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1867 - 1964 

Carver Hall 

Bloomsburc State College 




1867 - 1964 

Bloomsburc State College 



Second Class Postage paid at Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 
George G. Stradtman, Sr., Editor 

Bloomsburg State College 


A Poem by William Boyd Sutliff 
Class of 1891 

If hurrying years have dim'd the past 
Or busy life made you deplore 
The joyous days of youth, let's cast 
A backward glance and live once more 
Amid the scenes which we shall greet, 
Let's live again with youth now here 
They play our games, our classes meet; 
"youth must be served," give them a cheer. 

Once more I climbed the hill 

To see those ivyed walls 

That welcomed me, and still 

Fond mem'ry to me calls 

The forms, the voices of the past, 

Here at "Old Bloomsburg," dear to all 

Whose pleasant lot was cast 

Amidst her friendly halls, recall 

The days of youth, the happy past 

And feel the thrill of present days 

For here the friendly spirit stays. 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Bloomsburg State College expects an enrollment in excess of 
3,000 students in 1966, four years before the target date set by 
the comprehensive campus plan. 

A century and a quarter has intervened since the founding of 
the Bloomsburg Academy at Third and Jefferson Streets in 1839 
and has been marked by various changes in names. 

The charter for the Bloomsburg Literary Institute was drawn in 
1856, and the first building, now Carver Hall, marked its reloca- 
tion on the original three acre site of the present campus in 1867. 

Two years later, the Bloomsburg Literary Institute and State 
Normal School came into existence, and finally, in 1916, following 
the purchase by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Blooms- 
burg State Normal School came into existence. 

In 1927, the State Council of Education authorized the Blooms- 
burg State Teachers College to offer courses leading to the Bachelor 
of Science Degree in Education. A generation later, in 1960, the 
Bloomsburg State College was authorized to offer graduate courses 
leading to the Master of Education Degree, and Arts and Sciences 
curriculums leading to the Bachelor's Degree. 

Since the history of the College has been outlined in some 
detail in "Bloomsburg Through the Years," and the "125th 
Bloomsburg State College 1839-1964 Anniversary" Brochures, it 
does not seem necessary to recite other historical facts and assess 
their relative importance in the development of your Alma Mater. 

Our files of names of Alumni begin with 1867 and run to 1964, 
and list 14,220 graduates during this period. It is difficult, in fact 
impossible, to keep the addresses and names of living Alumni up 
to date. Many times former students or graduates visit the campus, 
greet those whom they knew in the years past, and feel that this 
automatically changes their address in the alumni files. Such is 
not the case. 

You will note that there are many instances, where we have 
listed following the name of a graduate, either a designation which 
indicates "Address Wanted" or "Reported Deceased." 

We request you to supply missing addresses, either of yourself 
or others, or report any other changes which will help us to keep 
the Alumni Files as up to date as possible. 

Your help and appreciation of what we are trying to do in the 
publication of this directory will be appreciated by our Almuni 
Association, and also by 


Bloomsburg State College 



It can be truly said that the measure of an institution is 
frequently the measure of the man who has guided it through a 
period of growth and change. In this respect, Bloomsburg State 
College has been singularly fortunate. 

The 1964-65 College Year marks the 125th Anniversary of 
the founding of Bloomsburg State College, as well as the thirty- 
fifth year of devoted service to the college of Dr. Harvey A. 
Andruss as Department Chairman, Dean, and President. Dr. 
Andruss joined the faculty in 1930 as the organizer and Director 
of the Department of Business Education. 

During the past twenty-five years, the college has grown in 
size, scope, and prestige under his dedicated leadership. A man 
who combines to a remarkable degree the qualities of vision and 
common sense, he has guided the college skilfully through this 
period of great transition. He is friendly, sympathetic, and avail- 
able to anyone who has a problem which he may help to solve. 

A native of Fort Worth, Texas, Dr. Andruss was graduated 
from the University of Oklahoma, earned the Master of Business 
Administration degree at Northwestern University, and received 
the Doctor of Education degree at The Pennsylvania State 

Dr. Andruss' service in education began as an Oklahoma 
high school principal in 1 92 1 . His experiences in higher education 
other than at Bloomsburg included positions as: Instructor and 
Lecturer, Northwestern University School of Commerce; Head, 
Accounting Department, State College, Indiana, Pennsylvania. 
During World War II, on leave from his Bloomsburg post, Dr. 
Andruss served as Consultant and Department Head, First 
American Army University, Shrivenham, Berkshire, England. 
At various times he has served as special lecturer, summer school 
instructor-consultant, and visiting professor at Oklahoma State 
University; Teachers College, Columbia University; New York 
University; The Pennsylvania State University; the University of 

He has distinguished himself in his service to several pro- 
fessional organizations, at local, state, and national levels. He 
has served as President of Alpha Alumni Association, Phi Beta 
Kappa, in Pennsylvania, is a member of the National Education 
Association and the Pennsylvania State Education Association, is 
an Elder of the United Presbyterian Church, and a Mason(33°). 
The Bloomsburg State College Alumni Association presented him 
with the Distinguished Service Award and a life membership on 
his Twenty-fifth Anniversary as President of the College. 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 

(Reproduction of a portrait painted by Niccolo Cortiglia) 


President Bloomsburg State College 

Bloomsburg State College 






















Bloomsburg State College 

, «C*ilk*-v 


Seated: Judge Harold L. Paul, Vice President, Pottsville; Mr. William 
A. Lank, President, Bloomsburg: Dr. Harvey A. Andruss, President, 
Bloomsburg State College; Mr. J. Howard Deily, Secretary-Treasurer, 
Bloomsburg: Mr. Sam M. Jacobs, Danville. 

Standing: Mr. Charles D. Steiner, Shamokin; Judge Bernard J. Kelley. 
Philadelphia: Mr. Guy Bangs. Orangeville: Mr. Edgar A. Fenstermacher. 
Berwick: Mr. Leo S. Dennen, Turbotville. 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 

Noetling Hall and Waller Hall Portico— 1964 




Bridge Connecting Noetling and Carver Halls — 1939 


Bloomsburg State College 

Old Gymnasium With Running Gallery — 1921 




Husky Lounge and Snack Bar — 1964 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Howard F. Fenstemaker 


The Alumni Association of 
the Bloomsburg State College is 
happy to join with the College 
in extending greetings to the 
graduates of this institution of 
which we are so proud. Our 
Alma Mater has borne several 
different names throughout the 
years, but we all look back with 
pleasant memories to our under- 
graduate days, and consider this 
as our educational home. We 
rejoice in the progress that the 
College has made, particularly in 
recent years, when the expansion 
has been so rapid. 

We all should be inspired to 
render as much service to the 
College as we can during the days that lie ahead. Each one of 
us can do his part by maintaining membership in the Alumni 
Association. With a present membership of only 1,600, the As- 
sociation has been greatly limited in what it can do. Our current 
expenses are met entirely from membership dues, and these are 
barely sufficient to pay for supplies, postage, clerical help, and 
the publication of the Quarterly. 

With a much larger membership, we would have a surplus 
which could be used for scholarships, library books, audio-visual 
equipment, laboratory equipment, the Endowed Lecture Fund, 
and for many other purposes. 

The Directory contains the names and addresses of the grad- 
uates as they appear in the Alumni files. However, even during 
the time of publication there have been many changes of address, 
and there will be many more in the future. You are urgently 
requested to inform the Alumni Office of any incorrect addresses 
and any changes. The Alumni Quarterly will serve as a supple- 
ment to this Directory, and will publish all such corrections and 

Let us all show that we meant what we said when we sang: 

"Years to come will find us ever 
True to Bloomsburg still." 

Howard F. Fenstemaker '12 
President of the Alumni Association 


Bloomsburg State College 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 1 3 


1964- 1965 

Harvey A. Andruss President 

Anna M. Knight Institutional Secretary 

Paul G. Martin Business Manager 

Thomas A. Gorrey Superintendent of Building and Grounds 

W. Horace Williams Manager, Husky Lounge 


John A. Hoch Dean of Instruction 

J. Alfred McCauslin Dean of Students 

Ellamae Jackson Dean of Women 

Elton Hunsinger Dean of Men 


S. Lloyd Toumey Business Education 

Royce O. Johnson Elementary Education 

C. Stuart Edwards Secondary Education 

Donald F. Maietta Special Education 

Robert C. Miller Graduate Studies 

Alden Buker Arts and Sciences 


Boyd F. Buckingham Public Relations 

C. Stuart Edwards Admissions 

Russell E. Houk Athletics 

Elton Hunsinger Placement 


Bruce E. Adams Geography 

Walter R. Blair Health and Physical Education 

Carl Bauer Foreign Languages 

Melville Hopkins Speech 

Robert Jordan Science 

Charles R. Reardin Mathematics 

Nelson A. Miller Music 

Lee E. Aumiller Education and Psychology 

John J. Serff Social Studies 

Louis F. Thompson English 

Richard C. Scherpereel Art 


Bloomsburg State College 



Howard F. Fenstemaker '12 

242 Central Road 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 

Term expires 1967 


Charles G. Henrie '38 

639 East Fifth Street 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 

Term expires 1965 


Mrs. Charlotte H. McKechnie '35 

509 East Front Street 

Berwick, Pennsylvania 

Term expires 1967 


Earl A. Gehrig '37 

224 Leonard Street 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 

Term expires 1967 

Term expires 1967: 

Frank Furgele '52 

1229 Strathmann Road 

Southampton, Pennsylvania 

Glenn A. Oman '32 

1704 Clay Avenue 

Scranton, Pennsylvania 

Term expires 1966: 

Millard Ludwig '48 

P. O. Box 227 

Millville, Pennsylvania 

Mrs. C. C. Housenick '05 

503 Market St. 
Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 

Dr. Kimber C. Kuster '13 
140 West Eleventh Street 
Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 

John Thomas '47 

68 Fourth Street 

Hamburg, Pennsylvania 

Howard Tomlinson '41 

536 Clark Street 
Westfield, New Jersey 

Term expires 1965: 

Mrs. Verna Jones '36 

Moore College of Art 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Raymond Hargreaves '58 

37 Dell Road 

Stanhope, New Jersey 

Dr. William L. Bittner III 

33 Lincoln Avenue 

Glens Falls, New York 

Miss Elizabeth Hubler '29 
14 West Biddle Street 
Gordon, Pennsylvania 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 




Here The Friendly Spirit Stays by William B. Sutliff 2 

Foreword 3 

Biographical Sketch — Dr. Harvey A. Andruss 4 

Principals and Presidents 6 

Board of Trustees of the College 8 

Administrative Officers of the College 9 

Greetings to Alumni — Howard F. Fenstemaker 12 

Board of Directors of the Alumni Association _ 14 

Directory of Alumni 1 6 


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Class of 1964 

Alphabetical List of Alumni 

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-_ 107 
__ 109 
...... Ill 

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Bloomsburg State College 


CLASS OF 1867 

(First Graduates 
In Records) 
Elwell, George E. 
♦Unangst, Charles 
*Waller, D. J., Jr. 

CLASS OF 1870 

♦Armstrong, Amelia 
'Burrows, Alvin S. 
♦Ehrhart, W. P. 
♦Magee, Henry C. 
*Nuss, Martin W. 
♦Rupert, Eva 
Schuyler, Lizzie 
*Woolsey, Elsie 

CLASS OF 1871 

"Aikman, Jerome T. 
Aikman, John H. 
♦Angle, Emma 

(Mrs. S. J. Coffin) 
*Bartch, George W. 
*Berryhill, Kate J. 

(Mrs. D. D. Wood) 
♦Buckingham, Agnes 

(Mrs. J. C. Biddle) 
♦Garman, John M. 
♦Hendershott, Annie 

(Mrs. H. W. Sloan) 
*Iiittle, Robert R. 
'Race, M. H. 
*Shelly, Amos W. 
♦Spear, Sadie 

CLASS OF 1872 

*Bowen, Jennie E. 

(Mrs. F. A. Parker) 
♦Harman, David A. 
♦Stephens, Andrew 
♦Welliver, Christie 

CLASS OF 1873 

♦Buckingham, Hugh 
♦Buckingham, Robert 
Essick, Louisa S. 

(Mrs. C. R. Savidge) 
♦Holmes, Sara L 

(Mrs. M. F. Trippe) 

CLASS OF 1874 

*Bittenbender, J .K. 
'Durham, J. Edward 
*Hower, Alfred 
*Mears, George V., Dr. 
*Perkins, Lucy E. 

(Mrs. George Mears) 
"Sheep, Lloyd S. 
*Snowden, Mary S. 

(Mrs. John Metcalf) 
*Unangst, Mary 
'Weaver, Philip V. 
♦Wilson, James S. 

CLASS OF 1875 

*Bittentoender, Anna M. 

(Mrs. F. H. Jenkins) 
"Brungard, Aaron W. 

*Cleaver, Wesley M. 
♦Cole, Ada M. 

(Mrs. H. C. Bittenbender) 
*Cooley, Ellen D. 
♦Creasy, William T. 
♦Edgar, Martha 
♦Edgett, Lillian I. 

(Mrs. E. H. Whitman) 
♦Evans, Lorena G. 
♦Graul, Martha E. 

(Mrs. Wm. Chrisman) 
♦Kisner, Jacob C. 
*Kuhn, Alveretta V. 

(Mrs. J. K. Bittenbender) 
"Lantz, David E. 
♦Lee, Charles M. 
♦Miller, Sue 

(Mrs. W. H. Andy) 
♦Morris, Annie 

(Mrs. S. H. Say re) 
♦Moss, Alvin W. 
♦Raike, Sallie E. 

(Mrs. Sallie E. Jones) 
♦Smith, Alice B. 

(Mrs. Charles H. Ewing) 
♦Thomas, Mary M. 
♦Thompson, Carrie 

(Mrs. Carrie Snyder) 
♦Vannatta, Sade T. 
♦Wilson, Alice E. 

CLASS OF 1876 

♦Boust, I. E. 
♦Breece, Amanda 
♦Breisch, Richard R. 
♦Byrd, Lauretta S. 
♦Creasy, Retta J. 

(Mrs. A'lvin W. Moss) 
♦Dickens, Emily P. 

(Mrs. W. C. Davenport) 
♦Evans, Charles C. 
♦Geiser, A. Frank 
'Harmon, Lizzie R. 

(Mrs. R. E. Leonard) 
♦Hunt, Mary J. 
♦Jenkins, P. H. 
♦Kester, Sadie 

(Mrs. Sadie Masteller) 
♦Kline, Ella A. 

(Mrs. Ella Kennedy) 
♦Kreider, Everhard O. 
♦Lillie, Alexander 
♦Low, Myron I. 
♦Miller, Sue 

(Mrs. W. H. Andy) 
Milsom, Annie M. 

(Mrs. W. S. Smith) 
♦Fatton, Ida J. 

(Mrs. Ida iSlmith) 
♦Schlicher, Martha 
♦Smith, Sarah E. 

(Mrs. Sarah E. Sherwood) 
'Smith, William S. 
*Stephenson, Mary M. 
Sutliff, Justus 
♦Tustin, G. M. 
Welsh, J. P. 
Young, Charles P. 

CLASS OF 1877 

♦Finch, Mary S. 

(Mrs. Henry Sterner) 
Grimes, Josephus S. 
Heller, C. B. 
♦Helper, Lillie A. 

(Mrs. Lillie A. Bogart) 

♦Hower, Lizzie R. 

(Mrs. Lizzie McClure) 
♦Kisner, Jacob C. 
♦McCarty, Sue H. 

(Mrs. Sue H. Hagg) 
"Penman, Mary E. 

(Mrs. Mary E. Moore) 
♦Richards, Maggie N. 

(Mrs. Maggie N. Lamb) 
♦Robbins, Honora A. 

(Mrs. J. S. Grimes) 
♦Schloyer, Albert 
♦Suydam, Belle H. 

(Mrs. Belle H. McKelvy) 
"Wallace, Medora E. 

(Mrs. C. B. Heller) 

CLASS OF 1878 

♦Andrews, C. D. 
♦Case, Emma A. 

(Mrs. Emma A. Hayatt) 
♦Crisman, William 
♦Cleaver, Wesley M. 
♦Edgar, Elma H. 

(Mrs. Elma H. Tucker) 
■Evans, L. Wallace 
♦Jones, Emma J. 

(Mrs. G. S. Herring) 
"Kistler, Ida A. 

(Mrs. John Masteller) 
♦Meixell, P. A. 
♦Raike, Frances E. 

(Mrs. Frances Mutchler) 
♦Rodgers, Ella C. 
♦Rote, William H. 
♦Sanders, W. J. 
♦Searle, Fanny E. 

(Mrs. Fanny E. Hayes) 
♦Simons, Mary J. 

(Mrs. P. W. Gilner) 
"Stiles, Dora A. 

(Mrs. Henry Q. Waters) 
♦Strouss, I. Hess 
♦Welsh, J. P. 

CLASS OF 1879 

♦Albert, C. H. 
♦Allen, Ellen M. 

(Mrs. W. C. Bond) 
♦App, J. H. 
♦Bakeless, O. H. 
♦Bartsch, George W. 
♦Breece, Hannah E. 
♦Buckingham, Agnes 

(Mrs. J. C. Biddle) 
♦Cather, William A. 
♦Cullen, William P. 
'Dean, Annie W. 

(Mrs. Charles L. Shaw) 
Do::, L. Donna 

(Mrs. T. R. Petrie) 
♦Filson, Ira D. 
♦Fisher, William I. 
"Herring, G. S. 
Kern, Emily C. 
♦Kimmel, Minnie 

(Mrs. H. Hoeler) 
♦Lepley, William A. 
♦Moore, C. H. 
♦O'Connell, Lizzie 
"Robbins, Louisa 
Roxby, Annie E. 
♦Simpson, F. S. 
Spencer, H. Maude 

" — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


•Tumbach, Ida J. 

(Mrs. J. C Kunkle) 
•Tustin, A. Lincoln 
•Wolfe, Lloyd P. 

CLASS OF 1880 

•Albert, M. P. 
•Barton, Edith 
•Blum, lotta 
•Burns, Bridget 
•Callen, Hattie A. 

(Mrs. R. A. Davenport) 
•Cavanaugh, Maggie 

(Mrs. James C Bigley) 
•Cleaver, Kiinber 
•Coogan, Anna 

(Mrs. Gilbert Ferguson) 
•Faulds, Lena B. 
•Fisher, H. Alice 
•Glover, Robena P. 
•Golden, Ella T. 

(Mrs. M. Lalily) 
•Harter, M. M. 
•Henderson, Belle P. 

(Mrs. J. P. Reed) 
•Kimmel, Anne M. 
•Kitchen, Celeste 

(Mrs. W. F. Prutzman) 
•Kinsel, Grant A. 
•Kolb, Ida P. 

(Mrs. Frank Hart) 
•Mears, D. W. 
•Potter, Lulu W. 

(Mrs. E, M. Page) 
•Pressler, Annie 

(Mrs. John Creveling) 
•Bitter, C. A. 
•Scanlan, Kate 
•Simons, A. J. 
*Smith, C. C. 
•Smith, N. H. (Rev.) 
•Sterner, Tillie M. 

(Mrs. Scott Young) 
•Supplee, H. G. 
•Vannatta, B. P. 
•■Wells, O. B. 
•Wolf, John J. 
•Wooley, Laura A. 

(Mrs. W. Morgan) 
•Young, Ernest W. 

CLASS OF 1881 

•Barrett, M. Lizzie 
•Bloom, William E. 
•Breslin, Bridget 

(Mrs. Ed. McGeehan) 
•Campbell, Mallie 

(Mrs. Mallie Crawford) 
•Case, Sadie 

(Mrs. G. L. Jolly) 
•Evans, J. L. 
•Paust, Carrie W. 
•Fee, Mary 
•Fellona, Susan R. 

(Mrs. Susan R. Poppert) 
•Geddis, Ralph M. 
•Guie, Claudia B. 
•Guie, Enola B. 
•Hagenbuch, Audland 
•Harnett, Minnie C. 
•Harrison, T. B. 
•Hower, Heister V., (Dr.) 
•Jones, Cora E. 

(Mrs. John Grant) 
•Kern, Estella L. 

(Mrs. H. S. Knight) 
•Lafferty, Mary A. 
•Lepley, Martin O., (Rev.) 
•Lessig, Lizzie 

(Mrs. B. F. Landig) 
•Maclay, Robert P. 

•Mansell, Annie E. 
*Marr, Bora A. 
•Morgan, Henry L. 
•McCay, Mary 
•McKernan, Lizzie P. 

(Mrs. Lizzie F. Ta>lley) 
*Nuss, John P. 
•O'Bonnell, Kate A. 
•Powell, Gwenny 

(Mrs. Gwenny Jones) 
•Rankin, Mary E. 

(Mrs. W. W. Vandermark) 
•Robbins, Abbie E. 

(Mrs. W. H. Hartman) 
•Sharpless, Harry P. 
*Simons, Myron E. 
•Spaulding, Mate K. 

(Mrs. Mate K. Borden) 
•Stevenson, C. P. 
•Vastine, Nettie 

(Mrs. Nettie Spencer) 
•Wells, May 

(Mrs. S. C. Creasy) 
•Weir, Annie 
•Wilson, Emma P. 

(Mrs. E. F. Struthers) 
•Wooley, Mary I. 

(Mrs. L. Tyler Townsend) 

CLASS OF 1882 

•Ayers, Emma P. 

(Mrs. Charles Palmateer) 
•Beebe, Emorilla 

(Mrs. A. E. Hemstrought) 
•Bierman, Henry (Dr.) 
•Brown, Lillian 

(Mrs. R. M. Geddis) 
•Brugler, Mary A. 

(Mrs. James H. Mercer) 
•Church, Lizzie M. 

(Mrs. H. W. ISearch) 
•Cleaver, Clara 

(Mrs. Clara Krause) 
•Cooley, Sara B. 

(Mrs. Sara B. Trembath) 
•Crippen, Lue M. 

(Mrs. E. J. Moore) 
•Dilly, J. W. 
•Evans, Esther A. 

(Mrs. Thomas M. Jarvis) 
•Feterolf, Emeline 

(Mrs. Charles Hood) 
1 Finney, Nora M- 

(Mrs. L. P. Sterner) 
•Fisher, Tillie S. 

(Mrs. Howard Veasor) 
•Gossler, Helen L. 
•Halstead, C. M. 

(Mrs. C. M. Sanders) 
•Harkness, S. Ida 

(Mrs. Tom Remsden) 
•Hill, Franklin E. 
•Helman, Jennie S. 
•LaShelle, E. Gertrude 

(Mrs. William E. Wagner) 
•Lott, Mate L. 

(Mrs. J. F. Nuss) 
•Moffit, Nellie L. 
•Moore, E. J. 
•Pierson, Hattie L. 

(Mrs. Ogden DePue) 
•Ragan, Celia J. 
•Reagan, May 

(Mrs. Willard L. Frost) 
•Robbins, Hattie 
•Rogers, Carrie C. 

(Mrs. D. J. Peck) 
Rubin, Hannah 
•Sickler, Stella 

(Mrs. Edwin J. Jorden) 
•Stiles, N. Burnette 

(Mrs. William H. Brooke) 

•Tyrrel, Jennie 

fMrs. E. Roat) 
•Vaughn, Martha W. 
•Wasley, Mary H. 

(Mrs. Enos J. Ball) 
•Wenner, Rachael S. 

(Mrs. Rachael S. Hower) 
•Young, Alice 

(Mrs. A. H. Potts) 

CLASS OF 1883 

•Birs, Angelina 
•Brindle, Elwood R. 
•Broughton, Delia H. 

(Mrs. Delia H. Allen) 
•Burnette, Nellie T. 
•Clark, Granville J. 
•Cleaver, Kimber 
•Conner, John G. (Dr.) 
•Dietrick, Ira C. 
•Edgar, Alice 

(Mrs. J. W. Wilson) 
•Fallon, Peter P. 
•Finney, Nora M. 

(Mrs. L. P. Sterner) 
•Gemberling, Rinaldo C. 
•Harvey, Katrine E. 
•Hight, Frank R. 
•Hobbes, D. Musgrove 
•Hunt, A. Levi 
•Hutchinson, Louise G. 

(Mrs. J. L. Dillon) 
•Karschner, Lloyd W. 
•King, John W. 
Kittle, Clara D. 

(Mrs. C. D. Wehenmeyer) 
•Kresge, Willis H. 
•Leonard, Abbie J. 

(Mrs. R. R. Ashley) 
•Mack, Abbie E. 
McGuire, Mary A. 
•McGuire, Sallie L. 

(Mrs. W. I. Hibbs) 
•McHale, Mary E. 
•Nicely E. Josephine 
•Powell, Charles R. 
•Richards, Sarah E. 

(Mrs. Samuel Daniels) 
•Rittenhouse, Eva A. 

(Mrs. Charles D. Dugan) 
•Sanders, William J. 
•Secor, James G. 
•Shiel, Robert 
•Steck, Eva R. 

(Mrs. E. A. Chamberlin) 
•Steeley, Oscar B. 
•Wells, Jennie 

(Mrs. S. B. Henderson) 
•Whipple, Mary E. 
•Willis, Martha 
•Woolcook, Christine 

(Mrs. T. J. Parmley) 

CUSS OF 1884 

•Albright, Ella M. 

(Mrs. E. M. Baxter) 
•Alexander, Flora E. 

(Mrs. R. W. Heddings) 
•Beadle, Mary A. 
•Bertels, Bird I. 
•Breece, Irwin C. 
*Brower, William H. 
•Charles, Robert 
•Clark, Philip A. 
•Crago, Lizzie 

(Mrs. John T. Petiiick) 
•Dechant, Evalyn C. 
•Dengler, Anna M. 
•Dersheimer, Bessie B. 

(Mrs. John Carter) 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

•Eckbert, Lottie D. 

(Mrs. Alex M. Lupfer) 
•Farrow, W. C. 
•Finney, Alice 

(Mrs. Alice Rockwell) 
♦Fisher, Charles J. 
•Fleisher, Hiram H. 
•Glover, Sophie E. 
•Harter, M. Gertie 

(Mrs. C. B. Miller) 
•Harvey, Sarah M. 

(Mrs. O. H. Bakeless) 
•Kelman, Laura ML 
•Rigging. Kate E. 

(Mrs. Kate E. Divers) 
'Hoban, Alice I. 
•Hoban, Annie E. 
•Hopper, Frank F. 
•Hunt, M. Louis 
•Kennedy, Charles 
•Kinports, Harry A. 
•Kolb, Nell M. 

(Mrs. Nell Smith) 
■ ' Kuhn, Mary A. 

(Mrs. R. C. Butler) 
•Lawlor, Margaret L. 
•Limberger, Annie R. 
MacAnniff, Michael H. 
•MacCullough, Jean T. 

(Mrs. Jean T. Dunwell) 
•McDonough, L. Margaret 

(Mrs. L. M. Dodson) 
•McGinnes, Jennie B. 

(Mrs. H. R. Moore) 
Mansell, Mary J. 

(Mrs. Mary J. McKee) 
•Martin, Charles E. 
•Moore, Lizzie C. 

(Mrs. John Wingert) 
•Moyer, William A. 
•Bobbins, Laura I. 

(Mrs. Edwin Paul) 
•Bogan, Maggie E. 

(Mrs. J. T. Scanlon) 
•Sharpless, May 
•Sloan, Hattie L. 

(Mrs. Russel Andreas) 
•Sweeney, Charles P. 
•"Winter, Irvin H. 
•Wintersteen, Grace 
•Young, S. Ella 

CLASS OF 1885 

•Barton, Lillian G. 

(Mrs. C. W. Funston) 
•Bell, Herbert C. (Rev.) 
*Bldleman, H. Howard 
•Bierly, Louis F. 
tBillmeyer, J. Blanche 

(Mrs. H. R. Bray ton) 
•Birch, T. Bruce 
•Bonstein, Ellen S. 
•Cary, May S. 

(Mrs. Herman Wendell) 
•Cawley, Florence J. 
•Cockill, Sallie M. 

(Mrs. G. H. Wilcox) 
+ Cohen, Bosa 
•Cole, Susie W. 

(Mrs. M. H. Keogh) 
•Conner, William S. 
•Crocker, Minnie E. 
•Curran, Mary R. 

(Mrs. James H. Morgan) 
'Dechant, Charles E. 
•Elliott, M. Margaret 

(Mrs. Edward Y. Seidel) 
tEly, Carrie H, 

(Mrs. C. H. Ruddiman) 
•Ensminger, Martha K. 

(Mrs. Edward A. Baxter) 
'But, Edith V. 

(Mrs. Fred Holmes) 
•Eshelman, Elizabeth F. 

(Mrs. William Pursel) 
•Fox, Anna, M. 
'Gallagher, Susan A. 
•Geddis, Myron 
"Glennon, Agnes 

(Mrs. J. B. Gilroy) 
tGroff, M. Pauline 

(Mrs. Isaac D. West) 
•Hagenbuch, Cora E. 

(Mrs. W. D. Holmes) 
•Hess, Christine C. 

(Mrs. J. Yutzy) 
•Hicks, Lillian N. 
Hine, Harry O. 
tHouser, James C. 
•Kennedy, Hannah 
•Kratz, D. Hiram 
•Lantz, D. Ernest 
•Larish, E. Harry 
•Laudig, Oscar O. 
'McHugh, Charles F. 
BffcNii'f, M. Katherine 
'Mickey, Mary 
'Miller, Annie 

(Mrs. E. E. Melick) 
•Moore, Walter A. 
•Mullaly, William F. 
Mullen, Mary 

(Mrs. P. J. Ryan) 
•Musselman, Frances M. 
1 Newhouse, Ella M. 

(Mrs. Ella M. Langfield) 
•Noetling, Charles, B. 
Patterson, Sarah E. 

(Mrs. C. D. Harrison) 
•Petty, Charles M. 
•Phillips, Lizzie J. 

(Mrs. Lizzie J. Kuschke) 
tPotter, Annie C. 

(Mrs. Boyd Trescott) 
'Ramage, Jennie H. 
•Rearick, Jacob M. 
•Sites, Mary C. 

(Mrs. George T. Nolan) 
•Sterner, Ella M. 

(Mrs. Elwood Chrisman) 
Vaughn, Roberta 

(Mrs. George Doehne) 
tVoiglit, Katie 

(Mrs. Howard Cougle) 
•Walsh, Mary 
•Watson, Sallie 
•Wilner, George 

CLASS OF 1886 

•Barkley, Josephine R. 

(Mrs. W. H. Eyer) 
•Barnes, M. Elfleda 

(Mrs. E. H. Gottschall) 
•Bell, Ida M. 

(Mrs. D. A. K. Preston) 
•Rernhard, Ida 
tBloss, Annie J. 

(Mrs. E. I. Wolfe) 
'Brennan, Maggie C. 
•Cool, Norman G. 
•Coughlin, Nan S. 
•Curry, Gilbert 
Daniels, Annie 
•Deavor, Wm. T. S. 
•Derr, Joseph L, 
•Derr, Sue H. 

(Mrs. David H. McAliater) 
•Donley, Allie 
•Elwood, J. J. 
•Felker, Jerome O. 
•Fisher, Emma M. 

(Mrs. M. H. Thomas) 
•Frauenthal, Carrie H? 

*Geiser, Ellen L. 

(Mrs. Ellen L. (Sleip) 
•Glover, D. L. 
•Guckavan, Mary A. 

(Mrs. Wm, A, Turnback) 
♦Hill, Maude A. 

(Mrs. W. A. Hetler) 
*Hoffa, Hattie A. 

(Mrs. John RuM) 
*Hoifa, Mazle E. 
•Hughes, S. Elizabeth 

(Mrs. G. B. Raser) 
•Humphrey, Catherine L. 
•Ikeler, Frank A. 
•Ikeler, Fred T. 
tJones, Flora B. 

(Mrs. L. M. Fetterolf) 
Keiper, J. Claude 
tKline, Marlon A. 
Koser, Josephine R. 
•Lambert, Jennie T. 

(Mrs. Michael Kehoe) 
tLeacock, Grace A. 
•Leckie, Adam E. L. 
•Lehe, Anna L. 

(Mrs. Martin Gruhler) 
•Lewis, William R. 
•Long, Melle 

(Mrs. Duval Dickson) 
•Low, Elizabeth A. 
•Lowenberg, Stella 
•McCann, Alice J. 

(Mrs. Philip Clark) 
•Maurer, James (Dr.) 
•Maize, Annie E. 

(Mrs. Framk Hain) 
•Meizell, Mary A. 
•Monie, Isabell U. 

(Mrs. S. C. Jones) 
•Moyer, Harry C. (Rev.) 
•Moyer, Lucetta 

(Mrs. Lucetta White) 
•Murphy, Emma W. 

(Mrs. Thomas Main) 
tPatton, Emma M. 

(Mrs. Martin Connelly) 
•Quinn, Michael H. 
•Reeder, Jeremiah 
tRiley, Mary E. 

(Mrs. Thomas J. Mack) 
•Sanner, Nolan H. (Rev.) 
•Schoch, Mary L. 

(Mrs. M. S. McKelvy) 
tShaffer, A. Adella 

(Mrs. T. J. Broughall) 
tShalter, Annie M. 

(Mrs. Edward F. Balliet) 
tShultz, Ray 
•Shuman, C. Bruce 
•Sites, Emma M. 
•Snyder, Annie C. 

(Mrs. A. S. Musteller) 
•Spangler, George A. 
tStack, Mary A. 

(Mrs. H. M. Muldoon) 
Stiles, Jennie M. 

11 East Jefferson Street 

Media, Pa. 
•Tenbrook, A. 

(Mrs. Thomas Russell) 
•Williams, William L. 
twintersteen, Eleanor 
•Witmer, Emma J. 

(Mrs, H. B. Felty) 
•Wood, A. Sue 
•Yost, Myrtle G. 
•Zeiders, William J. 

CLASS OF 1887 

•Breece, Dora E. 

(Mrs. Charles Kesty) 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


'Erociway, Alio* 

(Mrs. Clark Kasbner) 
'Brown, E. Clair 
"Butler, Mollie S. 
'Connor, May S. 

(Mrs. Charles Petty) 
Dershimer, Eva M. 
"Farver, Reuben T. 
•Faulke, Lizzie P. 

(Mrs. J. W. Creasy) 
'Johnston, W. C. 
•Eisner, Eliza S. 

(Mrs. N. H. Myers) 
"Kratz, Marcius W. 
tKurtz, Anna S. 
tLaubach, H. Isadore 
"Lewis, Margaret A, 
tLynch, Mary Hoyt 

(Mrs. Mary H. Gaston) 
tMartin, William B. 
"Mathias, Mary D. 

(Mrs. H. D. Hermany) 
McDonnell, Susan J. 
tMorgan, Mary S. 

(Mrs. Mary S. Ayres) 
'Mullen, Edward J. 
tNallin, M. Agnes 

(Mrs. M. Agnes Roache) 
tNolan, Emma B. 

(Mrs. E. B. Gallagher) 
Nye, Rebecca 

(Mrs. J. D. Lowry) 

15 East Third Street 

Watsontown, Pa. 
*Palmer, Sallie A. 

(Mrs. B. H. Fiester) 
"Fannebaker, W. H. 
♦Petty, Mary 
"Renninger, Lizzie 
"Reynolds, Charles BL 
tRichards, Plorence S. 
'Sheep, Mary P. 
tShort, Eva G. 
iSmith, K. Maude 

(Mrs. H. J. IFausel) 
"Snyder, Harris B. 
"Sperling, Helen M. 
tstonebraker, Harry 
"Taylor, Charles W. 
"Wagner, William B. 
tWentz, Ida R. 
tWhlte, Laura M. 
"Whitehead, Elizabeth R. 

(Mrs. H. W. Oberholtzer) 
Williams, William L. 
"Yetter, Orval H. 
tToung, Katie B. 

(Mrs. James L. Dodge) 

CLASS OF 1888 

"Bates, Charles H. 
"Bidleman, H. Howard 
"Breisch, Ernest B. 
"Bucke, W. Powler (Rev.) 
"Bynon, Mary 

(Mrs. Bruce Jones) 
* Campbell, Ellie M. 

(Mrs. John B. Houston) 
'Chrisman, M. Bertha 

(Mrs. Bertha Hoff) 
"Connelly, Mary A. 

(Mrs. Mary A. McKeown) 
"Cool, Norman G. 
"Croop, Phoebe A. 

(Mrs. J. B. Grover) 
"Crow, Harvey I. (Rev.) 
"Davis, R. N. 
"Dodson, IT- Grant 
"Dougher, Edward J. 
"Geddis, Blanche 
"Hassinger, Jessie M. 

(Mrs. A. J. Harbaugh) 

"Herron, J. D. 
"Hess, Plorence G. 

(Mrs. N. G. Cool) 
Hine, Annie M. 
"Jones, Bruce T. 
"Jones, John T. 
"Jones, Lizzie 

(Mrs. J. C. Sterling) 
"Kelly, Sarah 
"Kiefer, Margaret R. 

(Mrs. M. R. Hewitt) 
"Kitchen, Ella M. 

(Mrs. H. G. Sands) 
"Kitchen, W. M. 
"Laudig, O. O. 
"Lewis, James R. 
"Lewis, Lizzie 

(Mrs. Hugh Price) 
"Lowenberg, William 
"Magee, William P. 
"Major, Lucy L. 
"Maurer, P. O. 
tMcBride, Elizabeth 

(Mrs. I. W. Banks) 
"McDonald, Mary B. 
tMcNiff, Carrie M. 

(Mrs. J. W. Dougherty) 
"Montgomery, P. Plorence 

(Mrs. G. E. Sponsler) 
"Myers, B. Prank 
tpalmer, Sallie 
•Patterson, Harry B. 
"Petty, Margaret P. 

(Mrs. H. B. Beatty) 
"Quinn, Bridgetta L. 
"Rawlings, Eva (Dr.) 
"Reese, Hannah 

(Mrs. Robert O'Boyle) 
"Richardson, Harriet H. 

(Mrs. John Gordon) 
"Rlngler, Ada M. 

(Mrs. Thomas W. Evans) 
"Rinker, Minnie A. 

(Mrs. E. Y. Harrison) 
"Shumen, Ambrose (Dr.) 
"Sullivan, Julie B. 
"Supplee, Annie 

(Mrs. J. B. Nuss) 
"Taylor, Mary 

(Mrs. J. T. Jones) 
"Treible, William H. (Dr.) 
"Wendt, Mary S. 
"Wilson, May 
"Wylie, Mary B. 

(Mrs. Charles S. Exely) 
"Tetter, Ada M. 

(Mrs. John W. Clapham) 
"Young, Mary 

(Mrs. H. W. Shaffer) 

CLASS OF 1889 

"Albertson, Mary B. 

(Mrs. Elliot Adams) 
"Apple, Benjamin 
"Barnes, Mame J. 
"Berninger, Martha 

(Mrs. Thomas W. Kydd) 
"Black, Helen L. 

(Mrs. J. W. Birkey) 
"Bowman, Alvin S. 
"Briggs, Lulu C. 

(Mrs. James P. Grimes) 
"Britt, M. H. 
"Brower, J. J. 
"Brown, George T. 
iBrown, May 
"Bucke, J. L. L. 
"Caldwell, Edward B. 
"Conner, Prances C. 

(Mrs. L. V. Grove) 
"Corrigan, William H. 

iCnnimings, Clara B. 

(Mrs. P. B. Irwin) 
"Curran, J. H. 
"Drake, Alice K. 
"Drake, Mildred E. 
tDriesen, Minnie 

(Mrs. Minnie Harris) 
tDunsmore, Mary A. 

(Mrs. Robert Kelley) 
"East, Fannie C. 

(Mrs. J. D. Tressler) 
tElias, Nettie 

(Mrs. Price Thomas) 
"Penstermacher, W. A. 
"Furey, Cassie 

(Mrs. Louis Willard) 
"Gilbert, Sarah G. 

(Mrs. C. H. Reynolds) 
"Glennon, David J. 
"Gold, Mary 

(Mrs. E. J. iSchlicher) 
Harding, Mattie 

3535 Vincent Avenue 

Minneapolis 17, Minn. 
"Hutson, Ruth E. 
tlrvin, Plorence 

(Mrs. H. W. Fields) 
"John, Helen B. 
"Kearney, Jennie C. 
"Kennard, Fannie B. 
"Kimble, Cora E. 

(Mrs. C. C. Mendenhall) 
"Lansfield, C. William 
tLenahan, Theresa A. 
'McBride, Bell 

(Mrs. D. Z. Mensch) 
IMcCollum, Mary E. 
"McConnell, Minnie K. 
"McKown, M. Adelaide 

(Mrs. Francis Hawke) 
"McNiff, M. Kate 
"McNulty, Andrew M. 
"McReynolds, Agnes 
tMcVicker, Laura A. 

(Mrs. J. H. Litdhord) 
Mensch D. 55. 
♦Miller, P. E. 
"Moore, Caroline W. 

(Mrs. L. J. H. Grossart) 
"Musgrove, E. L. 
tNewhouse, Laura B. 

(Mrs. Henry L. Irvin) 
"Phillips, Catherine 

(Mrs. Catherine Davis) 
"Purs el, Samuel 
tReam, Frederick 
"Reay, Sue 

(Mrs. Bruce Evans) 
"Renn, Roland 
"Rhoades, Malina 

(Mrs. C. Y. Gabbert) 
tRobbins, Anna 
"Ryan M. Ella 
"Scheuhing, John B. 
Sheep, S. Laura 

(Mrs. Benton Tyerman) 
"Shovelin, John F. 
'Smith, C. Edgar 

(Rev. C. Edgar Smith) 
tSnyder, William H. 
"Stager, L. Irene 

(Mrs. A. B. Longshore) 
'Stevens, Margaret A. 

(Mrs. John C. Taylor) 
'Whatenecht, E. L. 
'Wintersteen, Bess T. 

(Mrs. Richard Shelly) 

CLASS OF 1890 

"Adams, John K. 

(Rev. John K. Adams) 
"Baird, Mary E. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloom sburg State College 

•Baxter, D. 2arl 
•Bernhard, Laura 

(Mrs. i.. Ii. Harrar) 
tBidleman, M. Myrtle 

(Mrs. A. D. Catterson) 
•Brown, Ira S. 
tBurgess, Ida P. 

(Mrs. W. H. Davis) 
•Burke, J. W. 
•Callender, Clark 
•Campbell, Ario 
tCarrol, Elizabeth M. 

(Mrs. Hugh O'Hara) 
•Colvin, Bertba A. 

i Mrs. Alfred E. Lister) 
♦Connery, Hannah. T. 
•Custer, Ella P. 
tDapis, John P. 
•Dengler, Margaret "W. 

(Mrs. W. B. Wilson) 
tDuffy, Margaret T. 
•Dundore, Jennie 
•Elliott, Annie M. 
•Evans, Margaret S. 

(Mrs John Emory Eves) 
•Pisher, Marg-aret E. 
•Pox, Mary E. 
•Gallagher, Grace XT. 

(Mrs. L. D. Byron) 
•Gaughan, Martin C. 
•Gift, Poster XT. 

(Rev. Foster U. Gift) 
tGilespie, Katherine 
tGregory, Clementine 

(Mrs. C. Herman) 
•Gruver, Elizabeth. R. 

(Mrs. Louis J. Townsend) 
•Hartnian, Effie L. 

(Mrs. Robert Vanderslice) 
•Hassert, Ellie H. 
*Hawley, Elizabeth S. 

I Mrs. T. J. Porter) 
•Hayman, Adda 
Hayman, Eleanor 

Lutheran Home 

6950 Germantown Avenue 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
•Helnian, Lillian M. 
•Herman, James O. 
•Hess, Cora L. 

(Mrs. Cora L. Jones) 
•Hess, Hattie I. 

(Mrs. S. F. Wilson) 
•Holmes, Bess J. 

(Mrs. A. N. Tost) 
tjones, Marg-aret E. 
•Karchner, Mabel P. 

(Mrs. W. Hickman, Jr.) 
•Kitchen, Minnie L. 

(Mrs. Minnie Faus) 
•Kline, Jennie D. 
•Kuhn, Elizabeth B. 
tLenahan, Nellie G. 
•Lewis, Kate 

(Mrs. J. J. Davies) 
•Magrady, Frederick W. 
•Major, M. Almira 
"McAlarnev, Luln M. 
"McHale, Richard A. 
"Martin, Jennie A. 

(Mrs. John Leekie) 
•Mentzer, Sudie B. 

(Mrs. J. Edward Beck) 
•Miller, J. B. 
•Miller, Willis 
'Mitchell, Marg-aret E. 
•Moore, Mary A. 

< Mrs. Mary A. Tanbel) 
Moran, Marg-aret E. 

(Mrs. Marg-aret McKelis) 
tMorrison, Hannah B. 
"Moses, Edith A. 
•Myers, Jessie 

•Pace, Theresa A. 
•Palmer, Jennie 

(Mrs. M. F. Forbell) 
•Pealer, W. Woodin 

(Dr. W. Woodin Pealer) 
'Ransom, Jennie 

(Mrs. Clarence Lowe) 
'Reeder, Emory E. 
Rinehart. Daniel 
•Rinker, Ida C. 

(Mrs. Edward Roth) 
•Roberts, Mary E. 

(Mrs. Isaac Wagner) 
Santee, Sula L. 

(Mrs. J. K. Adams) 
tSears, Irene S- 

(Mrs. J. W. Barbour) 
•Shaffer, Mame M. 

(Mrs. A. P. Seligman) 
•Shaw, Margaret T. 
•Shultz, W. C. (Dr.) 
•Sickler, Rose 

(Mrs. E. T. Williams) 
*Smith, Carrie M. 

(Mrs. W. H. Ker slake) 
*Stover, Mary H. 
tTaylor, Bessie 
•Tempest, Corinne 

(Mrs. B. F. Parrott) 
*Tewksbury, Martha D. 

(Mrs. Martha T. Souser) 
*Walborn, George W. 
•Williams, Margaret 

'Mrs. Frank Aurand) 
tYeager, Minnie 

(Mrs. George Bradley) 

CLASS OF 1891 

tBlack, Mae Virginia 
tBogart, Elsie S. 

(Mrs. Elsie B. Tettimer) 
tBoone, Daisy M. 

(Mrs. T. M. McCulloch) 
•Bynon, Margaret H. 
"Byrnes, Edward S. 
tCavanaugh, Elizabeth V. 

(Mrs. M. H. Devitt) 
tClauser, Anna W. 

(Mrs. E. J. Wasley) 
tCohen, Rosa 
tConnelly, Ella T. 

(Mrs. Thomas Grady) 
•Cosper, Lucy A. 
•Costello, James P. 
* Creasy, Mark 
tCrobaugh, Clarence D. 

•Crowl, Mary K. 

(Mrs. Philip Crimian) 
•Daniels, Eleanor 

(Mrs. Eleanor D. German) 
tDavies, Emily 

(Mrs. W. P. Davenport) 
tDavies, Mary 

(Mrs. B. F. Williams) 
•Devine, Sarah L. 
•Dillon, Alice M. 

(Mrs. Boyd Furman) 
tDurkin, Jennie C. 
•Evans, Annie J. 

(Mrs. J. William Wall) 
tEvans, James 

(Dr. James Evans) 
Evans, Margaret M. 
•Gallagher, Anna M. 
•Glick, Reuben 
Gormley, Edward J. 

13 5 S. Wyoming St. 

Hazleton, Pennsylvania 
*Guie, Zua B. 
•Harman, John G. 

•Hess, Elmer E. 

(Major Elmer E. Hess) 
•Hess, R. Harry 
tHunter, Olive 

(Mrs. Benjamin Cameron) 
•Hutchinson, Cora 
•John, Barton 
tjunkin, Sara A. 

(Mrs. George K. Dandis) 
•Keen, Laura M. 
tKelly, Mary A. 

(Mrs. Mary K. McKeown) 
"Kennedy, Julia M. 
tKinter, Mary C. 

(Mrs. Charles S. Harris) 
•Krise, Warren S. 
•Kschinka, Marie W. 

(Mrs. A. J. Harmon) 
•Lesher, Anna P. 
tLeyshon, Josephine 

(Mrs. W. A. Moyer) 
•Linton, Elizabeth 
•Longshore, Katherine 
tMajor, C. C. 
*Maue, Carrie 

(Mrs. W. A. Turnbach) 
fMawn, Kate 
rMcAudrews, Anna L. 

(Mrs. John McCormick) 
"McBride, Harry C. 
•McGuigan, P. A. 
•McGuiness, Mary E. 
tMeyer, Carrie T. 

(Mrs. Joseph Brunn) 
tMoore, Maggie M. 
*Myers, Nora 
iPenniman, Mabel A. 

(Mrs. Mabel P. Grauerb) 
tReilly, Agatha 
tReilly, Anna B. 

(Mrs. M. F. Shannon) 
*Reilly, E. Regina 

(Mrs. P. A. Carroll) 
•Richart, Elizabeth G. 
•Rinehart, Harvey B. 
"Ross, Kate R. 

(Mrs. George Wall) 
tSchrader, Prona J. 

(Mrs. Frona S. Bennett) 
•Sheep, Jennie M. 
•Shew, Phoebe 

(Mrs. Mark Creasy) 
•Shook, Julia A. 

(Mrs. Howard Scott) 
•Smith, Elizabeth 
■Smith, Stella 

(Mrs. Walter Edwards) 
*Snyder, Grier 
tSpratt, Mary A. 

(Mrs. Allen A. Orr) 
•Sullivan, Margaret 

(Mrs. Mareraret S. Myers) 
•Sutliff, William B. 
•Swartzell, S. Ida M. 

(Mrs. L. L. Leonard) 
•Teple, Clara B. 
•Thorburn, Elizabeth 

(Mrs. G. E. House) 
tTownsend, Emma J. 

(Mrs. Edward Eyer) 
•Trumble, R. Belle 

(Mrs. Ben. Replogle) 
•Turnbach, William A. 
•Walter, Meta 

(Mrs. Daniel Rinehart) 
"Ward, Eliza L. 

(Mrs. P. P. Loughran) 
•Weaver, Carrie A. 

(Mrs. William W. Brown) 
tWeil, Belle 

(Mrs. Belle W. Gratz) 
tWenrich, Ida G. 

(Mrs. H. T. Bechtel) 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


♦Wheeler, Mary E. 

(Mrs. Wililiam H. Lewin) 
* Williams, Franklin 
i Williams, Mary B. 

CLASS OF 1892 

Baker, Nellie L. 

(Mrs. J. H. Adams) 
'Becker, Katie F. 

(Mrs. Alvin Read) 
*Beers, Ada L. 

(Mrs. F. A. Lueder) 
*Benjamin, Jennie G. 
Black, Caroline 
*Blair, Grace 

(Mrs. Charles Kerstetter) 
♦Booth, Mary E. 

(Mrs. B. F. Wragg) 
*Boyle, Joseph A. 
"Breslin, Annie 
*Brodhead, L. B. 
•Burrow, Bertha W. 

(Mrs. D. H. Martin) 
tCampbell, Bertha 

(Mrs. H. E. Garrison) 
*Cannon, Kate A. 

(Mrs. Andrew Breslin) 
•Cannon, Katie A. 
♦Carey, Myrtle E. 

(Mrs. E. L. W'hatenecht) 
tCarlston, Eleanor E. 
♦Chroswaite, Thomas 
Cole, Lena E. 

(Mrs. Lena Frankfield) 
♦Conner, Frances S. 
♦Conner, Pierce F. 
tCrawford, Alice M. 

(Mrs. Harry Pierce) 
♦Creveling, Sue R. 

(Mrs. G. W. Miller) 
♦Davis, D. A. 
♦Deaver, T. L. 

(Dr. T. L. Deaver) 
*Dempsey, Marie G. 

(Mrs. John Ford) 
♦Doney, Ellen 
♦Dougher, Katie 

(Mrs. T. F. Fleming) 
♦Downing, Margaret F. 
♦Easton, Minnie F. 

(Mrs. C. T. Vaughn) 
*Fairchild, Edna L. 
♦Fassett, Mary I. 

(Mrs. R. S. Crosby) 
Faus, Eva K. 

(Mrs. E. E. McKelvy) 

316 Montour Street 

Montoursville, Pa. 
♦Frederick, Lida 
♦Gavin, Annie J. 
♦Hanlon, Edward F. 

(Dr. Edward F. Hanlon) 
♦Harnett, Theresa A. 
♦Hawk, Cady I. 
'Hendricks, Charles G. 
♦Herman, A. Jerome 

(Dr. A. Jerome Herman) 
•Herman, Irvin L. 
♦Hess, Gertrude R. 

(Mrs. Richard Jones) 
♦Hooks, Herbert C. 
♦Hutton, William 
♦Jones, Elizabeth 

(Mrs. John H. Tasker) 
♦Keffer, Hallie F. 

(Mrs. D. S. Hartline) 
"Kerns, John A. 
•Kitchen, Anna R. 

(Mrs. C- C. Creveling) 
♦Knittle, Ella 
♦Kostenbauder, Maggie 

(Mrs. Oswin Wilcox) 

♦Kutz, Sadie M. 

(Mrs. H. C. Phillips) 
Lag'orce, Margaret A. 

(Mrs. S. D. Streeter) 
tliannon, Katie A. 
♦Iiattimore, Pauline L. 

(Mrs. William N. Dauden) 
♦Lee, Nellie T. 
♦Lynch, Mame A. 
♦Mausteller, W. B. 

(Dr. W. B. Mausteiller) 
♦McBrearty, John 
"McDonald, Belinda 
*McGroarty, Kate T. 
*Merkel, Laura K. 

(Mrs. F. W. Reynolds) 
♦Murray, Agnes V. 
♦Neal, Grace 

(Mrs. William Hutton) 
"Nyhart, Harry 17. 
♦O'Donnell, Lillie A. 

(Mrs. John Flood) 
♦O'Hara, Nellie L. 
♦Parker, Cora B. 

(Mrs. William Bangs) 
♦Patterson, M. Delia 

(Dr. Delia P. Wetherby) 
Petty, Louise 

(Mrs. Willard Smith) 
♦Pollock, Mary K. 
tPorter, Hattie E. 

(Mrs. Hattie E. Newlin) 
"Ransom, Flora 
"Richards, J. L. 
♦Ringrose, Harriet M. 

(Mrs. John Knies) 
♦Robinson, Martha E. 
♦Bomberger, E. W. 
♦Seiwell, Eudilia A. 

(Mrs. C. C. Bierly) 
♦Shaffer, William A. 
♦Sheehy, Anna L. 
tSherwood, E. May 

(Mrs. John G. Harman) 
"Spare, Carrie C. 

(Mrs. William H. Covert) 
♦Stair, Anna 
♦Taylor, Carrie M. 
♦Tiffany, G. W. B. 
tTweedle, Lulu 
*Vincent, Frederick 
♦Walsh, Anna D. 

(Mrs. M. E. Golden) 
♦Walsh, Josephine M. 
♦Walter, Ida M. 
♦Weldon, Millie B. 

(Mrs. Fred D. Nolan) 
♦Welliver, Leola M. 
♦Westover, Mabel E. 

(Mrs. T. Ralph Huff) 
♦Williams, Catherine M. 
♦Williams, E. L. 
♦Willier, Michael L. 
♦Worrall, Mary B. 

(Mrs. W. Scott Adiler) 
♦Wren, Mary B. 

(Mrs. R. B. Gray) 
"Young, Louise 

(Mrs. E. B. Vanhorne) 
♦Zieser, Harry 

CLASS OF 1893 

♦Atherholt, Maud 

(Mrs. J. B. Anderson) 
Baldwin, Maud 

(Mrs. J. F. Newman) 

Ceredo and Narfolks Ave. 

West Chester, Pa. 
Bates, John L. 
"Bedall, Lillie 

Bierman, Anna B. 

(Mrs. F. R. Bodgan) 

2S Commadore Avenue 

Keansburg, N. J. 
♦Blewitt, Teresa M. 

(Mrs. Michael Mannion) 
♦Blue, May 

(Mrs. W. J. Hehl) 
♦Bogenrief, Margaret M. 
tBowersox, Kate S. 
♦Bray, William R. 
♦Brubaker, Harry B. 
tBuddinger, Laura 

(Mrs. Laura Schwartz) 
♦Burke, Anna P. 

(Mrs. T. F. Flanagan) 
.Burns, Maud 

(Mrs. R. Rush Zarr) 
♦Cadman, Emma 
♦Campbell, Mary E. 
♦Cole, Edna 

(Mrs. J. N. Eschenbach) 
tConnelly, Kate 
♦Conner, Daniel P. 
tCoughlin, Maggie 

(Mrs. T. J. O'Neill) 
Creasy, Julia 
Crow, Harry E. 

(Rev. Harry E. Crow) 

725 North Fourth Street 

Reading, Pa. 
tDavis, Mary I. 
♦DeWitt, Irvin A. 
♦Dintinger, Eva E. 

(Mrs. E. D. Frick) 
♦Donahue, Julia 

(Mrs. Frank Danks) 
♦Drum, Philip L. 
♦Drum, W. H. 
♦Duddy, Kate 
♦Durkin, Kate 

(Mrs. John J. Fabey) 
♦Edwards, William D. 
♦Everett, Minnie 

(Mrs. A. H. Derby) 
♦Eves, Margaret 

(Mrs. J. W. Bruner) 
tFahringer, Effie 

(Mrs. W. N. Dennison) 
♦Fassett, Emily 

(Mrs. W. B. Rainsford) 
Tenner, Alice 
♦Fister, Elizabeth C. 

(Mrs. Fred. A. Martin) 
♦Flynn, Bridget 
♦Freas, Kinney 
tGallagher, Celia 
■Gibbons, Minnie 

(Mrs. W. F. Hosie) 
♦Girton, Irene L. 

(Mrs. .Samuel J. Johnson) 
♦Gotshall, Mercy 
♦Guckavan, W. J. 
"Guscott, Charles H. 
Halm, Nellie 

444 North 7th Street 

Allentown, Pa. 
♦Harden, Edith M. 

(Mrs. Bolton Coon) 
♦Hart, John C. 
♦Harder, W. M. 
tHeaton, Effie 

(Mrs. H. C. Hooks) 
♦Henderson, May 

(Mrs. Robert Eddie) 
♦Hirleman, Clyde 
♦Horn, Mary A. 

(.Mrs. Wm. D. Yarnall) 
■Houseknecht, W. M. 
♦Hughes, Elizabeth 
Hughes, Jennie 
♦John, Lillian I. 

(Mrs. A. T. Floyd) 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

•Johnston, Samuel J. 
'Keiter, William S. 
*Kelley, Fatriok A. 
•Kline, Reuben 
♦Krout, Jacob H. 
tKurtz, Ella B. 
•Learn, Kay 

(Mrs. Prank Buckalew) 
iLewis, Margaret E. 

(Mrs. Frank Pait) 
tliloyd, Verna 

(Mrs. C. L. Santee) 
•Iiueder, W. H. 
'Mauser, I. H. 
iMcLaugliUn, Bridget 
'McNinch, Mary B. 
tMcNulty, Katie 

(Mrs. John Hay) 
'Miller, Clarence W. 
'Miller, Jennie 
'Miller, John K. 
'Miller, John W. 
'Miles, Julia 

(Mrs. William Scanlon) 
'Koran, Lizzie C. 

(Mrs. J. F. McDonnell) 
Moss, Louise 

(Mrs. E. A. Benson) 

c/o Wattler Nurs. Home 

Laceyville, Pa. 
'Mumford, Minnie B. 

(Mrs. Charles U. Ingham) 
'Nagle, Bdgar 0. 
'Nichols, Norma B. 

(Mrs. William L. Davis) 
'O'Donnell, John J. 
(O'Neill, Charles M. 

(Dr. Charles H. O'Neill) 
'Pelfer, Kate 

(Mrs. H. H. Lenhart) 
'Penman, Minnie G. 
'Filkay, Mary B. 
'Potter, Robert R. 
'Powell, Ella 
tPowell, Elizabeth 

(Mrs. Eliza. Whitman) 
'Powell, Martha 
'Bedeker, Carrie 

(Mrs. Carrie Bonsai) 
'Reice, William 
'Romberger, Laura A. 

(Mrs. John Brower, Jr.) 
Santee, Edna A. 

(Mrs. Adam Huntzinger) 

3-905 Dale Ave. 

Tampa, Florida 336K>9 
'Shaffer, Grace 

(Mrs. W. E. Perham) 
'Shook, Lillle R. 

(Mrs. Lillie R. Mercilliot) 
'Smith, H. Montgomery 
tSnively, Myrtle 

(Mrs. Myrtle Hosley) 
tStroud, Lela M. 

(Mrs. J. H. VanLoon) 
'Sullivan, Mary B. 

(Mrs. Charles Gilmer) 
'Thomas, Alfred D. 
'Thomas, Gwennie 

(Mrs. J. B. Tobias) 
Thomas, Hannah 

(Mrs. D. H. Morgan) 
'Thomas, Maggie 

(Mrs. W. T. Beck) 
'Thomas, R. M. 
*Titus, Eunice 
'Traub, Prank M. 

(Rev. Frank M. Traub) 
'VanPossen, Agnes 

(Mrs. T. J. Evans) 
'Walize, Arthur 
*Walkemeyer, Nettle 
'Weiss, Clem R. 

'Weiss, J. Calvin 
•Welliver, May 

(Mrs. H. R. Kalilcr) 
*Wendt, Jennie A. 

(Mrs. R. J. Shuman) 
'Williams, Burton 
Williams, Eleanor 

(Mrs. Richard Roderick) 

25 Mallery Place 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa, 
'Zarr, Josephine 

(Mrs. Charles W. Hess) 

CUSS OF 1894 

t Abbott, Florence 
tAcherly, Mae 

(Mrs. Mae Alexander) 
tAnsart, Louis L. 
tAppleman, Luln 

(Mrs. F. H. Brumstetter) 
'Baylor, Margaret C. 

(Mrs. H. B. Ross) 
'Beagle, Willits K. 
'Beddoe, Azro 
•Beddoe, Warren 
tBell, George H. 
'Belles, Nellie B. 

(Mrs. W. H. Heddin) 
'Bellls, Elizabeth 
'Black, Jennie A. 

(Mrs. John A. Campbell) 
tBooth, Lizzie G. 
•Breisch, Cephas C. 
tBuckwalter, William 
Cannon, Nettie 

(Mrs. E. J. Moore) 

74 Park Avenue 

Wilkes-Barre. Pa. 
'Carr, Teresa G. 

(Mrs. J. P. Costetllo) 
tCarroll, Belinda 
'Carter, Maude 
tCoffman, Nellie 

(Mrs. C. H. McDermott) 
'Conner, Martha 
'Conner, Peter 
•Corgan, Genevieve 

(Mrs. Richard Sheridan) 
tCorrlgan, Essie G. 

(Mrs. Edward Barrett) 
tCrobaugh, C. B. 
t Darling-ton, W. Ramsay 
'Davenport, Blanche 
'Bechant, Harry G. 
•Detrlck, Flora 
tDieffenderfer, J. P. 

(Rev. J. P. Dieffenderfer) 
'Boebler, Clara 

(Mrs. Emel Erhard) 
Ellsworth, Adelaide 

(Dr. Adelaide E. Weston) 

517 l&pring- St 

Jamestown, N.Y. 
*Ent, Jessie 

(Mrs. Ralph G. Phillips) 
tErnest, Sara R. 

(Mrs. G. B. Snyder) 
'Espy, Bertha 
'Espy, Mary L 

(Mrs. Philip C. Stehle) 
'Evans, William W. 
'Fisher, Corinda S. 

(Mrs. Corinda S. Mayer) 
'Flanagan, Anna 
tFoster, Marcla 
'Frymlre, Mary L. 

(Mrs. Frank Kirk) 
Gaffikin, Anna 

330 State Street 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
tGarrahan, Margaret 

Gernon, Minnie 

401 Jefferson Avenue 

Scran ton 10, Pa. 
tGibson, Maude A. 

(Mrs. Fred Palmer) 
'Green, Buphemia 
*Gregory, H. W. 
'Griffith, Lottie 

(Mrs. Lottie Evans) 
tGrimes, Byron J. 
tHaggerty, Mary 

(Mrs. James Tigue) 
tHardcastle, Kate T. 

(Mrs. William Albertson) 
"Harris, Bertha 

(Mrs. W. H. Butts) 
Hart, David A. 
iHehl, Minnie 

(Mrs. J. W. Buck) 
•Herring, Clinton 

(The Hon. C. Herring) 
tHess, Aaron B. 
tHess, Daisy 

(Mrs. O. Z. Kunze) 
tHess, Floyd L. 
tHuber, Eertha 

(Mrs. A. W. hooper) 
tHubler, Harry C. 
•Hughes, Sarah J. 
'Johns, Benjamin M, 

(Rev. Benjamin M. ) 
tjohnson, B. R. 

(Mrs. John J. Kelly) 
tJohnston, Bertha L 

(Mrs. . f hn J. Kelly) 
tJones, Hannah 
tKeiser, Rose 

(Mrs. R. A. Ward) 
'Keiter, George H. 
'Kline, Mary 
•Koehler, Lillian 

(Mrs. A. Milan Bertels) 
'Koons, Sue L. 

(Mrs. Sue L. Dodds) 
'Lehe, M. Alice 
'Lewis, Charles L. 
Lynch, Bessie G. 

(Mrs. John Redington) 
'McGinty, Katie 
tMahon, Josephine 

(Mrs. T. L. McGraw) 
Mandeville, Mollle B. 

(Mrs. G. S. Wilsey) 

Columbia Nursing Home 

Lima, Ohio 
tMartz, Elizabeth M. 

(Mrs. E. M. Dief'derfer) 
tMalick, M. Blmer 
'Masters, Sarah 

(Mrs. Sarah Pui>el) 
tMcLaughlln, Anna 

(Mrs. M. J. Burgin) 
tMcLaughlln, George 
tMinnich, Meda B. 

(Mrs. R. H. ISImith) 
'Monaghan, Mary 
'Montgomery, Grace 

(Mrs. Frank Conner) 
tMoore, Arthur J. 
tMunroe, Buphemia 
tNesbit, Edith M. 
'Palmer, Maggie 
'Patten, Frank B. 
•Patterson, J. Howard 
tPaul, J. Frank 
'Pfahler, George B. 

(Dr. George B. Pfahler) 
'Quinn, Bridget C. 

(Mrs. J. E. Keough) 
'Rassier, Mary 
•Robison, J. Boyd, Jr. 
'Rosser, Bessie 
•Ruddy, Lizzie V. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


♦Buggies, Lea B. 

(Mns. G. S, Conmell) 
IScanlon, Hannah 

(Mrs. Hannah Dal ton) 
tSchAppert, Carrie 

(Mrs. Peter N. Forve) 
Smythe, Emma 

(Mrs. Theodore Kreuger) 
'Sterling', Bessie 
•Sterner, L. P. 
tStraw, Anna M. 

(Mrs. C. C. Smith) 
fStronp, D. D. 
*Sutliff, Pred 

(Dr. Fred Sutliff) 
'Swank, Katie 
'Thomas, John J. 
Turner, Bess J. 

(Mrs. Thomas Howelil) 
'Watson, John P. 
'Weary, Andrew 
•Wenner, Laura 

(Mrs. Howard Smith) 
'Whalen, Mary B. 

(Mrs. J. J. O'Hearn) 
• Wiant, David 
twilliams, Ethel 
'Williams, Lizzie 

(Mrs. E. W. Tiffany) 
•Woodward, Grace 

(Mrs. O. K. McHenry) 
Toctun, S. C. 

CLASS OF 1895 

'Abrogast, Mary 
'Andreas, Margaret 

(Mrs. Joseph Lindsay) 
Bartholomew, Irvin A. 
'Beale, Prank 
Beeber, Sadie 

(Mrs. Ben Thomas) 
•Blrtley, Nettie 

(Mrs. Emil C. Niemeyer) 
Blakeslee, Josephine A. 
Blandford, Jennie 

(Mrs. John E. Morris) 

101 Washington Ave. 

Edwardsville, Pa. 
'Bloss, Nathan W. 
*Bobb, A. Cameron 
tBoyle, William P. 
'Breisch, Nora 
'Briggs, Gertrude 
Brown, Mattie 

(Mrs. Mattie B. Everett) 
'Buck, Alice M. 
'Burns, Kate 
'Cadow, Katharine 
'Clapp, Bessie 
'Colgate, Elsie L. 

(Mrs. Gustave Hensell) 
'Crevellng, Earl M. 
'Davenport, Harry H. 
Dean, S. H. 
Derr, Annie P. 

(Mrs. Benj. Vansant) 

Turbotville, Pa. 
'Derr, Charles W. 
Detwiler, Mary 

(Mrs. P. E. Bader) 

163 Main Street 

Phoenixviille, Pa. 
'Dlseroad, Sara 

(Mrs. James S. Hubbell) 
tDolan, Katheryn 
'Dougher, Lizzie 

Avooa, Pa. 
Downey, Mary L. 

( Mrs. Mary Sheehy ) 

1324 W. Hunting Pk. Ave. 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
tDugan, Margaret B. 

Duns ton, Grace 

(Mrs. Dana Downing) 
tDurkin, Julia M. 
tEckroth, Howard B. 

(Dr. Howard B. Eckroth) 
Evans, May 
(Mrs. J. S. Johns) 
214 W. Main Street 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Everett, Mary H. 
(Mrs. Eu g ene Carp en t e r ) 
664 -Church Lane 
Yeadon, Pa. 
'Eves, Edna 

(Mrs. J. W. Biddle) 
tParrelL Margaret 
Fassett, Pred E. 
456 Chenango St. 
Binghamton, New York 
Pergnsan, Marie M. 
(Mrs, G. W. Scott) 
351 W. Avenue 
Mt. Garmel, Pa. 
Pollmer, Anna 
(Mrs. O. G. Hess) 
117 4th Street 
Taft, California 
tPoster, Amelia 
tPoster, Minnie 

(Mrs. Minnie Rivenburgh) 
♦Ponlke, Will T. 
'Furman, Julia H. 
tGaffikin, Katherine 
'Gaffikin, Patrick J. 
Gallagher, Genevieve 
(Mrs. Wm. Mundy) 
1112 Wyoming Ave. 
Exeter 6, Pa. 
Gallagher, James IT. 

(Dr. James Gallagher) 
*Gilbert, Laura 

(Mrs. Chas. Kline) 
* Gilpin, Friend 
'Goyne, Minnie 

(Mrs. Wilbur Singley) 
t Griffith, May 

(Mrs. J. W. Briggs) 
tHaen, Alice 
'Heckert, Ell P. 
"Kehl, M. Theresa 

(Mrs. E. B. Holmes) 
*Herron, Mary 

(Sr. Mary Culalia) 
•Hoke, George 
'Houtz, Mary E. 

(Mrs. Mary Anderson) 
'Jacobosky, Rosa 
tjacobosky, Stella 

(Mrs. H. S. Witmer) 
^Jacobs, Ada M. 

(Mrs. Wm. H. Colley) 
'James, William E. 
Johnson, Howard S. 
'Jones, Gertrude 

(Mrs. Tudor Roberts) 
Jones, Hattie W. 
(Mrs. D. John Price) 
119 N. Jardin St. 
Shenandoah, Pa. 
"Jones, Hermie 
'Jones, Ida M. 

(Mrs. Ida Kraft) 
'Kearney, Katie I. 
'Kellam, Edith 

(Mrs. Edith Black) 
'Keller, Mabel 

(Mrs. R. H. Garrahan) 
•Kerlin, Nellie B. 
tKoerber, George A. 
Krauss, Anna 
La aback, Merit L. 
104 ISi 21 St. 
Terra, Haute, Indiana 

tLenahan, Agnes 

(Mrs. Prank B. Brown) 
'Lesher, Elizabeth 

(Mrs. Thomas Dunham) 
'Lewis, Adaline G. 

(Mrs. B. F. Beale) 
'Lewis, Carrie 
'Lewis, Harry J. 
'Lloyd, Catherine 
'love, Margaret 

(Mrs. W. H. Brower) 
*Lowrie, Mary 

(Mrs. Mary Higbee) 
Mackie Buby 

(Mrs. B. G. Vanhorn) 
tMahon, Alice 

(Mrs. Frank McCann) 
tMahon, Lillian 

(Mrs. J. W. Kellog) 
"Maize, Boyd F. 
'Maize, Edith 
Malloy, Bina 

(Mrs. Edward J. Ryan) 
■i" Manning, Katie 
*Marvin, Archie W. 
fMeehan, Nellie R. 
Meyer, Olive, E. 

Drums, Pa. 
Myers, Stella G. 
553 Locust St. 
Hazleton, Pa. 
McG-ee, Hugh 
'McHenry, Lulu M. 

(Mrs. W. A. Schling'n) 
IMorgan, Mamie E. 
Moyer, Sara 
(Mrs. S. M. Bray) 
481 Birch Road 
Hellertown, Pa, 
tMurphy, Eliza 
tNagle. Irvin B. 
tNicholas, Irene 

(Mrs. L. W. Eisenman) 
tNichols, Florence 

(Mrs. G. F. McGuire) 
Norman, George 
Mendenhall, Pa. 
O'Donnell, Patrick P. 
tFarker, Bertha 

(Mrs. W. D. Edwards) 
Patten, Robert SI 

(Dr. Robert S. Patten) 
*Patterson, J. B. 

(Dr. J. B. Patterson) 
*Pendergast, Mary 
•Persing, Harry M. 
.Powell, Anna M. 

(Mrs. J. Lewis Evans) 
'Price, Abel 
'Price, Katharine 
Beadier, Calvin P. 
Nescopeck, Pa. R.D. 
'Beilly, Joseph 
'Bentschler, Sadie 
'Bichards, Anna C. 

(Mrs. A .G. Isaacs) 
Riley, Minnie P. 

(Mrs. Minnie Mahon) 
Bomberger, Martha A. 
(Mrs. Simon Fickinger) 
142 N. Essex Ave. 
Orange, New Jersey 
*Roth, Edward 
'Seiler, Jennie 
'Shaffer, Grace 

(Mrs. W. E. Perham) 
'Shaffer, Mary V. 

(Mrs. M. M. Harter) 
Shannon. Bruce E. Jr. 
'Sharpless, Julia 

(Mrs. William Fegley) 
'Shaw, Melissa 
tSheivelhood, William 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

♦Shaping 1 , William A. 
tSidler, Anna 

(Mrs. P. M. Ikeler) 
•Sinink, Harriet 
tSmith, Nellie r. 

(Mrs. J. Sheppenheiser) 
tSnyder, Adaline B. 

(Mrs. A. Eugene Cobb) 
♦Snyder, J. Wilson 
tSpencer, Alma 

(Mrs. Alma Bortree) 
tStair, Maine Leas 

(Mrs. George Richards) 
Stauffer, Claude M. 

649 Highland Ave. 

Bethlehem, Pa. 
•Sterns, Laura G. 

(Mrs. T. S. Tucker) 
•Stecker, C. Raymond 
tSwalm, Florence 
Swank, William W. 

623 Warren Ave. 

Kingston, Pa. 
•Tague, Nina 

(Mrs. Harry Frantz) 
tThomas, Daniel W. 
tThomas, Mame 

(Mrs. F. B. Earl) 
•Tinkham, Flora 

(Mrs. A. W. Marvin) 
Traub, Howard J. 

1022 Mulberry St. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
•Traub, John P. 
♦Wagner, Theodore A. 
tWeeks, Nellie 
•Wheeler, Emily A. 

(Mrs. Emily Sprendall) 
tWilliams, Ethel 
Wolfe, Ada L. 

1228 Wyoming Ave. 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
tWorthington, Wm. B>. 
•Yetter, Alfred E. 
tZeiders, Henrietta 

(Mrs. C. E, Shope) 

CLASS OF 1896 

•Andrews, Ida 
•Arbogast, Jennie 
♦Ashton, Jeannette 
tAtherton, Mary 

(Mrs. Daniel Cornell) 
♦Barnes, Harry 
•Barton, Harry S. 
tBell, Mary P. 

(Mrs. W. K. Ferguson) 
tBenedict, Rose 

(Mrs. R. D. Richards) 
tBest, J. Sluman 
Bowman, Vida 

(Mrs. P. L. Drum) 

415 "Warren Avenue 

Kingston, Pa. 
Boyer, Charles I. 

601 Market Street 

Lewisburg, Pa. 
♦Brown, Vida 

(Mrs. James L. Hoagland) 
tCapwell, Minnie 

(Mrs. F. M. Stark 
♦Carpenter, Harriet 
•Carpenter, Helen 
♦Carr, Clara 
♦Carter, Nellie 
Casey, Tillie 

(Mrs. E. J. Pursell) 

425 West Highland Ave. 

Lakeland, Fla. 
tChase, Marion 

(Mrs. R. E. Neumeyer) 
•Clark, Bridget 
•Cohen, Celia 

♦Cope, Hettie 

(Mrs. Hettie C. Whitney) 
♦Cope, Mary 
•Conner, Geraldine 

(Mrs. Lindley H. Dennis) 
♦Crossley, Arthur L. 
•Culp, Lizzie 
•Davenport, Ered W. 
♦Detwiler, Isaiah 
•Dooris, Lizzie 

(Mrs. Richard Cronin) 
•Drum, Nora 
•Duggan, Nellie 
tEason, Louise 

(Mrs. T. Hefferman) 
♦Evans, Margaret 

(Mrs. John E. Eves) 
•Pox, Anna 
•Pox, J. Sharpless 
♦Gable, Harry 
tGallagher, Mary 
Garrison, Gertrude 

108 North Vaughn Street 

Kingston, Pa. 
•Geisinger, Delia 
♦Gernon, Cora 

(Mrs. James A. Wynkoop) 
tGood, Luella 

(Mrs. Harry Polkamus) 
♦Gribbin, Sadie 
♦Graver, Mary 
tHarding, Nellie 
♦Harris, Mary B. 
•Hart, Peter 
♦Helwig, Lillian 

(Mrs. Lee Kauffman) 
tHess, Amos 
♦Hosier, Bush 
Houtz, Alfred B. 

Box 225 

Elizabeth City 

North Carolina 
Hughes, Edward 

753 NortJh Main Avenue 

Scranton, Pa. 
Hughes, Stella M. 

(Mrs. Irwin Davis) 

4211 Kissena Blvd. 

Flushing, New York 
♦Johnson, Bartlett H. 
tjones, Martha 

(Mrs. S. F. ISaums) 
♦Keef er, Charles M. 
tKisner, Minnie 
♦Eisner, Charlotte 

(Mrs. Wm. H. Ladewick) 
tKitchen, Florence 

(Mrs. Clinton Follmer) 
♦Knittle, John 

(Rev. John Knittle) 
fKnox, Elizabeth S. 
Lamoreaux, Bertha 

(Mrs. Albert Anderson) 

54 Ferguson Avenue 

Shanertown, Pa, 
♦Latshaw, Lauretta 
♦Lindsay, Janet 

(Mrs. S. T. Glidden) 
•Lins, Florence 

(Mrs. D. W. Arndt) 
♦Lodge, Margaret 
tLove, Elizabeth 
•Love, Mary 
♦Lutz, Frank 
tLynch, Lavina 

(Mrs. H. B. Boring) 
•Maize, Boyd 
♦Manser, W. C. 
May, Inez 

9 8 South Main Street 

Mahanoy City, Pa. 
♦McAlarney, Maude 

(Mrs. M. J. Yetter) 

tMcCarvill, Mame 

(Mrs. M. J. Yetter) 
tMcKane, Elizabeth 

(Mrs. H. A. Campbell) 
tMcKinney, Martha 
tMcLaughlin, Grace 
♦McNiff, Anna 

(Mrs. M. P. Johnson) 
♦Miller, Charles W. 
Miller, Elizabeth 

(Mrs. Frank Eyef) 

Lewisburg, Pa. 
♦Miller, Gertrude 

(Mrs. H. M. Postle) 
tMiller, Ida 

(Mrs. W. C. Masteller) 
Monahan, Rose 

440 Carey Avenue 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Moore, Mary V. 

3021 McElderry Street 

Baltimore, Md. 
tMoran, Julia C. 

(Mrs. Will Gritman) 
Morse, Gertrude 

(Mrs. Frank H. Strouss) 

207 West 3rd Street 

Mount Carmel, Pa. 
tMoyer, Alvin 
♦Moyer, Ezra 
Moyer, Mira 

803 East 2md Street 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
♦Moyer, Rachel 
*Muir, Alice 
tMuir, Gertrude 

(Mrs. J. T. Ramage) 
tMundie, Mary 
tNance, Ethel V. 

(Mrs. G. W. Chambers) 
tNorris, Lizzie 
tNyhart, Fred 
tO'Brien, Ella 

(Mrs. A. L. McCawley) 
tOliver, Gertrude 

(Mrs. Edward Saums) 
CMalley, Belinda 
tO'Malley, Mary 

(Mrs. Frank Sullivan) 
♦O'Malley, May S. 

(Mrs. Eugene F. Smith) 
♦Oman, Charles 

(Admiral Charles Oman) 
♦Perley, Mabel 

(Mrs. H. R. Cramton) 
♦Powell, Esther 

(Mrs. John H. Williams) 
tPowell, Henry 
tQuick, Eleanor 

(Mrs. H. A. Walters) 
♦Rees, Gertrude 

(Mrs. Ray W. Hartman) 
Reimensnyder, Daisy 

(Mrs. I. R. Teitsworth) 

Wyoming Avenue 

Kingston, Pa. 
♦Robins, Salena A. 

(Mrs. Charles A. Bear) 
•Rosser, Jane 
Ruggles, Emma 

(Mrs. Emma /Starr) 

1149 Wyoming Street 

Forty-Fort, Pa. 
♦Seely, Millie 

(Mrs. John W. Thomas) 
♦Sharpless, Julia 

(Mrs. William Fagely) 
iShea, Margaret 
♦Shemorry, W. H. 
Sherwood, Maude 

(Mrs. H. E, Bradley) 
♦Shoemaker, Bertha 

(Mrs. William Harris) 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


*Shuman, Harman 
Shnman, Warren 

(Dr. Warren Slhuman) 

Jersey Shore, Pa. 
Smethers, A. L. 

(Dr. A. L. Smethers) 

612 East River Street 

Anderson, South Carolina 
♦Smith, Crawford C. 
*Smith, Mida D. 
*Snyder, Daniel J. 
♦Stark, Charlotte 
♦Sutliff, Jennie M. 

(Mrs. W. H. Rush) 
Swartz, Myrtle 

(Mrs. Prank B. VanWie) 

Fvnmere House 

Cooperstown, New York 
tTeple, James E. 
*Terwilligrer, Minnie 

(Mrs. Robert Young) 
tThielke, Etta 

(Mrs. Lafayette Killam) 
'Thompson, Maude 
Trevaskis, Anna 

(Mrs. N. C. Klinetob) 

519 East 8th Street 

Berwick, Pa. 
♦Vance, Bessie 

(Mrs. Willis M. DeMott) 
♦Vanlioan, Lenora 
♦Wagner, Millie 

(Mrs. C. D. Yost) 
♦Watson, Georgia 
♦Wegge, Mary 

(Mrs. Prank P. Gillespie) 
♦Wert, Anne U. 
♦Wilson, Edna 

(Mrs. W. D. McClimtock) 
tWilson, Jessie 

(Mrs. George Stewart) 
Winter, Rachael 
(Mrs. S. T. Pratt) 

270 East Broad Street 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
♦Yohe, Stella 

(Mrs. H. Arthur Gavitte) 
tYost, Mabel G. 

(Mrs. Charles H. Hall) 
♦Zehner, S. Elizabeth. 

(Mrs. Harry E. Keiper).. 
♦Zeiders, Katharine 

CLASS OF 1897 

♦Andreas, Margaret 
Appleman, Charles O. (Dr.) 

4800 Calvert Road 

College Park, 
■"Banner, Jonathan E. 
•Beishline, Amy V. 

(Mrs. W. P. Thomas) 
♦Benedict, Ella 
♦Bevan, T. W. 
tBodmer, Susan B. 

(Mrs. Susan B. Welter) 
♦Bonner, James J. 
Brace, John S. 

R.D. 2 

Tunkhannock, Pa. 
♦Broadbent, Milicent 

(Mrs. John A. Sitler) 
♦Brown, Ernest 
Brown, Harry A. (Dr.) 

Lehman, Pa. 
♦Brugler, Martha T. 

(Mrs. Harry Creasy) 
♦Burns, W. C. 
♦Butler, Ruth 

(Mrs. W. C. Farrell) 
♦Cantlin, Agnes 
♦Carl, Jennie S. 

(Mrs. C. H. Marks) 

♦Cassidy, Gertrude 

(Mrs, P. ISi Ridsdale) 
♦Cope, Hettie M. 

(Mrs. H. C. Whitney) 
♦Crossley, Arthur L. 
♦Cule, Thomas E. 
♦Currin, Will C. 
♦Dailey, Elizabeth 

(Mrs. George Curran) 
tDavis, Bess 
♦Detrick, Flora B. 
♦Dietrick, S. P. 
*Dix, Vertie K. 

(Mrs. James H. Fuller) 
♦Dockey, E. L. 
♦Eckroth, May B. 

(Mrs. H. L. Shannon) 
tEdmunds, Miriam 

(Mrs. C. H. Rohlands) 
♦Edwards, Anna 

(Mrs. P. H. Conner) 
♦Eves, J. Fred 
♦Eves, Phoebe 
♦Pox, J. Sharpless 
•Freeman, Gertrude 

(Mrs. George Nuttin) 
♦Gelatt, Winifred 
♦Gelnett, Harvey 
Gilchrist, Jessie 
41 S. Richmond Ave. 
Atlantic City, N. J. 
♦Gillaspy, Martha A. 
(Mrs. G. W. Vance) 
Good, Mary 
Wapwallopen, Pa. 
♦Grimes, Byron J. 
Headings, Amy 
(Mrs. W. J. McNitt) 
Milroy, Pa. 
♦Hess, Amos 
♦Hess, D. M. (Dr.) 
♦Houck, George W. 
Houtz, Alfred B. 
125 16th Ave., N. E. 
St. Petersburg, Florida 
♦Huber, Dora I. 

(Mrs. Wm. F. Ely) 
♦James, Anna 

(Mrs. James Jones) 
♦James, Elizabeth 
♦James, Hattie R. 
♦Johnson, Josiah P. 
Johnson, Louie H. (Miss) 
54 King St. 
Northumberland, Pa. 
♦Jones, Mary E. 
tJones, Maude 

(Mrs. Maude Gird) 
t Jordan, Catherine D. 
♦Judge, Nellie 
♦JKahler, Anna Isabella 

(Mrs. A. D. Baggaxty) 
♦Kane, Annie 
♦Kauffman, Iiee 
♦Keiper, Maud 

(Mrs. Jas. W. Hough) 
♦Kelly, Bertha 
♦Kern, Jessie 
♦Klock, Harvey (Dr.) 
♦Knapp, Mary S. 
♦Kreisher, C E. 

(Hon. C. E. Kreisher) 
♦Kressler, Samuel 
♦Landis, John B. 
♦Lawall, Helen 

(Mrs. L. L. Bentley) 
♦Layman, Prank 
♦Leaw, Grace Paul 

(Mrs. Charles Miller) 
♦Lechlietner, Mary E. 
(Mrs. Mary L. Barrett) 

Lendrum, Grace 

(Mrs. John H. Coxe) 

12 N. Pleasant St. 

Norwalk, Ohio 
♦LeVan, Anna L. 

