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Serial No. 1082, General Series No. 866 




Entered as second class matter, July 11, 1916, at the post-office at Madison, 
Wisconsin, under the Act of August 24, 1912 



The Alumni Directory is composed of three parts, one of 
which is devoted to the Board of Regents, one to the Faculty, 
and one to the Alumni of the University. Copy for the Alumni 
section of necessity was compiled months in' advance of publica- 
tion. Such changes of address as have come to the office have 
been incorporated but in spite of efforts to secure information, 
there are undoubtedly errors in the list of 13,000 names. 

While it is a comparatively easy task to keep an up-to-date 
mailing list of the 5,500 members of the General Alumni Asso- 
ciation, it is somewhat difficult to keep a reliable record of grad- 
uates who do not keep in close touch with the University and 
who assume no responsibility in keeping us informed of their 

Alumni Recoi^der. 


The University of Wisconsin 


1849 *JOHN H. LATHROP, ex-officio, Chancellor . . . 1859 

1859 *HENRY BARNARD, ex-officio, Chancellor . • . . 1861 

1867 *PAUL A. CHADBOURNE, President .... 1870 

1871 J. H. TWOMBLY, President 1874 

1874 *JOHN BASCOM, President 1887 

1887 THOMAS CHROWDER CHAMBERLIN, cx-officio, Presi- 
dent . . . 1892 

1892 *CHARLES KENDALL ADAMS, ex-officio, President . 1902 

1900 E. A. BIRGE, ex-offiicio, Acting President . . . 1903 

1903 *CHARLES R. VAN HISE, ex-officio, President . . 1918 

1918 E. A. BIRGE, ex-officio, President 



1848 *ELEAZER ROOT, A. M., 'pro tempore .... 1850 

1850 *JOHN H. LATHROP, LL. D., ex-officio, Chancellor . 1859 

1859 *HENRY BARNARD, LL. D., ex-officio, Chancellor . 1861 

1861 *LOUJS P. HARVEY 1862 

1862 *JAMES T. LEWIS 1862 

1862 *JOSIAH L. PICKARD, LL. D. 1865 

1865 *JOHN G. McMYNN, A. M 1866 

1866 *EDWARD SALOMON 1869 


1875 *GEORGE H. PAUL 1877 

1878 *JAMES M. BINGHAM 1879 




1880 *GEORGE H. PAUL . 



1899 *GEORGE H. NOYES . 




1907 *W. D. HOARD 



1915 A. P. NELSON 





] <)or) 



1887 *JOHN G. McMYNN 







1905 H. C. TAYLOR 


1907 W. J. MCELROY 

1908 L. S. HANKS . 
1911 A. P. NELSON 




1918 A. J. HORLICK 


1920 W. J. KOHLER 





1911 H. C. BUMPUS 



1848 « JULIUS T. CLARK jy^O 

1856 *JAMES J). RUGGLES 1861 

1801 *DAVID H. TULLIS ....... \ 1866 

1866 *THOMAS S. ALLEN, cxolHcio, Secretary of State 1869 

1869 *JOKN- S. DEAN 1886 

1886 CHARLES F. LAMB \ \ 1887 

1887 EDWARD F. RILEY . . . . ' . .1907 





1866 ^WILLIAM E. SMITH, State 










1907 A. H. DAHL 


Treasurer, ex-offieio 

J 899 
J 903 


1849 *JOHN H. LATHROP, LL. D., Chancellor, ex-officio 

1848 *ALEXANDER L. COLLINS . . . . 





1848 *EDWARD V. WHITON 1849 

1848 *JOHN H. ROUNTREE 1853 

1848 *JULIUS T. CLARK 1851 

1848 *ELEAZER ROOT 1853 

1848 *SIMEON MILLS 1853 

1848 *THOS. W. SUTHERLAND 1849 

1848 *CYRUS WOODMAN 1850 

1848 *HIRAM BARBER 1854 

1848 *JOHN BANNISTER 1853 

1849 *NATHANIEL W. DEAN 1867 

1849 *A. HYATT SMITH 1857 

1850 *E. B. WOLCOTT, M. D 1853 

1851 *GODFREY AIGNER 1853 

1851 *JAMES D. RUGGLES 1857 

1851 *ALONZO WING 1857 


1853 *JOHN K. WILLIAMS 1859 

1853 *ALEXANDER T. GRAY, ex-ofjicio, Secretary of State . 1855 

1853 *CHAS. DUNN 1859 


1853 *LEVI B. VILAS 18^7 

1854 *HIRAM A. WRIGHT, ex-officio, Superintendent of Public 

Instruction 185<5 

1854 *NELSON DEWEY, Governor 1865 

1854 *E. M. HUNTER • 18^^ 

1854 *JULIUS P. ATWOOD 1855 

1855 *BERIAH BROWN 1857 

1855 *ALrRED L. CASTLEMAN, M. D 1861 

1855 *SAMUEL L. ROSE 18^1 

1856 *A. CONSTANTINE BARRY, ex-officio, Superintendent of 

Public Instruction 1857 

1856 *DAVID W. JONES, ex-officio, Secretary of State . " . I860 

1857 *EZRA S. CARR 18^9 

1857 *JOSIAH L. PICKARD, LL. D I860 

1857 *JOHN G. McMYNN 1863 

1857 *HORACE A. TENNEY - • 1863 

1«58 *LYMAN C. DRAPER, ex-officio. Superintendent of Public 

Instruction I860 

1859 *HENRY BARNARD, Chancellor, ex-officio . . . 1861 

1859 *OBADIAH M. CONOVER 1865 

1859 *CARL SCHURZ 1863 

1860 *HARRISON C. HOBART . ...... 1865 

1860 *MOSES M. DAVIS, M. D 1866 


1860 *LOUIS P. HARVEY, ex-officio, Secretary of State . 1862 

1860 *JOSIAH L. PICKARD, ex-officio, Superintenaent of Pub- 

lic Instruction 1864 

1861 *MICHAEL FRANK 1867 

1861 *EDWARD SALOMON 1866 

1861 *JOHN W. STEWART 1867 

1861 ^THEODORE PRENTISS . . . *. . . . 1867 


1862 *JAMES T. LEWIS, ex-officio, Secretary of State . . 1864 

1863 -HENRY D. BARRON . 1866 

1863 -GEORGE B. EASTMAN . 1866 

1863 *DENISON WORTHINGTON . . . . . . 1866 

1864 *LUCIUS FAIRGHILD, ex-officio, Secretary of State . 1866 

1864 *JOHN G. McMYNN, ex-officio, Superintendent of Public 

Instruction 1868 


1865 *HENRY S. MAGOON 1865 

1865 D. H. MULLER 1866 

1865 *H. P. STRONG 1866 

1865 *CHARLES THAYER 1866 

1866 *M. B. AXTELL 1867 

1866 *JACOB S. BUGH 1874 

1866 *ANGUS CAMERON 1875 

1866 *J. C. COVER 1870 


1866 *B. R. HINCKLEY 1874 

1866 *CHAS. S. HAMILTON 1875 

1866 * JACKSON HADLEY 1868 

1866 JOHN B. PARKINSON 1868 

1866 *AUGUSTUS L. SMITH 1874 


1866 *F. O. THORPE 1873 


1866 *EDWARD SALOMON 1869 

1867 *HENRY D. BARRON .' 1879 

1867 *HARRISON C. HOBART 1869 

1868 *ALEX. J. CRAIG, ex-officio, Superintondont of Public In- 

struction 1870 

1868 -JOHN LAWLER 1871 

1868 *JOHN G. McMYNN 1870 


1869 *JARED C. GREGORY 1881 

1869 *HAMILTON H. GRAY 1874 


1870 *JEROME E. BRIGHAM 1875 

1870 SAMUEL FALLOWS, ex-officio, Superintendont of Public 

Instruction , . 1874 

1870 *HAYDN K. SMITH 1872 

1871 *JAMES M. FLOWER 1871 

1871 *WILLIAM W. FIELD 1873 

1874 *GEO. H. PAUL 1877 

1874 *EDWARD SEARING, cx-ojficio, Superintendent of Public 

Instruction 1878 

1874 *HORATIO G. WINSLOW 1877 

1874 *PHILO A. ORTON 1877 

1874 *THOS. B. CHYNOWETH 1880 

1875 *MATTHEW KEENAN 1878 

1875 *THOMAS D. STEELE 1881 

1875 *CONRAD KREZ 1878 

1875 *JOHN K. WILLIAMS 1877 

1877 *JOHN B. CASSODAY 1880 

1877 *WILLIAM E. CARTER 1883 

1877 *JAMES M. BINGHAM 1885 

1877 *ELISHA W. KEYES 1889 

1878 *GEO. KOEPPEN 1890 

1878 *WILLIAM C. WHITFORD, ex-officio, Superintendent of 

Public Instruction 1882 

1878 *HIRAM SMITH 1890 

1879 *CADWALLADER C. WASHBURN, life member, died 

May, 1882 1882 

1879 *LINUS B. SALE 1883 

1879 *GEO. H. PAUL 1890 

1880 CHAS. D. PARKER . . 1882 

1880 *JOHN G. McMYNN . 1889 

1881 *Wm F. VILAS 1885 

1882 *JOHN C. SPOONER 1885 

1882 *ROBERT GRAHAM, cx-officio, Superintendent of Public 

Instruction 1887 

1883 *HENRY D. HITT 1889 


1883 *ALFRED C. PARKINSON . . . . . . 1887 


1885 GEORGE RAYMER 1891 


1887 JESSE B. THAYER, ex-officio, Superintendent of Public 

Instruction 1891 

1887 *FRANK CHALLONER . . . . . . .1892 


1887 THOMAS CHEOWDEE CHAMBEELIN, ex-officio, Pres- 

ident of the University 1892 

1888 E . L. BEOWNE 1891 

1889 LUCIEN S. HANKS 1892 

1889 *JOSEPH V. QUAELES 1890 

1889 *JOHN A. EICE 1892 

1889 JOHN M. TEUE 1892 

1890 *GEOEGE H. NOYES 1902 

1890 *JAMES- H. MEAD 1891 

1890 *CHAELES E. BEACH 1892 


1891 *BEEESE J. STEVENS . " 1903 

1891 *JOHN W. BASHFOED . . . . . . . 1897 

1891 OLIVEE E. WELLS, ex-officio, Superintendent of Public 

Instruction . 1894 

1891 *DANIEL L. PLUMEE 1897 

1892 *WILLIAM H. SEAMAN 1896 

1892 *HAEVEY B. DALE 1895 


1892 *CHAELES KEITH 1895 

1892 *NICHOLAS D. FEATT ....... 1895 

1892 *JOHN JOHNSTON 1900 

1892 *OELANDO E. CLAEK 1901 

1892 *CHAELES KENDALL ADAMS, ex-officio, President of 

the University 1902 

1893 GEOKGE HELLEE 1896 

1895 JOHN Q. EMEEY, ex-officio, Superintendent of Public In- 
struction . . . 1899 

1895 *OGDEN H. FETHEES 1901 

1895 *WILLIAM A. JONES 1898 


1896 *JOHN E. EIESS 1902 

1897 J. A. VAN CLEVE 1900 

1897 *JAMES H. STOUT 1902 

1898 *WILLIAM F. VILAS . . . . . . . 1905 


1899 *JOHN E. MOEGAN 1901 

1899 *C. A. GALLOWAY 1901 

1899 LOEENZO D. HAEVEY, ex-officio, Superintendent of 

Public Instruction 1903 

1900 *GEOEGE W. PECK 1902 

1900 GEOEGE F. MEEEILL 1909 

1900 E. A. BIEGE, ex-officio, Acting President of the University 1903 

1901 HOMEE C. TAYLOE . . . . . . . 1906 

1901 DWIGHT T. PAEKEE 1906 

1901 ALMAH J. FEISBY 1906 

1901 JAMES C. KEEWIN 1904 



of Public 

officio, President of the 


1902 ARTHUR J. PULS . 


1903 CHARLES P. GARY, ex-officio, Superintendent 


1903 * CHARLES R. VAN HISE, ex 


1904 *ORLANDO E. CLARK " . 



1906 *JAMES Ll. JONES 


1907 *W. D. HOARD . 

1907 A. P. NELSON . 

1908 ENOS Ll. JONES 

1908 D. P. LAMOREUX 


1910 A. J. HORLICK 

1910 J. W. MARTIN 


1911 E. A. EDMONDS 

1912 D. O. MAHONEY 
1914 F. W. A. NOTZ . 
1914 E. M. MCMAHON 

1914 BEN F. FA AST 


1918 E. A. BIRGE, ex-officio, President 
1920 H. L. BUTLER .. . . 


the Unive 



Aarons, Charles Lehman, LL. B. 95. 

Attorney. First Natl. Bank Bldg., 
Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Ahaly, Elizaheth (Mayer, Mrs. 

Adolph E.) B. A. 05. 
Ahaly, Winnifred, B. A. 13. Clerk. 
Industrial Comm. 309 E. Mifflin, 
Madison, Wis. 
Abhott, Allen Grossman, B. A. 04. 
Natl. Life Ins. Co., 1104 American 
Bank Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 
Abbott, Mrs. Arthur W. (Hood, 
Helen A.) B. A. 11. Broadlawn 
Farm, Downers Grove, HI. a 
Abbott, Belle (Mason, Mrs. John B.) 

B. L. 94. 
Abbott, Chauncey Jr., B. A. 05. Vice- 
Pres. & Gen. Mgr. Omaha Flour 
Mills Co., 840-lst Natl. Bank 
Bldg., Omaha, Neb. 
Abbott. Clara May (Folsom, Mrs. 

Charles E.) Ph. G. 92. 
Abbott, Clarence Eugene, B. S. (Gen 
E.) 01, C. E. 05. Gen. Supt. Iron 
Mines & Quarries Tenn. C. I. & R. 
E. Co. 1405 Minn. Ave., Bessemer. 
Ala. a 
Abbott, Ellis Pitt. B. S. (C. E.) 08. 
Civil Engr. Horton & Horton, 
Huston, Texas, a 
Abbott, Eveline Patience (Woodruff, 

Mrs. Wendell S.) B. A. 10. 
Abbott, Lottie J. (Woodford, Mrs. 

E. W.) Ph. B. 00. 
Abbott, Maude Elinor (Stronach, 

Mrs. Harry S.) B. L. 02. 
Abbott, Roy Linn, M. S. 17. Cones- 

ville, la. 
Abel, Albert Gustave, Ph. G. 13. 

Druggist. Glendive, Mont. 
Abel, Charles Fred, B. S. (M. E.) 17. 
Sanitary Engr. American Sheet &: 
Tin Plate Co., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Abel, Thorwald Peter, LL. B. 02. At- 
torney. Sparta, Wis. 

Abels, Mrs. Margaret Hutton (Hut- 
ton, Margaret) B. A. 10, M. A. 12. 
Social Survey Director. 424 Mc- 
Call, Wausau, Wis a 
Abendroth, Harry G. A., B. A. 11. 
Statistician. Milwaukee Electric 
Eailway & Light Co., 1064 Booth, 
Milwaukee, Wis. a"*. 
*Abercrombie, Charles Henry, LL. B. 
03. Died in service. 
Aberdeen, Mary (Ketelle, "^rs. Hu- 
bert) M. A. 08. 
Aberg, William John P., B. A^. 12, 
LL. B/ 14. Attorney. 2112 Jeffer- 
son, Madison, Wis. a 
Aberf, Mrs. W. J. P. (Leeden, Hebe) 
B.A. 16. 2112 Jefferson, Madison, 
"Ableiter, Theodore Louis, B. L. 99. 
, Died Dec. 26, 1903. 
Abrams, Helen Humphrey, B. A. 15, 
M. A. 16. Teacher. 61 N. Euclid 
Ave., Pasadena, Calif, a 
Achard, Geo. Washington, LL. B. 91. 
712-8th Ave. S., Minneapolis, 
Achtenberg, Mrs. E. A. (Goodall, Eva 
C.) B. S. 81. 927 W.Dayton, Mad- 
ison, Wis. 
Achtenberg, Henriette Lorraine, B. 

A. 15. Laboratory Technician. 927 
W. Dayton, Madison, Wis. a 

Acker, Ruby M. (Berry, Mrs. Claude) 

B. L. 02. 

Ackerman, Anna Elizabeth (Asher, 
Mrs. W. C.) M. G. 02. Aurora, 

Ackermann, Florence Mathilda, B. S. 
(H. Ec.) 16. 112 Whitney Ave., 
Detroit, Mich, a 

Ackermann, Adolf, M. A. 08. Teach- 
er and Director. Lutheran Semi- 
nary. College Hts., New Ulm, 

Acly, Mrs. C. R. (Meloche, Ehea 
Belle) B. A. 11. 2236 Keyes Ave., 
Madison, Wis. 


Adair, George Leonard, B. A. 18. 

1733 Charles, La Crosse, Wis. 
Adam, Margaret, B. A. 13. Teacher. 

Duluth, Minn. 
Adams, Adelaide Angela, B. A. 17. 

954 Ashbury, San Francisco, Calif. 
Adams, Benjamin Cullen, B. S. (E, 

E.) 03. Viee-Pres. & Gen. Mgr. 

Empire Dist. Elect. Co., 414 Jop- 

lin, Joplin, Mo. 
Adams, Bertram Francis, B. S. (M. 

E.) 02. Mgr. Art Bedstead Co. & 
American Tube Co., 37th & Eock- 
well, Chicago, 111. a 
Adams, Bessie E. (Dockstader, Mrs. 

Ernest A.) B. A. 06. 
Adams, Beverly Fletcher, Ph. B. 07. 

Barron, Wis. 
Adams, Mrs. C. C. (Jefifery, Stella 

Marie) B. A. 13. Monroe, Wis. 
Adams, Carolyn E. (Mrs. Clapp) 

Ph. B. 71. 
Adams, Charles Leslie, Agr. G. 13. 

Traveling Salesman. Lock Drawer 

788, Chicago, HI. 
Adams, Clara Dane (Moeck, Mrs. 

Thorwald) Ph. B. 99. 
Adams, Claribel Josephine, B. S. (PI. 

Ec.) 18. Beloit, Wis. 
Adams, Cynthia Emroy, Ph. B. 01. 

Matron Girl's Presby. Orphanage- 
San Anselmo, Calif. 
Adams, Edna Couper, B. L. GO. Li- 
brary Asst. Wis. State Hist. Lib. 

301 N. Pinckney, Madison, Wis. 
Adams, Mrs. Edw. L. (Groff, Elea- 

nore Marie) B. A. 13. 541 Logan, 

Denver, Colo, a 
Adams, Elsie Louise (Slagsvol, Mrs. 

T. K.) B. A. 07. 
Adams, Florence Amelia (Thayer, 

Mrs. V. T.) B. A. 10. . 
*Adams, Francis Salisbury, M. S. 09. 

Adams, Mrs. Frank Albert (Smith, 

Edna Winnefred) B. S. (H. Ec.) 

15. Technician. Embarkation 

Hosp. Camp Stuart, Newport 

Ne^s, Va. Home, 716 N. W. 4th 

Ave., G-^lva, HI. 
Adams, Georr<», Wilson, LL. B. 73. 

Attorney. l\fc"'-''ord, Wis. 
Adams, Harry Wilfr-»d, B. L. 00. 

LL. B. 03. Attorney. ^M Church, 

Beloit, Wis. a 
Adams, Henry Carter, LL. D. 04. 

Teacher. Ann Arbor, Mich. 


Adams, Mrs. Howard Allen (Flctt,' 

Helen Ann) B. S. (H. Ec.) 15. 4614; 

Brooklyn Ave., Seattle, Wash. 

Adams, Marjorie Mae (Campbi 

Mrs. George H.) B. A., 17. 
Adams, Roah Mary, B. A. 15. a 
Adams, Robert Warren, Ph. B. 

Medical Student. U. W.. Mj 

son. Wis. a 
Adams, Walter Kelsey, B. S. (C. 

03. 555 E. Cincinnati Ave., 

Antonio, Texas. 
Adams, William Frazier, B. A. 

Lawyer, 1109 Title Ins. Bldg., 

Angeles, Calif, a 
Adams, William Karl, B. A. 15. 

lie Auditor. 178 Columbia A-^ 

Elmhurst, 111. a 
Adamson, Charles Albert, LL. B. 

Twin Falls, Idaho, a 
Adamson, Frederick William, B. S. 

91. Physician. West Palpi Bea(|H| 

Fla. a n 

Adamson, William Henry, B. C. E. ' 

86. Civil Engr. & Draftsman. 409 

City Hall, Portland, Ore. 
Addams, Jane, LL. D. 04. He^ 

Ecsident. Hull House, Chicago, 
^'Adler, Edward Daniel, Ph. B. 72. 

Died Oct. 5, 1876. 
Adler, Mrs. E. L. (Landeck, El 

Frieda) B. A. 11. 391 Sumi 

Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Adler, John Henry, B. A. 15. Mi 

David Adler & Sons Clothing Co. 

173 Prospect Ave., Milwauk( 

Adler, Philip Abi?ams, B. A. 17. SI 

dent U. W. 226 N. Brooks, Ma^ 

son. Wis. 
Adley, Lafayette Roswell, Ph. B. 

Fergus Falls, Minn. 
Adlington, Earl Rajnnond, B. S. (E. ' 

E.) 15. Electrical Engr. Diehl 

Mfg. Co. 91 W. Jersey, Elizabet 

N. J. 
Adrian, Henry Augustus, B. L. 927' 

Chautauqua and Lyceum Lecturer^ 

Santa Barbara, Calif. 
Aeppler, Carl William, B. S. A. 

Agriculturist. R. F. D. 5, Ocoi 

mowoc. Wis. 
Affeldt, George August, LL. B. 

Attorney. 403 Brumder Bldg., M| 

waukee. Wis. 




Adams, Howard AUen, B. A. 15. 6414 ! / "^.eck, Gregor Sidney, B. S. (Ch. 

Brooklyn Ave., Seattle, Wash, a 

18. Muscoda, Wis. 


Lgazim, Michael, B. S. (Chem. E.) 
15. Chemical Engr. Morris & Co. 
Chicago, 111. 

Agnew, David William, LL. B. 94. 
County Judge. Court House. AVau- 
kesha, Wis. 

Agrell, Elsa Eugenia (McGruer, Mrs. 
John) B. A. 15. 

Ahara, Edwin Hugh, B. C. E., 92, M. 
E., 96. Mgr. Dodge Mfg. Co. 710 
Lincoln Way E., Mishawaka, Ind. 

Ahara, George Victor, B. S. (M. E.) 
95, M. E. 96. Mech. Engr. Fair- 
banks Morse Canadian Mfg. Co. 
1379 Bloor W., Toronto, Ont. Can. 

Ahara, Theodore Henry, B. S. (M. E.) 
00. Machine Designer. 1210 West- 
ern Ave., Peoria, 111. 

Ahlswede, Mrs. Edward (Wippert, 
Emma) M. G. 99. 

Ahrens, Hazel Campbell (Hall, Mrs. 
Eugene S. Jr.) B. A. 13, Teacher. , 
Milwaukee, Wis. : 

Ainsworth, Charles Franklin, LL. B. 
76. Attorney. Central Bldg., l*hoe ! 
nix, Ariz. 
-Aitchison, William Edward, B. A. 84. 
Died June 11, 1898. 

Akenhead, James Earl, B. S. (E. E.) 
17. Tester and Inspector. Chicago 
Tel. Co. 4149 Kenmore Ave., Chi- 
cago, 111. i 
"Akers, Charles Newton, Ph. B. 74. 
Died Dec. 1916. i 

Akers, Mrs. Charles N. (Dwight. 
Mary S.) Ph. B. 74. 1541 W. 
Minnehaha, St. Paul, Minn. 

Alaniva, Charles Robert, B. S. (Min, 
E.) 13. Chief Inspector. Arthur 
Iron Mining Co. Box 36, Marble, 
Minn, a 

Albaugh, Nancy Eleanor (Leather- 
wood, Mrs. Elmer O.) Ph. B. 01. 

Albers, Edgar Harvey, B. S. (Med) | 
19. Thiensville, Wis. 

Albers, Frances Clark (Fisher, Mrs. 
Roland Frederick) B. A. 09 

Albers, John F., B. C. E. 77, C. E. 78. 
Druggist. Antigo, Wis. 

Albers, Laurinda Anna, B. A. 11. 
Teacher. Antigo, Wis. 

Albers, Ruth Hermione (Kelly, Mrs. 
G. N.) B. A. 17. 

Albert, Arthur Robert, B. S. A. 15. 
Traveler, Armour Fertilizer Works. 
R. F. D. 7, Madison, Wis. a 

Albert, Charlotte, B. A. 13. Teacher. 
656-48th, Milwaukee. 

Albert, Mrs. Clarence B. (Fisher, 
Grace Genevieve) B. A. 17, 617 
East, Baraboo, Wis. a 

Albertie, Vernon, LL. B. 89. Post 
Office Inspector. Federal Bldg., 
Chicago, 111. 

Albertson, Charles Quincy, B. L, 79. 
Real Estate. Elberta, Utah. 

Albertz, Hugo WilUam, B. S. A. 18 
Instr. U. W. 1102 W. Johnson, 
Madison, Wis. 

Albrecht, Mrs. Henry C. (Martin, 
Harriet Genevieve) B. S. (H. Ec.) 
12. Ohio, 111. 

Albrecht, Sebastian, B. S. 00. As- 
tronomer. Dudley Observatory. 
Albany, N. Y. Home, Elsmerc, N. 
Y. a 

Albright, Rajnnond William, B. A. 17. 
333-15th, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Alcorn, Mrs. James Dunne (Kather- 
ine Agnes Donovan) B. A. 10, M. 
S. 11. 445 N. Canyon Blvd., Mon- 
rovia, Calif. 

Alcuzar, Isaac, B. A. 08. 510 Com. 
monwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. 

Alden, Frederick William, Ph. G. 98, 
B. S. (Ph.) 00. Cartoonist. 602 
Madison, Waukesha, Wis. 

Alden, George Henry, Ph. D. 96. 
Dean, College of Liberal Arts. Wil- 
liamette Univ. 165 N. 17th, Salem, 

Alderson, Vera Louise, B. S. (H. Ec.) 
17. 2051 W. 110th PI., Chicago, 
HI. a 

Aldrich, Loyal Blaine, B. A. 07, M. G. 
07, M. A. 10. Astrophysical Re- 
search. Smithsonian Institution, 
Wash., D. C. 

Aldrich, Mildred Isabelle, Ph. B. 12. 
Teacher. 786 Farwell Ave. Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Alexander, Albert Fred, LL. B. 00. 
B. A. 12. 

Alexander, Arthur Hadden, B. S. A. 
14. Landscape Architect. 97 Oliv- 
er St., Fort Hill Square, Boston, 
Mass. a 

Alexander, Geo. Arnold, LL. B. 00. 
Mgr. Hotel Ausenia. 14th & Wash. 
Portland, Ore. 

Alexander, Irma Elizabeth (Bullis, 
Mrs. Harry A.) B. A. 15. 

Alexander, Jesse Fred. B. S. (E. E.) 
11. 460 N. Broadw^ay, New Phila- 
delphia, O. a 


Alexander, Joseph Bullen, LL. B. 96. 

Attorney. 800 Leary Bldg., Se- 
attle, Wash. 
Alexander, Lake Cohen, LL. B. 02. 

Eastern Rep. of Furniture Mfgs. 

2423 W. 30th, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Alexander, Samuel Edw., B. A. 14. 

Teacher. 1407 W. 8th, Riverside, 

Alexander, Trent, B. A. 19. 420 N. 

Murray, Madison, Wis. 
Alexander, Walter, B. S. (M. E.) 97, 

M. E. 98. Vice Pres. & Gen. Mgr. 

Union Refrigerator & Transit Co., 

Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Alford, Alice Irene, B. A. 09. Clerk. 

State Board of Health. 25 W. Day- 
ton, Madison, Wis. a 
Alford, Daisy (Hetherington, Mrs. 

Clark W.) B. A. 15, M. A. 17. 
Alford, Hazel Viola (Mueller, Mrs. 

Geo. J.) M. G. 08. 
Algeo, Harold L., B. S. (C. E.) 13, 

C. E. 16. Civil Engr. 4050 Kenmore 

Ave., Chicago, 111. 
All, Fred Hunter, M. S. 16. Allen- 
dale, S. C. 
AUaben, Gerald R., B. S. (Med.) 11. 

Physician & Surgeon. Buhl, Minn. 
Allard, Louis W., B. S. (Med.) 10. 

Physician & Surgeon. Babcock 

Theatre Bldg., Billings, Mont. 
••'^Allen, Albert, LL. B. 73. Died Feb. 

2, 1916. 
Allen, Amy, B. A. 05. Instr. 126- 

19th, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Allen, Andrews, B. C. E. 91, C. E. 97. 

Pres. Allen & Garcia Co. 21 E. 

Van Buren, Glencoe, 111. a 
Allen, Carlton Harrison, B. S. (M. E.) 

10. Res. Engr. International Paper 

Co. Livermore Falls, Maine. 
Allen, Carolyn Elizabeth, B. A. 14. 

Teacher. Milwaukee, Wis. 
Allen, Charles Elmer, B. S. 99, Ph. D. 

04. Prof. U. W. 2014 Chamberlain 

Ave., Madison, Wis. a 
Allen, Mrs. Charles E. (Sylvester, 

Genevieve) B. L. 99. 2014 Cham- 

berlin Ave., Madison, Wis. 
Allen, Charles Levi, B. L. 85, LL. B. 

90. Attorney & Real Estate. Mc- 

Grath Bldg., Eau Claire, Wis. a 
Allen, Clarence D., LL. B. 87. 
Allen, Cora (John, Mrs. William G.) 

B. L. 95. 
Allen, Daisy May (Greenway, Mrs. 

Phillip) Ph. B. 05. 

Allen, David King, B. A. 05, LL. B. 

09. Attorney. 22-4 Washington, 
Oshkosh, Wis. a 

Allen, Eldreth Gordon, B. S. 99. Asst. 
Prin. 244 Seward Ave., Detroit, 
Mich, a 

Allen, Eric WilUam, B. A. 01. Dean, 
School of Journalism. U. of Ore. 
Eugene, Ore. 

Allen, Mrs. Eric W. (Elliott, Ida^ 
B. L. 02. 1867 Alder, Eugene, Ore. 

Allen, Florence Eliza, B. L. 00, M. L. 
01, Ph. D. 07. Instr. U. W. 219 
Lathrop, Madison, Wis. a 
* Allen, Gideon Winans, Ph. B. 62. 
Died Feb. 28, 1912. 

Allen, Harry Eugene, B. S. 95. Phy- 
sician. 502 Cobb Bldg., Seattle, 

Allen, Herman Joe, B. A. 15. Petro- 
leum Geologist. 521 Union Na- 
tional Bank Bldg., Wichita, Kan. a 

AUen, Mrs. Hugh (McClure, Martha 
■ S.) B. A. 11, M. A. 12. Lake Forest, 


Allen, Iva Claire (Baker, Mrs. J. H.) 
B. A. 05. 

Allen, Jane PermeUa, B. A. 87. 4014 
Kansas, San Diego, Calif. 

Allen, Jessie, B. A. 10. Teacher, Cam- 
bridge, Wis. 

Allen, John Samuel, B. S. (E. E.) 97. 
R. R. Commissioner. Capitol Bldg., 
Madison, Wis. a 

Allen, Josephine Holcomb (Weeks, 
Mrs. Harold J.) B. A. 06. 

AUen, Katharine, B. L. 87, M. L. 93, 
M. A. 95, Ph. D. 98. Asst. Prof. 
U. W. 228 Langdon, Madison, Wis. 

Allen, Mrs. Louis (Donovan, Mar- 
garet) B. A. 07. 122 E. 11th, Han- 
ford, Calif. 

Allen, Louis Henry, Ph. G. 95. Phar- 
macist. Sumner, Mo. 

Allen, Margaret Belle (Woods, Mrs. 
E. F.) B. L. 81. 

Allen, Marion Bradbum, B. A. 07. 
Cambridge, Wis. 

Allen, Mary A. (Curtis, Mrs H. H.) 
Ph. B. 65. 

Allen, Mary Louisa, B. A. 10. Lake 
Geneva, Wis. 

Allen, Mary OUvia, B. S. 98. 702-/2 
Marshall, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Allen, Maynard Edward, B. S. (C. 
E.) 06. Contracting Engr., Federal 
Bridge & Structural Co., 1228 Peo- 
ple's Gas Bldg., Chicago, 111. 


*Allen, PhiUp Loring, B. L. 99. Died 
May 26, 1908. 

Allen, Mrs. Philip L. (Ryan, Feme) 
B. L. 99. Librarian. 211 W. Main, 
Reedsburg, Wis. 

Allen, RoUand Craten, B. A. 05, M. 
A. 08, State Geo. & Dir. of Mich. 
Geo. & Bio. Survey. 2915 Sear- 
borough Rd., Cleveland Heights, 
O. a 

Allen, Royal Chas., B. A. 13. Asst. 
Credit Mgr. Weyenberg Shoe Mfg. 
Co. 417-38th, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Allen, Ruth Alice, B. A. 09. Teacher. 
Lake Geneva, Wis. a 

Allen, Ruth Florence, B. A. 05, M. A. 
07, Ph. D. 09. Bureau of Plant In- 
dustry, Dept. of Agr. 600 Cedar, 
Tacoma Pk., Wash. D. C. 

Allen, Ruth Marguerite, B. A. 15. 
Teacher. Chelsea, Wis. 

Allen, Thomas Dyer, B. A. 13. Shaw, 
>!• Allen, William Henry, LL. B. 79. 

Died in 1882. 
'^^ Alien, William Ware, B. A. 94, LL. B. 
96. Died Aug. 27, 1898. 

Alley, John, M. A. 19. Prof. U. of 
Okla. 434 College Ave., Norman, 

Ailing, Elizabeth Treat, B. A. 19. 
1707 ''G", Wash., D. C. a 

AlUs, Edward Philips, Jr., LL. D. 03. 
Research, Vertebrate Morphology, 
c/o Edw. P. Allis Co., Milwaukee, 

Allison, Mrs. Alma, Ph. B. 17. Teach- 
er. 451 Kenwood Blvd., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. a 

Allison, Donald Dewey, B. A. 13. Ac 
counting and analysis w^ork. c/o 
Empire Gas & Fuel Co., Bartles- 
ville, Okla. 

Allstrand, Mae Belle (Anderson, Mrs. 
Rudolph M.) M. A. 10. 

AUyn, Josephine (Trumbower, Mrs. 
Henry Roscoe) B. A. 12. 

AUyn, Stanley Charles, B. A. (C. C.) 
14. Comptroller. Natl. Cash Regis- 
ter Co. 10 DeWeese Apt. Dayton, 
O. a 

Almon, Grover Cleveland, B. S. (M. 
E.) 17. Gisholt Machine Co., Madi- 
son, Wis. 
* Almond, Frederick Chaxles, B. S. (E. 
E.) 04. Died March 12, 1909.. 

Almy, Hubert Claire, Ph. B. 15. Supt. 
of Schools. River Falls, Wis. 

Alstead, Lewis Losey, B. L. 96, 
LL. B. 98. Mfgr. 305 Prospect 
Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Alston, Faustine, B. A. 14. Hamilton, 

Alter, Fred Leland, B. S. (C. E.) 14. 
City Engr. Manitowoc, Wis. 
*Althoff, A. Gustav, B. A. 07. De- 

Altmeyer, Arthur Joseph, B. A. 14. 
Asst. U. W. 1820 Madison, Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Altmeyer, Mrs. A. J. (Thomas, Ethel 
May) B. A. 08. 1820 Madison, 
Madison, Wis. 

Alton, Robert LesUe, B. A. 13. Sales- 
man. John H. Leslie & Co. Chi- 
cago, 111. Home, 577 Cherry, Win- 
netka, 111. 
*Alverson, Charles L., B. S. 82. Died 
April 21, 1916. 

Alverson, Harry Bartlett, B. S. (E. 
E.) 93. Elect. Engr. Buffalo Gen. 
Elect. Co. 688-7th, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Alvord, EUsworth Chapman, B. A. 17. 
1315 Shepherd St., N. W. Wash., 
D. C. a 

Alvord, John Watson, C. E. 13. Con- 
sulting Engr. Hartford Bldg., 5203 
Kenwood Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Amazeen, John Brown, B. A. 96, 
LL. B. 97. Bureau of Customs. 
Manila, P. I. 

Ambler, Charles Henry, Ph. D. 08. 
Prof. W. Va. Univ. Morgantown, 
W. Va. 

Amery, Elisabeth Louise, B. S. (H. 
Ec.) 13. Asst. Prof. U. of Wash. 
Seattle, Wash, a 

Ames, Ada Dell, B. A. 06. Teacher. 
Devils Lake, N. D. Home, 1521- 
2nd, Menomonie, Wis. a 
*Ames, James Barr, LL. D. 98. Died 
Jan. 8, 1910. 

Ames, Jesse Hazen, Ph. B. 07. Pres. 
State Normal, River Falls, Wis. a 

Ames, Mrs. J. Quincy (Graves, Edna 
Lora) M. G. 06. 1913 Madison, 
Madison, Wis. 

Ames, Merl McMain, Ph. B. 09. Instr. 
Normal School. Stevens Point, Wis. 

Ames, Norton Travis, B. S. A. 17. 
Oregon, Wis. a 

Ames, Sarah Cornelia (Smith, Mrs. C. 
C.) B. S. 76. 

Ames, Walter Ray, Ph. B. 17, Ph. M. 
18. Asst. Prof, of Education. U. 
of Mont., Missoula, Mont, a 


Amodt, Marcus, B. S. A. 13. Farm- 
ing. Viroqua, Wis. 
Amott, Albert Louis, B. S. A. 08. 

Chemist. Borden's Condensed Milk- 

Co. 7750 S. Morgan, Chicago, 111. 
Anagnos, Peter Theodore, B. S. A. 15 

Gargaliani, Greece. 
Anderly, Howard Merle, B. S. (C. E.) 

11. 140 S. 10th, La Crosse, Wis. a 
Andersen, Grace Marion B. S. (H. 

Ec.) 18. Hospital Dietitian. 313 

Sibben, Manistee, Mich, a 
Anderson, Achsah Cornelia, B. A. 09, 

M. A. 1*7. Dean of Women. Asst. 

Prof, of English. U. of S. Dak., 

Vermilion, S. D. a 
Anderson, Mrs. Alban (Sell, Mar- 
guerite) B. A. 12. 419 E. Canedy, 

Springfield, 111. 
Anderson, Albert, LL. B. 06. At- 
torney. Dion Blk., Glendive, Mont. 
Anderson, Albert Myron, Ph. G. 08. 

Pharmacist. 3137 Hennepin Ave., 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Anderson, Alice Therese, B. A. 12. 

Editor of Publications. ,2969 Ver- 
non Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Anderson, Alvin, B. A. 12, LL. B. 14. 

Attorney. Windsor, Wis. 
Anderson, Andrew Runni, B. A. 00. 

Prof. U. of Utah, Salt Lake City. 

Anderson, Andrew William, B. L. 90. 

Prof. U. of Arizona. Tucson, Ariz. 

Anderson, Anna Louise, M. G. 02. 

Music Teacher. 514 E. Wash. Ave., 

Madison, Wis. 
Anderson, Anna Marie, B. A. 13. 

Instr. U. W. 1011 Grant, Madison. 

Anderson, Arthur Edward, B. S. (M. 

E.) 03. Gen. Mgr. Grand Junction 

Elect. Gas & Mfg. Co. Grand River 

Valley Ry. Co. Grand Junction, 

Colo, a 
Anderson, Bert Edwin, B. S. (C. E.) 

15. 325 S. Prospect, Rockford, 111. 
Anderson, Mrs. B. H. (Martin, Daisy 

May) M. A. 09. 278 E. 2nd, Fond 

du Lac, Wis. 
Anderson, Carl Arthur, M. A. 19. 

East Tawas, Mich. 
Anderson, Charles Joseph, Ph. B. 12. 

Supt. of Schools. Stoughton, Wis. 
Anderson, Clifford Norman, Ph. B. 

(Nor. C.) 19. Asst. in Physics. U. 

W. Madison, Wis. 

Anderson, Earl Ando, B. S. (E. E.) 

13. Illuminating eiigr. Nela Pk., 

Cleveland, O. 
Anderson, Earle Steede, LL. B. 99. 

Clothier. Stoughton, Wis. a 
Anderson Edward, B. S. (M. E.) 18. 

Instr. U. W. 211 Prospect Ave., 

Madison, Wis. a 
Anderson, Elna Constance, B. A. 15. 

Teacher. North Crandon, Wis. a 
Anderson, Erwin Oliver, M. S. 15. 

Caroline County Agent. Denton, 

Anderson, Esther (Murphy, Mrs. R. 

R.) B. A. 07. Los Angeles, Calif. 
Anderson, Esther Hannah, B. S. (H. 

Ec.) 18. Dietitian. Peter Bent 

Brigham Hospital, Boston, Mass. a 
Anderson, Frederick P., B. A. 13. a 
Anderson, George Herman, B. S. 

(Med.) 15. Physician & Surgeon. 
• 422 Paulsen Bldg., Spokane, Wash. 

Anderson, George Krogh, B. L. 94. 

Credit Dept. Keeley, Neckerman, 

Dept. Store, Madison, Wis. 
Anderson, Gustav Alexander, B. S. 

(M. E.) 02. West Salem, Wis. 
Anderson, Hans Alfred, LL. B. 88. 

Attorney & County Judge. White- 
hall, Wis. 
Anderson, Hilding Edward, B. S. A. 

17. North Crandon, Wis. 
Anderson, Hjalmar Odin, M. G. 01. 

General Insurance. 237-8 Central 

Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 
Anderson, Jean Harriet McLean, M 

A. 12. Teacher. 515 N. 4th, Mani- 
towoc, Wis. 
*Anderson, John A., B. A. 79. Died 

March 27, 1911. 
Anderson, John Einar, M. A. 16. Salt 

Lake City, Utah. 
Anderson, Mrs. John Ev3rett, ( Thiel- 

man, Marie Anne) B. A. 15. Eagle 

Heights, Atascadero, Calif, a 
Anderson, John P., LL. B. 87. At- 
torney. 1832 Carroll, St. Paul, 

Anderson, Joseph Alvin, Ph. G. 97. 

857 E. 139th, Cleveland, O. 
Anderson, Julia Marjorle (Schnetz, 

Mrs. Luther) B. L. 03. 
Anderson, Kerstine (Johnson, Mrs. 

Edward) M. G. 04. 
Anderson, Lewis Albert, B. L. 99 
Chief Actuary Central Life Co., 

Des Moines. la. a 


Anderson, Mrs. L. A. (Urdahl, Mar- 
garet) B. L. 96. 170 Summit Ave., 

Madison, Wis. 
Anderson, Lewis Orvin, B. A. 15, M. 

A. 18. Barneveld, Wis. 
Anderson, Louis Martin, B. A. 06. 

Banker. Eliame, N. D. a 
Anderson, Louis Royal, B. L. 86. 

Lumberman. 1042 Main, Stevens 

Point, Wis. 
Anderson, Mamie Elizabeth, B. A. 16. 

Teacher. Grantsburg, Wis. 
Anderson, Margaret, M. G. 11. Musie 

Teacher. 834 Prospect PL, Madi 

son, Wis. 
Anderson, Margaret (Neumann, Mrs. 

John) B. A. 13. 
Anderson, Marion Suzanne, B. A. 12 

Teacher. Watertown, Wis. 
Anderson, Martin, B. S. A. 11. Dir. 

of Agric. & Supt. of Schools. Osce- 
ola, Wis; 
Anderson, Mina Aletha, (La Vassor, 

Mrs. C. A.) B. L. 03. 
^Anderson, Morgan McDonald, Law 

Cert. 17. Died in service Oct. 5, 

Anderson, Nels Andreas, Ph. B. 09. 

Instr. Chetek, Wis. 
*Anderson, Oren Joseph, B. A. 06. 

Died May 18, 1915. 
Anderson, Oscar Edward, Ph. G. 18. 

Taylor, Wis. 

* Anderson, Oscar William, Ph. G. 93. 

Died July 21, 1896. 
^Anderson, Otto, B. A. 94. Died 
March 28, 1906. 

Anderson, Peter Olson, B. A. 03. 
Broadhead, Wis. 

Anderson, Rasmus Bjorn, B. A. 85. 
LL. D. 88. Author & Editor. Pres. 
Wis. Life Ins. Co. 316 N. Carroll, 
Madison, Wis. 

Anderson, Ross W., B. A. 12. 1030 
W. Agarita Ave., San Antonio, 

Anderson, Mrs. Rudolph. M. (All- 
strand, Mae Belle) M. A. 10. 58 
Driveway, Ottawa, Ont. Can. 

Anderson, Russell Arnold, B. S. (C. 
E.) 15. Min. Engr. Oliver Mining 
Co. Box B, Buhl, Minn, a 

* Anderson, Selina Elizabeth, B. A. 07. 

Died July 19, 1919. 
Anderson, Stewart Wise, M. S. 14. 
Instr. Virginia Military Institute. 
Lexington, Va. 

Anderson, Victor Roy, B, S. (M. E.) 
08. Western Mgr., Dominion Fire- 
Proofing Co. Ltd. 34 Central Bldg., 
Calgary, Alberta, Can. a 
Anderson, Vinnie Bertine, M. G. 07. 
Organist & Music Teacher. 107 N. 
Madison, Stoughton, Wis. 
Anderson, Walker, Jr., E. E. 13. Peu- 

sacola, Fla. 
Anderson, William Ballantsme, B. S. 
01, M. S. 03, Ph. D. 06. Prof. Ore. 
Agric. Coll. 310 N. 26th, Corvallis, 
Ore. a 
Anderson, WilUam J., LL. B. 96 
Journalist. 1102 E. Johnson, Madi- 
son, Wis. 
Anderson, Mrs. William J. (Ells- 
worth, Laura) B. S. 95. Orchard- 
ist. ''Applecross" Kock Creek, B. 
C. Can. 
Anderson, William Tait, Ph. B. 09. 
State School Inspector. 1620 
Adams, Madison, Wis. a 
Anderson, Zeta, M. A. 19. Teacher. 

Epworth, la. 
Anderton, Harry Charles, B. S. (M. 
E.) 15. Director Sales Promotion. 
36 Tennyson Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Andrae, George Henry Joseph, B. S. 
(E. E.) 16. Sales Engr., 140 Sec- 
ond St., Milwaukee, Wis. a 
-Andrae, Julius, Jr., Ph. G. 87. Died 
Feb. 11, 1904. 
Andrae, Lydia, M. A. 19. 223-28th, 
Milwaukee, Wis. 
*Andre, Frank, Ph. G. 87. Died Feb. 

*Andree, Julius H., LL.B. 89. Died 
June 17, 1913. 
Andree, Richard Ambrose, B.. S. A. 
13. In charge of farm mechanics. 
Pa. State Coll. State College, Pa. 
Andresen, 01iv2r Sverre, B. L. 00. 
Attorney. First Natl. Bank Bldg., 
Duluth, Minn. 
Andressohn, John Carl, B. A. 11, M. 
A. 12. Teacher. 499 Herman, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 
Andrew, Edwin Lee, B. S. (E. E.) 16. 
Publicitv Rep. Westinghouse Elec. 
& Mfg. Co. 2525 Gilbert Ave., Wal- 
nut Hills, Cincinnati, O. 
Andrew, Mrs. Edwin Lee (Fleming, 
Florence) B. A. 16. 1010 Rebecca 
Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa., a 
Andrews, Aden Wright, B. S. (C. E.) 
05, C. E. 12. Office Engr. C. B. & 
Q. R. R. Lines West. 444 S. 33d, 
Lincoln, Neb. 


Andrews, Mrs. B. B., Jr. (St. Sure, 
Jeannette L.) B. A. 06. 3247 
Bloomington Ave., Flat 2, Minne- 
apolis, Minn, a 

Andrew, Charles Lippincott, B. A. 
(C. C.) 18. Banker. 57 E. Central 
Ave., Moorestown, N. J. a 

Andrews, Elizabeth Ona, B. A. 18. 
Darlington, Wis. 

Andrews, Gladys (Zeasman, Mrs. O. 
E.) B. S. (H. Ec.) 16. 

Andrews, Helen Grace, B. L. 99. 
Teacher. 306 W. Franklin, Port- 
age, Wis. a 

Andrews, Henry E., LL. B. 90. At 
torney. 306 W. Franklin, Portage, 
Wis. a 

Andrews, John Burton, LL. B. 02. At 
torney. 725 Mclndoe, Wausau, 

Andrews, John Bertram, B. A. 04, Ph 

D. 08. Secy. Amer. Assoc, for La- 
bor Legis. 24 Gramercy Pk., New 
York City. 

Andrews, Mrs. J. B. (Osgood, Irene) 

B. A. 06. Asst. Secy. Amer. Asso. 

for Labor Legis. 24 Gramercy Pk., 

New York City. 
Andrews, Joy EUa, B. A. 17. Fellov/ 

in Zoology. U. W. Madison, Wis. 

306 W. Franklin, Portage, Wis. a 
Andrews, Lily Maude, S. M. G. 16. 

Teacher. Baraboo, Wis. 
Andrews, Lulu Belle, B. A. 18. 2124 

E. Main, Madison, Wis. 
Andrews, Marilla (Buchwalter, Mrs. 

Edw. L.) B. L. 92. 
Andrews, Olive Viola, B. A. 15. 227 

Algoma, Oshkosh, Wis. 
Andrews, Ross Everett, B. L. 97, LL. 

B. 00. Attorney & Judge. 313 S. 

Cherry, Marshfield, Wis. 
Andrews, Mrs. Ross E. (Love, Mar- 
tha H.) Ph. B. 04. 313 S. Cherry, 

Marshfield, Wis. 
Andrews, Ruth Catharine, B. L. 03. 

Magazine Agent. 804 Vine, Hud- 
son, Wis. a 
Andrews, Samuel Edward, LL. B. 03, 

Farmer. Burnt Corn, Ala. 
Andrews, Stella Malitta, B. A. 17. 

2124 E. Main, Madison, Wis. 
* Andrews, Walter Cooper, B. S. (Ch. 

E.) 10. Died Jan. 30, 1919. 
Andrus, Calla Adelaide, B. A. 10. 

c/o Democrat Printing Co. 404 N. 

Carroll, Madison, Wis. 
Andrus, Ruth Clarissa (Haddow, Mrs. 

Winfred) B. S. (H. Ec.) 14. 

*Angell, James Burrill, LL. D. 04. 

Died April, 1916. 

Angell, Martin Fuller, B. S. 02, M. A. 
05, Ph. D. 11. Instr. U. of Idaho. 
Moscow, Idaho. 

Angell, Nellie Nadine (Nichols, Mrs. 
Maurice Barstow) B. A. 07. 

Anger, Bemhard Fred, B. S. (M. E.) 
05. 2525 State, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Angle, Edward John, B. S. 90. Phy- 
sician & Surgeon. 407 Funk Bldg., 
Lincoln, Neb. a 

Anglebeck, Reuben C, B. A. 14. Ad- 
vertising. Kohler, Wis. a 

Angvik, Rachel, B. A. 15. Librarian. 
913 High, Grinnell, la. Home, 
Ashland, Wis. 
*Angwick, Martin M., LL. B. 98. De- 

Ankeney, Stewart Hill, B. S. (C. E.) 
12. Advertising. 865 N. Euclid 
Ave., Dayton, O. 

Anson, Barry Joseph, B. A. 17. Sci- 
entific Asst. U. S. Bureau of Fish- 
eries. 1305 Mulberry Ave., Musca- 
tine, la. 

Antes, Herbert Pullen, B. A. 17. Say- 
ner. Wis. 

Antes, Madeline Elizabeth (Waite, 
Mrs. John Howard) B. A. 12. 

Anthony, A. Gertrude, B. S. 99. 2416 
Martinez Ave., Berkeley, Calif, a 

Anthony, Angela Josephine (Liefert, 
Mrs. F. C.) B. A. 10. 

Anthony, Marie Alexia (Flanagan, 
Mrs. D. J.) B. A. 12. 

Anthony, Rowland Barney, B. A. 05, 
B. S. (E. E.) 07. Owner, E. A. 
Wilcox Mfg. Co. 6330 Stony Is- 
land Ave., Chicago, 111. a 

Anthony, Mrs. R. B. (Pietzsch, Har- 
riet S.) B. A. 05. 1525 E. Mar- 
quette Rd., Chicago, 111. 

Anundsen, Miss George Brynnilde, B. 
A. 18. City Editor. Stanley Re- 
publican, Stanley, Wis. a 

Appell, Monte Fiore, B. A. 10. Law- 
yer, Counsel, U. S. Emergency 
Fleet Corp. 140 N. Broad, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Appleman, George Mordecai, Ph. B. 
(Nor. C.) 18. Teacher, Minocqua, 

Ap-Roberts, Elizabeth, Ph. B. 11, M. 
A. 12. Teacher. 530 S. 4th, River 


Ap-Roberts, Percy, B. L. 03. Civil 

Service Commissioner. Hudson, 

Ap-Roberts, Mrs. Percy (St. John, 

Janet Scoular) Ph. B. 03. Hudson, 

Arbuthnot, John, B. S. 97. Teacher. 

Janesville, Wis. 
Arent, John Henry, Ph. G. 97. Phar- 
macist. West De Pere, Wis. 
Arkin, Aaron, M. A. 10. Prof. W. 

Va. Univ. 170 McLane Ave., Mor- 

gantown, W. Va. 
Arlton, Alexander V., M. S. 18. 

Graeltinger, la. | 

Armbruster, Theresa Marie (Hanson, ' 

Mrs. C. PI.) B. A. 11. 
Armen, George Krikor, B. S. (Med.) 

17. Physician. U. S. Public Health 

Service Hosp. St. Louis, Mo. 
Armour, Myron Lavergne, B. S. A. 

14. Farming. Mondovi, Wis. 
Arms, Richard Myron, B. S. (E. E.) 

94. Electrical Engr. Seattle, Wash. 
Armsby, Henry Prentiss, LL. D. 04. 

Dir. & Instr. Penn. State Coll. 

State College, Pa. 
Armstrong, George G., B. L. 91, LL. 

B. 93. Attorney. 419 Judge Bldg., 

Salt Lake City, Utah, a 
Armstrong, George Miller, M. A. 17. 

Instr. Clemson Coll. Clemson Col- 
lege, S. C. 
*Armstrong, Henry Clay, Ph. G. 06. 

Died Nov. 1908. 
*Armstrong, Julia Annie (Swan, Mrs. 

Frank E.) B. L. 92. Died Dec. 

Armstrong, Margaret (Heise, Mrs. 

G. W.) B. A. 14. 
Armstrong, Mary, B. S. 95. Teacher. 

418 -Jefferson, Pomona, Calif, a 
Armstrong, Robert Douglas, M. A. 17. 

Librarian. Public Service Comm. 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
Armstrong, Susan Naylor, B. A. 08. 

Teacher. 1124 W. Johnson, Madi- 
son, Wis. a 
Armstrong, William Wright, LL. B. 

87. Banker. Natl. Copper Bank. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Am, Mrs. Arthur J. (Tarnutzer, 

Anna Elizabeth) B. S. 95. 820 E. 

77th, Kansas Citv, Mo. a 
Arndt, Reuben Field, B. S. (M. E.) 

07. Office Mgr. Northwest Steel 

Co. 453 E. 17th N., Portland, Ore. 


Arneson, Mrs. Anton (Grimstad, Ag- 
nes) S. M. G. 17. Barneveld, Wis. 

Arneson, Ben Albert, B. A. 13, M. A. 
14, Ph. D. 16. Prof. Ohio Wesley- 
an Univ. 296 N. Wash., Delaware, 

Arneson, Matilda, B. A. 14. Nurse 
in training. Detroit, Mich. Home, 
Barneveld, Wis. 

Arnold, Mrs. Alethe Church (Arnold, 
Mrs. Edwin Chas.) Ph. B. 72. 

Arnold, Edwin Bruce, Ph. G. 11. 
Druggist, 755 Main, Lake Geneva, 

Arnold, Edwin Charles, B. A. 72. 
Clergyman. Petrolia, Calif. 

Arnold, Mrs. Edwin Chas. (Arnold, 
Mrs. Alethe Church) Ph. B. 72. Pe- 
trolia, Calif. 

Arnold, Elizabeth May (Pearse, Mrs. 
Albert John) Ph. B. 00. 

Arnold, Frederick S., LL. B. 03. At- 
torney. 848 Grand Ave. E., Eau 
Claire, Wis. 

Arnold, Mrs. Henry A. (Cole, Julia 
Ann) B. A. 05. 2017 Waite Ave., 
Toledo, O. a 

Arnold, Leah, B. A. 13. Teacher. 
Sturgeon Bay, Wis. 

Arnold, Louis George, B. S. (C. E.) 
09. Field Engr. & Supt. of Con- 
struction. Wis. Minn. Light & Pow- 
er Co. Point Creek, Chippewa 
Falls, Wis. 

Arnold, Mrs. Louis George (Eastman, 
Miriam E.) B. A. 08. Point Creek, 
Chippewa Falls, Wis. 

Arnold, Marshall, B. A. 06. 

Arnold, Schuyler, B. A. 12. Flower 
Seed Grower, Spencerport, N. Y. 
*Arnold, WiUiam Sylvester, LL. B. 72. 
Died Jan. 18, 1902. 

Arnsdorf, Henry Gustav, B. A. 12. 
Eegistrar. Normal School. Valley 
City, N. D. 

Aron, Albert William, Ph. D. 13. 
Instr. U. W. 24 Lathrop, Madison, 

Aron, Mrs. Albert W. (Schenk, Mar- 
garet) B. A. 13. 24 Lathrop, Mad- 
ison, Wis. 

Arpin, George Neinstedt, B. S. A. 14. 
Grand Eapids, Wis. a 

Arpin, Harold A., B. A. 11. Asst. 
Supt. Arpin Coal Co. Brazil, Ind. a 
*Arpke, Jerome Clarence, B. L. 84. 
Died March 16, 1919. 

Arps, Edmund John, B. S. (E. E.) 14 
New Holstein, Wis. 



Arthur, Mrs. E. E. (Myers, Louise) 
B. A. 08. Eice Farming. Hermosa 
Plantation, Lake Arthur, La. 

Arthur, Frederick William, LL. B. 96. 
Supreme Court Eeporter. 1111 E. 
Johnson, Madison, Wis. a 

Arthur, Lemuel John, LL. B. 75. At- 
torney & Eeal Estate. 316 Story 
Bldg., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Arvold, Alfred Gilmeiden, B. A. 05. 
Dept. of Public Discussion & Social 
Service. N. D, Agric. Coll. Fargo, 
N. D. a 

Arvold, William Vernon, B. A. 15. 
Teacher. Whitewater, Wis. 

Arzberger, Emil Godfred, Ph. B. 06. 
Pathologist. Bureau of Plant In- 
dustry, U. S. Dept. of Agric. 708- 
19th N. W., Wash. D. C. 

Arzberger, Ida Barbara, Ph. B. 15. 
Teacher. 4201 Eandolph, San 
Diego, Calif, a 

Ascham, Rae Eugene, M. A. 10. 
Farmer. Findlay, O. 

Aschenbrenner, Rudolph Alois, B. S. 
(E. E.) 17. Stratford, Wis. 
*Ascott, George W., Ph. G. 95. De- 

Ash, Isaac Emery, M. A. 12, Ph. D. 
14. Extension Work. U. of Ohio, 
Athens, O. 

Ashby, Mary Alice, B. A. 17. Steno. 
1924 N. Delaware, Indianapolis, 
Ind. a 

Ashby, Sarah Elizabeth, B. A. 19. Fel- 
low in English, U. W. Madison, 
Wis. 1924 N. Delaware, Indian- 
apolis, Ind. a 

Asher, Mrs. W. C. (Ackerman, Anna 
Elizabeth) M. G. 02. E. F. D. 1, 
Aurora, Neb. 

Ashmun, Clifford Samuel, B. A. 13. 
Bond Dept. Wells & Dickey Co. 
1775 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, 

Ashmun, Margaret Eliza, Ph. B. 04. 
M. A. 09. Editor & Writer. 509 
W. 121st, New York City. 

Askew, Amelia Alice (Werder, Mrs. 
Theodore W.) B. A. 04. 
*Assovsky, Abraham, B. A. 16. Died 
Feb. 23, 1917. 

Astell, Elsie Genevieve, B. A. 15. 
Teacher. 1603 Jefferson, Madison, 

Astle, Celia M. (Faller, Mrs. C. A.) 
B. L. 02. 

Astle, Cora Alice, B. L. 01. Cashier, 

City Light & Water Co. 1901 Ty- 
ler, Amarillo, Texas, a 
Aston, James, B. S. (E. E.) 98, Ch. 

E. 09. Metallurgical Engr. U. S. 

Bureau of Mines. 235 Water, Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 
Atanasoff, Dimitar, M. S. 18. Asst. 

U. W. 727 W. Dayton, Madison, 

Atkins, Mrs. C. C. (Dahle, Gertrude 

A.) M. G. 10. Sun Prairie, Wis. 
* Atkins, Mrs. F. L. (Pickard, Anna 

J:) Ph. B. 66. Died April, 1915. 
Atkins, Irma Alice, B. A. 19. Bris- 
tol, Ind. 
Atwell, Mrs. George Boyington 

(Hinkley, Cora Case) B. A. 07. 

Stevens Point, Wis. 
Atwell, William Ensign, LL. B. 09. 

Attorney, Stevens Point, Wis. 
Atwood, Carroll, LL. B, 78, Tax 

Commissioner. Capitol Bldg. 141 

W. Gilman, Madison, Wis. 
Atwood, Elizabeth Gordon (Vilas, 

Mrs. Edward P.) B. S. 76, 
Atwood, Fannie Elizabeth, B, A. 16, 

Library Asst. 1011 W. Johnson, 

Madison, Wis. 
Atwood, Fredrica, B. A. 19. 141 W. 

Gilman, Madison, Wis. 
Atwood, George Thomas, B. L. 92, 

LL. B. 94. Electric Lighting. Gays 

Mills, Wis. a 
Atwood, Mrs. George T. (Haggerty, 

Bessie E.) B. L. 93. Gays Mills, 

Atwood, Marion John, B. A. 10. 

1011 W. Johnson, Madison, Wis. 
Atwood, Mrs. Oscar (Oertel, Mary 

Janet) B, S. 76. Prairie du Sac, 

Atwood, Seth Burton, B. A, 07. Man 

ufacturer. 1309 Camp Ave., Eock- 

ford. 111. a 
Atwood, Walter Myron, B. A. 06, B. 

S, (Ph,) 10. Druggist, 1054 Wil 

liamson, Madison, Wis. 
Atwood, William Henry, M. S. 16, 

294 E, 11th, Holland, Mich, 
Aucutt, Lucile Katherine, B. A. 19. 

Maryland, Morgantown, W. Va. a 
Auer, Frank Cleveland, B. A. 08. 

Supt. Eau Claire Press Co. 903-5th 

Ave,, Eau Claire, Wis, 
Auerbach, Ida, B, A, 12. Teacher. 

608 Auditorium Bldg., Los Angeles, 






[Augspurger, Louis Fred, B. A. 08, M. 

A. 10. 1832 N. 12th, Sheboygau, 

fAugustine, Elizabeth Barbara, B. A. 

04. Teacher. Aurora, 111. 

LUlt, Otho Clifford, Ph. D. 19. Ohio 

City, O. 
[Aurland, Helen, B. S. (H. Ec.) 17. 

120-5th Ave., Minot, N. D. 
'Aurland, Margaret, B. A. 15. Supt. 

of Schools, Minot, N. D. a 
Ausman, Gladys Magdalena, B. A. 17. 

Eau Claire, Wis. 
Austin, Carl Noyes, B. S. (Ch. C.) 

15. Capt. c/o Chief of C. W. S. A. 

P. O. 717, A. E. F. France. Home 

c/o Mrs. Ida S. Austin, Morgan 

Hill, Calif. 
Austin, Charles Willis, LL. B. 94. 930 

Postal Telegraph Bldg., Chicago, 

HI. a 
Austin, Charles Francis, B. S. 94. 

Grain Buyer. Ludden, N. D. 
Lustin, Mrs. C. F. (Ellsworth, Sarah 

Frances) B. A. 12. Ludden, N. D. 
Austin, Chauncey G., Jr., LL. B. 02. 

Attorney. 6157 Cresent Ed. Edge- 
brook, Chicago, 111. 
Austin, Edward William, B. L. 89. 

Attorney. 915 Chamber of Com- 
merce Bldg., Chicago, 111. 
Austin, Edwin Charles, B. A. 12. 

Lawyer. 11 S. La Salle, Chicago, 

HI. a 
Austin, Eleanor Cerinthia, B. L. 90. 

Bloomington, Wis. 
Austin, Eric Walton, B. S. (E. E.) 09. 

Engineering Asst. N. Y. Tel, Co. 

328 Travers PL, Lyndhurst, N. J. a 
Austin, Esther Lavinia, B. A. 14. 

Teacher. Duluth, Minn. 
Austin, Mrs. Lee F. (Parkinson, Fay) 

B. L. 97. 2023 Suito Ave., Spo 

kane. Wash. 
Lustin, Mrs. Louis W. (Osborne, 

Laura Alma) B. L. 97. 3136 New- 
ark, Cleveland Pk., Wash. D. C. a 
Austin, Mary Belle (Jacobs, Mrs. H. 

H.) B. S. 93. 
Austin, RoUand Melvin, B. S. 00. 

Lancaster, Wis. a 
Austin, Wilbur Azro, B. S. (M. E.) 

99. Engr. Underfeed Stoker Co. of 

America. 1807 Harris Trust Bldg., 

Chicago, 111. 
Ave Lallemand, Theodore Maurice, 

B. A. 01. Watertown, Wis. 

Averill, Florence Mildred, B. L. 97. 

Teacher, 394 Main, Eiverside, 

Averill, George Baxter, Jr., B. A. 08. 
Accountant. Mayhew Co. Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Averill, Maud Mary (Liebenberg, 
Mrs. H. H.) B. L. 97. 
*Avery, Herbert Laflin, B. S. (E. E.) 
18. Died in service. 

Avery, Julia Foster, B. S. A. 15. 
Dairy Farmer, Doylestown, Pa. a 

Avery, Louis Asa, LL. B. 03. At- 
torney. 12 W. Milwaukee, Janes- 
ville. Wis. 

Axford, Richard H. Norman, B. A. 
12. Farmer. Castlewood, S. Dak. 

Axley, Albert A., B. S. (Med.) 10. 
Colgate, Wis. a 

Axley, Mrs. Albert A. (Loew, Jessie 
Daisy Ida) B. A. 12. Colgate, Wis. 

Axley, Fred Wm., B. S. 99. Prin- 
cipal. Seymour, Wis. 

Axley, Harold, B. S. (Med.) 17. Stu- 
dent. Rush Med. Coll. 323 S. Ash- 
land Blvd., Chicago, 111. a 

Axley, Walter, B. S. A. 11. Cleve- 
land, Wis. 

Axon, Margaret Forrest, B. A. 16. 
Teacher. Poynette, Wis. 

AxteU, Lee Reuben, B. A. 16. Teach- 
er. 1017 Benton, Eockford, 111. 

AxteU, Wa3me Osmon, B. S. (C. E.) 
18. Civil Engr. c/o Allen & 
Garcia Co. McCormick Bldg., Chi- 
cago, 111. a 

Ayer, Charles H., B. S. 93. 

Ayer, Esther Newell (Millner, Mrs. 
Esther N. a.) B. A. (C. J.) 19. 

Ayer, Forrest Lamont, B. A. (C. C.) 
16. Secv. Inland Eubber Co., La 
Salle & 27th, Chicago, 111. a 

Ayer, Mary Lucile (Trumpf, Mrs. Er- 
win Clarence) B. A. 11 

Ayer, Wesley Frost, M. A. 10. Maj. 
Inf., U. S. A. 1023 Park Ave., Be- 
loit, Wis. 

Ayers, Mrs. Carroll C. (McCormick, 
Edith T.) B. A. 07. Ismay, Mont. ^ 

Ayers, Dorothy Helen, B. S. (H. Ec.) 
19. Grassy Butte, N. D. a 

Ayers, Ellsworth Dunliam, B. S. A. 
14. Instructor. Two Harbors, Minn. 

Ayers, Mrs. Floyd R. (Ferguson, Bess 
C.) B. L. 02. Williamsburg, Va. a 

Aylsworth, Leon Emmons, M. A. 08. 
Assoc. Prof. U. of Neb. Lincoln, 



*Aylward, John Arthur, B. L. 84, LL. i 

B. 90. Died Nov. 12, 1916. 
Aylward, Mrs. John A. (Huenkemier, 

Jennie A.) B. L. 93. 414 N. Pinck- 

ney, Madison, Wis. 
*Aylward, Joseph John, B. L. 99. 

Died, 1905. 
Aylward, Thomas James, B. S. 

(Med.) 18. 924 S. Van Buren, 

Green Bay, Wis. 
Ayres, Albert Owen, B. S. (C. E.) 16. 

Mgr. Eau Claire Sand & Gravel 

Co., Eau Claire, Wis. a 

Baas, Alexius Henry, B. A. 06. Instr. 

Wisconsin School of Music. 516 S. 

Paterson, Madison, Wis. 
Bahhitt, Arthur, LL. B. 93. Capt. 

Q. M. C, U. S. E. 
*Babbitt, Dean Richmond, LL. D. 88. 

Died July 21, 1905. 
Babcock, Benjamin B., LL. B. 89. 

Lawyer, Beaver Dam, Wis. 
Babcock, Mrs. Edward (Wyman, 

Anna I.) B. L. 94. 409 Olive, Mc- 

Keesport, Pa. 
*Babcock, Elbert Leonard, Ph. G. 87. 

Died July 28, 1888. 
Babcock, Eleanor Bernice, B. A. 18. 

929 Adams Ave., Berlin, Wis. ' 
Babcock, Florence Elizabeth, Ph. B 

(Nor. C.) 19. Cumberland, Wis. 
Babcock, Frank Gordon, B. S. A. 14. 

Kasota, Minn, a 
Babcock, Hazel (Volk, Mrs. Hazel 

B.) B. A. 11. 
Babcock, Rodney Whittemore, M. A. 

15. Instr. U. W. 206 Bernard Ct., 

Madison, Wis. 
Babcock, Stephen Moulton, Sc. D. 17. 

Emeritus Prof. U. W. 432 N. Lake, 

Madison, Wis. 
Babcock, William James Carey, B. A. 

(C. C.) 18. Grain Dealer. Rensse- 
laer, Ind. a 
Baber, Florence Edith, M. A. 13. 

Instr. 1415 Van Buren, St. Paul, 

Babler, William Emil, B. A. 12. Shoe 

Dealer. Beaver Dam, Wis. 
Babush, Joseph S., B. S. (M. E.) 17. 

Efficiency Engr. 703-8th, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. a. 
Bacchus, LeRoy Leverett, LL. B. 86. 
Bach, George Edward, Ph. G. 09. 

Pharmacist. 721 S. Van Buren, 

Green Bay, Wis. 

Bach, John Martin, B. L. 88. Pastor, 

St. Joseph's parish. 1532 N. Wis- 
consin, Eacine, Wis. 
Bacharach, Sidney, B. A. 14. Dixon, 

Bachelder, Clare Herbert, B. S. (M. 

E.) 01. Mgr. Whitehouse Barrel 

Co. Hastings, Fla. a 
Bachelder, Frank Jerome, B. S. (C. 

E.) 15, C. E. 17. Secy-Treas. 111. 

Appraisal Co. 5500 Cornell Ave., 

Chicago, 111. 
Bache-Wiig, Mrs. Olai (Ravn, Agnes) 

B. A. 06. Mosinee, Wis. a 
Bachhuber, Carl Alvin, B. S. (Med.) 

17. 2904 Prairie Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Bachhuber, Charles Hugo, B. L. 00. 

Medford, Wis. a 
*Bachhuber, John G., LL. B. 88. Died 

March 27, 1912. 
Bachhuber, Leo John, B. S. A. 14, M. 

S. 15. Asst, Paymaster, U. S. N. 

Mayville, Wis. 
Bachman, Freda Marie, Ph. D. 12. 

Instr. U. W. 320 Lathrop, Madison, 

Bachmann, Harrold Albert, B. S. 
(Med.) 15. Physician & Surgeon. 

St. Lukes Hospital, Chicago, 111. a 
Backus, August C, LL. B. 00. Judare 

of Municipal Court. 109-31st, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 
*Bacon, Mrs. C. A. (Eead, Mary B.) 

Ph. B. 66. Deceased. 
Bacon, Frances Fairchild, B. A. 17. 

302 Monona Ave., Madison, Wis. 
Bacon, Franklin James, Ph. G. 18. 

Asst. to Pharmacologist. Exp. Sta. 

U. W. Madison, Wis. a 
*Bacan, Harriet Emma, B. S. 75. Died 

Oct. 28, 1919. 
Bacon, Henry Newton, LL. B. 97. 

Banker. 1650 College Ave., Ea- 
cine, Wis. 
*Bacon, James Sylvester, B. S. 88. 

Died Jan. 13, 1896. 
Bacon, John Harwood, B. L. 97. Con- 
cert Mgr. 302 W. 56th, New York 

Bacon, Mrs. Paul Valentine (Keech, 

Elizabeth M.) B. L. 99. 1 Cypress 

Ed. Wellesley Hills, Mass. a 
Bacon, Selden, LL. B. 84. Attorney. 

43 Exchange PI., New York City. 
*Bacon, Tillie H. (Caverno, Mrs. Xen- 

ophon) B. L. 91. Died Feb. 9, 1897. 
Bacon, Vaughan R., B. S. (E. E.) 14. 

Elec. Engr. Omaha, Neb. 



Badger, Arthur H., B. S. (E. E.) 12. 
Civil Engr. Brisbane Tramway Co. 
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 

Baebler, Harold Zach, B. S. (E. E.) 
17. Traffic Engr. 195 Broadway 
(Room 1908) New York City. 

Baehr, WiUiam Alfred, B. S. (C, E.) 
94. Consulting Engr. & Operator 
of Gas & Elec. Properties. 360 St. 
Palos, Glencoe, 111. a 

Baenen, Harriet Carolyn, B. A. 11. 
Teacher, 120 S. Hazel, Green Bay, 

Baer, Arthur C, B. S. A. 11. Head 
of Dairy Dept. A. & M. Coll. Still- 
water, Okla. a 

Baer, Bessie, B. A. 14. Teacher. 
Baraboo, Wis. a 

Baer, Clarence Allen, B. L. 00. M. G. 
00, B. S. 01. Physician. 633 Wells 
Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Baer, Edna Leola V., B. A. 09. Teach- 
er. R. 3, Sheboygan, Wis. 

Baer, Edwin Ben,'^B. A. 19. 4 Cro- 
cus Hill, St. Paul, Minn, a 

Bagemihl, Walter Michael, B. S. (M. 
E.) 19. 187 Chamber, Milwaukee, 

Bagley, Lorna Doone (Rowland, Mrs. 
Leslie A.) B. A. 12. 

Bagley, William Chandler, M. S. 98. 
Prof. Teachers^ Coll. Columbia 
Univ. New York City. 

Bagley, Zillah JuUa (Evjue, Mrs. 
William T.) B. A. 07. 

Bahe, Kenneth Edward, B. A. 18. 
Mfr. 4734 Magnolia Ave., Chicago, 

Bahr, Mabel L. (Wells, Mrs. A. S.) 
B. A. 11. 

Bailey, Mrs. Eaxle W. (Wallin, Jen- 
nie Belden) B. A. 08. Naches, 

Bailey, Elbert Gladstone, B. S. A. 12. 
Agric. Agent. Sturgeon Bay, Wis. 

Bailey, Ernest Hayden, B. S. A. 17. 
Graduate student. U. W. 205 N. 
Mills, Madison, Wis. 

Bailey, Floyd Douglas, B, A. 10, M. 
S. 12. Farmer. Corvallis, Ore. a 

Bailey, George Corbin, B. A. 09. Re- 
search Chemist. Barrett Co. 112- 
29th, Woodcliff-on-Hudson, N. J. 

Bailey, George Davis, B. A. 12. Mgr. 
Ernst & Ernst, C. P. A. 406 Dime 
Bk. Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 

Bailey, Mrs. George Davis (Gillen, 

Edna Florian) B. A. 12. 472 Cadil- 
lac Ave., Detroit, Mich, a 
Bailey, Grace Ethel, B. L. 98. Teach- 
er. 205 N. Mills, Madison, Wis. 
Bailey, Hiram Edwin, B. S. (E. E.) 

03. Instr. 843 Kensington Rd., Los 

Angeles, Calif, a 
Bailey, Liberty Hyde, LL. D. 07. Ed- 
itor & Writer, Ithaca, N. Y. 
Bailey, Mrs. Mark A. (Hellberg, Ir- 

ma A.) B. A. 11. Fennimore, Wis. 
Bailey, Nathaniel Arthur, B. S. (Ch. 

C.) 16. Chemist. 235 McKee 

Place, Pittsburgh, Pa. a 
Bailey, Otterbein Andrew, C. E. 15. 

Civil Engr. 11218 S. Irving Ave., 

Chicago, 111. a 
Bailie, Arthur Ray, B. S. A. 17. 

Salesman. Internat^l Harvester Co. 

Lancaster, Wis. a 
BaUy, Robert William, B. S. (M. E.) 

07, M. E. 10. 108 S. La Salle, 

Chicago, 111. a 
Baily, Sarah Elizabeth (Dixon, Mrs. 

Paul W.) B. A. 16. 
*Baily, William Henry, Ph. B. 73. 

Died May 10, 1910. 
Baily, Mrs. WiUiam H. (Crawford, 

Alice C.) B. S. 75. See Gorst, Mrs. 

Bain, Mrs. H. Foster (Wright, Mary) 

B. L. 02. a 
Bainbridge, Archie, B. S. A. 14. 

Farmer. Blanehardville, Wis. 
Bainbridge, Thomas Mason, B. A. (C. 

C.) 19. Platteville, Wis. 
Bainbridge, Walter LesUe, B. S. (Ch. 

E.) 13. Asst. Supt. American Bot- 
tle Co. 458 Hudson Ave., Newark, 

*Bainbridge, William Elmer, B. L. 86, 

LL. B. 89. Died April, 1909. 
Baird, Austin Joseph, B. A. 17. R. F. 

D. 2, Waukesha, Wis. a 
Baird, Edgar Alan, B. A. 14, M. A. 

15. Instr. U. W. Madison, Wis. 
Baird, Oscar W., B. A. 10. Teacher. 

3207 Stevens Ave., Minneapolis, 

Minn, a 
Baird, Perry E., LL. B. 79. 
Baird, Robert Dixson, B. S. A. 13. 

Asst. Mgr. Baird & Hall Nursery. 

Troy, O. 
*Baird, William Hawley, LL. B. 76. 

Baird, WilUam Lockhart, B. S. A. 13. 

Farmer, R. F. D. 2, Waukesha, 

Wis. a 



Baker, Alice, Ph. B. 11. Teacher, 
321 S. 5th E., Missoula, Mont. 

*Baker, Beatrice Turck (Edwards, 

Mrs, F. M.) B. A. 16. 
Baker, Carrie Ella (Oakes, Mrs. 
George) B. A. 85. 

Baker, Mrs. Charles H. (Smith, Mar- 
ietta Baldwin) B. L. 97. Principal. 
335 Lake Shore Drive, Lake Ge- 
neva, Wis. 

Baker, Clara DeUa (Flett, Mrs. Wil- 
liam H.) B. A. 84. 

Baker, Elizabeth, B. A. 15. c/o Her- 
bert Ireland, E. F. D. 2, Oconomo- 
woc, Wis. a 

Baker, Elizabeth, B. A. 17. 419 S. 1st, 
Evansville, Wis. a 

Baker, Ernest Albert, LL. B. 93. 
Lawyer. 599 Frederick Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Baker, Florence E. (Hays, Mrs. 
James A.) B. A. 91. 

Baker, Frances Helen Jane (Fair- 
leigh, Mrs. Kobert McClure) M. A. 
*Baker, Frances May, B. A. 05. De- 
ceased June 1918. 
Baker, George Herbert, B. S. (C. E.) 
14. Asst. Engr. Dept. Public 
Works and Bldgs., Div. of High- 
ways, State of HI. 302 Apollo 
Theatre Bldg., Peoria, 111. 

Baker, Helen A. (Cady, Mrs. Samuel 
H.) B. A. 95. 

Baker, Helen Leona, B. A. 05. 

Baker, Herbert Miller, B. A. (C. C.) 
19. Salesman. Baker Vawter Co. 
204 N. 7th, Zanesville, O. a 

Baker, Howard Holton, Ph. G. 18. 

Baker, John August, Ph. G. 11. Phar- 
macist, 601 Nicollet Ave., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Baker, John Earl, Ph. B. 06, M. A. 
08. Consulting Statistician of Chi- 
nese Rys. Ministry of Communica- 
tions. Peking, China, a 

Baker, John F., B. A. 05, LL. B. 08. 
Lawyer & Asst. Attorney General. 
433 N. Murray, Madison, Wis. 

Baker, John Sidney, B. A. 06, LL. B. 
12. Augusta, Wis. 

Baker, Joseph Henry, B. A. 06. 
Teacher. 764 Maryland Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Baker, Mrs. Joseph H. (Allen, Iva 
Claire) B. A. 05. 764 Maryland 
Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Baker, Lillian Dale (Warner, Mrs. 
Ernest N.) B. A. 89. 

Baker, Marion Virginia, B. A. 15. 
Librarian, 316-6th, S. W., Roches- 
ter, Minn, a 

Baker, Martha Sumner (Barnes, Mrs. 
Charles L.) B. L. 93. 
*Baker, Myron Eugene, B. L. 90, Ph. 
D. 98. Died Sept. 25, 190L 

Baker, Nicholas Dale, LL. B. 82. 
Salesman. R. F. D. 7, Madison, 

Baker, Norman Louis, LL. B. 95. At- 
torney. 593 Summit Ave., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Baker, Olive E. (Beffel, Mrs. John 
M.) B. L. 91. 

Baker, Osmon Cleander, B. L. 83. 
Grain Dealer. Ashton, 111. a 

Baker, Paul Edwin, B. A. 13. Pea- 
body, Kans. 

Baker, Mrs. Ray L. (Holmes, Emily 
E.) B. A. 09. 985 Vine, Hubbard 
Woods, 111. a 

Baker, Raymond, B. S. A. 13. Secy. 
Wis. Live Stock Breeders' Assn. 
Agric Hall, Madison, Wis. a 

Baker, Robert Earl, Ch. E. 15. Works 
Mgr. Keokuk Electro Metals Co. 
1226 Leighton, Keokuk, la. 

Baker, Ross Allen, Ph. D. 14. Prof. 
Syracuse Univ. Syracuse, N. Y. 

Baker, Sarah AUce, Ph. B. 09. Teach- 
er, Lancaster, Wis. 

Baker, Verena M., B. A. 18. 47-6th, 
Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Baker, William P., LL. B. 76. Col- 
lector. McGregor Bros. & Co. 
Granite Falls, Minn, a 

Balch, Cleon Faville, B. S. (E. E.) 
17. 2301 Chestnut, Milwaukee, Wis 

Balch, John WiUigrod, B. S. (C. E.) 
09. 604 W. Main, Marshalltown, 

Balch, Leland Bella, B. S. (C. E.) 05, 
C. E. 09. Civil Engr. 813 Clymer 
PI., Madison, Wis. a 

Balch, William Monroe, B. L. 91, M. 
L. 96. M. E. Clergyman. 1124 Gar- 
field Ave., Topeka, Kans. 

Balcom, Edward Taylor, LL. B. 90. 
Retired. Tampa, Fla. 

Baldauf, Anthony Edward, B. A. 13. 
R. F. D. 36, Eden, Wis. 

Baldwin, Arthur Algernon, B, L. 01, 
LL. B. 03. Seaside, Ore. 

Baldwin, Cameron Leander, B. L. 94, 
LL. B. 97. Attorney-Referee in 
Bankruptcy. Batavian Natl. Bk. 
Bldg., La Crosse, Wis. a 



Baldwin, Mrs. Frank S. ( Church iU, 
Lucy M.) B. L. 91. 6805 National 
Ave., West Allis, Wis. a 

Baldwin, George Smith, B. A. 17. 
Asst. Paymaster, U. S. N. Youngs- 
town, O. 

Baldwin, George Willard, B. C. E. 85. 
Lumberman, Crete, Neb. 

Baldwin, Harry M., B. S. A. 17. 
Brooklyn, Wis. a 

Baldwin, Isabella Nancy, M. A. 17. 
Instr. Home, 1657 Lamont, Wash. 
D. C. 

Baldwin, Jay Burdette, B. L. 99. Pub- 
lisher-General Mgr. Laurel Book 
Co. 623 S. Wabash Ave., Chicago, 
111. a 

Baldwin, Marguerite, B. A. 15. Secy. 
380 Kane PL Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Baldwin, Merle Mary, B. A. 15. 
Teacher. 817 Garfield Ave., Du- 
buque, la. a 

Baldwin, Theodore Whig, LL. B. 13. 
Attorney. 708 Eeaper Bldg., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Baley, Earle Francis, B. A. 09. Mgr. 
Telephone Co. Wonewoc, Wis. a 

Balg, Gerhard H., B. A. 81. 

Ball, Edwin Marcotte, B. S. (G. E.) 

09. Supt. Ishkooda Iron Mines. 
Tenn. Coal Iron & R. E. Co. E. F. 
D. 1, Birmingham, Ala. 

Ball, Mrs. Edwin M. (Hunter, Helen 
K.) B. A. 10. E. F. D. 1, Birming- 
ham, Ala. 

Ball, Farlin Herbert, B. A. 95. At- 
torney & Master in Chancery, Cir- 
cuit Court of Cook County. 69 W. 
Wash., Chicago, 111. a 
*BaU, FarUn Q., Ph. B. 61. Died Au- 
gust 29, 1917. 

Ball, Ruth LuciUe, B. A. 19. 800 W. 
Charles, Muncie, Ind. 

Ball, Sydney Hobart, B. A. 01, Ph. D. 

10. Mining Geologist. 42 Broad- 
wav, New York City, a 

Ball, ^ Walton Cook, B. S. (C. E.) 11. 

Valuation Dept. Union Pac. R. E. 

2208 N. 21st, Omaha, Neb. 
Ball, Wilbur Laing, B. A. 95. At- 
torney. 74 Broadway, New York 

City, a 
Ballance, Nevius Van Dyke, B. S. 

(Ch. C.) 13. 933 Hamilton Blvd., 

Peoria, 111. 
Ballantyne, Edith Virtue (Eath, Mrs 

David Edward) B. A. 05. 
Ballard, Bemice M. (Bode, Mrs. B. 

H.) B. L. 02. 

Ballard, Catherine M. (Swint, Mrs. 
Curran D.) M. G. 07. 

Ballard, Clara Emily Susanna, M. G. 
06. 915 University Ave., Madison, 

Ballard, George, L., B. S. (E. E.) 16. 
Industrial Fuel Engr. Henry L. Do- 
herty & Co. Toledo, O. 

Ballard, Roger Kingsley, B. A. 12. 
Investment Banker. 111. Trust & 
Savings Bk., Chicago, 111. a 

Ballard, Mrs. Roger (Mansfield, 
Ethel Amelia) B. A. 13. 848 Fox- 
dale Ave., Winnetka, 111. 

Ballard, Roscoe Frederick, B. S. (M. 
E.) 13. Engr. American Gas Co. 
Address: c/o Philadelphia Subur 
ban Gas & Electric Co. Chester, 
Pa. a 

Ballschmider, Arno Louis, B. S. (E. 
E.) 10. Inspector. Gen. Elec. Lamp 
Co. Harrison, N. J. 

Ballu, Celine A., B. A. 06. Instr. U. 
W. 210 Langdon, Madison, Wis. 

Balmer, Stanley Leslie, B. A. (C. C.) 
18. General Fire-Proofing Co. 82 
Saranac Ave., Youngstown, O. 

Balsley, Henry Edwin, B. S. (C. E.) 
09. 66 Green Bay Ed., Lake For- 
est, 111. a 

Balsom, Amos Parker B. S. (E. E.) 
06. Salesman. 591-48th, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 
-Bamford, Charles, LL. B. 82. De- 

Bamford, Frank Ellis, B. M. E. 87. 
Brigadier General U. S. A. c/o Ad- 
jutant Gen. Wash., D. C. 

Bancroft, Charles Francis, Ph. G. 90. 
Druggist. Mt. Horeb, Wis. , 

Bancroft, Levi Horace, LL. B. 84. At- 
torney. 277 N. Sheldon, Eichland 
Center, Wis. a 

Bandelin, Meta Christine (Eaiichen- 
stein, Mrs. Emil) B. A. 13. 

Bandelin, Oscar John, LL.B. 03. At- 
torney, Sandpoint, Idaho. 

BandU, Edward Mitchell, B. S. (C. 
E.) 09. Civil Engr. Enumclaw, 

Banker, Paul Philip, B. S. A. 12. 
County Agent. Havre, Mont. • 

Bannen, Dorothy Agnes (Van Lin- 
den, Mrs. Carl H) B. A. 16. 

Banning, Bernice Thornton, M. A. 10. 
Teacher, Budhist Girls School. Co- 
lombo, Ceylon, India. 



Banning, Mrs. E. P. (Carpenter, Car- 
rie Belle) B. S. 77. Physician. 

1148 Kinnaird Ave., Fort Wayne, 

Banta, George Veyne, B. S. A. 18. 

Farmer. E. F. D. 10, Logansport, 

Ind. a 
Banting, Fergus Frank, B. A. (C. C.) 

Banting, Lilian, B. A. 07. Teacher. 

Provincial Normal School. Hamil- 
ton, Ont. Can. 
Barber, Carrie A. (Chandler, Mrs. W. 

G.) B. S. 75. 
Barber, Edwin Lament, B. S. (E. E.) 

04. Equipment Engr. Southwestern 

Bell Telephone Co. 668 Boatmen's 

Bk. Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 
Barber, Franklin Wimam, B. L. 95. 
Barber, George Edgerby, B. S. (Ch. 

C.) 17. Onalaska, Wis. 
Barber, George Stanley, B. A. 05. 

Physician. Koehler Bldg., Lawton, 

Barber, Gertrude Mary, M. A. 14. 

Teacher. Black Earth, Wis. 
Barber, Hiram, Jr., M. A. 78. At- 
torney. 160 Washington, Chicago, 

Barber, Laura, B. L. 91. 319 Barsto.w 

Waukesha, Wis. a 
Barber, Louise Medberry, B. A. IS. 

51 Otter, Oshkosh, Wis. 
Barber, Samuel Lyman, B. A. 11, LL. 

B. 13. Lawyer. 501 Columbia Bldg., 

Louisville, Ky. a 
Barber, Sara C. (Jordan, Mrs. Loring 

Pierce) B. A. 07. 
Barber, Mrs. W. H. (Herrick, Lucre- 

tia) B. A. 06. Bureau of Markets, 

Wash. D. C. 
Barber, William Harley, B. S. 01, M. 

A. 09. Prof. & Dean. Ripon Coll. 
Ripon, Wis. 

Barber, Winchel Fay, B. L. 00, LL. 

B. 03. Banker. Lawton, Okla. 
Barber, Mrs. Winchel F. (Noelke, Au- 
gusta E.) B. L. 01, M. L. 03. Law- 
ton, Okla. 

Barbour, Curtiss Munroe, B. S. (M. 
E.) 14. Asst. Engr. Southern Pa- 
cific Co. 4237 Gilbert, Oakland, 

Barbour, James Ernest, M. A. 96. 
Clergyman. 114 Trenton, Paw- 
tucket, R. I. 

Barclay, Arthur Jackson, B. S. (C. 
E.) 12, C. E. 14. Civil Engr. (Rail- 
road) Forwarding Address: 359 
Park, Elgin, 111. 

*Bardeen, Charles Valdo, LL. B. 75. 

Died' March 20, 1903. 

Bardwell, Worth Sherman, LL. B. 02. 
Dealer in Coal and Ice. Plainfield, 

Barger, Robert Lynne, B. A. 18. En- 
sign, U. S. N. 637 Library PI., Ev- 
anston. 111. a 

Barker, Blanche J. (Sacket, Mrs. 
Walter H.) B. A. 07. 

Barker, Charles Pease, B. A. 06, B. 
S. (G. F.) 07. Engr. Dept. Mid 
West Box Co. Anderson, Ind. 

Barker, Mrs. C. P. (Kurd, Helen Mar- 
garet) B. A. 07. 330 W. 12th, An- 
derson, Ind. a 

Barker, Earl Slejrton, B. S. A. 08. 
Prop. Auto Garage. 33 E. Elm, 
Chippewa Falls, Wis. 
*Barker, Harold Jean, B. S. (C. E.) 
07. Died 1910. 

Barker, Helen Elizabeth, B. S. (II. 
Ec.) 19. North Freedom, Wis. 

Barker, Henry D., M. S. 17. Moun- 
tain Rest, S. C. 

Barker, Mary Rogers, B. L. 98. 308 
St. Lawrence Ave., Janesville, Wis. 

Barker, Robert Isaac, B. A. 17. 

Teacher. West De Pere, Wis. 
*Barker, Roy Thomas, B. S. A. 13. 
Died October 14, 1915. 

Barkhausen, Clara M. (Bartran, Mrs. 
W. H.) B. L. 03. 

Barkhausen, Mrs. Henry G. (Noyes, 
Miriam) B. A. 07. 803 S. Quincy, 
Green Bay, Wis. 

Barkhausen, Louis Henry, B. S. (M. 
E.) 01. Contractor. Greiling Bros. 
Co. Green Bay, Wis. 

Barland, Margaret Dorothea, M. A. 
15. 903 Altoona Ave., Eau Claire, 

Barlow, Elmer Elbert, LL. B. 09. At- 
torney. Arcadia, Wis. 

Barlow, Henry Parsons, LL. B. 72. 
c/o Right of Way Comm. C. St. P. 
M. and O. Ry. 275 E. 4th, St. 
Paul, Minn. 

Barlow, Mildred Lucile (Canavan, 
Mrs. James J.) B. A. 07. 

Barlow, Reuel Richard, B. A. (C. J.) 
18. Monticcllo, Wis. 

Barmeier, Floyd Everett, B. S. (Ch. 
C.) 12. Chemist. American Ptg. 
Ink Co. 3832 Gladys Ave., Chica- 
go, 111. 

Barnard, David Luther, B. S. 03. 
Physician. 875 Emerson Ave., Salt 
Lake City, Utah, a 



Barnard, Elizabeth, B. A. 05. Earl- 
ville, IlL 

Baxnard, Lynas D., LL. B. 89. At- 
torney. Commercial Bldg., Een- 
ville, Minn, 

Bambrock, Henry Jr., B. A. 16. 
Executive Secy., Lower North 
Community Council, Chicago, 111. a 

Barneby, Ethel Edessa, B. A. 17. 
Cairo, Neb. 

Barnebey, Oscar Leonard, Ph. D. 12. 
Director, Nizer Laboratories. 3031 
E. Overlook Ed., Cleveland, O. 

Barnes, Charles Ballon, B. S. (M. E.) 
00. Mech. Engr. Western Elec. Co. 
Chicago, 111. 

Barnes, Mrs. Charles L. (Baker, Mar- 
tha Sumner) B. L. 93. 408 Nut- 
meg, San Diego, Calif. 

Barnes, Chester David, B. L. 01. At- 
torney. First Natl. Bk. Bldg., Ke- 
nosha, Wis. a 

Barnes, Mrs. Dora Russell, B. S. (H. 
Ec.) 16. District Home Demon- 
stration Agent. A. & M. Coll. Col- 
lege Station, Texas. 

Barnes, Flora Anna ^Caskey, Mrs. 
William G.) B. L. 94. 
*Barnes, John, LL. B. 83. Deceased. 

Barnes, Julius A., LL. B. 81. Whole- 
sale Jeweler. Waupun, Wis. 

Barnes, Roscoe A., M. S. 95. M. E. 
Clergyman. 1906 Monroe, Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Barnes, Rufus A., B. A. 08. Cole- 
raine, Minn, a 

Barnes, Volney Goodrich, Ph. B. 08. 
Principal. Madison, Wis. a , 

Barnett, Idah Marie, B. A. 14. School 
for Nurses, Presbyterian Hosp. 
Madison Ave. & 70th, New York 

Barnett, James Duff, Ph. D. 05. Prof. 
U. of Oregon, Eugene, Ore. 

Barnett, Mrs. James R., Jr. (Chap- 
man, Agnes) B. L. 98. 203 Church, 
Neenah, Wis. 

Barnett, Nelson Dater, B. S. (M. E.) 
16. Construction Engr. Fillmore, 
111. a 

Barney, Charles Richard, B. A. 94, 
LL. B. 99. Lawyer. 319 New York 
Blk., Seattle, Wash. 

Barney, Godfrey Waldo, B. A. 06. M. 
E. Minister. 220 Golden Gate Ave., 
San Francisco, Calif, a 

Barney, Jessie Alice (Trott, Mrs. 
Harry L.) B. L. 01. 

2— A. D. 

Barney, John McHenry, B. L. 01, LL. 

B. 03. Attorney. 833 Wells Bldg., 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Barney, Sybil, B. L. 03. c/o Judge 

S. S. Barney, Court of Claims, 

Wash. D. C. 
Barnum, Clifton Lawrence, B. A. (C. 

C.) 17. Accountant. 624 S. Michi- 
gan Ave., Chicago, 111. a 
Barr, Florence Edith (Nelson, Mrs. 

W. E.) B. A. 09. 
Barr, Hslen Adeline, B. A. 17. 1819 

Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis, 

Minn, a 
Barr, John Martin, B. S. (M. E.) 99. 

Secy. & Treas. Fairbanks Morse 

Elec. Mfg. Co. Indianapolis, Ind. 
Barr, Walter James, M. A. 17. 1621- 

12th St., Des Moines, la. a 
Barrand, Chester Arthur, B. S. A. 13. 

H. J. Heinz Co., Nekoosa, Wis. 
Barrett, John Walton, B. S. A. 17. 

Supt. Pan American Union, Wash. 

D. C. a 
Barrett, Maude Truscott, B. A. 12. 

Head of Investigation Dept. Juve- 
nile Court. 157 East Erie, Chicago, 

111. a 
Barrett, Stephen Austin, LL. B. 13, 

Attorney. Spooner, Wis. 
Barrett, William Richard, 13. A. 06. 

General Mechanician. Blackfoot, 

*Barrett, Mrs. William R. (Rudolph, 

Florence A.) B. A. 07. Died March 

4, 1909. 
Barrows, Edward Morley, B. A. 06. 

Community Worker. Children 'i 

Aid Society. 105 E. 22nd, New 

York City. 
Barrows, Walter Aimer, B. A. 13. 

Blast Furnace Supt. Thomas Iron 

Co. Hellertown, Pa. 
Barry, Mrs. A. Glen (Kilmer, Eva 

Marie) B. A. 13. Manistique, Mich. 
Barry, Mrs. Chas. A. (Crane, Wini- 
fred Lucy) B. A. 12: 91 Linsdale 

Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Barry, Grace Maurine, B. S. (H. Ec.) 

19. Eichland Center, Wis. a 
Barry, Hamlet Joseph, B. L. 03, LL. 

B. 05. Attorney. 724 Equitable 

Bldg., Denver, Colo. 
*Barry, James Henry, LL. B. 83. Died 

October 11, 1898. 
Barry, John Sumner, B. A. 05. At- 
torney. Phillips, Wis. a 
Barry, Margery Johanna, B. A. 19. 

Oconomowoc, Wis. 



Barry, Mary Regina, B. A. 10. Ore- 
gon, Wis. 
Barry, Mary Ryan Catharine, B. A 

09. Teacher. Jackson, Neb. 
Bartelt, Arthur Herman, B. A. 04. 

Asst. Dist. Atty. of Milwaukee Co. 

1235 Prospect PL, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Bartelt, George, B. A. 07. Arnold, 

Bartenbach, Marie C, B. A. 11. 

Teacher. Ableman, Wis. 
Barth, Eugene Albert, B. A. 13. Ac- 
countant. Arthur Young & Co., 
Port Washington, Wis. 
Barth, George Peter, B. S. (Ph.) 95. 

Physician & Surgeon. 2120 Grand 

Ave., Apt. 8, Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Barth, John Herman, B. S. (C. E.) 11. 

422 Grand Ave., Port Washington, 

Barthe, Jeanne Savate de la (Flem- 
ing, Mrs. J. J.) B. A. 13. Instr. 

Kan. State Agric. Coll. Manhattan, 

BaJtholf, Winifred, B. A. 19. 1622 

Leavenworth, Manhattan, Kan. a 
Bartholomew, Elbert T., Ph. D. 14. 

Asst. Prof. U. W. 316 Breeze Terr., 

Madison, Wis. 
Bartholomew, Mrs. Norman C. 
(Thompson, Myrtle Eleanor) B, A. 

13. 14 S. Arlington, Akron, O. a 
Bartlett, Charles Lackey, LL. B. 00. 

302 N. 6th, Quincy, 111. 
Bartlett, Charles Lynn, B. S. (C. E.) 

10. Mfgrs. Agent. 811 Majestic 

Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Bartlett, Edwin Ball, B. A. 05. Secy. 

& Treas. Milwaukee Stamping Co. 

West Allis, Wis. a 
Bartlett, Eliza Wheelock, B. L. 01. 

545 Belleview PL, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Bartlett, Ferdinand von Arlt, B. A. 

09. Investment Bonds. 500 First 

Natl. Bk. Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Bartlett, Frank H., B. L. 92. Lumber 

Mfgr. Drummond, Wis. 
Bartlett, Walter Scott, B. A. 10. 

Lawyer. 728 First Natl. Bk. Bldg., 

Milwaukee, Wis. a 
*Bartlett, Wm. Guy, Ph. G. 16. Died 

in service Jan. 28, 1918. 
. Bartman, John Henry, LL. B. 00. 
Bartmann, Selma Henrietta, B. A. l4. 

631 W. Fifth, Marshfield, Wis. 
Barton, Albert Olaus, B. L. 96. Di- 
rector. Wis. War History Work, 

Council of Defense. 1914 Madison, 

Madison, Wis. 

Barton, Mrs. D. B. (Foote, Louise S.) 
Ph. B. 02. Principal. 412 W. 11th, 
Mason City, la. 

Barton, Ella Andrea, B. L. 02. Med- 
ford. Wis. 

Barton, Maurice L., B. A. (C. C.) 16. 
Secy. Albany Hdw. Spec. Mfg. Co. 
Albany, Wis. a 

Barton, Mrs. Robert (Durrie, Agnes) 
B. A. 17, M. A. 18. 315-4th Ave., 
c/o Ingersoll, New York City. 

Bartran, Mrs. W. H. (Barkhausen, 
Clara Marie) B. L. 03. 403 Lawe, 
Green Bay, Wis. 

Barwig, Adele, B. A. 17. Mayville, 

Bascom, Deane Smith, B. S. A. 18. 
Lieut. Naval Reserve. 7 Prospect 
Ave., Greenfield, Mass. 

Bascom, Mrs. Deane S. (Rietbrock, 
Dorothy) B. A. 18. 176-31st, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Bascom, Florence, B. A. 82, B. S. 84, 
M. A. 87. Geologist. Bryn Mawr 
Coll. Bryn Mawr, Pa. a 

Bascom, George Mooar, B. A. 79. 
Miner. 208 S. Grand Ave., Pasa- 
dena, Calif. 

Bascom, Jean, B. L. 79. Hedge 
Lawn, Williamstown, Mass. a 
*Bascom, John, LL. D. 05. Died Oc- 
tober 3, 1911. 

Bascom, Lelia, B. L. 02, M. A. 11. 
Instr. U. W. 419 Sterling PL, Mad- 
ison, Wis. a 

Bash, Francis Edwin, B. S. (Ch. E.) 
16, Ch. E. 19. Research Engr. 4901 
Stenton Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Basherovy, Samuel, B. S. 16. Col- 
lege of Agric & Mech. Arts, U. of 
Porto Rico. Mayaguez, R. C. a 
*Bashford, Mrs. Florence Taylor, Ph. 

B. 74. Died Aug. 16, 1886. 
*Bashford, James Whitford, B. A. 73, 
M. A. 76, LL. D. 12. Died March 
18, 1919. 

Bashford, Mrs. James W. (Field, 
Jane M.) Ph. B. 74, M. L. 82. 
3905 Orleans Ave., Sioux City, la. 
*Bashford, John Wesley, B. A. 71, M. 
A. 74, LL.B. 74. Died March 26, 
*Bashford, Robert McKee, B. A. 70, 
LL. B. 71, M. A. 74. Died, 1911. 

Baskerville, Grace Delia (Bessey, 
Mrs. John Mack) B. A. 14. 

Baskerville, Stella Edith, B. A. 14. 
Librarian. 29 Maple Ct., Brooklyn, 
N. Y. a 



Bass, Everetta E. (Ludberg, Mrs. An- 
drew P.) B. A. 11. 

Bass, Horace Herbert, B. L. 02, M. L. 
03. Prof. State Normal, Warrens- 
burg, Mo. 

Bassett, Agnes Stone, B. L. 95. 96 
East First, Fond du Lac, Wis. a 

*Bassett, Harry Kendall, M. A. 10. 
Died, 1917. 

Bassett, Mrs. Harry Kendall (Brown, 
Hester Adeline) B. A. 00. Insur- 
ance. 726-2d Ave., Antigo, Wis. a 
*Bassett, Henry Smith, B. S. (C. E.) 
71, M. A. 74. Died Aug. 27, 1913. 

Bassett, Herbert, M. S. 16. W. 111. 
State Normal, Macomb, 111. ' 

Bassett, Norman Douglas, B. A. 14. 
c/o Madison Democrat, Madison, 
Wis. a 

Bassett, William Beacher, B. S. (E. 
E.) 09. Westinghouse Elect. & 
Mfg. Co., East Pittsburgh, Pa. a 

Bassford, George Ainslee, Ph. B. 17. 
Principal. 225 S. Jackson, Janes- 
ville. Wis. 

Batchelor, Mrs. Leon D. (Brown, 
Florence Mary) B. A. 08. 176 Ban- 
dini Ave., Eiverside, Calif, a 

Batchelor, Roger Putnam, B. A. 11. 
Surgeon. Palmerton Hospital, 
Palmerton, Pa. 

Bates, Floyd Elton, B. S. (C. E.) 09, 
C. E. 10. Asst. Engr. Mo. Pac. E. 
E. 447 W. Jackson Ed., Webster 
Grove, Mo. 

Bates, Mrs. Helen Page (Page, Hel- 
en) Ph. D. 96. Asst. U. of Calif. 
2440 Hilgard Ave., Berkeley, Calif. 

Bates, Onward, C. E. 97. Civil Engr. 
332 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Bates, William Ensign, B. S. (C. E.) 
06. Chief Engr. Oliver Iron Min- 
ing Co. Chisholm, Minn, a 

Battle, Mrs. Loren (Dahl, Alice Idell) 
B. A. 12. Wenatchee, Wash. 

Battig, Leon, B. A. 17. Teacher. 
954 Buffum, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Batty, Helen Margaret, B. A. 18. 
Teacher. 728 W. Johnson, Madi- 
son, Wis. a 

Batz, Margaret Carmen, B. A. 12. 
Bookkeeper. Sun Prairie, Wis. 

Batz, Rupert J., B. A. 11. Cashier. 
Farmers & Merchants Bank, Sun 
Prairie, Wis. 

Bauer, Alfred Henry, Ph. G. 04. 
Pharmacist. Mayville, Wis. [ 

Bauer, Harry Edward, B. S. (M. E.) 

15. Mechanical Draftsman. 1614- 

20th Ave., Moline, 111. 
Bauer, Oscar Hugo, B. A. 03. Prin- 
cipal. Juneau, Wis. 
Bauer, William Waldo, B. S. (Med.) 

15. 424 Park PI., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Baum, George Koehler, B. A. 14. 

Bond Salesman. Stern Bros. & Co. 

Kansas City, Mo. a 
Baum, Harry Neal, B. A. 15, M. A. 

Bauman, Gus Adolph, B. S. A. 17. 

1632 York, Quincy, 111. a 
Bauman, John Sprague, B. A. (C. C.) 

17. Lieut. J. G., U. S. N. U. S. S. 

Minneapolis. Home: 121 Washing- 
ton, Oshkosh, Wis, a 
Bauman, Lily Katharine,' B. A. 15. 

Teacher. 704 Jefferson, Mendota, 

Bauman, Louis Alexander, Ph. G. 86. 

Druggist. Cor. Main & Algoma, 

Oshkosh, Wis. 
Bauman, Walter John, B. A. 13. 

Teacher. Monroe, Wis. 
Baumann, Adolph Otto Wernicke, B. 

A. 17. a 
Baumbach, Frederick Louis, B. A. 09. 

Chemist & Bacteriologist. Natl. 

Water Co. Waukesha, Wis. 
Baumeister, George Frederick, B. S. 

A, 14. Boscobel, Wis. 
Baumeister, Theodore A., B. A. 08. 

Kewaunee, Wis. a 
*Baumgarten, Otto Charles, LL. B. 99. 

Died, 1901. 
Baumgarth, Herman Robert, Ph. G 

91. Physician & Surgeon. 2000 

W. Chicago, Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Bans, Richard Edward, B. S. (M. E.) 

00. Asst. Gen. Prod. Mgr. Stude- 

baker Corp. Detroit, Mich, a 
*Bauschek, John Frank, LL. B. 91. 

Died June 20, 1891. 
Bautz, Gladys June (Gamble, Mrs. 

Ealeigh W.) B. A. 15. 
Baxter, Charles Melvin, LL. B. 99. 

Attorney. 1307 Alaska Bldg., Se- 
attle, Wash, a 
Bayle, Francis Lawrence, R S. (M. 

E.) 19. 234 Glen, Glens Falls, N. 

Y. a 
Bayles, Mrs. Dennis A. (Brereton, 

Euth Virginia) B. A. 12. Merri- 
mack, Wis. a 
Bayles, Mrs. James M. (Eogers, Al- 

thea) B. A. 05. 1007-4th Ave., As- 

bury Park, N. J. a 



Bayley, Edwin Holaart, B. A. 16. Au- ! 
ditor. Peninsular Power Co. 611 
S. Baldwin, Madison, Wis. 
^ Bayton, Mrs. Ernest G. (McFadden, 
Doris' Lucile) B. A. 16. 409 W. 
Johnson, Madison, Wis. a 
Beacli, Charles Lewis, B. S. A. 86. 
Pres. Conn. Agr. Coll. Storrs,' Conn. 
Beach, Mrs. CUnton S. (Lloyd, Ada 
C.) B. L. 02. Eavinia, 111. 
Beach, Paul Mell, LL. B. 14. At- 
torney. 1406 State, Eau Claire, 
Beach, Mrs. P. M. (Bundy, Nell Keu- 
bena) B. A. 13. 1406 State, Eau 
Claire, Wis. a 
Beach, Ruth Spalding (Field, Mrs. 
Harry W.) B. A. 18. Kice Lake, 
Beach, Sarah Morehouse, M. A. 14, 
Ph. D. 16. Box 776, Bridgeport, 
Beachel, Mrs. Burr Toys (Harvey, 
Isabel) B. A. 03. Musician. 7700 
Saginaw Ave., Chicago, 111. a 
Beale, Joseph Henry, LL. D. 04. Prof. 
Harvard Univ. 29 Chauncey, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 
Bean, Ernest F., B. A. 09, M. A. 11. 
Asst. State Geologist, U. W., Mad- 
ison, Wis. a 
Bean, Roy Perry, B. S. A. 11. Agri- 
culturist. U. S. Dept. of Agric. 
North Yakima, Wash. 
Bean, Mrs. Roy P. (Hugill, Florence 
I.) S. M. G. 11. North Yakima, 
Bean, Theron W., B. L. 84. Cashier. 
Federal P. O. 3909 Eddy, Chica- 
go, 111. 
Bear, Firman Edward, Ph. D. 17. 
Prof. Ohio State Univ., Columbus, 
O. a 
*Beardsley, Frank Chester, B. C. E. 

83, C. E. 90. Died, 1896. 
*Beaser, Harry Hamlin, B. A. 84. De- 

rt P Q Cp/^ 

Beasley, Phineas W., B. S. (C. E.) 10. 

Eailroad Valuation. Hillsdale, Ore. 
Beasley, William Howard, B. S. (E. 

E. 08. H. W. Beasley Piano Co., 

Ill E. Broad, Texarkana, Ark. a 
Beasley, Mrs. Wm. Howard (Ely, 

Mary C.) M. G. 10. Ill E. Broad, 

Texarkana, Ark. 
Beath, John William, B. A. 08, M. A. 

16. Statistician. Medical Records, 

U. S. A. Rm. 3-216, Bldg. F. 7th 

"B." N. W., Wash. D. C. 

Beath, Orville Andrew, B. A. 08, M. 

A. 12. Research Chemist. U. of 
Wyo. Laramie, Wyo. a 

Beath, Sterling Stanley, B. A. 13. 
Home, Evansville, Wis. 

Beattie, James Grey, B, S. A. 13. Ar- 
lington, Wis. 

Beattie Marguerite Reno (Sheffer, 
Mrs. L. M.) B. S. (H. Ec.) 19. 

Beatty, Mrs. Carlotta McCutcheon, 

B. A. 04. 1824 Vilas, Madison, 

Beatty, Florence Esther, B. S. (H. 
Ec.) 19. 734 Murray Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 

Beatty, Maria, M. A. 14. Teacher. 

421 E. 44th, Chicago, 111. a 
Beatty, Mary Elizabeth (Wilson, 
Mrs. Chester Sawyer) B. S. (H. 
Ec.) 17. a 

Beaubien, Edith Nell (Nichols, Mrs. 
Floyd) M. S. 17. 

Beaucage, Louise Harriet, B. A. 19. 
Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Beaver, Cyril James, B. A. (C. C.) 19. 
1017 Clymer PL, Madison, Wis. 

Beaver, Grace May (Lewis, Mrs. Al- 
bert W.) B. A. 05. 

Bebb, Edward C, B. S. (C. E.) 96. 
107 Primrose, Chevy Chase, Md. 

Besher, Max Albert, B. A. 06, M. A. 
10. Teacher. 947-lst Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 

Bechlem, Alfred WilUam, B. S. (E. 
E.) 07. Plymouth, Wis. 

Bechtel, Anita Else (Reindl, Mrs. 
Lawrence T.) B. A. 13. 

Bechtel, IVLrs. Edward .A. (Lyon, 
Edith A.) B. L. 95. Tulane, Univ. 
627 Pine, New Orleans, La. 

Bechtel, Ethel EUzabeth, B. A. 16. 
Teacher. Cavalier, N. D. a 

Bechtel, Leslie Andrew, B. A. 10. 
Minister. Hammond Ave. Pres- 
byterian Church. Superior, Wis. a 

Beck, Arnold Joel, B. S. A. 17. Ar- 
cadia, Wis. 

Beck, Joseph David, Ph. B. 03. Chair- 
man. Wis. Ind. Comm. Madison, 

Beck, Joseph Jacob, Ph. G. 03. Com- 
mercial Salesman. 431 Juneau PI., 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Beck, Thorwald Martin, B. A. 13, LL. 
B. 15. Lawyer. 300-6th, Racine, 
Wis. a 

Beck, Victor Van, B. A. 16. 



Beckenstrater, Herman, B. S. A. 04, 
M. S. 07. Prof. Md. State Coll. of 
Agric. College Park. Md. 

Becker, Carl Lotus, B. L. 96, Ph. D. 
07. Prof. Cornell Univ. Ithaca, N. 

Becker, Charles Christopher, M. A. 
13. M. E. Minister. 421 Oak, 
Grand Rapids, Wis. 

Becker, Dean Brown, B. S. (Ch. E.) 
13. Engr. Creamery Package 
Mfg. Co. Fort Atkinson, Wis. 

Becker, Emma W., B. A. 11. 124 E. 
Farmer, Monroe, Wis. 

Becker, George William, B. A. 17. 
Training Class. Firestone Tire & 
Rubber Co. 840 E. Buchtel Ave., 
Akron, O. a 

Becker, Mrs. George William 
(Schwebs, Lorena Elizabeth) B. A. 
19. 840 Buchtel Ave., Akron, O. a 

Becker, Herbert William, B. A. 13. 
Lawyer. 69 W. Washington, Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Becker, John M., LL. B. 90. County 
Judge. Monroe, Wis. 

Becker, John Walter, B. S. (C. E.) 

09, C. E. 10. Mfgr. Elect. Special- 
ties. 8 S. Dearborn, Chicago, 111. a 

Becker, Joseph Aloysius, B. S. A. 14, 

M. S. 16. Statistician. 2235 West 

Lawn Ave., Madison, Wis. a 
Becker, Kathryn Christina, B. A. 09. 

302 K Water, Watertown, Wis. 
Becker, Oscar John, B. S. A. 17. Mel- 

vina, Wis. 
Beckmire, Mrs. Louis Edward (Huen- 

kemier, Etta L.) B. L. 00. 325 

Stephenson, Frceport, 111. 
Beckwith, Ralph Monroe, B. S. A. 16. 

Salesman. Rm. 807, 253 Broadway, 

New York Citv. a 
Beddall, Marcus*^ Melvin, B. L. 97. 

Teacher. Hotel Lever, Spokane, 

Bedford, Edgar William, B. S. (Med. 

S.) 12. Physician. 909 New York 

Ave., Sheboygan, Wis. 
Bednarek, Joseph L., B. A. 07, LL. B. 

10. Attorney. 636 Merchants & 
Mfgrs. Bk. Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Bedwell, Charles W., B. A. 11. The 
Lange Co., West De Pere, Wis. a 

Beebe,Claude Spencer, B. S. 01. Phy- 
sician. 173 Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 

Beebe, Dwlght Eastman, B. L. 02. 
Bursar, Alexander Hamilton Inst. 
13 Astor PI., New York City. 

Beebe, Gordon Alcott, B. S. (C. E.) 
13. Instr. Engr. U. W. Madison, 
Wis. a 

Beebe, Horace Merle, B. S. (C. E.) 
11. Engr. Dept. Link-Belt Co. 743 
Oakwood Blvd., Chicago, 111. 

Beebe, John Cleavland, C. E. 10. 
Engr. & Mgr. Clearmont, Wyo. 

Beebe, Murray Charles, B. S. (E. E.) 
97. Elect. Engr. Wadsworth 

Watch Case Co., Dayton, O. a 

Beebe, Roy Henry, B. L. 94. Invest- 
ment Securities. 1218 First Natl. 
Bk. Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Beebe, Mrs. Roy Henry (Walker, 
Mary Ada) B. L. 94. 580 Van 
Buren, Apt. 6, Milwaukee, Wis. 
*Beebe, WiUiam Grant, LL. B. 91. De- 

Beech er, Benjamin Sanford, B. A. 10, 
M. A. 11. Actuary Guardian Life 
Insurance. 2213 West Lawn Ave., 
Madison, Wis. a 

Beecher Dorothy Alice, B. Mus., 18. 
408 Frye, Peoria, 111. 

Beecroft, Lillian Jane, B. L. 83. Li- 
brary Asst. 1812 Monroe, Madison, 
Wis. a 

Beedle, John R., Ph. G. 11. 
*Beeman, Edward Monroe, B. L. 93. 

Beeman, Lyman Anderson, B. S. (Ch. 
C.) 18. Night Supt. Kimberly 
Groundwood Mill, Kimberly Clark 
Co. 117 Church, Neenah, Wis. a 

Beerbaum, Adolph Frederick, B. S. 
99. a 

Beers, Hosea S., LL. B. 87. 

Beers, Leslie Weymouth, B. A. 03. 
Teacher. 315 Plant Ave., Webster 
Groves, Mo. 

Beers, Stanley Emerson, LL. B. 17. 
Sun Prairie, Wis. 

Beffel, John Marshall, B. S. 95. Phy- 
sician. 3211 Cedar, Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 

Beffel, Mrs. John M. (Baker, Olive 
E.) B. L. 91. 3200 Clybourn, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Beglinger, Fred, B. L. 88. County 
Judge. 394 Merritt, Oshkosh, Wis; 

Beglinger, Harold Fred, B. S. (Ch. 
C.) 19. 394 Merritt Oshkosh, Wis. 

Behling, Fred Louis, B. S. A. 19. 
Teacher. Glyndon, Minn, a 

Behrens, Gertrude Dorothea, B. A. 15. 
\ Teacher. 710-4th, Bismarck, N. D. 



Behrens, Paul Ellsworth, B. A. 16. 
Editing & Publicity. 2252 Jack 
son Blvd., Chicago, 111. 

Behrens, Ray Emll, B. S. (C. E.) 19. 
Engr. Demerara Baunta Co., Ltd., 
Georgetown Demerara British 
Guiana, S. A. P. O. Box 214 a 

Beidleman, Elisha Biggs, B. A. 12. 
Foreman. 1608 Lake Ave., So. Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 

Beim, Mildred Honor (Spickard, Mrs. 
Vernon Warren) B. A. 15. 

Beitel, Roy Milton, B. S. (E. E.) 09. 
Elect. Contractor & Garage Prop. 
Hinckley, 111. 

Beitler, Lewis Gladys, B. A. 14. 
Brady, Mont. 

Belcher, Katharine Fisher, M. A. 13. 
Teacher. 819 Grove, Elizabeth, N. 

Belden, Mrs. Carroll Reed (Brown. 
Fannie Arnetta) B. A. 12. 5008 
Nichols, Omaha, Neb. a 

Belden, Ellsworth Burnett, LL. B. 86. 
Circuit Judge. 1232 Main, Racine, 
Wis. a 

Belden, John Ellsworth, B. S. A. 18. 
Sales Correspondent. Hamilton 
Beach Mfg. Co. 1232 Main, Ra- 
cine, Wis. 

Belden, Stanley Raymond, B. S. A. 

18. Purchasing Agent, Racine Au- 
to Tire Co. 1232 Main, Racine, 

Belitz, Arthur Frederick, LL. B. 05. 
Asst. Revisor of Statutes, 1212 
Sherman Ave., Madison, Wis. 

Belknap, Margaret Knowlton, B. A. 

19. Dramatic Instr. 130 McCall, 
Waukesha, Wis. a 

Belknapp, Clark Hiram, LL. B. 09. 

Attorney. Mcintosh, S. D. a 
Bell, Mrs. Alfred C. (Craig, Louise) 

B. L. 00. 686 Prospect Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 
Bell, Donald Chesbrough, B. A. 17. 

1311 N. 26th, St. Joseph, Mo. 
Bell, Dorothy M., B. A. 18. Willough- 

by, O. 
Bell, Elsie Adelaide, Ph. B. 07. 

Teacher. 702 Spurgeon, Santa Ana, 

Bell, George William, B. S. (E. E.) 

09. Stevens Point, Wis. 
Bell, Grace Lina, B. S. (H. Ec.) 15. ; 

Teacher. 99 Webb, Hammond, 

Ind. a 

Bell, Harry Garfield, LL. B. 07. 

Judge of Second Municipal Court 

of Lincoln Co. Tomahawk, Wis. a 
Bell, Jessie M. (Woodward, Mrs. G. 

L.) B. L. 89. 
Bell, Lawrence McKinley, B. A. (C. 

J.) 15. Advertising. 305 Norris 

Ct., Madison, Wis. 
Bell, Mrs. Luther (Johnson, Martha 

Frances) B. A. 05. 
Bell, Marion Caroline (Chamberlain, 

Mrs. James A.) B. A. 05. 
Bell, Rae Floyd, B. A. 12 Secy. & 

Treas. Kaukauna Pulp Co. Kau- 

kauna. Wis. a 
Bell, Thomas Sloan, LL. B. 97. Traf- 
fic Chief. Wis. Tel. Co. 418 Broad- 
way, Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Bell, Mrs. Walter T. (Morgan, Sarah 

Blanche) M. G. 08. 5337 Kimbark 

Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Bell, Willis James, M. A. 07. Prof. 

State Normal School. Dickinson, 

N. D. 
Bellack, Julius Sidney, Ph. G. 91. 

Druggist. 1508 E. 57th, Chicago, 

Bellack Willard Bemhard, B. S. (M. 

E.) 19. Fort Atkinson, Wis. a 
Bellane, Amund, LL. B. 96. County 

Treasurer. Viroqua, Wis. 
Belleville, Dorothy (Hill, Mrs. Harry 

K.) B. A. 17. 
Belling, John William, B. S. (E. E.) 

03. Comm. Engr. Gen. Elect. Co. 

84 State, Boston, Mass. 
Bellows, Frank Leroy, B. S. A. 15. 

Mutual Creamery Co. 631 West, 

Reno, Nev. a 
Bellows, Mrs. Frank L. (Black, Mar- 
guerite Evelyn Jacques) S. M. G. 

15. 631 West, Reno, Nev. 
Belsky, Charles James, B. S. (E. E.) 

10, E. E. 12. Pres. & Gen. Mgr. 

Belsky-Cook Motor Co. Dubuque, 

Belsky, Max Benard, B. A. (C. C.) 
18. Vice-Pres. Belsky-Cook Motor 
Co. Dubuque, la. 

Belz, Frank Arthur, Ag. G. 11. 
Farmer, Visalia, Calif. 

Belz, George Andrew, Ag. G. 11. 
Dairy Farmer. Visalia, Calif, a 

Bemis, Alice Louise, B. A. 18. In- 
dustrial Secy, of Mill Villages, Y. 
W. C. A. Atlanta, Ga. Home: 4318 
Sheridan Rd., Chicago, 111. a 

Bemis, Florence Irene (Reed, Mrs. 
Carl S.) Ph. B. 06. 



Bemis, Mary Scoville (Snead, Mrs. 

Albert C.) B. A. 15. a 
Bemis, Walter Sargent, M. E. 15. Ap- 
praisal Engr. 429 Hawthorne 
Lane, Winnetka, 111. 
Bemis, Mrs. W. S. (Johnson, Ger- 
trude Kildahl) B. A. 17. 429 Haw- 
thorne Lane, Winnetka, 111. a 
Bender, Walter Henry, LL. B. 01. 
Attorney. 1312 First Natl. Bk. 
' Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Bendfelt, Herbert Albert, B. S. (E. 
E.) 17. 7342 Evans Ave., Chicago. 
HI. I 

Bendt, Joseph Philip, B. S. (C. E.) ' 

13. a 
Benedict, Frank Westby, B. S. A. 16. 
Meeh, Expert. Samson Tractor Co. 
441 Madison, Janesville, Wis. 
Benedict, Guy Albert, B. S. (E. E.) 
07. Confectioner. 230 Hudson, 
Eau Claire, Wis. 
Benedict, Harry EUis, B. A. (C. C.) 
16. Banker. Room 701, 111 Broad- 
way, N. Y. C. a 
Benedict, Mertie Harriet (Eaymer, 

Mrs. J. W.) B. S. 97. 
Benedict, Murray Reed, B. S. A. 16. 
Extension Work. 612-llth Ave., 
Brookings, S. D. a 
Benedict, Mrs. M. R. (Tucker, Elisa- 
beth) B. A. 11. 612-llth Ave., 
Brookings, S. D. 
^Benedict, Samuel S., M. A. 56. Died, 


Benedict, Wallace, B. S. (M. E.) 04. 

Lockwood Greene & Co. Engrs. 60 

Federal, Boston, Mass. a 

Beneke, Henry John, B.-A. (C. C.) 17. 

E. 211.3-5th Ave., Spokane, Wash. 

Benesh, Emilie Crecencia, S. M. G. 

16. Teacher. Menominee, Mich. 
Benfey, Theodore W., B. L. 93, LL. 
B. 95. Attorney. Sheboygan, Wis. 
Benger, Ernest Baden, M. S. 13, Ph. 
D. 17. Chemist. Du Pont Powder 
• Co. Box 208, Parlin, N. J. 
Benham, Mrs. F. C. (Miller, Grace 
Elizabeth) B. L. 03. 811 Garfield 
Ave., Rockford, 111. 
Benisek, Helen Annette, B. A. 19. 

222 Edison, Antigo, Wis. 
Benish, George Anthony, B. A. 17. 

605 Forest, Eau Claire, Wis. a 
Benkendorf, Gustav H., B. S. A. 10 
Asst. Prof. U. W. 5 E. Wilson, 
Madison, Wis. 

Benkert, Mrs. Arthur P. (Churchill, 
Charlotte A.) B. A. 08, M. G. 08. 
119 E. Merchant, Monroe, Wis. a 
Benkert, Roy Frederick, B. S. A. 18. 

Monroe, Wis. 
Benner, Rajrmond C, M. A. 05, Ph. 
D. 09. Dir. of Research. Fremont 
Laboratories, The Natl. Carbon Co. 
419 Ewing, Fremont, O. 
Bennett, Arthur Earl, B. S. (C. E.) 

Bennett, Mrs. A. E. (Gough, Gene- 
vieve Elizabeth) B. S. (H. Ee.) 19, 
R. R. No. 3, Boonville, Ind. a 
Bennett, Benjamin Floyd, B. S. (Ch 
E.) 10. Asst. Master Mech. Laugh- 
lin Wks., Amer. Sheet & Tin Plate 
Co. 59 N. 4th, Martins Ferry, O. 
Bennett, Mrs. B. F. (Moore, Edith) 
B. A. 12. 59 N. 4th, Martins Ferry 
Bennett, Mrs. B. Frank (Wallis, El- 
vira F.) B. A. 07. 2611 Elserion 
Ave., Baltimore, Md. 
Bennett, Charles Edwin, B. S. (M. 
E.) 12. Vice Pres. & Gen. Mgr. 
Binghampton Gas Works. Bing- 
hampton, N. Y. a 
Bennett, Charles Wilbur, B. M. E. 92. 
American Sheet & Tin Plate Co., 
6300 Darlington Rd., Pittsburg, Pa. 
Bennett, Clarance Heckman, B. A. 86. 
Bennett, Mrs. Edward (Moore, Ethel 
Edna) B. A. 05. 1919 Jefferson, 
Madison, Wis. a 
Bennett, Elizabeth Rhea, B. A. (C. 

J.) 19. Aberdeen, S. D. 
Bennett, Genevieve (Carthew, Mrs. 

Harry E.) 
Bennett, George Edward, B. A. 12. 
Prof, of Accounting & Director of 
Dept. of Accounting. Syracuse IT., 
Syracuse. N. Y. a 
Bennett, Mrs. G. E. (Landsberg, 
Florence Columbia) B. A. 15. 416 
W. 215th, New York City. 
Bennett, Grant Robinson, LL. B. 87. 
Lawyer. Rhea Bldg., San Jose, 
Bennett, Mrs. Howard J. (Hanan, 
Florence Louise) B. A. 12. Oppor- 
tunity, Wash. 
Bennett, James Percy, Ph. D. 18. 
Expr. Sta. Work. U. of Calif. 
Berkeley, Calif. 
Bennett, James Percy, Ph. D. 18. 
Instr. U. W. 915 University Ave., 
Madison, Wis. 



Bennett, Joseph Gardner, B. S. (E. 
E.) 18. 14 Prospect Ave., Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Bennett, Joseph Trevartin, Ph. G. 8ei 
Druggist. Lancaster, Wis. 

Bennett, Julia Cora, B. S. 96. Teach- 
er. 12444 Cedar Ed., Cleveland, O. 
-Bennett, Julian, LL. B. 84. Died 
Aug. 26, 1904. 

Bennett, Keenan Anslow, B. A. 14. 
Lancaster, Wis. a 

Bennett, Marjory Elizabeth (Maj- 
shall, Mrs. H. P.) M. A. 15. 

Bennett, Nellie Faye, M. A. 14. 
Teacher. Ulrichsville, O. 

Bennett, Persis May (Thomas, Mrs, 
Beniamin) B. S. 03. 

Bennett, Ralph William, B. S. A. 14. 
Farmer. Waterford, Wis. 

Bennett, Thomas Edmund, B. S. (E. 
E.) 16. Asst. Elect. Engr. Dayton 
Power & Light Co. 395 W. First, 
Dayton, Q. a 

Bennett, Mrs. W. B. (Moffatt, Flor- 
ence S.) B. A. 04. 322 S. Hamil- 
ton, Madison, Wis. a 

Bennett, William Chase, B. S. 90. Ex- 
amining Surgeon. Federal Board 
for Vocational Ed. (Dist. 11.) 400 
Mercantile Bldg., Denver, Colo, a 

Bensend, Louis Adolph, B. S. A. 16. 
Student U. W. Whitehall, Wis. a 

Benson, Ada Lillian, B. A. 18. 827 S. 
1st, Princeton, 111. 

Benson, Frederick H., B. C. E. 91. 

Benson, Gideon, B. S. 99. Physician 
& Surgeon. Eichland Center, Wis. 

Benson, Guy Alfred, LL. B. 09. At- 
torney. Baker Blk., Eacine, Wis. a 

*Benson, Ida Bertina, B. A. 14. De- 

Benson, James Willie Lee, B. S. (M. 
E.) 14. Tech. High School, Atlan- 
ta, Ga. 

Benson, Jeanette, B. A. 15. 36 Pat- 
terson, Greenwich, Conn, a 

Bent, Winifred, B. A. 17. Lab. Bac- 
teriologist. Eochester, Minn. 

Bentley, Faye Oretta, B. A. 18. 112 
E. Wilson, Madison, Wis. 

Bentley, I'rederick William, LL. B. 
83. Attorney. 106 N. La Salle, 
Chicago, 111. 
Bentley^ Frederick WilUam, B. S. (M. 

E.) 98. Oregon, Wis. 
Bentley, John Edward, B. S. (Med.) 
15. Physician. Gen. Hosp. 28 Ft. 
Sheridan, 111. 

Bentley, Wayne Harrison, B. S. (Ch. 
C.) 15, M. S. 16. Chemist. Oliver 
Iron Mining Co. Chisholm, Minn. 
Benton, Homer Harrington, B. A. 08, 
LL. B. 12. Attorney. Appleton, 
Wis. a 
Benton, Joseph Levi, B. S. (Med.) 
17. Physician. Illinois Central 
Hosp. Chicago, 111. 
Bentzen, Frederick W., B. S. (Ch. C.) 
11. Chemist. Kimberly-Clark Co. 
405 Wisconsin Ave., Neenah, Wis. 
Benzenberg, George Henry, Sc. D. 11. 
Consulting Engr. 1018 Wells Bldg., 
Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Beran, Mrs. J. V. (Loeper, Addie W.) 

B. L. 98. Hibbing, Minn. 
Berg, Anthony, B. S. A. 12. Asst. 
Plant Pathologist. U. of West Va. 
Morgantown, W. Va. 
Berg, Edwin Louis, B. A. (C. C.) 18. 

Onalaska, Wis. 
Berg, Jettie Emerle (Johnson, Mrs. 

H. E.) B. A. 06. 
Berg, John, B. S. (C. E.) 05, C. E. 10. 
Deputy State Engr. Pierre, S. D. a 
Berg, Mrs. John (Leighty, Lily) B. 

A. 05. Pierre, S. D. 
Berg, John B., Ph. G. 12. Pharmacist. 

Mondovi, Wis. a 
Berg, Mrs. John B. (Williams, Caryl 
Eockwood) B. A. 13. Mondovi, 
Wis. a 
Berg, Mrs. Joseph N. (Nelson, Olga 
T.) B. A. 09. New Diggings, Wif 
Berg, Lucile Harriet, B. A. 18. Sti 

dent. Euthven, la. 
Berg, Martin J., B. L. 01. Banko 

Galena, 111. 
Berg, Max John, B. A. 18. Waupui. 

Berg, Theodore, B. L. 98, LL. B. 00 
Attorney. 962 Oneida, Appleton 
Wis", a 
Berg, William Carl, B. L. 98, LL. B 

*Berg, William Carl, B. S. (C. E.) 02. 
Died May 24, 1903. 
Berge, Matthew Garland, B. A. 06. 
Broker. Dairy Products. 249 Ash, 
Portland, Ore. a 
Bergen, Paul, Ph. B. 05. Teacher. 

Eichwood, Wis. 
Bergenthal, Victor William, B. S. (E. 
E.) 97, E. E. 98. Purchasing 
Agent. Wagner Elect. Mfg. Co. 15 
Thornby PL, St. Louis, Mo. a 
Bergenthal, Mrs. V. W. (Dacy, Alice 
Beatrice) B. L. 98, M. G. 98. 15 
Thornby PI., St. Louis, Mo. 



Berger, Alexander, B. L. 78. Farmer. 

Maryton, Caroline Co., Va. 
*Berger, Carl Herman, B. A. 17. 

Killed in action, 1918. 
Berger, Walter Julius, B. A. (C. C.) 

14. Secy. William Berger & Co. 

Wholesale & Eetail Furniture. 788 

Frederick Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Berggren, Axel Emanuel, M. E. 14. 

Asst. Prof. U. W. 27 W. Dayton, 

Madison, Wis. 
Bergh, Lena Irene (Jorgensen, Mrs. 

A.) B. A. 09. 
Bergh, Otto I., B. S. A. 11. Supt. 

North Central Exp. Sta. Grand 

Rapids, Minn. 
Bergstein, Leonard, Ph. G. 19. 317 

N. 4th, Duluth, Minn. 
*Bergstrom, Lucius Seymour, B. L. 02. 

Died Nov. 2, 1909. 
Bergum, Belle Regina, B. A. 17. 

Teacher. 132 Elmhurst Ave., Elm- 
hurst, 111. a 
Berkeley, Frances C. (Young, Mrs. 

Karl) Ph. D. 11. 
Berkemeier, Mary Lena, M. A. 14. 

Teacher. 58 Cannon, Poughkeep- 

sie, N. Y. 
Bernard, Anna Katherine (Fish, Mrs. 

P. O.) B. A. 05. 
Bernard, Burchard Peter Oscar, B. A. 

(C. C.) 14. Mayville, Wis. 
Bernard, Ransom D., B. A. 04. Phy- 
sician. Clarion, la. 
Berne, Charles Ralph, B. A. 19. 2049 

E. 77th, Cleveland, O. 
*Berri, Theodore John, LL. B. 92. 

Died March 12, 1896. 
Berry, Mrs. B. D. (McGlachlin, Lucy 

Kate) B. L. 94. 1401 N. Lime- 
stone, Springfield, O. 
Berry, Claude, B. S. (C. E.) 01. 
Berry, Mrs. Claude (Acker, Ruby M.) 

B. L. 02. 
Berry, Mrs. F. R. (Chappell, Ruby 

B.) B. A. 11. R. F. D. 5, Tampa, 

Berry, Olive Magdalene, Ph. B. (Nor. 

C.) 19. 318 Superior St., Hibbing, 

Minn, a 
Berry, Otto Carter, M. E. 17. Prof. 

Purdue U. Lafayette, Ind. 
Berryman, James Henry, LL. B. 79. 

Attorney. Bassett, Neb. a 
Bersac, William Mann, LL. B. 00. 

Sales-Advertising Mgr. 848 Spruce, 

Winnetka, 111. a 
Berssenbrugge, Bernard, B. S. (E. 

E.) 10. Elect. Engr. 476-53rd, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Eertke, William J., B. S. (E. E.) 03. 
Engr. Sioux City Gas & Elec. Co. 
3519 Jackson, Sioux City, la. a 

Bertke, Wilson A., B. S. (E. E.) 06. 
Mgr. Gt. Falls Gas. Co. Gt. Falls, 
Mont, a 
*Bertles, MolUe (Minahan, Mrs. J. R.) 
B. A. 97. Deceased. 

Bertles, William Matthew, B. S. (G. 
E.) 09. Banker. Michigan Trust 
Bldg., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Berto, Thomas J., B. A. 05. Supt. of 
Schools & Dir. of Continuation 
School. Watertown, Wis. 

Bertrand, Philip A., B. S. (E. E.) 95. 
Gen. Mgr. Grays Harbor Ry. and 
Lt. Co. 604 Essex Ave., Aberdeen, 
Wash, a 

Besley, Harold Joslyn, B. A. 08. IT. 
S. Dept. of Agriculture. 112 Clay- 
ton, Waukegan, 111. a 

Bessey, John Mack, B. A. 09. Mgr. 
Natl. Asso. Mutual Casualty Cos. 
233 Broadway, N. Y. a 

Bessey, Mrs. John Mack (Basker- 
ville, Grace Dilla) B. A. 14. 41 
Oak Ridge Ave., Nutley, N. J. ' 

Best, Mrs. Bruce T. (Stevens, E. Gen- 
evieve) B. L. 00. Arlington 
Heights, 111. 

Best, Ernest Oscar, LL. B. 05. Law- 
yer. 1414 Monadnock, Chicago, 
ill. a 

Best, Grace Loucks (Byrnes, Mrs. 
Allen S.) B. A. 14. 

Best, Mrs. James B. (Korstmann, 
Edith Laura) B. A. 15. 152-23rd, 
Apt. 2. 737 Euclid Ave., Beloit, 
Wis. a 

Best, Louis Freeman, B. A. 15. Edu- 
cational Director. Preston School 
of Industry. Waterman, Calif. 

Best, Paul Butler, B. S. (E. E.) 12. 
Telephone Engr. Central Union 
Tel. Co. 212 W. Washington, Chi- 
cago, 111. a 

Bestow, Leita Ruth (Byrum, Mrs. 
Leita Ruth) B. A. 18. 

Bettinger, Beulah Elizabeth, B. A. 
12. 222 Madison Ave., So. Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Bettinger, Mrs. E. H. (Lins, Chris- 
tina Catherine) B. A. 10. 918 Mon- 
roe Ave., So. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Bettinger, Lillian Louise (Radford, 
Mrs. Lawrence) Ph. B. 07. 

Betts, Mrs. Charles E. (Watrous. 
Maude E.) B. A. 06. 6037 Ken- 
wood Ave., Chicago, 111. a 


Betts, CUfford AUen, C. E. 13. Civil 
& Hydraulic Engr. 1245 Vine, Den- 
ver, Colo. 

Betts, Mrs. C. A. (Cantril, Edna 
Edith) B. A. 13, M. S. 14. 1245 
Vine, Denver, Colo, a 

Betz, Neven Ottillia, B. A. 13. Fair- 
mount, Minn. 

-Beule, Arthur Franz, B. A. 01, LL. B| 
03. Died June 14, 1903. 

Beule, Ervin John, B. A. 04. 

Bevans, Alice Jean (Coolbaugh, Mrs. 
Gaylord) B. L. 03. 

Bewick, Clara D. (Colby, Mrs. L. W.) 
Ph. B. 69. 

Bewick, Grace Beatrice, Ph. B. 08, 
M. A. 10. Teacher. 606 Univer- 
sity Ave., Madison, Wis. a 

Bewick, Mary Louise (Lucas, Mrs. 
Eeuben) M. G. 08. 

Bewick, Thomas Lyman, Ph. B. 06, 
M. S. 14, Ph. M. 15. Asst. Prof. 
U. W. Also State Leader, Boys' & 
Girls' Clubs, Agric. Extension. 316 
Breeze Terr. Madison, Wis. 

Bewick, WilUam Medhurst, B. S. A. 
07. County Agric. Agent. Berkeley 
Co., Martinsburg, West Va. 

Beye, Cudworth, B. S. (G. E.) 06. 
Secretary. Box 207, Riverdale, 
Md. a 

Beye, Howard Lombard, B. S. (Med.j 
09. Asst. Prof. U. of Iowa. Iowa 
City, la. a 

Beye, William, B. L. 02. Attorney. 
Continental and Commercial Bk. 
Bldg., 208 S. La Salle, Chicago, 111. 

Beyer, Adelbert John, B. A. 16. 474 
American Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Beyer, George Kilian, Agr. G. 10. 
Rural Carrier. Fish Creek, Wis. 

Beyer, Ruth Laura, B. A. 18, M. A. 
19. Teacher. Gilbert, Minn, a 

Beyer, Theodore Ernest, M. S. 13. 
Physician. Agnes Memorial San. 
Denver, Colo. 
Beyer, WilUam Carl, M. A. 13. Phila- 
delphia Bur. of Municipal Re- 
search. 805 Franklin Bk. Bldg., 
Philadelphia, Pa. 
Biart, Nathaniel Paul, B. A. 15. 

1123 Elizabeth, Madison, Wis. a 
Bibbs, Emma Marion (Scheer, Mrs. 

George H.) B. L. 99. 
Bickel, Ferdinand De Witt, C. E. 15. 
Asst. Chief Engr. Oliver Iron Min- 
ing Co. Eveleth, Minn. 

Bickel, Harold LeRoy, B. A. 10. Vice 
Pres. & Sales Mgr. Marshall Dob- 
bins & Co. 1422 Marquette Bldg., 
Chicago, 111. a 
Bickel, John Marcher, B. A. 16. Asst. 

Sales Mgr. Curtiss Aeroplane & 

Motor Corp. 52 Vanderbilt Ave., 

New York City, a 
Bickel, Mrs. John (Dupuy, Mary 

Elizabeth) B. A. 17. 303 W. 122nd, 

New York City. 
Bickel, Mrs. Karl D. (Clark, Ethel 

Baugh) B. A. 09. McGregor, la. 
Bickelhaupt, Carroll Owen, B. S. (E. 

E.) 11, E. E. 14. Telephone Engr. 

195 Broadway, New York City, a 
Bickelhaupt, Ivan Adair, B. S. (M. 

E.) 14. 2750 Broadway, Dormont, 

Pittsburgh, Pa. a 
Bickelhaupt, Mrs. Ivan (Harrison, 

Helen) B. A. 14. Elmhurst Inn, 

Swickly, Pa. 
Bickelhaupt, William V., B. S. (Min. 

E.) 11. Contracting Engr. Des 

Moines Bridge & Iron Co. Des 

Moines, la. a 
*Bickler, Jacob, B. A. 70, M. A. 74. 

Died April, 1902. 
Bieberman, Lucile Wilhelmina, B. A. 

19. 2031 E. 1st, Duluth, Minn, a 
Biefeld, Paul A., B. S. (E. E.) 94. 

Prof. & Dir. of Swasey Observa- 
tory. Denison Univ. Granville, O. 
Biegler, PhiUp Sheridan, B. S. (E. 

E.) 05. Asst. Prof. U. of 111. Ur- 

bana, 111. 
Bierbach, Otto Arno, Ph. G. 87. 

Pharmacist. 2346 Oahu Ave., Hon- 
olulu, Hawaii. 
Bierbauer, Vera Louise, B. A. 19. 703 

N. 6th, Mankato, Minn, a 
Bieri, Russell Bernhard, B. S. A. 15. 
Biersach, Henry Louis, B. S. (Ch. C.) 

18. Freeport, 111. 
Biersach, Hugo, B. A. 12. Sales Dept. 

Evinrude Motor Co. Milwaukee, 

Biersach, Rudolph, B. S. (M. E.) 06. 

Supt. Biersach & Niedermeyer Co. 

516 Edgewood Ave., E. Milwaukee, 

Wis. a 
Biery, Edward Andrew, Ag. G. 16. 

Wheeling, W. Va. 
Bigelow, George Tyler, B. A. 03. 

Special Agent. Southern Sierras 

Pr. Co. Riverside, Calif, a 
Bigelow, Mrs. George T. (Welch, 

Ada M.) B. A. 04. Riverside, Calif 



Bigelow, Vieva Marion, B. S. (II. 
Ec.) 19. 1215 Williamson, Madi- 
son, Wis. a 

Bigford, Gifford Llewellyn, B. S. A. 
12. Miss. A. & M. Coll., Agricul- 
tural College, Miss, a 

Bigford, Roger Collins, B. A. 10. 
County Supt. of Schools, Manawa, 

Bigham, Roy Bison, LL. B. 01. At- 
torney. 228 Stark, Portland, Ore. 

BigUn,'Mrs. Wm. J. (Waters, Mary 
Imelda) B. A. 14. O'Neill, Neb. a 

Bilkey, Henry Edward, B. A. 12. Div. 
Secy. War Camp Community Serv- 
ice. I Madison Ave., New York 
City, a 

Bill, James Raymond, B. A. (C. J.) 
17. Eochelle Park, New Eochelle, 
N. Y. 

Bill, Mrs. J. Raymond (Kelly, Esther 
Elizabeth) B. A. 15. Eochelle 
Park, New Eochelle, N. Y. a 

Billings, Carl Emery, B. S. A. 08. 
Farmer-Gen. Mgr. Eoundaway Mfg. 
Co. Plantation. Eoundaway, Miss. 

Billings, Edwin Sidell, Ag. G. 10, Ph. 
B. (Nor. C.) 18. Supervising Prin. 
Belmont, Wis. a 

Billings, Mrs. Goodsell (Paris, Mar- 
garet Irma) B. A. 12. Platteville, 
Wis. a 

Billingsly, Mrs. Clifford (Wood, 
Frances Carolyn) B. A. 18. Ga- 
lena, 111. 

Billman, J. Irwin, M. A. 10. Mgr. 
Dept. of Education, W. E. & B. 
Assn. 4231 Wabash Ave., Kansas 
City, Mo. 

Bilstad, Gunerius Ellsworth, Ph. G, 
96. Physician. Cambridge, Wis. 
*BiltcUffe,'^WilUam, LL. B. 87. Died 
Oct. 11, 1912. 

Binford, Jesse Hinton, M. A. 15. 
Teacher & State Inspector of Eural 
Schools. Eichmond, Va. 
*Bing, Phil Carleton, M. A. 17. Died 
Feb. 23, 1919. 

Bingham, Haxold Spencer, B. S. A. 
15. Teacher. Springfield, Minn. 

Bingham, Homer William, LL. B. 77. 
Loans and Investments. 1025 Fos- 
ter Bldg., Denver, Colo. 

Bingham, James B., B. S. (C. E.) 11. 
Engr. D. W. Mead Cons. Co. 940 
Spaight, Madison, Wis. 

Bingham, Joseph Inhoff, B. S. (San 
E.) 04. Supt. of Public Works. City 
of Elmira. 408^^ Walnut, Elmira, 
N. Y. a 
Bingham, Mrs. W. G. (Poppe, Hanna 
Dorothy) B. A. 16. Friendship, 
Wis. a 

Binney, Morgan Thompson, M. S. 18. 
718 Cass, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Binnie, Nora Belle, B. A. 07. Teach- 
er. Poynette, Wis. 

Binzel, Clarence William, B. A. (C. 
C.) 14. Mgr. Karlock Furniture 
Co. (Wholesale.) 501-4th, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Binzel, Paul Marie, B. A. 02, LL. B. 

04. Cotton Hotel, Houston, Texas, 
a Madison, Chicago, 111. a 

Birch, Albert, B. S. (C. E.) 11. S. 

Birch & Sons Const. Co., Fargo, 

N. D. a 
Birch, Mrs. Albert (Carpenter, Mag- 

dalena) B. A. 09. Fargo, N. D. 
Birch, Frank Victor, B. A. (C. C.) 18. 

Advertising & Merchandising. 674 

Van Buren, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Birchard, Ralph, B. S. (G. E.) 10 

Pres. Bush Motor Cars. 81 E. 

Madison, Chicago, 111. a 
Birchard, Ruth, B. A. 13. Teacher. 

Grants Pass, Ore. 
Bird, Byron, C. E. 15. Texas A. & 

M. Coll. College Station, Texas, a 
Bird, Carol, (Eaton, Mrs. Everett 

Hall) B. S. (H. Ec.) 18. 
Bird, Claire Brajrton, B. A. 89, LL. 

B. 91. Attorney. 522 Warren, 

Wausau, Wis. a 
Bird, Eugene Calvin, M. S. 15. Doug 

las County • Agric. Eep. Armour, 

5. D. a 

Bird, Mrs. Eugene (Eichards, Anna) 

B. S. (H. Ec.) 12. Armour, S. D. 
Bird, Francis Henry, Ph. D. 17. 

Economist. Dartmouth Coll. Han- 
over, N. H. 
Bird, George E., B. A. (C. C.) 19 

827 Laurence Ave., Chicago, 111. a 
*Bird, George Washington, B. A. 60, 

M. A. 63. Died Oct. 1, 1912. 
*Bird, Henry, B, C. E. 91. Died Dec. 

22, 1891. 
Bird, Hobart Stanley, B. S. (C. E.) 

94, LL. B. 96. Attorney. 230 

Grand, New York City. 
Bird, Louise Marie (Warren, Mrs. 

William A.) B. L. 98. 
Bird, Marie Eaton, B. A. 17. 522 

Warren, Wausau, Wis. a 



Bird, Majy W. (Vibber, Mrs. C. H.) 

M. G. 06. 
Birge, Anna Grant, B. A. 06. Li- 
brarian. 772 Langdon, Madison, 

Wis. a 
Birge, Edward Asahel, LL. D. 15. 

President. U. W. 772 Langdon 

Madison, Wis. 
Birge, Edward Grant, B. S. 03. Prof. 

State Univ. of la. Iowa City, la. 
Birge, Julius Stanley, M. S. 14. Pres. 

Seymour Mfg. Co. 5076 Westmin 

ster Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 
Birge, Raymond Thayer, B. A. 09, M. 

A. 10, Ph. D. 14. Instr. U. of 

Calif. Berkeley, Calif, a 
Birge, Mrs. Raymond T. (Walsh, 

Irene A.) B. A. 11. 2845 Forest 

Ave., Berkeley, Calif, a 
Birkett, Miles Wren, B. S. (E. E.) 08. 

Asst. to Gen. Mgr. Wash. Water 

Pr. Co. Spokane, Wash. 
Birkett, Mrs. Miles Wren (Parsons, 

Caryl) B. A. 07. S. 1514 Adams, 

Spokane, Wash. 
Birkinbine, Robert Clayton, Ag. G. 

14. Sun Prairie, Wis. 
Bischel, Joseph Michel, C. E. 12. 

Draftsman. 1312 Cold Spring Ave., 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Bischel, Lawrence Joseph, LL. B. 97. 

Eancher. St. John, Wash. 
Bishop, Burnette Orvil, B. A. 08. 

Asst. Mgr. E. A. Bishop Pub. Co. 

1504 Deane Blvd., Racine, Wis. a 
Bishop, Charles v^lyde, B. A. 06, M. 

A. 19. Supt. of Schools. Portage, 

«=Bishop, Edwin Sherwood, B. L. 03, 

M. A. 05. Deceased. 
Bishop, Mrs. Edwin Sherwood 

(Spence, Florence Mitchell) B. L. 

02. 5549 Dorchester Ave., Chicago, 

Bishop, Fred G., B. A. 15. Supt. of 

Schools. Shawano, Wis. a 
Bishop, George Marsters, B. S. (Ch. 

C.) 15, M. S. 17. 2289 Adams, Co- 
lumbus, O. a 
Bishop, Jean F., B. L. 03. 413 Idaho, 

Dillon, Mont, a 
Bishop, John, LL. B. 88. Attorney & 

Real Estate. 203 Hodges Bldg., 

Detroit, Mich. 
Bishop, John L., M. S. 11. Riner, Va. 
Bishop, Lawson Waterman, B. A. (C. 

C.) 18. Asst. Paymaster. U. S. N. 

R. F. Mallet Creek, O. 

Bishop, Stuart Alfred, LL. B. 17. 
Branch Mgr. Traveler's Insurance 
Co. 2155 Main, Sycamore, 111. 

Bissel, Cora Ethel (Rogers, Mrs. G. 
A.) B. A. 06. 

Bissell, Elizabeth Cacendra, B. S. 03. 
Student. Philadelphia Coll. of Os- 
teopathy. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Bissell, Lucetta Orpha, B. A. 09. 311 
E. 22nd, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Bissell, Marion Orpha (Withington, 
Mrs. Harding) B. A. 10, 

Bissell, Wayne WilUam, B. S. (Med.) 

09. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Bissell, Mrs. W. W. (Withington, 

Frances Eleanor) B. A. 13. 
Bitner, Alice Ladd, B. A. 15. Teach 

er. 231-24th, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Bitter, Elsa Anna (Lohmann, Mrs. 

Ivar) B. A. 08. 
Bitterman, Ruth Genevieve, B. A. 17. 

Asst. U. W. 1717 Chadbourne Ave., 

Madison, Wis. 
*Bixler, Marion E., LL. B. 87. Died 

Nov. 3, 1905. 
Bjorkman, Ernest Joseph, LL. B. 96. 

Masseur. 129 S. 7th, La Crosse, 

Bjomson, John Anton Theodore, B. 

A, 82. Banker. La Moure, N. D. a 
Bjomson, Marvel Milne, B. A. 19. La 

Moure, N. D. 
Blachly, Louis Bradley, B. A. 18. 

Delta, Colo. 
Black, Ethalinda Grace (Lotz, Mrs. 

Paul L.) B. A. 15. 
Black, Forrest Revere, B. A. 16. Law 

student. TifSn, O. 
*Black, Guy, B. A. 17. Killed in ac- 
tion. Sept. 27, 1918. 
Black, John Donald, B. A. 09, M. A. 

10, Ph. D. 19. Asst. Prof. Univ. 
Farm. St. Paul, Minn. 

Black, John Herman, B. S. (Ch. C.) 

18. Hotel del Prado, Chicago, 111. 
Black, Marguerite Evelyn Jacques, 

(Bellows, Mrs. Frank L.) S. M. G. 
Black, Marjorie Helen, B. S. (H. Ec.) 

19. 630 Stockton, Flint, Mich. 
Black, Nellie Maude, S. M. G. 15. 
Black, Mrs. O. H. (Murrish, Maud 

G.) B. L. 99. 2900 E. 6th, Long 
Beach, Calif. 

Black, Oscar Donald, LL. B. 09. At- 
torney. Richland Center, Wis. 

Black, Samuel Bruce, B. A. 13. Treas. 
Liberty Mutual Ins. Co. 185 Devon- 



Black, William Edward, B. L. 88, LL. 
B. 90. Attorney. 927 Wells Bldg., 
Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Blackburn, Arthur W., B. A. 01, M. 
A. 03, LL. B. 03. Attorney. Fern- 
dale, Calif, a 

Blackburn, Carolyn Etta, B. A. 07, 
M. A. 10. Teacher. 1636 Grace 
Ave., Lakewood, O. a 

Blackburn, Fred M., B. S. (E. E.) 07. 

Blackburn, Katlirjm Irene (Pinney, 
Mrs. J. C.) Ph. B. 01. 

Blackburn, Lois Vivian, B. A. 19. 
Teacher. Palmyra, Wis. a 

Blackburn, Lura, B. A. 14, M. A. 18. 
Oak Park, 111. 

Blackburn, Paul, B. A. 11. Produfi- 
tion Mgr. University Club. 
Bridgeport, Conn, a 

Blackburn, Ralph, B. A. 12. Warner 
Bros. Co., Bridgeport, Conn. 

Blackford, Mrs. Howard Painter 
(Luce, Marion Day) B. A. 16. 460 
Barry Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Blackman, Loren Dwight, B. A. 04. a 

Blackmer, Heman, LL. B. 73. At- 
torney. Albert Lea, Minn, a 

Blackmun, Roy Martin, Ph. B. 14. 
Instr. & Field Organizer. Exten- 
sion Div. U. W. 302 Virginia Terr. 
Madison, Wis. 

Blackstone, Adelbert L., LL. B. 97. 
Attorney, Waukesha, Wis. 

Blackwell, Carl Petty, M. S. 15. 
Teacher. U. of Texas. Austin, 

Blaine, Joseph R. S., B. S. (M. E.) 

05, M. E. 11. Mech. Engr. Miehle 

Ptg. Press ^ Mfg. Co. 415 N. Oak 

Park Ave., Oak Park, 111. a 

*Blair, Emma H., M. A. 09. Died, 191i. 

Blair, Milton Johnston, B. A. 10. 
Curtiss Pub. Co. 964 North Ave., 
Winnetka, 111. a 

Blair, Mrs. lililton J. (Schneider, 
Cora Virginia) B. A. 10. 5344 
Lakewood Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Blair, Walter Ellsworth, B. S. (Ch. 
C.) 12. Chemist. Wing & Evans, 
Inc. 22 William, New York City. 

Blair, Walter Prank, B. S. (M. E.) 
15. Engr. 306 Lincoln Ave., Wau- 
kesha, Wis. a 

Blaisdell, James Brooks, B. S. A. 17. 
Kancher. Claremont, Calif. 

Blaisdell, Mae Belle, Ph. B. 14 
Teacher. Darlington, Wis. 

Blake, Ambrose Barnum, B. A. 08. 
Insurance. Huron, S. D. 

Blake, Chauncey E., LL. B. 04. At- 
torney. Gay Bldg., Madison, Wis. 

Blake, Mrs. Chauncey E. (Sanborn, 
Katharine) B. A. 02. 1016 Sher- 
man Ave., Madison, Wis. 

Blake, Elmer B., B. A. 11. Asst. 
Cashier. City Natl. Bank, Huron, 
S. D. 

Blake, Emmons Reed, B. A. 04. At- 
torney. 105 S. La Salle, Chicago, 

Blake, George Barnes, B. S. (E. E.) 

10, E. E. 11. Asst. Treas. St. Louis 
Elec. Lt. & Pr. Co. Webster Groves, 
Mo. a 

Blake, Gilman Dorr, B. A. 18. 4 

Story, Cambridge, Mass. 
Blake, Harry Du Vail, B. S. (C. E.) 

11. Civil Engr. Wis. Highway 
Comm. 1140 Jenifer, Madison, Wis. 

Blake, Mrs. Harry D. (Hull, Helen 
Claire) B. A. 17. 1140 Jenifer, 
Madison, Wis. a 

Blake, Herbert Scott, B. L. 94. In- 
dustrial Organizer. 30 Church, 
New York City. 
*Blake, James Augustus, B. A. 66, M. 
A. 69. Died June 9, 1914. 

Blake, James Bronson, B. A. 04. 
Lawyer. 1504 First Natl. Bk. 
Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Blake, John J., B. L. 93, LL. B. 94 
Attorney. Boise, Idaho. 

Blakely, Thomas T., B. L. 96. Secy. 
Chamber of Commerce. City Hall, 
Bartlesville, Okla. 

Blakeman, Edward W., M. A. 11. M. 
i E. Pastor. 1121 University Ave., 
Madison, Wis. 

Blakeman, Mrs. Edward W. (Smith, 
Anna Du Pre) B. A. 06. 1121 Uni- 
versity Ave., Madison, Wis. a 

Blakey, John W., B. S. 86. 

Blakney, George Pettit, B. S. A. 15. 
North Western Malleable Iron Co., 
570 Bradford Ave., Milwaukee, 

Blanchard, Araminta Pearl, B. A. 09. 
Teacher. Fennimore, Wis. 

Blanchard, George Washington, B. A 
06, LL. B. 10. Edgerton, Wis. a 

Blanchard, Lawrence Eley, M. S. 13. 
1523 "L'' N. W., Washington, D. 
C. a 

Blanchard, Peaxl Ethel, B. A. 12. 
Teacher. Colby, Wis. 



Blanchard, William Oscar, Ph. B. 10, 
Ph. M. 17. Instr. U. W. 2610 Ste- 
vens, Madison, Wis. 

Blanchard, Mrs. W. O. (Eowell, Eliz- 
abeth) B. A. 18. 2610 Stevens, 
Madison, Wis. 

Blanding, G-eorge Harvey, B. S. (M. 
E.) 15. Sales Engr. Johnson Serv- 
ice Co. 177 N. Dearborn, Chicago, 
111. a 

Blank, George A., B. S. A. 11. Coui.ty 
Agric. Agent. West Bend, Wis. 

Blankenagel, John Charles, B. \. OS. 

Ph. D. 15. a 
*Blankenl)erg, Herbert Louis, B. S. 
(G. E.) 08. Died March 18, 1919. 

Blankinship, Mrs. R. C. (Sime, Elea- 
nor Adelaide) B. S. (H. Ee.) 16. 
762 Langdon, Madison, Wis. a 
^=Blatchford, Percival John, B. S. A. 
17. Auditorium Tower, Chicago, 
111. a 

E:atchley, Albert Harlow, EL. B. 95. 

Elattner, David Jones, B. S. (E. E.) 
19. Sulphur, Okia. 

Blatz, Albert 'VjiTentine, B. S. (E. E.) 
08. Supervisi ig Engr. 689 Mari 
etta Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Blatz, Gustave Grover, B. A. 08. In- 
surance. 115 Wisconsin, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. a 

Blatz, Louis, B. S. 88. McNally Olive 
Works, La Mirada, Calif, a 

Blatz, Valentin, Jr., B. S. (Ch. C.) 15. 
Pres. & Treas. Val. Blatz Jr. Candy 
Co. 244-46 E. Water, Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 

Blau, Clara Marie, B. A. 18. Spring 
Green, Wis. 

Bleck, Clara Katherine, M. A. 18. 
New London, Wis. 

Bleckwenn, William Jefferson, B. S. 
(Med.) 17. 107 E. 14th, New York 

Bledsoe, R. Page, M. S. 14. Prof. U. 
of Calif. Berkeley, Calif. 

Bleecker, Warren Talmadge, Ag. G. 
15. 1527 Fremont, N., Minneapo- 
lis, Minn. 

Bleedom, Bertha, B. L. 94, M. L. 99. 
Teacher. 1103 Milton Ave., Janes- 
ville, Wis. 

Bleekman, Adelbert E., B. A. 00, LL. 
B. 02. Attorney. Majestic Bldg., 
La Crosse, Wis. 

Bleser, Arthur Joseph, B. S. (G. E.) 
04. K. F. D., Manitowoc, Wis. 

Blethen, Ralph van, LL. B. 02. At- 
torney. Hallock, Minn. 

Blewett, Dennis F., LL. B. 98. Post- 
master. 288 E. 2nd Ave., Fond du 
Lac, Wis. 

Blewett, Mrs. D. F. (De Eeamer, 
Gertrude E.) B. L. 99. 288 E. 2nd, 
Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Bleyer, Addison, B. S. (M. E.) 11. 
Teacher. 202 Church, Oshkosh, 
Wis. a 

Bleyer, Charles Faben, B. S. (M. E.) 
07. Engr. Allis-Chalmers Co. West 
Allis, Wis. 

Bleyer, Lloyd Garrison, B. S. (M. E.) 
12. Structural Dept. Chain Belt 
Co. 836 Cass, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Bleyer, Willard Grosvenor, B. L. 96, 
M. L. 98, Ph. D. 04. " Prof. U. W. 
423 N. Carroll, Madison, Wis. a 

BUed, Leo J., B. A. (C. J.) 17. 431 
W. Washington Ave., Madison, 
Wis. a 

Blied, Matilda E. (Roderick, Mrs. B. 
H.) B. A. 07. 

Bliss, Brigham, B. A. 77. Account- 
ant. Northern Pacific Ry. Co. 877 
Goodrich Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Bliss, Eleanor (Clausen, Mrs. F. H.) 
M. G. 98. 

Bliss, George Walker, B. L. 88. 

BUss, Madalin, B. A. 18. 4310 Sheri- 
dan Rd., Chicago, 111. 

Bliss, Mrs. M. R. (Rundlett, Myrtle) 
B. S. 89. a 

Bliss, William Desmond, B. S. (Ch. 
E.) 13. Instr. Marquette Univ. 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Bliss, William Prideaux, Ph. G. 91. 
Pharmacist. Mineral Point, Wis. 

Bliss, William Sylvester, B. M. E. 80. 
*Blix, John Christian, B. L. 90, LL. B. 
91. Died Oct. 5, 1891. 

Blix, Ovid Bernhart, B. A. 18. Muni- 
cipal Reference Librarian. City 
Hall, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Block, Louis H., B. A. 16, M. A. 17. 
615 State, Madison, Wis. 

Block, Manfred Sickle, B. L. 99. 
Lawyer. Platteville, Wis. 

Blodgett, Charles Wallace, B. S. (C. 
E.) 17. Ensign U. S. N. 318 S. 
Jefferson, Green Bay, Wis. 

Blodgett, Mrs. John (Niederman, 
Ella M.) B. L. 97. 3021 Queen 
Lane, Philadelphia, Pa. a 

Blodgett, Maude Catharine, B. L. 99, 

M. L. 03. Teacher. Taylor Lodge, 

Delavan, Wis. 

*Bloecher, Raymond Francis, Ag. G. 

16. Killed in action July 18, 1918. 



Bloecher, Walter PhilUp, B. S. (C. 
E.) 14. Asst. Div. Engr. B. & O 
E. R. 1509 EUamont, Baltimore, 

Bloecher, Mrs. Walter P. (Miner, 
Georgia Willetta) B. A. 14. 1509 
Ellamont, Baltimore, Md. 

Blomgren, Charles Edwin, B. S. 98 
Physician, 5400 Lakewood Ave., 
Chicago, 111. a 

Blomquist, Arthur Waldemar, M. A. 
14. Shelley, Idaho. 

Blood, Emma Belle, Ph. B. 12, Ph. M. 
14. Teacher. 232 Scott, Oshkosh, 
Wis. a 

Blood, Frank Herbert, B. S. (E. E.) 
04. Engr. General Elect. Co. Sche- 
nectady, ]Sr. Y. a 

Blood, Laura Lillian, B. A. 12. Steel 
Tester. General Elect. Co. 42 
Baker, Ave., Schenectady, N. Y. 

Bloodgood, Joseph Colt, B. S. 88. Sur- 
geon. Teacher, Investigator. 904 
N. Charles, Baltimore, Md. a 

Bloom, Mrs. O. A. (Pilgrim, Marv 
Grace) B. A. 08. Benoit, Wis. a ' 

Blossey, Albert Frederick, B. S. (M. 
E.) 05. Farmer. E. F. D. 4, Cad- 
ott, Wis. 

Blount, Ralph Earl, B. A. 87. Teach- 
er. 124 S. Oak Park Ave., Oak 
Park, 111. 

Blourt, Mrs. Ralph E. (Ellsworth, 
Anna,) B. S. 92. Physician. 124 S. 
Oak Park Ave., Oak Park, 111. 

Blue, Rupert, D. Sc. 13. Surgeon 
General. U. S. Public Health Serv- 
ice. 3 '^B", S. E., Wash. D. C. a 

Bluemke, Albert Arthur, B. S. A. 15. 
Milk Inspector, W^estfield, Wis. 

Bluhuf, Mrs. H. A. (Emery, Hazel; 

B. A. 12. 1925 Monroe, Madison, 

Blum, Emma Marie (Kreilkamp, Mrs. 

C. J.) M. G. 05. 

. Blum, Fred Gabriel, B. A. 19. Mon- 

ticello, Wis. 
Blum, Genevieve Florence, B. A. 16. 

321 Niagara, Eau Claire, Wis. a 
Blum, George L., LL. B. 93. Lawyer 

& County Judge. Savings & Loan 

Bldg., Eau Claire, Wis. 
Blum, Samuel, LL. B. 90. Attorney. 

238 E. Merchant, Monroe, Wis. a 
Blumenfeld, Charles Rudolph, LL. B. 

93. Attorney. 215 Main, W^ater- 

town, Wis. 

Blumenfeld, Franklin David, B. A. 

(C. C.) 17. Accountant. State 

Board of Education. 148 E. Gor- 

ham, Madison, Wis. a 
^Blumenfeld, Max Albert, LL. B. 93. 

Blumenthal, Mrs. L. A. (Brahany, 

Kathryn I.) B. A. 05. 4156 Harri- 
son, Kansas City, Mo. 
Blumer, Edward, B. S. 98. Physician. 

Monticello, Wis. a 
Blust, Harry John, B. A. 12. She- 
boygan Falls, Wis. 
*Blynd, George Theophilus, B. A. 97. 

Died, 1910. 
Blythe, Stuart Oakes, B. A. 12. Edi- 
tor. Box 404, Cynwyd, Pa. a 
Boardman, Charles R., B. A. 84. Pres. 

Wis. Natl. Life Ins. Co. Oshkosh, 

Wis. a 
Boardman, Clark Clinton, B. S. (M. 

E.) 10. Asst. Gen. Mgr. Western 

United Gas & Elect. Co. Aurora, 

HI. a 
Boardman, Mrs. Eliot (Fairchild, 

Laura) M. G. 08. Sunny Slope 

Farm. E. F. D. 19. Evansville, 

Boardman, Harry B., B. S. (E. E.) 

93. Publishers' Eepresentative. 

123 W. Madison, Chicago, 111. 
Boardman, Mrs. H. B. (Holcombe, 

Frances J.) B. L. 96. 123 Hazel 

Ave., Glencoe, 111. 
Boardman, Horace Prentiss, B. S. (C. 

E.) 94, C. E. 11. Prof. U. of Nev. 

737 Evans Ave., Eeno, Nev. a 
Boardman, Newell Stephen, B. A. 18. 

New Eichmond, Wis. 
Boardman, Robert Paige, B. A. 12. 

'Secy. Oshkosh Savings & Trust Co. 

71 Elm, Oshkosh, Wis. a 
Boardman, William Clayton, B. S. A. 
1004 Arch S. E., Aberdeen, S. D. a 
Boardman, Mrs. W. Clayton (Edna 

Kathrvn Oakev) B. S. (H. Ec.) 14. 

1004 Arch S. E., Aberdeen, S. D. a 

Bobb, Clement L., B. S. (Ph.) 98. 

Pharmacist. 1021 W. Johnson, 

Madison, Wis. 
Boberg, Edwin John, Ph. G. 12. Phar- 

, macist. 208 S. Barstow, Eau 

Claire, Wis. a 
=Boberg, Harriet Agnes, Ph. G. 17. 

Died Dec. 9, 1918. 
Bock, John Eric, B. S. (Ch. C.) 16. 

Chemist. 3322 Walnut, Milwaukee, 




Bock, John George, B. S. (C. E.) 07. 
General Bridge Inspector. St. P. 
M. & O. Ey. c/o Chief Engr. Office. 
668 Central Park, St. Paul, Minn. 

Bodden, Amanda M., Ph. B. 11. 
Teacher. 390 Wisconsin Ave., Osh- 
kosh. Wis. a 

Bodden, Isabella A., B. A. 16. Teach- 
er. 816 Burleigh, Milwaukee, Wis. 
*Bodden, Matilda C, B. A. 10. Died 
Nov. 4, 1911. 

Bode, Mrs. Boyd H. (Ballard, Ber- 
niee) B. L. 02. 910 W. Calif. Ur 
bana. 111. a 

Bodenbach, Cyril Robert, B. S. A. 16. 
2524 State, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Bodley, Mrs. R. L. (Slater, Alma 
May) B. A. 11. 5 Holahan Apts., 
Mason City, la. 

Bodman, Charlotte Maconda (Neale, 
Mrs. Charles Beebe) B. A. 16. 

Boehm, Paul Waldemar, B. L. 01. At- 
torney. Hettinger, N. D. 

Boehme, Charles Adolph, Ph. G. 87. 
Traveling Salesman. 1840-29th, 
Eock Island, 111. a 

Boehraer, Harold Richards, B. S. 
(Chera. B.) 15. Asst. General Supt. 
Sugar Creek Eefinery. Standard 
Oil Co. Sugar Creek, Mo. a 

Boehne, John William, Jr., B. A. (C. 
C.) 18. Chief Accountant. Indi- 
ana Stove Works. 1119 Lincoln 
Ave., Evansville, Ind. a 

Boeing, Agnes, B. S. (H. Ec.) 15. a 

Boelsing, Emilie Anna, B. A. 14. For- 
est Products Lab. 2032 University 
Ave., Madison, Wis. a 

Boelte, Leda Henrietta, B. A. 17. 
Teacher. Portage, Wis. a 

Boemer, Theodore A., B. L. 89. Pas- 
tor Congreg. Church. Secy. Gilson 
Mfg. Co. 1236 Grand Ave., Port 
Washington, Wis. a 

Boettge, Cornelia L., B. A. 11. Teach- 
er. Berlin, Wis. a 

Bogart, Franklin Blevins, B. S. 
(Med.) 16, M. S. 17. Physician. 
304 Forest Ave., N. Chattanooga, 

Bogle, Mrs. J. F. (O'Callaghan, Elea- 
nor Marguerite) B. A. 14. Nor- 
way, Mich, a 

Bogue, Alan Jr., LL. B. 94. Attornev. 
829 S. Spring Ave., Sioux Falls, S- 
D. a 

Bogue, Andrew Stevenson, LL. B. 06. 
Attorney. Centerville, S, D. a 

Bogue, David, B. A. 05, LL. B. 07. 

Attorney. Suite 5, Eegister Bldg., 
Portage, Wis. a 

Bogue, Mrs. David (Lyle, George 
Margaret) B. A. 15. Portage, Wis. 

Bogue, Grace Anna (McDonald, Mrs. 
James J.) B. A. 08. 

Boguslawsky, Marc (see Law, Marc 
A.) B. A. 12. 

Bohan, Mary Zilpha, B. A. 19. Avo- 

ca. Wis. 
*Bohan, Thomas, LL. B. 69. Died 
March 1, 1896. 

Bohan, William James, B. S. (E. E.) 
95. Mechanical Engr. No. Pacific 
Ey. 820 No. Pacific Bldg., St. Paul, 

Bohn, Ralph Maxwell, B. S. A. 16, 
M. S. 16. Advance Malt Products 
Co., Chicago, 111. a 

Bohn, Mrs. Ralph M. (Sharkey, Edith 
Lucille) B. A. 16. 1450 Arthur 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Bohnson, Van Lorens, B. S. (Chem. 
C.) 13, M. S. 16. Instr. U. W. 10 
S. Orchard, Madison, Wis. 

Bohrer, Rosalia, B. L. 96. Instr. E. 
F. D. 7. Stillwater, Minn. 

Bohstedt, Gustav, B. S. A. 15, M. S. 
16. Asst. Prof. U. W. 1615 Sum- 
mit Ave., Madison, Wis. a 

Boissard, Richardi E. E. 13. Engi- 
neer. 2245 Eowley Ave., Madison, 
Wis. a 
*Boland, Lee, LL. B. 07. Deceased. 

Bold, Francis James, B. S. 94. Phy- 
sician & Surgeon. 119 Berry Blk., 

. Whittier, Calif. 

Bold, Jacob Michael, B. L. 91. Teach- 
er. Moose Lake, Minn. 

Bold, Mrs. J. M. (Bold, Mabel Dixon) 
B. L. 00. Moose Lake, Minn. 

Bold, Mabel Dixon (Bold, Mrs. J. M.) 
B. L. 00. 

Bold, Regina R. (Silbaugh, Mrs. 
Jackson) B. L. 94. 

Bold, Sadie May (Salisbury, Mrs. 
Charles E.) B. L. 94. 

Boldenweck, Felix WilUam, B. S. (M. 
E.) 02. Sales Engr. Commonwealth 
Edison Co. 450 Oakdale Ave., Chi- 
cago, 111. a 

Boldt, Arnold John, B. A. (C. C.) 17. 
Davenport, la. 

Bolender, Charles Barton, B. A. 00, 
M. G. 00. Merchant. 520 E. Wash. 
Monroe, Wis. 

Bolender, Frederick J., B. S. 90. Mer- 
chant. 116 N. Lybrand, Monroe, 
Wis. a 


Bolender, Mrs. Fred J. (Chadwick, 
Daisy J.) B. L. 93. 116 N. LybranJ, 

Monroe, Wis. a 
Baley, Charles Urban, B. C. E. 83, C. 
E. 90. City Engr. 514 Park Ave., 
Sheboygan, Wis. a 
Boll, Fern Esther (Supple, Mrs. Omer 

Edmond) B. S. (H. Ec.) 11. 
Boll, Helen Flanders, (Snaddon, 

Mrs. Robert) B. A. 17.. 
Boll, Kathryn Mae, B. A. 19. Rice 

Lake, Wis. 
BoUenheck, Ida Kathryn,. B. S. (H. 
Ec.) 19. Teacher. 121 W. John 
son, Madison, Wis. a 
BoUenheck, Joseph William, B. A. 17. 
Capt. U. S. A. 121 W. Johnson, 
Madison, Wis. a 
BoUenbeck, William Joseph, B. A. 08. 
Asst. to Vice Pres. of Construction, 
U. S. Shipping Board, Emergency 
Fleet Corp., Philadelphia, Pa. a 
BoUes, Edgar James, B. S. (E. E.) 05. 
Dist. Plant Chief. Pac. Tel. & Tel. 
Co. 1417 iST. Ross, Santa Ana, Calif. 
Bollinger, George, B. A. 88. Presby- 
terian Clergyman. Maynard, Minn. 
Bollman, Mari Henri, B. A. 19. St. 
Louis, Mo. 
*Bolte, Rudolph Emil, B. A. 05. Died 
Dec. 20, 1915. 
Bolton, Ernest Leroy, B. S. 00. Phy- 
sician & Surgeon. Chilton, Wis. 
Bolton, Frederick E., B. S. 93, M. S. 
96. Dean, U. of Wash. Seattle. 
Bolton, Mrs. Harris A. (Smith, Maud 
E.) B. A. 08. Warm Springs, 
Mont, a 
Bolton, Herbert Eugene, B. L. 95. 
Prof. TJ. of Calif. 1526 Scenic Ave., 
Berkelev, Calif, a 
Bolton, Walter Thelford, B. S. (C. 

E.) 15. 
-Bolton, William Lawrence, B. L. 97. 
Died Nov. 1917. 
Bolzendahl, Ferdinand William, LL. 

B. 95. 
Bommersheim, John Baptist, Jr., B. 
A. 06. 404-21st, Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Bonar, Barnet Edward, B. S. (Med.) 
16. Director of Laboratory. 908 
Winona Ave., Chicago, 111. a 
Bond, Aubrey H., B. S. (C. E.) 17. 
Corps of Engrs. c/o Adj. Gen., U. 
S. A. Washington, D. C. a 
Bond, Edith Lorraine, B. A. 17. 106 

N. Murray, Madison, Wis. 
Bond, Genevieve A. (Gelein, Mrs 
Edwin Anders) B. A. 14. 

Bond, Harry W., B. S. (Med.) 17. 
Physician & Surgeon. Schmul- 
bach Bldg., Wheeling, W. Va. a 
Bond, Jesse Hickman, Ph. D. 15. 
Teacher. U. of Idaho. Moscow, 
iBonesteel, Lloyd G., Min. E. 11. De- 
Bonesteel, Verne Clinton, B. A. 12. 
Vice Pres. Security Natl. Bank. 
Sioux City, la. a 
Bonfoey, Jennie Prudence, Ph. B. 17. 
Teacher. 380 LaFayette PI., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 
Bongey, Ralph Hutchinson, B. A. 18. 

Deerfield, Wis. 
Bonham, James Lawson, LL. B. 91. 
Farmer. Baraboo, Wis. 
*Bonino, Mary Cecelia, B. A. 13. De- 
Bonnell, John Kester, Ph. D. 16. 
Prof. Goucher College. Baltimore, 
Md. a 
Bonnett, Robert Kline, M. S. 16. 

U. of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho. 
Booge, Harris Decatur, Jr., LL. B. 81. 
St. Paul Stock Yards, S. St. Paul, 
Boon, Leonard Francis, B. S. (C. E.) 
10, C. E. 12. Structural Designer. 
American Chain Co. 338 S. George, 
"VotIc "Pfl fi 
Boone, Charles, B. S. (E. E.) 05. 
Outside Cons. Engr. Central Group 
Bell Tel. Co. 212 W. Wush., Chica- 
go, 111. a 
Boorman, Curtis Asher, B. L. 84. 
Physician. 418 N. 3rd Ave., Grand 
Rapids, Wis. 
Boorman, Leal Mary (Pankey, Mrs 

W.) B. A. 08. 
Boorman, William Byland, B. A. 14. 
Y. M. C. A. Secy. 1515 W. Monroe, 
Chicago, 111. 
Boorse, Jesse Milton, B. S. (E. E.) 
95. Automobile Dealer. Miles City, 
Boorse, Jessica May (Thomas, Mrs. 

Hampton) B. A. 15. 
Boorse, Mary M. (Kieckhefer, Mrs. 

Wm. H.) B. A. 15. 
Boortz, Harvey Edward, M. A. 17. 

Waukesha, Wis. 
Booth, Alfred Bsrcry, B. S. A. 15. 
Auto Distributor. 906 Grant, Wich- 
ita Falls, Texas, a 
Booth, George Edward, B. S. (E. E.) 
16. Sales Engr. Cutler-Hammer 
Mfg. Co. Chicago, 111. a 

3— A. D. 



