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373 . 77349 GALESBURG 


THE ALUMNI, 1861-1911 







5 73,77iVf 


Increase in pdpulatidn, enrollment 
inthe grades, and in the high 5chddl, 
bv decadeb. 



Song of Tifc^GALESBURG High School, 

[Words and Music by R. J. Erickson, Class of '07.] 

Let voices raise in joyful lays 

Our High School dear to praise. 

From the earth unto the sky 

Let the ringing echoes fly. 

Let heroes bold with pride uphold 

The Silver and the Gold ; 

And all unite to win the fight for Galesburg. 


Dear old Galesburg High School ! 

Proudly may your colors float for ages yet untold. 

Dear old Galesburg Lligh School ! 

Praises to the Silver and the Gold. 

Dear old Galesburg High School ! 

Your stalwart sons will ever by you stand ; 

Your daughters fair will ever round you rally 

And sound your praises o'er our land. 

In after years when we with tears 

Have known life's hopes and fears, 

As children still of thee 

Our pride and joy shall be, 

To sing the song, both loud and strong. 

An ever swelling throng, 

Which we of yore sang o'er and o'er for Galesburg. 


The recently published history of our school system, which 
has been so favorably received in educational circles, sug- 
gested to us that perhaps our Alumni would be glad to receive 
something which would tell them of the present High School 
and put them in touch with each other. 

W'q believe all will be interested in seeing the Galesburg 
High School as it appears at present. From the small begin- 
nings of fifty years ago the school has now, with an equip- 
ment second to none in the state, reached a place almost pre- 
eminent in the country. 

We are very happy and proud to be members of the Gales- 
burg High School and wish you to renew your acquaintance 
with yourself at our age. You passed three, perhaps four, of 
the most valuable years of your life in our school. We are 
proud of the fact that through the interest of those who have 
vyorked here this institution enjoys such a prominent educa- 
tional position. 

Therefore, the student body of the Galesburg High School 
presents this little pamphlet to its Alumni in the hope that they 
may rejoice equally with us in the glory and honor which it 
has gained in the past and in the open door of opportunity 
which it offers to the rising generations. 

With this pamphlet we send our heartiest greetings to all 
former students scattered throughout the world, assuring them 
that a cordial welcome awaits them should they visit us at any 

May you ever rejoice in the Silver and the Gold, is the 
message of this booklet. 

Samuel ]\TcKenzie Harrington 

President Fourth Year Class 

Guy Temple 

President Third Year Class 

John Simpson 

President Second Year Class 

Stuart IM. Campbell 

President First Year Class 













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re 96 TO APRIl_ to, 1904 




='' w 
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w ™ J? 
1 r 3 

•^ 5 

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'») p OB 

o ,S "* 
3 o o 
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Scientific Course. 

Algebra (9) 
General History (9) 
Physiography (9) 
Authors (5) 

Scientific Course. 

English Composition 
(5) and American 
Literature (4) 

Geometry (9) 

Zoology (4) 

Botany (5) 

Physiology (5) 

Physics (9) 

Authors (5) 

Reading (3) 

German (9) 

Scientific Course. 

Rhetoric (5) and 
English Litera- 
ture (4) 

Chemistry (9) 

Advanced Algebra (4) 
and Solid Geom- 
etry (5)_ 

English History (9) 

American History (9) 

Reading (3) 

Authors (5) 

Illinois History (5) 

German (9) 


Latin (College) Course 

Latin (9) 
Algebra (9) 
Biology (9) 
Authors (5) 


Latin (College) Course 

Latin (9) 
Geometry (9) 
Ancient World (9) 
Zoology (4) 
Botany (5) 
Physiology (5) 
Reading (3) 
Authors (5) 


Latin (College) Course 

Latin (9) 

Modern History (9) 

English Composition 

(5) and American 

Literature (4) 
Physics (9) 
Reading (3) 
Authors (5) 
German (9) 


Commercial Course. 

Eng. Composition 
(5) and English 
Grammar (4) 

Arithmetic (9) 

Biology (9) 

Authors (5) 

Commercial Course. 

Bookkeeping (9) 

Business English (9) 

Commercial Geog- 
raphy (4) 

Shorthand (9) and 
Typewriting (2) 

Reading (3) 

Authors (5) 

German (9) 

Commercial Course. 

Shorthand (9) and 
Typewriting (2) 

Commercial Law (5) 

Political Economy 

English History (9) 

American History 

Illinois History (5) 

Reading (3) 

Authors (5) 

German (9) 

Latin (College) Course 

Latin (9) Illinois History (5) 

German (9) Rhetoric (5) and 
Advanced Algebra (4) English Literature (4) 

and Solid Geom- Reading (3) 

etry (5) Authors (5) 
Chemistry (9) 


The figures at the right of the subjects indicate the number of credits 
allowed for each toward graduation. A credit means a month's work 
in a given subject, recited daily, and pursued to completion. One hun- 
dred credits are required for graduation in the three year course and 
one hundred thirty-five credits in the four year course. 

Manual Training may be taken with each year's work and at least 
four credits will be given for it. 

' Mechanical Drawing may l)e taken with each year's work and at 
least two credits will be given for it. 

Printing is now offered in each year's work and at least three 
credits will be given for it. 

Domestic Science may be taken with the first, second and third 
year's work and at least three credits will be given for it. 

Regular work consists of 17 recitations a week for the first year, 
and of at least 18 recitations a week for the second, third and fourth 
years. Each pupil is expected to do regular work unless excused there- 
from for very good reasons. 

Not belonging to the course of study proper, yet playing an impor- 
tant part in the success of the institution, are the High School Activi- 
ties. They have done much to create the splendid spirit of co-opera- 
tion and loyalty which characterizes the student body. They have 
been powerful agents in helping many a pupil "find himself" and dis- 
cover his own powers and possibilities. 

Among these activities may be mentioned : 

The Lincoln Debating Club. 

The Elizabethan Literary Society. 

The Analotos Society. 

The Science Club. 

The Gregg Shorthand Club. 

The Dramatic Club. 

The Camera Club. 

The Orchestra. 

The Girls' Glee Club. 

The Boys' Quartette. 

The Friday Luncheon Classes. 

The German Club. 

The Budget and Reflector. 

The Athletic Association. 


Of the 2,105 persons who graduated in the fifty years, HSl 
were boys and 1,423 girls. They were distributed among the 
decades as follows : in the first decade, 25 graduates, 6 boys 
and 19 girls ; in the second, 86 graduates, 22 boys and 64 girls ; 
in the third, 236 graduates, 57 boys and 161) girls; in the 
fourth, 635 graduates, 211 boys and 424 girls ; in the fifth, 
1.132 graduates, 385 boys and 747 girls. Of these 2,105 grad- 
uates 811, or more than 38 per cent, continued their education 
in higher institutions of learning — college, university or tech- 
nical school. 

It is a matter of importance as well as of interest to know 
in what lines of activity these graduates of the High School 
are already engaged. The following classification may be 
considered as reasonably correct: 501 home-makers, 220 in 
mercantile business, 194 office employes, 184 now teaching, 
69 farmers, 59 in railroad service, 41 in mechanical trades, 31 
nurses, 30 mechanical and civil engineers, 26 in government 
service, 21 physicians, 17 artists, 12 ministers, 9 day-laborers 
and 8 lawyers. 

The work of gathering this information and preparing it 
for publication was done by the Gregg Shorthand Club under 
the direction of Aliss Nellie C. Collins, head of the Depart- 
ment of Shorthand and Typewriting; and from an entertain- 
ment given by the Dramatic Club sufficient funds were raised 
to issue and send this booklet to the Alumni. These are fine 
illustrations of the spirit that characterizes the school and the 
many organizations found in it. They do things — not for 
personal honor or profit, but for the good of the school. 
These pages contain illuminating information on a question 
about which so little is known, "What becomes. of the High 
School graduate?" 


Note — WTien tlie pupil has attended some higher or technical in- 
stitution, the name of that institution is added in l)rackets, [ ]. 

Ahernethy. Cieorjj;e Earle. '02 Farmer. Galesliurcj 

Al>raiiamson, Charles. "08 Galeshurg 

Ahrahamson. Sophia C, '06 Hookkeeper. Sinclair Bros., Galesl>urg 

Adams, E. Q-. '6*?- [Knox] Wholesale saddlery, Galesburg 

Adams. Helen. '07. [Knox. Smith] Galesburg 

Adams. Isla Scienda. '11. [Lombard] Galesburg 

Adams, Kate A.. 11, (Wallace Johnson) Galesl)urg 

Adams. Marie. '10. [Knox Conservatory] Galesljurg 

Adams. R. Edward, "09. [Knox] Galesburg 

Ahlcnius, Bertha O., '91, [Bradley] .Teacher, Domestic Arts, Galesburg 
Ahlenius, \\. ().. '94. Trav. salesman, Marshall Field & Co., Columbus, O. 

Ahlenius, Rudolph O., '91 Grocer, Galesburg 

Akeyson, Edward, '92 >Lanager, S. & S. Packing Co., Lincoln, Neb. 

Akeyson, Lillian Ann. '11. (Harry Cater) Galesburg 

Akeyson. Vera Cordelia. '10. [.\ugustana] Rock Island. 111. 

Albert. Grace.'OS. [Train'g School], Teacher, Lincoln School, Galesburg 

Albert. Minnie J.. '80. (Blount ) Died, 1909 

Aldrich. Alice, '98, [Colo. St. Nor.] ... .Kind, teacher. Grand Jet., Colo 

Aldrich, Clarence (3., '99 Ranchman, Meeker. Colo. 

Aldrich. Elmer. '03 Surveyor, Riverside, Cal. 

Aldrich. Harry G., '04. [Knox, U. of 111.] Galesburg 

Aldrich. Julia. '97. (J. S. Wilson) Thornburg. Colo. 

Aldrich. Karl J.. 'C6. [Knox] Rancher, Stoutsville, Mo. 

Aldrich. Lloyd. '04, [U. of 111.] Los Angeles, Cal. 

Aldrich. Ralph R.. '99 Ranchman, Craig, Colo. 

Alexander. Cornelia Helen M.. '11. [Brown's] Galesburg 

Alexander, Kelly L.. '01 Music teacher, Columbia, Mo. 

Allen. Belle W.. '81, (First colored graduate) Died. 1889 

Allen, Bessie, '99 Missionary teacher, Teheran. Persia 

Allen, Blanche, '00. (Hutchinson) Died. 1905 

Allen. Daniel E.. '87 Mgr. Art Store, Galesburg 

Allen. Eva. '93. (Hughes). [Brown's] : Peoria. 111. 

Allen. Grace F., '00. (Weaver). [Knox Conservatory] Galesburg 

Allen. Jennie L., '84. [Baptist Missionary Training] Chicago 

Allen. Nellie M.. '%2). (Rev. Anton Sengsen ) Providence. R. I. 

Allen. Sheldon R.. '02, [Knox. U. of 111.] Teacher, Cairo, 111. 

Allensworth. Leslie, '07, [Knox] Artificial Ice Co., Galesburg 

Allensworth, Lester, '11 Blacksmith, "Q," Galesburg 

Allensworth. Myrtle R.. '03, [Knox] Galesburg 

Allensworth. Rolland, '05, .... Bookkeeper, Artificial Ice Co., Galesburg 
Alnifiuist, Alice L. ^I., '11. . .Bookkeeper, J. A. Oberg & Son, Galesburg 

Almquist. Hazel, '10. [Brown's] Kewanee, 111. 

Alters. Goldie. '06. (Otis Weir) Farm, Galesburg 

Anderberg. Amanda H., '00, (Collins) Marseilles, 111. 

Anders. Laila Harriette. '10, [Brown's] Oregon, 111. 

Anders, Paul R., '11. [Post Graduate] Oregon. 111. 

Anderson, Amy. '05. [Knox, T. S.], Teacher. Earn. School, Galesburg 
Anderson, Blanch P.. '09. 

Anderson. Burt.'03. [U. of 111.]. Elec. Eng.. A. T. & S. F.. Topeka, Kan. 
Anderson, C. A.,'99, [Brown's]. Timekeeper, Supt. office, "Q," Galesburg 




Carl Edsiar. '11 Touring Sweden, Galesburj? 

Clara, '98 Died, 1904 

Clark L.. '10. [Brown's]. .Clerk, "Q" freight house, Galesburg 

Edna, '01, (Freeman) Chicago, 111. 

Edwin, '99. 

Ella. '02 Clerk, Kellogg, Drake & Co., Galesburg 

Elvvyn, '06 Rancher, Nonneta, Wyoming 

Florence, '05, [U. of 111.] Urbana, 111. 

Florence Elizabeth, '10 Galesburg 

Frances Elizabeth, '10 Galesburg 

P'red, '85 Galesburg 

F. H., '83, [Knox] J. H. Nelson & Co., Galesburg 

Harry, '07 Galesburg National Bank, Galesburg 

Howard F., '04, [U. of 111.] .. .Lumber dealer, Clearfield. la. 
Irving, '03, [U. of 111.], Civil Eng., A. T. & S. F., Galesburg 

Jennie, '96 Clerk, Goldsmith & Temple, Galesburg 

Lilah Mildred. '98, (Jarl), [Knox Con.] Chicago, 111. 

Lillie Etty Florence, '09. .Holmes Bros, laundry, Galesburg 
Marie, '05, [Brown's], Stenog., Gales. Union Tel., Galesburg 

Marie H.. '11 Visiting Hawaiian Islands, Galesburg 

Mary Olivia, '94, (J. B. Swinger ) Galesburg 

Mildred A., '03, (F. F. Freeman) Chicago, 111. 

Nancy, '07 Galesburg 

NelHe, '85, (Frank) Atherton, Ohio 

Rachel, '10, ] Augustana[ Moline, 111. 

Rena, '98, (Sjodin) Galesburg 

Robert M., '00 R. R. office, Coffeyville, Kan. 

Theodore, '01 Died, 

Tillie, 77 ' Music teacher, Galesburg 

Andrews, Amanda, '99, (P. A. Gray) .. .Graduate nurse, Pueblo, Colo. 
Andrews, C. L.,'80, [U. of M.], Kohler & True Co., Boulder City, Colo. 

Andrews, Kenneth L., '09, [Knox] Galesburg. 

Andrews, Lora, '06, [Brown's] .. .Office, Rearick's Hdw. Co., Galesburg 

Andrews, Mable, '07, ( SchHchter ) Yale, la. 

Andrews, Rollin Mac, '11, [Knox] Editor, Waukegan, 111. 

Andrews, Thirza, '93, (Bone) Galesburg 

Angier, R. N., '10, [Armour], Office, N. W. P. Union, Baltimore, Md. 

Anthony, Hazel, '04 Craik, Sask., Canada 

Arkels, Charlotte, '05, (Milo Rawalt) Canton, 111. 

Arkels, Etta, '84, (Lloyd) Gibson, 111. 

Armstrong, Annie M., '78. [Knox], Principal Cooke School, Galesburg 

Armstrong, Flora, '88, (Teasdale) Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Armstrong, Mary, '98, [Knox], Bookkeeper, S. H. Knox Co., Galesburg 
Armstrong, Nellie C.,'93, [Kind. Nor.], Teacher, Wes. School, Galesburg 
Armstrong, Nettie H., '81, [Knox] . .Teacher, Cooke School, Galesburg 
Armstrong, W. A., '84. [Knox], Cashier, P. T. & S. Bank, Galesburg 
Arnold. Edward C, '89, Head Bookkeeper, Swift & Co., Omaha, Neb. 

Arnold, Elizabeth, '99, (Lowman), [Knox] Los Angeles, Cal. 

Arnold, Florence, '08, (Ralph Mucer) Sterling. Colo. 

Arnold, Frances B., '90, (Woods), [Knox, Wellesley] Galesburg 

Arnold, Fred, '89, [Knox, Harvard] Lawyer, Galesburg 

Arnold, Harriett, '01, [Knox] '. Galesburg 

Arnold, Henry, '85, [Knox] Real estate agent, Galesburg 


Arnolrl. Lettie, 7*X (McGaan) Mtona, 111. 

Arnold, L., '93. [Knox. Chicago Dental], Dentist, Salt Lake City, Utah 

Arnold, Martha, '95. ILombard] Died. 1911 

Arnold, Pauline Esther, "11, [Knox] (iaiesburg 

Asher. Milton C, '06 General Office, "Q," Chicago, 111. 

Asher. Robert E., '02 Bookkeeper. Peoria. 111. 

Astle. Joseph M.. '00 11 ardin. Mont. 

Atwood, Clarissa. '02, [Knox], Teacher, High School, Princeton, 111. 

Augerson, Hazel Aurora, '10 Galesburg 

Averv. Estelle, '05, (\Vm. Lampe), [Knox] Shelby, Iowa 

Axen', Fred, '95 "Q." Offices. Chicago, 111. 

Ayres, Jas. B.. 11. [Knox] Missionary, Vaniaguchi, Japan 

Ayers, Jessie. '06, (Rex Colville) Galesburg 

Babcock, Josiah. Jr., '06, [Knox, Yale] New Haven, Conn. 

Babcock, Lulu. '91, (Rich), [Knox] (Galesburg 

Babcock. Xora E.. 11, ( Kurtz) Died. 1910 

Backman, Carl, '04. [ Augustana] Galesburg 

Backman, Lillian. '00, [Knox, T. S.], Teacher H'cock School, Galesburg 

Backman, Olga. '06 Milliner, Highlander, Faulks & Co., Galesburg 

Bade. Doretta. '00 Galesburg 

Bair. Mattie. '01. (Adams) Monmouth. III. 

Baird. Edith L.. '03. (Judge Oldstield). [Knox] . .Oklahoma Citv. Okla. 

Baird. Ellen E.. '03, (Ward) Ames, Iowa 

Baird, Floyd, '05 Oklahoma Citj-, Okla. 

Baker, Ernest E.. '80 El Paso, Tex. 

Baker, Stella. '05. [Training S.]. Teacher. Weston School, Galesburg 

Baker. J. William. "08 Adams Express Co.. Chicago, 111. 

Baldwin. Pearl. '99. (Rav Hollingsworth) Oak Park, 111. 

Ballon. P. F.'09, [Brow^n's]. Stenographer. Med. Exam., "Q," Galesburg 

Balz. Elsa, '05 Clerk, N. P. Nelson Co., Galesburg 

Balz, Herbert. '03 Manager, Stationery Store, San Francisco. Cal. 

Balz, Marie, '08 Stenographer. Boss Mfg. Co., Galesburg 

Balz, Pauline, '00, (West), [W. 111. Normal, T. S.] Cairo, 111. 

Bancroft. Sarah I... '66 Los Angeles. Cal. 

Barlow, Cosette. '07, (Curtis Dunn) Galesburg 

Barlow, Lawrence W., '01 Frost Manufacturing Co., Galesburg 

Barnard. Chas. K., '79 Died, 

Barnes, Florence A., '02 Ft. Madison, la. 

Barnes. Lynn. '00 La Grange. 111. 

Barnett, Albert. '07, [Knox] Farmer, Monmouth, 111. 

Rarnett. Edna, '11. [Knox] Colbrook. 111. 

Barnett. Grace Irene. '09 Teacher. Los Angeles. Cal. 

Barrer, Glen A., '08. [Knox] Galesburg 

Bartlett. J. D.,'97, [Lom'd, U. of C. Rush Med.], Physician, Galesburg 

Rartlett. Wm. A.. '01 Real estate and' lands. Galesburg 

Barton. Maude B.. '04. (J. L. Norton) Chicago, 111. 

Bateman. Louise, '88 I^ied, 

Bateman, Mary, '88, (Arkles) Bainsville, Ohio 

Bates, Charles E., '09. [Knox] Galesburg 

Bates. Esther S.. '11, [Knox] Galesburg 

Bates. Florence. '92 Millinerv business. Downer's Grove, 111. 

Bates. Flovd B., '09 Teacher. Harper School, Maquon, 111. 

Bates, Myrle, '06, [Training S.], Teacher Weston School. Galesburg 


Bates. Nealy Lynn. '97 Died, 1912 

Battel). LeRoy, '99 Engineer. C. B. & Q., Galesburg 

Battell, Mabel A., '02, (Simpson). [Knox, T. S.] Bliss, Idaho 

Bauer, Clifford, '10 Bookkeeper, Ranney Shoe Store, Galesburg 

Baughman. Flora Adeline, '09, (Sheldon) South Dakota 

Bauman, Clara, '91, ( Van Valer) La Crosse, Wis. 

Baxter, Helen Beatrice, '10 Moline, 111. 

Beck. Wanda, '06 Stenographer, Insane Asylum, Kankakee, 111. 

Beckman, Amy J.. '10 Bookkeeper. O. Nelson Grocery, Galesburg 

Beckman, Clarence, '08 Auditor, People's Traction Co., Galesburg 

Bedford, O. Clayton, '03, [U. of Michigan] Minister. Allen, Mich. 

Belcher, Roy S., '00, [Lombard] Chemist, Aurora, 111. 

Bell. Cora, '00, ( Phoenix) Galesburg 

Bell. Jennie, '07, (E. P. Skinner) Galesburg 

Bell. Walter, '97, [Knox] Mason, Galesburg 

Bellinger, Jessie. '00. (Smith) Alexis, III. 