(Mrs. D. M. Montgomery) 
♦Lindermuth, Oscar (Dr.) 

♦Lloyd, Carrie B. 

(Mrs. George Galatt) 
♦Low, Zerbin 
Lowrie, Blanche 
21 Main St. 
Watson town, Pa. 
♦Lyons, Harvey E. 
♦Marsden, Maude 

(Mrs. H. D. Sileator) 
♦Martin, Eva 
♦McCollough, Emily 

(Mrs. Jno. B. Landis) 
♦McParlane, Margaret 
♦McLinn, Ada M. 

(Mrs. Robert D. Clare) 
♦McNertney, John 
♦Meixell, Mae 
♦Menzies, Jean 

(Mrs. Frank L. Scott) 
♦Miller, James M. 
♦Milnes, Mary 

(Mrs. George W. Roberts) 
♦Moran, John 
♦Moyer, Calvin E. 
♦Moyer, Elizabeth 

(Mrs. H. R. Kreider) 
♦Moyer, Mabel 
♦Munro, Foster C. 
tMyers, Hattie 

(Mrs. H. M. Macomber) 
♦Nevin, M. Ella 
♦Nicely, Josephine 
♦Nye, Blanche XT. 

(Mrs. William Kay) 
♦Ohl, Arthur C. (Rev.) 
♦Oplinger, A. B. 
♦Oplinger, Charles A. 
♦Otto, May 
♦Owens, David 
Pettitaone, Lenora L. 
936 Wyoming Ave. 
Forty Fort, Pa. 
♦Price, W. A. 
♦Prutzman, Minnie E. 
♦Quick, Charles 
♦Ragan, Celia J. 
♦Rawlings, Bess 

(Mrs. Bess Francis) 
♦Richards, Kiler 
♦Riffo, Marion B. 
tRobison, Bessie 

(Mrs. J. D. Butzner) 
♦Rollison, Ora 

(Mrs. Ralph W. Sands) 
♦Rosser, Richard 
♦Ruckle, Belle 

(Mrs. Bowman Sorber) 
♦Rude, Judson 
Ruggles, Emma 
(Mrs. Emma Starr) 
217 W. Tamarack Ave. 
Hazleton, Pa. 
♦Ruggles, Lea B. 

(Mrs. G. ISL Oonnell) 
Sullivan St. 
Forty Fort, Pa. 
♦Sands, Ralph W. 
♦Savidge, Mary E. 

(Mrs. Abram E. Colvin) 
♦Schlager, Annie C. 
♦Seely, Leslie B. 
Seely, Mary 
126 N. Church St. 
Hazleton, Pa. 
♦Shaw, J. Harding 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg Statf College 

Shortz, Bertha 

(Mrs. Alex Campbell) 

6908 N. Ridge 

Omaiha 12, Nebraska 
•Shultz, H. H. 
•Shultz, Sarah F. 
Smith, Isabel 

(Mrs. Thomas York) 

118 West Ave. 

Mt. Carmed, Pa. 
•Stanton, Nora M. 
•Stark, Charlotte at 
•Stevens, Douglas M. 
•Swank, Martin J. 

(Rev. Martin Swank) 
Swartz, Myrtle 

(Mrs. F. E. VanWie) 

Fynmere, Cooperstown 

New Jersey 
•Taylor, Florence M. 

(Mrs. John B. Waters) 
•Thompson, W. E. 
•Traub, Charles W. 
tTraub, Howard J. 
•Umsted, Nora 

(Mrs. Nora Hendrickson) 
•Vanderslice, Helen M. 
•Veale, Mary E. 

(Mrs. Thomas Probert) 
•Von Dorster, Herbert R. 
•Wallize, William S. 
•Walz, Ida M. 

(Mrs. G. B. Washburn) 
•Welliver, Curtis 
•Welliver, Theodosia 

(Mrs. J. Hurst) 
•Wetterau, Matilda 

(Mrs. James Peddington) 
•Wiant, David 
•Wilbur, Harry C, 
♦Williams, Mary E. 

(Mrs. J. P. Lawrence) 
Williams, Mary J. 

(Mrs. Edward S. Gething) 

139 E. Broad St. 

Nanticoke, Pa 
tWilliams, Ruth 

(Mrs. Robert J. Henry- ) 
•Wilson, Elsie 

CLASS OF 1898 

tAldingrer, Harry E. 
Appleman, Chas. O. (Dr.) 

Prince George's County 

College Park, Maryland 
Armstrong, Margaret A. 

(Mrs. S. J. Parsons) 

4 Bedford St. 

Forty Fort, Pa, 
tArmstrong, Margaret B. 

(Mrs. D. R. Daniels) 
•Bachman, Florence E. 
♦Balliett, Blanche F. 
tBarley, Maud C. 

(Mrs. Carl Olsen) 
•Barrett, Margaret 
•Barrett, Nora 
tBashore, Charles F. 
•Bennetts, Katharine I. 
Bentzel, Flora Bell 

10'0'9 N. Second St. 

Harrisburg. Pa. 
•Bernhard, Lillian M 
*Bevan, Mabel 
•Bobb, A. Cameron 
Brader, Laura Adaline 

(Mrs. Charles J. Shaffer) 

205 Fair Street 

Bloomsburg, Pa 
•Bray, William R. 
•Brennan, Eugene A. 

•Brenneman, Harriet 

(Mrs. H. B. Roop) 
•Broadbent, Henry 
•Broadhead, L. B. 
•Brooks, Ximena E. 
tBrown, Anna A. 

(Mrs. J. H. Kenney) 
Burke, Margaret 

Tinton Ave. & E 161 St. 

New York City, N.Y. 
•Butts, Henry T. 
tCallander, Asa 
•Cherrington, Ira C. 
•Coleman, Katherine L. 

(Mrs. H. Anwyll) 
tCollins, Margaret 

(Mrs. J. Pierce Roberts) 
'Conner, Frances R. 
•Corcoran, M. Rachael 

(Mrs. Harry C. Osier) 
*Coxe, George W. 
•Cross, Magdeline 

(Mrs. Lewis Morgan) 
tCunningham, Bridget M. 

(Mrs. James A. Rooney) 
tDavies, Hannah E. 

(Mrs. John M. Hough) 
Dawson, Blanche O. 

103 E. Hamilton St. 

State College, Pa. 
•"Deets, Bessie C. 

(Mrs. A. R. Gottshall) 
tDeLong, Eudora 

(Mrs. Eudora Forbes) 
*Derr, Charles W. 
*Derr, Mont 
•Dieffenbacher, D. N. 
tDillon, Frances A. 
tDougherty, Elizabeth M. 
•Easton, Bessie N. 

(Mrs. William Reuter) 
•Eroh, M. Franklin 
tEvans, Martha D. 

(Mrs. Fred Barrett) 
•Eves, Edith Yeatnian 

(Mrs. J. W. Biddle) 
•Foresman, Elizabeth C. 
•Forster, Emma Alta 

(Mrs. Emma A. Sims) 
•Forsythe, Jane Curry 
•Fox, J. Sharpless 
tFrederickson, Elam A. 
•Qeist, Verda 

(Mrs. W. M. Haas) 
IGibbons, Agnes 
Gilchrist, Jessie 

41 S. Richmond Ave. 

Atlantic City, N.J. 
Giles, Maude 
'Goodman, Theresa 

(Mrs. Henry Southerner) 
tGraydon, Esther M. 
•Grimes, Byron J. 
•Groschke, Anna M. 
•Hagenbuch, Netta Eletha 

(Mrs. Byran J. Grimes) 
*Hankee, Nora Elizabeth 

(Mrs. J. A. MacGuffie) 
tHardenbergh, J. H. 
*Harman, Henry L. 
Hart, John C. 

538 Carey Ave. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa, 
♦Hartline, Mary M. 

(Mrs. Chas. Yeager) 
Hawke, Mabel Lncile 

(Mrs. W. R. Anthony) 

46 E. Main St. 
Nanticoke, Pa, 
•Hayward, William H. 

Heffernan, Mary E. 

(Mrs. Daniel E. Foley) 

Lackawanna Co. Conv. 

Home, Ransom, Pa, 
•Herrold, Thomas G. 
Hicks, Elsie Ethel 

2643 Old Berwick Road 

Bloomsburg, Pa, 
tHilbert, Fred F. 
•Hill, Mary J. 

(Mrs. Nelson Clark) 
tHostetter, J. M. 
•Howarth, John 

(Dr. John Howarth) 
•Hower, John S. 
tlkeler, Irma 

(Mrs. Frank Steadman) 
•Jewett, Elizabeth E. 
•Jordan, Mary Monica 
tJoyce, William 
•Kase, Charles L. A. 
•Keefer, Charles M. 
Kelly, Margaret V. 

(Mrs. W. A. Jennings) 

Knapp Rd. & Grandview 

St., Clarks Summit, Pa. 
Kemp her, Amelia 

(Mrs. J. Kimber Levan) 
Kimble, Eleanor Sears 

(Mrs. B. H. Dittrich) 

402 E. Main St. 

Union, New York 
•Klock, Harvey 
•Klutz, R. Daisy 

(Mrs. L. H. Brown) 
•Knapp, Mary S. 
-Knauss, Walter M. 
tKreisher, Oren E. 
Krum, Grace 


Orangeville, Pa. 
Lamoreaux, Louise M. 

(Mrs. S. L. Richards) 

440 Main Ave. 

Weston, W. Virginia 
•Landis, Laura B. 

(Mrs. J. J. Beihney) 
•Levan, Elmer 
Lewis, Deborah M. 

(Mrs. Deborah L. Reiley) 

West Chazy, New York 
Lawrence, B. Grace 

8 36 Harvard ISt. 

Menlo Park, Calif. 
•Lynch, Ruth A. 

(Mrs. Edward Ames) 
'Mane, Gertrude 
•McArt, Mary 
•Milheim, Elmer M. 
•Miller, Edith 

(Mrs. Earl Crawford) 
•Miller, Gertrude 

(Mrs. H. M. Postle) 
•Miller, Oliver F. 
■Killing-ton, Bessie A. 

(Mrs. W. C. Norton) 
•Morgan, U. Grant 
•Moyer, Martha 

(Mrs. C. F. Altmiller) 
*Moyer, Sara 

(Mrs. William R. Bray) 
•Mulherin, Daniel A. 
•Munroe, Edna A. 
Nicely, Ralph A. 

248 Sunset Ave. 

Englewood, N. J. 
•Nichols, C. Alberta 
tNoss, Gertrude L. 

(Mrs. Chas. E. Austin) 
Oplinger, Galen L. 

414 N. Eighth St. 

Allentown, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


'Parfitt, Oliver A. 

(Dr. Oliver A. Parfitt) 
'Pealer, Samuel Robert, Jr. 
•Penman, Mary S. 

(Mrs. W. H. Neely) 
tFoole, Anna B. 

(Mrs. E. C. Lowe) 
♦Pursel, Josephine 

(Mrs. M. E. Conner) 
tRabinovitch, Eva R. 
-Rechel, Lillian Osman 

(Mrs. E. C. Ammerman) 
♦Redeker, Lillian A. 

(Mrs. Simmonds) 
tReed, Clara A. 

(Mrs. W. H. Webster) 
"Reynolds, Nellie M. 
'Richards, John E. 
'Riffo, Marion 
•Ranker, Gertrude M. 
'Bobbins, Anber J. 
♦Robison, Martha S. 
Sorer, Mary Louise 
'Rude, Jndson R. 
♦Russell, Sarah H. 
'Seaman, Anna G. 
tSeely, Bertha Viola 

(Mrs. Bertha S. Floyd) 
'Seesholtz, Sarah 

(Mis. C. B. Metzger) 
•Sheehy, Kathleen Patricia 
Shepherd, Minnie M. 

(Mrs. C. E. Wertman) 

Flagler Apts. 

W. Palm Beach, Fla. 
Snipe, Amos E. 

101 S. 11th St. 

Sunbury, Pa., Warren 

(Dr. Warren Shuman) 

Jersey Shore, Pa 
'Simon, Anna 
'Smith, Laura Ellen 

(Mrs. S. S. Hess) 
Smith, Stuart S. 
"Snyder, Harlan R. 
Snyder, Laura Jane 

(Mrs. U. Grant Morgain) 

120 S. 12 St. 

Lewisburg, Pa. 
tSteinbach, Mabel B. 

(Mrs. G. E. Kennedy) 
"Stevens, Benjamin M. 
'Stumpf, Catharine A. 
'Styer, George R. 
Swank, Clara M. 

Wapwallopen, Pa. 
Taylor, Edward S. 

1 5 Donegal Springs Rd. 

ML Joy, Pa 
'Thomas, Cora S. 

( Airs. F. D. Burgess) 
'Thomas, John M. 
'Tobin, Mary Beatrice 

(Mrs. Wm. Rich. Pitner) 
'Truckenmiller, Mary 
'Tucker, James C. 
Weaver, Charles H. 

515 S. River St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
*Weir, Henrietta 

(Mrs. James F. Langan) 
iWhitaker, Mary R. 
'Wilbur, Harry C. 
1 Wilcox, Howard J. 
Williams, Joyce 

(Mrs. Joyce W. Evans) 
Williams, Watkins H. 

1701 Monroe Ave. 

Scram ton, Pa. 
•Wintersteen, Nancy 

Withers, Samuel C. 

45 Boyd Place 

Bronxville, N. Y. 
Wolf, Edith 

990 President St. 
Brooklyn. N. Y. 
tWylie, Arthur L. 

CLASS OF 1899 

♦Albertson, Hattie 

(Mrs. David Evans) 
Appleman, Charles O. 

(Dr. Chas. O. Appleman) 

College Park, Md. 
"Armstrong, Thomas E. 
*Aunspach, Clarence J. 
*Beardsley, Charlotte 
Bowman, Emory I. 
*Brent, Edward P. 
♦Broadhead, L. B. 
♦Buckalew, Harriet 

(Mrs. Fred Hagenbuch) 
Burns, Benjamin P. 
♦Carpenter, Perry A. 
tCarroll, Belinda 
Church, Lillian 

(Mrs. Sydney Dearborn) 

Waverly, Pa. 
'Clayberger, Henry 
'Confer, Vernie 

(Mrs. Vernie Sees) 
tConlan, Veronica 

(Mrs. George Holliday) 
tConnole, Mary 
'Cope, Hettie M. 

(Mrs. Hettie C. Whitney) 
tCoyle, Philip 
Creasy, Charles 

R, D. No. 1 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Creveling, Bessie 
Curtis, Edith 

402 Summit Avenue 

Westfield, N. J. 
'Curtis, Louise 
tDavis, Arthur 
♦Davison, A. P. 
■Dei trick, Edna 
'Dennis, Lindley H. 
Dodson, Martha E. 

R. D. No. 1 

Berwick, Pa. 
*Doherty, Elizabeth 

(Mrs. Frank McLaughlin) 
'Dnddy, Nellie 
*Echternach, Joseph P. 

(Dr. Jos. P. Echternach) 
•Ellsworth, Emma J. 

(Mrs. D. S. Smith) 
'Ellsworth, Minnie 
'Evans, Edna D. 

(Mrs. O. A. Oswald) 
♦Finerau, Margaret 

(Mrs. Margaret Histed) 
Flick, Carrie 

(Mrs. J. C. Redline) 

R. D. No. 5 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
♦Fortune, Arthur 
♦Fortune, Margaret 

(Mrs. C. Larue Eves) 
tFowler, Lillian 

(Mrs. Geo. W. Wright) 
+Powler, Lottie 

(Mrs. Percy F. Best) 
'Frear, Gertrude 
+Frederickson, Elam A. 
'Fritz, F. Herman 
tFry, E. Blanche 

( Mrs. W. S. Keiter) 
•Gager, E. Prosper 

Gass, Hilda 8. 

(Mrs. Hilda S. Smith) 
f Gates, Marilla 

(Mrs. Lewis C. Emory) 
♦Giles, Maude 
tGilL D. Eleanor 
tQold, Guy D. 
♦Grebey, Harry P. 
tGrier, Lenora 
tGriffith, Essie 
♦Griffith, Nellie 

(Mrs. Nellie Gay) 
♦Hadtner, Florence A. 
♦Hammond, Elizabeth 

(Mrs. W. E. O'Brien) 
♦Hammond, Josie 
tHankee, Mae E. 

(Mrs. J. J. Brandon) 
♦Barman, Henry L. 
Harcnan, Marie E. 

(Mrs. M. Schwartz) 
tHarrison, Minnie 

(Mrs. E. P. Gager) 
*Hart, Lloyd 
tHeist, Mabel 

(Mrs. Henry Clayberger) 
♦Hess, Oliver P. 
♦Hewitt, Gertrude 

(Mrs. Charles Hopkin) 
Hicks, Elsie E. 

2643 Old Berwick Road 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tHidlay, Lillian 

(Mrs. Herbert W. Scott) 
tHigglns, Belinda 

(Mrs. M. J. Murphy) 
tHlnes, Lillian 
Hollopeter, Cunia 

(Mrs. H. M. Persing) 

7631 Gilbert Street 

Philadelphia 19. Pa. 
'Honseknecht, Freeman 
Hughes, Laura 

(Mrs. Richard Lewis) 
Jackson, John S. 
♦Jayne, Mary S. 
tjones, Margery 
♦Keeler, Ray 
tKiefer, Charles 
Kinsman, Edward E. 

Honesdale, Pa 
Kohl, Bessie 

(Mrs. "William Park) 

510 Towanda Street 

White Haven, Pa 
♦Lake, Gertrude E. 

(Mrs. J. E. Fidler) 
♦Latimer, Emily 
Laubach, John 

Carter, Montana 
tLewis, Rosanna 
tLinderman, Philip C. 
Lutz, Jennie B. 

133 Herr Street 

Harrisburg, Pa, 
-Marks, C. Hayes 
tMason, Marvin G. 
'Mans, Harry 
*Maust, J. H. 
♦McCaa, Ida 

(Mrs. Chas. J. Kuschke) 
'McHenry, Arthur R. 
'McMenamin, Annie 

(Mrs. Harry Mellet) 
t Miller, Gertrude 

(Mrs. Golenclav) 
Miller, Lulu 

(Mrs. John Hower) 

1924 Holland Avenue 

Utica New York 
tMllsom, Mabel 

(Mrs. James S. Stillman) 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg State College 

♦Mitchell, Mary A. 

(Mrs. C. K. Ver morel) 
♦Moore, Elizabeth V. 

(Mrs. P. W. Lindner) 
♦Moore, Lawrence C. 
•Moore, Fred C. 
•Morris, Gertrude 
tMorton, Jennie E. 

(Mrs. Harry Wildrick) 
tMorton, William 
tMulliner, Beulah A. 
Nyce, Emma S. 

(Mrs. C. C. Ellis) 

Juniata College 

Huntingdon, Pa, 
•Oldfield, Sarah E. 
tOler, A. Esther 
Oliver, E. Grace 

(Mrs. Geo. Hagersville) 

Hancock, New York 
tO'Malley, Sadie 

(Mrs. Thorn. F. Hanahue) 
•O'Neill, Francis 
•Pace, James W. 
•Pettibone, Elizabeth H. 

(Mrs. E. B. Gregory) 
♦Pfahler, Mary A. 

(Mrs. Calvin E. Reefer) 
•Preston, Warren W. 

(Dr. W. W. Preston) 
•Price, J. Herbert 
tQuick, William J. 
Redline, John C. 

R. D. No. 5 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
•Reilly, Michael E. 
•Reynolds, Bessie 
tRhoads, Ray 

(Mrs. Thos. J. Flanagan) 
•Riohards, Eugene K. 
Rinker, Gertrude 

R. D. No. 5 

Blooimsburg, Pa. 
Robbins, Auber J. 

Market Street 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tRoberts, Emma 

(Mrs. B. C. Severance) 
•Roberts, Ira 
•Rohr, Allie M. 
•Rohr, Myra 
•Sandoe, Anna 

(Mrs. J. G. Hake) 
tScull, Mary N. 
tSeely, Pred 
Shaffer, Rush 

700 Bloom Road 

Danville, Pa. 
•Shepperson, katherine 

(Mrs. M. J. Buck) 
•Shoemaker, Anna W. 
•Shuman, Matilda 

(Mrs. Benjamin Barndt) 
Smith, Jennie C. 

(Mrs. C. N. Guillot) 

Bushkill, Pa. 
•Smith, Mary E. 

(Mrs. S. B. Slusser) 
•Stackhouse, Bertha 

(Mrs. Charles L. Lewis) 
tStewart, Bertha 

(Mrs. W. S. DeCoursey) 
•Stitzel, Mary E. 

(Mrs. Wayland Palmer) 
Sullivan, Joanna 

805 Mulberry Street 

Scranton, Pa. 
•Thomas, D. T. 
•Traub, John P. 
tVallade, Julia H. 
tWallace, Margaret 
tWaltz, Pierce 

Welliver, Edna, 

(Mrs. Burton Fortner) 

232 Leonard Street 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
t Williams, Irene 

(Mrs. William A. Evans) 
tWilliams, Mabel A. 
Williams, Richard M. 

Salt Lake City, Utah 
tWilliams, Sarah D. 
Yearick, Harry P. 

2419 Herr Street 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
■Zeigler, Ira Alkanna 

CLASS OF 1900 

Adams, Mary P. 

(Mrs. C. C. Yetter) 
•Albert, Mary E. 

(Mrs. J. Y. Glenn) 
•Alexander, Edith M. 

(Mrs. Wm. E. Talbott) 
♦Appenzeller, Emily 
■'Armstrong - , Minnie A. 

(Mrs. A. E. Smith) 
tBates, Mary 
Beagle, Jennie 

(Mrs. W. C. Leach) 

432 S. McArthur St. 

Macomb, Illinois 
Beiswinger, Minnie 

(Mrs. John B. Armstrong) 

106 Neptune Drive 

North Star 

Newark, Delaware 
•Belig, Maud 

(Mrs| Gharleis Yeutzer) 
*Bell, Mary E. 
tBest, Elbert C. 
•Bird, Robert C. 
•Blizzard, Prudence 
•Bogart, Prederica D. 
Bogenrief, Mary 

(Mrs. Leslie Seely) 

437 W. School House Ln. 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Bontz, Edna 

(Mrs. Ralph Hassler) 

183 W. Greenleaf St. 

Allentown, Pa. 
•Boyle, Mary 
•Brandon, W. Clair 
Buck, Louisa 

(Mrs. David Lewis) 

Millport, Pa. 
Burgess, Lottie 

(Mrs. Harry Maue) 

513 W. Diamond Ave. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
*Burke, Annie 
•Burke, Sara G. 

(Mrs. Sara Berrigan) 
•Burns, Anna L. 

(Mrs. W. H. Aughey) 
•Butts, Ida 

(Mrs. Ida B. Morse) 
•Byron, Thomas M. 
Bywater, Anna 

254 N. Main St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
*Cardin, Sadie A. 
*Carl, George W. 
*Carpenter, P. Bliss 
•Carpenter, Verna M. 

(Mrs. Verna Morse) 
tCarr, Bessie M. 

(Mrs. J. E. Nelson) 
•Clark, Elizabeth B. 
Clark, Mary J. 

(Mrs. Wilmer Hunter) 

R. D. No. 2 

Lambertsville, N. J. 

t Confer, Clyde 
'Conner, Blanche McCabe 
Connors, Stella 
Cope, A. P. 

S37 Scott iSt. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
•Cope, Hettie M. 

(Mrs. Hettie Whitney) 
•Corcoran, Margaret 
•Correll, Verda H. 
•Cortright, Lawrence 
Costello, Michael 

James Madison Hotel 

Shamokin, Pa, 17872 
•Crossley, Bertha M. 
•Cunius, Anna 
•Cummings, Josephine M. 
Davis, Bessie E. 

(Mrs. Robert H. Carson) 
tDeavers, Sallie V. 
•Dietrick, Charlotte I. 
•Drenna, Mary A. 

(Mrs. Joihn Fox) 
•Edwards, Helena M. 

(Mrs. Henry C. Koffman) 
tEdwards, Thomas H. 
Ent, Minnie E. 

(Mrs. Ross Mar ley) 

189 Liberty St. 

Bloomfieild, New Jersey 
•Evans, Elizabeth 

(Mrs. Arthur Eves) 
*Evans, Margaret S. 

(Mrs. John Eves) 
•Evans, Winifred 
tPausold, Grace 

(Mrs. Grace Harner) 
Feidt, Alice 

236 N. St. 

Millersburg, Pa. 
tFerry, Sophia M. 
tFinnigan, Kate I. 
•Follmer, G. Elmer 

(Dr. G. Elmer Follmer) 
tFraney, Martha V. 

(Mrs. U. G. Vagan) 
Fuller, Jennie Mae 

(Mrs. Geo. L. Fullerton) 
•Furman, Clora G. 
'Gallagher, W. Paul 
•Geary, Ada 

(Mrs. Edward N. Zern) 
tGeddes, Laura 

(Mrs. J. Edward Weir) 
tGernert, J. H. 
•Gloman, Caroline 
•Gordner, Lillian M. 

(Mrs. George Baker) 
Gorrey, Katherine 

(Mrs. Thomas Carlin) 

444 VanBuren Street 

Gary, Indiana 
tGreismer, Anna M. 
•Griffith, Bessie 
Harris, Frank C. 

Orangeville, Pa. 
•Harris, Sara 

(Mrs. A. E. Chipman) 
•Hartman, Ethel 

(Mrs. Mark H. Landis) 
tHartung, Elizabeth 

(Mrs. James B. Russell) 
•Harvey, Ellen 

(Mrs. W. Zimmerman) 
-Hassler, Blanche 

(Mrs. E. F. Cowell) 
*Hausknecht, Claude E. 
Henderson, Carolyn 

(Mrs. Joihn A. Hourigan} 

182 South Franklin St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
•Henning, Harry R. 
iHines, Lillian 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


♦Hoffman, Katherine 
♦Holderman, Bertha A. 
♦Hoopes, Martha J. 
Housel, Grace 

(Mrs. Grace Church) 
159 West Sth Street 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
"Howell, Z. R. 
♦Hoyt, Mae 

(Mrs. William Andress) 
Hughes, Mary O. 
(Mrs. Walter IS'. Garman) 
R. D. No. 3 
Wyoming, Pa. 
♦Isaacs, Albert G. 
♦Jones, Besse 
Jones, Blsie B. 
c/o Talgren 
Willow ISltreet 
Plymouth, Pa. 
Jones, Helen 
(Mrs. Helen Mainwaring) 
67 E. Pettebone Street 
Kingston, Pa. 
♦Jones, Walter H. 
♦Jones, Mary A. 

(Mrs. J. Omar Heritage ) 
♦Johnson, Anna C. 

(Mrs. Melvin D. Custer) 
♦Joseph, Alice 

(Mrs. Alice Jones) 
♦Kashner, Benjamin P. 
♦Kehler, J. Grant 
♦Keifer, Harry 
♦Kennedy, Emily 
Kester, Mary 
(Mrs. H. Shoemaker) 
Williamstown, N. J. 
♦Killmer, Miles 
Kirk, Julia 
115 West Coal Street 
Shenandoah, Pa. 
Kitchen, Lena M. 
(Mrs. John R. Bateman) 
Elwell, Michigan 
♦Klinger, Bessie 

(Mrs. Robert Hartnmn) 
♦Klingarman, J. Edward 
♦Kocher, Milton L. 
♦Kramer, Emma L. 

(Mrs. Walter Andrews) 
♦Krum, Isaiah 
♦Kuhns, Branson B. 
♦Lams, Magdaline S. 
(Mrs. J. B. Fink) 
Landis, S. B. 
4912 N. Smedley Street 
Philadelphia, Pa, 
♦Lendrum, Helen 

(Mrs. Wm. E. Mannear) 
♦Letson, Blanche 

(Mrs. H. C. McAmis) 
♦Lewis, Edna 

(Mrs. J. R. Jones) 
♦Lewis G. Edward 
tLewis, Katherine 

(Mrs. S. E. W. Eyer) 
♦Lewis, Olive 
♦Lins, Olive A. 
♦Lowrie, Anna 

(Mrs. T. C. Welles) 
♦Lueder, Mattie M. 
♦MacCrory, Louise 

(Mrs. E. P. Corty) 
♦MacFarlane, Mary 

(Mrs. Howard N. Wilcox) 
♦Maust, Lydia 

(Mrs. William Ludwig) 
♦McCollum, Harry H. 
♦McConnell, Elsie 
McConnell, Ruth 
21 Ross Street 
Ashler, Pa. 

♦McDonald, Nellie B. 
♦McHenry, L. E. 
♦Michael, George W. 
tMiller, M. Alice 
♦Miller, Bessie S. 
♦Miller, Mary M. 

(Mrs. J. H. Oliver) 
♦Miller, Samuel L. 
♦Miller, A. Gertrude 

(Mrs. I. IS!. Ditzler) 
tMonahan, Margaret 
♦Monahan, Nora A. 
♦Moore, Lawrence C. 
tMorgan, Emily G. 

(Mrs. Eimra Wright) 
♦Morris, Edna R. 
tMowrey, Irvin 
Mowrey, Guy A. 

Danville, Pa. 

Moyer, Ulysses A. 

Huntingdon, Pa. 

♦Murray, Henry T. 

♦Neuberger, G. Mord 

♦Newberry, A. Mae 

(Mrs. Mae Snowe) 
tNewhouser, Bertha G. 
(Mrs. W. J. Millard) 
O'Brien, Anna D. 
93 Dana Street 
♦O'Brien, Katie 
tO'Donnell, W. C. 
tOliver, Joseph Hayden 
♦Oplinger, Harry P. 
tPlummer, Mabel 

(Mrs. J. B. Reese) 
♦Powell, Emma 
tPurdy, Mabel A. 
♦Rarick, Daniel 
tRauch, Ethel 

(Mrs. A. A. Oeihlart) 
tReckhow, Edith 
Redeker, Anna M. 
(Mrs. Percival Brisman) 
40'0il Benton Street 
Washington 7, D. C. 
tRitchie, Nellie 
♦Robert, Jane 
♦Saxton, Edith E. 

(Mrs. Chas. H. Wolfe) 
♦Schmidt, Mary M. 

(Mrs. Charles Knapp) 
Seesholtz, Leona 
(Mrs. Wm. C. Wenner) 
Stillwater, Pa. 
Shuxnan, Ada 
(Mrs. George Nelson) 
702 Beverly Drive 
Whittier. Calif. 
♦Shuman, Stella 

(Mrs. Stella Swank) 
♦Smith, Laura 
♦Snyder, lanthe 

(Mrs. Palmer P. Wiand ) 
♦Snyder, Glenmore W. 
tSnyder, Ollie 

(Mrs. Charles H. Wolfe) 
Solomon, Anna 
(Mrs. A. P. Rubrecht) 
705 N. 63rd Street 
Philadelphia, Pa. 
♦Speaker, Grace G. 

(Mrs. Wm. A. Wilkinson) 
tStrawinski, Carrie 
♦Stump, Florence E. 

(Mrs. Miles Killmer) 
tSwainbank, Lillian B. 

(Mrs. George H. Powell) 
♦Teple, Nettie B. 

(Mrs. James Hile) 
♦Thompson, Jean D. 

(Mrs. Sam G. Houghton) 

tTierney, Jennie 

(Mrs. J. Devaney) 
♦Tobias, Raymond D. 
♦Treon, Carrie 
Turner, George W. 

61 Slhoemaker Street 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
♦Vance G. Bernard 
tVincent, Elizabeth L. 

(Mrs. Eliza. L. Beaver) 
♦Walker, Anna B. 
♦Wallace, Carolyn Peard 

(Mrs. Harry Harman) 
♦Watkins, William H. 
tWeil, Rae 
Welliver, Irene 

(Mrs. Oliver Klingertman) 

247 Jefferson Street 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
♦Whitaker, James B. 
tWhite, A. W. 
♦White, Bess 

(Mrs. Amos H. Oman) 
♦Whitmoyer, Clay 
Wightman, Phoebe 

(Mrs. A. F. John) 

221 West Avenue 

Mount Carmel, Pa. 
♦Wilbur, G. Elmer 
♦Wildrick, Harry 
♦Williams, David 
♦Williams, Mary 

(Mrs.. Arthur Lloyd) 
♦Wilson, Prances E. 

(Mrs. Hiram Tucker) 
-Withers, Samuel C. 
Zehner, Lydia 

(Mrs. F. A. Shuman) 

428 Market Street 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1901 

Abbott, Esther 

(Mrs. Benjamin Reist) 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Aikman, H. B. 

R. D. No. 5 

Bloomsburg. Pa. 
♦Albert, Keller B. 
♦Albert, Mary E. 

(Mrs. J. Y. Glenn) 
♦Albertson, E. Joe 
♦Altmiller, Adele G. 

(Mrs. George Burkhardt) 
tAppleman, Bertha 
tArnold, Odesta 

(Mrs. Edward Jones) 
♦Baker, Gerdon 
tBayley, Jennie 

(Mrs. Jennie B. Jayne) 
♦Belig, Mary G. 
tBelles, Charles T. 
Bittenbender, Harriet 

405 Pine (St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
tBravin, Susan 
♦Brennan, John P. 
♦Briggs, Herman A. 
Brobst, Lucy H. 

(Mrs. Lucy Kline) 

225 W. Third St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tBurke, Anna 
Burns, Genevieve 

3216 N. Fourth St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Challenger, Mary 

(Mrs. John W. Griffith) 

100 W. Main St 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
t Collier, Regina 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Conaughton, Mary 

128 S. Main St. 

Carbondale, Pa. 
•Cook, Freda 
Cope, A. P. 

837 Scott Ave. 

Wilkes-Barre. Pa. 
'Creveling, Evelyn 

(Mrs. Chas. S. Shuman) 
Czechowicz, Mary 

(Mrs. J. E. Ratajski) 

c/o Denison 

1049 Ivy Lane 

San Antonio, Texas 
'Davies, Martha 

(Mrs. John Miles) 
TDavis, Clarence J. 
'Deibler, John O. 
*Bennis, John A. 
tDieffenderfer, Maud 

(Mrs. Maud Elder) 
'Dreisbach, Martha 
tPnnkerly, Cora 

(Mrs. Mary Moachmer) 
'Ebner, Mary C. 

(Mrs. C. C. Groff) 
iEdwards T. H. 
'Edwards, W. G. 
•Eggleston, Daisy P. 
*Everett, Bae 

(Mrs. Rae E. Lash) 
♦Pagan, Peter P.. 

(E>r. Peter E. Pagan) 
Flanagan, Mary R. 

(Mrs. M. P. McDermott) 

210 Blackman St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Follmer, Gertrude M. 

(Mrs. A. T. Lowrv) 

6850 E. 56th St. 

Indianapolis 26, Ind. 
Fourl, Charles W. 
'Funk, Margaret M. 

(Mrs. Harry Grant) 
Funk, N. Elwell 

1520 Spruce St. 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Gannon, Lizzie 

64 Main St. 

Pittston, Pa. 
Gilbert, Ida 

21 S W. Fifth Kit. 

Hazlerton, Pa. 
Gormley, Margaret 

139 S. Wyoming. St. 

Hazleton. Pa. 

•Griffith, Edward 

Hague, Rebecca 

Hamlin, Sarah 

541 Mill St 

Catawissa, Pa. 
■ Hanawalt, J. R. 
tHarley, Jacob J. 
'Harrison, Minnie M. 

(Mrs. Wan. W. Chambers) 
Henkleman, Augusta B. 

5518 South-wick St. 

Bethesda, Marvland 
•Henry, Nellie 

(Mrs. J. A. McGinley) 
'Hill, Emily 

(Mrs. Harry Wettstine) 
'Jacobs, Mary 
*Jones, Martha A. 
"Kastrupps, Anna 

(Mrs. George A. Cassidy) 
'Keller, Edith E. 

(Mrs. Verus T. Ritter) 
•Killmer, Miles 
tKingsley, Jeannette P. 

(Mrs. Austin G. Lvnch) 
*Kinter, Ruth C. 

(Mrs. T. D. Parrack) 

*Kocher, Cora A. 

(Mrs. C. D. 
tKurtz, Elizabeth W. 
Lams, William R. 

2524 Walnut St. 

Allentown, Pa. 
'Larrabee, Louise 
Laubach, Prank C. 

(Dr. Frank C. Laubach) 

793 James St. 

Syracuse, N. Y. 13203 
Lawrence, Eva B. 
'Leidy, Rena L. 

(Mrs. A. McHenry) 
*Lesher, Helen G. 

(Mrs. David Frederick) 
3 Letson, Blanche E. 

(Mrs. H. C. McAmis) 
'Low, C. Zehnder 
tLowrie, W. J. 

(Dr. W. J. Lowrie) 
'Lynch, Kathryn 
MacFarlane, Mary 

(Mrs. Howard N. Wilcox) 
*Marcy, Bert 
*Maue, Philip 
'Maust, J. H. 
*Mayer, Elizabeth 

(Mrs. Clarence Keck) 
*McGourty, Nellie 
McLaughlin, Hannah C. 
Mengle, Orabel 

(Mrs. Samuel O. Karick) 

c/o Ella Ham 

Schuylkill Haven, Pa. 
*MerrelL Charles 
"Merrell, Ernest 
MUlstte, Arleine 

(Mrs. James D. Burdy) 
'Mitterling, Stephen 

(Dr. Stephen Mitterling) 
*Mordan, Myron D. 
-Morgan, Gertrude 

(Mrs. Edwin W. Northy) 
'Mess, Claude L. 
*Moyer, Rebecca J. 

(Mrs. Edward A. Ziegler) 
(Murray, Stella G. 

(Mrs. Arthur Eckrote) 
'Qberholtzer, P. K. 
O'Donnell, Maisy 

(Mrs. George Klein) 

151 East Walnut Street 

Kingston, Pa. 
*OUver, Alice 

(Mrs. James Roderick) 
Owen, Minnie B. 

(Mrs. J. W. Geist) 
tPalmer, Simon N. 
'Pennington, Mabel T. 

(Mrs. W. S. Wieland) 
"Price, A. A. 
tRearick, J. Paul 
'Reed, Anna P. 

(Mrs. J. C. Strayer) 
tRidge, William W. 
'Ronemus, Rollin A. 
+ Rugh, Bessie 
"Shaffer, Cora M. 
'Sharpless, Warren 
Sheriff, Nellie 

(Mrs. Nellie Dixon) 

16 IS H Street 

S. E. Zone 3 

Washington, D. C. 
'Sherman, W. A. 
'Shoemaker, Mary 

(Mrs. W. A. Valentine) 
Shultz, Lela M. 

(Mrs. Infred T. Madsen) 

744 Watchong Avenue 

Plai afield. New Jersey 

tSilverquiet, Elizabeth 

(Mrs. Eli:«.beth Rubinoff) 
'Smith, Elizabeth 
tSmith, Ralph E. 
*Snyder, Clark 
tstrickland, Elizabeth 
tTaylor, Annie E. 

(Mrs. Charles Marshall) 
Templeton, Arthur 

36 Graham Avenue 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
'Thomas, Charles H. 
tThomas, Kathryn 

(Mrs. Samuel Clouse) 
Thomas, Mary A. 

(Mrs. D. E. Joseph) 
Townsend, Mae E. 

(Mrs. R. H. Mitchell) 

Pioneer Avenue 

Dallas, Pa. 
Trevorrow, William O. 

R.D. #2 

Tamaqua, Pa. 
'Turner, Sue 
'Vought, Virginia E. 
'Weigley, Lizzie 

(Mrs. J. R. Kohr) 
*White, Estelle G. 

(Mrs. Estelle Armstrong) 
'Will, LeAnna 
twilliams, Elizabeth 
'Williams, George W. 
tWilliams, J. R. 
'Williams, Olwen 
Young, Helen 

Mrs. Ralph Shields) 

72 Gay lord Street 

Binghamton, New York 
"Zerbe, Anna L. 

CLASS OF 1902 

'Appenzeller, Edith C. 
Austin. M. Blanche 

(Mrs. G. W. Gibbons) 

141 Grove St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
'Bailey, Marie M. 

(Mrs. Thomas W. Smith) 
'Baker, George C. 
Baldy, Helen 

(Mrs. William Bachman) 

Biscayne Park 

Miami, Florida 
'Balliett, Hadassa 
'Boyer, Lois 

(Mrs. Lois B. Schnell) 
'Bradbury, Grace 

(Mrs. C. W. Everett) 
'Bradigan, Margaret 
'Breisch, Lulu 
Brennan, Agnes V. 

209 Dundaff St. 

Carbondale, Pa. 
Bubb, Genevieve 

"West Branch Bank & 

Trust Company 

Williamsport, Pa. 
'Cannon, Grace 

(Mrs. James Fox) 
'Clark, Mame E. 

(Mrs. George Meyers) 
'Close, Mary A. 
'Cobleigh, Edwin E. 
'Cohen, Joseph 

(Dr. Joseph Cohen) 
'Collins, John 
'Connole, Thomas 
'Cotner, David 
Creasy, Anna 

(Mrs. Earl F. John) 

146 W. Third Street 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


♦Croop, Mary 

(Mrs. Wm. J. Fairchild) 
♦Crow, Florence 

(Mrs. W. E Hebel) 
•CurtlB, Fretnynia 

T,Mrs. F. Maclntyre) 
*Czechowicz, Helen 
♦Dewey, Florence 
•Diem, Marie L. 
Dress, Gertrude 
(Mrs. George Jacobs) 
157 S. Fourth St. 
Steelton, Pa. 
♦Drumheller, Fred 
•Dudley, Mabel 

(Mrs. E. E Hunt) 
Edwards, Margaret J. 
(Mrs. Wm. E. Morris) 
Convalescent Home 
Huntsville, Pa. 
Elder, Edna L. 
(Mrs. F. J. Strassner) 
30 Melrose Drive 
Livingston, N. J. 
*Farr, Maude C. 
♦Fine, Bertha 

(Mrs. E M. Gunn) 
•Foresman, Helen S. 

(Mrs. H. F. Dietrick) 
Frances, Mary E. 
(Mrs. G. H. Gendall) 
Chalfonte, Pa. 
Fritz, P. F. 
(Rev. P. F. Fritz) 
63 01 Robin Hill Road 
Nashvilile, Tennessee 
♦Fry, Harriet E. 
♦Frymire, Martha 

(Mrs. Jesse M. John) 
♦Qaughan, Henry J. 
Gay, Eleanor 
(Mrs. F. G. Northrop) 
Mehoppany, Pa. 
Gildea, Anna 
(Mrs. E. W. McHugh) 
289 iStanton St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa 
♦Giles, Mame 
♦Good, Williams 
tGottfried, Bess 

(Mrs. Phillip Seamon) 
♦Graybill, Clair H. 
♦Guest, Alice 
Hadsall, Camilla 
(Mrs. F. A. Berkenstock) 
80 Slocum St. 
Forty Fort, Pa. 
Hall, Ruth 
(Mrs. George M Harris) 
214 E. Bertsch St. 
Lansford. Pa. 
Harris, Jennie 
(Mrs. George Young) 
5300 Oaklawn Ave. 
Minneapolis, Minn. 
Harrison, Ada D. 
R.D. 1, c/o Madl 
Shickshinny, Pa. 
"Heiss, Charles A. 
Heller, Charlotte V. 
17 Ross St. 
Williamsport, Pa. 
♦Hiatt, Beth 

(Mrs. J. D. Day) 
♦Hicks, Jennie 
(Mrs. W. A. 
♦Hirlinger, Etta M. 

(Mrs. Alfred Keller) 
♦Hoffa, Margaret 

(Mrs. R. O. Henninger) 

Hollopeter, Essen* 
(Mrs. Ernest Martin) 
46 W. Hoyt St. 
Kingston, Pa. 
*Hoyt, E. Bruce 
♦Jacobs, Harry M. 
♦John, Rebecca A. 
Johnson, Marion 
(Mrs. C. O. Skeer) 
54 King St. 
Northumberland, Pa. 
♦Judge, Helen 
tKeating, Helen C. 
♦Kehoe, Margaret 
♦Keiber, A. E. 
♦Xeim, Martha 

(Mrs. E. J. Hartman) 
Kisner, Helen 
(Mrs. H. B. Woodward) 
1401 Sigma Chi Rd., N.E. 
Albuquerque, New Mexico 
Knelly, Sue M. 
Krell, Catherine 
Kuntz, Edith 
425 Walnut St. 
Allentown, Pa. 
♦Landis, David B. 
♦Larrabee, Louise 
♦Lawrence, Elsie 
♦Leighow, Estella M. 
(Mrs. J. F. Lewis) 
Leighow, Lourissa 
Second St., No. 
St. Petersburg, FLa. 
♦Leighow, Robert B. 
♦Leighow, Sallie 
♦Leyshon, Gertrude 
Dong, Bess 
328 E. First St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Dueder, Anna B. 
(Mrs. Harry Barnes) 
514 Spruce St. 
Trinidad, Colorado 
McCarty, Mary 
Allenwood, Pa. 
♦McGourty, Mary 

(Mrs. William D. Roche) 
♦Melvin, Alice 

(Mrs. B. Bichholzer) 
♦Menhennett, Grace 

(Mrs. R. H. Vorck) 
♦Metcalf, Hortense 
(Mrs. A. J. Davis) 
Moyer, Laura 
(Mrs. Arthur S. Clay) 
W. Third St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa 
♦Neal, Mabel 

(Mrs. Dwight Carey) 
♦Newton, Albert E. 
Ormsby, Sallie 
Shenandoah, Pa. 
♦Palm, M. Blanche 

(Mrs. G. E. Kochenderfer) 
Patterson, Madge 
(Mrs. Charles Rodda) 
18 Manchester Terrace 
Springfield, Mass. 
♦Pickering, Byron J. 
Pollock, Elizabeth 
(Mrs. E. I. Kirkland) 
4918 Roberta Drive 
Pittsburgh 36, Pa. 
♦Rausch, Edith 
♦Rawson, Gertrude 
♦Regan, Matilda 

(Mrs. M. R. O'Donnell) 
Reice, Helen 
(Mrs. James Irven) 
329 East Street 
Bloomsburg, Pa 
tReilly, Genevieve 

* — Reported Deceased 

•Rentschler, Bessie 

(Mrs. Samuel Dresher) 
♦Rhodomoyer, Mae 

(Mrs. Oliver Klingerman) 
♦Richard, Mae 
Rissel, Luther B. 
♦Roberts, Evalyn 

(Mrs. Evalyn R. Johnson) 
♦Robinson, F. E. 
Rosen stock, Jennie 
(Mrs. D. C. Francisco) 
Belle Grove Trailer Court 
Bradenton, Florida 
♦Rumbel, Grace L. 
♦Seely, Leslie B. 
Seesholtz, S. J. 
R.D. 5 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
♦Shelhimer, Catherine 
♦Shields, Rose I. 
Smethers, Amy B. 
305 E. 11th St. 
Berwick, Pa. 
Smigelsky, Jula 
109 States Ave., Apt. A-S 
Atlantic City, N. J. 
♦Smith, Rachel 

(Mrs. Rachel S. Day) 
♦Smoczynski, Mary 
♦Snyder, Paul C. 
"Sophia, Louise 
Space, Carolyn V. 
(Mrs. John Kearns) 
27 E. Seventh St. 
Wyoming, Pa. 
Spear, Eunice (Mrs.) 
304 W. Third St. 
Bloomsburg. Pa. 
♦Spencer, Henry J. 
Streater, Elsie 
(Mrs. H. G. Crawford) 
9945 B St. 
Oakland 3, Calif. 
Thomas, Jennie 
(Mrs. Walter A. Smith) 
1729 Capouse Ave. 
Scranton, Pa. 
♦Turner, Anna 

(Mrs. William Z. Jones) 
♦Vance, Effie 
♦Vought, Gertrude 
Wagner, C. C. 
839 - 175 Place 
Hammond, Indiana 
♦Walker, Mae 
♦Welsh, Mary 
Will, LeAnna 
♦Williams, Evan J. 
Williams, Jennie E. 
(Mrs. William Cook) 
208 W. Main ,?A. 
Mechanicsburg, Pa. 
tWorthington, W. E. 
Yeager, Bessie 
(Mrs. Bessie Y. Davis) 
30 W. Pettehone St. 
Forty Fort, Pa. 
♦Yetter, Bessie 

(Mrs. H. B. Eckroth) 

CLASS OF 1903 

'Adams, C. J. 
♦Albert, Charles L. 
♦Barnett, Elmer B. 
^Berkenstock, Frank 
Burke, Delia 

(Mrs. John J. Lynch) 

203 W. Spruce St. 

Mahanoy City, Pa. 
♦Burr, Belle Knox 

(Mrs. Perce Hastings) 

t— Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

tCook, Susie 

(Mrs. Charles C. Morgan) 
'Correll, Mary 

(Mrs. Ralph Keller) 
Creasy, Anna 

(Mrs. Earl F. John) 

14(5 W. Third St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
♦Dailey, Thomas 
tDavenport, Mary 

(Mrs. C. H. Doersam) 
♦DeLong, Wiiliam 
♦Dillon, Mas G. 
•fEves, Mildred 
♦Fleming', Ora 

(Mrs. W. P. Levering) 
Follmer, Gertrude M. 

(Mrs. A. T. Lowery) 

6850 East 56th St. 

Indianapolis 26, Indiana 
tFraney, Ella 

(Mrs. Ella Gallagher) 
Good, Mary A. 

Wapwallopen, Pa. 
Gresh, Edith 

(Mrs. H. G. Kitt) 

26 Prospect Ave. 

Milton, Pa. 
tHagenhnch, Rae 
•Harrison, Minnie M. 

(Mrs. W. W. Chambers) 
Hawk, Bay L. 

156 Willow St. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
"Hayes, Mary 
+ Hetherington, Florence 
*Hiclcs, Caroline 
♦Hosking, Elizabeth 

(Mrs. C. R. Raup) 
Hottenstein, Ellen 

(Mrs. Elmer D. Schnure) 

R.D. #2 

Milton, Pa. 
Housel, Grace 

(Mrs. Grace Church) 

141 W. 1st St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Hontz, Howard 

2412 S. Clinton St. 

Sioux Citv, Iowa 
"Howell, Z. R. 
'Humphreys, Frank A. 
♦Ikeler, Jessie 
Jameison, Harold 

1506 "Washburn St. 

Scranton, Pa. 
'James, Kathryn 
tJordan, Reginald L. 
*Kaufhold, Edith 
*Kelley, Mary 

1612 Capouse Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
rKemmerer, Arthur E. 
Kierstead, Irene 

(Mrs. Irvin Ruebenkaum) 

Jamison, Pa. 
♦Koerner, Dora 
'Kramer, Rosetta 
Krum, Mildred 

(Mrs. Irving Barndt) 

421 Larch wood Ave. 

Upper Darby, Pa. 
*Iiandis, Laura B. 

(Mrs. J. J. Belaney) 
Larrabee, Beatrice 

(Mrs. E. J. Albertson) 

504 Nelson Ave. 

Peekskill, New York 
*IiOwe, Emma 

(Mrs. D. M. Picket) 
♦MacFarlane, Laura 

MoCullough, Elizabeth 

(Mrs. A. G. Morristh) 

111 Carey Ave. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
McGowen, Winifred 

(Mrs. Gaughan) 

160 X. Church St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
■May, Minerva 

(Mrs. Minerva Matthews) 
Mengle, Ella 

(Mrs. H. R. Heim) 

Union and Ave. D. 

Schuylkill Haven, Pa. 
tMiller, J. R. 
Moran, Mollie 

(Mrs. John J. Johnson) 

2345 Manoa Road 

Honolulu, Hawaii 
*Morgans, Thomas 
*Neal, Mabel 

(Mrs. Dwight Carey) 
♦O'Boyle, Lucy 
♦Fatterson, Edith 
*Fatton, Anna 
*Foad, Carrie 

(Mrs. Warren Smith) 
*Rarick, Abraham 
-Raup, Jessie 

(Mrs. Jessie Lloyd) 
tRedeker, Laura 

(Mrs. C. W. Disbrow) 
Reid, Ella 

(Mrs. C. E. Robertson) 

6 6 Main St., Inkerman 

Pittston, Pa. 
Riland, H. Walter 

11 Warwick Ave. 

Scarsdale, New York 
♦Roberts, Elbert 
tRobinson, Jean 

(Mrs. J. G. McLaughlin) 
*Rundle, Flossie 

(Mrs. Arthur Chase) 
Schatzle, Etta 

(Mrs. W. H. Horlacher) 

326 Second St. 

Weatherly, Pa. 
tSilvius, Mabel 
*Snyder, W. D. 
*Stump, Florence E. 

(Mrs. Miles Killmer) 
Sweppenheiser, Nellie 

(Mrs. S. K. Worman) 

4 Mill St. 

Danville, Pa. 
VanBuskirk, Mary 

(Mrs. Herbert Troupe) 
Waring, Elizabeth 

(Mrs. Leon Colvin) 

53 Lathrop Ave. 

Binghamton. New York 
♦Welsh, Frederic S. 
♦Wilson, Mary S. 

(Mrs. Arthur Hilburt) 

CLASS OF 1904 

+Albertson, Elizabeth H. 

(Mrs. Harvey H. Hess) 
♦Aldinger, Albert K. 

(Dr. Albert K. Aldinger) 
tAldinger, Harry E. 
tAndres, Daisy 

(Mrs. J. H. MacBean) 
Baldwin, Maude E. 

(Mrs. J. F. Newman) 

Ceredo & Narfolks Ave. 

West Chester, Pa. 
*Baldy, Lucy C. 

(Mrs. Gary Rody) 

Berry, Emma 

(Mrs. George O. Matter) 

3200 - 2Sth Ave. 

W. Seattle, "Wash. 
*Black, Matilda 

(Mrs. J. O. Matter) 
•Bonham, May 
♦Boyer, Jessie M. 

(Mrs. G. L. Howell) 
♦Boyer, John B. 
♦Bradbury, Robert 
Brandon, Fearl E. 

Greenview Nursing Home 

Schuylkill Haven, Pa. 
♦Briggs, Edna 

(Mrs. A. V. O'Reilly) 
Brogan, Margaret F. 

Shenandoah, Pa. 
Buckalew, Lillian B. 

(Mrs. Harrv Rider) 

26 W. First St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Buddinger, Sara E. 

17 N. Oak St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Burns, Margaret A. 

3216 N. Fourth St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
♦Carl, Thomas 
♦Challis, Anna E. 

(Mrs. F. W. Thompson) 
t Clair, Margaret V. 
tCogswell, Irwin 
♦Cook, Edith S. 

(Mrs. "Wesley Fairchilds) 
Creasy, Martha 

60 E. Fifth St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
♦Crossley, Fearl A. 

(Mrs. W. J. Pickett) 
♦Cryder, Harold C. 

(Dr. Harold C. Cryder) 
Davenport, Alvirda 

280 E. Main St. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
David, Griselda 

(Mrs. W. L. Jacobus) 

262 S. River St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
♦Davis, Maude 

(Mrs. M. I. Pentecost) 
♦DeWitt, Lois 

(Mrs. Charles McBride) 
Derr, Bessie 

(Mrs. Norman Skedd) 

17 Laning Ave. 

Pennington, N. J. 
♦Dollman, Harry 

(Rev. Harry Dollman) 
♦Eister, Allen B. 
Fetherolf, Nellie 

(Mrs. C. C. Lesher) 

3 5 Market St. 

Lewisburg, Pa. 
Fineran, Minnie V. 

(Mrs. P. J. McDonough) 

28 River St. 

Carbondale, Pa. 
Flaherty, Margaret A. 

706 State Road 

Croydon, Pa. 
♦Fletcher, Esther R. 

(Mrs. John Armitage) 
Gildea, James J. 

335 McLean St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
tGoldsmith, Aimee 

(Mrs. salo Marcus) 
Goodale, Bessie E. 

(Mrs. Charles Thielman) 

225 Hickory Ave. 

Tenafly, N. J. 

— Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


•Goyituey, Anna 

(Mrs. F. W. Canfield) 
•Halloran, Emma 
•Hammond, Theresa M. 

(Mrs. F. Dinnen) 
'Eartmau, C. N. 
•Hartman, Ethel 

(Mrs. Mark Landis) 
•Hartzel, Blanche 

(Mrs. H. N. Barton) 
•Hayman, Adda 
Helwig, W. Ray 

21 Cinnamon Lane 

Portuguese Bend, Calif. 
tEenrie, H. Clare 
Herring - , Laura 

231 East Street 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
•Hess, Palmer E. 
Hinkel, Henrietta 

(Mrs. Benjamin Howell) 

319 Bear Ave. 

Hanover, Pa. 
Hinkley, Emma S. 

(Mrs. John Say lor) 

313 Pine St. 

Tamaqua, Pa. 
tHitchcock, Harriet M. 

(Mrs. H. H. McMurray) 
•Howell, G. L. 

(Dr. G. L. Howell) 
Zkeler, Irene H. 

(Mrs. David Sloan) 

830 First Ave. 

Williamsport, Pa, 
•Jayne, Mabel H. 

(Mrs. Andrew Muir) 
Jenkins, Margaret E. 

(Mrs. R. A. MacCachran) 

2205 Chestnut St. 

Camp Hill, Pa. 
John, Rosa A. 

(Mrs. Frank Pursel) 

Elverson, Pa. 
Jordan, Reginald Ii. 

6 75'0 Germantown Ave. 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
tKelly, Martin 
tKelly, N. C. 
•Kelniiniski, Emma 
•Hester, Leona A. 

(Mrs. Roland Lawton) 
•Killmer, Aaron A. 
tKisner, Helen 

(Mrs. H. B. Woodward) 
•Kitchen, Clark E. 
•Knorr, Kimber H. 
Hrommas, Lulu M. 

(Mrs. H. G. Lesser) 

P.O. Box 13512 

Orlando, Florida 
banning, Hattie L. 

(Mrs. J. W. Bonham) 

617 Bailey St. 

Camden. Xew Jersey 
•Malone, James M. 
•Maust, Emma D. 

(Mrs. John Hause) 
*Mead, Edith Adele 

(Mrs. L. Kendrick) 
•Meixell, Bessie E. 

(Mrs. J. H. Kirkendall) 
Mertz, Mabel I. 

(Mrs. Theo. Dixon) 

Trenton Ave. 

Beele Meade, Xew Jersey 
+Messersmith, Palace E. 
"Millard, Hannah E. 

(Mrs. E. T. Hopkins) 
IMiller, Gertrude M. 
•Morris, Blanche J. 

(Mrs. Elmer Mast) 
tMoses, William E. 

tMoss, Claude Ii. 
•Murrin, Mary 
Muth, Carrie L. 

(Mrs. George Rose) 

2920 Lee Ave. 

Little Rock, Arkansas 
•O'Donnell, Catherine 
tO'Donnell, Daniel Ii. 
•Orth, Mary C. 
*Farker, Mabel H. 

(Mrs. Clark Kitchen) 
Putnam, Stewart Ii. 

Towanda, Pa. 
Rawlinson, Herbert E. 

2029 Micheltoreira St. 

Los Angeles 39, Calif. 
•Reilly, Jule S. 
tRentsker, Guy H. 
Richart, Bessie 

(Mrs. C. J. Corse) 
•Rider, Harry E. 
tRiley, Tillie 

(Mrs. M. B. Tigue) 
Robbins, Mary A. 

(Mrs. John R. Bower) 

509 East 2nd St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
•Robinson, Emily 
•Rogers, Louise 

(Mrs. E. J. Warren) 
tRooke, William J. 
tRosenthal, Libbie 

(Mrs. Lewis Marks) 
•Rouoff, Clarence E. 
•Seely, Margaret 
•Seeholtz, Hervey W. 
Sholenberger, Wells A. 

77 Rodney Place 

Rockville Center 

Long Island, New York 
•Smethers, Margaret 

(Mrs. H. L. Williams) 
Smith, Margaret M. 

(Mrs. A. Witherspoon) 

R.D. #2, 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
•Specht, Elizabeth E. 

(Mrs. Wm. H. Martin) 
Stead, Eugene R. 

152 Church St. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
tSterner, Mary E. 

(Mrs. H. S. Williams) 
•Snyder, Vere H. 

(Mrs. H. W. Stebbens) 
•Thomas, Margaret 

(Mrs. John Edwards) 
•Tibbets, Luzenia 

(Mrs. Wm. G. Isham) 
•Trathen, Harry G. 
tTurner, Ruth T. 

(Mrs. David G. Martin) 
tVeith, Lewis 
•Wagner, Virginia 

(Mrs. Wm. A. Powers) 
White, June 

(Mrs. Carl Dreibelbis) 

300 Somerset Ave. 

Cambridge, Maryland 
Wilson, Martha 

(Mrs. J. R. Beers) 

.2025 E. Webster Place 

Milwaukee 11, Wisconsin 
•Wolfe, Raymond 
•Womeldorf, Effie 

(Mrs. Effie D. Bentz) 

CLASS OF 1905 

•Allen, Bertha 
•Armstrong, Joseph W. 

•Arnold, Edna L. 

(Mrs. Andrew Jackson) 
Baker, George C. 

265 W. Main St. 

Moorestown, N. J. 
•Bennett, Madge H. 

(Mrs. Madge Johnson) 
•Bergstresser, Clara 

(Mrs. Howard C. Fox) 
•Blaisdell, J. Glenn 
•Bradigan, Agnes 
tBrady, Lulu C. 
*Brooke, Walter S. 
Brown, W. Earle 

Box 725 

Sterling, Colorado 
*Burgess, Lee W. 
* Clark, Carrie 

(Mrs. G. C. Myers) 
•Colvin, Mary E. 

(Mrs. Weldon Siptroth) 
Comstock, Pannie B. 

(Mrs. Ralph Smith) 

2200 7th N. W. 

Alburquerque, N. M. 
•Conarton, Joseph L. 

(Dr. Joseph L. Conarton) 
•Conlan, Anna 
•Conway, Nellie 
Cortright, Emma 

(Mrs. E. A. Shell v) 

P.O. Box 872 

Ben. Franklin Station 

Washington, D. C. 
tCoughlin, Ann E. R. 

(Mrs. Ann Wood) 
Coughlin, Bessie 

18 Bedford St. 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
•Creveling, Bessie 
Crouse, Edna 

(Mrs. Neil S. Harrison) 

Orangeville, Pa. 
Bailey, Mary B. 

547 Carey Ave. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
•Davis, Luzetta J. 
Ditzler, Anna A. 

(Mrs. Wm. T. Brundick) 

425 X. Main St. 

Woodstock, Va. 
•Drum, Warren N. 
Elwell, G. Edward 

320 Market St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
*Englehart, Nevin T. 
Eshleman, Marguerite 

(Mrs. Irvin C. Sweeten) 

5623 E. Maple Ave. 

Merchantsville S, N. J. 
•Pagan, Anna M. 
tPahl, Helene 

•Parnsworth, William Jay 
tFish, Nellie C. 
tPisher, W. Claude 
•Pox, B. Elizabeth 
•Prancis, Martha 

(Mrs. B. H. Prestwood) 
tPrisbee, Katharine 
•Grimes, Bessie K. 
Gruver, Ezra 

R.D. #1. 

Milton, Pa. 
•Gunton, Jean 

(Mrs. Theo. Alexander) 
•Hagenbuch, William H. 
*Harnian, Edna 

(Mrs. Wesley B. Porch) 
•Harris, Mary R. 
•Harris, Sarah J. 

(Mrs. Theo. F. Stubbs) 
•Hartman, Blanche L. 

(Mrs. E. C. Steinle) 

: ' — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

♦Hartman, Gertrude 
(Mrs. Paul Difldine) 
Keacock, Frances L. 

(Mrs. Lettie Davis) 

225 West Main Street 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Hemingway, Rowland 

3020 North East 26th St. 

Fort Lauderdale, Florida 
Hemingway, Vera 

(Mrs. C. C. Housenick) 

503 Market Street 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 

*Higgins, Gregory 
*Higgins, Julia M. 
Horn, Lulu C. 
23 Wall Street 
Bethlehem, Pa. 
'House, Mae B. 

(Mrs. John Knit tie) 
Howell, A. Margaret 
(Mrs. Lester R. Richart) 
635 Carey Avenue 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
♦Huber, Hazel 

(Mrs. Hazel Ernet) 
♦Imboden, Nell 
•Jenkins, William G. 
Jolly, Raymond G. 
2101 S. 11th ISlt. 
Plh.ila., 28, Pa. 
Kaji, Walter TJ. 
168 Vincent Street 
Chagrin Falls, Ohio 
tKeiber, Arthur E. 
Kerrigan, Mary E. 
(Mrs. M. J. Burke) 
2518 South 18th Street 
Philadelphia, Pa. 
tKintner, William 
Xirkendall, Mary E. 
(Mrs. Pierce Hagenbuch) 
10 East Eighth Street 
Pottstown, Pa. 
Kitchen, Florence E. 
(Mrs. Clinton Follmer) 
Pasco, Wash. 
Emm, Kathryn 
(Mrs. A. F. Twogood) 
Turbotville, Pa. 
Iiarrabee, Beatrice 
(Mrs. E. J. Albextson) 

504 Nelson Avenue 
Peekskill, New York 

♦Laubach, Sara 

(Mrs. C. I. Albertson) 
iLawrence, Martha S. 
Leibensperger, Helen 

(Mrs. Hal H. Murray) 

265 Springfield Ave. 

Summit, N.J. 
♦Leidy, Bora 

(Mrs. Carl Fleckenstine) 
MacAlpine, Ethel 

(Mrs. Win. C. Spargo) 

Spargo Lane, Mount Fern 

Dover, New Jersey 
Marsden, Agnes 

(Mrs. George W. Gelchey) 

520 Locust Avenue 

Oentralia, Pa. 
*Maurer, Lorenzo G. 
*Mertz, Adelia A. 

(Mrs. E. B. Bergen) 
Mertz, M. Elizabeth 

(Mrs. Harold V. Lesher) 

R.D. #1 

Northumberland, Pa. 
*Milleisen, Sara B. 

(Mrs. G. Edward El well) 

Miller, Blanche F. 

(Mrs. Carl Grime) 
204 North 2nd Street 
Harrisburg, Pa, 
•Mitchell, Mary A. 

(Mrs. C. K. Vermorel) 
tMorgan, Olive 

(Mrs. David Bo wen) 
Mowrer, Charles L. 
(Dr. Charles L, Mowrer) 
908 Hamilton Blvd. 
Hagerstown, Md. 
Myers, Irma G. 
(Mrs. I. G. Chamberlain) 
R.D. #2 

Dallas. Pennsylvania 
Olmsted, Kate B. 
146 S. Main Street 
Taylor, Pa. 
♦Ormsby, Mary 

(Mrs. I. J. Reilly) 
♦Peacock, Clarissa 

(Mrs. R. K. LeBrou) 
*Feifer, Lillian 

(Mrs. Samuel Mock) 
Phillips, Anna 
510 South Main Street 
Taylor, Pa. 
tFhillips, Carolyn 

(Mrs. Wm. S. Mulfard) 
Fooley, Paul 
3'0'8 Ferry Street 
Danville, Pa. 
"Ransom, Belle X. 
(Mrs. Wm. .Streck) 
Rarig, Howard R. 
(Dr. Howard R Rarig) 
300 Martz St. 
Berwick, Pa. 
Redeker, Florence 
2103 Medory Avenue 
Philadelphia, Pa, 
♦Bobbins, Inez 

(Mrs. Mont Wilson) 
Bobbins, LaVere 
(Mrs. W. S. Brooke) 
North Street 
Greenwich, Conn. 
Robbins, Myrtle, M. 
(Mrs. Norman Wood) 
R.D. #2 
Benton, Pa. 
Roberts, Bora M. 

(Mrs. J. G. Thomas) 
Roberts, Grace 
(Mrs. S. L. Miller) 
422 Jefferson Street 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
"Robinson, Emily 
Rowe, Gertrude 
450 Carey Avenue 
Wilkes-Ba.rre, Pa. 
Scholvin, Claire E. 
552 Queen Street 
Northumberland, Pa. 
Shambach, Jesse Y. 
2315 Page Street 
Camp Hill, Pa. 
*Shambach, Thomas F. 
tShirk, W. Wayne 
Shook, Stella M. 
Noxen, Pa. 
♦Sippel, Kathryn 

(Mrs. David J. Lewis) 
*Sitler, Ida 

(Dr. Ida ISiitler) 
'Smith, Anna E. 
Smith, Emma 
Smith, Ida 
(Mrs. H. S. Conrey) 
239 Market Street 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 

SmulL Alice It. 

312 Church Street 

Danville, Pa. 
'Swank, Ethel M. 

(Mrs. Frank Harder) 
Thomas, Anna 

(Mrs. Lewis Thomas 

106 Washington Street 

Edwardsville, Pa. 
Thomas, Susan 

(Mrs. Susan Beaver) 

601 73rd St. 

North Bergen, N. J. 
■"Tiffany, Lee J. 
♦Traxler, William E. 
'Walters, Edna L. 
♦Webber, George H. 
•Wenner, Herbert C. 
*Whlte, Ora 

(Mrs. Edward Campbell) 
Wilkins, Katherine 

(Mrs. Edwin Pulson) 
Williams, Maud 

(Mrs. Maud Hughes) 

R.D. #1 

Belvidere, New Jersey 
Winter, Laura M. 

(Mrs. H. E. Eroh) 

555 W. Green St. 

Hazleton. Pa. 
Witman, Eleanor 

(Mrs. J. M. Reiley) 

1448 Euclid Avenue 

Zanesville, Ohio 
Wolfe, Mae H. 

(Mrs. Jacob Klegman) 

10653 Holman Avenue 

Apartment 2 


Los Angeles 24, Calif. 
♦Yergey, Agnes A. 

(Mrs. Frank Fry) 
♦Yorks, Milton K. 

CLASS OF 1906 

♦Albert, R. Bruce 

tAlbertson, Phoebe 
Allen, Caroline 

(Mrs. Caroline Warnach) 

1128 - 23rd St. 

Seattle, Wash. 
♦Allen, Hazel 
tAllen, Otis 
♦Andres, Harry 
♦Anstock, Warren S. 
Aurand, Laura 

(Mrs. M. W. Witmer) 

COillegeville, Pa. 
Averill, Edna H. 

(Mrs. Karl T. Apperman.) 

4302 Comley St. 

Wissinoming, Phila., Pa. 
♦Bacon, Bertha H. 

(Mrs. H. L. Wagner) 
tBarr, Anna 

(Mrs. Harry A. iSchmoll) 
tBecker, Mary L. 

(Mrs. Otto Behrens) 
tBohan, Anna 
Bomboy, Aleta 

(Mrs. Nevin Engleihart) 

145 W. Main St. 

Bloomisburg, Pa. 
♦Bonham, Grace C. 
tBooth, Edwin 
Boust, Maud 

(Mrs. J. C. Shawfield) 

1619 Derry St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
♦Bradbury, Robert W. 
♦Breisch, Lulu 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Brennan, Nellie 
Pleasant Mount, Pa. 
tBrofee, Ferdinand C. 
•Buddinger, Lulu 

(Mrs. Robert Mersbon) 
♦Butt, Mary 

(Mrs. Frank L. Klase) 
•Callender, George W. 
tCantlin, Abbie 

(Mrs. Alvin Melinsky) 
Cnamplin, Carrol D. 
C27 Fairmount Ave. 
State College, Pa. 
•Cleaver, Leon P. 
•Conrand, Lottie 

(Mrs. Benton Ridall) 
iConser, H. N. 
•Cosper, Isabel N. 
(Mrs. Harold KeQly) 
Coughliii, Clara 
(Mrs. Robert Rozelle) 
90 Teaser Ave. 
Forty Fort, Pa. 
tCreasy, Byron H. 

(Dr. Byron H. Creasy) 
r Creasy, Raymond C. 

(Dr. Raymond C. Creasy) 
I'Culktn, Margaret 
tDemaree, Mary 

(Mrs. T. O. Van Alen) 
•DeWan, Kathryn 
(Mrs. P. E. Fagan) 
DeWitt, Helen 
(Mrs. Reber Terwilliger) 
267 E. First St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
•Oietrick, Blwell 
•Doty, Edyth 

(Mrs. R. R. Tourtillotts) 
Durbin, Nellie 
(Mrs. George Batey) 
257 R utter Avenue 
Kingston, Pa. 
Edgar, Flossy 

(Mrs. Irving Christian) 
Brdley, Florence 
New Berlin, Pa. 
Essick, Laura L. 
(Mrs. John D. Mattson) 
2801 Queen Lane 
Philadelphia, Pa. 
1 Evans, Eleanor 
Evans, Mand 
109 W. Taylor St. 
Taylor, Pa. 
•Evans, Stella 

(Mrs. Oscar A. Oswald) 
•Evert, Raymond 
Farley, Mabel R. 
743 Hepburn St. 
Milton, Pa, 
Fegley, Ida M. 
(Mrs. John Lyons) 
14 S. Market St. 
Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
tFenstermacher, Helen 
FenEtermacher, M. Grace 
(Mrs. Harry A. Frantz) 
1766 Hillcrest Ave. 
Merchantville, N. J. 
tFortune, Anna 

(Mrs. Wm. J. McHale) 
tFranc, Grace 

(Mrs. H. D. Sponenberg) 
Frey, Winnie A. 
(Mrs. Charles S. Garey) 
207 Oakwood Ave. 
Elmira Heights, N. Y. 
*Gaffney, W. Honora M. 
Girton W. Raymond 
4674 - 29th Ave. 
St. Petersburg, Florida 
'Gorman, Peter J. 

Groff, Marion M. 

(Mrs. ML G. Spangler) 
1048 N. Fourth l&t. 
Reading, Pa. 
Grnver, Fred C. 
Biltmore Ave. 
South Hill Branch 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 
•Graver, Martin 

(Dr. Martin Gruver) 
tHamlin, Norma L. 
*Hartline, Catharine 
Hartzell, Maybel L. 
(Mrs. Frank Zarr) 
R.D. 2 
Ivyland, Pa. 
tHayman, Ila M. 
Henry, Ethel M. 
(Mrs. Wm. W. Nattress) 
250 Chestnut St. 
Sunbury, Pa. 
Herring, Helen A. 
(Mrs. Helen H. Griff en) 
120 Arbor Drive 
Oakland, Calif. 
•Hind son, Mae G. 
Hortman, Lillie 
(Mrs. T. J. Irish) 
732 "Washington St. 
Camden 3, N.J. 
•Hourigan, Sadie C. 
tHughes, Elizabeth L. 

(Mrs, George Swinbank) 
tHunter, Etta 

(Mrs. H. P. Florey) 
Jenkins, Margaret E. 
(Mrs. R. A. MacCachran) 
2205 Chestnut St. 
Camp Hill, Pa. 
tjillson, Lain 
•Jones, W. E. 

(Rev. W. E. Jones) 
•Kelchner, Ethel 
•Kelley, Mary E. 
•Hester, Rennay 

(Mrs. Arthur Cook) 
Kinney, James A. 
2028 Sycamore St. 
Bethlehem, Pa. 
•Landis, Florence 

(Mrs. C. M. Shepherd) 
•Leek, Mary 
Lempke, Emma 
(Mrs. Harry Moase) 
Pleasant Mount, Pa. 
Levan, Amy 
119 Chestnut St. 
Sunbury, Pa. 
iLewis, Anna L. 

(Mrs. Gordan Evans) 
tLongenberger, Myrtle 

(Mrs. C. P. Messersmith) 
Margerum, Helen 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Masten, Christella F. 
10 Jay St. 
Binghamton, N. Y. 
Maxwell, Ethel 
316 E. Eighth St. 
Berwick. Pa. 
•Mellet, Kathryn 

(Mrs. Ambrose Toole) 
Miles, Bessie V, 
31 N. Main St. 
Shenandoah, Pa. 
Miller, Lillie A. 
(Mrs. Otto Parr) 
Nescopeck, Pa. 
Milnes, Susanna 
(Mrs. Harry White) 
2534 W. Front ISt. 
Berwick, Pa. 

Mitchell, Mary F. 
(Mrs. W. H. Bean) 
Riegelsville, Pa. 
tMoyer, Carlotta 
Murphy, Rose 
(Mrs. M. D. McOhirome) 
5516 11th Ave. 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 
tO'Donnell, Mary 
O'Horo, Ethel 
(Mrs. Harry Pastorius) 
Apt. C-2 

22'0 W. Evergreen Ave, 
Philadelphia 18, Pa. 
'Oliver, Fannie 

(Mrs. W. C. Nestor) 
Olmsted, Nina 
146 S. Main St. 
Taylor, Pa. 
Osuna, Jose J. 
Owen, ATitia. E. 
(Mrs. W. S. Brimijoin) 
Martha Washington Hotel 
30 E. »0' St. 
New York 16, N. Y. 
♦Owen, Cordelia 

(Mrs. H. A. Gordon) 
Owen, Hazel 
(Mrs. H. J. Schuchart) 
Box 92 

Penney Farms, Florida 
tPanco, Mary 

(Mrs. Harry Beach) 
•Patterson, Vivian A. 

(Mrs. Ralph Watkins) 
tparry, Gertrude M. 
Fealer, Blanche 
(Mrs. H. L. Troxell) 
303 Woodside Ave. 
Narberth, Pa. 
•Piszeck, Stanley R. 
tRamage, Margaret H. 
(Mrs. M. R. Walton) 
tRaup, Jennie 
Rayos, Susie 
(Mrs. W. K. Marmon) 
Lagunas, N. Mexico 
tRoadarmel, Ada 

(Mrs. H. Knablauch) 
Robbius, LaVere 
(Mrs. W. S. Brooke) 
Greenwich, Conn. 
'Ruhl, Gladys 

(Mrs. A. J. Bobbins) 
Russell, Margaret 
(Mrs. R. M. MacMillan) 
32% Canaan St. 
Carbondale, Pa. 
Ryan, Elizabeth IT. 
26 W. Third St. 
Hazleton, Pa. 
tRyan, Mary G. 
tSantaella, Marie A. 
(Mrs. L. Vargas) 
•Scanlan, Kathryn 

(Mrs. John Cummings) 
*Shambach, John E. 
•Shuman, Clyde S. 
Shaman, Edith 
(Mrs. M. J. Grimes) 
415 E. Main St. 
Catawissa, Pa. 
■ Snyder, Homer H. 

(Dr. Homer H. Snyder) 
Stiner, Elizabeth 
(Mrs. Henry Mitteldorf) 
611 Franklin St. 
Elizabeth, N. J. 
*Stout, Nellie 
tThomas, Zella 

(Mrs. C. E. Mericle) 
•Thompson, Marie 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Tinker, Margaret 

(Mrs. David Young) 

Youngsville, Pa, 
Titus, Ethel 

(Mrs. W. E. Zecher) 

39 Berwyn, Park 

Lebanon, Pa, 
♦Turner, Thomas 
•Vollrath, Rose E. 

(Mrs. E. C. Buckhert) 
tWall, Grace 
•Weiser, Cottle 
•Weiser, Laura 
tWelsh, Mayme C. 
•Williams, Adeline 
Williams, Myrtle 

Box 18, Route 3 

Shickshinny, Pa. 
Wit man, Mary C. 

(Mrs. H. A. Ryder) 

Prince St. 

Shippensburg, Pa. 
Zehner, Maude 

(Mrs. Maude Z. Paden) 

1205 Warwickshire Dr. 

Woodside Hills 

Wilmington 3, Delaware 
tZemitis, Vanda 

(Mrs. Vanda Z. Peterson) 

CLASS OF 1907 

t Alia bach, C. Millard 
♦Anstcck, Pearl D. 

(Mrs. Arthur Holt) 
tAspiazu, Eusebio S. 
"Bacon, Bertha K. 

(Mrs. H. L. Wagner) 
Baer, Bessie C. 

(Mrs. Thomas B. Doig) 

644 West Onondaga St. 

Syracuse 4, New York 
•Barrett, Rose 
Barraw, Mame 

(Mrs. J. W. Anderson) 

26 Rockview Avenue 

North Plainfield, N. J. 
tBest, Ella A. 
*Bray, Morton H. 
tBrobst, Carrie 

(Mrs. William Stuart) 
Brooke, Margaret C. 

(Mrs. Walter Fricke) 

Garden Court Plaza 

47th and Pine Street 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Brundage, Edna J. 

(Mrs. John Pentecost) 

826 East 16th Street 

Chester, Pa. 
♦Buck, Olga E. 
Burrows, Ethel 

229 Washing-ton Street 

West Pittston, Penna 
tBush, Artemesia M. 
Campsie, Edith 

(Mrs. George Dreisbach) 

503 Garden Road 

Oreland, Pa. 
Chamberlin, Anna J. 

(Mrs. Ralph Howell) 

3 State Road 

Binghamton, New York 
♦Clancy, Elizabeth V. 
tCogswell, Bessie E. 

(Mrs. P. N. Taylor) 
Conner, Helen 

(Mrs. E. R. Vactor) 

89 Jackson Avenue 

North Plainfield, N. J. 
•Conner, Stanley J. 
tConrad, Helen L. 

(Mrs. Clinton Raup) 

tCoolbaugh, Ruth 
Corby, Florence 

(Mrs. Henry Sippel) 

432 Rutter Avenue 

Kingston, Pa. 
Cousart, Josephine 

(Mrs. M. Cooper, Jr.) 

Union City, Pa. 
♦Cramer, Cora E. 
tB-ailey, Margaret G. 

(Mrs. M. Meenaihan) 
Dano, John 

522 Connell Building 

Scranton, Pa. 
tDano, Nicholas, Jr. 
Bean, Alice 

(Mrs. G. Wetherby) 

345 Main Street 

Archbald, Pa. 

tDelaney, Kathryn 

Dever, Margaret 

(Dr. Margaret Dever) 

234 East 4th Street 

Bethlehem, Pa. 
DeWire, Harry 

3210 North 3rd Street 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
*DeWitt, M. Lois 

(Mrs. C. G. McBride) 
♦Dexter, Mabel A. 
♦Dodson, Harry A. 
Doty, Edith A. 

(Mrs. Harold H. Hayman) 

R. #1 

Stillwater, Pa. 
♦Dreibelbis, Elizabeth V. 

(Mrs. L. T. Orner) 
tEnglehart, Paul H. 
♦Essick, Laura R. 

(Mrs. R. P. Lowrie) 
♦Evans, Elizabeth P. 

(Mrs. W. J. Wilkins) 
Evans, Virgie 

734 Hazle Street 

Wilkes-Barre. Pa. 
tParnsworth, Margaret 
tPlynn, Evalyn M. J. 
Praney, Irene 

(Mrs. Walter Hackett) 

4819 Warrington Avenue 

2nd Floor 

Philadelphia 43, Pa. 
tPrisbie, Katharine 
tFritz, Charles C. 
tGorrey, Helen 
♦Gregg, Elizabeth 
♦Griffeth, Rae E. 

(Mrs. J. Jones) 
Gross, Gertrude 

(Mrs. Robert Fleischer) 

2601 Parkway 

Philadelphia 30, Pa. 
Hamlin, Rose J. 

(Mrs. L. B. Dymond) 

R. #2 

Falls, Pa. 
tHarris, John 
Harter, Grace D. 

(Mrs. S. Klinger) 

Box 6 4 

Nuremberg, Pa. 
tHenkelman, Gussie 
♦Hess, Deri 
Hess, Harriet 

(Mrs. Bruce Hess) 

322 Avenue F 

Redondo Beach, Calif. 
♦Hess, Mary E. 

(Mrs. Fred C. Colyer) 
Higgins, Marie C. 

805 Green Street 

Harrisburg, Pa. 

Hoppe, Blanche 

(Mrs. H. M. ChishotLm) 

44 B. Linden Avenue 

Springfield, N. J. 
'Howard, Mae L. 
James, Lysod, H. 

(Mrs. E, A. Gleason) 

16011 Neladale Road 

East Cleveland 12, Ohio 
♦James, Susan W. 

(Mrs. Susan W. Snyder) 
Jenkins, Charlotte, M. 

(Mrs. Percy Locke) 

322 East Main Street 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
•Johns, Norma A. 

(Mrs. H. I. Jones) 
♦Johns, S. Blanche 

(Mrs. R. B. Lawrence) 
Jolly, E. Louise 

(Dr. E. Louise Jolly) 

6347 Penty Road 

Paradise, Calif. 
Jones, Miriam E. 

(Mrs. Evan Whitley) 

48 Green Street 

Edwardsville, Pa. 
Kelley, Mary A. 

(Mrs. Mary A. Rogan) 

2532 Bathgate Avenue 

Bronx 58, N. Y. C. 
♦Kitchen, Arvilla 

(Mrs. Robert Eunson) 
Kline, Jennie I. 

(Mrs. J. A. Sitler) 

1915 North Catalina Ave. 

Los Angeles, i27, Calif. 
♦Kline, Pearl 

(Mrs. Frank Baker) 
tKnauss, Daisy 
♦Kocher, Hazel G. 

(Mrs. Harry Rider) 
Lamoreaux, Ruth 

54 Ferguson Avenue 

Shaverton, Pa, 
♦Landis, William B. 
♦Laubach, Murray 
Lazarus, Edwin M. 

(Edwin M. Barton) 

353 College Hill 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Lehman, George M. 

Bra.ndonville, Pa. 
Lesser, Lulu L. 

(Mrs. Stanley Conner) 

105 Reufreu Ave. 

Trenton, N. J. 
Lesser, Nellie E. 

(Mrs. John E. Culp) 

25 Mt. Prospect Avenue 

Verona, N. J. 

♦Levan, William C. 

♦Llewellyn, L. N. 

tEloyd, Justin 

Lovering, Bertha 

525 Monroe Avenue 

Scranton 10, Pa. 
♦March, Howard N. 
Marcy, Clarence A. 

76 Orchard Way 

Novate Calif. 
♦Marcy, Howard N. 
Masteller, Helen 

(Mrs. W. H. Hile) 

452 East Beechwold Blvd. 

Columbus, 14, Ohio. 
♦Mauser, Helen A. 

(Mrs. Alan B. Roat) 
♦Maxey, Mae R. 
tMcCreary, Frank B. 
♦Meisberger, David T. 

; ' — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Merrill, Ernest 
R. #2 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 

tMiller, Elda 

(Mrs. Elda Dutcher) 
Mitchell, Ada 

(Mrs. Ada Bittenbender) 

20 West North Street 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
tMorgan, Mary 

(Mrs. Mary Thomas) 
Moyer, Helen 

(Mrs. R. F. Hemingway) 

803 East 2nd Street 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Moyer, Sadie R. 

(Mrs. J. M. MacCuLlough) 

43 Keasler Avenue 

Lodi, New Jersey 
Moyer, William V. 

356 Centre Street 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Mullahey, Belle 

(Mrs. F. R. Reilly) 

30 South "White Street 

g/nenandoah, Ta. 
Noble, Alma G. 

(Mrs. Alfred Leidy) 

11 Larchmont Avenue 

Havertown, Pa. 
O'Brien, Margaret 

(Mrs. Albert Henseler) 

208 74th Street 

North Bergen, N. J. 
Fritchard, Marjorie V. 

(Mrs. Newton Roberts) 

Bramwell, West Virginia 
Quick, Reba H. 

(Mrs. F. H. Lerch, Jr.) 

3405 80th Street 

Jackson Heights, N. Y. 
Reimard, Irene 

(Mrs. John W. Cressler) 

87 Hanover Street 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
tReigel, Lulu A. 
'Rittenhouse, Laura 

(Mrs. William H. Yohey) 
Roat, Helen L. 

uirs. Albert Harrison) 

P. O. Box 687 

Titusville, Fla. 
Robinson, Eugene 
tRodriguez, J. A. E. 
Schwartman, Eva T. 