*Booth, Levi, B. A. 54, M. A. 58. De- 

Booth, Maxwell Gardiner, LL. B. 96. 
Clerk. Circuit Court of Green Co. 
Monroe, Wis, 

Boott, Ella Haden (Meyer, Mrs. A. 
H.) B. A. 12. 

Borchers, Helen Augusta, Ph. B. 
(Nor. C.) 19. Whitewater, Wis. 

Borchert, Ernest, B. S. (G. E.) 05. 
Orange Grower. E. F. D. 4, Ana- 
heim, Calif, a 

Borchert, Raymond Charles, B. S. (E. 
E.) 13. Engr. Pawling & Hornisch- 
feger Co. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Borchsenius, George Voldmar, LL. B. 

Borchsenius, Harold, B. S. (Min. E.) 

13. Mining Engr. Bisbee, Ariz. 
^Borchsenius, M. W., M. A. 70. De- 

Bordelon, Grace Weymouth, B. A. 19. 
Teacher. La. State Normal. Nat- 
chitoches, La. a 

Borden, Anna Roy, B. A. 19. 226- 
W. 7th, Superior, Wis. 

Borden, James B., B. A. 97. Asst. 
Dean Coll. of Agric. U. W. 1922 
Adams, Madison, Wis. a 

Borecky, Carl W., B. S. (E. E.) 11. 
Accounting Engr. Toledo Eail- 
ways & Light Co. Toledo, O. 

Boreson, Bradner Frank, LL. B. 17. 
Beloit, Wis. 

Borge, Aagot Marion Katharine, S. 
M. G. 19. 215 W. Mifflin, Madison, 

Borgers, William Benjamin, B. A. 99. 
Teacher. 5710 Superior, Chicago, 


Borgesan, Elmer Martin, B. A. (C. 
C.) 14. Oconomowoc, Wis. 

Borgman, E. Vera (Bruemmer, Mrs. 
Leo Weilep) B. A. ]0. 

Borland, Andrew Allen, M. S. 10. 
Prof. State College, Pa. 

Born, Lucille Dorothy Marie, B. A. 
19. 346 Langdon, Toledo, O. a 

Borresen, Alice Julia, B. A. 08, M. A. 
11. Teacher. 2411 Clinton Ave., 
S., Minneapolis, Minn, a 

Borsack, Karl Kasper, B. A. 11. Stu- 
dent. Eush Med. Coll. 323 S. Ash- 
land Blvd., Chicago, 111. 

Borthwlck, Margaret Graham, M. A. 
17. TJ. of So. Calif., Los Angeles, 

Boshnakian, Sarkis, B. S. A. 14. 

Boss, Bernhard L., Ph. B. 17. U. S. 

Gov. Employee. Balboa Heights, 

Panama, C. Z. Home, Abbotsford, 

Boss, Sophia, B. A. 11, M. A. 12. 

Teacher. 1734 Doty, Oshkosh, 

Wis. a 
Bosshard, Gertrude M. (Costello, Mrs. 

Daniel) B. L. 03. 
Bossert, Charles Philip, B. M. E. 88. 

Mech. Engr. 179-36th, Milwaukee, 

Wis. a 
Bosshard, Eugene, Agr. G. 10. Farmer 

& Stockman. Bangor, Wis. 
Bosshard, Jessie Margaret (Maurer, 

Mrs. Claude Norman) B. A. 16. 
Bosshard, Otto, B. L. 98. Attorney. 

Batavian Bank Bldg., 325 S. 14th, 

La Crosse, Wis. 
Bossingham, Arthur Ernest, Ph. G. 

96. Druggist. Geddes, S. D. 
Bosson, Amy Goodrich (Young, Mrs. 

Eoy A.) B. A. 19. 
Bostrom, Otto Henry, M. A. 12. Cler- 
gyman. 1205 Hull Ave., Des 

Moines, la. 
Bostrom, Paul Gottfrid, M. A. 10. Lu- 
theran Clergyman. Skurup, Swe- 
Bostwick, Eva Huling (May hew, 

Mrs. Anson W.) B. L. 96. 
Bostwick, George Lawrence, B. S. (E. 

E.) 17. Ensign. U. S. N. 204 E. 

Madison, Eau Claire, Wis. 
Bostwick, Harriet M., (Echlin, Mrs. 

S.) B. L. 01. 
Bostwick, Samuel Alfred, B. L. 93. 

Attorney. Everett, Wash. 
Bosworth," Lloyd Athel, B. S. (Ch. C.) 

16. Chemist. U. S. Dept of Agr. 

P. O. Box 758, San Juan, P. E. a 
Bothum, George Gilbert, B. S. (C. E.) 

16. Asst. Engr. M. of W. & S. Chi- 
cago North Shore & Milwaukee E. 
E. 6908 Lakewood' Ave., Chicago, 
HI. a 

*Botkin, Alexander Campbell, M. A. 
59, LL. D. 04. Died Nov. 1, 1905. 
Botkin, Clayton Winfield, M. A. 14. 
Asst. Prof. Colo. School of Mines. 
1806 Arapohoe, Golden, Colo. 
*Botkiu, Sinclair W., B. A. 57, M. A. 
61. Died Oct. 6, 1893. 
Bottensek, John H,, LL. B. 75. At- 
torney. Appleton, Wis. 
Bottum", Stewart Neil, B. A. (C. C.) 

17. Tulare, S. D. 

Boucher, Clarence Kinne, B. S. A. 15. 
Coldwell Mfg. Co., 120 Chestnut, 
Eochester, N. Y. 



Boucher, Nettalie Harriett, Ph. B. 

(Nor. C.) 18. 668 Algoma, Osh- 

kosh, "Wis. 
Boughton, Clement Abner, B. S. 97. 

Congregational Clergyman. Mc- 

Cook, Neb. 
Boulware, Judson Powell, B. A. 13. 

Surgeon. Louisville, Ky. a 
Boulware, Lemuel Ricketts, B. A. (C. 

C.) 16. Accountant. 104 N. Mc- 

Canilev, Battle Creek, Mich, a 
Boundeyj Mrs. G. L. (Vater, Alma) 

B. A. 06. Teacher. Lake Mills, 

Bourbeau, Elmore Alfred, B. A. 13. 

Evansville, Wis. a 
Bourn, Nora Edith, M. A. 14. Teach- 
er. Stilesville, Ind. 
*Bourne, Albert Eugene, Ph. B. 72. 

*Boume, Mrs. A. E. (Craig, Mary L.) 

Ph. B. 67. Deceased. 
Bourret, Mrs. C. E. (Hanson, Evelyn 

Cornelia) M. G. 15. West Bend, 

la. a 
Boutin, Francis Charles, B. A. 13. 

Bayfield, Wis. 
Boutwell, Paul Winslow, M. A. 12. 

Ph. D. 16. Asst. Prof. U. W. 1522 

Chandler, Madison, Wis. 
Bowden, Bernard Ray, Ph. B. (Nor. 

C.) 18, Ph. M. 18. Supt. of Schools. 

Waterloo, 111. 
Bowden, Beulah May. Ph. B. (Nor. 

C.) 18. Teacher. Brodhead, Wis. 
Bowden, Josephine Horton, B. L. 00. 

Teacher. State Normal. 212 Ful- 
ton, Mankato, Minn. 
Bowen, Mrs. Arthur L. (Gapen, Mi] 

dred) B. A. 06. 1736 Eidge Ave., 

Evanston, 111. 
Bowen, Charles Franklin, M. S. 03. 

Geologist. U. S. Geo. Sur. Wash., 

D. C. 
Bowen, Frances McConnell (Sarles, 

Mrs. Jesse E.) B. L. 93. 
Bowen, Myron Wm., B. A. 14. Busi- 
ness Mgr. College of Osteopathy. 

5200 Ellis Ave., Chicago, 111. a 
Bowen, Robert Linde, B. S. (Med.) 

12. 450 Washington, Oshkosh, Wis. 
Bowen, Rose Andrews (Howard, Mrs. 

Charles Ray) B. A. 07, M. A. 11. 
Bower, John Alden, M. S. 15. 
Bower, Mrs. J. A. (Humiston, Flov 

Matilda) M. G. 16. Great Falls, 


Bower, Marguerite (Clark Mrs. Mil- 
ton O.) B. A. 09. 

Bowers, Ray, B. S. 98, LL. B. 00. At- 
torney. Citizens Bank Bldg., Del- 
avan, Wis. 

Bowersox, Helena Jarvis, B. A. 18. 
225 E. High, Bryan, O. 

Bowler, Edward R., LL. B. 96. At- 
torney. Sheboygan, Wis. 

Bowler, George Joseph, LL. B. 03. 

Bowler, James J., LL. B. 00. Sheboy- 
gan, AVis. 

Bowler, Joseph Lyndel, M. A. 18. 

Bowler, Timothy M., LL. B. 96. At- 
torney, Sheboygan, Wis. 

Bowles, Ida Huston, B. A. 09. Teach- 
er. Oak Park, 111. 

Bowman, Aleda May, B. A. 13. 207- 
8th Ave., Sterling, 111. 

Bowman, Frank Favill, B. L. 94. Phy- 
sician. Cedarwood Farm. R. F. D. 
2, Madison, Wis. 

Bowman, Jacob Kreider, B. S. A. 16. 
State Supt. of Agric. Education. 22 
Union Trust Bldg., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Bowman, John Henry, LL. B. 89. 
Asst. Chief Examiner. State In- 
dustrial Comm. R, F. D. 7, Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Bowman, Robert Oscar, LL. B. 01. 
Lyceum Impersonator. 511 Rail- 
way Exchange Bldg., Milwaukee, 

Bowman, Thomas Evans, Ph. B. 72, 
M. S. 74. Dealer in books and sta- 
tionery. Durango, Colo. 

• Bownocker, Mrs. J. A. (Flint, Anna) 
B. L. 95. 185-15th Ave., Colum.- 
bus, O. a 

Bowstead, John Edelston, Ag. G. 18. 

668 State, Madison, Wis. a 
Bowton, Reese C, M. A. 16. Shel- 
don, 111. 

*Boyce, Frank Lemuel, Ph. B. 73, LL. 
B. 74. Died Dec. 19, 1896. 

Boyce, Mrs. George Henry (Stav- 
rum, Esther Aletta) B. A. 08. 301 
E. "B." Iron Mountain, Mich. 

Boyce, Inez Mae, B. S. (H. Ec.) 16. 
Teacher. 207 John, De Kalb, 111. 

*Boyce, Jesse W., LL. B. 85. Died 
Sept. 13, 1915. 
Boyce, Lloyd Merrill, Ag. G. 18. 631 

Superior, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Boyce, Marion Fern, B. S. (H. Ec.) 

Boyce, Milledge Arthur, Ph. G. 05. 
Pharmacist. 601 N. Walnut, Colo- 
rado Springs, Colo. 



Boyce, Ruth Huldah, B. A. 18. Ocon- 
to Falls, Wis. 

Boyd, Alice Ruth, M. A. 19. Lima 
Center, Wis. 

Boyd, Alma Marie (Van Auken, Mrs. 
Kenneth L.) B. A. 09. 

Boyd, Clarence Eugene, Ph. D. 09. 
Prof. Emory Coll. Oxford, Ga. 
Home, 179 Alabama Ave., Spartan- 
burg, S. C. 

Boyd, Emnor Fitzgerald, M. A. 17. 
320 W. Main, Independence, Kan. 

Boyd, Stanley M., B. A. 09. Secy. 
C. F. Childs Co. 208 S. La Salle, 
Chicago, 111. 

Boyd, Ward FrankUn, B. A. 11. Min- 
ister. Carthage, 111. 

Boyd, William Jos., B. A. 14. Head 
Science Dept., Denfield High 
School. Duluth, Minn. 

Boyd, William Rowland, B. A. 18 
Evanston, 111. 

Boyer, Mary Elma, B. A. 12. 720- 
2nd Ave. S., Fort Dodge, la. 

Boyle, Alonzo Cook, LL. B. 05. At- 
torney. Prosser, Wash. 

Boyle, James Ernest, Ph. D. 04. Ee- 
search. N. D. Exp. Sta. Fargo, 
N. D. 

Boyle, Margaret, B. A. 16. 832 Da- 
kota, Butte, Mont. 

Boyle, Ruth Murrin, B. A. (C. J.) 
16. Journalist. 431 S. Jackson, 
Butte, Mont, a 

Boynton, Clarence William, B. S. (M. 
E.) 98. Bank Cashier. Pe Ell, 

Boynton, John Edson, B. S. (M. E.) 
05. Engr. Mech. Devel. Dept. 
Corning Glass Works. Corning 
Club, Corning, N. Y. 

Boynton, Ruth Evelyn, B. S. (Med.) 
18. Med School. U. of Minn. Min- 
neapolis, Minn. Home, 219 S. 9th, 
La Crosse, Wis. a 

Boynton, William Parker, LL. B. 01. 
Attorney. Alton, 111. 

Braasch, Frederick William, B. S. 
(M. E.) 12. Efficiency Engr. She- 
boygan Chair Co. 325 Bluff Ave., 
Sheboygan, Wis. 
Braasch, William Karl, B. A. 12. 
Asst. Sales Mgr. Sheboygan Chair 
Co. 325 Bluff Ave., Sheboygan, 
Braaten, Martin Olaus, Ph. G. 94. 
Pharmacist. 110 Main, Whitewat- 
er, Wis. 

Brabant, Edmund Joseph, LL. B. 08. 

Attorney. 2227 Chamberlain Ave., 
Madison, Wis. a 
Brabant, Josephine Mary, B. A. 17. 
Teacher. 321 N. Brooks, Madison, 
Wis. a 

Brace, Charles Curtis, B. S. A. 18. 
Farm Mgr. Lone Kock, Wis. 

Brace, James Henry, B. C. E. 92 
Engr. & Contractor. 1328 Broad- 
way, New York City, a 

Bracken, Earl Charles (former Brack- 
enwagen, Earl Charles) B. S. (C. 
E.) 09. Internal Rev. Agent. Fed- 
eral Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Brackenwagen, Earl Chas. (see 
Bracken, Earl Charles) B. S. (C. 
E.) 09. 

Bradbury, Velva Mjrrtle, Ph. B. 13. 
Teacher. Columbus, Wis. 

Bradfield, Mrs. J. A. L. (Strahl, 
Mary G.) B. L. 93. 1515 Main, La 
Crosse, Wis. a 

Bradford, Ann Helen (see Sister Vin- 
cent Ferrer, O. S. D.) B. A. 10. 

Bradford, Elizabeth Helen, S. M. G. 
16. Grand Rapids, Wis. 

Bradford, Ernest Smith, B. L. 97. 
Economist & Statistician. Emer- 
gency Fleet Corp. Phila., Pa. 
Home, 5 Argyle Ave., Highland 
Park, New Rochelle, N. Y. 

Bradford, Mrs. Ernest Smith (Mott, 
Florence Beatrice) M. A. 02. 5 
Argyle Ave., Highland Park, New 
Rochelle, N. Y. 

Bradford, Hill Carter, Ph. B. 59. 

Bradford, Mrs. Mary Davison, M. A. 
(honorary) 17. Supt of City 

. Schools. 426 Park Ave., Kenosha. 
Wis. a 

Bradford, Samuel J., LL. B. 76. At- 
torney. Hudson, Wis. 

Bradford, WilUam, B. S. (E. E.) 04. 
Technical Asst. to Vice Pres. Edge- 
moore Boiler Works. Edgemoore, 
Del. a 

Bradish, Charles Bresee, B. S. (E. E.) 
12. Elect. Engr. Industrial Control 
Dept. Gen. Elec. Co. Schenectady, 
N. Y. a 

Bradish, George P., B. C. E. 76, C. E. 
78. City Engr. City Hall. 717 
Cass, La Crosse, Wis. 

Bradish, Norman Conyers, B. A. 17, 
Decorah, la. 

Bradish, Ralph Partridge, B. A. \C. 
C.) 14, Insurance. 430-8th, Wil-" 
mette, 111. a 



Bradley, AUce Veronica, B. S. (II. 
Ec.) 15. Teacher. La Crosse Nor- 
mal. La Crosse, Wis. 
Bradley, Carolyn Hale, Ph. B. 04. 
Teacher. State Normal. San Jose, 
Bradley, Clara Vivian, B. S. (H. Ec.) 
14. Asst. Prof. Iowa State Teach- 
ers' Coll. Cedar Falls, la. Home, 
Lindsey, Wis. 
Bradley, Grace Marie (Neef, Mrs. 

John H.) B. L. 03. 
Bradley, Harlow, Ch. E. 14. Engr. & 
Salesman. Allis-Chalmers Mfg. Co. 
Milwaukee, Wis. 
Bradley, Mrs. Harlow (Chase, Ernes- 
tine Emma) B. A. 14. 135-32nd, 
Milwaukee, Wis. 
Bradley, Helen Mae, B. A. 19. Hud- 
son, Wis. 
Bradley, Henry Ernest, B. A. 01, LL. 
B. 04. Attorney. 928-lst Natl. Bk. 
Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 
^Bradley, Isaac Samuel, B. S. 75. Died 
Sept. 23, 1912. 
Bradley, Mrs. J. C. (Humphrey, Hel- 
en) B. A. 13. 176 Fairlawn Ave., 
Waterbury, Conn. 
*Bradley, John T., LL. B. 69. Died 
April 27, 1918. 
Bradley, Leah Margaret, M. A. 12. 
Newspaper Eeporter. 515 W. 15th, 
Little Eock, Ark. a 
Bradley, Mabel Josephine (Brewer. 

Mrs. Oscar F.) B. A. 04, M. A. 08. 
Bradley, Marie Merriam (Manley, 

Mrs. Basil Maxwell) M. A. 07. 
Bradley, Otto F., B. A. 11. Asst. 
Secy. & Campaign Mgr. Anti-Tu- 
berculosis Asso. 471 Van Buren, 
Milwaukee, Wis. 
Bradley, William Edwin, B. S. 90. 
Physician & Surgeon. 914 E. Main, 
Estherville, la. 
Bradley, William Henry, B. C. E. 78. 
4517 Oakenwald Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Bradley, William Mallory, LL. B. 83. 
Attorney. 405 Felt Bldg., Salt 
Lake City, Utah. 
Bradshaw, Ethel Belle, B. A. 13. 

Eockford, 111. 
Bradshaw, John Ward, B. S. (E. E.) 
06. Engr. Amer. Tel. & Tel. Co. 
195 Broadway, New York City, a 
Bradt, Mrs. Harlan (Fa villa, Harriet 
Elizabeth) B. A. 13. 261 Eock- 
ingstone Ave., Larchmont, N. Y. a 
Brady, Daniel Leo, B. A. 08. Cuba 
City, Wis. 

Brady, Edward, B. A. 81. Attorney. 
1308 Alaska Bldg., Seattle, Wash, a 
Brady, Mrs. E. J. (Strassen, Irma S.) 
B. A. 11. 1418 Lunt Ave., Chica- 
go, 111. 
*Brady, James, B. L. 82. Deceased. 
Brady, Mrs. Jenkins (Miller, Gladys) 

B. A. 14, M. A. 16. Chicago, 111. 
Brady, Laurel Andrew, B. S. A. 16. 

Mukwonago, Wis. a 
Bragg, Kendal Benjamin, C. E. 15. 
Lieut. Civil Engr. Corps. U. S. N. 
Bureau of Yards & Docks, Wash. 
D. C. 
Brahany, Kathryn I. (Blumenthal, 

Mrs. L. A.) B. A. 05. 
Brahany, Mary Eleanor (Demitz, 

Mrs. Henry C.) B. L. 01. 
Brainard, Dudley Shattuck, M. A. 12. 
Supt. of Schools. Fairmont, Minn. 
Brainard, Frank K., E. E. 08. Prof. 
Marquette Univ. 579-68th Ave., 
West Allis, Wis. a 
*Brainard, George Earl, B. S. A. 15. 
Died in service Oct. 6, 1918. 
Brainard, George Vaughn, Ph. G. 15. 

Pharmacist. Durand, Wis. 
Brainerd, Mrs. Clifford (Parke, Vera 
Janet) B. A. 16. 518 State, Mad- 
ison, Wis. a 
*Brainerd, Leverett E., Ph. G. 84. 
Died Oct. 29, 1914. 
Brainerd, Nehemiah Homer, Ph. B. 

(Nor. C.) 18. 
Braley, Berton, B. A. 05. Author. 

8 W. 40th, New York City, a 
Bram, Hazel EUa, B. A. 09. Book- 
keeper & Steno. E. F. D. 5, Madi- 
son, Wis. 
Brand, Bessie Goodrich (Cartwright, 

Mrs. William Bert) M. G. 99. 
*Brand, Warner Holmes, B. A. 17. 
Died Aug. 20, 1918. 
Brandel, Clarence Oliver, B. S. (E. 
E.) 08. Gen. Mgr. Peerless-Bril- 
liant Lamp Div. General Elect. Co. 
107 Woodbine Ave., Warren, O. a 
Brandel, Harry McPherson, B. A. 10. 
Physician. 1202 Brockman Bldg., 
Los Angeles, Calif. 
Brandel, Irving Walter, Ph. G. 99. 
B. S. (Ph.) 01, M. S. 02, Ph. D. 06. 
Chemist. Consolidated Chemical 
Products Co. Alton, 111. 
Brandel, Wallace Lester, B. S. (E. 
E.) 14. Asst. Mgr. Nela Spec. 
Div., Natl. Lamp Works. Nela 
Park, Cleveland, O. 


Brandenburg, Earl William, B. A. 16. 

State Secy, for High School Work. 
Wis. Y. M. C. A. 147-4th, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 

Brandenburg, Frederick S., B. A. 09. 
Vice-Pres. & Treas. Democrat 
Printing Co. 17 Langdon, Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Brandenburg, George Clinton, Ph. D. 
15. Assoc. Prof. Purdue Univ. La- 
fayette, Ind. 

Brandt, Ellis RoUand, B. S. (M. E.; 
17. Beloit, Wis. 

Brandt, Fredolia Eugene (Quirk, Mrs. 
Earl W.) B. A. 10. 

Brandt, Hugo E., B. S. (C. E.) 03. 
Manufacturing Jeweler. 1225 E. 
63rd, Chicago, 111. 

Brandt, Joseph G., Ph. D. 11. Asst. 
Prof. U. of Kansas. 1015 Maine, 
Lawrence, Kan. 

Brandt, Rose Katharine, B. A. 14. 
Teacher. Osceola, Wis. 

Brandt, Tillie Clara, B. A. 14. Teach- 
er. R. P. D. 2. Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Brandt, Walther I., M. A. 17. Mac- 
farland, Wis. 

Branegan, Gladys Alee, B. S. (H. 
Ec.) 13. Supervisor. c/o State 
College, Bozeman, Mont, a 

Branine, Hazel E. (Whitmore, Mrs. 
Lester McClellan) B. S. (H. Ee.) 

Brann, Albert,, B. A. 14, M. A. 16, Ph. 
D. 18. 

Brann, Andrew Jacob, B. S. A. 18. 
Teacher. Baileys Harbor, Wis. 

Brann, John Wm. B. S. A. 13, M. S. 
14. Instr. U. of W. 1530 Univer- 
sity Ave., Madison, Wis. 

Brann, Paul Gus, B. A. (C. C.) 15. 
Bookkeeper. First Natl. Bank 
Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Brannon, James Marshall, M. A. 14. 
Dept. of Botany, Coll. of Agric, 
Cornell Univ. Ithaca, N. Y. a 

Brannon, Mrs. J. M. (Lindstrem, 
Jeanette M. E.) B. A. 08. Coynga 
Hts., Ithaca, N. Y. 

Brannon, William Abbott, M. A. 09. 
Chemist. Wis. Dairy & Food Comm. 
Madison, Wis. 

Branstad, Richard Eugene, B. S. (C. 
E.) 12. Eau Claire, Wis. 

Erasure, Eva Mae (Nuti, Mrs. Chas. 
B.) B. A. 10. 

Erasure, Ray Elwin, Ph. B. 13. Wau- 
paca, Wis. a 

Brattrud, Cordelia Endora, M. G. 04. 
122 N. Hamilton, Madison, Wis. 

Brauer, Herman G. A., M. A. 99, Ph. 
D. 02. Special Agent U. S. Tariff 
Comm. Apt. 33-1650 Fuller, N. W., 
Wash. D. C. 

Braun, Adolph Rudolph, B. A. 13. 
Instr. 832-38th, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Braun, August Ernest, LL. B. 02. At- 
torney. Metropolitan Blk., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Bray, Frank Cronin, Ph. B. 03. 
Supt. Principal of Schools, Sparta, 

Bray, Francis Moore, Ph. B. 03. Prin- 
cipal. Tomah, Wis. 

Bray, Grace Catherine, B. A. 19. Elk- 
horn, Wis. a 

Brayton, Aaron Martin, LL. B. 96. 
Publisher. La Crosse Tribune & 
Wis. State Journal. 1924 Cass, La 
Crosse, Wis. a 

Brayton, Arthur Holmes, B. A. (C. 
J.) 14. Assoc. Editor. Merchants 
Trade Journal, Inc. Des Moines, 
la. a 

Brayton, Fannie Elizabeth, B. A. 03. 
Teaoher. 212 E. 80th, Seattle, 
Wash, a 

Brayton, Harold Renshaw, B. A. 14. 
Asst. Prof. Agric. & Mech. Coll. 
Box 119, College Station, Texas, a 

Brazeau, Theodore Walter, B. L. 97, 
LL. B. 00. Attorney. Grand Rap- 
ids, Wis. a 

Breakstone, Irving Abram, LL. B. 17. 
Oconto, Wis. 

Breck, Katharine Maria, B. A. 12. 
Home Visitation Teacher. 765-47th 
Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Breck, Marion Flotilla, B. S. (H. Ec.) 
14. Teacher. 765-47th, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Breckenridge, James Miller, M. A. 
08, Ph. D. 10. Asst. Director. Exp. 
Sta. Hercules Powder Co. Kenvil, 
N. J. 

Breckenridge, William Lewis, Jr., B. 
S. (M. E.) 15. Contracting. 7 
Edgewood, Roxbury, Boston, Mass. 

Bredesen, Inga Martha, B. A. 14. 
Rio, Wis. 

Bredette, Mabelle C. (Pick, Mrs. 
Carl) B. A. 11. 

Bredsteen, Joseph, B. L. 01. Editor. 
Eureka, Calif. 

Breen, Helen Marie (Siebecker, Mrs, 
Lee) B. A. 12. 



Breese, Eleanor, B. L. 91. Portage, 

Breidablik, EUida Julie, B. A. 16. 
Teacher. 17 E. 89th, New York 

Breidenbach, Otto Henry, B. A. 07, 
LL. B. 08. Civil Court Judge. 
4720 Pabst Ave., Milwaukee Wis. 

Breit, Charles A., B. S. (M. E.) 14. 
Mech. Expert. Westinghouse Air 
Brake Co. 1407 Boatman's Bk. 
Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 

Breitenbach, Mabel (Wellman, Mrs. 
Arch) M. G. 07. 

Breitenstein, Lillian, B. A. 10. Li- 
brary Asst. U. W. 1328 Eutledge, 
Madison, Wis. 

Breitkreutz, Adeline A. (Witter, Mrs. 
Eldon) B. A. 08. 

Breitkreutz, Elsa Helen, B. A. 12. 
Teacher. Oconto Falls, Wis. Home, 
Wausau, Wis. 

Brendel, Roy Albert, B. A. 14. 639- 
32nd, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Brennan, Bernard Conrad, B. S. (C. 
E.) 05. City Engr. & Supt. of 
Water Works. Kenosha, Wis. a 

Brennan, Hazel Kathryu, S. M. G. 13. 
*Brennan, John, LL. B. 81. Attorney. 
Superior, Wis. 

Brennan, John Jerome, Ph. G. 95. 
Druggist. 115 Evans, Oshkosh, Wis. 

Brennan, John Vincent, B. L. 02. 
Teacher. 145 Hancock Ave W., De- 
troit, Mich, a 

Brennan, Joseph Patrick, B. S. 
(Med.) 18. Medical Student. 323 
S. Ashland Blvd., Chicago, HI. a 

Brennan, Nellie, Ph. B. 07. Teacher 
399 Ashland Ave., St. Paul, Minn 

Brennan, Ursula (O'Malley, Mrs. 
Robert C.) B. A. 11. 

Brennan, William M., B. S. (C. E.) 
94. Walsh Const. Co. Davenport, 
la. Home, 680 Cramer, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Brennecke, Alvina Mary, B. A. 08. 
Teacher & Librarian. 813 Western 
Ave., Watertown, Wis. 
*Brennecke, Gerhard Carl, B. S. 07. 
Died July 4, 1911. 

Brennecke, Herman A., Ph. G. 92. 
Physician & Surgeon. 123 S. Lin- 
coln Ave., Aurora, HI. a 

Brenneman, Jesse La Mar, E. E. 13. 
Teacher & Engineer. 122 Crescent, 
Goshen, Ind. 

Brenner, Erwin Charles Julius, B. S. 
(Ch. E.) 19. Wauwatosa, Wis. 

Brenton, Charles Elmer, B. S. (E. E.) 
05. Auditor, Union Elect. Light & 
Power Co. 960 Beach Ave., St. 
Louis, Mo. 

Brereton, Gilbert E., B. S. (Med.) 11, 
M. S. 13. Physician. 319 Wilson 
Bldg., Dallas, Texas, a 

Brereton, Ruth Virginia, (Bayles, 
Mrs. Dennis A.) B. A. 12. 

Brereton, William Robert, B. S. A. 
14. Farmer. Lodi, Wis. 

Bresee, Emily May (Zapata, Mrs. 
Jose E.) B. A. 08. 

Breslauer, Arthur, B. A. 04. Attorney. 
Wells Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Breslich, Arthur Louis, Ph. D. 04. 
Secy. Biblical Alliance. 718-2nd, 
Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Bresnahan, George Thomas, B. A. 15. 
Asst. Athletic Coach, U. W. Madi- 
son, Wis. a 

Bressler, Raymond George, M. S. 17. 
Asst. Dir. of Vocational Agric. 
Dept. of Education. 1910 San An- 
tonio, Austin, Texas. 

Breuning, William Hobart, B. A. 05. 
Electrician. 1022-4th, Las Vegas, 
N. M. 

Brewer, Aubrey Keith, Ph. B. 15. 
Richland Center, Wis. 
*Brewer, David Josiah, LL. D. 00. De- 

Brewer, Everett Robert, B. A. 14. 
9300 Pleasant Ave., Chicago, HI. 

Brewer, Mrs. Everett R. (Smith, 
Elizabeth Mary) B. A. 15. 9300 
Pleasant Ave., Chicago, HI. a 

Brewer, Francis Leo. LL. B. 14. Rich- 
land Center, Wis. 

Brewer, John Dwight, B. A. 10. Fort 
Atkinson, Wis. 

Brewer, Mrs. J. D. (Lukes, Gertrude 
L.) B. A. 10. 7638 N. Marshfield, 
Chicago, 111. a 

Brewer, Mrs. Oscar F. (Bradley, 
Mabel Josephine) B. A. 04, M. A. 
08. 222 Mason, Apt. 9, Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 

Brewer, Robert Kemp, B. A. 07, M. 
A. 09. Prof. Syracuse Univ. Medi- 
cal Coll. 706 Maryland Ave., Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. 

Brewer, Mrs. Robert Kemp. (Wyman 
Ella Marie) B. A. 09. 706 Mary- 
land Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Brewer, Robert Miller, B. A. 18. 
Bond Salesman. 236 S. Ritter Ave., 
Indianapolis, Ind. a 



Brewer, Mrs. Vivian (Miller, Gladys 
Emma) B. S. (H. Ec.) 15. Sparta, 
Brewster, Harriet Jane (Falge, Mrs. 

Otto) B. A. 07. 
Brewster, Ida Maud (Gibbs, Mrs. L. 
L.) Ph. B. 02. 

Brey, Peter Francis, B. A. 06. Phy- 
sician. 1240-5 Wells Bldg., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 

Brice, Elizabeth (Wilson, Mrs. Ar- 
thur W.) B. A. 16. 

Brickhauer, Lydia Anna, M. A. ID. 
Elkhart Lake, Wis. 

Bridgham, John MerriU, Ph. D. 13. 
Prof. Cornell Coll. Mount Vernon, 

Bridgman, Benjamin Williams, Ph. B. 
06, M. A. 08. Teacher. 704-6th 
Ave., Eau Claire, Wis. a 

Bridgman, Louis WilUam, B. A. 06. 
Chief Bur. of Education, Wis. 
State Board of Health. 1605 Rut 
ledge, Madison, Wis. 

Bridgman, Robert White, B. A. 09 
1221 Spaight, Madison, Wis. 

Briere, Charles Edward, LL. B. 06 
Attorney. Grand Rapids, Wis. a 

Briesen, Elisabeth J. von, B. L. 98. 
Teacher. 2031 Grand Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 

Briesen, Ernst von, B. L. 00. At- 
torney. 1592 Stowell Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 

Brigance, Mrs. W. H. (Harris, Juliet 
P.) B. L. 95. Brazoria, Texas. 

Briggs, Albert Newton, LL. B. 97. 
Lumber Dealer. East Grand Forks, 

Briggs, Mrs. Albert N. (Fitch, Rose) 
B. L. 84. East Grand Forks, Minn, a 

Briggs, Allan, B. A. 14. Attorney. 
793 Fairmont Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Briggs, Mrs. Allan (Douglas, Wini- 
fred) B. S. (H. Ec.) 14. 468 Ash- 
land Ave., St. Paul, Minn, a 

Briggs, Ann B., Mus. 19. 417 N. 4th, 
East Grand Forks, Minn. 

Briggs, Asa Gilbert, B. S. 85, LL. B. 

87. Attorney. 915 Merchants 

Natl. Bank Bldg., St. Paul, Minn, a 

*Briggs, rrederick Earl, LL. B. 78. 


Briggs, George Wesley, B. L. 03. 
Field Mgr. West Texas Chamber of 
Commerce. Lubbock, Texas, a 

Briggs, Mrs. George W. (Pengra, 
Delia I.) B. A. 04. Lubbock, Texas. 

*Briggs, Harry Elmer, B. L. 87, LL. B. 
89. Died Feb. 14, 1903. 
Briggs, Mrs. Harry E. (Lewis, Sophie 
M.) B. L. 88. Law Librarian. U. 
W. 107 W. Gilman, Madison, Wis. 
Briggs, Henry Russell, B. A. 17. As- 
sessor of Incomes. Iowa & Grant 
Cos. Court House. Dodgeville, 
Wis. a 
Briggs, Howard Bonee, B. A. 19. 

Arena, Wis. 
Briggs, Mitchell Pirie, M. A. 17. 

Teacher. Fresno, Calif. 
Briggs, Rosa Fitch, B. S. (H. Ec.) 17. 
Supervisor. Box 76, Moorhead, 
Briggs, Mrs. S. J. (Toepfer, Selma) 
M. G. 09. 247 Langdon, Madison, 
. Wis. 
Briggs, Theodora, B. S. (H. Ec.) 13. 

527 W. 121st St., N. Y. C. a 
Brigham, Bertha Blanche (Harper. 

Mrs. J. C.) B. L. 00, M. G. 00. 
Brigham, Charles Ilsley, B. A. 85. 

Farmer. Blue Mounds, Wis. a 
Brigham, Mrs. Charles Ilsley (Gray, 
Rose Anna) Ph. B. 10. Blue 
Mounds, Wis. a 
Bright, Alfred Harris, B. A. 74, LL 
B. 76. Gen. Counsel. Sault Ste. 
Marie R. R. Minneapolis, Minn, a 
Brightman, Herbert Wendell, B. A. 
13. Secy. Northern Paper Mills 
Green Bay, Wis. a 
Brill, Herman Oswald, B. A. 18. 146 

W. Johnson, Madison, Wis. 
Brimmer, Charles Henry, B. A. 13. 
Accountant & Asst. Treas. Em- 
ployers Mut. Liability Ins. Co. 705 
Bellis, Wausau, Wis. a 
Brindley, Benjamin Reed, B. A. 14. 
Bond Dept., 111. Trust & Savings 
Bank, Chicago, 111. a 
Brindley, Elbert Edwin, B. A. 08. At- 
torney. 325 S. Sheldon, Richland 
Center, Wis. a 
Brindley, John, Ph. B. 74. County 
Judge. 416 S. 14th, La Crosse, 
Wis. a 
Brindley, John Edwin, B. L. 02, M. 
A. 06, Ph. D. 11. Prof. Iowa State 
Coll. Ames, la. a 
Brindley, Thaddeus Hayward, B. S 
A. 06. Mgr. Elect. Dept. W. A. 
Roosevelt Co. 218 S. 14th, La 
Crosse, Wis. a 
Brindley, William Arthur, B. A. 07. 
Teacher. Ft. Dodge, la. 



Brindley, Willis, B. L. 03. Adver- 
tising & Sales Mgr. Hewitt-Lea- 
Funck Co. Box 234, Sumner, Wash 

Brinker, Dorotliy L., B. A. 18. 

Brinkerhoff, Charles James, Ph. G. 19. 
Pharmacist. 504 Main, Neenah, 

Brinsmade, Mrs. Robert B. (Steen- 
bock, Helen C.) B. A. 08. Ixmiquil- 
pan, Hidalgo, Mexico, a 

Brintnall, Percy Cosson, B. S. (Min. 
E.) 13, Min. E. 17. Min. Engr. 
Kalispell, Mont. 

Bristol, Edith Cook, M. A. 12. Teach 
er. St. Louis, Mo. 

Bristol, Elsey L., B. L. 86, M. L. 97. 
c/o Bible Publishing House, Con- 
stantinople, Turkey, Asia, a 

Bristol, Reva Ernestine, B. S. (H. 
Ec.) 15. Asst. Matron State School 
for Feeble Minded. Laconia, N. 
H. a 

Brittell, Bessie Vera, B. A. 14. Teach- 
er. Manitowoc, Wis. 

Brittingham, Edward George, B, A. 
18. Gomez Palacio, Dgo. Mexico, 
also 223 S. Rampart Blvd., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

Brittingham, Mrs. T. E. (Clark Mary 
L.) B. L. 89. ''Dunmuven" Mer- 
rill Crest Hill, Madison, Wis. a 
*Britton, James, Jr., B. A. 61, M. A. 
65. Died Dec. 27, 1874. 

Broadfoot, Grover Lee, LL. B^ 18. 
Attorney. Mondovi, Wis. a 

Brobst, John Everett, B. S. (E. E.) 
03. Engr. Gen. Elect. Co. 21 El- 
der, Schenectady, N. Y. a 

Brock, Harold WilUam, B. S. (E. E.) 
18. Engr. 439 Menol. Blvd., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Brockhausen, Edward Erp, B. S. (M. 
E.) 16. 143 Benton, Freeport, HI. a 

Brockway, Lulu Belle (Gelbach, Mrs. 
W. A.) B. A. 07. 

Broderick, Gertrude A. (Smith, Mrs. 
Bertram A.) M. G. 05. 

Broderick, Thomas Monteith, M. S. 
14. Geologist. U. of Minn. Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 

Broders, Claude Emil, B. S. (E. E.) 
14. Engr. 1015 E. Johnson, Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Broenniman, Arnold E., B. S. (C. E.) 
97. 809-7th, Watertown, Wis. 

Broenniman, Leonard E., B. A. 05. 
Vice-Pres. & Treas. Broenniman Co. 
Inc. 458 Produce Exchange, New 
York City, a 

Brohough, Gustav O., M. A. 06. 

Broker, Albert Edw., C. E. 14. Port- 
land Cement Asso., Farmers Bank 
Bldg., Brookline, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Bronsky, Amy, Ph. B. 05. Chippe- 
wa Falls, Wis. a 

Brooke, William Henry, LL. B. 04. 
Attorney. Ontario, Ore. a 

Brookings, Eugene, LL. B. 09. At- 
torney. 500 Journal Bldg., Port- 
land, Ore, 

Brookins, Florence Evelyn (Newman, 
Mrs. Harry G.) B. S. (H. Ec.) 16. 

Brookins, Julia Louise Clarke, B. A, 
10, M. A. 11. Teacher. 415 N. 
Park, Madison, Wis. a 

Brooks, Frank Clark, LL. B. 78. At- 
torney. 432 Ridgewood Ave., Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 

Brooks, Helen Winifred, B. S. (H. 
Ec.) 16. Teacher. 113 W. Gorham, 
Madison, Wis. 

Brooks, Mrs. John A. (Goddard, 
Jennie E.) B. L. 99. 234 W. Cen- 
tral, Chippewa Falls, Wis. 

Brooks, Paul Victor, Ag. G. 14. 
Greenfork, Ind. 

Brooks, Robert Preston, Ph. D. 12. 
Prof. U. of Georgia. Athens, Ga. 

Brophy, Allen O., Ag. G. 11. Elgin, 

Brophy, Norman Delroy, B. S. (Med.) 

Bross, Agnes Marie (Thoman, Mrs. 
Edward) B. L. 01. 

Brossard, Eugene Edward, B. L. 88. 
LL. B. 90. Asst. Attorney General 
of Wis. 109 W. Washington Ave., 
Madison, Wis. a 

Brossard, Eugene Edward Jr., B. A. 
19. 109 W. Washington Ave., 
Madison, Wis. 

Broughton, Ray, B. A. 07, M. A. 09. 
Teacher. Joliet, 111. 

Browder, Jonathan Bailey, Ph. D. 97. 
Teacher. Lincoln Drive, Chestnut 
Hill, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Brown, Ada May, B. L. 87. Rhine- 
lander, Wis. a 

Brown, A. Abbott, B. S. A. 12. Dodge 
County Agent. Juneau, Wis. a 

Brown, Bernice Stockton, B. A. 11. 
Teacher. Delair, N. J. a 

Brown, Bsnron Elijah, LL. B. 72. 

Brown, Charles Newton, LL. B. 81. 
Attorney. 41 Roby Rd., Madison, 
Wis. a 


Brown, Mrs. Charles N. (Williams, 
Nellie M.) B. S. 76. 41 Roby Ed., 
Madison, Wis. a 

Brown, Christine Etna, B. A. 18. 322 
W. Reynold, Urbana, O. 

Brown, Clarence John, B. S. (Med.) 
15. Medical Inspector. Gd. H. 
Portain Prince, Haiti, U. S. Ma- 
rine Exped. Forces, c/o Postmast- 
er, N. Y. City, a 

Brown, Cornelia Yates, B. A. 13. Sec- 
retarial work. 151 Batavia Ave., 
Batavia, 111. 

Brown, Damon Alonzo, B. S. (Med.) 
13. Physician. 427 Jefferson Bldg., 
Peoria, 111. a 

Brown, Mrs. Damon A. (Sumner, 
Jessie Walthew) B. A. 14. 427 
Jefferson Bldg., Peoria, 111. 

Brown, Dorothy Grace, B. A. 18. Sec- 
retary. 621 Lake Ave., Wilmette, 

Brown, Edna M. (Powers, Mrs. Ben- 
jamin M.) B. A. 08. 

Brown, Edwin Stanton, B. S. (C. E.) 
08. Campbell Holton & Co., Whole- 
sale Grocers, 514 S. Clayton, 
Bloomington, 111. a 

Brown, Elizabeth, B. A. 10, M. A. 16. 
28 Langdon, Madison, Wis. 

Brown, Elmer C, Ph. B. 12. Prin- 
cipal. 410 Harrison, Portland, Ore. 

Brown, Ernest James, K S. (Med.) 
19. Medical student. 123 N. Web- 
ster, Madison, Wis. a 

Brown, Fannie Arnetta (Belden, Mrs. 
Carroll Reed) B. A. 12. 

Brown, Florence Mary (Batchelor, 

Mrs. Leon D.) B. A. 08. 
''Brown, Frank G-reen, Ph. B. 72. Died 
Jan. 5, 1920. 

Brown, Frederick George, B. A. 09. 
Lumber operator. Pittsficld, Mass. 
Home 678 Algoma, Oshkosh, Wis. 

Brown, George Edward, Ph. B. 74. 
Farmer. R. F. D. 3, Madison, Wis. 

Brown, Mrs. George Irving (Sanborn, 
Alice J.) B. L. 83, M. L. 86. 

Brown, George Williams, B. S. (C. 
E.) 86, C. E. 90. Supt. Navy Coal 
Storage. Hampton Roads, Nor- 
folk, Va. a 

Brown, Gilbert L., M. A. 11. Prof. 
Northern State Normal. 121 E. 
Park, Marquette, Mich, a 

Brown, Harlow Blair, B. A. 13. Gen 
Mgr. Dixon Daily Leader. 617 E. 
2nd, Dixon, 111. 

Brown, Harriette Card (Thompson, 

Mrs. John E.) B. A. 14. 
*Brown, Harry Isaac, LL. B. 86. Died 

Jan. 13, 1911. 
Brown, Harry Willard, LL. B. 10. 

Mgr. Atkin Brown Stationery Co. 

597 Jefferson, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Brown, Hazel Irene, B. A. 14. Teach- 
er. 924 Clymer PL, Madison, Wis. 

Brown, Helen Lucy, B. L. 95. 
Brown, Helen Mariette (Jones, Mrs. 

Frank Gordon) B. A. 12. 
Brown, Henry William, LL. B. 91. 

Attorney. Baxter Blk., Lancaster, 

Brown, Herbert Henry, B. S. (C. E.) 

17. Estimator. Worden-Allen Co. 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Brown, Hester A. (Bassett, Mrs. Har- 
ry K.) B. A. 00. 

Brown, Howard, B. A. 90. Paper 
Manufacturer. Mittmeague, Mass. 

Brown, Irving Henry, B. A. 11, M. A. 
12. Assoc. Prof. Western Univ. 
London, Ontario, Can. 

Brown, Jenoise, B. A. 14. House- 
keeping Efficiency Writer. Nev/ 
York Tribune, New York City. 

Brown, Mrs. John A. (English, Cal- 
lista A.) B. A. 03. 1124 Erie, Ra- 
cine, Wis. 

Brown, Joseph Andrews, LL. B. 91. 
*Brown, Mrs. J. S. (Overton, Adele 
M.) Ph. B. 71. Died Feb. 12, 1916. 

Brown, Kathryn Kent, B. A. 19. 
Rhinelander, Wis. 

Brown, Lawrence Murphy, B. S. A. 

18. 1518-28th, N. W., Wash. D. C. 

Brown, Lehm Lincoln, B. A. (C. C.) 
16. c/o Wells & Wade, Wenat- 
chee, Wash, a 

Brown, Lela Calhoun, B. A. 17. 
Hailey, Idaho. 

Brown, Leslie Lyel, B. A. 84. At- 
torney. Winona, Minn. 

Brown, Lewis Raymond, B. S. (E. E.) 
03. Sales Engr. General Elect. 
Co. Schenectady, N. Y. 

Brown, Louise Withee, B. A. 15. 
Teacher. 5008 Nicholas, Omaha, 
Neb. a 

Brown, Luther Edward, B. A. 00. 
President. Brown Land & Lumber 
Co. 33 N. Pelham, Rhinelander, 
Wis. a 



Brown, Mabel Mary, B. A. 15, M. A. 

16, Ph. D. 19. Instr. U. of Mis- 
souri. Columbia, Mo. a 
Brown, Marion Clarkson (Jamieson, 

Mrs. J. E.) B. A. 16. 
Brown, Mary Abigaile, B. A. 12. 5008 

Nicholas, Omaha, Neb. 
Brown, Mary Catherine (Morton, 

Mrs. George E.) B. L. 93. 
Brown, Mary Elizabeth (Cramer, 

Mrs. Herbert L.) B. A. 18. 
Brown, Mary S. (Shiverick, Mrs. Ar- 
thur) B. A. 15. 
Brown, Milo Sedgwick, B. A. 17 

Teacher. Purdue Univ. Lafayette, 

*Brown, Neal, LL. B. 80. Died Sept 

19, 1917. 
Brown, Neil Winthrop, B. A. 18. 

4229 W. Pine Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. 

Brown, Other Dwight, M. A. 18. 

Hillyard, Wash. 
Brown, Paul Murphy, B. S. A. 15. 

School Supt. Laona, Wis. 
Brown, Mrs. Pembroke H. (Coerper, 

Florence Maud) B. A. 14, M. S. 16. 

4 Saffer Ct., Urbana, 111. a 
Brown, Perry P., B. S. (C. E.) 97. 

City Engr. & Supt. of Streets. Oak- 
land, Calif. 
Brown, Porter Harris, B. A. (C. C.) 

19. Asst. in Eomance Lang., U. W. 

Madison, Wis. 
Brown, Mrs. Ralph Davis (Vance, 

Mildred E.) M. A. 08. Crete, Neb. 
Brown, Ralph Dexter, B. A. 04. Mgr. 

Brown Bros. Lumber Co. 1701-2 

L. C. Smith Bldg., Seattle, Wash, a 
Brown, Ralph Vernon, B. S. A. 13. 

Clark County Agric. Agent. Neills- 

ville, Wis. 
Brown, Randolph Fletcher, B. A. 16. 

Eochelle Park, New Eoehelle, N. Y. 
Brown, Reuben Samuel Tilden, B. A. 

19. Principal. 545 W. Johnson, 

Madison, Wis. 
Brown, Robert Curtis, B. A. 89. Phy- 
sician. 149 Prospect Ave., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. a 
Brown, Robert Henry, Ph. B. 72, M. 

S.'75. Waverly, S. D. a 
"Brown, Roxana Cordia, Ph. B. 07. 

Brown, Samuel Leslie, B. Met. E. 89. 

Supt. St. Louis Smelting & Eefin- 

ing Co. Collinsville, 111. 
Brown, S. Edith, B. S. 94. Teacher. 

2607 Wells, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Brown, Sidney Thompson, B. S. A. 

18. Farmer. Waterloo, Wis. 

Brown, Thane Ross, B. S. (C. E.) 95. 
Structural Engr. Wis. Bridge & 
Iron Co. Box 113, N. Milwaukee, 

Brown, Thomas Cobum, B. S. (Min. 
E.) 17. Socorro, N. M. 

Brown, Timothy, B. A. 11. Attorney. 
121 E. Oilman, Madison, Wis. a 

Brown, Walter Dexter, B. L. 92. Lum- 
berman. Ehinelander, Wis. 

Brown, Walter Sheldon, M. S. 06. Ex- 
tension Specialist. Ore. Agric. Coll. 
215 N. 8th, Corvallis, Ore. 

Brown, Webster A., B. A. 08. Brown 
Land & Lumber Co. 125 E. Fred- 
erick, Ehinelander, Wis. a 

Brown, Webster Everett, Ph. B. 74. 
Lbr. Timber Land & Eeal Estate. 
9 E. Frederick, Ehinelander, Wis. 

Brown, Mrs. Webster E. (Meyer, Ju- 
liet D.) B. S. 75. 9 E. Frederick, 
Ehinelander, Wis. a 

Brown, William Edwin, B. S. (C. E.) 
05. Asst. Engr. & Designer. Board 
of Water Supply. Valhalla, N Y.. 

Brown, William W., B. S. A. 78. 
Farmer. Merton, Wis. a 

Brown, Winfred Q., M. A. 12. Dist. 
Supt. of Schools. Monroe, O. 

Browne, Arthur Taber, LL. B. 94. 

Browne, Edward B. M., LL. B. 71. 

Browne, Edward E., B. L. 90, LL. B. 
92. Lawyer and member of Con- 
gress from 8th Dist. of Wis. Wau- 
paca, Wis. a 

Browne, Helen Converse, Ph. B, 
(Gen. C.) 19. Waupaca, Wis. a 

Browne, J. Howard, LL. B. 10. Stu- 
dent. Norfolk, Conn. 

Browne, Katherine Warren (Camlin, 
Mrs. Wm. J.) B. S. (H. Ec.) 18. 

Browne, Marshall Francis, B. A. (C. 
J.) 18. Newspaper Work. 189 
Adams, Twin Falls, Idaho, a 

Browne, Mrs. Marshall F. (Clark, 
Vera M.) B. A. 18. 189 Adams, 
Twin Falls, Idaho, a 

Browne, William Alexander F., LL. 
D. 76. 

Brownell, George Holmer, B. A. 04. 
Commissioner of Markets. City of 
Detroit. 1200 Brush, Detroit, Mich. 

Brownell, Isabelle Frances (Kuehn, 
Mrs. Henry C.) B. A. 15. 



Browning, Elmer Ellsworth, B. S. (E 
E.) 12. Asst. Traffic Chief. Amer 
ican Tel. & Tel. Co. 212 W. Wash- 
ington, Chicago, 111. 

Browning, Harold William, M. S. 16. 
Wakefield, K. I. 

Brownlee, Frank R., B. S. (M. E.) 08. 
Mech, Engr. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Brownlee, Mrs. F. R. (Kosholt, Em- 
ma Josephine) B. A. 07. Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Brownson, Laura, B. L. 01, M. G. 01. 
Sharon, Wis. 

Broyles, John, B. S. (C. E.) 16. With 
City Sewerage Comm., Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 

Broyles, William Anderson, M. A. 14. 
Prof. A. & M. Coll. College Sta- 
tion, Texas. 

Broyles, Mrs. W. A. (Swan, Ethyl F.j 

B. A. 11. 308 Jackson, Chillicothe, 
Mo. a 

Bruce, Andrew Alexander, B. A. 90, 
LL. B. 92. Law Bldg., U. of Minn., 
Minneapolis, Minn, a 

Bruce, Frank M., B. A. 06. Secy. & 
Treas. Bruce Pub. Co. 427 Han- 
over, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Bruce, Harold Rozelle, M. A. 19. Clin- 
ton, Wis. 

Bruce, John Austin, B. L. 87, LL. B. 
93. Lumberman. Burton Swartz 
Cypress Co. Perry, Fla. a 

Bruce, Malcolm Carter, B. A. (C. C.) 
14. a 

Bruce, Warren Richardson, B. S. (M. 
E.) 17. Boise, Idaho. 

Brue, Hans Nelson, B. S. (C. E.) 11, 

C. E. 16. 375 Broadway, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. a 

Bruemmer, Mrs. Leo Weilep (Berg- 
man, E. Vera) B. A. 10, Kewaunee, 

Bruess, Julius, LL. B. 93. Physician 
& Surgeon. 1495-8th, Milwaukee, 

Bruins, Mrs. J. F. (Wagner, Eose 
May) B. A. 05, M. A. 08. Teacher 
810 Hayes Ave., Eacine, Wis. 

Brumder, William Charles, B. L. 90 
Publisher. Brumder Bldg., 481 La- 
Fayette PI., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Brunim, Gilson John, Ag. G. 13. Mid- 
dleton, Wis. 

Brumm, Lester Frank, B. A. (C. C.) 
14. Columbia Univ., Apt. 63, 521 
W. 112th, New York City, a 

Brummer, Mrs. George (Stiles, Mary 
Estella) B. L. 03. 448 Eoosevelt 
Ave., Cherokee, la. a 

Brunckhorst, Louis Arthur, LL. B. 02. 

Attorney. Platteville, Wis. a 
Brundage, Dean Kennedy, B. A. 14. 

5424 Conduit Ed. N. W., Wash. D. 

C. a 
Brundage, Dorothy, B. S. (H. Ec.) 17. 

Grand Eapids, Wis. 
Brundage, Frank Benton, B. L. 80. 

Farmer. Shako, Va. 
Brundage, Phoebe Farnum, B. A. 12. 

Teacher. 604-7th, Eochelle, 111. a 
Brunelle, Augustus Hall, M. A. 15. 
Bruner, Lena C, M. A. 12. Teacher. 

459 E. Jefferson, Franklin, Ind. 
Bruning, Mrs. Charles (Naffz, Eu- 
genie) B. S. 90. 2711 Bedford Ave., 

Brooklyn, N. Y. a 
Brunkow, Arthur Herman, LL. B. 17. 

Attorney, a 
Brunkow, Orvin Richard, B. S. A. 18. 

Darlington, Wis. a 
Brunner, Anton William, Ph. G. 19. 

Durand, Wis. a 
Brunner, Edwin James, B. A. 16. Ed- 
itor. 919 Fullerton Ave., Chicago, 

111. a 
Brunner, Elizabeth (Taylor, Mrs. H. 

C.) M. S. 03. 
Brunner, Louis John, LL. B. 17. Le- 

opolis. Wis. 
Brunner, Mrs. Marie Angelina, LL. 

B. 19. Clintonville, Wis. 
Brunner, Stephen Walter, LL. B. 19. 

Clintonville, Wis. 
Bruns, Dorothy Mary, B. A. 17. Lake 

Mills, Wis. 
Bruns, Freidrich, M. A. 04, Ph. D. 10. 

Asst. Prof. U. W. 2330 Eowley 

Ave., Madison, Wis. 
Bruns, Mrs. Freidrich (Dallwig, Ly- 

dia) B. A. 13. 2330 Eowley Ave., 

Madison, Wis. 
Erunsell, Mrs. H. Fred (Formerly 

Gault, Elizabeth C.) B. A. 17. 

Evansville, Wis. a 
Brush, Jesse Piatt, B. A. 06. Eanch- 

er. Arcadia, Calif. 
Brush, Miltmore Witherell, B. S. A. 

15. Fruit Grower. Brucehame Ap- 
ple Farm. Germantown, N. Y. 
Brusse, William, Ag. G. 14, B. S. A. 

17. Simpson County Demonstra- 
tion Agent. Franklin, Ky. a 
Bruun, Harold Nicolai, Ph. G. 93. 

Pharmacist. 3431 W. North Ave., 

Chicago, 111. a 
Bryan, Walker Edward, M. S. 15 

Plant Breeder. U. of Ariz. Tucson 




Bryan, Walter Reid, B. A. 17, M. A. 

18. 315 N. Murray, Madison, Wis 
Bryant, Harold John, B. A. (C. C.) 

18. 147 West Ave. S., La Crosse, 

Bryant, Mrs. H. J. (Hughes, Edna 

Mae) B. A. 10. 109-2nd, S. E., 

Mason City, la. 
Bryant, Jesse Randall, Ph. G. 88 

Physician. 520 Third, Wausau, Wis 
Bryant, John Owen, B. S. (G. E.) 07 

Civil & Mining Engr. & Geologist 

508 Miles, Chippewa Falls, Wis. 
Bryce, James, LL. D. 08. Writer 

House of Lords, London, S. W 

Eng. 24 Bryanston Sq., London 

W. Eng. 
Bryhan, Leone Grace, B. A. 18. Li 

brarian. Lancaster, Wis. a 
Bucey, Caro L. (Stevens, Mrs. James 

M.) B. L. 96. 
*Bucey, John H., B. S. (C. E.) 95. 

Died Dec. 4, 1896. 
Buchanan, Daniel, Jr., LL. B. 72. At- 
torney. Chippewa Falls, Wis. 
Buchanan, Hubert Daniel, B. L. 01, 

LL. B. 03. Attorney. 1610-33rd 

Ave., Seattle, Wash. 
Buchanan, Ira Luella, B. A. 07, M. 

G. 07. Teacher. 1610-33rd Ave., 

Seattle, Wash. 
Buchanan, John William, B. S. (C. 

E.) 06. Asst. Engr. Pac. Elec. Ry. 

Co. 5111 Aldama, Los Angeles, 

Calif, a 
Buchanan, IMrs. J. W. (Fisher, Ber- 
tha M.) M. G. 08. 5111 Aldama, 

Los Angeles, Calif. 
Bucheker, Albert Israel, B. S. (E. E.) 

08. Engr. Sewer Design. Box 

1042, Spokane, Wash. 
Bucheker, Mrs. Albert I. (Kaye, 

Sara Elizabeth) B. A. 09. Box 

1042, Spokane, Wash. 
Buchen, Gustave William, B. A. 09, 

LL. B. 12. J & W. Jung Co., She- 
boygan, Wis. a 
Buchen, Mrs. Walter (Head, Mar- 
garet Louise) B. A. 11. 1101 Pratt 

Blvd., Chicago, 111. 
Bucher, Henry, B. S. (C. E.) 10. 413 

W. Washington Ave., Madison, 

Wis. a 
Buchholz, George Otto, LL. B. 97. 

Secy. & Treas. Janesville Carriage 

Works. 420 N. High, Janesville, 

Buchholz, Mrs. George O. (Shearer. 

Louise D.) B. L. 98. 420 N. High, 

Janesville, Wis. 

Buchholz, Rudolph Otto, B. S. (C. E.) 
19. 1417 Hartford Bldg., Chicago, 
111. a 

Buchholz, Theodore Gustave, B. A. 
13. Davenport, N. D. 

Buchholz, William David, B. L. 01, 
LL. B. 03. Attorney. Newell, S. D. a 

Buchner, Gladys Rhodes, B. S. (H. 
Ec.) 17. 351Q Readside Lane, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Bucholtz, Arthur Otto Frederick, B. 
S. (M. E.) 18. Winona, Minn. 

Buchwalter, Mrs. Edw. L. (Andrews, 
Marilla) B. S. 92. 805 E. High, 
Springfield, O. a 

Buck, Elsie M. (Bottensek, Mrs. John 
H.) LL. B. 75. 

Buck, Ethelwyn Berenice, Ph. B. 04. 
Platteville, Wis. 

Buck, Flora, M. A. 18. Instr. U. of 
Omaha. Omaha, Neb. 

Buck, Florence Trask (Saxton, Mrs. 
Ralph C.) Ph. B. 00. 

Buck, Guerdon C, B. S. 97. Physi- 
cian & Surgeon. ' Platteville, Wis. a 

Buck, Harry Lee, LL. B. 83. At- 
torney. Richardson Bldg., Winona, 
Buck, Howard, B. S. (C. E.) 17. Real 
Estate. Ft. Dodge, la. a 

Buck, Louise L., B. A. 11. Y. W. C. 

A. Secy. 1752 W. Lewis, San Diego, 

Buck, Solon Justus, B. A. 04, M. A. 
05. Supt. Minn. Hist. Soc. & Assoc. 
Prof, of Minn. 611 Delaware, S. 
E., Minneapolis, Minn, a 
Buckingham, Mrs. J. D. (Wheeler, 
Marion B.) B. L. 92. 207 N. Har- 
rison, Ludington, Mich. 
*Buckley, Ernest Robertson, B. S. 95, 
Ph. D. 98. Deceased. 
Buckley, Glenna C, B. A. 11. Teach- 
er. Beloit, Wis. 
*Buckley, James A., B. S. 84, LL. B. 

89. Died Nov. 2, 1893. 
*Buckley, James Orton, B. L. 84, LL. 

B. 87. Died May 29, 1911. 
Buckley, John Francis, LL. B. 15. 

Waukesha, Wis. 
Buckley, Martin Arthur, LL. B. 96. 

Attorney & County Judge. Med- 

ford. Wis. a 
Buckley, Walter John, B. S. (E. E.) 

99. Secy. & Treas. T. L. Smith Co. 

1125-32nd, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Bucklin, Frank Winslow, B. L. 02. 

Attorney. 118 Main, West Bend. 

Wis. a 



Buckmaster, Albert Ellsworth, B. L. 
89, LL. B. 94. Attorney. 463 Ex- 

• change, Kenosha, Wis. a 

Buckmaster, Ben Stalker, B. S. (M. 
E.) 16. Mech. Engr. Hyatt Roller 
Bearing Co. 2715 S. Michigan 
Ave, Chicago, 111. a 

Buckmaster, Emma A. (Coe, Mrs. A. 
E.) B. L. 93. 

Bucknam, Kate Dana, "B. L. 94. 
Teacher. 1207 Rhode Island Ave., 
Wash. D. C. a 

Buckstaif, Elsie, B. A. 18. 405 Wash- 
ington, Oshkosh, Wis. 

Buckstaff, George Angus, LL. B. 86. 
Manufacturer. 700 Algoma, Osh- 
kosh, Wis. a 

Buckstaff, Mrs. George A. (Griswold, 
Florence) B. A. 86, M. A. 92. 700 
Algoma, Oshkosh, Wis, a 

Budd, Alfred Nelson, B. S. (Ch. C.) 

Budd, Emily Alice, Ph. B. 16. Teach- 
er. Fennimore, Wis. 

Budd, Ethel Lockwood, B. A. 10. 
Teacher. 763 Union, Appleton, 
Wis. a 

Budd, Harry Lockwood, B. S. (E. E.) 
10. Dist. Mgr. Ruud Mfg. Co. 711- 
13th, N. W., Wash. D. C. 

Budig, Fred George, B. A. (C. C.) 15. 
Waterloo, Wis. a 

Buech, William F., B. A. 18. Invest- 
ment Securities. H. W. Debeske 
& Co., Chicago, 111. a 

Buechel, Frederick Anthony, Ph. B. 
09. Prof. State Normal, 712 Lin- 
coln Ave., Madison, S. D. a 

Buehler, Edmund, B. A. (C. J.) 17. 

Buehler, Elizabeth, B. A. 05, M. G. 

06. Director. Wis. School of Music. 
122 W. Washington Ave., Madi- 
son, Wis. 
Buehler, Emil, LL. B. 14. Attorney. 

Buehler, Gertrude, Ph. B. (Nor. C.) 
18. Teacher. Alma, Wis. 

Buehler, Henry Andrew, B. S. 01. 
State Geologist. Rolla, Mo. 

Buell, Bessie Margaret, B. A. 18. 
Delavan, Wis. 

Buell, Charles Edwin, B. S. 78, LL. B. 
83. Attorney. 115 Ely PI., Madi- 
son, Wis. a 

Buell, Helen de Yoe, B. A. 18. 115 
Ely PL, Madison, Wis. 
*Buell, Kate M., B. S. 07. Died Oct. 
1, 1915. 

Buell, Mary Van Rensselaer, B. A. 

14, M. A. 15, Ph. D. 19. Asst. U. 
W. 115 Ely PI., Madison, Wis. 

Buell, Nora (Stewart, Mrs. Harold 
Humphreys) B. S. (H. Ec.) 11. 

Buell, Pauline Merry (Sweet, Mrs. 
Carroll) B. A. 13. 

Buelow, Earl Francis, B. A. (C. C.) 

15. Waupun, Wis. a 

Buerki, Robin Caxl, B. S. (Med.) 15 
Physician. Burns, Ore. a 

Buerstatte, Frederick William, B. S. 
(M. E.) 01. Salesman. Hofnis 
Steel & Equip. Co. 360 Howe, Se- 
attle W^ash. 

Buetow, Walter Charles, B. S. (C. E.) 
08. Div. Engr. Wis. Highway 
Comm. La Crosse, Wis. 

Buettell, Roger Bross, B. S. (C. E.) 
13. Construction Engr. 20 Villa 
Beach, Cleveland, O. 
*Bugbee, Abel Ralph, B. S. (Ch. C.) 
10. Deceased. 

Bugg, John Wesley, Ph. B. 15. Teach- 
er. 503 W. Washington, Macomb, 

Buhlig, Alma Emma, B. A. 12. Steno. 
6522 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, 111. a 

Bulfin, George Thomas, B. A. 10. 
Printer. 528-52nd, Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 

Bulfinch, Arthur Fletcher, B. L. 95. 
Farmer. Apartado 224, Guatemala 
City, C. A. a 

Bulfinch, Mary A., B. S. 94. Farmer. 
Monroe, Wis. 

Bulger, Charles L., M. A. 15. Teach- 
er. Municipal Univ. ' Akron, O. a 

Bulkley, Geo. S., B. S. A. 14. Dairy 
Extension. Carnation Milk Prod- 
ucts Co., Mt. Vernon, Wash, a 

Bulkley, Robert Crandall, LL. B. 05. 
Attorney. Whitewater, Wis. 

Bull, Eyvind Hagerup, B. S. (G. E.) 
05. Engr. Green Engr. Co. East 
Chicago, Ind. 

Bull, Helen Perkins, B. A. 18. 300 
N. Grove Ave., Oak Park, 111. a 
*Bull, James Morris, LL. B. 69. Died 
Nov. 1, 1909. 

BuUard, Elsie Rea (Morrison, Mrs. 
Frank B.) B. A. 10. 

BuUerjahn, Adolph David, B. S. (E 
E) 13. Elect. Engr. 50 S. Howell, 
Hillsdale, Mich, a 

BuUerjahn, Mrs. A. D. (TeSelle, 
Hazel Rozelle) B. A. 14. 50 S. 
Howell, Hillsdale, Mich, a 



Bums, Clifford Bentz, B. S. A. 12. 

Standard Oil Co., 1407 Jaekson, La 

Crosse, Wis. 
Bullis, Harry Amos, B. A. 17. Ac- 
countant & Statistician. 84 Spruce 

PI., Minneapolis, Minn, a 
BuUis, Mrs. Harry A. (Alexander, 

Irma Elizabeth) B. A. 15. 84 

Spruce PI., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Bullis, Irving Verne, B. S. A. 16 

Farmer. E. P. D. 1. Eau Claire, 

Wis. a 
Bullock, Charles Jesse, Ph. D. 95. 

Prof. Harvard Univ. 6 Channing, 

Cambridge, Mass. 
Bullock, "William Loring, LL. B. 08. 

Attorney. Box J, Valier, Mont, a 
Bump, Mary E. (Schmidtman, Mrs. 

J. C.) B. L. 98. 
Bump, Milan Raymond, B. S. (E. E.; 

02. Chief Engr. Henry L. Doherty 

Co. 60 Wall, New York City, a 
Bump, Ruth Adaline (Cady, Mrs. J. 

P.) Ph. B. 10. 
Bundy, Charles Thomas, LL. B. 93, 

Attorney. Eau Claire, Wis. 
Bundy, Dorothy E., B. A. 15. Teach- 
er. 620 E. Broadway, Centralia, 

111. a 
Bundy, Harry Eugene, B. S. (Med.) 

14. Physician. 2043 Cleveland 

Ave., Chicago, 111. a 
Bundy, Katharine Mary, B. A. 18. 

1406 State, Eau Claire, Wis. 
Bundy, Mrs. M. G. (Gilbert, Minna 

M.) B. L. 82. Teacher. 681 Cass, 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Bundy, Nell Reubena (Beach, Mrs. P. 

M.) B. A. 13. 
Bundy, Robert Egbert, LL. B. 88. At 

torney. Menomonie, Wis. 
Bunge, George William, LL. B. 95. 

Attorney. 417 S. 14th, La Crosse, 

Bunin, Nohum Bernard, B. A. 12. Ste- 
vens Point, Wis. 
Bunker, Eugene Francis, LL. B. 12. 

Attorney. Bozeman, Mont. 
Bunker, Maude Ethel, Ph. B. 12. 

Teacher. Lodi, Wis. 
Bunn, Bertha KeUett, B. A. 17. Spo- 
kane, Wash. 
Bunn, Charles Wilson, Ph. B. 74, LL. 

B. 75. Attorney. No. Pacific 

Eailway. 549 Portland Ave., St. 

Paul, Minn, a 
*Bunn, George Lincoln, B. A. 85, LL. 

B. 88. Died Oct. 9, 1918. 

*Bunn, Mrs. George L. (Spaulding, 
Eleanor) B. L. 86. Died Nov. 25, 

Bunn, John Marshall, LL. B. 95. At- 
torney. 139 Gray Ct., Spokane, 

Bunn, Mrs. John M. (Kellett, Ber- 
tha) B. L. 94. 139 Gray Ct., Spo- 
kane, Wash. 
*Bunn, Mary, B. L. 79. Died Oct. 2, 

*Bunn, Romanzo, LL. D. 93. Deceased. 

Bunnell, Mary Martha (Cline, Mrs. 
McGarvey) B. S. (H. Ec.) 12. 

Bunta, Emil, B. S. (Med.) 12. Phy- 
sician. 5400 Haddon Ave., Chica- 
go, 111. a 

Bunting, Alice I., B. A. 95. Chris- 
tian Science Practitioner. 1139 
State, La Crosse, Wis a 

Bunting, Charles Henry, B. S. 96, 
Prof. U. W. 2020 Chadbourne Ave., 
Madison, Wis. a 

Burch, Dallas S., B. S. A. 08. U. S. 
Food Administration. Educational 
Division. Wash. D. C. 

Burch, Imogene, B. A. (C. J.) 18. 
Asst. Editor '^ Peoples Magazine," 
New York City. 

Burchard, Winfield, M. A. 11. Instr. 
Kansas State Agric. Coll. 1621 
Anderson Ave., Manhattan, Kan. 

Burdick, Adelaide Bartholf, M. A. 19. 

Milton, Wis'. 
*Burdick, Edmond, LL B. 80. Died 
March, 1909. 

Burdick, Lawrence Wylie, Ph. B. 04, 
M. A. 06, Ph. D. 08. Prof. Penn. 
Military Coll. 303 E. 22nd, Ches- 
ter, Pa. a 

Burdick, Marjorie, B. A. 15. Fidelity 
Bldg. & Loan Co., Tel. Press. Bldg., 
1403 Grand Ave., Kalamazoo, 

Burdick, William Courtenay, B. S. 
(C. E.) 01. Sales Mgr. The Bail 
Welding «& Bonding Co. Chicago, 
111. a 

Buresh, Anthony Edward, Ph. B. 08. 
Instr. 3121 Stevens Ave., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Burg, Allen George, M. S. 14. Prin- 
cipal. Onalaska, Wis. 

Burgard, Grace (Holcomb, Mrs. A. 
T.) B. A. 14. 

Burgess, Caroline V., B. L. 94. Teach- 
er. 1800 New Jersey, Los Angeles, 



Burgess, Charles Frederick, B. S. (E. 
E.) 95, E. E. 98. Chem. Engr. 
Burgess Lab. Madison, Wis. a 

Burgess, Charlotte Constance, B. L. 
92. Supt. of Nurses. Univ. Hosp. 
Omaha, Neb. 

Burgess, Edward Wesley, B. S. (M. 
E.) 07. Construction Engr. A. O. 
Smith Corp. 636-52nd, Milwaukee, 

Burgess, Ezra Roy, B. L. 96, LL. B. 
98. Attorney. 1344 College Ave., 
Eacine, Wis. 

Burgess, George Heckman, B. S. (C. 
E.) 95. Chairman. Valuation 
Comm. Delaware & Hudson Co. 571 
Western Ave., Albany, N. Y. a 

Burgess, Ida Martha, B. A. 07. Teach- 
er. Sharon, Wis. 

Burgess, Kenneth Farwell, B. A. 10, 
LL. B. 12. Attorney. Chicago, 
Burlington & Quincy E. E. 2300 
Park PI., Evanston, 111. a 

*Burgess, Mrs. Kenneth F. (Todd, 
Louise Frances) B. A. 12. Died 
Oct. 11, 1920. 

Burhans, Ira Ward, LL. B. 81. At- 
torney. 514 W. 2nd, Superior, Wis. 

Burhans, Mrs. I. W. (Hatch, Helen 
L.) B. S. 78. 514 W. 2nd, Superior, 

Burhofi, William Henry, B. A. 13. Ac- 
tuary. Employers Mutual Life Ins. 
Co. Wausau, Wis. a 

Burhop, Mrs. William Henry (Hig- 
gins, Clara) B. S. (H. Ec.) 15. 
Wausau, Wis. 

Burke, Arthur DeVries, B. S. A. 16. 
Elm Grove, W. Va. a 

Burke, Edith Eleanor, B. S. (H. Ec.) 
19. 1338 Morrison, Madison, Wis. 
*Burke, Edward C, LL. B. 72. Died 
July 25, 1872. 

Burke, Edwin Eugene, B. S. A. 10. 
Farmer. Waukesha, Wis. 

Burke, Elsie Margaret, B. A. 12. 
Teacher. 630 Water, Eau Claire, 

Burke, John Edward, B, A. 15. Of- 
ficial Eeporter. Branch 3, Circuit 
Court. Milwaukee Co. 210 Brady, 
Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Burke, Kenneth Richard, B. S. 
(Chem. E.) 16. Chem. Engr. Amer- 
ican Tar Prod. Co. 208 S. La Salle, 
Chicago, 111. a 

Burke, Laurance Charles, B. L. 01. 
Asst. Librarian. Univ. Lib. 1926 
Eowley Ave., Madison, Wis. a 

Burke, Margery Eleanor, B. A. 13. 

Teacher. 210 Brady, Milwaukee, 

Burke, Mead, B. A. 17. 5041 Grand 

Blvd., Chicago, 111. a 
Burke, Nelle Ellen, B. A. 12. Teacher. 

Pontiac, 111. 
Burke, Ruth Alice May (Thorp, Mrs. 

Frank, Jr.) B. A. 17. 
Burke, Thomas James, B. S. (C. E.) 

05. Supt. of Const. Foundation Co. 

Woolworth Bldg., New York City. 
Burke, Tracy Lloyd, B. A. 07. 2121 

Fort Stockton Drive, San Diego, 

Burkhart, Mrs. Dan (Guenther, 

Laura) B. L. 97. 
Burkholder, Abram Hess, B. L. 97. 

Clergyman. Presby. Church. 

Index, Wash, a 
Burkholder, Charles Irving, B. S. (E. 

E.) 96. Gen. Mgr. Southern Power 

Co. Charlotte, N. C. 
Burley, Mrs. Fred B. (Sullivaij Kath- 

ryn) B. A. 06. Luverne, Minn, a 
BurUng, Beverly B., B. S. (Ap. Elect. 

Chem.) 06, E. E. 14. Prof. Mil- 
waukee School Trades for Boys 

709-39th, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Burling, Lancaster Demorest, B. S. 
(G. E.) 05. Geologist. Whitehall 

Petroleum Corp. Ltd. 53 Parlia- 
ment, Westminster, S. W., London, 

England, a 
Burling, Mrs. Lancaster D. (Van Vel- 

zer, Marion) B. A. 06. 858 Echo 

Drive, Ottawa, Can. 
Burlingame, Leroy James, B. A. 18. 

222 N. Charter, Madison, Wis. a 
Burlingame, Lois Arlina, B. A. 16. 

Teacher. 222 N. Charter, Madison, 

Burmeister, Nellie M. (Wright, Mrs. 

Allen E.) M. G. 05. 
Burmeister, Roy Frederick, B. A. (C. 

C.) 17. Gratiot, Wis. 
Burmeister, Everette Almond, B. S. 

(C. E.) 12. Eeal Estate. 151 Lins- 

dale Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Burnet, Gilbert William, B. S. A. 15. 

Antigo, Wis. 
Burnett, Earle Smead, B. S. (M. E.) 

05. Normalair Co., Winston-Salem, 

N. C. 
Burnett, Eleanor Louise, Ph. B. 05. 

Teacher. 459 Juneau PI., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. a 



Burnham, Charles Lewis, B. A. 00, 
LL. B. 03. Secy. & Treas. Burn- 
ham Bros. Brick Co. 1006 Pabst 
Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Burnham, Mrs. Charles (Challoner, 
Grace) B. A. 00. 524 Bradford, 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Burnham, Mrs. Charles L. (McCoy, 
Mary) Ph. B. 74. Nepera Park, 
N. Y. 

Burnham, Donald Robert, B. S. A. 17. 
U. S. Dept. of Agric, Woodward, 
Okla. Waupaca, Wis. 

Burnham, Dorothy Marie (Thompson. 
Mrs. James S.) B. A. 09. 

Burnham, Ethel Romelia, B. A. 09. 
Teacher. R. F. D. 4, Box 238, Se- 
attle, Wash. 

Burnham, Horace Lowell, Ph. G. 14. 
Pharmacist. Eichland Center, Wis. 

Burjiham, Marguerite Eleanor (Rob- 
ertson, Mrs. Jas. Brownlee) B. A. 

Burns, Albert Henry, B. S. 83. Lum- 
berman. Libby, Mont. 

Burns, Edward Eugene, LL. B. 87. 
Attorney. Platteville, Wis. 

Bums, Joseph Patrick, B. S. (C. E.) 

04. Engr. & Contracting. Burns 
Bros. & Haley. 45-47 Savings 
Bank Bldg., Watertown, X. Y. 

Burns, Louis Andrew, B. S. (C. E.; 

05, C. E. 12. Watertown, N. Y. 
Bums, Luke Francis, LL. B. 09. At- 
torney. Virginia, Minn. 

Burns, Robert Emmett, B. S. (Med.) 
17. Medical student. 531 State, 
Madison, Wis. 

Burns, Rush Leslie, B. S. 98. Sur- 
geon. Burns & Christensen Hosp. 
Two Harbors, Minn, a 

Bums, Thomas Stephen, B. S. (E. E.) 
15. Exporter & Freight Broker. 15 
Whitehall, New York City, a 
*Burns, Walter Clement, Ph. G. 10, B. 
S. (Ph.) 12. Deceased. 

Bumson, Anga Marie, B. A. 11. 
Teacher, Sun Prairie, Wis. a 

Burnton, Harriet (Wheelihan, Mrs. 
F, A.) B. L. 98. 
*Burr, Albion Barnard, B. A. 82. 
Died Oct. 30, 1884. 

Burr, Mrs. Charles W. (Kleinpell, 
Frances A.) B. L. 90. Teacher. 
214 S. Henry, Madison, Wis. 

Burr, George Lincoln, LL. D. 04. 
Teacher & Librarian. Cornell Univ. 
Library. Ithaca, N. Y. 

Burrell, John Angus, B. A. 14. Chou- 
teau, Mont. 

4— A. D. 

Burrill, Alfred Cummings, AI. S. 15. 
Special Field Agent. Cereal & For- 
age Insect Investgrs. U. S. Ent. 
Sta. Forest Grove, Ore. a 
Burritt, Charles Glenn, B. S. (C. E.) 
09, C. E. 14. Mgr. Johnson Service 
Co. 308-3rd Ave. S., Minneapolis, 
Minn, a 
Burroughs, LeRoy Stanton, B. A. 16. 
Teaclier. Iowa State Coll., Ames, 
la. a 
Burrow, Herbert Theodore, B. A. 13. 

Beaver Dam, Wis. 
'•^Burrows, George Thompson, LL. B. 

92. Deceased. 
Burrows, Robert Newton, M. A. 18. 
Teacher. A. & M. Coll., Agricul- 
tural College, Miss, a 
Burt, Clayton R., B. S. (C. E.) 11. 

Brodhead, Wis. a 
Burtner, Emma Florence, B. A. 17. 

Teacher. Germantown, O. 
Burtness, Katherine Elvina, B. A. 19. 

Sioux City, la. 
Burton, Agnes Mary (Wiggenhom, 

Mrs. C. D.) S. M. G. 13. 
Burton, Alfred Harrison, B. A. 17. 
214 N. Mayfield Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Burton, Anna Livingston, B. S. 98, 
M. A. 13. Teacher. Livingston, 
Burton, Charles F., Ag. G. 11. Fire 
Ins. & Ranching. 317 Hart, Albin 
Bldg., P. O. Box 460, Billings, 
Burton, George, B. S. 95. Co. Supt. of 
Schools. Eastman, Wis. 
*Burton, Howajrd Erastus, B. S. 93. 
Died Oct. 16, 1915. 
Burton, William Corwin, B. S. (E. E.) 
93, E. E. 99. Dir. J. G. White & 
Co. Ltd. 9 Cloak Lane, London 
E. C, Eng. a 
Burwell, Edward Langworthy Jr., B. 
S. A. 17. Capt. U. S. Marine 
Corps, Commandant. Pensacola, 
Fla. a 
Burwell, Marjorie (Gratiot, Mrs. Ed- 
ward C.) B. A. 17. 

Burzynski, Larry Edward, B. S. (M. 
E.) 18. 788 Lincoln Ave., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 
Buscheck, Alfred Joseph, B. A. 13, 
LL. B. 14. Attorney. 219 Mer- 
chants & Mfg. Bank Bldg., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 
Buser, Alfred Leo, B. S. A. 12. Dir. 
of Athletics. 1613 Univ. Ave., 
Madison, Wis. a 



Buser, Arnold Alexander, B. S. A. 14. 
Co. School Supt. 1613 Univ. Ave., 
Madison, Wis. 

■ Buser, John Thomas, B. S. (C. E.) 09. 
Platteville, Wis. 
Bush, Charles WilUam, B. S. A. 12. 

Farmer. Curtiss, Wis. a 
Bush, George Allen, B. S. A. 14. Co- 
lumbia Bldg., Louisville, Ky. 
Bush, Helen M. (Weter, Mrs. James 

P.) B. L. 99. 
Bush, Henry Huson, B. A. (C. C.) 18. 
Plymouth, Wis. a 

Bush, James Irving, B. S. (G. E.) 06. 
Mgr. Chicago office Guaranty Trust 
Co. of New York. 414 Borland 
Bldg., 105 S. LaSalle, Chicago, 111. 

Bush, Lydian Ursula, M. A. 12. 
Teacher. Aberdeen, Wash. 

Bush, William Paul, B. A. 04. Eeal 
Estate, Loans & Insurance. 659 
Equity Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 

Bushfield, Anne Mary (Hoffman, Mrs. 
F. J.) B. A. 14. 

Bushnell, Alfred Hanson, B. A. 07, 
LL. B. 09. Attorney. Suite 4, 
Marston Blk., Madison, Wis. 

Bushnell, Mrs. Alfred (Gasser, Mary 
Elizabeth) B. S. (H. Ec.) 17. 419 
Few, Madison, Wis. 

Bushnell, Ethel (McGilvra, Mrs. 
Howard) B. L. 85. 

Bushnell, Geo. Earnest, B. S. A. 14. 
Farmer. Fennimore, Wis. 

Bushnell, Ida May, B. L. 96. Burling- 
ton, Wis. 

Bushnell, Mabel (Kerr, Mrs. James 
B.) B. L. 91. 

Buss, Flora Emma, B. A. 12. Teacher. 
613 N. Frances, Madison, Wis. a 

Bussell, Nellie Eileen, B. A. 13. Phy- 
sical Director. Brown Univ. 98 
Gushing, Providence, E. I. a 

Bussewitz, Maxmillian Alfred, M. A. 
00. Prof. State Normal. 435 Ken- 
wood Blvd., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Bussewitz, Walter Richard, B. A. 15, 
M. A. 17. Supt of Schools. Hori- 
con, Wis. 
i^Bustamante Luis, B. S. (E. E.) 09. 
Died May, 1911. 

Buswell, Janet Elizabeth, B. A. 14. 
Teacher. 516 Brodley, Peoria, 111, 

Butcher, Guy Henry, Ph. G. 16. Phar- 
macist, Eeadstown, Wis. a 

Butcher, Ruth Moore, M. A. 16. A. 
E. Cross, Canteen worker, Paris, 
France. Home, St. Clairsville, O. 

Buth, Otto E., B. A. 11. a 

Butler, Anna Isabel, B. A. 10. Teach- 
er. 705 W. Dayton, Madison, Wis. 
Butler, Harry L., LL. B. 89. At- 
torney. 1040 Sherman Ave., Madi- 
son, Wis. a 
Butler, Henry Sigoumey, LL. B. 79. 
Attorney. 332 Northern Blk., Su- 
perior, Wis. a 
Butler, M. Jeannette, B. S. (H. Ec.) 
18. Home Demonstration Agent. 
Fairacres Farm, Marshall, Ind. 
Butler, Mrs. O. R. (Pritchard, Eob- 
erta Estelle) M. A. 10. Agric. Coll., 
Dover, N. H. 
Butler, Robert Parker, B. S. A. 14. 
Sales Engr. Carbo-Hydrogen Co. of 
America. Center & Hemlock, Cleve- 
land, O. 
Butler, Walter Glynn, B. S. (C. E.) 
13. Supt. Frank W. Chase, Inc. 
645 N. Mich. Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Butler, Walter H., LL. B. 75. Pres. 
Janitor Supply Co. 1314 Walnut, 
Kansas City, Mo. 
*Butt, Cyrus Marion, Jr., B. L. 97. 

Died Sept. 8, 1909. 
Butt, Esther Fretwell, B. L. 92. Vir- 

oqua. Wis. a 
Butt, Jane H., B. A. 10. Viroqua, 

Wis. a 
Butt, William E., B. A. 11, M. A. 14. 
Asst. Prof. Ky. St^te Univ. 412 
Woodland Ave., Lexington, Ky. 
Butterbaugh, Grant lUion, B. A. (C. 

C.) 16. a 
Butterfield, Trances A. (Fishburn, 

Mrs. H. P.) B. A. 09. 
Buttles, Ben E., B. S. (E. E.) 00. 
Elect. Engr. Pub. Serv. Co. of No. 
111. 9840 Walden Parkway, Chi- 
cago, 111. 
Button, Kittie Louise (Payne, Mrs. 

Jesse G.) B. L. 02. 
Butts, Austin Freeman, LL. B. 82, 
Attorney. 709 E. Dale, Springfield, 
Butts, George Henry, B, A, (C. C.) 
14. J. E. Eheim Board of Educ, 
207 W, Broadway, Butte, Mont. 
Butz, Charles Harold, E. E. 14. Mazo- 

manie, Wis. a 
Butz, Harry Noble, B. S. A. 14. Car- 
penter. 112 N. Franklin, Eoches- 
ter, Minn, 
Buxton, Vernon Roy, B. S. (E, E.) 
13. W. E. & M. Co. 10 High, 
Boston, Mass. a 
Byars, Luther Parris, M. S. 12, Ph. 
D. 19, Plant Pathologist, Marion, 
S- C. 



Bybutli, MatUda, B. A. 14. Teacher. 
708 Talmadge, Eau Claire, Wis. a 

Byers, Benton B., Ph. G. 04. Phar- 
macist. 1418 E. Superior, Duluth, 
Minn, a 

Byers, Vernon Clyde, B. S. (E. E.) 
06. Elec. Engr. Traylor Ship- 
building Corp. Cornwells, Bucks 
Co., Pa. 

Byrne, Catherine B., B. A. 10. Teach- 
er. 814 Prairie Ave., Kenosha, 
Wis. a 

Byrne, EUen (Merrill, Mrs. Geo. F.) 
Ph. B. 66. 

Byrne, Ethel Mary, B. A. 19. Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Byrne, Eugene Hugh, B. L. 03, Ph. D. 
15. Asst. Prof. U. W. 240 Lake 
Lawn PL, Madison, Wis. a 
*Byrne, James, B. A. 65, M. A. 68. 
Died Sept. 11, 1872. 
Byrne, Margaret Jane, B. A. 13. 
Teacher. Fitchburg, Wis. a 

Byrne, Marion E. (Odell, Mrs. Wil- 
liam E.) Ph. B. 72. 

Byrne, Mary Frances, B. A. 07. 
Teacher. Fitchburg, Wis. a 

Byrne, Zelda, B. A. 11. 415 Summit, 
Iowa City, la. 

*Bymes, Mrs. Allen S. (Best, Grace 
Loucks) B. A. 14. Died July 14, 

Byrns, WiUiam Daniel, Ph. B. 13 
Supt. of City Schools. Iron River, 

Byron, Charles Loomis, B. S. (E. E.) 
08. Patent Attorney. 768 Foxdale 
Ave., Winnetka, 111. a 
Byron, Mrs. Charles L. (Hildebrand, 
Ruby Z.) B. A. 08. 768 Foxdale 
Ave., Winnetka, 111. 
Byron, Lynn W., Ph. G. 11. Drug- 
gist & Optometrist. Richland Cen- 
ter, Wis. 
Byrum, Mrs. Leita Ruth (Bestow, 
Leita Ruth) B. A. 18. Oneida, S. 

D. a 

Byse, Gage Bird, B. S. A. 16. Farmer. 

Wautoma, Wis. 
Caheen, Charles William, B. S. 82, M. 

L. 83. Prof. Syracuse Univ. 807 

Comstock Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 
Caheen Mrs. Charles W. (Clark, 

Sarah A.) B. L. 84. 807 Comstock 

Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 
Cadby, John Nelson, B. S. (E. E.) 03, 

E. E. 07. Consulting Engr. Wash- 
ington Bldg., Madison, Wis. a 

Cadby, Mrs. John N. (Glanville, 
Yerna Clare) Ph. B. 09. 1223 Sher- 
man Ave., Madison, Wis. a 

Cade, Orpheus Blaine, B. S. (E. E.) 
06. Pres & Gen. Mgr. Duo Tread 
Tire Co. 411-5th, Sioux City, la. 

Cadigan, John Andrew, LL. B. 12. 
Attorney. 23 Wisconsin Bldg., Su- 
perior, Wis. 

Cadwallader, Laura Hanes, B. A. 16. 
Teacher. 1530 N. 19th, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

Cady, Elsie Clare (Gleason, Mrs. 
John L.) B. L. 02. 

Cady, Emil Charles, LL. B. 13. Law- 
yer. Washington Bldg., Madison, 
*Cady, rrank Aalward, LL. B. 83. 
Died March, 1904. 

Cady, Grace Raymond, B. A. 09, M. 

A. 19. Teacher. Reedsburg, Wis. 
Cady, Mrs. J. F. (Bump, Ruth Ada- 
line) Ph. B. 10. Bradley, 111. 

Cady, Jean Hayes, B. L. 91. 721 

Emilie, Green Bay, Wis. 
Cady, Samuel Howard, B. L. 95, LL. 

B. 97. Lawyer. Bellin-Buchanan 
Bldg., Green Bay, Wis. 

Cady, Mrs. Samuel H. (Baker, Helen 

A.) B. A. 95. 920 S. Madison, 

Green Bay, Wis. 
Cahill, Mrs. John (Cramer, Mary A.) 

B. L. 97. 
Cahill, Ralph Hughes, B. S. (C. E.) 

13. 683 Farwell Ave., Milwaukee, 

Cahn, Alvin Robert, M. S. 15. Asst. 

Prof, of Zoology. College Station, 

Cahoon, Annie Rowland, M. S. 15. 

Director of Physical Education. Y. 

W. C. A. Riverside, Calif. 
Cahoon, Ora Butler, B. S. (M. E.) 

04. Mech. Engr. B. F. Sturtevant 

Ct). 818 Sunnyside Ave., Chicago, 

111. a 
Caine, Mary Ethel (Van Hagan, Mrs, 

Leslie F.) B. A. 08. 
Cairns, Gertrude Maud, B. L. 98 

Ellsworth, Wis. a 
Cairns, John Hunter, B. S. A. 13 

Teacher. Montello, Wis. 
Cairns, RoUa UlUn, B. S. 98. Physi 

cian. River Falls, Wis. a 
Cairns, William B., B. A. 90, Ph. D 

97. Asso. Prof. U. W. 2010 Madi 

son, Madison, Wis. 
Cajori, Florian, B. S. 83, M. S. 86, D. 
Sc. 13. Prof. 2844 Webster, 
Berkeley, Calif, a 



CaldweU, Donald Alan, B. S. A. 18. 

Mgr. Wisconsin Home Farm 

Scliool. Dousman, Wis. a 
Caldwell, Dorothy Alden, B. A. 15. 

Teacher. 904 Columbia, Lafayette, 

Caldwell, Walter Gaynor, B. S. (C. 

E.) 10. Contracting Engr. Federal 

Bridge Co. Waukesha, Wis. 
Calhoun, Arthur Wallace, M. A. 13. 

Prof. De Pauw Univ. Green Castle, 

Calhoun, Helen Margaret, B. A. 14 

I'hysical Director. Y. W. C. A. 22 

S. High, Akron, O. a 
*Calkins, Charles Cicero, LL. B. 80. 

Calkins, Ernest Eugene, B. L. 99, 

Delavan, Wis. 
Calkins, Frank W., LL. B. 08. Law- 
yer. 432-3rd, S., Grand Eapids, 

^Calkins, Julian Hale, B. S. 76. Died 

Aug. 19, 1888. 
Calkins, Kathleen Clinch, B. S. (H. 

Ee.) 14. c/o Armstrong Cork Co., 

Lancaster, Pa. a 
Calkins, Marion Clinch, B. A. 18. 

Evansville, Wis. 
Call, Lloyd Lenard, B. S. (E. E.) 18. 

Marshall, Wis. 
Callecod, Ole, B. L. 95. 
Calvert, Isahelle Maude, Ph. B. 14. 

Teacher. Benton, Wis. 
Calvert, Jacob Grafins, Jr., B. A. 17. 

155 S. Main, Jersey Shore, Pa. a 
Calvin, Carl J., B. S. (C. E.) 06. Supt. 

American Boston Mining Co. Di- 

orite, Mich. 
Cambier, Jacob, Ph. G. 89. Chemist. 

Colorado Fuel & Iron Co. 1401 

Carteret Ave., Pueblo, Colo. 
Cameron, Mrs. Herbert A. (Thomp- 
son, Helen G.) B. S. 02. 606-4th 

Ave., Eau Claire, Wis. 
Cameron, John James, LL. B. 91. At- 
torney. Stevensville, Mont. 
Cameron, Mary Eegina (Fitzgerald, 

Mrs. Kobert Louis) B. A. 14. 
CamUn, William John, B. S. (C. E.) 

18. Civil Engr. Highway Comm. 

Springfield, 111. 
Camlin, Mrs. Wm. J. (Browne, Kath- 

erine Warren) B. S. (H. Ec.) 18. 
Camp, Edwin Warren, B. A. (C. C.) 

17. Purchasing Agent. The Ester- 
line Co. 2280 Pierson Ave., Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

Campbell, Mrs. Alexander C. (Stew- 
art, Katherine Bernice) B. A. 16. 
3459 Broadway, New York City. 

Campbell, Arthur James, M. S. 12. 
Chemist. 76 Colonial Ave., Pit- 
man, N. J. 

Campbell, Bert, B. S. (C. E.) 98. Ev- 
ansville, Wis. 

Campbell, Bert J., LL. B. 93. At- 
torney. 905 Barnes Bldg., Musko- 
gee, Okla. 

Campbell, Clyde M., LL. B. 95. Or- 
ange Grower. Maitland, Fla. a 

Campbell, Mrs. D. A. (Craig, Jessie 
C.) B. L. 96. 226 Clemens Ave., 
Ottawa, Ontario. 

CampbeU, Daisy (Jensch, Mrs. 
Charles) B. L. 99. 

Campbell, Eugene Edwin, B. A. 82. 
Editor & Publisher. Kice Lake 
Times. Rice Lake, Wis. 

Campbell, George, LL. B. 12. Statis- 
tician. 1535 First Natl. Bk. Bldg., 
Chicago, 111. 

Campbell, Mrs. George H. (Adams, 
Marjorie Mae) B. A. 17. 1541 
Hood Ave., Chicago, 111. a 

Campbell, John Adam, M. A. 13. 
Marietta, Pa. 

Campbell, John Walter, B. S. A. 17. 
Tire business. Box 295, Lakeside, 

Campbell, Leota Mae, B. A. 19. 
Proof Work. 218 Scottwood Apts., 
Toledo, O. a 

Campbell, Lucille Eleanor, B. Mus. 
18. Instr. U. W. 25 Mendota Ct., 
Madison, Wis. a 

Campbell, Mary, B. L. 95, M. A. 09. 
Teacher. 566-6th, Riverside, Calif . 

Campbell, Mary Helen, B. A. 19. 
Teacher. Manitowoc, Wis, a 

Campbell, Mason Herbert, M. S. 18. 
Asst. U. of 111. 702 W. California, 
' Urbana, Ill- 
Campbell, Meredith Fairfax, B. S. 
(Med.) 16, M. S. 17. Physician. 
Bellevue Hosp. New York City. 

Campbell, Robert A., B. A. 06. Asst. 
Prof. Cornell Univ. Ithaca, N. Y. 

Campbell, Sylvester O., LL. B. 78. 
Attorney & Real Estate Dealer. 
Creighton, Neb. 
^Campbell, Walter Thomas, B. A. 93. 
Died Nov., 1897. 

Campbell, William, B. L. 02. Credit 
Mgr. Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. 
8148 Kimbark Ave., Chicago, 111. 



Campbell, Mrs. William (Wheelock, 
Lydia) B. A. 08. 8148 Kimbark 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Campbell, William Wallace, LL. D. 
02. Astronomer & Director of Lick 
Observatory. Mt. Hamilton, Calif. 
Campman, William A., LL. B. 02. At- 
torney. Neillsville, Wis. 
Canan, Cuba Quincy, B. A. 08. Teach- 
er. 1602 Loomis, La Crosse, Wis. 
Canar, Alfred George, B. S. (Ch. E.) 
16. Chemical Engr. 1723 Pearl, 
Denver, Colo, a 
Canavan, Mrs. James Jerome (Bar- 
low, Mildred Lucile) B. A. 07. 401 
S. Wilton PI., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Cance, Alexander Edmond, M. A. 06, 
Ph. D. 08. Prof. Mass. Agr. Coll. 
Amherst, Mass. 
Cance, John Webb, B. A. (C. C.) 19. 

Galesville, Wis. 
Cannon, Calhoun Lillius, M. S. 12. 

Newberry, S. C. 
Cannon, Lee Edwin, M. A. 09. Prof. 

Hiram Coll. Hiram, O. 
Canright, Blanche lone, B. A. 13. 

Teacher, a 
Canterbury, Mrs. Guy (Tompkins, 
Lillian R.) B. A. 04. 709 North 
^'N'', Aberdeen, Wash. 
Cantrell, Mark George, Ag. G. 13. 

Downsville, Wis. 
Cantril, Edna Edith (Betts, Mrs. C. 

A.) B. A. 13, M. S. 14. 
Cantu, Abel, M. A. 17. Teacher. 2007 
Jackson Blvd., Chicago, 111. 
*Cantwell, Joseph Michael, B. L. 97. 
Died Jan. 6, 1900. 
Cantwell, Roger Clifton, B. S. (Med.) 

18. Shawano, Wis. a 
Cape, Jane, B. S. (H. Ec.) 14. Asst 
Prof. U. of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, 
Cappell, Edmund Peter, B. S. A. 16. 
Dairy Farmer. R. F. D. 7, Bata- 
via, b. 
Capron, Mrs. S. E. (Lewis, Melvina 
Cora) B. A. 15. 32 N. Bassett, 
Madison, Wis. 
Caradine, Elva Jane, B. A. 09. 4636 

Vincennes Ave., Chicago, 111. a 
Caradine, Hector N. B., LL. B. 91. 

Attorney. Monroe, Wis. 
Caradine, Mahlon Humphrey, Law 
Cert. 19, LL. B. 20. Attorney. 
Brodhead, Wis. a 
Carbys, John Otto, LL. B. 92. At- 
torney. 2830 Cedar, Milwaukee, 

Card, Mrs. E. M. (Johnson, Jessie V.) 
B. A. 06. 809 Steele, N., Tacoma, 
Wash, a 
Cajdenas, Federico Felipe, B. S, A. 
08, M. S. 09. Gen. Mgr. Narareno 
& Alicante Mining Co. Aldama 
Pte. 96, Saltillo, Coahuila, Mex. a 
Cardenas, Francisco Marcos, B. S. A. 
12. Apartado No. 11, Saltillo, Co- 
ahulia, Mexico, a 
Carey, Alfred Blake, B. S. (C. E.) 07. 
Carey, Alice Matilda, B. A. 07. Clerk 
& Stenographer. U. W. 405 N. 
Frances, Madison, Wis. 
Carey, George, LL. B. 17. Secy. & 
Treas. Hendley & Whittemore Co. 
Beloit, Wis. a 
Carey, Mrs. George (Comstock, Mary 
Cecelia E.) B. A. 16, M. A. 17. 619 
Bluff, Beloit, Wis. 
Carey, Mrs. Harry T. (Wilder, Mar- 
jorie Epaminondas) B. A. 16. Ar- 
gyle. Wis. 
Carey, James Louis, B. S. (M. E.) 88. 
Paper Mill Engr. & Architect. 208 
N. Laramie Ave., Chicago, 111. a 
Carey, John Greer, B. A. 05. Banker. 
Security Trust & Savings Bk., Los 
Angeles, Calif, a 
Carey, Mrs. John Greer (Rogers, 
Faye Valeria) B. A. 05. 1706 Elec- 
tric Ave., South Pasadena, Calif. 
Carey, Katherine Lee, Ph. B. 05. 
Teacher. 1261 West 41st, Los An- 
geles, Calif. 
Carey, Kathleen C, B. A. 13. Secy. 

208 Laramie Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Carey, Loretto Helen (Wendel, Mrs. 

L. H.) B. A. 07. 
Carey, Marie A. (McDaniel, Mrs. C. 

P.) B. A. 10. 
Carey, William Herbert, B. A. 13. 
Bond Salesman. Newtonville, 
Cargill, George MacMillan, B. A. 17. 
518 Wisconsin Ave., Madison, 
Wis. a 
Cargill, William Wallace, B. S. (C. 
E.) 16. 518 Wisconsin Ave., Mad- 
ison, Wis. a 
Carhart, George Arthur, B. S. 95. 
Physician. 774 Summit Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 
*Carlsen, Alvin Louis, Ph. B. 05. De- 
Carlsen, Charles John, B. S. (M. E.) 
96. Contract Dept. Common- 
wealth Edison Co. 72 W. Adams, 
Wilmette, 111. 



Carlson, Charles Gordon, B. A. 17. 

1204 N. 3rd, Ishpeming, Mich, a 
Carlson, David Laurence, LL. B. 13. 

Lawyer. Fenton Blclg., Jamestown, 

N. Y. 
Carlson, David Napoleon, Ch. E. 16. 

1446-llth, Marinette, Wis. 
Carlson, Thorwald Axel, B. S. (Ch. 

E.) 17. Testing Dept., Anaconda 

Copper Mining Co. Anaconda, 

Mont, a 
Carlton, Alice ElizalDetli (Meyer, 

Mrs. B. H.) B. L. 98. 
Carlton, Edward Perkins, B. S. 94. 

Physician. De Forest, "Wis. 
Carlton, Frank Tracy, M. A. 05, Ph. 

D. 06. Prof. Albion Coll., Albion, 

Carlton, Marjorie Frances, B. A. 17. 

Cataloguer. Eacine Public Library. 

Eacine, Wis. a 
Carlton, Mary L. (Wasmansdorff, 

Mrs. Otto F.) B. L. 96. 
Carlyle, Tomsyna, Ph. B. (Nor. C.) 

18. La Crosse, Wis. 
Carman, Ruth, Ph. B. 13. Tutor. 

Charleston, 111. a 
Carmichael, Raymond Bills, LL. B. 

15. Lawyer. 1916 Harris Trust 

Bldg., Chicago, 111. 
Carmody, Winifred Mary, M. A. 14. 

See, Sister Winifred Mary Carmo- 

Carnahan, Mrs. R. J. (Krape, Bessie 

Miriam) B. A. 02. 800 Stephenson, 

Freeport, 111. 
Camcross, Elmer Aeneas, B. S. A. 12, 

M. S. 17. Asst. Supt. Agric. 

Woodstock, 111. a 
Camcross, Flora May, B. A. 16. Prin. 

Chinkiang Girls' School. Nanking, 

Carnes, William Eugene, B. S. (C. E.) 

14. Asst. Supt. of Track. N. Y. C. 

E. E. Co. 100 W. 7th, Oswego, 
N. Y. ^ M . 

Carney, Francis Joseph, B. L. 00. 
Pres. & Mgr. Common Sense Opti- 
cal Co. 19 S. Wells, Chicago, 111. a 

Cams, Marie Louise, B. A. 15. Instr. 
U. W. Home, Knoxville, 111. a 

Carow, Jorge Wilmer, LL. B. 02. 
Lawyer. Ladysmith, Wis. 

Carow, Mrs. Jorge (McGilvra, Avis) 

B. L. 97. Ladysmith, Wis. a 
Carpenter, Byron Joseph, LL. B. 19. 

Stevens Point, Wis. 
Carpenter, Carrie B. (Banning, Mrs. 

C. B.) B. S. 77. 

^Carpenter, Charles G., B. C. E. 82, 

C. E. 85. Died Nov. 15, 1915. 
Carpenter, Mrs. Charles R. (Hand. 

Imogene F.) B. L. 87. 16 Lang- 
don, Madison, Wis. a 
Carpenter, Elbert Hand, B. A. 16. 

Director. School of Navigation. 35 

S. Dearborn, Chicago, 111. 
Carpenter, Florence M. (Wetteland, 

Mrs. E. T.) B. A. 11. 
Carpenter, Floyd Goodrich, B. A. 12. 

Lumber Merchant. Jamestown, N. 

*Carpenter, Frederick J., LL. B. 95. 

Died Aug. 27, 1908. 
Carpenter, Fred Hiltman, B. L. 02. 

Chicago Mgr. E. S. Moseley & Co. 

137 S. La Salle, Chicago, 111. 
Carpenter, Henry Fayette, B. L. 03, 

LL. B. 05. Attorney. 204 Jack- 
man Bldg., Janesville, Wis. 
^Carpenter, Jairus Harvlin, LL. D. 76. 

Carpenter, Mae L. (Kalmbach, Mrs. 

Maurice F.) B. A. 08. 
Carpenter, Magdalena (Birch, Mrs. 

Albert) B. A. 09. 
Carpenter, Nathaniel Elliott, B. S. A. 

08. Mgr. Fruit Eanch. Cortez, 

Colo, a 
Carpenter, Otto F., M. A. 17. Grad. 

student U. W. Madison, Wis. a 
Carpenter, Rachel Jane, B. S. (H. 

Ec.) 19. Iron Eiver, Mich. 
Carpenter, Russell Hand, B. S. (M. 

E.) 14. Engr. 907 Lafayette Park- 
way, Chicago, 111. a 
Carr, Carlyle, Ag. G. 15, B. S. A. 19 

U. S. Land Classifier. Land Classi 

fication Board, Interior Bldg., 

Wash. D. C. 
*Carr, Ezra Rolland, Ph. B. 74, LL. B. 

75. Died Sept. 2, 1893. 
Carr, Helen Mae, Ph. B. 15. Teacher. 

Eiver Falls, Wis. 
Carr, Mrs. James Lawrence (Moro- 

ney, Kathleen) B. A. 11. 3419 

Audobon PI., Houston^ Texas, a 
Carr, Lucina Langworthy (Jones 

Mrs. Orren Lloyd) B. A. 08, M. G. 

Carr, Marguerite Blanche (Hartz, 

Mrs. E. M.) B. A. 14. 
Carr, Ralph Howaxd, M. A. 10, Ph. 

D. 13. Prof. Purdue Univ. 27 N. 
Salisbury, Lafayette, Ind. 

*Carr, Walter Michael, Ph. G. 88. De- 



Carr, William Jarvis, B. L. 01. At- 
torney. 1109 Title Ins. Bldg., Los 

Angeles, Calif. 
Carrell, Ross Marmon, B. A. 17. 

Banker. 1819 Oakland Ave., Des 

Moines, la. a 
Carrico, Fred K., B. A. 04. Secy. 

Carrico Stone Co. 1109 Kilbourn 

Ave., Kockford, 111. a 
Carrier, Mary I. (Howe, Mrs. W. E.) 

Ph. B. 74. 
Carroll, George Joseph, LL. B. 96. 

Attorney. Free Press Bldg., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 
Carroll, Mrs. William (Van Natta, 

Grace L.) B. S. (Ch. C.) 15. Platte- 

ville, Wis. 
Carroll, WiUiam Joseph, LL. B. 96. 

Attorney. 407 Free Press Bldg., 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Carroll, William Peter, B. A. 04, B. 

S. A. 06. Federal Grain Supervisor. 

Bur. of Markets, U. S. Dept. of 

Agric. 970 Continental-Commercial 

Bk. Bldg., Chicago, 111. 
Carsner, Eubanks, M. S. 14, Ph. D. 

17. Victoria, Texas. 
Carson, Harriet Mildred, B. A. 12. 

Teacher. 1620 Fargo Ave., Chi- 
cago, 111. 
Carson, Joseph, B. S. A. 16. Farmer. 

Box 48, Hawarden, Saskatchewan, 

Can. a 
Carson, Wm. Wallace, Ph. D. 14, 

Prof. De Pauw Univ. 508 Crown, 

Greencastle, Ind. 
Carson, William Waller, B. S. A. 18. 
Carswell, Joseph Lester, LL. B. 92. 

Attorney & Supt. of Claim Dept. 

Fidelity & Casualty Co. 92 Liberty, 

New York City. 
Carter, Benjamin Farrar, Ph. G. 86. 

Druggist. 391-4th Ave. S., St. 

Cloud, Minn. 
Carter, Bessie A. (Markus, Mrs. 

Frank) B. A. 11. 
Carter, Bjnron Beach, B. M. E. 83. 

Consulting Mech. Engr. 1331 Mon- 

adnock Bldg., Chicago, 111. a 
Carter, Charles Edward, B. S. (E. E.) 

04, E. E. 08, M. E. 10. Gen. Supt. 
Empire Dist. Elect. Co. Joplin, 

Carter, Clarence Edwin, M. A. 06. 

Prof. Miami Univ. Oxford, O. 
Carter, Eleanor Allen, B. A. 17. 1317 

5. 4th, Louisville, Ky. a 

Carter, Ethel Suzanne, Ph. B. 07. 
Teacher. 719 Oneida, Appleton, 
Wis. a 

Carter, Fanny Walbridge (Edson,. 
Mrs. Frank A.) B. A. 10. 

Carter, Fred Gay, B. A. 11. Medical 
student. Johns Hopkins. Med. 
School. Eio Vista, Va. 

Carter, George B., B. S. A. 11. Farm- 
er. Bridgeport, Wis. 

Carter, Harry N., B. S. 99. Insur- 
ance. 519 Yeon Bldg., Portland, 

Carter, Homer McClelland, M. A. 13. 
Physician. Findlay Blk., Madison, 

Carter, Mrs. Homer (Keller, Eleanor 
Hardy) M. G. 15. Organist. 1st 
Congregational Church, 1808 Ken- 
dall, Madison, Wis. 

Carter, Joseph A., B. A. 93. Physi- 
cian. Warwick, N. D. 

Carter, Perry John, B. S. (C. E.) 04. 
Engr. A. T. & S. F. Ey. 318 W. 
14th, Topeka, Kan. 

Carter, Russell John, B. A. (C. C.) 
15. Treas. The Fostoria Pressed 
Steel Co., Fostoria, O. a 

Carter, Thomas Percy, B. L. 92, LL. 
B. 97. Manufacturer. 486 Vir- 
ginia, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Carthew, Harry E., B. L. 01. At- 
torney. Baxter Bldg., Lancaster, 

Carthew, Mrs. Harry E. (Bennett, 
Genevieve) B. A. 17. Lancaster, 

Cartier, Morgan Edw., B. A. 14. 
Banker & Manufacturer. Luding- 
ton, Mich, a 

Cartier, Vincent George, B. A. 16. 
409 Ludington Ave., Ludington, 

Cartwright, Mrs. William Bert 
(Brand, Bessie Godrich) M. G. 99. 
922 Lake Ct., Madison, Wis. a 

Carus, Edward Hegeler, B. S. (Ch. 
E.) 12. Chemist. La Salle, 111. 

Cary, Caroline Marie, B. A. 10. 1007 
Spaight, Madison, Wis. 

Cary, Mrs. Charles P. (Pugsley, Myra 
Treat) B. A. 08, M. A. 10. 1007 
Spaight, Madison, Wis. 
*Cary, George Abort, B. S. A. 15. 
Died in service Nov. 19, 1918. 

Cary, Harold Per Lee, B. A. 13. Par- 
amount Pictures Corp., New York 

Case, Agnes E. (Hart, Mrs. Charles) 
B. S. 02. 
*Case, Archibald WiUiston, B. S. (C. 
E.) 15. Died Aug. 24, 1916. 



Case, Belle (La Follette, Mrs. Robert Cash, Mary Josephine, B. A. 15. 1215- 

M.) B. L. 79, LL. B. 85 

Case, Charles Chester, B. L. 93, LL. 
B. 95. Prairie du Chien, Wis. 

Case, Clarence Marsh, Ph. D. 15. 
Prof. Penn. Coll. Oskaloosa, la. 

Case, Dorothy Serena, B. S. (H. Ec.) 
18. Dietitian U. S. General Hosp. 
No. 6, Fort McPherson, Ga. Home, 
486 Burlingame, Ave., Detroit, 
Mich, a 

Case, Eflle, B. A. 99, M. A. 00. 
Teacher. Oshkosh, Wis. 

Case, Florence Domhey, B. A. 07. 
Landscape Gardner. Charles City, 

Case, Gaylord Jones, B. A. 12. Brok- 
er. Commercial Papers. 137 S. La 
Salle, Chicago, 111. 

Case, Helen Alice, Ph. B. 03. 3329 
Cedar, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Case, Henry Cadhy, LL. B. 99. At- 
torney. 335-35th, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Case, Hosea Edwin, B. S. 90. Teacher. 
Washington, la. 

Case, James Francis, B. S. (C. E.) 90. 
Civil Engr. American Internatl- 
Corp. 120 Broadway, New York 
City, a 

Case, Mrs. James F. (Smith, Helen) 
B. L. 89. 425 West End Ave., New 
York City, a 
*Case, Jessie M. (Hart, Mrs. Charles 
W.) B. S. 98. Deceased. 

Case, Lucie Nell, B. A. 04. Teacher 
192-22nd, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Case, Lucy Ada (Gowin, Mrs. Bur- 
ton) B. A. 11. 

H. A.) B. A. 04. 

Case, Percival F., B. S. (M. E.) 17. 
Racine, Wis, 

Case, Wilhelmina, B, A. 02. Teacher. 
Prairie du Chien, Wis. 

Case, Winifred M. (Knapp, Mrs. 
George N.) B. L. 94. 

Casey, Cyrus Ambrose, B. A. 13. a 

Casey, Edwina Mary, B. A. 08. Asst. 
Legislative Reference Bureau. 
Springfield, 111. 

Casey, John Terence, LL. B. 96. At- 
torney. 736 New York Blk., Se- 
attle, Wash, a 
*Casey, Marcus Thomas, B. A. 19. 
Died in service Sept. 16, 1918. 

Casey, Thomas Bernard, B. S. (C. E. ) 
17. Civil Engr. 5648 Michigan 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Casey, Thomas M., LL. B. 93. At- 
torney. Spring Valley, Wis. 

16th, Superior, Wis. 
Cashel, May, B. L. 00. Teacher. Wi- 
nona, Minn. 
Cashel, Morris Joseph, B. A. 08. Farm 
Loan Dept. Northwestern Trust Co. 
2142 Marshall Ave., St. Paul, 
Cashin, Charles H., LL. B. 02. At- 
torney. 936 Clark, Stevens Point, 
Caskey, Earl James, LL .B. 17. Law- 
yer. Beloit, Wis. 
Caskey, Mrs. William G. (Barnes, 
Flora A.) B. L. 94. 460 East Col- 
lege, Oberlin, O. a 
Cass, Lulu E. (Smith, Mrs. E. R.) 

B. A. 06. 
Cassella, Mrs. William N. (Stanley, 
Martha) B. S. (H. Ec.) 16. 1303 
Washington Ave., Alton, 111. a 
Cassels, Edwin Henry, B. A. 95. At- 
torney. 1141 The Rookery, Chica- 
go, 111. a 
*Cassels, Everard Lang, B. A. 69, M. 
A. 74. Died Oct 24, 1906. 
Cassels, George Snowden, B. S. 00. 
Physician & Surgeon. 303 Main, 
Port Washington, Wis. 
Casserly, James F., B. S. (E. E.) 05. 
Equipment Supt. 1917 Forestview 
Drive, Cleveland Heights, O. a 
*Cassoday, Eldon Joseph, B. A. 90, 
LL. B. 92. Deceased. 
Cassoday, Mrs. E. J. (Clawson, 
Sophie) B. L. 92. 133 E. Gorham, 
Madison, Wis. 

Case, Matilda Helen (Fowler, Mrs. | *Cassoday, John B., LL. D. 05. De- 

Casson, Henry, Jr., LL. B. 03. At- 
torney. 411 Pioneer Blk., Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Cast, Gottlob Charles, Ph. D. 15. Lin- 
coln, Neb. 

Castelloe, Mark B., B. A. 11. Box 
284, Prescott, Wis. a 

Castenholz, William B., M. A. 03. C. 
P. A. & Dir. Dept. of Higher Ac- 
countancy. La Salle Extension 
Univ. 11 S. La Salle, Chicago, 111. 

Castle, Bryan Joseph, LL. B. 90. Law- 
yer. 112 N. Webster, Madison, 

Castle, Lewis Gouid, B. A. 13. 2215 
E. 1st, Duluth, Minn, a 

Castle, Mildred AUce, B. L. 00, M. L. 
03. Chief Clerk. State Board of 
Forestry. Madison, Wis. 



Castle, Mrs. Otto Leslie (Rosencrans 
Blanche Louise) B. A. 09. 3701 
Madison Ave., Kansas City, Mo. a 

Castle, Sidney L., B. A. 09. Sales 
Mgr. National City Co. Builders 
Exeh., Minneapolis, Minn. 
*Castleman, Alfred L., M. D. 56. 
Died Aug. 22, 1877. 

Castles, Mrs. J. H. (Shepherd, Mil- 
dred Florence) Ag. G. 15. 5928 
Minerva Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Caswell, Joseph Leslie, LL. B. 92. 
Elkhorn, Wis. 

Caswell, Mildred C, B. A. 14. Ft. 
Atkinson, Wis. a 

Cate, Walter Scott, LL. B. 99. At- 
torney. Masonic Temple, Ashland, 

Cates, Mrs. A. B. (Jewett, Abbey 
W.) B. L. 79. 3633 Pleasant Ave., 
Minneapolis, Minn. 
*Catlin, Robert, LL. B. 71. Died, 1905. 

Cattell, James Llewellyn, Ph. D. 13. 
Assoc. Prof. Purdue Univ. La Fay- 
ette, Ind. 

Caufiield, Arthur John, M. A. 14. 
State Teachers' Coll. Maryville, 
Mo. ^ 

Caulfield, Annie Alberta, M. A. 12. 
Teacher. Industrial Inst, and Coll. 
Columbus, Miss. 

Caulfield, Ruby, M. A. 16. Gloster, 
Miss, a 

Caulkins, Anna K. (Fish, Mrs. Fred 
A.) B. S. 01. 

Cauwenberg, Winfred Joseph, B. S. 
(Ch. C.) 19. 182-21st St., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. a 

Cavanagh, Ellen Isabel, Ag. G. 13. 
Teacher. 105 Sheboygan, Fond du 
Lac, Wis. a 

Cavanagh, Raymond Thomas, B. S. 
(C. E.) 15. 

Cavanagh, Abigail Emma, B. A. 01, 
M. A. 11. See Sister Mary James 

Cavanaugh, Clara E., B. A. 09. See 
Sister M. Alexandrine Cavanaugh. 

Cavanaugh, Leo David, B. A. 12. 
Hartford, Wis. 

Cavanaugh, William E., LL. B. 97. 
Attorney. 219 Huron, Berlin, Wis. 

Cave, Lo Ree, M. S. 17. As'st. Prof. 
Hays Normal Coll. Hays, Kan. 

Caverno, Xenophon, B. M. E. 90. 
Manufacturer. Kewanee, 111. a 

Cazier, Lucile, B. A. 17. Personnel 
Secy, c/o W. C. Baldwin, 18 Carle- 
ton Ave., Port Washington, L. I. a 

Cederberg, William Emanuel, M. A. 
14. Prof. Augustana Coll. 3906- 
7th Ave., Eock Island, 111. 

Cederstrom, John Alfred, Ph. B. 99. 
Asst. U. of Minn. 805-7th S. E., 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

Cenfield, frank Henry, B. S. (C. E.) 
09. Civil Engr. 1520 W. 104th, 
Chicago, 111. a 

Cerf, Mrs. B. (Owen, Emily Pratt) 
M. A. 10. 1911 Monroe, Madison, 

Cerminara, Angelo, LL. B. 12. At- 
torney. 412 Pereles Bldg., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 

Cerna, Santiago, B. S. (C. E.) 08. 
Mgr. Monterrey Water Works & 
Sewer Co. Apartoda 58, Monter- 
rey, N. L. Mexico, a 

Chadwick, Arthur Benjamin, Jr., B. 
S. (Ch. E.) 10. 247-25th, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. a 

Chadwick, Daisy J. (Bolender, Mrs. 
Fred J.) B. L. 93. 

Chadwick, Mrs. Howard W. (Twin- 
ing, Phoebe Ann) B. A. 11. Mon- 
roe, Wis. 

Chadwick, Rachel Beal, B. A. 19. 
259 Calvert Ave., Detroit, Mich, a 

Chafin, Eugene W., LL. B. 75. 915 
Stanley, Long Beach, Calif, a 

Chafin, Helen McNaughton, M. A. 13. 
Teacher. Mukwonago, Wis. a 

Chai, Chun-Un, B. A. 15. With Chi- 
nese Gov., Peking, China. Address: 
c/o Miss Helen Chai, 40 Chase. 
Newton Centre, Mass. 

Challoner, Agnes (Rogers, Mrs. A. J.) 
B. A. 10. 

i^Challoner, Frank, B. M. E. 87. Died 
Jan. 10, 1899. 

Challoner, Grace (Tracy, Mrs. Lyn- 
den Hickox) B. L. 03. 

Challoner, Grace Mary (Burnham, 
Mrs. Charles) B. A. 00. 

Chamberlain, Alice E. (Faber, Mrs. 
Anthony T.) B. L. 02, M. A. 05. 

Chamberlain, Alonzo Albert, B. L. 
99, LL. B. 01. Attorney. Ltd. Sav- 
ings Bk. Bldg., Huron, S. D. a 

Chamberlain, Mrs. Alonzo A. (Hall, 
Claudia J.) B. L. 01. Huron, S. D. 

Chamberlain, Annie E., Ph. B. 65. 
Teacher (Retired). 110 Broad, 
Lake Geneva, a 

Chamberlain, Clara J. (Porter, Mrs. 
.1. W.) Ph. B. 65. 

Chamberlain, Fred H., Ph. G. 01 
Druggist. Sparta, Wis. 



Chamberlain, Trederick Arthur, B. S. 
(E. E.) 04. Engr. Eichland Pub- 
lic Service Co. Mansfield, O. a 

Chamberlain, Mrs. George A. (West, 
Helen) B. L. 91. Dietitian. Trin- 
ity. Hosp. 550 Prospect Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 

Chamberlain, Harlem Roy, B. L. 99. 
Fire Insurance. Duluth, Minn. 

Chamberlain, Margaret, B. A. IS. 
550 Prospect Ave., Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 

Chamberlain, Marie (Eichards, Mrs. 
Griffith) B. A. 12. 

Chamberlain, Mrs. Rowland F. (For- 
dyce, Maude Beryl) M. G. 98. Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Chamberlin, George Willard, B. S. 
(C. E.) 10. Mining Engr. 1007 
Alworth Bldg., Duluth, Minn, a 

Chamberlin, Hattie May, B. L. 02. 
Teacher. 903 Park Ave., Beloit, 

Chamberlin, Mrsi James A. (Bell, 
Marion C.) B. A. 05. 1032-4th, 
Coeur d' Alene, Idaho. 

Chamberlin, Thomas Chrowder, LIj. 

D. 04. Eetired. Hyde Park Hotel, 
Chicago, 111. 

Chambers, Sarah (Wilkins, Mrs. 

Chas. A.) B. L. 82. 
Champ, Mrs. G. H. (Smith, Elizabeth 

Church) B. L. 96. Logan, Utah. 
Chandler, Albert James, B. L. 98 

Civil Engr. East Ely, Nev. 
Chandler, Mrs. E. F. (MeCumber, 

Anna, L.) B. L. 99. University, 

N. D. a I 

Chandler, Fremont Augustus, B. S. | 

(Med.) 16. Interne. Hartford 

Hosp. Hartford, Conn. 
Chandler, Fremont Elmer, B. S. 86. 

Physician & Surgeon. 501 S. Divi- 
sion, Waupaca, Wis. a 
Chandler, Mrs. F. E. (Saxe, Mary E.) 

B. L. 86. Waupaca, Wis. 
Chandler, George Anthony, B. S. A. 

17. Asst. to Secy. Faculty. U. W., 

Madison, Wis. a 
Chandler, Horace Gilmore, B. A. 12. 

E. F. D. 3, Ottumwa, la. 
Chandler, Milton Evan^, B. S. (M. 

E.) 13. Engr. Stromberg Motor 
Devices Co. 64 E. 25th, Chicago, 
111. a 

Chandler, Stewart Curtis, B. S. A. 15. 

Chandler, Mrs. W. G. (Barber, Car- 
rie A.) B. S. 75. 15 Midvale Ed., 
Eoland Park, Md. 

Chandler, William Stephen, B, S. A. 
18. Physical Director. Eiver 
Falls, Wis. a 

Chandler, Mrs. Wm. S. (Pleuss, Viola 
E.) B. A. 19. Eiver Falls, Wis. a 

Chandler, Zach Anson, B. L. 01. 
Teacher. 3310 W. 67th, Chicago, 

Chaney, George Arthur, M. A. 12. 
Teacher. Iowa State Agric. Coll. 
Ames, la. 

Chang, Lau-Chi, M. A. 10. c/o Min- 
istry of Finance, Peking, China. 

Chang, Moses Yuntsin, E. E. 15. 

Chao, Guok-Tsai, B. A. 10, M. A. 11. 
In charge of Tsing Hua Coll. Tsing 
Hua Yuen, Peking, China. 

Chapin, Harold Fountain, B. A. 16. 
Industrial Dept. St. Paul Assoc, of 
Commerce. St. Paul, Minn. 

Chaplin, Edgar Lee, B. S. (Ch. C.) 18 
Dairy Mfg. Specialist. U. S. Dairy 
Div. 318 Federal Bldg., Salt Lake 
City, Utah. 

Chaplin, Harvey William, Ag. G. 14 
Elect. Contractor & Owner of 
Elect. & Auto Supply Store. 319 
E. Mill, Plymouth, Wis. a 

Chaplin, Leta Lucile (Duenk, Mrs. 
A.) B. A. 10. 

Chapman, Agnes (Barnett, Mrs. 
James E., Jr.) B. L. 98. 

Chapman, Mrs. Arthur W. (Thomp- 
son, Cora Marie) B. L. 99. 1717 
Winona, Chicago, 111. 

Chapman, Bertha Estelle, B. L. 99. 
Proof Eeader. 5560 Kenwood Pi., 
Seattle, Wash, a 

Chapman, Charles King, M. A. 19. 
2041 Putnam, Toledo, O. 

Chapman, Clinton Joseph, B. S. A. 
14. Wis. Demonstrator for Ameri- 
can Agric. Chemical Co. of Bos- 
ton. Darlington, Wis. 

Chapman, Mrs. Edmund S. (Leland, 
Gertrude Church) B. S. (H. Ec.) 
16. 119 Sherman Ave,, Madison, 

Chapman, Evelyn, B. S. (H. Ec.) 15. 
Teacher. Keewatin, Minn, a 

Chapman, Harry James, LL. B. 82. 
Attorney. 49 Hammond, Bangor, 

Chapman, Hazel Hortense, B. A. 13. 
353 Merritt, Oshkosh, Wis. 

Chapman, Mrs. James E. (Peterson, 
Alma) Ph. B. 03. Baxter Springs, 
Kan. a 



Chapman, Lewis Leon, B. S. (G. E.) 
07. Mgr. Philipsbury Branch, In- 
diana Laboratories Co. Philips- 
bury, Mont. 

Chapman, Louise, M. A. 15. Lake 
Geneva, Wis. 

Chapman, Margaret Frances, B. A. 
17. Teacher. 378-32d, Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 

Chapman, Raymond Morgan, B. S. 03. 
Chemist & Metallurgist. 29 De 
troit, Hammond, Ind. a 

Chapman, Tirza Jane (Hoyt, Mrs. W. 
J. E.) B. S. 76. 

Chappel, Henry B., LL. B. 92. At- 
torney. Great Bend, Kan. 

Chappell, Ruby B. (Berry, Mrs. F. 
R.) B. A. 11. 

Charles, Edward Sanford, B. S. A. 10. 
Designer & Draftsman, Inter- 
national Harvester Co. 159 N. 
Lotus Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Charles, Lucille Helen, S. M. G. 14. 
320 N. Park, Madison, Wis. 

Charleton, Fannie (Nanscawen, Mrs. 
Frank R.) B. L. 98. 

Charlton, Alice Grace, M. A. 17. Lab- 
oratory Asst. Marquette Med. 
School. Milwaukee, Wis. a 

^Charter, Mrs. Joseph (Gapen, Flora) 
B. S. 01. Deceased. 

Chase, Albert Guy, B. L. 97, LL. B. 
04. R. F. D. 25, Waupun, Wis. 

Chase, Mrs. Albert G. (Randall, Mav 
L) Ph. G. 99, B. S. 00. R. F. D. 
25, Waupun, Wis. 

Chase, Ernestine Emma (Bradley, 
Mrs. Harlow) B. A. 14. 

Chase, Lucius K., LL. B. 96. At- 
torney. 443 Title Ins. Bldg., Los 
Angeles, Calif, a 

Chase, Melvin Leslie, B. A. 17. Ash- 
ton, S. D. 

Chase, Nellie C. (Nelson, Mrs. Julius) 
B L. 82, M. L. 84. 

Chase, Paul Weaver, B. S. A. 15. Ag- 
riculturist. Evansville, Wis. 

Chase, Ruth Wayland, B. A. 17. Asst. 
U. W. 141 Summit Ave., Madison, 
Wis. a 

Chase, Mrs. S. H. (Westover, Min- 
nie Comstock) B. S. 99. 1050 
Woodrow, Madison, Wis. 

Chase, Stephen, B. S. A. 14. Luray 
Ave. E. W. H., Cincinnati, O. 

Chase, Susan Frances, B. L. 97. 
Teacher. U. of Buffalo. 11 Ketch- 
um PL, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Chase, Wilfrid Earl, B. S. 99. Au- 
thor. Proprietor, Chase Teachers' 
Agency. 2009 Adams, Madison, 

Chatham, Leslie Willis, M. S. 17. 
Supt of Schools. Orleans, Ind. 

Chave, Ella Bean (Dorsey, Mrs. E. 
M.) B. A. 14. 

Chave, Georgia Elizabeth (Meritt, 
Mrs. Melvin C.) B. A. 07. 

Chech, Charles William, Ph. G. 01. 
Professional baseball player. 1812 
Inglehart Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Cheetham, Harold Cowan, B. S. (Ch. 
C.) 19. Student. 639 Farwell Ave., 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Cheever, Joseph Pope, LL. B. 69. At- 
torney. Brookings, S. D. 

Cheever, Mary L. (Magie, Mrs. Wm. 
E.) B. L. 02. 

Chen, Shiu Yuen, B.. A. 15. 172 Nas- 
sau, Princeton, N. J. 

Cheney, Charles Albert, Jr., B. S. (G. 
E.) 09. Geologist. Crosby, Minn. 

Cheney, Lellen Sterling, B. S. 91, M. 
S. 96. County Supt. of Schools. 
Barron, Wis. a 

Cheney, Rosa Mabel, B. L. 97. Teach- 
er (Retired). River Falls, Wis. a 

Cheney, Seymour Wyatt, B. S. (M. 
E.) 04, M. E. 12. Chief Engr. 
Grand Rapids Gas Lt. Co. 109 Ful- 
ler Ave. S. E., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Cheng, Tsung-Hai, B. A. 16. Shih- 
zah, Haining Hsien, China. 

Chesick, Henry Louis, B. A. 13. Hoos- 
ier Mfg. Co., 1311 Vine, New 
Castle, Ind. a 

Chetlain, Arthur H., B. A. 72. At- 
torney. 7414 Sheridan Rd., Chica- 
go, HI. 

Chew, Bailey L., Ph. B. (Gen. C.) 17. 
Nanzin, Iluchaw, China. 

Chew, Beihan H., M. S. 15. 923 N. 
Shansi Rd., Shanghai, China. 

Chickering, Alfred Dorance, B. A. 
(C. C.) 16. Foreign Trade. The 
Natl. Cash Register Co. Dayton, O. 

Chickering, Arthur Merton, M. S. 16; 
Teacher. 206 S. Mingo, Albion, 

Chickering, Mrs. Wallace W. (Curtis, 
Dorothea H.) B. A. 01. 770 Rose- 
wood Ave., Hubbard Woods, 111. a 

Chien, Kohniu, B. S. (E. E.) 14, E. 
E. 15. Asst. Engr. Amoy Elect. 
Lt. Co. Chekiang, China. 



Childe, John PoUock, B. A. (C. C.) 
17. Accountant. 1846 E. 90th, 
Cleveland, O. 

Childs, Edward Powell, M. S. 19. 
Aslieville, N. G. 

Childs, John L., B. A. 11. Y. M. C. 
A. Peking, China, a 

Childs, Marshall Howard, B. A. IS. 
539 Lake, Eau Claire, Wis. 

Chilson, Benjamin, Jr., B. S. (Ph.) 
14. Beloit, Wis. 

Chinnock, Mabel Amy (Miller, Mrs. 
Louallen F.) B. A. 05. 

Chipman, Harold Robert, B. S. A. 19. 
Traveling Salesman. Page-Ameri- 
can Milking Machine Co. Mor- 
risonville, Wis. a 

Chipman, Willard Alonzo, B. S. 
(Med.) 19. Stoughton, Wis. 

Chittenden, Henry Martin, Ph. B. 72. 
Episcopal Clergyman and Arch- 
deacon of Afton. 412 N. Broadway, 
Salem, 111. a 

Chloupek, Erwin Ladislaf, LL. B. 95. 
Attorney. 1207 Chronicle Bldg., 
San Francisco, Calif. 

Chloupek, John, LL. B. 92. Attorney 
& County Judge. Manitowoc, Wis. 

Chow, Ming Heng, B. S. (Ch. C.) 19 

Ningpo, China, a 
Chrisler, Clara May (Hague, Mrs. L. 

W.) B. S. 86. 
Chrisler, Earl Sylvester, Ag. G. 14. 

Supt. of Laboratories. Gridley 

Dairy Co., 138-140-8th, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. a 
Christensen, Adolphus Eugene, B. S. 

(C. E.) 13. Engr. & Contractor. 

1011 Belmont Ave., Salt Lake City, 

Utah, a 
Christensen, Bernard Victor, Ph. B. 

17. Supt. of Schools. 1210 E. 

Main, Arcadia, Wis. 
Christensen, Blanche Lina, B. A. 10. 

Teacher. Necedah, Wis. a 
Christensen, Dorothy Bess, B. A. 16. 

Principal. 4803 Lake Park Ave., 

Chicago, 111. 
Christensen, Niels Peter, LL. B. 01. 

Lawyer. 145 Main, Oshkosh, Wis. 
Christensen, Vera M. (Coe, Mrs. Eob- 

ert K.) B. A. 05. 
Christians, George Frederick, B. A. 

12. H. C. Christians Co. 116-118 

W. Illinois, Chicago, 111. 
*Christianson, Robert, LL. B. 95. 

Died Aug. 1, 1904. 

Christie, George West, B. A. 13. Edi- 
tor & Publisher. Red Lake Palls 

Gazette. Red Lake Falls, Minn. 
Christie, Henry A., B. S. (M. E.) 11. 

Supt. Raymond Concrete Pile Co. 

275 W. 12th, Superior, Wis. 
Christie, Ruth Annie (Parlin, Mrs. 

C. C.) B. L. 89. Deceased. 
Christman, Anna Estelle (Rademaker, 

Mrs. A. E. C.) Ph. B. 07. 
Christman, Arthur Henry, B. S. 03. 

Farmer. Menomonee Falls, Wis. 
Christoffers, Ethel Margaret, Ph. B. 

07. H. S. Asst. London, Wis. a 
Christoffers, Harry John, B. A. 10. 

Agent. U. S. Bureau of Fisheries, 

Wash. D. C. 
Chritzman, George Molfitt, B. S. (E. 

E.) 14. 233 E. Prospect, Kewanee, 

111. a 
Chu, Chin, B. A. 13. Prof. Govt. 

Teachers' Coll. Nanking, China. 
Chu, Fu I., E. E. 14. Asst. Elec. 

Engr. Hanyang Iron & Steel 

Works. Hanyang, Hupeh, China, a 
Chu, Keats Synn, B. A. 19. 1090 

Amsterdam Ave., New York City, a 
Qhu, Kung-Chao, M. A. 10. Teacher. 

Govt. Teachers' Coll. Nanking, 

Chu, Loh, B. A. 13. Wusih, China. 
Chubb, Mavis Adelaide, B. A. 19. 

4533 Westminster PI., St. Louis, 

Chubbuck, Alice Louise, B. L. 99. 

Auburn, Wash. 
Chuchian, Avedis Askanaz Melkon, 

C. E. 12. 
Chuchian, Melkon Sahak, B. S. (E. 

E.) 09. Editor. Armenian Daily 

"Hairenik." 7 Bennet, Boston, 

Chumasero, Kenneth P., LL, B. 88. 

Chicago Title & Trust Co. 69 W. 

Wash., Chicago, 111. 
Chung, Ngo Pinfore, E. E. 14. Dean 

of Engr. Peking Univ. Peking, 

Church, May Elizabeth (John, Mrs. 

Augustus F.) B. L. 98. 
Church, WiUiam W., B. A. 61, M. A. 

65. Retired. 757-llth, San Diego, 

Church, Zala Alphonzo, LL. B. 76. 

Attorney. McCulley Bldg., Jeffer- 
son, la. 
Churchill, Arthur Moore, B. A. 99. 

Attorney. Northwestern Bk. Bldg., 

Portland, Ore. a 



Churchill, Charlotte A. (Benkert, 
Mrs. Arthur O.) B. A. 08, M. G. 08. 
Churchill Ethel Elizabeth (Wat- 
son, Mrs. J. W.) B. A. 08, M. G. 08 
Churchill, Helen P., B. S. (H. Ec.) 
18. Asst. Chemist, Wis. State Feed 
and Fertilizer Lab. 2116 Monroe, 
Madison, Wis. a 
Churchill, Herman, M. A. 02. Ehode 
Island State Coll., Kingston, R. I. 
Churchill, Lucy May (Baldwin, Mrs. 

Frank S.) B. L. 91. 
Churchill, Mrs. William W. (Wood, 
Lettie E.) B. L. 90. 809 Payne, 
Monroe, Wis. a 
*Chynoweth, Edna Ruth, B. L. 95, M. 
L. 97. Died June 28, 1911. 
Chsmoweth, Ellen L. (Lyon, Mrs. 

William P., Jr.) B. A. 70. 

Chynoweth, Herbert Edgar, B. A. 04. 

*Ch3aioweth, Herbert William, B. A. 

68, M. A. 71. Died Oct. 15, 1906. 

*Ch3moweth, Louis, B. A. 81. Died 

May 10, 1893. 
*Chynoweth, Thomas Bradford, B. A. 
68, M. A. 71. Died Feb. 28, 189 J. 
Cibelius, Charles Anthony, B. S 
(Med.) 14. Phvsician & Surgeon. 
740 N. Church, Rockford, 111. 
Cibelius, Mrs. Charles A. (Helm, 
Elizabeth) B. A. 16. 740 N. 
Church, Rockford, HI. 
Clancy, Henry P., LL. B. 00. Pub- 
lisher. 47 Broad, New York City 
Clancy, John Francis, B. S. (M. E.) 
15. Engr. Kaestner & Hecht. 1515 
W. Monroe, Chicago, 111. a 
Clapp, Frank LesUe, Ph. D. 14. Assoc. 

Prof. U. W. Madison, Wis. 
Clapp, Moses Edwin, LL. B. 73. At 
torney. U. S. Senator. The On- 
tario, Wash. D. C. 
*Clapp, Mrs. Carolyn (Adams, Caro 
lyn) Ph. B. 71. Died Nov. 10, 1877 
Clapp, Mrs. W. A. (Home, Annie L.) 
B. L. 80. 92 Stickney Ave., Wau- 
watosa. Wis. a 
Clark, Arthur John, B. A. 05. Prof 
& Head of Dept. Michigan Agric 
Coll. East Lansing, Mich, a 
Clark, Ballard, B. A. 07. Treas. P 
L. Pease & Co. Inc. Springville 
N. Y. 
Clark, Charles Rollin, B. A. 07. For 
est Examiner. U. S. Forest Serv 
ice. Newport, Wash, a 
Clark, Clarence Luther, LL. B. 80. 
Traveling Salesman. 64 Oak Sq 
Ave. Brighton, Mass. 

Clark, Dewitt Smith, B. L. 88. Lum- 
berman. 515 Wellwood Bldg., Du 

luth, Minn, a 
Clark, Mrs. Dewitt S. (Sarles, Mary 

B.) B. L. 88. 1111 London Rd , 

Duluth, Minn, a 
Clark, Edith Bassett, Ph. B. 14. 

Whitewater, Wis. 
Clark, Elmer R., B. S. A. 19. c/o 

County Agric. School, Le Seur, 

Clark, Emily Blanche (Hunner, Mrs. 

Earl E.) B. L. 02. 
Clark, Emily Ethel, B. A. 15. 341 

T. U. Bldg., Govt. Hotel, Wash., 

D. C. a 
Clark, Ethel Baugh (Bickel, Mrs. 

Carl D.) B. A. 09. 
Clark, Georgiana Irene, Ph. B. 10. 

c/o State School of Science,, Wah- 

peton, N. D. a 
Clark, Glenn Gardiler, B. S. A. 15 

Jarosa, Colo, a 
Clark, Grace (Conovcr, Mrs. F. K.^ 

B. L. 85. 
-Clark, Harvey, B. L. 93, LL. B. 95. 

*Clark, Homer Caswell, LL. B. 98. 

Clark, James George, Jr., Ph. B. 

(Gen. C.) IS. Oshkosh, Wis. 
Clark, Jessie Overton, B. A. 18. In- 
vestigator for Consumers' League 

of N. Y. C. 145 W. 12th, New 

York City. 
Clark, John Bernard, LL. B. 07. At- 
torney & Municipal .Judge. 357 E. 

Grand Ave., Beloit, Wis. 
Clark, John Lindsay, B. A. 19. Steu- 

benville, O. 
Clark, John S., Ph. B. 12. Principal 

Waukegan, 111. 
Clark, Julia (Hallam, Mrs. J. W.) B. 

A. 81, M. A. 84. 
Clark, Leona Letitia, B. A. 15. Asst. 

Librarian. Dept. of Agric. Wash. 

D. C. 
Clark, Leonard Stockwell, M. A. 59. 

Attorney. 403 Federal Bldg., Oak- 
land, Calif. 
Clark, Lillian Martin, B. A. 19. 420 

Algoma, Oshkosh, Wis. 
Clark, Lillie S. (Fisher, Mrs. John 

J.) B. S. 76. 
Clark, Lois Jean (George, Mrs. Louis 

C.) B. A. 17. 
Clark, Mary L. (Brittingham, Mrs. 
T. E.) B. L. 89. 

Clark, Mildred Elizabeth, B. A. (C. 
C.) 19. 333 S. Bluff, Janesville, 

Clark, Mrs. Milton O. (Bower, Mar- 
guerite) B. A. 09. Canton, China. 

Clark, Myrtes Estella, B. L. 00. 
Teacher. Western Coll. Oxford, 

Clark, Peleg Briggs, LL. B. 85. Law- 
yer and Municipal Judge. Menom- 
onie, Wis. 

Clark, Robert C, Ph. D. 05. Teacher. 
Eugene, Ore. 

Clark, Robert Peter, LL. B. 12. At- 
torney. Elroy, Wis. 

Clark, Sarah A. (Cabeen, Mrs 
Charles W.) B. L. 84. 

Clark, Mrs. S. F. (Eoed, Grace) B. A. 
16. 1405 Sanger Ave., Dallas, Tex. 

Clark, Stewart Lambert, B. S. (C. E.) 
07. Estimating Engr. Standard Oil 
Co. (Ind.) 7658 Marquette Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

Clark, Vera M. (Browne, Mrs. Mar- 
shall Francis) B. A. 18. 

Clark, Vinrie Belle, B. A. 10. Teach- 
er. State Normal. San Diego, 

Clark, Wallace R., B. L. 03. Teacher 
& Musician. State Normal Coll. 
Canyon, Texas. 

Clark, Warren Edward, B. A. 15. 

Clark, Warren William, B S. A. 12. 
County Agric. Agent. Caledonia, 
Minn, a 

Clark, William Albert, Ph. B. 01. 
City Supt. of Schools. 833-3rd 
Ave., Eau Claire, Wis. a 

Clark, William Bernard, B. L. 00. 
Lawyer. 415 Miller Bldg., Yakima, 

Clark, William Noble, B. S. A. 15. 
Land Colonization. Eadisson, Wis. 

Clark, Mrs. Wm. Noble (Hunt, Mar- 
garet Lula) B. A. 17. Eadisson, 
Wis. a 

Clarke, Anna Marie, B. A. 18. 500 
North, Whitewater, Wis. 
*Clarke, Bruce Walrath, LL. B. 14. 
Killed in action, Aug. 6, 1918. 

Clarke, Carlisle Royce, B. L. 90, LL 
B. 92. Lawyer. Cambridge, Wis. 

Clarke, Carroll Curtis, B. S. A. 18. 
Farm Mgr. Hansen, Idaho, a 

Clarke, Ernest, Ph. B. (Gen. C.) 19. 
Methodist Episcopal Minister. 108 
S. Orchard, Madison, Wis. a 

Clarke, Irma Marie, B. A. 16. Teach- 
er. 1808 Ogden Ave., Superior, 

Clarke, Josephine Freeman, B. A. 18. 
847 Whitlock Ave., Marietta, Ga. 

Clarke, Lyle CoryeU, B. A. (C. C.) 16 
1st Lieut. G. M. C. 420-4th, Bara- 
boo, Wis. 

Clarke, Ray Willis, LL. B. 05. Law- 
yer. 14 E. Dayton, Madison, Wis. 

Clarkson, Mrs. C. H. (Murray, Mil- 
dred M.) B. A. 11. 797 Bathurst, 
Toronto, Ont., Can. 

Clasen, Frederick John, LL. B. 90. 
Attorney. 137 Fir, San Diego, 

Classon, Allen Vane, LL. B. 01. At- 
torney. 901 Main, Oconto, Wis. 

Classon, David Guy, LL. B. 91. At- 
torney. Oconto, Wis. 

Clausen, Caroline L., B. A. 11. Book- 
keeper. Clear Lake, la. a 

Clausen, Florence Rosalie (Oistad, 
Mrs. Elmer Nols) B. A. 13. 

Clausen, Frederick H., B. L. 97, LL. 
B. 99. Manufacturer. Mgr. Van 
Brunt Mfg. Co. Horicon, Wis. a 

Clausen, Mrs. Frederick H. (Bliss, 
Eleanor) M. G. 98. Horicon, Wis. 

Clausen, Leon Raymond, B. S. (E. 
E.) 97. Acting Vice-Pres. Deere & 
Co., Moline, 111. 

Clausing, Benjamin John, B. S. (M. 
E.) 17. Shipbuilding. Fore Eiver 
Corp. 17 Francis Ave., Quincy, 

Clawson, Catherine May (Sumner, 
Mrs. L. D.) B. S. 94. 

Clawson, Harvey Phineas, B. A. 02. 
Westinghouse, Church & Kerr Co. 
New York Life Bldg., Chicago, 111. 
*Clawson, Phineas J., M. A. 68. De- 

Clawson, Sadie M. (Waite, Mrs. Os 
sian Thomas) B. L. 97. 

Clawson, Sophie (Cassoday, Mrs. El- 
don .1.) B. L. 92. 
Clayton, Gertrude Samantha. B. A. 
13. Stenographer. The Metro- 
politan Museum of Art, New York 
City, N. Y 

Clayton, Hoy Benjamin, B. S. (C. E.) 
15. Street Paving Contractor, 
Blodgett Clayton Const. Co. 372 
Prospect Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Clajrton, Mrs. W. D. (Wightman, Mil- 
dred I.) B. A. 08. Elroy, Wis. 



Jleary George E., B. A. 11, LL. B. 14. 
Lawyer. 31 Nassau, N. Y., N. Y. 

Cleary/ Frances Ada (Hopkins, Mrs. 
R. E.) B. A. 08. 

Cleary, John Edward, B. S. (Ch. E.) 
07. Antigo, Wis. 

Cleary, Michael Joseph, LL. B. 01. 
Vice-Pres. Northwestern Life Ins. 
Co. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Clemens, Albert Harrison, B. A. 12. 
Attorney. 808-4th, S. E., Roches- 
ter, Minn. 

Clemens, Mrs. Alhert H. (Hunt, Myr- 
tle May) B. A. 12. 808-4th, S. E., 
Rochester, Minn. 

Clement, Grace B. (Jones, Mrs. Har- 
old C.) M. G. 00. 

Clement, Ralph Byron, C. E. 15. Civil 
Engr, Miami Conservancy Dist. 
Dayton, O. 

demons, William Voltaire, Ph. B. 01. 
Stockraiser & Farmer. Massena, 
N. Y. a 

Clendenin, George Henry, LL. B. 93. 

Cleophas, Walter Edmund, Ph. G. 3 
Pharmacist. 928 Vine, Beloit, Wis. 

Cleveland, Catherine C, B. L. 94. 
4807 Greenwood Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Cleveland, Chester D. Jr., B. L. 94, 
LL. B. 95. 7 Maple Ct., Apt. 66, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Cleveland, Clarence Eugg, B. A. 12. 
Asst. Entomologist. New Hamp- 
shire Agric. Exp. Sta. Durham, 
N. H. a 

Cleveland, Mrs. C. M. (Weber, Anna 
K.) B. L. 00. Mokena, 111. a 
^Cleveland, Ewart, B. A. 14. 

Cleveland, William Roy, M. S. 17. 
Instr. U. of Calif. Los Angeles, 

Cliffe, J. Howard, B. S. A. 14. Farm- 
er. Ivvland, Bucks County, Pa. a 

Clifford, Cecil LesUe, B. A. 08. M. 
E. Clergyman. 14-2nd Ave. S. E., 
Minot, N. D. 

CUfford, Charles William, M. S. 16. 
2301 S. Columbine, Denver, Colo. 

Clifford, Eugene Arthur, LL. B. 09. 
Attornev. 258 Oak, .Tuneau, Wis. a 

Clifford, John Melvin, B. S. 84, LL. 
B. 96. Accountant. 306 Bee Bldg., 
Omaha, Neb. 

Clifford, William Foster, B. A. (C. 
C.) 16. c/o U. S. Rubber Co., 
1790 Broadway, N. Y., N. Y. a 

CHfgard, Roy Alvin, Ph. G. 16. 130 
S. Hancock, Madison, Wis. 

Clifton, Archie Roy, Ph. B. 08. Supt. 
of Schools. Monrovia, Calif. 

Cline, Genevieve Elida (Day, Mrs 
Cecil E.) B. A. 05. 
*Cline, George DuMars, B. A. 72, M. 
A. 76. Died April 21, 1919. 

Cline, Louis Edgar, M. S. 07. Agri- 
culturist. Bur. of Plant Industry. 
U. S. Dept. of Agric, Fallon, Nev. 

Cline, Mrs. McGarvey (Bunnell, Marv 
Martha) B. S. (H. Ec.) 12. 142*7 
Post, Jacksonville, Fla. a 

Cloes, Grace G. (Stedman, Mrs. Hor- 
ace E.) B. L. 99. 

Clohisy, Arthur, LL. B. 94. Attorney. 
Elkhorn, Wis. 

Clough, Ethel Pearl (Reynolds, Mrs. 
Benjamin S.) B. A. 07. 

Clough, Paul Wiswall, B. S. 03. Phy- 
sician. Johns Hopkins Hosp. Bal 
timore, Md. 

Clough, Willoughby Goewey, B. A. 
75. Supt. of Schools. Portage, 

Clough, Mrs. W. G. (Wiswall, El- 
sena) B. S. 76. Librarian. Port- 
age, Wis. 

Clow, Lucia Baldwin, B. A. 18. 144 
Elm, Oshkosh, Wis. 

Clum, George Victor, M. A. 05. Prin- 
cipal. Tampico, 111. 

Cnare, Frank, B. S. (C. E.) 10. Civil 
Engr. State Highway Comm. 1315 
Oakridge Ave., Madison, Wis. 

Coapman, Lillian Emily (Williams, 
Mrs. F. E.) B. A. 13. 

Coapman, Verne E., B. S. A. 16. Stu- 
dent. McCormick Theological 
Seminary. 2330 N. Halsted, Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Coapman, Vida Alice, B. A. 19. 
Teacher. 732 Washington Ave.. 
Kilbourn, Wis. a 

Cobaugh, Harry Augustus, B. S. (C 
E.) 14. 1st Lieut. 13th Inf. U. S. 

A. Port of Embarkation, Hobo- 
ken, N. J. 

Cobb, Mrs. Earl P. (Haner, Cordelia) 

B. L. 88. Sun Prairie, Wis. 
Cobb, Mrs. Frederick L. (Flower, 

Marie Rosamond) B. A. ^3. 3651 
Harriet Ave. S., Minneapolis, 
Minn, a 

Cobb, Guy Pulford, LL. B. 91. At- 
tornev. Ardmore, Okla. a 

Cobb, Hope Elizabeth, B. S. (H. Ec.) 
16. Chemist. Western Elect. Co. 
619 N. Wheaton Ave., Wheaton, 
111. a 



Cobb, Willis Frederick, Ph. B. 70. 

Physician & Surgeon, c/o L. A. 

Olson, Northfield^ Minn, a 
Cochems, Edward Bulwer, B. L. 00. 

Chairman. Speakers Bur., Prog. 

Natl. Comm. 42nd St. Bldg., New 

York City. 
Cochems, Henry Frederick, B. L. 97. 

Attorney. 1536 First Natl. Bk. 

Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Cochran, Mrs. Lawrence Edgar 

(Pomeroy, Lilla M.) B. A. 09. 

1135-14th Ave. W., Vancouver, B 

C, Can. 
Cochrane, Ava Luella, B. A. 09. Li- 
brarian. 2214 Dana, Berkeley, 

Calif, a 
Cochrane, Esther Gertrude, B. A. 10. 

Director, Sandstone Camp for 

Girls. Green Lake, Wis. 
Cochrane, Mrs. John A. (Jenkins, 

Deborah May) B. A. 08. 1340 W. 

George, St. Paul, Minn. 
Cochrane, John M., LL. B. 03. Law- 
yer & Eeal Estate. E. F. D. 1 Box 

221, Modesto, Calif. 
Cochrane, Robert Boyd, B. S. (M 

E.) 97. 
Cockerill, Cecil, M. A. 12. Instr. 

Kemper Military School. Boon- 

ville, Mo. 
*Cockerill, Edward James, LL. B. 02. 

Coddington, Paul, B. S. (M. E.) 15. 

Supt. Lakeside Bridge & Steel Co. 

484-37th, No. Milwaukee, Wis. 
Cody, Harry Arthur, LL. B. 01. Secy. 

& Treas. Ripon Knitting Works. 

Bipon, Wis. 
Coe, Arthur Elwood, B. S. 96. At- 
torney. Barron, Wis. a 
Coe, Mrs. A. E. (Buckmaster, Emma 

A.) B. L. 93. Barron, Wis. 
Coe, Clarence Clinton, LL. B. 88. A' 

torney. Barron, Wis. a 
*Coe, Henry, LL. B. 71. Died Jan., 

Coe, Jerome Henry, B. A. 07. Banker. 

Barron, Wis. 
Coe, Lawrence S., B. A. 12, LL. B. 

13. Attorney. 109 First Natl. Bk 

Bldg., Rice Lake, Wis. a 
Coe, Robert Kirtland, B. L. 02. Edi- 
tor & Publisher. Whitewater, Wis. 

Coe, Mrs. Robert K. (Christensen, 

Vera M.) B. A. 05. Whitewater, 

Wis. a 

Coen, Benjamin Franklin, B. L. 00. 
Prof. & Head of Dept. Colorado 
Agric. Coll. Fort Cgllins, Colo, a 

Coerper, Elsie L. (Lea, Mrs. H. R.) 
B. A. 04. 

Coerper, Florence Maud, B. A. 14, M. 
S. 16. Instr. U. W. 425 Sterling 
Ct., Madison, Wis. 

Coerper, Mrs. Roland F. (Ringling, 
Alice Josephine) B. A. 12. 716 
Hackett Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Coffin, Margaret Ellen (Langley, 
Mrs. George W. Jr.) B. A. 05. 
*Coffman, Bert, LL. B. 95. Deceased. 

Coggeshall, Minnie Juliet, Ph. B. 06. 
Teacher. State Normal. River 
Falls, Wis. 

Cohn, Abraham, B. S. A. 14. Farmer. 
R. F. D. 2, Madison, Wis. 

Cohn, Max A., Ph. G. 92. c/o Adams 
Bros. 82 Van Buren, Chicago, 111. 

Cohn, Morris Smead, B. A. (C. C.) 
15. 3005 Dewey Ave., Omaha, 
Neb. a 

Colbeck, Frederick William, B. S. (M. 
E.) 15. Mech. Engr. Western Elect. 
Co. 5931 W. Erie, Chicago, 111. 

Colbeck, Mrs. F. W. (Hudsoii, Jose- 
phine Darlington) M. G. 09. 5931 
W. Erie, Chicago, 111. a 

Colburn, Avery Reeves, B. S. (E. E.) 
07. Asst. Elect. Engr. Braden 
Copper Co. Rancagua, Chile, S. 
A. a 

Colburn, Guy Blandin, Ph. D. 08. 
Professor. U. of Missouri. Colum- 
bia, Mo. 

Colburn, Warren Eames, LL. B. 83. 
Banker. 9129 Commercial Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

Colburn, Willis Paul, Ph. B. 05. City 
Supt. of Schools. Rhinelander, 

Colby, Grace (Sevringhaus, Mrs. El- 
mer L.) B. A. 16. 

Colby, Leonard W., B. A. 71, C. E. 71, 
LL. B. 72, M. A. 74. Attorney. Be- 
atrice, Neb. 
*Colby, Mrs. L. W. (Bewick, Clara D.) 
Ph. B. 69. Died Sept. 7, 1916, 

Coldwell, Donald Alan, B. S. A. 18. 
Executive Secy, c/o Chamber of 
Commerce, Marshfield, Wis. a 

Coldwell, Valeria Geneva, B. S. (H. 
Ec.) 14. Instr. Pueblo, Colo. 

ColdweU, Vera Iris, (Tinker, Mrs. 
Frank B.) B. S. (H. Ec.) 19. Ma- 
zomanie. Wis. 



Cole, Adrian H., Ph. B. 06. County 

Agric. Agent. Merrill, Wis. 
Cole, Arthur Vincent, B. A. 19. Maus- 

ton, Wis. 
Cole, Charles Melville, Jr., B. S. (M. 
E.) 02. Supt. Harrisburg Gas Co. 
Harrisburg, Pa. 
Cole, Everett Leland, B. S. (E. E.) 
18. Ensign. U. S. Navy. HoUis, 
Kan. a 
Cole, Gordon Manly, B. S. (Ch. C.) 

18. Clintonville, Wis. 
Cole, Harry W., B. S. (M. E.) 02. a 
Cole, James Alfred, LL. B. 90. Lieut. 
Col. U. S. A. (Eetired) Locust 
Grove, Charlottesville, Va. 
Cole, Jessie Martha, B. L. 88. Ply- 
mouth, Wis. 
Cole, Julia Ann (Arnold, Mrs. Henry 

A.) B. A. 05. 
Cole, Marion Olive, B. A. 18. 1546 
Juneway Terr., Chicago, 111. a 
*Cole, Orsamus, LL. D. 69. Died May 
5, 1903. 
Cole, Orsamus, Jr., B. L. 99. Di- 
vision Supt. Traffic. Tel. & Teleg. 
Co., 1411 J, Sacramento, Calif, a 
*Cole, Ruhlee Alvah, B. A. 83, LL. B. 

84. Died July 2, 1907. 
*Cole, Sidney Houghton, B. A. 72. 
Died Aug.. 1905. 
Cole, Theodore Lee, Ph. B. 71. Law 
Book Seller & Pres. ''Statute Law 
Book Co." 715 Colorado Bldg., 
Wash. D. C. a 
Cole, Mrs. T. L. (Dewey, Kate D.) 
B. A. 75. 2852 Ontario Ed., Wash, 
D. C. a 
*Cole, Willard Charles, LL. B. 92. 
Died Nov. 29. 1901. 
Colegrove, Jay Tilden, M. A. 12. 

Farmer. Eussell, la. 
Coleman, Alfred F., B. S. (M. E.) 09. 
315 W. Central, Chippewa Falls, 
*Coleman, Bessie Rachael, B. A. 08. 
Died March 18, 1917. 
Coleman, Dora Leeanna (Wilson 

Mrs. Charles Earl) B. A. 16. 
Coleman, Herbert Clinton, B. A. 10 

Fowler, Ind. a 
Coleman, James Richetson, B. A. 10 
Wisconsin Motor Co., 705 Cass, 
Milwaukee, Wis. 
Coleman, John, M. A. 08. Minister 
& Professor. Muskingum Coll. 
New Concord, O. 
*Coleman, Mary Persis, B. L. 03. Died 
Jan. 21, 1906. 

Coleman, Roy V., M. A. 11. Pub- 
lisher, c/o Charles Scribner's Sons. 
597-5th Ave., New York City. 
*Coleman, Thomas, LL. B. 75. Died 
July 16, 1914. 
Coleman, Mrs. Thomas E. (Head, 
Catherine Esther) B. A. 14. 181 
Cambridge Ed., Madison, Wis. a 
Colignon, Constant Moreaux, B. S. 14 
Physician & Surgeon. Eiordan 
Bldg., Muskegon, Mich. 
CoUgnon, Ferdinand Joseph, B. L. 88, 
LL. B. 90. Attorney. Bellin-Bu- 
chanan Bldg., Green Bay, Wis. a 
Colignon, Mrs. F. J. (Conklin, Mary 
Bertrand) B. L. 88. 730 S. Jack- 
son, Green Bay, Wis. 
Colignon, John Joseph, B. A. 08, LL. 
B. 10. Attorney. 229 E. Walnut, 
Green Bay, Wis. 
Colladay, Edgar B., B. S. (G. E.) 09. 
Lieut. Col. General Staff. Office 
Chief of Staff, Wash. D. C. a 
CoUart, Mrs. H. W. (Hall, Margaret 
Spencer) B. A. 04. 1370 Park Row, 
Cleveland, O. 
CoUentine, George Ernest, B. S. 

(Med.) 16. Monroe, Wis. 
CoUentine, Margaret L., B. A. 11. 

Teacher. Argyle, Wis. 
CoUette, William Harold, Law Cert. 

17. Green Bay, Wis. 
Collie, Ralph Wall, B. A. 06. Pur- 
chasing Agent. Curtis & Yale Co. 
Wausau, Wis. a 
ColUns, Arthur Lee, B. S. (E. E.) 08. 
Consulting Engr. 417 Park, To- 
peka, Kan. 
Collins, Clark Smith, B. S. (E. E.) 18. 

4737 Kimbark Ave., Chicago, 111. 

ColUns, Mrs. D. F. (Eawson, Hazel 

Arvilla) B. A. 12. Hibbing, Minn. 

Collins, Edward Jerome, B. S. 82. 

Eeal Estate & Builder. 3010 w! 

43rd, Minneapolis, Minn. 

CoUins, Esther Agnes, B. A. 18. 

Teacher. Hibbing, Minn, a 
Collins, Florence Elma, B. A. (C. J.) 
19. Editor Woman's Dept. 
''Orange Judd Farmer, '' Chicago, 
HI. a 
Collins, Harold C, B. A. (C. C.) 18 
Lumber Mfg. 646 E. Gorham, Mad- 
ison, Wis. a 
Collins, Helen Jeauette, B. A. 18. 217 

Division, Stevens Point, Wis. 
ColUns, Irene Margaret (Connor, 
Mrs. E. F.) B. A. 13. 

5— A. D. 



Collins, John, LL. B. 08. Attorney. 

225 N. Pacific, Dillon, Mont, a 
Collins, John F., B. S. 82. Attorney 

& Farmer. Sandstone, Minn. 
Collins, Joseph William, LL. B. 97 

Attorney. Port Washington, Wis. 
Collins, Ruth Elizaheth, B. A. 13. 

1224 South Ave., Davenport, la. a 
Collins, Belwyn DeWitt, M .A. 15. 

Statistician. U. S. Bureau of La 

bor Statistics. Wash. D. C. 
Collins, William Benjamin, B. L. 01. 

LL. B. 09. Attorney. York Bldg., 

Sheboygan, Wis. a 
ColUns, William Francis, LL. B. 94 

Arnott, Wis. 
Collins, William H., Ph. D. 11. 
ColUns, William Penn, LL. B. 96. At- 
torney. 1504 Pine, Boulder, Coin. 
CoUins, William P., B. S. 82. Physi 

cian. Eacine, Wis. 
CoUmann, Chester William, B. A. 09. 

Supt. of Schools. Palmyra, Wis. a 
CoUver, Flora Bartlette, B. A. 15. 

Clinton, Wis. 
CoUver, Marguerite GiUis, B. A. 14. 

Teacher. Clinton, Wis. 
CoUyer, Bertram Beeman, Ph. G. 90. 

Druggist. 17 W. Dayton, Madison, 

Wis. a 
Colman, Niles A., LL. B. 89. At- 
torney & Real Estate Dealer. 

Eagle River, Wis. a 
Colosimo, Sarah Lois, B. A. 18. Hur 

ley, Wis. 
Colton, Mabel Adella, B. A. 13. 

Teacher. 631 Pennsylvania Ave., 

Sheboygan, Wis. a 
Colver, Harley Ross, B. L. 98. Phy 

sician & Surgeon, c/o 111. Steel Co. 

Hosp., S. Chicago, 111. 
Colville, Clarence Leroy, B. S. A. 19. 

Valley City, N. D. 
Colvin, Jessica Burt, B. A. 18. 1314 

Hindman Ave., Evanston, 111. 
Comer, Peter James, Ph. G. 91. Drug- 
gist. Mauston, Wis. 
Comer, Ragner OtoUs, B. S. (M. E.. 

08. Engr. 833 Canal, New Or 

leans. La. a 
Comings, Mary Huntington, M. A. 09 

Teacher, c/o J. C. Latham, R. F. 

D. 6, Madison, Wis. 
Comings, WiUard Steadman, Ag. G. 

15. Farmer. Silver Spring Farm. 

Eau Claire, Wis. a 
*Comins, Leander M, B. A. 60, M. A. 

63. Died April 8, 1865. 

Comish, Newel Howland, M. S. 15. 

Assoc. Prof. Ore. Agric. Coll. 333 

N. 13th, Corvallis, Ore. a 
Comly, Mrs. Ross H. (Hall, Mary 

Frances) M. G. 08. Rockford, 111. 
Compton, James Stephen, M. A. 12. 

Teacher. Eureka Coll. Eureka, 111. 
*Comstock, Adam, B. S. 94. Died Feb. 

8, 1898. 
Comstock, Amy, B. A. 09. Asst. 

Editor Tulsa Democrat. Tulsa, 

Okla. a 
Comstock, Effie (Norton, Mrs. W. J.) 

Ph. B. 05. 
Comstock, Elizabeth, B. S. 97. Phy- 
sician. 601 Madison Ave., New 

York City, a 
Comstock, Elting Houghtaling, B. S. 

97. Prof. School of Mines, U. of 

Minn. Minneapolis, Minn, a 
Comstock, George Gary, LL. B. 83 

Dean of Graduate School & Direc- 
tor of Washburn Observatory U. 

W. Madison, Wis. a 
Comstock, Henry Samuel, LL. B. 83. 

Lawyer & Publisher. Cumberland. 

Wis. a 
Comstock, Mary CeceUa Everett 

(Carey, Mrs. George) B. A. 16, M. 

A. 17. 
Comstock, Nathan, B. S. (M. E.) 97, 

LL. B. 00. Arcadia, Wis. 
Comstock, Verna V. (Weber, Mrs. 

William H.) B. A. 07. 
Conaty, Bernard Martin, B. S. (C. 

E.) 18. Field Engr. c/o Wallace 

& Tierman Inc., New York City, a 
Conaway, Ross Kelly, B. A. 13. 10609 

Fairmount Ave., Cleveland, O. a 
ConckUn, Esther R. (Paulus, Mrs. 

Todd E.) B. A. 05. 
Condie, Mrs. Robt. H. (Stevens, 

Meda B.) B. A. 06. 814 E. Walnut, 

Springfield, Mo. 
Confer, Francis Marion, B. A. 05. 

1425 Carmen Ave., Edgewater Sta., 

Chicago, 111. 
Confer, Robert Rodney, Ph. G. 15. 

1425 Carmen Ave., Edgewater Sta., 

Chicago, 111. 
*Congar, Eugene M., Ph. B. 64. Died 

Jan. 10, 1890. 
Congdon, Mrs. Edward Burt (Mac 

Millan, Maud E. J.) B. A. 06. Box 

75, R. F. D. 1, Tacoma, Wash. 
Congdon, Feme Lina, B. A. 14. Cata 

loguer. Superior Public Libary. 

1314 N. 16th, Superior, Wis. a 



Congdon, Mirah, B. A. 04. Teacher. 
2620 Blaisdell Ave., Minneapolis, 
Minn, a 
Congdon, IHira, Ph. B. 02. Teacher. 

Stevens Point, Wis. 
Conger, John Leanard, Ph. D. 07. 
Prof. Knox Coll. 585 Jefferson, 
Galesburg, 111. 
Conine, Mary Belle, B. A. 19. 102 S. 

Hickory, Nowata, Okla. 
Conkey, Mrs. Chas. (Henderson, 
Georgiana Dorothy) B. A. 12. 
Teacher. West Allis, Wis. 
Conklin, Lauretta Bugher, B. A. 19. 
Asst. Eomance Lang. U. W. Madi- 
son, Wis. 
Conklin, Mary B. (Colignon, Mrs. F. 

J.) B. L. 88. 
Conlan, Grace Mary, Ph. B. 11. 
Teacher. 988 Mineral, Milwaukee, 
Conlan, Lawrence N., LL. B. 08. At- 
torney. 353 National Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 
Conley, Brooks Lawson, B. S. (E. E.) 
18. 11600 Ashbury Av^., Cleve- 
land, O. a 
Conley, Charles LeRoy, B. A. (C. C.) 

14. Clinton, Wis. 
Conley, Edward Francis, LL. B. 92. 

Attorney. Darlington, Wis. 
Conley, Mrs. E. M. (Leader, Kathar- 
ine) Ph. B. 13. 1315 Hammond 
Ave., Superior, Wis. 
Conley, John Albert, B. A. 09. Asst. 
Dept. Mgr. Marshall Wells Hdw. 
Co. Duluth, Minn, a 
Conley, John George, B. A. (C. C.) 
18. R. F. D. 4, Eau Claire, Wis. a 
Conley Patrick Henry, LL. B. 81. At- 
torney. Darlington, Wis. 
Conlin, Ruth Margaret, B. A. 19. 
Teacher. 443 W. Dayton, Madison, 
Wis. a 
Connell, Beulah Martha, B. A. 19. 

Menomonee Falls, Wis. a 
Connell, Edward Joseph, M. E. 15 
c/o Joseph T. Ryerson & Son, 30 
Church, New York City, a 
Connell, Marion T. (Dudley, Mrs. 

Lewis W.) B. L. 99. 
Connell, Samuel Anson, B. S. 86, LL. 
B. 90. Attorney. Birch Ave., 
White Fish Bay, Wis. a 
Connelly, John Mark, B. S. (E. E.) 

18. 145-13th, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Connelly, Robert M., B. S. (C. E.) 
16. Civil Eiigr. 311 Peoples Trust 
Bldg., Ft. Wayne, Ind. 

Connit, Fred Lyman, B. S. (M. E.) 

16. 502 Walker, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Connolly, George Henry, B. S. (C. 
E.) 14. Civil Engr. Wis. Gas & 
Elec. Co. 1146 Wisconsin, Racine, 

Connolly, Patrick Henry, B. C. E. 85. 
City Engr. 1310 Wisconsin, Ra- 
cine, Wis. a 

Connor, Craig Prentice, LL. B. 12. 
Lawyer. Auburndale, Wis. a 
*Connor, Donald W., B. A. 12. De- 

Connor, Edwin Joseph, B. A. (C. C.) 
16. Lt. U. S. A. Cor. Lennox «& 
Conn. Ave., Chevy Chase, Wash. 

D. C. 

Connor, Helen Melissa (Laird, Mrs. 

M. R.) B. A. 12. 
Connor, Mary Frances, B. L. 86. So- 
cial Worker. Windsor, Wis. a 
Connor, Mrs. R. J. (Collins, Irene 

Margaret) B. A. 13. 646 E. Gor- 

ham, Madison, Wis. a 
Connor, Samuel Powers, B. S. (C. E.) 

99. Asst. Mgr. Cramp & Co. 23 E. 

26th, New York City. 
Connors, Harold Francis, B. A. 17. 

Hurley, Wis. 
Connors, Leora Agnes, B. A. 15. 

Teacher. South Kaukauna, Wis. 
Conover, Allan Darst, B. C. E. 74, C. 

E. 76. Architect. 36 Tenney Blk., 
Madison, Wis. a 

Conover, Chas. Sydney, B. A. 16. 
Chief Chemist. Mt. Vernon Car 
Mfg. Co. Mt. Vernon, 111. 
*Conover, Frederic King, B. A. 78, 
LL. B. 80. Died May 7, 1919. 

Conover, Mrs. Frederic K. (Clark, 
Grace) B. L. 85. 435 N. Pater- 
son, 'Madison, Wis. 

Conover, Frederic LeRoy, B. A. 15. 
Major. U. S. A. 435 N. Paterson, 
Madison, Wis. 

Conover, Julian Darst, B. A. 17. Ma- 
jor. U. S. A. 435 N. Paterson, 
Madison, Wis. 

Conover, Lawrence Peterson, B. A. 
85, LL. B. 87. Lawyer. 804 Ta- 
coma Bldg., Chicago, 111. a 

Conover, Marion Clark, B. A. 17 
Physical Director. 435 N. Pater- 
son, Madison, Wis. a 

Conover, Mary Storer (Frank, Mrs. 
Alfred Swift) B. A. 11. 
*Conover, Obadiah M., LL. D. 78. 
Died April 29, 1884. 



Conrad, Agnes, M. S. 19. 268 Lang- 
don, Madison, Wis. 
Conrad, Cuthtoert Powell, B. S. (C. 

E.) 15, C. E. 16. Sr. Lieut. U. S. 

Naval Aviation Forces, France. 

Home, 308 Prospect Ave., Madison, 

Conrad, Mrs. Cuthbert P. . (Tabor, 
Beatrice Carroll) B. A. 17. 308 
Prospect Ave., Madison, Wis. a 
Conrad, Elisabeth, B. A. 09, M. A. 10, 

Ph. D. 19. Dean of Women. Ohio 

State Univ. Columbus O. a 
Conrad, Nicholas J., B. S. (E. E.) 05 

Secy.-Treas. & Mgr. Schweitzer & 

Conrad, Inc. 914 Elmwood Ave., 
Wilmette, 111. a 
Conrad, Mrs. Sara Eugenia, M. A. 

09. 308 Prospect Ave., Madison, 

Conradson, Conrad Martinus, B. M. 

E. 83, M. E. 85. Mfg. Engr. Eau 

Claire, Wis. 
Conradson, Mrs. C. M. (Prentice, 

Stella D.) B. L. 86. 1301 Rutledge, 

Madison, Wis. 
Conrey, Hugh F., B. S. A. 17. 1st 

Lieut. Cavalry, U. S. R. A. A. E. 

F., France. 
Conry, Maud E. (Richardson, Mrs. 

Jairus S.) B. A. 04. 
Consoer, Arthur William, B. S. (C. 

E.) 14. Capt. Engrs. U. S. A. 716 

S. Kenilworth Ave., Oak Park, 111. 
Constance, L. L., LL. B. 95. Rancher. 

R. F. D. 3, Eugene, Ore. 
Converse, Blair, M. A. 18. 415 N. 

Park. Madison, Wis. 
Conway, Adrian Carlton, LL. B. 91. 

Attorney. 420 S. Hobart Blvd., 

Los Angeles, Calif. 
Conway, Cornelius Michael, .LL. B. 

16. Elroy, Wis. 
Conway, Dennis D., LL. B. 95. At- 
torney. First Natl. Bk. Bldg., 

Grand Rapids, Wis. 
*Conway, Edward A., LL. B. 95. Died 

Jan. 6, 1906. 
*Conway, James Patrick, LL. B. 93. 

Died Feb. 28, 1917. 
Conway, Jesse Frank, B. S. (E. E.) 

09. Insurance Inspector. Puget 

Sound Traction, Lt. & Pr. Co. 4220 

Evanston Ave., Seattle, Wash. 
Conway, John G., B. S. 79. Lawyer, 

Watertown, Wis. a 
Conway, Mrs. John G. (Hoffman, Em- 

eline) B. S. 89, B. L. 90. 501 Wash- 
ington, Watertown, Wis. 

Conway, Mayme Agnes (Moe, Mrs. 

Albert L.) B. A. 13. 
Conway, Thomas M., B. A. 06. Dist. 
traffic Chief. Chicago Tel. Co. 1726 
Juneway Terr., Chicago, 111. a 
Conway, William James, B. L. 96, 
LL. B. 98. Lawyer & County Judge. 
Wood County. Grand Rapids, Wis. 

Conway, William Malcolm, B. S. (G. 
E.) 06. Div. Engr. Wis. Highway 
Comm. Green Bay, Wis. a 

Conyne, Norma, B. A. 11. In canteen 
service, c/o Amer. Y. M. C. A. 
Cannes, France. Home, Warren, 

Cook, Alfred Newton, Ph. D. 08. 
Prof. State Univ. Vermillion, 
S. D. a 

Cook, Alva Henry, B. A. 07. Pub- 
lisher. The Northwestern Confec- 
tioner. 1122-40th, Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 

Cook, Dayton Eugene, LL. B. 95. At- 
torney. 509 W. Grand Ave., Chip- 
pewa Falls, Wis. 

Cook, Dorothy Margaret, B. S. (H. 
Ec.) 17. a 

Cook, Edna Browning, Ph. B. 03. 
Teacher. State Normal. Geneseo. 
N. Y. a 

Cook, Edward Albert, B. L. 00. 
Northwestern Natl. Life Ins. Co. 
3721 Colfax Ave. S., Minneapolis, 

Cook, Eudora Idahlia (Westergaard, 
Mrs. E. C.) B. A. 05. 

Cook, Grant, M. S. 17. Supervisor of 
Practice Teachers. State Normal. 
406 Newberry Blvd., Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 

Cook, Guy Shimer, M. A. 19 Green- 
ville, 111. 

Cook, Henry Allen, B. A. 05. Super- 
vising Prin. 1231 E. Dayton, Mad- 
ison, Wis. 

Cook, Herbert L., B. S. 03. Railway 
Postal Clerk. 114 N. Brearly, 
Madison, Wis. 

Cook, Mrs. H. L. (Davey, Luella) B. 
S. 03. 114 N. Brearly, Madison, 

Cook, Hobart Rockwell, B. A. 76. Co- 
lumbus, Wis. 

Cook, Irene Croxton, B. A. 17. Bluff - 
ton, Ind. 

Cook, James Knight, B. S. (M. E.) 
09. c/o C. R. I. & P. Ry. 208 N. 
Beard, Shawnee, Okla. 



*Cook, JuUa Leland, Ph. B. 72. Died 
Feb. 20, 1877. 

Cook, Leo M., B. A. 05. Vice-Pres. P. 
David Co. 1135 Lake, San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

Cook, LilUan A. (Waite, Mrs. Willis 
W.) Ph. B. 03. 

Cook, Lillian Elizabeth, B. A. 12. Li- 
brarian. Dept of Educ. Historical 
Bldg., St. Paul, Minn, a 

Cook, Mary A., B. A. 13. Librarian. 
Columbia Univ. New York City, a 

Cook, MatWlde Viola, B. L. 99. 324 
W. Mifflin, Madison, Wis. a 

Cook, Maynard Albert, M. E. 14. Jo- 
seph M. Boyd Co., 107 W. Gorham, 
Madison, Wis. a 

Cook, Nettie May, B. A. 04. Teacher. 
Lewis & Clark High School. Spok- 
ane, Wash, a 
*Cook, Sesrmour H., B. S. 77. Died 
May 3, 1913. 

Cook, Mrs. Theodore (Kasberg, Tin- 
ora L.) B. L. 02. Hastings, Minn. 

Cook, Thomas Russell, B. S. (M. E.) 
00. Chief Engr. & Mfg. Mgr. Wil- 
lard Storage Battery Co. Cleve- 
land, O. 

Cook, William Adelbert, Ph. D. 13. 
Prof. U. of S. D. Vermillion, S. D. 

Cook, Willis C, LL. B. 95. Attorney. 
Sioux Falls, S. D. 