Benedict, Arthur, '84 Post Office, Chicago, 111. 

Benedict, Jennie, '80, (Logan) Chicago, 111. 

Berggren, Earl. '00 Dentist, Chicago, 111. 

Bergland, Alice, '85 Teacher, Lincoln School. Galesburg 

Bergland, Jennie, '80. (J. B. Slocum), [Knox. B. S. O.], Brooklyn. N. Y. 
Bergland, Miriam, '89, (Johnson), [Knox Conservatory] .. .Galesburg 

Bergland. Ruth, '07 Teacher, Loomis, Neb. 

Bergland. Selma, '81, (Hunter) Moline. 111. 

Berquist. Estella M.. '86, (Byram) Died, 1909 

Bertrand. Minnie, '91. (Evans) Galesburg 

Berry, Mattie. '94, (Ball), [Macon. Mo.] Denver, Colo. 

Berry, Cora, '00, (Squires) Galesburg 

Besse, Robert, '03 Lyndon, 111. 

Bessell, Florence, '08, [Knox Conservatory] Galesburg 

Bibbins, I\Iae E., '04, [T. S.] Teacher, Central School, Galesburg 

Bibbins, Nellie, '07, [Knox Conservatory] Galesburg 

Billings, Eva M., '77, (Hanaford) Houston, Tex. 

Bissell, NelUe. '76 .Died. 

Blaine. Sara, '94, (Kalar), [T. S.. Keok. Med.] . .Phvs., Bloomfield. Neb. 

Blake, Mae L.. '86. (Choose) '. Peoria, 111. 

Blake. Sadie E.. '80, (J. H. Coolidge) Cleveland, Ohio 

Blaj'ney, Roy, '07, [Knox, Northwestern Dental] Chicago, 111. 

Blessing, Caroline J., '98. . .Bookkeeper, Robson Mfg. Co., Galesburg 

Blessing, Rosie, "01, (Anderson) Galesburg 

Blessing, W. A.. '97. [Brown's] .. .Bookkeeper. "Q" offices, Aurora. 111. 
Blick, Bertha. '96, (Mowat), [I\Irs. Parry's Vocal School] . .Galesburg 
Bliss, Artie, '80, (E. I\I. Dunn), [Kind. Normal, Knox Cons.]. Galesburg 

Bliss. Henry. '05, [Oberlin] Aluminum Co., East St. Louis, Mo. 

Bliss, Margaret, '00 Salem, Iowa 

Bliss, Marion, '08, [Columbia School of Expression] Galesburg 

Bliss, Mary C, '04, [Knox Conservatory] Salem, Iowa 

Bliss, Ruth, '01 Nurse, Kelso Sanitarium. Bloomington, 111. 

Bliss, Willard, '00 Delaware, Iowa 

Blodgett, Estella. '93, (Fred Dean), [Training School] Galesburg 

Blodgett, Thos., '95. [Knox] . .Western ]Mgr. Outing Mag., Chicago, 111. 
Bloomquist, Guj^ '07, [Northwestern Dental] Dentist, Chicago, 111. 


Bloomquist. Herbert X., "04 Office, city clerk, Galesburg 

Blooniquist. Walter, '99 Died. 1910 

Blum, Edna, '00. (Selk) Galesburg 

Blum, Harry J., '97, [Brown's] . .Storekeeper., Mo. Pac, St. Louis, Mo. 

Boden, Elvira Lulu. '98. (Hammond) Galesburg 

Boden, Lizzie, '99 Milliner, Sacramento, Cal. 

Bonesteel, Edna, '04, (Vanscike) . .Xurse, Cottage Hospital, Galesburg 

Bonesteel, Lillian. '04 Xurse, Cottage Hospital, Galesburg 

Bonham, Jessie, '11, (Henry Young) Galesburg 

Bonbam, Lloyd. '08, [Knox] Bonfiam Sboe Store, Galesburg 

Borg, Mary, '90 Bookkeeper, Gas office, Galesburg 

Boutelle, Addison J.. '87. [Knox] States' attorney. Galesburg 

Boutelle, Carrie M.. 'S2, [Knox. Kind. Xormal] . .Teacher, Omaha, Neb. 

Boutelle, Will A.. '90 City treasurer, Galesburg 

Bower, Verner. '03 Farmer, High River, Alberta, Canada 

Boyd, Jennie S.. '86. (Beetham) Nevada, Mo. 

Boydston, Curtis. '03 Cambridge, 111. 

Bovdston, Everett. '01 Denver. Colo. 

Boyle, Minnie. W California 

Bover, Abel, '04. [ Knox] Farmer. Galesburg 

Boyer, Zetta M., '04 Teacher, Wichita, Kan. 

Booz, Margaret, '05, (Fred Daniels) Omaha. Xeb. 

Branham, Eva. '01. (Terry) Galesburg 

Bradbury. Daisy. '92. (Meadows) Berwick. 111. 

Bradbury. Mae. '01. (Straub) •. Galesburg 

Bradbury, Walter B., '98 Farmer, Cameron, 111. 

Bradshaw, Vera M., '98, (P.W.Thomson). [Knox].. Los Angeles, Cal. 
Brainard, Caroline. '96. [Kind.. Bus. Coll.]. Stenog.. Kansas City, Mo. 

Brainard. Ralph V., '06 Traveling salesman. Oklahoma City. Okla. 

Branham, Mazeppa. '94, (Frank Palmer) Galesburg 

Brechwald, Amelia B.. '83, (Hartz) Aurora. 111. 

Bridge, Arthur. '05. (Knox. Agr.], Mgr. Bridge's Farms, Fargo. N. D. 
Bridge. E. R..'02. [Knox, U. of Wis.], Teacher, Man. Train., Galesburg 

Bridge, Glenn. 'CO. [ Knox. U. of III] Died, 1905 

Bridge, Irene, '08, [Knox] Galesburg 

Bridge, John, '91 Express Messenger, C. B. & Q., Galesburg 

Briggs, June Nellie. '10. [Xormal] Gibson City, 111. 

Briggs, Pearl Eurith, '10 Dixon, 111. 

Brimhall. Amelia. '01. [Columbia of Chicago] Galesburg 

Brintnell, Arthur. '94. . .Mgr. S. S. White Dental Mfg. Co.. Chicago. Ill 

Bristol, Albert, '96 Salesman. Swift & Co., Coflfeyville, Kan. 

Brockway, Marcia, '05, (J. P. Creen ) .' Galesburg 

Bronson, Ada. '08. (John Fink) Iowa City, la. 

Bronson. Nellie,'06. [Knox. Brown's], Teacher. High School. Molinc.Ill. 

Brown, Carrie S., '98. (Jagger), [Cottage Hospital] Denver, Colo. 

Brown, Curtis, '99, [Knox], Bookkeeper. Gales. Nat. Bank. Galesburg 

Brown, Edna. '01, (Foshay) London Mills, 111. 

Brown, Edwin, '95 Draftsman. Pine Bluffs, Ark. 

Brown, Ella S., '77. (Scott) Galesburg 

Brown, Elizabeth, '05 Teacher, Maquon. 111. 

Brown, Eva, '01, (Roberts) Kewanee, 111. 

Brown, Wm. Fene, '65 Died 

Brown, George W\, '65 Died. 1905 


Brown, Jennie, '06 Teacher, County School, Galeshurg 

Brown, Lilhe AI., '04. (Boostroni) Canton, 111. 

Brown, Hattie, '91, (Andrews ) Ft. Madison. la. 

Brown, Marguerite Nurse, Cottage Hospital, Galesl)urg 

Brown, Ray Matlock. '11, [Knox] Galesburg 

Brown, Robert, '09, [Brown's] .. .Stenog. Fruit Co., San Francisco, Cal. 

Brown, Valasco, '01 Deputy city clerk. Macomb. 111. 

Brown, Walter E., '10, [Brown's] Stenog.. "Q," Galesburg 

Brooks, Harold, '06 .- Mercedes, Tex. 

Brooks, Hattie M., '90. ( Hensel) Galesburg 

Brooks, Mamie, '91, (Fuller) La Grange, 111. 

Brownson, Cleo May, '08 Galesburg 

Bruington, Earl V., '10 Farmer, Coldbrook, 111. 

Bruington, Gilmer, '10 Farmer. Coldbrook, 111. 

Brulin, Irene, '08, [Brown's] Beaumont. Tex. 

Bruner, Carrie, '90 Died, ■ 

Bruner, Clarabelle. '08. (Worden Gardener) IMonmouth, 111. 

Bruner, Maud, '92, (Edens), [Brown's] Chicago, 111. 

Bryner, Pearl. '01 Keithsburg, 111. 

Bryngelson, Brynolf, '10.. Clerk, Steinfeldt's Jewelry Store, Galesburg 

Bryngelson, Carl E.. '11 Wilbur, Lanphear & Co., Galesburg 

Bryns, Albert E.. '87, [Knox]. 

Bullock, Faye, '96, [Lombard], Adv. Mgr. Jos. Home & Co., Pittsburgh 

Burgess. Jessie W., '80, (J. F. Osborne) Joplin. Mo. 

Burke, Andy L., '01 Musician. Fort Collins, Colo. 

Burke, Aura Ella, '94 Bookkeeper. Lass & Larson, Galesburg 

Burke, Ralph T., '11 Caller, C. B. &. Q., Galesburg 

Burke, Irma Lillian, '10 Cashier, O. T. Johnson Co., Galesburg 

Burkhalter. Euphemia A., '03, (Baldwin ) .Topeka. Kan. 

Burkhalter, Nellie, '90. (W. A. Boutelle) Galesburg 

Burkhalter, Robert. '90 Lawyer, Chicago, 111 

Burkhalter. Edna, '01, (Baltimore) Nekoma, 111. 

Burkhalter, Savina C, '06. [Knox Conservatory] Galesburg 

Burkhalter, N. H. '11, Bookkeeper. Western Union Tel. Co., Galesburg 
Burklialter. Gertrude F.,'09. [Brown's]. Stenographer. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Burkhalter, Florence E.. '09, [W. 111. Normal] Galesburg 

Burnaugh, Juanita, '05, [Knox, T. S.], Teacher, Line. School, Galesburg 

Burneson, Eva, '99, (Reed) California 

Burnette. Bessie, '08, [U. of Iowa] Iowa City, la. 

Burns, Charles M., '08. [Knox] Galesburg 

Burns, George Maley,. '09, [Knox] Galesburg 

Burtnett, Lillian G.. '10 Nurse, Proctor Hospital, Peoria, 111. 

Burtt, Norton J., '10, [U. of Notre Dame] Notre Dame, Ind. 

Burton, Clara, '06. 

Burton, Irene M., '04, (Harry Palmer) Los Angeles, Cal. 

Burton, Margaret, '08, [Knox] Galesburg 

Burton, Nettie A., '80, (R. E. Worrell). [State Normal] . .Bowen. 111. 

Butler, Julia, '10 Galesliurg 

Butterfield, Fannie, '86. (A. J. Ream) Galesburg 

Butterfield, Josephine. '94, (J. F. Chaffee) Council Bluffs, la. 

Butterfield. Nellie C. '02, (Stevens) Galesburg 

Byram, Eleanor L., '03, (Wiley Massie) Buda, 111. 

Byram, Grace, '95, [Brown's], Stenog, Adams Express Co., Galesburg 


Byram, Hester, '89, ( P. C. Tryner), [Kindergarten Normal], Galesburg 

Byrani, Joseph E., '87 Mail clerk, Indianapolis, Ind. 

Byram, Louise A.. '81, (DeSpain ) Cottage Grove. Ore. 

Byram. Zella M., '93. [Knox] . .Teacher, High School. I""t. Madison. la. 

Caldwell, Anthony J.. '98 Stock Ranch, Stoutsville, Mo. 

Caldwell, W. Har'ley. '98 Standard Oil Co., Galesburg 

Callendcr, Blanche. 'CO Union news stand, Galesburg 

Callender. Gladys M.. '10, [St. Margaret's] Galesburg 

Callendcr. Ida, '06, (Hagen) Mate Huala. Mexico 

Callender, Lillian. '06 Galestiurg 

Callender, Ruth Serena. '10, [St. Margaret's] Galesburg 

Callison, Fern, '04. (W. F. Miller) Little Falls, Wash. 

Calkins. Bertha, '00, (Dunbar) Galesburg 

Calkins. Ernest. '85, [Knox] Advertiser. 5th Ave.. New York. N. V. 

Calkins, Fred, '92. Baggage transfer, San l-'rancisco, Cal. 

Calkins, H. M., '94, [Knox. Minn. Bus.], Teacher, Silver City, N. M. 

Calkins, Leah, '88, (PearsoU), [Knox] Elgin, 111. 

Calkins, Will, '90 Advertiser, New York, N. Y. 

Cameron, Margaret. '09, [St. Margaret's, Knox. St. Mary's], Galesburg 
Campbell, Cora M., '04, Stenographer, Bartlett & Robbins, Galesburg 

Campbell, Gladys McAlpine, 'C9, [Knox] Galesburg 

Campbell, Helen, '11, [Knox] Galesburg 

Campbell. Irene, '00, (Willis). [Knox Conservatory] Seattle, 111. 

Campbell, Jessie E., '02, (Lawrence), [Brown's] Galesburg 

Campbell, Mary E.. '64, (Riddle) Guthrie, la. 

Candee, Fannie, '67, (Gale), [Knox] Died 1903 

Candee. Jennie, '64, (Brush). [Knox] Carbondale, 111. 

Canfield, Jesse Owen, '02 Prop, of theatre, Washington, Ta. 

CanCield. Louise M.. '04, (Geo. Ehrenhart) Abingdon. 111. 

Canfield, Ruth E., '10. .Bookkeeper, Wenzlemann Mfg. Co.. Galesburg 

Carey, Frank, '96 Prop, book store, Seattle, Wash. 

Carey, Mary, '88, (]Moore) Benton Harbor, Mich. 

Carey, Romulus. 'CO Real estate, Portland, Ore. 

Carney, Eugenia. '05. [Knox] Galesburg 

Carney, Plarold F., '06 Working in orange orchard, Riverview, Cal 

Carney, Winifred J., '02. (Teeter), [Knox], ^617 Laurence Av., Chicago 

Carley, Amber, '09, [Knox] (jalesburg 

Carlson, Anna A., '09, [Brown's], Stenographer, tie plant, Galesburg 

Carlson, Edna O.. '10 Stenographer. B. E. McLaughlin, (jalesburg 

Carlson, Elsie, '07, [Brown's], Private secy, Mr. Scott, Chicago, 111. 
Carlson, Stella, '05, Stenographer, Galesburg National Bank, Galesburg 

Carlton, Helen, '03 Trained nurse, Denver, Colo. 

Carrier, Edith Maud. '10 Cameron. 111. 

Carter, Estella P., '98, Bookkeeper, Modern Woodmen, Denver, Colo. 

Carter, Eva M., '03 Dressmaker. Galesburg 

Case, Mabel Esther, '02, (A. J. Martin) Chicago, 111. 

Castle, Carroll, '91 Dentist, Cali f ornia 

Cederoth, Elvera, '10, [Brown's] Galesburg 

Castle, Cynthia, 'CO, (Shanley) Galesburg 

Chalmers, Mary E., '10 Teacher, Kindergarten, Galesburg 

Chalmers, John H., '02 Mechanical Engineer, Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Chalmers, Bessie, '96, ( Neylon ) Galesburg 

Chalmers, Thomas, '06 Fireman, C. B. & Q., Galesburg 


Chamberlain, Alice, '01 Galesburg 

Chamlierlain. Ethel, '01, (Porter). [Ph. D.. U. of C] Marion, Ind. 

Chamberlain. Ruth. '04. [Lombard] Mus. D., Lombard, Galesburg 

Chambers, Pearl M., '03, (Adams) Galesburg 

Chandler, Ilenrv G., '04, [U. of 111.] Merchant, Marshfield, Ind. 

Charles, Mary Ellen, '64 Topeka, Kan. 

Charlson, Arthur J., '89 Carpet Dept., O. T. Johnson Co., Galesburg 

Charlson, Jennie, '87 Galesburg 

Chapman. Harry K.. "02 Banker, J^Ionta Vista, Colo. 

Chapin, Carrie L., "80, [Kind. Normal],. .Teacher, Churchill, Galesburg 
Chapin. Gertrude R., '80, (F. D. Thomson), [Knox] .. .Springfield, 111. 

Chase, Lorena, '06 Died, 1906 

Chase, Nina, '09 Teacher, Blue Sky School, Maquon, 111. 

Chase, Nellie, '91 Teacher, Galesburg 

Chase. P. M., '02, [Knox, Dartmouth], Phys. & Surgeon. Denver, Colo. 

Chellburg. Minnie A., '00 Farmers and Mechanics Bank, Galesburg 

Childs, Erminie Dix, '94 Died, 1897 

Chinn, Bertha Temple, "00 Galesburg 

Chitty, Mattie L., '86, (Hollandsworth) Canton, 111. 

Chittenden, Edgar, '05, Trav. salesman. National Biscuit Co., Galesburg 

Christburg, Harriet D., '11, [Knox] Galesburg 

Christenson. Agnes, '07 Stenographer, Dr. Matheny, Galesburg 

Christenson, Edith N., '04, (Rodgers) Hermo.n, 111. 

Christenson, Reuben, '10 Bank of Galesburg, Galesburg 

Christopher, Ethel, '95, (Jones), [Knox] Chicago, 111. 

Church, Herbert, '05, [Knox] Galesburg 

Churchill, Nellie, '07, (Ramp) Kansas City, Mo. 

Clark, Chester M., '81, [Knox, Yale] .. .Cong, minister, Fairview, Kan. 

Clark, Esther, '11, [Lombard] Galesburg 

Clark, Gladys, '08, (Clyde Waters) Galesburg 

Clark, Jennie E., '86, (Hunt) Decatur, Mich. 

Clark, P. Alice, '97, [Knox, St. Louis T. S.], Nurse, St. Louis, Mo. 

Clarkson, Florence, '00, (R. E. Collins), [Knox] ..Parnassus, Pa. 

Clay, Alta B., '97. (Thomas) Galesburg 

Clay, Cora, '97, (Roffey) Cameron, 111. 

Clendenin, EHzabeth, '98, (Osgood) Fallow, Nevada 

Clendenin, Helen, '98, (Bohannon), [Knox] Alsas, Sask., Can. 

Clendenin, Mabel, '01. [Knox] New York, N. Y. 

Clong. Blanch Irene. '09 Clerk, "Q" lunch rooms, Aurora, 111. 

Coad, Oral S.,'04, [Knox, Columbia U.] Teacher, Delaware, Ohio 

Coates, Rheda E., '10. [St. Margaret's], Teacher, Kind.. Galesburg 
Cobb, Harry C. '99, [U. of C], Adv. Dept., Motor Age Mag.. Chicago 

Cobb, Scott, ''95, [U. of 111.] Died, 1904 

Cochrun, Bessie, '95 Galesburg 

Cochrun, Helen B., '02, (Cunningham) Omaha, Neb. 

Cochrun, Florence Agnes, '09 Milliner, Galesburg 

Cochrun, Margaret, '99 Office, stock yards, Galesburg 

Cocklin, Karl, '01 Iowa City, la. 

Coe. Lulu, '96, (N. L. Ewing), [Knox Conservatory] Galesburg 

Coffman, Harry E., '01 Died, 1910 

Cofifman, Kate, '03. (Richardson), [Knox] Creston, la. 

Coffman, Maud, '10, [Knox] Galesburg 

Coffman, Nina, '01, (Kiley) Kansas City, Mo. 


Cole, Elvina N., '04, [Bloomington School of Chiropody], Minneapolis 
Cole, Orlinda D., '03, [Brown's], Nurse, Cottage Hospital, Galesburg 
Collins, Effie, '92, (Musgrove), [Knox Conservatory], Wheaton, 111. 
Collins, Nellie C. '87, [lirown's, Gregg], Teacher, High, Galesburg 

Colville, Anne, '95, (Win. .\. Anderson) Galesburg 

Colville, Helen E., '02, [T. S.] Children's Librarian, Galesburg 

Colville, John, '07, [U. of 111.] Galesburg 

Colville, Margaret M., '83, (McCornack). [Knox] . .Great Falls, Mont. 

Colville, Nita, '91, (N. C. Lescher), [Brown's] Galesburg 

Colville, Rex, '04 Fireman, "Q," Galesburg 

Comstock, Carrie, 84, [School of Art and Design], Los Angeles, Cal. 

Conant. Nina L., '03, (Rose) Atchison, Kan. 

Conard, Mary Esther, '02 Galesburg 

Condon, .\nna Louise. '10 Clerk, S. H. Knox Co., Galesburg 

Condon, Florence J., '04 Pasadena, Cal. 

Cone, Clara, '93 Winfield, Kan. 

Cone, Mark, '92 Farmer. Surrey, 111. 

