
chef with a magic touch. Phil and Marion Murtha Munisteri have two 
grandchildren. They plan to visit a son in Australia this coming winter. 

Carolyn Taylor Anner, 29 Lorraine Street, Syosset, NY 11791 

51 6-935-93 15 

Elaine Smythe, 2439 28th St., Astoria, NY 11102, 718-728-8193 

Patricia Egan Englehart, 596 Georgia St, South Hempstead, NY 1 1550 


Jeanette Mazzuka Sombrotto, 155 Birchwood Drive, New Hyde Park. NY 

11040, 516-747-41230 


DeMares O'Connell Pleat and her husband are enjoying retirement in 
Boynton Beach, Florida. They have taken up bridge and golf. Last year 
they enjoyed a trip to eastern Europe and fell in love with Prague. Their 
cruise on the S.S. Mozart down the Danube was memorable. DeMares 
is anxious to visit Alice Fraser Devereux who is her neighbor in Lake 
Worth, FL. Alice, Helen McGrover Burns and Maureen Dougherty 
Fraser had a wonderful reunion at Alice's son Larry's wedding in San 
Francisco. We toured Muir Woods and Mendocino following the 
wedding. The Fraser family had a nostalgic visit to Brooklyn in April. 


Maureen's youngest son, Richard, was married at St. Charles Borromeo 
Church in Brooklyn Heights (Msgr. Diviney's church), and they followed 
a bagpiper to the Brooklyn Club on Remsen Street, for the reception. 
Mary Bolton Zopf is enjoying her retirement. She is volunteering at 
the Planting Fields Arboretum in Oyster Bay, LI. Our deepest sympathy 
is extended to Jane Chamberlain O'Hara's family. We will all miss 
her wit and wisdom. 

Maureen Dougherty Fraser, 123 Wayiord Terrace, Garden City, NY 
11530, 516-294-6241 


After traveling through heavy rain, five members of the Class of '55 
spent an enjoyable Saturday at the luncheon in Garden City, catching 
up on news and meeting friends we haven't seen in quite a while. Pat 
McGovern was bursting with enthusiasm over her retirement to 
Florida. She brought pictures of her lovely home and stories about her 
experiences on stage with the Theater Group to which she belongs. 
They travel around raising money for parishes in the St. Augustine 
Diocese. We were happy to see Teen Ryan Mulholland, her sister and 
her mother Marita Rockefeller Ryan '26, who has always been so 
loyal to the college. Marie-Therese Pomares Dally brought us up to 
date on her family and her travels. She particularly enjoyed her visit to 
Belgium where she fell in love with Brussels. Eleanor Tyszka Shaw 
reports a new grandchild, Paul Joseph Rochelle, born to Valerie and 
Randy on February 21st. Sister Margaret Buckley as usual keeps us 
informed of life at St. Joe's today as compared to what it was when we 
were students - which does not seem so long ago. We were happy to 
see so many friends from the class of '54 who were celebrating their 
40th Anniversary. Next year it will be us celebrating. Please keep this In 
mind. If you have any ideas for a reunion, please get in touch with me. 

Irene Breen, 1370 E. 26 St, Brooklyn, NY 11210, 718-338-1458 


This past winter, Danny, son of Jackie Taaffe Coleman and Don, was 
married. Jackie and Don also welcomed their seventh grandchild. The 
proud mom is Kathleen, their youngest daughter. Eileen Hale Peters' 
daughter, Nancy, became a spring bride, as did Jane, daughter of Anne 
Porter Molanphy, and Tracy, daughter of Mary Feeney Dwyer. 
Mary boasts of being a grandmother of two. Eileen McGuire 
Esposito is finishing her fifteenth year of teaching fourth grade at St. 
Anne's in Staten Island. "Sorry I have no weddings or grandchildren to 
report but I keep hoping," she writes. Ed is enjoying retirement and 
volunteers at St. Christopher's Church. Two of their children live in New 
Jersey and two on Staten Island. It was a cold and windy day in 
December when Mickey Burke Eldon, Anne Porter Molanphy and 
Ann Bauch blew down Fifth Avenue while viewing the Christmas 
decorations. They met Joan Reardon Dillon, Kay McMullen 
Schaefer and Lucille Waters Granfort for lunch and had an 
enjoyable afternoon. During the Easter vacation, Terry McManus 
McQuaid was in the New York area and had lunch with Carolyn Black 
Sedacca and Joan Reardon Dillon. Terry is the proud grandmother 
of Cole, and she and her husband Gene recently moved from Ohio to 
Michigan. While Terry was vacationing in New York in April, Ann 
Bauch was traveling in Switzerland and Northern Italy with Sister 
Joan Ryan and other alums. After all the snow we had this winter, 
everyone on the trip laughed when we had snow showers several days 
in Switzerland. In spite of the white confetti, it was a fabulous trip! Ann 
is looking forward to June when once again she will travel with Alums 
to Greece and Turkey. 

Ann E. Bauch, 6 Stevens Court, Stewart Manor-Franklin Square, NY 


We're pleased to inform you that Pat McCarthy Bradshaw has made 
tremendous progress towards recovery from the February 1993 auto 
accident. She is retiring from her BOCES position and she and Dick are 
moving to Virginia to a condominium they purchased in Chesapeake, 
on the Elizabeth River, 25 miles south of Norfolk. They will be near their 
son David and family and are only a few hours away from daughter. 
Colleen. Pat was given a farewell evening at the home of Barbara 
Morrison Marlborough. Present were Sister Alice Meehan (we 
remember her as Sister Eucharia), Joan Seibert Sprague, Gloria 
Johnson Talty and husband Jack, Carol Humphrey Pecorara and 
Andrew. Carol and Andrew drove up from their Palm Beach Gardens 
home. Carol is active in the Florida Chapter of SJC alums. Gloria and 
Jack live in Rockville Center. Gloria teaches special ed in Astoria. Joan 

has been a kindergarten teacher in Sachem Schools for many years and 
is lool<ing forward to summer trips to Poland Spring, Maine and to 
Florida where she'll visit with Pat and Carol. Several of our classmates 
are developing their artistic talents. Anita La Femina is trying her 
hand at oil painting. Lee Ragusa Pirrotti is working with pastels. 
Barbara Morrison Marlborough has learned to paint on fabrics and 
spends some of her time painting shirts, dresses and household linens. 
Connie Runkie Lockwood is using her years of teaching experience 
in the BOLD program - Bronx Organization for Learning Disabled, which 
strives to meet the needs of 3, 4 and 5 year old children who are 
disabled. It has been a busy year for Roteann Connelly Palmer. She 
and John are remodelling their recently purchased Garden City home. 
She is also the producer of the TV program Faith in Action which can be 
seen on Wednesday mornings at 10, and evenings at 8. It is shown on 
the Rockville Center Diocesan channel. Edna Gibbons Andreassi and 
Gene recently participated in an Edith Wharton workshop in Lenox, 
Massachusetts. They stayed at the Village Inn, visited the Wharton 
home, and attended lectures and films pertaining to her work. Edna 
was one of our quintessential English majors. She now teaches 
Advancement Placement Language and Composition, Personal Writing 
(a writing workshop), Shakespeare and another literature course at the 
Clarkstown High School. Marie Marchesini Zarouni still works for 
AT&T as a member of the technical staff. Husband, Al, retired from 
Bellcore after 40 years service with Bell System. Daughter, Anne, 
chemical engineer supervisor at Hercules has a two year old, Kimberly. 
Jane received her PhD in electrical engineering from MIT and now 
works in Architecture group for Bell Labs. Kenneth has a master's 
degree in engineering from Cornell and MBA from Rutgers. He is 
working at Bellcore on developing new test equipment for telephone 
companies. Alicia graduated from Lehigh and is working for a 
marketing research firm in Princeton. and travels to Europe for study 
done for clients. Anne Buckley McAssey is enjoying her 11 
grandchildren. Last year they were blessed with four new 
granddaughters! There are many of you doing interesting things. Let's 
hear about them. 

Barbara Morrison Marlborough, 145 Castle Lane, 
West Bayshore, NY 11706, 516-665-1997 


Carole Imbriale Langlais is a professor of Mathematics at Broward 
Community College. She and Joseph, a Naval Architect, live in Coral 
Springs, Florida. Their daughter, Janine, is a physician's assistant at 
Holy Cross hospital in Ft. Lauderdale. Rene works in vocational 
rehabiltation in St. Augustine and is interpreter for the deaf who live 
there. 'Voung Joseph, a sergeant in the Army and an Airborne Ranger, is 
stationed with a military intelligence group at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. 
On March 10th Carole presented a new program for "at-risk" students 
entering college. The presentation was made at the Florida 
Developmental Education Association (FDEA) Conference at Ocala, 

Elaine Doyle McCartney, 1 1 Beau Joi Court, Nesconset, NY 11767 


Monica Mangan Wheaton, 228 Royal Oak Drive, Chesapeake, VA 23320 


Patricia Maguire, 745 East 15th St. »2A, New York, NY 10003 



On April 16th, 25 of the class of '59 attended the Spring Luncheon. 
Ellen Curry Quinn informed us that she has been unable to attend the 
fall luncheons because she runs the NYC Marathon at that time. But she 
promised to come on October 29th to the Hudson River Club. Doris 
Healy Petrocelli was seen the week before the luncheon on Channel 
25 (Prayer Channel) chatting with the Bishop. Sister John Raymond 
take note. Others at the luncheon were Dolores Martirano Lynch 
from Woodstock where she owns a wonderful restaurant and Mary 
Cahill Dolan, whom we haven't seen in a long time. A nice note came 
from Catherine Giamenellir from Hawaii which was passed around 
but never came back. She's happy living on the big island and would 
welcome visitors. Bobbie Lynch Schoenberg brought out her former 
'60 classmates and her '59 ones, too: Sheila Ebert Murray, Margie 
Gallagher Conniff and Pat Burns. Staten Island was represented 
with Ellen Curry Quinn, Margie Scally Conniff, Terry Treanor 
O'Rourke, Joanne Bradley Milza and Rosemary St. Thomas 
Hottinger. Kathy Kendrick Rehnberg was the only one from 
Connecticut. Marie Valenti Savino was there and Joellen lacone, 
looking very chic in a classy black suit. Roberta Stark moved into her 
new condo at the Bay Club in Bayside. Bettyanne McDonough 

resigned as Director of Special Ed for the Brooklyn Diocese. As of March 
31st, I'm retired, she says, for now anyway. She plans to sell her home 
and then she'll job-hunt. Carolyn Dalton Hill, Anne O'Connor 
Gallagher, and Eileen Feeney Smith did a wonderful job as co-chairs 
of the luncheon. To make it an all '59 affair, Bettyanne did the seating, 
Eileen Moloney Graziani and Dolores Estes Brannigan were in 
charge of the jubilee classes and handled the reservation table with 
Bettyanne, Roberta Stark and Cathy Kendrick Rehnberg were in 
charge of the 50/50 Raffle. Let's see all at the Fall Luncheon on October 
29th. Audrey Allen Robinson is expecting their sixth grandchild in 
May, all under 3 years of age. Their youngest daughter, Kelly, 13, will 
continue her education at Balwin and will be in the ninth grade in 
September. Kelly and Audrey will join Bob in New Orleans and then go 
on to Vancouver, Canada, for some sightseeing. The rest of the summer 
will be spent on their sailboat cruising the Chesapeake. Mike and 
Marion Trivelli Rizzo are still in Connecticut but enjoy weekends at 
their condo in Vermont. Their three children are married and they have 
three wonderful grandchildren, Elizabeth 5, Holly I, and Christopher 4 
months. Marion is the alumnae director at Lauralton Hall, a private 
girls' high school, very much like St. Joseph's. Both of her daughters 
graduated from St. Joseph's College in West Hartford, CT. Debbie is a 
nurse and Susan a teacher. Son, Michael, a graduate of ESCU, is an 
associate producer for a Tampa, Florida cable company. Marion was 
sorry to have missed the reunion. Frank and Phenomena (Nancy) 
Inclose Virile and John and Margaret O'Kane Carr will be off on a 
three-week tour of the Scandinavian countries, including the Arctic 
Circle. Frank and Nancy are planning their retirement home in Punta 
Gorda Isles, Florida. They'll continue to live on Long Island also, to be 
near their three children, son-in-law and daughter-in-law. Two of Joan 
Roller Murray's daughters are graduates of the Patchogue campus. 
Susan E. Murray graduated in 1987 and Kathleen J. Murray 
graduated this June 1994. She majored in Special Ed - Child Study. 
Mary Ann Hibbits Nellis and family moved to the mountains. 
Deposit, NY, in January. "This winter we had a record snowfall of over 
130 inches! We have seen bear, bald eagles scooping fish out of the 
lake, and otters. The spring is beautiful - it's great to see daffodils 
instead of snow. If anyone is on the road between Liberty and 
Binghamton, call and stop in - or stay for a few days. 607 467 2387." 
Anna Morisani Orobello and Michael, who just retired, recently 
moved to Springfield, Vermont. They are proud of their two 
granddaughters. Future plans include travel. 

Barbara Lynch Schoenberg, 336 West End Ave., New York, NY 10023 


Mary Sullivan Luongo, 4 Crescent Drive, Easton, CT 06612 



Let us remember in our prayers the mother of Vincentia Termini 

Dobson who died March 30, 1994. "My family misses her deeply," 
writes Vincentia. "Marcella Dupuy Maynard and Kathleen Walsh 

Fallon were very comforting to me during this time." Dr. Geraldine 
Keating Powell is serving on the Medical Board of the University of 
Texas. She is Associate Professor of Pediatrics. A Pediatric 
Gastroenterologist, she teaches patient care, administration and 
research. Her sons are now finished college. In the spring I ran into 
Ramona Bowen Lofaro at Milleridge Inn in Jericho. When I asked 
about her family, Ramona told me that their two sons have finished 
college. Raymond, a graduate of St. Thomas Aquinas College with a 
Therapeutic Recreation major is doing an internship at Nassau Medical 
Center this summer. Richard graduated from SUNY Albany and works 
with Kidder Peabody in the stock market. Before Ramona married, she 
taught first grade in South Jamaica and resumed this after thirteen 
years at home with the children. I was delighted to see Joan Bambach 
McCann when she and her daughter, Kathleen, a high school junior, 
visited SJC as one of several on Kathleen's college list. Kathleen went 
off on her own with one of the freshmen while Joan and I enjoyed lunch 
where I wanted to catch up on Joan and John's children Daughter 
Elizabeth and her husband live in McLean VA and work in Washington. 
She is enrolled in a Master's International Transaction. Jim, an intern at 
a law firm and a summer house painter, will be a freshman at Cornell 
Law School in the fall. William works in disaster control as part of an 
internship to supplement his Rutgers' engineering program. David 18, 
and the youngest is travelling and working in Paris for the summer. In 
May I had a wonderful conversation with Maria Mimo Manges who 
has happily settled down in Tennessee after moving 27 times in 24 
years. As you may remember, Maria and Duff had a terrible accident in 
1975. Thank God, they seem good now. They have four daughters: 
Michele, the oldest, just married and lives in New York. Kiki Walsh 
Fallon and Grace Martin Cipriani attended the wedding. Michele 
works in public relations at New York University. Alison graduated from 


John Jay college in NYC, Stephanie has finished her Master's, and 
Sarah who earned her BA in Philosophy at the University of Chicago is 
working at the University of Minnesota. Maria happily continues to 
teach, having earned her Master's and her certification in 
Administration and Supervision. Maureen Welsh Duggan is a Crisis 
Intervention Counselor in Danbury High School. Jack is Chairman of the 
History Department at Western Connecticut State University in 
Danbury. Daughter Kathryn, 27, M.D. is a Resident OB-GYB at 
University of Michgan Hospital. John 25, is completing his MA in 
Environmental Policy & Management at the University of North 
Carolina, before entering the Peace Corps. David, 23, graduated from 
Fordham in American Studies in 1992 and is a Vista volunteer in Public 
Housing, Brush, Colorado. All three are winter camping, rock climbing, 
rapids riding, beans and rice eating enthusiasts - unlike their parents 
who are beefy, sedentary, semi-survivors of mid-life. Helen Barth 
Kelly continues to teach writing in the Writing Lab of Brookdale 
Community College, a job she very much enjoys. Helen met Gail 
Schiano Polise there where she is an adjunct Reading instructor in 
addition to her regular teaching job. Helen is looking forward to seeing 
Ginny Lee Powers at her son Tommy's wedding soon. Helen a 
Jerseyite, continues her Brooklyn ties through her mother in Bay Ridge 
and brother, Patrick in Brooklyn Heights. Don still commutes to 
Solomon Brothers. They have three bachelor sons • any matchmakers 
out there? Don lives in PA, Kevin returned here from Florida and Chris 
lives in New York. Helen continues her painting, swimmng and 
"pursuit of fitness." Bill and Mary McCabe Duggan's first grandchild, 
a girl, was born last July. Grandfather missed the birth since he was 
with son Michael golfing in Ireland. She was a month early. Daughter 
Monica, will be married on New Year's Day '95. . . that makes two of our 
six that will be married. 

Eileen Mullen, 92 Parrott Place, Brooklyn, NY 11228, 718-745-6624 


Gertrude Lantier Jones is in the throes of planning the wedding of 
daughter #2 in October. Afterwards, she and Don have promised to visit 
friends "all over." We hope that includes Barbara Frohnhofer 
Feldmann, Ada Tracey Stankard, Lynn Sorensen Thornton and 
Jean Ryan Driscoll!! It is with real sadness that I report the untimely 
death of Jack McCabe, husband of SueAnn Glenn McCabe, in 
December 1993. This sad news did not make it in time for our Winter 
1994 Alumnagram report. SueAnn and the four McCabe children are 
doing very well but would be glad to hear from friends and 
acquaintances. Hopefully, SueAnn will visit me, Barbara Feldmann, 
during the coming months. Mary McLoughlin Regan and Rosemary 
Reilly Pfaffle plan to come to Maryland during the same visit. Do write 
to SueAnn if you have the time. She still lives in Huntington, Long 
Island. Maureen Price is on sabbatical for 1993-1994. She is taking 
Urban History Courses and Immigrant Literature at La Guardia 
Community College. Her daughter, Claire, married Michael 
Shaughnessy on October 16, 1993, and they are living in Manhattan. 

Pat Coleman, 89 Jedwood Place, Valley Stream, NY 7 7587 


Barbara Frohnhofer Feldmann, 17800 Mill Creek Drive, 

Derwood, MD 20855, 301-963-4191 


Dorothy Montuori Ryan still teaches 5th grade in Florida. After 21 
years at the same elementary school, she has moved to a brand new 
school, Wellesly Elementary, in Sunrise. "I love it," she says, "and I'm 
still happy to be a teacher." Son, Tom 29, is assistant basketball coach 
at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL. Michael 24, works for Barnett 
Bank as a Credit Analyst. Both are planning to get Master's degrees in 
Education so that they can be teachers. Judy Perry Cleary was 
recently awarded the Richard Gazzola PTA Fellowship from N.Y. State 
PTA for Post-graduate study. Judy will be completing her MS plus 75 
credits. Having missed the Spring Luncheon in April Mary Collins 
Macchiarola lost a golden opportunity to chat with old friends and 
catch up on class news. However, she recently received a note from 
Judy regarding her post-graduate course at Dowling College on new 
trends in Special Education. She also reported the sad news that her 
mother, Edna M. Perry, passed away peacefully last January. Please 
remember them in your prayers. Ginny O'Rourke McLaughlin and 
Fran Sullivan Brennan spent a delightful afternoon together. Ginny 
also spent a week in London in February visiting with her daughter, 
Katie, a junior at SUNY Oswego, who finished four months study in 
London and who then was off to tour major cities of Europe for two 
months. A highlight was a visit with her cousin in Dublin. Ginny's son, 
Kevin, is in California pursuing a degree in engineering. He was 

somewhat shaken during the earthquake. Ginny looks forward to 
Kevin's being home this summer. Tommy, Ginny's youngest is a tenth 
grader and is taller than his mom and involved in junior varsity 
baseball. Mary's own boys keep her busy. Frank, the youngest, 
graduates from Xavier High School in June and will be off to Fairfield 
University in September. Michael graduated from Holy Cross in May 
and is still deciding whether to start law school in the fall - or take over 
Wall Street instead. Joseph, the oldest, finished his first year at NYU 
Law School. Mary is finishing her sixth year as the Religious Education 
coordinator in her parish and still loves it. Frank continues into his 
fourth year as the Dean of Cardozo Law School. Frank and Mary are 
looking forward to visiting Ireland this summer. Rosemary McDonald 
Ahern's son, Thomas Ahem '85, was ordained to the priesthood on 
May 21st, and will offer his First Mass on the 22nd at St. Thomas More 
Church in Breezy Point. Fr. Ahem will serve in the Diocese of Brooklyn. 
Dorothy Conforti is an Asssociate Professor at Westbrook College, in 
Portland, Maine. Mary Diemer Conte is teaching kindergarten. Three 
of their four children are still at home and her married daughter and 
son-in-law live next door. John and Mary Gallagher Alban happily 
announce the arrival of grandchildren # 4 & 5, Daniel John and Connor 
Thomas Have a great summer and please send your news or there'll be 
none for Winter '95. 

Mary Collins Macchiarola, 3431 Bedford Av., Brooklyn, NY 11210 


In the summer of 1993, Maureen McCormack Brandt, Marie 
Albano Pellegrino and Frances Minichiello went to Florida for the 

wedding of Christine Aamodt, daughter of Carol Cusack Aamodt and 
Harold. They spent the week having a ball. Carol's sister, Kate Cusack 
'60, came down from Denver for the wedding. Maureen's daughter, 
Christine began working at St. Vincent's Hospital in Staten Island as a 
physical therapist. Her other daughter Katie, is in publishing with Time 
Warner. Maureen was pleasantly surprised when Mary Alice Larkin 
Simonson began teaching in her school. Eleanor Yuretich Hudson 
came into Brooklyn unexpectedly in February and got together with 
Maria, Fran and Mary Minogue Brouder. She and James were 
fortunate and only had a scare with the California fires, and minor 
damage from the earthquake. Their oldest son, Chris, is marrying in the 
spring. He is studying Urban Planning in Ohio State. Mary is graduating 
from the University of California at Santa Barbara, and Elizabeth is still 
in high school. Mary Brouder's son, Daniel, is doing substitute- 
teaching in Marie's school and will begin Downstate Medical School in 
August. Kathy Coyle Testa and Paul were transferred to Austin, Texas 
and are enjoying the pleasant climate. Kathy's daughter is a junior at 
New Paltz and her son Joe is teaching music in Delaware. Mary and 
Christine are in high school in Austin. Mary Ellen O'Brien is on 
sabbatical leave and currently taking courses in Visual Arts, at 
LaGuardia. Since she has always worked in early childhood, especially 
with four year olds, she wanted to increase her skills in this area. Mary 
Ellen attended the NCEA Convention in Anaheim CA; she went there as 
part of her responsibilities as a board member of Notre Dame School in 
Manhattan. She is also co-director of the RCIA program in Mary Queen 
of Martyrs parish in Forest Hills, where they inducted 12 new Catholics 
this Easter. Maureen Treanor Donohue was out when I called, but her 
obliging husband proudly told me that she is a grandmother for the 
second time. Caroline, born on December 17, 1993 joined her sister 
Catlin, born February 3, 1993. They are proud of their two grandchildren 
in one year, born to son Steve, and daughter-in-law Regis Marie. All 
other members of the family are doing real well. I was lucky enough to 
catch Elizabeth Grieco Burns half an hour before she was heading 
out west to California for a wedding. Her husband is Chief of Operations 
at headquarters in the New York City Fire Department. They have two 
married children, a son who owns a home in Eastport, LI, and has a 17 
month old daughter, Victoria, and a daughter who lives in Maryland. 
Another son lives at home and runs a landscaping business. Elizabeth 
is taking a course An for Art's Sake at a local school. She comes into 
the city and enjoys the galleries and museum programs available. In my 
attempts at getting news, I got new telephone numbers for Judith 
Baltrus Zainer, Marie Albano Pellegrino, Deidre Carlin Ruiz and 
Camilla Papasodero Coulborn. Frances Minichiello said that she 
has a lot of news and will write. Hope it arrives in time for publication - 
if not well have it for the next issue. Dorothy Fitzgerald Glew is 
working on her Doctorate at Lehigh University. Her son is in first year at 
Julliard and daughter works for the handicapped. The twins will 
graduate from high school and are looking into colleges. Margaret 
Nolan Paddock received a M.Ed, in Reading from the University of 
New Hampshire in December 1992. Her son, Robert, who graduated 
from the College of the Holy Cross is a Captain in the U. S. Army, is 
married and has two little girls. Daughter, Erin, a graduate of St. Anselm 


College, works at Copper Mountain in Colorado. Frances Mautone 
Digiacomo is employed at Brittany Farms Health Center in New 
Britain, CT, as a dietician. Son, Paul, graduated from Brown University 
with a degree in Civil Engineering and is now serving as a 2nd Lt. in the 
U. S Army Corps of Engineers in Ft. Stewart, GA. Daughter, Maiisa, 
finished her junior year at the University of Tampa and is majoring in 
English. Frances' husband, Joe, travels in his job and they have been 
to China, Japan, Hongkong, Thailand, and now plan a visit to Australia 
and New Zealand next winter. Kathy Coyle Testa and Paul were 
transferred to Austin, Texas, and are enjoying the pleasant climate. 
Kathy's daughter is a junior at New Paltz, NY and her son, Joe, is 
teaching music in Delaware. Mary and Christine are in high school in 
Austin. Maureen McCormack Brandt teaches 3rd grade on Staten 
Island and finds Mary Alice Larkin Simonson in the same school. 
They got together with Mary Minogue Brouder, Fran Minichiello, 
Marie Albano Pellegrino and Karen Kenealy Baker to catch up on 
the past 30 years. Art and Mary Alice Simonson vacationed in 
California and Arizona last summer. In February their youngest son, 
Dan, joined them for a ski vacation in Colorado. Second youngest son, 
Tom, is a student at CSI. Their daughter Mary is a financial analyst for 
R.I.C. and will be married on July 16th. Art the oldest son is married and 
works for Standard & Poor's, a financial analyst. Ronald the second son 
is a carpenter for New York City and the father of their grandson, 
Robert. Catherine Sciacca McSweeney has been working since 
February 1993 as the Coordinator of Nursing Homes for the 
Archdiocese of New York. Brenda Caprio McCusker is a reading 
specialist in East Meadow School District and has been at Barnum 
Woods Elementary School for 8 years. Son, John, 27, is a graduate of 
Columbia Business School and works for CitiBank. Joseph graduated 
from Notre Dame and works and lives in Manhattan, for AIG Insurance. 
David is traveling in Europe and doing an internship in American 
University in Washington DC, before returning for his senior year at 
Notre Dame. Brenda's husband's company was recently bought by a 
Dutch firm, so he is commuting a great deal between New York, Denver 
and Europe. They hope to visit Tuscany and Umbria this summer. 
Annemarie Gallinaro Pierro and Brenda are getting together to see 
a play and hope to meet Maryann Gentile Norcott soon. 

Elizabeth Williams Aurlcchio, 540 East 20th St., New York, NY 10009 

school math teacher. Second daughter, Claire graduates from the 
University of Scranton. Katie is a freshman at Loyola, Maryland, Meg is 
enjoying being the only child at home. Maureen Ryan Mulcahy and 
Mary teach in Keansburg so they see each other frequently. Maureen's 
second grandson just arrived and she is thrilled that her grandchildren 
live nearby so she can see them frequently. Keep in touch 

Patricia McNulty Kushner, 57-75 63rd St. Woodslde, NY 11377 


Barbara Kempczinska, 441 Montgomery Street, Oakland, CA 94611 



Teresa Civello has had a career change. She Is now the Director of 

Long Term Care and Medicaid Services for HHL Financial Services of 
Great Neck, NY. For the last 14 years she was Senior Manager of NYC 
Medicaid. Patricia Jordan Michalski's son Matthew was married in 
Pittsburgh on August 21, 1992. Her oldest son Rob will marry on 
September 10, 1994, in Boston. He received his MBA at Boston College 
in '93. Two other sons, Andrew and T.J. attend the Art Institute of 
Pittsburgh. Daughter, Julie, is finally finished with all her surgeries (21 
operations in her 22 years of life). Many of them were cranio-facial 
reconstruction to correct her birth defects. "She's doing great! Has a job 
working for a florist and keeps us supplied with lovely arrangements 
she does herself! " Vida Solomonas Hettenback still teaches 
Chemistry and Marine Biology. Son Jim is a financial analyst for New 
York Life and son Todd is a sophomore at Brown University, working on 
saving the world. Joan Hinde Stewart, PhD, received a fellowship 
from National Endowment for the Humanities for the research and 
writing of a book on eighteenth century French Literature. She will be 
spending 1994 -1995 in France, working on this project. Evelyn Carney 
Flyntz received an award for teaching 20 years in the Diocese of 

Mary Beth McNerney Lamond, 9106 Ridge Blvd., Brooklyn, NY 11209 


Teresa Civello, 150 East 3rd St., New York, NY 10009, 212-473-3491 

Rosemary Collins ZInk, 8 HIghfleld Lane, Coltsneck, NJ 07722 



One hundred and eighteen young women graduated thirty years ago; 
the Class of '64. I remember the names but who were all those plump 
(except for two or three) and prosperous matrons assembled for their 
thirtieth reunion at the Garden City Hotel? I enjoyed both reunions: a 
mini one that took place at Carmine's on the upper west side early in 
April with Mary Hilgeman, Mary Noberini, Mary Morgan, Ginny 
Humes, Peg Harrington, Rosemary Mayer and me, Pat Kushner, 
and the formal one on April 16th. At the hotel reunion Sister George 
Aquin pointed out again that our class was ever contrary and never did 
the expected. She was none- the-less glad to see that 16 of us had come 
to the reunion (although due to a tornado warning, three did not show 
up). Mary Morgan, who insisted that I go, and who, by the way is both 
slim and exceptionally stylish, and a delightful person, did not herself 
show up. Madalene Comisky, who did show up, and who despite the 
name claims to be Italian, was a most delightful luncheon partner and 
made up for Mary's absence. Madalene claimed right to the end that 
Fran Maglione was going to show up. But I want to set the record 
straight; Fran Maglione never showed up. It was quite delightful to see 
how smart and perky this group of twelve women were: Joan Sirica, 
Mary Phelan, Helen Flynn, Judy Chiesa, Mary Oolan, Mary Jane 
Graetzer, Bobbi Lesnik, Carole Marciszyn, Connie D'Andrea, 
Kathy Meyer, Pat Gisavage, Liz Hill. Joan who looked stunning, 
spoke of yet another mini reunion featuring champagne, pizza and 
pastry at Irene Pokowitz' house, last year. One final comment: if 
anyone has a current address for Adele Tozzi, or Marge Penny, 
please let me know. Maureen Ryan Mulcahy reports that 1993 was a 
great year. Their second grandson, Nicholas Ryan, was born on July 
16th and Maureen achieved a Master's degree in Special Education. 
She still teaches second grade in Keansburg, NJ. Next writing I will 
keep you advised of Cathy Vesey's current activities. Peg Candee's 
book Telling the Truth About History was reviewed in the March Times 
Book Review. Liz Vecsey Gembecki has been selected as one of the 
top SIX finalists for "Teacher of the Year" for Guinnett County, Georgia. 
Liz teaches kindergarten, after being an "at home" mom for 26 years. 
Eileen Lanigan Nickoloff had visits last year from two classmates, 
Geri Sokol Thompson and Barbara Kempczinski. Eileen is still 
enjoying Alaska very much and looks forward to more SJC visitors' 
Mary Sweeney Casey's oldest daughter Michele is serving as a Jesuit 
International Volunteer in Orange Walk Town, Belize. She is the high 


The word from Margaret McHugh Schuloff is that McRich Stable* 

is doing well - 10 wins in '93! Place your bets!!! Jane Leder Horn is 
working in the library of Sacred Heart Academy in Hempstead, in the 
audio visual section, and is doing some publicity writing for the school - 
enjoying it immensely. Clare, 23, is a graduate of Boston College, 
working for Paramount Communications in NYC. Jim 21, is a senior at 
Cornell and Bill 18, a freshman at Adelphi University. Bradley, 7, is in 
second grade. The Horns live in Garden City. 

Nina Lagana DIfusco, 1599 Victoria St., Baldwin, NY 11510 


Barbara Hautsch Black, 2612 Quentin Road, Brooklyn, NY 11229 



For six years, Mary Ann Malara Giordano has been teaching 4th 
grade at Horizon Elementary in sunrise, Florida. She attended the 
alumni gathering at Jean McGuire Glenn's home in March and saw 
some familiar and some new faces. It brought back wonderful 
memories. She even met Dorothy Montuori Ryan who teaches at 
Wellesly Elementary m Sunrise, not far from Horizon Elementary. Mary 
Ann's son Peter 24, works in Washington, DC. Anthony 23, is finishing 
undergraduate work. Mary 15, is a freshman at St. Thomas Aquinas 
high school and keeps her parents busier than both boys did when they 
were her age. Jeanne Merenda Harrigan is a Dropout Prevention 
Counselor in a public school program for at-risk 8th and 9th graders, 
and for 7th through 12th grades teen parents. "I urge your prayers for 
these students, nationwide," she writes. "It's hard to believe that some 
of these young people have survived the circumstances of their lives. 
Jeanne's daughter, Nicole 15, is the only child at home. Her oldest, 
Christine, who received her BA in 1992, lives in Winter Park and works 
for State Farm. She attends the University of Central Florida part time 
for credits necessary to teach History. Eddie, 19, is finishing his 2nd year 
at Boston University as a Bio Chemistry major and feels medicine or 
research is in his future. Joanne Miscione Hadlock writes that the 
nest is finally empty! Son Charles received his PhD in Economics from 
MIT and began teaching Finance & Economics at the University of 
Florida in Gainsville. Daughter Tessa received her MD from Harvard in 


June and is in residency with her husband, also a doctor. She writes, 
we have a big house in Boston area and would welcome contact with 
other SJC alums. Joanne, a counseling psychologist in private practice 
and husband Charles, a math professor at Bentley College feel like 
experts in dual career issues, from watching both married children 
negotiate schedules and set professional goals. Life seemed less 
complex when we were in our 20's, she writes. Kathleen Ann Cassidy 
Barthelme received her M.Ed. m Adult and Continuing Education from 
Rutgers University in 1992. She married again in May 1993 and her 
husband is a retired engineer from Grumman Aerospace and is working 
as a free lance consultant with AT&T, doing H.R. and Training and 
Development projects. Daughter, Kera, 20 in June '94, attends Atlantic 
Community College in Physical Therapy Assistant program. Barbara 
Vaskii Crape's husband, Joe, has been named Counselor to the 
Chairman of the House of Representatives Appropriations Committee, 
Hon. David R. Obey, (D-WI). Obey won a leadership race against more 
senior Representative Neal Smith (D-IA). Jo Ann Basileo Asciutto's 
son, Robert 17, is preparing for SATs and college admission. Jo Ann's 
husband, Basil, left Merrill Lynch after 23 years to become Managing 
Director of Trading at the investment banking firm of Commonwealth 
Associates. Jo Ann is in her second year as Principal of Public School 7 
in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, near Queens. She would welcome SJC 
undergrad student-teachers and/or alumni as beginning or transfer 
teachers. The school is about 25 minutes from Clinton Avenue campus 
and is a K-5. Jo Ann attended the Confirmation of her godchild, Erin 
Palazzolo, daughter of Arlene Francis Palazzolo. Erin is an 
accomplished young artist and her sister, A.J. an accomplished 
swimmer. Eileen Moran Gastich is enrolled in a graduate program in 
Health Advocacy at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville. She still 
resides in Wyckoff, NJ. Alice McKenna Kelly's son Michael Patrick 
graduated from the University of Scranton in May. He majored in 
English. Last May, daughter, Mary Alice received her diploma from 
Scranton. Caroline De Gennaro Noto wishes to thank alumnae: 
Regina Mohan, Kathleen Murray, Roberta Stark, Gerry Lavin, 
Joanne Asciutto, Peggy Kowaleski, Kasthy Moore, Arlene 
Palazzola, Susan Giamundo, Rosemary Lamoureux and others 
who inquired and contributed to Afghans for Aids. Regina Mohan 
started a successful project in her parish. 

Judith Rail<owsl(i Joyce, c/o Ctiase Manhattan, P. 0. Box 521 

New Yoric, NY W004, 212-385 5330 

Mary Ellen Dubiel Freeley, 197 Puritan Av., Forest Hills, NY 1 1375 


Marie Anderson Provanzana, 304 Delegate Dr., Wonhington, OH 43235 



Jim and Anne Marie Dolan Duca enjoyed visiting Mary McGlinchey 

in Singapore last July and dining in the best restaurants. Mary has the 
inside scoop, since her personnel training company provides training to 
many of southeast Asia's finest hotels and restaurants. Carolynn 
Rampolla Petrelli's two daughters will attend college in September. 
Michelle received an Associates Degree in Interior Design from F.I.T., 
but wants to continue to pursue an additional career in Art Education. 
She will attend C. W. Post for that major. Janice will study at Nassau 
Community College for two years and then transfer. Carolynn is 
beginning her 6th year at NC College as a tutor in their Writing Center 
and an adjunct professor in ESL. She continues to teach ESI in Adult Ed 
as well. Carolynn and Bob celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary 
in April. Johanna V. Silva will be coming to New York to visit her 
mom and dad and twin sister, Patricia, in the middle of June. She will 
also visit Marilyn Jaeckel and Laurie Berth if time permits. Anne 
Madden Ray's oldest daughter, Andrea, is graduating from high 
school this June and will attend the University of Notre Dame in the fall. 
Ann's sad news is that her brother, William Madden, died last June 18, 
1993, from cancer. Please remember this family in your prayers. 
Patricia Bigini-Quinn, M.D. is Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at 
SUNY Stony Brook, Her son, Brian 17 is graduating from high school 
this June. Matthew is 13 years old. Only recently we heard of the death 
of our classmate, Barbara Delaney in late 1992. Barbara had broken 
her ankle and was operated on. A blood clot developed and reached her 
heart. Since then, her mother has died and she leaves a brother, 
Stephen and his wife. Please remember Barbara and this family in your 

Maureen Quinn Scherer, 44 Plymouth Av., Mt. Sinai, NY 11766 


Blanche >ndner Pesce, 127 Pine St., Rockville Center, NY 1 1570 


Catherine Colgan Stanton, 1221 Underhill Avenue, 

Yorktown Heights, NY 10598, 914-962-S756 


Anna Rose Perrono Geary is a middle school history and reading 
teacher. Her daughters are Teresa 1 1 and Maria Elizabeth 9. Anna Rose 
conducts educational tours to Europe every summer. Last year they 
went to Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg. This year they will travel to 
the British Isles. Winifred M. Radigan is Director of Instruction and 
Professional Development for the Brooklyn High School District. Win 
was named one of 1994's Trailblazers by New York City Administrative 
Women in Education. She is another "ABD", still vacillating over writing 
her dissertation for the Ed. Admin, program at Teachers' College. 
Roseann Quinn moved to Rensselaer in June 1991 and loves living so 
close to Albany. Last winter was rough, but they keep the roads clear. 
Roseann has made a career change and now works in a local bank as a 
management assistant. In one campaign, she led the office in opening 
almost one million dollars in new accounts in 60 days. She also teaches 
a basic writing course at Empire State College, and tutors French 
students. Patricia Devane Bell is a member of the Board of Directors 
of ACE Day Care Center on 14th Street in Park Slope. She is also a 
member of the advisory committee of Educational Equity Concepts, 
N.Y.C. - focusing on equity in science education. 

Mary Jo Burke Chiara, 28 Brompton Road, Garden City, NY 1 1530 


Mary Ward Cronin, 2515 8th Street, East Meadow, NY 11554 



We extend condolences to Kathleen Ott Reemer on the death of her 
father. Please remember this family in your prayers. Susan Santarpia 
Sperrazza received her EdD in Education from Nova University in 1992. 
Her daughter Jessica 21, will graduate from Florida State University in 
April and will go to law school to study to be a tax attorney. Phyllis 
Acquavella Lofreddo has been living in Florida almost seven years. 
Her husband, John, is a Biomedical photographer for the University of 
South Florida. Kristin 22, a graduate of that university and a Physical Ed 
teacher, was married in June 1994. Suzanne 15, in 9th grade is a 
cheerleader and a member of the National Junior Honor Society. 
Phyllis has her master's degree in Education and teaches an alternative 
ed combination 4th/5th grade class in Hillsborough, FL. Mary Moroney 
Rogers was thrilled to attend the Florida alumnae luncheon and see 
five other classmates there. She is looking forward to the 25th reunion 
of the class of 1970 next year. Anne M. Maxeiner just finished 19 
years at St. James school in Decatur, IL. In her years there she has 
taught 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8th grades. Her son, Frank, is in New York at John 
Jay College. Her husband is working at Lazy N Camper. "Decatur is a 
great place if we can stand the winters," writes Anne, "but this year we 
were better off here than in New York." Kathleen Ott Reemer's father 
died on March 14th, Please remember him and the family in your 
prayers. Her daughter Colleen is finishing her first year teaching 8th 
grade special education at Lower Cape May Regional School. Son David 
finished his first year at St. Bonaventure University, following in his 
dad, John's footsteps. Kathy just finished her tenth year teaching 
Special Ed in Atlantic City. Mary Czubakowski Tampe's two 
daughters Carolyn 13, and Elizabeth 11, are all-star soccer players, so 
Mary spends lots of time at soccer games. Mary has been with Bergen 
County Special Services for seven years. She has been teaching pre- 
school deaf children in a total communication program. In September 
1993, Michele Maloney Reilly transferred to PS 104 District 20 from 
District 15 PS 124 - after 20 years of service. She now enjoys teaching 
kindergarten for the very first time. Her son, Tim, is finishing his junior 
year at Regis HS. Jimmy, 12, is in 7th grade and Christopher, 6, in first 
grade at St. Anselms. 

Valerie Wertz Ouinlan, 520 Beach 136th St., Belle Harbor, NY 1 1694 


Josephine Nunziata Rossicone, 135 Suffolk Av., Staten Island, NY 10314 



George and Diane Evanac Carpetto are getting Worldwide Marriage 
Encounter started in Gainesville, FL. George is also working towards 
getting a license as a mental health counselor and has been with the 
Gainesville Family Institute since January. Diane looks forward to 
becoming an assistant principal in the near future. She attended the 
Florida Alumni luncheon in Fort Lauderdale. "It was wonderful seeing 
alumnae from the many different years, and seeing Sister George 
Aquin and Sister Mary Florence," she writes. " Jeanne McGuire 
Glenn and Bill were most gracious in opening their home to us. The 
view from the canal was spectacular and the gentle warm Florida 
breeze made the wind chimes resound. I wished some of my 


classmates had been present." We extend our condolences to Marilyn 
Jaeckel on ttie death of her father in April. Please remember them in 
your prayers. Marguerite Mary Bartoloma enjoyed a whirlwind tour 
of Athens, the Greek Islands, Turkey and Israel last summer. Columbia 
Furio Spigner is working as an adjunct professor at Queensborough 
Community College. She has two children, Michael, who is five and 
Frankie, who is two and a half. Elyse O'Toolo Mollo received her MA 
in Special Education in May. Rest & Recreation will follow in June with 
a family trip to Italy. Marie Croce Castaldi lives in Westfield, NJ. She 
has three children - Lauren 14, Matt 12 and Karen 9 years old. Marie 
taught in New York public schools for a few years and now is 
substituting in the High School in Westfield. Marie hopes to get her 
New Jersey Certification soon. "Hello to ever-yone of the Class of '71," 
she writes. Barbara Hare Prato teaches kindergarten at Our Lady of 
Mt. Carmel in Meriden, CT. Her daughter, Jennifer, is a sophomore at 
Ithaca College, studying Physical Therapy. Daughter, Alison, is a soph at 
Cheshire, High School. Barbara's husband. Rick, is a U.S. Secret 
Service agent. Both Eileen Cannon Higgins and Carol Maliska 
Tschernutter have resigned as class agents, leaving no one for the 
class of '71. If you will serve in this capacity, write to the alumni office 
and you will receive more information. 

No class agent 


Denise Mangieri Di Carlo received her NYC licenses in the following 
areas: Principal, Assistant Principal, and Assistant Principal of English. 
She now teaches at Port Richmond High School and looks forward to 
Supervisory positions. Denise had an article published in the New York 
State Curriculum Guide: "Italian-Americans - Looking Back ■ Moving 
Forward," and "Peerless Puppeteers," a history of Sicilian marionettes 
in the United States. Mary Ann Augugliaro Krenn teaches 5th grade 
at P.S. 102 in Elmhurst, Queens. Her boys are now 9 and 10 years old 
and keep her very busy! They love vacationing on Cape Cod. Liz Tracy 
O'Brien has been a nursery school teacher at St. Stephen's in Hicksville 
for the past 8 years and loves it. Salary is pathetic, she says, and 
dreams of opening her own nursery school some day. Marie Nogan 
Desiano went back to college as a chauffeur, to drive her son, 
Christopher, a sophomore, back and forth after he broke his leg rather 
badly, while sledding during Christmas vacation. Diane Wojszwilo 
Mulhern teaches kindergarten in Northport and enjoys every minute 
with her energetic 5 and 6 year olds. Her children: Kristen is a high 
school junior, looking towards college. Karen is taking part in her 
school's production of Oklahoma and recently won first place for her 
Art Work. She will have her picture used as the cover of her 8th grade 
year book. Karen will also take part in the Science Fair at Chaminade 
High School for her work on Tide Pools. Joey, 8, is an avid baseball fan 
and soccer player and is in 3rd grade. 

Diane Piwinski, 188 Java St., Brooklyn, 11222, 718-383-6847 
Kathleen Lavin, 336 99th St., Brooklyn, NY 11209, 718-241-4285 
Patricia Luciana English, 143 Beach 133 St., Belle Harbor, NY 1 1694 

Anna Maria Tufano, 321 Bay 14 St., Brooklyn, NY 1 1214 N/L 

1974 Suffolk Arts & Sciences 

After having graduated from St. John's University School of Law, 
Maria G. Nowotny practiced in the area of trusts and estates law for 
several years. She has accepted a position as Vice President & Trust 
Officer at First Nastional Bank of Glens Falls. Glens Falls is a lovely city 
and the North Country Adirondacks is a beautiful place to live. Her new 
address is 185-5 Roberts Gardens North Apts., Queensbury, NY 12804. 
"I'd be glad to hear from former classmates," she says. 

James Flannery, Jr., 224 Merrifield Avenue, Oceanside, NY 11572 


Linda incorvaia Fonte was awarded an MS degree in Education - 
Guidance and Counseling, on February I, 1994. Helaine Sander 
Vecchione of the Brentwood Campus, is presently teaching mornings 
in Floral Park as a Pre-K Special Ed Teacher, and she is also working 
with deaf children and adults in the afternoons. We extend our 
sympathy to Linda Addonisio and the family on the death of her 
father on January 25th. Remember them in your prayers. 

Barbara Ross Antonucci, 181 Commercial Blvd, Brentwood, NY 77777 


William Gorman 458 Degraw St., Brooklyn, NY, 718-852-1730 

Theresa Cimakasky Mason, 5 Quimby Lane, Flemington, NJ 08822 

Debra Stevenson Nelson, 170 Nassau Av., Manhasset, NY 1 1030 


Alice Hagan, 360 Bay Ridge Pkwy, #2C, Brooklyn, NY 1 1209 

Rose Anne DeFina Smith, 15 Kay Place, Staten Island, NY 10305 


Jacqueline Reisert Esposito, 1659 Circleville Rd., 

State College, PA 16803, 814-234-7226 


Jack McGuire is a senior Vice President and Associate General 
Counsel at the Wall Street firm of Oppenheimer & Co. Connie works as 
a teacher assistant with two-year olds at a Staten Island preschool. Son 
Timothy is now 10 and involved in all sports. Catherine, 8, just made 
her First Communion. 

Martha Stoistis Spezzano, 29 Walnut Street, Central Islip, NY 11722 


Ann Simko Rennard, 966 Shelburne Drive, Franklin Square, NY 1 1010 


Lorraine Burns Goldhirsch, 500 Tuckahoe Road IB, Yonkers, NY 10710 



We extend sympathy to Maureen Woods Biesty on the death of her 
mother in February. Let us remember them in our prayers. Maureen 
and her husband, William, received the Monsignor Joseph K Parks 
award in St. Patrick's parish in Brooklyn, for extraordinary service, 
leadership and dedication. The Biestys have four children, Sean 12, 
Catherine 10, Liam 8, and Bridget 2 1/2. Bridget is recovering from open 
heart surgery which was performed last September. Her mother says 
she's "doing great." Mary Ann Scavullo Scollo, husband Paul, and 
eight-year-old Jeanne-Marie have been living in Fairfield, New Jersey 
for the past 12 years. Mary Ann has been teaching CCD at St. Thomas 
More for three years and hopes to go back to teaching full time in 

Joan Denauski Halpern, 8 Jennifer Drive, Howell, NJ 07731 


Linda Borelli Ridzi, 57 Westbrook Drive, Nassau, NY 12123 


1974 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 

Bernadette Galdorisi Janiche's husband. Bob, suffered a heart 
attack in September and had to have angioplasty. But something good 
has come from this. He is no longer smoking nor drinking and is on a 
fat-free diet. He is doing very well. Bernadette is still at St. Francis of 
Assisi School. It is her 19th year and she loves it. 

1977 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 

On January 14, 1994, twin boys, Brian Thomas and Michael Joseph, 
were born to Gerard and Eileen McCullough Wihiborg. David 

D'Ecclesiis is expanding his business in Brooklyn. He is travelling to 
Brazil to export raw materials to the Food, Drug St Cosmetic Industry. 
Dave sends best regards to all. 

Lorraine Burns Goldhirsch, 500 Tuckahoe Rd. IB, Yonkers, NY 10710 

1978 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 

William Link is a sergeant in Suffolk's First Precinct Crime Section. 
Audrey Mannone Link stays at home with Joseph 7, and James 3. 
While Bill's out there "cleaning up the streets," Audrey's home cleaning 
up the housel (Ha, Ha!) 

Sarah Murphy Berliner, 570 Westminster Rd. #C8, Brooklyn, NY 1 1230 


Maryteresa McKenna, 8215 4th Av. ME1, Brooklyn, NY 7 7209 


1978 Suffolk Arts & Sciences 

We extend sincere condolences to Mary Brofman on the death of her 
eight year old daughter, after a short illness. Please remember them 


and the family in your prayers. Lucy M. Allison received her Master's 
in Social Work in 1982. She is employed by Catholic Charities ■ Medford 
Health Clinic as a Psychotherapist. Sonja Lewis Roese wants to say 
"Hi" to Kevin, Colleen, and Ed. "Please call me; I lost your number. Let's 
get together. Class of '78," she writes. We just received word of the 
death of Lou Salgado and extend our sincere condolences to Marion 
Salgado. Please remember this family in your prayers. 

Maria Sabella Shukri, W Jill Drive, Commack, NY 11725, 516-269-9032 

Mary P. Annett, 252 Riviera Pkwy, Lindenhurst, NY 11757, 516-226-5547 

Marlon Salgado, 16 Sequams Lane North, West Islip, NY 11795 


Sarah Murphy Berliner, 570 Westminster Rd. #C8, Brooklyn, NY 1 1230 


Maryteresa McKenna, 8215 4th Av. «E1, Brooklyn, NY 11209 


1979 Brooklyn General Studies 

Derine McLaughlin, Director of Nursing at Meridian Nursing Center in 
West Melbourne, FL, attended the March alumni meeting at the home 
of Jean McGuire Glenn '70, in. Ft. Lauderdale. Derine has been with 
Meridian, a facility with 179 beds, including a 24 bed Alzheimer Unit, for 
two years. Derine's son, Elvin, Jr. is a 3rd year Electrical Engineering 
student at Florida Technical College in Melbourne. Daughter, Jacqueline 
will be entering Palm Bay High School in lOth grade, in September. 
Derine's husband, Elvin St., has established his own business. We 
were saddened to hear of the death of Molly Singh. Please remember 
her in your prayers. 

No class agent. 

1979 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 

Marianne Glanzman Armstrong lives in Aberdeen, New Jersey with 
her husband, David and two lovely daughters, Christine and Jenny. 
Brendan and Mona Moran O'Connor reside in Rockaway Park, NY, 
with two sons, Michael and Denis. Mona teaches in prekindergarten in 
the NYC Board of Education system. Angela Rendo is Microbiology 
Supervisor at Cabrini Medical Center in Manhattan. 

No Class Agent 

1980 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 

Kate Conn moved to Moseley, Virginia. She is a school Psychologist in 
an elementary school there and loves her work. Kate is very happy 
living on her 10 acres in the country. Joe and Jane Franco Nesci live 
on Staten Island. They have two children, Alyssa 7, and Andrew 4, and 
are expecting their third child in August. Joe is the head basketball 
coach at NYU where he took his team to the Division III Championship 
Final this year. It has been an exciting year for the family. Lorraine 
Stabile Dei Genio has two children, Christina 3, and Gregory 8 
months. She is teaching PT at St. Mary's School in East Islip. Mark and 
Gloria Dempsey Zozula have been living in New Jersey for the last 
four years. 

Dianne Hayden, 1403 Harrison Av., Mamaroneck, NY 10543 

1980 Suffolk Arts & Sciences 

Ellen Tschantre Nardozza is a Certified Recreation Specialist and 
Consultant, working in hospitals, nursing facilities, libraries and 
bookstores. She is an officer of TRASC — Therapeutic Recreation 
Association of Suffolk County, and a member of NYSRPS and ILSA. 
Married fourteen years, Ellen has a son, Matthew four and a half years 
old. The family lives on a farmette in Medford and they raise chickens . 
In her spare time, Ellen sews and crafts, sometimes for profit. 

Arlene Murtha, 12 Hill St., Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, 516-505-7111 
Dianne Hayden, 1403 Harrison Av., Mamaroneck Park, NY 10543 

1981 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 

Cathy Huffman recently moved again - to Hauppauge (663 Village 
Drive) and is looking rward to her marriage this summer to Russel 
Scheier. She sends regb is to everyone at the Child Study/Special Ed 


Lisa Kern Sawin, 10 Starboard Way, Latham, NY 12110, N/L 

1981 Suffolk Arts & Sciences 

Toni Stano Jacobs, upon graduating from St. Joseph's taught Special 
Ed for three years in North Babylon. She moved to Wellington, Florida, 
in 1984, where she taught Special Ed in Pompano for a year. Toni has 
been married ten years and is in the midst of raising three terrific boys, 
William age 8, Christopher age 7, and Thomas age 3. In her spare time 
she is involved in parish activities and roller-blading with her three 
sons. Michelle M. Grande is off to a busy start this year with several 
major changes. She moved into a new home in Smithtown and has 
begun a new full time position within the Levittown Public School 
District teaching a program for "at-risk" students. She also works part- 
time in a Suffolk mental health facility. Cathy Alfano Dries and her 
husband, Wayne, announce the birth of their daughter. Amy, on August 
9, 1993 - exactly one week after they celebrated their seventh wedding 
anniversary. Fellow '81 classmates, Rosemary Dougherty Batcheller 
visited the Dries family at Southampton Hospital on August 10th to see 
Amy. Diane Levine Gale is President and Recital Program Chairperson 
for Suffolk Piano Teachers Forum. Recently she and a colleague put on 
a children's theater program of The Wizard of Oz at a theater and at 
local nursing homes. They received good coverage from the local 

Michelle Grande, 204 Pond View Road, Smithtown, NY 11787 

1982 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 

Deborah Torres-Pluta is teaching as a Primary I teacher at Morning 
Star School which is a special ed school for ADD and ADD-HA children. 
Deborah married classmate Daniel Pluta and they're going strong - 
after ten years. Margaret Titone is a Special Ed teacher at St. Charles 
E & T Center. Her articles and short stories about AIDS have appeared 
in Our Family and the Messenger of the Sacred Heart. Barbara Mrozik 
received a Doctorate in Education from Fordham in Spring 1993. She is 
an acting Assistant Principal in a Brooklyn Intermediate School. Since 
1986, Sallyann Garafolo Voipe has been teaching at PS 321 in 
Brooklyn. She has a son, Robert, who will be four in June. Cathy 
Huffman recently moved again, to Hauppauge. She is looking forward 
to her marriage this summer. Cathy sends regards to S. Jean Maria, 
S. Helen and everyone at the Brooklyn Child Study /Special Education 

Maureen Sullivan Griffin, 633 77th St., Brooklyn, NY 11209 

1982 Suffolk Arts & Sciences 

Sarah L'Heureux works at Monroe-Woodbury Middle School, where 
for the past nine years, she has taught Special Ed in 7th and 8th grades. 
She lives in Cornwall-on-Hudson and plans to stay there indefinitely! 
Beginning her 7th year as a Suffolk County Probation Officer, Dorothy 
Bombaci works in an alcohol treatment unit with DWI offenders. This 
year she became certified by the N.Y.S. Bureau of Municipal Police as a 
firearms instructor. Martha Torres has earned her MS, MSW and 
CSW. She IS a Head Start Social Services Coordinator. After graduation, 
Annmarie Joachim Rosch joined the NYC Police Department and is 
now a third grade Detective working in the Chief of Detectives Bureau. 
She is attending the New York Institute of Technology in Old Westbury, 
studying Communication Arts and will receive her master's degree in 
December 1994. She has been married since 1979 and has a beautiful 
daughter, Flora Dannon. Jeannette Moss-Feminella has a beautiful 
two-year-old son, Sean. She is no longer teaching in a classroom, but 
works in the Brentwood Public Schools Special Services Department as 
a teacher on special assignment. Her duties include sitting on the 
District CSE as the teacher member of the commitee. She orders 
materials for all Special Education youngsters 5 years through 21 years, 
and coordinates the transitional planning for students 15 years and older 
in out-of-district and in-district placements. "Each day brings me to new 
heights in the field of education," she says. 'It is a very exciting 

Brenda Kelly Hinshaw, 10 Carpenter Lane, Levittown, NY 11786 


Joyce Donneson, 1 15 Aspatuck Road, Westhampton Beach, NY 1 1970 


1983 Brooklyn General Studies 

Esmee A. White earned her master's degree at Adelphi University in 
1986. She taught at PS 45 in Brool<lyn from 1983 to 1993, when she 
retired in December of that year. 

1987 Brootflyn Arts & Sciences 

"The family is growing," writes Carolyn Sorrentino Capizzi. Jenna 
Lynn was born i'- Jul/ of 1993. Big sister Lauren is now three years old 
and they both keep Carolyn and James very busy. 

1984 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 

Terry and Nancy Fusco Flynn had their second baby girl, Ryan 
Elizabeth, on September I, 1993. Her sister was four in December and 
attends Pre- kindergarten two days a week. Nancy stopped teaching 
Pre K when Alexandra was born. She had taught for six years at St. 
Jude's in Brooklyn. "I love being a stay-at-home mom of two!" she 
writes. Terry Yard Panten thanks everyone for prayers for Erica Linn. 
Last September, she underwent a successful hemispherectomy at St. 
John's Hospital. Neil and Linda Gibaldi Thakker are proud parents of 
Neil Jeffery Jr. 

Erin Dowd, 40 Henry St., Brooklyn, NY 1 1201, 718-243-2978 

Barbara Bischoff Eckner, 32 Sunset Drive, Derby, CT 06418 


Donna Ortolan, 2 Kent Road, Ringwood, NJ 07456, 201-962-4412 

1985 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 

Ronald and Sandra Zappia Trotta are living in New Jersey. Edwin and 
Ruthann Rizzi Barr welcomed their first baby, Nicole Margaret, on 
April 4, 1994. On April 27, 1993, Joseph and Denize DilMare Caruso 

and daughter, Melissa, welcomed a son, Joseph into the family after a 
God-blessed home birth attended by grandmas Dora and Tina and 
husband Joe. Denise is a breastfeeding peer counselor for Palm Beach 
County, FL. This type program can be found all over the country. If any 
alumnae are interested Denise will be glad to get information for you in 
your area, she lives in Lake Worth, Florida. 

Alice Kennedy, 5 Hallister St., Staten Island, NY 10309, 718-853-9783 

1985 Suffolk Arts & Sciences 

Bernadette O'Rourke has legally changed her name to Bernadette 

Cornell, taking the name of the parents who adopted her. She works 
for Teacher's Federal Credit Union in Farmingville, NY. She recently 
celebrated her 30th birthday and looks forward to the next decadel 
Frank and Mary Edwards Verdone announce the arrival of their 
second child, Frank Christopher, born October 10, 1993. Little Krysta is 
two years old. 

KellyAnn O'Hanlon Hammer, 149 Newbrook Lane, Bay Shore, NY 11706 


Dorothy LaFerrera, 395 Nelligan Ct., North Babylon, NY 11703 


Alice Kennedy, 5 Hallister St., Staten Island, NY 10309, 718-853-9783 

1987 Suffolk Arts & Sciences 

Denise Puleio Braun has been teaching 1st grade in the Brentwood 
School District for 7 years. She and Christopher have a two-year old boy 
and a new baby, Deanna. Denise received her master's degree and is 
now taking courses in Education. Ann-Marie Mistratta teaches 
Special Ed at Westhampton Elementary School. She earned a master's 
degree in Reading from Hofstra. Ann-Maria has a daughter who is 
three years old and a son who is two. 

Jean Marie Kirchner, 3 Boone St. Bethpage, NY 11714 , N/L 
Anthony DiMino, 184 Spiral Road, Holtsville, NY 11742, 516-472-9160 

1988 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 

Pamela Bertone McNeela received her MSE in Counseling and 
Personnel Services from Fordham University in Spring 1993. Her 
daughter, Jennifer, will be a junior at St. Joseph's College in the Fall 
'94, and Christopher will be a freshman at NYU. Timothy will start his 
junior year at Xavier High School, also in Fall '94. Kevin M. Murphy's 
biggest news is that he graduated from the New York City Police 
Academy in July 1992 and now works at the Central Park Precinct. 

Christine Apicella, 1607 East 7th St., Brooklyn, NY 11230, 718-654-6710 
Patricia Williams, 395 Clinton Av, tt6D, Brooklyn, NY 1 1238 

1988 Brooklyn General Studies 

Doreen Tudor is back in school in Long Island University, pursuing a 
master's degree in Community Health. Joyce Lindsay writes "Best 
wishes to the Class of 1988! 

1988 Suffolk Arts & Sciences 

Barbara Britt has a new position, that of Assistant to the Vice 
President, Campus Services, SUNY Stony Brook. Richard J. Bostwick 
married Antoinette R. Nastasi '91 and is a CPA with a Manhattan CPA 
firm. Antoinette teaches school in Brooklyn. Kathleen L. Weasels 

(General Studies) received her MPA in Health Administration in May 
1993. She is in Pharmaceutial Sales, with Parke Davis -Warner Lambert. 

Camille Kostew Kelly, 6301 Cheetah Court, Waldorf, MD 20603-4339 


Joyce Hayes, 1057 Courtland Dr., Bay Shore, NY 11706, 516-666-3978 

Jennifer Ray, 18 Prospect St. East, Selden, NY 11784, 516-732-2839 

1986 Brooklyn Arts & Science 

It's not often that one marries a man with the same surname, but 
Debra Hayes married John Hayes, brother of Maryann Hayes, SJC 
class of '83, on March 16, 1990. They reside in New Hyde Park. 
Kathleen White Lennon reports expectation of twins in August. 

Kerry McConway, 16768th St., Brooklyn, NY 11220, 718-921-9830 

1989 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 

On July 16, 1992, a daughter, Christina, was born to Elisa Massomillo 
D'Angelo. She is expecting another baby in early May. Karen 
McCormack writes that she will be getting married in November. 

Francine Nittolo, 367 96th St., Brooklyn, NY 1 1209, 718-748-0409 

1986 Brooklyn General Studies 

Lynn Meletiche was recently re-elected as Vice President of NAAFA, 
Inc. (National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance) a non-profit 
Human Rights organization of life for fat people through public 
education research, advocacy and support. For information call 1-800 

1986 Suffolk General Studies 

Joan Apicello Fokas' son, Michael Thomas is now five years old and 
enjoying kindergarten. He declares that he wants to be a fireman, 
astronaut and a scientist when he grows up. Suanne Edeiman earned 
her MS degree in Nursing Administration in May 1992. She was 
inducted into Sigma Theta Tau, the International Honor Society Nursing 
in April 1991. 

Maria Maxwell, 39 Tappan Av., Babylon. NY 11702, 516-587-3362 

1989 Brooklyn General Studies 

"Greetings to everyone," writes Doreen Goode Taylor, "from the 
Sunshine State. Best regards to Professors Brown and Rupert 

1989 Suffolk Arts Sciences & General Studies 

Barbara Routh taught first grade at the Academy Street School during 
the year '92-'93. This year she is a kindergarten teacher at the Blue Point 
Elementary School, with the Bayport-Blue Point Schools. Kathy de 
Vos IS an Early Childhood Special Education teacher. She received her 
master of science degree in Special Education in January 1993 from 
Adelphi University. Michelle M. Wruck is now working as a Pediatric 
Nurse Practitioner for Suffolk County Department of Health. She 
recently graduated from StonyBrook University with a Master's in 
Nursing and also passed the certifying boards as a Pediatric Nurse 
Practitioner. John Nelson, of the General Studies Division, received a 


Master's degree in Exercise Physiology in August 1993 from Adelphi 
University. He is living and working in Kennebunkport, Maine. 

No class agent 

1990 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 

Susann Verano has been studying medicine at Chicago Medical 
School and will graduate this June. Paola Giardino will be married in 
July in the States. She has been teaching in International School in 
Milan and will be living there after her marriage. She is the daughter of 
Lorraine Fiore Giardino '62. Best wishes Paola and keep in touch with 
us. Lisa Paone Chiarini is teaching Chemistry at Kearney High School. 
Lisa married Michael Chiarini in June 1992. They expect an addition to 
the family in October. From her previous position as a Property & 
Service Specialist within GISA, Hyacinth Perera became a Real Estate 
Broker for the General Services Administration, a federal agency, in 
October 1993. This was attained through a promotion and future 
growth. Louis Perfetto passed the 1993 law bars in New York and 
New Jersey. In 1994 he received an LLM degree in Corporate Law from 
NYU School of Law. 

1990 Brooklyn General Studies 

IVIarie B. Garson will receive her master's degree in Public Health and 
Health Administration on June 2, 1994, from Long Island University. 
Barbara Bird finished her master's degree in Administration at Central 
Michigan University, in May 1994. In April Curtis Hunter Sr. 
celebrated the first birthday of his granddaughter. 

1990 Suffolk Arts & Sciences 

Domenic D'Achille is a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist, 
working at Holy Family Nursing Home in Brooklyn, NY, an affilliate of 
Catholic Medical Center. Domenic lives in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn and 
enjoys his hobbies of racquetball and Softball. "I miss being a student at 
St. Joseph's," writes Rupal Parelah. She is studying at C.W.Post/LIU 
for a master's degree, as well as working full time. 

1993 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 

Lisa Leiak is teaching in a public school in Bay Ridge. She has started 
studies for a master's degree at the college of Staten Island. 

1994 Brooklyn 

Classmates scheduled to wed this summer are Laura Chionchio, 
IVIichalle Jordan and Clairecnarie Blum. Thinking about graduate 
school are Anne Tavani - Tufts University, Frank Spinner has been 
accepted into the New York College of Pediatric Medicine on a partial 
scholarship. Margaret Drozdowski will pursue a career in Dentistry 
and has been accepted into four Dental Schools. John Godino has a 
full Armed Forces Scholarship and will study medicine at New York 
Medical College in Valhalla. Hetal Naik will study Podiatr/ at New York 
College of Podiatric Medicine on a partial scholarship. Kaye 
Nembhard has been accepted by seven Medical Schools and will 
choose one to pursue a medical career. Patricia Andersen will attend 
the University of Virginia. Virginia Arroyo has a job as Head Bilingual 
Teacher at New York Childhood Center, where Deborah Crisa and 
Mona Kolenda will also work. Mary Ellen Breen will be teaching at 
St. Rose of Lima - 4 to 8 Science, with grade 4 as her homeroom. 
Jeanne Poloroy will teach 4th grade at St. Agnes Seminary. 

1994 Suffolk 

At the Suffolk Campus Commencement two Mother-Daughter sets of 
graduates made for an unusual and happy occasion. Receiving their 
degrees were Margaret O'Connor of Bay Shore and her daughter, 
Maureen Greco, of Ridge - and Linda Esposito, R.N.,and her 
daughter Lisa Esposito. Both mothers earned their degrees in Health 
Administration. Maureen, who has two teenage daughters, earned her 
degree in Human Relations, and Linda earned hers in Elementary 

1991 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 

In December 1993, Maria Biagini graduated from the Rockland Police 
Academy. She is now working at the Kings County District Attorney's 
Office as a Detective Investigator. On April 9th, this year, Karen 
McNally married Thomas Egan. They are living in Maspeth, and she 
teaches English and Religion at Christ the King Regional High School. 
Deborah Kramer is a Stock Transfer Agent at IBM, First Chicago Trust 
Company. By choice Louise Bogue is not teaching, but working with 
Korean Air and seeing the world a little at a time before she settles 

1991 Suffolk Arts & Sciences & General Studies 

After two years of working as a Teaching Assistant in the Shoreham- 
Wading River CSD, April Pokorny landed a teaching job . She is a 6th 
and 7th grade science teacher in the Riverhead Middle School and is 
very exited about this new position. Adele Spencer (General Studies 
Division) is Adjunct Professor in the Department of Dental Hygiene at 
SUNY Farmingdale. She is pursuing a master's degree in Health 
Science Education at SUNY Stonybrook. 

1992 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 

Maria Ortiz was married to Michael Myers and they are living in New 
Jersey. Patrick and Eileen Darcy Steffens announce the arrival of 
Patrick Michael in February 1993. Patrick is a police officer in Brooklyn. 

1992 Suffolk Arts & Sciences 

After receiving a federally funded full-time academic scholarship, Maria 
Call completed her master's degree in one year. She specialized in 
Early Childhood Special Education at Hofstra University. Maria received 
the degree with distinction. Frank Raccuglia is the owner of a 
Landscape business in West Islip. He became engaged during the 
Christmas holiday and plans to be married in March 1995. Frank is the 
son of Roberta Raccuglia class of '87. 





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n 5 

CALENDAR 1994-1995 

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Phonathon - Brooklyn Campus 
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Fall Luncheon - Hudson River Club 
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December 1 Alumni Theater Party - Showboat 

December 6 Suffolk Alumni Meeting • 7PM 

January 24 Suffolk Alumni Meeting • 7PM 

February 28 Suffolk Alumni Meeting • 7PM 

March 7 Executive Board Meeting • 4PM 

March 2 1 Suffolk Alumni Meeting • 7PM 

April 1 1 Suffolk Alumni Meeting • 7PM 

April 13-23 S. Joan Ryan's Trip - Central Europe 

April 29 Spring Luncheon - Garden City Hotel 

May 16 Executive Board Meeting • 4PM 

May 16 Suffolk Alumni Meeting • 7 PM 

ly^^ ^/ tt 












































CO ks> C/^ 


























t/l rt fD 































VOL. XLVI No. 1 Winter 1995 

Alumnagram is published twice a year by the 

Alumni Association of St. Joseph's College, 

245 Clinton Avenue, Brooklyn, MY 1 1205 

Third Class Postage is paid to Brooklyn, NY 


Margaret Dwyer Minson '70 
Editorial Assistants 

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March 3 Alumni Hoops Night-Basketball 

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March 28 

Sunset Blvd. Play 8 PM 

April 7,8,9 

Chapel Players Production 

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S. Joan Ryan's Trip to Europe 

April 23 

Massachusetts Reception 

April 29 

Alumni Spring Luncheon, 
Garden City Hotel 10:30 AM 

May 9 

Connecticut Reception 

May 16 

Executive Board Meeting 4 PM 

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Commencement GS Brooklyn 

June 2 

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June 3 

Commencement Patchogue 


Alumni Golf Tournament 

Sept. 23 

Day At Belmont 

Letter from the Editor 

As responsibility for Alumnagram passes into 
my hands, 1 can't help but look back on the 
accomplishments of Mary Elizabeth Parrell 
'35. I'd like to take this opportunity to personally 
thank her for many years of enjoyable reading. 

All of us at the Alumni Office are working to 
continue the standard of excellence that has been 
brought to you by those who came before us. We are 
anxious to hear from our readers. Please let us know 
your opinions on what we are doing and what you 
would like to see us do. 

Research has shown that the most widely read 
section in every alumni magazine is Class Notes. Your 
class agents work extremely hard to compile this 
information. Please assist them and send a note 
about yourself or a classmate. If your class does not 
have an agent or if you would be interested in helping 
the present agents, please volunteer by calling the 
Alumni Office. 

If you are unable to become a class agent, there 
are other ways you can serve your Alumni 
Association. Volunteers are needed to organize 
geographic alumni receptions. This has become one 
of our most successful new projects. Each reception 
needs a coordinator to choose a location and accept 
responses. The alumni office takes care of the 
mailings and follow-up phone calls. We are presently 
organizing spring receptions in Connecticut and 
Massachusetts. Please let us hear from you if you 
would like us to visit your area. How about hearing 
from our alumni in California! 