Cooke, Raymond Denny, B. S. (Ch. 
C.) 13, M. S. 14. Eesearch Chem- 
ist. Terre Haute, Ind. a 

Cooke, Reginald Bancroft, Ph. D. 15. 

Teacher. Cornell U. Ithaca, N. Y. 

.Cool, Charles Dean, Ph. D. 09. Asst. 

Prof. U. W. 1607 Adams, Madison, 


Coolbaugh, Mrs. Gaylord (Bevans, 
Alice J.) B. L. 03. 2530 Chilton 
Way, Berkeley, Calif. 

Cooley, Homer Delos, B. L. 83. At- 
torney, Wisconsin Blk., Everett, 

Cooley, Margaret Hamilton, B. S. (H. 
Ec.) 17. Jamaica, N. Y. 

Cooley, Ray, B. S. (H. Ec.) 19. Bow- 
man Dairy Co. 140-158 W. On- 
tario, Chicago, 111. a 

Cooley, Mrs. Roy B. (Koehler, Jennie 
Emma) B. S. (H. Ec.) 14. 54 
Pleasant, Amherst, Mass. a 

Cooley, Wm. R., B. L. 90. Eeal Es- 
tate. 517 H-H Bldg., Cape Girar 
deau. Mo. 

*Coombs, Edward Christopher, B. S. 
(C. E.) 97. Died June, 1911. 

Coon, Anna Margaret, B. A. 14. 
Teacher. Rhinelander, Wis. 

Coon, Beulah Isabel, B. S. (H. Ec.) 
18. Supervisor. State House, 
Phoenix, Ariz, a 
*Coon, Charles Asa, LL. B. 96. De- 

Coon, Cordon William, B. A. 14. 

Coon, Frances C, (McGraw, Mrs. 
James) ^. A. 11. 

Coon, Frederick William, Ph. B. 73. 
Editor & Publisher. Edgerton, 
Wis. a 

Coon, Galen Hiram, LL. B. 80. Deal- 
er in Hardwood Timber Lands. 
302 Germania Life Bldg., St. Paul, 
Minn, a 

Coon, Philip Leslie, M. A. 15. Supt. 
of Schools. Barron, Wis. 

Coon, Royden Jonas, B. S. (C. E.) 05. 
Hdw. Merchant, Ladysmith, Wis. 

Coon, Winifred (Rankin, Mrs. Edw. 
L) M. G. 09. 

Coonen, John Edgar, B. A. 05. Prin- 
cipal. Escanaba, Mich. 

Cooper, Arthur S., B. C. E. 81, C. E. 
86. Retired. 287 Montford Ave., 
Asheville, N. C. 

Cooper, Belva Naomi (Rodewald, 
Mrs. John W.) B. A. 10. 

Cooper, Clarence Edward, B. S. (Ch. 
E.) 17. New Jersey Zinc. Co., 
Palmerton, Pa. a 

Cooper, Cornelia L., B. A. 05. Teach- 
er. 412 N. Orchard, Madison, Wis. 

Cooper, Dorothy Beatrice (Davidson. 
Mrs. Max) B. S. CH. Ec.) 16. 

Cooper, Earl John, B. S. A. 16. Prin- 
cipal. Bloomington, Wis. 

Cooper, Mrs. Earl J. (Campbell, Lu- 
cille Eleanor) B. Mus. 18. 25 
Mendota Ct., Madison, Wis. a 

Cooper, Elva (Magnusson, Mrs. Carl 
E.) B. A. 04, M. A. 06. 

Cooper, Fennimore F., B. S. (C. E.) 

14. Asst. Engr. 111. Central Corp. 
6367 N. Hermitage Ave., Chicago, 

*Cooper, Frank, LL. B. 81. Deceased. 
Cooper, Frederick Macomber, B. A. 

15. Sales Dept. Amer. Petroleum 
Products Co. 283 William, River 
Forest, 111. 

Cooper, Gloria Olive, B. A. 19. Teach- 
er. College of Industrial Arts, 
Denton, Texas, a 



Cooper, Grace Berenice, M. A. 16. 

Teacher. State Univ. Laramie. 

Cooper, Herbert Press, M. S. 16 

Blythewood, S. C. 
Cooper, Inez Beardsley (Toebaas, 

Mrs. Oscar T.) B. A. 14. 
Cooper, Marion Dean, B. S. (E. E.) 

08, E. E. 10. Elect. Engr. Nela 

Park, Cleveland, O. a 
Cooper, Mrs. Marion D. (Gardiner, 

Charlotte G.) B. A. 09. M. A. 14. 

14506 Shaw Ave., East Cleveland, 

O. a 
Cooper, Walter Henry, B. S. A. 07, 

M. S. 09. Dairy Farmer. E. F. D.' 

3, Box 50, Whitewater, Wis. a 
*Coorsen, Louis A., B. A. 09, LL. B. 

II. Deceased. 

Cope, Kenneth H., B. S (E. E.) 16. 
*Copeland, Cecil A., LL. B. 88. Died 
April 19, 1905. 

Copeland, Mrs. Cecil A. (Palfrey, An- 
na G.) B. L. 87. Teacher. Wau- 
watosa, Wis. 

Copeland, Louis Albert, B. L. 96, LL. 
B. 02. Huntington Beach, Calif. 

Copp, Mrs. EUan Adelaide, LL. B. 08 

Copp, Wayland John, B. S. (M. E.) 
08. 2803 Emmans Ave., Zion City, 

III. a 

Corbett, Clifton Sherwin, M. A. 14. 
Instr. U. W. Madison, Wis. 

Corbett, Elizabeth Frances, B. A, 10. 
Writer. 759 Superior, Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 

Corbett, Gertrude Marion (Park, 
Mrs. Stephen Alan) B. A. 15. 
*Corbett, Matthew Martin, Ph. B. 69 
Died Feb. 9, 1908. 

Corbett, Richard Adkins, B. S. (M. 
E.) 13. Draftsman. Internatl. Har- 
vester Corp. 902 Scott, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. a 

Corbett, Mrs. Richard (Legler, Eose 
Magdalen) B. A. 13. 520 Lun- 
barger Terrace, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Corbus, Mrs. Frederick G. (Ketchum, 
Florence J.) B. L. 01, M. L. 03. 
2116 DeLancey PI., Philadelphia, 
Pa. a 

Corey, Marion Julia, B. A. 19. De 
Kalb, 111. 

Corlett, Ralph, B. A. 05. Farmer & 
Breeder. Harvard, 111. 

Corley, John Scripps, B. S. (M. E.) 
14. Banker. ]jowa Loan & Trust 
Co., Des Moines, la. a 

ComeUus, Erwin Charles, B. A. 96. 
Office Work. 717 Park Ave., Rock- 
ford, 111. 

Cornelius, Florence A. (Flohil, Mrs. 
J. J.) B. L. 84, M. A. 96. 

Corner, Douglas Calvert, B. S. (Min. 
E.) 13. Mgr. of Mines. Butte- 
Kansas Mines, Box 433, Joplin, 
Mo. a 

Cornish, Frank V., B. L. 96. At- 
torney. Underwood Bldg., San 
Francisco, Calif. City Attorney. 
Berkely, Calif, a 

Cornish, Myron, B. S. (C. E.) 15. 
Civil Engr. 220 Linden Ave., Oak 
Park, 111. a 

Cornish, Ross Carlton, B. S. (C. E.) 
97. Chief Engr. American Gas Co. 
West Washington Sq., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. a 

Cornwall, Wendell W., LL. B. 81. At- 
torney. Spencer, la. 

Corp, Charles L, M. S. 11. Assoc. 
Prof. U. W. 2114 W. Lawn Ave., 
Madison, Wis. 

Correll, Washington G., Ph. G. 95. 
Druggist. Spring Green, Wis. 

Coiry Bernadette, B. A. 13. Instr. 
1414 Main, Marinette, Wis. 

Corry, Estelle, Ph. B. 11. Teacher. 
1414 Main, Marinette, Wis. 

Corscot, Catherine May, .B. A. 98. 
1222 E. Johnson, Madison, Wis. a 

Corse, Ellen J. (Kachel, Mrs. Wil- 
liam F.) B. A. 06. 

Corson, Will A., B. S. 78. Attorney. 
2116 Emmet, Omaha, Neb. 

Corstvet, Alexander Oscar, B. L. 03, 
LL. B. 05. Editorial Dept. West. 
Pub. Co. 649 Lexington Ave. N., 
St. Paul, Minn. 

Corstvet, Anna Alice, B. A. 07. 
Teacher. 111. Wesleyan Univ. 
Bloomington, 111. 

Corstvet, Emma Gretchen, B. A. 18. 
553-28th, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Cortelyou, George Stilwell, B. S. (C. 
E.) 08. Sales Agent & Eesident 
Engr. Griffin Wheel Co. 75 East 
Ed., Prospect Hill, Tacoma, Wash. 

Cortelyou, Townsend T., B. S. (C. E.) 
12. Engr. 3844 Chestnut Ave., 
Kansas City, Mo. a 

Corwin, Winnafred Katherine, (Eob- 

inson, Mrs. Beverley) B. A. 18. a 
^Coryell, Thomas D., B. A. 57, M. A. 
60. Died, 1862. 



Costello, Mrs. Daniel (Bossard, Ger- 
trude M.) B. L. 03. 609 Houghton 
Ave., Grand Kapids, Minn, a 
*Cotten, Ruth, B. A. 12. Died, 1915. 

Cotter, Chester, B. S. (M. E.) 17. 
Eowley, Mass. 

Cotterill^ Robert Spencer, Ph. D. 18. 
Prof. Western Maryland Coll. 
Westminster, Md. 

Cottingham, Erwin Yandell, B. S. A. 

08. Chief Clerk. Water Dept. City 
Hall. Houston, Texas.- 

Cottingham, Lelia Maude (Martin, 

Mrs. Hal E.) B. A. 14. 
Cotton, Carol Wright (Hyde, Mrs. j 

Charles) B. A. 14. La Crosse, Wis. 
Cotton, William Jacobs, M. S. 12. 

Prof. Butler Coll. 5363 University 

Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 
Cottrell, Bessie Etta, B. L. 02. 634- 

11th Ave. N., Seattle, Wash. 
Cotzhausen, Arthur, LL. B. 01. 
Coubal, Laudimire Joseph, Ph. B. 16. 

Principal. 1612 Wollmer, Manito- 
woc, Wis. 
Coughlin, Mary Gertrude, B. A. 17. 

Watertown, Wis. 
Coughlin, Raymond Michael, B. A. 

(C. C.) 18. Baraboo, Wis. 
Coughlin, Robert Jerry, B. S. (E. E.j 

16. 8 Center, Baraboo, Wis. 
Coulter, Ellis Merton, M. A. 15, Ph. 

D. 17. Teacher. Amer, History U. 

Georgia, Athens, Georgia. 
Coulter, John Lee, Ph. D. 08. Dean 

& Director. Coll. of Agric & Exp. 

Sta. Morgantown, W. Va. 
Coup, Fred T., E. E. 12. Salesman 

224-lst Natl. Bk. Bldg., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 
Cousins, Clarence E., M. A. 11. Assoc. 

Prof. State Univ. of la. Iowa 

City, la. 
*Cover, Joseph, Ph. B. 72. Died June 

9, 1903. 

Covert, Mrs. George (Muzzy, Jenny) 
Ph. B. 72, B. A. 74. Physician. 14 
Volusia Ave., Daytona, Fla. 

Covert, Kittie May (Creeth, Mrs. T. 
J.) B. L. 83. 

Cowan, Glen P., B. S. (E. E.) 11. 
Vice Pres. & Gen. Mgr. Arctic Ice 
Cream Co. Detroit, Mich, a 

Coward, Stanley Chandler, B A. 10. 
Acct. J. E. MacGregor, Sellworth 
Bldg., Duluth, Minn. 
*Cowdery, Edith Aldrich, B. L. 94. 
Died April 4, 1898. 

Cowdery, Kirke Iiionel, B. A. 88. 

Assoc. Prof. Oberlin Coll. 784 
Woodland Ave., Oberlin, O. a 

Cowell, William Albert, B. A. 04, LL. 
B. 06. Attorney. Kewaunee, Wis. 

Cowie, Earl Galbraith, B. S. A. 18. 
1522 John Ave., Superior, Wis. 

Cowie, Harry James, B. S. (G. E.) 03. 
Designing Engr. Niagara Falls Pr. 
Co. and Canadian Niagara Pr. Co. 
6 John, Niagara Falls, Ont. a 

Cowie, Robert S., LL. B. 94. Mem- 
ber State Board of Control. White- 
hall, Wis. 

Cowin, Leo Vivian, B. S. (M. E.) 14. 
227 Algoma, Oshkosh, Wis. 
*Cowles, Herbert V., B. A. 05. LL. B. 
08. Died Nov. 10, 1918. 

Cowles, IVIrs. H. V. (Mills, Jean) B. 

A. 08. 126 Forest Ave., Madison, 

Cowles, Mary Louise, M. S. 18. Instr. 

U. W. 450 N. Charter, Madison, 

Cowley, Mrs. A. W. (Pfisterer, Clara) 

B. L. 01. 2134 Grand Blvd., Spo- 
kane, Wash. 

Cox, Fannie Edith, B. A. 13. Index 
& Catalogue Clerk. Ordnance Bur- 
eau, War Dept. Apt. 2, 3145 Mt. 
Pleasant, Wash. D. C. 

Cox, Guy Henry, M. A. 08, Ph. D. 11. 
Prof. School of Mines, U. of Mo. 
Kolla, Mo. 

Cox, Winlred Lorn, B. A. 14. Cairo 
Natl. Bank, 410 Washington Ave., 
Cairo, 111. a 
Coyle, John Joseph, LL. B. 00. At- 
torney. 218-9th, S. E., Minot, 
N. D. a 

Coyne, Katherine (Frawley, Mrs. M. 
J.) B. L. 87. 

Coyne, WiUiam Henry, LL. B. 92. 
Traveling Salesman. 310 N. But- 
ler, Madison, Wis. 

Cozzens, Mildred Josephine (Ewald, 
Mrs. L. P.) S. M. G. 16. 

Crabtree, John Birch, LL. B. 01. At- 
torney. 322 Depot Ave., Dixon, 111. 

Crabtree, Mrs. W. B. (Durley, Irene 
Minerva) Ph. B. 02. a 

Crafer, Thomas W. B., M. A. 07, Ph. 
D. 10. Prof. Lawrence Coll. 674 
Durkee, Appleton, Wis. a 

Crafts, Florence Katherine, M. A. 17. 
Teacher. Bradford, Vt. 

Cragoe, Edward Jethro, M. A. 15. 
Prof. Baker Univ. Baldwin, Kan. a 



Craig, Alice Jessie (King, Mrs. C. I.) 
B. L. 80. 
*Craig, Elmer Horace, B. A. 72. Died 

July 1, 1898. 
*Craig, Mrs. Elmer (Busk, Charity; 
Ph. B. 67. Died Nov. 11, 1913. 
Craig, Helen D., B. A. 18. Jackson- 
ville, 111. 
Craig, Jessie C. (Campbell, Mrs. D. 

A.) B. L. 96. 
Craig, Louise (Bell, Mrs. Alfred C.) 

B. L. 00. 
Craig, Mary L. (Bourne, Mrs. A. E.) 

Ph. B. 67. 
Craig, Orlin Perry, Ag. G. 13. Agri- 
culturist. Mukwonago, Wis. 
Craig, Walter Scott, B. S. A. 18. 603 

Court, Janesville, Wis. 
Craigo, Cathleen M. (Murdock, Mrs. 

H. D.) B. L. 03. 
Craigo, Ralph Thurman, B. S. (G. E.) 
05. Asst. Director. Dunwoody In- 
dustrial Inst. Minneapolis, Minn 
Crain, Carroll Francis, B. S. (Med.) 

19. Kedfield, S. D. 
Crain, Edward P., Ph. B. 07. Instr. 
State Normal. 715-4th Ave., Val- 
ley City, N. D. 
Craker, Gladys Vivian, S. M. G. 15. 

Teacher. Keedsburg, Wis. 
Cramer, Albert Julius, B. S. A. 16. 

Merrill, Wis. 
Cramer, Clarence Everett, B. A. 17. 
Eclipse Gas Stove Co. 811 Gar 
field Ave., Rockf ord, 111. a 
Cramer, Mrs. Herbert L. (Brown, 
Mary Elizabeth) B. A. 18. 4601 
Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Cramer, Mary A. (Cahill, Mrs. John) 

B. L. 97. 
Crampton, Burt Lament, B. S. A. 10. 

1815 Monroe, Madison, Wis. 
Cramton, Mrs. M. J. (Scheibel, Mar- 
tha C.) B. L. 95. 625 E. Gorham, 
Madison, Wis, a 
Crandall, George Herbert, M. A. 17. 

Teacher. Milton, Wis. 
Crandall, Harriett E. (Davenport, 
Mrs. Herbert J.) B. A. 94, M. A. 
Crandall, Harry Boy, B. S. (M. E.) 
98. Printer. Crandall & Thickens. 
McGeoch Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Crandall, Irving Bardshar, B. A. 09. 
Research Physicist. Western Elec. 
Co. Inc. New York City. 
Crandall, Persons Jay, B. S. A. 15 
County Agric. Agent. Elk Pt., S 
D. a 

Crandall, William Truman, B. S. A. 

09. Teacher. U. of 111. Urbana, 

Crane, Alice W., B. A. 14. Instr. U. 
W. 612 Howard PI., Madison, Wis. 

Crane, Charles F., LL. B. 96. Law- 
yer. Weyauwega, Wis. 

Crane, Edgar Willis, B. S. (E. E.) 95. 

Crane, Guy Walter, B. A. 13. Geolo- 
gist. Chief Consolidated Mining 
Co. Eureka, Utah, a 
*Crane, Mrs. Guy W. (McLean, Mar- 
ion Clara) B. L. 01. Died Aug. 4, 

Crane, Henrietta L. (Lyman, Mrs. W. 
A.) Ph. B. 74. 

Crane, Millard, M. S. 16. Teacher. 
Winamac, Ind. 
*Crane, Richard Moore, LL. B. 72. De- 

Crane, William Hanlon, B. A. 17. 
Lieut. Inf. 7450 Sheridan Ed., Chi- 
cago, 111. 
*Crane, WiUiam Nelson, LL. B. 88. 

Crane, Winifred Lucy (Barry, Mrs. 
Charles A.) B. A. 12. 
*Cranefield, Marion Charles, B. A. 19. 

Killed in action July 30, 1918. 
*Crathome, Mrs. A. R. (Pengra, Char- 
lotte Elvira) B. S. 97, Ph. D. 01. 
Died, 1916. 
*Cravath, Pitt, Ph. B. 63. Died Nov. 

28, 1898. 
*Craven, Alexander, B. L. 77. Died 
Nov. 20, 1886. 

Crawford, Alice A. (Gorst, Mrs. Alice 
Formerly, Baily, Mrs. Wm. H.) B. 
S. 75. 

Crawford, Clarence C, Ph. D. 06. 
Assoc. Prof. U. of Kans. 1530 Ken- 
tucky, Lawrence, Kan. 

Crawford, Mrs. C. C. (Ticknor, Eliz- 
abeth G.) B. A. 03. 1530 Ken- 
tucky, Lawrence, Kan. 

Crawford, David Anderson, B. A. 05. 
Treas. Haskell & Barker Car Co., 
Inc. 507 Ry. Exchange', Chicago, 
111. a 

Crawford, Finla Goff, M. A. 16. Asst. 
Prof. Syracuse Univ., Syracuse, 
N. Y. 

Crawford, George, LL. B. 00. At- 
torney. Gillett, Wis. 

Crawford, Harold N., B. A. 11. Com- 
mercial Artist. 229 Plankinton 
Arcade, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Crawford, Helen Jennings, B. A. 08. 
Principal. Hazel Green, Wis. 



Crawford, John Jennings, B. A. 13. 

Hazel Green, Wis. 
Crawford, Robert Storey, B. L. 03. 

Gen. Secy. Wisconsin Alumni Assn. 

Bellevue Apts., Madison, Wis. a 
Crawford, Willard Goldsworthy, B. 

A. 12, M. A. 15. Chemist. Oliver 
Mining Co. Coleraine, Minn, a 

Creeden, Frank B., Ph. G. 04. Phar- 
macist. Ray, N. D. 
Creeth, Mrs. T. J. (Covert, Kittie M.) 

B. L. 83. 127 E. 32nd, Los Angeles, 

Crego, Irving, LL. B. 00. Attorney. 

Aurora, 111. 
Cremer, Marcia Baird, B. A. 17, M 

A. 18. Cashton, Wis. 
=CrensUaw, Thomas P., B. S. (E. E.) 

95. Deceased. 
Cressey, Mrs. J. K. (Leach, Olive} 

B. A. 12. 844 W. 8th, Sioux Falls,. 
S. D. a 

Creutz, Lester R., B. A. 05. Teacher. 
Normal School. Eau Claire, Wis. 

Criddle, Arthur, Ph. G. 99. Pharma 
cist. Oregon, Wis. 

Crile, Dennis Rider Wood, B. S 
(Med.) 14. Surgeon. Augustana 
Hosp. 2106 Sedgwick, Chicago, 111 

Crisler, Irenaeus T., B. S. 81. Ranch- 
er. Elizabeth, Colo. 

Crissey, Mer^nll Henry, B. A. 06. 
1015 Oakland Ave., Janesville, 

Critchlow, Ivanelle, S. M. G. 15 
Mellen, Wis. 

Crocker, Mrs. A. G. (Hutson, Har- 
riet M.) B. A. 08. 178 Allendale 
Ave., Detroit, Mich, a 

Crocker, Frank A. B. A. 05. Emer- 
gencv Fleet Corp., Philadelphia, 
Pa. a 

CroU, Eulalia Hattie, B. A. 13. Man- 
itowoc, Wis. 

Cronander, Marjorle Anna, B. A. 15. 
Librarian. Moline, 111. 

Cronin, Catherine Helen, B. S. (H. 
Ec.) 18. 24 W. Doty, Madison, 

Cronin, Clara Margaret (Merrill, 
Mrs. P. C.) B. A. 09. 

Cronin, Helen Elizabeth (See Sister 
Mary Magdalen) Ph. B. 07. 

Cronin, Katherine Lucile, B. A. 14. 
Recreational Director. War Camp 
Community Service. Ru-^.els Bldg., 
Lowell, Mass. a 

Cronin, Magdalen, B. S. (H. Ec.) 18. 
5306 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Cronin, Timothy T., Ph. B. 09, LL. 

B. 13. Attorney. Smith Blk., Ocon- 
omowoc, Wis. a 
*Cronk, Albert Sheldon, LL. B. 84. 

Cronk, Mrs. Claude (Stephenson, 
Alice E.) B. L. 94. 4847 E. Rav- 
enswood Pk., Chicago, HI. a 

Cronk, Forbes B., B. S. (C. E.) 05. 
Asst. Mining Engr. Oliver Iron 
Mining Co. 608 Wolvin Bldg., Du- 
luth, Minn, a 

Cronk, Mrs. Forbes B. (Morse, Jessie 
M.) B. A. 05. 608 Wolvin Bldg.. 
Duluth, Minn. 

Cronk, Victor Doughty, B. L. 02. a 

Cronquist, Mrs. Raymond (Mayberry, 
Hazel) B/ A. 15. 312 S. 19th Ave. 
E., Duluth, Minn, a 

Crooker, Mrs. Joseph H. (Kollocic, 
Florence E.) M. A. 82. Univer- 
salist Minister & Lecturer. Pasa- 
dena, Calif. 

Crooker, Grin Edson, B. S. 01. Pas- 
tor. Universalist Church. 1079 N. 
Cedar, Galesburg, 111. 

Crosby, Bemice Lydla, B. S. (H. Ec.) 

14. Teacher. 307 Huntington Ct., 
Madison, Wis. a 

Crosby, Charles Logan, B. S. A. 15. 
Pacific Coast Condensed Milk Co., 
205 Atlantic, Rhinelander, Wis. a 

Crosby, Francis H., B. L. 00. Pres. 
Northwestern Long Distance Tel. 
Co. 2345 Lake, San Francisco, 
Calif, a 

Crosby, May L., Ph. B. 07. Super- 
vising Principal. Muscoda, Wis. 

Crosby, Re3male Richardson, B. S. A. 

15. Inspector Wis. Dairy & Food 
Comm. 307 Huntington Ct., Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Crosby, Rosamond (McGinnis, Mrs. 

Donald W.) B. A. 18. 
^^Cross, George, Ph. B. 67. Died 

Sept. 2, 1920. 
Cross, Ira Brown, B. A. 05, M. A. 06. 

Prof. U. of Calif. 1418 LeRoy 

Ave., Berkeley, Calif, a 
Crosse, Edith J. (Gleason, Mrs. E. F.) 

B. L. 80. 
Grosser, Callender Armstrong, B. A. 

(C. J.) 16. East Aurora, N. Y. a 
Grossman, Roland Derry, B. A. 08. 

Salesman. Kelley Hdw. Co. Du- 
luth, Minn. 
Crothers, Donald H., B. S. A. 17. 

Farmer. Neillsville, Wis. 



Crothers, Harold Marlon, E. E. 13. 

Instr. U. W. Madison, Wis. 
Grouse, Laura Louise, B. A. 14. 312 

W. 9th, Cincinnati, O. 
Orowell, George G., B. S. (E. E.) 10. 

Commercial Engr. Almond, Wis. a 
Crowell, Eobinson, E. E. 96. Pac. 

Gas & Elec. Co., 3841 Ardley Ave., 

Oakland, Calif. 
Crowley, Jennie Gertrude, B. A. 13. 

Teacher. 404 E. Main, Madison, 

Crownhart, Charles H., LL. B. 89. 

Kevisor of Statutes. 144 Breese 

Terr., Madison, Wis. a 
Crowns, Arthur John, LL. B. 11. 

Lawyer. Nekoosa, Wis. 
*Crull, Adam U., M. A. 94. Died 

Sept. 16, 1915. 
Crump, Arthur Wilson, B. S. (C. E.; 

15. Valuation Engr. Lake Mills, 

Wis. a 
Crumpton, Doris Hartman, B. A. 10. 

Asst. Harvard Coll. Library. 1715 

Hammond Ave., Superior, Wis. 
Crumpton, William Jairus, B. S. (E. 

E.) 04. ' 617 West End Ave., New 

York City. Home, 1111 Maple 

Ave., Superior, Wis. a 
Cryderman, Charles A., LL. B. 99. 

Attorney. 57 W. Water, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. a 
Cubela, Joseph Mathias, LL. B. 94. 

Attorney. Muscoda, Wis. 
Cudahy, Clarence John, LL. B. 13. 

299 Ogden Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Cudahy, Michael Francis, B. A. 09. 

Packer. 54 Prospect Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 
Cuddy, Joseph F., LL. B. 87. At- 
torney. Escanaba, Mich. 
Cuff, Ovens Patterson, B. .S. A. 12. 

E. F. D. 20, Hortonville, Wis. 
Cuff, Raymond Lee, B. S. A. 14. 
• County Agric Agent, Barron, Wis. 
Cuff, Mrs. Raymond L. (Lundberg, 

Gertrude Adele) B. A. 14. Barron, 

Culbertson, Clarence Barker, LL. B. 

94. Attorney. Stanley, Wis. a 
Culbertson, Joseph Raymond, Ph. G. 

14. c/o St. Paul Round House, Be- 

loft. Wis. 
Cullinan, Josephine Marie, B. S. (H. 

Ec.) 15. Instr. U. W. 404 State, 

Madison, Wis. a 
Culvor, Katherine (Mulberry, Mrs. 
H. M.) B. A. 18. 

Culver, Harold Eugene, Ph. B. 10, 
Ph. M. 11. Geologist. State Geol. 
Survey. Urbana, HI. a 

Culver, Harry, B. S. (Med.) 10. Phy- 
sician. 7 West Madison, Chicago, 
111. a 

Culver, Mrs. H. Paul (Dodd, Edith) 
B. A. 16. 112 W. 2d, Ashland, 
Wis. a 

Cumings, Irene Hannah, M. A. 15. 
Teacher. 417 S. Duluth Ave., 
Sioux Falls, S. D. 

Gumming, Helen Maria, B. S. (H. 
Ec.) 18. 3603 Cedar, Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 

Cummings, Mrs. Albert E. (Marshall, 
Mabel Minnie) B. A. 15. 442 E. 
136th, New York City, a 

Cummings, Henry, LL. B. 93. Chief 
Judge. Civil Court of Milwaukee 
County. 270 Martin, Apt. 36, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Cummings, Leo Bradford, B. S. A. 16. 
Traveling Salesman. 71-6th, Fond 
du Lac, Wis. a 

Cummings, Margaret E., B. L. 01. 
Teacher. 345 W. Main, Madison, 

Cummings, Raymond Henry, B. A. IS. 
Western Newspaper Union, 4856 
Sheridan Rd., Chicago, 111. a 

Cummins, James Albert, B. S. (M. 
E.) 14. 2410 Forest Drive, Des 
Moines, la. 

Cunneen, William A., B. A. 04. Buy- 
er. Saddlery Dept., Kelly-Howe- 
Thompson Co. Duluth, Minn. 

^Cunningham, Carl Jefferson, B. A. 
09. Died Feb. 1, 1920. 

Cunningham, Frederick William, Ph 
D. 12. Engr. 5 Park Ave., Maple- 
wood, N. Y. 

Cunningham, George Bernard, LL. B. 
03. Attorney. Richland Center, 

Cunningham, Isabel M. (Parks, Mrs. 
Howell) B. A. 06. 

Cunningham, John J., B. L. 92, LL. 
B. 94. Postmaster & Lawyer. 618 
Court, Janesville, Wis. 

Cunningham, John Wilbur, B. S. (C. 
E.) 08. Baar and Cunningham, 
Consulting Engrs. 414 Spalding 
Bldg., Portland, Ore. 
^Cunningham, Mary Florence (Lobb, 
Mrs. Albert J.) B. S. 03. 

Cunningham, Oma Leo, B. S. A. 15. a 



Cunningliam, Robert John, B. A. 16, 
LL. B. 18. Attorney. 304 Jack- 
man Blk., Janesville, Wis. 

Cunningliam, Roger George, B. A. 12, 
LL. B. 15. Attorney. 304 Jack- 
man Blk., Janesville, Wis. a 

Cunningliam, Wilson, B. S. 95. Phy- 
sician & Surgeon. Platteville, 
Wis. a 

Curkeet, William R., LL. B. 09. At- 
torney. 319 N. IngersoU, Madison, 

Currie, Alice Mary (Drew, Mrs. Har- 
old W.) B. A. 08. 

Currie, Constance Mary, B. A. 12. 
Social Worker. Head Eesident, 
Neighborhood House, 153 Robert- 
son, St. Paul, Minn, a 

Currie, James N., Ph. D. 11. Chem- 
ist. 17 E. 17th, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Curry, Margaret McCune (Osborn, 
Mrs. John S.) B. A. 15. 

Curtin, James Hugh, B. S. (C. E.) 07. 
Engr. 68 William, New York City. 

Curtin, Joseph Henry, B. A. 07. Sales 
Mgr. Foster Creek Lbr. & Mfg. Co. 
Stephenson, Miss. 

Curtin, Mrs. Joseph (Trainor, Kate) 
B. A. 09. Stephenson, Miss, a 

Curtis, Alfred Tennyson, LL. B. 99. 
Secy. & Mgr. Curtis Land & Loan 
Co. Merrill, Wis. 

Curtis, Arthur H., B. S. 02. Surgeon 
104 S. Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Curtis, Mrs. A. W. (Butcher, Ade- 
laide) B. S. 97. Physician. 250 
Coolidge Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. a 

Curtis, Dorothea H., (Chickering, 
Mrs. W. W.) B. A. 01. 

Curtis, Edwin Ford, B. S. (E. E.) 10. 
Asst. Treas. Empire Gas & Fuel Cc. 
413 Creek Ave., Bartlesville, Okla. 

Curtis, Emory Blake, B. A. 13. 

Curtis, George Gregory, LL. B. 03. 
Farmer. Irma, Wis. 

Curtis, Harry Alfred, Ph. D. 14. Prof. 
Northwestern Univ. Chicago, 111. 
*Curtis, Harry Hale, LL. B. 77. Died 

May 30, 1893. 
*Curtis, Mrs. H. H. (Allen, Mary A.) 
Ph. B. 65. Died May 23, 1916. 

Curtis, Herman K., LL. B. 89. At- 
torney. 618 Frederick Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Curtis, John Huss, B, A. 10. Asst. 
Adv. Mgr. G. Sommers & Co. 1656 
St. Clair Ave., St. Paul, Minn, a 

Curtis, Mrs. John H. (Matson, El- 
vera) S. M. G. 11. 1656 St. Clair 
Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Curtis, Joseph, B. S. A. 09, M. S. 10. 
New Lisbon, Wis. 

Curtis, Kenneth, B. H. 19. National 
X-ray Reflector and Curtis-Lage 
Fixture Co., Chicago, 111. a 

Curtis, Martha E. (Hall, Mrs. Roy 
D.) B. A. 09. 

Curtis, Mildred Harriet (Murphy, 
Mrs. C.) B. A. 07. 

Curtis, Nathan Stephenson, B. L. 99. 
LL. B. 01. Saw Mill Operator. 
Coal Fire, Ala. 
*Curtls, Norman Philip, B. S. (C. E.) 

04. Died April 10, 1911. 
*Curtis, Orson Eugene, LL. B. 84. Died 
Jan., 1911. 

Curtis, Roy Emerson, M. A. 08, Ph. 
D. 12. Prof. Knox Coll., Galesburg, 

Curtis, Sumner Macomber, B. L. 89. 
Correspondent. Chicago Record 

. Herald. 1844 Columbia Rd., Wash. 
D. C. 

Curtis, Warden Allan, B. A. 89. Jour- 
nalist. Ashland, N. H. 

Curwen, William H., B. S. (C. E.) 11. 
Civil Engr. c/o U. S. B. P. R. & 
R. E. 301 Customs Bldg., Denver, 
Colo, a 

Cushing, Alice G. (Stone, Mrs. A. G. 
C.) B. L. 98. 

Cushing, William T., B. S. (Ch. E.) 
11. Norton Co. (of Worchester, 
Mass.) Detroit, Mich, a 

Cusick, Edward Timothy, B. S. A. 
16. Dealer in Livestock, Feed, Coal 
& Machinery. Oregon, Wis. a 

Custer, John Sherman, Ph. D. 17. 
Teacher. Lawrence Coll. Apple- 
ton, Wis. 
*Cutler, Frank, LL. B. 80. Died April 
7, 1888. 

Cutler, Horace Eaton, B. A. 01. Fort 
Lauderdale, Fla. a 

Cutler, Joseph Albert, B. S. (C. E.) 
09, Asst. Mgr. Chicago Office 
Johnson Service Co. Chicago, 111. 

Cutler, Manuel, B. S. (C. E.) 09. 
Structural Engr. 1019-36th, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Cutler, Will Wilder, B. L. 88. Clerk 
of the Courts. Dodge County. Ju- 
neau, Wis. 

Daane, Adrian, Ph. B. 13, M. S. 14. 
Asst^ Prof. & Asst. Agronomist. 
A. & M. Coll. Stillwater, Okla. 

Dabney, WiUiam Lyle, B. A. 17. 203 
University Club, Madison, Wis. a 



Dacy, Alice B. (Bergenthal, Mrs. V. 

W.) B. L. 98, M. G. 98. 
Dacy, George Harold, B. S. A. 10, M. 

S. A. 11. Agricultural Writer & 

Farmer. National Press Club, 

Wash. D. C. a 
Daenell, Ernest, LL. D. 11. Prof. U. 

of Miinster. Miinster, Germany. 
Daenitz, Ottomar Paul Theodore, B. 

S. (G. E.) 08. Western Rep. Na- 
tional Dairy Machine Co. 209-4th, 

Portland, Ore. 
Dafoe, Gladys Gertrude, B. A. 15. 

Teacher. Wautoma, Wis. 
Dagger, Golden Norman, M. A. 15. 

Urbana, O. 
Dahl, Alice Idell (Battle, Mrs. 

Loren) B. A. 12. 
Dahl, Charles F., B. S. 84. Druggist. 

Viroqua, Wis. a 
Dahl, Charles Henry, B. A. 17. 
Dahl, Chester Theodore, B. S. (C. E,) 

09. Auto Dealer. 715 Wisconsin, 

Eacine, Wis. 
Dahl, Elnora Ingeberg (Whitney, 

Mrs. W. F.) B. A. 07. 
Dahl, Gerhard Melvin, LL. B. 96. 

Vice-Pres. Chase Nat'l Bank. New 

York City, a 
Dahl, Harry J., B. A 06. Auto Deal- 
er. 126 S. 11th, La Crosse, Wis. 
Dahl, Henry, B. S. A. 13, M. S. 14. 
Dahl, John L., Ph. B. 13. Dist. At- 
torney. Barron Co. Eice Lake, 

Dahl, Lulu Edna (Sorley, Mrs. Frank 

M.) B. A. 10. 
Dahl, Marion, B. A. 11. Librarian. 

301-2nd Ave., Two Harbors, Minn. 
Dalilberg, Arnold Orlando, B. S. A. 

12. California Central Creameries. 

425 Battery St., San Francisco, 

Calif, a 
Dahlberg, Mrs. Arthur C. (Damuth, 

Lenora Eosane) Ph. B. 17. Agric. 

College, Fargo, N. D. a 
Dahle, Agnes H. (Pitts, Mrs. C. E.) 

B. A. 11. 
Dahle, Beulah, B. S. (H. Ec.) 15. Mt. 

Horeb, Wis. a 
Dahle, Clarence Arthur, B. A. 15. 

1319-7th S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Dahle, Gertrude A. (Atkins, Mrs. C. 

C.) M. G. 10. 
Dahle, Isak James, B. A. 04. Agency 

Mgr. Equitable Life of N. Y. 612- 

1st Nat'l Bk. Bldg., Milwaukee, 

Wis. a 

Dahle, Marie E. (Peterson, Mrs. 
James A.) B. L. 84. 

Dahle, Otto B., B. L. 02. Merchant. 
Mt. Horeb, Wis. a 

Dahle, Theo Otelia (Hobson, Mrs. 
Asher) B. S. (H. Ec.) 17. 

Dahlman, Arthur Frederick, B. S. (C. 
E.) 18. 428 Huron Ave., Sheboy- 
gan, Wis. 

Dahlman, Clara Marie, B. A. 16. 
Teacher. Eochester, N. Y. Home, 
428 Huron Ave., Sheboygan, Wis. 

Dahlman, Louis A., LL. B. 96. At- 
torney. 314 Colby-Abbott Bldg., 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Dahm, Everett Francis, B. A. 13. 
Eetail & Eesearch Assn. 225-5th 
Ave., New York City, a 

Dahm, Mrs. E. F. (Miller, Grace Eu- 
genia) B. A. 12. 409-16th Ave. N., 
Seattle, Wash. 

Dahm, Justine Genevieve, B. A. 16. 

Dahm, Paul Emil, B. S. (E. E.) 13. 
Asst. Physicist. Bureau of Stan- 
dards. 4014-7th, N. W., Wash. 

D. C. 

Dake, Charles Laurence, B. A. 11, 
M. A. 12. Assoc. Prof. Mo. School 
of Mines & Metallurgy. Eolla, Mo. 

Daland, John N., M. A. 14. Profes- 
sor. Milton, Wis. 
*Dahlberg, Salmon Wirt, B. A. 81, M. 
L. 83. Died July, 1916. 

Dale, Drake Paul, B. S. (C. E.) 11. 
C. E. 17. Instr. U. of Minn. 1513 

E. Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, 
Minn, a 

*Daley, Frank Aloysius, B. A. 12, LL. 

B. 14. Died in service Nov. 20, 

Dallas, Mrs. Charles Donald (Hughes, 

Harriet) B. L. 03. 1124 Pine, Win- 

netka, 111. 
Dallwig, Herbert Carl, B. S. (Med.) 

14, M. S. 15. 785 Prospect Ave., 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Dallwig, Leon Eugene, B. S. (Med.) 

14. a 
Dallwig, Lydia (Bruns, Mrs. Freder- 
ick) B. A. 13. 
Dally, Walter Robert, B. S. A. 19. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
*Daly, Patrick, LL. B. 96. Deceased. 
Daly, Perclfer Charles, B. A. (C. C.) 

14. Grand Eapids, Wis. 
Damkoehler, Emma Clara, B. A. 18. 

2732 Highland Blvd., Milwaukee, 

Wis. a 



Damon, Edith May (Jones, Mrs. Al- 
bert) B. S. (H. Ec.) 16. 
Damon, Marie W. (Hartley, Mrs. C. 

J.) B. A. 11. 
♦Damon, WiUiam Cutler, B. A. 69, M. 

A. 74. Died Nov. 8, 1912. 
Damon, William Henry, B. S. (E. E.) 

12. Dept. of Engr. Wis. Eailroad 

So Utilities Div. 450 Hancock, Ap- 

pleton. Wis. a 
Damuth, Lenora Rosane (Dahlberg, 

Mrs. Arthur C.) Ph. B. 17. 
Damuth, Lihbie Marie, B. L. 00. 

Teacher. Ft. Atkinson, Wis. 
Dana, Dorothy Brockway (Walton, 

Mrs. James Henri) B. A. 15. 
Dana, Eleanor Fairchild, B. A. 19. 

Eau Claire, Wis. 
Dance, Benjamin Dixon, Ag. G. 17. 

Brookfield, Wis. 
Dance, James Harold, B. S. A. 15. 

Farming. Brookfield, Wis. a . 
Danforth, George J., LL. B. 03. Law- 
yer. 529 S. Euclid Ave., Sioux 

Falls, .S. D. 
Danforth, Mary Florence, B. S. (H. 

Ee.) 19. Washington, HI. a 
Danhof, Mrs. J. J. Jr. (Mueller, Er- 

ma) B. A. 07. 2262 W. Grand 

Blvd., Detroit, Mich. 
Daniells, John Eckley, B. A. 05. At- 
torney. 727 Grove PI., Toledo, O. 

Daniells, Ralph Peabody, B. S. 96. 

Physician. 928 Michigan, Toledo, 

O. a 
Daniells, William Nathaniel, B. A. 09. 

Librarian. 604 W. 31st, Austin, 

Texas, a 
Daniells, Mrs. William Nathaniel 

(Parkinson, Maude Marshall) B. 

A. 98, M. A. 11. 604 W. 31st, Aus- 
tin, Texas. 
Daniels, Alma, M. A. 11. Social 

Worker. 223 S. Chester Ed., 

Swarthmore, Pa. a 
Daniels, George Christian, B. S. (M. 

E.) 08. Mech. Engr. Cent. HI. Lt. 

Co. 1015 N. Glenoak Ave., Peoria, 

111. a 
Daniels, Mrs. Harry Carroll (Robi- 

son, Aleta) B. A. 09. 2714-9th 

Ave. W., Seattle, Wash, a 
Daniels, Helen A., B. L. 92. Teacher. 

Marinette, Wis. 
*Danlels, Homer Echoff, B. L. 76. 

Died Nov. 20, 1897. 
Daniels, Lucy O. (Thomspon, Mrs. J. 

David) B. L. 79. 

Daniels, Percy Hiram, B. S. (C. E.) 

Danielson, Hilda Josephine (Ellef- 
son, Mrs. Elmer) B. A. 13. 

Danilson, James Garfield, B. S. A. 15. 
Fruit Grower. Mansion, Wash, a 

Danuser, Ralph Waldo, Ph. G. 02. 
Pharmacist. Arcadia, Wis. 

Dargan, William Venuste, B. S. (Min. 
E.) 15. Chemist. Anaconda Cop- 
per Mining Co. Anaconda, Mont. 

Darling, Prank Edward, B. S. 00. 
Physician & Surgeon. 675-34th, 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Darling, Walter Gregory, B. A. 05. 
Physician & Surgeon. 877 Mari- 
etta Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Darling, Mrs. W. G. (Jackman, Mar- 
garet C.) B. A. 04. 877 Marietta 
Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Darling, William Sylvester, B. S. 99. 
Physician & Surgeon. 886 Hackett 
Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Darrow, Halsey, B. S. A. 15. Steel 
& Iron Sales. Western Springs, 111. 

Darrow, Joseph Daniel, LL. B. 10 
Attorney. Argyle, Wis. 

Daxrow, William, B. S. 98. 

Das, Rajani Kanta, M. A. 12, Ph. D. 
17. Thos. Cook & Son, 245 Broad- 
way, New York City, or Demra 
Post, Dacca, India. 

Dasso, Mrs. Luis (Gleerup, Virginia 
Loring) B. A. 17. Box 1176, Lima, 
Peru, S. A. 

Daube, Donald Ongley, Ag. G. 13. 
6243 Ingleside Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Daubner, George Holmes, LL. B. 93. 
Lawyer. 267 Broadway, Wauke- 
sha, Wis. 

Dauplaise, Yvonne Marie (Town, 
Mrs. George Galloway) Ph. B. 15. 

Davee, Henry A., Ph. B. 06. Direc- 
tor. State Normal. River Falls, 
Wis. a 

Davelaar, Gilbert John, LL. B. 02. 
Lawyer. 82-83 Loan & Trust 
Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Davenport, Audrey A., B. A. 08. Lab- 
oratory Asst. Agric. Bacteriology. 
303 Lathrop, Madison, Wis. a 

Davenport, Mrs. Hererbt J. (Cran- 
dall, Harriett E.) B. A. 94, M. A. 
96 Teacher. 230 Overlook Rd., 
Ithaca, N. Y. 

Davey, Cyril Earl, B. A. 10. Dodge- 
ville. Wis. 

Davey, Luella (Cook, Mrs. H. L.) B. 
L. 03. 



David, diaries Wendell, M. A. 12. 
Teacher. Bryn Mawr Coll. Bryn 
Mawr, Pa. 
David, Jessie Lucille (Morrissey, 

Mrs. Walter L.) B. A. 14. 
Davidson, David, Ag. G. 13. County 

Agric. Agent. Sparta, Wis. 
Davidson, Flora Neil, B. L. 01. Li- 
brary Asst. U. W. 1812 W. Lawn 
Ave., Madison, Wis. 
Davidson, Harold Oslbom, Min. E. 15. 
Asst. Engr. Oliver Iron Mining Co. 
107 E. Gogebic, Ironwood, Mich. 

Davidson, Jesse A., B. S. (Ap. Elect. 
Chem.) 04. Head of Western Div. 
& Engr. Insp. Dept., Western Elect. 
Co. Chicago, 111. 

Davidson, Mabel E. (Inbusch, Mrs. 
Fred C.) B. A. 07. 

Davidson, Mrs. Max (Cooper, Dor- 
othy Beatrice) B. S. (H. Ec.) 16. 
Associated Charities. 1818 Selden, 
Chicago^ .111. 

Davidson, Paul Edward, B. S. (E. 
E.) 06. Mgr. Alabama Battery 
Co. 1305 S. 12th, Birmingham, Ala. 

Davidson, Robert M., Ag. G. 17. 
Boise, Idaho. 

Davidson, Thomas Rust on, B. S. A. 

Davidson, William Ward, B. A. 09. 
Davidson Mfg. Co. Ill N. Market, 
Chicago, 111. a 

Davidson, Mrs. William Ward (Ey- 
land, Marga) B. A. 09. 2544 Ben- 
nett Ave., Evanston, 111. 

Davies, Avrina (Westerman, Mrs. W. 
L.) B. A. 10. 

Davies, Charles George, B. S. 99. 214 
High, Blue Island, 111. 

Davies, Henry Richard, M. A. 17. 
Patent Attorney. Electric Auto- 
Lite Corp. 2930 Fulton, Toledo, O. 

Davies, John Pugh, B. A. 14. a 

Davies, Joseph Edward, B. L. 98, 
LL. B. 01. Lawyer. 304 Southern 
Bldg., Wash. D. C. a 

Davies, Llewellyn Rhys, B. S. A. 04. 
Dept. of Agric. Education. Col- 
orado A. & M. College, Ft. Col- 
lins, Colo, a 

Davies, Marian L., B. A. 15. Intelli- 
gence Bureau, American Women ''s 
Club. Hotel Petrograd, No. 33, rue 
Caumartin, Paris, France. 

Davies, Ruth Eaton (Wilson, Mrs. 
Ralph Warren) B. A. 16. 

Davila, Lorenzo J., B. S. (C. E.) 11. 
Civil Engr. Municipal Commis- 
sioner of Education & Public 
Works. P. O. Box 25, Juana, Diaz, 
P. R. a 
*Davis, Abel, LL. B. 73. Died Oct. 6, 
Davis, Agnes Hopkins (Goff, Mrs. 

Moulton) B. A. 12. 
Davis, Alexis P., LL. B. 94. A. P. 
Davis Elect. Co. 200-04 N. Holli- 
day, Baltimore, Md. 
Davis, Alvin Edward, LL. B. 97 
County Judge. 1348 Prescott, Mar- 
inette, Wis. 
Davis, Benjamin Franklin, B. A. 07. 
Surgeon. 10th Ave. E. & 1st St., 
Duluth, Minn, a 
Davis, Bertha Eleanor, B. A. 06. 

1702 Madison, Madison, Wis. 
Davis, Charles Louis, M. S. 14. 

Teacher. Denton, Texas. 
Davis, Daniel Elias, M. S. 12. 556 E. 

Spring, Columbus, O. 
Davis, David John, B. S. 98. Prof. 
Coll. of Med. 508 Honore, Chicago. 
111. a 
Davis, Deane Griswold, B. S. A. 18. 
County Agent. Edmunds Co., Ips- 
wich, S. D. a 
Davis, Elizabeth M., B. A. 11. Rich- 
land Center, Wis. 
Davis, Elizabeth Waples, B. A. 13. 
Teacher. 106 Morningside Drive, 
New York City, a 
Davis, Ella (Goodyear, Mrs. A. S.) 
B. L.-93. 
*Davis, EUery Williams, B. S. 79. 

Died Feb. 2, 1918. 
Davis, Evan Rasrmond, Ag. G. 17. R. 

F. D. 5, Green Bay, Wis. a 
Davis, Florence Hume, B. A. 12. Li- 
brarian. Long Island, N. Y. a 
Davis, Mrs. Frederick Allison (Swen- 
son, Edith Dinsd^le) B. A. 08. 
"Edenfred," Middleton Rd., Mad- 
ison, Wis. a 
Davis, Harold Marvin, B. A. 14. 427 

N. 8th, La Crosse, Wis. 
Davis, Helen Emma, B. A. 10. 1702 

Madison, Madison, Wis. 
Davis, Helen McKee, B. S. (H. Ec.) 
18. 102 E. Ash, Three Oaks, Mich, 
Davis, Henry, Ph. G. 06. Pharmacist. 

North Freedom, Wis. 
Davis, Irwin Grant, B. S. (Med.) 12. 
Physician & Surgeon. 123 W. Su- 
perior, Duluth, Minn. 




Da* lb, James E., B. A. 12, M. A. 13. 

1320 University Ave., Madison, 
Wis. a 
Davis, Mrs. James E. (Walker, Fran- 
ces Annis) B. A. 13. 1320 Univer- 
sity Ave., Madison, Wis. a 
Davis, Jay C, LL. B. 04. Lawyer. 

Hayward, Wis. 
Davis, Jessica Esther (Murphy, Mrs 

D. H.) B. S. 00. 
Davis, John A., B. S. A. 06. 
Davis, Mrs. J. W. (Lawler, Ethel 
Elizabeth) B. A. 14. 5498 Cornell 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Davis, Mrs. J. Willard (Harrington, 
Eileen Mary) S. M. G. 15. Hurley, 
Davis, Lloyd Edward, B. S. (C. E.) 
13. Prairie Pipe Line Co., Inde 
pendence, Kan. 
Davis, Louis Samson, B. S. (G. E.) 
10. 719 N. Ewing, Helena, Mont, a 
Davis, Marguerite Vivian, B. A. 17. a 
Davis, Marion Evelyn, B. A. 18. 511- 

9th, Sioux City, la. 
Davis, Marjory Anna (Livingston, 

Mrs. John Kingsley) B. A. 14. 
*Davis, Melvin Knolen, B. A. 14, M. 
A. 15. Died in service April 6. 
Davis, Morton Eugene, LL. B. 04. 
District Attorney. 641 S. Jackson, 
Green Bay, Wis. a 
Davis, Myrvin, LL. B. 96. Lawyer 
City Clerk & Water Commissioner 
5502 Huron, Sandpoint, Idaho. 
Davis, Norma Jessie, B. S. (H. Ec.j 

13. 316 Main, Evanston, 111. 
Davis, Oak Robert, B. A. (C. C.) IS 

658 Mineral, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Davis, Ealph Emerson, B. 3. (G. E. i 
06. Director. Wis. Mining School 
Box 139, Platteville, Wis. a 
Davis, Mrs. Ralph Emerson (Kimball. 
Euretta Mary) B. A. 06. Platte- 
ville, Wis. 
Davis, Robert Moses, B. L. 02, LL. V> 
04. Attorney. 1115 Fidelity Bldg.. 
Tacoma, Wash, a 
♦Davis, Romaine E., LL. B. 87. Dice; 
Aug. 27, 1903. 
Davis, Rowland George, B. S. (E. E.; 
12. Sales Engr. 1142 E. 65th, Chi 
cago, 111. 
Davis, Roy Harold, B. S. (C. E.) 17 

524 State, Madison, Wis. 
Davis, Sidney H., B. S. (G. E.) 09 
Mine Mgr. Century Zinc Co. 7()l 
May, Joplin, Mo. 

Davis, Trayton Hooker, B. A. 18. 627 
E. Brown, Waupun, Wis. 

Davis, Mrs. William E. (Lewis, Mar- 
garetta B.) B. L. 93. E. F. D. 2, 
Sparta, Wis. a 

Davis, William Harold, M. A. 16. 
Prof. la. State Teachers' Coll. 809 
W. 22nd, Cedar Falls, la.' 

Davis, William Lloyd, Ph. B. 04. Lec- 
turer. 315 Wisconsin Ave., Madi- 
son, Wis. a 

Davis, Mrs. W. L. (Herfurth, Sa- 
bena) B. L. 93, M. L. 98. 315 Wis- 
consin Ave., Madison, Wis. 

Davis, Winifred Lemon, M. A. 16. Li- 
brarian. Dwight Foster Public Li- 
brary. Ft. Atkinson, Wis. 

Davison, Agnes Viola, B. L. 02. 
Teacher. Marion, S. D. 

Davison, Grace W. (Mulverhill, Mrs. 
Chas. McDewitt) B. A. 07. 

Davison, Leslie L., M. A. 10. 

Davison, Margaret F. (Schorger, Mrs. 
A. W.) B. A. 11. 

Davison, Walter Bert, B. A. 08, M. 

A. 11. Teacher. State Normal. 
Kiver Falls, Wis. a 

Davlin, Thomas Francis, LL. B. 02. 

Lawyer. Berlin, Wis. 
Dawkins, Corrie Belle (Murray, Mrs. 

George W.) B. A. 06. 
Dawson, Mrs. Allan (Perkins, Nell) 

B. L. 91. Literar^j Editor. N. Y. 
Globe & Writer for Everybody's. 
45 W. 12th, New York City, a 

Dawson, Charles W., B. A. 11. Clerk 
of County Auditor. 314 Michigan 
Ave., Wahpcton, N. D. 

Dawson, Dorothy Ware, B. A. 17. 
Waverly, la. 

Dawson, Marion Lucile, B. A, 18. 
South Side Farm, La Crosse, Wis. a 
*Dawson, Richard John, LL. B. 96. 
Died Oct. 29, 1898. 

Dawson, Thomas Bainbridge, Ag. G. 
17. Benton, Wis. 

Dawson, William Sherman, LL. B. 90. 
Field Secy, of University Commis- 
sion of Episcopal Church in Wis. 
Portage, Wis. 

Day, Mrs. Cecil E. (Cline, Genevieve 
Elida) B. A. 05. Hudson, Wis. 

Day, David Eliot, B. A. 18. Men- 
dota Apts., Wash. D. C. 

Day, Evelyn, B. A. 17. Principal. 
Lakota, N. D. a 

Day, Florence Hodson, B. A. 17. 
I Hartford, Wis. 



Day, Mrs. Lawrence S. (Matson, Sel- 
ma V.) B. A. 10. 223 Indian 
Grove, Toronto, Out., Can. 
Day, LeRoy Irving, B. A. 12 a 
Dayton, Beatrice (Kuesel, Mrs. How- 
ard) B. A. 11. 
Deach, Ivan J., M. A. 09. Eancher. 

Escondido, Calif. 
Deakln, Florence Isabelle, B. A. 19. 

Waukesha, Wis. 
Dean, Albert Briggs, B. A. 05. Office 
Mgr. Munsingwear Corp. 718 
Western Ave., Minneapolis, Minn, a 
Dean, Alletta F., Ph. B. 03, Ph. M. 
04, M. A. 13. Retired Teacher. 
West & Dean, Mansfield, Mass. a 
Dean, Archibald T., LL. B. 10. Eau 
Claire Co. Asylum for Chronic In- 
sane, Eau Claire, Wis. 
Dean, Charles L., B. S. (M. E.) 01. 
Consulting Engr. 1920 S. 26th, Lin- 
coln, Neb. 
Dean, Garrison Culy, B. S. (M. E.) 
03. Cream Tester. Hanford Pro- 
ducer Co. Wall, S. D. 
Dean, James P., B. S. (Med.) 11. 
Physician. 504 E. Gorham, Madi- 
son, Wis. a 
Dean, Mrs. J. P. (Lea, Maude Luella) 
B. A. 11. 504 E. Gorham, Madison, 
Dean, John Seabury, B. S. (M. E.) 
03, M. E. 09. Asst. City Engr. City 
Hall. 1716 W. 100th PI., Chicago, 
111. a 
Dean, Joseph Edward, B. S. (G. E.) 
07. Concrete Contractor. 406 La 
Fayette PI., Milwaukee, Wis. 
*Dean, Maria Morrison, B. L. 80. Died 

May 24, 1919. 
Dean, Mrs. Ralph Parker (McCoy, 
Nettie I.) B. L. 99. 2104 Oxford, 
Eockford, 111. 
Deans, Margaret Isabelle, Ph. B. 99. 

Teacher. River Falls, Wis. 
Debbink, Henry Lawrence, Ag. G. 12. 
Holt Tractor Co. 1621 Vine, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 
De Bolt, Albert Chester, B. A. 16. 
Salesman. 307 E. 4th, Oklahoma 
City, Okla. a 
De Boos, Esther E., B. A. 11. Li- 
brary Asst. 311 N. Charter, Madi- 
son, Wis. 
De Boos, Frank Alfred, B. S. (C. E.) 
09, C. E. 15. 1425 Carmen Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 
De Bower, Edward Wallace, LL. B. 
96. Pres. American Trust & Secur- 
ity Co. The Rookery, Chicago, III. 

de Bower, Herbert Francis, LL. B. 
96. Vice-Pres. Alexander Hamil- 
ton Inst, of N. Y. 13 Astor PL, 
New York City, a 
De Bruin, Louis C, B. A. 16. Prin- 
cipal. Beaver Dam, Wis. 
De Camp, Lester Otis, M. A. 12. Rep- 
Webb Publishing Co. 201 Locust, 
Waterloo, la. 
Decker, Charles Ernest, M. A. 19 , 

Supt. of Schools. Walnut, 111. a 
Decker, David Claire, B. S. (C. E.) 
*Decker, John Wright, B. S. A. 90. 

Died June 21, 1907. 
Decker, Mrs. John Wright (Hurlbut, 
Sarah E.) B. L. 98. Teacher. 127 
Gillett, Fond du Lac, Wis. a 
Decker, Lois Lockwood, B. A. 17. Di- 
rector. Proctor Recreation Center. 
Peoria, 111. Home, Canastola, N. 
Y. a 
Decker, Myrtle Margaret, B. A. 16, 
M. A. 17. Instructor. 504 N. Lea 
Ave., Roswell, N. M. 
Decker, Paul Herman, M. A. 07. Prin- 
cipal. 706-7th Ave.. Laurel, Miss, a 
Decker, Ramsay Prescott, B. S. (E. 

E.) 13. a 
De Clark, George, LL. B. 79. At- 
torney and Farmer. Arnott, Wis. 
De Cou, Edgar Ezekiel, B. S. 94. 
Prof. U. of Ore. 1135 Mill, Eugene, 
De Cou, Robert A., B. A. 08. Office 
Manager. Lundquist Lilly, Josh- 
ua Green Bldg., Seattle, Wash, a 
Deemer, Paul C, M. S. 14. 315 

Brooks, Madison, Wis. 
De Garis, Charles Francis, B. A. 15. 
Prof. U. of Miss. 211 S. Maple 
Ave., Hannibal, Mo. 
Degeler, Alida, B. A. 11, M. A. 12, 
Ph. D. 17. Wash. State Coll., Pall- 
man, Wash, a 
De Groat, Francis Herman, LL. B. 91. 
Attorney. 803-6 Torrey Bldg., Du- 
luth, Minn. 
De Haven, Lloyd C, B. S. A. 07. 
Supt. Crescent Creamery Co. 733 
Pine, Winnipeg, Can. a 
Dehler, Rudolph Walter, B. S. (E. E.) 
17. 4432 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago, 

Dehne, Wlllard Oliver, B. S. (Med.) 

19. Waupun, Wis. 
Deibler, Frederick Shipp, Ph. D. 09. 

Prof. N. W. Univ. 2119 Sherman 
Ave., Evanston, 111. 



De Lacy, John Byron, B. A. 06. K. 

F. D. 5, Seattle, Wash. 
De Lacy, Mrs. John B. (Green, Abie 
A.) Ph. B. 07. E. F. D. 5, Seattle, 
De Lap, Darwin, B. A. 06. Physician. 
5830 Virginia Ave., Kansas City, 
De Lay, Frederic Abraham, B. S. (E. 
E.) 02. Supt. Elect. Depts., Me- 
chanical Appliance Co. 133 Stew- 
art, Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Del Frate, Mrs. Gastone (Eamsay, 
Sarah) B. A. 00. Lungo Fevere 
Castello 3, Eome, Italy. 
Delgado, Alan Edgar, B. S. (E. E.) 
06. Motor Car & Supplies, Ltd. 
67-71 Harbour, Kingston, Jamaica, 
British West Indies. 
Delgado, Altamont, B. S. (E. E.) 06. 
Kingston Industrial Works. 13 & 
15 West, Kingston, Jamaica, Brit- 
ish West Indies. 
Dell, Mrs. Floyd (Gage, B. Marie) 
B. A. 17. Greenwich Village, New 
York City. 
Delwiche, Edmond Joseph, B. S. A. 
06, M. S. 09. Assoc. Prof. Ashland 
& Spooner Branch Expt. Stations. 
E. F. D. 3, Green Bay, Wis. 
Dembitz, Annette, B. A. 17. 514 Bel- 

gravia Ct., Louisville, Ky. 
De Merit, Merrill Wilson, B. S. (E 
E.) 14. Lake Mills, Wis. 
*Deming, Arthur Eugene, LL. B. 80. 
Died Sept. 28, 1885. 
Deming, Edgar M., LL. B. 81. At- 
torney. Marshfield, Wis. a 
Deming, Genevieve Elizabeth, B. A. 
16. 42 Barrow, New York City, a 
Deming, Helen W., B. A. 13. Neills- 
ville, Wis. Mail Address, P. O. 
Box 199, Eacine, Wis. 
*Deming, Henry William, Ph. B. 72. 
Died Nov. 5, 1889. 
Deming, Horace Grove, M. S. 09, Ph. 
D. 11. Prof. U. of Neb., Lincoln, 
Deming, Mrs. Hubert B. (Marshall. 
Lucile Mary) B. S. (H. Ec.) 15. 
1220-8th Ave., Marion, la. 
Deming, Marian Hazel, B. A. 12. 40 

Carroll, Hammond, Ind. 
Deming, Rufus Gouldsberry, Ph. B. 
74. Accountant & Auditor. 901 E. 
Gorham, Madison, Wis. a 
Deming, Wayne Edgar, B. A. 12, LL. 
B. 14. 300 S. Vine, Marshfield, 
Wis. a 

Demitz, Mrs. Henry 0. (Brahany, 
Mary Eleanor) B. L. 01. 3rd, South, 
Grand Eapids, Wis. 
De Moe, Earl Wilson, LL. B. 92. 
Vice-Pres. Continental Casualty 
Co. Chicago. 1010 Hinman Ave., 
Evanston, 111. a 
De Moe, Mrs. Earl W. (Turner, Ellen 
B.) B. L. 93. 1010 Hinman Ave., 
Evanston, 111. a 
De Mombron, Mary Pansy, M. A. 17. 

920 S. Maple. McPherson, Kan. 
Denfeld, George August, B. A. (C. 
C.) 17. Prof. U. of Georgia. 34 E 
3d, Atlanta, Ga. a 
Dengler, Rose, B. L. 96. 419 Lake. 

Madison, Wis. a 
De Nise, Carrie Louise, M. A. 16. 
Dean of Women. Grinnell Coll. 
Grinnell, la. 
Denison, Frank H., LL. B. 88. Post- 
master. Mellen, Wis. 
Deniston, Mrs. Albert Jay, Jr. (Wam- 
bold, Grace Isabelle) B. A. 12. 6416 
Kenwood Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Deniston, Luther W., B. A. 11. Fruit 
Growing & Eeal Estate. Bayfield, 
Denneen, Irene Estelfe, Ph. B. 15. 

Asst. Supt. Wichita, Kan. a 
Dennett, Alonzo G., B. S. 79. Physi- 
cian. 40 Eiverside, Lowell, Mas3. 
Dennett, Florence Amanda, B. A. 94. 

Teacher. Williston, N. D. 
*Dennett, Wilbur E., B. S. 79. Died 
Aug. 29, 19.12. 
Denninger, Francis A., B. A. 14. Sales 
Mgr. Eobt. H. Ingersoll & Bro. 
315-4th Ave., New York City. 
Dennis, Charles Edwin, Jr., B. S. 
(C. E. ) 18. Eng-r. on construction 
work. 1021 Madison Ave., Balti- 
more, Md. a 
Dennis, Clarence, B. A. 79. Lumber- 
man. 905-7th Ave. W., Ashland, 
Wis. a 
Dennis, Warren Arthur, B. L. 91 
Physician. 740 Linwood PI., St. 
Paul, Minn, a 
Dennison, Jackson Belden, M. A. 15. 
Asst. in Economics. U. W., Madi- 
son, Wis. 
Denniston, Rollin Henry, Ph. G. 97, 
B. S. 99, Ph. D. 04. Asst. Prof. 
U. W- 1419 W. Washington Ave., 
Madison, Wis. 
Denslow, Ra3rmond A., B. A. 11. 
Schoolmaster. 3301 Oak Park Ave., 
Berwyn, 111. 

6— A. D. 



Densmoor, Neste, B. A. 15. Markesan, 

Wis. a 
Denu, Albert Rudolph, B. L. 99. At- 
torney. Kapid City, S. D. a 
Dequine, Louis Edward, B. S. (C. E.) 
11. Gen. Supt. Consolidated Gas 
Co. of N. J. Long Branch, N. J. a 
De Reamer, Gertrude E. (Blewett, 

Mrs. D. F.) B. L. 99. 
Derge, Ferdinand Julius, B. S. (E. 
E.) 07. Asst. Gen. Mgr. Toledo 
Bys. & Lt. Co. Toledo, O. 
Derge, Herman Ferdinand, B. A. 04. 
Lieut. U. S. M. C. Camp Custer, 
Derge, Julius Ferdinand, B. A. 04. 
c/o Derge & Howell Co., Butte, 
Mont, a 
Derge, Matthias Louis, B. S. (E. E.) 
06. Trumbull Mfg. Co., Warren 
O. a 
*Dering, Mrs. Charles M. (Woock, 

Grace G.) B. A. 05. Deceased. 
*Demehl, Paul Herman, B. S. 03. 
Died March 28, 1919. 
Desai, Amritlal C, M. A. 12. Asst. 
Director Commerce & Industry. 
Baroda, India. 
De Sautelle, William Thomas, B. A. 
08. Physician. 417-22 Holston Bk, 
Bldg., Knoxville, Tenn. a 
Desmond, Cora F., B. L. 99. Teacher 

441 W. Gorham, Madison, Wis. 
Desmond, Humphrey J., B. L. 80. At- 
torney. 612 Newberry Blvd., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 
Desmond, James Francis, B. A. 09. 
M. A. 12. 441 W. Gorham, Madi- 
son, Wis. 
Desmond, Susie I., Ph. B. 07, M. A. 
14. Instr. Teachers' Training Dept. 
Waukesha, Wis. 
Desnoyers, Philip Baird, B. S. A. 17. 
315 S. Monroe Ave., Green Bay, 
Wis. a 
Dessaint, Edna, B. A, 03. Teacher. 
923 N. Weber, Colorado Springs, 
Dessert, Howard Louis, B. S. (C. E.) 
04, Logging & Lumbering Oper- 
ations. Mosinee, Wis. a 
Detjen, Louis Reinhold, B. S. A. 09, 
M. S. 11. Asst. Horticulturist. N. 
C. Agr. Exp. Sta. West Raleigh, 
N. C. 
Detling, Henry A., LL. B. 01. Law- 
yer. 728 Wisconsin Ave., Sheboy- 
gan, Wis. 

Detling, John M., LL. B. 05. At- 
torney & Secy. Sheboygan Loan & 
Trust Co. 1024 N. 7th, Sheboygan, 

Detling, Mrs. John M. (Riess, Minnie 
Margaret) B. A. 05. 1024 N. 7th, 
Sheboygan, Wis. a 

*Detrick, Louis Frederick, Ag. G. 12. 
Died Oct. 30, 1917. 

Dettmann, Edwin Albert, B. A. (C. 
C.) 14. Langstadt Meyer Co., Ap- 
pleton, Wis. a 

Detweiler, Lois, M. A. 13. Teacher. 
Edwardsville, 111. 

De Verter, Paul Logan, M. A. 16. 
Chemist. Jackson Laboratory. 819 
Jackson, Wilmington, Del. a 

Devine, Clark Bailey, B. S. 00. Phy- 
sician & Surgeon. Marshall, Wis. 

Devlin, Helen Evangeline (See Sister 
Mary Aquinas) M. A. 14. 

Devlin, Sarah R., B. A. 04. Wood- 
worth, Wis. a 
*Devney, Edward James, LL. B. 99. 
Died April 28, 1902. 

Dewey, John, LL. D. 04. Prof. Co- 
lumbia Univ. New York City. 

Dewey, Kate D. (Cole, Mrs. Theo- 
dore L.) B. A. 75. 

Dewey, Leon H., B. S. (Ch. C.) 12, 
B. S. (Ph. C.) 13. Pharmacist. 
Dundee, 111. 

Dewey, Mrs. Leon H. (Sinclair, Stel- 
la Linita) Ph. G. 13. Dundee, 111. 

Dewey, Robert Sabin, B. S. (M. E.) 
14. Engr. 1449 Detroit, Denver, 
Colo, a 

De Wire, Mrs. M. V. (Stevens, Carrie 
B.) B. L. 92. Sharon, Wis. 

De Witt, Roy Martin, LL. B. 19. 
Attorney. 707 Phoenix Bldg., 
Muskogee, Okla. a 

Dexheimer, Earl Chambers, B .S. (Ch. 
E.) 16, Ch. E. 19. Chem. Engr. 
Milwaukee Coke & Gas Co. Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 

Dexheimer, Frederick R., Ph. G. 00. 
Pharmacist. Ft. Atkinson, Wis. 

Dexter, Albert Jenness, B. S. A. 15. 
Teacher. Walworth, Wis. 

Dexter, Elizabeth Hoard, B. A. 11. 
Special Agent. 104 Crescent Park, 
Og-densburur. N". Y. a 

Dexter, Dorothy Dabb (Johnson, 
Mrs. Eobert C.) B. A. 16. 

Dexter, Elsie Forsythe, B. A. 06, M. 
A. 16. 621 N. Henry ,Madison, 



Dexter, Emily S., M. A. 15. Prof. 
Missouri Wesleyan Coll. Cameron, 

Dexter, Jolin Smith, M. A. 09. Pro- 
fessor. 1020-2nd Ave. W., Ash- 
land, Wis. 

Dexter, Nathaniel Beach, M. A. 15. 
Ashland, Wis. 

Dexter, Stephen Torry, B. S. A. 19. 
Teacher. Elroy, Wis. a 

Dibble, AUan Webster, LL. B. 91. 
Real Estate. 255-56 Washington 
Bldg., Madison, Wis. 

Dibble, Mrs. Allan Webster, M. G. 
99. 614 S. Brearly, Madison, Wis. 

Dibble, Harold Edward, M. S. 13. 
Lima, N. Y. 

Dick, Mary Catherine, B. A, 18. 
Teacher. Marshfield, Wis. 

Dicke, Fred W., LL. B. 96. Attorney. 
2111 Monroe, Two Rivers, Wis. 

Dickens, Evelyn Forster, B. A. 17. 
190 Queen Ann PI., Milwaukee, 

Dickens, Harold Foster, LL. B. 16. 
190-29th, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Dickerson, Agnes W. (Regan, Mrs. 
Thomas P.) B. A. 13. 

Dickerson, Dorothy Wheeler (John- 
son, Mrs. Frank A.) B. S. (H. Ec.) 

Dickey, George Henry, LL. B. 79. 
Land & Loans. Esmond, N. D. a 

Dickey, Mrs. Hajry Spence (Greiner, 
Carabelle) B. A. 12. Edgewood 
Grove, Terre Haute, Ind. 

Dickie, Robert Bruce, B. L. 97. 
Farmer. North Freedom, Wis. 

Dickinson, Don Clinton, B. A. (C. J.) 
15. 1402 Vine, La Crosse, Wis. a 

Dickinson, Henry Fellos, LL. B. 96. 
Attorney. 1511-lst Nat'l Bk. 
Bldg., Chicago, 111. a 

Dickinson, Thomas H., Ph. D. 06. 
American Relief Administration, 
Paris, France. National Arts Club, 
15 Gramercy Park, New York City. 

Dickinson, Virginia, B. A. 15. 76 
Waller Ave., White Plains, N. Y. 

Dickinson, William Frederick, B. L. 
01, LL. B. 03. Solicitor. Rock Is- 
land Ry. Co. 1025 La Salle Sta- 
tion, Chicago, 111. 

Dickson, Carl Gimble, Ag. G. 14. 811 
Nora Ave., Spokane, Wash. 

Dickson, Charles A., B. L. 91, LL. B. 
93. Attorney. Okmulgee, Okla. a 

Dickson, James Geere, M. S. 17. Pa- 
thologist. Bureau of Plant Indus- 
try. 2612 Vroman Ave., Madison, 

Dickson, Wilbur G., B. A. (C. C.) 17. 
Accountant. A. M. Byers Co. 235 
Water, Pittsburgh, Pa. a 

Didier, Estelle M., B. A. 11. Teacher. 
203 Messer, Rhinelander, Wis. a 

Diederich, Otto Peter, B. S. (Med.) 
18. 817 University Ave., Madison, 

Diederich, Victor P., B. S. (Med.) 09. 
Surgeon. 4073 Kenmore Ave., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Diehl, Alfred Samuel, B. S. (C. E.) 

07. Chief Engr. Oliver Iron Mining 
Co. Coleraine, Minn. ^ 

Diehl, Guy Elmore, B. S. (G. E.) 02. 
Asst, Engr. Oliver Iron Mining Co. 
1575 Vermilion Rd., Duluth, Minn. 

Diekelmann, Eeinhold Julius, B. A. 
12. Weinbrenner Shoe Co., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. Home, Horicon, Wis. 

Diemer, Melvin Edison, B. A. 08, M. 
A. 09, Ph. D. 11. Chemist. Forest 
Products Lab. 1309 Spring, Madi- 
son, Wis. a 

Dierks, Edward J., LL. B. 94. 
-Diestler, Gilbert Albert, B. S. (C. E.) 

08. Died Nov. 1908. 

Dietel, Else Hedwig, B. A. 17. Secy. 
Chase Nat '1 Bank. New York 

Dieter, William Albert, B. S. A. 12. 
Farmer. Montfort, Wis. 

Dietrich, Ethel Barbara, M. A. 14. 
Teacher. Wolff Apts. 14, Racine. 

Dietrich, Frederick William, B. S. (E. 
E.) 10. Brush Prairie, Wash, a 

Dietrich, George Elbert, LL. B. 93. 
Attorney. 909 Tower Ave., Su- 
perior, Wis. 

Dietrich, Hervey W. LL. B. 93. At- 
torney. 909 Tower Ave., Superior, 

Dietrich, Jessie Adelaide, Ph. B. 15. 
Teacher. Prairie du Chien, Wis. 

Dietrich, Mrs. John H. (Erb, Louise 
E.) B. A. 08. 4900 Dupont, S., 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

Dietrich, William, B. S. A. 99. Coun- 
ty Agent. Preston, Minn. 

Dietrichson, Gerhard, Ph. D. 14. 429 
Walnut, S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 



Dietrichson, Mrs. Gerhard (Watkins, 
Mary Elizabeth) B. A. 09. 429 
Walnut, S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Dietz, Arthur, B. A. 06. Principal. 
Unity, Wis. 
*Dietz, Clinton Smith, B. S. 76. De- 

Dietz, Eugene Frank, B. S. A. 17. R. 

F. D. 6, Madison, Wis. 

*Dietz, Hugo, Ph. G. 94. Died May 
22, 1897. 

Dietz, Loma, M. A. 17. Economist. 
177 W. 4th, New York City, a 

Dietz, Bohert Earl, LL. B. 00. Ga- 
lena, 111. 

Dietze, Carl E., B. A. 13, LL. B. 14. 
Certified Public Accountant. 709 
Security Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Dike, Paul Harrison, Ph. D. 11. 

Dillett, Charles F., LL. B. 92. At- 
torney & Postmaster. Shawano, 

Dillingham, Grace Louise, B. L. 00. 
Missionary. Teacher. Pyeng Yang, 
Korea, a 

Dillman, Mary Cecelia (Sims, Mrs. 

G. M.) B. A. 17. Randolph, Wis. 
Dillman, Ruth Esther, B. A. 16. 731 

Shepard Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Dillon, George Edward, B. S. A. 14. 
Ventura, Calif. 

*Dillon, Harry, B. S. A. 13. Killed 
in action. Oct. 2, 1918. 

Dillon, Joseph G., B. S. 00. Physi- 
cian & Surgeon. 620 Front, Fargo, 
N. D. a 

Dillon, Michael Edward, LL. B. 95. 
District Attorney. Ashland, Wis. 

Dillow, Mrs. Joseph C. (Simons, Dora 
M.) B. S. (Med.) 09. 595^^ Davis, 
Portland, Ore. 

Diment, Alfred Edwin, B. L. 88. 
Merchant. Mazomanie, Wis. 

Diment, Emma A. (Dow, Mrs. Fred- 
erick S.) B. L. 90. 

Dimond, Dorothy Sara, B. A. 19. Al- 
bany, 111. a 

Dinan, Alice Pearl, B. A. 10. Teacher. 
511-14th, S., Fargo, N. D. a 

Dinet, Eugene A., B. A. 09. Merchant. 
506 Prairie Ave., Joliet, 111. 

Dino, Nicholas, B. A. 12. 

Dinsdale, Annie (Swenson, Mrs. Mag- 
nus) B. L. 80, M. L. 95. 

Dinsdale, Grace Alma, Ph. B. 07. 
Teacher. Montfort, Wis. 

Dinsmore, Frank Lewis, LL. B. 91. 

Disque, Robert Conrad, B. L. 03, B. 

5. (E. E.) 08. Elect. Engr. Dept. 
Drexel Institute. Philadelphia, 
Pa. a 

Distelhorst, Charles Andrew Robert, 
B. S. (C. E.) 12. Dorchester, Wis. 

Distelhorst, Fred Martin, B. A. (C. 
J.) 16. Dorchester, Wis. a 

Distelhorst, Walter Louis W., B. A. 

06. Trade Journalist. 476 Govern- 
ment Ave., Wauwatosa, Wis. 

Dithmar, Edward F., B. L. 94. At 
torney & Lieut.-Gov. of Wis. 509- 
2nd Ave., Baraboo, Wis. 
Dithmar, Mrs. E. F. (Upham, Emily 
W.) Ph. B. 05. 509-2nd Ave., Bar- 
aboo, Wis. 

Dithmar, Julius T., B. L. 91, LL. B. 
92. Attorney. A-1 Bellevue Apts., 
Madison, Wis. 

Dittman, Fred August, B. A. 08. 
Salesman. 723 Humboldt, Santa 
Rosa, Calif. 

Dittmar, Ada Alice, B. A. 16. Teach- 
er. Lake Mills, Wis. 

Dittmar, Mabel Emily, B. A. 16. 
Teacher. 719 No. Ninth, Mani- 
towoc, Wis. a 

Dittmer, Clarence Gus, M. A. 18. Au- 
gusta, Wis. 

*Dittmer, Winfred Cyril, LL. B. 15. 

Divekey, Mrs. Harvey J. (Lackner, 
Florence H.) B. A. 06. 238 S. Lin- 
coln Ave., Aurora, 111. a 

Dixon, Mrs. Claude (Lubeno, Vera) 
B. S. (H. Ec.) 17. Silver Lake, 
*Dixon, Donald Pendleton, B. A. (C. 
C.) 17. Died October, 1919. 

Dixon, Esther Margaret, M. A. 13. 
Asst. Prof. Hamline Univ. 1452 
Van Buren, St. Paul, Minn, a 

Dixon, Fred, B. S. (C. E.) 97. Ranch- 
er. Corona, Calif. 

Dixon, Mrs. George M. (Jones, Anna 
L.) B. L. 96. 

Dixon, Grace Shirley (Nichols, Mrs 
Francis W. Jr.) M. G. 01, B. L. 03. 

Dixon, John Edward, B. S. (M. E.) 
00. Lima Locomotive Corp., 30 
Church, New York City, a 
*Dixon, Luther S., LL. D. 69. Died 
Dec. 6, 1891. 

Dixon, Mrs. Paul W. (Baily, S. Eliz- 
abeth) B. A. 16. Ida Grove, la. a 

Dixon, Raymond Ephraim, B. A. 09. 



Dobbs, Zoe Malinda, M. A. 16. 

Teacher. Woman's Coll. of Ala. 

Montgomery, Ala. 
Dobeas, Emma Jane, B. A. 15. 502 

Ogden Ave., Menominee, Mich, a 
*Dobie, Jessie Murray, B. A. 17. Died 

Nov. 22, 1918. 
Dobie, Walter Logie, B. A. 15. 1606 

Madison. Madison, Wis. 
*Docken, Clarence Oliver, B. A. (C. 

C.) 17. Died in service Feb. 18, 

Dockery, Edward J., B. A. 84, LL. B. 

86. Attorney, Boise City, Idaho. 
Dockery, Francis William, B. L. 91, 

LL. B. 93. Insurance. Northwes- 
tern Life Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Dockery, Joseph Henry, B. L. 89, LL. 

B. 90. Real Estate. 80 Wisconsin, 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Dockery, William Francis, B. L. 91, 

LL. B. 93. Assessor of Incomes. 

3rd Wis. Dist. Whitewater, Wis. 
Dockstader, Mrs. Ernest A. (Adams, 

Bessie E.) B. A. 06. 419 Gray, 

Elmira. N. Y. 
Dodd, Edith (Culver, Mrs. Paul) B. 

A. 16. 
Dodd, Florence, B. A. 13. Teacher. 

Ashland, Wis. 
Dodd, Mrs. Harry H. (Donley, Julia 

A.) B. A. 05. 371 E. Division, 

Fond du Lac, Wis. 
Dodd, Helen Rose, B. A. 18. 610 El- 
lis Ave.', Ashland, Wis. 
*Dodd, Joseph Conway, Jr., B. A. 18. 

Killed in action April 9, 1918. 
Dodd, Minnie Lee (Hill, Mrs. Ralph 

E.) B. A. 06. 
Dodd, Roy Lyon, B. S. (E. E.) 13. 

Elect. Engr. T. M. E. R. & L. Co. 

379 Public Service Bldg., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 
Dodds, WilUam Eckley, B. S. 82. Gen. 

Mgr. Standard Cast Iron Pipe & 

Fdry. Co. Bristol, Pa. 
Dodge, Bernard Ogilvie, Ph. B. 09. 

Pathologist. Columbia Univ. New 

York City. 
Dodge, Charles Wilson, B. A. 06 

Supt. of Schools. Mondovi, Wis. 
Dodge, Chester Carlton, B. S. (E. E.) 

17. a 
Dodge, Chester Lyman, B. A. 14. 436 

W. Dayton, Madison Wis. 
Dodge, Flora E. (Freeman, Mrs 

Warren H.) B. A. 79. 
Dodge, Florence Adele, B. A. 04, M. 

A. 12. Supt. of Schools. Lake 
Mills, Wis. 

Dodge, Guy Philips, LL. B. 96. At- 
torney. 22 S. Henry, Madison, 

Dodge, Harold A., Ph. G. 17. Darien, 

Dodge, Helen Josephine, B. S. (H. 
Ee.) 13. Monroe, Wis. a 

Dodge, Joseph, B. M. E. 84. Woolen 
Salesman. 105 W. Monroe, Chica- 
go, 111. a 

Dodge, Mrs. Katherine M. (Mor- 
'rissy, Katherine) B. A. 18. a 
*Dodge, Martha Miller, B. L. 83. Died 
Dec. 30, 1915. 

Dodge, Marion Virginia (Fay, Mrs. 
L. M.) Ph. B. 74. 

Dodge, Mary Louise, B. A. 06. Teack- 
er. Milwaukee Downer Coll. Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 

Dodge, McClellan, B. C. E. 84. Civil 
Engr. 913 University Ave., Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Dodge, Newell Henry, LL. B. 96. At- 
torney. 1127 W. Johnson, Madi- 
son, Wis. a 

Dodge, Newell P., B. A. 18. 1127 W. 
Johnson, Madison, Wis. 

Dodson, John Milton, B. A. 80, M. A. 
88. Physician. 25 E. Washington, 
Chicago, 111. a 

Doe, Arthur Britton, B. A. 11, LL. B. 

13. Lawyer. 19 Prospect Ave., 
Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Doe, Etheljni Anna (Michell, Mrs. R. 
B.) B. A. 10. 

Doe, Julia Adrienne, M. A. 10, Ph. D. 
15. Teacher. 517 Juneau PI., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Doege, Karl Herman, B. S. (Med.) 

14. Marshfield, Wis. 

Doerfler, Christopher, LL. B. 85. At- 
torney. 1st Nat'l Bk. Bldg., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 
i Doerflinger, Lillie, B. A. 11. Teacher 
Box 343. Lewiston, Mont. 

Doering, Fred, LL. B. 93. Attorney. 
777 Prospect Ave,, Milwaukee, 

Doeringsfeld, Harry August, C. E. 16. 
Min. Engr. Oliver Iron Mining Co. 
106 Brooklyn Terr., Hibbing, 
Minn, a 

Doerschuk, Herbert M., B. S. (E. E.) 
12. Elec. Engr. Aluminum Co. of 
America. 686 Chilton Ave., Niag- 
ara Falls, N. Y. 

Doerschuk, John James, B. S. A. IL 
Farm Adviser for Randolph Coun- 
ty. Sparta, 111. a 



Doherty, John Francis, B. L. 93, LL. 

B. 95. Attorney. Neuburg ^Idg., 
La Crosse, Wis. 

Doherty, Mary Louise, B. A. (C. J.) 
18. Organizer. 145 W. Twelfth, 
New York City, a 

Doherty, Ralph Edmund, B. S. (M. 
E. 10. 

Dohm, John Walter, B. S. (C, E.) 11. 
729 Palace Bldg., Minneapolis, 

Dohmen, Anita L., B. S. (H. Ec.) 11, 
235-12th, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Dohmen, Erwin J., B. A. 11. Whole- 
sale Druggist. 235-12th, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Dohmen, Fred Wentworth, B. A. 08, 
LL. B. 10. 1312 Prairie, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Dohr, James Lewis, B. A. (C. C.) 14. 
Auditor. Income Tax Unit, Treas. 
Dept. Wash. D. C. Home, 138 W. 
Gorham, Madison, Wis. a 

Dolan, James, LL. B. 97. Attorney. 
Platteville, Wis. 

Dolch, Edward William, Jr., M. A. 
18. E. F. D. 28, Overland, Mo. 

Dole, Mrs. Arthur L. (Mohr, Esther) 
M. A. 10. Asst. U. of 111. 604 W. 
California, Urbana, 111. 

DoUey, James Clay, M. A. 18. Prof. 
McKendree Coll. P. O. Box 245, 
Lebanon, 111. a 

Dolph, Cyrus Washington, B. L. 96 
LL. B. 98. Attorney. 706 E. 
Platte Ave., Colorado Springs, 
Colo, a 

Doman, Samuel Shaw, LL. B. 89. At- 
torney. Mitchell, Ind. 

Donacelski, Florence, B. A. 19. Pres- 
ton, la. 

Donahoe, Daniel J., B. L. 91, LL. B. 
91. Ponca City Milling Co., Ponca 
City, Okla. a 

Donahoe, Zita Veronica, B. A. 10. 
Eeedsburg, Wis. 

Donaldson, Emily Lucile, B. A. 19. 
1536 Kearney Ave., Eacine, Wis. 

Donaldson, Mrs. H. N. (King, Nellie) 
Ph. B. 17. 1536 Kearney Ave., Ea- 
cine, Wis. 

Donaldson, William T., M. A. 13. 
Asst. OflSlce of Budget Comm. Co- 
lumbus, O. 

Doneghy, Dagmar, B. A. 15. Kirks- 
ville. Mo. 

Donkle, Annetta, B. A. 19. 516 
Whitewater Ave., Ft. Atkinson, 

Donley, Julia A. (Dodd, Mrs. Harry 
H.) B. A. 05 

Donnelly, Christopher A., Ph. B. 98. 
Supt. Colo. State Children's Home. 
2305 S. Washington, Denver, Colo. 

Donnelly, Emmett A., LL. B. 10. At- 
torney. 1030 Wells Bldg., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. a 

Donnelly, Esther (Smith, Mrs. B. 
Tynes, Jr.) B. L. 02. 

Donnelly, James Stuart, B. A. (C. C.) 

17. 847 Clark, Appleton, Wis. a 
Donnelly, Ruth Clarissa (Edwards, 

Mrs. John Boardman) B. A. 16. 

Donnelly, Theo. Elizabeth, B. L. 03. 
Teacher. 563 Maryland Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Donohue, Jerry, B. S. (C. E.) 07. 
Civil Engr. 512 Ontario Ave., She 
boygan. Wis. a 

Donovan, Adelaide V., S. M, G. 14. 
Teacher. 339 W. Washington Ave., 
Madison, Wis. 
*Donovan, Anthony, LL. B. 90. De- 
*Donovan, John Francis, LL. B. 94. 

Donovan, Mrs. Joseph P. (Nelson, 
Edith) B. A. 99. 341 W. Washing- 
ton Ave., Madison, Wis. a 

Donovan, Katherine Agnes (Alcorn, 
Mrs. James Dunne) B. A. 10, M. S. 

Donovan, Louis Patrick, LL. B. 06. 
Attorney. Lewishon Blk., Butte, 

Donovan, Margaret Monica (Allen, 
Mrs. Louis) B. A. 07. 

Donovan, William Charles, LL. B. 96. 
Attorney. 424 The Eookery Bldg., 
Spokane, Wash. 

Dooley, Matoel, M. A. 16. Instr. U. 
W. 27 Lathrop, Madison, Wis. 

Doolittle, Lawrence Harger, B. S. (C. 
E.) 15. Marr-Green Co., 17 N. La 
Salle, Chicago, 111. a 

Doolittle, Lelon Ansil, LL. B. 79. At- 
torney. 222 Broadway, Eau Claire, 

Doolittle, Sears P., Ph. D. 18. Plant 
Pathologist. U. W. Madison, Wis. a 

Dopke, Walter Albert, B. S. A. 18. 
North Milwaukee, Wis. 

Dopkins, Clyde De Forrest, B. S. A. 

18. Eiver Falls, Wis. 

Dopp, Arthur James, B. L. 83, LL. B. 
90. Lawyer. Waukesha, Wis. a 

Dopp, Homer Rodger, B. S. 02. Farm- 
er. E. F. D., Oconomowoc, Wis. n 



Dopp, Mary, B. S. 99. Teacher. 5709 

Harper Ave., Chicago, 111. a 
Doran, Blanche Marie, B. A. 18. 807 

East Ave., Belvidere, 111. a 
Doran, Mrs. Edward A. (Sunstrum, 
Lillian V.) S. M. G. 11. 845 N. 
2nd Ave., Phoenix, Ariz. 
Dore, Robert F., LL. B. 90. At- 
tornev. Milwaukee Title Giiaran 
tee & Abstract Co. 528-lst Nat '1 
Bk. Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Doremus, Joseph Andrew, M. A. 97. 

Supt. of Schools. Auburn, Neb. 
Doren, Alice Macartney, B. A. 14. R 

F. D. 1, Davton, O. 
Dorman, Florence (Korf, Mrs. George 

F.) B. A. 14. 
Dormeyer, William George, B. A. 18. 
3o38 Hermitage Ave., Chicago, 
111. a 
Dorner, Frederick H., B. S. (M. E.) 
05. Mech. Engr. 642 Wells Bldg., 
Milwaukee, Wis. 
Dorner, Mrs. Fred H. (Pfafflin, 
Frieda L.) B. A. 07. 716 Prospect 
Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Dorner, Otto, LL. B. 89. Attorney. 

840 Wells Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis' 
Dorney, John Alexander, B. A. 11. 
Attorney. 208 S. La Salle, Chi- 
cago, 111. a 
*Dorr, Frank Berry, LL. B. 97. De- 
Dorr, George Nickoli, B. S. (M. E.) 
12. Designing Engr. Metalwood 
Mfg. Co. 396 Garland Ave., De- 
troit, Mich. 
Dorris, Jonathan Truman, M. A. 18. 

Salem, HI. 
Dorset, Bernard Charles, B. A. 00. 
Physician. Children's Hosp. Den- 
ver, Colo. 
Dorsey, Mrs. Elbert M. (Chave, Ella 
Bean) B. A. 14. 718 W. Yakima, 
Pa^o, Wash. 
Dorsey, Louise, B. S. A. 17. Farmer. 

Anchorage, Ky. a 
Dorward, Elsie Estelle, B. A. 16. 
Chemist & Asst. Bacteriologist. 
State Lab. of Hygiene. 124 Breese 
Terr., Madison, Wis. 
Dostal, Bernard Francis, B. A. 14. 
1358 Prospect Ave., Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 
Doty, Frank Erastus, B. L. 88. Secy. 
& Chief Examiner. Los Angeles 
Civil Service Comm., Los Angeles, 
Calif, a 

Doud, Giles Budlong, B. A. 09. Secy.- 
Treas. Doud Lbr. Co. 224 W. San- 
born, Winona, Minn. 
Doudna, Edgar George, Ph. B. 17. 
Supt. of Schools. 1289 Elm, Grand 
Rapids, Wis. a 
*Doudna, Pearl Eugene, B. A. 94, M. 

A. 97. Died Jan. 6, 1900. 
Dougan, Wesson J., B. S. 94. Prop. 
Dougan Guernsey Farm. Box 486, 
Beloit, Wis. a 
Dougherty, James Francis, B. L. 03. 

Attorney. Kilbourn, Wis. a 
Doughty, Helena (Peterson, Mrs. R.) 

M. A. 14. 
Douglas, Clajrton Orville, B. S. A. 14. 
Fruit Farm. R. F. D. 3, Payette, 
Idaho, a 
Douglas, Courtney C, B. S. (M. E.) 
03. Commercial Engr. Gen. Elec. 
Co., Chicago, 111. 223 S. East Ave., 
Oak Park, 111. a 
Douglas, James, LL. B. 83. 
Douglas, James Lee, B. A. 15, M. A. 
19. Insurance. 124 W. Dayton, 
Madison, Wis. 
Douglas, Malcom Campbell, B. L. 93. 
Editor. Dunn County News. Hotel 
Royal, Menomonie, Wis. a 
Douglas, Winifred (Briggs, Mrs. Al- 
lan) B. S. (H. Ec.) 14. 
Douglass, Anne, B. A. 07. Prescott, 

Douglass, Howard Higby, M. S. 12. 
Douglass, Ruth, B. A. 07. Director. 
Coll. of Industrial Arts. Denton, 
Doup, Scott, Ag. G. 16. Farmer. R. 

F. D. 2. Columbus, Ind. 
Dousman, James Hopkins, B. C. E. 
84. Mgr. Kansas City Sales Ofl&ce, 
American Well Works. 323 Reli- 
ance Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 
Dousman, Margaret E. (Tucker, Mrs. 

Fred Alan) B. A. 06. 
Douville, George, LL. B. 03. At- 

tornev. Dadcville, Ala. 
Dow, Charles M, LL. B. 96. Real 
Estate. 109 W. Gilman, Madison, 
Wis. ; 

Dow, Mrs. Frederick (Diment, Emma 
A.) B. L. 90. National City, Calif. 
Dow, Mrs. Giles (Mandt, Clara J.) 
B. L. 95. 119 N. Forrest, Stough- 
ton, Wis. 
Dow, Herbert WiUiam, B. S. (M. E.) 

02. a 
Dow, Lillian J., B. A. 15. Teacher 
Lake Mills, Wis. a 



Dow, Robert Ninian, B. L. 94. Build- 
er. 1930 W. 101st PI., Chicago, 111. 
Downer, George Ford, B. L. 97. State 

Normal, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Downer, William R., Ph. G. 01. Drug- 
gist. College Ave. & Oneida, Ap- 
pleton, Wis. 
Downes, Maynard, M. A. 13, Field 
Work. Wis. Anti-Tuberculosis 
Assn. 471 Van Buren, Milwaukee, 
Downes, Rabert Hugh, B. L. 01. 2434 

Jefferson Ave., Norwood, O. a 
Downey, Ezekiel H., Ph. D. 13. In- 
dustrial Comm. State Capitol, 122G 
W. Washington Ave., Madison, 
Downing, Charles James, B. S. A. 17. 
''The Woodlea,'^ Kansas City, Mo. 
Downing, Fred Price, B. A. 09. In- 
vestigator in marketing. Bureau 
of Markets. 812 Whittier, Wash. 
D. C. 
Downing, John Fonda, Jr., B. S. A. 
18. 1220 Cherokee Ed., Louisville, 
Ky. a 
Downing, Raymond Clarence, B. S. 
Ch. E.) 10, Ch. E. 16. Chief Chem- 
ist. By-Products Coke Corp. In- 
diana Harbor, Ind. 
*Downs, Francis, LL. B. 69. Died 
June 28, 1898. 
Downs, Frank Emmett, B. S. (Med.) 
16. Physician & Surgeon. 9021/2 
No. Saginaw, Flint, Mich, a 
Downs, William Wilson, LL. B. 74. 
Attorney. 510 Lake, Eau Claire, 
Doyle, James Harold, Ph. B. 12, M. 

A. 14, Ph. D. 15. a 
Doyle, Raphael Morgan, B. A. 13. 
826 S. Sagamore, Santa Ana, 
Calif, a 
Doyle, Thomas Lewis, LL. B. 97. At 
torney. 24 Forest Ave., Fond du 
Lac, Wis. a 
Doyon, Bertrand Herrick, B. L. 98. 
Lumberman. 1126 Sherman Ave., 
Madison, Wis. 
Doyon, Charles Herrick, B. L. 93. 
Banker & Lumberman. Doyon, 
N. D. a 
Draggs, Carol Elizabeth, S. M. G. 18 

Fennimore, Wis. 
Drake, Emmet Addis, B. A. 82, M. A. 
87. 214 Herald Bldg., El Paso, 

Drake, Frank I., B. L. 90. Physician 
& Supt. State Hosp. for Insane. 
Mendota, Wis. a 
Drake, Harvey Stewart, M. A. 12. 
Teacher. 830y2-45th, Milwaukee, 
^Draper, Henry, LL. D. 82. Died Nov. 

20, 1882. 
*Draper, Lyman C, LL. D. 72. Died 
Aug. 26, 1891. 
Draper, Mary Cordelia (Noyes, Mrs. 

Eolla E.) B. S. 75. 
Draper, ' Royal Samuel, B. A. 15. 

Teacher. North Freedom, Wis. 
Draves, Arthur Robert, B. A. 15. 
Purchasing Agent. 1020 Park Ave., 
Racine, Wis. 
Draves, Minnie Theresa, B. A. 06. 
1003 Shepard, Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Drechsler, Charles Frank, B. S. A. 13, 
M. S. 14. Botanist. Box 10, R. F. 
D. 2, Butternut, Wis. 
Dreger, Emma Adele, B. S. (H. Ec.) 
16. Research Work. 104 Gren- 
wich Ave., New York City, a 
Dreier, Allman Vernon, B. S. A. 19. 

Norwalk, Wis. 
*Dreier, Herman George, LL. B. 94 
Drescher, Henry Adolph, B. S. A. 12, 
M. S. 14. Head of Chem. Dept. 
Hibbing Jr. Coll. 417 Garfield, Hib- 
bing, Minn. 
Dreutzer, Carl Ebbe, LL. B. 09. Real 
Estate. 833 S. Quincy, Green Bay, 
Dreutzer, Genevieve (Wernicke, Mrs. 

Carl F. G.) B. A. 13. 
Drew, Alva Frank, LL. B. 96. At- 
torney. La Farge, Wis. 
Drew, Harold W., B. S. (G. E.) 09. 
Asst. Mgr. Tech. Service Dept. 
Packard Motor Car Co. 65 Pin- 
gree Ave., Detroit, Mich, a 
Drew, Mr§. Harold W. (Currie, Alice 
Mary) B. A. 08. 65 Pingree Ave., 
Detroit, Mich. 
Drew, Howard Stebbins, B. S. (E. 
E.) . 14. Elect. Engr. Benjamin 
Elec. Mfg. Co. 1126 Farwell Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 
Drew, Robert Stebbins, B. S. (C. E.) 
13. Grad. Student. Harvard 
Univ., Cambridge, Mass. Home, 
824 Milburn, Evanston, 111. 
Dreyer, John William, B. S. 00. Phy- 
sician. Aurora, 111. a 
Drinker, Emma V. (Stearns, Mrs. 
Frederick W.) B. L. 87. 



Drips, Delia Gay, B. A. 07. Lab. 
Asst. Mayo Clinic. 731 W. Zumbeo, 
Rochester, Minn. 
Drips, Mrs. W. E. (Little, Mary 
Frances) B. S. (H. Ec.) 18, M. S. 
19, 516 Grand Ave., Ames, la. a 

Driver, Bert, O., B. L. 99. Eeal Es- 
tate. Thorpe Bros. Minneapolis, 

Driver, Camilles Ogden, B. S. (Med.) 
19. Racine, Wis. 

Driver, Hazel, B. A. 08. R. F. D. 1, 
Criehton, Ala. 

Driver, Sephus Earl, LL. B. 03. Secy, 
to Adj. Gen. of Wis. 450 W. Wash- 
ington, Ave., Madison, Wis. 

Drotning, Anna Elizabeth, B. S. (H. 
Ec.) 13. Teacher. Lutheran Ladies' 
Seminary. Red Wing, Minn. 

Drought, James T., LL. B. 96. Law- 
yer. 97 Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 

Drought, Orville H., B. S. (C. E.) 08. 
Structural Designer. Klug & Smith 
Co. 40 Mack Bldg., Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 

Drow, Bernard Harvey, B. A. (C. C.) 
17. Tomah, Wis. 

Drow, Earle Frank, B. A. (C. C.) 18. 
Tomah, Wis. 

Dubach, Ulysses Grant, Ph. D. 13. 
Professor. Corvallis, Ore. 

Du Barre, Mrs. Robert J. (Williams, 
Helen A.) B. A. 14. 3101 Wells, 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Du, Chuin, M. A. 17. Middle School, 
Wei-Whei Fu, Honan, China. 

Duckart, Henry Francis, LL. B. 14. 
R. F. D. New Denmark, Coopers- 
town, Wis. 

Duckert, Richard F., LL. B. 11. Ten- 
ney, Tenney & Reynolds, 28-31 
Tenney Blk., Madison, Wis. a 

Duddleston, Benjamin H., B. S. A. 17. 
Agronomist. Corn Disease Investi- 
gations. Botany Dept. Expt. Sta. 
Lafayette, Ind. 

Dudgeon, Emma E. (Quirk, Mrs. W. 
F.) B. S. 76. 

Dudgeon, Matthew Simpson, LL. B. 
95. Librarian. Milwaukee Public 
Library, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Dudgeon, Richard Ball, B. A. 7G. 
Supt. of City Schools. 1820 Jeffer- 
son, Madison, Wis. a 

Dudgeon, Richard Cone, B. A. 06. 
Salesman. 1820 Jefferson, Madison, 

Dudgeon, Sidney Ball, B. S. A. 11. 
Wis. Tel. Co., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Home, 1820 Jefferson, Madison, 
*Dudley, Charles Lowell, B. A. 77, 
LL. B. 80. Died Nov. 3, 1883. 
Dudley, Harold Mann, B. A. 09. Asst. 
Auditor. Haskell & Barker Car 
Co. 716 Pine, Michigan City, Ind. 
Dudley, Mrs. Lewis W. (Connell, 
Marion T.) B. L. 99. Statesan, 
Dudley, William Henry, B. A. 92. 
Asst. Librarian. U. W. 1909 Re- 
gent, Madison, Wis. a 
Duecker, Werner W., B. S. (Ch. C.) 
16. 1514 N, New Jersey, Indian- 
apolis, Ind. a 
Duemling, Gerhard Wilhelm, B. S. 
(Ch. C.) 16. 2616 Prairie, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 
Duenk, Mrs. A. (Chaplin, Leta Lu- 
cile) B. A. 10. Cedar Grove, Wis. 
Duerr, Herbert Jacab, B. A. (C. C.) 
14. 221 Cedar, Wauwatosa, Wis. a 
Duffus, WiUiam McGlashan, M. A. 13. 
Asst. Prof. U. of Kan. 1732 Mis- 
sissippi, Lawrence, Kan. 
Duffy, Francis Ryan, B. A. 10, LL. B. 
12. 213 E. 1st, Fond du Lac, 
Wis. a 
Duffy, Lina Naomi, B. A. 13. 213 E. 

1st, Fond du Lac, Wis. 
Duffy, William FrankUn, B. C. E. 84. 
U. S. Deputy Surveyor. Coif ax^ La. 
Du Four, Clarence John, B. L. 02. 
Supt. of Schools. 1310 Bay, Ala- 
meda, Calif. 
Du Four, Laura Edna, B. A. 04. 
Teacher. 1524 Boyd Ave., Racine, 
Wis. a 
Dougas, Mrs. Joseph L. (Smith, Net- 
tie L.) B. L. 89. Teacher. 1463 
Blair, St. Paul, Minn. 
*Duggan, Arthur Jacob, B. S. (Ch. C.) 
14. Died in service March 5, 1919 
Duggan, Ella Rose, B. A. 15. Teacher 

Kaukauna, Wis. 
Duggan, Mrs. James E. (Matthews, 
Maude Eunice) B. A. 15. Flo- 
Claire, Mobile, Ala. 
Duke, Charles Sumner, C. E. 13. 
Engr. & Drafstman. Harbor & 
Subway Comm. 4636 W. Erie, 
Chicago, 111. 
Duke, Marion Margaret, B. A. 15. 
Secy. & Clerk. 314 N. Murray, 
Madison, Wis. 



Dulaney, Grace, B. S. (H. Ec.) 15. 

Home Demonstration Agent. 748 

Cherry, Springfield, Mo. a 
Du Mez, Andrew Grover, Ph. G. 04, 

B. S. 07, M. S. 10, Ph. D. 17. Assoc. 

in Pharmacology. Hygienic Lab. 

U. S. P. N. S. 25th & ''E,'' Wash. 

D. C. a 
Dummer, Ethel Sturges, B. A. 18. 679 

Lincoln Parkway, Chicago, HI. 
Dummer, William Francis, B. S. A. 

15. 1535 Curran, Los Angeles, 

Dunaway, Gretchen Marie, B. A. 19. 

Teacher. 704 N. Eanney Ave , 

Sikeston, Mo. a 
Dunbar, Frank Winsor, Ph. B. 04. 

Fruit Grower. E. F. D. 4, Benton 

Harbor, Mich, a 
Duncalf, Fred, Ph. D. 09. Prof. U. of 

Texas. Austin, Texas. 
Duncan, John Nelson, B. "A. (C. C.) 

16. 102 S. Ashland Ave., Green 
Bay, Wis. a .. 

Duncan, Kenneth, M. A. 15. Prof. & 
Dean. Canton Christian Coll. Can- 
ton, China. 
Dunfield, Helen Bourcier (Ohm, Mrs. 

Howard Frederick) S. M. G. 14. 
Dunkel, Arthur Albert, B. S. (Ch. C.) 

Dunlap, Mrs. George Allen (Germond, 

Blanche) Ph. B. 03. Supervisor. 

Dept. of State Teachers' College, 

Girardeau, Mo. a 
Dunlap, Guy Lewis, B. S. (G. E.) 06. 

Farmer, Mazomanie, Wis. 
Dunlevy, Robert Baldwin, B. L. 93, 

M. A. 09. Teacher. 302 College, 

Winfield, Kan. a 
Dunn, Anna Regina (Shorey, Mrs. 

Edwin Eoy) B. A. 09. 
Dunn, Charles Bryan, B. A. 16. 16 

Mendota Ct., Madison, Wis. 
Dunn, George Edward, B. S. (Ch. C.) 

19. 2409 Sycamore, Milwaukee, 

Dunn, May Vanancla, B. A. 01. 

Teacher. 147 West Ave. S., La 

Crosse, Wis. 
Dunn, Robert Hiram, B. A. 12, M. A. 

Dunn, Tsoong lung, B. A. 14. 
Dunn, WendeU Earl, B. A. 16. a 
Dunnette, Marianne (Plumb, Mrs. 

Walter Fitz Gerald) B. A. 18. 
Dunne wald, Paul Wilterding, B. S. 

(C. E.) 13. 210 N. Carroll, Madi 

son, Wis. 

Dunnewald, Theodore J., B. S. A. 10, 
M. S. A. 12. Scientist in Soils Sur- 
vey. Wis. Geo. & Nat. Hist. Sur- 
vey. 103 N. Webster, Madison, 
Dunphy, Margaret K. Ph. B. 11. 
Dunton, Mary Olive, B. A. 17. Syca- 
more, HI. 
*Dunwiddie, Benjamin F., B. A. 75, 

LL. B. 75. Died Feb. 1909. 
Dunwiddie, Grace Sue (Karlen, Mrs. 

Herman J.) B. A. 11. 
Dunwiddie, Jennette, B. S. (H. Ec.) 

19. Teacher. Delavan, Wis. a 
Dunwiddie, Mary (Kemp, Mrs. H. 

A.) B. L. 80. 
Dunwiddie, Stanley Gray, B. A. 06, 
LL. B. 07. Lawyer. 12 W. Mil- 
waukee, Janesville, Wis. 
Dunwiddie, Walter Rockwood, Ag. G. 
11, B. S. A. 16. Principal. Fox 
Lake, Wis. a 
Dupray, Martin, M. S. 14. Chief 
Bacteriologist. State Dept. of Pub- 
lic Health. Springfield, 111. 
Dupuy, Mary Elizabeth (Bickel, Mrs. 

John) B. A. 17. 
Duquaine, Edward Maxmillian, LL. 
B. 15. 626 S. Jackson, Green Bay, 
Durand, Loyal, B. L. 91, LL. B. 91. 
Insurance & Lawyer. 384 Lake 
Dr., Milwaukee, Wis. a 
*Durand, Samuel Benjamin, B. C. E. 
91. Died 29, 1900. 
Durbin, Margaret Jessie, B. A. 10. 
Teacher. Hotel Calhoun, Seattle, 
Wash. Home, Wauwatosa, Wis. 
Durbrow, Frances Wilson, B. A. 10. 

Teacher. Madison, Wis. a 
Durfee, Winifred Hackley, M. A. 17 
Dean of Women. Hope Coll. Hol- 
land, Mich, a 
*Durgin, James Ellsworth, LL. B. 85. 
Died Jan. 2, 1916. 
Durley, Irene Minerva (Crabtree, 

Mrs. W. B.) Ph. B. 02. 
Durr, William E., B. S. 88. Physi- 
cian & Surgeon. 801 Marietta Ave., 
Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Durrie, Agnes (Barton, Mrs. Robert) 

B. A. 17, M. A. 18. 
Durrie, Archibald, B. A. 79, M. A. 82 
Presbyterian Clergyman. Euclid 
Hotel, Eoom 232, Superior, Wis. a 
*Durrie, Isabel, Ph. B. 67. Died Oct. 
19, 1889. 
Durst, Letha Alice, B. A. 12. Teacher. 
Waupun, Wis. 



Durst, May Louise (Smithy Mrs. N. 
M.) B. A. 06. 

Du Shane, Donald, M. S. 16. Supt. 
Public Schools. 734 W. 7th, Co- 
lumbus, Ind. a 

Dustan, Frederick William, B. L. 83. 
Salesman. Clarkston, Wash. 

Dustin, Leslie Bertrand, Ph. G. 07. 
Druggist. Blackfoot, Idaho. 

Dustrude, WiUard Arthur, B. S. A. 
15. White Elm Nursery Co., 327 
Summit Ave., Oconomowoc, Wis. 

Dutcher, Adelaide (Curtis, Mrs. A. 
W.) B. S. 97. 

Dutcher, John Edwin, B. S. (E. E.) 
97. Mech. Engr. 104 S. Michigan 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Dutton, Bjrron K., B. S. (C. E.) 09. 
Chief Engr. Kogers Brown Iron 
Co. 503 Sellers, Hibbing, Minn. 

Duvall, Gladys Carolyn, B. A. 17. Ke- 
waunee, Wis. a 

Duwe, Henry John, B. A. (C. C.) 19. 
Middleton, Wis. 

Dvorak, Albert Charles, B. S. (Ch. 

C.) 12. 
^Dwight, Edward Foote, B. L. 87. 
Died June 25, 1903. 

Dwight, Mary S. (Akers, Mrs. 
Charles N.) Ph. B. 74. 

Dwinnell, William S., LL. B. 86. In- 
vestments. 253 Groveland Ave., 
Minneapolis, Minn, a 

Dyar, Edna Gerrish, B. A. 14. Neu- 
rological Technician. Govt. Ho- 
tels. X. Y. Bldg. Wash. D. C. a 

Dye, Daisy R. (Mason, Mrs. Vroman) 
B. L. 01. 

Dye, Harry Wilmer, B. S. A. 15 Plant 
Pathologist. Cornell Univ. Ithaca, 
N. Y. ' 

Dyer, Francis M., LL. B. 93. 

Dyer, Porter Smith, B. S. A. 18. 
Teacher. Long Prairie, Minn, a 

Dyrud, Matilda (Lein, Mrs. Gustav) 
B. A. 06. 

Eagan, Joseph Bernard, B. A. 13. 
Avoca, Wis. 

Eager, Mrs. Leonard, (Seavert, 
Eloise Susan) B. A. 16. Evansville, 
Wis. a 

Eagle, Celestine Clement, Jr., B. S. 
(E. E.) 07. Mfg. Agent. 3727 
N. Keeler Ave., Chicago, 111. a 

Eagles, Leon Kimmell, B. A. 16. Lum- 
ber & Coal. 209 W. Jefferson, Al- 
bion, Ind. a 

Eaglesfield, Guy Earle, B. A. 15. Di- 
rector of Manual Arts, Bands & 
Orchestras, High School. Douglas, 

Earl, Florence (Wiehe, Mrs. C. F.) 

B. A. 07. 
Earll, Charles Isaac, B. M. E. 85. 

Manufacturer. 503 Madison Ave., 

Earn, John Scott, LL. B. 04. Attor- 
ney. Prairie du Chien, Wis. a 
*Earll, Roy Raymond, B. S. (E. E.) 
02. Died Aug. 20, 1906. 

Eartiest, Stella Price, M. A. 19.. E. 
F. D. 3, Arkansas City, Kan. a 

Easson, Graeme Sanford, B. A. (C. 
C.) 17. Credit Dept. McClintock 
Trunkey Co. Spokane, Wash, a 

Easthope, Stanley Roy, B. A. (C. C.) 
14. Salesman. New Business & 
Service Dept. Continental and 
Commercial Natl. Bk. 208 S. La 
Salle, Chicago, 111. a 

Eastlund, Lillian, B. S. (H. Ec.) 16. 

Eastman, Clarence Winans, B. S. 00. 
Supervisor of Science. St. Paul 
High Schools, St. Paul, Minn. 

Eastman, Cora B. (Walker, Mrs. Wil- 
liam H.) Ph. G. 01. 

Eastman, Marjorie Mead (Mclntyre, 
Mrs. Frank D.) B. A. 12. 

Eastman, Mary Eleanor (Fischer, 
Mrs. Armin) B. A. 17. 

Eastman, Miriam E. (Arnold, Mrs. 
Louis Geo.) B. A. 08. 

Eastman, Orville A., LL. B. 90. Lum- 
berman. Grasham, Ore. 

Eaton, Edward D., LL. D. 87. Clergy- 
man & Pres. Emeritus of Beloit 
Coll. 3313 Boss PI., Wash. D. C. 

Eaton, Everett Hall, B. A. 18. 5113 

Kimbark Ave., Chicago, 111. 
*Eaton, Frank J., B. A. 04. Deceased. 

Eaton, Genevieve M. (Lounsbury, 

Mrs. William C.) Ph. B. 05. 
*Eaton, Harlow Warren, B. S. 78. 
Died Aug. 2, 1917. 

Eaton, Helen Orissa, B. A. 18, M. A. 
19. Teacher. 421 Harrison, Pt. 
Washington, Wis. a 

Eaton, Howard Ormsby, B. A. 19. 
Student. Boston, Mass. 

Eaton, Mrs. James H. (Fiske, Abbie) 
B. L. 94, M. L. 95. 952 Park View, 
Los Angeles, Calif, a 

Eaton, Lee Medbury, Ag. G. 15. 
Farmer. Northville, Mich, a 



*Eaton, Starr Sedgwick, Ag. G. 15. 
Killed in action. Sept. 14, 1918. 

Eaver, John C, B. L. 85. Agent. 
Land Dept. Oliver Iron Mining 
Co. 504 Roosevelt Ave., Eveleth, 
Minn, a 

Ebbert, Georgia Grosvenor, B. A. 17. 
Secretarial Work. 423 Wash. Blvd. 
Oak Park, 111. a 

Eberle, A. Ralph, Ph. G. 01. Drug- 
gist. 1160-27th, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Eberle, George J., B. A. 14. c/o Brit- 
ish Columbia Elect, Ey. Co., ^Van- 
couver, B. C. a 
, Eberle, Margaret Olivia (Eosencranz, 
Mrs. Eichard) B. A. 13. 

Eberlein, Michael Gustav, LL. B. 04. 
Attorney. Shawano, Wis. 

Ebert, Fred C, B. S. (C. E.) 07. Asst. 
Engr. U. S. G. S. 619 Federal 
Bldg., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Ebert, Mrs. Marcus A. (Johnson, Isa- 
bel Eeid) B. A. 07. Director 
Minne-Wawa camp for girls. Toma- 
hawk, Wis. 

Ebert, Royal Benjamin, B. A. 12. 

Ebinger, Ruth Elizabeth (Edwards, 
Mrs. Seren Harold) B. A. 16. 

Eby, Samuel Hilary, B. S. (C. E.) 17. 
2530 N. Charles, Baltimore, Md. 

Echlin, Mrs. S. B. (Bostwick, Har 
riet) B. L. 01. 1611 Formusa Ave., 
Hollywood, Los Angeles, Calif. 
*Ecke, Oscar Henry, B. L. 87, LL. B. 
94. Died Dec. 24, 1913. 

Eckelmann, Ernst Otto, B. L. 98. 
Asst. Prof. U. of Wash. 3442 Cas- 
cade View Dr., Seattle Wash. 

Eckert, Helen EUzabeth, B. S. (H. 
Ec.) 17. Webster Groves, Mo. 

Eckhart, G. Harold, B. A. 12. Asst. 
Secy. Harris Trust & Sav. Bank. 
7226 N. Clark, Ohicago, 111. a 

Eckhart, Mrs. G. Harold (Geisse, 
Euby Antoinette) B. A. 12. 7650 
Greenview Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Eddy, Mrs. Alfred G. (Mueller, Olga 
S.) B. S. 96. a 

Eddy, EUzabeth McKee, B. A. 17. 
Teacher. 2125 Pike Ave., Ensley, 
Ala. a 

Ede, Richaxd Hoyt, B. A. 19. Zenda, 

Eden, Philip, Ph. B. 72. Eetired. 
529 W. Washington Ave., Madison, 

Eder, Abraham John, B. A. (C. C.) 
16. 470-lOth, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Eder, Joseph, B. A. 07. LL. B. 09. 

Salesman & Member of Eder Mfg. 

Co. 470-lOth, Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Edgar, Robert Allan, LL. B. 03. At- 
torney. 1309 Chapin, Beloit, Wis. 
Edgren, Carrie J. (Oestreich, Mrs. 

Otto A.) B. L. 96. 
*Edgren, Jesse Lewis, LL. B. 96. Died 

June 1, 1915. 
Edmonds, Charles Crawford, B. A. 

(C. C.) c/o Economics Dept. U. 

of Mich., Ann Arbor, Mich, a 
Edmonds, Mrs. Charles Crawford 

(Thauer, Olive Elizabeth) B. A 15. 

Ann Arbor, Mich, a 
Edmonds, Rhoda Ann (Weingartner, 

Mrs. Harry) B. A. 15. 
Edmund, Charles Edward, B. S. (M. 

E.) 07. Master Mechanic, Buick 

3. 2317 Adams Ave., Flint, Mich, a 
Edmund, Harvey W., B. S. (M. E.) 

11. Mine Manager. Ethel, W. 

Va. a 
Edsall, Bessie Eva, Ph. B. (Nor. C.) 

18. Ft. Atkinson, Wis. 
Edsall, Winifred, Ph. B. 15. Ft. At- 
kinson, Wis. 
Edson, Mrs. Frank Aaron (Carter, 

Fanny W.) B. A. 10, M. A. 14. 

Bookkeeper. J. E. Decker & Sons. 

3514 Minnesota Ave., Duluth, 

Edson, Howard Austin, Ph. D. 13. 

Plant Pathologist. Bureau of 

Plant Ind. 3822-4th, N. W., Wash. 

D. C. 
Edwards, Alma (Vaughn, Mrs. E. 

Otis) B. A. 07. 
Edwards, Ann Elizabeth, B. A. 16. 

Teacher. 506 W. Mifflin, Madison, 

Wis. a 
Edwards, Bruce Vincent, B. S. (M. 

E.) 09. Evangelist. 392 Clifton 

Ave., Newark, N. J. 
Edwards, Clarence Bushnell, B. L. 97. 

LL. B. 99. Attorney. 205 S. Vine, 

Marshfield, Wis. 
Edwards, Ernest A., B. A. 04. Buyer. 

Brown Camp Hdwe. Co. 1331-5th, 

Des Moines, la. a 
Edwards, Eugene Theodore, B. A. 17. 

Natl. Gauge & Equip. Co., 1404 

Cass, La Crosse, Wis. 
Edwards, Everett Carlyle, B. A. IS. 

Ashland, Wis. 
*Edwards, Mrs. Frank M. (Baker, Be- 
atrice Turck) B. A. 16. Died May 

21, 1919. 



Edwards, Henry Patrick, B. A. 12, 

LL. B. 14. Attorney. 1810 Prairie 
Ave., Dallas, Texas. 

Edwards, Irene Clara, S, M. G. 16 
Teacher. Ashland, Wis. 

Edwards, John Boardman, Jr., B. S. 
(C. E.) 15. Chem. Engr. 111. Zinc 
Co. Peru, 111. a 
*Edwards, Loren, LL. B. 69. Died 
Feb. 13, 1919. 

Edwards, Marguerite C. (Jones, Mrs. 
Donald C.) B. A. 19. 

Edwards, Martha Letitia, M. A. 13, 
Ph. D. 16. Extension Div. U. W. 
4^9 Sterling PL, Madison, Wis. a 

Edwards, Merwin Guy, B. A. 12, M. 
A. 13. Mining & Chief Geologist. 
Cera de Pasco Copper Corp. Moro- 
cocha, Peru, S. A. a 

Edwards, Murray French, M. A. 15. 
Kirkwood, Mo. 

Edwards, Roy Schiess, B. A. 08. Mer- 
chant. 2000 Milwaukee Ave., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Edwards, Seren Harold, B. S. (C. E.) 
16. Automotive Engr. Dodge 
Bros. 513 Blaine Ave., Detroit, 

Edwards, Mrs. Seren Harold (Ebing- 
er, Ruth Elizabeth) B. A. 16. 
627 S. Fremont, Janesville, Wis. a 

Edwards, Verne R., LL. B. 10. At- 
torney. 306 Hammond Blk., Su- 
perior, Wis. 

Edwards, Vernon Q., B. S. (C. E.) 09. 
Civil Engr. S. P. & S. Ry. 719 Pit- 
tock Blk., Portland, Ore. 

Edwards, William Donaldson, B. A. 
(War Dip.) 19. 405 Montgomery, 
San Francisco, Calif, a 

Egan, Arthur J., LL. B. 89. High- 
land, Wis. 

Egan, Ellen Winifred, B. A. 17. 
Shullsburg, Wis. a 

Egan, Howard Edward, B. A. 19. 
Highland, Wis. 

Egan, John Fabian, B. A. 10. Supt. 
Dan Egan Const. & Building. Ash- 
land, Wis. a 

Egan, Mary Amelia, B. A. 04. Li- 
brarian. Clinton Public Library, 
Clinton, la. a 

Egbert, Paul Spier, B. S. (C. E.) 16. 
La Crosse, Wis. 

Egdahl, Anfin, B. S. 00. Physician. 
Menomonie, Wis. a 

Egelhoff, Robert Fred, B. S. (M. E.; 
07. Const. Engr. 308 Prudential 
Bldg., Buffalo, N. Y. a 

*Eggen, John Adolphus, LL. B. 79. 

Eggener, Mathilda E., B. A. 11 

Teacher. Shawano, Wis. 
Eggers, Harold Everett, B. S. 03, M 

A. 05. Prof. U. of Neb. Omaha. 

Eggert, Wm. August, B. A. 17. 
Eggum, Ole J., B. A. 04. Attorney. 

Whitehall, Wis. a 
Egstad, Herman Melvin, B. A. 17. 

La Crosse, Wis. 
Ehlert, Frederick Gustave, Ph. G. 99, 

B. S. (Ph.) 01. 

Ehlman, Ernest George, B. S. 98. 
Teacher. 2834 Cedar, Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 
*Ehlman, Walter Warren, M. G. 07. 

Ehreke, Gustave William Richard, B. 
S. (E. E.) 02. Gen. Inspector Grif- 
fin Wheel Co. 4133 Indiana Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

Ehrgott, Karl, B. S. (E. E.) 16. Tel. 
Engr. 212 W. Washington, Chica- 
go, 111. 

EhrUch, Charlotte (Herrell, Mrs. Er- 
nest G.) B. L. 02. 

Ehrnbeck, Anton D., B. S. (C. E.) 02. 

Eiche, Adela, B. S. 02. Teacher. Apt. 
26, 167-12th, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Eichorn, Harry Louis, B. S. (M. E.) 
17. Draftsman. Bay City Foun- 
dry & Machine Co. 1507 McKin- 
ley Ave., Bay City, Mich. 
*Eicke, Wilmer Hughes, M. A. 17. 
Killed in action Oct. 24, 1918. 

Eidmann, Herbert W., B. A. 11. 
Banker. 6848 Union Ave., Chica- 
go, 111. a 

Eidmann, Mrs. Herbert W. (Plank, 
Josephine) B. A. 11. 6848 Union 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Eierman, Arthur Charles, B. A. 12. 
Real Estate, Loans & Insurance. 
641-23rd, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Eifler, Elsie Caroline, B. A. 15. 
Teacher. 1313 Julia, Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 

Eighmy, Alva, Ph. G. 99. Insurance 
& Real Estate. 1012 E. Gorham, 
Madison, Wis. 

Eighmy, Mrs. Alva (Starks, Estella 
M.) M. G. 05. 1012 E. Gorham, 
Madison, Wis. 

Eighmy, Frank Wilbur, Ph. G. 00. 
Chemist. 945 Spaight, Madison, 



Eimer, Edna, B. A. 06, M. A. 19. 
Instr. U. W. 315 N. Murray, Mad- 
ison, Wis. 
Eisaman, Ralph Herbert, B. A. 15. 

119 Excelsior, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Eitelgeorge, Norma Augusta, (Van 
Auken, Mrs. H. M.) B. A. 16. 
son. Wis. 
Ekern, Emil Alfred, B. S. (E. E.) 03. 
Elect. Engr. c/o John F. Vaughan. 
185 Devonshire, Boston, Mass. a 
Ekern, Helga Maria (Swan, Mrs. 

George D.) Ph. B. 05. 
Ekern, Herman L., LL. B. 94. Attor- 
ney. 208 S. La Salle, Chicago, 
111. a 
*Ekem, Ruth N. (Swan, Mrs. George 
D.) B. A. 07. Died Jan, 6, 1911. 
Ela, Edwin Stanton, B. S. (C. E.) 96. 

Civil Engr. Rochester, Wis. 
Ela, Emerson, B. L. 99, LL. B. 01. 
Attorney. 1101 Grant, Madison, 
Wis. a 
Ela, Mrs. Emerson (White, Florence 
M.) B. L. 02. 1101 Grant, Madi- 
son, Wis. 
Ela, George, LL. B. 94. Farmer. 

Rochester, Wis. 
Ela, Mary Hazeltine (Willard, Mrs. 

W. W.) B. L. 90, M. L. 03. 
Elderkin, Paul Nathan, B. S._ (E. E.) 
15. Engr. Ellenwood Drive, Los 
Angeles, Calif, a 
Eldred, George, B. S. (C. E.) 16. R. 
F. D. 1, Box 76, Berlin, Wis. a 
*Elholm, George, LL. B. 97. Died Feb. 
Eliot, Howard Martin, M. A. 12. 
Chief Div. of Rural Econ. Texas A. 
& M. Coll. College Station, Texas, a 
*Ellefson, Clarence Ferdinand, B. A. 

07. Died June 17, 1917. 
EUefson, Elmer Winter, B. A. 07. 
Lumberman. 2006 Winnebago, 
Madison, Wis. a 
EUefson, Mrs. Elmer (Danielson, 
Hilda Josephine) B. A. 13. 2006 
Winnebago, Madison, Wis. 
EUer, William Henri, Ph. B. 10, M. 
A. 13, Ph. D. 16. Instr. Vander- 
bilt IJniv. Nashville, Tenn. 
Ellian, Elmer Rufus, Ph. B. 17. 1317 

Frederica PI., Milwaukee, Wis. 
EUingson, Emil Oscar, M. A. 10, Ph. 
D. 12. Instr. IT. W. 1314 St. James 
Ct., Madison, Wis. 
Ellingson, Peter Martin, LL. B. 96. 
Hdwe Merchant. Edgerton, Wis. 

Ellinwood, Alice Julia, Ph. B. 10. 
Wong Long Girls' School. Bong- 
kok, Siam. Home, Reedsburg, 
Elliott, Benjamin George, M. E. 13 
Prof. U. W. 221 Clifford Ct., Madi- 
son, Wis. 
Elliott, Charlotte, Ph. D. 18. Asst. 
Pathologist. Dept. of Ag. B. P. I 
Wash. D. C. 
Elliott, Cosalette (Quarles, Mrs. 

Henry C.) B. A. 08. 
Elliott, Mrs. E. J. (Strickney, Alice) 

B. S. 77. Dell Rapids, S. D. 
Elliott, George Theodore, LL. B. 95, 
Attorney. Chicago, Tel. Co. Chi- 
cago, 111. 
Elliott, Mrs. G. R. (Wilkins, Alma) 

B. A. 09. Brunswick, Maine. 
Elliott, Helen Frances, M. A. 17. 

1817 Ogden Ave., Superior Wis. 
Elliott, Howard Stickney, B. S. (E, 
E.) 03. Rancher. R. F. D., Wor- 
den, Mont. 
ElUott, Ida (Allen, Mrs. Eric W.) 

B. L. 02. 
Elliott, Isaac, B. A. 05. Farmer. Co- 
lumbia, Falls, Mont. 
*Elliott, James Newton, B. S. A. 17. 

Died Jan. 16, 1919. 
Elliott, Laura Belle (Kidd, Mrs. 

Earle H.) B. A. 07. 
Ellis, Mrs. Archie G. (MacGregor, 
Nellie B.) B. L. 95. Mazomanie, 
Wis. a 
Ellis, Charles William, B. A. 13. In- 
surance. 312 S. Beech, Bryan, O. 
Ellis, Mrs. Charles Wm. (Grady, Ag- 
nes Scanlan) B, A. 14. 312 S. 
Beech, Bryan, O. 
EUis, Francis Cutler, B. S. (E. E.) 
15. Salesman. Browning Auto Co. 
Twin Falls, Idaho, a 
*Ellis, Frederick Charles, LL. B. 98. 
Died April 19, 1917. 
Ellis, Mrs. George W. (Mengelberg, 
Gertrude) M. A. 16. 329 Prescott 
Ave., Scranton, Pa. 
Ellis, Grace Victoria (Ford, Mrs. 

Guy S.) B. A. 05. 
Ellis, Guy Thomson, B. A. 13. Ac- 
countant. 625 W. Johnson, Madi- 
son, Wis. a 
*Ellis, Mrs. J. Clinton (Stenhouse, 
Eva) B. A. 11. Died May 1, 1919. 
*EUis, John Fay, B. C. E. 87. Died 

Dec. 9, 1890. 
Ellis, Mabel Evangeline, B. A. 17. 
Science Teacher. Jackson, Mich, a 



Ellis, Mattie Cook, M. A. 17. Dean 

of Women. State Norm^. Peru, 
Neb. a 

EUis, N3d Royce, B. S. A. 18. Bio- 
logical Chemist. 1806 Jackson, N. 
E., Wash., D. C. a 

ElUs, Ralph Burchard, B. A. 04. Ad- 
vertising Dept. Daily News. Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 

EUis, Robert Charles, B. A. 18. 314 
S. Mills, Madison, Wis. 

Ellis, Robert Walpole, M. A. 10. Prof. 
U. of New Mexico. Albuquerque, 
N. M. 

Ellis, William H., B. A. 11. Pres. & 
Gen. Mgr. Two Eivers Plating & 
Mfg. Co. Two Kivers, Wis. a 

Ellis, Mrs. William H. (Koenig, 
Euby) M. A. 12. Two Eivers, Wis. 

Ellison, Elwood Charles, B. S. (E. E.^ 
17. c/o Technical Service, Pack- 
ard Motor Co., Detroit, Mich, a 

Ellison, Wanda (Thomas, Mrs. Her- 
bert H.) B. L. 99. 

EUman, Ben Louis, B. A. (C. C.) 18. 
16 N. Hancock, Madison, Wis. a 

EUman, Frances Catherine, B. A. 13, 
M. A. 14 . Teacher. 16 N. Han- 
cock, Madison, Wis. a 

EUsworth, Albert, Jr., Ph. G. 87. 
Druggist. 701 Ludington, Esca- 
naba, Mi^h. a 

Ellsworth, Anna (Blount, Mrs. Ealph 
E.) B. S. 92. 

EUsworth, Charles West, B. S. (C. E.) 
14. Designer. Austin Co., Chica- 
^o, 111. 

EUsworth, Clara AmeUa (Manion, 
Mrs. John) B. A. 10. 

EUsworth, Francis, B. L. 95. Librar- 
ian. 248 Langdon, Madison, Wis. 

EUsworth, Ida Estelle (Sunderlin, 
Mrs. Ealph J.) B. S. (H. Ec.) 14. 

EUsworth, Laura (Anderson, Mrs. W. 
J.) B. S. 95. 

EUsworth, Melvina R. (PoHard, Mrs. 
F. E.) Ph. B. 01. 

EUsworth, Sarah Frances (Austin, 
Mrs. C. P.) B. A. 12. 

Ellsworth, Thomas Thorp, B. A. 19. 
Bowling Green, O. 

Elmendorf, Armin, M. S. 17, M. E. 
19. Engr. Forest Products. 311 N. 
Murray, Madison, Wis. 

Elmer, Edward Wenzel, LL. B. 09. 
Attorney. Florence, Wis. 

Elmer, Famee Rebecca (Shisler, Mrs. 
W. E.) M. G. 06. 

Elmer, Walter Edgar, B. L. 00. Prin- 
cipal. Hartford, Wis. 
Elmore, Emily Warren, B. A. 10. 

Instr. 603 Prospect Ave., MUwau- 
kee. Wis. a 

Elmore, Samuel Eltinge, B. S. (M. 
E.) 06. Spindale, N. C. a 

Elsby, Alden George, B. S. (M. E.; 
14. Engr. 96 Meredith Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 
*Elser, Robert Charles, B. S. (C. E.; 
98. Died May 17, 1900. 

Eisner, Richard, LL. B. 94. Attorney. 
140 North Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Elsom, Bernardo Whitfield, B. A. 19. 
Industrial Service. 1614 Jefferson, 
Madison, Wis. 

Elvehjem, Elmer G., Ag. G. 11. Farm- 
er & Stockraiser. Lock Box 14, 
McFarland, Wis. a 

Elvore, Elmore T., B. L. 98, LL. B. 
01. Attorney. 923 Lakeland Ave., 
Madison, Wis. 
*Elvis, George Harvey, B. S. (M. E.) 
04. Deceased. 

Elward, Dorothy, B. L. 00. State Ex- 
change Bank, Hutchinson, Kan. 

Elward, Rodney A., LL. B. 95. 
Eanchman. Castleton, Kan. a 

ElweU, Fayette Herbert, B. A. OS. 
Prof. U. W. 2025 Chadbourne 
Ave., Madison, Wis. a 

ElweU, Mary Frances, B. A. 16. 
Teacher. McGregor, la. a 
=:^ElweU, Percy Spencer, B. S. 94, LL. 
B. 96. Died May 21, 1913. 

Elwers, George Ernest, B. S. 14. Mgr. 
Elwers Pharmacy. 104 W. Wis- 
consin Ave., Neenah, Wis. a 

Ely, Alexander White, B. S. (C. E.) 
12. Engr. Interstate Commerce 
Comm. 914 Karpen Bldg., Chicago, 

Ely, Anna Mason, B. A. 18, M. A. 
19. 205 Prospect Ave., Madison, 

Ely, Dorothy BeUe, B. A. 13. Li- 
brarian. Congress Hotel. 8th & 
Flower, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Ely, Elmer A., B. S. (M. E.) 09. Ma- 
son City Brick & Tile Co., 24 S. 
Vermont Ave., Mason City, la. 

Ely, Mrs. Elmer A. (Stewart, Laura 
Miriam) B. S. (H. Ec.) 12. 24 S. 
Vermont Ave., Mason City, la. a 

Ely, Elsie May, M. A. 19. Teacher. 
Fayette, O. 

Ely, Florence Marie (Loomis, Mrs 
Orlando S.) B. S. (H. Ec.) 16. 



Ely, Lydia Baxter (Horner, Mrs. 
Chester William) B. S. (H. Ec.) 13. 

Ely, Mary C. (Beasley, Mrs. William 

Howard) M. G. 10. 
Ely, Richard Sterling, LL. B. 16. 
Attorney. Alexandria, Va. a 

Emde, Arthur L., Ph. G. 93. 

Emerson, Mrs. C. W. (Immell, Lois 
Constance) B. A. 09. Brush Colo, a 

Emerson, Eveljm, B. A. 11. Chippe- 
wa Falls, Wis. 

Emerson, Frank G., B. A. 06. Weyer- 
haeuser Sales Co., P. O. Box 478, 
Minot, N. D. 

Emerson, Fred Merrill, B. S. (C. E.) 
00. Structural Steel. 439 Atwater 
Ed., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Emerson, John BoUes, B. S. 99. 
United Allay Steel Corp., Canton, 
O. a 

Emerson, Louise Lindsley, B, A. 19. 
Box 13, Baker, Mont, a 

Emery, Hazel (Bluhuf, Mrs. H. A.) 
B. A. 12. 

Emery, Myra, B. A. 17. Deputy In- 
dustrial Comm. 809 Mfrs. Home 
Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Emmerich, Herman L., Ph. G. 94. 
Pharmacist. 834-6 Downer Ave., 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Emmett, Boris, B. A. 13, M. A. 14. 
Bureau of Labor, Wash. D. C. 

Emmett, Henry Thomas, Ph. B. 13. 
Supt. of Schools. Worland, Wyo. 

Emmett, Shirley L., LL. B. 11. At- 
torney. 218-6th, Eacine, Wis. a 

Emmons, William Marion, LL. B. 95. 
Divorce Counsel & County Judge. 
Waupaca, Wis. 

Enders, William Jacoh, B. S. (E. E.) 
12. Engr. Dept. Chicago Tel. Co. 
222 W. Washington, Chicago, HI. 

Enge, John Jacob, B. L. 99. Teacher. 
*Engel, Gottlieb, B. A. 70. Deceased 

Engel, Martha Sophie, B. A. 19. Asst 
Biologist. 1111 Eutledge, Madi- 
son. Wis. a 

Englebracht, Charles Albert, LL. B. 
94. 616 Eanson, Eipon, Wis. 

Engelbracht, Mrs. Charles Albert, 
(Higffins, Abby May) M. A. 11. 
616 Eansom, Eipon, Wis. 

Engelbracht, Fred, Jr., LL. B. 91. 
Attorney. 207 Huron, Berlin, Wis. 

Engelke, Leroy Jerome, B. S. (E. E.) 
17. Ashland, Wis. 

Enger, Frances Mildred, B. S. (H. 
Ec.) 18. 1231 Farwell Ave., Chica- 
go, HI. 

Engeset, Andrew, LL. B. 94. Attor 
ney. Yakima, Wash. 

England, Mrs. Frank (Kasparel?, 
Emma) B. S. (H. Ec.) 18. Teacher. 
Prairie du Chien, Wis. a 

Engle, Simon G., Ch. E. 07. Gen. 
Supt. 209-210 Central National 
Bank Bldg., Tulsa, Okla. a 

English, Callista A. (Brown, Mrs. 
John A.) B. A. 03. 

English, Esther Isabella, B. A. 15. 
Insurance. 914 Superior, Antigo, 

English, Honora Elizabeth, B. S. 
(H. Ec.) 16. Waterford, Wis. a 

English, Norman Allan, LL. B. 13. 
Mgr. Nimpkish Timber Co., Ltd. 
1527-8 Standard Bk. Bldg., Van- 
couver, B. C, Can. a 

Engsberg, Emil Ernest, B. S. (E. E.) 
09. Gen. Supt. Interurban Tel. Co. 
Waterloo, Wis. 

Engsberg, Hattie Clara, B. A. 15. 
County Agent for Dependent Chil- 
dren. 304 N. Washington, Herki- 
mer, N. Y. a 

Engsberg, Ralph William, B. S. (E. 
E.) 14. Engr. Automatic Elec. Co., 
Chicago, 111. a 

Enright, Eleanor Marie, B. S. (H. 
Ec.) 13. Janesville, Wis. 

Enright, Frances Catherine, B. A. 08. 
Teacher. 907 Bridge, Chippewa 
Falls, Wis. a 

Enright, John J., Ph. B. 06. Insur- 
ance and Abstracts. 524 W. Wa- 
bash, Enid, Okla. 

Enteman, Karl E., B. L. 98. Farmer. 
Hartland, Wis. 

Enteman, Wilhelmine Marie (Key, 
Mrs. Wilhelmine E.) B. S. 94. 
*Entrop, Frank Joseph, B. A. (C. C.) 

18. Died in service Sept. 30, 1918. 
Eppels, Conrad Joseph, M. A. 16. 

Instr. 4025 A., Nebraska Ave., 

St. Louis, Mo. a 
Epstein, Charlotte W. (Pfund, Mrs. 

Adolph) B. A. 04. 
Epstein, Dorothy Louise (Natwick, 

Mrs. Oscar O.) B. A. 09. 
Epstein, Samuel Noah, B. S. (Ch. C.) 

19. 234 Van Horn, Jersey Citv 
N. J. a 

Epstein, William Carl, B. S. CM. E.) 
14. Gen. Supt. Duffv Mfg. Co. 
94 N. Euclid Ave., Bellevue, Pa. a 

Erb. Esther J. (Ea^chig, Mrs. E. A.) 
B. A. 11. 



Erb, Louise E. (Dietrich, Mrs. John 
H.) B. A. 08. 

Erbach, WiUiam L., B. M. E. 93. 
Vice-Pres. & Mgr. Eietbrock Land 
& Lbr. Co. Athens, Wis. 

Erdall, John L., B. L. 85, LL. B. 87. 
General Attorney. *'Soo Line" R. 
E. Co. 2019 Irving Ave. S., Min- 
neapolis, Minn, a 

Erdman, Mrs. H. E. (Maw, Irene Au- 
gusta) B. A. 14. 389 King Ave., 
Columbus, O. 

Erdmann, Arthur Albert, B. A. (C. 
C.) 18. 1134 Superior Ave., She- 
boygan, Wis. 

Erdmann, Charles Andrew, Ph. G. 87. 
Prof. U. of Minn. 612-9th Ave. S. 
E,, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Erhart, Oscar Theodore, Ph. G. 91. 
Pharmacist. 2427 Lyndale Ave. N , 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

EriTkson, Alf, B. S. (Ch. C.) 15. 
Chemist. Atlas Powder Co. 115 
N. Penn. Ave., Webb City, Mo. 

Erickson, Edward, Ph. B. 05. State 
Rural School Inspector. Dept. of 
Education. Bismarck, N. D. 

Erickson, Elmer G., B. A. 09. Grocer. 
Marinette, Wis. 

Erickson, Mrs. E. T. (Ruedebusch, 
Gretchen) B. A. 10. 420 S. Wesley 
Ave., Oak Park, 111. a 

'Erickson, George D., LL. B. 14. La- 
fayette, Minn. 

Erickson, Gertrude Winifred, B. A. 
18. Political Amnesty, Radical Re- 
form Work. 1410 Asbury Ave., 
Evanston, 111. a 

Erickson, Kenneth William, B. S. 
(Ch. E.) 14. Sales Engr. Mineral 
Point Zinc Co. 1111 Marquette 
Bldg-., Chicag-o, 111. a 

Erickson, Oscar G., B. A. 04, LL. B. 
04. Lumberman. Majestic Bldg., 
Detroit, Mich, a 
Erickson, Mrs. Oscar (Leihy, Edna 
M.) B. L. 02. 67 Richton Ave., 
Detroit, Mich. 
Eriksen, Erik Theodore, B. C. E. 89, 
C. E. 90. Engr. U. S. Reclamation 
Service. Orland, Calif, a 
Erikson, Clarence, B. A. 13, LL. B. 
16. Attorney. 309-314 Badger 
Bldg., Racine, Wis. 
Erlandson, Ray Sanford, B. A. 18. 
Asst. Secy. 1304 Euclid, N. W., 
Washington, D. C. a 

7— A. D. 

Ernst, Adolphine Blanka, B. L. 01, 

M. A. 07, Ph. D. 12. Asst. Prof. 
U. W. Extension Div. 1120 W. 
Johnson, Madison, Wis. a 

Ernst, Claude B., B. S. A. 11. 

Ernst, Frederic, M. A. 11. Univ. 
Club, Madison, Wis. 

Ernst, Marie Antoinette (Phillips, 

Mrs. John L.) B. A. 97. 
*Erskine, Mrs. Levi (Headen, Anna) 
Ph. B. 69. Deceased. 

Erwin, Grant West, B. S. A. 17. 
Agric. Advertising Writer. 733 
Oakland Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Erwin, Josephine, B. A. 07. Director 
Miss Erwin 's School. 173-25th, 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Erwin, Orlando R., B. S. (E. E.) 04. 
Vice-Pres. Foamite-Firefoam Co. 
200-5th Ave., New York City. 

Esau, Carl William, B. S. (C. E.) 11. 
Real Estate. 451-38th Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Escabi, Jose, B. S. (Med.) 19. Stu- 
dent. Harvard Univ., Cambridge, 

Esch, Ella Lydia (Faville, Mrs. The- 
odore R.) B. L. 02. 

Esch, Fred Henry, B. A. 07, LL. B. 
11 . Attorney. Interstate Com- 
merce Comm. Wash. D. C. a 

Esch, Mrs. Fi^ed (Fish, Harriette 
Hilton) B. A. 13. 6301 Brookville 
Rd., Chevy Chase, Md. a 

Esch, Irene Esther, B. S. (H. Ec.) 16. 
117 S. 13th, La Crosse, Wis. 

Esch, John Jacob, B. L. 82, LL. B. 
87. Member of Congress, 7th Dist, 
of Wis. 117 S. 13th, La Crosse, 

Esch, Marie Matilda, B. A. 19. 117 

5. 13th, La Crosse, Wis. 
Eschenburg, Anita M., B. A. 11. 4646 

N. Lincoln, Chicago, 111. 
Esh, Glen Albyn, Ag. G. 13. Dairy 

Chemist & Milk Inspector for Wie- 

land Dairy Co. of Chicago. Spring 

Grove, 111. 
Eshbaugh, Mrs. C. Harold (Haman, 

Jennie E.) B. A. 09 1415 E. 65th 

PL, Chicago, 111. a 
Eskuche, Oscar Arthur, B. S. (M. E.) 

06. Auto-motive Engr. Nash Mo- 
tors Co. 576 Edward, Kenosha, 

Espey, Mrs. John Morton (Jenkins, 
Mary Lucretia) B. L. 03. Teacher 
& Missionary. Presbyterian Mis- 
sion. South Gate, Shanghai, China. 



Essinger, Anna, M. A. 17. 501 N. 

Henry, Madison, Wis. 
Esson, Victor Emmanuel, B. A. 17. 

Oconto, Wis. 
Estberg, Howard C, B. S. (E. E.) 
07. Mgr. Shawnee Gas & Elee. Co. 
Shawnee, Okla. 
Estenson, Ernest Verne, M. A. 14. 

Sherman, S. D. 
Esterly, Burton Haines, B. S. 97. 
Lawyer. 810 S. McGregor, Car- 
thage, Mo. 
Esterly, Henry Minor, B. L. 02, LL. 
B. 02. Lawyer. 717 Corbett Bldg., 
Portland, Ore, 
Estes, Fred Roche, B. L. 93. Eancher. 

Estes, McKenzie Co., N. D. 
Estey, James A., Ph. D. 11. Assoc. 
Prof. Purdue Univ. Lafayette, 
Estrem, Theodore Adolph, B. S. 
(Med.) 16. Physician. Rood Hosp. 
Hibbing, Minn. 
Estvad, Gudrun Christensen, S. M. G. 
19. 102 N. Orchard, Madison, Wis. 
Etheridge, Jesse Irving, B. S. A. 13, 
M. S. 17. 303 Baldwin, Oconto, 
Wis. a 
Etheridge, Mrs. Jesse Irving (Gaut- 
schi, Irma Charlotte) B. S. (H. 
Ec.) 13. 303 Baldwin, Oconto, Wis. 
Etnyre, Marjory, B. A. 18. 212 S. 

4th, Oregon, 111. 
Etsell, Irma (Kryznosky, Mrs. W. 
V.) B. A. 13. 
♦Etteldorf, Marie Rosine, B. A. 17. 

Etter, Arthur Edward, B. A. 13. 
Landscape Gardening. Monroe, 
Wis. a 
Etter, Nellie A. (Royce, Mrs. A. M.) 

B. A. 04. 
Etter, Rolland R., B. S. (Ch. C.) 17. 
Chemist. Nela Park, Cleveland, 
O. a 
Eubank, Myrtle Ann, B. A. 16. 832 

W. Grace, Richmond, Va. a 
Euler, Arthur Philip, B. A. 16. Supt. 

of Schools. Hillsboro, Wis. 
Eustis, Charles L., B. S. (E. E.) 06. 

Rancher. Los Molinos, Calif. 
Evans, Adelaide (Harris, Mrs. Rob- 
ert) B. A. 12. . 
Evans, Alice (Field, Mrs. Herbert 

D.) B. A. 08. 
Evans, Alice C, M. S. 10. Bacteri- 
ologist. U. S. Public Health Serv- 
ice. Hygienic Laboratory. 25th & 
<'E," N. W., Wash. D. C. 

Evans, Alice Esther (Steeps, Mrs. H. 

J.) B. A. 06. 
Evans, Caroline W. (Jannsen, Mrs. 

Walter V.) B. S. 01. 
Evans, Charles Floyd, B. A. 09. Mus- 

coda, Wis. 
Evans, Charles Rountree, B. A. 81. 
M. A. 07. Attorney & Dean Chat- 
tanooga Coll. of Law. 34-35 Love- 
man Bldg., Chattanooga, Tenn. a 
Evans, Mrs. Donald (Hooley, Edna 

L.) B. L. 02. a 
Evans, Edward Milton, B. S. (C. E.) 
94. 4043 N. Hermitage Ave., Chi- 
cago, HI. 
Evans, Evan A., B. L. 97, LL. B. 99. 
Judge, U. S. Circuit Court of Ap- 
peals. Chicago, 111. 104-7th Ave., 
Baraboo, Wis. a 
Evans, Mrs. Evan A. (Rountree, 
Mary M.) Ph. B. 99. 104-7th Ave., 
Baraboo, Wis. 
Evans, George B., B. S. (C. E.) 94. 
Gen. Mgr. & Chief Engr. Laclede 
Gas Light Co. 1017 Olive, St. 
Louis, Mo. 
Evans, Gertrude, B. A. 08. Teacher. 

812 W. Johnson, Madison, Wis. 
Evans, Harold Boice, B. A. 16. Ac- 
countant. 1111 Jenifer, Madison, 
Wis. a 
Evans, James Ambrose, B. A. 17. 
Medical student at Harvard. 121 
S. 13th, La Crosse, Wis. 
Evans, Jessie Marion, B. A. 18. Asst. 
Forest Products Laboratory. 28 
E. Gilman, Madison, Wis. 
Evans, John Clement, B. A. (C. C.) 
14. Exporting. American Export- 
er, 17 Battery PI., New York City. 
Evans, Lilian Helen, B. A. 04. Teach- 
er. Spring Green, Wis. 
Evans, Magdalen (Juday, Mrs. C.) 

B. A. 04. 
Evans, Margaret Mae, B. A. 18. 
Teacher. Edgerton High School. 
20 Albion, Edgerton, Wis. a 
Evans, Mary A. (Mason, Mrs. Wil- 
liam S.) B. L. 92. 
Evans, Mary Margaret, B. A. 04. 

Teacher. Spring Green, Wis. 
Evans, Melvin James, B. S. (M. E.) 
13. Mech. Engr. 183 Congress, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. a 
Evans, Mildred Campbell, B. A. 19. 

Grand Rapids, Mich. . 
Evans, Newton William, LL. B. 08. 
Attorney. Oconomowoc, Wis. 



Evans, Mrs. Robert Earl (Frvette, ■ 
Leora B.) B. A. 05. 1107-36tli 
Ave., Seattle, Wash. 

Evans, Russell Argyle, B. A. 12. 
Instr. 693 Willow, Winnetka, 
111. a 

Evans, Samuel Ernest, M. S, 14. Ag- 
riculturist. U. S. Dept. of Agric. 
Bennettsville, S. C. 

Evans, Sarah Ellen (Lynn, Mrs. E. 
V.) B. A. 12. 

Evans, Wilfred, B. S. (C. E.) 17. 
Salesman. Wallace Annex Apts., 
Eandolph, El Paso, Texas, a 

Evans, William Lincoln, B. L. 92, 
LL. B. 94. Attorney. 500 Eliza, 
Green Bav, Wis. a 

Evenchick, ■'Max, B. S. (C. E.) 14 
110 Spruce, NewarJ^, N. J. a 

Evenson, Edwin H., B. A. 81. Ke- 
tired. 2010 Boyleston Ave. N., Se- 
attle, Wash. 

Everest, Kate A. (Levi, Mrs. E. E.) 

B. A. 82, M. A. 92, Ph. D. 93. 
Everett, Banjamin Bryan, M. S. 12 
Farmer. Woodstock Farm, Palmy- 
ra, N. C. 
Everett, James Roy, M. A. 16. Clin- 
ton, Ind. 
Everett, John Winter, LL. B. 96. 
Correspondent. Milwaukee Daily 
News. Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Everett, Lucile, B. A. 19. Denver, 

*Everett, Mary Louise, B. L. 95. De- 

Ewald, Louis Philip, B. A. 18. 1706 

Windsor PI,, Louisville, Ky. 
Ewald, Mrs. L. P. (Cozzens, Mildred 
Josephine) S. M. G. 16. 1706 Wind- 
sor PL, Louisville, Ky. a 
Ewald, Robert P., B. S. (C. E.) 05, 
C. E. 14. Hydraulic Engr. 2973 
Glenmore Ave., Dormont, Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. a 
Ewers, Robert Ferdinand, LL. B. 19. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Ewing, Mrs. Addison A. (Learoyd, 
Elizabeth L.) M. A. 11. 116 W. 
Washington Ave., Madison, Wis. 
Ewing, Charles Oscar, B. A. 18. 1112 

S. Brook, Louisville, Ky. a 
Eyerly, Frank David, LL. B. 96. 
Eyers, William, Jr., B. S. A. 17. Ne- 

gaunee, Mich. 
Eyland, Marga (Davidsen, Mrs. Wil- 
liam W.) B. A. 09. 
Eyman, Elmer Vail, B. A. 07. Penn- 
sylvania Hospital, West Phila- 
delphia, Pa. a 
Eyring, Carl Ferdinand, M. A. 15. 

North Provo, Utah. 
Faber, Mrs. Anthony T. (Chamber- 
lain, Alice E.) B. L. 02, M. A. 05. 
Mandan, N. D. 
Faber, Charlotte Alice, M. A. 04. 
Teacher. 61 Merriman, Rochester, 
N. Y. 
Faber, Merle Everitt, B. S. (M. E.) 
09. Adv. Mgr. C. A. Shaler Co. 
Waupun, Wis. 

Eversoll, Norton John, B. S. (Med.) Fabrick, Glen Roy, B. S. 98. Laun- 

18. Medical student. Cassville, 

Evert, Carl, B. A. 06. Machinist. 
Sheboygan Falls, Wis. 

Evert, Charles William, Jr., B. S. A. 
15. Supt. Milwaukee Co. Farm, 
Wauwatosa, Wis. 

Evert, Lewis M., LL. B. 04. Attor- 
ney. 1559 Pierce Ave., Marinette, 

Everts, Leslie S., B. L. 01. C. P. A. 
Loans & Investments. 1432 Madi- 
son Ave., San Diego, Calif. 

Everts, Mrs. L. S. (Kroehnke, Jessie 
P.) B. L. 02. 1432 Madison Ave., 
San Diego, Calif. 

Evinger, Morris Irwin, C. E. 13. Con 
suiting Engr. 1245-39th, Des 
Moines, la. 

Evjue, Mr^. William T. (Bagley, Zil- 
lah Julia) B. A. 07. 916 E. Gor- 
ham, Madison, Wis. a 

dryman. Medford, Ore. 
Fadner, Lydia E., Ph. B. 08. 6010 

Cummings Ave., Superior, Wis. a 
Pagan, Riah Belle, B. A. 15, M. A. 16. 

Teacher. 415 Sterling PL, Madi- 
son, Wis. 
Pagerland, Johan Lewis, B. A. 13. 

c/o N. Pkg. & Prov. Co., Boston, 

Mass. a 
Pahlberg, Ernest David, B. S. (Ch. 

E.) 18. Instr. U. W. Oneida PL, 

Nakoma, Madison, Wis. 
Fairbairn, Helen Salome (Jones, 

Mrs. Griffith S.) B. A. 15. 
Fairbank, Alfred Frank, B. L. 02. 

Teacher. 1162 E. Court, Iowa 

City, la. 
Fairbank, Raymond Clarence, LL. B. 

02. Attorney & Justice of the 

Peace. 83 S. Main, Fond du Lac, 




Fairchild, Albert T,. B. A. 95. At- 
torney. 118 N. Raymond, Mari- 

Fairchiid, Arthur Wilson, B. L. 97, 
LL. B. 01. Attorney. First Natl. 
Bk. Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. a 
*Fairchilcl, Charles, B. A. 57, M. A. 
61. Died July 7, 1910. 

Fairchild, David Luce, B. C. E. 90. 
Exploration & Mining. 909 All- 
worth Bldg., Duluth, Minn, a 

Fairchild, Mrs. Herbert Bigelow 
(Smith, Jessie demons) B. A. 09. 
1743 Wesley Ave., Evanston, 111. 

Fairchild, Laura (Boardman, Mrs. 
Eliot) M. G. 08. 

Fairchild, Mary G. (Rockwell, Mrs. 
LeGrand) B. A. 90. 

Fairchild, Mrs. Morris Graves (Wells, 
Grace) B. A. 05. 399 S. 4th, 
Aurora, 111. 

Fairleigh, Mrs. Robert McClure 
(Baker Frances Helen June) M. A. 
12. Hopkinsville, Ky. 

Falconer, Donald Patton, B. S. (C. 
E.) 05. Sales Engr. 1018 Maple 
Ave., Evanston, 111. a 

Falconer, John Ironside, M. S. 12, 
Ph. D. 14. Ohio State Univ. 349 
W. 8th Ave., Columbus, O. a 

Falconer, Robert Clemons, B. S. (C. 
E.) 95. Chief Engr. Erie Ry. Co. 
50 Church, New York City, a 

Fales, Ida BeUe, B. A. 83, M. A. 87. 
Whipple Barracks, Ariz, a 

Fales, Louis Henry, B. L. 93. Capt. 
M. C, U. S. A. Whipple Barracks, 
Ariz, a 

Falevsky, Edward Ludwig Carl, B. 
A. 16. Retail Merchant. West De 
Pere, Wis. a 
*Falge, Louis, B. S. 84. Deceased. 

Falge, Ottmar John, LL. B. 12. At- 
torney. Ladysmith, Wis. a 

Falge, Mrs. Ottmar J. (Brewster, 
Harriet Jane) B. A. 07. Lady- 
smith, Wis. 

Falge, Robert Newton, B. S. (E. E.) 
16. 16 Fay, Akron, O. a 

Falk, Elmer Johann, Ph. G. 03. Phar- 
macist. 109 E. Main, Stoughton, 
Wis. a 

Falk, Gordon Sands, B. S. (G. E.) 10. 
Mech. Engr. The Falk Co. 495 
Belleview PL, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Falk, Harold Sands, B. S. (G. E.) 06. 
Gen. Supt. The Falk Co. 590 Hart- 
ford Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Falk, Karen Fredrikka, B. A. 19. 202 

N. Page, Stoughton, Wis. 

Falk, Nelson H., LL. B. 96. Attor- 
ney. Lake Mills, Wis. a 

Falk, Rolf Orlando, B. A. 08. Willys- 
Overland, Inc. Edgewater Beach 
Hotel, Chicago, 111. 

Falk, Victor S., B. S. (Med.) 11. Phy- 
sician & Surgeon, Stoughton, Wis. 

Faller, Mrs. Guy W. (Astle, Celia) 
B. L. 02. 1901 Tyler, Amarillo, 

FaUows, Samuel, B. A. 59, M. A. 62, 
LL. D. 94. Bishop. Reformed 
Episcopal Church. 1618 W. Adams, 
Chicago, 111. a 

Falvey, Katherine M. J., B. L. 95. 
Teacher. Baraboo, Wis. 

Fanta, Erwin Krainik, B. S. (M. E.) 
17. 831 N. 8th, Manitowoc, Wis. a 

Fardy, Martin Joseph, M. S. 16. Phy- 
sician. 930 W. Center, Rochester, 

Fargo, Elsie Rutherford (McG«,nv- 
mon, Mrs. C. D.) B. L. 99. 

Fargo, Jennie Ethelyn, B. S. (H. Ec.) 
14. Teacher. County Tr. School. 
Eau Claire, Wis. 

Fargo, John Merrill, B. S. A. 19. 
Mt. Horeb, Wis. 

Farisy, Arthur Thomas, B. S. (Med.) 

16. Franklin, Minn. 

Farley, Donald Stephen, B. A. (C. 
C.) 18. Asst. Supervisor. Treas- 
ury Bldg., Washington, D. C. a 

Farley, John Leverett, B. S. (E. E.) 

17. 1st Lt. in charge. Light, Heat, 
Power & Refrigeration. Utilities 
Branch, Constr. Div., Camp Lee, 

Farley, Mary Margaret, B. A. 14. Li- 
brarian. 1230 N. State, Chicago, 
♦Farlow, William Gilson, LL. D. 04. 
Died June 3, 1919. 
Farmer, Charles Joseph, LL. B. 87. 
Banking. & Telephone Business, 
1027 Bellevue Ct., Seattle, Wash. 
*Farnes, Eric Truls, B. A. 76. Died 
Dec. 14, 1886 
Farnham, Frederick Foster, B. S. 
(Ch. E.) 09. Steel Melter. Amer. 
Bridge Co. Box 55, Ambridge, Pa. a 
*Famham, George L., LL. B. 82. Died 
March, 1889. 
larnham, Willard Edward, B. A. 12. 
M. A. 14. Amer. Express Co., Lon- 
, don, Eng. 



Farnsworth, Edward Lewis, LL. B. 

84. Banker. Wilbur, Wash. 
*Farnsworth, Fannie P., B. L. 88 
Died Feb. 26, 1910. 

Farnum, Isabel Monica (Skelton, 
Mrs. E J.) M. G. 08. 

Farquliar, Alice Milne, B. A. 12. Li- 
brarian. 7218 Luella Ave., Chicago, 
111. a 

Farquhar, Florence, B. S. (H. Ec.) 
15. Teacher. 7218 Luella Ave., 
Chicago, HI. a 

Farr, Frank R., LL. B. 88. Attorney. 
Eau Claire, Wis. 

Farr, Helen Esther, B. A. 16. Li- 
brarian. 915 S. Eiver, Eau Claire, 
Wis. a 

Farrand, Jack Fasten, B. A. 17. Lt. 
3rd Army of Occupation, A. E. F. 
Home, 1028 N. Broadway, Fargo, 
N. D. a 

Farrand, Roy Felton, B. L. 00. Com- 
mandant of Cadets. St. John's 
Mil. Academy. Delafield, Wis. a 

Farrar, Victor John, B. A. 11. Ee- 
search Asst. U. of Wash. Seattle, 

Farrell, Bess, B. A. 11. Teacher. 
Tulsa, Okla. 

Farrington, Hazel Elizabeth (Sander- 
son, Mrs. Thomas H.) Ph. B. 10. 

Farrington, Joseph Rider, B. A. (C. 
J.) 19. Honolulu, Hawaii. 

Farrington, Myrtle Anna, Ph. B. 10. 
Teacher. Eio, Wis. 

Farris, James A., B. S. (M. E.) 00. 
Engr. Dept. Whiting Foundry Equip- 
ment Co. 15541 Lexington Ave., 
Harvey, HI. 

Farris, John, B. A. 07. Pres. Far- 
ris Engr. Co. Empire Bldg., Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. a 

Fasten, Nathan, Ph. D. 14. Instr. 
' U. of Wash. Seattle, Wash. 

Faucett, Frances, B. A. 08. Virginia, 

Fauerbach, Angelica Anne, B. A. 13. 
Student Nurse. St. Luke's Tr. 
School. 1416 Indiana Ave., Chica, 
go. 111. 

Fauerbach, Elsa Marie, B. S. (H. 
Ec.) 15. Education Director. Best 
& Co. 15 E. 38th, New York City. 

Fauerbach, Louis, Jr., B. S. (Med.) 
18. 1053 Eutledge, Madison, Wis. 

Faust, Charles Julius, M. A. 12. Box 
7, Valley City, N. D. 

Faust, Howard H., B. A. 05. Supt. 
of Schools. 224 Milton Ave., Janes- 
ville. Wis. 

Faust, Wirt Garry, B. A. 15. Teach- 
er. 707 Locust Ave., Fairmont, W. 
Va. a 
*Favill, Henry Baird, B. A. 80, LL. D. 
15. Died Feb. 20, 1916. 

Favill, Therese S., B. L. 83. 948 Hub- 
bard, Hubbard Wood, 111. a 

Faville, Alpheus Davis, M. S. 15. Di- 
rector. Exp. Sta. U. of Wyo. Lara- 
mie, Wyo. 

Faville, Harriet Elizabeth (Bradt, 
Mrs Harlan) B. A. 13. 

Faville, Katharine Ellen, B. S. (Ch 
C.) 15, M. S. 16. Nurse in train- 
ing. Mass. Gen. Hosp., Boston, 
Mass. a 

Faville, Laura Elizabeth, B. S. (H. 
Ec.) 19. Lake Mills, Wis. a 

Faville, Mrs. Theodore R. (Esch, Ella 
Lydia) B. L. 02. 491 W. New York 
Ave., Oshkosh, Wis. a 

Fawcett, Charles Ephram, B. S. A. 
14. Supt. County School of Agric. 
& Domestic Economy. Wauwa- 
"hrmn "Wis 

Fawcett, Frank L., LL. B. 08. At- 
torney. 15-24 Cawker Bldg., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Fay, Cyril Anton, B. S. (Min. E.) 
11. Engr. Dept., M. A. Hanna 
Co., Virginia, Minn, a 

Fay, Helen Armine (Johnson, Mrs. 
Paul B.) B. A. 07. 

Fay, Laura Leota (Zuill, Mrs. J. F.) 

B. A. 14. 
*Fay, Lucius M., Ph. B. 74, M. L. 82. 
Died June 28, 1903. 

Fay, Mrs. Lucius M. (Dodge, Marion 
V.) Ph. B. 74. 844 Prospect PI., 
Madison, Wis. a 

Fay, Margaxet Virginia, B. A. 17, M. 

A. 18. 844 Prospect PI., Madison, 

Fay, Marion Elizabeth, B. A. 19. 844 

Prospect PL, Madison, Wis. 
Fay, Martha M. (McConachie, Mrs. 

L. G.) B. A. 06. 
Fechter, Oscar A., LL. B. 87. Pres. 

Yakima Valley Bank. Yakima, 

Fedde, Katherine Ann, B. A. 19. Pe 

otone. III. 
Federer, Francis Albert, Ph. G. 13, 

B. S. (Ph.) 15. Wm. S. Merrell & 
Co. Cincinnati, O. 

Fedt, Andrew John, M. A. 16. Mc- 

Farland, Wis. 
Feeney, Frederick Jerome, LL. B. 95. 

Attorney. Santa Maria, Calif. 



Feeney, James H., B. L. 89, LL. B. 

90. Attorney. 305 Pioneer Blk. 
Madison, Wis. a 

Feeney, Jerome Joseph, B. A. 18. 

Service Dept. Madison Gas & Elec. 

Co. 207 N. MHls, Madison, Wis. a 

*Feeney, Martin J., B. L. 90, LL. B. 

91. Deceased. 

Feeney, Mary Elizabeth, S. M. G. 17. 
Teacher. 207 N. Mills, Madison, 
Fehlandt, August F., B. A. 91. Prof. 
Eipon Coll. 121 Blossom, Ripon, 
Wis. a 
Fehlandt, Mrs. A. F. (Knapp, Luella 

B.) B. L. 93. Eipon, Wis. 
*Fehlandt, John C, LL. B. 92. Died 
July 4, 1916. 
Fehlandt, John Carl, Jr., B. A. (C. C.) 
14. Advertising. 1117 Chamber 
of Commerce, Chicago, 111. a 
Fehlandt, William Louis, B. S. (C. 
E.) 12. Engr. Wausau Iron Wks. 
706 Fifth Ave., S. Wausau, Wis. a 
Fehr, Herman, B. S. 84, B. M. E. 84, 
LL. B. 86. Bank President. 
Brumder Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. a 
*Fehr, Jacob, Jr., B. L. 96, LL. B. 97. 
Died March 15, 1910. 
Fehr, Margaret, Ph. B. 03. Teacher. 

Spokane, Wash. 
*Feige, Charles H., B. S. (E. E.) 06. 
Feiler, William Revel, B. S. (E. E.) 
16. 1102 Judson Ave., Evanston, 
Feinberg, Samuel Maurice, B. S. 
(Med.) 17. Medical student. 702 
S. Ashland Blvd., Chicago, 111. 
Feiring, Julius Ferdinand, M. A. 14. 
Accountant. Waukesha Motor Co. 
124 Cook, Waukesha, Wis. 
Feit, Victor Emanuel, Ph. G. 12. 

Pharmacist. Amery, Wis. 
Feldkamp, Bernard Eilart, B. A. 05. 
Secy-Treas. Feldkamp Candy Co. 
214 W. Harrison, Danville, 111. a 
*Felker, Carl, LL. B. 93. Deceased. 
Felker, Frederick, LL. B. 92. Eeal 
Estate Dealer. 96 N. Stone Ave., 
Tucson, Ariz. 
Fellenz, Henry M., LL. B. 02. 264 

Superior, Fond du Lac, Wis. a 
Fellenz, Louis John, LL. B. 07. Dist. 
Attorney. 82 S. Main, Fond du 
Lac ^Vis. a 
Fellman, Judson L., B. A. (C. C.) 17. 
Officer, U. S. A. c/o E. J. Fellman, 
Phoenix Mfg. Co., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Fellows, Abbie Jane, B. A. 15. 

Teacher. Lodi, Wis. a 
Fellows, Donald Ross Hotchkiss, B. 
A. (C. C.) 16. 1304-4th, New 
Orleans, La. 
Fellows, Gladys, B. A. 19. Physical 
Ed. Work in Y. W. C. A. Buffalo, 
N. Y. a 
Fellows, Kenneth Elbert, B. S. (C. 

E.) 12. Lodi, Wis. a 
Felsher, Augusta Rose, B. A. 19. 

1212 Chandler, Madison, Wis. 
Felsher, Hannah, B. S. (Med.) 17. 

1212 Chandler, Madison, Wis. 
Felsher, Rosa, B. A. 18. Teacher. 

1212 Chandler, Madison, Wis. 
Felten, Hilbert Oscar, B. A. 17. Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 
Fenelon, Charles David, B. S. 85. 
Physician & Surgeon. Phillips, 
Wis. a 
Fenelon. Mrs. C. D. (Fordyce, Eliza- 
beth H.) LL. B. 95. Public Ad- 
ministrator. Insurance & Eeal 
Estate Dealer. Phillips, Wis. 
Fenelon, Eunice Sarah, B. A. 17. 

Teacher. Weyauwega, Wis. a 
Fenn, Clarence Charles, LL. B. 15. 

Attorney. Neenah, Wis. 
Fenner, Charles Jason, B. S. 92, M. 

S. 94. Teacher. Celoron, N. Y. 
Fennessey, Katherine C, B. A. 17. 

Eau Claire, Wis. 
Fenton, Frederick Azel, M. S. 15. 
Entomologist. Iowa Exp. Sta. 
Ames, la. 
Fenton, Ida (Leonard, Mrs. Walter) 

B. A. 09. 
Fenton, Polly, B. A. 06. Librarian. 
Calif. State Library. Sacramento, 
Calif, a 
Ferger, Wirth Fitch, B. A. 19. 530 

Vine, Chattanooga, Tenn. a 
Ferguson, Bess C. (Ayers, Mrs. Floyd 

C.) B. L. 02. 
Ferguson, Donald Nivison, B. A. 04. 
Asst. Prof. U. of Minn. 4912 Penn. 
Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn, a 
Ferguson, Herbert Thomas, B. L. 97. 
Attorney. 362-7th Ave., Wauwa- 
tosa, Wis. 
Ferguson, Mrs. John M. (Sawyer. 
Agnes J.) Ph. B. 66. 408 W. 7th, 
Hastings, Neb. 
Ferguson, Martha Luella, (Miller, 

Mrs. Walter C.) B. A. 07. 
Ferguson, Mary Josephine, B. A. 18. 
25 Langdon, Madison, Wis. a 



Ferguson, Mrs. Robert S. (Negley, 
Eleanor Bradford) B. A. 15. 6611 
Thorn, Garvanza, Los Angeles, 
Calif, a 

Ferguson, William Friend, Jr., B. A 
(C. C.) 18. 1030 Jenifer, Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Femald, Mabel Grace, B. S. (H. Ec.) 
19. Teacher. 1599-34 Ave., Mo- 
line, 111. 

Fernekes, Gustave, B. S. 00, Ph. D. 

Fernow, Bemhard Edward, LL. D. 

97. Dean. Faculty of Forestry, 
U. of Toronto, Toronto, Can. 

Ferrar, Kathleen, B. A. 12. 2225 
Ash, Denver, Colo, a 

Ferrar, Kayutah (Miller, Mrs. Wal- 
ter Baker) B. A. 11. 

Ferris, George Mclntyre, B. L. 00. 
Attorney. 609 Main, Whitewater, 

Ferris, Holmes Dunbar, M. A. 16. 
Teacher. Princeton, 111. 

Ferris, Margaret Fraser, B. S. (H. 
Ec.) 19. Osage, la. a 

Ferris, William Chester, B. L. 95. 
Congregational Clergyman. 1510 
Castilla, Santa Barbara, Calif. 

Ferris, William Stewart, B. S. (Ph.) 

98. Metallurgist. R. F. D. 2-144D., 
Pomona, Calif. 

Ferris, Mrs. W. S. (Gage, Florence 

M.) B. S. (Ph.) 98, B. S. 99, M. S. 

00. R. F. D. 2-144D., Pomona, 

Ferry, Elizabeth Blanche, B. A. 19. 

St. Paul, Minn. 
Ferry, Phillips Barlow, B. S. (M. E.) 

14. Aeronautical Engr. 34 W. 

44th, New York City. 
Ferry, Robert Phillips, LL. B. 03. 

Attorney. 902 First Natl. Bk. 

Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Fess, Leone Marie (Le Claire, Mrs. 

Carl A.) B. S. (H. Ec.) 11. 
Fess, Madeline Cecile (Mehlig, Mrs. 

Lee Percy) B. S. (H. Ec.) 14. 
Fess, Perry Thomas, B. S. (C. E.) 14 

123 E. Doty, Madison, Wis. 
Fessler, Edward John, B. A. 06. Mgi. 

Stationery & Notion Dept. Butler 

Bros. 2014 Dupont Ave. S., Min- 
neapolis, Minn, a 
Festerling, Edwin Garfield, B. A. 06. 

Physician & Surgeon. Reedsville, 


Fetter, Norman, LL. B. 89. Credit 
man. Lindeke, Werner & Son. 
1043 Lincoln Ave., St. Paul, Minn, a 

Fetzner, Edward J., B. S. (C. E.) 11. 
Surveyor. U. S. Engr. Ofice. La 
Crosse, Wis. 
*Feuling, Ellen Marie, B. A. 13. Died 

Oct. 20, 1918. 
*Ficklin, Joseph, LL. D. 84. Deceased. 

Fiedler, Albert Charles, B. S. A. 17. 
Agricultural Supt. Chippewa Val- 
ley Colonization Co. Holcombe, 
Wis. a 

Fiedler, Ernest C, LL. B. 93. At- 
torney. Mineral Point, Wis. 

Fiedler, Mrs. H. J. (Johnson, Ellen) 
B. L. 96. 14 N. Franklin, Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Feld, Albert Martin, Ag. G. 12, B. S. 
A. 16, M. S. 17. Asst Prof. U. of 
Minn. St. Paul, Minn. 

Field, George William, B. A. 70, M. 

A. 74. Physician. Colorado Springs, 

♦Field, Guy Alden, B. S. (M. E.) 08. 

Died Nov. 19, 1915. 
Field, Harold Manoel, B. A. 19. Oel- 

wein, la. 
Field, Harry William, B. A. (C. C.) 

17. Prop, of garage. 16 Riyer, 

Rice Lake, Wis. a 
Field, Mrs. Harry William (Beach, 

Ruth Spalding) B. A. 18. 
Field, Mrs. Herbert D. (Evans, Alice) 

B. A. 08. 349 Myrtle, El Paso, 

Field, Jane M. (Bashford, Mrs. 
James W.) Ph. B. 74, M. L. 82. 

Field, Jesse Southwick, LL. B. 86. 
Attorney. Prescott, Wis. 

Field, Samuel M., LL. B. 95. Attor- 

Field, Walter S., B. S. 78, LL. B. 80. 
Attorney. Colorado Bldg., Wash- 
ington, D, C a 

Fields, Leah, B. A. 17. 

Fieweger, Thomas Edward, B. S. (C. 
E.) 18. Oshkosh, Wis. 

Fifield, Charles Leavitt, LL. B. 88. 
County Judge. 201 Jackman, Janes- 
ville. Wis. 

Filbey, Edward Joseph, B. A. 03, Ph. 
D. 08. C. P. A. & Asst. Prof. U. 
of 111. 706 Michigan Ave., Urbana,, 

Filbey, Mrs. Edward J. (Vaughan 
May Constance) B. A. 05. 706 
Michigan Ave., Urbana, 111. 



*Fillmore, Margaret, B. L. 89. Died 

Jan. 21, 1897. 
Filsinger, Irma Louise, M. A. 17. 

Teacher. 3128 Lafayette Ave., St. 

Louis, Mo. 
Filter, Raymond O., M. A. 16. 718 

2nd, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Filtzer, Robert Louis, B. S. (C. E.j 

17. 1623 Teutonia Ave., MHwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Filtzer, Mrs. Robert L. (Haessler, 
Gertrude Johanna) B. A. (C. C.) 

18. Asst. Inspector Children's 
Bureau, Mammoth Hot Springs, 

Finch, Vernor CUfford, Ph. D. 16. 
Asst. Prof. U. W. Madison, Wis. a 

Findeisen, Alvin Louis, B. A. 13 
Green Bay, Wis. 

Findeisen, Carl Raymond, B. S. (E. 
E.) 13. Tel. Engr. Bell Tel. Co. 
2257 N. Kedzie Blvd., Chicago, 111. 

Findeisen, Henrietta M. (Werder, 
Mrs. Hudson B.) B. A. 04. 

Findlay, Albion G., B. A. 07. Insur- 
ance. 1047 Jefferson Ave., Chip- 
pewa Falls, Wis. 

Findlay, Walter Alexander, B. A. 14. 
Allison Rood Co., Chicago, 111. a 

Findlay, Mrs. Walter A. (Harrison, 
Edna L.) B. A. 05. 2236 E. 70th, 
Chicago, 111. 

Findorff, Dorothy Catherine, B. S. 
(H. Ec.) 18. 314 S. Hamilton, 
Madison, Wis. 

Findorff, Milton Bremer, B. A. (C. 
E.) 17. 124 W. Gilman, Madi- 
son, Wis. a 

Fink, Mrs. Bert (Storm, Anna) B. L. 
03. Gooding, Idaho. 

Fink, Harriet Josephine (Stenquist, 
Mrs. Harriet) B. A. 13. 

Finlen, Gertrude Hurford, B. A. 08. 
Saleswoman. ''Detroit" Electric 
Car. 207 Pleasant Ave., Streator, 
111. a 

Finley, John H., LL. D. 04. Presi- 
dent. U. of State of New York. 
Comm. of Education. 272 State, 
Albany, N. Y. 

Finn, Albert Clarence, B. L. 92. 
Rancher. Santa Cruz, Calif. 

Finner, Emil Erich, B. S. A. 18. 
Dodge, Wis. 

Finner, Ewald R., B. S. A. 11. Farm- 
er. Dodge, Wis. 

Finner, Fred Frank, B. A. 12. Prin- 
cipal. Dodge, Wis. 

Finner, Paul Frederick, Ph. B. 11. 

Professor. State Normal. May- 
ville, N. D. 
Finnerud, Clark Wylie, B. S. (Med.) 

16. 508 1st Ave., Watertown, S. D. 
Finney, Marie J., S. M. G. 16. :?02 

N. Murray, Madison, Wis. 

Finucane, Frank J., LL. B. 89. At- 
torney. Antigo, Wis. 