(Mrs. L. B. Smith) 

2617 DiMand Street 

Shreveport 14, La. 
'Shaffer, Alice B. 

(Mrs. Charles Harry) 
tShaw, Stella 

(Mrs. Stella Keffer) 
tShultz, Korton R. 
'Smith, Miriam I. 

(Mrs. R. L. Walter) 
♦Sterner, Bertha I. 

(Mrs. F. L. Richards) 
Todd, Genevieve 

(Mis. James A. Brennan) 

1721 Wyoming Avenue 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
•Tucker, Nellie 
*Vance, J. Gertrude 

(Mrs. L. V. Berber) 
tWallace, Agnes F. 

(Mrs. Claude Rees) 
♦Walters, Edith 

(Mrs. Snowden Joel) 
♦Wanich, Myrtle C 

(Mrs. D. M. Brobst) 

Wardell, Helen L. 

(Mrs. A. B. Eister) 

616 Woodland Avenue 

Van Wert, Ohio 
* Weaver, Mary E. 

(Mrs. D. Frank Evans) 
twells, Howard L. 
Welsh, Mabel 

(Mrs. Joseph Breisch) 

6 2 Pleasant (Street 

Wakeman, Ohio 
Wendt, Lillian 

(Mrs. Geo. H. Webber) 

Box 376 

Milledgeville, Ga. 
Westbrooke, Blanche 

(Mrs. N. C. Fetter) 

50 Little Rest Road 

Kingston, Rhode Island 
White, Joseph 
Whitebread, Florence 

(Mrs. Clarence Lyon) 

711 Coplev Street 

Elmira, N. Y. 
Wingert, Blanche P. 

(Mrs. Blanche P. Lucas) 

236 South 14th Street 

Allentown, Pa. 
•fWolfe, Anna 

(Mrs. Foster Magill) 
*Wolfe, Esther A. 
*Wolfert, Emma B. 
tYeager, Clark 
Zang, Minnie 

(.Airs. R. Sarver) 

P. O. Box 115 

Howey-In-The-Hills, Fla. 

CLASS OF 1908 

Appleman, Rebecca 

13450 Ida Center Road 

Ida, Michigan 
♦Arnold, Ina A. 
♦Baldy, Sara H. 

(Mrs. "Warren Sharpless) 
Barnes, Margaret 

10001 Perine Lane 

Baltimore. Maryland 
Beddall, Florence G. 

248 W. White St. 

Summit Hill, Pa. 
beddall, Joanne 

(Mrs. Marshall Watkins) 

2562 Hartnell 

Camarillo, Calif. 
Benrcoter, Laura M. 

(Mrs. G. L. Dodson) 

ST North Lehigh St. 

Sh;- vertuwn, Pa. 
Billing's, Ella M. 

Nicholson, Pa. 

R. 1>. 1 
*Bogart, Nellie 
Boone, Laura E. 

587 James St. 

TIazleton, Pu 
Brandon, Adda M. 

(Mrs. Geo. S. Westfield) 

101 Tyler Ave , 

Woodlyn, Pa. 
'Breisch, Reba 

(Mrs. F. M. Stephenson) 
Burke, Agnes J. 

(Mrs. James Kinney) 

2029 Sycamore St. 

Bethlehem, Pa. 
Callender, E. Mae 

(Mrs. Lloyd Wilson) 

Drums, Pa. 
'Campion, Reba 

(Mrs. John Thomas) 

Christian, Lncretia 
(Mrs. Geo. W. Wooters) 
25 N. 25 th (St. 
Camp Hill, Pa. 
Churai, Stella 

(Mrs. S. A. Wright) 
Clark, Mabel F. 
(Mrs. Orrie Pollock) 
39 Atherton Ave. 
Wyoming, Pa. 
'Conrad, Effie M. 
Cool, Mertie M. 
9004 — 189th St. 
Hollis 7, N. Y. 
•Cox, Nell 

Coyle, Margaret D. 
246 Park St. 
Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
*Cummings, James E. 
Beeths, Anna R. 
(Mrs. James E. Reagan) 
c o Mrs. Raymond C. 
545 James St. 
Hazleton. Pa. 
*Beighmiller, Eilie R- 
(Mrs. Kimber A. 
Beighmiller, Nellie M. 
(Mrs. ('. R. Stecker) 
Bent, Bessie 
(Mrs. Beaver Holabaugh) 
149 N. Third St. 
Catawissa, Pa. 
*Breibelbis, Ida M. 

(Mrs. William DeLong) 
♦Breisbach, Ida 

(Mrs. W. C. L<>ng) 
tFaust, Sara C. 
*Fegley, Mary I. 

(Mrs. F. K. Dymond) 
♦Finn, Ruth M. 
(Mrs. Ruth F. 
Francis, Thomas 1 

1707 Pine St. 
Scrantnn, Pa. 
*Geisdorf, Charlotta 
*Gray, Carrie M. 

(Mrs. Carrie G. Hurley) 
Grimes, Jay H. 
(Dr. Jay H. Grimes) 
404 Althea Road 
Clearwater, Fla. 
Handley, Alberta M. 
(Mrs. John F. McGowan) 
1402 Linden St. 
Scrantnn, Pa. 
Hartman, Saida L. 
4215 Brandywine St., 
N. W. 

Washington 16. D. C. 
Heberling, Fearl 
(Mrs. J. Gaylord Jones) 
417 Center St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Henrie, Ethel L. 
(Mrs. Ed. C. Stevens) 
55 E. Tioga St. 
Tunknhannock, Pa. 
Herring, Martha E. 
(Mrs. Elliott J. 

1304 Palisade Ave. 
Union City, X. J. 
♦Hill, Helen R. 

(Mrs. Philip H. Schwartz) 
♦Hull, Edith A. 
James Martha V. 
1110 West Elm St. 
Scranton, Pa. 
♦Jayne, Elsie H. 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanl ; 

Bloomsburg State College 

tjohnson, Margaret J. 
•Kahler, Irene G. 
Kostenbauder. Stella 

(Mrs. J. P. Weinman) 

312 Shoshone St. 

Twin Falls, Idaho 
•Xrum, Carol 

(Mrs. Frank Buck) 
Major, Olive A. 

R. D. 

Lyons, New York 
♦Manrer, Charles L. 
♦Maurer, Darwin E. 
Mercer, Irene 

(Mrs. Paul M. Rainey) 

209 Yale Ave. 

Swarthmore, Pa. 
♦Miller, Flora M. 

(Mrs. C. E. Anderson) 
tMiller, Harriet 
•Moore, Mary lionise 
•Morgan, Daniel W. 
•Morgan, Laura W. 

(Mrs. Vincil G. Stein) 
•Morris, Mary E. 

(Mrs. E. P. Thomas) 

358 Warren Ave. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Morrow, Mary L. 

(Mrs. E. B. Worthington) 

Dry Run, Pa. 
Mulligan, Mayetta 

(Mrs. B. A. McCadden) 

108 S. Main St. 

Mansfield. Pa. 
•Oman, Delia 

(Mrs. M. P. Mordan) 
•Oman, Ernest 
Peck, M. Evelyn 

106 N. Wilbur St. 

Say re, Pa, 
•Petrilli, Francesco C. L. 
•Piatt, Eugene W. 
♦Piatt, John E. 
Flekarski, Eleanor M. 

(Mrs. Felix Micks) 

Chestnut Knoll 

Milford, Delaware 
•Plank, Thomas H. 
Rarich, William 

624 Glenview St. 

Philadelphia 11, Pa. 
Rhodes, Adda 

(Mrs. Arthur Johnson) 

724 W. Fourth St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
•Richards, Horace D. 
Rosser, Olwen 

38S Rutter St. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Row, Hazel 

(Mrs. J. Clarence Creasy) 

324 Centre St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
•Ruth, Bessie M. 
Sanders, Clyde 

R. D. 5 

Highland Hts. Ext. 

New Castle, Pa. 
•Seasholtz, Helen 

(Mrs. Wesley M. 
♦Shiffer. Anna M. 

(Mrs. Thomas Peters) 
•Shovelin, Joseph A. 
Sitler, J. Wesley 

1915 N. Catalina Ave. 

Los Angeles. Calif. 
Slocum, A. Louise 

(Mrs. H. G. Williams) 

1024 S. Main St. 

Taylor, Pa. 

Smith, Marlon C. 

(Mrs. C. O. Moore) 

2203 Ponderosa St., 

Apt. 7-C 

Santa Ana, Calif. 
•Smith, Merrill W. 
Sneidman, Bruce 

Almedia, Pa. 
Southwood, Mary 

341 N. Walnut St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Stuxdevant, Edith 

(Mrs. George R. Leonard) 

North Miami, Florida 
Tucker, Mabel L. 

16 Third St. 

Deposit, N. Y. 

tTurek, Frederick 

Tusar, Julia C. 

Forest City, Pa. 
♦Wallace, Elizabeth F. 
Warden, Helen L. 

(Mrs. J. R. Garbutt) 

Center Hill St. 

Dallas, Pa. 
Watkins, William D. 

Plainfield Ed., R. 1 

Belmont, Ohio 43718 
Wells, Grace F. 

(Mrs. Clyde Sanders) 

R. D. 5 

Highland Hts. Ext. 

New Castle, Pa. 
•Welgand, Adam 
Wilkinson, Mabel W. 

(Mrs. Thomas E. Walton) 

6908 Willlow St., N. W. 

Washington, D. C. 
•Williams, Mae 
Williams, Rhea L. 

(Mrs. Lester P. Bassell) 

Factoryville, Pa 
Williams, Sarah E. 

(Mrs. A. L. Orner) 

R. 1 

Rockton, Pa. 
t Woods, Margaret 
♦Yeager, Lillian 
Voder, Jennie M. 

(Mrs. Edward A. Foley) 

8134 Hennig St. 

Fox Chase 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Yorks, Elsie 

(Mrs. Elsie Jones) 

249 Market St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
♦Zimmerman, Verna 

(Mrs. R. A. Dresher) 

CLASS OF 1909 

' Acor, Stewart E. 
*Ash, Elmer E. 
Barrow, Harrison R. 

307 West Parkwood 

Davton, Ohio 
Beddall, Fannie May 

(Mrs. Fannie M. Brown) 

1612 Olive Street 

Reading, Pa. 
Bennett, Sue A. 

(Mrs. H. S. Leathers) 

Knoxville, Pa. 
Betts, Bessie B. 

(Mrs. Robert Mitchell) 

Damasius, Pa. 
•Bevan, Mary F. 
Bierman, Ethel I. 

(Mrs. W. M. Somerville) 

38 Fayette Street 

Cumberland, Md. 

•Birth, Jennie 

(Mrs. Val A. Bonney) 
tBishop, Madeleine V. 

(Mrs. Rollin L. Charles) 
Black, Martha 

1615 Hinman Avenue 

Evanston, Illinois 
Bryant, Leon D. 

(Dr. Leon D. Bryant) 

40 8 Salt Spring Street 

Fayetteville, New York 
'Burlingame, Charles E. 
Callender, H. LeRoy 

R. D. #3 

Middleburg, Pa. 
Carr, Nora D. 

12 Jackson Avenue 

"West Hazleton, Pa. 
tCintron, Francisco H. 
Clancy, Nora G. 

(Mrs. Bernard Lavins) 

1559 Huntingdon Road 

Abington, Pa. 
Creasy, Ethel L. 

(Mrs. Dennis D. Wright) 

58 E. 5th Street 

Bloomsburg, Pa 
•Cressler, John W. 

(Dr. John W. Cressler) 
Cryder, J. Atlee 

238 Market Street 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Diehl, Fred W. 

627 Bloom Street 

Danville, Pa. 
Eaton, Emma 

(Mrs. William P. Perrego) 

R. #3 

Dallas, Pa. 
Edwards, Mary 

(Mrs. George A. Shuman) 

141 South Maple Street 

Kingston, Pa. 
Eisenhauer, Edward R. 

810 East 5th Street 

Berwick, Pa. 
Fagan, Elizabeth 

Sycamore Gardens 

Green Lane 

Bristol, Pa. 
Fairchild, Enola 

162 Hanover Street 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Ferber, Sadie M. 

909 Mulberry Street 

Scranton 10, Pa. 
•Fisher, Scott 

(Dr. Scott Fisher) 
•Flanagan, Hannah V. 

(Mrs. Hannah Callery) 
Fleckenstine, Jessie R. 

(Mrs. Clinton Herring) 

Orangeville, Pa. 
Garrison, Florence W. 

(Mrs. C. H. Danforth) 

607 Cabrillo Avenue 

Stanford University, Cal. 
Gibbs, Alice V. 

(Mrs. J. Roy Burnett) 

78 Vernon Avenue 

Hamburg, N. J. 
Gillgallon, Mary 

(Mrs. J. H. Rockefeller, 

305 Montgomery Avenue 

West Pittston. Pa. 
Gleason, Ruth E. 

(Mrs. Horace Washburn) 

274 Third Street 

Beaver, Pa. 
■Gordon, Joseph B. 
•Harrison, Neil S. 
•Hart, Alberta 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Hartzell, Sarah B. 
(Mrs. D. D. Ogilvie) 
1119 Idaho Street 
Elko, Nevada 
'Heller, Irma L. 

(Mrs. C. F. Abbott) 
Hemingway, H. Gladstone 
703 Locust Street 
Bloomsburg-, Pa. 
'Hess, Oeraldlne 

(Mrs. G. E. FoJlmer) 
Hinckley, Bess 
237 Sunbury Street 
Danville, Pa. 
*Hobbes, Oertrude 
(Mrs. J. E. Pooley) 
Houck, Frederick E. 
R. D. #1 
Catawissa, Pa. 
Hughes, Mary I. 
(Mrs. H. N. Lake) 
26 Terrace Street 
Carbondale, Pa. 
♦Ikeler, Kenneth C. 
•Johnson, Robert L. 
Ease, Harriet 
(Mrs. Harriet Toland) 
#2 Cross Keys 
Danville, Pa. 
Keller, Veraa 
(Mrs. Frank Beyer) 
1315 Bloom Street 
Danville, Pa. 
tKenna, Genevieve 

(Mrs. B. S. Hort) 
'Kester, Eura M. 

(Mrs. John R. Baeto) 
Kingsbury, Ethel 
(Mrs. P. W. Mann) 
6 701 6th Street, N. W. 
Washington, D. C. 
Kintner, Sadie 
(Mrs. Sadie Breyfogle) 
16 32 Grant Avenue 
Cuyohoga Falls, Ohio 
tKlingerman, John E. 
Klingerman, Oliver 
247 Jefferson Street 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Knapp, Jeannie L. 
(Mrs. Leslie R. Ames) 
1921 Reid Street 
Raleigh, N.C. 
"Kochczynski, Joseph C. 
TKrepps, Ethel F. 

(Mrs. A. C. Brown) 
"Krumm, Lloyd Thurman 
Kuschke, Anna 
1216 Oram Street 
Scranton 4, Pa. 
"Mahoney, D. J. 
*Major, Cora 
Major, Kathleen 
(Mrs. H. A. Brown) 
Lehman, Pa. 
Marcy, Estella 
(Mrs. Edward Brown) 
2034 Race Street 
Philadelphia, Pa. 
March, Eva L. 
(Mrs. J. G. Pace) 
49 East Vaughan Street 
Kingston, Pa. 
Martin, Katherine 
(Mrs. A. J. Klinges) 
426 Maple 'Street 
Hazleton, Pa. 
'Mather T. Bay 
*Matz, Robert L. 

(Dr. Robert L. Matz) 
"Maurer, Charles L. 
"McAfee, Chester E. 

Meneeley, Oertrude M. 

100 Keiptone Avenue 

Peckville, Pa. 
Moyer, Harold L. 

740 East Second 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
■Murrin, Emma 
'Noble, Xiaverne B. 
O'Neill, Frances H. 

(Mrs. Frances H. 

Parker, Marion E. 

(Mrs. Edward Fall) 

139 Whipple Street 

Prescott, Arizona 
"Park, Edith B. 

(Mrs. William B. Landis) 
tpitner, Harriet 
*Pooley, Edith M. 

(Mrs. C. M. Griffith) 
Potts, M. Beinee 

(Mrs. O. B. Jacob) 

573 Swarthmore Avenue 

Folsom, Pa. 
Priest, Florence A. 

(Mrs. M. W. Cook) 

Cortez R.D. #2 

Lake Ariel, Pa. 
Beese, Marjory 

(Mrs. Charles Penman) 

10 South Kirklyn Avenue 

Upper Darby, Pa. 
fBegan, May C. 

(Mrs. Louis F. Bume) 
Bogers, Laura 

(Mrs. Louis W. Ander) 

4907 Oakes Rd. 

Brecksville, Ohio 44141 
Buhl, Jessie 

(Mrs. W. McK. Reber) 

240'Oi NE 13th Court 

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 
'Rummer, Alvin L. 
Schooley, Emeline 

(Mrs. Ralph L. Hazel Line) 

2-6 Harris Road 

Trucksville, Pa. 
Seasholtz, Kate E. 

(Mrs. James Morris) 

2169 South West 1.2th St. 

Miami, Florida 33135 
Shuman, George A. 

(Dr. George A. Shuman) 

141 South Maple Street 

Kingston, Pa. 
Simpler, Julia 

(Mrs. E. P. Aurand) 

141 Pine Street 

Tamaqua, Pa. 
Smith, Marion C. 

(Mrs. C. O. Moore) 

2 Halsey Street 

Freeport, Long Island, 

+ Steiner, Samuel J. 
"Stroh, Bebecca E. 

(Mrs. Lyman Williams) 
'Stroud, Florence 
Sutliff, Maude 

(Mrs. William Gunther) 

Baily, Pa. 
Thompson, Mary E. 

(Mrs. G. G. Reichley) 

1610 Mahantongo Street 

Pottsville, Pa. 
Tobin, Teresa 

832 Stokes Avenue 

Collingswood, N.J. 
Toole, Sue E. 

103 Hummel Avenue 

Lemoyne, Pa. 
VanCampen, Carrie E. 

Vought, Sallie 

(Mrs. Charles Woedruff) 

Elysburg. Pa. 
"Wallace, Almah C. 

(Mrs. William F. Scholl) 
"Washburn, Horace D. 
Welliver, Walter C. 

251 Jefferson St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Welsh, Bertha 

(Mrs. Clair Conner) 

Orangeville, Pa. 
'Wheeler, Lillian M 
t White, Agnes 

(Mrs. Agnes Almon) 
rWhite, LeBoy 
Williams, George F. 

300 NE 172nd Street 

Miami 6 2, Florida 
Williams, Lydla P. 

(Mrs. Victor E. Lewis) 

189% Green Street 

Edwardsville, Pa. 
"Willits, Margaret S. 
"Wilner, Bobert P. 

(Rev. Robert F. Wilner) 
"Wilsey, Helen M. 

(Mrs. Scott Rutledge) 
"Wilson, Alice W. 

(Mrs. Hiram Tucker) 
Woodring, Nora, E. 

(Mrs. G. E. Kenney) 

7011 Erdrick Street 

Tacony, Phila. 35, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1910 

Adams, Frank B. 

Box 72 

East Barmt, Vermont 
fAltmiller, Hilda A. 
(Mrs. J. R. Taylor) 
"Andrews, Ethel V. 

(Mrs. W. A. Rutland) 
Anwyl, Lila S. 
(Mrs. Harold E. Davis) 
62 Clark Lane 
Waltham 54. Mass. 
"Barletta, Ana Marie 

(Mrs. Ana DeFernandez) 
tBarrett, Mary A. 
Beach, Marie K. 
(Mrs. A. N. Newman) 
Box 1074, Cathedral City 
"Bomboy, Harold 
Bond, Sara E. 
R #4 

Dallas, Pa. 
"Box, Harold Charles 
Brill, Julia O. 
8 Heatherbloom Apts. 
State College, Pa. 
Brobst, Bertha 
301 E. Fourth Street 
Berwick. Pa. 
Brown, Blanche 
(Mrs. Brian Teats) 
Hummel's Wharf, Pa. 
Brown, Fannie 
52 S. Sherman Street 
Wilkes-Rarre, Pa. 
Brown, LaBue E. 
1134 Market Street 
Lewisburg, Pa. 
Burdick, Luella S. 
(Mrs. Leroy Sdnquet) 
458 Elm Avenue 
Haddonfield, N.J. 
tBurlingame, Lester 
*Cain, Margaret A. 
tCole, Bobert 

1 — Reported Deceased 

t— Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

•Corse, Edith. C. 

(Mrs. R. C. Tingley) 
tCurtis, Irene A. 

(Mrs. Eliven Norton) 
Davis, J. Anna 
(Mrs. William D. Weir) 
45 Bedford Street 
Forty Fort, Pa. 
Diehl, Fred W. 
627 Bloom Street 
Danville, Pa. 
•Donovan, Anna K. 
tDunkerly, Beatrice F. 
(Mrs. Frank Yoch ) 
Edwards, Effie E. 
(Mrs. Charles Potter) 
517 Washington Avenue 
Jersey Shore, Pa. 
Edwards, Mary Gwynne 
(Mrs. Clarence Miles) 
294 Charles Street 
Luzerne, Pa. 
tEg-an, Michael 
Evans, Kathryn M. 
(Mrs. K. M. McGowan) 
49 Green St. 
Ashley, Pa. 
Evans, Maude N. 
1324 Mulberry Street 
Scranton, Pa. 
tEves, Belle C. 

(Mrs. R. Orval Bower) 
♦Farrell, Jule Marie 
♦Fetterman, L. Orval 
♦Fetterolf, Howard 
Freas, Agnes A. 
(Mrs. Thomas Keiser) 
201 Hadden Avenue 
Collingswood, N.J. 08108 
♦Gearhart, Mary K. 

(Mrs. George Youngman) 
Gearhart, Ruby M. 
1158 Penmen Rd. 
Jacksonville Beach, Fla. 
Geise, Nora Elizabeth 
R.D. #1 

Northumberland, Pa. 
Gillner, Grace A. 
(Mrs. Fred W. Zane) 
Sterling, Pa. 
♦Gleason, Hubert S. 
•Gulick, A. Elizabeth 

(Mrs. W. Wilmer Steele) 
Hanks, Anna E. 
(Mrs. Philip Higgins) 
735 Hazle Ave. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
*Harnan, Eegina M. 
*Hartman, Kimber A. 
'Hawk, Hattie N. 

(Mrs. C. B. Walker) 
Heitsman, Florence M. 
(Mrs. John R. Hughes) 
24 Park Place 
Kingston, Pa. 
Hess, Helen M. 
(Mrs. Gilbert Terhune) 
Apple Acres 
Newfoundland, N.J. 
♦Hess, S. Frank 
♦Holland, Josophine O. 
TMrs. R. W. Greenwood) 
Houck, Maurice E. 
60'6 West Front Street 
Berwick, Pa. 
Hourigan, Anna M. 
361 N. Main Street 
Wilkes-Barre. Pa. 
Huebner, Florence E. 
(Mrs. R. G. Buckalew) 
17 West 5th Street 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 

♦Jones, Alma 

(Mrs. Alma Griffith) 
Jones, Margaret 
1735 Monsey Avenue 
Scranton, Pa. 
tjordan, Bridget N. 
*Keeler, Charles W. 
*Klase, M. May 

(Mrs. Miles Swank) 
Kleintob, Anna 
(Mrs. H. G. Edwards) 
147 West Lena Avenue 
Freeport, L.I., N.Y. 
*Klopp, Warren E. 
Koser, Josephine R. 
(Mrs. Byron Fairchild) 
139 East Main Street 
Nanticoke, Pa. 
tKrepps, Georgia 
Kresge, Olive 
(Mrs. J. D. Montanye) 
23 W. Hollenback Avenue 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Krum, Theodore, D. 
1214 Fairview Drive 
Kent, Ohio 
Krumiu, Grace B. 
(Mrs. Barton Savidge) 
Turbotville, Pa. 
*Kurr, Franklin H. 
Iiaubach, Earl 

Benton, Pa. 
Iiaubach, Vivian Z. 
5 49 N. Vine St. 
Hazleton, Pa. 
tLehman, Leila C. 
*Iiewis, Richard 
Lewis, Sara F. 
26 East Pettebone Street 
Forty Fort, Pa. 
L.ngenberger, Hazel M. 
(Mrs. Fred B. Steig) 
3516 85th (Street 
Jackson Heights, N.Y. 
*Lore, Ada 
Low, Zora M. 
(Mrs. William F. Gemmil) 
520 E. Ridge Village Dr. 
Miami, Fla. 33157 
Lowry, Mary Bell 
(Mrs. J. Y. Shambach) 
2315 Page Street 
Camp Hill, Pa. 
♦MacFarlane, Emma M. 
tMackin, Gertrude M. 

(Mrs. Gertrude McHale) 
Madclock, Mary E. 
(Mrs. Raymond Berges) 
322 Mill Street 
St. Clair, Pa. 
*Malinowski, Lucy V. 
*Ma?,in, Charles F., Jr. 
*Maurer, Charles L. 
tMaxwell, Ada R. 
(Mrs. T. P. Weiss) 
McBride, Anna L. 
(Mrs. Maurice J. Girton) 
R.D. #1 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
IMcGill, Rosa A. 
♦McHenry, Georgena 

(Mrs. A. J. Sharadin) 
tMcMenamin, Bella 
McMenamin, Cecelia E. 
(Mrs. Arthur Gilmore) 
541 East Cheltam Avenue 
Germantown, Pa. 
Mertz, Blanche E. 
(Mrs. John V. D. Bergen) 
Belle Mead, N.J. 
Metz, Robert C. 
23 Manhattan Street 
Ashley, Pa. 

Milnes, Reay W. 

155 Kenwood Avenue 

Oneida, New York 
*Monahan, Anna L. 

(Mrs. J. A. Corrigan) 
Montelius, Sara 

(Mrs. Ira Mitterling) 

Hollidaysburg, Pa. 
♦Morris, Charles J. 
*Moses, David 
Muir, Anna C. 

(Mrs. Roy West) 

Spruce Street 

Shamokin, Pa. 

tMummey, Ida W. 

Murray, M. Irene 

(Mrs. J. F. O'Brien) 

125 Carey Avenue 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
♦O'Connor, Marion I. 
Oliver, Margaret L. 

(Mrs. Fred M. Walton) 

335 East Second Street 

Berwick, Pa. 
rO'Malley, Sarah 
♦Fellett, Mabel D. 

(Mrs. Frank Jones) 
*Fennington, Florence 
Polley, Bertha V. 

(Mrs. J. L. Oakes) 

Glenwood, Florida 
Potter, Charles W. 

517 Washington Avenue 

Jersey Shore, Pa. 
tFursel, Obed E. 
Fursel, Rena H. 

(Mrs. S. C. Carpenter) 

439 E. Second Street 

Berwick, Pa. 
Rarig, Emory W. 

R. D. #1 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Ratchford, Margaret 

237 W. Lloyd St. 

Shenandoah, Pa. 
Reber, Ida 

(Mrs. Thomas Otwell) 

4G90 Tompkins Avenue 

Oakland 19, California 
Reeder, Elizabeth J. 

(Mrs. Clarence N. Fisher) 

R.D. #1 

Milford, N.J. 
fReynolds, Josephine 

(Mrs. Josephine Lora ) 
*Robb, Mary E. 
Roberts, S. Tracy 

121 Spring Street 

Clarks Green, Pa. 
Ryan, Eleanor 

(St. Margaret Mary) 

College Misericordia 

Dallas, Pa. 
Sachs, Anna D. 

(Mrs. William Allen) 

214 Highland Avenue 

Darby, Pa. 
Schooley, Kate 

(Mrs. Karl Stock) 

Harris Hill Road 

Trucksville, Pa. 
tScott, Jennie L. 

(Mrs. S. T. Hershey) 
♦Seasholtz, Leonina 
Shovelin, Mary C. 

Washington Street 

Freeland, Pa. 
Skweir, John 

(Dr. John Skweir) 

300 S. Tamaqua Street 

McAdoo, Pa. 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Sluman, X. Burton 

121 Young Street 
Honesdale, Pa. 
Smith, Ida May 
(Mrs. H. S. Conrey) 
239 Market Street 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
•Smith, Mabel X. 

(Mrs. R. B. Ward) 
*Snell, Mildred 

(Mrs. Hontas Boston) 
Snyder, Enola E. 
(Mrs. Morris S. Evans) 
169 Hempstead Avenue 
Rockville Centre 
New York 
♦Steckroth, John G. 
•Stohner, Marie Alice 
♦Thompson, Helen H. 
*Tobin, Jennie Elizabeth 
Tompkins, Laura M. 
(Mrs. Irving Cease) 
315 Bacon Street 
Jermyn, Pa. 
Trescott, Hellene E. 
(Mrs. Lee A. Perry) 
Kingsville, Ohio 
Vetterlein, Alma K. 
(Mrs. P. P. Mansuy) 
1706 Tripp Avenue 
Dunmore, Pa. 
♦Weaver, Raymond W. 
Wertman, Ralph I. 
R.D. #2 

Mapleside Farm 
Tamaqua, Pa. 
White, Prank B. 

Al media, Pa. 
Williams, Marion I*. 
26 East Shawnee Avenue 
Plymouth, Pa. 
♦Tost, Lois I. 

(Mrs. H. G. Wes. Smith) 
♦Zinkoff, Abraham 
♦Zvenigorodsky, Abraham 

CUSS OF 1911 

Adamson, Ethel Grace 

(Mrs. Ethel A. Sturgis) 

Apt. 18 

12,2. W. Arrellaga St. 

Santa Barbara, Calif. 
Armstrong-, Harriet R. 

(Mrs. A. C. Garberson) 

2311 N. Front St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Ashe, Bessie 

(Mrs. A. G. Naunas) 

R.D. 2 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
♦Avery, Ellen H. 

(Mrs. W. W. Penerley) 
Avery, Iris 

(Mrs. G. C. Armitage, Jr.) 

Harveys Lake, Pa. 
♦Bailey, C. Carroll 

(Rev. C. Carroll Bailey) 
♦Baker, Harold P. 

(Dr. Harold F. Baker) 
Barklie, Jennie M. 

(Mrs. Jennie B. iSimall) 

R.D. #1, Box 45 

Drums, Pa. 
"Barletta, America Ana 
•Barrett, Nellie C. 
Becker, Jacob J. 

1501 Thayer St. 

Los Angeles, Calif. 
*Bogert, Harry Morton 
♦Boust, C. Merrill 
*Boyle, John Joseph 

Brobst, Jacob Ralph 

(Dr. Jacob R. Brobst) 

245 East St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Burke, Mary Zita 

(Mrs. John Conry) 

56 Seventh Ave. 

New York 11, N.Y. 
Bush, Matilda J. 

(Mrs. H. N. White) 

623 E. Fifth St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Campbell, Irene 

(Mrs. Phillip Getty) 

404 Dewart St. 

Riverside, Pa. 
Carr, Daniel J. 

Seton Hill College 

Greensburg, Pa. 
Chamberlain, Mae V. 

(Mrs. Robert Dornsife) 

142 Chestnut St. 
Cressona, Pa. 

tClune, Marguerite M. A. 

(Mrs. John Jennings) 
*Cole, Lillie P. 
Cole, Raymond M. 
710 E. Second St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Coleman, Pauline 

(Mrs. E. A. Stimpson) 

126 Willow Ave. 

Honesdale, Pa. 
♦Collins, Xioren L. 

(Dr. Lor en L. Collins) 
tCondron, Anna C. 
♦Coolbaugh, Florence 

(Mrs. W. O. Warner) 
*Corrigan, James A. 

(Dr. James A. Corrigan) 
Creasy, Carlton T. 

(Dr. Carlton T. Creasy) 

356 Reynolds St. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Davis, Emma 

Forest City, Pa. 
♦DeLong, Edith M. 

(Mrs. Ralph Tyson) 
♦Dennis, J. Prank 
tDonahoe, Margaret 
Donahoe, Rosalie 

924 West Market St. 

Scranton, Pa. 
♦Englehart, William Homer 
Faust, Ethel M. 

(Mrs. F. W. Hagenbuch) 

429 E, Second St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Ferguson, Elizabeth N. 

(Mrs. R. C. Lanterman) 

143 Market St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Ferrio, George E., Jr. 

83 Fairfield St. 

Bridgeport, Conn. 
*Ferrio, Mary G. 
Pitch, Pearl Cleveland 

(Mrs. Fred Diehl) 

627 Bloom St. 

Danville, Pa. 
tFortner, Harry C. 

(Dr. Harry C. Fortner) 
Fraser, Margaret J. 

(Mrs. VernoTi L. Johnson) 

Wolfeboro. N.H. 
Fritz, Ella C. 

(Mrs. Ella F. Buffington) 

Trevorton, Pa. 
♦Gaffney, Margaret R. 

(Mrs. William J. Reagan) 

Gillis, Catharine E. 

(Mrs. R. J. Garvey) 

1005 Columbia St. 

Scranton, Pa. 
"Girton, Maurice Jacob 
4 Golds worthy, Eliza J. 
♦Gray, Carrie M. 

(Mrs. Carrie G. Hurley) 
Greene, Pearl M. 

(Mrs. D. E. Broome) 

309 Harrison Ave. 

N. Brunswick, N.J. 
Guiterman, Elmira M. 

(Mrs. Jno. Linner) 

2243 W. Ontario St. 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Gulliver, Merlin S. 

76 Carlisle St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Harding, Joy C. 

(Mrs. Joy H. DeVall) 

Box 215 

Great Bend, Pa, 
Harris, Ruth 

301 E. Fourth St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
tHarrison, Harvey W. 
Harrison, Jennie Elizabeth 

(Mrs. Karl E, Keefer) 

305 Ethan Allan Rd. 

Tukoma Park, Maryland 
♦Harter, Creola 

(Mrs. Richard Rough) 
♦Hartman, Grace Edna 

(Mrs. Franklin Artley) 
Hartman, Helen M. 

(Mrs. Roy Harris) 

R.D. 1 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Hartman, Louise 

(Mrs. Earl H. Cortright) 

1 W. Union St. 

Shickshinny, Pa. 
Hawk, Amanda E. 
♦Hawk, Lucy M. 
Heimbach, Irene V. 

(Mrs. Geo. O. Reinhart) 

100 Market St. 
Lewisburg, Pa. 

♦Heller, Mary K. 
Hendrickson, Effle 

(Mrs. Wm. P. Corbett) 

2939 Nelson Street 

Ft. Myers, Fla. 
Henrie, Anna M. 

(Mrs. Thomas Miles) 

101 East Center St. 
Danville, Pa. 

Henrie, J. Gilbert 
♦Henrie, William H. 
tHess, Miriam Pauline 

(Mrs. C. K. McDonald) 
Hess, Paul Z. 

Box 256 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tHippensteel, Edward E. 
Hofer, Cecelia G. 

(Mrs. William S. Bartle) 

118 Hamilton St. 

Bound Brook, N.J. 
Hoffman, Leo J. 

Almedia, Pa. 
Hower, Ethel L. 

(Mrs. A. C. Fairchild) 

36 Sunnyside Dr. 

Elmira, N.Y. 
Ikeler, Donald P. 

1 17 Hudson Ave. 

Peekskill, N. Y. 
Jameson, Catherine 

(Mrs. Ralph A. Burr) 

Box 215, High St. 

Troy, Pa. 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Johnson, Grace P. 

295 Queen St. 

Northumberland, Pa. 
♦Johnson, Lanra F. 

(Mrs. Hobert T. Walker) 
Keeler, F. Irene 

(Mrs. F. K. Oliver) 

616 Grove St. 

Upper Montclair. N.J. 
Keiser, Thomas H. 

201 Haddon Ave. 

Oollingswood, N.J. 
♦Kennedy, Cormac F. 
Kester, Hazel D. 

Main St. 

Millville, Pa. 
Kline, L. Anna 

(Mrs. F. T. Kocher) 

508 Central Road 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
•Kliaetob, Freas B. 

(Dr. Freas B. Klinetob) 
tKnanss, Amanda M. 

(Mrs. J. W. Palmer) 
Koehler, Lydia 

1416 Mulberry St. 

Scranton, Pa. 

'Kunile, John B. 

'Landis, Edgar B. 

'Landis, George B. 

Lewis, Edna G. 

(Mrs. Ed. J. Robinson) 


Underhill, Vermont 
tLorenzetty, Joseph 
Iiynott, Margaret 

19 34 "Washington Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 

♦Mather, W. Br nee 

McFee, Mlna H. 

(Mrs. John Fisher) 

257 Wright Ave. 

Kingston, Pa. 
tMcGall, Marie 

(Mrs. Harold Drake) 
'McHenry, Donald B. 

(Dr. Donald B. McHenry) 
Megargel, Lavona A. 

(Mrs. Lavona M. Chapin) 

Orangeville, Pa. 
Metzger, F. Marie 

(Mrs. Peter Fireman) 

New Hope, Pa. 
Miller, Elverta I. 

934 La Fayette Ave. 

Niagara Falls, N. Y. 
Miller, Irma C. 

(Mrs. A. K. Naugle) 

119 Dalton St. 

Roselle Park, N.J. 
Mooney, Geraldlne A. 

131 S. Washington St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Morgan, Florence H. 

(Mrs. Florence M. Crew) 

130 Murray ISt. 

Binghamton, N.Y. 
Myers, Clyde B. 

Scipio Center, N.Y. 
Myers, Mary B. 

(Mrs. Mary M. Gilbert) 

221 Lincoln St. 

Ridley Park, Pa. 
Wangle, A. Kenneth 

119 Dalton St. 

Roselle Park, N.J. 
•Nelson, Elna H. 

(Dr. Elna H. Nelson) 
Worris, Lois Adele 

(Mrs. Carl Buengle) 

R.D. 1. Bethel Farm 

Waldsboro, Maine 

Ohl, Mary 

(Mrs. Charles Crim) 

R.D. 2 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
O'Horo, Alice T>. 

(Mrs. Edward Beavers) 

608 Madison Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Osborne, Annette 

(Mrs. Annette O. Frantz) 

294 Bennett St. 

Luzerne, Pa. 
♦Paisley, Ethel J. 

(Mrs. Ethel P. Owen) 
tParke, Minnie H. 

(Mrs. Russell Parry) 
■'Pettes, Olive E. 

(Mrs. Clarence Robinson) 
Beed, Miriam A. 

6319 Second Ave. South 

St. Petersburg 7, Fla. 
Reynolds, Ruth J. 

(Mrs. G. W. Hasbrouck) 

50 Main St. 
Clifford, Pa. 

•Bice, Myrtle A. 

(Mrs. C. E. Singley) 
Boberts, Beatrice 
(Mrs. William R. Davies) 
140 Santander Ave. 
Coral Gables 34, Fla. 
tBoney, Gertrude M. 
Buhl, Ruth 
111 Juscan Rd. 
Maplewood, N.J. 
tShaffer, Blair G. 
♦Sharadin, Abraham J. 
Sharpless, Pauline 
(Mrs. Harry Harper) 

51 E. Main St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 

ISheard, Lillie G. 

(Mrs. L. A. Newgard) 
Shew, Helen H. 

(Mrs. James Ferguson) 

Light Street, Pa. 
Shnman, Grace E. 

(Mrs. Harry John) 

R.D. 3 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Simmons, Margaret E. 

(Mrs. Howard C. Yost) 

607 N. Locust St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Smith, Harry A. 

(Dr. Harry A. Smith) 

259 S. Franklin St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
fSmoczynski, Josephine 

(Mrs. C. Dlugokecki) 
Snyder, Irene 

(Mrs. D. L. Ranck) 

108 S. 15th ISt. 

Lewisburg, Pa, 
Spangler, Lottie R. 

(Mrs. M. A. Loose) 

405 W. Los Feliz Rd. 

Glendale 4, Calif. 
Spring, Emily M. 

(Mrs. H. P. Monahan) 

407 Wan gum Ave. 

Hawley, Pa. 
Stelner, L. May 

(Mrs. G. E. Gamble, Jr.) 

2811 N. 12th St. 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Stnnz, Katherine E. 

(Mrs. Sheldon Rarick) 

301 E. 11th St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
♦Sturdevant, Vida J. 

(Mrs. Allie Carter) 

tSnllivan, Loretta G. 

(Mrs. V. P. Swartz) 
Tigue, Agnes B. 

(Mrs. Charles Barry) 

46 Walnut St. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Treweek, Lanra M. 

(Mrs. James Watkins) 

Catherine St. 

Nesquehoning, Pa. 
♦Tucker, James Walter 
'Tucker, Jennie O. 

(Mrs. Daniel Williams) 
tTurek, Peter E. 
Tnrney, Myrtle M. 

(Mrs. Roy Ash) 

Hudson New Gardens 

183rd & Pinehurst Ave. 

New York 33, New York 
Vannatta, Miriam E. 

(Mrs. Russell Freas) 

443 Market St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
VanReed, Mabel 

(Mrs. R. T. Lay ton) 

Franklin, N.J. 
tVergne, Luis G. 
Walton, Eudora E. 

(Mrs. Paul Womeldorf) 

5112 Monrovia St. 

Shawnee, Kansas 
Wardan, Clara M. 

(Mrs. Franklin Brenner) 

R.D. #4 

Dallas, Pa. 
♦Wegge, Grace M. 

(Mrs. J. A. McAleer) 
'Weiss, William P. 

(Capt. William P. Weiss) 
White Elisabeth A. 

48 E, 5th St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Whitmire, Jennie R. 

(Mrs. J. L. Helt) 

402 E. 5th St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Wiant, Anna K. 

Apt. 203 

10 W. Dorrance ISt. 

Kingston, Pa. 
tWilliams, Annie C. 
Wilmer, George D. 

15 N. Holyoke Ave. 

Witohita 8. Kansas 
Winter, Elsie A. 

(Mrs. Qhase Herrick) 

Putnam and Clay Sts. 

Tunkhannock, Pa. 
'Wright, Dennis D. 
tYocnm, L. Edwin 

CLASS OF 1912 

♦Adams, Edward B. 
Anderson, Beulah 

(Mrs. Herbert Bronson) 

R. D., Harvey's Lake, Pa. 
Andres, Lydia H. 

(Mrs. Edward C. Creasy) 

148 W. Main St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Appleman, Julia H. 

(Mrs. Herbert B. Keller) 

442 Forest Place 

Culver, Indiana 
♦Ash, Lenora 

(Mrs. Edward J. Burke) 
Ash, M. Ethel 

(Mrs. Walter Elison) 

Montoursville, Pa. 
♦Austin, E. Raymond 
♦Baldy, Rupert 

-Reported Deceased 

t— Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


tBarr, Anna 

(Mrs. Harry A. Schmall) 
tBarrett, Dora L. 

(Mrs. Dora Golden) 
'Barrett, Genevieve B. 
'Barrett, Mae B. 
Barrow, Clarence E. 

Ringtown, Pa. 
Barrow, Emily 

(Mrs. Arthur Womer) 

6 09 Edwards Ave. 

Pottsville, Pa. 
Barrow, George 

1550 Leveron Ave. 

Olearwat&r, Fla. 
Beagle, Levi, B. 

418 East St. 

Bloomsburg:, Pa. 
Belles, Myrtle B. 

I Mrs. Robert J. George) 

433 Putter Ave. 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
+Bennett, Erxna 

(Mrs. Guy McBride) 
Berry, Iva, P. 

(Mrs. Harold J. Graves) 

Dal ton, Pa. 
B-dleman, Ercel D. 

3 '.'I E. 1st St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
decker, Florence E. 

(Mrs. Frank Crouse) 

114 Pleasant St. 

Danville, Pa 
•Bohlin, Hulda 
*Boyer, Grace 
'Boyer, Ruth 

(Mrs. F. P. Grayblll) 

Paxtonville, Pa, 
Brill, Clinton P. 

6 0- Hudson 'St. 

New York City, N.Y. 
Burke, Lucy C. 

4 W. Newport St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
*Bnsh, Nazzarene J. 
Byerly, Margaret 

(Mrs. Margaret Morrison) 

214 Walnut St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Campbell, Myra L. 

Thompson, Pa. 
'Carter, Christine L, 

(Mrs. Christine Schlerr) 
Cole, Edith G. 

(Mrs. Edith Spangfler) 

403 Keller St. 

State College, Pa, 
Cole, Rcbert 

507 Wixln; St. 

Ann Ar'.or, Michigan 
Collins, Norma C. 

(Mrs. Norma Carpenter) 

309 W. 72nd St. 

New York City, N.Y. 
Connor, Elizabeth 

(Mrs. John F. Boylan) 

104 Waldo Ave. 

Bloomfield, N.J. 
Cool, Harold XT. 

4115 Irving Place 

Culver City, Calif. 
Cortright, Ruth. 

16 W. Union St 

Shickshinny, Pa. 
*Creasy, Pred J. 

(Dr. Fred J. Creasy) 
'Creasy, Mark 
Crouse, Poster C. 

980 W. 7th Ave. 

Bloomfield, Colo. 
Curtin, Anna C. 

Shenandoah, Pa. 

Curtis, Carrie I. 

(Mrs. Carrie Loomis) 

Waymart, Pa. 
Daily, Theresa B. 

(Mrs. Frank Bachinger) 

304 E. 8th St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Davie, Prankle 

LeRaysville, Pa, 
'Davis Harriet 

(Mrs. James Davidson) 
"Davis, Helen S. 
"Davis, Reese 
Davis, William H. 

Second St. 

LaRaysville, Pa, 
Dean, Anna G. 

7 S. Jardin St. 

Shenandoah, Pa 
'Deighmiller, Nellie M. 

(Mrs. C. R. Stecker) 
Den-, Mabel, H. 

(Mrs. J. DeMott) 

Eyers Grove, Pa. 
Derrick, Grace H. 

(Mrs. Marion L. Boat) 

7520 17th St., N.W. 

Washington, D.C. 
Derrick, Mame C. 

(Mrs. Homer ZiegleT) 

Herndon, Pa. 
tDieffenbach, Nevin J. 

(Dr. N. J. Dieffenbach 
Die hi, Fred W. 

627 Bloom St. 

Danville, Pa. 
•Dodson, w. Francis 
Doran, Jessie 

R. #3 

Moscow, Pa. 
'Duchesne, Carmen C. 

(Mrs. Carmen ISoldana) 
•Dny, Albert W. Jr. 
Eckert, Mary N. 

(Mrs. Earl Andrews) 

711 Chester Pike, 

Prospect Park, Pa. 
'Ely, V. Beatrice 

(Mrs. Albert Duy) 
Evans, Leah D. 

1647 N. Main Ave. 

Scranton, Pa, 
'Fairchild, Ethel 

(Mrs. Bennet Hicks) 
Fairchild, Laura 

(Mrs. Ario H. Everett) 

517 E. Second St. 

Berwick, Pa, 
Fairchild, Minnie 

(Mrs. Carl Spragle) 

725 E. Front St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Farley, Lera M. 

(Mrs. M. G. Yard) 

743 Hepburn St. 

Milton, Pa. 
Fenstemaker, Howard P. 

242 Central Road 

Bloomsburg (Espy), Pa 
•Fetherolf, Harvey S. 
Fetter, Helen M. E. 

(Mrs. A. C. Ream) 

843 Monroe Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Foose, B. Beatrice 

(Mrs. Beatrice McBride) 

Rock Glen, Pa, 

'Fortner, Helen M. 

Fowler, Ethel M. 

(Mrs. Charles A. Nicely) 

Watsontown, Pa. 

Fox, Bnth X. 

(Mrs. Ruth Fegley) 

10'5 Virginia Ave. 

Pittsburgh, 15, Pa. 
'Fruite, Mary 

(Mrs. Lloyd Puder) 
Gear heart, James P. 
Gethman, Hnldah 

(Mrs. Ivanoff) 


State Hospital 

Clarks-Summit, Pa. 
fGoulden, Martha P. 

(Mrs. E. E. Weitael) 
Graham, Isabel E. 

(Mrs. L. B. Harper) 

306 Charles St. 

Luzerne, Pa. 
tGraves, Harriet B. 

(Mrs. Raymond Marsh) 
'Grimes, Adele M. 

(Mrs. Warren Meecharo) 
Graver, Helen B. 

(Mrs. John White) 

Pierce & Wright Sts. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Gunther, Florence P. 

(Mrs. Ralph Carl) 

9 Prospect IS't. 


Long Island, N.Y. 
'Haley, Laura C. 
'Harner, Bertha Z. 

(Mrs. Excel Bidleman) 
Harris, Ona C. 

(Mrs. Wm. Henrie Jr.) 

639 E. Fifth St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa, 
'Hart, Winifred 
'Hartman, Harriet H. 

(Mrs. Harold Kline) 
tHartranft, Emma V. 

(Mrs. C. L. Tyler) 
tHayes, Margaret A. 

(Mrs. J. J. McManus) 
tHeinbach, Charles C. 
Henrie, Hazel J. 

(Mrs. W. Wright) 

8 E. 3rd St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa, 
'Hess, Edna M. 

(Mrs. Bruce Frey) 
Hess, Esther J. 

(Mrs. E. A. Pettit) 

70<6 Cedar Ave. 

Pitman, N.J. 
'Hetler, Geraldine 

(Mrs. S. S. Naughright) 
Hidlay, Mary L. 

(Mrs. M. H. Eisenhauer) 

810 E. Fifth St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Hillis, Harriet Squires 

(Mrs. Guy F. Smith) 

Camptown, Pa. 
Hirsch, P. Annabel!* 

(Mrs. Edgar G. Wade) 

242 W. Broad St. 

Tamaqua, Pa. 
'Hobbes, Ina. I. 
Hodgson, Edith 

(Mrs. Edith Mac DougaM) 

Bellevue Ave. 

Hammonton, N.J. 
Hodgson, Margaret 

(Mrs. Charles Johnson) 

Lake Scranton Road 

Scranton, Pa. 
Houghton, Laura A. 

(Mrs. William Peacock) 

143 Ridgeway St. 

E. IStroudsburg, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

♦Ikeler, Iris 

(Mr®. Herbert McCard) 
Irvln, Irene M. 

Catawissa, Pa. 

tjohnson, Bina W. 

Johnson, Marie H. 

(Mrs. Thomas Schmidt) 

20 Wildfern Drive 

Youngstown, Ohio 
•Jones, John R. 
♦Jones, Ruth 

(Mrs. J. R. Hughes) 
*Jones, Warren H. 
tKeeler, Wanda A. 
tKeiser, Margaret C. 

(Mrs. E. W. Samuel) 
Keller, May p. 

(Mrs. Cleo Smith) 

915 Abington Ave. 

Wyndmoore, Phila. 

18, Pa. 
tKendall, Ruth C. 

(Mrs. E. B. Landis) 
tKennedy, Clare M. 
Kitchen, Ianthe 

(Mrs. Wm. E. Sommers) 

17 S. Memorial Highway 

Trucksville, Pa. 
Kline, Ruth G. 

(Ms. J. W. Everett) 

1278 Church St. 
Indiana, Pa. 
Klinger, Edna C. 

(Mrs. W. C. Rhineihart) 

R. 2 

Sunbury, Pa. 
♦Kocher, Myron Low 
*Kochler, Charlotte A. 
Kremser, Artie Ambrose 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Iiaubach, Earl 

Benton, Pa. 
I>eitzel, Lena G. 

(Mrs. C. H. A. streamer) 

570 Haddon Ave. 

Collingswood 7, N. J. 
tLong, Ruth E. 
Lowry, Florence M. 

(Mrs. George Pizer) 

Jermyn, Pa. 
*Martin, Edith M. 

(Mrs. Edith M. G'meiner) 
*Mausteller, Ray 
♦May, Florence R. 

(Mrs. Leon Reynolds) 
'McCann, Nell 
♦McCollum, Elizabeth 
♦McBonald, Charles K. 
♦McGirk, Ethel E. 

(Mrs. Samuel E. Eby) 
•McLane, Agnes G. 
Mellet, May A. 

(Mrs. David Reeves) 

Pottsville, Pa. 
♦Mendenhall, Eva E. 
Merritt, Florence 

(Mrs. George F. Dixon) 

116 E. Park Place 

Kingston, Pa. 
Metsinger, Helen G. 

308 E. Centre St. 

Mahanoy City, Pa. 
♦Miller, Jennie L. 

(Mrs. Charles Savige) 
♦Miller, Weston R. 
Monahan, Ruth 

440 Carey Ave. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Nikel, Emily 

(Mrs. John W. Gledhill) 

l'Ol Emerald Ave. 

"Westmont, N. J. 

♦Nuss, Ruth 

(Mrs. Howard 
Q'Dounell, Marie R. 

(xMrs. Marie Reinhart) 
Oliver, Margaret 
(Mrs. Fred M. Walton) 
335 E. Second Sit 
Berwick, Pa. 
Fachnicke, Frances R. 
(Mrs. D. Fetherolf) 
Freeburg, Pa. 
tFeacock, Charlotte 

(Mrs. C. P. Holmes) 
*Follock, Orrie W. 
Potts, P. Olive 
501 Price St. 
West Chester, Pa. 
*Pursel, W. Glenn 
tQualey, Elizabeth R. 
(Mrs. B. B. Lyden) 
•Earner, Harry W. 
Rees, Ernestine J. 
(Mrs. E. T. Davis) 
333 N. Main St. 
Old Forge, Pa. 
Reice, Anna W. 
(Mrs. Cyril Trivelpiece) 
300 E. Market St. 
Danville, Pa. 
Ridn.ll, Laura A. 
(Mrs. J. D. Albarez) 
3 802 N. W. 23 Court 
Miami, Florida 
♦Riddell, Earl W. 
Row, A. Margaret 
(Mrs. W. Homer 
1821 Market St. 
Harrisburg, Pa. 
♦Samson, Ruth Augusta 
(Mrs. R. B. Carter) 
Savige, Laurence B. 
515 Main St. 
Peckville, Pa. 
Schooley, LeCalire 
(Mrs. Homer Fetterolf) 
Spring Mills, Pa. 
Seeley, Elnora V. 
(Mrs. Charles 
1010 Market St. 
Berwick, Pa. 
Seibel, Marguerite 
(Mrs. Marguerite S. 
c/o Joseph H. Murphy, 

1830 Ponce DeDeon Blvd. 
Coral Gables, Florida 
Selway, Martha 
(Mrs. J. M. Sdhiefer) 
7 S. Fourth St. 
Steelton, Pa. 
Severance, Lena 
(Mrs. Ray Roberts) 
R. D. 1 

Nicholson, Pa. 
♦Sharadin, Abraham J. 
♦Simons, Ethel A. 
♦Smith, Margaret 
♦Smith, Roxie 
Smith, Verna 
526 Roosevelt Ave. 
York, Pa. 
tSnyder, Elmira 

(Mrs. Elmira S. Eysper) 
Stark, Alfaretta 
(Mrs. R. F. Wilner) 
32 Wyoming Ave. 
Tunkhannock, Pa. 
(Stevens, Anna Elizabeth 

♦Strayer, Blanche I. 

(Mrs. Chester Reigle) 
Thomas, Isabel Aubrey 

708 Wyoming Ave. 

W. Pittston, Pa. 
Tubbs, Floyd 

5 Church St. 

Shicksihinny, Pa. 
Udelhofen, Greta M. 

809 Duplex Ave. 

Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
Vetterlein, Louise W. 

Paupack, Pa. 
tWakefield, Helen M. 
Wakeman, Lucile G. 

(Mrs. K. J. Rair) 

319 Second St. 

Laceyville, Pa. 
Walp, Helen S. 

445 Chestnut Ave. 
Kingston, Pa. 

Wanich, Carl G. 

Light Street, Pa. 
Watts, Mary Marguerite 

901 S. Franklin St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Weaver, Eva J. 

(Mrs. Burrell J. 

68 N. Main St. 

Mountain Top 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa 
Weaver, William C. 

Catawissa, Pa. 
♦Westgate, Frances 

(Mrs. Frances W. 
♦White, Tacy E. 

(Mrs. Harry Vetter) 
Whitebread, Abbie 

(Mrs. Ralph R. Leh) 

446 Lafayette Ave. 
Palmerton, Pa. 

Whitesell, Oscar 

R. D. 1 

Hunlock Creek, Pa. 
fWhitaker, Anna M. 
Wiant, Charles R. 

R, D. 1 

Sweet Valley, Pa. 
Wilkinson, Violet 

154 Westewelt Ave. 

N. Plainfield, N. J. 
Williams, Anna Maude 

6319 Second Ave., South 

St. Petersburg, Fla. 
Williams, Laura 

250 E. Grand Blvd. 

Detroit, Michigan 
♦Wilmot, Edna M. 

(Mrs. R. H. Woelfel) 
Wolf, Mary Grace 

(Mrs. H. F. Arnold) 

c/o R. W. Arnold 

7025 Kerby Crescent 

Norfolk 5, Va. 
Womeldorf, Paul B. 

(Rev. Paul D. Womeldorf) 

5112 Monrovra St. 

Shawnee, Kansas 
Woodring, Esther C. 

(Mrs. Leon P. ISImith) 

Conyngham, Pa. 
Zehner, Helen I. 

(Mrs. Clark Fuller) 

341 Mulberry St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Zerbe, Mary I. 

(Mrs. Emory Leister) 

323 N. 11 St. 

Sunbury, Pa. 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

CLASS OF 1913 

Adams, Anna E. 

(Mrs. H. H. Rohrback) 
Northumberland, Pa. 
'Adams, Gabriel Ii. 
Altmiller, Emma R. 
(Mrs. William H. Jones) 
148 W. Broad St. 
Hazleton, Pa. 
Altmiller, Ethel M. 
131 S. Cedar St. 
Hazleton, Pa. 
*Appleman, Leslie B>. 
♦Ashton, Morville 
"Aston, Lila J. 
Bakeless, John E. 
Great Hi LI Road 
Seymour, Conn. 
*Baldy, Donald C. 
*Baurys, Mary 
Beers, Clara M. 
(Mrs. Clara M. Rarich) 
139 Yost Ave. 
Spring City, Pa. 
tBennett, Clayton J. 
Bennett, Orval 
210 Mt. Vernon Ave. 
Ghestertown, Md. 
*Berlew, Phoebe E. 
Beyer, Myron D., Sr. 
425 E. Front St. 
Berwick, Pa. 
Blakeslee, Clarissa S. 
("Mrs. Clarissa S. Smith) 
Pocono Lake, Pa. 
Boug°hner, Irene 
(Mrs. Howard Mock) 
31 Benjamin Ave. 
Conyngham, Pa. 
♦Bower, Walter J. 
Boyle, Catherine P. 
6 06 E. Gorgas Lane 
Philadelphia 19, Pa. 
*Boyer, Oscar H. 
Breisch, Dorothy May 
(Mrs. Hebert J. Dresher) 
Tamaqua, Pa. 
♦Breisch, Olive Ruth 
•Brown, James 
Bucher, Hazel 
(Mrs. Adali Rohrbach) 
R.D. 2 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
■'Bncher, Jessie C. 
*Byington, Mae 
Callander, Estella X. 
(Mrs. Harry Wright) 
44 W. Walnut St. 
Kingston, Pa. 
Carter, Clarice Benedick 
(Mrs. ISL H. Bezdjian) 
N. Washington St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
tCassel, Anna E. 

(Mrs. Irvin P. Keller) 
*Clemens, Robert G. 
Close, Daniel J. 
Collins, Marie T. 
(Mrs. Leo Sick) 
Dushore. Pa. 
"Collins, Mary E. 
Comerford, Mary D. 
4742 Pine St. 
Philadelphia, Pa. 
Conlan, Anna R. 
42 Church St. 
Pittston, Pa. 
Conlan, Helen M. 
(Sr. Bernard Marie) 
St. John's Convent 
96 Hamilton St. 
Paterson, N.J. 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 

Conlan, Mary Prances 
42 Church St. 
Pittston, Pa. 
Cortright, Martha, 
(Mrs. Harry Shoemaker) 
16 Union St. 
Shickshinny, Pa. 
Costa, Mary C. 
238 Main St. 
Old Forge, Pa. 
Cotner, Prank B. 
Montant State College 
Bozeman, Montana 
Crossley, Margarete 
(Mrs. J. Earle Gooding) 
26 Briar Circle, 
Dunellen, N.J. 
Crossley, Renna P. 
(Mrs. Ken. Mlausteller) 
R.D. #1 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tDavis, Ada D. 

(Mrs. H. D. Crawford) 
Davis, Laura 
R.D. #5 
Towanda, Pa. 
♦Demaree, Albert 
*Dersheimer, Jessie R. 
(Mrs. C. W. Hoover) 
Dennison, Nellie M. 
(Maj. Nellie M. Dennison) 
Box 280 

6200 Oregon Ave. N.W. 
Washington, D.C. 
*Dilcer, Nellie 

(Mrs. Nellie Petnault) 
*Engel, Maude B. 
(Mrs. S. B. Dilcer) 
Evans, Harriet Honor 
(Mrs. W. P. Hughes) 
119 Westervelt Ave. 
North Plainfield, N.J. 
*Evans, Harriet Simmers 
tEveland, Prancis B. 
(Dr. Francis Eveland) 
Petterolf, Homer W. 
Spring Mills, Pa. 
*Pertig, Alma 

(Mrs. John Bergstresser) 
Fischer, Lillian G. 
(Mrs. Charle'S K. Moore) 
46 Wesley St. 
Forty Fort, Pa. 
Preas, Martha C. 
3'0-9 EL Fourth St. 
Berwick, Pa. 
*Prey, Gordon P. 
♦Friel, Annette 
♦Punk, Harry E. 
Girton, Robert L. 
428 Percy St. 
South Williamsport, Pa. 
*Gleason, Nellie P. 

(Mrs. Martin J. White) 
♦Gonzales, Jnan S. 
Goodenough, Merle D. 
(Mrs. Fred Patten) 
240 Vine St. 
Honesdale, Pa. 
*Gorham, William 
tGreen, Natalie M. 

(Mrs. Arthur J. Keach) 
Gross, Sylvia 
(Mrs. Jerome Freeman) 
821 Bronx River Road 
Bronxville, N.Y. 
tGruber, Amos B. 
Haley, Margaret L. 
(Mrs. F. C. Flaherty) 
4925 N. 12th St. 
Philadelphia, Pa. 


Harman, Ruth E. 
(Mrs. Abner N. Seely) 
235 E. 13th SH. 
Berwick, Pa, 
♦Harrison, Muriel 

(Mrs. Muriel Kramer) 
tHartzell, Russel, J. 
♦Heacock, Mary E. 
*Herr, Olive V. 
Hess, Charles L. 
511 Wadsworth St. 
Syracuse, N.Y. 
Hess, Luther P. 
Espy, Pa. 
tHetler, Miriam 

(Mrs. J. H. White) 
tHillis, Lena B. 

(Mrs. Ondree H. Marsh) 
Horn, Margaret C. 
905 W. 3rd St. 
Williamsport, Pa. 
Houck, Florence S. 
R.D. #3 
Catawissa, Pa. 
tHughes, Hazel P. 

(Mrs. James Barton) 
*Hutton, Oswell B. 
Jameson, Catherine 
(Mrs. Ralph A. Burr) 
High Street 
Troy, Pa. 
Jones, Ethel B. 
(Mrs Raymond Messerve) 
267 E. Green St. 
Nanticoke, Pa. 
Jones, Helen C. 
(Mrs. Lyman Lister) 
52'5 Cleardale Ave. 
Trenton 8, N.J. 
Jones, Kathleen Marion 
1201 Market St. 
Berwick, Pa. 
Karns, Helen C. 

(Mrs. Helen Knandel) 
♦Kearney, Lillian M. 
tKeefer, Myrtle M. 

(Mrs. Harry Brumbach) 
Keeler, Edith R. 
(Mrs. C. J. Tallman) 
Box 271 
Vienna, Va. 
Keen, Helen C. 
(Mrs. John D. Jones) 
156 Gaylord Ave. 
Plymouth, Pa. 
Kelley, Bernard J. 
610 Vernon Road 
Mt. Airy, Phila., Pa. 
*Kester, Eura M. 

(Mrs. John R. Barto) 
♦Kirkendall, Ruth H. 

(Mrs. William Thompson) 
iKlase, Maude E. 

(Mrs. Robert Clemens) 
tKnaefler, Esther M. 

(Mrs. C. J. McLaughlin) 
♦Kocher, Lillian R. 

(Mrs. C. L. Auvil) 
♦Krieger, Lewis, W. 
Kuster, Kimler C. 
140' W. 11th St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Kuster, Ralph E. 
130 North St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Longenberger, Susie H. 
301 B. Eighth St. 
Berwick. Pa. 
Love, A. Florence 
1524 Picardy Circle 
Clearwater, Fla. 
iLynch, Anita G. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

MacDonnell, Sadie C. 

(Mrs. Emmett Thompson) 
Mack, Marion 
(Mrs. Marion Kinnerroan) 
912 S. Fell Ave. 
Normal, 111. 
Mack, Mildred 
(Mrs. D. V. iShovlin) 
140 Waller St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Madden, E stella 
Locust Avenue 
Centraiia, Pa. 
Malloy, Kathryn 
5652 Whitby Ave. 
Philadelphia, Pa. 
*Maxey, D. Rexford 
McGirk, Ruth R. 
(Mrs. Ruth R. Hill) 
Box 452 Rugh Road 
Strafford, Wayne, Pa, 
McHenry, Bertha L. 
(Mrs. Bertha L. Fritz) 
Box 278 
Benton, Pa. 
Mendenhall, Helen J. 
'Miller, Robert H. 
Miller, Verna A. 
(Mrs. A. D. Hunsberger) 
1228 Oakwood Ave. 
Morristown, Pa. 
'Moyer, Ruth B. 
'Mulligan, Gertrude R. 
Myers, Blsie M. 
(Mrs. W. D. Boughner) 
46,2 N. Penna. Ave. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
*Myers, Harriet 

(Mrs. Robert Learn) 
Myles, Clarence 
Nicely, Buth P. 
(Mrs. H. B. Sterner) 
Dewart, Pa. 
•O'Donnell, Raymond 
*Pace, Joseph. G. 
*Paden, Mary T. 
Parf itt, Amelia M. 

(Mrs. Robert R, Sheehan) 
Park, Sarah H. 
'Patterson, Messina X. 
(Mrs. Fay Daley) 
Pegg, Helen J. 
413 Pine St. 
Danville, Pa. 
Phillips, Malzie V. 
(Mrs. Guy O. Barnett) 
RD. #1, Box 33, 
Greenville, Ala. 
*Pietrzykowski, Joseph 
♦Porter, Elizabeth 
'Powers, Eleanor G. Is. 
Pug-h, Elizabeth !■. 
54 Manhattan St. 
Ashley, Pa, 
Reese, Anna L. 

(Mrs. Russell Williams) 
Beese, Eenore 7. 

(Mrs. Den ore F. Evans) 
■Bhodes, Effie I.. 

(Mrs. Effie D. Bond) 
*Bichards, James 
Bichardson, Catherine B. 
(Mrs. Ladislaw Boor) 
2529 S. 19th St. 
Philadelphia 45, Pa. 
"Rishton, Myron P. 
Bobbins, Elizabeth J. 
(Mrs. John B. Bradford) 
Station Road 
Newport, N.J. 
tBoberts, Helen P. 

Both, Miriam 

(Mrs. Ira Hartman) 

275 N. Sprague Ave. 

Kingston, Pa, 
Banyan, Edna B. 

(Mrs. Joseph Cherrie) 

69 Robert Street 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
*Scharf, Elizabeth X. 
Schlotterbeck, Rena M. 

(Mrs. W. L. Snyder) 

13293 Freeland Ave. 

Detroit 27, Mich. 
Schooley, Robert E. 
Schweppenheiser, Ella. M. 

(Mrs. Clyde Hicks) 

329 E. Fourth St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Seidel, Nellie M. 

1618 State St. 

Harrisburg 13, Pa. 
*Shnman, Carrie 

(Mrs. Carrie Noetling) 
'Shuman, Charles 
Shuman, Mabel E. 

(Mrs. J. G. Luccarerri) 

311 N. Auburn Ave. 

Sierra Madre, Calif. 
Shnpp, Mary E. 

(Mrs. E. F. Sorber) 

22 Simpson St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa, 
■Simpson, Ethel M. 

(Mrs. Charles G. Raynes) 
Skweir, Michael 

16 65 Washington Ave. 

Northampton, Pa. 
Smith, Gertrude M. 

(Mrs. W. G. Parker) 

605 N. Abington Road 

Clarks Green, Pa. 
Smith, Helen K. 

(Mrs. Russell Beardsley) 

246 Beeohwood Ave. 

Middlesex, N.J. 
■Snyder, Cora M. 

(Mrs. Owen E. Pomeroy) 
Snyder, Flora E. 

(Mrs. Grover Stock) 

38 Main St. 

Dallas, Pa. 
Stemples, Mildred 

(Mrs. Earl S. Lindsey) 

69 Gaylord St. 

Binghamton, N.Y. 
tSnyder, Hilda 

(Mrs. Lester Stevineon) 
Sturges, Elizabeth 

2956 Beilrose Ave. 

South Hills 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
'Sullivan, Florence E. 
Surplus, Ina 

(Mrs. Curtis Moore head) 

1915 Jackson St. 

Scranton, Pa. 
'Thomas, Anna 

(Mrs. W. L. Atkinson) 
'Thomas, Gertrude 

(Mrs. A. S. Leonard) 
Throne, Robert H. 
Tidd, Arline 

(Mrs. Milton M. Evans) 

746 So. Main St. 

Taylor, Pa. 

'Titman, Prank 

Transne, Anna 

(Mrs. Anna Dickenson) 

R. D. #4 

Box 33 

Bethlehem, Pa. 

Wasilewski, Bella 

(Mrs. Wm. Hudock) 

204 Terrace Ave., S.W. 

Miami 57, Fla. 10531 
Watkins, Ray V. 

127 E. Prospect Ave. 

State College, Pa, 
'Weir, Janet B. 

(Mrs. Walter Shimp) 
Wetzel, Jacob P. 

11801 Balboa Drive 

Sun City, Ariz. 
'White, Albert Ii. 
Williams, Katherln* 

69 Liberty St. 

Ashley, Pa. 
tWilliams, May 

(Mrs. W. D. Jones) 
'Williams, Bnssell 
'Yerg, George M. 
Yetter, Martha H, 

(Mrs. Martha Weigand) 

445 Morris Ave., Apt. 2-D 

'Springfield, N. J. 
Yost, Geraldine L. 

(Mrs. Walter C. Hess) 

1122 Columbia St. 

Scranton, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1914 

Agniln, Jorge 

Coams, Puerto Rico 
Argust, Olwen M. 

(Mrs. O. A. Hartley) 

Lenoxville, Pa. 
Aston, Mary L. 

200 S. Franklin St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa 
Beatty, Prances T. 

(Mrs. F. B. Beveridge-) 

320 W. Carbon St. 

Minersville, Pa. 
Bogart, Leah 

(Mrs. George Lawton.) 

Riverview, R.D. #1 

Berwick, Pa. 
Bone, Catherine H. 

30 Dilley St. 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
Boyer, Clay G. 

5032 Smedley St. 

Philadelphia 41, Pa 
Brlngenberg, Edward 

W. Hazleton 

Public Sohools 

W. Hazleton, Pa. 

'Brunstetter, Panl I>. 

Buckley, Stella V. 

324 E. Broad St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Carr, Irene A. 

415 Hazle St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Colvin, Vera P. 

(Mrs. C. B. Gorham) 

36 Gravel Pond Rd. 

Clarks Summit, Pa. 
Conlan, P. J. 

42 Church St. 

Pittston, Pa. 
Conlan, M. Alberta 

42 Church St. 

Pittston, Pa. 
tConyngham, William J. 
tCorrigan, Mary J. 

(Mrs. Wm. O'Brien) 
Cosper, Pauline J. 

573 Warren Ave. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Crook, Emma G. 

Minersville, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t— Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


DeUy, Howard 

618 W. Third St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Dodson, Osborne C. 
269 Bentleyville Rd. 
Chagrls Falls, Ohio 
'prnmm, Clayton 
Edwards, Idwal H. 
(G-eneral Idwal H. 
2401 S. Meade St. 
Arlington., Va. 
Etsenhauer, Hester 
(Mrs. A. H. Kerst) 
517 N. School Lane 
Lancaster, Pa. 
Elliett, Sara E. 
(Mrs. Kenneth L. Cain) 
777 Cordova Ave. 
Akron, Ohio 
Emanuel, Mary L. 
(Mrs. Mary Brown) 
419 River Rd. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa 
Erdman, Kathxyn M. 
650O Overbrook St. 
Falls Church, Va. 
tEvans, Blodwyn 
tEvans, Margaret H. 
Fagan, Adelice D. 
(Mrs. James H. Calder) 
Apt A3 Sycamore 

Bristol, Pa. 
*Farver, Ethel R. 
Faust, Margaret 
(Mrs. Margaret Beaver) 
Danville, R.D. #3, Pa. 
Fennelly, Pauline R. 
27 N. Nice St. 
Frackville, Pa. 
Forscht, Miriam J. 
(Mrs. Miriam Care) 
1815 Boas St. 
Harrisburg, Pa. 
•Fowler, Beulah A. 
(Mrs. R. B. Thomas) 
Fritz, Flora L. 
(Mrs. E. B. Henderson) 
R.D. #1 
Indiana, Pa. 
♦Fulmer, Irene C. H. 
Glass, Catharine A. 
(Mrs. William Kochler) 
544 N. Vine St. 
Hazleton, Pa. 
tQleason, Lillian C. 
*Grala, William L. 
(Dr. William Grala) 
Greenley, George 
126 E. 7th St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tGrifflths, Ada C. (Mrs.) 
t Griffiths, Percy W. 

(Hon. Percy W. Griffiths, 
tHarpel, Frances 
Hartman, Hazel 
(Mrs. John Koehler) 
Box 583 
Ardmore, Pa. 
tHendershott, Charles XT. 
*Hendrlckson, Mary E. 

(Mrs. David Diehl) 
"Hawk, Mabel V. 

(Mrs. Mabel Owens) 
Henrie, Jean M. 
219 Bedford St. 
Bedford, Pa. 
Hldlay, Ruth 
131 W. Fourth St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 

►Kill, Isabel S. 

(Mrs. A F. Long) 
Houck, Florence 

R.D. #3 
Catawissa, Pa. 
Hughes, Ethel P. 
(Mrs Howard Gunther) 
621 E. 3rd IStt. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 

♦Hummel, Daisy 

(Mrs. Thomas Eves) 
tHyde, Pauline 

(Mrs. O. D. Decker) 
Jamison, Edith M. 
(Mrs. R R. Zarr, Jr.) 
199 Dupont St. 
Ridley Park, Pa. 
Jennings, Susan 
(Mrs. Alfred W. 
42 Slocum Ave. 
Tunkhannock, Pa. 
tJoyce, James A. 
'Keller, Russell 
Kimble, Bessie W. 
(Mrs. Charles Young) 
Star Route 
Fountainville, Pa. 
tliaub, Henry R. 
Laubach, G. Bertelle 
(Mrs. Bruce Lamont) 
549 N. Vine St. 
Hazleton, Pa. 
Xiebo, Bessie C. 
(Mrs. H. F. Vincent) 
R.D. #1, Danville, Pa. 
♦Leonard, Malcolm S. 
♦Lloyd, Henrietta P. 
McElwee, Emily A. 
(Mrs. Emily Jameson) 
Pennington, N. J. 
tMann, Alma C. 
(Mrs. Alma Sharp) 
Martin, C. Christine 
(Mrs. C. Krusko) 
223 George St. 
New Brunswick, N. J. 
'Mensch, Harriet O. 

(Mrs. Harriet Davenport) 
♦Miller, Alfred C. 
Miller, Eda 
(Mrs. Eda Eyer) 
145 W. Mountain Ave. 
Lascruces, N. M. 
♦Miller, Olive T. 

(Mrs. Roy A. Cook) 
♦Morgan, Elsie P. 

(Mrs. Warren E. Swank) 
Mras, Martha A. 
(Mrs. Martha Kabeschat) 
400' E. Main St. 
Plymouth, Pa. 
Myers, Margaret A 
(Mrs. Frederick J. Wiant) 
Moravia, R.D. #4, N.Y. 
Nicholson, Edna 
(Mrs. Edna Rittenhouse) 
R.D. #2 

iShickshinny, Pa. 
Norton, Lois T. 
(Mrs. H. H. Curtis) 
Waymart, R.D. #1, Pa, 
Oliver, Ralph A. 
526 W. Front St. 
Berwick. Pa. 
tPegg, Nola C. 

(Mrs. George Burnett) 
♦Fritchard, E. Feme 
Ravert, Ethel 
(Mrs. Ethel Keck) 
3710 Gulf of Mexico Dr. 
Sarasota, Fla. 33577 

Held, Eva B. 

(Mrs. Eva Embrey) 
213 Virginia Ave. 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Richardson, Catherine 

(.iirs. Ladislaw Boor) 

2529 S. 19th St. 

So. Phila. 45, Pa. 
Rickert, Glennis H. 

120 Pine Ave. 

Kane, Pa. 
'Riddle, Margaret I. 
tRoberts, Carleton A. 
*Rosenstock, Martha F. 
Ryman, Lawrence B. 

1605 "F" St. 

Napa, Calif. 
Savige, Lawrence D. 

Mears Bldg. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Schobert, Sabilla G. 

(Mrs. Earl R. Campbell) 

Ontario Apts. 

2853 Ontario Rd. N.W. 

Washington, D. C. 
Seltzer, Robert E. 

Fannelt Twp. High School 

Franklin County, Pa- 
Severance, Cora L. 

(Mrs. Ernest M. Pinnock) 

1 West Ave. 

Meshoppen, Pa 
Sheard, Lovisa E. 

(Mrs. J. A. Gossman) 

Boyds Mills, Pa. 18406 
Slamon, Jennie A. 

318 N. Washington St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

♦Smaltz, Ernest R. 
t Smith, Charles K. 
Strange, Mary E. 
(Mrs. Arthur Dreisbach) 
RD. #1 
Falls, Pa. 
♦Thomas, Evan R. 
Tonrey, Marguerite 
(Mrs. Marguerite Ruane) 

319 Wyoming Ave. 
Wyoming, Pa 

Vanderslice, Martha H. 

173 Glenwood Ave. 

East Orange, N. J. 
Vastlne, Jacob H. 

267 Kent Rd. 

Wynnewood, Pa. 
twardlaw, Edith M. 
Waters, Florence L. 

(Mrs. G. Lee Hassert) 

152 Luddington Ave. 

Clifton, N. J. 
*Weyhenmeyer, Adah M. 
Weiss, Leifa 

(Mrs. G. E. Chamberlain) 

Meshoppen. Pa. 
Welliver, Charlotte 

(Mrs. Charlotte Hoch) 

RD. #2 

Orangeville, Pa. 
♦White, Martha 
Winter, Bessie 

(Mrs. Bessie Maddy) 

270 E. Broad St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1915 

Albert, Ruth M. 

(Mrs. Dallas C. Baer) 
24 Huron Ave. 
Norwood, Pa 

» — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Andres, Martha 

(Mrs. Delroy Holmes) 

2212 Kensington St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Atherton, E. Leona 

(Mrs. John R. R. Davis) 

14 E. Poplar St. 

W. Nanticoke, Pa. 
Aubrey, Nora M. 

(Mrs. Railph M. Aberfell) 

Prospect Manor 

2430 Prospect 

Berkeley 4, Calif. 
•Ayers, Marguerite 
Baer, Alma M. 

(Mrs. Ed war do Llerema) 

527 Rica Jacuhy Alta 

Estado de Rio De Janero, 

Brazil, S. A. 
Baum, Martha M. E. 

(Mrs. George Moore) 

852 Brookside Ave. 

Pottstown, Pa. 
Bierman, Katherine B. 

(Mrs. Idwal H. Edwards) 

2401 N. Meade St. 

Arlington, Va. 
Blackmail, Bruce 

89 W. Pettebone St. 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
Boone, Eulah M. 

(Mrs. Eulah M. Speigel) 

2341 3rd St. 

Espy, Pa. 
Brace, Sara A. 

R.D. #2 

Tunkhannock, Pa. 18657 
Brannigan, Margaret M. 

(Mrs. Frank Martin) 

Jeddo, Pa. 
tBranning, Juanita 

(Mrs. David Siesholts) 
*Bray, Edith M. 

(Mrs. Edith M. Bidwell) 
Breslin, Catherine B. 

(Mrs. George N. Aleton) 

232 W. Main St. 

Port Jervis, N. T. 
Brower, Mary A. 

(Mrs. Elmer Harrington) 

6409 Beechwood Dr. 

Chevy Chase 15, Md. 
♦Burke, Beatrice B. 
*Burlingame, Alva 
Buss, Btta 

(Mrs. W. Guy Evans) 

35 Sixth St. 

Clymer, Pa. 
Carey, Laura B. 

(Mrs. E. M. Ellsworth) 

20 Gershorn Place, 

Kingston, Pa. 
Cherrie, Joseph 

69 Robert St. 

Alden Station, Pa. 
Clark, Anita J. 

(Mrs. Frank B. Cotner) 

Montana ISitate College 

Bozeman, Montana 
Conlan, Francis J. 

42 Church St. 

Pittston, Pa. 
Crumb, Sadie M. 

12.32 "U" St., S.E. 

Washington 20, D. C. 
Cryder, Millard 

(Dr. Millard Cryder) 

109 Mechanic St. 

Cape May Courthouse, 
N. J. 
♦Culver, Beatrice A. 

Culver, Ralph L. 

Clover Ridge Farms 

Laceyville, Pa. 
Davis, Hilda G. 

(Mrs. Leonard Morgan) 

85 Fort Street 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
tDieffenbach, Nevin J. 

(Dr. Nevin J. 


tDietz, Nettie C. 

(Mrs. J. A. Luxton) 
iDiseroad, Marie A. 
Dollman, Warren A. 

12 E. Eighth St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Dreibelbis, M. Esther 

485 Gramatan Ave. 

Apartment 2F 

Mount Vernon, N. Y. 
Duy, Josephine 

(Mrs. Frank Hutchison) 

180 Chestnut St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
♦Ent, Nellie J. 

(Mrs. Nellie J. Marshall) 
tBves, J. Harold 
♦Fairchild, Lois M. 
Faux, Bred W. 

6 00 E. Camermon St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Fiske, Ward B. 

122 East 15th St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Breas, Lois O. 

(Mrs. Leo E. Stahl) 

4906 TenTerden Drive 

Syracuse 15, N. Y. 
Gellinger, Clarice 

(Mrs. C. F. Ruck) 

767 Park Ave. 

Bound Brook, N. J. 
Gerrity, Helen M. 

617 N. Main St. 

Pittston, Pa. 
Girton, Laura 

R.D. #1 

Danville, Pa. 

*Gress, George C. 

Gress, William 

(Dr. William Gress) 

318 W. Market 'St. 

Pottsville, Pa. 
Griesmer, Theresa 

29 William St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Gronka, Elizabeth 

(Mrs. Elizabeth Ravin) 

48 W. Main St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
tGruber, Harry 
Gundry, Mary A. 

(Mrs. William I. Prizer) 

1215 Blythe Ave. 

Drexel Hill, Pa. 
Gunton, Ruth M. 

(Mrs. El wood Farrell) 

805 S. George St. 

York, Pa. 
*Hagenbuch, Gilbert 
♦Harman, Ida B. 
♦Harris, Eva M. 
♦Harris, Helen E. 

(Mrs. George W. Aliton) 
*Hassert, Marie 
Headings, Esther A. 

Milroy, Pa. 
♦Helfrich, Esther C. 
Hess, Mary E. 

(Mrs. Walter Croop) 

1733 W. Front St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
tHetrick, Frances T. 

Hoag, Norma 

(Mrs. William R. 

110 S. Chestnut St. 

Summit Hill, Pa. 
Hosier, Carl L. 

(Dr. Carl L. Hosier) 

1792 Adams Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Houser, Gretchen 

207 N. Main St. 

Taylor, Pa. 
tHoward, Lena M. 
*Hower, Bebecca 
Hutchings, Marion G. 

(Mrs. Marion Stumpf) 

118 Charles St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
*Ikeler, Bebecca 
♦Jones, Anne P. 
Joyce, Angela 

(Mrs. Wm. Walsh) 

Argonne Apts. 

Columbia Rd., N.W. 

Washington, D.C. 
♦Keating, John Paul 

(Dr. John Paul Keating) 
Keyser, Raymond N. 

2432 NE 27th Ave. 

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 
Kindig, Boy C. 

305 W. Market St. 

Clearfield, Pa. 
Kleckner, pearl N. 

(Mrs. F. W. Plageman) 

402 Yoder St. 

Endicott, N.Y. 
Koehler, Buth L. 

(Mrs. George Hayes) 

322 Harrison Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Kooutz, Boy H. 
♦Krum, Howard B. 
Lawall, Miriam 

(Mrs. Hoyt E. Heller) 

Wapwallopen, Pa. 
Leggoe, Fannie E. 

(Mrs. R. B. Wandel) 

539 N. Vino iSit. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
'Lehman, Susanna 
♦Eeighow, Catherine 

(Mrs. C. Bittenbender) 
*Lesher, Boberta W. 

(Mrs. B. G. Blackman) 
Lewis, Lucretia S. 

(Mrs. M. A. Martin) 
tEilley, Edward W. 
Little, Katherine E. 

(Mrs. John Bakeless) 

Great Hill Road 

R.D. #2, Seymour, Conn. 
Marchetti, Angelina P. 

(Mrs. August Micheline) 

105 Orono St. 

Clifton, N. J. 
Marcy, Emmitt D. N. 

55 Slater Place 

Maplewood, N. J. 
Martin, Edith L. 

(Mrs. Edith L. Larson) 

309 Mt. Vernon Ave. 

Laurel Springs, N. J. 
Maurer, Myrtle M. 

(Mrs. Myrtle M. Johmson) 

4532 Harding Road 

Merchantville, N. J. 
Maxwell, Agnes 

(Mrs. Henry Mensinger) 

230 W. 7th St. 
Erie, Pa. 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


McCloughan, Lois M. 

(Mrs. Harlan Snyder) 
320 Main St. 
Catawissa, Pa. 
McClure, Dora F. 
R.D. #1 
Clifton, Va. 
tMcGee, Leo J. 
-Miles, Mildred A. 

(Mis. Harry Ralston) 
*Miller, Elverta I. 
Miller, Marion E. 
Dir. Public School Art 
Denver, Col. 
*Millington, Emily S. 
"Milnes, Paul P. 
Mitchell, Helen V. 
(Mrs. Irwin R. Weaver) 
X. Roberts Ave. 
New Holland, Pa. 
♦Montgomery, William C. 
Moss, Leona G. 
Neifert, Grace I. 
(Mrs. J. E. Giles) 
911 N. Market St. 
Marion, 111. 
'Ohl, Maurice 
■Oliver, Deans D. 
Oman, Clara A. 
1102 E. Walnut St. 
Hollidaysburg, Pa, 
•O'Neill, Helen 
+Padden, Catherine W. 
Pannebr.ker, Maude S. 
(Mrs. Lawrence 
*Farks, Helen 

(Mrs. Conrad Hutchison) 
*Peet, Maude H. 