Another project that needs volunteers is our First 
Annual Alumni Golf Tournament to be held on 
Wednesday, June 28th, at the Breezy Point Golf 
Course. Any alumni who can secure gifts or prizes, 
please contact the office. Clare Collins '69 has 
already agreed to furnish us with some golf balls. 

Alumni across the country have been extremely 
generous with their time and energy. Your enthusiasm 
and support are evidence of your strong commitment 
to St. Joseph's. Please accept my sincere thanks for all 
your efforts. I look forward to seeing many of you at our 
spring activities. 

Cover: Refurbished Gym Floor at Brooklyn Campus 

St. Joseph's College complies with Title IX of the Education 

Amendments of 1972 and with the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as 

amended, Section 504. 


Margaret Dwyer Minson '70 
Director, Alumni Relations 

SJC Graduates 
Make Their Mark in the Health Field 

Over the years, SJC has developed a strong 
presence in the health professions. Science 
majors from both canipuses have gone on to 
medical schools while many nurses from General 
Studies are accepted to graduate programs across the 

Our General Studies Nursing Program is 
growing rapidly in both Brooklyn and Patchogue. 
The following are but a few alumni who are working 
and studying in the medical field. We would enjoy 
hearing from others who are also making their con- 
tributions in various medical professions. Please let 
us hear from you. 

The nursing profession has enjoyed a tremen- 
dous rebirth in the last several years. The demand for 
nurses has increased and with this, so has the need 
for more education. St. Joseph's College responded 
to this need by establishing a Nursing Program in the 
Division of General Studies, in 1987. This year, the 
program is proud to have over two hundred stu- 
dents. Audrey Conley, director of the program since 
1986, has watched it grow and expand in many ways, 
and the increase in enrollment is proof of this growth. 
She says, "Perhaps the most attractive part of the pro- 
gram is the care and individual attention paid to each 
student. In GS, the students are counseled and guid- 
ed on the right paths. For the nursing students, this 
is important, so that they can follow a curriculum that 
will broaden their education and knowledge." Ask 
any students at SJC - whether in GS or Arts and 
Sciences, and they will all tell you the same thing - the 
faculty at SJC cannot be beat!!! Through the dedica- 
tion and determination of the faculty, the students are 
motivated to achieve and succeed. 

Kevin McKenna, a 1990 graduate of the Division, 
received his BS in Health Administration. Currently 
the Administrative Nursing Coordinator at 
Maimonides Medical Center, his 
major area of concentration has 
always been mental health. 
Kevin is a native of Monaghan, 
Ireland, where he was a psychi- 
atric nurse, and is now a gradu- 
ate psychology student at Long 
Island University. 

Kevin came to GS to get his BS 
in health administration. "The 
energy and enthusiasm of the 
faculty and especially Tom Travis, really inspired 
me," says Kevin. 

Kevin lives in Sunset Park with his wife, 
Mary, also a nurse at Maimonides in the Intensive 

Care Unit. They have one son, Eoin, and are mem- 
bers of St. Catherine of Alexandria parish. They 
enjoy going to the theater, playing tennis, and are 
members of The American Irish Nursing Association 

In 1993, Mary Varkony graduated with a BSN from 
General Studies. Presently, she is the Nursing Unit 
Director of the Intensive 
Care Unit at St. John's 
Hospital. Mary hopes to 
graduate from Columbia 
University's School of 
Nursing in the Spring of 
1996, as a clinical nurse 
specialist with a track in 
critical care nursing. She 
lives with her husband, 
John, in Woodhaven, 
Queens, and is a member 
of St. Thomas the Apostle 
parish. When she's not busy studying or working, 
she enjoys traveling, boating and fishing. 

Mary feels nursing is a true vocation. "You 
have to really want to be a nurse - something inside 
of you has to want to be a nurse, because nursing is 
in every aspect of your life. I enjoy the position that 
I'm in right now, because I can initiate change and 
watch things grow. I'm glad I had the opportunity to 
study at GS." 

Diane Drake, another 93 grad- 
uate from GS, feels strongly 
about the modern role of nurses. 
"In these challenging times in the 
health field, I feel it is imperative 
that we become the best nurses 
we can be. My experience at SJC 
has helped me to integrate and 
_ deal with the ethical and moral 

issues that need to be addressed by the nurse in 

today's world." 

A staff nurse at Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn, 

Diane is enrolled in Columbia University's School of 

Nursing, and hopes to finish in the Summer of 1997. 

She lives in Marine Park with her son, David, and 

daughter, Rosemarie. 

But not all graduates remain in the New York area. 
Cathleen McCabe Hohner, a 1985 Suffolk GS gradu- 
ate, has moved on to make her mark in South 
Carolina. Living with her husband, Jeffrey, and two 
young daughters, Marissa and Katya, Cathleen was 
recently named Assistant Dean of Undergraduate 
Education at the Charlotte campus of Pfieffer i 

College. Ms. Hohner's responsibilities include being 
the chief aciministrator of the undergraduate pro- 
grams offered at Pfieffer , as well as serving on the 
faculty in the undergraduate health care management 
program and as an admissions counselor. 

Ms. Hohner graduated as salutatorian with a 
degree in health administration, and has certification 
in management, leadership, and resource manage- 
ment, and nursing management. In addition to her 
job at Pfieffer, Cathleen is also a certified lactation 
consultant, and helps promote breast-feeding. 

From the College of Arts 
and Sciences, three recent 
graduates stand out because 
of their accomplishnients. Dr. 
Zakirul Sabry, from the class 
of 1989, is in the second year 
of his internship /residency in 
surgery at St. Vincent's 
Hospital. "Zaki" as he was 
affectionately known to his 
classmates, is originally from Bangladesh. At SJC, he 
was known for his ability to communicate effectively 
and respond to each new experience with integrity 
and balance. 

As an undergraduate, Zaki gained personal 
experience in the medical field through volunteer 
work in the emergency room at Maimonides 
Hospital. His leadership ability was evident in the 
fact that he was elected president of the Science Club; 
he organized the annual blood drive as well as field 
trips to places of scientific interest. Senior thesis 
research in biochemistry at City College of New York 
provicied Zaki with a valuable opportunity to broad- 
en his scientific abilities and successfully complete 
the baccalaureate degree in chemistry. 

After two years at St. George's University School 
of Medicine in Grenada, Zaki transferred to the New 
York Medical College at Valhalla; he earned his 
degree in June, 1993. Although it takes years to 
become a qualified surgeon. Dr. Zakirul Sabry has the 
motivation and strength to meet this challenge with 
equanimity and enthusiasm. 

Dr. Lisa Kump, also a 
graduate of 89, is currently 
at New York Hospital, 
Cornell Medical Center, 
where she is in the second 
year of internship /residency 
in Obstetrics/Gynecology. 
Lisa, a Presidential 

Scholarship student at SJC, 
is an outstanding model for 
those who must combine a 

busy professional schedule with a number of other 

At SJC, Lisa combined a major in chemistry with 
involvement in a number of activities which indicate 
her versatility and dedication to the service of others. 
She spent many hours tutoring her peers and also 
served the science faculty as a laboratory assistant in 
college courses as well as in a Saturday program for 
secondary students. 

Lisa was accepted into the Health Science 
Center of the State University in Brooklyn (formerly 
Downstate Medical College). Before her graduation 
in June, 1993, Dr. Kump earned honors in obstet- 
rics/gynecology and was accepted into this area of 
medicine at New York Hospital. Lisa returns to St. 
Joseph's College at times when she can be of assis- 
tance to undergraduates who are inspired to pursue 
careers in medicine. 

Dr. Joseph Portoreiko, class of 89, is currently 
pursuing a rotating internship in Osteopathic 
Medicine at Brookdale Hospital Medical Center. 

He combined the chal- 
lenges of a baccaluareate 
degree in chemistry with 
his extensive experience in 
the Ridgewood Volunteer 
.Ambulance Corps. 

A summer research fel- 
lowship at the Lovelace 
Biomedical and 

Environmental Research 
Institute in Albuquerque, 
New Mexico, provided Joe 
with the basis for a note- 
worthy senior thesis in biochemistry. His outstand- 
ing record during his first year at the New York 
College of Osteopathic Medicine resulted in a fellow- 
ship award covering the remainder of his medical 



The Suffolk Chapter of the St. Joseph's College 
Alumni Association needs volunteers to serve 
on the WALKATHON steering committee. If 
interested, phone the Alumni Office at 


St. Joseph School, Bathgate Avenue, is search- 
ing for graduates from the parishelementary 
school for a reunion on June 17, 1995. Call 
(718) 583-9432 or fax (718) 299-0780. 




The College has established the 
Aquinas Society in recognition of 
alumni who have indicated they 
have made provision for SJC 
through planned giving vehicles. 
Anyone who notifies St. Joseph's 
College that they have included the 
College as a beneficiary in their 
will, annuity contract, charitable 
remainder trust, insurance policy, 
or other form of estate planning 
will become a member of the 
Aquinas Society. Members will 
receive a certificate in recognition 
of their generosity and will be 
invited to an annual reception in 
their honor. In addition, their 
names will be listed annually in the 
President's Report. 

It was not difficult to determine 
a name for this prestigious group of 
donors. The Aquinas Society 
brings to mind St. Thomas 
Aquinas, a scholar known for acad- 
emic excellence and the pursuit of 
truth. ..qualities we at the College 
hold very dear. Also, the name 
honors S. George Aquin, President 
of SJC, whose dynamic leadership 
has brought the College to this high 
point in its history and whose 
vision will ensure its pre-eminence 
far into the future. 

An ad hoc committee of the 
Board of Trustees is currently 
working with financial advisors in 
preparing a wide array of plans and 
programs in planned giving which 
will be announced in 245/255, 
Aliimnagram. and other mailings. 
Watch for information on how to 
preserve assets, increase income, 
lower taxes, and thus provide finan- 
cial benefits to you, your heirs and 
the College as we all plan for the 


—^ s you develop your estate plan, 
your will may become the center- 
piece of your loving remem- 
brance of family needs and chari- 
table intent. 

A bequest to St. Joseph's 
College is a tangible expression 
of your dedication to the intellec- 
tual and spiritual values inherent 
in our educational tradition. 

Please notify us if you have included 
St. Joseph's College in your estate 
planning. a beneficiary in your 
will, annuity contract, charitable trust, 
or any other planned giving vehicle. 

You will become a inember of the 
newly-formed Aquinas Society and 
receive a beautiful certificate express- 
ing appreciation for your generosity. 


President, Emily O'Mara, Vice President, Rutii Lavin, 
Secretary, Agnes Corry, Treasurer, Rita McCaffrey. Miss 
Mildred Calhoun died May 24, 1925. To win hionestly, gener- 
ously and sympathetically was her motto in victory; to lose 
humbly and laughingly, her balm in defeat. The Spring Dance 
was held in the Marie Antoinette Ballroom of the Park Lane on 
April 29th. Agnes Corry, The Student Princess. Muriel Mc 
Carthy, Miss Dimples. Cecilia McLoughlin, The Actress. 
Beatrice Rick, The Class Cook. 


38 members of the class of 1930 were asked questions; What 
is your favorite sport? Swimming received a big vote of 20. 
Tennis came next with 7. Ice hockey and football had an 
admirer each. What is your favorite magazine? The Saturday 
Evening Post gets it with eight. The Mew Yorker comes next 
with 7. Cosmopolitan has 5. Helen Bradley's faithful four years 
as a member of both the Glee Club and the Serenaders testify 
that music is her hobby. Marguerite Doyle was the president 
of the class for two years, and a member of the G.A. Council. 


St. Joseph's awards scholarships to four students; Anna 
Walsh, Katherine Shea, Ellen O'Toole and Angeline Leibinger. 
Senior Class Poll, Most Tactful, Elizabeth Zangle, Elizabeth 
Devlin. Most Successful Socially, Elizabeth Devlin. Worked 
Hardest for College, Cecilia Finn. Most Feminine, Mary 
Elizabeth McLoughlin and Marie Cooke. Best All Around 
Helen Brown 
and Ethel 

Helen Browne. 
Twins graduat- 
e d ; M a r y 
Elizabeth and 

Jane Mary McLoughlin. 1935 was a successful season in ath- 
letics. Among the outstanding performers were Annette 
Robinson '37, captain of the field hockey and tennis teams; 
Catherine Humann '36, president of the Athletic Association; 
and Edythe Bruce '37, manager and high scorer of the rifle 


Scholarship winner was Ellen Toner '43 . Two new faculty 
members were added; Miss Eileen MacCarthy to the Speech 
Dept. and Miss Winifred Williams to teach Physical Ed. "The 
Cradle Song" was performed on Dec. 16, 1939, Helen 
Rochford as Don Jose had the lead. Supporting her was Mary 
Donovan as S. Joanna of the Cross. The first Alumnae 
Undergraduate Day was held on Apr. 7, 1940. On Apr. 12th 
the Glee Club gave its spring concert with two sisters in it; Ruth 
and Grace Sluiter. Senior Class Poll, Prettiest, Anastasia 
Linardos. Worked Hardest, Anita Lopez. Most Independent, 
Mary Brady. Most Witty, Florence Kirvin. Best Athlete, Anne 
Hyland. Most Tactful, Evelyn Winter. Most Feminine, Regina 
Thompson. Best Dressed, Doris Whelan. Class Glamour Girl, 

Athletic Association 

Lrene Eichhorn. Class Actress, Helen Rochford. Class 
Philosopher, Ruth Drucker. Most Charming, Marion Noel. 
Shyest, Kathleen Mulligan and Eileen Allen. Class Enfant, 
Teresa lacobellis. 


Mass for the deceased members of our Alumnae was celebrat- 
ed by Msgr. Dillon, in the College Chapel, on Election Day, 

die Song" 

Mov. 7th. On March 23 and 24 the Rev. John P. Delaney, SJ 
gave the annual retreat to the members of the Alumnae, 65 
attended. The Alumnae received their Annual Corporate 
Communion on Palm Sunday at a Mass offered by Fr. Dillon. 
Bishop Thomas E. Molloy, Pres. of the Bd. of Trustees, 
received a Silver Jubilee Fund of $25,000 from Mary St. John 
Murphy'24 on behalf of the Alumnae Assn. at 


Senior Ball held in the Palm Terrace and Henry Hudson Room 
of the Hotel Roosevelt, Manhattan. Mary Louise Conlon, a 
member of the dance committee, wore a brilliant scarlet taffe- 
ta gown, strapless with a large single bow on the bodice front. 
It was a special day for Lorraine Leverone, who announced her 
engagement to Anthony Giordano. Winners of full tuition four- 
year scholarships are Jeanne Mooney and Joan Sokolowski. 


The second annual reception for incoming freshmen and their 
families was held on Aug. 21st. Scholarship students were 
Barbara Jones and Mary O'lNeill. Three hundred students com- 
pleted their annual Holy Week Retreat. A Christmas Party was 
held for physically handicapped men, women and children, the 
party was sponsored by the Jeanne Valois Guild. 


Sally McGovern was chosen by Gov. Rockefeller as one of the 
states representatives at the White House Conference on 
Children and Youth. S. Regina Cecilia died on Feb. 9th after 35 
years in the religious life. Scholarship winners were Mary 
Morberini, Geraldine Thompson, and Margaret Penney. 
Florence McArdle was named a winner of a Woodrow Wilson 
Fellowship of $1,500 and all expenses for a years' graduate 
work at Columbia Gniv. Mary Fitzgerald is engaged to Charles 
Cain. Jean Schutter won 4 fellowships to graduate school. S. 
Mary Corde has received a grant from the National Science 
Foundation for summer study. Elizabeth Trust won 4 fellow- 
ships for graduate study in psychology. 

College becomes co-ed "to serve the needs of today's youth" 


St. Joseph's libraiy was opened in Feb. New faculty members were 
added; Judith Alver, Charles Maloney, John Drum and Elizabeth 
Balfour. The Thirteenth Annual Novice Debate Tournament took 
place at Fordham University on Feb. 22nd and St. Joseph's team 
took home the trophy. The National Woodrow Wilson Fellowships 
awards Kathleen Nocella an honorable mention in the field of 
physics. The first coed summer school session was held. 


The March 

brought in 

$16,000. Sister 
George Aquin 
announced the 
decision to 

accept both 

male and 

female students. 
won its second 
First Place 

Award from the 
Scholastic Press Association. The varsity basketball team conclud- 
ed its first winning season in three years, by beating St. John's 
University. Advanced Study Awards to Undergraduates were pre- 
sented to Anne Bochnar and Laura Pashko, Class of '72. Robert 
Thoelen, Pres. of the Parents' Club, presented Sister George Aquin 
with a check for $750. Dr. John McCabe, the College physician, 
died on Jan 28th. Jane Free married William Caputo. There was a 
downpour at Graduation. 


Sister Mary Natalie, Academic Dean and former member of the 
English Dept, celebrated her 99th birthday in the Maria Regina 
Convent in Brentwood. Edward Piller received admission to 
Creighton University Medical School and Columbia University 
College of Physicians and Surgeons. Richard Vogel was awarded a 
university scholarship to the Graduate Dept. of NYU and graduate 
assistantship, Dept. of English, Western lllinios University. Jo-Ann 
Maggio was awarded Graduate Assistantship in the Dept. of 
Curriculum and Teaching at St. John's University. Sister 
Joanmarie Smith, PhD., Ass't Professor of Philosophy, is selected 
for inclusion in the National Award Volume, Outstanding Educators 
of America. 


Sister Manuella, who served the College from 1925 to 1935, died in 
Feb. Claire Arnold Ficarra '51, Pres. of the Alumni Ass'n, died in 
March. Brigitte Doyle, Theodore Ericson, Ronna Feit, Joseph 
Gregg, Maureen Fleming, Patrick McCue, Michael McGrann, 
Christine Munnelly, Mary Anne O'Callaghan, Deborah Pafundi, 
Carol Saluga and Mary White are among the students in Who's 
Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. 
Ronna Feit, Spanish major, was awarded a teaching fellowship 
from the University of Pennsylvania and the prestigious Andelot 
Fellowship from the University of Delaware. Mary Anne 
O'Callaghan, history major, is the Valedictorian. 


The March phonathon brought in $34,900. Ethel Bradley, who 
served the College efficiently and graciously, died in Sept. The 2nd 

Fun Run 
Annual Dinner Dance was held on Oct. 12th at the Colonie Hill in 
Hauppauge; it brought in $126,234 for College scholarships and 
building funds. A 3.1 mile "Fun Run" at the Brooklyn Campus, was 
held on Oct. 21st. The students raised over $500 to benefit the 
American Cancer Society. The College celebrates its 50th 
Anniversary of the Dillon Center, long renowned as a pioneer in the 
field of early childhood education, on October 28th. 


S. Grace Edna Rowland, Dir. of the Clare Rose Playhouse and 
Laura LoManto '86S, from the office of College Relations and 
Development, met Pope John Paul 11 in Vatican City, during a trip 
to Italy. The Seventh Annual Dinner Dance was held on Oct. 13th, 
with almost $250,000 raised on behalf of SJC's New Horizons 
Campaign. Janice McDonald '91 was awarded the Empire State 
Challenger Scholarship. Who's Who Among Students in American 
Universities and Colleges included; Susan Varano, William Turner, 
Adele Schroeter, Elizabeth Rollo, Louis Perfetto, Jean Lawrence, 
Paola Giardino, Kathleen Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Audouin. Three 
St. Joseph's College faculty members received well deserved trib- 
utes for their 25 years: Josephine Belloso, Carol Hayes, and S. 
Myra Paul Mansfield. SJC mourned the passing of two long-time 
faculty members: Mary A. Shea, Professor Emeritus of Speech, 
died after an illness of several months; S. Marie Clotilde Falvey, 
CSJ, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, died on May 23 at Maria 
Regina Convent in Brentwood. 







NY 11772-2399. 


Tom MacVenn 

About a year ago, my 
brother Ted invited 
me to join him and 
his family on a trip to 
Lunevilie, France. The occasion 
was a reunion of the 324th 
Fighter Group to commemorate 
the French Liberation. I invited 
Claire MacVenn Dillon '51 to 

join us. Her brother Tom, who 
had been killed in France during 
the war, had been buried in 
E'pinal for four years before 
being returned to the United 
States. Claire always wanted to 
know where Tom had died. 

On March 3rd of this year my 
brother passed away. 1 was now 
totally determined to return to 
France for him and to attend his 
reunion. Claire and I began a 
journey for our brothers; for the 
one who returned from the war 
to enjoy a full and happy life and 
for the one who died in France at 
the age of nineteen. 

The French people showed 
their appreciation to their libera- 
tors with moving celebrations 
and ceremonies. For me, it was 
a touching recall of names and 
places that Ted wrote about in 
his letters and reminisced about 
after his return. For Claire, the 

First Annual 
Alumni Golf Tournament 


Please call the Alumni Office 

On Wednesday, June 28th at 
9 am the alumni will hold 
their first annual golf 
tournament at the Breezy 
Point Golf Course in Riis 
Park, Queens. This is a par 
3 course. Serious and 
recreational golfers are 
welcome. Prizes and gifts 
will be awarded at a 
luncheon following the tour- 
nament. The entrance fee is 
$65.00. This includes golf 
and lunch. Alumni and their 
guests are welcome. 

to reserve your tee time. 


goal was E'pinal. Upon arrival 
and after investigation, we 
learned that Tom was killed on 
the battlefield in Moselle Valley, 
with the 7th Army. Tom died 
only an hour away from where 

Theodore S. Kozlowski 

my brother Ted was operating 
with the "324th". 

Claire and 1 know each other 
for forty years. We shared col- 
lege, our professions, births of 
children and grandchildren. ..and 
now this. The trip to France was 
a unique experience for both of 
us. Claire now knows where 
Tom died. There is finally a clo- 
sure of her loss. 

For me, 1 fulfilled Ted's dream 
and had the opportunity to see a 
memorial to my brother in the 
church of St. Jacques in 
Lunevilie. it reads, "Theodore S. 
Kozlowski, who loved God, his 
country, his family and his bud- 
dies of the '324th'." 

Ceraldine Kozlowski Tepper '50 




Mildred Hayes Donohue '24 

Margaret Roche Moore '25 

Marita Rockefeller Ryan '26 

Josephine Coddington Hamilton '30 

Kathryn Frey Lynch '32 

Elizabeth Gegan Mattes '33 

Mary Harron Hupczyc '34 

Corinne Kast Cumming '35 

Mary Lavery '35 

Catherine Farley '36 

Dorothea Sonimer '36 

Helen Dolan '38 

Margaret Fallon Connell '41 

Marie McCarthy Gallagher '42 

Jeanne Gastaldi Benenati '43 

Dolores Murray Clements '45 

Angela Shillilani McGrath '50 

Patricia Clancy Walsh '50 

Angela Battista Anastasio '61 

Claire Kincaid '77S 

Beatrice Moore '77 

Perry Williams Nash '89GS 


Mildred Hayes Donohue '24 

Marita Rockefeller Ryan '26 

Josephine Filzsimmons Faulkner '36 

Mary Urquhart Toomey '36 

Gertrude Neufeld Walsh '37 

Evelyn Winter Sexton '40 

Frances McDonnell Doyer '41 

Joan Ghegan Moran '41 

Peggy McDerby Shea '41 

Grace Daniels Carlough '42 

Anne Glover Chao '44 

Dolores Murray Clements '45 

Virginia Hughes Sweeney '45 

Rosemary Marron Balaguer '53 

Eileen Boyle •79GS 


Jennie Corsaro Venezia '53 

Marge Fitzgerald Mihalo '63 

Mary Acemo Bostwick '75 

Maryteresa McKenna '78S 


Nancy Welker Frenze '51 

Eileen McGuire Esposito "56 

Kerry Sullivan Courtois '57 

Lee Patrizio Galasso '61 

Joan Corcoran Fordham '62 

Carol Fitzsimmons Hogan '70 


Margaret Kenny '32 


Mary Rita Roche O'Brien '45 

Betty Manning '49 

Margaret Cooney Darraugh '57 


Jeanne Bove Kabberl '52 


Adele Mulligan Seymour '41 


Alice Canevari Foppiani '42 


John Seekamp 

Rev. Msgr. Francis X. FitzGibbon 


'57 Joan Seibert Sprague to Frank Smalto 
'78 Frances Murray to Robert Daly 
'85 Frank Cerasoli to Claire Fitzpatrick 
'88 Eileen Slavin to Michael McElroy 
'9 IS Kenneth Sisco to Lisa Todarello 
'92 Kristine Kresse to Jim Bantis 
'92S Justine Guggino to Adam Buonovolonta 
'92S Kathleen M. Powers to Joseph P. 

Vermaelen '89S 
'93 Adrea Foust to John J. Fitzgerald '93 
'93S Anna Stallone to Joseph Grippi '93S 


'36 Gilda Tedesco to John J. Martin 

'81 Cathryn Huffman to Russel Scheier 

'89 Karen McCormack to Gregory 


'89S Lisa Von Brook to Jeff Fields 

'90 Christopher Crisona to Patricia Curley 

'90 Stephanie Spataro to Ted Campanello 

'9 IS Daniella Najdek to Richard Hanel 

•92S Denise Wilson to William O'Brien 

'94 Jill Brody to Andres Delgado 

'94 Michelle Jordan to Tyrone Brooks 

'94S Amy Purzner to Anthony Capobianco 


'73 Caroline to Kathy Maguire McQuade 
'76S Jill to Jan Sirianni Hamill 
'77 Alexandre to Kathleen Dowd Ciric 
'78 Joseph Matthew to Steven Chapman 
'81 Eamonn James to Melissa Merchese 

'83 Christopher Anthony to Joseph Argento 
'83S Alexander Ronald to Cathryn 

Landsiedel Schuster 
'86S Kaitlynn Marie and Ashlee Nicole to 

Diane McKenna Ayers 
'87 Matthew Xavier to William and Theresa 

Mascaro Trinkle '88 
'88 Brian Robert to Michael and Maureen 

Sullivan Radday '91 
'89S Kristina to Karin Gambaro Higgins 
'90GS Joseph to Lucia Andriani Balzamo 
'94GS Cory to Scott Bumette 
'42 Dr. Ursula Gerty was awarded an MA 
in Theology at the Seminary of the 
Immaculate Conception. 12/92 
'51 Vilma Sauss Campbell was awarded the 
Commander's Medal for Civil Service to the 
U.S. Army and Department of Defense, 
Certificate of Achievement from 
Congresswoman Susan Molinari and a letter of 
appreciation from Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. 
'51 Jean Vallone Gagliardo was appointed 
Chairperson of Education for the New York 
State Order of the Sons of Italy. 

'53 Patricia Sauter Rechner was presented 
with the Outstanding Teacher Award by 
Manor Oaks Principal Kathleen Dyckes. 
'56 Sister Miriam Lucille (Lucille Montella) 
was appointed General Secretary of the 
Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph's by 
Bishop McGann. 

'57 Brenda Johnston received a Certificate 
of Recognition for Outstanding Teaching from 
the Governor's Teacher Recognition Program 
of the New Jersey State Department of 

'58 Beatrice Basili Maggio was appointed 
by New Jersey Governor Christine Todd 
Whitman to the New Jersey Advisory Council 
on Juvenile Justice and to serve on a council to 
form policies and procedures to implement 
"Megan's Law", dealing with community noti- 
fication of the release of sex offenders. 
'67 Joyce Marchetta Bisso was appointed to 
the position of Assistant Principal at George 
W. Hewlett High School. 
'70 Mary Mone Dorney was named 
"Teacher of the Year" representing Brooklyn 
High School Superintendency. 
'70 Jane McGlinchey Malin was awarded a 
masters degree in education from 
Manhattanville College. 
'72 Pat Faint won the NYNEX Chairman's 
Club award in 1993 and 1994. 
'72 Loraine Mazzella-Maiolo was invested 
as Lady of the Order of the Holy Seplechre of 

'73 Sigrid Brandt Frawley was elected Vice 
President of Tenafly Education Association. 
'80 Helen Minieri Stacy was promoted to 
Vice President of Prudential Securities and 
Assistant Manager of the Southampton Office. 
'82 Annemarie Joachim Rosch was awarded 
a masters degree in communication arts from 
New York Institute of Technology. 12/94 
'85 Sylvia Diaz has been appointed Director 
of Minority Affairs by Suffolk County 
Executive Robert Gaffney. 
'89GS Barbara C. Meagher graduated NYU 
with a masters degree in public health. 5/94 
'89 Ellen Wageman received an MA in 
psychology from Brooklyn College. 
'90 Stephanie Spataro Campanello received 
a professional diploma in administration and 
supervision from St. John's University. 5/94 
'90 Carol Lonergan-Farrell received a mas- 
ters in science in health administration from 
Central Michigan University in 1993. 
'90S Debra Mazzarelli was elected to the 
New York State Senate, Third Assembly 

'91 Maria Lipschutz graduated Queens 
College with a masters degree in elementary 
education. 2/94 

'92 Maria Ortiz Myers has been promoted 
to Process Supervisor, in the Oral Products 
Manufacturing Department at Pfizer Inc. 
'93 Adrea Foust passed her CPA exam. 

ml in VX^mew 

Port Washington Reception - September 14, 1994 

Alumni Day - October 2, 1994 

Phonathon - October, 1994 

Alumni from the 80's enjoy Brunch dunng Alumni Day. 

Westchester Reception - November 14, 1994 

Elizabeth Trust Conlon '60, Frances 
Young McCarthy '37. Miriam Kelly 
Chaplin '45 

Mary Brennan Mulvihill '64 and 
Sr. George 

Fall Luncheon - October 29, 1994 

Class of 70 gathered at the Fall Luncheon to begin preparation 
for their 25th reunion. 

Homecoming '94 - Patchogue 

Left to right; Peter David, Walter Koenig, Jo-Ann During 
Patchogue Alumni Office and Dr, Frank Favazza '87 




About ten years ago, after a long and 
proud history, St. Joseph's College 
women's basketball team ceased to 
exist. Gradually, interest had diminished 
until it was too difficult to field a team. 

In keeping with the College's strong 
commitment to athletic programs, major ren- 
ovation of the Brooklyn athletic facilities has 
just been completed. The men's and wom- 
en's locker rooms have been refurbished 
and a new gym floor has been installed... 
exercise equipment has been brought into 
the locker room and new equipment has 
been added. The facilities are ready for 
action. ..and the women are ready to play. 

Recently, a determined group of young 
women went to the administration and 
convinced them to bring back the women's 
basketball program. We applaud this effort 
to bring back the women's team and we 
wish them every success. 

Thomas Flahive has been named as the 
women's coach. A 1975 graduate of the 
College, he was captain of the first men's 
basketball team. His wife, Virginia 
McCullough Flahive, together with her two 
sisters, Betty McCullough '74, and Eileen 
McCullough Wihiborg '77, played on SJC 
teams in the '70s. Our '95 team is playing a 
13 game schedule with teams such as 
College of New Rochelle, SUNY, Old 
Westbury, Yeshiva and Stevens Institute of 
Technology. We invite you to watch our new 
team in action at Bishop McLoughlin High 
School on February 4, 1995, at 1:00 pm, 
where they will take on Stevens Tech. For 
further information, call (718) 636-6800. 

We made every effort to list the names of 
all our SJC Varsity captains. Please let us 
hear from you if you can help us complete 
our list. 

1 994 Women's Basketball Team (Photo counesy ot The Tablet) 

As part of the St. Joseph's College 

experience since the early 1920' s, 

women's basketball had contributed 

much to the wholeness of SJC students 

and alumni. 

For Your Information 

1922-23 - Bishop Molloy obtained a conveniently located 
gym and basketball court for SJC. 

1939 ■ St. Joseph's defeated Manhattanville 
for the first time in 13 years. 

1947 ■ Varsity played 8 games ■ 
had one of its most successful seasons. 

1963- 1966 ■ St. Joseph's College record was 
33 wins and 2 losses. 

1921-22 Women's Varsity 

Mary Ann Weindler Horan '62 

1931 Squad Takes The Court 




Florence Newman 
Margaret Lennon 
Margaret Lennon 
Alice McGrane 
Rita McCaffrey 
Kathiryn T. Kilgallen & 
Mary J. Lyncfi 

Mary J. Kane 
Margaret K. Wilson 
Margaret. Cosgrove 
Laura Brennan 
Grace Reilly 


Grace Reilly 
Geraldine Cougfilin 
Margaret Callahan 
Peggy Englisfi 
Peggy Englisfi 
Arleen Andersen 
Anne Hyland 
Anne Hyland 
Immaculata Waters 
Immaculata Waters 
Mary Bennett 
Alice Fitzgerald 
Rita Gilligan & 
Mary Whalen 

1941 Women's Team 



Rita Gilligan 
Regina Hugfies 
Regina Hugfies 
Marguerite Fenton 
Helen Connell 
Jane Galla 
Joan Walsh 
Ann Hunter 
Loretta Crockett 
Marita Ryan 

Peggy Ansbro & 
Ruth Grennen 
J. Roller 
Ceilia Baumann 
Ellen Smith 

Christine Connolly 
Kathleen Carbery 

Patricia Power 


Mary Ellen Gallagher 
Johanna Silva 

Georgjene Spellman 
Marilyn Jaeckel 
Laurian Barth 



Eva Flinn wrote to say, " a million thanks lor 
the latest Alumnagram and for all the news 
about the tenth memorial of my beloved broth- 
er, Msgr. Flinn. I am so grateful to God for all 
His blessings as 1 am for all that was done for 
me at SJC. Be assured I remember all in 
prayer. In the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, 
Gratefully, S. Mary Francis Flinn RGS " 21." 


Mildred Hayes Dunahue passed away in 
December and her husband Vincent died in 
June. Fr. Al Smith, M.M. said a mass for them 
in California. Regina Munz Meyer's grand- 
daughter was married. Alice McGrane Feeley 
has moved to Croton on the Hudson. Rita 
Fearon Bryan wrote from Florida that she now 
has 23 grandchildren and 32 great grandchil- 
dren. Teresa Dolan Janton has been our class 
agent, but has been ill and is staying with her 
daughter. Mary St. John Murphy and Angcjia 
Donaldson are the only two from their class 
still living in Brooklyn. 

Teresa Dolan Janton. 9 Ace Road Box 101, 
Butler, NJ 07405 20 1 -283- 1 206 
Mary St. John Murphy 3395 Nostrand 
Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11229 718-891-0461 

1925 70th Anniversary Class 

Grace O'Brien Martin, 39 Grove Street, 

Hillsdale, NJ 07642 201-666-4025 


Eleanor Dolan Reardon enjoyed a surprise 
90th birthday party given by her daughter Joan 
Dillon '56 at the Water Club. It is with sad- 
ness that we report to you the death of your 
class agent, Marita Rockefeller Ryan on 
November 26th. 


Katherine Norinile Mylod's grandchild is get- 
ting married in Concord, NH. Katherine has 
departed from Brooklyn and has joined us 
Jersey-ites. Her granddaughter. Colleen Culver 
is studying in London. Alice Gallagher 
promises to meet us at the Spring Luncheon. 
Two more McLoughlin great grandchildren 
have arrived bringing the count to 8. Please 
send some news for our next issue. Blessings! 
Margaret Normile McLoughlin, 201 Webb 
Avenue, River Edge, NJ 0766 1 20 1 -26 1 -2942 


Only one "volunteer" for our new alumnae 
activities, Agnes Kelly Bryan, has come forth, 
she will be our Class President. Jeannelte 
Farrell Aniery will continue as class agent. 
Elinor Woods Paul recently retired to a 
Nursing Home. She may be contacted through 
her daughter Bemadette Gardella. Mary Kelly 
Hoermann has recovered from her accident. 
Dorothy Hand is still assisting her usual 

church and community projects. Emma 
Bergen is still living in Florida. Agnes 
Comerford, Genie Cormier Ahders, Mary 
Manning Doherty and Helen Callahan Brink 
are happy in their Senior Citizen Homes. Mary 
Murray Kelly and Theresa DeVoe Creem are 
still in their own homes with round the clock 
care. The others ? Please let us hear from you. 
Bless you all. 

Jeannetle Farrell Amery, 1 Prospect Park SW 
Apt 4E, Brooklyn, NY 1 1 2 1 5 71 8-499-5262 
Agnes Kelly Bryan, 38 Michigan Drive, 
Matawan, NJ 07747 908-566-1 103 

1929 Marie Keegan, 109 Irving Avenue, 
FloralPark. NY 11001 516-354-2182 

1930 65th Anniversary Class 

No Class Agent 


Eleanor McLoughlin spent the summer at her 

family home in Beckel, MA, with visiting 

nieces and nephews and their young families 

who enjoy swimming and boating in the nearby 


Janet Prendergast Vickrey, 334 82nd Street, 

Brooklyn, NY 1 1209 718-836-0855 

Marie O'Connor, Applewood Estates, 1705 

Applewood Drive, Freehold, NJ 07728 



"We knew we were in the presence of a saint." 
Those are the words of Sister Alice of Rosary 
Hill, Hawthorne, in describing the scene of 
Kathryn Fry Lynch's last moments as the sis- 
ters and clergy prayed at her bedside. Kay died 
on August 23rd and was buried from Our Lady 
of Angels, in Bay Ridge. Fr. Calder celebrated 
the Mass. My son, Fr. Keith Fennessy, was 
honored to be a concelebrant at the Mass. 
Mary Whelan Phelan. her husband Buddy 
and I attended. A beautiful party for the 
Golden Alumni on September 18th was attend- 
ed by Marie Furey Boyce, Anne McCormack 
Fennessy and Mary Whelan Phelan. Having 
students as hosts and hostesses made the event 
so gracious and enjoyable. It was a pleasure to 
see Genevieve Archipoli Kelly, Zita Hawkins 
Stoddard and Margaret Reilly Parker. We 
were delighted to be invited by Helen 
Caughlan to her beautiful home on September 
21st for a Mass in memory of our deceased 
members. The Mass was celebrated by Helen's 
son Fr. John Worthley. Those of '32 who 
attended were: Claire Smith, Gertrude Unser, 
Mary Whelan Phelan and Anne McCormack 
Fennessy. Special guests, also St. Joseph's 
Alumnae, Marguerite Doyle Ticho '30, 
Margaret Ferry Healy '31, Mary Elizabeth 
McLoughlin Farrell '35 and Marjorie Parker 
Smith '37. We are much indebted to Mary 
Elizabeth for her many years of devotion and 
service as Director of Alumni Relations. We 
also thank Marjorie Parker Smith for that 

beautiful profile of Irene Parker Parks, her 
sister. We thank Margaret Kenny for her 
unconditional love and generosity. Marge has 
had a long tedious health problem but is now 
looking forward to a positive conclusion. We 
send her our heartfelt sympathy on the death of 
her sister. Rose Ann McElivain. Frances 
Diekert Rebele has had a bad year healthwise. 
Margaret Lenhy Hinchey wrote her regrets: 
"The trip is long, my car is old, and so am I". 
Gladys Worthley was hoping to come up from 
Maryland to be present at her nephew's Mass 
but the venture was complicated. Another loyal 
attendant, Mary White Kearney, was unable 
to join us because of the illness of her husband 
John. We missed Mildred Hines Ryan who 
was unable to come. In a telephone call 
Christine Barton explained that it is difficult 
for her to get out much. She spoke of her 
enduring friendship with Madeline Kendall 
Friel. Madeline said she would attend Mass on 
September 21st and would remember all our 
deceased members. She particularly mentioned 
Kay Frey Lynch. Madeline's son Michael is 
Associate Dean of the University of Florida at 
Gainesville and directs the Master's Program in 
Taxation Law. Her grandson, 1 1 year old 
Jonathan, had a part in a local production of 
"The Sound of Music". But, most gratifying to 
Madeline was the awarding of two scholarships 
in her late husband's memory at Western 
Connecticut State University. John Friel was 
deeply involved in education and assistance 
with scholarship. His many friends resolved to 
honor him with these scholarships. We were 
glad to hear that Kathlyn Ansbro Wurts has 
regained her strength after serious heart 
surgery. She and her husband Ed are planning 
a trip to California to spend Christmas with 
their family. On a cheerful note, we still have a 
world traveler in our midst: Gertrude Unser is 
in Europe on an opera tour. The Fall Luncheon 
at the Hudson River Club on October 29th was 
a gala. 

Anne McCormack Fennessy, 2 Horatio Street, 
New York, NY 10014 212-691-8484 


The group had its semi-annual luncheon at La 
Grange on October 17th. Rita Bopp 
Mahoney's grandson graduated from Mt. St. 
Mary's Emmitsburg and her granddaughter has 
been accepted in the Honors Program at the 
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 
Elizabeth Schaefer Dalton announced her 
granddaughter Mary's engagement. Elizabeth is 
an extra-ordinary minister. Bobbie Owens 
Miller is still singing and dancing in reviews 
and active in the Catholic Daughters. She is 
enjoying the spacious addition to her son's 
home and the pleasure of watching his little 
ones mature. Evelyn Harris Martin's daugh- 
ter. Dr. Evelyn Martin '66, shepherded her to 
the luncheon and we had the pleasure of renew- 
ing her acquaintance. Joe Ford Scanlan joy- 
fully announced her grandson had just entered 

the University of West Virginia. She is expect- 
ing to move to Pennsylvania soon. Geraldine 
Young Murphy is awaiting the addition of two 
new members to her clan. Irene Costarino 
Sarro, Rose Brown Clarke, G. Y. Murphy 
and 1 were the only representatives of our class 
at the Seniors reception. I would appreciate it if 
the members of '33 would update addresses and 
let us know how they are persevering. 
Rita Pollock Murphy, 72 East Cypress Lane, 
Weslbury, NY 11590 516-334-5314 


The class of '34 can be proud of its contribution 
to the traditional class gift from the jubilee 
class. One of the alumni, in addition, to her 
own personal gift, gave a donation in memory 
of Dorothy Dempsey Savarese and a second in 
honor of Sister M. Doniitilla. To our disap- 
pointment, none of the nuns who had been our 
classmates were at the 60th jubilee luncheon: 
Sr. Rita Doherty is ill at Maryknoll Residential 
Community. Sr. M. Doniitilla (Mary Dirig ) 
writes from her Benedictine Convent in St. 
Louis of the joy her vocation has brought her: 
spending hours of adoration before the Blessed 
Sacrament. Vivienne Kelly Devlin ran into 
"Mickey" Kiernan in Smyrna Beach, FL. She 
spent last Christmas in Madrid where her son- 
in-law married to her youngest daughter is post- 
ed. Her oldest daughter is married to a profes- 
sor at St. Joseph's College in Patchogue. Her 
oldest son-in-law (a retired Army officer) has 
been in New Guinea on assignment for the State 
Department. Her oldest grandson is a freshman 
at the University of Delaware and her youngest 
grandchild is about a year old. Another grand- 
child was expected in September, bringing the 
total to nine. Margaret Langdon McDermott 
lives in Garden City and celebrated her 80th 
birthday last year with a trip to England on the 
QE 2. She spends time visiting her daughters 
and her three grandchildren ages six to ten in 
New York City, Delaware, and NJ. Muriel 
Hottenroth Magenheinier still lives in Glen 
Cove. Christine Kavanagh Daly's daughter 
Anne has three children. James at Dartmouth, 
Amy at Georgetown, and Daniel in eighth 
grade. Daughter Patricia is Creative Service 
Manager for ABA. Dolores Ansbro 
Gerathy's son, a Colorado dentist, is getting 
married. Agnes Brown Drummond is now 
living in an adult care residence in Catonsville, 
MD. Her five children are all doing well: a 
Vice Principal at St. Mary's Manhasset; a 
chairman of the philosophy department at Mt. 
St. Mary's, Emmitsburg, MD;a psychiatric 
school worker; a school teacher; and a parale- 
gal. She has seven grandchildren, one of 
whom is married to a pediatrician and lives in 
Rochester. One of her twins reports that 
Katherine Reilly McHugh's husband died 
four years ago and that Katherine herself is 
now living in a nursing home and is suffering 
from Alzheimer's. Mary McLernon Loughlin 
has spent weeks in a Long Island Hospital hav- 

ing a hip replacement. She is now home and 
happy in the recent birth of her second grand- 

Marie Lilly, 8201 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 
11209 718-680-2069 

Margaret Bier, 6 Brooklands Apt. 4A, 
Bronxville, NY 10708 914-793-0243 

1935 60th Anniversary Class 
Mary Elizabeth Farrell and her youngest 
daughter Liz flew to California last August. 
Together, with her daughter, Mary E. drove up 
the Pacific Coast and toured the Getty Museum, 
Hearst Castle and more. In San Francisco, they 
met with her twin sister's two daughters. On 
her return to the cast, Mary E. spent the rest of 
the summer in the Berkshires. Edna Brennan 
Maloney tells us that she has been trying to get 
in touch with Helen Brown, without success. 
Edna was also able to get to a Mass for our 
beloved Msgr. FitzGibbon. Mary Whelan 
Phelan '32 was also at the mass. Kay Allen, 
who is Treasurer of the Ladies of Charity, 
recently attended a luncheon for this organiza- 
tion, at the Waldorf Astoria with her sister, 
Eileen Allen'40. 

Anne Seitz Smith. 8301 Ridge Blvd., 
Brooklyn, NY 1 1 209 71 8-238-5 1 1 8 


Dot Delay, her sister Ruth, and Alice Hagan 

Finnerty attended the Fall Luncheon, on 

October 29th. Betty Pyne Dunleavy reports, 

"I celebrated my 80lh birthday this month with 

several small gatherings sponsored by my 

daughter, granddaughter and friends. God 

Bless you all!" 

Dolores Pyne Dunleavy, 335 East 32nd Street, 

Brooklyn. NY 11226 718-462-7457 


We |oin in prayer, with all who knew him, for a 
much beloved Msgr. FitzGibbon who died in 
September. He was a dedicated professor and a 
gentle man Rita Wood Rague, who lives in 
Delray Beach, FL near where Msgr. FitzGibbon 
spent the last years of his life, characterized him 
as a "sweet and simple man." Frances Young 
McCarthy has been volunteering for twenty 
nine years at St. Agnes Hospital. White Plains, 
NY. She is currently on the Board of Cardinal 
McCloskey Family Services. She spent a week, 
visiting Mary Twigg Connors and her hus- 
band Francis who are living in Hilton Head. 
Eileen Brennan missed the Golden Graduates 
Reception this year since she was spending time 
in Italy. Gertrude Neufield Walsh recently 
moved to Leesburg, FL. We received notice 
that her husband Tom passed away as a result 
of a heart attack. You can contact Gertrude at 
35 Key West Dr., Leesburg, FL, 34788. The 
trip to the mountains of Colorado thai 
Margaret MacGillivray Seidel and Otto made 
this summer proved most enjoyable. They're 
also celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary 
this year Marge Laux O'Reilly visits her 

family in the Washington, DC area. This sum- 
mer she traveled north and joined a Canadian 
cruise. Marjorie Parker Smith keeps busy at 
her job with station WABC. She and her son 
Kevin, have been assigned a job at the finish 
line of the New York Marathon. Please drop us 
a line and tell us what's going on in your busy 
lives. We'd be most grateful. 
Emily Billington Smisek, 864 Schuman Place, 
Baldwin, NY 11510 516-223-1650 


Please keep Helen Dolan, who died on June 
30th, and Peggy Magee Buckley, who died in 
April, in your prayers. Norma Straus Slater 
and Frances McLoughlin Reilly were at the 
Golden Graduates Reception at the College in 
September. Norma Straus Slater's grandson 
David recently traveled to Washington, DC to 
participate in the National Young Leaders 
Conference. David is presently a member of 
the Lead or Leave, the largest non-partisan 
youth advocacy organization in America. He is 
in;he "Who's Who in American High Schools" 
for tlie second year. Norma went to Houston to 
visit her son Graham and his family; while 
there, her granddaughter Kristin's soccer team 
won the state championship. Marita Egan 
McNeill and her husband Neil were 
"Elderhosteling" for two weeks in September, 
in Myrtle Beach and Georgetown, SC; they 
then spent a week in the Shenandoah Valley; 
then to Monticello, Ash-Law Highland and 
more. Back on Long Island, Marita and Neil 
take day trips to museums in New York City. 
Fran Kelly spent the last two weeks in August 
in Ireland with six of her daughters. They did a 
ten day tour. Fran spends an hour every 
Wednesday walking prayerfully with a group in 
front of a Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic. 
Last Christinas Dorothea Lennon and her sis- 
ter-in-law Alice flew over to the Big Island 
(Hawaii) to the home of her brother Rich and 
his wife Fran. Dot's brother John died in the 
spring of '93, but he did live to see his son Tom 
in his Brigadier General uniform. She had a 
good schedule of parties this summer. Earlier 
this year, Dorothea had contact with two St. 
Joe's graduates: Cathleen Farrell Walsh, '40 
and Vivian Dunn Gilfeather '35. Frances 
McLoughlin Reilly had a good summer and 
fall - her usual trips: to Vermont to see daugh- 
ter Peggy Reilly Roehrig, '71 and Fred, Daniel 
and Tess; to Clinton, NY, to daughter Mary 
Mathews, and Kevin and their Nora; to 
Woodstock in apple picking time with son 
John; and, locally, frequent jaunts to East Islip 
to Joseph and Maureen (with Michele and 
Tracy busy in college, Brian a H.S. junior); to 
Water Mill to Elizabeth and Stephen and their 
five; and downstairs to Philip, Cathi, Brendan 
and Meghan. Frances went to the SJC Day at 
Belmont, where she 'hit' the Daily Double. 
With Frances at the races was Rita Pollock 
Murphy '33. They both had tickets for 
November 6lli at the Clare Rose Playhouse. 

Ellen O'Toole Heckman, with husband Ray, 
has just returned from an Elderhostel at the 
Lake Skaneateles Retreat House of LaMoyne 
College in New York State. Also attending a 
most satisfactory course with outstanding 
teachers was Elizabeth Bressi '39. Elizabeth 
would like Eleanor Fanelle '38 to know that 
she can be reached at 74 Claradon Lane. Stalen 
Island, NY 10305. Recently, the Heckmans 
and Kay Holniberg Schuster and her husband 
Steve met for dinner m Sea Girt, NJ. The 
Schusters are happily settling in at their new 
home in Greenbriers in Brick, NJ. They still 
square dance weekly and frequently attend 
Elderhostels. They plan to soon attend one at 
the Johnson and Wales Culinary Institute in 
Charleston, SC. Eleanor Fanelle is busy 
preparing gifts for the craft fair of her church. 
Despite our most heart-rending appeals to 
classmates, there are still a core of 38ers who 
do not respond ever. PLEASE? 
Mary Frances McLoughlin Reilly, 15 Belfry 
Lane, Hicksvillc, NY 1 1801 516-931-21 15 
Rita McGovern Root, 6801 Shore Road Apt. 
3F, Brooklyn, NY 11 220 71 8-836-565 1 


Beatrice Hunkele Brennan is the Chairperson 
of the Education Committee of Women's City 
Club of New York. S. Joan DeLourdes 
Leonard is presently researching two articles 
on Brooklyn Catholic History for the 
Encyclopedia of the Catholic Church in the US 
which is in course of preparation. Connie 
Giampietro AnnuccI and her husband Al are 
looking forward to spending one month in 
Sarasota and visiting with Eleanor Nace. 
Margaret Bolton Barsin visited with cousins 
Nancy and David O'Brien in Island Park. 
Marie Giuffre McLaughlin's granddaughter 
Danielle is studying in Brisbane, Australia. 
Her other daughter took the trip in August, and 
now her other granddaughter Jennifer is making 
the trip. A group of "39 thoroughly enjoyed the 
Fall Luncheon at the Hudson River Club - 
Peggy Bolton Barsin, Connie Giampietro 
Annucci, Helen Pellegrino Cuscione, Marie 
Giuffre McLuughlin, Kay Braithwaite, S. 
Mary Corde Tyniann. Kathryn Braithwaite 
took a trip to Ireland with her niece, her niece's 
husband and their 3 year old grandson. 
Eleanor Van Wagner Nace, 5 Bowditch Road, 
Woods Hole, MA 02543 508-548-4309 
Mary Kane Gillen. 8 Valley Place, Tenany. 
NJ 07670 201-569-8969 

1940 55th Anniversary Class 
Kathleen Mulligan has retired from the Board 
of Education. She is now enjoying travel. Her 
latest trip was a spa tour in Budapest. Isabella 
Foster's five days m Tacoma, WA, for the 
Gold Star Wives convention were followed by 
visits in Seattle and Vancouver, with her god- 
child Anne and with friends of George. Marie 
B. Ponsot has sold her Jamaica house and has 
an address and phone number available from 

our alumni office. Ruth Drucker, Anne 
Sullivan and Kathleen Mulligan met with 
other Golden Graduates at the College in 
September. Kathleen had been to Bulgaria. 
Later, Kathleen called to say her niece in 
Florida had been killed in an auto accident. 
This was Christine Seymour, daughter of Adele 
Mulligan Seyniour'41. Jane Kearney occa- 
sionally types a parish bulletin for Our Lady of 
Peace. Virginia Cleary met Adelaide Zeng 
Rach, Dot Shea and Margaret Mack for lunch 
al the Garden City Hotel. My efforts to see 
Lillian McCloskey were crowned with suc- 
cess, thanks to her cousin, Hugh P. McCloskey 
of Brookfield Center, CT. Anne Sullivan 
attended a recent meeting of the NY Board of 
Rabbis and Judeo-Christian Relations. Ursula 
Gerty visited Ireland. 

Ruth Drucker, 7148 Juno Street, Forest Hills, 
NY 11375 718-793-4665 


Agnes Connelly Huether tells us that her 
daughters Anne and Sara are nurses while her 
son Joseph is an architect. She and husband 
Charlie attended the Golden Graduates recep- 
tion. It was their 44lh wedding anniversary. 
Irene Mitchell Weber is the mother of three 
sons and one daughter who are all married. She 
is the proud grandmother of six granddaughters, 
two grandsons, one great granddaughter and 
one great grandson. Another grandchild is due 
any day. Irene and Rosedna Hall Murray got 
together at the Golden Graduates reception. 
Rosedna wishes to announce the engagement of 
her daughter, Frances Murray '78 to Robert 
Peter Daly. He graduated Georgetown '77 and 
Georgetown Law '80. A wedding is planned 
for October '95. Her son Major Paul Murray is 
serving a tour in the Caribbean with the 82nd 
Airborne Division. Rosedna is enjoying retire- 
ment and volunteering with the Long Island 
Blood Services. She keeps in contact with 
Irene Mitchell Weber and Margaret Heron 
Mally. Rosedna asks that we pray for Anne 
Hennessy. Bette Whalen Bonsall celebrated 
her 50th Wedding Anniversary in November at 
St. Catherine's. There was a Mass and renewal 
of vows for couples married from 25 to 65 
years. The exact date of the Bonsalls' anniver- 
sary is November 1 1th and the big celebration 
will be a trip to Rome over Christmas. Bette 
has completed 37 years of teaching at St. 
Mary's Elementary School in Manhasset. In 
early October, Edith Mullen Boisi invited a 
group to a delicious luncheon at her home. 
Loretta Dittenhoefer and her sister, Eileen, 
Fran McDonnell Doyer, Agnes Connelly 
Huether and Peggy McDerby Shea attended. 
Mary McDonough Weisnet sent regrets. The 
Boisis have a copy of the New Catechism 
which initiated a spirited discussion. Their son 
Geoffrey is President of the Board of Trustees 
of Boston College. Peg Shea and Fran 
McDonnell Doyer found similarities in the 
cause of death of Gerald and Lee, who died on 

July 6th. We extend our deepest sympathy to 
Fran and her children. Peggy Wolfe is still rais- 
ing miniature daschunds. Christine Seymour, 
daughter of Adele Mulligan Seymour, was 
killed in an auto accident in the Florida Keys on 
October 20th. Please ask God to comfort the 
Seymours and the Mulligans. Dot Whelan 
Barber recently went on a "Cruise to 
Nowhere". Marie Geiling Watt, who lives in 
Islamorada, FL is recovering from a fractured 
knee. She has her own quarters in the home of 
her daughter, Lynn de Paula. Lynn and her hus- 
band own a jewelry store in Islamorade. Her 
other daughter lives in Westport, CT. Joan 
Ghegan Moran's husband Joe (brother of the 
late Doris Moran Curtin), died on January 4, 
1994 after an extended illness. She finds com- 
fort in the fact that her children and grandchil- 
dren live nearby. Please remember all the 
Morans in your prayers. The spirit of our class 
was manifested by the outpouring of letters and 
calls I received after Gerald's death. Thank 
you all from the bottom of my heart. 
Marguerite McDerby Shea, 78 Yale Place, 
Rockville Centre, NY 1 1570 516-766-7966 


Veronica McGrath Lynch is living in a new 
home in Breezy Point. She's busy playing golf. 
She spends the winter months in Jupiter, FL. 
She is on the Beautification and Long Range 
Committee in Breezy Point. Marie 
Carmichael, Frances Donohue, Kay Reidy 
Quinn and Helen Fennelly Buckley once 
again joined S. Joan Ryan's trip during the 
Easter vacation. Helen's daughter, Kathleen 
Reilly Masterson, '79, accompanied her moth- 
er to Switzerland and Italy. In June, Helen and 
Jim Buckley traveled to Greece and Turkey 
with S. Grace Edna's group. Marie 
Carmichael, Dorrie Dooling Alcide, Frances 
Donohue, Sarah Miller Silk, Kay Reidy 
Quinn, Vera McGrath Lynch, Edna 
Cunningham Hughes, Virginia Worgull 
Davis, Sarah Cooney Steets and spent the 
weekend of November, 4. 5, 6, at Williams 
Lake in Rosendale, NY. We plan to do this 
each fall - to celebrate each other, our good 
memories, our continuing good health and 
enthusiasm. Just let us know if you are inter- 
ested for next autumn's wanderings! Eileen 
Cole Link writes from California that she and 
Al celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary 
on April 15. 1994. They took a cruise on the 
Stella Solaris out of Ft. Lauderdale. After 
returning home to San Marino. CA, their chil- 
dren and grandchildren gave them a family din- 
ner at the Ritz Carlton in Pasadena. Eileen and 
Al keep in touch with Peggy Goodwin's chil- 
dren, particularly her son Stephen and his wife 
who have a daughter. 4, and twins. 2. They 
bought their first house in Granada Hills, right 
next to the Northridge epicenter earthquake and 
suffered substantial trauma and damages. They 
stayed with Eileen and Al while the damage 
was being repaired. Grace Daniels Carlough. 

who lives in Naples, FL, lost her husband, 
Stephen, in the Spring of 1993. Grace is plan- 
ning to visit the Links in December to see the 
annual Rose Parade. Her two daughters and 
their families, Joan from Memphis, TN, and 
Barbara from Newtown, CT, are coming also. 
Grace's granddaughter, Alyson Lindquisst from 
CT, will be performing in her school band! 
Rosemary O'Halloran went on a three week 
tour of China. She and Virginia Worgull Davis 
have made many Elderhostel trips together. 
Margaret Rausch wrote to tell us of the death 
of Msgr. Francis X. FitzGibbon on September 
1, 1994. Father "Fitz" as we remember him so 
fondly, was ninety years old. Margaret lives in 
Msgr. Charles Diviney's parish, St. Charies 
Borromeo, and sees him regularly. Monsignor, 
at 88, is still writing his weekly column for 
"The Tablet". We were so blessed with the 
wonderful teachers and role models we had at 
St. Joseph's. Helen and Margaret keep in 
touch and Margaret is godmother to Virginia 
Quirke Dubatowha's youngest daughter, 
Susan. Margaret and her sister Ruth spent a 
good part of the summer and fall in Ft. 
Montgomery, NY, where Margaret and her late 
brother, Fr. Bob Rausch, built a house. Eleanor 
Sullivan Shea, Eileen Shannon Joyce, Alice 
Canevari Foppiani and Helen Buckley have 
made a number of day tours with the 
Franciscans and are planning to enjoy an early 
December tour with them to Bethlehem, PA. 
Sarah Cooney Steets traveled to Ireland and 
then on to London during this past summer with 
her daughter, Nancy, Nancy's husband John 
Fogarty, and their three children. Sally was 
able to visit relatives in County Mayo. 
Margaret Rausch, 62 Pierrepont Street, 
Brooklyn, NY 1 1201 718-625-6927 
Helen Fennelly Reilly Buckley, 412 River 
Road, Fairhaven, NJ 07704 908-747-4349 


Catherine Reidy Quinn is the proud grand- 
mother of Audrey Jane, bom on August 9 to her 
youngest son Joseph and his wife Eileen. She 
is expecting her second great grandchild in 
October. She's hoping to meet Lillian Santoro 
Signorelli this winter in Florida. Kathleen 
Lambert McLean was at the Golden 
Graduates Reception. She lists her four chil- 
dren as Kathleen, Margaret, Hugh and James. 
Mary Dowling Falvella traveled (o England 
and Ireland this summer. She returned home 
and vacationed in Maine and attended an 
Elderhostel in Ivoryton, CT. She participated 
in Alumni Day at the College in October. 
Clare Trautfield Conk celebrated her 50th 
anniversary from the College at the Spring 
Luncheon and shortly after suffered a heart 
attack and had her second successful bypass 
surgery. She has four children who are living in 
California and one in New York. Nancy and 
Kathryn are in Santa Barbara while Peter and 
Steven are in San Jose. Her son George is still 
in Manhattan. Clare has six grandchildren in 

California and one in New York. Helen 
Brancato Donato attended the Garden City 
alumni reception at the home of Mary 
McGrover Peyton. She was surprised to learn 
that there are over 80 St. Joseph's alumni in the 
Garden City area. Helen has 8 granddaughters 
and six grandsons. 

Marie Carroll Daly. 51-14 Overbrook Place, 
Douglasion, NY 1 1362 718-224-4944 


Mary Burns Quinn is living in Belle Harbor 
with her husband Joe. She has three children, 
Rory, Owen and Maryellen, and three grand- 
children, Daniel, Kevin and Alexandra. 
Genevieve Faure Fountaine was at the 
College recently and listed her four sons as 
George, Chris, Peter and Richard. Mary Kiers 
Shaw was at the College in October. Mary 
Bennett Burke is the Co-Chairperson of the 
Spring Luncheon. The other co-chairperson is 
her daughter Mary Jo Burke Chiara '69. 
Mary writes that in celebration of her 50th 
anniversary, she and her husband John flew to 
Amsterdam, bought a VW camper ,and traveled 
to Berlin, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak 
Republic, Hungary and then back through 
Austria, Germany, France, U.K. and home from 
Shannon where they sold the VW. Muriel 
O'Connor Dauscher and Betty Eppig Van 
Bourgondien joined several of their classmates 
at the College in October. Sr. Anita Paglia 
Rosaire, CSJ completed 25 years at Bishop 
Kearney HS and was honored for her services. 
Yolanda DiMilta, Rosemary Christmann 
Casey, and Lyn Sutherland McKenna were 
all at the College in October for the Golden 
Graduates Reception. Pat Euler Seaton lives 
in Syracuse, NY. She has six children and 12 
grandchildren and still finds time for golf and 
swimming. Peggy Garvey Purcell, who added 
an MA from Columbia and an MLS from the 
University of Maryland, is now retired from the 
Montgomery County Library System and lives 
in Bethesda, MD, with husband, Ed, a retired 
Foreign Service Officer. They have ten chil- 
dren and nine grandchildren. Peggy's sisters, 
Anne Garvey Sanchez'50 and Helen 
Garvey'55 are also SJC Alumnae. Rose 
Giambalvo Ferrara, a Wantagh resident, has 
a son, Joseph who is a physician, another son 
Peter, who is a dentist and a daughter, Victoria, 
an attorney. A retired Middle School English 
teacher. Rose says she will always remember 
Fr. Dillon's ethics classes, especially Ihe fami- 
ly budget assignment! Gloria Bonanno 
Almerini, from Middletown, NJ, married to a 
retired chemical engineer whose MS was 
earned at Columbia, is also a retired teacher, 
with an MA from NYU. They raised three 
sons, all college graduates, and now enjoy fun 
times with their four grandchildren. Joyce 
McDonald Newton and Lew have seven chil- 
dren and fourteen grandchildren. Two of their 
older boys continue the family amusement 
business. Joyce is still playing tennis and 

swimming daily in summer in the Long Island 

Sound. She's also an active member of the St. 

Vincent de Paul Society and on the board of the 

Northport Ecumenical Council and of the 

Northport Museum. 

Eileen Sutherland McKenna, 127-05 

Keswick Lane, Bowie, MD 20715 


Annette Nolan, 289 Clinton Street, Brooklyn, 

NY 11201 718-624-2154 

1945 50th Anniversary Class 

Time is moving closer to April 29, 1995. I 
would like to thank those who responded to my 
summer letter. 1 appreciate your suggestions. 
The Fall Luncheon, Oct. 29th at the Hudson 
River Club, was quite a social event. The class 
of '45 had 5 representatives there. Margaret 
Millus Maroldy came. She has been busy in 
Surrogate's Court probating a will. Mary Rita 
Roche O'Brien looked lovely, having celebrat- 
ed a special birthday the week before. Miriam 
Kelly Chaplin is improving in health daily. 
Betty Dudley came from New Jersey and 
added to the table conversation. Grace Leary 
Schmitt is looking over yearbook photos so 
that she'll be able to recognize us when she 
comes from Texas next April. Terry Kane 
Corsa suggested putting our yearbook pictures 
on our name tags. Magda Crowe Boylan is 
coming from Virginia and would like a Mass 
and brunch at the College the next day. Magda 
is a very devoted Elderhostel advocate. Jane 
Jacobs Porcino is feeling better and has 
resumed teaching at NYU. Doris Zerrenner 
Harrington is currently in Sicily and Rome, on 
an Elderhostel trip with her husband. They 
both enjoyed Alumni Day at the Brooklyn 
Campus on October 2nd. Any suggestions you 
may have would be welcomed and we'll keep in 
touch to gain your approval and keep you post- 

Clare T. Bauch, 6 Stevens Court, Stewart 
Manor, Franklin Square, NY 11010 


S. Mary Florence Burns and S. Teresa Avila 
Burke, chairperson of the SJC History Dept., 
toured the Holy Land from November 7th to 
November 18th with a group from St. Ignatius 
Retreat House in Manhasset. Joan McManus 
Fusco and her husband Cliff took a forly-two 
day World Cruise Segment aboard the M.S. 
Statendam. On board, they met Edith Reed 
'49. Joan and Cliff visited their son 
Christopher who is a seminarian, studying at 
the American College of Catholic University of 
Lowain, Belgium. Jean and George Brady 
are occupied with ballroom dancing and being 
part of Nassau County's Dance Troupe, The 
Dancetastics, who give performances at nursing 
homes and county parks in Nassau. Mary 
Stagnita Napolitano's Am-Tree Child Center 
is thriving, and has grown to a clientele of one 
hundred and sixty three pre-school children. 

Mary's daughter joined her in this venture and 
the center is now in a large building and 
expanded to a staff of thirty two. Mary had just 
returned from Florida from her grandchild's 
First Communion. This was one of her thirteen 
grandchildren, ten girls and three boys. Mary is 
also a member of the Advisory Board for 
Children in Bergen County. Looking forward 
to 1996, we will try to be in touch with all. It 
isn't too early to start brainstorming - and plan- 
ning ahead for our Golden Jubilee celebration, 
when we will be honored guests of the College. 
We will try to provide updated lists to alumnae 
who wish to contact other classmates. 
Maryellen Dowd Orr has moved since Gerry 
died. She lives near her daughter Erin, and 
across the river from her son. Two of her sons 
have been moved to Texas by their employers. 
She's anxious to help organize our 50th 
reunion. Marygrace Calhoun Dunn's hus- 
band Dick became President of the Western 
Association of the Knights of Malta, which 
involves much traveling. They're looking for- 
ward to a trip to New Zealand in November and 
a chance to snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef in 
Australia. In December they will be privileged 
to attend Mass at the Basilica of Our Lady of 
Guadalupe on Her feast day as guests of the 
Order's Mexican Association. We urge you to 
pick up the phone or pen and send us more 
news. Please send along any ideas for our 50th. 
Please keep us up to date on your present 

Genevieve Kingman Lindner, 23 Alliance 
Street, Valley Stream, NY 1 1580 

Marian Quealy Zoll, 165 Greenwood Drive, 
Millington, NJ 07946 908-647-2434 


Eileen Brophy Rossman's daughter Eileen'74 
has been appointed Assistant Principal of the 
Islip Middle School. Eileen's younger daughter 
Megan has joined her sister Anna at the 
LaSalle Primary School. Marge Cogan 
Ward's daughter, Maryalice Flynn, earned her 
RN in June and the fourteenth and fifteenth 
grandchildren are expected this Fall. The fol- 
lowing members of the class of '47 attended the 
Fall Luncheon: Margaret Lauro Perretta, 
Norma Cirino, Anne McKenna McCormack 
and Mary Flanagan Rigaut. Mary's daughter 
Kathleen married Ignacio Ramirez in June and 
is living in Houston, TX. Marie Mallon 
McCormack visited Rome with her sister Pat 
Mallon Joyce '46. 

Anne McKenna McCormack, 110-50 107th 
Street, Ozone Park, NY 11417 718-845-0533 
Mary Flanagan Rigaut, 90 Woodlawn Drive, 
Fair Haven, NJ 07704 908-747-5358 


Dorothy Bloodgood Kennedy and her hus- 
band Bernard celebrated their 40th wedding 
anniversary in June. The dinner was attended 
by their children, grandchildren and friends. 

Anne Bolen and Bernadette Cassidy 
Fitzpalrick, who were attendants at the wed- 
ding, enjoyed the party. Anne Bolen, daughter 
of Theresa Cuneo Bolen, recently visited the 
Far East. Rosalind Cuneo Murray's son 
James recently purchased a home in Lido 
Beach. Rosalind's daughters live in 

Connecticut and New Jersey. She has retired 
from the NYC Board of Education, where she 
was Assistant Principal at PS 100 in Queens. 
Lillian Disken and her sister Dorothy enjoy 
their home in Montauk. Both the Diskens are 
active in community affairs. Theresa, 
Rosalind and Bernadette Fitzpatrick recently 
met for lunch at Gargiulo's in Coney Island. 
Theresa Cuneo Bolen has two grandchildren. 
Please remember in your prayers, Mabel Doyle 
Murray and her husband Walter who are hav- 
ing medical problems. I would be grateful to 
hear from the silent members of our class - let 
us know what's happening. 
Bernadette Cassidy Fitzpatrick. 2608 
Voorhies Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 1 1235 

1949 No Class Agent 

1950 45lh Anniversary Class 

A cocktail party was held in September at the 
Port Washington Yacht Club for graduates who 
live in that area. We had a nice attendance and 
there were a few from the class of 50: Alice 
Bambrick Fucigna, Trudy Haffey Rooney, 
Ann Rettig Nawojehek, Joan Mines Tana, 
and Adele Mikalauskas Fullam. Sister 
George spoke as did Rosalie Tutino '59. 
Hopefully, we can do something similar in the 
future. Helen Ott Harrington thinks fre- 
quently of former classmates and friends from 
St. Joseph's. She recently became a grand- 
mother with the birth of James on December 
23, 1993. Her oldest daughter Beth is expect- 
ing her 1st child. Jean McCave Braddick and 
her husband live in Arapakoe, NC. They have 
been there four years now and, although their 
children are scattered from Maine to Michigan, 
they do get together a few limes each year. She 
invites visitors from college days to stop on 
their way through. Her number is 919-249- 
0203. She has marked her calendar for our 45th 
reunion next April. Our classmate, Patricia 
Clancy Walsh, died on Sept. 28th. If you wish 
to send condolences to her husband, the address 
is: Mr. Robert Walsh 92-55 220th St. Queens 
Village, NY 1 1428. Eileen Mahoney Hoban 
suggests that the class of "50 should all try to 
plan on attending the 45th reunion on April 
29th. Please keep in touch. 
Eileen Mahoney Hoban, 83 Long Ridge Road, 
Plandomc, NY 11030 516-365-9238 


Vilma Sauss Campbell retired as Educational 
Services Specialist, US Department of Defense. 
The retirement ceremony was held on June 1, 
1994 at Ft. Hamilton, Brooklyn. She received a 

Certificate of Achievement from US 
Congresswoman Susan Molanari and a Letter 
of Appreciation from Mayor Rudolph W. 
Giuliani. Maureen Reid Stock has been 
named "Teacher of the Year" and has been 
entered into "Who's Who Among American 
Teachers". Maureen is also a teacher of Irish 
language. Mary Jane Hawkrigg Handal and 
her husband Vincent are living in a new home 
in Hampton Bays. Helen Burke Naylor retired 
from full time teaching and is working two days 
a week teaching Library Science. Joyce 
Hartley Scavullo visited Florence Bockus 
Datig last October. She flew up from Georgia 
and stayed in her Greenlawn home. She also 
had lunch with Terry Duenzl '50. 
Claire MacVenn Dillon, 1838 East 33rd 
Street, Brooklyn, NY 1 1234 718-336-3046 
Joan McCarthy Dillon, 32 Sparkhill Avenue, 
Tappan, NY 10983 914-359-4256 


Jean Bove Kabbert writes that her son Bill, 

who was 39, was a passenger on flight 427 on 
September 8, 1994. He was returning home 
from a meeting when the plane crashed three 
minutes from the Pittsburgh airport. There 
were no survivors. Billy was buried on 
September 26, 1994. He leaves a wife and a 
sixteen month old daughter. More than one 
thousand people attended a memorial mass for 
him. A memorial scholarship has been set up at 
his high school. Central Catholic, for a scholar- 
athlete. Joan asks that her son, his wife Paula 
and his daughter Sarah, be remembered in all 
our prayers. Jeannette Mazzuka Sombrotto, 
Phyllis Leo Pagano, Rita Rutigliano 
Kagiwada, Ann Sferrazza Mollica and their 
spouses still meet two or three times a year. 
They've been getting together for 42 years! 
Phyllis was widowed 2 years ago. She is retired 
and now lives in East Patchogue. She has just 
returned from a tour of the Northwest National 
Park, where she visited Vancouver and Banff. 
Phyllis has 7 grandchildren. Rita's youngest 
son Charlie was married in March. She now 
has 10 grandchildren. She and Gene recently 
returned from attending an Elderhostel in 
Georgia. They are into golf and are presently 
taking ballroom dancing lessons. Ann and 
Frank Mollica keep hopping over to Hawaii to 
visit their daughter Gina who now lives and 
works there. She was graduated from Salve 
Regina in Rhode Island and earned 2 degrees 
while there (Bio and Psych). Gina is presently 
a counselor for abused teens and a program 
coordinator for developmental disabled adults. 
While in Hawaii. Ann and Frank have attended 
2 Elderhostels, one in Oahu and the other in 
Maui. Back on the home front, Jeanne 
Mazzuka Sombrotto has been busy attending 
five bridal showers, 1 baby shower, 5 weddings 
(her son's was one of them) and 4 funerals all 
since April. In the middle of all that, she man- 
aged to have a second knee replacement in June 
She is presently living on the west coast of 

Florida in Cape Coral. She would be glad to 
hear if any of our alumni are in that vicinity. 
Marguerite Fenton lives nearby and she and 
Jeanette see each other at church. She is an 
extraordinary minister at St. Andrew's and she 
teaches kindergarten in Naples. Paulita 
Ahearn is a Cathechist at St. Frances de 
Chantal parish in Wantagh. Dorothy Harte 
McKenna is enjoying living in California. She 
states that the only disadvantage in being on the 
West Coast is the length of time it takes to fly 
to Europe. She and her husband Joe recently 
went to Italy. Dorothy is Director of Human 
Resources at College of Notre Dame near San 
Francisco, the college from which Mary Ellen 
Boyling recently retired as Professor of 
English. Dorothy and Joe are looking forward 
to celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary in 
June with a liturgy to be followed by a party at 
Ralston Hall , the historic mansion on the Notre 
Dame campus. Their seven children and four 
grandchildren will join their friends on this joy- 
ous occasion. Since Jeanette Sombrotto's 
schedule is so hectic, she has asked to have her 
name removed as a class agent. On behalf of all 
of the class of '52, MANY THANKS! 
Carolyn Taylor Anner, 29 Lorraine Street, 
Syosset, NY 11791 516-935-9315 
Patricia Egan Englehart, 596 Georgia Street, 
South Hempstead, NY 1 1550 516-481-5668 
Elaine Smythe, 2439 28th Street, Astoria, NY 
11102 718-728-8193 


S. Joan Ryan, CSJ is President of the Division 
of Academic and Special Libraries of Suffolk 
County Library Association for 1995-1997. 
She is also the Vice President/President Elect of 
Beta Mu Chapter of Delta Phi Mu national 
honor society in Library Science for 1995- 
1996. She is traveling to Central Europe at 
Easter and is looking forward to getting togeth- 
er with other alums Joan T. Vincent is retired 
from Abraham and Strauss. She traveled to 
Ireland and Scotland this summer and will join 
S. Joan Ryan on her Easter trip. Doris Busch 
Peppard is the proud grandmother of ten 
grandchildren. Alice Eraser Devereux and her 
husband Larry have both retired and are Florida 
bound. Patricia Sauter Rechner was present- 
ed with an "Outstanding Teacher" award at a 
New Hyde Park-Garden City Park Board of 
Education meeting. 