Finucane, Grace Rosalind, B. S. (H 
Ec.) 19. 1011 Clermont, Antigo, 
Wis. a 

Fisbeck, Finley Leland, B. S. (C. E.) 
19. Instr. U. W., Madison, Wis. a 

i'ischer, Mrs. Armin (Eastman, Mary 
Eleanor) B. A. 17. 4151a Humph- 
rey, St. Louis, Mo. a 

Fischer, Carl E., B. L. 00. Lumber- 
man. Springfield, Ore. a 

Fischer, Frederick Roy, B. S. (Med.) 

17. Lancaster, Wis. 

Fischer, Ray Otto, Ph. G. 10. Drug- 
gist. Jefferson, Wis. 

Fish, Florence, B. L. 97. Prof. West- 
ern Coll. Oxford, O. 

Fish, Mrs. Fred A. (Caulkins, Annie 
K.) B. S. 01. 503 Ash Ave., Ames, 
la. a 
*Fish, Frederick Starr, LL. B. 92. De- 

Fish, Harriette Hilton (Esch, Mrs. 
Fred) B. A. 13. 

Fish, Herbert Clay, B. L. 03. Instr. 
Ellensburg, Wash, a 

Fish, Irving A., LL. B. 03. 450 Wyo 
ming PI., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Fish, Mrs. P. O. (Bernard, Anna K.) 
B. A. 05. 422 Castle PI., Madison, 
Wis. a 

Fishburn, Mrs. H. P. (Butterfield, 
Frances) B. A. 09. a 

Fisher, Arthur Augustus, B. S. (C. 
E.) 07. Secy. Sun Coal Co. Cary- 
ville, Tenn. 

Fisher, Arthur Oscar, B. A. 05. Phy- 
sician. 608 Humboldt Bldg., St. 
Louis, Mo. a 

Fisher, Mrs. Arthur O. (Kroehnke, 
Adalia L.) B. A. 06. 94 Aberdeen 
PL, St. Louis, Mo. 

Fisher, Bertha Miriam (Buchanan, 
Mrs. John W.) M. G. 08. 

Fisher, Carl Victor, Ag. G. 16. 1108 
4th Ave. N., Great Falls, Mont, a 

Fisher, Charles Roswell, B. S. (C. E.) 
11. Topographer. U. S. Geological 

Survey, Washington, D. C. a 



Fisher, Mrs. C. B. (Ross, Josephine) 
B. L. 02. Died May 17, 1913. 

Fisher, Clarence Bennett, LL, B. 04. 
Claims Attorney. American Auto 
Insurance Co. 1124 Book Bldg., De- 
troit, Mich. 

Fisher, Ernest James, B. S. (C. E.) 
04. Engr. Truscon Steel Co. 603 
Metropolitan Bk. Bldg., Minnea- 
polis, Minn. 

Fisher, Erwin William, B. S. (C. E.) 
16. Automobile Dealer. Mondovi, 
Wis . 

Fisher, Eunice Estella, B. A. 06. 
Teacher. Steward, 111. 

Fisher, Frank Eugene, B. S. (E. E.) 
06. Elect. Engr. Goodman Mfg. Co. 
Halsted & 4Sth PI., Chicago, 111. 

Fisher, Franklin, B. A. 77. Insur- 
ance & Real Estate. 503 Summit, 
Alton, 111. 

Fisher, Glenn Bailey, B. S. (C. E.) 
14. Government Engr. 1000 Paris 
Ave., Hannibal, Mo. 

Fisher, Grace Genevieve, B. A. 17. 
Clerk. 617 East, Baraboo, Wis. a 

Fisher, Guyon Tompkins, LL. B. 16. 
Minocqua, Wis. • 

Fisher, Mrs. Guyon T. (Tomhagen, 
Edith Sommer) B. A. 12, M. S. 16. 
3023 Logan Blvd., Chicago, 111. a 

Fisher, Herbert Charles, B. S. (C. E.) 
13. Civil Engr. 402 N. Spring, 
Beaver Dam, Wis. 
*Fisher, John Joseph, B. C. E. 76. 
Died Aug. 22, 1911. 

Fisher, Mrs. John J. (Clark Lillie S.) 
B. S. 76. 435 Heliotrope Drive, 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

Fisher, John Lincoln, LL. B. 99. At- 
torney. 901 Milwaukee Ave., Janes- 
ville, Wis. 

Fisher, John Roswell, B. C. E. 75, C. 
E. 80. Farmer. Beaver Dam, Wis. 

Fisher, John Welton, B. S. 75. Medi- 
cal Director. Northwestern Mutual 
Life Ins. Co. 433 Lake Drive, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Fisher, Lewis Maturin, B. A. 72. At- 
torney. 1003 Arlington Ave., Dav- 
enport, la. a 

Fisher, Martin Luther, M. S. 12. 
Prof. Purdue Univ. Lafayette, 

Fisher, Raymond Walter, B. S. (G. 

E.) 09. Phillips, Wis. 
Fisher, Roland Frederick, "B. S. 
(Med.) 09. Surgeon. Wausau, 
Wis. a 

Fisher Mrs. Roland Frederick (Al- 

bers, Frances Clark) B. A. 09. 

Wausau, Wis. a 
Fisher, Samuel Morton, B. S. (C. E.j 

Fisher, Waldo, B. L. 80. Phvsician 

& Surgeon. 120 W. 3rd, Alton, 111. 
Fisher, Mrs. William E. (Minn, Elsie 

Marcellite) B. A. 07. Stevens 

Point, Wis. 
Fisk, Earl Ellsworth, B. A. 13. Fisk 

Ins. Agency. $30 Shawano Ave., 

Green Bay, Wis. a 
Fisk, Mrs. George M. (.lohnson, Ida 

E.) B. L. 87. 146 E. Gorham, Mad' 

ison, Wis. 
Fiske, Abbie (Eaton, Mrs. James H.j 

B. L. 94, M. L. 95. 
Fiske, Lulu B., B. A. 99. Vice-Prin- 
cipal. Kingsburg, Calif, a 
Fiske, Seymour, B. A. 16. Peter Bent 

Brigham Hosp., Boston, Mass. a 
Fitch, Helen Fairfield (McLaughlin, 

Mrs. Helen) B. A. 09. 
Fitch, Helen Marie (Gates, Mrs, 

James R.) B. A. 10. 
Fitch, Henry Edmond, LL. B. 91. At^ 

torney-Banker. l-4th, Nekoosa, 

Fitch, Rose (Briggs, Mrs. Albert N.) 

B. L. 84. 
Fitch, Mrs. Roy (Tragsdorf, Clara 

C.) B. A. 07. 125 N. Franklin, 

Madison, Wis. 
Fitch, Ruth, M. A. 14. 55 Prospect 

Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Fitch, William Kountz, M. E. 13. 

Mech. Engr. Dravo Doyle Co. 

Citizens Bk. Bldg., Cleveland, O. a 
Fitger, Arnold Kirst, B. A. (C. C.) 

14. 629 E. 1st, Duluth, Minn. 

Miner. Celite Products Co. Van 

Muggs Bldg., Los Angeles, Calif, a 
Fitzgerald, Gertrude, B. A. 18. Secy. 

160 Chestnut, West Newton, Mass. a 
Fitzgerald, Mrs. Robert Lowls (Cam- 
eron, Mary Regina) B. A.' 14. 4615 
Chestnut, Philadelphia, Pa. a 
Fitzgerald, Mrs. William (Hanrahan, 

Alice Katherine) Ph. B. 10. De 

Kalb, 111. 
Fitzgerald, Helen Elizabeth (Whip- 
ple, Mrs. Merwyn J.) Ph*. B. 05. 
FitzGibbon, AUce Elizabeth, B. A. 14. 

Asst. Registrar's Office, U. W. 309 

N. Pinckney, Madison, Wis. 
Fitzgibbon, Berenice Bridget, B. A. 
18. Waunakee, Wis. 



Fltzmaurice, Mary Theresa, B. S. (H 

Ec.) 19. 1134 Highland Ave., 
Hollywood, Los Angeles, Calif, a 
Fjeldstad, Nina, B. A. 15. Librarian. 
Billings Memorial Library. Bill- 
ings, Mont, a 
Fjoslien, Sigrid (Hardenberg, Mrs. 

Christian) B. A. 06. 
Flagg, WiUiam H., B. S. (E. E.) 06. 

210 Eugenic, Elkhart, Ind. 
Flagler, Lawrence Allen, B. A. 13. 
*Flaig, John, B. S. (C. E.) 04. Died 
Dec. 12, 1906. 
Flanagan, David J., B. A. 11. Teach- 
er. 1119 E. 31st, Minneapolis, 
Flanagan, Mrs. D. J. (Anthony, 
Marie Alexia) B. A. 12. 1119 E. 
31st, Minneapolis, Minn. 
Flannigan, Marion Leslie (Malone, 

Mrs. J. F.) Ph. B. 14. 
Flatley, Mrs. M. A. (Shea, Eugenie 

E.) B. A. 05. Antigo, Wis. 
Fleck, Louis Carl, B. S. (Ch. C.) 17. 
Chemist. New Jersey Zinc Co. 
Palmerton, Pa. 
Flenckenstein, Clemens Thomas, B. S. 
(Ch. E.) 18. 108 S. Cherry, Marsh- 
field, Wis. a 
Fleek, Belle L., B. A. 11. Brodhead, 

Fleisher, Alexander, M. A. 11. Social 
Worker. Metropolitan Life Ins. Co. 
1 Madison Ave., New York City. 
Fleming, Anna R. (Hewitt, Mrs. 

Earl) B. S. (H. Ec.) 13. 
Fleming, Catherine Loretta, B. A. 19. 
6824 Greenfield Ave., West Allis, 
Wis. a 
Fleming, Mrs. D. B. (formerly Peck, 
Mrs. Arthur C.) (Noble, Helen V.) 
Ph. B. 69. 
Fleming, Edith Marion, B. A. 19. 334 

Lincoln Ave., Eau Claire, Wis. a 
Fleming, Florence (Andrews, Mrs. 

Edwin Lee) B. A. 16. 
Fleming, Mrs. J. J. (Barthe, Jeanne 
Savate de la) B. A. 13. Biltmore 
Apts. No. 307, 330 S. Grand Ave., 
Los Angeles, Calif, a 
Fleming, Mary Florence, B. A. 18. 
Shullsburg, Wis. 
*Flemington, Alexander Dean, LL. B. 
82. Died Feb. 12, 1905. 
Flamming, Lucinda Elizabeth, B. S. 
03. Teacher. 167-12th, Milwaukee, 
Flesh, Iiinnie M. (Lietze, Mrs. 
Charles H.) B. L. 92. 

Flesh, Sarah Belle (Johnson, Mrs. 

Elmo J.) B. A. 89, M. L. 91. 
Fletcher, Clark Robinson, LL. B. 11. 
Attorney. 936 Andrus Bldg., Min- 
neapolis, Minn, a 
Fletcher, Freeman Douglas, B. S. (M. 
E.) 15. Asst. Gas Engr. State 
Public Utilities Comm. 504 De- 
Witt Smith Bldg., Springfield, 111. 
Fletcher, Mabel E. (Sheldon, Mrs. F. 

S.) B. S. 00. 
Flett, David Hadley, LL. B. 80. At- 
torney. 532 Main, Kacine, Wis. a 
Flett, Elizabeth Townsend (Harring- 
ton, Mrs. Willis F.) B. A. 07. 
Flett, George Custer, LL. B. 93. Cler- 
gyman. Eidgefarm, 111. 
Flett, Helen Ann (Adams, Mrs. How- 
ard Allen) B. S. (H. Ec.) 15. 
Flett, Julia Louise (Morris, Mrs. A. 

S.) B. A. 10. 
*Flett, William Hedley, LL. B. 84. 
Died Sept. 5, 1911. 
Flett, Mrs. William H. (Baker, Clara 
D.) B. A. 84. Asst. Dean of Wo- 
men, Lathrop Hall, U. W. Madison, 
Wis. a 
Flick, Ernest Clinton, B. A. 08. Con- 
sulting Chemist & Physicist. 2902 
La Branch, Houston, Texas, a 
Flickinger, Dan Wilson, B. S. A. 16. 
Life Insurance Salesman. 4211 
Broadway, Indianapolis, Ind. a 
Fliegler, Jacob, B. L. 91, LL. B. 93. 
Wholesale Fruit & Produce Dealer. 
139 E. 11th, St. Paul, Minn. 
Fligelman, Belle (Winestine, Mrs. 

Norman) B. A. 13. 
Fligelman, Frieda, B. A. 10. Socio 
logical Eesearch. 2721 Parker, 
Berkeley, Calif. 
Flint, Alfred T., B. A. 11. Lawyer. 

1311 Morris, Madison, Wis. a 
Flint, Anna Katherine (Bownocker, 

Mrs. J. C.) B. L. 95. 
Flint, Mrs. Edgar M. (Quale, Susana 
Josephine) B. A. 10. American 
Coll. Madura, S. India. 
Flint, Helen (formerly Wallace, Mrs. 
E. D.) now (Ingersoll, Mrs. Leon- 
ard E.) B. A. 08. 
Flint, Joseph Turner, B. L. 03. Mgr. 
Dunn County '*News.'' Menomo- 
nie. Wis. 
Flisch, Julia Anna, M. A. 08. Teach- 
er. 341 Walker, Augusta, Ga. 
Floden, Tuve John, B. A. 15. 1513 
Blaisdell, Eockford, 111. 



Floete, Franklin G., B. A. 08. Bank- 
er. Armour, S. D. a 
Flohil, Mrs. J. J. (Cornelius, Flor- 
ence) B. L. 84, M. A. 96. 132 W. 

36th, Minneapolis, Minn. 
Flom, George Tobias, B. L. 93. Assoc. 

Prof. U. of 111. 611 W. Green, Ur- 

bana. 111. 
Flood, Olaf, B. A. 18. Galesville, 

Florin, Josias Edwin, LL. B. 96. Supt. 

of Inspections, Fire Marshall's 

Dept. Menomonie, Wis. 
Flosbach, Mrs. August (Haseltine, 

Mrs. Fank T.) maiden name( Spen- 
cer, Elizabeth S.) Ph. B. 69. 
Flower, Dorothy (Livingston, Mrs. 

Paul) B. A. 12. 
*Flower, James M., B. A. 56, M. A. 59. 

Died Sept. 2, 1909. 
Flower, Marie Rosamond (Cobb, Mrs. 

Frederick L.) B. A. 13. 
Fluck, James William, Ph. G. 07. 

Drug-gist. Algoma, Wis. a 
Fluke, Charles Lewis, M. S. 18. Instr. 

U. W. 1204 W. Dayton, Madison, 

*Flynn, Dennis Henry, LL. B. 72. 

Died April 17, 1908. 
*Flynn, Michael H., B. A. 09. Died 

May 30, 1917. 
Focke, William John, B. S. (Med.) 

19. Chicago, Dl. 
Foelske, Henry E., B. L. 03, LL. B. 

05. Attorney. 1301 First Natl. 

Bk. Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Foerster, Henry Robert, B. S. (Med.) 
12. Physician. 445 Milwaukee, 
Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Foerster, Norman, M. A. 12. Assoc. 

Prof. U. of No. Car. Chapel Hill, 

N. C. 
Foeste, Arthur Bruno, B. S. (E. E.) 

17. Sheboygan, Wis. 

Fogg, Joseph Graham, LL. B. 04. At- 

. torney. 1863 Crawford Ed.,. Cleve- 
land, O. a 

Foglesong, Grace Neva, B. A. 18. 604 
N. Water Ave., Idaho Falls, Idaho. 

Fogo, Mrs. H. M. (Young, Isabel 
Helen) B. A. 16. Reconstruction 
Aide. Pardeeville, Wis. a 

Folckemer, Martha Irene, B. A. 19. 
307 N. Ohio, Camp Point, 111. a 

Foley, Anne Cecilia, B. S. (H. Ec.) 

18. Manson, la. 

Foley, Elizabeth Viola, B. A. 05. 
Teacher. Honolulu, Hawaii. Home, 
Wauwatosa, Wis. 

Foley, Eva Winifred, B. A. 14. Instr. 
Council Bluffs, la. 

Foley, Geraldine Hyland (Haight, 
Mrs. Walter L.) B. A. 07. 

Foley, James Doyle, LL. B. 08. At- 
torney. 120 Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 

Foley, John Ernest, LL. B, 95. At- 
torney. Ellsworth, Wis. 

Foley, Kate Agnes, B. A. 13. Man- 
son, la. 

Foley, Mae Ellen, B. A. 12. Libra- 
rian. 307 S. Holden, Warrensburg, 

Foley, Marcella, Ph. B. 10. Super- 
visor of Schools. Dodge County, 
Juneau, Wis. 

Foley, May Genevieve, B. A. 01. 
Teacher, Wauwatosa, Wis. 

Foley, Michael Francis, LL. B. 99. 

Foley, WilUam R., LL. B. 92. At- 
torney. First Natl. Bk. Bldg., Su- 
perior, Wis. a 

Folsom, Mrs. Charles R. (Abbott, 
Clara M.) Ph. G. 92. 450 Allen, 
Syracuse, N. Y. 
*Foltz, Mrs. Charles S. (Potter, Mar- 
garet I.) B. S. 90. Deceased. 

Fontaine, Arthur B., LL. B. 95. At- 
torney. Green Bay, Wis. 
*Foot, Sidney, B. A. 56, M. A. 59. Died 
March 8, 1876. 

Foote, Evelyn Louise (Morrison, Mrs. 
Evelyn F.) B. A. 16. 

Foote, F. J., E. E. 02. Master Me- 
chanic. Ohio Elec. Ry. Co. 285- 
14th, Columbus, O. 

Foote, Louise S. (Barton, Mrs. D. B.) 
Ph. B. 02. 

Forbes, Cornelia Brigham, M. A. 12. 
274 Main, Worcester, Mass. 

Forbes, Mrs. Harry Bertram (Vog- 
nild, Selma Marie) Ph. B. 05. 
Teacher. 4047 La Vergne Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

Force, Henry Hill, B. S. (E. E.) 10. 
422 N. Kensington Ave., La 
Grange, 111. a 

Ford, Amelia Clewley, M. A. 06, Ph. 
D. 08. Instr. Milwaukee-Downer 
Coll. 700 Murray Ave., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Ford, Arthur Hillyer, B. S. (E. E.) 
95, E. E. 96. Prof. U. of la. 228 
Brown, Iowa City, la. a 

Ford, Frederick H., B. E. E. 93. C. A. 
Shaler Co., Waupun, Wis. a 



Ford, Guy Stanton, B. L. 95. Dean. 

Grad. School of Minn. 517 Essex. 
S. E., Minneapolis, Minn, a 
Ford, Mrs. Guy S. (Ellis, Grace V.) 

B. A. 05. 517 Essex, S. E., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Ford, John Patrick, LL. B. 10. At- 
torney. Wausau, Wis. 

Ford, Marcus Clizbe, LL. B. 97. Pro- 
ducer. 3726 Warwick Blvd., Kan- 
sas City, Mo. 
*Ford, Oliver George, B. A. 79. Died 
Nov. 19, 1880. 

Ford, Ralph Henry, B. S. (E. E.) 09. 
Construction Foreman. Box 4, So. 
Cle Elum, Wash, a 

Ford, Stella Eudora (Walker, Mrs. 

-pi T? ^ "R A 12 

Ford, WilUam Brown, B. S. 98. Phy- 
sician. 1014 Majestic Bldg., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 

Fordyce, Elizabeth H. (Eenelon, Mrs. 

C. D.) LL. B. 95. 

Fordyce, John Martin, LL. B. 16. 
Lawyer & Banker. Butternut, 

Fordyce, Kathryn M. (Neef, Mrs. Ed- 
ward) B. A. 11. 

Fordyce, Maude B. (Chamberlaine, 
Mrs. R. F.) M. G. 98. 

Foreman, Clarence James, Ph. D. 17. 
512 N. Henry, Madison, Wis. 

Forrest, Gustavus A., LL. B. 69. At- 
torney. Manitowoc, Wis. 
*Forrest, Harry G., B. L. 98. De- 

Forsberg, Axel Carl, B. S. A. 16. 

Prentice, Wis. 
Forschler, Viola May, B. A. 17. La 

Crosse, Wis. 
Forseth, Victor Edward, Ph. B. (Nor. 

C.) 18. Martell, Wis. 
Forster, Garnet Wolsey, M. S. 17. 

Teacher. U. of Ky. Lexington, 

Forsythe, MilUe C, B. L. 86, M. L. 

89. Teacher. 510 N. Lake Ave., 

Pasadena, Calif. 
Forsythe, William E., M. S. 09, Ph. 

D. 11. Physicist. Nela Research 
Lab. Nela Park, Cleveland, O. a 

Fortier, Camille A. H., B. S. 98. Ront- 

genotogist. 710 Majestic Bldg.. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Fortney, Gerhard Olaus, B. S. 02. 

Physician & Surgeon. Zumbrota, 

Minn, a 
I'orward, Abigail Lois (Parsons, Mrs. 

Forest L.) M. G. 08. 

Foshinbaur, George Anton J., B. S. A. 
16. 2051 N. Kedzie Ave., Chicago, 
111. a 
Foshinbaur, Victor Grover, B. S. A. 
16. Real Estate Dealer. 2051 N. 
Kedzie Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Foster, Albert William, B. A. 05. At- 
torney. 619 Frederick Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 
Foster, Charles Albert, B. L. 81. Ph. 

G. 84. Creamery. Trenton, Mo. 
Foster, Dean Edward, B. S. (M. E.) 
06. Mech Engr. Caseden & Co. 
Box 203, Tulsa, Okla. 
Foster, Fayette Laverne, B. A. 12. 
Real Estate. 1002 Olive Ave., 
Long Beach, Calif, a 
Foster, Fred A., LL. B. 95. Lawyer. 

55 S. Main, Fond du Lac, Wis. 
Foster, George Henry, B. S. A. 12. 

Farmer. Irwin, Va. 
Foster, Guy Kenneth, M. S. 16. 
Teacher. 2004 Oak Hill Ave., 
Youngstown, O. 
Foster, Leighton George, M. A. W. 
Asst. Director of Marketing, State 
Capitol, Madison, Wis. 
Foster, Mrs. L. G. (Shimmins, Zella 
M.) B. L. 02. 415 E. Walnut, 
Stockton, Calif. 
Foster, Mary Stuart, B. L. 94. Ref- 
erence Librarian. Wis. State Hist. 
Library. Ill W. Gilman, Madi- 
son, Wis. a 
Foster, Paul Clark, B. S. 02. Gen. 

Secy. Y. M. C. A. Racine, Wis. 
Foster, Mrs. Paul C. (Pengra, Mabel 
A.) B. A. 99. R. 4. Kenosha, Wis. a 
*Foster, Samuel Baxter, LL. B. 83. 

Died May 4, 1896. 
Foster, Warren Blaine, LL. B. 15. 

Attorney. La Crosse, Wis. 
Foster, Wilbur Thomas, B. L. 03. 

Rancher. Pasco, Wash. 
Foster, Will Asa, B. S. A. 15. Wis. 

Drainage Co., Elkhorn, Wis. a 
Foulkes, Howard Talmadge, LL. B. 
13. Attorney. Sentinel Bldg., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 
Foulkes, Marie Nuzum, B. A. 13. 
National Secy. 600 Lexington 
Ave., New York City, a 
Foulkes, Thomas Robert, B. A. 17, 
M. A. 18. Principal. Winneconne, 
Wis. a 
Foulkes, WiUiam John, LL. B. 03. 
Attorney. 66 Baldwin, Oshkosh. 



Fountain, Mrs. John B. (Hayes, May 
Estelle) B. A. 09. 209 East, 
Janesville, Wis. a 

Fourness, Charles Albert, B. S. (Ch. 
E.) 14. Chemist. Kimberly-Clark 
Co. Neenah, Wis. a 

Fourt, Edgar Howaxd, LL. B. 90. At- 
torney. Lander, Wyo. a 

Fowls, Frederick F., B. S. (C. E.) 93. 
Asst. Med. Dir. Milwaukee Hosp 
for Mental Diseases. Wauwatosa, 

Fowlei Harry H., B. S. (E. E.) 95. 

Sheet Metal Worker. 4205 Eiring 

PL, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Fowler, Charles Verne, M. S. 16. 1707 

Nelson Ave., New York City. 
Fowler, Chester A., B. L. 89. Circuit 

Judge. Fond du Lac, Wis. a 
Fowler, Dwight Smith, B. S. (C. E.) 

17. Civil Engr. 207 N. 6th, Wat- 

ertown, Wis. a 
Fowler, Esther Lucile (Eosencrans, 

Mrs. G. W.) B. A. 17. 
Fowler, IVIrs. H. A. (Case, Matilda 

Helen) B. A. 04. Whitewater, Wis 
Fowler, Harold Douglas, Ag. G. 16. 

Mgr. Poison Mixing Sta. Morrill 

Fowler, Helen Ada, B. L. 99. Li- 
brary Asst. Newberry Library. 

Chicago, 111. a 
Fowler, John Frederick, B. A. 10 

Winfield, Kan. a 
Fowler, Mary Lucile, B. A. 16. 166 

E. 2nd, Fond du Lac, Wis. a 
Fowler, Myron M., B. S. (E. E.) 01. 

Engr. Gen. Elect. Co. 512 S. Ridg- 

land Ave., Oak Park, HI. a 
Fowler, Eoy Edward, B. S. 98. Elec- 
tro-chemist. Natl. Electrolytic Co., 

458-llth, Niagara Falls, N. Y. 
Fowler, William Henry, C. E. , 16. 

Civil Engr. Dravo Contracting Co.. 

Diamond Blk. Bldg., Pittsburgh, 

Pa. a 
Fowler, William Muzzy, M. G. 99. 
Fowler, WilUam OUver, B. S. (C. E.) 

12. Tel. Engr. Western Elec. Co. 

Inc. 1652 W. 66th, Chicago, 111. 
Fox, Blanche Irene, S. M. G. 17. 1021 

W. Johnson, Madison, Wis. 
Fox, Conrad Marion, B. A. (C, C.) 18. 

E. F. D. 2, Eacine, Wis. 
Fox, Dora Rose, Ph. B. 13. Teacher. 

45-4th, Fond du Lac, Wis. 
Fox, Edward Tappan, B. L. 99, LL. 

B. 01. 911 Foster Bldg., Denver, 


Fox, Elizabeth Frederica, M. A. 13. 

Teacher. Eacine, Wis. 

Fox, Elizabeth Gordon, B. A. 07. Di- 
rector. Bur. Public Health Nursing, 
American Eed Cross, Wash, D. C. a 

Fox, Gordon, B. S. (E. E.) 08. Elec. 
Engr. 6935 Chappel Ave., Chicago, 
111. a 

Fox, Mrs. Gordon, (Wohlenberg, Er- 
ma Louise) B. A. 10. 6935 Chap- 
pel Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Fox, Henry, B. M. E. 92. Contract- 
ing Engr. Furst-Clark Const. Co. 
1515 Fidelity Bldg., Baltimore, Md. 

Fox, Katherine Anastatia, Ph. B. 15. 

Fox, Leonard P., B. A. 11, M. A. 12. 
' Asst. Prof. Carnegie Inst, of Tech- 
nology. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Fox, Lucy Wells (Mead, Mrs. Leon- 
ard C.) B. A. 11. 

Fox, Marion A., B. A. 18. Cornell, 

Fox, Mrs. Marion L. (Lee, Jessa- 
mine) B. L. 99. 224 Court, Ver- 
■ million, S. D. a 

Fox, Morris Fuller, B. A. 04. Pres. 
Morris F. Fox & Co. 1st Natl. Bk. 
Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Fox, Osmon Charles, B. A. 17. In- 
surance. 329 N. Baldwin, Madison, 

Fox, Mrs. Osmon C. (Penhallegon, 
Mary Genevieve) B.*A. 17. 329 N. 
Baldwin, Madison, Wis. 

Fox, Peter Oscar, Ph. G. 03. Drug- 
gist. Oshkosh, Wis. 

Fox, Mrs. Richard Valentine (Swint, 
Katherine) B. A. 07. 123 W. 3rd, 
Duluth, Minn. 

Fox, Ruth Mary, M. A. 13. Teacher. 
1001 University Ave., Madison, 

Fox, Stephen Patrick, B. A. 18. E. 
F. D. 2, Eacine, Wis. 

Foxwell, Alice Adele, B. A. 14. 
Teacher. Eacine, Wis. 

Fradenburgh, Adelbert Grant, Ph. D. 
94. Prof. Adelphi Coll. Shoreham, 
Long Island, N. Y. 

Frame, Harvey Jay, LL. B. 98. At- 
torney. Waukesha, Wis. 

Frame, William Somerville, B. L. 96. 
Chief Clerk. Amer. Locomotive Co. 
8 Morris Ave., Schenectady, N. Y. 

France, Lloyd Victor, B. S. A. 14, M. 
S. 15. Instr. U. of Minn. 1459 
Hythe, St. Paul, Minn. 



Francis, Emma, M. S. 16. Instr. & 
Kesearch Worker. Battle Creek 
Sanitarium. Battle Creek, Mich, a 
Francis, John Hugh, B. S. 94. Phy- 
sician. Bloomer, Wis. a 
Francke, Kuno, LL. D. 04. Prof. Har- 
vard Univ. Cambridge, Mass. 

Frandsen, Mrs. Frank (Stevens, Ma- 
belle Erma) B. A. 12. 7417-48th 
Ave. S., Seattle, Wash, 

Frank, Mrs. Albert E. (Warden, 
Charlotte J.) B. A. 11. Prairie 
& Carter Aves., Ottumwa, la. a 

*Frank, Alfred Swift, B. A. 75, LL. B. 
80. Died July 27, 1886. 

Frank, Mrs. Alfred Swift (Conover. 
Mary Storer) B. A. 11. 40 Oxford 
Ave., Dayton, O. 

*Frank, Hermann August, B. A. 05. 
Died Feb. 25, 1919. 

Frank, Julius P., LL. B. 05. Attor- 
ney. 615 Oneida, Appleton, Wis. a 

Frank, Marion Field, M. A. 19. Sioux 
City, la. 

Frankel, Freda Monica, B. A. 15. 
Teacher. Eagle River, Wis. 
-Frankenburger, David Bower, Ph. B. 
69, LL. B. 71, M. A. 82. Died Feb. 
6, 1906. 

Frankenburger, Dorothy (Sanders, 
Mrs. Raymond Y.) B. A. 11. 

Frankenburger, Margaret (Williams, 
Sidney J.) B. A. 07. 

Frankenfield, Budd, B. S. (E. E.) 95, 
E. E. 96. Engr. 857 S. Wilton PI., 
Los Angeles, Calif. 
*Franklin, William Alvaro, Ph. B. 72, 
LL. B. 75. Died July, 1916 

Frantz, Ruth, M. A. 19. Elgin, 111. 

Franzke, John H., LL. B. 05. Attor- 
ney. 2643 Hall Ave., Marinette, 
*Fraser, Georgine Z., M. L. 98. De- 

Fraser, John Jr., B. S. (M. E.) 12. 
Gen. Mgr. The Fraser Co. Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 

Fraser, Mrs. John Howden (George, 
Katherine E.) B. A. 06. 

Fraser, Margaret Alice, B. A. 18. 
Burlington, Wis. 

Fraser, Miles Erwin, B. S. (M. E.) 
13. Industrial Engr. 598 Prospect 
Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Fraser, Rebecca S., B. L. 00. Teacher. 
812 State, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Fratt, Charles Diller, B. A. 83. Secy. 
& Treas. Robinson Mfg. Co. Ever- 
ett, Wash, a 

Fratt, Frederick William, B. C. E. 82. 
Consulting Engr. 3928 Warwick 
Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. 

•Frautschi, Edna Elizabeth (Schmidt, 
• Mrs. Walter E.) B. A. (C. J.) 14. 

Frautschi, Mrs. Emil J. (Parman, Ida 
Lillian) B. L. 95. 408 E. Washing- 
ton Ave., Madison, Wis. a 

Frawley, Edward Joseph, B. L. 93, 
LL. B. 94. Attorney. 606 Idaho 
Bldg., Boise, Idaho. 
*Frawley, Henry, Ph. B. 74, LL. B. 
76. Died; 1902. 

Frawley, Honor a Margaret, B. A. 12. 
Asst. State Normal. 326-4th Ave., 
Eau Claire, Wis. a 

Frawley, James Leo, B. L. 91. At- 
torney. Nome, Alaska. 

Frawley, Michael Stephen, Ph. B. 73, 

Frawley, Mrs. M. S. (Coyne, Kather- 
ine) B. L. 87. Eau Claire, Wis. 

Frawley, James Robert, B. A. 16. Eau 

Claire, Wis. 
*Frawley, Thomas Francis, B. S. 75 
M. A. 80. Died June 29, 1902. 

Frawley, Thomas Francis, B. L. 02. 
Attorney. 18 Park End Place, 
Forest Hills, Tv. I. a 

Frawley, William H., LL. B. 88. At- 
torney. Eau Claire, Wis. 

Frazer, George Enfield, LL. B. 12. 
Certified Public Accountant. 208 
S. La Salle, Chicago, 111. a 

Frazier, Cecil Austin, B. A. 17. Mech. 
Engr. 3424 Harold Ave., Berwyn, 

Frazier, Charles Ross, B. L. 95. Supt. 
of City Schools. Everett, Wash. 

Frazier, Mildred Lucile, B. A. 19. 
407 W. Washington Ave., Madison, 
Wis. a 

Frazier, William Carroll, B. S, A. 17. 
3191/2 W. Mifflin, Madison, Wis. 

Frazier, William Sumner, LL. B. 98. 
Attorney. 407 W. Washington 
Ave., Madison, Wis. 

Frear, Marguerite (Johnson, Mrs. Al- 
len) B. A. 13. 

Frederick, Alexander Ernest, M. A. 


Frederick, Harry H. F., Ph. G. 87. 

Physician & Surgeon. Westfield, 
Wis. a 
Frederick, Nathaniel Jerome, B. A. 
01. Attorney. 1029 Washington, 
Columbia, S. C. 



Fredericksen, Arthur Frederick, B. S. 

(M. E.) 18. Chief Tool Designer. 

Waukesha Motor Co., "Waukesha, 


Fredericksen, Jean Fyfe (Schuette, 

Mrs. Henry A.) B. A. 14. 
Fredrick, Irene Helen (Seward, Mrs. 

Walter) B. S. (H. Ec.) 16. 
Freehoff, Joseph C, B. S. 91. Statis- 
tician. 49 Lafayette, New York 
Freeman, Charles Elliott, LL. B. 71. 
Attorney. Menomonie, Wis. 
*Freeman, Charles Fisher, LL. B. 96. 
Freeman, Charles Nathan, LL. B. 96. 
Accountant. 605 Electric Bldg., 
Seattle, Wash. 
Freeman, Charles Rollin, LL. B. 05. 

Attorney. Menomonie, Wis. 
Freeman, Chailotte (Leonard, Mrs. 

W. E.) B. A. 96. 
Freeman, Courtney Dodge, B. A. 10. 
1513 Peoples Gas Bldg., Chicago, 
Freeman, Henry Alonzo, M. S. 17. 
Tobacco Expert. Canadian Dept. 
of Agric. Central Expt. Farm, Ot- 
tawa, Can. 
*Freeman, John Dwight, B. S. 94. Died 
Jan. 27, 1919. 
Freeman, Henry W., LL. B. 95. At- 
torney. 69 W. Washington, Chica- 
go, 111. 
Freeman, Mary L. (Mason, Mrs. 

Max) B. L. 98. 
Freeman, Mrs. Warren H. (Dodge, 
Flora E.) B. A. 79, B. L. 79. 53 
Pine, ninsdale, Hi. a 
Freeman, William J., B. S. (M. E.) 
07, M. E. 15. Consulting Engr. 
514 W. Washington Ave., Madison, 
Wis. a 
Frehafer, Mabel Kathryn, M. A. 09. 
Student. Johns Hopkins Univ. 
Chestnut Hill, Pa. 
Freiburger, William Howard, B. S. 
(Ch. C.) 13. Asst. Supt. Aluminum 
Co. of America. 429 Sixth, Niag- 
ara Falls, N. Y. a 
French, Arthur Haines, B. L. 82. Eeal 
Estate & Insurance. 1st Natl. Bk. 
Bldg., Kenosha, Wis. 
French, Vida Rachel, B. S. A. 10. 
Fruit Grower. El Nido Orchards, 
E. F. D. 4, Sebastopol, Calif. 
Frendburg, August Fred, B. S. (C. 
E.) 17. Asst. to Supt. L. & N. E. 
E. 1909^ Morris Ave., Birming- 
ham, Ala. 

Frenzel, Henry Horton, C. E. 18. 450 

W. Gilman, Madison, Wis. 
Freschl, Edward, B. S. (M. E.) 99. 
Pres. Holeproof Hosiery Co. 481 
Terrace Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Fretz, Edmund A., B. S. (C. E.) 10. 
Chief Engr. P. O. Box 916, Hous- 
ton, Texas, a 
Fretz, Leo Armand, B. S. (E. E.) 10. 
Div. Inspector. Public Service Co. 
Chicago, Heights, 111. 
Freund, Carl, B. S. (Med.) 13. Phy- 
sician. 543 E. Hurlbut Ave., Bel- 
videre. 111. 
Frey, Charles N., M. S. 15. Caledonia, 

Frey, Forrest H., B. S. (Med.) IL 
Physician & Surgeon. 314 Scott, 
Wausau, Wis. a 
Frey, Frank Armin, B. A. 12. Supt. 
of Enameling Works. 793 Prospect 
Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Frey, Mrs. Noah J. (Probert, Cyn- 
thia) B. A. 11. 130 Lathrop, Mad- 
ison, Wis. 
Freymiller, Ernest Fred, B. S. (Med.) 

19. Student. Woodman, Wis. a 
Freytag, Ernest F., Ph. G. 96. Drug- 
gist. 330 N. Institute, Colorado 
Springs, Colo. 
Fricke, Zura M., B. A. 17. Teacher. 
Neillsville, Wis. a 
*Fridd, Blanche, B. A. 06. Died Aug. 
17, 1913. 
Fridley, Charles R., LL. B. 89. At- 
torney. U. S. N. Bank Bldg.^ Su- 
perior, Wis. 
Fried, Orrin Adolph, Ph. B. 15. Foun- 
tain City, Wis. 
Friedberg, Joseph, B. A. (C. C.) 17. 
Salesman. Holeproof Hosiery Co. 
908 Downer Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Friedel, Charles, B. A. 82. 
Friedlander, Max, LL. D. 11. Prof. U. 

of Berlin, Berlin, Germany. 
Friedman, Rufus Judah, B. L. 03. 
Friend, Alice Relaine (Mendel, Mrs. 

La Fayette) B. L. 99. 
Friend, John Henry, B. S. (E. E.) 03. 
Mech. & Elec. Engr. 908 Hibernia 
Bk. Bldg., New Orleans, La. 
Fries, Gyneth Theo. (Eoach, Mrs. 

James T.) B. A. 14. 
Fries, Jane (Manchester, Mrs. F. A.) 

B. A. 06. 
Fries, Mary B. (Seymour, Mrs. A. R.) 

B. L. 00. 
Fries, Scott W., B. A. 06. Instr. 
Butte, Mont, a 



Friess, Ralph, B. S. (Ch. 0.) 18. In- 
dustrial Chemist. Saukville, Wis. 
*Frisby, Alice Frances, B. S. 78. Die. I 
Feb. 23, 1883. 

Frisby, Almah J., B. S. 78. Physi- 
cian. 704 Hoyt, Portland, Ore. 

Frisby, Leander Frank, LL. B. 85. 
Orchardist. R. P. D. 3, Stevens- 
ville, Mont. 
♦Frisby, Marion Clark, B. S. 82. Died 
July 11, 1883. 

Frish, Evelyn Agnes, B. A. 19. 316 
Wisconsin Ave., Madison, Wis. 

Frltsche, Gustav Armin, B. A. 01. 
Principal. 553 Delaware Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Fritz, Oscar Marion, LL. B. 01. 
Judge of Circuit Court. 976 Sum- 
mit Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Frodermann, Emma, B. A. 09. Teach- 
er. 2723 Sycamore, Milwaukee, 

Fxoeblich, Armand Lamfrom, B. A. 
(C. C.) 16. Tobacco Business. 
679 Lake Dr., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Froehlich, Arno August Carl, B. A. 
12. Teacher. 902 N. 17th, Sheboy- 
gan, Wis. a 

Froehlich, Clara G. (Grindell, Mrs. 
A. B.) B. L. 03. 

Froehlich, Frank R., M. E. (Ad. C.) 
09. Efficiency Engr. 1709 N. 9th, 
Sheboygan, Wis. 

Froehlich, Mrs. Frank R. (Wetlaufer, 
Hazel) B. A. 09. 1709 N. 9th. 
Sheboygan, Wis. 

Froggatt, Lillian M., B. A. 11. Al- 
bertville. Wis. a 

Fromm, Arthur George, Ph. B. 09. 
Fruit Grower. Lake Alfred, Fla. 

Frost, Arthur Henry, Jr., B. S. (Ch. 
E.) 13. 712 N. Court, Rockford, 

Frost, Daniel Eugene, LL. B. 86. At- 
torney. Stevens Point, Wis. 

Frost, Donald K., B. S. (E. E.) 04. 
Elect. Engr. Gen. Elect. Co. 121 
Waverly PI., Schenectady, N. Y. a 

Frost, Edna Hayes, B. A. 14. 480 
Pleasant, Belmont, Mass. 

Frost, Florence Myrtle, M. A. 12. 
Instr. State Normal. 61 N. Wil- 
lett, Memphis, Tenn. 

Frost, Frank Sumner, B.S. (M. E.) 
08, M. E. 12. Engr. Research 
Dept. 528 S. Oak Park Ave., Oak 
Park 111. 

Frost, George Edwin, B. L. 91. So- 
licitor. R. G. Dun & Co. 415 Yam- 
hill, Portland, Ore. 

Frost, Harold Guernsey, B. S. A. 12. 
Farmer & Insurance Agent. Al- 
mond, Wis. 

Frost, Mrs. Harold G. (Harker, Me- 
dora E.) B. A. 11. Almond, Wis. 

Frost, Nellie Catherine (Olson, Mrs. 
Conrad P.) B. A. 10. 

Frost, Oscar James, B. M. E. 82, M. 
E. 85. Assayer. 1635 Gaylord, 
Denver, Colo, a 

Frost, Raymond Baker, B. A, 08. 

Frost, Walter Archer, LL. B. 04. 
1310 Connecticut Ave., N. W., 
Wash. D. C. 

Frost, William Dodge, Ph. D. 03. 
Prof. U. W. 310 N. Orchard, Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Fruit, Mrs. John Clyde (Smith, Wini- 
fred) B, L. 00. 152 Nutley Ave., 
Nutley, N. J. a 
<-Fruit, John Jasper, LL. B. 77. Died 
May 27, 1909. 

Fry, Thornton Carle, M. A. 13. Re- 
search Engr. Western Elect. Co. 
463 West, New York City. 

Frye, Charles Francis, B. S. A. 15. 
Teacher. 133 N. Butler, Madison, 

Frye, Herman S., LL. B. 99. Attor- 
ney. 426 Colman Bldg,, Seattle, 

Frye, Miriam Louise, B. A. 19. 118 
Vj. Davton, Madison. Wis. a 

Fryer, Mrs. John A. (Houscr, Hazel) 
B. A. 11. Bartlesville, Okla. a 

Fryette, Evangeline (Johnson, Mrs. 
.John Hugo) B. S. (H. Ec.) 13. 

Fryette, Leora B. (Evans, Mrs. Rob- 
ert E.) B. A. 05. 

Fuchs, Albert George, B. S. A. 13. 
Salesman. 821 Sheridan Rd., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Fucik, Robert Alexander, B. S. (E. 
E.) 10. Occ. Engr. Michigan State 
Telephone Co., Detroit, Mich, a 

Fuehring, Fred John, B. A. 18. 22 
Harriet, Evansville, Ind. 

Fuente, Jesus de la, B. S. A. 14. Ag- 
riculturist. Monclova, Coahuila, 
Mexico, a 

Fuerste, William, LL. B. 89. 

Fugina, Arthur Rudolph, B. S. (C. E.) 
98. Signal Engr. L. &. N. Ry. 
1460-2nd, Louisville, Ky. a 

Fugina, Martin L., LL. B. 95. At- 
torney & County Judge. Buffalo 
Co. Fountain City, Wis. 

Fuhrman, Edith (McCants, Mrs. C. 
L.) B. A. 10. 



Fuhrmann, Frederick William, B. A. 

(C. C.) 18. 1257 Jackson, Dubuque, 

Fuldner, Henry C, B. S. (C. E.) 97. 

Pres. Fuldner Constr. Co. 602 Ma- 
jestic BIdg., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Fuley, Harry Martin, B. A. 10. First 

Natl. Bank, Hayward, Wis. 
Fuller, Mrs. C. C. (Gross, Lyda L.) 

B. A. 10. Necedah, Wis. 
*Fuller, Charles Spencer, LL. B. 75. 

Died Feb. 18, 1897. 
Fuller, Clara Bertram (Taylor, Mrs. 

Werner) B. A. 16. 
Fuller, Clifford S., B. S. (M. E.) 10. 

Draftsman. 13605 Garden Ed., 

East Cleveland, O. a 
Fuller, Fannie Alberta, B. A. 15 

Teacher, Mendota. 111. a 
Fuller, Florence Dell, Ph. B. 17. 

Teacher. 1312 Seventh, S. E., 

Minneapolis, Minn, a 
Fuller, George Milton, B. A. (C. C.) 

17. 2105 Monroe, Madison, Wis. 
Fuller, Mrs. George M. ,(Uzzell, 

Helen) B. S. (H. Ec.) 19. 2105 

Monroe, Wis. 
Fuller, Howard Hastings, B. S. (E. 

E.) 18. Farmer. Mainden Kock, 

Fuller, James Garfield, B. S. A. 04. 

Prof. U. W. 1724 Hoyt, Madison, 

Wis. a 
Fuller, Mrs. John (Ashby, Mary 

Alice), B. A. 17. 274 W. 71st, 

New York City, a 
^Fuller, Joseph Clinton, B. A. 74. 

Died April 18, 1877. 
Fuller, Judson Earl, B. S. (M. E.) 12. 

Harrington & King Perforating 

Co., River Forest, HI. a 
Fuller, Litta Maurie (Jones, Mrs. 

Carl) B. A. 05. 
Fuller, Stuart Jamieson, B. L. 03. 

Consul General, U. S. c/o Dept. of 

State, Wash. D. C. a 
Fuller, Vivian Marguerite, B. A. 17. 

La Crosse, Wis. 
Fuller, Willard Judson, B. S. 78. 

Baptist Clergyman. Ukiah, Calif. 
Fuller, William David, Ph. B. 10. 

Supt. Room 53, City Hall, Port- 
land, Me. a 
Fuller, William Nicholson, LL. B. 90. 

Attorney. Cumberland, Wis. 
FuUerton, Anne Marguerite, B. A. 18. 

Government Clerk. 1117 Lamont. 

N. W., Wash. D. C. a 

Fullerton, Dorothy Jane, B. A. 18. 

523 North, Washington Court 
House, O. a 
Fulmer, Henry L., M. S. 14, Ph. D. 

17. Bacteriologist. Saluda, S. C. 
Fulton, Arthur Davis, M. E. 16. Engr. 

3910 Dewall Ave., Baltimore, Md. a 

Fulton, Blanche, B. L. 02. 29 S. Wil- 
son Ave., Alhambra, Calif. 

Fulton, Clinton, B. L. 88. Merchant. 

Pickwick Club, New Orleans, La. 
*Fulton, David Langdon, B. A. 05. 
Died Nov. 22, 1918. 

Fulton, Grace (Kurtz, Mrs. E. M.) 
B. L. 96. 

Fultz, Edith, B. S. (H. Ec.) 18. 911 
N. Topeka Ave., Wichita, Kan. 

Funchess, M. J., M. S. 11. Prof. Al- 
abama Poly. Institute. Auburn, 

Funck, George William, Ph. G. 99. 
Physician & Surgeon. Prof. Chi- 
cago Coll. of Medicine. 1708 Prai- 
rie Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Funk, George Harvey, LL. B. 90. At 
torney. 1102-2nd, Olympia, Wash. 

Funk, William F., B. M. E. 91. Boiler 
Mfgr. 1407 Main, La Crosse, Wis. a 

Funke, Frank Joseph, B. A. (C. C.) 

18. 137 S. 13th, La Crosse, Wis. 
Fussell, Lewis, Ph. D. 07, E. E. 07. 

Asst. Prof. Swarthmore Coll. Riv- 
erview & Baltimore Ave., Swarth- 
more, Pa. 

Gaarden, Oscar H., B. S. (E. E.) 07. 
Elect. Engr. Northern States Pr. 
Co. 15 S. 5th, Minneapolis, Minn, a 

Gaarder, Herbert Melvin, B. S. (Ch. 
C.) 16. Technical Chemist. Dia- 
mond Match Co. 84 Chtirch, Osh- 
kosh, Wis. a 

Gabel, Charles Ernest, B. S. 99. Di- 
rector. W. Va. State Hygienic Lab. 
916 Kanawha, Charleston, W. Va. 

Gabel, George H., B. L. 02. Attor 
ney. 1422 First Natl. Bk. Bldg., 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Gabler, Arthur, B. A. 15. Highland, 
Wis. a 

Gabler, Elmer Vern, Ph. G. 18. High- 
land, Wis. 

Gabriel, John H., B. L. 87., LL. B. 
89. Attorney. 712 Kittredge Bldg., 
Denver, Colo, a 

Gabriel, Mrs. John H. (Stone, Mina) 
B. S. 85. 1218 Downing, Denver, 
Colo, a 

8— A. D. 



aadsby, Frederick H., Ph. G. 85. 

Pharmacist. 308 S. Barstow, Eau 

Gaebler,' Hans David, B. A. 08, M. 

A. 09. Librarian. 215 Main, 

Watertown, Wis. a 
Gaenslen, Frederick Julius, B. S. 99. 

Physician. 786 Prospect Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 
Gaertner, Herman Victor, B. A. (C. 

C.) 15. B. F. Goodrich Co., Akron, 

Gaffin, Charles Harold, B. L. 03. 

Farmer & Eeal Estate Broker. 

Chatham Farm, Fredericksburg, Va. 
Galfney, Charles Henry, LL. B. 93, 

Northern Hosp. for Insane, Winne- 
bago, Wis. 
Gaffron, Martha Otelia (Haner, Mrs. 

Fred J.) B. S. (H. Ec.) 14. 
Gafke, Arthur Joseph, B. S. A. 10. 

County Agric. Agent. 403 Austin 

Ave., Woodstock, 111. a 
Gafke, Mrs. A. J. (Hill, Laura 

Frances) B. A. 10. 403 Austin 

Ave., Woodstock, 111. a 
Gage, B. Marie (Dell, Mrs. Floyd) 

B. A. 17. 
Gage, Florence M. (Ferris, Mrs. Wil- 
liam S.) B. S. (Ph.) 98, B. S. 99, 

M. S. 00. 
Gage, Frank Wellington, B. A. 88. 

Teacher. Shady Side Academy. 

Pittsburg, Pa. 
Gage, Samuel W., B. S. (C. E.) 08. 

Asst. Engr. State Highway Comm. 

Albany, N. Y. 
Galbraith, Ernest John, LL. B. 09. 

Attorney. 2800 N. Madison, Peoria, 

111. a 
Galbraith, Victor Arrol, B. A. (C. C.) 

17. Care, Ah 

ton, Alta, Can. 
Gale, Mrs. George C. (Eeel, Irma) 

B. L. 96. Teacher. Gale Farm, 

Galesburg, 111. 
Gale, Gladys (Lockhart, Mrs. G. W.) 

B. L. 99. 
Gale, Zona B., B. L. 95, M. L. 99. 

Writer. Portage, Wis. a 
Gallagher, Bernhard J., Ph. B. 06. 
Gallagher, Carolyn Eleanor, Ph. B. 

08. Teacher. Marshalltown, la. a 
Gallagher, Joseph Thomas, LL. B. 14. 

Asst. Supt. of Claims, Northwest- 
ern Mutual Life. 2103 Grand Ave., 

Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Gallagher, Katherine Jeanne, M. A. 
13, Ph. D. 15. Assoc. Prof. Gouch- 
er Coll. Gilman Apts. C-2, Balti- 
more, Md. 

Gallagher, Sadie Ellen, B. L. 97. 
Bookkeeper. 515 W. Wilson, Madi- 
son, Wis. a 

Galland, Joseph Stanislaus, M. A. 09, 
Ph. D. 14. 312- Prospect Ave., Mad- 
ison, Wis. 

Gallentine, Julian Seymour, B. S. A. 

18. Seed Analyst. 3100 Grand 
Ave., St. Louis, Mo. a 

GaUett, Sarah (Smith, Mrs. Edw. N.) 
B. A. 86. 

Gallon, Mrs. Walter J. (Lea, Clara 
A.) B. A. 05. 1331 N. 5th, Sheboy- 
gan, Wis. 

Galloway, Edward W., B. S. (M. E.) 
04. 122 S. Michigan Ave., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Galpin, Charlotte Josephine, S. M. G 
17. 2132 Broadway, Indianapolis, 

Galpin, Lloy, Ph. B. 99. Teacher. 
314 W. Adams, Eagle Eock, Calif. 

Galusha, NeUie (Treat, Mrs. B. G.) 
B. L. 02. 

Galvin, Irene Emma, Ph. B. (Nor. C.) 

19. 801 S. 1st, Benton, 111. 
Gamble, Albert T., B. S. 82. Lum- 
berman. 1940 Cowden Ave., Mem- 
phis, Tenn. 

Gamble, Isabelle Anna (Winchester, 
Mrs. George W.) B. A. 15. 

Gamble, Raleigh Welch, B. S. (C. E.) 
16. Engr. Milwaukee Sewage 
Comm. 745-26th Ave., Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 

Gamble, Mrs. Raleigh W. (Bautz, 
Gladys June) B. A. 15. 745-26th 
Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Gamble, Sarah Estella (Wiggins, 
Mrs. Edward Euger) B. A. 09. 

Gamwell, Mrs. Richard H. (Ogilvie, 
Jane) B. L. 00. 80 Colt Ed., Pitts- 
field, Mass. a 

Gangstad, Ida Marie, B. A. 08. Li- 
brary Asst. U. W. 613 N. Frances, 
Madison, Wis. a 

Gannon, Florence G., B. A. 15. Teach- 
er. 1702 W. Oklahoma Ave., Enid, 

Gannon, Walter Scott, B. L. 97, LL. 
B. 99. Pacific Coast Mngr. The 
Kohler Industries. 460-462 Phelan 
Bldg,, San Francisco, Calif, a 

Gantz, Marvin E., B. A. 10. 



*(Japen, Anna Mercedes (Shepard, 

Mrs. Willard H.) B. L. 02, M. G. 02. 
Gapen, Charles Earl, B. S. A. 09, 

Curtis Pub. Co., Philadelphia, Pa. a 
Gapen, Clara Marie, B. A. 16. Teach- 
er. 207 Central Ave., Sparta, 

Wis. a 
*Gapen, Clarke, LL. B. 87. Died Dec. 

17, 1910. 
Gapen, Flora (Charter, Mrs. Joseph) 

B. S. 01. 
Gapen, Jane B. (Watrous, Mrs. Paul) 

B. A. 09. 
Gapen, Jotham Clark, B. S. (E. E.) 

03. Asst. Supt. Div. C. Public 

Service Co. of No. 111. 72 West 

Adams, Chicago, 111. a 
Gapen, Mildred (Bowen, Mrs. Arthur 

L.) B. A. 06. 
Garber, Ada Ruth (Hollister, Mrs. 

Solomon C.) B. A. 16. 
Garber, Frank Webster, B. A. 17. 159 

Jefferson, Muskegon, Mich, a 
Garbutt, Ethel Grace, B. A. 15. 523 

Prospect Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Gardiner, Charlotte G. (Cooper, Mrs. 

Marion D.) B. A. 09. 
Gardiner, Glenn Lion, B. A. 18. Wire- 
less Telegrapher U. S. N. Edger- 

ton, Wis. 
*Gardiner, William D., LL. B. 89. 

Died June 21, 1908. 
Gardner, Bertha L. (Williams, Mrs. 

W. H.) B. A. 97. 
♦Gardner, Charles H., LL. B. 70. Died, 

Gardner, Dorothy Genevieve, B. A. 

17. Teacher. 614 Shawnee, Hia- 
watha, Kan. 

Gardner, Harry, B. S. (G. E.) 05. 

Assoc. Editor. Engineering World. 

Suite 1736, 15 Park Eow, New 

York City. 
♦Gardner, Harry Irving, LL. B. 05. 

Gardner, John David, Jr., LL. B. 09. 

Lawyer. Platteville, Wis. 
Gardner, Max William, M. S. 15, Ph. 

D. 17. Plant Pathologist. Purdue 

Agric Exp. Sta. Lafayette, Ind. a 
Gardner, Milton Leroy, B. A. (C. C.) 

18. Ashland, Wis. 

Gardner, Stephen, B. S. (E. E.) 02. 

Northwestern Foundry Co., 662 W. 

12th, Chicago, 111. 
fJtarland, John Jepson, B, S. A. 13. 

Editor. Postal Tel. Bldg., Chi- 

cag-Q, 111. a 

Garland, Mrs. John (Knight, Temper- 
ance Winifred) B. A. 16. Mineral 
Point, Wis. 
Garlichs, Mrs. Lorren (Warwick, 
Sarah Elizabeth) B. S. (H. Ec.) 
109 S. 17th, St. Joseph, Mo. 
GarUng, Elsie (Griem, Mrs. B. G.) 

B. A. 12. 
Garling, Richard Henry, B. A. (C. 

C.) 16. Mayville, Wis. a 
tJarnant, Mrs. G. B. (Eoemer, Emma 

Mary) B. L. 03. Bantry, N. D. 
Garner, Harrison L., B. S. (C. E.) 
09, C. E. 15. Secy-Treas. Anchor 
Savings Bldg & Loan Assn. 822 W. 
Davton, Madison, Wis. 
Garner, Lloyd Milton, B. A. 18. 211 

N. Murray, Madison, Wis. 
Garnock, Alexander Richard, B. S. 
(C. E.) 09. City Engineer. City 
Bldg., Eau Claire, Wis. 
Garrett, Mrs. Glenn W. (Hartwig, 
Fleurette S.) B. A. 11. Box 363, 
Sanger, Texas. 
Garrigan, George Arthur, B. A. (C. 

C.) 17. Beloit, Wis. a 
Garrison, Grace G. (Lincoln, Mrs. 

Grace G.) M. G. 99. 
Garow, Leona Mae, B. S. (H. Ec.) 18. 

310 N. Brooks, Madison, Wis. 
Garry, Thomas H., B. L. 93. Attor- 
ney. 915 Rockefeller Bldg., Cleve- 
land, O. a 
Garst, Jonathan, B. S. (Ag.) 15. 

Farmer. Coon Rapids, la. a 
Garst, Warren Carroll, B. A. (C. C.) 
15. Merchant. Coon Rapids, la. a 
^Garvens, Gustave Walter, B. S. (C 
E.) 04. Deceased. 
Garver, James Russell, M. S. 08. Mgi 
Wis. Live Stock Adv. Co. 1224 
Sherman Ave., Madison, Wis. a 
Garvey, William A., Ph. G. 06. 
Pharmacist. Cor. Bluff & Church, 
Prairie du Chien, Wis. 
Garvie, Mrs. William H. (HoUings- 
worth, Sylvia Adeline) B. A. 14. 
3506 S. Flower, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Garvin, John, LL. B. 03. Attorney. 
& Municipal Judge. Ashland, Wis. 
Garwood, Lynn Eugene, M. A. 12. 
Asst. Prof Coe Coll. Cedar Rapids, 
Garwood, Ruth Emma, B. A. 19. 

Madison, Wis. 
Gaskell, Charles James, B. S. (M. E.) 
12. Mech. Engr., Bemis Bros. Bag 
Co. Bemis Cotton Mill, Bemis, 
Tenn. a 



Gass, Anthony Michael, Ag. G. 15. 

Farmer. Larimore, N. D. a 
Gassaway, Mary Eleanor, M. A. 19. 

Teacher. 311 Fifth, Cairo, 111. 
Gasser, Almond Proctor, B. A. 14. 
General Agent. Travelers Ins. Co. 
21 W. Main, Madison, Wis. 
Gasser, Mrs. A. P. (Ivey, Marguer- 
ite Elizabeth) B. A. 14. 705 Har- 
rison, Madison, Wis. 
Gasser, Harold Matthew, B. A. (C. 
C.) 18. 2531 E. First, Duluth, 
Minn, a 
Gasser, Herhert Spencer, B. A. 10, 
M. A. 11. Instr. U. W. 612 How- 
ard PL, Madison, Wis. 
Gasser, Lloyd Emerson, Ag. G. 18. 

Plain, Wis. 
Gasser, Mary Elizabeth (Bushnell, 

Mrs. Alfred) B. S. (H. Ec.) 17. 
Gaston, Jose, B. S. A. 10. Negros 

Occ, Silay, P. I. 
Gates, Charles Baldwin, Ph. B. 03, 
Ph. M. 06, Ph. D. 10. Instr. State 
Normal. Milwaukee, Wis. 
Gates, Clough, B. L. 02. Newspaper- 
man. 714 ''1," Ave., Superior, 
Wis. a 
Gates, Frederick William, Ph. B. 99. 
Instr. 1719 Girard Ave., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 
Gates, Howard Babcock, B. S. (C. E.) 
05, C. E. 15. Kes. Engr. 43 Ex- 
change PL, New York City, N. Y. a 
Gates, James R., B. A. 11. Attorney. 

2002 E. 54th, Seattle, Wash. 

Gates, Mrs. James R. (Fitch, Helen 

Marie) B. A. 10. 2002 B. 54th, 

Seattle, Wash. 

Gates, John Ferdinand, B. S. (Med.) 

19. 1020 W. Dayton, Madison, Wis. 

Gates, Neva Florence, B. A. 13. 

Teacher. Fort Dodge, la. 
Gath, Gertrude Verena, B. A. 15. 
810 Oakland Ave., Madison, Wis. a 
Gath, Helen Dorothy, B. A. 17. Di- 
rector U. of Mo. Columbia, Mo. a 
Gath, Josephine Myrtle, B. A. 11. 
Teacher. Duluth, Minn. Home, 810 
Oakland Ave., Madison, Wis. 
Gath, Minna E. (Grove, Mrs. Wil 

liam E.) B. A. 04. 
Gattiker, Emma, B. S. 81. 405-4th 

Ave., Baraboo, Wis. a 
Gattiker, Willis A., B. S. (E. E.) 07. 

405-4th Ave., Baraboo, Wis. 
Gaubatz, Alma Therese, B. S. (H. 
Ec.) 17. Teacher. Chilton, Wis. a 

Gauerke, John Walter, LL. B. 09. 

Lawyer. 509 Bellin-Buchanan Bldg., 

Green Bay, Wis. 
Gault, Elizabeth Collins (Brunsell, 

Mrs. H. Fred) B. A. 17. 
Gault, John Henry, B. L. 97, LL. B. 

99. Attorney. 649 Cass, Milwaukee, 

Gausman, Rachael Marie, B. Mus. 19. 

112'3 Jenifer, Madison, Wis. a 
Gautschi, Irma Charlotte (Etheridge, 

Mrs. Jesse Irving) B. S. (H. Ec.) 

Gauvran, Ethel Hamed, M. A. 08. 

Teacher. 5 Hillcrest Ave., Jamaica, 

N. Y. a 
Gaveney, John Comstock, B. S. 85, 

LL. B. 88. Attorney. Arcadia, 

Wis. a 
Gavin, Arthur, B. A. 17. Ashland, 

Gay, Delgracia B., B. A. 08. Madi- 
son, Wis. 
Gay, Lucy Maria, B. L. 82. Asst. 

Prof. U. W. 216 N. Pinckney, 

Madison, Wis. a 
Gay, Mabel Theressa, B. A. 16. 

Teacher. Eosebud, Mont, a 
Gay, Mary Elizabeth (Upjohn, Mrs. 

James) B. A. 08. 
Gay, Mrs. Matthew J. (Pierce, Helen 

A.) B. L. 00. 510 W. 34th, Kan- 
sas City, Mo. a 
Gay, Robert James, B. S. 98. Phy- 
sician. 30 N. Michigan Blvd., Suite 

1208, Chicago, 111. a 
Gay, Sidney, B. S. A. 13, M. S. 14. 

Automobile Tire Merchant. Gay 

Bros., 615 University Ave., Madi- 
son, Wis. 
Gaynor, Elizabeth Webb, B. A. 07. 

Teacher. 700-3rd Ave., Grand 

Eapids, Wis. 
^Gaynor, John Alexander, B. A. 71, 

M. A. 74. Died May 12, 1915. 
Gayton, Oscar Francis, B. S. (C. E.) 

09. Mgr. Bldg. Material Dept. W. 

H. Anderson & Co., Manila, P. 

I. a 
Gebhard, Cornelia Marie, Ph. B. 17. 
E. F. D. No. 5, Box 85, West Allis, 
Wis. a 
Gebhart, E. Corinne (Livingston, 

Mrs. Curtis B.) B. A. 15. 
Gedney, Kathrene Sutherland (Pink- 

erton, Mrs. E. E.) B. A. 09. 
Gedney, Mary Anderson (Supple, 
Mrs. Lee F.) B. A. 14. 



Gee, Robert Harold, Ph. B. 15. Min- 
ister. Cumberland, "Wis. 

Geerlings, Henry J., B. S. (M. E.) 03. 
Asst. Meeh. Engr. Pfister & Yogel 
Leather Co. 345-3 7th, Milwaukee, 

G-efke, Jerome Henry, B. S. (E. E.) 
17. Windsor, Wis. 

Gehl, Edward John, LL. B. 13. Hart- 
ford, Wis. 

Gehr, Bertha, B. A. 19. 120 S. War- 
ren, Madison, Wis. 

Gehrand, Gustav WilUam, Ph. B. 03, 
Ph. M. 16. Parker Educational 
Agency. 309 Huntington Ct., Mad- 
ison, Wis. a 

Gehrmann, John Henry, Chem. E. 15. 
Supt. Kohrs Pkg. Co. 2341 W. 3rd, 
Davenport, la. a 

Gehrs, John Henry, M. S. 15. Prof. 
Cape Girardeau Normal. 215 Clark 
Ave., Warrensburg, Mo. 

Gehrz, Alma Madeline (Jenkins, 
Mrs. Floyd E.) B. A. 15. 

Geidel, Carl D., B. S. (Ch. C.) 11, M. 
S. 13. Bacteriologist. Minn. State 
Dairy & Food Comm. & Director, 
State Canners Lab. Old Capitol, St. 
Paul, Minn, a 

Geiger, Adolph, M. A. 18. 953 Tif- 
fany, New York City. 

Geiger, Ferdinand August, B. L. 88, 
LL. B. 90. U. S. District Judge. 
324 Government Bldg., Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 

Geiger, Kathryn Marie, B. A. 18. 
Teacher. 640 N. Jefferson, Mon- 
roe, Wis. 

Geilfuss, Carl F., LL. B. 01. Attor- 
ney. 1526-lst Natl. Bank Bldg., 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

G^isse, Harold Llewellyn, B. A. 05, 
LL. B. 07. Manager Janesville 
Elec. Co., Janesville, Wis. a 

Geisse, Mrs. Harold L. (Merrill, Wini- 
fred B.) B. A. 08. Janesville, 

Geisse, J. Harlin, B. S. (M. E.) 17. 
Wright Aeronautical Corps. Pat- 
terson, N. J. a 

Geisse, Mrs. John Harlin (Wat- 
tawa, Esther Wilhelmina) B. A. 17. 
Patterson, N. J. 

Geisse, Ruby Antoinette (Eckhart, 
Mrs. G. Harold) B. A. 12. 

Geissendoerfer, John Theodore, B. A. 
07. Instr. Wartburg Coll. 415 W. 
Jefferson, Waverly, la. 

Gelatt, Arthur Alvin, B. S. 14. Mail 
Order Farm Products. 3513 Gill- 
ham Ed., Kansas City, Mo. 

Gelbach, Warren A., B. S. (C. E.) 07. 
Draftsman. 7444 Malvern Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

Gelbach, Mrs. Warren A. (Brockway, 
Lulu B.) B. A. 07. 7444 Malvern 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Gelein, Edwin Anders, B. A. (C. C.) 
15. John Deere Co., Newspaper, 
120 Market, Harrisburg, Pa. 

Gelein, Mrs. Edwin Anders (Bond, 
Genevieve A.) B. A. 14. 120 Mark- 
et, Harrisburg, Pa. 

Geltch, Ernest von, E. E. 11. 140 
Breese Ter., Madison, Wis. 

Gempeler, Mrs. Jacob, Jr. (Hoesly, 
Frieda Agatha) B. A. 12. 316 N. 
Madison, Monroe, Wis. a 

Gentner, Louis Gustave, M. S. 18. 
Scientific Asst. 13. S. Bureau of 
Entomology. U. W. Madison, 
Wis. a 
*Gentzen, Harold John, B. A. 15. De- 

George, Charles Henry, LL. B. 96. 
200 W. 58th, New York City, a 

George, Mrs. E. D. (Kobinson, Ber- 
tha L.) Ph. B. 02. Cor. 6th & 
Franklin, Geneva, 111. 

George, Emily CorneUa, B. A. 12. 
1500 Grove Ave., Racine, Wis. 

George, Tola Frances, B. S. (H. Ec.) 
14. Home Demonstration Agent. 
Monticello, la. 

George, Katharine E. (Eraser, Mrs. 
John Howden) B. A. 06. 

George, Leo Byron, B. A. 12, LL. B. 
14. Attorney. 437 Consolidated 
Eealty Bldg., Los Angeles, Calif, a 

George, Mrs. Louis Carl (Clark, Lois 
Jean) B. A. 17. 317 Morris Court, 
Madison, Wis. 

George, Mabel Hamilton, B. A. 12. 
Teacher. 437 W. Wilson, Madison, 

George, Marshall Woods, B. S. (M. 
E.) 13. Secy. H. O. Stone & Co., 
Eeal Estate. Ill W. Washington, 
Chicago, 111. a 

George, May Olivia, B. A. 15. Teach- 
er. Aberdeen, S. D. 

Georgi, Hermann Emil, LL. B. 91. 
Attorney. 279-3rd, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Geraldson, Elmer Stanley, LL. B. 13 
Superior, Wis. 



Geraldson, Mrs. Elmer Stanley 
(Hainer, Vivien Grey) Ph. B. 13. 
Teacher. Superior, Wis. 

Geraldson, Morton Leo, B. S. A. 16. 
Farmer. Manitowoc, Wis. 

Gerds, Huldah Hedwig, B. A. 19. 
1366 Richards, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Gerdtzen, Gerdt A., B. M. E. 93, M. 
E. 95. 317 E. 5th, Winona, Minn, a 

Gerlach, Thomas A., B. S. (C. E.) 98. 
Real Estate & Insurance. Solicitor 
of Patents. 15409 Turlington Ave., 
Harvey, 111. a 

Germain, William A., B. A. 78. Phy- 
sician & Surgeon. Sioux Palls, S. D. 

Germann, Albert F. O., M. A. 11. 
Asst. Prof. Morley Chem. Lab. 
Western Reserve Uni., Cleveland, O. 

Germann, Henry L., B. S. A. 07. 
Dairy Chemist & Bacteriologist. 
Morrison, 111. 

Germer, Gertrude Emily, B. A. 18. 
1454 Foster Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Germond, Blanche (Dunlap, Mrs. 
George Allen) Ph. B. 03. 

Gemon, George Edward, LL. B. 99. 
Secy. Gisholt Machine Co. 415 Wis- 
consin Ave., Madison, Wis. 

Gerrits, Irma Dorothy (Hoist, Mrs. 
Wm. R.) B. A. 17. 

Gershach, Herman Martin, B. A. 11. 

Gesell, Arnold Lucius, Ph. B. 03. 
Prof. Yale Univ. New Haven, Conn. 

Gesell, Bertha May (Mathews, Mrs. 
George C.) B. A. 10, M. A. 11. 

Gesell, Carl Franklin, B. A. 13. 601 
W. 113th. New York City, a 

Gesell, Gerhard Adam, Ph. B. 08. 
Asst. Prof. U. of Minn. Minnea- 
polis, Minn. 

Gesell, Robert Albert, B. A. 10. Phy- 
siologist. 5747 McPherson Ave., St. 
Louis, Mo. 

Gesell, Walter Bertram, B. S. (M. E.) 
15. Asst. Engr. Power Plant Dept, 
T. M. E. R. & L. Co. Milwaukee, 

Gesley, Olive Gertrude, B. A. 09. 935 
St. Lawrence Ave., Beloit, Wis. 

Gessler, Clifford Franklin, M. A. 17. 
Newspaperman. 1314 Early Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

Getchell, Robert Ward, M. S. 14. 
Prof. la. State Teachers Coll. 
Cedar Falls, la. 

Gettelman, Wm. Frederick, B. S. (C. 
E.) 14. Asst. City Engr. Minot, 
N. D. a 

Gettle, Lewis Elmer, LL. B. 96. At- 
torney. 1324 W. Washington Ave., 
Madison, Wis. a 

Getts, Clark Hallam, B. A. 14. White- 
hall, Wis. a 

Getzloe, Lester Clyde, B. A. (C. J.) 
17. 707 Jay, Manitowoc, Wis. 

Gevers, Carl Montague, B. A. 17. Ra- 
cine, Wis. 

Geyer, Arthur Norman, B. S. (E. E.) 
10. Maintenance Engr. Utah Pow- 
er & Lt. Co. Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Geyer, Denton Loring, B. A. 10, M 
A. 11. Instr. 1364 E. 56, Hyde 
Park, Chicago, 111. a 

Gibbens, Olga Charlotte, M. A. 19. 
Teacher. 42'7 Sherman E., Hutch- 
inson, Kan. 

Gibbon, Martha Gladys, B. A. 19. 208 
N. Brooks, Madison, Wis. 

Gibbons, Robert Oliver, B. L. 03. 
Teacher. 1222 Jersey, Quincy, HI. 

Gibbs, Mrs. L. L. (Brewster, Ida 
Maud) Ph. B. 02. 1919 Clermont, 
Antigo, Wis. 

Gibbs, William Merriott, M. S. 16. 
Springfield, Mo. 

Gibert, Alfred Lincoln, B. S. (M. E.) 
15. Mech. Engr. State Dept. of 
Engr. Y. M. C. A., Madison, Wis. a 

Gibson, Edith V., B. L. 99. Princi- 
pal Lucy Cobb Institute. Ill W. 
Gilman, Madison, Wis. 

Gibson, Horace, M. S. 86. Physician 
& Surgeon. Sheldon, 111. 

Gibson, James Finlay, LL. B. 03. 
Attorney. Carthage, 111. 

Gibson, John Currie, B. A. (C. C.) 
19. Oshkosh, Wis. 

Gibson, Leo Edgar, B. S. (E. E.) 10. 
Ft. Atkinson, Wis. 

Gibson, Obie Edward, B. S. A. 17. 
Platteville, Wis. 

Gibson, Walter Gordon, B. S. (G. E.) 
08. Engr. 171 Ellis, Fond du Lac, 
Wis. a 

Gibson, William Johnson, B. S. (M. 
E.) 02. Supt. Milwaukee Electric 
Crane & Machine Co. West Allis, 

Giddings, Mrs. Charles E. (Lee, Au- 
gusta) B. L. 90, M. L. 93. 952 E. 
Gorham, Madison, Wis. 

Giddings, Nahum James, Ph. D. 18. 
Plant Pathologist. 36 University 
Drive Way, Morgantown, W. Va. 

Gidley, Annie B., B. A. 18. Teacher. 
Westtown, Pa. a 



Gielow, Edwin H. B. S., (E. E.) 07. 
Engr. Chicago Telephone Co. 212 
W. Washington, Chicago, 111. 

Gierhart, Harry Shockley, B. L. 98. 
Agency Manager, Equitable N. Y. 
Assurance Society. 318 Font Bldg., 
Wilmington, Del. a 

Giese, John William, B. S. A. 17. 310 
Postal Telegraph Bldg., Kansas 
City, Mo. 

Gleseier, Rudolph Jacob, B. S. (Med.) 
15. Physician. 620 State, Eaeine, 
*Giessing, Charles Paul, Ph. D. 17. 
Died Oct. 3, 1918. 

Gifford, Esther EmeUne, B. S. (H. 
Ee.) 18. R. R. 4, Box 95, Eaeine, 

Gifford, Rose (Huntley, Mrs. David) 
B. L. 80. 

Gigot, Gustave J., Ph. G. 11. Den- 
mark, Wis. 

Gilbert, Alfred Holley, M. S. 13. 

Gilbert, Edna Marion (Pottinger, 
Mrs. W. A.) B. A. 06, 

Gilbert, Edward M., Ph. B. 07, Ph. 
D. 14. Prof. U. W. 25 Spooner, 
Madison, Wis. a 

Gilbert, Frank L., LL, B. 99. Attor- 
ney. Bank of Wis. Bldg., Madi- 
son, Wis. a 
♦Gilbert, Grove Karl, LL. D. 04. Died 
May 1, 1918. 

Gilbert, Ivah L. (Zeidler, Mrs. Rich- 
ard) B. L. 02. 

Gilbert, Mary Abba (Woodford, Mrs. 
J. A.) Ph. B. 66. 

Gilbert, Max, B. A. 15. 260 Ogden 
Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Gilbert, Minna M. (Bundy, Mrs. M. 
G.) B. L. 82. 

Gilbert, Newell Clark, B. S. 03. Phy- 
sician. 5201 Woodlawn Ave., Chi- 
cago, 111. a 

Gilbert, Otto Gustav, B. A. 19. 1127- 
18th, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Gilbertson, Julius C, B. L. 97. At- 
torney. McGrath Bldg., Eau Claire, 
Wis. a 

Gilbertson, Mildred (Moe, Mrs. Har- 
ry B.) Ph. B. 15. 

Gilbreath, William Sydnor, Jr., B. A. 
18. 20 Hazelwood Ave., Detroit, 
Mich, a 

Gilder, Thomas Nelson, B. S. (M. E.) 
16. Mech, Engr. 941% Winches- 
ter, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Gile, Bueford Monroe, B. S. A. 13. 
State Supervisor. St. Paul, Minn, a 

Gile, Durante Carlyle, B. A. 96. Edi- 
tor & Publisher. Edgerton, Wis. 

GilfiUan, Ella B. (Mathews, Mrs. J. 
H.) B. A. 07. 

Gilfillan, William Ray, B. A. 06. 4001 
Wentworth Ave., Minneapolis, 

Gilkey, Edna Annie, B. A. 09. 199 
Church, Oshkosh, Wis. a 

Gilkey, George L., B. A. 05. Manu- 
facturer of Sash & Doors. Merrill, 

Gilkey, Mabel Elma, B. A. 08. 199 
Church, Oshkosh, Wis. a 

Gill, Archie D., LL. B. 90. Lawyer 
432 Federal Bldg., Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 

Gill, Gladys Grimshaw, B, S. (H. Ec.) 

14. 203 Juneau Ave,, Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 

Gill, Hiram Charles, LL. B. 89. At- 
torney. 426-9 Colman Bldg., Se- 
attle Wash. 
*Gill, John Hamilton, B. S. (Ag. G.) 

15. Died Apr. 14, 1917. 

Gill, Ralph C, LL. B. 88. Clerk & 
City Treas. 115-29th, Seattle, 

Gill, Terence AUster, B. S. (Ch. E.) 
17. 3545 Monroe, Chicago, HI. 

Gill, Thomas Henry, B. S. 77, LL. B. 
78. Attorney. 1st Natl. Bank 
Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Gill, Mrs. Thomas H. (Sceets, Laura 
A.) B. L. 99. 490 La Fayette PI., 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Gill, Mrs. Thomas J. (Spears, Mar- 
garet J.) formerly (Vi-sconti, Mrs. 
Fortune) Ph. B. 66. 37 N. Fifth 
Ave., La Grange, 111. a 

Gill, William Wesley, LL. B. 88. Sur- 
geon. 112 E. Mifflin, Madison, Wis. 
I Gillen, Edna Florian (Bailey, Mrs. 
' George Davis) B. A. 12. 

Gillen, Martin James, B. L. 96, LL. 
B. 98. Special Asst. Dir. Gen. of 
R. R. Robinson Blk., Racine, 
Wis. a 

Gillen, Mary Alice (Higby, Mrs. 
Kenneth E.) B. A. 04. 

Gillespie, James Edward, B. S. (E. 
E.) 08. Div. Engr. Wis. Highway 
Com. 208 Stephenson Bldg., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Gillet, James Monroe, B. S. (C. E.) 
15. Engr. Dept. Goodyear Tire & 
Rubber Co., Akron, O. a 
*Gillett, Almerin, Ph. B. 61, M. A. 76 
Died May 15, 1896. 



Gillett, Arthur Dudley Samuel, B, L 

02, M. A. 07. Prof. State Normal. 

Superior, "Wis. 
Gillett, Bradford Wiley, B. S. 76. 

Merchant & Undertaker. Avoca, 

*Gillett, Charles Mason, B. A. 07. 

Died Feb. 1, 1910. 
Gillett, Marjorie Burnton, B. A. 12. 

Teacher. 433 W. Gilman, Madison. 

Gillett, Orson Clarke, B. A. 11. Edi- 
tor. U. W. 1717 Hoyt, Madison, 

Gillett, Mrs. Orson C. (Weed, Leslie 

B.) B. A. 10. 1717 Hoyt, Madison, 

Gillette, Edmond Stephen, M. E. 13. 

Service Engr. Lyon Metallic Mfg 

Co. Aurora, 111. a 
Gillette, Mrs. Lester (Murray, Ce- 
celia Elizabeth) B. S. (H. Ec.) 15. 

Box 97, Fostoria, la. a 
Gillette, Paul Clififord, C. E. 18. Civil 

Engr. 319 Morrell PI., Johnston, 

Pa. B, 
Gilliland, NelUe (Tirrill, Mrs. E. D.) 

Ph. B. 01. 
Gillis, James Peter, B. S. (Med.) 14. 

Deerbrook, Wis. 
Gillis, Mrs. Wallace David (Welsh, 

Eunice W.) B. L. 00. Glendive, 

Gillogly, Laurel Elaine, B. A. 17. 

Teacher. Mt. Carroll, 111. a 
Gilman, Alexander Falk, B. S. (C. 

E.) 10. Civil Engr. 804 Omaha 

Bldg., St. Paul, Minn, a 
*Gilman, Burton Franklin, B. S. 78. 

LL. B. 83. Deceased. 
Gilman, Carl Callow, B. S. A. 17 

Linden, Wis. 
Gilman, Charles Hesler, LL. B. 05. 

County Judge. Friendship, Wis. 
Gilman, Charles W., B. S. 85, LL. B. 

86. Attorney. Mondovi, Wis. a 
*Gilman, Daniel Coit, LL. D. 04. Died 

Oct. 13, 1908. 
Gilman, Delia Emma (Lyman, Mrs. 

C. A.) formerly ■ (Main, Mrs. 

Frank) Ph. B. 74. 
Gilman, Edgar Dow, B. S. (Ch. E.) 

13, C. E. 14. Civil Engr. 412 Cur- 
tain Home, Cincinnati, O. 
Gilman, Flora Moseley, M. G. 07 

Teacher. 115 Langdon, Madison, 

Gilman, Helen Leonard (Wing, Mrs 

Herbert, Jr.) B. A. 07. 

Gilman, James Moseley, B. S. (C. E.) 
04. Structural Engr. C. M. & St. 
P. Ry. 2414 First Ave. W., Se- 
attle, Wash, a 

Gilman, Mrs. James M. (Parker, 
Madge M.) B. A. 05. 2414 First 
Ave. W., Seattle, Wash. 

Gilman, Joseph Charles, B. S. A. 12, 
M. S. 14. Asst. Plant Pathologist. 
Iowa Agr. Exp. Sta. Ames, la. a 

Gilman, Laura Leonard, B. A. 13. 120 
Langdon, Madison, Wis. a 

Gilman, Schuyler G., LL. B. 80. At- 
torney. Mondovi, Wis. 

Gilman, Stephen, B. S. (G. E.) 10. 
Certified Public Acct. 2626 S. 
Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Gilman, Mrs. Stephen (Rogers, Mar- 
tha Jane) B. A. 11. 5439 Kimbark 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Gilman, Stephen Warren, LL. B. 99, 
Prof. U. W. 410 N. Livingston, 
Madison, <Wis. a 

Gilman, Walter Flavius, Ph. G. 93. 
Lumber Inspector. Stoughton, Wis. 

Gilman, Winfield Warren, LL. B. 93. 
Asst. Attorney-General of Wis. 
206 S. Hamilton, Madison, Wis. a 

Gilmore, Eugene Leffler, LL. B. 00. 
Physician. Tallapoosa, Ga. 

Gilmore, Grace Allen (Pope, Mrs. W. 
Hansford) B. A. 07. 
*Gilmore, John Lewis, LL. B. 84. De- 

Gilpin, Margaret, B. A. 17. Libra- 
rian. Nashwauk, Minn, a 

Gilson, Grace Alice (Taylor, Mrs. 
William) B. L. 03. 

Gingrich, Hiram Eugene, B. S. (C. 
E.) 10. Field Engr. Riter-Conley 
Co. Quinsegamond Ave., Wor- 
cester, Mass. 

Gipson, Albert Eugene, LL. B. 70. 
Editor. 314-16 Main, Caldwell, 
Idaho, a 

Giss, August J., B. L. 96, M. L. 97. 

Gittings, John T., LL. B. 94. Attor- 
ney. Union Grove, Wis. 

Gittings, William LeRoy, B. A. (C. 
C.) 16. 2112 Washington Ave., Ra- 
cine, Wis. 

Gittins, Elmer E., B. L. 95, LL. B. 97. 
Lawyer. Racine, Wis. 

Gitzen, Joseph Adolf, Ph. G. 18. 707 
Wisconsin, Port Washington, Wis. 

Givens, Mary Louise, M. A. 17. 
Teacher. Howard-Payne Coll. Fay- 
ette, Mo. 



*Givens, Ozro B., LL. B. 74. Deceased. 
-Gjertsen, Lewis C, LL. B. 88. Died 
March 28th, 1914. 
Gjertson, Pearl Constance, M. G. 15. 

200 E. Jefferson, Stoughton, Wis. 
Glab, William N., B. S. (M. E.) 07. 

4657 Maiden, Chicago, 111. 
Gladden, Washington, LL. D. 81. Con 

gregational Clergyman. Columbus, 

Glaeser, Martin Gustave, B. A. 11. 

Intr. 420 Virginia Terrace, Mad- 
ison, Wis. a 
GlaettU, Herbert, B. S. (C. E.) 19. 

Construction Work. 206 N. Sixth, 

Independence, Kan. a 
Glaettli, John, Jr., B. S. (C. E.) 09. 

Civil Engr. Home, 2853 Grape, 

San Diego, Calif, a 
Glaettli, Mrs. John Jr. (Gratz, Mabel 

Maud) B. A. 12. 2853 Grape, San 

Diego, Calif, a 
Glanville, Mrs. Fred J. (Stevens. 

Leta Lucile) Ph. B. 08. Lancaster, 

Glanville, Verna C. (Cadby, Mrs. 

John N.) Ph. B. 09. 
Glascock, Hardin Roads, Ph. D. 15. 

Prof. De Pauw Univ. Greencastle, 

Glasier, Emma Belle, B. A. 02. Teach- 
er. Bloomington, Wis. 
Glasier, Gilson Gardner, LL, B. 00. 

State Librarian. Wis. State Li- 
brary. 2118 Adams, Madison, Wis. j 

Glassner, Esther Miriam (Wolden- 

berg, Mrs. Chas. L.) B. A. 17, 

Madison, Wis. 
Glassner, WiUiam, B. A. 15. 561 

Belleview PI., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Glassow, Ruth Bertha, B. A. 16. 

Director Phys. Ed. State Normal, 

Macomb, 111 a 
Glasspoole, James Edward, B. S. A. 

12. Teacher. Aurora, Neb. a 
*Gleason, Edward F., B. L. 80. Died, 

Gleason, Edward P., B. S. (M. E.) 

10. Chief Engr. Port Edwards, 

Wis. a 
Gleason, Inez Evangeline, B. A. 16. 

Teacher. Elkhart, Ind. 
*Gleason, John Joseph, B. L. 91. Died 

Oct. 20, 1902. 
Gleason, John Lyman, LL. B. 05. At- 
torney. Guymon, Okla. 
Gleason, Mrs. John L. (Cady, Elsie 

Clare) B. L. 02. Guymon, Okla. 

Gleason, May Columbia, B. S. (H. 

Ec.) 15. Teacher. Elkhart, Ind. 
Gleerup, Virginia Loring (Dasso, 

Mrs. Luis) B. A. 17. 
Gleick, Harry Samuel, B. A. 15, LL. 

B. 17. Lawyer. 340 Elm Ave., 

Webster Grove, Mo. a 
Gleiss, Mrs. Wm. M. (Eice, Eleva 

May) B. A. 08. Sparta, Wis. 
Glenn, Clara Abigail, B. L. 98. Vir- 

oqua. Wis. a 
Glenn, Elma Gertrude (Walker, Mrs. 

Eoy O.) B. A. 14. 
Glennon, Edward Charles, Ph. G. 07. 

Chemist. Schoenhofen Brewing 

Co. Chicago, El. 
Glenz, Emma Louise, B. A. 06, M. A. 

08. Teacher. 313 N. Livingston, 

Madison, Wis. 
Glick, George Abbott, B. S. (M. E.) 

10. 2554 Jefferson Ave., Ogden, 

Utah, a 
Glicksman, Harry, LL. B. 07. Instr. 

U. W. 1601 Adams, Madison, 

Wis. a 
Glicksman, Nathan, LL. B. 93. At- 
torney. 625 Caswell Blk., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. a 
Glidden, Josephine Frances, B. S. (H. 

Ec.) 14. Supervisor. Rockford, 

Gloger, William Hugo, B. S. (C. E.) 

Glover, John Franklin, B. A. 71, M. 

A. 74. Attorney. Sibley, la. 
Glover, Louis E., B. S. (E. E.) 11. 

Tax Accountant. 195 Broadway, 

New York City. 
Glover, Mary Staunton, B. A. 18. Ad- 
vertising. 9 W. Geothe, Chicago, 

Gloyer, Walter O., B. A. 09, M. A. 10. 

Assoc. Botanist. N. Y. Agric. Ex. 

Sta. Geneva, N. Y. 
Gloyer, Mrs. Walter O. (Sinclair, 

Alice May) M. A. 11. Geneva, 

N. Y. 
Gljmn, Maude Elizabeth, S. M. G. 17. 

1923 Ogden Ave., Superior, Wis. 
Glyer, George Arthur, M. A. 15. 702- 

19th Ave., Duluth, Minn. 
Gnagi, Gladys Elvira, S. Mu. 16. 

Monroe, Wis. 
Gnagi, Zelma Irene (Helmes, Mrs. 

Lloyd O.) S. Mu. G. 15. 
Goble, Clyde Orin, B. A. (Com. C.) 

14. Furniture Dealer. Lancaster, 




Gockel, Arthur P., B. S. (Ch. E.) 
17. 1390 E. 25, Cleveland, O. a 

Godard, Grace G. (Greverus, Mrs. Er- 
nest) B. A. 02. 

Goddard, Arthur L., B. S. (M. E.) 
96. Supt. Machine Shops. -Asst. 
Prof. U. W. 1717 Monroe, Madi- 
son, Wis. a 

Goddard, Emma (Marsh, Mrs. George 
H.) B. L. 85. ^ 

Goddard, Grace Clemans, B. A. 19 S 
M. G. 19. 913 E. Gorham, Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Goddard, Jane M., B. L. 03. 293 Ste- 
phenson, Freeport, 111. 

Goddard, Jennie E. (Brooks, Mrs. 
John A.) B. L. 99. 

Goddard, Jessie (McKinlay, Mrs Ar- 
thur P.) B. S. 89. 

Goddard, Louis Allen, B. L. 98. Pas- 
tor. Congregational Church. Es- 
condido, Calif. 

Goddard, Mrs. Louis A. (Walbridge, 
Eannie R.) B, L. 95, M. L. 00. Es- 
condido, Calif. 

Goddard, Mabel, B. A. 04, M. A. 16. 
875 Middle Drive, Woodruff Pl.^ 
Indianapolis, Ind. a 

Godfrey, Alfred Laurance, B. A 14 
LL. B. 19. 1408 W. Main, White- 
water, Wis. a 

Godfrey, Margaret Elizabeth Jane 
(Lange, Mrs. Edward G.) B. A. 14. 

Godfrey, Mary Grace, B. S. (H. Ec.) 
16. Lindenwood Coll., St. Charles, 
Mo. a 

Godfrey, Paul Swan, B. S. (M. E.) 
10. Traveling Salesman. 294 
Broadway, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Godfrey, Rush Clayton, B. S. (Med.) 
10. Lancaster, Wis. 

Godwin, Cecil Thomas, LL. B. 04. 
District Attorney. Sommer Bldg., 
Baker, Ore. 

Godwin, Ethel Isabelle (Phoenix, 
Mrs. William) B. A. 06. 

Goe, Ruth (Welton, Mrs. Chauncey 
R.) B. A. 07. 

Goebel, Joseph Paul, Ph. B. 06. Prin- 
cipal. Linden, Wis. 

Goedjen, Albert John, B. S. (E. E.) 
07. Engr. 1408 Nat 'I. Bank Bldg., 
Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Goeke, Otto Pred, B. S. (C. E.) 11. 
Jr. Engr. State Highway Dept. 
Springfield, 111. 

Geotsch, Harriet L. (Smith, Mrs. 
Charles M.) B. L. 97. 

Goetz, Edgar August, B. S. (G. E.) 
04. Engr. 2186 Doswell Ave., St. 
Paul, Minn, a 

Goetz, Walter Fred, Ph. G. 06. Rep- 
resentative of United Drug Co. of 
Boston in Western Coast States. 
615 Underwood Bldg., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

Goff, Harold Wheeler, B. S. (E. E.) 

17. Eau Claire, Wis. 

Goff, Mrs. Moulton (Davis, Agnes 
Hopkins) B. A. 12. Sturgeon Bay, 
Wis. a 

Goggins, Bernard R., LL. B. 90. At- 
torney. 341 First Ave., Grand Rap- 
ids, Wis. a 

Goggins, George Matthew, LL. B. 14. 
Lawyer. Chilton, Wis. 

Goggins, Hugh William, LL. B. 11. 
Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Goggio, Charles, M. A. 14, Ph. D. 19. 
Berkeley, Calif. 

Gohlke, George Henry, B. L. ,02. 
Teacher. South Sudbury, Mass. 

Gold, Solon, B. S. (C. E.) 05. Dist. 
Engr. 408 City Hall, Chicago, 111. 

Gold, Walter L., LL. B. 00. Attorney. 
925-31 Caswell Bldg., Milwaukee, 

Goldammer, Charles James, B. S. (E. 
E.) 17. Elkhart Lake, Wis. a 

Goldberg Ben, B. S. (Med.) 19. 700 
Graham Ave., Antigo, Wis. a 

Golden, Frank Demmer, B. A. (C. C.) 

18. 62 Elmwood Drive, Aurora, 111. 
Goldenberger, Alice, B. L. 91. Gim- 

bel Bros. Millinery Dept., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 
*Goldenberger, Benedict, B. S. 77. 
Died Jan. 16, 1914. 

Goldenberger, Olivia (Hanke, Mrs. 
Oscar) formerly (Johnson, Mrs. 
Clarence Nathan) Professional 
name (Monona, Olivia) B. A. 09. 

Golder, Lloyd WilUam, B. M. E. 95, 
E. E. 96. Secy. 408 S. Oak Park 
Ave., Oak Park, 111. 

Goldfein, Inring, B. S. (C. E.) 16. 
Civil Engr. 1309-14th, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. a 

Goldie, Wm. Bradshaw, B. A. (C. C.) 
16. 991-21st, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Goldmann, Madelaine Henriette, B. 
A. 19. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Goldschmidt, William Jacob, LL. B. 
12, B. A. 12. Attorney. Majestic 
Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 



Goldsmitli, Elmer LeGrand, B. S. (E. 

E.) 15. Patent Attorney & Con- 
sulting Engr. 1210 Fletcher Sav- 
ings & Trust Co., Indianapolis, 
Ind. a 

Goldsworthy, James, B. S. 88. Eancli- 
er. Tillamook, Ore. 

GoUmar, Arthur H., B. A. 95. Phy- 
sician & Surgeon. Cobb Bldg., Kan- 
kakee, 111. a 

Gollmar, Herbert Arthur, B. S. (Ch. 
E.) 16. Chemical Engr. 143- 
4th, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Golmgefsky, Charles E., Ph. G. 89. 
Pharmacist. Stockbridge, Wis. 

Gomez, y Pineda Pastor, B. S. (C. E.) 
09. Dist. Engr. Ilagan, Isabela, P. 

Gonia, Thomas Roy, Ag. G. 12. • Tele- 
graph Operator. "Soo'* Line. 
Mellen, Wis. 

Gonski, Casimir, LL. B. 93. Attor- 
ney. 486 Mitchell, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Gonyon, Harvey LeRoy, B. S. A. 14. 
960 National Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Gonzalez, Bienvenido Maria, M. S. 15 
Professor. Los Banos, P. I. a 

Good, Samuel Pulse, B. A. (C. C.) 17. 
Banker. Warren, Ind. a 

GoodaU, Eva C. (Achtenberg, Mrs. 
E. A.) B. S. 81. 

Good, Mrs. Samuel Pulse (Roberts, 
Ruth O.) B. S. 17. Warren, Ind. 

GoodaU, William Herbert, B. L. 81 
Printer. Whitefish Bay, Wis. 

Goodchild, Elta Anne, M. A. 16. 
Teacher. Havelock, la. 

GoodeU, Kate Louise, B. L. 98. Vir- 
oqua. Wis. a 

Goodell, Richard Albert, B. L. 95. At- 
torney. Platteville, Wis. 

Goodenough, Charles Frederick, B. S 
(G. E.) 03. Supt. Aetna Paper Co. 
Dayton, O. 

Goodhue, Robert Shield, B. S. (Ag. 
G.) 15, M. S. 16. County Agent. 
Agric. Coll. Jamestown, N. D. 

Gooding, Mrs. Charles H. (Stockman, 
Rebecca). 2125 Pine, Boulder, 
Colo, a 
*Gooding, William Henry, Ph. B. 73. 

Goodland, Doris Martha, B. A. 18. 
340 Jackson, Oshkosh, Wis. a 

Goodnight, Scott Holland, Ph. D. 05. 
.Assoc. Prof. U. W. 2130 W. Lawn 
Ave., Madison, Wis. a 

Goodrich, Grace G., M. A. 11, Ph. B. 
13. Ripon, Wis. 

Goodrich, Thomas Victor, M. A. 08. 

Teacher. Table Rock, Neb. 
Goodrich, Winifred Belle, B. A. 14. 

Teacher. Evanston, 111. 
Goodrick, Arthur Balch, LL. B. 95. 

Attorney. Antigo, Wis. 
*Goodrick, Raleigh A., LL. B. 93. 

Died Aug. 3, 1896. 
Goodsell, Elihu B., LL. B. 91. County 

Judge. Lancaster, Wis. a 
Goodwin, Alice, B. A. 16. Teacher. 

Hartland, Wis. 
Goodwin, Harry Wright, LL. B. 89. 

Attorney & Banker. Hartland, Wis. 
^Goodwin, Henry Decker, B. A. 80. 

Goodwin, John Edward, B. L. 01. Li- 
brarian U. of Texas. 708 W. 32nd, 

Austin, Tex. a 
Goodwin, Mrs. John E. (Storms, 

Jeanette B.) B. L. 01. 708 W. 

32nd, Austin, Texas. 
Goodwin, Sophy M., B. L. 89, Mus. G. 

98. Music Teacher. 622 W. 17th, 

Los Angeles, Calif. 
Goodyear, Mrs. Alva S. (Davis, Ella) 

B. L. 93. 630 N. Francis, Madi- 
son, Wis. a 
Gordon, Ester (Harding, Mrs. H. A.) 

B. S. 98. 
*Gordon, James Curtiss, B. S. 96. 

Died Aug.. 18, 1906. 
Gordon, Mabel Jean, B. A. 06. Teach- 
er. Milwaukee School of Trades for 

Girls. 3200 Grand Ave., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 
Gordon, NeUie E. (Nelson, Mrs Van 

Andrew B.) B. A. 08. 
Gorham, Annie M. (Marston, Mrs. 

Thomas J.) Ph. B. 67. 
Gorman, Edward Patrick, LL. B. 08. 

District Attorney. Wausau, Wis. 
Gormley, John Henry, B. S. (G. E.) 

06. a 
Gorr, Charles WiUiam, Ph. G. 99, B. 

S. 00. Physician & Surgeon. 1256 

Early Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Gorst, Mrs. Charles (Crawford, Alice 

A.) B. S. 75. 321 Wisconsin Ave., 

Madison, Wis. a 
Gorst, Genevieve English (Herfurth, 

Mrs. Theo.) B. A. 10. 
Gosline, Carl Anthony, B. A. 18. Be- 

loit, Wis. 
Goss, Arthur Hibbard, LL. B. 84. 

Judge of Municipal Courts. 450 

New York Ave., Oshkosh, Wis. a 
Goss, John Dean, B. A. 89. Attorney. 

Natl. Bank Bldg., Marshfield, Ore. a 



Goss, William Azell, B. S. (C. E.) 15. 

Sales Eepresentative. 410 N. 

Brainerd Ave., LaGrange, 111. a 
Gosselin, Florence L. G. Sup. M. 11, 

B. A. 13. 826 E. Mason, Green 

Bay, Wis. a 
Qotfredson, Henry Lawrence, B. A. 

(C. C.) 19. Green Bay, Wis. 
Gotham, Edwin C, Ph. B. 13. Prin- 
cipal. Mazomanie, Wis. 
Gottschalk, Edwin A., B. A. 11. Scan- 
dinavia, Wis. a 
Gottschall, Herbert H., B. S. (E. E.) 

10. Elect. Engr. & Contractor. 147 

Third, Baraboo, Wis. 
Goudie, James, B. S. (E. E.) 03. 

Goudie & Jenkins, Engr. & Archi- 
tects. Ironwood, Mich. 
Gough, Genevieve Elizabeth, B. S. 

(H. Ec.) 19. Boonville, Ind. 
Gough, James Arthur, B. S. (Med.) 

19. Sugar Bush, Wis. 
Goul, Marvin Clifford, B. A. (C. C.) 

18. Salesman. Aluminum Co. of 

America, New York City, a 
Gould, Dorothy, B. A. 17. 919 Jud- 

son Ave., Evanston, 111. a 
Gould, Edwin Fish, B. S. (C. E.) 17. 

Kansas City, Mo. 
Gould, Stephen Grover, Jr., B. S. (C. 

E.) 17. 2206 E. 30th, Kansas City, 

Gould, Violet Elizabeth, Ph. B. (Nor. 

C.) 19. Norwalk, O. 
Gove, George R., B. A. 04. Bird & 

Son, East Walpole, Mass. 
Gove, Mrs. J. A. (Millington, Sadie 

L.) B. L. 02. 601 W. 176th, New 

York City. 
Gower, Arthur William, B. S. (E. E.) 

17. Chippewa Falls, Wis. 
Gowin, Enoch Burton, Ph. B. 09, Ph. 

M. 10. Asst. Prof. New York Univ. 

32 Waverly PI., New York City. 
Gowin, Mrs. Enoch Burton (Case, 

Lucy Ada) B. A. 11. 126 W. 85th, 

New York City. 
Graass, Henry, LL. B. 03. Judge. 

14th Judicial Circuit. Green Bay, 

Graber, Elsie Dorothy (Rolfs, Mrs. 

Baltus) B. S. (H. Ec.) 19. 
Graber, John Francis, Ph. B. 03, Ph. 

M. 10. Teacher. 277-23rd, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 
Graber, Lawrence Frederick, B. S. A. 

10, M. S. A. 12. Assoc. Prof. U. 

W. 421 Lake, Madison, Wis. a 

Grace, Dorothy Patterson, B. A. 19. 
514 N. Oak Park Ave., Oak Park, 
111. a 

Grady, Agnes Schanlan (Ellis, Mrs. 
Charles Wm.) B. A. 14. 

Grady, Albert William, B. A. 09, LL. 
B. 11. Lawyer & District Attor- 
ney. Court House, Port Washing- 
ton, Wis. 
*Grady, Dennis William, Ph. B. 71. 
Died Oct. 20, 1886. 

Graebner, George John, LL. B. 09. 
Lawyer. 720-lst Natl. Bank Bldg., 
Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Graef, Mrs. Harry H. (Joy, Jose- 
phine Fremont) B. A. 17. 870 
Hereford Drive, Akron, O. 

Graetz, Walter Carl, B. S. (E. E.) 12. 
Asfet. Supt. 1301 W. 35th, Chica- 
go, 111. a 

Graewin", Robert Charles, B. A. 19. 
Principal. 209 N. Glendale Ave., 
Tomah, Wis. a 

Graf, Paul Fred, B. S. A. 14. Coun- 
ty Rep. Viroqua, Wis. a 

Graff, Anthony C, LL. B. 88. Post 
Office Inspector. Seattle, Wash. 

Graff, Bjarne Half dan, B. S. (C. E.) 
08. Field Engr. U. S. Public Health 
Service, Washington, D. C. 

Graff, Christian F., B. S. (C. E.) 04. 

Pres. Amer. Nitrogen Prod. Co. 

1505-8th Ave., Seattle, Wash. 

Graff, Marshall Conant., B. A. 14. 

Univ. Exten. Div., Wausau, Wis. a 

Graham, Grace, B. L. 98. Scientific 
Asst. & Clerk Agrie. Dept, Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

Graham, Guy Alexander, B. S. (C. 

E.) 05. Engr. Emergency Fleet 

Corp. 434 Allen, Hudson, *N. Y. a 

*Graham, James Blain, B. A. 01, LL. 

B. 08. Died in service Feb. 5, 1918. 

Graham, John Cameron, B. S. A. 11. 
Teacher Red Cross Institute for 
Blind. Baltimore, Md. 

Graham, Mebel Blanche (Herulem, 
Mrs. Arthur F.) B. A. 12. 

Graham, Mae Lillian, B. A. 11. 
Teacher. Wausau, Wis. 

Grambsch, Rinold Herman, B. S. (E. 
E.) 15. Electrical Designer. 1064 
Linden Ave., Dayton, O. 

Gramlich, Mrs. F. D. (Thompson, 
Carrie E.) B. L. 02. 26 Jackson, 
Deadwood, S. D. 

Grammes, Walter Henry, B. A. 14 
Tiffin, O. 



Grams, William T., B. S. A. 18. Wat- 

ertown, Wis. 
Grandy, Adah Georgina, B. L. 02. 

Teacher. 1909 Pierce, Sioux City, 

Granger, Clifford Elzer, Ph. B. 16. 

Peshtigo, Wis. 
Granger, Stephen Addison, LL. B. 91. 

Bay Drive, Whitefish Bay, Wis. 
*Granke, Leo Ernest, B. S. (C. E.) 00. 

Grannis, Edith Emily Higbee, B. A. 

14. Librarian. State Normal. 

703-3rd Ave., St. Cloud, Minn. 
Grannis, Irving Van Vliet, B. S. 12. 

Physician & Surgeon. Menomonie, 

*Grant, Daniel McP.,. B. S. (Min. E.) 

II. Deceased. 

Grant, Eugene Lodewick, B. S. (C. 
E.) 17. Jr. Engr. U. S. G. S.. 
Asst. Prof. Civil Engr. Montana 
State Coll., Bozeman, Mont, a 

Grant, Gerald Gregory, B. A. 16. Cap- 
tain U. S. A. 3815 Eokely, Chi- 
cago, m. 

Grant, Goldie K. (Henika, Mrs. Ray) 
B. A. 06. 

Grant, Mrs. James E. (Mooney, Alice 
E.) B. A. 18. 4926 Magnolia Ave., 
Chicago, 111. a 

Grant, Mary AmeUa, Ph. D. 19. To- 

- peka, Kan. 

Grant, Ralph Anderson, B. S. (M. E.; 
17. Capt. U. S. A. 485-28th Ave., 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Grant, Robert Lexow, B. A. 16. 
Banker. 3815 Rokeby, Chicago, 111. 

Graper, Florence Marie, B. S. (11, 
Ec.) 19. 142 Yorkville Ave., 
Toronto. Ontario, Can. a 

Graper, Leslie Gilbert, B. S. (Ch. C.) 
17. Research Chemist. Carus 
Chemical Works. 617-6th, LaSalle, 

III. a 

*Gratiot, Charles Gross, B. A. 05. 
Died May 21, 1910. 

Gratiot, Edward Collins, B. S. A. 18. 
Shullsburg, Wis. a 

Gratiot, Mrs. Edward C. (Burwell, 
Marjorie) B. A. 17. 130 Clare- 
mont Ave., New York City, a 

Gratiot, Mrs. H. B. (Hoover, Harriet 
E.) B. L. 96. 256-1 0th, Dubuque, 
la. a 

Gratiot, Mary Anne, B. A. 12. Teach- 
er. Shullsburg, Wis. a 

Gratz, Mabel Maud (Glaettli, Mrs. 
John, Jr.) B. A. 12. 

Gratz, Marion Clevenger, B. A. 19. 

Industrial Ind. Serv., Bur. Met. 
Life Ins. Co., Madison Ave., New 
York City. 

Grau, Mrs. Alfred (Newman, Celia 
E.) B. A. 07. 3114 N. 29th, Ta- 
coma, Wash, a 

Graul, Edward John, B. S. A. 11, M. 
S, 18. Instructor. Chemist State 
Soils Lab. Madison, Wis. 

Gravenbrock, Florence B., S. M. G. 
18. Fennimore, Wis. 

Graves, Adele M. (Wheeler, Mrs. L. 
C.) B. L. 94. 

Graves, Burrell Pinckney, B. S. (Ag. 
G.) 15. Postoffice Clerk. St. 
Helens, Ore. 

Graves, Mrs. Chauncey A. (Morten- 
son, Thorina Olena) B. A. 04. 
724 — 16th Ave. E., Duluth, Minn, 

Graves, Edna Lora (Ames, Mrs. J. 

• Quincy) M. G. 06. 

Graves, Emery Calvin, LL. B. 74. 
Judge Appellate Court. Spring- 
field, HI. a 

Graves, Helen Dorothy (Nyberg 
Mrs. Joseph A.) B. A. 12. ' 

Graves, Lola May (Pottenger, Mrs. 
Lloyd A.) B. A. 10. 

Graves, William Roswell, B. L. 95. 
Attorney. Prairie du Chien, Wis. a 

Graw, Paul, Ph. G. 06. Pharmacist 
& Chemist. 531 E. Water, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. a 

Gray, Alfred WilUam, B. A. 95. 
Physician. 607 Prospect Ave., 
Milwaukee, Wis. a 
*Gray, Ansley, LL. B. 75. Died Feb 
3, 1889. 

Gray, CUfford F., B. S. (M. E.) 11. 
Mach. Tool Salesman. 543 Cass 
Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Gray, Edward Everett, LL. B. 94. 
Attorney. Astoria, Ore. a 

Gray, Mrs. Eugene HoUister (Whitte- 
more, Thelma Marie) B. S. (H. Ec.) 
17. Teacher. 2953 Tilden, Wash- 
ington, D. C. a 

Gray, Frank, M. S. 13, Ph. D. 16. U. 
S. Naval Experimental Sta., New 
London, Conn. 

*Gray, George Edward, B. L. 90 Died 

Gray, George Harrison, E. E. 16. Tel- 
ephone Engr. 3145 Chicago, Oma- 
ha, Neb. a 

Gray, Mrs. George Harrison (New- 
man, Katherine) B. A. 15. 106 S. 
Thirty-fifth Ave, Omaha, Neb. a 



Gray, Glenn Arthur, B. S. (G. E.) 17. 
Oregon, Wis. 

Gray, Harry Leon, B. A. 07. Banker, 
Spring Green, Wis. 

Gray, Harry Oliver, Ph. G. 10. Ber- 
lin, Wis. a 

Gray, Mrs. H. O. (Sexton, Marie 
Jeanette) B. A, 12. Berlin, Wis. a 

Gray, Hazel Marie, B; S. (H. Ec.) 13, 
M. S. 15. Asst. in Clinical Medi- 
cine. Univ. Clinic. 425 Sterling 
PI., Madison, Wis. 

Gray, Lewis C, Ph. D. 11. Econom- 
ist. Bureau of Farm Management, 
Dept. of Agric, Washington, D. C. 

Gray, Nancy Anna, B, A. 15. Chem- 
ist. 1220 E. 65th, Chicago, 111. a 

Gray, Richard A., Ph, B. (Nor. C.) 
19. 803 W. Market, Akron, O. 

Gray, Rose Anna (Brigham, Mrs. 
Charles Ilsley) Ph. B. 10. 

Gray, William Alexander, Ph. B. 10, 
Teacher. Hibbing, Minn. 

Gray, Zee Lenore, M. G. 99. Asst 
Cashier. Natl. Farmers' Bank. 
Warren, 111. a 

Graybill, Jacob Light, M. S. 14. 
Dairy Farming. In charge Dept. 
Eural Education & Agric. State 
Normal., Natchitoches, La. 
*Greaves, Arthur C, B. S. (C. E.) 03. 
Died July 13, 1916. 

Green, Abbie A. (De Lacy, Mrs. 
John B.) Ph. B. 07. 

Green, Adah C, (True, Mrs. Edgar 
C.) M. G. 01. 

Green, Alice E., B. A. 05. Teacher. 
115 N. Seventh, La Crosse, Wis. a 

Green, Bertha M* (Stearns, Mrs. 0. 
H.) B. L. 97. 

Green, Charles WilUam, B. S, (E. E.) 
07. c/o Western Electric Co., New 
York City. 

Green, Edward Emerson, B. A. 04. 
Mgr. Strathmore Farm Co. Strath- 
more, Alberta, Can. 

Green, Frank Berdette, B. A. 04. 
Farmer. Evansville, Wis. 

Green, Grace N. (Jones, Mrs. John 
E. Lloyd) B. L. 95. 

Green, Jessie Louise, B. A. 18. Ligo- 
nier, Ind. 
*Green, John Vemer, LL. B. 96. Died, 

Green, Leroy M., LL. B. 04. Attor- 
ney. 424 E. State, Rockford, 111. 

Green, Mark Hindley, M. S, 16. In- 
structor. Logan Agric. Coll. Lo- 
gan, Utah. 

*Green, Mary E., B. L. 81. Died July 

13, 1888. 
Green, Mary Elizabeth, M. A. 16. 

Teacher. Evansville, Wis. 
Green, Ralph Bumham, B, S. 90. 

Metallurgist. R. F. D. 2, Box 47, 

Fairview, Mont, a 
Green, Robert D., B. A. 11. Chas. S. 

Kidder & Co., Bankers. 108 S. La 

Salle, Chicago, 111. a 
Green, Ruth Elizabeth, B. A. 15 

Teacher. 169 Hoyt, Fond du Lac, 

Green, Walter Elmer, B, S. (Med.) 

19. Milwaukee, Wis. 
Green, WilUam Carl, B. S. (C. E.) 16. 

Contractor. 704 S. Jackson, Green 

Bay, Wis. 
Green, William Henry, B. A. 10. 

Real Estate & Agriculture. 201 

Main, Ligonier, Ind. a 
*Green, William Thomas, LL. B. 92. 

Greenbank, Grace (Krick, Mrs. H. 

F.) B. L. 98. 
Greenberg, James Edward, B. A. 19. 

838 Columbus Ave,, New York 

City, a 
Greene, Dorothy Nichols, B. A. 19. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Greene, Edward Martin, M. A, 10. 

Prof. Butler Coll. 115 S. Ritter 

Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 
Greene, Eunice Genevieve (Lathrop, 

Mrs. H. N.) B. A. 10. 
Greene, Howard, B. L. 86. Vice 

Pres. Wis. Security Co. 367 Lake 

Drive, Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Greene, Mrs. Howard (McMynu, 

Louise M.) B. A. 88. 367 Lake 

Drive, Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Greene, Howard Thomas, B. S. (Ag. 

G,) 15, Mg-r, Brook Hill Farm, 

Genesee Depot, Wis. a 
Greene, Mrs. Jay I. (Woodard, Mary 

Ruth) B. A. 10. Clinton, Wis. 
Greene, Joseph Kingsbury, B. S. A. 

16. Box 296, Pearl River, N. Y. a 
Greene, Margaret, B. A. 07. Libra- 

ian. Minot, N. D. a 
Greene, Marjorie, B. A. 17. Private 

Secy. Prophetstown, 111. 
Greene, Otta LueUa, B. A. 16. 430 S, 

Ashland Blvd., Chicago, 111. 
Greenfield, Benjamin, B. S. (E. E.) 
' 07. Research Engr. Empire Gaso- 
I line Co. Bartlesville, Okla. 



Greenleaf, Charles Hunt, M. A. 16. 

Instr. U. W. 1907 Monroe, Madi- 
son, Wis. a 
Greenough, Francis Xavier, B. A. 13. 

Asst. Principal. Oshkosh, Wis. 
Greenthal, Alex. P., LL. B. 02. At- 
torney. 1409 Majestic BIdg., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 
Greenway, Mrs. Phillip (Allen, Daisy 

*May) Ph. B. 05. Miarada, Mont. 
Greenwood, Albert Ernest, B. A. 12. 
Western N. Y. Eep. 1336 Swan, 
Buffalo, N. Y. a 
Greenwood, Charles Sheen, LL. B. 99. 

Attorney. Lake Mills, Wis. 
Greenwood, Donald Whittier, C. E 
14. Engr. c/o State Highway 
Comm., Pierre, S. D. a 
Greenwood, Mrs. Donald W. (Chris- 
tensen, Dorothy Bess) B. A. 16. 
Box 593, Pierre, S. Dak. a 
Gregg, Hendrick B., B. M. E. 92, Ag- 
riculture. K. F. D. 6, Madison, 
Gregg, Mrs. Hendrick B. (Maxon, 
Jennie A.) B. L. 93. K. F. D. 6, 
Madison, Wis. 
Gregg, John Parker, LL. B. 99. At- 
torney. 703-5th Ave., Charles City, 
Gregorson, Louis T., B. S. (C. E.) 95. 

Stoughton, Wis. 
Gregory, Alice Elizabeth, Ph. B. 01. 
Teacher. 528 W. Vernon Ave., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 
Gregory, Charles Noble, B. A. 71, 
M. A. 74, LL. B. 72, LL. D. 01. 
International Lawyer. 1502 "H," 
Washington, D. C. a 
Gregory, Clarence William, B. L. 03. 
1st Lieut. F. A. E. C. School for 
Aerial Observers. Post Field, Ft. 
Sill, Okla. 
Gregory, Marie, B. A. 09. Teacher. 

W. De Pere, Wash. 
Gregory, Stephen Strong, B. A. 70, 
LL. B. 71, M. A. 74. Attorney. 
69 W. Washington, Chicago, 111. a 
Gregory, Stephen Strong, Jr., M. E. 
13. Salesman. 3927 S. Michigan 
Ave., Chicago, 111. a 
Gregson, William Fuller, B. S. (M. 
E.) 17. 318 S. Sherman, Chicago, 
Greiner, Carabelle (Dickey, Mrs. 

Harry Spence) B. A. 12. 
Greisen, EUjah Charles, B. S. (M. E.) 
07. Sales Mgr. AUis-Chalmers Co. 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Grell, Walter Henry, B. A. 12. 630 

Grand Ave., Wausau, Wis. a 
Grenfell, Donald Stuart, Chem. E. 14. 
Chem. Engr. Mineral Point Zinc 
Co. Depue, 111. 
*Grettum, Ingebregt, LL. B. 88. De- 
Greubel, Otto Washington, B. A. 08, 
M. A. 09, Ph. D. 17. Instructor 
U. W. 204 Bernard Ct., Madison, 
Greunke, Emmery A., B. A. (C. C.) 
17. 833 Morrison, Appleton, Wis. a 
Greve, Frederick WiUiam, Jr., B. S. 
(M. E.) 08, M. E. 09. Asst. Prof. 
Purdue Univ. Lafayette, Ind. a 
Greve, Mrs. F. W., Jr. (Roehm, Flor- 
ence) B. A. 10, M. A. 10. 304 
Russell, Lafayette, Ind. 
Greverus, Ernst, B. L. 00. 67 W. 

Fourth, Atlanta, Ga. 
Greverus, Mrs. Ernst (Godard, Grace 
G. B. A. 2. 67 W. Fourth, Atlanta, 
Ga. a 
Greverus, Jenos (Heineman, Mrs. 

Fred) B. A. 08. 
^Grey, Ernest George, B. A. 07. De- 
Grey, John Chester, B. S. (M. E.) 02. 
Engr. 112 E. Wayne, Fort Wayne, 
Gribble, Greta M., Ph. B. 00. Teach- 
er. State Normal. Platteville, Wis. 
Gribble, Stephen Charles, B. S. (Ch. 
E.) 17. American Tar Products 
Co., Linden, Wis. 
Griem, Mrs. B. G. (Garling, Elsie) 

B. A. 12. New Holstein, Wis. 
Griem, Milton Emil, B. S. A. 19. 
Chemist. Cudahy Packing Plant. 
244 Martin, Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Griem, Rolf, B. A. (C. C.) 17. A. M. 
Myers Co., 235 Water, Pittsburgh, 
Pa. a 
Griesel, Edward Charles, LL. B. 02. 
Attorney. 808 Phoenix Bldg., Mus- 
kogee, Okla. 
Griess, Mrs. E. C. (Steinfort, Selma 
Alvina) B. L. 02. Grand Forks, N. 
Griesser, Marjorie Katherine, B. A. 

18. 120 Delaware, Peoria, 111. 
Grieve, Mrs. E. S. (Sharp, Emma 
W.) Ph. B. 67. Pinckney Apts., 
Madison, Wis. 
Griffin, Clara Adelaide, M. A. 18. 
Quarry Hill, R. F. D. 6, Madison, 



Griffin, Grace Margaret, B. A. 10. 
725 N. Main, Helena, Mont, a 

Griflan, Hattie Josephine, B. A. 98, 
M. A. 02. Post Office Clerk. 
Marshfield, Ore. 

Griffin, Ira Sherman, LL. B. 91. At- 
torney. Keota, Colo. 
*Griffin, James Francis, B. L. 93, LL. 
B. 95. Died Dec. 14, 1908. 

Griffin, James Sheldon, M. A. 08. 
*Griffith, Clyde Irving, -M. S. 17. Died 
in service, Jan. 18, 1919. 

Griffith, Harry B., B. A. 14. Mer- 
chant. Harlan, la. a 
♦Griffith, Jessie (Katz, Mrs. George 
H.) B. L. 93, M. L. 95. Deceased. 

Griffith, John Howell, B. S. (C. E.) 
93, M. S. 98. Engineer, c/o Dept. 
of Civil Engr., Iowa State Coll., 

Griffith,' Leon O., B. S. A. 07. F. A. 
Avery & Sons Plow Co., Omaha, 

Griffith, Max Wilder, B. L. 99, LL. 
B. 03. Attorney. 112 First Na- 
tional Bank Bldg., Moscow, Idaho, 

Griffith, Mrs. Vernon S. (Whittier, 
Rowena M.) B. A. 06. Rock Ridge 
Ranch, Clearmont, Wyo. a 

Griffith, William Henry, B. S. (C. E.) 
12. Mgr. Owens Bottle Co. 
Clarkesburg, W. Va. a 

Griffiths, Anna Cecilia, B. A. 95, M. 
A. 98. 927 Lake Ct., Madison, Wis. 

Griggs, Victor R., B. A. 05, LL. B. 
06. Attorney. Havre, Mont, a 

Griggs, Mrs. Victor R. (Kussel, Ir- 
Ma Lizette) B. A. 06. Havre, Mont. 

Grimes, Nathan Cesna, M. A. 09. 

Grimm, August, Ph. B. 03. Supt. of 
Schools. Ceres, Calif. 

Grimm, John Edward, Jr., B. S. (E 
E.) 17. 2nd Lt. Reserve Military 
Aviator, Sig. R. C, A. S., San 
Diego, Calif. 

Grimmer, Edwin Walsey, B. S. (C.E.) 
14. Co. A, 3rd Engrs. Fort Mills, 
Corregidor, P. I. a 

Grimmer, Walter G., Ph. G. 09. 1114 
Pingree Ave., Detroit, Mich, a 

Grimsby, Henry J. P., M. A. 03. Pas- 
tor. Bethel Norwegian Lutheran 
Church. 1622 E. 32nd, Minneapolis, 

Grimstad, Agnes, (Arneson, Mrs. An- 
ton) S. M. G. 17. Barneveld, Wis. 

Grinde, Mrs. Arthur I. (McDonald; 
Anna E.) B, U 03, De Forest, 

Grinde, Harry Andrew, B. A. 15. 

304 N. Carroll, Madison, Wis. a 

Grinde, Hilda (Thompson, Mrs. 
George) B. A. 05. 
*Grinde, Lars J., LL. B. 74. Died 
Dec. 22, 1882. 

Grindell, Arthur Bates, B*. S. (Gen 
E.) 02. Bus. Mgr. Siberian Comm. 
Amer. Red Cross. Vladivostok* Si- 
beria. Home, 1700-3 7th Ave., Seat- 
tle, Wash. 

Grindell, Mrs. Arthur B. (Froelich, 
Clara G.) B. L. 03. 1700-37th 
Ave., Seattle Wash. 

Grindell, Donald David, Ph. B. 10. 
Represetative Ginn & Co. 2301-11 
Prairie Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Grindell, John LeRoy, Ph. B. 05. 
Granite Dealer. 404 N. Elm, 
Platteville, Wis. 

Grinstead, Wren Jones, Ph. D. 16. 
Instr. Eastern Ky. State Normal. 
Richmond, Ky. a 

Grisim, Gilbert C, LL. B. 96. Farm- 
er. R. F. D. 2, Auburn, Wash. 

Griswold, Ada Tyng, B. L. 89, M. A. 
92. 346 Elm, Oshkosh, Wis. a 

Griswold, Chester A., B. A. 09. 221 
Hartwell Ave., Waukesha, Wis. 

Griswold, Clinton Dudley, B. A. 10. 
Farmer. Guernseydale, West Salem, 

Griswold, Mrs. C. D. (Richmond, Ada 
Maud) B. A. 12. Guernseydale, 
West Salem, Wis. a 

Griswold, Ernest Carl, B. S. (E. E.) 
09. General Electric Co., 117 Cath- 
arine, Scotia, N. Y. a 

Griswold, Florence T. (Buckstaff, 
Mrs. George) B. A. 86, M. A. 92'. 

Griswold, John WilUam, B. S. (M. 
E.) 13. Combustion Engr. 217 
Carlton Apts., Toledo, O. a 

Griswold, Katharine Parker, B. A. 
17. Teacher. 5603 Dorchester Ave., 
Chicag-o. 111. 

Griswold, Mabel Elizabeth, B. A. 17. 
Asst. Library School. 1158 Sher- 
man Ave., Madison, Wis. a 

Griswold, IVEilton S., B. A. 63, M. A. 
66. Attorney. Suite ''G,'' Putney 
Blk., Waukesha, Wis. a 

Griswold, Robert Gray, B. S. (M. E.) 
04. Chief Technologist. Henry L. 
Doherty & Co. 60 Wall St., New 
York, N. Y. a 

Griswold, Willard E., B. A. 05. At 
torney. 1409 Majestic Bldg., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 



Grlswold, WiUlam E., LL. B. 98. Spe- 
cial Loan Agent. Northwestern 
Mutual Life Ins. Co. 212 Central 
Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 

Grobe, Edwin Henry, B. A. 08. At- 
torney. Dallas, Texas. 

Grodske, Walter John, Jr., B. S. (C. 
E.) 08. Asst. Engr. Bureau Public 
Works. Manila, P. I. a 

Groelle, Frederick Ford, LL. B. 99. 
Attoruey. 1432-34 First Natl. 
Bank Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Groendyke, Mae, B. S. (H. Ec.) 19. 
Crawfordsville, Ind. 

Groff, Eleanore Marie (Adams, Mrs. 
Edw. L.) B. A. 13. 

Groffman, George W., B. L. 01. Mer- 
chant. Forks, Wash. 

Groffman, Harlan George, Ph. G. 18 
925 S. 8th, Manitowoc, Wis. a 

Grogan, Francis W., LL. B. 07. At- 
torney. 802 College Ave., Apple- 
ton, Wis. 

Gronert, Theodore Gregory, B. A. 08, 
M. A. 15. Prairie du Chien, Wis. 

Groom, Samuel Burton, B. A. 13. 
Manufacturer. 12 W. Baltimore. 
Lynii, Mass. a 

Groom, Mrs. Samuel B. (Peterson, 
Helen Therese). 12 W. Baltimore, 
Lynn, Mass. a 

Gross, Alma Eleanor (Haake, Mrs. 
W. J.) B. A. 19. 

Gross, Edward Lascar, B. S. (Ch. E.) 
08. Consulting Engr. 112 W. 
37th, Chicago, 111. a 

Gross, Edwin, LL. B. 01. Attorney. 
1522 First Natl Bk. Bldg., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Gross, Erwin George, B. S. A. 17, M 
S. 19. Asst. U. W. 129 S. Han- 
cock, Madison, Wis. a 

Gross, George Louis, B. S. (C. E.) 08 
Auditor. Northern Cold Storage & 
Warehouse Co. Duluth, Minn. 

Gross, J. Frederick, M. E. 16. Alu- 
minum Seal Co., New Kensington, 
Pa. a 

&ross, Mrs. John F. (Jolivette, Edna 
Emma) B. A. 14, M. S. 16. 1237 
Leishman Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 

Gross, Mrs. John W. (Peckham, Mary 
Gifford) B. L. 02. 646 Marshall, 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Gross, Lyda Leah (Fuller, Mrs. C. C.) 
B. A. 10. 

Gross, Selma, B. A. 12. Teacher 
Merrimack, Wis. 

Grosser, Charles Reynolds (Eey- 

nolds. Charles.) B. A. 18. 

Grosskopf, John William, B. S. (M. 
E.) 16. Bella, Wis. 

Grossman, Mrs. George A. (Neprud, 
Nora) B. A. 08. Westby, Wis. a 
♦Grossman, Peter, LL. B. 89. Died 
Feb. 10, 1902. 

Grosvenor, Thomas Howard, B. L. 96. 
Physician. Columbia Valley Bk., 
Bldg., Wenatchee, Wash, a 

Grote, Emily Laura, Ph. G. 92. Drug- 

. gist. Mauston, Wis. 

Grotophorst, Alfred, B. L. 02. U. S. 
Mail Service. 272 Ogden Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Grotophorst, Herman, B. S. 84, LL. 
B. 85. Attorney, & Pres. State Bd. 
of Education. 803 Ash, Baraboo, 
Wis. a 

Grout, Mrs. J. C. (Irwin, Florence 
Temple) M. A. 14. Winchester,. 111. 

Grove, Mrs. F. P. (Pomeroy, F. 
Marie) B. L. 95. 927-lOth, Boul- 
der, Colo, a 

Grove, Helena Theo., B. A. 07. Pres- 
byterian Missionary. Tabriz, Per- 
sia, via Berlin and Tiflis. Home, 
133 W. Johnson, Madison, Wis. 

Grove, Henry Frederick, Jr., B. A. 
16. 16 S. Hancock, Madison, Wis. 

Grove, William Edward, B. A. 04. 
Physician. 684 Frederick Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Grove, Mrs. William E. (Gath, Min- 
na E.) B. A. 04. 684 Frederick 
Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Grover, Alice Mary, B. A. 09. Teach- 
er. 1802 Monroe, Madison, Wis. a 
*Grover, AUson Sanford, B. S. (M. 
E.) 95. Deceased. 

Grover, Alva Jarvis, B. C. E. 81, C. 
E.) 83. Location & Construction 
Engr. 600 S. 1st, Council Bluffs, la. 

Grover, Arlene, B. L. 98. Librarv 
Asst. U. W. 1802 Monroe, Madi- 
son, Wis. a 

Grover, Dana Irving, B. L. 02. 
Teacher Doshisha Coll. Karasumaru 
dori, Kyoto, Japan. 

Grover, Mrs. Dana 1. (White, Char 
lotte Elinor) B. A. 07. Karasu- 
maru dori, Kyoto, Japan. 

Grover, Stephen Freeman, LL. B. 91. 
Attorney. Grantsburg, Wis. 

Groves, Harold Martin, Ph. B. (Gen. 
C.) 19. Lodi, Wis. a 

9— A. D. 



Groves, Regina Eunice, B. A. 04. 

Teacher. 404 N. Carroll, Madison^ 

Wis. a 
Grow, Grace Lillian (Taylor, Mrs. C. 

A.) M. G. 07, B. A. 07. 
>fiubb, Clare Marie, B. A. 14. Teach- 
er, lone, Calif. 
Grubb, Samuel Frank, B. L. 87. 

Banker. , Stanley, Wis. 
Grubb, Walter Frank, B. S. (C. E.) 

17. Salesman. 42'28 Grand Blvd., 

Chicago, 111. 
Gruenewald, Arthur Herrmann, B. A. 

08, LL. B. 09. Attorney. 22-4 

Washington, Oshkosh, Wis. a 
Gruetzmacher, Clarence Saylor, B. S. 

(C. E.) 14. Senior Engr. City 

Engr. Office. Milwaukee, Wis. 
Gruhl, Edwin Frederick, B. A. 08. 

Public Utility Business, 30 Broad, 

N. Y. a 
*Grulil, Oscar, Ph. G. 12. Died Sept. 

14, 1914. 
Grunert, Arthur Earl, B. S. (G. E.) 

07. Testing Engr. Commonwealth 

Edison Co. 22d & Fiske, Chicago, 

Gruse, William Arthur, M. A. 15, Ph. 

D. 16. Chemist. Havenmeyer 

Chemical Laboratory, New York 

Univ. New York City. 
Guagliata, Mrs. Vincent (Holt, Alice 

Esther) (formerly Mrs. Franklin W. 

Palmer) B. L. 88. 1108 N. Court, 

Eockford, 111. 
Gudden, Mrs. Hans (Linde, Clarissa 

A.) B. L. 98. 48 Widenmayer, 

Munich, Bavaria, Germany. 
Gueiither, Laura Marion (Burkhart, 

Mrs. D.) B. L. 97. 
Guenther, Oscar Frederick, B. S. A. 

14. Campbellsport, Wis. 
Guess, Mrs. Buford (Leatzow, Vera) 

B. A. 04. 10823 Longwood Drive, 

Chicago, 111. 
Gugel, Frank Henry, B. L. 99, LL. B. 

01. Attorney. 506-11 Eailway 

Exchange Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Gugler, Milton Clarence, M. A. 19. 

Chapman, Kan. 
Gugler, Ralph, B. A. 07. Vice-Pres. 

Gugler Lithograph Co. 694 Broad- 
way, Milwaukee, Wis. a 
*Guild, Edward B., B. A. 59, M. A. 62. 

Died March 4, 1914. 
Guile, Ella May (Watkins, Mrs. Clar- 
ence E.) B. S. 00. 
Guillemine, Madeleine, B. A. 19. K. 

F. D. 9, North Milwaukee, Wis. 

Guipe, Harry Wilton, LL. B. 04. At- 
torney. 4822 Washington Blvd., 

Chicago, 111. 
Guldner, Mrs. L. F. (Rogers, Bertha 

Harriett) B. A. 06. Davenport, la. 
Gulian, Mrs. S. G. (Melaas, Alva 

Jeanette) B. A. 08. 53 Hogarth 

Ave,, Detroit, Mich. 
Gullander, Magnhild Alvira, B. A. 16. 

Teacher. Bristol, S. D. a 
-Gullickson, Gerhardt Oscar, B. A. (C. 

C.) 15, LL. B. 17. Died Nov. 9, 

GuUiford, Bessie G., B. A. 11. Teach- 
er. Manitowoc, Wis. 
Gumprecht, Henry Herman, B. S. (C. 

E.) 18. Civil Engr. Eveleth, 

Minn, a 
Gunderson, Borge Carl, B. S. A. 17. 

La Crosse, Wis. 
Gunderson, Gunnar, B. S. (Med.) 17. 

Physician. 1509 King, La Crosse, 

Wis. a 
Gunderson, Henry Adolph, B. L. 02 

Attorney. Portage, Wis. 
Gunderson, N. May, B. S. (H. Ec.) 

17. County Farm Bureau, Council 

Bluffs, la. a 
Gunderson, Nicholas, Ph. B. 09. Supt. 

nf Schools. Prairie du Chien, Wis. a 
Gunderson, Oscar, B. S. A. 13. Agric. 

Representative Vilas Co. Eagle 

River, Wis. 
Gunderson, Sigurd Bjame, B. S. 

(Med.) 17. La Crosse, Wis. 
Gunn, Reuben Veerin, B. S. A. 14. 

College of Agric. Corvallis, Ore. a 
Gunther, Otto T., B. S. (Med.) 09. 

Physician. Sheboygan, Wis. 
Gunther, Theodore John, B. S. (Med.) 

09. Physician. 906 N. 8th, She- 
boygan, Wis. 
Gunthorp, Pauline Priscilla, B. L. 98- 

Head Cataloguer. U. of Calif. Li- 
brary. 2327 Cedar, Berkeley. 

Calif, a 
Gurley, Mrs. E. W. (Thompson, Tilde 

Thomina) B. A. 07. R. F. D. 7, 

Waupaca, Wis. 
Gurnee, Paul Dennison, LL. B. 00. 

Asst. Actuary. State Ins. Comm. 

115 E. Gilman, Madison. Wis. a • 
Gurney, Carrie Lotiise, B. A. 17. 423 

W. Doty, Madison, Wis. 
Gurney, Ellen Anna, B. A. 17. 423 

W. Doty, Madison, Wis. 
Gustafson, Felix Gustaf, B. A. 15. 

Botanist. Marine Biological Lab. 

Woods Hale, Mass. 



Gustafson, Wallace Harvey, B. S. A. 

13. Farmer. Stockholm, Wis. 

Guthrie, William Fowler, Ag. G. 15. 

Gutsch, Milton Rietow, B. A. 08, 
M. A. 09, Ph. D. 16. Adjunct 
Prof. U. of Texas. 2304 San An- 
tonio, Austin, Texas, a 

Gutsche, Frank Karl, M. S. 16. Wol- 
verine Oil Co., Box 371, Avant, 

Gutsche, Mrs. F. Karl (Mutehler, 
Vera V.) B. S. (H. Ec.) 11. Box 
371, Avant, Okla. 

Guttmann, Lydian Paul, B. S. (Med.) 
18. Kellnersville, Wis. 

Guy, Albert Kingsley, Ph. B. (Gen. 
C.) 18. Drug Business. 2nd Ave. 
& Yesler Way, Seattle, Wash. 

Haag, Edmund C, B. S. (Ch. E.) 11. 
Chemist. Calco Chem. Co., Bound 
Brook, N. J. a 

Haake, Alfred Paul, B. A. (C. J.) 14. 
M. A. 16. Asst. Prof. U. W. 509 
Edgewood Ave., Madison, Wis. a 

Haake, Mrs. Alfred P. (Eice, Helen 
Avalee) B. S. (H. Ec.) 18. 509 
Edgewood Ave., Madison, Wis. 
Haake, Mrs. W. J. (Gross, Alma 
Eleanor) B. A. 19. 1024 Sherman 
Ave., Madison, Wis. a 

Haan, Frederike B. (Malmgren, Mrs. 
Theodore J.) B. A. 04. 

Haase, Alvin, B. S. fC. E.) 03. Insp. 
Engr. Pittsburg Testing Lab. 310 
S. 6th. Minneapolis, Minn. 
Haase, Oscar Rudolf, B. A. 09, LL. B. 

11. Attorney. 868 Hackett Ave., 
Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Haass, Lily Katherine, Ph. B. 12. 

Y. W. C. A. Secy. 19 Hsi Tang 

Tzu, Hutung, Peking, China. 
Haben, Leo, LL. B. 94. Oshkosh, Wis. 
Haberla, Howard Paul, LI. B. 16. 

Attorney. 719-722 Brumder Bldg., 

Milwaukee, AVis. a 
Habermann, Beatrice Estella, B. A. 

12. Librarian. Purdue Univ. La 
Fayette, Ind. 

Habermann, Eugenia Blanche, B. A. 

12. Teacher, Lodi, Wis. 
Habermann, Lucius Clement, B. A. 

(C. C.) 14. 209-2'nd, Lodi, Wis. a 
Habermann, Margaret O., B. A. 11. 

Teacher. Lodi, Wis. 
Haberstich, Felicie Minna, M. A. 10. 

Habhegger, Charles John, Ph. G. 93. 

Physician. 300 Main, Watertown, 


Habhegger, Elmer Otto, B. A. 17. 

Salesman. 515 Shorewood Blvd., 
Milwaukee, Wis. 
Habhegger, Margaret B. (Witte, Mrs. 

Dexter H.) B. A. 11. 
Hackendahl, Otto, Ph. G. 92. Phar- 
macist. 607 Jackson, Milwaukee, 
Hacker, Henry C, Ph. B. 05. Prin- 
cipal. Cedarburg, Wis. 
Hacker, Emil Frederick, B. A. 07, 
M. A. 08. Asst. Pro£ Ohio State 
Univ. Columbus, O. a 
*Hackett, Bradley Horatio, LL. B. 93. 
Died April 2, 1901. 
Hackett, Fern, Ph. B. 01. Teacher. 

503-4th, Baraboo, Wis. 
Hackley, Winifred (Durfee, Mrs. 

Winifred Hackley) M. A. 17. 

Hackney, Robert Henry, B. S. (M. 

E.) 93. President. Pressed Steel 

Tank Co. 1719 Grand Ave., MU- 

waukee, Wis. a 

Hadden, Helen Grace, B. A. 15. 125 

Houston Ave., Muskegon, Mich. . a 

Hadden, Jean Morgan (Reynolds, 

Mrs. Edward Stores) B. A. 15. 
Haddow, Lovina Lucile, B. A. 11, M. 
A. 12. Teacher. State Normal. 
River Falls, Wis. 
Haddow, Winfred Grifan, LL. B. 12. 

Dist. Attorney. Ellsworth, Wis. a 
Haddow, Mrs. Winfred (Andrus, 
Ruth Clarissa) B. S. (H. Ec.) 14. 
Ellsworth, Wis. 
Hadfield, Ray Harrison, B. S. (M. E.) 

Hadfield, William Adrian, B. S. (Ch. 
C.) 14, M. S. 15. Chemist. Gen- 
eral Purification Co. 939 Spaight, 
Madison, Wis. 
Hadley, Mrs. Frederick B. (Potts, 
Jennie Elizabeth) B. A. 11. 2120 
Monroe, Madison, Wis. a 
Hadley, Stephen Marshall, Ph. D. 04. 
Prof. & Dean. Penn Coll. Oska- 
loosa, la. 
Haertel, Lillian Emilie, B. A. 05. 
4933 N. Christiana Ave., Chicago, 
111. a 
Haertel, Martin Henry, Ph. D. 06. 
Asst. Prof. & Secy, of the Faculty, 
U. W. College Hills, Madison, 
Wis. a 
Haessler, Carl Herman, B. A. 11. 
Newswriter & Teacher. 719 Sto- 
well Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. a 



Haessler, Clara Luise, B. A. 12, M. 

A. 14, Ph. D. 19. 719 Stowell Ave., 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Haessler, Ferdinand Herbert, B. A. 
13. Physician. 828 Booth, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Haessler, Gertrude Johanna (Filtzer, 
Mrs. Eobt. L.) B. A. (C. C.) 18. 

Haessler, Helen Annette, B. A. (C. 
C.) 18. 719 Stowell Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Haessler, Marie Louise, B. S. (H. Ec.) 
18. 828 Booth, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Haevers, William, B. S. (E. E.) 09. 
District Inspector. 422 Liberty, 
Morris, 111. 

Haffner, Netta Wilhelmine (Hilmer, 
Mrs. Hermann) M. A. 06. 

Hagarty, John B., LL. B. 83. At- 
torney. Medford, Wis. 

Hagberg, John Bernard, Ph. B. 06. 
Principal. San Juan, P. E. 

Hageman, Aaron Martin, Ph. D. 18. 
Chief Chemist. Westiiighouse Lamp 
Co. 33 Glenwood Ave., Bloomfield, 
• N. J. a 

Hagen\ann, Charles Frederick, B. A. 
98. Fruit Grower. E. F. D. 8, 
Salem, Ore. 

Hagemann, John August, Ph. B. 99. 
Pres. & Mgr. Fort Atkinson Can- 
ning Co., Fort Atkinson, Wis. 

Hagen, Mrs. N. I. (Mueller, Emy) 
Ph. B. 08. 930 Ellis, Stevens Point, 

Hagen, Ole Eriksson, B. A. 82, B. L. 
82, M. A. 84, M. L. 84. Meridian, 

Hagen, Oscar Edwin, B. S. (M. E.) 
17. Stoughton, Wiis. 

Hagenah, William John, B. L. 03, LL. 

B. 05. Public Utility Expert. 
First Natl. Bank Bldg., Chicago, 
111. a 

Hager, Albert Ralph, B. S. 97. Tech- 
nical Supply Co. U. S. P. O. Box 
552, Shanghai, China, a 

Hagerty, Bemice Icylene, B. A. 16. 
Teacher. Knapp, Wis. 

Hagerty, Mildred Isabel, B. S. (H. 
Ec.) 18. Knapp, Wis. 

Haggerty, Bessie (Atwood, Mrs. G. 
T.) B. L. 93. 

Haggerty, Raymond J., LL. B. 06. 
Attorney. Park Falls, Wis. a 

Hagopian, Bedros, B. A. 17. 69 Hoo- 
sick, Troy, N. Y. a 

Hagopiann, Hovhan, B. A. 04. Teach 
er. Sanasarian Coll. Sevas, Tur- 

Hague, Frank Louis, B. S. (C. E.) 08. 

Hague, Mrs. L. W. (Chrisler, Clara 
M.) B. S. 86. 341 N. Brown Ave., 
Minden, Neb. 

Hahn, Bernadette Irene, B. A. 16. 
Teacher. Watertown, Wis. 

Hahn, Emanuel, B. A. 17. 4858 
Fountain Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 
*Hahn, John Francis, B. S. (C. E.) 03. 
Died March 2, 1918. 

Hahn, Otto Charles, LL. B. 91. At- 
torney, 207 Main, Watertown, Wis. 

Haight, Frank Marsh, B. L. 83. Cler- 
gyman. Montfort, Wis. a 

Haight, George Ives, B. L. 99. Law- 
yer. The Eookery, Chicago, 111. a 

Haight, Robert Wilber, B. L. 02. 
Newspaperman. 324 St. Paul Ave., 
Waukesha, Wis. 
*Haight, Thomas Williamson, B. Min. 
E. 82. Died July 25, 1886. 

Haight, Mrs. Walter L. (Foley, Ger- 
aldine) B. A. 07. 911 College Ave., 
Eacine Wis. 

Haight, William Harrison, B. L. 03. 
Attorney. The Eookery, Chicago, 
111. a 

Hain, Elmer Lamont, B. S. (C. E.) 
10. Topographic Engr. U. S. G. S. 
Washington, D. C. 

Hain, James C, B. S. (C. E.) 93, C. 
E.) 05. Mgr. L. A. Cement Gun Co. 
906 Haas Bldg., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Hainer, Vivien Grey (Geraldson, 
Mrs. Elmer Stanley) Ph. B. 13. 

Haines, Anne Shoemaker, M. A. 16. 
Teacher." Swarthmore, Pa. 

Haines, Mrs. R. F. (Wilson, Florence 
May) B. A. 11. Somers, Mont, a 

Hainke, Huldah B., Ph. B. 04. Fern- 
dale, Wash, a 

Hair, Margaret Coral (Ward, Mrs. 
Margaret C.) Ph. B. 08. 

Haker, Milton Albert, B. A. 19. Port- 
age, Wis. 

Halbach, Norma Catherine, B. A. 04. 
Teacher. Eainier, Wash. 

Halbersleben, Henry C, B. S. 82. 
Congregational Minister. Lincoln, 

Halbert, Blanche Lodema, B. A. 12. 
323 E. Washington Ave., Madison, 

Halbert, Charles Arthur, B. S. (C. E.) 
08. Engr. State E. E. Comm. 
Madison, Wis. a 



Halderson, Raymond Hiram, B. S. 

{Ag.j 15. Trempealeau, Wis. 

Hale, Bernet Severin, B. A. 04, M. A. 
05. Teacher. Ojai, Calif, a 
*Hale, Edwin Wilbur, LL. B. 89. Died 
Jan. 19, 1903. 

Hale, rred Earl, B. S. (C. E.) 09. 
Chief Draftsman. Alabama Inter- 
state Power Co. Birmingham, Ala. 

Hale, Ledyard Park, LL. B. 78. 
Counsel. Public Service Comm. 
70 S. Swan, Albany, N. Y. a 
*Hale, Thomas J., B. A. 60, M. A. 63. 

Hale, Wealthy Maria, B. S. (H. Ec.) 
18. South Kaukauna, Wis. 

Hale, Winifred Emma, Ph. B. 04. 
Teacher. Milwaukee-Downer Sem- 
inary, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Hales, Guy Smithers, B. S. A. 16. 
County Representative Coll. of Agr. 
U. W. Court House, Port Wash- 
ington, Wis. 

Haley, Camilla Myrtle (Sweet, Mrs. 
B. S.) B. A. 14. 

Haley, George Henry, B. S. (C. E.) 
05. Asst. Engr. New York Barge 
Canal. 130 E. 4th, Oswego, N. Y. 

Haley, Harold Joseph, B. S. (C. E.) 
17. Asst. Engr. Burns Engineer- 
ing Co. 630 Gotham, Watertown, 
N. Y. 

Haley, Joseph Boyd, M. A. 18. Elber- 
ton, Ga. 

Haley, Lillian Claire, B. A. 18. 212 
S. Henry, Madison, Wis. 

Haley, Louis Coleman, B. L. 84. 
Magician & Entertainer. 215 W. 
Washington Ave., Madison, Wis. 

Halik, Glen William, B. A. 18. 1515 
W. Monroe, Chicago, HI. a 

Hall, Agnes Mary, B. A. 14. Secy. 
Y. W. C. A. 425 N. W. Natl. Life 
Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn, a 

Hall, Alice Kassie, B. A. 13. Medi- 
cal Student. 2931 Fulton, Chicago, 

HaU, Charles Harold, LL. B. 08. At- 
torney. 109 W. Cook, Portage, Wis. 
*Hall, Charles Henry, Ph. B. 70, M. 
S. 77, LL. B. 96. Deceased. 

Hall, Charles Norton, B. A. 07, LL. 
B. 09. Lawyer. Huron, S. D. 

Hall, Claudia (Chamberlain, Mrs. A. 
-A.) B. L. 01. 

Hall, Durand Appleton, M. A. 15. 
416 Lake Drive, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Hall, Edgar Albert, B. A. 06, M. A. 
09. Prof. Adelphi CoU. 265 Mon- 
roe, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Hall, Edwin Morgan, B. S. (E. E.) 
04. Vice Pres. Clapp, Norstrom 
& Riley. 14 S. Canal, Chicago, 111. 

Hall, tiugene William, B. S. A. 13. 
County Agr. Agent. Redfield, S. 
D. a 

Hall, Evey Eugene, M. S. 14. Fort 

Mm, s. c. 

Hall, Francis Waterbury, B. A. 83, 
M. A. 97. Attorney. 842 Pros- 
pect PI., Madison, Wis. a 

HaU, Fred Menzo, B. A. 16. Coats, 

Hall, Katharine, B. A. 04. Artistic 
Bookbinding. 137 Langdon, Madi- 
son, Wis. a 

Hall, Leland Boylston, M. A. 12. 14 
Rockland Ave., Maiden, Mass. 

Hall, Marcia Biddison, B. A. 14. 

Hall, Margaret Spencer (CoUart, Mrs. 
H. W.) B. A. 04. 

Hail, Mary Frances (Comly, Mrs. 
Ross H.) M. G. 08. 

Hall, Matthew Alexander, LL. B. 88. 
Attorney. 624 Omaha NatL Bank 
Bldg., Omaha, Neb. 

HaU, Mattie Edith, B. A. 12. Teach- 
er. Viroqua, Wis. 

HaU, MelviUe Cooper, B. S. (C. E.) 
15. 119 Bayway, Elizabeth, N. J. a 

HaU, Merton G., B. S. (C. E.) 04. 
Consulting Engr. Centerville, la. 

Hall, Raymond Gilbert, B. A. 12. 
House Organ Editor. Bobbins & 
Myers Co., Springfield, O. 

Hall, Robert Green, M. A. 14. Supt. 
of Schools. Eastman, Ga. 

HaU, Roy Dykes, B. S. 00, M. S. 02. 
Chemist. Westinghouse Lamp Co. 
Bloomfield, N. J. 

HaU, Mrs. Roy Dykes (Curtis, Mar- 
tha E.) B. A. 09. 35 Cleveland 
Terr., E. Orange, N. J. 

HaU, Saidee Lord, B. S. (H. Ec.) 14. 
Instr. Edgerton, Wis. a 
*Hall, Shedrach A., B. A. 61, M. A. 65. 
Died Feb. 7, 1915. 

Hall, Sidney PhiUips, B. S. (C. E.) 
10. Vice Pres. Universal Engr. 
Co., Eau Claire, Wis. a 

HaU, Sophia, B. A. 17. Asst. Libra- 
rian. 802-4th S. E., Minneapolis, 

HaU, WiUiam Oscar, Ph. B. 12. Su- 
pervision Dept. Milwaukee NormaJ. 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

HaUaday, Franklin Stanley, B. S. (C. 
E.) 13. Chief Engr. G, B. & W. 
R. R. Co. 119 N. Broadway, Green 
Bay, Wis. 



Hallam, Arthur Wood, B. A. 14. Ad- 
vertising Mgr. Crane & Ordway 
Co. 5th & Rosabel, St. Paul, Minn, a 

Hallam, Clark, B. A. 12. Meat Pack- 
inghouse. Swift & Co., Omaha, 

Hallam, Joseph Wood, B. L. 82. At- 
torney. 1306 Ashland Blk., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Hallam, Mrs. J. W. (Clark, Julia K.) 
B. A. 81, M. A. 84. 6114 Ellis 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Hallam, Oscar, B. A. 87, LL. B. 89. 
Assoc. Justice. Supreme Court of 
Minn. State Capitol. St. Paul, 
Minn, a 

Hallam, William H., B. A. 86, LL. B. 
88. Attorney. 1202 Yeon Bldg., 
Portland, Ore. 

Halliday, Malcolm J., B. S. (M. E.) 
08. Fire Insurance. 1885 Con- 
tinental-Commercial Bank Bldg., 
Chicago, 111. a 

Halline, Eleanor, B. A. 15. Asst. 
Editor. De Pere News. De Pere, 
*Hallisey, Loretto Genevieve, B. A 
14. Died Dec. 8, 1917. 

Hallock, Neil Carey, B. S. (C E ) 

17. Taylorville, 111. 

Hallows, Clara L. (Wheeler, Mrs. 

Isaac Underhill) B. S. 95. 
Halseth, Carl Martin, B. S. (C. E.) 

11. 1000 Guardian Life Bldg., St. 

Paul, Minn, a 
Halsey, Cora Moore (Robertson, Mrs. 

James) Ph. B. 06. 
*Halsey, Pierson L., LL. B. 96. Died 

Halsey, Robert Irving, Ph. G. 93. 

Drug Clerk. Mazomanie, Wis. 
Halsor, Anna Semelie, B. A. 18. De 

Forest, Wis. 
Halsted, James Ellenwood, B. A. (C. 

C.) 15. Mgr. Financial Statistical 

Dept. c/o Knauth-Nachod-Kuhne 

Equitable Bldg., New York, N. Y. a 
Halverson, Alma Newell, B. A. 18 

Teacher. Edmund, Wis. a 
Halverson, Donald Little John, M. A. 

18. Whitewater, Wis. 
Halverson, Henry Magnus, Ph. B. 16. 

Principal. Blair, Wis. 

Halverson, lone Estella, B. A. 18. 

. Teacher. Edmund, Wis. a 

Halverson, George P., B. A. 11. Prin- 
cipal. Nashwauk, Minn. 

Haman, Jennie Emilie (Eshbaugh 
Mrs. C. H.) B. A. 09. 

Hamann, Friedrich A., B. A. 10 

Teacher. 1139-8th, Milwaukee! 

Hambrecht, Albert Lewis, B. S. (0. 
E.) 10. Asst. Div. Engr. Wis. 
Highway Comm. Spooner, Wis. 

Hambrecht, Elizabeth (Stewart, Mrs 
John) B. A. 08. 

Hambrecht, Leonora, B. A. 11. Bac- 
teriologist. Chicago Health Dept. 
Chicago, 111. 

Hambrecht, Lulu R., B. A. 11. Nurse 
4121 Drexel Blvd., Chicago, 111. 

Hambuechen, Carl, B. S. (E. E.) 99, 
E. E. 01. Superintendent. Natl! 
Corbon Co. 30 E. Forty-second, 
New York, N. Y. a 

Hames, Anna Margaret, B. A. 12. 
Teacher. 1605 Vliet, Milwaukee, 

Hamilton, Bertha Malinda, Ph. B. 14. 
Ft. Atkinson, Wis. 

Hamilton, Bradford, B. A. (C. C.) 17. 
Accountant. Chicago Telephone Co. 
5040 N. Robey, Chicago, 111. a 

Hamilton, Elmer William, B. A. 04. 
Managing Director. The Canadian 
Thresherman, Winnipeg, Canada. 

Hamilton, Florence I., B. A. 17.. 
Nurse. Columbia Hosp. 929 Mary- 
land Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Hamilton, Frederick Rutherford, Ph. 
B. 06, Ph. M. 17. Director. Uni- 
versity Ex. Div., U. of Kan. Law- 
rence Kan. 

Hamilton, Harvey F., B. C. E. 92. 
Engr. 709 Great Northern Bldg., 
St. Paul, Minn, a 

Hamilton, Herbert O., LL. B. 94. At- 
torney. Whitewater, Wis. 

Hamilton, James Henry, Ph. D. 96. 

Hamilton, Laura Julio, B. A. 18. Sec- 
retary. 230 Riverside Drive, New 
York City, a 

Hamilton, Mrs. Lee (Jones, Laura) 
formerly (Loreh, Mrs. Geo. J.) Ph. 
G. 95. Monmouth Apts., Seattle, 

Hamilton, Nell Scott (Settle, Mrs. 
Edward J.) B. S. (H. Ec.) 15. 

Hamilton, Richard F., LL. B. 95. At- 
torney. 501 Pine, Doming, N. M. a 

Hamilton, William George, B. L. 03, 
LL. B. 05. Vice-Pres. Copper Plate 
Sheet & Tube Co. 511-5th Ave., 
New York City, a 

Hamilton, William James, Ph. B. 
(Nor. C.) 18. Supt. of Schools. 
946 N. Blvd., Oak Park, 111. a 



Hamister, Victor Carl, B. S. (C. E.) 
16. Chemical Engr. 2136 W. Blvd. 
Cleveland, O. a 

Hamister, Mrs. Victor C. (Suther- 
land, Bessie Irene) B. A. 16. 2136 
W. Blvd., Cleveland, O. 

Hamlin, Conde, LL. B. 88. Mgr. 
Evening Journal. Albany, N. Y. 

Hammer, Bernard Wernick, B. S. A. 
08. Prof. Iowa State Coll, 116 
Stanton Ave., Ames, la. 

Hammer, John M., B. S. (Ag.) 15. 
Principal. Roberts, Wis. a 

Hammer, Mrs. Lloyd Allen (Statz, 
Alma Elizabeth) B. A. 14. 1110 
Richmond Rd., Houston, Texas. 

Hammerschlag, James G., B. S. (M. 
E.) 12. Sales Engr. Refrigera- 
tion Sales Co. 1011 Majestic Bldg., 
Milwaukee, Wis. a 
.Hammersley, Charles Edward, B. L. 
03, LL. B. 05. Attorney. 1085 
Frederick Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Hammersley, Ellen, B. A. 05. 1914 
Vilas, Madison, Wis. 

Hammersley, Ralph Walter, B. S. A. 
13. R. F. D. 6, Madison, Wis. 

Hammersley, William Henry, Ph. G. 
86. Druggist. 741 Main, Lake 
Geneva, Wis. a 

Hammersley, William S., Ph. G. 11. 
Druggist. Lake Geneva, Wis. 

Hammon, Louise, B. A. 18. 1247 
Judson Ave., Evanston, 111. 

Hammond, Aileen Spaulding, M. A. 
16. 426 N. Charter, Madison, Wis. 
*Hammond, Ansel Vickery, LL. B. 95. 
Died Jan. 14, 1911. 

Hammond, Herbert R., B. S. 92. Phy- 
sician & Surgeon. 1552 W. 12th, 
Chicago, 111. 

Hammond, Lester Davisson, M. A. 10, 
Ph. D. 16. Associate Chemist. 
Room 118, Chem. Bldg., Washing- 
ton, D. C.- 
Hammond, Lewis Merrick, B. S. (C. 
E.) 10, C. E. 13. U. S. R. S., Pro- 
vo, Utah. 

Hammond, Mary Ellen, Ph. B. 08. 
Teachers' Training H. S., Neills- 
ville. Wis. 

Hammond, Matthew Brown, M. L 
93. Prof. Ohio State Univ. 1127 
Ashland Ave., Grandview Heights, 
Columbus, O. 

Hammond, Mrs. Millard (Sias, Jessie 
J.) B. L. 98. Mauston, Wis. 

Hammond, Ralph Perry, B. A. (C. C.) 
14. Asst. Office Supt. Horlick 's 
Malted Milk Co. Racine, Wis. 

Hampton, Mrs. Wallace Smith 
(Woerner, Lisette K.) B. A. 11. 
1900 South. Lincoln. Neb. 

Hanaman, Wallace Winslow, B. A. 
14. Teacher. Asheville, N. C. 

Hanan, Florence Louise (Bennett, 
Mrs. Howard J.) B. A. 12. 

Hanchett, David Scott, B. A. 10. 
Secy. & Editor. The American 
Ethical Union. 2 W. 64th, New 
York City, a 

Hanchett, Russell Churchill, B. A. 13 
Rancher. Nashua, Mont. 

Hanchett, Ruth M., (Schmidt, Mrs 
E. A.) B. L. 99. 

Hanchette, Mrs. R. C. (Jevne, Ka 
delia Gilbertson) S. M. G. 12 
Rancher. Nashua, Mont. 
*Hancock, Edward L., B. S. 98, M. S 
01. Died Oct., 1911. 

Hancock, Eugene Thomas, B. S. 01 
Geologist. U. S. Geological Sur 
vey. Washington, D. C. 

Hancock, Glover Dunn, Ph. D. 08 
Prof. Washington & Lee Univ 
Lexington, Va. 

Hancock, Howard Joseph, Ag. G. 17, 
B. S. a: 18. Shullsburg, Wis. 

Hancock, John A., M. L. 90. Direc- 
tor of Psychology and History of 
Education. State Normal. Box 
563, Mankato, Minn. 

Hancock, Lemuel Morris, B. M. E. 
88, M. E. 05. Falinas Portland Ce- 
ment Co. 1005 Call Bldg.j San 
Francisco, Calif. 

Hand, Elbert Budd, B. A. 92. At- 
torney. Badger Bldg., Racine, 
Wis. a 
"Hand, Elbert Osborne, B. A. 59, M. 
A. 62. Deceased. 

Hand, Imogene F. (Carpenter, Mrs. 
Charles R.) B. L. .87. 

Hand, Jessie Louise (MacGregor, 
Mrs. W. F.) B. L. 95. 

Hand, Lizzie M. (Rowland, Mrs. 
.Tnhn D.) B. L. 84. 

Hand, Willis, LL. B. 74. Attorney. 
Kearney, Neb. 

Handschin, Charles Hart, Ph. D. 02 
Prof. Miami Univ. Oxford, O. 

Handt, Carolyn Hazel, B. A. 09. 125 
3rd, Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Handy, Edward H., B. S. (E. E.) 11. 
Bldg. Contractor. 1726 Wesley 
Ave., Evanston, 111. a 



Haner, Cordelia (Cobb, Mrs. Earl P.; 

B. L. 88. 
Haner, Mrs. Fred J. (Gaffron, Mar- 
tha Otelia) B. S. (H. Ec.) 14. Sun 
Prairie, Wis. 
Haner, Helen Sara (Schustedt, Mrs. 
F. N.) B. A. 16. Teacher. Sun 
Prairie, Wis. 
Haner, Reba Cordelia, B. S. (H. Ec.) 

18. Sun Prairie, Wis. 
Haney, Lewis H., Ph. D. 06. Prof. 

U. of Texas. Austin, Texas. 
*Hanf, Ernest David, Ph. G. 93. Died 

March 26, 1894. 
Hanke, Mrs. Oscar (Goldenberger, 

Olivia) professional name (Olivia 

Monona) formerly (Mrs. C. N. 

Johnson) B. A. 09. Grand Opera. 

127 N. Hamilton, Madison, Wis. 
Hankinson, Ray Lynton, B. S. (G. 

E.) 05. Aeronautical Engr. Ma- 
terial Dept., Air Service. Dayton, 

O. a 
Hanks, David A., Jr., B. L. 98, LL. 

B. 00. Dist. Supt. San Jacinto, 

Calif, a 
Hanks, Lucien Mason, B. L. 89 

Banker. Central Wis. Trust Co 

1 S. Pinckney, Madison, Wis. a 
Hanks, Stanley C, B. L. 94. Eeal 

Estate. Bank of Wisconsin Bldg., 

Madison, Wis. a 
Hanks, Mrs. Stanley C. (Judge, Ina) 

B. L. 95. 515 N. Henry, Madison, 

Hanley, Marguerite Catherine John, 

B. A. 16. Chemist. 523 Wiscon- 
sin, Portage, Wis. a 
Hanley, Mary Lois, B. A. 18. 382 

Lafayette PL, Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Hanna, Lavone Agnes, B. A. 19. 511 

Crawford, Clay Center, Kan. a 
Haanaford, Frank Howard, LL. B 

08. Attorney. 910 Majestic Bldg., 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Hannahs, Charlotte E. (Jordan, Mrs. 

Edward S.) B. A. 05. 
Hannan, George Francis, B. A. 06. 

Attorney. 336-40 New York Bldg., 

Seattle, Wash. 
Hannan, Loretto F., B. A. 11. Secy. 

612 Howard PL, Madison, Wis. a 
Hannan, William Frawley, B. A. 08, 

LL. B. 12. Attorney. 300 Majes- 
tic Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Hannon, Leo J., B. S. (Med.) 17. 

Sturgeon Bay, Wis. 
Hanpeter, Hildegard Elizabeth, B. S. 

H. Ec.) 17. 3213 Palm, St. Louis, 

Mo. a 

Hanrahan, Alice Katherine (Fitzger- 
ald, Mrs. William) Ph. B. 10. 
Hansen, Alexander Frederick, B. A. 
07. Instr. 715 S. Hope, Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

Hansen, Alice Myrtle, B. A. 15. 
Teacher. 202 N. Pinckney, Madi- 
son, Wis. a 

Hansen, Alvin Harvey, M. A. 15, Ph. 
D. 18. Viborg, S. D. 

Hansen, Andrew Elmore, Jr., B. A. 
11. Office Mgr. Mantle Lamp Co. 
of America. 84-5th W., Portland, 

Hansen, Charles Andrew, B. S. (Ap. 
Elect. Chem.) 05. Metallurgist. 
General Electric Co. Salt Lake 
City, Utah, a 

Hansen, Clinton John, B. S. (Min 
E.) 13. Sampler. Leonard Mine. 
Butte, Mont. 

Hansen, Dagmar (Vea, Mrs. Fritchof 
J.) B. A. 05. 

Hansen, Daisy E. (Eott, Mrs. Rich- 
ard A.) M. G. 03. 

Hansen, Grace Maybelle, M. A. 19. 
Teacher. 705 W. Johnson, Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Hansen, Oscar, B. S. (E. E.) 94. 

Hansen, William Carl, B. S. (Ag.) 15. 
Principal. Milltown, Wis. a 

Hanson, Alma Carrie, B. A. 16. 
Teacher. Medford, Wis. a 

Hanson, Alma Christine, B. A. 18. 
421 Lincoln Ave., Eau Claire, Wis. 

Hanson, Arthur Guy, B. A. (C. C.) 
18. Hatton, N. D. 

Hanson, Avery Thomas, LL. B. 96. 
Attorney. 1040 Kinnickinnic Ave., 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Hanson, Bertha Gladys, B. A. 16. 
Stacyville, la. 

Hanson, Bess Frances, B. A. 16. 
Stacyville, la. 

Hanson, Carl Hugo, B. S. A. 11. Spe- 
cialist in Visual Instruction. 432 
Newton PL, N. W., Wash., D. 0. 

xianson, Mrs. C. H. (Armbruster, 
Theresa Marie) B. A. 11. 432 New- 
ton PL, N. W., Wash. D. C. 

Hanson, Edwin Albert, Ph. G. 04. 
Dairyman. Blair, Wis. 

Hanson, Elmer Glenn, B. A. 16. Cash- 
ier. Clay Co. St. Bank. Hitterdal, 
Minn, a 

Hanson, Evelyn Cornelia (Bourret, 
Mrs. C. E.) M. G. 15. 

Hanson, Frank H., LL. B. 07. At- 
torney. Mauston, Wis. 



Hanson, Frank Herbert, B. S. (E. E.) 
04. Electrical Inspector. State 
Dept. of Engr. 222 N. Hamilton, 
Madison, Wis. 

Hanson, Hans Andrew, Ph. G. 16. 
191 Main, Oshkosh, Wis. 

Hanson, Helena Christine Louise 
(Smith, Mrs. F. A. Gushing) B. S. 
(H. Ee.) 15. 
*Hanson, Henry Olaus, B. S. (E. E.) 
99. Died, 1919. 

Hanson, Herdis Parker, S. M. G. 17 
691 Hubbard, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Hanson, James, Ph. G. 11, B. S. (Ph. 
C.) 13. Supt. Tomato Products Co. 
Paoli, Ind. 

Hanson, Joel Hjalmar, B. A. 16. Phy- 
sician. 1055 Pine, San Francisco, 

Hanson, John Albert, B. S. (Ch. E.) 

18. Chemical Engr. 408 Prospect 
Ave., Wausau, Wis. 

Hanson, Josephine Bumtine, B. A. 09. 
Hanson, Karl Bur chard, B. S. A. 16. 
Hanson, Lewis Peter, B. S. A. 14. 

Mgr. Home Acres, Jos. M. Boyd 

Co., Madison, Wis. a 
Hanson, Louis E., B. S. (Med.) 18. 

Marinette, Wis. 
Hanson, Maurice Miller, B. S. (C. E.) 

19. Engineer Worden-AUen Co., 
Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Hanson, Otto Ludwig, B. S. (Med. S. ) 

12. Physician & Surgeon. Valley 

Springs, S. D. 
Hanson, Walter Sewell, B. S. (M. E. i 

Hanson, Will Peter, B. A. 18. Michi- 
gan, N. D. 
Hanten, John Henry, B. A. 07. At 

torney. Watertown, S. D. 
Hanzlik, John Edward, Ph. B. 02. 

Mgr. Natl. Thrift Assn. 2424 W. 

22nd, Minneapolis, Minn, a 
Harbach, Ralph August, B. S. A. 18. 

497-40th, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Hard, Mrs. William (Scribner, Anne) 

B. A. 98, M. A. 00. 1607-28th, 

N. W., Wash., D. C. a 
Hardacker, Raymond James, B. S. 

(E. E.) 06. Chicago Branch Mgr. 

North East Electric Co. 2701 S. 

Wabash Ave., Chicago, HI. a 
Hardenberg, Christian B., B. A. 05, 

M. A. 06. 
Hardenberg, Mrs. Christian (Fjos- 

lien, Sigrid) B. A. 06. 
Hardenberg, Mary G. (Stewart, Mrs. 

John) Ph. B. 72. 

Hardenberg, Sarah J. (Seger, Mrs. 
George F.) Ph. B. 71. 

Harder, Edmund Cecil, B. A. 05, M. 
A. 07, Ph. D. 15. Geologist. 1111 
Harrison Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. a 

Harder, Mrs. Edmund C. (Harpel, 
Charlotte Beverly) B. A. 16. 512 
Delaware, S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Harder, Herman P., B. S. 95. Phy- 
sician. 910 Hinman Ave., Evans- 
ton, HI. 

Hardgrove, George P., B. L. 00. Fer- 
ris & Hardgrove, Investment Bank- 
ers. Paulsen Bldg. Spokane, 
Wash, a 

Hardgrove, John Gilbert, LL. B. 01. 
Attorney. 1 504-1 st Natl. Bank 
Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Hardin, Ray Stephen, B. S. (E. E.) 
15. Engineering Dept., Case Crane 
& Engineering Co., Columbus, O. 

Harding, Charles Ford, B. A. 75, M. 
A. 79, LL. B. 80. Attorney. 137 
S. La Salle, Chicago, HI. 

Harding, Charles F. Jr., B. A. 11. 
Attorney. 137 S. La Salle, Chi- 
cago, HI. a 

Harding, Mrs. Charles F. (Hover, 
Hallie M.) B. S. 77, M. L. 82. 4842 
Kenwood Ave., Chicago, HI. a 

Harding, Harry Alexis, B. S. 96, M. 
S. 98. Prof. V. of HI. 704 W. 
Nevada, TJrbana, HI. a 

Harding, Mrs. Harry A. (Gordon, 

■ Esther) B. S. 98. 704 W. Nevada, 
CTrbana, HI. 

Harding, Raymond Oscar, B. A. (C. 
C.) 19. McFarland, Wis. 

Hardman, Juanita Marie, B. A. 18. 
Winchester, Ind. 

Hardy, Almeron James, B. A. 10. In- 
surance Agent. 335 South, Wauke- 
sha, Wis. 

Hardy, Charles Albert, LL. B. 96. At- 
torney. First Natl. Bank Bldg., 
Eugene, Ore. 

Hardy, Clarence Foster, B. L. 91. 
Physician. 848 Marshall, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. a 

Hardy, Edward Lawyer, B. L. 93. 
President State Normal. 3528-lst, 
San Diego, Calif, a 

Hardy, Ella M., B. L. 02. Teacher. 
3528-lst, San Diego, Calif. 

Hardy, Horace W., B. L. 98. Chief 
Clerk Grand Eapids Gas Lt. Co. 
218 Terrace Ave. S. E., Grand 
Eapids, Mich. 



Hardy, James Edward, Jr., B. S. 
(Ch. C.) 17. Brinly-Hardy Co. 
Louisville, Ky. a 
*Hardy, Thomas C, LL. B. 71. Died 
Jan. 26, 1912. 

Hare, Kenneth Ross, B. S. (E. E.) 11. 
Electrical Engr. Steam Eailroads. 
Eailway Age Gazette, 233 Broad- 
way, New York City. 

Hargrave, Florence V., Ph. B. 11, 
M. A. ]5. Teacher. 216 N. Ham- 
ilton, Madison, Wis. 

Hargrave, Mrs. M. (Latham, Gwen- 
doline) B. A. 16. 1313 Leland 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Hargrave, Mary, Ph. B. 11. Teacher. 
216 N. Hamilton, Madison, Wis. 

Hargrave, Rose Edna, M. A. 16. 
Teacher. 216 N. Hamilton, Madi- 
son, Wis. 

riajgrave, Russell W., B. S. (M. E.) 
98. Production Engr. Eegina Co. 
Eahway, N. J. 

Hargreaves, Mrs. James (Hofstetter, 
Grace, Elizabeth) B. A. 10. 1401 
Jones, San Francisco, Calif. 

Harker, Elva (Thomas, Mrs. Her- 
bert) B. A. 07. 

Harker, lola M. (Withey, Mrs. M. O. i 
M. G. 08. 

Harker, Mrs. John W. (Ball, Euth 
Lucille) B. A. 19. 800 W. Charles, 
Muncie, Ind. a 

Harker, Medora E. (Frost, Mrs. Har- 
old G.) B. A. 11. 

Harker, Melva Delia (Masters, Mrs. 
Will) B. S. (H. Ec.) 13. 

Harker, Myra Susan, S. M. G. 16, B. 
A. 19. 415 N. Park, Madison, Wis. 

Harkin, Earl Bertram, LL. B. 02. 
State's Attorney. Brown Co. 3-7 
Wells Blk., Aberdeen, S. D. 

Harkness, Elizabeth Brewster, B. A. 
10. Eeconstruction Aide. Durand, 

Harlacher, Lloyd Ralph, B. S. (C. E.) 
05. Supt. McGrewy Steel Co. Iron 
Eiver, Mich. 

Harley, WilHam Sylvester, B. S. (M. 
E.) 07. Motorcycle Mfg. Harley- 
Davidson Co. 4906 Wash. Blvd., 
Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Harlin, Wilbur Albert, B. A. 13. 
Sales Promotion Dept., South Bend 
Watch Co., South JBend, Ind. a 

Harloff, Rose Alice (Bogart, Mrs. 
Franklin) B. A. 17. 
*Harmon, Winnifred E., B. L. 96. 
Died Feb. 22, 1899. 

Harnan, John M., LL. B. 98. Attor 
ney. 436 Henry Bldg., Seattle, 

Harnden, Emery D., LL. B. 11. At- 
torney. Big Sandy, Mont. 

Harnlsh, Ora Mabel, M. A. 15. So- 
cial & Industrial Eeseareh. 264 
Boylston, Boston, Mass. 

Harpel, Charlotte Beverly (Harder, 
Mrs. Edmund C.) B. A. 16. 

Harper, Alfred U. (formerly Hoefer) 
B. S. 06. Efficiency Engr. 85 N. 
Galena Ave., Freeport, 111. 

Harper, Benjamin Louis, B. A. (C. 
C.) 17. Banker. c/o American 
Foreign Banking Corp., Havana, 
Cuba, a 

Harper, Carl Samuel, B. S. (Med.) 
•14. 1029 University Ave., Madi- 
son, Wis. a 

Harper, Charles Lewis, LL. B. 98. 
Second Asst. Supt. of Schools. 
1029 University Ave., Madison, 
Wis. a 

Harper, Mrs. Charles (Moore, Clara) 
B. S. 75. 1029 University, Ave., 
Madison, Wis. 

Harper, Cornelius A., B. S. 89. Phy- 
sician & Surgeon. 15 E. Wilson, 
Madison, Wis. a 

Harper, Hester L. M., B. A. 11. 
Teacher. 1029 University Ave., 
Madison, Wis. 

Harper, Hugh Allen, B. A. 10. Farm- 
er. Eed Cedar, Wis. 

Harper, Jefferson Crawford, LL. B. 
91. Attorney. Fairchild Bldg., 
Madison, Wis. 

Harper, Mrs. J. C. (Brigham, Bertha 
B.) B. L. 00, M. G. 00. 620 Fran- 
ces, Madison, Wis. 

Harper, Mildred Lewis, B. L. 91, M. 
L. 96. 610 Langdon, Madison, Wis. 

Harper, Mrs. Robert A. (Sherman, 

Helen) B. S. (Ph.) 02, M. A. 05. 

417 Eiverside Dr., New York City, a 

*Harper, Samuel Albert, LL. B. 81. 

Died March 19, 1898. 
-Harper, William R., LL. D. 04. Died 
Jan. 10. 1906. 

Harrigan, Frank Elwood, B. L. 01. 
410 E. 24th, N., Portland, Ore. 

Harriman, Florian J., B. C. E. 89. 
City Letter Carrier & Surveyor. 
903 Perry, Appleton, Wis. 
*Harriman, Henry Augustus, Ph. B. 
70. Deceased. 



Harriman, Raymond Davis, M. A. 14, 
Ph. D. 15. Asst. Prof. U. of Utah. 
Salt Lake City, Utah, a 

Harrington, Mrs. Daniel W. (Mc 
Gregor, Margaret E.) B. L. 95. 
3316 Cedar, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Harrington, Eileen May (Davis, Mrs 

J. Willard) S. M. G. 15. 
-Harrington, George P., LL. B. 72. 

Harrington, Hannah Truesdale (Zis 
chke, Mrs. Herman A.) B. A. 18. a 

Harrington, John, LL. B. 87. Offi- 
cial Inheritance Tax Counsel. Wis. 
Tax Comm., Madison, Wis. 

Harrington, Mrs. Norman T. (Spen- 
cer, Anna E.) B. L. 92. New 
York City. 

Harrington, Timothy Louis, B. S. 90. 
Physician. 508 Caswell Bldg., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Harrington, Mrs. Willis F. (Flett, 
Elizabeth Townsend) B. A. 07. 
1616 Broome, Wilmington, Del. a 

Harris, Carl Quantick, B. S. A. 18. 
Student Director. Wesley Founda- 
tion, Madison, Wis. a 

Harris, Charles Keith, B. A. (C. C.) 
16. 181 ClifiPord, Detroit, Mich. 

Harris, Charles Nelson, LL. B. 79. 
Attorney. 1 -2-3-1 st, State & Sav- 
ings Bank Bldg., Aberdeen, S. D. a 

Harris, Edna Mae, B. A. 13. Teacher. 
209 Cook Ave., White Bear Lake, 

Harris, Harold, B. S. 86, LL. B. 89. 
Attorney. 718-9 Germania Life 
Bldg., St. Paul, Minn. 

Harris, Helen (Stearns, Mrs. Edward 
W.) B. A. 07. 

Harris, Herbert Jean, B. M. E. 93. 
Univ. Club, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Harris, James William, Jr., B. A. 14. 
Winnetka, 111. 

Harris, John Wallis, B. S. (C. E.) 18. 

Harris, Joseph Earl, B. S. 95. Sur- 
geon. Houston, Tex. 

Harris, Juliet Parker (Brigance, Mrs. 
W. H.) B. L. 95. 

Harris, Katherine Genevieve, B. A. 
12. Writer. Evening Post. Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Harris, Mrs. Robert (Evans, Emma 
Adelaide) B. A. 12. 1724 Hoyt, 
Madison, Wis. a 

Harris, Thomas Luther, Ph. D. 12. 
Prof. Miami Univ. Oxford, O. a 
'^Harrison, Caleb N., B. C. E. 82. Died 
Oct. 11, 1904. 

Harrison, Mrs. E. L. (Scovill, Lu- 
ella Mae) B. S. (H. Ec.) 12. 389 
S. Upper, Lexington, Ky. a 

Harrison, Edna L. (Findlay, Mrs. 
Walter A.) B. A. 05. 

Harrison, Frederick Arthur, Ph. B. 
98. Farmer. Bangor, Wis. 

Harrison, Helen Dorsey (Bickel- 
haupt, Mrs. Ivan) B. A. 14. 

Harrison, Stanley Herbert, B. S. (E. 
E.) 13. Member of Texas Oil In- 
vestment Co. Univ. Club, Dallas, 

Hart, Charles W., B. M. E. 96. Farm- 
er, a 
=!"Hart, Mrs. Chas. W. (Case, Jessie M.) 
B. S. 98. Deceased. 

Hart, Mrs. Charles (Case, Agnes E.) 
B. S. 12. Hedgesville, Mont. 

Hart, Dorothy, B. A. 17. Secy. 412 
Wisconsin Ave., Madison, Wis. a 

Hart, Harry, B. S. A. 12. Farmer. 
Humbird, Wis. 
*Hart, Henry Isaac, B. L. 01. Died, 

Hart, Homell Norris, M. A. 14. So- 
ciological Statistician. 449 Eiddle 
Ed., Cincinnati, O. 

Hart, Irene Eleanor, B. A. (C. C.) 18. 
Cumberland, Wis. 