Conger, Delia, '02, [Wellesley, Lombard], Teacher, Franklin, Mass. 
Conger, Ethelyn, '05, [Lombard] . .Studying music, Framingham, Mass. 
Conger. G. P., '97, [Lombard, Hannaman Med.], Specialist, Oak Park 

Conser. William, '03 Physician, Cambridge, 111. 

Converse, Myrtle, '95, (Widney) Pasadena, Cal. 

Cook, Bernice E., '09 Teacher, Hope School, Victoria, 111. 

Cook, Frances E.. '93, ( Post) Detroit, Mich. 

Cook, Grace, '95, (Smith), [Knox] Oak Park, 111. 

Cook, Kate, '08 Boss Mfg. Co., Galesburg 

Cook, Mabel Hortense. '11 , Victoria, 111. 

Cooke, Florence A., '93, (Moerhoute) . .Teacher of mu5ic, Chicago, 111. 

Coolidge, Adelaide, '03. (Felt) Galesburg 

Coolidge, E. D., '98, [Knox, Chicago Dental] Dentist. Chicaeo, 111. 

Coolidge, Edna, '02, (Rice) Williamstield. 111. 

Coolidge, Josephine, '96, (Moreland). [Knox, Lombard] ... .Galesburg 
Coolidge, Nellie, '92, [Chic. School Mass, and Ther. Gvm.) Galesburg 
Coolidge. Walter, '92, [Knox], Professor, Shurtleflf Col'lese. Alton. 111. 

Cooper, Edith Minerva, '11 Monmouth, 111. 

Cooper, Mae G., '98. (St. John), [Knox] Chicago, 111. 

Copeley, Mary E., '76 Died. 1882 

Corbin, Bert, '85 Wholesale lumber dealer, St. Louis, Mo. 

Coulson, Elma Marie, '97, (Bramhall). 

Courtright, Gertie, "91, (Hedenhurg) East Galeshwrg 

Cowan, Mary, '05 Died, 1911 

Cox, Cella, '07, (Lynn .\sher ) Dunlan, Mo. 

Cox, Ethel W.. '98. ( Butcher) Rio. 111. 

Cox, Gladys, '10, [Lombard] Teacher, N. Henderson, Galesburg 

Crandell, .Susie Enid, '09, [Knox] Galesburg 

Cratty, Stella. '01 Teacher, Oneida, 111. 

Cravens. Mabel, '08 Alpha, III. 

Cravens, Vallah A., '09. (James Davis) Gales')urg 

Craver, Lucy. '00, ( Robinson ) Galesburg 

Craw. Irma McChesney. '11. [Knox] Galesburt; 

Crawford, Agnes J., '03, (Laml)ert) Weathersfield, 111. 

Crawford, Mary, '00, (Monroe), [Knox] Rushviile, 111. 

Creen, John P, '02 Clerk, post office, Galesburg 


Crocker, Leslie J., '97, [Brown's] Farmer, N. Dakota 

Culver, Blanche. '01, (Stratton) Mason City. la. 

Culver, Cora. '97. (Fulton), [Knox, Kind. Normal] ... .Wichita, Kan. 

Culver, Richard J., '01 Los Angeles Herald, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Cummins, Lydia, '93 Galesburg 

Cunningham, Ora Sorelda Mgr., Boyer Broom Co., Galesburg 

Curran, Jennie, '92, ( Everson ) Omaha, Neb. 

Dahleen, Amy V.. '03, (Billings) Galesburg 

Dalherg, Emi'l, '11, [Augustana] Rock Island, 111. 

Dallach, Alex C. '97, [Brown's] Mayor. Wenatchee, Wash. 

Dallach. Carl, '08, [Brown's] . .Private Secretary, Supt. "Q," Galesburg 

Dallach. Elsie, '01. (Geo. Cowan) Galesburg 

Dallach, Gertrude, '10, [Knox] Galesburg 

Dallach, W. A., '06 Draftsman, McCook Mfg. Co., Chicago, 111. 

Danielson, Edna, '07, (Bronley ) Kansas City, Mo. 

Danielson, Mary, '00, (Sam'l ]^Ieadows) Galesburg 

Danielson, Selma, '01, (Swan Palm), [Cottage Hospital] ... .Galesburg 

Darst, James M., '02, [Rose Polytechnic] Terre Haute, Ind. 

Darst. Margaret. '07, [Drake University] Des Moines, la. 

Darst. Wilmer M., '01 Farmer, Ferris, 111. 

Daugherty, Edwin, '03 Fruit grower, Riverside, Cal. 

David, Dora, '99, ( Vitatoe) Peoria, 111. 

David, Jesse M., '02 Died, 1912 

Davidson, Belle, '95 Tailor, Rock Island, 111. 

Davidson. Elsie. '96. [Brown's], Private Secy, Rand-McNally, Chicago 

Davidson, Emma Florence, '06 Farm, Cameron, 111. 

Davidson, Genevieve. '05, (Bruce Willis) Galesburg 

Davidson, Grace, '99 Milliner, Galesburg 

Davidson, Sam, '98 Carpenter, Galesburg 

Davis, Alta. '91, (B. W. Seymour) Chicago. 111. 

Davis, Ellen, '85, [Knox] Prin., Douglas School, Galesburg 

Davis, Gairoe Viola, '09, (Mead) North Henderson. 111. 

Davis, Grace Ruth, '11 Galesburg 

Davis, Kate, '89, [Knox, U. of Chicago] ... .Teacher, Madison, S. Dak. 

Davis, Loyal E., '11, [Post Graduate] Galesburg 

Davis, Mary J., '63, (J. T. McKnight), [Knox] Galesburg 

Davis, Rena, '91, (Wasson) Galesburg 

Davis, Theressa J., '02, (Verne Robertson) Chicago, 111. 

Day. Bessie M. E., '09 Chicago, 111. 

Davmude, Orville IMarie. '11 Teacher, ]\Ionmouth, 111. 

Deatherage, Ethel. '03 Rio, 111. 

Deatherage, Roxy, '05 Rio, 111. 

Deets, Gladys Belle, '11, [Knox] Galesburg 

Deets, Harold B., '09, [U. of 111.] Galesburg 

De Forrest. Martha Loraine, '00, (Campbell) Atlanta, Kan. 

Dejerald, Aurillev, '86 Died, 

Delliridge, Garnet, '00, (Underbill) Kewanee, 111. 

Denison, Grace, '07 Miller City, Idaho 

Dennis, Catherine H., '03, [Brown's] . .Sten., Treas. Dept., Washington 

Dennis, Laura Mina, '97, (Summers) Hope, Kan. 

Denny, Lorretta, '01, (Birch) Galesburg 

Denny, William F., "01 Lawyer, Chicago. 111. 

DePue. Edith, '07 Died. 1912 


Derby, Mary L.. "93 Inglewood. Cal. 

Derry, Roy E.. '11 Wagoner Printiiij^ Co., Galesburg 

DeVoss. I'Vank M.. '04 Fanner, Cameron, 111. 

Dewev. Winnie. '91. (Short) Council Bluffs. la. 

Dick. 'Walter 11., '98 Plumher, (ialvcston, Tex. 

Dickerson. Ruth B., '11 Stenographer, Physician's otiice, Galeshurg 

Dickson, Edna H.. '98, (.Alexander ). [Brown's] Lovvry, Mo. 

Dickson, (iuy B., '81, [Rush Medical] Physician, Chicago, 111. 

Dickson. Mahel, '95, (Butterwick) fJaleshurg 

Doll. Harriet L., 12, Galesburg 

Dolbin. Myrtle M., '02, (.A. E. Hinckley) Galesburg 

Donnelly, Anna, '01 Stenographer, Galesburg 

Donnelly, Nellie, '08 Stcnog., Chicago Motor Co., Chicago, 111. 

Dossett, Anna A.. '02, (Owens) Galesburg 

Doudna, Nellie. '99, (Stofft) Omaha, Neb. 

Dougherty. Curtis. '79, Civil Eng.. Queen & Crescent, Denver, Colo. 

Douglas, Emma, '10 Clerk, High School, Galesburg 

Douglas. Edwin, W.. '08, [.\rkansas University] Galesburg 

Douthett, Roxey Edith, '97. [Brown's], Stenog., in Bank, Peoria, 111. 

Dove, Jennie, '99 Betheden, Miss. 

Dow, Mabel, '92, (F. L. Conger), [Lombard] Galesburg 

Driggs, Wm. M., '98 Josephson Jewelry store, Moline, 111. 

Dudley, Chas. E., 17 Depot master. "Q," Galesburg 

Duff, 'Myrtle, '05 Portland, Ore. 

Duffey, Kathlyn, '99, (Higby) Whiting. Kan. 

Duffy, Frances, '00, (Stone) Kewanee. 111. 

Duffy, Lawrence, '07 Farmer, Galesburg 

Duke, Bert, '10 Barber shop, Galesburg 

Dunbar. Etta, '06, (Myron Kelly) Idaho 

Dunbar, Frank, '06. [Knox] I'armer. Galesburg 

Duncan, F'red, '05 Electrical Engineer, Chicago. 111. 

Duncan, Joe, '07 Civil Engineer, A. T. & S. F., Marceline, Mo. 

Dunkle. Florence Evelvn, '03, Stenog., First National Bank, Galesburg 

Dunkle. Olive. '10.. ..'. Galesburg 

Dunn, Clias. W., li. [Knox. Chi. Theo. Sem.], Minister, Lebanon, Mo. 

Dunn, Eleanor J^Iary, '11, [Knox] Galesburg 

Dunn, Joe H., '98 Private secretarj'. Bank, Wellingham, Wash. 

Dunn, Maude, '97. (Gentry) Galesburg 

Dunn, Nellie M., '09, (Hough) Galesl)urg 

Dunn, Nettie, '04 Galesburg 

Dunn, Pansy, '97. [Knox, Brown's], Sten., Mall. Cast. Co., Galesburg 

Dunlap, Doris, '08 Kindergarten teacher, Kansas City, Mo. 

Dunlap. Edith Letitia, '09, [Knox] Galesburg 

Dunlap, W., '06. [Knox, Brown's. U. of 111., Rush Med.], Chicago. 111. 

Duvall, Olive, '05. (Crawford) Iowa 

Eastes, Carrie, '89 Teacher, Galesburg 

Eastes, Darlene L., '10, [Knox Conservatory] Galesburg 

Eastes, Enid, '04 Bookkeeper, Watson & Cabeen, Galesl)urg 

Eastes, Geo. J., '87 County treasurer, Galesburg 

Eastes, John W., '75 Gasoline and kerosene dealer, Galesburg 

Eastes, Lucille A., '11, [Knox Conservatory] Galesburg 

Eastes, Margaret. '07. .. .Dressmaker, Kellogg, Drake & Co., Galesburg 
Eastman, Herbert, '06, [Knox] Galesburg 


Eastman. Orlo A., '08, [Knox] Galesburg 

Eaves. Ruth M., '10 File clerk, storehouse, "Q," Galesburg 

Eble, Wm. R.. '09 Clerk, Supt. office, "Q," Galesburg 

Edgar. Edna. '04. (Pont), [Brown's] Galesburg 

Edgar, Lou Ellen. '04 Rio, 111. 

Edgerton, Erastus L., '01, [Rush Medical] Physician, Chicago 

Edgerton, Helen, '09, [Lombard] Galesburg 

Edmunds. Stella H Nurse, Cottage Hospital, Galesburg 

Edmundson, Harry. '08 "Q" yard office at humps. Galesburg 

Edmundson, Inez, '01, [Knox Conservatory] Houston, Tex. 

Edoff, Alice Cecelia. '09 Stenographer, Machen Bros., Galesburg 

Edwards, Ella B., '02 Geneseo, 111. 

Edwards, Ethel E., '04, (Berlocher) Chicago, 111. 

Edwards, Gertrude M.. '04 Teacher, Hitchcock School, Galesburg 

Edwards, G. Perle. '03, (Leo Baird) Abingdon, 111. 

Eels, Floy, 'OS, (Edward Brothers) Pasadena, Cal. 

Elder, Alta, '05. [Knox] Galesburg 

Elder, Mollie M., '87, (W. A. Jordan) Galesburg 

Elmendorf, Raymond D., '02 Died, 1909 

Elstein, Leo, Jn, '08, [U. of 111.] Urbana, 111. 

Emery, Earl, '08, [Brown's] Traveling salesman, Galesburg 

Emer^^ Margaret. '10, [Wood's Kind. Normal] Minneapolis, Minn. 

Emrich, Lillian, '89, (Nye). [Knox] Grass Valley, Cal. 

Emrich, Minnie C, '83, (Washington) Ravenswood,' 111. 

Emrich, Roy P.. '01, [Knox, Naval Acad, at Annapolis], U. S. Navy 

Ennis Louise, '10, [Knox] Galesburg 

Enochs, Grace, '01 Rockford, 111. 

Envall. Mary, '90 Music teacher, Galesburg 

Epperson. Clyde O., '00, [Univ. of Colo.] Lawyer, Denver, Colo. 

Epperson, Theo. B.. '06 Rio, 111. 

Eppsteiner, Earl, '99.. John M. Smyth Co., mailing house, Chicago, 111. 

Eppsteiner. M. Addison, '06 "Q" office, Galesburg 

Erickson, Ernest, '03 Died, 1903 

Erickson, Frederick D., '02 Died, 1909 

Erickson, Gertrude, '09, [Knox. Chicago Kindergarten] Galesburg 

Erickson, Lambert, '06. . .Messenger, Adams Express, Rock Island. 111. 

Erickson, Lillian, '06. [Knox] Galesburg 

Erickson, Lillian, '99. (Leipsig) Galesburg 

Erickson, Reuben. '07. [Knox, Johns Hopkins University] .. .Galesburg 
Ericson, H. E., '98, [Lombard, LT. of Chi.], Teacher, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Ericson, Josephine L.. '94. [Lombard, T. S.] Teacher, Galesburg 

Erlandson, Elting, '07, [Brown's] W. A. Anderson, Galesburg 

Ersfeld. Ray. '03 Trainman. "Q," Galesburg 

Evans, Pearl. '01 Nurse, St. Luke's Hospital. Chicago, 111. 

Famulener, Harley, '08, [Brown's] P. T. & S. Bank, Saluda, 111. 

Famulener, Ray, '05 Draftsman, Goodens, Idaho 

Fargo, AUda E., '65, (E. P. Bartlett). [Knox] Avon, 111. 

Fechner, Hazel. '07 Died. 1909 

Felt, Albert, '96, [Knox. U. of Mich.] Lawyer, Galesburg 

Felt, Alice Helen, '09, [Knox] Galesburg 

Felt, Edward, '09, [Lombard] Farmer, Galesburg 

Felt, E. W., '04. [Knox, Union Theo. Sem.], Miss.. Bombay, India 
Felt, Harley V., '02 Farmer, Monmouth 


Felt, Margaret. "05, [Knox] Galesburg 

Felt. Walter. '99 Farmer's Mutual Life Insurance, Galesburg 

Felt, Winifred, '06. [Knox, Lewis Inst.], V. W. C. A., Minneapolis. Minn. 

Fensterer, Mary. "01 Boss Mfg. Co., Galesburg 

Ferguson, Alice M.. [Studying music] Orion. 111. 

Ferguson, Harriet L.. '04. (.11. Hanlon) Galesburg 

Ferguson. Harry E., '02 Banker. Orion. 111. 

Ferris. Blanche. '05, (A. J. Terpening) Galesburg 

Ferris, Ethel Margaret, '11. [Brown's] Galesburg 

Ferris, Ethel Lorraine, '00 Died, 1906 

Ferris, Mamie. '97, [Lombard, Brown's] ... .Stenographer. Chicago, 111. 

Ferris, William Mead, '11, [Knox] Galesburg 

Finch, Nellie E., '04, ( Warren ) Galesburg 

Finlav, Lauretta E., '09. [W. 111. Nor.] Teacher. Burlington, la. 

Finlay, Eva L., '10. [W. 111. Normal] Burlington, la. 

Finlay, Leonard, '10, [Lewis Institute] .. .Edison Elec. Co., Chicago. 111. 
Finlay, Margaret, M.. '09, [W. 111. Nor.], Teacher, Douglas, Galesburg 

Finney. Maude L., '97, (Eckles) Chicago. 111. 

Fish, Emma. '07 Bookkeeper, Boyer Broom Co., Galesburg 

Fitch, Hazel, '01 Stenographer, Chicago, 111. 

Flagg, Dottie M.. '04 Died, 1908 

Fleharty. Bert, "07 Express messenger. Beardstown. 111. 

Fleharty, Geo.. '01 Musician. Boise, Idaho 

Fleharty, Grace. '04, [T. S.] Teacher, Lincoln School, Galesburg 

Fletcher, Chas. W., '87 Driver, baggage wagon, Galesburg 

Fletcher, George, '99 S. H. Knox & Co., Galesburg 

Flynn, Con C. '04, [Knox, U. of 111.] . .Newspaper reporter, Galesburg 

Flynn, Geo. Wm.. '98 Mail carrier, Galesburg 

Flynn, Jas. R. '94. [Phila. Dental, Chi. Dental], Dentist, Galesburg 

Folger, Geo. '87 Died, 1891 

Folger, Sarah B., '87 Private teacher, Galesburg 

Forrej^, Lucile, '01 Bookkeeper, Galesburg 

Forsee, Jennie E., '02. (Venard) Macomb, 111. 

Forstrom, ?^Iyrtle L., '11 Stenog., Arlington Pharmacy, Galesburg 

Fortney, Gertrude. '99 Died, 1912 

Foshaj', John, '02, [Brown's] Farmer. London Mills, 111. 

Fosher, Paul, '07 Traveling salesman, Chicago, 111. 

Foster, Maud, '08 Nurse. Cottage Hospital, Galesburg 

Fowler, Harry C, '04 Electrical Eng.. power house, Peoria, 111. 

Fowler, Mae. '08 Bookkeeper, Larson & Hultgren, Galesburg 

Frailey. Eva, '06 Clerk,. O. T. Johnson Co., Galesburg 

France. Glenn, '04. [Mich. Hort.], Overseer, fruit farm. Marshall, Alich. 
Frane^^ Edith. '06. (Kennedy), [Brown's]. 2729 Gladys Ave., Chicago 
Franey, Gladys, K.. '10. .Dressmaker, Kellogg, Drake & Co., Galesburg 

Franklin, Lucv. '06 Farm, Galesburg 

Eraser. Eva. '99, (Lapham) Katy, Tex. 

Fredericks, Hilda C, '10 Clerk, Crandell's Dept. Store, Galesburg 

Fredericks. E. Julia, '97. (Hallin), [Knox Conservatory], Kewanee, 111. 

Freeburg, George A., '01 ^Mining Engineer, Denver, Colo. 

Freeburg. Gunnard, C, '06 Farmer, Malad City, Idalio 

Freed, Clara Nellie. '00 Galesburg 

Freer, Morton C.. '98, Traveling salesman, Sykes Belt Co., Chicago, 111. 
Frey, Charlotte, '89 Galesburg 


Frey, Emma, '91 Galesburg 

Friedland, Karl, '03 Dept. of Agriculture, Ogden. Utah 

Frisbie, Orton F., '01 Grain dealer, Foss. Okla. 

Frisk, Blenda, '07, [Brown's] Stenographer, Physicians, Galesburg 

Fritz, William, 'OS Teacher, Etherley, 111. 

Frymire, Hardin, '10 Cameron, 111. 

Fuhrman, Stella, '05, (Joe Miller) Kewanee, 111. 

Fuller, Emma, '92, (Edwards), [Training School] Died, 1910 

Fuller, Mabel B., '97, [Train. Wesley Hos.], Nurse, Rochester, Minn. 

F'uller, Mary E., '02, (Dave Walmsley) Galesburg 

Fuller, StancHffe, '92„ [Knox] Postal clerk, "Q." La Grange, 111. 

Fuller, Walter E., '95 Died, ^larch, 1895 

Futhey, Myrtle, '99, ( H. Gillett) Died, 1908 

Gabrielson, Erwin, '09, [Brown's], Master Mech. office, "Q" Galesburg 
Gabrielson, Katherine M., '10. [Brown's], Title & Abs. Co., Galesburg 

Gabrielson, Mabel G, '06 Stenographer, A. J. Perry, Galesburg 

Gale, Alice C, '98, (Wallace), [Knox] Galesburg 

Gale, Caroline, '98, (Harder), [Pratt Institute] Washington, D. C. 

Gallagher, Margaret C, '09, [Lombard] Galesburg 

Galpin, Stella, '07, [Knox] Asst. Branch Librarian, Galesburg 

Gardner, Mima, '98, (Bruington) Monmouth, 111. 

Gardt, C. H., '02, [Knox, Brown's, St. John's Mil], Cigars, Galesburg 

Garret, Gracie, '79 Died 

Garrity, Irene, '04, [Knox, Col. School of Exp.], N. W. U. Set., Chicago 

Garrity, Mable, '91. (Gillam) Las Vegas, N. Mex. 

Gash, Gracia E.. '98 Died 1903 

Gash, Til ford, '08 Teacher, private school, Galesburg 

Gastren, Mae, '98 Los Angeles, Cal. 