Maureen Dougherty Eraser, 123 Wayford 
Terrace, Garden City, NY 1 1530 


It was so wonderful seeing so many of the '54 
class at our 40th reunion. Nettie Rementeria 
McKenna was preparing for the June 4th wed- 
ding of her oldest daughter Abigail. Her other 
daughters. Amy Noelle and Hilary, are doing 
well. Eileen O'Keefe Egan is teaching senior 
English. She and Lee travel during the winter 
break and summer vacation. Last year, they 

visited Cornwall, this winter, Martinique, and 
this summer they will be in Italy. Jeanne 
Cashing Clark, and her husband Phil often 
travel on business. They have been to France to 
visit their youngest son who is spending junior 
year abroad. Jeanne belongs to her church 
choir and local choral society. Jeanne was 
preparing to travel with the choral society to 
Germany and Austna. Joyce Dryden Clark is 
a children's librarian at Baldwin Public Library. 
Her third daughter was married in July and her 
other two daughters were married in 1991 and 
1992. Her son Roy, 24, lives at home and 
works in New York City. Marion Mc Nerney 
Murray has been living in Massachusetts for 
the past 35 years. She has returned to teaching, 
and is presently teaching kindergarten. She is 
the coordinator of the CCD program in her 
parish and has traveled to Europe for the last 
three years. Virginia Bradley Connolly and 
her husband John celebrated their 40th wedding 
anniversary in August. They spent a month in 
Venezuela where John was working as an engi- 
neering consultant. Virginia, Pat Van 
Inwegen Conaty (here all the way from Ohio) 
and Pat Einn McDonnell ended the day seeing 
Elaine Durante Colotti star as Dolly in a per- 
formance of "Hello Dolly", done for the benefit 
of the Cerebral Palsy Association. We were 
also so happy to see Marilyn Bandiero and 
her sister Anne as well as Mary Warren 
Dasheill, Maryanne McCormack Fahey, 
Maureen Voungkin Kelly, Victoria 
McMahon O'Moore, Dorothy Padulla 
Parrenelli, Pat Walsh Swanson, Angela 
lambrenghi Shuldenrein. Deidre McVeigh 
Tighe, Ann Marie Whitty and Pat Gerlach 
Pelkonen. To those of you who could not be 
there, we missed you - please send us some 
news of what's happening in your part of the 
world. Pat Gerlach Pelkonen has retired from 
teaching English after 35 years at Ft. Hamilton 
HS. She is currently a member of the Institute 
for Retired Professionals at the New School for 
Social Research. She is also studying 
Shakespeare, poetry etc. Rosemary Corbett 
Hannon is on sabbatical from her teaching job 
at IS 109, Queens Village, where she has been 
teaching for the past 25 years. She is enjoying 
taking courses at Nassau Community College. 
Her youngest son Dennis and his wife Karen 
just had their first child, a son, Ryan Matthew - 
her eighth grandson. She and her husband Dan 
love to travel and plan to spend a few weeks on 
the Costa del Sol in January. 
Rosemary Corbett Hannon, 3000-19 Stevens 
Street, Oceanside, NY 1 1572 516-764-1824 
Patricia Einn McDonnell, 46-27 Glenwood 
Street, Little Neck, NY 11362 718-631-8954 

1955 40th Anniversary Class 
Marilyn Baques Starace is the Director of 
Holli Woods Nursery School, Queens Village, 
and teaches the 3 year olds in the AM class. 
Her daughter, Marilyn Starace Donnellan'81 
teaches the 4 year olds in the AM and PM class- 

es. Her husband Manny is semi-retired and 
works at a Senior Center in Queens Village as 
their social worker. They are enjoying weekend 
trips to inns in New York and New England. 
Diane Milde Hitter recently retired from the 
Bd. of Ed. and is working as an instructor at 
the New York Aquarium. Her husband Bob is 
now teaching science, religion and health to the 
8th grade class at St. Francis De Sales in Belle 
Harbor. Patricia Daum Hastings' son John is 
an attorney and is married to Beth Hynes; her 
daughter Laura, who is also an attorney, is mar- 
ried to Brad O'Neill. Her daughter Mary Anne 
is a junior at St. John's, majoring in Elementary 
and Special Education. 

Mary Shea Pawlowicz, 5308 Del Roy Drive, 
Dallas, TX 75229 214-691-3716 
Irene Breen, 1370 East 26th Street. Brooklyn, 
NY 11210 718-338-1458 


On August 15th, Bishop McGann installed Sr. 
Miriam Lucille (Lucille Montella) as the 

General Secretary of the Congregation of the 
Sisters of St. Joseph. We, the class of "56, con- 
gratulate her. Congratulations to Mickey 
Burke Eldon on the arrival of her second 
grandchild, Deidre Elizabeth, whose mom is 
Mickey's daughter, Liz. Mary Engelskirger 
Seery welcomed her fourth grandchild. Her 
daughter Kathy is the proud mother. We are 
glad to learn that Kathy is coming along nicely 
after a "touch and go" situation. Angela 
Alexander Maher and Anne Marie Amadei 
McCartney's grandsons are in the same 
kindergarten. Irene Schider McManus has 
five children and reports they are all out of col- 
lege, the youngest having just graduated from 
Boston College. Irene is retired from teaching 
2nd grade and both she and her husband are 
looking forward to traveling. They have one 
grandchild. Mary Taaffe Coleman and hus- 
band Don visited London and Paris with a spe- 
cial trip to Normandy. Ann Bauch is looking 
forward to the Alumni trip to Eastern Europe in 
April. Kay McMullen Schafer's daughter 
Terry just left to spend one to two years in 
Tokyo while working for Bankers Trust. If 
anyone is in that neighborhood, look her up. 
Eileen Hale Peters' daughter Claire was mar- 
ried in the Spring. Joan Reardon Dillon was 
the proud daughter at her mother's Eleanor 
Dolan Reardon'26 90th birthday party. 
Congratulations, Mrs. Reardon! 
Ann Bauch, 6 Stevens Court, Stewart Manor, 
Franklin Square, NY 1 1010 516-328-9449 
Anna Costello Stellwag, 1 17 Edgewood Dnve, 
Orangeburg, NY 10962 914-359-0769 


Joan Seibert Sprague is retiring from the 
Sachem School District in June '95 after 36 
years of teaching. She will be remarrying in 
November '95 to Frank Smalto. Joan and 
Frank recently had dinner with Barbara 
Morrison Marlborough and Rick and Pat 

McCarthy Bradshaw. Rick and Pat are 
becoming accustomed to their new home in 
Chesapeake, VA. They have their son David 
and his wife Stella nearby as well as grandchil- 
dren. Chase and Brandy. Anne Buckley 
McAssey has eleven grandchildren. Three lit- 
tle girls were born within five days last 
October. Anne and Ed's oldest son Eddie and 
his wife Linda live in Downingtown, PA, and 
have four children. Her daughter Mary is mar- 
ried to Mike Krueger. They have a boy and a 
girl. Jim, an engineer, and his wife Carroll also 
have a boy and a girl. The youngest daughter 
Kathy and her husband, John Brandon, have 
three children. Anne is retired from the class- 
room; Ed is still teaching at Villanova. They 
are fortunate m having all their children and 
grandchildren within 35-40 minutes traveling 
time. Brenda Buckley Johnston's daughter 
Marianne, an attorney, was married to Michael 
Poisel in November in South Orange, NJ. 
Brenda has been working in the school system 
in Maplewood. Carol Humphrey Pecoraro 
and Andrew recently returned to Palm Beach 
Gardens in Florida. They spent two weeks last 
summer with the Passionist Volunteers, help- 
ing with the children's recreational activities, 
distributing food, and working at physical 
labor. There was a deep spiritual dimension to 
the experience. Brenda Buckley Johnston 
was awarded a Certificate of Recognition for 
Outstanding Teaching. This was awarded by 
the Governor's Teacher Recognition Program 
of the New Jersey State Department of 
Education. Brenda sends a thank you to St. 
Joseph's College, and in particular to S. 
Vincent Therese, S. John Baptist, Mr. Dan 
Cahill and Miss Helen Bennett. Other mem- 
bers of the Class of '57 are doing exciting 
things. Let us hear from you ! 
Barbara Morrison Marlborough, 10 Castle 
Lane, Bayshorc, NY 1 1706 516-665-1997 


Eileen Murray Flanagan and her husband 
Peter had their first grandchild, Sarah Lynn. 
Proud parents are Eileen's daughter Kathy and 
her husband Rob. Julia Twomey Barley's son 
was married in September. They recently 
returned from a fourteen day tour of Eastern 
Europe. June O'Dea Angelini is District 
Liaison to the Nassau School Library System 
for the North Bellmore School System. Her 
husband, Anthony, is Chairman of the 
Economics Department at St. John's 
University. Zita Stoddart Curry and her hus- 
band Gerry spent Thanksgiving in Paris with 
daughter June who is a student at the Sorbonne. 
Pat Maguire traveled through France this sum- 
mer with Maureen Clifford '60. Mary 
Hawkins Ford and her husband Frank are trav- 
eling since he retired. 

Ellen Doyle McCartney, 1 1 Beau Jol Court, 
Nesconset, NY 11767 516-724-6069 
Monica Mangan Whi'aton, 228 Royal Oak 
Drive, Chesapeake, VA 23320 804-482-3086 

Patricia Maguire, 145 East 15th Street Apt 
2A, New York, NY 10003 212-460-9774 


Catherine Kendrick Rehnberg will host a 
reception for Connecticut alumni in the Spring. 
Catherine lives in Norwalk and is anxious to 
have as many Connecticut alumni as possible 
join her. Watch for your invitation in the mail. 
Eileen Feeney Smith's son, Michael, married 
Christina Hubbell in June. Her daughter, 
Suzanne Smith Flaherty, gave birth to Dane 
Edward on October 22. He is Suzanne's first 
child and the Smith's first grandchild. Rosalie 
Tutino is designated as a member of three com- 
mittees studying the feasibility of a new 
County, east of Suffolk County: 1) Education 
2) Culture and Recreation and 3) 
Transportation.. She is also a member of the 
Architectural Review Board for the Town of 
Southampton. She has been re-elected to the 
Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America, 
Suffolk Council. Suzanne Trinneer Drumm 
spent part of the summer on the tennis circuit as 
her USTA Adult League team from Richmond, 
VA, won city, state and district tournaments to 
represent the Mid-Atlantic region at a USTA 
National Tournament in Tucson, AZ. at the end 
of September. Her team was one of 17 wom- 
en's teams from all 50 states and Puerto Rico 
competing at the Nationals. During the fall 
semester Suzanne is a University of Richmond 
Supervisor for several student teachers as they 
do their praclicum in area schools. Patricia 
O'Neill Burns writes that her daughter, Kathi 
McGuire, made her a grandmother for the first 
time. She had a girl, Kelly Jean, last February 
Pat's youngest daughter Jaime received a full 
scholarship to St. John's. Lillian Sciria Frisko 
just started her 25th year as a teacher in Somers 
Point Schools. Her son Peter is an Assistant 
Director of Institutional Advancement at 
Drexel University in Philadelphia. Her daugh- 
ter Catherine has a MSW in counseling, and 
youngest daughter Michele teaches sixth grade 
on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in Porcupine, 

Barbara Lynch Schoenberg, 336 West End 
Avenue, NY NY 10023 212-873-9470 
Mary Sullivan Luongo, 4 Crescent Drive, 
Easton, CT 066 1 2 203-372- 1 1 55 

1960 35th Anniversary Class 
June Kelly O'Neill is enjoying her three grand- 
children, all living in Garden City. They have a 
ski house in Stratton, VT and spend many 
weekends there. If anyone gets up that way, 
look them up. Gail Leonard Neill's oldest son 
Jim was married in June. Christine, one of the 
twins, was married in October. She and her 
twin sister, Maureen, received Masters Degrees 
from Columbia University in May. John, 18, 
graduated from South Kent Prep School and 
will attend Dickinson College, PA, Colleen, 13, 
graduates eighth grade in June. Angela 
Amantea Ferrando is delighted at the arrival 

of her grandson Jim to her son Tom and his 
wife Renee. Angela's daughter Linda was mar- 
ried recently. Angela is still working at St. 
Joseph by the Sea HS on Staten Island, serving 
as Assistant Principal. ..she'll be celebrating 25 
years there this year. Maureen Brandow 
Gillespie was one of the many attendees at 
Alumni Day here at SJC on Sunday, October 2. 
Barbara Maher McConville reports that her 
family moved out of their home of 22 years in 
South Orange, NJ to their new house in 
Bernards Township, NJ. The family welcomed 
their fifth and sixth grandchildren, both girls, 
one in Illinois and the other in Maine. News 
from Mary Ann Craig Valgenti in 
Washington State: Mary Ann and Vic's oldest 
daughter Katie is still working in NYC as a 
legal secretary and living with Grandma, 
Margaret Wallace Craig '31, in Richmond 
Hill. Married daughter Helen is living in 
Seattle with her husband, Rob Grasseschi, 
where Rob is in medical school at UW. Next 
child, oldest son, Victor Craig, is starting his 
second year working in Japan for the JET pro- 
gram. He is teaching English to junior high stu- 
dents in Japan. Matthew, 21, is currently a 
biology major. Mary Ann is still working as a 
legal secretary for Vic. No longer president of 
the Parish Council of Catholic Women, she is 
teaching 5th grade. She has been studying con- 
versational Japanese in the hopes of being able 
to travel to Japan next year to visit her son. 
Eileen Mullen, 92 Parrot Place, Brooklyn, NY 
11228 718-745-6624 


Carol Hoffman Wood was at Alumni Day. 
She said that she has 50 nieces and nephews. 
Elizabeth Hussey Jennings is teaching 4th 
grade in Elmhurst. Her husband Charles con- 
tinues as a guidance counselor in the Port 
Washington Schools. Daughter Catherine is a 
junior at SUNY Oswego and is in Australia 
studying at the University of Western Sydney. 
Son Charles will receive his Associates Degree 
in Business Administration from Nassau 
Community College in June. In late spring, 
some of the class of '61 met at a Bay Ridge 
restaurant. Pat Balducci lacono, Carol 
Trivisonno Lambiase, Gerry Pisklak 
Mannion, Mary Lenehan Mc Hugh, Eileen 
Fitzgerald Troy'62 and Katherine (Pat) 
Coleman Campbell were in attendance. Liz 
Hussey Jennings and Joan Tierney Carney 
couldn't make it. Gerry came all the way from 
Massachusetts where she works for the 
Environmental Protection Agency. Her daugh- 
ter Julie got married this summer. Mary 
McHugh attended as well as her sister-in-law 
Winnie Flannery Mannion '79S. Two of 
Winnies' family are married. Mary's middle 
son got married this August in Atlanta. He and 
his wife are both practicing law in the DC area. 
Mary is the grandmother of one. Pat Balducci 
lacono is on sabbatical and going into retire- 
ment from the Board of Education. Her avoca- 

tion is real estate and she is very successful at 
that in the Slaten Island area. One son lives at 
home and the other, a CPA, lives in 
Connecticut. Pat informs me that Lee Patrizio 
Galasso's mother has passed away. Vinnie 
Galasso is principal of Bronx High School of 
Science. Carol Trivisonno Lanibiase is work- 
ing as a teaching aid in a private school on Long 
Island. Her husband Bill is a successful actuary 
in Nassau. Carol tells me thai Joan Tierney 
Carney's daughter got married in July. 
Katherine Coleman Campbell is still doing 
document retrieval in the county clerk's office. 
We are planning to meet again this November 
and on a periodic basis thereafter. Please get in 
touch with me if you care to join us. We've 
chosen Bay Ridge as convenient for most of us. 
Maureen Rosier Price's daughter Kiera will 
be married in June to Sean Sanderson. Kiera is 
an OR Nurse at Polyclinic in Harrisburg. PA. 
Maureen's son Brian is graduating from the 
University of Notre Dame in May. He will be 
commissioned into the Navy. Maureen was on 
sabbatical last year and took 16 credits at 
LaGuardia Community College. 
Barbara Frohnhofer Feldmann. 17800 Mill 
Creek Dnve. Derwood. MD 20855 

Katherine Coleman Campbell, 89 Jedwood 
Place, Valley Stream, NY 1 1581 


In July, Peggy La Salle Nicora, Joan 
Tagliaferro Zangre and Marietta Trinneer 
Ciesia had a great visit over a delicious lunch 
before attending the theatre to see "Sisters 
Rosensweig". Peggy and her husband Bernard 
celebrated their 32nd wedding anniversary in 
June. Their son Christopher (30) has complet- 
ed one and one half years in Medical School. 
Daughter Claudine (28), after graduating six 
years ago from Syracuse University, recently 
received an Associates Degree in Radiological 
Sciences. Claudine plans to be wed on May 27, 
1995, to Anthony Stefanelli. Joan Tagliaferro 
Zangre's son Stephen was married in 
September. Joan's daughter Marissa and son- 
in- law, Mark, had a son in November "93. 
Fran Sullivan Brennan and Ginny O'Rourke 
McLaughlin caught up last May when ihey 
walked the Jones Beach shore for four hours. 
More good fortune came Fran's way when Kay 
Doherty Crovotta joined the staff of the Office 
of Employment, where Fran has worked for the 
last eight years. Condolences to Kay on the 
recent death of her Aunt Delia, with whom Kay 
lived during her years at St. Joe's. Cathy 
Davis McKeon, her husband Bob, and their 
two children, live in New Jersey. Cathy still 
teaches in the New York City school system. 
Cathy's son Robbie is a junior at Villanova. 
Her daughter Karen is a high school senior, 
preparing to go away to college. Marge Kelly 
McLoughlin and her husband have retired to 
North Carolina. Marge continues to do substi- 

tute teaching. Marge's boys are down south in 
school. At least one of Marge's daughters 
remained here in the Northeast and is working 
in Princeton, NJ. Joan Patrone Albertella 
works at the Dept. of Agriculture, Soil 
Conservation Service. Joan's husband Ray 
retired from the Army four years ago as a 
Colonel. Ray presently works as a service man- 
ager for Shell. Joan's oldest daughter Robin is 
married to an Army Captain. Robin and Jim 
live in Kansas, and have three daughters. 
Joan's son Chris and his wife Jennie live in 
Virginia and they have a daughter. Son 
Matthew graduated from the University of 
Rhode Island and is working on another degree 
in Computer Aided Design. Son Stephen is a 
senior at Marymount University in Washington, 
and daughter Dana graduated from James 
Madison University last June and is now work- 
ing on her Masters. Joan lives in Burke, VA, 
and would love to connect with any classmates 
in the area. Pat Silvestri, who lives in 
Fullerton, CA, is the Administrator of 
Instructional Programs for an Occupational, 
Vocational Ed. School in the Powers Public 
School District. Pat's daughter, Gia (31) lives 
near Seattle, WA, and works in corporate trav- 
el. Pat's son. Mark (28) is married and has 2 
children - Christopher Daniel (3) and Caitlyn 
Mary ( 1 ). Mark is a private investigator, and he 
lives in Ontario, CA, about 25 miles from Pat. 
Pal has Deen to London and Paris, and has also 
gone to Enscnada, Mexico, three times to live 
with a Mexican family, and become bilingual 
through an immersion program. Jackie Vivona 
Rice writes that on Saturday, August 20th, she. 
Vera Lista Banach, Connie LaVeglia Mauro 
met for a reunion at the Banach home in 
Hemlock Farms, Pocono, PA. (Anne Bagnini 
Alpert had hoped to be there, but a family 
emergency prevented her coming.) Connie and 
her husband Phil live in a "landmark" house on 
Slalen Island and own two successful business- 
es there. Their two college graduate children, 
Phillip and Nicole (recently engaged), live 
nearby. Vera is instructing teachers how to 
teach "Special Ed" children. Her husband. 
Rich, has retired. Their son Richard owns a pic- 
ture framing business in Tenafly, NJ and Tom 
is at Penn State studying for a physical therapy 
degree. Her youngest daughter Stefanie is in 
her last semester at Ramapo College in NJ. 
Dani is in Columbus, OH, Mike is in Placentia, 
CA, and Jim is in Seattle, WA. John and Stef 
have remained in NJ. Jackie's granddaughter 
and grandson live in Columbus and Placentia 
respectively. Jackie's long term employer. 
BMW, has offered her a transfer to their new 
manufacturing facility in Greenville, SC. She 
and Rich have relocated, and are in the process 
of building a new home in Greer. Anita 
Milaccio Bennett writes that she is busy raising 
teenagers: Mary, a freshman at Morgan HS in 
Clinton, CT, and John, an 8th grader in Eliot 
Middle School. We're into field hockey, stu- 
dent council, Softball and youth groups. Anita 

is involved in helping to organize a parent 
organization at the high school and being a 
member of the Board Parent Advisory Group. 
Her daughter Mary plays the bass clarinet in the 
school band. Her parents live down the road, so 
it's become home finally. They are in 
Connecticut 1 1 years now. Remember to keep 
those letters coming! 

Mary Collins Macchiarola, 3431 Bedford 
Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 1 1210 718-951-7494 


Carol Cusack Aamodt came up from Florida 
to join Fran Minichiello, Mary Callahan 
Browne, Marie Albano Pellegrino, Maureen 
McCormack Brandt and Mary Minogue 
Brouder for their "mini-reunion" in Atlantic 
City this past summer. Anne Millen Schrage's 
daughter Karen started graduate school in 
August. She is going for her MSW at the Jane 
Adams School of Social Work at the University 
of Illinois. Anne's son Rich is living and 
working in Manhattan. Anne and her husband 
Rich are contemplating relocating, perhaps to 
the Big Apple. DeEtta Shields Breitwieser 
writes that she has just completed a two year 
term as President of the Connecticut 
Association of School Social Workers. Her 
youngest of four children, Julie, graduated from 
Hopkins High School and is attending Cornell 
University. She stays in touch with Peggy 
Nolan Paddock and manages to get together 
with her once a year. 

Elizabeth Williams Auricchio, 540 East 20th 
Street, New York, NY 10009 212-228-9350 


Congratulations to Connie D'Andrea 
McDonald on the birth of her newest grand- 
child in June, 1994. Cathy Vesey O'Neill, who 
is a regular contributor to the Op-Ed page of the 
L.A. Times, made a recent trip to Paris as a 
member of the U.S. delegation to UNESCO 
meetings. While in Paris she met Mary 
Brennan Mulvihill and her husband Roger for 
a long weekend celebration of Mary's doctorate 
from Fordham. Our sympathies to Rosemary 
Mayer, Barbara Kempczinska, and Clara 
Rodriguez Oleson all of whose siblings have 
either been stricken with serious illness or badly 
injured. Marylou Abatemarco Busse has two 
sons, one of whom graduated summa cum laude 
from Pratt, where he took engineering courses 
from Mary Morgan's husband, Vinnie Tirolo. 
Marylou' s husband Ron has worked for Con 
Edison for many years and is now in charge of 
voice mail for all of Brooklyn. Marylou 
entered the field of construction (in her own 
home) by deliberately attacking and demolish- 
ing some kitchen cabinets she hated, only to 
move on to the redesign and refurbishing of 
several areas in her home. Marylou has two 
current quests: the whereabouts of Diane 
Minchofsky and the proper spot for retirement. 
She'd like to hear from any of you who have 
novel or clever retirement plans. To this end. 

Marie Kessel Lally and husband Tim and Pat 
McNulty Kushner and husband Ron spent a 
week together in August and made retirement 

Barbara Kempczinska. 4441 Montgomery 
Street, Oalcland, CA 9461 1 510-654-7585 
Patricia McNulty Kushner, 51-15 63rd Street. 
Woodside, NY 11377 718-803-1526 

1965 30th Anniversary Class 
Margaret Testagrossa Garay writes that, on 
January 29th, Marybeth McNerney Lamond 
and Rosemary Collins Zink and husbands 
attended the wedding of her daughter Loretia. 
In August, after spending a week on Nantucket. 
Margaret stopped to visit Patricia McCarthy 
Hale and family in East Falmouth. All three 
children have graduated and are exploring vari- 
ous careers. 

Mary Beth McNerney Lamond, 9106 Ridge 
Blvd.. Brooklyn. NY 1 1209 718-833-2488 
Teresa Civello, 150 East 3rd Street, New York, 
NY 10009 212-473-3491 
Rosemary Collins Zink, 9 Highfield Lane, 
Coltsneck, NJ 07722 908-946-4654 


JoAnn Patelunas Flegen is proud to have sold 

a painting. 

Nina Lagana Difusco, 1599 Victoria Street, 

Baldwin. NY 1 1510 516-623-2862 

Barbara Hautsch Black, 2612 Quentin Road, 

Brooklyn, NY 1 1229 718-376-9413 


Diane Tagliaferri Antonucci is still teaching 
at Jericho HS. Her son Anthony returned to 
school at Stanford University for an MBA. Her 
son Michael is a recent graduate of Ithaca 
College. Joyce Marchetta Bisso was awarded 
"Outstanding Student Award" froin the 
Department of Educational Administration at 
LIU (C,W. Post Campus). She was honored as 
an outstanding secondary educator by Cornell 
University Merrill Scholars Program. She 
received the Norbert David Sereta Fellowship 
Seminar Award and spent two weeks in Israel 
studying Israeli culture with 70 other Long 
Island Educators. She is the newly appointed 
Assistant Principal of George W. Hewlett HS. 
Mary Ellen Dubiel Freeley and her husband 
Jim celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary 
with a two week trip to Alaska. Jim has 
enjoyed his year long sabbatical from C. W. 
Post. He's been busy writing for publications 
in Eastern Europe. Her daughter Meghan com- 
pleted her sophomore year at C.W. Post and is 
now doing a 3 month internship at Disney 
World. Her children, J. P., Meghan and Erin, 
surprised their parents with a 25th anniversary 
party. S. Helen Kearney, Margaret Courtney 
Gargiulo and her husband John were among 
the guests. Mary Ellen also enjoyed a trip to 
Poland this past summer with her mother. They 
met 25 cousins in Poznan for the very first time. 
Margaret and John Garguiln celebrated their 

recent anniversary with a trip to Las Vegas. 
Priscilla O'Connell Franzese is a PhD student 
at St. John's University and is taking a curricu- 
lum course taught by her classmate, Mary 
Ellen Dubiel Freeley. Ellen Kiesel Gallagher 
was recognized by Dillards Department Store 
in Dallas as being an outstanding teacher. 
Martha Ferrara Lacerra's daughter, Maria, 
just turned 16 and is a Jr. at St. Joseph by the 
Sea HS on Staten Island. She is a member of 
Pro Life and is president of her class. 
Judith Raikowski Joyce, c/o Chase Manhattan 
Bank. P.O. Box 521, New York, NY 10004 

Marie Anderson Provanzana. 304 Delegate 
Dnve. Worthington. OH 43235 614-436-9356 
Mary Ellen Dubiel Freeley. 197 Puritan 
Avenue. Forest Hills, NY 1 1375 


Marie Miranda Duncan, Joan Pomarica 
Fox, Marie Elena Giuttari D'Angelo, Fran 
Panchok Berry, Jeanne Fennell Stewart and 
Cathie Colgan Stanton attended the Bishop 
McDonnell High School Class of '64 reunion 
on Long Island in September. Elaine DeFelice 
Spataro's daughter. Stephanie'90, married 
Ted Campanello on October 15. 1994. Her son 
Michael is in his last year at New York Law 
School. Her youngest daughter Jennifer is a 
senior at Bishop Kearney and is a National 
Merit Semi-Finalist. Carol Terlecki Hahn 
wrote to say that her oldest daughter. Cynthia, 
just entered Fordham University at Lincoln 
Center on a scholarship. Her other daughter. 
Erica, 14. started high school and recently took 
the test for a black belt in Karate. Blanche 
Linder Pesce is teaching Spanish and French at 
Long Beach Middle School and taking courses 
at Hofstra University to obtain a Master's 
degree in ESL. Her daughter Danielle went to 
Italy last Spring with her Latin class from South 
Side High School in Rockville Centre. 
Daughter Nikki is in the eighth grade and went 
to Camp Bernadette in New Hampshire last 
summer. Mary Alleva Belli's daughter 
Michelle attends St. Joseph's at the Patchogue 
campus. Her second daughter, Jennifer, is in 
Miller Place High School and is on the field 
hockey team. Kathleen Vasile Jaworski is a 
guidance counselor with the NYC Board of 
Education. She, husband Ed, and son Jerome, 
live in the Madison - Marine area of Brooklyn. 
Jerome is a freshman at Edward R. Murrow HS. 
Maureen Quinn Scherer, 44 Plymouth 
Avenue, Mount Sinai. NY 1 1766 

Blanche Linder Pesce. 127 Pine Street, 
Rockville Centre. NY 11570 516-764-2951 
Catherine Colgan Stanton, 1221 Underbill 
Avenue. Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 


Marcy Boyle will be singing with the 

Collegiate Chorale when they present Handel's 
Messiah at Carnegie Hall on December 16th. 
Mary Jo Burke Chiara will be co-chairing the 
Spring Luncheon with her mother Mary 
Bennett Burke'44. She is anxious to see a 
great turnout at the Garden City Hotel on April 
29th. Patricia Devane Bell's husband Bob has 
been elected to Community School Board. Dist. 
15 in Brooklyn, for a three year term which 
began in May of 1993. 

Carol Anne Cole Sullivan, 437 Beach 132 
Street, Belle Harbor, NY 1 1694 

1970 25th Anniversary Class 
Mary Mone Dorney was named "Teacher of 
the Year" representing Brooklyn HS 
Superintendency. Mary taught at New Utrecht 
HS for six years, at George Wingate HS for 
eleven years and has worked as a part time 
guidance counselor. She is married to Calvin 
Domey. who is an attorney and has two chil- 
dren: James. 14 and Mary Kate 11. Michele 
Azenaro Bracco celebrated her twentieth wed- 
ding anniversary on October 6, 1994. She is 
currently a Senior Citizen Center Director in 
Midwood and is finishing up coursework for 
Ed.D in Therapeutic Recreation from Temple 
University. Her daughter Amanda is enjoying 
Little League. Amanda and her father Sal are 
active Delta Society volunteers, visiting nursing 
homes and hospitals. The Braccos visited 
Maria Falconetti in her home in New Jersey 
and saw several other New Jersey classmates. 
Carmela Cassa Mehserle is the proud grand- 
mother of Mark Douglas, bom on October 25, 
1993. She continues to lake art classes and is 
presently a Manager and Vice President at 
Burson Marsteller, a public relations agency. 
Ellen Farrell recently attended an alumni 
reception at the Port Washington Yacht Club 
and is looking forward to meeting old friends at 
our 25th anniversary on April 29th at the 
Garden City Hotel. Kathy Ott Reemmer has 
agreed to be the Class Reunion Chairperson. 
She is already busy organizing events for the 
25lh reunion. Anyone interested in joining her 
committees please contact her through the 
alumni office at 718-636-6882. Amelia 
Abagnalo Kreitsch's son Jason is a senior at 
Archbishop Molloy and a member of the 
National Honor Society. Her daughter Jessica 
is a freshman at The Mary Louis Academy. 
Amelia is teaching 6th grade at St. Helen's. 
She is a Eucharistic Minister and an RCIA 
Teacher. Valerie Wertz Quinlan's oldest son 
Paul is a senior at Regis HS. Her son Tim is in 
the 7th grade at St. Francis De Sales in Belle 
Harbor. Her daughter Deidre is 2 1/2. In addi- 
tion to serving the College in the capacity of 
class agent, Valerie has recently been elected to 
the Executive Board of the Alumni Association. 
Margaret Dwyer Minson writes that her old- 
est son Artie Jr. married Theresa Neubauer on 
July 15th. Her son Jack will graduate from the 
University of Notre Dame in May. Eddie, 17. 

will graduate from Loyola HS in June while 
Patrick, 13, will graduate from St. Ignatius 
Loyola grammar school this June. Margaret 
and her husband Artie celebrated their 25th 
anniversary in December. Adele D'Agostino 
Fava's daughter Danielle is attending St. 
John's University on Staten Island and her son 
Andrew is in the 8th grade at IS 75. She is 
teaching the 2nd grade at PS 42 on Staten 
Island. Adele and her husband Carmine cele- 
brated their 25th anniversary last July in 
Hawaii. Anne Trivoluzzi Loring is a VP at the 
Bank of New York working in loan sales and 
trading. She has relocated to New York from 
Los Angeles earlier this year, and is living in 
Manhattan. Antoinette Vasile is a Regional 
Librarian at the Borough Park Region of the 
Brooklyn Public Library. Fran Stavola Daly is 
an Education Representative to the New Jersey 
Governor's Advisory Board on Recreation for 
the Disabled. She is the chairperson for the 
Therapeutic Recreation Section, NJ Recreation 
and Parks Association. She is presently a 
Doctoral Candidate in Therapeutic Recreation 
at Temple University. Marilyn Indelicate 
D'Antoni's son Anthony is a senior at Seton 
Hall. He will graduate in May and has applied 
to various optometry schools where he hopes to 
begin in September. Her daughter Chnstina is 
seven years old and is in the 2nd grade at St. 
Joseph Hill Academy. In September of 1994, 
Stina Colombo Daddona began a full time 
position at St. Catherine of Sienna in Franklin 
Square. She'll be teaching 7th and 8th grade 
French and Spanish. Her husband Ralph took 
the early retirement option and left IBM. He 
opened his own business, "Party City" in Port 
Chester, NY. Her son Michael, 21, works as an 
EMT for an ambulance company. Claudine is 
19, Chrissy, 15, and Stephanie is 12. Stephanie 
finished her "short run" on Broadway, in 
"Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor 
Dreamcoat". Jane Mc Glinchey Malin 
obtained a Master's Degree in Education from 
Manhattanville College, graduating with a per- 
fect 4.0 average. This fall both of her sons, Tim 
and Brian, will be attending lona Prep in 

Valerie Wertz Quinlan, 520 Beach 136th 
Street, Belle Harbor, NY 1 1694 

Josephine Nunziata Rossicone. 135 Suffolk 
Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10314 


Bridget Farrell attended the North Shore 
alumni reception at the Port Washington Yacht 
Club in September. Her son, Seamus Campbell 
has started kindergarten at Shelter Rock School 
in Manhasset. Bridget has entered into the pri- 
vate practice of law in Manhasset. Katherine 
Kennelly Butler wrote and asked to be kept up 
to date on all plans for the 25th reunion in 1996. 
She has four children, three girls and one boy 
and two grandchildren. Mary Elizabeth is a 

junior at Manhattan College (Jim's alma mater) 
Son Timothy will go to Towson State in 
Maryland next year. Bridget, 13, is a budding 
artist. The two grandchildren, Nick, 5, and 
Amanda, 3, are a wonderful delight. 
No Class Agent 


Maria Marra Johnson's son Gregory is a 
junior at St. Francis College. Pat Luciana 
English's daughter Kerry, 17 years old, is 
graduating from Fontbonne Hall HS in June. 
She is interested in becoming a Special 
Education Teacher. Pat's son Brendan is 12 
and Siobban is 8. Pat vacationed with Ellen 
Nofi Murphy, Meg Ambrose Preller, Debbie 
Hayes Larson, and Linda Arezzo on Fire 
Island. Pat has recently been elected to the 
Executive Board of the Alumni Association. 
Miriam McMahon is teaching 2nd grade at St. 
Thomas Aquinas. Together with Ann Marie 
Gregory, Miriam toured Charleston and many 
old southern mansions. In August, they visited 
Walt Disney World. Eileen Moffatt is teaching 
science at PS 139. She vacationed this past 
summer in Montauk and Virginia. Her sister, 
Kathleen Moffatt '69 joined her in Montauk. 
Pat Faint may retire in 1994 from NYNEX. 
She won the NYNEX Chairmans Club Award 
in 1993 and 1994. EfTie Piccini Maldari and 
Gilda Piccini King, their husbands and Effie's 
boys, Ralph, 15, and Greg, 12, traveled to Italy. 
They ended their two week trip with some ski- 
ing in Davos, Switzerland. In May, 1993 
Loraine Mazzella Maiolo had the honor of 
being invested as Lady of the Order of the Holy 
Seplechre of Jerusalem. Together with her hus- 
band, she traveled to Rome in May 1994, and 
was greeted by the Patriarch of Rome since the 
Pope was still in the hospital. They were then 
off to Jerusalem and Jordan. They attended the 
opening of a Catholic school in Beit Gala 
which is west of Bethlehem. 
Patricia Luciana English, 143 Beach 133rd 
Street, Belle Harbor, NY 1 1694 718-474-8621 
Dianne Piwinski, 188 Java Street, Brooklyn, 
NY 11222 718-383-6847 


Donna Pagano Morena writes that her son 
Anthony graduated from Louis Armstrong 
Middle School and is now attending Art and 
Design HS. Joseph graduated from grammar 
school and is now attending the same middle 
school as his brother. Donna has been elected 
to the "Hall of Fame" at her school, for her 
many years of service. Mary Hiler Mumford 
is working as a Economist at the Port Authority 
of New York and New Jersey. Her first child, 
David Edward, was born on February 16, 1994. 
Teresa Ryan Sefchek has been Assistant 
Principal at Middlesex County Vo-Tech HS for 
14 years and is currently working with learning 
disabled teenagers. Her son Michael is a fresh- 
man at the University of Rhode Island and is 
majoring in Business. Her younger son James 

is a freshman at Woodbridge HS. Her husband 
Mike is a Captain with the Woodbridge Fire 
Dept. Kathy Maguire McQuade is working 
evenings at Lufthansa Airlines. She gets 
together every six months with Chris 
Needham, Karen Andrews Mueller, Teresa 
Ryan Sefchek, Mary Beth Donovan and Nora 
Alfieri Collis. Kathy's twins, John and Kaitlin, 
are in the second grade and Caroline is 6 
months. Mary Beth Donovan has been work- 
ing at Merrill Lynch since leaving teaching. 
She currently holds the position of Vice 
President. Karen Andrews Mueller has been 
teaching at Resurrection School in Gerritsen 
Beach for fourteen years. Her daughter Ellen 
is 19 and a sophomore at Quinnipiac College 
in Connecticut, studying occupational therapy. 
Her husband George is retired from the NYPD. 
Christine Needham received the Award of 
Merit in 1987, as an Educational Supervisor, St. 
Joseph's School for the Deaf. Laurie O'Dowd 
is working at the Bank of East Asia, a Hong 
Kong Bank. Sigrid Brandt Frawley continues 
to teach kindergarten in Tenafly, NJ. She was 
elected Vice President of the Tenafly Education 
Association and is also a math consultant for 
the University of Chicago math program. 
Joan Denauski Halpern, 8 Jennifer Drive, 
Howell, NJ 07731 908-905-2157 
Linda Borelli Ridzi, 57 Westbrook Drive, 
Nassau, NY 12123 518-766-9541 


Sister Helen Gulczynski is in her third year as 
founding Principal of Mount Carmel Academy 
in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This is the first 
school in the diocese to open in 25 years. 
Cecilia Doscher Gulka, Donna McKeon 
Martin, Marilyn Flynn Michelsen, Diane 
Ferolano Romano, and Terri Barnao Turilli 
had a great time reminiscing at the Spnng 
Luncheon. It was also good to see former class- 
mates Jane Lawlor Courtien, Betty 
McCullough, Nadine Lisante and S. Linda 
Pero. We were disappointed to see so few of 
our class of '74 in attendance for our 20th 
anniversary. Hopefully, we'll have a good 
crowd at our 25th reunion in 1999. Donna 
McKeon Martin and Richard hosted a mini 
SJC reunion on July 31st at their home in Staten 
Island. They had just returned from a cruise to 
Bermuda, where they had honeymooned twen- 
ty years earlier. Their daughter Danielle, 13, is 
in her first year at Tottenville HS. Sherry 
Donnellan Hynes and Chris have lived in 
Stanford, CT for eight years. Sherry, Chris, and 
their children spent nine days in July sailing the 
length of the Long Island Sound. Their chil- 
dren are Chris, 13, Katie, 1 1, Pat, 9, and Susan 
and Nora, 8. Marilyn Flynn Michelsen and 
Warren have been living in Milltown, NJ for 
the past ten years. They have three children: 
Suzanne, 16, a high school senior, Warren, 14, 
a sophomore, and Jeanine, 8, in the fourth 
grade. Marilyn and Warren recently bought a 
house at the New Jersey Shore and enjoyed the 

summer at Lavallett. Diane Ferolano Romano 
and Jack settled in Midland Park, NJ nineteen 
years ago. Their son John 19, is studying 
Environmental Sciences and doing well in his 
sophomore year at Richard Stockton College of 
New Jersey. Daughter Liana, 16, is also doing 
fine in her junior year at high school. Diane has 
been working as a special education teacher's 
assistant for three years. She has recently fin- 
ished her endorsement program to teach emo- 
tionally disturbed children and adolescents. 
Terri Barnao Turilli and Don have been living 
in Houston, TX for ten years. They have three 
children: Don, 17, a high school senior who has 
been named a National Merit Commended 
Student; Michael, 14, a freshman, and David, 
12, in the sixth grade. In July, Terri, Don and 
the boys traveled to London and later spent sev- 
eral weeks in New York visiting family and 
friends. Dorothy Marshall is a Reading 
Intervention teacher for grades K - 5. It 
involves teaching at risk children in small 
groups. She also works with the Hispanic 
migrants to Virginia. Dorothy is also a lector 
and leader of song in Spanish for her parish. 
She invites all her classmates to come and visit 
her at the Eastern Shore of VA. 
Anna Maria Tufano, 321 Bay 14th Street, 
Brooklyn, NY 11214 

1974 Suffolk Arts & Sciences 

James Flannery Jr., 224 Merrifield Avenue, 
Oceanside, NY 11572 516-764-8654 

1975 20th Year Anniversary Class 
Thomas LaGuidice was re-elected to the posi- 
tion of Chairman of Transportation and Traffic 
Committee, Community Board #3. Tom led all 
of Liberty Mutual of New York sales personnel 
in production of auto and home insurance in 
1993. Tom and his wife Carol Donovan 
LaGuidice '79, attended the awards meeting in 
Puerto Rico. Carol was re-elected to the posi- 
tion of President of the Richmondtown Clarke 
Ave. Civic Association. They have a son, 
Michael Anthony, who is three years old and 
starting pre-school. 

Theresa Cimakasky Mason, 5 Quimby Lane, 

Fleminglon, NJ 08822 7 1 8-833-3878 

Debra Stevenson Nelson, 170 Nassau Avenue, 

Manhasset, NY 1 1030 516-365-2628 

Jacqueline Reisert Esposito, 1659 Circleville 

Road, State College, PA 16803 


William Gorman, 458 Degraw Street, 

Brooklyn, NY 11217 718-852-1730 

Alice Hagan, 360 Bay Ridge Parkway, Apt 2C, 

Brooklyn, NY 11209 

Rose Anne DeFina Smith, 15 Kay Place, 

Staien Island, NY 10305 718-981-0743 

1975 Suffolk A&S 20 Year Anniversary 
Barbara Ross Antonucci, 181 Commercial 
Blvd., Brentwood, NY 11717 516-231-3340 

1976 Brooklyn Arts and Sciences 
Peggy Looney Augellu is presently teaching 
6th, 7th and 8th grade in Uniondale. Her hus- 
band Jim, is a Sargeant for the NYCPD, work- 
ing in Greenwich Village. Their daughter 
Nikki is seven years old. Janet Hohmann 
DiPietro is teaching the first grade in the 
Westbury school district. Her husband Steve 
owns and operates a construction company. 
David is in the eighth grade and is busy decid- 
ing on high schools. Jessica is in the fourth 
grade, plays saxophone, enjoys soccer, Softball 
and swimming. Kevin Anthony Reilly, his 
wife, Mary Fallon Reilly, also an attorney, and 
their son, Kevin Peter, attended the annual 
meeting of the NY State Bar Association, held 
this year at Cooperstown, NY, on the weekend 
of October 8 and 9, 1994. At the meeting, 
Kevin was presented with an award honoring 
his five years as editor-in-chief of the NY State 
Law Journal, Environmental Section. Kevin is 
the senior attorney of the First Department of 
the Appellate Division in NYC. He received 
his Master's Degree in Environmental Law 
from Pace University in June. 1993 and has 
been doing research writing in that field in addi- 
tion to his legal work. Sharon Scaturro 
Justvig is a St. John's Law School alum who is 
presently enjoying an extended maternity leave 
to care for her daughter, Sarah Patrice. She was 
delighted to have attended the Garden City 
alumni reception. 

Martha Stoistis Spezzano, 29 Walnut Street, 
Central Islip, NY 1 1722 516-234-9738 
Mary Frances Healion Muldoon, 2674 East 
22nd Street, Brooklyn, NY 1 1235 

Ann Simko Rennard. 966 Shelburne Drive, 
Franklin Square, NY 1 1010 516-825-5479 

1976 Suffolk Arts and Sciences 

Leonora Lang Brisotti, 817 Aberdeen Road, 
BayShore, NY 11706 516-665-7633 

1977 Suffolk Arts and Sciences 

Jan Sirianni Hamill continues to work for the 
family business, "Felice's Catering", in 
Patchogue, in the banquet office. Jan and her 
husband Tommy have a two year old little girl 
named Jill. She was the first grandchild for the 
Sinanni family. Eileen Landers Mc Carthy 
has been married for 17 years and has three 
children; Jason, 16. Pam, 15, and Bryon, 13. 
She is living in Roebling, NJ and is working in 
a nursing home in Trenton, NJ as an Activity 
Director. She is certified by the National 
Council for Activities Professionals. She 
received a BS degree in Recreation. 

1977 Brooklyn Arts and Sciences 
Kathy Regan Golden married Bob Golden ten 
years ago and they have two beautiful girls, 
Caitlin and Meagan. Bob is a Physician's 
Assistant for the Suffolk County Medical 
Examiner's Office. He is the supervisor of the 
forensic investigations of the Medical 

Examiners Office. They live in Center 
Moriches. Kathy has her MA in elementary ed 
and is teaching the second grade at Our Lady of 
Apostles. In December Kathy will be certified 
as a teacher of speech and hearing. If you are 
like us, the first thing you do when you get the 
"Alumnagram" is turn to your year to catch up. 
Your classmates would love to hear about you, 
so drop us a line and keep us up to date. 
Lorraine Burns Goldhirsch, 500 Tuckahoe 
Road IB, Yonkers, NY 10710 914-779-1786 

1977 Brooklyn General Studies 

Lavater Harvis has taken early retirement 
from the Mount Sinai Medical Center in April, 

1978 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 

Frances Murray has become engaged to 

Robert Daly of Norwalk, CT. An October '95 

wedding is planned. 

Sarah Murphy Berliner, 570 Westminster 

Road #C8, Brooklyn, NY 1 1230 


Maryteresa McKenna, 8215 4th Avenue #E1, 

Brooklyn, NY 1 1 209 71 8-680-568 1 

1978 Suffolk Arts & Sciences 

Mary P. Annett, 252 Riviera Pkwy, 

Lindenhurst, NY 11757 516-226-5547 
Marion Salgado, 16 Sequams Lane North, 
West Islip, NY 1 1795 516-587-4056 
Maria Sabella Shukri, 10 Jill Drive, 
Commack, NY 1 1725 516-269-9032 

1978 Brooklyn General Studies 

Joan deLisle Hutchinson has received a PhD 
in Health Care Administration. She returned to 
London as a surprise for her younger sister's 
retirement. Lucille Smart-Quammie has three 
sons, five grandchildren and one great grand- 
No Class Agent 

1979 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 

Paula Sclafani Oehlberg received her MBA in 
1985. She lists her children as Peter, 12, 
Elizabeth, 11, Joe, 8, Bobby and Nick, 7. 
Together with their father. Dr. Robert 
Oehlberg, they attended Alumni Day at the 
College this past October. 
No Class Agent 

1979 Suffolk Arts and Sciences 

Karen Miller Faiella, 32 Brentwood Pkwy, 

Brentwood, NY 1 1 7 1 7 51 6-435-2870 

1980 Brooklyn A&S 15 Year Anniversary 
Helen Minieri Stacy was promoted to Vice 
President at Prudential Securities and was 
appointed Asst. Manager of the Southhampton, 
LI office. She has been designated a specialist 
in the area of women's finances, family invest- 
ments and retirement planning. 

Dianne Hayden. 1403 Harrison Avenue, 
Mamaroneck, NY 10543 914-381-0772 

Maureen Fleming Wicelinski, 15 Sprucewood 
Dnve. Levittown, NY 1 1756 516-735-3410 

1980 Suffolk A&S 15 Year Anniversary 
Arlene Murtha. 12 Hill Street. Lake 
Ronkonkoma, NY 1 1 779 51 6-585-7 1 1 1 

1981 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 

Lisa Kern Sawin, 10 Starboard Way, Latham, 
NY 12110 518-783-5827 

1981 Suffolk Arts & Sciences 

Michelle Grande. 204 Pond View Lane, 
Smithtown, NY 11787 516-724-5011 

1982 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 

Lisa Madden Miller received her PhD with 
Distinction from NYU in 1990. Her thesis, 
"Preservation through Transformation: Black 
Orpheus & Myth" was published in 
Multiculturism & Film, 1992. 
Maureen Sullivan Griffin, 633 77th Street, 
Brooklyn, NY 1 1209 718-680-3307 

1982 Suffolk Arts & Sciences 

Brenda Kelly Hinshaw, 37 Hamlet Road, 

Levittown, NY 11756 516-579-0437 
Joyce Donneson, 115 Aspatuck Road. 
Westhampton Beach, NY 1 1978 

1983 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 
Elizabeth Ruggiero Mulrane, 27 East 13th 
Street. Huntington Station, NY 1 1746 N/L 

1983 Suffolk Arts & Sciences 

Anna Cameron, 13 Wheatley Avenue, 
Huntmgton Station, NY 11746 516-421-5531 
Bridget Reilly Costello, 17 Van Buren Street, 
Mastic. NY 11950 516-399-5426 

1984 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 

Marie Mackey is teaching at St. Francis Prep 

HS in the Religion Department. She serves on 

the Board of Directors of Pronto of Long 

Island, a service organization which meets the 

needs of the poor in the Brentwood/Bayshore 

area. She is also a free lance journalist. 

Erin Dowd, 40 Henry Street, Brooklyn, NY 

11201 718-243-2978 

Barbara Bischoff Eckner, 32 Sunset Drive, 

Derby, CT 06418 203-734-2119 

Donna Ortolani, 2 Kent Road, Ringwood. N.J. 

07456 201-962-4412. 

1984 Suffolk Arts & Sciences 
Corinne Sauerwald is employed as a Legal 
Assistant/Fiduciary Accountant with a mid- 
town law firm in the area of Trusts and Estates. 
She IS attending St. John's evening graduate 
program working towards an MBA in account- 

Lucretia Lucivero, 26 Great Oak Road. St. 
James, NY 1 1780 516-584-8308 
Joan Kelly, 21 Dorothy Lane, Kings Park. NY 
11754 516-271-3441 

1984 Suffolk General Studies 

No Class Agent 

1985 Brooklyn A&S 10 Year Anniversary 
Frank Cerasoli was recently inducted as an 
Associate in the Casualty Actuarial Society. 
Alice Kennedy, 5 Hallister Street, Staten 
Island, NY 10309 718-853-9783 

1985 Suffolk A&S 10 YearAnniversary 
Sylvia Diaz has been appointed director of 
minority affairs by Suffolk County Executive, 
Robert Gaffney. Currently a social worker for 
Catholic Charities, she runs the Youth 
Volunteer Corps of the American Red Cross 
and serves on the Suffolk County Hispanic 
Advisory Board. 

KellyAnn O'Hanlon Hammer, 149 
Newbrook Lane, Bay Shore, NY 1 1706 

1985 Suffolk GS 10 Year Anniversary 
Dorothy LaFerrera, 395 Nelligan Court, 
North Babylon, NY 1 1703 516-254-4306 

1986 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 

Linda Fisk writes that she sees Shawn 
McCormack and Marie Mackey often. She is 
an endurance biker who does charity rides. She 
sometimes rides over 100 miles in a day. She 
has given talks in parishes in Vermont and 
Brooklyn about children and self-esteem. 
Linda runs a Bible School in Vermont every 

Kerry McConway, 167 68th Street, Brooklyn, 
NY 11220 718-921-9830 

1986 Suffolk Arts & Sciences 

Annette Plichta Smith and her husband Walt 
moved to Murfreesboro, TN, in September 
1993. She is working for the Third National 
Bank in the commercial banking area. Her 
husband Walt owns his own electrical contract- 
ing business. Annette invites anyone who is 
down south to look her up. 
Maria Maxwell, 39 Tappan Avenue, Babylon, 
NY 11702 516-587-3362 

1987 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 

Eileen Harkin Riano, Carolyn Sorrentino 
Capizzi, Colleen Ducey, Roseanna Kump 
Marino, Margaret Meyer Giorgio, Mary 
Hamil Giorgio and Marilou Moore Rizzo '88 
attended a football game at West Point and had 
a wonderful day. Carolyn Sorrentino Capizzi 
has two daughters, Lauren. 4, and Jenna,3. 
Joan Sullivan Thomas is back teaching. She 
is at PS 222, and is buying a house in Marine 
Park. Colleen Ducey is teaching English as a 
second language in the Flatbush area of 
Brooklyn. She received a MS in Reading in 

Diana Murillo, 350 65th Street, Apt. 19N, 
Brooklyn, NY 1 1 220 71 8-492-86 1 
Joan Sullivan Thomas, 3610 Flatlands 
Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 1 1 234 71 8-95 1 -6590 

1987 Suffolk Arts & Sciences 

Jean Marie Kirchner, 3 Boone Street, 

Bethpage, NY 11714 N/L 

Anthony DiMino, 184 Spiral Road, Hotsville, 

NY 11742 516-472-9160 

Kim-Susan Martini, 953 Naple Avenue, 

Frankhn Square, NY 1 1010 516-328-8751 

1988 Brooklyn Arts and Sciences 
Margaret McGarry is finishing her Master's 
Degree in Vision. She is working with the visu- 
ally impaired and multi-disabled children at the 
Manhattan Lighthouse. Eileen Slavin has 
begun her sixth year of teaching. She is still 
working with SIE I students at PS 53. She 
writes that, in 1991, a unit of 6 classrooms was 
opened at MS 88 at 7th Ave. and 18th St. in 
Brooklyn and she transferred over to the unit 
from East New York. For the past three years 
this unit was part of a model inclusion project 
with Syracuse University. She received her 
Masters Degree from Adelphi University in 
August '93 and is still considering going back 
to school for either Speech Pathology or 
Occupational Therapy. Eileen became engaged 
on Christmas Eve '93 and will be married to 
Michael McElroy on April 8, 1995. The wed- 
ding will take place in Michael's hometown of 
Rhinebeck, NY. Theresa Mascaro Trinkle 
was living in Ohio for about a year but she and 
Billy have moved back to Brooklyn. They are 
the proud parents of Matthew Xavier, bom on 
Nov. 2, 1993. 

Christine Apiceila, 1607 East 7th Street, 
Brooklyn, NY 11230 718-645-6710 
Michele Main, 41-36 51st Street Apt. B2, 
Woodside, NY 11377 718-507-5180 
Patricia Williams, 395 Clinton Avenue Apt 
6D, Brooklyn, NY 1 1238 718-634-9536 

1988 Suffolk Arts & Sciences 

Camille Kostew Kelly, 6301 Cheetah Court, 

Waldorf , MD 20603 30 1 -932-9537 

Joyce Hayes, 1057 Courtland Drive, Bay 

Shore, NY 1 1706 516-666-3978 

Jennifer Ray, 18 Prospect Street East, Selden, 

NY 11784 516-732-2839 

1989 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 
Francine Nittolo, 367 96th Street, Brooklyn, 
NY 11209 718-748-0409 

1989 Suffolk Arts & Sciences 

Karin Gambaro Higgins moved back to New 

York from Florida. Kristina Lynn Higgins was 

bom on April 24, 1994. Lisa Von Brook 

Fields was married in July and is living in Little 

Neck. She teaches emotionally disturbed teens 

in Queens. 

No Class Agent 

1989 Brooklyn General Studies 

Barbara C. Meagher graduated from NYU in 

May, 1994, with a Master of Public Health 


No Class Agent 

1990 Brooklyn A&S 5 Year Anniversary 
Christopher Crisona teaches al St. Thomas 
the Apostle School in Delaware. He was mar- 
ried in June of 1994 to Patricia Curley. 
Stephanie Spataro Campanello is teaching 
2nd grade and is an adjunct English Prof, at St. 
John's University. She was married to Ted 
Campanello on October 15th. 
No Class Agent 

1990 SuiTolk A&S 5 Year Anniversary 
Debra Mazzarelli was elected to the New York 
Stale Assembly, 3rd Assembly District. She is 
married to Gary L. Mazzarelli, an engineer 
with NYNEX; the couple has three daughters, 
Jessica, Kristy and Tori. 

No Class Agent 

1991 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences & General 

No Class Agent 

1991 Suffolk Arts & Sciences 

Christine Inguanta Cote is teaching and 
attending Adelphi University for a master's 
degree in elementary education and a special- 
ization in TESOL. She writes "It was great to 
meet all the St. Joseph's graduates at the 
Garden City alumni reception." Kenneth 
Sisco is teaching at the Lokelani Intermediate 
Middle School in Maui. 

Hyacinth Perera, 7 Springbriar Lane, 
Centereach, NY 11720 516-981-8953 

1992 Brooklyn Arts & Science 

Julie Hurni is pursuing a Masters Degree in 
Math, Secondary Ed. at Brooklyn College. 
Kellie Slack is teaching the 5th grade in St. 
Bernadette School in Brooklyn. Last year , she 
was awarded with a Certificate for Perfect 
No Class Agent 

1992 Suffolk Arts & Sciences 
Denise Wilson O'Brien is employed as a 
resource room and departmentalized self con- 
tained teacher (grades 9-12) at Bayshore HS. 
She is pursuing a Master's Degree in reading at 
Dowling College. She was married to William 
O'Brien in July 1993. Kathleen Powers 
became engaged to Joseph Verniaelen '89 A 
July, 1995 wedding is planned. They are both 
pursuing graduate degrees at SUNY Stony 
Brook; he is a PhD candidate in American 
History, and she is working towards an MA/LS 
in English education. Justine Guggino has 
been back to the College several times to speak 
to some of the student teaching seminar classes 
on the topic of interviewing and portfolio 
assessment. In September 1994 she began her 
third year of teaching in the Commack School 
District. In March, she was selected as one of 
twelve recipients of a New York State PTA 
Richard Gazzola Teacher Fellowship for gradu- 
ate study. She will compk'e her Master's pro- 
gram in the area of Reai ing Specialist in 

December 1994. She is engaged and will be 
married in July 1995. Anne Marie Manelski 
graduated from the Pastoral Formation Institute 
of the Diocese of Rockville Centre. 
Donna Schultz, 287 Pamlico Avenue, 
Ronkonkoma, NY 1 1 779 51 6-585-3954 

1993 Brooklyn Arts & Sciences 

Julie Aiello Rubino is teaching third grade at 

PS 194 in Sheepshead Bay. Theresa Shea is 

teaching 4th grade at PS 152. Tara 

Pasquarello, Kelly McNulty and Phyllis 

D'Accordo are all teaching at PS 193. Lisa 

Ferraro is teaching 6th grade in a Junior HS. 

Dena Aviles is teaching 5th grade in Bedford 

Stuyvesant. Jeanne McNally is working as a 

third grade teacher at St. Margaret's School, 

Middle Village. Adrea Foust passed the CPA 

Exam and is engaged to John J. Fitzgerald '93. 

She is working at Deloitte and Touche. Let's 

hear some more from the class of '93 ! ! ! Contact 

your class agents and let us know what you are 

doing. Any marriages, address changes, or 

other happenings?'? 

Phyllis D'Accordo, 167 Beach 144th Street, 

Neponsil, NY 1 1694 718-634-6272 

Nadine Juste, P.O. Box 463, Brooklyn. NY 

11226 718-693-4228 

Kevin McManaway, 21-43 Butler Avenue, 

Ridgewood, NY 11385 N/L 

JulieAnn Aiello Rubino, 118 Foster Avenue, 

Brooklyn, NY 11230 718-436-7329 

Mary Gigliello, 1844 60th Street, Brooklyn. 

NY 11204 718-331-8496 

Marsha Griffin, 15 Mill Street Apt I A. 

Brooklyn, NY 1 1231 718-237-4629 

Madelyn Arrich, 21 Mathews Place, 

Brooklyn, NY 1 1 236 71 8-444-4323 

Janet Bisignano, 429 49th Street. Brooklyn, 

NY 11220 718-439-8735 

Albertha McKeithan, 100-25 Dekruif Place, 

Bronx, NY 10475 212-379-2522 

1993 Brooklyn General Studies 

Scott Burnette is attending C.W. Post for a 

master's degree in Health Admin. Cory 

Burnette was bom on Aug. 18, 1994. 

No Class Agent 

1993 Suffolk Arts & Sciences 

Mark Cramer is a special education teacher in 
Virginia. He is presently studying for a Masters 
in Students with Severe Emotional Disabilities 
at George Washington University in DC. 
No Class Agent 

1994 Brooklyn Arts & Science 

Christine Evers worked in the fundraising 
department of Governor George Pataki's office. 
Michelle Jordan is now Mrs. Tyrone Brooks. 
They were married on Oct. 15th. She is cur- 
rently working for Brooklyn Union Gas as a 
General Clerk. Jill Brody is now Mrs. Andres 
Delgado. They were married on June 25th. 
Temitope Fasoye is a co-head teacher in the 
Dillon Center. Lois Mercieca is attending 

graduate school at Adelphi University. She is 
also substitute teaching in the Public Schools. 
Anne Tavani is attending graduate school at 
Tufts University. Michele Littles is leaching 
third grade at Stanislaus Kostka School in 
Greenpoint. She is also taking graduate classes 
at night al Brooklyn College. Frank Spinner 
is attending New York College of Podiatric 
Medicine. Stephanie Ellerin is working at PS 
72 in Brooklyn. Lisa Caglianone is working 
for CIAO Congress of Italian Americans 
Organizations in an after school program. She 
is also substituting for the Public Schools in 
District 20. Patricia Minardi has been substi- 
tuting in Dist. 20 and has also been working full 
time in Day Care. Tracy Gunther is working 
as a third grade teacher at St. Angela Hall 
Academy. Denise Heisler has obtained a tem- 
porary job leaching second grade at St. Angela 
Hall Academy. Jennifer Basham is currently 
teaching seventh and eighth grade English in a 
Public School. Lori Torone is teaching sev- 
enth and eighth grade math in a Catholic 
school. Margaret (Maggie) Drozdowski is 
attending University of Connecticut, studying 
Dentistry. Donna DeGeorge is teaching 3rd 
grade at St. Frances Cabrini School in 
Bushwick. Esther Torres is teaching the 8th 
grade at Charles Dewey Middle School 136. 
She IS teaching earth science and hygiene. 
Vivian Barreto teaches 4th grade in a Public 
School in Dist. 15. Maribel Ramirez leaches 
7th grade bilingual science at Charles Dewey 
Middle School, 136. Sandra Guerrios teaches 
2nd grade in a bilingual public school. Donna 
DeGeorge and Temi Fasoye are currently 
looking for a location in Bay Ridge for a 
has suggestions, please contact them. The 
Class of '94 did a great job with their class 
notes, keep up the good work! 
Temitope Fasoye, 277 Washington Avenue 
Apt IH, Brooklyn, NY I 1205 718-789-0301 
Anne Tavani, 314 A Maiden Street, Medford, 
MA 02155 617-395-3751 
Lori Torone, 59-15 47lh Street, Woodside, NY 
11377 718-639-7912 

Donna DeGeorge, 89-11 78th Street, 
Woodhaven, NY 11421 718-296-2847 
Jill Brody Delgado, 619 East 7th Street, 
Brooklyn, NY 1 1 2 1 8 71 8-462-5020 

1994 Suffolk Arts & Sciences 
Colleen Marie Hines was accepted into 
Hofstra Law School. She is the granddaughter 
of Jean Carroll Brady'46. 

No Class Agent 

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no O t» "T5 2 

(W O > TJ 



M'S i 

i.) I u u c> N <„ M f L r ST t; r > 

>i T e R 

VOL. XLVI NO. 2 College Phone Numbers: 

SUMMER 1995 Switchboard Brooklyn: 7 1 8-636-6800 

Alumnagram Switchboard Patchogue: 516^47-3200 

is published twice a year by the Alumni Office Brooklyn: 718-636-6882 

Alumni Association of ., _„ _ , ^,- ,,^__,^ 

St. Joseph's College Alumni Office Patchogue: 5 1 6^47-32 1 5 

245 Clinton Avenue. Brooklyn Fax: 718-398^936 

Brooklyn, NY 11205 ^_ ^ .^c aa-> ^-,-iA 

Patchogue Fax: 516-447-1734 
Third Class Postage 

is paid to Brooklyn, NY 

Editor Please observe 

Margaret Dwyer Minson '70 the deadline for the 

Editorial Assistant Winter '96 Alumnagram: 

Stephanie Ventrice ^. , < r* . ■ 

November 10th 

Cover: Celebrating Dillon's 60th Anniversary, Design by Connelly Designs, Illustration by Elizabeth Wolf 

It is the policy of St. Joseph's College not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national or ethnic origin, age, handicap, or marital 

status in the educational programs, admissions policies, employment policies, financial aid or other school administered programs. This policy is 

implemented in compliance with Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Section 504 of the 

Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1986, as well as any other applicable federal, state or local statutes. 

Letter from the Editor 




September 19th 

Executive Board 

September 23rd 

Day at Belmont 

September 24th 

Graduates Reception 

September 28th 

London Suite 
Theatre Party 

September 30th 

Patchogue Campus 

October 16th 

Founders Day Lecture 

October 20th 

13th Annual 
Dinner Dance 
Crest Hollow 
Country Club 

November 4th 

Fall Luncheon 
Plaza Hotel 

January '96 

10 day Pilgrimage 
to the Holy Land 

Sunday, April 21st 

Spring Luncheon, 
Garden City Hotel 

Over the last two years several hundred alumni along the East Coast have 
enjoyed receptions with Sister George Aquin. The following people made these 
events a success. 

Mary Ann D'Annunzio WItowskI '69 - March 10, 1993 
at her home in Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey. 

Margaret Dwyer Minson '70 - July 12, 1993 

at her home in Belle Harbor and on December 6, 1993 in Manhattan. 

Ellen Farrell '70 - March 14, 1994 
at her home in Manhasset, Long Island. 

Jeanne McGuire Glenn '69 - March 27, 1994 
at her home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

Mary McGrover Peyton '59 - June 13, 1994 
at her home in Garden City, New York. 

Eileen Mahoney Hoban '50 - September 14, 1994 

at the Port Washington Yacht Club in Pt. Washington, New York. 

Mary Brennan Mulvihill '64 - November 14, 1994 
at her home in Bronxville, New York. 

Professor Margaret Jennings, April 23, 1995 
at her home in Framingham, Massachusetts. 

Lorraine Penfold Appleton '66 - May 16, 1995 
at her home in Millersville, Maryland. 

Catherine Kendrick Rehnberg '59 - May 18, 1995 
at the Shore and Country Club in Norwalk, Connecticut. 

Dolores Tomao Smith '50, of Huntington, L.I., and Mary Flanagan 

Rigaut'47, of Red Bank, NJ, have agreed to host receptions in the near future. 

Sister George Aquin is looking forward to visiting alumni nationwide. 
1 encourage you to contact the office for a reception in your state. These 
receptions can be at your home or at an outside location. All mailings are 
sent from our office and the College helps defray the costs. 

My sincere thanks to those who have been so supportive of all our efforts to 
unite alumni nationwide. 


Margaret Dwyer Minson '70 

Director, Alumni Relations 

R M^'* 







Alumni have made contributions to the field of 
law in many ways. These are but a few of our 
many graduates who have made their mark in 
the legal profession. 

For the last five years, Katharine McKenna Black 
has practiced law at her own firm in Carbondale, 
Illinois, about 300 miles south of Chicago. 

After receiving her BA in 
English from St. Joseph's 
College in 1957, Katherine con- 
tinued her education at 
Southern Illinois University, 
where she was granted an MS in 
speech pathology in 1972. Her 
interest in studying law was a 
result of her position at the 
Guardianship and Advocacy 
Commission where she repre- 
sented parents with disabled 
children. Dissatisfied that she 
could not take her cases to 

court, she decided to become a lawyer. She received 
her Juris Doctor from Southern Illinois University in 
1986. While in law school, Katherine received the John 
Rendleman Award and the Lincoln's Inn Award, given 
for service and leadership to the Southern Illinois 
University School of Law. Since receiving her degree 
she has successfully represented clients at administra- 
tive hearings in federal courts and in the Court of 

Presently a member of the Association for Persons with 
Severe Handicaps, the Council for Exceptional Children 
and the Learning Disabilities Association, Katherine 
says that "St. Joseph's allowed me to explore my capa- 

Katherine is married to George W. Black and has three 
children; Kathleen Anne, 31 Mary Cecilia, 30 and 
James Joseph, 28. She is a member of St. Francis 
Xavier parish and spends her free time reading and 
enjoying spectator sports. 

In 1976, John McGuire grad- 
uated from St. Joseph's y 
College with a major in I 
English. While at the College ■■_ 
he was President of the P- 
Undergraduate Association; he 
also spent a great deal of time 
on the basketball court. 
During his senior year he was 
selected for Who's Who 
Among Students from 
American Colleges and 

After graduating from New York Law School in 1980, 
Jack accepted a position at the Brooklyn District 
Attorney's Office in the Sex Crimes Bureau. In 1983, he 
joined E.F. Hutton Company in the General Counsel's 
office where he was involved in general brokerage liti- 
gation. In 1986, Jack joined Oppenheimer & Co. Inc., 
where today he is a Managing Director and Associate 
General Counsel. He supervises attorneys handling liti- 
gation, arbitration and regulatory matters while provid- 
ing advisory and counseling services to sales, compli- 
ance and senior management. Jack believes that his 
English major from SJC was invaluable in preparing 
him to express himself in writing to other professionals. 