Hart, John C, LL. B. 96. Attorney. 
Waupaca, Wis. 

Hart, Joseph Charles, B. S. A. 83. 
Supt. & S. D. A. Oneida Indian 
School & Agency. Oneida, Wis. 

Hart, JuUan George, B. S. (G. E.) 06. 
Gen. Mgr. North Shore Gas Co. 
Waukegan, 111. 

Hart, Milton Edward, B. S. A. 17. 
Chicago, 111. 

Hart, Ray Weston, C. E. 12. Geolo- 
gist. Box 1577, Jerome, Ariz. 

Hart, Royal Bryant, B. L. 90, LL. B. 
94. Attorney & Editor of Cumber- 
land Advocate. Cumberland, Wis. 

Harter, Arthur Gilbert, B. A. (C. C.) 
15. Accountant. Waukesha, Wis. a 

Hartley, Clarence Joseph, LL. B. 09. 
Attorney. 1st Natl. Bank Bldg., 
Superior, Wis. a 

Hartley, Mrs. C. J. (Damon, Marie 
W.) B. A. 11. 902 W. 7th, Super- 
ior, Wis. a 
*Hartley, Hualpi Alto, LL. B. 93. 

Hartley, Marion Belle (Joys, Mrs. 
Carl C. Jr.) B. A. 13. 



Hartman, Edna Gertrude, B. A. 18. 
Scientific Asst. U. S. Dept. of Agric. 
1734 ''T," N. W., Wash., D. C. 
Hartman, Lorraine (McMillen, Mrs. 

L. H.) B. A. 10. 
Hartman, Rudolph Besse, B. S. (C. 
E.) 01. General Contractor. 823- 
829 Wells Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Hartman, Mrs. Rudolph B. (Stillman, 
Clara L.) B. S. 01. 4001 High- 
land Blvd., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Hartman, Mrs. R. C. (Jackman, Mar- 
garet Jane) B. A. 12. 1107 N. 
Main, Newton, Kan. 
Hartman, Russell Edwin, M. S. 16. 

Lebanon, Pa. 
Hartung, Mata Carolyn, B. A. 14. 

Teacher. Two Eivers, Wis. 
Hartung, Raymond Clarence, B. S. 
(E. E.) 17. Engr. Officer, U. S. 
S. O. 15. 754 Ida, Appleton, Wis. 
*Hartwell, Frank Isham, B. S. (M. E.) 
95. Deceased. 
Hartwell, Frederick Hoffman, LL. B. 
99. Attorney. Sinker Blk., La 
Crosse, Wis. 
Hartwell, Richard Winsor, B. S. A. 
18. Field Asst. Bur. of Ento- 
mology. 1532 University Ave., 
Madison, Wis. 
Hartwell, William G., LL. B. 95. 
Dealer in Cedar Poles, Posts & Pil- 
ing. Colville, Wash. 
Hartwig, Fleurette S. (Garrett, Mrs. 

Glenn) B. A. 11. 
Hartwig, Harvey Clarence, B. A. 14, 
LL. B. 15. Attorney. 409-11 Ry. 
Exchange Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Hartz, Mrs. E. M. (Carr, Margaret 
Blanche) B. A. 14. Aitkin, Minn, a 
Harvey, Edward Joseph, B. S. 01. 
Mfgr. Harvey Spring Co. Racine, 
Wis. a 
Harvey, Mrs. Edward J. (Smith, 
Julia F.) B. A. 01, M. A. 07. 1434 
Main, Racine, Wis. a 
Harvey, Elizabeth Katherine 
(Schwendener, Mrs. Carl) B. A. 06. 
Harvey, Harold Vincent, B. S. (M. 
E.) 09. Mfgr. Harvey Spring Co. 
Racine, Wis. a 
Harvey, Harriet Anne, B. A. 04. 
Teacher. 2002 Washington Ave., 
Racine, Wis. a 
Harvey, Isabel (Beachel, Mrs. Burr 

T.) B. A. 04. 
Harvey, John LeRoy, B. S. (M. E.) 
00. Mechanical Designer. Interna- 
tional Harvester Corp. Milwaukee, 

Harvey, Katherine M. (Rhodes, Mrs. 

Alfred J.) B. A. 05. 
Harvey, Leeta A. (Jackson, Mrs. 

Carl) Ph. B. 01. 
Harvey, Richard Guille, B. A. 98, LL. 
B. 03, Lawyer. 207-6th, Racine, 
Wis. a 
Harvey, Vinnie, Ph. B. 12. Platte- 

ville, Wis. 
Harvey, Walter Worth, M. A. 18. 
R. F. D. No. A., W. Terre Haute, 
Harvey, William Dow, B. S. (M. E.) 
16. Machinery Exporting. Allied 
Machinery Co. 51 Chambers, New 
York City, a 
Harvey, William Riley, B. S. (E. E.; 
05. Advertising Solicitor. Literary 
Digest. Housee & Little Co., 1215 
Peoples Gas Bldg., Chicago, 111. 
Harvey, William Thomas, B. S. 97. 
Secy. & Treas. Harvey Spring Co., 
Racine, Wis. a 
Harvie, Robert, Ph. D. 12. Geologist. 
Canadian Geological Survey. Otta- 
wa, Can. a 
Harwick, Guy Duval, B. S. (E. E.) 
12. Engr. Dept., Chicago Tele- 
phone Co., 212 W. Washington, 
Chicago, 111. 
Harwick, Weame Edward, B. A. 14. 
Salesman, Investment Securities. 
105 S. La Salle, Chicago, 111. 
Harza, Leroy Francis, B. S. (C. E.) 
06, C. E. 08. Consulting Engr. 
115 S. Dearborn, Chicago, 111. a 
Hase, William F., LL. B. 97. Colonel, 
C. A. C. Fort Leavenworth, Kan. a 
Haseltine, Mrs. Frank T. (Spencer, 
Elizabeth S.) (formerly Mrs. Aug- 
ust Flosbech) Ph. B. 69. 72 S. 
12th, San Jose, Calif. 
Haseltine, Winfred David, B. A. 04, 
LL. B. 10. Attorney. Marion, Wis. 
Hashimoto, Yojzaemon, M. S. 12. Fu- 

kiitomi, Soga, Japan. 
Haskell, Agnes A. (Noyes, Mrs. 

George H.) B. L. 76. 
Haskell, Herbert M., B. L. 93, LL. B. 
97. Attorney. 2214 E. 2nd, Long 
Beach, Calif. 
Haskins, Charles Homer, Litt. D. 10. 
Prof. Harvard Univ. Cambridge, 
Haas, Edward Richard, Ph. G. 03. 

Waupun, Wis. 
Hass, Melvin Herman, B. A. 16. Bond 
Salesman. Omaha Trust Co. Oma- 
ha, Neb. a 



Hassall, George Anschutz, Ph. G. 05. 
Mfg., Pharmacist, & Gen. Mgr. 
709 Grand Ave., Keokuk, la. 
Hasse, August Frederick, B. L. 02. 
Clergyman. 137 S. 6th Ave., Tuc- 
son, Ariz. 
Hastie, Grace Reedal, B. L. 01. Poy- 

nette. Wis. a 
Hastings, Edwin George, M. S. 99 
Prof. U. W. 1906 W. Lawn Ave., 
Madison, Wis. 
Hastings, Elizabeth (McLeod, Mrs. 

Arthur W.) B. A. 07. 
Hastings, Harold Ripley, Ph. D. 10. 
Prof. Hamilton Coll. Clinton, N. Y. 
Hastings, Henry Panet, M. A. 15. 
3 141: Prospect Ave., Hartford, Conn. 
Hastreiter, Holland Frederick, B. S. 
97. Physician. 718 Brockman 
Bldg., Los Angeles, Calif, a 
Haswell, Edwin L., Ph. G. 95. Clerk. 
Auditing Dept., Dak. Central Tele- 
phone Co. Aberdeen, S. D. 
♦Hatch, Arthur, B. L. 82. Died July 
4, 1896. 
Hatch, Bernice C. (McCuUough, Mrs. 

Francis M.) B. A. 04. 
Hatch, Carlisle Campbell, B. S. A. 19 

Loyal, Wis. 
Hatch, Ethel Sumner, B. A. 17. 2602- 

6th Ave., Tacoma, Wash. 
Hatch, Helen L. (Burhans, Mrs. Ira 

W.) B. S. 78. 
Hatch, Kirk L., B. S. A. 09. Prof 
U. W. 302 Chamberlain Ave., Mad- 
ison, Wis. a 
Hatch, Leonard Williams, M. A. 93. 
Chief Statistician. New York State 
Industrial Comm. 140 S. Allen, 
Albany, N. Y. 
Hatch, Lucile Dorothy, B. A. 15 
Asst. Public Speaking. U. W., Mad- 
ison, Wis. a 
Hatch, Robert Littlefield, B. A. 11. 
Accountant. State Board of Con- 
trol. Sacramento, Calif, a 
Hatch, Samuel Reuben, B. S. (C. E.j 
07. Asst. Engr. Public Service 
Comm. of Mo. 212 Jackson, Jef- 
ferson City, Mo. 
Hatch, Walter Adams, B. S. (C. E.) 
11. Engr. 111. Appraisal Co. 8 S. 
Dearborn, Chicago, 111. a 
Hathaway, Lillie Vinal, M. A. 18. 
Teacher. 89 Campbell, New Bed- 
ford, Mass. 
Hathaway, Warner, B. S. (M. E.) 12. 
Mech. Engr. Western Malleable 
Co. Beaver Dam, Wis. 

Hathaway, Mrs. Warner (Smith, Ma- 
bel Marion) B. A. 11. 406 W. 
Mackie, Beaver Dam, Wis. 
Hathaway, William Henry, M. A. 14. 
Instr. 934 Oakland Ave., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 
=Hatherell, Rosalia A., B. S. 93. Died 

April 23, 1918. 
Hatleberg, Anna Helena, M. G. 05. 
Teacher. 1616 Cheyenne Blvd., 
Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Hatleberg, Clarence Nels Bugge, B. 
S. (Med.) ]9. 429 Hawthorne Gt., 
Madison, Wis. 
Hatter, Clarence Peter, B. S. (C. E.) 
05. Pres. East Side Buick Co. 
486 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Hatton, Edward Howard, B. L. 99. 

Physician, a 
Hatton, I'rederic H. H., B. S. 01. 
Dramatist. 1 W. 70th, New York 
City, a 
Haubrich, Alfred Frederick, B. S. 
(M. E.) 19. 723 Market, Kenosha, 
Wis. a 
Hauer, Rose Helen, B. A. 13. Teach- 
er. 194-4th, Fond du Lac, Wis. 
Haugan, Charles M., B. S. (E. E.) 05. 
Inspector State Bank of Chicago. 
Chicago, 111. a 
Haugan, Clarence Larnard, LL. B. 
14. Attorney. Goodwin Blk., Be- 
loit. Wis. 
Haugen, Constance (Legreid, Mrs. 

Herman N.) Ph. B. 03. 
Haugen, Gjermund O., LL. B. 03. At- 
torney & Editor. Maddock, N. D. a 
Haukohl, Robert Gustav, B. A. 12. 
Registrar. Marquette Univ. Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 
Haulenbeek, Raymond Foulston, M. 
A. 16. Teacher. 651 Parker, 
Newark, N. J. 
Haumerson, Clifford Cedric, B. S. 
(Ag.) 15. M. S. Wolf & Co., Chi- 
cago, 111. a 
Haumerson, Emile John, B. L. 03. 
Banker. Merchants & Savings 
Bank. 445 N. Jackson, Janes- 
ville. Wis. 
Hauser, Edwin Joseph, B. S. A. 16. 
Poultry Specialist. Fontana, Calif, a 
Hauser, William Henry, B. S. (M. E.; 
04. Mech. Engr. 1318 N. Frank- 
lin, Danville, 111. a 
Haussman, John Fred, M. A. 03, Ph. 
D. 05. Instr. U. W. 438 N. Lake, 
Madison, Wis. 



Haven, George B., M. E. 76. Lum- 
berman. Crow Wing Lumber Co. 
313 Syndicate Bldg., Waterloo, la. 

Haven, Spencer, LL. B. 95. Attor- 
ney General. State of Wis. Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Havener, Reslo Sherman, B. A. 13. 
Supt. of City Schools. Paris, Mo. 

Haverstick, George W., B. S. (Ch. C.) 
16. Salesman. Waukesha, Wis. a 

Haviland, Dora Luella, B. L. 96. 
Teacher. Janesville, Wis. a 

Hawes, Walter Charles, B. S. (Ch. C.) 
16. Teacher. Templeton, Wis. 

Hawkins, Burton Hynard, B. S. (M. 
E.) 13. , Mech. Engr, 315-lst Ave., 
Sterling, 111. 

Hawkins, Eskil Theodore, B. A. 17. 
Supt. Prescott, Wis. a 

Hawkins, Horatio Bates, B. A. 05, 
M. A. 09. Customs Offieal. Chin- 
ese Customs Service. Newchwang, 
Manchuria, China, a 

Hawkins, Mrs. Horatio B. (Moser, 
Hildred Daisy) B. A. 08. c/o Na- 
tional Enameling & Stamping Co., 
1901 Light, Baltimore, Md. a 
*Hawley, Ada Lovisa, B. L. 02. Died 
June 11, 1902. 

Hawley, Bessie Versalee (Nichols, 
Mrs. M. Starr) B. A. 15. 

Hawley, Edward Joseph, B. S. (G. 
E.) 08. City Engr. Hibbing, Minn^ 

Hawley, Mrs. George P. (Mills, Net 
tie) M. G. 98. Celars, Quebec, Can. 

Hawley, Mrs. John Church (Oakley, 
Mary) B. L. 93. Eegents Ct., 
2537 W. Grand Blvd., Detroit, 
Mich, a 

Hawley, Rexford, Ag. G. 13. 722 N. 
Church, Kockford, 111. 

Hawley, VUetta Irene, B. S. (H. Ec.; 
16. Teacher. Oregon, Wis. a 

Hawn, Ruby L., Ag. G. 19. Euby, 
Wis. a 

Hawn, Russell John, B. S. (C. E.) 01. 
Mgr. Va. Portland Cement Co. 
Fordwick, Va. a 

Hawthorne, Guy Edwin, B. S. (M. 
E.) 13. Teacher. 2027 N. La Salle, 
Indianapolis, Ind. a 

Hawthorne, Joseph M., LL. B. 86. 
Attorney. 319 New York Blk., 
Seattle, Wash. 

Hay, Donald Leith, B. S. (M. E.) 17. 
Kesearch Asst. in Physics. U. W. 
Madison, Wis. a 

Hay, EUsworth, B. S. A. 17. 1120 
Hubbard PI., Beloit, Wis. 

Hay, Frances, B. A. 19. 1126 Nelson 

Ave., Beloit, Wis. a 
Hay, Henry, B. L. 98. Attorney. 

Antigo, Wis. a 
Hayden, Carl Frederick, B. S. (Ch. 

E.) 18. Lubrication Engr. 552 

Stowell Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Hayden, Catherine Pearl (Patterson, 

Mrs. Walter L.) B. A. 07. 
Hayden, Charles Beecham, B. S. (E. 

E.) 96. Engr. State R. R. Comm. 

517 Carroll, Madison, Wis. a 
Hayden, Edwin Andrew, B. S. 94. 
Hayden, Estelle M., B. L. 94, M. L. 

99. Sun Prairie, Wis. a 
Hayden, Georgia H. (Jones, Mrs. 

Richard Lloyd-) B. L. 96. 
Hayden, Gladys Langton, B. A. 12. 

Teacher. 347 Bluff, Dubuque, la. 
Hayden, Grace Mae, B. L. 02. Sun 

Prairie, Wis. a 
Hayden, Harry Gilbert, Ph. B. 02. 

Principal. 1316 Avon, La Crosse, 

Hayden, Mrs. H. G. (Roberts, Mar- 
gery) B. A. 07. 1316 Avon, La 

Crosse, Wis. 
Hayden, James John, Ph. B. (Nor. 

C.) 18. Post Graduate Student. 

315 W. ''A,'' Marshfield, Wis. 
Hayden, James Matthew, B. A. (C. 

C.) 19. 303 N. Park, Madison, Wis. 
*Hayden, John Gilbert, B. A. 04. Died 

April 13, 1906. 
Hayden, Margaret Camilla, B. A. 17, 

M. A. 18. 303 N. Park, Madison, 

Hayden, Mary Blanche, M. G. 98. 

Music Teacher. Virginia, Minn. 
Hayden, Mary Marella, Ph. B. 16, Ph. 

M. 17. Graduate Student. U. W. 

Madison, Wis. 
Hayden, Stella Jayne (Kane, Mrs. 

Alan, Jr.) B. S. (H. Ec.) 15. 
Hayes, Agnes Mary, B. A. 16. Teach- 
er. 137 S. 6th, La Crosse, Wis. 
Hayes, Arthur Michael, B. A. 17. 137 

S. 6th, La Crosse, Wis. 
Hayes, Mrs. A. M. (Westcott, May 

Kendall) B. A. 17. 205 St. Mar- 
tin's Rd., Baltimore, Md. a 
Hayes, Augustus W., M. S. 15. Instr. 

1526 Short, New Orleans, La. a 
Hayes, Catherine Elizabeth, B. A. 08. 

Teacher. 137 S. 6th, La Crosse, 

Wis. a 
Hayes, Everis Anson, LL. 79, B. L. 

82. U. S. Congressman. Room 

808, 1st Natl. Bank Bldg., San 

Jose, Calif, a 



Hayes, Mrs. E. A. (Porter, Nettie L.) 

B. S. 78. 
Hayes, Frank D, B. A. 13. Trustee. 

Hayes Blk., Janesville, Wis. a 
Hayes, Genevieve M. (Murphy, Mrs 

Timothy) B. L. 02. 
Hayes, Harry J., LL. B. 04. Credii 
Mgr. Gimbel Bros. Milwaukee, 
Hayes, Jay Orley, LL. B. 80. Edi- 
tor. 1st Natl. Bank Bldg., San 
Jose, Calif, a 
Hayes, Mrs. J. O. (Lyon, Clara I.; 

B. S. 76. Edenvale, Calif. 
Hayes, Joanne Rose, B. S. (H. Ee.) 

18. 177 S. High, Janesville, Wis. 
•Hayes John Barry, B. S. A. 14. 152& 

L'uiversity Ave., Madison, Wis. a 
Hayes, John Robert, B. A. 08, M. A 
11. State Bank Examiner. 1040 
Spaight, Madison, Wis. 
Hayes, Joseph Dennis, B. A. Oo. 

Contractor. Janesville, Wis. 
Hayes, Mrs. Joseph W. (Stevens, 

Mary H.) B. A. 04. 
Hayes, Margaret Elizabeth, B. A. 15. 
Teacher. 152'8 Univ. Ave., Madi- 
son, Wis. 
*Hayes, Mark Webster, B. S. A. 12. 
Hayes, Maude (Ryder, Mrs. Gana) 

Ph. B. 05. 
Hayes, May Estelle, B. A. 09. 167 

S. Jackson, Janesville, Wis. 
Hayes, Michael T., B. S. (C. E.) 08. 
Contractor. 183 S. High, Janes- 
ville, Wis. 
Hayes, Mills Simeon, LL. B. 87. Cler- 
gyman. 1222 "J," Lincoln, Neb. a 
Hayes, William Arthur, LL. B. 97. 
Attorney. St. Paul & Sault Ste. 
Marie R. R. Co. Wells Bldg., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 
Haymaker, Herbert Henley, M. S. 16. 
Instr. U. of Kans. Manhattan, 
Hayner, C. Virginia (Saunders, Mrs. 

H. J.) B. A. 02. 
*Hayner, John Brigham, LL. B. 91. 

Died, 1892. 
*Haynes, Levi Edward, LL. B. 75. 
Died March 18, 1915. 
Hays, Mrs. James A. (B^ker, Flor- 
ence E.) B. A. 91. 3211 N. 31st, 
Tacoma, Wash, a 
Hayssen, Irma Charlotte, B. A. 19. 

Antigo, Wis. 
Ha3rworth, Daniel Albert, M. A. 14. 
Principal. 1708 Ingleside Ave., 
Sioux City, la. 

Hazelberg, Esther Vivian (Ward, 

Mrs. H. D.) B. A. 17. 
•Hazeltine, Willis Wilson, LL. B. 77. 

Died April 3, 1888. 
H'Doubler, Francis Todd, B. A. 07, 
M. A. 08, Ph. D. 10. Surgeon. 
Augustana Hosp. 2043 Cleveland 
Ave., Chicago, 111. a 
H'Doubler, Margaret Newell, B. A. 
10. Asst. Prof. U. W. 237 Lang- 
don, Madison, Wis. a 
H'Doubler, Pearle Madeleine (Jes- 

sell, Mrs. A. H.) B. A. 07. 
Head, Catherine Esther (Coleman, 

Mrs. Thomas E.) B. A. 14. 
Head, Clarence Eugene, B. S. (M. E.) 
13. Asst. Mgr. Head-Simmons 
Pub. Co. Kenosha, Wis. 
Head, Elizabeth Reed, B. A. 19. 250 

Langdon, Madison, Wis. 
Head, Helen (Simon, Mrs. E. M.) 
. B. A. 07. 
Head, Jerome Reed, B. A. 14. 416 

Wisconsin Ave., Madison, Wis. 
Head, Louis Rollin, B. A. 82. Phy- 
sician & Surgeon. Bank of Wis. 
Bldg., Madison, Wis. a 
Head, Margaret Louise (Buchen, Mrs. 

Walter) B. A. 11. 
Headen, Anna (Erskine, Mrs. Levi) 

Pli. B. 69. 
Heald, Eugene Hamilton, B. S. (C. 
E.) 00. Contract Mgr. American 
Bridge Co. of N. Y. 208 S. La 
Salle, Chicago, 111. 
Heald, Frederick DeForest, B. S. 94, 
M. S. 96. Prof. & Pathologist. 
Wash. State Coll. Pullman, Wash, a 
Heald, Howard Leslie, B. A. (C. C; 
15. 1035 Pleasant, Oak Park, 111. a 
Heald, Lillian B. (Kahlenberg, Mrs. 
1 Louis) B. L. 93. 
I Heald, Robert Pinkerton, B. A. 11. 
; 1035 Pleasant, Oak Park, 111. a 
' Healey, Claude Sprague, B. S. A. 13. 

844 Douglas Ave., Elgin, 111. 
' Healey, Martha, B. S. (H. Ec.) 18. 
t 300 Gray Ave., Webster Groves, Mo. 
Healy, Hazel Marie, M. A. 18. Instr 
R. F. D. 1, Muscatine, la. 
I Healy, James T., B. L. 96. Attorney. 
Beaver Dam, Wis. 
Healy, John C, B. L. 92. Attorney. 
j Beaver Dam, Wis. a 
j Healy, Mrs. William (Tenney, Mary 
I S.) B. L. 87. Field Worker Wo- 
j men's Industrial Union. Natick, 
Mass. a 



Hean, Clarence Scott, B. A. 06. Li- 
brarian. U. W. 2017 KendaU Ave., 
Madison, Wis. 

Hean, Mrs. Clarence S. (Parkinson, 
Eve) B. A. 98. 2017 Kendall Ave., 
Madison, Wis. 

Hearon, Richard Augustus, M. A. 13. 
1035 University Ave., Madison, 
Wis. a 

Heaton, Ruth (Schempf, Mrs. J. W.) 
B. L. 02. 

Hehberd, Charles, LL. B. 95. Secy., 
Treas. & Mgr., TuU & Gibbs Inc. 
Spokane, Wash, a 

Hebberd, Loren L., M. E. 11. Mech. 
Engr. 900 1st Natl. Bank Bldg., 
Chicago, 111. 

Hebberd, Nell, B. A. 11. Steno- 
grapher. F. E. Compton & Co. Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Hebenstreit, Jane Josephine (Tighe, 
Mrs. Benjamin Charles) B. A. 09. 

Hecht, Frank A., Jr. B. A. 12. Presi- 
dent. Kaestner & Hecht Co. 457 
Barry Ave., Chicago, 111. a 

Heck, Maximilian William, LL. B. 92. 
Attorney. 304r-6th, Racine, Wis. a 

Heckmann, Michael William, B. A. 
18. Director of Industrial Arts.. 
Bellingham, Wash, a 

Hedding, Adelbert J., LL. B. 06. 
Civil Judge of Milwaukee Co. Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 

Heddle, John Ronald, B. A. 10. Stu- 
dent. 822 W. Johnson, Madison, 
Wis. a 

Heddles, Beula Sloan (Kemp, Mrs. 
Ralph) B. A. 14. 

Heddles, Rena (Teckmeyer, Mrs. Rus- 
sell), a 

Hedges, Arthur F., B. S. (Ag.) 15. 
County Agent. Glenville, W. Va. 

Hedges, Clair Frank, Ph. B. 12. 
Teacher. 120 Caroline, Neenah, 
♦Hedges, Mrs. L. C. (Howe, Fannie S.) 
B. S. 82. Deceased. 

Hedges, Robert Nathaniel, B. S. 
(Med.) 15. Neenah, Wis. a 

Hedke, Charles Richard, B. S. (C. E.) 
00. Supt. of Irrigation. Costilla 
Estate Development Co. San 
Acacio, Colo. 

Hedler, Albert, B. L. 96. Secy. Cran- 
berry Lake Dev. Co. 429 Ply- 
mouth Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. 
♦Hedrick, Arly Luther, C. E. 18. Died 
in service. 

Heebink, G. Egbert, B. S. (C. E.) 08. 

City Engr. 400 Goodwin Blk., Be- 

loit, Wis. 
Heeren, Harry Ewald, Ph. D. 14. 

Bethalto, 111. 
Heezen, Helen Mary, M. A. 12. 312 

Franklin, Burlington, la. 
*Hefferan, Thomas Edward Maley, B. 

A. (C. J.) 19. Died in service Aug. 

I, 1918. Chateau Thierry. 
Heffron, Daniel W., B. L. 90, LL. B. 

91. Attorney. 127 N. Dearborn, 

Chicago, 111. a 
Hefty, Paul Leo, B. S. (Med.) 18. 

New Glarus, Wis. a 
Hefty, Thomas R., B. A. 08. New 

Glarus, Wis. 
Hegeman, Rolland Louis, B. S. (Ag.) 

15. Hotel Business. Wilmot, Wis. a 
Hegg, Clara EUida, B. L. 98. 401 

Jefferson, Decorah, la. a 
*Hegg, John Richard, B. S. (C. E.) 

00. Died Jan. 25, 1902. 
Hegner, Robert Wilhelm, Ph. D. 08. 

Prof. Johns Hopkins Univ. 310 

W. Monument, Baltimore, Md. 
Held, Mrs. Carolyn Smith (Smith, 

Carolyn E.) B. A. 09. 425 W. 

Maple Ave., Ottumwa, la. 
Heidbreder, Edna, M. A. 18. Teacher. 

1131 Vermont, Quincy, 111. 
Heidemann, Walter Richard, B. S. 

(E. E.) 05. Service Inspector. 

Pullman Car Lines. 311 Pullman 

Bldg., Chicago, 111. 
Heider, Frederick Alonso, B. S. A. 17. 

Kewaunee, Wis. 
Heider, Harvey Banderob, B. S. (M. 

E.) 15. Luce Harvester Co. of New 

Orleans, Watertown, Wis. a 
Heidner, Albion Henry, B. S. (Med.) 

II. Physician & Surgeon. 414 
Poplar, West Bend, Wis. a 

Heidner, Edith Butzke, B. A. 13. 

Teacher. 239-5th Ave., West Bend, 

Wis. a 
Heilman, Ernest Alexander, M. A. 08, 

Ph. D. 19. Prof. Drake Univ. 

1409 W. 18th, Des Moines, la. 
Heilman, Lura Fellows, B. A. 11. Li- 
brarian. 1100 S. 2nd, Evansville, 

Heilman, Raymond Julius, B. A. 12, 

LL. B. 15. R. F. D. 5, Oconomo- 

woc, Wis. a 
Heilman, Roman A., B. A. 11, LL. B. 

13. Attorney. Madison, Wis. 



Heimbach, Elbert Blaine, B. S. (E. 
E.) 13. 736 Fifty-first, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. a 
Heimdal, Sara G. (Van Dusen, Mrs. 

H. L.) B. S. 99. 
Heimerl, William Arthur, B. A. 17 
Asst. Examiner Civil Service 
Comm. State Capitol, Madison, 
Wis. a 

Hein, Frederick William, Ph. B. 16. 
City Snpt. of Schools. So. Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Hein, Regina Mary, B. A. 14. Teach 
er. 320 W. Mifflin, Madison, Wis. 

Hein, Willard, Ph. B. 03. 788 Euclid 
Ave., St. Louis, Mo. a 

Heindel, George Frederick, LL. B. 91. 
Attorney & Vice Pres. Phoenix 
Trust Co. 237 E. Maple Ave., Ot- 
tumwa, la. a 

Heine, Rudolf E., B. S. (E. E.) 98. 
Mech. Engr. Interstate Commerce 
Comm. 731 Wells Fargo Bldg., San 
Francisco, Calif. 

Heinecke, Walter William, B. S. 
(Chem. C.) 15. Dist. Mijr., 414 
Lightner Bldg., Detroit, Mich, a 

Heineman, Mae Edna (Hoffheimer, 
Mrs. B.) B. A. 16. 

Heineman, Walter Edmund, B. A. (C. 
C.) 16. 3719 Walnut, Milwaukee, 

Heineman, Warren Fred, B. S. (M. 
E.) 15. Foreman. Allis-Chalmers 
Co. 626-69th Ave., West Allis, Wis. 

Heinemann, Frjed, B. A. 06. Lum- 
berman. Citizens Bank Bldg., Mer- 
rill, Wis. a 

Heinemann, Mrs. Fred (Greverus, 
Jenos) B. A. 08. Merrill, Wis. 

Heinemann, Frederick Voelchert, LL 
B. 05. District Attorney. Apple- 
ton, Wis. 

Heinemann, Gustavo Nathaniel, LL. 
B. 96. B. Heinemann Lumber Co., 
Congress Hotel, Chicago, 111. a 

Heinrich, William Anthony, B. S. 
(Med.) .16. 3707 Woodland Ave., 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Heintzen, Harry Richard, B. S. (E. 
E.) 18. 646y2-35th, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Heinz, Adolph, B. A. 13, LL. B. 13. 
Attorney. Viroqua, Wis. a 

Heise, Anna Sophia (Jennings, Mrs. 
Blandford) B. A. 11, M. A. 19. 
Asst. Romance Language Dept., U. 
W. 205 Murray, Madison, Wis. 

Heise, Flora W., S. M. G. 19. Music 
Supervisor. 512 Moravian, Green 
Bay, Wis. a 

Heise, Geo. W., B. S. 09, M. S. 12. 
Chemist. Natl. Carbon Co. Fre- 
mont, O. a 

Heise, Mrs. G. W. (Armstrong, Mar- 
garet,) B, A. 14. Fremont, O. 

Heise, Herman Alfred, B. A. 13. Phy- 
sician. Uniontown, Pa. 

Heisig, Esther Helen, B. S. (H. Ec.) 
18. Teacher. 717% Jenifer, Madi- 
son, Wis. a 

Heising, Raymond A., M. S. 14. Con- 
way, N. D. 

Heiskell, Mary Loretto, B. A. 17. 
Secy. Y. M. C. A. 1208 E. Park- 
way, Memphis, Tenn. a 

Heitkamp, George William, B. A. 12. 
Prof. Dubuque Coll. Dubuque, 
la. a 

Hejda, Charles Joseph, B. S. (E. E.) 

03. Testing Engr. Commonwealth 
Edison Co. 28 N. Market, Chica- 
go, 111. 

Hejda, Charles WiUiam, B. S. (E. E.) 

04. Deputy Engr. & Chief Inspec- 
tor. Bureau of Fire Prevention & 
Public Safety. City Hall, Chicago, 
111. a 

Hejda, Joseph William, B. S. (C. E.) 
08. Mgr. Va. Engr. Co. Virginia, 
Minn, a 

Hejda, Mrs. Joseph W. (Smith, D. 
Jean) B. A. 07. 319-lOth, S., Vir- 
ginia, Minn. 

Hektoen, Ingeborg Marie, B. L. 01. 
Teacher. Westby, Wis. 

Hektoen, Ludvig, D. Sc. 16. Prof. 
U. of Chicago. 637 S.Wood, Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Helbing, Charles William, Ph. G. 94. 
Druggist. 127 N. Spring, Beaver 
Dam, Wis. 
*Held, David Monroe, B. A. 83. Died 
Sept. 11, 1883. 

Helfrecht, Aaron John, B. S. (C. E.) 
15. Chemical Engr. C. F. Bur- 
gess Lab. Madison, Wis. a 

Helgeson, Elsie Olive, S. M. G. 14. 
Teacher. Marinette, Wis. 

Holland, Randolph Olaf, B. A. 13, 
B. S. (Ag.) 16. Dept. of Interior, 
Wash. D. C. 

Hellberg, Irma A. (Bailey, Mrs. Mark 
A.) B. A. 11. 

Heller, Emma J. (Schumm, Mrs. 
George) B. L. 80. 

10— A. D. 



Heller, George, Jr., LL. B. 03. In- 
surance; 1115 N. 6tli, Sheboygan, 

Heller* Harry Leopold, B. S. (E. E.) 

06. Eeal Estate & Loans. 288 E. 

Water, Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Hellstern, Edward, Ph. G. 91. Drug 

gist. Ft. Morgan Drug Co. Fori 

Morgan, Colo. 
Helm, Elizabetli (Cibelius, Mrs. 

Charles) B. A. 1«. Church, Eock- 

ford, 111. 
Helm, Harold McMurdo, M. A. 12. 

Physician. 1120 Porter Ave., Bc- 

loit. Wis. 
Helmer, Grace C, B. A. 11. Clinton, 

Helmer, John H., B. A. (C. C.) 17. 

Salesman. Eoom 596, 209 S. La 

Salle, Chicago, 111. a 
Helmes, Dorothy A., B. A. 18. 4461 

Olive, St. Louis, Mo. 
Helmes, Lloyd Oscar, B. S. (Med.) 

17. Physician. Monroe, Wis. a 
Helmes, Mrs. Lloyd O. (Gnagi, Zelma 

Irene) S. M. G. 15. Monroe, Wis. 
Helmholtz, Anna Augusta (Phelan, 

Mrs. E. V.) B. A. 05, M. A. 00, 

Ph. D. 08. 
Helmholtz, Arthur William, B. S. (E. 

E.) 05. Mech. & Construction 

Engr. Continuous Process Coke 

Co. 1337-lst Natl. Bank Bldg., 

•Chicago, 111. 
Helmholz, Henry Frederic, B. S. 02. 

Physician. 1015 Michigan Ave., 

Evanston, 111. a 
Helmich, Florence Margaret, M. A. 

18. Teacher. Sturgeon Bay, Wis. 
Helmle, William Clarence, B. S. (Ch. 

E.) 17. Chemist. Aluminum Co. of 
America. Massena, N. Y. 
*Helms, Eugene W., LL. B. 84. De- 
*Helms, Henry H., LL. B. 71. Died 
Jan. 7, 1916. 

Helzer, Arthur E., B. S. (E. E) 05. 
Engr. Dept., Chicago Telephone Co. 
Chicago, 111. 

Hemhre, Helmer J., Ag. G. 17. Green- 
wood, Wis. 

Hemhre, Julius Ole, Ag. G. 16. Ag- 
culturist. Baker, Mont, a 

Hemenway, Homer Selmo, Ph. B. 
(Nor. C.) 18. Teacher. 321 Wis- 
consin Ave., Madison, Wis. 

Hemenway, Mary (Weaver, Mrs. 
Warren) B. A. 16. 

Hemingway, Charles Henry, LL. B. 

06. Publisher. Tri-County Press. 
Polo, 111. 

Hemlock, Daniel James, LL. B. 82. 

Attorney. 603 Grand Ave., W^au- 

kesha. Wis. 
*Hempel, Otto Ernest, LL. B. 83. Died 

Feb. 7, 1884. 
Hemphill, Frances (Eodolf, Mrs. Mc- 

Keriel) B. A. 15. 
Hempl, George, LL. D. 04. Prof. 

Stanford Univ., Cnlif. 
Hendee, C. Abner, B. S. (E. E.) 13. 

West Vernon Hotel, Denver, Colo, a 
Henderson, Annie Livingstone (Par- 

ratt, Mrs. Norris E ) B. A. 14. 
Henderson, Arthur Henry, B. S. 

(Ag.) 15. Caflillac, Mich. 
Henderson, Burnie Oliver, B. S. (C. 

E.) 17. Eau Claire, Wis. 
Henderson, Dwight F., B. S. (E. E.) 

07. Asst. Supt. Washington Water 
Power Co. Spokane, Wash. 

*Henderson, Frederick William, LL. 

B. 80. Died Nov. 28, 1905. 
Henderson, Georgiana Dorothy (Con- 
key, Mrs. Chas.) B. A. ll 
Henderson, Mrs. James N. (Nagle, 

Jane) Ph. B. 69. E. F. D. 2. North 

Yakima, Wash, a 
Henderson, Lenora Louise, Ph. B. 06. 

Cambridge, Wis. 
Henderson, Martha Bertina, B. L. 96. 

Cambridge, Wis. 
Henderson, Martin Perry, Ph. D. 14. 

Clifton, Idaho. 
Hendricks, Genevieve Estelle, B. A. 

15. Teacher. 12l Prospect Ave., 

Madison, Wis. a 
Hendricks, John Herbert, B. S. (C 

E.) 14. Asst. Engr. N. Y. State 

Highway Dept. 774 Gotham, Wat- 

ertown, N. Y. a 
Hendricks, Marjorie Everest, B. A. 

(C. J.) 18. Case Correspondent. 

2540-14th N. W., Wash. D. C. a 
Hendricks, WaUace E., Ph. G. 98. 

Pharmacist. 7th & Jackson, St. 

Paul, Minn. 
Hendricks, Wilbert Christian, B. A. 

(C. C.) 17. Tomah, Wis. 
Hendrickson, Amy Louise, B. A. 04. 

Teacher. Yarmouth, Me. 
Hendrickson, Clarence Irving, B. S. 

A. 18. Asst. Animal Husbandry. 

1706 Eegent, Madison, Wis. 
Hendrickson, Henry, LL. B. 97. At- 
torney. Eio, Wis. a 



*Hendrickson, Manvil Fritjoff, B. A. 

13. Died Dec. 19, 1918. 

Hendrickson, Norman, B. A. 05. Di- 
rector of Fish Investigations. 
Nat'l Canners Association, San 
Pedro, Calif. 

Hendrickson, Rosetta, B. A. 11. 
Clerk. State Capitol, Madison, 

*Hendrix, Fred N., B. S. 77, LL. B. 

79. Died Jan. 9, 1912. 

Henika, Guy William, M. P. H. 15. 
Full time Deputy State Health 
Officer. State Capitol, Madison, 

Henika, Lonia May, Ph. B. 13. 
Teacher. 2607 Wells, Milwaukee, 

Henika, IMrs. Ray (Grant, Goldie K.) 
B. A. 06. 247 Cedar, Wauwatosa, 

Henke, Edward Frank, B. A. 10. 
Farmer. E. P. D. 5. Columbus, 
*Henke, Frederic Christian, C. E. (Ad. 

C.) 10. Deceased. 
*Henke, Mrs. F. C. (Richardson. 
Pearl) B. A. 10. Deceased. 

Henke, Louis Albert, B. S. A. 12. 
Professor. Coll. of Hawaii. Hon- 
olulu, Hawaii, a 

Henkel, Almira Lisetta, B. A. 17. 
512 Lloyd, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Henkel, George John, Jr., B. S. (C 
E.) 17. 1635 Richards, Milwaukee, 

Henkel, Mrs. John J. (Stickney, 
Mary E.) B. A. 09. Fennimore, 

Henken, Jacob Frank, B. S. (Med.) 
16. Physician & Surgeon. Crip- 
pled Children's Hospital. Racine, 

Hennessey, Denis Lawrence, Ph. B. 
03. Principal. Garfield Interme- 
diate School. Berkeley, Calif, a 
*Henning, Albert Louis, Ph. G. 99. 
Died July 30, 1905. 

Henning, Edward Julius, B. L. 94 
Attorney. 622 American Bldg., San 
Diego, Calif, a 

Henning, Erwin Lloyd, B. S. A. 14, 
M. S. 15. Asst. in Soils, U. W. 
545 S. Warren, Madison, Wis. 

Henning, Sherburne Bryant, B. A. 14. 
Advertising Mgr. Lavoris Chemi- 
cal Co. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Henningsen, Carleton, B. S. (Ch. C.) 
18. Oakfield, Wis. a 

Henningsen, Earle Stanley, B. S. (E. 
E.) 12. Designing Engr. Gen. Elec. 
Co. Schenectady, N. Y. a 
Henry, Albert James, Jr., B. A. lb. 

702 Pine, Michigan City, Ind. 
Henry, Alice Aline, B. A. 09. Teacher. 

Elroy, Wis. 
Henry, Archibald Edgar, B. S. (E. 
E.) 17. Asst. Traffic Chief. Traf- 
fic Dept., American Tel. & Tel. Co. 
20 Clifford, Detroit, Mich. 
Henry, Arnon Taylor, B. S. A. 05. 
Fruit Grower. Wallingford, Conu. 
Henry, Charles Lloyd, B. A. (C. C.) 
16. Vice Pres. & Gen. Mgr. Henry 
Lbr. Co. Michigan City, Ind. a 
Henry, Eleanor, B. S. 76. 412 N. 

Frances, Madison, Wis. a 
Henry, Levi Lithgow, B. S. (M. E.) 
15. Mech. Engr. Lincoln Motor 
Co. 539-3rd Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Henry, Lloyd A., B. S. (Ag.) 15. 

Farmer. Wonewoc, Wis. 
Henry, Mary Ette, B. A. 17. Teach- 
er. 941 E. Main, Reedsburg, Wis. a 
Henry, Mary M., B. S. 76. 412 N. 

Frances, Madison, Wis. a 
Henry, Robert Roy, B. S. (E. E.) 04. 

Farmer. R. F. D. 1, Alma, Wis. 
Hensel, Earl F, LL. B. 00. Attorney. 

Whitehall, Wis. . 
Hensey, John Louis, B. A. 10. Teach- 
er. 648-50 N. Dearborn Ave., Ho- 
tel Raleigh, Chicago, 111. 
Henze, Henry Carl, B. S. (C. E.) 14. 
Supt. of Construction. 403 Vinton 
Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 
Hepler, Mrs. J. R. (Peterson, Re- 
becca Orpha) B. A. 16. 
Herbert, Harold Harvey, M. A. 17. 
Prof. & Director School of Journal- 
ism, U. of Okla. Norman, Okla. 
Herdegen, Robert Townsend, B. A. 
05, B. S. (E. E.) 06. Vice Pres. 
& Factory Mgr. Dominion Forge 
Stamping Co. Walkerville, Ont. a 
Herfurth, Genevieve (Gorst, Mrs. 
Theo.) B. A. 10. 711 E. Gorham, 
Madison, Wis. a 
Herfurth, Sabena Mildred (Davis, 
Mrs. William L.) B. L. 93, M. L. 
Hering, Hugo Henry, B. A. 10. Vera 

Chemical Co., Stoneham, Mass. 
Hernlem, Mrs. A. F. (Graham, Mabel 
B.) B. A. 12. 1115 East Ave., Red 
Wing, Minn. 



Herreid, Cecelia, B. A. 16. Gradu- 
ate Student. 560 W. Main, Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Herreid, Charles N., LL. B. 82. Fed- 
eral Food Administrator. Aber- 
deen, S. D. 

Herreid, Edwin Sanford, B. S. (M. 
E.) 15. 1515 W. Monroe, Chicago, 
111. a 

Herrell, Mrs. E. G. (Ehrlich, Char- 
lotte) B L. 02. Augusta, Wis. 

Herrick, Alfred James, Ph. B. 09. 
Teacher. 201 N. Fremont, Stevens 
Point, Wisconsin. 

Herrick, Arthur Lowell, C. E. 10. 
Instr. Columbia Univ. 118th & 
Broadway, New York City. 

Herrick, Louis Rowell, M. A. 08, Ph. 
D. 19. Prof. U. of Hamlin. St. 
Paul, Minn. 

Herrick, Lucretia M. (Barber, Mrs. 
W. H.) B. A. 06. 

Herrick, Roy Jefferson, B. A. 16. 404 
Winter, Horicon, Wis. 

Herrick, William Karl, B. L. 00. 
Lawyer. 801 W. Main, Cherokee, 

Herrington, Edna Truax, B. A. 17. 
1708 Jefferson, Madison, Wis. a 

Herrman, Harriet Ruth, S. M. G. 14. 
Teacher. 501 Central Ave., Sparta, 

Herrmann, Charles, B. S. 95. Teach- 
er. 3933 Wyandotte, Kansas City, 
Mo. a 

Herrold, Lloyd Dallas, B. A. (C. C.) 
19. Advertising. 3319 Michigan 
Ave., Kansas City, Mo. a 

Herron, Elmer Clay, B. A. 13. Mgr. 
Credit Dept., Tenn. Coal, Iron & 
Ry. Co. 1409 Brown, Marx Bldg., 
Birmingham, Ala. a 

Hersh, Harry, B. S. (E. E.) 15. Elect. 
Engr. Signal Elect. Mfg. Co. 943 
Ogden Ave., Menominee, Mich, a 

Hershey, Catharine Elizabeth (Old- 
ham, Mrs. Stanley Reginald) B. A. 

Hertel, Joseph Paul, B. S. A. 14. 
Asst. Farm Adviser. El Centre, 
Calif, a 

Herthel, Eugene Coerper, B. S. (Ch. 
E.) 15. 99-34th, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Hertzler, Joyce Oramel, M. A. 19. 
Asst. Economies. U. W. Madison, 
*Herzog, Harry Hawthorn, B. S. 91. 
Died Oct. 24, 1901. 

Herzog, Harry Joseph, B. A. 16. Ra- 
cine, Wis. 

Heseman, Harold Carl, B. A| 18. 600 
Washington Ave., Evansville, Ijid. 

Hess, Ralph Henry, Ph. D. 08. Asst. 
Prof. Political Economy. U. W. 137 
Prospect Ave., Madison, Wis. a 

Hess, Winfield Scott, Ph. G. 05. Phar- 
macist. Cazenovia, Wis. 

Hessing, Grace A., B. A. 11. Teacher. 
Windsor, Wis. a 

Hessman, Amanda C. (O'Brien, Mrs. 
Leslie) B. A. 18. 

Hester, Charles Floyd, M. A. 17. R. 
F. D. 4 Burr Oak, Kan. 

Hetherington, Mrs. Clark W. (Alford, 
Daisy) B. A. 15, M. A. 17. 2358 
Portola Ave., Sacremento, Calif. 

Hettinger, Grace Winifred (Wash- 
burn, Mrs. W. B.) B. A. 13. 

Hetzel, Ralph Dom, B. A. 06. LL. B. 
08. Pres. New Hampshire Coll. 
Durham, N. H. a 

Heublein, Clarence Martin, B. A. 18. 
Fox Lake, Wis. a 

Heuer, George Julius, B. S. 03. As- 
sociate Prof. Johns Hopkins Univ. 
Baltimore, Md. a 

Heuer, Josephine, B. A. 11. Ill E 
Wilson, Madison, Wis. 

Heuser, John Ulrich, B. S. (E. E.) 
16. Cutler Hammer Mfg. Co., Peo- 
ples Gas Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

Heuston, Alfred Newman, B. A. 19. 
Tacoma, Wash. 

Hewit, Hamilton Worth, Ph. B. 73. 
Physician & Surgeon. 1929 ''C," 
Lincoln, Neb. 

Hewitt, Earl John, B. S. (C. E.) 14, 

C. E. 15. Res. Engr. Tullahoma, 
Tenn. a 

Hewitt, Mrs. Earl (Fleming, Anna 
Rhea) B. S. (H. Ec.) 13. Tulla- 
homa, Tenn. a 

Hewitt, George Walter, B. A. 08. 
Supt. Blast Furnaces, Natl. Tube 
Co. Wheeling, W. Va. a 

Hewitt, Harry Roland, LL. B. 02. At- 
torney. 1419 Hennepin Ave., Min- 
neapolis, Minn, a 

Hewitt, Irving John, B. A. 10. Clerk. 
Census Bur., 4i/^ Missouri Ave., 

D. C. a 

Hewitt, Mary Anne, B. A. 14, M. A. 

15. Teacher. 311 Lake, Madison, 

Hewitt, Mrs. Walter Charles (Sa- 

bean, Izzetta Lee) Ph. B. 12. 257 

Algoma, Oshkosh, Wis. a 



Hey, Mrs. Clement (Overholser, Vin- 
nie) B. S. (H. Ec.) 17. Sterling, 

Hejanann, Edgar, B. A. (C. C.) 17. 

Heymann, Walter Mayer, B. A. (C. 
C.) 14. Vice Pres. Liberty Trust 
& Savings Bank. 3158 N. Roose- 
velt Ed., Chicago, 111. a 

Heyn, Bernard Goldsmith, LL. B. 99. 
Attorney. 233 Broadway, New 
York City, a 
*Heyn, Herbert Alexander, B, L. 91. 
Died Mar. 23, 1918. 

He3m, Herman Bunsen, B. S. '(Chem. 
E.) 15. Cbem. Engr. c/o The 
Armstrong Co. Merchants Natl. 
Bk. Bldg., Los Angeles, Calif, a 

Heyroth, Albert Herman, B. S. (E. 
E.) 07. Geraldine, Mont. 

Hesrward, Aaron, Ph. B. 03. Horti- 
culturist. Orland, Calif. 

Heyward, Richard, Ph. B. 99, M. S. 
00. Teacher. 388 Summit Ave., 
Pasadena, Calif. 

Hibbard, Allen Charles, B. S. (E. E.) 
07. Mgr. Ins. Dept., Laymance 
Real Estate Co. 1127 Oakland 
Ave., Piedmont, Calif, a 

Hibbard, Benjamin Horace, Ph. D. 
02. Professor. U. W. 2235 Hol- 
lister Ave., Madison, Wis. 

Hibbard, Carlisle V., B. S. 00. Secy. 
Y. M. C. A. 347 Madison Ave., 
New York City a 

Hibbard, Mrs C. V. (Lowell, Sue E.) 
B. L. 00. Riverview Manor, Has- 
tings-on-Hudson, N. Y. 

Hibbard, Carrie Adele, B. S. (H. Ec.) 
16. 5000 Blaisdell Ave., Minnea- 
polis, Minn, a 

Hibbard, Clarence Addison, B. A. 09, 
M. A. 19. Asst. Prof. U. of N. C. 
Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Hibbard, Harry' William, Ph. B. 01. 
Pres. & Gen. Mgr. The Hibbard 
Co. 6410 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, 
O. a 

Hibbert, Norma Dora, B. A. 14. Li- 
brarian. 624 Murray Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Hickcox, Franklin Thomas, B. A. 08. 
Secy. & Mgr. The Stone-Hickcox 
Finance Co. 209 Park Heights, 
Taeoma, W^ash. a 

Hickcox, Orrin Irving, B. S. A. 10. 
Farmer. Spring Green, Wis. 

Hickey, James Sheridan, B. S. A. 17. 
1101 Kinnickinnic Ave., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Hickey, Philip John, B. S. (Ch. C.) 

18. Asst. Chemist. U. W. 617 
State, Madison, Wis. 

Hickisch, Therese F. (Pick, Mrs. Ed- 
win) B. A. 06. 
Hickman, John Samuel, B. S. (Med.) 

19. Jamestown, N. Y. 
Hickman, Walter Devereux, LL. B. 

91. Attorney., Lemmon, S. D. 

Hickok, Irene Cole (Nelson, Mrs. 
Samuel Maximilian) M. A. 16. 

Hickox, Samuel Silkman, B. A. (C. 
C.) 14. c/o A. H. Bull & Co. 17 
Battery PL, New York City, a 

Hicks, Clarence John, B. A. 84, LL. 
B. 88. Standard Oil Co. of N. J. 
26 Broadway, New York City, a 

Hicks, Clarence Raymond, B. A. (C. 
C.) 15. 1826 Van Hise Ave., Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Hicks, Emmett Reuben, B. S. 76, M. 

A. 80, LL. B. 80, Attorney. Fra- 
ternal Reserve Assoc. F. R. A. 
Building, Oshkosh, Wis. 

Hicks, Ernest L., B. S. 95. Physi- 
cian & Surgeon. 26 W. 83rd, New 
York Citv. 

Hicks, Jay William, B. S. 80, LL. B. 
01. Attorney. Prentice, Wis. 

Hicks, Mrs. J. W. (Stearns, Edith L) 

B. S. 79. Prentice, Wis. 

Hicks, John Donald, Ph. D. 16. Prof. 
Hamline Univ. 1443 Capitol Ave., 
St. Paul, Minn. 

Hieber, Lucille Caroline, S. M. G. 18. 
1011-7th Ave. W., Ashland, Wis. 

Hiers, James Lawrence, M. S. 15. Ex- 
tension Work. Louisiana State 
Univ. Baton Rouge, La. 

Higbee, Edward Cady, LL. B. 76. 
Circuit Judge. La Crosse, Wis. 

Higbee, Hazel B. (Waterman, Mrs. 
Ivan F.) B. A. 09. 

Higbee, Jesse Edward, LL. B. 05. At- 
torney. 223 Losey Blvd., La 
Crosse, Wis. a 

Higby, Kenneth Edwin, B. L. 02. At- 
torney. Ripon State Bk. Bldg., 
Ripon, Wis. a 

Higby, Mrs. Kenneth E. (Gillen, 
Mary A.) B. A. 04. Ripon, Wis. 
*Higby, Robert Mead, LL. B. 96. Died 
Nov. 15, 1900. 

Higgins, Abby May (Engelbracht, 
Airs. Charles Albert) M. A. 11. 

Higgins, Allen Fitch, B. S. 97. 805 1^ 
Main, West Tampa, Fla. 

Higgins, Catherine Romana, B. A. 18. 
332 W. Wash. Ave., Madison, Wis. 



Higgins, Clara (Burhop, Mrs. Wil- 
liam Henry) B. S. (H. Ec.) 15. 
Higgins, Donald Hugh, B. A. (C. J.) 
15. Newspaper Eeporter. The New 
Orleans Item. New Orleans, La. 
Higgins, Irene, B. A. 16. Principal. 

Eagle Eiver, Wis. 
Higgins, Martin Henry Jr., B. A. 
(C. J.) 16. New London Even- 
ing Day, New London, Conn, a 
Higgins, Samuel George, B. S. 02. 
Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat Special- 
ist. 1112 Wells Bldg., Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 
Higgins, Virginia Margaret, B. S. 
(H. Ec.) 15. Teacher. 46 Poplar 
Ave., Woodlawn, Wheeling, W. 
Va. a 
Higgs," Walter, B. A. 05. Physician. 
Park Rapids, Minn. 
*High, James Lambert, B. A. 64, M. 
A. 67, LL. D. 94. Died Oct. 3, 
Highsaw, James Leonard, M. A. 16. 
Head Dept. of Social Science. 1663 
Waverly Ave., Memphis, Tenn. a 
Htgley, Frances Leanora, B. Mus. 19. 

Waukegan, HI. a. 
Higley, Harvey Van Zandt, B. S. 
(Ch. E.) 15. Production Mgr. An- 
sul Chemical Co. 1212-llth, Mari- 
nette, Wis. 
Higson, Charles Roy, B. S. (M. E.) 
07. Asst. Engr. Utah Power & 
Light Co. Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Higson, Francis Delmar, B. A. 17. 
Lawyer, Rushmore, Bisbee & Stern. 
61 Broadway, New York City, a 
Higson, Mrs. Francis Delmar (Reich- 
ert, Ramona), B. A. 07. 573 W. 
192nd, New York City, a 
Hilbert, Augustin J., B. S. 84. Man- 
ufacturer. 165 Prospect Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 
Hilbert, Carl E., LL. B. 95. Insur- 
ance. 86 Michigan, Milwaukee, 
Hildebrand, Eva Mary (O'Melia, 

Mrs. A. J.) B. A. 12. 
Hildebrand, Hazel C. (Whitmore, 

Mrs. Irving Wallace) B. A. 10. 
Hildebrand, Ruby Zaidee (Byron, 

Mrs. Charles L.) B. A. 08. 
Hildreth, William Sobieski, B. S. A. 

15. Charlottesville, Va. a 
*Hile, Charles Harvey, M. E. 93. Died 

June 4, 1918. 
*Hilfert, Henry Oscar, Ph. G. 93. Died 
April 30, 1906. 

Hilgendorf, Fred W., Ph. B. 08. 

Teacher. 2844 Irving Ave. S., Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 

Hill, Beulah Elaine, B. A. 13. Ham- 
burg, la. 

Hill, Carl Newell, LL. B. 08. Attor- 
ney. Pioneer Blk., Madison, Wis. 

Hill, Mrs. Carl N. (Swenson, Ada E.) 
B. A. 10. 404 S. Warren, Madison, 

Hill, Carol Rogers, B. A. 16. Todd 
Seminary for Boys. Woodstock, 

111. a 

Hill, Charles Warren, M. A. 07, Ph. 
D. 10. Research Chemist. West- 
inghouse Research Bldg., E. Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 

Hill, Mrs. Charles Warren (Stevens, 
Velma S.) Ph. B. 08. 832 E. 
Hutchinson Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
i-Hill, CorneUus, B. A. 87, M. A. 93. 
Died March 1896. 

Hill, Edgar Rice, B. S. (M. E.) 17. 
Production Manager. Peter Bros. 
Mfg. Co. Algonquin, 111. 

Hill, Frances Lucretia, B. A. 18. So- 
cial Worker. 5544 Pershing Ave., 
St. Louis, Mo. 

Hill, George Albert,, Jr., B. A. (C. C.) 
18. Wyocena, Wis. 

Hill, George Bradbury, B. S. A. 08. 
Writer. 768 Cass, Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 

Hill, George Crawford, B. A. 14. 
Grand Rapids, Wis. 

Hill, George O'Neil, B. S. A. 17 
Rosendale, Wis. a 

Hill, Mrs. George O. (Leslie, Kath- 
leen) B. A. 16. Rosendale, Wis. 

Hill, Mrs. Harry K. (Belleville, Dor- 
othy) B. A. 17. Willows, Calif, a 

Hill, Howard Copeland, M. A. 09 
Teacher. Univ. H. S., U. of Chi 
cago, Chicago, 111. 

Hill, John Hugh, B. S. A. 18. Wyo 
cena, Wis. 

Hill, John M., Ph. D. 12. Assoc 
Prof. Indiana Univ. 425 S. Grant 
Bloomington, Ind. 

Hill, Knute, LL. B. 06. Principal 
Riverview Bldg., Prosser, Wash. 

Hill, Laura Frances (Gafke, Mrs. A 
J.) B. A. 10. 

Hill, Mrs. Louis L. (Leui, Hattie S.) 
B. A. 08. Postville, la. 

Hill, Mary, B. L. 77, B. A. 78, M. A. 
80. 425 Park, Madison, Wis. a 



Hill, Minot James, B. S. (E. E.) 03. 
Gen. Mgr. Trenton, Bristol & 
Philadelphia St. Ey. Co. 202 Kad 
cliffe, Bristol, Pa. 

Hill, Pearl Corinne, S. M. G. 19. 
Spring Green, Wis. a 

Hill, Mrs. Ralph Elliott (Dodd, Min- 
nie Lee) B. A. 06. 2115 Maryland 
Ave., Louisville, Ky. 

Hill, Thomas Breckenridge, LL. B. 
94. Editor. Yakima Morning 
Herald. North Yakima, Wash. 

Hillherry, Maude Eva (Smith, Mrs. 
Curtis Everett) B. S. (Med.) 16. 

Hille, Charles Frederic, LL. B. 95. 
Lawyer. 4025 N. Hermitage Ave., 
Chicago, HI. 

Hillemami, Ada C. (Owen, Mrs. E 
A. D.) Ph. B. 08. 

Hilles, John Adolphus, LL. B. 00 
Law^yer. Hood Eiver, Ore. a 

Hillesheim, John Adolphus. See 
HilleSj John Adolphus. 

Hilliard, Caleb Monroe, LL. B. 81 
Attorney. Durand, Wis. 

Hills, Earl, B. S. (C. E.) 11. Wau- 
pun, Wis. 

Hills, Thomas Lawrence, M. S. 14. 
Ph. D. 16. Bacteriologist. Idaho 
Agric. Exper. Sta. U. of Idaho. 
Moscow, Idaho. 

Hillyer, Henry L. P., LL. B. 80. In- 
dependent Land Examiner. 522 
New England Bldg., Topeka, Kan. 

Hillyer, Homer Winthrop, B. S. 82. 
Natl. Anilin & Chem. Co. Buffalo, 
N. Y. 

Hilmer, Mrs. Hermann (Haffner 
Netta Wilhelmine) M. A. 06. 
Teacher. Palo Alto, Calif. 

Hilpertshauser, Lillie Caroline (Mil- 
ler, Mrs. Arthur) B. A. 10. 

Hilton, Clifford L., LL. B. 88. At- 
torney Gen. St. Paul, Minn. 

Hilton, Earl, B. S. (M. E.) 17. In- 
spector Engr. U. S. N. Chippewa 
Falls, Wis. 

Himmelstein, Arthur Lewis A., B. S. 
(C. E.) 12. Broker. 718 E. Su- 
perior Ave., Cleveland, O. a 

Hinckley, John Arthur, B. S. (M. E.) 

14. Construction Supt. Corn 
Products Eefining Co. Argo, 111. 

Hinckley, Marguerite Josetta, B. A. 

15. Teacher. 607 Main, Stevens 
Point, Wis. , 

Hindes, Edward Lemuel, B. A. 13. 
Principal of Schools. Genoa Jet. 

Hindley, Robert W., Ph. G. 98. Hor 
lick's Malted Milk Co. 1406 Car- 
lisle Ave., Eacine, Wis. 

Hindman, Harry H., B. A. 19. 135 
N. Charter, Madison, Wis. 

Hine, George Sherwood, B. S. A. 07. 
Dairv Comm. Manhattan, Kan. 

Hine, Willard F. B. S. (E. E.) 07. 
Utilities Engr. 177 Broadway, 
New York City, a 

Hiner, Joseph Watson, B. L. 76. Ee 
tired Attorney. 135 E. 48th, Chi 
cago, 111. 

Hines, Luster Eugene, Ag. G. 18 
Prescott, Wis. 

Hines, Martin S., LL. B. 01. Attor 
ney. Eice Lake, Wis. 

Hinkley, Cora C. (Atwell, Mrs 
George B.) B. A. 07. 

Hinkley, Louise, B. L. 00. 211 Park 
Ave., Glencoe, 111. a 

Hinkley, Lucretla (McMillan, Mrs. 
John H.) B. A. 99. 

Hinkley, Marie G. (Mabbett, Mrs. 
W. F.) B. S. 02. 

Hinkson, Ora Lucy, B. S. (H. Ec.) 
15. Poynette, Wis. a 

Himnan, George Wheeler Jr., B. A 
13. Marietta, O. 

Hinn, Albert George, B. A. 04. Mil- 
ler. Harvest Queen Mills, Plain- 
view, Texas. 

Hinn, Alene Theresa, B. S. (H. Ec.) 

15. Home Demonstration Agent. 
311 E. Miller, Jefferson City, Mo. 

Hinn, Anna Marie, B. A. 12. Teacher 
Fennimore, Wis. 

Hinn, WilUam Henry, B. S. (C. E.) 
10. Dyer & Hinn, Engrs. 405-3d 
Ave., Hibbing, Minn. 

Hinrichs, Christian, B. M. E. 90. 
Chief Engr. Todd Dry Dock & 
Const, '^'orp. Taeoma, Wash, a 

Hintze, Philip H., B. S. (C. E.) 11. 
Drainage Engr. 207 W. Main, 
Madison, Wis. 

Hintze, Walter C, LL. B. 04. Attor- 
ney. U. S. Land Office. 209 Noll 
Bldg., Phoenix, Ariz 

Hintzmann, William Frederick, B. A. 

16. Asst. Extension Div. U. W. 
Madison, Wis. 

Hinzie, Anne Blessington (Kurston, 

Mrs. Ernest) S. M. G. 17. 
Hipke, Lucius Warrington, B. A. 19 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Hippenmeyer, Irving Raymond, B. S. 

(M. E.) 02. Sales Mgr. Chas. 

Skidd Mfg. Co. Janesville, Wis. 



Hixsch, Alcan, M. S. 08, Ch. E. 09, 
Ph. D. 11. Consulting Chemist. 
50 E. 41st, Chemists Bldg., New 
York City. 
Hirsch, Charles Harper, B. A. (C. C.) 
14. 276 Hanover, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Hirsch, Everett Charles, Ph. B. (Nor. 

C.) 18. K. F. D. 1, Colby, Wis. 
Hirsch, John George, B. S. (C. E.) 
08, (C. E. 11). Arch. Engr. Frank 
D. Chase, Inc. 645 N. Michigan 
Ave., Chicago, 111. a 
Hirsch, Marx, B. A. 08, LL. B. 11. 

Attorney. Corpus Christi, Tex. 
Hlxschberg, Ernest S., B. S. (G. E.) 
07. Contracting Engr. 211 Grand 
Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Hirschberg, Joseph G., B. L. 98. At 
torney. 406 Pereles Bldg., Milwau- 
kee, Wis 
Hirschberg, Walter Paul, B. S. (C. 
E.) 01. Arch. Engr. 397 Summit 
Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Hirschberg, Henry A., LL. B. 07. At 
torney. Chamber of Commerce, San 
Antonio, Tex. a 
Hirshheimer, Harry J., B. M. E. 91. 
Vice Pres. & Gen. Mgr. La Crosse 
Plow Co. 131 S. 15th, La Crosse, 
Wis. a 
Hirshheimer, Harry West, B. S. (M 
E.) 18. 131 S. 15th, La Crosse, 
Wis. a 
Hitchcock, Alvirus N., B. A. 80 
Clergyman & Sec. American Board 
of Foreign Missions. 19 S. La 
Salle, Chicago, 111. 
Hitchcock, Claude Novalus, B. S. 
(Ch. E.) 14. Office Mgr. U. S. 
Grain Corp. 42 Broadway, New 
York City. 
Hitchcock, Frances Lillian, B. A. 16. 

Teacher. Covington, Ky. 
Hitchcock, Frank Artemus, B. S. (C. 
E.) 10. Assoc. Engr. Boom 155, 
Industrial Lab. U. S. Bureau of 
Standards, Wash., D. C. a 
Hitchcock, Morris Leroy, B. S. A. 19. 

212 Blaine, Edgerton, Wis. a 

Hitchcock, Raymond Royce, B. A. 07. 

Prof. & Head of Dept. U. of N. D. 

1417 Univ. Ave., Grand Forks, N. D. 

Hitt, Arthur Adolph, B. A. 16. Supt. 

Schools. Prague, ISTeb. a 
Hittner, Genevieve Marguerite, S. M. 

G. 16. Seymour, Wis. 
Hjermstad, Marie Emily, B. A. 19. 
Physical Ed. Director. Y. W. C. 
A. Ft. Wayne, Ind. Home, 445- 
8th, Red Wing, Minn. 

Ho, Kim-Tong, B. A. 12. Asst. Cash- 
ier. Chinese American Bank, Ltd. 
Honolulu, Hawaii, a 
Ho, Ping Song, B. A. 15. Chekiang, 
China ( Kinh waf u ) . 
Ho, Teh Kuei, B. A. (C. C.) 19. Kin- 

ghwa, Checkiang, China. 
Hoag, Charles Dodge, B. S. A. 15, 
M. S. 17. Tractor Expert. Sam- 
son Tractor Co., Trenton, N. J. a 
Hoag, Frank Victor, B. A. 13. Priest. 

Batavia, 111. 
Hoagland, Dennis Robert, M. A. 13. 
Assoc. Prof. Faculty Club, Berke- 
ley, Calif. 
Hoan, Daniel Webster, B. A. 05. 
Mayor. City Hall. Milwaukee, Wis. 
Hobart, Arthur Thomas, B. A. (C. C.) 
12. Appleton Mfg. Co. Batavia, 
Hobart, Caroline (Lewis, Mrs. C. H.) 

B. S. 76. 
Hobart, Frank Gatfield, B. M. E. 86, 
M. E. 90. Chief Engr. Fairbanks- 
Morse & Co. 1259 Chapin, Beloit, 
Wis. a 
Hobart, Lillian F., B. L. 83. 1259 

Chapin, Beloit, Wis. a 
Hobbins, Grace (Modie, Mrs. C. R.) 

B. A. 07. 
Hobbins, Harry Mears, B. L. 00, LL. 
B. 02. Attorney & Credit Man. 
14th & Eobey, Chicago, 111. a 
Hobbins, Mrs. Harry M. (Redgfield, 
Ethel I.) B. A. 04. 633 S. Oak 
Park Ave., Oak Park, 111. 
Hobbs, Jane E., B. A. 11. 
Hobson, Asher, M. A. 15. Instr. Of- 
fice of Farm Markets. Pullman, 
Hobson, Mrs. Asher (Dahle, Theo. 
Otelia) B. S. (H. Ec.) 17. Mt. 
Horeb, Wis. 
Hochstein, Irma, B. A. 09. Libra- 
rian. Legislative Reference Lib. 
148 W. Gorham, Madison, Wis. 
Hockett, Homer C, B. L. 03, Ph. D. 
16. Prof. Ohio State Univ. Worth- 
ington, O. a 
Hocking, Bert Whitman, B. A. (C. 
J.) 15. Rockford Mercantile 
Agency. Rockford, 111. a 
Hocking, Kate L. (Murley, Mrs. A. 

W.) B. L. 02, M. L. 03. 
Hocking, William J., B. L. 96, M. L. 

00. 998-45th, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Hodge, Bessie Leah, M. A. 14. Teach- 
er. Elkton, S. D. 
Hodge, Edith Evelyn, Ph. B. (Nor. 
C.) 19. Waunakee, Wis. 



Hodge, John Sherman, B. S. (M. E.) 
04. Agriculture. E. F. D. 27, Oak- 
field, Wis. 

Hodge, WiUard WeUington, M. A 
12. Asst. Prof, Oregon Agric. 
Coll. Corvallis, Ore. a 

Hodges, Fred Jenner, B. S. (Med.) 
17. Physician. Barnes Hosp. St. 
Louis, Mo. 

Hodges, Mrs. George C. Jr. (Smith, 
Eliza Miles) B. A. 09. 128 Blake, 
Greenwood, S. C. 

Hodges, Gilhert T. Jr., LL. B. 95 
Publishing:. 280 Broadway, New 
York City, a 

Hodges, Mrs. Gilbert T. Jr. (Martin, 
Edith) B. L. 02. 7115 Washington 
Blvd., Oak Park, 111. 

Hodges, Paul Chesley, B. S. (Med.) 
19. 308 Willis Ave., Ashland, Wis. 

Hodges, Paul V., B. S. (G. E.) 09. 
Asst. Engr. U. S. Geological Sur- 
vey. 403 New Post Office Bldg., 
Denver, Colo. 

Hodges, Virginia Clay (Moulton, 
Mrs. Frank S.) B. S. (H. Ec.) 17. 

Hodgkins, Mrs. Walter J. (Merrill, 
Grace) B. L. 98. Ashland, Wis. 

Hodgson, Albert Lee, B. S. A. 17. 
County Agric. Agent. Winchester, 

Hodgson, Roberta, M. A. 11. Fellow. 
200 Langdon, Madison, Wis. 

Hodson, Frederick Weed, B. S. (Min. 
E.) 15. Mining Engr. 221 W. 
72nd, Chicago, 111. a 

Hoebel, Elsie A., B. A. 11. Exami- 
er. Los Angeles County Civil Serv- 
ice Comm. 1007 Hall of Eecords, 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

Hoefer, Alfred U., B. S. (M. E.) 06. 
See: Harper, Alfred U. 

Hoefer, Carolyn, B. A. 10. Freeport. 


Hoefer, Chester Arthur, B. S. (M. 

E.) 05. Secy. & Gen. Mgr. Hoef- 
er Mfg. Co. Freeport, 111. 

Hoefer, Elmer George, B. S. (M. E.) 
05, M. E. 15. Prof. U. of Wyo. 
415-1 1th, Laramie, Wyo. a 

Hoefer, Ruby Anna, B. A. 14. Teach- 
er. 329 Empire, Freeport, 111. 

Hoeffel, Mrs. Joseph Merrill (Leslie, 
Helen) M. A. 12. 628 S. Monroe 
Ave., Green Bay, Wis. 

Hoefs, Marcus Franklin, B. A. 06. 
Traveling Salesman. 945 S. Quincy, 
Green Bay, Wis. a 

Hoegh, Nanna Marie (Porter, Mrs. 

Clayton A.) B. A. 09. 
Hoelz, John B., B. S. (E. E.) 06. 

Sales Engr. Gen. Elec. Co. 1319 

Washington Ave., Wilmette, 111 
Hoesly, I'rieda Agatha (Gempeler, 

Frieda Agatha) B. A. 12. 
Hoesly, Henry Chester, B. S. A. 18. 

Supt. Freeport Cond. Milk Co., 

Freeport, 111. a 
Hoesly, Olga Marie, B. S. (H. Ec.) 

14. Monroe, Wis. a 

Hoeveler, John A., B. S. (E. E.) 11, 
E. E. 14. Elec. Engr. Industrial 
Comm. 412 N. Frances, Madison, 
Wis. a 

Hoeveler, Leo George, B. A. (C. C.) 

15. 415 Hawthorne Ct., Madison, 
Wis. , 

Hoeveler, Theodore Anthony, B. A. 

(C. C.) 16. 435 Hawthorne Ct., 

Madison, Wis. 
Hoffheimer, Mrs. Arthur B. (Heine- 
man, Mae) B. A. 16. 445 Melrose, 

Chicago, 111. a 
Hoffman, Albert J., B. A. 05, LL. B. 

06. Attorney. 201 Johnson Ave., 

Wauwatosa, Wis. 
Hoffman, Alice Emily, B. S. (Ch. C.) 

19. 124 N. Charter, Madison, Wis. 
Hoffman, Emeline (Conway, Mrs. J. 

C.) B. S. 89, B. L. 90. 
Hoffman, Eugene Robert, B. S. (C. 

E.) 12. Division Engr. Wash. 

Highway Dept. Olympia, Wash. 
Hoffman, Frank, B. L. 00. Eeal Es- 
tate Dealer. 808 Washington, Mani- 
towoc, Wis. a 
Hoffman, Frederick J., B. S. (C. E.) 

11. Asst. Engr. C. G. N. E. R. 

1414 Univ. Ave., Des Moines, la. 
Hoffman, Mrs. F. J. (Bushfield, Anne 

Mary) B. A. 14. 1414 Univ. Ave., 

Des Moines, la. 
Hoffman, Leroy George, Ph. G. 13. 

Antigo, W^is. 
Hoffman, Leslie Carl, B. S. (E. E.) 

14. Merchant. Waterloo, Wis. 
Hoffman, Nicholas Joseph, B. A, 18. 

Belgium, Wis. 
Hoffman, Otis Edward, B. A. (C. C.) 

16. Accountant R. R. Comm. State 

Capitol, Madison, Wis. 
Hoffman, Mrs. Otis E. (Maw, Clara- 

bel) B. A. 16. Yahara PI., Madi- 
son, Wis. 
Hoffmann, Arthur William, B. S. (Ch 

E.) 08. Supt. Pulp Mill. Niagara, 




Hoffmann, Carl Richard, B. A. 12. 
R. H. Ingersoll & Bros. New York 

Hoffmann, Conrad, B. S. A. 06. Secy. 
Student Y. M. C. A., Univ. of 
Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, a 

Hoffmann, Mrs. E. W. (Hunter, Bere- 
nice D.) B. A. 06. 1499 Stowell 
Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Hoffmann, Mrs. Lydia (Loos, Lydia 
Emeline) B. A. 13. 1307-4th S. E., 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

Hofmann, Lothar, B. S. (Ch. C.) 10. 
248 Langdon, Madison, Wis. 

Hofstetter, George, B. A. 80. Phy- 
sician. Lyons Station, Clinton, la. a 

Hofstetter, Grace Elisabeth (Har- 
greaves, Mrs. Elizabeth H.) B. A. 
*Hogan, Andrew J., B. A. 87. Died 
Sept. 30, 1915. 

Hogan, Beatrice Muriel, B. A. 19. 
146 W. Gorham, Madison, Wis. 

Hogan, Dana, B. A. 12. Oil pro- 
ducer. Univ. Club, Los Angeles, 

Hogan, James M., B. A. 09, LL. B. 
11. Attorney. American Bank 
Bldg., Everett, Wash, a 

Hogan, James T., LL. B. 93. Attor- 
ney. Leadville, Colo. 

Hogan, John J., B. S. (E. E.) 99. 
Designing & Consulting Engr. 
Chippewa Falls, Wis. a 

Hogan, Thomas W., LL. B. 88. Judge. 
Antigo, Wis. 

Hohler, Gertrude M., B. A. 11. New 
London, Wis. 

Hohlfeld, Helen Minnie, B. A. 16, M. 
A. 18. 104 Breese Terrace, Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Hohnbach, Robert O. G., B. M. E. 88. 
Draftsman. 1011 Raynor Ave., 
Joliet, 111. 

Holah, Carolyn Gestina, B. L. 02, M. 

A. 10. Asst. 403-2nd, Baraboo, 

Holahan, Gretta Fenelon, B. A. 18. 

915 University Ave., Madison, Wis. 
Holand, Hjalmar Rued, B. L. 98, M. 

L. 99. Historian & Fruit Grower. 

Ephraim, Wis. 
Holben, Marvin W., B. S. (E. E.) 07. 

Contractor. 828 Jackson, Gary, Ind. 
Holbrook, Henry Edwin, B. S. (0. 

C.) 12. Farmer. Benzonia, Mich. 
Holcomb, Mrs. A. T. (Burgard, Grace) 

B. A. 14. 2783 Broadway Apt. 2, 
New York City, a 

Holcomb, Wilbur Jacob, B. A. 08. 
Mgr. Contracts. La Crosse Tele- 
phone Co. 203 N. 8th, La Crosse, 

Holcombe, Florence E., B. A. 11. 
Teacher. 22 W. Dayton, Madison, 

Holcombe, Frances J. (Boardman, 
Mrs. Harry B.) B. L. 96. 

Holcombe, Helen Lucile, B. A. 13. 
Teacher. 4610 W. Frontenae, Seat- 
tle, Wash. 
*Holden, Edward Singleton, LL. D. 
86. Died Mar. 16, 1914. 

Holden, Edwin Knight, B. A. 82. 
Clergyman. 320 Harvard Ave., 
Claremont, Calif. 

Holden, Mrs. E. K. (Mylrea, Susan) 
B. L. 83. Claremont, Calif. 

Holden, Eugene Davenport, B. S. A. 
15. Instr. U. W. Madison, Wis. a 

Holden, Isabell Augusta, B. S. (Ph.; 
05. Pharmacist. P. O. Box 566, 
Claremont, Calif, a 

Holden, Roy Jay, B. S. 00, Ph. D. 15. 
Prof. Virginia Polytechnic Insti- 
tute, Blacksburg, Va. 

Holderness, Edna (Truax, Mrs. Frank 
H.) B. A. 07. 

Holferty, George M., B. S. 93. Teach- 
er. 3513 Morgan, St. Louis, Mo. 
*Holland, George W., Ph. B. 68. De- 

*Holland, Julia Christiana, B. L. 02. 

HoUen, Edwin Stanley, B. A. 15. Eau 
Claire, Wis. 

Hollen, Henry Bonson, Ph. G. 99. 

HoUen, Richard Hamlin, B. L. 03. 
Attorney. 1400-lst Natl. Bank 
Bldg., Chicago, 111. a 

HoUensteiner, Viola Martha, B. A. 
19. 870 Sherman Blvd., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. a 

HoUey, Harriett Electa, B. A. 15. 
Teacher. Antigo, Wis. 

HoUey, MaXynda C. (Rosenheimer, 
Mrs. N. W.) B. A. 11. 

Holley, Mary Loraine, B. A. 17. An- 
tigo, Wis. 
*Homng, Harold Herman, B. S. (M. 
E.) 18. Died in Service Apr. 4, 

Hollingsworth, Laura Anne, B. A. 12. 
Teacher. 3506 S. Flower, Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

Hollingsworth, Sylvia Adeline (Gar- 
vie, Mrs. William H.) B. A. 14. 



Hollis, Andrew P., B. S. 97, M. S. 98. 

Extension Lecturer. N. D. Agric. 

Coll. Fargo, N. D. a 
Hollister, Clarence Allan, B. A. 14. 

Teacher. 1409 Franklin, Eacine, 

Wis. a 
Hollister, Lisle Johnson, B. A. 10. 

Supt. of Schools. Windom, Minn, a 
Hollister, Orra L., LL. B. 85. Pres. 

Federal Malleable Co. West AUis, 

Hollister, Rasrmond A., LL. B. 98. 

Attorney. 123 Main, Oshkosh, Wis. 
Hollister, Solomon Cady, B. S. (C. 

E.) 16. Wig, Hollister & Fergu- 
son, 320 Widener Bldg., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. a 
Hollister, Mrs. Solomon Cady (Gar- 

ber, Ada Euth) B. A. 16. 
HoUmeyer, Harry Louis, B. S. (Ch. 

C.) 13. Director. Griess-Pfleger 

Tanning Co. 810 Sycamore, Cin- 
cinnati, O. a 
Hollo way, Don Clement, B. S. (M. 

E.) 04. Building Supt. Chicago 

Telephone Co. 343-8th Ave., La 

Grange, 111. 
Holman, Alfreda Anna, B. A. 16. 

Teacher. 439-3d Ave., Milwaukee, 

Holman, Cecil Lloyd, B. A. (C. C.) 

18. 256 E. 2d, Fond du Lac, Wis. a 
Holman, Earle Stafford, B. A. 10. 

City editor. Antigo Daily Journal. 

508 Fulton, Antigo, Wis. a 
Holman, Evalyn Constance, B. A. 13. 

508 W. Washington Ave., Madison, 

Wis. a 
Holman, John, LL. B. 89. Attorney. 

United Mercantile Agency, Chicago, 

Holman, Marie, B. A. 15. Teacher. 

439-3d Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Holman, Nels, LL. B. 88. Publisher, 

Loan Broker & Farmer. Deer- 
field, Wis. 
Holmes, Arthur Thomas, B. A. 09, 

M. A. 13. Insurance Comm. 16 

Mendota Ct., Madison, Wis. 
Holmes, Charles Arthur, B. S. (C. E.) 

17. Trempealeau, Wis. 
Holmes, Donald Safford, B. L. 12. 

Lawyer. 2921 Branch, Duluth, 

Holmes, Edna D. (Laring, Mrs. 

Charles M.) B. A. 08. 
Holmes, Emily Evelyn (Baker, Mrs. 

Eay L.) B. A. 09. 

Holmes, Frederick Lionel, B. A. 06. 
Newspaper Correspondent & Secy. 
Dane Abstract of Title Co. 115 W. 
Main, Madison, Wis. 

Holmes, Harold H., Ph. G. 11. Drug- 
gist. New Albion, la. 

Holmes, Harvey R., Ph. B. 00. Eeal 
Estate, Insurance & Loans. 343 W. 
Lewis, Pocatello, Idaho, a 

Holmes, Horace Mars, B. S. (C. E.) 
08. Supt. The Graff Const. Co. 
553 Empire Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 

Holmes, Marion Anna, B. A. 17. 2142 
Eowley Ave., Madison, Wis. 

Holmes, Marion Helen (Kelley, Mrs. 
E. Hays) B. A. 11. 

Holmes, May Lewella (Eichardson. 
Mrs. Eobert Porter) B. A. 07. 

Holmes, Presley Dixon, B. S. (Ch. 
E.) 19. Chem. Engr. 711-15th 
Ave. N. E., Minneapolis, Minn, a 

Holmes, Mrs. Oliver W. (Wheeler, 
Euth ZeU) S. M. G. 13. 2263 
Maplewood' Ave., Toledo, O. 

Holmes, WilUam R., B. S, (C. E.) 11. 
Sales Engr. Eoom 801, 30 N. La 
Salle, Chicago, 111. a 

Hoist, Mrs. William R. (Gerrits, 
Irma Dorothy) B. A. 17. 5444 
Michigan Ave., Chicago, 111. a 

Holstein, Gladys Mae, B. A. 18. 503 
Grove, Ft. Atkinson, Wis. 

Holston, Anna (Eice, Mrs. C. M.) 
B. A. 09. 

Holt, Alice E. (Guagliata, Mrs. Vin- 
cent) B. L. 88. 

Holt, Ethel Mae, B. A. 19. Teacher. 
Cambridge, Wis. a 

Holt, Prances Ethlyn, M. A. 11. 
Teacher. Columbus, Wis. 

Holt, Frank Oscar, Ph. B. 07. Supt. 
of Schools. Edgerton, Wis. 

Holt, Frank Wilbur, B. C. E. 85. Ex- 
aminer. U. S. Patent office. Em. 
133, Wash., D. C. a 

Holt, Harris Hazelton, M. A. 09. 
Dean. St. John's Military Acad- 
emy. Delafield, Wis. 

Holt, Oritia J. (Steenis, Mrs. John 
W.) B. L. 90. 

Holt, Robert Benton, B. A. 01. Head 
of Science Dept. Tenn. Coll. Mur- 
freesboro, Tenn. 

Holt, Robert Lincoln, B. L. 95. At- 
torney & Vice-Pres. Farmers State 
Bank. Farmers State Bk. Bldg., 
Waukesha, Wis. 



Holt, Thomas, B. S. (E. E.) 07. Sig- 
nal Inspector. Pennsylvania E. E. 
Eoom 1305 Fulton Bldg., Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 

Holthoff, Ella G. (Thayer, Mrs. B 
S.) B. A. 06. 

Holtum, Alfred, B. S. (M. E.) 15. 
Clinton, Wis. 

Holty, Edward Olaf, B. L. 01, M. A. 
08. Eeal Estate Dealer. El Paso, 

Holty, Joseph Gerard, B. S. 03, M. A. 
05. Teacher. 522* Sunnyside Ave., 
Webster Groves, Mo. 

Holty, Nels Elias, LL. B. 01. 

Holum, Ruth Caroline, B. A. 07. 
Teacher. 1627 Jefferson, Madison, 

Holverscheid, Robert, B. S. (M. E.) 
11. 720 S. Michigan, South Bend, 

Holway, Orlando, Ag. G. 15. Sur- 
veyor. Merrillan, Wis. 

Homann, Frederic Adolf, M. E. 17. 
Thermal Appliance Co. 125 E. 
46th, New York City, a 

Homberg, Frederick, M. A. 08. 
Teacher. 104 W. Clifton Ave., Cin- 
cinnati, O. 

Homberger, Alfred Wilhelm, B. A. 
05. Prof. U. of Louisville. Louis- 
ville, Ky. 

Homberger, Lynda Bertha (Mait- 
land, Mrs. H. C.) B. A. 13. 

Homet, Roland Stevens, LL. B. 16. 
Standard Oil Co. of New York. 
Shanghai, China. c/o Socony, 
Shanghai, a 

Homsted, Mrs. L. E. (Schweppe, Elsa 
N.) B. A. 11. Dorchester, Wis. a 

Homuth, Erwin S., B, A. 09. Teacher. 
382-25th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Hood, Helen A. (Abbott, Mrs. Ar- 
thur W.) B. A. 11. 

Hood, Sadie Elizabeth, Ph. B. (Nor. 
C.) 18. 1715 Park Ave., Eacine, 

Hood, William Frederick Jr., B. A. 
07. Clergyman. Christ Church 
(Episcopal). 1408 Gumming Ave., 
Superior, Wis. a 

Hook, Edward Alfred, B. S. 00, M. 
Ave., Tompkinsville, Staten Island, 
N. Y. a 

Hook, Frederick Lather, B. S. 01. 
Publisher & Job Printer. 1001 
Madison Ave., S. Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Hook, Maude Persis, B. A. 12. 1304 
Rawson Ave., S. Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Hooker, Culver E., B. A. 78. Attor- 
ney. Waupun, Wis. a 
♦Hooker, Edward Harris, LL. B. 86. 

Hooker, Frederick Nathaniel, B. A. 
86, LL. B. 88. Attorney. 670 Van 
Buren, Milwaukee, Wis. 
*Hooker, William David, B. A. 90, 
LL. B. 92. Died March 25, 1905. 

Hookstadt, Carl, B. A. 10. Expert 
U. S. Bur. of Labor Statistics. 
Wash., D. C. a 

Hooley, Edna L. (Evans, Mrs. Don- 
ald) B. L. 02-. 

Hooley, Osborne Edward, B. A. 10, 
M. A. 12. M. E. Centenary Comm., 
150-5th Ave., New York City. 

Hooper, Elizabeth Jane, B. A. 19. 
Elkhom, Wis. 

Hooper, Frank Finley, M. A. 10. 
Prof. U. of Chattanooga. 21 Bat- 
tery PI., Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Hooper, Junius Thomas, B. L. 92. 
Supt. Wis. School for Blind. Janes- 
ville. Wis. a 

Hooper, Lorna (Warfield, Mrs. 
Louis) B. A. 12. 

Hooper, Mrs. Noel (Hudson, Mary 
Harlow) B. A. 18. 221 N. Pinck- 
ney, Madison, Wis. 

Hooton, Earnest Albert, M. A. 08, 
Ph. D. 11. Instr. Peabody Mu- 
seum. Harvard Univ. Cambridge, 

Hoover, Harriet E. (Gratiot, Mrs. H. 
B.) B. L. 96. 

Hoover, WilUam H., M. A. 15. 
Teacher. E. E. 1, Delphi, Ind. 

Hope, Samuel N., B. S. (M. E.) 09. 
Sales Engr. Briggs & Stratton Co. 
Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Hopewell, Oscar Reeves, LL. B. 05. 
Attorney. Waterville, Wash. 

Hopkin, Ruth, Ph. B. (Nor. C.) 18. 
73 Sheboygan, Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Hopkins, Ada (Wilmot, Mrs. Alan) 
B. A. 12. 

Hopkins, Andrew Winkle, B. L. 03. 
Prof. Wisconsin Agric. Ex. Sta. 
U. W. Madison, Wis. a 

Hopkins, Claudius M., B. A. 08. Re- 
tail Lumber Yard. 811 W. 28th, 
Minneapolis, Miss, a 

Hopkins, Edward James, B. A. 17. 
Supervisor of Collectors. Inter- 
nal Eevenue. Wausau, Wis. a 

Hopkins, Edward Stanley, M. S. 16 
Instr. Prov. School of Agric. Ver- 
million, Alberta, Canada. 



Hopkins, George Allan, B. A. 99. 

c/o Geo. B. Hopkins, 42 Broadway, 

New York City. 
Hopkins, Grace L. (Kellogg, Mrs. H 

L.) B. L. 94. 
Hopkins, Mrs. J. W. (Schreiber, 
Amelia M.) B. L. 98. Morrisonville, 

Wis. a 
Hopkins, Mabel Ruth, B. A. 07. 421 

N. Winnebago, Rockford, 111. a 
Hopkins, Maxy Wright, B. A. 10. 

2915 High, Pueblo, Colo. 
Hopkins, Nelson S., LL. B. 95. Cut 

ler-Hammer Mfg. Co. E. F. D. 22, 

Nashotah, Wis. 
Hopkins, Mrs. R. E. (Cleary, Frances 

Ada) B. A. 08. Cumberland, Wis. 
Hopkins, Walter Sawyer, B. L. 02. 

State & Traveling R. R. Secy. 

Colo. State. Y. M. C. A., Denver, 

Colo, a 
Hopkins, William H., B. L. 92. Min- 
ister. Manitou, Colo, a 
Hopkins, William Thompson, B. S. 

(C. E.) 13. Instr. U. W. 161 

Summit Ave., Madison, Wis. 
Hoppe, Alfred George, B. S. (M. E.) 

17. Jr. Engr. 3906 Vliet, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 
Hopper, Charles Van Emburg, B. S. 

(C. E.) 05. Local Mgr. Jas. L. 

Waterbury Co. Bradentown, Fla. 
Hopper, Ward Leon, B. A. A. 17. 
Hoppert, Arno Henry, B. A. (C. C.) 

17. Sheboygan, Wis. 

Hoppert, Ernest Herman, B. S. A. 14. 
Extension work. U. of Neb. Lin- 
coln, Neb. a 

Hoppert, Martin John, B. S. A. 12. 
R. 1, Sheboygan, Wis. a 

Hoppmann, August Charles, LL. B. 
96. Judge. Madison, Wis. a 

Hopson, Amy Jane (Starch, Mrs. 
Daniel) B. A. 09. 

Hopson, Perle Mary, B. A. 19. 351 
Harvard, Cambridge, Mass. a 

Horan, Emmet Jr., LL. B. 11. At- 
torney. Mitchell Bldg.; Milwaukee, 

Horan, Leonore Margaret (Williams, 
Mrs. Mart L.) B. A. 08. 

Horlamus, Orlando Oswald, B. S. A. 

18. Agric. Agent. St. Peter, 
Minn, a 

Horn, Ada (Kaerwer, Mrs. Howard 
E.) B. A. 18. 

Horn, Albert George, LL. B. 90. At- 
torney. 2421 Washington Ave., 
Ogden City, Utah. 

*Horn, Charles Gottfried, Ph. G. 88. 
Died Sept. 1901. 

Homaday, Walter Charles, B. A. 13 
Reporter. c/o Evening Journal, 
Dallas, Texas, a 

Hornbeck, Stanley K., Ph. D. 11. 505 
N. Carroll, Madison, Wis. a 

Home, Annie L, (Clapp, Mrs. W. A.) 
B. A. 80. 

Home, Ella Margaret (Olsen, Mrs. 
Carl) B. A. 12. 

Home, Walter Mathew, B. S. A. 15. 
Teacher. Stevens Point, Wis. 

Horneffer, Frederick, B. S. (C. E.) 
10. 1852 Lampson Rd., Colonial 
Heights, Cleveland, O. 

Horner, Chester William, B. A. 12. 
Mgr. Metropolitan Bldg., Denver, 
Colo, a 

Horner, Mrs. Chester William (Ely, 
Lydia Baxter) B. S. (H. Ec.) 13. 
2368 Birch, Denver, Colo. 

Horner, Herbert Frank, B. A. 13. 
Attorney. Fargo, N. D. a 

Horner, Louis Cowdrick, LL. B. 17. 
4605 Dover, Chicago, HI. 

Horsley, Clara Alice, B. A. 14. Teach- 
er. Kingsville, Mo. 

Horst, Anna Elizabeth, B. A. 14. 
Teacher. Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Horst, Edward G., B. S. A. 17. Agric. 
Journalist. 433 W. Gilman, Madi- 
son, Wis. a 

Horstkotte, Edward Henry, B. S. (E. 
E.) 12. P. O. Box 482, Schenect- 
ady, N. Y. a 

Horstmann, Edith Laura (Best, Mrs. 
James B.) B. A. 15. 

Horswill, Mrs. Earl E. (Sims, Hazel 
Angeline) B. S. (H. Ec.) 18. Black 
River Falls, Wis. a 

Horton, Mae, B. S. (H. Ec.) 19. Par- 
deeville, Wis. 

Horton, Raymond Edgar, B. S. A. 17. 

Hortvet, Julius, B. S. 86. Chief 
Chemist. State Food & Dairy Dept. 
Old State Capitol, St. Paul, Minn, a 

HoTwitz, Jacob J., B. S. (Med.) 16. 
675-7th, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Hoskin, Alice A., B. A. 10. 506 
Madison, Lake Geneva, Wis. 

Hoskin, Arthur Joseph, B. S. (M. E.) 
90, M. E. 05. Consulting Engr.; 
Oilshale Technologist. 411 Cham- 
ber of Commerce Bldg. Denver, 

Hoskins, Leander Miller, B. S. 83, B. 
C. E. 83, M. S. 85, C. E. 87, Sc. D. 
18. Prof. Stanford Univ. 365 Lin- 
coln Ave., Palo Alto, Calif, a 



Hoskins, Letha Marjorle, B. A. 18. 
Bloomington, Wis. a 

Hoskins, Mark Hadley, B. A. 13. 
Bloomington, Wis. 

Hosier, Harold John, B. S. (C. E.) 
18. Valuation Engr. B. &. O. 
Kailroad, Gary, Ind. 

Hosier, Harry, B. S. (E. E.) 08. 

Hosier, Mildred Bell, M. A. 13. 
Teacher. Reedsburg, Wis. 

Hosman, David Fay, B. S. (Ch. C.) 

Hosmer, Helen (McCorry, Mrs. John 
H.) B. A. 09. 

Hosmer, Margaret Condi, B. A. 18. 
707-7th Ave. W., Ashland, Wis. 

Hotchkiss, WiUiam Otis, B. S. (G. 
E.) 03, C. E. 08, Ph. D. 16. Di- 
rector. Wisconsin Geological & Na- 
tural Hist. Survey. Science Hall, 
Madison, Wis. a 
*Hottelmann, Otto, B. L. 81. Died 
April 22, 1893. 

Hotton, John Sidney, B. A. 91, M. A. 
94. Business Mgr. Y. M. C. A. 
Coll. 5315 Drexel Ave., Chicago, 
HI. a 

Hotton, Mrs. J. S. (Richardson, Har- 
riet J.) B. L. 93. 5315 Drexel 
Ave., Chicago, 111. a 

Hotz, Henry Gustav, Ph. B. 13, M. 
A. 15. Prof. William & Mary Coll. 
Williamsburg, Va. 

Hougen, Albert L., LL. B. 97. At- 
torney. Manitowoc, Wis. 

Hougen, Isabelle Bertine, B. A. 15. 
Principal. Beresford, S. D. 

Hougen, Olav Andrew, Ch. E. 18. 
Research Chemist. 513-24th, Ni- 
agara Falls, N. Y. 

Hough, Alexander George, B. S. 95. 
Physician. 1251 Williamson, Madi- 
son, Wis. a 

Houghland, Glen Sanford, B. S. (Ch. 
E.) 17. W. E. Lummus & Co. 173 
Milk, Boston, Mass. a 

Houghton, Anna P. (Williams, Mrs. 
H. S.) B. S. 99. 

Houghton, Grace Adams, B. A. 06. 
Federal Employee. Wash., D. 0. 

Houghton, Hiram Cole Jr., B. A. 06. 
Banker. Red Oak, la. 

Houghton, Samuel Locke, B. S. (Min. 
E.) 14. Mine Supt. Homestead 
Iron Dyke Mines Co. Homestead, 

Houlan, Marion Cecelia, B. L. 97. 
Civil Service Clerk. U. S. Puget 
Sound Navy Yard. Bremerton, 
Wash, a 

Houlton, Mrs. Amos (Nelson, Carrie) 

Ph. B. 67. Elk River, Minn. 
Householder, Frederick Franklin, B. 

A. 13, M. A. 16. Prof. U. of Akron, 
Akron, O. a 

Householder, Glen Monroe, B. S. A. 

14. County Agric. Representative. 
Ladysmith, Wis. 

Householder, J. Clark, B. A. (C. C.) 

15. La Farge, Wis. 

Houser, Byron Ricks, B. S. A. 16. 
Houser, Ethel Marian, M. A. 14. 

Teacher. 920 E. D. Woodrufif PI., 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
Houser, Hazel (Fryer, Mrs. John A.) 

B. A. 11. 

Houston, David Franklin, LL. D. 06. 

Secy, of Agrie. The Powathan, 

Wash., D. C. 
Houston, MacLean, B. S. (E. E.) 14. 

E. E. 14. Evaluation Engr. Henry 

L. Doherty & Co. 60 Wall, New 

York City. 
Houwers, Mrs. George (Pfeifer, 

Janet) B. A. 10. 460 Edgewood 

Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Hover, Hattie M. (Harding, Mrs. 

Charles F.) B. S. 77, M. L. 82. 
Hover, William A., B. Min. E. 77. 

Wholesale Druggist. Pres. U. S. 

Natl. Bank. Denver, Colo, a 
Hover, William T., B. A. 11. Whole- 
sale Druggist. 14th & Lawrence, 

Denver, Colo. 
Hoverscheid, Erwin, B. S. (M. E.) 

12. Hinsdale, 111. 
*Hoverson, Bums, LL. B. 87. De- 
Hoverson, Ethel Madeline (Miller, 

Mrs. Louis D.) B. S. 14 
Hovrud, Nora Christine, B. A. 18. 

Teacher. Mt. Horeb, Wis. a 
Howard, Beatrice Marguerite (Rie- 

ger, Mrs. H. W.) B. S. (H. Ec.) 

Howard, Mrs. Charles Ray (Bowen, 

Rose Andrews) B. A. 07, M. A. 11. 

Principal.. Greenwood, Wis. 
Howard, Edna, B. A. 12. 1521 Steele, 

Denver, Colo, a 
Howard, Frank Emerson, Ag. G. 18. 

1208 W. Johnson, Madison, Wis. 
Howard, Mrs. John G. (Switzer, Low 

Ethel) B. A. 09. 5513 Phillips Ave., 

Pittsburg, Pa. 
Howard, Lottie, Ph. M. 17. Colum- 
bus, Miss. 
Howard, Neale Frederick, B. S. A. 

14, M. S. 18. Box 93, Bowling 

Green, O. a 



Howe, Agnes Emmons, M. A. 13, 
Teacher. 101 S. 12th, San Jose, 

Howe, Carolyn L. (Porter, Mrs. Lew 
F.) B. L. 84. 
*Howe, Fannie S. (Hedges, Mrs. L. C.) 
B. S. 82. Died. Oct. 4, 1889. 

Howe, Frank Azro, B. S. 82. Grain 
Farming. Mellette, S. D. a 

Howe, Grace, B. L. 97. Apiary. Box 
25, Allison, Colo. 

Howe, Grace Carrier, B. S. (H. Ee.) 
11. Mt. Sinai Hospital, New York 
City, a 

Howe, Helen May, B. A. 07. 503 
Watson, Eipon, Wis. 

Howe, Mrs. John (Meyer, Elizabeth 
A.) B, S. 76. Lancaster, Wis. a 
*Howe, Mrs. J. H. (Jones, Thenetta 
A.) Ph. B. 74. Deceased. 

Howe, Joseph Edwin, M. A. 19. Can- 
n'elton, Ind. 

Howe, Josephine (McMillen, Mrs. 
William A.) B. A. 08. 

Howe, Margaret Ann, B. A. 16. Py- 
roleetric Instrument Co. 83 Jef- 
ferson Ed., Princeton, N. J. a 

Howe, Mary M. (Shelton, Mrs. A. 
A.) B. S. 84, M. L. 92. 

Howe, WiUiam C, B. S. A. 11. Dis- 
trict Mgr. Guardian Life Insurance 
Co. Boscobel, Wis. 

Howe, William E., Ph. B. 73, LL. B. 
74. Attorney. Boscobel, Wis. 

Howe, Mrs. W. E. (Carrier, Mary I) 
Ph. B. 74. Boscobel, Wis. 

Howe, Winfred Chester, B. L. 99. 
Teacher. 2302 Chestnut, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Howell, Daniel Benjamin, Ph. B. 06. 
Farmer. Langenburg, Sask., Can. 

Howell, Etta Hudson, Ph. B. (Nor. 
C) 19. 423 W. 7th, Winona, Minn. 

Howell, Jean Howden, B. A. 15. 
Teacher. 476 Cass, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Howell, Minnie Elinor, Ph. B. (Nor. 
C.) 19. Winona, Minn. 

Howerton, Mrs. Joel Dean (Jackman, 
Flora Esther) B. A. 16. 510 Or- 
leans, Natchez, Miss. 

Howitt, George Roy, LL. B. 03. Cut- 
ler-Hammer Mfg. Co. Milwaukee, 

Howland, E. Wheeler, B. L. 94. Ware- 
house & Grain Business. Ontario, 

Howland, Henry P., B. S. (M. E.) 03. 
Supt. Blast Furnaces. Wis. Steel 
Co. So. Chicago, HI. a 

Hewlett, Irving Richard, B. A. 14. 
Dairy & Food Lab. Madison, Wis. 

Howley, John Edward, B. A. 04, LL. 
B. 06. Attorney. Seattle, Wash, a 

Howson, Elmer Thomas, B. S. (C. E.) 
06, C. E. 14. Editor. Railway 
Maintenance Engr. 750 Transpor- 
tation Bldg., Chicago, 111. a 

Howson, Louis Richard, B. S. (C. E.) 

08. Engr. 1417 Hartford Bldg., 
Chicago, 111. a 

Hoxie, George, LL. B. 92. Attorney. 

Gillett, Wis. 
Hoy, William Pierson, B. L. 01. State 

Bank of Huntley. Huntley, 111. a 
Hoyer, George Henry Christian, B. S. 

(Med.) 19. Medical Student. 805 

Walnut, West Bend, Wis. a 
*Hoyer, Theodore Robert, B. A. 12. 

Killed in action July 18, 1918. 
Hoyord, Walter Ernest, B. S. A. 15, 

M. S. 17. Scandinavia, Wis. a 
Ho3rt, Amy Glorane (Smith, Mrs. 

James Means) B. A. 12, M. A. 14. 
*Hoyt, Charles Albert, Ph. B. 73, LL, 

B. 74. Died Dec. 30, 1896. 
Hoyt, Eliza B. (Reynolds, Mrs. Wil- 
liam R.) B. L. 83. 
Hojrt, Grace Elizabeth, B. A. 09, M. 

A. 12. Teacher. St. Mary's Hall, 

Faribault, Minn. 
*Hoyt, Heber Bishop, B. L. 97, LL. B. 

99. Died May, 1919. 
Hoyt, Henry Warrington, Ph. B. 72, 

M. L. 82. Shipbuilder. 179 E. 

Grand Blvd., Detroit, Mich, a 
*Hoyt, Howard Henry, LL. B. 81. 

Died Dec. 1914. 
Hoyt, Ida M. (Sewall, Mrs. Edmund 

D.) B. S. 79. 
Hoyt, J. E., B. A. 80. Supt. of Con- 
struction. State Board of Control. 

24 Lathrop, Madison, Wis. a 
Hoyt, Mrs. J. E. (Edith E.) B. A. 

09, M. A. 10. Instr. Extension 
Dept. U. W. Madison, Wis. a 

Hoyt, Melvin A., B. L. 83. Editor. 
Milwaukee Daily News. Milwau- 
kee, Wis. a 

Hoyt, liCriam, B. L. 94. Teacher. 
Wauwatosa, Wis. 

Hoyt, Ralph Melvin, B. A. 10, LL. B. 
12. Attorney. 748 Frederick Ave., 
Milwaukee, Wis. a 
*Hoyt, Ralph Sherman, B. S. (M. E.) 
11.) Died June 16, 1916. 

Hoyt, Ray Stevens, B. S. (E. E.) 05. 
Elect. Engr. Amer. Telegraph & 
Telephone Co. 195 Broadway, New 
York City, a 



Hoyt, Warren Albert, B. S. (C. E.) 

00. Construction Engr. Altoona, 


*Hoyt, Mrs. W. J. B. (Chapman, Girza 

Jane) B. S. 76. Deceased. 

Hsieh, Hsueh Hai, B. A. 19. West 

Gate, Wusih, Kiangsu, China, a 
Hsun, Swei, B. A. 15. 
Huang, reng-hua, B. A. 17, M. A. 17. 

Student. Canton, China. 
Hubbard, Dorothy Rowe, B. A. 14. 

Asst. IJ. W. Madison, Wis. a 
Hubbard, Edwin Palmer, B. S. (E 
E.) 07. 103-20th, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Hubbard, Ira OdeU, Ph. B. 03, Ph. M. 
15. Supt of Schools. Ashland, Wis. 
Hubbard, Joseph Bradley, B. A. 12, 
M. A. 13. Expert, U. S. Tariff 
Comm. 1322 New York Ave. N. 
W., AVashington, D. C. a 
Hubbard, Miriam Beardsley, B. A. 
18. Asst. Registrar's office, U. W. 
931 W. Johnson, Madison, Wis. 
Hubbard, WiUiam Barle, B. A. 15. 
Oil-Geologist. Drawer 58, Ard- 
more, Okla. a 
Hubbard, W. S., Ph. D. 11. Chemist. 

Ramsey, N. J. 
Hubbard, Mrs. W. S. (Trowbridge, 
Isadore Maurine) B. A. 12". Ram- 
sey, N. J. 
Hubbell, Affa, B. A. 12. Teacher & 
Asst. Prin. c/o Hubbell Fruit Co. 
Palmetto, Fla. a 
HubbeU, OrviUe D., LL. B. 88. 
Hubbell, Mrs. Reed H. (Pritchard. 
Grace L.) B. L. 03. 210 Falkstone 
Courts, Wash., D. C. 
*Hubbell, Richard Walter, B. A. 58, 

M. A. 61. Deceased. 
Hubbell, Wolcott Wood, B. S. A. 15. 

Farmer. Palmetto, Fla. a 
Hubble, William Martin, B. S. A. 14. 
Hubenthal, Charles Gilbert, Ph. G. 

99. Dentist. Mineral Point, Wis. 
Huber, Henry A., LL. B. 96. Attor- 
ney. 100 W. Main, Stoughton, 

Huck, Vincent Henry, LL. B. 06. 
*Huck, William J., Ph. G. 85. Died 
March 20, 1887. 

Hudnall, George B., LL. B. 91. At- 
torney. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Hudson, Alice (Roberts, Mrs. John 
Rhodes) B. A. 13. 

Hudson, Farnham Allan, B. A. 04. 
Waukegan, 111. 

Hudson, Josephine Darlington (Col- 
beck, Mrs. F. W.) M. G. 09. 

Hudson, Katharine, B. S. (H. Ec.) 
18. Teacher. State Agric. College, 
Manhattan, Kansas, a 
Hudson, Louise Dorothy, B. A. 17. 
Teacher. 1003-7th, Charleston, 
111. a 
Hudson, Margaret Marie, B. A. 14. 

Newspaper work. Madison Demo- 
crat. Madison, Wis. 
Hudson, Mary Harlow (Hooper, Mrs. 

Noel) B. A. 18. 
Hudson, Nellie Grace, Ph. B. 12, Ph. 

M. 16. Supervisor of Teaching. 

915 College Hill, Cape Girardeau, 

Mo. a 
Hudson, Philip Loren, B. A. 09. Cash- 
ier. Avoca State Bank. Avoca, 

Huebner, Emmy Senta, Ph. B. 09. 

Teacher. 397-25th Ave., Milwau- 

Vpo Wis 
Huebner, Erwln Otto, B. S. (Ch. C.) 

17. Oconomowoc, Wis. 
Huebner, Grover Gerhard, B. A. 05, 

M. A. 06. Asst. Prof. U. of Pa. 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Huebner, Solomon S., B. L. 02, M. L. 

03. Prof. U. of Pa. Philadelphia, 

Huebschmann, Adolph, LL. B. 89. 

Attorney. 46 Sentinel Bldg., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 
Hueffner, Frederick William, B. A. 

00. 1520 College Ave., Racine, 

Wis. a 
Hueffner, Martin M., B. A. 06, LL 

B. 08. Attorney. Racine. Wis. 
Huegel, Fred Julius, B. A. 12, M. A. 

14. 104 King, Madison, Wis. 
Huels, Frederick WiUiam, B. S. (E. 

E.) 03. Office Engr. R. R. Comm. 

of Wis. 115 State, Madison, Wis. 
Huenkemier, Etta L. (Beckmire, Mrs. 

L. E.) B. L. 00. 
Huenkemier, Jennie A. ( Ay 1 ward, 

Mrs. John A.) B. L. 93. 
*Huff, Mary Bashford (Moody, Mrs. 

George S.) Ph. B. 98. Deceased. 
Huff, William Bashford, B. A. 89. 

Prof. Bryn Mawr Coll. Bryn 

Maur, Pa. 
Hughes, Alice Ethel, M. A. 16. Teach- 
er. 2145 Gilsan, Portland, Ore. 
Hughes, Avis E., B. L. 02. Filing 

Executive. 1380 Old Colony Bldg., 

Chicago, 111. a 
Hughes, Daniel Patrick, B. S. A. 17. 

School of Agric. & Domestic Econ- 
omy. Menomonie, Wis. a 



Hughes, Earl, Ag. G 15. Farmer. 

Wild Eose, Wis. 
Hughes, Edna Mae (Bryant, Mrs. H. 

J.) B. A. 10. 
♦=Hughes, Edward J., LL. B. 80. Died 

July, 1887. 
Hughes, Elmer Howard, B. S. A. 12. 

Asst. to Dean & Supt. Short Courses. 

U. of Mo. Columbia, Mo. a 
Hughes, Frank Ljnnan, B. A. (C. C.) 

18. 596 Walker, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Hughes, Fred Parker, B. A. 17. Shel- 

byville, Ind. 
Hughes, Harriet (Dallas, Mrs. 

Charles D.) B. L. 03. 
Hughes, John Price, LL. B. 93. 
Hughes, Robert Davis, B. S. (C. C.) 

13. The Yale Club, Vanderbilt 

Ave. & 44th, New York City. 
Hughes, Robert William, B. S. (Min. 

E.) 15. Box 121, Inspiration, 

Ariz, a 
Hughes, Ruth Anne, B. A. 19. 72 

Highland Ave., Downers Grove, Dl. a 
Hughes, Walter Wellington, B. L. 97, 

LL. B. 02. Attorney. Room 9, 

Commercial Natl. Bank Bldg., Fond 

du Lac, Wis. 
Hughes, William Robert, B. A. (C. 

C.) 17. 596 Walker, Milwaukee, 

Hugill, Florence I. (Bean, Mrs. Roy 

P.) G. Sup. M. 11. 
Hulbert, Marietta Lucile, B. A. 19. 

Teacher. Burlington, Wis. a 
Hulburt, Clarence Helllngs, B. S. A. 

13. Breeder of Guernsey Cattle, 

Waukesha, Wis. a 
Hulburt, Lorrain S., B. A. 83, M. A. 

88. Prof. Johns Hopkins. Balti- 
more, Md. a 
Hulce, Ray S., B. S. A. 11. Assoc. 

Prof. U. W. 210 Bernard Ct., 

Madison, Wis. 
Hull, Clark Leonard, M. A. 15, Ph. 

D. 18. Instr. U. W. 605 State 

Madison, Wis. 
Hull, Mrs. Eugene S. Jr. (Ahrens, 

Hazel C.,) B. A. 13. Brooklyn, 

N. Y. 
Hull, Helen Claire (Blake, Mrs. Har- 
ry D.) B. A. 17. 
Hull, Irving Weslie, B. S. (E. E.) 09. 
Supt. Chicago Tel Co. Shops & 
Garage. 1521 W. Harrison, Chi- 
cago, 111. 
Hull, Juliette De Vean, B. A. 17. 
Private Secy. Naugatuck, Conn. 

11— A. D. 

Hull, Phoebe Gertrude (Spray, Mrs. 

Lester) B. A. 12. 
Hull, Mrs. S. Phelps (Matteson, Ger- 
trude S.) B. A. 03. Dowell, Ind. 
Hullinger, Henry Church, B. A. 85. 
c/o City Club, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Hulse, Elisha W., Ph. B. 73. Law, 
Real Estate & Loans. Box 295, 
Boulder, Colo. 
*Hulsether, Ludwig, LL. B. 89. De- 
Humiston, Beatrice Hayden, B. A. 
18. 420 N. Carroll, Madison, Wis. 
Humiston, Floy Matilda (Bower, 

Mrs. J. A.) M. G. 16. 
Hummer, John Earl, M. A. 15. 

Springville, N. Y. 
Humphrey, Clifford W., B. S. (E. E.) 
00. Consulting Engr. 1034 Gram- 
ercy Drive, Los Angeles, Calif, a 
Humphrey, Helen Clarke (Bradley, 

Mrs. J. C.) B. A. 13. 
Humphrey, Howell Harris, M. S. 15. 
Flour Milling & Feed Mfg. Dodge- 
Hooker Mills, Wausau, Wis. 
*Humphrey, James Harrison, LL. B. 
70. Died Mar. 15, 1915. 
Humphrey, Lutner Carleton, LL. B. 

Humphrey, Martha Estelle, B. S. (H. 
Ec.) 18. 408 Charter, Madison, 
Humphrey, May Martin (LeClaire, 

Mrs. John) B. A. 03. 
Humphrey, Robert Abel, M. S. 14. 
County Agric. Agent. Louiston, 
Humphrey, Thomas A., LL. B. 99. 

Attorney. Mellen, Wis. 
Humphreys, Harry Christopher, M. 
A. 16. Head Dept. of Education. 
Concord State Normal. Athens, W. 
Humphreys, John Moses, B. S. A. 09. 
Hungerford, Charles William, M. 8. 
15. Plant Pathologist. U. of Idaho. 
Moscow, Idaho. 
Hunkel, Carl George, Ph. G. 94, B. S. 
(Ph.) 97. Chemist. Paul Garrett 
Co., Bush Terminal Bldg., Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 
*Hunner, Charles C, LL. B. 93. Died 
July 6, 1912. 
Hunner, Earl Emmett, B. S. (C. E.) 
00, C. E. 07, Min. E. 17. Mgr. M. 
A. Hanna Co., Iron Mines. 701-12 
i Fidelity Bldg., Duluth, Minn, a 



Hunner, Mrs. Earl E. (Clark, Emily 
B.) B. L. 02'. 2015 Waverly Ave., 
Duluth, Minn. 

Hunner, Guy LeRoy, B. S. 93. Asso- 
ciate. Johns Hopkins Univ. 2305 
St. Paul, Baltimore, Md. a 

Hunner, Hale Haven, B. S. (G. E.) 
09. Chief Engr. Meridan Iron Co. 
Hibbing, Minn. 
*Hunt, Mrs. (True, Helen Elizabeth) 
M. A. 08. Died Mar. 23, 1914. 

Hunt, Clinton W., LL. B. 90. Judge. 
617 Cass, La Crosse, Wis. 

Hunt, Fred Ralph, B. A. 04. Editor. 
North Shore Leader. 1822 Kenil- 
worth Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Hunt, Frederick S., LL. B. 88. Pres. 
Milwaukee Dustless Brush Co. 122 
Sycamore, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Hunt, Mrs. Harry L. (Mayer, Helen 
L.) B. L. 93. 415 S. Mills, Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Hunt, Henry James, B. S. (C. E.) 06. 
Hydraulic & Struct. Engr. c/o D. 
W. Mead, State Journal Bldg., 
Madison, Wis. a 

Hunt, Margaret Lula, B. A. 17. Bac- 
teriologist. 5 Langdon, Madison, 
Wis. a 

Hunt, Maud Iva (Lacey, Mrs. W. 
Eandolph) S. M. G. 12. 

Hunt, May Leland, B. L. 97, M. L 
98. Teacher. c/q E. L. Hunt, 
Oneida, N. Y. 

Hunt, Myrtle May (Clemens, Mrs. 
Albert H.) B. A. 12. 

Hunt, Richard Nash, B. A. 15. Geol- 
ogist. Highland Boy Mine, Bing- 
ham Canyon, Utah, a 

Hunt, William Edwin, B. S. (Med.) 
18. Nankin, China. 

Hunter, Bernice D. (Hoffman, Mrs. 
Edward W.) B. A. 06. 

Hunter, Bertha Elizabeth, M. A. 15. 
Williamsport, Ind. 

Hunter, Charles Axtell, M. S. 16. 
Bacteriologist. Pennsylvania State 
Coll. & Experiment Sta. State Col- 
lege, Pa. 

Hunter, Charles Dana, B. S. 02. Phy- 
sician. Natl. Realty Bldg., Ta- 
coma. Wash. 

Hunter, Mrs. C. C. (Simonds, Char- 
lotte M.) B. S. 02. 3812 N. 39th, 
Tacoma, Wash. 

Hunter, Elizabeth Joyce, B. A. 03. 
Teacher. 408 S. Pennsylvania Ave., 
Roswell, N. M. a 

Hunter, Gertrude Hazle, B. A. 06. 

Teacher, c/o Mrs. E. M. Ball, E. F. 

D. 1, Birmingham, Ala. a 
Hunter, Helen Katheryn (Ball, Mrs. 

Edwin M.) B. A. 10. 
Hunter, Mrs. Jessie (Nuzum, Jessie 

A.) B. L. 00. Viola, Wis. 
Hunter, Oliver W., M. S. 11. Bac- 
teriologist. Kan. State Agric. cAh 

Manhattan, Kas. 
Huntington, Benjamin Fitch, LL. B. 

89. Real Estate & Loan Broker. 

Chamber of Comm. Bldg., Pasadena, 

Huntington, Mrs. B. F. (Parker, Cora 

Belle) B. L. 90. 1535 Ramona 

Ave., S. Pasadena, Calif. 
Huntington, Edward Estabrook, B. S. 

(E. E.) 09. Foreman. Milburn 

Wagon Co. Toledo, O. 
Huntington, Mrs. E. E. (Schaeuble, 

Sophie M.) M. A. 08. 2337 De- 
troit Ave., Toledo, O. 
*Huntington, Frederick Sargent, B. S. 

75, M. L. 82. Died Sept. 4, 1888. 
Huntington, Lucile Langson (Shoop, 

Mrs. Sidney Allen) B. A. 15. 
*Huntington, Samuel David, B. A. 91. 

Died, 1914. 
Huntington, Solomon Perkins, B. L. 

89. Attorney. 101 N. Washing- 
ton, Green Bay, Wis. a 
Huntington, William Edwards, B. A. 

70, M. A. 74, LL. D. 04. Minis- 
ter, DeaUj President (retired). 

Newton Centre, Mass. a 
Huntley, Mrs. David (Gifford, Rose) 

B. L. 80. 
Huntley, Howard White, M. A. 15. 

Chemist. Waverly Apt. 2, Wil- 
mington, Del. 
Huntley, Lee Harvey, B. S. (C. E.) 

08. Civil Engr. KnoxvUle Power 

Co. Alcoa, Tenn. 
Huntley, Maud (Jenks, Mrs. A. E.) 

B. A. 98. 
Huntzicker, Paul, B. S. (C. E.) 19. 

Greenwood, Wis. 
Hurd, Helen M. (Barker, Mrs. C. P.) 

B. A. 07. 
Hurd, John Thomas, B. S. (C. E.) 01. 

Civil Engr. Chippewa Falls, Wis. 
Hurd, Nathaniel LesUe, B. S. (M. E.) 

01. Chief Engr. Mid- West Box 

Co. Anderson, Ind. 
Hurlbut, Ruth Bingham, B. A. 19. 

Teacher. Omro, Wis. 
Hurlbut, Sarah E. (Decker, Mrs. 

John W.) B. L. 98. 



Hiirn)ut, Stephen A., B. A. 01, M. A. 

*Hurley, WiUiam H., LL. B. 70. Died 

April 27, 1913. 
Hurn, Ethel Alice, B. A. 10. Teacher. 

1375 E. 57th, Chicago, 111. 
Hurn, Herbert Button, B. A. 11. ■c/o 

Hum's Book Store, Main, Oshkosh, 

*Hursh, Edmund G., LL. B. 75. De- 
Hurst, Lawrence, M. A. 14. Teacher. 

Menomonie, Wis. a 
Hurst, Mrs. Wilbur Randolph (Eos- 

encranz, Gertrude Amy) B. A. 11. 

1428 S. 2d, Evausville, Ind. a 
Huser, Francis Edward, B. S. A. 13, 

Cumberland, Wis. 
Hussissian, Khoren Leon, B. S. (Min- 

E.) 18. Mining Engr. c/o Inter- 
state Iron Co. Virginia, Minn, a 
Husting, Berthold Juneau, LL. B. 00. 

Attorney. Mayville, Wis. a 
Husting, Gustave B., LL. B. 03. At- 
torney. Mayville, Wis. a 
Huston, Harold Herbert, B. S. A. 16. 

1412 E. Aloha, Seattle, Wash, a 
*Hutchins, Charles A., M. A. 78. Died 

Jan. 8, 1911. 
Hutchins, Edgar Burton, M. S. 03., 

Ph. D. 05. Mgr. The Boex-Hol- 

man Co. Fond du Lac, Wis. 
Hutchins, Harry Burns, LL. D. 97. 

Pres. TJ. of Mich. 508 Monroe, 

Ann Arbor, Mich. 
♦Hutchins, John, B. A. 73. Deceased. 
Hutchins, Lee Wilson, B. A. 18. 313 

College Ave. S. E., Grand Eapids, 

Hutchinson, Edward Buell, B. S. 89. 

Physician. 1351 E. 56th, Chicago, 

111. a 
Hutchinson, Foye P., B. S. (E. E.) 

11. Sales Engr. Harrington — King 

Perforating Co. 614 N. Union Ave., 

Chicago, 111. a 
Hutchinson, Grace Theresa, B. A. 19. 

Cedar Eapids, la. 
Hutchinson, James Merrill, B. L. 85, 

LL. B. 87, M. L. 90. Lieut. Col. 

Camp Grant, 111. Home address, 

E. D. 2, White Plains, N. Y. a 
*Hutchinson, Richard Gill, LL. B. 99. 

Hutchison, Anne Phillips (Jamison. 

Mrs. Charles L.) B. A. 13. 
Hutchison, Bessie Bell, M. A. 09. 

Teacher. Mineral Point, Wis. 

Hutchison, Earl Wedderbum, B. S. 
A. 16. 257 N. Langley, Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 

Hutchison, Helen (Kearney, Mrs 
Thomas M. Jr.) B. A. 10. 

Hutchison, Jessie Elizabeth, LL. B. 
89. Clerk in P. O. Dept. 305 ''D'' 
N. W., Wash., D. C. a 
♦Hutchison, John Harvey, B. S. 79 

Died Jan. 7, 1912. 
♦Hutchison, Mrs. J. H. (Troy, Viola 
I.) B. L. 80. Deceased. 

Hute, Charles J., LL. B. 82. Attor- 
ney. Eochester, Wis. 

Huth, Carl Frederick, B. A. 04, M. A. 
05. Asst. Prof. U. of Chicago. 
Chicago, 111. 

Huth, Raymond William, B. A. 14. 
Minister. 294 Eusk Ave., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Hutson, Charles Thomas, B. L. 99. 
LL. B. 01. Attorney. 529-33 Pion- 
eer Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 

Hutson, Harriet U. (Crocker, Mrs. 
A. G.) B. A. 08. 

Hutson, Thomas Ralph, B. A. 12. 158 
Cherry, Janesville, Wis. 

Hutton, Annabel McGregor, B. A. 06. 

Teacher. Manitowoc, Wis. 
♦Hutton, James, B. A. 04. Died Oct. 
21, 1918. 

Hutton, Margaret (Abels, Mrs. John 
C.) B. A. 10, M. A. 12. 

Hutton, Margaret Isabelle, B. S. (H. 
Ec.) 19. 428 University PL, Madi- 
son, Wis. a 

Hvam, Thorwald, LL. B. 88. 

Hwang, Lin, M. S. 17. Honan, 

Hyde, Mrs. Charles (Cotton, Carol 
W.) B. A. 14. La Crosse, Wis. 

Hyde, Grant Milnor, M. A. 12. Asst. 
Prof. & Editor of Press Bulletin. 
U. W. 107 Eoby Ed., Madison, Wis. 

Hyde, Mrs. W. G. (Post, Jessie) B. 
A. 13. 174 Kavanaugh PI., Wau- 
watosa, Wis. 

lakisch, John R., C. E. 11. Civil 
Engr. U. S. E. S. Powell, Wyo. 

lakisch, Robert, B. S. (C. E.) 10. Jr. 
Engr. U. S. Miss. Eiver Survey. 
Alton, 111. 

Ibsen, Heman Lauritz, B. S. A. 12. 
M. S. 13, Ph. D. 16. Asst. Prof. 
Kansas State Coll. of Agriculture. 
Manhattan, Kan. a 

Icke, John Frederick, B. S. (C. E.) 
00. Contractor. 255-256 Washing- 
ton Bldg., Madison, Wis, 



Ide, Herbert Palst, M. A. 18. Web- 
ster, S. D. 
Igleheart, Austin Smith, B. A. 12. 

Asst. Advertising Sales Mgr. Igle- 

heart Bros. Evansville, Ind. a 
Ihk, Carl A., Ph. G. 08. Pharmacist. 

c/o Schramm Johnson Pharmacy. 

Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Ikeda, Minoru, M. A. 12. 
Ilgner, Howard F., B. S. (E. E.) 11. 

Illuminating Engr. City Hall. 

Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Imhoff, Thomas Hunt, B. A. (C. C.) 

16. Accountant. 550 Mt. Prospect 

Ave., Newark, N. J. a 
Imhoff, Wallace Garretson, B. A. 12. 

Supt. Carbon Steel Co. 6805 Penn 

Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Imig, Walter Joseph, B. S. (Ch. C.) 

15. Chemist. Armour & Co. 1017 

W. 7th, Chicago, 111. 
Immell, Lois Constance (Emerson, 

Mrs. C. W.) B. A. 09. 
Inbusch, Arthur H., B. L. 02. Vice 

Pres. J. P. Kissinger Co. 696 

Shepard Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Inbusch, Charles Edwards, B. A. 07. 

Agent. Bethlehem Motor Trucks. 

260-5th, Milwaukee, Wis. 
*Inbusch, Frederick Clarence, B. A. 

04. Deceased. 

Inbusch, Mrs. Frederick C. (David- 
son, Mabel E.) B. A. 07. 321 Wis- 
consin Ave., Madison, Wis. 

Inbusch, Herbert Stark, B. S. (E. E.) 

05. 459 Juneau PL, Milwaukee 
Wis. a 

Inbusch, Walter Henry, B. S. (E. E.) 
05. Engr. Chicago Telephone Co. 
Chicago, 111. a 

Infante, Luis C, B. A. 11. Prof. 
Men's Normal Lima, Peru 

Ingalls, Edna Jannet, B. A. 06, M. 
A. 14. Teacher. St. Mary's Hall, 
Faribault, Minn. 

Ingebritson, Arthur Louis, Ag. G. 13. 
Cambridge, Wis. 

IngersoU, George Baine, LL. B. 93. 
Secy. & Treas. Fairbanks-Morse 
Mfg. Co. Beloit, Wis. 

IngersoU, Mrs. George C. (Zweifel, 
Arabelle Virginia) B. L. 97. 3344- 
38th Ave., Oakland, Calif. 

IngersoU, JuUa Day, M. A. 19. Den- 
ver, Colo. 

IngersoU, Leonard Bose, Ph. D. 05. 
Assoc. Prof. U. W. Madison, Wis. 

IngersoU, Mrs. Leonard Rose (Flint, 

Helen) (Formerly, Wallace, Mrs. 

E. D.) B. A. 08, M. A. 18. 1933 

W. Lawn Ave., Madison, Wis. a 
IngUs, David Nelson, M. A. 08. Prof. 

Milton Coll. Milton, Wis. 
IngUs, John P., B. L. 99. 14245 

Valenio, Van Nuys, Calif, a 
IngUs, Winifred, B. A. 18. Teacher. 

209 E. 6th. Hampton, la. 
Ingram, Charles Adain, LL. B. 92. 

Attorney. Durand, Wis. 
Ingwersen, Clara Marie, B. A. 18. 

4518 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, 

lU. a 
Innes, Mrs. James (Johnson, Edna 

Leora) B. A. 16. Manilla, la. a 
Innes, William WaUace, B. S. (C. E.) 

15. Asst. City Engr. Akron, O. a 
Inouye, Naojiro, Ph. M. 07. 
Irish, Mrs. Elizabeth Hibbard (Hib- 

bard, Maude Elizabeth) M. A. 14. 

Teacher. 904 Cass, La Crosse, Wis. 
Irish, Frederick Walker, Ph. G 19. 

Tennessee, 111. 
Irish, James WiUlam, B. L. 98. M. 

E. Clergyman. Eau Claire, Wis. 
Irving, Thomas J., B. S. (C. E.) 

05. Asst. Div. Engr. C. & N. W. Ey. 

Boone, la. 
Irwin, Florence Temple (Grout, Mrs. 

J. C.) M. A. 14. 
Irwin, George Howard, B. S. (Med.) 

18. Lodi, Wis. 
Irwin, Macauley, B. A. 18. Secy. 

Irwin Paper Co. 310 Maine, 

Quincy, 111. a 
IsabeUa, Nicholas Michael, B. S. (C. 

E.) 14. Engr. State Highway 

Comm. 208-9 Stephenson Bldg., 

Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Isenberg, Mrs. Ernest A. (Warren, 

Anna Lucille) B. A. 18. 615 West, 

Baraboo, Wis. 
Isenberg, Estelle Helena, B. A. 17. 

Instr. 217-8th, Baraboo, Wis. a 
*Isham, DeUa M., Ph. B. 67. Died 

April 9, 1885. 
Isham, Mrs. Robert M. (Murchison, 

Hettie) B. A. 08. c/o Empire Re- 
fineries. Okmulgee, Okla. 
Ishikawa, Gensamro, M. L. 99. Ph. 

D. 01. Asia Haus. Hamburg, Ger- 
Ishikubo, Gisaburo, M. L. 98. Act- 
ing Mgr. Yokohama Branch, Su- 

mitoma Bank. Yokohama, Japan. 
Ishizawa, Kyugoro, M. A. 07. 



Isobe, Paul Fusanobu, M. S. 10. 

Chemical Engr. Kobe, Japan. 
Iverson, Carl, B. S. A. 14. Farmer. 

E. F. D. 2, Kenosha, Wis. a 
Iverson, Edward A., B. S. (Ph.) 96. 

General Contractor. 175 W. Jack- 
son Blvd., Chicago, 111. 
Iverson, Ingeborg Marie (Williams, 

Mrs. L. W.) B. S. (H. Ec.) 16. 
Iverson, Mrs. Jack E. (Schmidt, Ella 

D.) B. A. 14. Illiy2-35th, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 
Ives, CUtford E., B. S. (M. E.) 19. 

Draftsman. Extension Div. U. W. 

Madison, Wis. a 
Ives, Frederick Walter, B. S. (M. E.) 

09. Architect & Prof. Ohio State 

Univ. Columbus, O. a 
Ives, George, B. A. 07. Physician. 

University Club Bldg., St. Louis, 

Mo. a 
Ives, Morse, B. L. 91, LL. B. 92. 155 

N. Clark, Chicago, 111. a 
Ivey, Joseph William, LL. B. 79. 
Ivey, Margaurite Elizabeth (Gasser, 

Mrs. A. P.) B. A. 14. 
Ivins, Benjamin Franklin Price, M. 

A. 18. Clergyman. 122 S. West 
Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Ivins, Mrs. B. F. (Seeber, Sarah J.) 

B. L. 02. 122 S. West, Kalamazoo, 

*Iwert, Alvin H., B. L. 98. Died April 
27, 1907. 

Izumi, Akira, M. A. 08. 

Jaasted, Henry O., Ph. G. 11. Phar- 
macist, c/o Branstad Drug Co., 
Eau Claire, Wis. 

Jackman, Flora Esther (Howerton, 
Mrs. Joel Dean) B. A. 16. 

Jackman, Frank H,, B. L. 91. Bank- 
er. Janesville, Wis. a 

Jackman, Marcia J. (Pyre, Mrs. J. 

F. A.) B. L. 00. 

Jackman, Margaret C. (Darling, Mrs. 
W. G.) B. A. 04. 

Jackman, Margaret Jane (Hartman, 
Mrs. E. C.) B. A. 12. 

Jackman, Ralph Willmarth, B. L. 97. 
Attorney. 137 E. Gorham, Madison, 
Wis. a 

Jackowska, Antoinette V. (Peterson, 
Mrs. Charles N.) LL. B. 01. 

Jackson, Alice Fanny, B. L. 00. 323 
N. Carroll, Madison, Wis. 

Jackson, Arnold Stevens, B. A. 16. 
B. S. (Med.) 17. Physician. Col- 
lege Apts., Eochester, Minn. 

Jackson, Charles Arthur, B. S. A. 16. 
Farmer. 906 S. Locust, Green 
Castle, Ind. a 
* Jackson, Mrs. Clifford W. (Purdy, 
Leslie) B. A. 07. Deceased. 

Jackson, Elizabeth Brigham, Ph. B. 
12. Teacher. Stoughton, Wis. 
*Jackson, Evan O., LL. B. 88. De- 

Jackson, Frederick Morris, B. A. 93. 
Attorney. Hettinger, N. D. 

Jackson, Genevieve A., B. A. 17. Ab- 
erdeen, S. D. 

Jackson, George Stephenson, B. S. 
(E. E.) 18. Junior Engr., Con- 
sumers Power Co., Jackson, Mich, a 

Jackson, Hartley Harrod Thompson, 
M. A. 09. Biologist. U. S. Dept. 
of Agric, Wash., D. C. a 

Jackson, Joseph Walter, B. S. A. 15. 
Lieut. U. S. 323 West Ave., Mon- 
roe, Wis. 

Jackson (Helen) Katharine, B. A. 
19. 810 Main, Sisterville, W. Va. a 

Jackson, Rajnnond Thomas, B. A. 15, 
LL. B. 17. Mineral Point, Wis. 

Jackson, Russell, LL. B. 99. General 
Counsel. Schlitz Brewing Co., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 

Jackson, William A., LL. B. 91. At- 
torney. Public Service Bldg., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 

Jackson, WiUiam M., B. S. A. 11. 
2434 Bangs, Marinette, Wis. 

Jacob, Elmer Acred, B. S. (C. E.) 13. 
Engr. 258 N. 2nd E., Pmvo, 
Utah, a 

Jacob, Harold Monroe, B. S. (Ch. C.) 
17. Chemist. N. Y. C. Ry. 768 E. 
95th, Cleveland, O. 

Jacobi, Florence Ethel, B. A. 19. 
Mondovi, Wis. 

Jacobs, Ernest R, B. S. (M. E.) 05. 
Western Mgr. Simplex Elect. Heat- 
ing Co. 15 S. Desplaines, Chicago, 

Jacobs, Gertrude Margaretta, b. A. 
19. Madison, Wis. 

Jacobs, Herbert E., B. A. 10. Inter- 
national Harvester Co. Richmond, 

Jacobs, Herbert Henry, B. A. 93. 
Warden. University Settlement, 
861-lst Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Jacobs, Mrs. H. H. (Austin, Mary B.) 
B. S. 93. 861-lst Ave., Milwaukee, 

Jacobs, Hester A., B. A. 11. Teacher. 
Oconomowoc, Wis. a 



*Jacobs, Jansil Winfield, B. L. 87. 

Died Oct. 29, 1887. 
*Jacobs, Justin Jr., LL. B. 71. Died 
Sept. 18, 1898. 

JacoDS, lUrs. Robert (Pinkum, Anna 
Shaw) B. L. 99. 415 Broadway, Eau 
Claire, Wis. 
*Jacobs, William Jr., LL. B. 86. De- 

Jacobsen, Alta Theodora, B. A. 17. 
Teacher. 124 Lincoln, Hibbing, 
Minn, a 

Jacobsen, Anna, B. L. 03. Cataloguer. 
524 Welch Ave., Ames, la. a 

Jacobsen, Esther Helena, B. A. 17. 
Teacher. 20 N. Franklin, Madi- 
son, Wis. a 

Jacobsen, Inger Amalia, B. A. 13. 
Teacher. 336 Central Aye., Wil- 
mette. 111. 

Jacobsen, Jesse Ernest, B. S. (G. E.; 
06. Vice Pres. D. G. Fisher & Co. 
Whittaker Bldg., Davenport, la. a 

Jacobsen, Karl Theodore, M. A. 06. 
Head Classifier. U. of Chicago Li- 
braries. Chicago, 111. 

Jacobson, Carl Joseph, B. S. (M. E.) 
12. Farris Engr. Co., Empire Bldg., 
Pittsburg, Pa. 

Jacobson, Blrs. Charles F. (White, 
Ethel Sylvia) B. A. 08. 4011 Pros- 
pect Ave., Kansas City, Mo. a 

Jacobson, James Peter, M. S. 14. 
Teacher. Kiver Falls, Wis. 

Jacobson, Marcus A., B. L. 99. At- 
torney. Waukesha, Wis. 

Jacobson, Ruby, S. M. G. 19. Mis- 
soula, Mont. 

Jacobson, Victor Clarence, B. S. 
(Med.) 15. Asst. Prof. U. W. 
Madison, Wis. 

Jacques, Marjorie, B. A. 15. Teacher. 
Milwaukee Downer Coll. Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Jaeck, Emma Crertrude, B. L. 03. 
Prof. K. I. State Coll. Kingston, 
B. I. 

Jaedecke, Lillian A., B. A. 11. 77 
Summit Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

JaehrUng, Valerie Cala, Ph. G. 07. 
Pharmacist. Manila, P. I. 

Jaggard, Clara Louise, B. A. 15. Li- 
brarian. College of Emporia. Em- 
poria, Kan. 

Jagger, Ivan C, M. S. 13. Instr. 
Cornell Univ. Ithaca, N. Y. 

Jahns, Louise M. (Messmer, Mrs. L.) 
B. A. 06. 1 

Jahr, Charles A., Ph. B. 07. Supt. 
of Schools. Elkhorn, Wis. 

Jahr, Marvin Edward, B. A. 05, Ag. 
G. 10. Assoc. Prof. U. of lU. 
Urbana, 111. 

Jahr, Myra Bertha, B. S. (H. Ec.j 
18. Neillsville, Wis. 

Jahsman, William Edward, B. S. A. 
17. Manawa, Wis. 

Jalandoni, Jose Habana, B. S. A. 09. 
Sugar Cane Agriculturist. Dingle, 
Iloilo, P. I. a 

James, Ada F. (Klinger, Mrs. Wil- 
liam A.) 

James, Albert Earl, B. A. 05, M. A. 
08, LL. B. 08. Attorney. 43 Ex- 
change PI., c/o Green & Hurd, 
New York City, a 

James, Mrs. Alfred (Williams, Mable 

Elizabeth) B. A. 09. Cobb, Wis. 
* James, Benjamin Wilkins, B. A. 72, 
. LL. B. 73. Died Feb. 8, 1885. 

James, Benjamin W., B. S. (M. E.) 
97. Irrigation Engr. 1823 El Cer- 
rito PI., Los Angeles, Calif. 

James, Blanche, B. L. 01. Teacher. 
411 Union, Eau Claire, Wis. 

James, Charlotte Frances, Ph. G. 98. 
Kaneher & Homesteader. Mountain 
Home, Idaho. 

James, Frances S. C, B. A. 04, M. A. 
05. 411 Union, Eau Claire, Wis. a 

James, Henry Francis, Ph. B. 15. 
Asst. in Geology. U. W. 2218 W, 
Lawn Ave., Madison, Wis. 

James, Mrs. Henry (Loomis, Helen 
Verne) Ph. B. 12. 2218 West Lawn 
Ave., Madison, Wis. 
I James, James Alton, B. L. 88. 2127 

Orrington Ave., Evanston, 111. a 
I James, James Charles. B. A. 04. At 
I torney. 233 S. Lincoln Ave., Au 
rora, 111. a 

James, John Ambrose, B. S. A. 12 
Asst. Dean. Coll. of Agric. U. W 
Madison, Wis. a 

James, Mrs. John A. (Matts, Mary 
Ventura) B. A. 13. 2210 W. Lawn 
Ave., Madison, Wis. 

James, John W., LL. B. 96. Attor- 
ney. 2041^ E. Park Ave., Ana- 
conda, Mont. 

James, Martha M. (Lockhart, Mrs. 
E. P.) Ph. G. 96, B. S. (Ph.) 98. 
Platka, Mich. 

James, Mary E., B. A. 11. Teacher. 
Blue Earth, Minn. 



James, Oscar Briggs, B. M. E. 91. 
Hardware Merchant. Eichland 
Center, Wis. a 

James, Raymond Hoerner, B. A. (C. 
G.) 17. 6814 Union Ave., Ciiicago, 

James, Sara Holland, B. A. 13. With 
Associated Charities, Alta Settle- 
ment House. 12510 Mayfield Koad, 
Cleveland, O. a 

James, victoria, B. L. 96. Teacher. 
Eau Claire, Wis. 

Jameson, Anna Cordelia, B. A. 19. 
826 Court, Eulton, Mo. 

Jameson, Mrs. Kate "Wetzel (Wetzel, 
Kate) M. A. 14, Ph. D. 16. Dean 
of Women. U. of Mont. Helena, 

Jameson, Philip Alexander, B. S. (E. 
E.) 16. 99 Eord,, Ogdensburg, 
N. Y. 

Jameson, Raymond Deloy, B. A. 16, 
M. A. 17. 

Jamieson, i'rances Marguerite, B. A. 
18. Teacher. Shullsburg, Wis. 

Jamieson, Gerald W., B. A. 05. At- 
torney. State Banking Dept. Mad- 
ison, Wis. a 

Jamieson, Hugh Clancey, B. A. 10. 
Banker. 1 W. Main, Madison, Wis. a 

Jamieson, Hugh Jonn, B. A. 15. 
Poynette, Wis. a 

Jamieson, John Clement, B. L. 88. 
Banker. Grain & Lumber Dealer. 
Poynette, Wis. 

Jamieson, John Rodney, B. S. (C. E.) 
12. Poynette, Wis. a 

Jamieson, Mrs. J. R. (Brown, Mar- 
ion Clarkson) B. A. 16. Poynette, 
Wis. a I 

Jamieson, Laura Belle, B. A. 08. i 
Teacher. Poynette, Wis. ' | 

Jamieson, William Henry, B. L. 01. 
Physician & Surgeon. Ottawa, 111. 

Jamison, Charles Laselle, B. A. 13. 
Asst. Treas. A. M. Byers Co. Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. a 

Jamison, Mrs. Charles L. (Hutchison, 
Anne P.) B. A. 13. 326 S. Fair- 
mont Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. a 

Janda, Harold Frederick, C. E. 16. 
Instr. U. of Cinn. Cincinnati, O. 

Janeck, Louis, Oscar, Ph. G. 88. Real 
Estate, Insurance & Loans. 415 N. 
2nd, N. Yakima, Wash. 

Janeck, Marion T. (Richter, Mrs. A. 
W.) B. A. 91. 

Janecky, Adolph Rudolph, B. A. 07. 
LL. B. 09. Attorney. Eaeine, 
Wis. a 
Janes, Arthur Dewitt, B. A. 17. U. 

S. N. R. F. Tomah, Wig. 
Janes, i'red L., LL. B. 96. Attorney. 
Evansville, Wis. 

Janes, ±ienry Lorenzo, B. L. 02, M. 
L. 03, Ph. D. 06. Constructor. 
120 Broadway, l^ew York City, a 

Janisch, uaroia Peter, B. A. 13, LL. 
B. 15. Attorney. 208 S. La Salle, 
Chicago, 111. 

Jankel, Clara Augusta, B. A. 18. 
Sparta, Wis. 

Jaiuiey, Prancis Rush, B. S. (Med.) 
18. Richland Center, Wis. 

Jannsen, Mxs. Waiter V. (Evans, 
Caroline W.) B. S. 01. Amer. By. 
Express Co., Port Wayne, ind. 

Jansii.y, Cynl Moreau, B. A. 17, M. 
A. 19. Asst. U. W. 2011 Monroe, 
Madison, Wis. a 

Janssen, John Henry, LL. B. 96 
Deputy Clerk. Civil Court. Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Janssen, Waiter Arion, B. S. (Ch. E.) 
07. Operating Mgr. Canadian 
Steel Foundries. Montreal, Can. 

Jardine, Alice Davina (Kaiter, Mrs. 
W. M. L) B. A. 16. 

Jarvis, Florence May, B. S. (H. Ec.) 
15. Teacher. 430 Francis, Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Jarvis, John Demoss, B. S. A. 05. 
Advisory Expert. De Laval Separa- 
tor Co. 29 E. Madison, Chicago, 
111. a 

Jaseph, Lynn Dole, LL. B. 05. At- 
torney. Bellin-Buchanan Bldg., Green 
Bay, Wis. 

Jay, ±irskine La Verne, Ph. B. 16. 
Bloomington, Wis. 

Jay, Florence, B. A. 15. Chief of 
Ordnance. War Dept. 2517-14th, 
Wash., D. C. 

Jebens, Henry H., B. A. 04. Attor- 
ney. Davenport, la. a 

Jeddeloh, Henry Johann, B. A. 17. 

Jedney, Severn Eli, B. A. 07. Attor- 
ney. Black River Falls, Wis. 

Jefferson, Carl Smith, LL. B. 96. 
Asst. Gen. Solicitor. O. M. & St. 
P. Ry. Ry. Ex. Bldg., Chicago, 
111. a 

Jefferson, Frederick A., B. L. 92. 
Physician. 648 Oakdale Ave., Chi 
cage. 111. a 



Jefferson, Lorian P., M. A. 07. Asst. 
Prof. Mass. Agric. Coll. Amherst, 

Jeffrey, Joseph Alexander, B. A. 96. 
Land Comm. D. S. S. & A. Ry. 910 
Fidelity Bldg., Duluth, Minn. 

Jeffery, SteUa Marie, (Adams, Mrs. 
C. C.) B. A. 13. 

Jeffrey, John J., B. L. 99, LL. B. 02 
Attorney. Grand Rapids, Wis. 

Jeger, Lawrence M., LL. B. 02. At- 
torney. 1130 Wells Bldg., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Jehle, Carl W., B. S. (Ch. E.) 17. 
Ordnance Inspector, Navy. Elgin, 

JeUnek, Benjamin, B. S. A. 11. 

Secy.-Mgr. Sturgeon Bay Eruit Co. 

Sturgeon Bay, Wis. 

*Jenckes, D. B., LL. B. 81. Deceased. 

*Jenckes, William Greene, B. A. 57, 

M. A. 60. Died Jan. 28, 1900. 

Jencks, Moses Amos, B. A. 10. Asst. 
Prof, of Business Administration 
& Banking. Colorado College, 
Colorado Springs, Colo, a 

Jencks, Vescey Belle, S. M. G. 12. 
Lodi, Wis. 

Jenison, Marguerite Edith, B. A. 17. 
Editorial Work. 720 E. Edwards, 
Springfield, Bl. a 

Jenista, George John, B. S. (E. E.) 
06, E. E. 12. Engr. Western Elec- 
tric Co. Chicago, 111. a , 

Jenkins, Deborah May, (Cochrane, 
Mrs. J. A.) B. A. 08. j 

Jenkins, Elizaheth Crocker, M. A. 15. 
Instr. Industrial School. New 
Bedford, Mass. 

Jenkins, Esther, B. A. 18. Trans- 
lator. 644 Linus, Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 

Jenkins, Floyd E., LL. B. 16. At- 
torney. 698-16th, Milwaukee 
Wis. a 

Jenkins, Mrs. Floyd E. (Gehrz, Alma 
Madeline) B. A. 15. 698-16th 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Jenkins, Francis W., LL. B. 92. At- 
torney. Chippewa Falls, Wis. 

Jenkins, George Harry Jr., B. A. 17. 
251 Home Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Jenkins, James Francis, B. A. 15, M. 
A. -8. Berlin, Wis. 

Jenkins, James GraJtiam, LL. D. 93, 
U. S. Circuit Judge. (Retired). 
284 Knapp, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Jenkins, James Wade, B. S. (E. E.) 
17. Grand Rapids, Wis. 

Jenkins, Louise, B. A. 09. Editorial 

Asst. Engineering Experiment 

Sta. U. of 111. Urbana, 111. 
Jenkins, Mary L. (Espey, Mrs. J. M.) 

B. L. 03. 
Jenkins, Sara Davis, Ph. B. 03. 1940 

Orrington Ave., Evanston, 111. 
*Jeiikins, Walter Warren, LL. B. 87. 

Jenks, Albert Ernest, Ph. D. 99. 

Prof. U. of Minn. Minneapolis, 

Jenks, Mrs. Albert E. (Huntley, 

Maud) B: A. 98. 825-5th, S. E., 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Jenks, Florence Margaret, Ag. G. 15. 

Student. U. of Neb. Home, Avoca. 

la. ' 

Jenks, Frank, LL. B. 12. Attorney. 

Gay Bldg., Madison, Wis. 
Jenks, Mrs. Frank (Mead, Hazel 

Marguerite) B. S. (H. Ec.) 11. 

2015 Jefferson, Madison, Wis. a 
*Jenne, Robert Daniel, B, S. (E. E.) 

98. Died Feb. 11, 1901. 
*Jenner, Edward David, LL. B. 01. 

Died Apr. 8, 1911. 
Jenner, Edwin Alexander, M. A. 07. 

Teacher of Biology. 1010 North 

B., Indianola, la. a 
Jenner, George Herbert Austin, B. A. 

12, LL. B. 14. Attorney. First 

Natl. Bank Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Jenness, Harold, B. A. (C. J.) 15. Ed- 
itor. Nampa Leader-Herald. Nampa, 

Idaho, a 
Jennett, Edward James, B. A. (C. C.) 

17. R. F. D. 3. Streator, 111. 
Jenney, Adeline Miriam, B. A. 99. 

Clark, S. D. 
Jennings, Mrs. Blandford (Heise, 

Anna Sophia) B. A. 17, M. A. 19. 

205 Murray, Madison, Wis. 
Jennings, Howe Jordan, Ph. G. 10. 
Jennings, Irene Hawley, B. A. 17. 

426 Lafayette Ave. S., Grand Rap- 
ids, Mich, a 
Jennings, Marion, B. A. 16. 811 W. 

Fourth, Sterling, 111. a 
Jennings, Rhea Mabel, B. A. 14. 

Teacher. 650 Portland Ave., St. 
Paul, Minn. 
Jennings, Ruth Leland (Wilson, Mrs. 

J. C.) B. A. 08. 
Jennrich, Anton, M. A. 95. Archi- 
tect & Journalist. 919 Davis, Mil 
waukee. Wis. 



Jenny, Adele Theodora, B. A. 17. 

Teacher. 637 Mitchell Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 
Jens, Roland, B. S. (M. E.) 16. New 

Holstein, Wis. 
Jensch, Mrs. Charles (Campbell, 

Daisy) B. L. 99. Hudson, Wis. a 
Jensen, August Adham, Ph. G. 01. 

Retail Druggist. 333 S. Montana, 

Butte, Mont. 
Jensen, Ben Melvin, B. A. (C. C.) 

16. Real Estate & Insurance. 

Grantsburg, Wis. a 
Jensen, Dagmar Christine, B. A. 19. 

Racine, Wis. 
Jensen, Ellen Marie, B. A. 08. Teach- 
er. Lakewood High School. Cleve- 
land, O. 
* Jensen, Esther Andria (Stuart, Mrs. 

C. W.) B. A. 17. Died Dec. 29, 

Jensen, Evelyn Harriet, B. S. (H. Ec.) 

13. Instr. U. W. Extension Division. 

Madison, Wis. a 
*Jensen, James Albert, Ag. G. 15. 

Died Oct. 1, 1918. 
Jensen, Lester Jay, B. S. A. 16. 

Farmer. Ogdensburg, Wis. a 
Jensen, Mrs. Oscar (Libby, Caroline 

Gail) B. A. 08. 622 Howard Place, 

Madison, Wis. a 
Jensen, Robert J., B. A. 10. 
Jensen, Severt M., B. S. A. 18. Clin- 
ton, Wis. 
Jensen, Walter Samuel, Ag. G. 15. 

Prop. Scotland Farm. R. F. D. 2, 

Fremont, la. 
Jenson, Carl William, B. S. (C. E.) 

04. Merchant, River Falls, Wis. 
Jenswold, Franklin Ernest, LL. B. 10. 

Attorney. Niehaus Bldg., Fenni- 

more, Wis. a 
Jerabek, Joseph August, B. A. (C. 

C.) 17. R. 1, Algoma, Wis. 
Jerde, Mrs. Robert B. (Miller, Leila 

Evangeline) S. M. G. 12, B. M. 18. 

Evansville, Wis. 
Jerome, Harry, M. A. 15, Ph. D. 18. 

Assessor of Incomes. Dane County. 

2131 Kendall Ave., Madison, Wis 
Jerome, Mrs. Harry (Solomon, 

Gladys W.) M. A. 16. 2131 Ken- 
dall Ave., Madison, Wis. 
Jerrard, Leigh Patterson, B. S. (C. 

E.) 08, C. E. 17. Land Dept., C. 

& N. W. R. R., Chicago, 111. Home, 

215 S. Broom, Madison, Wis. a 

Jesse, Richard Henry, LL. D. 04. 

Writer & Lecturer. 810 Hillcrest 

Ave., Columbia, Mo. 
JesseU, Mrs. A. H. (H'Doubler, 

Pearle M.) B. A. 07. 221 N. Brooks, 

Madison, Wis. 
Jessup, Walter Edgar, C. E. 12. Civil 

Engr. 1005 Brent Ave., S. Pasa- 
dena, Calif, a 
Jevne, Kadelia Gilbertson (Han- 

chette, Mrs. R. C.) S. M. G. 12. 
Jewett, Abby Wilder (Gates, Mrs. 

A. B.) B. L. 79. 
Jewett, Charles Gregory, B. S. A. 15. 

Plaza Hotel, Chicago, HI. a 
Jewett, Fred Dickson, LL. B. 03. 

Wholesale Grocer. Sioux Falls, 

S. D. 
♦Jewett, Miriam Irene, B. L. 90. Died 

July 30, 1914. 
Jillson, Mary Louise (McQueen, Mrs. 

L. A.) B. A. 17. 
Jirgal, John James, B. A. (C. C.) 14. 

Accountant. 1814 Harris Trust 

Bldg., Chicago, 111. a 
Joannes, Charles Eugene Jr., B. L. 

98. 349 S. Occidental Blvd., Los 

Angeles, Calif, a 
Jobse, Myrtle Elvira, B. S. (H.-Ec.) 

18. Teacher. 521-5l8t, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. a 
Joeckel, Carleton B., B. A. 08. 209 

Ontario, Albany, N. Y. 
Johannes, Wilhelmine, B. A. 11. 

Teacher. 195 Hadley, Milwaukee 

Wis. a 
Johannesen, Rolf Thorlief Horn, R 

A. 18. Delavan, Wis. 

John, Mrs. Augustus F. (Church, 
May E.) B. L. 98. 635 Shepard 
Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

John, Henry W., B. A. 10. Cost 
Accountant at Milwaukee Concrete 
Mixer Co. Univ. Ext., Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 

John, Herbert Frank, B. L. 03. In- 
vestments, Securities & Real Es- 
tate. 115 Broadway, New York 
City, a 

John, Walter Alfred, LL. B. 16. At- 
torney. Railway Exchange Bldg., 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

John, Mrs. William G. (Allen, Cora) 

B. L. 95. 3233 Cascadia Ave., Se- 
attle, Wash. 

Johns, Charles Lester, B. A. 11. Ac- 
countant. International Harvester 
Co. Chicago, 111. a 



Johns, Edward Francis, B. S. (M. E.) 

09. 734 Farwell Ave., Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 

Johns, Frank Wlckizer, E. E. 13 
Production Engr. 1810 Bryant 
Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Johns, Mrs. Joshua Leroy (Newman, 
Esther M.) B. L. 02. Algoma, Wis. 

Johns, Llna May, Ph. B. 01. Teacher. 
Dodgeville, Wis. 

Johns, Richard B., Ph. B. 00, B. S. A. 
03. Antigo, Wis. 

Johns, William H., B. L. 95. Farmer. 
Dodgeville, Wis. 

Johnson, Aaron Guy, Ph. D. 14. 
Assoc. Prof. U. W. 1713 C?had- 
bourne Ave., Madison, Wis. 

Johnson, Agnes Beatrice, B. A. 12. 
Matron. Eichland County Asylum. 
Kichland Center, Wis. a 

Johnson, Agnes Hansena, Ph. B. 
(Nor. C.) 19. Markesan, Wis. 

Johnson, Agnes Learned (Kingo, Mrs. 
H. F.) M. A. 11. 

Johnson, Aimee Louise, B. A. 13, 
4401 W. North Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Johnson, Albert A., B. S. A. 07. Di- 
rector. New York State Institute 
of Applied Agriculture. Farming- 
dale, N. Y. a 

Johnson, Albert Sigfred, B. A. (C. 
C.) 17. Shell Lake, Wis. 

Johnson, Alfred Julius, B. S. (Ch. C.) 
16. Eesearch Chemist. Box 525, 
Wilmington, Del. 

Johnson, Alfred Theodore, LL. B. 90. 
Stock Exchange Bldg., Chicago, 


Johnson, Aline Victoria (King, Mrs. 

E. W.) B. A. 12. 
Johnson, Allen, B. S. A. 13. Orchard- 

ist. Tye Eiver, Va. 
Johnson, Mrs. Allen (Frear, Marguer- 
ite) B. A. 13. 2310 Loring PI.. 

New York City. 
Johnson, Alvin Oscar, B. A. 12. 

Woodville, Wis. a 
Johnson, Amanda, B. A. 93. Men- 

dota Hospital, Mendota, Wis. 
Johnson, Arden Richard, B. S. (Ap. 

Elect. Ch.) 06, M. S. 08, Ph. D. 

10. Eesearch Chemist & Chemical 
Engr. 615 Michigan Ave., Evans- 
ton, 111. a 

Johnson, Mrs. Arden R. (Kurz, Min- 
nie Georgia) B. A. 14. 615 Michi- 
gan Ave., Evanston, 111. 

Johnson, Arthur Louis, B. S. (M. E.) 
03. Manufacturer. 4401 W. North 
Ave., Chicago, 111. a 

Johnson, Arthur Norman, B. S. A. 15 
Prof. Eiver Falls Normal, Eivei 
Falls, Wis. 

Johnson, Axel, Ph. D. 11. Supt. In- 
dian Eeservation. Omaha Agency. 
Macy, Neb. 

Johnson, Buchanan, LL. B. 00. At- 
torney. Plainfield, Wis. a 

Johnson, Carl Albert, B. M. E. 91. 
Pres. Gisholt Machine Co. 142 E. 
Oilman, Madison, Wis. a 

Johnson, Carl John, B. A. 12. Mer- 
chant. 1301-6th, Madison, S. D. a 

Johnson, Carl J., C. E. 16. Brook- 
ings, S. D. 

Johnson, Chester Nels, B. S. (G. E.) 
08. Electrical Contractor. 26 N. 
Jefferson, Chicago, 111. 
*Johnson, Christian, B. A. 93, M. A. 
95. Deceased. 

Johnson, Clarence Nathan, B. S. (E. 
E.) 09. Commercial Engineer. 
Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co. 
Boston, Mass. a 

Johnson, Mrs. Clarence Nathan, now 
(Mrs. Oscar Hanke) Maiden name 
(Goldenberger, Olivia) profeisional 
name (Monona, Olivia) B. A. 09. 

Johnson, Claudine Brun (Teige, Mrs 
Melvin H.) S. M. G. 14. Stough 
ton, Wis. 

Johnson, Donald Peter, B. A. 16 
Merchant. Grand Eapids, Wis. 

Johnson, Easton, LL. B. 13. Attor 
ney. Whitewater, Wis. 

Johnson, Edith (Eanch, Mrs. Wil 
liam E.) B. A. 06. 

Johnson, Edna Grace (Eoberts, Mrs 
W. Herbert) B. A. 11. 

Johnson, Edna Leora (Innes, Mrs 
James) B. A. 16. 

Johnson, Mrs. Edward (Anderson, 
Kerstine) M. G. 04. 1811-lOth 
Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Johnson, Edward Ellsworth, LL. B. 
13. Lumberman. Waupaca, Wis. 

Johnson, Mrs. Edward H. (Stockman, 
Euth C.) B. A. 04. 8 Johnson PI., 
Ft. Dodge, la. 
*Johnson, Edward Thomas, B. S. 88, 
M. S. 92. Died March 18, 1899. 

Johnson, Ellen (Fiedler, Mrs. H. J.) 
B. L. 96. 

Johnson, Mrs. Elmo J. (Flesh, Sarah 
B. A. 89, M. L. 91. 420 W. 116th, 
New York City, a 



Johnson, Eloise (MacArthur, Mrs. D. 
S.) B. A. 81. 

Johnson, Emory Richard, B. L. 88, 
M. L. 91. Prof. U. of Pa. Ham- 
ilton Ct., Philadelphia, Pa. a 

Johnson, Ethel Helen, B. A. 14. Wau- 
paca, Wis. 

Johnson, Evelyn L. (McFarland, 
Mrs. J. G.) B. L. 03. 

Johnson, Francis Ellis, B. A. 06, E. 
E. (Ad. C.) 09. Assoc. Prof. U. of 
Kansas. Lawrence, Kan. a 

Johnson, Mrs. Francis P. (McNeil, 
Anne Holmquist) Ph. B. 03, Ph. M. 
04. 238 Senator PI. Cincinnati, 
O. a 

Johnson, Mrs. Frank A. (Dickerson, 
Dorothy W.) B. S. (H. Ec.) 18. 
825-8th Ave., Helena, Mont, a 

Johnson, Frederick M., B. S. (0. E.) 
06. En^neer. Senior Highway 
Engr. c/o State Highway Dept., 
Austin, Texas, a 
♦Johnson, Mrs. Frederick M. (Moe, 
Josephine Margretta) B. A. 08. 
Died May 23, 1919. 

Johnson, Genevieve Katherine, B. A. 
18. Deputy Clerk. Industrial 
Comm. 10 N. Henry, Madison, 
Wis. a 

Johnson, George A., B. A. 16. Cam- 
hridge. Wis. 

Johnson, Gertrude Kildahl (Bemis, 
Mrs. W. S.) B. A. 17. 

Johnson, Gladys, B. A. 19. 620 W. 
Park Ave., Waterloo, la. a 

Johnson, Glen Leroy, B. S. (E. E.) 
09. Secy., Treas. & Gen. Mgr. 
Eockford-Lindsay Orange Co. Lind- 
say, Calif. 

Johnson, Godfrey, B. S. (E. E.) 14. 
521 Baxter Ave., Superior, Wis. a 

Johnson, Gordon Gasmann, B. S. (M. 
E.) 17. Amherst, Wis. a 

Johnson, Grace Alice, B. S. (H. Ec.) 
18. Home Demonstration Agent. 
519 N. Cook, Portage, Wis. a 

Johnson, Grace E. (Vieh, Mrs. 
George C.) B. L. 91. 

Johnson, Guy Maxwell, B. S. (M. E.) 
06. Manager. Northern Indiana 
Gas & Elec. Co. South Bend, Ind. a 

Johnson, Harry C, B. L. 03. Pub- 
lisher. 58 E. Washington, Chicago, 
111. a 

Johnson, Helen Moore, Ph. D. 12. 
Fellowship. Johns Hopkins Univ. 
Home, Osceola, Mo. 

Johnson, Herbert Theodore, LL. B. 

14. Attorney. Crown Point, Ind. a 
Johnson, Mrs. Herman R. (Berg, Jet- 
tie Emerle) B. A. 06. Clinton, Wis. 

Johnson, Hugh C, B. S. A. 11. Farm- 
er. Sheridan, Wis. a 
Johnson, Huldah Marie, B. A. (C. J.) 

15. Editorial & Advertising Work. 
404 W. 116th, New York City, a 

Johnson, Ida E. (Fisk, Mrs. Geoi^ge 

M.) B. L. 87. 
Johnson, Ida Petrine, B. A. 06, M. A. 

12. Teacher. La Crosse, Wis. a 
Johnson, Imogene Hess, B. A. li?. 

Kahoka, Mo. 
Johnson, Isabel Reid (Ebert, Mrs. 

Marcus A.) B. A. 07. 
Johnson, Jalmer Bernard, B. S. (Ph. 

C.) 18. Asst. Pharmacy. IT. W. 

Madison, Wis. 
Johnson, James, B. S. A. 09, M. S. 

11, Ph. D. 18. Asst. Prof. U. W. 

1915 Eegent, Madison, Wis. 
Johnson, James Albert, LL. B. 09 

414 Belleview PL, Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Johnson, Jesse Worthington, B. L. 01. 

Attorney. Sterling, HI. 
Johnson, Jessie V. (Card, Mrs. Er- 
nest M.) B. A. 06. 
Johnson, J. Leroy, B. A. 11. Attor- 
ney. Farmers & Merchants Bk. 

Bldg. Stockton, Calif. 
Johnson, Mrs. J. Melvin (Richards, 

Lillian E.) B. L. 03. 
Johnson, John Franklin Jr., B. S. (E. 

E.) 16. General Mgr. The Toledo 

& Western Railroad Co., Sylvania, 

O. a 
Johnson, John Hugo, B. A. 09, E. E. 

11. Prof. Idaho Univ. Moscow, 

Idaho, a 
Johnson, Mrs. John Hugo (Fryette, 

Evangeline) B. S. (H. Ec.) 13. 8^1 

Elm, Moscow, Idaho, a 
Johnson, John Theodore, M. A. 13. 

Instr. Emerson School. Gary, Ind. 
Johnson, Julia Agnes, B. A. 19. 519 

W. Cook, Portage, Wis. a 
Johnson, Julia M. (Trelease, Mrs. 

William) B. L. 81. 
Johnson, Katherine Diantha (Nelson. 

Mrs. V. E.) B. A. 12. 
Johnson, Lars Henry, LL. B. 94. At- 
torney. West Publishing Co. 2357 

Carter Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 
Johnson, Laura Butler, B. A. 12, M. 

A. 13. Teacher. Ill E. Gorham, 

Madison, Wis. a 



Johnson, Laura Child, B. A. 11. Hud- 
son, Wis. 
Johnson, Mrs. Lawrence (Terry, 

Maude) B. A. 08. Whitewater, 

Wis. a 
Johnson, Leland Sylvester, B. S. A. 

18. 889-lst Ave., Grand Eapids, 

Wis. a 
Johnson, Lillian G. (Thorson, Mrs. I. 

A.) B. L. 99 
Johnson, Lloyd W., B. S. (Med.) 11. 

Physician. Presbyterian Hosp. 51 

N. 39th, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Johnson, Margaret, B. A. 12. Eye, 

Johnson, Margaret Isahel (Loesch, 

Mrs. Eichards L.) M. G. 07. 
Johnson, Margaret Ruth, B. A. 19. 

519 W. Cook, Portage, Wis. a 
Johnson, Marjorie Daw, B. A. 06. Ee- 

construction Work. Milan, Italy. 

Home, 111 E. Gorham, Madison, 

Wis. a 
Johnson, Martha Frances (Bell, Mrs. 

Luther) B. A. 05. 
Johnson, Maurice, B. S. (E. E.) 11. 

Bayfield, Wis. a 
Johnson, Mildred Emma, Ph. B. 

(Gen. C.) 18. 211 N. Mills, Madi- 
son, Wis. 
Johnson, Nicholas Stanislaus, B. S. 

(Med.) 19. Ohio, HI. 
Johnson, Nora Francisca (Kerr, Mrs. 

A. E.) B. L. 00. 
*Johnson, Olie L., LL. B. 00. Died 

Feb. 23, 1915. 
Johnson, Palmer Oliver, B. A. 12. 

Lakefield, Minn. 
Johnson, Paul Browning, B. S. (C. 

E.) 07. Valuation Engr. Gage 

Eoad. Eiverside, 111. a 
Johnson, Mrs. Paul B. (Fay, Helen 

A.) B. A. 07. Box 229, Eiver- 
side, 111. a 
Johnson, Perry S., M. A. 03. Attor- 
ney. Grand Forks, N. D. 
Johnson, Philip Hafford, B. S. (E. 
E.) 09. Electrical Engr. 37 Strat- 
ford Terrace, Springfield, Mass, a 
Johnson, Ralph Burbank, B. A. 17. 

130 W. 5th, Oswego, N. Y. 
Johnson, Reginald Hall, B. A. 96. 
Johnson, Richard William, M. S. 14. 

Farmer. Union, W. Va. 
Johnson, Robert Colton, B. S. (C. E.) 
17. Corrugated Bar Co., Qiicago, 


Johnson, Mrs. Robert C. (Dexter, 

Dorothy Dobb) B. A. 16. 621 N. 

Henry, Madison, Wis. a 
Johnson, Robert Hiram, E. E. 13. 

Electrical Engr. 358 S. West St., 

Galesburg, 111. a 
Johnson, Roswell Hill, M. S. 03. Con- 
sulting Geologist. 1039 Murray 

HUl Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Johnson, Russell Lowell, B. A. 16, 

LL. B, 19. 619 Lake, Madison, 

Johnson, Russell Martin, B. S. (Med. 

S.) 12. Physician & Surgeon. 3400 

Lawrence Ave., Chicago, lU. 
Johnson, Russell Shultz, B. S. (Ch. 

E.) 18. E. F. D. 2, Milwaukee, W:8. 
Johnson, Ruth Margaret, Ph. B. 11. 

Teacher. Colgate, N. D. 
Johnson, Sara M. (Eistad, Mrs. D. 

G.) B. L. 94. 
Johnson, Selma Johnethe, B. A. 16. 
♦Johnson, Una Lone, B. A. 05. Died 

Nov. 19, 1905. 
Johnson, Vema Louise, B. S. (H. 

Ec.) 18. 309-2nd, Great Falls, 

Mont, a 
Johnson, Mrs. Walter (Lehnhoff, 

Mabel Irene) B. A. 15. Barnum, 

Johnson, Wayne Leslie, B. S. A. 15. 

Mgr. Wicks Eanch. Lindsay, Calif. 
Johnson, Welton EUery, B. A. (C. G.) 

18. American Banking Corporation. 

Aneon, Canal Zone, a 
*Johnson, William, LL. B. 73. Died 

Dec. 1879. 
Johnson, William Spencer, B. S. (C. 

E.) 17. Asst. City Engr. Janesville, 

Johnston, Angus James, B. S. (Ch 

C.) 13. Eesident Mgr. Hickman, 

Williams & Co. Inc. 1701 McCor- 

mick Bldg., Chicago, 111. a 
Johnston, Charles Frederick Jr., B. 

A. 17. Sheffield, la. 
Johnston, Edna Frances, B. A. 17. 

Teacher. Los Angeles City 

Schools,, Los Angeles, Calif, a 
Johnston, Francis H., LL. B. 96. 

Farmer. Waupun, Wis. 
Johnston, James G., B. S. 80. School 

Supt. Hancock, Mich, a 
♦Johnston, James M., B. L. 94. De 

♦Johnston, John, M. A. 88, LL. i/. 03. 

Died June 1, 1904. 
Johnston, John Thor, B. A. 05. Bank- 
er. West AUis, Wis. a 



Johnston, Julia W., Ph. B. 11. Gen- 
eva Ed., St. Charles, 111. 

Johnstone, Albert Henry, B. A. 05. 
Northwestern Conservatory of Music. 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

Johnstone, Edward Knox, B. A. 14. 
Keokuk, la. 

JoUiffe, Mrs. WiUiam M. (Parks, 
Edna M.) B. A. 00. Port Falls, 

Jolivette, Edna Emma (Gross, Mrs. 
John F.) B. A. 14, M. S. 16. 

Jolivette, Eva Lou, B. A. 14. E. F. 
D. 3, La Crosse, Wis. 

Jolivette, Hally D. M. (Saxson, Mrs. 
Carl) B. A. 06, M. A. 09, Ph. D. 

Jonas, Johannes B. E., B. A. 94, M. 
A. 95. Prof. Brown Univ. Provi- 
dence, E. I. 

Jonasen, Lillian Concord, M. G. 08. 
Actress & Singer. 340 W. 85th, 
New York City. 

Jones, Albert Curtis, B. S. (E. E.) 
14. Western Electric Co., Chicago, 

Jones, Mrs. Albert (Damon, Edith 
May) B. S. (H. Ec.) 16. 1212 W. 
Johnson, Madison, Wis. 

Jones, Anna Dorothy, B. A. 15. Prin- 
cipal. Pierson, la. 

Jones, Anna L. (Dixon, Mrs. George 
M.) B. L. 96. 

Jones, Arthur Lincoln, LL. B. 94. At- 
torney & Banker. Amer. State 
Bank. Lake & Hennepin Ave., Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 

Jones, Mrs. Bernard L. (Sage, Laura 
E.) B. L. 02. Delavan, Wis. 

Jones, Burr W., B. A. 70, LL. B. 71, 
M. A. 74, LL. D. 16. Attorney. 
112 Langdon, Madison, Wis. a 

Jones, Mrs. Burr W. (MacDonald, 
Katherine I.) B. S. 86. 112 Lang- 
don, Madison, Wis. a 

Jones, Mrs. Carl (Fuller, Litta 
Maurie) B. A. 05. Boscobel, Wis. 

Jones, Charles Alvin, B. S. (E. E.) 

09. Burlington, Wis. 

Jones, Charles Edward, B. S. (C. E.) 

10. Supt. Dravo Const. Co. Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 

Jones, Charles Wickham, B. L. 95. 

Editor & Mgr. Alaska Eailroad Eec- 

ord. Anchorage, Alaska. 
Jones, Charles William, B. A. (C. C.) 

14. Accountant. 1814 Harris 

Trust Bldg., Chicago, 111. a 

Jones, Chester Lloyd, B. L. 02, (Ph. 
D.) 06. 151 Summit Ave., Madi- 
son, Wis. a 

Jones, Clara Gladys, B. L. 96. Bee- 
keeper. West Bend, Wis. a 
*Jones, D. Lloyd, LL. B. 71. Died 
Dec. 1904. 

Jones, David Rhys, B. A. 96. Teacher. 
Key Eoute Inn. Oakland, Calif. 

Jones, Dewitt Owen, M. S. 16. Chem- 
ist. Waukesha, Wis. 

Jones, Mrs. Donald C. (Edwards, 
Marguerite L.) B. A. 19. 618 S. 
Main, Fort Atkinson, Wis. a 

Jones, Edwaxd D., Ph. D. 95. Federal 
Agent. Federal Bd. for Vocational 
Education. Wash. D C. 

Jones, Edward Gaffield, LL. B. 91. 
Attorney. Appleton, Wis. 

Jones, Edward Huntting, M. A. 13. 
Principal Walsh County Agrie. & 
Training School. Park Eiver, N. D. 

Jones, Edward Richard, B. S. A. 05, 
M. S. 08. Assoc. Prof. U. W. 136 
Breese Terr., Madison, Wis. a 
*Jones, Mrs. Edward R. (Moll, Doro- 
thea) B. A. 07. Deceased. 

Jones, Ella Bessie, B. A. 13. Teacher. 
E. E. 4, Oshkosh, Wis. a 

Jones, Emery s Morris, B. A. 17. 4519 
N. Eacine Ave., Apt. 1, Chicago, 

Jones, Mrs. Evan D. (Laflin, Mary 
L.) B. L. 97. 679 Stowell Ave., 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Jones, Frank C, B. A. 07. Crafts- 
man Building Co., St. Paul, Minn. 

Jones, Frank Gordon, Ph. B. 14. Asst. 
Supt. of Schools. Coleraine, Minn. 

Jones, Mrs. Frank Gordon (Brown, 
Helen Mariette) B. A. 12. Col- 
eraine, Minn. 
* Jones, Frank William, B. S. 93. Died 
March 1894. 

Jones, Fred Reuel, M. S. 14, Ph. D. 
17. University Club, Madison, 
Wis. a 

Jones, Fred Rufus, B. S. A. 15. Sales- 
man. 208 Commerce, Knoxville, 
Tenn. a 
*Jones, Frederick Weller, B. A. 83. 
Died Jan. 30, 1907. 

Jones, Gad, LL. B. 06. Attorney. 
Wautoma, Wis. 

Jones, George Harvey, B. S. (E. E.) 
97. Power Engr. Commonwealth 
Edison Co. Edison Bldg., Chicago, 
IlL a 



Jones, George James, Ph. B. 06. 
Instr. 3650 Park PL, Wash., D. C. 

Jones, GranviEe Duane, B. S. 82. At- 
torney. Wausau, Wis. a 

Jones, Griffith S., B. S. (Med.) 16. 
3709 Woodland Ave., Philadelphia, 

Jones, Gwendolyn Gaynor, B. A. 05. 
Teacher. 410 W. Wilson, Madison, 

Jones, Mrs. Harold C. (Clement, 
Grace) M. G. 00. 1357 Madison 
Pk.,. Hyde Pk., Station, Chicago, 

ni. a 

Jones, Harry Erwin, B. A. 16. Su- 
pervisor Teacher. West Salem, Wis. 

Jones, Helen Agnes, B. A. 17. Ra- 
vinia, 111. a 

Jones, Howard Mumford, B. A. 14. 
Assoc. Prof. U. of Texas. Austin, 
Texas, a 

Jones, Hugh Meirion, B. S. A. 15. 

Jones, Ida Isahelle, B. A. 05. Teach- 
er. 1040 W. Edgeware Ed., Los 
Angeles, Calif, a 

Jones, Ida Lucile, B, A. 15. Gen. 
Secy. Y. W. C. A. 325 W. Wayne, 
Ft. Wayne, Ind. a 

Jones, Ira David, B. S. A. 16. Dairy- 
ing. Wales, Wis. a 

Jones, Irene Helen, B. A. 18. 617 
Dyes, Burlington, Wis. 

Jones, Irving WiUard, Ph. B. 16. Ad- 
junct Prof. U. of Texas. 112 W. 
18th, Austin, Texas, a 

Jones, Jay Idris, Ph. G. 08. Phar- 
macist. Randolph, Wis. 
*Jones, Jenkin Lloyd, LL. D. 09. Died 
Sept. 12, 1918. 

Jones, Jessie E., Ph. B. 17. Instruc- 
tor. Menomonie, Wis. a 
*Jones, John Header, Ph. B. 65. Died 
Oct. 23, 1917. 

Jones, John Reese, LL. B. 11. Attor- 
ney. Osseo, Wis. 
<• Jones, Mrs. John R. Lloyd (Green, 
Grace N.) B. L. 95. Died Feb. 7, 

Jones, John Thomas, LL. B. 96. At- 
torney. 900 Metropolitan Life 
Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. 
''Jones, John T., LL. B. 71. Died Oct. 
21, 1891. 

Jones, Katherine, B. S. (H. Ec.) 19. 
Teacher. 356 Royall PK, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. a 

Jones, Kathlyn Janette, B. A. 16. 
Teacher. Albia, la. 

Jones, Laura M. (Hamilton, Mrs. 

Lee) Ph. G. 95. 
Jones, Lewis Albert, Ph. B. 99. Man- 
ufacturer. 3431 N. Congress, Chi- 
cago, 111. 
Jones, Maldwjm Lloyd, B. S. (Ch. C.^ 

14, M. S. 16. Chemist. Sears, 

Roebuck & Co., Chicago, 111. a 
Jones, Margery Vining, B. A. 12. Del 

afield, Wis. 
Jones, Mrs. Mark. F. (Shepherd, 

Roxie Eva B.) Ph. B. 11. Beach, 

N. D. a 
Jones, Marion Burr (Smith, Mrs 

Walter M.) B. A. 05. 
Jones, Marjorie H., B. S. (H. Ec.) 

19. Portage, Wis. 
Jones, May Eleanor, B. A. 16. Teach 

er. Mitchell, S. D. 
Jones, Merritt LaCount, B. S. (Med 

S.) 12. Wausau, Wis. 
Jones, Montfort, B. A. 12, M. A. 14, 

Univ. of Pittsburg, Pittsburg, Pa, 
Jones, Mrs. Montfort (Lloyd, Elea 

nor) Ph. B. 13. 9 Jarvis Apt., Mc- 

Kee PL, Oakland, Pittsburg, Pa 
Jones, Myrtle Edith, B. A. 10. Sta 

tistician Farm Mgt. OfS.ce, Wash 

D. C. 
Jones, Mjrrtle Estelle, Ph. B. 08. 
Jones, Nellie Bertine, Ph. B. 01 

Teacher. 288 Scott, Oshkosh, Wis, 
*Jones, Oliver Milton, Ph. B. 00. De 

Jones, Quincy Journey, B. A. 11, LL, 

B. 13. Attorney. Merrill, Wis. 
Jones, Renette, B. L. 97. Principal 

Brayton School. Madison, Wis. 
*Jones, Richard, B. S. (E. E.) 05. De 

Jones, Richard Henry, E. E. 15. Re 

search Assistant in Electrical Eng- 
ineering. U. W. Madison, Wis. 
Jones, Mrs. Richard Lloyd- (Hayden 

Georgia H.) B. L. 96. 1524 Cam 

eron, Tulsa, Okla. a 
Jones, Richard Uriah, M. A. 16. Pro 

fessor. Macalester Coll., St. Paul 

Jones, Sara Bennett (Larson, Mrs 

Louis E.) B. A. 10. 
Jones, Sara Van Hoosen, M. S. 16, 

219 Lathrop St., Madison, Wis. 
Jones, Silas Lloyd, B. A. (C. C.) 17 

M. A. 17. Warren, Ind. a 
Jones, Solomon, LL. B. 86. 
Jones, Mrs. S. S. (Mackenzie, Mary) 

B. L. 82. Pharmacist. Frazee, 

Minn, a 



Jones, Thelma Fay, B. A. 19. 1021 

Desmond Court, Madison, Wis. a 

* Jones, Thenetta A. (Howe, Mrs. 