Gates, Mabel V., '06, (Spencer) Galesburg 

Gates, Vernon, '08, [Knox, Brown's] Galesburg 

Gaumer, Clara E., '02, [Brown's], Sten.. W. H. Miner Co., Chavy. N. Y. 
Gaumer, Mildred, '07. [T. S.] ... .Teacher, Farnham School, Galesburg 

Gay, Loraine, '95, (McCandless), [Knox] Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Gebhart, Harry, '05, [Knox, Ann Arbor Medical], Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Gebhart, Erminie, '07, [Brown's] Galesburg 

Gebhart, Mayme, '06, (Eyhusen), [Brown's] Galesburg 

Geer, Cora, '91 Galesburg 

Geer, Minnie, '85, (Stofft) Galesburg 

Gehring, Earl R., '09, [Brown's] Galesburg 

Gehring, Webster, '10, [Brown's] Galesburg 

Gent, Gertrude J., '98, (Almondinger) Burlington, la 

Gentry, Adda, '90, (George), [Knox, Studied in Germany], Milwaukee 

Gentry, Beryl, '06 Farmer, Galesburg 

Gentry, Simeon, '98 Farmer, Galesburg 

Gettemy, Chas. F.. '85, [Knox], Bureau of Statistics, Dorchester, Mass. 
Gibson, William, '07. 

Giddings, Lydia, '99, (Gustafson) Galesburg 

Gilbert, John D., 'OS Clerk, O. T. Johnson Co., Galesburg 

Gilbert, Helen, '03 Dressmaker, Galesburg 

Gilbert, Ruth. '07 Central Union Telephone Co.. Galesburg 

Gilfillan, Amber. 'OS Musician, Denver, Colo. 

Gillespie, Ednah, '04, (Sanders) Rock Island, 111. 

Gillis, Myra, '01, ((jammage), [Simmons, Jeff. Park Hosp.], Chicago 


Godflard, James R.. '02 Clerk, Orion, 111. 

Goddard, Jessie. '96, (Dr. Jos. Gustafson). [Knox] Orion, 111. 

Goettler, Clara B., '09 Galesburg 

Goff, Roy, '09, [Lombard] Galesburg 

Goldquist, Carrie C, '78, (Luckey) Galesburg 

Goldquist, Frank, '07 Canton, 111. 

Goldsmith, Arthur, '91 Traveling salesman, Galesburg 

Goldsmith. Grace, '84, [Kind. Nor.], Teacher, Hitchcock Sc. Galesburg 

Golliday, Gail H.. '04, [Lombard] Galesburg^ 

Golliday, Theo., '03, [Lombard, IJ. of C] ... .Teacher, High, Galesburg 
Goodsill, Inez, '05, [Knox Conser.] ... .Teacher, Avon High, Galesburg 

Goodsiil, M. Max, '08, [Knox] Galesburg 

Graham, Lero\', '98, | Brown's] 111. Steel Co., Chicago, 111. 

Graham, Margaret, '98, (West ) Denver, Colo. 

Graham, Martha, '98, (Aldrich) Galesburg 

Graham, Merle. '04, (Robbins) Good Hope, 111. 

Graham, Nellie, '05, [Knox Conservatory] Galesburg 

Granat, Lorenzo A., '11. Bookkeeper, Swanson's meat market, Galesburg 

Greene, Edith, '03, (Orcutt), [Knox] Areola, 111. 

Greene, Frank Y., '85 Weinberg Bros., Galesburg 

Greene, Lena M.. '02 Galesburg 

Greene, Lucy. '91, (Howard) Peoria, 111. 

Greene, Mabel, '05, (Willey) Greensburg, Kan. 

Green, Pearl, '08 Teacher, Ford School, Galesburg- 

Greenw^ood, Valoise, '05, ( Pierce) Newton, Kan. 

Greenwood, Zelma H., '02, (Alexander) Columbia, Mo. 

Gregg, Clarence A., '04, [U. of 111.] Farmer, Galesburg 

Gregg, Lee, '04, [U. of 111., Brown's] Farmer, Galesburg 

Grey, Clara, '95, [Knox] Kansas City, Kan. 

Griffin, Earl, '95, Genl offices, Armour Fertilizer Works, Chicago. 111. 
Griffith, Harry H., '97. . .Trav. salesman, Galesburg Gro. Co., Galesburg 
Griffith, Lyle, '08, [Brown's], Stenog., O. T. Johnson Co., Galesburg 

Gripp, Hanna, '01, ( Barnett) Rock Island, 111. 

Grubb, Don, '01 West Drug Co., Galesburg 

Grubb, Rob Roy, '98 Fireman "Q," Galesburg 

Gudgell, Gladys M., '11, [Brown's] Galesburg 

Gudgell, John D., '10 Rail clerk. T Rail Mill, "Q" Galesburg 

Guenther, Amelia, '09 Clerk, Bondi Bros., Galesburg 

Guenther, Rosa M., '03, Stenographer, Portland Cement Co., Chicago 

Gum, Edwin J., '11, [Brow-n's] Galesburg 

Gumbiner, Florence, '09, [Knox] Galesburg 

Gumbiner, Sadie, '04, [T. S., W. I. N.], Teacher, Weston, Galesburg 

Gumore, Adelbert, '91 Died, 1897 

Gustafson, Leonard A., '01 Teacher, Business College, Peoria, 111. 

Haggenjos, Mabel, '05, (Bert Weingartner) Galesburg 

Haggenjos, John, '08 Stenographer, Cline & Shaw, Galesburg 

Haggenjos, Virginia, '07, (J. G. Bragg) Glisson School, Galesburg 

Hagrelius, Judith C. '02, [Brown's] Died, 1909 

Hagstrom, Effie C. '00 Died, 1906 

Hagstrom, Ethel E., '06 Stenographer, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Hagstrom, Lillie, '00, (Tanner) Galesburg 

Hagstrom, Ray A., '10 Clerk. J. A. Peterson Grocery, Galesburg 

Hagstrom, W'innie A., '04 Portland, Ore. 


Hague, Faith. '11, [Knox] Galesburg 

Hague, Lee Anna, '07, [Knox] Galesburg 

Hague, Wm. B., Rev. '65, [Knox] Clergyman, Gorham, Me. 

Hahn, Anneta C, '02 Office, Dr. Schlegel, Galesburg 

Halin, Lillie, '01 Clerk, O. T. Johnson Co., Galesburg 

Haight, Clarence, '03 Grocer, Galesburg 

Haight, George C, '04 Grocer, Galesburg 

Hale, Charles, '08 Clerk, O. T. Johnson Co., Galesburg 

Hale, Justin Carlton, '10. [Knox] Galesburg 

Hales, Ralph, '03, [U. of 111.] Principal. High School, Minden, la. 

Hales. Reed, '03. [U. of 111.] Grain dealer, Longview, 111. 

Hall, Geneva, '98. ( Vaux) Shattuck, Okla. 

Hall, INIary V., '02 Galesburg 

Hall, Myrtle, '00, (Curtis) Grant Park, 111. 

Hall, Ward, '03, [U. of 111., Drake, Eureka], Minister, Livingston, Tenn. 

Halladay, Glennetta, '04, (Tracey) Oneida, 111. 

Halladay, Herschell Herman, '09, [Knox] Galesburg 

Halper. Samuel C, '11, [V. of Chicago] Galesburg 

Hamblin, Henry, '99, [Bradley Horolog.], Jeweler and Eng., Galesburg 

Hamblin, Marie. '95 Died, 1904 

Hamblin, Minnie, '95 Galesburg 

Hamilton, Samuel, '96 Owner, fruit ranch, Lordsburg, Cal. 

Hammerstrom, Albert B., '02 Reporter, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Hammond, Belle, '91, (Fox), [T. S., Normal School], Los Angeles, Cal. 

Hammond, J. Jay, '93, [Knox, Chicago Dental] Dentist, Galesburg 

Hammond, Martha, '86. . Bookkeeper, J. T. Johnson Grocerj-. Galesburg 
Hanawalt, Emma, '07, [Valparaiso] .. .Sten. and bookkeeper, Chicago 

Hane, Laura, '06, (Tobias) MaHanta. Ohio 

Hane, Worthington, '10 Gas office, Galesburg 

Hanks, Mabel C., '02. .. .Clerk, dry goods store. North Yakima, Wash. 

Hanna, Abby, '01, (Kyle), [Knox Conservatory] Ardmore, Okla. 

Hanna, Ruth, '02, [Knox] .. .Secretary, Y. W. C. A., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Hanna, Vera Louise. '09, (Young) Galesburg 

Hannaman, Agnes. '00, (Thormahlen) Island of Guam 

Hannaman, Geo. Leon, '98, [Knox], With U. S. Gov., Seattle, Wash. 

Hanson, Percy, '07 Bookkeeper, Armour Co., Galesburg 

Hardine, Emily, '99, (Hailing) .Galesburg 

Harper, Adah E., '94, (A. L. Harper) Galesburg 

Harris, Fred, '96 Draftsman, St. Louis Const. Co.. St. Louis, Mo. 

Harris, Lillian. '99, (Kinsloe) Nurse. Galesburg 

Harris. Nina A., '94, (Jas. B. Wade), [Lombard, T. S.] .... .Galesburg 

Harrison, Florence A.. '10 Galesburg 

Harshbarger, Alice, '98, (Henderson), [Training S.] .. .Springfield, 111. 

Harshbarger, Belle L., '04 Teacher. Springfield, 111. 

Harshbarger. Royal. '06 Teacher, High School, Des Moines. la. 

Hartman, ]\Iaude. '99, (Dunlap) Galesburg 

Hartzell, Helen, '11, [Brown's] Monmouth, lit. 

Harvey, Barbara Alice, '10, [Normal] Barry, 111, 

Harvey, Clemens Leroj^ '11, [Lombard] Galesburg 

Harvev. Mabel. '01. ( Star) Cicero, Ind. 

Hastings, Ray S.. '00 "Q" Ticket Dept., Chicago, III. 

Hawkins, Lulu, '91, (Brown) .S. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Hawkinson, Anna, '96 Nurse, St. Luke's Hospital, Chicago, 111. 


Hawkinson. Blanch Lillian, '09, [Knox Conservatory] Galesburg 

Ilawkinson, Henry F.. '(» College City Ice Cream Co., Galesburg 

Hawkinson, Hilda, '85. ( Nord) Died. 1891 

Hawkinson, Hilma. '01 Teacher, High School, Orion, Iowa 

1 1 awkinson, Minnie, '91 Galesburg 

Hawkinson, Newton Hiram. '11, [Brown's] Galesburg 

Hawley, Mary. '95, (B. M. Rolirhough). [Knox] Spokane, Wash. 

Hayes, Hary Montgomery, '11, [Knox Conservatory] Galesburg 

Hazen, Con, '07, [U. of 111.] Farmer, Galesburg 

Hazcn, Mae, '10, [Knox] Galesburg 

Hazlett, Frederick R., '97 Insurance, Galesburg 

Hazzard, Lizzie, '91, (Fuller) Died. 1908 

Hazzard, Luthera, '00, (Woodmansee ) Galesburg 

Heath. Lena. '89. (Wood), [Training School] Galesburg 

Hecker, Laura. '93, (Runkle) Englewood. lU. 

Hedberg, b'annie, '81. [Kind. Nor.] .Teacher, Weston ScIiodI, (ialesburg 

Hedding. Clara, '06, (John Stuckey) Al)inodon, 111. 

Hedell, Ella. '91, (Neilson) Died. 

Hedendahl, Ed.. '81 Died. 1901 

Heimburger. Lura D., '06 Teacher, Dahinda, II!. 

Henderson, Earl. '05 Automobiles. Vokama, Wash. 

Henderson, Laura, '06, [Brown's] Monmouth. 111. 

Henderson, Merrill S., '04 Ranchman. Weizi, Idaho 

Henderson, Wilson H., '00, [U. of 111.]. Manual Trng., Springfield, 111. 

Henry. Guy H.. '06 Bill clerk, "Q" humps, Galesburg 

Henrj-, Stella, '05, (Herbert Augerson) Aledo, III. 

Hendricks. Olivia, '67 Died, 1869 

Hendrix. Clyde W., '06...Asst. Cashier. "Q" freight liouse. Galesburg 

Hertig, Elizabeth, '06, [U. of 111.] Columbia, Mo. 

Hewitt. Jennie A., '79, (Inness ) Galeslnirg 

Hibbard, Chester, '08 Coulter Disc Works, Galesburg 

Hibbard. Iris M.. '0.3. [Knox, U. of Wis.] ... .Teacher, Ilayward, Wis. 

Hibbard. Junie M., '03. .t. Galesburg 

Hickey, John P., '79 Died, 

Higgins, Paul, '02 Gales1)urg 

Highland. Alfred, "05 Terry Lumber Co., Galesburg 

Highlander, Clarence, '06, [Brown's], Bookkeeper. 1st Natl, Galesburg 

Highlander, Irwin, '10 Office. "Q" storehouse, Galesburg 

Hill. Amy Gladvs, '09 Nurse, Cottage Hospital, Galesburg 

Hill. Anna L.. '98. (Ward) Tacoma. Wash 

Hill, Edna, '02, (Doran) Teacher, Washington Add., Galesburg 

Hill, Harold, '05. [Univ. of New Mex.] Alberquerque, N. Mex. 

Ilillgren. Otilia Nettie, '09 Clerk, N. P. Nelson Co.. Galesburg 

Hillman. Mildred L.. '10 Teacher, White Lake. S. Dak. 

Hinchliff, Everett, '99. [Knox] Lumber dealer. Galesburg 

Hinchliff, Grace, '05, [Knox. Columbia Univ.] New York. N. Y. 

Hinchliff, Lulu, '02, (Ingersoll), [Knox, Knox Con.] Galesburg 

Hinchliff, Vera, '08, [Knox Con.. Rockford Con.] Rio. 111. 

Hinchliff, Ray, '03, [Knox] Hinchliff Lumber Co., Galesburg 

Hinckley, Arthur E., '87 Farmer, Galesburg 

Hinman, Jennie, '08, (Carl Johnson) Galesburg 

Hinman, Stanley, '11, [I'rown's] Galesburg 

Hippcrt, Flo, '95, (Lowell). [Knox] Fargo, N. Dak. 


Hobbs, Grace Kirk, '97, (Culver) Galesburg 

Hoffheimer, George, '91, [Knox] Lawyer, Clarksburg, W. Va. 

Hoffheinier, Hattie. ''^3 Clarksburg, W. Va. 

Hoffbeimer. Leon. '95, [Knox] Davenport, la. 

Hoffman, Grace. '86, [Knox] Supt., Free Kindergarten, Galesburg 

Hogan, Alice, '91, (Ogden) Galesburg 

Hogan, Nina, '95. (VarnejO Mukwanago, Wis. 

Holcomb, Alma, '01 Stenographer, Galesburg 

Holcomb, Fannie F., '64, (Regnier), [Knox] Galesburg 

Holcomb, Frank, '98.. .Bookkeeper. A. W. Miles Co., Livingston, Mont. 

Holcomb, Hattie P., '79 Died, 1905 

Holcomb, Jennie C, '63, (Field), [Knox] Died, 1886 

Holcomb, Olga, '04. 

Hollidav, Evelyn, '06, (E. R. Bridge). [Knox, Wells] Galesburg 

Hollis, Jennie, '88, (A. E. Hinckley) Died, 1900 

Hollis, Mamie L., '90, (Kimbrough) Uniontovvn, Pa. 

Hollis, Oscar J., '90 Swift Packing Company, Chicago, 111. 

Holmberg, Alma L., '10, [Brown's], Sten., Gales. Piano Co., Galesburg 

Holmberg. Hattie. '99 Treasury Dept., Washington. D. C. 

Holmes, Alice C, '04, (F. C. Miller) Galesburg 

Holmes, Bertha, '99 Galesburg 

Holmes, Blanche, '01. [T. S.] Teacher. Cooke School. Galesburg 

Holmes, Carl. '03. [Swedish Theol. Sem.] .. .Minister. Winthrop. Minn. 
Holmes, Earl, '96, [Knox, Brown's] ... .Farmer, North Henderson, 111. 

Holmes, Frances Louise, 'CO, [Knox] Librarian, Portland, Ore 

Holmes, Grunnard A., '04 C. B. & Q., Burlington, la. 

Holmes. Horace ISl, '01, [Knox, U. of Wis.]. Civil Eng., Seattle, Wash. 

Holmes. Lillie, '83, (Hartman) . . Austin, Minn. 

Holmes, Lulu, '99, (Vandewater) Arden, W^ash. 

Holmes, Margaret, '06, [Knox] Teacher, Nome, Alaska 

Holmes, Mertie, '07, [Knox] Galesburg 

Holmes, Minnie L., '83 Assistant County Clerk, Galesburg 

Holt, Nettie K., '79, (Patterson) Galesburg 

Hood, Clifford F., '11, [U. of 111.] Cameron, 111. 

Hoover, Alice, '00 Galesburg 

Hoover, Anna F., '97, (Sutherland), [Western 111. Nor.], Dahinda, 111. 

Hoover, Edwin E., 77 Died, 1903 

Hopkins. Colonel C, '97, [Knox, Ann Arbor], Teamster. Galesburg 

Hopkins. Ida L., '04 Chicago, 111. 

Hopkins. Leafy. '90, (Henry Kersting) Died, 1907 

Hopps, Gertrude E., '11, [Lombard] Galesburg 

Horney, Alta, '00 Cameron, 111. 

Horrell, Dale. '03, [Knox] Song composer, Galesburg 

Horton, Clara O.. '78 Teacher. Hitchcock Sc'iool. Galesburg 

Hotaling. Nettie. '95, (Maupin) Woodburn. Ore. 

Houlding. Carrie E., '81, (Bailey) Caracas, Venezuela 

Housel, Ethel, '01, (Sidney Ulf elder) Mexico City, Mexico 

Housel, Lloyd, '95. [Knox] Draftsman, Washington, D. C. 

Housel, Maree, '06 Galesburg 

Housel, Ralph B.. '04. [Brown's] Farmer, Rosetown, Sask.. Can. 

Houston. Florence, '03 Rochelle, 111. 

Hovey, Margaret, '06. . .Stenographer. Marshall Field Co., Austin, 111. 
Howe, Harold James, '10. [Knox, L'niv. of Mo., U. of 111.] . .Galesburg 


Howe, Minnie, '07, [Weslcj- School), Supt. llosp., Oklalioma. City, Okla. 

Howland, Harriette. '80, (Abbott), f Brown's] Oil City, Pa. 

Hoyer, Harold A., 'H, fKnox Conservatory] Galesburg 

Hoyer, Myrtle F., '09. [Knox Con.] Music teacher, Galesburg 

Hoyle, Mary D., '63, [Knox] Julius Bauer & Co., Chicago, 111. 

Hulbert, James, '07, [Knox] 

Hulse, Louisa E., '82, (Dye) Ault, Colo. 

HultKren, Ernest W., '10...Trav. salesman. Gross Mfg. Co., Ga'esburg 
Humphrev, Wayne, '06, [Knox], U. S. Dist. Court Sten., Enid, Okla. 
Hunt, May.'79, (Botruff), [Kind. Nor., Chau. Circle], Ann .\rbor, Mich. 

Hunter, Winnie, '90, ( Duncan ) Dubuque, la. 

Hurlbutt. Julia W., '04, (R. A. Young) Chicago, 111. 

Hurley, Ralph, '10 Farmer, Cameron, 111. 

Hurst, Harriet, '99 Office, Reid, Murdock Co.. Chicago, III. 

Ingersoll, Harold, '06 Farmer, Montana, Galesburg 

Inness, Dora, '01, (H. R. Stanford), [U. of 111.] Chatsworth, 111. 

Inness, John, '99 Farmer, Regina, Sask., Can. 

I nness, Mabel L., '04, [ Knox ] Galesburg 

Inness, Ruth. '01, (Frank Roche) Norcross, Minn. 

Irwin, Florence, '06, [Knox. T. S.], Teacher. High School, Galesburg 

Irwin, Keith, '99. [Knox] Teacher, High Scliool, St. Louis, Mo. 

Isaacson, Almeda, '01, (C. J. Moburg) Galesburg 

Ives, Haroldine. '07, (Con Hazen), [Knox] Galesburg 

Jack, Sina, '99 Died, 

Jacobi, Fred, 79 Jacohi Bros. & Mack, Galesburg 

Jacobi, Ruth Helene. '10, [Lombard, St. Mary's] Galesburg 

Jacobs, Annie L., '93, (Brown) Died, 1895 

Jacobson, Alex, '03, [Augustana] Teacher, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Jacobson, Karl, '08 Died, 1909 

Jagger, Allie B., '02, (Carl Snyder) Orion, 111. 

Jagger, Bessie, '00, ((^eo. West fall) Galesburg 

Jagger, Lee F., '06 McCook, Neb. 

Jagger, Rose E., '94. (Harry Richmond) Quincy, 111 

Jagger. Ruth, '07, (White) St. Augustine, 111. 

James, Earle W., '()2, [Knox] Hardware store, Denver, Colo. 

James, Vera Louise, '09 Bell long distance operator, Galesburg 

James, Zell, '06 Denver, Colo. 