(Mrs. Maude McLaughlin) 
tPierson, Minnie A. 
(Mrs. J. A. Brosnan) 
Fooley, Ruth E. 
212 West ISlt. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
*Prynn, Marion J. 
Hatchf ord, Alice M. 

(Mrs. Alice M. Shields) 
Reiss, Grace J. 
24 Alexander St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa, 
Rice, Dorothy 
(Mrs. Paul Williams) 
641 W. Diamond Ave. 
Hazleton, Pa. 
tRichards, Elizabeth. C. 
"Bobbins, Earl S. 
Robbins, Shirley J. 
12 Belden Ave. 
Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. 
Roberts, Jane E. 

(Mrs. Jane NevLns) 
Roldan, Ramon S. 
iSan Lorenzo, 
Puerto Rico 
Roth, Beatrice H. 
(Mrs. B. V. Reeves) 
Residence Park 
Palmerton, Pa, 
Rudy, Anna G. 
123 E. Crary Ave. 
Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 
Sariclrs, Edith M. 
933 Birkbeck St. 
Freeland, Pa. 
tSchlanger, Ida 
tSchu, Leo W. 
*Shepherd, Irene S. 
(Mrs. T. C. Hoag) 
tShuman, Jennie 

(Mrs. L. A, Whitenight) 

Shnman, John H. 

36 S College Hill 

Bloomsburg, Pa, 
"Sick, Adona 
Smith, Prances M. 

(Mrs. Van C. Lewis) 

R.D. #1 

Dalton, Pa. 
Smith, Marguerite E. 

457 S. River St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa, 
Speary, Edna A. 

(Mrs. Glennis Rickert) 

120 Pine Ave. 

Kanes, Pa. 
Sturgis, Elizabeth 

2956 Belrose Ave. 

South Hills 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
*Swigart, Marie L, 

(Mrs. W. Y. Shoemaker) 
Symbal, Albert P. 

Shenandoah, Pa. 
Thomas, Elsie E. 

(Mrs. William C. Burger) 

R.D. #4 

Danville, Pa. 
Thomas, Ruth A. 
Thomas, Ruth E. 

(Mrs. Carl March) 

213 W. 5th St. 

Bloomsburg. Pa, 
'Thompson, Bessie L. 

(Mrs. Mylin Watkins) 
tTischler, Sara 

(Mrs. Robert Menaker) 
Trembley, Paul M. 

145 23rd Ave. 

St. Petersburg, Fla, 
Tubbs, Rachel A. 
Watkins, Mary Ethel 

(Mrs. Louis E. Weber) 

725 N. Brownley Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Welliver, Charlotte 

(Mrs. Edmund Hoeh) 

Orangeville, Pa. 
Welsh, Elizabeth S. 

(Mrs. Edwin Miller) 

R.D. #1 

Orangeville, Pa. 
tWhite, Mary M. 
*WhiteselL Abram B. 

(Dr. Abram B. Whitesell) 
+Williams, Mary E. 
Williams, Tom E. 

S68 S. Franklin St., 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

+ Williams, Veraa M. 

Yeager, Martha E. 

(Mrs. Martha B. 

588 Peace St., 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Yerkes, Elizabeth H. 

Milanville, Pa, 
Yost, Ruth E. 

(Mrs. Harold Buckley) 

940 North 19th St., 

Allentown, Pa. 
*Zarr, Prances M. 

(Mrs. Frances M. Post) 
Zearfoss, Margaret B. 

(Mrs. Earl E. Richards) 

Mountain Top. Pa. 
Zimmerman, Lillian 

116 W. Main St. 

Mifflinville, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1916 

Andersen, Marion 
(Mrs. George Schaub) 

"Anthony, Mabel M. 

(Mrs. George T. Parsels) 
tAucher, Olive M. 

(Mrs. Hoyt Glaze) 
Austin Marjorie 

238 Academy Street, 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa, 
tBaer, Benjamin B. 
tBalchunas, Anthony 
Baluta, John V. 

(Dr. John V. Baluta) 

215 X. Shamokin St., 

Shamokin, Pa. 
*Barger, Elsie M. 

(Mrs. Harry Katerman) 
tBeishline, Bernice L. 

(Mrs. Shirley J. Robbins) 
"Benson, Allen G. 
Bone, Z. Esther 

111 Fort St., 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
tBoyle, Julia M. 

(Mrs. Edward Donovan) 
tBrazill, Grace M. 
tBreslin, Margaret 
tBrill, William G. 
*Brink, Margaret J. 

(Mrs. G. L. Trivelpiece) 
tBrobst, Clarence M. 
tBronzo, John P. 
tBrown, Marie A. 

(Mrs. Marie Lay ton) 
Burns, Kathryn C. 

231 E. Mahanoy Ave. 

Girardville, Pa. 
Carter, Louise P. 

(Mrs. C. W. Dikeman) 

430 Main iSt., 

Peckvi'lle, Pa. 
Clark, Hilda 

(Mrs. Elmer Fairchild) 

44 Poplar Ave., 

Milton, Pa. 
tClark, Ruth W. 

(Mrs. Rev. John Gummer) 
tClifford, Grace 
tCoogan, Mary J. 
Cook, Sara A. 

(Mrs. H. Dana Young) 

335 S. Market St., 

Shamokin, Pa, 
tCorcoran, Kathryn E. 

(Mrs. Albert Beierschmit) 
Creasy, Rachel P. 

(Mrs. Rachel Cappello) 

9 Lyons Street 

Bath, N.Y. 14S10 
tCulp, Nora M. 
Bailey, Margaret E. 

(Mrs. F. J. Meenahan) 

27 N. Balliett St., 

Frackville, Pa. 
iDarrahon, Helen I. 
Davies, Ellen Margaret 

(Mrs. Ellen M. Folsom) 

356 Marple Road, 

Broomall, Pa. 
■Davies, Mary E. 
Davis, Mary J. 

(Mrs. Wallace MacDavid) 

5494 Broadway 

Lancaster, N.Y. 
Depew, Hilda M. 

(Mrs. Hilda M. Gregory) 

332 Rutter Ave. 

Kingston, Pa. 
+Dodson, George W. 
*Dorssy, Kathleen 
tDrake, Lela G. 

(Mrs. Gladstone 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Dreibelbis, Ruth A. 
485 Graniatan Ave., 
Apt. 2F 

M-t. Vernon, N.Y. 10552 
1 Drinker, Dorothy L. 
(Mrs. Meredith Porter) 
Dugan, Elizabeth C. 

Nicholson, Pa. 
Elder, Carolyn E. 
600 E. Third St., 
Berwick, Pa. 
«Fairchild, Marlon C. 
*Ferrio, Margaret B. 
tFord, Bernard J. 
Pritz, Dorothy M. 
1921 72nd Ave., 
Philadelphia 38, Pa. 
Fuller, Ruth N. 
(Mrs. \V. W. Gregory) 
472 W. White Hall Road, 
State College, Pa. 16 801 
Tunl, Cora S. 
Gabbert, Kathryn E. 
(Mrs. Charles A. Thomas) 
115 S. Main St. 
Maihanoy City, Pa. 
^Garrison, Marion E. 
iGerber, Naomi 
(Mrs. Stewart) 
Girton, Lois M. 
(Mrs. Lois M. Johnston) 
413 Avenue E 
Riverside, Pa. 
Graves, Ruth P. 
(Mrs. Thomas R. 

Dalton. Pa. 
r Griffiths, Percy W. 
Hagenbuch, Elsie R. 
(Mrs. Irvin Robinson) 
514 W. 3rd St. 
Hazleton, Pa. 
TRall, Lee Roy 
Hammond, Genevieve G. 
(Mrs. John B. Craven) 
2642 Olyphant Ave., 
Scranton, Pa. 
Harraan, Irene L. 
(Mrs. "W. F. Dew) 
33 Amherst St., 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Harrison, Emma G. 
(Mrs. Russell Burrus) 
R.D. #2 

Orangeville, Pa. 
tHartman, Earl B. 
tHartman, Helen E, 

(Mrs. John Bradford) 
Hartranft, Clara E. 
(Mrs. John G. Hopkins) 
419 Wells Ave., 
Oakhurst, N.J. 
Harvey, Mary A. 
(Mrs. W. R. Cunningham) 
67 Hillside Ave. 
Hillside, N.J. 
Hess, Katherine R. 
214 East Main (St., 
Nanticoke, Pa. 
Hidlay, S. Margaret 
(Mrs. Edson A. Potter) 
131 West 4th St., 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Higgins, Mamie 
(Mrs. Mamie Thomas) 
2 57 Bloomfield Ave., 
Caldwell, N.J. 
Hill, Cora G. 
801 West 4th St., 
Williamsport, Pa. 17701 
Hinchey, Joseph P. 
Centralia, Pa. 

tHippensteel, Myles D. 
tHowe, Gladys A. 
(Mrs. U. R. Merrill) 
Howell, Lois B. 
Hutchinson, Prank S. 
180 Chestnut St., 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Irvin, Hanna M. 

2504 78th Ave. 
Philadelphia, Pa. 19150 
Jones, Jessie N. 
16 Academy St., 
Plymouth, Pa. 
tjoyce, James A. 
Kahny, Valetta L. 
(Mrs. H. R. Robinson) 
1526 Jefferson St., 
Liitrobe, Pa. 
Kelley, Mary R. 

(Mrs. Martin Walsh) 
tKelsey, John E. 
t Kendall, Kathleen 
Kingsbury, Marjorie 
(Mrs. L. C. Rummage) 
137 State St., 
Nanticoke, Pa. 
tKline, Florence M. 

(Mrs. James Atterberry) 
iKlinger, Carolyn E. 

(Mrs. A. Levan Zechman) 
*Knies, A. Pauline 

(Mrs. Horace Williams) 
Kfeamer, Hazel M. 
(Mrs. John A. Price) 
183 Delaware St., 
Woodbury, N.J. 
tKroeger, Anna M. 
*Lear, Harry K. 
Leidich, Ray D. 
33 Cresson St., 
Tremont, Pa. 
tL'Hommedieu, Helen M. 
'Line, Anna E. 

(Mrs. Anna Bowersox) 
Little, Katherine R. 
(Mrs. John Bakeless) 
Great Hill Road, R.D. #2 
Seymour, Conn. 
Madden, Mary Agnes 

(Mrs. Mary A. Heath) 
tMajor, Florence E. 
(Mrs. Florence E. 
Makinson, Sara H. 
■ Manley, Helen 
Mason, Catherine H. 
(Mrs. C. M. Woodring) 
89 Tron St., 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tMaurer, Margaret, J. 
(Mrs. M. J. Leroy) 
Maxey, Florence V. 
(Mrs. J. J. MacMillan) 
51 Garfield Ave., 
Carbondale, Pa. 
Mayers, P. Jennie 
(Mrs. William E. Evans) 
82 Ampere Parkway 
East Orange, N.J. 
McAndrews, Harriet 
(Mrs. George Murphy) 
6000 Nevada Ave. N.W. 
Washington. D.C. 
*McCormick, M. Annette 

(Mrs. James P. Murray) 
*McDyer, Anna L. 
McHenry, Ward K. 
McHugh, Helen V. 
431 Chestnut St., 
Kingston, Pa. 
Meenahan, Frank J. 

•Miller, Maude Florence 
(Mrs. Joseph A. 
MUosh, Julia E. 
(Mrs. Justin Buyauskas) 
1710 Arthur St. 
Hollywood, Fla. 3302O 
Morgan, Ann 
(Mrs. Percy A. Williams) 
333 East Main St., 
Nanticoke, Pa. 
tMusgrave, Mary 
'Musgrave, Maud E. 
Neely, Alice 
Lehman, Pa. 
*Noack, Maxwell R. 
tO'Hara, Margaret L. 

(Mrs. Charles Sneidman) 
Pennington, Phoebe L. 
( Mrs. Phoebe L. 
Ap pieman) 
-Pethick, Lana S. 

(Mrs. M. L. Dexter) 
Potter, Hazel I. 
(Mrs. Hazel Hoyt) 
1718 Meetinghouse Road, 
Boothwyn, Pa. 
Powell, Joanna 
(Mrs. Joanna Lorenz) 
1928 Englewood Ave., 
Forty Fort, Pa. 187'04 
fRamborger, Ellen L. 
aeaser, Annie P. 

(Mrs. George A. Doty) 
Reed, Kathryn R. 
(Mrs. Ray C. Kase) 
314 Jackson Ave., 
Ridgway, Pa. 
*Reynolds, Helen B. 
^Reynolds, Myrtle I. 
tRichards, Mabel E. 

(Mrs. Charles Miller) 
tRichardson, Emily 
(Mrs. S. A. Santiago) 
Rickert, Glennis H. 
120 Pine Ave., 
Kane, Pa. 
Ridgley, Margaret 
Bobbins, Blanche K. 
(Mrs. Kennan Damon) 
373 Main St., 
North Concord, Mass. 
Roberts, Jennie M. 
(Mrs. Samuel Morris) 
230 Church St., 
Edwardsville, Pa. 
Rogers, Annette P. 
(Mrs. A. J. Lloyd) 
611 North Sumner Ave., 
Scranton, Pa. 
tRohde, Virginia 

(Mrs. Virginia Bailey) 
■Rose, Sarah M. 

(Mrs. Harold C. Bedford) 
*Runyan, S. Helen 

(Mrs. Monroe Myers) 
Rusk, Anna P. 
(Mrs. Paul J. Fitzpatrick) 
617 College Ave., 
Lancaster, Pa. 
Rutherford, Margaret E. 
(Mrs. Herbert Dygert) 
908 West Center St., 
Medina. N.Y. 
tRyan, Mary V. 

(Sr. M. Eleanor) 
tScanlon, Prances G. 

(Mrs. Frederick Gleason) 
Schlanch, Ivan R. 
304 5 Old Berwick Road, 
Bloomsburg. Pa. 
'Schoffstall, Charles F. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Schuyler, Eva B. 

(Mrs. Paul DeWald) 

Main St., 

Turbotville, Pa. 
Searfoss, Florence 

(Mrs. F. E. Munro) ■ 

192 Melrose St. 

Auburndale, Mass. 02166 
Searles, Harriet E. 

305 West St. 
Bloomsburg', Pa. 

*Seiler, Mary E. B. 

(Mrs. William H. Lauver) 
'Seward, Lucretia E. 

(Mrs. Lewis Long) 
Shaffer, Helen M. 

'Mrs. fc'l. C. Henrie) 

328 Bast St., 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
; Shaffer, Mabelle L. 

(Mis. Mabelle L. 
Shoemaker, Ethel M. 

(Mrs. C. Herbert Henrie) 

Box 2>82 

Millville, Pa. 
tShovelin, Nan M. 

(Mrs. Nan M. Eagen) 
tSidler, Mildred 
♦Simons, Olive J. 

(Mrs. Russell Burrus) 
tSiegel, Mary S. 

(Mrs. Hobart Tyson) 
Stanton, Margaret E. 

34 East Oak St. 

Shenandoah, Fa. 
♦Sullivan, Kathryn M. 

(Mrs. William Gordon) 
*Sutliff, Ella B. 

(Mrs. Henry C. Brittain) 
tSuwalski, Victoria A. 

(Mrs. T. A. O'Connell) 
Sweppenheiser, Annie M. 

627 East iStecond St., 

Berwick, Pa. 
Tappan, Esther H. 

(Mrs. Joseph G. Terry) 
Taylor, William D. 

Macanaqua, Pa. 
Thomas, Lorena E. 

109 Gracedale Ave., 

Mountain Top, Pa. 18707 
• Tliomas, 'William A. 
-Throne, Pauline M. 

(Mrs. J. R. BeLlow) 
Toomey, Genevieve E. 

(Mrs. Genevieve E. 

307 Trites Ave., 

Norwood, Pa. 
tTubbs, Wesley E. 
"Vastine, Doug-las H. 
tWagenseller, Mary E. 

(Mrs. Harry L. Runge) 
Walper, Hazel A. 

(Mrs. Edgar A. More) 

638 8th Ave., 

Bethlehem, Pa. 

tWarner, Romayne 

Waters, Mary C. 

(Mrs. Mary C. Murphy) 

306 South Fourth St., 
Catawissa, Pa. 

■ Wear, Grace 
Welsh, Laura H. 

(Mrs. Laura H.|Brundage) 

18302 Windward Road, 

Cleveland 19, Ohio 
tWelliver, Ruth M. 
tWenner, Florence E. 

(Mrs. Harry Bryant) 
tWiant, Dennis E. 

tWeigand, Elizabeth 
"Williams, Mildred H. 

(Mrs. W. J. Pettibome) 
Wilson, Elizabeth T. 

(Mrs. H. C. Williams) 

Rushland, Pa. 
Wilson, Marion W. 

(Mrs. Horace C. Ball) 

154 W. Windsor St. 

Reading, Pa. 19610 
tWingert, Helen S. 
Wosnock, Hilda G. 

(Mrs. Harry B. Wei liver) 

1215 LaFayette Parkway 

William sport, Pa. 
*Yetter, Martha V. 

(Mrs. H. E. Rider) 
tZadra, Mary E. 
Zehner, Nina M. 

(Mrs. Monroe Frey) 

130 Market St., 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Zimmerman, Russel C. 

401 East 5th St., 

Berwick, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1917 

Arnold, Georgia F. 

30 W. Bennett St. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Atherton, Florence L. 

(Mrs. Fred Shaffer) 

1787 Murray St. 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
*Avery, Mildred 

(Mrs. Charleis Love) 
IBaflen, Ella E. 

(Mrs. J. F. McMinnis) 
Baker, Mary E. 

(Mrs. Frank Reshel) 

1510 SheMey Rd. 

Independence, Mo. 
Barnum, Margaret E. 

(Mrs. A. M. Bredbenner) 

Box 207 

Mifflinville, Pa. 
Barrall, O. R. 

42 Fairfield Rd., 

Havertown, Pa. 
Beckley, Kathryn E. 

(Mrs. Bernard Ford) 

120 E. Green St., 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Beehn, Lura Mae 

Newfoundland, Pa. 
*Beishline, Samuel D. 
Bell, Harriet M. 

(Mrs,. Harriet B. Thomas) 

277 Lee Park Ave. 

Lee Park 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
*Belles, Francis R. 
*Benscoter, Effie 

(Mrs. E. H. Kinback) 
Berlew, Mildred 

(Mrs. Mildred B. Griggs) 

16 Ryersom Ave., 

Newton, N.J. 
Berlew, Nora L. 

(Mrs. Leo Dymond) 

R.D. 3, Dallas, Pa. 
*Bitler, Mary Eva 
Bower, Ruth I. 

(Mrs. Ivan R. Schlauch) 

3045 Old Berwick Rd,, 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
*Boyer, Blanche 

(Mrs. O. W. Pheasant) 
Boyle, Hugh E. 

147 E. Chestnut St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 

Breisch, Fearl M. 

(Mrs. J. Lester Rider) 

R. F. D. 1 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Brink, J. Frank 

239 East St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Broadt, Bertha E. 
Brobst, Elva C. 

(Mrs. R. A. Ramage) 

Box 1110 

Prescott, Arizona 
Brown, Marion S. 

(Mrs. John H. Evans) 

8 VailUe y Rd. 

Madison, N.J. 
Brown, Ruth A. 

(Mrs. John Woolbert) 

441 Wildwood Dr. 

Youngstown, Ohio 
Brunstetter, Guy H. 

714 Sligo Ave. 

Silver Springs, Md. 
Bryant, Myrtle E. 

(Mrs. L. D. Henshall) 

1304 Garden Lane 

Reading, Pa. 
tBuck, Daniel L. 
Button, Stuart C. 

16 Prospect Ave., 

Susquehanna, Pa. 
Caley, Margaret 

(Mrs. George Arner) 

3414 Azalea Ave. 

Trevose, Pa. 
Caswell, Blanche M. 

259 Wyoming Ave. 

Kingston, Pa. 
tChalfin, Harry 
Chapin, Gueneviere 

Cemtre Hill Rd. 

Dallas, Pa. 
Christian, loomis 

(Dr. Loomis Christian) 

3632 Rutherford St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
*Cohen, Marx Irving 

(Marx I. Murzin) 
'Conahan, Helen B. 

(Mrs. Helen C. Curran) 
'Corcoran, Mollie A. 
Cox, Margaret M. 

(Mrs. M. .1. McGrath) 

Lost Creek, Pa. 
Cromis, Allan L. 

637 E. Fifth St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Cromis, Marie 

3815 Chestnut St., 

Philiadellphia, Pa. 
Curry, Isabelle J. 

(Mrs. J. Paul Nolan) 

89 Parkside Ave. 

Buffalo 14, N.Y. 
Davis, Grace M. 

151 Prospect Ave. 

Mt. Vernon, N.Y. 
Dean, Martha B. 

1210 N. Renter Ave. 

Los Angeles 49, Calif. 
Decker, Dorothy O. 

(Mrs. S. M. Swetland) 

R.D. 1 

Mehoopany, Pa. 
*Delaney, Eugene Leo 
Dennis, Hope L. 
(Mrs. iSiamuel M. 

2616 P St., N.W. 

Washington 7, D.C. 
*Derr, George Harry 
'Diff enbacher, Mary Louise 

* — Reported Deceased 

t— Address Wanted 


Bloom sb urg State College 

Dunlap, Elsie 

(Mrs. William O. Wech) 

40 N. New Mt. Blvd. 

Mountain Top, 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Dymond, Mabel 

(Mrs. Hortin C. Bell) 

Box 362 

Dallas, Pa. 
Emmitt, Sara 

(.Mrs. Sara E. Reiohard) 

S447 - 118th St. 

New Gardens, L. I., N.J. 

«Enterline, Emily V. 

(Mrs Paul S. Gnittner) 
Evans, Bessie Howell 

(Mrs. Bessie E. 
Evans, Melba 

(Mrs. Melba E. Mayne) 

126 Second St. 

Olyphant, Pa. 
Fans, Hester Pearl 

(Mrs. W. T. Fogle) 

RD. 1 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
'Fiore, Eleanor 
*Fisher, Mary Leota 

(Mrs. Edwin Eyerly) 
Flaherty, Irene Cecelia 

(Mrs. Irene F. Nelson) . 

92 Lee Park Ave. 

Lee Park 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Frew, Agnes Parry 

(Mrs. Willard J. Davis) 

33 Merrie Trail 

Indian Lake 

Denville, N.J. 
G-arrlson, Sarah C. 

(Mrs. Harry Miller) 

321 West St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
'Gensemer, Lillian O. 

(Mrs. Ralph Moyer) 
Getty, Raymond P. 

Supt. of Schools 

Huntingdon, Pa. 
•Gift, J. Claire 
*Ginley, Theresa D. 

(Mrs. Theresa G. McHale) 
Greener, Florence M. 

216 Dana IS*. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Gregory, Helen E. 

(Mrs. W. C. Lippert) 

107 Church St. 

Dalton, Pa. 
■Grimes, Ellamae 

(Mrs. Eldamae G. 
Grossman, Lena 

81 S. Pine St. 

HazJe<ton, Pa. 
■"Hacker, Bertha M. 

(Mrs. Bertha H. Schnerr) 
Heller, Edwin 

6 Grand View Ave. 

West Orange, N.J. 
Hoag, Esther 

(Mrs C. R. Martz) 

R.D. 2 

Berwick, Pa. 
Hobbs, Ervin A. 

214 E. Eldorado St. 

Arcadia., Calif. 
Hodgson, Clarence T. 

403 Atlantic Ave. 

York, Pa. 

Hodgson, Ruth 

(Mrs. Ruth H. Haggerty) 

Fern. Conv. A. Dorm 

State Hosipital 

Clarke Summit, Pa. 
tHoyt, Kittle B. 
Isaacs, Annie E. 

(Mrs. Floyd Gay) 

1310 N. Fifth St. 

Albuquesque, N. Mex. 
James, Anna L. 

41 South Grant St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Jenkins, Han R. 

209 W. High St. 

Xosquehoning, Pa. 
Jennings, Kathryn 

(Mrs. Kathryn J. 

21 A X. Granada Ave. 

Alhambra, Calif. 
Johnson, Lillian 

(Mrs. Harvey Frantz) 

Mt. Aetna, Berks Co., Pa. 
Jones, Elsie Andora 

(Mrs. J. J. Green, Jr.) 

128 Linden St. 

W. Pittston, Pa. 
Jones, Freda E. 

372 Schuyler Ave. 

Kingston, Pa 
"Jones, Louise B. 

(Mrs. William|A. Thomas) 
Joyce, Walter L. 

6 5i20 Hillmeade Rd. 

Bethesda, Md. 
Kahny, Mary C. C. 

(Mrs. Carl D. Arnold) 

iSlaltsburg, Pa. 
Xeiser, Myrtle E. 

(Mrs. Stan Shepherd) 

436 S. River St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
'Keller, William U. 
Kelley, Mabel R. 

(Mrs. James O'Donnell) 

26 2 West S. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Hester, Fred 

214 Lansdowne Ave. 

Clarks Summit, Pa. 
Hester, Veda E. 

(Mrs. Irvin Miller) 

1125 Garrison Ave. 

Rochester, N.Y. 
♦Killgore, B. S. 
Kindig, Bruce 

Medicine Lodge, Kan. 
Kindig, Ralph W. 

930 Limecrest Rd. 

Pittsburgh 21, Pa. 
"Kline, Marion G. 
Kresge, Clara A. 

(Mrs. Irvin Unangst) 

930 Birkbeck St. 

Freeland, Pa. 
Lecher, Gertrude C. 

26 Stanley St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Lecher, Grace H. 

(Mrs. John Hughes) 
Lewis, Mabel 

(Mrs. Mabel L. Swingle) 

241 Hudson St. 

Hawley, Pa, 
Lord, Gertrude M. 

(Mrs. George R. Blanch) 

211 S. Centre St. 

Pottsville, Pa, 
*Lord, Helen E. 

(Mrs. Harold Bulla) 

Luchs, Clyde R. 

18 W. Third St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa 
Maher, Elzabeth M. R. 

(Sister Marie Lawrence) 

Marywood College 

Scranton, Pa. 
Manst, Agnes 

(Mrs. Kester 

R.D. 1, Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Manst, Mabel E . 

(Mrs. Dwight Duck) 

342 West St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
McCarthy, Helen M. 

(Mrs. Jofhn W. O'Toole) 

618 Gibbons St. 

Scranton, Pa. 
McGill, Sara A. 
McHenry, John P. 

Stillwater, Pa 
*McHenry, Rachel 
McHugh, Margaret M. 

335 W. Fourth St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
McMaims, Mary P. 
Mileham, Mildred P. 

27 E. Bennett St. 
Kingston, Pa. 

Miller, Dorothy 

(Mrs. William R. Brower) 

315 Second St. 

Weatherly, Pa. 

tMitchell, Arline 

Monahan, Rose 

28 Homesvlile St. 
Ashland, Pa. 

Morgan, Arthur C. 

324 E. Fourth St. 

Berwick, Pa 
*Moss, Mary Jane 

(Mrs. Mary M. Dobson) 
Murphy, Mary G. 

(Mrs. F. Arner Prim) 

130 W. Birch St. 

Hazleton, Pa, 
Myers, S. Anna 

(Mrs. S. Anna M. 
CTyhart, Arline M. 

(Mrs. Deroy A. Kemper) 

9 Oxford St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Nyhart, Margaret G. 

(Mrs. Norman Thomas) 

Tilbury Terrace, W. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
O'DonneU, Clara 

(Mrs. L. F. LeMin) 

2803 Crozer St. 

Ch.-ster, Pa. 
*0'Ruorke, Helen P. 

(Mrs. Leo Dombroski) 
: Ossuna, Pedro 
*Padagomas, Lucy 
PapciaJc, Nellie 

(Mrs. N. P. Turkiewicz) 

4200 S. W. Third St. 

Miami 34, Florida 
*Feck, Jane M. 

(Mrs. W. M. Starr) 
"Vegg, Esther 

(Mrs. Theodore Shaffer) 
♦Fettibone, Margaret Louise 

(Mrs. Warner Moss) 
Powell, Anna M. 

(Mrs. Earl Morgan) 

8411 W. Wisconsin Ave. 

Milwaukee, Wise. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Pursel, Anna M. 
Box 341 
Burn ham, Pa. 

Fyne, Caroline 

(Mrs. Howard Harrison) 

807 Floralon Dr. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Quinney, Evelyn R. 

230 At'lnatic Ave., Apt. IE 

Lynbrook, L.I., N.Y. 
Ramage, Russell 

Box 1110 

Prescott, Arizona 
Reiohard, Mary A. 

25 Bound Ave. 

Milton, Pa, 
Rice, Mildred M. 

423 W. 35 St. 

Wilmington, Del. 
Richards, Anna Mae 

(Mrs. Anna M. Carter) 

724 N. Webster Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Richards, Earl E. 

129 N. Main St. 

Mountain Top, Pa. 
Richards, Phoebe M. 

(Mrs. Phoebe R. Creps) 
Richardson, John L. Jr. 
Rider, Hilda A. 
Rlfkin, Lillian H. 

(Mrs. LUlian Bilumenfold) 

210 Riverside Dr., 

Apt. 78B 

New York City 25, N.Y. 
Row, Kathryn 

(Mrs. Deo McNamee) 

4 25 Center St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Runyan, Marion E. 

(Mrs. Edward Robuck) 

Eighth Ave.., Pine Manor 

Port Myers, Fla, 
Russell, Mildred E. 

(Mrs. Mildred R. Vought) 
Ryan, Nan A. 

(Mrs. Leo Degnan) 

135 Third Ave. 

Brentwood, L.I., N.Y. 
Schaller, Mary P. 

180 S. Cedar St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Search, Margaret E. 

262 Madison St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Seltzer, Hester E. 

123 S. Farragut Ave. 

Mays Landing, N. J. 
Shaffer, Frederick H. 

1787 Murray St. 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
*Sharpless, Harriet E. 
+Shirk, Caroline V. 

(Mrs. C. E. Baer) 
Shuman, Harriet J. 

(Mrs. R. S. Burr) 

1309 Wyngate Rd. 

Wvnnewood, Pa. 
*Silvins, Ruth V. 
Smith, Arline 

(Mrs. W. E. McQuown) 

350 Lincoln Ave. 

Williaimsport, Pa. 
Smith, Ruth 

235 S. Burrowes St. 

State Coil lege, Pa. 
'Smith, Theodore P. 
Snyder, Alice 

(Mrs. Dale Guthrie) 

314 Cornell Ave. 

Swarthmore, Pa, 

Sutliff, Emily 

(Mrs. Ray H. Shultz) 

R. D. 1, Fairmount Twp. 

Benton, Pa. 
Sutliff, Nellie O. 

275 River St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Suwalski, Amelia 

(Mrs. James Thomas) 

115 Park St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Tiffany, Alice H. 

(Mrs. W. E. Gardner) 

22 Arena St. 

Binghamton, N.Y. 
Titman, Selena M. 

(Mrs. D. L. Kirch) 

Gillette, N.J. 
Tripp, Anna Mae 

(Mrs. Clifford ISImith) 

Box C 

McLean, N.Y. 
Turner, Freda A. 

(Mrs. Forrest Sliker) 

71 Maple Ave. 

Tunkhannock, Pa. 
Vanderslice, Sarah D. 

(Mrs. T. J. Wallace) 

52 Juniper Ave. 

Mineola, L.I., N.Y. 
' Varksr, Mabel A. 

(Mrs. John H. Stark) 
Vavola, John B. 
Veale, Edna C. 

(Mrs. Edna V. Higgins) 

The Thomas Wynn Apts. 

Box 420 

Wayne wood, Pa. 
Wagner, Esther C. 

(Mrs. Richard J. Rager) 

Milroy, Pa. 
"Wagner, Lillian B. 
Walty, Marguerite M. 

(Mrs. A. L. Johnson) 

44 Richard Ave. 

Dover, N.J. 
Warner, Mary A. 

(Mrs. David T. Smales) 

R. 2, Maplewood Farm 

Laceyville, Pa. 
Watts, Helen 

901 S. Franklin St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Wiant, Herman E. 

(Dr. Herman E. Wiant) 
Wiant, James Stewart 

(Dr. James Stewart 
Wilkes, Blanche 

Wa/namie, Pa. 
-Williams, Edward 
'Williams, Elizabeth M. 

(Mrs. Howard F. Greisch) 
Williams, Margaret 

(Mrs. Margaret W.Davis) 

500 E. Main St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Williams, Ruth B. 

(Mrs. Walter Harger) 

52S S. Main St. 

Taylor, Pa. 
Williams, Stanford 
Wolf, Marjorle J. 

(Mrs. John Roepton) 

8024 Thompson Run Rd. 

Pittsburgh 37, Pa. 
•Young, H. Robbins 
Youngnian, Beatrice M. 

(Mrs. Beatrice Y. 

179 S. Wyoming St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 

'Zierdt, Miriam G. 

CLASS OF 1918 

Adams, Louise K. 

Mrs. Paul H. Trescott) 

137 East 6th iSt. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Altmiller, Florence E. 

(Mrs. Conrad Walters ) 

6215 Frederick Road 

Catonsville, Md. 
Andres, Helen G. 

1402 North Fifth St. 

Tacoma, Wash. 
Andrews, Bertha A. 

(Mrs. Frank Stepler, Jr.) 

255 Crestmont Terrace, 

Collingswood, N.J. 
Augenblick, Rebecca D. 
Aurand, Edna C. 

96 South Main St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
'Bailey, Florence M. 

(Mrs. Bennett Hicks) 
Baird, Ruth M. 

(Mrs. Ruth M. Bond) 

35 East 5th St. 

Lansdale, Pa. 
Bakeless, Katharine H. 

(Mrs. Alex Nason) 

15814 Oak Hill 

East Cleveland, Ohio. 
Bavolack, Daniel, Jr. 

Tamaqua St. 

McAdoo, Pa, 
Becker, Helen R. 

(Dr. Helen R. Becker) 

70'5 West Market St. 

Akron 3, Ohio 
•Boyle, Mary R. 

(Mrs. N. F. Polaneczky) 
Brace, Leslie E. 

7940 N.E. 19th St. 

Pompano Beach, Fla. 
Brittaln, Norma E. 

(Mrs. Norma Evarts) 
Brotherton, Nellie F. 

(Mrs. Harry O. Geary) 
Brown, Margaret L. 

(Mrs. James A. Wilson) 

6620 Marlboro Pike 

District Heights .28, Md. 
Butler, Ella C. 

(Mrs. Theodore Wallin) 
Carey, Margaret M. 

1113 Burton St. 

Freehand, Pa. 
< Cherrington, Paul L. 
Clark, Funston 

1221 Wood Ave. 

Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Conety, Esther E. 

(Mrs, Carlos Cole Bell) 

Glen Summit 

Wilkes-Barre 3, Pa. 
Costello, Anne E. 
Cotner, Cora K. 
(Mrs. Earl Mottern) 

201 North Trenton St. 

Arlington, Va. 
"Creasy. Jessie E. 
(Mrs. James W. 
tCryder, Margaret A. 

(Mrs. Edward Reimer) 
*Cuff, Mary A. 
Cunningham, Susie C. 
(Mrs. R. A. Bacon) 
Park Ave. 
Wycombe, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t— Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Davenport, Edna M. 

(Mrs. J. R. Ohl) 

25 East Eleventh St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa, 
Deiley, Edna Q. 

(Mrs. Clvde Blecker) 

332 Jefferson St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa, 
Dennis, J. Elliot 
♦Deppen, Ivy T. 

(Mrs. Ivy Zerbe) 
Devers, Anna E. 

(Mrs. Anna Gilroy) 

2042 37th St.. N.W. 

Washington, D.C. 
Dodson, Edna B. 

(Mrs. J. Roland Follroer) 

700 Butternut St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Donovan, Anna C. 

73rd St. 

Jeddo, Pa. 
Edgar, Dorothy 

(Mrs. William K. Creasy) 

2939 Old Berwick Road 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Edwards, Crlddie E. 

(Mrs. Robert Berwinger) 

P.O. Box 164 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Edwards, L. Mildred 

(Mrs. H. S. Daron) 
Edwards, Vida E. 

2'04 West 3rd St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Engle, Rose 

(Mrs. Charles S. Popky) 

65 West South St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa, 
Fetterhoff, Nita M. 

(Mrs. Grant Stiner) 

R.D.. Fairport, N.Y. 
Foy, Elva C. 

(Mrs. G. J. Phillips) 

101 North Broad St. 

Selinsgrove, Pa. 
*Fritz, Sarah B. 

(Mrs. Sarah B. Kile) 
Gaffney, Kathryn M. 

16 Meade J&L 

Pittston, Pa. 
Gilbert, Marjorie E. 

(Mrs. Bruce Ceverling) 

350 College Hill 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Gillespie, Mary M. 

632 Alter St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Good, Zareta A. 

(Mrs. Donald C. White) 

6400 30th South St, 

Petersburg 12, Pla. 
Gorman, Clara M. 

Main Street, 

Girardville, Pa. 
*Gotshall, Lola I. 

(Mrs. Edmond Fetterolf) 
Griffiths, Joseph 

Connerton, Pa. 
Grcnka, Rose A. 

30 West Main St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Hagemeyer, Martha 

(Mrs. Martha Phillips) 

1530 Holly Drive 

Webster Groves. Mo. 
tHahn, Edith Rebecca 

(Mrs. L. J. Seiders) 

Harley, Anna C. 

(Mrs. Walter Everett) 

140 S. Hancock St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa, 
Hannany, Lee A. 

413 East 2nd St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Harris, C. Dewey 

Fifth and East Sts. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Harrison, Dorothy 

(Mrs. William LaBarr) 

R.D. 1 

Hunlock Creek, Pa. 
Harrison, Eleanor B. 

R.D. 2 iShickshinny, Pa. 
Hart, Ralph 

(Dr. Ralph Hart) 

6 58 Ferre St. 

Yeadon, Pa, 
Healy, Genevieve C. 

109 Broad St. 

Pittston, Pa. 
Henrie, Margaret M. 

(Mrs. Cralle Henderson) 

613 Second Ave 

Montgomery, W. Va. 
*Henrie, William 
Henry, Carol R. 

Fourth St. 

Tower City, Pa. 
Henwood, Grace M. 

1943 Electric St. 

Dunmore, Pa. 
+Hess, Florence L. 

(Mrs. Florence Price) 
Hetler, Eleanor 

(Mrs. Elmer Trimmer) 

Madison St. 

Hackertstown, N.J. 
Hill, Florence H. 

(Mrs. Ernest H. Knorr) 

R.D. 1 

Nescopeck, Pa. 
Hill, Rebecca A. 

(Mrs. Russell S, Kramer) 

251 Kent Place Blvd. 

Summit, N.J. 
Hower, Charles M. 

(Dr. Charles M. Hower) 

514 Water Ave. 

Elmira, N.Y. 
Hutton, Ruth 

(Mrs. W. Mason Ancker) 

61 Delmore Ave. 

Berkeley Heights, N.J. 
Jones, Margaret R. 

(Mrs. L. I. Chumard) 

Lake Ariel, Pa. 
Jones, Muriel E. 

(Mrs. Howard H. Peffex) 

16 Tamaqua St. 

Andenried, Pa. 
"Jordan, Rem a E. 
Kabusk, Nellie M. 

661 Charles Ave. 

Kingston, Pa. 
+Kase, Katherine M. 

(Mrs. Warren Yeager) 
Keen, Carrie H. 

(Mrs. Edison Fischer) 

30 Market St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Kerstetter, Mary I. 

6 50 Salem Ave. 

Union, N.J. 
Kester, Raymond R. 

328 Mill St. 

Danville, Pa. 

tKlingaman, Foster B. 
Knedler, John W., Jr. 

(Dr. John W. Knedler Jr.) 

N.Y. University 

University Heights 

New York City, 53, N.Y. 
*Knoll, Gertrude 

(Mrs. Thomas O'Toole) 
Knouse, Helen 

(Mrs. Helen Long) 

Benton, Pa. 
Kressler, Rnssell 

31 S. Broadway St. 

Pennsville, N.J. 
tLandig J. Frear 
Law, Hannah W. 

(Mrs. Sheldon Groner) 

75 N. Market St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
'Leach, Bernard M. 
Levan, Katie E. 

(Mrs. Ralph E. Kuster) 

130 North St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Lohman, Elmer 

154 East Noble St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Longshore, Jennie W. 

115 Dewart St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Lord, Helen G. 

(Mrs. Arthur R. Powell) 

47 E. Union St. 

Kingston. Pa. 
Lott, Beatrice M. 

721 Main St. 

Forest City, Pa, 
tLnndahl, Esther M. 
MacDonald, Elizabeth 

(Mrs. A. J. King) 

106 Cleveland Ave. 

McDaniel Heights 

Wilmington, Del. 
tManley, Miriam M. 

(Mrs. Miriam O'Malley) 
Martin, Alice C. 

(Mrs. Alice M. Wolff) 

Hometown, Pa. 
Manst, Lanre M. 

High School 

Williamsport, Pa. 
McAndrews, Harriet 

(Mrs. George Murphy) 

6 000 Nevada Ave., N.W. 

Washington, D.C. 
McFadden, Katharine A 

J 37 S. Pine St. 

Hazleton. Pa. 
McKeon, Anna A. 

133 Dana St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
McLane, Anna Helena 
McManns, Mary M. 

(Mrs. Mary M. Gallagher) 

Trust Co. Apts. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Medo, Edith 

(Mrs. Edith Zaris) 

410 E. Church St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Meehan, Mary A. 

L 1 32 Lexington St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Melan, Genevieve I. 

( Mrs. Genevieve Yovii) 

704 Walnut St. 

Freeland, Pa. 
Merkal, Leah R. 

(Mrs. Charles Rarlg) 

Catawissa, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Miles, Rachel A. 

(Mrs. Martin Porter) 

11 Shaver Ave. 

Shavertown, Pa. 
Miller, Clyde A. 

8 Bast Market St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Miller, David B. 

193 West Drexel Ave. 

I«insdowne, Pa. 
'Moore, Blanche G. 
*Moyle, Elizabeth 
tMullen, Mary D. 
Musgrave, James F. 

1641 Sandersan Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Nicholson Grace 

(Mrs. Elwood M. Allan) 

Harewood Unit, 

Woods School 

Langhorne, Pa. 
O'Brien, Martha E. 

(Mrs. Howard Pursel) 

403 E. Third St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
'Orndorf, Mary R. 
Patterson, J. Clare 

315 West St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Feckham, Florence 

(Mrs. George Sampson) 

115 Wild Cherry Road 

Asihville, N.C. 
Fe?g", Harold J. 

117 E. Soutbly Ave. 

Al too na, Pa. 
Phillips, Marian E. 

(Mrs. Blmeir Stiteler) 

258 West ISt. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Pollock, Dorothy R. 

(Mrs. Dorothy Woodring) 

426 W. Maple St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Pollock, Miles 

McDonald Trailer Park 

Deer Lodge, Mont. 
Pope, Bnth G. 

126 E. Main St. 

Nanticoke. Pa. 
Powell, Mary 

(Mrs. J. S. Wiant) 

529 Park Ave. 

Scotch Pines, N.J. 
Probert, Elizabeth 

(Mrs. Elizabeth Williams) 

562 Locust St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Pursel, Beatrice E. 

(Mrs. William Vannan) 

!07 E. Mahoning St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Rarig, Fanny I. 

Numidia, Pa. 
•R.hoads, May C. 
: (Mrs. Russel 

Richardson, Maine E. 

23 W. Centre St. 

Mahanoy City, Pa. 
•Rommel, Mary Ford 
Bnddy, Helen F. 

12:1 Crary Ave. 

Mt. Vernon, N.Y. 
Rnth, John J. 

Relgelsville, Pa. 
Byan, Lucille K. 

200 S. Franklin St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Sands, B. Donald 

LigM Street Road 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 

-Shannon, Nora X. 

(Mrs. Nora Decker) 
'Shearer, Brace M. 
'Shuman, Melba E. 

(Mrs. Frank Blatz) 
Sites, Carrie E. 
Smith, Margaret B. 

525 Wahneta Drive, 

Bound Brook, N.J. 
Smith, Zola A. 

c/o Mrs. Otto G. Little 

Benton, Pa. 
Smoyer, Madaline 

(Mrs. William A. 
Snyder, Freda B. 

(Mrs. Freda S. Hughey) 

R.D. 3 

Dallas. Pa. 
Speary, Florence R. 

(Mrs. G. M. Griffith) 

56 Loclchart St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Spencer, Kathryn M. 

7 Blacksmith Lane 

Media, Pa. 
Stevens, Renben D. 

117 Railroad Ave. 

Washington, N.J. 
Stroh, Helen 

(Mrs. Harry Mayhem) 
Sweeney, Frances R. 

641 X. Hyde Park Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Sypniewski, Helen G. 

121 W. Church St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
'Taylor, Martha 
tTerwilliger, Edyth E. 
Tosh, Beatrice C. 

20 Strand St. 

WiLkes-Barre, Pa. 
Walker, Eeanora N. 

(Mrs. L. K. Simons) 
Walton, Eena E. 

(Mrs. Arthur Harman) 

235 Ashiley St. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
tWatrons, Marguerite, M. 
iWelker, Rnth M. 
Welliver, Miriam E. 

(Mrs. Jay L. Funk) 

507 S. Richardson Ave. 

Rosewell, N.M. 
*Wertman, Milroy B. 
'Wiant, James S. 

(Dr. James S. Wiant) 
Wieland, Edwina C. 

(Mrs. Edwina Teal) 

216 Carey Lane 

Norristown, Pa. 
tWlcox, Cora D. 
Williams, Jane N. 

(Mrs. Elliott Jones) 

729 Main St. 

Edwardsville, Pa. 
Wilson, Ida G. 

(Mrs. Roy ISfriyder) 

806 E. Third St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa 
•Wlntle, Gretchen D. 
Witchey, Fred B. 

Box 54 

Hazleton, Pa. 
5 Wolf, Charles T. 
Yost, Edward H. 

Bloom'Sburg, Pa. 
Young, Horace D. 

335 S. Market St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Zeliff. Clarke C. 

448 E. Prospect Ave. 

State College, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1919 

Bachman, Alma E. 

327 Kidder St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
'Baker, Bertha V. 
Baker, Paul N. 

4034 Wisteria 

Memphis, Tenn. 
Barndt, Hester 

(Mrs. R. Lyman Sessions) 

215 Center St. 

Milton, Pa. 
Banm, Anna H. 

133 S. Cedar St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Belefski, Mary M. 

42 Main St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
'Birch, Martha E. 

(Mrs. Martha Cole) 
Blecher, Mary C. 

(Mrs. Mary Barhlow) 

R.D. #4 

Danville, Pa. 
Breisch, Ina M. 

(Mrs. William Cullman) 

39 Lincoln Ave. 

Atlantic Highlands, N.J. 
Breisch, Laura I. 

(Mrs. Laura Rentschler) 

R.D. #1 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Brenner, Marion M. 

(Mrs. Paul Bredbenner) 

516 Broad St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
tBrown, Clande C. 
tBurdick, Mildred H. 

(Mrs. Norman Ward) 
Burns, Alice M. 

2nd St. 

Oneida, Pa, 
*Cabo, Irene M. 
'Castellani, Peter C. F. 

(Dr. Peter C. F. 
'Clark, Mande M. 
Cleaver, Grace K. 

(Mrs. Harry E. Hartman) 

K. Mill St. 

Elysburg. Pa. 
Cole, Anna M. 

(Mrs. Frank Barley) 

3 N. 16 th St. 

Apt. 2-B 

Harris-burg, Pa. 
Colt, Marie M. 

(Mrs. J. Marion Reese) 

(Millvil'le, Pa. 
Conboy, Anna M. 

1411 Cedar Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
tConnor, Catherine J. 
Corrigan, Benedicta 

81 N. Laurel St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Costa, Sara M. 

238 Main St. 

Old Forge, Pa. 
Crook, Amy M. 

513 Baker iSt. 

Minersville. Pa. 
Cronse, Rhoda E. 

6 0'6 W. Front S. 

Berwick, Pa. 
tCnmmings, Anna A. 
Davies, Wesley E. 

6 E. Overbrook Ave. 

Shavertown, Pa. 
Decker, Mabel G. 

North Mehoopany, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

■ f— Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

-Dennis, Edith A. 

Dice, Claire K. 

33 Brown St. 

Lewisburg, Pa. 

tDiemer, Mary J. 

(Mrs. Joseph A, Myers) 
rDougherty, Katherine M. 
Doyle, Ruth F. 
(Mrs. John W. Moore) 
336 Bender Ave. 
Roselle Park, X.J. 
Dreibelbis, Francis R, 
614 Highland Blvd. 
Coshocton, Ohio 
Dreshman, Ruth M. 
1432 Market St. 
Ashland, Pa. 
tDurkin, Mary R. 
Dyer, Margaret J. 
1414 Jackson St. 
Scranton, Pa, 
Eg-ge, ir.elen M. 
(Mrs. George M. Kunkel) 
IIS Brown St. 
Lewisburg, Pa. 
Emmitt, John F. 
R.D. #1 
Danville, Pa. 
Epler, Prances C. 
(Mrs. George Manning) 
Apartido 1028 
Mexico City, Mexico 
tErwin, Mae E. 
Eshelman, Fay E. 
(Mrs. H. E. Stine) 
Mifflin, Pa. 
Evans, Beatrice E. 

(Mrs. Perry Woolcock) 
Evans, Edwina P. 
131 S. Lincoln Ave 
Scranton, Pa. 
Evans, Plorenoe !■. 
24 Regent St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Evans, Mildred E. 
112 E. Elm St. 
Sham ok in, Pa. 
Fagley, Catharine M. 

(Mrs. C. M. Wilkinson) 
9 S. Oak St 
Apt. 6 Victoria Bldg. 
Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
tParnsworth, Lois L. 
Felker, Arthur M. 
Beavertown, Pa, 
tPerguson, Eva H. 

(Mrs. Edward Bowder) 
Fessler, Elizabeth A. 
40 S. Anthracite St. 
Shamokin, Pa. 
tPetterolf, Gladys E. 

(Mrs. J. S. Crossman) 
tPiester, Zella P. 

(Mrs. D. E. Smith) 
Fisher, Viola M. 
3 2 Market St. 
Glen Lyon, Pa, 
Fisher, Lillian C. 
(Mrs. Victor G. Long) 
Kingsway Apts. 
Wayne, Pa. 
tFlynn, Mary H. 
Gilbert, Esther M. 
494 Monument St. 
Wyoming, Pa. 
tGilbert, Miriam W. 

(Mrs. M. W. CampbeL) 
"Girton, Maxwell 
Golden, Harriet X. 
(Mrs. Arthur Dunn) 
214 Keystone St. 
Hawley. Pa. 

Gordon, M. Gertrnde 
(Mrs. Wesley Davies) 
60 Overbrook Ave. 
Shavertown, Pa. 
^Griffith, Mildred E. 

(Mrs. Bruce Shearer) 
*Grover, Mary E. 

(Mrs. Mary Powell) 
Guckavan, Marie C. 
(Mrs. William Turnbach) 
423 W. Broad St. 
Hazleton, Pa. 
Hammond, Lucia E. 
(Mrs. Robert L. Wheeler) 
218 Grant St. 
Redlands, Calif. 
tHancock, Mary 

(Mrs. H. S. Boyer) 
tHanner, M. Elizabeth 
(Mrs. H. IS'. DeLong) 
Harrington, Mary E. 
(Mrs. John McHenry) 
Stillwater, Pa. 
f Harter, Roland 
Hedden, Claire 
(Mrs. Claire Taylor) 
P. O. Box 212 
Benton, Pa. 
Heffers, Helen C. 
455 S. Main St. 
Pittston, Pa. 
tHeimbach, Ruth E. 
tHeiss, K. Margaret 
(Mrs. Chester Vastine) 
Hess, Mary A. 

R.D. #1, Shamokin, Pa. 
■Hess, Veda L. 

(Mrs. Veda H. Lewie) 
tHill, Helen C. 
Hill, Mary H. 
(Mrs. Stanley Davis) 
602 N. Cedar Place 
Ft. Pierre, Fla. 
'Hoffman, Arthur E. 
Howell, Helen 
(Mrs. Robert B. Penman) 
84 Pine St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
*Ikeler, Darl P. 

(Mrs. Darl M. Myers) 
Jeremiah, Mollie E. 
(Mrs. Mollie J. Payne) 
225 S. Market St. 
Shamokin. Pa. 
tjohnson, Marion P. 
tKahler, Ruth H. 

(Mrs. Charles PurneU) 
Keating, Claire E. 
326 S. 43rd St. 
West Philadelphia, Pa. 
Kc-hren, Helen C. 
(Mrs. Helen Maxey) 
812 Monroe Ave. 
Scranton, Pa. 
Kennedy, Veronica M. 
(Mrs. V. M. Muldoroney) 
70'0' Homestead Road 
Havenown, Pa. 
Kenney, Julia A. 
Tuscarora, Pa. 
*Kester, Zoe 

(Mrs. Zoe Miller) 
tKilcoyn, Marion C. 
Kinner, Frances E. 
3204 Verdun Ave. 
Endwell, N. Y. 
Kirkhuff, Asa W. 
Northumberland, Pa. 

Xishbach, Grace S. 

(Mrs. Charles V. Milter) 

918 Church St. 

Royersford, Pa. 
tKline, Mildred E. 

(Mrs. R. P. Bartholomew) 
tKnedler, J. Warren, Jr. 
Knorr, Martha L. 

Mrs. P. G. Niesley) 

317 W. Main St. ' 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Kreidler, Linda S. 

308 Lehigh St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Einville, Falla M. 

(Mrs. R. L. Shuman) 

579 Shuman St. 

Catawissa, Pa. 
■Loftus, Anna M. 

(Mrs. Ray Jennings) 
Lorah, Mabel 

R.D. l, Pittston, Pa, 
IiUdwig, Miriam 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Ziuhman, Harriet H. 

(Mrs. Charles Frack) 

316 Mauch Chunk St. 

Nazareth, Pa. 
Lydon, Mary Rose 

121 Broad St. 

Pittston, Pa. 
Manley, Ursula M. 
■Marks, Gerald E. 
Mauer, Edna P. 

519 S. River St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Mauser, Pauline 

( Mrs. James Martin) 

R.D. 4, Danville, Pa, 
Maust, Ruth M. 

(Mrs. Franklin Drumn) 

145 E. Fourth St, 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
McCoy, Grace Bell 

428 W. Fourth St. 

Dewistown, Pa. 
McDonnell, Mary E. 

325 Sloan Ave. 

W. Collingswood, N. J. 
McDonnell, Sadie M. 

(Mrs. Sadie Thompson) 

527 Locust Ave. 

Centralia, Pa. 
tMcDyer, Grace M. 
'Meenan, Gertrude 

(Mrs. Harold Wright) 
Meixell, Helen A. 

(Mrs. James D. Bower) 

R.D. 1, Berwick, Pa. 
+Menges, T. Amelia 

(Mrs. stuart Snyder) 
Miller, Elizabeth G. 
Moran, Helen P. 

(Mrs. Helen Walsh) 

3121 Alabama Ave., S. E. 

Hill Crest 

Washington, D. C. 
Morgan, Arthur C. 

324 E. 4th St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
'Nyhart, Robert V. 
Fapania, Elvira M. 
Patterson, H. Ottis 

4601 E. Duncan St. 
Tucson, Arizona 
'Patterson, Rowena 

(Mrs. John Shuman) 
Perkins, Elsie R. 

(Mrs. W. D. Powell) 

161 W. Shawnee Ave. 
Plymouth, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Pfahler, Elsie M. 

74 Lockhart St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Porteus, Erin a M. 

(Mrs. Paul Broch) 

1313 West St. 

Honesdale, Pa. 

Relchart, Esther L. 

(Mrs. Llewellyn Sdhaffer) 

1212 E. Broad St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Reimard, Catherine A. 

State Teachers College 

East Stroudsburg, Pa. 
Remensnyder, Anna M. 

(Mrs. Harold C. More) 

Jumel Place 

Saratoga ;Slprings, N.Y. 
tKenner, Grace V. 
fRentschler, Henry D., Jr. 
Reynolds, Margaret T. 

R.D. #4, Mountaintop 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
^•Robbins, Rhoda Z. 

(Mrs. Edward Shedd) 
Roberts, Anna H. 

(Mrs. Anna H. Williams) 

138 S. Oak St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Robison, Olive O. 

1117 Morningside Ave. 

Schenectady 8, N. Y. 
tRosell, Victor J. 
Schools, Helen E. 

(Mrs. Adolph T. Knapp) 
tSchraeder, Prank C. 
tseely, Catherine A. 

(Mrs. C. A. Hershberger) 
'Seltzer, Alva A. 
Shuman, Agnes E. 

(Mrs. Monroe Eves) 

Almedia, Pa. 
IShuman, Sarah C. 
tSmith, Mary A. 

(Mrs. Clair Monroe) 
Steele, Elizabeth M. 

(Mrs Elizabeth Aurand) 

Suite 2000 

1701 Penna. Ave. N.W. 

Washington. D.C. 20006 
♦Steward, Arthnr E. 
Stover, Mildred E. 

1020 Grandview St. 

.Scranton, Pa. 
Summers, Margaret R. 

(Mrs. Margaret Brock) 

Landis Ave. 

Rosenhayn, N. J. 
Sutton, Margaret M. 

(Mrs. Margaret Snyder) 

R.D. 3, Wyoming, Pa. 
•Swortwood, Bnrrell 
Sweetwood., Ida J. 
Troutman, Marion H. 

(Mrs. Marion Keller) 

222 W. Sunbury St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Walbourn, Kathryn Ii. 

(Mrs. J. F. Labagh) 

88 Elizabeth St. 

Wilkes-Barre. Pa. 
Walton, Helen G. 

(Mrs. Helen Mainwaring) 

16549 Marlowe 

Detroit 35, Mich. 
Warner, Meta V. 

(Mrs. William Kistler) 

22 Azalia Lane 

Levittown, Pa. 
1 Wayne, Hazel B. 

(Mrs. Groven Shoemaker) 
tWhite, Marion C. 

•Wigfall, Elizabeth 

(Mrs. Walter S. Root) 

t Williams, Gertrude L. 

tWilliams, Mary E. 
(Mrs. Byron Briesel) 

fWillets, Martha I. 
Woodring, Dorothy E. 

214 E. Ittwein St. 
Bethlehem, Pa. 

Young, Priscilla A. 

(Mrs. Priscilla McDonald) 

169-16 HOtih Road 

Jamaica, N. Y. 
'Young, Ruth 
rZelinski, Agnes E. 
Zierdt, Marguerite A. 

(Mrs. Harry Itter) 

602 Coleman St. 

Easton, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1920 

Anthony, Agnes S. 

(Mrs. John E. S'ilvany) 

83 N. River St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
'Bednark, George 
Bennett, Mark 

233 S. Broad St. 

East Bangor, Pa. 
Berger, Karl R. 

(Dr. Karl Berger) 

Medical Arts Bldg. 

Room 61 5 

Philadelphia 2, Pa. 
•Beyer, Florence 

(Mrs. T. G. Lewis) 
♦Bitting, Catharine 
Boguszewski, Adolph R. 

1740 E. Front St. 

Scotch Plains, N. J. 
Boyer, Isabel 

(Mrs. Arthur Snyder) 

215 Grand St. 
Danville, Pa. 17821 

Brunozzi, Armeda 

(Mrs. Fred Petrlni) 

106 W. Main St. 

Gl^n Lyon. Pa. 
Cataldo, Felicia 

(Mrs. F. Asteralli) 

593 BeMna Ave. 

Detroit. Mich. 
Cloherty, Clare 

601 Fourth Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Cocklin, Alice P. 

116 W. Union St. 

Shickshinny. Pa. 
Colley, Martha R. 

c/o Tyson Box #245 

Esrnshaw Apts. irl 

Sandy iSlpring, Md. 
Creasy, Eeroy 

3117 Old Berwick Rd. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 17815 
Davis, Anna M. 

(Mrs. Clarence Barrow) 

S. Fourth St. 

Ringtown. Pa. 
Deaner, Hildred E. 

(Mrs. Marion Rice) 

R.D. 3 

Bloomsbure, Pa. 
Dent, Myrtle 

(Mrs. Paul Trembley) 

145 23rd Ave., N. 

St. Petersburg 4, 

Fla. 33 70 4 
tDormack, Walter 
*Eyerly, Emma R. 

(Mrs. Sergio Bentancourt) 

Ferree, Margaret 

Oak Hall Station, Pa. 
Fidler, John 

R.D. #5 Weaisboro, Pa. 
Fox, R. Valara 

(Mrs. C. Steinmoyer) 

2119 75th Ave. 

Plvladplpthia, Pa. 19138 
'Francis, Elva 

(Mrs. Ray Bray) 
Frantz, Delphine 

(Mrs. Ray Bray) 

1403 Wimpole St. 

Alliquippa, Pa. 

•Gabel, Miriam P. 
Gamble, Ethlyn R. 

(Mrs. Ethlyn R. Kast) 

Sugar Run. Pa. 
Gearinger, Katherine 

(Mrs. Elias Cohen) 

232 E. Fifth St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Gerhard, Jessie 
Gotshall, Grace E. 

(Mrs. F. I* Pannebaker) 

53 E. 6th St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Griffith, Eleanor 

10 N. 7th St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Grimes, Joseph E. 

116 W. 1st 'St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
•Harris, Mary E. 

(Mrs. John Greek) 
Hartline, H. Keffer 

(Dr. H. K. Hartline) 

c/o Rockefeller Institute 

New York City, N. Y. 
Heller, Anna 

(Mrs. Anna Detrick) 

20 Mill St. 

Bingham<tcn, N.Y, 
Hendershott, Warren 

609 S. Broadway St. 

Pitman, N.J. 
Herman, Almira H. 

(Mrs. Edgar Spencer) 

Box 204A R.D. #2 

Hemet, Calif. 
Herman, Claire 

(Mrs. H. Merton Ruth) 

Tillsbury Terrace 

West Nanticoke, Pa. 
Hoag, Harry 

Fowler St 

Johnson City, N.Y. 
Hoffner, Harriet 

Box 176 

Lehighton, Pa. 
Holleran, Teresa M. 

Fsther Ave. 

West Pittston. Pa. 
•Hower, Clair 
Hower, Margaret V. 

R.D. #6 Danville. Pa, 
tHummel, Poster M. 
•Jehu, Anna 
Johnson. Ruth E. 

(Mrs. Ruth J. Garnby) 

Aronimink Ants. 

Drexel Hill. Pa. 
Jones, A. Fay 

(Mrs. James B. Pugh) 

14 28 Donm Ave. 

Woodlyn, Pa 
Keefer, Lawrence V. 

R.D. it2 

Huntingdon, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Kehler, Miriam M. 

(Mrs. Golden Kehler) 

Main Street 

Liocust Dale, Pa. 
•Kehler, Ronald E. 

(Rev. Ronald K. Kehler) 
Xelley, Alice E. 

(Mrs. A. Rowbottom) 

Weatherly, Pa. 
Kelly, Jeannette D. 

New Alexander St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Kitrick, Ethel M. 

(Mrs. F. W. Ogin) 

224 Madison St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Kline, Lena A. 

220 E. 11th St. 

Berwick. Pa. I860:; 
•Kline, Sadie O. 

(Mrs. Sadie Wolfe) 
Lage, Francisco 

Havana, Cuba 
Lawson, Kathryn 

115 X. Washington St. 

Shenandoah, Pa. 
Lewis, Annetta R. 

(Mrs. A. R. Diffendofer) 

973 Stanford Ave. 

Irvington, N.J. 
Llewellyn, Muzetta 

(Mrs. Muzetta Morgan) 

203 S. Prospect St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Marchetti, Elizabeth 

(Mrs. William Dogostin) 

Will-O-Bett Farm, 

R.D. #1 

Berwick, Pa. 
Marsells, Mary 

(Mrs. Mary Whitney) 

Third St. 

Nescopeck, Pa. 
Martin, Gertrude R. 

426 N. Hemlock St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Manser, Mary M. 

(Mrs. Roy Fry) 

952 W. Main St. 

Bloomsburg. Pa. 17815 
Mausteller, Grayce 

(Mrs. E. W. Newhart) 

R.D. #5 

Bloomsburg, Pa, 
*McBride, Mary 
*McGill, Mary S. 
Mensinger, Jessie 

New Sheppton-Oneida. 

iSheppton, Pa. 
♦Montgomery, Clara 

(Mrs. Clara Bitner) 
*Moran, Florence 

(Mrs. Florence Grady) 
'Morgan, Jennette H. 
Moss, Alice L. 

(Mrs. Powell Sweet) 

16 Wynwood Ave. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
Myers, Ruth E. 

(Mrs. Geo. A. Moore) 


Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Naucfle, Emma J. 

(Mrs. Willard F. Corn-ell) 

R.D. #2 

Hunlock Creek. Pa. 
'Neack, Rexford J. 
Nolan, Miriam J. 

(Mrs. Harold Williams) 

293 Homan Ave. 

State College, Pa. 

'O'Gara, Mary 
O'Malley, Anna M. 

(Mrs. Richard Walsh) 

409 Colfax Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Park, Jane 

R.D. #1 

Dallas, Pa. 
Patrick, Dorcas 

(Mrs. Roscoe Wagner) 

Tower City, Pa. 
•Patrick, Rachel 

(Mrs. W. Seitzinger, Jr. 
Pegg, Eva G. 

(Mrs. Eva G. Bush) 

821 Reeder St. 

Easton. Pa. 
Petty, Elizabeth 

(Mrs. Ray Meyers) 

R.D. 1 

Noxen, Pa. 18636 
tPritchard, M. Teresa 

(Mrs. Paul Smith) 
Reese Agnes 

R.D. #2 

Bloomsburg, Pa, 
Reichart, Harry 

(Dr. Harry Reichart) 
'Rinard, Margaret 
Roberts, Helen 

(Mrs. R. J. Tru.siotl ) 

703 Madison Ave. 

Jermyn, Pa. 
Rose, Marjorie 

(Mrs. S. W. Thomas) 

3411 Rutherford St. 

HarrLsburg, Pa. 
Santee, Clara N. 

Sugarloaf, Pa. 
Schoch, Myrtle 

(Mrs. A. W. Neubauer) 

Lopez. Pa. 
Scott, Emily Q. 

(Mrs. Emily Turner) 

1528 Lake Road 

Feasterville, Pa. 
Shaefer, Gladys 

(Mrs. Gladys Kohl) 

6 20 Prescott Ave. 

Scranton 10, Pa. 
Shaffer, Laura G. 

(Mrs. O. C. Peters) 

820 E. Second St. 

Nescopeck, Pa. 
tShipman, Mary A. 

(Mrs. Raymond Kd wards) 
♦Shultz, Wilmer 
Stearns, Louise 

R.D., Clifford. Pa. 
Sterner, Alice P. 

(Dr. Alice P. Sterner) 

730 Amiford Drive 

San Diego 7, Calif. 
*Strange, Earl 
Stroh, Jeanne 

(Mrs. James Walsh) 

R.D. 3 

Bloomsburg. la. 
Sweeney, Marion A. 

641 N. Hyde Park Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Sweppenheiser, Ella E. 

Mrs. Clark Kennedy) 

R.D. #5 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
*Taylor, Edna H. 

(Mrs. Banjamin Baileys) 
Taylor, Marion E. 

(Mrs. Marion Stark) 

Maple St. 

McDermott, Ohio 

Tltman, Ruth 

(Mrs. R. E. Deitrick) 

140 N. Market St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Traugh, Fern E. 

(Mrs. Benj. L. Eshleman) 

Woodcrest, R.D. Jr2 

Box 87 

Berwick, Pa. 
Unangst, Edward 

541 Shuman St. 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Wagner, Evalyn 

(Mrs. L. R. Grover) 

Box 52, 

Arthurdale, W. Va 
Wendel, Hilda 

554 Peace St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
West, Vera F. 

(Mrs. Vera Bachmann) 

1717 Hollinshed, 

Pennsauken 8, N. J. 
White, Helen S. 

(Mrs. Rexford Noack) 

84 Taylor Place 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
White, Wilhemine 

(Mrs. William V. Moyer) 

356 Center St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tWolfe, Mary M. J. 

CLASS OF 1921 

Agnew, Marian E. 

(Mrs. Marian E. SiedeJ) 

858 Cobb's Creek Blvd. 

Yeadon, Pa. 
tAlden, Jennie L. 

(Mrs. Jane A. Kirkham) 
Allen, Alice J. 

Harveys Lake, Pa, 
Allison, Josephine, P. 

(Mrs. J. P. Moyer) 

907 Broad St. 

Pleasantville, N.J. 
Anderson, Mildred H. 

(Mrs. Emerson Mower) 

132 Carey Ave. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Aponick, Lucy 

(Mrs. Lucy Sharkowicz) 

Main St., 

Wanamie, Pa. 
Austin, Louise 
Baker, Estella M. 

McClure, Pa. 
Baldauski, Margaret 

(Mrs. Margaret Fetch) 

60 Third St. 

Wyoming, Pa. 
•Beddall, Gladys 

(Mrs. William Saul) 
Behr, Oda H. 

Lopez, Pa. 
Billmeyer, Bertha 

(Mrs. J. Elmer Zong) 

314 Centre St. 

Milton, Pa. 
tBlackman, Beatrice 

(Mrs. H. Chrisman) 
Blossom, Edith H. 

(Mrs. Edith Hoffman) 
Boettlcher, Laura C. 

(Mrs. Laura C. Best) 

Conygham, Pa. 
Bonn, Lydia A. 

227 Stephen Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Boruch, Olga M. 
Sunbury St. 
Minersville, Pa. 
Boyer, Helen 
(Mrs. Harry F. Hostetter) 
6 20 W. 4th vS't. 
Lewistown, Pa. 
Brady, Margaret M. 
4 8- Lee Park Ave. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
tBreisch, Iiillie 

(Mrs. Ralph Moser) 
Brobst, Ruth A. 
(Mrs. Ruth A. Warne) 
Wyalusing, Pa. 
B rower, Mary E. 
337 E. Main St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Brown, Marian V. 
■ Buchinski, Adaline M. 
Buck, Miller J. 
267 East St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
*Bnrling-ame, Clyde B. 
tCarl, Aleta M. 

(Mrs. William Elste) 
Cherrington, Laurence R. 
416 Center St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Cleaver, Emma V. 
(Mrs. W. A. Caldwell) 
936 Cressen Wood Rd. 
E. Lansing, Mich. 
fCole, Martha A. 

(Mrs. M. A. Honstrater) 
Conner, Jean C. 
82 Grove St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Cooke, Jennie C. 
(Mrs. Jennie C. Ellis) 
1932 i22nd Ave. N. 
St. Petersburg. Fla. 
fCorse, Howard C. 
"Davis, Samuel A. 
tDeBonis, Anna 

(Mrs. Anna Conzola) 
Becker, Helen B. 
(Mrs. H. E. Bringleson) 
2714 Reeder PI. 
Ft. Smith, Ark. 
Dehkavige, Victor E. 
(Victor E. Dobb) 
2 4 Eleanor St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Betrlck, Margaret J. 
(Mrs. Margaret J. Martin) 
2824 Westminster Rd. 
Bethlehem, Pa. 
Dennis, Marlon A. 
(Mrs. Marion A. Polk) 
304 Church St. 
Milford, Del. 
Downing, Mildred L. 
(Mrs. Elmer Major) 
Davis St. 
Trucksville, Pa. 
Breese, Mary E. 
(Mrs. Mary E. Strieker) 
R.D. #1 
McClure, Pa. 
Bckrote, Elsie M. 
Lincoln Apts. 
23 Holly Ave. 
Hemstead, N. Y. 
■Edwards, Helen E. 

(Mrs. Newman Blaisdell) 
Eisenhauer, Helen E. 
(Mrs. H. R. Kocher) 
946 Barberry Rd. 
Yorktown Heights, N.Y. 

Evans, Angeline P. 
(Mrs. Allen L. Beavers) 
1612 W. Gibson St. 
Scranton, Pa. 
"Evans, Olwen E. 

(Mrs. Olwen E. Learn) 

Eyerly, Agnes M. 
(Mrs. Walter George) 
632 Front St. 

Danville. Pa. 
tFagan, Julia M. 

(Mrs. Julia M. O'Rourke) 
Felker, Charles A. 

2136 Wyndhurst Rd. 

Toledo, Ohio 
Femsler, Mary 

847 ISt Franklin St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Fetherolf, Elizabeth E. 

(Mrs. Daniel T. Fister) 

Ringtown, Pa. 
Fischer, T. Edison 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
*Fisher, Clara 
Fisher, Warren Ii. 

240 E, 5th St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tFlynn, Gladys J. 
tFoley, Marie C. 
tForesman, Wilbur S. 
Garrison, Anna C. 

(Mrs. Harry W. Scott) 

570 E. 2nd St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Gerhard, Ruth I. 

43 Clinton Ave. 

Tenafly, N.J. 
Gillaspy, Mary 

(Mrs. Mary Shaler) 

2804 Old Berwick Rd. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Gilroy, Mary E. 

(Mrs. Mary B. Corgan) 

390 Ridge Ave. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Greene, Lydia 

(Mrs. George Klumpp) 

42'0> 'Stafford Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Griffiths, Grace 

109 Gaylord Ave. 

Plymouth. Pa. 
Gronka, Katherlne E. 

(Mrs. Louis A. Wilski) 

E. Main St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Grossman, Ben 

6140 Drexel Ave. 

Chicago, 111. 
Harklns, Marie V. 

(Mrs. Marie V. Lehman) 

6S9 Hazle St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
tHarned, Margaret G. 

(Mrs. M. G. Warren) 
tHaxtman, Ruth E. 

(Mrs. Ruth E. Sheldon) 
Henrle, Hester E. 

(Mrs. Wilbur Aten) 

Mifflinville, Pa. 
Herman, Camilla L. 

(Mrs. Cecil S. Garey) 

504 Evans St. 

Clarks Green, Pa. 
Hlnes. Margaret E. 

247 S. Warren St. 

Berwick. Pa. 
Hobbes, Marion R. 

(Mrs. M. R. Rheinhart) 

22 IS. Gates St. 

Kingston, Pa. 

'Hutchinson, Winifred A. 

(Mrs. J. H. Stormsfeltz) 
Jervis, Caroline 
(Mrs. Thomas H. Meade) 
1926 Wayne Ave. 

Scranton 8, Pa. 
Johnson, Elizabeth J. 

Camp Hill, Pa. 
Johnson, Bonald J. 

Mazeppa, Pa. 
tjohnson, Muriel V. 

(Mrs. Muriel V. States) 
Johnson, Fanline M. 

(Mrs. Pauline M. Davis) 

2104 W. Market Sit. 

York, Pa. 
Klem, Frank 

110 Newport St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
tXline, Ruth M. 

(Mrs. Earl Utt) 
Koch, Ruth M. 

551 Lincoln St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Xraft, Mabel B. 

(Mrs. Mabel D. Peneche) 

3047 8th St. 

Jackson Heights, N. Y. 
tLanshe, Beatrice K. 

(Mrs. Beatrice K. Farley) 
Lewis, Leona 

(Mrs. Leona Phillips) 

219 Third St. 

Olyphant, Pa. 
tJjobez, Alice 

(Mrs. Alice Westgate) 
Lowe, Helene E. 

(Mrs. Harry D. Schlegel) 

10 Bank St. 

Montrose, Pa 
Manliart, Margaret S. 
tManley, T. Alice 

(Mrs. James Hannon) 
'Martin, Claire A. 

(Mrs. Clair Famous) 
tMartin, Frances C. 

(Mrs. S. S. Van Sciver) 
Martin, Mabel M. 

Mehoopany, Pa. 
Maust, Elsie M. 

(Mrs. William D. Kelley) 

1313 Sleepy Hollow Rd. 

Falls Church, Va. 
tMcCollum, Katharine 

(Mrs. M. J. Gallagher) 
McDonald, Anthony 

421 W. Park St. 

Centralia, Pa. 
McDonnell, Alice M. 

325 Sloan Ave. 

Collingswood, N. J. 
McCoy, Sue M. 

435 E. Diamond Ave. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
IMcKeown, Marguerite 
McKinstry, Chloe A. 

(Mrs. Harrv E. Cole) 

100 Leonard St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
McShea, Mae B. 

(Mrs. Raymond Kester) 

348 Mill St. 

I >anville, Pa. 
Merithew, Kathryn 

(Mrs. G. C. Lowe) 

27 Treraont Ave. 

Binghamton. N.Y. 
tMiller, Gertrude E. 

(Mrs. Gertrude E. Gross) 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Miller, Pauline S. 

(Mrs. Pauline S. 
Conygham, Pa. 
Morgan, Sara B. 
(Mrs. Sara B. Sutcliffe) 
2746 L-archmont St. 
Union, N. J. 
*Nagle, Christina 
(Mrs. Paul White) 
Kelson, Lillian N. 
(Mrs. Lillian N. Yerkes) 
Box 2 

Honesdale, Pa. 
tNelson, Teresa 

(Mrs. Teresa Dougherty) 
'O'Neill, Edith B. 

(Mrs. J. B. R. Killgore) 
'Owen, Marion A. 

(Mrs. Marion A. Sutton) 
•Parulis, Joseph A. 
Fensyl, Marie B. 
261 W. Main St. 
Bloomisburg, Pa, 
Phillips, Helen B. 
(Mrs. J. B. White, Jr.) 
316 West St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tpiatt, Beatrice C. 
Pritchard, Bernice E. 
(Mrs. Charles Frantz) 
665 Fern Ave. 
Yeadon, Pa. 
Pursel, Edna B. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Pursel, Edna M. 

(Mrs. Leo F. Blickley) 
Pursel, Russel H. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tReiter, Edward R. 
♦Rhodes, Walter M. 
Runciman, Harold J. 
Binghamton, N.Y. 
♦Scott, Olive 
Seltzer, Emma C. 
(Mrs. Herbert Ratzburg) 
394 W. Main (St. 
Ringtown, Pa. 
Shaffer, H. Lncile 
(Mrs. Willard Kile.) 
R.D. #1 

Orangeville, Pa. 

Shafer, Myrlynn T. 

1432 S. Main St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

tShanno, Eleanora 

(Mrs. Eleanora Kaiser) 
Sheets, Grace E. 
(Mrs. Grace E. Gettv) 
356 Centre Road 
Venice Gardens 
Venice, Fla. 
Shuman, Ralph G. 
380 E. High St. 
Elizabethtown, Pa. 
tSiegel, Edna M. 

(Mrs. Edna M. Key) 
Smith, Alice O. 
(Mrs. Alice G. Harrison) 
3 Enfield Rd. 
Clayton, Mo. 
Smith, Evelyn Z. 
(Mrs. L. Cunningham) 
12609 Cooley Ave. 
Cleveland, Ohio 
*Smith, Margretta H. 
Souder, Erma N. 
Nescopeck, Pa. 
+Stanton, Lydia B. 

Sterner, Edna O. 

(Mrs. Edna G. Durling) 
735 N. Bromley Ave. 
Scranton 4, Pa. 
Swanberry, Anna Ii. 
147 Robert St. 
Aldun Station, Pa. 
Thomas, Anna 
(Mrs. Edward Unangst) 
541 Shuman St. 
Catawissa, Pa. 
tThomas, Beatrice D. 

(Mrs. Beatrice D. Pureell) 
Thomas, Gwendolyn B. 
(Mrs. Gwendolyn E. 
37 W. Walnut St. 
Kingston, Pa. 
Treverton, Mildred 
(Mrs. Harvey Ziegler) 
37 Allendale Rd. 
Binghamton, N.Y. 
tTrimble, Emily P. 
*Utt, Jessie C. 
(Mrs. Oscar W. 
VanGorden, Nora 
(Mrs. Nora Swart v.) 
Moscow, Pa. 
Ward, Mary C. 
(Mrs. Mary C. 
Scheuerman ) 
155 Academy St. 
Belleville, N.J. 
Weiss, Helen P. c. 
(Mrs. J. M. Lostowsky) 
145 Roberts St. 
Alden Station, Pa. 
Weiss, Arline !•. 
(Mrs. J. R. Gardner) 
"Blue Hills" 
Columbia, N.J. 
Welliver, Helen M. 
(Mrs. O. M. Girton) 
15 Maple St. 
'Shamokin, Pa. 
Wernert, Kline S. 
112 E. Bertsch St. 
Lansford, Pa. 
Williams, P. Beatrice 
(Mrs. Malcolm S. 

906 E. Rittenhouse St. 
Germantown, Phila., Pa. 
t White, Jennie D. 

(Mrs. Jennie D. Hartley) 
iWolfe, Mary M. J. 
Ziegler, Hazel M. 
8 E. 3rd St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1922 

Arnold, Lillian 

(Mrs. Howard C. Good) 

Elgin, Oregon 
Bahr, Genevieve M. 

(Mrs. Paul Morrow) 

207 E. Valley St. 

Endicott, N.Y. 
tBaker, Gertrude 

(Mrs. Gertrude Newman) 
Barnett, Bessie 

(Mrs. Francis O'Donnell) 

345 N. Main St. 

Wilkes-Barre. Pa. 
Berry, Helen K. 

(Mrs. Helen Quinn) 

187 Main St. 

Matowan, N.J. 

Birch, Sarah R. 
Boop, Marlin W. L. 

Matamoras, Pa. 
Bower, Russell W. 
P. O. Box 373 
118 W. Second St. 
Berwick, Pa. 
Brittain, Coreene 
(Mrs. Edwin C. Giere) 
332 Dogwood Dr. 
Union, N. J. 
Burke, Alice M. 
(Mrs. Clarence Majer) 
Pocono Pines, Pa. 
'Campbell, Sara 

(Mrs. R. E. Uhland) 
*Coira, Josephine 
Coolhaugh, Antoinette B. 
(Mrs. Tony Mason) 
Dallas, Pa. 
■Cornell, Beatrice 
Cryder, Adelle C. 
(Mrs. John Raymond) 
222 McCartney St. 
Easton, Pa. 
Davenport, Florence H. 
(Mrs. Donald Williams) 
Clifton Springs. N.Y. 
Deitrick, Helen 
(Mrs. A. R. Harman) 
39 Britton Rd. 
(Springfield, Pa. 
iDonnelly, Prancis B. 
Dougherty, Mildred 
513 Wheeler Ave. 
Scranton, Pa. 
'Edwards, M. Tydvil 
Ely, Helen L. 
(Mrs. E. S. Weed) 
1130 Raleigh Ave.. N.E. 
Knoxville 17, Tenn. 
Emanuel, Nan 
425 River Rd. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
tPaust, Dorothy 
tPuller, Jane M. 
Gamble, Kathryn E. 
(Mrs. Peter W. Layman) 
Sugar Run, Pa. 
Getty, Mary C. 

Milton, Pa. 
Gilbert, Elizabeth 
(Mrs. William Vincent) 
R.D. #2 
Danville, Pa. 
'Graham, Marion W. 
*Granahan, Anna C. 
+Gray, Mildred E. 

(Mrs. Mildred Barnhart) 
Griffith, Leah 
107 W. Shawnee Ave. 
Plymouth, Pa. 
Grotz, Dorothy M. 
(Mrs. Dorothy 
222 E. 8th St. 
Bloomsburg. Pa. 
Hampton, Alma 
212 Baldwin St. 
New Brunswick, N..T. 
Hankee, Mildred 

(Mrs. C. P. Kitchel) 
Hart, Marion R. 
(Mrs. Perry D. Smith) 
R.D. #3 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Harter, Edna S. 
Nescopeck, Pa. 
Harter, Lillie M. 
(Mrs. Joseph Cameron) 
R.D. #1 
Nescopeck, Pa. 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Havard, Catherine M. 
150 Reynolds St. 
Plymouth, Pa, 
'Hayes, Katherlne A. 

(Mrs. Katherine Kelly) 
*Hendzickson, Miriam 
tHenry, Stanlea 

(Mrs. Howard Slavenski) 
fHerring, Mary B. 
Hess, Helen 
(Mrs. Mahlon Strauch) 
Benton, Pa. 
Hinkle, Thomas L. 
1560 Argoone Rd. 
Berkshire Greens 
Reading, Pa. 
'Hoy, Harold L. 
*Hutton, W. Neal 
t Johnson, Grace M. 
Jones, Isabell 
52 S. Regent St 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
tjones, Madaline I.. 
Jones, Martha V. 
632 N. Main Ave. 
•Scranton, Pa. 
Jury, Lucile 
(Mrs. Earl Wise) 
P.O. Box 271 
Berwick, Pa. 
'Kimble, Hazel H. 
(Mrs. Carlos Leal) 
King-, J. Marie 
(Mrs. Oren L. Harris) 
12 Farrar St. 
Swanton, Vt. 
Knoll, Theresa H. 
(Mrs. T. Shemanski) 
12 S. Walnut St. 
Nanticoke, Pa. 
tKressler, Rachael 

(Mrs. W. K. Erdman) 
(Lawrence, Martha B. 
Lawrence, Mary I.. 
(Mrs. Robert Paetzell) 
Mt. Pleasant Rd. 
Milford, N.J. 
Lees, Helen B. 
173 Hanover St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
'Lesser, Margaret 

(Mrs, R. C. Lesser) 
Lewis, Olwen M. 
315 Putnam St. 
Scranton, Pa. 
Lloyd, Hazel I. 
321 Robinson St. 
Binghamton, N.T. 
*Logan, Ruth 

(Mrs. Ruth L. Fairbanks) 
tLumbert, Cecelia 
Luxton, Mattie L. 
(Mrs. Patrick J. Lynch) 
602 Montgomery St. 
Laurel, Md. 
•Martin, Olive 

(Mrs. Frank Geise) 
McDermott, Lncy C. 
229 Moosic St. 
Jessup, Pa. 
McGrath, Cresentia 
(Mrs. Cresentia Conner) 
Bayone, N.J. 
*McIntyre, Bath 

(Mrs. John Lenhart) 
McKeon, Anna C. 
203 First St. 
Blakely, Pa. 
McKinstry, Cleora 
137 W. Main St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 

McLean, Pauline M. 

(Mrs. Walter Gibson) 
1018 Vine St. 
Scranton, Pa. 
Miller, Gertrude S. 
70S Poplar St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
'Miller, Laura H. 

(Mrs. a D. Goodman) 
Moon, Beryl J. 
(Mrs. Levi Dice) 
842 Lake Dr. 
Miami Springs, Fla. 
Morgan, Bva M. 
2.217 N. Main Ave. 
Scranton, Pa. 
tMurray, Margaret C. 
(Mrs. Harry Luke) 
Naylor, Anna G. 
(Mrs. G. W. Kuschel) 
1711 Monroe St. 
Dunmore, Pa. 
■O'Brien, Agnes 
O'Brien, Annette 
(Mrs. Annette Miner) 
tO'Bourke, Margaret 

(Mrs. Frank McCarthy) 
Owens, A. Elizabeth 
(Mrs. J. H. Penn) 
Payne, Catherine E. 
101i2 E. Commerce St. 
Shamokin, Pa. 
tPayne, William T. 
Pfahler, Lois 
(Mrs. Horace R. Jones) 
486 Cleveland St. 
Elynn, Ohio 
Fhilbin, Cecilia M. 
310 Laurel St. 
Archbald, Pa. 
tPhillips, Earle W. 
Bamage, Gladys E. 
181 Rock St. 
Pittston, Pa. 
tBandall, Bertha M. 

(Mrs. Paul Johnson) 
tBeed, Helen G. 
tBees, Mabel A. 

(Mrs. Elmer Palmer) 
Bhawn, George, Jr. 