Jack is married to Connie Gildea '77. They live in West 
Brighton, Staten Island, with their two 
children;,Timothy, 11, and Katherine, 9, and are mem- 
bers of St. Teresa's parish. 

Jack can still be found on the basketball court at SJC, 
enjoying old friends on Alumni Nite. He says his chil- 
dren think it's funny to see Dad trying to play basket- 

Don't forget the deadline for the Winter '96 
Alumnagram is November 10th! 


Rosemarie DeRogatis '68 
is a self-employed attor- 
ney who lives on the 
Upper West Side of 
Manhattan with her husband, 
Louis Montello. They are 
members of Holy Trinity 
parish. After graduation from 
SJC she received her MS in 
early childhood education 
from Brooklyn College. She 
then went on to earn a certifi- 
cate in Administration and 
Supervision of Elementary 
Schools from Richmond College. 

When Rosemarie began to think about studying law, 
many of her friends and relatives tried to dissuade her 
with the argument that there were too many lawyers. 
Feeling that she would acquire knowledge in an area 
that was unknown to her, she says, "That decision has 
resulted in a life blessed with happiness and fulfillment." 
She feels her dedication to study, discipline and 
achievement, nurtured at St. Joseph's, found its fruition 
in law school and in her legal practice. Her practice 
encompasses real estate, corporate estate and contract 
law. She has been honored as a recipient of the 
American Jurisprudence Award in estate taxation and 

In 1984, Theresa Yard 
graduated from SJC with 
a major in history. While 
at the College, she was 
President of both the 
Political Affairs Club and the 
Phi Mu Chapter of Phi Alpha 
Beta; she was also an active 
member of the yearbook 
staff. Chapel Players and the 
photography club. 

After graduation, Theresa attended Fordham University 
School of Law, where she received a Medal for 
Constitutional Law and was listed in Who's Who 
Among American Women. While at Fordham she 
developed interests in commercial litigation, antitrust 
law and legal publishing. Theresa wrote an article 
which won her a position on the staff of the Fordham 
International Law Journal, and was later elected to an 
editorial position on the journal. 

In 1985 and 1986, Theresa interned at the New York 
City Fire Department, Hertz Corporation, and Lord, Day 
& Lord, where she was involved in researching legisla- 
tion, case law and drafting memoranda. In 1987, while 
studying for her bar exam, she worked as an 
Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of the 
International Bar Association, reviewing articles sub- 
mitted for publication in the International Business 
Lawyer. After graduating from law school, she joined 
the staff of Kelley Drye & Warren as an Associate, 
where she was a commercial litigator. After seven 
years at Kelley Drye & Warren, she decided to pursue 
her professional interest in legal publishing, which 
would allow her to spend more time with her children. 
Today, Theresa is employed by West Publishing Co. as 
an Acquisitions Editor. Her responsibilities include 
developing new legal treatises on New York law; select- 
ing and recruiting authors to write books; editing 
books; and marketing books in the legal community. 
She believes that the small classes at SJC prepared her 
for the socratic method utilized in law school, which 
gave her added confidence. 

Theresa lives in Massapequa, Long Island, with her two 
children; Blake, 5, and Erica, 2, where they are mem- 
bers of St. Rose of Lima parish. Her interests include 
matrimonial law and photography. She is a member of 
the New York State, New York County, and American 
Bar Associations. She is also admitted to practice law 
in the state, federal and U.S. Supreme Court. 


Sister Mary Joel 
Acerno C.S.J. '48 
took an interesting 
route to thie field of law. 
She began her career as a 
teacher in 1950 at St. 
Benedict Joseph Labre 
Elementary School. In 
1960, she joined the faculty 
at St. Joseph's College as a 
math instructor. She 
remained at the College 
until 1975 when she 
became Principal of St. 
Clare's Elementary School. 
After three years there, Sister Mary Joel moved on to 
become Principal of Holy Child of Jesus. After more 
than forty years in education, she felt it was time to 
change her ministry. 

After graduating 
from the Division 
of General Studies 
in 1989 with a degree in 
Management of Human 
Resources, LeRoy 

Robinson received his 
Juris Doctor from the 
Seton Hall School of Law 
in 1993. 

LeRoy became an intern 

with the City of New York 

at the HRA's Office of 

Legal Affairs, where he had the opportunity to develop 

his legal writing skills. Today, LeRoy combines careers 

with the Yonkers Fire Department and as an associate 

with Levy and Associates on Wall Street in Mew York 


In her work as a Eucharistic Minister, Sister was a regu- 
lar visitor to a woman who had a conservator. This 
attorney, when inquiring about her client's well-being, 
sparked Sister's interest in the law profession. She 
began a paralegal program at Queens College and 
received her certificate in 1993. 

Sister Mary Joel is presently working for Joseph Brintle, 
doing legal research in the areas of immigration, fore- 
closure and day-care. 

Sister says that "SJC was invaluable in preparing me for 
legal work by giving me a desire to continue learning, 
particularly when there was satisfaction and fulfillment 
in what was being taught." 

Sister Mary Joel is presently living in Flushing and is a 
member of Holy Family parish. 

LeRoy has been a firefighter since 1982 and joined Levy 
and Associates in 1993. His duties there include legal 
work on medical malpractice, insurance defense and 
civil litigation cases. 

LeRoy is proud of the excellent education he received at 
SJC. He feels strongly that his introduction to an eclec- 
tic mixture of personalities at SJC has prepared him for 
the daily contact with clients and adversaries. LeRoy 
Robinson says, "The Brooklyn Campus professors took 
a personal interest in my development from the first day 
on campus until my graduation. My counselors and the 
office support staff were there for me at every turn. For 
me, St. Joseph's set the academic standards I have 
come to expect from all other institutions of higher 

LeRoy Robinson lives in Harlem with his wife, Pat Mason 
Robinson '89, and their two-year-old son, Agene Daniel. 

After graduating from 
the Suffolk Campus 
in 1988 with a major 
in social sciences, David 
Desmond received his Juris 
Doctor from Touro Law 
School in 1991. While in law 
school, David interned with 
Supreme Court Suffolk 
County Justice James A. 
Gowan. David has received 
the American Juris 

Prudence Award for civil pro- 
cedures and real property. 

Upon graduation from law school, David accepted a 
position with Van Nostrand and Martin, Attorneys at 
Law, in Amityville, NY, where he continues to practice 
law. He is currently an Associate Attorney. David is 
responsible for handling commercial/corporate litiga- 
tion, representing the Suffolk County Water Authority 
as in-house counsel and managing the firm's legal 
research library. David practices law in the areas of 
trusts and estates, elder law, landlord and tenant, real 
estate and municipal law. He feels that "Professor 
David Hilgendorf was a primary inspiration to my deci- 
sion to practice law as a career. The education I 
received from the sociology/political science program 
has been invaluable in helping me to understand and 
address the needs of my clients." 

David Desmond lives in Shoreham, NY, with his wife 
and two children. They are members of St. John's 
parish in Wading River. 

Please submit the names of alumni who are in 

the field of higher education for the next 

"Profiles" section. 


In Search Of... 


I ave you ever tried to get in touch with an old 
classmate only to find that the last address you 
I have in your telephone directory is 4 years old 
? Well, your troubles are over Soon an impressive 
directory of our alumni will be available to help you 
locate all your old friends. 

The new SJC Alumni Directory, scheduled for release 
in February/March 1996, will be the most up-to-date 
and complete reference on over 12,000 SJC alumni 
ever compiled! This comprehensive volume will 
include current name, address and phone number, 
academic data, plus business information 
(if applicable), bound into a classic, library-quality 

The Alumni Office has contracted the prestigious 
Bernard C. Harris Publishing Company Inc. to produce 
our Directory. Harris will soon begin researching and 
compiling the information to be printed in the Directory 
by mailing a questionnaire to each alumna/us. (If you 
prefer not to be listed In the Directory, please contact 
the Alumni Office in writing as soon as possible.) 

The new SJC Alumni Directory will soon make finding a 
fellow SJC graduate as easy as opening a book. Look 
for more details on the project in future issues. 






Scholarship Committee, 

Susan Burke '68, 

Elaine De Felice Spataro '68, 

Sister Elizabeth Hill '64, 

Anne Mulligan '75 and 

Margaret Dwyer Minson 70, 

met with Carol Sullivan, 

Director of Financial Aid and 

awarded more than $16,000 

in scholarship money. 

The following are but a few 

of the outstanding young 

men and women who are 

recipients of this 

years awards. 

Jason Kreitsch, son of Amelia Abagnalo Kreitsch '70 is a graduate 
of Archbishop Moiloy High School. There he maintained a 95.2 overall 
average and was a member of Who's Who Among High School 
Students. He is currently working at St. Helen's Church. Still undecid- 
ed about his major, Jason will be attending the Brooklyn campus in the 

Jarinyar Kanchanawong graduated from 
Cardinal Spellman High School in the Bronx. She is the daughter of 
Nuntana Kanchanawong '92GS. She was a member of the National 
Honor Society and captain of the varsity volleyball team. Jarinyar 
chose SJC because "SJC will give me the attention and support I need 
to reach my goal." Jarinyar will be majoring in 
biology at the Brooklyn campus. 

Amy Giambra is the niece of Joan Rush '73. She is a graduate of 
Sachem High School and Suffolk Community College. She is current- 
ly working part-time at the Price Club in Holbrook. Amy was impressed 
by the reputation SJC holds in the field on education. She will be study- 
ing child study/special education at the Suffolk 

Christina Gregor is the daughter of Louanne Gregor '92S. She is a 

graduate of Center Moriches High School. She was involved in many 
activities in high school including Softball, cheerleading, soccer, band, 
yearbook staff and the Prom Committee. She is currently working at 
Breinz Deli in Center Moriches. Christina chose SJC because " I heard 
from my mother and some of her friends who attended, how great it is." 

Christina will be studying occupational therapy at the Suffolk campus. 

Karen Lynch was a professional ballerina with the Kansas City Ballet 
Co. and the Pacific Northwest Ballet Company in Seattle. She is cur- 
rently teaching ballet to young dancers at Seiskaya Ballet School. She 
is the daughter of Mary Short '60. Karen chose SJC because it has an 
excellent program in Child Study. She wants to work with young chil- 
dren and "SJC has the best program that would prepare me to do this." 
She will be studying at the Suffolk campus. 

Maureen Ann Kearns is the daughter of Theresa Gordon Kearns 

'75 and is a graduate of Patchogue-Medford High School. She has been 
inducted into the National Honor Society and ranked 1 1th out of a class 
of 600 students. She was active in the school newspaper, the Spanish 
Honor Society, and the marching band. Maureen chose SJC because of 
"the personal atmosphere, small classes and the liberal arts education." 
She will be attending the Suffolk campus and majoring in English. 

Lori Martinelli is the sister of Lisa Martinelli '94S. She is a graduate 
of Longwood High School. While in high school Lori was a member of 
the National Honor Society, the newspaper, and the band. She is cur- 
rently working at Just Kids Learning Center as a teacher's assistant. Lori 
chose SJC because it is well known in the field of Child Study. She will 
attend the Suffolk campus. 

Jody Plotrowski is the sister of Michele 
Piotrowski '92S. She is a graduate of East Islip High School and 
Suffolk Community College. Jody obtained an Interpreter for the Deaf 
degree while at Suffolk Community College. She was captain of the 
Forensics Debate Team and was recognized as State champion twice. 
She chose SJC because "It has an outstanding reputation for preparing 
future teachers." Jody will be majoring in Child Study/Special 

Education at the Suffolk Campus. 

Melissa Peiliker was introduced to SJC by her cousin, Carolyn 
Mastroddi '92. While attending Comsewogue Senior High School, 
Melissa was treasurer of the student government and chairperson of the 
senior prom and homecoming. She has been involved in Special 
Olympics and Cluster 4, an elementary school for handicapped children. 
Melissa chose SJC because it was highly recommended to her by her 
cousin and she was very pleased with what it has to offer her. She will 
be a psychology major at the Suffolk campus. 

Danielle Rondello is the daughter of Rita Romondetto 

Rondello'71. She is a graduate of St. Edmund's High School where 
she was secretary of the student council, yearbook editor and a mem- 
ber of the National Honor Society. Danielle chose SJC because she 
feels that "it has a strong Child Study Program." Danielle plans to major 
in child study at the Brooklyn campus. 

Andrea Torquato, daughter of Barbara 

Terlecki Torquato'68 is a graduate of Connetquot High School. She is 

active in student government and does volunteer work with the Special 

Olympics. Andrea chose SJC because she was looking for a small, 

friendly college where she would be able to be successful in her studies. 

She will be majoring in accounting at the Suffolk 


Mariana Angela Ambrosio, cousin of Denise Leto Michaels '89S is 

a graduate of Massapequa High School and Nassau Community 
College. In high school, she was an active member of the varsity vol- 
leyball, basketball and softball teams. Mariana also was the recipient of 
the Outstanding Achievement Massapequa Association of 

Chairpersons and Supervisors Certificate in 1993. 

She will be majoring in Child Study/Special 

Education at the Suffolk campus. 

Tammy Springer is the daughter of Rita Basselman '92. Tammy 
graduated from Hampton Bays High School and SCINY Westbury. She 
is looking forward to attending a small personal college. She will be 
majoring child study at the Suffolk campus. 





at the 




















In Memory of 

Professor of Speech 1946-56 
Academic Dean 1956-1969 

John Baptist Hull, C.S.J. 

To generations of St. 

Joseph's College students, 

the words, "My door is 

always open," will evoke 

warm memories of Sister 

John Baptist. As 

Academic Dean, Sister 

John greeted each new 

class of freshmen with that 

message - intending to 

reassure them, and give 

them a sense that they 

had someone on their 

side. It seems that the 

image of the open door 

provides an appropriate lens through which we may 

reflect on this extraordinary woman. 

Sister John Baptist was open to life in all its beauty and 
opportunities. As a young woman, she responded whole- 
heartedly to the grace of conversion and vocation; and, 
especially in her later years, she rejoiced in recalling 
those special moments of openness to God's love. 

Throughout her life. Sister John was open hearted, and 
open handed - her ability to make friends is legendary, 
and her loyalty was exemplary. Many could speak of this 
from their own experience. Her loyalty and affection 
were expressed in the most practical way - in deeds, at 
times physically demanding ones - and in a gentle, 
patient spirit. 

Even after her retirement from full time ministry at the 
College, Sister was very active, tutoring many foreign stu- 
dents - and teaching them much more than proper pro- 
nunciation. She also embraced the myriad responsibili- 
ties of being treasurer of a large house, and managed to 
keep it balanced, as well as balancing the books! 

One of the most vivid memories of Sister John Baptist is 
of her in the second pew on the right in the "232" con- 
vent chapel. There, she was most open, to the great won- 
der and delight that she found in hours of prayer before 
the Blessed Sacrament. There, she discerned that it was 
time for her to move from the College to Maria Regina - 
which is, above all, a house of prayer. Sister John was 
attracted to her new home because here the central 
themes of her life could be lived most fully in this envi- 
ronment of prayer and loving support. Even as the col- 
lege community missed her presence in our daily lives, 
we rejoiced that she was so happy. As we bid her farewell 
again, we rejoice that she is at home, at rest, at peace. 

Eulogy by Sister George Aquin O'Connor 

In Memory of 

St. John Murphy '24 

For four years Mary has been our 
Class President. Why? simply 
because we couldn't haven't 
managed without her. She 
has directed our affairs qui- 
etly but capably, and we 
have always felt the deep- 
est trust in her leadership. 

Mary is one who inspires 
confidence naturally. She has 
a very strict sense of duty and a 
remarkable persistency in overcoming obstacles 
that interfere with its performance. Tactful, efficient, 
and dependable, she can always be relied on to 
manage big things successfully and without osten- 

Friendliness is characteristic of all Mary's words and 
acts. No one could be lonely or neglected while 
Mary is around, for she radiates kindliness and good 
fellowship, and can put the most bashful stranger at 
ease. Her constant consideration for the feelings of 
others is as beautiful as it is rare. Mary could be sar- 
castic, but she believes in thinking over a remark 
that might hurt and then not saying it. The things 
she leaves unsaid are a great indication of her power 
of self control. We could talk about Mary forever and 
not begin to do her justice, for her character is a 
mine so rich that we may never hope to exhaust its 


As Mary was then, 

so she remained 

for her life. 




Dorothy Bloodgood Kennedy 
'48, the first alumna to be 
honored at the St. Joseph's 
College Annual Dinner Dance, will 
receive the Distinguished Citizen 
Award in recognition of her civic con- 
tributions through volunteer activi- 
ties. The award will be presented at 
the Thirteenth Annual Dinner Dance, 
to be held on Friday, October 20, 
1995, at the Crest Hollow Country 
Club in Woodbury, LI. 

An English major who graduated 
cum laude, Dorothy is an inspiration 
to all those who have had the privi- 
lege to know her, work with her, or 
learn from her over the years. The 
mother of five children and grand- 
mother of ten, Dorothy is fond of say- 
ing that she has had three wonderful 
careers - wife, mother, and teacher - 
and that St. Joseph's prepared her 
perfectly for each. 

In 1949, Dorothy married her high 
school sweetheart, Bernard Kennedy. 
Once their children were older, she 
went back to school and earned a 
master's degree in secondary educa- 
tion from Hofstra University. For 
twelve years she balanced her teach- 
ing career with her responsibilities as 
mother and wife. She also found 
time, and continues to find time, to 
give back to the community. 

In addition to serving on the board 
of directors for both the American 
Irish Historical Society and the Long 
Beach Hospital Ladies Auxiliary, 
Dorothy volunteers every week at 
One More Time, a fund raising 
avenue for the hospital. 

Dorothy credits St. Joseph's College 
with having taught her some of life's 
most important lessons. "It gave us a 
marvelous sense of our own worth 
and taught us the importance of 

We hope you will join with us as we 
honor Dorothy. Call the Alumni 
Office at (718) 636-6882 for special 
alumni tickets. 

'■- ^~- 

>* ' 

■"'T * ■ 

l*> i^* .^',- -J . \f,,,_-j,-'. 




As you develop your estate 
plan, your will may become 
the centerpiece of your loving 
remembrance of family needs 
and charitable intent. 

A bequest to St. Joseph's College 
is a tangible expression of your 
dedication to the intellectual and 
spiritual values inherent in our 
educational tradition. 


Please notify us if you have 
included St. Joseph's College 
in your estate planning. a 
beneficiary in your will, annuity 
contract, charitable trust, or any 
other planned giving vehicle. 

You will become a member of the 
newly-formed Aquinas Society 
and receive a beautiful certificate 
expressing appreciation for your 


Margaret T. McHugh '66 addressed the Class of '95 at the 
Commencement Exercises of the Brooklyn Arts and Sciences Division 

on June 2nd. 
On this same occasion she was awarded the following degree. 

The Honorary Degree 
of Doctor of Humane Letters 

In honoring Margaret T. McHugh, St. Joseph's College is paying tribute to an outstand- 
ing alumna, and a dedicated advocate for the most vulnerable among us - abused and 
battered children. As Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the New York 
CJniversity School of Medicine and Director of Adolescent Services at Bellevue Hospital, 
Dr. McHugh works tirelessly on behalf of troubled children both in the hospital clinical 
setting, and in the political arena. 

After graduating from St. Joseph's College, Margaret McHugh went to Georgetown 
University School of Medicine and earned her medical degree. While a Visiting Fellow 
in Ambulatory Pediatrics at Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons, 
Dr. McHugh received a Masters in Public Health from Columbia University, this broad 
background was a superb preparation for her life-long work of dedicated service. 

In her current position, Dr. McHugh works with medical students and young doctors, 

imparting to them her passionate concern for abused children, and sharing the unique expertise and experience she 
has gained through her own practice and professional associations. As a member of the Children's Justice Task 
Force of the Mew York State Department of Social Services, Chairperson of the Child Protective Services Training 
Institute of the Family Life Development Center at Cornell University - to name just a few of her affiliations - Dr. 
McHugh contributes to the advancement of theory and practice in this all-important area. 

Dr. McHugh has written the Official Guidelines of the State of PSew York Department of Health and Department of 
Social Services for Suspected Child Abuse and Maltreatment : and authored and co-authored a number of articles and 
abstracts dealing with this issue. She is a recognized and respected leader in the struggle to protect children from 
abusive treatment, and to provide them with appropriate medical care and emotional support systems. 

It is therefore with great respect and esteem that the Board of Trustees of St. Joseph's College, by the power vested 
in them by the Regents of the University of the State of New York, bestow on Margaret T. McHugh the degree of 

Doctor of Humane Letters 

honoris causa M 


19th Street and Park Avenue South 



(London Q&uite 

Union Square Theatre 
1 7th Street and Park Auenue South 

$70.00 per person (includes dinner and theatre) 

For More Information Call the Alumni Office (718) 636-6882 




Please remember the deceased of the 

St. Joseph's College family in your prayers. 



Christine Gibson Dougherty '24 
Mary St. John Murphy '24 
Marie Kelley Smith '28 
Dorothea Murphy Glasser '29 
Frances Dieckert Rebele '32 
Gladys Worthley '32 
Isabelle Robertson O'Connor '35 
Mary Schulteis Gray '39 
Grace Seims Fennell '39 
Bertha Antonades Madden '39 
Marie Giuffre McLaughlin '39 
Nancy Hurley Dunn '41 
Mary Byrne Kitson '44 
Mary McGrath Brennan '45 
Helen Kotch Lashkow '46 
Norma Weekes Griffith '47 
Margaret Wilson Sullivan "47 
Catherine Sclafani Lenihan '48 
Alice Sloat Singer '49 
Roberta Nelson '52 
Evelyn Freese Freeman '55 
Jean Haslam Darnowski '56 
Marie Marchesini Zarouni '57 
Ellen Mclnnis Nirdlinger '65 
Mary Hornick '78GS 
Alberta Little 'BOGS 
Sondra Korus '80GS-S 
Frances Ewen '81GS 
Gloria Mummery 'B3GS-S 
Claude Willis '90QS 
Joanne Temple '93GS-S 


Mary White Kearney '32 
Fran Bennett Jacobsen '37 
Helen Gribbin Mally '40 
Margaret Conlon Neal '40 
Margaret Heron Mally '41 
Pat Loth Burgmyer '42 
Violet Castana Falcone '42 
Sarah Cooney Steets '42 
Evelyn Marzano Corcoran '43 
Ann Porter Molanphy "56 
Helen Wagner Cloherty '63 


Constance Theiss McGlinchey '43 
Theresa Duenzl '50 

Adelaide Balfe Hall '50 MARRIAGES 

Sr. Miriam Lucille (Lucille Montella) '56 '90 

Louise Cavallaro Sikorski '56 

Mary Ellen Slater Stevenson '58 '90S 

Julie Wanzel Bernroth '63 

Constance D'Andrea McDonald '64 '93 

Marilyn Balogh Taylor '64 

Theresa Holmes Hickman'65 '93 

Joann Basileo Asciutto '67 

Nancy Lee Miller Page '70 '94 

Barbara Linskey Pondiscio '70 

Mary White Kearney '32 
Eleanor Miller O'Connor '48 


Marie Keegan '29 
Gloria Acerno McKenna '43 
Eleanor Grennan '45 
Sister Mary Joel Acerno '48 
Lillian McArdle '50 
Gertrude Agoglia '51 
Mary Callahan Browne '63 


Dolores Redican Quinlivan '48 


Evelyn Hogan McGovern '42 
Elfriede Kast Fanning '49 


Mary Elizabeth McGlinchey '68 
Jane McGlinchey Malin '70 


Mary Beth Ambrose Sigal '68 
Deborah Ambrose Ripperger '70 
Meg Ambrose Preller '72 


Sister John Baptist Hull 



'90 Gerald Bellettiere to Maureen 

Maguire '90 
'91 Denise Adrion to Marc Stevens 

Dav*/n Gallagher to Edward 

Smallman 6/94 

Carolyn Dyer to Lee Chabin, 


Katherine Luna to Edgar A. 

Gutierrez '93GS 6/94 

Charlotte Mittenzwei to John 

O'Neill 11/94 

Salvatore Fragliossi to Sylvia 

Carol McBride Luckam '73 


Teresa Mariani '78GS-S 




Catherine Boemio Ireland '58 11/93 


Eugenia Serpe Sivillo'65 

Margaret Moylan Kelleher '69 

Mary Pat Acerno Bostwick '75 


Jo-Ann Maggio '75 

Edward Abdale Jr. ■78S 






Alexandra Danielle to Mary Morry 
Demers 8/93 

Jordan to Donna Tobin Valentin 
Kaitlyn Healy and Taylor Ashley 
to Maryann Finneran Roberts 

Renee Margaret to Karen Collins- 
Nelson 3/95 

Angelo Joseph to Joanne Visalli 
Mauro 12/94 
Robert Anthony to Maria 
Humphrey Dell'Aquila and Robert 
Dell'Aquila '86S 
Kevin Patrick to Kelly Anne 
Zappulla and Christopher Paul 
Young '85S 

Emily Jane to William and Eileen 
McNally 7/94 

Francine Marie to Michael La 
Casse 1/95 

John Morgan to David and 
Maureen Desmond 8/94 


'43 Evelyn Marzano Corcoran received a 
paralegal degree with honors, and a fellow- 
ship to attend a Close-Clp Foundation semi- 
nar on national issues for a week in 
Washington D.C. 

'48 Sister Mary Joel Acerno received a 
Paralegal Certificate. '93 

'51 Joan Williams Kane was named Staff 
Member of the Year at St. Mary's Child 
Development Center. 

'58 Catherine Boemio Ireland was named 
Chairperson of the American Chemical 
Society for '94-'95 

'64 Margaret Harrington received the 
Catholic Teachers Association Diocese of 
Brooklyn Mary L Brady Award for distin- 
guished service and inspirational leadership in 

'65 Catherine Munster Furman is being 
installed into the Delta Kappa Gamma 
Society, a professional teachers' organiza- 
tion, this December. 

'66 Donna Toth Katan received a MALS 
from Wesleyan (Jniversity. 

'66 Patrice Lombardo was selected as 
Teacher of the Year - Fort Hamilton High 
School 6/94 

'67 Mary Ellen Dubiel Freeley has been 
appointed to the position of 
Superintendent, Carle Place School District 

'68 Barbara Bracco Christina received an 
Ed.D in Early and Middle Childhood Ed. 
from Nova Southeastern (Jniversity 6/93 

'72 Patricia O'Neill Ruane was named as 
the New England Region Teacher of the 
Year by the National Catholic Education 
Association 4/95 

'80GS-S Maria Shehi was named in Who's 
Who Among American College Students 
and made the National Dean's Honor List. 






432 76 STREET 



(718) 83&6424 

'81 Melissa Marchese Dougherty was 
awarded a grant from the New York State 
Education Department to open an inte- 
grated class, mixing typical and special 
needs children. 

'81GS Cora Forbes received a MS in 
Administration from Central Michigan 
University 12/94 

'82 Joan Anderson McMaster received a 
Masters degree in Reading from St. John's 

'82GS Carmen Medina received a MS 
from L.l.CJ. in Community Health/Health 

'83GS Ruth Phillips received a MS in 
Administration from Central Michigan 
(Jniversity. 12/94 

'83S James M. Dixon completed Officer 
Indoctrination School - U.S. Navy 12/94 

'84GS Muriel Beckles-Worrell received a 
Certificate of Merit from Who's Who of 
Women; Who's Who in Nursing; 
Benefactor's Award from the North Shore 
League; Certificate of Achievement from 
the Nursing Care Givers Committee and 
received the Life Fellow Membership 
Award. Muriel received a MS degree in 
Health Care Administration from EMU (Off 
Campus) 11/94 

'85S Joanne Visalli Mauro received a 
Masters degree in Reading 

'86S Joanne Walsh received her MSW 
degree from Stony Brook University 5/95 

'87GS Shirley Atwood was the recipient 
of the Black Achievers in Industry Award, 
which is presented by the Harlem YMCA 

'87S Antoinette Giordano was inducted 
into Delta Mu Delta Honor Society, 1 1/94, 
and received a masters degree, in 
Business Management from Dowling 
College 12/94 

'87S William McNally received a MA 
degree in Liberal Studies from Stony 

'87GS-SJames LoManto received a MS 
degree in Health Sciences from SUNY 
Stony Brook 12/94 

'90S Stacia Doerler received a Master 
Degree in Education from Dowling College 
'90S Ruth Lloret received "Gold Seals" in 
surgery and assistant primary care from the 
Physician Boards. 

'90S Michelle Frisina Morin received a 
Masters Degree in Applied Science from St. 
John's University. 

'90GS-S Ralph Francis received a MA in 
Human Resources/Development from 
Webster University 

'91 Denise Adrion received a Masters in 
Special Ed. 6/94 

'91 Filomena Scibelli Lunden received a 
MS degree in Ed. Administration from 
Fordham University 9/93 

'91S Darlene Mercieca received her mas- 
ters degree in Business Administration from 
St. John's University 5/95 

10 DAY 






CALL 51&654'0199 


Alumni Nite 

Executive Board 

Spring Luncheon on April 29th 

Patchogue's 1st Annual Walkathon 


Mayor Leavandosky and other local and college officials at More than 100 walkers raised almost $8,000 for scholarships and 

ribbon-cutting ceremony the new Athletic Center. 

Budapest 1995 

Mennorial Mass 
Angela Shillitani McGrath '50 

In April, alumni enjoy S. Joan Ryan's trip to Eastern Europe 

Family and friends of Angela Shillitani McGrath gather in the 

The Senior Luncheon 

S^^St^^L l?~f£^^^^M 

chapel on May 1st for a memorial mass. 

Sponsored by the Alumni Association 

s \ 


\ ^^S^ ^'j^^^^l 














M^ " 


Heather Costanzo presenting the senior class gift to 
Sister George Aquln. 

Rosalie Tutino, Vice President for Development and College Relations, 
welcomes the Class of 1995 to the Alumni Association. 

Maryland Reception 

1^ __ 



1 j^k/ ^^k3m 


^ /_ir3 -- 

Maryland alumni gathering at the home of Lorraine Penfold 
Appleton '66. 

Lorraine Appleton welcoming her guests on May 16th. 

Connecticut Reception 

S. George Aquin and the hostess of the Connecticut reception, Mary Brennan McGrath '45, Margaret Dwyer Minson '70, 

Catherine Kendrick Rehnberg '59, at the Shore and Country Director of Alumni Relations, and Doris Zerrenner Harrington '45 

Club in Norwalk, on May 18th. enjoy the Connecticut reception. 

Alumni Association Gift 

Susan Burke '68, President of the Alumni Association (center), and Patricia Egan Englehart '52, 

Treasurer (left), present S. George Aquin with the Alumni Association's final payment of a 

$10,000 pledge to help meet the Calder Challenge. 

On Sunday, May 7th, the family of S. Margaret Louise Shea joined the Dillon staff for a mass in celebration of the 
60th anniversary of the pre school program and the memory of S. Margaret Louise. The mass was celebrated 
by S. Margaret's nephew, Rev. Timothy Valentine, S.J. After mass, this group of more than sixty enjoyed brunch 
in the parlors. Meanwhile, several hundred alumni and friends enjoyed a pictorial display of sixty years of pre 
school history, prepared by the Dillon parents. S. George Aquin welcomed everyone back and introduced S. Helen Kearney. 
Educational Director of the Dillon Child Study Center, who gave a history of the pre school program. S. Helen received a 
standing ovation for her leadership and dedication. S. Alice Francis was presented with a gift from the College in appreci- 
ation of her many years of devotion to the children. Also recognized for her generosity was Margaret Mary Wolfe '41, who 
was instrumental in the redecoration of S. Margaret's office into a parent teacher conference room. In closing, S. George 
presented a plaque to the Shea family, which will be placed in the "Shea Conference Room" which is dedicated to the mem- 
ory of S. Margaret Louise Shea, Director of Dillon from 1942 to 1980 and her sister, Mary Shea, Professor of Speech from 
1943 to 1980. 

S. Helen Kearney, Educational Director of the Dillon Center, 
receiving a standing ovation. 

S. George Aquin accepting a citation from State Senator 
Velmanette Montgomery, a former Dillon parent. 

Ben Reed(far right) a former Dillon student, witli his brother 
and cousins at the Dillon reception. 

Peggy Wolfe '4 1 and Eileen Wolfe Gaffney '43 

— J,'-Li£JL^ 







^m^ ^ 

\; , 1 

w ^W 



m. H**- 


^ ^HculB 


' !wm 






IMMi ., p 


1 ';v/^"^v< 

1 ■■!, 

1 "i 


S. Alice Francis addressing the audience at the Dillon celebration. 

Caroline Green, a current Dillon student, playing on 
the lawn. 

Members of the Shea Family enjoying brunch in the Parlors after the Mass. 




75th Anniversary Class 

No Class Agent 


Rita Fearon Bryan and 
Margaret Dwyer Minson '70 

enjoyed lunch together in 
Florida. They had more in com- 
mon than just SJC. Rita is the 
mother of seven - six sons and 
one daughter - while Margaret 
is the mother of four sons. 
Teresa Dolan Janton, 
9 Ace Road Box 101, Butler, 
NJ 07405 201-283-1206 


Grace O'Brien Martin was the 

only member of the Class of '25 
able to attend the Spring 
Luncheon. Grace said that she 
was honored to present the 
class gift to Sister George 
Aquin. Two of Grace's daugh- 
ters, Mary Martin Liebers '53 
and Margaret "Judy" Martin 
Lucas '57 joined her for the 
festivities. To celebrate their 
mother's 90th birthday, her chil- 
dren gave her a birthday party 
last fall, which included many 
family members. Margaret 
Normile McLoughiin '27 
joined in the festivities, as did 
many of Grace's friends. Her 
son-in-law Bob Liebers present- 
ed a slide show from years 
gone by. Hearty laughter and 
applause greeted the bell-bot- 
toms, sideburns and baby pic- 

Grace O'Brien Martin, 
39 Grove St., Hillsdale, NJ 
07642 201-666-4025 


70tli Anniversary Class 

Ho Class Agent 


To all of us, the death of Mary 
St. John Murphy was very sad 
news. May she rest in peace! 
The luncheon was the usual 

delightful affair. The class was 
represented by Bernadette 
Dolan, Rose Stuart Doran 
and Margaret Normile 
McLoughiin. Rose had recent- 
ly been to see four of her great- 
grandchildren in CT. She has 
been visiting in PL and is plan- 
ning on attending the wedding 
of her great granddaughter, 
who is getting married in New 
Orleans. Her next venture will 
be in October, when she takes 
her children on a family cruise 
to Bermuda, aboard the "S.S. 
Dreamland". Bon Voyage, 
Rose! Please drop us a line 
about the goings on in your 
world! Blessings! 
Margaret Normile McLoughiin, 
201 Webb Ave., River Edge, 
N J 07661 201-261-2942 


Eugenie Cormier Ahders is 

living in Haverford, PA. She has 
introduced her own plan for 
national health care, "Begin at 
the Beginning." It has gained 
Congressional attention and 
was included in the 
Congressional Record: subse- 
quently. Genie has been invited 
to become a guest columist for 
the Philadelphia Inquirer and 
Gary Trudeau, creator of the 
comic "Doonesbury" has sever- 
al comic strips commenting on 
the plan. The plan has been 
brought to the attention of 
President Clinton. Genie has 
also tried to engage the general 
public's interest with the help of 
consumer advocate Ralph 
Nader. Agnes Comerford is 
spending a comfortable retire- 
ment at Mount Holyoke. 
Dorothy Hand is still active in 
the Columbiettes, Salvation 
Army, Fatima Association, 
Firemen's Auxiliary and the 
Community Fund. Mary Keiiy 
Hoermann is confined to a 
wheelchair as a result of an 
escalator accident. Helen 
Callahan Brinl( writes that she 

is well and contented at St. 
Joseph's Manor in Trumbull, 
CT. Her granddaughter, 
Carolyn, who lives in Georgia, 
visited the family for Easter. 
Mary Keller Lawler swims 
each day in her apartment pool 
and enjoys the companionship 
of her neighbors. Mary is 
expecting the arrival of her 29th 
and 30th great-grandchildren in 
September. Her granddaughter 
was married last September on 
Cape Cod. Jeannette Farrell 
Amery is still confined to her 
apartment. Her grandchildren 
Ted and Scott have completed 
their college education. Jane 
majored in dramatics at 
Fairfield and is now teaching 
dramatics in a NJ high school. 
Elizabeth graduated from 
Boston College in May. She was 
the number one academic stu- 
dent in the 1995 class, awarded 
the Cross and Crown, a nation- 
al award for excellence; the 
Gasson Award, the Golden Key 
Award for 1995; Boston 
College's highest academic 
award. Margaret, the youngest 
grandchild, graduated from St. 
John Vianni HS in June and 
went on to attend St. Mary's 
College in Emmitsburg. MD. 
Jeannette's daughter, Maura, 
has returned to St. John's 
University to complete her 
degree. Agnes Kelly Bryan 
put a wonderful idea into 
fruition. She telephoned Elinor 
Woods Paul who is living in a 
retirement home in 

Massachusetts and found her in 
good health and wonderful spir- 
its. Agnes and John Bryan 
recently attended a newly orga- 
nized Feast of Mercy in honor of 
St. Faustina in New Jersey. 
Incidentally, John and Agnes 
seem to be 28's only surviving 
couple. Bless them! They 
recently traveled to California to 
visit their first great grandchild. 
Dorothy Thompson Rossini 
telephoned from Juno Beach, 

FL, with some interesting news 
about her family. Her son, Jon, 
recently received his Ph.D. from 
Duke University. Her grandson 
Tony and his fiancee both 
received their Ph.Ds. from 
Harvard. They will be married 
this year in Taiwan. Mary 
Murray Kelly is always happy 
to speak by phone to friends. 
She can be reached at (201) 
796-0185. Mary enjoys frequent 
visits from her son, Frank. 
Margaret Dwyer Minson '70, 
spoke to Emma Bergen, who 
is still enjoying life on the west 
coast of Florida. 
Jeannette Farrell Amery, 
1 Prospect Park Southwest 
Apt 4E, Brooklyn. NY 1 1215 
Agnes Kelly Bryan, 
38 Michigan Dr., Matawan, NJ 
07747 908-566-1103 


Marie Keegan, 

109 Irving Ave., Floral Park, 
NY 11001 516-354-2182 


Margaret Rellly Parker fol- 
lowed up on a name she saw in 
a church bulletin and was 
delighted to discover 

Bernadette Hughes Carroll 
living on Merritt Island, FL. 
No Class Agent 


65th Anniversary Class 
Margaret Ferry Healy and her 

husband. Nick, spent the fall in 
New Zealand, Australia, Hong 
Kong, China, Korea and Japan. 
Nick was honored by the 
Chinese Maritime Law 

Association, the Shanghai 
Maritime University, and the 
Japanese Maritime 
Association. The Healys have 
21 grandchildren and 5 great- 
grandchildren. Janet 
Prendergast Vicltrey writes 
that she and her fellow class- 

mates were surprised and 
delighted to see the 1931 bas- 
ketball team's picture in the last 
Alumnagram, and to remember 
the skills of Laura Brennan 
Loughlin, Marlon Myers and 
Amy Fraas Rodgers. Janet 
Prendergast Vickrey went on 
Sister Joan Ryan's trip to 
Central Europe at Easter. Next 
year we would like a large 
turnout for our 65th 

Janet Prendergast Vickrey, 
334 82nd St., Brooklyn, NY 
11209 718-836-0855 
Marie O'Connor, 
Applewood Estates, 1 705 
Applewood Drive, Freetiold, 
NJ 07728 908-409-7740 


The Spring Mass and Luncheon 
provided us with spiritual, phys- 
ical and emotional nourish- 
ment. The homily by Fr. James 
Sweeney was very relevant, 
witty and touching. His words 
about his mother, his greatest 
model, were most heartwarm- 
ing. She is Virginia l-lughes 
Sweeney, who celebrated her 
Golden Anniversary. Those who 
attended from '32 were Anne 
McCormacIc Fennessy, 

Claire Smitii and Mary 
Whelan Phelan. They were 
glad to have the company of 
their close friends: Ann Dolan 
McBride, Marguerite Doyle 
Tlciio, Margaret Ferry Healy, 
Zita Hawkins Stoddart, 
Janet Prendergast Vickrey 
and Catharine Wheeler 
Smith. Helen Coughlan 
Worthley was unable to attend 
as she had to be in Connecticut 
for her grandchild's First Holy 
Communion ceremony. It was 
good to see Claire Smith back 
in the mainstream, driving and 
involved in some of her former 
activities. We also have a report 
that Kathlyn Ansbro Wurts 
has recovered from serious 
heart surgery and is enjoying 

life in Florida. By now you have 
received notification of the 
death of Gladys Worthley. 
She was buried in Holy Cross 
Cemetery in Brooklyn. Her 
nephew and godson, Fr. James 
Worthley, flew to California to 
offer a memorial Mass. We are 
also diminished by the death of 
Marie Berry who all through the 
years, was an "honorary mem- 
ber" of our class, attending 
many of our reunions as a par- 
ticular friend of Mary Whelan 
Phelan. Our sympathy to 
Mary. We mourn with our dear 
Mary White Kearney the loss 
of her husband of 53 years. 
John was a notable attorney 
involved with the Diocese of 
Brooklyn, and a former trustee 
of St. Joseph's College. 
Gertrude CJnser spent a few 
weeks in Toronto visiting 
friends. Anne Fennessy had 
lunch with Dr. Richard 
Loughlin, husband of Laura 
Brennan Loughlin '31. Sadly, 
Laura is confined to a nursing 
home. Dick visits with her every 
day. A happy note, their daugh- 
ter, Lori, has successfully pub- 
lished two books. The new for- 
mat of Alumnagram was very 
interesting. What a pleasant 
surprise to see the photograph 
of the 1931 basketball team! 
Among the dear familiar faces 
was our own Frances Dieckert 
Rebele! Sadly, Frances 

passed away in May. Anne 
McCormack Fennessy met 
Maryann Holzderber 

Kennedy '70 at the Garden 
City luncheon. Maryann's moth- 
er was Margaret Stewart 
Holzderber '34, who was 
Anne's freshman sister. 
Margaret and Anne were close 
during college years, so she 
was able to tell Maryann a little 
about her mother when she was 
young. Maryann was only ten 
years old when her mother 
died. Anne Fennessy is plan- 
ning on having a fall reunion at 

her home in Greenwich Village 
in September. Notices will go 
out in August. Please make 
every effort to come to this 
increasingly more precious 

Ann McCormack Fennessy, 
2 Horatio St., New York, NY 
10014 212-691-8484 


Dorothy Harold McNeil took a 
Westem Caribbean Cruise in '94. 
Rita Pollock Murphy, 

72 East Cypress Ln., 
Westbury, NY 11590 


Louise Fallon DeLellis spent 
last summer traveling with her 
granddaughter, Elizabeth to 
Italy. Their vacation included a 
visit to the University of Perugia 
where she and her husband, 
Tom enjoyed student life fifty 
seven years before. 
Marie Lilly, 8201 4th Ave., 
Brooklyn, NY 11209 
718-680- 2069 

Margaret Bier, 6 Brooklands, 
Apt 4A, Bronxvllle, NY 10708 


Eleven members of the class of 
1935 gathered together to cele- 
brate their sixtieth anniversary 
They included: Catherine 
Allen, Edna Brennan 
Maloney, Helen Browne, 
Florence Kemp Carberry, 
Catherine May, Mary E. 
McLoughlin Farrell, Marion 
Musante, Mary O'Connell 
Steenken, Anne Seitz 
Smith, Mary Walsh Steiger 
and Betty Zangle. Mary E. 
McLoughlin Farrell went to 
Florida to visit Sylvia Goerlitz 
Myers at her winter home in 
Boynton Beach. On the way 
back to New York, Mary E. 
stopped in Jacksonville to see a 
WAVE friend, Jane Thompson. 

Anne Seitz Smith, 8301 
Ridge Blvd., Brooklyn, NY 
11209 718-238-5118 


60th Anniversary Class 
Madeline Porpora Scotto is 

happy to report that she was 80 
this year and is still teaching at 
St. Ephrem School where she 
graduated in 1928. She has 
five children and nine grandchil- 

Dolores Pyne Dunleavy, 
335 East 32nd St., Brooklyn, 
NY 1 1226 718-462-7457 


Kathleen Haigney Hemmer 

writes that all is well in Houston. 
Her daughter Suzanne was re- 
elected as a judge in Conroe. 
Her husband Bernard is recov- 
ering nicely from heart prob- 
lems. We extend sympathy to 
Fran Bennett Jacobsen on 
the loss of her husband, Peter. 
Please remember them in your 
prayers. Annette Robinson 
Dunn leads a very social life on 
eastern LI. Good weather finds 
her on the golf course. She 
enjoys telephone chats with 
Mary Twigg Connors in SC. 
Our world travelers Betty 
McMahon Corrigan and Ed, 
toured Greece and Turkey 
recently. Marjorie Parker 
Smith joined them and man- 
aged to find time to include her 
daily run! Celebrating at the 
Waldorf Astoria were Janet 
Morris and her sister Rita, '36. 
They spent a week in NY and 
entertained Edythe Bruce and 
Mary Michael Costas while 
they were there. Kathryne 
Heffernan Steffany and Tony 
made their usual journey to the 
South and enjoyed it. They're 
still waiting to hear from class- 
mates in other parts of the 

Emily Billington Smisek, 864 
Schuman PI., Baldwin, NY 
11510 516-223-1650 


Helen Higgins Foley would 
enjoy a note from some in the 
class; 2509 Brookdale Street, 
Edmond, OK, 73034. 

Dorothea Allen Murphy is 
well and occupied with many 
family events. Grace Coscia 
recently came from Brazil to 
visit her 98 year old mother, 
who lives in Warwick, Mew 
York. Helen Regan 

McLaughlin is living in 

Mary Frances McLaughlin 
Reilly, 15 Belfry Ln., 
Hicksville, NY 11801 
Rita McGovern Root, 
6801 Shore Rd., Apt. 3F, 
Brooklyn, NY 1 1220 


We had five representatives at 
the Spring Luncheon; Arlene 
Andersen Walsh, Virginia 
Hagan, Ruth McManus 
Honercamp, S. Mary Corde 
Tymann and Marge Gillen 
Hurley. Margaret Berkery 
was unable to attend due to ill- 
ness. Arlene Walsh and her 
husband, Jim were honored by 
the Interfaith Council of 
Cranford, NJ with the Martin 
Luther King award for humani- 
tarian service. Arlene has found 
time to renew her skills on the 
cello while keeping busy with 
her 19 grandchildren. Virginia 
Hagan keeps busy in the hos- 
pitality center at St. Patrick's 
Church. Mary Kane Gillen and 
Ed still volunteer in the operat- 
ing room of Holy Name 
Hospital in Teaneck, MJ. We 
have lost two of our classmates, 
Birdie Antonades Madden 
and Mary Schultels Gray. 
Both of them passed away in 
the last six months. Many of the 
class of '39 spent some time in 
Florida this past winter. Mary 
and Ed Gillen were on 
Hutchinson Island, Carmela 

Napoii Lolzzo and Jerry were 
In Melbourne, Connie 

Giampietro AnnuccI and Al 

were in Sarasota. Eleanor Van 
Wagner Nace met Ruth 
Giorgio McDonald by sur- 
prise, while they were both in 
Sarasota. Connie, Eleanor 
and Ruth all got together for 
lunch in the sunny south. A spe- 
cial request from the members 
of our class who try to assem- 
ble news notes - please phone 
either Eleanor or Mary if you 
have anything we would all like 
to hear about. 

Eleanor Van Wagner Nace, 
5 Bowditch Rd., Woods Hole, 
MA 02543 508-548-4309 
Mary Kane Gillen, 
8 Valley PI., Tenafly, NJ 
07670 201-569-8969 


Twelve members of the class 
met at the Garden City Hotel for 
the Spring Luncheon. They 
were; Eileen Allen, Ruth 
Drucker, Ursula Gerty, 
Margaret Mack, Virginia 
Owens, Marie Birmingham 
Ponsot, Adelaide Zeng Rach, 
Marcella Canale Reid, Dot 
Shea, Anna Sullivan, Dot 
White and Virginia 

Mannebach Cleary. 

Afterwards, some of the group 
went to Cathieen Farrell 
Walsh's house in Williston 
Park. With a $99 ticket to Paris, 
Marie Birmingham Ponsot 
visited relatives, did sightseeing 
and traveling via French rail- 
road. Marcella Canale Reid 
sold her Virginia house to her 
son Anthony and his wife, then 
moved to an apartment in 
Woodbridge, VA. She often acts 
as a tour guide at the National 
Shrine in DC. She spent two 
weeks in Tucson, AZ, in 
November, visiting her son Bill, 
his family and her first grand- 
daughter, Anna Marcella, who 
was born on Sept. 10, 1994. 
She also spent a few weeks in 

Key West, PL, visiting her son 
Paul and his family. Unfinished 
eye surgery kept Jane 
Kearney and Mary McNuity at 
home, but Mary wants to have 
a get-together at her house this 
summer. We extend our sym- 
pathies to Helen Gribbin 
Mally and Evelyn Winter 
Sexton on the death of their 
husbands. John Sexton and 
Greg Mally both died in 
September, 1994. 
Ruth Drucker, 7148 Juno St., 
Forest Hills, NY 1 1375 718- 


55th Anniversary Class 
Irene Butler Lozano is enjoy- 
ing her old "new" house fully 
restored after the Los Angeles 
quake. She goes to the YWCA 
health club daily. Driving along 
one day, she was amazed to 
see herself and a few others 
smiling down from a billboard. 
They were unaware that some- 
one had photographed them in 
the pool! Irene plans to stay at 
Elderhostel in Idaho this sum- 
mer. Her daughter-in-law. 
Karen, will be a psychiatrist in 
June and has been granted a 
fellowship. Karen, David and 
four-year-old Catherine will be 
on the move again from 
Baltimore to Richmond. Irene's 
grandson, Joe, is joining the 
Army at Ft. Benning, GA. Her 
brother, Joe Butler, is slowly 
recovering from a stroke. 
Margaret and he visited 
California recently. After Nancy 
Hurley Dunn died on 
December 8th, Peggy 

McDerby Shea and her daugh- 
ter went to the wake and 
offered condolences to 
Nancy's brother, Joe. Their sis- 
ter, Mary Jane, died a while 
ago. Her daughters and one son 
were there expressing much 
love and admiration for Aunt 
Nancy, who was like a mother 
to them. Peggy Wolfe stopped 

to visit Peggy McDerby Shea 

in Cocoa Beach, FL, on her 
way to New Mexico. She is still 
active in real estate and 
accounting. Adele Mulligan 
Seymour will conclude her 
long career as school librarian 
when she retires in June. Terry 
Gough de Tar has bounced 
back from a slight heart attack 
and two cataract procedures. 
She and Jack enjoy exercise 
sessions in the Sun City pool. 
Terry hears from Ed Smith. 
Eleanor Sullivan Smith's 
husband, that there is no 
change in Eleanor's 

Alzheimer's condition. He visits 
her three times a day. Long 
Island's Catholic newspaper 
published some photos lately 
and there was S. Loretta 
Graham at the dedication of 
the RVC media center. Eileen 
Heenan Caswell lives with her 
son Jay and his family in 
Madison, OH, since she had a 
stroke. Sons Joe and Clem 
also live in Madison. Prior to her 
stroke, Eileen and her sister 
Anne visited her son Brian in El 
Paso, TX. Eileen sends sincere 
condolences to Peg on the 
death of her husband Gerald. 
Eileen's heart still aches for her 
husband Warren. She wishes 
everyone a good year. Irene 
Mitchell Weber has four chil- 
dren happily married. She and 
her husband Chet celebrated 
their 52nd wedding anniver- 
sary. The 55th anniversary 
reunion is closing in. Please 
send your input to Peggy 
Shea. Would you like an 
overnight somewhere? Please 
write to the College and enclose 
a few lines about your doings, 
your family, etc. 
Peggy McDerby Shea, 
78 Yale PL, Rockville Centre, 
NY 11570 516-766-7966 


On November 4, 1994 a group 
from the class went to Williams 

Lake for the weekend. Since 
their 50th reunion they try to 
get together each year. Joining 
the group this year were: Helen 
Fennelly Buckley, Edna 
Cunningham Hughes, 

Veronica McGrath Lynch, 
Frances Donohue, Marie 
Carmichael, Catherine Reidy 
Quinn, Virginia Worgull 
Davis, Dorothy Dooling 
Alcide, Sally Cooney Steets, 
Sally Miller Sillc. Violet 
Castana Falcone writes that 
her husband, Joseph, passed 
away in Dec. '93. Her daughter 
Diana and her husband, Dr. 
Nicholas Trentacoste celebrat- 
ed their 25th wedding anniver- 
sary in August of that same 
year. Eileen Loughlin 
Heninger is still playing tennis 
and singing bass in Sweet 
Adeline. Her tennis team won a 
trophy last year. She is consid- 
ering marriage after 41/2 years 
of widowhood. We extend our 
sympathies to two of our class- 
mates who have suffered the 
loss of their husbands this win- 
ter. Pat Loth Burgmyer has 
been living in Florida and it was 
there that her husband passed 
away. In April, 1992, Pat flew 
up from Florida to be with us at 
our 50th anniversary and then 
flew back to Florida that 
evening! Bob and Sally 
Cooney Steets have lived in 
New Jersey for many years, 
and it was in March that Bob 
died there. 1942 was well repre- 
sented on S. Joan Ryan's trip to 
Central Europe in April, 95. 
Marie Carmichael, Catherine 
Reidy Quinn, Frances 
Donohue and Helen 

Fennelly Buckley were among 
those who toured the Czech 
Republic, Slovakia, Vienna, 
Hungary and Poland. 
Margaret Rausch, 62 
Pierrepont Street, Brooklyn, 
NY 11201 718-625-6927 
Helen Fennelly Reilly 
Buckley, 4 12 River Road, 

Fairtiaven, NJ 07704 


Evelyn Marzano Corcoran 

traveled to the Middle East in 
Feb/Mar '94. She visited her 
son Timothy and his family. He 
is a university professor. In 
June 1993, Evelyn received a 
paralegal degree with honors 
and a fellowship to attend a 
Close-(Jp Foundation seminar 
on national issues for a week in 
Washington, D.C. In Feb '95 
Evelyn planned to travel to 
Spain and Portugal with her sis- 
ter, Oiga Marzano'42. 
Evelyn's son, Kevin, is a VP in 
his own health services corpo- 
ration; her daughter Deborah is 
an interior designer, and son 
Randy is an architectural pho- 
tographer whose work has 
appeared in several national 

Marie Carroll Daly, 51-14 
Overbrook Pi., Douglaston, 
NY 11362 718-224-4944 


Who said, "No news is good 
news?" C'mon, ladies, we need 
to hear from you. You can be 
proud of our $6,000 gift to the 
college last year, 85% of the 
class participated! Do any of 
you know what happened to: 
Loretta Azzaretti, Faith 
Carey, Emilia Malzone Hili, 
Vincene Pace Ippolito, Joan 
Reardon Grohegan or Carol 
Harrison Werner? Only news 
we do have: Paula Haller 
Bowes and husband, Dr. Jim, 
who live in Frederick, MD, will 
be celebrating the marriage of 
their son, Thomas (6th of their 
13 children) in May. The Bowes 
have 17 grandchildren, scat- 
tered from coast to coast. 
Alumni who live in Maryland 
are looking forward to a cock- 
tail party on May 16th at the 
home of Lorraine Penfold 
Appleton '66 in Millersville. 

More on that later. Lyn 
Sutherland McKenna writes 
that Mary Bennett Burke '44 
and her daughter Mary Jo 
Burke Chlara '69 did a superb 
job of co-chairing the Spring 
Luncheon. Representing the 
class of 1944 were: Lucille 
Tannuzzo, Annette Nolan, 
Lyn Sutherland McKenna, 
Rosemary Christmann 

Casey, Mary Burns Quinn, 
Betty Eppig Van 

Bourgondien, Mary Glynn 
Beagan, Mary Kiers Shaw 
and of course, Mary Bennett 

Eileen Sutherland McKenna 
127-05 Keswick Ln., Bowie. 
MD 20715 301-464-2611 
Annette Nolan 289 Ciinton 
St., Brooklyn, NY 11201 718- 


Mary Rita Roche O'Brien 

writes that her claims to fame 
are: she is married to her hus- 
band Bill for 47 years; they 
have six children, three boys 
and three girls, and fortunate 
that five live within two hours 
and one lives in Boston; they 
are blessed with fourteen grand- 
children (ten live in town) and 
the fifteenth is due in July. Her 
husband Bill retired in '77 and 
they began to travel extensive- 
ly. Their best trip was a tented 
safari in Kenya. Mary and Bill 
golf and ski. They planned a 
trip in March to ski for two 
weeks in Banff and Lake 
Louise. Thirty-five members of 
the class of '45 attended the 
50th anniversary celebration at 
the Garden City Hotel. Rev. 
James Sweeney, son of 
Virginia Hughes Sweeney, 
celebrated the Mass. He gave a 
beautiful homily and paid great 
tribute to his mom. Eileen 
McDermott Ott was in charge 
of the liturgy. Margaret Jokiel 
Joyce was musical director, 
and Edith Voelker Piazza was 

the leader of song. Janet 
Blessing, Margaret Connors 
Weigand, Mary Daniels Dee 
and Jean (Jrbanek were all at 
the luncheon. Jean resides in 
Florida and is active with the 
Pioneers. Eileen Ott has 
retired from teaching and 
Janet Grbanek is retired from 
social work. Mary Dee is still 
working for the town library. 
Marjorie Bauer O'Leary is 
also a retired social worker and 
Dorothy Dolan Hartig is still 
pursuing her career. Magda 
Crowe Boylan came from 
Virginia. Doris Zerrenner 
Harrington and Mary 
McGrath Brennan journeyed 
from Connecticut while Grace 
Leary Schmitt and Dorothy 
Harrington McKinney trav- 
eled from Texas. Grace and her 
husband, Karl, were off on a 
three week trip to France. 
Ronnie Burke McDonnell and 
Agnes Fennelly Place stayed 
at the home of May Whalen 
Gronell. Agnes arrived from 
Illinois while Ronnie traveled 
from California. Mary Rita 
Roche O'Brien was hostess for 
Eileen Kelly Daly, Martha 
Leaver, Betty Dudley, 
Margaret Millus Maroldy, 
Winnie Comer Turner, Marie 
Maddock Turner, S. Ann 
Edmund Carey, and S. 
Catherine "Bunny" McElroy. 
Marie Turner is still working 
full-time as a resource room 
teacher. She just returned from 
Ireland with her two daughters. 
Winnie Turner is the mother of 
seven and the grandmother of 
fifteen. Grace Olsen Egan 
came from New Jersey and pre- 
sented everyone with a book of 
her husband's poetry. She is 
the President of the Pen Rose 
Publishing Company. She is the 
mother of five and the grand- 
mother of fifteen. Irene 
O'Donnell Toland came from 
Virginia. Jane Jacobs 
Porcino, Virginia Hughes 

Sweeney and Anna VIvlani 

Caruso came despite serious 
physical difficulties. Miriam 
Kelly Chaplin, Lily Manlx 
Morris and Babette Harper all 

wished to be remembered. 
They were unable to attend due 
to illness. Kay Phillips Haffey 
was attending her granddaugh- 
ter's First Communion. Pat 
Dunne LaRocca, Agnes 
Cogan McGulness and Helen 
Golden Brown were unable to 
attend because of family illness- 
es. Peggy Meagher 
Lundebjerg was In Germany 
with her husband, Jim, attend- 
ing a liberation ceremony for 
ROWS. Rosemarie 
Schwerman O'Connor also 
had a conflict of family interest 
but wished everyone a memo- 
ry-filled day. Thanks to the 
planning committee, and the 
class agents. Without their help, 
our memorable day would not 
have been possible - Magda, 
Peggy, Edith, Doris, Eileen, 
Marie and Margaret. Until 
next time, keep in touch and 
"Many Thanks!". 
Clare T. Bauch, 
6 Stevens Ct., Stewart Manor, 
Franklin Square, NY 11010 


50th Anniversary Class 
Genevieve Kingman 

Lindner's daughter Cathy 
bought a house in Morth 
Babylon, and her son, Michael 
has married. Virginia Lee 
recently returned from a trip to 
Las Vegas, and moved into a 
new apartment. Joan 

McManus Fusco reports that 
her son will be ordained a dea- 
con before priesthood in 1996. 
Mary Ellen Dowd Orr will 
chair the 1996 Golden Jubilee 
committee, and has asked her 
classmates to respond to the 
flyers she has sent; to date she 
has received only one 
response. Marlon Quealy 

Zoll writes that class giving has 
increased dramatically and 
steadily over the years. It is sta- 
tistically significant as an 
expression of appreciation to 
the College. The class of '46 
had 68% participation making 
us one of the top five classes. 
Marion asks everyone to begin 
to think in terms of your 50th 
anniversary next year. 
Genevieve Kingman 
Lindner, 23 Alliance St., 
Valley Stream, NY 1 1580 
Marian Quealy Zoll, 165 
Greenwood Dr., Millington, NJ 
07946 908-647-2434 


Ellen Flanagan, the daughter of 
Virginia Clappin Flanagan 

and the niece of Mary 
Flanagan Rigaut, has been 
honored by the Catholic 
Teachers Association for her 
many achievements in educa- 

Mary Flanagan Rigaut, 
90 Woodlawn Dr., Fair Haven, 
N J 07704 908-747-5358 


Mary Hoffman Sheppard is a 

Eucharistic Minister at South 
Nassau Hospital. Mary win- 
tered in Florida. She is a mem- 
ber of the Sisters of St. Joseph 
Associates. Her husband. Bob, 
has been the P.A. announcer 
for the NY Yankees and the 
Giants and teaches speech 
part-time at St. John's. 
Frances Moch Neil has a 
granddaughter, Eleanor, bom 
on Dec. 26, 1994. She is the 
child of Frances's oldest son, 
Steven, and his wife Elise. 
Frances spends a great deal of 
time traveling to various parts 
of the U.S. Agnes Whalen 
McMonagle is still busy at part- 
time work for an accounting 
firm. She is also active in her 
parish where she serves as a 
Eucharistic Minister and parish 

bookkeeper. Agnes traveled to 
Italy and Sicily in May with a 
group from her parish. She had 
another audience with Pope 
John Paul II. Catherine 
Butler Muzio and her hus- 
band Len attended an 
Elderhostel program on 
Thomas Merton at the 
Franciscan Renewal Center in 
Arizona. From there, they took 
a Canyon land tour. Catherine 
keeps in touch with Margaret 
Adams Sturm who is still liv- 
ing in Pennsylvania and work- 
ing in New Jersey. Margaret's 
husband Jim, is retiring from 
Lehigh University in June. 
Lillian DIsken and her sister, 
Dorothy, will be marshals at 
the U.S. Open Golf 
Tournament. Both Diskens are 
actively involved in the 
Concerned Citizens of 

Montauk, an environmental 
organization. Bernadette 

Cassidy Fitzpatrick and her 
husband, John, are the proud 
grandparents of John 

Fitzpatrick, son of Dennis and 
his wife Tricia. Dorothy 
Bloodgood Kennedy, a mem- 
ber of our class, will be the first 
alumna to be honored at the 
St. Joseph's College Thirteenth 
Annual Dinner Dance on 
Friday, October 20, 1995, at 
the Crest Hollow Country Club 
in Woodbury, LI. Dot will 
receive the prestigious 
Distinguished Citizen Award. It 
is a singular honor, not only for 
Dorothy, but also for the class 
of '48. Eleanor Miller 
O'Connor and her husband, 
Frank, traveled with 

Archbishop John F. 

Donoghue, in Atlanta, GA, to 
Rome where he received his 
Pallilium. He traveled with them 
in Italy and they attended the 
Papal Mass of installation. 
Eleanor and her husband visit- 
ed their children in 
Germantown, MD; Houston, 
TX; Charlotte, NC; San 

Francisco, CA and Atlanta, GA. 
They have eight grandchildren 
at present. Eleanor wishes 
everyone a holy and peace 
filled 1995. 
Bernadette Cassidy 
Fitzpatricl(, 2608 Voorhles 
Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11235 


Mary Plunkett Bentzlln has 

been quite busy. She is 
President of the Morris County 
Educators Association; 

Chairperson of International 
Affairs of the Morristown 
Woman's Club; a lector at the 
Church of Christ the King, New 
Vernon; a C.C.D. instructor at 
Christ the King and a member 
of the Woman's Association of 
Morristown Memorial Hospital. 
Mary went on a trip to the 
Castles' in Ireland in '94 and is 
planning a trip to Scandinavia 
for a family reunion In June. 
No Class Agent 


Remigia Foy enjoyed a visit 
with Terese Doyle Gallagher. 

Terese was in Saratoga 
Springs with her husband. Dr. 
Richard Gallagher. They were 
attending an International 
Education Conference. Dr. 
Gallagher will be retiring as 
President of Clarkson University 
in June. He was honored by 
Wiley Publications for his role 
as founding editor of the 
International Journal for 
Numerical Methods in 

Engineering 25 years earlier. 
Last November, Dick was the 
first American to receive an 
honorary doctorate from 
Shanghai University of 
Technology. Terry and Dick 
Gallagher are the proud parents 
of five engineer sons and one 
engineer daughter. Dr. Mary 
Deianey S.S.J, will present a 
paper on teacher education at 
the International Conference on 

Education of the Deaf in Tel 
Aviv in July 1995. Thirty-three 
members of the class came to 
the Garden City Hotel for their 
45th reunion. They came from 
far and wide. Georgette 
Bomer Brown came from Hot 
Springs Village, AR; Marie 
Guarracini Cimino from 
Winston Salem; Mary Lou 
Klein Werner, Hilton Head 
Island, SC; Mary Jane 
McCarthy Litschgi, Fairfax 
VA; Eiieen Wails Corcoran, 
Monica Kleiber Denman, 
Helen Anne Fredericit 
Willmott from Connecticut, 
Nicoletta Lopopoio Garofalo 
from New Jersey; Remigia Foy 
from Saratoga Springs, NY. The 
husband and daughter of 
Angela Shillitani McGrath 
traveled to New York from 
Richmond, VA to be with her 
classmates for this event. 
Angela's family and her close 
friends contributed a sum of 
$500 in her memory to the 
Alumni Association. A memori- 
al Mass was celebrated on May 
1st at the Brooklyn campus 
and was followed with a lun- 
cheon. The class gift of over 
$5,000 was presented to S. 
George Aquin by Dolores 
Tomao Smith. Terry Duenzl 
and Pat league Miller won 
door prizes at the Spring 
Luncheon. Alice Bambrick 
Fucigna made a supreme 
effort to attend as she had had 
serious back surgery earlier In 
the year and had a back brace 
removed the day before. She is 
on the mend and was glad that 
she was able to come. Anne 
Serena Klemmer has 13 
grandchildren. Joan Crane 
Medvecky's son Michael, Is 
graduating from medical school 
this June. Pat Doherty 
Singleton retired from Master 
Card International at the end of 
March and Anne Churchill 
Hanley (who really belongs to 
our class although she graduat- 

ed In '49) retired from Roosevelt 
Savings Bank. Dolores Tomao 
Smith just returned from an 
extensive six week trip to 
Australia and cruise around the 
South Pacific including the 
Hawaiian Islands. Lillian 
McArdle lost her brother, 
Raymond, on April 1st. Eiieen 
Davis Evans was unable to 
attend the luncheon. Helen 
Daly Carss would have been at 
the luncheon but she was 
attending her son's wedding on 
April 29th. 

Eileen Mahoney Hoban, 
83 Long Ridge Rd., 
Plandome, NY 11030 


45th Anniversary Class 

Some class members have 
been traveling this year. Helen 
Burke Naylor visited England. 
She has retired from teaching In 
Garden City and spends two 
days a week working In the 
library there. Suzanne 
Gannon Murphy and her hus- 
band Dan visited Rome and 
Paris. Cathy Wiggins Duncan 
toured Ireland with her sister. 
She also has a new grand- 
daughter, Morgan. Rita 
Dorgier Bartscherer cruised 
to Alaska with her husband Joe. 
Claire MacVenn Dillon vaca- 
tioned in the Bahamas with 
some of her family and toured 
France with Gerry Kozlowski 
Tepper and Dolores Tomao 
Smith. Claire also visited North 
Carolina with Gerry and Kelly 
Lopopoio Garofalo and family 
and visited with Marie 
Guarracini Cimino and 
Angela Shillitani McGrath. 
Angela passed away last fall, 
please remember her and all 
her family In your prayers. 
Claire has another new grand- 
son, Timothy Michael. Jane 
Hawkrigg Handal and her hus- 
band VInnle have moved to a 
beautiful new home In Hampton 

Bays. Jane and her daughter 
Kerry chaired another wonder- 
ful Fall Luncheon. Joan Martin 
Burke's son, Justin moved 
from Russia to Germany where 
he works for USA Today. Joan 
just bought a new home In 
Spain, on the Mediterranean. 
She plans to spend half of her 
time there - the other half In 
Gramercy Park where she does 
freelance writing for CBS. Joan 
Williams Kane was named 
staff member of the year at St. 
Mary's Child Development 
Center. Nancy Welker Frenze 
writes that her grandson. J. 
Ryan Donahue, is five years 
old, not 14 as stated In the last 
class notes. She and her hus- 
band Stanley are both retired, 
splitting their time between 
East Hampton and 

Philadelphia. Suzanne 

Gannon Murphy and her hus- 
band, Dan are both retired from 
the Bd. of Ed. They recently 
enjoyed a trip through France. 
Claire MacVenn Dillon, 1838 
East 33rd St., Brooklyn, NY 
1 1234 718-336-3046 
Joan McCarthy Dillon, 32 
Sparkhill Ave., Tappan, NY 
10983 914-359-4256 


Georgianna Clifford Khatib 

Is about to celebrate her tenth 
year of retirement from the 
NYC Bd. of Ed. after 33 years of 
service. She spends her time 
working In her husband's office. 
He became chief of neuro- 
surgery at the Catholic Medical 
Center of Brooklyn and Queens 
almost two years ago. Jay and 
Mary O'Shea Keelen wel- 
comed their first grandchild, 
Katelyn Amber Keelen. She Is 
the daughter of their eldest son 
Paul and his wife Andrea, who 
live In Houston. Their youngest 
son Mark will graduate from 
high school next month. Mary is 
an adjunct Instructor at North 
Harris College. Frances 

Kurdziel Raeder has retired to 
Cooperstown, NY. Fran volun- 
teers at Bassett Hospital as a 
Eucharlstlc Minister. Her hus- 
band Paul volunteers In the 
emergency room. They are 
able to take off on two vaca- 
tions a year. In 1994 they ven- 
tured to Brazil, Argentina, 
Germany, Austria and 

Switzerland. Katie Meehan 
Mais writes from San Diego 
they have eight grandchildren, 
six boys and two girls, who all 
live near Chicago. Katie subs In 
the San Diego school system, 
and her husband Larry Is 
retired. Joan Walsh Robinson 
and her husband, Joe, live 
close by the Mals's In San 
Diego, and they visit each other 
frequently. Joan's youngest 
son Kirk will be married this 
Sept. 16th to Cheryle Carr. On 
Thanksgiving, the Mais's 
joined Joan Walsh Robinson 
and husband Joe, Joan Little 
Donoghue and her husband 
Jim for dinner. It was a grand 
reunion. This Easter, Terry 
Copin Meehan and her hus- 
band Bill arrived at the Mais's 
all the way from Florida. Katie 
Meehan Mais visited Orlando, 
FL, to see her niece, Jeanine, 
graduate from South Florida 
Medical School. 
Carolyn Taylor Anner, 
29 Lorraine St., Syosset, NY 
11791 516-935-9315 
Patricia Egan Englehart, 
596 Georgia St., South 
Hempstead, NY 1 1550 
Elaine Smythe, 
2439 28th St., Astoria. NY 
11102 718-728-8193 


Vickie Tortereili Morey and 

her husband Norm have been 
visiting Korea, Hong Kong and 
China. Norm's outfit, 187th 
Airborne Regiment Combat 
Team, was Invited to Korea by 
the Korean Airborne Brigade. 