Jarnagin, Helen Esther, '10 Teacher, Dunlap School. Galesburg 

Jeffrey, Belle M.. '86 Secretary, Y. W. C. A., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Jeffreys, Walter E., '02 Surveyor, Chicago, 111. 

Jempson, Lida, '88 Died, 1892 

Jenkins, Harriett, '01 Milliner, Galesburg 

Jenkins, Julia May, '97 Clerk, O. T. Johnson Co., Galesburg 

Jennings, Hazel E., '03 Bookkeeper, Bargain store, (Galesburg 

Jerauld, John, '80 Died, 1897 

Jerauld, Nora B., '97, (Gardner) Washington. D. C. 

Johns, .Adelia P., '94, [Quincy Business] ... Sten., Ravenswood, Chicago 

Johns, Lena, '92 Quincy. 111. 

Johnson, A Matthew, '01 Galesburg National Bank, Galesburg 

Johnson, Abbie, '06, (Alters) Galesburg 

Johnson, Addie A., '03 Gary, Ind. 

Johnson, Alice A., '03, [Knox] Galesburg 

Johnson, Anna B., '94, (Edwards), [Normal School] . .Houston, Tex. 


Johnson, Arthur William, '11 G. W. Marks, Galesburg 

Johnson, Arville S., '82, (Larson) Galesburg 

Johnson, Blenda A., '97, (Johnson) Galesburg 

Johnson, Chas., '87 Auditor, "Q," Chicago, 111. 

Johnson, Charles Henry, '09 Clerk, Arlington Hotel, Galesburg 

Johnson, Clarence, '03 Carpenter, Galesburg 

Johnson, Clarence, '10, [Brown's, Knox Con.], Stenographer, Galesburg 

Johnson, Clarence H.. '98. [Knox] B. & O. R. R., Gaston. W. Va. 

Johnson, Devere Lewis. '11 J. E. Anderson Co., Galesburg 

Johnson, Donn Vie, '93 Galesburg 

Johnson, Edith A., '11 S. H. Knox & Co., Galesburg 

Johnson, Edith M., '08 Boss Mfg. Co., Galesburg 

Johnson, Edith S., '08 Typist, Galesburg Piano Co., Galesburg 

Johnson, Edna Camren, '97 Died, 

Johnson, Edna M., '09 '. Galesburg 

Johnson, Effie, '99, (Dexter) Lafayette, 111. 

Johnson, Ella, '85, (Craft) Elgin, 111. 

Johnson, Estelle Harriett, '00 Cashier. Telephone office, Galesburg 

Johnson, Ethel, '04 Milliner, Highlander, Faulks & Co.. Galesburg 

Johnson, Ethel J., '08 San Francisco, Cal. 

Johnson, Eva O., '06 Galesburg 

Johnson, Frances Evangeline, '10, [Knox] Galesburg 

Johnson, Fred, '90 Galesburg 

Johnson, Grace, '00, ( Nelson ) St. Joseph, Mo. 

Johnson, Harry W., '10 Apprentice, butcher shop, Galesburg 

Johnson, L. P., '10, [Brown's] Timekeeper, Home Station, Ariz. 

Johnson, Lawrence, '(X) Teller, Bank of Galesburg, Galesburg 

Johnson, Lillian, '89 Office. L. W. Sanborn, Galesburg 

Johnson, Lillian, '07 Bookkeeper, Drs. Horrell & Smith, Galesburg 

Johnson. Lloyd, '99 Asst. chief dispatcher, "Q," Galesburg 

Johnson, Louise, 'OS Stenographer, W. C. Frank, Galesburg 

Johnson, Mabel, '05 Clerk, O. T. Johnson Co., Galesburg 

Johnson, ]\Iabel M., '04 Milliner, Galesburg 

Johnson, Mabelle J., '08 Clerk, O. T. Johnson Co., Galesburg 

Johnson, I\Ianny S., '10. Collector, Gales. Union Tel. Co., Galesburg 
Johnson, Nellie '94, (Smith), [Knox], Teacher, Knox Con., Galesburg 

Johnson, Robt., '07, [Knox, Wis. Univ.] Galesburg 

Johnson, Roscoe E., '11, [Eureka] Eureka, 111. 

Johnson, Roy, '06 "Q" fireman, Galesburg 

Johnson. Victor E., '09 Driver, J. C. Peterson Grocery, Galesburg 

Johnston, Bessie i\I., '82, [Knox] Teacher, Springfield, S. Dak. 

Johnston, Leslie, '99, [Knox, Brown's]. .P. O. Dept., Washington, D. C. 

Johnston, Winifred L., '04, [Knox Conservatory] Galesburg 

Johnston, Florence Grace. '10 St. Louis, Mo. 

Jones, Hyla, "04, (Stephenson) Alusical artist. Bloomington, 111. 

Jones, Mae E., '98, (Chinn ) Galesburg 

Jones, Phyllis Rose, '09, [Lombard] Stenographer. "Q," Galesburg 

Jones, Stella, '96 Died, 1910 

Jordan, Clarence, '10. [Knox] Galesburg 

Jordan, Helen, '04, (Harris Pillsbury), [Knox] Forsythe, Mont, 

Jordan, Henrietta L., '09, [Knox Conservatory] .Galesburg 

Jordan, Jesse, '07, [Knox] Farmer. Bentonville, Ark. 

Jordon, Lawrence, '02, [Knox, U. of Idaho] Moscow, Idaho 


Judson, Wni. W.. '09. [Knox, Dartmouth] .. .Civ. Eng., Portland, Ore. 

Junk, Albertus, '09 Farmer, Rio, 111. 

Junk, LaVonne. '10, (Lee Gregg). [Knox Cons.] Galeshurg 

Kastiin. John, '03 Symonds Wholesale Hdw. Co., St. Louis, Mo. 

Kastlin, Katherine E., '02 Davenport, la 

Kays, Isabel. '09. (Castle) Rockford, 111. 

Kearnej-, Thomas, Rev. Father. '79 Priest, Huntley, 111. 

Kee, Emma. '00 Chicago, 111. 

Keefe, Anastasia. '01 Teacher, High School, Loveland, Colo. 

Keefe. Ita, '00, (F. H. Kevlin) Chicago, 111. 

Keefe. Regina, '06 Galesburg 

Keeling, Lola, '08 Clerk, Boridi Bros., Galesburg 

Keenan, Bertha, '07, (Irvin) Galesburg 

Keenan, Bessie, '99, (Robinson) Galesburg 

Kelley, Carrie, '99, (Hicks) Pasadena, Cal. 

Kelley, Orrie, '05 R. R. fireman, San Barnadino, Cal. 

Kelsey, Vera Park. '09, [Lombard] Galesburg 

Kenan, Beth, '10 Teacher. Clay School, Galesburg 

Kenan, Royal, '00. Farmer. Cameron. 111. 

Kenned}-. P'dna M., '03, (Hofflund) Galesburg 

Kent, Richard J., '06 W. A. Jordan Grocery Co., Galesburg 

Keough. Anna E., '06, (Samuel Sharp) Galesburg 

Kern, Mabelle J.. '98, (Regnas) Oak Park, 111. 

Kidder, Clytia, '01, (Forsee) Galesburg 

Kiernan. Ruth. 'H Galesburg 

Kimball, Dan, '97. [Knox], Trav. salesman. Lumber Co.. Rockford, 111. 

Kimler, Otis C, '1(). [Brown's] Clerk. Freight office, Galesburg 

Kimpton, Harriet E., '98, [Knox Con.], Teacher, St. Mary's, Knoxville 

Kimpton. Ruth. '10 Dressmaker. Kellogg, Drake & Co., Galesburg 

King, Edward J., '86, [Knox] Rep. in State Legislature, Galeslnirg 

King, Elizabeth, '06, (C. C. Heller) .. .Teacher, Dahinda, 111., Galesburg 

King, Grace B., '07 Principal, Dahinda, (111.) Schools, Galesburg 

King, Nellie S., '05 Peck & Hill, Los Angeles. Cal. 

Kingan, Flora C, '82, (Brown) Died, 1889 

Kinnear, Ethel, '99, (Battell) Galesburg 

Kinney. Carlotta. '10 Teacher, .Heller School, Galesburg 

Kinney, Russel M., '11 Galesburg 

Kistler, Mabel. '04. (Shaner) Galesburg 

Kistler, Mae. '99, (Rundle) Galesburg 

Knight. Edith L.. '98, [T. S.. Kind. Nor.]. Teacher, Lincoln, Galesburg 

Knight, Mamie. '88 Charleston, 111. 

Kobel, Estelle, '97. [T. S.. Knox Con.], Y. W. C. A., Minneapolis, Minn, 

Kopp, Anna C, '94, [Knox Con.] Bookkeeper, Williamsport. Pa. 

Kopp, Will H., '97 Head machinist. Frost's Alfg. Co., Galesburg 

Kornwebel, Augusta, '08, [Knox Con.] Teacher, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Krabbe. Henrietta A., '09 Milliner. Baldwin Hat Shop, Galesburg 

Kraft, Ellen Theressa. '02. . .Stenographer, C. A. Webster, Galesburg 

Kysor. Loela Gaston. '11, [W. 111. Nor.] Gibson. Mich. 

Lafferty, Frances, '03 Lafferty, Mfg. Co., Galesburg 

Lagergren. Frances Elizabeth. '09, (Carl Hawkiiison ) Galesburg 

Lagergren, Mary A., '03. (Lemuel Cole) Williamsfield. 111. 

Laird, John A.. '79, [Wash. U.] Holman & Laird. St. Louis, Mo. 

Laird, Nettie F., '79, (Mack) El Dorado Springs, Mo. 


Lambart, Etta, '84, (Callahan) Gilson, 111. 

Lamoreaux, Edith, '96 Chicago, 111. 

Lamoreaux, Philip M.. '06, [Brown's] . .Mueller Mfg. Co., Decatur, 111. 

Lampkin. Goldie, '05, (H. L. Farrell) Galesburg 

Landon, Grace L., "02, (J. B. Rice) Los Angeles, Cal. 

Landon, Myrle E., '06, (Arnold), [Knox Conservatory] Rio, 111. 

Lanius, Charlotte, '10, [W. 111. Nor.] Galesburg 

Lanius, Curtis J., '01 International Harvester Co., Boston, Mass. 

Lanius. Marj', '01 Auditing clerk, O. T. Johnson Co., Galesburg 

Lanius, Susie J., '06 Dressmaker, Galesburg 

Lanstrum, Helen A., '09 Nurse, Cottage Hospital, Galesburg 

Lapham, Gail, '99. [Knox, U. of Chi.], Teacher, High School, Galesburg 

Lapham, Susie, '09, [Lombard, Knox] Galesburg 

Larson, Ernest, '03 Plumber, Galesburg 

Larson, Gertrude, '08, (J. A. Sadey) Galva, Kan. 

Larson, Harriett, '07, [Knox Con.'] Music teacher, Galesburg 

Larson, Hilma, '99, (Howe) Chicago, 111. 

Larson, Leland S., '06, [Brown's] . . .Gas & Electric Light Co., Galesburg 

Larson, Nettie, '00 Died, 1904 

Larson, Minnie E., '02, (Henry Pout) Rio, 111. 

Lass, Edith, '01, [Knox, Training School] Nora Springs, la. 

Lass, Henry W., '01, [Knox] Wagoner Printing Co., Galesburg 

Latterner, Bertha. '88, (F. J. Lindsley) Galesburg 

Latterner, Carl, '80, [Phila. Pharmacy] Druggist, Carterville, Mo. 

Latimer, Leslie, '07. [Knox] Teacher, High School, Galesburg 

Latimer, Martha, '08. [Knox] Galesburg 

Lathrop, Delia A., '03, [T. S.] .. .Teacher, Bateman School, Galesburg 

Lavine, Arthelia O., '02 Nurse, Galesburg 

Leach. Edith, '99, (Paugh) Omaha, Neb. 

Leach, Jennie, '89 Telephone operator, "Q," Galesburg 

Leach, Jennie, '90, (Downing) Glendale, 111. 

Leach, Jessie, '90 (Scott) Canton, 111. 

Leach, Susan, '89, (Anderson) Buffalo, N. Y. 

Leafgreen, Grace, '98 Green Cigar Store, Galesburg 

Lee, Emma M., '02.... Head bookkeeper, O. T. Johnson Co., Galesburg 

Lemon, Alice, '01 Farm, Galesburg 

Lemon, Grace, '01 Farm, Galesburg 

Leonard, Hubert, '99, [Des Moines School of Osteop.], Portland, Ore. 

Lescher, Gertrude, '01, [Knox] Galesburg 

Lescher, Helen R., '09, [Knox Con., Southern Seminary] ... .Galesburg 

Levene, Arthur E., '04 Moulder, Malleable Castings Co., Galesburg 

Lewis, Bertha, '07 Monmouth, 111. 

Lewis, Josephine Hilma, '10 Office. Holmes Laundry, Galesburg 

Lewis. Juanita, '10 Bell Telephone oflSce, Galesburg 

Lewis, Mary E., '06, [Knox, Knox Conservatory] Galesburg 

Lewis, Ruth C, '10 Teacher, Galesburg 

Lindberg, Edna E., '97, [Brown's] Bookkeeper, Galesburg 

Lindberg, Neally R., '99. [Bradley] Jeweler, Galesburg 

Linderoth, Emma O., '02. (Wolff) Burlington, la. 

Lindquist, C. W., '02, [N. W. U., Evanston Theol], Nara Visa, N. M. 
Lindquist, Lillian E., '97, [Lombard. T. S.]. Teacher, Weston. Galesburg 

Lindquist, Olivia, '04, [Knox Conservatory] Chicago, 111. 

Lindquist, Theodore, '94, [Lombard, U. of C] ... .Teacher, Ann Arbor 


Lindoft, Ernest. '96, [Brown's] Prop. Shoe Store, Abingdon, 111. 

Lindoft. Violet Helen. '10 New York Store. Galesburg 

Lindstroni, Laura. '99. (Osterberg), [Knox Con.] Chicago, 111. 

Linrothe. Ellen. '95, (Davis) Galesburg 

Linrothe. Eh in. '03 Head clerk, "Q," St. Louis. Mo. 

Linrothe. Hannah. '97. (Kuhnle), [Brown's] Tacoma, Wash. 

Linsley. Marion. '10. [Knox] Galesburg 

Linstrum, Esther V.. '06. (O. G. Chinn). [Brown's] Galesburg 

Little, Floris, '05. (Myrle Eyerly) Canton. 111. 

Little. Harlan, '06 Clerk, Continental Store, Galesburg 

Lofgren, Ruth E.. '10 Holmes Laundry, Galesburg 

Lofgren. Walter R., '09 Wagoner Printing Co., Galesburg 

Loman. Marv. '07 Cashier. O. T. Johnson Co., Galesburg 

Lombard. Julia. '96. [Lombard] . .Teacher. Girls' Sem.. E. Orange, N. J. 

Lombard, Mamie, '91 Newark, N. J. 

Long, Katherine. '01 Music teacher, Galesburg 

Long, Mabel, '03, [Brown's] Galesburg 

Longnecker. Ida A.. '76. (Hebbard) Colton, Cal. 

Loomis. Neva Lelah. '09 Galesburg 

Love, Edgar, '99. [Knox] Farmer, Orion. 111. 

Love. Eleanor. '05 Orion. 111. 

Lowell, John. '06 Druggist, London Mills, 111. 

Lucas, Beulah. '07 Long Beach, Cal. 

Lucas. Helen. '11 Cameron, 111. 

Luckey, Helen. '07, (Andrews), [Knox Conservatory] . .Abingdon. 111. 

Luckey, Josephine, '01 .' .Piano player, Illinois hotel, Galesburg 

Luckey, Lottie M., '00, (Hart) Galesburg 

Lueder, .Amy, '08 Galesburg 

Lueder, John. '06. [Brown's] Electrician. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Lueder, Roland. '10, [Brown's] Florist. H. F. Drury, Galesburg 

Lunberg, Edwin, '09 Chicago, 111. 

Lundgren. Tillie. '81, (Adolph Rundquist ) Enterprise, Kan. 

Lundstrum, Mae H. S., '09 Stenographer. Fuel Co., Galesburg 

Lundquist, Walter, '09, [Knox] Budget print shop, Galesburg 

Luvall, Esther. G.. '11. (Conrad Hallherg) Galesburg 

Mack. Hattie, '95, [St. Mary's of the Woods] Galesburg 

Madison. Harriet. '07. [Brown's] .Stenog.. Wagoner Ptg. Co., Galesburg 

Madison. Karl E., '02. [Brown's] Funeral director. Portland. Ore. 

Main, Frances M., '98. (France), [T. S., Kind. Nor.], Marshall, Mich. 

Main, Jennie, '88, (Moore) Galesburg 

Malick, Angie L., '87, (Whiting) Kansas City, Mo. 

Malonev, Mary Alice. '78, (Clark) Galesburg 

Mann. Helen A., '09, [T. S.] Teacher. Farnham School, Galesburg 

Mannering. Florene, '06 Cashier, N. P. Nelson. Galesburg 

Manning, Harold A., 98 Vide Motor Co., Rock Island. 111. 

Markley. Mildred. '06, (Chas. Whitver) Galesburg 

Marble. Maud, '85 Died. 

Mariner. Ward, '03, [Knox] Salesman, Gales. Gro. Co., Galesburg 

Marriott, Bates, '11. [Knox] Galesburg 

Marriott. Mable. '06. (Roy Barnstead) Galesburg 

Mars. Jas. A., '94. [Knox, West Point]. 1st lieut., Jolo, Philippine Is. 

Mars, Kate. '93. (Wilson ) Flagstaflf, Ariz. 

Mars, Mary, '00, [Knox] Galesburg 


Marsh, Bessie, '89. [Brown's] .Head cashier, Hotel Utah, Salt Lake City 
Marsh, Pauline, '08, [Brown's] .. .Clerk, O. T. Johnson Co., Galesl)urg 

Marshall, Josephine, '01, (King) Bathgate, N. Dak. 

Martin, Albert B., '01 Lewis Kitchen Co., Chicago, 111. 

Martin, Bessie, '85 Principal, E. Galesburg School, Galesburg 

Martin, Mildred M., '04. (Roy Landon) Galesburg 

Martin Vella V., '03, [Lombard], Inspector, State Alms Hs, Galesburg 

INIartin, Wm. J., '74, [Knox] Real estate, San Francisco, Cal. 

Massingill, Ella L.. '10, [Cottage Hospital] Nurse, Galesburg 

Massie, Beatrice, '04, (Erwin) Nolan, New Mex. 

Massie, Harriett, '01, (Irwin) Springfield, 111. 

Mason, Amanda S., '69, (Tuten), [Knox] Died, 

Mason, Donald L., '11 Teacher. Salem School, Galesburg 

IMason, Ernest T. S., '83 Gen'l agent. Penn ]\Iutual Life, Galesburg 

Mason, Katherine A., '02 Galesburg 

Mason, Mattie. '02, (Thompson) Collector, Dr. IMorris, Galesburg 

Mason, Zella B., '09, (Powell) Rock Island. 111. 

]\Iatteson, Frank, '85 Pres., Purington Brick Co., Galesburg 

Matteson, Ralph, '95. [Knox] . .Foreman for contractor, Rockford, 111. 

Matteson, Minnie, '01 Wataga, 111. 

Mather, Alice, '84. (C. J. Wood), [Knox] Galesburg 

Mather, Harold, '05, [Knox] Practicing law, Belen, New Mex. 

Mathers, Aaron, '10, [Knox, Notre Dame] Farmer, Laura, 111. 

Mathers, Andrew, '11, [Notre Dame] Laura, 111. 

Mathis, Alta, '11 Ancona, 111. 

Matthews. Linn, '03, [Knox] Parole officer, Joliet, Galesburg 

Maury, ]\Iaude T., '98, (Lawrence) Galesburg 

Maxwell, Minnie Luella, '11 Galesburg 

Maxwell, Jennie, '99, (Priaulx) Tacoma, Wash. 

Maxwxll. W. C, '03, [U. of W. C.]Atty. Edison Co., East Orange, N. J. 

Mayes, John B.. '11, [Lombard] Mgr., Elite Theatre. Galesburg 

Mayer, Oscar, '93 Hotel manager, Chicago, 111. 

Mazzone, Lena Josephine, '10 Walsenburg, Colo. 

MacHale, Lillian, '05, [Lombard] Galesburg 

MacLaughlin, Maude, '05, [Knox] : Galesburg 

]\IcBride, Isabel, '07, (Steinbrecher) Burlington, la. 

McCabe, Frank L., '06, [Knox] Chicago, 111. 

McClelland, Bruce C, '04, [Knox] .. .Land reclamation, Bancroft, Wis. 
McClanahan, Vaughn, '10, [Knox, Physicians & Surgeons] .. .Galesburg 
McClintock, Everett, '10, [Brown's] .. .Trav., Rebington (To., Galesburg 

McClure, Bonnie Jean, '11 Stenog., W. H. Callender, Cameron, 111. 

McClure, Gertrude M., '11, [U. of Valparaiso] Valparaiso, Ind. 