Lilly, Pa. 
Bhoades, Henrietta 
(Mrs. Arch Ramage) 
93. E. 7th St. 
Wyoming. Pa. 
■ Bhoads, John B. 
Biegel, Thelma M. 
(Mrs. William Bond) 
1 Cedar Lane 
Pemberton, N.J. 
Btngrose, Pred A. 
308 Cherry I9t. 
Latrobe, Pa. 
Buggies, Evadne M. 
Box 344, R.D. #1 
Hunlock Creek, Pa. 
Sanunon, Margaret 
Savidge, Mary C. 

Northumberland, Pa. 
Saxe, Esther J. 
R.D. #2 
Berwick, Pa. 
tSchultz, Geraldine H. 
(Mrs. Zelinder Wagner) 
Schultz, Harriet E. 
(Mrs. A. Sweppenheiser) 
R.D. #3 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tShaffer, Emma 

Sharretts, Clarissa 

(Mrs. M. A. Welliver) 

1909 W. Front St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Shepela Prank B. 

282 Maple St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Sherman, Carlton G. 

1 Chestnut St. 

Hanover Green 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

Slckler, Mary E. 

(Mrs. Arthur Emmanuel) 
R.D. #3 
Dallas, Pa. 
Slater, Alderetta E. 
(Mrs. Benjamin J. Cook) 
1509 Central Ave. 
S. Plainfield, N.J. 
Smith, Hervey B. 
R.D. #2 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
♦Smiles, Mary C. 
Snyder, Lucile M. 
119 W. Walnut St. 
Hazleton, Pa. 
♦Sober, Ruth 

(Mrs. W. E. Fairbanks) 
tSteele, Freda E. 
Stewart, Robert P. 

Weatherly, Pa. 
Sugerman, Florence H. 
(Mrs. Florence Settler) 
80-3 Ash St. 
Scranton, Pa. 
Sutton, Edgar B. 
R.D. #3 
Wyoming, Pa. 
Swigart, Anna P. 
(Mrs. Anna Gass) 
Bloom Road 
Danville, Pa. 
Sypniewski, Valeria A. 
121 W. Church St. 
Nanticoke. Pa. 
"Thomas, Elizabeth J. 
Thomas, Florence E. 
(Mrs. Robert Hill) 
12 Longfair St. 
Worcester, Mass. 
Thomas, Mabel B. 
510 Main St. 
Old Forge, Pa. 
Thomas, Norton 
R.D. #5 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Thornton, Zellma S. 
(Mrs. Herbert Lugg) 
700 Main St. 
Duryea, Pa. 
Tosh, G. Arline 
(Mrs. Peter Boihn) 
1443 S. Main St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Wagner, Buth I. 
571 James St. 
W. Hazleton, Pa. 
Walker, Marjorie 
(Mrs. Marjorie Johnston) 
3rd and Oxford St. 
Coopersburg, Pa. 
Welliver, Esther 
(Mrs. G. Beckenbaugh) 
730 Runnymeade Ave. 
Drexel Hill, Pa. 
Wheeler, Stella J. 
(Mrs. Clyde Kern) 
78 Washington St. 
Harrison, N.J. 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address WantH 


Bloomsburg State College 

tWilliamson, Louise F. 

(Mrs. J. R. Middough) 
tWilner, Charles P. 
'Winterniute, Mabel 
(Mrs. W. H. Drake) 
Wood, Beatrice 

Benton, Pa. 
Tost, Edward L. 
Ringtown, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1923 

Aberant. Josephine R. 
(Mrs. Josephine Morgan) 
R.D. #4 
Tunkhannock, Pa. 

Adams, S. Frances 

(Mrs. Cecil Toor) 

54 Springs Dr. 

Doylestown, Pa. 
'Adams, Max E. 
Ag-new, Norma L. 

(Mrs. Norma Stauffer) 

26 Merwood Dr. 

Upper Darby, Pa. 
Albee, Alice 

(Mrs. George L-utz) 

25 Green St. 

Ashley, Pa. 
Albertson, Hilda 

(Mrs. Hilda Heller) 

125 Tyler St. 

Charleston, 111. 
Arms, Mildred 

Riverside, Pa. 
Arms, Myra S. 

Riverside. Pa. 
'Arnold, Hazel E. 

(Mrs. L. M. Cure) 
Arthur, Helen E. 

(Mrs. Rexfond Gulley) 

Thompson, Pa. 
Ayres, Charlotte R. 

Mountain Top, Pa. 
Bachman, Grace 

120 E. Fourth St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Baer, Zell 
Bardo, Zela N. 

(Mrs. Donald Black) 

R.D. #2 

Millville, Pa. 
Barton, Dorothy 

(Mrs. L. Cherrington) 

416 Center St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Barton, Ruth 

(Mrs. Ruth Buddinger) 

228 Oliver St. 

Jersey Shore, Pa. 
tBates, Gertrude 

(Mrs. Gertrude Riefler) 
Batey, Robina K. 

(Mrs. William Pierce) 

31 Maffeth St. 

Plains, Pa. 
'Beaver, Hurley G. 
Beck, Grace S. 

1'014 E. Chestnut St. 

Sunbury. Pa. 
Becker, Hilda D. 

(Mrs. Walter Soherer) 

227 Church St. 

Taylor, Pa. 
Benfield, M. Elizabeth 

1430 Wood St. 

Bethlehem, Pa. 
Benfield, May 

(Mrs. May Watts) 

1430 Wood St. 

Bethlehem, Pa. 

tBennage, Ada P. 

(Mrs. Ada Rissell) 
Bennett, Lester 

602 Adams Ave. 

iScranton, Pa. 
'Benson, Rachael 

(Mrs. Benton Mitchel) 
tBerlew, Beatrice 

(Mrs. Beatrice Jopling) 
•Betz, Mary 

(Mrs. Jack Wolfenden) 
Bingaman, Fara U. 

(Mrs. O. H. Byerly) 

Dalmatia, Pa. 
Bittner, Margaret A. 

(Mrs. Margaret Parke) 

1655 Flatbush Ave. 

Apt. 1810 A 

Brooklyn, N.Y. 11210 
Blaine, Edna G. 

(Mrs. Harold Major) 

129 S. Madison Ave. 

La Grange, 111. 
-Boyle, Sr. M. Louis 
Brace, Katherine R. 

(Mrs. Samuel Laibacker) 

5th and Center Sts. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Brandon, Grace 

530 Wood's Edge Rd. 

Dover, Del. 
Brannan, Thomas 

Blanchard St. 

Plains. Pa. 
tBrannigan, Joseph 
Breisch, Florence 

(Mrs. LaRue Drake) 

Light St., Pa. 
Brennan, Kathryn M. 

(Mrs. Kathryn Burke) 

15 King St., Malverne 

District 13 Valley Stream 

Long Island, N.Y. 
'Breeze, Hilda 
Bronson, Annie M. 

(Mjs. Leslie Seely) 

R.D. #2 

Drums, Pa. 
tBrunstetter, Jessie 

(Mrs. H. Roundtree) 
Brust, Katherine L. 

99 S. Church St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Brutzman, Gladys 

(Mrs. Frank Sneill) 

1614 Roselynn Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
•Burger, Ruth E. 

(Mrs. Ruth Hoff master) 
Butler, Margaret A. 

(Mrs. Margaret Minner) 

623 8th Ave. 

Prospect Park, Pa. 
Cabo, Marie T. 

(Mrs. John Lesniak) 

1315 Prospect Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 

tCaffrey, Agnes C. 

Campbell, Helen 

(Mrs. Ted Renand) 
Campbell, Sr. M. Dionysia 

121 Church St. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
Campbell, M. Kathryn 

R.D. #6 

Danville, Pa. 
Carmody, Ruth 

(Mrs. Ruth Cunningham) 

20 Toomer Place 


Long Island, N.Y. 

Caswell, Leah N. 

(Mrs. Leon C. Pratt) 

Morrisville, N.Y. 
Chaykosky, Hilda 

.(Mrs. Joseph Hladick) 

R.D., Jermyn, Pa. 
tChesnulewicz, Sr. M. C 
Cloherty, Hilda M. 

601 Fourth Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Cole, Frances 

39 Kidder St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Colley, Mary J. 

(Mrs. Eddie Howard) 

87-10 51st Ave. 

Elmhurst, N.Y. 
Compers, Verna 

(Mrs. Stephen Ondush) 

Kingston Corners Bldg. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Cordick, Ruth 

(Mrs. Arthur Evans) 

116 Gates St. 

Wilkes-Barrie, Pa. 
Craig, Emily E. 

R.D. #3 

Catawissa, Pa. 
tCrawford, Olive 

(Mrs. Monroe Girton) 
Davies, Louise A. 

(Mrs. Charles Colwell) 

Dallas. Pa. 

Dawson, Beatrice 

(Mrs. E. C. Jones) 

Tannersville, Pa. 
Day, Mariam E. 

"304 Church St. 

Taylor. Pa. 
tDerk, Malcolm 
D err, Lillian B. 

(Mrs. Lillian Kline) 

R.D. #1 

Orangeville, Pa. 
Dever, Sr. M. Huberta 

121 Church St. 
Plymouth, Pa. 

Diehl, Alva 

(Mrs. Alva Mack) 

R.D. #1, 

Milton, Pa. 
Dillon, Sr. M. Alice 

787 E. Northampton St. 

Wilkes-Barre. Pa. 
Dodson, Lois 

(Mrs. Ralph R. Maynard) 

122 Dana St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

Doherty, Margaret 

441 Clay Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Dowd, Sr. M. John 

Convent of Mercy 

Bath, Pa. 
Dreshman, Elva 

(Mrs. Elva D. Loper) 

1432 Third St. 

Ashland, Pa. 
Edwards, Mildred 

(Mrs. Mildred E. Howell) 
.1515 W. Woshtenow St. 

Lansing 15, Mich. 
tEdwards, Raymond H. 

(Rev. R. H. Edwards) 
Edwards, Winifred 

(Mrs. Hershel Libby) 

26 Clinton Terrace 

Irvington 11, N.J. 
'Eidam, Margaret 

(Mrs. Ralph Taylor) 

* — Reported Deceased 

t— Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Eiie, Helen K. 

(Mrs. Robert A. West) 

12 Birch St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Eisenhauer, Elwoort 

Harrisville, Pa, 
•Eisley, Mary Ellen 
Sly, Bertha 

(Mrs. Ralph Briesch) 

148 N. Fourth St. 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Epler, Myrtle M. 

(Mrs. Harold Merts) 

R.D. #1 

Northumberland, Pa. 
fEvancho, Michael 

(Dr. Michael Evancho) 
Evans, Elizabeth F. 

(Mrs. Elizabeth E. West) 

192 Brown St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Evans, Rachael 

(Mrs. Rachael E. Kline) 

Orangevillle, Pa. 
♦Everhart, Isabel 

(Mrs. Isabel E. Klrkner) 
rFarrar, Rose 

(Mrs. Rose P. Finney) 
Felker, Fred 

4231 Doney St. 

Columbus, Ohio 
Fenwick, Martha 

(Mrs. Chester H. 

R.D. #5 

Carlisle, Pa. 
Fetter, Charlotte 

(Mrs. Charlotte F. 

623 Arch St. 

Spring City, Pa. 
Flanag-an, Sr. M. Ruth 

1025 Momroe Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
tFlick, Mary M. 

(Mrs. A. Edward 
New hard) 
Foster, Agues I.. (Mrs.) 

767 Midland Ave. 

York, Pa. 
Foster, Albert K. 

767 Midland Ave. 

York, Pa. 
Foulk, Madeline 

(Mrs. Madeline F. 

2 Herrick Dr. 

Lawrence, N.Y. 
tFritz, Emeline 

(Mrs. John H. Clemson) 
tFritz, Guy D. 
Furman, Cecelia J. 

387 E. Noble St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Furman, Frances M. 

(Mrs. Ernest C. Harrell) 

P. O. Box 304 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Gaines, Ruth A 

135 Hicks St. 

Brooklyn 1, N.Y. 
Gamble, Marjorie 

(Mrs. J. Paul Walker) 

229 Palisade Rd. 

Linden, N. J. 
Garinger, Henrietta 

(Mrs. Loren Keller) 

R. #4 

Dallas, Pa. 
tGavin, Sr. M. Anita 

Geary, Ruth I. 

(Mrs. Ralph Beagle) 

R.D. #5 

Danville, Pa. 
George, Bertha M. 

(Mrs. J. Grayson .Tones) 

709 Walnut St. 

Freeland, Pa. 
George, Marion 

(Mrs. Wendell E. Evans) 

520 Minooka Ave. 

Moosic, Pa. 
Gilboy, Louise G. 

(Mrs. James R. Walslh) 
*Givens, Sr. M. Augustine 
Golden, Frances 

214 Keystone St. 

Hawley, Pa. 

*Grady, Joseph 
Griesing, Harold 
Griffith, Kathryn R. 

(Mrs. Frederick H. 

29 S. Welles St. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Hackenberg, Ernestine 

(Mrs. Ernestine 

737 Queen St. 

Northumberland, Pa. 
Hadsall, Marian 

(Mrs. Charles Parrish) 

R.D. #1 

Harveys Lake, Pa 
Hall, A. Geraldine 

(Mrs. Leon Krauser) 

245 S. 44 St. 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
tHallock, Alice 

(Mrs. Roy Austin) 
Hampton, Edith E. 

119 S. Nice St. 

Frackville, Pa. 
Hanks, Margaret M. 

735 Hazle St. 

Asihley, Pa. 
Harder, Kathryn F. 

(Mrs. Kathryn H. Klarr) 

1464 Lewis Dr. 

Lake wood, Ohio 
Harman, Helen 

(Mrs. Maurice Bower) 

305 E. 16 St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
tHart, Alice R. 
Hart, Arline L. 

(Mrs. Carl N. Brown) 

80 Second Ave. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Haupt, Elmer J. 

27 Hill Rd. 

West Chester, Pa. 
Healey, Irene 

328 N. Main St. 

Plains, Pa. 
Hess, Marcella C. 

(Mrs. Marcella H. Ash) 

Benton, Pa. 
Hess, Mildred M. 

(Mrs. Mildred H. 

R.D. #2 

Benton, Pa. 
Hill, Edith M. 

(Mrs. Edith H. Dawson) 

1>0i6 Pleasant St. 

Say re, Pa. 
Hottenstein, Carol 

(Mrs. Albert James) 

467 Walnut St. 

Luzerne, Pa. 

Howard, Martha 

(Mrs. Martha H. Mozart) 
Howell, Mary 

(Mrs. Robert R. Dean) 

21 N. Second St. 

St. Clair, Pa. 
i Hower, Helen E. 

(Mrs. Robert McNaught) 
tHoyt, Emmett M. 
Hughes, Margaret 

257 S. Grant St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
James, Olwen 

87 N. Welles St. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Jarrett, Ann 

316 W. Grove St. 

Taylor, Pa. 
Jayne, Eunice 

(Mrs. Darwin Sick) 

Dushore, Pa. 
Jeremiah, E. Thelma 

(Mrs. Robert Geise) 

720% N. Front 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Jones, Adelia C. 

(Mrs. Franklyn 

Warren Center, Pa. 
Jones, Helen G. 

(Mrs. W. Arch Reese) 

1159 Cornell St. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Jones, Herbert 

920 Electric Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Jones, Margaret E. 

311 Penn Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Kane, Sr. M. Anselm 

161 S. Washington St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Kane, Sr. M. Eileen 

Convent of Mercy 

Honesdale, Pa. 
Karalus, Helen K. 

(Mrs. Joseph Mosier) 

28 E. Ridge St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
tKasnitz, Anna H. 
Kasnitz, Fannie P. 

145 N. Hamilton Dr. 

Beverly Hills, Calif. 
Keeler, Frances 

37 Pierce St. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Keen, Ruth 

93 E. Main St. 

Glen Lyon^ Pa. 
Keiper, Violet A. 

(Mrs. Albert Ruff) 

Noxen, Pa. 
tKeller, Helen M. 
Kelley, Anna G. 

(Mrs. William Kirby) 

270 Chapel St. 

Swoyersville, Pa. 
Kessler, K. Elizabeth 

(Mrs. Raymond Kashner) 

125 Forrest Rd. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Killian, Mary R. 

1172 Main St. 

Pittston, Pa. 
Kistler, Josephine 

(Mrs. Elisha Vanderslice) 

450 Spruce St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Klees, Clair 

Hegins, Pa. 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

tXleinfelter, Kathryn 
(Mrs. Kathryn K. 
Kline, Helen 
(Mrs. Karl G. Reber) 

45 Poplar Lane 

Levittown, X. J. 
Kline, Mary M. 

(Mrs. Renzy D. Johnson) 

R.D. #2 

Millville, Pa. 
Xlinger, Harold 

R.D. #4 

Benton, Pa, 
tKnorr, J. Ramona 
Kocher, Ziola 

(Mrs. Vernon Seward) 

118 E. Ninth St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Kostenbauder, Matilda 

(Mrs. Lynn M. Tiley) 

R.D. #1 

Lewisburg, Pa. 
tKostenbander, Miles M. 
Krapf, Ruth 

Palmer ton, Pa. 
Krolikowski, "Walter 

200 E. Main St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
•Laffin, Margaret 
tLamb, Helen T. 

(Mrs. Helen L. Yordy) 
Lawson, Andrew B. 

523 Hawthorne Ave. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
Learn, Mary E. 

327 Mill Rd. 

Burlington, N. J. 
Lenahan, A. Leo 
Lenhart, Ruth E. 

(Mrs. C. Donald 

30'5 Lighthouse Rd. 

Wilmington, Del. 
Lerda, Stephen 

"Westminister Rd. 

Hampstead, Md. 
Levan, Sarah 

(Mrs. D. W. Leighew) 

R.D. #4 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Litwhiler, Archie 

1748 Wyoming Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
•Lose, Ira 

tLowe, Sr. M. Imelda 
Lnkasytis, Isabelle 

(Mrs. Isabelle Chimleski) 

9 21 W. Diamond St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Luring, Esther E. 

(Mrs. E. L. Stokes) 
Lynch, Marie E. 

764 E. Northampton St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
"Major, Elm a 
Markley, Ira C. 

Mil ford, Pa. 
"Martin, Sr. M. Regina 
Matusavage, Julia 

99 W. Main St. 

Glen Lvon, Pa. 
McCarthy, Sr. M. Gonzales 

Convent of Mercy 

Bayside, L. I., N.Y. 
McGrath, Marie 

1321 Oram St. 

Scranton. Pa. 
*McHale, Regina 
•McHugh, Francis A. 

McNeils, Sr. M. Carmel 
161 S. Washington St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
McNertney, Ruth 
(Mrs. Ruth M. Smith) 
75 Main St. 
Harleigh, Pa. 
*McNinch, Mary C. 

(Mrs. K. E. Davis) 
tMainwaring, Margaret 

(Mrs. George Schwartz) 
tMeixell, Genevieve E. 
(Mrs. Elwood F. Laneer) 
Mellck, Minnie M. 
(Mrs. Ellis Turner) 
R.D. #4 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Men sch, Mary D. 
(Mrs. Mary M. Clevenger) 
145 Sprout Spring Ave. 
Mt. Hollv, N. J. 
'Merrell, W. Cletus 
Miller, Anna W. 
(Mrs. Anna Freyermuth) 
11 N. 13 St. 
Easton, Pa. 
•Miller, Charles P. 
Miller, Emery 
341 College Hill 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tMonroe, Madaline 
Moran, Martha J. 
(Mrs. Earl D. Buck) 
977 Pennsylvania Ave. 
Tyrone, Pa. 
Morgan, Harold C. 
117% Cherry St. 
Plymouth, Pa. 
tMorgan, Margaret 
(Mrs. Granville B. 
Morris, S. Jeane 
(Mrs. S. Jeane Wilde) 
43 Old Commack Rd. 
Kings Park, N.Y. 
Morris, Ruth 
(Mrs. Ruth M. Miles) 
457 Charles St. 
Luzerne, Pa. 
Morton, Genevieve 
(Mrs. G. M. Scha-ppert) 
173 S. Upper Asham 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
tMoser, Hannah 
Murphy, Sr. M. Delourdes 
787 E. Northampton St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Naegeli, Nellie A. 
(Mrs. Roy Schultz) 
125 Union St. 
Taylor, Pa. 
tNaylis, Kathryn 

(Mrs. Kathryn N. Pelak) 
"Nelson, Beatrice A. 
tNoack, Madeline E. 
(Mrs. E. R. Heath) 
tO'Brien, Mary W. 
to'Donnell, Nellie K. 
Oplinger, Elsie M. 
(Mrs. Francis 
6 3 W. Harrison St. 
Tunkhannock, Pa. 
Ozelka, Anna T>. 
(Mrs. M. H. Kohler) 
206 Forestview Rd. 
Chester, Pa. 
tPainter, Eliakim 
Palmer, Effie 
10 — 38 St. 
Irvington, N. J. 

Parker, Vera B. 

(Mrs. Dillard R. Shultz) 
233 E. 13 St. 
Berwck, Pa. 
Penman, Cora 
56 5 N. Laurel St. 
Hazleton, Pa. 
Perry, Elizabeth 
(Mrs. Eliz. P. Brown) 
910 Marcy Ave. 
Duryea, Pa. 
Phillips, Preda 
19 Main St. 
Glen Lyon, Pa. 
♦Phillips, Ruth S. 

(Mrs. Wright Jones) 
tPliscott, Rose 
tPowell, Esther M. 

(Mrs. Wm. Menger, Sr.) 
Powell, Jennie 
73 Hudson St. 
Plains. Pa. 
Pratt, Mary W. 
(Mrs. Mary P. Davis) 
270 E. Broad St. 
Nanticoke, Pa. 
Price, Anna M. 
(Mrs. Charles E. Snyder) 
325 Vine St. 
Milton, Pa. 
Pursel, Anna W. 
(Mrs. Harvey Broome) 
5115 Mountain Crest Dr. 
Knoxville 18, Tenn. 
Pursley, Louis 
1030 Washington Ave. 
Lewisburg, Pa. 
tRansom, E. Elizabeth 
Reider, Henrietta 
(Mrs. Wm. C. Souleret, 
R.D. #1 

Turbotville, Pa. 
'Reitzel, Margaret E. 

(Mrs. Margaret R. Cox) 
tRemaly, Lulu W. 

(Mrs. Harry J. Hartley) 
Rhys, Gladys 
455 Beaumont St. 
Peely, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Richard, Leroy A. 
109 N. Second St. 
Shamokin, Pa. 
Richards, Helen M. 
(Mrs. Helen R. Wright) 
528 Westwood Dr. 
Prescott, Ariz. 
Richie, Helen 
(Mrs. Russell Padgett) 
R.D. #1 

Mullica Hill, N. J. 
Riegel, Helen A. 

(Mrs. Herbert Hart) 
tRiel, Ethel B. 
(Mrs. Ethel R. 
Riordan, Sr. Rose Mary 
Convent of Mercy 
Great Neck, L. I., N.Y. 
Bobbins, Beula A. 
(Mrs. John Roberts) 
R.D. HZ 

Shicksihinny, Pa. 
*Robbins, Pearl P. 

(Mrs. Alfred S. Burton) 
Robbins, Ruth E. 
(Mrs. Harold Creasy) 
Briar Creek, Pa. 
Robinson, Elizabeth. 
(Mrs. Alfred Roland) 
116 S. 13 St. 
Harrisburg, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

"I* — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Rogers, Adeline 
(Mrs. Manley Robbins) 
E>anville, Pa. 
tRohde, Henry 
^Rowlands, David T. 
•Rowlands, Dilys P. 
Ruddy, Elizabeth 
(Mrs. Elizabeth R. 

123 Crary Ave. 
Mt. Vernon, N.Y. 
Rneppel, Elizabeth 
(Mrs. Elizabeth R. Hahn) 
1731 Walnut St. 
Harrisburg, Pa. 
Rutherford, Lucille B. 
(Mrs Albert G. Dazley) 
114 E. Front St. 
Danville, Pa. 
Schlegel, Harry D. 
62 Lake Ave. 
Montrose, Pa. 
tSchwartz, George P., Jr. 
Seely, Grace 
(Mrs. Fred Sm ethers) 
742 Floral Ave. 
Elizabeth, N. J. 
•Shaughnessy, Sadie 
Sheats, Joy E. 
Milton, Pa. 
tSheridan, Sr. Mary Gerald 
Shipman, Mary A. 
(Mrs. Ravmond Edwards) 
27 Linden St. 
Ossining, N.Y. 
tSick, Sr. M. Hildegarde 
Smith, Christine P. 
105 S. Third St. 
Catawissa, Pa. 
tSmith, Esther M. 
'Smith, J. Pranklin 
Smith, Helen B. 
(Mrs. Carl M. 
729 Third St. 
Berwick, Pa. 
Sober, Annabelle 
232 W. Main St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
•Sodon, Elizabeth 

(Mrs. W. W. Saxton) 
Splain, Gertrude 
l-OQ S. Ninth St. 
Olean. N.Y. 
Stinson, Teresa 
545 Orchard St. 
Peely, Pa. 
Sutllff, Helen E. 
2415 Ellerslie St. 
Harrisburg, Pa. 
Swartz, Wendel A. 
318 Zara St. 
Mt. Oliver P. O. 
Pittsburgh 10, Pa. 
Sweeny, Mary 
922 S. 55th St. 
Philadelphia, Pa. 
Sweetman, Mabel 
(Mrs. George Schutter) 
84 S. Laurel St. 
Hazleton, Pa. 
Talbot, Margaret K. 
20 E. Union St. 
Shickshinny, Pa. 
fThomas, Elizabeth J. 
(Mrs. Elizabeth T. 
*Thomas, Grace M. 

(Mrs. Grace T. Skerritt) 
tThomas, Ruth C. 
(Mrs. James Jacobs) 

Thompson, Evalyn C. 

(Mrs. Arthur R.eid) 

326 N. 25th ISt. 

Camp Hill, Pa. 
Titman, Dorothy S. 

(Mrs. Dorothy T. 

S. Lansing, N.Y. 
Townsend, A. Kathryn 

(Mrs. Roy Nicodemus) 
Trebelcox, Myra 

(Mrs. David Lloyd) 

222 W. Main St. 

Plymouth, Pa. 

Troy, Hazel K. 

(Mrs. George F. Burns) 
618 Fountain St. 
Havre de Grace, Md. 
Tuffy, Celia R. 
618 Mulberry St. 
Scranton, Pa. 
tVance, Cordelia K. 
(Mrs. James Beal) 
VanDemplas, Violet 
(Mrs. William Dando) 
1212 N. Main Ave. 
Scranton, Pa. 
*Vanderslice, Elisha 
tVosheski, Lucy 
Wat kins. Marion 
(Mrs. Theo. H. Evans) 
38 E. Trenton Ave. 
Morrisville, Pa. 
Weaver, A. Paye 
(Mrs. Ralph Phillips) 
Dalmatia, Pa. 
Weikel, Lucy M. 
(Mrs. Lucy W. Coughlin) 
273 New Market Rd. 
Dunellen, N. J. 
Weisenfluh, Clinton 
326 N. Main St. 
Old Forge, Pa. 
Welliver, Jennings 
1019 Front St. 
Berwick. Pa. 
Welliver, Maude 
(Mrs. Maude W. Karre) 
564 Ward Rd. 
N. Tonawanda, N.Y. 
Wesley, Josephine 
(Mrs. J. W. Cope) 
2449 S. Fourth St. 
Allentown, Pa. 
Wesley, Rhoda C. 
(Mrs. Rhoda W. 
401 Pine St. 
Berwick, Pa. 
tWhitby, Elizabeth 
(Mrs. Elizabeth W. 
Williams, Grace I. 
(Mrs. Harold W. Keller) 
6 Morris Circle 
Trenton 8, N. J. 
Williams, Leona B. 
(Mrs. Howard Moore) 
19 Simscraft Rd. 
Simsbury, Conn. 
Williams, Marion E. 
Shickshinny, Pa. 
*Wolf, Helen 
(Mrs. Creveling 
tWolf, Robert C. 
tWolverton, Kathryn E. 

tTeager, Lester 

Young, Jean 

(Mrs. Jean Y. Brown) 

31 Chatsworth Ave. 

Kenmore 17, N.Y. 
Yonng, Rhoda M. 

4 23 Water St. 

Northumberland, Pa. 
Zelloe, Joseph 

349 Carleton Ave. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
tZerbe, Helen A. 

(Mrs. T. D. Jenkins) 

*Zimolzak, Lydia 

CLASS OF 1924 

Abbett, Clara D. 

Church Farm School 
Box 5 

Paoli, Pa. 19301 
tAberant, Helen 

(Mrs. Leo Rohland) 
Adams, Marion T. 
118 West St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Amesbury, Mary P. 
57 Sturdevant St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Andres, Mildred 
(Mrs* William Beagle) 
Red Lane 
Danville, Pa. 
Andrews, Marian K. 
(Mrs. Hervert Laise) 
4163 Glenwood St. 
Little Neck 63 
Long Island, N.Y. 11363 
tAurand, Ella J. 

(Mrs. Guy J. Moyer) 
Baldauski, Aldona 
(Mrs. Peter Ruklaitis) 
12 E. Third St. 
Wyoming, Pa. 
•Ball, Katherine 
*Barrett, Mary E. 

(Mrs. B. J. Dunigan) 
Barrow, Helen E. 

117 N. Sixth St. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Baylor, Grace E. 

(Mrs. H. L. Auten) 

W. Milton, Pa. 
Beaver, Ruth N. 

(Mrs. Ruth B. 

Numidia, Pa. 
Behr, Edith M. 

Lopez, Pa. 
Benninger, Walter P. 

St. Johns, Pa. 
Berlew, Margaret 

106 Sharpe St. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Birch, Prank V. 

268 Randall Circle 

Williamsport, Pa. 
Blose, Carl D. 

502 E. North St. 

Bethlehem, Pa. 
Booth, Anna M. 

(Mrs. Archie Winaus) 

R.D. #1 

iShickshinny, Pa. 
'Border, Herman E. 
Brace, Edith 

286 Monument Ave. 

Wyoming, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Brady, Elizabeth 
(Mrs. Elizabeth 
48 Lee Park Ave. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Brooks, Lola M. 
25 Barnum Place 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa, 
*Bnllock, Alethea 

(Mrs. Russell C. Allan) 
Burke, Hildegarde 
136 Searle St. 
Pittston. Pa. 
*Burkett, Emma H. 

(Mrs. Emma Slhladzin) 
Buss, Frank 
1202 S. Main St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
'Byrne, Anna 
'Campbell, Maud B. 
Carr, Frances B. 
(Mrs. Charles A. 
Dallas, Pa. 
tCarr, Josephine 
tCasey, Sr. M. Beatrice 
♦Caswell, M. Florence 

(Mrs. O. E. Shipman) 
tCawthern, Anna 

(Mrs. Howard Bressler) 
*Cease, Bessie 
Conner, Rose M. 
(Mrs. Jack Garraham) 
845 Anthracite Ave. 
Kingston, Pa. 
tCooley, Ethel 
Corrigan, Elizabeth 
81 N. Laurel St. 
Hazleton, Pa. 
Cotner, Clyde C. 
325 Eldred St. 
Williamsport, Pa. 
tCourtney, Beatrice H. 

(Mrs. W. F. Rader) 
*Coval, Stephen 
Creasy, Catherine E. 
(Mrs. Joseph 
Third St. 
Mifflinville, Pa. 
Creasy, Jane X. 
(Mrs. Leonard Miller) 
c/o Sunshine Feed Store 
Martinsbury. W. Va. 
Crumb, Mary R. 
1232 U. St. S.E. 
Washington 20, D. C 
Cullinan, Mary 
(Sr. Mary Cullinan) 
Cresson, Pa. 
♦Curtis, Mary W. 
Daniels, Elmer J. 
National Bank 
Newfoundland, Pa. 
Bavey, Marguerite 

Wanamie, Pa. 
Bechant, Kathryn B. 
718 Ontario Ave. 
Renovo, Pa. 
Beming, Beulah M. 
(Mrs. Willard Gibson) 
Box 32 

Uniondale, Pa. 
tBerk, Merle M. 
(Mrs. Glen 
Berr, Eleanor 
(Mrs. Fred Gilbert) 
25 Sherwood Dr. 
Sherwood Village 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Derrick, J. Raymond 

81.1 Light St. Rd. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Severs, Margaret C. 

(Mrs. Peter Samony) 

541 Fallon St. 

Old Forge, Pa. 
Bodd, Harper B. 

c/o W. Fairview Public 

Fairview, Pa. 
Do hi, J. Paul 

713 N. Green iSt. 

Olean, N.Y. 
tDowd, Mary R. 

(Mrs. Harry F. DeJterick) 
"Drum, Elizabeth H. 

(Mrs. Elizabeth Emmitt) 
Dnunmond, Sr. M. Marcella 

Convent of Mercy 

Great Neck 

Long Island, N.Y. 
tDunlap, Ruth H. 

(Mrs. Edward Thomas) 
Dunn, Mary I. 

(Mrs. Mary Gable) 

1805 Albert St. 

Flint, Mich. 
Dymond, Sarah B. 

(Mrs. V. E. Whitlock) 

Box 602 

Sparta, N. J. 
Edsell, Charles L. 

LaRayville, Pa. 
Eisenhower, M. Ruth 

(Mrs. H. F. Brown) 

557 Charles Ave. 

Kingston, Pa. 

tElligette, Claire 

Enama, Lena P. 

(Mrs. Christopher Baum) 
Ent, Editha W. 

(Mrs. Marion T. Adams) 

118 West St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Evans. Anna I. 
Evans, Edith S. 

(Mrs. David Hill) 

154 Pennside 

New Castle, Del. 
Evans, Margaret L. 

(Mrs. Raymond Lewis) 

R.D. #1, Rt. 20€ 

Belle Mead, N. J. 
Faatz, Mildred 

(Mrs. Chester Werland) 

38 North St. 

Forest City, Pa. 
Fahey, Agnes M. 

35 Main St. 


Pittston, Pa. 
Fear, Cathran J. 

224 Linden St. 

W. Pittston, Pa. 
Fenstermaker, Consnelo I». 

(Mrs. Consuelo Moz) 

224 Third St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Ferguson, Charlotte C. 

(Mrs. Chester Ford) 

79 Williams Lane 

Hatboro, Pa. 
Ferguson, Isahelle S. 

(Mrs. Leonard Lettinger) 

Edge Hill Rd. 

Huntingdon Valley, Pa. 
Fichter, Marian M. 

(Mrs. John Williams) 

Province Lane Rd. 

Trenton, N. J. 

Fornwald, Mildred T. 

(Mrs. Robert Amy) 

154 N. Eleventh St. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Fox, M. Jeanne 

(Mrs. M. Daveler) 

212 S. Fourth ,St. 

Catawissa, Pa. 
tFultz, James W. 
Furman, Sophia P. 

20 Gruver St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Gable, Christina 

(Mrs. Robert W. Jacks) 

309 Race St. 

Fleetwood, Pa. 
•Gallagher, Joseph M. 
Gallagher, Mildred M. 

(Mrs. L. J. Vercusky) 

605 South St. 

Fre eland, Pa. 
Gallagher, Raymond B. 

Westville, N. J. 
Gallen, Virginia M. 

(Mrs. Allan Knight) 

Rose Valley Rd. 

Wallingford, Pa. 
Gensemer, Helen c. 

(Mrs. John B. Kennedy) 

426 Fairmont St. 

Coopersburg, Pa. 
George, Rhoda E. 
Girton, Mildred D. 

(Mrs. John Vought) 

R.D. #3 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Goldsmith, Estella 
tGolightly, Hannah D. 

tGribben, Helen 

(Mrs. Thomas McHale) 
Groff, Bucile 

203% Sanborne St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
*Grosvenor, Velma B. 

(Mrs. Velma Hurd) 
Halm, Frances M. 

(Mrs. Carl D. Blose) 

502 E. North St. 

Bethlehem, Pa. 
Hahn, Minnie M. 

110 Prospect St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
tHall, Margaret I>. 
Hart, Benore C. 

(Mrs. Lenore Beers) 

418 Warren Ave. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Hart, Margaret D. 

(Mrs. H. E. Mingos) 

9 N. River St. 

Towanda, Pa. 
tHeimbach, Laura A. 
'Heiss, Mildred 

(Mrs. G. Clyde Vandlmg) 
Hess, Hazle M. 

(Mrs. Robert Chapin) 

R.D. #1 

Nescopeck, Pa. 
Hess, William M. 

Winfield, Pa. 
Hetler, Arline R 

531 E. Second St. 
Berwick, Pa. 
Hile, Laura V. 

(Mrs. Laura Eberhard) 

443 E. Main St. 
Mays Landing, N. J. 
♦Hoffman, Anna E. 

• — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 

Holmes, Christine E. 

(Mrs, Alten Taylor) 

25 Nairn PI. 

Xutley. N. J. 
Hornet, Alice M. 

(Mrs. Arthur H. 

15 Henrietta Ave. 

Oceanside, N.Y. 
Horn, Blanche C. 

(Mrs. Ernest Zimmerman) 

1124 "Walnut St. 
Allentown, Pa. 

Kortman, Irene 
732 Washing-ton St. 
Camden 3, N. J. 
Houser, Anna M. 
Mahanoy City, Pa. 
tHonser, Geneva 
•Houser, Mildred E. 

(Mrs. PvObert E. Powis) 
•Hower, Heister 
Jaffin, Peter C. 

1125 4th Ave. 
Berwick, Pa. 

James, Myanwy E. 
(Mrs. N. S. Bunnell) 
State Rd. 
Dal ton. Pa. 
Jannicelli, Michael P. 
704 Main St. 
Forest City, Pa. 
Jenkins, Ruth D. 
(Mrs. Sam Harris) 
399 Horton St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
John, Dorothy K. 
(Mrs. Harold Dillon) 
Light Street Rd. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Johns, Ruth M. 
(Mrs. C. A. Kissinger) 
408 Hanson St. 
Easton, Md. 
Johnston, S. Artene 
(Mrs. E. S. Banker) 
77 Bel den St. 
Binghamton, N.Y. 
Johnstone, Ida 
(Mrs. Paul Britten) 
82 Simpson St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Jones, Alice 
34 Main St. 
Wanamie, Pa. 
Jones, Anne Z. 
70 W. Union St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Jones, Esther R. 
IMrs. Willard K. Davis) 
2 Reynolds St. 
Faetorvville. Pa. 
♦Jones, Gladys S. 
Jones, Helen G. 
(Mrs. George Gilbert) 
R.D. #1 
Lake Ariel, Pa. 
Jones, Margaret J. 
€32 N. Main Ave. 
Scranton, Pa. 
Jones, Sarah A. 
(Mrs. Lawrence Jones) 
831 So. Main St. 
Old Forge, Pa. 
•Jones, William J. 
tJoseph, Mary 

(Mrs. Arthur Evans) 
Kahler, Laura M. 
(Mrs. Alfred Wendel) 
1840 Murray St. 
Forty Fort, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

tEane, Anna V. 
tKane, Patrick J. 
Kauffman, Evelyn H. 
(Mrs. Guy Snyder) 
Mountain Top, Pa. 
Reefer, Margaret E. 
(Mrs. John C. Brumbach) 
311 Market St. 
Bangor, Pa. 
tKellagher, Florence 
•Kelley, Mary C. 
King-, Katherine E. 
(Mrs. Howard Boat) 
:>4 W. Dorrance St. 
Kingston, Pa. 
Kistler, Sevilla M. 
640 Grant St. 
Hazleton, Pa. 
Kleckner, Grace C. 
36 N. James St. 
Hazleton, Pa. 
Kline, M. Paye 
(Mrs. Milton Summer) 
9 Meadow Brook Village 
Plainfield, X. J. 
Kline, Viola M. 
(Mrs. Homer Buick) 
R.D. #3 
Catawissa, Pa. 
Kling-erman, Ruth V. 
(Mrs. Richard Brader) 
40 E. Eleventh St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Koch, Elizabeth 
252 Park St. 
Pittston, Pa. 
Kriedler, Sr. M. Cletus 

Larchwood, Iowa 
Kroliiowski, Helen G. 
200 E. Main St. 
Glen Lyon, Pa. 
+Krushinski, Elizabeth R. 
Krzyzanski, Clara A. 
(Mrs. Clara A. Rohon) 
4:; 4 Main St. 
Nanticoke, Pa. 
tliatorre, Pauline M. 
Iiaubach, R. Gordon 
416 Oakwood Dr. 
Fullerton, Pa. 
tLauver, Mary E. 
Iiawson, James 
18 Snowden Ave. 
Elmira, N.Y. 
Iiawson, Miriam R. 
S44 E. -3rd St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
*Iieonard, Marion 
Leonhart, Edna 
(Mrs Edna Wintersteen) 
Mifflinville, Pa. 
Lerda, Louis 
113 Edgewood Rd. 
Crawford, N. J. 
Deutholt, Helen A. 
(Mrs. Lawrence Noakes) 
250 Main St. 
Tavlor, Pa. 
Dinskill, Emily 
(Mrs. C. H. Roberts) 
2095 Elizabeth Ave. 
Westfield, N. J. 
Lizdas, Adda M. 
(Mrs. Charles Salsburg) 
Box 121 
Plymouth, Pa. 
•Llewellyn, Harold J. 
laong, Max E. 
945 E. 14th St. 
Chester, Pa. 


Lowenberg, Claire 
(Mrs. George Reger) 
West Brook Rd. 
Wanuque, Midvale, N. J. 
ttyons, Theresa 
McDermott, Dorothy A. 
(Mrs. George Meagher) 
6 3 4% Main St. 
Avoca, Pa. 
tMcGovern, Vera 
Mc Henry, Marjorie 
Broad Hallace House 
Westbury, L. I., N.Y. 
McMichael, Edith 
(Mrs. L. L. Dodson) 
6403 Hammel Ave. 
Golf Manor 
Cincinnati 37, Ohio 
McNamara, Veronica A. 
314 Highland St. 
Haw ley. Pa. 
McNeal, Beatrice W. 
E. 3rd St. 
Nescopeck, Pa. 
Mailey, Leona E. 
(Mrs. Sheppard Pierce) 
49 Third Avenue, 
Kinsgton, Pa. 
•Mailey, Stella M. 
tMarshall, Margaret P. 
Martin, Merre E. 
(Mrs. Merre E. Valentine) 
Laceyville, Pa. 
tMathias, Elizabeth 

(Mrs. William Bittord) 
Maurer, Josephine Ii. 
(Mrs. Francis Laut) 
102 Hopkins St. 
Sa>Te, Pa. 
•Meenahan, Jane B. 
•Mensch, Margaret B. 
Mensch, S. Matilda 
(Mrs. I. Russel Waples) 
'2 4 2 Riverview, 
Espy. Pa. 
Mensch, Maud c 
(Mrs. Maurice V. Ridall) 
1625 Lincoln Ave. 
Berwick, Pa, 
tMiller, Charles 
Miller, Harold R. 
365 Catherine St. 
Bloomsburg. Pa. 
tMiller, Phyllis B. 

(Mrs. C. M. Dumbald) 
tMorgan, Dorothy E. 

(Mrs. Dorothy Shaver) 
Morgan, Elias P. 
337 Samuels Ave. 
Hazleton, Pa. 
Morris, A. Ruth 
(Mrs. Walter M. Miles) 
475 Charles St. 
Luzerne, Pa. 
+Morse, Doris M. 
•Moyer, Mae G. 
tMulherin, Alice A. 

(Mrs. Alice A. Davies) 
Murphy, Anna B. 
Lost Creek, Pa. 
•Naugle, Violet M. 

(Mrs. Wm. P. Patterson) 
Kelson, Olga A. 

Nesquehoning, Pa. 

Nordstrom, Anna B. 

293 N. Hancock St. 

Wilkes-B arre, Pa. 

•Norton, Mervyn 

t— Addrevs Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Novak, Helen 

(Mrs. L. L. SluzaJes) 

101'5 Lynwood Dr. 

Rolla, Mo. 
Oman, Mrs. Esther D. 

Hallstead, Pa. 
Oman, Lena R. 

(Mrs. G. Buckman) 

5711 Hoffman Ave. 

W. Phila, 43, Pa. 
O'Mara, Mary Q. 

(Mrs. Francis A. Barley) 

1250 Wyoming Ave, 

Exeter, Pa. 
O'Neill, Anna M. 

(Mrs. Anna M. 

57 Grandview PI. 

Upper Montclair, N. J. 
O'Neill, Veronica 

901 Main St. 

Forest City, Pa. 
Ostrander, Ida M. 

(Mrs. Joseph Kamum) 

St. John's, Pa. 
Face, Marjorle M. 

(Mrs. Marjorie M. 

Andover, Mass. 
Falya, Mary M. 

452 Centre St. 

Woodridge, N.T. 
Parsons, Charlotte E. 

(Mrs. Alexander 

330 Tawanda St. 

White Haven, Pa. 
Partridge, Catherine M. 

(Mrs. F. W. Reinfurt) 
Partridge, William H. 

44 Wall iSt. 

Bethlehem, Pa. 

Paul, Burdella J. 

(Mrs. Burdella J. 

75 Davenport St. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
Pensyl, Prances 

Market St. 

Duncannon, Pa. 
Perry, Sarah E. 

(Mrs. Willard S. Wright) 

P. O. Box 53 

Sea Isle City, N. J. 
Peterson, Dorothy W. 

(Mrs. Arthur R, Marsh) 

303 Grand Ave. 

Englewood, N. J. 
Phillips, Mary E. 

(Mrs. John T. Griffiths) 

340 N. Bromley Ave. 

Scranton 4. Pa. 
tFollock, Lydia A. 

(Mrs. Lydia A. Mahoney) 
*Post, P. Juniatta 

(Mrs. F. Juniatta Wolfe) 
*Powell, Richard D. 

835 N. Lincoln Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Pratt, Ruth W. 

270 E. Broad St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Price, Ethel M. 

23 Ross St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Pursel, Edna R. 

200 Barton St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Rabert, Eleanor E. 

(Mrs. Claude Faust) 

100 River St. 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
Raiewski, Stasia 

(Mrs. B. J. Kawalski) 

Mocanaqua, Pa. 
*Rees, Rnth Irene 
Reinbold, Alvin E. 

1708 Texas Ave. 

Duquense, Pa. 
Remley, A. Lois 

(Mrs. Wayne Hartranft) 

R.D. #1 

Chambersburg, Pa 
'Reynolds, James W. 
Reynolds, Ruth E. 

(Mrs. Wm. M. Stevenson) 
Richards, Louise O. 

(Mrs. Louise O. 

517 Chester Pike 

Prospect Park, Pa, 
Ridall, Mabel Q. 

(Mrs. Mabel G. Nobel) 

1'0'2 Academy St. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
Ridgley, Mildred M. 

(Mrs. Charles 

178 Somerset Road 

W. Norwood, N. J. 
Riley, Mary Ellen 

83 3 S. Franklin St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Roberts, Gertrude M. 

313 E. Church St. 

Nanticoke, Pa 
tRodgers, Sue C. 
Rose, Freda A. 

(Mrs. Freda A. Baisden) 

Pleasantmount Rd. 

Newton, Conn. 
Rowland, Thomas R. 

822 Richmont St, 

Scranton, Pa. 
Ruckle, Elva L. 

(Mrs. Elva L. McGuire) 

Onida, S. D. 
Scherer, Louise B. 

(Mrs. Guy F. Rolland) 

Box 28 

McKeansburg, Pa, 
*Schimpf, Catherine B. 
Schultz, Eleanor 

(Mrs. Eleanor Savage) 

1061 Wyoming Ave. 

Exeter, Pa. 
tSchultz, M. Roselda 
Schuyler, Edward F. 

236 W. Ridge Ave. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
•Schuyler, Kathryn C. 

(Mrs. Russel Gaston) 
Schwall, Joseph 

14376 Rutland Rd. 

Detroit, Mioh. 
Scott, Pearl I. 

(Mrs. C. Snook) 

R.D. #1 

Titusville, N. J. 
Seely, Leslie W. 

R.D. #2 

Drums, Pa. 
Selecky, Catherine B. 

(Mrs. Andrew Tirpak) 

158 East Main St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Shaughnessy, Francis H. 

63 W. Harrison St. 

Tunkhannock, Pa. 

Shelbert, Rnth A. 

(Mrs. Ross Osborn) 
Shook, Agnes 

(Mrs. William Butler) 

R.D. #1 

Noxen, Pa. 
Siesko, Joseph P. 

221 W. Main St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Sincavage, Peter 

800 Main St. 

iSoigar Notch, Pa. 
Singer, Bessie A. 

(Mrs. John Shaffer) 

115 Parkwood St. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
Singleman, Anna E. 

(Mrs. Willis Barnes) 

311 Race St. 

W. Pittston, Pa. 
Sitler, Esther M. 

(Mrs. John Seely) 

631 E. Tenth St. 

Berwick, Pa, 
'Smith, Emma E. 
Smith, Margaret 

(Mrs. E. B. Morris) 

953 Wyoming Ave. 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
*Smoczynski, Hedwig B. 
•Smull, Sarah E. 

(Mrs. ; S)arah E. Free) 
Snook, Romaine A. 

(Mrs. D. A. John) 

55 Grand Ave. 

Rockville Center 

Long Island, N.Y. 
Snyder, Tressa 

(Mrs. Merle Johnson) 

R.D. #1 

Clarks Summit, Pa. 
tSodon, Clara 
Sonenberg, Bertha B. 

(Mrs. Joseph Thomas) 

37 W. Pettebone St. 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
Stadler, Viola M. 

Delaware Arms Apt. 

Pennsgrove, N. J. 
tStapin, Martha A. 
Stees, Sarah K. 

(Mrs. Herbert T. Clark) 

430 Hawthorne Ave. 

Haddonfield, N. J. 
Stevens, Dorothy R. 

(Mrs. Robert R. Malcolm) 

R.D. #1 

Mehoopany, Pa. 
Stevens, Irma I. 

(Mrs. William B. Menseh) 

426 E. St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Stover, Maude R. 

(Mrs. Robert Meyer) 

Reber&burg, Pa. 
tSwartz, Mabel 

(Mrs. R. D. Gardner) 
Swineford, Adeline B. 

506 W. Front St. 
Berwick. Pa. 
Swortwood, Alberta 

(Mrs. Alberta Dohl) 
713 W. Green St. 
Olean, N.Y. 
Tempest, Ruth L. 

(Mrs. R. Wayne 

313 Baldwin Dr. 
Stanton, Va. 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Terry, Ruth M. 

(Mrs. Kenneth Conway) 
22 Girard PL 
Maplewood, K. J. 
Thomas, Alma 
374 N. Washington St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Thomas, Eva G. 
(Mrs. Eva G. McGuire) 
18 Spring Garden 
Trucksville, Pa. 
Tirpak, Andrew 
439V4 Market St. 
Glen Lyon, Pa. 
*Tregellas, Sarah M. 
Ullrich, Marion M. 
(Mrs. Arthur Teed) 
126 Eagle Rock Ave. 
Roseland, N. J. 
Vanderslice, Clara 
(Mrs. Norton Thomas) 
R.D. #5 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Wagner, Grace A. 
422 N. Webster Ave. 
Scranton, Pa. 
Walsh, Mary C. 
(Mrs. James Hughes) 
44 Washington Terrace 
Pittston, Pa. 
Waples, Getha M. 
(Mrs. Walter Shaffer) 
1807 Princeton Ave. 
Williamsport, Pa. 
Watters, Eva L. 
113 Main St. 
Mifflinville, Pa. 
tWelsko, Veronica 
Werkheiser, Elizabeth 
(Mrs. Elizabeth Levan) 
(iS'5 E. 4th St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Werkheiser, Marie C. 
(Mrs. M. C. HemTnig) 
1 N. Crescent St. 
Fremont, Pa. 
Williams, Alice W. 
(Mrs. Rutter L. Keller) 
379 E. 3rd iSt. 
Bloomsburg, Pa,. 
Williams, Edna D. 
(Mrs. Ebenezer D. 
1 Berrywood Ct. 

Wilmington, Del. 19803 
Williams, Frances M. 
(Mrs. George P. 
40 Price St. 
Kingston, Pa. 
Williams, Meda F. 
(Mrs. Abram Fairchilds) 
Montandon, Pa. 
Wilson, Dora B. 
(Mrs. Dora W. Rishley) 
244 S. Warner St. 
Woodbury, N. J. 
Woodring, Grace A. 
(Mrs. F. Harold Thomas) 
718 Frust St. 
Catasauqua, Pa. 
Woychik, Elizabeth 
(Mrs. Eliz. Koshensky) 
376 Phillips St. 
Lynwood, Pa. 
Wright, Anne L. 
124 Berwick Hts. Rd. 
Bast Stroudsburg, Pa. 

Wright, Minnie 

(Mrs. Minnie Kershner) 

414 W. Front St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Yeager, A. Bertelle 

(Mrs. A. Bertelle 

116 E. Front St. 

Berwick, Pa. 

tYoder, Kathryn 

Zadra, Eva M. 

(Mrs. Eva M. Sullin) 

Beaver Meadows, Pa. 
Zearfoss, Charlotte 

(Mrs. Charles Johnson) 

4 8 Roberts St. 

Watertown, Conn. 

Zerbe, Mildred 

R.D. #2 
Box 382 
Shamokin, Pa. 
Zydanowicz, Kelen B. 
(Mrs. Joseph J. Schwall) 
14376 Rutland Rd. 
Detroit, Mich. 

CLASS OF 1925 

■ Andes, C. Ellen 

(Mrs. Russell Howard) 

416 E. Church St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Aponick, Wanda 

227 Penn Valley Terrace 

Morrisville, Pa. 
Armstrong, Thelma 

(Mrs. Thelma Moore) 

90 New York Ave. 

Johnson City, N. Y. 
Baker, Dora 

Milton, Pa. 
Barrett, Helen H. 

(Mrs. Helen Lechleitner) 

R.D. #1 

Stillwater, Pa. 
Beaver, Bessie Mae 

(Mrs. Henry Werkheiser) 

Numidia, Pa. 
Bonn, Viola J. 

(Mrs. J. H. TenEyck 

24 E. Spring .St. 

Somerville, N. J. 
*Bolig, Pauline E. 
Belles, Rachel 

(Mrs. Rachel Malone) 

1304 Tab St. 

Odenton. Mo. 
Brace, Laura W. 

(Mrs. Warren Hyde) 

Watsontown, Pa. 
*Bradley, Mary V. 

( Scott Neyhard) 
Breslin, Mary 

(Mrs. John E. Reichert) 

529 Chew St. 

Allentown, Pa. 
Bucher, Pauline 

(Mrs. Pauline Swank) 

Elysburg. Pa. 
Burgess, Adaline 

R.D. #3 

Pittston, Pa. 
Burgess, Lillian 

R.D. #3 

Pittston, Pa. 
Burns, Joseph 

Ranshaw, Pa. 

Bnss, Frank 

1202 S. Main St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

Campbell, Martha C. 
Carden, Ann D. 

(Mrs. William Allen) 
1613 N. Webster Ave. 
Scranton, 1'a. 
Carr, Florence C. 
1212 S. Main St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Carroll, Sr. M. William 
Sisters Of Mercy 
St. Agnes Convent 
Towanda, Pa. 
Cashmareck, Helen V. 
1769 Tioga St. 
Shamokin, Pa. 
Castles, Kathryn O. 
(Mrs. Ted R. Hale) 
Ave. P. 

Bayonne, X.Y. 
tChivers, Muriel 
*Citro, Alphonsus M. 
632 Ridge St. 
Freeland, Pa. 
Clarke, Catharine 
424 Hollenback Ave. 
Parsons, Pa. 
Coffman, William C. 

Millville, Pa. 
Connelly, Veraa M. 
(Mrs. Claude Knoebel) 
R.D. #1 
Sunbury, Pa. 
Contini, Mary C. 
(Mrs. Thomas W.lsko) 
617 Main St. 
Freeland, Pa. 
Cone, Catherine C. 
(Mrs. Catherine 
Coxe, Marion E. 
1256 St. Anne St. 
Scranton, Pa. 
tCulbertson, Mary C. 
Cunfer, Evaline M. 

Drums, Pa. 
Curwood, Mary H. 
(Mrs. Dan Wheeland) 
I'nion St. 
Shickshinny, Pa. 
Daniels, Elizabeth L. 
117 E. Atherton St. 
Taylor, Pa. 
Daniels, Elmer J. 

Buck Hill Falls, Pa. 
Davenport, Frances 
(Mrs. Max Pennington) 
146 Market St. 
Bloomsburg. Pa. 
tDavis, Elizabeth R. 
Davis, Laura A. 
2305 Hollas' er Ave. 
Scranton, Pa. 
Davis, Melba 
387 Main Rd. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa- 
Davis, Verna E. 
(Mrs. Verna Reese) 
R12 Market St. 
Scranton, Pa. 
Davison, Elizabeth G. 
(Mrs. KHz. D. Hoffer) 
108 Parker Street 
("larks Summit, Pa. 
Dennis, Hope L. 
(Mrs. S. M. Anderson) 
2616 P St. N.W. 
Washington 7, D.C. 
tDerrick, J. Raymond 
*Dietrick, Laura 

-Reported Deceased 

t— Address Wanr.-d 


Bloomsburg State College 

Donegan, Kathryn 

98 E. Centre St. 

Nesquehoning, Pa. 
Donohoe, Joseph J. 

Lost Creek, Pa. 
Dormer, Elizabeth 

911 W. Spruce St. 

SHiamokin, Pa. 
tDoty, A. Pauline 

(Mrs. Pauline Cole) 
Dougherty, Anna 

(Mrs. Robert Glennon) 

1021 Washington St. 

Freeland, Pa. 
Driscoll, Dean 

3507 Cascade Ave. 

Baltimore 6, Md. 
tDrum, Susan R. 

(Mrs. Wayne Turner) 
Durbin, Louise 

( Mr s . ' Lo u i se Oar so n ) 

I^ansdale, Pa. 
Dyor, Ruth M. 

(Mrs. Ruth Rudy) 

22 Bloom St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Bade, Edith May 

101 E. Centre iSt. 

Nesquehoning, Pa. 
Evans, Alma 

(Mrs. Walter Kramer) 

10'2 Lane Ave. 

W. Caldwell, N.J. 
Evans, Lucy II. 

(Mrs. Charles A. Unold) 

Box 242 M. O. 

Elmira, N.V. 
♦Eyerly, Margaret 

(Mrs. Ralph Aul) 
Fairclough, Helen 

(Mrs. Nelson A. Stockton) 

8 Reynolds St. 

Pitts ton. Pa. 
Farley, Earl T. 

450 Washington St. 

Rochester, Pa. 
Pay, Marg-aret E. 

368 N. Maple Ave. 

Kingston, Pa. 
tPichter, Claire 
Pinn, Sr. M. Theophane 

161 S. Washington St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Pisher, Martha A. 

Park Road 

Humimels Wharf, Pa. 
Pite, Grace 

(Mrs. Harold White) 

43,2 Broad St. 

Nescopek, Pa. 
Plaherty, M. Winifred 

(Mrs. Edwin Kraus) 

25 N. 18 St. 

Kenilworth, N. J. 
Plannery, Anthony J. 

Lost Creek, Pa. 
tFleming, Margaret R. 
Plynn, Margaret 

(Mrs. Edward Bosso) 

3S7 Winola Ave. 

Kingston, Pa. 
tPoley, Myrtle P. (Mrs.) 
Ford, Elizabeth 

249 E. Green St. 

Nan ti coke, Pa. 
Pought, B. George 

Millville, Pa. 
♦Fritz, Martha V. 

(Mrs. Martha Sipple) 

Gallagher, Mary L. 

Church St. 

Audenried, Pa. 
Gaughan, Julia M. 

(Mrs. Neal Carmody) 

555 8Lst St. 

Brooklyn 9, N.Y. 
tGeary, Anna R. 

(Mrs. John E. Sidler) 
Geisinger, Beatrice 

(Mrs. Clifford Johnson) 

Millersburg, Pa. 
tGergen, Lucy M. 

(Mrs. F. D. Bridy) 
(lower, Marian A. 

(Mrs. Marian Bussberg) 

1661 Brunnerwood 

Cincinnati 38, Ohio 
"Greener, Sallie 

tGregart, Minnie 
Grey, Dorothy H. 

(Mrs. John Burns) 

1011 Clay Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Griffiths, Margaret 

109 Gaylord Street 

Plymouth, Pa. 
'Gross, Gertrude S. 

(Mrs. Gertrude 
tGnenther, Pietta S. 
Hale, Marion 

(Mrs. Mlarion Tratlheway ) 
' 17 Hedge Place 

Kingston, Pa. 
Harman, Marion 

(Mrs. Carl Frank) 

229 Main St. 

D.i.nsville. N.Y. 
tHarris, Edith C. 

(Mrs. Editih Frantz) 
Harris, Vivian 

(Mrs; Vivian Hollenbaoh) 

212 W. Atherton St. 

Taylor, Pa. 
Hart, Maryan E. 

(Mrs. J. F. Miller) 

533 E. 6th St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Hartzelle, Helen 

20 (Mi S. John 

Russell Circle 

Lynwood Gardens 

Elk ins Park, Pa. 
Hassler, Pauline 

(.Mrs. Howard Schwartz) 

Valley View, Pa. 
♦Henry, Ellen C. 

(Mrs. John A Woods) 
Herbert, E. Martha 

(Mrs. John C. Sofranko) 

New Coxeville 

Reaver Meadows, Pa. 
Herring, Dorothy 

(Mrs. James J. Greenway, 

Blythe Ave. 

Drexel Hill, Pa. 
Herriotts, Bessie 

924 E. Northampton St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Hess, Marion E. 

(Mrs. Stephen Cormick) 

1119 Ashton Rd. 

Wynnewood, Pa. 
Hess, Rhoda 

(Mrs. Rhoda Greenly) 

28 Harris Hill Road 

Trucksville, Pa. 
♦Hiedix, Marie A. 

Hildebrand, Gertrude 
(Mrs. Gertrude Cray ton) 
784 Market (St. 
Kingston, Pa. 
Hill, LaVerne 
(Mrsv-F. B. Moore) 
l'O Christian St. 
Nanticoke, Pa. 
Hoffa, Eleanor C. 
(Mrs. John Magee) 
1006 W. 4th St. 
Williamspoirt, Pa. 
tHollander, Sara 
tHolovich, Helen 

(Mrs. Nace Broscius) 
Hoover, Martha 
(Mrs. William Priestly) 

Beaver Meadows. Pa. 
♦Howell, Helen 
tHurlburt, Thelma 
Hatchings, Orpha L. 
(Mrs. Wesley Perry) 
422 State St. 
Towanda, Pa. 
Jackson, Mary P. 
1001 Cherry St. 
Avoca, Pa. 
Jenkins, Ruth D. 
(Mrs. Merrill Boone) 
6902 Tevian St. 
St. Louis, Mo. 
Johnson, Marion 
(Mrs. Edward Lombardi) 
Lake Ariel, Pa. 
Jones, Elsie E. 
(Mrs. Elsie Voight) 
316 Warren St. 
W. Pittston, Pa. 
Jones, Florence E. 
50 Green ,St. 
Kingston, Pa. 
Jones, Florence M. 
(Mrs. Chas. McHose) 
562- Main St. 
Sugar Notch, Pa. 
tjones, Jennie P. 

(Mrs. Clinton H. Pressler) 
tjones, Margaret 

(Mrs. Lester Bennett) 
496 West St. 
Long Beach, N.J. 
tjones, Margaret L. 
(Mrs. M. L. Golden) 
Jury, Kathryn 
(Mrs. Kathryn Nichols) 
3S S. Drexel St. 
Woodbury, N.Y. 
Karns, Marie 
(Mrs. C. S. Wright) 
301 W. Fourth St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tKasnitz, Geneva 
Keen, Jessie 
(Mrs. Wilbur Deeter) 
120 E. Main St. 
Nanticoke, Pa. 
iKeen, Maude O. 

(Mrs. Ed. Baker) 
♦Keller, Madge (Mrs.) 
Kelly, Bernetta M. 
1404 Linden St. 
Scranton, Pa. 
Kelly, Essie 
111 Russell St. 
Honesdale, Pa. 
Xerstetter, Leona M. 
(Mis. Rudis Kerschner) 
Mayfair, Pa. 
IKlein, Sr. M. Remigius 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


tXushma, Michael s. 
tLacoe, Jean 

(Mrs. Selar O'dell 
Lannon, Mary C. 

624 Altar St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Laubach, Joseph B. 

R.D. #2 

Benton, Pa. 
Lawrence, Emily 

(Mrs. Kenneth M. Miller) 

16 W. Shawnee 

Plymouth, Pa. 
•Lawson, Martha 

(Mrs. Harry Goff) 
Leister, Arlie Claire 

(Mrs. H. B. Goodman) 

Main St. 

Millviille, Pa. 

Levan, B. Mary 

(Mrs. R. Mary O'Connell) 

Warden, PI. 

Harvey s Lake, Pa. 
Lindemuth, Mabel A. 

(Mrs. Harry Nicklas) 

Nu rem burg, Pa. 
Lizdas, Anna N. 

(Mrs. Freeman Tingley) 

Clemson, S. Car. 
'Llewellyn, Gordan J. 
Loeb, Mabel E. 

125 Phila. Ave. 

W. Pittston, Pa, 
Long-, Cora E. 

(Mrs. Harry Holsclaw) 

c/o Pennsbury Schools 

Fallsington, Pa, 
Ludwig, Alice R. 

(Mrs. W. F. Weidler) 

123 S. Lexington St. 

Merchantville, N.Y. 
tLumbert, Alice 
tLynn, Anna 
McAndrews, Kathryn 

301 Indiana Ave. 

Shenandoah, Pa. 
McCarthy, Marie 

Mt. Carmel Boro H.S. 

Mt. Carmel. Pa. 
McCullough, Miriam K. 

409 W. 7th St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
-McDonald, Elizabeth 

(Mrs. Albert J. King) 
McDonnell, Marie C. 

300 E. Park St. 

Centralia, Pa. 
tMcMennimen, Kathryn R. 

(Mrs. T. G. Kennedy) 
McNellis, Marie C. 

Lairksville, Pa. 
Maher, William 

Hop Bottom, Pa. 
Marchetti, Violet 

1062 Chestnut St. 

Kulpmno't, Pa. 
Maroney, Elizabeth E. 

Box 73 

Mifflinville, Pa. 
Martin, Clara E. 

(Mrs. Norman R. Eidam) 

109 N. Vine St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
1 Martin, Margaret 
Marvin, Elizabeth 

(Mrs. Geo. Melick) 

171 Parker Ave. 

Ma.plewood, N.J. 
tMather, Lyle E. 

(Mrs. Joseph Klechn-er) 

Mensch, Jeanette 

217 North St. 

Catawissa, Pa. 
*Mensinger, Ruth E. 

(Mrs. Josepih E. Grimes) 
Michael, Bessie Mae 

(Mrs. Ira Bogart) 

R.D. #2 

Berwick, Pa. 
■Milieu, Laura E. 
Miller, Grace 

(Mrs. George Creasy) 

Mifflinville, Pa. 
tMittleman, Ida 

(Mrs. Grayson Ridh) 
Morgan, Gladys M. 

(Mrs. Harold Herring) 

178 Summit St. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Morgan, Mildred M. 

(Mrs. Mildred M. Powell) 

2217 N. Main Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
♦Morgan, Sara E. 
tMurray, Florence B. 
Nahadil, Ada 

72-1 Foote Ave. 

Duryea, Pa. 
*Nasatka, Martha 

(Mrs. Frank Coveleski) 
tNash, Helen J. 
Nelson, Velma L. 

(Mrs. George Keary) 

Masonville, N.J. 
Newman, Esther 

251 Main St. 


Avoca, Pa. 
O'Donnell, Anthony 

Lost Creek, Pa. 
tO'Donnell, Loretta 
Oliver, Helen E. 

(Mrs. Earl Erdner) 

107 Helms Ave. 

Swedesboro, N.J. 
tO'Malley, Prances R. 
O'Rourke, Mae 

(Mrs. James IS. Jordan) 

1210 Richmont St. 

Scranton, Pa. 
'Owens, Ruth 
Park, Emily A. 

400 McKinley Ave. 

Kn-dico'tt, N.Y. 
Farrish, Mae J. 

(Mrs. Nelson Lewis) 

R.D. 3 

Pittston, Pa. 
Patterson, Jason 

R.D. 1 

East on, Pa. 
tPavliscak, Joseph 
Feifer, Elizabeth M. 

416 Front St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Peters, Minnie A. 

R.D. 2 

Wapwallopen, Pa. 
Fhebey T. Ellen 

(Mrs. Ellen Gray) 

L36 Woodtip Dr. 

Westmoreland Hills 

Trucksville, Pa. 
Folanecsky, Nicholas 

7021 Algard St. 

Philadelphia 35, Pa. 
Poust, Pearl 

Pine Street 

Orangeville, Pa, 
1 Price, Kathryn 

Price, Margaret E. 

1417 Market St. 

Ashland, Pa. 
Price, Margaret R. 

(Mrs. F. H. Miller) 

tiO Tensel Rd. 

Levittown, Pa. 
Price, Martha A. 

(Mrs. Harold Morgan) 

14 Peck ISt. 

Carbondale, Pa. 
Probert, Mary B. 

115 W. Ave. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Radel, Pearl 

(Mrs. Leon Bickel) 

909 Masser St. 

Sumbury, Pa. 

Rees, Bronwen P. 

(Mrs. Leslie J. Boone) 

271.8 Blaokridge Ave. 

Pittsburgh 35, Pa. 
Rentz, Mildred L. 

(Mrs. Wm. Taylor) 

185 N.E. 107th Ave. 

Miami Shores, Fla, 
Rhinard, Harriet 

311 - 14th St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Rice, Helen N. 

(Mrs. Leland Bennett) 

Willow St. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
Richards, Gladys A. 

(Mrs. William Klechner) 

Helfrich Springs 

Allentown, Pa. 
Rinker, Katherine 

(Mrs. John W. Allen) 

375 William St. 

Somerville, N.J. 
Roberts, Abbye 

25 WaJl St. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
Rohland, Regis M. 

6 07 Main St. 

Old Forge, Pa. 
Roushey, Martha A. 

(Mrs. Ernest Miers) 

Harford, Pa. 
Ruckle, Arlene L. 
Ruggles, Alice 

(Mrs. Kennetfh Williams) 

Box 344, R.D. I 

Hunlock Creek, Pa. 
Ruggles, Frances 

(Mrs. M. M. Trumbower) 

471 Percy St. 

S. Williamsport 32, Pa. 
Rupert, Ellen E. 

Pittston, Pa. 
tRyan, Florence A. 
iSaricks, Elizabeth P. 

(Mrs. Edward Stark) 
*Schaeffer, Sarah S. 

(Mrs Sarah S. 1 ! eimbach) 
Schock, Helen I. 

(Mrs. Helen S. Turner) 

Noxen, Pa. 
Schott, Geneva E. 

i. Mrs Geneva Baughman) 

729 E. Fourth St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Schraeder, Celia H. 

( Mrs. Alfred Kasih) 

c.o Flagship, Rt. 11 

Briar Creek, Pa. 
Seybert, Alma 

(Mrs. Frank Wilson, Jr.) 

Light Street, Pa. 

r ' — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Sheats, Bruce B. 
Upper Adams Co. Jt. H.S. 
Biglerville, Pa. 
tShiffer, Marie 

(Mrs. L. H. Wolfe) 
Sliipman, Kathryn L. 
(Mrs. W. M. Lorah) 
753 Broad St. 
Montoursville, Pa. 
'Shovlin, Kathryn 
Sick, Pearl 

Meehoopanv, Pa. 
Sieber, Elizabeth M. 
(Mrs. H. P. Robinson) 
100 Byneu Ave. 
Ottawa 3, Ontario, Can. 
tSieger, Katherine B. 

(Mrs. Win. Weigand) 
tSims, Julie H. 

(Mrs. Wm. Weigant) 
Smith, Daniel B. 
Drums, Pa. 
tSmith, Edna J. 
Smith, Marian B. 
(Mrs. Don Sherman) 
Benton, Pa. 
Snead, Prances K. 
(Mrs. Rudolph Karnath) 
99 Remington PI. 
Buffalo, N.Y. 
Sokolozky, Elizabeth 
1574 Oneida St. 
Shamokin, Pa. 
Spangenberg, Wilhelmina 
(Mrs. H. J. Lesaius) 
804 Philadelphia St. 
Scranton, Pa. 
tStackhouse, Mary A. 
tStalford, Bnth A. 
Stamm, John P. 
808 4th !St. 
Altoona, Pa. 
tstead, Alice E. 
Stecker, Gladys 
Delaware Arms Apt. 
Pennsgrove, N. J. 
Stellmach, Florence A. 
1508 W. Arch St. 
Shamokin, Pa. 
Sterner, James H. 
Eastman Kodak Park 
Rochester, N.Y. 
Stevens, Bnth 
(Mrs. Ruth S. Wilson) 
239 N. Montpelier Ave. 
Atlantic City, X.J. 
Straub, Mary 
(Mrs. Ooyd Werkheiser) 
25 Knights Dr. 
Sherwood Village 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Stroh, Elizabeth E. 
89 N. Dorrance St. 
Kingston, Pa. 
Temple, Nettie M. 
(Mrs. Stanley Beaver) 

r:d. 2 

Vi-enna, Oh ; o 44473 
'Thomas, Elsie 
Thomas, Mary A. 

(Mrs. Mary T. Schooley) 

306 S. 24th St. 

Camp Hill, Pa. 
Titus, Helen 

(Mrs. Helen T. Henrie) 

Meshoppen. Pa. 
tTobin, Kathryn M. 
Troxell, Grace 

(Mrs. Francis I.. Shaffer) 

Island Park 

Sunbury, Pa. 

Troy, Harold C. 

1010 W. Front St. 

Berwick. Pa. 
Vitale, Lilliam B. 

(Mrs. George Henderson) 

R.D. #3 

Dallas, Pa. 
Wagner, Anna 

New ton Lake, 

Carbondale, Pa. 
Wagner, Lillian M. 

(Mrs. John Vought) 

R.D. 3 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Walakonis, Michael P. 
Box 323 
Ringtown, Pa. 
Walker, Beva G. 
(Mrs. Roland Buck) 
Starrucca, Pa. 
Walp, Harriet E. 
(Mrs. H. W. Eastburn) 
521 Chestnut St. 
Coatesville, Pa. 
Walper, Buth E. 
51 S. Cedar St. 
Hazleton, Pa. 
*Wassnda, Effie 
•Waters, Evalyn 
Watkins, Lily E. 
(Mrs. C. C. Isham) 
254 E. Grove Ave. 
Clarks Green, Pa. 
tWeaver, Hannetta E. 
Weber, Grace 
(Mrs. Grace W. Rogers) 
31 Steward Ave. 
Trenton, N.J. 
Welliver, I. Helen 
(Mrs. H. W. Hayhurst) 
S-embach Dep. Schools 
APO 130, N.Y., N.Y. 
Welsko, Thomas E. 
617 Main St. 
Freeland, Pa. 
Whalen, Mary E. 
(Mrs. Francis Farrell) 
1195 Jorden St. 
Shenandoah Hts. 
ISihenandoah, Pa. 
tWharmby, Myrtle 
Williams, Deborah C. 
(Mrs. Walter Griffith) 
Crestwood Dr. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
♦Williams, Harriet M. 

(Mrs. Harry Dixson) 
tWilllams, Mary A. 
fWilllams, Buth M. 
Wilson, Genevieve M. 
(Mrs. Max Reid) 
620 Taylor Ave. 
Seranton S. Pa. 
+Wilson, Gertrude 

(Mrs. Leonard Klutz) 
Wilson. Katherine 
(Mrs. Chester Bvers) 
334 King St. 
Northumberland, Pa. 
Wolfe, Mildred 
(Mrs. G. Vanderbergh) 
Englishtown, N.J. 
tWoodring, Margaret M. 
Woodworth, Lora 
(Mrs. Lewis Smith) 
Edwardsville. Pa. 
Tost, Elizabeth 
(Mrs. Alvin Sutliff) 
Benton. Pa. 
•Zarsycki, Prances 

CLASS OF 1926 

tAdamson, Anna T. 
Allen, Bnth A. 
(Mrs. Thurston Smith) 
Lakewood, Pa. 
tAndrnlewicz, Sr. M. Severn 
Anskis, B. Victor 
R.D. 1 

Centre Hall, Pa. 
Ashton, Antonia 
(Mrs. George Metzker) 
126 Walnut St. 
Plymouth, Pa. 
Anl, Geraldine K. 
(Mrs. Carl M. Davis) 
Mill St. 

Orangeville, Pa. 
tBaer, Vera L. 

(Mrs. John Steeley) 
Baker, Ethel D. 
5 W. Fifth St. 
Watsontown. Pa. 
Baker, Estella M. 
McClure, Pa. 
+Barklie, Lucy 
tBeckley, Claire B. 
tBesteder, Irene 

(Mrs. William White) 
*Bingaman, Francis L. 
Bis set, Bertha M. 
(Mrs. Leslie Baker) 
Espy, Pa. 
tBlack, Marjorie 
Blaine, Laura B. 
(Mrs. Olen Davis) 

Berwick, Pa. 
Bloss, Marvin M. 
R.D. 2 

Wapwallopen, Pa 
tBomboy, Evelyn Irene 

(Mrs. Roland Courson) 
tBomboy, Mary E. 

(Mrs. Herbert Ralston) 
Bonham, Mae 
(Mrs. Z. D. Whitenight) 
4129 Willow Ave. 
Pittsburgh, Pa. 
*Boyer, Kathryn E. 

(Mrs. K. B. Daubert) 
*Bray, Margaret O. (Mrs.) 
Brogan, Margaret E. 
(Mrs. Edmund O'Hora) 
500 N. Blakely St. 
Dunmore 12, Pa. 
Brooks, Elizabeth M. 
154 Ridge St. 
Freeland, Pa. 
tBrotherton, Edna M. 
Brown, Margaret V. 
21 Main St. 
Laflin, Plainsville, Pa. 
Budd, Alice M. 
(Mrs. Robert Dwyer) 
R.D. #2 

Saegecrtown, Pa. 
Bnrlingame, Eva M. 
(Mrs. Eva Frey) 
436 E. Fifth St. 
Berwick, Pa. 
Bntler, Margaret E. 
486 Second St. 
Northumberland, Pa. 
tCaffrey, Mary M. 
Campbell, Margaret H. 
(Mrs. Margaret C. Egar) 
521 W. Main St. 
Bellevue, Ohio 
*Carle, Audrey L. 
'Carpenter, Harriet P. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Carpenter, Marlon S. 
Carroll, Blanche C. 

Dushore, Pa. 
Carroll, Sr. M. William 

161 S. Washington St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
tCarver, Ruth 
Cawley, Sr. Mary Agnita 

161 S. "Washington (Sit. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Coburn, Margaret 

(Mrs. Ewart Davies) 

69 S. Popular St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
tColeman, Ida 
tCollins, Ruth 
tConner, Frances E. 

(Mrs. F. E. Mensinger) 
Conville, Evelyn V. 

35 S. Hickory St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Coolbaugh, Arlene R. 

(Mrs. Forrest Kunkle) 

R.D. 1 

Dallas, Pa. 
tCoolbaugh, Lawrence R. 
tCooper, Elizabeth M. 
tCooper, Gilbert 
tCoursen, James A. 
tCoyle, John J. 
Coyne, Sara V. 

1191 S. Main St. 

Pittston, Pa. 
Crawford, Beatrice L. 

Rohrsburg, Pa. 
tCulp, Christina F. 
Cunfer, Evaline M. 

Drums, Pa. 
Daniels, Helen L. 

117 E. Atherton St. 

Taylor, Pa. 
Davey, Marjorie I. 

1501 Westside Ave. 

Honesdale, Pa. 
'Davies, Emily B. 
Davies, Mabel 

(Mrs. Archibald Turner) 

176 Robert St. 

Sheatown, Nanticoke, Pa. 
Decker, Marion 

New Albany, Pa. 
Deebel, Charlotte K. 

(Mrs. Albert J. Huber) 

133 Cedar St. 

Hempstead, L.I., N.Y. 
tDeitrick, Mildred A. 
tDenion, William F. 
Devine, Catherine M. 

4 3 Brown St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Dickinson, Helen D. 

(Mrs. H. D. Gustason) 

320 Center St. 

E. Pittsburgh. Pa. 
Dodson, Mary D. 

(Mrs. Lay ton Gearhart) 

R.D. #1 

Stroudsburg, Pa. 
Dominic k, Clementine M. 

(Mrs. Louis Bernardi) 

257 William St. 

Pittston, Pa. 
Downing, Freas 

Bradford, Pa. 
Dug'an, Joseph I». 
Dugan, Mae R. 

42 Church St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

Dunn, Helen L. 

(Mrs. Allan Earnhart) 

307 Berwick St. 

White Haven, Pa. 
Edwards, Emily B. 

(Mrs. Glen Rupert) 

455 East St. 

Bloomsiburg, Pa. 
*Emmitt, Margaret E. 

(Mrs. Alien Rarig) 
*Erickson, Mary S. 
Evans, Eleanor T. 

(Mrs. James T. Halon) 

Hazle St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
iRvans, Iona 
tEvans, Kathryn R. 
Evans, Margaret L. 

Bedford St. 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
♦Farley, Jennie M. 
tFeissner, Mae Hilda 
Fenstermacher, Maude 

(Mis. Wm. H. Fahringer) 

243 Pine St. 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Fetterman, Verna 

1046 Reagan St. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Fisher, I. Frances 

(Mrs. Ray Perrego) 

R.D. 2 

Dallas, Pa. 
Flannelly, Mary 

311 McAlpine St. 

Avoca, Pa. 
Flynn, Stella I. 

1319 S. Main St. 

Pittston, Pa. 
tForce, I. Ruth 

(Mrs. I. F. Floyd) 
Frantz, Arlene H. 

(Mrs. Charles K. Gage) 

Shore Drive 

Chicago, 111. 
Friedberg, Florence 

(Mrs. M. H. Harrison) 

230 W. Sunbury St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Friedley, C. Ella 

(Mrs. Clayton Robbins) 

Benton, Pa. 
Friedman, Dorothy L. 

(Mrs. Dorothy R. Rand) 

24i2 Main St. 

Luzerne, Pa. 
Fritz, Clorea 

(Mrs. C. F. Seltzer) 

R.D. 2 

Nescopeck, Pa. 
tFry, Harriett F. 

(Mrs. L. Russell Cook) 
'Fuller, Thelma M. 

(Mrs. Thelma F. Taylor) 
♦Gable, Mae E. 
tGalanovicz, Magdalene M. 
Gallagher, Mary A. 

(Mrs. Edmund Jenkins) 

59 Franklin iSt. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
Gavey, Josephine M. 

(Mrs. J. G. Swifchers) 

5 Orchard St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Gearhart, Fearle 

(Mrs. William McCollum) 

406 E. Market St. 

Danville, Pa. 
tGetz, Raymond 
tGUl, Ruth 

*Gilroy, Ren a 
Gogolach, Anna R. 
76 Academy St. 
Plymouth, Pa. 
tGoulden, A. Helen 
Graham, Hazel K 
729 Alain St. 
Peckville, Pa. 
Grier, Marie H. 
78 Elizabeth St. 
Pittston, Pa. 
tGrim, Esther 
1 Grossman, Bessie 
tGuffrovitch, Irene B. 
Hagenbuch, Pearl E. 
(Mrs. Pearl H. Swensun) 
42 Grandview Park 
N. Caldwell. X.J. 
Hagenbuch, Ray K. 
1 Citadel Dr. 
Camp Hill, Pa. 
tHarkins, Mary E. 
Harlos, Grace E. 
(Mrs. Grace H. Carr) 
99 Sharpe St. 
Kingston, Pa. 
tHarris, B. Martha 
tHartman, Elizabeth 
(Mrs. P. Hostler) 
Hartwigson, Arline 
(Mrs. S. S. Jablouski) 
25 Ross St. 
Ashley, Pa. 
Haupt, Evelyn A, 
(Mrs. Russell H. Yoder) 
37 Upland Rd. 
Wyomissing Hill 
Reading, Pa. 
tHaupt, Ruth F. 

(Mrs. Ruth H. Artz) 
Hausch, Mildred A. 
(Mrs. Raymond Garlntger) 
Harvey s Lake, Pa. 
tHayes, Thelma 
Headman, Aletha 
R.D. 4 
Dallas, Pa. 
Hennigan, Mary M. 
404 S. Main St. 
Old Forge, Pa. 
Henry, Iiucille F. 
(Mrs. Lucille P. Taylor) 
R.D. #1 
Dushore, Pa. 
tHidlay, Louise 
Higgins, Mildred X. 
Dallas, Pa. 
*Hilbert, Fannie H. 

(Mrs. George Roberts) 
tHippensteel, Miriam 
(Mrs. Miriam Gass) 
Hobbs, Margaret 
109 Girard Ave. 
Plymouth, Pa. 
tHochberg, Mary H. 

(Mrs. C. Daniel Bremer) 
Holcombe, Alice E. 
(Mrs. Jerry McCarthy) 
tHontz, Carolyn 
tHoover, Mary H. 
Hughes, Margaret J. 
331 Main St. 
Plains, Parsons, Pa. 
Hutton, Emily R. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
*Ikeler, Beryl 

(Mrs. Paul L. Bangs) 
Isaac, Margaret R. 
Jarzenbowicz, Josephine B. 
222 Freed St. 
Sugar Notch, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloom sburg State College 

tjenkins, Arthur C. 
r Jennings, Anne E. 
tjohns, Gordon F. 
Johnson, K. Mildred 
702 Main St. 
Avoca, Pa. 
Jonnson, Marian K. 
57 Catawissa Ave. 
Sunbury, Pa. 
'Johnston, Grace E. 
Jones, Letha M. 
Noxen, Pa. 
tJones, W. James 
Jones, William B. 
1131 W. Locust St. 
Scranton, Pa. 
Kane, Joseph 
84 Madison Ave. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
•Kanyuck, John S. 
Kaufman, D. Lucille 
(Mrs. L. D. Foulkrod) 
218 W. Magnolia 
Hazleton, Pa. 
tKeating, Mary L. 
Keen, Theodore, B. 
544 Monument Ave. 
Wyoming-, Pa. 
Kehler, Helen J. 
426 Main St. 
Locust Dale, Pa. 
tKeiter, Sara B. 
tKellam, B. Helen 
Keller, Elizabeth 
(Mrs. L. B. Epler) 
Box 105 

Orangeville, Pa. 
Kelley, Genevieve F. 
(Sr. M. Clare I.H.M.) 
Marywood College 
Scranton 9, Pa. 
Kelly, Mildred E. 
Loyalsak Ave and 
Mulberry St. 
Montoursville, Pa. 
Killian, Margaret 
208 Susquehanna Ave. 
Pittston, Pa. 
tKillgore, Marjorie C. 

(Mrs. Carl E. Hantz) 
tKimble, Josie M. 

(Mrs. Carl M. Gearhardt) 
tKitchen, Thalia E. 