Elizabeth O'Connor retired 
four years ago from Wheatley 
HS in Old Westbury, NY. Betty 
is a volunteer on the Garden 
City Postal Office Council. She 
keeps in touch with Joan 
Martin Sweeney, Patricia 
McQuade Farley and Helen 
Marks Morris. A spring cruise 
is on Betty's agenda. Alice 
Ebert Leonard and her hus- 
band Gene, celebrated their for- 
tieth wedding anniversary, on a 
boat sailing around NY Harbor. 
Joan Londrigan Touhey 
retired from PS 102 in July '94. 
She and Anne Moore traveled 
to Switzerland. Joan has joined 
Anne as a volunteer at CHIPS, 
in Park Slope, a community ser- 
vice center. Jane Kavanagh 
won a trip to Dublin which coin- 
cided with St. Patrick's Day. 
The trip to Central Europe 
sponsored by the College was 
an adventure. Joan Touhey, 
Jane Kavanagh, and 

Maureen and Duncan Fraser 
were part of the group. Joan 
Vincent and her sister, 
Margaret, shared a day with the 
group in Budapest. Mary 
Martin Llebers accompanied 
her mother, Grace O'Brien 
Martin '25, and her sister, 
Margaret "Judy" Martin 
Lucas '57 to the Garden City 
Hotel for the Spring Luncheon 
where Grace celebrated her 
70th anniversary. Maureen 
Fraser has a new granddaugh- 
ter, Madeline Patricia. This is 
the child of her son Donald and 
his wife, Mary. Rose Castelli 
Lewis was on sabbatical from 
Brooklyn College this year. She 
has assisted in implementing 
new programs at several Bd. of 
Ed. schools. Sheila Melia 
Pelan has 15 grandchildren. 
Maureen Dougherty Fraser, 
123 Wayford Terrace, Garden 
City, NY 11530 516-294-6241 


1994 has been an unforgettable 
year for Victoria McMahon 
O'Moore. After 26 years teach- 
ing in Valley Stream, she 
retired. Her son John Jr. was 
married. To share in this happy 
occasion Anna (Nancy) 
Lanahan and her brother, Rev. 
William Lanahan, traveled from 
Los Angeles to Long Island. 
Jossy Schretlln Eyre started 
Women's Bean Project several 
years ago to help homeless 
women obtain employment and 
counseling. Jossy and the 
Women's Bean Project have 
received several awards, her 
most recent being Service to 
Mankind Award, and the Award 
for Excellence in Human 
Services and Self Sufficiency 
from the El Pomar Foundation. 
Rosemary Corbett Hannon. 
3000-19 Stevens St., 
Oceanside, NY 11572 
Patricia Finn McDonnell. 
46-27 Glenwood St. 
Little Neck. NY 1 1362 


Pat McGovern has been busy 
with her theatrical work. Pat 
invites all her classmates to 
come and visit her. Dolores 
Doheny has retired as 
Assistant Principal of Junior 
High School 47 (School for the 
Deaf), lives in Breezy Point and 
keeps busy visiting her nieces 
and nephews, and their fami- 
lies. Dolores recently returned 
from a trip to Holland. Marie- 
Therese Pomares Dally and 
Teen Ryan Mulholland com- 
pared notes at the Spring 
Luncheon, on the work each is 
doing in her parish. Frances 
Fumo Chionchio and her hus- 
band live on Staten Island, 
where they spend a great deal 
of time with their grandchildren. 
Diane Milde Hitter has retired 
from the Bd. of Ed. and invites 
classmates to come to the New 

York Aquarium where she gives 
lectures. Irene Breen spent 
many years working with lan- 
guage impaired children and 
has now retired. Angela 
Croclata Rodin and Lillian 
Infosino Monastiro drove into 
Garden City together for the 
Luncheon. Angela is still teach- 
ing her favorite subject, sci- 
ence. Carmen Baumbach 
French, whose family is now 
grown, is teaching in Bayport. 
Helen Garvey still travels to 
Westchester each day to her 
job. Joan Foley Hubert's 
daughter was married in May. 
Santina CJrsino Naddeo is liv- 
ing in Brooklyn. Her daughter is 
studying in Italy and her son is 
at the University of Chicago. 
Joan Massa Petricclone is liv- 
ing in Brooklyn and has been 
teaching at Our Lady of Angels 
school for 27 years. Marylee 
Beakey McGeeney who also 
attended the Luncheon, resides 
in Bay Ridge. Marylee and her 
husband recently returned from 
a trip to Italy. Eleanor 
Castellano works as an 
Editing Supervisor for McGraw 
Hill. Peggy Kruse Mooney and 
her husband still live in 
Connecticut. Other members of 
the class who attended the 
Spring Luncheon are: Mary 
Wing Tuc ker, Marilyn 
Bagues Starace, Pat Daum 
Hastings, Clara Scuitto 
Cannavo, Maura Bennett 
O'Brien and Sister Margaret 
Buckley, who brought every- 
one up to date on college days 
at SJC in 1995. Maura 
informed the class of the death 
of Evelyn Freese Freeman. 
Please remember her in your 
prayers. Mary Shea 

Pawlowicz wrote to say she 
was unable to attend but sent 
along pictures of her family 
taken at her daughter Anne's 
wedding. Phyllis Capotosto 
Johnson sends best wishes to 
all. Therese Young Beckwith 

writes that her son Kevin gradu- 
ated Magna Cum Laude from 
Assumption College, 

Worcester, MA, in May '94. Her 
daughter, Mary Elizabeth, gave 
birth to Corey Anthony Marsh 
on Oct. 3rd. This was Therese's 
third grandchild. Teen Ryan 
Mulholland has seven children 
and five grandchildren. Her 
daughter Patti and husband 
Ben have twins. Teen had a 
wonderful trip to Israel in 

Mary Shea Pawlowicz, 
5308 Del Roy Dr., Dallas. TX 
75229 214-691-3716 
Irene Breen, 

1370 East 26th St.. Brooklyn, 
NY 11210 718-338-1458 


40th Anniversary Class 

On Thanksgiving Day, 

Marlene MacGregor was in a 

serious auto accident. She 
returned to work in April. It was 
wonderful to see her at the 
Spring Luncheon. Mary 
Engelskirger Seery is the 
proud grandmother of six. 
Joan Reardon Dillon and her 
daughter Lori, have begun a 
business making "Keep Sake" 
greeting cards. Betty Savino 
Acerra and husband Lou, just 
returned from a month long trip 
to India and Nepal. Ann Bauch 
traveled with alumni to Central 
Europe. Kay McMullen 
Schafer hopes to travel to the 
Orient this summer to visit her 
daughter, Terry. Once again, 
we had ten members of our 
class at the Spring Luncheon. 
Next year will be our 40th 
anniversary. Hopefully, we can 
triple the number who attend 
and make it a memorable 
Ann Bauch. 

6 Stevens Court. Stewart 
Manor. Franklin Square. NY 
11010 516-328-9449 

Anna Costello Stellwag, 

117 Edgewood Dr., 
Orangeburg, NY 10962 


Anne Buckley McAssey writes 
that her husband, Ed, has been 
given the James Birle Chair in 
energy technology at Villanova. 
Peggy Kearney Coughlin 
writes that her husband, Bill, 
has retired. She is still working 
at Little Flower Children's 
Services in Wading River. Their 
son Michael, was married last 
year to Lisa Macrae. They live 
in Connecticut. The Coughlin's 
daughter, Margaret, is an assis- 
tant VP of the Suffolk County 
National Bank. Noreen, their 
youngest, is working in youth 
ministry with the Christian 
Covenant Committee. Joan 
Costa Davis is living in 
Brooklyn and works for the Bd. 
of Ed. She conducts a program 
for teenage parents. Joan's 
husband, Jerry, is an evaluation 
engineer for the IRS. Two of 
their four children live in the DC 
area. Son Joseph, is an attor- 
ney; daughter, Margie, is work- 
ing on her Master's degree in 
public health at Johns Hopkins. 
Michael and William are in NY. 
Peggy Cooney Darraugh has 
also worked for the NY City 
Schools for many years. She 
was recently appointed a princi- 
pal. Pat Higgins, a retired 
teacher, has just purchased a 
vacation house on Candlewood 
Lake, near Danbury CT. She 
still makes her home in Bay 
Ridge. Jean Handal 

Shanahan and Bill have 
become grandparents. 

Grandson Brian is the child of 
their daughter Kathleen and her 
husband Chuck. An added 
bonus was a visit from their son 
Ed and his wife, Joanne. Ed is a 
West Point graduate. Pat 
McCarthy Bradshaw was 
back on LI for hip replacement 
surgery. She and Dick visited 

with son. Will, and his family in 
St. James. Will is an account 
executive for the Carthage 
Group, Inc, in Huntington. Pat 
and Dick's son, David, lives 
near them in VA, with his fami- 
ly. While on LI, Pat visited with 
Barbara Morrison 

Marlborougii and Rich and 
Joan Seibert Sprague. The 
Mariborough's recently 

returned from a tour of Russia. 
The trip brought to mind many 
facts and ideas from S. Teresa 
Avila's class in Russian History. 
Joan Sprague will be retiring 
from Sachem Schools in June. 
She plans to marry Frank 
Smalto in November. The Palm 
Beach Post, recently ran a 
thought-provoking article on 
the interconnectedness that we 
all share. What a pleasant sur- 
prise it was to read that the 
author was Carol Pecoraro, 
whom we remember as class- 
mate Carol Humplirey. It was 
a reminder that SJC people 
travel far and wide and impact 
many facets of life. Please let us 
know what you've been doing, 
where you've been, and how 
you are ? 
Barbara Morrison Marlborough. 

10 Castle Ln., Bayshore, NY 
11706 516-665-1997 


Barbara Lediger Carroll is on 

sabbatical this year from her 
position as an HES resource 
room teacher at PS 204K and is 
enjoying her status as a stu- 
dent. Catherine Boemio 
Ireland is working towards her 
doctorate at Hofstra. Lucille 
Brown is active in the Catholic 
Charismatic Renewal. She is 
also an instructor in the Rite of 
Christian Initiation for adults in 
her parish of St. Joseph's in 
New Paltz, NY. 
Ellen Doyle McCartney. 

1 1 Beau Jol Ct., Nesconset, 
NY ,1767 516-724-6069 
Monica Mangan Wheaton, 

228 Royal Oak Dr., 

Chesapeake, VA 23320 


Patricia Maguire, 145 East 

15th St. Apt 2 A, New York, 

NY 10003 212-460-9774 


After 30 years of teaching 
kindergarten, Philomena 

Nicoletti Fiorello is retiring in 
June '95. She and her husband 
will divide their time between 
homes in western Florida and 
Long Island. Margaret 

O'Kane Carr and her husband, 
John, will be their visitors when 
they're not traveling. Marie 
Imperatrice Grossman, 

together with her husband Ray 
and her daughter Donna Marie 
traveled to Italy, England and 
France last summer. Donna 
Marie played the cello with the 
NY All State Symphony 
Orchestra. She will begin her 
college search in the fall. 
Barbara Lynch Schoenberg, 
336 West End Avenue, NY 
NY 10023 212-873-9470 
Mary Sullivan Luongo, 4 
Crescent Drive, Easton, CT 
06612 203-372-1155 


Mary McCabe Duggan host- 
ed a reunion. Guests included 
Betty Trust Conlon, Althea 
Suarez Nolan and Elaine 
Trupia Cambria. Mary also 
spoke by phone to Helen 
Barth Kelly, Mary Alice 
Hoffman McVarish and 
Elizabeth Scanlon. Mary Mc 
Cabe Duggan and her hus- 
band Bill will be celebrating 35 
years of marriage as well as 
their 35th college reunion. They 
have two children married out 
of six and one grandchild. 
Jeanne Driscoll Poulton has 
a grandson, Richard Timothy 
Poulton. born on October 12. 
1994. Sheila McCarthy 
Maher is an Ohio Certified 
Prevention Consultant 

(Chemical Dependency). She is 
also a prevention preceptor. 
She prepares individuals for the 
prevention certification exam. 
Grace Nappo Wallace 
received the NJ Governor's 
Award - Teacher of the Year. 
Eileen Mullen, 92 Parrot PI., 
Brooklyn, NY 11228 


35th Anniversary Class 
Richard and Barbara 

Frohnhofer Feldmann are 

looking forward to the wedding 
of their third daughter. Lisa, who 
recently became engaged. The 
Feldmans attended the 

October wedding of Donna 
Jones, daughter of Gertrude 
Lantier Jones. Ada Tracey 
Stankard missed the wedding 
due to the busy work/travel 
schedule of her husband. Bob. 
Ada is teaching school in 

Bartjara Frohnhofer Feldmann, 
17800 Mill Creek Dr., 
Derwood, MD 20855 

Katherine Coleman Campbell, 
89 Jedwood PL, Valley 
Stream, NY 11581 


After twenty years of service, 
Claudia Gale Montani finally 
has her own business cards. 
They advertise her position as 
the director of the YMCA nurs- 
ery school in Corry, PA. 
Claudia and her husband, 
Tony, spent five days in Virginia 
in February to celebrate grand- 
daughter Kelly's second birth- 
day. Their grandson, Michael, 
will be four in July. Claudia's 
daughter, Deirdre, 30. teaches 
in Virginia and her husband 
Kevin, works in Reston, VA. 
Jennifer, 27, is an office manag- 
er for Woman's Day Magazine. 
Claudia and Tony will cele- 
brate their 32nd wedding 

anniversary in August. Their 
entire family usually spends 
some time in Hilton Head every 
April at their time-share. 
Claudia sends a "hello" to 
Peggy, Joan, Fran and Ginny. 
Kathleen Murphy Bernegger 
and her husband, Lloyd have 
seen both their older daughters 
graduate from college: 
Cathanne from the University of 
Maine and Susan from the 
University of Massachusetts. 
Third daughter Molly is 17. 
Cathanne v^^as married last 
October. Kay received her sec- 
ond master's degree and is cur- 
rently teaching English. 
Recently, Kay and Lloyd got 
together with Audrey Cowan 
Holmes in San Francisco, 
where Audrey is a psycholo- 
gist. Kay and her family are 
looking forward to festivities for 
her brother, Fr. Danny 
Murphy's 25th anniversary cele- 
bration. Barbara Burghardt 
Geary sold her Pirst painting at 
the Bay Ridge Festival of the 
Arts exhibit in Spring '94. Her 
daughter, Katherine, was cho- 
sen as the 1994 Southern 
California Rose of Tralee. She is 
a CPA living in California and 
has been interviewing at several 
accounting firms with branches 
In Ireland. Barbara's son John 
works for an ad agency in 
Boston. Son Frankie is also 
working in Boston, while son 
Thomas, who is married, is 
working in Holmdel, NJ. 
Daughter Barbara is working in 
Parsippany, NJ. In January, 
Peggy La Salle NIcora, 
Marietta Trinneer CiesIa, Pat 
Sweeney and Joan 

Tagliaferro Zangre met in 
Manhattan and saw "An 
Inspector Calls". Peggy 
NIcora's daughter Claudine 
was married to Anthony 
Stefanelli on May 27, 1995. 
Peggy's son, Christopher, has 
completed two years of medical 
school. Pat Jesinkey Palmer 

is busy with wedding plans. Her 
daughter Jennifer, 26, will be 
married on August 1 1, 1995 to 
David Collum. Alice Sheridan 
D'Anna and husband Tony 
moved from New Jersey in 
April to Punta Gorda, FL. Alice 
welcomes visitors anytime they 
are in her vicinity. Before she 
left for Florida, she visited 
Ginny O'Rourke 

McLaughlin. Part of the day 
was spent walking across the 
George Washington Bridge. 
This is a very ordinary activity 
for marathon walker Ginny. 
Fran Sullivan Brennan, Judy 
Kilfoyle Ferguson, Kay 
Doherty Crovotta, Sister 
Marge Haniey, Noreen 
Doherty and Jeanne Funk 
O'Brien got together for 
brunch in April. Jeanne 
O'Brien's daughter, Elizabeth, 
will earn her masters degree 
this year from American 
University. Daughter 

Jeannemarie is employed by 
the NY law firm of Dewey 
Ballantine. Katy, the youngest, 
graduated from Skidmore in 
May and is presently spending 
a year in the Jesuit Volunteer 
Corps. Sister Marge Haniey is 
working for the Diocese of 
Rockville Centre and is also 
studying family counseling at 
Hofstra. Judy Kilfoyie 
Ferguson continues to teach 
theology at St. Anthony's HS 
on LI. Four of her six children 
are married and settled on LI. 
Daughters Coleen and Peggy 
are still students and both are 
living at home. Judy and John 
are also the proud grandpar- 
ents of six. Fran Sullivan 
Brennan continues to try out 
different parts of North 
Carolina, preparing for retire- 
ment. Noreen Doherty has set 
aside September 24, 1995 at 
1 pm as the next date for a class 
brunch at Abbracciamentos 
Restaurant on the Canarsie 
Pier. Anyone who is interested, 

may call Noreen at (718) 474- 
1337. Margaret Kelly 

McLaughlin retired to Emerald 
Isle 2 years ago. Her husband 
George, had a nervous system 
virus. He is doing better now, 
but it will take nearly two years 
to restore the nerve damage. 
Margaret's son, Patrick, works 
for Georgia Pacific in Atlanta, 
Leroy works in the music 
department at Princeton 
University, Katie works for the 
Neuse Mental Health Center, 
and Matt lives in Birmingham 
and will attend the University of 
Atlanta law school in the fall. 
Thanks to all who contributed 
to this column. To all others, 
please share some news and 

Mary Collins Macchiarola, 
3431 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, 
NY 11210 718-951-7494 


Helen Craig Hoefner writes 
that her daughter Maggie grad- 
uated cum laude from Harvard 
in June, 1994. She is an Ensign 
in the Navy attending Naval 
Intelligence School. Liz is a 
junior dance major at SUNY 
Brockport. Mary Kate is a fresh- 
man at Queens College and 
Tommy is a junior at Molloy 
HS. Linda Neuman 

Contiiiano is the proud grand- 
mother of Brian Ross born in 
April of 1994. 
Elizabeth Williams 
Auricchio. 540 East 20th 
Street, New York, NY 10009 


Cathy Vesey O'Neill is a co- 
founder of the Women's 
Commission for Refugee 
Women and Children and a 
member of the International 
Rescue Committee. In January, 
she visited refugee camps in 
Zaire and Tanzania. She wrote, 
Rwanda: Recovering from 
Genocide, as a result of this 

trip. Constance D'Andrea 
McDonald's youngest daugh- 
ter, Brenda, began Orange 
County Community College in 
the fall of '94. Her son George, 
24, is attending Old Dominion 
College in Virginia, and is plan- 
ning on a medical career. 
Margaret Harrington, 

Superintendent of Queens High 
Schools, was honored on April 
1st by the Catholic Teachers 
Association of Brooklyn and 
Queens as Educator of the 

Barbara Kempczinska, 
444 1 Montgomery St., 
Oakland CA 94611 
Patricia McNulty Kushner, 
51-15 63rd St., Woodside, NY 
11377 718-803-1526 


Rosemary Perinelli Keiley 

and her husband Kevin are now 
living in Alexandria and would 
like to hear from classmates In 
the Washington, DC, metro 
area. Catherine Munster 
Furman has been employed 
by the Long Beach Unified 
School District for 14 years. 
She works with Anne Hunter 
Tubridy '53. Catherine was 
Installed Into Delta Kappa 
Gamma Society, a professional 
teachers organization. She 
would love to hear from 
California alumni. Terry 
Brzeski Philipp and Barbara 
Sekula Waldron chatted 
about weddings. Terry's 
daughter Chris was married In 
May '94 and Barbara's daugh- 
ter, Tara, will be getting married 
in Sept. '95. The Philipps have 
moved to Austin. Their son Ken 
lives in Arlington and daughter 
Chris Is In Powder Springs just 
outside of Atlanta. Terry would 
love to hear from other Texas 
alumni. Barbara and Jim 
Waldron live In Harvard. MA. 
Their younger daughter, Mary 
Kaye. is a student at Boston 

College. Christina McCullagh 
Cronin is back teaching kinder- 
garten in the Bronx and enjoy- 
ing it very nriuch. Her son 
Brian, 23, is in his second year 
of medical school at The 
University of Rochester. Tim 
will graduate from the School of 
Visual Arts in May. Brendan, 19, 
is a sophomore at Mt. Saint 
Mary's in Maryland. Kevin and 
Deirdre, 14, are freshmen at the 
local high school. Adele Vocel, 
Marie Barrese Magaldl and 
Terri Civello attended the 
funeral mass for S. John 
Baptist on January 25th. S. 
John became an integral part 
of reunions since 1960 when 
she rescued a group who were 
planning the 20th reunion. After 
a day's planning, and the dis- 
covery of a stolen battery, S. 
John answered the convent 
door and provided warm hospi- 
tality in the living room for 
more than two hours. From that 
time on, she became a regular 
part of our get-together plans. 
Fifteen members of the class 
attended the 30th anniversary 
reunion. Patricia i-liggins 
Comer has returned to full-time 
teaching at PS 48. Pat recently 
celebrated her 25th anniver- 
sary. Judith Clhllr Sherry 
attended the 30th. Since 1991, 
Judy has been the GFT Chapter 
leader at Flushing HS. She 
reports that Evelyn Lynch 
McTiernan has not been well 
but is on the road to recovery. 
Margaret Mary Smith Walsh 
is currently the Director of 
Screening and Testing for 
District 20 in Brooklyn. In 
August, Marge and her hus- 
band Mike, will take a cross- 
country trip, ending with a 
cruise to Alaska. Marge report- 
ed that she and Barbara 
Farley Columbo plan to set up 
a chapter of SJC alumni in the 
Poconos where they both have 
2nd homes. Barbara reports 
that her son James and his wife 

are both graduates of Brooklyn 
Law School. Her son Rick will 
be teaching 5th grade in 
Manhattan. Barbara remains 
close friends with Jeanne 
Serpe SIvlllo, Ruth Koehler 
Flumaro and Geraldine 
Russello Cusumano. 

Geraldine and her husband 
Vincent are starting new 
careers, as Highland cattle 
breeders in upstate NY. 
Jeanne Serpe Sivlllo and her 
husband Anthony are empty 
nesters now. Her eldest son was 
married in October and her 
other son has moved to 
Manhattan, where he is a stock- 
broker. Jeanne's father passed 
away in March. Theresa 
Holmes Hickman is a systems 
analyst at NYNEX. She is con- 
templating a possible relocation 
from the New York area. Her 
mother passed away in April. 
Cathleen Reynolds Gordon 
entertained us at the luncheon, 
with her story about the sur- 
prise birth of her twins back 
when sonograms were not yet 
available. Judith Jacobsen 
Corbellini is a Parish Director 
of Religious Education with 
1350 children in her program. 
Teresa Civello reports that she 
left NYC Medicaid in 1991 to 
join a healthcare firm on LI. In 
1994, Terry started her own 
Medicaid/healthcare consulting 
business. Terry recently took a 
trip to Disneyworld. Ruth 
Koehler Flumaro enjoys the 
life of a homemaker. One of her 
sons works for Kraft Foods and 
the other for Campbell Soup. 
Her youngest is at Kellenberg 
Memorial HS. Louise Beddow 
Kelley works part time in 
District 20. She also sells origi- 
nal craft designs under the 
name "Lulu Originals." 
Catherine Kiemballa is work- 
ing for Dean Witter. Her daugh- 
ter teaches special ed. Anne 
Cahalan KIngsley and her 
husband Len have started the 

Kingsley School, a pre-school 
for young children ages 2-5, 
with emotional and behavioral 
problems. Anne and Len are 
debating where to spend their 
summer: Mongolia and Tibet 
seem to be their first choices. 
Joan Dornself Regan teaches 
math at Lafayette HS. Her two 
daughters attend Poly Prep. 
The College Fall Luncheon is 
scheduled for Saturday, 
November 4th, at the Plaza 
Hotel. If you are not a regular at 
the Luncheon, you won't get an 
invitation. We would like to try 
to get a group together and 
hope to see you there. 
Kathleen Gordon Cirillo is 
head of the English department 
at St. Mary of the Assumption 
HS in New Jersey. She recently 
attended a two week seminar 
with Dr. Robert Coles at Weston 
School of Theology. This was a 
scholarship grant opportunity 
for 25 teachers who work with 
at risk Catholic youth. 
Mary Beth McNemey Lamond. 
9106 Ridge Blvd.. Brooklyn. 
NY 1 1209 718-833-2488 
Teresa Civello. 150 East 3rd 
St.. New York, NY 10009 
Rosemary Collins Zink. 
9 Highfield Ln., Coltsneck. NJ 
07722 908-946-4654 


30th Anniversary Class 
Donna Toth Katan relocated 
to San Diego in June '94. She is 
teaching honors English at 
Carlsbad HS. Before she left 
Connecticut, she served as 
adjunct faculty at Albertus 
Magnus College, New Haven. 
Sandra Bonilla San Miguel 
writes, "Manolo and 1 celebrated 
our 25th wedding anniversary. 
I was elected as State President 
of the Florida Association of 
School Social Workers and was 
chosen for inclusion in the 
Marquis' Who's Who of 
American Women (1995). 1 

remember with great fondness 
our 1991 reunion and hope to 
see y'all when you visit the 
Oriando area." 

Nina Lagana Difusco, 1599 
Victoria St.. Baldwin. NY 
11510 516-623-2862 
Barbara Hautsch Black. 
2612 Quentin Rd.. Brooklyn, 
NY 11229 718-376-9413 


Joann Baslleo Asclutto's son 

Robert, 17, is President of the 
senior class at Tottenville HS on 
Staten Island. He is currently 
applying to colleges where he 
hopes to major in business. The 
Asciutto family joined Arlene 
Francis Palazzolo and her 
family at an upstate New York 
ski resort. Arlene's daughter 
Erin, is an accomplished ama- 
teur artist whose work has been 
on display in local exhibits in 
Briarcliff Manor and who 
designed the cover of the 
Briarcliff district school calen- 
dar for 1994-95. Joanne 
MIscione Hadlocic's son, 
Charles, received his Ph.D in 
economics from MIT in 
September and is now an 
Assistant Professor at the 
University of Florida in 
Gainesville. Her daughter Tessa 
and son-in-law Bruce graduated 
from Harvard Medical School in 
June and are pursuing surgical 
residencies in Chicago. Joanne 
became a grandmother in 
March! Marie Anderson 
Provanzana writes that her old- 
est daughter Kathleen married 
David Brown on March 18th. In 
attendance were Mary Merz 
Provanzana '67 and Joan 
Cochoran Fordham'62. 

Kathy will graduate from The 
Ohio State College of Medicine 
in June. Beth, who is 22, gradu- 
ates from Washington and Lee 
University in June. She will start 
graduate work at Northwestern 
University Kellogg School of 
Business in the fall, as part of 

the First Chicago Bank 
Scholars Program. Suzanne, 
the youngest, is finishing her 
first year at Notre Dame. 
Judith Raikowski Joyce, do 
Chase Manhattan Bank, P.O. 
Box 521, New York, NY 
10004 212-385-5330 
Marie Anderson Provanzana, 
304 Delegate Dr., 
Worthington, OH 43235 
Mary Ellen Dubiel Freeley, 
197 Puritan Ave., Forest Hills, 
NY 11375 718-544-3216 


Barbara Braceo Christina 

had her final practicum for 
Nova Southeastern University 
accepted for publication by 
ERIC. She has been featured 
several times in "Who's Who in 
American Education." She 
writes professionally for her 
state organization and NEW 
Rooney Bencze continues to 
practice law as a partner in the 
firm of Jamieson, Moore, 
Peskin and Spicer in Princeton, 
NJ. Her younger daughter, 
Meghan, is a junior at Cornell 
University and her older daugh- 
ter, Kelly, graduated from 
Skidmore College and is pursu- 
ing an acting career. Nola is 
President of a local chapter of 
Financial Women International. 
Maureen Quinn Scherer, 44 
Plymouth Ave., Mount Sinai, 
NY 11766 516-928-4630 
Blanche Under Pesce, 127 
Pine St., Rockville Centre, NY 
11570 516-764-2951 
Catherine Colgan Stanton, 
1221 Underhill Ave., Yorktown 
Heights, NY 10598 


Sara Ann Miller Scliultz is in 

her third year of teaching fifth 
grade at St. Mary's elementary 
school in Simsbury, CT. She 
lives in Connecticut with her 

husband Kevin, and their two 
children Robyn, 17, and Gavin, 
15. She would love to hear from 
friends (203)658-7316. 

Christine Callahan 

announces the birth of a sec- 
ond granddaughter, Adrienne, 
born to son Adam Wasserman 
on 12/19/94. She joins 21/2 
year old sister, Arielle. Eileen 
Janco Leone writes that her 
son Jeffrey graduated from 
Clemsom University in August. 
Labor Day weekend, he and 
Charlene (also a Clemson grad- 
uate) were married in her 
hometown of Myrtle Beach. 
They are living in Atlanta. 
Kristina, their youngest child, is 
a high school senior this year. 
She plans to attend the College 
of Charleston next fall. Eileen 
has taught first grade for eight 
years at Byrd Elementary in 
Graniteville, SC. 
Carol Anne Cole Sullivan, 
437 Beach 132 St., Belle 
Harbor, NY 11694 


Camille Galati Rendeiro left 
7th and 8th grade at PS 104 
after 20 years to join the faculty 
of IS 187, a new Junior HS in 
District 20. Diane Brusca 
Bronkhurst's son David grad- 
uated in June from Brentwood 
Sonderling HS and is a fresh- 
man at SJC in Patchogue. 
JoAnn Prospero Chester was 
appointed Assistant Principal, 
Supervision of Languages and 
English as a Second Language 
at Bryant HS. Eileen Schaeder 
Killeen has three children. Her 
daughter Jennifer, 18, is a 
freshman at Georgetown; 
Brendan, 15, is a sophomore at 
Manhasset HS and Kate, 10, is 
a fifth grader. She is a Patient 
Advocate at St. Joseph's 
Hospital in Queens. Her hus- 
band Tom is a partner in the 50- 
lawyer firm of Farrell, Fritz, 
Caemmerer, Armentano, 

Cleary and Baronsky in 
Uniondale. Mary Moroney 
Rogers is the regional human 
resource manager for Vitas 
Healthcare Corporation. She is 
living in Florida and enjoying 
the warm climate. 
Valerie Wertz Quinlan, 520 
Beach 136th St, Belle Harbor. 
NY 11694 718-945-6615 
Josephine Nunziata 
Rossicone. 135 Suffolk Ave., 
Staten Island. NY 10314 


25th Anniversary Class 

No Class Agent 

1972 Brooklyn A&S 

Diane Kelty O'Connor moved 
to Virginia in 1993. She is 
teaching HS. Her daughter 
Kristin is a senior at Rutgers 
University, and son Michael is 
working full time. Meg 
Ambrose Preller, Patti 
Luciana English, Debbie 
Hayes Larson, Ellen Nofi 
Murphy and Linda Arezzo 
spent a wonderful week on Fire 
Island in August. Janet Pope 
Miserandino, Roseann 

Romano and Linda Arezzo 
met unexpectedly at a St. 
Athanasius production of "Bye 
Bye Birdie." Rita Verri Scaizo 
is still teaching at Marlboro 
Middle School in New Jersey. 
She is serving on the Mayor's 
Advisory Task Force and is a 
founder of the Marlboro-Johana 
Young Ambassadors Program 
which is a student exchange 
program between Johana, 
Japan and Marlboro. Two years 
ago she accompanied a group 
of twelve township students to 
Japan. Christine Guardia 
Kopyt writes that all is well in 
Connecticut. She is teaching in 
Avon Middle School. She has 
two daughters; Lauren, 14. and 
Jackie, 12. Her husband. Joe, 
is still with the US Postal 
Service. Janet Pope 

Miserandino's children are 
both doing well. Christine, 17, is 
finishing at the HS for 
Performing Arts in NYC and is 
still interested in acting, as evi- 
denced by her work with the 
Diocesan Theatre Guild. Her 
son, Dominic, graduated from 
SUNY at Stony Brook in June 
1994. He presently at Wagner 
with an assistantship in an ESL 
program in Spanish and Italian. 
Janet keeps busy at St. 
Thomas in Flatlands, teaching 
2nd grade. 

Patricia Luciana English, 
143 Beach 133rd St.. Belle 
Harbor, NY 11694 

Dianne Plwlnski, 188 Java 
St.. Brooklyn. NY 1 1222 

1973 Brooklyn A&S 

Dorothy Enny Michels is still 
living in Aberdeen, NJ. Her son 
Christopher is 12 and goes to 
St. Benedict School. Bridget, 8, 
is there too. Dorothy is active 
in school advisory council and 
teaches in a private nursery 
school. Karen Macri 

Truncellito wrote and pub- 
lished "Easy Steps to Reading," 
an unconventional, simple and 
effective method of teaching. 
Joan Denauski Halpern. 
8 Jennifer Dr.. Howell, NJ 
07731 908-905-2157 
Linda Borelli Ridzl. 
57 Westbrook Dr.. Nassau, 
NY 12123 518-766-9541 

1974 Brooklyn A&S 

Fred Herron published a book. 
"Rain for Roots: A Guide to 
Building Loving Relationships". 
He has also published articles in 
"Momentum" and "Review for 
Religious". He is a member of 
the International Thomas 
Merton Society and will address 
their annual meeting at St. 
Bonaventure in June. Fred has 
been named Secondary School 
teacher of the year in Brooklyn. 

He is Spiritual Director at 
Fontbonne Hall Academy and 
Director of Religious Education 
at Our Lady Star of Ihe Sea on 
Governors Island. S. Helen 
Gulczynski, CSJ is proud to 
announce the arrival of her 
grandniece, Katherine Claire 
Mooney, daughter of Danielle 
Janusz Mooney *91. 
Anna Maria Tufano, 321 Bay 
14th St., Brooklyn, NY 11214 

1974 Suffolk A&S 

James Flannery Jr., 224 

Merrifield Ave., Oceanside, 
NY 11572 516-764-8654 

1975 Brooklyn A&S 

Jo-Ann Magglo is a member 
of Who's Who of America's 
Teachers. Joanne 

BerezowskI Casella has a 
daughter Julianne, 12, and a 
son Adam, 10. Her husband 
Michael is very involved in col- 
lecting and restoring old cars. 
They presently own ten. 
Joanne is involved in the arts 
in Westchester and Putnam 
counties. She teaches art part 
time and is involved in a long 
term NYS art grant. Thomas 
LaGuidlce was reelected chair- 
man of Traffic and 
Transportation of Community 
Board 3. He led In sales of 
home and auto insurance for 
Liberty Mutual. Tom is looking 
forward to a vacation in Maui. 
Diane Fessler Ryan has four 
sons: Brendan 6, Gabriel 5, 
Joshua 4, Nathaniel 3. Rose 
Anne DePina Smith has a 
five-year-old daughter, Ashley, 
who had a letter published in 
Humply Dumpty Magazine. 
Theresa Cimakasky Mason, 
5 Quimby Ln., Flemington, NJ 
08822 718-833-3878 
Debra Stevenson Nelson, 
170 Nassau Ave., Manhasset, 
NY 11030 516-365-2628 
Jacqueline Reisert Esposito, 
1659 Circlevllle Rd., State 
College. PA 16803 814-234- 


William Gorman, 458 Degraw 

St., Brooklyn, NY 11217 


Alice Hagan, 360 Bay Ridge 

Pkwy, Apt 2C, Brooklyn, NY 


Rose Anne DeFina Smith, 

15 Kay PI., Staten Island, NY 

10305 718-981-0743 

1975 Suffolk A&S 

Barbara Ross Antonucci, 

181 Commercial Blvd., 
Brentwood, NY 11717 

1976 Brooklyn A&S 

20th Anniversary Class 
Martha Stoistis Spezzano, 

29 Walnut St., Central I slip, 
NY 11722 516-234-9738 
Mary Frances Healion Muldoon, 
2674 East 22nd St., Brooklyn, 
NY 11235 718-934-7649 
Ann Simko Rennard, 
966 Shelburne Dr., Franklin 
Square, NY 11010 

1976 Brooklyn GS 

20th Anniversary Class 

1976 Suffolk A&S 

20th Anniversary Class 
Leonora Lang Brisotti, 8 1 7 

Aberdeen Rd., Bay Shore, NY 
11706 516-665-7633 

1977 Brooklyn A&S 

Jeanne Hereth Garganl is liv- 
ing in Dallas. She has two sons, 
Andrew, 9, and Alex, 3. Her hus- 
band Tim 79, is a sergeant with the 
Dallas Police Department 
Lorraine Burns Goldhirsch, 
500 Tuckahoe Rd., IB, 
Yonkers, NY 10710 

1977 Suffolk A&S 

Robert Fishwlck Jr. has a 

granddaughter Kaitlyn. She is 
two-and one-half-years-old. 

1978 Brooklyn A&S 

Sarah Murphy Berliner, 

570 Westminster Rd., ^C8, 
Brooklyn, NY 11230 
Maryteresa McKenna, 

8215 4th Ave., #E1, Brooklyn, 
NY 11209 718-680-5681 

1978 Brooklyn GS 

Mo Class Agent 

1978 Suffolk A&S 

Beth Ann Walker Long is 

presently working as a social 
worker at the Suffolk County 
Nursing Home in Yaphank, NY, 
and managing her husband 
Ray's construction corporation. 
Beth Ann is also reintroducing 
girl scouting to the Remsenburg 
Sprunk school district, provid- 
ing programming for her 
daughters Brianna, 11, and 
Shanna, 8, Girl Scout troops. 
Ed Abdale writes "Attention 
alt classmates, we must gel 
together for a reunion. Please 
contact me if you are inter- 
ested" {5\6-223-0653). 
Mary P. Annett. 252 Riviera 
Pkwy, Lindenhurst, NY 11757 
Marion Salgado, 
16 Sequams Ln. North, West 
I slip, NY 11795 516-587- 

Maria Sabella Shukri, 
10 Jill Dr., Commack, NY 
11725 516-269-9032 

1979 Brooklyn A&S 

Fred Daniels and his wife 
Helen have four children. Mary 
graduated from George Mason 
University with a degree in law, 
Christian graduated from (JMl , 
Tara graduated from St. 
Joseph's in Patchogue and her 
brother Patrick is currently 
attending St. Joseph's in 
No Class Agent 

1979 Brooklyn GS 

Agatha Cropper writes that a 
lot has happened since her 
graduation. Her daughter 
Patricia was married, and she 
has three grandchildren, David, 
10, Philip, 5, and Jennifer, 2. 

1979 Suffolk A&S 

Timothy Garganl is a sergeant 
with the Dallas Police 
Department and is now with the 
youth action center. He super- 
vises officers in nine of the 
Dallas schools. Jeanne 

Hereth Garganl '77, is raising 
their two children, Andrew, 9, 
and Alex, 3. 

Karen Miller Faiella, 32 
Brentwood Pkwy, Brentwood, 
NY 11717 516-435-2870 

1980 Brooklyn A&S 

Lorraine Stabile DelGenlo 

has been teaching Spanish 
part-time at St. Mary School in 
East Islip, NY. since 1993. 
Lorraine gives private piano 
lessons to individuals at her 
home in South Setauket, NY. 
She is also an Avon representa- 
tive for the neighborhood. Mary 
Murphy is currently working 
for Catholic Charities, Diocese 
of Brooklyn, in the early child- 
hood office. She oversees the 
day-care and Head Start pro- 
grams sponsored by Catholic 
Charities. A group of 1980 
grads got together last 
November at the home of 
Albina Miller Faro. Present 
were Albina, Anna 

Paternoster Franch, Mary 
Murphy, Chris Munnelly and 
Helen Minieri Stacy. They all 
had a great time catching up 
with each other. 
Dianne Hay den, 1403 
Harrison Ave., Mamaroneck, 
NY 10543 914-381-0772 
Maureen Fleming 
Wicelinski, 15 Sprucewood 
Dr.. Levittown, NY 11756 

1980 Suffolk A&S 

Arlene Murtha, 12 Hill St., 
Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 

1980 Suffolk GS 

Maria Gaudio Shehi pub- 
lished "Vines," a genealogy of 
Gaudio, Quaglio, Parise and 
allied families. She is certified to 
teach child abuse. She and her 
husband travel extensively, do 
stained glass and calligraphy. 
Her daughter Christina has a 
BSN and is now studying law. 

1981 Brooklyn A&S 

15th Anniversary Class 
Meiissa Marcliese Douglierty 

is currently employed at the 
Interdisciplinary Center for 
Child Development as an 
Educational Supervisor, in 
Rego Park, NY. 
Lisa Kern Sawin, 
10 Starboard Way, Latham, 
NY 12110 518-783-5827 

1981 Suffolk A&S 

15th Anniversary Class 
John Broesler was promoted 
to Manager of Information 
Technology at Coopers and 
Lybrand, Big Six accounting 
firm. Nicliie SpanI DiPietro 
announces the birth of her 
granddaughter, Rebecca 

Nicole, born to Dina DiPietro, 
'90S and Michael Monastero. 
Michelle Grande, 204 Pond 
View Ln., Smithtown, NY 
11787 516-724-5011 

1982 Brooklyn A&S 

Donna Tobin Valentin has 

four sons; Jason, 9, Jared, 7, 
Justin, 5, Jordan, 1. They make 
their home on Staten Island. 
Diana Nardi O'Brien is living 
in Gerritsen Beach with her 
daughter Melanie and husband 
Patrick. Audrey Perry Gioia 
has three children: John, 8, 
Samantha, 7, Angelica, 2. 
Together with her husband. 

Angelo, they live on Stuart 
Street, three doors from Mary 
Ellen Regan. Cathy Saputo 
Caldarola lives in Marine Park 
with her husband Michael and 
children, Michael, 10, Christina, 
9, Marissa, 4 and Christopher, 2. 
Joni Anderson McMaster lives 
in Sheepshead Bay with her hus- 
band Thomas, son Michael, 8, 
and daughter Kristen, 5. 
Sharon Petty Somers resides 
in New Jersey with husband, 
son Steve, and daughter Kristen. 
Barbara Malkas Euchler has 
two children and lives in 
Massachusetts with her husband 
John. Joseph Riley taught at 
OLPH HS for nine years. He now 
works for the Guild for 
Exceptional Children in 

Brooklyn. He helped to fund and 
now directs a community the- 
atre group in Queens called the 
Spotlight Players. Angela 
Keenan Walas is living in 
Rebank, NJ. She has three chil- 
dren: Danielle, 12, Katie, 8 and 
Joseph, 5. 

Maureen Sullivan Griffin, 
633 77th St.. Brooklyn, NY 
1 1209 718-680-3307 

1982 Brooklyn GS 

Mary Louise Salhab retired on 
2/94 from Cumberland 

Diagnostic and Treatment 
Center and now resides in Ft. 
Lauderdale. Claudette 

Chichester has a grandson 
Kyle Johnson, born on March 
21, 1994. 

1982 Suffolk A&S 

Toby Musatow announces the 
birth of her first grandson 
Michael James, 9/94. Amelia 
Delany Fox is presently teaching 
at C. Northport Middle School. 
Brenda Kelly Hinshaw. 37 
Hamlet Rd., Levitlown. NY 
11756 516-579-0437 
Joyce Donneson, 1 15 
Aspatuck Rd.. Westhampton 
Beach, NY 11978 

1983 Brooklyn A&S 

Elizabeth Ruggiero Mulrane. 

27 East 13th St.. Huntington 
Station, NY 11746 N/L 

1983 Suffolk A&S 

Reginald La Rochester looks 
forward to his son Jon-Marc fol- 
lowing in his educational foot- 
steps at St. Joseph's. Jon will 
be a freshman in the biology 
department in Sept. '95. 
Maryann Finneran Roberts 
and her husband, Larry, moved 
to Port Orange, FL, in 1992. 
Larry is VP for American Linear 
Manufacturers. Maryann is 
teaching 3rd grade. They 
recently adopted Kaitlyn Healy 
Roberts, 5 months, and Taylor 
Ashley Roberts, 4 months. 
Louise Kratoville is celebrat- 
ing her 40th wedding anniver- 
sary in July. She is completing 
her 12th year teaching special 
education. She has a Masters 
degree plus 60 additional cred- 

Anna Cameron. 13 Wheatley 
Ave.. Huntington Station. NY 
11746 516-421-5531 
Bridget Reilly Costello. 
17 Van Buren St.. Mastic. NY 
11950 516-399-5426 

1984 Brooklyn A&S 

Theresa Yard has joined West 
Publishing Co. as an acquisi- 
tions editor. Prior to that, she 
spent seven years as an attor- 
ney at Kelley Drye and Warren. 
Lorraine Denver Presta and 
husband, Michael, live in 
Holtsville, LI, with sons Michael, 
Matthew and John. Nancy 
Fusco Flynn and husband. 
Terry have two children; 
Alexandra Michele, 5, and Ryan 
Elizabeth, 2. Jeanne Meyer 
Barnwell and her husband 
Danny, have two children, 
Zach, 9 and Calvin, 4. 
Erin Dowd. 40 Henry St.. 
Brooklyn. NY 11201 

Barbara Bischoff Eckner, 32 

Sunset Dr.. Derby. CT 06418 


Donna Ortolani, 2 Kent Rd., 

Ringwood. NJ 07456 


1984 Suffolk A&S 

Lynn Fazio Genovese is a spe- 
cial education teacher at 
Longwood MS. She has two 
beautiful daughters, Beth and 
Michelle. Lynn, her husband 
Michael, and her two daughters 
live in West Islip, NY. 
Lucretia Lucivero. 
26 Great Oak Rd., St. James, 
NY 11780 516-584-8308 
Joan Kelly. 21 Dorothy Ln., 
Kings Park. NY 11754 

1984 Suffolk GS 

No Class Agent 

1985 Brooklyn A&S 

Suzette Mormando Liguori is 

expecting her second child in 
July. Renee is now 3 1/2 years 
old and will be starting Pre-K in 
September. Her husband 

Joseph has been promoted to 
VP at J. P. Morgan on Wall 
Street. Diane Earth Piselli is 
Director of the Playgrounds for 
All Children in Flushing 
Meadows Corona Park. She is 
the director of Love Unlimited 
Pet Therapy Program, which 
enables dogs to visit children in 
hospitals, schools and nursing 

Alice Kennedy, 
5 Hallister St.. Staten Island, 
NY 10309 718-853-9783 

1985 Suffolk A&S 

Mary Edwards Verdone is cur- 
rently teaching special educa- 
tion. She has two children, 
Krysta Nicole, 3, and Frank 
Christopher, 2. Maria 

Humphrey Dell 'Aquila 
received her MBA from St. 
John's in 1990. She is VP of 

Corporate Finance at J. P. 
Morgan. Karen Collins 
Nelson had a daughter, Renee 
Margaret Nelson on March 3, 
1995. Christopher Young's 
second son, Kevin Patrick, was 
born on January 4, 1994. 
KellyAnn O'Hanlon Hammer, 
149 Newbrook Ln., Bay 
Shore. NY 11706 

1985 Suffork GS 

Domna Zachary has been a 
Lt. in the GS Naval Reserve 
Medical Corps since 1990. She 
is currently employed at 
Memorial Sloan 

Kettering Cancer Center. She is 
a member of National League 
for Nursing NY Naval Militia, 
Naval Reserve Association, 
Daughters of Penelope and is 
also a Greek language inter- 
preter and translator. Nancy 
LImberg Saponierl has two 
children, Jessica, 5, and 
Jaimee, 3. She received her 
Master's degree from SUNY 
Stony Brook. Patricia 

Sweeney became a Certified 
Nurse Administrator in 1994 
and is the Assistant Director of 
Nursing at Huntington Hospital. 
Dorothy LaFerrera, 
395 Nelligan Ct., North 
Babylon. NY 11703 

1986 Brooklyn A&S 

lOth Anniversary Class 
Mayra Garcia is a student at 
Columbia University, pursuing 
a Master degree in speech 

Kerry McConway, 167 68th 
St.. Brooklyn, NY 1 1220 

1986 Suffolk A&S 

lOth Anniversary Class 
Bernadette O'Rourlie 

Cornell was recently promoted 
from the position of teller at 
Teacher's Federal Credit Union 

to the position of Information 
Center Clerk/ Special Services 
Coordinator. Robert 

DeH'Aquila received his MBA 
from St. John's in 1990. He is a 
corporate cash manager for 
Olsten Corporation. Joanne 
Walsh received her MSW from 
Stony Brook in May, 1995. 
Gerald Cestare will be 
ordained to the priesthood on 
May 27th at the Cathedral of St. 
Agnes in Rockville Centre. 
Maria Maxwell, 39 Tappan 
Ave., Babylon, NY 11702 

1987 Brooklyn A&S 

Gregory Branch is a Physician 
of Internal Medicine/Infectious 
Diseases at Johns Hopkins 
Hospital in Baltimore. Carl 
Felix is a Computer 
Programmer at Prudential 
Securities in New York. Helen 
Rapa Rafaniello is a forensic 
analyst at The Medical 
Examiners Office in New York. 
Mayra Santos-Torres is a sec- 
ondary school special educa- 
tion teacher at IS 162 in 
Brooklyn. She has two sons. 
Mayra is also a student at 
Columbia University pursuing a 
Masters degree in speech 
pathology. Adrian Agosto is 
an elementary school teacher 
at St. Fortunata in Brooklyn. 
Vivian Toledo Pratt is a 
Reinsurance Litigation Analyst 
at Home Insurance in New 
York. She has a son, Louis 
George. Angela Taylor is a 
social worker in Brooklyn. 
Diana Murillo. 350 65th St., 
Apt. 19N, Brooklyn, NY 11220 

Joan Sullivan Thomas, 3610 
Flatlands Ave., Brooklyn, NY 
11234 718-951-6590 

1987 Suffolk A&S 

Jean Marie Kirchner, 3 

Boone Street, Bethpage, NY 

11714 N/L 

Anthony DiMino, 184 Spiral 

Rd., Hotsvllle. NY 11742 
Kim-Susan Martini. 953 
Naple Ave.. Franklin Square, 
NY 11010 516-328-8751 

1987 Brooklyn GS 

Margaret Smith is a member 
of the Palm Coast Civic 
Association and the Women's 
Guild of Mother Seton Church 

1988 Brooklyn A&S 

The following members of the 
class of '88 met for a special 
reunion in February: Patricia 
Williams, who is employed by 
Price Waterhouse, Monique 
Harper, an Account Executive 
at the Swiss Bank Corporation, 
Nancy Arcelay, an elementary 
school teacher in Brooklyn, and 
the mother of three. Also there 
were Mayra Garcia "86, 
Gregory Branch '87, Carl 
Felix '87, Helen Rapa 
Rafaniello '87, Mayra 
Santos-Torres '87, Raymond 
Edwards '89, Kayan Hall 
'89, and Wanda Morgan '89. 
Friends who were not able to 
attend included: Adrian 
Agosto '87, Vivian Toledo 
Pratt '87, Angela Taylor '87 
and Cynthia Robinson '90. 
Christine Apicella, 1607 East 
7th St., Brooklyn, NY 11230 

Michele Main, 41-36 51st St., 
Apt. B2, Woodside, NY 1 1377 

Patricia Williams, 395 Clinton 
Ave., Apt 6D, Brooklyn. NY 
11238 718-634-9536 

1988 Suffolk A&S 

David Desmond is currently 
practicing law at Van Nostrand 
and Martin in Amityville, NY. 
Camille Kostew Kelly, 6301 
Cheetah Ct. Waldorf. MD 
20603 301-932-9537 
Joyce Hayes, 1057 Courtland 
Dr. Bay Shore NY 11706 

Jennifer Ray, 18 Prospect 
St.. EastSelden. NY 11784 

1989 Brooklyn A&S 

Jennifer Gorman Dambaldy 

has been a social worker at 
Kings Highway Hospital for 
three years. She has a son, 
Thomas John. Raymond 
Edwards is a court administra- 
tor, immigration court at the 
Department of Justice in 
Newark. Kayan Hall is an ele- 
mentary school special educa- 
tion teacher at P.S. 114 in 
Brooklyn. She will be marrying 
John Austin. Aug. 19, 1995. 
Wanda Morgan is an elemen- 
tary school teacher at P.S. 20 in 
Brooklyn. Wanda has a daugh- 
ter. Asante. 
Francine Nittolo, 
367 96th St.. Brooklyn. NY 
1 1209 718-748-0409 

1989 Suffolk A&S 

No Class Agent 

(989 Brooklyn GS 

Anna Bennet is a Certified 
Professional in Healthcare 
Quality. She is currently 
Director of Clinical Review in 
Calvary Hospital. 
No Class Agent 

1990 Brooklyn A&S 

Lucia Andriani Balzamo has 

been teaching kindergarten at 
St. Savior Elementary School. 
Cynthia Robinson is an ele- 
mentary school special educa- 
tion teacher at P.S. 305 in 
No Class Agent 

1990 Brooklyn GS 

Barbara Janusz announces 
the birth of her granddaughter, 
Katherine Claire Mooney, 
daughter of Danielle Janusz 
Mooney '91. No Class Agent 

1990 Suffolk A&S 

Andre Murphy is employed as 
General Manager of Coram 
Auto Sales and In September 
'94 became Assistant Men's 
Basketball Coach at Stony 
Brook University. Prior to this, 
he was assistant coach of the 
SJC men's basketball team on 
the Suffolk campus. Ruth 
Lloret became a physician's 
assistant in 1992. She is 
presently working at North 
Shore University Hospital. 
James Sheehan is teaching 
school in Boston. Donald 
Wagner Jr. is currently pursu- 
ing his Masters degree at L.I. 
University, C.W. Post campus. 
Beth Kurtz Jack is residing in 
South Elgin, Illinois, and work- 
ing for Taylor Management 
Systems Inc. Carolyn Dyer is 
teaching at JHS 50 in 
Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Beth 
Guazzo has her MS in library 
and information science. 
Karen Ozzo spent 1990-92 
teaching elementary school in 
London. In 1992 she moved to 
Philadelphia and has been 
teaching there. She is getting 
married in August. 

1991 Brooklyn A&S 

5th Anniversary Class 

No Class Agent 

1991 Suffolk A&S 

5th Anniversary Class 
Theresa Trotta Niisson is a 

head teacher and educational 
coordinator for the F.C.C. Early 
Learning Center in Bay Shore. 
Hyacinth Perera is working 
toward her MBA through the 
fast track program at Long 
Island University. She expects 
to graduate in May, 1996. 
Hyacinth Perera, 
7 Springbriar Ln., Centereach, 
NY 11720 516-981-8953 

1992 Brooklyn A&S 

Maria Ortiz taught sixth grade 
for two years at Queen of All 
Saints. She is presently teach- 
ing Spanish and reading at 
Catherine McAuley HS. Maria is 
also teaching at Brooklyn 
College. Kristine Raessier is 
an Intake Specialist and 
Administrator for the mentally 
ill at the Professional Service 
Center for Handicapped Inc. 
Erin McLoughlin married 
Frank Herlly and is expecting. 
Kristine Kresse is working in 
Great Neck as an Assistant 
Controller for a private venture 
capitalist corporation. Please 
take note there are two mem- 
bers of the class of '92 with the 
name Maria Ortiz. Maria A. 
Ortiz, who was a biology major 
is now Maria Ortiz Myers. 
Denise Mc Linden is currently 
employed by the NY Childhood 
Center at St. Brendan's. She is 
studying for her MS in speech 
pathology at Brooklyn College. 
No Class Agent 

1992 Suffolk A&S 

Donna Schultz, 

287 Pamlico Avenue, 
Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 

1993 Brooklyn A&S 

Katherine Luna is a head 
teacher, for the pre-school spe- 
cial education in White Plains. 
She is living in Rockland 

Phyllis D'Accordo. 
167 Beach 144th St., 
Neponsit, NY 11694 718- 

Kevin McManaway, 21-43 
Butler Ave.. Ridgewood, NY 

JulieAnn Aiello Rubino. 
118 Foster Ave., Brooklyn, NY 
11230 718-436-7329 
Janet BIsignano. 
429 49th St., Brooklyn, NY 
11220 718-439-8735 

1993 Brooklyn GS 

Nadine Juste, 

P.O. Box 463, Brooklyn, NY 

11226 718-693-4228 

Mary Gigliello, 

1844 60th St., Brooklyn, NY 

11204 718-331-8496 

Marsha Griffin, 

15 Mill St., Apt 1A. Brooklyn, 

NY 11231 718-237-4629 

Madelyn Arrich, 

21 Mathews PI., Brooklyn, NY 

1 1236 718-444-4323 

Albertha McKeithan, 

100-25 Dekruif PI., Bronx, NY 

10475 212-379-2522 

1993 Suffolk A&S 

Kara Anne Bender became 
engaged to Eric De Simone. 
No Class Agent 

1994 Brooklyn A&S 

Michelle Jordan-Brooks had 

her first child in May. Donna 
DeGeorge is still teaching and 
will be pursuing a graduate 
degree in education at 
Brooklyn College. Denise 
Heisier has a permanent teach- 
ing position at St. Angela Hall, 
teaching 2nd grade. Patricia 
Minardi has a temporary 
teaching job at St. Frances 
Cabrini School in Bay Ridge. 
Christopher Kaiser is working 
as an Admissions Counselor for 
SJC. Alice Hegel has been 
accepted into law school. 
Hilary O'Shea and Susan 
Muscarella are working 
together as office 

assistants/secretaries. Anne 
Tavani is attending graduate 
school at Tufts University and 
will receive her MS degree in 
special education this summer. 
She is currently looking for a 
teaching position in Arizona. 
Lori Torone is teaching at Our 
Lady of the Angelus School in 
Rego Park. Regina Cirigliano 
is teaching at St. Charles 
Borromeo in the Fifth grade. 
Temitope Fasoye, 

277 Washington Ave., Apt 1H, 

Brooklyn. NY 1 1205 


Anne Tavani, 

314A Maiden St., Medford, 

MA 02155 


Lori Torone. 

59-15 47th St., Woodside, NY 



Donna DeGeorge, 

89-11 78th St., Woodhaven, 

NY 11421 718-296-2847 

Jill Brody Delgado, 

619 East 7th St., Brooklyn, NY 

11218 718-462-5020 

1994 Brooklyn GS 

Kevin Fountaine is the new 

varsity football coach at 
Nazareth Regional High School. 
No Class Agent 

1994 Suffolk GS 

Peter Forti has entered a grad- 
uate program in business at 
Dowling College. 

1994 Suffolk A&S 

Maria Presenzano will marry 
Charles Melton '94S on 

September 30, 1995. 

Change of Address/Name 

If you're moving/have moved, please 
let us know... 

SL Joseph's College 
245 Clinton Avenue 
Brooklyn, NY 11205 


New Address 


Phone ( ) 

Name — 
Address - 


Phone ( ) 


St. Joseph's College 

Brooklyn & Patchogue 

Nominees to serve on the Executive Board for a three-year 
term, from September 1995 to September 1998, are listed 
below. Please mark your choices or write-in and return by 
August 15, 1995. 



□ Elaine DeFelice Spataro '68 
Vice President 

□ Anne T. Mulligan '75 

□ Temitope Fasoye '94 

□ Valerie Wertz Quinlan '70 

□ Mary Butz '69 

□ Geraldine Donnelly Chapey '39 

□ Heather Costanzo '95 

□ Sister Patricia Dittmer, CSJ '72 

□ Anne Trivoluzzi Loring '70 
O Marie Barrese Magaldi '65 
D Dolores Tomao Smith '50 

□ Margaret Smith Walsh '65 




Professor of Theology, Fordham University 

4:15 PM 


Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ is the author of Consider Jesus: Waves of Renewal in Christology and 

She Who Is: The Mystery of God in Feminist Theological Discourse, which earned the Grawemeyer 

Award in Religion. She is President of the Catholic Theological Society of America. 

The lecture is free and open to the public. Alumni are especially welcome. 
Please call for reservations. (718) 636-6800 



'> \ -l,^ '/C-^ ^ 

60 bJ en 



3 c/^ 



ij\ fi n 

6d bJ C/3 

1 *»^ :♦ 

O (yi , 

- o =^ 

^ > o 

^ ;$ ® 

O C (JQ 

























\ L U M N A GvR A M 

wiNTEi me 

St. Joseph's College 


Vol. XLVII No.l ^"^""'99^ 


Profiles 1 

Dorothy Kennedy Speech 4 

Planned Giving 5 

Vital Statistics 6 

Fall in Revieiv 8 


The Athletic Center. 10 

Retirement Report 12 

Student Activities 13 

Classnotes 14 


Margaret Dwyer Minson 70 

Editorial Assistant 

Stephanie Ventrice 

College Phone Numbers: 

Switchboard Brooklyn: (718) 636-6800 
Switchboard Patchogue (516) 447-3200 
Alumni Office Brooklyn: (718) 636-6882 
Alumni Office Patchogue: (516) 447-3215 
Brooklyn Fax: (718) 398-4936 
Patchogue Fax: (516) 447-1734 

Please observe the deadline fi)r 
the Summer '96 Alumnagram: 
April 30th 

Alumnagram is published twice a year by 
St. Joseph's College 245 Clinton Avenue 
Brooklyn, NY 11205 Third Class Postage is 
paid to Hicksville 

From the Editor ... 

With so many inquiries from our 
alumni about our current stu- 
dents, I have decided to include a picto- 
rial display on page 13. I hope this will 
give you an idea of who they are and 
what they are interested in. 

Sherrie Van Arnuam, Director of 
Student Services on the Brooklyn cam- 
pus says, "St. Joseph's is still the kind of 
place that's sensitive to the needs of stu- 
dent life. The majority of our students 
combine the rigors of academics with 
part-time employment, yet still manage 
to have an extra-curricular life. They 
participate in student government, ath- 
letics, and a wide variety of clubs and 
organizations. " 

The administration and faculty 
believe the personal growth of students 
at St. Joseph's is enhanced by the 
school's long tradition of volunteer ser- 
vice. Each organization strongly 
encourages community service, an 
effort that also fosters a spirit of com- 
munity at SJC. The Undergraduate 
Association on the Brooklyn campus 
fed homeless people on Thanksgiving 

morning and participated in the Bright 
Christmas program of the Catholic 
Charities Office for Disabled Persons. 
The sorority and fraternity held a 
Halloween party at SJC for HIV-infect- 
ed children. The Child Study Club 
and Campus Ministry are sponsoring a 
teen club for the mentally retarded. 
The Patchogue students participated in 
the annual "Community Plunge" pro- 
ject at Hope House Ministries, on 
September 24th. This was followed in 
October with involvement in the 
American Cancer Society's Walkathon 
at Jones Beach. On November 1 1th, 
the Campus Ministry joined with 
Habitat for Humanity to build a house 
for a needy family in Central Islip. 

I am confident that you would be 
proud of our undergraduates. They are 
fine young men and women who con- 
tinue to uphold the best traditions of 
St. Joseph's College. 

-Margaret Dwyer Minson '70 

ALUMNI CALENDAR 1996 '''^'~~ 

Januar)' 27th 

Young Alumni 

June 28th Alumni Golf 



March 1996 

Virginia Reception 

November 2nd Fall Luncheon 


Union League Club- 

March 10th 

3pm Theatre Party - 



Career Networking Meetings 

March 28th 

They're Playing 
Our Song 

Florida West Coast 
Reception (tentative) 

ON THE Patchogue Campus 1996 

January l6th Law-Public 


April 21st 
April 21st 

Spring Luncheon 
Garden City Hotel 


February 1 3th Human Services, 7pm 
March 12th Public Relations, 7pm 
April 16th Entrepreneurship, 7pm 

It is the policy of St. Joseph's College not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national or 
ethnic origin, age, handicap, or marital status in the educational programs, admissions policies, employment 
policies, financial aid or other school administered programs. This policy is implemented in compliance with 
Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1 972, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Section 504 of the 
Rehabilitation Act of 1986, as well as any other applicable federal state or local statutes 




"There are rwo kinds of people. One kind, 
you can tell by looking at them at what point 
they congealed into their final selves. It might be 
a very nice self, but you know you can expect no 
more surprises from it. Where as the other kind 
keeps moving, changing... they are fluid. They 
keep moving forward and making new trysts 
with life and the motion of it keeps them young. 
In my opinion, they are the only people who are 
still alive." 

from The Finishing School, by Gail Godwin 

Clearly Mary Brennan Mulvihill is one ol 
the second kind of people. When we last pro- 
fded her in the Summer '78 issue of 
Alumnagram, she owned a business. The 
Better Mousetrap, that manufactured and sold 
wooden and canvas furniture nationwide. By 
that time she had worked as director of cus- 
tomer services at Madison Square Garden for 
seven years and had earned an MBA at 
Fordham in 1976. 

She didn't even 

begm ner career m 

higher education 

until 1980, when she became a lecturer, and 

eventually associate dean of the College of 

Business, at Fordham University. In 1994, she 

became Dr. Mulvihill when she completed her 

Ed.D. at Fordham. 

Mary draws on all of her prolessional expe- 
rience in her present job at St. John's 
University, where she is associate dean of the 
4000-student St. Vincent's College, responsi- 
ble for its day-to-day operations. She also 
finds time to serve on the boards of the 
Women's Commission for Refugee Women 
and Children, of Fordham's University 
Neighborhood Housing Program, and ol the 
Lower East Side Tenement Museum. 

At SJC, she was a debater and president of 
the student government. She speaks of the 
"confidence and self-esteem I gained during 
my four years. The nuns were wonderful role 
models and supporters of educated and suc- 
cessful women." 

Mary is a world traveler and an avid reader, 
with a special interest in the women who went 
west in wagon trains in the 1840s and '50s. She 
is an active fund-raiser in Democratic politics 
and for special causes, like the Presentation 


School, an elementary school in Jamaica. She 
lives in Bronxville with her husband, Roger, and 
her three children: Christopher, 22, Kerry, 20, 
and Susy, 13. 


In 1970, Joan earned a Ph.D. in French lit- 
erature from Yale University, where she also 
met Philip Stewart, who holds a Yale B.A. and 
Ph.D. They were married in Cambridge, MA, 
in 1970. 

Joan taught French tor two years at 
Wellesley College, while living in Leverett 
House at Harvard University, where Philip was 
on the faculty. In 1972, they moved to 
Durham, NC, where they have lived ever 
since. Philip is a professor of French at Duke 
University, and Joan is a professor of French at 
North Carolina State University. 

For the last twelve years, she has also had 
extensive administrative responsibilities as 
head of the depart- 
ment of foreign lan- 
guages and litera- 
tures at North 
Carolina State, which now has about sixty fac- 
ulty members. Under Joan's leadership the 
department added the teaching of Chinese, 
Swahili, Hindi and comparative literature. 
She has also worked with professional and vol- 
unteer organizations, chairing the North 
Carolina Humanities Council (the state-based 
program of the National Endowment for the 
Humanities) from June 1988 to October 

Joan has received the North Carolina State 
University Outstanding Teaching Award, 
and has carried on an active research pro- 
gram. Her publications include essays in 
Scribner's European Writers and the Harvard 
New History of French Literature as well as 
books on the eighteenth century writer 
Marie Riccoboni and the twentieth-century 
writer Colette. In 1993 Gynographs, a study 
of eighteenth-century women novelists was 
published by the University of Nebraska 
Press, as well as translation of an eighteenth- 
century novel by Isabelle de Charriere. .The 
latter two volumes, a collaborative effort with 
her husband and Professor Jean Vache, were 
the inaugural titles in the Modern Language 

Mary Brennan Mulvihill 

Joan Hitide Stewart 

Winter 1996 1 

J^^ O F I L 

E S 


Beatrice SchnellerFenniinore 

Association series "Texts and Translations." 
In 1995 she received the Outstanding 
Research Award of the North Carolina 
State University College of Humanities and 
Social Sciences. 

Joan has had residential fellowships at the 
Fondation Camargo in Cassis, France in 1979, 
at the National Humanities Center in 1982- 
83, at the Center for the Humanities at 
Wesleyan University in 1990, and at the 
Maison Suger in Paris in 1994. 

In the past five years, she has also held two 
major fellowships from the National 
Endowment for the Humanities. Joan's cur- 
rent research, supported by the Endowment, is 
an interdisciplinary book project on women 
and aging in the French Enlightment a subject 
on which she lectured recently at the universi- 
ties of Oxford and Exeter. She is studying the 
ways women of the eighteenth century experi- 
enced and wrote about growing old, and the 
ways in which the aging process related to 
health, desire and everyday life and work. Joan 
says, "I am grateful to St. Joseph's for the 
enduring friendships I formed there (with 
Christine McArdle Reno, Maryanne Keenan 
Moller and Kathleen Gordon Cirillo), and I 
am grateful to my wise and generous teachers: 
to Ms. Norma Mallia for her discernment and 
rigor, to Sister John Raymond for her nurtur- 
ing wisdom, and to Dr. Robert Radus for 
teaching me to combine the pleasures of acting 
and the pleasures of French. " 

Joan's daughter, Anna Faye, is a senior at 
Haverford College, PA, and her son, Justin, is 
a freshman at Guilford College, NC. 


Joan was on the 'A Plan". One thing she 
was never going to do was teach. She began 
her career as a programmer at Abraham & 
Strauss from 1966 to 1968. In 1969 she 
joined the American Institute of Physics, in 
New York as a programmer analyst. This was 
followed by positions with Avon Products and 
Crouse Irving Memorial Hospital in Syracuse. 

Finally, in 1978, she found that the oppor- 
tunity to teach at the college level fit in very 
well with her family responsibilities. She 
joined the faculty at SUNY Morrisville as an 
instructor in computer information systems. 

While pursuing this new career, she was 
simultaneously working towards a master's 
degree in management information systems 
at SUNY Binghamton. Joan currently holds 
the position of Associate Professor, 
Computer Information Systems, at SUNY 
Morrisville. She is married to Bill Danehy 
and has two children: Kevin, 32, and Kara 
Mulaney, 29. 

Joan credits her success in the field of com- 
puters to a liberal arts education. She remem- 
bers grudgingly fulfilling requirements in 
English and music, while enjoying her cours- 
es in math and chemistry. However, she feels 
strongly that the interests she has today are a 
result of her exposure to subjects that she 
would not have chosen to pursue. Joan says, 
"At SJC, I started to become a well-rounded 
educated person who knows how to learn. " 
Joan believes her years in teaching were great- 
ly affected by wonderful role models at SJC. 
She quotes Henry Adams: "A teacher affects 
eternity; he can never tell where his influ- 
ence stops." 


Beatrice majored in English at SJC and 
became an early childhood teacher after grad- 
uation. While raising her two daughters, she 
completed a master's degree in special educa- 
tion at Brooklyn College, a Master of 
Education in Curriculum and Teaching and a 
Doctor of Education with early childhood spe- 
cialization at Teachers College, Columbia 

During this time, Bz taught at Marymount 
College and Teachers College. She moved to 
Pittsburgh in 1985. For the last eight years, 
she has been teaching at Indiana University of 
Pennsylvania, where she is now a full professor 
in the department of professional studies in 
education. She has also served on the summer 
faculty at Teachers College. 

Bz teaches doctoral, graduate and under- 
graduate courses in early childhood and ele- 
mentary education; she supervises student 
teachers in Pittsburgh public schools and 
chairs the multicultural ethics committee. She 
has also written two books; Child Advocacy for 
Early Childhood Educators and Student 

2 St. Joseph's College 


Centered Classroom Management. In 1991 stu- 
dents at lUP gave Bz the Outstanding 
Professor Award. 

"My experience at SJC was unique and mem- 
orable," Bz says, "and it gave me invaluable 
insights into the critical importance of teaching 
and learning in modern society. I am grateful 
to my aunt, Sister Mary Beatrice Schneller and 
others for their kind encouragement." 

In her spare time, Bz has run 1 1 marathons 
and frequently races in 5K and lOK events. 
Her daughters are Sharon, 22, a senior at the 
University of Pennsylvania, and Maryann, 18, 
a senior at Taylor Alderdice HS. 


As Resident Life Coordinator at the 
University of Maine in Orono, Thomas Wendt 
provides guidance, training and leadership for 
a college community comprised ol some 1,300 

Upon graduating from SJC's Patchogue 
campus in 1988, Tom worked in the field ol 
youth ministry for two years before pursuing a 
career in higher education. His first step was 
getting his Master of Arts degree from 
Columbia University in 1991. Since then, he 
has worked at St. Mary's University in San 
Antonio, Texas, Syracuse University, and now 
the University of Maine, where he plans to 
pursue his doctorate as well. 

At St. Josephs, Tom was vice president of 
the Undergraduate Association, vice president 
of Campus Ministry, and a member of Circle 
K. He was named to the Dean's List for six 
semesters and was nominated as a candidate 
for Valedictorian of his class. Looking back, he 
credits SJC with instilling in him the "convic- 
tion and confidence" he needed to face the 
challenges of life. 

"SJC provided me with the personal attention 
I needed to not only succeed but flourish," he 
says. "As a professional, I am committed to pro- 
viding that same personal touch in my daily 
work as an educator. St. Joe's provided an envi- 
ronment in which I could grow as a student, as 
a person and as a professional. The respect with 
which students are treated at St. Joe's was a cor- 
nerstone of my work as an adult." 

Tom won the 1993 New Professionals Case 
Study Competition and has received over a 

dozen local, regional and national awards for 
his presentations. He is a member of the 
National Association of Student Personnel 
Administrators, the American College 
Personnel Association and the Association of 
College and University Housing Officers, 

Tom is a bachelor whose interests include 
the theatre, writing, volleyball, cycling, cross- 
country skiing and gourmet cooking. 


Nancy Cangelosi was working as a reception- 
ist/clerk in the mid-1980s when she decided to 
go back to school to pursue her dream of a pro- 
fessional career in higher education. The moth- 
er of a young toddler at the time, she enrolled as 
a part-time evening student at SJC's Patchogue 
campus. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts 
degree in human relations, and two years later 
accepted her current position as academic advi- 
sor in the School of Professional Development 
and Continuing Studies (SPD) at SUNY 
Stony Brook. 

Nancy is responsible for advising students 
in the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies and 
the graduate certificate programs. "My career 
objective was to work in higher education 
and SJC helped me achieve that," Nancy says. 
"SJC's personal approach, high quality of 
education, and evening course avail- 
ability contributed to my incentive and con- 
fidence in pursuing my professional goals." 
She recently earned a Master of Science 
degree with a concentration in college stu- 
dent development and counseling from Long 
Island University. 

Nancy is currently a member of the New 
York State Association for Counseling and 
Development, the LIU Counselor's Alumni 
Network and the University Association. 
Her professional honors include the Dean's 
Award for Continuing Education in 1993, 
1994 and 1995 at LIU, and membership in 
the LIU C.W. Post chapter of the Chi Sigma 
Iota honor society. 