John H.) Ph. B. 74. Died Dec. 1915. 
Jones, T. Harvey, LL. B. 06. Man- 
ager. A. C. Volk & Co., Duluth, 

Minn, a 
Jones, Thomas John, B. L. 96. Supt. 

of Schools. West Allis, Wis. 
Jones, Thomas Lloyd, B. S. 96. In- 
spector of Schools. Assoc, Prof. U. 

W. Madison, Wis. a 
Jones, Mrs. Thomas Lloyd (West- 
over, Calla P.) B. S. 96. Nakoma, 

Madison, Wis. a 
Jones, Victor Hugo, B. S. (E. E.) 17. 

Mankato, Minn. 
Jones, Victoria E., B. A. 10. Sten- 
ographer. U. S. Dept. of Justice. 
820 W. Johnson, Madison, Wis. a 
Jones, Warren Gilbert, B. L. 99. Con- 
gregational Pastor. 1019 Lakeland 

Ave., Madison, Wis. 
Jones, William Foulkes, B. A. 88. 

Clergyman. Blackburn Univ., Car- 

linville, 111. 
Jones, WilUam N., B. S. 05, C. E. 10. 

Civil Engr. City Engineer's Office, 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
*Jones, William Thomas, LL. B. 00. 

Died June 18, 1901. 
Jones, William Walter, LL. B. 88. 

Salesman. 901-lst, Milwaukee, 

Joranson, Einar, M. A. 14. Instr. 

Univ. of Chicago, Chicago, 111. 
Jordan, Claudia Blanche, B. A. 14. 

Teacher. Lancaster, Wis. 
Jordan, Mrs. C. W. (Ray, Julia E.) 

B. L. 84. 614 Western Ave., Joliet, 

Jordan, Edward Stanlaw, B. A. 05. 

Pres. and Gen. Mgr. Jordan Motor 

Car Co. Cleveland, O. 
Jordan, Mrs. Edward S. (Hannahs, 

Lottie E.) B. A. 05. 3128 Lin- 
coln Blvd., Cleveland, O. 
Jordan, Elbert Lewis, B. S. A. 04. 

Prof. Louisiana State Univ., Baton 

Eouge, La. 
Jordan, John Henry, Ph. B. 02, M. A. 

10. Teacher. Superior, Wis. 
*Jordan, Julius Leo, B. S. A. 16. Died 

Oct. 15, 1918. 
Jordan, Mrs. Loring Pierce (Barber, 

Sara C.) B. A. 07. 12 Church, 

Wakefield, Mass. 

Jordan, Raymond Wood, B. A. 16. 
Salesman. 642 S. Van Buren, Green 
Bay, Wis. a 
Jorgensen, Mrs. Arthur P. (Bergh, 
Lona Irene) B. A. 09. 10 Omote 
Sarugaku Cho, Kanda, Tokyo, Japan. 
Jorstad, Floyd Oswald, B. S. (E. E.) 
15. Engr. Miss. River Power Co., 
Keokuk, la. 
Jorstad, Osmund M., B. S. 04. Gen- 
eral Engr. Westinghouse Electric 
and Mfg. Co., East Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Jorstad, Mrs. O. M. (Tirrill, Marie) 

B. A. 06. WHkinsburg, Pa. 
Josephson, Clarence Egbert, B. A. 18. 

Accountant. Cambridge, Wis. 
Josephson, Clifford Ivan, B. A. 16. 
2526-Seventh Ave., Moline, 111. a 
Josiassen, John Simon, B. A. 13. 
Joslin, Elizabeth Verran, B. A. 08, 
M. A. 16. Teacher. 1125 W. Wash- 
ington Ave., Madison, Wis. a 
Joslin, George Albert, Ph. G. 04. 

Farmer. Darien, Wis. 
Joslin, Mrs. O. W. (Maercklein, Ella 
D.) B. S. 00. 3701 Sarnow PI., 
Milwaukee, Wis. 
Joslin, Richard Raymond, B. A. 12. 

1 226-1 st Ave., Cincinnati, O. a 
Jost, Delia (Weimar, Mrs. Albert C.) 

B. A. 17. 
Josten, Harriette Margaret, B. A. 12. 

Teacher. La Crosse, Wis. 
Joy, Josephine Fremont (Graef, Mrs. 

Harry H.) B. A. 17. 
Joy, Mrs. Ross E. (Parke, Gladys) 

Ph. B. 09. 
Joyce, Charles F., B. S. 90. 
*^oyce, George Walter, B. S. 89, Died 
Aug., 1892. 
Joyce, Howard Francis, Ag. G. 16. 

Farmer. Ashland, Wis. 
Joyce, Patrick Festus, B. C. E. 93. 

U. S. Asst. Engr. Norfolk, Va. 
Joys, Mrs. Carl C. Jr. (Hartley, Mar- 
iona Belle) B. A. 13. 9 Ivy Close, 
Forest Hills, L. I. a 
Juday, Mrs. C. (Evans, Magdalen E.) 
B. A. 04. 35 Lathrop, Madison, 
Judd, Roy Clair, Ph. B. 11. Agri- 
culturist. 121 N. Orchard, Madi- 
son, Wis. 
JudeU, Maxson Foxhall, B. A. (C. J.) 
17. Advertising, c/o Goldwin Dis- 
tributing Corp., 469-5th Ave., New 
York City, a 
Judge, Ina (Hanks, Mrs. Stanley C.) 
B. L. 95. 



Judson, Vema Eleanor, B. A. 16. 

Teacher. Marshfield, Wis. 

Juergens, Carl Henry, B. A. 09, B. S. 
L. 13. Attorney. Lloyd Bldg., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 

Juergens, Hutoert Frederic, B. A. 15. 
97 Buffalo, Hamburg, N. Y. 

Julio, Laura (Hamilton, Laura Julio) 
B. A. 18. 

Juneau, William J., B. A. 04. Direc- 
tor of Athletics. Univ. of Texas. 
Austin, Texas, a 

Jung, Ernst, B. A. 09. Treasurer, 
Jung Brewing Co., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Jung, rrederic Theodore, B. S. (Cii 
C.) 19. Chemist. Sheboygan, Wis. 

Jungkunz, lima De Murska (Schil 
ling, Mrs. George W.) B. A. 12. 

Jungkunz, William Kunz, B. S. A. 17. 
2130 Beachwood Drive, Hollywood, 
Calif, a 

Junkman, Glen Perry, Ph. B. 13. 
Principal of Schools. Wabeno, Wis. 

Juve, Karl Lincoln, B. S. A. 15. 
Manager. Pinehurst Farm Co., 
Sheboygan Falls, Wis. a 

Juve, Mrs. Oscar (Sanders, Belinda 
M.) M. G. 10. Office of Farm Man- 
agement, Wash., D. C. a 

Juve, Walter Henry, B. S. (Ch. C.) 
13. Development Engineer. Good- 
rich Rubber Co., Akron, O. a 

Kabat, Mary, B. A. 14. Reedsville, 
Wis. a 

Kachel, WiUiam Frederick, B. A. (C. 
E.) 08. Sales Mgr. Wis. Iron & 
Wire Works. 1379 Prospect PI., 
Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Kachel, IVIrs. William F. (Corse, El- 
len Jessie) B. A. 06. 1379 Pros- 
pect PI., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Kading, August, LL. B. 07. Attor- 
ney. Juneau, Wis. 

Kading, Earl Christian, B. A. 16. 
Deer Lodge, Mont. 

Kadish, Halbert Leopold, B. S. A. 12. 
736 Farwell Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Kadish, Victor Hugo, B. A. 06. Sew- 
age Comm., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Kadonsky, Joseph Frank, B. A. 97, 
B. S. A. 08. Agric. Representative. 
Ironwood, Mich. 

Kaempfer, Charles F., LL. B. 86. At- 
torney. 36 Cawker Bldg., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Kaerwer, Mrs. Howard E. (Horn, 
Ada) B. A. 18. 5233 Michigan 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Kaftan, Robert Albert, LL. B. 02. 
Attorney. 809 S. Jackson, Green 
Bay, Wis. 

Kahl, Emma Jeannette, B. A. 08. 
Black Earth, Wis. 

Kahlenberg, Louis, B. S. 92, M. S. 
93. Prof. U. W. 234 Lathrop, 
Madison, Wis. a 

KZahlenberg, Mrs. Louis (Heald, Lil- 
lian B.) B. L. 93. 234 Lathrop, 
Madison, Wis. a 

Kahlhamer, Alphons Edward, B. A. 
09. Mayville, Wis. 

Kahn, Charlotte Sarah, B. A. 15. 
Teacher. 225 Ogden Ave., Menom- 
inee, Mich. 

Kahn, Gustave E., B. S. (C. E.) 04. 
Constructing Engr. Keystone Con- 
struction Co. 114 Grand Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 

Kahn, Leon Edmund, B. A. (Com. C.) 
14. Herman Reel Co. 347-21st, 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Kahn, Robert Felix, B. A. 13. Nov- 
elty Knitting Mills. 347-21st, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Kailen, Florence, B. A. (C. J.) 17. 
915 W. Washington Ave., Madison, 

Kaiser, Frank Andrew. B. S. (C. E.) 
18. 2810 McKinley Blvd., Milwau- 

Kalaher, Michael W., B. L. 96. At- 
torney. 322 Reed, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Kalman, Lasser, M. A. 12. Teacher. 
Fowler, Calif. 

Kalmbach, Ethel Alberta, B. S. (H 
Ec.) 15. Research Worker. 2635 
N. Calvert, Baltimore, Md. a 

Kalmbach, Mabel Lorena (Spencer, 
Mrs. W. J.) B. A. 09. 

Kalmbach, Mrs. Maurice F. (Carpen- 
ter, Mae L.) B. A. 08. 354-37th, 
Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Kalsched, Edward A., B. S. (E. E.) 
11. c/o Albert Kahn, 60 LaFay- 
ette Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Kalter, Mrs. W. M. I. (Jardine, Alice 
Davina) B. A. 16. 407 Putnam 
Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Kamantigue, Gonzalo Manela, B. S. 
(E. E.) 15. Electrical Engr. Bu- 
reau of Public Works. 313 Sto. 
Sepulero, Paco, Manila, P. L 

Kamantigue, Jacinto M., B. A. 11. 
Chief Agent. Bureau of Internal 
Revenue, Manila, P. I. 

Kamiyama, Bentaro, Ph. D. 05. 



Kammerer, Helen Theresa, B. A. 18. 

810 Lafayette Ave., Eaeine, Wis. 
Kammlade, Stephen Girard, B. S. A. 
12. E. F. D. 6, Champaign, 111. a 
Kammlade, William Garfield, B. S. A. 

15. Sparta, Wis. 
Kane, Mrs. Alan Jr. (Hayden, Stella 
Jayne) B. S. 15. 347 Bluff, Du- 
buque, la. 
Kanneberg, Adolph, B. L. 94. At- 
torney. 415 Camp Bldg., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 
Kanouse, Mary (Negley, Mrs. Wil- 
liam H.) B. A. 14. 
Kappel, Gustav UMch, B. S. A. 18. 

Waldo, Wis. 
Karch, Charles Henry, Ph. B. (Gen. 
C.) 17. Secy. & Mgr., Canning 
Industry, Hartford, Wis. a 
Karcher, Nettie Elizabeth, LL. B. 15. 

Attorney. Burlington, Wis. a 
Karcher, Rasntnond Edward, B. A. 
(C. C.) 18. 273 Carroll, Free- 
port, 111. 
Karel, John C, LL. B. 95. County 
Judge. Court House, Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 
Karel, Louis Albert, LL. B. 96. State 
Board of Public Affairs, Madison, 
Wis. a 
Karger, Ralph, B. A. 19. 1316 

Cedar, Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Karges, Frank Edward, B. A. 10. 
County Supt. of Schools. Center, 
N. D. 
Karges, Rudolph A., Ph. B. 06. State 

Normal School. Kiver Falls, Wis. 
Karlen, Mrs. Herman J. (Dunwiddie, 
Grace Sue) B. A. 11. Monroe, Wis. 
Karnopp, John Louis, Ph. B. 09. Keal 
Estate Agent. 325 Kailway Ex- 
change Bldg., Portland, Ore. 
Karow, E. Cornelia, B. A. 16. Teach- 
er. De Forest, Wis. a 
Karrow, Herman Henry, LL. B. 09. 
Attorney. 308-10 Wells Bldg., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 
Kartak, Franz August, B. S. (B. B.) 
09, E. E. 11. Milwaukee School of 
Engr., Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Kasak, Michael, B. S. (Med.) 15. 
Instr. U. Medic School. St. Louis, 
Kasak, Mrs. Michael (Merkelbach, 
Maria Louise) B. A. 13, M. A. 15. 
Apt. 402 Annex, 5696 Kingsbury 
Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. 
Kasberg, Alexander, B. L. 03, LL. B. 
05. Attorney. Lewiston NatL Bk. 
Bldg., Lewiston, Idaho. 

Kasberg, Petra Ellevine, M. G. 04 

12 Zamora Apts., Cor. 9th & Seneca, 
Seattle, Wash. 
Kasberg, Tinora L. (Cook, Mrs. Theo- 
dore) B. L. 02. 
Kasiska, Eva Helen, B. A. 10. 155 

S. Garfield Ave., Pocatello, Idaho. 
Kasiska, Mabel Josephine, B. A. 10. 
155 S. Garfield Ave., Pocatello, 
Idaho, a 
Kasparek, Emma (England, Mrs. 

Frank) B. S. (H. Ec.) 18. 
Kasson, Alice Palmer, B. A. 99. 5817 

Blackstone Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Kasten, Albert William, B. S. A. 17. 
Director. Vocational Agriculture. 
Walla Walla, Wash, a 
Kasten, Harry Edward, B. S. (Med.) 

18. Juneau, Wis. 
Kasten, Marie A., B. A. 08, M. A. 11. 

185-31st, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Kastler, Edward Louis, B. S. (M. E.) 
10, M. E. 13. Chief Engr. The 
Holt Mfg. Co. Stockton, Calif. 
Katz, Frank James, B. A. 05. Geolo- 
gist. U. S. Geological Survey, 
Wash., D. C. 
Katz, George Henry, B. L. 93, LL. B. 
95. Attorney. 319 Wells Bldg., 
Milwaukee, Wis. a 
*Katz, Mrs. George H. (Griffith, Jes- 
sie) B. L. 93, M. L. 95. Deceased. 
*Katzenstein, Frank, B. L. 93. Died 
July 31, 1917. 
Katzenstein, George Paul, B. S. 96. 
Physician. 1915 N. Broad, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. a 
Kauffman, Clark Emory, B. S. (M. 
E.) 17. Mech. Engr. Em. 915, 64 
E. Van Buren, Chicago, 111. a 
Kauffman, Jacob Lorelle, B. A. 12. 
Kauffman, William Frederick, B. S. 

A. 17. Parktown, Md. 
Kaufman, Pearl Lillian, B. A. 17. 

Teacher. Ladysmith, Wis. 
Kaulfuss, Julius Ernest, B. S. (C. E.) 
08. Asst. Chief Engr. N. D. State 
Highway Comm. 820-5th, Bis- 
marck, N. D. a 
Kaumheimer, Edwin Andrew, B. S. 
(E. E.) 16. Adv. Mgr. Allen-Brad- 
ley Co. Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Kautsky, Emil John, B. S. A. 15. 

Farmer. Colby, Wis, a 

Kauwertz, Walter W., LL. B. 98, Real 

Estate, Loans & Insurance. 706-7 

Security Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Kavanaugh, James Nicholas, Ag. G. 

Kavanaugh, Katherine B., B. L. 01. 

12— A. D. 



Kawabe, Kisaburo, M. A. 12. 

Kay, Rosaline, B. A. 16. 3612 Doug- 
las Blvd., Chicago, 111. 

Kaye, Sara Elizabeth (Buchecker, 
Mrs. Albert I.) B. A. 09. 

Kayser, Edward M., B. S. (C. E.) 05. 

Kayser, Helen, B. A. 14. Social 
Worker. 802 E. Gorham, Madison, 

Kayser, Nicholas J., B. S. (G. E.) 10. 
c/o James M. Usher, 209 S. Broom, 
Madison, Wis. 

Kayser, Mrs. N. J. (Usher, Florence 
Sou) B. A. 07. c/o James M. Usher, 
209 S. Broom, Madison, Wis. 

Kayser, Stella Otillia, B. A. 09. Mem- 
ber of Faculty, Wisconsin School of 
Music. 802 E. Gorham, Madison, 
Wis. a 

Kazda, Adolph Henry, B. A. 13, M. 
A. 16. Manitowoc, Wis. 

Keachie, George Robertson, B. S. (C. 
E.) 03, C. E. 07. Engr. Contractor. 
211 S. Mills, Madison, Wis. 

Kean, John Taylor, LL. B. 77. Eeal 
Estate & Investments. 402 Andrus 
Bldg, Minneapolis, Minn 

Kearney, Edgar, B. S. (M. E.) 06. 
Midvale Steel Co. 1819 Chestnut, 
Philadelphia, Pa. a 

Kearney, Jeannette (Rood, Mrs. J. 
Q.) B. A. 14. 

Kearney, Katharine Louise, B. A. 16. 
1500 Asylum Ave., Racine, Wis. 

Kearney, Thomas M. Jr., B. A. 11. 
Attorney. 1st Natl. Bk. Bldg., Ra- 
cine, Wis. 

Kearney, Mrs. Thomas M. Jr. (Hutch- 
inson, Helen) B. A. 10. 1512 Main, 
Racine, Wis. a 

Keating, Fred Earl, B. S. A. 17. 
U. S. Dept. of Agric. Experiment 
Station, Garden City, Kan. a 

Keating, Grace Maye, B. A. 04. 397 
Fulton, Elgin, 111. 

Keator, Edward HolUs, B. S. (G. E.) 
10. Engr. Mississippi River Pow- 
er Co. Keokuk, la. 

Keats, Marion, B. A. 11, M. A. 12. 
Teacher. 299-29th, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Keats, Myron EUot, Ph. B. 07. Teach- 
er. Oconomowoc, Wis. 

Kedney, Henry Steinf ort, B. S. A. 14. 
Commercial Warehousing. 10 Hen- 
nepin Ave., Minneapolis, Minn, a 

Keebler, Irvin Wallace, B. S. (Ch. 
C.) 19. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Keech, Elizabeth M. (Bacon, Mrs. 
Paul V.) B. L. 99. 

*Keefe, John C, Ph. B. 72. Deceased. 

Keeler, Ray Monroe, B. A. 15. In- 
surance Business. 216 N. 7th, La 
Crosse, Wis. 

Keeley, Clarence Armand, B. A. (C. 
C.) 17. Asst. Paymaster. U. S. 
Navy. Mayville, Wis. 
*Keeley, Dennis Thomas, B. L. 88. De- 

Keeley, riorence Rose, Ph. B. (Nor. 
C.) 18. 921-6th, Hudson, Wis. a 

Keeley, Margaret Mercedes, B. A. 17. 
Mayville, Wis. 

Keene, Alvin Dewajme, B. S. (E. E.) 
13. Ind. Cont. Dept. Genl. Electric 
Co. 2 Eagle, Schenectady, N. Y. 

Keene, Walter Albert, LL. B. 89. 
Lawyer. New York Blk., Seattle, 

Keffer, Ralph, M. A. 13. 32 Darliu, 
East Hartford, Conn. 

Keffer, Mrs. Ralph (Ward, Mabe! 
Lucy) B. A. 14. 32 Darlin, East 
Hartford, Conn. 

Keho, Joseph, Ph. G. 07. Pharmacist 
& Mfg. Chemist. Meier & Frank 
Co. Portland, Ore. 

Kehr, Carl Merriam, B. S. (G. E.) 08. 
Auditor. Atlas Crucible Steel Go. 
Dunkirk, N. Y. a 
*Kehr, Ernest Agnew, LL. B. 92. De- 

Keifer, Adeline, B. S. 84. Spring 
Green, Wis. a 

Keirn, Nellie Sutton, M. A. 12. Lex- 
ington, Miss. 

Keith, Alice, B. A. 16. Galesville, 
Wis. a 

Keith, Harry Page, LL. B. 03. Lum- 
berman. Keith & Hiles Lumber Co. 
Crandon, Wis. 

Keith, Winifred Maude, B. A. 14. 
i Galesville, Wis. 

Keitt, George Wannamaker, M. S. 11, 
Ph. D. 14. Prof. U. W. Madison, 
Wis, a 

Keller, Aloysius D., B. S. (E. E.) 11. 
Ensign. U. S. N. 701 Walnut, 
Baraboo, Wis. 

Keller, Arthur Edwar*, B. S. (M. E.) 
07. Asst. Cashier. State Bank. 
Fennimore, Wis. 

Keller, Mrs. Arthur E. (Parker, 
Marie) B. A. 07. Fennimore, Wis. 

KeUer, Carl Augustus, B. S. (E. E.) 
99. Electrical Engr. Common- 
wealth Edison Co. Bldg., Chicago, 
111. a 



Keller, Eleanor Hardy (Carter, Mrs. 

Homer) M. G. 15. 
Keller, Richard, B. S. 87. Mining, 
Banching & Real Estate. Montrose, 

Keller, Roy Avery, B. S. (E. E.) 13. 
Asst. Supt. Electrical Dept. Cen- 
tral 111. Light Co. Peoria, 111. 

Keller, William J., Ph. D. 14. Asst. 
Prof. U. W. Madison, Wis. 

Kellett, Bertha (Bunn, Mrs. John 
M.) B. L. 94. 

Kelley, Anne Bassett, M. A. 16. Mis- 
sionary Teacher. American Board 
of Missions, Peking, China. 

Kelley, Chase W., B. A. 05. Asst. 
State Mgr. Central Life Ins. Co. 
Madison, Wis. 

Kelley, Edward Leo, LL. B. 96. At- 
torney. 6-8 Dempsey Bldg., Mani- 
towoc, Wis. 

Kelley, Elizabeth Cecelia, B. A. 16. 
Euclid Apts. No. 31, Berkeley, 
Calif, a 

Kelley, Harry F., LL. B. 02. Attor 
ney. Wood Blk., Manitowoc, Wis. 

Kelley, Mrs. John A. (Two, Flor- 
ence) B. A. 10. 1115-16th, Super- 
ior, Wis. 
*Kelley, John Jr., LL. B. 79. Died 
May 24, 1910. 

Kelley, John M., LL. B. 01. Attor- 
ney for Eingling Bros. 221 Insti- 
tute PI., Chicago, 111. 

Kelley, Mrs. John P. (Pureell, Elea- 
nor C.) M. G. 05. 3420 Cedar, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

KeUey, John William, LL. B. 99. 
Asst. Gen. Mgr. Jarecki Mfg. Co. 
5531 Ellsworth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Kelley, Kenneth Moseley, B. S. A. 
17. Tomah, Wis. a 

Kelley, Patrick John, B. S. (E. E.) 
02. Ohio Brass Co. 225 W. 4th, 
Mansfield, O. 

Kelley, WilUam Michael, B. S. A. 18. 
Instr. Barrow Field, Evermon, Tex. 

KelUng, Max J., B. A. 06. Pres. 
Kelling-Karel Nut Co. 217-223 W. 
Huron, Chicago, 111. a 

Kellington, Celestia May, B. A. 16. 
New Eockford, N. D. 

Kellogg, Charles F., LL. B. 82. Pres. 
Northwestern Abstract & Title Ins. 
Co. Missoula, Mont. 

Kellogg, Claude Rupert, M. A. 18. 
2305 Washington, Denver, Colo. 

Kellogg, Harry L., LL. B. 94. Attor- 
ney. 1315-7 Wells Bldg., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Kellogg, Mrs. Harry L. (Hopkins, 
Grace L.) B. L. 94. 913 Hackett 
Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Kellogg, Helen Julia, B. L. 94. 877 
Goodrich Ave., St. Paul, Minn, a 

Kellogg, Louise P., B. L. 97, Ph. D. 
01. Eesearch & Editorial Work. 
State Historical Library, Madison, 
Wis. a 

Kellogg, Robert Ensign, B. S. A. 17. 
Eandolph, Wis. 
*Kellogg, Rufus Henry, B. S. (M. E.) 

Kelly, Albert Matthew, LL. B. 10. 
1012 Wells Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Kelly, Christmas, B, S. (H. Econ.) 
11. Bacteriologist. Board of Health. 
398 Bradford Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Kelly, Mrs. E. Hays (Holmes, Mar- 
ion Helen) B. A. 11. 523 W. Maple 
Ave., Monrovia, Calif, a 

Kelly, Elizabeth Mary, B. A. 16, 
Teacher. 1000 Cherry, S. Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Kelly, Esther Elizabeth (Bill, Mrs. 
James Eaymond) B. A. 15. 

Kelly, Frederick Thomas, B. S. 91. 
Asst. Prof. U. W. 2019 Monroe, 
Madison, Wis. a 

Kelly, Frederick William, B. L. 88, 
LL. B. 91. Attorney. 

Kelly, George Thomas, LL. B. 95. At- 
torney. Master in Chancery of Su- 
perior Court. 1616 Marquette Bldg., 
Chicago, 111. 

Kelly, Mrs. G. N. (Albers, Euth Her- 
mione) B. A. 17. 1729 E. 67th, 
Chicago, 111. a 
*Kelly, John T., LL. B. 88. Deceased. 

Kelly, Mary Margaret (Steinhagen, 
Mrs. Ewald D.) B. A. 09. 

Kelly, MoUie S., B. A. 07. Teacher. 
201 Hamilton, Albany, N. Y. 

Kelly, Patrick Joseph, LL. B. 91. 
Secy. Elk Club. 448 Jefferson, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Kelly, Paul Frederick, B. A. 11. 
Salesman. J. A. Kelly & Bros. 
Clinton, la. 

Kelly, Paul John, B. S. A. 14. Sales- 
man American Enameled Magnet 
Wire Co. Muskegon, Mich. 

Kelly, Thomas F., B. S. (E. E.) 07. 
Salesman. American Electric Works. 
112 W. Adams, Chicago, 111. 



Kelly, William Hartt, Ph. B. 02. Dist. 

Mgr. Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. 

Co. Ft. Atkinson, Wis. 
Kelm, Alfred Carl, B. S. (E. E.) 13. 
*Kelin, William O., LL. B. 08. Died 

Oct. 1, 1920. 
Kelsey, Charles Edwin, LL . B. 96. 

Attorney. Vista, San Diego, Calif. 
Kelsey, Rachel Marjorie, Ph. B. 01, 

M. L. 02. Instr. U. W. 1221 Oak, 

Baraboo, Wis. a 
Kelsey, WiUiam Thomas, LL. B. 72. 

Judge. 1221 Oak, Baraboo, Wis. 
Kelsey, William Thomas Jr., B. A. 

04, LL. B. 06. Attorney. 201-4 

Washington Bldg., Madison, Wis. 
*Kelty, Asher Esaias, B. S. (M. E.) 

17. Died in service, Sept. 26, 1918. 
Kemler, Clara (Smith, Mrs. W. N.) 

B. A. 05. 
Kemmer, Frank Leonard, B. A. 17. 

397 Bleacher, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Kemmerer, George Irving, B. A. 04, 

M. A. 06. Prof. Carroll Coll. 

Waukesha, Wis. a 
Kemmerer, Mrs. Greorge I. (Lyon, 

Ruth E.) B. A. 06. 139 Laflin Ave., 

Waukesha, Wis. 
Kemp, Mrs. H. A. (Dunwiddio, 

Mary) B. L. 80. 2516 N. Mullen, 

Tacoma, Wash. 
Kemp, Harry E. G., LL. B. 02. At- 
torney. Boscobel, Wis. a 
Kemp, Ralph, B. S. 14. Mfgr. of 

Canned Foods. Frankfort, Ind. 
Kemp, Mrs. Ralph (Heddles, Beula 

Sloan) B. A. 14. 656 E. Washing- 
ton, Frankfort, Ind. a 
Kemp, Walter John, B. A. 08. Clay 

Products. 907 Fletcher Trust Bldg., 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
Kemp, William Bilton, E. E. 11. Act- 
ing Traffic Engr. Traffic Dept. 

Michigan State Telephone Co. 20 

Clifford, Detroit, Mich, a 
Kemp, WilUam Henry Jr., B. S. A. 

14. Farming & Insurance. Arco, 

Kempthome, William Bismarck, Ph. 

B. 07, Ph. M. 11. Platteville, Wis. 
Kempton, IVIrs. Arthur C. (Wyman, 

Anna I.) B. L. 94. Now Mrs. Ed- 
ward Babcock. 
Kempton, Forrest E., M. S. 13. Asst. 

Pathologist. 1109 Buchanan, N. 

W., Washington, D. C. a 
Kempton, Mrs. Judson (Roach, Mrs. 

W. L.) B. L. 96. Now Anna E. 


Kendall, Elizabeth Norris, B. S. A. 
18. Farmer. LaMoille, 111. a 

Kendall, George Valentine, M. A. 13. 
Lieut. U. S. P. O. 704, A. E. F. 
Balloon Observation practice. Batt. 
D. 15 Reg. F. A. 

Kendell, William Henry, B. S. (Ph.) 
09. Chemist. Curtice Bros. Cur- 
tice, Rochester, N. Y. 

Kennard, Dwight Clinton, B. S. A. 

18. Teacher & Investigator. 733 
N. Grant Ave., W. Lafayette, Ind. 

Kennedy, Bess G., B. A. 05. Neills- 
ville, Wis. 

Kennedy, ComeUa, M. S. 15. Asst. 
Chemist. , 2504-^th Ave., S. Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 

Kennedy, David S., B. S. 83. 1217 
Market, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Kennedy, Dorothy Elizabeth, B. A. 

19. Librarian. 476-5 th Ave., New 
York City, a 

Kennedy, Frank Albert, B. A. (G 
E.) 06. Mining & Consulting Engr. 
1425 E. Superior, Duluth, Minn. 

Kennedy, Frank M., B. S. (C. E.) 08. 
Captain, 26th Infantry. Camp 
Taylor, Ky. a 

Kennedy, Gertrude Claire (Ross, 
Mrs. Thompson) B. A. 10. 

Kennedy, James Eugene, B. A. 05. 
City Clerk. Platteville, Wis. 
*Kennedy, John Mazwell, LL. B. 72. 
Died Dec. 14, 1877. 

Kennedy, Margaret J., B. L. 02. 
Platteville, Wis. 

Kennedy, Martin Thomas, B. S. A. 
15. Director of Athletics. North 
High School, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Kennedy, Robert Edward, LL. B. 07. 
Attorney. Wisconsin Bldg., Super- 
ior, Wis. 

Kennedy, W. M., B. S. (M. E.) 96. 
Mine Supt. Platteville, Wis. 

Kennedy, William T., LL. B. 89. At- 
torney. Amery, Wis. 

Kenney, Edward Leander, B. S. (E. 
E.) 17. Elkhorn, Wis. 

Kenney, James Francis, M. A. 08. 
Editor of Public Archives. Ot- 
tawa, Can. 

Kent, Hazel Eva, B. S. (H. Ec.) 17. 

Kentzler, Ruth Purdy, B. A. 17. R. 
F. D. 7, Madison, Wis. 

Kepke, Clara Louisa F., B. A. 18. 
Computing Clerk. 312 Hunting- 
ton Ct., Madison, Wis. a 



Kepke, Frederick William, Ph. G. 12. 
Pharmacist. 7 E. Main, Madison, 

Kepler, Mrs. Lee G. (Roehm, Norma 
R.) B. A. 11. Box 709, Hibbing, 
Minn, a 

Kerch, John Garver, B. A. (C. C.) 18. 
39 N. Portage Path, Akron, O. 

Keman, Thomas Harold, B. S. (Min. 
E.) 16. a 

Kerns, Harriet White, B. L. 02. 

Kerr, Mrs. A. R. (Johnson, Nora 
Francisca) B. L. 00. 106 North- 
ern Ave., New York City, a 

Kerr, Charles H., B. A. 81. Editor 
& Publisher. 5365 Bowmanville 
Ave, Chicago, 111 

Kerr, Harold Dabney, B. S. (Med.) 
16. Catonsville, Md. 
*Kerr, Henry HaUeck, B. S. (E. E.) 
11. Died in service, Nov. 11, 1918. 

Kerr, James Bremer, B. A. 89, M. A, 
90, LL. B. 92. Attorney. 1410 
Yeon BIdg., Portland, Ore. a 

Kerr, Mrs. James B. (Bushnell, 
Mabel) B. L. 91. 637 Terrace Rd., 
Portland, Ore. a 

Kerr, Samuel Jr., B. A. 10. Plant 
Supt. Jos. T. Ryerson & Son. 203 
W. Side Ave., Jersey City, N. J. a 

Kerr, Spencer Hall, B. A .14. Catona 
ville, Md. 

Kerr, William Dunton, LL. B. 10. 
Attorney. 19 S. La Salle, Chicago, 
111. ^ 

Kerschensteiner, Mark J., B. A. 09, 
LL. B. 12. Adv. Mgr. Ft. At 
kinson, Wis. a 

Kerwin, James C, LL. B. 75. Jus 
tice Supreme Court. Madison, Wis. a 

Kerz, Paul, LL. B. 94. Attorney. 
Galena, 111. 

Kesler, Edna Marie, B. A. 18. 228 
Peoria Ave., Peoria, 111. 

Kessenich, Alois Michael, B. S. A. 
16. Montgomery Ward & Co. Chi- 
cago, 111. a 

Kessenich, Mrs. Alois (Wood, Hen- 
rietta Holmes) B. A. 16. 827 Cor- 
nelia Ave., Chicago, 111. a 

Kessler, Alvin Herman, B. A. 13. St. 
Louis Coke &; Chemical Co., St. 
Louis, Mo. a 

Kesten, George Henry, Ph. G. 88. 
Pharmacist. 502 State, Milwaukee, 
*Ketcham, Alice May, Ph. B. 09. De- 

Ketcham, Button Elmer, Ph. G. 02. 

Grain Dealer, Madison, S. D. 
Ketcham, Hazel Mae, Ph. B. 17. 

Dept. Teacher. Arsenal Technical 

High School, Indianapolis, Ind. a 
Ketcham, Iva Nodene, B. A. 18, M. 

A. 19. Asst. Prof. Dakota Wes- 

leyan Coll., Mitchell, S. D. a 
Ketchpaw, Erma L. (Taylor, Mrs. 

Ora P.) B. A. 06. 
Ketchpaw, Maude L. (Mills, Mrs. 

Clifford W.) B. A. 06. 
Ketchum, Edith Irene (Kirk, Mrs. 

John R.) B. A. 07. 
Ketchum, Florence J. (Corbus, Mrs. 

Frederick G.) B. L. 01, M. L. 03. 
Ketchum, Harold Edwin, B. A. (G. 

E.) 08. 2514-5th W. Seattle, Wash. 
Ketchum, Wesley Merritt, B. S. (E. 

E.) 08. Asst. Engr. R. R. Comm. 

of Wis. Eau Claire, Wis. a 
Ketelle, Mrs. Hubert (Aberdeen, 

Mary) M. A. 08. 663-7th, Huron, 

5. D. 

Key, Mrs. Wilhelmine E. (Enteman, 
Wilhelmine Marie) B. S. 94. Arch- 
ivist of Printed Records. Eugenics 
Record Office, Cold Spring Harbor, 
Long Island, N. Y. 

Keyes, Dudley Hyde, B. S. (E. E.) 

06. Telephone Engr. 195 Broad- 
way, New York City, a 

Keyes, Elisha William Jr., B. L. 81. 

Solicitor. C. M. & St. P. R. R. 

162 Biddle, Milwaukee, Wis. 
*Keyes, Joseph Stevens, LL. B. 78 

Keyes, Mary, B. A. 19. 922 Lake 

Ave., Racine, Wis. a 
Keyes, Orton, B. A. 18. Student. U. 

W. Waldo, Wis. 
Keyser, Clarence, M. S. 12. Teacher. 

Worcester Academy. Worcester, 

Khanlian, Benjamin Parsegh, B. S. 

(Med.) 18. 315 No. Brooks, Madi- 
son, Wis. 
Kidd, Mrs. Earle Walden (Elliott, 

Laura Belle) B. A. 07. Owen, Wis. 
Kidder, Charles Joseph, B. A. 15. 

Architect, c/o A. Peabody, 325^ 

W. Wilson, Madison, Wis. a 
Kidder, Mary Agnes, M. A. 16. Red 

Cross. Denver, Colo. 
*Kidder, Mattie EUzabeth (Mrs. S. 

E.) B. A. 17. Deceased. 
Kieckhefer, Mrs. Alfred J. (Moore, 

Allison) B. A. 09. 2607 Grand 

Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 



Kleckhefer, Anna Elizabeth, B. A. 
12. 729 Cass, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Kiekhefer, Hilda Louise, B. A. 19. 
729 Cass, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Kleckhefer, Meta Catherine, B. A. 
10. Teacher. 729 Cass, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Kieckhefer, Mrs. Robert J. (Starke, 
Meta E.) B. A. 06. 180-31st, MU- 
waukee, Wis. a 

Kieckhefer, Mrs. William H. (Boorse, 
Mary M.) B. A. 15. 508 Bradford 
Ave., Apt. 1, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Kiefer, Mrs. Norman W. (Partridge, 
Elva E.) B. A. 11. Seeley Lake, 
Mont, a 

Kiehl, Wallace P., B. S. (E. E.) 97. 
389. Park Ave., Union Hill, N. J. a 

Kiekhofer, Benjamin Alvin, B. A. 
12. Secy. State Board of Public Af- 
fairs. Madison, Wis. a 

Kiekhofer, Alma Elenore, B. A. 14. 
Stenographer. 2,448 Center, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 
*Kienholz, Albert A., Ph. B. 99. De- 

Kies, William Samuel, B. L. 99, LL. 
B. 01. Vice-Pres. Natl. City Bank 
& Vice-Pres. American International 
Corp. New York City, a 

Kieselbach, Clara Ottilie, B. A. 13. a 

Kietzman, William Arthur, B. S. (E. 
E.) 12. Commercial Engr. Amer. 
Tel. & Tel. Co. 195 Broadway, 
New York City. 

Kifer, Edwin H., B. S. (E. E.) 08. 
Vice-Pres. & Genl. Mgr. S. A. Pub- 
lic Service Co. San Antonio, Texas, 

Kiland, Gustav H., LL. B. 89. Asst. 
State Fire Marshall. 412 W. Mif- 
flin, Madison, Wis. a 

Kile, Roy Brook, B. S. (E. E.) 15. 
Engr. 706 W. 22d, Wilmington, 
Del. a 

Kileen, Edward F., LL. B. 94. At- 
torney. Wautoma, Wis. 

Kiley, William Earl, B. S. (Med.) 17. 

Byron, 111. a 
*Killilea, Matthew Robert, LL. B. 91. 

Killmer, Mrs. A. J. (McMahon, 
Mayme Karnes) B. L. 02. 730 N. 
Federal, Mason City, la. 

Kilmer, Eva Marie (Barry, Mrs. A. 
Glen) B. A. 13. 

Kilpatrick, Elmer James, B. S. A. 14. 
County Agric. Agent. Paducah, Ky. 

Kilpatrick, Mary Lula, S. M. G. 18. 

Belmont, Wis. 
Kimball, Archie William, B. A. (C. 

C.) 16. 216 N. Scoville Ave., Oak 

Park, 111. a 
Kimball, Bertha C. (McCausland, 

Mrs. E. F.) B. S. 95. 
Kimball, Edna G., B. L. 95. 875 W. 

7th, Superior, Wis. a 
Kimball, Emily Amanthus, B. A. 18. 

Teacher. Wausau, Wis. 
Kimball, Euretta Mary (Davis, Mrs. 

Ealph Emerson) B. A. 06. 
Kimball, John Thoroughgood, B. S. 

(E. E.) 14. 1926 East 83rd, Cleve- 
land, O. a 
Kimball, Myra Weston, Ph. G. 99. 

Health Dept. City Hall, La Crosse, 

Wis. a 
Kimball, Norman C, B. A. 07. Cler- 
gyman. 1725 Madison, Madison, 

Wis. a 
Kincaid, Mrs. James Lisle (Murphy, 

Pauline) B. A. 10. 1515 W. 17th, 

Sioux City, la. 
Kind, Mrs. John L. (Veerhusen, Els- 

beth) B. A. 91, Ph. D. 03. The 

Pattington, Apt. A. 4 700 Irving 

Park Blvd., Chicago, 111. a 
Kindschi, Alta Ester (Tarnutzer, 

Mrs. Lloyd) B. A. 10. 
King, Alice Van Patten, B. A. 18. 

Statistician. 656 State, Madison, 

King, Amos Jefferson, B. A. 10. 

Comm. Merchant. Camp Las Casas, 

San Juan, Porto Rico, a 
King, Anna B. (Leadbetter, Mrs. L. 

A.) B. L. 04, M. A. 04. 
King, Annie Elizabeth, B. A. 13. 

Teacher. Broaddus Institute. Phil- 

ippi, W. Va. 
King, Arthur C, B. S. (M. E.) 01, 

E. E. 15, M. E. 16. Engr. 8 S. 

Dearborn, Box 3, Chicago, 111. a 
*King, Mrs. C. I. (Craig, Alice Jessie) 

B. S. 80. Deceased. 
King, Clarence, B. A. 06. Lawyer. 

R. F. D. 43. Norwalk, Conn, a 
King, Elizabeth (Nee, Mrs. Frank) 

B. L. 97. 
King, Elizabeth (Maurer, Mrs. ii. 

H.) B. L. 00, M. A. 04. 
King, Elsie, B. A. 04. Teacher. 

Neillsville, Wis. 
King, Ssther Josephine, B. A. 14. 

903-9th, Watertown, Wis. 



King, Mrs. E. W. (Johnson, Alice 
Victoria) B. A. 14. U. S. Army. 
Fort Leavenworth, Kan. 

King, Florence Harriet, B. A. 19. 6 
Waverlv PL, Milwaukee, "Wis. a 
*King, FrankUn Hiram, Sc. D. 10 
Died Aug. 4, 1911. 

King, Mrs. Frederick A. (Shatto, 
Edith) B. A. 10. Mgr. Natl. So- 
cial Workers' Exchange. 69 W. 
11th, New York City. 

King, George Edward, M. S. 02. Prof. 
Kan. Wesleyan Univ. Salina, Kan. 

King, George Yeldham, LL. B. 17. 
Tigerton, Wis. 

King, Gertrude Phyllis, B. A. 19. 109 
Fredonia Ave., Peoria, 111. 

King, Kenneth Caldwell, B. A. 16. 
Salesman. 426 Lake, Oak Park, 
111. a 

King, Leo Hamilton, M. A. 06. 

King, Mary Anne (Savage, Mrs. G. 
F.) B. A. 09. 

King, Mary Louisa, B. A. 15. Ee 
search Clerk. Military Intelligence 
Dept. 7th & B, Wash., D. C. a 

King, Max Werner, B. S. (C. E.) 09. 
Dist. Mgr. Empire Engr. Co. 28 
Beard Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. a 

King, Nellie (Donaldson, Mrs. H. N.) 
Ph. B. 17. 

King, Thomas Westen, LL. B. 95. At- 
torney & Banker. Spring Green, 

King, Tower Wadsworth, B. S. (E. 
E.) 19. 62'2 Mendota Ct., Madi- 
son, Wis. 

King, Willford Isbell, M. A. 10, Ph 
D. 14; Economist. Natl. Bur. of 
Econ. Eesearch, 175 Ninth Ave., 
New York City, a 

Kingdon, Jessie Margaret, B. A. 14. 
Teacher. Juneau, Wis. 

Kingsford, Albert S., B. L. 97. City 
Supt. Aurora, 111. 

Kingsford, Alfred C, B. L. 98. Supt. 
of Schools. Baraboo, Wis. 

Kingsley, George Almon, B. A. 95, 
LL. B. 97. Attorney for Soo Eail- 
way, 1925 Irving Ave., S. Min- 
neapolis, Minn, a 

Kingsley, Susanna, B. A. 16. 
*Kingston, John T. Jr., B. L. 83, LL. 
B. 86. Died Aug. 26, 1898. 

Kinley, David, Ph. D. 93, LL. D. 18. 
Prof. & Vice-Pres. U. of 111. 1101 
W. Oregon, Urbana, 111. 

Kinnan, Marjorie, B. A. 18. 625 
Mendota Ct., Madison, Wis. 

Kinne, Blanche Marie, B. A. 04. Asst. 
County Supt. Schools, Elkhorn, 
Wis. a 
Kinne, Burdette Ingersoll, B. A. 14, 
M. A. 16. Instr. U. W. Madison, 
*Kinne, Harold Everett, B. A. 19. 
Died in service. 
Kinne, Herbert, LL. B. 89. Attor- 
ney. 516 Caswell Blk. Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 
Banne, William Spaulding, B. S. (C. 
E.) 04. Assoc. Prof. U. W. 2105 
W. Lawn Ave., Madison, Wis. a 
*Kinne, Knoz, B. L. 94, LL. B. 97. 
Kinney, Lorenzo Foster, M. S. 15. 
Extension Service. E. I. State Coll. 
Kingston, E. I. a 
Kinney, Samuel Marks, M. A. 17, 
Commercial Eesearch. Curtis Pub. 
Co. Philadelphia, Pa. 
Kinsey, Zebulon Bradley, B. A. 06. 
4525 Broadway, Chicago, HI. a 
*Kinsley, Charles Harwoon, LL. B. 
89. Died June 16, 1898. 
Kinsman, Delos Oscar, B. L. 96, Ph 
D. 00. Prof. Lawrence Coll. Ap* 
pleton, Wis. 
Kinsman, Frank C, B. S. (Med.) 18. 
Medical Student. Manawa, Wis. a 
Kinsman, George Albert, B. L. 93. 
Deputy Collector Internal Eevenue. 
Federal Bldg., Chicago, HI. 
Kinsman, Thomas LsRoy, B. A. 12. a 
Kirby, Ethel L., B. A. 08. Teacher. 
437 New York Ave., Whiting, Ind. 
I Kirch, Annie Bell, B. A. 11, M. A. 14. 
1 208 E. Mifflin, Madison, Wis. 
Kirch, Charles Hugo, B. S. (C. E.) 
12. Asst. Bridge Engr. Wis. High- 
way Comm. Madison, Wis. a 
Kirch, Henrietta Ann, B. A. 12. 
1815 Oakland Ave., Des Moines, la. 
Kirch, Iza Barbara, B. A. 12. Clerk 
Wis. Tax Comm. Madison, Wis. a 
Kirch, Louis Adolf, B. S. (C. E.) IS. 

Oliver Mining Co. Eveleth, Minn. 
Kirch, Nicholas Claude, B. L. 02. 

Mas'omanie, Wis. a 
Kircher, Henry William, Ph. B. 03, 
Ph. M. 04. Supt. City Schools. 
Dodgeville, Wis. 
Kirchoffer, William Gray, B. S. (C 
E.) 97, C. E. 01. Sanitary & Hy- 
draulic Engr. 22 N. Carroll, Madi- 
son, Wis. 
Kirk, Allen Taylor, B. S. (M. E.) 06. 
901 Lawrence Ave., Chicago, HI. 



Kirk, Charles T., Ph. D. 11. Prof. 
U. of N. M. State Geologist. 327 
S. Wheeling, Tulsa, Okla. 
*Kirk, John Nesbit, LL. B. 93. De- 
Kirk, John Robert Young, M. S. 12 

Farmer. Springfield, S. D. 
Kirk, Mrs. John R. (Ketehum, Edith 
Irene) B. A. 07. Springfield, S. D. 
Kirk, Stanley Butcher, B. A. 13. O. 
F. C. Camp Pike, Little Eock, Ark. 
*Kirk, Thomas Heatherwick, B. L. 82, 
M. L. 87. Deceased. 
Kirk, William Edward, B. A. 13. 
Salesman. Library Bureau. 132 
Harmon Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Kirkland, Ira Bird, LL, B. 98. a 
Kirschman, Frederick A., LL. B. 91. 
Attorney & Keal Estate Dealer. 
Cleggitt Bldg., Mason City, la. 
Kirwan, Charles, LL. B. 02. Lawyer. 

Ladysmith, Wis. 
Kirwan, M, Jeanne, B. A. 10. Asst 
Prin. Training Dept. Superior 
Normal. Superior, Wis. a 
Kiser, Daniel EUiott, B. L. 90. Pres. 
D. E. Kiser Lumber Co. 803 Por- 
ter Ave., Eau Claire, Wis. a 
Kislingbury, Henry George, B. S. (E. 
E.) 08, E. E. 10. Engr. Union 
Elect. Light & Power Co. 7036 
Pershing Ave., St. Louis, Mo. a 
Kissling, Arthur Charles, B. A. 06, 
B. S. 09. Physician. 1401-2 Ma- 
jestic Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Kitawago, Tometaro, B. S. (C. E.) 

Kitchen, Anna T., M. A. 16. Instr. 
Vassar Coll. Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
Kitchen, Bertha (Whyte, Mrs. Ber- 
tha K.) B. A. 12. 
Kitchen, Gertrude (March, Mrs. Eob- 

ert C.) B. A. 11. 
Kittle, WiUiam, Ph. B. 99, Ph. M. 06. 
Secy. Board of Regents of Normal 
Schools. 110 Ely PL, Madison, 
Wis. a 
Kittleman, Halford Harrison, B. A. 

(C. C.) 18. Beryn, Dl. 
Kittleson, Eva Sylvia, B. A. 17. El- 

roy, Wis. 
Kittleson, Isaac Milo, LL. B. 02. 
Asst. Secy. Savings, Loan & Trust 
Co. Mayor. 141 E. Gorham, Mad- 
ison, Wis. a 
Kittleson, Ole Andrew (See O. A. 

Kitzman, Walter Leslie, B. S. (E. E.) 
17. Eau Claire, Wis. 

Kivlin, Vincent Earl, B. S. A. 18. 

Oregon, Wis. 
Kjellgren, Blenda Louise, M. A. 13. 

Eockford, 111. 
Klahr, Florence M. (McNown, Mrs. 

William C.) B. A. 05. 
Klahr, Leora Einsel, B. S. 02. Teach- 
er. WaUa Walla, Wash. 
Klatte, William August, LL. B. 99. 
Clerk. Civil Court. 43 Metropoli- 
tan Blk., Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Klaus, Florence F., B. A. 11. Man- 

Chester Ta. 
Kleck, Carl Frederick, B. S. (M. E.) 
14. Testing Engr. Milwaukee Coke 
& Gas Co. Greenfield Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 
Kleckner, Bertha Diana (Phillips, 

Mrs.) Ph. B. 10. 
Kleeber, Leonard, LL. B. 89. Clerk. 
Circuit Court. Court House, La 
Crosse, Wis. 
Kleimenhagen, Karl Christian, B. S. 

(Ch. E.) 18 Kilbourn, Wis. 
Klein, David, Ph. D. 10. State Anal- 
ysist. Illinois Food Comm. 1627 Man- 
hattan Bldg., Chicago, 111. 
Klein, Ruth Catherine, B. A. 14. a 
Kleinheinz, Amelia Victoria, B. A. 
14. BuHetin Clerk. CoU. of Agric. 
U. W. Madison, Wis. 
Kleinheinz, Frances Margaret, B. S. 
(H. Ec.) 17. 412 N. Charter, 
Madison, Wis. 
Klefinheinz, Theresa Marie, B. A. 18. 

412 N. Charter, Madison, Wis. 
Kleinheinz, WilUam O., Ph. G. 11. 
Pharmacist. 714 S. Park, Madi- 
son, Wis. 
Kleinpen, Arthur, B. A. 11, LL. B. 

17. Cassville, Wis. 
Kleinpell, Frances A. (Burr, Mrs. 
Frances A.) B. L. 90. 
*Kleinpell, Irma, B. L. 94. Died Dec. 
2, 1918. 
Kleinpen, Louise Carolyn (Murphy, 

Mrs. Clarence F.) B. A. 12. 
Klemme, Ruth, B. S. (H. Ec.) 16. 

Belmond, la. 
Klenk, lone Magdalena, B. A. 18. 
1507 Columbus Ave., Sandusky, O. a 
Kletzien, Adonis J., B. A. (C. C.) 17. 

New Holstein, Wis. a 
Klieforth, Alfred Will, B. A. 13. 
Eep. Am. Eussian Chamber of 
Commerce, New York City, a 
Kline, Aaron, M. A. 12. 



"Kline, Catherine Genevieve, B. L. 99. 

Teacher. 1328 E. 18th Ave., Den- 
ver, Colo, a 
IQine, Mark A., LL. B. 06. Asst. 

City Attorney. 506-11 Ey. Exchange 

Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 
*Kline, Matt Joseph, C. E. 14. Died 

Oct. 24, 1916. 
Klinefelter, Barbara H., M. G. 09, 

M.- G. 11, Sup. M. G. 11. Clerk & 

Stenographer. State Capitol, Madi- 
son, Wis. a 
Klinger, A. Connable, M. A. 12. Prof. 

Simpson Coll. 211 W. Iowa Ave., 

Indianola, la. 
Klinger, WiUiam A., B. S. (C. E.) 10. 

Constructing Engr. Warnock Bldg., 

Sioux City, la. a 
Klinger, Mrs. William A. (James, 

Ada F.) B. A. 11. 2605 Jones, 

Sioux City, la. 
Klingholz, Oscara, B. A. 15. Teacher. 

Plymouth, Wis. 
Klinkhammer, Susan C, Ph. B. 00, 

M. A. 11. Teacher. Oassville, Wis. 
Klontz, Vernon Earl, B. A. 17. 
Kloser, Martin M., B. S. A. 16. Instr. 

Penn. State Coll. University Club, 

State College, Pa. a 
Klotsch, Karl William, B. S. (Ch. E.) 

14. Appleton, Wis. 

Klotz, Charles Harry, B. S. (M. E.) 

15. Engr. of Tests. Ordnance 
Dept. U. S. A. Allis-Chalmers Mfg. 
Co. West Allis, Wis. 

Klotz, Ralph Quad, B. A. 09, M. A. 

12. Supt. of Schools. Oconto, Wis. 
Klueter, Harry, Ph. G. 00. Chemist. 

Wis, Dairy, Food & Drug Comm. 

904 Spaight, Madison, Wis. 
King, Clara Maria Elizabeth, B. A. 

12. Teacher, Nevis, Minn, a 
*Klug, John Frederick, B. S. (E. E.) 

07. Died Jan. 1, 1910. 
Klug, Lebrecht Julius, B. S. (C. E.) 

98. Consulting & Contracting Engr. 

Mack Blk,, Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Klumb, Ewald Ulrich, B. A. 15. Bond 

Salesman. Peabody, Houghteling 

& Co. Chicago, 111. a 
Klumb, Hugo Gottfried Nieholaus, 

B. S. A. 12. Fieldman & Gen. Ex- 
tension Worker, Rochester, Wis, a 
Klusmann, Josephine K. (Schneider, 

Mrs. George W.) M. G. 06. 
Knaplund, Paul, M. A. 14, Ph. D. 19, 

Instr. U. W. Madison, Wis. a 
Knapp, George Nelson, B. S. 95. 

Knapp, Mrs. George N. (Case, Wini- 
fred M.) B. L. 94. Stanton, Minn. 
Knapp, Kemper K., B. S. 79, LL. B. 

82. Attorney. 208 S. La Salle, 

Cont. Comm. Bk. Bldg., Chicago, 

111. a 
Knapp, LueUa B. (Fehlandt, Mrs. A. 

F.) B. L. 93. 
Knapp, Myra Ellenetta, B. A. 11. 

Bloomington, Wis. 
Knappen, Eussell Stafford, M. A. 15. 

State Geological Survey. Dixon, 

*Knappen, Theodore F., LL. B. 69. 

Died Dec. 14, 1910. 
Knapstein, Theodore Michael, B. A 

(C. C.) 16. 435 E. Cook, New 

London, Wis. a 
Knauf, Lorine A. (Krekel, Mrs. 

Frank L.) B. L. 02. 
Knauss, Otto Adolph, B. A. 13. Vice 

Pres. & Sales Mgr. Phoenix Flour 

Mills. Evansville, Ind. a 
Knecht, Marcel, LL. D. 19. On 

French High Comm. to America. 
Kneeland, Martin Divelle, B. A. 12. 

Y. M. C. A. Secy. Northwood, la. 

*Kneip, Henry D., B, L, 90. Deceased. 

Knickel, Martin Eeinhold, Ag. G. 15. 

Farmer. Campbellsport, Wis. a 
Knight, Charles S,, B. S. A. 07. Dean. 

U. of Nevada. Eeno, Nev. a 
Knight, Douglas Scotton, B. A. 09. 

Horticulturist. Bayfield, Wis. 
Knight, Eldridge S., LL. B. 73. At- 
torney. St. Francis, Kan. 
*Knight, Fernando J., B. A. 69, LL. B. 

71, M. A. 74. Died May 1, 1912. 
Knight, Marion Armstrong, B. A. 18. 

2804 Maple Ave., Dallas, Texas, a 
Knight, Minnie Agnes, B. A. 15. La 

Crosse, Wis. 
Knight, Temperance Winifred (Gar- 
land, Mrs. John) B. A. 16. 
Knobel, Fred Henry, B. S. 04. Eanch- 

er. Sweet Grass, Mont. 
Knobel, Walter Henry, B. A. (C. C.) 

15, Station E, Ete, 7, Milwaukee, 

Wis. a 
Knocke, Louis T., B. S. (M. E.) 17. 

Chief Engr. Falls Motor Corp. 

Shoboygan Falls, Wis, a 
Knoelk, William C, B, A. 07, Prin- 

& Supt, of Schools. Waukegan, 111. 
Knoell, Fred J., LL. B, 96. Attor- 
ney. 208 Pereles Bldg., Milwaukee, 

Knoll, Waldemar Arthur, B, S. (Miii 

E.) 14. Bessemer, Mich, a 



Knop, Dena Lucinda, M. A. 12. 150 

W. 2d, Fond du Lac, Wis. 
Knorr, Artnur lierman, B. A. (C. C.) 
17. 1112 W. Jolmson, Madison, 
Wis. a 
♦Knorr, l.ymi Elmer, B. A. 12. Died 
m service Oct. 2, 1918. 
Kuott, iirtnur WiiUam, B. S. A. 18. 

Eau Claire, Wis. 
Kiioct, iiicnard ±'rancis Jr., B. S. (M. 
E.) 17. Treas. Crescent Paper Do. 
404 Pearl,. Ottawa, 111. a 
Knower, ±ive Teuney, B. A. 18, M. A. 
19. U. W. 1323 Kandall Ct., Madi- 
son, Wis. 
ELnowies, £dwin C. F., LL. B. 01. 
Gen. Agent. Phoenix Assurance Co. 
222 iSansome, ISan Francisco, Calif. 
Knowies, James iieury, B. «. (C. E.) 
99. Chief Engr. Western Pacific 
K. E. 65 Maritet, San Prancisco, 
Knowlton, Helen Sheldon, B. A. 18. 

i7i7 ILeiidali Ave., Madison, Wis. 
Knowlton, Margaret Koper, B. A. 18. 
1717 Kendall Ave., Madison, Wis. 
Knowlton, Pniiip Arnold, B. A. OtJ, 
M. A. 08. 1717 Kendall Ave., Mad- 
ison, Wis. 
Knox, I'lora Roberts (Eothschild, 

Mrs. W. Warren) B. A. 12. 
Knox, Mary E. (Kreutzer, Mrs. A. 

L.) B. S. 87. 
Knudsen, Bjorne, B. S. (Min. E.) 15. 
Engr. liollister Mining Co. Crystal 
Palls, Mich. 
Knudson, Agnes C. (Long, Mrs. P. 

M.) B. A. 07. 
Knudson, Jeanette Louise, B. A. 12. 

1010 Jenifer, Madison, Wis. 
Knuusou, Mrs. J. J. (balsman, Ger- 
trude Anne) B. A. 14. Teacher. 
iSorthland Coll. Ashland, Wis. 
Knudson, oscar Martin, B. S. A. 16, 
Instr. East Grand Porks, Minn, a 
Knudtson, Knudt, B. S. 98. 
Knuppel, Arnold Ewald, B. A. 08. 
2714 W. 44th, Minneapolis, Minn. 
Knuth, Tony Byron, B. S. (C. E.) 08. 
Chief Engr. P. & N. E. Eailway. 
Pairehiid, Wis. 
Knutsen, Martin Halvor, B. S. A. 14, 
M. S. 16. Instr. Bacteriology. 
State Coll. of Pa. State College, 
Pa. a 
Knutson, Louise Marie, S. M. G. 17. 

Marinette, Wis. 
Kobetich, Mary Rose, B. A. 18. 406 
S. Tacoma Ave., Tacoina, Wash. 

Koch, Alfred Richard, M. A. 08. 

Chief Chemist. I^ational Carbon 
Co., Inc. 414 Portland Ave., Belle- 
ville, ill. 
Koch, Arthur Alexander, B. S. 00, 
M. S. 02. Instr. School of Mines. 
Houghton, Mich. 
Koch, iiana May, B. A. 06. Pairdale, 

Koch, Elizabeth E., B. S. (H. Ec.) 
17. Scientific Asst. Pood Survey. 
129 Orchard, Madison, Wis. a 
Koch, Harry Jefferson, 15. c/o Asia 
Banking Corp., Hong Kong, China. 
Koch, OrviUe Cyrus, B. A. (Com. C.) 

14. Plymouth, Wis. 
Koch, Oswald Theodore, B. A. 12. 

Banker. Osceola, Wis. 
Koch, Vincent Wiiliam, B. S. (Med.) 

13. Janesville, Wis. 
Koch, Waiter Jonn, B. S. (M. E.) 04. 

222-12th, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Koth, Wiuiam Waiters, Ag. G. 17. 
Salesman. 1027 Main, Dav^^nport, 
Koeffler, Charles A. Jr., LL. B. 80. 

Attorney. Wauwatosa, Wis. 
Koenier, Alfred, B. S. (Ch. C.) 18, 
M. S. 19. Lecturer. 1819 Adams, 
Madison, Wis. 
Koehier, Jennie Emma (Cooley, Mrs. 

Eoy B.) B. S. (H. Ec.) 14. 
Koenier, Lilly Mimiie, B. A. 17. 
Teacher. U. of Mass. 312 State 
House, Boston, Mass. a 
Koehier, Lucy Josepnine, B. A. 14. 

Menominee Palls, Wis. 
Koehier, "Walter Alios, B. S. (Ch. E.) 

19. Asst. U. W. Madison, Wis. 
Koehsel, Minnie Clara, B. A. 13. 
Teacher. 2417 Lupont Ave. So., 
Minneapolis, Minn, a 
Koeliter, Mrs. E. S. (Steele, Eliza- 
beth S.) M. A. 08. 
Koelsch, William Alfred, B. S. 
(Med.) 18. 109 E. Bannock, Boise, 
Koenen, Anita Kathrine, Ph. B. 07. 
Bureau of Labor. Employment 
Service, Washington Bldg., Madi- 
son, Wis. 
Koenig, Alfred Edward, M. A. 10, 
Ph. D. 12. Asst. Prof. U. W. 115 
S. Warren, Madison, Wis 
Koenig, Herman H., B. S. (E. E.) 11. 
Tool Designer. Falk Mfg. Co. 732 
Park, Milwaukee, Wis. a 



Eoeuig, Meinhardt Carl, B. S. (C. 
E.) 11. Indian Trader & Stock 
Kaiser. Cuba, N. M. a 

Koenig, Robert Franklin, B. A. 07. 
Seey. Koenig Furniture Co. 62 
Stephenson, Freeport, 111. 

Koenig, Ruby (Ellis, Mrs. William 
H.) M. A. 09. 

Koeniger, Edward Russell, Ag. G. 17. 
East Orange, N. J. 

Koepke, William Charles, Ph. B. 13. 
Principal. Poynette, Wis. 

Koepp, William Paul, B. A. 17. Tuc- 
son, Ariz. 

Koepp, Mrs. William P. (Newell, 
Elizabeth Colquitt) M. A. 13. 
Teacher. Tucson, Ariz. 

Koeppell, George, M. A. 10. Princi- 
pal. 978-24th, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Koffend Joseph Jr., B. L. 00, LL. B. 
02. Insurance & Attorney. 10-11 
Odd Fellows Bldg., Appleton, Wis. a 

Kohl, Clarence E., Ph. B. (Gen. C; 
18. Hurley, Wis. 

Kohl, Edwin Philip, B. A. 13. Law- 
yer. 11 Broadway, New York 
City, a 

Kohl, OUver B., B. S. (E. E.) 02. 
Owner & Engr., Citizens Gas Co. 
Iron Mountain, Mich, a 

Kohler, Bert M., B. A. 14. Bond 
Buyer. 553 First Natl. Bk. Bldg., 
Chicago, 111. 

Kohler, Marie Christine, B. L. 01. 
606 New York Ave., Sheboygan, 
Wis. a 

Kohlman, Albert Henry, B. A. 3 8. 
Teacher. Lodi, Wis. 

Kohn, Alvin J., B. S. (E. E.) 10. 
Sales Mgr. Cracraft Leich Electric 
Co. Genoa, 111. 

Kolb, Philip Amon, Ph. B. 01. Supt. 
of Schools. 258 Mower Ct., Wau- 
watosa, Wis. a 

Kolb, Roland A., B. S. A. 09. County 
Agent. U. S. Dept. of Agric. Med- 
ford. Wis. a 

Kolinsky, Pete Charles, B. A. 12, LL. 
B. 14. Attorney. 1536 First Natl. 
Bk. Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Kolliner, Robert S., B. L. 87, Attor- 
ney. 311 Nicollet Ave., Minnea- 
polis, Minn. 

Kollock, Florence (Crooker, Mrs. 
Florence Kollock) M. A. 82. 

KoUs, Alfred Conrad, B. S. (Med. i 
14, M. S. 15. Medical Student. 
Johns Hopkins Univ. 103 W. Mon- 
ument, Baltimore, Md. 

Koltes, Francis Xavier, B. S. 99 
Commander, M. O. U. S. Navy, 
Port au Prince, Haiti, c/o P. M. 
New York City, a 

Kommers, Jesse Benjamin, B. S. (E. 
E.) 06. Assoc. Prof. U. W. 906 
W. Green, Urbana, 111. a 

Konig, Selma Sophie, B. A. 12, M. A. 
15. Teacher. 197 N. Galena Ave., 
Freeport, lU. 

Konno, Rokuro, B. A. 11. Importer. 
723 Marquette Ave., Minneapolis, 

Konrad, Frank Charles W., B. S. 
(Med.) 10. Surgeon. 366 Com- 
monwealth Ave., Boston, a 

Konrad, Nicholas, LL. B. 96. Ship- 
ping Clerk. Sash & Door Factory, 
4107 N. Crawford Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Kootz, Arthur Carl, B. A. 14. Gen. 
Mgr. Natl. Yarn & Cordage Co. 
326 Florida, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Kopp, Arthur W., LL. B. 00. Attor- 
ney. Platteville, Wis. 

Kopp, George Herman, Ph. G. 00. 
Druggist. 216 Chestnut, Virginia, 

Kopplin, Philip C, LL. B. 02. Post- 
master. Hoisington, Kan. 

Korf, George Franklin, LL. B. 15. 
Attorney. Freeport, lU. 

Korf, Mrs. George F. (Dorman, Flor- 
ence) B. A. 14. Freeport, 111. 

Korn, Bernhard C, B. A. 11. Teacher. 
427 Herman, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Korst, I'red Alexander, B. S. A. 18. 
209 Clark, Janesville, Wis. 

Korst, Philip B., B. S. (M. E.) 13. 
Combustion Engr. Green Engr. 
Co., Chicago, 111. a 

Korstmann, Edith Laura (Best, Mrs. 
James B.) B. A. 15. 

Koschmann, Albert Herbert, B. A. 
19. Wausau, Wis. 
*Koske, Edward C. W., Ph. G. 98. 
Died July, 1900. 

Kostalek, John A., B. A. 07, M. A. 
08. Prof. U. of Idaho. Moscow, 

Koszarek, Steven Aloizy, B. S. (C. 
E.) 12. Antigo, Wis. 

Kottler, Carl Frederic, B. S. (E. E.) 
18. Sales Engr. Mechanical Ap- 
pliance Co., 409 Broadway, New 
iork City, N. Y. a 

Kottnauer, Edwin Hubert, B. S. (C^. 
E.) 14. Army Inspector of Ord- 
nance. Cotta Transmission Co. 
Kockford, 111. 



Kowalke, Otto Louis, B. S. (Ap, 
Elect. Chem.) 06, Ch. E. 09. Chem. 
Engr. U. W. 2012 Jefferson, Madi- 
son, Wig. a 

Kowalke, Mrs. Otto (Titus, Wini- 
fred) B. S. 00, M. S. 02. 2012 
Jefferson, Madison, Wis. 

Kraatz, Karl Louis, B. S. (M. E.) 
11. a 

Kraatz, Walter Charles, B. A. 18. Co. 

A. 331st Machine Gun Batt., Camp 
Grant, Eockford, 111. 

KradweU, Gustave V., Ph. G. 91. 

Pres. KradweU Drug Co. 201-6th, 

Eacine, Wis. 
Kraege, Frederick G., B. L. 89, M. 

L. 95. County Agric. Agent. Pal- 
myra, Wis. 
Kraege, Louis Michael, B. L. 90. 

Kans. Ind. Tel. Assn. 513 New 

England Bldg., Topeka, Kan. a 
Kraemer, Edward Conrad Adam, B. 

S. A. 15. Mgr. & Prop. Marshfield 

Dairy Co. Marshfield, Wis. a 
Kraemer, Eleanor Catherine Jennie, 

S. M. G. 18. B. Mus. 19. 277-34th, 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Kraemer, Elmer Otto, B. S. (Ch. C.) 

18. Asst. U. W. 135 N. Charter, 

Madison, Wis. 
Kraemer, Wilhelmina E., M. G. 03. 
Krafka, Elizaheth Barbara, M. A. 19. 

Ottumwa, la. 
Kraft, Mary Helen, M. A. 16. 
Kragh, Stella Marguerite, B. A. 12. 
Krahn, WilUam O. H., B. S. (C. E.) 

09. Engr. & Contractor. 242-7 

Brown, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Kraker, Mrs. James Leurs (Eogers, 

Dorothy) B. A. 11, M. A. 13. 

Beulah, Mich, a 
Kralovec, Arthur James, B. S. A. 18. 

2107 S. Ashland Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Kramer, Paul Stevens, B. A. 19. Stu- 
dent. Faribault, Minn. 
Kramer, William Ernst, B. S. 87. 

Pabst Theatre Bldg., 475 E. Water, 

Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Kranich, Mrs. Frank (Lewis, Eva G.) 

B. A. 09. 828 Foxdale Ave., Win- 
netka, 111. a 

Kranz, Frederick William, M. A. 19. 

Weyauwega, Wis. 
Kranz, Hermann Ernest, B. S. (E. 

E.) 14, E. E. 17. Chief Engr. 

Briggs Stratton Co. 1047 Louis 

Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Krape, Bessie M. (Carnahan, Mrs. E. 

J.) B. A. 02. 

Krasselt, Otto Louis, -B. A. 17. 735- 

29th, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Kratsch, Edmund Charles, B. A. 15, 

M. A. 17. Milwaukee, Wis. 
Kratsch, William Henry, B. S. (M. 

E.) 97, M. E. 98. Mech. Engr. 

Dauber-Kratscii Co. Oshkoih, Wis. a 
Kratz, Bessie M. (Yarrington, Mrs. 

Charles W.) B. L. 02. 
Kraus, Corinne Arline, M. A. 10. 

Asst. U. W. 124 Breese Terrace, 

Madison, Wis. 
Kraus, Glenn Viering, B. A. (C. J.) 

16. Marshfield, Wis. 
Kraus, Marguerite Viola, B. A. 15. 

Teacher. Menomonie, Wis. 
Krause, Anne A., B. A. 05. Teacher. 

Sauk City, Wis. 
Krause, EUis Llewellyn, M. A. 13. 

Prof. Marietta Coll. 510 Putnam, 

Marietta, O. 
Krause, Lenore, B. A. 09, M. A. 11. 

2016 Jefferson, Madison, W^q. a 
^irause, Linnie, Ph. B. 12. ^eacher. 

Lostine, Ore. 
Krauskopf, Francis Craig, M. A. 07, 

Ph. D. 09. Asst. Prof. U. W. 1915 

West Lawn Ave., Madison, Wis. 
Krauthoefer, Emory W., B. A. 08. 

Shoe Mfgr. 521-523 Market, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 
Krebs, William Samuel, M. A. 14. 

Oak Park, 111. 
Kreilkamp, Christian J., Ph. B. OS. 

Deputy Industrial Comm. of Wis. 

809 Mfrs. Home Bldg., Milwaukee, 

Wis. a 
Kreilkamp, Mrs. C. J. (Blum, Emma 

M.) M. G. 05. 1921 Ogden Ave., 

Superior, Wis. 
Kreiss, William H., LL. B. 99. At- 
torney. Court House, Appleton, 

Kreitzer, Augusta, B. A. 18. Teacher. 

Sturgeon Bay, Wis. 
Krekel, Mrs. Frank L. (Knauf, Lorine 

A.) Harvrd, 111. 
Krell, Samuel Arthur, C. E. 12. c/o 

Joseph T. Eyerson & Son, 16th & 

Eockwell, Chicago, 111. 
Krembs, Alexander George Jr., Ph. 

G. 01. Druggist. 622 Brawley, 

Stevens Point, Wis. 
Kremer, Anna Margaret, M. A. 17. 

Teacher. 511 Helen Ave., Detroit, 

Kremer, Eugene Edward, B. A. 12 

Furniture Dealer. 451 East Divi- 
sion, Fond du Lac, Wis. a 



Kremer, Paul H., B. A. 06. Gen. 
Agent. Pennsylvania Mutual Life 
Ins. Co. First Natl. Bk. Bldg., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 

Kramers, Edward, Ph. G. 86, B. S. 88 
Prof. U. W. 1720 Vilas, Madison, 

Kremers, Blsa, B. A. 18. Grad. Stu 
dent. Eadcliffe Coll. Cambridge, 
]\f ass 

Kremers, John G., B. S. (E. E.) 98. 
Secy. & Treas. Kremers-Urban Co. 
529 Market, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Kremers, Roland Edward, B. A. 15. 
1720 Vilas, Madison, Wis. 

Kress, Mrs. Trederick C. (Miller, 
Laura L.) B. L. 91. Instr. State 
Normal Coll. Dillon, Mont. 

Kress, John William, B. A. (Com. C.) 
14. 318 W. Foster, Tomah, Wis. 

Kressin, Louis Henry, Ph. G. 92. 
Druggist. 997 Island Ave., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Kreutz, Emma Lydia, Ph. B. 10. 
Darlington, Wis. 

Kreutzer, Mrs. A. L. (Knox, Mary 
E.) B. L. 87. 502 Franklin, Wau- 
sau. Wis. a 

Kreutzer, Oscar William, B. L. 03. 
Attorney. 308 Caswell Blk., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 

Kreuz, Louis George, B. S. (Ch. E.) 
17. Menominee, Mich. 

Krey, August Charles, B. A. 07, M. 
A. 08, Ph. D. 14. Assoc. Prof. U. 
of Minn. Minneapolis, Minn, a 

Krez, Paul Theodore, LL. B. 80. 
Judge. 1212 N. 4th. Sheboygan, 

Krick, Mrs. H. F. (Greenbank, 
Grace) B. L. 98. Blaine, Wash. 

Krieger, Plorence Isabel, B. A. 18. i 
Teacher. Langford, S. D. a 

Krienke, Edmund Otto, Ph. B. 12. 

Kringel, August Emil, B. E. (C. E.) 
10. 427-29th, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Krippene, Harry Peter, B. A. 17. 
International Planters Corp., Puerto 
Plata, Box 45, Dominican Eepub- 
lic. a 

Krippner, Arthur Frederick, B. S. 
(E. E.) 04. Western Mgr. The Iron- 
ton Engine Co. 570 Gas & Elec. 
Bldg., Denver, Colo, a 

Kriskey, Imogene Clarissa, B. A. 16. 
Teacher. 526 Adams, Wausau, 
Wis. a 

Kritz, Gordon Frank, Ag. G. 16. Min- 
ing Engr. Oliver Iron Mining Co. 
Hibbing, Minn. 

Kriz, Rose Alice, B. S. (Med.) 18. 
Student. Med. Coll., U. of Minn. 
Minneapolis, Minn. 

Kroehnke, Adalia Laurentine (Fish- 
er, Mrs. Arthur Oscar) B. A. 06. 

Kroehnke, Jessie P. (Everts, Mrs. L. 
S.) B. L. 02. 

Kroening, Ralph Henry, B. S. (C. E.) 
12. Gen. Contractor. 708 Majestic 
Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Kroesche, August C, M. A. 08. Cler- 
gyman. German Valley, HI. 

Kroesing, Oscar, LL. B. 01. Attor- 
ney. 804-7 Majestic Bldg., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. a 

Krogh, Clarence A., Ph. G. 98. Phy- 
sician & Surgeon. 2757 North Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

Krohn, Carl Arthur, B. S. (Ch. C.) 
18. Marinette, Wis. 

Kroncke, George, B. L. 93, LL. B. 95. 
Attorney. 8 S. Carroll, Madison, 
Wis. a 

Kroncke, Jacob C, LL. B. 01. Secy. 
Charles Salomon Co. 525 Jackson, 
Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Kronshage, Ernst Hildebrand, B. A. 
98. Editor. Milwaukee Free Press. 
495 Newton Ave., East Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 

Kronshage, Theodore Jr., B. A. 91, 
LL. B. 92. Attorney. 1102-1110 
Wells Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Kropf, Oscar A., Ph. G. 85. Pharma- 
cist. Pabst Theatre Bldg., 479 E. 
Water, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Krueck, Walter B., B. S. A. 16. Asst. 
Prof. Purdue Univ. La Fayette, 

Krueger, Carl Henry, B. S. (E. E.) 
16. 804 Center, Stevens Point, Wis. 

Krueger, Edward Anthony, B. A. 14. 
240 W. Somerset, Philadelphia, 
Pa. a 

Krueger, Ella Diana, Ph. G. 12. Re- 
tail Druggist. Prentice, Wis. 

Krueger, Forrest Julius, B. S. (E. E.) 
15. Engr. Natl. Aniline & Chemi- 
cal Co. New York City, a 

Krueger, Jean, M. S. 17. Asst. Prof. 
U. W. Madison, Wis. 

Krueger, Leonard Bayles, Ph. B. 14. 
Instr. U. W. 734 Chapman, Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Krueger, Wabun Clarence, Ag. G. 18, 
Sawyer, Wis. 



Krueger, Walter WiUiam, Ph. B. 17. 
Sta. D, Eoute 3, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Kruell, George John, C. E. (Ad. C.) 
10. Engr. U. S. Navy. Federal 
Bldg., Detroit, Mich, a 

Kniesi, Frank E., B. S. (E. E.) 08. 
Engr. Frazaer & Co. 30 Church, 
New York City. 

Krugmeier, Albert H., LL. B. 98. At- 
torney. 853 College Ave., Apple- 
ton, Wis. a 

Krumholz, Louis Eugene, B.A. 15. 
Arcadia, Wis. a 

Krumrey, Adelaide (Saemann, Mrs. 
Jesse G.) B. A. 09. 

Krumrey, Robert G., B. S. (E. E.) 03. 
Gen. Supt. Beloit Water, Gas & 
Elect. Co. Beloit, Wis. 
*Kruse, Harry Jacob, B. S. (G. E.) 07. 
Died, 1915. 

Kruse, Samuel Andrew, M. A. 15. 
Prof. State Normal School. Cape 
Girardeau, Mo. 

Kryzinski, Anthony Jacob, B. S. (E. 
E.) 08. Mgr. of Traffic. Wis. Tel. 
Co. 183-5th, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Kryzanowsky, Mrs. W. V. (Etsell, 
Irma) B. A. 13. 1901 Knox Ave., 
Bellingham, Wash, a 

Kucheman, Marco Ray, B. A. (C. C.) 
16. a 

Kuechenmeister, Florence A. (Thom- 
as, Mrs. Arthur P.) B. L. 01. 

Kuechenmeister, Hugo, B. A. 13. Au- 
ditor. Marsh Eefrigerator Service 
Co. Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Kuechenmeister, Mrs. Hugo (Tre- 
wyn, Frances lola) B. A. 13. 753 
Frederick Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Kuechle, Benno Ernst, B. A. 12. Ad- 
justor. Employers' Mutual Liabil- 
ity Ins. Co. Wausau, Wis. a 

Kuechle, Mrs. Benno E. (Luchsinger, 
Edna K.) B. A. 13. 911 Adams, 
Wausau, Wis. 

Kuechle, Ernst J. R., LL. B. 96. Mer- 
chant. 2657 Fond du Lac Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Kuechle, Gustav Adolph, LL. B. 93. 
Senior Acct. City Hall. 2514 Cold 
Spring Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Kuehmsted, Arthur O., B. A. 06. 
Pres. Elmendorf Varnish Co. 845 
Larrabee, Chicago, 111. 

Kuehn, Mrs. Henry C. (Brownell, 
Isabelle Frances) B. A. 15. 

Kuehnl, John Friederick, LL. B. 18. 
127 E. Wilson, Madison, Wis. 

Kuelling, Herbert John, B. S. (C. E.) 

08, C. E. 11. Engr. 848 E. Gor- 
ham, Madison, Wis. 

Kuentz, Herbert Daniel, B. A. (C. C.) 
17. Colby, Wis. 

Kuentz, Oscar O., B. S. (M. E.) 08. 
Capt. Corps of Engrs. U. S. A. 
The Engr. School, Camp Humph- 
rey, Va. a 

Kuenzi, Ernest Gootfried, Ph. G. 18. 
Colgate, Wis. 

Kuenzli, Clarence Raymond, LL. B. 

15. Attorney. 3234 Chestnut, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Kuenzli, Otto, LL. B. 03. Attorney. 
105 Main, Watertown, Wis. 

Kuepper Gretchen, B. A. 19. Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Kuesel, Mrs. Howard (Dayton, Beat- 
rice M.) B. A. 11. 108 E. 4th, 
Mason City, la. 

Kuhl, Herman Charles, C. E. (Ad. C.) 

09. Civil Engr. State Highway 
Comm. Bismarck, N. D. 

Kuhlman, Arthur Henry, B. S. A. 10, 

M. S. 16. Assoc. Prof. South Da- 
kota State Coll. Brookings, S. D. a 
Kuhlman, Charles Byron, B. A. 06. 

Instr. Minneapolis, Minn. 
Kuhlman, Gustav Wesley, Ag. G. 15. 

Farmer. Lowell, Wis. a 
Kuhnemann, Eugen, Litt. D. 13. Prof. 

U. of Breslau, Breslau, Germany. 
Kuhnen, Arthur Nicholas, B. A. 13. 

Eeal Estate. 4312 N. Ashland Ave., 

Chicago, 111. 
Kuhnert, Edna Henrietta, M. A. 18. 

249 Warwick Ave., Eochester, N. Y. 
Kuhnhenn, Amelia W., B. L. 96. 

Teacher. Elkhorn, Wis. 
Kuhns, Clarissa A. (Rowland, Mrs. 

William E.) B. S. (H. Ec.) 11. 
Kuhns, George Roland, B. S. (E. E.) 

13. Draftsman. 546 Greenfield 

Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Kuhns, Harriet, B. A. 04, M. A. 08. 

Teacher. 404 N. Carroll, Madison, 

Wis. a 
Kuhns, Ruth C, B. S. (H. Ec.) 18. 
Kuhns, Thelma Caroline, S. Mus. G. 

16. Baraboo, Wis. 

Kulig, John Frank, LL. B. 98. At- 
torney. Independence, Wis. 

KuU, Frederick, B. L. 94, LL. B. 96. 
Attorney. Ill W. Monroe, Chica- 
go, 111. a 
*Kumlien, Frithlof, B. S. 82. Died 
Jan. 6, 1888. 



Kumm, Davis Wallace, Ph. B. 15. E 

F. D. 1, Forestville, Wis. a 
*Kummel, Carl H., B. S. (M. E.) 95. 

Died Sept. 24, 1896. 
Kundert, Alfred, Ph. G. 01, B. S. 03, 

M. A. 04. Chemist & Druggist. 

326 W. Washington Ave., Madison, 

Kunerth, V Uiam, B. A. 04, M. A. 10. 

Teacher. Iowa State Coll. Station 

A., Ames, la. 
Kunesh, Joseph Francis, B. S. (C. E.) 

14. Civil Engr. Eesident Engr. 

c/o Layne & Bowler Co., Memphis, 

Tenn. a 
Kuney, Mrs. Bernlce Donnelly, B. A. 

17, M. A. 18. Asst. U. W. Madi- 
son, Wis. 
Kunny, Charles John, LL. B. 05. At- 
torney. Port Washington, Wis. 
Kuntz, William Henry, B. A. 07. 

Farmer. Merton, Wis. 
Kunz, Edessa L. (Lines, Mrs. 

George) B. L. 98. 
Kunz, rritz, B. A. 12. Eegistrar. 

Natl. Univ. Adyar, Madras, India. 

Kupfer, Harriet Angeline, B. A. 19. 

Kenosha, Wis. 
Kurata, Kosuke, M. E. 12. Engr. 

Takata & Co. Kojimachi, Tokio, 

Kurston, Mrs. Ernest (Hinzie, Anne 

Blessington) S. M. G. 17. Two 

Elvers, Wis. 
Kurtz, Charles Mears, B. S. (C. E.) 

97. Civil Engr. & Photographer. 

Southern Pacific Ey. Co. 1136 

Flood Bldg., San Francisco, Calif. 
Kurtz, Mrs. E. M. (Fulton, Grace) 

B. A. 96. 1442 Eankin Blvd., Eich- 

mond Heights, St. Louis, Mo. 
Kurtz, Edward M., B. S. (M. E.) 94. 

Treas. The Light & Development 

Co. 750 Eailway Exchange Bldg., 

St. Louis, Mo. a 
Kurtz, Edwin Bernard, B. S. (E. E.) 

17. Asst. Prof. Iowa State Coll. 

Ames, la. a 
Kurtz, Frank Howard, B. L. 99. 

Counsel. Drake-Ballard Co. 207 

Palace Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn, a 
Kurtz, George Leonard, LL. B. 79. 

Attorney. 703-4th, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Kurtz, Henry William, B. S. (C. E.) 

19. Exch. Natl. Bank Bldg., Tulsa, 


Kurz, Charlotte Louise, Ph. B. 15. 
Junior Counselor U. S. Employ- 
ment. 622 Lapham, Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 

Kurz, Louis David, B. S. (E. E.) 17. 
761 N. Division, Appleton, Wis. a 

Kurz, Martha, B. A. 19. 92 Charles, 
Boston, Mass. 

Kurz, Minnie Georgia (Joshnon, Mrs. 
Arden E.) B. A. 14. 

Kussell, Irma Lizette (Griggs, Mrs?. 
Victor E.) B. A. 06. 

Kusterman, Walter WoUeben, B. A. 

08, E. E. (Ad C.) 09. Elect. Engr. 
Allis-Chalmers Mfg. Co. 544 S. 
Jefferson, Green Bay, Wis. 

Kutil, Clarence Leonard, Ag. G. 17. 

Seymour, Wis. a 
Kutschera, William J., B. S. (M. E.) 

09. Mgr. & Secy. Northwestern 
Storage Battery Co. 140 Mason, 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

^^Kuykendall, Alfred, M. A. 14. De- 

Kwauk Bang, C. E. 12. a 

Kwauk, Seu Zung, M. S. 15. 

Kyle, Dorothy, B. A. 19. Tomah, 

Kyle, John Clarence, B. S. A. 15 

Menomonie, Wis. 
'^Kyle, Mrs. R. E. (Sanborn, EUie 
May) B. A. 91. Died Feb. 15, 1911. 

Kypke, Clark Henry, B. S. (Ch. E.) 
09. Pres. Central States Pub. Co. 
623 D wight Bldg., Kansas City, 
Mo. a ; 

Kypke, Pierre A., B. A. 08. Div. 
Sales Mgr. Universal Portland Ce- 
ment Co. 836 Security Bldg., Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 

Kyte, Gladys, B. S. (H. Ec.) 19. 
Demonstration Agent. Grass 

Eange, Mont, a 

La Billois, Edith Mary, S. M. G. 17. 
1710 State, Menominee, Mich. 

Lacey, Frank Herbert, B. S. (E. E.) 

Lacey, W. Randolph, B. S. (Chem. E.) 

15. Production Manager National 

Gauge & Equipment Co. La Crosse, 

Wis. a 
Lacey, Mrs. W. Randolph (Hunt, 

Maud Iva) S. M. G. 12. La Crosse, 

Lacher, Gilbert Lincoln, B. A. 14. 

Western Editor. The Iron, Age. 

Otis Bldg., Chicago, IlL 



Lacher, Walter Scott, B. S. (C. E.) 
07. Assoc. Engineering Editor. 
Eailway Age Gazette.. 440 N. 
Spring Ave., La Grange, 111. 

Lachmund, Bruno, B. A. 05. Manu- 
facturing Chemist, 812 Walnut, 
Johnson City, Tenn. 

Lachmund, Clara, B. A. 09. 376- 
22nd, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Lachmund, Herman, B. S. (M. E.) 
09. a 

Lachmund, Rohert, B. L. 01 (Eng.), 
B. L. 02 (Com.) Farmer. Sauk 
City, Wis. 

Iiackey, Vachel Weldon, B. A. 15. 
Ranchman. Cuero, Texas. 

Lackner, Florence H. (Direkey, Mrs. 
H, J.) B. A. 06. 

l*a Combe, Ina Gertrude (Sensen- 
brenner, Mrs. J. Leslie) B. A. 13. 

La Crosse, Jonas Louis, Ph. G. 18." 
1102 Williamson, Madison, Wis. a 

Lacy, Henry Veere, M. A. 12. Mis- 
sionary. Foochou, China, a 
*Ladd, CHarles H., LL. B. 79. Died 
Aug. 4, 1884. 

I.add, Nels A., LL. B. 96. Propri- 
etor. Hancock Hotel. 117 W. 7th, 
Austin, Texas. 

Ladd, Mrs. William Burton (Woot- 
ton, Addiemae) B. L. 96. Bald- 
win, Fla. 

Ladd, WilUam Cornell, Ph. B. 73, LL. 
B. 74, Proprietor. Stud Anchor 
Works. Mendota, HI, a 

Lademan, Otto Thilo, B. S. (E. E,) 
97. Pres. & Gen. Mgr. Railway Tel. 
& Elect. Co. 1362 Monadnock Blk., 
Chicago, HI. 

Ladon, Aaron Arthur, B. S. (Chem. 
E.) 15. Chemical Engr. F. B. Cook 
Co. Zion City, HI. 

La Dow, Carl V., B, S. (M. E.) 06. 
Manager. Fredonia Gas Co. Fre- 
donia, Kan. a 

Ladwig, Edwin Robert, B, S, (Ph.) 
96. Superintendent. Pfister & 
Vogel Leather Co. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Laemle, Leah Florence, B. A . 17. 
Instr. Marshfield, Wis. a 

Lafferty, Mrs. Herbert R. (Perry, 
Elizabeth Dorothy) B. A. 12. 22 
Edgehill Terr., Davenport, la. a 

Laflin, Herbert N., LL. B. 93. At- 
torney. Northwestern Mutual Life 
Ins. Co. Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Laflin, Mrs. Herbert N. (Smith, Etta 
M.) B. L. 94. 3429 Sycamore, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Laflin, Mary L. (Jones, Mrs. Evan 

D.) B. L. 97. 
La Follette, Fola (Middleton, Mrs. 

George) B, A, 04. a 
La Follette, Philip Fox, B, A. 19. 622 

Mendota Ct., Madison, Wis. 
La Follette, Robert Marion, B. S. 79, 

LL. D. 01. U. S. Senator. Wash., 

D. C. 
La Follette, Mrs. Robert M. (Case, 

Belle) B. L. 79, LL. B. 85. R. F. . 

D., Madison, Wis. a 
La Follette, Robert Russell, M. A. 17. 

Shelburn, Ind. 
Laing, Dorothy, B. S. (H. Ec.) 16. 

Educ. Dir. Marshall Field & Co. 

Chicago, 111. Home, 709 Park Ave., 

Berlin, Wis. 
*Laing, George M., LL. B. 81. Died 

June 18, 1898. 
*Laird, Mrs. A. Gr. (Remington, Har- 
riet T.) B. L. 88, M. A. 90. De- 
Laird, James Alexander, B. S. (Ag.) 

15. Black Creek, Wis. 
Laird, Mrs. M. R. (Connor, Helen 

Melissa) B. A. 12. 
Laitem, Helene Josephine, B. A. 15. 

Teacher. 11825 Detroit Ave., 

Cleveland, O. a 
Lake, Bessie May, B. A. 13. Brod- 

head. Wis. 
Lake, Dora Lucile (Rest, Mrs. O. W.) 

M. G. 15. 
Lake, Gustav Adolph, B. A. 16. 

Corinth, N. D. a 
Lake, Mack Clayton, B. S. (Min. E.; 

14. Geologist. 1300 Leader News 

Bldg., Cleveland, O. a 
Lake, Thomas Owens, B. S. (Med.) 

17. Surgeon. Nenana, Alaska. 
Lakoff, Charles B., B. S, (Med.) 18. 

224 N. Murray, Madison, Wis. 
Lamb, Alice Maxwell (Updegraff, 

Mrs. Milton) B. L. 84, M. L. 85. 
Lamb, Alvin Romaine, B. S. (Ch. C.) 

13, M. S. 15. Chemist. Iowa State 

Coll. Ames, la. a 
Lamb, Mrs. Alvin R. (Schwartz, Nel- 
lie Elizabeth) B. A. 12. 712 Hodge 

Ave., Ames, la. 
Lamb, Charles Emery, Ph. B. 02. Su- 
pervising Principal. Lone Rock, 

Lamb, Charles Francis, B. A. 80, LL. 

B. 84, M. A. 86. Referee in Bank- 
ruptcy. Federal Bldg., Madison, 




Lamb, Francis Stewart, B. A. 13. Ac- 
countant. 624 Michigan Ave. So., 
Chicago, 111. a 

Lamb, Mrs. George Newton (Nelson, 
Agnes Edna) B. A. 17. 1427 
Chapin, Wash,, D. C. a 

Lamb, Grace Alma (Schindle, Mrs 
J. J.) B. L. 91. 

Lamb, Lloyd, B. A. 10. Printograph 
Co. La Crosse, Wis. 

Lamb, Mary C. (Siegel, Mrs. John 
H.) B. L. 82. 

Lambeck, Arthur Hugo, B. A. 07, M. 
A. 10. Instr. 113-1 7th, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Lamberson, Raymond Alfred, B. S. A. 
16. Whitehall, Wis. 

Lambert, Helen Kathryn, B. A. 16. 
Teacher. 313 Center Ave., Merrill, 
Wis. a 

Lambert, Wilbur, B. A. 17. 16 Men- 
dota Ct., Madison, Wis. 

Lambert, Mrs. W. H. (Eood, Eliza- 
beth Gierke) B. A. 15. 4444 For- 
rest Park Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. a 

Lamfrom, Leon Benedict, B. A. 05. 
Attorney. 1010 Majestic Bldg., 
Milwaukee, Wis. a 
*Lamont, Alexander L., LL. B. 76. 
Died, 1878. 

Lament, Byron Cook, LL. B. 81. Eeal 
Estate & Loan Broker. Aberdeen, 
S. D. 

Lament, John F., B. L. 88. Chief 
Deputy United States Marshal, Mad- 
ison, Wis. 

Lament, Marion Elizabeth, B. A. 19. 
Studemt. 310 N. Murray, Madison, 
Wis. a 

*Lamont, Maurice B., B. S. (E. E.) 
11. Died Sept. 26, 1915. 

*Lamoreux, Courtney W., B. L. 94. 
Died Oct. 13, 1916. 

Lamoreux, Nellie Margaret, Ph. B. 
02. Supr. of Practice. 503 Braw- 
ley, Stevens Point, Wis. 

La Motte, Frank Alexander, M. A. 
08. Teacher. State Normal. Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Lampert, Benjamin Harrison, B. S. 
(C. E.) 13. Manager. L. A. Lar- 
son Co. Oshkosh, Wis. 
Lampert, Harold Milton, B. A. 13. 
Chemist. 425 W. Dayton, Madison, 
Wis. a 
Lamson, Frederick William, Ph. B. 
14. -Teacher. Pierre, S. D. a 

Lamson, Robert Austin, B. S. A. 13. 
Development Manager. Sharpies 
Separator Co. Chicago, 111. a 

Landau, Lloyd Harold, B. A. 15. 340- 
19th, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Landeck, Else Frieda (Adler, Mrs. 
E. L.) B. A. 11. 

Landeck, Frederick Augustus, LL. B. 
01. Attorney. 1536 First Natl. 
Bank Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Lander, Miles Krause, B. A. 19. 
Farm Mortgages. 922 Belmont 
Ave., Grand Forks, N. D. a 

Landgraf, Fred K., B. S. (M. E.) 98. 
General Supt. Flannery Bolt Co. 
Bridgeville, Pa. a 

Landgraf, George Henry, B. L. 92. 
Field Organizer, Educational 
Bonus Law. State Capitol, Madi- 
son, Wis. a 

*Lando, Maximillian N., LL. B. 69. 
Died July 2, 1917. 

Landry, Wallace Joseph, B. S. A. 16. 
Principal. Gilmanton, Wis. 

Landsberg, Florence Columbia (Ben- 
nett, Mrs. G. E.) B. A. 15. 

Landt, Ernest Wilber, B. A. 05. Cash- 
ier. Bank of Pasco, Pasco, Wash, a 

Landwehr, Margaret Emme, B. A. 19. 
702-^Oth, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Lane, George Walker, B. L. 92. At- 
torney. Durango, Colo. 

Lane, John Augustine, B. A. (C. C.) 
14. John Lucas Paint Co. Chica- 
go, 111. 

Lane, May Rogers, M. A. 16. Asst. 
Dir. Women's Educational & In- 
dustrial Union. Boston, Mass. 

Lane, Richard Kelvin, B. S. (M. E.) 
17. Asst. Distribution Engr. South- 
ern 111. Lt. & Pr. Co. Cent. Natl. 
Bk. Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. a 

Lane, Wilmot Burkemar, Ph. D. 99. 
Professor. Toronto Univ. Toronto, 

Laney, Francis B., M. A. 05. Geolo- 
gist. U. S. Geological Survey. 
Wash., D. C. 

Laney, Willaxd John, LL. B. 13. At- 
torney. 26-28 Wisconsin Blk., Su- 
perior, Wis. 

Lang, Bertha Alice (Stratton, Mrs. 

Abe) M. G. 07. 
Lang, Hal Herman, B. A. 13. Sioux 
City, la. 

*Lang, Stella Mabel, M. G. 05. De- 

*Langdon, William Mason, B. L. 89. 

13— A. D. 



Lange, Alex D., B. A. (C. C.) 17. 
Lange, Charles H., LL. B. 06. Attor 

ney. Janesville, Wis. 
Lange, Edward Gustavus, Ph. B. 09 

Teacher. 1408 Main, Whitewater, 

Wis. a 
Lange, Mrs. Edward G. (Godfrey, 

Margaret Elizabeth J.) B. A. 14. 

1408 Main, Whitewater, Wis. 
Lange, Eleanor Anna, B. A. 17. Ced- 

arburg. Wis. 
Lange, Ernest Otto Albert, B. S. (E. 

E.) 15. Asst. Prof. Elect. Engr. 

Drexel Inst., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Lange, Gladys (Playter, Mrs. J. A.) 

B, A. 13. 
Lange, Herbert Arthur, B. S. (M. E.) 

18. Beloit, Wis. 
Lange, John Robert, Ph. B. (Gen. C.) 

18. 902-7th Ave., Wausau, Wis. 
Lange, Raymond Charles, B. S. A. 14. 

c/o Lange Canning Co., Eau Claire, 

Langemo, Peter Cornelius, B. L. 99, 

M. A. 05. Cashier. Citizens* State 

Bank. Kelliher, Minn. 
Langendorf, Elizabeth S. Church, M. 

A. 14. Camden, N. J. 
Langenhan, Henry August, B. S. 13, 

M. S. 15, Ph. D. 18. Instr. U. W. 

1821 W. Lawn Ave., Madison, Wis. 
Langehan, Selma (So hub ring, Mrs. 

E. J. B.) B. A. 07., M. A. 10. 
Langer, Harold Myron, B. A. 17, 

Law Cert. 19. Waterloo, Wis. 
Langer, Helen Mary, B. A. 17, M. A. 

18. 7147 Langley Ave., Chicago, 

Langhoff, Carl Joseph, B. A. 17. 394 

Lake Drive, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Langjahr, Amo Robert, B. S. (Med.) 

18. Physician. 130 North, Ply- 
mouth, Wis. 
Langley, Mrs. George W. Jr. (Coffin, 

Margaret E.) B. A. 05. 415 Con- 
gress, Eau Claire, Wis. 
*Langley, Samuel Pierpont, LL. D. 82. 

Died Feb. 27, 1906. 
Langley, Thorpe Messenger, B. A. 

(C. C.) 15. 2342 Ogden Ave., Su- 
perior, Wis. 
Langmas, Arthur S., B. A. 10. Dis- 
trict Eepresentative. Extension 

Div. U. W. 175 Main, Oshkosh, Wis. 
*Langwill, John S. Died Nov. 19, 

Langwill, Mrs. John (Shenkenberg, 

Irene Etta) B. A. 10. Waterford, 


Langwill, Martha Corbett (Nevens. 

Mrs. W. B.) Ph. B. 13. 
Langwill, Minnie Johnstone, B. A. 

13. Teacher. Eockford, 111. 
Langworthy, Earl E., Ag. G. 11. In- 
surance Adjuster. 1112 Eailway 
Exchange Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Langworthy, Edward Phelps, B. S. 
M. E.) 13. Asst. Mgr. American 
Steel Foundries, Indiana Harbor, 

Lanphier, Ira Burton, C. E. 16. Civil 
Engr. Depart, of Public Works & 
Bldgs. Springfield, 111. Home, 
Milbank, S. D. 

Lantz, Park Gresh, M. A. 13. Supt. 
of Schools. Petoskey, Mich. 

Lanyon, Samuel Searle, B. S. 83. 
Druggist. Omaha, Neb. a 

Lanz, Arthur, Ph. G. 17, B. S. (Ch. 
C.) 19. Monroe, Wis. a 

Lapham, Charles, B. C. R 81, C. E. 
81. Engr, 1303 Grand Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Lapham, Olene, LL. B. 14. Attor- 
ney. Lake Beulah, Wis. 

Lappley, Irene Mary, S. M. G. 16. 
Mazomanie, Wis. 

Lardner, Henry A., B. S. (E. E.) 93, 
E. E. 95. Vice-Pres. J. G. White 
Engineering Corp. 43 Exchange PL, 
New York City, a 

La Reau, Eva Marie, B. A. 07. 
Teacher. Helena, Mont. 

Larish, Frank Ainslie, LL. B. 06. 
Pres. & General Counsel. Western 
Freight Traffic Assn. 926 Karpen 
Bldg., Chicago, Dl. 

Larkin, Aloysius James, B. S. (Med.) 

14. Physician. 1339 S. Washtenaw 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Larkin, EUa, Ph. B. 67. 109 W. Gil- 
man, Madison, Wis. 

Larkin, Fred V., B. S. (G. E.) 06, 
M. E. 15. Prof. Mech. Engr. Le- 
high Univ. Bethlehem, Pa. a 

Larsen, Albert, B. S. (M. E.) 05. 
Civil Engr. Dayton, O. a 

Larsen, Arthur William, B. A. 13, 
M. A. 15. Instr. U. of Kansas, 
Lawrence, Kan. 

Larsen, Esther Amelia, B. A. 19. 
949 E. Gorham, Madison, Wis. 

Larsen, Harvey Earl, M. S. 15. 

Larsen, Herman, B. S. (C. E.) • 13. 
Civil Engr. & Builder, Slatlery & 
Larsen. Indianapolis, Ind. a 

Larsen, Karen, B. A. 05. Instr. St. 
Olaf Coll. Northfield, Minn. 



Larsen, Nellie Mary, B. A. 16. 
Teacher. Lake Greneva, Wig. a 

Larsen, Robert Leonard, B. S. (M. 
E.) 12. Asst. Master Mechanic 
Wellman, Seaver, Morgan Co. Ak- 
ron, O. a 

Larsen, Albert F., LL. B. 02. Whole- 
sale Hardware. 315 N. Minnesota 
Ave., Sioux Falls, S. D. a 

Larson, Alfred, B. A. 07. Asst. Bac- 
teriologist. Municipal Lab. Savan- 
nah, Ga. 

Larson, Alfred Victor, B. S. (M. E.) 
09. Engr. L. P. Wolff, Consulting 
Engineer. 3713-16th Ave. S., Min- 
neapolis, Minn, a 

Larson, Annie Katherine, Ph. B. 15. 
Stenographer. State Supt. of Pub- 
lic Instruction. 310-5th Ave., Hel- 
ena, Mont, a 

Larson, August Christian, B. S. 83. 
Attorney. McGrath Bldg., Eau 
Claire, Wis. 
. Larson, Clarence Melrose, B. S. (C. 
E.) 05, C. E. 09. Engr. E. E. 
Comm. 2'11 Lathrop, Madison, Wis. 

Larson, George Edward, LL. B. 02 
Wholesale Hardware. 414 W. 21st, 
Sioux Falls, S. D. a 

Larson, Gustus Ludwig, M. E. 15. 
Prof. U. W. Madison, Wis. a 
*Larson, John S., LL. B. 93. Died, 

Larson, Laurence Marcellus, M. A. 
00, Ph. D. 02. Professor. U. of 
HI. 301 Armory Ave., Champaign, 

Larson, Lewis P., B. A. 09. Presi- 
dent. First State Bank. Binford, 
N. D. a 
*Larson, Lewis R., Ph. B. 72. De- 
*Larson, Mrs. Louis E. (Jones, Sara 
Bennett) B. A. 10. Died Jan. 31, 

Larson, Louis M., LL. B. 95. Col- 
lection Manager. International Har- 
vester Co. Eegina, Sask. Can. 

Larson, Louis Martinus, B. S. (C. E.) 
09. Farmer. Edgerton, Wis. 

Larson, Mabel Josephine, B. S. (H. 
Ec.) 16. Cooperstown, N. D. 

Larson, Ole L., LL. B. 76. 

Larson, Veda Belva, B. A. 13. Teach- 
er. Deerfield, Wis. a 

La Rue, Edith Msrrtle, Ph. B. 12. 
Teacher. Platteville, Wis. 

Lasche, Alfred Julius M., Ph. G. 89. 
Bacteriologist & Chemist. 629-28th, 
Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Lassettar, William Casper, B. S. A. 
09. Director. Agricultural Exten- 
sion Division. U. of Ark. Fayette- 
ville. Ark. 

Lassfolk, Esther (Scott, Mrs. C. O.) 
B. A. 15. 

Latham, Gwendoline (Hargrave, Mrs. 
F. M.) B. A. 16. 

Lathrop, Amy C, B. A. 18. Bridge- 
port, Wis. 

Lathrop, Alfred Tennyson, B. S. A. 
09. Orchardist. Medford, Ore. a 

Lathrop, Francis Child, B. A. 19. 427 
N. Butler, Madison, Wis. 

Lathrop, Mrs. H. N. (Greene, Eunice 
Genevieve) B. A. 09. Sherburne, 
N. Y. 

Lathrop, Ldgh Hunt, B. S. (E. E.) 

Lathrop, Margaret, B. A.. 19. 427 
N. Butler, Madison, Wis. a 

Lathrop, Ruth Madeline, B. A. 13. 
Librarian. 217 S. Mills. Madison, 

Lathrop, William Frederick, B. S. 
(E. E.) 02. Construction Engr. 1426 
First Natl. Bank Bldg. Milwau- 
kee, Wis. a 

Lathrop, William T., B. A. 90. Bank- 
er. Planginton, S. D. 

Latta, George W., LL. B. 74. Attor- 
ney. Antigo, Wis. 

Latta, Grace Deborah, B. A. 06. 
Teacher. 708 Clermont, Antigo, 

Latta, Maud Abigail, B. L. 02. Instr. 
708 Clermont, Antigo, Wis. 

Latta, Mrs. Warren (Scott, Julia M.) 
B. A. 05. 595 Durand, Clinton, 
Wis. a 

Lattin, William S., M. A. 17. Asst. 
Prof. Brookings, S. D. 

Lau, Arnold, LL. B. 06. Teacher. 
Wichita, Kan. 

Laube, Frank Joseph, B. L. 99. Instr. 
U. of Wash. Seattle, Wash, a 

Laube, Herbert David, B. L. 03 
Teacher. Brodhead, Wis. 

Laubenstein, Guinevere Josephine, 
S. M. G. 14. Gresham, Wis. 

Lauder, Frances, B. A. 15. Wahpe- 
ton, N. D. 

Lauderdale, Clara M., B. A. 04, M. 
A. 12. Teacher. 1126 Grand View, 
Boulder, Colo, a 



Lauderdale, Jesse E., B. S. (E. E.) 

11. Chicago Sales Mgr. National 
X-Eay Eeflector Co. 235 W. Jack- 
son Blvd., Chicago, 111. 
Laue, Charlotte Margaret (McKay, 

Mrs. J. Gordon) B. A. 17. 
Laue, Gilbert Eric, B. S. (E. E.) 14. 
Electrical Engr. Cutler Hammer 
Co. Milwaukee, Wis. 
Laughlin, John Leo, B. A. (C. C.) 17. 
Boatmen's Bank Bldg., St. Louis, 
Mo. a 
Laughmann, Mrs. W. C. (Penniston, 
Laura M.) B. A. 11. Grocer. Ar- 
gyle. Wis. 
Laurgaard, Olaf, B. S. (C. E.) 03. 
C. E. 14. City Engr. Portland, 
Ore. a 
Laut, Margaret Donilla, B. A. 19. 
Teacher. 707 • Fulton, Wausau, 
Wis. a 
Lautz, George Henry, B. S. (C. E.) 
08. District Engr. Forest Service. 
407 S.'eth E. Missoula, Mont. 
La Vassor, Mrs. C. A. (Anderson. 
Mina Aletha) B. L. 03. Argyle, 
*Laverty, Charles Edward, Ph. B. 72, 

LL. 73. Died Jan. 1, 1906. 
Lavin, Bessie, M . G. 05. Music 
Teacher. 820 E. Dayton, Madison, 
Law, David Sydney, B. A. 04, LL. B. 

06. Attorney. La Crosse, Wis. 
Law, Mrs. E. J. (Piper, Helen E.) B. 

Mus. 17. Madison, Wis. 
Law, Marc A., formerly (Boguslaw- 
sky, Marc A.) B. A. 12. Invest- 
ment Securities. 72 W. Adams, 
Chicago, 111. a 
Law, Thomas James, LL. B. 91. At- 
torney. Clear Lake, S. D. 
Lawler, Ethel Elizabeth (Davis, Mrs. 

J. W.) B. A. 14. 
Lawrence, Carl Gustavus, B. L. 94. 
President. State Normal. Spring- 
field, S. D. a 
Lawrence, Francis Wolcott, B. S. (C. 
E.) 06. Sales Agent. 708 Ford 
Bldg., Detroit, Mich, a 
Lawrence, Frank H., B. S. (E. E.) 
11. Inspector. Chicago Telephone 
Co. Chicago, 111. 
*Lawrence, Frank Moore, LL. B. 76. 
Died Dec. 31, i01\>. 
Lawrence, James Nelson, Ph. D. 12. 
Eesearch Chemist. National Ani- 
line Chemical Co. 344 West Ave., 
Buffalo, N. Y. 

*Lawrence, Margaret, M. A. 13. Died 

*Lawrence, Norma (Long, Mrs. A. H.) 

LL. B. 91. Died April 17, 1894. 

*Lawson, Flora Lucretia (Stanley, 

Mrs. W. D.) B. L. 87. Died April 

17, 1901. 

Lawson, Henry Lambert, Ag. G. 12. 

Lawson, Laura L. (Schultz, Mrs. 

Frederick W.) B. A. 06. 
Lawson, Lewis, LL. B. 02. Attor- 
ney. Woonsocket, S. D. 
Lawson, Lillian Edith, B. A. 16. 
Teacher. 327 Naymut, Menasha, 
Wis. a 
Lawson, Publius Virgilius, LL. B. 78. 
Pres. Menasha Wood Split Pulley 
Co. Menasha, Wis. a 
Lawson, Stuart Condit, B. S. (M. E.) 

17. Instr. U. W. Madison, Wis. 
Lawson, Vera Shearer, S. M. G. 14. 

1108-4th Ave., Eockford, 111. 

Lawton, Edward Wallace, B. M. E. 

89. Secy. & Treas. C. A. Lawton 

Co. De Pere, Wis. a 

Lawton, Jay Waldimar, B. S. A. 14. 

County Agricultural Eepresenta- 

tive. Lac Qui Parle County, Minn. 

Lay, Ung-Chih, B. A. 14. Wuchang, 

Layman, Kenneth Foss, B. S. A. 14. 
Farmer. 802 Forrest Ave., Evans- 
ton, 111. a 
Lea, Charles Winthrop, B. L. 97. 
Lumberman. Crary Bldg., Seattle, 
Lea, Clara A. (Gallon, Mrs. Walter 

J.) B. A. 05. 
Lea, Harry Richard, B. L. 01. At- 
torney. 1227 N. Oakes, Tacoma, 
Lea, Mrs. H. R. (Coerper, Elsie L.) 
B. A. 04. 1227 N. Oakes, Tacoma, 
Wash, a 
Lea, Henry Leslie, B. S. (E. E.) 03. 
Lea, John McKenzie, B. S. (E. E.) 
02. 1016-3rd Ave., Waupaca, Wis. 
Lea, Maude Luella (Dean, Mrs. J. 

P.) B. A. 11. 
*Lea, William Francis, B. L. 01. Died 
27, 1918. 
Lea, Mrs. William F. (Odell, Mabel) 
B. L. 03. 231 Maple Park, Olym- 
pia, Wash. 
Lea, Robert W., B. A. 07. Vice-Pres. 

Moline Plow Co., Moline, 111. a 
Leach, Olive Marion (Cressey, Mrs. 
J. K.) B. A. 12. 



Leach, Viola A. (Eitchie, Mrs. 

Ralph) B. A. 10. 
Leadbetter, Mrs. L. A. (King, Anna 
B.) B. L. 03, M. A. 04. 27 N. 
Oneida Ave., Rhinelander, Wis. a 
Leader, Katherine (Conley, Mrs. E. 

M.) Ph. B. 13. 
Leahy, IMichael A., Ph. B. 61, B. A. 

62, M. A. 65. 
*Leahy, Stephen, Ph. B. 70, LL. B. 73. 
Died Nov. 19, 1873. 
Leahy, Stephen James, LL. B. 05. 

Attorney. Wibaux, Mont. 
Leahy, Thomas Edward, LL. B. 05. 
Attorney. 9-11 Mack Blk, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 
Leahy, Thomas W., LL. B. 01. At- 
torney. 904 Barnes Bldg., Musko- 
gee, Okla. 
Leaper, Earl Theodore, B. S. A. 14. 

Logger. Birch, Mich. 
Leaper, Warren Eugene, B. A. 08. 

709 School PL, Green Bay, Wis. 
Learoyd, Elizabeth S. (Ewing, Mrs. 

Addison A.) M. A. 11. 
Leary, Agnes Veronica, B. A. 09. 
Teacher. 354 W. Mifflin, Madison, 
Wis. a 
*Leary, John William, LL B. 89. Died 
Feb. 10, 1897. 
Lsary, Julia Lenore, B. A. 17. 130 

N. Hancock, Madison, Wis. a 
Leary, Mary Cecil (Marks, Mrs. Roy) 

B. A. 14. 
Leasman, Emil L., B. S. (Ch. E.) 07. 
Metallurgist. 203-23d, Milwaukee, 
Leatherwood, Elmer O., LL. B. 01. 
Attorney. 1010 Boston. Bldg., Salt 
Lake City, Utah. 
Leatherwood, Mrs. Elmer O. (Al- 
baugh, Nancy Eleanor) Ph. B. 01. 
1237 E. 1st, Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Leatzow, Vera (Guess, Mrs. Buford 

H.) B. A. 04. 
Leavens, Marie Therese, B. A. 13. 

3304 Cedar, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Leavitt, Isaac S., Ph. B. 68, B. A. 
69, M. A. 72. Capitalist. 4825 
Cass, Omaha, Neb. 
Leavitt, Mrs. Isaac S. (Pennock, 
Florence L) Ph. B. 74. 4825 Cass, 
Omaha, Neb. 
Lebeis, Clara Dora, Ph. B. 13. Super- 
visor. Wichita, Kan. 
Lebeis, Henry Jr. LL. B. 96. County 
Judge. 246 Coleman, Chippewa 
Falls, Wis. 
Lebert, Eugene Marie, M, A. 13. 

LeClair, Carl Amie, B. S. A. 10. 

Agricultural Advertising. A. A. C. 
Co. 124 W. Gilman, Madison, Wis. 
LeClair, Mrs. Carl A. (Fess, Leone 
Marie) B. S. (H. Ee.) 11. 124 W. 
Gilman, Madison, Wis. 

LeClair, Mrs. John Jr. (Humphrey, 
May) B. A. 03. Two Harbors, 
Minn, a 

Lederer, Carl Singer, B. A. 17. 4724 
Greenwood Ave., Chicago, 111. a 

Ledvina, Lawrence Wencel, LL. B. 
06. Attorney. Manitowoc, Wis. a 

Lee, Allan, B. S. (G. E.) 04. Banker. 
37 E. 60th, New York City, a 

Lee, Augusta A. (Giddings, Mrs. 
Charles E.) B. L. 90, M. L. 93. 

Lee, Carl Emil, M. S. 09. Asst. Food 
Commissioner. 1615 Jefferson, 
Madison, Wis. 

Lee, David Russell, Ph. D. 07. Prof. 
U. of Tenn. 505 W. Main Ave., 
Knoxville, Tenn. a 

Lee, Dih Hoe, M. S. 18. 

Lee, Francis EInut, B. A. 16. Elroy, 

Lee, Frederick Collins, M. A. 16. 

Lee, Grace E. (Schreiber Mrs. W. 
E.) B. S. 92. 

Lee, Henry Gustave,*B. A. 14. Teach- 
er. Madison, Wis. 

Lee, Jessamine (Fox, Mrs. Marion 
L.) B. L. 99. 

Lee, Ken3lm Julius; B. S. 00. Phy- 
sician & Surgeon. 532 La Salle 
Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Lee, Norman, B. S. (E. E.) 04. En- 
gineer. 47 Eue de Ranalagh, Paris, 

Lee, Soong-Dau, B. A. 13. Registrar. 
Tsing Hua Coll. Peking, China. 

Lee, WiUiam Arthur, B. L. 02. Cler- 
gyman. 218 Waverly Way, At- 
lanta, Ga. 

Leeden, Hebe (Aberg, Mrs. Wm. J. 
P.) B. A. 16. 

Leedy, John Wentworth, M. S. 16. 

Teacher. Rochester, Minn. 
Leenhouts, Frances Elizabeth, B. A. 
14. Govt. Clerk. 623 Downer Ave., 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Lees, Andrew, LL. B. 95. Attorney. 
122 S. 17th, La Crosse, Wis. a 

Lees, Edward, LL. B. 86. Commis- 
sioner. Supreme Court of Minn. 
438 Portland Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Lceson, George XJnsley, LL. B. 76. 

LeFebvre, Clarence Charles, B. A. 07 

LeFebvre, Louis Israel, LL. B. 94. 



Legge, Ernest Friend, B. S. (E. E.) 
01. Engineer. 1122 Prospect Ave., 
Wausau, Wis. 

Legge, George, LL. B. 88. Eancher 
& Real Estate. 932-7th, San Di- 
ego, Calif. 

Legler, Rose Magdalen (Corbett, 
Mrs. Richard) B. A. 13. 

Le Grand, Alexander John, B. A. 10. 
Teacher. 3936 Vliet, Milwaukee, 

Legreid, Herman Nicholas, B. S. (Ch. 
E.) 08. Civil Engr. 1118 Second 
National Bldg., Akron, O. a 

Legreid, Mrs. Herman N. (Haugen, 
Constance) Ph. B. 03. 470 Wood- 
land Ave., Akron, O. 

Leguia, Jose, Ag. G. 14. General 
Manager. Leguia Farms, Lima, 
Peru, a 

Lehman, Conrad Charles, Ph. G. 03. 
Hardware. Cedarburg, Wis. 

Lehman, Don Raymond, LL. B. 09. 
Attorney. 1036 Andrus Bldg., Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 

Lehman, Elmer Ernest, M. S. 18. 
Teacher. Las Cruces, N. M. 

Lehman, Van Vechten, B. A. 08. 
Woodland, Wis. 

Lehmann, Frances Esther, S. M. G. 
11. Teacher. Woodland, Wis. 
*Lehmann, Gottfried, M. A. 06. De- 

Lehmann, S. Katherine, B. A. 11, M. 
A. 12. Teacher. Extension Div. 
U. W. Madison, Wis. 

Lehmann, William V. V., B. A. 06. 

Lehner, Adolph Philip, LL. B. 09. At- 
torney. Oconto Falls, Wis. 

Lehner, Philip LL. B., 04. Attorney. 
Princeton, Wis. a 

Lehnhoff, Mabel Irene (Johnson, Mrs. 
Walter) B. A. 15. 

Leibing, Frances Ernestine, S. M. G. 
17.. 432 N. Center, Terre Haute, 

Leich, F. William, B. A. 93. Supt. 
of German Hosp. Cleveland, O. 

Leich, Oscar M., B. S. 98. Secy. & 
Mgr. Crocraft-Leich Electric Co., 
Genoa, HI. a 

Leicht, George J., LL. B. 11. Attor- 
ney. 512-3rd, Wausau, Wis. 

Leicht, Herman, LL. B. 03. Attor- 
ney. Medford, Wis. 

Leicht, William Freeman Vilas, B. A. 
14. New Lisbon, Wis. a 

Leighty, Lily (Berg, Mrs. John) B. 
A. 05. 

Leihy, Edna M. (Erickson, Mrs. Os- 
car G.) B. L. 02. 

Leins, Lenore, Ph. B. 08, Ph. M. 11. 
Student. London, Eng. 

Leiser, Frederick Oscar, B. L. 02, M. 
A. 15. Secy. Y. M. C. A. 1105 
Harrison, Madison, Wis. a 

Leiserson, William Morris, B. A. 08. 
Chief. Div. of Labor. Wash, D. C. a 

Leister, Henry Clinton, Ph. B. 12. 
Principal. Sheboygan Falls, Wis. 

Leith, Benjamin Donald, B. S. A. 11. 
Professor. U. W., Madison, Wis. 

Leith, Charles Kenneth, B. S. 97. Ph. 
D. 01. Professor. U. W. Madison, 
Wis. a 

Leith, Elinor M. (Sabin, Mrs. James 
H.) B. L. 91. 

Leitsch, William C, LL. B. 96, At- 
torney. Columbus, Wis. a. 

Lcland, Abram M., Ph. G. 88. Phy- 
sician. Whitewater, Wis. 

Leland, Gertrude Church (Chapman, 
Mrs. E.) B. S. (H. Ec.) 16. 

Lemke, Charles Frederick, B. A. 03. 
U. S. Auto Gear Shift Co., Eau 
Claire, Wis. 

Lemke, Otto Augustus, LL. B. 02. 
Attorney. 1206 Walnut, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. a 

Lemon, Luther E., B. S. 96. Manager. 
Vindex Electric Co., Aurora, HI. a 

Lennon, Hawley David, B. S. 02. 
Adv. Mgr. Minneapolis Steel & 
Machinery Co., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Lennon, William Thomas, LL. B. 04. 
Attorney. Hurley, Wis. a 

Lenroot, Katherine Frederica, B. A 
12. Agent. Children's Bureau. 
The Woodward, Wash. D. C. a 

Lent, Wilmar Francis, B. S. 10, E. E. 
11. Engr. Griest Mfg. Co. 364 Al- 
den Ave., New Haven, Conn, a 

Lentz, Alvin Edward, B. A. (C. C.) 
18. Mayville, Wis. 

Lentzner, Florence (Sladky, Mrs. 
Alex C.) B. A. 10. 

Leonard, Harry William, Ph. G. 11. 
Univ. Pharmacy, Cor. State & 
Lake Sts., Madison, Wis. 

Leonard, Lowell Austin, B. A. (C. C.) 
17. Riverside, 111. 

Leonard, Sylvia, B. A. 15. Teacher. 
Poynette, Wis. 
♦Leonard, Thomas B., LL. B. 93. Died, 
Jan. 22, 1905. 



Leonard, Mrs. Walter (Fenton, Ida) 

B. A. 09. 1507 E. 4th, Duluth, 

Minn, a 
Leonard, William Ezekiel, M. A. 12. 

Asst. Prof. U. W. • 2015 Adams, 

Madison, Wis. 
♦Leonard, Mrs. William E. (Freeman, 

Charlotte) B. A. 96. Died April, 

Lemer, Nathan Hyman, B. S. A. 17. 

Land Classifier. U. S. Geological 

Survey. 90 Sheriff, New York 

Lerom, Bertha, Ph. B. 06. Buxton, 

N. D. 
Lerom, Hattie Lucene, Ph. B. 06. 

Buxton, N. D. 
Le Roy, Maude, B. A. 15. Augusta, 

Wig. I 

*Lerum, Arna Christopher, B. L. 03, 

LL. B. 06. Died June 25, 1911. 
Leschke, August Herman, C. E. 13. 

B & O. K. R. Baltimore, Md. 
Leslie, Helen (Hoeffel, Mrs. Merrill 

J.) M. A. 12. 
Leslie, John Woodworth, B. A. 07. 

130 N. Fifth Ave., Chicago, 111. a 
Leslie, Kathleen (Hill, Mrs. George 

O.) B. A. 16. 
Leslie, Robert Wilson, B. A. (C. C.) 

16. 1444 N. Clermont, Antigo, 

Wis. a 
Lester, Mrs. D. (Hammond, Aileen 

Spaulding) M. A. 16. Rollo, Mo. 
Lester, William Pullman, B. A. (C. 

C.) 17. Kenil worth. 111. 
*Letts, Harlan Day, Ag. G. 13. De- 
Leui, Hattie S. (Hill, Mrs. Louis L.) 

B. A. 08. 
Leukel, Robert Whilmer, B. S. A. 18. 

Plant Pathologist. Brillion, Wis. 
Leukel, Walter Anthony, B. S. A. 16. 

Teacher. Brillion, Wis. a 
Leven, Maurice, B. A. 17. 10 S. TMarr, 

Fond du Lac, Wis. 
Leverich, Edward Starr, B. S. A. 09. 

Manager. Hillcrest Orchards, Cady 

Land Co. Egg Harbor, Wis. 
Levi, Mrs. Ernest R. (Everest, Kate 

A.) B. A. 82, M. A. 92, Ph. D. 93. 

450 W. Gilman, Madison, Wis. a 
Levin, Isidore, B. S. A. 13. Pvt., 

Chem. Warfare Service. Develop- 
ment Div., Offense Lab. 1312 Taft 

Ave., Cleveland, O. 
*Levis, George W., LL. B. 93. Died, 

Aug. 14, 1909. 

Levis, George Winden, B. A. 17. Di- 
rector of Athletics. 314 S. Hajnil- 
ton, Madison, Wis. 

Levis, Mrs. George Winden (Parkin 
son, Helen E.) B. S. (H. Ec.) 18. 
314 S. Hamilton, Madison, Wis. 

Levitan, Mortimer, B. A. 12. Attor- 
ney. 915 Lumber Exchange Bldg., 
Chicago, 111. 

Levitan, Esther, B. A. 12. 219 E. 
Mifflin, Madison, Wis. 

Levitt, Sadie Rosaljm, B. L. 00. 

Levy, Edmond Gustave, B. S. A. 14. 
2902 State, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Levy, Frances Eleanor, B. A. 19. La 
Crosse, Wis. 

Levy, Robert Ferdinand, B. A. (C. 
C.) 18. Augusta, Wis. 

Levy, Sigmund, Ph. G. 89. 5024 Cal- 
umet Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Lewald, Theodor, LL. D. 04. 

Lewis, Mrs. Albert W. (Beaver, 
Grace M.) B. A. 05. 719 Cleve- 
land, Eveleth, Minn. 
*Lewis, Arthur Warner, B. A. 04. 
Died June 26, 1910. 

Lewis, Caroline M., B. A. 11. Asst. 
Historical Library. 1105 Univer- 
sity Ave., Madison, Wis. 

Lewis, Charles McLeod, B. S. (M. E.) 
16. 330 Hawthorne Ave., So. Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Lewis, Clinton Huntington, B. S. 75. 
Physician. 1159 Kinnickinnic Ave., 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Lewis, Mrs. CUnton H. (Hob art, Car- 
oline) B. S. 76. 1159 Kinnickinnic 
Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Lewis, Cora Cole, B. A. 15. Princi- 
pal. Kirkman, Iowa, a 

Lewis, Mrs. Don (Proud, Marion) 
B. A. 07. Highmore, S. D. 

Lewis, Dorothy, B. A. 16. Apt. 1, 
2430 Lake, San Francisco, Calif, a 

Lewis, Eva Grace (Kranich, Mrs. 
Frank) B. A. 09. 

Lewis, Florence Elizabeth, B. A. 17. 
1105 University Ave., Madison, Wis. 

Lewis, Harmon, B. A. 11. Geologist. 
1111 Harrison Bldg., Philadelphia, 

Lewis, Mrs. Harmon (Rettger, Wini- 
fred Gard) B. A. 15. 126 Birch 
Ave., Cynwyd, Pa. 

Lewis, Harold Arthur, B. S. (C. C.) 
15. Chemist. 17 N. Park Ave., 
Fond du Lac, Wis. 

Lewis, Howard T., M. A. 11. Teacher 
U. of Idaho. Moscow, Idaho. 



Lewis, Isabel Meekin, B. A. 09. 
Teacher. 17 N. Park Ave., Fond 
du Lac, Wis. 
Lewis, Jane Deborah, B. S. (H. Ee.) 
17. Teacher. 428 Harrison, Gary, 
Ind. a 
Lewis, Lillian Lucille, B. A. 19. Mac- 

Farland, Wis. 
Lewis, Margaretta B. (Davis, Mrs. 

W. E.) B. L. 93. 
Lewis, Marian, B. A. 13. Physician 

Cook County Hosp., Chicago, 111. 
Lewis, Marion Lucile, B. S. (H. Ec.) 

19. 637-26th, Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Lewis, Martha Ellen, B. A. 10. Phy- 
sical Director. Y. W. C. A. Buf- 
falo, N. Y. a 
Lewis, Marshall, B. S. A. 10. 1159 
Kinnickinnic Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Lewis, Melvina Cora (Capron, Mrs. 

S. E.) B. A. 15. 
Lewis, Olin Bailey, B. A. 84, LL. B. 
89. District Judge. St. Paul, Minn. 
Lewis, Raymond B., B. A. 17. a 
Lewis, Read, B. A. 09. Attorney. 
924 West End Ave., New York City. 
Lewis, Ritchie David, LL. B. 15. At- 
torney. Sun Prairie, Wis. 
Lewis, Robert Dudley, B. S. (M. E.) 
09. 1374 Grand Ave., St. Paul, 
Lewis, Roy Milton, M. A. 09. Supt. 

of Schools. Beach, N. D. 
Lewis, Russell Francis, B. A. 15. 
Supt. of Schools. Mt. Horeb, Wis. a 
Lewis, Sophie M. (Briggs, Mrs. 

Harry E.) B. L. 88. 
*Lewis, Stevenson Paul, B. S. A. 17. 

Killed in action, Oct. 31, 1918. 
Lewis, Theodore Gorman, B. A. 13, 

LL. B. 15. MacFarland, Wis. 
Lewis, Thomas Edwin, B. A. 08. 
Supt. of Schools. Sleepy Eye, 
Minn, a 
Lewis, Mrs. Warren H. (Milner, 
Myrtle Olive) B. A. 17. 1001 Kel- 
ley, Charles City, la. a 
Lewy, Daniel, B. S. CM. E.) 05. En- 
gineer. Standard Plunger Elevator 
Co. 723 Webster Bldg., Chicago, 
Li, Ming-Ho, Ch. E. 13. a 
Li, Pao-Lin, M. A. 17. 211 N. Mur 

ray, Madison, Wis. 
Liang, Chi Tao, B. A. 14. 
Liang, Chuan-Ling, B. A. 17. Shan 

tung, China, a 
Liang, Wen Paul, B. S. (E. E.) 18 
Hongkong, China. 

Libbey, Charles Arthur, B. L. 97. 
Prea.-Treas. C. A. Libbey Co., Osh- 
kosh. Wis. a 

Libbey, Barnem, M. A. 13. 

Libby, Benjamin, B. L. Ql. R. F. D. 
4, Madison, Wis. 

Libby, Caroline G. (Jensen, Mrs. Os- 
car) B. A. 08. 

Libby, Lawrence Moses, B. S. (E. E.) 
07. Owner. Electric plant. Poy- 
nette. Wis. a 

Libby, Lyman Amquist, B. L. 03. 
Merchant. Donald, Wash. 

Libby, Grin Grant, B. L. 92, M. L. 
93, Ph. D. 95. Teacher. State His- 
torical Society. Grand Forks, N. D. a 

Lichtfeldt, Clarence H., B. A. (C. C.) 

17. 2917 McKinley Blvd., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. a 

Liddle, Earl Loren, B. S. A. 19. Mif- 
flin, Wis. 
Lidral, John Frank, B. S. (C. E.) 10. 

2621-2nd Ave. N., Seattle, Wash, a 
Lidral, Mrs. John F. (Packard, 

Edna) B. A. 12. 2621-2nd Ave., 

N. Seattle, Wash, a 
Liebenberg, Herman Henry, B. S. 97. 

Principal. Buffalo County Training 

School. Alma, Wis. 
Liebenberg, Mrs. H. H. (Averill, 

Maud M.) B. L. 97. Alma, Wis. 
Liebenstein, Franklin Leslie, B. S. A. 

18. Cascade, Wis. 

Lieber, WUliam Lenry, B. S. 07. At- 
torney. Allis-Chalmers Mfg. Co., 
Milwaukee, Wis 
Liebig, Pauline Gottsleben, B. A. 18. 

Instr. Medford, Wis. a 
Liefert, Mrs. F. C. (Anthony, Angela 
Josephine) B. A. 10. 625-72nd 
Ave., West Allis, Wis. 
Liegler, John H., B. L. 96. Attor- 
ney. Kacine, Wis. 
Lien, Mrs. Gustave A. (Dyrud, Ma- 
tilda) B. A. 06. Washburn, Wis. 
Lien, Hannah G., M. G. 06. Music 

teacher. Granite Falls, Minn. 
Lisenfeld, Joseph H., LL. B. 96. At- 
torney. 291 Howell Ave., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 
Liessmann, Alma Louise, Ph. B. OS. 

Principal. Sharon, N. D. 
Lietze, Mrs. C. H. (Flesh, Linnie M.) 
B. L. 92. 404 W. 115th, New York 
Lieu, Kwang-Yee, Ph. M. 19. Nan 
tungchaw, Kiangsu, China. 



Light, Gertrude Underbill, B. S. 94. 
Sanitary Inspector. Municipal 
Bldg., New York City. 

Lightbody, James N., B. S. 11. 810 
S. 8th, La Crosse, Wis. 

Lightcap, Earl Kempthorne, Ph. B. 
16. Principal. Boscobel, Wis. 
*Likens, John, LL. B. 72. Died Dec, 
19, 1873. 

Liljqvist, Lawrence Andrew, B. L. 03. 
Attorney. 201-2 Coke Bldg., Marsh- 
field, Ore. 

Lillard, Paul, B. S. 15. 

Lillie, Albert Reed Trenholm, B. S. 
A. 16. Farmer. Arlington Heights, 
111. a 

Lily, Jennie, M. A. 14. Teacher. 
Portland, Ore. 

Lilly, Lewis, B. A. 11. Comptroller, 
c/o George H. Burr & Co., 120 
Broadway, New York City, a 

Lilly, Mrs. Lewis (Nelson, Florence 
E.) B. L. 03. 435 Lake, Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Limper, Louis Henry, M. A. 14. 
Instr. State Agric. Coll. Manhat- 
tan, Kan. 

Lincoln, Azariah Thomas, B. S. 94, 
M. S. 98, Ph. D. 99. Professor. 
Eenssealaer Polytechnic Institute. 
Troy, N. Y. 

Lincoln, Mrs. Grace G. (Garrison. 
Grace G.) M. G. 99. Eiehland 
Center, Wis. 

Lincoln, Pearl L., LL. B. 96. Attor- 
ney. Eiehland Center, Wis. 

Lincoln, Mrs. Robb E. (Terry, Grace 
L.) B. L. 94. 116 Vernon Ave., 
Fergus Falls, Minn. 

Lind, Alberta Augusta, B. A. 17. 
Dover, O, 

Lindauer, Alfred Clarence, B. S. 15. 
Chemist. 307 E. Gorham, Madison, 
Wis. a 

Lindberg, Gustav Heimer, B. A. 18. 
222 N. "J." Tacoma, Wash. 

Linde, Clarissa A. (Gudden, Mrs. 
Hans) B. L. 98. 

Lindemann, Albert Louis, B. A. 06. 
Secy. A. J. Lindemann & Hoverson 
Co. 394 Newberry Blvd., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. a 

Lindemann, Albon Blake, B. A. 15. 
Viroqua, Wis. 

Lindemann, August S., B. M. E. 85, 
M. E. 87. Manager. Milwaukee- 
Waukesha Brewing Co. Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 

Lindemann, Walter C, B. S. 08. En- 
gineer. A. J. Lindemann & Hover- 
son Co., 862 Superior, Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 

Lindemer, Louise Bunnell, B. A. 09. 
Died May 31, 1914. 
*Linden, Olaf James, B. S. 00. De- 

Lindley, Dena, B. L. 94. Librarian. 
Waunakee, Wis. 

Lindley, Mrs. John T. (Stair, Crys- 
tal) B. L. 99. Azusa, Calif, a 

Lindley, Joseph T., B. L. 93. Attor- 
ney. Terry, Mont. 

Lindley, Thornton P., B. S. 78. Stony 
I Plain, Alberta, Canada. 
, Lindsay, Herbert Frank, B. A. 05. 
Merchant. • 78 Eeed, Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 

Lindsay, James Batson, B. L. 02. 
Dealer. 400 N. 1st, Minneapolis, 
Minn, a 

Lindsay, Ruth Hutchinson, M. A. 16. 
347 Prospect Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Lindsay, Stewart, Ph. G. 05. Travel- 
ing Salesman. Plvmouth, Wis. 

Lindsay, Mrs. William W., (McCul- 
loch, Harriet) B. L. 98. 1520 Min- 
eral Point Ave., -Janesville, Wis. 

Lindstrein, Jeanette M. E. (Brannon, 
Mrs. J. M.) B. A. 08. 

Lindstrom, Ernest Walter, B. A. 14. 
Asst. Prof. TJ. W. Madison, Wis. a 

Lines, Mrs. George (Kunz, Edessa L.) 
B. L. 98. 685 Franklin PL, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 

Ling, Pyau, B. A. 12. Foreign Office, 
Peking, China. 

Link, Frances Mary, B. A. 13. Asst. 

Kegistrar's Office. U. W. Madison, 


i Link, George Martin, B. L. 98. Asst 

1 Secy. City Hall, Minneapolis, Minn. 

i a 

Link, Othmar Charles, B. A. (C. C.) 
16. Accountant. 825 W. John- 
son, Madison, Wis. a 

Linkfield, Hazel Frances, B. A. 09. 
Teacher. 215 N. Commonwealth 
Ave., Elgin, 111. a 

Lindley, Frederick Hewitt, B. S. 10. 
Engineer. 510 Wolvin Bldg., Du- 
luth, Minn. 

Linn, Alexander Torls, B. A. 15. Ac- 
countant. 1207 Erin, Madison, Wis. a 

Lins, Cecilia Marie, B. A. 18. Ac- 
countant. 621 N. Henry, Madison, 



Llns, Christina Catherine (Bettin 
ger, Mrs. E. H.) B. A. 10. 

Lins, Hilda M., B. A. 11. Teacher. 
Riverside, Calif. 

Linson, Daisy May, Ph. B. 13. Teach- 
er. Columbus, Ind. 

Lipe, Olive (Wolf, Mrs. Charles L.) 
B. L. 99, M. G. 01. 

Lipman, Charles B., M. S. 09. Pro- 
fessor. U. of Calif. Berkeley, Calif. 

Lippert, George W., LL. B. 14. At- 
torney. Athens, Wis. 

Lippincott, William Adams, M. S. 17. 
Professor. 321 N. 18th, Manhat- 
tan, Kan. 

Lipschutz, Hjmian Stanley, B. A. 18. 
226 West 113th, New York City, a 

Lipscomb, James Napoleon, M. S. 15. 
Co. Agent. Lewisburg, W. Va. 

Lisberger, Sylvan J., B. S. 03, E. E. 
09. Engr. Pacific Gas & Electric 
Co., San Francisco, Calif. 

Lister, Harold Reid, B. A. 14. Ad- 
vertising Mgr. 608 Dearborn, Chi- 
cago, Til. a 

Littig, Esther Eugenia, B. A. 18, M. 
A. 19. Flandreau, S. D. 

Littig, Lawrence Victor, B. S. 19. 
Iowa City, la. 

Little, Claudius Barton, B. S. (E. E.) 
14. Iowa Apts. No. 4, Wash., D. C. 

Little, Mary Frances (Drips, Mrs. 
W. E.) B. a (H. Ec.) 18, M. S. 

Little, William Douglas, B. A. 12. 
Geneva, 111. 

Littleton, Jesse Talbot Jr., Ph. D. 11. 
Physicist. 94 E. 5th, Corning, N. T. 

Liu, Kuh Tsen, B. S. 19. Bank of 
China. Changsha, China, a 

Liver, Harold Allan, B. S. 08. Engr. 
Oliver Iron Mining Co., Chisholm, 
Minn, a 

Liver, John Irving, B. A. 04. Vicc- 
Pres. St. Joseph Valley Bank. Elk- 
hart, Ind. a 

Liverance, Wallace Burt, M. S. 12. 
Dairyman. 557 Madison Ave., 
Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Llvesey, Mrs. Willis (Sagerstrom, 
Signe) B. A. 08. 6051 St. Law- 
rence Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Livingston, Curtis Burr, B. A. (C. C.) 
14. The Prest-0-Lite Co. 30 E. 
42nd, New York City. 

Livingston, Mrs. Curtis Burr (Geb- 
hart, E. Corine) B. A. 15. 359 
Ridge, Kenosha, Wis. 

Livingston, Edward Meakin, B. S. 

17. Surgeon. 171 Lexington Ave., 
New York City, a 

Livingston, John Kingsley, E. E. 13. 
30 Cottage PI., Nutley, N. J. a 

Livingston, Mrs. John K. (Dairs, 
Marjory Anna) B. A. 14. 30 Cot- 
tage PL, Nutley, N. J. a 

Livingston, Mrs. Paul (Flower, Dor- 
othy) B. A. 12. 55-25th, Elm- 
hiirst, L. T. 

Livingston, Mrs. Sidney (Van Slyke, 
Ruth) B. A. 08. Pasco, Wash. 

Lloyd, Ada C. (Beach, Mrs. Clinton 
S.) B. L. 02. 

Lloyd, Conrad C, B. S. 96. Attor- 
ney. 625 Caswell Bldg., Milwaukee 

Lloyd, Eleanor (Jones, Mrs. Mont 
fort) Ph. B. 13. 

Lloyd, Emrys J., B. S. 08. Salesman 
J. B. Terry Co., Cedar Rapids, la. 

Lloyd, Hubert E., B. A. 08. Chemist 
Grantwood, N. J. a 

Lloyd, Orson Gunnell, M. S. 12. Pro 
f essor. Iowa State Coll., Ames, la. a 

Lloyd, Sumner Hurst, B. A. 10. Real 
Estate Dealer. 1829 McCormick 
Bldg., Chicago, HI. 

Lloyd-Jones, Alice, B. S. 11, M. S. 

18. Professor. Kansas State Ag- 
ric. Coll., Manhattan, Kan. 

Lloyd-Jones, Orren, B. S. A. 08, M. 

S. 11, Ph. D. 13. Director. Dr. B. 

W. Sippy's Farm, Bitely, Mich, a 
Lloyd- Jones, Mrs. Orren (Carr, Lu- 

cina Langworthy) B. A. 08, M. G. 

11. Bitely, Mich. 
Loar, Constance Wood, B. A. 15. 

Teacher. Bloomington, 111. a 
Lobb, Albert James, LL. B. 10. Lec- 
turer. U. of Minn. Minneapolis, 

Minn, a 
Lobb, Mrs. Albert J. (Cunningham, 

Mary Florence) B. L. 03. 1083- 

36th, Minneapolis, Minn. 
LobdeU, Martin Clifford, B. S. A. 15. 

Merchant. Mukwonago, Wis. 
LobdeU, Ruth Bernice, B. A. 14. 

Teacher. Mukwonga, Wis. a 
Lochner, Louis P., B. A. 09. Editor. 

''The Federated Press,'' Room 25, 

156 W. Washington, Chicago, 111. a 
Lockart, Mrs. E. P. (James, Martha 

M.) Ph. G. 96, B. S. 98. Caspian, 

Locke, Edith H. (Worden, Mrs. E. 

P.) B. L. 92. 



Locke, Morris W., LL. B. 06. Attor 

ney. Waterloo, Wis. 
Lockhart, Mrs. C. W. (Gale, Gladys) 

B. L. 99. Mellen, Wis. 
Lockhart, William Otto, M. S. 16. 

Owensville, Mo. 
Lockney, Henry, B. L. 97. Attor- 
ney. Jackson Blk., Waukesha, Wis. a 
i^Loeb, Joseph, B. L. 00. Died July 1, 

Loeb, Louis Sigmund, B. S. 15. a 
Loeb, Max, B. A. 05. Vice-Pres 

Loeb & Hammel; Pres. Wisconsin 

Dairy Land Co. 343-4 Marquette 

Bldg., Chicago, 111. a 
Loeffler, Oscar Frederick, B. A. 12. 

Clerk. Federal Eubber Co., Mil- 
waukee, Wig. 
Loeper, Addie W. (Beran, Mrs. J. 

V.) B. L. 98. 
Loerpabel, William Harrison, B. S. 

15. Supt. Carlota Mine, Cuman- 

ayagua, Prov. de Sta., Clara 

Cuba, a 
Loesch, Joseph Benjamin, B. S. A. 13. 

Rancher. Montrose, Colo, a 
Loesch, Richards L., B. S. (E. E.) 07. 

Rancher. Montrose, Colo, a 
Loesch, Mrs. Richards L. (Johnson, 

Margaret I.) M. G. 07. Montrose, 

Colo, a 
Loescher, Clarence Albert, B. S. A. 

17. Journalist. 240 Main, Men- 

asha, Wis. a 
Loew, Edgar A., B. S. 06. Assoc. 

Prof. U. of Wash, a 
Loew, Mrs. Edgar A. (Rehf eld, Min- 
nie Elmida) B. A. 07. 6543-19th 

Ave., Seattle, Wash. 
Loew, Edward, LL. B. 96. 
Loew, Jessie Daisy Ida (Axley, Mrs. 

Albert A.) B. A. 12. 
Lofland, Charles Ewing Jr., B. A. 14. 

Ship-fitter. Oskaloosa, Ta. 
Loft, Genivera Edmunds, B. A. 07, 

M. A. 16. Asst. IT. W., Madison, 

Loftus, George Elmer, Ph. G. lb. 

Druggist. 626 Gregory Ave., Wil- 

mette, 111. 
Logan, Arthur W., B. A. 07. Sales 

Manager. Sommers & Co., St. Paul, 

Logan, Harold Edwin, B. A, 10. Ac 

countant. 500-59th, Wauwatosa, 

Wis. a 
Logan, Lucile Harshaw, B. A. 18. 

6170 Pershing Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Logemann, Richard Thomas, B. S. 99. 
Engr. American Bridge Co. 208 
S. La Salle, Chicago, Dl. 

Loh, S. K. Tachuen, B. A. 14. Judge. 
Shanghai Dist. Ct. Shanghai, 
China, a 

Lohe, Fred Eugene, B. A. (C. C.) 15. 
Manitowoc, Wis. a 

Lohman, Mrs. Ivar (Bitter, Elsa A.) 
08. 507 Michigan Ave., Sheboy- 
gan, Wis. a 

Lohr, Freeman Doolittle, B. S. 16. 
Seaboard By-Product Coke Co. Jer- 
sey City, N. J. a 
*Lohr, Lewis George, B. L. 02. Died 
June 11, 1902. 

Lokke, Julius Henry, B. S. 08. Gar- 
age Owner. Baldwin, Wis. 

Lomas, Charles Wyatt, LL. B. 82. At- 
torney and Banker. 131 Oneida, 
Green Bay, Wis. 

Long, Albert H., B. L. 85, LL. B. 89. 
Postmaster. Prairie du Chien, 
Wis. a 

Long, Charles Edwin, B. S. 02. 
Farmer. North Battleford, Sas- 
katchewan, Canada. 

Long, Mrs. F. M. (Knudson, Agnes 
C.) B. A. 07. 29 E. Wilson, Madi- 
son, Wis. a 

Long, George Emerson, M. . 08. 
Chemist. 734 W. Washington, Na- 
poleon, O. 

Long, Mrs. John Harper (Stoneman, 
Catherine B.) B. S. 83. 1808 Chi- 
cago Ave., Evanston, 111. 

Long, Kuo Tsun, E. E. 14. Asst. 
Engr. Tientsin Telephone Adminis- 
tration, Tientsin, China. 

Long, Lillian Elizabeth, M. A. 12. 
417 W. 120th, New York City. 

Longfield, Mary Ellen, B. A. 09. 
Auditor. 1614 Regent, Madison 

Longfield, Mary FideUa, B. A. 08. 
Teacher. 403 W. Washington Ave., 
Madison, Wis. a 

Longfield, Raymond P., Ph. G. 05. 
1614 Regent, Madison, Wis. 

Longfield, Sarah Regina (Lyden, 
Mrs. Edward A.) B. A. 12. 

Longyear, Robert Davis, M. A. 15. 
Geologist. 710 Security Bldg., 
Minneapolis, Minn, a 

Loomis, Alice M., M. A. 10. Pro- 
fessor. U. of Neb., Lincoln, Neb. a 

Loomis, Cornelia Frances, B. A. 15. 
Teacher. Field Organizer. Wash- 
ington, D. C. a 



Loomis, Dorothy, Ag. G. 16, B. A. 18. 

Loomis, Fred Palmerlee, B. A. 15. 
Insurance Agent. Ottumwa, la. 

Loomis, Helen Verae (James, Mrs. 
Henry) Ph. B. 12. 

Loomis, Huldah Mary, B. A. 09. 
Nurse. 8 W, 16th, New York 
City, a 

Loomis, Isabel Chester, B. L. 91. 217 
W. Franklin, Portage, Wis. 

Loomis, John Lawrence, B. S. (Med.) 
18. 1811 Kendall Ave., Madison, 

Loomis, Milton Early, M. A. 12. 
Teacher. 32 Waverly PI., New 
York City. 

Loomis, Orlando Steen, LL. B. 17. 
Mauston, Wis. a 

Loomis, Mrs. Orlando S. (Ely, Flor- 
ence Marie) B. S. 16. Teacher. 
Mauston, Wis. a 

Loope, Truman Elbert, B. S. 91. Phy- 
sician and Surgeon. lola, Wis. a 

Loos, Lydia Emeline (Hoffman, 
Mrs.) B. A. 13. 

Loos, Walter Martin, B. S. A. 14. 
Hlinois Seed Co. Chicago, HI. 

Lora, Armando, B. S. A. 14. Plant- 
er. Havana, Cuba. 

Lora, Mariano Romero, C. E. 12. 
Gov't. Employee. Aguiar 47, Hav- 
ana, Cuba. 

Loranger, Madge W., B. A. 06. Pro- 
bation Officer. Sheboygan, Wis. 

Lorch, Augusta C, B. A. 05. Teach- 
er. Waukesha, Wis. 

Lorch, Elmer August, Ph. G. 10. 
Pharmacist. 641 E. 62d, Chicago, 
HI. a 

Lorch, Mrs. George J. (Jones, Laura 
M.) Ph. G. 95. 

Lord, Henry Curwen, B. S. 89. As- 
bus, O. 

Lord, John Solon, B. A. 04. Attor- 
ney. 1916 Harris Trust Bldg., Chi- 
cago, HI. a 

Lord, Vine David, B. A. 16. Banker. 
Cando, N. D. a 

Lorenz, Ira Sherburn, LL.B. 07. At- 
torney. 401-23rd Ave., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Lorenz, Mrs. Ira (Walker, Louise 
Estelle) B. A. 08. 401-23rd Ave., 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Lorenz, Jennie, B. A. 11. Teacher. 
1630 N. 8th, Sheboygan, Wis. a 

Lorenz, Leola Marie (Willaman, Mrs. 
J. J.) B. A. 13. 

Lorenz, Le Roy Blood, LL. B. 13. 
Attorney. Fawnskin, Big Bear 
Valley, Calif, a 

Lorenz, Max Otto, Ph. D. 06. Inter- 
state Commerce Comm., Wash, D. 
C. a 

Lorenz, Mrs. Max Otto (Sheets, Nel- 
lie F.) M. A. 08. 4900-47th, 
Wash., D. C. 

Lorenzen, Lilly Elfrieda, M. A. 13. 
124 Breese Terr., Madison, Wis. 

Lorig, Edwin Theodore, B. S. 15. En- 
gineer. So. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Lorig, Frank William, B. S. (M. E.) 

Loring, Mrs. Charles M. (Holmes, 
Edna D.) B. A. 08. 

Losse, Herbert Alfred, B. A. 08. Mail 
Order business. 880-6th, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. a 

Lothe, Ada Belinda, B. S. (H. Ec.) 
19. Stoughton, Wis. 

Lothe, Herbert, B. S. A. 08. Veter- 
inarian. 424 Park Ave., Wauke- 
sha, Wis. 

Lottos, Marie Kathryn, B. S. 18, M. 
S. 19. 213 Lake, Madison, Wis. 

Lotz, Mrs. Paul L. (Black, Etha G.) 
B. A. 15. Stenographer. 2135 Mt. 
Holly, Baltimore, Md. 

Louchery, Charles William, LL. B. 
13. Attorney. 214 W. Main, 
Clarksburg, W. Va. a 

Lough, Mrs. W. H. (Shepard, Eliz- 
beth H.) Ph. B. 02. Be Pere, Wis. 

Loughlin, Agnes Celeste, B. A. 18, 
M. A, 19. 302 Lake, Madison, Wis. 

Loughlin, Mrs. Chas. A. Jr (Briggs, 
Ann) B. Mus. 19. 3232 Blaisdell 
Ave., Minneapolis, Minn, a 

Loughlin, Rosemary, M. S. 17. Fel- 
low. U. W. Madison, Wis. 

Lounsbury, Almyra Belle (Strait, 
Mrs. Edward N.) M. G. 05. 

Lounsbury, Benjamin F., B. L. 02. 
Surgeon. 2449 Washington Blvd., 
Chicago, HI. a 

Lounsbury, Helen Irene, B. A. 08. 
1815 Madison, Madison, Wis. a 

Lounsbury, Mrs. Robert Lee (Wiehe, 
Mrs. C. F.) B. A. 07. 

Lounsbury, Sylvia E. (Martin, Mrs. 
Winsor) B. A. 08. 

Lounsbury, Mrs. William C. (Eaton, 
Genevieve) Ph. B. 05. 1106 Laurel 
Ave., Superior, Wis. 



Louret, Francis, Ag. G. 14. Waldo, 

Love, Mrs. Q-eorge S. (Norsman, Aii 
na) B. L. 98. 237 Wisconsin Ave., 
Waukesha, Wis. a 
Love, Martha H. (Andrews, Mrs. K. 

E.) Ph. B. 04. 
Lovejoy, Isaac Nelson, Ph. G. 10 

Stoughton, Wis. 
Lovenid, Alvin Matthew, B. A. 18. 

Stoughton, Wis. 
Lovett, Charles Edward, LL. B. 04. 

Attorney. Park Falls, Wis. 
Lovett, Mrs. Charles E. (Nelson, 
Feme Desire) B. A. 11. Park 
Falls, Wis. 
Low, Mrs. Frank S. (Lyle, Margaret 
Blanche) B. A. 10. 125-4th, Nia- 
gara Falls, N. Y. a 
*Lowe, Agnes, (Alyward, Mrs. John 
A.) B. L. 91. Died March 6, 1894. 
\owe, Charles Wesley, B. S. (E. E.) 
09. Engr. 232 Wegman Parkway, 
Jersey City, N. J. 
Lowe, John Nicholas, Ph. D. 15. 
Prof. College Station, Texas. Home: 
Marquette, Mich, a 
Lowell, Franklin Adams, B. S. 95. 
Supt. of Schools. Rhinelander, 
Lowell, John W., Jr., B. S. 11. Div. 
Engineer. Universal Portland Ce- 
ment Co. Frick Bldg., Pittsburg, 
Lowell, Mary Ann, B. A. 19. Li- 
brarian. Public Library, Detroit, 
Mich, a 
Lowell, Sue E. (Hibbard, Mrs. C. 

V.) B. L. 00. 
Lowenthal, Marvin Marx, B. A. 15. 
Director. Phelan Bldg., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif, a 
Loweth, Charles Frederick, C. E. 15. 
Engr. C. M. & St. P. Ry. Chicago, 
111. a 
Lowrie, Seldom Gale, Ph. D. 12. Pro- 
fessor. U. of Cincinnati. 3411 
Clifton Ave., Cincinnati, O. 
*Lowry, Edward Mallory, B. S. 77. 

*Lowry, Mrs. Elton C. (Schmoyer, 
Winnie V.) B. A. 05. Deceased. 
Lowrey, James Kerr, LL. B. 15. At- 
torney, Waukesha, Wis. 
Lowry, LelUs Lloyd, B. S. 14. City 

Engr. Cresco, la. 
Lowry, Lucille Lillian, B. A. 19. 18 
Clinton, N. Fond du Lac, Wis. a 

Lowry, Ralph Brownlee, M. S. 17. 
Professor. U. of T^nn., Knoxville, 
Tenn. a 
Lowry, Robert Burr, LL. B. 99. 
Banker. 1433 Wood, La Crosse, 
Loy, Ardath W., LL. B. 96. Chief 
Clerk. C. R. L & P. Ry. Okla- 
homa City, Okla. 
Loye, Fred Henry, Ag. G. 13. White 
Elm Nursery Co. Oconomowoc, 
Loynes, Owen Hayward, E. E. 16. 
Lubeno, Vera (Dixon, Mrs. Claude) 

B. S. 17. 
Luby, Clarence Joseph, B. L. 97. Mer- 
chant. Wapato, Wash, a 
Lu, Shon Wen, B. A. 14. Tan Yuen, 

Nan-Tai, Foochow, China. 
Lucas, Frank Blackbume. B. S. 

(Ch. E.) 19. 
Lucas, Frank Warren, B. L. 96, LL. 

B. 01. Attorney. Madison, Wis. 
Lucas, Norman Columbus, B. A. 16. 
Organizer. 521 Frederick Aye., 
Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Lucas, Mrs. Reuben (Bewick, Mary) 

M. G. 08. Nevada, Mo. 
Lucas, Sarah May, B. L. 00. Teach- 
er. Brodhead, Wis. 
Lucas, Thomas J., B. S. 07 Consult- 
ing Engineer. 929 Eastwood Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 
Luce, Mariona Day, B. A. 16. (Black- 
ford, Mrs. Howard P.) 460 Barry 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Luce, Rey Vincent, B. A. 09. Phy- 
sician & Surgeon. Akron, O. 
Luce, Roscoe Rudolph, LL. B. 16. 

Platteville, Wis. 
Luchsinger, Edna G. (Kuechle, Mrs. 

Benno E.) B. A. 13. 
Lucke, Wylda Jay (Scofield, Mrs. 

John H.) B. A. 13. 
Luckey, Carroll Hastings, B. S. (C. 
E.) 14. Engr. State Highway 
Comm, Fargo, N. D. a 
Luckey, Claude C, Ph. G. 08. Phar- 
macist. 630 W. Washington Ave., 
Madison, Wis. 
Ludberg, Andrew P. B. S .11. Drafst- 
man. American Bridge Co., Gary, 
Ind. a 
Ludberg, Mrs. Andrew (Bass, Ever 
etta E.) B. A. 11. 4430 Massachu 
setts, Gary, Ind. 
Ludden, Homer Jameson, B. S. (E. 
E.) 17. Mineral Point, Wis. 



Luder, Arthur Trank, B. A. 08. Sales- 
man. E. C. Atkins & Co., Indian- 
apolis, Ind." 

Ludlum, Louise Perkins, B. A. 19. 
Keporter. Sioux City Journal. 
301 Walsh Apts., Sioux City, la. a 

Ludlow, Leo de Ruche, LL. B. 06 
Producer. 201 Unity Bldg., Tul 
sa, Okla. 

Luebben, Gerold Edward, B. A. 17. 
539 Lake Drive, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Luebchow, Erwin Otto, B. A. 17. In- 
structor. Wausau, Wis. 

Luebke, William Ferdinand, B. A. 04. 
Professor. Westminster Coll., New 
Wilmington, Pa. a 

Lueck, Arthur WiUiam, LL. B. 07. 
Attorney. Beaver Dam, Wis. a 

Lueck, Martin L., LL. B. 94. Cir- 
cuit Judge. Juneau, Wis. a 

Lueck, Robert W., LL. B. 03. At- 
torney. Watertown, Wis. 

Lueckenbach, Edward Joseph, B. A. 
13. Asst. Principal. Greenville, 

Luecker, Mrs. A. C. (Eowe, Mae) B. 
A. 07. Plymouth, Wis. 

Lueders, Carl John, B. S. 11. Asst. 
Supt. Laclede Gas Co. St. Louis, 

Lueders, Ernest R., Ph. G. 05. Phar- 
macist. Northern Drug Co., Du- 
luth, Minn. 

Lueders, Eugene A., Ph. G. 08. 
Pharmacist. Henning, Minn. 

Lueders, Mrs. Eugene A. (Smith, 
Grace Marie) B. A. 11. Henning, 
*Lueders, Herman F., B. S. 87. Died 
July 12, 1904. 

Lueders, Minnie M. (Sweet, Mrs 
W.) M. G. 00. 

Luedke, Arthur Louis, B. S. (C. E.) 
10, C. E. 13. Highway Engr. 
Economist. Bureau of Public 
Eoads, Wash., D. C. a 

Luedke, Leo Charles, LL. B. 10. At- 
torney. 482 Logan Ave., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 
*Luedke, Walter John, LL. B. 97. 
Died June 20, 1907. 

Luehr, William Henry, B. L. 89. 
Teacher. Manitowoc, Wis. 

Luening, Edwin Garfield, Ph. B. 06. 
Teacher. 323-15th, Milwaukee, 

Luessen, Alma Katherine, B. A. 19. 
Valley City, N. D. 

Lueth, Emil Samuel, B. S. 97. Engr. 
No. Yakima, Wash. 

Lueth, Paul P., B. S. 98. Chief Engr. 
Summer Iron Works. Everett, 

Luethe, Walter Jacob, B. A. 12. 
Principal. Bangor, Wis. 

Luethge, George Casper, B. S. 17. 
Chemist. Laclede Gas Light Co. 
8636 Gustine Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Luetscher, George D., B. L. 98. In- 
str. Eichmond Hill, New York, 

Luetscher, John Arthur,- B. S. 95. 
Physician. 1025 Madison, Balti- 
more, Md. 

Luhman, George Burton, B. A. 10, 
LL. B. 12. Attorney. 625 Cas- 
M'ell Block, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Luhman, Hugo Frank, B. L. 01. At- 
torney. 511 Miller Bldg., No. Yak- 
ima, Wash. 

Luhmann, Frederick Simon, B. A. 75. 
Physician and Surgeon. 1013 S. 
8th, Manitowoc, Wis. 

Luick, Adolph James, B. S. 07. Con- 
sulting Engr. 438 Oakdale Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

Luke, Charles Lincoln, LL. B. 96. 
1064 Georgia, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Luke, George Leroy, M. A. 16. Junc- 
tion, Utah. 

Lukes, Currie Nelson, LL. B. 82. 
Banker. Miles City, Mont, a 

Lukes, Gertrude L. (Brewer, Mrs. J. 

D.) B. A. 10. 
*Luling, Charles M., B. L. 89. Died 
March 31, 1916. 

Lumsden, Robert Roy, B. A. 08. Prin- 
cipal. 116 Grant, Hinsdale, 111. 

Lund, Mildred Joy (Norris, Mrs. 
Ealph F.) B. A. 13. 

Lundahl, Herbert Alvin, LL. B.*02. 
Attorney, 5357 Lakewood Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

Lundberg, Emma O., B. A. 07, M. A. 
08. Director. Social Service Divi- 
sion, The Woodward, Wash., D. C. a 

Lundberg, Gertrude Adele (Cuff, 
Mrs. Ray L.) B. A. 14. 

Lunde, Sigurd G., B. S. 08. Farmer. 
• E. F. D. 1, Eubicon, Wis. 

Lundy, Gabriel, M. S. 17. Banker. 
Eckman, N. D. 

Lunn, WiUiam M., M. S. 09. Asst. 
Dept. of Agriculture, Wash., D. C. 

Lunt, Alfred J., LL. B. 89. Pres. 
Eoot Eiver Lumber Co., Eacine, 



Lunz, Henry, B. S. A. 13. Asst. of 
Agriculture. 1231 Mound, Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Lupinski, Oswald, B. S. 10. 1069^^ 
Eichards, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Lurvey, Lawson E., LL. B. 05. At- 
torney. Fond du Lac, Wis. a 

Luse, Claude Z., LL. B. 03. Attor- 
ney. Superior, Wis. 

Luse, Louis K., LL. B. 76. Attor- 
ney. Superior, Wis. 

Lusk, Grace Alberta, Ph. B. 12. 
Mosinee, Wis. 

Lusk, William Foster, Ph. B. 03. 
Professor. Cornell U. Ithaca, N. 

Lussky, George Frederic, M. A. 12, 
Ph. D. 15. Instr. U. of W., Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Luther, Breta Maxie, B. S. 19. 1933 
Keyes Ave., Madison, Wis. a 

Luther, Ernest Leonard, B. S, A. 12. 
Supervisor. 1933 Keyes Ave., 
Madison, Wis 

Lutman, Benjamin F., M. A. 07, Ph. 
D. 09. Professor. U. of Vt., Bur- 
lington, Vt. 

Lutz, Gertrude Harriet (Schutt, Mrs. 
Walter T.) B. A. 12 

Lutz, Mrs. Werner (Melaas, Esther 
Adella) B. A. 14. 

Lutze, Henry Fred, B. S. E. E. 08. 

Luzenska, Wanda, B. A. 19. Berlin, 

Lycan, Glenn Winifred, B. S. 15. 
Principal. Plymouth, Wis. 

Lyden, Mrs. Edward A. (Longfield, 
Sarah Eegina) B. A. 12. 7929 Ben- 
nett Ave., Chicago, 111. a 

Lyle, Edith Katherine, B. L. 95, M. 
L. 96. Teacher. 132 Eemsen, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Lyle, Frank William, B. L. 99. Bank- 
er. Eed Lodge, Mont. 

Lyle, George Margaret (Bogue, Mrs. 
David) B. A. 15. 

Lyle, Margaret Blanche (Low, Mrs. 
S. F.) B. A. 10. 

Lyle, T. S., B. L. 99, LL. B. 03. At- 
torney. 514-515 Tacoma Bldg., 
Tacoma, Wash, a 
Lyman, Charles A., B. A. 04. Secy. 
National Board Farm Organiza- 
tions. 1731 ''I," Washington, D. 
Lyman, John Q., B. L. 02. Civil 
Engr. 432 Park Ave., Kenosha, 
Wis. a 

Lyman, Mary S. (Eockwell, Mrs. 
Mary L.) Ph. B. 67. 

Lyman, Theron U., LL. B. 94. Trav- 
elers ' Insurance Co. Hartford, 
*L3rman, William A., B. A. 73. Died 
Jan. 18, 1904. 

Lyman, Mrs. W. A. (Crane, Henriet- 
ta L.) Ph. B. 74. Suffrage Lectur- 
er. 5642 Kimbark Ave., Chicago 
111. ^ ' 

Lynch, Harry Claude, C. E. 13. In- 
dependence, la. a 

Lynch, John Thomas, B. A. 14. 
Scottsville, Va. 

Lynch, Lawrence Joseph, B. A. 16. 
Bonds. 1st Natl. Bank Bldg., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 
*L3mch, Patrick Henry, LL. B. 94. 

*Lynch, Thomas, LL. B. 75. Died 
May 28, 1898. 

Ljmch, William Orlando, M. A. 08. 
Prof. Ind State Normal School. 
Muncie, Ind. 

Lynn, Eldin Verne, M. A. 10, Ph. D. 
18. . Chemist. Consolidated Chem. 
Products Co., Alton, 111. 
*Lynn, Mrs. Eldin V. (Evans, Sarah 
Ellen) B. A. 12. Deceased. 

Lyon, Albert Eddy, M. A. 14. Pro- 
fessor. U. W. Madison, Wis. 

Lyon, Clara I. (Hayes, Mrs. J. O.) B. 
S. 76. 

Lyon, Edith A. (Bechtel, Mrs. E. A.) 
B. L. 95. 

Lyon, Fannie Winifred, M. A. 11. 
Meadville, Pa. 

Lyon, Harley Wesley, Ph. B. 15. 
Brandon, Wis. 

Lyon, Ruth E. (Kemmerer, Mrs. 
George L) B. A. 06. 

Lyon, Mrs. S. E. (Stoppenbach, 

Mary) B. A. 02. Jefferson, Wis. 
*Lyon, WiUiam Penn., LL. D. 72. De- 

Lyon, William Penn, Jr., B. A. 81, 
LL. B. 86. Newspaper Manager. 
San Jose, Calif, a 

Lyon, Mrs. William Penn, Jr., (Chy- 
noweth, Ellen Easea) B. A. 10. 
Eden Vale, Calif. 

Lyons, Benjamin Franklin, B. S. 03. 
Vice-Pres. Beloit Water, Gas & 
Elect. Co. Hilton Hotel, Beloit, 
Wis. a 

Lyons, James Arthur, B. A. (C. C.) 
15. Publisher. 4617 Lake Ave., 
Chicago, 111 



Lyons, Thomas Emmette, B. L. 85, 

LL. B. 90. Wisconsin Tax Comm., 

Madison, Wis. a 
Lytle, Jay C, LL. B. 94. Attorney. 

Glen Ellyn, 111. 
Ma, Mingnai, B. A. 15. Kai-Chow, 

Chili, China. 
Maas, Helen B. (Eehberg, Mrs. F. 

H.) B. A. 07. 
Mat)T3ett, Leora fistHer, B. S. 97. 

Cataloguer. 61 W. 50th, New 

York City, a 
Mabbett, Walter Franklin, B. S. (C. 

E.) 02. Edgerton Motor Co. 

Edgerton, Wis. a 
Mabbett, Mrs. Walter F. < Hinckley, 

Marie G.) B. S. 02. Edgerton, 

Mabis, Katherlne V., B. A. 18. 1168- 
21st, Des Moines, la. 

MacAdam, Ada Ormsby (Moritz, 
Mrs. Charles) B. A. 11. 

Macaraeg, Juan G., B. S. (C. E.) 11. 
Dist. Engr. Bureau of Public 
Works, Lucena, Tayabas, P. I. a 

MacArthur, Angus, Jr., B. S. (M. E.) 
11. Supt. 15 Seymour Pl», Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 

MacArthur, Catherine, B. S. (H. Ec.) 
15. Teacher. Superior, Wis., Sta- 
tion B. 

MacArthur, Daniel Seymour, B. L. 
81. Physician ^ Surgeon. 212 S. 
6th, La Crosse, Wis. a 
-MacArthur, Mrs. D. S. (Johnson, 
Eloise) B. A. 81. Died Nov. 7, 

MacArthur, Donald, B. S. (M. E.) 04. 
Manager. Seaboard By-Product 
Coke Co., Jersey City, N. J. a 

MacArthur, Hugh, B. S. A. 17. Su- 
perior, Wis., Station B. a 

Mc Arthur, Isabella (Thompson, Mrs. 
Percy B.) B. A. 08. 

MacArthur, Mary, Ph. B. 05. 428 
N. Charter, Madison, Wis. 

Maccartney, Clarence E., B. A. 01. 
Pastor. Arch Street Presbyterian 
Church, 18th & Arch, Philadelphia, 
Pa. a 

Macauley, John W., LL. B. 94. 
1009-8th, Menomonie, Wis. 

MacDonald, Philip Walter, B. A. 10. 
Asst. U. W. Madison, Wis. 

MacDonald, Wilbert Lome, M. A. 10. 
Box 252, Weston, Ontario, Canada. 

MacDougall, Charlotte, B. A. 11. 
Physical Director. Alexandria 
Hotel, Spokane, Wash. 

MacDougall, Edwina May, B. S. (H. 

Ec.) 18. Whitewater, Wis. 
MacDougall, Eva Florence, B. A. 14. 

Student Columbia Univ. 440 E. 

26th, New York City, a 
Macduff, Douglas, M. A. 07. Attor- 
ney. 120 Requa, Peekskill, N. Y. 
Mace, Florence Isabel, B. A. 07. 168J 

E. 3rd, Duluth, Minn, a 
Macfadden, William Semple, B. A. 

17. 423-8th, Fargo, N. D. a 
MacG-ilvary, Lewis Paton, B. S. 1(5. 

Vice-Pres. Tel-U-Where Co. of 

America. 142 Berkeley, Boston, 

Mass. a 
MacGilvra, Ralph Alexander, B. S. 

16. Land Colonization. Exeland, 

Wis. a 
MacG-regor, Elizabeth Cruikshank, 

B. A. 17. Memphis, Tenn. 
MacGregor, FordH. M. A. 14. Prof. 

U. W., Madison, Wis 
MacGregor, George Malcolm, B. S. 

94. Physician. Kent, Wash, a 
MacGregor, Margaret E. (Harring- 
ton, Mrs. Margaret) B. L. 95. 
MacGregor, Nellie B. (Ellis, Mrs. 

Archie G.) B. L. 95. 
MacGregor, Wallace F., B. S. 97, M. 

E. 98. Mechanical Engr. J. I. Case 

Threshing Machine Co., Racine, 

McGregor, Mrs. W. P. (Hand, Jessie) 

B. L. 95. 422-16th, Racine, Wis. 
*Mach, Edward, B. A. 14. Died in 

service March 4, 1918. 
Machlis, Joseph Arthur, B. S. A. 17. 

818 Mound, Madison, Wis. 
Machotka, Joseph Frank, B. S. 15. 

Muscoda, Wis. a 
*Machovec, Joseph Aloysius, B. S. 15. 

Died Jan. 26, 1917. 
Maclnnis, Earl Carlyle, M. A. 17. 

Viola, Wis. 
Macintosh, Frances Mary (Schwand, 

Mrs. Ernst) B. A. 07. 
Maclver, Mrs. M. N. (Morrissey, 

Myrtle N.) B. L. 02. 512 Jackson, 

Oshkosh, Wis. 
Mackay, Raymond Cady, B. A. 15. 

Consular Service. 268-31st, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 
Mackedon, William Leo, B. S. 17. 

3027 St. Paul Ave., Milwaukee, 

MacKenzie, Emma, B. L. 82. Ban- 
gor, Wis. 
MacKenzie, Frederick William, B. A. 

06. 53 Irving PL, New York City, a 



Mackenzie, James Norman, B. A. 18. 

Lumber. 194 Christiana, N. Tona- 
wanda, N. Y. a 
MacKenzie, Mary (Jones, Mrs. S. S.) 

T) T DO 

Mackey, Walter Curriden, B. S. 17. 
Macklem, Jane Crozier, B. A. 15. 

Stenographer, Beloit, Wis. 
Macklin, Theodore, Ph. D. 17. Asst. 
Prof. Farm Marketing, Agric. Ec- 
onomics, U. W., Madison, Wis. 
Macklin, Mrs. Theodore (Kobinson, 
Miriam Josephine) M. G. 12, B. A. 
13, S. M. G. 14. 2242 Eton Ridge, 
Madison, Wis. 
Mackmiller, William Fred, B. S. A. 
12. 210-7th Ave. E., Ashland, Wis. 
MacLarn, Mrs. Robert H. (Telford, 
Mae Pearl) B. L. 03. 620 Haas 
Bldg., Los Angeles, Calif. 
MacLean, James D., B. S. 11, M. E. 
16. Instr. U. W. 421 Lake, Madi- 
son, Wis. a 
MacLeod, Arthur William, LL. B. 94. 

Attorney. Washburn, Wis. a 
MacLeod, Mrs. Arthur W. (Hastings, 
Elizabeth) B. A. 07. Washburn, 
Wis. a 
MacMahon, M. J., M. A. 80. 
MacMillan, Donald J., LL. B. 00. a 
MacMillan, Harold St. C, B. S. 05. 
General Equipment Co., People's 
Gas Bldg., Chicago, HI. 
MacMillan, Howard G-ove, M. S. 13, 

Ph. D. 19. Mapleville, R. I. 
MacMillan, Mrs. Howard J. (Math- 
ews, Cornelia) B. S. 15. Greely, 
MacMurray, Thomas J., LL. B. 85. 
Pastor. 706 Orcas, Seattle, Wash. 
MacMurtery, Katherine (Wied, Mrs. 

J. C.) B. A. 08. 
MacNichol, Mrs. Irwin S. (Nichols, 
Augusta M.) B. L. 96. 349 Jack- 
son, Oshkosh, Wis. 
Macnish, Ralph B., B. L. 00, M. A. 

Macomber, Winifred Carr (Perry, 

Mrs. C. E.) B. A. 08. 
MacQuarrie, Archibald Ernest, LL. 
B. 16. Superx-isor. 1910-4th, Min- 
neapolis, Minn, a 
MacQueen, Loren, B. S. A. 16. Sales- 
man. Superior, Wis. 
Madajesky, Ernest H., Ph. G. 91. 
Physician & Surgeon. Union Hosp., 
Ironwood, Mich, a 
Madden, Thomas Joseph, Ag. G. 17. 
New London, Wis. 

*Madigan, Francis Edwards, LL. B. 

88. Deceased. 
Madigan, Patrick Henry, B. L. 94. 
Attorney. 703 Mohawk Bldg., 
Spokane, Wash. 
Madigan, Stephen A., B. L. 94. At- 
torney. 543 W. Washington Ave., 
Madison, Wis. 
Madison, Betsy, B. S. 18. Instr. U. 

W. Madison, Wis . 
Madison, James Daniel, B. S. 94. 
Physician, 684 Summit Ave,, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 
Madsen, Carl T., B. A, 03. 1048 
Washington Blvd., Oak Park, 111. a 
Madson, Charles Andrew, B. A. 07. 
Sales Engr. The Bethlehem Steel 
Co., Denver, Colo. 
Madson, Frank Henry, B. S. 13. Min- 
ing Engr. 411 W. Park, Butte, 
Mont, a 
Maechtle, Mrs. Everett Woods (Vin- 
al, Velma Hersey) B. A. 08. 6202 
Greenfield Ave., West Allis, Wis. a 
Maercker, Alexander Carl, B. S. 18. 
Engr. Wisconsin Telephone Co. 
Milwaukee, Wis. 
Maercklein, Ella D. (Joslin, Mrs. O. 

W.) B. S. 00. 
Magatagen, Robert Sylvester, B. S. 

16. Denuba, Calif. 
Magdsick, Henry Herbert, B. S, 10 
Engr. Natl. Lamp Works, Nela 
Park, Cleveland, O. 
Magee, Mrs. E. E. (Vaughan, Fay) 

B. A. 11. a 
Magie, Mrs. William E, (Cheever, M. 
Lueile) B. L, 02. Milwaukee, Wis. 
Magill, Donald Groves, B. A. 13. 
Chemical Engr. American Can Co. 
120 Broadway, New York City. 
Magne, Charles W., LL. B. 98. 
Magnus, Alexander, B. S. A. 16. Glen 

Flora, Wis. a 
Magnusson, Carl Edward, Ph. D. 00. 
Prof. U, of Wash. Seattle, Wash. 
Magnusson, Mrs. Carl Edward 
(Cooper, Elva) B. A. 04, M. A. 06. 
4521-19th Ave., Seattle, Wash, a 
Magoon, Jay H., LL. B. 98. Attor- 
ney. Lacon, 111. 
Maguire, Beach Woodruff, B. L. 03. 
Lumberman. 213 N. Madison, 
Rockford, 111. a 
Maher, Olive D,, B. A. 09. Fort 

Dodge, la. 
Mahler, Herbert Philip, B. A. 17. 
219-28th, Milwaukee, Wis. 



Mahon, Thomas Joseph, B. A. 05, LL. 
B. 07. Attorney. 906 First Natl. 
Bank Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Mahoney, Bessie, B. A. 13. Teacher. 
Juneau, Wis. 

Mahoney, Daniel Oliver, LL. B. 95. 
County Judge. Viroqua, Wis. a 

Mahoney, Henry, LL. B. 03. Attor- 
ney. 625-30 Caswell Bldg., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Mahre, Alvin August, Ph. G. 13. 
Pharmacist. Amery, Wis. 

Mahre, Michael Alfred, B, A. 14. 

Teacher. Denzil, Sask., Canada. 
*Mahre, Ronald Henry, Ph. G. 16. 
Died Sept. 21, 1918. 

Main, Annie E. (Kempton, Mrs. Jud- 
son) (now Mrs. W. L. Eoach) B. L. 

Main, Edward S., B. L. 91. Treasurer. 
Union Insulating Co., Great North- 
ern Bldg., Chicago, 111. a 
*Main, George Carpenter, B. L. 86. 
Died Oct. 14, 1917. 

Main, John Smith, B. A. 98, LL. B. 
00. Keal Estate. 610 State, Mad- 
ison, Wis. a 

Main, Mary Elyda, S. M. G. 15. Mu- 
sic Teacher. 1621 Jefferson, Mad- 
ison, Wis. a 

Maine, Ellen L. (Shuart, Mrs. 
Charles D.) B. L. 96. 

Maine, George Edwin, LL. B. 07. 
Asst. Bond Mgr. Dexter Horton 
Natl. Bank, Seattle, Wash. 

Mainland, James, E. E. 11. Eesi- 
deht Engr. East Pa. Ry. Potts- 
ville. Pa. a 

Mainland, John, B. S. 07, M. E. 14. 
507 ^'C^', La Porte, Ind. 

Mainland, Kenneth William, Ag. G. 
18. 659 Park Ave., Kenosha, Wis. 

Maitland, Mrs. H. C. (Homberger, 
Lynda) B. A. 13. 416 Park Ave., 
Rockford, 111. a 

Major, David Maggard, M. A. 17. 
Teacher. Polytechnic, Texas. 

Maldaner, Arthur, B. S. 96. Civil 
Engr. 30 N. La Salle, Chicago, 
111. a 

Malec, Anton, B. S. 98. Draftsman. 
Western Electric Co., Hawthorne, 

Malec, Marie (Ochsner, Mrs. B. J.) 
B. L. 99. 