(Mrs. Thalia B. Cooper) 
Klein, Sr. M. Remigins 
161 S. Washington 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Kraft, Margaret A. 
308 X. Broad St. 
W. Hazleton, Pa. 
tKrauser, Anna 
tKnchta, Mary A. 
tKnrolowicz, Sr. M. Berch- 

Lambert, Margaret E. 
245 Hales St. 
New Brunswick, N.J. 
Laude, Bnth B. 
(Mrs. Ruth B. Hughes) 
717 E. Main St. 
Middletown, Pa. 
•Lee, M. Isabel 
Leitay, Mary K. 
(Mrs. R. A. Fagley) 
Ely sburg Pa. 
Lenahan, Anna E. 
822 Brock St. 
Ashland, Pa. 
tLenahan, Margaret 
Lesser, Louise F. 
936 Schwabe St. 
Freeland, Pa. 

'Lewis, Benjamin F. 
Lingertot, Martha M. 

128 Dagobert St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Llewellyn, Gordon J. 
Lloyd, Esther 

(Mrs. Clifford Bound) 
Lorah, Lonneta 
69 Shoto Cho 
Shibuya Ku, Tokyo, Japan 
*Lowry, Edith A. 

(Mrs. Luther Ely) 
-Luke, Sr. Anna Maria 
tLutz, Hannah M. 
Madden, Anna B. 
453 S. Main St. 
Pittston, Pa. 

Maher, Loretta 
244 Buttonwood St. 
Plymouth, Pa. 
tMaher, Marcella C. 
tMaher, Margraet B. 
tMaher, Mary F. 
i Major, Mable M. 

(Mrs. H. S. Gessner) 
tMann, Laura E. 
Martin, Mary G. 
651 N. Terrace Ave. 
Mt. Vernon. N.Y. 
Mathews, Margaret 
tMcGrail, Sr. Mary E. 
McHugh, Katherine A. 
(Mrs. K. A. Nojaka) 
192 Robert St. 
Xanticoke, Pa. 
tMcLanghlin, Margaret 
(Mrs. Margaret George) 
McLaughlin, Nellie 

Harwood Mines, Pa. 
Medo, Rose 
Meixell, Bnth E. 
(Mrs. Claude E. Miller) 
22 W. Butler Sit. 
Shickshinny, Pa. 
tMelick, Lena M. 

(Mrs. Leroy Drumm) 
"Mensch, Sara Pauline 
Merrill, Lois M. 
(Mrs. X. W. Wormley) 
360 3rd St. 
Xorthumberland, Pa. 
Miller, Beatrice I. 
(Mrs. Lundy Werkheiser) 
502 E. 5th St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
'Miller, Doretta 
Morgan, Alice M. 
(Mrs. Alice M. Yaple) 
Gass Manor 
Dallas, Pa. 
Morgan, Anne B. 
(Mrs. Anne R. Kelly) 
194 Green St. 
Rdwardsville, Pa. 
Morgan, Charlotte D. 
178 Summit St. 
Kingston, Pa. 
Morgan, Gilbert 
300 Simpson St. 
Old Forge, Pa. 
tMorgan, Margaret 
tMorrett, Emily 
Morris, Edith N. 
(Airs. J. F. Rowlands) 
120 X. Main St. 
Coudersport, Pa. 
Munroe, Kathryn E. 
(Mrs. Paul Diehl) 

Murphy, Catherine M. 
(Mrs. John L. McHugh) 
Little Meadows, Pa. 
Murphy, Helen M. 
Myers, Jennie M. 
tMyles, Agnes L. 
Naylor, Thelma M. 
Newman, Dorothy E. 
201 E. Mahoning ISt. 
Danville, Pa. 
; O'Brien, Margaret T. 
Odell, Helen M. 

Falls, Pa. 
Chi, Cora C. 

(Mrs. Lewis E. Phillips) 
tOhlman, Elizabeth G. 
'Olmsted, Catherine A. 
tOpiary, John 
Otten, EUa M. 
(Mrs. Horace Sick) 
75 Putnam St. 
Tunkhannock, Pa. 
"Patrick, Margaret 
FauL Veraa Marie 
(Mrs. D. J. Bennett) 
808 W. Pine St. 
•S'hamokin, Pa. 
Favliscak, Joseph 
20 West Thomas St. 
Miners Mills, Pa. 
tFeffer, Clara F. 
'Penman, Mary G. 
Phillips, Margaret 
(Mrs. Fred Walker) 
15 Railroad St. 
Glen Lyon, Pa. 
tFlotkin, Ruby A. 
Fodsiadlik, Sophie 
601 Front St. 
Peely, Pa. 
tFowell, Gertrude 
'Frutzman, Elgie V. 
Pnrsel, Helen A. 
740 E. Market St. 
Danville, Pa. 
tQuick, Viola 
Rarlg, Effie 
(Mrs. Earl Keller) 
Montandon, Pa. 
Rasmus, Stephlna H. 
(Mr. S. H. Burka) 
Orchard St. 
Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Rees, Florence E. 
S24 Main St. 
Peckville, Pa. 
Rees, LaVerne 
(Mrs. LaVerne Dykins) 
352 E. Church St. 
Xanticoke, Pa. 
Reese, Margaret E. 
(Mrs. M. Wilkinson) 
5 N. Walnut St. 
Mt. Carmel. Pa. 
Reinbold, Marlon J. 
Box 66 

Ringtown, Pa. 
Rhinard, Irene 
(Mrs. Lewis Creveling) 
423 Water St. 
Hughesville, Pa. 
Richards, Margaret H. 
338 Mulberry St. 
Berwick, Pa. 
Richards, Ruth E. 
(Mrs. Ruth E. Hadyson) 
4143 7th St. 
Riverside, Calif. 
Bitter, James S. 
312 W. 8th St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Addresi Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Robbing, Elsa 

(Mrs. Robert Ely) 

Millville, Pa. 
Bobbins, Evelyn G. 

72 W. Hudson Ave. 

Englewood, N.J. 
tRobbins, Grace D. 

(Mrs. P. A. Kammann) 
Roche, Barbara J. 

(Mrs. Barbara Sabol) 

Ashley, Pa. 
Roderick, Eleanor J. 

23 E. North St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Roeder, Christine B. 

5 Elm Pi. 

Milltown, N.J. 
Rowlands, John T. 

120 N. Main St. 

Coudersport, Pa. 
tRussell, Jeanette 

(Mrs. Paul E. Stoeker) 
Ryan, Mary C. 

32 S. First St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
tSack, George A. 
tSanderson, Helen 

(Mrs. H. A. Tufts) 
tSavidg-e, Jeanette K. 
tScanlon, Margaret 
Schelbert, Marian E. 

(Mrs. Bennett Gilpin 1 ) 

Newfoundland, Pa. 
*Scholl, Sue E. 
tSchrope, Millie X. 

(Mrs. Millie Becker) 
tScott, Anna Jean 

(Mrs. John H. Groves) 
tScovell, Carrie I. 
tSechrist, Lois C. 

(Mrs. Chester Weaver) 
tSelecky, Dolores E. 

(Mrs. Dolores Mras) 
tShiber, Viola 

(Mrs. Viola Austin) 
iShovlin, Florence 
*Sick, Marjorie 

(Mrs. Harry Fassertt) 
fSilverman, Frances 
tSiskin, Sarah 
Smith, Belniar L. 

125 E. 11th iSlt. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Smith, Edna J. 

White Deer, Pa. 
i Smith, Hazel I. 

(Mrs. Hazel Sitookey) 
Smith, Margaret M. 

(Mrs. H. Campbell Jr.) 

Hazle Village 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Souder, Iieora V. 

807 B. Second St. 
- Nescopeck, Pa. 
tSpare, Helen M. 
Stapinski, Helen A. 

132 Main St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Steinert, Ida 

(Mrs. Edward Fisher) 

R.D. #2 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Stevens, Laura B. 

(Mrs. L. B. Gradam) 

Marlborough Blimheim 

Hotel, c/o A. K. White 

Atlantic City, N.J. 
*Stiner, Cleota F. 

(Mrs. Cleota Eckroth) 
"Stoker, William E. 
tStout, Gwendolyn E. 

Straub, Mary 

Box 233 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Straub, Miriam M. 

Espy, Pa. 
Strine, Catherine A. 

(Mr. Charles Harmon) 

208 Parke Ave. 

Milton, Pa. 
Suit, Ruth S. 

(Mrs. C. E. Foster) 

416 E. Front St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Sutliff, Bertha M. 

301 Pierce St. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Sweeney, Mary A. 

(Mrs. Mary A. Ruddy) 

2951 Tilden 

Washington, D.C. 
■ Sweet, Arlene E. 

(Mrs. George H. Menning) 
'Thomas, Elizabeth A. 

(Mrs. Edmund Berry) 
tThomas, Louise J. 

(Mrs. L. J. Baxter) 
iTimko, John B. 
tTitel, Arlene 
Tregaskis, Louise E. 

9 Cottage Ave. 
Plains, Parsons. Pa. 

tTreibley, Lillian E. 
Trimble, Jessica C. 
Ii25 W. Vaughn St. 
Kingston, Pa. 
Trivelpiece, Jennie 
146 West St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
*Troy, Dorothy 
Vail, Grace E. 
(Mrs. Russell Noble) 

Jermyn, Pa. 
tVanScoy, Lolita M. 
(Mrs. L. M. Gregory) 
Vanzandt, Millicent A. 
15 Orange ISt. 
Waverly, N.Y. 
tWakefield, Tracy A. 
IWard, Alice V. 

(Mrs. Alice V. Karose) 
Ward, Isabel 
(Mrs. Russell Hummel) 
360 Fair St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Waratz, Miriam 
334 E. Tenth St. 
Berwick, Pa. 
tWaters, Deborah S. 
Watts, Olive H. 
260 Union St. 
Millersburg, Pa. 
Weaver, Hannetta B. 
Alderson, Pa. 
tWhitehouse, Ellen M. 
Whitenight, Jennie S. 
82 Knapp Ave. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tWintersteen, Inez A. 

(Mrs. W. K. Gladfelter) 
tWomelsdorf, Fae W. 
*Yoder, Mary A. 
tZacher, M. Hazel 
Zehner, Marjorie 
(Mrs. Virgil Albertson) 
Conyngham, Pa. 
Zelinski, Sophia M. 
(Mrs. Sophia Kozlowski) 

10 W. Enterprise St. 
Glen Lyon, Pa. 

Zettle, Margaret B. 

R.D. #3 

Berwick, Pa. 
Zielinsky, Laura 

(Mrs. Laura Franko) 

12534 Corbett Ave, 

Detroit, Midh. 
IZimmerman, Evelyn J. 
Zimmerman, Jessie B. 

(Mrs. Edw. I. O'Loughlin) 

4 Mission Court St. 

St. Charles, Mo. 

CLASS OF 1927 

Adams, Mildred F. 

(Mrs. Earl McCloughan) 

R.D. #5 

Danville, Pa. 
Alimenti, Louis M, 

604 Main St. 

Old Forge, Pa. 
Alleman, Daisy 

(Mrs. George M. Knouse) 

McAlisterville, Pa. 
Amesbury, Norine 

57 Sturdevanit St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

tAmstadt, Elizabeth 

Andrews, Helen I. 

(Mrs. Wm. G. Thomas) 

32 Thompson Ave. 

Denardo, N.J. 07737 
Anthony, Ruth 

(Mrs. Thomas Ralph) 

8217 Ardmore Ave. 

Chestnut Hill 

Philadelphia 18, Pa. 
tAppleman, Mertel C. 
Aumiller, Gladys 

(Mrs. Gladys Coleman) 

600 Chestnut St. 

Mifflinburg, Pa. 
tBackinger, Beulah T. 
Banghart, Lee W. 

1009 Walnut ISlt. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Barry, Hannah 

346 Walnut St. 

Luzerne, Pa. 
Baucher, Gertrude A. 

(Mrs. Richard Morgan) 

Lake Silkurria, Pa. 
Baum, Harold 

40 S. Pine St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
tBeagle, Martha 
Beldowicz, Cella 
Belefski, Clara 

42 Main St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Bender, Naomi X. 

116 N. Front St. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Bennetto, Dorothy 

(Mrs. Dorothy Tubridy) 

18 Carlisle St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Benowitz, Irene 

(Mrs. lsadore Spitz) 

816 Madison Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Benson, Mildred C. 
Berkheiser, Edna M. 

(Mrs. Robert Sylvester) 

29 S. Britton Rd. 

Springfield, Pa. 
iBevan, Mary K. 
Bickert, Loie C. 

419 N. Third St. 

Catawissa, Pa. 
tBigelow, Daisy 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Bittenbender, James B. 

Broad iS't. 
E. Brady, Pa. 
Black, Thelma 
331 E. Broad St. 
Nanticoke, Pa. 
Blank, Frances E. 
54 Linden St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
tBloxham, Martha P. 
♦Bossard, Minerva V. 
Bossert, Blsie 
(Mrs. Robert Gloman) 
63 W. Linden St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Bower, Elsie G. 
407 Pine St. 
Berwick, Pa. 
tBrace, Molly B. 

(Mrs. George C. Duffy) 
Bradsbaw, Joseph 
620 Concord Ave. 
Wilmington, Del. 
Brobyn, Alice M. 
(Mrs. E. DeRonde) 
99 W. Pettebome St. 
Forty Fort, Pa. 
Brown, Edna M. 

(Mrs. Leroy Moffitt) 
♦Buchkowski, Lillie 
; Bullock, BUa B. 
Bandy, Gladys M. 
(Mrs. Walter Krick) 
Bear Gap, Pa. 
Burdon, Alice E. 
1014 Madison Ave. 
Scranton, Pa. 
'Burke, Nora 
'Button, Elizabeth 

(Mrs. Elizabeth Ewenden) 
Carr, Thelma A. 
(Mrs. Earl Lamoreaux) 
E. 42nd St. 
Dallas, Pa. 
tCarter, Alice A. 
tCastles, Kathryn 
Caswell, Margaret 
Wyalusing, Pa. 
♦Ceppa, Helen 
tChapin, Esther 

(Mrs. Edw. C. Lauback) 
Chapley, Adelle A. 
(Mrs. Adelle A. Zapitz) 
517 W. Palmer St. 
Morrisville, Pa. 
Chicallo, Anna L. 

4 Wilson St. 
Kingston, Pa. 

Chumard Genevieve 
(Mrs. Genevieve Cook) 
R.D. #3 
Lake Ariel, Pa. 
♦Cimmet, Sylvia 

5 E. Main St. 
Nanticoke, Pa. 

tClark, Beatrice M. 
tClark, Violet V. 
i'Clarke, Anna E. 
ICoggins, Jule L. 
tColley, Hope M. 
♦Connor, Dorothy B. 

Corcoran, Marie B. 

Corman, M. Alma 
Rebersburg, Pa. 
tConrsen, James A. 
tCrandal, Maureen 
tCrist, Mary 

(Mrs. Harold Rudy) 
tCrone, Mamie C. 

Crothamel, Mildred 

(Mrs. Wm. McCullough) 

9 l'O' Harrison Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
tCrouse, Margaret I. 

(Mrs. George Derrick) 
Crumb, Florence R. 

(Mrs. Thomas J. Howells) 

138 Phila. Ave. 

W. Pittston, Pa. 
Culver, Linda E. 

(Mrs. Floyd Sommers) 

Box 182 

Montrose, Pa. 
*Curry, Margaret H. 
tDavies, Dorothy D. 
Davies, Buth E. 

(Mrs. Win. C. Aston) 

4 50 S. River St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Davis, Ethel B. 

(Mrs. Ethel Hartman) 

R.D., Benton, Pa. 
Dean, Catherine M. 

1221 IS'. Main St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
IDeisroth, Anna M. 

(Mrs. Charles Rideout) 
Delaney, Elizabeth 

(Mrs. Elizabeth Fogarty) 

119 E. Main St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Demi, Lillian M. 

(Mrs. Wm. Clarke) 
tDensevich, Mary 
Dent, Maud A. 

(Mrs. Dee Banghart) 

1009 Walnut St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Deppen, Steena B. 

Dalmaitiia, Pa. 
Dierolf, Esther 

107 Kidder St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Dietterlch, Wilma M. 

(Mrs. W. A. Bowman) 

829 E. 2nd St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Dletz, Mary E. 

(Mrs. E. L. Miller) 

Bloom Rd. 

R.D. #4 

Danville, Pa. 
DiMirco, Concepta 

1469 Wyoming Ave. 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
tDixon, Jennie 
Dodge, Orice 

Wyalusing, Pa. 
Dodson, Dorothy E. 

(Mrs. D. E. Rowland) 

271 Courtdale Ave. 

Luzerne, Pa. 
IDunleavy, Helen 

(Mrs. A. McMianus) 
i Edwards, Blodwen F. 
Edwards, Millicent 

130 E. Broad St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Eisenhower, Dolores J. 

1471 Scott St. 

Kulpmont, Pa. 
Ellery, Bosina C. 

226 E. Main St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
tEngland, Lillian S. 
Englehart, Beatrice M. 

75 Friar Rd. 

Sherwood Village 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Epler, Dorcas M. 

(Mrs. Carl Riggs) 

36 South St. 

Union City, Pa. 
Etzweiler, Lulu A. 

(Mrs. L. A. Zimmerman) 

45 N. 5th St. 

Halifax, Pa. 
Evans, Doris A. 

(Mrs. George Powell) 

709 Bartram Ave. 

Collingdale, Pa. 
Everett, Hattie I. 

(Mrs. J. A. Skinner) 

4019 Belle Vista Dr. 

fit. Petersburg, Fla. 
Eves, Jessie M. 

222 E. 3rd St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
tEves, Miriam 
tEyer, Eva 
tFagan, Buth 
Fahringer, Blanche 

(Mrs. R. L. Newell) 

12'58 Swatara St. 

Hai-risburg, Pa. 
♦Fahringer, Elizabeth 
Fahringer, Mildred M. 

15 Fargreen Rd. 

Camp Hill, Pa. 

Farley, Althea 
(Mrs. Guy F. Betz) 
2356 State St. 
Harrisburg, Pa. 
tFarley, Fenton H. 
tForsythe, Pauline M. 
Feenoy, Irene E. 
(Mrs. I. B. Trethewey) 
304 Gordon Dr. 
Clarks Green, Pa. 
Fenwick, Susan 
39 Dean St. 
Scranton, Pa, 
♦Ferry, Catherine D. 
Fetterman, Hannah M. 
R.D. #2 
Catawissa, Pa. 
Finnerty, Margaret B. 
2311 Jackson St. 
Scranton, Pa. 
Fleming, Laura A. 

Reedsville, Pa. 
Foote, Paul C. 
335 Emery Dr. E. 
Stamford, Conn. 
tFowler, Ethel A. 

(Mrs. Ethel A. Brown) 
Fowler, Herman E. 
62 W. Main St. 
Mechanicsburg, Pa. 17055 
tFowler, Mark 
tFreas, Mary S. 
*Frey, Chloe T. 
Fritz, Doris 
(Mrs. Doyle Hassert) 
248 E. 5th St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Fruit, Mary 
(Mrs. Mary Robbins) 
Main ISt. 
Millville, Pa, 
tFuller, Gertrude A. 
tFurman, Marion D. 
Gallagher, Mary K. 
Maple St. 
Tresckow, Pa. 

-Reported Deceased 

t— Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Gamber, Florence M. 

(Mrs. J. Earl Haas) 

Route #1 

Box 309 

Duncannon, Pa. 
i Oasewicz, Alberta 

(Mrs. Leon Grala) 
tOavey, Helen B. 
iGemmell, Xathryn D. 
George, Alta D. 

(Mrs. H. P. Harrington) 

327 State St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
George, Anna S. 

20 Alexander St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
«Gerringer, Anna 

(Mrs. Anna Williams) 
Dieting-, Bessie E. 

579 N. Locust St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Oirton, Mary E. 

109 Ridge St. 


Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Gleason, Jane 

(Mrs. W. A. Williams) 

201 Van Buren St. 

Soutih Haven, Miclh. 
Goldsmith, Emily 

Star Route 

Dallas, Pa. 
Good, Eda A. 

170 S. Front St. 

Milton, Pa. 
Gordon, Thelma M. 

(Mrs. Thelma M. 

Koegler Hotel 

Arkansas Ave. 

Atlantic City, N. J. 
Grabowski, Martha I. 

190 W. Church /St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Graff, Bertha C. 

706 E. Spruce St. 

Kulpimont, Pa. 
Grimes, Gertrude 

Charmund Nursing Home 

Orangeville, Pa. 
tGritsavage, Emily S. 
tGruber, Cathryn E. 
•Harris, Evelyn 
Harris, Philip 

R.D. #5 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tHart, Florence S. 
Hartman, Margaret L. 

(Mrs. Warren Evans) 

R.D. #1 

Lewistown, Pa. 
1 Hartman, Mary 
Hastie, Jessie 

19 27 Stuart Ave. 

Richmond, Va. 
i Hastings, Rosella 
Healey, Margaret C, 

25 Nicholson St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
tHealy, May L. 

(Mrs. May L. Aston) 
Heffron, Catherine 

(Mrs. Catherine Higgins) 

2385 Grant St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Helwig, Bethia 

(Mrs. Carl Wittig) 

R.D. #1 

Catawissa, Pa. 

Henry, Eleanore A. 

137 W. Holland St. 
Summit Hill, Pa. 
Hergert, Helen C. 

(Mrs. Helen Guyler) 

201 Madison St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Hess, Cleo L. 

(Mrs. Cleo L. Hontz) 
Hess, Geraldine E. 

(Mrs. Clairence A. Ruch) 

1013 Market St. 
Berwick, Pa. 
Hess, Hat tie M. 
tHess, Helen M. 
Hilgert, Irene E. 

(Mrs. Russell Smith) 
Carbondale Rd. 

Waverly, Pa. 
Hilton, Mabel M. 

118 N. Jardin St. 
iSlhenandoah, Pa. 
Hoff, Hazel E. 

S. Market St. 

Elysburg, Pa. 
Hoffman, Eva E. 

(Mrs. Francis Putnam) 

Hamilton, Pa. 
tHonicker, Lillian 
Horsefield, Alverda 

307 Carver St. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
Hortman, Edithe B. 

(Mrs. Michael Slanskl) 

300 E. lltlh St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Howells, Helen J. 

(Mrs. George H. Wagner) 

R.D. #1 

Clarks Summit, Pa. 
tHummel, Mildred M. 

(Mrs. Mildred Swope) 
tlsaacs, Mary 
Jaffin, Anna 

Berwick, Pa. 
Jameison, Everett N. 

146 S. Hyde Park Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Jannlewicz, Viola 

(Mrs. V. Trochimovicz) 

210 Freed St. 

Sugar Notch, Pa. 
-Jenkins, Arthur C. 
Jermyn, Angela 

(Mrs. Harry Schmidt) 

231 E. Church St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Jermyn, Emma J. 

Junedale, Pa. 
Jermyn, Vivian M. 

(Mrs. Adam J. Frey) 

Beaver Meadows, Pa. 
1 Jones, Alice I. 

(Mrs. Harold Allabaugh) 
tjones, Elizabeth S. 
tjones, Grace E. 

(Mrs. Grace E. Jones) 
Jones, Helen M. 

(Mrs. Helen M. 
Penny packer) 

107 Fowler Ave. 

Haddonfield, N.Y. 
i Jones, Mary E. 
iKalinoski, Sophia 

(Mrs. Sophia Beechert) 
tKanouse, Sara A. 
Keeler, Lola 

(Mrs. G. E. Pulling) 

51 Henry St. 

Lakewood, N. J. 

i Keller, Verna M. 

(Mrs. Richard Hill) 
Kelly, Essie 
111 Russell St. 
Honesdale, Pa. 
Kepler, Mary 
(Mrs. Harold Bowman) 
Orangeville, Pa, 
♦Killian, Anne H. 
Kistler, W. Fred 
R.D. #2 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Kline, Nola E. 
(Mrs. Ralph C. Brown) 
316 Mulberry St. 
Catasauqua, Pa. 
•Koch, Mary A. 
tKrause, Allinda B. 

(Mrs. George Allardyce) 
tKrause, Josephine X. 
tKreigh, Mercea S. 

(Mrs. Glen Benner) 
tKresge, Eleanor 
(Mrs. Edward D. 
Krzywicki, Mary E. 
117 Wilson St. 
Kingston, Pa. 
Kntz, Mary C. 
50 W. Main St. 
Glen Lyon, Pa. 
tanning, Evangeline 
(Mrs. Eva n g el i ne 
R.D. #2 
Danville, Pa. 
tLebow, Anna 
Lehman, Miriam I. 
(Mrs. Stanley Martin) 
231 E. 3rd St. 
Berwick, Pa. 
Lewis, Elsie M. 
35 E. 3rd St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Lipsky, Emma B. 
440 Market St. 
Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Lloyd, Eva L. 
Jackson St. 
New Milford, Pa. 
tLloyd, Pauline T. 

(Mrs. Edward E. Isaacs) 
Long, Erla G. 
(Mrs. F. G. Creasy) 
525 E. Front St. 
Berwick, Pa. 
Long, Pearl E. 
211 W. 9th iSt. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Lowry, Mildred B. 
(Mrs. Mildred R. Marcy) 
R.D. #1 
Dalton, Pa. 
Luce, Margarette S. 
Meshoppen, Pa. 
tLukasavage, Irene 
tLutz, Elsie 
♦McHenry, Mabel A. 

(Mrs. Robert Brewington) 
tMcHugh, Catherine P. 
McHugh, Marion 
(Mrs. Albert K. 
10 Perkins Ave. 
Wilmington, Del. 
McKinstry, Cleora M. 
137 W. Main St. 
Bloom siburg, Pa. 
McVey, Winifred 
107 E. Center St. 
Danville, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Makowski, Amelia 

(Mrs. Amelia Koslosky) 

267 E. Green St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Marr, Elizabeth J. 

(Mrs. Elizabeth J. Stout) 
Marshall, Marian 

(Mrs. Marian Beisel) 
• Mathews, George A. 
tMears, Clara D. 
Medley, Verna O. 

(Mrs. Ralph G. 

14 Ransom St. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
Meeker, Josephine M. 
Meiss, Alice M. 

537 Broad St. 

Nescopeck, Pa. 
Miller, Clara M. 

(Mrs. Follmer Seigfried) 

1012 N. 5th St. 

Reading, Pa. 
Miller, Selnia E. 

(Mrs. Harry Meister) 

519 Colfax Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Mirola, Elizbaeth J. 

(Mrs. Joseph H. Hoff) 

1310 "West St. 

Honesdale, Pa. 
Monroe, Barbara E. 
Montgomery, Irene 

(Mrs. Dayton C. Fairman) 

R.D. #1 

Orangeville, Pa. 
Moran, Grace T. 

Broad & Lincoln St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Morgan, Mary E. 

815 Landis St. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Morgan, Mary 3. 

109 S. Main St. 

Plains, Pa. 
Mourey, Ada C. 

(Mrs. Ada C. Housenlck) 

413 E. Front St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
^Mulligan, Helen 
Murray, Stella M. 

1123% W. Locust St. 

Scranton, Pa. 
'Myers, Delma E. 

(Mrs. Arthur Husband) 
+Nagelberg, Hanna 
Namotka, Veronica 

495 N. Main St. 

Pittston, Pa. 
*Naugle, Anna M. 
tNeely, Regis 
Newton, Marjorie L. 

(Mrs. William Hughes) 

Ashley Ave. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Oates, Ellen V. 

(Mrs. Ellen V. 

533 Dennison Ave. 

Wyoming, Pa. 
Odell, Grace L. 
O'Donnell, Isabel M. 

(Mrs. Isabel M. Sweeney) 

228 Elm St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
f O'Donnell, Mary R. 
O'Neil, Teresa I. 

S31 W. Chestnut St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 

Oswald, Rnth A. 
(Mrs. Karl Olson) 
927 W. Centre St. 
Mahanoy City, Pa. 
Palsgrove, Doris G. 
72 N. Nice St. 
Frackville, Pa. 
Fawloski, Pauline B. 
201 Main St. 
Duryea, Pa. 
Feifer, Alyce M. 
520 Mill St. 
Danville, Pa. 
tpenman, Helen 
Petekofsky, Julia 
2066 N. Main St. 
Scranton, Pa. 
Pettibone, Frances A. 
35 Bedford St. 
Forty Fort, Pa. 
Phillips, Edith 
133 Burcher St. 
Chinchilla. Pa. 
"Phillips, Kathryn C. 
Pitt, Vivian C. 
(Mrs. Vivian C. Hill) 
Drums, Pa. 
Piwowarska, Sr. M. V. 
529 Hanover St. 
Nanticoke, Pa. 
Folaneczky, Nicholas 
7021 Algard St. 
Phila. 35, Pa. 
iPongonis, Margaret 
tPrice, Mary T. 
Frisbak, Jnle 
12 S. Hancock St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Frosser, Bertine 
900 Main St. 
Peckville, Pa. 
Frosser, Thelma 
(Mrs. Kenneth Cooper) 
Kent Ave., R.D. #2 
Boonton, N. J. 
Quinn, Edith C. 
(Mrs. Frank Jakobseji) 
107 Feldstone Dr. 
Basking Ridge, N. J. 
Ranck, Pauline S. 
17 W. 3rd St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tRaup, Dorothy C. 

(Mrs. George Janell) 
tReadler, Harold 
tReap, Florence E. 
tReel, Dorothy J. 
tReese, Lysod. 

(Mrs. Thomas Williams) 
Reilly, Elizabeth A. 
25 E. Broadway St. 
Plymouth, Pa. 
Renn, Beatrice M. 
(Mrs. Ludman 
370 Walnut St. 
Pottstown, Pa. 
Rice, Margaret J. 
Roan .William B. 
Bobbins, Eldora B. 
(Mrs. Edwin C. Young) 
R.D. #2 
Berwick, Pa. 
"Roberts, Mary J. 
"Roberts, Ruth 
tRobertson, Lillian 
tRobinson, Florence H. 
Rockwell, Ruth 
Elm St. 

Newark Valley, N. J. 
+Rohrbach, Gladys E. 

Rood, Lucy W. 
(Mrs. Lawrence Stitt) 

State College 

Indiana. Pa. 
"Ross, Lottie I. 

(Mrs. George Frey) 
^Rowland, Dorothy M 
^Rowland, Mary E. 
'Rowland, E. Rose 
tRuoff, Gertrude A. 
Ruth, Manta A. 

(Mrs. Robert Steele) 
Ryan, Mary C. 

212 E. Tamarack St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Sasimowicz, Helen L. 
Schaefer, Helen M. 

(Mrs. Helen M. JacobB) 

Main St. 

Milnesville, Pa. 
tSchaeffer, Cora E. 
tSchalles, Hope E. 

(Mrs. R. C. Rosser) 
+Schlicher, Sarah 
Schultz, Blanche 


Millville, Pa. 
Schultz, Florence B. 

(Mrs. Mark Fowler) 

Olmsted Field Homes 

7 Buttonwood 

Middletown, Pa. 
rScott, Ruth E. 
Seitz, Sara 

(Mrs. Harry Lindauer) 

753 E. Market St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Shafer, Marguerite 

546 Main Rd. 

Hanover Green 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
*Shaffer, Margaret H. 

(Mrs. Margaret H. 

327 State St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Showers, Martha S. 

31 First St. 

Milton, Pa. 
■Shunk, Mary L. 
Singleman, Anna E. 

(Mrs. Willis Barnes) 

311 Race St. 

W. Pittston, Pa. 
Sitler, Edith R. 

(Mrs. Edith R. Rodway) 

417 E. 8tih IS*. 

Berwick, Pa. 
tSkvarla, Catherine M. 
Smith, Ida 
Smith, A. Katharine 

Church St. 

Reedsville, Pa. 
f Smith, Mary E. 
^Smith, Ruth M. 

(Mrs. Melvin Shaplra) 
Smith, Victoria 

(Mrs. E. M. Bundens, Jr.) 

323 Lightstreet Rd. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Somers, Kathleen M. 

(Mrs. Kathleen M. 

1004 Gotham St. 

Watertown, N.Y. 
Stamm, Reba 
Sterner, Lenore P. 

( Mrs. Lenore P. Foust) 

R.D. #1 

\\ atsontown. Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t— Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Stevens, Beba Z. 

(Mrs. Robert Shannon) 

110 Front iSt. 
I>anville, Pa. 
Stoyack, Ethel M. 

169 Bellman 

Dickson City, Pa. 
Stranser, Creveling 

120 E. Main St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tSwavely, Dorothy S. 
Sweeney, Mary A. 

(Mrs. Mary A. Isaac) 

821 Marlyn Rd. 

Phila.. Pa. 
Sweetman, Edith E. 

(Mrs. Arthur Rice) 

519 W. Taylor St. 

Taylor, Pa. 
Sweppenheiser, Nellie 

254 Mary St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Tasker, Martha E. 

(Mrs. Theron Cook) 

221 N. Vine St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Tate, Agnes F. 
Taylor, Mildred B. 
Tedesco, Josephine D. 

(Mrs. Fred Antonio) 

715 S. Main St. 

Old Forge, Pa. 
.Thomas, Marion 

(Mrs. Marion 


tThomas, Myra L. 

Thompson, Grace 

(Mrs. Grace Mar low) 

Girard, Ohio 
Thomson, Adele 

(Mrs. Adele Maslo) 
Thornton, Septa M. 

229 Morton St. 

Old Forge, Pa. 
Trembley, H. Myrtle 

(Mrs. Paul Trembley) 

14'5 23rd Ave. N. 

St. Petersburg, Fla. 
Treon, Margaret 

Turbotville, Pa. 
Troy, Boy P. 

Main St. 

Espy, Pa. 
Tucker, Nora M. 

(Mrs. Patrick Fisher) 

166 Church St. 

Edwardsville, Pa. 
'Tamer, Gertrude A. 
fTwarowski, Mary 
Valentine, Bernetta, M. 

(Mrs. Clark Zehner) 

R.D. #2 

Tunkhannock, Pa. 
•Van Buskirk, E. Kenneth 
tVan Buskirk, Nicholas 
Van Horn, Lena E. 

City Hospital 

Baltimore, Md. 
•Vastine, Pauline 

(Mrs. James Sudgen) 
Walsh, William E. 

513 N. Main St. 

Old Forge, Pa. 
tWarner, Gertrude S. 
Warning, Helen E. 

652 N. Laurel St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
'Weldon, Mary M. 

(Mrs. Mary M. Sdheuren) 

Welker, Esther M. 

(Mrs. J. R. Copp) 

188 Governor Rd. 

Hershey, Pa. 
tWelliver, Elsie A. 
Welliver, Pauline 

(Mrs. Graydon Beishline) 

360 E. 3rd St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Welsko, Thomas E. 

617 Main St. 

Freeland, Pa. 
Wendel, Anna B. 

(Mrs. George Leighow) 

Bloom Rd. 

Danville, Pa. 
Werkhelser, Kathryn C. 

(Mrs. Drew Baker) 

246 W. Main St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Williams, Catherine D. 

(Mrs. Elwood O. 

3'0'1 S. Abington Rd. 

Clarks Green, Pa. 
Williams, Florence A. 

(Mrs. Howard Thomas) 

325 N. Bromley Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Williams, Jennie 

(Mrs. Paul Thomas) 

234 Church (Sit. 

Edwardsville, Pa. 
Williams, Margaret S. 
Wiliams, Oce B. 

(Mrs. William A. Auston) 

R.D. #1 

Harvey's Lake, Pa. 
Wolfe, Minnie L. 

(Mrs. David Walters) 

711 W. Princess St. 

York, Pa. 
Wolfe, Bachel J. E. 

(Mrs. L. J. Bartlett) 
Vablonski, Louis 

53 W. Main St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Yarasheski, Edward B. 

75 Orchard St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
■•Yaskell, Stacy A. 
Yeager, Hazel 

(Mrs. Hazel Turner) 

9310 Hub bell Ave. 

Detroit 28, Mich. 
tYoung, Buth Newell (Mrs.) 
Zapp, Sadie 

(Mrs. John Mayernick) 

1700 S. 60th St. 

Apt. 299 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Zimolzak, Stasia 

9 Main St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
tZydanowicz, Clara 

CLASS OF 1928 

Abbett, Kathryn 

523% Market St. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
Adams, Harriet E. 

409 W. Main St. 

Bloomsburg. Pa. 
Adzema, Helen M. 

(Mrs. Helen M. Mehok) 
•Albert, Anna 

(Mrs. Anna Golob) 
Albertson, Mabel A. 

132 S. Grove St. 

Freeport, N.Y. 

Ammerman, Gladys V. 

Gravity, Pa. 
Appleman, Paye M. 

(Mrs. Ralph E. Demdler) 

1132 Market iSlt. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Aten, Caroline B. 

(Mrs. Jose Hoosty) 

509 Chestnut St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Avery, Buth B. 

(Mrs. Robert Kallerman) 

High St 

Binghamton, N.Y. 
Baer, Leroy A. 

McGraw, N.Y. 
Bahler, Frieda A. 

(Mrs. Herbert Frederick) 

215 W. Grove St. 

Taylor, Pa. 
Bahr, Adelaide M. E. 

540 Colfax Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Baker, Martha Ii. 

(Mrs. Martha Stevens) 

Box 75 

Dimock, Pa. 
IBaxter, Buth V. 

(Mrs. Robert Russ) 
Beaver, Buth Mary 

(Mrs. E. Brooke) 

104 Pine St. 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Bell, Pauline E. 

(Mrs. Donald Walker) 

46 Brown St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Bennlnger, Anna !•■ 

(Mrs. Edward T. Bush) 

Dimock, Pa. 
Berdine, Dorothy M. 

(Mrs. James Way) 

64 Matthews St. 

Binghamton, N.Y. 
Berghauser, Mae J. 

(Mrs. Mae J. Miller) 

R.D. #2 

Shickshinny, Pa. 
Berninger, Florence A. 

(Mrs. Robert H. 

Depot St. 

Lewistown, Pa. 
Besecker, Margaret L. 

(Mrs. J. Stuart Weiss) 

41 E. Union St. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Bilbow, Margaret A. 

46 Parnell St. 

Pittston, Pa. 
Blackwell, Mary A. 

(Mrs. A. L. Litwhiler) 

1748 Wyoming Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Bohn, Mildred A. 

(Mrs. Herbert Kneller) 

814 Alder tSt. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Bolen, Miltona !■. 

(Mrs. Miltona L. 

R.D. #1 

Berwick, Pa. 
Bone, Margaretta M. 

91 Wilson Ave. 
Mansfield, Pa. 
Bower, Mabel A. 
(Mrs. Leroy Baer) 
McGraw, N.Y. 
Bowman, Hester L. 
Mift'linville, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t— Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Boyer, Naomi R. 

(Mrs. Earl J. Smiley) 

Catawissa, Pa. 
-Brandon, Thelma M. 

(Mrs. Thelma M. Lee) 
rBriesch, Mildred I. 

(Mrs. Richard Hartz) 
Brochey, Pearl E. 

(Mrs. Pearl E. Kistler) 

320 Pine St. 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Budd, Ruth M. 

(Mrs. Ralph 
Burdick, Ina C. 
Burke, Frances M. 

(Mrs. Kenneth English) 

171 William St. 

Pittston, Pa. 
Cahalan, Mary Roan 

(Mrs. Patrick McNelis) 

1726 Quincy Ave. 

Dunmore, Pa. 
Callender, Phyllis M. 

(Mrs. Arthur Michael) 

R.D. #3 

Shickshinny, Pa. 
Campbell, Florence L. 

(Mrs. Walter Vorbleski) 

915 E. 2nd St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Cantwell, Helen C. 

191 Nesbit St. 

E. Plymouth, Pa. 
Capparell, Martha 

673 N. Laurel 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Carlson, Bbba M. 

(Mrs. Howard 

Hoyt St. 

Courtdale, Pa. 
"Carpenter, Harriet P. 
Cataldo, Rose M. L. 

191 S. Pine St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Chamberlain, Lillian 

(Mrs. John Vought) 

533 W. Second St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Ciampi, Carolyn 

Mocanaqua, Pa. 
tCobb, Thelma W. 

(Mrs. Anthony Hoch) 
Colley, Blizabeth S. 

(Mrs. Elizabeth S. 

Sandy Springs, Md. 
•Costello, Laura C. 
Coxe, Margaret A. 
Creasy, Lawrence H. 

468 R. #2 

Oswego, N.Y. 

tCurry, Anna C. 

Daley, Nelle L. 

(Mrs. Nelle L. Sboklass) 

25 Gillespie St. 

Swoyersville, Pa. 
Davies, Blizabeth 

(Mrs. George P. Miller) 

27 Butler St. 

Shickshinny, Pa. 
■Davies, Irene B. 
Davies, Martha R. 
Davies, Ralph 

737 Pemberton St. 

N. Plainfield, N. J. 
Davis, Bdith P. 

19 Parsonage St. 

Pittston. Pa. 
■Davis, Ellen G. 

Davis, Mildred M. 

(Mrs. Harvey Fields) 

332 Butterfly Ave. 

Watertown, N.Y. 
Davis, Rhea J. 

(Mrs. Sterling Strausser) 

132 S. Ridge St. 

Taylor, Pa. 
Dermody, Marguerite M. 

(Mrs. Marguerite M. 

2323 Adams Ave. 

Scranton 9, Pa. 
DeWitt, Marian A. 

10 E. Park St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Diehl, Geraldine B. 

(Mrs. George P. Cross) 

78 30 Chambers Hill Rd. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Dildine, Gladys J. 

(Mrs. M. K. Whitmire) 

135 Sandra St. 

Willow Grove, Pa. 
*Dobrowolski, Josephine C. 
*Dukinas, Viola E. 
Dushanko, Mary 

(Mrs. Andrew Tomasko) 

179 S. Laurel St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Eastman, Helen P. 

(Mrs. Alvin Wise) 

145 S. 13th Ave. 

Manville, N. J. 
Edwards, Grace B. 

(Mrs. Malburn Hartman) 

821 N. Lime St. 

Lancaster, Pa. 

■ Ellis, Irene G. 
■Emmitt, Margaret B. 

(Mrs. Allen Rarig) 
Epler, Hasel J. 

(Mrs. Foster Furman) 

Northumberland, Pa. 
*Eshleman, Veda 
Evancho, George 

6 South iSt. 

Eckley, Pa. 
Evans, Alice L. 

210 Tedrick St. 

Clarks Green, Pa. 
Evans, Dorothy E. 

(Mrs. Dorothy E. Wrick) 

Merrian Ave. 

Newton, N. J. 
tEvans, Janet L. 

(Mrs. Janet L. Martin) 
Faatz, Loretta M. 

(Mrs. Loretta M. Rhodes) 

159 Washington St. 

Carbondale, Pa. 
Fairchild, Beulah L. 

(Mrs. Weldon Mann) 

541 1st Ave. 

N. Brunswick, N. J. 
Fest, Florence 

(Mrs. Richard K. 

497 W. Main St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tPinley, Mary Joan 

(Mrs. Mary Dresinel) 
tFlowers, Gertrude J. 

(Mrs. Donald Davis) 
Fortner, Jack 

Nicholas St. 

Kingston, N.Y. 
tFrank, Cora E. 

(Mrs. Wilbur Brooks) 

Frantz, Grace A. 

(Mrs. Harry G. Fry) 

204 Llangollen Blvd. 

New Castle, Del. 
Freas, Esther E. 

(Mrs. John Fairchild) 

1209 Market St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Gallagher, Bernard 

30 W. Woods 

Lake Success, N.Y. 
Garrison, Geraldine M. 

424 IS. Walnut St. 

Milford, Del. 
Garrity, Francis 

362 Ivy Lane 

Englewood, N. J. 
Geiss, Dorothea 

(Mrs. John Kimmell) 

1112 Salem Ave. 

Hillside, N. J. 
Geissinger, Carrie R. 

(Mrs. W. Lee Hetrick) 

386 Duke St. 

Northumberland, Pa. 
Gemmell, Janet C. 

(Mrs. Edward Cogolin) 

3523 Union Deposit Rd. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
f George, Patrick P. 
Gething, Margaret N. 

( Mrs. Albert Stinner) 

622>0 Chambers Hill Rd. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Giger, Arzella M. 

(Mrs. Harold Rogers) 

242 Blackberry Ave. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Gilmore, Dorothy L. 

(Mrs. Ray T. Gunton) 

Noxen, Pa. 
Goss, Dorothy I. 

(Mrs. George E. Glahn) 

346 Madison St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
i Greenfield, Mildred 

(Mrs. H. Stein) 

tGresh, Dorothy H. 

Gresko, Mary A. 

605 Fern St. 

Freeland, Pa. 
Guest, Ruth B. 

533 Keystone Ave. 

Peokville, Pa. 
Hague, Martha A. 

(Mrs. W. Leroy Wech) 

Plains, Pa. 
Handlong, Margaret A. 

65 Bedrock St. 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
Hanlon, Esther M. 

535 Arlington St. 

Tamaqua, Pa. 
Hastie, Jeanette B. 

(Mrs. William 

34 N. 10th St. 

Easton, Pa. 
fHawkins, Ray E. 
Hegarty, Kathryn M. 

266 Van Gelder St. 

Tamaqua, Pa. 
Heintzelman, Mary K. 

249 Chestnut St. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Heiss, Raymond A. 

Mifflinville, Pa. 
Hendershot, Lida M. 

(Mrs. Lida Abernathy) 

3114 Beech Ave. 
Covington, Ky. 

-Reported Deceased 

t— Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


fHerr, Mildred M. 
Hess, Anna M. 

(Mrs. Anna Lonberger) 

Boalsburg, Pa. 
Hess, Mildred I. 

(Mrs. Floyd Cyphers) 

Bartonsville, Pa. 
tEildebrand, Rnthe M. 
Hill, Margaret E. 

820 Richmond St. 

Scranton 9, Pa. 
Hinkle, Catherine I. 

(Mrs. Frank Horn) 

Center St. 

Ashland, Pa. 
Hlrsch, Gladys I. 

(Mrs. Gladys I. Lvon) 

704 W. 34th St. 

Wilmington, Del. 
Hoffman, Karleen M. 

356 Stuyvesant Ave. 

Irvington, N. J. 
Hoffmeister, Marjorie M. 

230 Madison St. 

"Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Hook, Dorothy A. 

Highland Rd. 

Devon, Pa. 
Hntton, Helen E. 

Litchfield County 

Sharon, Conn. 
Ivey, Doyle W. 

8160 Park Dr. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Ivey, Harriet E. 

(Mrs. Robert Wilson) 

232 Marlay St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
•Janell, George M. 
Jannicelli, Genevieve M. 

704 Main St. 

Forest City, Pa. 
Jenkes, Helen L. 

20 Cemetery St. 

Pittston, Pa. 
tJohnson, Catherine B. 
tJohnson, Edith M. 
tjones, Dorothy V. 

(Mrs. Robert WilliamsJ 
Jones, Margaret J. 

(Mrs. Geo. MacLaehean) 

128 W. Taylor St. 

Taylor, Pa. 
Kashner, Myrna H. 

(Mrs. Frederick S. Hite) 

R.D. #1 

Downingtown, Pa. 
Keller, Margaret D. 

(Mrs. C. H. Riehl) 

32 Wyoming St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
'Kemper, Marion R. 

(Mrs. Marion Cranston) 
Kenworthy, Ruey E. 

(Mrs. Ruey E. Xygren) 

R.D. #1 

Box 385 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Kershaw, Mary A. 

(Mrs. Albert J. Powell) 

Box 169 

117 Skylark Dr. 

Glenshaw, Pa. 15116 
tKester, Viola M. 
Kile, Melva K. 

(Mr* Joseph Laubach) 

R.D. #2 

Bemton, Pa. 

Killian, Gertrude B. 

(Mrs. Edgar Cragle) 

R.D. #1 

Hunlock's Creek, Pa. 
tKimble, Doris H. 
Klapps, Rachel 

(Mrs. Rachel Woody) 

1032 Rutter Ave. 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
Klein, Marjorie V. 

(Mrs. Homer Breisch) 
Kornell, Irene A. 

(Mrs. Harold Davis) 

112 Willow Grove St. 

Hackettstown, N. J. 
Kramer, Helen A. 

706 Foote Ave. 

Duryea, Pa. 
Krzyzanski, Celia 

(Mrs. Celia Pinkowski) 

302 E. Ridge IS*. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Kulick, Edna A. 

(Mrs. Edna A. Reilly) 

R.D. #1 

Box 197 

East Stroudsburg, Pa. 
tDaBar, Marguerite A. 

(Mrs. Wilfred Rhodes) 
Laird, Martha A. 
Laird, Mary A. 

163 E. Water St. 

Muncy, Pa. 
Langford, Phyllis 

40'0i Montgomery Ave. 

W. Pittston, Pa. 
Lavelle, Roland J. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Law, Alice A. 

61 Division St. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Lawless, Winifred A. 

63 Argyle PI. 

Rockville Center- 
Long Island, X.Y. 
Lawson, Sarah R. 

(Mrs. James Dackeray) 

121 N. West St. 

Shenandoah, Pa. 
- Leininger, Helen M. 

(Mrs. John Brokhoff) 
tLesser, Jeannette F. 
tLewis, Anna E. 

(Mrs. B. B. Baer) 
Lewis, Margaret L. 

1105% W. Locust St. 

Scranton, Pa. 
*Lewis, Virginia M. 
Lipsky, Marcella T. 

56 N. Market St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
tLloyd, Esther 

(Mrs. Clifford Bound) 
Long, Rachel L. 

(Mrs. Rachel L. Sauers) 

2001 Went worth Dr. 

Camp Hill, Pa. 
•Lynch, Anna G. 
McCollum, Dorothy E. 

(Mrs. R. Tressler) 

123 Jackson St. 

Port Carbon, Pa. 
McComhs, Margaret J. 

(Mrs. M. S. Rohrbach) 

200 S. Davis (St. 

Dewisburg, Pa. 
tMcGuire, Helen E. 
*McHugh, Francis A. 
McKinstry, Cleora M. 

137 W. Main St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 

McLaughlin, Arthur F. 

118 W. Elm St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
McManimen, Elizabeth D. 


Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
+Madden, M. Eileen 
Masucci, Alberta C. 

(Mrs. J. K. Driebe) 

625 N. Main Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Mazukewicz, Josephine IK 

125 Oak St. 

Sugar Notch, Pa. 
Mears, Charlotte E. 

(Mrs. M. R. Davis) 

26 W. 5th St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Miller, Banjamin Y. 

R. #1 

Catawissa, Pa. 

Miller, Claude E. 

Pond Hill, Pa. 
tMiller, Faye E. 

(Mrs. F. D. Kessler) 
Miller, T helm a F. 

(Mrs. Ray Hunsinger) 

109 W. 3rd St. 

Nescopeck, Pa. 
Minnich, Catherine M. 

322 E. Broad St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Mitchell, Lois F. 

(Mrs. John Robinsom) 

808 3rd St. 

Findlay, Ohio 
tMittelman, Sara 

Mordan, Bessie 

500 Fisher Ave. 

Catawissa, Pa. 

tMordan, Viola M. 

Morris, Anna E. 

16 E(lm St. 

W. Pittston, Pa. 
Moyer, Cordelia B. 

44 Willow St. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
Moyer, Olive M. 

347 Academy St. 

Williswrisport, Pa. 
tMulford, Mary A. 

(Mrs. Chas. A. Watkins) 
tMurphy, Mildred M. 
Muskaloon, Anna D. 

(Mrs. Mark R. Turner) 

36 8 E. 8 th !9t. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
•Nagorski, Elizabeth M. 
Neyhard, Grace L. 

(Mrs. John Stranger) 

Academy & Broad St. 

Clayton, N. J. 
Murris, Claire 

(Mrs. Claire M. Nuss) 

306 Island Blvd. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
O'Conner, Julia B. 

1 14 Moosic St. 

Jessup, Pa. 
Odell, Lois M. 

(Mrs. Lois LaCoe) 

Lenoxville. Pa. 
♦O'Donnell, Irene W. 
Orr, Marjorie A. 

(Mrs. Jos. C. Tearpock) 

208 E. 6th St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
tOsinchuk, Winifred C. 

(Mrs. S. J. Zychal) 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloom sburg State College 

Oswald, Margaret Ii. 

(Mrs. Walter Gordon) 

125 W. Over Dr. 

New Cumberland, Pa. 
Ottaviani, Lillian M. 

(Mrs. Lillian M. Mineo) 

1512 Prospect Ave. 
Scranton, Pa. 

tOnslander, Ruth 
tOwens, Helen F. 
tFarris, Helen 
•Partridge, Dorothy E. 
Peif er, Hannah J. 

Brandonville, Pa. 
Pennington, Alice 

(Mrs. Charles Blair) 

1346 Lafayette Pkwy. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
tPennington, Warren E. 
Phillips, Grace M. 

(Mrs. Chester Bucher) 

72 Lake Ave. 

Metuchem, N. J. 
Phillips, Mary J. 

(Mrs. Mary J. Dale) 

2502 Spencer Rd. 

McLean, "Va. 
Phillips, Mildred E. 

(Mrs. Amos Stauffier) 

835 N. Lincoln Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Pierce, Kathryn E. 

(Mrs. Robert Workman) 

Freeburg, Pa. 
Polaneczky, Nicholas F. 

7021 Algard St. 

Phila. 35, Pa. 
Potochney, Suzanna G. 

427 Cedar St. 

Freeland, Pa. 
Price, Ethel R. 

(Mrs. Edgar E. Richards) 

2.202 Chestnut Hill Rd. 

Riverton, N. J. 
Price, Myrtle S. 

(Mrs. Willard Jones) 

189 Liberty iSt. 

Bloomfield, N. J. 
Pollen, Alma L. 

(Mrs. Harold Barnum) 

1513 Spring Garden Ave. 
Berwick, Pa. 

Pursel, Marjorie V. 
(Mrs. George F. Wyman) 
Coffeyville, Kansas 
Ramage, Zelma H. 
181 Rock St. 
Pittston, Pa. 
tRehm, Mildred J. 
Reichenbach, Leona C. 
(Mrs. Leona R. Epler) 
R.D. #2 
Lewisburg, Pa. 
Reimensnyder, Anna H. 
228 S. Front St. 
Milton, Pa. 
ttRhoades, Elizabeth M. 

(Mrs. Russell Tripp) 
tRichards, Dorothy R. 
(Mrs. William Hodgson) 
Robhins, Winifred I. 
(Mrs. Gordon Keener) 
R. #3 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tRoberts, Elizabeth J. 
Roberts, Ethel J. 
(Mrs. Ivor Stafford) 
308 Keystone Ave. 
Peckville, Pa. 
tRobinson, Hilda M. 

Rodda, Anita 
(Mrs. H. K. Scott) 
l'O 1 Glen Ave. 
Shickshinny, Pa. 
tRohland, Walter J. 
tRosenbluth, Mildred N. 
(Mrs. M. E. Bile) 
Roushey, Edna M. 
(Mrs. Edna M. Long) 
R.D. #1 
Orangeville, Pa. 
Rupert, Florence H. 
(Mrs. Mia Cole) 
W. 5th St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tRutter, Elizabeth G. 
•■Sands, Mary E. 
Sanford, Beatrice H. 

Crystal Lake, Pa. 
Saylor, Elizabeth C. 
(Mrs. Elizabeth Williams) 
68 Hartford St. 
Ashley, Pa. 
Saylor, Grace B. 
407% Main St. 
Watsontown, Pa. 
rSchlier, Ellen A. 

(Mrs. Earl A. Schaeffer) 
Schoen, Atilla 
(Mrs. Dan Lewis) 
300 Fairview Ave. 
Clarks Summit, Pa. 
Sechak, Mildred 
(Mrs. Mildred Weiss) 
14 W. Washington St. 
Nanticoke, Pa. 
*Shain, Leone M. 
tShepherd, Margaret E. 
tSheridan, Jane M. 
Sherwood, Ina M. 
(Mrs. Ina M. Francis) 
127 Kentan Ave. 
Pitman, N. J. 
Shields, Alice M. 
242 Rutter Ave. 
Kingston, Pa. 
Sims, Doris B. 
(Mrs. Simon Cunfer) 
Drums, Pa. 
tSnyder, Florence K. 

(Mrs. George Robinson) 
Snyder, Lehman J. 
1400 Harding Ave. 
Williamsport, Pa. 
Spotts, Caroline E. 
(Mrs. Robert H. Criswell) 
R.D. #1 
Lewisburg, Pa. 
Stackhouse, Helen P. 
(Mrs. Emery Miiller) 
341 College Hill 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Stangert, Helen 
(Mrs. Herman S. Wolfe) 
402 Kosciuszko St. 
Nanticoke, Pa. 
Starick, Ada D. 
(Mrs. Edward Baylor) 
RD. #1 
Sunbury, Pa. 
tStiver, Florence A. 

(Mrs. B. L. Camp) 
tStockoska, Victoria M. 
tStokes, Blake 
tStrackbein, Louise A. 
Stransser, Sterling 

East Stroudsburg, Pa. 
Sullivan, Sarah L. 
(Mrs. Gerald Mullin) 
295 Riverside Dr. 
Johnson City, N.T. 

Sumner, Margaret M. 

R.D. #2 

Nicholson, Pa. 
tSutton, Ella I. 

(Mrs. Ella I. Rivenburgh) 
Taylor, Glen A. 


Dushore, Pa. 
Taylor, Lydia M. 

(Mrs. Melvin S. Martin) 

58 Park St. 

Warsaw, N.Y. 
tThomas, Mary B. 
Townsend, Matie H. 

Lightstreet, Pa. 
Toye, Kathryn P. 

161 Rock St. 

Pittston, Pa. 
tTraub, Dorothy L. 

(Mrs. Miles Winegarden) 
tTurri, Anna Magdalene 
Van Aernam, Hugh E. 

3410 Old Orchard Rd. 

Progress, Pa. 
Van Buskirk, Nicholas 

222 Lee Park Ave. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
tVanderslice, Marjorie 

(Mrs. Marjorie Jones) 
Volkman, Florence I. 

(Mrs. Edwin Hess) 

3636 Berwick Rd. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tWagner, Teloiv R. 

(Mrs. Teloiv R. Wetzel) 
'Wallace, Edmund D. 
Rhodes, Ruth E. 

(Mrs. Ruth E. Walleisa) 

R.D. Box 9 

Ashland, Pa. 
Wallize, Marjorie E. 

(Mrs. Francis Prettyleaf) 

26 Grand Pkwy. 

Lewistown, Pa. 
Walsh, Alice D. 

248 E. 2nd St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Walsh, Mary C. 

Mrs. Mary Zebrowski) 

66 Depot St. 

Forest City, Pa. 
tWard, Elizabeth C. 

(Mrs. Donald P. Ohl) 
Watkins, Lois A. 

38 Trenton Ave. 

Morrisville, Pa. 
twatts, Dorothy E. 

(Mrs. Earl Leiby) 
Waytel, Natalie V. 

231 Vaughn St. 

Duzerne, Pa. 
tWeber, Ruth A. 

(Mrs. Lenn B. Sherwood) 
Welsko, Thomas E. 

617 Main St. 

Freeland, Pa. 
Welter, Grace E. 

(Mrs. Grace E. Bradheck) 

128 Rock St. 

Pittston, Pa. 
Wenner, Gertrude L. 

(Mrs. Delman Sands) 

Orangeville, Pa. 
tWenner, Miriam A. 

(Mrs. M. A. Astleford) 
Williams, James H. 

495 Fairview Ave. 


Long Island, N.Y. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t— Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Williams, Margaret J. 

(Mrs. Margaret W. Pohle) 

L233 E. Chelten Ave. 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Williamson, Mary N. 

115 Parke St. 

W. Pittston, Pa. 
Yannes, Adeline C. 

626 Fern St. 

Freeland, Pa. 
Yavorsky, Martha A. 

446 E. Columbia Ave. 

P. O. Atlas, 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Yeager, Lucille E. M. 

(Mrs. Isadore Heickler) 

2146 Gordon Sit. 

Allentown, Pa. 
tYoung, Harriet E. 
Youtz, Mary 

(Mrs. Elliot Steinert) 

422 Hamilton St. 

Lancaster, Pa. 
tYuran, Anne Marie 

(Mrs. James M. Catron) 
Zeisloft, Hilda E. 

8425 Thauron St. 

Philadelphia '50, Pa. 
Zimmerman, Mary B. 

(Mrs. Floyd Garrison) 

401 E. Fifth St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Zorskas, Anna 

1920 "Wayne Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 18508 
Znxlinden, Kathryn A. 

174 Rock St. 

Pittston, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1929 

tAmos, Eleanor G. 

(Mrs. Albert G. Steiner) 
+ Anders, Lillian W. 
Andre, Albnrta M. 

(Mrs. Earle E. Wooten) 

30 Lake Ave. 

Montrose. Pa. 
Anstett, Margaret H. 

(Mrs. Edward Heltzel) 

66 N. Welles 

Kingston, Pa. 
Archibald, Elizabeth M. 

2603 N. Main Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Ash, Helen A. 

(Mrs. Charles Stearns) 

220 Weymouth Rd. 

Syracuse, N.Y. 
Ashworth, Marion E. 

Wapwallopen, Pa. 
Austin, Leonora G. 

(Mrs. F. L. Reese) 

44 Myers St. 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
*Bamford, George E. 
Barber, Lila E. 

(Mrs. Lila B. Thomas) 

Star Route 

Waverly, Pa. 
Bartko, Mary M. 

(Mrs. Mary B. Klembara) 

436 E. Norwegian St. 

Pottsville, Pa. 
'Baskerville, Grace F. 

(Mrs. Gerald McCarthy) 
Becker, Mary L. 

310 Stafford Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
tBeehler, Agnes Bhoda 

tBenfield, Laura J. 
tBenfield, Margaret A. 
Bielfeldt, Florence B. 

945 Prescott Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Bingaman, Kathryn A. 

(Mrs. John E. Reese) 

1627 E. Gowen St. 

Philadelphia 19, Pa. 
Bittenbender, Jean L. 

(Mrs. Dale W. Sitler) 

622 E. Third St. 

Nescopeck, Pa. 
tBlack, Louise C. 
Blackburn, Elizabeth A. 

(Mrs. Edwin Richards) 

11 Hanover St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
tBlackwell, Helen L. 
tBlud, Edith F. 

(Mrs. D. H. Saoni) 
Bommer, Thelma A. 

(Mrs. Ernest Stackhouse) 

R.D. #1 

Drums, Pa. 
'Bower, Margaret A. 

(Mrs. Franklin Bacon) 
Boyle, Gertrude M. 

628 Main St. 

Freeland, Pa. 
Brandon, Claire W. 

Thompson St. 

Annapolis, Md. 
Brislin, Marie E. 

Box 98, R.D. #1 

Plymouth, Pa. 
Burns, Agnes E. 

(Mrs. James M. Wilson) 

209 Main St. 

Kingston, Pa. 
tByerly, Marie K. 

(Mrs. Marie B. Leitzel) 
tCadwalader, Clara L. 
Caffrey, Helen B. 

(Mrs. Helen McMullen) 

102 Curtis Ave. 


Wilmington, Del. 
Carl, Mabel F. 

(Mrs. Dean F. Lyon) 

109 Bloom St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Carmen, Antoinette 

(Mrs. A. C. Decker) 

732 Monroe St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
tCarpenter, Althadell B. 
Carr, Mary E. 

(Mrs. Mary C. Rozelle) 

330 Keystone Ave. 

Peckville, Pa. 
Chelosky, Isabel A. 

(Mrs. William M. Hester) 

33 Goeunger Ave. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
tCobb, Mabel L. 
Colley, Dorothy C. 

(Mrs. H. Brewington) 

Benton, Pa. 
tConnelly, Amelia M. 
tConnolly, Mary C. 
Conway, Margaret M. 

406 State St. 

Johnstown, Pa. 
Cook, Lucile G. 

637 Lincoln iS*. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Cornwell, Jessie E. 

(Mrs. W. B. Patterson) 

Dongwood College 

Farmville, "Va. 

Cotner, Alda M. 
(Mrs. Harold Arner) 
Water St. 

Washingtonville, Pa. 
Cotterman, Agnes F. 
(Mrs. William Banham) 
1103 W. Main Rd. 
Plymouth, Pa. 
Creasy, Lawrence H. 
468 Route 2 
Oswego, N.Y. 
Crowell, Lavina K. 
(Mrs. Lavina C. Young) 
347 E. Noble St. 
Nanticoke, Pa. 
fDallackeisa, Esther O. 
(Mrs. Albert Bonan) 
Davies, Ralph 
737 Pemberton 
N. Plainfield, N. J. 
iDavis, Dorothy M. 
tDavis, Marjorie V. 
Davis, Robert D. 
426 E. Main St. 
Nanticoke, Pa. 
Davis, Ruth A. 
80 James St. 
Kingston. Pa. 
Davis, Theodore S. 
295 W. Hudson Ave. 
Englewood, N. J. 
ID awe, Virginia E. 

(Mrs. Asher Welker) 
Decker, A. Edna 
(Mrs. A. D. Wilson) 
1248 Raritan Ave. 
Highland Park, N. J. 
tDevine, Lester R. 
Dombrowski, Stefanla E. 
(Mrs. Chester Zimolzak) 
174 E. Main St. 
Glen Lyon, Pa. 
tDougherty, Bessie M. 
Drummond, Florence M. 
(Mrs. Harvey Wolfe) 
127 W. Water St. 
Painted Post, Pa. 
tDry, Mary C. 
Dula, Margaret C. 
215 Vine St. 
Plymouth. Pa. 
tEadie, Ruth A. 
tEdwards, Betty M. 
♦Elder, Wilhelmina M. 

(Mrs. Robert Hartman) 
tEley, Marjorie A. 
(Mrs. Marjorie E. 
Engle, Kathryn L. 
(Mrs. Jack Winters) 
218 N. Front St. 
Sunbury, Pa. 
Ermish, Sara I. 
(Mrs. Otis Adams) 
1700 W. Front St. 
Berwick, Pa. 
Evans, Dorothy J. 
(Mrs. Sylvester Decker) 
302 Union St. 
Taylor, Pa. 
Evans, Hortense 
(Mrs. Evan Hagenbuch) 
621 Howard St. 
S. Williamsport, Pa. 
Evans, Jane B. 
308 Race St. 
W. Pittston, Pa. 
tEvans, Mildred E. 
'Ives, Elizabeth E. 
•Eves, Pearl C. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Farrell, Anna R. 

331 Wayne St. 
Archbald, Pa. 

tPerry, Mary G. 
Pest, Florence 
(Mrs. Richard K. 

497 W. Main St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tFetch, Anna K. 
Fischer, Wilbur G. 
24 Market St. 
Glen Lyon, Pa. 
tFord, Lawrence W. 
tFortner, Jack 
r Frank, Cora E. 

(Mrs. Wilbur Brooks) 
R. D. 4 

Binghampton, N.Y. 
Frantz, Arline M. 
(Mrs. Walter Covert) 
20 Parrish St. 
Dallas, Pa. 
tGalganovicz, Mary M. 
Gallagher, Bernard 
30 W. Woods St. 
Lake (Success, N.Y. 
(Gardner, Ruth 

(Mrs. Ruth G. Daniels) 
tGarvey, Margaret K. 
(Mrs. Martin McDonald 
Gayewski, Frances D. 
96 Hudson Bd. 
Plains, Pa. 
Gething, Rachel W. 
(Mrs. Hilton Anthony) 
250 E. Auberdale Ave. 
Youngstown, Ohio. 
Gitlovitz, Ida E. 
(Mrs. Ida G. Platsky) 
68 N. Hancock St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Gogolach, Helen K. 
74 Academy St. 
Plymouth, Pa. 

Gold, Erma Clara 

(Mrs. Charles Shearer) 

332 Fairview Ave. 
Ambler, Pa. 

tGoodwin, Mildred A. 
Goscinski, Pearl L. 

129 Orchard St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
(Griffith, Elva I. 

(Mrs. Albert Davis) 
Gnest, Irene E. 

630 Sumner Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Hagenbuch, Kathryn M. 

(Mrs. Harvey L. Weiser) 

45 Eighth St. 

Pottstown, Pa. 
Halupka, Elizabeth R. 

(Mrs. Stephen Charnitskl) 

Duslhore, Pa. 
Haring, Roy J. 

537 E. Second .St 

Nescopek, Pa. 
•Harlem, Sara J. 
•Harrison, Captain Ami 
Harrison, Frederick R. 

B.D. #1 

Shickshinny, Pa. 
Harter, Esther M. 

(Mrs. Paul H. Bittner) 

Park Ave. 

Slatington, Pa. 

Hartman, Beatrice 

(Mrs. Beatrice H. 

R. D. 2 

Benton, Pa. 
Hartzel, Thelma A. 

(Mrs. William Burns) 

409 Tfhird St. 

Upland, Pa. 
Hayer, Veronica B. 

475 Washington Ave. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
Hays, Mary A. 

(Mrs. Mary H. Harrv) 

725 E. Third (St. 

Nescopeck, Pa. 
Heiser, Sara E. 

(Mrs. J. P. Reigle) 

R. D. 1 

Dewisburg, Pa. 
Hensley, Ida M. 

(Mrs. Donald Wallace) 

17 Oliver St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Hewitt, Louise P. 

478 Riverside 1 Terrace 

Rutherford, N.J. 
tHibian, Emma 
tHiggins, Margaret 
tHighfield, Mabel E. 

(Mrs. Frank Kuchler) 
Hill, Fanny E. 

(Mrs. Howard DeMott) 

Box li05 

Millville, Pa. 
♦Hill, Fannie I. 
Hoegg, Marion H. 

(Mrs. Foster Carter) 

584 James St. 

Hazleton, Pa, 
Hoegg, Myrtle A. 

(Mrs. Eugene Hayes) 

210 Second St. 

Weath,erly, Pa. 
Hollister, Anna C. 

32 Centre St. 

Strong, Pa. 
Hooper, Lillian B. 

22 Willow St. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
Howeth, Marie L. 

(Mrs. Wilbur J. Simmons) 

Rosewood School 

Owings Mills, Md. 
Hughes, Eleanor L. 

(Mrs. Melo D. Singer) 

19 Hughes St. 

Wilkes-Barre^ Pa. 

tHyssong, Estella M. 

Jackson, Catherine 

(Mrs. George Ludwig) 

920 Orange St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
James, Alice E. 

(Mrs. John D. Tavlor) 

882 Woodgate Ave. 

Elberon. N.J. 
Jarzenbowicz, Louise R. 

220 Freed St. 

,9ugar Notch, Pa. 
"Johns, Irene H. 

(Mrs. John Catterall) 
Johnson, Boris A. 

(Mrs. Fred Bower 

337 Mulberry St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Jones, Anna 

(Mrs. Robert H. Todd) 

65 Center Ave. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
tjones, Dorothy W. 

(Mrs. Joseph Blaum) 

Jones, Florence G. 

(Mrs. R. J. Swallow) 

116 Grant St. 

DuBois, Pa. 
tjones, Muriel P. 
Jones, William B. 

1131 W. Locust St. 

Scranton, Pa. 
*Kaminsky, Charles J. 
tKaszewski, Sophie C. 
tKelechaw, Julia 

(Mrs. Nestor Shlanta) 
Kerstetter, Mary M. 

1423 W. Arch St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
tKetcham, Margaret W. 

(Mrs. Kenneth Michael) 
tKiethline, Marguerite B. 
Killian, Ida E. 

86 Allen St. 

W. Nanticoke, Pa. 
Kivler, Grace B. 

(Mrs. Curtis E. Hoover) 

402 E. Third St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Klebach, Margaret D. 

202 Oak St. 

Taylor, Pa. 
Kocher, Lenore W. 

(Mrs. John Williams) 

94 Marlborough Ave. 

Wilkes-Barre. Pa. 
Kotalick, Mary T. 

46 Wyoming St. 

Ashley, Pa. 
Krause, Sara L. 

463 E. Third IStt. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tXrum, Agnes 

(Mrs. Elmer R. Eveland) 
"Laird, Martha A. 
Laird, Mary A. 

349 Lynn Rd. 

Springfield, Pa. 
tLapinski, Eleanor M. 

(Mrs. George Bodner) 
tLaubach, Elizabeth M. 
Lawson, Miriam R. 

644 E. Third St 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Lebo, Elsie M. 

(Mrs. Nelson Stauffer) 

88 John St. 

Kingston. Pa. 
Lesher, Helen L. 

Middletown, Pa. 

ILinskill, Fannie A. 

Lord, Charlotte V. 

262 S. River St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
tLord, Dorothy A. 
tLubinski, Viola 
Luce, Doris L. 

Meslhoppen, Pa. 
Lundquist, Nellie E. 

R. D. 2 

Shickshinny, Pa. 
Machung, Alice B. 

(Mrs. Anthony Diska) 

1205 S. Prospect St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 

tMakarczyk, Sophie 

Maloney, Mary V. 

(Mrs. W. T. Cullen) 

400 Bowman St. 

Dixon City, Pa. 

tMaroney, Emily G. 

Martin, Claire L. 

627 Madison Ave. 

Jermyn, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 

Martz, Bnth L. 

(Mrs. Edward T. Devoe) 

725 E. 3rd St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Mathews, George A. 

405 Franklin Ave. 

Vandergrift, Pa. 
*Matos, Frank J. 
Mattavi, Mary E. 

(Mrs. Emil Long) 

952 Center St. 

Freeland, Pa. 
Matthews, Mildred I. 

(Mrs. Allen Parr) 

R. D. #3 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Mayan, Coletta M. 

(Mrs. Robert Kelly) 

409 Catherine St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Mc Andrew, Mary E. 

(Mrs. James O'Neill) 

Box 59 

Locust Gap, Pa. 
McEneany, Catharine 

New Albany, Pa, 
McEneany, Mary A. 

R. D. #45 

New Albany, Pa. 

• Mc Grady, Mary C. 
tMcHale, Margaret J. 

Mears, Charlotte E. 
(Mrs. N. P. Davis) 
26 W. Fifth ISt. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 

• Meixell, Genevieve E. 

(Mrs. Elwood F. Laneer) 
Melan, Mary C. 

(Mrs. Mary Gallagher) 

119 S. Cedar St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Melick, M. Minnie 

(Mrs. Ellis M. Turner) 

R. D. 4 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Middlesworth, Nita M. 

(Mrs. Jacque Herbster) 

Laurelton, Pa. 
-Miller, Anna E. 

(Mrs. Mead Keane) 
Miller, Lottie M. 

2i20 Second St. 

Weatherly, Pa. 
Miller, Mary Eliz. 

37 N. Sixth St. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
tMoore, Audrey E. 

(Mrs. Jacob L. Cohen) 
Moore, Ethel It. 

(Mrs. William Harvey) 

335 E. Eighth St. 

Berwick, Pa. 

• Morgan, Dorothy M. 
Morgan, Henry C. 

207 Jefferson Ave. 

Bristol, Pa. 
Morton, Kathryn E. 
Moss, Irene A. 

79 Academy St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Moss, Myron D. 
Mumaw, Grace L. 

553 W. Green St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Mnnson, Elizabeth. X. 

(Mrs. Elizabeth Brown) 

1564 Nash Rd. 

N. Tonawanda, N.Y. 
Mnnson, Joy I. 

456 Kenwood Rd. 

Drexel Hill, Pa. 

Nelson, Pauline E. 

(Mrs. H. C. Brockman) 

1420 S. 37th St. 

Kansas City 6, Kansas 
Novak, Freda J. 

(Mrs. Freda Griffiths) 

1024 Alder St. 

Scranton, Pa. 
tO'ConnelL Dorothea B. 
O'Donnell, Mary Theresa 

123 E. Oak (Street 

W. Hazleton, Pa. 
Olshesky, Helen R. 

(Mrs. Alex Darshinski) 

349 W. 2nd St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
tOlver, Evelyn J. 

(Mrs. Evelyn Avery) 
Orr, Marjorie A. 

(Mrs. Joseph C. Tearpock) 

208 EL Sixth St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
' Pearce, Sarah E. 
tPeiffer, Margaret C. 

(Mrs. Willbur Hower) 
Penman, Mabel G. 

Wynneson Park Apts. 

Wynnewood, Pa. 
Pennington, Alice 

(Mrs. Charles Blair) 

1346 Lafayette Parkway 

Williamsport, Pa. 
Petekofsky, Winifred M. 

2066 N. Main St. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Petrullo, Caroline E. 

769 King St. 

Northumberland, Pa. 
Poliwka, Vincent 

Excelsior, Pa. 
Poole, Charles E. 

Chestnut St. 

Chalfont, Pa. 
Poploswi, Stella M. 

213- Boland Ave. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Pratt, Rachel W. 

(Mrs. George Thomas) 

Wilkes-Barre Day School 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Fnlson, Eleanor K. 

(Mrs. Eleanor 

1444 Pin© Hills Road 

Orlando, Fla. 
Babnck, Cora A. 

(Mrs. H. M. Smith) 

15 Fort Dix Rd. 

Pemberton, N.J. 
Barig, Bnth Anna 

(Mrs. Paul J. Bruch) 

1328 Jordon St. 

Montoursville, Pa. 
fBanp, Elizabeth C. 
Readier, Lloyd M. 
fBeece, Pauline H. 
Beese, W. Archbald 

1159 Cornell St. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Bhem, Mildred J. 

24 Grandview Place 

N. Caldwell, N.J. 
Reynolds, Edna Mae 

(Mrs. Arthur W. Akers) 

15 Grand ISt. 

Rockland Co. 

New City, N.Y. 
tBhodda, Robert 
Rid all, Mildred B. 

516 E. 3rd St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Riley, Margaret A. 

tBoss, Mary Alice 
tBonshey, Louise M. 
*Bovenolt, Charles S. 
Bowland, Mary F. 

32 Homesville St. 

Ashland, Pa. 
Buck, Mildred I. 

(Mrs. Mildred Tlppins) 

R. D. #3 

Fort Atkinson, Wise. 
Buckle, Helen I. 

(Mrs. Helen Harder) 

22 W. Fourth St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tScanlon, Bnth A. 
Scliell, Pearl M. 

(Mrs. C. H. Carls) 

Nuremberg, Pa. 
tScherer, Hazel 
tSchener, Pansy C. 
Schmidt, Dorothy L, 

6-13 Kudan-4-Chome, 

Chiyoda Ku 

Tokyo, Japan 

Furlough address after 
August 9, 1965: 

The Kennedy Apts. 

47 Claremont Ave. 

New York, N.Y. 10>0'27 
tSeely, Sarah H. 
Seletski, Mayme J. 

521 S. Hanover St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Serafine, Lena 

(Mrs. Anthony J. Catell) 

22 E. 4tlh St. 

Wyoming, Pa, 
Shade, Grace E. 

(Mrs. Glen Young) 

26 30 Holiday Lane 

St. Charles, Mo. 
Shannon, Buth E. 

(Mrs. Theron Rhinard) 

Third St. and Central Ave. 

Berwick, Pa. 
tShindeL Susanna 

(Mrs. H. W. Moore) 
Shultz, Mary K. 

R. D. #2. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Sidler, Bnth B. 

(Mrs. Harry Krum) 

821 E. 8th St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Siesko, Walter M. 

221 W. Main St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
•Simmons, Grace L. 
Simonovich, Jessie A. 

268 Vine IStt. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
tSinconis, Catherine 
Skwarek, Kathryn A. 

149 River St. 

Mocanaqua, Pa. 
tSpangler, Sara E. 

(Mrs. Robert Walters) 
Stanffer, Vera M. 

(Mrs. Paul Rarick) 

255 W. Main St. 

Ringtown, Pa. 
Stoddard, Harold J. 
tStorosko, Mary K. 
-Stryjak, Mildred H. 
tstunger, Stella A. 
tSnrfield, Charles 
tTaby, Anna J. 
tTaylor, Muriel B. 
Thomas, Florence 

358 W. Main St. 

Plymouth, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Thomas, Laura 

226 W. Ninth St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tThomas, Lenore A. 

(Mrs. Don Savidge) 
Thomas, Margaret B. 

65 Penn Ave. 

Exeter, Pa. 
tThomas Margaret J. 

(Mrs. M. Beidleman) 
Titmart, Ruth E. 

(Mrs. Ruth E. Deitrick) 

140 N. Market St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Troutman, Anna M. 

101 N. Market St. 

Selinsgrove, Pa. 
Unbewust, Margaret !■. 

(Mrs. Stanley Soroka) 

56 Park St. 

Haverill, Mass. 
tValenoe, Verna E. 
Veety, Alice I. 

(Mrs. Alice I. Smalser) 

R. D. #1 

Pactoryville, Pa. 
tVital, Theodore E. 
Walsh, Marie M. 

Locust Gap, Pa. 
Walsh, Marion A. 

Dushore, Pa. 
tWalsh, Mary G. 

(Mrs. Mary G. Morrissey) 
Ward, Margaret M. 

3rd and Church St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
tWarmonth, Meltha E. 
Wasley, Anna M. 

S112 Leonard St. 

Phila. 15. Pa. 
Watts, Helen M. 

Eagles Mere, Pa. 
tWheaton, Helen M. 
Wickizer, Margaret E. 

(Mrs. Margaret E. 

R. D. #1 

Falls, Pa. 
Williams, Alberta M. 

(Mrs. Howard Green) 

Cold Spring Rd. 

Liverpool, N.Y. 
tWilliams, Dorothy E. 

(Mrs. Alan S. Major) 
•Williams, Elizabeth H. 

(Mrs. Elizabeth H. 
tWilliams, Elizabeth L. 
tWilliams, Jane 
tWilliams, Myfanwy G. 

(Mrs. Keith Graham) 
Williams, Oliver S. 

R. D. #1, Box 60 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Wilson, Kathryn M. 

610 N. Sumner Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Wolfe, Mary H. 

(Mrs. Nelson Davis) 

309 Ashborne Rd. 

Elkins Park, Pa- 
Wright, Esther F. 

325 Mulberry St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Wruble, Esther K. 
*Yocum, Kenneth E. 
Young, Marion E. 

185 Lewis Ave. 

Truckville, Pa. 
Zarr, Beatrice L. 

Zatavetski, Stella E. 

(Mrs. Stella E. Z. 

93 W. Union St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Zlemba, Anna 

715 Main St. 

Simpson, Pa. 
Zimmerman, A. Leslie 

728 Green St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Zydanowicz, Eleanor M. 

(Mrs. David Cooke) 

15720 Mansfield Rd. 

Detroit 27, Mich. 

CLASS OF 1930 

•Albright, Sarah B. 
Astleford, Katie F. 

Drums, Pa. 
tAndelevicz, Stacia F. 

(Mrs. Frank Bukowski) 
Baer, Leroy A. 

McGraw, N. Y. 
Baker, Florence E. 

R. D. #4 

Tunkhannock, Pa. 
Beach, Helen M. 

(Mrs. Edwin Schickley) 

302 Maple St. 

Lebanon, Pa. 
Beishline, Florence X. 

(Mrs. F. T. Corbett) 

1800 Olive Ave. 

Richmond, Calif. 
Bennage, Ruth L. 

(Mrs. R. G. LaRue) 

134 Arch St. 

Milton, Pa. 
Bernatonis, Anna E. 

420 E. Lloyd St. 

iShenandoah, Pa. 
Biggar, Mabel C. 

Unityville, Pa. 
Bingman, Frona H. 

(Mrs. Ira Bobb) 

R. D. 1 

Beavertown, Pa. 
Bitler, Luther W. 

73 Avalon Dr. 

Rochester 18, N.Y. 14618 
Bogle, Florence I. 

301 Hepburn St. 

Milton, Pa. 
Bogut, Sabina 

(Mrs. David Richardson) 

850 Chestnut St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
tBond, Helen D. 

(Mrs. Leslie Berk) 
Bone, Margaretta M. 

91 Wilson Ave. 

Mansfield, Pa. 
tBorkowski, Irene M. 
tBowen, Rachael M. 

(Mrs. Raymond Hughes) 
Boylan, Mary M. 

(Mrs. Salvador Dorsey) 

157 W. Seymour St. 


Philadelphia, Pa. 
Boyle, Aurelia C. 

628 Main St. 

Freeland, Pa. 
Bradley, Mary E. 

Byrnesville St. 

Centralia, Pa. 
Branigan, Catherine A. 

Main St. 

Ebervale, Pa. 

Brehm, Lucile J. 
(Mrs. Robert Rowlands) 
1737 Monroe Ave. 
Scranton 9, Pa. 
•Brobst, Dorothy G. 
tBranner, Edith M. 
Bubb, Frances H. 
114 E. 14th St. 
Berwick, Pa. 
Cabo, Henrietta M. 
(Mrs. Charles M. 

1315 Prospect Ave. 
Scranton, Pa. 

Carpenter, Mary E. 

188 S. Wyoming St, 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Carr, Grayce R. 

32 E. Broad St. 

W. Hazleton, Pa. 
Cavanaugh, Claire T. 

826 Hickory iSt, 

Scranton, Pa. 
tCeppa, Amelia !■. 

(Mrs. Stephen Conage) 
*Chehansky, Anna 
Chudzinski, Helen W. 

11 Shaw St. 

Utica, N. Y. 
Clark, Gladys T. 

(Mrs. Harry Rubright) 

10054 Balfour Rd. 

Detroit 24, Mich. 
Conahan, Margaret R. 

Beaver Brook, Pa. 
Continl, Jennie A. 

Lincoln Apts., Apt. 12 

Main St. 

Bethlehem, Pa. 
Cook, Jessie E. 

(Mrs. James B. Davis) 

333 E. Marble St. 

Mechanicsburg, Pa, 
Cott, Helen C. 

3G4 Keyser Ave. 

Taylor, Pa. 
Cruikshank, Virginia 

220 N. Second St, 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Cnlp, Alda E. 

(Mrs. Lee Guyer) 

R. D. 2 

Mifflinburg, Pa. 
tDavis, Grace E. 

(Mrs. E. Sheldon Curtis) 
Davis, Margaret E. 

(Mrs. Vincent G. 

420 N. Maple Ave. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Davis Bebecca O. 

(Mrs. Franklin Nuss) 

R. D. #3 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
DeCosmo, Margaret L. 

(Mrs. T. J. Wachowiak) 

207 N. Vine St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 

tDeFort, Teresa M. 

Derr, Wallace E. 

R. D. #1 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
•Dew, Robert S. 
Dieffenbach, Laver A. 

(Mrs. Earl Hoyt) 

505 Monticello Ave. 

Chesti r, Pa 901 i 

tDiesing, Dorothy K. 

Donahoe, Sarah M. 

Lost Creek, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t— Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Dushanko, Frank, Jr. 

1040 N. Church ISt. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
tDwyer, Eleanor M. 
Dymond, Vivian J. 

R. D. #3 

Dallas, Pa. 
Edmunds, Llewellyn 

328V4 E. Green St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
•Edwards, Elizabeth II. 
Edwards, Miriam 

712 Elmira St. 

William sport. Pa. 
Brvin, Anna E. 

(Mrs. Burgess Faux) 

Main St., Box 2'0>6 

Conyngham, Pa. 
tBrwin, Dorothy H. 

(Mrs. John Schoeberlein) 
Fahringer, Blanche 

(Mrs. Randall L. Newell) 

c/o State Hospital 

Blossburg, Pa. 
Farrow, Elvira B. 

454 Hickory St. 

Peckville, Pa. 
Felster, Lorene C. 

(Mrs. Wilson Whitmire) 

R. D. #5 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
•Fenwick, Estella B. 

(Mrs. Estella F. Saritsky) 
tFerry, Gertrude M. 
Fetter, Donald E. 

(Dr. Donald E. Fetter) 

755 Main St. 

Mahanoy City, Pa. 
•Fetternian, Alva J. 

(Mrs. Robert Fehr) 
Fleming, Kathryn L. 