Nancy lives in Patchogue with her 
husband, Tony, and son Jeff now 10. In her 
spare time, she enjoys trail riding and taking 
dressage lessons with her thoroughbred 
horse. Pepper. 

Thorias Wendt 

Nancy (angdosi 

WiNlER 1996 3 

Dorothy Bloodgood Kennedy '48 

On Friday evening, October 20th, the College presented its 
Distinguished Citizen Award to Dorothy Bloodgood Kennedy 
'48. She became the first woman and the first alum to be so 
honored. Below, is the moving speech that she delivered to the 
almost seven hundred guests who were in attendance. 

Spring 1943 was not a cheerful time. The depres- 
sion dragged on, and World World II was at its 
height. Because of the economic situation of those 
bleak days, College for me 
seemed a dim prospect. 

That April Sr. Teresa Josephine, 
my grade advisor at Bishop 
McDonnell High School, sent tor 
me. "Dorothy," she said, "You ha\c 
been accepted at Hunter College. 
"But," she continued, "you are going 
to go to St. Joseph's College," and she 
pushed my Hunter application to the 
back of the desk. 

1 was speechless. I knew nothing 
about St. Josephs, its location, its 
hicilities, its academic reputation, 
and most of all, its cost. Why would 
I want to go there instead of to 
tuition tree Hunter? Sr. Teresa 
Josephine, however, was a No. 1 

recruiter. One week later I traveled to Clinton Avenue in 
Brooklyn, where I toured St. Joseph's, met students and fac- 
ulty, wandered through the beautiful old buildings, and fell 
in love with this inner city college that was the nearest thing 
to a boarding school that I had ever seen. 

I wanted to be a part of St. Joseph's, but first I had to go 
home to see whether my father could afford it. After all, the 
tuition was $100 a term. My father and I talked and final- 
ly he said, "If you can work part time during the school year 
and full time during the summer vacation, I think we can 
do it together. " I was thrilled. I made all kinds of plans tor 
the coming year and even into future years, but I forgot to 
heed a very wise saying, "If you want to hear God laugh, tell 
Him your plans. " 

Three months after beginning St. Joseph's in the fall of 
1943, I developed pneumonia. In those days of no 
penicillin or miracle drugs, it was a serious illness. The doc- 

tor said returning to school before January was impossible. 
Upsetting news for me. Beginning again would mean new 
classmates, changes in subjects, different teachers, and most 
of all— a loss of the first term tuition money. I would not be 
able to raise $100 by February. 

I went to see Msgr. Dillon, who was the dean of St. 
Joseph's at that time. I explained my situation and 
asked him for advice. Perhaps I would have to put college 
on hold and return at a much later time. 

Msgr. Dillon listened to all the 
problems and said, "Dorothy, come 
back and start anew in February. 
We'll apply the $100 you paid in 
September to your new term. Don't 
worry about it now. Someday you 
may want to repay the College. " 

That someday has arrived. This 
evening is my payment for the all the 
love, warmth, direction, moral guid- 
ance, and intellectual stimulation 
that the faculty gave to me. 
Furthermore, the intrinsic rewards of 
St. Joseph's are priceless. 

The friendships that were forged in 
those years are still an important part 
of my existence. The strength for me 
to face the complications of everyday 
situations was nurtured by St. Joseph's, and the character 
development that stemmed from our honor system still per- 
vades every facet of my being. Our College motto, especial- 
ly, gave me the greatest guideline for dealing with life. "Esse 
non videri"- to be not to seem (to be). Be true to yourself 
and to your principles. 

Tonight, I do not accept this award for Dorothy 
Bloodgood Kennedy, but I accept it as a symbol of all the 
women graduates of St. Joseph's College. 

St. Joseph's, you have been our guiding light and our 
mentor. You have made us what we are today - 20th cen- 
tury women, well prepared for and eagerly anticipating the 
21st century. 

Thank you, St. Joseph's, for everything, and God bless all 
of you who have made this evening such a great success. 

—Dorothy Bloodgood Kennedy '48 

4 St. Joseph's College 


The Gift That Works for You 

At its November meeting, the Board of Trustees approved the establishment of a 
Pooled Income Fund to be administered by Merrill Lynch Trust Company. 

Plan Highlights 

Purpose of the Fund: 

The Fund is a charitable giving 
vehicle which is designed to: 

■ provide a lifetime source of 
income for you (and your spouse, 
if you direct) 

■ provide opportunities for tax 

■. provide long-range support for 
St. Joseph's College 

Gifts to the Fund: 

The minimum initial gift to the 
Fund is $5,000. Subsequent gifts 
of $1,000 or more may be made 
at any time. 

For More Information, write or call: 

St. Joseph's College 
Planned Giving Program 
245 Clinton Avenue 
Brooklyn, New York 11205 
(718) 636-6880 

St. Joseph's College 
Planned Giving Program 
155 West Roe Boulevard 
Patchogue, New York 
(516) 654-3602 


Essentially, the Fund operates like a mutual fund, so that you (and your spouse, 
if directed) will receive a pro rata share of the income generated by the Fund on 
a quarterly basis for life. Income level is not fixed or guaranteed; your income 
will vary according to the actual rate of income earned by the Fund. 

In addition, there are advantages associated with participation in St. Joseph's 
College Pooled Income Fund. Generally speaking: 

1. You may claim an income tax charitable deduction for a portion of your gift, 
depending on your age and current IRS regulations. 

2. If your gift consists of appreciated securities, you will avoid capital gains 
tax on that appreciation. 

3. Your gift to the Fund is removed from your taxable estate. 

Additional information will be 
provided prior to your enroll- 
ment. Since each donor's cir- 
cumstances are different, your 
tax consequences may vary; you 
may wish to consult your attor- 
ney and/or tax advisor before 
enrolling in this program. 


Upon your death (and/or that of 

your beneficiary, if applicable) your remaining interest in the Fund will be given 
to St. Joseph's College to further its institutional mission. If you wish to restrict 
the use of those funds for a particular purpose (i.e. scholarships, endowment, 
building programs, etc.) you may do so. 

Winter 1996 5 




T A T I S T I C S 

In Memoriam 

Please remember the deceased of the St. 
Joseph's College family in your prayers. 



Angela Donaldson '24 
Cecilia McLoughlin '25 
Mary Bolton McDonald '29 
Irene Roth 'Walsh '29 
Mary Golden Meehan '30 
Margaret Wallace Craig '3 1 
Marion Hickey Krist '31 
Marie Ward '31 
Katherine Kelly Carlin '32 
Mildred Hines Ryan '32 
Margaret McCaffrey Furey '36 
Margherita Sylvester '36 
Catherine Murray '38 
Margaret Berkery '39 
Theresa Gough DeTar '4 1 
Helen Mahoney Keating '41 
Virginia Hughes Sweeney '45 
Helen Furey '47 
Virginia McGahan Corkery '48 
Rosemary Huntington '49 
Inez Votta '50 
Mary Connelly Recca '72 
Patricia Ann Westbrook '90 
Diane Bell '92 

Husband of 

Frances Bennett Jacobsen '37 
Frances Caetta lanora '40 
Charity Wilson Mathias '41 
Regina Cogan Becht '44 
Rosemary Glimm Myers '48 
Stella MacNeil Finan '51 
Joan Seery Hicks '52 
Rosemary Corbett Hannon '54 

Father of 

Mary Pometto Spilotro '64 
Rita Ramondetta Rondello '71 
Lucille Ameduri '74 
Mary Catherine Hannon '81 
JoAnne Habenicht '88 

Mother of 

Teresa Rossman '50 
Mary Rossman '51 

Anne Porter Molanphy '56 
Frances Sullivan '62 
Patricia Jesinkey Palmer '62 
Barbara Paglia Curatola '66 
JoAnne Habenicht '88 
Ralph Francis '90 

Sister of 

Marie Gough Brown '39 
Sister Anita Rosaire Paglia, CSJ 'AA 
Helen Wagner Cloherty '63 
Deidre Connelly Galvin '64 

Brother of 

Mary McLernon Loughlin '34 
Barbara Gallagher Langan '70 

Son of 

Kathryn Driscoll Reggio "48 

Aunt of 

Anne Porter Molanphy '56 

Grandfather of 

Sha-Wonda Williams '95 


Clifford Braitewaite 
(GS Division) 


'92 Louise Guglieri to John Terlato 
'93 Tara Pasquarello to Charles Wight 
'93 Andrea Rosamilia to John Lictro 
'94 Kerry Herte to Kevin Kucko 


'57 Joan Seibert Sprague to 
Frank Smalto 

'78 Frances Murray to Robert Peter 
Daly 10/95 

'82 Regina Marlborough to Peter 
Karsanow 9/^)5 

'92 Tim Edwards to Michelina 
Mazzella'94S 11/95 

'93 Elizabeth Grant to Michael 
Hughes 9/95 

'93 Cori Militano to Christopher Bopp 


'78 Matthew to Maryteresa McKenna 

'81 Craig Richard to Deirdre Duffy 
Albertson 6/95 

'82 Andrew Jacob to Annmarie 
Joachim Rosch 12/94 

'84 James Salvatore to Mary 
Allen Bosco 

'85 Jessica Christine to Donna Fiore 
Mruz 6/95 

'94 Alanna to Michelle Jordan 
Brooks 6/95 

'94 Merridith Ann to Siobhan Elgesem 
and Edward Zabbia ■94S 5/95 

'94 Matthew to Jacqueline and Arthur 
Smarsch '94GS 10/94 


'35 Therese to Mary Elizabeth 
McLoughlin Farrell 

'41 Fanta Cheriss to Elvira 
Goddard Jahn 

'54 Patrick Michael to Rosemary 
Corbett Hannon 

'54 Louise to Janice Alberti Russell 

'57 Abigail to Dolores Bryan Maguire 

'57 Erin Marie to Gloria Johnson Talty 

'58 Allura Megan to Carole 
Imbriale Langlois 

'59 Christopher Michael to Philomena 
Nicoletti Fiorello 

'62 Thomas Matthew to Judy 
Perr)' Cleary 

'62 Caroline and Caitlin to Maureen 
Treanor Donohue 

'62 Hannah, Ezra and Sarah to Mary 
Elinor Edwards McCarthy 

'63 Scott Thomas to Camille 
Paposodero Coulborn 


'28 Abigail to Agnes Kelly Bn,'an 


'39 Eleanor Van Wagner N.ue has been 
awarded the Marian Metal 

6 St. Joseph's College 

/^I T A L Q/T 


'60 Vivian Graepel Hudson received a 
Professional Development Grant to 
NYSACAC's Spring Conference. 

'63 Margaret Nolan Paddock received 
her M.Ed in Reading from the 
University of New Hampshire. 

'69 Marleen Gooding was named 
Teacher of the Year- P.S. 256. She was 
honored by Borough President Howard 
Golden. 3/95 

'70 Judith Anne Kuhn Pregot was cho- 
sen to be a member of Pi Lambda Theta 
National Honor and Professional 

'81 Erin Feerick received her Master's 
Degree in Education from Fordham 
University, and her certification in Deat 

Education from Hunter College. 

'81 Elena Governale O'Sullivan has 
been appointed Interim Acting Assistant 
Principal at I.S. 14 in Brooklyn. 

'81 Deirdre Duffy Albertson received 
her Masters Degree in Public 
Administration from C.W. Post. 

'83 Yvonne J. Graham, Executive 
Director of Caribbean Women's Health 
Association, has recently been recog- 
nized as a trailblazer and exemplary 
model for women at the YWCA's Power 
Luncheon honoring Women of 

'85 Joanne Carroll Paul received her 
MS degree in elementary education 
from Dowling College in 1990. 

'88 Joanne Habenicht received her 
Master's Degree in Public 
Administration from Long Island 
University. 5/95 

'90 Christie O'Connell received her 
Masters Degree from Dowling College 
in February 1995. 

'90 Georgeann O'Connell received her 
Masters Degree from Stony Brook in 
June 1994. 

'94 Arlene Schultz Kelly received a 
Mayor's Scholarship to pursue her mas- 
ter's degree at the New School for Social 

'94 Gail Surer has been awarded a 
Mayor's Scholarship. 


Our St. Joseph 's College Alumnae/i Directory 

project is nearing completion 

and soon the directories will be shipped. 

This comprehensive new volume is a compilation of 
the most current data available on over 11,884 St. 
Joseph's College alumnae/i which has been obtained 

from questionnaire mailings, telephone verification and/or from alumnae/i records. Now that the editing, proof- 
reading and printing are almost finished, the distribution of this impressive edition will begin. 

The directories are scheduled to be released some time around 02/26/96. Ail alumnae/i who reserved a copy 
of the directory during the verification phase of the project should be receiving their copies two or three weeks 
after the release. If you have a question on your order, or if you wish to place an order, please contact our 
publisher directly at the following address: 

Customer Service Department 

Bernard C. Harris Publishing Co., Inc. 

16 Koger Center, Suite 103 

Norfolk, VA 23502 

MM Phone 1-800-877-6554 

Our new directory is an excellent way of reliving your school 
days and getting reacquainted with former St. Joseph's 
College classmates. To those who returned their question- 
naires - many thanks for your cooperation. And to those 
who ordered a copy of the directory-enjoy! 

Winter 1996 7 

Fall in Review 

Academic Wing Dedication 

Alumni from both campuses qatherpd at the Pat(hoque Academic Wing Dedication. Above, standing 
from left to right: Joy Rose, Vera [sposito, Dorothy Bloodgood Kennedy, Sister George Aquin O'Connor 
and Ann Mollica. Sitting from left to right: laura Schoendorf (Treasurer of Suffolk Chapter Alumni 
Association.), Dr. frank favaiia (President of Suffolk Chapter Alumni Association.), Helen Minieri Stacy, 
Dolores Tomao Smith and Matthew Barbis (Secretary of Suffolk Chapter Alumni Association). 

Golden Graduates Reception 

September 21,, 1^95 

At right: Sister George Aguin O'Connor present- 
ing a Golden Graduates certificate to Mary 
Collins Ifanrahan'ttS 

Below: Margaret Jokiel Joyce %\ Temitope 
Fasoye '% and Elizabeth Dudley 'liS 

Below: Sister George Aquin O'Connor, 
President SJC, Rosalie Tutino '59, Vice 
President for Development and College 
Relations and Clare Bauch 'liS. 

Brooklyn Reception 
Fort Hamilton 
Community Club 

N0V(H6En6, 19^5 

At right, standing left to right: Bettyanne 
McDonough '59, hostess of the Brooklyn 
Reception, and Barbara Germack '58 
Sitting left to right: Linda Incorvaia fonte '75, 
Eileen Mullen '60, Barbara Janus; '90, 
Sister Helen Gulczynski, CSJ % and Lucille 
Ameduri %. 






if "'^tit -'1 











At left, standing left to 
right: Patrice Lombardo 
'66, Agatha Maimone 
Lombardo 'M, Margaret 
Minson '70, Director of 
Alumni Relations, and 
Margaret Mary Dwyer. 
Sitting left to right: 
Violet Castana Falcone 
'Kl, Marie Barrese 
Magaldi '65, Helen Liston 
Harvey %} and Mary 

The Patchogue Alumni 
Association launched Career 
Networking Discussion Groups 

This first meeting, on October 17, 

1995, focused on the fields of 

business and accounting. Above, 

from left to right: Matthew 

Barbis '9(1, Secretary of the 

Suffolk Chapter of the Alumni 

Association and moderator of this 

meeting. Bill Bodkin '9?, 

Personal Financial Advisor with 

American Express Financial 

Advisors, Dr. Frank Favaua '87, 

President of the Suffolk Chapter, Dr. Stanley Fox, Assistant Professor of Business at the Patchogue 

Campus, and James McCormack '89, Senior Accountant at Price Waterhouse. 

S t a t e n Island Reception 
The Marina Cafe 

December 6, 1995 

From left to right: Joyce Casazone Daly '68 , 
Jane free Caputo '70 and Adele D'Agostino 

From left to right: Rosalie Tutino '59, V.R for 
Development and College Relations, Fran 
Stavola Daly '70, Hostess of the Staten Island 
Reception and Sister George Aguin O'Connor, 
President, SJC. 

Si. Josh'h's (".01 1 ii.i- 

The 13th 
Annual Dinner 
Dance honors 
Kennedy '48 
Crest Hollow 
Country Club 

Fall Luncheon 
The Plaza 

NoVtMBEl! \, 1995 

At riqht.from left to right: Sister Georgp Aquin 
O'Connor and Maurffn Dougherty fraser '53. 

Below right, left to right: Joan Londrigan Touhey 
'53 and Bettyanne McDonough '59. 

Below: Members of the (lass of '66 at The Plaza 
Hotel. Left to right: Marianne Duffy McSharry, 
Patricia Buckley Mullaney, Adrienne Sutton and 
Helen Lynch (anal. 

Bottom: Members of the (lass of 'K') at The Plaza 
Hotel. Left to right: Eileen McDermott Ott, Edith 
Voelker Piazza, Margaret Jokiel Joyce, Grace Olsen 
Egan and Janet Blessing. 


At right: Valerie Wertz Quinlan '70, Treasurer of 
the Alumni Association., presents a (ollege 
watch to Dorothy Bloodgood Kennedy '48. 

Above: Members of the Alumni Executive Board 
at the Dinner Dance. Standing left to right: 
Geraldine Donnelly (hapey '39 and Sister 
George. Seated left to right: Dolores Tomao 
Smith '50 and Margaret Walsh Smith '65. 

Top: Undergraduates at the Dinner Dance. 
Left to right: Ereddy Ortiz, Joseph Eurni, 
Donald Henn and Jeffrey Donnarumma. 

P h o n a t h o n 

Over ^SIi.OOO was raised at the annual 
Phonathon held at the Brooklyn (ampus on 
November 6th and 7th. 

At far left, from left to right:Sister Teresa Avila 
Burke, Assistant to the Dean and Sister Margaret 
Buckley '55, Academic Dean. 

At left: (arol Sullivan '81, Director of EInancial Aid 
and Eileen Mullen '60, Assistant Dean of the 
General Studies Division. 

Winter 1996 9 


St. Joseph's College 






— ^^ 






^^rr~^ ^ " " 







i ^-*»' 






Ar 5/-. Joseph's College magnificent new, state-of-the-art 
Athletic Center... there will be something for everyone. 
Student athletes ivill find facilities for practice, body- 
building and competition. Others, whether students, facul- 
ty, staff, alumni or friends, will find many oppotunities for 
personal fitness training, aerobics, intramurals and club 
sports. Ground has been broken and completion is expected 
by late fall '96. 

10 St. Joseph's College 

Athletic Center 


— vtr,^— T sfiif^v I 'tr- 

s a college in the liberal 
arts tradition, St. Joseph's 
has always embraced the 
ideal of a holistic educa- 
tional environment which 
nurtures the development 
of a "sound mind in a sound 
body". Therefore, we have 
always sought to provide a fijll 
range of academic programs and 
athletic activities for our stu- 
dents. Even in the earliest days of 
our history, SJCs basketball team 
had an enviable reputation, and 
in the last few years, our athlet- 
ics program has grown in leaps 
and bounds... especially at our 
Suffolk campus. 

The growth of the athletics 
program is but a part of the 
astonishing success we have 
experienced since the Patchogue 
Campus was opened in 1979. 
In that short time, our enroll- 
ment has increased more than 
600%... from under 400 in 
1979, to over 2400 in the cur- 
rent academic year. This rapid 
development inspired us to 
undertake a study of our present 
and long-term needs, and the 
resulting Ten-Year Master Plan 
is now in the early stages of 

The Master Plan envisions 
the creation of a beautiful yet 
functional campus at which 
each student would find appro- 

priate, ample facilities for study 
and recreation. The interests of 
our faculty, staff, and alumni, as 
well as our many friends in the 
local community, were also care- 
fully considered as we developed 
a three-phrase program for 

Phase I is already completed, 
resulting in an elegant Academic 
Center consisting of 8 class- 
rooms, lounge areas, student 
offices, and a large multi-pur- 
pose meeting room. This 
Center was created in what was 
our gymnasium, and so Phase II 
of our Master Plan calls for the 
construction of a state-of-the-art 
Athletic Center... with a target 
completion date of Fall 1996. 
Phase III incorporates a new 
Student Center. 

Through this construction 
program, the academic and 
recreational needs of the whole 
College family will be addressed 
and an environment lor the 
total development of 
each person will be 
assured. Perhaps, we 
may even reach the 
ideal of "a sound 
mind in a sound 


—Sister George Aquin O'Connor 

Two Retire From General Studies 

Victor Brown's Retirement Party 

September 5, 1995 

It is wonderful to be here to honor Victor Brown and cele- 
brate with him on the occasion of his retirement. 

Victor began in the fall of 1976 as Lecturer in Health 
Administration. From there, he was promoted to Preceptor 
and then to Assistant Professor. He was later appointed to 
Coordinator of the Department of Health Administration in 
March of 1983 and was subsequently designated Department 

In his leadership capacity, Victor devoted himself to devel- 
oping innovative and exciting curricular and extra-curricular 
activities. For example, Victor was tireless in his effort to pro- 
vide non-credit seminars on current topics germane to the 
health field. Victor was also ever-ready to go out to area hos- 
pitals to establish off-campus extension sites, recruit new stu- 
dents, and teach the gerontology certificate to health profes- 

A project close to Victor's heart has been bringing the 
Rockaway Review to St. Josephs. Victor initiated two fundrais- 
ers which showcased this musical group from the Rockaway 
Senior Citizens Center. 

Victor's signature contribution, however, involved his field 

Suzanne Trappier s Retirement Party 

November Z9, 1995 

Dear Suzanne: 

You are so much a part of 
the St. Joseph's family 
that it is hard to think of a 
time when you were not here. 
But, obviously, there was a 
date that saw your arrival: and 
it was the fall of 1980 when 
you began taking courses at 
the College. 

While still a student, you 
were asked to come on board 
part-time as a recruiter. And 
immediately following your 
graduation, we prevailed 
upon you to join us in the 
capacity of Admissions 

Thus began your career 
with us-a thirteen-year time 
frame that saw you promoted 
to Coordinator of Student 
Services. In addition to stu- 
dent advisement, you recruit- 

Suzanne Trappier 

ed at sites, conducted 
Graduate School exploration 
Days, coordinated the 
Division Advisory Council, 
and were present in the cafe- 
teria nights and weekends, sit- 
ting at your corner table serv- 
ing as a vital connection 
among students, faculty and 

Each spring-as daffodils 
and forsythia bloomed-you 
would burst forth with raffle 

trips connected with CHA 500 
International Health Systems. 
Reflecting the Division's long- 
standing tradition of serving an 
international student popula- 
tion, Victor brought the 
room out of Brooklyn into the 
wider world -to locations such as 
Trinidad and Tobago, Hawaii, 
Panama, and Barbados. 

In closing, then, permit me to 
draw from the praises heaped on 
Victor by his students: 

■ Mr. Brown relates to students extremely well and encour- 
ages students to express opinions 

■ Mr. Brown has once again brought to this course a wealth 
of experience-he is an excellent instructor who is extremely 
knowledgeable and resourceful 

■ He widened my viewpoints to the care of and concern for 
older people in today's society 

Victor, thank you for your contributions, and good luck 
with your retirement. 

-Thomas G. Travis, Dean 

tickets. Blessed be, did you 
ever sell a lot of tickets, a task 
that raised hundreds and 
hundreds of dollars for the 
College. This knack for fund 
raising also extended to 
phonathons. A rough calcu- 
lation shows that through 
your plodding, over the years 
we raised approximately 
$35,000 for the College. 

And then there were the 
galas-the student dance in 
"245, 'graduation gatherings 
at Prospect Hall and the 
Spring Celebration at the 
Caroline Pratt Mansion. 
While working at SJC, you 
went on to earn a master's 
degree in education, guid- 
ance, and counseling at 
Brooklyn College. Following 
receipt of this degree in 1991, 
you began teaching for St. 
Joseph's-notably as part of a 
funded program to offer col- 
lege courses at the Marcus 
Garvey Head Start Center 

and at the Community 
Parents' Head Start program. 
Thus, academically speaking, 
you came full circle, from 
adult student to teacher of 

Suzanne, you have done 
much for us over the years: in 
the big things as I've indicated 
above, but also in the small 
things that have kept us 
together as a family in 
Lorenzo Hall. 

You are a good person, 
kind and compassion- 
ate-always concerned about 
others and ever ready to bring 
peace and love into our midst. 
For this, above all, we will 
miss you. We are deeply 
thankful for all that you have 
done, and truly grateful that 
you will still be with us a loyal 
and dedicated member of the 

God bless you, 

-Thomas G. Travis, Dean 


Student Activities 

Brooklyn and Suffolk Campuses 

Leadership Workshop 


1st Women's Volleyball Team Brooklyn Campus 

Members of the 
Women's Volleyball 
team from left to 
[iqht: Lisa Zopotli, 
(olleen Kelly, Lisa 
Flaniqan, Jarinyar 
Captain Noreen 
Steffens, and 
Eileen Gillen. 

Student leaders pose for the camera from left to right: freddy Ortii, Joe furno, Jennifer Dutcher, 
Andrew Lardaro, Jeffrey Donnarumma, Matthew Sokol, Kimberly Dement, Noreen Steffens, Lisa 
Vermaat, Lisa Romano, Dale (olomb and Jennifer Schroeter. 

Community Plunge 

Cancer Walkathon Patchogue Campus 

Heather Miller (left) and Kristin S(ottaline (right) are busy with 
landscaping chores at Hope House Ministries. 

Patchogue stu- 
dents, from left to 
right: Amy 
Roemer, Danielle 
LeLorenzo and 
Susan Shephard 
take a break at the 
American Cancer 
Walkathon in 
October, at Jones 

Habitat for Humanity 
Patchogue Campus 
November 11, 1995 

Rob Nelson with Habitat for Humanity 

Master's Program Patchogue Campus September 1995 Freshman Orientation 

Members of the first Master's Program in a collaborative communication class from left to right: Lynda Freshman Orientation on the Patchogue Campus 
Pytell, Sister Frances Solano Carmody, Rose Donadio, Christine Lewis and Mary Lou Hart. 

Winter iy% 13 




Sister M. Francis Flinn, 

RGS writes, "I keep busy 
with a wonderful apostolate 
tutoring catechumens, col- 
lecting rosaries and sending 
them to my beloved China. 
Love and gratitude to all. I 
can never thank you enough 
for all St. Joseph's did for me 
in the early days." 

Teresa Dolaii Janton, 8 Valley 
View Drive, Monti'ille. NJ 
07045 201-334-9052 


Grace O'Brien Martin, 39 

Grope St., Hillsdale, NJ 07642 


The twins made a "first down" 
in August. They requested "no 
big celebration" (they still are 
not over their 85 th) so 
Katherine Normile Mylod 
received a huge book of memory 
messages from each of her 59 
descendants. Some were funny, 
some were beautiful, some his- 
torical, some hysterical. ..all were 
loving! This book is a treasure. 
Of the 59 mentioned, two are 
twin granddaughters. They are 
the fourth generation of twins 
in her family. Margaret Normile 
McLoughlin received a calendar 
ot the 90 days preceding the 
birthday. Each space had a tiny 
picture of one of her descen- 

14 Sr. Joseph's College 

dants who contacted her on that 
day. The contacts were in great 
variety - calls, letters, cookies, 
pictures, posies, funny reminis- 
cences. ..all wonderful! Now 
please send some news items for 
our next issue. 

Margaret Normile McLoughlin, 

201 Webb Ave.. River Edge, 
NJ 07661 201-261-2942 


Eugenie Cormier Ahders is srill 
campaigning tor her national 
health care plan. Begin at the 
Beginning. Agnes Kelly Bryan is 
a eucharistic minister serving the 
home-bound. She is also the 
chaplain of the Rosary Society of 
St. Lawrence Church. Mary 
Kelly Hoerniann is cnjoving her 
many grandchildren. Mary Keller 
Lawler is recuperating from a 
broken hip. Agnes Comerford 
has just returned home from a 
stay in the hospital. She has 
worked for many years for the 
hearing-impaired. She would 
love to hear Irom her classmates. 
Her address is 1365 
Northampton Street, Hoh'oke. 
MA 01040. Dorodiy Hand is 
beginning to curtail her manv 
social and civic activities. She 
sends her best to her classmates. 
Mary Murray Kelly has moved to 
a health-care center in Paramus, 
NJ. She too would enjov a note 
from classmates. Jeannette Farrell 
Amery is still living in Brooklyn. 
Grand-daughter Jane completed a 
successhil tour with her young 
dramatics group from Princeton. 
Granddaughter Elizabeth is an 
assistant editor at Forbes. 
Jeannette had a lovely telephone 
conversation with Helen 
Griffiths '29. Jeannette and 
Helen both graduated from St. 
Agnes Seminar)' in 1924. Emma 
Bergen is still living in the Bond 
Hotel in St. Petersburg, FL. 
Jeannette Farrell Amery, 
1 Prospect Park Southwest, Apt 
4F, Brooklyn. NY 11215 

Agnes Kelly Bryan, 3B Michigan 
Dr.. Matawan, NJ 07747 


Marie Keegan, 109 Irving Ave, 
Floral Park. NY 11001 


65th Anniversary Class 

After a visit to Greece and four 
months in their home in 
Ireland, Margaret Ferry Healy 
and her husband Nicholas went 
to Kawai in mid-October. They 
are expecting three more great 
grandchildren. Marie E. 
O'Connor reports that members 
of her English classes of the 
1950's gave her a birthday party. 
Her most recent highlight was 
being feted along with other 
poets at a publication part)' for 
Reflections of Red Bank: an 
Anthology of Poems. Present, Past 
and Personal. Marie's reading of 
her contribution to the volume, 
"Snapshots at the Shore," was 
followed by book signing and 
requests for fiiture readings. 
Janet Prendergast Vickrey. 334 
82nd St.. Brooklyn, NY 11209 
Marie O'Connor, Applewood 
Estates, 1 705 Applewood Drive, 
Freehold NJ 07728 


Our annual mass and luncheon 
was held at Helen Coughlan 
Worthley's home in Glen Cove 
on September 13th. Those 
attending were Anne 
McCormack Fennessy, Claire 
Smith, Gertrude Unser, Mary 
Whelan Phelan, Mary White 
Kearney, Marguerite Doyle 
Ticho '30 and Margaret 
Granger, cousin of Anne 
McCormack Fennessy. Marge 
Kenny and Madeline Kendall 
Friel had memorial masses 
offered tor our class. Marie 
Furey Boyce was sorr)- to be 

I unable to attend. The class of 
1932 was well represented at the 
major events tor the Pope. 
Margaret Leahy Hinchey was at 
the Meadowlands mass. Mary 
White Kearney's son Kevin was 
on the planning committee for 

I the Aqueduct event and he and 
his wife received Holy 

I Communion from His Holiness. 
Fr. Keith Fennessy, son of Anne 
Fennessy, was one of the hun- 
dreds of priests distributing 
Holy Communion in Central 
Park. Winifred McMahon, 
Edna Dawkins McDonald and 
Christine Barton have been in 
touch and are all doing well. 
Mary Kearney's granddaughter 
Rosemarie became Mrs. Gregory 
McCarthy this past summer. 
Gertrude Unser made a recent 
trip to Canada with friends. 
Anne McCormack Fennessy 
met Ann Sferrazza MoUica '52 
at a Graymoor retreat. Anne's 
granddaughter Bridget Fennessy 
received her Mt. Saint Vincent 
ring in a ceremony presided over 
by her uncle, Fr. Keith Fennessy. 
Let us all remember each other 
in our prayers. 

Anne McCormack Fennessy, 2 
Horatio St., New York, NY 
10014 212-691-8484 


Geraldine Young Murphy spoke 
to Mary Dolan at the nursing 
home in Denver Cards would 
cheer her up. Geraldine lives in 
a senior residence and has her 
own apartment. They have 
activities and she gets to visit 
her daughters, Maureen and 
Kathy '65, and her son, plus ten 
grandchildren. Geraldine enjoys 
it but also misses the SJC 
reunions in spring and tall. 
Rita Pollock Murpfiy, 72 East 
Cypress Ln., Westbury, NY 11590 



Marie Lilly. 8201 4th Ave., 

Brooklyn. NY 11209 


Margaret Bier. 6 Brooklands, 

Apt. 4A, BronxviUe. NY 10708 



Mary Elizabeth McLoughlin 
Farrell enjoyed an eightieth 
birthday part)' in July. Her seven 
children and their spouses, 
together with eleven of her 
grandchildren and her sisters 
Eleanor McLoughlin '31 and 
Mary Frances McLoughlin 
Reilly '38, were in attendance. 
In mid-October, Steve and 
Sylvia Goerlitz Myers traveled 
to their winter home in Boynton 
Beach, FL. Last April Mary 
Walsh Steiger came up from 
New Port Richey, FL to cele- 
brate our sixtieth class anniver- 
sary at the Garden City Hotel. 
During the summer Mary visited 
her son John and family in 
Olympia, WA. Mary's son Jim 
lives in Vancouver. Mary is plan- 
ning a reunion at Christmas-time 
with John and Paul and their 
families in Disneyworld. 
Catherine May enjoyed her 81st 
birthday party with her brother, 
his wife and two boys. 
Catherine, whose home was 
swept away by hurricane Andrew, 
is now settled in her new abode. 
Edna Brennan Maloney has 
been busy doing her parish work. 
Kay Allen and her sister Eileen 
continue to work in the Ladies of 
Charity program in the New 
York Archdiocese. 

Anrie Seitz Smith, 8301 Ridge 
Blvd.. 5G. Brooklyn. NY 11 209 


60TH Anniversary (uss 

Dolores Pyne Dunleavy, 335 

East 32iid St., Brooklyn, NY 
11226 718-462-7457 


Muriel Campion Semple is 

back on Long Island with her 
daughter in Huntington, after 
living a number of years in Boca 
Raton, FL. Marge Laux 
O'Reilly is reluctantly giving up 
her lovely home in Lakehurst, 
NJ, to be near her family in 
Maryland. Rita Wood Rague 
came up for her annual Long 
Island visit. Rita sent snapshots 
of our Class Day and the post- 
graduation week some of us 
spent on Fire Island. These 
"candids" came just in time to 
entertain and amuse the guests 
at Margaret MacGillivray 
Seidel's birthday luncheon in 
September. Included were: 
Betty McMahon Corrigan and 
Ed, Kay Heffernan Steffany and 
Tony, Marjorie Parker Smith, 
Claire Brennan Suchan '36, 
Marge Laux O'Reilly and Emily 
Billington Smisek. Claire 
Ruane is making a steady recov- 
ery after hip surgery. Kay and 
Tony Steffany raved about their 
trip to Banff and Lake Louise. 
Emily Billington Smisek, 864 
Schuman PL, Baldwin, NY 
11510 516-223-1650 

Rita McGovern Root meets 
Eleanor Fanelle occasionally 
while shopping or in church. 
Kay Holmberg Schuster and 
her husband met Ellen O'Toole 
Heckman and husband Ray in 
Florida. Kay also reported that 
she has become a great-grand- 
mother. Mary Frances 
McLoughlin Reilly toured 
England, Ireland. Scotland and 
Wales in September. She is 
planning a trip to Rome, Assisi 
and Florence in February '96. 
Dorothea Allen Murphy reports 
that her large family is well and 
busy; she has fourteen grand- 
children, and in June became a 
great grandmother. Violet Tully 

Kane and her husband Ed visit- 
ed their daughter in Oregon this 
summer. They then went on to 
California for the wedding of 
Ed's grandniece, who is also the 
granddaughter of Ann Kane 
Halting. Marita Egan McNeill 
and her husband Neil say that 
all is going well. Margaret 
Masterson Eifler's daughter, vis- 
iting from down south, has twin 
girls, who had twin boys, one of 
whom recently had a boy, Seth. 
Midge also has two great-grand- 
daughters. Agnes McNamara in 
late June went to Ireland. Agnes 
is still working a few days a 
week at the Rockville Centre 
diocesan chancery office. Thank 
you to Rita McGovern Root, 
who has decided to retire as class 
agent. The class of '38 is grate- 
ful for her faithful service. 
Mary Frances McLoughlin 
Reilly. 15 Belfiy in.. Hicksville, 
NY11801 516-931-2115 


Jane Walsh Di Paola holds a 
Ph.D. in mathematics. She is a 
world-class mathematician and 
is listed in American Men and 
Women of Science. Jane was 
elected to Sigma Psi, the scien- 
tific honor society. Those who 
attended the Fall Luncheon at 
the Plaza Hotel were: Kathryn 
Braithwaite, Joanna Venezio 
Zinno, Aurora Dias Jorgensen, 
Helen Pellegrino Cuscione, 
Arleen Andersen Walsh, Sister 
Mary Corde Tyniann, CSJ and 
Connie Giampietro Annucci, as 
well as Connie's two daughters, 
Mary Anne Annucci Williams 
'67 and Geraldine Annucci 
Castellano 70. Connie's grand- 
son David (Mar)' Anne's son) 
graduated from Carnegie 
Mellon in June '95, receiving 
honors in physics and becoming 
a member of Phi Beta Kappa. 
He's now at Princeton doing 
graduate work. Mary 
Concannon O'Connell's daugh- 
ter, Ginny, is to be married in 
Boston and this will be a 

reunion of the class of '39. Jane 
Bell Norton and her husband 
Jack, and Helen Brown Nugent 
and John Henry (widower of 
Rita Smith) will be there. 
Joanna Venezio Zinno has seven 
grandchildren: Christine, Jen- 
nifer, Carole, Tony John, Allison 
and Michael and Matthew. 
.Arleen Andersen Walsh and 
Jim, together with her family, 
will be participating in a memo- 
rial service for Jim's cousin, 
Loretta Walsh who was the first 
woman in the US Navy in 
1917. Aurora Dias Jorgensen 
had an art show entitled 
"Silences Speak" at Ceres 
Gallery' in New York City. Last 
September, Kathryn 
Braithwaite traveled to Ireland. 
Eleanor Van Wagner Nace's 
daughter Susie was filmed for 
Irish TV. She was named as one 
of the top 40 divorce lawyers in 
D.C. Eleanor recently received 
the Marian Medal from Most 
Reverend Sean O'Malley, OFM, 
the Bishop of Fall River, MA. 
Her husband. Dr. Paul Foley 
Nace, was a scientist at M.B.L. 
starting as a graduate student in 
1938, and was connected with 
the institution until his death in 
1990. Eleanor volunteers her 
services to M.B.L. Associates. 
Helen Brown Nugent, Mar)' 
Concannon O'Connell and 
Jane Bell Norton and their hus- 
bands have met occasionallv at 
the Milleridge Inn. Marian 
Kinsley Donnelly's oldest 
granddaughter Jennifer is 
presently a candidate for a mas- 
ter's degree at the University of 
Massachusetts at Amherst where 
she is also teaching statistics. 
Eleanor Van Wagner Nace, 5 
Bowditch Rd, Woods Hole. MA 
02543 508-548-4309 
Mary Kane Gillen. 8 Valley PI, 
Tenafly NJ 07670 201-569- 

Winter 1996 15 



Ruth Drucker, together with 
one hundred members of the 
family, celebrated her brother 
lohn's fiftieth wedding anniver- 
sary. Frances Caetta lanora is 
keeping busy with a course in 
computer processing, and a 
book discussion group, and as a 
volunteer for a literary program. 
Virginia Owens, Virginia 
Mannebach Cleary, Anna 
Sullivan, Ruth Drucker and 
Sister Alice Francis Young, CSJ 
joined the class of 1945, when 
Sister George Aquin presented 
members of the class with their 
Golden Graduate pins. 
Kathleen Mulligan flew to Paris 
and Athens, cruised the Greek 
Islands and visited Istanbul. 
Agatha Walsh O'Brien is part of 
a child-study team dealing with 
the problems of 800 children in 
an inner-city school in 
Stamford, CT. The McCloskeys 
are pleased that Lillian celebrat- 
ed her seventy-seventh birthday 
in September. She resides at the 
Kent, an Alzheimer's care facili- 
ty. Isabella Knight Foster met 
Pat McGovern '45 in Palm 
Coast, where she was playing 
the part of Jeanette MacDonald 
in a production of Hooray for 
Hollywood. Dorothy White 
writes, "It was a lovely luncheon 
1 attended at the PLiza on 
November 4, 1995. Sister Alice 
Francis and Anne Sullivan of 
the class of 1940 also attended." 
Ruth Drucker, 71-48 Juno St., 
Forest Hills. NY 11375 


33T(( Anniversary (lass 

Elvira Goddard Jahn's grandson 
and Peggy McDerby Shea's 
grandson play on the same soc- 
cer team in Suffern, NY. 
Margaret Murphy Kiefer, after 
returning from Europe, was 
planning a stopover at Adele 
Mulligan Seymour's. Both of 
them planned to visit Mary 

16 St. Joseph's College 

Leahy Cleary and Ed in 
Pennsylvania. Fran McDonnell 
Doyer spent a pleasant after- 
noon visiting Loretta and Eileen 
Dittenhoefer, both of whom are 
in good health. Margaret Mary 
Stankevich Bolen had called 
Terry Gough de Tar in late June 
wishing her and Jack a happy 
vacation in Michigan. A day 
after their arrival at Torch Lake, 
Terry fell into a coma, and she 
died a week later. Bene Whelan 
Bonsall and Gene (en route to 
Wisconsin) had planned to 
spend July 4th with the de Tars 
and arrived to find that Terry 
was in the hospital. Terry leaves 
her husband Jack and four sons: 
Charles, Harry, John and Bill 
Carroll. Agnes Connelly 
Huether accompanied her hus- 
band Charlie to the convention 
of International Piano 
Technicians in Albuquerque, 
NM. Peggy McDerby Shea has 
a request. Would those class- 
mates who are interested in a 
reunion in June please send her 
a $.20 postcard. Meanwhile, let's 
have a good attendance at the 
Spring Luncheon to reminisce 
about the last 55 years! 

Peggy McDerby Shea. 78 Yale 
PI. Rockville Centre, NY 11570 


Margaret Loughlin McGrane 
Sheldon writes that she current- 
ly has six grandchildren and five 
great-grandchildren. Margaret 
does a great deal of volunteer 
work. She is involved with pas- 
toral care in NY Good 
Samaritan Hospital, she volun- 
teers as a clown at the Comedy 
Connection at Morton Plant 
Hospital in Clearwater. 
Margaret Rausch. 62 Pierrepotit 
St.. Brooklyn. NY 11 20 J 

Helen Fennelly Reilly Buckley, 
412 River Rd., Fairhaven. NJ 
07704 908-747-4349 


Marie Canoll Daly, 51-14 
Overbrook PL. Douglaston, NY 
11362 718-224-4944 

Mary Glynn Beagan, Rosemary 
Christmann Casey, Yolanda Di 
Milta and Annette Nolan car- 
ried the ball for our class at the 
Golden Graduates Reception at 
the College on September 24th. 
Annette Nolan met with her 
Freshman Sister, Babette Harper 
'45. On October 16th, Sister 
Anita Rosaire Paglia, CSJ and 
Annette Nolan were among 
those present for the Founders 
Day Lecture. Lyn Sutherland 
McKenna and her husband 
spent July "Smorgasbord-ing" in 
Sweden, Denmark and Norway. 
In December, Annette will be 
off to Japan and Hong Kong. 
Since we all seem to be becom- 
ing gypsies, how about sending 
your class agent a postcard when 
you're away on your trip? Sylvia 
DeFine Covino sold all of her 
horses and closed down the 
business of showing them. She 
has taken up some special inter- 
ests of her own. Sylvia is now 
attending an art class each week 
and is sketching. She is also part 
of a senior chorus. She is an 
officer in her county grange and 
all in all Sylvia is keeping active 
and broadening her world. 
EiUen Sutherland McKenna, 
127-05 Keswick Ln., Bowie. MD 
20715 301-464-2611 
Annette Nolan. 289 Clinton St.. 
Brooklyn, m' 11201 

Terry Kane Corsa and Eleanor 
Grennan followed up their 
appearance at the Spring 
Luncheon by coming out for "A 
Day at Belmont." September 
also saw our induction into the 
Golden Graduates Society. The 
parlor of "245" was the setting 
and Janet Blessing, Eileen Kelly 

Daly, Betty Dudley, Babette 
Harper, Margaret jokiel Joyce, 
Eileen McDermott Ott, Marie 
Maddock Turner, Mary Collins 
Hanrahan, and Clare Bauch 
were on hand to receive the cer- 
tificate of membership and pin 
from Sister George. Five mem- 
bers of Januar)' '45 - Helen 
Golden Brown, Magda Crowe 
Boylan, Betty Dudley, Peggy 
Meagher Lundebjerg, and Clare 
Bauch - had a reunion in 
Greenville, NY for three days. 
Magda and Peggy's spouses also 
attended, as did Bill Schoen 
(Pat Brown's husband) and 
Mary, Betty's sister. The Fall 
Luncheon at the Plaza Hotel 
brought out Janet, Eileen, 
Betty, Margaret Jokiel Joyce, 
Edith Voelker Piazza, Grace 
Olsen Egan and Clare. Eileen 
was especially honored by being 
invited to be part of the offerto- 
ry procession at the Papal Mass 
at Aqueduct Raceway. She spoke 
with Pope John Paul II and 
received a pair of rosary beads 
from him. Edith has been trav- 
eling in the South and West and 
honing her tennis skills too. Her 
daughter Terri is in her last year 
at the Northeastern School of 
Law. The phonathon brings some 
news also: Miriam Kelly Chaplin 
is recovering and hopes to be at 
the next get-together; A. Dolores 
Hughes teaches at Hofstra 
University and just hosted her 
mother's 95th birthday party, 
Jeaiuie Dwyer McPike has "set- 
tled in" down in North Carolina 
to be near her two daughters. 
Patricia Dunne LaRocca and her 
husband lom celebrated their 
golden wedding anniversary on 
August 4th, and their eldest 
grandchild was married on 
August 5th. Please keep in touch! 
Clare T. Bauch. 6 Stevens Ct., 
Stewart Manor, Franklin Square, 
NY now 516-328-9449 



30TH Ahniversary (lass 

Contact the Alumni Ottice if 
you haven't received a flyer and 
questionnaire from Mary Ellen 
Dowd Orr. This concerns our 
50th reunion on Sunday, April 
21st at the Garden City Hotel, 
where we will be guests ot the 
College. To date twelve have 
already responded. Please keep 
the responses coming until we 
hear from all fifty members of 
the class of 1946. At the liturgy 
before the luncheon members of 
the 25th and 50th Anniversary 
classes will participate as lectors 
and eucharistic ministers. Wc 
will also need volunteers to 
bring up the offettory gifts. 
Please let us know if you would 
be able to volunteer. Please be 
aware that any donations made 
to the College between July 1 , 
1995 and June 30, 1996 will be 
credited to our Jubilee Class 
Gift. Mary Ellen Dowd Orr 
continues to teach CCD classes. 
Marion Quealy Zoll is an active 
catechist too. Genevieve 
Kingman Lindner is attending 
classes at Molloy College's 
Institute of Adult Leatning and 
tutoring second graders. 
Genevieve Kingman Lindner, 
23 Alliance St., Valley Streatn, 
NY 11580 516-561-0001 
Marian Qtiealy Zoll, 165 
Greenwood Dr., Millington. NJ 
07946 908-647-2434 


Margaret Pyle Dillon and her 
husband William enjoy living in 
Maryland - surrounded by 
water in the Land of Pleasant 
Living. Margaret is the vice 
president of the auxiliary of 
Atlantic General Hospital. She 
is also a lector, eucharistic min- 
ister, and catechist. In 1994 
Margaret was Citizen of the 
Year of Ocean Pines. 
Mary Flanagan Rigaut, 58 
Eastport Ct., Red Bank. NJ 


Members of our class were 
among the many people who 
attended the SJC Dinner-Dance 
honoring our classmate Dorothy 
Bloodgood Kennedy. Dorothy 
spoke movingly of her experi- 
ence as a freshman at the 
College, when illness forced her 
to withdraw from class. She told 
us of Msgr. Dillon's kindness to 
her at that time and how her 
participation (along with that of 
her husband, Bernard, and her 
family) was actually a return to 
the College for the kindness and 
understanding she received at 
that time. The evening was a 
splendid affirmation of all that 
St. Joseph's meant to Dorothy 
and to all of us who shared that 
' experience. It was a wonderful 
evening which all who attended 
enjoyed. A thank you to all the 
generous members of our class 
who contributed to the adver- 
tisement which we placed in the 
Dinner-Dance Journal. Your 
generous response enhanced our 
participation in this very unique 
event. Dorothy is the first grad- 
uate of the College and the first 
woman to be honored at the 
annual Dinner Dance. 
Attendees that night were 
Marge Locurto Governale, 
Anne Doyle, June Hanley 
O'Hara, Rosalind Cuneo 
Murray, Helen Harrington Ball 
and Bernadette Cassidy 
Fitzpatrick. Peggy Cody 
Murphy h,id planned to attend 
the dinner but was ill. We miss 
you Peggy. Members of the You 
Owe It To Yourself Club met 
recently at Kathryn Driscoll 
Reggio's home. Rosemary 
Meyers was there, along with 
Elfreida Gogolich Riordan, 
Lillian Disken and her sister 
Dorothy, Rosalind Cuneo 
Murray, Theresa Cuneo Bolen, 
Alice Gorman Brandon and 
Bernadette Cassidy Fitzpatrick. 
Bernadette Cassidy Fitzpatrick, 
2608 Voorhies Ave.. Brooklyn, 
NY 11235 718-646-1001 


Marguerite Shaughnessy spends 
half the year in Montauk, where 
she enjoys playing golf and 
swimming. She has seen several 
other alumnae there, including 
Lillian Disken '48, Joan 
Mulvaney, Florence Mulvaney 
'51, Rosemary Huntington 
(recently deceased) from nearby 
Springs ?? and Pat Mallon Joyce 
'46 from Shelter Island. 
No Class Agent 


Eileen Mahoney Hoban, 83 

Long Ridge Rd., Plandome, NY 
11030 516-365-9238 


i,5TH Anniversary (lass 

Grace Arnone Marra continues 
her busy life. She volunteers 
with civic groups and also at St. 
Francis Hospital and she's the 
new chairwoman of the hospi- 
tality ministry at St. Mary's in 
Manhasset. Her son Gary is cur- 
rently working toward a master's 
in business administration. Ann 
Oliva Apollo and Gloria Lopez 
Bruschini are enjoying a return 
to college, taking whatever 
courses sound interesting. Vilma 
Sauss Campbell is slowly, 
recovering from a severely bro- 
ken leg. Frank and Jackie Rupp 
Lynch spent the summer of '95 
in Europe. They renewed old 
friendships in Ireland while 
searching their own Irish roots 
and then went on to visit 
England, Scotland and France. 
The Lynches are looking for- 
ward to a November visit in 
Florida from Bob and Marilyn 
Marvin Fitzpatrick, and hope- 
fully Al and Irene Donohue 
Alpert will join them. Jerry 
Hanlon Weiss also was travel- 
ing, spending three weeks in 
England, Scotland and Wales in 
June. Ellen Duffy Smith, her 
sister and their husbands trav- 
eled through Northern and 
Southern Ireland in the fall of 

'95. The Smiths have become 
fans of the Elderhostel Program. 
Gert Agoglia and her sister 
Eileen are kept busy and laugh- 
ing by the happy presence of 
their 97-year-old mom. Sister 
Helen Seckendorf and Joan 
McCarthy Dillon and their 
families unexpectedly met in 
June at Maryknoll for the 
Jubilee Mass celebrating the 
40th anniversary of the ordina- 
tion of their Brooklyn friend Fr. 
Jim Gilligan. Julia Cummings 
Murphy has moved from Long 
Island to Westchester. Stella 
MacNeil Finan has eight grand- 
children. Her husband Jack died 
while the Finans were assembled 
in Albany for the baptisms of 
their two latest granddaughters. 
Stella and her son Bill plan to 
remain in Florida, where they 
both enjoy all the activities of 
the Special Olympics. Her son 
Gerard recently married 
Christine MacNeil of Scotland. 

Claire MacVenn Dillon. 1838 
East 33rd St., Brooklyn, NY 
11234 718-336-3046 
Joan McCarthy Dillon, 32 
Sparkhill Ave.. Tappan, 
NY10983 914-359-4256 
Geraldine Hanlon Weiss, 63 
Deerpeld Lane South, 
Pleasantville, NY10570 


Margot Ryan Cassani retired 
three years ago from a 
Montessori school. She has two 
grandchildren in Leeds, 
England, whom she visits twice 
a year. Joan Seery Hicks and her 
husband celebrated their 40th 
anniversary in July on the island 
of Kavai, where they renewed 
their wedding vows. Their son 
Tom was married to Ann 
O'Hara in Omaha, Nebraska. 
Joan's cousin Betty Harkin '51, 
was at the wedding. Doris 
Rogers Conneely retired in 
1989 as principal of Our Lady 
of Fatima School in Wilton, CT. 
Doris volunteers as a tutor in 

Winter 1996 17 



the local elementary school. Her 
four children are spread across 
the USA, but she sees them 
often. They have two grand- 
daughters who live in Monroe, 
CT. Doris and Pat live in Hilton 
Head, SC. Claire Althisar 
Moran and Larry visited them 
twice when visiting their daugh- 
ter in North Carolina. Rita 
Rutigliano Kagiwada and her 
husband visited their daughter, 
who has three girls, in 
Greensboro, NC on their way to 
a golf vacation. Rita and her 
husband, Phyllis Pagano Leo. 
Ann Sferrazza Mollica and 
Frank visited Jeannette 
Mazzuka Sombrotto and her 
husband Vinny on Peconic Bay. 
Marion Murtha Munisteri went 
on a 15-day cruise through the 
Panama Canal. and looks for- 
ward to "wintering" in Arizona 
where she and her husband 
Philip met up with some other 

Carolyn Taylor Anner, 29 

Lormine St., Syosset. NY 11791 

Patricia Egari Englehart. 596 
Georgia St., South Hempstead, 
NY 11550 516-481-5668 
Elaine Smythe, 24-39 28th St., 
Astoria, NY 11102 


Maureen Dougherty Fnuer. 123 

Wayford Terrace, Garden City, 
NY 11530 516-294-6241 


Janice Alberti Russell's husband 
Dale has taken early retirement 
from the Museum of Nature in 
Ottawa, Canada and has taken a 
new joint position with the 
North Carolina Museum of 
Nature and with North Carolina 
State University in Raleigh. 
Their daughter Maria was mar- 
ried to Mark Amorose on June 
17th. While visiting Maria a few 
years ago, I had the pleasure of 
having lunch with Helen Lande 
Perrin and Mary Shea 

Pawlowicz. Later we joined 
Helen's late husband, Don, for a 
litde reminiscing. Through the 
years Janice has met with several 
alumnae while visiting her 
daughter Elizabeth at the 
College of Notre Dame. She 
met Mary Ellen Boyling, chair- 
man of the English department, 
who was so kind to Liz. Liz said 
of Mary Ellen, "She's so bright 
and a real lady. " Janice also had 
a brief chat with Dorothy Harte 
McKenna '52. Helen Gerlach 
Pelkonen and Rita McCann 
Jorgensen '55 and Janice 
Alberti Russell have met over 
the years, first at the fiftieth 
reunion of Ft. Hamilton High 
School, next in Ottawa and last 
in Florida at the home of Joan 
McCabe, who also taught at Ft. 
Hamilton. They hope to set up 
another reunion, perhaps in 
North Carolina. Joyce Clark 
Dryden, children's librarian at 
the Baldwin Library for the past 
ten years, expects to retire and 
has two trips planned. Joyce 
and her husband Ray will join 
the Elderhostel group in 
Georgia in March and also trav- 
el to Ireland to attend a wed- 
ding. Joyce keeps in touch with 
Arlene Peirano Condon of 
Connecticut, Marion 
McNerney Murray of 
Massachusetts, and Pat Walsh 
Swanson, who recently retired 
and moved to Hampton Bays, 
Long Island. Rosemary Corbett 
Hannon is planning a trip to 
the Holy Land in January and a 
|une visit to Vienna and 

Rosemary Corbett Hannon, 
3000-19 Stevens St., Oceanside, 
NY 11572 516-764-1824 
Patricia Finn McDonnell 46- 
27 Glenwood St.. Little Neck, 
NY 11362 718-631-8954 


On June 8, 1995, the 40th 
anniversary of their graduation 
from St. Joe's, some members ot 
the class of '55 gathered for lun- 

cheon at the Fort Hamilton 
Officers Club. Diane Milde 
Hitter, Pat Daum Hastings, 
Teen Ryan Mulholland, 
Dolores Doheny, Santina 
Ursino Naddeo, Joan Foley 
Hubert, Marie-Therese 
Pomares Dally and Irene Breen 
were happ\' to be joined by 
Barbara Kennedy Gillespie and 
Ann Fallert Knapp. Eight mem- 
bers of our class were also pre- 
sent at the lovely Fall Luncheon 
at the Plaza. Santina Ursino 
Naddeo and her son are travel- 
ing to Italy in December to 
spend Christmas with her 
daughter Barbara. Joan Scanlon 
Owens was sorry to miss our 
reunions. Her son was married 
over the summer. Kay Scorcia 
Kane has recently moved to 
Long Island. Maura 
BennettO'Brien says that she 
enjoyed her 40th anniversary 
luncheon last spring and cele- 
brated her 40th wedding 
anniversar)' on June 25th. 
Maura and her husband went 
on a cruise back to Bermuda, 
where their honeymoon was on 
Elbow Beach. 

Ma}y Shea Pawlowicz, 5308 
Del Roy Dr. Dallas. TX 75229 

Irene Breen, 1370 East 26th St., 
Brooklyn, NY 11210 


i,OTH Anniversary (lass 

Anna Costello Stellwag, was 

elected to the school board in 
South Orangeburg, NYO. Anna 
also keeps busy teaching CCD 
in her parish. Bett)' Dennen 
Moss and her husband took the 
pastoral formation course and 
are involved in prayer leader- 
ship. Betty boasts of four grand- 
children, three boys and one 
girl. Helen Gruner McCrory 
continues to teach at Stella 
Maris High School and is kept 
busy with her six grandchildren. 
Both Peggyann Heidelberger 
and Terr)' McManus McQuade 

are teaching kindergarten. 
Terry's youngest son just gradu- 
ated from Michigan State. She 
has two grandchildren. Carolyn 
Black Sedacca recently moved 
to Florida. She hopes to come 
north for our 40th reunion in 
April. Mabel Wehrheim Olsen 
is busy with four grandchildren. 
Marie Lydon Heidel- 
berger enjoys teaching high 
school and has one grandchild. 
Carol Cahill has retired from 
teaching and now has the chal- 
lenge of learning to play golf 
Joining Carol in retirement are 
Mickey Burke Eldon and Eileen 
McGuire Esposito. Our 40th 
reunion is slowly approaching. I 
hope everyone will make the 
effort to be together on April 
21st. After 35 years with the 
NYCBoard of Education, the 
last 10 as principal of Public 
School 14 in the Bronx, Jean 
Martin Cinelli retired in June 
1988 and attended Brooklyn 
Law School full-time. She grad- 
uated in June '91 and was 
accepted in the New York and 
Connecticut bars. Jean practices 
elder law. 

Ann Bauch, 6 Stevens Court, 
Stewart Manor, Franklin Square, 
NY now 516-328-9449 
Anna Costello Stellwag, 117 
Edgewood Dr., Orangeburg, NY 
10962 914-359-0769 


Congratulations to Joan Seibert 
Sprague and Frank Smalto. 
They were married on 
November 1 1th. The wedding 
was attended by some of Joan's 
schoolmates: Anne Tartaglione 
Steiner, Brenda Buckley 
Johnston, Barbara Morrison 
Marlborough, Teen Ryan 
Mulholland, Lillian Infosino 
Monastiro and Pat McCarthy 
Bradshaw. Pat and her husband 
Dick recently returned from 
Seattle, where her daughter 
Alicia was married. Edna 
Gibbons Andreassi and Gene 
celebrated the marriage of their 

18 St. Joseph's College 



daughter Maureen to Michael 
Blocker. Barbara Morrison 
Marlborough and Richard 
recently celebrated the marriage 
of their daughter Regina 
Marlborough '82. Gloria 
Johnson Talty and husband Jack 
also had a September wedding. 
Their daughter Kerry was mar- 
ried to Brian McCall. After 19 
years, Geraldine Quigley 
LoStocco retired as director of 
the lordship, CT Cooperative 
Nurser\' School. 
Barbara Moirison 
Marlborough. JO Castle Lii., 
West Bayshore. NY 11706 


Carole Imbriale Langlois, a 

teacher at Broward Community 
College, received an Endowed 
Teaching Chair from Bell South 
Telecommunications. This 
means she will receive $22,500 
over three years to use for spe- 
cial programs and projects. 
Ellen Doyle McCartney, 1 1 
BeauJolCt., Nescoiiset. NY 
1176'' 516-^24-6069 
Monica Matigan Wheaton. 228 
Royal Oak Dr.. Chesapeake. VA 
23320 80-4-482-3086 
Patricia Maguire, 145 East 15th 
St. Apt 2A. New York. NY 
10003 212-460-9774 


Philomena Nicoletti Fiorello is 

enjoying her recent retirement. 
She is planning trips to Las 
Vegas, NV in the fall and 
Florida in the spring, but she is 
especially enjoying her grand- 
child Christopher Michael. 
Barbara L^uch Schoenberg, 
2 Tudor City Place. #4KS. NY. 
NY 10017 

Mary Sullivan Luongo, 
4 Crescent Drive. Eastori, CT 
06612 203-372-1155 


Many thanks to Eileen Mullen 

for her ten-year tenure as class 
agent. After the Spring 
Luncheon, those who could 
linger were invited to Anne 
Hyland Cooke's lovely home in 
Garden City. Anne and Justine 
Donohue Butz provided refresh- 
ments. Angela Amantea 
Ferrando has taught and acted 
as academic dean at St. Joseph 
Hill Academy for more than 25 
years. She also is an adjunct pro- 
fessor of chemistry at the Staten 
Island campus of St. John's 
University. Midge Duffy 
Gorman and Don are retired, 
but have a vigorous future as 
they raise their recently adopted 
nine-vear-old son, Nephtali. 
Kay Cotter Christenson and Ed 
moved to Spring Lake Heights, 
N]. Betsy Stoddard Darcy keeps 
her teaching skills current with 
her First Communion CCD 
class. She will become a first- 
time grandmother in March. 
Barbara Maher McConville will 
welcome a seventh grandchild in 
June, which will bring her up to 
the same number as Marie Leno 
Gilmore. Vivian Gra -pel 
Hudson was very grateful to 
receive a Professional 
Development Grant at 
NYSACAC's spring conference 
but truly felt nonplussed and 
startled by the coincidence when 
she found out that the sponsor 
ot the grant was SJC. Vivian 
says, "Never will I be able to 
repay my debt for all 1 learned 
and gained in the four years 1 
was an undergraduate at St. 
Joseph's. Nor will 1 be able to 
return to Saint Joseph's my debt 
of gratitude for the extraordinar- 
ily fine education two of my 
children received: Maryellen 
Hudson '92 and Stephen 
Hudson '93. Helen Barth Kelly's 
son Christopher was married on 
October 14, 1995 to Tata Dolan. 
Barbara Maher McConville. 
129 Huntington Rd.. Basking 
Ridge. NJ 07920 908-719-9082 

Elizabeth Stoddard Darcy, 

34 South Bay Ave., Brightwaters, 
NY 11718 516-666-8884 


35TH Anniversary Class 

Maureen Rosier Price reports 
that her daughter Kiera was 
married to Sean Sanderson on 
June 10, 1995, her son Brian 
was commissioned as an ensign 
in the US Navy in June, and 
graduated from Nuclear Power 
School, her daughter Claire is 
an assistant vice president at the 
Scudder Fund. 

Barbara Frohnhofer Feldrnann, 
1 "800 Mill Creek Dr.. Derwood. 
MD 20855 301 -963-4 1 9 1 
Katherine Coleman Campbell, 
89 Jedwood PI, Valley Stream, 
NY 11581 516-791-8693 


Judy Perry deary's husband 
Tom continues as a lieutenant in 
the NYC Fire Department. Her 
son Tommy, who has been 
teaching social studies tor the 
past three years, is looking for- 
ward to becoming a NYC fire- 
fighter soon. Her daughter Anne 
and son-in-law Phil are still 
working for the Fire Island 
National Seashore. Noreen 
Doherty gathered with Kay 
Dohert)', Mary Ann Weindler 
Horan and Rosemary' 
McDonald Ahern lor lunch at 
Abbraciamento's restaurant in 
late September. Noreen invites 
you to join when the group 
meets again on Sunday, January 
14, 1996. Mary Collins 
Macchiarola recently talked 
with Cathy Davis McKeon who 
moved early this year from 
North Brunswick, NJ to New 
Hope, PA. with her husband 
Bob. Cathy has retired from the 
NYC Board of Education. Their 
daughter Karen is now a fresh- 
man at Villanova. Her son 
Robert is a senior at Villanova. 
Regina Foley l^dwards, who 
lives in Cocoa Beach, FL, was in 
Brooklyn in late October to 

attend her mom's 90th birthday 
party. While Jeanne was there 
visiting, she managed to get a 
group together for brunch in 
Bay Ridge. Present with Regina 
were Ginny O'Rourke 
McLaughlin, Maureen Treanor 
Donohue, Pat Jesinkey Palmer, 
Mar)' Elinor Edwards 
McCarthy, Eileen Fitzgerald 
Troy and Mary Collins 
Macchiarola. Peggy La Salle 
Nicora's daughter Claudine was 
married to Anthony Stetanelli, 
Jr. on May 27th. Among the 
guests were Joan Tagliaferro 
Zangre, her children Stephen 
and Marissa and their spouses. 
Marietta Trinneer Ciesia and 
her husband Matthew, and Pat 
Sweeney. Ginny O'Rourke 
McLaughlin continues as a 
speech pathologist in the Long 
Island school system. Daughter 
Kate graduated from SUNY, 
Oswego in June '95. Her son 
Kevin continues working toward 
his degree in engineering at the 
University of California. 
Another son, Tommy, should 
graduate from high school next 
June. Pat Jesinkey Palmer's, 
daughter Jennifer married David 
Collum on August 1 1 th. 
Jennifer is a teacher in the NYC 
public schools. Eileen Fitzgerald 
Troy and her husband Mike live 
in Bay Ridge. Eileen and Mike 
' are looking forward to their son 
Dan's wedding in Washington, 
DC, where Dan is enrolled at 
Georgetown University as a 
I graduate student in public poli- 
■ cy. Their daughter Liz resigned 
from the NYC Police 
Department and is home caring 
for her daughter Elaina. Eileen's 
son Michael is a police officer. 
i Another son, John, is a sopho- 
1 more at Xaverian High School, 
in Brooklyn. Maureen Treanor 
Donohue and Steve look for- 
ward eagerly to welcoming 
grandchild number three in 
December. Mary Elinor 
Edwards McCarthy is now a 
licensed NYC Guidance 

Winter 1996 19 



Counselor. THANKS TO ALL 
Mary Collins Macchiarola, 
3431 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, 
NY 11210 718-951-7494 


Margaret Nolan Paddock works 
in the superintendent's office of 
a local school district. Peggy's 
son graduated from Holy Cross 
College and is a captain in the 
army. He has three daughters. 
Peggy's daughter graduated from 
St. Anselm's College and lives in 
Park City, Utah. Peggy invites 
classmates planning to visit New 
Hampshire to give her a call. 
Camille Papasodero Coulborn 
and her husband have relocated 
to Bokulia, FL. They spent their 
summer at Spofiford Lake, NH. 
They also enjoyed visiting 
Angela DeVincenzo Barone and 
her husband Al in Wilmington, 
NC. Leandra Barbieri enjoys 
brownstone living in Manhattan 
with her husband of 25 years. 
She is deputy director at the 
Park Avenue Women's Shelter. 
Her daughter graduated from 
Mills College and is now living 
in Prague. Ann Sokoiowski 
retired from John Adams High 
School in Ozone Park, Queens 
after 31 years. As of the spring 
semester she will be teaching 
Speech at SJC, Ann looks at it 
as "payback" for the wonderful 
education she received at SJC. 
Ann's daughter Michelle, 15, is 
a sophomore at Townsend 
Harris HS at Queen College. 
Elizabeth Williams Auricchio 
asks it someone in another part 
of the country would also be a 
class agent. 

Elizabeth Williams Auricchio, 
540 East 20th Street. New York, 
NY 10009 

20 St. Joseph's College 

Patricia McNulty Kushner and 
her husband Ron attended their 

i son James' wedding in Los 
Angeles. While in California Pat 
met up with Barbara 
Kempczinska, her fellow class 

I agent. They had a cozy visit and 
used the time to plan for a 
model retirement village with all 

: kinds of services and the definite 
advantage of good company. 
Barbara traveled with Mary 
Noberini to Copper Canyon in 
the Sierra Madre range in north- 
ern Mexico this past August. 
Mary is still the chairperson of 
the psychology department at 

I Manhattan College. Barbara is 
trying to recruit company for a 
month-long trip sometime in 
1996 to tackle the "Silk Route", 
starting in China. Those inter- 
ested can write to Barbara or 
Pat. Pat had a three-hour phone 
conversation with Clara 
Rodrigues Oleson, who was fea- 
tured in "A History of Iowa 
Feminist". She spoke about her 
active involvement with 
women's issues and issues of 
social justice, her delight in 
Mary Brennan Mulvihill's 
Ph.D., her affection for Sister 
Mary Florence Burns '46 
(which I share), her efforts to 
curb the hidden excesses of the 
agro-business, and her work 
with battered women. Mary 
Hilgeman Meyers is now gener- 
al legal counsel lor St. 
Luke's/Roosevelt Hospital. Mary 
says she loves the change, espe- 
cially the fact that she can now 
walk to work. Daughter Sara is 
enjoying her first few months at 
Bronx Science High School. 
Patricia Nicholson Wagner and 
her husband Robert still live in 
Texas. Pat is in law, working tor 
Andrews and Kurth in Houston. 
Bob is in Energy Merchant bank- 
ing with Bankers Trust. Their 
oldest daughter Lisa recently 
graduated from the New Mexico 
School of Natural Therapeutics, 
and is now setting up her prac- 

tice in Austin. Her son is an offi- 
cer with Internationale 
Nederlanden Group Securities in 
New York, pursuing oil and gas 
investments. Her daughter is a 
management trainee with 
Recreational Equipment in 
Austin, T^. Pat and Bob are 
looking at buying and building 
on a small ranch in the hill coun- 
try of central Texas. 
Barbara Kempczinski, 4441 
Montgomery St., Oakland. CA 
94611 510-654-7585 
Patricia McNulty Kushner, 51- 
15 63rd St, Woodside, NY 
11377 718-803-1526 


Vida Solomonas Hettenbach's 

younger son Todd has taken a 
leave of absence from Brown 
University to be the national 
director of the Sierra Student 
Coalition (the student division 
of the Sierra Club). Vida's older 
son Jim is a financial analyst at 
New York Life Insurance 
Company. Christine McArdle 
Reno is looking forward to a 
year's leave in France after her 
stint as acting dean of studies at 
Vassar College. Her plan is to 
finish two long-term research 
projects. She is particularly 
happy that her youngest child 
Tim will have the opportunin.' 
to do his first year of high 
school in Paris. 

Mary Beth McNerney Latnond, 
9106 Ridge Blvd. Brooklyn, 
NY 11209 718-833-2488 
Teresa Civello, 150 East 3rd St., 
New York, NY 10009 
Rosemary Collins Zink, 9 
Highfield Ln., Coltsneck, N] 
07722 908-946-4654 


30TH Anniversary (lass 

Carmela DiDonato Calamia's 
oldest child Louise graduated 
from Berkeley Business School 
in 1987, and is now working on 
a degree in music at Stony 

Brook. Carmela's son Larry Jr. 
has his own construction com- 
pany and is the father of two 

I children, Larissa and Nicholas. 
Carmela's son Gerald graduated 
from Stony Brook in May 1994 
with a B.A. in education and 
was married in August, her son 
Vincent graduated from St. 