McClure, J. Ross, '00 Simpson-McClure Lumber Co., Galesburg 

IMcClure, Violet B., '03 Galesburg 

McClure, F. Webster, '09 Mgr. lumber yard, St. Francesville, 111. 

McCollum, Bessie, '10, [Knox] Galesburg 

McCollom, Caroline, '09, [Knox], Sten., McCollom Bros., Galesburg 

McCoy, Daniel, '07 Farmer, Laura, 111. 

McCoy, Marie, '07 Farm, Laura, 111. 

McCoy, Winifred D., '03, [Simmons], Teacher, Dom. Arts, Pana, 111. 

McCreary, Marjorie L., '10 Galesburg 

McCullock, Birdie, '99, (Lindburg) .Galesburg 

McDonald, Ida G., '02, [Gregg School, Lombard] Galesburg 


McGratli. Marv, '10 Telephone operator, Galesburg 

McKee, Mildred J.. '10 Galesburg 

^IcKee, Jean, '03, [Knox Con.] Teacher, Pianoforte, Galesburg 

McKelvie, Ward, '08 North Henderson, Til. 

McLaughlin. Lulu M.,.'97, (Flynn) Galesburg 

McLernon, Marv, '02 Bookkeeper. Galesburg Piano Co., Galesl>urg 

McMasters, Mary E., '97, (W. A. Thompson) Altona. 111. 

McMeen, James, '07 Electrician, Peoria, 111. 

McMeen, Marian, '06 Teacher, Peoria, 111. 

McNear, Ethel M., '02 Died, 1908 

^IcNear, Lee, '05 Cement worker, Galeslnirg 

McQuillan, Kate, '80, (D. Morley) Galesburg 

McWiiliams. Fred R., '04. .Kan. Mgr., Quincy Show Case Co., Wichita 

:Mead, Ora, '08 Farmer, North Henderson, 111. 

]\Iecum, Alice, '04, (Boyer), [Knox] Farm, Galesl)urg 

Sleeks, Faye, '09, [Lombard] Galesburg 

Sleeks, Wni., '08. [Brown's] .. Bookkeeper, W. A. Jordan Co., Galesburg 

Mehler, Hazel, '07, [Knox] Galesburg 

^lelburg, Minnie, '89, ( Carlson ) Galesburg 

Melin, Lillie M., '06, (Herman Linner) Galesburg 

Melville, Susan Gracia, '09. [Knox] Galesburg 

Merrill, Nellie A., '86, (Scbultz) Los Angeles. Cal. 

Mills, Elsie, '04, (C. A. Duncan) Monmouth, 111. 

Mills. Eveivn. '01 Teacher, Galva, 111. 

Miller, Douglas. '08, [Knox] Bellview, Idaho 

Miller, Ethel Lass, '11, [Knox] Galesburg 

Miller, Glenn F.. '98, [Knox, U. of 111.].. Baker Mfg. Co., Chicago, 111. 

Miller, Harvej'. '05 Telephone Co., Chicago, 111. 

Miller, Herbert, '07, [Knox] Galesburg 

Miller, Ivan. '02 Farmer. North Dakota 

Miller, Mabel, '07 Galesburg Union Telephone Co., Galesburg 

IMiller, Maud, '96. (Keenan) Galesburg 

Miller, Myra, '95. . Teacher, Knoxville, 111. 

Milmine, Edward. '89 Union Pacific R. R. Co., Omaha, Neb. 

Mitchell, Alice. '07, [T. S.] Teacher, Bateman School, Galesburg 

^loberg, Ernest, '11 Farmer, Cameron, 111. 

IMoberg. Linnie C, 'S2 Seattle, Wash. 

Moberg, Nettie A., '82 Seattle. Wash. 

Moline, Lillie, '05 Bishop Hill. 111. 

Monds, Mar}', '05, (Archie Dunham) Galesburg 

Moore, Bernice, '07, (Archie Powell) Rock Island, 111. 

^loore, Jas. M.. '87 Spokane. Wash. 

^loore, Katherine A.. '98 Teacher, China painting, Galesburg 

Moore, Mabel, '08, [Bradley] Peoria, 111. 

Moore, Mary, '01 Bookkeeper, Walton-Van Huffel Co., Galesburg 

Moore, Peter P., '97, [Knox. Anna Morgan School of Eloc], Died, 1905 
^loore, Tom, '01. [Brown's], Sten. Hickman, Williams & Co., Chicago 

Morey, Jessie. '03. (Montgomery) Chicago, 111. 

Morey, Mabelle, '01 Office, Gas & Electric Light Co., Galesburg 

^lorrison, Gertrude. '06, (Curtis) Hermon. 111. 

Morse, Archie S.. '11, [Knox] Galesburg 

Moshier, Cornelia, '01, (Clearwater), [Knox] Oneida, 111. 

Moshier, Maude, '89, (Wright), [Knox, Cottage Hospital] .. .Died, 1910 



Mott, Kathryn. '99 Rio, 111. 

Mount. Anna Adelia, '10. [Lombard] Galesburg 

Muir, Ella, '00. (R. O. Housh), [Knox Con.. T. S.j Galesburg 

Muir. Sadie, '99, [Cottage Hospital] Nurse, Galesburg 

Muncey, Elizabeth, '06, [Conservatory, Cincinnati] Hamilton, Ohio 

Munsell, Harriet C. '80. [Knox. Cook Co. Nor., Art Inst.] .Chicago, 111. 
Munson, Caroline, '89, (Brooks), [Knox Con., Chic. Mus.], Galesburg 

Munson, Dorothy. '02. [T. S.] Teacher, Douglas School, Galesburg 

Munson, Laura Josephine, '09, [Augustana] Galesburg 

Munson, Leo G.. '10 Wells Fargo Express Co., Galesburg 

Munson, Marie. '00. [Kind. Normal] Kind, teacher. Chicago. 111. 

Murdock. Chas., '85, [Knox] Fairview, Nev. 

Myers, Dorothy, A., '94, (O. L. Judson) Galesburg 

Myers, Harry, '09. [Physicians & Surgeons] Galesburg 

Nash, Beth H., '04, [Tuft's College. Mass.] Los Angeles, Cal. 

Necasek. Leo, '10 Stenographer. "Q" offices, Galesburg 

Neely, Walter D., '97 Asst. postmaster, Butte, Mont. 

Nefif, Glenn R.. '10. [Stetson Univ.] De Land, Fla. 

Neifert. Ira, '08. [Knox] Galesburg 

Neil, Florence. '08, [Knox, T. S.] Teacher, Galesburg 

Neiswender, Mary. '99 Teacher, Geneseo, 111. 

Nelson, Ada M., '08, [Knox] Galesburg 

Nelson, Addie L., '81 Bookkeeper, Galesburg 

Nelson, Alvira N., '03, [Lombard] Died, 1905 

Nelson, Arthur A.. '01 Marshall Field & Co., Chicago. 111. 

Nelson, Clarence L., '00 Banker, Bliss. Idaho 

Nelson, Delphia, '07 Bookkeeper. Dr. Longbrake, Galesburg 

Nelson, Edna K., '10, [Knox Conservatory] Galesburg 

Nelson, Edwin. '03 Chicago, 111. 

Nelson, Effie, '83. (Barr) Chicago, 111. 

Nelson, Elfreda, '90, (Olson) Galesburg 

Nelson, Emily A., '94, ( P. E. Boyer) Galesburg 

Nelson, Esther, '10 Galesburg 

Nelson, Helen, '91 Stenographer and bookkeeper, Galesburg 

Nelson, Hortense, '10, [Knox] Galesburg 

Nelson, Julia IM., '03 Clerk, P. C. Tryner, Galesburg 

Nelson, Lida, '00. 

Nelson, Lincoln A., '06 Draftsman, Detroit. Mich. 

Nelson, Marian, '69 Teacher, Churchill School, Galesburg 

Nelson, IMyrtle A.. '11 Stenog., Univ. church. Galesburg 

Nelson. Vera Albertina. '09 Galesburg 

Ness, Viola, '10, [Knox] Wichita, Kan. 

Newcomer, Carrie, '01 N. Henderson, 111. 

Newcomer, Ray, '01 Farmer, N. Henderson, 111. 

Newell, Lottie J., '65, [Knox] Galesburg 

Newton, Nellie, '96. (A. M. Childers) ' Galesburg 

Nirdlinger, Gertrude. '00, (Hirsch), [Knox] Burlington, la. 

Nirdlinger, Sidney, '02, [Ph. D., Johns Hopkins] .. .Chemist, Galesburg 

Noble, Earl G., '06 Died, 1908 

Noble, Ralph M., '06. [U. of 111., Leland Stanford U.]...Palo Alto. Cal. 

Norine, Margaret, '07, [Colorado University] Denver, Colo. 

Norris, Frank L., '01 Book merchant, Kirksville, Mo. 

Norton, Albert Henrj', '00 Fireman, Burlington, la. 


Norton, Anna, '00, (Gur'.ey), [Training School] Galesburg 

Norton, Anna Marie, '10 Galesburg 

Norton, Florence M., '97, ( Ed. Tobin) Galesburg 

Norton, Win. E., '98 Farmer, Galesburg 

Nystroni, Josie, '08 Galesburg 

Nystrom, Minnie, '03, (Herman Peterson) Kansas City, Mo. 

Nystrom, Verna, "04, [Training School ] Died, 1908 

Obenlander, Ethel May, 'll....Sten., Willis Cornice Works, Galesburg 

Oberg, Belinda, '94, (J. I. Engstrand), [Knox Con.] Galesburg 

Oberg, Florence, '04 Galesburg 

Oberg, Lillie Louise, '00 Galesburg 

Oberg, Selma, '95, [Knox Con.] Stenographer. Spokane, Wash. 

Oberg, Stanley, '01 Grocer, Galesburg 

Ogden, Mary Adeline, '98, (Capps) Berwick, 111. 

Ohls, Lura, '06, (Thos. Chalmers), [Cottage Hospital] Galesburg 

Ohls, M. Marjorie, '10, [U. of 111.] Galesburg 

Oleen, Carl, '95 Clerk, Chicago, 111. 

Oleen, Clara H., '94, [Knox, Brown's], Westinghouse Co., Denver, Colo. 

Oleen, Evelyn, '01 Chicago, 111. 

Oleen, Wilford, '00 Kansas City, Mo. 

Oleson, Maud E., '02. 

Olin, I da R.. '80, ( Charles Goldsmith ) Lincoln, Neb. 

Olmstead, Flora E., '63, (John Avery), [Knox] Galesburg 

Olson, Agnes Mildred, '10„ [Knox] Galesburg 

Olson, Anna M., '86, (Eckstrand) Kansas City, Mo. 

Olson, Bessie, '07, [Brown's] . .Bookkeeper, Gross Mfg. Co., Galesburg 

Olson, Edna Kama, '10 Farm, Galesburg 

Olson, Ellen, '85, (Johnson) Galesburg 

Olson, Ellen, '08 Teacher, Altona, 111. 

Olson, Gregg, '07, [Knox] Print shop, High School, Galesburg 

Olson, Irene, '00, (Walter Frank), [Knox, T. S.] Galesburg 

Olson, James O., '82 Died, 1887 

Olson, Louise, '85 Galesburg 

Olson, Myrtle, '06, (Patten) Galesburg 

Olson, Nettie, '88 Galesburg 

Olson, Stella A., '87, (Swanson) Galesburg 

Orgibet, Mattie M., '02 Galesburg 

Orgibet, May, '99, (Herron) (Galesburg 

Ostrander, Bertha, '01 Galesburg 

Ott, Addie M., '06, (Carlisle Carroll) Chicago, 111. 

Overlander, Katie, '96, (Lutgens) San Diego, Cal. 

Overlander, Lucy, '00 North Dakota 

Packard, Cora, '89, (Wood) Died, 1903 

Packard, Lottie, '76, (Williams) Died, 

Page, Edith, '03, [Knox Con.] Teacher, Pianoforte, Galesburg 

Page, Frank G., '96, [Brown's] .. .Clerk, Great Northern, Helena, Mont. 

Page, Mary L., '04 Teacher. High School, Galesburg 

Palm, Esther, '09. .. .Stenographer, 111. Anti-Saloon League, Galesburg 

Palmer, Daisy Irene, '10 Galesburg 

Palmgren, Ella F., '11 Home Telephone office, Galesl)urg 

Palmquist, Alma C., '06, [Augustana]. .Sten., Bank of Gales., Galesburg 

Palmquist, Nancy, '08, (M. E. Scullen) Galesburg 

Palmquist, Verner C, '11 Clerk, China store, Ottumwa, la. 



Panhorst, Earl H., '02 Carpenter, Portland, Ore. 

Panhorst, Florence. '11 Home Telephone office. Galesburg 

Panhorst, Pearl, '07 Galesburg 

Parker, Carrie A., 11, (Magers) Galesburg 

Parry, Josie, '91, (J. W. Grubb) Galesburg 

Patch, Alice. '84, [Knox, Kind. Normal] Died, 1911 

Patterson, Ralph, '96. .City salesman. Baker Cocoa Co., St. Louis, Mo. 

Paul, Gladys. ]\I., '11 Milliner, Galesburg 

Pawling, Robert, '09 Teacher, Pleasant Grove School, Galesburg 

Payton, Mary, '11 Galesburg 

Pearson, Esther, '87 Clerk, Kellogg, Drake & Co., Galesburg 

Pearson, Esther E., '09, [Brown's]. .Bookkeeper, Physicians, Galesburg 

Pearson, Hattie I., '11 Stenog.. Illinois Hotel, Galesburg 

Pease, Bertha, '01, (Lee) Alexis. 111. 

Pease, Guy, '99 Farmer, Plattsville, Colo. 

Peck, Clyde A., '01 Teacher, Conservatory, Dubuque, la. 

Peck, Emma, '97 Galesburg 

Peck, Henry. '96, [R. I. Sch. of Design], Illustrator, Wilmington, Dela. 

Peck, Margaret, '01, (R. N. Turner), [Knox] Palenville, N. Y. 

Penn, Edythe, '08 Office, Dr. Safford, Galesburg 

Perkins, Clayton, '91 Real estate, Durango, Colo. 


Alvah. '07, [Knox. U. of 111.] Galesburg 

Anna F., '09. [Knox Conservatory] Galesburg 

Anna H., '02 Galesburg 

Anna J., '98, [Episcopal Deaconess School] Galesburg 

Anna M., '86, (Pankey) Galesburg 

Arthur R., '09 Clerk, Peterson's Grocerj', Galesburg 

Bertha I., '10, [Knox] Teacher, Knox Co., Galesburg 

Beulah, '10. . .Stenog., Galesburg Machine Works, Galesburg 

Carl Lawrence. '02 Chicago, 111. 

Eda C, '81, ( Swanson ) Minerlake, Mich. 

Edith,. '11 Wataga. 111. 

Edna, '06. . .Bookkeeper, Burgland's meat market, Galesburg 

Eleanor S., '09, [Knox] Galesburg 

Ella H., '11 Galesburg 

Estelle, '08 Teacher, Victoria, E. Galesburg 

Esther O., '83, (Larson). [Brown's] Died, 1905 

Ethel Louise, '11 Galesburg 

Florence E.. '10 Galesburg Union Tel. Co., Galesburg 

Gertrude, '91, (Kerr), [Knox] Detroit, Mich. 

Hattie, '92, [Brown's] Stenographer, Denver, Colo. 

Hazel, '05 Galesburg 

Hazel L., '11.. .Sten., Elec. Wiring & Supply Shop, Galesburg 

Hilma C, '98 Galesburg 

Jennie, '84, ( Madison ) Galesburg 

Jennie E., '08 Stenog., Galesburg Piano Co., Galesburg 

Lawrence A., '07 Galesburg 

Leila I., '04. Sten., State Board of Exam, of Nurses. Chicago 

Lillie, '96 Galesburg 

Lillie, '05, (Bergstrom) Galesburg 

Lola E., '03, (Haswell) Kewanee, 111. 

Mabel, '05 Galesburg 

Maud B., '02 Stenographer, Chicago, 111. 


Peterson, Myrtle E., '02 Bookkeeper, Union Hotel, GalesburR 

Peterson. Nettie L., '94, [Brown's] Galesl)urg 

Pe»ei»on, Selma A., '98, [Knox, T. S.] Kenmual, Alsask. Canada 

Peterson, Violet, '05 Stenographer, A. O. Lindstrum, Galesburg 

Peterson, Wailie, '05...Asst. Wire Chief, Gales. Union Tel., Galesburg 
Peterson. Willma M.. '06, [T. S.] . .Teacher, Churchill School, Galesburg 

Peterson. J. Willis, '01 People's Trust & Savings Bank, Galesburg 

Phelps, Anna S., '71. 

Phillips, Eugene, '11 Grocer, Galesburg 

Phillips, >Liry, '78. (Coflfey) Galesburg 

Phillips. Velma. '10. [Knox] Galesburg 

Piatt, Roy L., '99. [Knox] Grain dealer, Galesburg 

Pierson, Jennie. '90. ( Roadstruin ) Galesburg 

Pierson. Roy Harold, '11 Farmer, Galesburg 

Pillsbury, Harris. 'CW, [Knox. McCormick]. Minister, Forsythe. Mont. 

Pine, May, '87, [\J. of Chi., Coll. of Osteopathy] Los Angeles, Cal. 

Pittard. George, '08 Farmer, Monmouth, 111. 

Plattenberg, Lucile, '99, [Knox] Canton, 111. 

Porter, John R., '83 Cashier, Bank, Orange. Cal. 

Porter, Paul, '11, [Knox] Galesburg 

Potter. Alice S., '83 Stenographer, New York 

Potter, Harriet. '88, (Byram) Effingham, 111. 

Potter, Herman H., '97, [Knox] . . . .Mgr., Gas works, Washington, Ind. 

Potter, Lois, '08, [Knox] Galesburg 

Potter, Mark J.. '98 Traveling salesman, Chicago, 111. 

Potter, Mary, '09, [Knox] Galesburg 

Potts. Erma. '08, (Lanihan) Sheridan, Wyoming 

Powell, Matie G., '87, (Taylor) Galesburg 

Powelson. Horace Elwood, '09, [Knox] . . .0. T. Johnson Co., Galesburg 

Pratt, Robert, '01 ; Civil Engineer, Galesburg 

Presson, Nellie 'SL. '03. (Westeen) Yokahama. Wash. 

Price, Anna L., '98. (Moore) Chicago, 111. 

Price, Cora, '08. [Business Coll.] Stenographer, Oskaloosa, la. 

Prince, Henry, '07, [Knox, Wash. U., Harvard Law] Galesburg 

Prince, Irving H., '10, [Knox] Galesburg 

Pugh, Earl, '00 Died. 1912 

Purington, Helen, '04, (Jesse Phillips) Chicago, III. 

Purington, Stewart, '08, [Knox] Des Moines, la. 

Purviance, Carolyn, '05, [Knox Con.] . .Nurse, St. Luke's, Chicago. 111. 

Purviance, Edith, '03 Galesburg 

Purviance, Grace M., '04, [Knox] Teacher, Virden, 111. 

Putnam. Blossom S., '11 Teacher, Wataga, 111., Henderson, 111. 

Quick, Esther, '09 Teacher, Ft. Sumter School, Altona, 111. 

Quinlan, Marie, '03, (Keips) Fon du Lac, Wis. 

Quinlan, Martin, '96... City collector, Jones & Laughlin, Chicago, 111. 

Ragon, Nellie Mae, '09, [Training School] Died, 1911 

Ramp, John, '01 Telegraph operator, Galesburg 

Rathbun, Frederick J.. '04. [Knox] New Windsor, 111. 

Rathbun. George L., '04, [Knox] New Windsor, 111. 

Rawalt, Harry, '00 Operator, N. W. Telegraph Co., N. Dakota 

Rawalt, Milo, '05, [Brown's] Farmer, Canton, 111. 

Rawles, Blanche, '08. [T. S.] Teacher, Churchill School, Galesburg 

Ray, Jessie F., '77, [Knox] Teacher, High School, Galesburg 


Ray, Linnie G., '80, (Swag) Teacher, Hitchcock School, Galesburg 

Raymond, Addie, '88, (Gaylord) La Grange, 111. 

Raymond, Helen, '07, [Knox Conservatory] Galesburg 

Read, Caroline, '06, [Knox] Stenographer, St. Joseph, Mo. 

Read, Grace Katherine, '10 Stenographer, St. Joseph, Mo. 

Read, Henry H., '98, [Knox] Mossleigh, Alberta, Canada 

Read, Robert S., '04, [Knox] Mossleigh, Alberta, Canada 

Ream, Albert J., '87 Contractor, Galesburg 

Ream, Grace, '96, [St. Luke's Highland Hosp.] Nurse, Chicago, 111. 

Ream, Helen E., '10, [Lombard] Galesburg 

Rearick, Marie, '05, [Knox, Training School] Galesburg 

Redfield, George, '91, [Knox] ... .Gen. Electric Co., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Redfield, Mary, '84 Died, 1892 

Reed, Verne, '07 Peoria, 111. 