(Mrs. Gilbert Perry) 

544 Wyoming Ave. 

Wyoming, Pa. 
Fleming, Loretta A. 

1240 Wyoming Ave. 

Exeter, Pa. 
Follmer, Winifred L. 

(Mrs. William T. Creasy) 

108 W. Highland Ave. 

Langhorne, Pa. 
Foote, Dorothy M. 

(Mrs. Jack Pihlblad) 

R D. #1 

Bemus Point, N.Y. 14712 
Forsythe, Miriam B. 

(Mrs. John Gilliland) 

Oak Hall Station, Pa. 
Fortner, Haven W. 

841 Philadelphia St. 

Indiana, Pa. 
Foulds, Alice B. 

315 E. Jefferson Ave. 

Detroit 7, Mich. 
Foust, Cora M. 

1001 Bloom St. 

Danville, Pa. 
tFowler, Mark I. 
Fowler, Phyllis M. 

(Mrs. Percy C. Wilson) 

1125 Market St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Fritz, Jasper M. 

105 Coal St. 

Osceola Mills, Pa. 
Frymire, Bichard D. 

401 Luzerne Ave. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Furman, Andrew O. 

(Rev. Andrew O. Furman) 

Ninth & Orange St. 
Northumberland, Pa. ■ 

tFnrman, Gertrude G. 

(Mrs. Alfred Rice) 
Gallagher, Mary i. 

(Mrs. Wm. Whalen) 

211 W. Cherry St. 

Shenandoah, Pa. 
Gavey, Gertrude B. 

(Mrs. Gertrude G. 


334 N. Reginald St. 

Dearborn, Mich. 
Gearhart, Mabel B. 

(Mrs. Franklin Miller) 

R. D. 2 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Gentile, Antoinette J. 

(Mrs. A. Capobianco) 

22 Woodstock St. 

Yonkers 5, N. Y. 
•Gibbons, Mary C. 
Girton, Beatrice E. 

(Mrs. John H. Learn) 

394 Light Street Rd. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Gorrey, Dorothy M. 

247 West St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Gould, Gilbert 

(Rev. Gilbert Gould) 

7 E. Ridge St. 

Lansford, Pa. 
Grow, Frances B. 

(Mrs. Thomas J. Oliver) 

R. D. 2 

Springville, Pa. 
Gnenther, Mary E. 

(Mrs. Mary G. Horn) 

523 Grant St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Haen, Dorothy X.. 

(Mrs. Harry Hersker) 

420 N. Broad St. 

W. Hazleton, Pa. 
tHarris, Dorothy M. 

(Mrs. Raloh Horn) 
Hause, Kathryn V. 

(Mrs. Paul Everitt) 

R. D. 2 

Lewisburg, Pa. 
Haynes, Nancy B. 

(Mrs. Roy Brown) 

127 Stanton Lane 

Athens, Tenn. 
tHemingway, Marjorie T. 

(Mrs. Robert Kellerman) 
Eidlay, Harold H. 

242 Penn St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Hileman, Dorothy E. 
(Mrs. J. Stanley Hummer) 

347 E. Second St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Hodges, Raymond T. 

1303 Grove Ave. 

Richmond, Va. 
Hoffman, Karleen M. 

356 Stuyvesant Ave. 

Irvington, N. J. 
Holnba, Josephine M. 

(Mrs. William C. Hawk) 

33 Eglantine Ave. 

Pennington, N. J. 
Hoover, Mildred E. 

(Mrs. Gilbert Morgan) 

500 Sampson St. 

Old Forge, Pa. 
Houser, Jennie T. 

(Mrs. Carol Flammer) 

640 S. Chester Rd. 

Swarthmore, Pa. 

Hull, Margaret M. 

41 Bank St. 

Smethport, Pa. 
Xsenberg, Anna E. 

(Mrs. Frank Gossler) 

226 N. Ninth St. 

Sunbury. Pa. 
tjenkins, M. Evelyn 
John, Charles A. 

c/o H. J. Heintz, Co. 

629 S. Summit St. 

Bowling Green, Ohio 
t Johnson, Mary D. 
Jones, Elf ed H. 

Main St. 

Espy, Pa. 
•Jones, Florence M. 

(Mrs. Lewis L. Jones) 
tjones, Gladys E. 
Jones, Kathryn 

(Mrs. Jasper Fritz) 

105 Coal St. 

Osceola Mills, Pa. 

tJones, Margaret B. 

Jones, William M. 

1117 Main St. 

Old Forge, Pa. 
tKalwert, Albert C. 
Kapp, Irma C. 

(Mrs. Lewis Rich) 

R. D. 1 

Northumberland, Pa. 
tKarcher, Phillip D. 
Keating, Bessie 

(Mrs. Cecil Tucker) 

170 Church St. 

Edwardsville, Pa. 
Keeler, Lucy Mae 

(Mrs. Mark Ennis) 

2 7 N. Martin Lane 

Norwood, Pa. 
Keith, Dorothy M. 

(Mrs. Chester H. Harris) 

72 Church Street 

Montrose, Pa. 
Kelder, Thelma C. 

(Mrs. Karl Kelder) 

New Albany, Pa. 
•Keller, Armond G. 
Klischer, Myrtle E. 

7th and Market Sts. 

Wilburton, Pa. 
Knoll, Norma J. 

(Mrs. Charles Page) 

Apt. 21B Franklin Pk. 

Chew and Duval Sts. 

Phila. 38, Pa. 
Krafchik, Joseph T. 

77 Orchard St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Kraynack, Alex J. 

445 Second St. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
Kreamer, Eleanor B. 

(Mrs. Wallace E. Dear) 

R. D. #1 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Krebs, Buth J. 

(Mrs. Ruth Lenker) 

Rohn Ru Kennels 

R. D. #1 

Centre Hall, Pa. 
Kupstas, Veronica 

(Mrs. Bernard Shupp) 

475 3rd Ave. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Xiavelle, Margaret P. 

Centralia, Pa. 
Davelle, Sara M. 

(Mrs. Cletus Hollywood) 

North Street 

Centralia, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


tLewis, Ruth. M. 
Lindeman, Mary A. 

Milnesville, Pa. 
Iiitwliiler, Truman 

Newport, Michigan 
lord, Grace A. 

262 ,S. River St. 

Wilkes^Barre, Pa. 

*MacKinder, Adeline R. 

McCormac, Helen P. 

136 Cemetery St. 

Archbald, Pa. 
tMcMlchael, Hazel B. 

(Mrs Earl Eveland) 
Mackie, Helen E. 

(Mrs. Philip Roscoe) 

Bainbridge, N. Y. 
Macur, Eugene J. 

3>0 W. Enterprise St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
*Manbeck, Mildred 
(Mrs. Robert Houseknecht) 
Marshalec, Gertrude M. 

294 State St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
*Matelski, Florence T. 
Meiicle, Leatha A. 

(Mrs. Carroll H. Matson) 

27 Marson Rd. 

Amityville, N. T. 
*Merrell, Nola 
Merrick, Teresa L. 

221 W. Broad St. 

Bethlehem, Pa. 
Michael, Arthur L. 

R. D. #3 

Shickshiruny, Pa. 
Miller, Earle B. 

725 Bryant St. 

Stroudsburg, Pa. 
Miller, Isabella H. 

R. #1 

Caitawissa, Pa. 
Miller, Louise A. 

(Mrs. Kenneth Manning) 

R. D. #1 

Dalton, Pa. 
Morgan, F. Geraldine 

Coal St. 

Trevorton, Pa. 
Minor, Daniel D. 

36 & N. Church Sts. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Morgan, Helen M. 

(Mrs. Clyde Daubert) 

606 Catherine St. 

Lewisburg, Pa. 
Morgan, Sara B. 

(Mrs. George Lucas) 

428 E. Main St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Morgis, Anna H. 

3210 Wisconsin Ave., N.W. 

Apt. 210 

Washington, D. C. 
Morris, lima L. 

155 Washington St. 


Kingston, Pa. 
Myrick, A. Elizabeth 

(Mrs. Wm. J. Jones) 

333 Keystone Ave. 
Peckville, Pa. 

Morton, Mary Frances 

334 Mulberry St. 
Berwick, Pa. 

'Nelson, Marie F. 
Noel, Margaret E. 
Natalie, Pa. 
Norbert, Genevieve M. 
257 Zerbey Ave. 
Kingston, Pa. 

Bloomsburg State College 

Novak, Edna E. 

1074 Alder St. 

Scranton, Pa. 
O'Connell, Maudrue 
(Mrs. R. P. W Heppe) 

Market St. 

Sheppton, Pa. 
O'Donnell, Clare M. 

502 S. Tamaqua St. 

McAdoo, Pa. 
Oswald, Margaret L. 

(Mrs. Walter J. Gordon) 

125 We st over, Dr. 

New Cumberland, Pa. 
Patterson, Jason S. 

R.D. #1 

Easton, Pa. 
Fecora, Congetta M. 

(Mrs. John Kotch) 

830 S. 25th St. 

Allentown, Pa. 
Pennington, Warren E. 

McAIichals, Pa. 
Pennington, Capitola O. 

(Mrs. Emerson J. Reece) 

R.D. #1 

Orangeville, Pa. 
tPetroff, Julia 
tPhillips, Mary L. 
Phillips, Olive N. 

(Mrs. M. R. Williams) 

Pole #17'5 

Harvey's Lake, Pa. 
IFolniaszek, Leo A. 

(Leo A. Paulson) 
Bansavage, Genevieve 

(Mrs. 'Stanley Luke) 

19408 Fairport Ave. 

Detroit 5, Mich. 
Beagan, Mary B. 

(Mrs. P. J. Coxe) 

4711 Derry St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
*Bees, Edith L. 
Beese, John McKell 

Tilbury Terrace 

W. Nanticoke, Pa. 
Beese, Lillian N. 

(Mrs. Paul A. Miller) 

19 Cadwalader Terrace 

Trenton, N.J. 
Beese, Muriel E. 

1 Church St. 

Audenried, Pa. 
Beichard, Grace E. 

(Mrs. Meredith Gardner) 

201 New St. 

Muncy, Pa. 
Beilly, Catherine D. 

25 E. Broadway 

Plymouth, Pa. 
Reinbold, Grace V. 

(Mrs. Harold Davis) 

West Lawn, Pa. 
Beitz, Jennie L. 

(Mrs. Lawrence Mattern) 

2900 Curtis Rd. 

W Us hire', Reading, Pa. 
Richard, Myrtle L. 

(Mrs. Melville Ker) 

Box Ii28, R. D. 2 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Richards, Edgar E. 

220'2 Chestnut Hill Rd. 

Riverton, N.J. 
Bichards, Gladys 

(Mrs. Gladys Kleckner) 

Helfrich Springs 

R.D. #1 

Allen/town, Pa. 
' Rishel, Mary M. 

(Mrs. Francis T. Casey) 

Bobbins, Catherine W. 

28 Atlantic Ave. 

Edwardsville, Pa. 
Roberts, Charles 

(Dr. Charles Roberts) 

155 S. Second St. 

Lehighton, Pa. 
Boiler, Caroline E. 

(Mrs. Miles Bowen) 

R. 4 

Danville, Pa. 
Boad, Myrtilla E. 

(Mrs. Albert J. Abbott) 

203 E. Green St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
tBowe, Minnie J. 

(Mrs. Samuel Keefer) 
*Ruch, Clarence A. 
Samuels, Elizabeth M. 

(Mrs. Kenneth Winters) 

502 Chester Ave. 

Clifton Heights, Pa. 
Sanders, Hazel M. 

(Mrs. Irvin Glancy) 

Pine Rd. 

Fox Chase Farm 

Fox Ohase, Phila. Pa. 
Schell, Annie E. 

361 Fair St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Schield, Magdalene 

501 W. Taylor filt. 

Taylor, Pa. 
Schnure, Mary A. 

(Mrs. J. Clyde Foose) 

Pottsgrove, Pa. 
Schooley, Kathryn I. 

(Mrs. Donald Waltman) 


Allenwood, Pa. 
Schraeder, Gertrude A. 

(Mrs. Terl Johnson) 

100 Pierce Rd. 

Wilmington, Del. 
tSchultz, Marie H. 
Schuyler, Thursabert 

273 East St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Sharpless, Myra S. 

366 Center St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Sharpless, Mary A. 

(Mrs. Edwin Boyer) 

914 Orange St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Shenoski, Clara J. 

94 Regent St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Shultz, Laura M. 

(Mrs. Peter A. Magazzu) 

45 W. Diamond Ave. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Sibley, Richard T. 

R. D. 3 

Benton, Pa. 
Sidler, Susan E. 

615 Bloom St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Skladany, Anna E. 

(Mrs. John Mergo) 

70 End St. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
Slack, Marion E. 

(Mrs. Arthur G. Knauer) 

1620 Myrtle St. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Smith, Selmar L. 

125 E. 11th St. 

Berwick, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


-Smith, Mary M. 
Smith, Sara E. 
(Mrs. Harold Walters) 
241 E. Main IS*. 
Middleburg, Pa. 
Snyder, Helen E. 
1059 E. Market St. 
Sunbury, Pa. 
Snyder, Shirley E. 
(Mrs. John E. Sedam) 
P.O. Box #85 
MarysvlLle, Pa. 
Spalone, Margaret R. 
(Mrs. F. D. Isidore) 
2060 Murray Hill Rd. 
Cleveland, Ohio 
Sponseller, A. Kevin 
(Dr. A. N. Sponseller) 
237 N. Pe.nn St. 
Hatboro. Pa. 
Sredenschek, Margaret J. 
Stanton, Mae E. 

Nicholson, Pa. 
Starick, Ruth I. 
(Mrs. Edgar Chides) 
125 E. North St. 
Bethlehem, Pa. 
Sterling-, Leona M. 
(Mrs. Leona Brunges) 
208 Barrett Road 
Willow Grove-, Pa. 
*Stine, Kathryn B. 

(Mrs. Walter Hufnagle) 
Stiner, Cyril W. 
189 S. Central Ave. 
Ramsev, N.J. 
tstiasny, Mildred M. 
"Strausner, Anna E. 
Stroud, Mildred W. 
(Mrs. Robert Wilson) 
R.D. #4 
Dallas, Pa. 
tStruck, Marg-aret T. 
(Mrs. Joilin Piscotty) 
Swank, Orva A. 
R.D. #1 
Ring-town, Pa. 
Swartz, Marg-aret I. 
(Mrs. Luther Bitler) 
73 Avalon Dr. 
Rochester 18, N.T. 146 IS 
Talbot, Elizabeth L. 
20 E. Union St. 
Shickshinny, Pa. 
Taylor, John D. 
88,2 Woodgate Ave 
Elberon, N.J. 
Taylor, Dydia M. 
(Mrs. Melvin S. Martin) 
P.O. Box 9 
58 Park St. 
Warsaw, N.T. 
Tedesco, Virginia M. 
332 Keystone Ave. 
Peckville, Pa. 
•Thomas, Marlon J. 

(Mrs. William B. Jones) 
Thompson, Clara M. 
(Mrs. Norman Miller) 
R.D. #2 

Clarks Summit, Pa. 
Vandermark, Ruth 
(Mrs. Joseph May) 
618 Mahantongo 'St. 
Pottsville, Pa. 
Vezo, Violet V. 
SI 8 N. Duke St. 
Lancaster. Pa. 
Vollrath, Catherine W. 
(Mrs. W. C. Symons) 
121 E. Poplar St. 
W. Nantiooke, Pa. 

Wades, Kazlmer, C. J. 

4 Glenside Park 
Berkeley Heights, N.J. 
tWagner, Mildred A. 
Waurin, Stephen A. 
14 Canaan St. 
Carbondale, Pa. 
Weaver, Ruth A. 
(Mrs. Jay Muffly) 
Ash St. 

Watsontown, Pa. 
Weidner, Georgiena L. 
Rear 38 Harris Hill Rd. 
Trucksville, Pa. 
Welker, Dorothy V. 
(Mrs. M. L. DeWire) 
Box 253 
Latrobe, Pa. 
Welliver, Sara A. 
(Mrs. W. G. Edwards) 
4216 Corona St. 
Tampa 9, Fla. 
Welsh, Myron R. 
R.D. #2 

Orangeville, Pa. 
White, Mary E. 
(Mrs. H. Bittenbeinder) 
3641 2nd St. 
Almedia, Pa. 
Williams, Elizabeth 
(Mrs. Thomas E. Grimes) 
1112 Rock St. 
Scranton, Pa. 
Williams, Jane R. 
(Mrs. Charles Perry) 
.4 Short St. 
I'M wards ville, Pa. 
Williams, Mary E. 

(Mrs. N. I. Watkins) 
Williams, Regina M. 
(Mrs. S. Earl Walker) 
51 Wayne Ave. 
White Plains, N.Y. 
Wilson, Dorothy P. 
(Mrs. John Kroh) 
12'6>6 Plum St. 
Bolivar, N.Y. 
Witkosko, Isabelle C. 
303 Ferdinand St. 
Scranton. Pa. 
Witkowski, Elizabeth E. 
(Mrs. Wilbur Baker) 

Douglasville, Pa. 
Wojcik, Eva J. 
(Mrs. William S. Cop) 
Higgins St. 
Forest City, Pa. 
Wolf, Hilda R. 

(Mrs. Russell Breining) 
Wonsavage, Amelia 
(Mrs. Russell Watkins) 
1122 Concord Ave. 
Chester, Pa. 
Yeager, Hazel V. 
(Mrs. Hazel Turner) 
9310 Hubbell Ave. 
Detroit 28, Mich. 
Yeager, Ruth A. 
(Mrs. Elmer Reimhart) 
S Dorking Court 
Sheridan Court 
Wilmington, Del. 
Yeager, William B. Jr. 
110 Hanover St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Yetter, Frances 
(Mrs. Jacob L-eisimgring) 
Bear Gap, Pa. 

Yetter, Mary 

942 Crifeld Ave. 

Elkins Park 

Phila. 17, Pa. 
York, Janetta M. 

(Mrs. E. J. Coleman) 

416 Hickory St. 

Peckville, Pa. 
Young, Ethelda C. 

(Mrs. Ethelda Marshall) 
Young, Marion G. 

213 N. Bromley Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
■'Zebrowski, Dottle M. 
Zehner, Mary Alice 

(Mrs. Morgan Foose) 

151 Roseville Rd. 

Lancaster, Pa. 
Zimmerman, Katherine M. 

(Mrs. Raye Maustellar) 

CLASS OF 1931 

Appleman, Helen M. 

107 E. Googas Lane 

Phila. 19, Pa. 
tAten, Fred T. 
Baker, David H. 

941 Locust St. 

Columbia, Pa. 
Balas, Josephine M. 

766 Northampton St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Bangs, Helen E. 

(Mrs. S. L. Ritchie) 

R.D. #1 

Orangeville. Pa. 
tBanta, Helen A. 

(Mrs. Robert Latharue) 
Baum, Catharine H. 

S00% N. Fourth St. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Beale, Beatrice B. 

(Mrs. Wm. Lrettenman) 

410 E. Fourth St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tBettens, Florence C. 
Beynon, Myf anwy M. 

1241 S. Main Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Bitler, Mae Erla 

(Mrs. Donald Bennett) 

State Street 

Millviille, Pa. 
*Bittner, Amy E. 

(Mrs. R. Rarig) 
Blythe, Florence E. 

135 Frair Lane 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Eombe, Louise H. 

tBonham, Fannie M. 

Booth, Barbara M. 

(Mrs. Fred Bedford) 
tBower, Esther A. 

(Mrs. Howard Bailey) 
Bowman, Beatrice 
Bowman, Elizabeth C. 
Boyer, Edith E. 

R.D. #2 

Selinsgrove, Pa. 
Boyer, Dulu E. 

233 Logan St. 

Lewistown, Pa. 
tBoyle, Mary P. 

(Mrs. Mary Curry) 
tCarpenter, Theresa D. 
tCavanaugh, Mae R. 
Cease, Hannah J. 

(Mrs. Hannah Beidelman) 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Challenger. Elizabeth M. 
(Mrs. John G. Davies) 
415 Fifteenth Ave. 
Scran ton, Pa. 
Chiavacci, Nicia M. 
295 Parsonage St. 
Pittston, Pa. 
Clark. Minnie S. 
Cochran, Elizabeth M, 

(Mrs. C. G. MacPortland) 
49 4 Fern St. 
W. Hartford, Conn. 
Cole, Aileene M. 
tConcannon, Mary Jane 
Coopey, Phyllis 

(Mrs. Phyllis L-evan) 

35 Birch St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Creveling, lewis L. 

423 Water St. 

Hughesville, Pa. 
Cunningham, Helen C. 

61 IS. Welles Ave. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Davies, Mary S. 

(Mrs. Wm. Thomas) 

32 Thompson Ave. 

Leonardo, N.J. 
Davis, Creta M. 

(Mrs. Creta Smick) 

Zions Grove, Pa. 
Davis, James B. 

333 E. Marble St. 

Mechanicsburg, Pa. 
Davis, Mary Francis 

(Mrs. Mary F. Teager) 

39 W. Union St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Davis, Naomi C. 

(Mrs. B. F. Thomas) 
Delliquanti, Rose B. 

1 Griffith St. 

Pittston, Pa. 
Derr, LaRue C. 

100 Roop St. 

Highspire, Pa. 
'Derrick, Edna Mae 
DeVoe, Edward T. 

(Dt. Edward T. DeVoe) 

725 E. 3rd St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Dildine, Gladys J. 

(Mrs. M. Whitemire) 

135 Sandra St. 

Willow Grove, Pa. 
Dobrowolski, Stella F. 

821 Foote Ave. 

Duryea, Pa. 
Dougherty, Kathryn M. 

Tuscorora, Pa. 
tDownin, Louise T. 

(Mrs. Louise Young) 
tDugan, Catherine J. 

(Mrs. William Emrick) 
Dyer, John W. 

948 B. 8th St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Dunn, Florence M. 

427 Washington Ave. 

Jermyn, Pa. 
Eck, Margaret D. 

(Mrs. R. M. Shoemaker) 

531 Catherine St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Edmunds, Naoma M. 

(Mrs. Jack Eble) 

437 E. 3rd St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Ellis, Elva M. 

Empett, Doris E. 

(Mrs. T. Van Buskirk) 

1138 Chenango /St. 
Binghamton, N.Y. 
tEshleman, Isabel 
Evancho, Feter 

6 South St. 

Eckley, Pa. 
■Evans, Elouise J. 

I.Mrs. Elouise Heilmann) 
Fahringer, Clara E. 
Fahringer, Jane L. 

(Mrs. J. Brewington) 

200 N. Vine St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Fairchild, Ruth E. 

(Mrs. Ruth King) 
tFaus, Frank V. 
Fawcett, Florence E. 

(Mrs. Florence Fowler) 

603 E. Front St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
*Ferry, Mildred E. 
Fisher, Mary C. 

Kreamer, Pa. 
*Flick, Mary M. 

(Mrs. A. E. Newhard) 
Forgeng, Dorothy J. 

(Mrs. E. P. Smith) 

221 N. Garfield 

Scranton, Pa. 
Fortner, Lydia R. 

(Mrs. Earl E. Davis) 

232 Leonard St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Foust, Dorothy M. 

(Mrs. Samuel Wright) 

R.D. #2 

Milton, Pa. 
Foust, A. Marie 

(Mrs. Cletus Merrell) 

11 Center Ave. 

Muncy, Pa. 
Fowler, Anna L. 

(Mrs. Wilbur Hibbard) 

18 S. Drive 

Lawrence Brook Manor 

New Brunswick, N.J. 
Fowler, Kathryn H. 

(Mrs. Kathryn Kindig) 

367 Centre St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Francis, Beatrice K. 

(Mrs. Beatrice Smith) 

U.S.O.M. / Liberia 

c/o U.S. State Dept. 

Washington 25, D.C. 
Frank, Rose A. 

(Mrs. Rose Chornack) 

Biddle St. 

Gordon, Pa. 
tFrantz, Gladys M. 

(Mrs. Clyde Baylor) 
"Freeman, Harold J. 
Frew, Anna E. 

(Mrs. George Evans) 

129 Main St. 

Olyphant, Pa. 
Frick, Dorothy J. 

(Mrs. S. A. MacDougall) 

R.D. #1 

Benton, Pa. 
Galazin, Helen C. 

(Mrs. Helen Yenchek) 

280 E. Union St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
t Gibbons, Helen B. 

(Mrs. R. C. Edson) 
tGilbert, Evelyn E. 

(Mrs. E. Spancake) 

Gilmore, Rebecca E. 

(Mrs. Roy Troy) 

Espy, Pa. 
Gillovitz, Dora R. 

68 N. Hancock St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Golder, Frank J. 

1103 Market St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Gorham, Mary E. 

(Mrs. C. R. Wolever) 

238 N. Abington Rd. 

Clarks Summit, Pa. 
GraybilL Kathryn A. 

Paxtonville, Pa. 
Haggerty, Regina B. 

Maryd, Pa. 
Harris, Irene 
■Harrison, Ada F. 
Harrison, Margie P. 

(Mrs. Gerald Gregory) 

5 Everett Rd. 

Chenango Bridge, N.Y. 
Hartt, Miriam F. 

(Mrs. Edward Kitchen) 

111 E. 5th St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Hawk, Kenneth E. 

Mountain Top, Pa. 
Hegarty, Ellen M. 

62 Bow St. 

Tamaqua, Pa. 
1 Henrie, Romatne E. 

(Mrs. H. K. Hess) 
Henry, Thomas L. 

(Rev. Thomas L. Henry) 

617 Warren Blvd. 

Broomall, Pa. 
Hess, Corinne A. 

118 Valley St. 

Lewistown, Pa. 
Hirleman, Lois C. 

(Mrs. H. Marcus Quick) 
•Hochberg, Florence C. 
Hopkins, Julia M, 

117 E. Coal St. 

Shenandoah, Pa. 
Hubler, Elizabeth H. 

14 W. Biddle St. 

Gordon, Pa. 
Hutchengs, Esther A, 

(Mrs. Esther Yale) 

LTniondale, Pa. 
tlngram, Catherine R. 
Ivey, Ila A. 

(Mrs. I. L. Robbins) 

W. Portbay Rd. 

Wolcott, N.Y. 
ilvey, Lois May 

(Mrs. George Davis) 
Jacoby, Ethel E. 

R.D. #1 

Barniesville, Pa. 
Jaffin, Nicholas E. 

Bx. 2115,1125 4th Ave. 

Berwick, Pa. 
'Jenkins, Bessie A. 
Johnstone, Mary E. 

(Mrs. Mary Hergert) 
Tjones, Dorothy J. 
Jones, Dorothy X. 

(Mrs. Charles Chase) 

239 Auburndale Ave. 

Auburndale, Mass. 
Jones, Esther C. 

80 Short iSit. 

Edwardsville, Pa. 
Kasaczun, Alice H. 

(Mrs. Deo Tomkiewicz) 

153 Richmond Ave. 

Paterson, N.J. 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Kauffman, Grace R. 
(Mrs. Grace Jones) 
380 Vine St. 
Milton, Pa. 
■ Xazunas, Milda R. 
tKeating, Dolores E. 
Keefer, Hazel F. 
(Mrs. Elbart Ashworth) 
4924 Cleveland Ave. 
N.W. Canton 9, Ohio 
Keen, Winifred 
(Mrs. Thomas Howell) 
18 John St. 
Nanticoke, Pa. 
Xehler, Mabel M. 
(Mrs. Harry -Strouse) 
322 Centre St. 
Ashland, Pa. 
Kelchner, Erma V. 
7 8 W. Union St. 
Shickshinny, Pa. 
Kelly, Mary E. 
(Mrs. Robert S. Dew) 
135 State St. 
Nanticoke, Pa. 
Kelly, Marie W. 
516 Locust St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Kepner, Sue O. 
339 E. 2nd St. 
Berwick, Pa. 
tKile, Esther L. 

(Mrs. Kenneth Edwards) 
tKirker, Thomas J. 
tKisher, Dorothy B. 
Klinger, Marion E. 
(Mrs. Clair Troy) 
Nuremberg, Pa. 
tKlingman, Harriet B. 
tKlotz, John P. 
Knierim, Robert P. 
314 Birch. St. 
SCranton, Pa. 
Kronss, Eva C. 
463 E. 3rd St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tKreigh, Charleen B. 
Krolikowski, Eugene A. 
200 E. Main St. 
Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Krug, Luella P. 
(Mrs. Albert Hess) 
339 E. 11th St. 
Berwick, Pa. 
tKurtz, Samuel W. 
Zianterman, Harold H. 
(Dr. H. H. Lanterman) 
125 W. 11th St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Laskowski, Theodore 
R.D. #1 

Trucksville, Pa. 
tlievers, Dorothy R. 
Lewis, Kaon Mae 
(Mrs. Earl Smith) 
Drums, Pa. 
tLiddell, Mildred E. 
Linskill, Grace G. 
(Mrs. Grace Martin) 
R.D. #1 
Dallas, Pa. 
tMcDonald, Ruth A. 
McKenzle, Arthur C. 
350 W. Park Dr. 
Bridgeton, N.J. 
McNealis, Margaret L. 
124 W. Church St. 
Nanticoke, Pa. 
Mack, Charlotte 
(Mrs. C. Kepner) 
1915 Koikel Place 
St. Charlies, Mo. 

tMaddox, Margaret M. 
Maines, Dorothy E. 

(Mrs. Dorothy Grosvenor) 
4.23 Keystone Ave. 
Peckville, Pa. 
tMann, Lillian E. 

(Mrs. Vernon Kintz) 
Masluski, Nellie D. 
(Mrs. Francis Gibbons) 
72 Green St. 
Edwardsville, Pa. 
Maynard, Helen L. 
(Mrs. Lot Lake) 
124 Bircher St. 
Chinchilla, Pa. 
Meixell, Marion R. 
26 W. 3rd St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Merrell, Cleo M. 
(Mrs. Millard Tubbs) 
51 Cotton Wood Drive 
Buffalo 21, N.Y. 
Michael, Maude A. 
(Mrs. Hugh Mac Creasy) 
8903 S. E. Taylor 
Portland, Oregon 
Miles, Mary C. 
tMileskay, Jean M. 
■Miller, Garfield J. 
Miller, Harold R. 
365 Catherine St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tMiller, Mildred R. 
Miller, Rachael E. 
tMills, Marjorie R. 
Morgan, Annie T. 
(Mrs. A. C. McKeinzie) 
350 W. Park Drive 
Bridgeton, N.J. 
tMorgan, Elizabeth M. 
*Morgan, Norman G. 
tMorgan, Sara D. 
tMorris, John E. 
tMorrissey, Theodore B. 
tMurko, Lenore R. 
Murtha, Anne C. 
6 01 Fourth Ave. 
Scranton, Pa. 
-Noble, Retha M. 

(Mrs. Douglas Burgess) 
tOUendick, Anna K. 
Olschefsky, Minnie B. 
R.D. #1 
Catawissa, Pa. 
tOndovchak, Agnes D. 
Palsgrove, Orval C. 
6 29 Tenth Ave. 
Prospect Park, Pa. 
Park, Emily A. 
400 McKinley Ave. 
Endicott, N.Y. 
tFelak, William T. 
Pennington, Maynard J. 
42 Mistletoe Lane 
Levittown, Pa. 
tPreuhs, Ida M. 

(Mrs. Arthur Hodge) 
Quoos, Pearl M. 

(Mrs. Don IScavone) 
Rabb, Anna M. 
(Mrs. S. C. Zybort) 
492 Prospect St. 
Maplewood, N.J. 
Raiewski, Mary Ellen 
220 W. Main St. 
Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Rhoades, Eleanor R. 
(Mrs. P. F. Witheridge) 
79 Ninth St. 
Wyoming, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

Roachford, Marjory 

(Mrs. Marjory Sorter) 

R.D. #2 

Schickshinny, Pa. 
Roan, Harriet E. 

(Mrs. H. E. Campbell, Jr.) 
Roberts, Jeanette 

(Mrs. Jeanette Williams) 

470 Chestnut St. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Robbing, Eva W. 

(Mrs. Maurice Eyer) 

R.D. #1 

Millville, Pa. 
Roan, Bernard W. 
Bobbins, Winifred I. 

(Mrs. Gordon Keener) 

R. #3 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Roman, Frank J. 

31 Main Rd. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Rosser, Helen C. 
Apt. C. 
240 Grove St. 
('larks Green, Pa. 
Roush, Alice K. 
(Mrs. Robert Stover) 
707 N. Market St. 
Selinsgrove, Pa. 
Rozanski, Mary S. 
(Mrs. Mary Draper) 
207 E. Main St. 
Plymouth, Pa. 
Sechrlst, Doris S. 
(Mrs. Leo Paulson) 
78 Waldron Ave. 
Glen Rock, N. J. 
Sekulski, Martin A. 
86 E. Main St. 
Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Shear, Grace L. 
407 Mill St. 
Coudersport, Pa. 
Sheridan, Eleanor C. 
(Mrs. John Kearns) 
35 Poplar St. 
Nanticoke, Pa. 
tshook, Marion L. 

(Mrs. LeRoy Razelle) 
Shotsberger, Gladys M. 
(Mrs. Harry Wagner) 
Market St. 
Freeburg, Pa. 
Shultz, Winifred S. 
(Mrs. Alvin Fox) 
R.D. #1 
Berwick, Pa. 
tSides, Emllie L. 
ISimonovitz, Estelle P. 

Larksville, Pa. 
t Smith, Lydia A. 

(Mrs. Joseph C. Seida) 
Snyder, Ruth XT. 
(Mrs. Ruth Clifford) 
51 Logan St. 
Lewistown, Pa. 
tSolonski, Anna A. 
Sonner, Ruth E. 
1418 W. 15th St. 
Honesdale, Pa. 
Stackhouse, Catharine H. 
(Mrs. Richard Acker) 
10 Sandymount Drive 
Rochester, 17, N.Y. 
Stewart, Margaret P. 
(Mrs. Margaret Hartman) 
507 N. 4th St. 
Catawissa, Pa. 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloom sburg State College 

Stryjak, Helen G. 

(Mrs. Helen Zebrowskl) 
20 Hughes St. 
Forty Fort, Pa. 
*Sutliff, Robert G. 
Sutter, Ruth E. 
(Mrs. Ruth E. Franklin) 
16 W. Forest View Rd. 
Park Side 
Chester, Pa. 
tTimony, Anthony P. 
Townsend, Dawn E. 
(Mrs. Dawn Harvey) 
263 East St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tTTrban, Anna B. 
•Uzdilla, Anna I. 
Van Bus kirk, Mary E. 
71 IS: Thomas Ave. 
Kingston, Pa. 
Van Dine, Earl H. 
3861 Berwick Rd. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Wagner, Cora M. 
(Mrs. Roger Burd) 
1921 Harte Road 
Jenkin'town, Pa. 
Walborn, Helen M. 
(Mrs. Nelson Penman) 
160 W. 8th St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Waples, P. Beatrice 
(Mrs. LeRoy W. Creasy) 
R.D. #5 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tWeaver, William H. 
tWeikel, Aria P. 
"Werchok, Leona M. 
Wilkes, John J. 
61 Robert St. 
Nanticoke, Pa. 
Williams, Ann 

(Mrs. Cyril Lewis) 
* Williams, Catherine 
Williams, Reba E. 
(Mrs. Paul Schmidt) 
2544 Foote Dr. 
Phoenix, Arizona 
•Williams, Ruth M. 
"Williams, M. Violette 
Williard, Raymond W. 
Wilson, Robert C. 
3514 Schoolhouse Lane 
Harrisburg, Pa. 
Witheridge, Keith G. 
31 Goodrich Rd. 
Annapolis, Md. 
Wolever, Clarence R. 
23 8 N. Abington Rd. 
Clarks Green 
Clarks Summit, Pa. 
*Wolfe, Genevieve G. 
*Womer, Pauline 
"Wood, John G. 
twyandt, Lois M. 

(Mrs. George Desank) 
Yabroski, Mary G. 
265 Ride St. 
Ashley, Pa. 
Yacabonis, Joseph J. 
605 N. Market St. 
Mahanoy City, Pa. 
Yeager, Esther R. 
(Mrs. Frank Caston) 
6 03 Grant Ave. 
Croydon, Pa. 
tYocuin, Hilda D. 
"Zadra, Albina M. 
Zimolzak, Chester 
174 E. Main St. 
Glen Lyon, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

CLASS OF 1932 

tAdamson, John C. 
Applegate, Lesta E. 

(Mrs. Donald Bangs) 

Millville, Pa. 
'Ap pieman. Leslie R. 
Ai'cus, Ida A. 

(Mrs. Bernard Fattman) 

19 Stuvvesant Oval 

New York City, N.Y. 
Arnold, Margaret E. 

14 N. Welles Sit. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

Aten, Woodrow W. 

R. #3 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
+Baer, pearl L. 
"Baker, Reta R. 
"Baker, Vera G. 

(Mrs. Vera Thompson) 
"Barauskas, Monica M. 
Benner, Kathryn M. 

454 S. Main St. 

Lewistown, Pa. 
Berger, John P. 

S53 Market St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Berger, E. Mae 

11.2 N. Harrisburg S.E. 

Steelton, Pa. 
"Boyer, Gladys R. 

(Mrs. Kermit D. Witmer) 
Bray, Mary M. 

(Mrs. Mary Smith) 

367 N". Broad St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Breisch, Mary L. 

(Mrs. Robert B. Miles) 

Box 62 

Washington Blvd. 

Laurel, Md. 
Brennan, Helen L. 

1116 Race St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Brobst, Catherine M. 

Nuremberg, Pa. 
Brooks, Elizabeth M, 

(Mrs. L. E. Broad) 

154 Ridge St. 

Freeland, Pa. 
Brown, Robert A. 

31 N. Ninth St. 

Columbia, Pa. 
Bubb, Ida M. 

114 E. 14th St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Callendar, Grace W. 

(Mrs. Thomas L. Henry) 
Carle, M. Madeline 

(Mrs. D. T. Williams) 
*Carr, John R. 
Cecchini, Dora M. 

524 Sperling (St. 

W. Wyoming, Pa. 
Cerine, Wilhelmina M. 

153 Ivanhoe St. S.W. 

Washington, D.C. 
Chevitski, Anna L. 

117 Wilson St. 


Kingston, Pa. 
Clapp, Eleanor B. 

(Mrs. E. S. Hoffman) 

5209 Sanganior Rd. 

Bethesda, Md. 
Cole, Mary E. 

(Mrs. Mary Smith) 

135 Center St. 

Kunkletown, Pa. 

Connor, M. Lillian 

(Mrs. M. L. Simonson) 
Contini, Congetta A. 

434 Green St. 

Freeland, Pa. 
t Curry, Catherine A. 
Davis, Mary E. 

19 Parsonage St. 

Pittston, Pa. 
DeHaven, Morris D. 
DeMott, Lois M. 

(Mrs. E. N. Stouffer) 

2022 Harwyn Rd. 

N. Graylon Crest 

Wilmington, Del. 
Derby, Aimed a L. 

1216 Oram |St. 

Scranton, Pa. 

+ Derr, Thelma C. 
Devine, Eleanor D. 

229 E. Second St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Devine, Marie I. 

(Mrs. R. M. iSewell) 

Locust Ave. 

Centralia, Pa. 
Dlmmick, Mildred M. 

(Mrs. H. C. Hinebaugh) 

1205 N. Hillview St. 

Lock Haven, Pa. 
Draina, Irene T. 

(Mrs. I. D. Walton) 

143 E. Liberty St. 

Ashley, Pa. 
'Dnnnlgan, Betty J. 
Dushanko, Frank, Jr. 

1040 N. Church St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Eltringham, Jemima 

343 S. Vine St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Erb, Thelma E. 

(Mrs. Kenneth Boyer) 

R.D. 1 

Selinsgrove, Pa. 
Evans, Roy J. 

330 E. Third St. 

Emporium, Pa. 
-Eves, Mary A. 

(Mrs. Charles Cox) 
Parley, Earl T. 

450 Washington St. 

Rochester, Pa. 
Pelker, Ethel M. 

Beaver Springs, Pa. 
Fester, Prances P. 

1221 Market (Sit. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Foulke, Ruth M. 

2 Green St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Fowler, Phyllis M. 

(Mrs. Percv C. Wilson) 

1125 Market St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
'Fowles, Helena J. 
Francis, Margaret J. 

(Mrs. Donald Hughes) 

Luzerne, Pa. 
Fritz, Katharine I. 

(Mrs. James M. Gillen) 
vFurlani, William C. 
"Gasewicz, Emma A. 
Gerosky, Frank J. 

29 Welsh St. 

Pittston. Pa, 
Gillow, Lorna M. 

(Mrs. Nelson Doyle) 

Lakewood, Pa. 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Girton, Beatrice E. 

394 Light Street Rd. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
G-ori, Louise R. 
Gorrey, Dorothy M. 

247 West St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tGruver, Florence H. 

(Mrs. Florence G. Dedge) 
tGuman, Mary R. 

(Mrs. Mary G. McGuire) 
tGutter, Saul 
Hafer, Elizabeth G. 

(Mrs. E. H. Sdhoch) 

6 S. Washington St. 

Muncy, Pa. 
Haggy, Ruth E. 

(Mrs. Harold Baker) 

7303 Elmhurst St., S.E. 

District Heights 

Washington, D.C. 
Hall, John A. 

Orowell Publishing Co. 

New York, N.Y. 
Harris, Ann F. 

(Mrs. Joseph Dobbs) 
Harris, Ezra W. 

R.D. #5 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Hartman, Dorothy N. 

(Mrs. James W. Moore) 

145 Monte Vista Ave. 

Ridgewood, N.J. 
Hartman, Gerald C. 

546 Shuman St. 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Hartman, Helen K. (Mrs.) 

R.D. 2 

Danville, Pa. 
Hartt, Sarah E. (Mrs.) 

2i25 Catawissa Ave. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Hendrickson, Margaret M. 

(Mrs. M. H. Krause) 

1010 Dorey St. 

Clearfield, Pa. 
Henry, Alys 

(Mrs. Alys H. Nuss) 

113 Main St. 

Hughesville, Pa. 
Heppe, Lois M. 

(Mrs. Lois H. McKinney) 

1903 Manada St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Hess, Chester C. 

1066 Bank St. 

Bridgeville, Pa. 

+Kibbard, Wilbur J. 

Howells, Ann L. 

1044 Washburn Place E. 

Saginon, Mioh. 
tHoweth, Minnie E. 
Hoy, Marie S. 

24 Germania St. 

Ashley, Pa. 
Hunsicker, Clarence L. 

R.D. 1 

Mansfield, Pa. 
tHunsing-er, Marie G. 

(Mrs. T. J. Kirker) 
Isaacs, Florence A. 

(Mrs. J. T. Reid) 

602 N. Dartmouth Ave. 

Albuquerque, N. M. 
tjohn, Desda E. 

(Mrs. Richard S. Beckley) 
Johns, James J. 

505 N. Ninth St. 

Scranton, Pa. 

Jones, Dorothy G. 

(Mrs. Arthur Wheeler) 

208 Pond St. 

Taylor, Pa. 
Jones, Dorothy J. 

(Mrs. D. J. Berry) 

118 E. Vaughn St. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Jones, H. Elizabeth 

(Mrs. Elizabeth J. Davis) 

227 Gardner .St. 

Plymouth, Pa. 

"Jones, Ruth E. 

(Mrs. Ruth J. Miller) 
Kane, Margaret V. 

243 Locust Ave. 

Centnalia, Pa. 
Kanjorski, Anthony E. 

4S Coiner Hill and 

Spring Sts. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
tKeiman, Phyllis M. 

(Mrs. J. J. Gilhovley) 
Xellam, Helen R. 
tKeller, Doyle C. 
tKeller, Elsie V. 
tKeller, Ethel M. 

(Mrs. Lewis Long) 
Keller, Helen M. 
• Keller, Inez 
Kimbel, Alice C. 

(Mrs. B. E. Boroman) 

350 Spruce St. 

Bloomsburg. Pa. 
Kistler, Fred W. 

R.D. 2 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
"Knoll, Paul B. 
Kostenbauder, Blanche I. 

(Mrs. H. A. Millington) 

1425 Lyon Court 

Charlotte, N.C. 
Krapf, Oliver H. 

(Rev. Oliver H. Krapf) 

314 Spruce St. 

Emporium, Pa. 
LaFrance, Rhea A. 

(Mrs. Ronald Lee) 

Box 87 

Springville, Pa. 
Laird, Jessie F. 

(Mrs. Jessie L. Hey wood) 
Lawton, S. lima 

(Mrs. Maus N. Eyer) 

Millville, Pa. 
Lawton, Lois E. 
Lehman, Emma M. 
Levan, Harriet A. 

(Mrs. Benjamin Miller) 

200 Church St. 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Lewis, Gwendolyn E. 
Lewis, M. Jean 

(Mrs. William Gregory) 

Sonestown, Pa. 
"Lewis, Marjorie R. 

(Mrs. Foster Lewis) 
Lewis, Vivienne T. 
Long, John A., Jr. 

Watsontown, Pa. 
Lowry, Mildred H. 

51'5 O'Hara St. 

Scranton, Pa. 
'McCormack, Grace E. 
McCormack, Ruth E. 
McFadden, Joseph D. 
McHose, A. Lucille 

(Mrs. Lucille Ecker) 

785 Grant St. 

W. Hazleton, Pa. 

MacMullen, Alice B. 

(Mrs. N. W. Muir) 

24 E. Chestnut St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Materevicz, Eleanor X. 

69 Orchard St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Meade, Catherine G. 

(Mrs. C. M. Mullarkey) 
Milazza, Carmella G. 

838 Shoemaker Ave. 

W. Wyoming, Pa. 
Miller, Claude E. 

Wapwallopen, Pa. 
Miller, Russell F. 

1427 W. Walnut St. 

Shamokin. Pa. 
"Mohan, Bernard E. 
Monroe, Ellen L. 
Mordan, Blanche D. 

(Mrs. John D. Evert) 

Arbutus Park Rd. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Morgan, Harold M. 

115 Spring St. 

Carbondale, Pa. 
Morgan, Jeanne L. 

(Mrs. Albert Hudson) 

220 Bacon St. 

Jermyn, Pa. 
Mowery, Florence A. 

(Mrs. Florence M. Hess) 

P.O. Box 43 

Nescopeck, Pa. 
Myers, Ruth H. 

507 Bmmett St. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Naryauckas, Mildred D. 

207 E. Centre St. 

Shenandoah, Pa. 
Oman, Glenn A. 

1704 Clay Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Omichinski, Genevie M. 

7 3 Orchard St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Oshinsky, Ramona H. 

(Mrs. R. O. Thomas) 

532 Brady St. 

Ranshaw, Pa. 
Oswald, Gertrude E. 

(Mrs. John Beck) 

150 E. Caracas Ave. 

Hershey, Pa. 
Pp. den, Nola E. 

734 W. Front St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
•Pealer, Esther 

(Mrs. Emerson Laubach) 
Perch, Frank J. 

406 Lehigh St. 

White Haven, Pa. 
Peterson, Edith H. 

(Mrs. H. J. Everly) 

87 8 Gflynn Court 

Detroit 2, Mich. 
Piatt, Helen S. 

(Mrs. Truman Greenly) 

Millville, Pa. 
picarella, Alvina E. M. 

(Mrs. L. Borget) 
"Pizer, Venita C. 
Price, Doris M. 

(Mrs. C. H. Margerum) 
Beichard, Paul 

Light Street, Pa. 
Bekas, Helen F. 

1208 First Ave. 

Berwick, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Rhinard, Therou R. 

211 Central Ave. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Richards, Hope G. 

Elysburg, Pa. 
Rinard, Mabel E. 

(Mrs. Rex Turse) 

605 N. Locust St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
tRinker, George S. 
Robbins, Eldora B. 

(Mrs. Edwin C. Young) 

R.D. 2 

Berwick, Pa. 
Bobbins, Ivor L. 

W. Portbay Rd. 

Wolcott, N.Y. 
Roberts, Lillian M. 

Gay lord Ave. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
Romberger, Pauline B. 

(Mrs. Norwood Brosius) 

Pitman, Pa. 
Rowett, Alice M. 

( Mrs. Gene Fronduti) 

R.D. 1 

Falls, Pa. 
*Rudawski, Nicholas O. 
Saylor, Esther A. 

(Mrs. C. N. Lund vail) 

460 S. Juniata St. 

Lewistown, Pa. 
Schilling-, Sara B. 

(Mrs. W. A. Bartges) 
"Schlauch, Adam L. 
Shaughnessy, Francis H. 

63 W. Hamson St. 

Tunkhannock, Pa. 
S*haw, Mary B. 

(Mrs. E. P. Colyer) 

18 S. Main St. 

Lewistown, Pa. 
Shovlin, Mercedes B. 

29 S. Hickory St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Showers, V. Pauline 

31 First St. 

Milton, Pa. 
Shultz, Margaret N. 

(Mrs. F. Harrison) 

R.D. 1 

Shickshinny, Pa. 
fSlominski, Joseph A. 
tSlnsser, Hester I. 

(Mrs. Hester S. Leiby) 
Small, Hazel M. 

(Mrs. Arthur Rumble) 

Numidia, Pa. 
Smith, Catherine A. 
Smith, Catherine H. 

(Mrs. C. S. Driver) 

Park Rd. 

Hummels Wharf, Pa. 
Smith, Helen J. 

733 N. Lincoln St. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Smith, H. Bdmond 

911 Lincoln Ave. 

Palmyra, N.J. 
Smith, G-. Ruth 

(Mrs. R. S. Johnston) 

6 5* Cliff Rd. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Standish, Blanche 

1413 "Wood Ave. 

Roselle, N.J. 
Standish, Marie M. 

1413 "Wood Ave. 

Roselle, N.J. 
*Stere, C. Seymour 

* — Reported Dsceasid 

Stine, Ruth A. 

(Mrs. Daniel Lindenmuth) 
S trickier, Edith C. 

36 42 "A" Derry Street 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
tstrunk, Louise G. 

(Mrs. Louise S. Ransom) 
Sutliff, Carolyn 

Slhickshinny, Pa. 
Thomas, Daniel B. 

57 Hillside Ave. 

Edwardsville, Pa. 
Thomas, Muriel B. 
Van Buskirk, Helen M. 

47 S. Atherton St. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Vanderslice, Sara D. 

(Mrs. J. T. "Wallace) 

52 Juniper Ave. 


Long Island, New York 
Vollrath, Mary A. 

63 E. Poplar St. 

W. Nantiooke, Pa. 
tWagner, Myrtle I. 

(Mrs. Penton Swartz) 
Wagner, Ruth B. 

(Mrs. John H. Hileman) 

Carpenter St. 

Dushore, Pa. 
Walters, Hazel M. 

Freeburg, Pa. 
+Wanbaugh, W. Gordon 
Warman, Henry J. 

(Dr. Henry J. Warman) 

193 Lovell (St. 

Worchester, Mass. 
Washeleski, Leo L. 
tWerkheiser, Arlene P. 

(Mrs. Myron A. Traub) 
White, Alma E. 

(Mrs. Russell F. Todd) 

332 E. Main St. 

Girardville, Pa. 
Zeigler, Virginia R. 

(Mrs. Raymond Latska) 

Spring Glen, Pa. 
Ziemba, Bstelle P. 

715 Main St. 

Simpson, Pa. 
Zimmerman, Sarah C. 

(Mrs. Oliver E. Smith) 

523 E. Fifth St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
"Zydanowicz, Emily V. 

(Mrs. Bernard Sage) 

CLASS OF 1933 

Abbett, Kathryn 

523% Market St. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
Ahearn, Mary C. 

(Mrs. John Riley) 

Hill Top House 

Glen Hardie Rd. 

Wayne, Pa. 
Albertson, Catherine 

(Mrs. L. J. Fuller) 

2104 Heights, Rd. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Allen, M. Eethia 

(Mrs. Burton King) 

R. D. 

Harvey's Lake, Pa. 
Allen, Marjorie S. 

(Mrs. Carl Bowman) 

137 W. Third St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Appleman, Ruth 

(Mrs. H. Dean Pealer) 

R.D. #4 

Benton, Pa. 
Arey, Joseph 

R.D. #1 

N«w Albany, Pa. 
Artman, Charles 

R.D. #1 

Orangeville, Pa. 
Artman, William E. 

Warriors Mark, Pa. 
Astleford, Bertha B. 

(Mrs. B. E. Prober ts) 

41'5 S. Glenwood St. 

Allentown, Pa. 
Austin, Anna P. 

(Mrs. F. A. Reynolds) 

307 Bennett St. 

Luzerne, Pa. 
Bangs, Bonald 

R.D. #2 

Millville, Pa. 
Bardo, Zela 

(Mrs. Donald Black) 

R.D. #2 

Millville, Pa. 
Barrall, Alice 

(Mrs. Arthur Hunsinger) 

612 Butternut St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Eeagle, Thomas H. 

Ave. G & 8th St. 

Riverside, Pa. 
Beck, Melba 

(Mrs. Harold Hyde) 

3 8 Runnemede Ave. 

Lansdowne, Pa. 
Beishline, Samuel B. 
Belles, Mabel 

70 Kulp St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Benscoter, Eleanor E. 

(Mrs. W. S. McCarroll) 

R.D. #1 Box 378 

Hunlock Creek, Pa. 
Berninger, Howard R. 

Mifflinville, Pa. 
Berriman, Martha B. 

(Mrs. Max Frye) 

209 Pepper St. 

Muncy, Pa. 
Betterly, Mary E. 

(Mrs. Kenneth A. Maiers) 

3 4 1>0' Randolph Rd. 

Silver Springs, Md. 
Bitetti, Lucy P. 

936 Center iSt. 

Freeland, Pa. 
Bittenbender, James R. 

Broad St. 

E. Brady, Pa. 
Bixler, Homer S. 

1000 W. Main St. 

Norristown, Pa. 
Bixler, Mildred P. 

(Mrs. Richard Sharp) 

12 S. Fourth Sit. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Bohr, Edward P. 

456 44th St. 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Borsi, Tosca M. 

(Mrs. Iva Gianninl) 

945 Shoemaker Ave. 

Wyoming, Pa. 
Boyle, Elizabeth T. 

(Mrs. John Church) 

Main St. 

Locust Gap, Pa. 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Breslin, Louise K- 

(Mrs. Louise K. Thomas) 

3612 W. 13th St. 

Trainer, Chester, Pa. 
Brueckmann, J. George 

58 Cobblestone Dr. 

Paoli, Pa. 
Buckley, Mary L. 

824 Washington St. 

Freeland, Pa. 
Burke, Elynor G. 

264 Butler St. 

Pittston, Pa. 
Burns, Mary B. 

6219 Wayne Ave. 

Phila. 44, Pa. 
Busch, Anna M. 

(Mrs. Howard A. Linse) 

Route #1 

Box #627 

Seaside, Oregon 
Byerly, Florence M. 

(Mrs. F. M. Hoover) 

4 The Rocks 

Weatherly, Pa. 
Byers, Chester W. 

334 King St. 

Northumberland, Pa. 
Carl, Mary M. 

(Mrs. Wm. McWilliams) 

R.D. #5 

Danville, Pa. 
Carroll, Anthony K. 

29 S. Hickory St. 

Mt. Canmel, Pa. 
Chapman, Helen M. 

(Mrs. R. J. Berkheiser) 

Dickinson & Leftiigh Rd. 

Glassboro, N. J. 
tConnors, Dorothy A. 

(Mrs. Dorothy A. Asson) 
Coursen, Thomas S. 

514 Morgan Ave. 

Palmyra, N. J. 
Cox, Charles N. 

264 Leonard IS't. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Creveling, Edna G. 

(Mrs. Grant Whipple) 

374 Broadway St. 

Hughesville, Pa. 
Criswell, Dorothy A. 

(Mrs. Fred E. Johnson) 

R.D. #2 

Lewisburg, Pa. 
*Cullen, James G. 
Cuthbert, Berenice E. 

420 Bloom St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Banowsky, Harold M. 

R.D. #3 

Lewisburg, Pa. 
'Davis, Ethel M. 

(Mrs. Frederick Hummel) 
Davis, Joseph P. 

31'O0 Asihley Ave. 

Las Vegas, Nev. 
tDean, Rita A. 
DeFrain, Marion 

(Mrs. Harold Danowsky) 

R.D. #3 

Lewisburg, Pa. 
Deppen, Helen K. 

(Mrs. Robert Reese) 

Ave. H & 9 

Riverside, Pa. 
Derr, Wallace F. 

R.D. #1 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Donaldson, Margaret E. 

121 Academy St. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
Drennan, John J. 

R.D. #1 

Carbondale, Pa. 
DuBois, Grace A. 

(Mrs. Edward Brown) 

R. D. 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Dymond, Frances E. 

(Mrs. Sheldon Gay) 

R.D. #5 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Early, John A. 
Edwards, Inez E. 

(Mrs. Fred T. Aten) 

R.D. #1 

Neseopeck, Pa. 
Enders, Ruth L. 

(Mrs. Clyde D. Shive) 

R.D. #1 

New Cumberland, Pa. 
Evans, Frances L. 

(Mrs. Robert B. Parker) 

10.2 Endicott La. 

Oakridge, Tenn. 
Evans, Ralph F. 

30 Amherst St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Evans, Thelma F. 

(Mrs. Thomas Williams) 

2413 Brice Rd. 

Akron, Ohio 
Fisher, Sarah E. 

(Mrs. William F. Schrey) 
*Fowler, Fred W. 
Fowler, Ruth P. 

(Mrs. Robert Drake) 

325 Penn St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Furman, Helen E. 

(Mrs. Arthur Bence) 

42 Charlton St. 

New York, N.Y. 
Furman, Mary E. 

(Mrs. Mary E. James) 

10S Hollywood Ave. 

Mt. Penn, Reading, Pa. 
t Gallagher, Catherine A. 
tGallagher, Mary G. 
Gass, Larue E. 

(Mrs. Edward Herr) 

Paxinos, Pa. 
Gearhart, Anna M. 

(Mrs. Herbert Wise) 

R.D. #1 

Berwick, Pa. 
Gemherling, Violet C. 

(Mrs. Samuel S. Shirk) 

R.D. #1 

Milton, Pa. 
Getz, Karl L. 

67 Chestnut St. 

Bingham ton, N.Y. 
Giannini, Alda M. 

(Mrs. Ben Stradzus) 

550 W. 8th St. 

W. Wyoming, Pa. 
Gilmore, Dorothy E. 

(Mrs. James Lovell) 

2422 Wright St. 

W. Dalles, Ore. 
Good, June R. 

170 S. Front St. 

Bristol, Pa. 
tGreco, Frank J. 
Griffith, Dilys E. 

(Mrs. Dilys E. Skutches) 

354 W. Church St. 

Slatington, Pa. 

Griffiths, Thomas J. 

188 Gatzner Ave. 

Jamesburg, N.J. 
Hagenbuch, Jay P. 

3262 Main St. 

Xeffs, Pa. 
Halkowicz, Pearl L. 

(Mrs. Michael Fedock) 

2406 Tunnea Hill Rd. 

Lebanon, Pa. 
Harris, Naomi R. 

(Mrs. George Kavel) 

Sohool District 

Altoona, ra. 
*Harrison, Arthur H. 
Hartman, Thomas G. 

323 E. 8th St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Hartman, Vida H. 

(Mrs. Max Harvey) 

343 Miller Ave. 

Bloonisburg, Pa. 
Hartzel, James W. 

4113 Derry St. 

Lawnton, R.D. #1 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Hausch, Adelaide C. 

(Mrs. Adelaide C. Kline) 

49 N. Atherton St. 

Kingston, Pa. 
tHauze, Mary A. 
Heiser, Evelyn M. 

(Mrs. Irvin Keefer) 

317 Main St. 

Watsontown, Pa. 
Heller, Dorothy N. 

Fern Glen, Pa. 
Hensley, Charles F. 

146 Madison St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Hidlay, Clarissa B. 

421 W. Second St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
tHiggins, Nan C. 

(Mrs. Edgar P. Buckley) 
Hileman, Dorothy E. 

(Mrs. J. Stanley Hummer) 

347 E. 2nd St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Hinckley, James B. 

1024 Market Sit. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Hirsch, Irene E. 

(Mrs. R. M. Heister) 

612 A. E. Maple St. 

Palmyra, Pa. 
Homiak, Anna M. 

3 37 Webster Ave. 

Ranshaw, Pa. 
*Hornberger, Gertie R. 

(Mrs. Marlin Kramer) 
Houser, Creda F. 

(Mrs. Creda VanBlargen) 

218 N. Centre St. 

Philipsburg, Pa. 
Hower, Wilbur L. 

315 Parkdale Ave. 

E. Aurora, N.Y. 
Hummel, Bessie M. 

(Mrs. Elwood Stahl) 

Washingtonville, Pa. 
'Hummel, Woodrow W. 

(Lt. Col. W. W. Hummel) 
Jackson, Ruth L. 

(Mrs. Wm. K. Richards) 

320 Harding Ave. 

Vestal, N.Y. 
* James, William L. 
Jenkins, Iva C. 

(Mrs. Harvard Newton) 

Canoe Place Inn 

Port Alleghany, Pa. 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Jenkins, Mary L. 

(Mrs. (Samuel M. Zook) 

97 E. Main St. 

Leola, Pa. 
"Jones, Aldwin D. 
Jones, Marjorie L. 

(Mrs V. P. Harrington) 

310 N. Rowe St. 

Ludington, Mich. 
Kafka, Albert J. 

235 N. St. George St. 

Allentown, Pa. 
Keefer, Eugene M. 

R.D. #1 

Selinsgrove, Pa. 
Keefer, Hazel P. 

(Mrs. Elbert Ash worth) 

314 Ihrig Ave. 

Wooster, Ohio 
Kelley, Laura. G. 

(Mrs. H. E. Bollinger) 

6 40 King St. 

Northumberland, Pa. 
Kester, w. Pred 

214 Lansdowne Ave. 

Clarks Summit, Pa. 
Kingsbury, Sheldon C. 

3i2i5 E. Second St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
*Kline, Harriet H. (Mrs.) 

(nee Harriet Hartman) 
Krauss, Eva C. 

463 E. Third St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Krauss, Milton L. 

526 W. View Ave. 

State College, Pa. 
Kreischer, Catharine C. 

210. E. 13th St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Xressler, Martha 

41 Main iSt. 

Orange, N. J. 
Kritzberger, Walter M. 

Woodlawn Ave. 

Green Knoll, R.D. #5 

Somerville, N. J. 
Ziachowicz, Martha M. 

248 W. Third St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Lamoreaux, Edna A. 

(Mrs. "William Tobias) 

R.D. #1 

Roulette. Pa. 
Landis, Emily 

(Mrs. Paul Sopensky) 

11 W. Coover St. 

Mechanicsburg, Pa. 
Iiaubach, Lois 

(Mrs. James C. Webster) 

609 Shakespeare Ave. 

Milton, Pa. 
Lawson, Lois 

644 E. Third St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Leiser, Anna M. 

(Mrs. Stanlev H. Ritter) 

R.D. #3 

Lewisburg, Pa. 
Lesser, Ruth 

936 Schuabe St. 

Freeland, Pa. 
Letterman, William E. 

Box 316, R.D. #1 

Maryville, Pa. 
Lewis, Dorothy L. 

(Mrs. Donald L. Rice) 

63 E. Kerr St. 

Uniontown, Pa. 
Lewis, John 

452 Kingsland Rd. 

Nutley. N. J. 

Lewis, Ruth 
Liptzer, Maurice 

7554 Highland St. 

Pontiac, Mich. 
Litzenberger, Frances I. 

(Mrs. Edwin Krum) 

640 Gerhard St. 

Philadelphia 28, Pa. 
*Long, Pauline 

(Mrs. Jack Albertson) 
Malkames, Emily 

(Mrs. Howard A. Markle) 

901 Thompson St. 

Jersey IShore, Pa. 
Maloney, Mary V. 

(Mrs. Thomas Colihan) 

82 W. End St. 

Lost Creek, Pa. 
Mantz, Mae 

(Mrs. Amos F. Kreiss) 

35 North St. 

Slatington, Pa. 
Marr, Martha 

(Mrs. Martha M. Karns) 

R.D. #2 

Orangeville, Pa. 
*McCawley, Mary 

(Mrs. Paul V. Ryan) 
McDonnell, Helen 

324 Main St. 

Locust Gap, Pa. 
McGinley, Anne 

(Mrs. John Maloney) 

115 E. Wood St. 

Centralia, Pa. 

*McHenry, Ward 

McHugh, John 

514 Depot St. 

Scrantou, Pa. 
Menges, Calvin 

R.D. #3 

Watsontown, Pa. 
Mensch, June 

(Mrs. Stanley Strausser) 

1600 Riverside Dr. 

Monroe, La. 
Middlesworth, Lena 

(Mrs. Albin Zimliki) 

2918 Brookwood St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Miller, Amos 

401 N. Orange St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Monaghan, Anne 

8208 - 48 Place 

College Park, Md. 
Morgan, Robert 

1 23 Girard Ave. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
^Moyer, Mary 

(Mrs. Mary M. Deiby) 
Murzenski, Sabina 

(Mrs. S. M. Koniecznip) 

6 13 Elm St. 

Roselle, N. J. 
Musgrave, Claire 

(Mrs. Claire M. Porter) 

5923 N. War nock St. 

Philadelphia 41, Pa. 
Naples, Mary 

(Mrs. Mary N. Minichello) 

201 Montgomery Ave. 

W. Pittston, Pa. 
Nans, Irene 

(Mrs. Charles A. Munson) 

132 East St. 

Mifflinburg, Pa. 
Neiss, Martina 

(Mrs. Marty Moran) 

Newman, Phyllis 

(Mrs. William Albertini) 

129 S. Hickory St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Olash, Matilda 

362 Walnut St. 

Luzerne, Pa. 
Osborne, Charlotte 

(Mrs. Benedict A. Stein) 

6 59 Hubbell Rd. 

Churchville, N.Y. 
Pack, Josephine 

(Mrs. Josephine P. Brest) 

531 N. E. 32nd St. 

Boca Raton, Pla. 
Parker, Robert 

1 02 Endicott Lane 
Oakridge, Tenn. 

Parr, Allen 

R.D. #3 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
+Partridge, Marguerete 
Paulus, Charles 

Kaska, Pa. 
Petekofsky, Julia 

2066 N. Main St. 

Scranton, Pa. 
+Petrilla, Stephen T. 

f Pooley, Ruth 
Potson, Andrew 

16 Frable St. 
Simpson, Pa. 

Potter, Lenore 

(Mrs. Lenore P. Smiley) 

1412 Shield Dr. 

Sherman, Texas 
Potter, Miles 

936 Haverford Rd. 

Bryn Mawr, Pa. 
Pyle, Marlon 

327 Dean St. 

West Chester, Pa. 
Quirk, Catharine 

17 Main St. 
Locust Gap, Pa. 

Radel, Grace 

(Mrs. Bvron Hartman) 

500 Arch St. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Rembis, Anna 

(Mrs. C. Lance) 

9 Lamp Post Lane 

Cherry Hill, N. J. 
Reng, Pauline 

(Mrs. Paul J. Turek) 

2401 N. Cameron St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Riggs, Carl 

36 South St. 

L'nion City, Pa. 
Roberts, Kenneth 

R.D. #4 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Rough, Isabell 

(Mrs D. Bittenbender) 

2 20'0 Heights Rd. 
Berwick, Pa. 

*Rovenolt, Charles 
Sacus, Samuel 

437 Webster St. 

Ranshaw, Pa. 
Sandbrook, Margaret 

(Mrs. Kenneth E. Bristol) 

1924 Brookshire 

Akron 13, Ohio 
Schild, Dorothy 

(Mrs. William Francis) 

59 Clark Place 

Port Chester, N. Y. 
*Schuyler, Mary 

'' — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


♦Shaffer, Margaret 
Shanno, Alice 

(Mrs. Edwin Glenn) 

R.D. #5 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Shepela, Alex 

Penna. Industrial School 

Camp Hill, Pa. 
Shipman, Louise 

(Mrs. John Evans) 

R.D. #1 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Sitas, Margaret 

3 Luzerne St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

Smith, Evelyn 

(Mrs. Samuel D. Hooven) 
'The Rocks" 
Weatherly, Pa. 
Snyder, Arthur H. 
215 Grand ISt. 
Danville, Pa. 
Snyder, Violet 
(Mrs. Robert Hoffman) 
Box 67 

Montandon, Pa. 
Stahl, Mary 
R.D. #1, Riverview 
Berwick, Pa. 
Stier, Walter H. 
47 Stanley St. 
Upper Askam, Pa. 
Strausser, Stanley C. 
IB'00 Riverside Dr. 
Monroe, La, 
Strein, Gertrude C. 

(Mrs. Merwyn Howells) 

122 E. Taylor St. 
Taylor, Pa. 
Strouse, William G. 

R.D. #1 

Turbotville, Pa. 
Strunk, Catherine C. 

(Mrs. C. V. Snyder) 

Box 33 

Mowry, Pa. 
Stryjak, Raymond 

78 River Rd. 


Xanticoke, Pa. 
Stush, John J. 

260 E. Poplar St. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
Styer, Harriet A- 

{Mrs. Ariel C. Boop) 

526 Center St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa, 
Swalinski, Aleksander J. 

c/o Penna. State Police 

York, Pa. 
Thomas, Emma J. 

213 Gardner St. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
rimbrell, Edna L. 

(Mrs. Thomas Metzger) 

13 Grand Parkway 

Lewistown, Pa. 
Timhrell, John Q. 

913 S. Market St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa, 
Troy, Clair E. 

Elizabethville, Pa. 
VanHorn, Marion 

(Mrs. A. C. Fray) 

Box 82 

Beach Haven, Pa, 
Wagner, Anna E. 

(Mrs. Arthur Kramer) 

15931 Glazebrook Dr. 

La Mirada, Calif. 

Wagner, Emily D. 

(Mrs. Emily W. Zeistloft) 

220 W. Third St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Walsh, Mary M. 

(Sister Mary Gervase) 

St. Simon Convent 

Los Altos, Calif. 
Wary, Amelia A. 

(Mrs. Wm. E. Higgins) 

411 Packer ©t. 

Shamokin, Pa. 

Wat kins, Warren W. 
R.D. #4 
Catawissa, Pa. 
tWenner, Kathryn E. 

(Mrs. K. W. Thacher) 
Wildoner, Mary Ii. 

(Mrs. E. M. Fisher) 

114 Parke St. 

W. Pittston, Pa. 
Wilkinson, Lorene G. 

(Mrs. Dean A. Ward) 

441 Larch Ave. 

Bogota, N. J. 
Williams, Edward R. 

Pine Grove, Pa. 
Williams, Sarah A. 

(Mrs. Clyde Mitten) 

Midland Dr. 

Dallas, Pa. 
Williams, James H. 
Wolfe, Mary H. 

(Mrs. Nelson Davis) 

1804 W. Main St. 

Norristown, Pa 
Worrail, Grace 

701 Cherry St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Wright, Anna M. 

(Mrs. Robert BisbLng) 

190 E. Main St. 

Walden. N.Y. 
Yaretski, Walter 

Dir. Guidance, Coll. of Ed. 

West Virginia Univ. 

Morgantown, W. Va. 
*Yeany, Vivian A. 

(Mrs. J. E. Nachod, Jr.) 
Yozviak, Leo V. 

369 Main Rd. 


Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Ziegler, Margaret Hauze 

(Mrs. John Kunkle) 

425 N. W. 44th Ave. 

Miami, Fla. 

CLASS OF 1934 

Acker, Priscilla T. 

(Mrs. P. McPhilomy) 
Artman, C. Homer 

112 N. Forklanding Rd. 

Maple Shade, N. J. 
Ashworth, Elbert W. 

314 Ihrig Ave. 

Wooster, Ohio 
Aten, Woodrow W. 

R.D. #3 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
•Bach, Genevieve I. 

(Mrs. John Kopcha) 
Baker, Paul J. 

316 Putnam St. 

W. Hazleton, Pa. 
Bakey, Gladys L. 

(Mrs. W. Pv. Furlong, Jr.) 

240 Benjamin 

McLean, Va. 

Balchunas, Leonard 

1016 E. Chestnut St. 
Shamokin, Pa. 

Ballamy, Marion E. 

(Mrs. Elbert Tice) 

261 Handy St. 

New Brunswick, N. J. 
Barba, Thalia L. 

(Mrs. Charles Hicks) 

4816 11th St. 

X. Arlington, Va. 
Baron, Eleanor J. 

(Mrs. T. iSlkovronsky) 
Bayliff, Nora M. 

(Mrs. A. Markunas) 

185 Bridge Ave. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Beck, Rachel B. 

(Mrs. Kenneth R. Malick) 

1017 E. Market St. 
Sunbury, Pa. 

Beierschmitt, Mary T. 

(Mrs. Edward Brown) 

123 W. Louther St. 
Carlisle, Pa. 
Blain, Arden H. 

Woodbine, Pa. 
Blaine, Margaret E. 

(Mrs. Donald C. Cooper) 
Blair, Edith M. 

(Mrs. E. E. Shute) 

46 Arlington Ave. 

Berkeley 7, Calif. 
Bodnar, Stephen G. 

Market St. 

Tresckow, Pa. 
tBonshock, Thelma D. 
Bower, Mable 

(Mrs. Leroy Baer) 

McGraw, N.Y. 
Boylan, James A. 

31 Main St. 

Locust Gap, Pa. 
Boylan, John I. 

72 Springside St. 

Locust Gap, Pa. 
Breya, Anna M. 

(Mrs. Michael Rinko) 

49 W. 6th St. 

Wyoming, Pa. 
Briesch, Rebecca M. 

(Mrs. R. Chamberlain) 

Wood St. 

Ringtown, Pa. 
Brock, Paul 

1313 West iSt. 

Honesdale. Pa. 
Buranich, Irene 

(Mrs. Irene Espesito) 

165 Drakes Lane 

Old Forge, Pa. 
Chesney, Walter S. 

130 West Ave. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Chudzinski, Frank J. 

11 Shaw St. 

Utica. N.Y. 
Conrad, Roberta C. 

(Mrs. Charles Fisher) 

Elliot Dr. 

Northumberland, Pa. 
Creasy, William T. 

108 W. Highland Ave. 

Langhorne, Pa. 
dispell, Ella E. 

(Mrs. Edward Cobleigh) 

22% Floral Ave. 

Binghamton, N.Y. 
Crispell, Letha M. 

(Mrs. Francis Schenck) 

Xoxen, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Cnrwood, Bernice J. 

(Mrs. Bernice Keithline) 

304 Homerwood Dr. 

St. Charles, Mo. 
Czarnecki, Felicia M. 

78 E. Main St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa, 
Dagnell, Esther E. 

217 Yost Ave. 

Spring City, Pa. 
tDavis, Albert B. 
Deane, Mercedes I. 

(Mrs. Wm. McDermott) 

932 Serrill Ave. 

Yeadon, Pa, 
DeWald, Mary 

(Mrs. Robert A. Elder) 

Konkle Rd. 

R.D. #2 

Montoursville, Pa. 
Dixon, Rose A. 

300 Strathmore Rd. 

Havertown, Pa. 
Doyle, Edward P. 

910 Westdale Place 

Springfield, Pa. 
Dunkelberger, Madalyn G. 

(Mrs. Harry W. Stephen) 

P. O. Box 39 

Union Deposit, Pa. 
Dutchak, Long'ina Y. 

(Mrs. John Wargo) 

22221 Barton Rd. 

St. Clair Shores, Mich. 
Edwards, Anna, A. 

114 E. Oak St. 

Frackville, Pa. 
tEdwards, Maude Mae 

(Mrs. Howard Eldridge) 
tEUis, Robert T. 
Eltringbam, Edith J. 

(Mrs. George Dunsten) 

3131 Parkway 

Cheverly, Md. 
Bngle, Marion M. 

849 N. Arch Sit. 

Allentown, Pa. 
Enterline, Charles D. 

5087 Dunlap St. 

Oxon, Run Hills 

Washington, D. C. 
tEroh, Miriam G. 

(Mrs. Roger Hatch) 
Evangelista, Lawrence C. 

121 W. 3rd St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Evans, Esther 

(Mrs. J. D. McFadden) 

304 W. 5th St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Eyer, Jean Mae 

(Mrs. W. C. Bredbenner, 

232 E. 8th St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Pagley, Mary H. 

(Mrs. Chester Humphrey) 

38 S. Hickory St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
tPeather, Grace V. 

(Mrs. D. G. Reifsnyder) 
Picca. Agatha J. 

(Mrs. Walter Stashinski) 

243 W. Saylor St. 

Atlas, Pa. 
Poote, Grace E. 

(Mrs. Joseph Conner) 

102 West St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 

tPreas, Mary S. 
Pries, Evelyn R. 

(Mrs. Donald Sunday) 

1003 Belle Ave. 

State College, Pa. 
Carman, Roy S. 

3290 Eastview Dr. 

Bethel Park 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Garrison, Blanche M. 

911 Mulberry St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Gennaria, James A. 

28 Hillside Rd. 

Claymont, Del. 

Glger, Irene 

(Mrs. James Millroy) 

23,21 Maplecrest Dr. 

Greensboro, N. C. 28212 
GiUaspy, Anna M. 

(Mrs. J. D. Forsyth) 

R.D. #1 

Selinsgrove, Pa. 
Grlbbln, Joseph 

2019 Huntington St. 

Bethlehem, Pa. 
Groody, Mary M. 

Lost Creek, Pa. 
Sake, Elizabeth S. 

(Mrs. P. Bingenbeimer) 

219 N. Dudley Ave. 

Ventnor, N.Y. 
Harris, Gertrude M. 

(Mrs. G. Walters) 

25 Bidlack St. 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
Hartline, Plorence S. 

(Mrs. S. Clifton Kindt) 

421 Mill St. 

Danville, Pa. 
tHartman, Elwood H. 
Harvey, Charles R. 

Huntington Mills, Pa. 
tHauze, Laura M. 
Hawk, Margaret M. 

(Mrs. R. W. Carls) 

248 Green Briar Dr. 

Lake Worth, Fla, 
Hawk, Robert A. 

315 E. Front St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Henry, Lorraine W. 

(Mrs. Chas. Rishel) 

Pottsgrove, Pa. 
Henson, Ruth E. 

(Mrs. Ralph Fox) 

35 Stoney Dr. 

Blue Bell, Pa. 
Herman, Alice M. 

Beaver Springs, Pa, 
Hewitt, Dorothy M. 

232 Washington St. 

Pittston, Pa. 
Hinkel, Marion E. 

(Mrs. Fred Scheuing) 

2615 Whispering Pines Rd. 

Albany, Ga. 
♦Hornberger, Bertha I 
tHornung, Alice U. 
Houser, Helen L. 

(Mrs. Ray Hetherington) 

Ringtown, Pa. 
Houser, Pauline M. 

(Mrs. Jack Artley) 

2391 State St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Hudock, Prank 

98 S. Wyoming St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 

Hummel, Agnes M. 

(Mrs. Eugene Keefer) 

R.D. #1 

Selinsgrove, Pa. 
Hutton, Robert M. 

158 Ridge Ave. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Jaffin, Pred T. 

315 Rosemary Ave. 

Ambler, Pa. 
James, Sarah E. 

(Mrs. Sarah Dymond) 

R.D. #1 

Pittston, Pa. 
tJohnson, Anna E. 
Johnson, Dorothy H. 

(Mrs. Dorothy Cook) 

2907 Edgemont Dr. 

Allentown, Pa. 
Kane, Mary M. 

139 Locust Ave. 

Centralia, Pa. 
Karnes, James E. 

Espy, Pa. 
Kealy, Alice M. 

(Mrs. Cletus Coyne) 

Main St. 

Locust Gap, Pa. 
Reefer, Edith C. 

R.D. #4 

Bloom Road 

Danville, Pa. 
Keeler, Ronald P. 

520 N. Mirage St. 

Lindsay, Calif. 
Behler, Deborah H. 

(Mrs. Harold Strunk) 

Locust Dale, Pa. 
Belly, James J. 

37 Plymouth St. 

Edwardsville, Pa. 
Bilker, Patrick J. 

Lost Creek, Pa. 
Elmbel, Alice C. 

(Mrs. Bruce E. Bowman) 

350 Spruce St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Ellngerman, Eleanor E. 

(Mrs. Mark Johnson) 

R.D. #2 

Orangeville, Pa. 
Bnause, Thelma L. 

331 Douglass St. 

Reading, Pa. 
Bnerr, Arthur J. 

9 Poplar Ave. 

Farmingdale, N.Y. 
Knorr, J. Wesley 

249 Railroad St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Kokora, Julia D. 

(Mrs. Yarashesfaki) 

4S09 Haines Ave. 

Albuquerque, N.M. 
Boropchak, Boman D. 

100 Girard St., 

Atlas, Pa. 
Bostenbauder, Blanche I. 

(Mrs. H. A. Millington) 

1425 Lyon Court, 

Charlotte, N.C. 
tBreigh, Charleen B. 
Breitzer, Howard M. 

7806 Carlin Dr. 

Dallas 9, Texas 
Brepich, Ivan J. 

Dobson, N.C. 
Krumanocker, Elizabeth R. 

(Mrs. Charles Hensley) 

146 Madison St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa, 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address "Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Laird, Olwyn K. 

(Mrs. Epp. Briggs) 

644 Stevenson St. 

Sayre, Pa. 
Langan, Mary C. 

(Mrs. Roger Spence) 

100 Church St. 

JVssup, Pa. 
Larish, Joseph L. 

Italy St. 

Macanaqua, Pa. 
Lawrence, Betilah M. 

(Mrs. Roy D. Masser) 

3635 Arlington St. 

Laureldale, Pa. 
tLayaou, Adeline M. 
Lentz, Sarah E. 

(Mrs T. F. Eynon, Jr.) 

Ii08 Grandview Ave. 

Clark's Green, Pa. 
Lewis, Jane E. 

(Mrs. William Roth) 

387 Wyoming Ave. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Losch, Miriam F. 

Richfield, Pa. 
tMcAlla, Majorie 

(Mrs. Robert B. Lee) 
McCracken, Ralph A. 

202 Geanhart Sit. 

Riverside, Pa. 
McEneany, Joseph J. 

New Albany, Pa. 
Mc Glynn, Catherine B. 

Jeanesville, Pa. 
McGoldrick, Elizabeth L. 

(Mrs. John Troy) 

2301 N. Washington Ave. 

Scranton 9, Pa. 
Malone, Daniel J. 

1702 Penrock Rd. 

Wilmington 3, Del. 
Markovich, Josephine A. 

R.D. #1 

Berwick, Pa. 
Marshman, Althine R. 

(Mrs. A. R. Adey) 

2i8 Eastgate Dr. 

Point Ridge Farm 

Camp Hill, Pa. 
Matha, Georgia E. 

(Mrs. Georgia M. Besie) 

54 Pine St. 

Waverly, N.Y. 
Meade, Margaret R. 

(Mrs. Margaret M. Noon) 

16 6 Searle St. 

Pittston, Pa. 
Menapace, Richard S. 

589 Wanamaker Ave. 

Jenkintown, Pa. 
Miller, Alfred EC. 

R.D. 3 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Miller, I. Kerr 

1400 Keller Ave. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
Mlnler, Helen E. 

(Mrs. Helen M. Sharp) 

152 W. Merrell St. 

Phoenix 11, Ariz. 
Moran, Margaret T. 

(Mrs. Leo Oswald) 

Presidential Apts. 

City Line Ave. 

c/o Washington House 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Morgis, Genevieve G. 

3210 Wisconsin Ave., 

N.W., Apt. 210 

Washington 16, D.C. 

Morris, Joy K. 

(Mrs. Burton J. Thomas) 

918 Gwinn St 

Medina, N.Y. 
Moss, Dorothy H. 

(Mrs. David A. Lipnik) 

2629 Cross Country Blvd. 

Baltimore 15, Md. 
Mndrick, Paul 

Neptune High School 

Neptune, N.J. 
Monson, Joy I. 

(Mrs. Harold B. Stuart) 

456 Kenwood Rd. 

Drexel Hill, Pa. 

'Wejako, Zigmund B. 

Nelson, Clifford A. 

452 E. Beaver Ave. 

State College, Pa. 
Northnp, Anna I. 

(Mrs. Morris A. Greene) 

440 E. 62 St. 

New York 21, N.Y. 
*N"yhart, Frederick C. 
O'Donnell, Mary R. 

(Mrs. (Stephen Dell) 

716 E. Market St. 

Danville, Pa. 
O'Eora, Margaret M. 

(Mrs. Joseph Coyne) 

White Sands Motel, 

Unit 3 

Margate, N.J. 
Partridge, John W. 

5233 Elvena Ave. 

Pennsauken, N.J. 
Peifer, Mark E. 

Mifflinville, Pa. 
Phillips, Dorothy J. 

Chinchilla, Pa. 
Phillips, Dorothy M. 

(Mrs. Joseph Richards) 

Eighth & Center Sts. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Phillips, Jean A. 

(Mrs. George Plowright) 

700 Melrose Dr., Apt. J32 

Winter Park, Fla. 
Pieri, Florence C. 

(Mrs. John Drucis) 

243 N. Park St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Pregnxon, Olga 

(Mrs. Joseph Kundla) 

226 Smith St. 

Dupont, Pa. 
Quick, Mildred M. 

72 Personette Ave. 

Verona, N.J. 
Reed, Fierce M. 

54 Rexford St. 

Norwick, N.Y. 
tReese, Jeanette M. 

(Mrs. Jeanette R. Hartig) 
Reiner, Erma M. 

(Mrs. Erma Snyder) 


Dornsife, Pa. 
Reisenweaver, Janet R. 

(Mrs. William Stahr) 

Drums, Pa. 
Richards, Joseph 

Eighth & Center Sts. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Rishe, Maryruth 

(Mrs. L. Buckalew, Jr. 

6 Oglethorpe Ave. 

Fort Stewart, Ga. 
Ritter, Gladys A. 
(Mrs. Albert Croman) 

Drums, Pa. 

Roan, Arden B. 

Box 122 

Espy. Pa. 
Robenolt, Lillian V. 

(Mrs. Irvin Coldren, Jr.) 

420 Tioga St. 

York, Pa. 
tRovenolt, Kevin W. 
Rowland, Robert J. 

603 Vernon Rd. 

Philadelphia 19, Pa. 
*Rubright, Phyllis W. 
*Runyan, Dorothy G. 
Ryan, Anna M. 

(Sr. Mary (Sebastian) 

Cathedral School 

Wyoming Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Savage Pearl L. 

(Mrs. Pearl S. Sneidman) 

204 E. 14 St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Schieb, Irvin P. 

R.D. 1, Box 113 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Schmidt, Dorothy L. 

6-13 Kudan-4-Ohome 

Chiyoda Ku 

Tokyo, Japan 
Schnure, Sarah E. 

(Mrs. Sanuel W. Mack) 

Pottsgrove, Pa. 
Schraeder, Bolish C. 

58 Orchard St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Senile, Dorothy A. 

(Mrs. George Ferencic) 

2503 S. Fourth St. 

Steelton, Pa. 
Shafer, Myrlynn T. 

1432 S. Main St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Shantz, Mary E. 

42 Italy St. 

Mocanaqua, Pa. 
Shelhamer, Carmen P. 

Box 68 

Mifflinville, Pa. 
Shellenberger, John P. 