; Anthony's in June 1994 and is 
attending the University of 
Central Florida, and her daugh- 
ter Roseann is attending St. 
Anthony's High School. 1994 
was a hard year for Carmela and 
her family because of the death 
of her husband, Lawrence, Sn, 
in October of 1 993, after suffer- 
ing from cancer. Carmela is cur- 
rently completing her master's 
degree so that she can go back 
to teaching. She sends ever)'one 
her best wishes. 
Nina Lagana Difiuco, 1599 
Victoria St, Baldwin, NY 11510 

Barbara Hautsch Black, 2612 
Quentin Rd., Brooklyn, NY 
11229 718-376-9413 


Judith Raikowski Joyce, do 

Chase Manhattan Bank, RO. 
Box 521, New York. NY 10004 

Marie Anderson Provanzana, 
304 Delegate Dr. Worth ington, 
OH 43235 614-436-9356 
Maiy Ellen Dubiel Freeley, 197 
Puritan Ave., Forest Hills, 
NY 11375 718-544-3216 

Annette DeSalvo Boyle is teach- 
ing histor)' part-time at a sec- 
ondar)' school. She is also work- 
ing part-time for the US 
Department of Agriculture. 
Frances Panchok Berr>' received 
a grant to study the "Shoah" at 
Viid Yashem in Jerusalem for a 
month. Frances said, "It was vet)' 
exhausting to study the 
Holocaust intensely and tour 
about 75 percent of Israel 
absorbing 20 layers of civilization 



as a matter of course." Frances' 
daughter Andrea, 14, accompa- 
nied her mother on a Byzantine 
dig. Frances Kaiser Wos will 
receive her M.A. in education in 
1 996. Her son Christopher was 
married in Ohio on November 
14, 1995 and moved to 
Oklahoma. He is a first lieu- 
tenant in the Army, stationed at 
Ft. Sill. Her son Adam is a junior 
at Johns Hopkins University in 
Maryland, studying biomedical 

Maureen Quinn Scherer, 
44 Plymouth Ave., Mount Sinai, 
NY i 1766 516-928-4630 
Blanche Under Pesce, 127 Pine 
St.. Rockville Centre. NY 11570 
Catherine Colgan Stanton. 
1221 Underhill Ave., Yorktown 
Heights, NY 10598 


Condolences to Michael V. and 
Judith Anne Kuhn Pregot on 
the death of Michael's father, 
Vincent. Judith is co-chair of 
the Massachusetts ABE 
Directors Council. 
Congratulations to Margaret 
Dwyer Minson on the engage- 
ment of her son Jack to Robin 

Clanin; their wedding is set for 
June 8, 1996. Amelia Abagnalo 
Kreitsch's son Jason is currently 
a freshman at SJC. Barbara 
Gallagher Langan is presently in 
AP Administration at Erasmus 
Hall HS. 

Valerie Wertz Qtunlan. 520 
Beach 136th St., Belle Harbor, 
NY11694 718-945-6615 


25TH Ankiversary Class 

Helga Mitchitsch Burks son 
Christopher, 20, is in his junior 
year at Frostburg State University 
in Maryland. Her twin daugh- 
ters, Melissa and Stephanie, 17, 
are juniors at Ramsey HS. She 
and her husband John will cele- 
brate their 25th anniversary in 
June. Sue Procida Tighe and 
husband Tom have recently 
became homeowners in Tenafly, 
NJ. They enjoyed a trip to 
Amelia Island, FL, where they 
visited with Diane Evanac and 
her husband George Carpetto. 
Diane spent the last six years as 
dean at Hawthorne High School 
and has now decided to return to 
the classroom as a math teacher. 
Maureen Hines Adinolfi runs 
her husband Ray's dental prac- 
tice. Her daughter Kathleen is a 


Joe and Joan 
Sullivan Cusack 

were given a sur- 
prise 25 th 
anniversary party 
by their son Joe, 
Holy Cross '92, 
and daughter 
College '94. 

Among the 50 guests were several SJC classmates. In above 
photo, standing with Joan are bridesmaids (L to R) Virginia 
Cooney Murray, Catherine St. John Barton, Joan and Maryanne 
D'Annunzio 'Witowski; seated are Kathy De-Santis Fugelsang, 
Cathy Cooper Gregorio and Sister Kathleen McKinney. 
Carol Anne Cole Sullivan, 437 Beach 132 St.. Belle Harbor, 
NY 11694 718-945-2074 

junior at Bishop Kearney High 
School, and her son Steven is a 
junior at SJC. Steven and two 
friends opened a shop called 
Nine Eleven Skateboards. Pat 
Garvey has made several trips to 
the Dominican Republic and has 
worked to channel funds and 
school supplies there. Elaine 
Thoelen Mastrapasqua has cho- 
sen not to relocate to Charlotte, 
NC with The Equitable after a 
21-year career with them. Anne 
Scavo Farkas is now teaching in 
Wagner College's theater depart- 

Diane Evanac, P.O. Box 12709, 
Gainesville, FL 32604 
Loretta Jordan Grenga, 11 
Ingrid Ct., Hauppauge, NY 
11787 516-979-9198 
Marilyn Jaeckel, 1 1 West Euclid 
St., Valley Stream. NY 11580 
Mary Rehder Majestic, 5 
Cragmere Rd., Sujfern, NY 
10901 914-357-7641 
Elaine Thoelen Mastrapasqua, 
80 Rabbins Rd.. Gansevoort, NY 
12831 516-587-0336 

1972 Brooklyn A&S 

Mary Icantalupo Gallina is cur- 
rently looking tor another posi- 
tion after the closing of the cen- 
ter, where she taught for 20 
years. Loraine Mazzella Maiolo 
works at Montreal General 
Hospital. She has a sub-specialty 
in geriatrics. She is also a profes- 
sor at McGill. 

Patricia Luciana English, 143 
Beach 133rd St, Belle Harbor, 
NY 11694 718-474-8621 
Dianne Piivinski, 188 Java St, 
Brooklyn, NY 11222 

1973 Brooklyn A&S 

come on, class of 1973, 
please let the rest of 
us know what is going 
on in your lives! 

Jeannette Wiese Schuler is busy 
living and working in 

Chesapeake, VA, with her hus- 
band Paul, daughter Erica, 14 
and son Keith, 10. She is direc- 
tor of theater arts at Indian 
River High School. Jeannette 
would love to hear from friends 
from SJC, so keep in touch! 
Denise Plichta Murray is now 
living in Las Vegas, NV. She is 
presently a Title I reading 
teacher in the Clark School 
District and is pursuing a 
second masters degree in 
Joan Denauski Halpem, 8 
Jennifer Dr, Howell, NJ 07731 
Linda Borelli Ridzi, 57 
Westbrook Dr., Nassau. NY 
12123 516-766-9541 

1971, Brooklyn AgS 

Terri Barnao Turilli's son Don 

received two academic scholar- 
ships and is presently attending 
Texas A&M University. 
Anna Maria Tufano, 321 Bay 

14th St., Brooklyn, NY 11214 

197/, Suffolk AtS 

James Flannery Jr., 224 

Merrifield Ave., Oceanside, NY 
11572 516-764-8654 

1973 Brooklyn AdS 

Thomas M. LaGuidice has 

accepted a position with 
Hagedorn and Co. as a vice pres- 
ident. Tom was reelected as 
chairman of transportation and 
traffic of Community Board 3 
and was appointed to the M.T.A. 
Board as an ADA advisor. 
Theresa Cimakasky Mason, 5 
Quimby Ln., Flemington, NJ 
08822 718-833-3878 
Debra Stevenson Nelson, 170 
Nassau Ave., Manhasset, NY 
11030 516-365-2628 
Jacqueline Reisert Esposito, 
1659 Circleville Rd, State 
College, PA 16803 814-234- 

William Gorman, 458 Degraw 
St.. Brooklyn. NY 11217 

Winter 19% 21 



Alice Hagan, 360 Bay Ridge 

Pkwy. Apt 2C. Brooklyn. NY 


Rose Anne DeFinti Smith, 1 5 

Kay PI, Staten Island, NY 
10305 718-981-0743 

1973 Suffolk A&S 

Barbara Ross Antonucci, 181 

Commercial Blvd.. Brentwood, 
NY 11717 516-231-3340 

1976 Brooklyn AdS 
20TH Anniversary (lass 

Peggy Lynch Artz is living in 
Rosellc, NJ. She has been teach- 
ing at St. Joseph the Carpenter 
School. Peggy has two sons: 
Gerard attends St. Peter's Prep 
in Jersey City, and Dennis is in 
6th grade at St. Joseph the 
Carpenter. Peggy's husband 
Michael '77 works for IBM. 
Justine Lashkow is keeping busy 
as a nurse for the New York 
City Fire Department. She has 
two beautiful nephews, Patrick 
and Justin James. In the spring 
Justine and Ann Simko 
Rennard got together for lunch. 
They had not seen each other 
since graduation. Ann is work- 
ing as a teaching assistant in 
kindergarten at the Willow 
Road School in Franklin Square. 
She is also involved in hospital 
ministry at Franklin Hospital 
Medical Center. Her son Rob, 
16, attends Valley Stream North 
High School. Can you believe 
that it is going to be 20 years 
since we parted on graduation 
day? Our anniversary is just 
around the corner. The Spring 
Luncheon would be the perfect 
opportunity to get together once 
again. Please try to make this 
event on Sunday, April 21st, at 
the Garden City Hotel. 
Martha Stoistis Spezzano, 29 
Walnut St., Central blip. NY 
11722 516-234-9738 

22 St. Joseph's College 

Mary Frances Healion 

Mtildoon, 2674 East 22nd St., 

Brooklyn, NY 1 1235 


Ann Simko Rennard, 966 

Shelburne Dr., Franklin Square, 

NY HOW 516-825-5479 

1976 Suffolk AgS 
zoTu Anniversary (lass 

Leonora Lang Brisotti, 817 

Aberdeen Rd., Bay Shore, NY 
11706 516-665-7633 

1977 Brooklyn AgS 

Lorraine Bums Goldhirsch, 52 

Spruce St., Princeton Junction, 
NJ 08550 609-799-1244 

1977 Suffolk A(>S 

Patrick Fox writes that his career 
has spanned 17 years in thera- 
peutic recreation. He is a certi- 
fied recreation therapist at Mercy 
Hospital Coral Gables (Miami). 
No Class Agent 

1978 Brooklyn AgS 

Sarah Murphy Berliner, 570 

Westminster Rd., #C8, Brooklyn, 
NY 11 230 718-856-1531 
Maryteresa McKenna, 8215 4th 
Ave., #E1, Brooklyn, NY 11209 

1978 Suffolk AbS 

Marion Salgado. 16 Sequams 

Ln. North. West Islip, NY 11795 


Maria Sabella Shtikri, 10 Jtll 

Dr, Commack, NY 11725 


1979 Suffolk AbS 

Karen MilUr Faiella, 32 

Brentwood Pkuy, Brentwood, NY 



1980 Brooklyn A&S 

Dianne Hayden, 1403 Harrison 

Ave., Mamaroneck, NY 10543 


Maureen Fleming Wicelinski, 

15 Sprucewood Dr., Levittown, 

NY 11756 516-735-3410 

1980 Suffolk AgS 

Arlene Murtha, 12 Hill St.. Lake 
Ronkonkoma, NY 1 1 779 "> ' 6" 

1980 Suffolk AgS 

Helen Minieri Stacy is Vice 
President -Investments and 
Assistant Branch Manager at 
Prudential Securities. Helen can 
be heard daily on WBAZ 101.7 
radio with the market update 
report. She is a member of the 
East End Women's Network and 
writes a monthly column for 
their newsletter. 
No Class Agent 

198) Brooklyn AgS 
13TH Anniversary (lass 

Erin Feerick teaches at St. 
Francis School for the Deaf in 
Brooklyn. She kept busy in the 
summer of '95 at Gallaudet 
University for the Deaf in 
Washington D.C., pursuing fur- 
ther course work. Erin also trav- 
eled to Canada for her vacation 
and spent time in Pennsylvania 
visiting her family. Marie 
Clancy continues to work as a 
school psychologist in an ele- 
mentary school on Long Island. 
A few members of the classes of 
'81 and '82 gathered this past 
summer at the home of Elena 
Governale and Michael 
O'Sullivan '82 with their son 
Andrew. Kathy Reilly McCabe 
'82, with her children; Bridget, 
Caitlin and Terrence came with 
Anne Demuro Salamone '82 
and her son Kyle, along with 
Marie Clancy. Cathy Huffman 
Scheirer says that she still feels 
very strongly that SJC provided 
her with excellent educational 
training. Cathy recently saw 
Mary Seidenabel Pyne. Mar\' 
who is still happily married to 
Jimmy with a daughter, Kaitlyn. 
Lisa Kern Saw in, 10 Starboard 
Way Latham, NY 12110 

1981 Suffolk AgS 

15th Anniversary Class 
Deirdre Duffy Albertson gave 
birth to her second child, Craig; 
her oldest child, Kevin, 7, loves 
being a big brother. Deidre is 
enjoying being a full-time mom. 
Michelle Grande, 204 Pond 
View Ln., Smithtown, NY 
11787 516-724-5011 

1982 Brooklyn AgS 

Regina Marlborough was 

recently married to Peter 
Karsanow at St. Patrick's in Bay 
Shore, Long Island. The couple 
took a wedding trip to Australia. 
They reside in Ridgecrest, CA, 
where Regina works for 
American Eagle Airlines. 
Maureen Sullivan Griffin, 633 
77th St., Brooklyn, NY 11209 

1982 Suffolk AgS 

Brenda Kelly Hinshaw, 37 

Hamlet Rd.. Levittown, NY 
11756 516-579-0437 
Joyce Donneson, 115Aspatuck 
Rd., Westhampton Beach, 
NY 11978 516-288-1798 

1983 Brooklyn AgS 

Elizabeth Ruggiero Mulrane, 27 
East 13th St.. Huntington 
Station, NY 11746 

1983 Suffolk AgS 

Anna Cameron, 13 Wheatley 
Ave., Huntington Station. NY 
11746 516-421-5531 
Bridget Reilly Costello, 17 Van 
Buren St., Mastic, NY 11950 

198(1 Brooklyn AgS 

Mar\' Allen Bosco is currendy 
living on Staten Island, NY and 
is acting assistant principal at PS 
20^ in Brook]\-n. She has two 
children, Lauren Elizabeth, age 2, 
and James Salvatore, 2 months. 
Erin Dowd, 40 Henry St., 
Brooklyn, NY 1 1201 



Barbara Bischoff Eckner, 32 

Sunset Dr.. Derby. CT 06418 


Donna Ortolani. 2 Kent Rd... 

Ringwood, NJ 07456 


igSit Suffolk A&S 

Thomas and Christine Murphy 
Palmeri are proud parents of 
four boys: Thomas, 10, Ryan, 8, 
Alex, 4, and Connor, 1 . 
Thomas and Christine stay in 
touch with JoAnne Carroll Paul 
'85S and Lance Paul '85S; both 
couples are godparents ot one ot 
the other couple's children. 
Lucretia Lncwero, 26 Great Oak 
Rd.. St. James. NY 11780 
Joan Kelly, 21 Dorothy Ln., 
Kings Park, NY 1 1 754 

1985 Brooklyn A&S 

Alice Kennedy, 5 Hallister St., 
Staten Island NY 10309 

1985 Suffolk A(,S 

KellyAnn O'Hanlon Hammer 

is enjoying her role as a class 
representative and loves catching 
up with everyone. Please keep 
her phone number and address 
handy to keep her up to date on 
your news for Alumnagram! She 
also loves her hectic life as full- 
time mom to recent beauty 
pageant winnet Hannah-Rose, 
2, and is currently involved in 
her high school alumni associa- 
tion (Academy of St. Joe's) plan- 
ning a 15-year reunion. 
KellyAnn is training with her 
husband Richard to become a 
natural tamilv planning instruc- 
tor. Mary Brewster teaches 
criminal justice at Westchester 
University in Pennsylvania. She 
completed her Ph.D. rwo years 
ago and lives in Westchester, PA 
with her six-year-old son 
Michael. JoAnne Carroll Paul 
and Lance Paul currently reside 
in Miller Place with their chil- 

dren. Shannon, 10, and Collin, j 
4. JoAnne received her M.S. in 
elementary education from 
Dowling College in 1990. 
KellyAnn O'Hanlon Hammer, 
149 Netvbrook Ln.. Bay Shore. 
NY 11706 516-666-1196 

1983 Brooklyn GS 

Joan Lohnes is the director of 
health services for the Outreach 
Project, a nonprofit drug and 
alcohol treatment program. She 
joined the project as a nurse 
nine years ago. 

1983 Suffolk GS 

Dorothy LaFerrera. 104 Kime 
Ave.. North Babylon, NY 11 703 

1986 Brooklyn AgS 
lOTH Anniversary (lass 

Kerry McConway, 276 Rolling 
Hill Green, Staten Island, NY 
10312 718-227-1599 

1986 Suffolk AbS 
10TH Anniversary (lass 

Elaine LoFaro Hesche worked 
as a fourth grade teacher at St. 
Cyril and Methodious R.C. 
School in Deer Park, Long 
Island, until 1990, when she 
gave birth to a son, Andrew. 
Elaine went on to receive her 
M.S. in elementary education 
from C.W. Post in 1992. In 
March of 1994, she and her 
husband Thomas became the 
proud parents of Lauren. Elaine 
is now a freelance writer and a 
full-time home-schooling mom. 
Maria Maxwell, 39 Tappan Ave., 
Babylon, NY 11702 

1987 Brooklyn AgS 

Diana Murillo. ' 87 350 65th 
St., Apt. 19N, Brooklyn. NY 
11220 718-492-8610 
Joan Sullivan Thomas, 2057 
65th St., Brooklyn. NY 11234 

1987 Suffolk A&S 

Jean Marie Kirchner. 3 Boone 
St., Bethpage. NY 1^14 
Anthony DiMino, 184 Spiral 
Rd., Holtsville, NY 1 1742 

Kim-Susan Martini Guevara, 
2685 Level Loop Rd., Virginia 
Beach, VA 23456 

1988 Brooklyn A&S 

Frances Garlisi Dray received 
her assistantship from Pace 
University and graduated in 
September '89, with a master's 
in curriculum and instruction. 
She works at PS 18 on Staten 
Island. Frances tied the knot on 
April 11, 1992. Her husband 
Mark is a stockbroker. Sheila 
Dorsey Penuen was a brides- 
maid. Theresa Mascaro Trinkle 
and William Trinkle '87. Sean 
Joy '89 also attended. Frances 
gave birth to her first child in 

Christine Apicella, 1607 East 
7th St., Brooklyn, NY 11230 

Michele Main. 41-36 5ht St., 
Apt. B2. Woodside, NY 11377 

Patricia Williams, 395 Clinton 
Ave., Apt 6D, Brooklyn, 
NY 11238 718-634-9536 

1988 Suffolk AirS 

Camille Kostew Kelly, 6301 
Cheetah Ct., Waldorf, MD 
20603 301-932-9537 
Jennifer Ray, 18 Prospect St., 
EastSelden, NY 11784 

1988 Suffolk GS 

JoAnne Habenicht is currently 
employed as program director at 
the New York Methodist School 
of Radiation Therapy 
Technology in Brooklyn. 
No Class Agent 

1989 Brooklyn AdS 

Francine Nittolo, 367 96th St.. 
Brooklyn. NY 11209 

1989 Brooklyn GS 

Barbara Meagher is a med-sur- 
gical nurse at St. John's-Queens 
Hospital in Elmhurst. She has 
volunteered in the public educa- 
tion department for the 
American Cancer Society, 
Queens Division, for the past 
three years. Barbara was also 
recently the otganizer of the 
Great American Smokeout's 
high school journalistic event 
"You're Too Smart to Start." 

1990 Suffolk A(>S 

Christie O'Connell and 
Georgeann O'Connell are spe- 
cial education teachers in the 
Brentwood School District. 

1991 Brooklyn AgS 
3TH Anniversary (lass 

Danielle Janusz Mooney gave 
birth to a daughter, Katherine 
Claire, on January 1, 1995. 
Danielle, her husband Martin, 
and Katherine were on the front 
page of their local newspaper 
because Katherine was the first 
baby of the new yeat in 
Pottstown, PA. 
No Class Agent 

1991 Suffolk A&S 

5th Anniversary Class 
Laura Lucy Degenaro is cur- 
rently studying for a master's 
degree in library science at Long 
Island University's C.W. Post 
Campus in Brookville. 
Hyacinth Perera. 7 Springbriar 
Ln.. Centereach. NY 11720 

1992 Brooklyn AgS 

Shana Flynn Raggio has been 
working for a not-for-profit 
foundation interested in 
improving health care in the 
developing wotld. She is the 
program manager for all the 
foundation's activities in Africa 
and India and has been fortu- 
nate enough to travel to both 

Winter 1996 23 



1990 Brooklyn A&S 



How to 
Meet the 
Needs of 

Adele Schroeter a 

fourth -grade 
teacher at PS 32 1 
in Brooklyn, wrote 
an article entitled 
"Kids Learning 
Together, A Group 
for Every Purpose." 
She explains in 
detail how she orga- 
nizes students for 
reading, math, 
social studies and 
more. Together 
with her students, 
she was on the 
cover of the 
July/August issue 
of Instructor 

places several times already. She 
is planning to begin graduate 
school next fall. 
No Class Agent 

1992 Suffolk A(,S 

Bill Bodkin is a personal fman- 
cial advisor with American 
E.xpress Financial Advisors. He 
is working out ot their 
Hauppauge office, specializing 
in retirement, investment and 
estate planning. Sean Herte is a 
deputy sheriff in Mecklenberg 
County, NC. He is working 
toward his master's degree in 
criminal justice. 
Donna Schultz, 287 Pamlico 
Ave., Ronkonkoma. NY 11779 

1993 Brooklyn AbS 

Andrea Rosamilia is a seventh 
grade teacher at Our Lady of 
Czestochowa. She will be get- 
ting married on July 20, 1996 
to John Lictro. The mass will be 
held at Regina Pacis Votive 
Shrine. Tara Pasquarello is still 
working at PS 1 93 with Phyllis 

24 St. Joseph's College 

D'Accordo and Kelly McNulty. 
Patti-Ann Clemens is teaching 
junior high in Dyker Heights, 

Phyllis DAccordo, 167 Beach 
144th St.. Neponsit. NY 1 1694 
Keinn McManaway, 21-43 
Butler Ave.. Ridgewood, 
NY 11385 

JulieAnn Aiello Rubino, 118 
Foster Ave. Brooklyn. NY 11230 

Janet Bisignano, 429 49th St., 
Brooklyn, NY 11220 

1993 Brooklyn GS 

Nadine Juste. PO. Box 463. 

Brooklyn, NY 11226 


Mary Gigliello. 1844 60th St. 

Brooklyn. NY 11 204 


Marsha Griffin. 15 Mill St.. Apt 

lA, Brooklyn. NY 11231 


Albertha McKeithan. 100-25 

DekruifPl. Bronx, NY 10475 


1993 Suffolk AtS 

James Munoz is currently 
employed as a business analyst 
at Cablevision East End System 
in Riverhead, Long Island. 
No Class Agent 

i99it Brooklyn AgS 

In 1994 Kerry Herte was work- 
ing as a recreation therapist in St. 
Johnland Nursing Home in 
Kings Park. While there, she dis- 
covered that two of her patients 
were SJC graduates. She enjoyed 
visiting with Marita Rockefeller 
Ryan '26, who passed away last 
year, and Helen Bradley '30. 
rhey all enjoyed reminiscing 
about their days at SJC. Kerry is 
presently at North Shore 
University Hospital in Glen 
Cove working in a rehabilitation 
unit. She will be married in June 
'96; her maid ot honor will be 
Trisha Callini '94. Lisa Marie 
Gampero is a first- grade teacher 
in the Broward County school 
system in Florida. Tracy Gunther 
is currently teaching pre-kinder- 
garten at St. Patrick's School in 
Bay Ridge. 

Teniitope Fasoye. 277 
Washington Ave, Apt IH, 
Brooklyn. NY 11205 

Anne Tavani. 32 Driggs Ave., 
Brooklyn. NY 11222 
Lori Torone, 59-15 47th St., 
Woodside, NY 11377 

Donna DeGeorge. 89-11 78th 
St., Woodhaven, NY 11421 

Jill Brody Delgado, 619 East 7th 
St. Brooklyn. NY 11218 718- 

19911 Brooklyn GS 

Igred Agness is pursuing a mas- 
ter's in health administration 
from Central Michigan 
University at the Fort Hamilton 
campus, in Brooklyn. Eleanor 

Anthony is now a volunteer and 
counselor in the blood pressure 
van of the Grand Concourse 
Seventh Day Adventist Church 
in the Bronx. Ellen Ferrentino 
Gray has a new position in 
ambulatory care nursing at St. 
John's Hospital in Far 
Rockaway. William Guage has a 
new position as department 
head of nursing for the Center 
for Rehabilitation, which serves 
the New York metropolitan area. 
Nike Navor and Joseph D. 
Chillemi took a ninth-wedding 
anniversary auto trip to Saratoga 
Springs, Lake George, Montreal 
and Quebec City. Florence 
Puma has a new position as 
rehabilitation nurse at Laconia 
Nursing Home in the Bronx. 
Gail Suter will graduate in June 
from New York Polytechnic 
with a master's in management 
with a concentration in organi- 
zational behavior. 
Nike Navor and Joseph D. 
Chillemi, 2105 East 14th St., 
Apt 9, Brooklyn, NY 11229 

1993 Suffolk hS 

Nicole Taormina was recently 
accepted into the St. John's 
University Graduate 
Assistantship Program. 
Stephen Koepper. 48 Lakewood 
Ave., Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 

1993 Suffolk GS 

Barbara Bueno-Mendez, P.O. 
Box 1036. Central Islip 11722 

Change ofAddress/Name 

If you're moving or have moved, please let us know... 

Alumni Office 
St. Joseph's College 
245 Clinton Avenue 
Broklyn, NY 11205 




Phone ( ) 




Phone ( ) 


Aboard the Luxurious 

A/ViiSiSijSisippi Queen 

A 7-Night Steamboatin' Vacation 
Through the Old South 

May 20th-27th, 1996 

with A 2-Night 
New Orleans Hotel Package 

For More Information Contact: 

Sister Grace Edna Rowland 

(516) 447-3299 

Tickets for 

The King 
and I 


Price: $56.00 
March 19, 1996 

Evening Performance 

For more information Contact the 

Alumni Office at 

(718) 636-6882 


April 3-April 14, 1996 

Visii: Palermo, Taormina, Sorrento. Capri and Rome 

For More Information Contact: 

Sister Joan Ryan 

St. Joseph's College 155 Roe Boulevard 

Patchogue, NY 11772 Home: (516) 473-8375 

Tickets for 

Sunset Blvd 


$60.00 Tickets for $35.00 

February 20, 1996 


For More information contact the Alumni Office at 
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Please observe the deadline for 
the Winter '97 Alumnagram: 
November 30 th 

Alumnagram is published twice a year by 
St. Joseph's College 245 Clinton Avenue 
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pai/t to Hicksvillf. 

A Letter from the President. 

Dear Graduate: 

What a response! St. Joseph's College grads never cease to amaze me... 
and as always... never disappoint me. 

My recent letter to you concerning the alarming decrease in alumni participation 
in the Annual Fund has sparked an overwhelming show of support from each 
generation of alumni. 

Your generosity continues to flow in daily in the form of letters, contributions, 
phone calls, and offers of volunteer help. 

The result of your efforts are still being tallied and will be reported in the 
1995-1996 President's Report scheduled for publication this Fall. 

I appreciate your continued generous support. Be assured of my deep personal 
gratitude and of my continued prayers for you and all you hold dear. 


Sister George Aquin O'Connor, C^.J. 



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to October 13 

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July 23 

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October 25 

I4th Annual Dinner 

August 29 

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Suffolk Campus 

Country Club 

7pm, Shea 
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Alumni and Faculty 

November 2 

Fall Luncheon- 
Union League 
Club, New York City 

September 23-29 

Fine Arts/ 


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be announced) 

September 23 

Planned Giving 
Seminar at the Nassau 

January 1997 

Young Alumni 

Bar Association, 

April 26, 1997 

Spring Luncheon- 


Garden Cm Hotel 

It is the policy of St. Joseph's College not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national or eth- 
nic origin, age, handicap, or marital status in the educational programs, admissions policies, employment poli- 
cies, financial aid or other school administered programs. This policy is implemented in compliance with Title 
TX of the Educational Amendments of 1972, Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Section 504 of the 
Rehabilitation Act of 1 986, as well lU any other applicable federal state or local statutes. 




In 1990 Margaret Harrington's career 
reached its present station — as superinten- 
dent of all 33 Queens public high schools, 
responsible for 70,000 students and 4,000 
professional staff 

That path began in the early '60s at St. 
Joseph's. "My peers in college were not in 
education; I had to defend my choice of 
teaching as a career constantly," Margaret 
remembers. " I chose high school teaching 
because I wanted to teach, not because it 
was acceptable. That argument prepared me 
for many discussions that would ensue over 
the next 30 years." 

For the next 13 years she taught social 
studies, then became assistant principal of 
Curtis High School in 1977, then principal 
of Port Richmond High School in 1982. 
She achieved the Ed. D. from Fordham in 
1991, after receiving the M.A. at Brooklyn 
in 1966 and the Ph.D. Irom the College ol 
Staten Island in 1976. 

Margaret has won 
more than a dozen 
professional honors, 
including Educator of the Year awards from 
the Catholic Teachers Association, the 
Association of Teachers of New York, and 
the Emerald Society, and the Irish Woman 
of the Year in 1996 from the Irish-American 
Heritage Committee. 

As an SJC student, Margaret worked in 
the library, was yearbook business manager 
for two years, and was in Sing. "SJC was all 
female in the 1960s," she says. "This pro- 
vided a support to me and my classmates. 
Free-ranging, thought-provoking discus- 
sion, intellectual arguments, great sharing 
and personal and professional development 
over time was tied to my peers and our 
involvement with one another, but also to 
the academic stimulus provided by our 
teachers. For me. Sister Joan DeLourdes 
and Sister Joseph Damien provided an 
intellectual framework for discussion which 
still informs my thought process today. " 

Margaret reads a lot in her spare time, and 
is now writing about her professional prac- 
tice. She also spends time carpooling and 
talking to the friends of her 13-year-old 
daughter Jessica. Her husband is Mel Hardin. 



Since 1992 Nancy Brogan has been prin- 
cipal of the 1400-student Ditmas 
Intermediate School 62 in Flatbush, 

A former New York State Teacher of the 
Year, with a similar award from the Catholic 
Teachers Association, Nancy started out at 
Junior High School 136 in 1969, shortly 
after graduation from St. Joseph's. In 1976 
she took time off for maternity, caring for 
three daughters, and didn't resume her 
career until 1982. She was promoted to 
assistant principal at IS 14 in 1986, before 
taking over at IS 62. Her current major pro- 
ject there is school-wide restructuring 
through the Annenberg network. 

Nancy pursued graduate degrees at 
Brooklyn College, earning a master's degree 
in 1972 and a professional certificate in 
1985. She credits her 
SJC experience as "a 
constant source of 
inner strength in deal- 
ing with difficult personal and professional 
decisions affecting the lives of others. I am 
extremely grateful for this special faith." 

Nancy lives on Avenue P in Brooklyn, 
with her three daughters, Kelly Anne, 22, 
Kathleen Patricia 20, and Jamie Marie, 17. 
Her interests away from the job are tennis, 
golf, swimming, reading and parish service. 


Mary Butz, like the other alumnae educa- 
tors profiled here, began teaching right after 
graduation from SJC in 1969, but her path 
led in an unusual direction— to founding 
and running Manhattan Village Academy, 
one of the city's new, small high schools. 

For Mary the first step after college was 
teaching social studies at New Utrecht High 
School in Brooklyn, but there were also 
activities outside the classroom, assisting 
the dean and the chairman of social studies, 
and directing student affairs. The New 
Utrecht stint ended in heartbreak, when the 
fiscal crisis of 1975 forced her to change 

Marqaret Harrington 

Nancy Mulholland Brogan 

Hary Butz 

Summer 1996 1 

,-ORO F I 

L E S 




It*'* ** 1 h'H 


H ^' n ^Kr 


%^^ Jp' m 


L -»5 ll^js^ .^H 

Kathleen Lavin 

Mary Ann (hiodiZappetti 

But the change--to Edward R. Murrow 
High School— turned out to be a blessing. 
Facing the challenge of being one of two 
females in a department with 25 males, she 
stayed for 13 years, becoming assistant prin- 
cipal of social studies and eventually finding 
her way in staff development. 

In 1988 she left Murrow to join the UFT 
Teacher Center, and went on to the Queens 
high school office in 1989 to direct staff 
development, where she soon began work- 
ing for fellow alumna Margaret Harrington 
(see Profile, page 1). In 1991 she worked for 
the American Federation of Teachers in 
Washington, D.C., traveling to train teach- 
ers in such newly democratic nations as 
Poland, Lithuania, and Nicaragua. 

In 1993, starting from scratch, Mary 
founded the Manhattan Village Academy. 
She thought up the name, selected the staff, 
recruited the students, chose the building 
on West 22nd Street, helped the architect 
design the school, and developed the PTA. 
The school now has three grades and 220 
students; in September it will have all four 
high school classes. 

Mary is another alumna who appreciates 
St. Joseph's all-female environment in her 
student days. "I am also grateful that I 
attended a Catholic college; it provided me 
with a sense of commitment to my faith and 
warm, wonderful memories of a world filled 
with laughter and innocence— a world that 
is rapidly lading." 

Mary received her M.A. in 1972 Irom 
Brooklyn College and has completed all but 
the dissertation in the doctoral program at 
Teachers College. In 1985 she was chosen as 
a Kellogg National Fellow, an honor that 
enabled her to visit and study schools all 
around the world. Mary enjoys cooking and 
collecting wine. 


Another principal in this group of alum- 
nae educators is Kathleen Lavin, who since 
1993 has been in charge of PS 177, an ele- 
mentary school on Avenue P in Brooklyn, 
which she considers the most challenging 
assignment of her career. She recently 
received a state grant for multicultural edu- 

cation at the school, well suited to her high- 
ly diverse student body. 

She started out after graduation in 1972 
at Our Lady Help ot Christians in 
Brooklyn, teaching learning-disabled stu- 
dents at PS 52 in Sheepshead Bay in 
Brooklyn, becoming "learning specialist" in 
1982 for a program to "mainstream" learn- 
ing-disabled children into regular classes. 
In 1986, she was appointed assistant princi- 
pal of PS 119. 

She earned master's degrees at Staten 
Island and Brooklyn colleges, and a 
Professional Diploma (1988) and a doctor- 
ate (1992) from Fordham. She has also 
begun teaching part time at the College of 
New Rochelle. She collaborated with her 
sister, Claire Lavin SJC '62, on presenta- 
tions of research on "Women in 
Administration" in Boston and at Trinity 
College, Dublin. 

Kathleen belongs to the Association for 
Supervision and Curriculum Development 
and the Elementary School Principals 


Mary Ann Zappetti's life changed when 
she decided to return to school after many 
years and enrolled at St. Joseph's Suffolk 
Campus. That was in the late 1970s. Today, 
she is still in school--the Blue Point 
Elementary School, to be exact— but as the 

Asked about SJC, Mary Ann, a 1982 
graduate, wrote: " 'Look with favor on new- 
beginnings' (Anonymous, Ancient Greece.) 
Attending SJC was a new beginning for me, 
and I have always attempted to live life as a 
challenge, not to be frightened by change, 
and to enjoy each day." 

A psychology major, Mary Ann began her 
career as a school psychologist in 1985 in 
the Bayport-Blue Point Schools. In addi- 
tion, she served as assistant chairperson of 
the district's Committee on Special 
Education and chairperson of the 
Committee on Preschool Special 
Education, a position she still holds. In 
1991, she was appointed principal of Blue 

2 St. Joseph's College 



Point Elementary. 

Mary Ann and three teachers at Blue 
Point presented a workshop on inclusive 
education at the New York State Education 
Conference in May, 1995 and developed 
the school's integrated kindergarten pro- 
gram at Blue Point Elementary, which has 
been extremely successful. 

At St. Joseph's, Mary Ann began and 
chaired the Women's Transition Club for 
returning students like herself. "At that time 
there was a critical need for a support group 
for women, " Mary Ann recalled. In addi- 
tion to her bachelor's degree in psychology 
from SJC, Mary Ann has an M.S. degree in 
school psychology from St. John's 
University and a Professional Diploma in 
school district administration from C.W. 
Post. She is a member of the New York and 
the National Association of School 

Mary Ann is grateful for the education she 
received at SJC. "My psychology classes pre- 
pared me for graduate work at St. John's," 
she said. "My classes in the education 
department taught me all about the child 
and the school environment. The faculty at 
SJC was supportive, yet demanding. " 

Mary Ann lives in Holbrook with her 
husband of 33 years, Thomas. The couple 
has two daughters. Dawn, 30, a graduate of 
Cornell and Columbia Universities, and 
Dana, 22, a graduate of Brown University, 
where she is also a first year medical stu- 
dent. Mary Ann's leisure activities include 
reading, opera and the theater. 


Lisa Henry Alter was no stranger to Frank 
J. Carasiti Elementary School in Rocky 
Point, Long Island when she was appointed 
principal two-and-a-half years ago. She had 
been a second-grade teacher there since 
1987, when she graduated from the SJC 
Patchogue Campus. She was also founder 
and director of the district's adult education 
and REAL (Recreational, Educational, and 
Leisure Activities) programs. What's more. 

Lisa herself was a product of the Rocky 
Point schools. 

"I had to do some soul searching because 
I was not sure if I was ready to leave the 
classroom, " Lisa said. "However, I accepted 
the position because I felt that I could make 
a positive difference in the lives of so many 
more children as principal. " 

In her short tenure, Lisa has already made 
a difference. She established a building-wide 
positive reward system that allows students 
to earn "principal points" for excellent hall- 
way behavior. She also initiated an "Author 
of the Week" program, in which students 
judge and honor the writings of their peers. 
"My goal is to develop a close-knit commu- 
nity feeling, even though our building is so 
large," Lisa said. "All these things foster a 
loving environment that make children feel 
comfortable and love school." 

At St. Joseph's, Lisa was president of the 
Foreign Language Club. In 1990 she 
earned a master's from SUNY at Stony 
Brook. She has additional graduate credits 
in administration from C.W. Post and the 
College of New Rochelle. In 1994 she 
received the P.T.A. Jenkins Memorial 
Award, and she is an active member of the 
Long Island Elementary School Principals 
Association for the Towns of Islip and 

Looking back, Lisa expressed thanks to 
her professors for their guidance and con- 
cern. "Their high standards promote the 
personal drive and persistence needed to be 
successful," she said. "SJC prepared me with 
the foundation to be an effective educator. 
The Child Study program is strong, and 
high expectations are set by all the teachers. 
This background prepared me to accept all 
challenges and to achieve the best." 

Lisa and her husband Jeff live in Port 
Jefferson with their two dogs, a Brichon 
Frise named Penelope and a Golden 
Retriever named Stanley. In her spare time, 
she enjoys playing the piano and singing, 
especially with her students. She loves to 
tell stories, read and ski. 

Lisa Hfliry Alter 

Summer 1996 3 


POTLIGHT on General Studies Alumni 

Andrea lowe Reynolds 

Andrea Lowe Reynolds '83 

By the time Andrea arrived at the 
St. Joseph's G.S. program in 1981, 
she was already a Registered Nurse 
with seven years of experience in the 
emergency ward at Bellevue 
Hospital. While making the dean's 
list in her undergraduate major in 
1982 and 1983 in community 
health at SJC, she worked in the 
emergency room at Queens Hospital 

Center, handling acute traumas like gunshot and stab 
wounds and burns. 

Since graduation she has spent most of her career as a 
nursing director at treatment centers in the South Bronx, 
managing and training the nursing staff at the Morrisania 
Diagnostic and Treatment Center since February 1995. 

Andrea also pursued her graduate studies after SJC, earn- 
ing two master's degrees from Teachers College, along with 
the Ed.D. in 1995. She has received a citation from 
Community Board 13 for outstanding service to the Bronx 
community and was the keynote speaker at a 1992 confer- 
ence on multicultural nursing sponsored by CUNY and 
the Health and Hospitals Corporation. 

Dennis Grecco 

Dennis Grecco '95 

In the midst ot a career at Sweetheart 
Cup Co., Dennis Grecco began the 
G.S. management program at SJC. 
The impact of his studies on his pro- 
fessional life was immediate. "The 
most satisfying experience of returning 
to school as a working adult is the 
instant gratification of being able to 
implement fresh ideas in the business 
environment, " he says. 

Since graduation in 1995, Dennis says he has been produc- 
ing a flood of new ideas for his division, where he has been a 
field engineer and a regional service manager. One idea is a new 
safety training program conforming to federal guidelines that 
the company will now establish nationwide. Another is a pre- 
dictive maintenance program that makes it possible to develop 
a work schedule a year in advance. "The bottom line," he says, 
"is that St. Joseph's was the stimulus for my creativity. " 

In addition to working for a corporation, Dennis has owned 
and operated two small businesses— a men's shop and a burglar 
and fire alarm company, both in Brooklyn— and performed a 
varierv' of technical and service jobs since starting out in 1970. 


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in the lives of future generations of 
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St. Joseph's College Pooled Income Fund 

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Minimum initial contribution of $5,000: thereafter, contributions in increments of $1,000 or more. 

Summer 1996 5 



on Our Faculty 

Sister Anne Behre,(.S. J. 

Sister Anne Behre, SJC's beloved pro- 
fessor ot Child Study, had already accom- 
plished what most people would consider 
a life's work before she even arrived at St. 
Joseph's in 1981. 

A year after graduation from St. John's 
University in 1959, Sister founded the St. 
Francis de Sales School for the Deal and 
remained as superintendent for the next 
two decades. She has been a prominent educator in that field, 
serving two terms as secretary for the Conference of Executives 
of American Schools for the Deaf Her establishment of the St. 
Francis School brought her a Diocesan Leadership Award, and 
she has also received the Ubi Caritas, Deus Ibi award, the high- 
est granted by Catholic Charities. The inclusion of deaf stu- 
dents of all races and creeds at St. Francis led to a special award 
from the National Conference of Christians and Jews. Sister 
continues to serve the handicapped and the aged in a variety of 
community outreach programs. Along the way Sister complet- 
ed her master's at SUNY Buffalo in 1962, and her Professional 
Diploma and her Doctor of Education degree at Columbia's 
Teachers College, the latter in 1971. At St. Joseph's she has per- 
formed extensive faculty service and is current chair of the 
Academic Development Committee. She treasures the close 
contact with students that SJC makes possible. Teaching in the 
Child Study Department, she says, "I have had the opportuni- 
ty to share all that I am and all that I have experienced with 
future teachers. To be able to touch the lives of others who, in 
turn, will influence so many children makes me feel that my 
work is noble and meaningful. Teaching at St. Joseph's has truly 
energized me. " Born and raised in Brooklyn, the youngest of 
four children. Sister has not spent a single year since 1965 
without a dog of some kind in her life. 

Dr. Margaret Jennings 

Margaret Jennings likens herself to the 
compass in the John Donne poem 
"Valediction Forbidding Mourning." 
The center of her professional life, where 
her "fixed foot" is planted, is St. Joseph's 
College, where she recently finished her 
27th year in the English Department. 
But her career has also described a wide 
intellectual arc, concentrating on inten- 

sive explorations of medieval literature. 

Professor Jennings also travels far afield in the regular way, 
calling herself "Queen of the Road. " Her home is in Saxonville, 
Mass., where she spends weekends, and her work week is divid- 
ed between the SJC Brooklyn and Patchogue campuses. She 
has served for years as chair of the English Department, as well 
as chair of the Committee on Rank, Tenure and Faculty 
Interests. Twice she has chaired SJC's Middle States Self-Study 
committees. Looking back, she says her years at St. Joseph's 
"have a rosy glow, compounded of a supportive administration, 
intriguing and challenging colleagues, and delightful students. " 

With a B.A. from Brentwood College in 1964, Professor 
Jennings went on to an M.A. at the University of North 
Carolina at Chapel Hill, with additional study at C.W. Post, 
Notre Dame, Catholic and Oxford universities. By the time she 
had earned her Ph.D. from Bryn Mawr in 1970, she was 
already an instructor at St. Joseph's. Since then there has been 
a fellowship at Harvard and a Mellon Fellowship at NYU in 
1984. There have also been some 30 scholarly publications, 
including a collation of Troilus manuscripts for the 1987 
Riverside Chaucer. 

Some other skills and roles Margaret Jennings has mastered: 
volunteer accountant for two inner-city parishes, accomplished 
bricklayer, plasterer, and installer of ceramic tile. She lives in 
Saxonville, Massachusetts with her husband, Patrick Kilcovne. 



Assistant Professor 
History Mark Hessler has 
been a full-time faculty mem- 
ber at SJC's Patchogue 
Campus since the late 1980s. 
Before that, he taught part 
time at St. Joseph's, Empire 
State College, and SUNY at 
Stony Brook, where he obtained his master's and doctoral 
degrees. His bachelor's degree is from Southampton College. 

Dr. Hessler's specialty is American history. On campus he 
oversees the Local History Center, which contains a wealth of 
information on Nassau and Suffolk counties. "Long Island is 
one of the great untapped resources for regional histor}' in 
America," he says. 

Dr. Hessler's profession may have been determined from the 
very beginning: He was raised in Stony Brook in a 250-year-old 
house by parents with a deep appreciation for the past. The 

6 St. Joseph's College 

Holly Tree House, as it was called, was a favorite with commu- 
nity groups. "The garden club would run tours through it," he 

After getting his bachelor's degree in child study and doing 
some student teaching, Dr. Hessler opted for graduate school 
in history. His doctoral work focused on the American 
Colonial period, and he developed a particular interest in the 
philosophy and literature of the 1 7th and 18th centuries. 

On campus Dr. Hessler also advises the SJC History Club 
and the newly established Science Fiction Club. He sits on the 
Pre-Law Committee and is a main organizer of the SJC Fine 
Arts/Homecoming Festival, which will take place at the 
Patchogue Campus September 23-29, 1996. "One of my goals 
is to improve the fine arts at St. Joseph's and to make the com- 
munity more aware that St. Joseph's is here, ' he said. 

Dr. Hessler has been instrumental in forming the Academy 
College within a College, an interdisciplinary program whose 
debut at the Patchogue Campus is expected next spring. He 
especially enjoys the camaraderie and open-mindedness at St. 
Joseph's. "There's always room for new ideas here, and there's 
an open gate to the students," he said. "At a large institution, 
you don't really get to know your students." 

Dr. Hessler and his wife Celeste, a violin and piano teacher, 
are parents of three children: Evan, 10, Arielle, 7, and Rowe, 5. 

Dr. Jill Levin 

Dr. Jill Levin, an Assistant 
Professor of Child Study, has 
been at St. Joseph's Patchogue 
Campus for over eight years. 
She teaches both elementary 
and special education classes, 
including primary grades 
reading and language arts, 
special education curriculum, methods and materials, children 
with physical disability and health impairments, and a summer 
class focusing on the psychology of the exceptional child. This 
summer she will also be teaching a new course in adaptive cur- 
riculum that she developed for SJC's master's program in 
infant/toddler therapeutic education. 

Outside the classroom. Dr. Levin earlier this year established 
the Campus Academic Center, where faculty volunteers work 
one-on-one with students who need help with writing, study- 
ing, and other skills. She also chairs the Academic 
Development Committee, which reviews students' grades twice 
a year. 

In her 30-year career. Dr. Levin has taught elementary 
school, tutored high school students and worked as a reading 
consultant. After starting out as a kindergarten teacher, she 
recalls, "I became fascinated by children with special needs. So 
special education became my focal point. " 

Dr. Levin has a bachelor's degree in early childhood from 
Brooklyn College and a master's in special education and read- 
ing from C.W. Post. Her Ed.D. is from Nova Southeastern 

University, where she focused on special services for exception- 
al children. 

In 1987, Dr. Levin accepted a position at SJC because she 
wanted to "give back" to the teaching profession some of what 
she had learned. "I'm truly interested in developing quality 
teachers," she said. "I enjoy working with them and listening to 
them. I am an advocate for children, and I want them to be, 
too." To keep the lines of communication open, she asks her 
students to write their thoughts in journals, which she collects 
from time to time. "It's time consuming, but it really does help 
me to get to know my students." 

A Brooklyn native. Dr. Levin lives on Long Island with her 
husband Art, a businessman. Their children are Lisa, an audi- 
ologist, and Scott, a medical doctor. Dr. Levin writes poetry in 
her spare time, including a poem about children with special 
needs that appeared in a recent anthology published by the 
Library of Poetry. Another poem, "In the Fast Lane, " will 
appear in a new anthology. Carvings in Stone. 

Pilgrimage to the lioly Land 

January 6 - 15, 1997 
10 Days -$1,498.00 

Pilgrimage to Fatima Lourdes, 
Nevers and Paris 

May 12 - 21, 1997 
10 days - $2,098.00 

Steamboat Vacation 

aboard the "American Queen" plus 

Z Nights in New Orleans 

August 2 - 8, 1997 
7 days -$1,050.00 

For more information on any of these trips, 
call or write: 

Sister Grace E. Rowland, C.S.J. 


155 West Roe Boulevard 

Patchogue, New York 1 1 772 

(516) 654-0199 

Summer 1996 7 



Gretchen Owens, Associate 
Professor of Child Study, who will be 
on sabbatical for the fall '96 semester. 
Gretchen will be doing research and 
writing about attachment in young 
couples and their children, working in 
collaboration with researchers in the 
Stony Brook Relationship Project, an 
ongoing longitudinal study ot attach- 
ment working models. Gretchen 
explains that these working models are 
internal representations ot experience 
which are thought to be formed during 
childhood interaction with parents and 
other caregivers. Presumably, these 
working models continue to affect 
expectations of and behavior toward 
other people even during adulthood. 
With others in the Project, Gretchen is 
interested in testing - - by interviews, 
questionnaires, and videotaped interac- 
tions - - how these representations 
influence relationships with spouses 
and children. She expects that the 
research will lead to a number of 

S. Helena Ciborski, on the comple- 
tion of twenty-five years of teaching 
at SJC. 

Dr. Raymond D'Angelo, Professor 
of Sociology who was awarded a Social 
Science Data Analysis Network 

Summer Grant. The project, "Using the 
U.S. Census in the Classroom," is fund- 
ed by the National Science Foundation 
and the U.S. Department of Education 
FIPSE. The six-day workshop will be 
conducted at the Population Studies 
Center of the University of Michigan in 
Ann Arbor. The workshop is preceded 
by a one week Internet on-line access to 
census data. The purpose of the project 
is to help college teachers introduce 
"User-friendly" census data analysis into 
their classes. 

Dr. Margaret Jennings of the 

English Department who presented a 
paper entitled "As Austyn Bit?: 
Chaucer's Ironic Use of Augustine, " at 
the Canadian Society of Medievalist 
(part of the Learned Societies of 
Canada) Conference May 28-30 at 
Brock University, St. Catherine's, 
Ontario. It was Dr. Jennings' second 
trip to this Conference. 

John J. Capela of the Business 
Department and Stephen W. Hartman 
who have compiled a book containing 
definitions of over 4,000 international 
business trade and 400 Internet terms 
entitled, "The Directory of 
International Business Terms." The 
directory is a practical and useful aid 
to anyone involved with international 
business, whether entrepreneurs, gov- 
ernment administrations or students. 
A copy can be found in the Callahan 
Librar)' at the Patchogue Campus. 

Dr. Monica Brennan of the History 
Department who traveled to the 
University of Southern Illinois April 
17-20 to attend the national meeting 
of the American Conference for Irish 
Studies. Dr. Brennan presented her 
paper, "Ascendancy Politics in 
Eighteenth Century County 
Kilkenny. " 

Dr. Ted McGlone of the Economics 
Department who attended the 22nd 
Annual Convention of the Eastern 
Economic Association in March. Dr. 
McGlone presented his paper, "The 
Duality of Labour," a temporal critique 
of a simultaneous approach to Marx's 
value theory. Dr. McGlone also 
chaired a session on new directions in 
political economy. Dr. McGlone co- 
authored with Dr. Andrew Kliman an 
article that appeared in the newly- 
released collection entitled, "Marx and 
Non-equilibrium Economics." 

S. Miriam Corr and S. Frances 
Carmody who spent the week of April 
1-5 in Orlando, FL, attending the 
International Convention of the 
Council of Exceptional Children. Of 
particular interest was the concept of 
Action Research by College 
Departmental Representative in local 
school districts as a collaborative effort 
to respond to the concerns of school 
administrators and their teachers. 
Sister Frances and Sister Miriam 
believe this concept would be worth 
some discussion and exploration. 


8 St. Joseph's College 


JOBS CAN CALL THE TAPE (718-636-6882) 


[xcerpts from Hsqr. Vincent Breen's tulogy for 
Msgr. Richard Ferris 

Msgr. Ferris" life centered 
around certain themes: the 
first of these were Brooklyn 
and Queens. He was a son of 
Brooklyn; born in Greenpoint. 
His passion was tor the 
Brooklyn Dodgers. Thursday 
afternoon the two of us would 
go to Ebbets Field. I don't 
think that Richie could ever be 
hostile to anyone, but he never 

forgave Walter O'Malley. His summers were centered about 
Queens. His family has had a summer home in the Rockaways 
since almost the beginning oi Richie's life. 

The second theme of his life was his family. He adored his 
sister. His father was his hero, his mother was his example in 
life. Margaret's children know what a treasure he was for them. 
But as he matured, other themes came into his life. The call to 
the priesthood took hold of his life and his mentor was Father 
Nick Cappa whom he absolutely adored. In the spring of 1959, 
another theme entered his life, the theme of Rome. The two of 
us were asked to go in the fall to Rome to study in the North 
American College. We sailed on the USS Constitution, 

September 14, 1959. On Sunday morning we arrived at 
Algeciras, that Spanish port right by the Rock of Gibraltar. I 
ran downstairs to the cabin and said, "Richie you've got to get 
up. You've got to see the Rock of Gibraltar." He never went up 
to look at the Rock of Gibraltar. 

But Rome became a passion in his life. Rome for him was 
the sea of Peter, the Rock upon which Christ founded his 
Church. It was in Rome that his great mind was challenged and 
he developed into a mature and faithful theologian. 

Upon his return home, another theme came into his life. 
He was asked to teach at St. Joseph's College for Women. For 
twenty-five years he taught the theology of the Church as the 
Church teaches it. The last theme of his life was his beloved 
St. Genevieve Parish. He told me he wanted to die here and 
the Lord heard that prayer. There are devoted heroes here 
today: his sister Margaret, who took him into her home and 
cared for him in his illness. But the greatest of all the heroes 
today is his dad. Years ago I urged Richie to come up on deck 
to look at the Rock of Gibraltar, I know why he didn't have 
to do that. He had already seen the Rock of Gibraltar in the 
face of his father. For many of us here today, we weep at his 
passing, much too early we say. I told someone on Sunday, it 
is the end of 44 years of friendship but I was wrong, it is not 
the end. I am very lucky because I have a friend who is at the 
side of the Lord and there he will be evermore, a friend to me 
as He will be to you. 

Tribute to 
Sister Mary (orde Tymann, (.S.J., 

by Sister George Apin O'Connor, (.S.J., 

on the occasion of fier retifement Irom the faculty: 

In 1993, Sister Mary 
Corde Tymann chose 
not to celebrate a special 
occasion. This year, 
therefore, we celebrate 
her completion of 53 
years as a faculty member 
at St. Joseph's College - - 
as far as I know, the 
longest tenure of any fac- 
ulty member at SJC. 

When Sister Mary Corde graduated as 
a Mathematics major from St. Joseph's 
in 1939, she had already decided to join 
the Sisters of St. Joseph's; but envision- 
ing a teaching career at the elementary 
or secondary level, she decided to com- 
plete her own education before entering. 
In 1940 she received her MA in 
Mathematics from Columbia University. 
After a year of teaching at The Mary 

Louis Academy, in 1943 
she was appointed to the 
faculty of St. Joseph's 
College - - and the rest is 
literally history. 

At that time, the 
College envisioned the 
future need for someone 
prepared in Physics, and 
so Sister Mary Corde, 
while teaching Mathe- 
matics, began the long trek to New York 
University to complete, first the under- 
graduate major in physics, then the 
Master's in Physics. 

Throughout the years when the 
National Science Foundation provided 
wonderful opportunities for updating. 
Sister Mary Corde took advantage of 
NSF grants to the Universities of 
Buffalo, Michigan State, Nebraska, 

Rochester, Dartmouth, Wesleyan, and 
the Institute of Nuclear Studies at 
Oak Ridge. 

At one critical point, she agreed to 
serve as Acting Chairperson of the 
Mathematics Department, her first love, 
and helped to see us through a potential- 
ly difficult period. And then, with the 
development of the Patchogue Campus, 
she planned the Physics lab, traveled out 
to teach courses, and selected the faculty, 
with whom she continues to be in touch. 

With the professionalism, composure, 
and prayerful reflection which have 
always characterized her. Sister Mary 
Corde reached the decision that this 
would be her last year of teaching. She 
will continue to be available as a resource 

On behalf of Alma Mater, we salute 
you today tor a life dedicated to religious 
commitment, to the ideals ot St. Joseph's 
College, and to enabling generations 
ot students to reach their full poten- 
tial. Thank you for all that you have 
done and will continue to do. Ad 
multos annos! 

Summer 1996 9 




T A T I S T I C S 

In Memoriam 

Please remember the deceased of the St. 
Joseph's College family in your prayers. 



M;iry Husclile '22 

Teresa Dolan Janton '24 

Elinor Woods Paul '28 

Elvie Trimborn Mullally '35 

Ann Jones Jordan '36 

Virginia Beany Trum '36 

Elizabedi Bender White '36 

Pauline Cavagnaro '39 

Mary Banley Waters '40 

Patricia Devine McMackin '47 

Vivian Bulger '50 

Sister Alice Harrington, LSP '51 

Jacqueline Smith Herchenroder '67 

Margaret Larkin '72 

Kim Fleckenstein Giles '81 

Husband of 

Elizabeth Eickhoft Rhatigan '35 
Patricia Loth Burgmyer '42 
Marie Blaber Schmitt '53 
Therese Pellegrino Nerger '56 
Dorothy Nokes Sanchirico '56 
Andres Vescova Swedlund '68 

Father of 

Lucille Maguire Nicol '56 
Beatrice Basili Maggio '58 
Joan O 'Rourke Walsh '59 
Maryellcn Miscione Giasi '65 
Joanne Miscione Hadlock '67 
Kathryn Berry Meehan '67 
Catherine DiSilvestri Gustaitis '70 
Maureen Duffy Murphy '77 
Robert DuffV '80 
Suzanne Sindona Taylor '8 1 

Mother of 

Helen Skead Fowler '40 
Janice Eltz '53 
Jane Maher Catron '56 
Frances Higgins '57 
Patricia Hi^ins '57 
Eileen Callahan Riccillo '58 
Christine Callahan '69 
Jane Susan Denzer '91 

Brother of 

Mary Hi^ns Sinzer '44 
Eleanor Grennan '45 
Nancy O 'Brien Schueler '46 

Sister of 

Marguerite Doyle Ticho '30 
Elizabeth Hogan '64 

10 St. Joseph's College 

Aunt of 
ViaoriaWalch '93 


'89 Patricia Darcy to John Kelly 8/96 

'90 Stacey Busch to Christopher Barbaro 9/96 

'91 Francis Morrissey to Kathy Duffy '93 7/96 

'93 Matthew Regan to Elizabeth Norris 

'93 Viaoria Walch to Anthony Cacioppo '92 


'7 1 Eileen Donnellan to Ted Peters 2/95 
'87 Ann Bianchi to Eric Burgess 10/95 
'91 Jean Clarke to Leslie Brown 9/95 
'91 Kelly Ferguson to Thomas Parson 8/95 
'91 Michelle A. McCann to Richard Lautato 

'93 John J. Fitzgerald to Adrea Foust '93 
'93 Kathy Duffy to Francis Morrissey '9 1 
'93 PaiJ Manunina to Erin-Ryan Killeen '95 

'95 Judith Ashby to David A Venard 12/95 


76 Alanna Caitlin to Kevin Anthony Reill)- 

and Mary Fallon Reilly 
'77 Ethan Edward to Debbie Maida- 

Schmieder 12/95 
80 Emma to Cheryl Fallat Hegermiller 
80 Ailec Rose to Helen Minieri-Stacy 

85 Danielle Susan to Jean Cestare Grega 

86 Morgan Nicole to Donna Percio Dolan 
86 David Tucker to Raymond Keating and 

Bedi Partlow Keating '88 11/95 
86 Angeline Marie to Anne Marie Baione 

Sikorski 7/95 

Alexander to Patricia Junkes Bennett 5/95 

Erin Rita to Patricia MoUoy 8/95 
90 John to Thomas Downing 1 /96 
'9 1 Chrisrian John to Judith Aronica-Wessels 

'92 Nicholas James to Janine Janusz Muniz 

'94 Lindsay Mariah to John C. Cassillo 7/95 

94 Tiffkny to Elizabeth Obi 3/96 

95 Gabriela Diaz to Rosa Diaz-Fargas 10/95 
95 Anthony Joseph to Joseph Mammina 8/9 


'40 Timothy William Reid and Steven Joseph 

Pustorino to Marcella Canale Reid 
'43 Laurence to Catherine Reidy Quinn 3/95. 
'49 Twin grandchildren to Mary Plunkett 

Bentzlin 7/95 
'56 Grant Alan to Louise Cavallaro Sikotski 
'56 Kelleigh Morgan to Jackie Taaffe Coleman 
'56 Mariel to Carolyn Black Sedacca 
'60 Alexandria to Carolina Re Bertalli '60 
'63 Thomas James III to Patricia Corrigan 

'69 Adriane 1 2/94 and Benjamin 5/95 to 

Christine Callalian 

80 Emily Cronizer to Carole Kravetz 

8 1 Rebecca Nicole Monastero to Nicoletta 
Spani DiPietro 

8 1 Rebecca Danielle to Doris Brother 

83 Alexis Anne to Charlone McBride 1/96 

Christian John to Kathleen L Wessels 


89 Joseph Thomas to Grace O'Connor 5/95 

90 Nicholas James to Barbara Janusz 4/96 


'27 Alice Gallagher received the Pius the tenth 
Medal and the Mother Seton Medal. 

'35 Mary Elizabeth McLoughlin Farrell was 
honored at the CASE Distria 2 Conference in 
Philadelphia, PA on the weekend of January 27-30, 
1 996. At the luncheon she received the Retirement 
Recognition Award for Lifetime Service. 

'40 Dr. Ursula Gerty received a 40 year Bene 
Merenti medal from Fordham University. 

'46 Marian Quealy ZoU received the St. 
Vincent de Paul Medal for Catechist Service in 
Religious Educarion 3/96 

'52 Anne Moran Keenan has been recognized 
by the Diocese of Rockville Centre for 25 
years of teaching in Catholic schools. 

'58 Beatrice Basili Maggio has been appointed 
by Governor Whitman to the Advisory Council on 
Juvenile Jusrice to restmcture New Jersey's juvenile 
jusrice system, and to the Community Notificarion 
Comminee to set the standards for Megan's Law. 

'62 Rosemary McDonald Ahem was honored by 
the Catholic Teachers Association of Brooklyn. She 
was the recipient of an award for her oucstandir^ 
efforts and achievements in the NYC school 

'62 Ginny O'Rourke McLaughlin, recendy 
became licensed as a speech/language pathologist. 

'65 Mary Ann Geraghty Ferguson completed her 
Certificate Program Educadon for Parish Services 

at Trinity College. 

'66 Vincenza Muselli Shiera was appointed princi- 
pal of PS 205, an elementar\' school in 

'68 Maureen Quinn Scherer received a Teacher of 
Excellence Award from the NYS English Council 
in Oaober '95. She has been teaching English for 
15 years. 

'69 Marianne Tra\iglia Ferrara has been appointed 
Principal of PS 277. 9/95 

y\ T A L G' T 


71 Thomasine Lachiewicz Roberts received her 
Master's degree in Administration and Supervision 
from Queens College. 6/95 

74 Janet L. Labuda was a fellow from John F. 
Kennedy School of Government, Harvard 
University in 1 993. In March 1 996, Janet received 
her Office of Personnel Management Senior 
Execudve Service Certification. 

76 Kevin Anthony Reilly is President of the 
Catholic Lawyers Guild of Brooklyn. 

'82 Joan Curtis was listed in Who's Who Among 
American Teachers in 1 996. 

'82 Jane Minerva has been eleaed president of 
Suffolk County Public Library Direaors 

'85 Maria Humphrey Dell'Aquila is a member of 
Who's Who Among Women in Business. 

'87 Antoinette Giordano received her MBA from 
Dowling College 

'89 Patricia Darcy has been named an honors 
teacher by the National Science Teachers 

'90 Phyllis Payne-Dublin received an MS in 
Health Services Administration from Central 
Michigan Extended Degree Program. 1 1/95 

'9 1 Charles Hilgendorf received his Master's in 
chemistry from St. John's University. 

'9 1 Veronica Morrell received her Master's from 
Stony Brook 12/95. 

'9 1 Ann Mullen received an MS in reading from 
Fordham University in June'94. 

'93 Debora Mahler received her MS from C.W 
Post in educational tecfmology. 

'93 Paul Mahler received his law degree from 
Hofstra University. He also received the Fireman 
of the Year award from Melville Volimteer Fire 

'93 Robin Blackwell was appointed the new 
Direaor of Nursing in the emergency room of 
Peninsula Hospital Center 

'94 Salvatore Fragliossi has been re-eleaed to serve 
for a fourth term to the Board of Directors of the 
Governeur Cooperative. 

'94 Anne Tavani received an MA in applied child 
development from Tufts University. 

To the Class of 191 



the occasiot 

of their 40th anniversary from St. Joseph's 



Dorothy Whalen Newbert 


Sift the drifted dunes of time. 

Grace Kelly set the standard; 

The Super Bowl held chips and dips. 

Plow the snows of yesteryear. 

white gloves and perfect diction. 

To rap was not to sing. 

Dig for scraps 

Organ donors gave to churches. 

No one knew the wondrous dream 

and find perhaps, 

A spacewalk was pure fiction. 

of Martin Luther King. 

clues that lead from there to here. 

We'd have to visit Oslo 

We knew a lot of Latin. 

Clinton was an Avenue, 

to see a Nordic-Track. 

Russia was a threat. 

not a President. 

Celebrities had Christian names, 

We rode the waves at Rockaway, 

Dillon was the CEO 

not Magic, Air, or Shaq. 

not surfed the Internet. 

in our tiny government. 

On-line was drying laundry 

Fast food was penitential stuff 

A lady sporting Levis 

or waiting to pay cash. 

especially during Lent. 

draw disapproving stares. 

We never watched "Home 

Ebbets Field still echoed 

Bing and Perry sang to us. 


with fantastic sentiment. 

Madonna heard our prayers. 

or an episode of "M.A.S.H." 

Those distant days of '56 

JFK was vaguely cute. 

NOW indicated right away. 

are faded by time's bleach. 

Cyberspace was incredible. 

OJ meant Vitamin C. 

Despite the wear, 

Woodstock was just a village. 

Aids signified a helping hand. 

it's all still there 

Arugula was inedible. 

And what on earth was MTV? 

within our memory's reach. 

Vietnam was far away, 

Computers were all portable. 

The forty years may not have been 

someplace "over there." 

housed within the brain. 

precisely what we planned. 

Non-violent demonstrations 

Instead of raising consciousness, 


promoted Tupperware. 

activists raised Cain. 

we each impress 

our Footprints on the Topaz sand. 

Summer 1996 11 

Spring in Review 

Young Alu7Tiiii Reception — Classes of 1985 to 1995 
Knights of Columbus 
on Nostrand Avenue, 
in Brooklyn 
January 27th 

Top, left to right: Lori Torone %, Uedther 
(ostanio '95, Temitope fasoye '%, Lynda 
lovine '93 and Karen Hurson '93. 

Middle, left to right: Kevin Murphy '98, Kathleen 
White Lennon '86 and Edward Donahue '87. 

Bottom, left to right: Kevin McManav^ay '93, 
Denise HcLinden '92, Maura fitiqerald '911 and 
Theresa Mcfeele y '9Z. 

CASE aivnrd honoring Mary E. Earrell 

From left to right: Sister George Aguin O'Connor, President, Margaret Dwyer Minson '70, Director of 

Alumni Relations, join Mary Elizabeth Mdoughlin Earrell '35 in Philadelphia at the CASE District I 

Conference on the weekend of January 27-30, where Mary E. received the Retirement Recognition Award 

for her years of service to SJC. 

12 St. Jo.sti'H's College 

Patchogue Campus Phonathon 
March Rth 

Bottom left, left to right: Carol Sawyers, Assistant Director of Student Services; Toby Wiles '86 
and Jean Summit '95. 

Bottom right, left to right: Dolores Tomao Smith '50 and Sister Miriam Uonora Corr '51. 

Reception-Dickens Inn 
May 20, 1996 

Above, left to right: Majorie Andreson Breedis 
'M, Barbara Ortner Punzi '73, Sister George 
Aguin O'Connor (standing) and Maryann 
Morrissey Plowman %K. 

Above, left to right: Nancy Welker Erenze '51 
and Anne Buckley McAssey '57. 

2nd Anntial Alumni 

Golf Tournament — 
June 28th 

Peggy Ansbro '59, recipient of the award for the 
lowest score, being congratulated by Margaret 
Dwyer Minson '70, Director of Alumni Relations, 
at the Znd Annual Alumni Golf Tourrrament, 
in Riis Park. 

Career Nertvorkiug 
At left, the January Z3rd meeting focused on the 
fields of Law, Law Enforcement and Government. 
Erom left to right: Dr. Erank Eavazza '87, 
President of the Suffolk Chapter; Suffolk County 
Police Officer Jacqueline Murphy '88; Attorney 
Victoria Dow '91; and paralegal Mary dartnett- 

Virginia Reception — Gatsby's Tavern 
March Z6th 

At right and below, Virginia 
alumni gather at Gatsby's 
Tavern, in Alexandria, VA, on 
March 26th. 

Senior Luncheon 


Brooklyn Campus — "245 " Parlors 



May 1st 

At right. Senior (lass Representatives Christine leBlanc and 
Julie Donnarumma presenting the (lass of 1996 gift to Sister 
George Aquin O'Connor. 

Below right. Sister George 




with the members of the 

(lass of 1996 at the Senior 

, ( 


Luncheon. From left to 

right; Rosemarie Grimaldi, 
Lisa Romano, (armelisha 

M ^ dt 

Hernandei, Marie Voky, 
John Gonzalez, Anna 




(arabello, Freddy Ortiz, 
Tammy Warner, Julie 
Donnarumma and 


1 / 




1 < 


Patchogue Walkathon 
April Zlst 

At left. Sister John Raymond accepts proclama- 
tion honoring SJ(, from New York State 
Assemblywoman Debra Mazzarelli '90S. 

At right, warm up exercises before the walk led 
by from left to right: Suffolk Chapter Secretary 
M{ Barbis, Suffolk Chapter President Dr. Frank 
Favazza and Suffolk Chapter Vice President 
Shawn Ryan. 

Spring Luncheon — Garden City Hotel 
April Zlst 

At left, members of the Silver Jubilee (lass of 1971. 

Bottom left, members of the Golden Jubilee Class of I9A6. 

Bottom right, the Spring luncheon Committee. Front row from left to right: Betty Mc(ullough %, 
Nora Alfieri '73, Joan Reardon Dillon '56. Back row left to right: Kathy Maguire McQuade '73, 
Teresa Ryan Sefchek '73, (hristine Needham '73, Regina Pierce McCutchan '73, Dorothy Murphy Rooney '72 
and Mary Beth Donovan '73. 









t J- 1 



Summer 1996 13 




Mary Manning Doherty has 

been located ! She has recuperat- 
ed from a serious eye operation 
resulting in the loss of one eye. 
She would love to hear from 
you at the Fairfax Nursing 
Center, Room 412, Main Street, 
Fairfax, VA 22030, or through 
her daughter, Mrs. Eileen 
Doyle, 5921 Seabright Road, 
Springfield, VA 22152 (703- 
644-1264). Agnes Comerford 
has returned to Holyoke after 
another stay in the hospital. She 
is comfortable, and willing to 
accept her illness with an atti- 
tude of "come what may. " Mary 
Keller Lawler is at a new resi- 
dence run by the Dominican 
Sisters, whom Mary has found 
most comforting in her recovery 
from her second hip operation. 
Mary is expecting a visit from 
her son, a professor at Yale 
University. The Lawlers of Texas 
will arrive at the same time. 
Agnes Kelly Bryan has added to 
her many activities the nurtur- 
ing of her garden of forsythia to 
remind her of Brooklyn. 
Although she lives many miles 
from her sister, Mary Kelly 
Hoermann, they keep in con- 
stant contact. Dorothy Hand is 
no longer able to host the large 
dinners and church affairs that 
gave her so much pleasure, but 
she is reasonably well and has 
many friends who still live in 
Cutchogue. Helen Callahan 
Brink is happy to report that, 
although she spends most of her 
time in a wheelchair, she is still 
able to walk a little and to visit 
her son John and his family. 
Jeannette Farrell Amery is 
happy to be living in her 
Brooklyn apartment. From her 
terrace overlooking Prospect 
Park, she enjoys the sound and 
sights of the change of seasons. 
She is still tracking down class- 
mates to convey their news to 
you. Please keep in touch with 
the class agents and let us know 
how you are. 

14 St. Joseph's College 

Jeannette Farrell Amery. 

I Prospect Park Southwest, Apt 
#4 F. Brooklyn. NY 11215 
(718) 499-5162 

Agnes Kelly Bryan. 33 Michigan 
Avenue, Mattawan, NJ 07747 


Kathlyn Ansbro Wurts and her 

husband Ed had an exciting trip 
this year - - a visit with their 
three children in California and 
then a cruise through the 
Panama Canal. Claire Smith 
sent me a clipping from the 
Long Island Catholic, a letter 
lauding Father John Worthley 
for his heartfelt homily at a 
funeral liturgy. 1 had chats with 
a number of our classmates: 
Edna Dawkins McDonald, 
Margaret Kenny, Mary 
Impellizeri Barbieri, Winifred 
Mahon and Gertrude Unser. 
Mary White Kearney and Mary 
Whelan Phelan are busy as 
usual attending First 
Communion celebrations, grad- 
uations and weddings of their 
grandchildren. Former teachers 
for the N.Y.C. Board of 
Education will be interested in 
hearing that my son. Father 
Keith Fennessy, is now the chap- 
lain of its Emerald Society. 
When we said our adieus to our 
hostess, Helen Coughlan 
Worthley, after her beautiful 
party last September, there was a 
feeling of "finis." Not so! Helen 
is most enthusiastic about enter- 
taining us again this coming fall. 