Regnier, Ethelyn, '97 Died, 

Regnier, Jessie I., '09, [Brown's] CJ^^rk, Block & Sax, Galesburg 

Regnier, Mary, '99, (Pierce) Wataga, 111. 

Regnier, Trella, '92, (Burch) Elbron, la. 

Renstrom, Alfred, '92, [Brown's] Shipping clerk, Moline, 111. 

Repine, Etta, '01 Rock Island, 111. 

Reynolds, Clara, '88 Died, 1895 

Reynolds, Fannie, '91, (Paine) Abingdon, 111. 

Reynolds, James, '89. 

Reynolds, James B., '01, [Gem City Business] Abingdon, 111. 

Reynolds, Nellie P., '83, (F. HambUn) .. .Teacher, Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Reynolds, Sarah, '89 Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Rhodes, Helen, '11, [Michigan Univ.] Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Rhodes, Helen E., '04, (Moorehead) Waterloo, la. 

Rhodes, Letitia, '05, [Knox Conservatory] Galesburg 

Rice, Delia M,'80,(Matheny), [Kn,U of Z,U of M,J Hop] Phys,Galesburg 

Ringstrom, Emma C, '79 Died, 1893 

Rich, W. H., '02, [Lombard], Teacher, Stanford Univ., Palo Alto. Cal. 

Richards, Helen, '07, ( Judd) Galesburg 

Richardson, Ada Frances, '09 Galesburg 

Richey, Frances E., '03, [Lombard] .. .Teacher, High School, Galesburg 

Richter, Minnie A., '06, (Frank Westfall) Chicago, 111. 

Ricky, William, '01, [Brown's] Rocky Ford. Colo. 

Ridgeley, Clarence, '90 Mechanical Engineer, Litchfield, 111. 

Ridgely, George, '90 Died, 1890 

Ring, Linne, '11 Brick yards, Galesburg 

Risburg, Esther A., '11 Clerk, O. T. Johnson Co., Galesburg 

Risburg, Fred A., '08 Mgr., Cigar store, St. Paul, Minn. 

Risley, Inez, '92, [T. S.] Teacher, Weston School, Galesburg 

Roadstrum, Clayton, '99, Trav. salesman, Milburn Co., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Roadstrum, Forrest A., '02 Terry Lumber Co., Beardstown, 111, 

Roadstrum, Nellie, '92, (Inness), [Brown's] Galesburg 

Roadstrum, Ralph, '93 Mgr., Union Telephone Co., Galesburg 

Robb, Clell R., '09, [Brown's] .. .Stenog., W. A. Anderson's, Galesburg 

Robb, Madge, H., '11 Teacher, Cameron, 111. 

Robb, Nellie, '08 Teacher, Dunlap School, Galesburg 

Robbins, Margaret C, '09 Clerk, O. T. Johnson Co., Galesburg 

Robbins, Zilpha, '04, [Knox, Rush Medical] Chicago, 111. 

Robinson, Hazel M., '02, [Brown's] Stenographer, Chicago, III. 


Robson, Eleanor H., '10, [Knox] Galeshurg 

Robson, Ruth M., '11, [Knox] Galesburg 

Robson. Stuart H., '10, [Brown's, U. of 111.] Galeshurg 

Rockwell, Verona, '10, [Knox] Galeshurg 

Roberts, Etta, '03, (Lowell) Galesburg 

Roberts, Harold, '05 Farmer, Ontario, 111. 

Roberts, Mabel, '94, (J. S. Burton) Columbus, Wis. 

Roberts. May B., 'S6, (E. J. King), [Knox] Galesburg 

Robertson, Allen, '10 Farmer, Rio, 111. 

Robertson, Eugene A., '11, [Knox] Galeshurg 

Robertson, Fred, '01 Wells, Fargo Express Co., Galeshurg 

Robertson, Mary, '08 Farm, Galesburg 

Robertson, Maud, '07, [Knox] Farm, Galesburg 

Root, Elizabeth D., '97, (Wm. Barry), [Knox] Galeshurg 

Rodormer, Bessie A., '02 Milliner, Galesburg 

Roderick, Ben K., '10 Bookkeeper, Des Moines, la. 

Roffey, Minnie, '84, (Goddard) Jamesport, Mo. 

Rogers, Chas. B., '98. . .Shipping clerk, Herschel Mfg. Co., Peoria, 111. 

Rogers, Clara, '00, (Caldwell), [Knox Conservatory] Galesburg 

Rogers, Ella, '01 Cashier, O. T. Johnson Co., Galeshurg 

Rogers, G. Fern, '03, [Knox] Galesburg 

Rogers, Geo. E., '98 Real estate. New York. N. Y. 

Rogers, Harry E., '98 Tourist Conductor, "Q," Chicago, 111. 

Rogers, Lila, '99. 

Rogers, Mary, '06 Stenog., Galesburg Grocery Co., Galesburg 

Rogers, Ralph, '03, [Knox] . . . .U. S. Indian service, Toppenish, Wash. 

Root, Buell, '95, [Knox] Traveling salesman, Lincoln, Neb. 

Root, Reba, '99, (Wannemaker) Galesburg 

Rose, Hazel M., '10 Studying music, Galesburg 

Rose, Harry, '06. .Mgr. Terry Lumber Co., Roseville yard, Roseville, 111. 

Rose, Mabel C, '09, [Brown's] Clerk, O. T. Johnson Co., Galesburg 

Rosenau, Millie, '99 Chicago, 111. 

Rosengren, Tulip, '07, [Brown's] Dressmaker, Galesburg 

Ross, Laverna L., '03, (Haynes) Seattle, Wash. 

Ross, Mae Anna, '09 Galesburg 

Rowan, Isal, '06, (Aldrich), [Knox Con., Oberlin] . . . . Stoutsville, Mo. 

Rugar, Jennie S., '75, [Knox] Artist, Joliet, 111 

Rumbeck, Mamie, '01, (Anderson) Peoria, 111. 

Rundquist, Olga, '06, [Knox Con.] Teacher, music, Galeshurg 

Runkle, Louise, '01, [T. S.] Teacher, Bateman School, Galesburg 

Rusk, Louella, '85 Dressmaker, Galesburg 

Rusk. Wilbur M., '10. [Brown's] Stenographer, "Q." Galeshurg 

Russel. Leone Ruby, '11 Wataga, 111. 

Ryan, Cecilia C, '82 Died, 1893 

Ryan, Helen, '08, [Knox] Galesburg 

Ryan, Lizzie M., '78, (Balensifer) Died, 1901 

Ryan, Marion Cecelia, '11, [Knox] Galeshurg 

Ryan, Robert, '11, [Knox] Galesburg 

Sadler, Anna, '88, (Sturgeon) Peoria, 111. 

Sage, Mabel, '01, (Gabrielson) Denver, Colo. 

Salem, Arthur Renhold, '09 Farmer, Galesburg 

Salem, Edna Irene, '09 Clerk, general store, Soperville, 111. 

Salisbury, Florence M., '11, [Brown's], Sten. Rowe Mfg. Co., Galesburg 


Sanborn, Earle, '07, [Knox] Galesburg 

Sanburg, Martha, '11 Clerk, O. T. Johnson Co., Galesburg 

Sandberg, Mary, '93 Registered Nurse, Galesburg 

Sandell, Madora G., '97. .Bookkeeper, Fidelity S. & L. Assn., Galesburg 

Sandquist, Sara, '98, (Johnson) Eskilstuna, Sweden 

Sauter, Ray, '06, [Knox] Galesburg 

Sauter, Vera, '10, [Knox] Galesburg 

Schaeffer, Alice L., '98, (Durham) Los Angeles, Cal. 

Scheiderman, Arlie, '97 Clerk, The Fair, Chicago. III. 

Schoettler, Arthur, '07, [Knox, Bradley] .Teacher, Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Schoettler, Laura, '07, [Knox] Teacher, High School, Toulon, 111. 

Schoettler, Lewis, '00 Machinist, Springfield, Mo. 

Schoettler, Myrtle M., '10 Stenog., Rev. McKinley, Galesburg 

Scholes, Alia, '05 Clerk in store, Canton. 111. 

Schryver, Alice M., 78, (Sawyers), [Knox] Died. 1893 

Schryver, Anna A., 11, [Michigan Univ.] . .Teacher, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Schultz, Gretchen H.. '09, [ Lombard] Galesburg 

Schultz, Olga, '11, [Post Graduate] Galesburg 

Schwerer, Atlena B.. '87, (Baer) Henderson, III. 

Scoglund, Maud Olivia, '97, (Whipple) Galesburg 

Scott, Anna, '96, (C. F. Hurburgh), [Knox Con.] » Galesburg 

Scott, Chas. G., '74 Wholesale grocer, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Scott, Edwin J., '94, [Brown's] ; Grocer, Galesburg 

Scott, Elizabeth L., '98 Galesburg 

Scott, Gilbert, '88 Grocer, Galesburg 

Scott, Jewell, '10 Asst. Adv. Mgr., O. T. Johnson Co., Galesburg 

Scott, Preston, '01 Meat inspector, E. St. Louis, III. 

Scudder, Ella, '88. (Eckenberger) Decatur, Mich. 

Scudder, Lillie, '92, (Ridler) New York. N. Y. 

Scurry, Wm. J., '11 C. B. & Q. repair yards, Galesburg 

Seacord, Marie, '03, [Knox] Teacher, High School, Galesburg 

Searle, Arthur, '05 Collector, Gas & Electric Light Co., Galesburg 

Searles, Milford, '89, [Knox] Collector, Rep.-Reg., Galesburg 

Searles, Roe, '(X) Switchman, "Q," Galesburg 

Seastedt, Clara, '93, ( Salzberg) Galesburg 

Seeley, Frankie, '08, [Knox] Galesburg 

Segrist, Aleta Mary, '09. [Lombard] '. Galesburg 

Selleck, Mable E., '93, (Dr. Hyde), [Nurse's Train'g] . . .Willmette, III. 

Selleck, Mamie, '98, (H. A. Drake) Galesburg 

Selk, Adelaide, 79 Seymour, 111 

Senate, Flora, '99 Nekoma, 111. 

Seymour, Ona Elizabeth, '11, [Brown's] Geneseo, 111. 

Shadley, Harold M., '10, [Brown's] "Q" office, Chicago. 111. 

Shadley, Hazel Marie, '11, [Knox] Galesburg 

Shaffer, Elma, '01, (Thompson) Casper, Wyo. 

Shannon, Lucy, '91, (Mell Evans) Galesburg 

Shannon, Maud, '93, (Blue) Canton, Kan. 

Sharp, Beulah N. M., '11, (Grover C. Giddings) Galesburg 

Sharp, John. '03 Ranchman, Haxton, Colo. 

Sharp, Pearl Adelia, '10 Teacher, Henry School, Galesburg 

Shaver, Harold, '07 Farmer, N. Henderson, 111. 

Shaver, Winifred. '08, [Knox] North Henderson. 111. 

Shaw, Allie M., '86, (McCullough) Omaha, Neb, 


Sheldon, Carrie. '98 Art teaclier. Galesburg 

Shericton, Frances, '99, ( Boyd) Chicago, 111. 

Sheridan, Laura A., '10 Farm, Cameron, 111. 

Sheridan, Maude, '95, (Sayles), [Brown's] Peoria, 111. 

Sherman, Myrtle, '94, (Cardiff), [Knox], German tutor, Topeka, Kan. 

Shoreen, Albert, '01 Died, 1905 

Shull, Harry, '00 Drug store, Abingdon, 111. 

Shumwav. Jesse G.. '08 Died. 1912 

Shults, Maude, '93 Soperville, 111. 

Sigsbee, Ray, '00. [Kno.x, Heideli)erg Univ.) Galesburg 

Simcox, Myrtle, '94, (Stevenson) Hollywood, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Simms. Edna C. '03 Teacher, Galesburg 

Simpson, Clarence, [Bradley] Peoria. 111. 

Sipes, Matie. '09 Clerk, O. T. Johnson Co., Galesburg 

Sisson, Fred \V., '79, JKnox] Died, 1908 

Skinner, Fannie A., '75, (Xorthcutt ) Trinidad, Colo. 

Slack, Noma, '08 Teacher, Bateman Scliool, Galesburg 

Slater, Ruby M., '04 Teacher, Wetmore School, Rio, 111., Galesburg 

Slattery, Geo., '99, [Knox, Bellevue] Physician, New York City 

Slattery, ^Maggie. '95. [ Knox] Teacher, Galesburg 

Slosson, Grace Isabelle, '11, [Kno.x] Galesburg 

Small, Mary Agnes. '11 Teacher near Yates City, Yates City, 111. 

Smith, Bessie L., '86 Photographer, Council Grove, Kan. 

Smith, Blanche. '95, (Tyler) Died, 1905 

Smith, Blanche. '97, (Bates), [Kno.x] San Antonio, Tex. 

Smith. Charles. '96 Mechanic, "Q," Galesburg 

Smith, Edith. '03, (H. A. Bowden) London Mills, 111. 

Smith, Estelle M.. '02. (L. Barlow) Galesburg 

Smith, Ethel Euphemia, '00 Music teacher, Tacoma, Wash. 

Smith, Franklin C, '10 Lake Forest, 111. 

Smith, Fred C, '04 Moline. 111. 

Smith, Georgia A.. '80, (Geo. \V. Gale). [Knox] Galesburg 

Smith, Gilbert, '01 First National Bank. Canton, 111. 

Smith, Harry E., '01 .\dams Express Co., St. Louis, Mo. 

Smith, Harry O., '94, [Knox] Died, 1909 

Smith, Herbert A., '89, [Knox] Real estate, Galesburg 

Smith, James Wesley, '02 Farmer. Abingdon, 111. 

Smith, Jessie, '90 Galesburg 

Smith, Laura, '96, (Otis Goflf), [Training School] Galesburg 

Smith, Lois, '96, (Squires) O. T. Johnson Co., Galesburg 

Smith, Louise D., '03 Galesburg 

Smith, Marie, '09, [ Knox] Galesburg 

Smith, Mariel, '08, (J. W. Whittaker) Galesl)urg 

Smith, Mary Grace, '97. . Stenographer, Arnold Law Office, Galesburg 

Smith, May, '91 Galesburg 

Smith, Minnie L., '82, [Knox] Teacher, High School, Galesburg 

Smith. Ralph C, '04. [Brown's] Cialesburg 

Smith, Ruth, '90, (Gray) Galesburg 

Snap, Lillian, '07, (Kennedy) Galesburg 

Snowball. Marie. '02, ( Pankey ) Galesburg 

Snyder, Bessie, '96, (Stellwagon ), [Knox] St. Louis, Mo. 

Snyder, Retta L., '04, [Knox, St. Luke's Hosp.] . .Nurse, St. Louis, Mo. 
Soper, Rosalie, '03 Clerk, O. T. Johnson Co., Galesburg 


Southworth, Ethel Mae, '10, [T. S.], Teacher, Central School, Galesburg 

Spach, Fred J.. '01 Surveyor, Helena, Mont. 

Spake, Marie, '08, [Brown's] .. .Stenog., Galesburg Gro. Co., Galesburg 
Spaulding. De Witt, '88. [Phila. Phar.] ... .Druggist, New York, N. Y. 

Speed, Alice L., '94, (Comber) Galesburg 

Speed, Fannie, '91, (Comber) Galesburg 

Spence, Cosette, '05, [Wilson Coll., Chambersburg, Pa.], Uniontown, Pa. 
Spinner, Delia, '06, [Knox, U. of Chi.] .. .Teacher, High S., Galesburg 

Spinner, Harold, '03, [Knox] Real estate, Toppenish, Wash. 

Springer, Florence, '02 Nurse, Denver, Colo. 

Springer, Lois, '09 Teacher near Victoria, Galesburg 

Squires, Chester A., '97, [School of Osteopathy] Galesburg 

Squires, Gracia A., HI , (Evans) Died, 1908 

Stark, Nellie O., '94, [Brown's] . .Stenog., P. T. & S. Bank, Galesburg 

Steele, Lloyd Theodore, '10 Stenog., "Q" office, Galesburg 

Steele, Mildred Susan, '10, [Knox] Galesburg 

Steele, Myrtle, '08, [Brown's] Galesburg 

Stephens, Agnes Marie, '02, (Ed. Lundgren) Woodhull, 111. 

Stephens, Lillian, '03 Clerk, O. T. Johnson Co., Galesburg 

Stephenson, Clarence Rudolph, '11, [Brown's] Galesburg 

Stephenson, Lillian Ruth, '09 Holmes Bros. Laundry, Galesburg 

Stephenson, Mamie E., '98 , (Paulson) Galesburg 

Stevens, Carrie, '85 Died, 1910 

Stevens, Nettie, '00, (McClure) Galesburg 

Stevens, R. C, '69 Died. 

Stilson, Ella M., '82 Seattle. Wash. 

Stilson, Frank W., 11 Died, 1906 

Stilson, Fred, '07 Farmer, Raley, Alberta, Canada 

Stilson, Lottie W., '80, (W. H. Chambers), [Knox] .. .Spokane Wash. 

Stimson, Bertha, '98, (Peterson) Galesburc 

Stofft, Arthur H., '98.. Gen. Trav. Pass. Agent, "Q," New York, N. Y. 

Stofft, Daisie D.. '98, (Anderson) Galesburg 

Stofft, Frank, '91 Gen. Mgr., Deere Plow Co., Moline, II!. 

Stofft, Lillie. '92, (Gallagher) Moline, 111. 

Stone, Celeste, '07 Farm, Galesburg 

Stone, Georgia M., '02, (Allen) Galesburg 

Stone, Harriet, '93, (E. R. Drake), [Knox, T. S.] Died, 1906 

Stone, Martha, '89, (Hurd), [Knox] Riverside, Cal. 

Stone, Otis L., '00 Street car conductor, Galesburg 

Strain, Horace, '85. [Knox, McCormick Theo. Sem.] Died. 1909 

Stratford, Zula, '03, [U. of Columbia, U. of Paris] Paris, France 

Streedain, Leonard LI., '09. .Bookkeeper, Bank of Galesburg, Galesburg 

Stromstead, Florence, '00, (Wilbur) Galesburg 

Sullivan, Catherine C, '97, (Neville), [Training School] . .StreaLor, 111. 

Sullivan, John B., '98 Sullivan Varnish Co., Chicago, 111. 

Sullivan, May T., '79 Died, 1886 

Sumner, Fern, '07 Teacher. Gilson, 111. 

Sunderline, Carrie, '89. (Moor) Kewanee, 111. 

Swain, Eulalia, '99, ( Peckenpaugh) Galesburg 

Sw^ain, Wm. Alfred. '09, [Brown's] Gas office, Galesburg 

Swan, Harold, '08, [Bradley] Peoria, 111. 

Swank, Arthur, '09 Clerk, general store, Birmingham, la. 

Swank, C. Verne, '06, [Knox] Merchant, Birmingham, la. 


Swank. Grace Leone, '10, [ Knox] Galesburg 

Swanson, Agnes, '07, (Edwards) Galesburg 

Swanson, Amelia, '99 Galesburg 

Swanson, Arthur H., '02, (Brown's] Clerk, "Q" Supt., Galesl)urg 

Swanson, Arvid, '06 Machinist, Galesburg 

Swanson, Cora, '00, (Sandstrom) Galesburg 

Swanson, Earle N., '02 Farmer, Canada 

Swanson, Ethel, '05 Office, Evening Mail, Galesburg 

Swanson, Florence A., '04, (Arthur Freeburg), Milestone, Sask., Canada 

Swanson, Forrest Clayton, 'O), [Knox] Galesburg 

Swanson, Fred Curtis, '09, | Knox, U. of 111.] Galesburg 

Swanson, Hazel Caroline, '11. [Knox] Galesburg 

Swanson, Irene H Clerk, O. T. Johnson Co., Galesburg 

Swanson, Jennie M., '93 Clerk. N. P. Nelson Co., Galesburg 

Swanson, Leland D.. '04, [Harvard Univ.] Galesburg 

Swanson, Lillian, '05 Bookkeeper, Com. Union Grocery, Galesburg 

Swanson, Ludwig J., '97 Traveling salesman, Galesburg 

Swanson, Marie, '10, [Knox] Galesburg 

Swanson, Mary, '95, (Strandburg) Cialesburg 

Swanson, Maynard, R., '04. [Knox] Farmer, Roseville, 111. 

Swanson, Melvin, '05, [Brown's] Prop., restaurant, Urbana, 111. 

Swanson, Nellie, '98. [T. S., Kind. Nor.], Teacher, Lincoln, Galesburg 

Swanson, Ruth Otelia, '10, [Brown's] Stenog., Brown's, Galesburg 

Swartwout, Isabelle, '85, (Turner), [Pratt Inst.], San Antonio, Texas 

Sweeney, Ethel, '05, [ Knox ] Galesburg 

Swenson, Dora, '95, (Swenson), Clerk, Singer Mach. Co., Galesburg 

Swenson, George, '99 Commission house, Chicago, 111. 

Swigert, Grayce M., '06, (Long) Galesburg 

Swigert, Harry, '92, [Knox] Died, 1905 

Swigert, Hattic, '92 Des Moines, la. 

Swigert, Orton, '92, [Knox] Grocer, Des Moines, la. 