MaUg, Harvey A., LL. B. 11. At- 
torney. 1033 Wells Bldg., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Mall, FrankHn P., LL. D. 04. Prof. 
Johns Hopkins Univ. Baltimore, 

Mallonee, L. Dee, M. A. 13, LL. B. 
18. Attorney. Audubon, la. 

Mallory, William B., LL. B. 04. At- 
torney. Lennox, S. D. 

Mallow, Raymond Shoults, B. A. 17. 
308 Breese Terrace, Madison, Wis. 

Malmgren, Mrs. Theodore (Haan, 
Frederika B.) B. A. 04. Phoenix, 

Malone, Donald Burke, LL. B. 17. 
Beaver Dam, Wis. 

Malone, James P., LL. B. 11. At- 
torney. Healy Bldg., Beaver Dam, 
Wis. a 

Malone, Mrs. J. F. (Flannigan, Mar- 
ion Leslie) Ph. B. 14. 615 N. 
Center, Beaver Dam, Wis. 

Malone, John A., LL. B. 03. Attor- 
ney, Baraboo, Wis. 

Malone, Julian Yerkes, M. S. 17. 
Instr. U. W., Madison, Wis. 
*Maloney, Daniel E., Ph. B. 70, LL. 
B. 72. Died Oct. 23, 1873. 

Maloney, David W., B. L. 96. County 
Judge. Ladysmith, Wis. 

Malzahn, Walter Ernst W., B. A. 19. 
West Bend, Wis. a 

Manchester, Frederick A., B. A. 04, 
M. A. 05, Ph. D. 11. Assoc. Prof. 
U. W., Madison, Wis. a 

Manchester, Mrs. F. A. (Fries, Jane) 
B. A. 06. Asst. U. W. Madison, 
Wis. a 

Manchester, Thomas Harris, B. S. 06. 
Mech. Engr. Chicago Car Heating 
Co., Chicago, 111. 

Mandel, Herbert William, B. A. 17. 
Auditor. 410 Congress Bldg., De- 
troit, Mich, a 

Mandt, Clara J. (Dow, Mrs. Giles) 
B. L. 95. 

Manegold, Edna Hermina, B. A. 14. 
2731 Highland Blvd., Milkaukee, 

Manegold, Frank William, B. S. 07. 
Briggs & Stratton Co., Milwaukee, 

Manegold, Gertrude, B. A. 16. 2731 
Highland Blvd., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Manegold, John Robert, B. S. (E. E.) 
13. 3025 Highland Blvd., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 

Manegold, Robert Elbert, B. S. 06. 
Pres. & Treas. Dings Magnetic 
Separator Co., 671 Smith, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 



Mangan, Esther C, B. A. 11. Teacher. 

Akron, O. 
Mangan, Julia Maria, B. A. 12. 

Teacher. Lockport, 111. 
Mangold, George B., Ph. D. 06. Di- 
rector. 4002 Lexington Ave., St. 
Louis, Mo. 
Manion, Mrs. John (Ellsworth, Clara 

Amelia) B. A. 10. Oregon, Wis. 
Manley, Elzo Roy, M. A. 13. Chem- 
ist. Hortonville, Wis. 
Manley, Irene Conway, B. A. 12. 

Beaver Dam, Wis. 
Manley, Mrs. Leonard R. (Vaughan. 
Madge) B. A. 16. 2124 McDonald 
Ave., Sioux City, la. a 
Manly, Mrs. Basil Maxwell (Bradley, 
Marie Merriam) M. A. 07. Asst. 
to Business Mgr. 1132 Munsey 
Bldg., Wash. D. C. 
Mann, Charles August, B. S. 09, M. 
S. 11, Ph. D. 15. School of Chem- 
istry. U. of Minn. Minneapolis, 
Minn, a 
Mann, Charles Richard, B. A. 07. 
Teacher. St. Louis, Mo. 
*Mann, Edgar Warner, LL. B. 74. De- 
Mann, Franklin H., B. S. (C. E.) 05. 
Construction Engr. Iowa State 
Highway Comm., Ames, la. 
Mann, John James, LL. B. 02. Eeal 
Estate. 1020 N. Berwyn Ave., 
Chicago, Til. 
Mann, Karl Mowry, B. A. 11. 12 

Wilde PI., Montclair, N. J. a 
Mann, Martha (Stone, Mrs. William 

F.) B. S. 78. 
Mann, Nina, B. A. 19. Lake Benton, 

Mann, Roberta Rice (Merrick, Mrs. 

Benjamin P.) B. A. 15. 
Mann, Walter Louis, B. A. 12. At- 
torney. 441-43 Title Ins. Bldg., 
Los Angeles, Calif. 
Mann, wiUiam Henry, B. L. 97. Asst. 
Sales Mgr. Marshall Field & Co., 
Chicago, 111. 
Manning, Hazel, B. S. 13, M. S. 17. 
Asst. Prof. U. W. 205 N. Pinck- 
ney, Madison, Wis. a 
Mannington, Joseph Alfred, B. S. 03. 
Civil Engr. 1342 Detroit, Los An- 
geles, Calif. 
Manor, Eli Ross, B. S. 09, E. E. 15. 
Asst. Engr. N. P. R. R. Co., St. 
Paul, Minn, a 
Manor, Emma Elizabeth, B. A. 09 
Teacher. Baraboo, Wis. 

Mansfield, Esther Caroline, B. A. 16. 
395 Webster PL, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Mansfield, Ethel Amelia (Ballard, 
Mrs. Roger) B. A. 13. 

Manson, Mrs. George W. (Scholfield, 
Elizabeth R.) B. S. 81. 3125-37th 
Ave., Seattle, Wash. 
*Manson, Herbert H., LL. B. 97. Died 
April 29, 1914. 

Manson, Mrs. Herbert H. (Mason, 
Mrs. Vroman) (Dye, Daisy R.) B. 
L. 01. 

Mantonya, WilUam George, B. S. 19. 
Subway Comm., Chicago, 111. 

Mantor, WilUs H., LL. B. 82. Attor- 
ney. First Natl. Bank Bldg., 
Brainerd, Minn. 

Manwaring, Edward B., LL. B. 75. 
Fruit-grower. 1666 Broadway, Ann . 
Arbor, Mich. 

Manwaring, Louis L., LL. B. 81. At- 
torney. 303 W. Olive, Stillwater, 

Manz, Matilda H., B. A. 05. Teacher. 
Poynesville, Minn. 

Mapel, Dexter Roundy, B. A. 13. 
Mapel Investment Co., El Paso, 

Maplesden, Edith Martin, B. A. 19. 
Physical Dir. 146 W. 18th, In- 
dianapolis, Ind. a 

Marberry, James Oscar, M. A. 16. 
Asst. U. of 111., Champaign, HI. 

March, James Herbert, B. A. 17. 
With White Motor Co., Cleveland, 
O. a 

March, Mildred, B. A. 19. 1209 E. 
• Market, Warren, O. a 

March, Mrs. Robert C. (Kitchell, 
Gertrude) B. A. 11. 112 Wood- 
lawn Ave., Topeka, Kan. a 

Marcotte, Mrs. Tennis (Terry, Jessie 
Clare) B. A. 10. Momence, 111. 

Marek, Frank Benjamin, B. S. 14. 
Physician & Surgeon. 1401 Doug- 
las Ave., Racine, Wis. 

Margarida, Fernando, B. S. 15. Su- 
perintendent. Rio Piedras, Porto 
Rico, a 

Margarida, Jose, B. S. 15. Engr. 55 
Waterman, Providence, R. I. 

Margenan, Mllo Louis, B. S. 17. Ash- 
land, Wis. a 

Margoles, Nathan, B. S. A. 13. 700- 
11th, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Mark, Edward Laurens, LL. D. 04. 
Teacher. 109 Irving, Cambridge, 



Marken, Richard Louis, B. S. A. 09. 
Farmer. Gays Mills, Wis. 

Markham, George Francis, B. L. 02. 
Pres. Federal Pressed Steel Co., 
Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Markham, Stuart Henry, B. L. 98. 
Attorney. 509 Terrace Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 

Marks, Frederick R, B. S. 06. Engr. 
Bell Telephone Co., Glenview, 111. 

Marks, Harold Eugene, B. A. 19. 
1904 Jefferson, Madison, Wis. a 

Marks, Harry Carl, B. A. 13. Sales 
Dept. Illinois Steel Co., Chicago, 

Marks, Marie Anna (Eeynolds, Mrs. 
Harry) B. A. 12. 

Marks, Mrs. Roy (Leary, Mary 
Cecil) B. A. 14. Madison, Wis. a 

Markus, Mrs. Frank (Carter, Bessie 
A.) B. A. 11. 531 Shepherd, Wash. 
D. C. 

Markwardt, Lorraine Joseph, B. S. 
12. Engr. Forest Products Lab., 
Madison, Wis. a 

Markwardt, Mrs. L. J. (Starks 
Lulu) M. G. 08. 22 Lathrop, Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Marling, Walter A., LL. B. 92. Lum- 
ber. 21 Prospect Ave., Madison, 

Marlowe, John Anthony, B. L. 98. 
Farmer. Harlem, Mont. 

Marohn, Irma Elaine, B. A. 19. Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Marquardt, Julius Charles, B. S. A. 
17. Instr. U. of Calif., Davis, Calif. 

Marquette, George John, B. A. 04. 
Physician. Deer Lodge, Mont, a 

Marquette, William George, B. S. 03, 
Ph. D. 07. Prof. Columbia Univ., 
New York City. 

Marquette, Mrs. W. G. (Sands, Mary 
C.) B. A. 04, M. A. 06. Pleasant- 
ville, N. Y. 

Marquissee, Victor Grant, B. A. 04, 
M. A. 05. Court Eeporter. 519 
Land Title Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Marsh, Albert John, LL. B. 81.. At- 
torney. 808 S. Eiver, Eau Claire, 

Marsh, Mrs. Arthur L. (Eiley, Mabei 
V.) B. S. 99. Prof. Coll. of Puget 
Sound, Tacoma, Wash. 

Marsh, Carl James, B. A. 17. Ex- 
aminer. 1120 W. Johnson, Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Marsh, Mrs. Carl J. (Tuffley, Mar- 
garet L.) B. A. 11, 1120 W. John- 
son, Madison, Wis. a 
*Marsh, Charles Osborne, B. A. 83. 
Died April 26, 1919. 

Marsh, Clarence Henry, LL. B. 04. 
Sales Mgr. Wisconsin Cabinet & 
Panel Co. New London, Wis. 
*Marsh, Edwin, B. A. 59, M. A. 62. 
Died May 28, 1891. 

Marsh, Mrs. George H. (Goddard, 
Emma) B. L. 85. 490 Mills, Port- 
land, Ore. a 

Marsh, Jeanette Eliza, M. A . 15. 
Teacher. Eau Claire, Wis. 

Marsh, Lawrence Kellog, Ag. G. 12. 
847 Shepard Ave., Milwaukee, 

Marsh, Martina, B. A. 10. , Marsh- 
field, Wis. 

Marsh, Samuel Alpheus, B. A. (C. 
C.) 16. Extension Div. Oshkosh, 
Wis. a 

Marsh, WilUam Ernest, B. S. 14. 
Grand Junction, Colo. 

Marshall, Frances Belle (Wigmore, 
Frances Warren) B. L. 03. 

Marshall, Harry Alexander, B. S. 

15. East Troy, Wis. 
MarshaU, Harry Lloyd, B. A. 17. 
Marshall, Howard Parsons, B. A. 15. 

3039 Wells, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Marshall, »Irs. H. P. (Bennett, Mar- 
jory Elizabeth) M. A. 15. 3039 
Wells, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Marshall, Irene (Watson, Mrs. Louis) 
M. A. 16. 

Marshall, Lucile Mary (Doming, 
Mrs. Hubert B.) B. S. 15. 

Marshall, Mabel Minnie (Cummings, 
Mrs. Albert E.) B. A. 15. 

Marshall, Marion Genevieve, B. A-. 

16. Dean of Women. Westmin- 
ster Coll., Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Marshall, Mrs. N. S. (Morse, Byrrd 
B.) B. A. 07. San Gabriel, Calif 

Marshall, Oren Herbert Jr., B. S. 19. 
Power Plant Engr. North Ameri- 
can Light & Power Co. Washing- 
ton Court House, Ohio, a 

Marshall, Roujet de Lisle, LL. D. 
05. Associate Justice. Supreme 
Court, Madison, Wis. 

Marshall, Roy R., B. S. A. 08. Co. 
Agric. Agent. Princeton, Ind. 

Marshall, Ruth, B. S. 92, M. S. 00. 
Teacher. Eockford Coll., Eock 
ford. 111. a 



Marshall, Victor Fred, B. S. 95. 

Surgeon. 587 Appleton, Apple- 
ton, Wis. a 
Marston, Mrs. Thomas J. (Gorham, 

Annie M.) Ph. B. 67. 210 N. 

Spooner, Madison, Wis. a 
Martell, Louis James, Ph. B. 15. 

Supt. of Schools, West De Pere, 

Martens, Henry Christoph, B. A. 06, 

M. A. 08. -Teacher. 737 Hackett 

Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Marter, Herbert Lamhert, B. S. 15. 

953-1 1th, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Martin, Ada North, B. A. 15. 224 

S. Main, Janesville, Wis. a 
Martin, Albert Pray, M. A. 14, Ph. 

D. 17. 62 Conant, Pawtucket, 

E. I. 

Martin, Alice Mae, B. A. 19. Teach- 
er. Hartford, Wis. 
Martin, Andrew H., B. S. 09. Drafts 

man. Kissel Motor Car Co., Hart- 
ford, Wis. 
Martin, Anna M. (Williams, Mrs. 

R. R.) Ph. B. 74. 
Martin, Anne Dodge (Tarrell, Mrs. 

L. A.) B. A. 08. 
Martin, August Henry, B. S. A. 17. 

Supt. of Schools. Baraboo, Wis. 
Martin, Byron Harold, B. S. 17. 

Elect. Engr. Delavan, Wis. 
Martin, Daisy May (Anderson, Mrs. 

B. H.) M. A. 09. 
Martin, Edith (Hodges, Mrs. Gil 

bert T.) B. L. 02. 
Martin, Frances Theodosia, B. S. (H 

Ec.) 18. Dietician .& Lab. Asst, 

State U. of la., Iowa City, la. a 
Martin, Fred Charles, Ph. B. (Nor. 

C.) 19. 
Martin, George Gushing, LL. B. 99 

Attorney. Manhattan Beach, 

Martin, George Hilmar, B. A. 15, M. 

S. 16. 576-4th, Milwaukee, Wis. 
*Martin, George Smith, B. S. 75, LL. 

B. 90. Died Aug. 3, 1909. 
Martin, Grace Johnston, B. A. 05. 

Editorial Dept. Scott Foresman & 

Co., Chicago, HI. a 
Martin, Mrs. Hal E. (Cottingham, 

Lelia Maude) B. A. 14. Charles- 
ton, HI. 
Martin, Hal Roger, LL. B. 12. 1530 

University Ave., Madison, Wis. 
Martin, Harriet Genevieve (Al- 

brecht, Mrs. Henry C.) B. S. 12. 

Martin, Harry Edwin, M. A. 16. 

Prof. Mount Union Coll., Alli- 
ance, O. 

Martin, Hazel Isabelle, B. A. 17. 
222 Langdon, Madison, Wis. 

Martin, Mrs. (Schram, Helen Mar- 
garet) B. A. 11. 925 Conklin PL. 
Madison, Wis. 
*Martin, Henry C, B. A. 79. Died 
Feb. 25, 1917. 

Martin, James Gardner, B. A. 13. 
Manufacturer. 402 S. Hlinois, In- 
dianapolis, Ind. a 

Martin, Jay P., B. S. A. 14. Bag- 
ley, Wis. 

Martin, John Harlan, B. L. 89. Phy- 
sician. Lead, S. D. 

Martin, Kate Ljindis, B. A. 18. 
Teacher. Gillett, Ark. a 

Martin, Kenneth Dion, B. A. 13. 
Clergyman. Ill Forest Ave., 
Cranford, N. J. a 

Martin, Loren Ormus, Ag. G. 17. 
West McHenry, 111. 

Martin, Louisa, B. L. 80. Physician 
and Surgeon. 120 S. Leavitt, Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Martin, Marguerite Emma (Ranen- 
berg, Mrs. George C. L.) B. A. 15. 

Martin, Marie M. (McHale, Mrs. 
John Martin) B. A. 11. 

Martin, . Marion E., B. A. 11. 
Teacher. Hartford, Wis. a 

Martin, Mary Anne (Morrison, Mrs. 
Ralph N.) B. A. 11. 

Martin, Patrick Henry, LL. B. 79. 
Attorney. 153 — 3rd, Fond du Lac, 

Martin, Patrick Henry, LL. B. 15. 
B. A. 15. 248 Elm, Fond du Lac, 

Martin, Ramona Theora (Morgan, 
Mrs. Glenn L.) B. S. (H. Ec.) 17. 

Martin, Ross George, B. S. A. 17. 
Room 326, City Hall, Birmingham, 
Ala. a 

Martin, Roy, B. A. 11. Instr."iriB- 
bing, Minn. 

Martin, William, B. L. 89. LL. B. 
90. Attorney. 611 Lowman Bldg., 
Seattle, Wash, a 

Martin, William Amberg, LL. B. 16. 
Middle Inlet, Wis. 

Martin, Mrs. Winsor (Lounsbury, 
Sylvia E.) B. A. 08. Oak Park, 111. 
Martindale, Stephen, LL. B. 86. At- 
torney and Insurance. 237 S. 10th, 
La Crosse, Wis. a 



Martineau, Pierre A., LL. B. 91. At- 
torney. 337 State, Marinette, Wis 
Marvin, Arba Bryan, B. S. 00 

Patent Attorney. 139 Gates Ave., 

Montclair, N. J. a 
Mashek, Anna L. (Tillotson, Mrs. 

E. E.) B. L. 99. 
Mashek, Anna Magdalene, B. A. 04. 

M. A. 10. Teacher. 1240 Missis- 
sippi, La Crosse, Wis. a 
Mason, Charles T., B. S. (M. E.) 99. 

Asst. Gen. Supt. Illinois Steel Co., 

Joliet, 111. 
Mason, David, B. A. 79. Elect. 

Engr. 461 Fort Washington Ave., 

New York City, a 
Mason, Dorothea Elizabeth, M. A. 

13. Somerset, Wis. 
Mason, Harriet, B. A. 04. 
Mason, Henry Freeman, B. L. 81. 

Justice Supreme Court. Topeka, 

Kan. a 
Mason, Mrs. John B. (Abbott, Belle) 

B. L. 94. 
Mason, Max, B. L. 98. Eesearch Prof. 

1902 Arlington PL, Madison, Wis. 

Mason, Mrs. Max (Freeman, Mary 

Louise) B. L. 98. 1902 Arlington 

PI., Madison, Wis. 
Mason, Ora L. (Moles, Mrs. Edward 

S.)B. A. 06. 
*Mason, Russell Z., LL. D. 67. De- 
Mason, Vroman, B. L. 95, LL. B. 

99. Attorney. 24 N. Carroll, 

Madison, Wis. a 
Mason, Mrs. Vroman (Mans on, Mrs. 

Herbert H.) B. L. 01. Madison, 

Mason, Walter Francis, LL. B. 84. 

Attorney. 203-7th Ave., Aber- 
deen, S. D. a 
Mason, Mrs. William S. (Evans, 

Mary A.) B. L. 92. 1401 Eidge 

Ave., Evanston, 111. a 
Masten, Adele, B. A. 15. Teacher. 

30 Williams, Pontiac, Mich, a 
Masters, Harry J., LL. B. 04. At- 
torney. Sparta, Wis. 
Masters, Mrs. Will L. (Harker, 

Melva Delia) B. S. 13. Linden, 

Mather, Mrs. Alice T., LL. B. 93. 

Nashotah, Wis. 
Mather, Israel, LL. B. 04. Attorney. 
Matheson, Alexander Everet, LL. B. 

94. Attorney. 102 Sinclair, 
Janesville, Wis. a 

Matheson, Kenneth Jesse, B. S. A. 
12. Dairy Div. Bureau of Animal 
Industry. Wash. D. C. a 

Mathews, Cornelia (MacMillan, Mrs. 
Howard J.) B. S. 15. 

Mathews, Mrs. G. A. (Van Dusen, 
Bertha) B. S. 91. Brookings, S. D. 

Mathews, George Clyde, B. A. 08. 
Statistician. 1827 Summit Ave., 
Madison, Wis. 

Mathews, Mrs. George C. (Gesell, 
Bertha May) B. A. 10, M. A. 11. 
1827 Summit Ave., Madison, Wis. 

Mathews, Isabelle Bertram, B. A. 
17. Teacher. Ashland, Wis. 

Mathews, John R., LL! B. 78. At- 
torney. Menomonie, Wis. 

Mathews, Joseph Howard, B. S. 03, 
M. A. 05. Prof. U. W. 128 Lath- 
rop, Madison, Wis. a 

Mathews, Mrs. J. H. (Gilfillan, Ella 
B.) B. A. 07. 128 Lathrop, Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Mathews, Thomas Jefferson, LL. B. 
92. Attorney. Eoundup, Mont, a 

Mathews, William Wyman, B. S. 08. 
Asst. Engr. Alvord & Burdick Co., 
Chicago, 111. 

Mathias, Mary Constance, B. K 01, 
M. G. 01. 5601 Blackstone Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

Mathie, Edward Joseph, B. A. 10. 
M. A. 17. Teacher. Stevens 
Point, Wis. 

Mathys, Ema Henrietta, B. A. 13. 
Teacher. Arcadia, Wis. a 

Mathys, John W., B. S. A. 14. Seed- 
growing. 431 N. Broadway, Green 
Bay, Wis.* 

Matscheck, Charles Walter, M. A. 
14. Civic Secy. Chamber of Com- 
merce. Kansas City, Mo. a 

Matson, Elvera (Curtis, Mrs. John) 
S. M. G. 11. 

Matson, Selma V. (Day, Mrs. Law- 
rence S.) B. A. 10. 

Matsuoka, Masac, M. A. 07. Editor. 
Tokyo Nichiniche. Tokyo, Japan. 

Matteson, Gertrude S. (Hull, Mrs. 
S. P.) B. A. 03. - 

Matteson, Harold James, B. A. 15. 
Hunter's Park, Duluth, Minn, a 

Matteson, Mabel Claire, B. A. 15. 
teacher, Leon, Wis. 

Mattew, Ernest Bertram, M. S. 16. 
Teacher. Hays, Kan. 

Matthews, Emma Louise, B. A. 15 
Ishpeming, Mich. 



Matthews, Maude Eunice (Duggan, 
Mrs. James E.) B. A. 15. 
*Matthews, Oliver, B. M. E. 76. De- 

Matthewson, Norma Naomi (Paynter, 
Mrs. Perry) B. S. (H. Ec.) 17. a 

Mattke, Edward Gustav, B. A. 04 
Pres. Mattke-McKenzie Merc. Co., 
Valier, Mont. 

Mattox, Madeline, B. A. 16. Teach- 
er. Aurora, Ind. a 
*Matts, Elmer Dickson, B. S. 85, LL. 
B. 86. Died Jan. 17, 1902. 

Matts, Mary Ventura (James, Mrs. 
John A.) B. A. 13. 

Mattson, Donald Frederick, B. S. 15. 
Asst. 408-412 Oregon Bldg., Port- 
land, Ore. 

Mattson, Gustaf A., Ph. B. 04. Farm- 
er. Stockholm, Wis. 

Mattson, Oscar Frederick, Ph. B. 15. 
Instr. Superior, Wis. 

Matzen, Herbert James, B. A. (C. 
C.) 19. 740 Smith, Milwaukee, 

Maue, Mrs. W. Gregory (Peacock, 
Leila Irene) B. A. 12. Lynwood 
PI., Marblehead Neck, Boston, 

Mauer, Florence Elizabeth, B. A. 12. 
Teacher. Burlington, Wis. 

Maule, Howard Wesley, M. A. 12. 
Principal. Mosinee, Wis. 

Maurer, Claude Norman, B. S. (M. 
E.) 16. Mech. Engr. Wis. High- 
way Comm. State Capitol, Madi- 
son, Wis. a 

Maurer, Mrs. Claude N. (Bosshard, 
Jessie Margaret) B. A. 16. 1212 
W. Johnson, Madison, Wis. a 

Maurer, Edward R., B. C. E. 90. 
Prof. U. W., Madison, Wis. a 

Maurer, Erna Edna, B. A. 07, M. G. 
07. Arcadia, Wis. 

Maurer, Heinrich Herman, B. A. 07, 
M. A. 09. Prof. U. of Chicago, 
Chicago, 111. 

Maurer, Mrs. H. H. (King, Elizabeth 
S.) B. L. 00, M. A. 04. Writer. 

Maurer, Robert A., B. L. 01. Instr. 
Georgetown Univ. Law School. 
Wash. D. C. 

Maurer, Rolland Edward, B. S. 14. 
Mech. Engr. American Sheet & 
Tin Plate Co., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Mautz, Cora Amalie, B. A. 19. 110 
W. Gilman, Madison, Wis. 

Mavens, Mrs. C. L. (Ten Eyck, Lena 
A.) B. L. 95. Farmer. Brodhead, 

Maverick, James Slayden, B. S. A. 
13. Mgr. Sunshine Ranch Dairy, 
San Antonio, Texas. 

Maw, Clarabel (Hoffman, Mrs. Otis 
E.) B. A. 16. 

Maw, Dora Elizabeth, B. A. 19. 414 
W. Doty, Madison, Wis. 

Maw, Irene Augusta (Erdman, Mrs. 
W. E.) B. A. 14. 

Mawhorter, Walter Ranson, B. S. A. 
13. Wanaka, Ind. 

Maxey, Chester Collins, M. A. 14. Su- 
pervisor. 261 Broadway, New 
York City. 

Maxey, George Andrew, B. S. 15. 
328 Wisconsin Ave., Oshkosh, 
Wis. a 

Maxon, Glenway, Ph. B. 73, LL. B. 
74. 366 Kane PL, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Maxon, Harriet, B. A. 11. 366 Kane 
PL, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Maxon, Jennie A. (Gregg, Mrs. Hen- 
drick B.) B. L. 93. 

Maxon, Mabel, M. A. 12. Librarian. 
Milton Coll., Milton, Wis. 

Maxson, Charles Henry, B. A. 92. 
Supt. of Schools. St. Cloud, Minn. 

Maxwell, Arnold Ivan, B. S. A. 16. 
R. 2, Fort Atkinson, Wis. 
*May, Albert Bascom, LL. B. 86. 
Died Sept. 25, 1902. 

May, Arthur Edwin, B. S. 11. Drafts- 
man. 319 Latrobe Ave., Chicago, 

May, Phyllis Crawford, B. A. 14. 
Teacher. Hillsboro, 111. a 

Mayberry, Hazel (Cronquist, Mrs. 
Raymond) B. A. 15. 

Maybury, James Henry, B. L. 96. 
Attorney. 617-3rd Ave., St. Cloud, 

Mayer, Mrs. Adolph R. (Abaly, Eliz- 
abeth) B. A. 05. 1010 W. Wash- 
ington Ave., Madison, Wis. 
*Mayer, August, B. C. E. 83. De- 

Mayer, Edward Anton, Ph. G. 94 
Physician & Druggist. S. Kau- 
kauna, Wis. 

Mayer, Elsie Dorothy, B. A. 16. 
5727 Sheridan Rd., Chicago, HI. a 

Mayer, Helen L. (Hunt, Mrs. H. L.) 
B. L. 93. 

Mayer, Hildegarde Henrietta, S. M. 
G. 18, B. M. 18. Jefferson, Wis. 



Mayers, Lewis, M. A. 12. Editor. 
818 Connecticut Ave., Wash. D. C. 

Mayers, Marion Catherine, B. A. 18. 
428 Sterling PL, Madison, Wis. 

Mayfield, Alfred Lisle, B. S. (Med.) 
15. Cataract, Wis. 

Mayhew, Mrs. Anson W. (Bostwick, 
Eva H.) B. L. 96. 110-31st, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Mayhew, Lester Cooper, B. S. 92. 
Manufacturer. 356 Eoyall PL, 
Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Mayhew, Mrs. Lester C. (Owen, Car- 
oline A.) B. L. 93. 356 Eoyall PL, 
Milwaukee, Wis. 
*Maynard, Myra Edith, B. L. 95. De- 

Mayo, Edward Leroy, Ph. B. 09. 
Teacher. 606 N. Hickory, Joliet, 

McAdams, Arthur James, B. S. A. 
17. Mukwanago, Wis. a 

McAdow, Ida Belle, B. A. 11. Teach- 
er. 3406 E. 6th, Los Angeles, 
Calif. ^ ' 

McAlexander, Grace Mary, M. A. 15. 
Teacher. Indianapolis, Ind. 

McAllister, Frederick, Ph. D. 10. 
Prof. U. of Texas, Austin, Texas. 

McAnaw, John James, B. L. 82. 

McArdle, Michael WUliam, LL. B. 01. 
Gen. Mgr. Chicago Flexible Shaft 
Co., Chicago, 111. 

McArthur, Anna, Ph. B. 67. 8 Gor- 
don, Gordon Square, London, Eng. 

McArthur, Arthur Royal, B. S. 00. 
Engr. American Steel & Tin Plate 
Co., 674 Harrison, Gary, Ind. a 

McAteer, James Robert, B. S. 18. 111. 
Highway Comm. Springfield, 111. 

McBean, Thomas, LL. B. 93. Chip- 
pewa Falls, Wis. a 

McBeath, Faye, B. A. 13. Milwau- 
kee Journal. 216-23rd, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

McBride, Clarence Smith, B, S. 15. 
Instr. 401 State, Madison, Wis. 

*McBride, Robert J., LL. B. 94. De- 

McBride, Rosa Lillian, Ph. B. 99. 
Clerk War Dept. 4515-9th, Wash. 
D. C. 

McBride, Russell S., M. A. 09. Engi- 
neering Rep. McGraw-Hill Co., Inc. 
610 Colorado Bldg., Wash. D. C. 

McCabe, Maurice A., LL. B. 96. At- 
torney. 3121 McKinley Blvd., 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

McCabe, Raphaella Catherine, B. A. 
16. Teacher. Abbotsford, Wis. 

McCammon, Mrs. C. D. (Fargo, El- 
sie) B. L. 99. Lake Mills, Wis. 

McCammond, Mrs. Roy V. (Ruste, 
Mabel B.) B, A. 03. Charles City, 
la. a 

McCann, Ray Thomas, B. A. 17. Ed- 
gerton. Wis. 

McCann, William Ray, E. E. 15. 
c/o Stone & Webster Corporation, 
147 Mills, Boston, Mass. a 
*Mc Cants, Mrs. C. L. (Fuhrmar, 
Edith) B. A. 10. Died Oct. 22, 

McCard, Harry Stanton, B. S. 96. 
Physician. 2005 Druid Hill Ave., 
Baltimore, Md. 

McCard, WiUiam C, B. L. 93. At- 
torney. 14 E. Pleasant, Balti- 
more, Md. a 

McCarter, John K., M. A. 17. Odon, 

McCarthey, Glen Elroy, B. A. (C. C.) 
14. Salesman. 460 Madison, Al- 
bany, N. Y. 

McCarthy, Alice Lillian, B. A. 14, 
M. A. 19. Teacher. 116 N. Char- 
ter, Madison, Wis. 

McCarthy, Blanche Marie, B. A. 17. 
Teacher. 116 N. Charter, Madison, 
Wis. - 

McCarthy, Charles, Ph. D. 01. Di- 
rector. Legislative Reference Li- 
brarian. 1109 University Ave., 
Madison, Wis. a 

McCarthy, Mrs. Charles (Schreiber, 
Lucile H.) B, A. 97. 1109 Uni- 
versity Ave., Madison, Wis. a 

McCarthy, Elizabeth Lucile, B. A. 
18. 743-51st, Milwaukee, Wis. 

McCarthy, Loyal Henry, LL. B. 01. 
Attorney. 666 E. 66th, N. Port- 
land, Ore. a 

McCarthy, Margaret Mary, B. A. 18. 
Mellen, Wis. a 

McCartney, Albert Joseph, B. L. 00. 
Clergyman. 4600 Greenwood Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

*McCartney, Alvin E., LL. B. 80. 
Died Feb. 6, 1912. 

McCauley, George V., M. A. 09. 
Instr. Northwestern Univ., Evan- 
ston, 111. 

McCausland, Mrs. E. F. (Kimball, 
Bertha C.) B. S. 95. 859 W. 7th, 
Superior, Wis. 

McClanahan, Albion Arthur, M. A 
17. Deputy, Ind. 



McClatchie, Lela Annette, Ph. B. 10. 

Stony Butte, Mont. 

McClenahan, Martha Gillette, B. A. 
14.' 1806 Grand Ave., Cedar Eap- 
ids, la. 

McClernan, Marie, B. A. 00, M. A. 

02, Ph. D. 04. Organist & Choir 

Director. 305 W. Main, Madison, 

Wis. a 

*McClernan, Thomas J., B. A. 07, M. 

A. 08. Died March 5, 1910. 
*McClintock, Emory, Ph. D. 84. Died 
July 10, 1916. 

McClintock, James Albertine, M. S. 
14. Botanist & Plant Pathologist. 
Georgia Agric. Exp. Station, Ex- 
periment, Ga, 

McCloud, George H., LL. B. 88. At- 
torney. 723-8th Ave., Ashland, 
*McClure, Charles Floyd, LL. B. 95. 

McClure, Martha S. (Allen, Mrs. 
Hugh) B. A. 11. 

McClurg, NeUe Irene, M. A. 18. 1083 
High, Urbana, 111. 

McCollister, Marcus S., C. E. 11. 
Farmer. White Hall, 111. 

McComh, Archie, LL. B. 10. Attor- 
ney. 217 N. Washington, Green 
Bay, Wis. a 

McComh, Arlie Mae (Robertson, 
Mrs. Arthur H.) B. A. 11. 

McComto; Earl V., B. A. 04. Physi- 
cian & Surgeon. 703 Ogden Ave., 
Menominee, Mich. 

McComb, Ross Kenneth, B. S. 09. 
Civil Engr. U. S. Reclamation 
Service. Browning, Mont. 

McComb, Vila Ema, B. A. 10. Pri- 
vate Secretary. 4555 Maiden, Chi- 
cago, HI. 
*McConachie, Mrs. Lauros G. (Fay, 
Martha M.) B. A. 06. Died Oct. 
21, 1918. 

McConnell, Charles Fremont, B. S. A. 

13. Real Estate & Farmer. Dar- 
lington, Wis. 

McConnell, Claude Howard, B. S. A. 

14. Farmer. Tomah, Wis. 
McConnell, John Elbert, B. L. 87. 

. Attorney. 400 S. 14th, La Crosse, 
Wis. a 

McConnell, Wallace Robert, M. A. 
18. Prof. Miami Univ., Oxford, O. 

McConville, George T., B. A. 09. Re- 
porter. 1421 Hewitt Ave., St. 
Paul, Minn. 

McCordic, Ada May, M. A. 14. 

Teacher. Beloit, Wis. 

McCordic, Aimer Sheridan, B. A. 12. 
Farmer. Groton, S. D. 

McCordic, Mrs. Aimer S. (Piper, 
Margaret A.) B. S. (H. Ec.) 12. 
Groton, S. D. 

McCorkle, WiUiam Stanley, LL. B. 
88. County Judge. Richland Cen- 
ter ^Vis 

McCorkle, ' Mrs. William S. (Smith, 
Edna E.) B. L. 97. Richland Cen- 
ter, Wis. a 

McCormick, Bart Eldred, B. A. 04. 
Supt. of Schools. La Crosse, Wis. a 

McCormick, Edith Trafton (Ayers, 
Mrs. Carroll C.) B. A. 07. 

McCormick, John A., LL. B. 04. At- 
torney. M. & M. Bank Bldg., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 

McCormick, John Vincent, B. A. 14. 
Attorney. 1725 Conway Bldg., 
Chicago, 111. 

McCormick, Joseph James, B. A. 15. 
541 Russell Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

McCorry, Mrs. John H. (Hosmer, 
Helen) B. A. 09. 246 N. Beech, 
Casper, Wyo. 

McCoy, Arthur Mayne, B. L. 91. 
Grain & Lumber. Waitsburg, 
Wash, a 

McCoy, Leslie Layton, B. S. (Med.) 
17. Evansville, Wis. 

McCoy, Lloyd B., B. S. 06. Retail 
Shoes. 2424 Colfax Ave., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

McCoy, Mabel (Parkinson, Mrs. 
Ben C.) B. L. 96. 

McCoy, Mary (Burnham, Mrs. 
Charles L.) Ph. B. 74. 

McCoy, Nettie Irene (Dean, Mrs. 
Ralph P.) B. L. 99. 

McCoy, Robert Bruce, LL. B. 91. 
County Judge. Sparta, Wis. 

McCoy, Susan, M. A. 16. Teacher 
State Normal. Valley City, N. D. 

McCoy, WilUam John, B. A. 19. Lan- 
caster, Wis. 
-McCrady, William Ansley, B. L. 83. 
Died Oct. 24, 1888. 

McCray, Francis Augustus, M. S. 14. 
Farmer. Green Lake, Wis. 

McCrory, Raymond John, B. A. 17. 
Director of Athletics. 211 Garfield 
Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

McCrory, Walter, B. S. (Ph.) 13. 
Teacher. H. S. 123 Superior Ave., 
Oconto, Wis. Home, 211 Garfield 
Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. a 



McCrossen, James Woodward, B. L. 

03. Clerk. 913 Aileen, Oakland, 

McCudden, Louis Daniel, B. S. A. 

17. Iron Kiver, Wis. 
McCue, Nora B. (Willsie, Mrs. H.' 

E.) B. L. 02. 
*McCulloch, Alfred L., B. S. 95. De- 
McCuUoch, Dorothy (Winsborough, 

Mrs. John) B. S. 03. 
McCullocli, Harriet E. (Lindsay, 

Mrs. W. W.) B. L. 98. 
McCuUoch, John Alexander, B. S. 07. 

Gen. Supt. Vinegar Hill Zinc Co., 

Galena, 111. 
McCuUoch, Sadie L., B. A. 05. 319 

N. Brooks, Madison, Wis. 
McCuUoch, IsabeUa J., B. L. 97. 1520 

Mineral Point Ave., Janesville, 

Wis. a 
McCuUough, Allan Chase, B. S. 18. 

118 Main, Oshkosh, Wis. 
McCuUough, Francis M., B. S. 03. 

Professor. 216 Hastings, Pitts- 
burg, Pa. a 
McCuUough, Mrs. Francis M. 

(Hatch, Bernice C.) B. A. 04. 216 

Hastings, Pittsburg, Pa. 
McCully, James, LL. B. 89. County 

Judge. Ashland, Wis. 
McCumber, Anna L. (Chandler, Mrs. 

E. F.) B. L. 99. 
McCumber, Mary E., B. L. 99. Teach- 
er. University, N. D. 
McCurdy, Alfred E., B. A. 81. Gas 

& Electricity. Fort Dodge, la. 
McCurrach, Mrs. James (Murray, 

Mary I.) B. L. 93. 645 Hinman 

Ave., Evanston, 111. a 
McCutcheon, Essie L. F., M. A. 05. 

Asst. Ext. Div. U. W., Madison, 

McCutcheon, Robert, B. S. A. 16. 

Arena, Wis. 
McCutchin, John Alexander, B. S. A. 

16. Teacher. Arena, Wis. 
McDaniel, Alonzo S., M. A". 05, Ph. 

D. 09. Chemist. Eastman Kodak 

Co., Eochester, N. Y. 
McDaniel, Clarence, Ph. G. 07. 826 

W. Dayton, Madison, Wis. 
McDaniel, Mrs. C. P. (Carey, Marie 

A.) B. A. 10. 1120 Jones, Sioux 

City, la. 
McDaniel, EUzabeth, M. S. 14. 

Teacher. Fawcett, Mo. 
McDaniel, Maude, M. A. 14. 623 
Howard, Spokane, Wash, a 

McDaniel, Moses, B. A. 08, M. A. 12. 

Teacher. 2530 Ashland Ave., Ev- 
anston, 111. 
McDermaid, Delyle H., B. A. 11. 
McDUl, Genevieve S., Ph. B. 02. The 

Leamington, Minneapolis, Minn. 
*McDonald, Alexander V., B. S. 00. 

McDonald, Anna E. (Grinde, Mrs. 

Arthur L) B. L. 03. 
McDonald, Clinton, B. S. (C. E.) 97. 

Contractor. Mankato, Minn. 
McDonald, Elmer E., LL. B. 83. At- 
torney. Bemidji, Minn. 
*McDoiiald, Eugene R., LL. B. 97. 

Died Nov. 9, 1905. 
McDonald, Harry L., B. S. 04. U. 

S. G. S. Washington, D. C. a 
McDonald, James John, B. A. 12, 

LL. B. 13. Attorney. Gay Bldg., 

Madison, Wis. a 
McDonald, Mrs. James J. (Bogue, 

Grace Anna) - B. A. 08. 819 W. 

Dayton, Madison, Wis. 
*McDonald, John W., LL. B. 96. Died 

Dec. 15, 1900. 
McDonald, Mrs. J. R. (Ryan, Mar- 
garet Elizabeth) B. A. 09. 842 

Shepard Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
McDonald, Katherine I. (Jones, Mrs. 

Burr W.) B. S. 86. 
McDonald, Lois Blanche, B. A. 19. 

114 N. Division, Beaver Dam, Wis. 
McDonald, Thomas Frank, B. A. 16. 

Prof. 1107 Maple, Marshfield, 

McDonald, WilUam H., LL. B. 81. 

Attorney. 3129 Humboldt Ave., 

So. Minneapolis, Minn. 
McDougal, Earl Loren, LL. B. 08. 

Attorney. 905 Northwestern Bank 

Bldg., Portland, Ore. 
McDougaU, Helen EUzabeth, B. A. 

19. Pocatello, Idaho. 
McDougaU, Shirley Alton, B. S. (Ch. 

E.) 13. Pres. Anchor Concrete 

Const. Co., Evansville, Ind. 
McDougle, Verne R., B. A. 16. Instr. 

Charleston, 111. a 
McDoweU, John C, B. S. A. 03. Ag- 
riculturist. 1416 Allison, Wash. 

D. C. 
McEachran, Wilbur Hugh, B. S. 13. 

Tester. Emerson-Brantingham Co. 

Rockford, 111. 
McEachron, Edgar Janes, B. S. 04. 

Supt. Fuller & Johnson Mfg. Co., 

Madison, Wis. a 



. McEldowney, William Frank, B. A. 

04. 17 W. 26th, Chicago Heights, 
111. a 

McEldowney, Mrs. W. F. (Suther- 
land, Ella) B. A. 06. 17 W. 26th, 
Chicago Heights, 111. 
*McEvoy, George E., B. S. 02. De- 

McFadden, Doris Lucile (Bayton, 
Mrs. Ernest G.) B. A. 16. Instr. 
409 W. Johnson, Madison, Wis. 

McFadden, Mary I., Ph. B. 00, M. A. 
08. Dean of Women. Stout Insti- 
tute, Menomonie. 421-6th, Oconto, 

McFarland, James G-., B. A. 02, LL. 
B. 04. Attorney. Southwick Blk., 
Watertown, S. D. 

McFarland, Mrs. James G. (Johnson, 
Evelyn L.) B. L. 03. Watertown, 

5. D. 

McFarland, Malcolm Fizer, B. S. 13. 

Fort Madison, la . 
McFarland, Mrs. Robert E. (Minch, 

Frances Eva) B. A. 12. 1939 S. 

48th Ct., Cicero, 111. a 
McFarlane, J. A., LL. B. 04. Attor- 
ney. Mauston, Wis. 
McFetridge, William Lauren, B. S. 

A. 09. Farmer. The Locusts, Osh- 

kosh. Wis. a 
McGarry, Grace Margaret, B. A. 15. 
McGee, Brutus Albert, B. A. 12. 4824 

Drake Ave., Chicago, 111. 
McGee, Charles Augustus, LL. B. 99. 

Attorney. 622 American Bldg., San 

Diego, Calif. 
McGiU, Ernest Charles, B. S. 15. 

Physician & Surgeon. 1425 Church, 

Evanston, 111. a 
McGillan, James Hurley, LL. B. 91. 

Attorney. Bellin-Buchanan Bldg., 

Green Bay, Wis. 
McGillivray, Joseph Emmett, B. S. 

16. Mgr. Sussex Cooperative Co. 

SussGX ^Vis 
McGiUivray, William J., B. A. 06. 

Contractor. Black Elver Falls, 

McGilton, Edmund George, B. L. 83, 

LL. B. 85. Attorney. 102 N. 

38th, Omaha, Neb. a 
McGilvary, Margaret Cornelia, B. A. 

14. Secy. 1902 Arlington PI., 

Madison, Wis. a 
McGilvra, Avis (Carow, Mrs. Jorge 

W.) B. L. 97. 
*McGilvra, Sarah L., B. L. 00. De- 

McGinnis, Donald WilUam, B. A. 18. 
2123 Brooklyn Ave., Kansas City, 
Mo. a 

McGinnis, Mrs. Donald W. (Crosby, 
Eosamond) B. A. 18. 2123 Brook- 
lyn Ave., Kansas City, Mo. a 

McGinnis, Dorothy Ellen, B. _S. 18. 
Teacher. 2123 Brooklyn Ave., 
Kansas City, Mo. a 

McGlachlin, Lucy K. (Berry, Mrs. 
B. D.) B. L. 94. 
*McGlashin, Guy M., LL. B. 87. Died, 

McGonegal, Kate G. (Morgan Mrs. 
Thomas) Ph. B. 74. 

McGoorty, Anne (McPartlin, Mrs. 
Stephen E.) B. A. 05. 

McGovern, Catherine Helen, B. A. 
13. Librarian. 315-16th, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

McGovern, Francis Edward, B. L. 90. 
Attorney. 1102 Wells Bldg., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 
*McGovem, Kate (McCrossen, Mrs. 
James) B. S. 83. Died Jan. 28, 

McGovern, Patrick Henry, B. S. 88. 
Physician & Surgeon. 1201 Majes- 
tic Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. a 
*McGovern, Peter, LL. B. 71. De- 

McGowan, Fred C, B. L. 01. Asst. 
Mgr. Clarke Eealty Co. 157 S. 
Main, Pocatello, Idaho, a 

McGowan, Ray Elmer, B. S. 12. 
Parke-Davis Co., P. O. 222. Hel- 
ena, Mont. 

McGrath, Charles Blair, B. A. 12. 
Eau Claire, Wis. 

McGrath, Edward, Ph. B. 02. Phy- 
sician. Baraboo, Wis. 
*McGrath, Hugh J., LL. B. 93. Died 
Nov. 7, 1899. 

McGrath, Mrs. James (Coon, Frances 
C.) B. A. 11. Chilton, Wis. 

McGrath, Rajonond Dyer, B. S. 13. 
309 Fulton, Keokuk, la. 

McGrath, Robert Timothy, Ph. B. 16. 
Supt. of Schools. Lakefield, Minn. 

McGrath, WilUam H., LL. B. 00. At- 
torney. Monroe, Wis. 
*McGraw, Mae M., B. L. 00. Died, 

McGraw, William D., B. A. 05, LL. 
B. 07. Western Mgr. Eankin-Ben- 
edict Underwriting Co., Portland, 

McGregor, Delia, B. A. 11. Libra- 
rian. 1003 Ivy, St. Paul, Minn. 



McGregor, Elisabeth, B. A. 07, M. A. 

09. Platteville, Wis. 
McGruer, Alexander Donald, LL. B. 

90. Attorney. Green Bay, Wis. 
McGruer, Mrs. John (Agrell, Elsa 

Eugenia) B. A. 15. 1427 Ogden, 

Superior, Wis. 
McGuire, Margaret Agatha, B. A. 18. 

McHale, Mrs. John Martin (Martin, 

Marie M.) B, A. 11. 905 Webster, 

Green Bay, Wis. a 
McHenry, Ada Dorothy, B. A. 17. 

271-33rd, Milwaukee, Wis. 
*McHenry, John Augustus, Ph. G. 12. 

Killed in action, Oct. 1, 1918. 
McHenry, Mary Sears, B. A. 19. 231 

E. Tremont, Denison, la. a 
McHugh, Glenn Eller, B. A. 16. 

503-2nd, Baraboo, Wis. a 
McHugh, Keith Stratton, B. S. (Ch. 

E.) 17. Fort Collins, Colo. 
Mcllhon, Frances Irene, B. L. 89. 

Teacher. 4506 Maiden, Chicago-. 

Mcintosh, Charles Thomas, B. A. 18. 

Edgerton, Wis. 
Mcintosh, Fabian Clifton, B. S. 13. 

Engr. Johnson Service Co., Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 
Mcintosh, Mrs. James A. (Pier, Kate 

H.) LL. B. 87. Attorney. Apt. 3, 

86 Haven Ave., New York City. 
Mcintosh, Roscoe Lyle, B. S. 19. Ed- 
gerton, Wis. 
Mcintosh, Thomas L., LL. B. 86. 

Asst. City Attorney. Superior. 

Mclntyre, Mrs. Frank D. (Eastman, 

Marjorie Mead) B. A. 12. Waldo, 

McKay, Betsey, B. A. 17. 1502 W. 

18th, Philadelphia, Pa. 
McKay, Frances (Wood, Mrs. Fred- 
erick) B. A. 18. 
McKay, Frederick William, B. A. 18 

107 Mt. Vernon, Oshkosh, Wis. 
McKay, John Gordon, B. A. 13. 

Madison, Wis. 
McKay, Mrs. John Gordon (Lowe, 

Charlotte Margaret) B. A. 17. 1818 

Madison, Madison, Wis. 
McKay, Marion Bertice, M. S. 15. 

Asst. Plant Pathologist. 720 N. 

11th, Corvallis, Ore. 
McKay, Robert Clayton, B. A. 15. 

Huron, S. D. 

McKay, Sara Roxey, B. A. 06. Sten- 
ographer. 1735 Hudson Ave., Hol- 
lywood, Calif, a 

McKee, Mary Rose, B. A. 10. Instr. 
Head of Woman's Physical Ed. 
Dept., Coll. of Agric. & Mech. 
Arts. Pullman, Wash, a 

McKee, Oliver Philip, B. A. 15. 
Thorp, Wis. 

McKee, Paul Robert, LL. B. 03. 
Banker. Oconomowoc, Wis. a 

McKee, Mrs. Willard (Shedd, Char- 
lotte E.) B. L. 02. 

McKelvy, Ernest C, M. A. 08. Chem- 
ist. Bureau of Standards, Wash. 
D. C. 

McKenna, Francis Eugene, Ph. B. 00. 
Blanchardville, Wis. 

McKenna, Hugh, B. S. 00. Surgeon 
700 Irving Park Blvd., Chicago, 

McKenna, Margaret Mary, B. S. 15. 
Bacteriologist. 739 S. Quincy, 
Green Bay, Wis. a 

McKennan, Rachel, B. A. 17. Teach- 
er. 700 Broadway, Quincy, 111. 

McKennan, Ruth, B. A. 17. 1930 
Monroe, Madison, Wis. 

McKenny, Charles, M. A. 10. Pres. 
Michigan State Normal. 803 Con- 
gress, Ypsilanti, Mich, a 

McKercher, David Edwin, B. S. 76. 
Farmer. Manly, la. 

McKesson, James Cooper, LL. B. 02. 
Farmer. S. Kichmond, Va. a 

McKey, Douglas F., B. A. 11. Asst. 
Secy. Wisconsin Trust Co. 414 
Irving PI., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

McKey, Elizabeth D. (Quarles, Mrs 
Charles B.) B. A. 07. 

McKim, James Arthur, B. C. E. 91. 
Retired. 545 S. Norton Ave., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

McKinlay, Mrs. Arthur P. (Goddard, 
.lessie) B. L. 89. 1326 Lucile Ave., 
Los Angeles, Calif, a 

McKinley, Charles, M. A. 16. 2011 
Monroe, Madison, Wis. 

McKinley, George Button, B. A. 19. 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

McKinley, Harriet Belle, B. A, 13. 
St. Ansgar, la. 

McKinney, Harold Hall, M. S. 20. 
Salt Lake City, Utah. 

McKinney, John V., B. S. 16. 1705 
Morse Ave., Chicago, 111. • 

McKinney, Loren Carey, M. A. 16. 
Teacher. 218-16th, Milwaukee, 



McKinney, Marion, B. A. 12. Teach- 
er. 910 Emerson, Saginaw, Mich. 
McKitrick, Marcella May, B. L. 99. 

Asst. Principal. Viroqua, Wis. 
McKittrick, Leland Sterling, B. S. 

15. Interne. Mass. Gen. Hosp. 

Boston, Mass. 
McKnight, Emma Marie, B. A. 18. 

South Wayne, Wis. 
McKowen, Harriet E. (Schaper, Mrs. 

W. A.) B. A. 07. 
McLain, Ernest Seth, Ph. B. 12. 

Teacher. 4322 Franklin, Omaha, 

McLaren, Lewis L., B. S. 14. 600 

Herkimer, Joliet, 111. 
McLaughlin, Mrs. (Fitch, Helen 

Fairfield) B. A. 09. Panulcillo, 

Coquimbo, Chile, S. A. 
McLaughlin, Mabel Katherine 

(Sweetman, Mrs. Frank) B. A. 

12. a 
McLean, Mrs. A. C. (Bell, Grace 

Lina) B. S. (H. Econ.) 15. Nor- 

ris, Mont, a 
McLean, Amzi Chapin, B. S. A. 04. 

Farmer. Eatontown, N. J. 
McLean, Annis Cleveland, B. A. 15. 

Madison, Wis. 
McLean, Harry Clayton, B. S. 08. 

Engr. Aetna Explosives Co. New 

York City. 
McLean, James Calvin, B. S. 13. 

County Engr. 107 College Ave., 

Waukesha, Wis. 
McLean, Marguerite Louise, M. G. 

05, B. A. 07. Director. U. of 

Pittsburg, Pittsburg, Pa. 
McLean, Marion Clara (Crane, Mrs. 

Guy W.) B. L. 01. 
McLean, WiUiam C, LL. B. 75. Real 

Estate & Banking. 903-7th, Me- 

nomonie, Wis. 
McLees, Charles E., LL. B. 05. At- 
torney. 1225 Live Oak, Muskogee, 

McLenegan, Annie Susan, B. L. 97, 

M. A. 04. Teacher. 1612 White 

Ave., Beloit, Wis. a 
McLenegan, Mrs. A. E. (Richardson, 

Julia B.) B. L. 95. 775 Newhall, 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
McLeod, John H., M. S. 15. Court 

House, Little Rock, Ark. 
McLeod, Mrs. John H. (Peck, Ruth 

Annette) B. S. 14. Little Rock. 


McMahan, Mary Allman, B. A. 15. 
Teacher. Lindenwood Coll. St. 
Charles, Mo. Home, Crown Point, 
Ind. a 

McMahon, Mrs. Alma Louise, Ph. B. 
02, M. A. 16. Teacher. Hills- 
boro, Wis. a 

McMahon, Edward, M. A. 07. Prof. 
U. of Wash., Seattle, Wash. 

McMahon, Edward M., Ph. B. 08. 
Sales Mgr., Northwestern Casu- 
alty & Surety Co., Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 

McMahon, Francis B., B. S. 11. Sur- 
geon. 141 Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 
*McMahon, Francis D., LL. B. 87. 
Died, 1891. 

McMahon, John, LL. B. 75. Attor- 
ney. Plum City, Wis. 

McMahon, Mayme Karnes (Killmer, 
Mrs. A. J.) B. L. 02. 

McMahon, Omar Thomas, B. A. 13. 
Secy. & Treas., Geo. M. Forman 
& Co., Inc. 1207 First Nat'l. Bk. 
Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

McMahon, Stephen John, Ph. B. 03, 
LL. B. 06. Attorney. 411 Lafay- 
*ette PL, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

McMahon, Theresa S., Ph. D. 09. 
Prof. U. of Wash. Seattle, Wash. 

McManamy, Francis Vincent, LL. B. 
00. Attorney. 327 Jackson, Osh- 

McMaster, Paul Herbert, B. S. A. 16. 
Longmont, Colorado, a 

McMillan, Carol, B. A. 17. 788 Riv- 
erside Drive, New York City, a 

McMillan, John W., LL. B. 01. At- 
torney. 740 Frederick Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 

McMillan, Mrs. J. W. (Hinkley, Lu- 
cretia) B. A. 99. 740 Frederick 
Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

McMillan, Luther Burchard, M. S. 
14. Consulting Engineer. Anchor, 

McMillan, Mary Bell, Ph. B. 03, M. 
A. 14. Instr. River Falls, Wis. a 

McMillan, Maud Ethel J. (Congdon. 
Mrs. Edmond Burt) B. A. 06. 

McMiUen Clifford Leroy, B. A. 11. 

McMillen, Florence Cynthia, B. A. 
14. Librarian. 107 S. 3rd, Fort 
Atkinson, Wis. a 

McMillen, Mrs. L. H. (Hartman, 
Lorraine) B. A. 10. 125 Spooner, 
Madison, Wis. 



McMUlen, Manford W., Ph. G. 85. 

Life Insurance. 1201 Sycamore, 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
McMillen, Mrs. William A. (Howe, 

Josephine) B. A. 08. 294 Far- 
well Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
McMillin, Midge, M. A. 17. Teacher. 

Lafayette, Ind. 
McMiim, AmeUa, B. S. 95. Teacher. 

803 Frederick Ave., Milwaukee, 

Wis. a 
McMuUen, Cleve A., B. S. 18. Dodge- 

ville. Wis. 
*McMullen, CoUn E., LL. B. 93. Died, 

McMuUen, Cornelius L., B. S. ^09. 

Sales Mgr. Fuller & Johnson Mfg 

Co., Madison, Wis. a 
McMuUen, Vincent E., B. S. 05. 

Supt. Hercules Gas Engine Co. 

Evansville, Ind. a 
McMullin, Jennie Willing (Turner, 

Mrs. Glenn) M. A. 13. 
McMurray, Mrs. Richard (Pfund, 

Anna) B. S. 11. F. W. Woolworth 

Co., La Salle, 111. 
McMurry, Donald Le Crone, M. A. 

13. Fellow. U. W. 1501 Hillsboro 

Ed., Nashville, Tenn. 
McMurry, Kenneth Charles, B. A. 15. 

1501 Hillsboro Rd., Nashville, 

McMurry, Mahel Jane, B. S. (H. 

Ec.) 15. 224 N. Murray, Madison, 

McMurry, Marjorie, B. A. 18. 1501 
Hillsboro Ed., Nashville, Tenn. 

McMynn, Louise M. (Greene, Mrs. 
Howard) B. A. 88. 

McMynn, Robert Norman, LL. B. 94. 
Attorney. 498 Terrace Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 

McNab, Joseph L., B. L. 96. Attor- 
ney. 1573 Eidge Blvd., Evanston, 

McNair, Fred Walter, B. S. 91. Pres. 
Michigan Coll. of Mines. Hough- 
ton, Mich, a 
*McNair, Grace Elizabeth, B. L. 98, 

M. L. 99. Died Aug. 3, 1914. 
*McNally, Eva G., M. L. 02. Died 
Aug. 3, 1914. 

McNamara, Frank L., LL. B. 00. At- 
torney. 2029 Grand Ave., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

McNamara, Hazel Johanna, B. A. 17. 
Prophetstown, 111. a 

McNaney, Elizabeth M. (Peterson, 
Mrs. F. B.) B. L. 97. 

McNaugnton, George Cameron, B. S. 
09, Ch. E. 15. Mill Supt., Mead 
Fibre Co., Kingsport, Tenn. a 

McNaughton, Leslie, B. S. A. 16. 

McNeel, James Herbert, B. A. 00. 
Principal. Beloit, Wis. a 

McNeil, Anne Holmctuist (Johnson, 
Mrs. Francis P.) Ph. B. 03, Ph. M. 

McNeil, Mary Eunice, B. A. 15 
Teacher. 207 N. Madison, Stough- 
ton, Wis. 

McNelly, Stephen Sumner, Ph. B. 16. 
Supt. of Schools. Lancaster, Wis. 
*McNish, Clark C, LL. B. 73. Died 
Sept. 20, 1908. 

McNitt, Esther Uhl, M. A. 13. Li- 
brarian. Logansport, Ind. 

McNown, Chester William, Ph. B. 03. 
Principal. New Lisbon, Wis. 

McNown, Mark Freeman, B. S. A. 
12. Mauston, Wis. 

McNown, William Coleman, B. S. 03. 
Prof. U. of Kan. Lawrence, Kan, a 

McNown, Mrs. William C. (Klahr, 
Florence M.) B. A. 05. 1729 Mis- 
sissippi, Lawrence, Kan. 

McNulty, James B., B. S. A. 11. Agr. 
Exp. Sta., College Station, Texas, a 

McNulty, Mary Agatha, B. A. 17. 
Accountant. 429 W. Gorham, Mad- 
ison, Wis. 
*McNutt, Mema Thiele, B. A. 07. 
Died- May, 1911. 

McPartlin, Mrs. Stephen E. (Mc- 
Goorty, Anne) B. A. 05. 7235 Eu- 
clid Ave., Chicago, 111. a 

McPhail, Archibald C, LL. B. 99. 
Credit Dept. Philadelphia Branch, 
American Eadiator Co., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

McPherson, Le Roy, LL. B. 12. At- 
torney. First Natl. Bank Bldg., 
Superior, Wis. a 

McQueen, Mrs. L. A. (Jillson, Mary 
Louise) B. A. 17. 276 Park, Ak- 
ron, O. 

McQueen, Mrs. Sherman J. (Morri- 
son, Ethel) B. A. 08. 1415 Mc- 
Gregor Ave., Ft. William, Ontario, 

McQuillan, Letitia Helen, B. A. 14. 
Merrill, Wis. 

McQuown, Norvin, B. A. 16. Teach- 
er. Albay, Alb ay, P. I. a 

McRae, Florence, B. A. 10. Teacher. 
Ehinelander, Wis. 

McRoberts, John Harold, B. A. 17. 
400 N. College Ave., Aledo, 111. 



McShane, John James, D. P. H. 12. 
Health Officer. 115y2 E. Cook, 
Springfield, 111. a 

McVannell, Alexander B., M. S. 08. 
Specialist in Agriculture. Picton, 
Ontario, Canada. 

McVicar, Agnes Edna, B. L. 97. 
Waukesha, Wis. 

McVicar, Katherine E., B. L. 97. 
Waukesha, Wis. 

McVicar, Mary Christiana, B. L. 95. 
Deaconess. Waukesha, Wis. 

McVicker, Emery M., LL. B. 92. At- 
torney. 2449 Grand Ave., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

McWethy, Frank Henry, B. S. 05. 
Secy. Stephen?- Adnmson Mfg. Co. 
Aurora, 111. a 

McWethy, Harold Elbert, B. S. 09. 
Wis. Ey. Comm. Nakoma, Madi- 
son, Wis. a 

McWhorter, John Scott, B. L. 95. 
Attorney. Lewisburg, W. Va. a 

McWilliams, Mrs. Burr M. (Vaas, 
Marie Herfurth) B. A. 12, M. A. 
14. Groveland Ave., Eiverside, 
HI. a 

Mead, Arlisle Maria (Wiesender, 
Mrs. Arthur J.) B. A. 07. 

Mead, Fergus, B. A. 16. 254 Mason, 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Mead, George Alvin, B. S. 95. Engr. 
Ohio Brass Co. Mansfield, O. 

Mead, George Wilson, B. A. 94. 
Banker ^ & Mgr. Consolidated Wat- 
er Power & Paper Co. Grand 
Eapids, Wis. a 

Mead, Hazel Marguerite (Jenks, 
Mrs. Frank) B. S. 11. 

Mead, Jessie Rose, M. G. 10. 603 
Collins, Plymouth, Wis. 

Mead, John Lockwood, Ph. G. 92, 
M. S. 93. Druggist. 636 Pacific, 
Appleton, Wis. 

Mead, Leonard Charles, LL. B. 12. 
City Attorney. Geneva, 111. 

Mead, Mrs. Leonard C. (Fox, Lucy 
Wells) B. A. 11. Franklin & 4th, 
Geneva, 111, a 

Mead, Major C, LL. B. 81. Attor- 
ney. Plymouth, Wis. a 

Mead, Olin Andrew, B. C. E. 92. Eeg- 
istrar. Lawrence Coll. Appleton, 

Mead, Warren Judson, B. S. 06, M 
A. 08. Assoc. Prof. U. W., Madi- 
son, Wis. a 

Mead, Mrs. Warren J. (Taylor, Ber- 
tha M.) M. G. 05. 922 Van Buren, 
Madison, Wis. a 

Meadowcroft, Miner T. B. S. 07. 
Engr. 81 Garfield Ave., Detroit, 

Meadows, James Orley, B. A. 06. 
Engr. 4125 Western Ave., West- 
• mount, Montreal, Canada. 

Meanwell, Walter Ernest, D. P. H. 

15. Prof. Univ. of Mo., Columbia, 
Mo. a 

Meany, Edmond Stephen, M. L. 01. 

Prof. U. of Wash., Seattle, Wash. 
Mears, George Sherman, B. S. 12 

Salesman. Ludowici-Aladon Co. 

P. O. Box 1024, Jacksonville, Fla. a 
Medberry, EUza E. (Mors, Mrs. 

George C.) B. L. 99. 
Medberry, Fannie K., B. L. 96. 67 

W. Irving, Oshkosh, Wis. a 
Meeker, Guy Abbott, B. L. 99. At- 
torney. Northwestern Bank Bldg., 

Minneapolis, Minn, a 
Meeter, Mrs. L. E. (Urquhart, Mar 

ion E.) B. A. 05. Hawarden, la. a 
Meggers, William Frederick, M. A. 

16. Physicist. Bureau of Stand- 
ards, Wash. D. C. 

Mehl, Hugo F., B. S. 99. Physician. 
1223 National Ave., Milwaukee, 

Mehl, Paul, M. S. 18. Asst. Ore. 
Agric. Coll., Corvallis, Ore. 

Mehlig, Lee Percy, B. S. 14, M. S. 
16. Physician & Surgeon. The 
Eavine, Sault Ste. Marie, Mich, a 

Mehlig, Mrs. Lee Percy (Fess, Mad- 
eline Cecile) B. S. 14. The Eavine, 
Sault Ste. Marie, Mich, a 

Meier, Amy Katherine, B. A. 10. 
Postville, la. 

Meier, Paul Adrian, B. A. 19. Ply- 
mouth, Wis. 

Meighen, Loretta Katherine, B. A. 

Meinecke, Ferdinand Jr., M. E. 12. 
623 Milwaukee, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Meineke, Mrs. Norman (Eay, Mar- 
garet Elizabeth) B. S. 17. E. 6 
Box 18, Madison, Wis. a 

Meinert, Herman T., B. L. 01. 703 
E. Walnut, Blooraington, 111. 

Meinhardt, Leonore Agnes (Van 
Cleve, Mrs. Ealph Houston) B. Lu 

Meinicke, Alvin Edward, B. S. 10.. 
Engr. Chicago Telephone Co.. 4,4-2Z 
N. Lincoln, Chicago, 111. a 



Mcisekotlien, Hildegarde, B. A. 15. 

Teacher. 1211 Mound, Madison, 

Meisekothen, Robert John, B. S. 14. 
Engr. 1211 Mound, Madison, Wis 

Meiselweitz, Adolph WiUiam, R S. 
18. Kiel, Wis. 

Meisnest, Charles W., B. A. 04. Supt. 
of Schools. Manitowoc, Wis. 

Meisnest, Frank WiUiam, Ph. B. 00. 
Merchant. Branch, Wis. 

Meisnest, Frederick William, B. S. 
93. Ph. D. 04. Prof. U. of Wash., 
Seattle, Wash. 

Meissner, Fritz W., Ph. G. 93. Phar- 
macist. 360 Prospect Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Meissner, Harry Victor, B. A. 12, 
LL. B. 14. Attorney. 1st Natl. 
Bank Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Melaas, Alva Jeanette (Gulian, Mrs. 
S. G.) B. A. 08. 

Melaas, Esther Adella (Lutz, Mrs. 
Werner) B. A. 14. 1051 Jenifer, 
Madison, Wis. 

Melaas, Margaret Isahelle, B. S. 19. 
Stoughton, Wis. 

Meland, Edward Christopher, B. L. 
89. Principal. De Forest, Wis. a 

Meland, Norman, B. A. 16. 827 East 
Ave., Eed Wing, Minn, a 

Melby, EUzabeth, B. A. 08. Merril- 
lan. Wis. 

Melby, Frida, B. A. 14. Clerk. U. 
W. 1801 Rowley Ave., Madison, 

Melcher, Austin Gave, B. S. 08. Supt. 
Hoskins Mfg. Co. Detroit, Mich. 

Melcher, Henry Alberto, Ph. B. 00. 
Supt. of Schools. Delevan, Wis. 

Meinus, Irving E., Ph. D. 12. Bureau 
of Plant Industry, Wash. D. U. 

Melick, A. Marguerite, B. A. 11. 
Instr. 2199 Cambridge, Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

Melin, Oscar William, B. S. 10. Engr. 
<i/o Structural Engr. Dept., West- 
ern Elec. Co., Hawthorne Sta., Chi- 
cago, 111. a 

Meliu, Mrs. O. W. (Roach, Florence; 
B. A. 10. 110 S. Scoville Ave., 
Oak Park, 111. a 

Meller, Charles Louis, B. S. A. 04. 
Landscape Architect. 1010-4th, 
Ave., Fargo, N. D. a 

Melnikow, Henry Playman, B. A. 16. 
1515 W. Monroe, Chicago, lU. 

Meloche, Clifford Cjrrllle, B. A. 10. 
M. A. 11, Ph. D. 14. Instr. IT. of 
Mich. Ann Arbor, Mich. 
Meloche, Gladys Louise, B. S. 16. 
1205 W. Washington Ave., Madi- 
son, Wis. a 
Meloche, Rhea Belle (Ady, Mrs. C. 

R.) B. A. IL 
Melville, Andrew Hutton, Ph. B. 12. 
Research worker. 19 W. 44th, 
New York City, a 
Melville, James, B. C. E. 75, C. E. 77. 
Supt. 708 Sommers Ave., Madison, 
*Melville, Naomi Earhart, B. L. 97. 
Melvin, Homer Clark, B. S. A. 16. 

Glenbeulah, Wis. a 
Melzer, Edgar, LL. B. 15. Attorney, 

Oshkosh, Wis. 
Melzner, Arthur Burdell, LL. fe.' 06. 
Attorney. 829 W. Galena, Butte, 
Mont, a 
Melzner, Edward John, Ph. G. 96. 

Salesman. Fort Atkinson, Wis. 
Mendel, Mrs. Lafayette (Friend, 
Alice Relaine) B. L. 99. New 
Haven, Conn. 
Mendelsohn, Isador William, B. S. 
C. E. 17. 1527-14th, N. W., 
Wash. D. C. a 
Mendenhall, Mrs. William Wesley 
(Sweetman, Verna Blanche) B. A 
17. 274 Burgess Ave., Indian 
apolis, Ind. a 
Mendum, Samuel Weis, .M. S. 13 

Instr. U. W., Madison, Wis. a 
Mengcl, Forest Foster, B. S. 11 
Engr. State Highway Comm 
Grand Rapids, Wis. a 
Mengel, Joseph Torbitt, B. S. A. 17 
Lumberman. 1303 Eastern Park 
way, Louisville, Ky. a 
Mengelburg, Gertrude (Ellis, Mrs 

George A.) M. A. 16. 
Menges, Adolph F., Ph. G. 86. Drug 
gist. 26 W. Mifiain, Madison, Wis 
Menke, Henry, B. L. 95. 
Menne, Frank Raymond, B. S. 13 
Eden, Wis. 
. Menninger, Karl Augustus, B. A. 14, 
M. S. 15. Physician. Mulvane 
Bldg., Suite 503-508, Topeka, 
Kan. a 
Mensel, Robert Joseph, B. S. 16. 

Bremen, Ind. 
Menzel, Walter R., B. L. 02. Supt. 
of Schools. Faith, S. D. 



Menzl, Ernest Ummel, M. A. 14. 

Livingston Hall, Columbia Univ., 
New York City, a 

Menzies, Isabella MacGregor, B. A. 
07. a 

Menzies, Jessie, B. A. 13. Assistant. 
Janesville, Wis. 

Mercer, Joseph David, B. A. 12. 

■ Hubbards Woods, 111. 

Mercer, Mary Irene (Titus, Mrs. 
Martin E.) Ph. B. 09. 

Mercy, Anna, B. A. 13. 132 W. 
Houston, New York City. 

Mereness, Lawrence David, Ag. G. 
19. Walworth, Wis. . 

Merica, Paul Dyer, B. A. 08. Metal- 
lurgist. International Nickel Co., 
Bayonne, N. J. a 

Meritt, Mrs. Melvin C. (Chave, 
Georgie Elizabeth) B. A. 07. 826- 
10th, Paseo, Wash. 

Merk, Fred, B. A. 11. Fellow. Har- 
vard Univ. Cambridge, Mass. 

Merk, Helen, B. S. 90. Sauk City, 

Merk, Marie Josephine, B. L. 93. 
Sauk City, Wis. a 

Merkel, Harold Leland, B. A. 14, 
LL. B. 16. Editorial staff. Mil- 
waukee Journal. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Merkel, Richard Hans, B. S. 12. Sauk 
City, Wis. a 

Merkelbach, Maria Louise (Kasak, 
Mrs. Michael) B. A. 13, M. A. 15. 

Merkin, Abraham Lee, B. S. 10. 
*Merrell, George C, C. E. 10. Died 
in service. 

Merriam, Hugh Nelson, B. S. 98. 

Merriam, Leslie Joseph, B. S. A. 16. 
Co. Agric. Agent. Sutton, W. Va. a 

*Merriam, William Nelson, B. M. E. 
81. Died June 13, 1916. 

Merrick, Mrs. Benjamin P. (Mann, 
Eoberta Eice) B. A. 15. 219 S. 
College Ave., Grand Eapids, 
Mich, a 

Merrick, Eldridge Gerry, B. S. 00. 
Engr. 28 Waverly PI., Schenec- 
tady, N. Y. a 

Merrick, Jessie Bee, Ph. B. 04. Su- 
pervisor. 844 Central Bldg., Se- 
attle, Wash. 

Merrill, Agnes (Scott, Mrs. Holton 
Henry) B. A. 02. 

Merrill, Frank Heath, LL. B. 73. 
Proprietor. Walnut Eanch, E. F. 
D. 1, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Merrill, Fred D., LL. B. 03. Attor- 
ney. 106 No. Ashland Ave., Green 
Bay, Wis. 
Merrill, George F., B. A. 72, LL. B. 
73. Attorney. 219 St. Clair, Ash- 
land, Wis. a 
Merrill, Mrs. George F. (Byrne, El- 
len). Ph. B. 66. 219 St. Clair, Ash- 
land, Wis. a 
Merrill, Grace (Hodgkins, Mrs. Wal- 
ter J.) B. S. 98. 
*Merrill, Harriet Bell, B. S. 90, M. S. 

93. Died April 10, 1915. 
Merrill, Mrs. Harry Meagher (Mosel, 
Ella Margaret) B. A. 11. 1921 
Court, Sioux City, la. 
Merrill, Henry Baldwin, B. S. 16, M. 
S. 17. Chemist. 707 Goodrich 
Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 
Merrill, Inez Chapman, Ph. B. (Nor. 
C.) 19. Teacher. Pardeeville, 
Merrill, IVIrs. Lillie McDonald, B. L. 

02. Eochester, Wis. 
Merrill, Pomeroy Cooper, B. S. 09. 
Mining Engr. c/o Eamapo Ore. 
Co., Sterlington, N. Y. a 
Merrill, Mrs. P. C. (Cronin, Clara 
M.) B. A. 09. c/o Eamapo Ore. 
Co., Sterlington, N. Y^ a 
Merrill, Winifred Byrne (Geisse, 

Mrs. Harold L.) B. A. 08. 
Merrill, Zadok, B. S. 04. Secy. & 
Mgr. Elec. Engr. c/o Washing- 
ton Public Service Comni., Olym- 
pia. Wash, a 
Merriman, Alice Pauline, M. A. 13. 

Essex Falls, N. J. 
Merriman, Clifford, B. S. A. 16. E. 

F. D. 5. Fort Atkinson, Wis. a 
Merritt, John Wesley, Ph. D. 17. Ge- 
ologist. Sapulpa Eefining Co., Sa- 
pulpa, Okla. 
Mertes, John Peter, B. S. 19. Cal- 
vary, Wis. 
Mertzke, Arthur John, B. A. 16. Asst. 
U. W. University Club, Madison, 
Wis. a 
Merwin, Horace Stevens, LL. B. 80. 

909 N. Spring, Pensacola, Fla. a 
Merz, Elfrieda, B. A. 11. Teacher. 

726 Atwood Ave., Madison, Wis. 
Messerschmidt, Joseph Ernest, B. L. 
93, LL. B. 96. Attorney. 315 E. 
Gorham, Madison, Wis. a 
Messerschmidt, Mrs. Joseph E. 
(Sehlaefer, Adeline) B. A. 08. 315 
E. Gorham, Madison, Wis. a 

15— A. D. 



Messmer, John, B. S. A. 09. Supt. 
of Const. E. Messmer & Bro. 726 
Frederick Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Messmer, Mrs. John (Jahns, Louise 
M.) B. A. 06. 726 Frederick Ave., 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Metcalf, Grace Perkins, S. M. G. 15. 
Spring Green, Wis. 

Metcalf, Margaret Frances, Ph. B. 
14. Teacher. Shullsburg, Wis. 

Metcalf, Mary Eleanor, B. A. 19. 
Teacher. 770 State, Berlin, Wis. 

Metcalfe, George H., LL. B. 93. At- 
torney. Platteville, Wis. 

Metcalfe, Mae, B. A. 11, Teacher. 
1705 Monroe, Madison, Wis. 

Metschl, John, B. A. 18. 644-6th, 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Metz, Alexander, Ph. G. 97. Phar- 
macist. Mineral Point, Wis. 

Metzler, Charles Henry, LL. B. 00 
Attorney. Portage, Wis, 

Metzner, Alhertine Emelie, B. A. 16, 
M. S, 18. Teacher, Jacksonville, 
111. a 

Meuer, Alma Helen, B. A. 16. 113 
N. Butler, Madison, Wis. 

Meuer, William Joseph, B. A. 10. 
Pres. Photoart House. 113 N. 
Butler, Madison,. Wis. a 

Meves, Walter Henry, B. A. 08. 
Credit Mgr. S. Karpen & Bros. 
636 W. 22nd, Chicago, 111. 

Mewaldt, Nathaniel Herman, M. A. 
14. Teacher. Two Eivers, Wis. 

Meyer, Adolph F., B. S. 05, C. E. 09. 
Engineer. 1467 Ashland Ave., St. 
Paul, Minn. 

Meyer, Alfred Henry, B. S. A. 11. 
Scientist. Bur, of Soils, Wash, 
D. C. a 

Meyer, Mrs. A. H. (Boott, Ella 
Haden) B. A. 12. Bur. of Soils. 
Wash. D. C. 

Meyer, Mrs. A. J. (Eohr, Illma M.) 
B. A. 05. SOOGIenwood Ave., Co- 
lumbia, Mo. 

Meyer, Arthur William, B. S. 98. 
121 Waverly, Palo Alto, Calif, a 

Meyer, Balthasar H., B. L, 94, Ph, D. 
97, LL, D. 14. Interstate Com- 
merce Comm. Highlands Manor, 
Wisconsin Ave., Wash, D. C. a 

Meyer, Mrs. B. H. (Carlton, Alice 
E.) B. L. 98. Highlands Manor, 
Wisconsin Ave., Wash. D. C. 

Meyer, Benno Walter, B. S, 15. 372- 
16th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Meyer, Bernard Edward, LL, B. 14. 
Marion, Wis. 

Meyer, Charles Alois, B. A. 18. 
Unity, Wis. 

Meyer, Cora E., B, S, 02. Teacher. 
2118 Chestnut, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Meyer, Edward W., B. S. 95. Manu- 
facturer. 3401 Sycamore, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. a 

Meyer, Elizabeth A. (Howe, Mrs. 
John H.) B. S. 76. 

Meyer, Elmer Ephraim, B. A. 16. Ac- 
countant & Auditor. 624 Michi- 
gan Ave., Chicago, 111. a 

Meyer, Ernst Christopher, B. S. 01. 
Director. 61 Broadway, New York 
City, a 

Meyer, Frank CaUis, LL. B. 11. At- 
torney. Lancaster, Wis. 
*Meyer, Mrs. Frank C. (Wakefield, 
Lois) B. A, 12, Deceased. 

Meyer, Fred PhilUps, B. L. 87. 3801 
Eokehy, Chicago, 111. 

Meyer, Harrison A., B. A. 18. 769- 
3rd, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Meyer, Henry WiUiam Jr., B. a 08. 
Vice-Pres. 707 Morrison, Apple- 
ton, Wis. a 

Meyer, Herman Charles, B. S. 15. 
Oshkosh, Wis. 

Meyer, Herman F., B. A. 08. Asst. 
Office of Markets. Wash. D. C. 

Meyer, Jessie Martha, B. S. 79. Lan- 
caster, Wis. 

Meyer, Juliet D. (Brown, Mrs. W. 
E.) B. S. 75. 

Meyer, Laura Ann, B. A. 16. Prairie 
du Sac, Wis. 

Meyer, Louis Charles, Ph. G. 89. 
Druggist. 625 N. 7th, Sheboygan, 

Meyer, Lydia Lucile, B. A. 09. 
Teacher. 2709 Highland Blvd., 
Milwaukee, Wis . 

Meyer, Mabel Mathilda, B. A. 12. 
Teacher. 1334 Granville Ave., 
Chicago, 111. a 

Meyer, WaUace, B. A. 16. 20 E. 
Jackson Blvd., Chicago, 111. a 

Meyer, Werner Eugene, B, S. A. 13, 
Eupert, Idaho, a 

Meyer, William Frederic, B, S. A. 
18. 410 Terrace Ave., Milwaukee, 

Meyers, Alvin, B. S. (E. E.) 01, E. 
E. 06. Olden, Texas, a 
-Meyers, Daniel Paul, LL, B. 02. De- 



Meyers, Erwin A., B. A. 11, LL. B. 

13. Attorney. 2072 C. & C. Bank 

Bldg., Chicago, 111. a 
Meyers, Nelle, B. A. 16. Teacher. 

Kennett, Mo. 
Meyrose, Henry V., LL. B. 98. 
Michaels, Etta M., Ph. B. (Nor. C.) 

19. Stillwater, Okla. 
Mlchaelson, James Andrew, LL. B. 

02. Abstract, Loan & Insurance 

Business. Ladysmith, Wis. a 
Micheal, Louis Guy, M. S. 18. Grad. 

Student. 118 N. Park, Hastings, 

Mich, a * 

Michel, Rudolph, B. S. 16. 1937 W. 

Baltimore, Baltimore, Md. 
Michelet, Nils, LL. B. 71. Attorney. 

2315-27th Ave., So. Minneapolis, 

Michell, Rohert Bell, Ph. D. 12. Asst. 

Prof. U. W. Madison, Wis. . 
Michell, Mrs. R. B. (Doe, Ethelyn 

A.) B. A. 10. 808 Oakland Ave., 

Madison, Wis. 
Michels, Charles Arthur, M. S. 12. 

Prof. Spearfish Normal School. 

Spearfish, S. D. 
Michels, John, B. S. A. 00, M. S. 05. 

Prof. N. Y. State School of Ag. 

Farmingdale, N. Y. 
Michelson, Albert G., B. L. 01, LL. 

B. 10. Attorney. 604 E. Gorham, 

Madison, Wis. 
Micklesen, Henry C, Ph. G. 89. 

Druggist. 711 Vine, Hudson, Wis. 
MiddleKauff, Margaret Lucy, B. A. 

18. 1348 Whittier Ave., Spring- 
field, 111. 
Middleton, Anna D. (Pritchard, Mrs. 

Fred) (See, Weisman, Mrs. Anna 

M.) B. S. 03. 
Middleton, Eliza E. (Watts, Mrs. 

Harry C.) B. A. 05. 
Middleton, Forest Case, B . A. 17. 

Instr. U. W. 1019 W. Johnson, 

Madison, Wis. 
Middleton, Mrs. George (La Follette, 

Fola) B. A. 04. Actress. 158 

Waverly PL, New York City. 
Middleton, George Innes Jr., B. S. 

15. Farmer. K. F. D. 5. Marke- 

san, Wis. a 
IVEiddleton, Owen W., B. S. (M. E.) 

07 Publicity Mgr. American 

Steel Foundries. 278 Eidge Ave., 

Winnetka, 111. a 
Mieding, Albert Edward, Ph. G. 87. 

Physician & Surgeon. 1701 State, 

Milwaukee, Wis. 

Mieding, Rudolph H., Ph. G. 92. 

Druggist. 2710 Leland Ave., Chi- 
cago, 111. 
Mielenz, Harold Frederick, B. S. (C. 

E.) 17. Office City Engr., Beloit, 

Mielenz, Irving Albert, B. A. 17. 

12061/4 Twenty-sixth, Milwaukee, 

Wis. a 
Mielenz, Nora May, B. A. 11. 175- 

32nd, Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Mielke, Edward Frank, B. S. (Med.) 

15. a 
MigheU, Helen, B. A. 10. Lake City, 

Mihills, Donald R., B. S. A. 10. Real 

Estate. 1st Natl. Bank Bldg., 

Fond du Lac, Wis. 
Mihills, Guinivieve (Mowry, Mrs. 

William Atwood) B. L. 03. 
Mikna, Alois Joseph, B. S. (M. E.) 

18. 871-8th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Milbradt, Herman Gustav, B. L. 03. 

Teacher. 6(J9 E. Kent, Streator, 

Milbrath, David Gallus, B. A. 04. 

Pathologist. U. S. Dept. Agric. 

Alhambra, Calif. 
*Miles, Alvah Harry, Ph. G. 05. De- 
Milhaupt, Vera Amalie (Stone, Mrs. 

J. R.) B. A. 13. 
Millar, Helen Rachel, B. A. 17. 

Teacher. Stoughton, Wis. a 
Millard, Carolotte M. (Smith, Mrs. 

Alson L) B. L. 93. 
Millard, Earl B., M. A. 11. Prof. 

Inst, of Tech., Boston, Mass. 
Millard, John Lawrence, B. L. 88, 

LL. B. 90. Attorney. Markesan, 

MiUard, Paul Vilas, B. A. (C. C.) 17. 

Antigo, Wis. 
Miller, Adelaide, B. A. 06. 317 W. 

Grand Ave., Chippewa Falls, 

Wis. a 
MiUer, Arthur H., B. S. 05. Globe 

Foundry Co., Sheboygan, Wis. 
Miller, Mrs. Arthur (Hilpertshauser, 

Lillie C.) B. A. 10. 1218 N. 5th, 

Sheboygan, Wis. 
Miller, Audra Evel3m, B. A. 18. 

Teacher. 180 S. Chicago Ave., 

Kankakee, 111. a 
Miller, Barbara Jessie, B. A. 19. 

Ripon, Wis. 
Miller, Bert E., B. S. 11. Investi- 
gator. R. R. Comm. Nakoma, 

Madison, Wis. a 



Miller, Mrs. Bert H. (Weber, Minna 
E.) B. L. 03. Cumberland, Wis. a 

Miller, Charles Smith, B. A. 91, LL. 
B. 93. 

Miller, Charles Southard, LL. B. 81. 
Banker. Natl. Bank of Commerce, 
Seattle, Wash, a 

Miller, Clara Josephine, B. S. 16. 
Grad. Student. Furnald Hall, Co- 
lumbia Univ., New York City. 

MiUer, Dora May (Osterheld, Mrs. 
Clark) B. A. 16. 

Miller, Edgar Bruno, B. S. 03. Engr. 
960 E. 9th, Portland, Ore. 

Miller, Edmund, B. S. 17. 620 Mary- 
land Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Miller, Edward William, LL. B. 07. 
Attorney. Marinette, Wis. 

Miller, Ernest B., B. S. 06. Viee- 
Pres. Davison Chemical Co. Bal- 
timore, Md. a 

Miller, riorence Emma, B. A. 18. 
Teacher. 1006 Caledonia, La 
Crosse, Wis. 

Miller, Florence Mosher (Sidwell, 
Mrs. L. T.) B. A. 07. 

Miller, Frank Hayden, B. A. 91, M. 
A. 94. 

Miller, George Ellsworth Jr., B. A. 
19. Charleston, W. Va. 
*Miller, George Harry, B. A. 96. Died 
Feb. 25, 1910. 

Miller, Gladys, B. A. 14, M. A. 16. 
(Brady, Mrs. Jenkins) Chicago, 

Miller, Gladys Emma (Brewer, Mrs. 
Vivian) B. S. 15. 

Miller, Glenn Elmer, B. A. 12. Pres. 
G. E. Miller & Co. 205 North- 
western Bank Bldg., Portland, 
Ore. a 

Miller, Glenn Evelyn, M. A. 19. Asst. 
U. W. Home, La Valle, Wis. 

Miller, Grace Elizabeth (Benham, 
Mrs. F. C.) B. L. 03. 

Miller, Grace Eugenia (Dahm, Mrs. 
E. F.) B. A. 12. 

Miller, Harry George, B. S. 12, M. 
S. 14. Asst. U. W., Madison, Wis. 

Miller, Henry Farrand, B. S. (Ph. 
G.) 16. Chemist & Bacteriologist. 
State Cooperative Laboratory. 
Kenosha, Wis. 

Miller, Jesse Eugene, B. S. 13. Genl. 
Foreman. 785-34th, Milwaukee, 

Miller, John Bernard, LL. B. 10. At- 
torney. Mauston, Wis. 

Miller, John Calkins, B. L. 02. c/o 

Capt. J. M. Clow, Marinette, Wis. 
Miller, John Coventry, B. A. 18. 

5017 W. 23rd Ave., Cicero, 111. a 
Miller, John Oscar, B. A. 97, LL. B. 

99. Attorney. Marinette, Wis. 
Miller, Karl Ferdinand, B. A. 09. 

Teacher. 825-37th, Milwaukee. 

Miller, Kathryn Densmoor, B. A. 16. 

Statistical Clerk. Markesan, 

Wis. a 
Miller, Laura L. (Kress, Mrs. Fred- 
erick C.) B. L. 91. 
Miller, Leila Evangeline (Jerde, 

Mrs. Kobert B.) S. M. G. 12, B. 

M. 18. Evansville, Wis. 
Miller, Lloyd Dougherty, B. A. 14. 

Home, Twodot, Mont, a 
*MiUer, Lora Walter, B. S. 10. Died 

Jan. 27, 1917. 
Miller, Mrs. Louallen F. (Chinnock, 

Mabel A.) B. A. 05. 815 Vine, 

Hudson, Wis. 
Miller, Mrs. Louis D. (Hoverson, 

Ethel Madeline) B. S. 14. 153- 

5th, Aurora, HI. a 
Miller, Marie Grace (Petura, Mrs. 

F. J.) B. A. 04. 
♦Miller, Mary E., B. L. 99. Died 

March 5, 1901. 
Miller, Maud E., B. A. 99, M. A. 06. 

Teacher. Edgerton, Wis. 
Miller, Maude (Williamson, Mrs. 

Robert Crosier) B. A. 11, M. A. 17. 
Miller, Nolle, B. A. 04. Teacher. 

402 E. Eussel, Monroe, Wis. 
Miller, Nina Mary Regina, B. A. 15. 

Instr. Columbia Univ. New York 

City, a 
Miller, Paul Gerard, B. A. 10, M. A. 

11, Ph. D. 14. Commissioner. 2 

Allen, San Juan, Porto Rico, a 
MiUer, Peter Henry, B. A. 15. a 
Miller, Raymond, B. S. 18. 272-llth, 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Miller, Samuel S., LL. B. 73. Attor- 
ney. Rhinelander, Wis. 
MiUer, Sidney Fred, B. A. 17. 835 

Breckenridge, Helena, Mont, a 
Miller, Sidney Lincoln, M. A. 16. 

Instr. U. W., Madison, Wis. 
Miller, Walter Baker, B. A. 11. Re- 
search expert. Ill W. Washing- 
ton, Chicago, 111. 
Miller, Mrs. Walter Baker (Ferrar, 

Kayutah) B. A. 11. 530 Diversey 

Parkway, Chicago, 111. 



Miller, Mrs. Walter C. (Ferguson, 
Martha Luella) B. A. 07. . 765- 
24th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Miller, William Boya, B. S. 07, B. S. 
08. 123 S. Fairmont, Pittsburgh, 

Miller, William Frederick, B. S. 14. 
208 Monona Ave., Madison, Wis. 

Miller, WiUiam W., LL. B. i2. At- 
torney. 709 Georgia, Gary, Ind. 
*Millet, Daniel Caldwell, LL. B. 73. 

Millington, Sadie L. (Gove, Mrs. J, 
A.) B. L. 02. 

Milnreu, Barton Leroy Jr., B. S. 09. 

Pepin, Wis. 
*Millman, George Henry, B. A. 82. 
Died Aug. 13, 1889. 

Millman, James Charles, B. S. 90. 
Physician & Surgeon. Platte ville, 

Millmann, Charles F., LL. B. 10. At 
torney. 653 Mineral, Milwaukee, 

MiUner, Mrs. Esther N. A. (Ayer, 
Esther Newell) B. A. 19. La 
Grange, 111. 

Millner, Samuel Morehead Jr., M. 
A. 16. Danville, Va. 

MiUs, Claude C, LL. B. 04. Attor- 

Mills, CUfford Wilde, B. A. 05. At- 
torney. 2324 Holly, Denver, Colo, a 

MiUs, IMrs. CUffora W. (Ketchpaw, 
Maude L.) B. A. 06. 2324 Holly, 
Denver, Colo. 
*Mills, Elizabeth B., B. S. 95. Died 
March 26, 1910. 

Mills, Mrs. Ernest (Mills, Laura 
Taylor Eoe) B. A. 16. 146 Liv- 
ingston, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Mills, George Harold, B. A. 10. 102 

No. 8th, Allentown, Pa. 
Mills, George Keilar, Ph. G. 18. 933 

No. Main, Rice Lake, Wis. 
Mills, James Stuart, B. S. 18. Janes- 
ville, Wis. 

*Mills, Jared Warner, B. A. 75. Died 
May 16, 1907. 
MHls, Jean (Cowles, Mrs. H. V.) 
B. A. 08. 

Mills, Joseph Alderman Jr., B. A. 17. 
Nevada, la. a 

*MiUs, Joseph M., B. A. 75. Died 
Sept. 23, 1885. 
Mills, Laura Roe (Mills, Mrs. Er- 
nest) B. A. 16. 146 Livingston, 
Buffalo, N. Y. 

Mills, Lewis WeUing, B. L. 01, LL. 
B. 02. Creditman. 1218 Grove 

Ave., Racine, Wis. 
Mills, Nettie (Hawley, Mrs. George 

P.) M. G. 98. 
*Mills, Seth, LL. B. 79. Died, 1880. 
Mills, William Kenneth, Ph. G. 18. 

Asst. Pharmacist. Pharm. Expt. 

Sta. U. W. Madison, Wis. 
Millspaugh, John Wheeler, B. S. 14. 

Engr. 345-lOth Ave., Milwaukee, 

Milne, William, Ph. B. 05. Supt. of 

Schools. Merrill, Wis. 
Milner, Myrtle Olive (Lewis, Mrs. 

Warren H.) B. A. 17. 
Miltenberger, Robert, B. A. 06. Phy- 
sician. 109 E. Minnesota, Spring 

Valley, 111. 
Milward, Daisy, B. A. 08. 1217 W. 

Dayton, Madison, Wis. a 
Milward, James Garfield, B. S. A. 07, 

M. S. 09. Prof. U. W., Madison, 

*Minahan, Mrs. Bertles (Bertles, Mol- 

lie) B. A. 97. Died Feb. 26, 1918. 
Minahan, Eben Roger, B. L. 03, LL. 

B. 05. Attorney. 624 So. Quincy, 

Green Bay, Wis. a 
Minahan, Victor Ivan, LL. B. 01. 

Green Bay, Wis. 
Minch, Frances Eva (McFarland, 

Mrs. Robert E.) B. A. 12. 
Minch, John Herman, B. M. E. 92. 

Dealer. 221 W. Gorham, Madison, 

Minch, Katherine Salome, B. A. 06. 

Statistical Clerk. 222 W. Gorham, 

Madison, Wis. 
Minch, Oscar Francis, B. M. E. 93. 

Vice-Pres. Farmers & Merchants 

Bank. Odessa, Wash, a 
Minch, Walter Bernard, B. S. 00. 

Western Electric Co. Maplewood 

Rd., Riverside, 111. a 
Miner, Georgia Willetta (Blaecher, 

Mrs. Walter Phillip) B. A. 14. 
Miner, Grant L., LL. B. 92. Attor- 
ney. Richland Center, Wis. 
Miner, Harry Eugene, B. A. 17. 
Miner, Ruth Pauline, B. A. 05. Asst. 

Librarian. 217 S. Hamilton, Mad- 
ison, Wis. 
Miner, Willis Haven, B. A. 84. Vice- 
Pres. Menasha Wooden Ware Co. 

Menasha, Wis. a 
Mingle, Hilda Adre, S. M. G. 15. 

Teacher. Daleville, Ind. 
Minich, Lewis C, LL. B. 96. 



Minich, Walter George, B. S. (E. E.) 

09. De Pare, Wis. 
Mink, Fred Clair, Ph. G. 15. Cass- 

ville, Wis. 
Minn, Elsie Marcellite (Fisher, Mrs. 

William E.) B. A. 07. 
Minnick, Paul W., B. L. 00. Pub- 
lishers Eepresentative. 305 Fifth 

Ave., New York City, a 
Minor, Mrs. Byron A. (Torgerson, 

Martha F.) B. L. 96. 
Minsart, Anton, B. A. 10. Instr. 

1000-7th, Wausau, Wis. a 
*Minshall, Charles Henry, LL. B. 94. 

Minton, Robert P., LL. B. 06. Bonds. 

400 Belmont Ave., Chicago, 111. a 
Mintum, Ruth, B. S. (H. Ec.) 14. 

Chamber of Commerce, San An- 
tonio, Texas, a 
Minty, Louis William, LL. B. 99. 
Mistele, Lawrence J., LL. B. 07. At- 
torney. Jefferson, Wis. 
Mitchell, Anaory Raymond, B. S. (C. 

E.) 09. Draftsman. 3838 Lake 

Park Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Mitchell, Helen Elizabeth, Ph. B. 14. 

Teacher. Argyle, Wis. 
Mitchell, Florence E. (Taylor, Mrs 

James L.) B. S. 77. 
*Mitchell, John Lendrum, B. A. (C. 

C.) 17. Killed in action. 
Mitchell, Morris Bockee, B. A. 12. 

Lawyer. 919 Andrus Bldg., Min- 
neapolis, Minn, a 
*Mitchell, Paul D., B. S. 16. Died. 

March, 1918. 
♦Mitchell, Ralph Kenneth, B. S. 

(Med.) 11. Died Sept. 24, 1916. 
Mitchell, Robert Ellis, LL. B. 93. 

Attorney. Portage, Wis. 
Mitchell, Thomas WilUam, B. L. 99. 

Missionary. Chenchow, Hunan, 

]VIitchell, Vera (Wise, Mrs. Clarence 

E.) B. A. 16. 
Mitchell, Waldo F., M. A. 13. New 

London, Ind. 
Mitra, Khagendra-narayan, B. A. 14 

Malda, Bengal, India. 
Mittelman, Edward Becher, B. A. 14 

728-16th, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Mix, Morton Earl, M. A. 19. Shingel 

house, Pa. 
Mock, Marguerite, Ph. B. 16. Teach 

er. Milwaukee, Wis. 
Modesitt, Pansy Mae, Ag. G. 18. N 

Terre Haute, Ind. 

Modie, Mrs. Clyde R. (Hobbins, 
Grace) B. A. 07. 114 W. Gilman, 
Madison, Wis. 
*Moe, IMrs. Albert L. (Conway, 
Mayne Agnes) B. A. 13. Deceased. 
*Moe, Ernest Stiles, B. L. 83. Died 
Jan. 29, 1910. 

Moe, Hans Hansen, B. S. 90. Farm- 
er. Woodford, Wis. a 

Moe, Harry Bugge, B. S. 13. Phy- 
sician. MacFarland, Wis. 

Moe, Mrs. Harry B. (Gilbertson, 
Mildred) Ph. B. 15. Blanchards- 
ville. Wis. 

Moe, Josephine Margretta (Johnson, 
Mrs. F. M.) B. A. 08. 

Moe, Maurice Winter, B. A. 04. 
Instr. 2431 Cedar, Milwaukee, 

Moe, Sigrid Winifred, B. A. 19. 

Teacher. Chetek, Wis. a 
*Moeck, Mrs. Thorwald (Adams, 

Clara Dane) Ph. B. 99. Died Jan. 

3, 1916. 
Moehlman, Lillian Susan, B. A. 17. 

Librarian. 336 W. Dayton, Madi- 
son, Wis. a 
Moeller, RoUand, B. S. 09. Sales 

Manager. 891-2nd, Milwaukee, 

Moerke, Rosalind Emilie (Schmidt, 

Mrs. Alfred) B. A. 12. 
Moeschler, Clara Margaret, B. A. 18. 

Teacher. Dunn Co. Sch. of Agric. 

& Dom. Econ. Stevens Point, Wis. 
Moessner, Lillie Elda, B. S. 98. 

Teacher. 4859 Calumet Ave., 

Chicago, 111. 
Moffatt, Edwin Aldons, B. A. (C. C.) 
18. Diamond Chain & Mfg. Co., 

Indianapolis, Ind. a 
Moffatt, Florence S. (Bennett, Mrs. 

William B.) B. A. 04. 
Moffatt, John James, B. A. 05. Keal 

Estate & Insurance. 1010 Fond 

du Lac, Muskogee, Okla. 
Moffatt, Majy EUzabeth (Sloan, 

Mrs. William F.) B. A. 09. 
Moffatt, William Francis, B. A. 02. 

Agent National Surety Co. 412 

Court, Muskogee, Okla. 
Moffitt, Frances Jean, B. S. 18. 

Teacher. Wichita, Kan. a 
Mohaupt, Arthur George, B. A. 13, 

M. S. 17. 2917 Walnut, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. a 
Mohme, Erwin Theodore, B. A. 19. 

Kewaskum, Wis. a 



Mohr, Edna, B. A. 14. 646-12th, 

Milwaukee, Wis, 
Mohr, Esther Cook (Dole, Mrs. Ar- 
thur L.) M. A. 10. 
Mohr, Mrs. Lloyd H. (Eunge, Elsie) 
B. S. 13. 912 Margate Terrace, 
Chicago, 111. 
Moldstad, John A., B. A. 00. Pastor. 
1637 N. Keeler Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Moldstad, Nelly Katherine (Olsen, 

Mrs. Harry E.) B. L. 02. 
Moles, Edward Snetting, B. S. 05. 
Engr. 212-230 W. Washington, 
Chicago, 111. 
Moles, Mrs. E. S. (Mason, Ora) B. A. 
06. 295 Clinton PI., Eiver Forest, 
Molitor, Mrs. William F. (Schreiner, 
Hildur B. H.) B. A. 08. Mineral 
Point, Wis. 
Moll," Arthur Mackenzie, B. A.~ 17. 

Kenton, Mich. 
Moll, Dorothea A. TJones, Mrs. Ed- 
ward R.) B. A. 07. 
*Moll, John Edward, B. S. A. 12. 

Died Dec. 26, 1912. 
Moll, Normal L., Ag. G. 15. 527 S. 

12th, La Crosse, Wis. 
Monaghan, Barney Andrew, B. L. 
97. Vice-Pres. & Sales Mgr. Har- 
die-Tynes Mfg. Co. Birmingham, 
Mona'ghan~ John Joseph, B.^ S.^ 95. 
Sales Engr. The Filer & Stowell 
Co. Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Monahun, Nicholas Joseph, LL. B. 

96. Judge. Green Bay, Wis, 
Monona, Olivia (Hanke, Mrs. Oscar) 
formerly (Mrs . C. N, Johnson) 
maiden name ' (Goldenberger, Oli- 
via) B. A. 09. 
*Monroe, Charles Wesley, LL. B ~74. 
Died June 8, 1913. 
Monroe, Ellis, B. A. 15. 44 Prospect 

Drive, Yonkers, N. Y. 
Monroe, William Beehe, B. A, 84, 
Physician & Surgeon. White Blk., 
Monroe, Wis. a 
Monser, Edward Lomax, B. A. 17. 

Coal Operator. Wenona, 111. a 
Montgomery, Carroll Sinclair, Ph. B. 
72, LL. B. 73. Attorney. 624 
Omaha Natl. Bank Bldg., Omaha, 
Neb. a 
Montgomery, Charles C, B. A. 97, 
LL. B. 00. Attorney. Sierra 
Madre, Calif. 

Montgomery, Gray, B. L. 99. Dis- 
trict Mgr. La Salle Extension 
Univ. Central Savings Bank 
Bldp., Denver, Colo, a 
Montgomery, Harry G., B. A. 07. 
Vice Pres. Love-Haskell Insurance 
Co. 209 W. O. W. Bldg., Omaha, 
Neb. a 
Montgomery, Janette L. (Sannes, 

Mrs. C. H.) M. G. 02. 
Montgomery, John Arthur, Ph. D. 19. 

Slater, Mo. 
Montgomery, Robert Bresee, B. S. 
19. 2018 Jefferson, Madison, Wis. 
Moody, George S., B. L. 96. Farm- 
er. Burlingame, Kan. 
*Moody, Mrs. George S. (Huff, Mary 
Bashford) Ph. B. 98. Deceased. 
Moody, John Lawrence, B. A. (C. C.) 
18. U. S. Naval Training Station, 
Newport, Rhode Island. 
Moody, Ralph Edmund, B. S. 13. 
Engr. 627 Summit Ave., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. a 
Mooers, Mrs. Charles E. (Wilke, Eda 
M.) B. A. 09. 5034 Blackstone 
Ave,, Chicago, 111. 
Moon, Herbert Jacob, C. E. 16. 
Engr. 2716 Burleigh, Milwaukee, 
Moon, Mrs. Herbert J. (Pierce, Gladys 
Marie) B. A. 17. 2716 Burleigh, 
Milwaukee, Wis. 
Moon, Orrin Blakely, LL. B. 83. 
Proprietor. The Record. St. 
Maries, Idaho. 
Mooney, Alice Elizabeth (Grant, Mrs. 

James E.) B, A. 18, 
Mooney, Marian Louise, B. A. 17. 

Superior, Wis. 
Moore, Alexander Parks, M. A. 14. 
135 Franklin, Astoria, Long Is- 
land, N. Y. 
Moore, Alice Louise, B. A. 19. 480 

Van Buren, Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Moore, Anna Rosalie, B. A. 15. Li- 
brarian & Teacher. Cambridge, 
Wis. a 
Moore, Clara, (Harper, Mrs. Charles 

Moore, Edith (Bennett, Mrs. B. F.) 

B, A, 12, 
Moore, EUakim H., LL. D. 04. Prof. 

U. of Chicago. Chicago, 111. 
Moore, Ethel Edna (Bennett^ Mrs. 

Edna) B. A. 05. 
Moore, Mrs. E. Lansford (Whitaker, 

May B.) B. A. 12. 2138 W. 107th 

PI., Morgan Park, Chicago, HI. a 



*Moore, Frank, B. S. 77. Died May 

4, 1919. 

Moore, Genevieve Downs, B. S. 18. 

J diet, 111. 
.Moore, George Elkington, B. S. A. 

14. 38 Virginia Terrace, Madison, 

Moore, George McMurtrie, B. S. A. 

12. Farmer. Spirit Lake, la. a 
Moore, George Thomas, B. S. 18. 

Engr. 27 E valine, Oshkosh, Wis. a 
Moore, George William, B. S. A. 17. 

R. R. 9, Avalon, Wis. a 
Moore, Glenn Edward, B. S. A. 18. 

Albion, Ind. 
Moore, Hinman Easnvorth, B. A. 13. 

Salesman. 303 Third Ave., Joliet, 

111. a 
Moore, James Milton, B. S. 92. 
Moore, Lewis Eugene, B. S. 00, C. E. 

06. Engr. 270 Mill, Newtonville, 

Mass. a 
Moore, Lydia E. (Ward, Mrs. Louis 

M.) B. L. 99. 
Moore, Merton, B. S. A. 16. Teach- 
er. Shawano, Wis. 
Moore, Milton Donaldson, M. S. 17. 

Laurens, S. D. 
Moore, Percy Warren, B. S. 14. 

Media, Pa. 
*Moore, Roger Emmet, B. A. 15, M. 

5. 16. Died in service Oct. 2, 1918. 
Moore, Roger Sherman, B. S. 11. 

Engr. 610 Oakland Ave., Wauke- 
sha, Wis. a 

Moore, Sherman, B. S. 02, C. E. 07. 
Engr. U. S. Lake Survey. Old 
Custom House, Detroit, Mich. 

Moore, Sidney John, B. A. 13. 1220 
N. Chicago Ave., S. Milwaukee, 

Moore, William Washburn, B. L. 98. 
Clergyman. 141-25th, Milwaukee, 

Moorehouse, George W., B. L. 91, M. 
L. 93. Physician. 1110 Euclid 
Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Moorehouse, Louis Benjamin, B. ^. 
(M. E.) 04. Engr. 151 Cornell 
Drive, Toledo, O. 

Moorhouse, William Alfred, B. S. 15. 
Governor & Ridge Ave., Sagamore 
Park, BronxviUe, N. Y. a 

Moots, Elmer Earl, C. E. 12. Teach- 
er. Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, 

Moran, John, LL. B. 00. Attorney. 
115 W. Main, Madison, Wis. 

Moran, Michael David, B. S. 15. 
Physician. 312 W. Doty, Madi- 
son, Wis. 

More, Allison (Kieckhefer, Mrs. Al- 
fred J.) B. A. 09. 

Morehart, Malcolm Butler, B. A. 16. 
Mankato, Minn. 

Morey, Mrs. Neiiie Dexter, Ph. B. 10. 

Morgan, Alexander William, B. b. 
09, M. E. 17. Engr. 1735 Gay- 
lord, Denver, Colo. 

Morgan, Mrs. B. Q. (Rossberg-Leip- 
nitz, Johanna) B. A. 09, M. A. lU. 
Instr. U. W. 1522 Chandler, Madi- 
son, Wis. a 

Morgan, Carrie Emma, B. L. 86. 
Supt. of Schools. Appleton, Wis. a 

Morgan, Dewitt Schuyler, M. A. 16. 

Morgan, Everette KeUogg, B. S. 13. 
Supt. Rockford Drilling Machine 
Co., 520 Frost Ct., Rockford, 111. a 

Morgan, Ezra Leonidus, M. A. 12. 
Prof. Mass. Agric. Coll. Amherst, 

Morgan, Frank Clinton, LL. B. 06. 
Union Station, Chicago, 111. 

Morgan, Frank Theodore, B. A. 10. 
Rancher. Nyssa, Ore. 
*Morgan, George Edward, B. C. E. 
80, LL. B. 82. Died Oct. 16, 1896. 

Morgan, Mrs. Glenn L. (Martin, Ro- 
mona Theora) B. S. (H. Ec.) 17. 
R. R. 2, Chesterton, Ind. a 

Morgan, Henry Hotchkiss, LL. B. 
93. Attorney. 10 Langdon, Madi- 
son, Wis. 
-Morgan, Horace H., LL. D..84. De- 

Morgan, James Carlos, B. L. 01, LL. 
B. 03. Attorney. Wausaukee, 
Wis. a 

Morgan, John J., B. A. 06, LL. B. 
08. Attorney. 1st Natl. Bank 
Bldg., Appleton, Wis. a 

Morgan, Robert Edward, B. S. A. 17. 
193 Elm, Oshkosh, Wis. a 

Morgan, Sarah Blanche (Bell, Mrs. 
Walter T.) M. G. 08. 

Morgan, Mrs. Thomas (McGonegal, 
Kate) Ph. B. 74. 212 N. Carroll, 
Madison, Wis. a 

Morgan, Thomas Henry, B. A. 12. 
Representative. Wilson Bros., Chi- 
cago, 111. a 

Morgan, Walter Daniel, B. S. 05, 
Lumberman. Ladysmith, Wis. 

Morgan, Mrs. William Thomas (Sin- 
er, Chloe) M. A. 13. Columbia U., 
New York City. 



Morgans, John Thomas, B. A. 80. 

Ketired. Lancaster, Wis. 
Moriarty, Eugene Winfield, B. S. 08. 
Manager. 1239 Missouri Ave., 
Portland, Ore. a 
Moritz, Charles James, B. S. (C. E.) 
11. Engr. & Contractor. "West 
Allis, Wis. 
Moritz, Mrs. Charles James (Mac- 
Adam, Ada Ormsby) B. A. 11. 
West Allis, Wis. 
Moritz, Ernest A., B. S. 04, 0. E. 05. 
Engr. U. S. E. S., Denver, Colo, a 
Morley, Fannie Edna, B. S. 14. 
Instr. 626-8th Ave., Baraboo, Wis. 
Morley, Inez Elizabeth, B. A. 13. 
*Morley, Joseph, LL. B. 81. Died 
Oct. 14, 1909. 
Morley, Laura Hazel, B. A. 12. Bar- 
aboo, Wis. 
*Moroney, James, Ph. B. 73, C. E. 75. 
Moroney, Kathleen (Carr, Mrs. 

James Lawrence) B. A. 11. 
Moroney, William Joseph, B. L. 81. 
Attorney. Dallas, Texas, a 
*Morrassey, W. E., LL. B. 88. De- 
Morrell, Gladys Leone, B. A. 12. 
Teacher. 738 Michigan Ave., Es- 
canaba, Mich. 
*Morrill, Frank Lewis, LL. B. 76. 
Morrill, Jenny Hughes, M. A. 05. 
Morrill, Lawry Lincoln, LL. B. 89. 
Attorney. 900 ''F," Wash. D. C. 
Morris, Mrs. A. S. (Flett, Julia 
Louise) B. A. 10. 140 S. Harvey 
Ave., Oak Park, 111. a 
Morris, Caroline Ruth, B. A. 15. 
Instr. 703 Algoma, Oshkosh, Wis. a 
Morris, Charles Marcius, ■ B. A. 87, 
LL. B. 89. Attorney. 1st Wiscon- 
sin Trust Co., Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Morris, David Benjamin, B. S. A. 16. 

Grand Forks, N. Dak. a 
Morris, Edith Irene, B. A. 17. 703 

Algoma, Oshkosh, Wis. a 
Morris, Frank Sloan, B. A. 16. 1131- 

35th, Des Moines, la. a 
Morris, Hannah, B. A. 11, M. A. 16. 

Teacher. Dodgeville, Wis. a 
Morris, Harold H., B. A. 11, M. A. 
16, Ph. D. 17. Chemist. 507 W. 
9th, Wilmington, Del. a 
Morris, Harry Elwood, M. S. 17. 
Bozeman, Mont. 

Morris, Howard, B. A. 77, LL. B. 79. 
Attorney. 333 Summit Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 

Morris, Kathrsm (Wilkinson, Mrs. 

John Butler) B. A. 18. 
Morris, Leslie Roslyn, B. S. 14. Chi- 
cago Mill & Lumber Co., Conway 
Bldg., Chicago, 111. a 

Morris, Lulu (Thorp, Mrs. H. E.) B. 
S. 16. Demonstrator. 431 E. Polk, 
Chillicothe, Mo. 

Morris, Meade McKinley, B. A. 18. 
722 W. Johnson, Madison, Wis. a 

Morris, Paul Joseph, B. A. 10. 34 
W. 44th, New York City. 

Morris, Thomas, LL. B. 89. Attor- 
ney. 1443 Berlin, La Crosse, Wis. 
*Morris, Thomas S.; B. L. 00. Died 
March 4, 1919. 

Morris, Thomas William, B. A. 15. 
319 N. Broad, Guthrie, Okla, 

Morris, Victor, E. E. 14. Engr. 333 
Summit Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Morris, William E., B. S. A. 09. Asst. 
Co. Agent. 2089 Carter Ave., St. 
Paul, Minn, a 

Morrison, Bess L. (Schroeder, Mrs. 
P. E.) B. L. 03. 

Morrison, Edwin T., LL. B. 93. At- 
torney. 309-10 Barker Blk., Om- 
ha, Neb. 

Morrison, Elton Joseph, Jr., B. A. 
14, LL. B. 16. Attorney. Colum- 
bus, Wis. a 

Morrison, Ethel (McQueen, Mrs. 
Sherman) B. A. 08. 

Morrison, Mrs. Evelyn Foote (Foote, 
Evelyn Louise) B. A. 16. 904 Lan- 
sing Ave., Austin, Minn, a 

Morrison, Frank Barron, B. S. A. 11. 
Prof. U. W. Madison, Wis. a 

Morrison, Mrs. Frank B. (Bullard, 
Elsie E.) B. A. 10. 1937 Arling- 
ton PL, Madison, Wis. a 

Morrison, Howard, B. L. 89, LL. B. 

Morrison, Ralph Newton, B. A. 10. 
Teacher. 1620 E. 6th, Duluth, 
Minn, a 

Morrison, Mrs. Ralph N. (Martin, 
Mary Anne) B. A. 11. 1620 E. 
6th, Duluth, Minn. 

Morrison, Rowland Hill, B. S. 03. 
Instr. U. W. Madison, Wis. 

Morrissey, Agnes, B. S. 15. Teacher. 
431 N. Lake, Madison, Wis. a 

MoBrissey, Katherine (Dodge, Mrs.) 
B. A. 13. Elkhorn, Wis. 



Morrissey, Maurice, LL. B. 10. At- 
torney & Publisher. 819 Geneva, 
Delavan, Wis. a 

Morrissey, Myrtle N. (Mclver, Mrs. 
M. N.) B. L. 02. 

Morrissey, Nellie Ethel, B. S. 18. 
Bloomington, Wis. a 

Morrissey, Patrick William, B. S. 05. 
Designer. 1954 Prospect, Eacine, 

Morrissey, Raymond Peter, B. A. 18. 
431 N. Lake, Madison, Wis. 

Morrissey, Mrs. Walter L. (David, 
Jessie Lucille) B. A. 14. Glen 
Haven, Wis. a 

Morrow, Frank Elbert, B. C. E. 92. 
Draftsman. N. Milwaukee, Wis. 
*Morrow, George E., LL. B. 82, M. A. 
82. Died March 26, 1900. 

Morrow, Louise, B. A. 13. Asst. U. 
of Calif. San Francisco, Calif, a 

Morrow, William A., LL. B. 00. At- 
torney. 905 N. State, Chicago, 
111. a 
*Mors, George C, B. M. E. 92, M. E. 
00. Died Dec. 7, 1915. 

Mors, Mrs. George C. (Medbury, 
Eliza E.) B. L. 99. Merchant. 
Los Gates, Calif. 

Morse, Byrrd P., (Marshall, Mrs. N. 
S.) B. A. 07. 

Morse, Edwin French, B. A. 18. 
Sauk Center, Minn. 

Morse, Ernest Benedict, B. S. 18. 
460 College Ave., Appleton, Wis. a 

Morse, Henry Pratt, LL. B. 84. At- 
torney. New Insurance Bldg., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Morse, Jessie M. (Cronk, -Mrs. For- 
bes B.) B. A. 05. 

Morse, Nona T. (Pickering, Mrs. 
Ealph) B. A. 06. 

Morse, Warner Jackson, Ph. D. 12. 
Plant Pathologist. 51 N. Maine, 
Orono, Maine. 

Morsell, Mary Pendleton, B. A. 17. 
791 Summit Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Mortensen, Harry James, LL. B. 02. 
Attorney. New Lisbon, Wis. 

Mortensen, Thorina Olena (Graves, 
Mrs. Chauncey A.) B. A. 04. 
*Morter, Robert J., LL. B. 09. Died 
Feb. 21, 1917. 

Mortimer, George Byron, B. S. A. 34. 
Asst. Prof. U. W. Madison, Wis. 

Morton, Charles Delos, B. A. 17. 
Manufacturer. 5489 Cornell Ave., 
Chicago, 111. a 

Morton, George E., B. A. 91, LL. B. 

93. Attorney. 605 Security Bldg., 

Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Morton, Mrs. George E. (Brown, 

Mary C.) B. L. 93. 675 Maryland 

Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Morton, James Duncan, B. S. (E. E.) 

Mosel, Ella Margaret (Merrill, Mrs. 

Harry Meagher) B. A. 11. 
Moseley, Anna Burr, B. A. 85, M. A. 

86. 120 Langdon, Madison, Wis. 
Moseley, Flora Carolina, B. L. 90. 

Teacher. 120 Langdon, Madison, 

Moseley, Harry Leonard, B. A. 84, 

LL. B. 87. Merchant. 621 N. 

Henry, Madison, Wis. 
Moseley, Raymond Winthrop, B. S. 

A. 08, M. S. 09. 
Moseley, Wayne Thornton, B. L. 00, 

LL. B. 03. Attorney. Cando, N. 

D. a 

Moseley, Mrs. Wayne T. (Wells, 
Josephine A.) B. L. 03. Cando, 
N. D. 

Moser, Albert Leo B., B. S. 06. a 

Moser, Alma A. (Keinsch, Mrs. Paul 
S.) B. A. 00. 

Moser, Clara Pauline, B. A. 17. 136 
W. 6th, New York City, a 

Moser, Hildred Daisy (Hawkins, 
Mrs. Horatio B.) B. A. 08. 

Moses, Albert B., B. S. 94. Invest- 
ments. 911-8th Ave., Seattle, 

Moses, Edward Walter, B. A. 15. 
3637 Pennsylvania Ave., Kansas 
City, Mo. 

Moses, Herbert L., LL. B. 94. 

Moses, Milton, B. A. 18. Manufac- 
turer. Chicago Heights, 111. a 

Moses, Victor Clinton, B. A. 18. 
Maple Lane PL, Eau Claire, Wis. 

Mosher, George Warner, B. L. 00. 
Physician. 25 E. Washington, Chi- 
cago, 111. a 

Mosher, James Barnes, B. S. A. 17. 
Farmer. Prophetstown, 111. 

Moss, John Hiles, LL. B. 93. Vice- 
Pres. The Rockwell Mfg. Co. 3016 
Cedar, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Moss, Lester Maxwell, B. S. 09, E. 

E. 13. 39 N. Burnett, East Orange, 
N. J. a 

Moss, Marshall C, LL. B. 94. Pres. 
The Eockwell Mfg. Co. 572 Park, 
Milwaukee, Wis. 



Moss, Ruth E., B. A. 09. Teacher. 
620 Trowbridge Ave.j Milwaukee, 

Moss, Theda A. (Tyler, Mrs. Theda 
M.) B. A. 09. 

Mosse, Fred Richard, Ph. B. 74. Phy- 
sician. Rochester, Minn. 

Motoyama, Tokuzah, B. A. 14. 
Equehi, Higashiichiki-mura, Hio- 
kigun, Satsuma, Japan. , 

Mott, Anna Signa, B. A. 12. De- 
corah, la. 

Mott, Florence B. (Bradford, Mrs. 
Ernest S.) M. A. 02. 

Mott, Rodney L., M. A. 18. Teach- 
er. 507 S. 2nd, San Jos6, Calif. 

Mott, William Roy, B. S. 03, Ch. E. 

08. 1586 Cohasset, Lakewood, O. 
Moulton, Elton James, M. A. 10. 

Prof. Northwestern Univ. Evans- 
ton, 111. 

Moulton, Mrs. Frank S. (Hodges, 
Virginia Clay) B. S. 17. 1103 W. 
Dayton, Madison, Wis. a 

Moulton, Lewis Henry, Ph. B. 05. 
Instr. 4051 N. Ashland Ave., Chi- 
cago, 111. 
■Mount, Kathryn Elizabeth, B. A. 17. 
Died, 1919. 

Mountain, Arthur Harcourt, B. A. 15. 

Mowry, Dbn Ensminger, B. A. 06. 
Secy. Assn. of Commerce. Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Mowry, Duane, LL. B. 75. Attor- 
ney & Writer. 2442 Chestnut, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Mowry, Vivian, B. A. 10. Teacher. 
2442 Chestnut, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Mowry, Mrs. William Atwood (Mi- 
hills, Guinevieve) B. L. 03. French 
Lick, Ind. 

Moyer, Julia Anna, B. A. 19. Mon- 
roe, Wis. 

Moyer, William David, B. S. 12, M. 
E. 13. 346 Danforth, Portland, 
Me. a 

Mozing, Ardia Mary, B. A. 19. Wy- 
oming, 111. 
■'Muckleston, E. Milo, LL. B. 03. De- 

Muckleston, Ralph Waldo, B. S. 09. 
Waukesha, Wis. 

Mucks, Arlie Max, B. S. A. 17. Fann- 
er. R. F. D. 4, Mt. Vernon, S.D. a 

Muehl, WiUiam R., B. S. 09. Engr. 
1807 W. Bancroft, Toledo, O. 

Muehlstein, William Charles, B. S. 

09. Engr. Industrial Comm. Mad- 
ison, Wis. 

Mueller, Alfred Dominic, Ph. B. 18. 
Ph. M. 19. Supt. of Schools, 
Cashton, Wis. 

Mueller, Amy Fredericka, B. A. 16. 
21 E. Gorham, Madison, Wis. a 

Mueller, Arthur A., LL. B. 04. At- 
torney. 125-30th, Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 
*Mueller, Benjamin H., B. S. 11. 
Died in service July 27, 1918. 

Mueller, Bernard Christian, B. A. 16. 
2603 Le Claire, Davenport, la. a 

Mueller, Clara E., B. A. 19. 3123 
Highland Blvd., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Mueller, Corinne Charlotte, B. A. 13. 
Teacher. 800 Van Buren, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. a 

Mueller, Emmett John, B. S. 19. 627 
Frederick, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Mueller, Emy C. (Hagen, Mrs. N. I.) 
Ph. B. 08. 

Mueller, Erma (Danhof, Mrs. J. J., 
Jr.) B. A. 07. 

Mueller, Frederick George, Ph. B. 
17. Asst. U. W. 731 State, Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Mueller, Frederick Gerhardt, B. S. 
16. Est. Engr. 402 Y. M. C. A., 
Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Mueller, George J., B. A. 10, M. A. 
14. Middleton, Wis. a 

Mueller, Mrs. George J. (Alford, 
Hazel Viola) M. G. 08. Teacher. 
25 W. Dayton, Madison, Wis. 

MueUer, Gilbert F. C, B.. S. 17. 455 
Cramer, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Mueller, Hermann C. P., B. A. 10, M. 
A. 12. Instr. 2821 Clarke, Mil- 
■waukee. Wis. 

Mueller, Hugo, M. P. H. 16. Carter, 
Wis. a 

Mueller, Norbert Robert, B. S. 14, 
M. S. 16. Mueller & Schwartz. 
691-12th, Milwaukee,' Wis. 

Mueller, Olga S. (Eddy, Mrs. Alfred 
G.) B. S. 96. 

MueUer, Paul G., B. A. 07. Secy. 
Mueller & Young Grain Co. 932 
Postal Telegraph Bldg., Chicago, 

Mu3ller, Rudolph Herman, B. L. 90. 
Fruit Grower. Manzanola, Colo. 

Mueller, Walter Earl, Ag. G. 10. 
Mgr. Distributor of Farm Trac- 
tors. Pau Pau, W. Va. a 

Muench, Aloysius J., M. A. 19. Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 



Muenich, Max M., B. S. 01. Attor- 
ney. 3258 McGee, Kansas City, 
*Muir, John, LL. D. 97. Died Dec. 
24, 1914. 

Muir, Roy C, B. S. 05. Elec. Engr. 
135 Elmer Ave., Schenectady, N. 
Y. a 
*Mulany, John Valentine, B. A. 08. 
Died July 28, 1910. 

Mulberger, Arthur, B. A. 97. Water- 
town, Wis. 

Mulberger, Charles, LL. B. 94. Mer- 
chant & Miller. Watertown, Wis. 

Mulberry, Mrs. H. M. (Culver, Cath- 
arine) B. A. 18. Toronto, On- 
tario, Canada, a 
*Mulcahy, Max John, B. A. 07. De- 

Mulick, Marion G., B. A. 06. Teach- 
er. Watertown, Wis. a 

Mullen, Bernard Parker, B. S. 18. 
Sturgeon Bay, Wis. a 

Mullen, Leon T., LL. B. 06. 

MuUer, Therese Catherine, B. A. 12. 
Teacher. 398 Case, St. Paul, 
Minn, a 

MuUin, Thomas Bartlett, M. S. 18. 
Instr. U. W. Madison, Wis. 

MuUon, Barbara, B. A. 13. Teacher. 
Northport, Wash, a 

MuUon, Marjory, B. A. 13. Teacher. 
Northport, Wash, a 

Mullowney, Nora, B. A. 17. 555 

Cramer, Milwaukee, Wis. a 
*Mulverhill,. Mrs. Charles McDewitt 
(Davidson, Grace) B. A. 07. De- 

Mulvey, William Henry, Ph. B. 19. 
Bear Creek, Wis. 

Mumford, Eugene Bishop, B. S. 01. 
Surgeon. 1712 N. Pennsylvania, 
Indianapolis, Ind. 
*Munger, Edwin Thomas, B. E. E. 92. 

Died Nov., 1915. 
, Munro, Dana Gardner, B. A. 12. 
Kegional Economist. Adviser's 
office, Wash. D. C. a 

Munro, Jeannette, B. A. 15. 119 
Fitz Eandolph Kd., Princeton, N. 
J. a 

Munroe, Grace, M. G. 03. Teacher. 
904 Ash, Baraboo, Wis. 

Munroe, Louis P., B. S. 83. Manu- 
facturer. Eacine, Wis. 

Munroe, Maude Maxwell, B. A. 07. 
Teacher. 904 Ash, Baraboo, Wis. 
*Munroe, William, Ph. B. 73, C. E. 78. 
Died July 17, 1904. 

Munson, Barbara M. (Vergeront, 
Mrs. H. E.) B. A, 06. 

Munson, Hope Downs (Nuzum, Mrs. 
Clinton W.) B. A. 10. 

Munson, Katherine Oliver, B. A. 19. 
Viroqua, Wis. 

Munson, John P., B. S. 87, M. S. 92. 
Prof. Wash. State Normal. El- 
lensburg. Wash. 

Munson, Matthias R., B. A. 07. At- 
torney. Prairie du Chien, Wis. 

Munster, Ernest, B. A. 08. Organ- 
izer. 37 Wall, New York City. 

Murat, Leroy J. N., B. L. 97, LL. B. 
99. Attorney. 713 Division, Stev- 
ens Point, Wis. 

Murat, Walter Bernard, LL. B. 10. 
Attorney. Stevens Point, Wis. 

Murchison, Hettie (Isham, Mrs. Eob- 
ert M.) B. A. 08. 

Murdoch, Mrs. John (Stuart, Abby 
D.) B. S. 76. 16 High Eock Way, 
Alliston Station, Boston, Mass. a 

Murdock, Clayton Ross, B. S. A. 07. 
Farmer. Brodhead, Wis. 

Murdock, Harry Dale, B. S. 02. 
Physician. 1120 S. Broadway, 
Tulsa, Okla. a 

Murdock, Mrs. H. D. (Craigo, Cath- 
aleen M.) B. L. 03.^ 1120 So. 
Broadway, Tulsa, Okla. a 

Murdock, Louise Hamilton, M. A. 08. 
Badger Farm, Holden, Mass. 

Murley, Mrs. A. W. (Hocking, Kate 
L.) B. L. 02, M. L. 03. 127 Ar- 
lington Ave., Elmhurst, 111. a 

Murley, Eva lola, B. A. 10. Teacher. 
Platteville, Wis. 

Murley, Hal, B. S. 02. Bank Cash- 
ier. Platteville, Wis. 

Murphy, Herman- King, Ph. B. 18. 
1145 Sherman Ave., Madison, Wis. 

Murphy, Ambrose Edward, B. A. 16. 
Engr. Hotel Nelson, Eockford, 
111. a 

Murphy, Arthur Cyriak, B. S. A. 16. 
Marshfield, Wis. 

Murphy, Brjmhilde Josephine, B. A. 
19. 306 Breese Terrace, Madison, 

Murphy, Mrs. C. (Curtis, Mildred 
H.) B. A. 07. Aurora, Minn. 

Murphy, Clare Roy, B. A. 15. Supt. 
of Schools. Eeed City, Mich, a 

Murphy, Clarence Francis, B. A. 12. 
Attorney. Elkader, la. 

Murphy, Mrs. Clarence F. (Klein- 
pell, Louise Carolyn) B. A. 12. 
Elkader, la. a 



Murphy, Daniel Hayes, B. S. 00. 
Pres. American Wiremold Co. 83 
Woodbine, Hartford, Conn, a 

Murphy, Mrs. D. Hayes (Davis, Jes- 
sica E.) B. S. 00. 83 Woodbine, 
Hartford, Conn. 

Murphy, Edna Pierce, M. A. 13. 

Murphy, Eleanor Janet, B. A. 17, M. 

A. 19. Asst. U. W. Madison, Wis. a 
Murphy, Ella McCullough, M. A. 17. 

Shenandoah, la. 
Murphy, Francis Hayes, '^. S. 04. 

Engr. 766 E. 26th, Portland, Ore. 
*Murphy, George Michael, Ph. B. 13. 

Murphy, Harry Saunders, B. A. 16. a 
Murphy, Henry E., B. A. 02, Con- 
tractor. 826 S. 8th, Manitowoc, 

*Murphy, Henry Richard, B. A. 15. 

Died April 5, 1918. 
Murphy, James Henry, B. S. A. 14. 

Manager. Tilden Farms, Delavan, 

Murphy, James Roach, LL. B. 10. 

103 X. Bridge, Chippewa Falls, 

Murphy, John A., LL. B. 88. Attor- 
ney. 1605 Belknap, Superior, Wis. 
-Murphy, John Vincent, B. L. 03. 

Murphy, John William, Jr., LL. B. 

17. Platte ville, Wis. 
Murphy, Julia Ellen, B. L. 93. 

Teacher. 215 Murray, Madison, 

*Murphy, Lawrence B., B. L. 88, LL. 

B. 93. Died Feb. 6, 1910. 
Murphy, Loma, B. A. 18. Waukon, 

la. a 
Murphy, Margaret Frances, B. A. 12. 

Teacher. 503-lOth Ave., Clinton, 

Murphy, Mary Ellen, Ph. B. 11. 

100 7-5 th Ave., Hibbing, Minn, a 
Murphy, Merritt N., B. S. (E. E.) 01. 

Engr. 51 Campan Bldg., Detroit, 

Mich, a 
Murphy, Nellie C. (Vinson, Mrs. A. 

W.) B. A. 09. 
Murphy, Pauline, (Kincaid, Mrs. 

James L.) B. A. 10. 
Murphy, Peter James, LL. B. 11. At- 

tornev. Chippewa Falls, Wis. 
Murphy, Ray V., M. S. 16. Instr. 

410 S. Denver, Bloomington, 111. 
Murphy, Robert Marshall, M. S. 11. 

Specialist. TJ. of Tenn., Knoxville, 


Murphy, IVIrs. R. R. (Anderson, 

Esther) B. A. 07. 814 Jenifer, Mad- 
ison, ¥/is. 
Murphy, Samuel Alfred, B. S. (Med.) 

18. 2133 Fox Ave., Madison, Wis 
Murphy, Mrs. Timothy (Hayes, Gen 

evieve M.) B. L. 02. New Her 

mitage Hotel, Nashville, Tenn. 
-Murphy, Walter Henry, B. A. 14 

Died in service Oct. 18, 1918. 
Murray, AUan Kenneth, B. S. A. 13 

Chemist. So. Kaukauna, Wis. 
Murray, Cecelia Elizabeth (Gillette 

Mrs. Lester B. S. 15. 
Murray, Frances Josephine, B. A. 12 

Novice, St. Clara Academy, Sin 

sinawa. Wis. 
Murray, Mrs. George M. (Dawkins 

Corrie Belle) B. A. 06. 600 Pied 

mont Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 
Murray, Helen Frances, B. S. 14 

Teacher. 208 Park Ave., Rens 

selaer, Ind. 
Murray, Hugh Earl, B. S. (M. E.) 10 
Murray, James, LL. B. 03. Attor 

ney. Waupun, Wis. 
. Murray, Julia Aloysius (Zimmerman 

Mrs. W. S.) B. A. 09, M. A.- 11 
Murray, Katherine Margaret, B. A 

17. Esther ville, la. 
Murray, Mary I. (McCurrach, Mrs 

James) B. L. 93. 
Murray, Mildred M. (Clarkson, Mrs 

C. H.) B. A. 11. 
Murray, Reid Fred, B. S. A. 16 

Asst. Supervisor, U. W. Madison 

^Murray, WiUiam, LL. B. 69. De 

Murrish, Harry J., B. L. 99, LL. B 

02. Attorney. Lovelock, Ne 

vada. a 
Murrish, Maud G. (Black, Mrs. O 

H.) B. L. 99. 
Murrish, William XJ., E. E. 11. Man 

ager San Francisco Power Co. 

Tracy, Calif. 
Musbach, Frederick L., B. S. A. 09 

Asst. Prof. Marshfield, Wis. a 
Musil, Louis F., B. S. 04. Treasurer, 

Emerson Hill, Staten Island, N, 

Y. a 
Muskat, Irving Isidor, B. S. 18. 878- 

2nd, Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Mussehl, Frank Edward, Ag. G. 13, 

B. S. 15. Prof. U. of Nebraska. 

Lincoln, Neb. a 
Mussehl, Otto F., Ph. B. 10. 
Musser, John Albert, B. A. 92. 

Clergyman. Sioux Falls, S. D. 



Musser, Marc James, B. S. 04. Divi- 
sion Mgr. Beardstown, 111. 

Mustain, Leland Griffin, Ph. B. 09. 
Supt. of Schools. Kenville, Minn, a 

Mutch, James William, B. S. 01. 
Engr. 4517 Walnut, Spokane, 

Mutch, William James, B. A. 82, B. 
L. 82, M. A. 91. Prof. Ripon Coll., 
Eipon, Wis. a 

Mutchler, Kate (Nordeng, Mrs. 
Stephen) B. A. 04. 

Mutchler, Vera V. (Gutschke, Mrs. 
P. Karl) B. S. 11. 

Muttkowski, Richard Anthony, B. A. 
13, Ph. D. 16. 914 N. Pierce, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Muzzy, Jennie (Covert, Mrs. George) 
Ph. B. 72, B. A. 74. 

Myers, Mrs. Adelhert Boy (Basker- 
ville, Stella E.), B. A. 14. a 

Myers, Harold Bruce, B. A. 08. Prof. 
U. of Ore. Portland, Ore. a 

Myers, Lewis Wescott, B. L. 93, LL. 
B. 95. Judge. 5327 Lemon Grove 
Ave., Los Angeles, Calif, a 

Myers, Louise, (Arthur, Mrs. E. E.) 
B. A. 08. 

Myers, Percy Harold, B. A. 08. 2544 
McDaniel Ave., Evanston, 111. a 

Mygrant, Ethel Marie, B. A. 17. 
Asst. U. of Minn. Minneapolis, 
Minn, a 

Myhre, Neena Rebecca (Woolrich, 
Mrs. W. R.) B. A. 14. 

Mylrea, Susan (Holden, Mrs. Edwin 
K.) B. L. 83. 

Myrland, Arthur Lucius, B. A. 14. 
1918 Kendall Ave., Madison, Wis. a 

Myrland, August John, B. L. 90. 
Secy. 1918 Kendall Ave., Madi- 
son, Wis. a 

Mjnrland, Ruth Henrietta, B. A. 16. 
1918 Kendall Ave., Madison, Wis. 

Naar, Edward Richard, B. A. 16. 
Asst. Cashier. Natl. City Bk. 55 
Wall, New York City, a 

Naber, Delia, B. A. 13. Mayville, 

Nachtigall, Elfrieda Adelaide, S. ^M. 
G. 16. Collegiate Assn. Cleve- 
land, O. Home, 1828 Lewis, Mar- 
inette, Wis. a 

Nadeau, Oscar Eugene, B. S. (Med.) 
11. Physician & Surgeon. 642 
Fullerton, Ky. a 

Nadler, John Frederick, B. A. 07. 
Asst. Cashier. Hazel Green State 
Bk. Hazel Green, Wis. 

Naffz, Carl Francis, B. A. 10. 711- 
1st, Merrill, Wis. 

Naffz, Edwin, Ph. G. 85, B. S. 89. 
Physician. 2904 Archer Ave., Chi- 
cago, 111. a 

Naffz, Eugenie (Bruning, Mrs. 
Charles) B. S. 90. 

Naffz, Gustav, Ph. G. 89. Druggist. 
Sauk City, Wis. 

Nagle, Edna Maria, B. A. 16. Stu- 
dent. Natl. Social Service School. 
Wash. D. C. a 
*Nagle, Eliza, Ph. B. 74. Died April 
12, 1915. 

Nagle, Jane D. (Henderson, Mrs. 
James N.) Ph. B. 69. 

Nagler, Genevieve Catherine, B. S. 
(H. Ec.) 17. Polk County Home 
Demonstration Agent. Osceola, 
Wis. a 

Naidl, George Matthew, Ph. B. 17. 
Whitelaw, Wis. a 

Nakayama, Goro, M, A. 05. Mgr. 
Sumitono Bk. Honolulu, T. H. 

Nalty, Josephine Agnes, B. A. 04. 
Orchestra Director. 4128 West- 
Minster PL, St. Louis, Mo. 

Nance, Allen Ellsworth, B. S. (C. 
E.) 15. N. Park Ave., Warren, 
Ohio, a 

Nance, Archibald W., B. S. (C. E.) 
10. Consulting & Constructing 
Engr. 1217 Empire Bldg., Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. a 

Nanscawen, Mrs. Frank R. (Charle- 
ton, Fannie) B. L. 98. 915-41st, 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Napiecinski, Peter Anton, LL. B. 20. 
Two Rivers, Wis. 

Napier, John McG., M. S. 09. Asst. 
Prof. Clemson Agri. Coll. Blen- 
heim, S. C. 

Nash, Mrs. A. L. (Pritchard, Mary 
P.) B. L. 03. 819 N. 14th, Mani- 
towoc, Wis. 

Nash, Carolyn Loraine, B. A. 10. 
Teacher. Ripon, Wis. 

Nash, Charles M., B. A. 10. Grand 
Rapids, Wis. 

Nash, Francis R., Ph. B. 07. Super- 
vising Principal. St. Croix Falls, 

Nash, Frank Lester, Ph. G. 95. 

Nash, Guy, B. S. 97. Captain. U. S. 
A. 10th & Oak, Grand Rapids, 
Wis. a 

Nash, James Bertram, B. S. 01. Pa- 
per Mfg. Grand Rapids, Wia, 



Nash, John William, B. A. 18. Jun- 
eau, Wis. a 

Nash, Leo, B. A. 13. Public Ac- 
counting. 450 Eiverside Dr., Ne-w 
York City. 

Nash, Lucius Byron, B. S. (E. E.) 
18. Lieut. U. S. N. 1015 S. Bars- 
tow, Eau Claire, Wis. 

Nash, Nellie I. (Scott, Mrs. William 

A.) B. L. 97. 
*Nathan, Edward Columbus, B. S. A. 
15. Deceased. 

Nathan, Walter Solomon, B. S. (C. 
E.) 18. Engr. Cutler-Hammer 
Mfg. Co. 602 Frederick Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 3. 

Natwick, Frank James, B. S. (E. 
E.) 09. Lyon Pk., Grand Eapids, 
Wis. a 

Natwick, Oscar O., LL. B. 07. At- 
torney. Wheatland, Wyo. 

Natwick, Mrs. Oscar O. (Epstein, 
Dorothy Louise) B. A. 09. Wheat- 
land, Wyo. a 

Nause, Fred August, B. S. (Med.) 15. 
Student. Sheboygan, Wis. 

Nave, Cyril Winton, B. A. (C. C.) 
18. Attica, Ind. a 

Naylor, Vera Emma, B. A. 18. 
Teacher. Tomah, Wis. 

Naylor, William Byron, Jr., LL. B. 
94. Attorney. Tomah, Wis. 

Neal, Mrs. Charles Beebe (Bodman, 
Charlotte Maconda) B. A. 16. 
49th & California, Omaha, Neb. a 

Nebel, Catherine Elizabeth, B. A. 16. 
687 Walker, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Nebel, Harold, B. A. 19. Milwaukee, 

Nebel, Walter, B. S. 09, M. S. 11, 
Ph. D. 17. Chemical Director. 
Gen. Mfg. Co., 2503 Pierce, Sioux 
City, la. 

Neckerman, Reuben J., B. A. 05. In- 
surance. 317 Norris Ct., Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Neckerman, Mrs. R. J. (Norsman, 
Cora), B. A. 05, M. G. 07. 317 
Norris Ct., Madison, Wis. 

NeCoUins, John Elmer, B. L. 92. 
Music Dept., American Book Co. 
100 Washington Sq., New York 

Nee, Mrs. Frank (King, Elizabeth) 
B. L. 97. Spring Green, Wis. 

Nee, Patrick J., B. S. (E. E.) 14. 
Captain. U. S. A. 4119 Arthing- 
ton, Chicago, 111. a 

Nee, Thomas G., B. S. (E. E.) 99. 

Vice-Pres. Allied Machinery Co. 

51 Chambers, New York City, a 
Needham, Maurice Hubert, B. A. 10. 

Advertising Mgr. The Thomas B. 

Jeffery Co. Kenosha, Wis. 
Needles, Henry Mace, LL. B. 76. 

Attorney. 261 E. "B," Belle- 
ville, 111. 
Neef, Mrs. Edward H. (Fordyce, 

Kathryn M.) B. A. 11. Phillips, 

Neef, John Henry, B. S. (C. E.) 04. 

Commissioner of Public Works. 

Hoquiam, Wash. 
Neef, Mrs. John H. (Bradley, Grace 
. M.) B. L. 03. 211 Garfield, Ho- 
quiam, Wash. 
Negley, Eleanor Bradford (Ferguson, 

Mrs. Eobert S.) B. A. 15. 
Negley, Noel Ardis, M. S. 18. Dairy 

Extension. 318 Federal Bldg., Salt 

Lake City, Utah, 
Negley, William Henry, B. S. (Ch. 

E.) 19. Dayton, Ohio. 
Negley, Mrs. William H. (Kanouse, 

Mary) B. A. 14. 1012 Jenifer, 

Madison. Wis. 
Nehls, Arthur Louis, M. A. 05. Gen. 

Mgr. American Licorice Co. W. 

Jackson Blvd., Chicago, 111. 
Nehrlich, Clara Amelia, B. S. (Ch. 

C.) 19. Sheboygan, Wis. 
*Neilson, Allan S., B. L. 01. Died 

Nov. 11, 1912. 
Neilson, George Whittier, B. A. 05. 

Physician & Surgeon. 114 Gar- 
field Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Neitzel, Anna Louise, B. A. 12. 

Teachr. 700 Cady, Watertown, 

Nelson, Agnes E. (Lamb, Mrs. 

George Newton) ^. A. 17. 
Nelson, Albert Marinus, M. A. 16. 

Supt. of Schools. Hartington, 

Neb. a 
Nelson, Alice Jane, B. A. 11 Asst. 

Teacher. 330 South, Oconomowoc, 

Wis. a 
Nelson, Annette, B. L. 98. Teacher. 

410 W. Wilson, Madison, Wis. 
Nelson, Benjamin Louis, B. A. (C. 

C.) 14. Instr. 33 N. Orchard, 

Madison, Wis. a 
Nelson, Mrs. Bert (Ranum, Blanche 

H.) B. S. 02. 1132 Rose, La 

Crosse, Wis. 



Nelson, Byron Christoplier, B. A. 17. 
Student. 410 Clemens Ave., Mad- 
ison, Wis. 

Nelson, Mrs. Byron (Pleuss, Anita 
Valentine) B. A. 16. 410 Clem- 
ens Ave., Madison, Wis. a 

Nelson, Carl Emil, B. L. 01. County 
Clerk. Racine, Wis. 

Nelson, Carl Ferdinand, B. A. 08, 
M. A. 10, Ph. D. 12. Prof. U. of 
Kan. Lawrence, Kan. 

Nelson, Carrie (Houlton, Mrs. Amos) 
Ph. B. 67. 

Nelson, Casper Irving, B. A. 12. 
Prof. N. D. Agrie. CoU. Agric. 
Coll., N. D. 

Nelson, Charles Edward, B. A 06. 
Deputy Clerk Circuit Court. Su- 
perior, Wis 

Nelson, Charles Lawrence, B. A. 07. 
Sturgeon, Wis. 

Nelson, Clarence Lotario, B. S. (C. 
E.) 00. Topographic Engr. U. S. 
G. S. Wash. D. C. 

Nelson, Edith (Donovan, Mrs. Jos- 
eph P.) B. A. 99. 

Nelson, Elmer Martin, B. S. A. 18, 
M. S. 19. Grand Eapids, Wis. 

Nelson, Ernest Benjamin, B. S. (C. 
E.) 13. Asst. Engr. Andes Cop- 
per Mining Co. Casillo 230, Anto- 
fagasta, Chile, S. A. a 

Nelson, Feme Desire, (Lovett, Mrs. 
Charles E.) B. A. 11. 

Nelson, Florence E. (Lilly, Mrs. 
Louis) B. L. 03. 
*Nelson, Frederick William, B. S. 
(M. E.) 97. Died Oct. 15, 1902. 

Nelson, George Bliss, B. L. 98. At- 
torney. 903 Clark, Stevens Point, 

Nelson, Hannah A. (Todd, Mrs. An- 
drew C.) B. S. 86. 

Nelson, Mrs. Henry B. (Buchner, 
Gladys Rhodes) B. S. (H. Ec.) 17. 
3516 State, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Nelson, Herbert Edward, B. S. A. 14. 

Nelson, Hubert Everet, B. S. (Ch. 
E.) 16. Chief Chemist & Chem. 
Engr. 1726 Exchange, Keokuk, la. 

Nelson, Ingrid Chase, B. A. 18. 
Asst. Editor. 85 S. Adelaide Ave., 
New Brunswick, N. J. a 

Nelson, Jessie I. (Swenson, Mrs. 
Sam T.) B. L. 98. 
*Nelson, John Bastlan, B. A. (C. J.) 
14. Killed in action Oct. 8, 1918. 

Nelson, John Mandt, B. L. 92, LL. 
B. 96. Congressman. 126 S. Han- 
cock, Madison, Wis. a 

*Nelson, JuUus, B. S. 81, M. S. 84. 

Nelson, Mrs. Julius (Chase, Nellie 
C.) B. L. 82, M. L. 84. 85 Ade- 
laide Ave., Highland Pk., New 
Brunswick, N. J. 

Nelson, Leonard, B. A. 13. 

Nelson, Leslie Vernon, B. S. (E. E.) 
17. Electrical Engr. 804 E. 3d, 
Duluth, Minn. 

Nelson, Louis, B. S. A. 09. Weston, 
Mich, a 

Nelson, Louis Fred, B. S. (C. E.) 
16. Designing Engr. Room 721 
Y. M, C. A., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Nelson, Louis Martinus, LL. B. 03. 
Attorney. 1209 Merryman, Mar- 
inette, Wis. 

Nelson, Lutie Marie, B. A. 18. Phy- 
sical Director. Morgan Pk., Du- 
luth, Minn. 

Nelson, Martin, B. S. A. 05, M. S. 
06. Dean. Ark. Agric. Coll. 603 
Highland Ave., Fayetteville, Ark. 

Nelson, Martin Vincent, B. S. A. 12. 
Traveling Salesman. Madison, 

Nelson, Mary A., B. S. 80. Teacher. 
R. F. D. 1, Bellingham, Wash, a 

Nelson, Mary L., B. A. 04. Asst. 
Profits Dept. West Coast Grocery. 
1403 Kane, La Crosse, Wis. a 

Nelson, Mary Lois, B. S. 76. Phy- 
sician. 1535 Grove, Berkeley, 

Nelson, Milton Orelup, B. L. 84. 
Hope Gardens, Route 8, Portland, 
Ore. a 

Nelson, Nels Theodore, B. S. A. 19. 
Deerfield, Wis. 

Nelson, Nelson B., B. L. 01. Adv. 
Mgr. Eau Claire Press Co. Eau 
Claire, Wis. 

Nelson, Norman Oscar, B. S. 00. 
Physician. 920 Spaight, Madison, 

Nelson, Olga T. (Berg, Mrs. Joseph 
N.) B. A. 09. 

Nelson, Oliver Otto, B. A. 07. Phy- 
sician. Arcadia, Wis. 

Nelson, Oran Milton, B. S. A. 13. 
Assoc. Prof. Oregon Agric. Coll. 
Corvallis, Ore. 

Nelson, Oscar Herman, B. S. (C. E.) 

Nelson, Mrs. O. H. (Woolhiser, Theo. 
Mary) Ph. G. 09. 

Nelson, Raymond Francis, B. S. A. 
13. Corliss, Wis. 



Nelson, Mrs. Raymond Francis (Un- 
derwood, Alice B.) B. A. 11. 
Westwood Farm, Farmington, 

Nelson, Robert N., LL. B. 01. At- 
torney. R. F. D. 2, Madison, Wis. 

Nelson, Samuel Maximilian, M. S. 

16. Engr. High Bridge, Hunter- 
don Co., N. J. 

Nelson, Mrs. Samuel Maximilian 

(Hickok, Irene Cole) M. A. 16. 

High Bridge, Hunterdon Co., N. J. 
Nelson, Sarah E. (North, Mrs. D. 

W.) B. S. 86. 
Nelson, Theodora, B. A. 17. 938 j 

Woodrow, Madison, Wis. 
Nelson, Thomas P., B. L. 94, LL. B, 

96. Madison, Wis. 
Nelson, Thurlow Christian, Ph. D. 

17. Teacher & Research Worker, 
Rutgers Coll. New Brunswick, N. 

Nelson, Tilda Eliza, B. A. 05. Mis- 
sionary. Gunther, India. 

Nelson, Mrs. Van Andrew B. (Gor- 
don, Nellie E.) B. A. 08. 519 S. 
Main, Waupaca, Wis. 

Nelson, Vemus Edwin, B. A. (C. C.) 
15. Merchant. Argyle, Wis. a 

Nelson, Mrs. V. E. (Johnson, Kath- 
erine Diantha) B. A. 12. a 

Nelson, Victor Emanuel, B. S. (Ch. 
C.) 12, M. S. 14. a 

Nelson, Mrs. W. E. (Barr, Florence 
Edith) B. A. 09. 478 Pomeroy, 
Kenosha, Wis. 

Nelson, Wilford Merriam, B. S. 
(Med.) 17. Physician. Mass. 
Gen. Hosp. Boston, Mass. a 

Neprud, Carl Alwin, B. A. 12. Coon 
Valley, Wis. a 

Neprud, Esther, B. A. 19. Westby, 

Neprud, Marion Catharine, B. A. 18. 
Advance Agent. Community 
Chautauqua of N. Y. Coon Val- 
ley, Wis. 

Neprud, Martha, B. A. 07. Teacher. 
551-69th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Neprud, Maud Eunice, B. A. 14. 
State Bd. Control, Madison, Wis. a 

Neprud, Nora (Grossman, Mrs. Nora 
Neprud) B. A. 08. 

Neprud, Selmer, B. A. 12. Supt. of 
Asylum. Viroqua, Wis. a 

Nerwin, Mrs. E. L. (Reek, Alice 
Kaye) B. A. 13. Walworth, Wis. 

16— A. D. 

Neseth, Ole Sever, M. S. 15. Stu- 
dent. Skyberg, Minn. 
Nestos, Ragnvald A., Ph. B. 02. 

Lawyer. Minot, N. D. a 
Nethercut, Donald Warren, B. S. 

(E. E.) 17. Engr. 185 Sturgis 

Ave., Mansfield, O. a 
Nethercut, Edgar S., B. C. E. 89. 

Secy. Western Society of Engr. 

1735 Monadnock Blk., Chicago, 

111. a 
Nethercut, William Richard, LL. B. 

83. Legal Dept., N. W. Mut. Life 

Ins. Co. 110 Warren Ave., Wau- 

watosa, Wis. a 
Nettleman, Mrs. A. N. (Vaughn, 

Marjorie Olive) B. A. 13. 200 

Prince, Bordentown, N. J. 
Netzel, Arthur Frank, Ph. G. 10. 

Pharmacist. Crandon, Wis. 
Neubert, Armin Karl, Jr., B. S. (E. 

E.) 16. Rancher. ''R, W.'' Ranch, 

Stanford, Mont. 
Neuenschwander, Edward John, LL. 

B. 18. Athens, Wis. 
Neuhaus, Alma Josephine, Ph. B. 04. 

Burlington, AVis. 
Neumann, Arthur Henry, B. S. A. 

16. Berlin, Wis. a 
Neumann, Edmund C, Ph. G. 01. 

Physician & Druggist. Berlin, 

Neumann, John X., B. S. (Ch. C.) 

10. Lieut. U. S. A. 615 Lake, 

Madison, Wis. 
Neumann, Mrs. John X. (Anderson, 

Margaret) B. A. 13. 633 Hudson, 

Eau Claire, Wis. 
Neumann, Lawrence Louis, B. A. 

(C. C.) 15. 517-2d N., New Ulm, 

Minn, a 
Neupert, Emil Herman, B. A. (C. 

C.) 15. Lake Mills, Wis. a 
Nevens, William Barbour, B. S. A. 

14. Asst. Prof. U. of Neb. Lin- 
coln, Neb. 
Nevens, Mrs. W. B. (Langwill, 

Martha Corbett) Ph. B. 13. 810 

Michigan Ave., Urbana, 111. 
Neville, Clara Brooks, B. A. 09. 

1256 S. Sycamore, Chico, Calif, a 
*Neville, Warren J., LL. B. 02. Died 

Oct. 15, 1918. 
Nevin, William Ambrose, B. A. (C. 

C.) 18. 914 Villa, Racine, Wis. 
Nevius, John Wilson, B. S. 02. Phy- 
sician & Surgeon. 718 Brockman 

Bldg., Los Angeles, Calif. 



Newbury, Robert Charles, B. S. (E. 
E.) 12. Engr. Denver Gas & 
Elec. Lt. Co. Denver, Colo. 

Newcomb, Henry L. B. S. A. 12 
Asst. Agric. Extension Agent. 
Pepin, Wis. 

Newcomb, Paul R., LL. B. 07. Law- 
yer. 452 Edgewood Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Newcomer, Harry Sidney, B. A. 09, 
M. A. 10. 

Newell, Arthur Tempest, B. S. (Min. 
E.) 15. Mining Engr. Morris 
Fertilizer Co. Peachtree Ed., At- 
lanta, Ga. a 

Newell, Elizabeth Colquitt (Koepp, 
Mrs. Wm. P.) M. A. 13. 

Newell, Elizabeth Marguerite, B. A. 
13. 1714 Montrose Ave., Chica- 
go, III. 

Newell, Jane Isabel, M. A. 08, Ph. 
D. 19. Assoc. Prof. Welleslej Coll. 
Wellesley, Mass. 

Newhouse, William Oscar, B. L. 94. 
Investment Banker. 927 S. Sec- 
ond Ave., Minneapolis, Minn, a 

Newman, Celia E. (Graw, Mrs. Al- 
fred) B. A. 07. 

Newman, Elsie Elizabeth Laura, B. 
A. 14. Teacher. 212 N. Broom, 
Madison, Wis. 

Newman, Esther Marion (Johns, Mrs. 
Joshua L.) B. L. 02. 
*Newman, Frederick J., B. S. (E. E.) 
98. Died March 1914. 

Newman, Gideon E., LL. B. 87. 
Orange Groves, Ashland PI. Mo- 
bile, Ala. 

Newman, Mrs. H. W. (Ringling, 
Mattie Salome) S. M. G. 11. 234r- 
8th Ave., Baraboo, Wis. 

Newman, Harry George, LL. B. 16. 
Gen. Secy. Assoc. Charities. 1633 
Oak, Jacksonville, Fla. 

Newman, Mrs. Harry Or. (Brookins, 
Florence Evelyn) B. S. (H. Ec.) 
16. 1633 Oak, Jacksonville, Fla. 

Newman, Herbert Joseph, B. S. (E. 
E.) 10. Eeal Estate. 702 Wells 
Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Newman, Irene Mary, B. A. 17. 212 
N. Broom, Madison, Wis. a 

Newman, John Logan, B. A. 17. 
LL. B. 20. 267-23rd, Milwaukee, 

Newman, Julius J., Ph. B. 00. Farm- 
er. Rosthern, Sask., Can. 

Newman, J. Robert, B. S. (Med.) 
10. Chief Resident Physician. St. 
Luke's Hosp. Chicago, 111. a 

.Newman, Katherine (Gray, Mrs. 
George H.) B. A. 15. 

Newman, Mark Humphrey, B. A. 01. 
Geologist. 1103 Luttrell, Knox- 
ville, Tenn. a 

Newman, Rose Katherine, B. A. 19. 
1416 Indiania Ave., Chicago, 111. a 

Newman, Ross Bjrron, B. A. 06. 
Principal. Watertown, S. D. 

Newport, Clara Price, Ph. D. 08. 
Asst. Prof. Swarthmore Coll. 
Swarthmore, Pa. 

Newson, Mrs. H, B. (Winston, Mary 
F.) B. A. 89. Asst. Prof. Wash- 
burn Coll. Topeka, Kan. a 

Newton, Daniel T., Ph. B. 72, LL. 
B. 73. Retired Farmer. Bridge- 
water, S. D. a 

Newton, George Cheney, B. S. (M. 
E.) 07. Consulting & Contracting 
Engr. 185 Mason, Milwaukee, 

Newton, Jay Earl, B. S. (E. E.) 19. 

Ft. Atkinson, Wis. 
Newton, Louis Christie, B. S. (M. 

E.) 17. 1820 John Ave., Superior, 

Wis. a 
Newton, Mrs. Lulu S. (Shaw, Lulu 

P.) B. A. 08. 304 Grant Ave. N., 

Madison, S. D. 
Neystrom, Paul Henry, Ph. B. 09, 

Ph. M. 10, Ph. D. 14. 
Nicely, Ruth Sarah, B. A. 17. 1322 

S. Main, South Bend, Ind. 
Nicholas, Walter Alvin, Ph. B. 03. 

Wholesale Fruit Dealer. 405 S. Mis- 
souri Ave., Roswell, New Mexico, a 
Nichols, Augusta M. (MacNichol, 

Mrs. Orwin S.) B. L. 96. 
Nichols, Charles Edward, B. L. 87, 

LL. B. 89. Attorney. Marinette, 

*Nichols, Mrs. Charles E. (Saveland, 

Pauline) B. L. 89. Died Apr. 20, 

Nichols, CUo Johnston, B. A. 17. 

Gallipolis, Ohio. 
Nichols, Mrs. Floyd B. (Beaubien, 

Edith Nell) M. S. 17. Journalist. 

Agricultural Hall, Madison, Wis. 
Nichols, Mrs. Francis W., Jr. (Dix- 
on, Grace Shirley) M. G. 01, B. L. 

03. 20 Tremont, New Bedford, 

*Nichols, Mrs. Galen (Sands, Mary 

Alice) B. A. 06. Died May 30, 

Nichols, Josephine (Warmingham, 

Mrs. O. W.) B. A. 14. 



Nichols, Lelah Vanera, B. A. 16. 

Mauston, Wis. 
Nichols, Mrs. Loran (Sias, Nellie 

B.) B. L. 01. Courtney, N. D. 
*Nichols, Mrs. Marshall 0. (Rusk, 

Hettie M.) Ph. B. 65. Died Oct. 

14, 1914. 
Nichols, Maurice Barstow, Ph. B. 03. 

Instr, 1572 Vista, Oakland, Calif. 
Nichols, Mrs. Maurice Barstow (An- 

gell, Nellie Nadine) B. A. 07. 

1572 Vista, Oakland, Calif. 
Nichols, Merle Starr, B. S. (Ch. C.) 

16, M. S. 18. Chemist and Asst. 

Bact. Madison, Wis. a 
Nichols, Mrs. M. Starr (Hawley, 

Bessie Versallee) B. A. 15. 1532 

Jefferson, Madison, Wis. a 
Nichols, Roy Theodore, Ph. B. 04. 

Head of Science Dept. H. S. 530 

Merritt Ave., Oakland, Calif, a 
Nichols, Susan Percival, Ph. D. 04. 

Assoc. Prof. Oberlin Coll. 37 N. 

Cedar, Oberlin, O. 
Nichols, William Crane, B. A. 04. 

Physician. 1314-3rd Ave. S., Far- 
go, N. D. 
Nicholson, Charles Henry, B. S. (Ch. 

E.) 16. 832-lst Wis. Nat'l. Bk. 

Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Nicholson, John Frederick, B. S. 00, 

M. S. 02. Marketing Specialist. 

Fayetteville, Ark. a 
Nicholson, Mrs. John H. (Thorp, 

Helen G.) B. A. 92. 1515 Shady 

Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. a 
Nickel, Edwin John, Ag. G. 14. 
Nickel, Walter Frederick, B. S. (C. 

E.) 13, Mining Engr. Anaconda 

Copper Mining Co. 26 N. Clark, 

Butte, Mont, a 
Nickell, George Harold, B. S. (C. E.) 

11. Civil Engr. Smith Booth Ush- 
er Co., Los Angeles, Calif, a 
Nickson, Delbert Harry, B. S. (Med.) 

13. Physician. 5609-16th Ave. 

N. E., Seattle, Wash, a 
Nicolaus, Albert A., B. S. (E. E.) 

01. Pres. Central Electric Co. 217 

N. Broadway, Billings, Mont, a 
Nicolaus, Arthur W., B. S. (C. E.) 

04. Farmer. 309 Washington, 

Beaver Dam, Wis. 
NicoU, Harold Vincent, B. A. (C. C.) 

18. Barron, Wis. 
NicoUs, Evelyn Virginia, B. A. 18. 

314-3rd, Wausau, Wis. 
NicoUs, Mary Mohr, B. A. 13. 314- 
3rd, Wausau, Wis. a 

Niedecken, Evelyn M. (Walbridge, 

Mrs. J. S.) M. A. 07. 
Niederaur, Philip Mitchell, B. A. 16. 

322 S. Lynn, Bryan, O. a 
Niederman, Ella M. (Blodgett, Mrs. 

John) B. L. 97. 
Nielsen, Arthur Charles, B. S. (E. 

E.) 18. Elect. Engr. 3441 Home 

Ave., Berwyn, HI. a 
Nielsen, Mrs. Samuel A. (Steens- 

land, Helen A.) B. L. 89. 510 S. 

Marengo Ave., Pasadena, Calif, a 
Niemand, Alfred Richard, B. A. (C. 

C.) 17. 532 W. 4th, Davenport, 
I la. a 

i Nienaber, Katherine Mable, B. S. 
I (H. .Ec.) 19. Teacher. 1342 E. 
I Dayton, Madison, Wis. a 
Nigoghossian, Antranig Avedis (See: 

Nigosian, Antranig Avedis) . 
Nigosian, Antranig Avedis, B. S. A. 

13. Director. Bureau of Educa- 
tion. Goodrich Rubber Co. 123 

Adolph Ave., Akron, O. 
Niles, Charles Fremont, B. A. 85. 

Hopedale, Mass. a 
Niles, Sarah Isabel, B. A. 13. 

Dancer. 131 E. Washington, South 

Bend, Ind. a 
Ninabuck, William L., B. A. 11. 

Adv. Writer. 5310 Dorchester 

Ave., Chicago, HI. a 
Nind, Marjorie Elizabeth, B. A. 15. 

Teacher, Coll. of Industrial Arts. 

Denton, Texas, a 
Ninman, Herman John, B. S. A. 13, 

M. S. 17. Belle Plaine, Wis. 
Niven, John M., B. A. 00. Attor- 
ney. First Natl. Bk. Bldg., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 
Niven, Robert M., B. A. 07. Attor- 
ney. 504 W. Moulton, Pontiac, HI. 
Nix, Else Margaret, B. A. 17. Secy. 

& Bookkeeper. 1631 Park Ave., 

Indianapolis, Ind. a 
*Noble, Alfred, LL. D. 04. Deceased. 
Noble, Harrison Robert, B. S. A. 17. 

Asst. Pathologist. 469 Calumet 

Ave., Chicago, 111. a 
Noble, Helen V. (Peck, Mrs. Arthur, 

C.) Ph. B. 69. 
Noble, Thomas Benjamin, Jr., B. S. 

(Med.) 16. Physician. R. F, D. 

M. 2, Box 357, Indianapolis, Ind. a 

*Noe, Edgar James, B. S. (E. E.) 06. 

Noel, Gustav J., Ph. G. 18. Casco, 




Noelke, Augusta E. (Barber, Mrs. 

Winchel F.) B. L. 01, M. L. 03. 
Noer, Harold Rolf, B. A. (C. C.) 19. 

Student. 740 Langdon, Madison, 

Wis. a 
Noer, Olaf, Ph. G. 91. Pharmacist. 

400 Main, Menomonie, Wis. 
Noer, Oyvind Juul, B. S. A. 12. Cap- 
tain U. S. A. Stoughton, Wis. a 
Noer, Peter Juul, B. S. 87. Physi- 
cian & Surgeon. Wabe'no, Wis. a 
Noer, Ruth Douglas, B. S. (H. Ec.) 

18. Wabeno, Wis. a 
Nohelty, Patrick, B. L. 00. | 

Nohl, Leo F., LL. B. 01. Attorney. 

708-10 Caswell Blk., Milwaukee, | 

Wis. I 

Nohl, Max W., LL. B. 95. Lawyer j 

& Court Comm. 2919 Grand Ave., | 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Nolan, Edward Paul, B. A. 17. 1221 

Barnum, Ishpeming, Mich. 
Nolan, Henry T., B. A. 07. Dist. 

Mgr. Employers Mut. Liability 

Co. 941-6th, Appleton, Wis. a 
*Noland, William Smith, B. A. 75. 

Died June 20, 1890. 
Noll, Edith Dorothy, B. A. 19. 312 

S. Cherry, Marshfield, Wis. a 
Noll, Inez Margaret, B. A. 17. 

Teacher. Marshfield, Wis. a 
Nolte, Claire, B. A. 18. Librarian. 

505-lst Ave. S., Virginia, Minn, a 
Nolte, Simon C. H., B. S. (Ph.) 99. 

Chemist. Engr. Dept., Wis. Tel. 

Co. 1404 Richards, Milwaukee, 

*Nommenson, Richard Arthur, B. S. 

(C. E.) 99. Died 1902. 
Norcross, John Vanderpoole, LL. B, 

93. Attorney. 208 S. La Salle, 

Chicago, 111. 
Nord, Johanaes Kleofas, B. S. A. 16. 

Agric. Director. Eice Lake, Wis. 
Nordberg, Bruno Victor Edward, B. 

S. (M. E.) 07. Mgr. Oil Engine 

Dept., Nordberg Mfg. Co. 145 

Maple PI., Wauwatosa, Wis. 
Nordeng, Mrs. Stephen (Mutchler, 

Kate) B. A. 04. Cornell, Wis. a 
Nordlie, Herman Clarence, M. A. 08. 

Head of Dept., Concordia Coll. 

Moorhead, Minn. 
Nordmeyer, Carl Louis, B. S. (M. 

E.) 17. 4256 Shendonach Ave., St. 

Louis, Mo. 
Nordmeyer, Heinrich Waldemar, Ph. 

D. 14. Reader. Open Court Pub- 
lishing Co., La Salle, 111. 

Norem, Charles Arthur, B. A. 14. 
Bryant, Wis. 

Norgaard,. Uffe Jensen, Ag. G. 17. 
Withee, Wis. 

Norgord, Christian Percival, B. S. A. 
06. State Comm. of Agric. State 
Capitol, Madison, Wis. a 

Norlie, Olaf M., M. A. 01. Lutheran 
Clergyman. 2158 Knapp, St. Paul, 

Norris, Arthur J., B. S. A. 07. 

Norris, Charles Brazer, B. S. (M. 
E.) 17. Haskelite Mfg. Corp., 
Chicago, 111. 

Norris, Lona Margaret, B. A. 11. 
Teacher. Rock Valley, la. 

Norris, Lucius Allen, E. E. 12. Con- 
sulting Engr. Dept. Gen. Electric 
Co. P. O. Box 482, Schenectady, 
N. Y. 

Norris, Mary Grace, B. A. 12. Rock 
Valley, la. 

Norris, Ralph Forbush, B. S. (Ch. 
E.) 15. Chem. Engr. 106 E. Day- 
ton^ Madison, Wis. 

Norris, Mrs. Ralph Forbush (Lund, 
Mildred Joy) B. A. 13. 106 E. 
Dayton, Madison, Wis. 

Norsman, Anna (Love, Mrs. George 
S.) B. L. 98. 

Norsman, Cora M. (Neckerman, Mrs. 
R. J.) B. A. 05, M. G. 07. 

*North, Mrs. D. W. (Nelson, Sarah 

E.) B. S. 86. Died Apr. 2, 1914. 
*North, Harold L., LL. B. 90. Died 
Sept. 1, 1911. 

North, Henry Briggs, Ph. G. 02, B. 
S. 04, M. A. 06. Research Chem- 
ist. York Metal & Alloy Co. 
York, Pa. 

North, Mrs. K. B. (Swenson, Mary 
W. (Formerly Mrs. E. W. Walser) 
B. A. 06, Avon Lake, O. a 

North, William A., C. E. 11. 

Northrop, Cyrus, LL. D. 04. Ex 
Pres. U. of Minn. 519 Tenth Ave 
S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Northrop, Harry Clifford, B. A. 10 
Acct. 333 Union, Lynn, Mass. a 

Northrop, Lenora M., B. S. 80 
Claremont, Calif, a 

Norton, Irene Celia, B. L. 95. Sten 
ographer. Elkhorn, Wis. 

Norton, Mary Elizabeth, M. A. 12 
Teacher. Faulkton, S. D. 

Norton, Paul Thornley, Jr., B. S, 
(E. E.) 17. Sales Mgr. The Case 
Crane & Engr. Co. Columbus, O. a 



Norton, Ruth Reid, B. A. 13, M. A. 

15. Teacher. 870 Highland Ave., 
Elgin, 111. 

Norton, Sara Evelyn, M. G. 07. 
Piano Instr. Poynette, Wis. 

Norton, WilUan Clarence, LL. B. 00. 
Attorney. Elkhorn, Wis. a 

Norton, Mrs. W. J. (Comstock, Ef- 
fie) Ph. B. 05. Ridge Road, Royal 
Oak, Mich, a 

Nottingham, Avon R., M. E. 10. 
Mech. Engr. Purdue Univ., La 
Fayette, Ind. 

Notz, Cornelia Emma, B. A. 02. Li- 1 
brarian. U. S. Tariff Comm. 1727 
Lamont, Wash. D. C. a 

Notz, Helen Eda (Wesle, Mrs. H. 
W.) B. A. 12. 

Notz, William Frederick, M. A. 07, 
Ph. D. 09. Chief, Export Trade 
Div. Federal Trade Comm. 
Wash. D. C. 

Nourse, Mary Augusta, M. A. 19. 
Ames, la. 

Novak, I'rank John, B. A. 13. 

Nowels, Russell Wasson, B. A. 15. 
Retail Lumberman. 243 Avery 
Ave., Detroit, Mich, a 
*Noyes, Arthur Harry, B. L. 76, LL. 
B. 78. Died March 11, 1915. 

Noyes, Arthur Herbert, B. A. 12. 
Teacher. 194 Commonwealth 

Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Noyes, Eugene Carter, B. S. (C. E.) 
13. Akron Home Owners Invest- 
ment Co. 844 Wall, Akron, O. a 

Noyes, Frank Eugene, B. A. 78. 
Publisher & Mfg. Printer. 644 
Marinette Ave., Marinette, Wis. a 
*Noyes, George Henry, B. A. 73, LL. 
B. 74, LL. D. 04. Died Jan. 9, 

Noyes, Mrs. George H. (Haskell, 
Agnes A.) B. L. 76. 204 Pros- 
pect Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Noyes, Mrs. H. C. (Taylor, Annie 
E.) Ph. B. 65. Gen. Wis. Agent. 
Shaw & Powell Camping Co. of 
Yellowstone Pk. 1112 W. Wash- 
ington Ave., Madison, Wis. 

Noyes, Harry J., B. L. 96. Asst. 
Treas. Wadham 's Oil Co. 215 Natl. 
Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Noyes, Haskell^ LL. B. 11. 204 
Prospect Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Noyes, Helen Strong, B. L. 94. 
Teacher. 65 Washington, Osh- 
kosh. Wis. 

Noyes, John D., B. S. (E. E.) 04. 
Sales Engr. 18 Washington Ave., 
Detroit, Mich. 

Noyes, Katherine C. (Spooner, Mrs. 
Willett M.) B. L. 98. 

Noyes, Miriam (Barkhausen, Mrs. 
Henry) B. A. 07. 

Noyes, RoUa Enoch, B. A. 76, LL. 
B. 78. Attorney. 711 Free Press 
Bldg., Detroit. Mich. 

Noyes, Mrs. Roila E. (Draper, Delia) 
B. S. 75. 711 Free Press Bldg., 
Detroit, Mich. 

.Noyes, Roy Enoch, B. A. 07, LL. B. 
09. Attorney. 711 Free Press 
Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 

Noyes, William Baker, B. S. A. 15. 
Farm Mgr. Beaver Dam, Wis. 

Nugent, Milton Benjamin, M. A. 17. 
County Agric. Agent. Bloomfield, 
Ind. a 
*Nugent, Charles H., LL. B. 95. De- 

Nunns, Annie Amelia, B. A. 89. 
Asst. Supt. State Historical So- 
ciety. 419 Sterling Ct., Madison, 
Wis. a 

Nunns, Emma E. (Pease, Mrs. L. S.) 
B. L. 86. 

Nuti, Charles B., B. S. (^. E.) 10. 
Commercial Engr. General Elec- 
tric Co. 119 West Grant, Min- 
neapolis, Minn, a 

Nuti, Mrs. Charles B. (Brasure, Eva 
Mae) B. A. 10. 119 W. Grant, ^ 
Minneapolis, Minn. 
*Nutting, Gertrude B., B. L. 93. Died 
Dee. 29, 1906. 

Nuzum, Mrs. Clinton W. (Munson, 
Hope Downs) B. A. 10. Viroqua, 

Nuzum, Frank Richard, B. S. (Med.) 
11. Physician. Janesville, Wis. 

Nuzum, Jessie A. (Hunter, Mrs. Jes- 
sie N.) B. L. 00. 

Nuzum, John Weston, B. S. (Med. 
S). 12. 2043 Cleveland Ave, Chi- 
cago, 111. a 

Nuzum, Ralph Edgar, B. A. 16. Re- 
tail Lumberman. Viroqua, Wis. a 

Nuzum, Richard Watson, LL. B. 90. 
Attorney. 605 Columbia Bldg., 
Spokane, Wash, a 

Nuzum, William, B. A. (C. C.) 19. 
Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago, 

Nuzum, Willard Otto, B. L. 99. M. 

E. Clergyman. 81 Bay, New Bed- 
ford, Mass. 



Nyberg, Mrs. Joseph A. (Graves, 
Helen Dorothy) B. A. 12. 1044 
E. Marquette Ed., Chicago, HI. 

Nye, Carroll Anderson, LL. B. 86. 
Judge of Court. 7th Dist. of Min- 
nesota. 618-8th, S. Moorhead, 

Nye, James Gordon, LL. B, 14. 1425 
Vine PL, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Nystrom, ElizalDetli Ruth, B. A. 19. 
740 Bittersweet PI., Chicago, 111. a 

Nystrom, Paul Henry, Ph. B. 09, Ph. 
M. 10, Ph. D. 14. Sales Mgr. In- 
. ternational Magazine Co. 119 W. 
40th, New York City, a 

Oakes, Mrs. George (Baker, Carrie 
E.) B. A. 85. New Eichmond, 

Oakey, Anna Irene, B. L. 93. Teaeh- 
er. 7 N. Pelham, Ehinelander, 

Oakey, Arthur F., B. L. 91. a 

Oakey, Charles Henry, LL. B. 79. 
Banker & Attorney. Osceola, 
Wis. a _ 

Oakey, Edna Kathryn (Boardman, 
Mrs. W. Clayton) B. S. (H. Ec.) 

Oakey, Isabelle Ogden, M. A. 14. 
Head of French Dept. H. S. 12 
Walden Apts., Terre Haute, Ind. 

Oakey, Warren, B. S. (C. E.) 17. 
Engineer. 407 N. Blair, Madison, 
Wis. a 
**Oakley, Edward B., B. S. 79. De- 

Oakley, Mary, B. L. 93. Farmer. 
The Evergreens, Madison, Wis. a 

Oaks, John Albert, LL. B. 96. Tri- 
voli Union B. Co. 1342-lOth, 
Denver, Colo. 

Oates, Arthur Raymond, B. A. 13. 
Clergyman. 209 E. Main, Wash- 
ington, la. a 

Obata, Shigeyoshi, B. A. 14. 

Ohenhaus, Herman F. A., B. L. 96. 
Teacher. 625 N. Cuyler Ave., Oak 
Park, 111. 

O'Brien, Edwin Thomas, Ph. B. 01. 
Banker. 658 Prairie Ave., Ken- 
osha, Wis. 

O'Brien, John Edward, LL. B. 05. 
Attorney. 78 S. Main, Fond du 
Lac, Wis. 

O'Brien, John Edward, Ph. G. 12. 
Pharmacist. 112 Front, Beaver 
Dam, Wis 

O'Brien, Mrs. Leslie (Hessman, 
Amanda) B. A. 18. E. F. D. 5, 
Madison, Wis, a 

O'Brien, Marie E. Fanning, B. A. 18. 
405 N. Frances, Madison, Wis. 

O'Brien, Michael A., LL. B. 96. At- 
torney. Shullsburg, Wis. 

O'Brien, Rose A., B. L. 97. Teacher. 
459 Juneau PI., Milwaukee, Wis. 

O'Brien, Teresa Veronica, B. A. 14. 
Teacher. 96 Harrison PL, Fond 
du Lac, Wis. 

O'Callaghan, Eleanor Marguerite, 
(Bogle, Mrs. J. F.) B. A. 14. 

O'Callaghan, Marie Evangeline, B. 

A. 14. Teacher. Eau Claire, 
Wis. a 

Ochsner, Albert Henry, B. A. 11. 
Prop. Eastover Farm. Spring 
Grove, Va. a 

Ochsner, Albert J., B. S. 84, LL. D. 
09. . Surgeon. 2106 Sedgwick, 
Chicago, 111. a 

Ochsner, Benjamin J., B. S. 96. Sur- 
geon. 720-4th Ave., Durango, 
Colo, a 

Ochsner, Mrs. B. J. (Malec, Marie) 

B. L. 99. 720-4th Ave., Durango, 

Ochsner, Bertha, B. A. 19. Chicago, 

Ochsner, Edward H., B. S. 91. Sur- 
geon. 2155 Cleveland Ave., Chi- 
cago, 111. a 

Ochsner, Emma Julia, B. S. 00. Ana- 
esthetist. 1005 Merchants Natl. 
Bk. Bldg., Los Angeles, Calif, a 
*Ochsner, Henry W., B. S. 98. Died 
Nov. 24, 1902. 

Ochsner, Rudolph John, B. S. (E. 
E.) 94. Physician. 10515 Grant- 
wood Ave., Cleveland, 0. 

O'Connor, Arthur James, B. S. (E. 
E.) 14. 127-20th, Milwaukee, Wis. 