1 will send you details in 
August. Take care and keep well 
so you can join in this great 
reunion. Always love and 

Anne McComiack Fennessy, 

2 Horatio Street, New York, NY 
10014 (212)691-8484 


This year you celebrated the 
60th anniversar)' of your gradu- 
ation from St.Joseph's in the 

year 1936. The following 
attended the luncheon: Dot 
Delay and her sister Ruth, Alice 
Hagan Finnerty, Kathleen 
Holland jansen, Muriel 
McMahon Mulvey, Elizabeth 
Langan, and Betty Pyne 
Dunleavy. Sister Mary Louise 
Hubert wanted to join her class- 
mates but the college where she 
teaches was celebrating its 75th 
anniversary on the same day. 
Kathleen Holland jansen 
enjoyed an Alaskan cruise last 
year. She had an audience with 
the Pope on a visit to Rome. 
Muriel McMahon Mulvey has 
four daughters and one son. She 
is kept busy visiting them in 
various parts of the US. Jack 
and Alice Hagan Finnerty have 
enjoyed entertaining and visiting 
their many children and grand- 
children. Elizabeth Langan is 
kept busy in her NYC residence 
with all the activities open to 
her in mid-Manhattan. Dot 
Delay and her sister Ruth spent 
a month in Florida. They will 
spend the summer days at their 
cabana in Atlantic Beach, Long 
Island. Betty Pyne Dunleavy is 
still doing her volunteer work at 
St. Jerome's School. She enjoys 
her membership in the National 
Association of Railway 
Businesswomen and is vice pres- 
ident of the New York chapter. 
She is a member of the senior 
citizens club of St. Jerome's and 
the Golden Girls sponsored by 
Sr. Theresa Gavin of McCaiJey 
High School. Her spare time is 
spent with her daughters and 
granddaughters at Point 
Lookout, Long Island and with 
her other grandchildren and ten 
great grandchildren. Make your 
plans to attend the fall luncheon 
on Nov. 2nd at the Union 
League Club in Manhattan. 
God Bless all ot you. 
Dolores Pyne Dunleavy, 335 
East 32nd Street, Brooklyn, NY 
(718) 462-7457 


Marge Laux O'Reilly is 

ensconced in her new digs in 
Silver Spring, Maryland. Her 
granddaughter graduates from 
Columbia this year. Claire 
Ruane, after one successful hip 
replacement surgery, is having a 
second one. Kay Heffernan 
Steffany and Tony celebrate 
their 50th wedding anniversary. 
As eucharistic ministers, they 
serve the local hospital and 
nursing home. Betty McMahon 
Corrigan and Ed escaped our 
horrible winter by staying in 
Florida. Edythe Bruce, who 
lives in the Big Apple, enjoys 
the benefits of the museums, 
concerts and lectures. Marjorie 
Parker Smith still has her run- 
ning shoes on. She and her son, 
Kevin, are in the "Mother-Son" 
Trevira 2-mile run in Central 
Park. Marjorie received an invi- 
tation to attend a gala weekend 
for present and former USA 
national figure skating champi- 
ons. In 1936 Marjorie and her 
partner were USA national 
dance pair figure skating 
champs! Her family gathered in 
New York to celebrate her 80th 

Emily BiUington Smisek, 864 
Schuman Place, Baldwin, NY 
11510 (516)223-1650 


Marian Donnelly visited Marie 
Gough Brown and her husband 
Jerry in Spring Hill, FL. Marie 
is in a nursing home after a 
series of small strokes. Mary 
Kane Gillen visited Eleanor Van 
Wagner Nace and her friend, 
Helen Maguire, in Siesta Key 
while she and Ed were on 
Huntchinson Island. Carmela 
Napoli Loizzo was in Melborne. 
Eleanor Van Wagner Nace, 
5 Bowdilch Road, Woods Hole, 
MA 02543 (508) 548-4309 
Mary Kane Gillen, 8 Valley 
Place, Tenafly, NJ 07670 
(201) 569-8969 




Cathleen Farrell WaJsh spent 
Easter in Dover, DE, where 
grandson Quentin Jr. took part 
in the Living Stations on Good 
Friday and granddaughter Meg 
was the altar server at the chil- 
dren's Easter Sunday Mass. 
Cathleen hopes to leave for 
Louisiana next, where grand- 
daughter Farrell Caithan will 
receive her first Holy 
Communion and another 
granddaughter will graduate 
from elementary school. Son 
John has put an addition on his 
house in Hawaii for his mother. 
Anne Sullivan spent two weeks 
in Villa Loyola, St. Ann's Bay, 
Jamaica, WI, visiting the Jesuits 
and the surrounding country. 
She also spent two weeks in 
Ireland, one of them with her 
brother's family (11 Sullivans in 
all), touring the west coast north 
of and around Galway. Mary 
Etzel McLaughlin comes to the 
city for shows, and says hello to 
us. From Houston, Helen Skead 
Fowler sends best regards, hav- 
ing lived there over 30 years. 
Agatina Carbonaro has moved 
to an apartment on Staten 
Island. Biggest news from 
Marcella Canale Reid are the 
two new grandsons, Timothy 
William Reid and Steven Joseph 
Pustorino. Sister Alice Francis 
Young will be off to the Holy 
Land with 1 1 Sisters of St. 
Joseph, courtesy of a Bishop of 
New Mexico. 

Ruth Drucker, 7148 Juno Street. 
Forest Hills, NY 11375 
(718) 793-4665 


The following from the Class of 
1941 attended the Spring 
Luncheon: Rosedna Hall 
Murray, Agnes Connelly 
Huether, Eleanor Maguire, 
Bette Whalen Bonsall, Irene 
Butler Lozano (from Los 
Angeles, CA), Edith Mullen 
Boisi, Kay Foley, Peggy Wolfe 

and Peggy McDerby Shea. Joan 
Schaeder cancelled at the last 
minute for health reasons. Also 
at our table were Mr. & Mrs. 
Bob Daly, wed last October. 
They spent their honeymoon in 
France. Mrs. Daly is Rosedna 
Murray's daughter, Frances, also 
an SJC Alumna. Before leaving 
Florida on April 1 for the 
reunion, I called Mary Doris 
Hillis Gilmartin, in Veto Beach. 
Her husband Roger had serious 
surgery a tew years ago and is 
adjusting to a quieter mode of 
living. Their daughter, who had 
been on dialysis for several years, 
received a kidney transplant and 
is fine. 

Marguerite McDerby Shea, 
1905 Furman Court, Cocoa, FL 

Virginia Quirke Dubatowka 

and her husband Aleck celebrat- 
ed their 50th wedding anniver- 
sary in November. Patricia Loth 
Burgmyer had her hip replaced 
and is in intensive rehab treat- 
ment. Marie Carmichael, Kay 
Reidy Quinn, Dorrie Dooling 
Alcide, Frances Donahue, 
Virginia Worgull Davis, Sarah 
Miller Silk, Sarah Cooney 
Steets, Helen Fennelly Buckley, 
Edna Cunningham Hughes and 
Vera McGrath Lynch met again 
last fall at William Lake for a 
harvest weekend in the Catskills. 
We plan another weekend in 
autumn '96 and welcome all 
members of '42 to join us in 
this, our fifth weekend reunion. 
Contact Marie or Helen to 
arrange a reservation. In January 
'95, Virginia Worgull Davis, 
Helen and Jim Buckley, and 
Helen's daughter, Kathleen 
Reilly Masterson '79, traveled 
to the Holy Land with Sister 
Grace Rowland. This was a 
wonderful experience for every- 
one on the tour and the biblical 
sites came alive this Holy Week 
as we reflected on the places 
where we had walked and 

prayed in Galilee, Jerusalem and 
the Judeam desert. In April, 
Marie Carmichael and Kay 
Reidy Quinn joined Sister Joan 
Ryan's group, touring Sicily, 
Rome and southern Italy. We 
would like to hear from more 
members of our class. Please 
send us your news, your travels, 
your hobbies and volunteer 
work reports. Everyone wants to 
know what you're doing ! 
Margaret Rausch, 62 Pierrepont 
Street. Brooklyn. NY 1 1201 
(718) 625-6927 
Helen Fennelly Reilly Buckley. 
412 River Road, Fairhaven, NJ 
07704 (908) 747-4349 

Clare Conk's son George is 
teaching at Seton Hall Law 
School as well as practicing in 
South Orange. Her daughter 
Nancy is moving from Santa 
Barbara to take over as executive 
directof of the Affordable 
Housing Corporation in Davis, 
CA. Daughter Kathryn is com- 
pleting a long delayed-last year 
of her BA at Antioch College in 
Santa Barbara. Lee Terry Prestia 
writes that at the time she was 
secretary of the Women's Club 
of Jupiter-Tequesta, a new mem- 
ber joined the club. It was none 
other than Eleanor Ulrick 
Farrell. Both of them live in 
Jupiter, FL and have become 
close friends. Eleanor is now 
secretary of the club, and an 
avid bridge player. Lee is now 
treasurer of her condo and 
scholarship and publicity chair- 
person of the women's club. She 
is also an auxilian at Jupiter 
Medical Center Hospital and 
this Fall will be installed in the 
executive board as president. 
Marie Carroll Daly, 51-14 
Overbrook Place. Douglaston, 
NY 11362 (718)224-4944 


Betty Eppig Von Bourgondien 

celebrated her 50th wedding 

anniversar)' with a big family 
parry in April. Mary Burns 
Quinn, her Maid of Honor, sent 
"Congratulations," as we all do. 
The same good wishes go to 
Helen Gebhardt Oberhofer, 
Paula Haller Bowes and Peggy 
Gravey Purcell, who have 
already passed this milestone. 
These are the ones we know. 
There must be more of you ... 
let us know so we can share the 
good news. Dr. Jim and Paula 
Haller Bowes were proud par- 
ents present at their daughter 
Patricia's performance in the 
Palm Beach Opera Society. In 
April, Paula, with daughter 
Margaret and her daughter, 
joined the SJC trip to Sicily 
where they visited a grandson 
who is stationed there. Annette 
Nolan, on the Board of Mercy 
Home, was honored in April 
with three other SJC-ers and the 
College had a full-page com- 
mendation in their journal. Lyn 
Sutherland McKenna and hus- 
band Jack, on an Elderhostel 
trip to the NY Financial 
District, spent a week at the 
World Trade Center Marriott, 
climaxed by a walk across the 
Brooklyn Bridge. 
Eileen Sutherland McKenna. 
127-05 Keswick Lane, Bowie, 
MD 20715 (301) 464-2611 
Annette Nolan. 289 Clinton 
Street. Brooklyn. NY 11201 
(718) 624-2154 


Agnes Fennelly Place is feeling 
fine after cardiac arrest. She's 
walking every day and enjoying 
life. A good turnout at the 
Spring Luncheon included 
Eleanor Grennan, who will be 
going south to visit her sister-in- 
law in Ormond Beach, Florida. 
S. Catherine McElroy (Bunny) 
is in Maria Regina Convent in 
Brentwood, where she works on 
the computer doing medical 
bills and writing letters. Terry 
Kane Corsa's daughter-in-law, 
Catherine Butterfield, is acting 

Summer 1996 15 



in an off Broadway play which 
she wrote — Where the Truth 
Lies. Terry's son Larry is a talent 
agent, son Bill owns a book 
business and daughter Anne 
Carlon is an ob-gyn in NYC. 
Miriam Kelly Chaplin is feeling 
better every day and she enjoyed 
the luncheon along with her 
daughter-in-law, Faye Ann. 
Margaret Millus Maroldy is our 
attorney and traveled to Lourdes 
on May 1 with the Knights and 
Dames of Malta. Mary Rita 
Roche O'Brien is busy with her 
family and is an avid golfer. 
Margaret Jokiel Joyce is our 
"pianist extraordinare. " She and 
husband Jack will be visiting 
their children in Texas. May 
Whalen Gronell is as vibrant as 
when she played basketball for 
SJC. Word has reached us that 
Marie Maddock Turner has 
decided to retire from the 
Herricks school district. Babette 
Harper is as busy as ever on the 
board of the English Speaking 
Union. Grace Olsen Egan 
writes that her husband Roger 
was invested as a Knight in the 
Equestrian Order of the Holy 
Sepulchre by His Eminence 
James Cardinal Hickey, 
Archbishop of Washington, at 
the Cathedral of St. Matthew 
the Apostle in Washington, DC. 
The Order of the Holy 
Sepulchre is commissioned by 
the Vatican to protect the holy 
sites in Jerusalem. Your corre- 
spondent was happy to be 
joined by so many at lunch. 
Clare had just returned from the 
alumni tour of southern Italy 
and Sicily and she is off to 
Scandinavia in June. Helen 
Golden Brown and her husband 
Lewis celebrated their 45th wed- 
ding annivetsary. 
Clare T. Bauch, 6 Stevens Court, 
Stewart Manor, Franklin Square, 
NY now (516)328-9449 


Sunday, April 21st brought forty 
of our classmates to our Golden 

16 St. Joseph's College 

Jubilee celebration at the 
Alumni Luncheon in the 
Garden City Hotel. We traveled 
from around the country. 
Golden paperweights with the 
college seal were presented to 
each classmate. Brag booklets of 
our classmates' updates were dis- 
tributed, but because of volume 
could not be included here. We 
were pleased to see that Mary 
Ellen Dowd Orr, who agreed to 
chair our class part of the cele- 
bration is slowly on the mend 
after a winter accident. What 
would we have done without 
the efforts of Dorothy Strachan 
Fitzsimmons and Gertrude 
Taussig Raiola tor our class 
l.D.'s? Special thanks to 
Genevieve Kingman Lindner 
for coordinating the special 
liturgy and to Marian Quealy 
ZoU for collecting and comput- 
erizing our life stories. It was 
truly a golden occasion for us 
all! Each of us took different 
paths, finding out niche in the 
world. Yet, there was a similari- 
ty, threaded throughout, in 
advanced studies, family enrich- 
ment, and community outreach, 
common to all of us. After grad- 
uation and intervening years, 
our classmates have earned 
advanced degrees in their profes- 
sional fields, including twenty- 
six masters, (many, but not all at 
Teachers College, Columbia) 
five doctorates and two MDs. 
Professionally, we have been 
teachers on all levels from pre- 
school to post graduate instruc- 
tors and professors. We have a 
guidance counselor, a children's 
book editor, a founder of a 
school of music, and a director 
of a nursery school. There are 
three professors emerita, two 
former directors of development 
at SJC, five former NY 
Telephone reps and a retired 
NYC police detective. Many of 
us chose motherhood and often 
combined it with deferred 
careers in later years. Several 
have become entrepreneurs, and 

a vice president. We have volun- 
teered in first aid, boy and girl 
scout committees, teachers and 
library aides, in soup kitchens 
and for Meals on Wheels. At the 
parish level, many of us contin- 
ue to serve as CCD teachers, as 
eucharistic ministers, lectors, 
choir members, pro-life advo- 
cates and a Dame of Malta. We 
have managed to travel in and 
out of the United States and to 
most of the continents. Our 
children, born between the years 
of 1947 and 1966, nicknamed 
the "Baby Boomers, " at last 
count, totaled one hundred and 
seventy-two. They have chosen 
higher education and interesting 
careers, and are themselves pro- 
ducing a bumper crop of our 
grandchildren, one hundred 
sixty-seven so far. The gift of the 
college experience that we all 
shared at St. Joseph's has indeed 
touched many lives, and its rip- 
ple effects are still outreaching 
anyone's expectations. Deo 
Gratias! Nancy O'Brien 
Schuder is president of Inner 
Wheel of Westchester, an orga- 
nization of Rotary wives. 
Marion Quealy ZoU is the class 
agent who spent long hours col- 
lecting information for the 
Jubilee booklet. 
Genevieve Kingrnan Lindner, 
23 Alliance Street, Valley Stream, 
NY 11 580 (516)561-0001 
Marian Quealy ZoU, 165 
Greenwood Drive, Millington, 
NJ 07946 (908)647-2434 


Pat Mallon Joyce '46 and her 

sister Marie Mallon 

McCormack met classmate 

Elaine Burns Eilenburg at an 

Elderhostel in Connecticut this 


Anne McKenna McCormack, 

110-50 107th Street, Ozone 

Park, NY 11417 (718) 845- 


Mary Flanagan Rigaut, 

58 Eastport Court, Red Bank, NJ 



Rita Paolucci would love to 
hear from any alumni in 
Minnesota or elsewhere. Her 
phone number is 612-933- 
6835. No Class Agent 


Irene Donohue Alpert is the 
treasurer of the Flagstaff 
Symphony Association and VP 
of Sidona Flagstaff Symphony 
League.She is on the finance 
committee of St. John Viannry 
Church in Sidona. Suzaiine 
Gannon Murphy's daughter 
Kayt was married in October 
and her son Michael will be 
married in January in Pocatello, 
ID. Carol McNierney Gant's 
daughter Betsy was to be mar- 
ried on May 18th. Carol trav- 
eled to Spain and Morocco in 
June. Ginny Scharf Falls swears, 
and maybe Jeanne Corbett 
Sheehan will agree, that we still 
look 1 9 years old and Stella 
MacNeil Finan's presence cer- 
tainly confirms that. However, 
Agnes Maher Carr, being a bit 
more realistic, will settle for 45. 
Vilma Sauss Campbell was 
delighted to have Margaret 
Simonelli La Cerra as her 
houseguest in Brooklyn. The 
talking never stopped as Ann 
Oliva Apollo, Gloria Lopez 
Bruschini and Jerry Hatdon 
Weiss joined them at lunch. 
Gertrude Agoglia, Grace 
Arnone Marra and Joan 
McCarthy Dillon were glad to 
see each other in person. Some 
of us continue to work in our 
professions. Most of us are busy 
volunteers and we are all grate- 
ful for happy families, for sus- 
taining friendships, for the grace 
to endure sorrows and for won- 
derful memories of our dear 
deceased classmates. We feel 
blessed for the education, stan- 
dards and values that our St. 
Joseph family instilled in us and 
that we, hopefiilly, have nur- 
tured. Having survived the win- 



ter of '95, we rejoice in spring 
and summer joys of '96 and 
anticipate a significant anniver- 
sary in 2001. 

Claire MacVenii Dillon, 1838 
East 33rd Street, Brooklyn, NY 
11234 (718)336-3046 
Joan McCarthy Dillon, 32 
Spark ill Avenue, Tappan, NY 
10983 (914)359-4256 
Geraldine Hanlon Weiss, 
63 Deerfield Lane South, 
Pleasantville, NY 10570 
(914) 769-7865 


Last May Pat Sheridan visited 

Rome and Sicily with the St. 

Josephs group led by Sister 

Grace Rowland. In June Pat 

flew to the Galapagos Islands, 

600 miles off the coast of 


Carolyn Taylor Anner, 

29 Lorraine Street, Syosset, NY 

11791 (516)935-9315 

Patricia Egan Englehart, 596 

Georgia Street, South Hempstead, 

NY 11550 (516)481-5668 

Elaine Smythe, 24-39 28th 

Street, Long Island City, NY 


(718) 728-8193 


Janis M. Eltz attended the wed- 
ding of Sheila Ann Biuman, her 
goddaughter, in Carmel, CA. 
She is the daughter ot Frances 
Quimby Biuman '53 and Allen 
Biuman. Ann Collins Burns 
and her husband Joe are enjoy- 
ing their winters in New 

Maureen Dougherty Eraser, 123 
Wayford Terrace, Garden City, 
NY II 530 (516)294-6241 

Mary Regan is vice president of 
the College of Staten Island 
Alumni Association, president of 
the board of directors at the 
Lynne Steinman Foundation, 
chairperson for the fall '95 
College of Staten Island Return 
and Learn Alumni 

Homecoming, member of the 
Tibetan Museum, editor of 
"Bridges" (the College's Alumni 
Association Newsletter) presi- 
dent of Delta Kappa Gamma 
International Society of Women 
Educators (Alpha Beta chapter), 
and assistant to the superinten- 
dent of Brooklyn and Staten 
Island High Schools. Victoria 
McMahon O'Moore and her 
husband John had a memorable 
summer of 1995 when they 
cruised on the QE2 to England, 
spent several exciting days in 
London and Paris and then 
toured Germany via Eurorail. 
Flying home on the Concorde 
was also quite an experience tor 
them. Susanne Coglianese 
Spinola is looking forward to 
traveling. Husband Joe has 
retired from Richmond Hill 
High School and a trip on the 
QEII has been booked. 
Rosemary Corhett Hannon, 
3000-19 Stevens Street, 
Oceanside, NY 11572 (516) 

Patricia Einn McDonnell 46- 
27 Glenwood Street, Little Neck, 
NY 11362 (718)631-8954 


Forty years have come and gone, 
but our reunion memories will 
linger on. It all started on 
Saturday, when Mary Feeney 
Dwyer hosted a luncheon at her 
home. Anne Marie Amadei 
McCartney is alive and well 
after her liver transplant. Of her 
nine children, three are married 
and her daughter Catherine will 
be married in July. Anne Marie 
enjoys her five grandchildren. 
Concetta Gibilisco is presently 
working tor a law firm in 
Manhattan but looks forward to 
retirement in the near future. 
Angela Alexander Maher flew 
up trom Florida for the reunion 
and a visit with her grandchil- 
dren. To celebrate their 40th 
anniversary, Angela and Alan 
cruised through the Panama 
Canal. Regina Miller taught for 

16 years in the Catholic schools 
and then joined the federal gov- 
ernment, where she worked for 
20 years in bankruptcy court. 
She is now retired and lives in 
Vermont. Eileen Hale Peters 
retired in June after 12 years 
teaching in the Catholic schools. 
Anna Costello Stellwag is find- 
ing her new ministry of school 
board member exciting and ful- 
filling along with her other vol- 
unteer work in the church and 
community and at home with 
husband August, also retired. 
Eileen McGuire Esposito 
enjoyed her first year of retire- 
ment from teaching 4th grade. 
Everyone was delighted to see 
Joan Marren Brennan and Irene 
Schider McManus who both 
traveled a distance. Betty 
Regam Meixner enjoyed seeing 
everyone as did Lucille Waters 
Granfort. Lucille and husband 
Sal made several ttips to Boston 
to visit a young grandson who 
had skin grafting after an acci- 
dent. All seems to be well! Both 
Mary Engelskirger Seery and 
Jackie Taaffe Coleman are 
awaiting new grandchildren - - 
Jackie now has eight and Mary 
six. It is always a pleasure to see 
our loyal luncheon attendees: 
Joan Reardon Dillon, Mickey 
Burke Eldon, Anne Porter 
Milanphy, Winnie Cavanagh 
Malone, Kay McMullen 
Schafer, and Ann Bauch. Ann 
traveled to Sicily and southern 
Italy with the alumni and was 
looking forward to their next 
trip to Scandinavia this June. 
Regrets were sent by Catherine 
Adhers Schmitt, who lives in 
England. She recently returned 
from a trip to the Holy Land 
and she is active as a catechist 
for her parish's confirmation 
program. Helen Gruner 
McCrory was planning to be in 
California with her daughter, 
who is expecting her first baby. 
Jane Maher Catron is retired 
from teaching in Mc Lean H.S. 
and now teaches CCD in her 

parish. She is presendy finishing 
courses in theological studies at 
Georgetown University. Carolyn 
Black Sedacca had come up 
from Florida at Christmas 
awaiting the arrival of her 
grandchild and another trip for 
the reunion was not possible. 
Lucille Maguire Nicol and 
Dottie Whalen Newbert sent 
their best. Sunday's luncheon 
saw other '56ers such as Marie 
Saraniero Sauerbrun, who 
retired from the classroom but 
now works as a sales assistant. 
Betty Savino Acerra and hus- 
band Lou are both retirees from 
NYC and are planning a trip to 
China and Tibet in the Fall. 
Anna McCabe Killard is a 
retired pharmaceutical chemist 
on L.I. Mary Emilio Laiken is a 
retired NYC high school English 
teacher like her husband Stuart, 
who taught science. Her daugh- 
ter, Mary Clare, was recently 
married and works in the 
Brooklyn Public Library system. 
Dorothy Nokes Sanchirico is 
enjoying her leisure after her 
husbands long bout with 
Alzheimer's disease. She is the 
mother of four and grandmoth- 
er of two. Louise Cavallaro 
Sikorski's daughter Anne lives 
in a suburb of Atlanta and 
works for Executrain; her son, 
Raymond, an aspiring fiction 
writer, lives in Montana. 
Dorothy Senges Campbell was 
a welcome visitor managing 
quite well after her stroke. S. 
Miriam Lucille Montella is 
presently completing her second 
year as general secretary of the 
Sisters of St. Joseph and is work- 
ing with an inspiring leadership 
team composed of the general 
superior, chancellors, and 
regional superiors. 
Ann Bauch, 6 Stevens Court, 
Stewart Manor, Eranklin Square, 
NY now (516)328-9449 
Anna Costello Stellwag, 1 17 
Edgeivood Drive, Orangeburg, 
NY 10962 (914)359-0769 

Summer 1996 17 



Marie Lydon Heidelberger, 20 

Wareham Road, Dumont, NJ 
07628 (201)384-9548 


Joan Seibert Sprague and hus- 
band, Frank Smalto, travelled to 
Australia in April. They were 
there for almost a month. The 
high point of the trip was Joan's 
visit with her long time pen pal. 
Barbara Morrison Marlborough 
and Rich spent a weekend in 
Chesapeake, VA. They were 
guests of Pat McCarthy 
Bradshaw and her husband, 
Dick. They toured Norfolk har- 
bor and Virginia Beach. The 
Marlboroughs and Edna 
Gibbons Andreassi and Gene 
drove to the White Mountains 
in New Hampshire in March. 
They hoped to do some skiing 
but settled on sightseeing, shop- 
ping, and conversation instead. 
Gloria Johnson Talty retired 
from teaching in June. She had 
worked in the New York City 
schools as a special education 
teacher for the past 1 2 years. 
Her last school was PS 151 in 
Woodside. She hopes to spend 
more time with her six grand- 
children. Jack has been retired 
from Island Trees Schools for 
several years. They plan to do 
some travelling, beginning with 
a week in Vermont with their 
family as soon as school is out. 
Peggy Kearney Coughlin works 
at Little Flower in Wading 
River. Part of her responsibility 
involves investigating allegations 
of abuse ot foster children. She 
helps train social workers to be 
on the lookout for this problem. 
Peg and Bill spent Easter Week 
with their daughter, Noreen, in 
Augusta, GA. While there, they 
attended the professional golf 
tournament. Their younger 
daughter, Margaret, is planning 
a September wedding to Kevin 
Bangston of Hampton Bays. Peg 
reports that Bill is busier now 
that he is retired. He serves on 
many boards and committees of 

community groups such as 
Lion's Club and Boy Scouts. 
Florence Pisklal Marino and her 
husband, Bernard, reside in the 
Atlanta area. They are both serv- 
ing as volunteers at the Summer 
Olympic Games in their city. 
They are also fans of the Atlanta 
Braves. As members of the "400 
Club," they attend many week- 
ends away with their team. One 
of the highlights of this year's 
season was a trip to Colorado to 
see the Braves play in the new 
stadium. Florence is teaching 
second grade in a local school. 
They have three grandchildren. 
One grandson lives nearby, the 
son of their daughter, Stacy. 
There were several members ot 
the Class of 1957 at the Spring 
Luncheon. They were: Roseann 
Connolly Palmer, Eileen Balber 
Maloney, Peggy Collins Heslin, 
and Pat Higgins. Next year is a 
big one for us and we're hoping 
for a good turnout. 
Barbara Morrison 
Marlborough, 10 Castle Lane, 
West Bay Shore, NY 11706 
(516) 665-1997 

Eileen Judith Callahan Riccillo 

writes horn California that her 
grandson Joseph has an excellent 
prognosis tor survival from bone 
cancer. She sends her gratitude 
to all her classmates who con- 
tacted her during the illness and 
asks that the prayers continue. 
Ellen Doyle McCartney, 1 1 
Beau ]ol Court, Nesconset, NY 
11767 (516)724-6069 
Monica Mangan Wheaton, 228 
Royal Oak Drive, Chesapeake, VA 
23320 (804)482-3086 
Patricia Maguire, 145 East 15th 
Street, Apt. 2A, New York. NY 
10003 (212)460-9774 


Just before Christmas, Marie 
Leno Gilmore, Mary Lou Cain, 
and Midge Dufiy Gorman and 

their spouses visited Jack and 
me. Midge and Don are retired, 
but have a busy life with their 8- 
year-old son, Nephtali, keeping 
them on the go. Their youngest 
daughter, Caitlin, spent her col- 
lege junior year in Ireland. Mary 
Lou and Charlie Cain's youngest 
daughter is a student at Rutgers. 
They expect their second grand- 
child in May. They plan to trav- 
el in Greece this summer. Marie 
and Matt Gilmore enjoyed a 
trip to Port Ritchie this winter. 
Marie is working on a reunion 
for her Bishop McDonnell class- 
mates scheduled for September 
1996. Marie reports that Sheila 
McCarthy Maher is enjoying 
taking care of her grandson, 
Justin, several days a week, and 
doing some writing as well. 
Dorothy Gilmore Meier's 
youngest daughter is a student 
at St. John's. Barbara Maher 
McConville and Jack expect 
their seventh grandchild in June. 
They are looking forward to a 
trip to England in October. 
Elizabeth Stoddart Darcy, 34 
South Bay Avenue, Brightwaters, 
NY 11718 (516)666-8884 
Barbara Maher McConville. 
129 Huntington Road, 
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920 
(908) 719-9082 


The 35th reunion was a great 
success and it was good to see so 
many familiar faces. We filled 
two tables at the Spring 
Luncheon. Our loyal out-of- 
towners traveled from 
Massachusetts, DC, 
Connecticut and Mar\'land to 
make it a wonderful day. We 
reminisced about the school 
prayers each hour, the senior 
retreat and setting our watches 
20 minutes ahead in math class. 
Not all of us remembered every- 
thing, but it was a tun day. Ada 
Tracey Stankard teaches third 
grade at an independent school 
in North Baltimore. Barbara 
Frohnhofer Feldmann teaches 

high school English and is cur- 
rently working with a 'bridge' 
class, trying to bridge exception- 
al students into a regular pro- 
gram. Husband Richard is still 
folding proteins at NIH in 
Bethcsada, MD. Mary 
McLaughlin Regan is a clinical 
social worker and supervisor at 
Angel Guardian Home, and a 
field instructor for the NYC 
Graduate School of Social 
Work. She enjoys life between 
Brooklyn and Southampton. 
According to Mary, there is 
water, water everywhere. Sue 
Ann Glenn McCabe is a guid- 
ance counselor at Northport 
High School. She is privately 
engaged in career counseling 
and college counseling and has 
become a Certified Grief 
Counselor. Gabrielle Tinley 
McDonough teaches fourth 
grade in Queens, and she and 
her husband are currently restor- 
ing an 18th-century salt-box 
farm house in Cross River, NY. 
Rosemar)' Reilly Pfaffle teaches 
in a pre-K program in a NYC 
school. She enjoys taking her 
classes on field trips and espe- 
cially delights in taking her t\vo- 
and-a-half-year-old granddaugh- 
ter to the Metropolitan Museum 
of Art. She and Mary 
McLaughlin Regan live near 
each other and often attend 
events together in Manhattan, 
where some of their children 
live. Ellen Nolan Pedisich 
teaches math at an alternative 
school in Brooklyn. She and her 
husband are enjoying their 
home in Ronkonkoma, after 
having traveled so much and 
li\'ed in so many places. Pat 
Balducci lacono has retired 
from teaching and has become a 
real estate broker. She is doing 
well with her new work. She 
and her husband now tra\'el sev- 
eral times a year and are looking 
forward to the weddings of both 
sons next vear. Joan Kraft made 
a career change from teaching 
math to instructing home health 

18 St. Joseph's College 



aides for the Visiting Nurse 
Service of NY. She received her 
degree from the NYC School of 
Nursing. Geraldine Pisklak 
Mannion and her husband 
enjoy living in Massachusetts. 
She is working to keep your 
environment clean, as she is 
employed by the USEPA. Eileen 
Zarnitz Breen joined our class 
tor the Saturday evening dinner. 
She is completing a graduate 
degree at SUNY Stony Brook 
and taking computer courses at 
Molloy College. Carole Rooney 
lives and works in Manhattan as 
a systems analyst. She bought an 
old family house out of town 
which keeps her busy and serves 
as an escape from the city side- 
walks. Jean Ryan DriscoU, our 
classmate for two years, is build- 
ing a new home with her hus- 
band in Annapolis. It is a per- 
fect spot for them because they 
both love to sail. Joan Tierney 
Carney's son is an orthopedic 
surgeon with a practice in New 
jersey, who did a residency in 
Lenox Hill Hospital at the same 
time as Rosemarys Reilly 
Pfaffle's son. Kathy McEachern 
Cunningham enjoyed teaching 
nursery school very much for 
ten years, and retired two years 
ago. She and her husband have a 
summer/retirement home in 
Orient Point and are awaiting 
the birth of two gtandchildren. 
We owe our deep gratitude to 
Pat Coleman Campbell and 
Barbara Frohnhofer Feldmann 
tor doing class notes for so 
many years. They did an out- 
standing job of trying to keep 
up with all of us, and we say 
thank you to both of them. 
Rosemary Reilly Pfaffle, 1771 
East 24th Street, Brooklyn, NY 
11229 (718)998-2109 
Carole Rooney, 225 East 46th 
Street, New York, NY 10017 
(212) 838-3888 


Anne Marie Farnan Mocker 

and her husband Joe still live in 

NY's capital district. Anne 
works as a receptionist at a local 
hospital. Jeanne Pluchino 
luvara will be retiring at the end 
of the school year and moving 
to Coral Springs, FL. She is anx- 
ious to meet classmates who 
have been enjoying the sunshine 
for a while now. Mary Diemer 
Conte is teaching second grade 
in Atco, NJ. Genevieve Phillips 
and her husband Bill moved 
south to North Carolina. In 
May they will head tor their 
cabin in the Poconos. This gives 
them a chance to visit their one- 
and-a-halt-year old granddaugh- 
ter Lauren Ashley, Matt and 
Donna's daughter. Ginny 
O'Rourke McLaughlin recently 
spoke with Jeanne Foley 
Edwards in Florida. All is well 
with Jeanne, who has made ten- 
tative dinner plans with Alice 
Sheridan D'Anna, who is also 
now a permanent Florida resi- 
dent. Anne Byrnes Concannon, 
who still lives in Flatbush, is 
presently serving as campus 
minister at St. Saviour's High 
School in Brooklyn. Currently, 
Rosemary McDonald Ahern is 
an early childhood teacher at PS 
217 in Brooklyn. After fifty plus 
years in Brooklyn, Mary Collins 
Macchiarola will be moving in 
June to Breezy Point. In het 
heart, Mary will always be a 
Brooklynite. In July, her hus- 
band Frank will assume a new 
position as president of St. 
Francis College in Brooklyn. 
Their oldest son, Joseph, gradu- 
ated in May '96 from NYU Law 
School. Frank will sit for the bar 
exam in July, and begin working 
for the firm of Donovan, 
Leisure in September. Their son 
Michael is due to graduate in 
May '97 from NYU Law 
School. This summer he will 
intern with the firm of Milbank, 
Tweed in NYC. Frank, their 
youngest, has just completed his 
sophomore year at Holy Cross 
College in Worchester, MA. 

Mary Collins Macchiarola, 

30 Beach 221 Street, Breezy 
Point, NY 11697 
(718) 474-1893 


Frances Digiacomo's son Paul 
graduated from Brown 
University in 1993. Her daugh- 
ter Malisa graduated summa 
cum laude from the University 
of Tampa in 1995. She and her 
husband Joe went on a three 
week vacation to New Zealand 
and Australia. Susan Hussey St. 
John-Parsons's daughter, Fiona, 
received her BA in English from 
Columbia College in 1995. 
Patricia Corrigan Koppinger's 
youngest son, Michael, was mar- 
ried on November 5, 1994. 
Many of the 1963 SJC friends 
were among the guests: Helen 
Craig Hoeffner and Ron, 
Deirdre Carlin Ruiz, Mary 
Hannon Egan and Jim, Carole 
Kuklis Oberheim and Steve and 
Mickey Andretta Gannon. Kate 
Koppinger Rowe '67, Michaels 
aunt, was also present. Michael 
and his wife Donna are now liv- 
ing in Baldwin. Mary Hannon 
Egan is teaching kindergarten at 
Port Washington. Her daughter 
Mary, a graduate of Niagara 
University, is working at Merrill 
Lynch. Her son Jimmy graduat- 
ed from Quinnipiac College in 
January with a BS in physical 
therapy, and daughter Jeanne is 
a junior at Princeton University. 
We were happy to hear from 
Marie Gumieney Flamme who 
writes from her new home in 
Bryn Mawr, PA. She took an 
early retirement from UC 
Berkeley and is now continuing 
in international advising at Bryn 
Mawr. Her son, Eric, graduated 
from the University of 
California at Santa Cruz. She 
gets into New York once a 
month, so we may hear more 
from her. Anne Millin Schrage 
and husband Richard have also 
been drawn to the Big Apple. 
They are living in Manhattan 

and joined us to celebrate St. 
Patrick's Day this year. 
Elizabeth Williams Auricchio, 

540 East 20th Street, New York, 
NY 10009 (212)228-9350 


Mary Sweeney Casey and her 

husband Bill celebrated their 
30th anniversary on November 
20th. Her daughter Michele 
returned after two years as a 
Jesuit International Volunteer in 
Belize, Central America, and is 
getting married on July 4th. Her 
daughter Claire is working for 
Wenner Media in N.Y.C. 
Daughter Katie is a junior at 
Loyola College, MD, and Meg, 
the youngest, is a senior at 
Holmdel HS. Eileen Lanigan 
Nickoloff spent some time 
exploring her home state of 
Alaska during the summer 
of 1995. 

Barbara Kempczinska, 4441 
Montgomery Street, Oakland, CA 
94611 (510)654-7585 
Patricia McNulty Kushner, 51- 
15 63rd Street, Woodside, NY 
11377 (718) 803-1526 


Monica Flynn Sasscer attended 
the reunion of St. Joe's alumni 
in Alexandria, VA. She reports 
that she has two grandsons. 
After 5 years as Class Agent, 
Nina Lagana Difusco is signing 
off. If you have any information 
for future Alumagrams, please 
send the news to Barbara 
Hautsch Black, whose address is 
listed below. Nina Lagana 
DiFusco wfites that "I want to 
start this report by thanking 
Jane Leder Horn for making me 
go to our 30th reunion. My 
classmates are all intelligent, 
attractive, and interesting 
women. " Lorraine Penfold 
Appleton is living between 
Baltimore and Annapolis. 
Husband Ken is retiring in June 
from the Coast Guard and this 
summer they are traveling to 
China to adopt a 2-year-old sis- 

SUMMER1996 19 



ter for 10-year-old Katie. 
Vincenza Muselli Shiera, hus- 
band Thomas, 16-year-old son 
Tom and Vinnie are planning a 
summer trip to Aruba. Joan 
Connolly Marone is still teach- 
ing special ed on Staten Island. 
Her daughter Kerri is a financial 
representative for Home Federal 
Savings, and Marissa is a first 
grade teacher on Staten Island. 
Vivian Ciolli Ackerman is a 
teacher trainer in District 24 in 
Queens. She is currently inter- 
viewing for Assistant Principal 
positions at the elementary level. 
Vivian has had a book of poetry 
published, Bitter Larder. 
Sarajane Jeppson Kennedy is 
still living in Wauwatosa, WI, 
where she is an Assistant 
Director of Admissions at 
AJverno College. She is also a 
Program VP for the Wisconsin 
League of Women Voters and is 
involved in Habitat for 
Humanity. Would love visitors 
tor the Irishtest the 3rd weekend 
of August. Rosemary Cannella 
Guglielmo is currently teaching 
at St. Catherine's in Glen Rock, 
NJ. Jean Stephens Maffei is 
teaching Social Studies at John 
Barone H.S. in Flushing. Her 
husband, Neal, is Vice Principal 
of Long Beach H.S. They 
attended the October 1995 
wedding of Mary O'Connell 
Giftord's daughter Allison. Pat 
Buckley Muilaney lives in 
Bayside, Queens, with husband 
Regis and 3 children. Clare 
Kelly Linnie lives in Bay Ridge 
with husband Francis. Hobbies 
include the Tour de France bicy- 
cle race, where she finished as 
first runner-up in 1989. Judith 
Collins lives in Bay Ridge and is 
currently working as a school 
psychologist. Helen Lynch 
Canal and husband Roger will 
be celebrating their 25th 
anniversary this year with a trip 
to Ireland this summer. 
Catherine Harper Burgh's son, 
John Patrick, was married in 
November 1995 and Diane 

20 St. Joseph's College 

Murphy McDonald and 
Rosemary Cannella Guglielmo 

were among the guests. Cathy 
has 4 other children. Any visi- 
tors to the Virginia Beach area 
are urged to visit. Judy McKeon 
Holland has lived in Grundy, 
VA tor the past 18 years, after 
living in West Virginia for 9 
years, Hawaii for 1 1/2 years 
and Africa for 2 years. Judy is a 
teacher and her husband fom is 
retired from Social Services. 
They have 2 children. Pat 
Hunter Grace is currently living 
on Cape Cod in the town of 
Pocasset. She and her husband 
Bill live in an apartment in 
Boston during the week, right at 
the Marathon finish line. They 
have 2 children. Pat works as a 
registered nurse and is involved 
in a study of asthmatic children. 
Jane Boden Muir has just 
moved to Hampton Bays from 
Manhasset but the family plans 
to move to Florida. She and her 
husband Bill have 4 children. 
Joanne Danaher Shea and hus- 
band Jim have 3 children and 
live in Belle Harbor. Joanne is a 
guidance counselor in the 
Bedford-Stuyvesant area of 
Brooklyn, working at an alterna- 
tive high school with I7-to-21- 
year-olds. JoAnne Patelunas 
Flegen is working tor Saks Fifth 
Avenue in Garden City. She has 
subbed as a ESL and reading 
teacher in District 25 and 26 in 
Queens. Her daughter, Ellen, is 
a senior at SUNY Buffalo. Jane 
Leder Horn and husband 
Walter have 4 children. She has 
been working in the library at 
Sacred Heart Academy in 
Hempstead tor the past three 
years. Nina says, "I am signing 
off as class agent after 5 years. 1 
am sorry tor any misspellings - - 
my eyesight is not what it used 
to be, but then, neither is your 
handwriting! It you have any 
information for future 
Alumnagrams, please send the 
news to Barbara Hautsch Black. 
Hope to see the whole class tor 

our 35th reunion ! 
Barbara Hautsch Black, 2612 
Quentin Road, Brooklyn, NY 
11229 (718)376-9413 


Dorothy Quinn Fortunatos son 
Robert Jr., 19, is a sophomore at 
St. Francis College and 
Christopher, 15, is a sophomore 
at Xaverian HS. Mary Griffon 
Brown writes that her daughter 
Catherine graduated from 
A,ssumption College in May and 
is engaged. 

Maureen Quinn Scherer, 44 
Plymouth Anenue. Mount Sinai, 
NY 11 766 (516)928-4630 
Blanche hinder Pesce, 127 Pine 
Street, Rockville Centre, NY 
11570 (516)764-2951 
Catherine Colgan Stanton, 
1221 Underbill Avenue, 
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 
(914) 962-3756 


Nan Miller Schultz and family 
reside in Simsbun,', CT Her 
daughter Robyn is a freshman at 
Fairfield University and son 
Gavin is a junior in HS. Nan is 
tutoring in Bloomfield, CT. 
Nan wants to know if anyone 
else has a child at Fairfield? 
Carol Anne Cole Sullivan, 437 
Beach 132nd Street. Belle Harbor, 
NY 11694 (718)945-2074 


Joan Squassoni Williams' 

daughter Laura is in her first 
year at the University of 
Virginia. Her son Mathew is in 
eighth grade. 

Valerie Wertz Quinlan, 520 
Beach 136th Street, Belle Harbor, 
NY 11694 (718)945-6615 


Elizabeth Cammarota Zullo is 

still teaching third grade at St. 
Clare's School in Rosedale 
Queens. Mary Rehder Majestic 
is teaching first grade in the 
Ramapo Central School District 
in Sufifern, NY. Elaine Thoelen 

Mastrapasqua is living just out- 
side ot Sarasota Springs, NY. On 
weekends for the six weeks of 
the summer horseracing season, 
Elaine is a parimutuel clerk at 
the racetrack. During the 
January-to-March tax season she 
is employed by H & R Block. 
On a recent visit to Brooklyn 
she met Diane Piwinski '72 in 
NYC for lunch and spent 
another afternoon visiting 
Maureen Hines Adinolfi. 
Sunday, April 2 1 , was a beauti- 
ful day to celebrate our Silver 
Jubilee. Twenty four alumni 
arrived at the Garden City 
Hotel for Mass, a cocktail party, 
and reception. Those who 
attended were: Lorraine 
Petrosky Bolen, Katherine 
Kennelly Butler, Lucille 
Demarinis, Mary Kuntzmann 
Didden, Kathleen Medican 
Fogarty, Bridget Farrell, Kathy 
Nichols Fasano, Anne Marie 
O'Rourke Friedman, Kathleen 
Weis Gillespie, Ellen Hart 
Gioia, Loretta Jordan Grenga, 
Marilyn Jaeckel, Kathleen Jones 
Lee, Mary Rehder Majestic, 
Mary Jane Dalton McGrath, 
Sister Kathleen McKinney, 
Maura Gallagher Pennanhio, 
Thomasine Lachiewicz Roberts, 
Regina MacCarthy Stewart, 
Katherine Jordan Winter, Mary 
Zini, Margaret Reilly Roehrig, 
Marilyn Jaeckel, and Elizabeth 
Cammarota Zullo. Let's all try 
to keep in touch and not let 5 
years pass us again. Kathy Jones 
Lee came all the way from 
Ellicott City in Maryland. We 
also had the distinction of hav- 
ing Katherine Kennelly Butler 
celebrating her Silver Jubilee 
along with her mother 
Katherine Hiedebrandt 
Kennelly from the class ot 1 946 
who was celebrating her Golden 
Jubilee. There is another lun- 
cheon in the Fall but those who 
would like something more 
informal should get in touch 
with the class agents and maybe 
we can put something together. 



Write to the class agents and 

keep us in touch with what you 

are doing through the 


Loretta Jordan Greiiga, 11 

Ingrid Court, Hauppauge, NY 


(516) 979-9198 

Marilyn Jaeckel. 11 West Euclid 

Street, Valley Stream, NY 11580 

(516) 872-0492 

Diane Evanac, P.O. Box 12709, 

Gainesville, FL 32604 

(904) 375-7730 

Elaine Thoelen Mastrapasqua, 

80 Rabbins Road. Gansevoort, 

NY 12831 (518)587-0336 


Linda Arezzo, Debbie Hayes 
Larson, Meg Ambrose Preller, 
Ellen Nofi Murphy and Patti 
Luciana English rented a house 
together in Hampton Bays on 
Long Island. They were there 
during the fires of '95. Barbara 
Brinkmann Hughes and her 
husband Mike traveled from 
Texas to New York this summer 
to visit family. They spend a 
great deal of time flying since 
they bought a single-engine 
plane last August. Roger and 
Marianne Anastasio Jerome 
drove from Matawan, NJ to 
visit with the Hughes. Janet 
Pope Miserandino and her fam- 
ily moved to Valley Stream in 
May. She is still at St. Thomas 
Aquinas in Brooklyn but is 
"keeping her options open". Her 
daughter Christine is presently 
at Hofstra University and son 
Don is back home after studies 
at Stony Brook and then gradu- 
ate work at Wagner College. He 
is now working on Wall Street 
for an international trading 
company. Janet is still active in 
local community theatre. 
Rosemarie LeGrand Walsh 
writes that after ten years at 
home with her two sons, she 
substituted quite a bit during 
the 1994-95 school year and in 
September '95 received a full- 
time teaching position in the 

South Huntington School 
District. Justin is now a 7th 
grader and Ryan is a 4th grader. 
She said the time was right for 
her to return to education: " I'm 
loving it and its rewards. " 
Patricia Luciana English, 143 
Beach 133rd Street, Belle Harbor, 
NY 11694 (718)474-8621 
Dianne Piwinski, 188 Java 
Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222 
(718) 383-6847 

Kathleen Lavin, 336 99th Street, 
Brooklyn. NY 11209 N/P 


Joanne Berezowski Casella is 

teaching art in the Yonkers 
Public School District. Her 
daughter [ulianne is 13 and son 
Adam is U . Her husband 
Michael spends a great deal of 
time restoring classic cars. 
Theresa Cimakaksy Miison, 
5 Qui>nby Lane, Flemington. NJ 

Debra Stevenson Nelson, 170 
Nassau Avenue, Manhasset, NY 
11030 (516)365-2628 
Jacqueline Reisert Esposito, 
1659 Circleville Road, State 
College, PA 16803 
(814) 234-7226 
William Gorman, 458 Degraw 
Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217 
(718) 852-1730 
Alice Hagan, 360 Bay Ridge 
Parkway, Apt. 2C, Brooklyn, NY 
11209 N/P 

Rose Anne Dejina Smith, 15 
Kay Place, Staten Island, NY 
10305 (718)981-0743 


Helaine Sander Vecchione is 
working in an inclusion pro- 
gram on Long Island and would 
love to hear from alumni in sim- 
ilar work situations. 
Barbara Ross Antonucci, 181 
Commercial Boulevard, 
Brentwood NY 11717 
(516) 231-3340 

1976 Brooklyn A&S 

Kevin Reilly attended the 
Alumni Luncheon at the 
Garden City Hotel on April 21, 
for the twentieth reunion ot the 
class of '76. His wife, Mary 
Fallon Reilly, is president-elect 
of the Emerald Association of 
Lawyers of Long Island. Mary is 
an associate in the law firm of 
Conway, Farrell, Curtin and 
Kelly on Wall Street. Kevin is 
the Principal Appellate Court 
Attorney in N.Y.S. Supreme 
Court, Appellate Division, First 
Department. He has recently 
contributed to several legal trea- 
tises and is a revision author 
for one treatise on environmen- 
tal law. 

Martha Stoistis Spezzano, 29 
Walnut Street, Central blip, NY 
11722 (516)234-9738 
Mary Frances Healion Muldoon, 
2674 East 22nd Street, Brooklyn, 
NY 11235 (718)934-7649 
Ann Simko Rennard, 966 
Shelburne Drive, Franklin 
Square, NY 11010 
(516) 825-5479 

1977 Brooklyn A&S 

Maureen Crawley is working 
for Mary Immaculate 
Homecare. Debbie Maida- 
Schmieder is on maternity leave 
from her job at the NYC Board 
of Education, where she worked 
tor 1 2 years as a speech patholo- 
gist. Debbie's husband Ed's job 
as chairman of the English 
department at Garden City 
High School may mean a move 
to Long Island this summer. 
Lorraine Bums Goldhirsch, 52 
Spruce Street, Princeton Junction, 
NJ 08550 (609) 799-1244 

1979 Suffolk A&S 

Emily Phillips writes that she 
has three children and is work- 
ing as a teacher. 
Karen Miller Faiella, 
32 Brentwood Parkway, 
Brentwood NY 11717 NIP 

1980 Suffolk A&S 

Cheryl Fallat Hegermiller has 

four children: Ben. 7, Anna, 4, 
Gil, 2, and Emma, 9mo. 
Madelynn Doxey is currently 
working on her Ed.D, at 
Northern Arizona University. 
Arkne Murtha, 12 Hill Street, 
Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 

1980 Suffolk GS 

Joan Kennedy is working as a 
nurse anesthetist. 

1981 Brooklyn A&S 

In May 1995, Melissa 
Marchese-Dougherty presented 
a workshop at the New York 
State Education Department 
Conference on Inclusionary 
Practices. The workshop, enti- 
tled "Taking the Leap from Self- 
contained Programming to 
Integration: Staff Development 
Challenges," was presented at a 
Statewide Conference of the 
Division for Early Childhood 
and New York State Association 
for Education of Young 
Children in Buffalo, NY. 
During the workshop special 
mention was given to the Dillon 
Child Study Center at SJC. S. 
Helen Kearney '67 and the staff 
at the Dillon welcomed 
Melissa's staff and allowed them 
the opportunity to observe a 
typical early childhood program. 
This experience was invaluable 
for a group of special educators. 
They were able to observe a 
high-qualify program and S. 
Helen offered plenty of helpful 

Lisa Kern Sawin, 10 Starboard 
Way Latham. NY 12110 
(518) 783-5827 

1981 Suffolk AfrS 

Jeanne Beller StockdaJe is work- 
ing for Western Suffolk BOCES 
at the New York Avenue Center, 
Smithtown, NY. Nicoletta 
Spani DiPietro's daughter Dina 
Monastero was expecting her 

Summer 1996 21 



second child in May. Nicoletta's 
son, Dr. Guy DiPietro, married 
Kathleen Hanney on February 
!8th, at St. Margaret of 
Scotland Church. Michelle 
Grande, an elementary educa- 
tion teacher in the Levittown 
Public School District, was 
recently trained as a "Conflict 
Mediator Coordinator" to insti- 
tute a Peer Mediation program 
in her school building. Through 
the program, students help each 
other learn new ways of solving 
problems, promoting a more 
harmonious school environment 
and developing lifelong skills in 
problem solving. 
Michelle Grande. 3 West Pond 
Court, Smithtown, NY 11787 

1982 Suffolk A&S 

Amy Delaney Fox, her husband 
Kevin and sons, Joseph, Gregory 
and Kenneth, have moved to 
Omaha, NB, for Kevin's job. 
Joan Curtis is at adjunct teacher 
at SJC, in the Child Study 
Department. Both of her sons 
are in college at SUNY New 

Brenda Kelly Hinshaw, 37 
Hamlet Road, Levittoivn, NY 
11756 (516)579-0437 
Joyce Donneson, 1 15 Aspatuck 
Road, Westhampton Beach, NY 
11978 (516)288-1798 

198) Brooklyn AbS 

Christine Marchese is living in 
Atlanta, GA, and working for a 
travel company named 
Worldspan. Recently she spent 
five months in Great Britain, 
traveling to Ireland, Scotland 
and England, working in small 
towns not on the tourist track. 
Back in the states Christine 
travels frequently throughout 
the South and the East Coast 
instructing travel agencies in the 
use of computer technology. 
Recently Christine and Noreen 
Munnelly '82 took a cruise to 
Key West, FL and the Bahamas. 

Elizabeth Ruggiero Mulrane, 

27 East 1 3th Street, Huntington 
Station, NY 11746 N/P 

1983 Suffolk AbS 

Eileen Ingala and her husband 
Tom live on 100 acres in Salem, 
Kentucky (population 900), 
where they own an executive 
recruiting business and operate 
out of office space in their 
home. They currently have one 
dog, Whoopi, a Weimaraner, 
who shares their love of country 
living. Eileen reports that life in 
Salem is very different from life 
on Long Island, but it suits 
them just fine. Anna Rose 
Cameron is actively working in 
the hospitality industry as a 
banquet sales manager. In 1995, 
she made two trips to Great 
Britian, exploring England, 
Scotland, and Wales. Cruising 
continues to be one of her 
favorite diversions. Anna is 
proud to say she has been on 
approximately 30 sailings since 
1983, when she took her first 
cruise (sponsored by St. Joseph's 
and led by Sister Grace Edna 
Rowland) aboard the S.S. 
Veracruz. Anna's love of travel 
and people remains a focal point 
in her life. "Visiting foreign 
lands not only broadens your 
horizons, it provides you with 
lifelong, treasured memories, " 
she said. "That is the greatest 
gift of all." 

Anna Cameron, 13 Wheatley 
Avenue, Huntington Station, NY 
11746 (516)421-5531 
Bridget Reilly Costello, 17 Van 
Buren Street, Mastic, NY 1 1950 
(516) 399-5426 

1983 Suffolk 6S 

After fourteen years in teaching, 
Charlotte McBride has become 
a student advisor for adult H.S. 
students in Flagler County, FL. 

19811 Suffolk A&S 

Michele Gentile is an occupa- 
tional therapist and 
founder/owner of Michele 

Gentile and Associates in Bay 
Shore, NY. She places therapists 
in various school districts on 
Long Island. She is currently 
editing a textbook on visual dys- 
function which will be pub- 
lished by the American 
Occupational Therapy 
Association, probably this year. 
Michele's husband David is cur- 
rently a medical student at the 
New York College of 
Osteopathic Medicine. Lynn 
Genovese has rwo daughters, 
Beth and Michelle, and lives in 
West Islip with her husband 
Michael. She teaches special 
education and math at 
Longwood High School. 
Kathleen Shortall Lang was ex- 
pecting a grandchild due in April! 
Lucretia Lucivero, 26 Great Oak 
Road. St. James, NY 11780 
(516) 584-8308 
Joan Kelly, 21 Dorothy Lane, 
Kings Park, NY 11754 
(516) 271-3441 

1986 Suffolk GS 

i98i| Suffolk GS 

Anita Heege's son Adam 
advanced to Detective in the 
NYC Police Department and 
was inducted into the NYPD 
Honor Society. 

1985 Suffolk A&S 

Maria Humphrey DeU'Aquila is 

a vice president at J. P. Morgan. 
KellyAnn OHanlon Hammer, 
149 Newbrook Lane, Bay Shore, 
NY 11706 (516)666-1196 

1986 Suffolk A&S 

After teaching elementary school 
for nine years, Anne Marie 
Baione Sikorski is now a lull- . 
time mom. Robert DeU'Aquila 
is cash manager at the Olsten 
Corporation. Laura LoManto 
Colnes has been promoted to 
assistant director of marketing 
and communications for the 
Health Distributors Association 
in Alexandria, VA. 
Maria Maxwell, 39 Tappan 
Avenue, Babylon. N\' 1 1 ''02 
(516) 587-3362 

Joanne Apicello Fokas has been 
working for Dr. Safran in Valley 
Steam for 1 4 years, this June. 
Her son Michael received his 
first Holy Communion in May, 
and will turn eight-years-old in 
July. He is doing very well in 

1987 Brooklyn A&S 

Sherry Hochman moved to 

western Massachusetts where she 
works at a residential school for 
abused children. Joan Sullivan 
Thomas and her husband Frank 
bought a house in Mill Basin, 
Brooklyn. In August '94 
Cynthia Anne Armstrong 
moved to Beaufort, SC, where 
she is teaching in the public 
school system. She ran into 
Ellen Rosenberg in Charleston. 
Joan Sullivan Thomas, 2057 
65th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11234 

1987 Suffolk A&S 

Marylou Permica Hart is cur- 
rently teaching first grade at 
Babylon Christian School. She 
is attending the masters program 
in infant/toddler therapeutic 
education at SJC Patchogue. 

Jean Marie Kirchner, 3 Boone 
Street, Bethpage, New York 
11714 N/P 

Anthony DiMino, 184 Spiral 
Road Holtsville, NY 11742 
(516) 472-9160 
Kim-Susan Martini Guevara, 
2685 Level Loop Road, Virginia 
Beach, VA 23456 

1988 Brooklyn AbS 

On August 24, 1995 Erin Rita 
Mollov was born. She was wel- 
comed by Pat and Richie 
Molloy and her five-year-old big 
brother Richie. For Maixreen 
Daly it was truly a joy and 
honor to be included in the cel- 
ebration as Erin's godmother, 
'Auntie Moe." Almost six years 
after Maureen 's accident, she is 

22 St. Joseph's College 



happy to report that a 
November 1995 surgery finally 
made it possible for her to walk 
without a cane. While dealing 
with permanent disability is not 
easy, she is very grateful to 
everyone from SJC for their 
overwhelming support. "Your 
many kindnesses and most of all 
your prayers mean the world to 
me. " She sends everyone thanks 
and best wishes tor happiness. 
Michele Main. 41-36 51st Street, 
Apt. B2, Woods ide, NY 11377 
(718) 507-5180 
Christine Apicella, 1607 East 
7th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11230 
(718) 645-6710 

1988 Suffolk AbS 

Wendy Ednie Countryman is a 
resource room teacher in the 
Merrick School District. 
Camille Kostew Kelly, 6301 
Cheetah Court, Waldorf, MD 
20603 (301)932-9537 
Jennifer Ray, 18 Prospect Street 
East, Selden, NY 11784 
(516) 732-2839 

Joanne Ryan, 298 Nikomas Way, 
Sunland Beach, FL 32951 N/P 

1989 Suffolk GS 

Ralph Francis has been named 

Human Resources and Staff 
Development Coordinator for 
the Fern Park Development 
Center in Orlando, FL. 
Classmates can contact Ralph at 
1069 Kelly Creek Circle, 
Orlando, Florida, 32765. 


Charles Hilgendorf is currently 
teaching earth science at Beach 
Channel HS. Frank Morrisey is 
a NYC police officer. He has 
returned to John Jay for his 
master's in criminal justice. Ann 
Mullen is currently teaching 
fifth grade in PS 222. 

1991 Suffolk AbS 

Jane Susan Denzer is the direc- 
tor of admissions at Oak 
Hollow and Crest Hall Nursing 
Centers in Middle Island, NY. 
Hyacinth Perera, 7 Springbriar 
Lane, Centereach, NY 11720 
(516) 981-8953 

1992 Brooklyn A&S 

Leslie Harris is a speech thera- 
pist at St. Francis de Sales 
School for the Deaf She will 
receive her MS in speech lan- 
guage pathology this June. 
Jeanmarie Staines is studying 
occupational therapy at Kean 
College in New Jersey. Tom 
Tzimorotas is a police officer in 
Suffolk County. 

1992 Suffolk A&S 

Gail Baas is currently using all 
skills learned at St. Joseph's via 
the Nursing Sisters Home 
Visiting Service and as an on- 
site Home Care Co-Ordinator 
at St. Charles Hospital. Gail 
would like to send a special 
hello to Carolyn Gallogly. Joan 
is presently teaching LPN at 
Boces. She is writing a grant 
proposal on preparing Hispanic 
patients for cataract surgery. 
Gail presented her proposal to 
the American Society of 
Ophthalmic Nurses. Gail is 
married with two children. 
Donna Schultz, 287 Pamlico 
Avenue, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 
(516) 585-3954 

1993 Suffolk A&S 

Paul Mammina works for 
Rocky Point Jewelers. Paul 
Mahler, a member ot the 
Melville Fire Department, was 
honored in January 1996 with 
the following awards: Fireman 
of the Year, Humanitarian of the 
Year, and Rescue Member of the 
Year. Paul graduated in May 
1996 from Hofstra Law School. 
Paul's wife, Debbie Mahler, 

also a 1993 graduate of the 
Suffolk Campus, is currently 
teaching fourth grade in the 
West Babylon School District. 
Marilyn A. Mulvey, CSJ is 
presently enrolled in the masters 
program at SJC and teaching 
4th grade at St. Patrick's School, 
Smithtown, NY. 
Ellaine Antippas, 278 South 
Sunrise Service Road, Center 
Moriches, NY 11934 
(516) 878-3955 

199} Suffolk GS 

Sharon Chad is quite busy as 
the managing partner in 
ONTRA Driving School, where 
she juggles telephone, appoint- 
ment books, students and dri- 
ving instructors, tor both 18- 
wheelers (CDL-A) and motorcy- 
cles. Definitely the Human 
Resources and Management 
skills are being put to the maxi- 
mum test. 

Sharon Chad, 22 Greenbrier 
Avenue, Farmingville, NY 11738 
(516) 698-9069 

1991, Brooklyn AbS 

Patricia Minardi works at Dean 
Witter Discover at the World 
Trade Center. Anne Tavani is 
presently a third grade teacher 
in the Williamsburgh section ot 
Brooklyn, and loving it! Donna 
DeGeorge began a masters pro- 
gram at Brooklyn College in 
early childhood education. 
Margaret Drozdowski is cur- 
rently attending the University 
of Connecticut School ot Dental 

Temitope Fasoye. 277 
Washington Avenue, Apt. 1 H. 
Brooklyn. NY 11205 (718)789- 

Anne Tavani, 32 Driggs Avenue. 
Brooklyn, NY 11222 NIL 
Lori Torone, 59-15 47th Avenue, 
Woodside, NY 11377 
(718) 639-7912 

Donna DeGeorge, 89-11 78th 
Street, Woodhaven, NY 11421 
(718) 296-2847 

Jill Brody Delgado, 619 East 7th 
Street, Brooklyn, NY 11218 
(718) 462-5020 

19911 Suffolk A^S 

Sally Mawn, a teacher of 
Spanish at the Lindenhurst 
Middle School, has been select- 
ed as a 1996 Northeast 
Conference Teacher Fellow by 
the New York State Association 
of Foreign Language Teachers. 
As a result of this selection, 
Sally attended the 1 996 
Northeast Conference on the 
Teaching of Foreign Languages 
at the Hilton Hotel in New 
York April 18 - 21. Sally was 
one of only four new foreign 
language teachers selected for 
this honor in the Lindenhurst 
School District since September 

19911 Brooklyn GS 

Gianna Goodman is attending 
Long Island University School 
of Nursing, studying for her 
BSRN. Nike Navor attended 
the New York, Chicago, and 
Dallas International Bridal 
Markets in April for her compa- 
ny, Ange D'amour Bridal. 
Nike Navor and Joseph D. 
Chillemi, 2105 East I4th Street, 
Apt #9, Brooklyn, NY 11229 
(718) 336-6208 

1993 Suffolk AbS 

Erin-Ryan Killeen Mammina 

teaches a special ed class in the 
BOCES program tor Lynbrook, 
NY. Joseph Mammina works as 
an accountant for Mahoney & 
Cohen in Manhattan. He and 
his wife reside in Rocky Point, 

Summer 1996 23 


Submit four Notes [ittier Your Class Aqent or to the Alumni Office at ^J( for tfie next Alunnaqra^ 
deadline flovember 50, 1996 


Grace O'Brien Mariin, 39 Grove Street, 
Hillsdale, NJ 07642 (201) 666-4025 


Margaret Normile McLoughlin, 201 Webb 
Avenue, River Edge, NJ 07661 
(201) 261-2942 


Marie Keegan, 109 Irving Avenue, Floral Park, 
NY 11001 (516)354-2182 

Janet Prendergast Vickrey, 334 82nd Street, 
Brooklyn, NY 1 1209 (718) 836-0855 
Marie O'Connor, Applewood Estates, 
1705 Applewood Drive, Freehold, NJ 07728 
(908) 409-7740 


Rita Pollock Murphy, 72 East Cypress Lane, 
Westbury, NY 11590 (516)334-5314 


Margaret Bier, 6 Brooklands, Apt. #4A, 
Bronxville, NY 10708 (914) 793-0243 


Mary Frances McLoughlin Reilly, 1 5 Belfry 
Lane, Hicksville, NY 1 1 80 1 (5 1 6) 93 1 -2 1 1 5 


Bernadette Cassidy Fitzpatrick, 2608 Voorhies 
Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 1 1235 (718) 646-1001 

Eileen Mahoney Hoban, 83 Long Ridge Road, 
Plandome, NY 1 1030 (516) 365-9238 


Mary Shea Pawlowicz, 5308 Del Roy Drive, 
Dallas, TX 75229 (214) 691-3716 
Irene Breen, 1370 East 26th Street, Brooklyn, 
NY 11210 (718) 338-1458 


Barbara Lynch Schoenberg, 2 Tudor City 
Place, #4KS, New York, NY 10017 
Mary Sullivan Luongo, 4 Crescent Drive, 
Easton,CT 06612 (203)372-1155 

24 St. Joseph's College 


Mary Beth McNerney Lamond, 9106 Ridge 

Boulevard, Brooklyn, NY 1 1209 

(718) 833-2488 

Teresa Civello, 150 East 20th Street, New 

York, NY 10009 (212)473-3491 

Rosemary Collins Zink, 9 Highfield Lane, 

Colts Neck, NJ 07722 (908) 946-4654 


Judith Raikowski Joyce, c/o Chase Manhattan 

Bank, PO. Box 521, New York, NY 10004 


Marie Anderson Provanzana, 304 Delegate 

Drive, Worthington, OH 43235 

(614) 436-9356 

Mary Ellen Dubiel Freeley, 197 Puritan 

Avenue, Forest Hills, NY 11375 (718) 544- 



Joan Denauski Halpern, 8 Jennifer Drive, 
Howell, NJ 07731 (908)905-2157 
Linda Borelli Ridzi, 57 Westbrook Drive, 
Nassau, NY 12123 (518)766-9541 

1971. Brooklyn AGS 

Anna Maria Tufano, 321 Bay l4th Street, 
Brooklyn, NY 11214 N/P 

1971. Suffolk AGS 

James Flannery Jr., 224 Merrifield Avenue, 
Oceanside, NY 11572 (516)764-8654 

1976 Suffolk AfrS 

Leonora Lang Brisotti, 817 Aberdeen Road, 
Bay Shore, NY 1 1706 (516) 665-7633 

1978 Brooklyn AGS 

Sarah Murphy Berliner, 5^0 Westminster 
Road, Apt. #C8, Brooklyn, NY 1 1230 (718) 

1978 Suffolk AGS 

Maria Sabella Shukri, 10 Jill Drive, Commack, 
NY 11725 N/P 

Marion Salgado, 16 Sequams Lane North, 
West Islip, NY 1 1795 (516) 587-4056 
Maryteresa McKenna, 8215 4th Avenue, Apt. 
El, Brooklyn, NY 11209 

1979 Suffolk 6S 

James Menneg, 120 Fitzmaurice Street, 
Massapequa, NY 1 1762 (516) 798-4247 

1980 Brooklyn A[rS 

Maureen Fleming Wicelinski, 1 5 Sprucewood 
Drive, Levittown, NY 11756 (516) 735-3410 
Dianne Hayden, 1403 Harrison Avenue, 
Mamaroneck, NY 10543 (914) 381-0772 

198Z Brooklyn AfrS 

Maureen Sullivan Griffin, 633 77th Street, 
Brooklyn, NY 11209 (718)680-3307 

198(. Brooklyn AGS 

Erin Dowd, 40 Henry Street, Brooklyn NY 

11201 (718) 243-2978 

Barbara Bischoff Eckner, 32 Sunset Drive, 

Derby, CT 064 1 8 (203) 734-2 1 1 9 

Donna Ortolani, 2 Kent Road, Ringwood, NJ 

07456 (201)962-4412 

1985 Brooklyn AGS 

Alice Kennedy, 5 Hallister Street, Staten 
Island, NY 10309 N/P 

1985 Suffolk GS 

Dorothy LaFerrera, 104 Kime Avenue, North 
Babylon, NY 11703 N/P 

1986 Brooklyn AGS 

Kerry McConway, 276 Rolling Hill Green, 
Staten Island, NY 10312 (718) 227-1599 

1989 Brooklyn A&S 

Francine Nittolo, 367 96th Street, Brooklyn, 
NY 11209 (718)748-0409 

1993 Brooklyn AfrS 

Phyllis D'Accordo, 167 Beach 144di Street, 

Neponsit, NY 1 1694 (718) 634-6272 

Kevin McManaway, 21-43 Butler Avenue, 

Ridgewood, NY 11385 N/P 

JulieAnn Aielllo Rubino, 1 18 Foster Avenue, 

Brooklyn, NY 11230 (718)436-7329 

Janet Bisignano, 429 49th Street, Brooklyn, 

NY 11220 (718)439-8735 

Janet Diaz, 657 48th Street, Brooklyn, NY 

11220 (718) 853-2989 

1993 Brooklyn 6S 

Mary Gigliello, 1844 60th Street, Brooklyn, 

NY 11204 (718)331-8496 

Marsha Griffin, 15 Mill Street, Apt. lA, 

BrooUyn, NY 11231 (718)237-4629 

Madelyn Arrich, 21 Mathews Place, Brooklyn, 

NY 11236 (718)444-4323 

Albertha McKeithan, 100-25 Dekruif Place, 

Bronx, NY 10475 (212) 379-2522 


St. Joseph's College 

Brooklyn & Patchogue 

Nominees to serve on the Executive Board for a 

three-year term, from September 1996 to September 1999, 

are listed below. Please mark your choices or write-in and 

return by August 15, 1996. 


Members at Large: 
— Agnes Maher Carr '51 

Patricia Luciana English '72 
Diane Piwinski '72 

-Julie Donnarumma '96 

Write-in . 

Change of Address/ Name 

If you're moving or have moved, please let us know.. 


St. Joseph's College 

245 Clinton Avenue 
Brooklyn, New York 1 1 205 




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Founders Day Lecture 

Professor of Modern Languages and Literature, Brooklyn College 


Monday, October 2 1 , 1 996 4:15 PM 

. at St. Joseph's College Auditorium 

245 Clinton Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 

Carolyn Richmond, Chairperson of the Modern Languages Department at Brooklyn College, will introduce us to some of the Hispanic writers 

whose work is available in English. The lecture is intended for a general audience — those already interested in 

Hispanic literature and all leaders who want to expand theii knowledge of world litetatute. 

The lecture is free and open to the public. Alumni are especially welcome. 
Please call for reservations. (718) 636-6800 










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St. Joseph's College, Alumnagram 

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.05 S 138997 


St. Joseph's College 


Alumnagram, 1994-96 



St. Joseph's College Library 

222 Clinton Avenue 
Brooklyn, NY 11206 

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