Swisher, Ethelyn, '07. . .Operator,Galesburg Union Tel. Co., Galesburg 
Switzer, Elizabeth, '93, (A. J. Boutelle), [Training School] . .Galesburg 

Switzer, Gertrude, '98 Wataga, 111. 

Switzer, J. W.,'98, [Knox, la. St. U.]. Clerk, Mich. Cent.. Chicago, 111. 
Switzer, Robt. M., '94, [Knox, U. of 111.].. City Ed., Register, Galesburg 

Sykes, Carol, '99, [Knox] Teacher, Pasadena, Cal. 

Sykes, Martha Glenn, '09, [Knox] Galesburg 

Talbot, Edith Otha, '00 Rock Island, 111. 

Tate, Eva, '03, (Mulvaney) Cherokee, la. 

Taylor, Bessie J., '04, ( Palmer) Galesburg 

Taylor, Lottie M.. '04, (C. W. Carlson) Galesburg 

Taylor, Myrtle, '09 Wataga, 111. 

Taylor, OHve L., '83, (J. T. Duke) P. O. Reg. clerk, Galesburg 

Taylor, Roy, '05 Prop., Grand Theatre, Galesburg 

Terney, Maybelle, '03 Clerk, Chicago Bargain store, Galesburg 

Terry, Julia T., '98, (Brown), [Knox] Cleveland, Ohio 

Terry, Willis, '99, [Knox] Terry Lumber Co., Galesburg 

Thiele, Florence, '07 Teacher, Marshall, Wyoming 

Thiele, Virginia, '00, [Knox, T. S.] Teacher, Marshall, Wyoming 

Thomas, Bessie A., '!() Nurse, Cottage Hospital, Galesburg 

Thomas, John H., '97 Engineer, "Q," Galesburg 

Thomas, Kate, '96, (Olson), [Training School] Galesburg 


Thompson, Alma, '98, (Darst) Farm, Ferris, 111. 

Thompson, Alma, '03, (Worth Alatteson), [Knox] Foreman. Ark. 

Thompson, Arthur B., '01. . .Teacher, Keokuk Med. Coll., Keokuk, la. 

Thompson, Edvth, '10, [Knox] Galesburg 

Thompson, Edwin, '98 Mitchellville, la. 

Thompson, Florence May, '10 "Q" lunch counter, Aurora, 111. 

Thompson, Lizzie, '85, (.\nderson ) .». Galesburg 

Thompson, Mable, '07, (F. S. Hoover) .. .Clerk, N. Y. store, Galesburg 

Thompson, Minnie, '91, (Hart) Chicago, 111. 

Thompson, Ruth, '08, [Knox] Galesburg 

Thompson, Wm. F., '83 Clerk, Arlington hotel, Galesburg 

Thomson, Merle, '10, [Knox Conservatory] Galesburg 

Thoureen, Aleda T., '10 Cashier, O. T. Johnson Co., Galesburg 

Thoureen, Edna, '07, [Lombard] Galesburg 

Thoureen, Minnie, '08 Office, S. H. Olson Grocery, Galesburg 

Thoureen, Olga V., '04, (G. Holmes) Burlington, la. 

Thoureen, Ray, '06 Died, 1910 

Thulin, Ida F., '86, (Thompson) Galesburg 

Thulin, Nettie M., '87 Died, 1897 

Thuline, Olga Josephine, '10. [Brown's] Office, Brown's, Galesburg 

Tibbits, E. Susie '84 Galesburg 

Tiffany, Louise H., '05, [Knox Con.] Asst. Librarian, Galesburg 

Tinkham, Hazel M., '04, [Brown's] Galesburg 

Tinkham, Ralph Norton, '11 Farmer, Cameron, 111. 

Tobey, Harold Eugene, '02, [Knox, U. of III] Civil Eng., Chicago 

Tobin, Geo., '03, [Brown's] Asst. ticket agent, "Q," Galesburg 

Tobin, Patrick R., '04, [Brown's], Asst. depot master, "Q," Chicago 

Tobin, Wm., '96, [Lombard] Chief clerk, N. P. Ry., Billings, Mont 

Todd, Willa T., '06 Milliner, Chicago, 111. 

Toler, Ethelyn M., '11. [Science Hill] Shelbyville, Ky. 

Tomlinson, Kenneth C, '10, [Reed College] Portland, Ore. 

Toothe, Chas. H., '11. ..Clerk, Master Mechanic's office, "Q," Galesburg 
Tovey, Claire, '05, [Arkadelphia Coll.], Teacher, Univ., Wichita, Kan. 
Tovey, Henry D., '01, [Knox Con.] . .Director Music, Fayetteville, Ark. 

Townsend, Fern, '06, (George Ross). [Lombard] Galesburg 

Townsend, Lora, '96, (Dickinson), [Lombard] Winnetka, 111. 

Townsend, Nelle, '02, (HinchUff), [Lombard, Knox Con.] . .Galesburg 

Tracy. Frances, '06, (Ray Main), [Knox Con.] Altona, 111. 

Tracy, I vas lone, '09, Galesburg 

Tracy, Roy, '05, [Brown's] Farmer, Oneida, 111. 

Trask, Helen, '10, [Knox] Galesburg 

Trump, Charles T., '10 Dry goods business, Frankfort, Kan. 

Trump, Hazel, '07, [Knox] ... .Teacher, Woodhull, 111., Frankfort, Kan. 

Trump, Vera G., '06, [Knox] Teacher, Lena, 111., Frankfort, Kan. 

Tryner, Edith, '03, [T. S.] Teacher, Bateman School, Galesburg 

Tryner, Jessie, '00, [Brown's] . .Bookkeeper, Terry Lum. Co., Galesburg 

Tunnicliff, Grace, '98. [Cornell, la.] Teacher, Moline, Cornell la. 

Tunnicliff, Nathaniel, '97, [Cornell U., Knox], Civil Eng., Davenport, la. 

Turney, Antoinette, '02, [Knox, Smith] Chanute, Kan. 

Turney, Thos. J., [Brown's, Dental Coll.] Chicago, 111. 

Tuttle, Gertrude, '01 Died, 1904 

Tyler, Paul, '03 Tayler & Critchfield Ad. Co., Chicago, 111. 

Tyler, Vera, '10, [Knox] Galesburg 


Van Clute, Jessie, '98, ( Jolinson), [Knox] Gaston, W. Va. 

Vanderburgh, Grace, '06, | Knox, Brown's J Galesburg 

Vanderburg, Mary, '08. [W. 111. Nor.] Galesburg 

Van Liew, Genevra, '92, (Tuttle), [Lombard] Abingdon, 111. 

\'an Scoyk. Elizabeth, [Brown's], Office, Metropolitan Ins.Co.,Galesburg 

\^elander, Eunice,. '11. [Brown's] Galesburg 

Velander, Myrtillo, '08, [Brown's] .. .Asst. bookkeeper, bank, Galesburg 

Venell, Esther, '00, (Baston) McDonald, Kan. 

Vincent, Hope E., [Oberlin] .Boston, Mass. 

\'ivion, Mildred, '07, (John Lowell), [Knox Con.] . .London Mills, 111. 

Wade, Alice, '04, (Mace) Galesburg 

Waggoner, Lula, '03 Galesburg 

Waggoner, Rose, '96, ( Kidder) East Galesburg 

Wagoner, Edwin B., '04, [Knox] Salesman, Cedar Rapids, la. 

Wagoner, Ellwood, '95 Trav., Comfort Mag., Eagle Butte, S. Dak. 

Wagoner, Lenora, '07 Wagoner Printing Co., Galesburg 

\N'a]berg, Mabelle, '99, (Humphrey) Galesburg 

Walberg, Robert J., '98 Grocer, Galesburg 

Waldron, Chas., '87 Chicago, 111. 

Waldron, Georgia, '83, (W. E. Hurlbut), [Knox] Sedalia, Mo. 

Walker, Edna, '95, (James Cheeseman) Des Moines, la. 

Walker, Daisy Dean, '93, (A. J. Booker) Indianapolis, Ind. 

Walker, Jessie, '96, (Watson), [Lombard] Houston, Tex. 

Walker, Nellie Elizabeth, '09, [Knox] Galesburg 

Wallbaum. Will H., '98 Fairbanks, Morse & Co., New York, N. Y. 

Wallace, Chris, '03. [U. of III.] Coldbrook, 111. 

Wallace, Gertrude M., '98 Bookkeeper, Burlington, la. 

Wallace, Malvern, '05, [Brown's] Tampa, Florida 

Wallace, Sara, '04 Monmouth, 111. 

Walline, Florence L., '04, (Alvin Dahlstrom) Miles City, Alont. 

^^'alline, Minnie, '03. (Johnson) Andover Township 

Walling, Maude E., '85, (Fox) Seattle, Wash. 

Walters. Otto, '01 Central Union Telephone Co., Galesburg 

Ward, Flora A., '79 Teacher, Weston School, Galesburg 

Ward, Florence, '06, [Kind. Normal. U. of Chicago] Chicago. 111. 

Ward, Lottie L., '87, ( Wenner) Washington, D. C. 

Ward, May, '85, (Carley) Ayer, Mass. 

Ward, Minnie M., '83 Galesburg 

^^'areham. Beatrice, '05. ( Wm. Hicks ) Joliet. 111. 

Warren, Jessie. '90. (John Ford) Physician, Denver, Colo. 

Wasson, Jessamond. '00. [Knox] Douglas, 111. 

Wasson, Martha, '96. [Knox] Teacher, Jefferson, la., Douglas, III. 

Wasson, Mary, '96. [Knox] Teacher, Lincoln, III, Douglas. 111. 

Wasson. Samuel T., '97, [Knox] Farmer, Douglas, 111. 

Waste, Clara, '81, (Bourne) Farm, Penhold. Alberta. Canada 

Waste, Emilie C. '85, [Knox Con.] .. .Farm, Penhold. Alberta, Canada 

Waste, Frank, '91 Farmer. Penhold, Alberta, Canada 

Watkins, Janie, '98, (Samuelson) Galesburg 

Watson, (Thas. L., '98 Restaurant, Spokane, Wash. 

Watson, Edward, '00 Clerk, C. B. & Q., Galesburg 

Watts, Elmer C, '93, [Brown's] Mayvvood, Chicago. 111. 

Watts, Mabel, '03, ( Peters) Galesburg 

Wax, Mattie, '91, (Dr. R. G. Dingman) Prophetstown, 111. 


Way, Edna Lisle, '09, [Western 111. Normal] Tennessee. 111. 

Weakley, Marie S., '09 Branch librarian, Galesburg 

Webster, Albert S., '00, [Lombard] Furnishing Co., Chicago, 111. 

Webster, Fred C, '06, [Lorn.. Stanford U.], Elec. supplies, Peoria, 111. 

Webster. George, M.. '09. [Lombard] Galesburg 

Webster, Inez, '02. [Lombard, National Park Sem.] Galesburg 

Webster, Pierce, '09. [Lombard] Galesburg 

Weech. Glenn J., '10, [Knox] Galesburg 

Weech. Richard B., '02. [Knox] Farmer, St. Augustine, 111. 

Weidenhamer, Florence E., '11, [Post Graduate] Galesburg 

Weidenhamer, Fred, '05 Motorcycle business, Galesburg 

Weidenhamer, Grace E.. '06 Galesburg 

Weidenhamer, Rov J., '01 Brakeman, McCook, Neb. 

Weidenhamer, Nellie, '01, (Nottleman) Bushneil, 111. 

Weinberg, Alice M., '04 Died, 1907 

Weinberg, Catharine, '06. (V. J. Hampton) Denver, Coir). 

Weinberg, Helen Louisa. '11, [Knox] Galesburg 

Weir, Mildred, '06 Galesburg 

Weir. Winifred, '06, (Dr. J. C. Hagen), [Brown's] . .Hedgesville, Mont. 

Weisman. Marie. 'OS. (Harold Wilson Grimn) Chicago, 111. 

Welch. Frank. '99. [Brown's] . .Stenographer, E. W. Welch, Galesburg 

Welcome, Eva, '03, (Carter) Galesburg 

W^elhoflf, Edith, '98. (Wald) Lexington, 111. 

Wells. Clara L., '94, (A. F. Deem), [T. S.] Galva. 111. 

Welsh, Vernon M., '09. [Knox] Galesburg 

W^enquist, Judith O., '98. (Ericson). [T. S.] Milwaukee, Wis. 

Wenzelmann, Rosa, '11, [Knox] Galesburg 

Wertman, Mary E., '94, (A. D. Stearnes), [Knox] Galesburg 

Wertman, Norma. '00. (G. B. Hardy). [Knox] Galesburg 

Wertman. Ora. '95, [Knox] Galesburg 

West, Allen, '05 Clerk, general offices "Q," St. Joseph, Mo. 

West, Bessie A., '02. [Knox] .. .Nurse, St. Luke's Hosp., Chicago, 111. 

West, Byron. '07, [Knox, Lake Forest] Lake Forest, 111. 

West. Carl Lee, '00 Died, 1905 

West, Edith, '01, [Knox] Died, 1906 

West, Harry, '05 Fireman, "Q," Galesburg 

West, Marion, '89 Supervisor of Schools, Virginia, Minn. 

West, Oakley, '03, [Brown's] Civil Engineer, Weiser, Idaho 

West, Winnifred, '03. (Wick), [Knox] BHss, Idaho 

West, Violet Rosalind, '10. [Knox] Galesburg 

Westerblate, Alma, '90, (Eagle) Died. 1896 

Westfall, Frank, '07, [Brown's] .. .Office, Drainage Board, Chicago, 111. 

Westf all, Maude, '95 Los Angeles, Cal. 

Wetherbee, Rollin Franklin, '09, [Knox] Galesburg 

Wetherbee, William C, '06 Churchill Hardware Co., Galesburg 

Wetmore, Frank, '95. [Knox] Land agent. City of Mexico 

Wetterburg, Myrtle, '06 Galesburg 

Weyand. Anna Grace, '08. [Park College] .. .Teacher, Waterville. Okla. 

Wheeler. Hazel. '10 Galesburg 

White, Calvin W., '09, [Lombard. U. of 111.] Champaign 

White, Edna, '03, (Swanson), [T. S.] Milestone, Sask., Canada 

White, Edna B., '04, [Knox] Teacher, High School, Geneseo, 111. 

White, Florence, '07 Dressmaker, Kellogg, Drake & Co., Galesburg 


White. Frances Mary. '09 Office, C. A. White, Galesl)urg 

White. Ruby, '05, [Knox, T. S.] Teacher. Lexington, 111. 

White. Vera Grace, '10 Farm, Galeshurg 

Whitlield, Reta A., '04, [Knox] Music teacher, Galesburg 

Whiting, Egbert, '85 Kansas City, Mo. 

Whitman, Pearl M., '98, (Zimmerman), [Knox] Cameron, 111. 

Whitman, Vera Ray, '11 Cameron, 111. 

Wiand. Gertrude, '99 Nurse, Galesburg 

Widney, Alice, '99, (Conant), [Knox Con.] Topeka. Kan. 

WikofF, Cornelia, '10. (Illingworth) Galesburg 

Wilbur, Abbie Mae, '10, [Studying music] Galesburg 

Wilbur, Annie L., '85 Principal, Bateman School, Galesburg 

Wilbur, Daisy M., '98, (Rogers) Galesburg 

Wilbur, Fred. '93. [Barnes Med. Coll.] Physician, Riverton, 111. 

Wilcox, Hattie M., '78, (Samuel Ensminger) Kansas City, Kan. 

Wilcox, Ray, '03, [Col. Sch. of Oratory], Teacher, Las Vegas, N. Mex. 

Wilder, Mamie, '03, ( Patton ) Galesburg 

Wilds, Wilson, '01 Cable Piano Co., Chicago. 111. 

Wiley, Annie E., '11 , (Day) Galesburg 

Wiley, Mildred E., '10, [Knox] Galesburg 

Wilke, Arthur. '05 Farmer, St. Joseph, Mo. 

Wilke, David, '01 St. Joseph, Mo. 

Willard, Chas. T., '64, [Knox] .Dealer, paving supplies. New York, N. Y. 

Willard, Cordeha M., '04, (Dodds), [Knox, T. S.] Omaha, Neb. 

Willard, Frances C, '63, (Dunlap), [Knox] Chicago, 111. 

Willard, Silas, '06, [Knox] Dairy farmer, Shelby, la. 

Williams, Clarence, '11, [Post Graduate] Galesburg 

Williams, Elmer, '08, [Knox] Galesburg 

Williams, Howard, '91. [Brown's] Died, 1905 

Williams, Ida, '03, (Thorne) Galesburg 

Williams, Jennie Alice, '94 Clerk, N. P. Nelson Co., Galesburg 

Williams, Jessie, '00, [Lombard] Musician, Portland, Ore. 

Williams, May T.. '80, [Knox, Kindergarten Normal] Died, 1912 

Williams, Pearl, '08 Galesburg 

Williamson, Addie, '96, (Slocum), [Knox] Artesia, N. Mex. 

Williamson, Bessie. '03. [Lombard] .Teacher, Waterman Hall, Sycamore 

Williamson, Jean B.. '98, (Mercheson, [Knox] Galesburg 

Williamson, Nellie. '01, (Whipple) O. T. Johnson Co., Galesburg 

Willis, Bruce R., '01 Willis Mfg. Co., Galesburg 

Willis, Mana, '99. ( Fisher) Springfield, Mo. 

Willis, Ralph I.. '00 Willis Mfg. Co., Galesburg 

WilHs, Wm., '05, [Knox] Collector, Artificial Ice Co., Galesburg 

Willsie, Marjorie, '09, [Chicago Art Inst., Lombard] Galesburg 

Wilson, Bertrust, '87 Teacher, Dallas, Tex. 

Wilson, Lyman P., '00, [Knox, U. of Chi.].. ..Teacher, Moscow, Idaho 

Winn, Geo. P., '00. [Knox. Theol. Sem.] Missionary, Manchuria 

Winn, Julia, 'OO, (W. C. Erdman), [Knox] Manchuria 

Winter, Edna, '01, (Moore) New York, N. Y. 

Wisen, Harry, '11 Office, O. T. Johnson Co., Galesburg 

Wiswell, Augusta, C, '81, (J. W. Hastes) Galesburg 

Witham, Lelia Viola, '09 Galesburg 

Wood, Ernest John, '09, [Knox, Cornell] Galesburg 

Wood, Hilma, '07, (F. O. Anderson) Galesburg 


Wood, Leslie. '07, [Knox, Wash. State Coll.] Pullman, Wash. 

Wood, Maude, '08, [Knox] Galesburg 

Wood, Nellie E., '09, [Brown's] ... .Office, A. V. Felt & Co., Galesburg 

Wood, Seeley C, '04, [Chicago Dental] Dentist, Quincy. 111. 

Woodruff, Hazel, '06 Galesburg 

Woodward. Florence A., '67 Died, 

Woolsey, Ethel K., '02, (White) Galesburg 

Worman, Fred A., '10 Grocery and real estate, Plymouth, 111. 

Wright, Quincy P., '08. [Lombard] Galesburg 

Wright, Rosalind B., '10, (Clay) Rio, III. 

Wright, Sewall, '05, [Lombard, U. of 111.] Galesburg 

Yager, Addie, '95, (Smith) Chicago, 111. 

Yager, Beatrice, '07 Galesburg 

Yager, Bessie, '92, [Pratt Inst.]. . .Teacher, High School, St. Louis, Mo. 

Yager, Isadore, '88, (Woods) Chicago. 111. 

Yager, Leah, '07 Galesburg 

Yates, Charles G., '10, [Knox] Galesburg 

Yates, Earl, '07 Wells Fargo express messenger, Ft. Madison, la. 

Yenowine, Bessie V., '02 Stenographer. Kansas City, Mo. 

Yetter, Ruth, '10 Galesburg 

Yocum, Wilhelmina K., '10 Nurse, Evanston Hosp., Evanston, 111. 

Young, Anna, '95 .Galesburg 

Young, Frederick J., '09 Mail carrier, Galesburg 

Young, Lena, '99, (Conners) Galesburg 

Young, Marie, '01, (E. E. Patterson), [Business Coll.] ....Dallas, Tex. 

Youngberg, Alary F., '63, (Reed) San Jose, Cal. 

Youngren, Nina M., '10 Clerk, N. Y. Store, Galesburg 

Zebold, Harry L., '04, [Knox] .. .Teacher, Hooper, Colo., Moscow, Colo. 

Zetterberg, Arvid P., '00, [Knox] Supt. of Schools, Avon, 111, 

Zetterberg, Edna, '05, [Knox] Galesburg 

Zetterberg, Louise, '96, (Peterson), [Training School] Galesburg 

Zetterberg, Selma, '90, (Stromberg). [Knox Con., Post G.] . .Galesburg 

Zetterholm, Maurice E., '11, [U. of 111.] Galesburg 

Zoll. Constance, '01, ( W. G. Hudson) Chicago, 111. 

Zoll, Llewellyn S., '10 Office, Dr. Marks, Galesburg 

Zoll, Margaret, '07, (Love), [Brown's] Chicago, 111. 




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