O'Connor, Charles J., B. A. 94, Ph. 
D. 04. Fruit Grower. Monrovia, 
Calif, a 

O'Connor, Clarence Wood, B. A. 17. 
127-20th, Milwaukee, Wis. 
O'Connor, James L., LL. B. 81. At- 
torney. 127-20th, Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 

O'Connor, John J. LL. B. 78. Re- 
tired. 4147 Drexel Blvd., Chica- 
go, HI. 

O'Connor^ John Peaslee, Ph. B. 

. (Nor. C.) 18. Dist. Eep. Extension 
Div. 2346 Ogden Ave., Superior 



O'Connor, Lenore Frances, B. L. 95. 

49 Canyon Rd., Berkeley, Calif. 

O'Dea, Patrick J., LL. B. 00. 

Odegard, Ethel Janette, B. A. 19. 
Mary Lanning Mem. Hosp., Hast- 
ings, Neb. a 

Odegard, Sigurd Louis, B. A. 11, M. 

A. 16. Consulting Statistician. 
130 Lathrop, Madison, Wis. a 

*Odell, Hiram AUen, B. S. 75. De- 
OdeU, Mabel (Lea, Mrs. William F.) 

B. L. 03. 

OdeU, Susan (Pease, Mrs. James A.) 

B. L. 99. 
Odell, WiUiam E., Ph. B. 72. At- 
torney. 1723-6th Ave., Des 

Moines, la. 
Odell, Mrs. William E. (Byrne, 

Maria E.) Ph. B. 72. 1723-6th 

Ave., Des Moines, la. 
Oden, Constantin Luther A., B. S. 
(Med.) 19. Belvidere, 111. 
*Odland, Lewis, B. L. 97. Deceased. 
Odland, Martin Wendell, B. L. 9S. 

M. L. 00. Editor. Fergus Falls, 

Oehler, Alfred Geoffry, B. S. (E. E.) 
11. 6 Liberty Place, Weehawken, 

N. J. 
Oehler, Sidney Loesch (Wolcott, 

Mrs. Roger Dod) B. A. 15. 
Oeland, Legare Logan, B. A. 08. 

Real Estate Dealer. 1725 Chad- 
bourne Ave., Madison, Wis. a 
Oertel, Mary Janet (At wood, Mrs. 

Oscar) B. S. 76. 
Oesterle, Joseph Francis, B. A. 13. 

Metallurgist. 110 S. Wycombe 

Ave., Landsdown, Pa. a 
Oestreich, Carl Ralph, B. S. (C. E.) | 

17. Engr. Dept. Berger Mfg. Co., j 

Canton, O. i 

Oestreich, Otto Albert, B. L. 97, LL. : 

B. 00. Attorney. 1115 Vista Ave., i 

Janesville, Wis. a i 

Oestreich, Mrs. Otto A. (Edgren, 

Carrie J.) B. L. 96. 1115 N. Vista ! 

Ave., Janesville, Wis. 
Oetking, Frank George, B. A. 12. 11 j 

E. Main, Madison, Wis. a j 

^Officer, James C, B. A. 84, LL. B. ' 

86. Died Jan. 1, 1910. 
Offult, Mrs. John W. (Thorp, Mary 

I.) B. L. 96. Glen Ave. & Third, 

Ellwood City, Pa. 
Ofstie, Edda Valborg, B. A. 14. 

Teacher. Eau Claire, Wis. 

Oftelie, Ezra T., B. L. 03. District 

Representative Amer. Seating Co. 
4827 Sacramento Ave. St. Louis, 

Ogden, Dana Presley, B. S. (E. E.) 

Ogilvie, Jane (Gamwell, Mrs. Rich- 
ard H.) B. L. 00. 

Ogilvie, Lottie M., B. A. 04. Teach- 
er, c/o North Central High 
School, Spokane, Wash, a 

O' Grady, Elizabeth Cecelia, M. G. 
08. Teacher of Music. 213 N. 
Hamilton, Madison, Wis. 

Ohm, Howard Frederick, LL. B. 12. 
Attorney. Bank of Wisconsin 
Bldg., Madison, Wis. 

Ohm, Mrs. Howard Frederick (Dun- 
field, Helen Bourcier) S. M. G. 14. 
912 Van Buren, Madison, Wis. 

O'Hora, Bernard Anthony, B. S. 
(Med.) 14. Physician. Henry 
Ford Hospital, Detroit, Mich. 

O'Hora, Sarah E., Ph. B. 11, M. A. 

14. Children's Bureau, U. S. Dept. 
of Labor. 9 S. Bassett, Madison, 

O'Hora, Thomas Lawrence, B. S. A. 

15. Operating Chemist. E. I. Du- 
Pont de Nemones & Co. Box 311 
Penn's Grove, N. J. 

Oistad, Mrs. Elmer Nels (Clausen, 
Florence Rosalie) B. A. 13, Wash- 
burn, Wis. a 
*0'Keefe, Arthur J., LL. B. 75. Died 

March 1893. 
*0'Keefe, David B., B. L. 94. De- 

O'Keefe, John Joseph, LL. B. 12. 
Attorney. Portage, Wis. 

O'Keefe, Mary Calista, B. A. 07. 
Teacher. 22 E. Franklin, Portage, 

O'Keilliher, Victor Joseph, LL. B. 
02. Attorney. Oconto Wis. 

Okoneski, John J., LL. B. 00. At- 
torney. Wausau, Wis. 

O'Laughlin, Eleanor Margaret, B. 
A. 19. Teacher. 415 W. Gilman, 
Madison, Wis. 

O'Laughlin, Helen F., B. A. 10. 834 
Main, Racine, Wis. 
*01brich, Emil, B. A. 05, M. A. 06. 
Died Aug. 29, 1906. 

Olbrich, Marion Grace, B. S. (H. 
Eg.) 19. Harvard, 111. 

Olbrich, Michael B., B. L. 02, LL. B. 
04. Attorney. Pioneer Blk., Mad- 
ison, Wis. a 



01den"burg, Frederick William, B. S. 
A. 15. Hyattsville, Md. a 

Oldenburg, Harry Frank, B. S. (M, 
E.) 15. Universal Machinery Co. 
22nd & Hadley, Milwaukee, Wis. 1 

Older, Clifford, B. S. (C. E.) 00. 
Chief Highway Engr. State Capi- 
tol, Springfield, 111. 

Oldham, Leslie Latham, B. S. A. 13. 
Sec. Wis. Holstein Fresian Assn. 
241 Wash. Bldg., Madison, Wis. a 

Oldham, Stanley Reginald, M. A. 19. 
Principal. Norwood, Mass. a 

Oldham, Mrs. Stanley Reginald 
(Hershey, Catherine Elizabeth) B. 
A. 12. Norwood, Mass. a 

Olds, Minnie Malinda, B. A. 13. 
Teacher. Albany, HI. 
*0'Leary, James, LL. B. 95. De- 

Olesen, Martha Helene, Ph. B. (Gen. 
C.) 19. Humboldt, la. a 

Olesen, Mrs. Robert (Watson, Flor- 
ence Giddings) B. A. 15. 2222 
Eowley Ave., Madison, Wis. a 

Oleson, Andrew Robert, LL. B. 91. 
Judge 9th Judicial Dist. Norfolk, 

Oleson, Herman Eric, LL. B. 96. At- 
torney. 1627 S. 22nd, Lincoln, 

Oleson, Oliver, LL. B. 95. 

Olin, Burton Wilson, B. A. 13. Mon- 
ticello, Fla. 

Olin, Doris Louise, B. A. 19. Flor- 
ence, Wis. 

Olin, John Myers, LL. B. 79. At- 
torney. 130 Prospect Ave., Mad- 
ison, Wis. a 

Olin, Mrs. John M. (Eemington, Hel- 
en M.) B. L. 76. 130 Prospect 
Ave., Madison, Wis. a 

Oliverbaum, Mrs. John E. (Whit- 
tier, Martha Taylor) B. A. 04. 
7216 Clinton Ave., Cleveland, O. a 

Oliver, Edward James, B. A. 08. 
Hudson, Wis. a 

Oliver, George Peter, B. A. 18. Sail- 
or. Galesville, Wis. a 
*01iver, James F., LL. B. 99. Died 
Nov. 20, 1906. 

Oliver, Jay Charles, B. A. 12. In- 
ternational Y. M. C. A. Secy. 

• Hangchow, China, a 

Oliver, John WilUam, Ph. D. 15, 
Director. Indiana Historical 

Comm. State House, Indianapolis, 
Ind. a 

Oliver, Mary Bertha, B. S. (H. Ec.) 
12. Instr. Iowa State Coll. Mor- 
rison, HI. 

OUis, Edna Marie, B. A. 15. Teach- 
er. 832 Jenifer, Madison, Wis. a 
*011is, John, LL. B. 84. Deceased. 

Olman, Charles Oscar, Ph. B. 01. 
Cashier First Natl. Bk. Prince- 
ton, Wis. a 

Olmsted, Sophia Helen, B. A. 04. 
Homesteading, Hoyt, Colo. 

Olmsted, Ruth Hajrwood, M. A. 19. 
Special Agent. 517 Falkstone 
Courts, Wash., D. C. a 

Olsen, Arthur Carl, B. S. (C. E.) 02. 
Civil Engr. Ingenio Kio Canto, 
Oriente, Cuba. 

Olsen, August J. (See A. J. Myr- 

Olsen, Mrs. Carl (Home, Ella Mar- 

. garet) B. A. 12. Ortonville, Minn. 

Olsen, Clara (Tolrud, Mrs. Thomas 
A.) M. G. 98. 

Olsen, Esther Georgia (Stone, Mrs. 
W. E.) B. A. 15. 

Olsen, Harold Goodwin, B. A. (C. 
C.) 17. Rice Lake, Wis. 

Olsen, Mrs. Harry E. (Molstad, 
Nelly Catherine) B. L. 02. 884- 
23rd Ave,, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Olsen, Kenneth G., B. A. 10. Teach- 
er. Univ. Club, Spokane, Wash. 

Olsen, Laura Marie, B. A. 06. Li- 
brarian. 830 Chippewa, Eau 
Claire, Wis. a 

Olshefsky, Alexander Joseph B. A. 
(C. C.) 18. 702 Lyman Ave., Ken- 
osha, Wis. 

Olson, Clifton Anton, E. E. 15. Pro- 
I duction Mgr. U. S. Auto Gear 
I Shift Co. Y. M. C. A. • Eau 
Claire, Wis. 

Olson, Conrad Patrick, LL. B. 09. 
Assoc. Justice Supreme Court. 
Salem, Ore. a 

Olson, Mrs. Conrad P. (Frost, Nellie 
C.) B. A. 10. 604 Elliott Ave., 
Portland, Ore. 

Olson, David, M. S. 10. Prof. Kent 
State Normal Coll. Kent, O. 

Olson, Engwall, B. S. (E. E.) 07. 
Dist. Traffic Chief. Amer. Tel. & 
Tel. Co. 644-6 Brandeis Theatre 
Bldg., Omaha, Neb. 

Olson, Frank Lewis, Ph. B. 10. Di- 
rector. Bureau of Municipal Re- 
search. 1254 McKnight Bldg., 
Minneapolis, Minn, a 



Olson, George Alfred, B. S. A. 02, 

M. S. 08. Chief, Division of 
Chemistry. Wash. Agr. Exp. Sta- 
tion, State Chemist, Federal Col- 
laborating Chemist. 607 Califor- 
nia, Pullman^ Wash, a 

Olson, Harald 'Marinius, B. S. (E. 
E.) 05. Mech. Engr. & Production 
Mgr. 2022 Beverly Ed., Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 

Olson, Henry John, B. S. (Med.) 17. 
Interne New York Hosp. 8 W. 
16th, New York City. 

Olson, Julius Emil, B. L. 84. Prof. 
U. W. 1909 Adams, Madison, Wis. a 

Olson, Louis W., B. S. (E. E.) 99. 
Supt. Ohio Brass Co. Mansfield, 
O. a 

Olson, Louis, Ph. G. 12. 

Olson, Mamie Isabella, B. A. 19. La 
CrossG W^is 

Olson, Martin C, B. S. (E. E.) 99. 
Elect. Engr. Gen. Elect. Co. 2 
N. Wendell Ave., Schenectady, 
N. Y. a 

Olson, Maybelle Harriett, M. G. 09. 
Music Teacher. Cambridge, Wis. 

Olson, Nils Andreas, M. A. 09. Instr. 
Muhlenberg Coll. AUentown, Pa. 

Olson, Norman T., B. S. (C. E.) 10. 
Engr. U. S. Bee. Service. Cody, 

Olson, Oscar Alexander, B. S. 95. 

Teacher. Park Eidge, Bl. 
^ Olson, Sidney, B. S. (C. E.) 02. 
Died July 11, 1902. 

Olson, Sigurd Bernhardt, B. A. 16. 
Asst. Mgr. Sivert Olson Co. 515 
Scott. Calumet, Mich, a 

Olson, Thomas Mandaneous, B. S. A. 

15. County Agric. Eepresentative. 
Hudson, Wis. 

Olson, Victor Axel, B. S. (Ch. E.) 

18. 1519 Sherman, Marinette, Wis. 

Olson, William Arthur, B. S. (E. E.) 

16. Colfax, Wis. a 

Olwell, Lawrence A., LL. B. 92. At- 
torney. 1121 Eailway Exchange, 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

O'MaUey, Agnes Elizabeth, B. A. 13. 
Teacher. 416 N. Butler, Madison, 

O'MaUey, Robert C, B. A. 11. Mgr. 
Northwestern Securities Co. 105 
W. Main, Madison, Wis. a 

O'Malley, Mrs. Robt. C. (Brennan, 
Ursula) B. A. 11. 119 Lathrop, 
Madison, Wis. a 

O'Malley, Thomas Stanley, B. S. 
(Med.) 16. Interne. Sloane Hosp. 
447 W. 59th, New York City. 

Omara, Edwin Horn, B. S. (C. E.) 
04. Mgr. Omara Parlor Frame Co. 
2141 Austin Ave., Chicago, lU. 

O'Meara, John A., B. L. 02. At- 
torney. 102 Wisconsin, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

O'Meara, Patrick, LL. B. 70. 
County Judge. West Bend, Wis. 

O'Meara, Thomas, LL. B. 79. At- 
torney. 1017 Dexter Ave., Seattle, 

O'Melia, Mrs. A. J. (Hildebrand, 
Eva Mary) B. A. 12. 332 Dahl, 
Ehinelander, Wis. 

O'Melia^ James H., B. A. 06. 
Wholesale Lumberman. 21 Baird 
Ave., Ehinelander, Wis. 

O'Neil, Albert B., B. L. 97. Prin- 
cipal. 19 Franklin Ave., Oshkosh, 

O'Neil, Catherine Eleanor, B. A. 17. 
704 W. Central, Chippewa Falls, 
Wis. a 

O'Neil, Eugene H., B. A. (C. C.) 14. 
Weyerhauser Lumber Co. Everett, 

O'Neil, George Edwin, B. L. 96. 
Mgr. Natl. Lead Co. 354 E. 6th, 
St. Paul, Minn. 

O'Neil, Marion Eugenia, B. A. 16. 
1509 Eucker Ave., Everett, Wash, a 

O'Neil, Miriam Catherine, B. S. (H. 
Ec.) 19. 30-6th, Colquet, Minn, a 
*0'Neil, Ernest A., B. L. 99, LL. B. 
02. Died Dec. 1905. 

O'Neill, Mrs. James Milton (Wins- 
low, Edith Agnes) B. A. 13. 2011 
Chadbourne Ave., Madison, Wis. 

O'Neill Norma Millicent, B. A. 17. 
7337 Merrill Ave., Chicago, lU. 

O'Neill, William Richard, B. M. E. 

Onsgard, Henry Adolph, M. A. 18. 
Teacher. Edgerton, Wis. 

Onsrud, Anton Edward, B. S. A. 13. 
Am. Guernsey Cattle Club, Peter- 
boro, N. H. a 

Onsrud, Minnie Christine, B. A. 12 
Principal. Valier, Mont, a 

Onstad, Erick John, LL. B. 96. At- 
torney & Farmer. Cambridge, Wis. 

Oosterhuis, Alvin Cecil, B. S. A. 09, 
M. S. A. 10. Director Dairy Ex- 
tension. Carnation Milk Products 
Co. 210 West Ave., Oconomowoc, 
Wis. a 



Oosterhuis, John Jacob^ B. S. A. 13. 

Milwaukee County Agric. School, 

Wauwatosa, Wis. 
Opgenorth, Irene Kathryn, B. A. 19. 

Kewaskum, Wis. 
Opgenorth, Olive Caroline, B. A. 16. 

Kewaskum, Wis. 
Opie, Howard Perry, B. S. A. 13. 

Farmer. R. F. D., Altoona, Kan. a 
*Oppenheim, Herman, LL. B. 91. 

Died, 1914. 
Opper, Clara Louise, B. A. 18. 

Weyauwega, Wis. 
Opstedal, Anthon Johannes, B. S. A. 

13. Principal. Belleville, Wis. 
Opstedal, Joseph Arnold, B. S. 16. 

Physician & Surgeon. Cavalier, 

N. D. a 
Orhert, Edwin Gray, B. S. (C. E.) 

05. City Engr. 822-75th Ave., 

West Allis, Wis. 
Orchard, Milton, Ph. B. 00, LL. B. 

10. Lawyer. Wever Bldg., Lan- 
caster, Wis. a 
Ordway, Alonzo B., B. S. (C. E.) 09. 

Construction Engr. Kaiser Paving 

Co. 1317-3rd, Mt. Vernon, Wash. 
O'Rielly, George B., LL. B. 89. At- 
torney! 5900 Indiana Ave., Chi- 
cago, 111. 
O'Rourk, Patrick Henry, LL. B. 

69. Attorney. Gordon, Neb. 
Orr, Albert Wallace, LL. B. 11. Ar- 
mour Grain Co. 2614 E. 34th, 

Kansas City, Mo. 
Orr, Edward D., B. S. 74. Physician 

& Surgeon. Mt. Hope, Wis. 
Orr, Flora Gracia, B. S. (H. Ec.) 17. 

Writer & Editor. 550 Riverside 

Dr., New York City, a 
Orr, Glen Harrison, B. S. A. 15. 

Farmer. R. F. D. 5, Madison, Wis. 
Orr, Lester B., B. S. (E. E.) 09. 

72 W. Adams, Chicago, 111. 
Orr, Owen Car gill, B. A. 07. Gen. 

Purchasing Agent. Certain-teed 

Products. 1801 Boatman's Bank 

Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. a 
Oxr, Robert C, Ph. B. 71, LL. B. 73. 

Attorney & Dist. Judge. McCook 

'i'Orr, Roswell Park, B. S. (E. E.) 16. 

Died Feb. 14, 1920. 
Ort, Albert Augustus Lambert, C. E. 

12. Asst. Civil Engr. U. S. N. R. 

F. 1317 Spruce, Philadelphia, 

Pa. a 
Ortega, Joaquin, M. A. 17. Asst. 

Prof. U. W. 823 University Ave., 

Madison, Wis. 

Orth, Charles Adam, LL. B. 93. At- 
torney. 2835 State, Milwaukee, 

Orth, FrankUn P., LL. B. 96. At- 
• torney. 2207 Chestnut, Milwau- 
j kee. Wis. 

I Orton, Claribel Elizabeth, B. A. 17. 
! Entomologist. Bassett & Wash- 
burns Greenhouse Range. 2155 
Pierce Ave., Eleanor Club, Chi- 
cago, 111. a 
*Orton, Harlow S., LL. D. 69. Died 
j July 4, 1895. 

Orton, Otho H., LL. B. 71. Look- 
out Mountain, Tenn. 

Orvis, Justin K., LL. B. 95. Attor- 
ney & Immigration Agent. 29 S. 
La Salle, Chicago, 111. 

Orvis, Mary Burchard, B. A. 07. 
Educator. Extension Division. In- 
dianapolis, Ind. a 

Osann, Dorrit, B. A. 14. 

Osann, Norman, B. S. (E. E.) 12. 
Instr. Mass. Institute of Tech- 
nology. Boston, Mass. 

Osborn, Esther Sarah, B. A. 13. 
Teacher. 1306 W. Front, Ashland, 

Osborn, John Searle, LL. B. 16. 
Stockraiser. Winnebago, Neb. a 

Osborn, Mrs. John Searle (Curry, 
Margaret McCune) B. A. 15. Win- 
nebago, Neb. 

Osborne, Frank Olin, LL. B. 87. At- 
torney. 512 Capital Bk. Bldg.,. St. 
Paul, Minn. 

Osborne, John Goodrich, B. L. 00. 
Secy-Treas. Lakeside Malleable 
Castings Co. 262 Knapp, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 
! Osborne, Julia Sherlock, B. L. 03. 
j Librarian. Sycamore, 111. 

Osborne, Laura A. (Austin, Mrs. 
Louis W.) B. L. 97. 
*Osborne, Llewelyn A., LL. B. 83. 

Osborne, Mrs. Lloyd (Palliser, 
Mabel) M. A. 11. Omaha, Neb. 

Osborne, Oliver Martin, B. S. A. 10. 
Land Classifier. U. S. G. S. 828- 
4th, Lewiston, Idaho. 

Osborne, Patricia Mary, B. L. 03. 
Stenographer. Pinckney Apts., 
Madison, Wis. 

Osborne, Mrs. Roland J. (Whitelaw, 
Mary Reid) B. A. 09. Baraboo, 

Oscar, Stephen Albert, B. L. 00. 
Secy. Beaver Reserve Fraternity. 
Gay Bldg., Madison, Wis. a 



*Osgood, Charles, B. S. (M. E.) 07. 
Died Feb. 1, 1920. 

Osgood, Irene (Andrews, Mrs. J. B.) 
B. A. 06. 

O'Shea, Harriet Eastabrooks, B. A. 
16, M. A. 17. Psycho-clinian & 
EJueatioual Teacher. 294 Broad- 
way, New York City, a 
-O' Sheridan, Eleanor, B. L. 83. Died 
Feb. 20, 1905. 

Oskamp, Alfred Stuart, B. A. 17. 
Traveler's Insurance Co., 231 In- 
surance Exchg., Chicago, 111. a 

Osier, Rebecca Tyler, M. A. 16. Di- 
rector. War Camp Community 
Service. 49 S. Union Ave., Mer- 
chantville, N. J. 

Ostenfeldt, Charles L., B. C. E. 85. 
845 Eastwood Ave., Chicago, 111. a 

Ostenson, Lewis, B. A. 79. Oeono- 
mowoc, Wis. a 
*Ost«nson, Olin F., B. A. 74. Died 
Sept. 12, 1905. 

Oster, Frank Frederick, B. A. 82. 
Attorney. 508 Security Bldg., 
Los Angeles, Calif. 

Osterheld, Clark McKinney, E. E. 
14. Supt. Municipal Elect. Lt. 
System. Stoughton, Wis. 

Osterheld, Mrs. Clark (Miller, Dora 
May) B. A. 16. 114 W. Chicago, 
Stoughton, Wis. 

Osthelder, Edwin Clark, B. A. 04. 
Traveling Salesman. Phoenix 
Chair Co. 115 E. Conant, Portage, 

Csthoff, Oscar P., C. E. 10. Struc- 
tural Engr. & Contractor. 1922% 
State, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Ostlund, Leonard Justus, Ph. G. 16. 
Pharmacist. Cambridge, Wis. 

Ostlund, Mrs. L. J. (Prescott, Ethel 
Marguerite) B. A. 16. Cambridge, 

Ostrander, Ralph Lester, B. S. A. 16. 
Kichland Center, Wis. 

Ostrander, Ward Adelbert, M. S. 14. 
Assoc. Soils & Crops Extension. 
Purdue Univ. West Lafayette, 

Oswald, Frederick William, Jr., Ph. 
D. 08. Teacher. 7th Ave. & 4th, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Otjen, Christian John, B. A. 14, LL. 
B. 16. 1145 Kinnickinnic Ave., 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Otjen, Henry Heames, B. L. 03. At- 
torney. 577 Wentworth Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Otjen, Mrs. Henry H. (Putnam, 
Daphne W.) B. L. 03. 577 Went- 
worth Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Ott, Edwin, B. A. 06. 812 S. Prairie 
Ave., Sioux Falls, S. D. a 

Ott, Harlow S., Ph. G. 89. Pharma- 
cist, 807 Jenifer, Madison, Wis. 

Otterson, Joseph Orlando, B. A. 16. 
429 N. Orchard, Madison, Wis. 

Otto, Max Charles, B. A. 06, M. A. 
08, Ph. D. 11. Assoc. Prof. U. W. 
1155 Edgewood Ave., Madison, 

Outhouse, JuUa Pratt, B. S. (H. Ec.) 
19. R. F. D. 6, Madison, Wis. 

Outzen, Andrew N., B. S. (E. E.) 10. 
Mfg. Supt. Detroit City Gas Co. 
355 W. Grand Blvd., Detroit, 
Mich, a 

Overholser, Vinnie (Hey, Mrs. Clem- 
ent) B. S. (H. Ec.) 17. 

Overson, Willard Bela, B. L. 94, LL. 
B. 96. Attorney 442 N. Main, 
Williston, N. D. 

Overton, Adele M. (Brown, Mrs. J. 
Sidney) Ph. B. 71. 

Ovrom, Fred Elmer, B. A. (C. C. 14. 
Cashier. First Natl. Bk. Gary, 
S. D. 

Owen, Asa Kenton, LL. B. 01. Coun- 
ty Judge. Phillips, Wis. 

Owen, Carolina A. (Mayhew, Mrs. 
Lester C.) B. L. 93. 

Owen, Emily Pratt (Cerf, Mrs. B.) 
M. A. 10. 

Owen, John Wesley, LL. B. 88. At- 
torney & Real Estate Dealer. Ra- 
cine, Wis. 

Owen, Llewelyn, B. S. (E. E.) 97. 
Supt. Electrical Dept. Central 
111. Lt .Co. 316 S. Jefferson, Peoria, 

ni. a 

Owen, Mary Elizabeth Hodges, B. 

A. 07. Box 31, Lemon City, Fla. 
Owen, Ralph Albert D., M. A. 09. 

Supt. of Schools. Mayville, Wis. 
Owen, Mrs. R. A. D. (Hillermann, 

Ada C.) Ph. B. 08. Mayville, Wis. 
Owen, Ralph Woodland, M. A. 11. 

1501 State, Eau Claire, Wis. 
Owen, Ray Sprague, B. S. (C. E.) 

04. Asst. Prof. U. W. Bung- 

alowen, Madison, Wis. 
Owen, Mrs. Ray Sprague (Pickford, 

Theo B.) B. L. 03, M. G. 03. 

Bungalowen, Madison, Wis. 
Owen, Rhoda Esther, B. A. 15. 

Teacher. 612 Howard PL, Madi- 
son, Wis. 



Owen, Walter Cecil, LL. B. 91. Jus- 
tice of Supreme Court. Madison, 
Wis. a i 

Owens, Lois May, B. A. 09. 417-3rd \ 

Ave., Wauwatosa, Wis. a 
*Owens, Lyiia Janet, B. A. 09, M. 
A. 11. Deceased. 

Owyang, Yet C, B. A. 10. Asst. 
Auditor & Chief Cashier. 16 Eauge 
Eoads, Shanghai, bhma. 

Pace, Daniel Parker, C. E. 11. Eoad- 
master. St. Louis, Brownsville & 
Mexico Ey. Frisco Office Bldg., 
Kingsville, Texas. 

Packard, Edna (Lidral, Mrs. John 
F.) B. A. 12. 

Packard, N. Luther, B. A. 83. Clergy- 
man. 225 E. 8th, Wahoo, .Neb. 

Packard, Vernon Wing, B. A. (C. C.) 
18. 644 Frances, Madison, Wis. 

Paddock, IVIrs. B. H. (Tschudy, Mar- 
ianne Helene) B. A. 12. Mission- 
ary. Yenping, Fukien, China, a 

Paddock, Carrie Rosalind, B. A. 04. 
Supt. of School Nursing. City 
Hosp. Indianapolis, Ind. 

Padley, Grace, B. A. 19. Teacher. 
Lodi, Wis. a 

Padley, Pearl Carolyn, B. A. 10. 
Principal. Edgeley, N. D. a 

Paesler, Fred Edward, B. S. (E. E.) 
08. Patent Attorney. 1523-28 
Monadnock Blk., Chicago, 111. a 

Paetow, Louis John, B. L. 02, M. L. 
03. Assoc. Prof. U. of CaUf. 722 
Arlington Ave., Thousand Oaks, 
Berkeley, Calif. 

Pagar, Shanker Madhav, B. A. 14. 
*Page, Archy Nathan, LL. B. 06. 
Died May 15, 1915. 

Page, Mrs. Florence M. (Shaw, Flor- 
ence) B. A. 02. 1514 W. 14th, 
Sioux City, la. 

Page, George Albert, B. S. A. 13. 
Farm Mgr. Beltrami, Minn. 

Page, Guy Fred, B. S. A. 07. Farm- 
er. E. F. D. 4, Berlin, Wis. 

Page, Harry Allen, B. S. (M. E.) 12. 
Asst. Contract Dept., H. W. Johns 
Manville Co. Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Page, Helen (Bates, Mrs. Helen P.) 
Ph. D. 96. 

Page, Hubert Esterly, B. L. 93. At- 
torney. 725 Noyes, Evanston, 111. a 

Pahlow, Edwin William, B. L. 99, M. 
L. 00. Teacher. Lawrenceville, 
N. J. a 

Paine, Adelaide, B. S. (H. Ee.) 19. 
Guttenberg, Iowa, a 

'Paine, Byron, LL. D. 69. Died Jan. 

13, 1871. 
Paine, Byron Dixon, LL. B. 95. 

Clerk. Northwestern Mutual Life 

Ins. Co., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Paine, Dorothy, B. S. (H. Ec.) 18. 

Junior Chemist. E. F. D. 6, Box 

327, Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Paine, Effie Clarissa, B. A. 11. 

Teacher. 287 Pleasant, Milwau- 

Paiue* Francis W., M. A. 11. 82 

Devonshire, Boston, Mass. 
Paine, George Porter, Ph. D. 18. 

Instr. U. W. 2202 Fox Ave., Mad- 
ison, Wis. 
-Paine, James Percy, B. C. E. 77. 

Died June 14, 1919. 
Paine, Paul Milton, B. S. (C. E.) 14. 

Asst. County Engr. Elkader, la. a 
*Paine, WendeU Wyman, B. A. 83. 

Died May 27, 1887. 
Palfrey, Anna G. (Copeland, Mrs. 

Cecil A.) B. L. 87. 
Palfrey, John Robert, Ag. G. 10. 

Foreman. Experimental Dairy 

:^erd. Urbana, 111. 
Palit, Barendra Kumar, B. S. A. 13, 

M. S. 16. Calcutta, India. 
Pallansch, Rollin Anthony, B. S. 

(M. E.) 15. General Engr. Co., 

159 Pierpont Ave., Salt Lake City, 

Palliser, Mabel B. (Osborne, Mrs. 

Lloyd) M. A. 11. 
Palmatier, Horace Potter, B. S. (B 

E.) 12. Chief Electrician. Ne 

koosa Edwards Paper Co., Port 

Edwards, Wis. a 
Palmatier, Nelle Frances, S. M. G 

14. Supervisor of Music & Draw 

ing. Menomonie, Wis. 
Palmbach, Harry Richard, B. S. (Ch 

C.) 16. Instr. E. F. D. 2, Applfr 

*Palmer, Allen H., B. S. (E. E.) 96 

Died July 1901. 
Palmer, Bernard Morey, B. L. 00 

Farming. Hamilton, Mont, a 
Palmer, Frances Angeline, B. A. 16 

Teacher. Mabel, Minn. 
Palmer, Mrs. Franklin W. (Guag- 

liata, Mrs. Vincent), Maiden name, 

(Holt, Alice E.) B. L. 88. 
Palmer, Gail Wesley, B. S. A. 16. 

Teacher. Chisholm, Minn. 
Palmer, Gladys Evelyn, B. A. 18. 

325 N. Scoville Ave., Oak Park, 




Palmer, Glenn A., Ag. G. 11. Dairy 

Farming. Brodhead, Wis. 
Palmer, Guy Hageman, B. S. (E. E.) 
07. Elec. Engr. 69 Santa Elena, 
Cienfuegos, Cuba. 
*Palmer, Henry L., LL. D. 98. Died 

May 7, 1909. 
* Palmer, Horace Loveland, Jr., LL. 
B. 72. Died April 25, 1889. 
Palmer, Ray, B. S. (E. E.) 01. Pres. 
New York & Queens Electric 
Light & Power Co. 444 Jackson 
Ave., Long Island City, N. Y. a 
Palmer, IVIrs. Vincent (Richardson, 
Edna B.) B. L. 92. La Grande, 
Palmer, Walter Curtis, LL. B. 81. 

County Judge. Racine, Wis. 
Palmer, William G., LL. B. 87. At- 
torney. Kent, Wash. 
Paltz, Marie Anna Elizabeth, Mus. 
G. 16. 417 W. Gorham, Madison, 
Pammel, Louis Hermann, B. S. A. 85, 
M. S. 91. Prof. & Botanist. la. 
Agr, Ex. Sta. Ames, la. 
Pamperin, Arnold Trudell, B. S. (E. 
E.) 17. 1515 E. Main, Oconto, 
Pan, Chu Chi, B. S. (Ag.) 14, M. S. 

15. Kwangsi, China. 
Pankey, Mrs. W. (Boorman, Leal 
Mary) B. A. 08. Houston, Texas. 
Pannier, John E., LL. B. 95. At- 
torney. Metropolitan Blk., Chip- 
pewa Ealls, Wis. 
Pardee, Franklin Gray, B. S. (Min. 
E.) 15. 415-6th S. E., Minneapolis, 
Minn, a 
Pardee, Neely E., B. L. 01. Law- 
yer. 81 Lumber Exchange, Min- 
neapolis, Minn, a 
Parfrey, Arthur Clyde, B. S. A. 16. 

Richland Center, Wis. 
Paris, Margaret Irma (Billings, Mrs. 

Goodsell) B. A. 12. 
Parish, Edwin Prescott, LL. B. 81. 
Commercial Agent. Wis. Tel. Co. 
Green Bay, Wis. 
Parish, Frederick E., LL. B. 82. 
Real Estate. 3465 Ames Ave., 
Omaha, Neb. 
Parish, John Kimball, Ph. B. 72. 
Circuit Judge & Lawyer. Ash- 
land, Wis. 
Park, Byron B., LL. B. 81. Attor- 
ney & Circuit Judge. Stevens 
Point, Wis. a 

Park, Edwin Horatio, B. S. A. 86, 
LL. B. 89. Attorney. 511-514 
Ernst & Cramer Bldg., Denver, 
Colo, a 
Park, Ernest Sprague, B. S. 97. Asst. 
to Pres. Pittsburgh Wood Pre- 
serving Co. 5806 Ellsworth Ave., 
Pittsburgh, Pa. a 
Park, Frank C, LL., B. 89. Attor- 
ney & Farmer. Hemiston, Ore. 
Park, Lillian D. (Quirk, Mrs. James) 
B. S. 74. 

Park, Marjorie G., B. A. 11. State 
Historical Library, Madison, Wis. 

Park, Maybelle M., B. S. 91. Phy- 
sician & Surgeon. 901-7th Ave., 
Seattle, Wash. 

Park, Merial L. (Tibbitts, Mrs. 
Charles N.) B. S. 84. 

Park, Stephen Alan, M. A. 14. In- 
surance. 761 Superior, Milwaukee, 

Park, Mrs. Stephen Alan (Corbett, 
Gertrude Marion) B. A. 15. 761 
Superior, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Parke, Gladys (Joy, Mrs. Ross E.) 
Ph. B. 09. 

Parke, Vera Janet (Brainerd, Mrs. 
Clifford) B. A. 16. 

Parker, Amy, B. A. 08. Teacher. 
Fennimore, Wis. 

Parker, Barton Lessey, B. L. 95, LL. 
B. 95. Lawyer. 839 S. Quincy, 
Green Bay, Wis. a 

Parker, Cora Belle (Huntington, Mrs. 
B. F.) B. L. 90. 

Parker, Edna Amelia, B. A. 18. 
Eaton, O. 

Parker, Elmer Hiram, B. S. 85. Phy- 
sician. 820 Donaldson Bldg., Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 

Parker, Eustace Edwin, B. S. (C. 
E.) 07. City Engr. Madison, Wis. 
*Parker, Frank I., B. S. (E. E.) 06. 
Died Oct. 1918. 

Parker, George Sumner, B. L. 86. 
Banker. Natl. Exchange Bank. 
Anderson, Ind. a 

Parker, Harry Fletcher, B. A. 07. 
Asst. Mgr. Editor. Milwaukee 
Journal, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Parker, Horton Rudolph, B. S. (Ch. 
E.) 15. Engr. Plasterco, Va. 

Parker, Howard Ashley, B. S. (C. 
E.) 08. Educational Director. Cos- 
den & Co. 721 S. Denver Ave., 
Tulsa, Okla. 



Parker, Mrs. J. F. (Eussell, Elmore 
E.) Ph. B. 03. 1919 E. Superior, 
Duluth, Minn. 

Parker, Louisa, B. A. 19. Mt. Olive, 
111. a 

Parker, Madge M. (Gilman, Mrs. 
James M.) B. A. 05. 

Parker, Marie (Keller, Mrs. Arthur 
E.) B. A. 07. 

Parker, Robert Hughes, B. S. (C. 
E.) 16. Eng. & Contractor. Mc- 
Cook, Neb. a 

Parker, Rupert M., B. S. 93. Phy- 
sician. 5536 Michigan Ave., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Parker, Warren D., M. A. 75. Re- 
tired. 1311 N. El Molino Ave., 
Pasadena, Calif. 

Parker, Wilfred Cedric, B. S. (G. 
E.) 06. Secy. Mueller ^ Son Co. 
361-389 Canal, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Parker, Willard Nathan, B. S. 90. 
Pres. & Mgr. The Parker Co. 1908 
Jefferson, Madison, Wis. 

Parker, William Henry, Ph. B. 02. 
Clergyman. .10 Pearl, Dedham, 

Parkhill, George B., LL. B. 84. At- 
torney & Farmer. Abbotsford, 
^Parkinson, Alfred Carroll, B. A. 70, 
LL. B. 71, M. A. 74. Died Dec. 1, 

Parkinson, Ben Carroll, B. A. 90, 
LL. B. 94. District Mgr. Lake 
Forest Co. Gay Bldg., Madison, 
Wis. a 

Parkinson, Mrs. Ben C. (McCoy, 
Mabel) B. L. 96. 516 Wisconsin 
Ave., Madison, Wis. a 
*Parkinson, Elizabeth, Ph. B. 01. 
Died June 1904. 

Parkinson, Eve (Hean, Mrs. Clar- 
ence S.) B. A. 98. 

Parkinson, Fay (Austin, Mrs. Lee 

F.) B. L. 97. 
*Parkinson, Frank E., Ph. B. 69. Died 
July 25, 1918. 

Parkinson, Helen Elizabeth (Levis, 
Mrs. George W.) B. S. (H. Ec.) 18. 

Parkinson, Henry Gray, B. A. 90, 
LL B. 94, M. A. 09. Gardener. 
R. F. D. 1, Madison, Wis. 

Parkinson, John Barber, B. A. 60, 
M. A. 63. Emeritus Prof, of Law 
& Vice-Pres. U. W. 516 Wiscon- 
sin Ave., Madison, Wis. a 
*Parkinson, John Daniel, B. A. 61, 
M. A. 65. Deceased. I 

Parkinson, John Monroe, B. A. 86, 

B. L. 86, LL. B. 88, M. A. 91. Gen- 
eral Agent. Guardian Life Insur- 
ance Co. Madison, Wis. 

Parkinson, Mrs. John M. (Strong, 
Anna M.) B. S. ■ 94. 349 Lake- 
wood Blvd., Madison, Wis. 

Parkinson, Kathryn, M. G. Sup. 14, 
M. G. 16. 217 Langdon, Madison, 

Parkinson, Marshall M., B. A. 84. 
Lumberman. 217 Langdon, Madi- 
son, Wis. a 

Parkinson, Mary (Schroder, Mrs. A. 
T.) B. L. 85. 

Parkinson, Maude M. (Daniells, Mrs. 
William N.) B. A. 98, M. A. 11. 

Parkinson, Thomas Wright, LL. B. 
89. Attorney. 331 Broadway, 
Waukesha, Wis. 

Parkinson, Walter Knox, LL. B. 01. 
Attorney & Banker. 1st Natl. Bk. 
Bldg., Phillips, Wis. 

Parks, Edna Mary (Jolliffe, Mrs. 
William M.) B. A. 00. 

Parks, Howell, B. A. 03, LL. B. 06. 
Lawyer. 430-32 Equity Bldg., 
Muskogee, Okla. a 

Parks, Mrs. Howell (Cunningham, 
Isabel M.) B. A. 06. 1319 Em- 
poria, Muskogee, Okla. 

Parks, Lewis Woodworth, B. A. 04. 
Factory Manager. 214 Washing- 
ton, Watertown, Wis. a 

Parks, RoUin Robert, B. S. (E. E.) 
12. Farm Tractor & Implement 
Dealer. Fredonia, Wis. 

Parlett, Raymond Coleman, M. E. 
16. Engr. H. W. Johns Manville 
Co. of N. Y. 1509 E. Biddle, Bal- 
timore, Md. a 

Parlin, Charles Coolidge, B. A. 93. 
Mgr. Division of Commercial Re- 
search, Curtis Publishing Co. 
Philadelphia, Pa. a 
*Parman, Albert L., B. S. 85, B. C. 
E. 85. Died Oct. 3, 1889. 

Parman, Ida L. (Frautschi, Mrs. 
Emil J.) B. L. 95. 

Parmelee, Reynale M. (Rowlands, 
Mrs. David Dwight) B. A. 08. 

Parmentier, Jules Merrill, LL. B. 13. 
Attorney. Green Bay, Wis. 

Parmley, Hermann Joseph, Ph. B. 
09. Asst. U. W. 721 W. Dayton, 
Madison, Wis. 

Parmley, Walter Camp, B. Met. E. 
87, M. S. 93. Civil Engr. 1270 
Broadway, New York City, a 



Parr, Charles Henry, B. S. (M. E.) 

96. Engr. Hart-Parr Co. Charles 

City, la. a 
Parr, Thad C, B. A. 11. Teacher. 

1228 Spring, Madison, Wis. 
*Parr, Thomas W., B. Met. E. 81. 

Died Oct. 28, 1889. 
Parratt, Mrs. Norris E. (Henderson, 

Annie Livingstone) B. A. 14. 1630 

Judson, Eavinia, 111. a 
Parrish, Mrs. William M. (Prince, 

Sarah Harriet) B. A. 13. Kil- 

larney Plantation, Ferriday, La. 
Parry, Katherine Janette, M. A. 15. 

Lime Springs, la. 
Parson, Leonard Bradt, Ph. B. (Nor. 

C.) 17. Teacher. 731 Colfax, 

Evanston, HI. 
Parsons, Ada M., B. L. 94. Instr. 

2303 Cedar, Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Parsons, Arthur, B. S. 89, LL. B. 91. 

Attorney. 205 State Bank Bldg., 

La Crosse, Wis. 
Parsons, Caryl (Birkett, Mrs. Miles 

Wren) B. A. 07. 
Parsons, Dickson Ward, M. S. 18. 

County Agr. Agent. Weston, W. 

Parsons, Edgar, B. S. A. 12. Farm- 
er. R. F. D. 3, Burton, O. a 
Parsons, Forest Lee, B. A. 05. Phy- 
sician & Surgeon. Lockport, HI. 
Parsons, Mrs. Forest L. (Forward, 

Abigail L.) M. G. 08. Lockport, 

Parsons, Mrs. Frank Y. (Roloff, 

Edna Arlisle) B. A. 10. 3134 

Olive, Kansas City, Mo. a 
Parsons, Frederick Francis, B. L. 97. 

679-77 Ave., West AUis, Wis. 
Parsons, Helen Tracy, M. S. 16. 

Research Chemist. Johns Hopkins 

Univ. Baltimore, Md. a 
Parsons, Robert Percival, B. S. 

(Med.) 15. Chicago, 111. 
Parsons, Walter Jay, B. S. (C. E.) 00. 

President W. J. Parsons Housing 

Co. 53 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, 
111. a 
Partridge, Elva E. (Keifer, Mrs. 

Norman W.) B. A. 11. 
Partridge, Florence Alevia, B. A. 18. 

3518 N. Leavitt, Chicago, 111. a 
Pasewalk, Gladys, B. A. (C C ) 19 

424 S. 5th, Norfolk, Neb. a 
Pasley, Virginia Cleveland, B. A. 19 
Fulton, Mo. 

Pasternacki, John George, Ph. G. 05. 

Proprietor Model Pharmacy. 316 

Chestnut, Virginia, Minn. 
Patek, Alfred, B. A. 80. Newspaper- 
man. Century Blvd., Denver, Colo. 
Patrick, John Bartow, B. L. 02. 

Cashier. Gogebic Dist. Office, 

Oliver Iron Mining Co. 410 E. 

Vaughn, Ironwood, Mich. 
Patron, Enrique Rizo, B. S. (Ag.) 15. 
Patt, Roscoe Foote, B. S. (Ch. C.) 

15. Research Chemist. Neversink 

Dyeing Co. Reading, Pa. a 
Pattee, Frank B., LL. B. 00. Attor- 
ney. Eder Block, Crown Point, 

Patten, Edith S., Ph. B. 01. Asst. 

Northern 111. State Normal. De- 

Kalb, 111. 
Patten, Elizabeth M. (Toenniges, 

Mrs. C. Frederick) Ph. B. 04. 
Patten, Harrison Eastman, Ph. D. 

02. Chemist & Physicist. U. S. 

Dept. of Agr. Wash. D. C. 
Patten, Stephen Jefferson, M. A. 18. 
Patterson, Anna Louisa, B. A. 06. 

Teacher. 19 N. Bassett, Madison, 

Wis. a 
Patterson, Bertha Louise, B. A. 17. 

Physical Education. 2514 Durant 

Ave., Berkeley, Calif, a 
Patterson, Dorothy Jean, B. A. 19. 

Phys. Dir. Board of Education. 

Detroit, Mich, a 
Patterson, Edgar John, B. L. 91, LL, 

B. 94. Lawyer. 3303 Cedar, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 
Patterson, Elizabeth, B. A. 12. 

Teacher. De Forest, Wis. 
■Patterson, Ewing Law, B. A. 82. 

Patterson, Florence Beth, B. A. 15. 

Teacher. Hwai Yuen, China. 
Patterson, George Hill, B. S. (Med.) 

19. c/o Austin Nichols Co., New 

York City, a 
Patterson, John, LL. B. 72. Attor- 
ney. Central City, Neb. 
Patterson, Marian Helen, B. A. 09. 

Glen Haven, Wis. 
Patterson, Mark Lawrence, B. A. 08. 

Baraboo, Wis. 
Patterson, Percival P., Ph. B. 13. 

Teacher. Montfort, Wis. a 
Patterson, Walter L., B. A. 06. Sun 

Prairie, Wis. 
■Patterson, Mrs. Walter L. (Hayden, 

Catherine Pearl) B. a. 07. Died 

Aug. 29, 1917. 



*Patton, Garrett Jasper, Ph. B, 73. 


Patzer, Otto, B. L. 98, M. L. 99, Ph. 
D. 07. Assoc. Prof. U. of Wash- 
ington. Seattle, Wash, a 

Paul, Alexander G., B. L. 96. Lum- 
berman. Watertown, Fla. a 

Paul, Clarence Arthur, LL. B. 94. 
*Paul, Edward J., B. L. 79, LL. B. 
81. Deceased. 

Paul, Irene Rosalind, B. A. 16. 
Teacher. Hurley, Wis. a 

Paul, John H., B. L. 93, LL. B. 94. 
Attorney. 568 Summit Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Paul, Joseph B., M. A. 14. Hunt- 
ington, Ind. 

Paul, Katherine C. (Young, Mrs. W. 
J.) B. L. 79. 

Paul, Milton James, LL. B. 12. 
Lawyer. Green Lake, Wis. a 

Paul, Parry Haines, B. S. (M. E.) 
18. Edison Storage Battery, W. 
Orange, N. J. a 

Paulsen, August Herman, B. A. 12. 
State Tax Comm. 301 Ogden Ave., 
Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Paulson, Henry Olaus, B. A. 05. 
Teacher. E. F. D. 5. Mt. Horeb, 
Wis. a 

Paulson, Mabelle Idelia, S. M. G. 16. 
Music Supr. & Instr. 305 E. 
South, Stoughton, Wis. 

Paulson, Walter Ernest, Ph. B. 17. 
Hollandale, Wis. 

Paulu, Emanuel Marion, Ph. B. (Nor. 
C.) 18. 543 State, Madison, Wis. 

Paulus, Edwin J., B. S. (C. E.) 11. 
Asst. Mgr. MeClintic Marshall 
Construction Co. Pittsburgh, 

Pa. a 

Paulus, George W., B. S. 89. Vice- 
Pres. Citizens Natl. Bank. Grand 
Eapids, Wis. 

Paulus, Mrs. Todd E. (Concklin, 
Esther E.) B. A. 05. 1609 E. 7th, 
St. Paul, Minn, a 

Pauly, Hugo Albert, B. S. 03. Train- 
ing School for Teachers, Mayville, 

Paust, Benjamin Alexander, B. A. 
04. Eeal Estate & Investments. 
342 Metropolitan Bank Bldg., Min- 
neapolis, Minn, a 

Pawling, Robert A., B. S. (M. E.) 
09. Treas. Pewaukee Lake Ice 
Co. 1411 Majestic Bldg., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Payne, Mrs. Jesse D., (Button, Kit- 
tie) B. L. 02. 7652 Greenview 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Payne, Randolph Rogers, B. A. 15. 
10510 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, O. a 

Payne, William Morton, LL. D. 03. 
Assoc. Editor. The Dial. 1933 In- 
diana Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Paynter, Charles Perry, Ph. G. 17. 
Druggist. Shullsburg, Wis. 

Paynter, Mrs. Perry (Matthewson, 
Norma) Shullsburg, Wis. a 

Peabody, Arthur Cochrane, B. A. 13. 
State Architect. U. W. Madison, 

Peabody, Marion Grace (West, Mrs. 
Allen Brown) B. A. 09, M. A. 12. 

Peachey, James Alfred, B. S. (M. E.) 
18. Burnett, Wis. a 

Peacock, Kenneth Cleland, B. S. 

(Med.) 15. Physician & Surgeon. 

. Augustana Hospital, Chicago, 111. a 

Peacock, Leila Irene (Mane, Mrs. W. 
Gregory) B. A. 12. 

Pearce, Charles Chester, B. A. 09. 
Dodgeville, Wis. 

Pearce, Charles Sumner, B. L. 00, 
LL. B. 03. Sales & Adv. Mgr. B. 
J. Johnson Soap Co. 788 Shepard 
Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Pearce, Jane, B. A. 13. Teacher. 
Dodgeville, Wis. 

Pearce, Rufus Burleson, C. E. 17. 
Civil Engr. Eichmond, Tex. a 

Pearsall, Amos C, B. S. (M. E.) 10. 
Contr. Engr. Des Moines Bridge 
& Iron Co. Des Moines, la. 

Pearsall, Barbara Evelyn, B. A. 19. 
Evansville, Wis. 

Pearsall, William G., B. S. (Min. E.) 
11, M. S. 12. Mining Geologist. 
Deerwood, Minn a 

Pearse, Mrs. Albert John (Arnold, 
Elizabeth May) Ph. B. 00. 201 
Brandon, Seattle, Wash. 

Pearson, Cecil Philip, B. A. 16. Secy. 
Madison, N. J. 

Pearson, Norma Lenys, B. A. 18. 
Teacher. Bloomington, Wis. a 

Pearson, Samuel E., Ph. B. 99. 
Banker. Bloomington, Wis. 

Pearson, WilUam Henry, Ph. B. 00. 
Govt. Clerk. Div. of Postal Sav- 
ings, P. O. Dept., Wash. D. C. 

Pease, Bernard S., B. S. (C. E.) 07. 
Mgr. Concrete Eeinforcement 
Dept., American Steel & Wire Co. 
Em. 1486, 208 S. La Salle, Chi- 
cago, 111. 



Pease, Clifford Coleman, B. A. 04, 
LL. B. 11. Attorney. 704 Watts 
Bldg., San Diego, Calif, a 
Pease, Edna Crystal, B. A. 13. 
Teacher. 3524-30th, San Diego, 
Pease, George Douglas, B. L. 93. 
Attorney. 319 S. Central Ave., 
Bozeman, Mont. 
Pease, Harlow Francis, LL. B. 09. 
Attorney. 915 Pacific, Dillon, 
Pease, Mrs. James A. (Odell, Susan) 
B. L. 99. 2817-lOth N. Ave., 
Seattle, Wash. 
Pease, Lynn Spencer, B. A. 86, LL. 
B. 91. Attorney. 1301 Majestic 
Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Pease, Mrs. Lynn S. (Nunns, Emma 
E.) B. L. 86. 520 Wauwatosa 
Ave., Wauwatosa, Wis. a 
Pease, Mary Ennever (Washburn, 
Mrs. Kaymond H.) B. S. (H. Ec.) 
Pease, Peter Laurence, Ph. B. 04. 
Pres. & Mgr. P. L. Pease & Co., 
Inc. 61 Eoot Bldg., Buffalo, N. Y. a 
Pease, Raymond Bumette, B L. 00, 

M. G. 00, M. A. 04. a 
Peck, Alice Louise, B. S. (H. Ec.) 
16. Teacher. 915 Sheridan Ed., 
Chicago, 111. a 
*Peck, Arthur Cole, B. A. 66, M. A. 

69. Died May 10, 1916. 
*Peck, Mrs. Arthur C. (Noble, Helen 
V.) (Formerly Fleming, Mrs. D. 
B.) Ph. B. 69. Deceased. 
Peck, Bert Hila, B. S. (E. E.) 06, 
E. E. 16. Elect. Engr. 505 E. 
Lockwood Ave., Webster Groves, 
Mo. a 
Peck, Mrs. Bert H. (Whelan, Letta 
Helen) B. A. 07. 505 E. Lockwood 
Ave., Webster Groves, Mo. a 
*Peck, Helene Parkinson, B. A. 13. 
Died Nov. 13, 1918. 
Peck, Margery Anne, B, A. 18. 450 

Edgewood Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Peck, Orwin K., B. S. (G. E.) 07. 
Designing Engr. Dominion Bridge 
Co. Winnipeg, Man. Can. 
Peck, Ruth Annette (McLeod, Mrs. 
John Hayne) B. S. (H. Ec.) 14. 
*Peckham, George Williams, LL. D. 
94. Died Jan. 1914. 
Peckham, George Williams, Jr., B. 
A. 06. Instr. Columbia Univ. 
New Yo"rk City. 

Peckham, Mary Cliff ord, (Gross, Mrs. 

J. W.) B. L. 02. 
Pedersen, Ema Sofie, B. A. 14. 
Pederson, John Peter, B. S. (M. E.) 

17. Tunnel City, Wis. a 
Pederson, Wilhelmine Mildred, B. A. 
19. 31 Arthur Ave. S. E., Min- 
neapolis, Minn, a 
Pedrick, Samuel Marcellus, LL. B. 

94. Attorney. Eipon, Wis. 
Peebles, Grace Elizabeth, B. A. 17. 

Teacher. Oconomowoc, Wis. a 
•Peemiller, Otto, LL. B. 79. Deceas- 
Peet, Charles Emerson, B. S. 92. 
Prof. Lewis Institute. 2252 W. 
Adams, Chicago, 111. 
Peet, Katherine O. (Smyser, Mrs. S. 

F.) B. S. 00. 
Peisch, Archie Marcus, B. A. (C. C.) 
15. Instr. U. of S. D. Vermillion, 
S. D. a 
'Pellage, George William, LL. B. 95. 

Died Dec. 8, 1909. 
Pellette, Arthur Jay, LL. B. 14. 

Hartland, Wis. a 
Pellow, Annie (Richards, Mrs. Wal- 
ter J.) B. L. 94. 
Pellow, Chauncey James, B. A. 19. 
444 Fullerton Parkway, Chicago, 
111. a 
Peltier, George Leo, B. A. 10. Prof. 
Ala. Polytechnic Institute & Plant 
Pathologist, Ala. Agr. Exp. Sta. 
Auburn, Ala. 
Pelton, Anna May, B. L. 03. Teach- 
er. 1151-20th, Seattle, Wash, a 
Pelton, Edith Lavinia, B. A. 07. 
6061-50th Ave. S. W., Seattle, 
*Pelton, Glenn Edgar, B. A. 09. De- 
Pelton, Guy Meredith, B. A. 09. 
Asst. Prof. Northwestern Univ. 
Bldg. 2600 Thayer, Evanston, HI. a 
Pelton, Jessie Mjrrtle, B. L. 03. 
Teacher. 6061-50th Ave., Seattle, 
Pelton, Jessie M. (Smith, Mrs. Har- 
ry G.) B. L. 03. 
Penberthy, Mary Cora, M. A. 19. 
Teacher. 2038 S. 115th, Cleve- 
land, O. 
Pence, Helen Charlotte, B. A. 15. 

Asst. U. W. Madison, Wis. a 
Pence, NelUe Ada (Slichter, Mrs. 
Sumner) B. A. 13. 

17— A. D. 



Pendleton, Edmund, B. L. 94. At- 
torney. 511 Iowa Bldg., Sioux 
City, la. 
Pendleton, Mary Lucy (Eamsey, 
Mrs. J. M.) B. L. 95. 

*Penfield, Samuel Lewis, LL. D. 04. 

Died 1906 
Penfound, Mona, B. A. 14. Teacher. 
Hibbing, Minn. 

Pengelly, Jane Mae, B. A. 13. Teach- 
er. Lakewood K. S. Cleveland, O. 

Pengra, Charlotte E. (Crathorne, 
Mrs. A. K.) B. S. 97, Ph. D. 01. 

Pengra, Delia I. (Briggs, Mrs. 
George W.) B. A. 04. 

Pengra, Mabel A. (Foster, Mrs. Paul 
C.) B. A. 99. 

Pengra, Marshall Hylon, B. A. 05. 
Pres. Oregon Gravel & Contract- 
ing Co. Independence, Ore. 

-Pengra, Preston W., B. S. (E. E.) 
02. Died 1910. 
Pengra, Stella M. (Upham, Mrs. Her- 
bert U.) B. A. 07. 

Penhallegon, Mary Genevieve (Fox, 
Mrs. Osmon C.) B. A. 17. 

Penn, William Clay, B. S. (C. E.) 07. 
Civil Engr. Alcoa, Tenn. 

Penningroth, Benjamin G., B. A. 17. 
Farmer. Tipton, la. 

Penniston, Dora L. (Thompson, Mrs. 
C. F.) B. L. 98. 

Penniston, Laura M. (Laugmann, 
Mrs. W. C. ) B. A. 11. 

Pennock, Edith Lillian, B. A. 13. 
Teacher. Bloomington, Wis. a 

Pennock, Florence I. (Leavitt, Mrs. 
Isaac S.) Ph. B. 74. 

Pennock, Henry William, B. M. E. 
83. Attorney. 908 Leary Bldg., 
Seattle, Wash, a 

Peotter, Reuben Sylvester, B. S. (C. 
E.) 05, C. E. 09. Dir. & Vice- 
Pres., 2nd Ward Savings Bk. Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 

Pepper, Michael William, Ph. B. 71, 
LL. B. 72. 

Perel, Rose, B. A. 18. 5254 Indiana 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 
*Pereles, James Madison, LL. B. 74. 

Died Dec. 11, 1910. 
*Pereles, Thomas Jefferson, LL. B. 
76. Deceased. 

Pergande, Arthur Albert, B. S. (E. 
E.) 10. Asst. Mgr. Trumbull 
Mazda Lamp Works, General 
Elect. Co. 670 W. Market, War- 
ren, O. a 

Pergande, Arthur George, B. S. (E. 

E.) 18. 5 E. Water, Cedarburg, 

Perham, George Addison, B. L. 03. 
Eeal Estate Dealer. 701 Cleve- 
land, Eveleth, Minn, a 

Perkins, Charles Joseph, LL. B. 84. 
Victory Sales Co., 1406 S. Mich- 
igan Ave., Chicago, 111. a 

Perkins, Florence E. (Siggelko, Mrs. 
Herbert S.) M. G. 07. 

Perkins, Frances Gay, B. L. 98. Su- 
pervisor of Attendance in Public 
Schools. 95 Sheboygan, Fond du 
Lac, Wis. a 

Perkins, Henry Addison, B. L. 97. 
Printer. 852 S. Figueroa, Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

Perkins, Janet Russell, B. S. 01. 

Perkins, Jay Hugh, B. S. (E. E.) 96. 
Chief Engr. American Cities Co. 
2100-lst Ave., Birmingham, Ala. a 

Perkins, John Raymond, B. A. (C. 
C.) 18. 

Perkins, Lillian, B. A. 09. Teacher. 
Asst. in History. U. W,, Madison, 

Perkins, Louise, B. A. 11. Teacher. 
1515 McDonald Ave., Sioux City, 

Perkins, Nell Millar (Dawson, Mrs. 

Allan) B. L. 91. 
*Perkins, Philip H., LL. B. 82. De- 

Perkins, Willis Drummond, B. S. (E. 
E.) 05. Dealer in Motorcycles & 
Bicycles. Santa Maria, Calif. 

Perky, Esther (Woodhouse, Mrs. 
Lynn) B. A. 13. 

Perley, Mary Elizabeth, M. A. 15. 
Fargo, N. D. 

Perlman, Jacob, B. A. 19. 205 S. 
Park, Madison, Wis. 

Perlman, Selig, B. A. 10, Ph. D. 16. 
Instr. U. W. 12 S. Orchard, Madi- 
son, Wis. a 

Perrin, Frank L., LL. B. 86. Edi- 
torial Writer. Christian Science 
Monitor. 24 Westland Ave., Bos- 
ton, Mass. 
*Perrui, Levi James, LL. B. 86. Died 
March 1902. 
Perrin, Mabel S. (Titus, Mrs. Rob- 
ert H.) Ph. B. 02. 
Perrin, Solon L., LL. B. 81. Attor- 
ney. Eogers-Ruger Bldg., Super- 
ior, Wis. a 
Perrine, Stephen Earl, B. A. (G. J.) 
15. Big Timber, Mont, a 



Perry, Mrs. C. B. (Macomber, Wini- 
fred Carr) B. A. 08. Milton, Wis. 
Perry, Charles Bennett, LL. B. 86. 

Attorney. 806 Majestic Bldg., 

waukee, Wis. 
Perry, Charles Stanley, B. A. 14. 

Lawyer. 805 Majestic Bldg., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 
Perry, Mrs. Charles S. (Slothower, 

Theodosia May) B. A. 15. 389- 

6th Ave., Wauwatosa, Wis. a 
Perry, Clara Harmon, B. A. 12. 

Teacher. Clinton, Conn. 
Perry, Claude Halpin, B. S. (C. E.) 

03. Div. Engr. C. & N. W. Ey. 

Antigo, Wis. a 
Perry, Elizabeth Dorothy (Lafferty, 

Mrs. Herbert R.) B. A. 12. 
'Perry, Ralph Haney, B. A. 16. Died 

in service, Nov. 22, 1918. 
Persons, Archie Lee, B. A. 06. Mer- 
cantile Business. Exeland, Wis. 
Persons, Warren Milton, B. S. 99, 

Ph. D. 16. Prof. Econ. Harvard 

Univ. Cambridge, Mass. a 
Persons, William Everette, B L. 89. 

Mgr. Larkin Co. Peoria, 111. 
Perwien, Richard, B. S. (C. E.) 08. 

Civil Engr. Prop. Fuel Econ. Engr. 

Co. 62 E. 3rd, St. Paul, Minn, a 
Pesark, Marguerite Helen, B. A. 16. 

Teacher. Superior, Wis. 
Peshak, Josephine Angeline, B. A. 

08. 3559 N. Western Ave., Chi- 
cago, 111. 
Pesta, Rose Alice, B. L. 02, M. L. 03. 

Principal. 1548 E. 65th Place, 

Chicago, HI. a 
Peter, Albert George, B. S. (M. E.) 

13. Asst. Prod. Engr. Chain Belt 

Co., Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Peterman, Mynie Gustav, B. S. 

(Med.) 18. Medical Student. 

Washington Univ. Medical School. 

St. Louis, Mo. a 
Peters, Adolph Charles Edward, B. 

A. 09. Farm Produce & Mch'y. 

Dealer. Brooks, Wis. a 
Peters, Avis Marie, B. S. (H. Ec.) 

18. Forest Products Lab. 139 

Langdon, Madison, Wis. 
Peters, Charles Sumner, B. S. (E. 

E.) 05. Elect. Engr. Laclede Gas 

Lt. Co. St. Louis, Mo. 
Peters, Elsie Vogt. B. A. 17. 272 

Ogden Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Peters, Henry Augustus, Ph. G. 92. 

Physician. 200 N. Main, Ocono- 

mowoc. Wis. a 

Peters, Leo James, B. S. (E. E.) 19. 

Fellow in Engr. U. W. Edgemont, 

S. D. a 
Peters, Robert LeRoy, B. A. 17. 

Blue River, Wis. a 
Peters, Susane Marie, B. L. 96. 268- 

34th, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Petersen, Arnold, LL. B. 14. 
Petersen, LeRoy, B. A. 17. Dalton, 

Petersen, Lillian Estelle, B. A. 16. 

2601 Washington Ave., Racine, 

Petersen, Marius Smith, B. S. 

(Med.) 10. Surgeon. 166 New- 
bury, Boston, Mass. a 
Petersen, Nels John, B. A. 06. 133 

Coleman, Marinette, Wis. 
Petersen, Robert Peter, B. S. (C. 

E.) 16. La Crosse Steel & Constr. 

Co. Waukon, la. 
Petersen, William Herman, B. S. (C. 

E.) 89. C. R. L & P. Ry. 2805 

Forest Drive, Des Moines, la. a 
Peter smeyer, Mrs. Harry F. (Quayle, 

Florence Fidelia) M. G. 13. 2372 

W. 22d, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Peterson, Alma Marie (Chapman, 

Mrs. James E.) Ph. B. 03. 
Peterson, Alvin, LL. B. 11. Attor- 
ney & Banker. Soldiers Grove, 

Peterson, Alvin Martin, Ph. B. 17. 

City ^Supt. of Schools. Mabel, 

Peterson, Arthur Frederick, B. S. 

(Min. E.) 18. Ironwood, Mich. 
Peterson, Arthur S. J., B. S. (Med.) 

18. 1808 Franklin, Racine, Wis. 
Peterson, Basil Irving, B. A. 12. 

Foreign Bureau Mgr. National 

City Bank of N. Y. 55 Wall, 

New York City, a 
Peterson, Charles Nelson, B. L. 98, 

LL. B. 00. Attorney. 546 Mit- 
chell, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Peterson, Mrs. Charles N. (Jackow- 

ska, Antoinette V.) LL. B. 01. 

Attorney. 546 Mitchell, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 
Peterson, Elsea Gladys J., B. A. 15. 

Teacher. Sioux Falls, S. D. a 
*Peterson, Ernest Archie, B. A. (C. 

C.) 14. Died Apr. 15, 1916. 
Peterson, Esther Adollia, B. A. 18. 

1630 Woodrow Ave., Racine, Wis. 
Peterson, Evan Hugo, B. A. 16. 

Stockholm, Wis. 



Peterson, Francis Edwin, M. A. 16. 

Pres. Park Eegion Coll. Fergus 

Falls, Minn. 
Peterson, Frederick Bums, B. L. 98, 

LL. B. 00. 668 Witmer, Apt. 110, 

Los Angeles, Calif. 
Peterson, IVIrs. Frederick B., (Mc- 

Naney, Elizabeth M.) B. L. 97. 

668 Witmer, Apt. 110, Los Ange- 
les, Calif. 
Peterson, Frederick William, B. A. 

95. Physician & Surgeon. 615 

State, El Centre, Calif. 
*Peterson, Harold Stuart, B. A. 02. 

Died March 28, 1904. 
Peterson, Harry Arthur, B. A. (C. 

C.) 15. 125 S. 16th, La Crosse, 

Wis. a 
Peterson, Hazel Victoria, B. A. 13. 

Teacher. Rice Lake, Wis. 
Peterson, Helen Therese, B. A. 13. 

Soldiers Grove, Wis. 
Peterson, James A., B. A. 84, LL. B. 

87. Attorney. 900 Security Bk. 

Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Peterson, Mrs. J. A. (Dahle, Marie 

E.) B. L. 84. 2731 Chicago Ave., 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Peterson, James Dahle, B. A. 18. 

2731 Chicago Ave., Minneapolis, 

Peterson, Lawrence Peter, Ph. G. 09. 

Pharmacist. Viroqua, Wis. 
Peterson, Margaret Irene, B. A. 19. 

R. F. D. 3. Delavan, Wis. 
Peterson, Mary Sophie, B. A. 11. 

Student. 820 Dakin, Chicago, 111. a 
Peterson, Orren Peter, Min. E. 14. 

Consulting Mining Geologist. Cia 

Reo del Monte, Pachuca, Mexico. 
Peterson, Mrs. Otto M. (Polk, Irene 

Genevieve) S. M. G. 17. Flint, 

Peterson, Peter Vomer, (see Verner, 

P. P.) B. L. 03. 
Peterson, Mrs. R. (Doughty, Helena) 

M. A. 14. a 
Peterson, Rebecca Orpha (Hepler, 

Mrs. J. R.) B. A. 16. 
Peterson, William, LL. D. 04. Mc- 

Gill Univ. Montreal, Can. 
Peterson, William Andrew, LL. B. 

Peterson, WilUam Harold, Ph. D. 13. 

Assoc. Prof. U. W. College Hills, 

Madison, Wis. 
*Petrie, RoUie A., B. A. 07. De- 

Petrie, Walter William, B. S. (G. 

E.) 10. Prop. Petrie Transfer & 

Storage Co. 164-172 Cherry, 

Fond du Lac, Wis. 
Pett, Harris Grow, B. A. 18. 

Winona, Minn. 
Petterson, Carl Mathew, B. A. 13. 

Inspectorate General of Customs. 

c/o Chinese Customs Service, 

Peking, China, a 
Pettibone, Dorothy Foster, B. A. 15. 

649 Liberty, Burlington, Wis. 
Pettibone, Harriet Nixon, B. A. (C. 

J.) 19. Burlington, la. 
Pettibone, Ira Frederick, B. S. (G. 

E.) 09. a 
Pettigrew, Bessie, B. A. 06. Teach- 
er. 135 Algoma, Oshkosh, Wis. 
Pettigrew, Richard F., LL. B. 78. 

Real Estate Dealer. Sioux Falls, 

S. D. 
Pettijohn, John J., B. A. 11. Direc- 
tor Extension Div. U. of Ind. 

Bloomington, Ind. a 
Pettis, Charles Semple, B. S. A. 17, 

M. S. 18. Grad. Student. 1028 

Clymer PL, Madison, Wis. 
Petura, Frank Joseph, B. S. (E. E.) 

04. Gen. Purchasing Engr. H. L. 

Doherty & Co. New York City, a 
Petura, Mrs. Frank J. (Miller, 

Marie Grace) B. A. 04 535 High- 
land Ave., Westfield, N. J. a 
Pfaflflin, Frieda L. (Dorner, Mrs. Fred 

H.) B. A. 07. 
Pfannstiehl, J. Jacques, B. S. (G. 

E.) 08. Asst. Cashier. Ist Natl. 

Bank, Baraboo, Wis. 
Pfeifer, Fred JuUus, B. A. 05. Phy- 
sician & Surgeon. New London, 

Wis. a 
Pfeifer, Janet (Houwers, Mrs. 

George) B. A. 10. 
Pfeiffer, Charles Albert, B. A. 14. 

Traveling Salesman, James Mfg. 

Co. Ft. Atkinson, Wis. 
Pfeiffer, Reuben Roland, B. A. 18. 

Student. 4631 Lake Pk. Ave., 

Chicago, 111. 
Pfeil, Paul Francis, Ph. G. 11. 99 

Marquette, Fond du Lac, Wis. 
Pfeiler, Reuben Valentine, B. S. (Ph. 

C.) 14. Sheboygan, Wis. 
Pfiffner, Joseph Roe, LL. B. 09. 

Lawyer. Stevens Point, Wis. a 
Pfisterer, Clara (Cowley, Mrs. A. 

W.) B. L. 01. 



Pflanz, Ernest L., B. S. (C. E.) 11. 
Asst. Supt. Foster Construetion 
Co. Coswell Blk., Milwaukee, 

Pflaum, Walter Otto, B. S. (Ch. C.) 
12. Chief Chemist. T. M. E. R. 
& L. Co. 315 Public Service Bldg., 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Pflughoeft, Henry Andrew, B. S. A. 
12. Park Rapids, Minn, a 

Pflughoeft, Mrs. H. A. (Emery, 
Hazel) B. A. 12. Park Rapids, 

Pfuderer, Helen Virginia (Smith, 
Mrs. Gilbert N.) B. A. 13. 

Pfund, A. Herman, B. S. 01. 496 
Johns Hopkins Univ. Baltimore, 

Pfund, Adolph, B. A. 03, M. A. 05. 
Secy. N. W. Lumbermen's Asso- 
ciation. lOlO McKnight Bldg., 
Minneapolis, Minn, a 

Pfund, Mrs. Adolph (Epstein, Char- 
lotte W.) B. A. 04. 4920 Dupont 
Ave. S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Pfund, Anna (McMurray, Mrs. Rich- 
ard) B. S. (H. Ec.) 11. 

Pfund, Carl Frederick, B. A. 05, LL. 
B. 07. Secy. General Purifica- 
cation Co. 407 Pioneer Blk., Mad- 
son, Wis. 

Prund, Herman, LL. B. 77. Attor- 
ney. Madison, Wis. 

Pheatt, Zebulon, LL. B. 92. Attor- 
ney. Room 9, Empire Bldg. 14 
Grand Ave., .Milwaukee, Wis. 

Phelan, Edward D., LL. B. 04. At- 
torney. 28-30 Union Bank Bldg., 
Helena, Mont, a 

Phelan, Raymond Vincent, Ph. D. 
06. Instr. U. of Minn. Faculty 
Box 95, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Phelan, Mrs. Raymond V. (Helm-' 
Holtz, Anna A.) B. A. 05, M. A. 
06, Ph. D. 08. Asst. Prof. U. of 
Minn. Faculty Box 95, Minnea- 
polis, Minn. 

Phelan, Ruth Lincoln (Stewart, Mrs. 
Dugald A.) B. A. 05. 
*Phelps, Arthur Warren, B. A. 90, M. 

A. 92. Died June 24, 1913. 
*Phelps, Charles A., B. L. 96. Died 
Jan. 16, 1919. 

Phelps, Clarence Henry, Jr., B. A. 
18. 1128-3d, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Phelps, Ella, Ph. B. 12. Teacher. 
1128-3d, Milwaukee, Wis. a 
*Phelps, Frank Bain, B. S. 87. Died 
Jan. 1897. 

Phelps, Harold Frederick, B. A. 12. 

Farm Loans & Real Estate. Minto, 

Walsh Co., N. D. a 
Phelps, Henry W., LL. B. 82. At- 
torney. Grafton, N. D. 
Phelps, Marion A., B. S. (M. E.) 12. 

Albany, Wis. 
Phelps, Raymond Adelbert, B. S. (C. 

E.) 16. Sales Engr. Davis-Hanson 

Co., Oshkosh, Wis. 
Philipp, Ernest Joseph, Ph. B. 16, 

Ph. M. 17. Teacher. 589-5th 

Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Phillips, Albert David, B. S. A. 14. 

Sales Mgr. 1102 W. Johnson, 

Madison, Wis. 
Phillips, Blanche Beulah, B. A. 09. 

Prop. The Sweet Shop. 101 S. 

Pacific Blvd., Huntington Park, 

PhiUips, Charles Herman, LL. B. 93. 

Attorney. 296 W. Water, Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 
Phillips, Emma R. (Vroman, Mrs. 

C. E.) Ph. B. 67. 
*PhiUips, Evelyn Alice, B. A. 19. 

Died March 23, 1919. 
PhilUps, Harold Edward, B. S. 

(Med.) 17. Physician. 301 W. 

Garfield Blvd., Chicago, lU. a 
Phillips, Hazel Mae (Wodsedalek, 

Mrs. J. E.) B. A. 14. 
PhiUips, Mrs. John L. (Ernst, Marie 

A.) B. A. 97. Linden, Va. 
Phillips, John Stone, LL. B. 72. 
*Phimps, Jonathan, B. C. E. 87. Died 

Phillips, Laura J. (Ratcliffe, Mrs. 

Emory) Ph. B. 10. 
Phillips, Max, B. S. (Ch. C.) 17, 

M. S. 18. Evansville, Wis. 
Phillips, Mrs. N. C. (Kleckner, 

Bertha Diana) Ph. B. 10. 228 Jef- 
ferson, Freeport, 111. 
Phillips, Norman Francis, B. C. E. 

77. 3024 Holmes Ave. S., Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 
Phillips, Ruth Mary, B. A. 04. 

Teacher. 702-6th, Menomonie, 

Wis. a 
Phillips, Victor Leo, B. S. (G. E.) 

09. Pres. The Victor L. PhiUips 

Co. 7th & Delaware, Kansas City, 

Phinney, Sedley Hopkins, C. E. 14. 

Staff Member. Reconstruction 

Comm. of New York State. Room 

905, 261 Broadway, New York 




Phipps, Cranston G., LL. B. 97. 

Mfg. 114-18th, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Phipps, Roy- Chester, B. S. (M, E.) 

11. Hydraulic Engr. Tokio, 

Japan, a 
Phipps, Stephen Carpenter, B. A. 03. 

Hudson, Wis. 
Phoenix, Mrs. William (Godwin, 

Ethel Isabelle) B. A. 06. 235 

Lincoln Ave., Pocatello, Idaho. 
Pick, Mrs. Carl (Bredette, Mabelle 

C.) B. A. 11. 438-8th Ave. N., 

West Bend, Wis. a 
Pick, Mrs. Edwin, (Hickisch, Ther- 

esc F.) B. A. 06. 824 Walnut, 

West Bend, Wis. a 
Pickard, Anna (Atkins, Mrs. F. L.) 

Ph. B. 66. 
Pickard, Arthur Edward, B. S. (M. 

E.) 12. Bond Salesman. Stephens 

& Co. Merchants Natl. Bk. Bldg., 

San Francisco, Calif. . 
^Pickard, Charles Ernest, B. A. 75. 

Died June 24, 1912. 
Pickard, Clesson F., LL. B. 91. At- 
torney. 4013 Montgall Ave., Kan- 
sas City, Mo. 
Pickard, Rawson Joseph, B. S. 03. 

Physician. Clinical Lab. 712 

Watts Bldg., San Diego, Calif, a 
Pickard, Mrs. Rawson J. (Riedesel, 

Bertha,) B. L. 03. 3685 Jackdaw, 

San Diego, Calif, a 
Pickarts, Mary Elisa, M. G. 99. 429 

Park, Madison, Wis. 
Pickering, Charles Ringham, B. S. 

91. Physician. Muscoda, Wis. a 
Pickering, Harold Gregg, LL. B. 12. 

Lawyer. Superior, Wis. 
Pickering, Ralph C, LL. B, 04. 

Lawyer. Virginia, Minn. 
Pickering, Mrs. Ralph C. (Morse, 

Nona T.) B. A. 06. 325 Hemlock, 

Virginia. Minn. 
Pickett, Roswell Covert. B. S. A 

15. a 
Pickford, Merle S. (Stevens, M-rs. 

J. D. R.) B. L. 02. 
Pickford, Theo B. (Owen, Mrs. Ray 

S.) B L. 03, M. G. 03. 
Pickrell, Mrs. George Smith,, (Ter- 
ry, Edna June) B. A. 09. 616 S. 

Norton Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Pieh, Addie Emma, B. A. 19. 930 

Oregon, Madison, Wis. a 
Pieh, Margaret Elizabeth, B. S. (H. 
Ec.) 19. 534 W. Washington Ave., 
Madison, Wis. a 

Piehl, Gunard Alfred, B. A. (C. C.) 

17. Williams Bay, Wis. a 
Pieper, Ernest John, M. A. 15, Ph. 

D. 16. 
Pier, Caroline H. (Roemer, Mrs. 

John H.) LL. B. 91. 
Pier, Harriet H. (Simonds, Mrs. 

Mrs. Charles G.) LL. B. 91. 
Pier, Kate, LL. B. 87. Attorney. 

579 Van Buren, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Pier, Kate H. (Mcintosh, Mrs. 

James A.) LL. B. 87. 
Pier, William Francis, B. S. 90. 

Rancher & Real Estate Dealer. 

590 Pine, Altadena, Calif. 
Pierce, Cordelia Clement, B. A. 18. 

U. S. Internal Revenue. Wash. 

D. C. a 
Pierce, Frank Ellis, B. S. 95. Phy- 
sician & Surgeon. 104 S. Michi- 
gan Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Pierce, Gladys Marie (Moon, Mrs. 

Herbert J.) B. A. 17. 
Pierce, Helen A. (Gay, Mrs. Mat- 
thew J.) B. L. 00. 
Pierce, Helen M. (Tredinnick, Mrs. 

N. J.) B. A. 06. 
Pierce, John Alexander, B. S. (C. 

E.) 10. Branch Mgr. Fisk Rubber 

Co., Riverside, Calif, a 
*Pierce, Mrs. Jud C. (Turner, Ellen 

U.) Ph. B. 69. Deceased. 
Pierce, Maurice Campbell, B. A. 13. 

American Consul. Dept. of State, 

Wash. D. C. a 
*Pierce, William Albert, LL. B. 89. 

Died Aug. 4, 1901. 
Pierle, Chester Arthur, Ph. D. 19. 

811 W. Dayton, Madison, Wis. 
Pierpont, Mabel, B. A. 11. Teacher. 

■c/o Rand McNally's Editorial 

Dept., Chicago, 111. a 
Pierrelee, Victor Theodore, LL. B. 

00. Attorney. 723-7th Ave. W., 

Ashland, Wis. 
Pierson, Merle, B. A. 12, M. A. 14. 

Student. U. of Mich. 474r-21st 

Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Pietenpole, William Brasser, M. A. 

14, Ph. D. 16. Prof. U. of Pitts- 
burgh. Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Pietzsch, Harriet S. (Anthony, Mrs. 

R. B.) B. A. 05. 
Piggins, Ralph Sproule (See Sproule, 

Ralph Piggins) B. A. 16. 
Pike, Frederic Augustus, B. A. 85, 

LL. B, 88. Attorney. 602 Globe 

Bldg., St. Paul, Minn, a 



Pilgrim, Mary Grace (Bloom^ Mrs. 
O. A.) B. A. 08. 

Pilpel, Emily Marion, B. A. 19. 
Juvenile Court Work. 485 Cen- 
tral Park West, New York City, a 

Pinch, Qerrie Jonathan, Ph. G. 12. 
Pharmacist. Union ■ Center, Wis. 

Pine, Jane, B. A. (C. J.) 19. River 
Forest, 111. a 

Pingel, Lawrence John, B. L. 90, 
LL. B. 92. c/o J. L. Pingel, Ap- 
pleton, Wis. 

Pink, John James, B. S. (Med.) 18. 
315 Silver Lake, Oconomowoc, Wis. 

Pinkerton, Fred Sylvester, B. S. A. 
14. Farmer. Waupaca, Wis. 

Pinkerton, Mrs. R. E. (Gedney, 
Kathrene) B. A. 09. Writer. Ati- 
kokan, Ont, Can. 

Pinkum, Anna Shaw (Jacobs, Mrs. 
Robert) B. L. 99. 

Pinney, Arthur Joseph, B. S. (E. E.) 
17. Engr. Natl. Lamp Works, 
1631 Elsinora, E. Cleveland, O. a 

Pinney, James C, C. E. (Ad.) 10. 
Dean of Engr. Marquette Univ. 
Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Pinney, Mrs. J. C. (Blackburn, 
Kathryn Irene) Ph. B. 01. 495- 
28th, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Piper, Bessie Arabelle (Sell, Mrs. G. 
A. P.) B. S. (H. Ec.) 15. 

Piper, Helen Elizabeth (Law, Mrs. 
E. J.) B. Mus. 17. 

Piper, Herbert J., B L. 93. Attor- 
ney. 308-9 Pereles Bldg., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Piper, Homer Allen, B. S. (Ch. C.) 
14. 253 Main, Binghamton, N. Y. a 

Piper, Mrs. Howard D. (Van Velzer, 
Clara J.) B. L. 02. 127 W. Gil- 
man, Madison, Wis. 

Piper, Margaret A. (McCordic, Mrs. 
Aimer) B. S. (H. Ec.) 12. 

Piper, Raymond Frank, B. A. 12. 
Asst. Prof. Syracuse Univ., Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. 

Piper, Rena Kate, B. S. (H. Ec) 16. 
Student. 1235 N. Broadway, Bal- 
timore, Md. 

Piper, Samuel Arthur, B. S. 92. 
Grocer. 145 W. Wilson, Madison, 
Wis. a 

Pirie, AmeUa, B. A. 19. 885 Sum- 
mit Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Pitkin, Pearly Clarence, LL. B. 95. 
Lawyer & Editor. Lone Rock, 

Pitman, Annie Maria, B. A. 97, Ph. 
D. 03. Asst. Prof. U. W. Exten- 
sion Div. Madison, Wis. a 

Pitman, Bertha S. (Sharp^ Mrs. 
Frank C.) B. L. 85. 

Pittinger, Edward Mills, B. A. (C. 
J.) 16. Adv. Dept. Burroughs 
Adding Mach. Co. Detroit, Mich. 

Pittman, Frank H., Ph. G. 89. Con- 
sulting Chemist. 64 W. 9th, New 
York City. 

Pitts, Mrs. C. E. (Dahle, Agnes H.) 
B. A. 11. Mt. Horeb, Wis. 

Pitz, Arthur H., B. S. (C. E.) 08. 
Gen. Contractor. Room 12, Demp- 
sey Bldg., Manitowoc, Wis. 

Pitz, Walter, B. S. A. 15, M. S. 17. 
Instr. U. W. 308 Huntington Ct., 
Madison, Wis. 

Place, Neli Beatrice, B. S. (H. Ec.) 
19. Marinette, Wis. 

Plagge, Herbert John, M. A. 10. 
Asst. Prof. Iowa State Coll, 
Ames, la. 

Plamondon, George O., B. S. (C. E.) 
10. 716 S. Kildare Ave., Chicago, 
111. a 

Plank, Josephine (Eidman, Mrs. 
Herbert Walter) B. A. 11. 

Plant, Ethel May, Ph. B. 12. 

Plantico, Reuben P., Ph. G. 14. 
Two Rivers, Wis. 

Plantz, Samuel, LL. D. 19. Pres. 
Lawrence Coll. Appleton, Wis. 

Plate, Harry Victor, B. S. (M. E. 
16. 2013 Peoples Gas Bldg., Chi- 
cago, 111. a 

Piatt, Edward M., B. L. 87. Presi- 
dent. Paragon Elect. Co. 9. S. 
Clinton, Chicago; Piatt & Bralm 
Coal Co., Old Colony Bldg., Chi- 
cago; Natl. Coal Wholesalers 
Assn., Wash. D. C. 

Flatten, Helen Irene, B. A. 12. 
Teacher. 218 N. Oakland Ave., 
Green Bay, Wis. 

Flatten, William J., B. S. (E. E.) 
08. 218 N. Oakland Ave., Green 
Bay, Wis. 

Playter, James Andrew, B. A. 05. 

Banker. Eau Claire, Wis. a 
Playter, Mrs. J. A. (Lange, Gladys) 
B. A. 13. 162 Gilbert Ave., Eau 
Claire, Wis. 
Pleuss, Anita Valentine (Nelson, 
Mrs. Byron) B. A. 16. 

Pleuss, Viola Elfrieda (Chandler, 
Mrs. Wm. S.) B. A. 19. 



Plumb, Hylon Theron, B. S. (E. E.) 
01. Engr. General Elect. Co. 
Newhouse Bldg., Salt Lake City, 

Plumb, Mary Alma, B. A. 17. Fair- 
View, Kan. 

Plumb, Ralph Gordon, B. L. 01. 
Wholesale Grocer. 845 N. 7th, 
Manitowoc, Wis. a 

Plumb, Mrs. Walter Fitz Gerald 
(Dunnette, Marianne) B. A. 18. 
330 Eansom Ave., Grand Rapids, 
*Plummer, William Edmunds, LL. B. 
89. Died July 10, 1918. 

Poage, George Coleman, B. L. 03. 

Poe, Charles Roy, B. S. (E. E.) 17. 
Am. Teleph. & Tel. Co. 195 Broad- 
way, New York City, a 

Pohle, Helen Loudora, B. A. 15. 
Teacher. 434 W. Washington 
Ave., Madison, Wis. 

Pohle, Marguerite Ruth, B. A. 15, M. 
A. 16. Teacher. 434 W. Wash- 
ington Ave., Madison, Wis. 

Pohle, Viola Elizabeth (Retza, Mrs. 
William) B. A. 18. 

Polk, Irene Genevieve (Petersoii, 
Mrs. Otto N.) S. M. G. 17. 

Pollack, Harry Arnold, B. A. (C. C.) 
18. Asst. Engr. Dept. U. W., 
Madison, Wis. 

Pollak, Harry Charles, B. S. (E. 
E.) 16. Instr. U. W. 429 Haw- 
thorne Ct., Madison, Wis. a 

Pollard, Amos W., LL. B. 01. At- 
torney. Deming, N. Mex. a 

Pollard, Eliza A. (Theobald, Mrs. 
Clement F.) B. L. 99. 

Pollard, Mrs. Fred R. (Ellsworth, 
Melvina R.) Ph. B. 01. 

Pollard, Hope Millicent, B. A. 12. 
Instr. Olney, 111. 

Pollard, Levi Wilbur, LL. B. 95. At- 
torney. Dodgeville, Wis. 

Pollard, Luther John, M. A. 15. 
Instr. Lombard Coll. Galesburg, 

Polley, Earl Arthur, B. S. A.' 13. 
Supt. Racine Co. School of Agr. 
Rochester, Wis. a 

Polley, George A., B. S. (C. E.) 02. 
Mgr. Phoenix Iron Works. 3d & 
Winona, Winona, Minn, a 

Polley, Grace Irma, M. G. 11. Music 
Teacher. 301 Lake, Madison, Wis. 

PoUeys, Thomas A., LL. B. 88. Tax 
Comm. 226 W. Jackson Blvd., 
Chicago, 111. a 

Pollock, Charles Martin, B. A. 12. 

Lawyer. 1118-7th S., Fargo, N. D. 

Pollock, Mrs. Chas. M. (Sayle, Flor- 
ence Mildred) B. A. 12. 1118- 
7th S., Fargo, N. D. 

Pollock, Christine Mina, M. A. 12. 
Teacher. Fargo, N. D. a 

Pollock, James Barkley, B. S. 93, 
M. S. 96. Prof. U. of Mich. 922 
Church, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Pollock, Lorine Martha, B. A. 12. 
Teacher. 319-9th S., Fargo, N. D. 

Pollock, WilUts, Ph. B. 14. Vice 
Pres. 2nd Ward Securities Co. 
Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Polzin, Benjamin A,, Ph. B. 08. 
Teacher. 266 E. 8th, Winona, 

Pomeroy, F. Marie (Grove, Mrs. F. 
P.) B. L. 95. 

Pomeroy, Harry R., B. A. 04. Re- 
tail Hardware. Gays Mills, Wis. a 

Pomeroy, Herbert Stuart, B. A. (C. 
C.) 14, Law Cert. 17. Govt. Store- 
keeper. 419 Redgate Ave., Nor- 
folk, Va. 

Pomeroy, Lilla M. (Cockran, Mrs. 
Lawrence Edgar) B. A. 09. 

Pomeroy, Mabel Frances, B. A. 10. 
Teacher. 415 N. Park, Madison, 
Wis, a 

Pomeroy, Ralph, Ph. G. 11. Phar- 
macist. Gays Mills, Wis. 
*Pond, Edward P., B. S. 84. De- 
*Pond, Webster Marcellus, B. A. 81. 
Died March 4, 1916. 

Poole, DeWitt CUnton, Jr., B. A. 06. 
Consul of U. S. to Russia. State 
Dept., Wash. D. C. 

Pooley, William Vipond, Ph. D. 05. 
Asst. Prof. Northwestern Univ. 
2253 Sherman Ave., Evanston, 111. 

Poor, Cornelius Wyman, B. A. 15. 
Burlington, la. 

Poorman, William H., LL. B. 88. 
Asst. Attorney Gen. Helena, 

Pope, Arthur Charles, B. S. (Ch. C.) 
12. Asst. Supt. Mineral Point 
Zinc Co. Mineral Point, Wis. 

Pope, Charles Alfred, B. S. A. 17. 
914 State, Racine, Wis. 

Pope, George W., B. S. (C. E.) 98. 
c/o Minneapolis Steel & Machin- 
ery Co. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Pope, Louis F., B. S. (C. E.) 11. 
Civil Engr. c/o R. S. Owen, Engr. 
Bldg., Madison, Wis. 



Pope, Minnie Henrietta, B. A. 12. 

Library Asst. Dept. of Debating 
& Public Discussion, Extension 
Division U. W. Madison, Wis. 

Pope, IVIrs. W. Hansford (Gilmore, 
Grace Allen) B. A. 07. Selden, 

Pope, Rosa Matilda, B. A. 15. 
Teacher. 914 State, Racine, Wis. 

Popham, George M., LL. B. 88. 
Lawyer. 140 N. Dearborn, Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Poppe, Hanna Dorothea, B. A. 16. 
County Supt. of Schools. Friend- 
ship, Wis. 

Pors, WiUiam Emil, LL. B. 17. At- 
torney. Box 161, Shell Lake, Wis. a 

Porter, Adelaide Grace, B. A. 19. 
Holcombe, Wis. 

Porter, Anna, B. A. 12. Teacher. 
Rcedsburg, Wis. 

Porter, Annie A., B. S. 77. Deep- 
haven Park via Excelsior, Way- 
zata, Minn. 

Porter, Carl Elder, B. A. 17. Mad- 
ison, S. D. 

Porter, Claude Tillinghast, B. A. 14. 
c/o Thos. E. Barry, Dwight, 111. 

Porter, Mrs. Clayton A. (Hoegh, 
Nanna Marie) B. A. 09. Spring 
Grove, Minn. 

Porter, Doric Chipman, B. A. 13. 
Fontana, Wis. a 

Porter, Frank M., B. A. 81, LL. B. 
83. Attorney & Dean of Coll. of 
Law. U. of S. Calif. 502 Ex- 
change Bldg., Los Angeles, Calif, a 

Porter, John Emery, B. A. 19. Muk- 
wonago. Wis, 

Porter, Joseph Kinnecotte, B. S. A. 
12. Farmer. Evausville, Wis. a 

Porter, Mrs. J. W. (Chamberlain, 
Clara J.) Ph. B. 65. 511 W. Uni- 
versity Ave., Champaign, 111. 

Porter, Mrs. L. F. (Howe, Carolyn 
L.) B. L. 84. Bay view, R. F. D. 
3, Madison, Wis. a 

Porter, Leslie Llewellyn, LL. B. 88. 
Attorney. Oregon City, Ore. 

Porter, Mary EUza, B. A. 18. R. F. 
D. 3. Madison, Wis. 

Porter, Melvina Susan, B. L. 96. 
Teacher. 1608 Main, Racine, 
Wis. a 

Porter, Monica, B. A. 14. Account- 
ant. Gay Bldg., Madison, Wis. a 

Porter, Nettie L. (Hayes, Mrs. E. 
A.) B. S. 78. Died May 26, 1892. 

Porter, Orville B., B. A. 11. In- 
surance Solicitor. 206 N. Murray, 
Madison, Wis. 

Porter, PMUp Howe, B. A. 12, LL. 
B. 14. Lawyer. 937 E. Gorham, 
Madison, Wis. 

Porter, Mrs. Philip Howe (Thomas, 
Ruth Marie) B. A. 16. 1038 
Spaight, Madison, Wis. 

Porter, Raymond Edwin, B. S. (M. 
E.) 17. Engr. 595-32nd, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 

Porter, Sarah Harriet, B. S. (H. 
Ec.) 16. 161 Gale Ave., River 
Forest, 111. a 

Porter, William Leon, B. S. A. 09. 
Farmer. R. F. D. 2, Madison, 
S. D. a 

Porterfield, Alice Viola, B. A. 19. 
Health Supervisor. Omaha, Neb. a 

Portman, Andrew Nelson, B. S. A. 
12. 4945 Kenmore Ave., Chicago, 
111. a 

Portman, Edward Christian Jr., B. 
A. (C. C.) 15. 4945 Kenmore 
Ave., Chicago, 111. a 

Poser, Edward M., Ph. G. 88. Phy- 
sician & Surgeon. Columbus, Wis. 

Poss, Maurice Cecil, B. S. A. 15. 
718 E. 4th, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Post, Beulah Celecta, B. L. 03, M. 

A. 14. Teacher. 206 E. Miffin, 
Madison, Wis. a 

Post, Clinton Blaine, B. S. A. 13. 

Post, Eveline Margaret (Stark, Mrs. 
Lewis A.) B. A. 14. 

Post, George Gilbert, B. S. (E. E.) 
04. Elect. Engr. T. M. E. R. & 
L. Co. Public Service Bldg., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 
*Post, Jermain, LL. B. 79. Died 
May 4, 1896. 

Post, Jessie (Hyde, Mrs. Wm. G.) 

B. A. 13. 

Post, JuUa Harriet, B. A. 19. 1724 

Madison, Madison, Wis. 
Post, Kate, B. A. 09. Teacher. 13 

W. 13th, Sioux Falls, S. D. 
Post, Katherine Demarest, B. L. 93. 

Teacher. State Normal. Duluth, 

*Post, Loring Whiting, LL. B? 89. 

Died Feb. 1897. 
Post, Robert Lewis, B. S. A. 11. 

Co. Agt. Ellicott City, Maryland, a 
Post, Samuel, B. S. A. 17. Farmer. 



Postlewait, Orvis Allen, B A. 07. 

332 Wesley Ave., Oak Park, HI. a 

Poston, Virgil, B. S. (E. E.) 15. Elm- 
hurst, N. Y. 

Potgieter, Dietlof Siegfried Mare, 
B. S. A. 14. Lecturer in Agron- 
omy. Zandsprint, Transvaal, S. 

Pott, Arthur Frederick, B. S. A. 15. 
Student. Ohio State Univ. Co- 
lumbus, O. 

Pott, Herman Theodore, B. S. (C. 
E.) 16. Field Engr. The Dravo 
Contracting Co. Diamond Bank 
Bldg., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Pottenger, Mrs. Lloyd A. (Graves, 
Lola May) B. A. 10. Kankakee 
Landscape & Nursery Co. E. F. 
T>. No. 3, Kankakee, 111. a 

Pottenger, Mrs. W. A. (Gilbert, Ed- 
na M.) B. A. 06. Shore Acres, 
Madison, Wis. 

Potter, Byron Sears, B. S. A. 12. 
Mfg. Supt. Armour & Co. Ltd. 
Atlantic House, Holborn Viaduct, 
London, E. C, Eng. a 
*Potter, Carl Hall, B. S. A. 92. Died 
Jan. 27, 1902. 

Potter, Ellis D., B. A. 18 202 Pros- 
pect Ave., Madison, Wis. 

Potter, George Frederick, B. S. A. 
13, M. S. A. 16. Asst. Prof. U. W. 
R. 7, Madison, Wis. 

Potter, Harry L., LL. B. 96. At- 
torney & Mgr. of Valvoline Oil 
Co. Madison, Wis. 
*Potter, Mrs. Henry D. (Williams, 
Alice L.) B. L. 85. Died Dec. 14, 

Potter, Herman Monroe, B. A. 06. 
Chemist. 7224 N. Clark, Apt. 1, 
Chicago, m. a 

Potter, Howard Irving, B. A. (C. J.) 
16. N. Y. Metrop. Life Ins. Co., 
Chicago, 111. a 

Potter, John Church, B. S. (E. E.) 
04, E. E. 09. 718 Ontario, Oak 
Park, 111. a 

Potter, Louis Eichard, LL. B. 17. 
Attorney. 64-68 Loan & Trust 
Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 
*Potter, Margaret L. (Foltz, Mrs. 
Charles S.) B. S. 90. Deceased. 

Pott^, Mrs. M. J. (Sprague, Marie 
L.) B. L. 00. 2620 Ardmore Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

Potter, Paul David, B. A. 08, M. A. 
10. Chief Chemist. Sprague, 
Warner & Co. 5406 Ingleside 
Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Potter, Mrs. Sarah Anderson, B. L. 

93. Fruit Grower, Palisades, 

*Potter, Sherman Grant, LL. B. 89. 

Potter, William Gray, B. C. E. 90, 

C. E. 94. Consulting Engr. 1202 

Hartford Bldg., Chicago, 111. a 
Pottinger, Clarence Albert, B. S. (E. 

E.) 18. 320 Grant, Ft. Atkinson, 

Pottinger, Earl Henry, LL. B. 19. 

Ft. Atkinson, Wis. 
Potts, Frederick A., B. S. (C. E.) 

05. Central Aguirre, Porto Rico, a 
Potts, Jennie Elizabeth (Hadley, 

Mrs. Frederick B.) B. A. 11. 
Potts, Marian Edith, B. A. 12. Li- 
brarian War Work. Amer. Library 

Assn. 10 Rue de 1 ' Elysee, Paris, 

France, a 
Poulter, Mary Alice, B. S. (H. Ec.) 
15. Farming. R. F. D. 1, Fay- 
ettevillc, Ark. a 
Powell, Albert Walker, Ag. G. 14. 

Banker. White Rock, S. D. a 
Powell, Archibald Olin, B. C. E. 80, 

C. E. 90. Seattle, Wash, a 
Powell, Archie Eisen, E. E. 14. 457 

Roy, St, Paul, Minn. 

Powell, Charles Healy, B. A. 13. 
Salesman. 306-15th, Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 

Powell, David Alva, B. S. (E. E.) 
07. Engr. of Distribution. Mil- 
waukee Gas Lt. Co. 647 Frederick 
Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Powell, Elias, B. A. 17. Special Ex- 
pert Federal Trade Comm. Wash. 

D. C. a 

Powell,. Emery Halbert, B. M. E. 91. 

Orehardist. R. F. D. 2, Selah, 

Wash, a 
Powell, Frank Vavasar, Ph. B. 17. 

Supt. of City Schools. Platteville, 

Powell, Walter D., B. A. 14. Dir. of 

Maj. Sports & Head Coach Leland 

Stanford U. Calif, a 
Powell, William Anson, LL. B. 97. 
Power, Frederick Belding, LL. D. 08. 

Research Chemist. Bureau of 

Chemistry. U. S. Dept. of Agr. 

Wash. D. C. 
Powers, Mrs Benjamin M. (Brown, 

Edna M.) B. A. 08. 219-62d, 

Kansas City, Mo. 
Powers, Blanche (Taylor, Mrs. A. 

V.) B. L. 91. 



Powers, Harry Huntington, B. A. 82, 
B. L. 82, M. A. 88, Ph. D. 96. 
Pres. Bureau of University Travel 
& Author & Lecturer. Newton, 

Powers, John Francis, B. L. 02. 
Wis. Representative Laurel Bpok 
Co. 126 Grand Ave. S., Wauke- 
sha, Wis. a 

Powers, Joseph Horace, B. S. 89. 
Technician. 2751 Garfield, Lin- 
coln, Neb. 

Powers, Martin Aloyslus, B. S. (Ch. 
E.) 17. Chemical Investigator. 
Palmerton, Pa. 

Powers, Mary Eileen, B. A. 18. 
Mauston, Wis. 

Powers, Mary Grace, Ph. B. 16. 
Teacher. Ellison Bay, Wis. a 

Powejs, Theron Eugene, B. S. 92. 

Powers, WilUam Penn, B. A. 60, M. 
A. 63. Pres. Powers Regulator 
Co., Chicago & New York. 511 
S. Occidental Blvd., Los Angeles, 
Calif, a 

Powrie, William Robert, B. S. (M. 

E.) 96. Supt. Morris Shepard & 

Dougherty & Geo. J. Grant Constr, 

Co. 956* Dayton Ave., St. Paul, 


Pojmton, John Gardner, B. S. A. 15. 
Editor, ''Boys Page,'' Hoard's 
Dairyman. Ft. Atkinson, Wis. a 

Pradt, George Herbert, Ph. B. 65. 
War Chief Laguna Indian Tribe. 
Laguna, Valencia Co., New Mex. 

Pradt, Louis Atwater, B. A. 16. 
Lawyer. 501 Warren, Wausau, 
Wis. a 

Pradt, Louis Augustus, LL. B. 81. 
Attorney. Wausau, Wis. a 

Prael, Fred W., B. M. E. 91. a 

Prange, Elmer William, B. A. (C. C.) 
17. 4545 Holly Ave., St. Louis, 
Mo. a 

Prasser, Leona Lenore, B. A. 19. 
n34-38th, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Pratapas, Doninikas Benedict, B. S. 
A. 17. 

Pratt, Alice Mary, Ph. B. 12. Teach- 
er. 410 Wayland, Beaver Dam, 

Pratt, Allen D., LL. B. 75. 

Pratt, Grant Ellsworth, Ph. B. 99. 
Principal. Barron Co. Training 
School. Rice Lake, Wis. a 

Pratt, Henry Kollock, B. A. 10. 
Auditor. Shipbuilding. Riverside 
Sta. Duluth, Minn. 

Pratt, John A., B. L. 94. Account- 
ant. 303 Washington Bldg., Mad- 
ison, Wis. a 

Pratt, Mabel D., Ph. B. 04. Teachei-, 
2722 W. Ave. 33, Los Angeles, 

Pratt, Mrs. Susan (Regan, Susan 
Peirce) B. L. 94. Menomonee 
Falls, Wis. 

Pratt, William Dudley, Jr., B. S. A. 
13. Orchardist. Solon, Ind. 

Pray, Allan Theron, Ph. B. 03, LL 

B. 03. Attorney. 1122-2d Ave. 
AV,, Ashland, Wis. a 

Pray, Carl E., M. A. 13. Prof. Mich. 

State Normal Coll. Ypsilanti, 

Pray, Helen L., (Sheldon, Mrs. Henry 

T.) B. L. 97. 
"Pray, Katherine Rebecca, B. A. 06. 

Died Feb. 9, 1907. 
Pray, Kenneth L. M, B. A. 07 Secy. 

Public Charities Assoc, of Pa. 

403 Empire Bldg., Philadelphia, 

Frees, Reginald Lloyd, B. S. (Med.) 

15. Cambria, Wis. 

Prehn, Arthur W., LL. B. 09. At- 
torney. 320-3d, Wausau, Wis. 
Prentice, Stella D., (Conradson, Mrs. 

C. M.) B. L. 86. 

Prescott, Anson C, B. S. 77, LL. B. 
79. Attorney. 1626 N. 6th, She- 
boygan, Wis. a 

Prescott, Ethel Marguerite (Ostlund, 
Mrs. L. J.) B. A. 16. 

Prescott, Kathryn Elizabeth, B. A. 
10. Teacher. Sheboygan, Wis. 

Pressentin, Marie Louise, B. A. 09. 
Teacher. 425 N. Patterson, Mad- 
ison, Wis. • 

Pressentin, Olga Charlotte, B. A. 14, 
M. S. 16. Teacher. Studio Club 
of N. Y. 35 E. 32d, New York 

Preston, Alvin Fred, Ag. G. 16. Ag- 
riculturist. Montfort, Wis. 

Preston, Charles Herbert, B. A. 06. 
Public Accountant & Assoc. Prof. 
IT. of Minn. 1041 Phonouth Bldg., 
Minneapolis, Minn, a 

Preston, Charlotte E., S. M. G. 16. 
Music Supervisor. Brodhead, Wis. 

Preston, Esther Anne, B. A. 18. 
Mnzomanie, Wis. a 

Preston, Nathaniel Gifford, Ag. G. 

16. Brodhead, Wis. 

Pretts, William Walter, B. S. 95. 
Platteville, Wis. 



Preuss, Bertha Helen, Ph. B. 00, M. 

A. 09. Teacher. Shawano, Wis. a 
Prevey, Comadore E., B. L. 95. Secy. 

Social Welfare Society. 1306 
"W' Lincoln, Neb. a 

Price, Beulah May, B. A. 09. Cam- 
bria, Wis. 

Price, Clinton Guilford, LL. B. 01. 
Attorney & District Atty. of Jun- 
eau Co. Mauston, Wis. a 

Price, Hugh Bruce, B. A. 14. Tu- 
lare, S. D. 
'•Price, John Jr., LL. B. 96. Died 
March 24, 1909. 

Price, John Reese, B. S. (E. E.) 05. 
Asst. Prof. IT. W. 1818 Chad- 
bourne Ave, Madison, Wis. 

Price, Lawrence Marsden, Ph. D. 12. 
Tnstr. U. of Calif. 2404 Cedar, 
Berkeley, Calif. 

Price, Ruth, M. A. 15. Teacher. 
2927-4th, San Diego, Calif. 

Price, SterHng ElUott, M. S. 18. 

Student. Springville, Utah, 
*Prideaux, Albert D., B. S. 79. Died 
Oct. 12, 1900. 

Pridmore, James Cleveland, M. S. 
11, Agronomist. San Fertz Assn. 
61.3 Cont. Bldg., Shreveport, La. 

Priest, Edward B., B. A, 82, 

Priest, Gladys Eva (Taylor, Mrs. 
Charles Arthur) B. A. 10. 

Priester, Henry Carl, B. A. (C, C.) 
14. Bonds, Harris Trust & Sav- 
ings Bk., Chicago, 111. 

Priestley, Thomas M., B L. 01, LL. 

B. 03. Attorney. Mineral Point, 
Wis. a 

Primm, Roy Lee, Ph. D. 13. 
Prince, Albertine, B. A. 15. Teach- 
er. 1536 N. 3^edzie Ave., Chicago, 

Prince, Sarah Harriet (Parrish, Mrs. 
William M.) B. A. 13. 

Prine, Charles Wilson, M. S. 17. 
Teacher. Carnegie Inst, of Tech- 
nology. Schenley Park, Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 

Prinz, Alfred, B. A. 10. Banker. 
Home Savings Bk., Milwaukee, 
Wis. a 

Prior, Joseph H., LL. B. 89. Attor- 
ney. 304-7th S., Minneapolis, 

Pritchard, Mrs. Fred (Middleton, 
Anna D.) (See Weisman, Mrs. An- 
na Middleton) B. S. 03. 
*Pritchard, George Scott, B. A, 05, 

Pritchard, Grace L. (Hubbell, Mrs. 
Reed H.) B, L, 03. 

Pritchard, Lucile (Rogers, Mrs, Les- 
ter C) B. A. 16.. 

Pritchard, Mary Fellows (Nash, 
Mrs. A. L.) B. L. 03. 

Pritchard, Owen John, B. S. (Ch. 
E.) 17. Technical Man. Milwau- 
kee Coke & Gas Co. Milwaukee, 

Pritchard, Roberta Estelle (Butler 
Mrs. O. R.) M. A. 10. 
*Pritzlaff, Adolph H., LL. B. 00. Died 
Nov. 13, 1918. 

Pritzlaff, Edward Frank, B. A. 19. 
Wholesale Hardware. 3100 High- 
land Blvd., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Pritzlaff, John Charles, B. A. 13. 
Salesman. John Pritzlaff Hard- 
ware Co. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Probert, Cynthia (Frey, Mrs. No?ih 
J.) B. A. 11, 

Probert, Samuel Harold, B, S, (C. 
E.) 13. Office Engr. Oregon 
State Highway Comm. 303 Cap- 
ital Bldg., Salem, Ore. 

Probst, Fredrica Siebold, Ph. B 
(Gen, C.) 19. a 

Prochaska, Joseph Frank, Ph. B. 17. 
Instr. Lake Geneva, Wis. 

Prochazka, Henry Charles, B. S. (M. 
E.) 12 Engr. Milwaukee Ry. & 
Lt. Co. Milwaukee, Wis, a 

Proctor, Mrs. John W. (Simpson, 
Esther Helene) S. M. G. 13. 739 
E. Gorham, Madison, Wis. 

Proctor, Roy Harrison, B, A. 14, LL. 
B. 15, Attorney, 608 Bank of 
Wis. Bldg., Madison, Wis. a 

Proud, Marion (Lewis, Mrs. Don) 
B. A. 07, 

Proudfit, Delia Crossette, B, A. 19. 
Teacher, Rushville, 111. a 
*Proudfit, Stanley, B, A, 81. Died 
April 20, 1890, 

Proux, Emile J., Ph. G. 01. Phar- 
macist. Cloquet, Minn. 

Prouty, Everett Samuel, Ag. G. 16. 
Sandusky, Wis. 

Prouty, Mrs. John Albert (Roybar, 
Nellie Claire) B. A. 09. Seaside, 
Or-e. a 

Prucha, Edward Joseph, B. S. A. 15. 
Instr. River Falls, Wis. a 

Prucha, Mrs. E. J., (Schladweiler, 
Katherine) B. A. 11. River Falls, 



Pruett, EUzabeth, B. A. (C. J.) 18. 
State Journal. 626 N. Henry, 
Madison, Wis. 

Pnissing, Arthur William, B. A. (C. 
J.) 16. 2827 Cambridge Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

Pryor, Earl, B. A. 07. Bond Sales- 
man. 438 E. Water, Milwaukee, 

Pryor, Edith Clara, B. A. 13. Teach- 
er. 132 S. 16th, La Crosse, Wis. a 
*Pryor, Edward Winter, B. L. 03. 
Died June 6, 1901. 

Puchner, Irving Alfred, B. A. (C. 
J.) 18. Edgar, Wis. a 

Puchner, Rudolph Edward, LL. B. 

10. Attorney. Wis. Valley Trust 
Co Bldg., Wausau, Wis. 

Puerner, Russell Edward, B. S. (M. 

E.) 19. Transportation Engr. 

Jefferson, Wis. 
Puestow, Karver Louis, B. S. (Med.) 

19. Oshkosh, Wis. 
Puetz, Harold Henry, LL. B. 17. 

1216 W. Dayton, Madison, Wis. a 
Pugh, Bertha Margaret, B. A. 15. 

Teacher. 827 Main, Racine, Wis. 
Pugh, Clifford Luzem, Ph. G. 17. 

Richland Center, Wis. 
Pugh, Grace Madeline, B. A. 15, M. 

A. 17. 11 E. Johnson, Madison, 
Wis. a 

Pugh, John, B. S. (E. E.) 03. J. I. 
Case Threshing Machine Co. 1814 
College Ave., Racine, Wis. a 

Pugh, William Harold, B. S. (M. E.) 

11. 827 Main, Racine, Wis. 
Pugsley, Myra Treat (Cary, Mrs. 

Charles P.) B. A. 08, M. A. 10. 
PuUen, Jones Spencer, B. A. 12, LL. 

B. 15. Banker. Evansville, Wis. a 
PuUen, Lloyd Winston, B. L. 03, LL. 

B. 05. Asst. Mgr. Farm & Home 
Savings & Loan Assn, 3711 West 
Prospect PL, Kansas City, Mo. a 

Pullen, Paul Pike, B. A. 12. Cash- 
ier. Bk. of Evansville. 2 E. Main, 
Evansville, Wis. 

Pullen, Richard Woolard, B. S. 
(Med.) 19. N. Fond du Lac, 
Wis. a 

Pulling, Howard Edward, Ph. D. 15. 
Marshfield, Wis. 

Puis, Arthur John, B. L. 79. Phy- 
sician & Surgeon. 400-lst Natl. 
Bk. Bldg., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Puis, Charles Frank, Jr., LL. B. 10. 
Attorney. 708 Majestic Bldg., 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Pulver, Harry E., B. S. (G. E.) 10, 
C. E. 11. Prof. 862 Siccawei Rd., 
Shanghai, China, a 
Purcell, Eleanor (Kelley, Mrs. John 

P.) M. G. 05. 
Purcell, John Daniel, B. A. 05, M. 
A. 06. Chemist. Swift & Co. 137 
Pearl, Somerville, Mass. a 
Purchas, Robert Thorsen, E. E. 14. 
Engr. H. M. Byllesby & Co. 
Con 't. & Commercial Bk. Bldg., 
Chicago, 111. 

Purdy, Cordyon T., B. C. E. 85, C. E. 
86. Civil Engr. 45 E. 17th, iSTew 
York City, a 

Purdy, Lawrence Henry, B. A. 15. 
Dir. of Athletics. U. of N. M. 
Albuquerque, N. M. 

Purdy, Leslie F. (Jackson, Mrs. 
Clifford W.) B. A. 07. 

Purin, Charles Maltador, B. A. 07, 
M. A. 08, Ph. D. 13. Assoc. Prof. 
U. W. 1609 Monroe, Madison, 
*Purple, Frank E., LL. B. 77. De- 

Purves, Charles Lambert, LL. B. 
03. Salesman. Automobile Tires. 
5840 Wyandotte, Kansas City, Mo. 

Putiam, Daphne W. (Otjen, Mrs. 
Henry H.) B. L. 03. 

Putnam, Giles Henry, LL. B. 99. 
Dist. Attorney. New London, 

Putnam, Mrs. Giles H. (Shaw, Em- 
ma H.) B. A. 07. New London, 
Wis. a 

Putnam, Herbert, LL. D. 04. Li- 
brarian of Congress. Wash. D. C. 

Putnam, James William, Ph. D. 09. 
Prof. Butler Coll. Indianapolis, 

Putnam, May M., B. A. 09. Teach- 
er. 617 State, Madison, Wis. 

Putnam, Russell Lorain, B. A. 17. 
Wilmot, O. 

Pyle, Frank James, M. A. 19. Prin- 
cipal. 820 Dorsey Ave., Morgan- 
town, W. Va. 

Pynch, Jenner Alfred, B. A. 08. 

Pynchon, Edwin Albert, B. S. (C. E.) 

Pyre, Amelia France, B. L. 03. Asst. 
U. W. Library. R. F. D. 7, Mad- 
ison, Wis. 

P3nre, James Francis Augustin, B. 
L. 92, Ph. D. 97. Assoc. Prof. U. 
W. R. F. D. 7, Madison, Wis. a 



Pyre, Mrs. J. F. A. (Jackman, Mar- 
cia M.) B. L. 00. E. F. D. 7, 
Madison, Wis. 

Pyre, Walton Hawkins, B. L. 99. 
Director, Walton Pyre School of 
Expression. Affiliated with Amer- 
ican Conservatory of Music, Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Quackenbush, Elizabeth, Ph. B. 11, 
Ph. M. 12. Personnel Clerk. War 
Dept. 51 Bryant, N. W., Wash.' 
D. C. a 

Quail, John Joseph, B. A. (C. C.) 17. 
137 S. La Salle, Chicago, 111. a 
*Quaintance, Hadley Winfield, Ph. D. 
04. Deceased. 

Quale, Milton Norman, B. A. 14, LL. 
B. 16. Attorney. Baraboo, Wis. a 

Quale, Susanna Josephine (Flent, 
Mrs. Edgar M.) B. A. 10. 

Quammen, Louis J., LL. B. 03. 
*Quantz, Oscar John, Ph. D. 97. De- 

Quarles, Charles Bullen, B. A. 07. 
Attorney. Pabst Bldg., Milwau- 
kee, Wis. a 

Quarles, Mrs. Charles B. (McKey, 
Elizabeth D.) B. A. 07. 364 Kane 
PL, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Quarles, Henry Capron, B. A. 09. 
Mgr. Bond Dept. 2d Ward Sav- 
ings Bk. Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Quarles, Mrs. Henry C. (Elliott, Co- 
salette) B. A. 08. 265 Cambridge 
Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
*Quartermass, Walter Weed, LL. B. 
90. Deceased. 

Quast, Adolph William, B. S. (M. 
E.) 12. Accountant, c/o Westing- 
house Elect. Co., Candler Bldg., At- 
lanta, Ga. a 

Quayle, Florence Fidelia ( Peter s- 
meyer, Mrs. Harry P.) M. G. 13. 

Quick, Armand James, B. S. (Ch. 
C.) 18, M. S. 19. Asst. & Grad. 
Student, U. W. Theresa, Wis. 

Quick, Victor Hugo, B. S. A. 18. 
Peshtigo, W^is. 

Quigley, Andrew L., Ph. G. 11. Lake 
Geneva, Wis. 

Quigley, Arthur J., B. S. (E. E.) 03. 
City Agent. Conn. Mutual Life 
Insurance Co. 709 White Bldg., 
Seattle, Wash. 

Quigley, Harold Scott, Ph. D. 16. 
Prof. Hamline Univ. St. Paul, 

Quigley, William J., B. S. (Med.) 
11. Antigo, Wis. 

Quincy, Chaxles Byron, B. L. 83, M. 
L. 86. Artist, Landscape & Por- 
trait. 2215 Park Ave., Cincin- 
nati, O. 

Quinlan, William Barclay, LL. B. 
94. Circuit Judge. 1825 Hall 
Ave., Marinette, Wis. 

Quinn, Lewis James, B. A. 10, LL. 

B. 12. Attorney. 510 Monument 
Sq., Eacine, Wis. 

Quinn, Sister Mary Gertrude, B. A. 

19. See Sister Mary Gertrude 

Quirk, Earl William, B. A. 10. c/o 

Quirk Bros. Bond House, San 

Diego, Calif. 
Quirk, Mrs. Earl William (Brandt, 

Fredonia Eugenia) B. A. 10. 410- 

4th, Watertown, Wis. a 
*Quirk, James, Ph. B. 73, LL. B. 76, 

C. E. 76. Died Sept. 12, 1919. 
Quirk, Mrs. James (Park, Lillian 

D.) B. S. 74. 4030 Alameda Dr., 
San Diego, Calif. 

Quirk, Mrs. W. F. (Dudgeon, Em- 
ma E.) B. S. 76. Teacher. 2112 
Adams, Madison, Wis. 
*Raab, Henry, M. A. 83. Died March 
13, 1901. 

Raaen, Aagot, B. A. 13. Hatton, 
N. D. 

Rabak, Frank, Ph. G. 03, B. S. 05. 
Chemical Biologist. Bureau of 
Plant Industry, U. S. Dept. of 
Agric. Wash. D. C. 

Rabak, William, Ph. G. 13, B. S. 
(Ph. C.) 15. Chemist. 1865 Ma- 
son N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Race, Warren George, Ph. G. 89. 
Pharmacist. Oconomowoc, Wis. 

Radcliffe, Jonas, LL. B. 00. Attor- 
ney. N. Crandon, Wis. a 

RadcUffe, Ruby Mario, S. M. G. 15. 
Teacher. Eagle River, Wis. 

Radder, Norman John, B; A. 17. 
Asst. Prof. 2130 Carter Ave., St. 
Paul, Minn. 

Rademacher, Henry Stephen, LL. B. 
15. Attorney. Eng. & Mfg. Corp. 
536 Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, 
111. a 
*Rademaker, Mrs. A. E. C. (Christ- 
man, Anna Estelle) Ph. B. 07. 

Rademacker, Oscar, B. A. 08, LL. B. 
10. Attorney. Milwaukee, Wis. 

Radensleben, Frank Ernst, B. L. 99. 
Attorney. 1226 Atlanta Trust Co. 
Bldg., Atlanta, Ga. a 



Eadford, Mrs. Lawrence (Bettinger, 
Lillian Louise) Ph. B. 07. 1741 
''T," N. AV., Wash. D. C. 

Radford, Ruth Marie, B. A. 19. 612 
Howard PL, Madison, Wis. 

Radke, Etta Ida, B. A. 16. Steno- 
grapher. 425 W. Gorham, Madi- 
son, Wis. a ! 

Radtke, Albert A., B. S. (E. E.) 00. ' 
Consulting Engr. 440 S. Dear- 
born, Chicago, 111. 

Raeder, Xester William, Law Cert. 
19. Cedarburg, Wis. 

Raetzmann, Hilda Marie, B. A. 12, 
M. A. 13. Jacksonville, 111. a 

Raeuber, Edward G., Ph. G. 89. 
Secy. Wis. Pharmacal Co. 49 Bid- 
die, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Rahmlow, Henry John, B. S. A. 15. 
County Eep. College of Agric, 
Price Co., Wis. Home: Phillips, 

Rahn, Bruno, B. S. (M. E.) 07. 
Engr. Milwaukee Gas Lt. Co. 182 i 
Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Rahr, Louis F., B. L. 03. Trafac : 
Dept. Kenosha, Wis. j 

Raimey, Mable Watson, B. A. 18. 
342(i. Walnut, Milwaukee, Wis. i 

Raine, John Thomas, B. S. A. 16. 
Farmer. Fairview, Pa. a \ 

Eainey, Edward Carlysle, B. S. 
(Med.) 17. Black River Falls, ' 
Wis. I 

Raish, Edward L., B. L. 95. Teach- j 
er. 1389 E. 95th, Cleveland, O. | 

Raitt, John Archibald, B. S. A. 14. ' 

Rakow, Bertha Marie, B. S. 09, M. 
A. 10. Teacher. Akron, O. 

Rakshit, Hemendra Kisor, B. A. 14, 
M. A. 19. Dacca, Bengal, India, a 

Ralph, Agnes Clarissa, B . L. 93. 
Teacher. Owensmouth, Calif. 

Ramenstein, LeRoy Prince, M. A. 
1§. 1237 Wrightwood Ave., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Ramien, Carl Henry, B. S. (M. E.) 
96. Engr. 1047 David Whitney 
Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 

*Ramien, Richard B., LL. B. 96. 
Died Dec. 15, 1913. 
Ramsey, Eleanor, B. A. 17 302 S. 

Mills, Madison, Wis. a 
Ramsay, James Bowen, B. L. 90. 
302 S. Mills, Madison, Wis. a 

*Ramsey, John Meredith, LL. B. 90 
Died March 1892. 
Ramsay, Sarah I. (Del Frate, Mrs. 
Gaston) B. A. 00. 

Ramsdell, Bailey Edwin, B. A. 12, 
LL. B. 19. Lawyer. Eau Claire, 
Wis. a 

Ramsdell, Glenn Lewis, B. A. (C. 
C.) 16. 612-4th, Wausau, Wis. 

Ramsey, Florence Harriett, B. L. 
02. Teacher. Eeedsburg, Wis. 

Ramsey, George Harvout, Ph. G. 06. 
Pharmacist. Lodi, Wis. 

Ramsey, Madeline E., B. A. 17. 6651 
Perry Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Ramsey, Ralph Edwin, B. S. (Ch. 
E.) 18. Beloit, Wis. 

Ramstad, Albert George, B. S. (E. 
E.) 05. Supt. of Elect. Distribu- 
tion, Pacific Gas & Elect. Co. 48 
E. San Antonio, San Jose, Calif, a 

Randall, CUfford Ellsworth, LL. B. 
06. Wis. Representative. 169 H. O. 
B. Wash. D. C. a 

Randall, May I. (Chase, Mrs. Albert 
G.) Ph. G. 99, B. S. 00. 

^Random, Gilbert, B. S. 99. Died 
Oct. 16, 19] 2. 

Rands, Robert Delafield, M. S. 15, 
Ph. D. 17. Asst. Plant Patholo- 
gist. Dutch East Indies Agric; 
Exp. Sta. Buintenzorz, Java, D. 
E. L 

Raney, William Francis, Ph. D. 19.' 
Asst. Prof. U. of Louisville. Louis- 
ville, Ky. a 

Rankin, Carrie Adela, B. A. 08. 201 
East Ave., Waukesha, Wis. 

Rankin, Edward I., B. A. 09, M. G. 
09. Teacher. 501 N. 1st, Yakima, 

Rankin, Mrs. Edward I. (Coon, Win- 
ifred) M. G. 09. 501 N. 1st, Yak- 
ima, Wash. 

Rankin, Hiram Smith, B. S. (M. E.) 
09. Supt. Webb Mine, Shenango 
Furnace Co. Hibbing, Minn. 

Rankin, Mildred Rose, B. A. - 07. 
Secy. Maryland Consumers Lea- 
gue, 7 E. Mulberry, Baltimore, Md. 

Rannenberg, George Christian Louis, 
B. A. (C. J.) 14. General Office 
Mgr. Hot Point Electric Heating 
Co. New York City. 

Rannenberg, Mrs. George C. L. 
(Martin, Marguerite E.) B. A. 15. 
New York City. 
Ranney, Perry Calvin, B. S. A. 05. 

Elkhorn, Wis. a 
Ranseen, Carl Matthews, B. S. 01. 
Physician. 402-7th, Rockford, 111. 
Ransom, George Brlnkerhoff, B. C. 
E. 91. 



Ransom, Lyla Albina, M. G. 02. 

Supervisor of Music. 1260 E. 
Flanders, Portland, Ore. 

Ransom, Helen Mar, B. A. 10. Asst. 
Librarian. Miami Univ. Ox- 
ford, O. 

Ranum, Blanche H. (Nelson, Mrs. 
Bert) B. S. 02. 

Rapps, Grover Herman, B. A. 09. 

Raschig, Mrs. R. A. (Erb, Esther J.) 
B. A. 11. 834 Prospect, Appleton, 
Wis. a 

Rasmussen, Peter, M. A. 09. 

Rasmussen, Timon Norton, Ph. G. 
15. Pharmacist. 719 Juneau Ave., 
Oconomowoc, Wis. a 

Rasmussen, Walter Edwin, B. S. A. 
14. Auto Mechanic. Baldwin, 

Rast, Francis Marion, M. S. 15. 
Cameron, S. C. 

Rastall, Benjamin McKie, Ph. D. 
06. Organization Work. College 
of New York City, New York 

Ratcliffe, Emory, M. A. 10 Teach- 
er. 1385 Glenn Ave., Fresno, Calif. 

Ratcliffe, Mrs. Emory (Phillips, 
Laura J.) Ph. B. 10. 1385 Glenn 
Ave., Fresno, Calif. 

Rateau, Auguste C. E., LL. D. 04. 
Industrial membre de I'Institut 
de France (Academie des Sciences), 
10 bis Arcune Elisce Eeclus, 
Paris, a 

Rath, Charlotte R., Ph. G. 18. Al- 
mond, Wis. 

Rath, Mrs. David Edward (Ballan- 
tyne, Edith Virtue) B. A. 05. Cov- 
entry Court, Dubuque, la. 

Rath, William C. F., B. S. (C. E.) 

Rathbone, Henry Riggs, LL. B. 94. 
Attorney. Boom 1309, 69 W. Wash- 
ington, Chicago, 111. 

Rathbun, John Chancey, B. S. 77. 
Secy. Masonic Board of Belief. 4035 
15th Ave. N. E., Seattle, Wash. 

Rather, Max Frederic, B. S. (C. E.) 
13. Mgr. Cleveland Branch, John- 
son Service Co. 719 St. Claire 
Ave., Cleveland, O. a 

Rather, Mrs. M F. (Roberts, Jes- 
sie Louise) B. A. 14. 2637 Hamp- 
shire Ed., Cleveland Hts., O. 

Rathjen, Edwin Frederick, B. A. 05, 
M. A. 06. 

Rau, Charles Alexander, B. S. (E. 

E.) 17. Asst. Foreman. 342 Bueua 

Vista Ave., Pekin, 111. a 
Rau, Erwin Frank, B. A. 12. Instr. 

La Salle Extension Univ. 348 E. 

76th, Chicago, 111. 
Rau, Harold Lippert, B. S. (M. E.) 

16. 637 Maryland Ave., Milwaukee, 

Raube, William Carl, B. S. (E. E.) 

15. Elect. Engr. Ind. Control Dept., 

General Electric Co. 165 Division, 

Schenectady, N. Y. a 
Rauch, Mrs. William E. (Johnson, 

Edith) B. A. 06. Teacher. 1465 

Grand River Ave,, Detroit, Mich, 
Rauchenstein, Emil, B. S. A. 11 

Farm Mgr. Scotland, Va, 
Rauchenstein, Mrs. Emil (Bandelin, 

Mota Christine) B. A. 13. 891 

Scott, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Ravn, Agnes (Bache-Wiig, Mrs. O.) 

B. A. 06, 

Ravn, Erling Oscar, B, S. (Med.) 

13. Merrill, Wis, a 
Rawson, Adelaide, B. A. 15. 135 

Marston Ave., Eau Claire, Wis. 
Rawson, Harry Walker, B. A. 16. 

Banker. Waupaca, Wis. a** 
Rawson, Hazel Arvilla (Collins, Mrs. 

D. T.) B. A. 12', 
Rawson, John Lupton, Ph, B. 05. 

Merchant, Miles City, Mont. 
Ray, Florence, B, S. (H. Ec.) 17. 

Harmony, Minn, a 
Ray, Frederick Oal, Ph. G. 86. 

Farmer. E. F. D. 1, Oshkosh, Wis. 
Ray, George Rankin, B. A. 06, M. 

A. 10. Supt. of Schools. Beaver 
Dam, Wis. 

*Ray, John Murray, B. S. (C. E.) 13, 

C. E. 16. Died Dec. 1918. 

Ray, Julia E. (Jordan, Mrs. C. W.) 

B. L. 84. 

Ray, Margaret Elizabeth (Meineke, 
Mrs. Norman) B. S. (H. Ec.) 17. 

Ray, Myron Thompson, B. A. (C. C.) 

Ray, Orson Wells, B. A. 78. Supt. 
of Eatings. Chicago Board of IJn- 
derwriters. 175 W. Jackson, Chi- 
cago, 111. a 

Ray, Samuel Beatty. Ph. B. 02, 
411 Milw., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Ray, Ward Low, M. A. 10, Prof. 
Drury Coll. Springfield, Mo, 

Raymer, George, Ph, B. 71, M. L. 
82. 965 New York Ave,, Pasadena, 
Calif, a 



Raymer, John Wesley, B. S. 98, M. 
S. 02. Director. Vocational Agric. 
Union H. S. Gonzales, Calif. 
Raymer, Mrs. J. W. (Benedict, Mer- 

tie H.) B. S. 97. Gonzales, Calif. 
Raymond, Alice Helena, B. A, 11. 
Teacher. 206 S. Kingsley Drive, 
Los Angeles, Calif. 
Raymond, Clarence B., Ph. G. 94. 

Druggist. Smyrna, Del. 
Raymond, Elam J., LL. B. 07. At- 
torney. Nowata, Okla. a 
Raymond, Eleanor Frances, Ph. B. 
14. Teacher. 2050 E. 83rd, Cleve- 
land, O. 
Raymond, Mrs. Jerome HaU (Hunt, 
Josephine) M. L. 97. Lecturer ana 
Writer. 748 Judson Ave., Evan- 
ston, 111. 
Raymond, Lela Maude (Weld, Mrs. 

Harold Kenneth) B. A. 07. 
Raymond, Mary Mercer, B. A. 12. 

177 Downer Ave., Aurora, 111. a 
Rajrmundo, Mariano Bartolome, B. 
S. A. 17. Instr. Coll. of Agric. 
Los Banos, Laguna, P. I. 
Rayne, Lucile Price, B. S. (H. E.) 
13. Library Asst. 110 N. Butler, 
Madison, Wis. a 
Rayne, Mary Elizabeth, B. A. 09. 

110 N. Butler, Madison, Wis. 
Read, Benjamin Killey, B. S. (M. 
E.) 06. Engr. Dodge Bros. Motor 
Car Co. Detroit, Mich, a 
Read, James Burton, B. A. 07. Prof- 

212 Vista Ed., Madison, Wis. 
Read, Mary B. (Bacon, Mrs. Charles 

A.) Ph. B. 66. 
Read, Orlan Bertrand, M. A. 10. 

Teacher. Fayetteville, Ark. 
Reardon, Ronald Sheridan, Ph. G. 
13. Druggist. 101 S. Brown, 
Ehinelander, Wis. 
Reardon. Una Lee, B. A. 10. Wel- 
fare Work. Trenton, N, J. 
Reber, Hugh Jackson, B . A. 14. 

Bellevue Apts., Madison, Wis. a 
Reber, Louis Ehrhart, Jr., B. S. (C. 
E.) 14. Mining Geologist. Unite-i 
Verde Copper Co. Jerome, Ariz. 
Rech, WilUam Athniel, B. A. (C. J.) 
16. 1159 N. Dearborn Ave., Chi- 
cago, 111. a 
Recker, Lorraine, B. A. 09. Teach- 
er. 590 Holly Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 
Rector, Walter Whitney, B. A. 09. 
Buyer, Marshall Wells Co. 2816 
East Superior, Duluth, Minn. 

Reddy, Charles Steven, B. S. A. 15, 
M. S. 16. Asst. Pathologist. Cer- 
eal Investigations. Wash. D. C. 
Redfield, Ethel J. (Bobbins, Mrs. 

Harry M.) B. A. 04. 
Redmon, William Frederick, LL. B. 

76. Farmer. Mapleton, N. D. 
Reed, Albert John, B. S. 93. Fur- 
niture Dealer & Undertaker. Elk- 
horn, Wis. 
Reed, Mrs. Anna Yeomans, Ph. D. 
02. Dir. of Vocational Guidance. 
Lincoln Hotel, Seattle, Wash. 
Reed, Carl Sweetland, B. S. (M. E.) 
05. Col. Ordnance Dist. Chief. 10 
Hillcrest Ave., Park Hill, Yonkers, 
N. Y. a 
Reed, Mrs. Carl S. (Bemis, Florence 
I.) Ph. B. 06. 10 Hillcrest Ave., 
Park Hill, Yonkers, N. Y. 
Reed, Evan Laforrest, B. L. 01. Pres. 

Eeed Mfg. Co. Sterling, 111. 
Reed, Frank De White, LL. B. . 95. 
Attorney. First Natl. Bk. Bldg., 
Madison, Wis. a 
Reed, George Matthew, M. A, 04, 
Ph. D. 07. Investigation — Cereal 
Diseases, Bureau Plant Industry. 
Wash. D. C. a 
Reed, Grace (Clark, Mrs. S. F.) B. 

A. 16. ' 
Reed, Helen Morse (Stephens, Mrs. 

G. W.) B. S. (H. Ec.) 17. 
Reed, James Olin, B. S. (C. E.) 08. 
Bethlehem Ship Building Corp., 
Providence, E. I. a 
Reed, Jeanette Alta, M. A. 15. Instr. 
Muskingum Coll. New Concord, 0. 
Reed, Jesse Horatio, B. S. A. 15 Agr. 
Editor. Southern Euralist. Atlan- 
ta, Ga. a 
Reed, John WiUis, B. S. (E. E.) 15. 
Sales Engr. 627 Metrop. Life 
Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn, a 
Reed, Joseph M., LL. B. 92. Attor- 
ney. 3237 Harriet Ave., Minneapo- 
lis, Minn. 
Reed, Louis B., B. L. 99, LL. B. 02. 
Attorney. 209-211 Coronado Bldg.. 
Greeley, Colo, a 
Reed, Marian Keith (Tibbals, Mrs. 

Charles A. Jr.) B. L. 00. 
Reed, Melbourne Ovid, B. S. (E. E.) 
14. Industrial Engr. Conway Bldg., 
Chicago, 111. 
Reed,' Mrs. M. T. (Thompson, Madge) 
Ph. B. 02. 244 W. Irving, Oshkosh, 

18— A. D. 



Reed, Nathan William, B. A, 13, LL. 

B. 15. Eosendale, Wis. 

Reedal, George Banks, B. S. 98, LL. 
B. 01. Banker. Phillips, Wis. a 

Reedal, Peter Eugene, B. S. (E. E.) 
96. Cashier. First Natl. Bk. Pren- 
tice, Wis. 

Reedy, William Burke, B. A. (C. J.) 
16. Buyer. Sears Eoebuck & Co., 
Chicago, 111. 

Reek, Alice Kaye (Nerwin, Mrs. E. 
L.) B. A. 13. 

Reel, Irma (Gale, Mrs. George C.) 
B. L. 96. 

Reese, Gordon Braman, Ag. G. 17. 
Milford, N. H. 

Reese, Josephine (Stevenson, Mrs. 
John Alford) B. S. (H. Ec.) 13. 

Reese, Oliver Brutus, Ph. G. 15. 
Pharmacist. 115-6th Ave., Baraboo, 

Reeves, Goldie Jackson, M. A. 16. 
Oloverdale, Ind. 

Re'evs, Harry Lee, LL. B. 02. At- 

. torney. 227 Dahl, Ehinelander, Wis. 

Refsell, Oscar Norton, B. A. 11. 
Esterville, la. 

Regan, Katherine Patricia, B. L. 01. 
Teacher. 12'3 N. Butler, Madison, 
Wis. a 

Regan, Susan P. (Pratt, 'Mrs. John 
A.) B. L. 94. 

Regan, Mrs. Thos. Patrick (Dicker- 
son, Agnes Woodworth) B. A. 13. 
Kenwood, Helena, Mont, a 

Regner, Frank P., LL. B. 01. At- 
torney. Wausau, Wis. 

Rehberg, Frederick H., B. L. 02. At- 
torney. Kamiah, Idaho. 

Rehberg, Mrs. F. H. (Maas, Helen 
B.) B. A. 07. Kamiah, Idaho. 

Rehfeld, Minnie Elmida (Loew, Mrs. 
Edgar A.) B. A. 07. 

Rehfuss, Isidor Louis, B. A. 12, M. A. 
13. La Crosse, Wis. 

Rehm, Henry Charles, LL . B. 99. 
Clergyman. Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Rehm, Walter A,, B. A. 08. Insur- 
ance Broker. 29 S. La Salle, Chica- 
go, 111. 

Rehn, Valentine, B. L. 97. 

Reichel, Louis Herbert, Ag. G. 13. 
Grand Rapids, Wis. 

Reichenbaum, Isadore, B. A. 18. 
Salesman. 750 Hackett Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 

Reichert, Arthur Louis, Ph. G. 97. 
Postmaster. Red Lake Falls, Minn. 

Reichert, Edward Edgar, B. A. (C. 

C.) 14. Accountant. 1044 Jenifer, 
Madison, Wis. a 

Reichert, John Lester, B. S. (Med.) 
17. West Bend, Wis. a 

Reichert, Ramona, B. A. 17. Nurse. 
103-8th Ave., West Bend, Wis. 

Reichert, Rose B., B. A. 11. Teach- 
er. East Troy, Wis. 

Reid, Alexander Hamilton, B. L. 88, 
LL. B. 90. Circuit Judge. Wau- 
sau, Wis. a 

Reid, Alice Jane, B. A. 06. Osteopa- 
thic Physician. Oconomowoc, Wis. 

Reid, Bryan Sea'^orne, B. S. (Min. 
E.) 13. Vice Pres. Inter Ocean Re- 
fining Co. Box 419, Riverside, 111. a 

Reid, Dorothy Emma, B. A. 18. 
Asst. & Student. U. W. Oconomo- 
woc, Wis. 
*Reid, Duncan, Ph. B. 73. Died 
Jan. 11, 1905. 

Reid, Duncan Henry, B. S. A. 19. 
Instr. U. W. 2615 Mason, Madison, 
Wis. a 

Reid, Dwight Logan, B. A. 14, M. 
S. 18. 

Reid, Henry D., Ph. B. 71. 

Reid, Janet Ella, B. S. (H. Ec.) 18. 
Hurley, Wis. a 

Reid, John Winfield, B. S. (0. E.) 06. 
Civil Engr. 622 Judson, Evanston, 
111. a 

Reid, Mary Elizabeth, B. A. 10. 
Teacher. 115 Edgewood Ave., 
Madison, Wis. a 

Reid, Maude Dunlap (Tomlinson, 
Mrs. Charles W.) B. A. ]3. 

Reid, Stuart Walker, B. S. A. 15. 
Holstein Friesian Breeder. Ocono- 
mowoc, Wis. a 

Reid, Velma Agnes, B. A. 19. Teach- 
er. Hurley, Wis, a 

Reid, William Albert, Ag. G. 11. 
Farmer. Freehold, N. J. a 

Reid, William Herbert Eddy, B. S. 
A. 19. 1501 Rosemary Lane, Co- 
lumbia, Mo, * 

Reif, Herman Peter, Ph. G. 12, B. 
S. (Ph. C.) 18. Fellow U. W. 
1204 W. Johnson, Madison, Wis. a 

Reilly, Elizabeth Marguerite, B. A. 
15. Principal. 228 Margaret, 
Watertown, Wis. 

Reilly, Harry Winne, B. S. (E. E.) 
97. Okla. Gas & Elect. Co. Okla- 
homa City, Okla. 



Reilly, James Patrick, LL. B. 97. 

Maniifacturer. 27 E. Johnson, Fond 
du Lac, Wis. 
Reilly, Michael Kieran, B. L. 94, LL. 
B. 95. Attorney. 94 S. Main, Fond 
du Lac, Wis. a 
Reilly, Thomas William, B. S. (C. 
E.) 12. Wis. Highway Commission. 
Madison, Wis. a 
Reimers, Fred Henry, B. A. (0. C.) 

Reindahl, Amund K., B. L. 96. 
Farmer. 106 E. Wilson, Madison, 
Reindl, Mrs. Lawrence T. (Bechtel, 
Anita Else) B. A. 13. 1100 Mary- 
land Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Reineking, Adolph George, Ag. G. 

10. Farmer. Athens, Wis. 
Reineking, Victor Herman, B. S. (C. 
E.) 08. Civil Engr. 4832-60th, S. 
E. Portland, Ore. 
Reineking, Walter C, B. A. 05. Phy- 
aician. Wis. State Tuberculosis 
Sanatorium. Stateson, Wis. 
Retnert, Walter August, B. S. (C. 
E.) 11. Charge Agric. Engr. Ar- 
mour Inst, of Technology, Chicago, 
Reinhard, Gustav A., B. S. (E. E.) 
08. Asst. Chief Engr. Mechanical 
Appliance Co. Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Reinhard, Louis F., B. S. (E. E.) 
07. Elect. Engr. 709 Hackett Ave., 
Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Reinhardt, Joseph Albert, B. S. (Ch. 
E.) 17. Engr. 1421 Van Buren, 
Peru, 111. a 
Reinhart, George Stanley, B. A. 14. 

1519 Broadway, Toledo, O. 
Reinholdt, Richard Theodore, LL. B. 
15. Attorney. Tomahawk, Wis. a 
Reinking, Anita Emma (Sammett, 

Mrs. C. F.) B. A. 15. 
Reinking, Ema Carolina, B. A. 10. 
Asst. U. W. Library. 435 N. Park, 
Madison, Wis. a 
Reinking, Lillian A., B. A. 11. So- 
cial Worker. 1104 Ash, Baraboo, 
Reinking, Otto August, B. S. A. 12. 
M. S. 15. Plant Pathologist & 
Assoc. Prof. Coll. of Agric. Los 
Banos, Laguna, P. I. a 
Reinsch, Paul Samuel, B. A. 92, LL. 
B. 94, Ph. D. 98. Legal Advisor to 
Chinese Government, Wash. D. C. a 
Reinsch, Mrs. Paul S. (Moser, Alma 
M.) B. A. 00. Dept. of State, Wash. 
D. C. 

R3is, Alvin Carl, B. A. 13. 2262 
West Lawn Ave., Madison, Wis. a 

Reiser, Elizabeth Elsie, B. A. 15. 
Teacher. 407 Washington, Wausau, 

> Wis. 

Reiss, Wallace, B. A. 05. Teacher. 
477-24th Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Reiss, Mrs. W. A. (KeitoWj Ehoda 
H.) B. A. 08. 636 Michigan Ave., 
Sheboygan, Wis. a 
-Reitman, Arthur, B. S. 02. Died 
Jan. 6; 1912. 

Reitman, Leo, LL. B. 04. Attorney. 
243-25th, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Reitz, Carrie Jean, B. A. 14, M. A. 

Rekersdres, Henry, B. S. 11, M. E. 
14, Better Dental Mfg. Co., Eoches- 
ter, N. Y. a 

Remington, Arthur, LL. B. 87. 
Lawyer & Reporter. 921-922 Fi- 
delity Bldg., Tacoma, Wash, a 

Remington, Harriet (Laird, Mrs. A. 
G.) B. L. 88, M. A. 90. 

Remington, Helen M. (Olin, Mrs. 
John M.) B. L, 76. 

Remington, Maud Estelle, B. L. 81. 
1301 Main, Olympia, Wash. 

Remington, May B. (Thayer, Mrs. 
Stephen E.) B. L. 81. 

Remsberg, Oscar Zachariah, B. S. 19. 
Farmer. Buckeystown, Md. a 

Remsburg, Lillian A., B. A. 10. 
Teacher. 1210 N. Court, Rock- 
ford, 111. a 

Rendtorff, Edmund Joseph, B. S. (E. 
E.) 95, M. S. 96. Prof. Lake 
Forest, 111. 

Renich, Florence Caroline, B. S. (Ch. 
C.) 17. Chemist. Woodstock, 111. a 

Renk, Mary Katherine, M. G. 03. 
Boise, Idaho, a 

Rennebohm, Edwin, Ph. G. 14. 207 
N. Mills, Madison, Wis. a 

Rennebohm, Fred O., Ph. G. 14. 
Druggist. 1951 Winnebago, Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Rennebohm, Oscar, Ph. G. 11. Drug- 
gist. 1320 University Ave., Madi- 
son, Wis. a 

*Rennie, Francis C, LL. B. 72. Died 
Aug. 12, 1875. 

Replinger, Roy Lodawlck, B. S. (E. 
E.) 14. 

Re Qua, Eugene Miner, B. S. (C. E.) 
16. Lieut. R. A., U. S. A. The 
Southern G. F. Co. Atlanta, Ga. a 

Re Qua, Frederick Livingston, B. S. 
(E. E.) 18. Elect. Engr. Cutler- 
Hammer Mfg. Co. Milwaukee, Wis. 



Ressmeyer, Emma Bertha, Ph. B. 17. 

Grad. Student. 403 E. Johnson, 

Madison, Wis. 
Rest, Mrs. O. W. (Lake, Dora Lu- 

eile) M. G. 15. 428 N. Charter, 

Madison, Wis. 
Retelstorf, Caroline Dorothea, B. A. 

08. Laboratory Technician. 220 
Mason, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Rettger, Winifred Gard (Lewis, Mrs. 

Harmon) B. A. 15. 
Rettig, Edith Louise, B. A. 10. 

Teacher. Monticello, Ta. 
Retza, Mrs. William (Pohle, Viola 

E.) B. A. 18. Bloomington, Wis. a 
Reul, Matilda E., B. S. 77, M. S. 89. 

Baraboo, Wis. 
Reuss, Anna Beth (Thomson, Mrs. 

Harold P.) B. A. 13. 
Renter, Louis Frederick, Jr., B. S. 

(C. E.) 15. Engr. St. Francis, Wis. 
Rex, Charles Henry, Ph. G. 87. Drug- 
gist. Hustisford, Wis. 
Reyer, Edward Gerald, B. A. 13. 

Colby, Wis. a 
Reyer, Hugo, B. A. (C. C.) 17. Man- 

ati Sugar Co., Manati Oriente, 

Cuba, a 
Reyes, Teofilo, C. E. 15. Engr.. 

Bulacan, P. I. 
Reyer, Will Cleveland, B. A. 11. 

Mgr. Public Utility Dept. Arthur E. 

Anderson & Co. 1814 Harris Trust 

Bldg., Chicago, 111. a 
Reymert, Anne Ross, B. A. 19. Iowa 

City, la. 
Reynolds, Alice Mjrrick, M. A. 15. 

Editorial Eesearch. 639 Shepard 

Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Reynolds, Benjamin S., B. S. (G. E.) 

09. 307 N. Ingersoll, Madison, Wis. 

Reynolds, Mrs. Benjamin S. (Clough, 
Ethel Pearl) B. A. 07. 307 N. In- 
gersoll, Madison, Wis. 

Reynolds, Benjamin W., LL. B. 06. 
Lawyer. 1305 Majestic Bldg., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 

Reynolds, Charles (Grosser, Charles 
Eeynolds). Editor. 4733 Paulina, 
Chicago, ni. 

Reynolds, Edward Daniel, B. A. 13. 
241 W. 75 St., New York City, a 

Reynolds, Edward J., LL. B. 01. At- 
torney. Tenney Blk., Madison, Wis 

Reynolds, Mrs. Edward S. (Had- 
den, Jean Morgan) B. A. 15. 125 
Hollston Ave., Muskegon, Mich, a 

*Reynolds, Edwin R., LL. D. 95. De- 

Reynolds, Everett Adelbert, B. L. 
96. Principal. Twin Lakes, Wis. 

Reynolds, Mrs. Harry (Marks, Marie 
Anna) B. A. 12. Cobb, Wis. 

Reynolds, Ira Lahmbert, B. S. (E. 
E.) 06. Elect. Engr. 218-9th, Wil- 
mette. 111. a 

*Re3molds, James, LL. B. 77. Died 
Dec. 17, 1880. 

Reynolds, John Whitcomb, LL. B. 
02. Attorney. 303 Minahan Bldg., 
Green Bay, Wis. 

Rejmolds, Paul N., B. A. 07. Ac- 
counting Director. 2202 Van Hise 
Ave., Madison, Wis. a 

Reynolds, Ralph E., M. S. 14. Silo 
Business. 2324 S. Columbine, Den- 
ver, Colo. 
♦Reynolds, Thomas Henry, LL. B. 82. 

Reynolds, Thomas Myrick, B. S. (C. 
E.) 12. Engr. 1121 Division, La 
Crosse, Wis. a 

Reynolds, Mrs. Thomas Myrick (Ty- 
ler, Dorris L.) B. A. 11. 1121 Di- 
vision, La Crosse, Wis. 
♦Reynolds, William Everett, B. S. (E. 
E.) 99. Died Feb. 23, 1909. 

Reynolds, William La Fayette, M. 
E. 17. Lieut. U. S. A. Buck, Tex- 
as, a 

Reynolds, Mrs. William R. (Hoyt, 
Eliza B.) B. L. 83. Chatfield, Minn. 

Rhine, Charles A., B. S. (E. E.) 00. 
Vice-Pres. Union Elect. Mfg. Co. 
120 Eeed, Milwaukee, Wis. 
*Rhoades, Ellen May, B. A. 05. De- 

Rhodes, Alfred John, B. L. 02, LL. 
B. 04. Automobile Distributor. 809 
E. Maple, Estherville, la. a 

Rhodes, Mrs. Alfred J. (Harvey, 
Katherine Mary) B. A. 05. 809 E. 
Maple, Estherville, la. 
♦Rhodes, Arthur Lee, Ph. B. 02. Died 
Feb. 1911. 

Rhodes, Edwin James, B. A. 18. 
Banker. First Trust & Savings Bk. 
Estherville, la. 

Rhodes, James Ford, LL. D. 04. 
Writer. 392' Beacon, Boston, Mass. 

Rhodes, William Thomas, LL. B. 06. 
City Water Inspector. Waupun, 

Rhyme, Frank A., Ph. G. 86. Drug- 
gist. 703 Dunn, Portage, Wis. 



Ehyner, Oscar Bertrand, LL. B. 15. 

Attorney. Oshkosh, Wis. 

Rice, Augustus M., B. A. 70, M. A. 
74. Congregational Clergyman. 
Eoyalston, Mass. 

Rice, C. Eugene, LL. B. 89. 

Rice, Claudia Bee, B. A. 05. Teach- 
er. 1712 Pershing Ave., Davenport, 

Rice, Mrs. C. M. (Holston, Anna) 
' B. A. 09. 56 Bryn Mawr, Cleve- 
land, O. 

Rice, Edward Martin, LL. B. 96. 
Physician & Surgeon. 331 Grove, 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Rice, Edward Owen, B. A. 92. Fruit 
Grower & Farmer. Prosser, Wash, a 

Rice, Eleva May (Gleiss, Mrs. Wm. 
M.) B. A. 08. ' 

Rice, Ernest Frederick, B. S. (E. E.) 
08. Sales Engr. 600 Otis Bldg., 
Philadelphia, Pa. a 

Rice, Felix G., B. A. 08. Sales Dept. 
J. H. Rice & Friedmann Co. 540 
Maryland Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Rice, Helen Avalee (Haake, Mrs. Al- 
fred P.) B. S. (H. Ec.) 18. 

Rice, Joseph, B. L. 88, LL. B. 93. 
Attorney. Elroy, Wis. a 

Rice, Leverett E., B. S. (E. E.) 05. 
Supt. Helios Mfg. Co. 614 Gibson, 
Scranton, Pa. a 

Rice, Mary Louise, B A. 09. Teach- 
er. Lewistown, 111. 

Rice, Natalie (Wahl, Mrs. George) 
B. A. 12. 

Rice, Ole S., B. S. 99. State Super- 
visor. 406 W. Doty, Madison, Wis. a 

Rice, Oliver E., B. S. 96. County 
Supt. of Schools. Ladysmith, Wis. 

Rice, Ruth Catherine, B. A. 14. Li- 
brarian. 406 W. Doty, Madison, 
Wis. a 

Rice, Zelotus Sylvester, LL. B. 04. 
Attorney. 108 W. Oak, Sparta, Wis. 

Rich, Jean Katherine, M. S. 18. 1924 
Sherman Ave., Evanston, 111. 

Rich, Mabel Irene, Ph. B. 12. Instr. 
Missoula, Mont. 

Richards, Alberita U., B. A. 18. Red 
Cross Canteen Service. 850-22nd, 
Rock Island, 111. a 

Richards, Anna (Bird, Mrs. Eugene) 
B. S. (H. Ec.) 12. 

Richards, Arch E., B. A. 11. Cap- 
tain U. S. A. Investment Bank- 
ing. 105 S. La Salle, Chicago, 111. a 

Richards, Aute, M. A. 09. Prof. 
Crawfordsyille, Ind. 

Richards, Avis Marie, B. S. (H. Ec.) 
16. Teacher. 591 Prospect Ave., 
Milwaukee, Wis. 

Richards, Clara Alida, B. A. 06. Li- 
brarian. Colonial Apts., Fargo, N. 
D. a 

Richards, Clarke A., B. S. A. 14. 
County Agric. Agent. North Ver- 
non, Ind. 

Richards, Dolores Millicent, B. A. 
18. Mineral Point, Wis. a 
^Richards, Elizabeth L., B. A. 11. 

Richards, Ella Alfraetta (Spoor, Mrs. 
Glenn) B. S. (H. Ec.) 14. 

Richards, Forrest Orlow, Ag. G. 12. 
Farmer. Sparta, Wis. 

Richards, Griffith, B. S. A. 11. Coun- 
ty Agric. Agent. 1015 Sheridan Rd., 
Kenosha, Wis. 

Richards, Mrs. Griffith (Chamber- 
lain, Marie) B. A. 12. 1015 Sheri- 
dan Rd., Kenosha, Wis. 

Richards, Jerre Turner, B. S. (C. E.) 
95. Const. Engr. 4801 Euclid 
Ave., Cleveland, O. a 

Richards, Mrs. Jerre T. (Williams, 
Florence) B. L. 93. 4801 Euclid 
Ave., Cleveland, O. 

Richards, Jesse Lawrence, B. A. 07. 
Real Estate Dealer. Randolph, Wis. 

Richards, John Robertson, B. L. 96. 
Asst. Prof. U. W. Gym. Madison, 

Richards, Lillian Ethel (Johnson, 
Mrs. 'J. Melvin) B. L. 03. 

Richards, Morris Wilford, B. S. 09, 
M. S. 10. Horticulturist. Lock 
Box No. 1016, Louisville, Ky. a 

Richards, Robert B , B. A. 12. Iron 
Business. 450 Wyoming PI., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. a 

Richards, Walter J., B. S. (E. E.) 
93. Chief Engr. 561 Bradford 
Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Richards, Mrs. Walter Joseph (Pel- 
low, Anne) B. L. 94. 561 Brad- 
ford Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Richards, William, B. A. 16. Press 
Dept. of State. Odensegade 1(5, Co- 
penhagen, Denmark, a 

Richards, William AUyn, B. S. (M. 
E.) 99. Principal. Cedar Rapids, 

Richards, William Bonner, B. S. A. 
03. County Agric. Agent. Geneva, 
111. a 

Richardson, Annice True, B. L. 00. 
322 W. 27th, Los Angeles, Calif. 



Richardson, Berl D., B. S. 02. Teach- 
er. 1213 S. 9th, Manitowoc, Wis. a 
Richardson, Chester D., B. A. 17. 16 

5, Broom, Madison, Wis. 
Richardson, Clarence Lemuel, B. A. 

06, LL. B. 07. Farmer. Chippewa 
Falls, Wis. 

Richardson, Edna B. (Palmer, Mrs. 

Vincent) B. L. 92. 
Richardson, Elwood Arthur, B. S. 

(E. E.) 10. Chemist. 13917 Wood- 
worth Ave., Cleveland, O. 
Richardson, Emma Hanks (Skave- 

lein, Mrs. Henry) B. A. 13. 
Richardson, Glenn Carol, B. S. (M. 

E.) 17. 504 Bradford Ave., Mil- 
waukee, Wis. 
Richardson, Harriet J. (Hotton, Mrs. 

J. S.) B. L. 93. 
Richardson, Harris, LL. B. 83. At- 
torney. 407 Germania Life Bldg., 

St. Paul, Minn. 
Richardson, Helen B., M. L. 02. 322 

W. 27th, Los Angeles, Calif. 
*Richardson, Helen Cornelia, B. L. 95. 

Died Sept. 22-, 1899. 
^Richardson, Henry Lewis, B. A. 80. 

Died Dec. 30, 1903. 
Richardson, James Marston, B. A. 

(C. C.) 18. Stonleigh Ct., Apt. 4, 

Kansas City, Mo. 
*Richardson, J. Edward, Jr., M. S. 16. 

Richardson, Mrs. J. S. (Conry, Maud 

E.) B. A. 04. Sheboygan Falls, 

Richardson, Julia B. (McLenegan, 

Mrs. Julia E.) B. L. 95. 
Richardson, Lemont Hunter, B. A. 

14. Lieut. U. S. A. Sheboygan 

Falls, Wis. 
Richardson, Linwood Thomas, B. S. 

(E. E.) 10, Ch. E. 13. 9 Living- 
ston Ave., New Brunswick, N. J. a 
Richardson, Marion Eliza, B. A. 15. 

Teacher. Kendall, Wis. 
Richardson, Marshall Pease, B. A. 

89. Attorney. 429 Prospect Ave., 

Janesville, Wis. a 
Richardson, Marston Samuel, B. S. 

(Ch. C.) 17. Chemist. 3704 E. 57th, 

Kansas City, Mo. a 
Richardson, Mary Pauline, B. A. 93. 

1926 Eowley Ave., Madison, Wis. 
Richardson, Maurice Leonard, B. S. 

(Med.) 10, M. S. 11. Turtle Lake, 

Wis. a 
Richardson, Pearl E. (Henke, Mrs. 

Fred C.) B. A. 10. 

Richardson, Mrs. Robert P. (Holmes, 
May L.) B. A. 07. 104 Askin, Lon- 
don, Ontario, ^Can, a 

Richardson, Seth W., LL. B. 03. At- 
torney, 609-9th, Fargo, N. D. a 
*Richardson, Walter Hawley, B. S. 
(M. E.) 05. Died May 1907. 

Richdorf, Lawrence Francis, B. S. 
(Med.) 17. Medical Student. 329 
Union, Minneapolis, Minn, a 

Richmond, Adam, B. A. 12, LL. B. 

*Richmond, Benjamin F., LL. B. 95. 
Died May 2, 1899. 

Richmond, Earl Dewitt, Ph. G. 06. 
Pharmacist. Eagle River, Wis. 

Richmond, Fannie R., M. G. 08. 
Piano Teacher. Grundy Center, la. 

Richmond, Robert M., B. L. 87, LL. 
B. 89. Attorney. Evansville, Wis. a 

Richmond, Thomas Charles, LL. B. 
82. Attorney. 323 Lakeside, Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Richter, Arthur W., B. M. E. 89, M. 
E. 91. Dean Montana State Coll. 
621 S. Grand Ave., Bo7eman, Mont. 

Richter, Mrs. Arthur W. (Janeck, 
Marion T.) B. A. 91. 621 S. Grand 
Ave., Bozeman, Mont. 
*Richter, Edward Rand, B. S. 07, M. 
E. 15. Died Oct. 11, 1918. 

Richter, Frederick August, B. A. 15. 
621 S. Grand Ave., Bozeman, Mont. 

Richter, Oscar Arthur, B. S. (M. E.) 

12. Manitowoc, Wis. a 
Richtmann, William Oscar, Ph. G. 94, 

B. S. 97, Ph. D. 19. Asst. Prof. 
TJ. W. 1709 Adams, Madison, Wis. a 

Rickeman, Frederick Henry, B. S. 
(E. E.) 06, E, E. 09. Mgr. Inter- 
state Light Co. Galena, 111. a 

Rickman, Hugo Albert, B. A. 04. 
Editorial Writer. 1608 Main, Mad- 
ison, Wis. 

Ricker, George Worcester, M. A. 17. 
Portland, Me. 

Ricker, Ralph Johnson, LL. B. 93. 
Attorney. 2151/^ Union Station, 
Wash. D. C. 

Rickert, Marguerite Bernadine, B. A. 

13. 183 Lyon, Milwaukee, Wis. 
Rickett, Harold William, B. A. 17. 

Asst. U. W. 625 Mendota Ct., Mad- 
ison, Wis. 
Rickfort, William O., B. S. 99. Phy- 
sician & Surgeon. 5058 S. Halsted, 
Chicago, 111. 



Rickmeier, Earl George, B . A . 16. 

Auditor. Internal Kev. Bureau. 
1 632-6 th, N. W., Wash. D. C. a 
Rickmire, Ara Patton, LL. B. 01, 
Eickmires Land Agency, Havre, 
Rider, Melinda Catherine, B. A. 04. 
Head of English Dept. H. S. 353 
Hill, Dubuque, la. a 
Ridgway, Grace Gladys, B. A. 12. 

*Ridlington, Daniel James, B. A. 01. 
Died Oct 1912. 
Rieder, Rudolf Theodore, B. A. 12, 
Ph. D. 18. 68 5^ Burleigh, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 
Riedesel, Bertha (Pickard, Mrs. 

Eawson J.) B. L. 03. 
Rieger, Harry William, B. A. (C. C.) 
16, Auditor-International Trade. 
52'50 N. Ashland Ave., Chicago, 
111. a 

Rieger, Mrs. H. W. (Howard, Bea- 
trice Marguerite) B. S. (H. Ec.) 
16. 5250 N. Ashland Ave., Chica- 
go, 111. a 

Rlemer, Robert F., LL. B. 04. At- 
torney. 297 W. 4th, Sioux Falls. 
S. Dak. 

Rienow, Robert E., B. L. 94. Dean 
of Men. V. of Iowa. Iowa City, la 

Rieser, Robert Mathew, LL. B. 13. 
Lieut. U. S. A. Baraboo, Wis. 

Riess, Minnie Margaret (Detling, 
Mrs. John M.) B. A. 05. 

Rietbrock, Adolph C, B. L. 89. Pres. 
Eietbrock Land & Lumber Co. 700 
Cedar, Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Rietbrock, Dorothy (Bascom, Mrs. 
Dean Smith) B. A. 18. 

Rieth, Pauline K., M. A. 11. Invest- 
ments. 219 Kirkwood Blvd., Dav- 
enport, la. 

Rietow, Anna Kurt (Steffen, Mrs. 
Alfred) B. A. 11. 

Rietow, Florence Georgiana (Voll- 
rath, Mrs. Walter J.) B. A. 06. 

Rietow, Rhoda H. (Eeiss, Mrs. Wil- 
liam A.) B. A. 08. 

Rietz, Walter Herman, B. S. (Med.) 
13. Phy. & Surg. 2135 S. Adams, 
Peoria, 111. a 

Rigast, Carl Adolph, B. A. 17. 

Riggert, Elda Katherine, B. A. 15. 
Teacher. Eeedsburg, Wis. 

Rightor, Chester E., B. A. 09. Gov- 
ernmental Eesearch. 100 Griswold, 
Detroit, Mich, a 

Rigney, Stephen John, LL. B. 10. 

Attorney. Cut Bank, Mont, a 

Riha, Joseph Wencel, B. A. 19. Ke- 
waunee, Wis. 

Riley, Charles Gilbert, LL. B. 96. 
Attorney. First Natl. Bk. Bldg., 
Madison, Wis. 

Riley, Donald Harrison, B. S. (Ch. 
C.) 12. Chemical Engr. 1822 Sher- 
idan Ed,, Evanston, 111. 

Riley, Edmund Burke, B. A. 07. 412 
W^inch Bldg., Vancouver, B. C 

Riley, James Alvin, M. S. 14. Den- 
mark, S. C. 

Riley, James Patrick, LL. B. 09. At- 
torney. 802-3rd, Wausau, Wis. 

Riley, John William, Ph. B. 12, Ph. 
M. 18. City Supt. of Schools. 716 
Clymer PL, Madison, Wis. 

Riley, Mabel Victoria (Marsh, Mrs. 
Arthur L.) B. S. 99. 

Riley, Miles Charles, LL. B. 09. La\t 
Drafting Dept., Legislative Eefer- 
ence Library. Madison, Wis. 

Riley, Thomas Edward, LL. B. 14. 
Altoona, Wis. 

Riley, William Henry, B. A. 09. 
Physician. Aurora, Nev. a 

Rilling, Mrs. Miles J. (Walter, Min- 
nie A.) B. A. 08. E. F. D. 24, 
Omro, Wis. 

Rimsnider, Harry Edgar, B. A. (C. 
C.) 17. Employment Agent. 1305 
Grand Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. a 
*Rimsnider, Walter Henry, Ph. G. 06. 
Died Jan. 10, 1911. 

Rindlaub, Julia H. (Wooledge, Mrs. 
John D.) B. L. 03. 

Ri-:idlaub, Martin Phillip, Jr., B. L. 
96. Physician. Fargo, N. D. a 

Rindy, Ethel Genevieve, B. A. 18. 
1626 Jefferson, Madison, Wis. a 

Rinehart, Mrs. Martin William 
(Sykes, Dora Louisa) B. A. 09. 
Bixby, S. D. 

Ring, Avis, B. A. 13. Employment 
Mgr, International Harvester Co. 
5428 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, HI. a 
*Rlng, Merritt Clark, LL. B. 73. De- 

Ringland, Joseph Allen, B. S. A. 06. 
Boone, la. 

Ringle, Oscar Louis, LL. B. 01. At- 
torney. 810 Grand Ave., Wausau, 

Ringling, Alice Josephine (Coerper, 
Mrs. Eoland F.) B. A. 12. 



Ringling, Mattie Salome (Newman, 
Mrs. H. W.) See Burnett, Mrs. El- 
bert, S. M. G. 11. 

Ringo, Mrs. Hugh F. (Johnson, 
Agnes L.) B. A. 10, M. A. 11. 
Montreal, Wis. a 

Riordan, Jeremiah P., B. L. 98. Supt. 
of Farms. Mayville, Wis. 

Riordan, John F., LL. B. 88. Attor- 
ney. Hayward, Wis. 

Ripley, Barbara Ruby (Velte, Mrs. 
Barbara) B. A. 10. 

Ripley, Fred Hubert, B. S. (M. E.) 
' 09. Supt. The Greeley Gas & 
Fuel Co. Kenosha, Wis. 

Ripley, Russel Rosier, B. S, (M. E.) 
06. Works Supt. Portland Gas cfc 
Coke Co. 5th & Yamhill, Portlan.l, 

Risdon, Roland Howard, B. A. 15. 
Secy. Y. M. C. A. Virginia, Minn, a 

Rishel, Raymond Heinsdorff, Ag. G. 
15. Phillips, Wis. 

Risjord, GuUick N., B. L. 97. Cir- 
cuit Judge. 722-8th Ave., Ashland, 
Wis. a 

Risley, Guy Franklin, B. A. 06. 
Special Agent. Hartford Fire Ins, 
Co. Baraboo, Wis. a 
*Rissman, Edward R., M. A. 02. De- 

Rissraann, Henrietta Louise, B. A. 
12. Private Secy. Natl. Zinc Co 
Bartlesville, Okla. 

Ristad, Mrs. D. G. (Johnson, Sarah 
M.) B. L. 94. Red Wing, Minn. 

Ristow, Olga B., B. A. 18. Teacher. 
Black Eiver Falls, Wis. 

Ristvedt, Mrs. Carl (Helen Smith) 
B. A. 09. Story City, la. a 

Ritchart, Roy Cecil, B. S. A. 14. 
New Lisbon, Wis. 

Ritchie, Albert Samuel, B. A. 76. At- 
torney. 803 Brandeis Bldg., Oma- 
ha, Neb. a 

Ritchie, Catherine J., B. A. 19. Jef- 
ferson, Wis. a 

Ritchie, E. Margaret, M. A. 18. 461 
College Ave., Appleton, Wis. 

Ritchie, Mrs. Ralph (Leach, Viola 
A.) B. A. 10. Manawa, Wis. 

Ritland, Georglne, Ph. M. 17. Elroy, 

Ritter, George J., Ph. B. 16, Ph. M. 
17. Instr. U. W. 708 W. Dayton, 
Madison, Wis. 

Ritter, Philip A., B. S. (Ch. C.) 15. 
Chief Chemist. IO631/2 Lapham, 
Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Ritzman, Ralph Roscoe, B. A. 15. 

Med. Student. 3715 Woodland Ave., 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Rivers, Thomas Ellis, B. A. 17. Mgr. 

Personal Bur. 17 Charles, New 

York City, a 
Rix, George Stephen, LL. B. 91. At- 
torney. Milbank, S. D. a 
Roach, Florence (Melin, Mrs. O. W.) 

B. A. 10. 
Roach, James Thomas, B. S. (Ch. C.) 

13. Secy. Eoach & Seeber Co. 

Waterloo, Wis. a 
Roach, Mrs. James T. (Fries, Gyneth 

Theo.) B. A. 14. Eichland Center, 

Roach, Melba Clarice, B. A. 16. 

Teacher. Fennimore, Wis. 
Roach, Paul Ramsey, B. A. 15. Rock 

Eapids, la. 
Roach, Mrs. W. L. (Main, Anna E.) 

(formerly, Kempton, Mrs. J.) B. L. 

96. 511 N. Carroll, Madison, Wis. a 
Roadhouse, Wilbur, B. S. (E. E.) 16. 

Lieut. U. S. A. Beloit, Wis. 
Roads, Samuel Hardin, C. E. 14. 
Roane, Mrs. J. Q. (Steele, Nellie Ger- 
trude) Ph. B. 08. Carlyle, 111. 
Roantree, Robert Peter, B. S. (Med.) 

17. Steptoe Valley Hospital, East 

Ely, Nov. 
*Roark, Eugene Washburn, M. S. 15, 

Ph. D. 18. Died Oct. 14, 1918. 
Roark, Mary Creegan, M. A. 16. 

Grad. Student. 4738 Kenwood- Ave., 

Chicago, HI. 
Robb, Mrs. Carol (Sanford, Marion 

E.) B. A. 18. 523 S. 12th, La 

Crosse, Wis. 
Robbins, Blanche Gertrude, B. A. 15. 

Robbins, George Hiram, B. S. (Med.) 

13. Asst. Prof. U. W. 1543 Jeffer- 
son, Madison, Wis. 
Robbins, Henry Spencer, LL. B. 74. 

Attorney. 105 S. La Salle, Chicago, 

Robbins, James, LL. B. 89. Attor- 
ney. 25 Douglas, Rice Lake, Wis. 
Robbins, Samuel Brownlee, LL. B. 

00. Carthage, 111. 
Roberg, PhiUp, M. A. 11, B. S. (E. 

E.) 16. Elect. Engr. P. O. Box 

475. Schenectady, N. Y. 
Roberts, Agnes Ida, B. A. 06. Instr. 

E. F. D. 1, West Bend, Wis. a 
Roberts, Alexander C, B. A. 06. 

Supt. of Schools. 901 D, Centralia, 

Wash, a 



*Rol)erts, Basil John, B. S. A. 18. 
Killed in action, Aug. 4, 1918. • 

Roberts, Chapin, B. S. (M. E.) 11. 
Engr. c/o Sears^ Roebuck & Co., 
Pliila., Pa. a 

Roberts, Charles S., LL. B. 83. At- 
torney. Balsam Lake, Wis. 

Roberts, David M., B. A. 00. Sales- 
man. 710-loth, Oakland, Calif. 

Roberts, Dorothy, B. S. (H. Ec.) 17. 
Instr. U. W. 444 N. "\^arren, Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Roberts, Earl, B. A. 09. Farmer. 
Oconomowoc, Wis. a 

Roberts, Edward Howell, B. A. 19. 
411 Hawthorne PI., Madison, Wis. 

Roberts, Eliza, B. S. 94. 

Roberts, Florence Jean, B. A. 17. 
210 W. 3rd, Superior, Wis. 

Roberts, Frederick Charles, B. S. 95. 
Physician. 1109 Washington, Eas- 
ton. Pa. a 

Roberts, George Friday, B. A. 12. 
Asst. Cashier. State Bank. Fox- 
Lake, Wis. a 

Roberts, Harlow Pliny, B. S, A. 17. 
Asst. Director. Agr. Extension 
Dept. Emerson Brantingham Imp. 
Co., Rockford, 111. a 

Roberts, Harvey Earl, B. A. (C. C.) 
18. 616 Stockton Ct., Madison, Wis. 

Roberts, Hazel Isabelle, B. A. 12, M. 
A. 15. Teacher. Neillsville, Wis. 

Roberts, Henry Fletcher, Ph. G. 85. 
Pharmacist. Dodgeville, Wis. 

Roberts, James Frank, B. S. (M. E.) 
18. Hydraulic Dept. Allis Chalm-. 
ers Co."^ 297-35th, Milwaukee, Wis. 

Roberts, Jessie Louise (Rather, Mrs. 
Max Frederick) B. A. 14. 

Roberts, John A., LL B.. 11. Attor- 
ney. Grand Rapids, Wis. 

Roberts, Mrs. John Rhodes (Hud- 
son, Alice) B. A. 13. 

Roberts, Junius Sturges, B. A. 18. 
Milwaukee, Wis. 
♦Roberts, Leslie Mantor, B. L. 83. 
Died 1912. 

Roberts, Lucy George, M. A. 14, Ph. 
D. 16. Berea, Ky. 

Roberts, Mabel, B. A. 12. Teacher. 
Cresbard, S. D. 

Roberts, Margaret Emma, B. S. (H. 
Ec.) 18. Cambria, Wis. 

Roberts, Margery (Hayden, Mrs. H. 
G.) B. A. 07. 

Roberts, Marinda Ingalls, M. A. 16. 
Teacher. 911 Walnut, Des Moines 
la. 1 

Roberts, Morgan Evan, B. S. (Min. 
E.) 18. 210 W. 3rd, Superior, Wis. 

Roberts, Robert John, Ag. G. 16. 
Farmer. Hart, Mich. 

Roberts, Royal Arlington, B. A. 15. 
Secy, to Pres. Marshall Field & Co, 
Chicago, 111. a 

Roberts, Ruth Olive (Good, Mrs. 
Samuel Pulse) B. A. 17. 

Roberts, Mrs. W. Herbert (Johnson, 
Edna Grace) B. A. 11. 821 S. Sum- 
mit Ave., Sioux Falls, S. D. a 

Roberts, Mrs. Wm. A. (Scott, Gene- 
vieve Allen) B. A. 07. 1212 Plati- 
num, Butte, Mont. 

Roberts, William C, B. A. 13. Pres. 
Zinke-Roberts Co. 1910 W. Kinzie, 
Chicago, 111. a 

Roberts, W. D., Ph. G. 93. Drug- 
gist. Albany, Wis. a 

Robertson, Almon F., B. S. (Min. 
E.) 11. Engr. Butte Copper Min- 
ing Co. Butte, Mont, a 

Roberston, Arthur Hampton, B. A. 

09. Supt. of Schools. 218 Ely, Al- 
legan, Mich, a 

Robertson, Mrs. Arthur H. (Mc- 
Comb, Arlie Mae) B. A. 11. Alle- 
gan, Mich. 

Robertson, Mrs. James A. (Halsey 
Cora Moore) Ph. B. 06. 1422 Irv- 
ing N. E., Wash. D. C. 

Robertson, James B., B. S. A. 08. 
Farm Supt. Eccleston, Md. a 

Robertson, Mrs. Jas. B. (Burnham, 
Marguerite Eleanor) B. A. 06. Ec- 
cleston, Md. a 

Robertson, Lawrence Bernard, B. S. 
M. E.) 06. Supt. Coke Dept. Wis. 
Steel Co. 6738 Cornell Ave., Chi- 
cago, 111. a 

Robertson, Lucile Clarinda, B. S. 
(H. Ec.) 14. Prof. Coll. of Emporia. 
Emporia, Kan. 

Robertson, Richard Douglas, B. S. 
A. 16. Patch Grove, Wis. 

Robertson, Mrs. Richard D. (Sturte- 
vant, Imogen) B. A. 16. 1815 Jef- 
ferson, Madison, Wis. 

Robertson, Robert E., B. S. (C. E.) 

10. County Engr. Mason City, la. 
Robertson, Ruth Elizabeth, B. A. 17. 

4259 Grand Blvd., Chicago, 111. a 
Robertson, William Burt, Ph. B. 03. 

Fort Atkinson, Wis. 
Robertson, William Spence, B. L. 99, 

M. L. 00. Prof. U. of 111. 806 

Michigan Ave., Urbana, 111. a 
Robinson, Agnes L., M. A. 15. 750 

Mill, Council Bluffs, la. 



Eobinson, Alma Edith, B. A. 18. 

3620 E. 4th, Duluth, Minn. 
Robinson, Amy Anna, B. A. 04, M. 

A. 05. Teacher. Ottawa, 111. 
Robinson, Arthur Harrison, B. S. A. 
17. 2022 Jefferson, Madison, Wis. 
Robinson, Bertha L. (George, Mrs. 

E. D.) Ph. B. 02. 
Robinson, Mrs. Beverley (Corwin, 
Winnafred Katherine) Child La- 
bor Div. Bur. Int. Rev. Washing- 
ton, D. C. a 
Robinson, Byron Lewis, B. A. 14, M. 
A. 17. School of Education, U. of 
Miss, a 
Robinson, Edgar Eugene, B. A. 08, 
M. A. 10. Educator. Leland Stan- 
ford University, Calif, a 
Robinson, Edith Porter, B. L. 96. 

543 Marshall, Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Robinson, Eliza, B. S. 98. Teacher, 

Sillman Hotel, Spokane, Wash. 
Robinson, Florence Porter, B. A. 89, 
M. A. 92. 543 Marshall, Milwau- 
kee, Wis. 
*Robinson, Fred Byron, B. S. 78. Died 
April 26, 1910. 
Robinson, George Clarence, B. A. 16. 
Acting Prof. U. W. 301 S. Pinck- 
ney, Madison, Wis. 
Robinson, George Edgar, LL. B. 82. 

Attorney. Oconomowoc, Wis. 
Robinson, George Porter, B. S. (E. 
E.) 96. 315 E. Water, Milwaukee, 
Robinson, Hester Douglas, B. A. (C. 
J.) 19. ''New York Evening Sun." 
New York City. 
Robinson, Irving Porter, B. L. 00. 
• Wholesale Grocer. 315 E. Water, 
Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Robinson, Mrs. J. W. (Weston, Em- 
ma) B. A. 83. a 
Robinson, Mabel Porter, B. L. 94. 

241 Martin, Milwaukee, Wis. a 
Robinson, Mae Josephine (Williams, 

Mrs. Jason P.) B. A. 04. * 
Robinson, Margaret Ann, B. A. 18. 
335 Morris Ave., Grand Eapids, 
Robinson, Miles Albert, Ag. G. 11. 
S. Shore Drive, Lake Geneva, Wis. 
Robinson, Mrs. M. A. (Roloff, Nor- 
ma) B. A. 13. S. Shore Drive, Lake 
Geneva, Wis. 
Robinson, Miriam Josephine (Maeh- 

lin, Mrs. Theodore) S. M. G. 14. 
Robinson, Natl\aniel S., B. A. 88, 
LL. B. 90. Lawyer. 6 Waverly 
PI., Milwaukee, Wis. a 

Robinson, Phili