(M/Sgt. J. P. (Shellen- 

3400 N. Beltline Blvd. 

Columbia, S. C. 
Shiner, Mildred M. 

(Mrs. Mildred S. Levan) 

425 W. Fifth St. 

Nescopeck, Pa. 
Shnman, Freda H. 

(Mrs. Clyde Laubach) 

W. Center St. 

Elysburg, Pa. 
Sibley, Richard T. 

R.D. 2 

Benton, Pa. 
Singelman, Clara M. 

(Mrs. Joseph Adriance) 

Apartado 335 

Halquin, Orte, Cuba 
Sonnenberg, Fred R. 

36 Woodbury St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Sopchak, Michael P. 

11 Colfax Ave. 

Bingham ton, N.Y. 
Spotts, Harriet H. 
(Mrs. H. K. Leitzell) 

444 Market St. 

S. Williamsport, Pa. 
Steele, Basil V. 

R.D. 1 

Sweet Valley, Pa. 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

tSterling, Wilson B. 
'Sutliff, Harriet E. 

(Mrs. Harold H. Herr) 
Sutliff, Helen E. 

2415 Ellerslie St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Swartwood, Grace P. 

(Mrs. Arnold Embleton) 

108 Philadelphia Ave. 

W. Pittston, Pa. 
•Tannery, Gertrude M. 
tTaylor, John D. 
tTaylor, Mary E. 

(Mrs. L. W. Seeley) 
•Thomas, Emmanuel M. 
Thomas, Laura 

226 W. Ninth St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tThomas, Richard J. 
Thompson, William H. 

901 Ridgewood St. 

Ames, Iowa 
Tarse, Bex N. 

605 N. Locust St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
"Valente, Ernest J. 

597 Carson St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
•Vandling, Alfred L. 

(Dr. Alfred L. Vandling) 
VanSickle, Robert H. 

14'05tfs Winchester St. 

Fredericksburg, Va. 
Veale, Ellen L. 

(Mrs. Ivan L. Smith) 

319 E. Elm St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Wanich, Carl G. 

Light Street, Pa. 
Welliver, Ruth X. 

(Mrs. Robert M. Seely) 

525 Bryn Mawr Ave. 

Swartihrnore, Pa. 
Wenner, Gladys M. 

235 E. Sixth St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Wertman, Xathryn M. 

(Mrs. Roy W. Moltz) 

914 Ash St. 

Watsontown, Pa. 
West, Albert T. 

71 Ashley St. 

Ashley, Pa. 
Wilkinson, Marie G. 

(Mrs. M. Sweppenheiser) 

RD. 1 

Herndon, Pa. 
Williams, Jane S. 

(Mrs. Fred Rause) 

312 Rice St. 

Edwardsville, Pa. 
Williams, Ruth V. 

(Mrs. William H. Young) 

47 Downing St. 

Hanover Green, Car-12 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
tWilliams, William C. 
Williard, Carrie A. 

Herndon, Pa. 
Wilson, Alma S. (Mrs.) 

(Mrs. Frank Wilson, Jr.) 

Light Street 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Wilt, Viola V. 

(Mrs. Luther Linn) 

New Tripoli, Pa. 
Wolfe, Dorothy I. 

(Mrs. Henry D. Bower) 

R.D. 4 

Danville, Pa. 

Wolfe, Margaret A. 

(Mrs. Oscar Klock) 

216 Race St. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Woolcock, Gerald M. 


Orangeville, Pa. 
Yale, Kathryn E. 

(Mrs. Ed Graham) 

R.D. 5, Carroll Park 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
fYeager, Elsie L. 

(Mrs. Charles Rhodes) 
Yeager, Ionise 

(Mrs. John B. Flesher) 

557 Madison St. 

St. Charles, Mo. 
Yonng, William H. 

R. 30 S. Regent St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Zadra, Frank J. 

401 Center St. 

Freeland, Pa. 
Zavarich, John 

1710 RJR. St. 

Sihamokin, Pa. 
Znkanskas, Ella E. 

(Mrs. Ella Z. Wharton) 

105 S. Mill St. 

St. Clair, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1935 

Anderson, Ellen C. 

(Mrs. Harry Weber) 

435 Court St. 

Reading, Pa. 
Baer, Pearl I,. 

259 Race St. 

Middletown, Pa. 
Banghart, Lee H. 

425 E. 11th St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Beck, John T. 

150 E. Caracas Ave. 

Hershey, Pa. 
Berger, Mae E. 

112 N. Harrisburg St. 

Steelton, Pa. 
Blackburn, Charles E. 

1 1 3 E. Main St. 

Wanamie, Pa. 
Bowman, Genevieve P. 

(Mrs. Vincent McKelvey) 

7002 Avondale Rd. 

Bethesda, Md. 
Boyer, Gladys R. 

(Mrs. Kermit D. Witmer) 


Elizabethville, Pa. 
Bray, Helen G. 
Bredhenner, Thelma A. 

(Mrs. Cyril Menges) 

268 E. 8th St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Brewington, Woodrow P. 

20'00 N. Vine IStt. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Brunstetter, Fanl L. 
tBnggy, Walter B. 
Butler, John J. 

1452 Monroe Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Conte, Anthony E. 

323 John St. 

Elizabeth, N.J. 
Creasy, Edwin R. 
Cnlp, Helen I. 

(Mrs. Helen Reiner) 

507 S. River St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

Davis, Thomas P. 

2620 NT Brandywine St. 

Arlington, Va. 
DeMott, Howard E. 

123 S. Market St. 

Selinsgrove, Pa. 
Deppe, Mildred E. 

(Mrs. Roderick Hines) 

524 Jefferson St. 

St. Charles, Mo. 
Deppen, John S. 

301 S. 8th /St. 

Trevorton, Pa. 
Panth, Howard E. 

229 Logan St. 

Lewistown, Pa. 
tPicca, Sylvester C. 

tFiorini, Madeline D. 
Flanagan, Ruth R. 

142 High St. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
Ford, Mildred M. 

(Mrs. Mildred M. Wesner) 

1157 Poplar St. 

Kulpmont, Pa. 
Foster, Dorothy L. 

(Mrs. L. O. Wortman) 

350 Westminster Rd. 

Brooklyn 18, N.Y. 11218 
Fonst, David W. 

R.D. #2 

Danville, Pa. 
Fonst, Lauretta M. 

(Mrs. Leonard R. Baker) 

25 N. Summit St. 

Lock Haven, Pa. 
Frederick, Irene L. 

Route #1 

Milton, Pa. 
Prey, Helen I. 

(Mrs. M. L. Markley) 

900 Highland Ave. 

Palmyra, N.J. 
Gilchrest, Lucille M. 

(Mrs. Carl H. Kendig) 

College Park 

Lewisburg, Pa. 
Gilxnore, Euphemia A. 

(Mrs. John Yeager) 

111 W. Euclid Ave. 

DeLand, Fla. 32720 
Golder, Rosebud L. 

(Mrs. Wm. Ungernach) 

1740 Franklin St. 

Berwick. Pa. 
Gress, John J. 

(Dr. John J. Gress) 

Manunka Chunk 

Columbia, N.J. 
Hallenbaugh, Mildred M. 

(Mrs. M. M. Brenner) 

317 Gc-rsucih St. 

Folsom, Pa. 
Harris, Ruth 

301 E. 4th St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Harter, Gerald C. 

2'511 Grand Ave. 

Holmes, Pa. 
Hartman, Helen 

(Mrs. S. J. Cimbala) 

R.D. #1 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Hayes, Albert A. 

R.D. #2 

Berwick, Pa. 
Heimbach, Stanley P. 

1426 N. 14th S)t. 

Reading, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Henrie, Harold C. 

501 Carol St. 
New Cumberland, Pa. 
tHiney, Walter O. 
Hochberg, Charlotte A. 
(Mrs. E. J. McKechnie) 
509 E. Front St. 
Berwick, Pa, 
tHowell, Thomas J. 
•Eower, Donald C. 
James, Elvira J. 
(Mrs. S. Stanulonis) 
25 N. Jardin St. 
Shenandoah, Pa. 
Kane, Joseph D. 
84 Madison St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Kealy, Annie R- 
200 B. Center St. 
Centralia, Pa. 
Kelly, Rostand 
("Lit, Cdr. Rostand Kelly) 
570 Calliope St. 
Laguna Beach, Calif. 
•Kitch, Clyde C. 
Kitchener, Rosina 
164 Girard Ave. 
Plymouth, Pa. 
tKranss, Sam 
LaBrutto, Santina F. 
(Mrs. Anthony E. Conte) 
3i23 ISI. John St. 
Elizabeth, N.J. 
•Lehman, Susanne 
line, Ernest E. 
Pres. A.E.A. 
5250 A Broadway 
APO Seattle, Wash. 98737 
Long', Erla G. 
(Mrs. F. J. Creasy) 
525 E. Front St. 
Berwick, Pa. 
McCann, Anna B. 
(Mrs. Edward Garvey) 
1616 N. Webster Ave. 
Scranton, Pa. 
McDonnell, Sadie M. 
(Mrs. Sadie Thompson) 
527 Locust Ave. 
Central ia, Pa. 
McGrew, John J. 
9515 Ewing Dr. 
Bethesda, Md. 
McKechnie, Elmer J. 
509 E. Front St. 
Berwick, Pa. 
Makowski, Albert A. 
1849 21st (St. 
Wyandotte, Mich. 
♦Manhart, Margaret S. 
Marchetti, Florence B. 
(Mrs Henry Geranic) 
1 N. Walnut St. 
Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
tMarshall, Marian C. 

(Mrs. Marian C Beisel) 
Meixell, Fae 
(Mrs. [Robert L. Diseroad) 
347 E. 3rd St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Mendenhall, E. XJnora B. 
R.D. #4 
Benton, Pa. 
Mensch, Catherine A. 
521 'Sihuman St. 
Catawissa, Pa. 
Mericle, Veda K. 
(Mrs. Stanley Stewart) 
219 N. St. 
Catawissa, Pa. 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 

Merrill, Helen J. 

Light Street, Pa. 
Miller, Lucille C. 
(Mrs. Mark E. t'eifer) 
Box 77 

Mifflinville, Pa. 
Miller, Mary E. 
Centralia, Pa. 
tMordan, Velma M. 

(Mrs. M. F. Kerstetter) 
Morgan, Forrest R. 
Trevorton, Pa. 
*Moyer, Erma M. 

(Mrs. Erma M. Angstadt) 
Myers, Naomi M. 
151 N. Charles St. 
Red Lion, Pa. 
Novak, Bruno A. 
504 Brisbin St. 
Houtzdale, Pa. 
O'Brien, Harold J. 
(Dr. Harold J. O'Brien) 
Penn State University 
University Park, Pa. 
Oxford, Mabel 
(Mrs. Melvin Heckler) 
118 Chestnut Parkway 
Garden City 
Chester, Pa. 
tFennica, Camilla K. 
(Mrs. C. K. Bongirut) 
Feterman, Roy C. 
845 Park Ave. 
Williamsport, Pa. 
Ffieffer, Adeline M. 
10i0' S. Main St. 
Muncy, Pa. 
Frokapchak, Michael 
233 W. Passaic Ave. 
Bloomfield, N.J. 
Quigley, Anne M. 
(Mrs. Sam Green) 
531 E. Front St. 
Berwick, Pa. 
Reed, William I. 
151 E. 4 th St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Robinholt, Flora A. 
(Mrs. Harry Alleman) 
1412 Park Ave. 
Williamsport, Pa. 
Rough, Isabell 
(Mrs. David Bittenbender) 
2200 Heights, Rd. 
Berwick, Pa. 
Row, Elizabeth 
(Mrs. William Reed) 
151 E. 4th St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Ruckle, Donald A. 
502 Edgewood Ave. 
Trafford, Pa. 
*Sallitt, Daniel 
Schell, Laura B. (Mrs.) 
805 Snowden Ave. 
Bristol, Pa. 
*Scott, Olive 
Sell, Francis D. 
R.D. #2 
Boyertown, Pa. 
Shakofski, Anthony 

Pearl River, N.Y-. 
Slater, Clarence S. 
51<0'0 Atlantic Ave. 
Ventnor City, N.J. 
Smack, Loretta R. 
(Mrs. Loretta Weaver) 
383 Randolph Dr. 
York, Pa. 
tSmith, Jean E. 

(Mrs. Robert Pritchaad) 


Steinhart, Hannah 
(Mrs. Harold Steinhart) 
16 E. 8th St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Styer, Harriet A. 

(Mrs. Ariel C. Boop) 

526 Center St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Sweppenheiser, Nellie M. 

254 Mary St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Thomas, Charles G. 

Woodstown, N.J. 
Townsend, Dawn E. 

(Mrs. Sterling G. Harvey) 

180 Spruce St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 

R.D. #2 
TXlshafer, Warren C. 

458 E Center St. 

Nesquehoning, Pa. 
Utz, John W. 

24 S. Alward Ave. 

Basking Ridge, N.J. 
tVanderslice, Clara C. 
tVan Sickle, George W. 
Wagner, Edna M. 
(Mrs. Donald Stevens) 

511 E. 5th St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Washeleski, Walter 

19 Reservoir iSt. 
Simpson, Pa. 

Whitenight, Theodore S. 

8i2i Knapp Ave. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Wojcik, Marvin G. 

20 South /St. 
Manville, N.J. 

twolfson, Gerald J. 
Yeany, Louise C. 

(Mrs. F. K. Bittenbender) 

Barry Court A-12 

60 Reiff's Mill Rd. 

Ambler, Pa. 
tZubris, Frank S 

CLASS OF 1936 

Abbot, Robert D. 

8085 Packard Dr. 

St. Louis 34, Mo. 
Ackerman, Laureen M. 

(Mrs. Laureen Ackerman) 

Zion Grove, Pa. 
Anten, Mildred E. 

(Mrs. Mildred Ferry) 

R.D. #1 

Danville, Pa. 
Bankes, Elmira 

(Mrs. Elmira Shaffer) 

Col. Park, Lime Ridge 

Bloomsburg, R.D., Pa. 

tBaum, Edward H. 
Baylor, Grace E. 

(Mrs. H. L. Auten) 

Thorofare, N.J. 
Beck, Rachel D. 

(Mrs. Kenneth R. Malick) 

1017 E. Market St. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Belles, Mabel F. 

70 Kulp St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
'Bevilacqua, Howard F. 
Bianco, Peter 

146 Railroad St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Brobst, Kathryn B. 

(Mrs. Paul L. Hartman) 

225 Poplar St. 

Towanda, Pa. 
Brown, Violet V. 

(Mrs. Violet Hassell) 

1700 Yardley Rd. 

Morrisville, Pa. 
Campbell, Evelyn B. 

335 W. Fourth St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Chalfant, Elizabeth M. 

(Mrs. E. C. Patton) 

R.D. #2 

Moscow, Pa. 
Cohen, Samnel 

1828 Grand Blvd. 

Wyomissing, Pa. 
*Cobb, Bernard J. 
tCoolbangh, Lawrence B. 
tCranse, Margaret I. 

(Mrs. Margaret Derrick) 
Denn, Mary Jane M. (Mrs.) 

3540 S.W. 84th Ave. 

Miami 55, Fla, 
Dermody, Gertrude E. 

21 Edgewood Dr. 

Torrington, Conn. 
Derr, LaRue C. 

Highspire, Pa. 
Dixon, Joseph 

444 E. Chestnut St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
tEisenhaner, Beatrice M. 

(Mrs. William H. Slegel) 
Fairchild, Benlah L. 

(Mrs. Beulah Mann) 

541 First Ave. 

N. Brunswick, N.J. 
Fetterman, Hannah M. 

R. #2 

Catawissa, Pa, 
Fink, Mary Jane 

(Mrs. F. McCutchin) 

Maple Ave. 

Conyngham, Pa. 

tFrantz, Mary Alice 

Fries, Evelyn B. 

(Mrs. Evelyn Sunday) 

1003 Belle Ave. 

State College, Pa. 
Garrity, Francis 

362 Ivy Lane 

Englewood, N.J. 
Garvey, Edward F. 

1616 N. Webster St. 

Dunmore, Pa. 
George, Anna S. 

20 Alexander St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
'Gillespie, Anna M. 
Gordon, Mabel S. 

1320 Lime St. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Green, Samuel 

531 E. Front St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Gnyer, Lillian M. 

(Mrs. Earl Kershner) 

13 Maple St. 

Marcus Hook, Pa. 
"Harry, Alice S. (Mrs.) 
Harter, Betty X. 

(Mrs. Harold Wertman) 

RD. #2 

Berwick, Pa, 
tHeckman, Phyllis B. 
Hudack, Frank 

98 S. Wyoming St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 

Hyde, Harold H. 

38 Runnymede Ave. 

Lansdowne, Pa. 
Jenkes, Helen X>. 

20 Cemetery St. 

Pittston, Pa. 
John, Hathryn B. 

(Mrs. Charles S. Evans) 

129 Pine St. 

Rockville Center 

Long Island, N.Y. 
Johnson, Dorothy K. 

(Mrs. Robert Cook) 

1910 E. Fairmont St. 

Allentown, Pa. 

* Jones, Daniel J. 

Jones, Verna E. 

(Mrs. Daniel J. Jones) 

317 S. Troutwine St. 

Centralia, Pa. 
Karshner, William A. 

1136 Ringwood St. 

Pompton Lakes, N.J. 
Keating, Florence E. 

1725 Warren St. 

New Cumberland, Pa. 
Kershner, Earl O. 

13 Maple St. 

Marcus Hook, Pa. 
Kessler, George E. 

Center St. 

Locust Dale, Pa. 
Kirtlcklis, Matilda M. 

(Mrs. John Kasales) 

530 E. Broad St. 

Tamaqua, Pa. 

tKline, Gilbert D. 

Kuhn, Mary C. 

(Mrs. Frank Camera) 

545 N. Wyoming St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
tDan, Ernest V. 
Datrose, Helen F. 

(Mrs. Samuel Tinelll) 

45 Lakeview Park 

Rochester 13, N.Y. 
fliitwhUer, Woodrow B. 
Xiongenberger, S. H. 

301 E. 8th St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Marcinkavicz, Stanley A. 

426 Webster St. 

Ranshaw, Pa. 
Matthews, Mary Jane 

(Mrs. Mary Jane Denn) 

3540 S.W. 84th Ave. 

Miami 55, Fla 
Mayer, Alfred D. 

55 Gardon Ave. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Mericle, Mervin W. 

9152 N. Picture Ridge Rd. 

Peoria, 111. 
Merrill, Kenneth C. 

229 Elm Ave. 

Riverton, N.J. 
tMichael, Charles F. 
Morawski, Verna 

(Mrs. James Gallagher) 

309 Hinkson Blvd. 

Ridley Park, Pa. 
•Moore, Blanche G. 

439 E. Tenth St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Morgan, William !•. 

162 Kentucky Ave. 

Oak Ridge, Tenn. 
Nash, Anna B. 

(Mrs. Joseph Davis) 

3100 Ashly Ave. 

Las Vegas, Nev. 

Nevil, Deota A. 

Danville State Hospital 

Danville, Pa. 
tZTickols, Janice Dee 

(Mrs. Randall Clemens) 
tFetrilla, Stephen J. 
tPhillips, Edward B. 
Phillips, Jean A. 

(Mrs. George Plowright) 

Apt. J. 32 

700 Nelrose Dr. 

Winter Park, Fla. 32789 
tPlatkowski, Florence J. 

(Mrs. Florence Timmes) 
Fooley, Veraice B. 

(Mrs. Harry Overdorf) 

708 Seminary St. 

Jersey Shore, Pa. 
Banck, Pauline S. 

17 W. Third St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Biggs, Frances I. 

(Mrs. Bernard J. Young) 

2144 Cliffview Terrace 

DaCrosse, Wise. 
Binand, Gladys M. 

(Mrs. Alfred S. Ruesch) 

160 Middle Neck Rd. 

Great Neck 

Long, Island, N.Y. 
Bitter, James S. 

312 W. 8th St. 

Bloomsburg. Pa. 
Bompalo, Frank A. 

41 Mine St. 

Cumbola, Pa. 
Bowland, Bobert J. 

€03 Vernon Rd. 

Philadelphia 19, Pa. 
Sands, B. Donald 

Light Street Rd. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tSavage, Bobert W. 
Schubert, Margaret Z. 

(Mrs. John Stocker) 

21 Clark -Street 

Chatham, N.J. 
Shuman, Sara M. 

(Mrs. N. E. Keppley) 

141 W. Penn Ave. 

Robesonia, Pa. 
Smethers, Amy B. 

305 E. 11th St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Thomas, Marjorle A. 

367 E. Green St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Thornton, Andrew J. 

Springville, Pa. 
Trembley, Myrtle 

R.D. #5 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Turner, Archibald B. 

176 Robert St. 


Nanticoke, Pa. 
tTurnaw, William F. 
Vannauker, Kathryn M. 

(Mrs. Nicholas Moreth) 

34 Linden Rd. 

Ho-Ho-Kup, N.J. 
Vinisky, Francis V. 

30 Eastwood Blvd. 

Centereach, N.Y. 
Visatski, Joseph 

Merriam St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Wagner, Buth E. 

(Mrs. L. Le Grande) 

126 Oak St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Waite, Howard O. 

29 S. 11th St. 

Quakertown, Pa, 
Welter, Esther M. 

(Mrs. J. R. Capp) 

188 Governor Rd. 

Hershey, Pa. 
Willis, Mae H. 

(Mrs. T. W. Deitrick) 

565 Mart el Rd. 

Mechanicsburg, Pa. 

Wojcik, Prank P. 

(Frank P. Warren) 

191 Hillcrest Dr. 

Packanack Lake, N.J. 
Teager, John 

111 W. Euclid Ave. 

DeLand. Fla. 32720 
Voung, Bernard J. 

2144 Cliffview Terrace 

Wisconsin State College 

LaCrosse, Wise. 
•Turgel, John 

CLASS OF 1937 

Adams, Harriet S. 

409 W. Main St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Andreas, John L. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Andrews, Bertha A. 

(Mrs. Frank Stepler) 

255 Crestmont Terrace 

Collingswood, N.J. 
Eabb, Amanda 

(Mrs. Harold Fegley) 

R.D. #1 

Birdsboro, Pa. 
Bartish, Joseph W. 

393 N. Washington St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Berger, S. Maria 

39 Sixth Ave. 

Collegeville. Pa. 
Berninger, Dorothy B. 

Mifflinville, Pa. 
•Blass, Lamar K. 
tBond, Ethel M. 
'Booth, Barbara M. 

(Mrs. Fred Bedford) 
Border, Harold L. 

203 E. 2nd St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Brennan, Gladys M. 

(Mrs. D. W. Rohrbaugh) 

900 Fort Augusta Ave. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Brobst, Bertha M. 

301 E. 4th St. 

Berwick. Pa. 
Brown, Edward J. 

Railroad & 12th Sts. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Brown, Glenn C. 

35 Knights Dr. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Camera, Frank A. 

545 N. Wyoming St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Clemens, Randall F. 

233 E. Park St. 

Elizabethtown, Pa. 
tConner, Mary G. 

(Mrs. J. Glassmire, Jr.) 
tCarle, Beatrice E. 
Davis, Marie C. 

(Mrs. T. A. Davison) 

1409 E. Wilson Ave. 

Las Vegas, Nov. 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 

De Frank, Philip J. 

3934 Brittany Circle 

Bridgeton, Mo. 
Deily, G. Edward 

97 Iron St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Dixon, Leon R. 

194 S. Wyoming iSt. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Ebert, Anna S. 

(Mrs. E. Munro Darby) 

828 Juniper Dr. 

Lafayette Hill, Pa. 
tEvans, Elizabeth 

(Mrs. Elizabeth Hebron) 
Fanst, Marie E. 

R.D. #1 

Milton, Pa. 
Garvey, Edward P. 

1616 N. Webster Ave. 

Dunmore, Pa. 
Gehrig, Earl A. 

240 Leonard St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Gering, John R. 

701 E. 3rd St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Goodman, Robert T. 

453 E. 3rd St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Grosek, Mary R. 

(Mrs. Walter Kuc) 

77 Pringle St. 

Kingston, Pa. 
tHawklns, Bay E. 
Hess, Dorothy L. 

(Mrs. D. C. Linn) 

165 Nottingham Rd. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tHill, Walton B. 
Hartman, Edythe B. 

(Mrs. Michael Slanski) 

30<0 E. 11th St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
tHasler, Endora E. 

(Mrs. Dr. Robert H. Kuhl) 
Hawer, Dorothy E. 

(Mrs. John German, Jr.) 

1318 Cochran Rd. 

Pittsburgh 16, Pa 
*Hower, Luther P. 
"Hunter, Earl T. 
Hutton, Helen E. 

158 Ridge Ave. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Justin, Edith D. 

(Mrs. Rolland Bennetts) 

59 Rolling Lane 

Red Cedar Hill 

Levittown, Pa. 
tKreischer, Armina M. 
Kreischer, Catherine C. 

210 E. 13th St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
tLapinski, Alvin S. 
Latrose, Helen F. 

(Mrs. Samuel Tinelli) 

45 Lakeview Park 

Rochester 13, N.Y. 
Xiaubach, Anna J. 

(Mrs. Earl A. Gehrig) 

240 Leonard St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Lewis, Margaret L. 

1105V£ W. Locust St. 

Scranton, Pa. 
tMcIiaughlin, Arthur J. 
McWllliams, Marian L. 

(Mrs. Bernard Cohen) 

Mill St. 

Da.nville, Pa. 


Ma cur, Eugene J. 

14 Line St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Magee, Josephine M. 

236 S. 29th St. 

Penbrook, Harrisburg, Pa. 
Manhart, Jane C. 

(Mrs. William L. Morgan) 

162 Kentucky Ave. 

Oak Ridge, Tenn. 
Marks, James L. 

Pine Grove, Pa. 
Means, Mary H. 

(Mrs. John H. Northrup) 

10 School St. 

Proctor, Vt. 
Miller, Gertrude S. 

708 Poplar St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 

tMoleski, Walter E. 

Moody, Thelma I. 

(Mrs. Galen Fisher) 

RD. #1 

Marysville, Pa. 
Moore, Florine X. 

(Mrs. Florine I. Pratt) 

816 Monroe St. 

St. Charles, Mo. 
Muskaloon, Victoria M. 

(Mrs. Luther R. Hower) 

756 Cherry St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Nelson, Harry T. 

Santa Monica City Coll. 

Santa Monica, Calif. 
Ollock, Joseph S. 

63 Maltby Ave. 

iSwoyerville, Pa. 
tOwen, John M. 

244 Main St. 

Bangor, Pa. 
Faden, Nola E. 

407A E. 8th St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Palsgrove, Mary E. 

121 Parkway St. 

Schuylkill Haven, Pa. 
Peck, Luther A. 

1789 Fulton Ave. 

Bronx 57, N.Y.C., N.Y. 
Plesko, George J. 

68 Ashley St. 

Ashley, Pa. 
tPunsel, Jay H. 
Radcliffe, Ruth E. 

(Mrs. P. H. Dickerman) 

Round Lake, N.Y. 
*Reagan, Thomas W. 
Reese, Jean B. 

(Mrs. Robert O. Walton) 

86 Edgemont Ave. 

Upper Montclair, N. J. 
Reisler, Mary 

218 Noble St. 

Souderton, Pa. 
Bhinard, Harriet 

413 Pine St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
tRlder, Martha E. 

(Mrs. C. B. Kershner) 
Bitzo, Theresa M. 

(Mrs. Theresa Unione) 

19 Orchard PI. 

Hawthorne, N. J. 
Rosenblatt, Minette E. 
Rupert, Violetta 

Aristes, Pa. 
Saltzer, Blaine J. 

539 Cynwyd Circle 

Bala Cynwyd, Pa. 

-Reported Deceased 

t— Address Wanted 


Bloom sburg State College 

Schalis, Camille B. 

427 Allen St. 

W. Hazleton, Pa. 
Schlegel. Julia I. 

(Mrs. C. Bland < 'lemons) 

123 N. Walnut St. 

Birdsboro, Pa. 
Schrope, Ray G. 

172 W. Sanilac Rd. 

Sandusky, Mich. 

tSeesholtz, Helen B. 
Shutt, "William L. 

401 Lightstreet Rd. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Smethers, Buth H. 

229 E. 8th St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Snyder, Lehman J. 

1400 Harding Ave. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
tStahl, Mary A. 
•Stevens, Muriel R. 

(Mrs. C. C. Bream, Jr.) 
Supchinsky, John B. 

1202 Forster Dr. 

Madison, Wisconsin 
Swineford, Adeline E. 

506 W. Front St. 
Berwick, Pa. 

Tamalis, George B. 

178 Hillside Ave. 

Edwardsville, Pa. 
Taylor, Martha M. 

Ridley Manor 2<»4B 

Ridley Park, Pa. 
Thomas, Beatrice H. 

(Mrs. Donald Brader) 

125A E. 2nd ISt. 

Berwick, Pa. 
tThomas, Bosetta P. 
Trembley, Mary A. 

R.D. #5 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Walsh, Amanda J. 

309 N. Aurora St. 

Ithaca, N.Y. 
t Watts, Albert D. 
Webb, Edward L. 

1021 S. 179th St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
+ Webber, Jessie M. 
Welliver, Miriam E. 

(Mrs. Miriam E. Funk) 

507 S. Richardson Ave. 
Roswell, N. M. 

Zeiss, William E. 
R.D. #2 
Box 75 
Clarks Summit, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1938 

Allen, Mary A. 

400 X. Walnut St. 

West Chester, Pa. 193S0 
Andrews, Joycelyn M. 

(Mrs. J. M. Andrews) 

R.D. #5 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Anselmi, Irma r. 

1 Susquehanna Ave. 

Wyoming, Pa 
tApichell, Eleanor J. B. 
Arcikosky, Emily T. 

247 S. Beach St. 

Mount Carmel, Pa. 
Auch, Alice W. 

(Mrs. Alice W. Pontruff) 

180-6 Northampton St. 

Easton, Pa. 

tBeaver, Byron L. 
tBeaver, Marjorie H. 

(Mrs. Jacob B. Morrison) 
tBesecker, Margaret L. 

(Mrs. Margaret L. Weiss) 
"Bott, Josephine D. 
Bowman, Hester I>. 

Mifflinville, Pa. 
Brainard, Alberta H. 

(Mrs. Donald Peroutskv) 

2243 Rosendale Rd. 

Schenectady, N.Y. 
tBreitenbach, Virginia 

(Mrs. Blaine J. Saltzer) 
Bronson, Bernice 

(Mrs. Bernice Gennaria) 

28 Hillside Rd. 

Claymont, Del. 
Burgess, Adaline 

R.D. #1 

Pittston, Pa. 
tCasari, George B. 
tChapman, Helen M. 

(Mrs. R. Berkheiser) 
Conway, Sylvia M. 

(Mrs. H. T. Maynard) 

86 Lake Ave. 

Montrose, Pa. 
tCurry, Anne G. 
Davison, Thomas A. 

1409 E. Wilson Ave. 

Las Vegas, Nev. 
Diehl, Bobert G. 

614 Highland Ave. 

Gettysburg, Pa. 
tDreese, Martha B. 

(Mrs. Wm. N. Graybill) 
*Dzury, Anne N. 
Edgar, Dorothy L. 

(Mrs. C. Ray Cronover) 

115 Nottingham Rd. 

Sherwood Village 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Elmore, Marion T. 

1715 Green Ridge St. 

Dunmore, Pa. 
Englehart, Beatrice W. 

75 Friar Rd. 

Sherwood Villasrt- 
Evans, Martha H. 

(Mrs. M. H. Greenwood) 

320 Spring Garden St. 

Pottsville, Pa. 
tFawcett, Anne J. 

(Mrs. Anne J. Campbell) 
tFekula, Olga H. 
Pester, Frances P. 

1223 Market St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Pester, Preda P. 

(Mrs. Reed R. Bowman) 

R. #1 

Stryker, Ohio 
Petterman, Aerie M. 

R.D. #3 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Petterolf, Andrew L. 

122 E. Walnut La. 

Phila. 44, Pa. 
Piorini, John E. 

Mildred, Pa. 
Pollmer, Vera E. 

(Mrs. Ralph Baker) 

345 College Hill 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tprankmore, Philip 
Freas, Iris B. 

(Mrs. Harold Velev) 

R.D. #4 

Danville, Pa. 
*Preeman, Harold J. 

Prick, Dorothy J. 

(Mrs. S. A. MacDougall) 

R.D. #1 

Benton, Pa. 
tGearhart, Grace I 

(Mrs. Stanley Webb) 
Giger, Mary A. 

(Mrs. Harold Rogers) 

242 Blackberry Ave. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Gilligan, Elizabeth J. 

355 Crooks Ave. 

Pater-son, N. J. 
Girton, Mary E. 

660 Berwick Road 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
"Gonshor, Michael L. 
Goretski, Helen X. 

(Mrs. James Lewis) 

642 Pine St. 

Kulpmont. Pa. 
Graham, Margaret G. 

2408 Hillcrest Rd. 

Drexel Hill, Pa. 
Grosek, Anne J. 

126 E. Carey St. 

Plains, Pa 

Earner, Mary E. 

36 E. Reid PI. 

Verona, N. J. 
Havalicka, Elmer B. 

Box 1381 

Shelby, N. C. 
Heckenluber, Bobert T. 

Arendtsville, Pa. 

Hendler, John P. 

17 Oxford St. 

Newark 5, N. J. 
Henrie, Charles H. 

639 E. 5th St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa 
'Henry, Norman C. 
Hill, Bobert Hughes 

6013 Hardin St. 

Alexandria, Va. 
Hummel, Cleo M. 

R.D. #2 

Millville, Pa. 
James, Charles P. 

(Rev. Charles P. James) 

St. Thomas Church 

16 E. Van Buren St. 

Battle Creek, Mich. 
tjones, Dorothy J. 
Klem, Frank J. 

224 E. Main St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Klembara, Michael 

1040 W. Arch St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Klinger, Clyde D. 

(Dr. Clyde L. Klinger) 

Mounted Route 

Mechanicsburg, Pa. 
Klinger, Marion E. 

(Mrs. Clair Troy) 

Nuremberg, Pa. 
Knapp, B. Irene 
Eotsch, Jacob, Jr. 

510 Washington Terrace 

Lemoyne, Pa. 
+Kovaleski, John E. 
KreiglL, Willard S. 

50 S. Munn Ave. 

Apt. 1009 

E. Orange, N. J. 
"Kupstas, Alex 
Hushma, John J. 

953 Westfield Rd. 

Springfield, Pa, 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Katz, Mary C. 

50 W. Main St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Lang- an, Ruth E. 

(Mrs. Walter Sullivan) 

1120 Main St. 

Duryea, Pa. 
Laubach, Lois E. 

(Mrs. James Webster) 

609 Shakespeare Ave. 
Milton, Pa. 

Laubach, Vance S. 

122 S. Broad St. 

Waynesboro, Pa. 
Leiby. Ruth E. 

113 W. Market St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Litwhiler, Daniel W. 

Athletic Dept. 

Mich. State University 

E. Lansing, Mich. 
Livey, Carrie M. 

(Mrs. E. Deily) 

97 Iron St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
'Lockharcl, Jane L- 
Lachs, Clyde R. 

18 W. 3rd St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Maczuga, John J. 

Knoll Dr. 

Franklin, N. J. 
Malloy, Anna M. 

(Mrs. Eugene Sharkey) 

21 Mallboro Dr. 

Brookside Park 

Newark, Del. 
Martin, Paul G. 

710 E. 3rd St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Matthews, Edward M. 

160 S. Pine St. 

Hazleton. Pa. 
•Melson, Plorence 
Menges, Cyril P. 

r. y 2 

Watsontown, Pa. 
Mensing-er, Dorothy A. 

(Mrs. N. B. Cawthorse) 

21 8th St. 

New Providence, N. J. 
Miller, Mary E. 

1233 S. 20th St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
UTeibauer, George J. 

135 E. Church St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
•Fapciak, Ted S. 
Payne, Herbert E. 

MM. 4 N. Rock St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 

tPelak, William T. 

Pesansky, Helen 

Main St. 

Sheppton, Pa. 
Patrick, Frank T. 

610 E. 10th St. 
Berwick, Pa. 

Potter, Margaret P. 

(Mrs. Henry Steiner) 

318 E. New St. 

Lititz, Pa. 
Price, Robert 

Ave. S 

Potomac Park 

Cumberland, Md. 
Furcell, Prancis D. 

4705 Craig La. 

McLean, Virginia 
Quigley, Mary T. 

Doylestown, Pa. 

Rech, Anna B. 

649 E. Rosalie St. 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Reed, Mary A. 

(Mrs. Barney Robins) 

1917 Brentnell, 

Columbus, Ohio 
Reese, John M. 

66 Allen St. 

W. Nanticoke, Pa. 
Reynolds, Bemadette T. 

(Mrs. Custie Russial) 

R.D. #2 

Pottsville, Pa, 
Rhinard, Ellen C. 

(Mrs. R. V. O'Connell) 

6136 Duke Rd. 

Jacksonville 7, Fla. 
Richards, Llewellyn C. 

3 S. 8th St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Richie, Neil M. 

R.D. # 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
'Rowland, Cyril J. 
Rowland, Robert J. 

226 Linden St. 

W. Pittston, Pa. 
tRuckel, Irving 
Ryan, Agnes L. 

222 Grove St. 

Clarks Summit, Pa. 
Salerno, Anthony 

202 Barber St. 

Old Forge, Pa. 
Saluda, Rose S. 

49 W. 2nd St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 

Savage, Mary E. 

(Mrs. Mary E. Dietterick) 

Box 95 

Beach Haven, Pa. 
Scott, Esther A. 

(Mrs. Anton C. Leppler) 

P. O. Box 81 

Old Bridge, N. J. 
Sell, Frances M. 

(Mrs. Burton A. Pilace) 

11922 N. E. 8th Ave. 

Miami 38, Fla. 
Sharadin, Eleanor L. 

(Mrs. Wilson Faust) 

R.D. #2 

Middleburg, Pa. 
Sharp, George T. 

Pickering La. & Old State 

Media, Pa. 
Sidler, Dorothy E. 

(Mrs. D. E. Kreinheder) 

1717 N. Catalina St. 

Tucson, Arizona 
Singer, Ben 

186 Wyoming St. 

Hazleton. Pa. 
Slaven, John F. 

609 Hill Ave. 

Langhorne, Pa. 
Smith, Margaret M. 

(Mrs. Clyde Dickey) 

Starrucca, Pa. 
tSnook, Florence 

(Mrs. R. W. Wallace) 
Stellar, Genevieve R. 

1329 Poplar St. 

Kulpmont, Pa. 
Thomas, William 

5532 N. 34th ISIt. 

Arlington, Va. 

Tinney, Hilda E. 

(Dr. Hilda E. Tinney) 

Route 7, Box '525 

Tallahassee, Fla. 
Troy, Rowena V. 

(Mrs. Paul Barrall) 

Mifflin ville, Pa. 
VonBergen, Doris M. 

(Mrs. B. Henrv Shafer) 

1885 Grand Blvd. 

Wyomissing, Pa. 

tWalukiewicz, Regina A. 

(Mrs. Regina A. Kelly) 
Wanich, Jack C. 

R.D. #4 

Danville, Pa. 
Wark, Arthur K. 

Martzville Rd. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Weaver, Helen E. 

(Mrs. William Dittz) 

Route #3 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Weintraub, Charles H. 

356 Stillwell Ave. 

Buffalo, N.Y. 
Wenner, Dorothy J. 

(Mrs. T. E. Marts) 

415 Green La. 

Phila. 28, Pa. 
Williams, Robert R 

130 Knights Dr. 

Sherwood Village 

Bloom sburg, Pa. 
^Williams, Edward 
Withka, Walter D. 

29 Rittenhouse St. 

Simpson, Pa. 
Tale, Kathryn E. 

(Mrs. Edward Graham) 

R.D. #5 

Carroll Park 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Zalewski, Joseph E. 

246 W. Sunbury St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Zalonis, Adolph M. 

427 Catherine St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Zola, Stasia 

25 E. 8th St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1939 

Adams, Lucille E. 

(Mrs. W. P. Ruemmler) 

1741 Addison Rd. 

Palos Verdes Est., Calif. 
Aikman, Mary P. 

R.D. #5 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tAmerman, Sarah A. 

(Mrs. Donald Fry) 
Bailey, Annabel 

(Mrs. Willis E. Jones) 
Banta, Sterling J. 

25 E. Granada Ave. 

Hershey, Pa. 
tBaraniak, Joseph A. 
Barklie, Lucy M. 

(Mrs. Lucy B. Fielding) 

546 N. Charlotte St. 

Pottstown, Pa 
Barlik, Leonard E. 

710 Marcy Ave. 

Duryea, Pa. 
Benner, Kathryn M. 

(Mrs. Kathrvn B. Houser) 

148 Valley St. 

Dewistown, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Biggar, Helen B. 

Unityville, Pa. 
Boguszewski, Adolph. R. 

1740 E. Front St. 

Scotch Plains, N. J. 
Bomboy, Isaiah B. 

50 Sylvania Rd. 

Hershey, Pa. 
tBonham, Fannie M. 
Bonln, Irene F. 

(Mrs. Irene Wenrich) 

512 N. Front St. 

Wormleysburg, Pa. 
tBower, John E., Jr. 
Boyle, Mary C. 

(Mrs. Thomas J. Curry) 

2973 Kent Rd. 

E. Wantagh, N. Y. 
Brink, J. Frank 

239 East St . 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Burke, Virginia K. 

(Mrs. Philip Trauane) 

c/o Maj. Philip Trauane 


Hq. S-l, U.S.A., 

Post Paris 

APO N.Y. 09163 
Carl, Melva M. 

(Mrs. Melva C. Douthat) 

Hickory Hill Rd. 

Chadds Ford, Pa. 
Cheponis, Margaret A. 

234 Vine St. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
Chowanes, John F. 

815 W. Coal ISt. 

Shenandoah, Pa. 
Christian, Willard A-, Jr. 

803 Logue St. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
Clauser, Albert A. 

1200 Chestnut St. 

Kulpmont, Pa. 
Coblentz, Harold H. 

18 Fox Lane 

Broomall, Pa. 
Coppes, Tirzah E. 

(Mrs. Ralph C. Pesto) 

418 Broadway 

Milton, Pa. 
Cruikshank, Virginia B. 

Julia St. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Davies, Willard J. 

48 Tripp St. 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
DeMo'tt, Fanny H. 

Main St. 

Millville, Pa. 
Beppen, Margaret L. 

8'0-7 Shamokin St. 

Trevorton, Pa. 
DeEose, James V. 

238 Kent Rd. 

Springfield, Pa. 
Berr, Helen M. 

(Mrs. Robert Price) 

31 Avenue S. 

Potomac Park 

Cumberland, Md. 
Bersham, Sara B. 

(Mrs. Sara D. Laubach) 

123 Murray 'St. 

Watsontown, Pa. 
Bugan, Buth L. 

(Mrs. A. W. Smeal) 

740 Market St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Bade, Bdith M. 

101 E. Center St. 

Nesquehoning, Pa. 

Bnglehart, Dorothy M. 

(Mrs. Ray Zimmerman) 

4507 Maple Ave. 

Bethesda, Md. 
Bshmont, Feter J. 

743 Chestnut St. 

Baltimore, Md. 
Evans, Boy 

115 Laurelwood Court 

Emporium, Pa. 
Farmer, Lois E. 

(Mrs. Alfred Koch) 

Pine Top Trail 

Bethlehem, Pa. 
tFerguson, Frank M. 
tFerrari, Victor J. 
Flaherty, Thomas A. 

108 Custer St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa, 
Foose, Morgan B. 

151 E. Roseville Rd. 

Lancaster, Pa. 
Foye, Elva C. 

(Mrs. G. J. Phillips) 

101 N. Broad St. 

Selinsgrove, Pa. 
Freehafer, L. Evelyn 

(Mrs. Clifford R. Young) 

8 Cedar St. 

Waterford, Conn. 
t Fritz, Carol B. 

(Mrs. Carol F. Pyre*) 
Giermak, Andrew J. 

419 Hoffer St. 

Middletown, Pa. 
Griffith, B. W. (Mrs.) 

R.D. #2, Crestwood 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Hahn, Minnie M. 

110 Prospect St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa.. 
Harrison. Arthur H. 

Hart, Elizabeth J. 

(Mrs. R. E. Bower) 

Millville, Pa. 
Hart, Mildred M. 

(Mrs. George E. Bond) 

400 Walnut Ave. 

Philadelphia 44, Pa. 
•Harwood, Chester J. 
Hawk, Kenneth E. 

Mountain Top. Pa. 
Hines, Margaret B. 

247 S. Warren St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Hopkins, Robert F. 

67 Devon Rd. 

Norwood, Mass. 
Houck, Frederick L. 

1001 Broadway Ave. 

Secame, Pa. 
Hummel, Letha. B. 

(Mrs. Elliot Kinley) 

630 Louisa iSt. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
Jenkins, Elizabeth M. 

(Mrs. E. J. Parsons) 

192 Church St. 

Edwardsville, Pa. 
Johnson, Dorothy K. 

(Mrs. Robert Cook) 

2907 Edgemont Dr. 

Allentown, Pa. 
tJohnson, Lois C. 

(Mrs. Richard Kitchen) 
Johnson, Mary M. 

S. Shore Rd. 

Paget West, Bermuda 

Jones, Deborah 

(Mrs. J. D. Rowland) 

226 Linden St. 

W. Pittston, Pa. 
tjones, Sheldon C. 
Kantner, Robert J. 

Box 163 

Barnesville, Ga. 
Eeefer, Edith C. 

(Mrs. Edith K. Hartman) 

R.D. #4 

Danville, Pa. 
Keibler, W. Alfred 

1133 Bryants Nursery Rd. 

Silver Spring, Md. 
Kleffman, L. Buth 

(Mrs. R. Ensminger) 

3440 W. Market St. 

York, Pa. 
Koch, Alfred F. 

Pine Top Trail 

Bethlehem, Pa. 
Kocher, Harriet L. 

Quality Cts. Motel 

Hampton Tunnel 

1575 W. Ocean View Ave. 

at 1-64 

Norfolk, Va. 
•Lash, Walter F. 
tlieedom, Katherine G. 

(Mrs. R. O. Bokum) 
Lewis, Thomas O. 
Bingertot, Martha M. 

128 Dagobert St. 

Wilkes-Barre. Pa. 

Lipfert, Alvin G. 

R.D. #1 

Groveport, Ohio 
Bohman, Elmer 

154 E. Noble St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Lonergan, Abigail M. 

(Mrs. A. L. Schraeder) 

105 Briar Cliff 

Berwick, Pa. 
•Lonergan, Marguerite M. 

(Mrs. J. W. Smethers) 
Long, Dorothy E. 

(Mrs. Elmer L. Hudelson) 

406 Luzerne Ave. 

Berwick, Pa. 
tMacDonald, Edward J. 
tMarshalek, Michael J. 
Maust, Laura M. 

26 E. Fourth St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Mayan, Helen L. 

(Sister M. Laurentia) 

Nativity Convent 

640' Hemlock St. 

Scranton, Pa. 
McBride, Bay P., Jr. 

R.D. #1 

Berwick, Pa. 
McCall. Emily A. 
McCutcheon, George A. 

90 Sterling Ave. 

Dallas, Pa. 
McGrew, Helen M. 

Main St. 

Mahanoy Plane, Pa. 
McKechnie, Alex. J., Jr. 

(Dr. A. J. McKeohnie, Jr.) 

19 N. 24th St. 

Camp Hill, Pa. 
McManiman, E. M. (Mrs.) 

209 W. High St. 

Nesquehoning, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Miller, Clair A. 
1141 High St. 
Williamsport, Pa. 
Miller, Rachael E. 
'Mondschine, John 
Moratelli, William R. 
1317 Chestnut St. 
Kulpmont, Pa. 
Mulhern, Edward J. 
9 Poca Place 
Hungerford Towne 
Rockville, Md. 
Nelson, Pauline E. 
(Mrs. Herbert Brockman) 
1420 S. 37th St. 
Kansas City 6, Kan. 
Nolan, Richard J. 
P. O. Box 35 
Salinas, Calif. 
Ohl, Robert A. 
3729 Chili Ave. 
Rochester, N.Y. 
Orner, Anna L. 
(Mrs. R. R. Guttendorf) 
444 Demrnler Dr. 

Pittsburgh 37, Pa. 
Oswald, A. Jane 
(Mrs. Charles Bleiler) 
1913 W. Livingston St. 
Allentown, Pa. 
tParker, Robert H. 
Peel, Wilhelmina E. 
(Mrs. Howard Scheffler) 
43762 Sola St. 
Indio, Calif. 
Phillips, Dorothy M. 
(Mrs. Joseph Richards) 
Eighth & OenteT Sts. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Phllo, Leonard E. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tPotter, Winfield R. 
Ponst, Pearl E. 
Pine St. 

Orangeville, Pa. 
Price, Charles T. 
Rarich, Glenn L. 
383 Pine St. 
Emmaus, Pa. 18049 
Rasmus, Stephina H. 
(Mrs. Stephina R. Butka) 
Orchard St. 
Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Reichley, Eva P. 
Catawissa Ave. 
Sunbury, Pa. 
Reimard, Robert J. 
2893 Old Berwick Rd. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Revels, Thomas P. 
607 Academy St. 
Peckville, Pa. 
Rhodes. Margaret E. 
Savage, Betty M. 
(Mrs. Hope Penman) 
R.D. #2 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
fSeesholtz, Anne M. 
Sheridan, Vera P. 
(Mrs. Vera BL Nichols) 
43 Navesink Ave. 
Highland, N. J. 
Shiffka, Eleanor M. 
(Mrs. E. S. Kalinoski) 
Corner Italy & River Sts. 
Mocanaqua, Pa. 

Shaman, Jean C. 
(Mrs. Claude Zehner) 
Bloomsburg 3, Pa. 
Slesko, Joseph P. 
221 Yv r . Main St. 
Nanticoke, Pa. 
Slrcovics, John J. 
523 Warren St. 
Berwick, Pa. 
' Smethers, Maclyn P. 
Smith, Donnabelle P. 
(Mrs. James T. Simith) 
3075 Westminster Rd. 
Bethlehem, Pa. 
Stadt, Benjamin J. 
23 Round Hill Rd. 
Williamsport, Pa. 
rStamer, Joseph M. 
Stinson, Wanda M. 
(Mrs. Arthur Davis) 
1 Amherst Dr. 
Hastlngs-on-Hudson, N.Y. 
Strahosky, Michael 
1071 Pine St. 
Kulpmont, Pa. 
Strawinski, William 
1320 State St. 
Harrisbrug, Pa. 
Strohosky, Andrew A. 
(Andrew A. Stroh) 
914 N. Vine St. 
Shamokin, Pa. 
tTewksbnry, Jennie E. 
(Mrs. James E. Ogden) 
Traupane, Philip E. 
(Maj. Philip E. Trauane) 
0970834 Hq. S-l 
U. S. A., Post Paris 
APO N. Y. 09163 
Troy, Dale H. 
Tubbs, Sara E. 
147 W. Third St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
trtt, Miriam 
(Mrs. Sam. B. Frank, Jr.) 
11619 - 35 Place 
Beltsville, Md. 
Van Devender, Frank M. 
123 E. Church St. 
Shamokin, Pa. 
Washinko, George, Jr. 
80*6 Noble St. 
Norristown, Pa. 
Wehner, Marvin W. 
8006 Burnside Rd. 
Kent Forest 
Hyattsville, Md. 
*W enrich, Chalmers G. 
Wojcik, Chester P. 
12 Casey Ave. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Woytovich, Walter 
20 Kinsman Lane 
Topsfield, Mass. 
Wright, Esther P. 
325 Mulberry St. 
Berwick, Pa. 
Wright, Martha C. 
(Mrs. Lucas H. Moe, Jr.) 
61 Cloverdale Dr. 
E. Hartford, Conn. 
Yarworth, William J. 
1308 Highland Dr. 
Baltimore, Md. 
Yates, William 
422 Salem Ave. 
Spring Lake, N. J. 
Zimmerman, Ray O. 
4507 Maple Ave. 
Bethesda, Md. 

CLASS OF 1940 

Atland, Sara J. 

(Mrs. William J. Carroll) 
511 Elder St. 
Chambersburg, Pa. 
Bacon, Edward H. 
Baker, Donald S. 
428 W. Maple Ave. 
Langhorne, Pa. 
'Bakey, Charles 
tBamett, Murray 
Beck, Grace S. 
1014 E. Chestnut St. 
Sunbury, Pa. 
Beckley, Mary E. 
(Mrs. Mary Sabota) 
Moody Air Force Base 
Valdosta. Ga. 
Bell, Catherine E. 
(Mrs. C. Donald Hicks) 
18 Park Place 
Johnson City, N.Y. 
Beltz, Beulah M. 
R.D. #3 
Catawissa, Pa. 
tBenedetto, Josephine 
*Bertoldi, Louis R. 
Bittenbender, Jean L. 
(Mrs. Dale W. Sitler) 
504 E. Third St. 
Nescopeck, Pa. 
Blecher, Margaret L. 
332 Jefferson St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Bonin, Mildred A. 
3140 Wisconsin Ave., N.W. 
Lencshire House 
Washington, D. C. 
'Boone, Ruth E. 
Boyle, Helen A. 
(Mrs. Luther E. Owens) 
1000 Warwick Ave. 
Fairfax, Va. 
Brady, Helen A. 
(Mrs. Isaac T. Jones) 
100 Baltimore Rd. 
Alexandria, Va. 
Brouse, Helen E. 
(Mrs. Clarence Craw) 
1000 Warwick Ave. 
Fairfax, Va. 
tBrown, Clark W. 
Brown, Josephine S. 
(Mrs. Josephine Johnson) 
Lincoln Ave. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Brush, Jean W. 
(Mrs. Michael Davis) 
753 Kensington Ave. 
Plainfield, N. J. 
Burgess, Lillian 
R.D. #1 
Pittston, Pa. 
Bush, Catharine L. 
(Mrs. Catharine Ketmple) 
Cumbola, Pa. 
"Chismar, Michael, Jr. 
tChristmas, Ernest L. 
Coleman, Frederick D. 
Pontiac Dr. 
Mimosa Lakes 
Marlton, N. J. 
tCooper, Eleanor E. 
(Mrs. Carl Downing) 
Darrow, Jane C. 
(Mrs. William Roberts) 
31* E. Broad St. 
Nanticoke, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

f — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Davis, Arthur L. 

1 Amherst Dr. 

Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y. 
•Dennen, Honora M. 

(Mrs. Honora Barr) 
Derr, Dorothy R. 

(Mrs. Dorothy Tilson) 

R.D. #1 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Durkin. Catherine 21. 

(Mrs. R. Zimmerman) 

R.D. #2 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Esmond, Stanley P. 

238 Girard St. 

Atlas, Pa. 
Feister, Lorene C. 

(Mrs. Wilson Whitmire) 

R.D. #5 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Pinnerty, Alice L. 

1719 Monroe Ave. 

Dunmore, Pa. 
Pischer, Wilbur G. 

24 Market St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Porsyth, William T. 

3419 Purdue St. 

University Hills, Md. 
Prey, Vivian J. 

(Mrs. Vivian Payne) 

6504 Ponderosa Ave. N.E. 

Albuquerque, N. M. 
Gehrig, Pay L. 

(Mrs. Max W. Clark) 

Lake Rd. 

Denville, N. J. 
Girton, Charles S. 

737 Palm Dr. 

Glendale 2. Calif. 
Goldsmith, Emily 

Star Route 

Dallas, Pa. 
Gotshall, Hazel R. 

(Mrs. Melbourne Davis) 

500 W. Mahoning St. 

Danville. Pa. 
Grover, Christine E. 

(Mrs. Joseph Bruskie) 

Box 64 

North Bend, Pa. 
Hancock, Ben E. 

Russel Dr. 

R.D. #1 

Rockville, Conn. 
Hanley, Mary E. 

(Mrs. Wm. McNelis) 

184 S. Laurel St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
tHarman, Helen P. 

(Mrs. Donald C. Conner) 
Harpe, S. Dean 

76 21 Arbroath Dr. 

Clinton. Md. 20735 
Hart, Elizabeth J. 

(Mrs. R. E. Bower) 

Millville. Pa. 
Hansknecht, Donald A. 

30 S. Linden Ave. 

Hatboro, Pa. 
Hansknecht, Rose Mary 

(Mrs. E. D. Browne, Jr.) 

519 Lakeview Dr. 

Swedesboro. N. J. 
Heimbach, Virginia M. 

302 Front St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Herman, Stella M. 

(Mrs. Stella McCleary) 

414 Reed Rd., Box 563 

TVoosteT, Ohio 

'Hess. William H. 

tHill, Margaret E. 

Hinds, James P. 

130 Catawissa Ave. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Hinkel, Clayton H. 

332 Glen Ave. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Hippensteel, Kenneth J. 

R.D. #1 

Acworth, Ga. 
Honck, Earl W. 

1435 Spring Garden Ave, 

Berwick, Pa. 

Houser, Albert W. 

454 S. Main St. 

Lewistown, Pa. 
Jenkins, Thomas H. 

73 Perrin Ave. 

Shavertown, Pa. 
Jones, Gladys E. 

(Mrs. Ezra W. Harris) 

Sundale Terrace 

Rt. #5 

Bloomsburg, Pa, 
Jones, Gwladys 

(Mrs. Gwladys Miller) 

RD #1, Box 219 

Upton, Mass. 
+Jones, Isaac T. 
fKanasky, William P. 
Kelchner, Charles L. 

1607 Par ham Rd. 

Silver Springs, Md. 
Keller, Edna E. 

(Mrs. Ray McBride, Jr.) 

R.D. #1 

Berwick, Pa. 
Kemple, Daniel T. 

Cumbola, Pa. 
*Kiefer, Lawrence J. 
Kocher, Prank T. 

120S Old Boalsburg Rd. 

State College, Pa. 
Kokitas, Paul B. 

14 E. Clay Ave. 

W. Hazleton, Pa. 
Koniecko, Prank 

400 Maplewood Rd. 

Wayne, Pa. 
Koropchak, Roman D. 

100 Girard St. 

Atlas, Pa. 
*Kostenbauder, Margaret 
Kotzen, Stanley B. 

625 E. 14th St. 

New York, N. Y. 
tKreiger, Carrie M. 

(Mrs. Duff Maynard. Jr.) 
Kundla, Joseph 

226 Smith St. 

Dupont, Pa. 
Landis, Marion Y. 

(Mrs. L. Morgan) 

5803 35th Place 

Hyattsville, Md. 
Laubach, Eunice J. 

(Mrs. Robert Wambach) 

1409 Walnut St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Lehet, George Jr. 

34 Kulp St. 

Wilkes-Bai-re, Pa. 
Levan, Katie E. 

(Mrs. Ralph E. Kustear) 

130 North St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Lewis, Robert C. 

310 E. Market St. 

Danville, Pa. 

Lichtenwalner, Lorraine 

(Mrs. Ollie Wiggs) 

1931 Highland St. 

Allentown, Pa. 
Linn, Robert A. 

Hilltop Ave. 

Sunken Hts. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Major, Elma L. 

R.D. #4 

Dallas, Pa, 
Masteller, Royce M. 
Materewicz, Eleanor I. 

69 Orchard St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Maza, Norman 

Box 63 

Harford, Pa. 

Margaret C. (Mrs.) 

R.D. #2 

Benton, Pa. 
McGinley, Anne 

(Mrs. John Maloney) 

401 Locust Ave. 

Centralia, Pa. 
McHale. Paul 
McHenry, Martha 

(Mrs. Charles Wenner) 

R.D. #1 

Stillwater, Pa. 
McWilliams, Mary Ellen 

(Mrs. Donald Kessler) 

R.D. #1 

Danville, Pa. 
Menges, Calvin W. 

R.D. #2 

Watsontown, Pa. 
Menges, Frank G. 

32 E. Ave. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Metcalfe, Marion P. 

1118 S. Palmway 

Lake Worth, Fla. 
Miller, Mary L. 

Pottsville St. 

Wiconisco, Pa. 
^Miller, Samuel 
Miller, William H. 

Nuremberg, Pa. 
Mitchell, Nicholas R. 

Ebervale, Pa. 
Moore, Phillip W. 

2501 Province Rd. 

Reading, Pa. 
Park, Florence A. 

(Mrs. Caddie Le Bur) 

R.D. #3 

Dallas. Pa. 
Farsell, Theodore R. 

R. D. 2. Box 143 

Smyrna, Del. 
Patterson, Marion E. 

(Mrs. Donald Baker) 

42s W. Maple Ave. 

Langhorne, Pa. 
tPaulhamus, Paul A. 
Penman, William H. 

R.D. #2 

Linden Lane 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
*Pietruszak, William 
Plevyak, John M. 

4205 Gelston Dr. 

Baltimore 29, Md. 
fPomrinkle, John L. 
Pugh, James G. 

44 Green St. 

Edward sville, Pa. 
Raklevicz, Maria P. 

(Mrs. Maria Pendleton) 

3306 Curtis Dr. 

Hillcrest Hts., Md. 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Reel", Agnes A. 

E. Market St. 

Sheppton, Pa. 

tReigle, Paulyne T. 

Reilly, Violet T. 

(Mrs. James G. Gavis) 

106.0 Mohawk St. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Reppert, Vivian O. 

(Mrs. William Gladwin) 

11 Eric St. 

Norwich, N. T. 
iRicliards, Joseph 
Rieben, Evaline J. 

(Mrs. Evaline Colluxn) 

S129 Comolette Ave. 

Downey, Calif. 
Rinard, Muriel I. 

(Mrs. Leon Harlley) 

2148 W. Taft St. 

Arlington, Va. 
Ronshey, Louise M. 

18 Washington St. 

Quincy 69, Mass. 
tRovenolt, Lewis W. 
Sanger, Raymond J. 

6014 Nealon Place 

Alexandria, Va. 
tSchlauch, Adam L. 
Sharkey, Eugene P. 

21 Mallboro 

Newark, Del. 
*Shiner, Byron D. 

(Lt. Col. Byron D. Shiner) 
Smith, Christine F. 

105 S. Third St. 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Smith, Jean D. 

(Mrs. W. C. White) 

13i23 Winchester Dr. 

Charleston, S. C. 29407 
tSmith, Miles 6., Jr. 
Snyder, Lorraine C. 

(Mrs. Eugene L. Jones) 

2607 N. Chantauqua St. 

Wichita 15, Kansas 
tSnyder, Philip L. 
Stefanski, Plorence T. 

(Mrs. John Mascavage) 

1418 Turner St. 

Allentown, Pa. 
Stellfox, Thelma A. 

46 iSi Walnut St. 

Mount Carmel, Pa, 
Stine, Mary A. 

(Mrs. Harold Rarig) 
Stokes, Blake J. 


Paxinos, Pa. 
Stout, Leonard E. 

2719 Old Berwick Rd. 

Espy, Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Sutherland, Esther M. 
Thomas, Margaret B. 

65 Penn Ave. 


Pittston, Pa. 
Trimble, William P. 

62 Rice Ave. 

Trucksville, Pa. 
Turse, Rose M. 

(Mrs. Rose T. Boehnri) 

40 Vautrinot Ave. 

Hull, Mass. 02045 
Unger, Hannah E. 

(Mrs. William Hauck) 

401 Water St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Visintainer, Ferdinand F. 

IS Main St. 

Drums, Pa. 

Wagner, Phylis B. 

132 E. Maple St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Walp, Kathryn L. 

(Mrs. William Wextz) 

1727 Sunset Dr. 

St. Charles, Mo. 
Washeleski, Alfred S. 

20 Reservoir St. 

Simpson, Pa. 
Weikel, Mae E. 

(Mrs. Stephen Illeck) 

126 Maple St. 

Tecumseh, Mich. 

Welliver, Carl T. 

594 East Third St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Wertz, William W. 

930 Harvester Rd. 

St. Charles, Mo. 
Williams, Oliver S. 

Box 165. R.D. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
tWilson, Gertrude E. 

(Mrs. Jos. Withey) 
Yeager, Lillian A. 

(Mrs. Lillian Y. Sanger) 

6014 Nealon Rd. 

Alexandria, Va. 
Yost, Fern B. 

(Mrs. James Whitebread) 

Rock Glen, Pa. 
Ziegler, Bernard T. 

9 Hazleton St. 

Ashley, Pa. 
Zimmerman, Ruth. A. 

(Mrs. Ruth Z. Jones) 

R.D. 2 

Sunbury, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1941 

Alastick, Agnes A. 

(Mrs. Agnes A. Malloy) 

212 N. White St. 

Shenadoah, Pa. 
Albertson, E. Dorothy 

(Mrs. Howard B. Wodock) 

116 Audubon Dr. 

Carmel, Indiana 
i Aponick, Joseph R. 
Arcus, Max 

705 E. 5th St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Banmnnk, Avonell A. 

(Mrs. Avonell A. 

5209 Knight Circle 

Windsor Park 

Austin, Texas 
Beilhartz, Eda B. 

(Mrs. Stuart Edwards) 

Country Club Dr. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Benninger, Edith R. 

(Mrs. Karl Balliet) 

248 Lakewood St. 

Lynchburg, Va. 
Blizzard, Marie M. 
Bonham, Daniel H. 

447 Vista Dr. 

Falls Church, Va. 
Bowers, Leonard M. 

(Ensign Leonard M. 
tBrandon, Ruth L. 
Breslin, Sara A. 

38 Main St. 

Lattimer Mines, Pa. 
tBretz, Mary L. 

(Mrs. F. W. Shughart) 

Brlttingham, C. Grant 

HCinnamon Rd. 

Levittown, Pa. 
tBrodbeck, Ruth E. 
Brunges, Leona S. (Mrs.) 

208 Barrett Rd. 

Willow Grove, Pa. 
Brnnstetter, Mary M. 

(Mrs. Donald Grimes) 

441 E. Main St. 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Bnchanan, Valarie K. 

(Mrs. Francis Brown) 

Route 20 

Bethlehem, Pa. 
tCasari, Agnes F. (Mrs.) 
Crocamo, Ralph C. 

78 Wilson St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Crosby, Mary F. 

14-07 Redburn Rd. 

Fair lawn, N. J. 
Carl, Doris M. 

(Mrs. Carl Warhurst) 

211 Glen Ave. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Davis, Mary 

(Mrs. Grant Brittingfaam) 

11 Cinnamon Rd. 

Levittown, Pa. 
Dean, Virginia M. 

(Mrs. Virginia M. Ryan) 

8 Chesterfield Dr. 

New Castle, Del. 
Deily, James 

260i W. 11th St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Diehl, Irene J. 

(Mrs. William A. Konrad) 

36 Stone Ridge Rd. 

Summit, N. J. 
Dixon, Helen K. 

(Mrs. Edward Karnes, 

Box 2 

Benton Pa. 
Dobb, Edward 

530 Center St. 

Milton, Pa. 
tDriscoll, Mary L. 

(Mrs. Robert Chaapel) 
Dunn, Florence M. 

427 Washington Ave. 

Jermyn, Pa. 
tDyke, Jane 

(Mrs. Willard P. Jackson) 
-Eaton, June L. 

(Mrs. William Hess) 
Edwards, C. Stuart 

Country Club Dr. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Edwards, Victoria H. 

266 W. 4th St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Eshmont. Peter J. 

743 Chestnut St. 

Baltimore 24, Md. 
Feinour, Elizabeth M. 

605 Arlington Village 

Arlington, Va. 
Fisher, Reber R. 

Box #41 R.D. #2 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Foote, Richard H. 

2926 Pittsburgh Ave. 

Fort Wayne, lnd. 
Foust, Mary V. 

(Mrs. Richard P. Olsen) 

3550 Post Rd. 

Huntingdon Valley, Pa, 

! " — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Fritz, Gerald D. 

60cS E. Revati S<t. 

Joliet, 111. 60435 
Fullmer, Lois E. 

(Mrs. Lois E. Metzger) 

2509 Province Rd. 

Colony Park 

Wyomisslng, Pa. 
Gearhart, Charlotte E. 

(Mrs. Charles R. Bakey, 

c/o Dept. of State 

Washington 25, D. C. 
Gillette, Barbara E. 

(Mrs. Barbara E. 

1821 Holly Hill Dr. 

Falls Church, Va. 
Gommer, Thurwald 

2206 Reading Blvd. 

W. Lawn, Pa. 
Greenly, Leon H. 

P.O. Box 82 

Blooimsburg, Pa. 
tGriffiths, Elizabeth L. 
tGraver, Lois K. 

(Mrs. Oscar Gassert) 
Hagenbuch, Julia C. 

R.D. #1 

Danville. Pa. 
tHawk, Elizabeth E. 

(Mrs. Lawrence Brown) 
Henrie, Elda M. 

(Mrs. Frank M. Taylor) 

737 E. Front St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Heupoke, William S. 

Box 155 

Sugarloaf, Pa. 
Horn, Charles O. 

13 Darwin Rd. 


Newark, Dela. 
Houseknecht, George B. 

Schuyler Ave. 

Muncy, Pa. 
Hudock, Joseph E. 

12032 Tiara St. 

N. Hollywood, Calif. 
Hnllihan, Vincent T. 

120 Upper Valley Rd. 

North Wales, Pa. 
Johnson, Helen L. 

(Mrs. Helen L. Scammell) 

Newtown Rd. 

Yardley, Pa. 
Xeesler, Mary E. 

(Mrs. Donald Sherwood) 

Galilee, Pa. 
tKerchusky, William G. 
Kerstetter, Relda 

(Mrs. Georg© I. /Simith) 

8432 Ridge Ave. 

Phila., 28, Pa. 
Kiryluk, Alice M. 

E. State St. 

Nicholson, Pa. 
Klotz, Lawrence H. 

73 Summit Rd. 

Schnecksville, Pa. 
Korengo, Anna L. 

(Mrs. Anna L. Smetana) 

117 N. White St. 

Slhenadoaih, Pa. 
Lapinski, Jerome G. 

5905 Hamilton Ave. 

Baltimore 6, Md. 
Lavelle, John E. 

1230 Centre St. 

Ashland, Pa. 

Lehman, Leo J. 

1810 Yakona Rd. 

Towson 4, Md. 
Leone, Jennie 

(Mrs. Melvin West) 

37A Salerno Rd. 

Ft. Lee, Va. 
tLetterman, Paul R. 
Lewis, George R. 

2309 Marie PI. 

Monroe, La. 
Llchtel, L. Ward 

136 E. Chestnut St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
•Long, P. Lewis 
Malinchock, Joseph J. 

(Dr. Joseph J. Malin- 

Dept. of Ed. 

Ithaca College 

Ithaca, N. Y. 
Marinko, Joseph G. 
Maslowsky, Aldonna 

(McCloskey, Donna) 

(Mrs. Richard Spagna) 

281 Pierce St. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Masteller, Sara B. 

(Mrs. Howard Tomlinson) 

536 Clark St. 
Westfield, N. J. 

McGInley, Esther A. 

Jeanesville, Pa. 
Melss, Alice M. 

537 Broad St. 
Nescopeck, Pa. 

Miller, Elizabeth E. 

(Mrs. Elizabeth O'Hora) 

240> E. McCormick Ave. 

State College, Pa. 
Miller, R. Brace 

1020 N. Pershing 

Liberal, Kan. 

Moss, Jean W. 
Murphy, Marian L. 

395 Schuyler Ave. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Masial, Zigmnnd M. 

State St. 

Millville. Pa. 
Myers, Raymond G. 

1430 Chapel Dr. 

York. Pa. 
tOhl, J. Rntter 
Olah, Isabella M. 

(Mrs. Isabella Horwath) 

921 Addingham 

Drexel Hill, Pa. 
Oplinger, Catherine A. 

(Mrs. Clark Renninger) 

172*8 N. Rhodes St., Apt. 

Arlington, Va. 
Parsell, O. Marie 

(Mrs. Thomas Perkins) 

No. 1 

Spring Vale Rd. 

Reading, Mass. 
Pegg, William P. 

Box 45, 

Mars Hiill, N. C. 
Pollock, Edythe M. 

R.D. #3 

Wyoming, Pa. 
Powell, Helen F. 

(Mrs. Thurwald Gommer) 

2206 Reading Blvd. 

W. Lawn, Pa. 

PurseL Maude L. 

(Mrs. Michael J. Ohlsmar) 

534 Center St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Reager, William M. 

c/o Bloomfield HjS. 

Bloomfield, N. M. 
•Reed, Walter 
tReilly, Mary P. 
Renninger, Clark R. 

1724 Queens La. 

Colonial Village 

Arlington, Va. 
Robbing, Charles A. 

628 B. 3rd St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tRoberts, Roy Jr. 
Russin, Jerry S. 

136 Maffett St. 

Plains, Pa, 
Saras, Nicholas L. 

36 W. Broad St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Savage, Dorothy J. 

(Mrs. Drue W. Folk) 

Plttsford, N. Y. 
Schiefer, Jessie T. 

(Mrs. Jessie T. Hower) 

1959 Missouri St. 

San Diego, Calif. 92109 
Schield, Ruth H. 

22-5 Church St. 

Taylor, Pa. 
Schlee, Claraline E. 

(Mrs. Kenneth A. Baylor) 

958 Whitner Rd. 

Riveirview Park 

Reading, Pa. 
Schneider, Herbert E. 

815 Maronee ISt. 

Clarion, Pa. 
Schrecongost, Florabelle 

(Mrs. Herbert E. 

815 Maronee St. 

Clarion, Pa. 
Shaffer, Lucretia M. 

(Mrs. Lucretia M. Lynch) 

5104 Kimewood PI. 

Charlotte, N. C. 
Shank, Helen W. 

(Mrs. George Yoder) 

1008 Spruce St. 

Ashland, Pa. 
Sharretts, Edward D. 

R.D. #2 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Shay, Ruth L. 

(Mrs. Richard A. Biery) 

2103 Van Buren St. 

Bellevue, Neb. 
•Shortess, John R. 
Shuntill, Nellie P. (Mrs.) 

40 Schley Ave. 


Pittsburgh 5, Pa. 
*Sloboski, Marie P. 

G4 S. Main St. 

Ashley, Pa. 
Sweigart, Mary B. 

(Mrs. Clair A. Miller) 

1141 High St. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
Soback, Helen J. 

100 S. Mercer St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Swinesburg, Arlene A. 

(Mrs. Edward Andrews) 

776 Washington Ave. 

Bethlehem, Pa. 

• — Reported Deceased 

t— Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Sworin, Joseph. 

2030 Huntington Rd. 

Stratford. Conn. 
tTannery, William W. 
Thomas, Dorothy J. 

(Mrs. Dorothy J. 

R.D. #2 

Drums, Pa. 
Tomlinson, Howard 

536 Clark St. 

Westfield, N. J. 
*Turini, Victor E. 
tVanAntwerp, Floyd 
Vaughan, Elwyn J. 

72 iS^perling Rd. 

Clifton, N. J. 
Wesley, Joseph P. 

Upper Moreland H. S. 

Willow Grove, Pa. 
West, M. Rebecca 

(Mrs. M. Rebecca Hack- 

R.D. #3 

Danville, Pa. 
White, Marque-en V. 

2.25 E. 14th St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Wilkes, John J. 

63 Robert St. 


Nanticoke, Pa. 
Willard, George D. 

Apt. #3 

801 Walnut St. 

Lemoyne, Pa. 
t Williams, Howard T. 
tWilliams, Mantana S. 
Worman, Samuel F. 

822 Oak Hill Ave, 

Hagerstown, Md. 
Young, John D. 

Box 68 

Media, Pa. 
Young, Marjorie C. 

(Mrs. F. C. Broderdck) 

1806 Rushley Rd. 

Baltimore 34, Md. 
tzeisloft, Hilda E. 

414 Ohuroh St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Zuchoski, Michalene A. 

(Mrs. Michalene A. 

40 Sobieski St. 

Peely, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1942 

Austin, Anna F. 

319 Bennett St. 

Luzerne, Pa. 
Baird, Ruth I. 

(Mrs. Herbert A. Ireland) 

119 Draper Rd. 

Wayland, Mass. 0'1778 
tBarrouk, Albert P. 
Bartha, Bdith E. 

337 W. Ninth St. 

Chester, Pa. 
Beaver, Blwood H. 

136 E. Duryea fit. 

Riverhead, N. Y. 
Behr, Bdith M. 

Lopez, Pa. 
Berfuss, Helen W. 

(Mrs. Stephen Carney) 

584 Dover Rd. 

Colonia, N. J. 

Betz, John W. 

R.D. 2 

Danville, Pa. 
Bitting, Oeraldine B. 

(Mrs. Geraldine Oberle) 

1402 Harrison Ave. 

Silverside Hgts. 

Wilmington, Del. 
Bixler, Mildred P. 

12 S. Fourth St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Blaine, Bernice B. 

(Mrs. Hurley C. Stout, 

824 W. Front St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Bonenberger, Laura 

Barnesville, Pa. 
Booth, William B. 

303 Water St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Bomeman, Robert 17. 

119 W. 35th St. 

Reading, Pa, 
Bott, Rose E. 

Main St. 

Nuremberg, Pa. 
Brochyus, Howard 

111 Commonwealth Ave. 

Massapequa, L. I., N. Y. 
Buck, Iietha L. 

Stillwater, Pa. 
Butler, George A. 

1815 - 29 St., S.W. 

Allentown, Pa. 
Carlin, John P. P. 

2015 /Slpring Garden St. 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Carr, Edward B. 

46 Bidlack St. 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
Carroll, Helen A. 

341 S. Oak St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Chandler, Herbert R., Jr. 

10988% Ashton 

Los Angeles, Calif. 90024 
tChelosky, Dorothy A. 

(Mrs. Leonard Janoski) 
Chilek, Stella C. 

10 Caleb Terrace 
Woodland Apts. 
Wilmington 5, Del. 

Cole, Carolyn C. 

(Mrs. Willard Fritz) 

R.D. 4 

Benton, Pa. 
tConrad, Wilfred H. 
Curtis, Esther L. 

917 Marcy Ave. 

Duryea, Pa. 
Davenport, Mary A. 

(Mrs. Frank Shope, Jr.) 

11 Overlook Ave. 
Little Falls, N. J. 

Davies, James W. 

8 Cedarbrook Ave. 
Bridgeton, N. J. 

Davis, Albert R., Jr. 

9 Red Rose Dr. 
Levittown, Pa. 

Dean, Dorothy 

Washingtonville, Pa. 
Deitrich, Merrill A. 

28821 Bella Vista 

Farmington, Mich. 
Deitrich, Candace L. 

(Mrs. Roy A. Hien) 

Lenhartsville, Pa, 
tDerolf, Chester L. 

Disbrow, Viola W. 

(Mrs. Viola D. Carr) 

46 Bidlack St. 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
Eaton, Mildred R. 

(Mrs. Meyer Levitt) 

51 York St. 

Malverne, N. Y. 
Edmunds, William 

403 E. Third St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Ellsworth, Joseph A. 

Lehman, Pa. 
Eltringham, Jemima 

343 S. Vine St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Ermish, Sara I. 

(Mrs. Otis Adams) 

1700 W. Front St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Eroh, Margaret M. 

821 E. Third \St. 

Nescopeck, Pa. 
Evans, Ann J. 

(Mrs. Edward Bacon) 

602 Lenoge St. 

Ft. Lyon Heights 

Alexandria, Va. 
Feingoiu, Sylvia B. 

(Mrs. Sylvia Sherman) 

708 Grampian Blvd. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
Fellman, H. Burnis 

941 Buttonwood St. 

Emmaus, Pa. 
Franklin, D. Pauline 

(Mrs. Pauline F. Dong) 

Cam bra, Pa. 
* Griffith, George J. 
Guild, Doris M. 

(Mrs. W. E. Chamberlain) 

576 Clark St. 

Waverly, N. Y. 
Hardysh, Alexander 

225 E. Center St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
'Harris, Earl J. 
Hartman, Stuart L. 

8.22 Ave. H. 

Riverside, Pa. 
Hastie, Roberta L. 

(Mrs. Roberta H. Fine) 

706 Blakely Rd. 

Garden City 

Chester, Pa. 
IHerr, Leonard L. 
Heydenreich, Myrtle E. 

6 25 East St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Hindmarch, Bertha A. 

49 N. Hickory St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Hoagland, Elizabeth E. 

(Mrs. Edward Dobb) 

530 Center St. 

Milton, Pa. 
Honicker, Bernice E. 

(Mrs. Bernice H. Badida) 

670 W. Eighth St. 

Plainfield. N. J. 
tHoover, Dale W. 
iHull, Frances E. 

(Mrs. Frances H. 
Imboden, Lawrence L. 

25 Wingert Rd. 

Wyomissing, Pa. 
James, Ruth A. 

(Mrs. Francis Thomas) 

1983 Bveritt St. 

Valley IStream, D. I., N. Y. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Johnson, Robert L. 

Mellerstown, Pa. 
Jones, Margaret M. 

(Mrs. Glenn R. Letter- 

416 S. Wash St. 

Taylor, Pa. 
Kling-er, Paul A., Jr. 

317 B. Fourtlh St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Klingerman, Helen J. 

(Mrs. Ralph McCracken) 

330 N. Washing-ton St. 

Montoursville, Pa. 

tKokora, Sophie H. 

(Mrs. Peter Lukac) 
Krieger, Dorothy E. 
(Mrs. Dorothy Davidson) 
921 E. Mahanoy Ave. 
Mahanoy City, Pa. 
Lantz, Jean E. 
(Mrs. James E. Smith) 
10*4 Holly Dr. 
Berwick, Pa. 
lash, Margaret M. (Mrs.) 
131 N. Fourth St. 
Frackville, Pa. 
Leiser, George D. 
R.D. 1 

Watsontown, Pa. 
tliendosky, Irene T. 
iLewis, Jane E. 
Lewis, Walter R. 
11014 Stillwater Ave. 
Kensington, Md. 
Long, Marian D. 
680 Wallace St. 
Northumberland, Pa. 
•Lord, Linda I. 

(Mrs. Linda L. Baier) 
Love, Harriet A. 
Waterville, Pa. 
Margie, M. Charlene 
(Mrs. F. A. Dean) 
145 Lamberts Mill Rd. 
Westfield, N. J. 
Masanotti, Adrian 
(Mrs. John Kallander) 
208 RebeH Dr. 
Annadale, Va. 
Matanin, Ludmilla 
(Mrs. Donald Winter- 

119 Pike St. 
Port Carbon, Pa. 
Matthes, Richard O. 
946 Townley Ave. 
Union, N. J. 
McAloose, Frank J. 

Tower City, Pa. 
McCracken, Ralph E. 
330 N. Washington St. 
Montoursville, Pa. 
McGonigle, Helene T. 
133 Jardin St. 
Shenandoah, Pa. 
Mertz, Jack L. 
2109 N. 16 (St. 
Arlington, Va. 22201 
-Mesh, Adelaid M. 

(Mrs. Adelaide M. Drew) 
Miner, Robert 
P.O. Box 192 
Camp Hill, Pa. 
tMohr, Walter H. R. 
Mordan, Mary J. 
2220 Elba St. 
Durham, N. C. 

Myers, Lawrence B. (Dr.) 

(Honorary Member) 
Korea. APO 301 
San Francisco, Calif. 
Nelson, David 
(Capt. David Nelson) 
CSC Box 1763 
Maxwell AFB, Alabama 
Noel, George P. 

Natalie, Pa. 
Noll, Jeanne L. 
(Mrs. Ralph Zimmerman) 
16 5 K ready Ave. 
Millersville, Pa. 
Nonnemacher, Richard C. 
228 E. Susquehanna St. 
Allentown, Pa. 
Northnp, Anna I. 
(Mrs. Morris Green) 
440 E. 62nd St. 
New York 21, N. T. 
Olshefski, Joseph A. 
348 W. 2nd St. 
Mount Carmel, Pa. 
Osman, Harriet D. 
(Mrs. Robert Trewella) 
1039 Kearney Dr. 
Colonial Gardens 
North Brunswick, N. J. 
tPaktuka, Agnes A. 
Fape, James D. 
2 8 W. 4th St. 
Hazleton, Pa. 
Pino, Dominic R. 
,227 Winters Ave. 
W Hazleton, Pa. 
Podwika, Peter G. 
565 Monument Ave. 
Wyoming, Pa. 
Raby, Gladys E. 
(Mrs. David K. Taylor, 

119 Murray Ave. 

West Grove, Pa. 

tRepella, Lydia B. 

(Mrs. Hairry D. Jenkins) 
Rhinard, Josephine M. 
313 E. 14th St. 
Berwick, Pa. 
*Rhys, Ruth J. 
Rishel, Roy L. 
1007 Langsham Ave. 
Camden 3, N. J. 
Roan, Harriett B. 
(Mrs. H. E. R. Campbell, 

1624 Shadelawn, 
Memphis, Tenn. 
tRobeson, Margaret Ann 
(Mrs. William A. Fowke, 
Ruck, Katherine B. 
7 67 Park Ave. 
Bound Brook, N. J. 
Schuyler, Stanley T. 

R #1 

Turbotville, Pa. 
Seaman, Louise B. 

(Mrs. John Thomas) 

70 S. Fourth St. 

Hamburg, Pa. 
Sears, Doris B. 

(Mrs. James Pheasant) 

R.D. #2 Box 428 

Sihamokin, Pa. 
Selecky, H. Dorothy 

(Mrs. H. Dorothy 


R.D. #1 

Nescopeck, Pa. 

Sharpless, Mary Jane 

(Mrs. Arnold Wagner) 

River Rd. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Snipe, Idajane 

(Mrs. Joseph Madl) 
1100 Arizona Ave. 

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 
Shlanta, John A. 

c/o Berle, Berle, and 

70 Pine St. 

New Yoirk 5, N. Y. 
tSincavage, Alberta C. 

(Mrs. Maurice Procopic) 
Sirrocco, M. Claire 

(Mrs. Claire Balles 

722 W. Race ISt. 

Pottsville, Pa. 
*Slopey, Lois B. 

(Mrs. Gilson W. Davis) 
Smith, William B. 

Hawthorne Hill 

Spring Valley Rd. Rt. 27 

Media, Pa. 
Snyder, C. David 

S. Second St. 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Snyder, Helen R. F. 

442 E. Third <St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Solack, Edward D. 

553 Blackman St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Stiles, Aleta P. 

(Mrs Nevin L. Ehrhart) 

720 Erlen Dr. 

York, Pa. 
Straub, Barbara J. 

(Mrs. 'Sltuart Hartman) 

822 Avenue H 

Riverside, Pa. 
Straub, Frank S. 

1001 E. Front St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
tTaylor, Dora K. 

(Mrs. William E. Smith) 
•Thomas, Francis F. 
Thomas, Grace J. 

(Dr. Grace Thomas) 

201 W. View Dr. 

Athens, Ga. 
Traub, Florence A. 

(Mrs. Florence Matyas) 

12 Steele St. 

Hanover Green 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Trethaway, Harold P. 

1034 Scott St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Trivelpiece, Jennie 

416 Walnut St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
tTroutman, Luther 
Twardzik, Eleanor M. 

(Mrs. Henry J. Zale) 

39 N. Jardin St. 

Shenandoah, Pa. 
*Valente, Frank F. 
Vanderslice, Josephine X. 

450 Spruce St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Veraoy, Collin 

c/o Charlotte Hall 

Military Academy 

Box T 

Charlotte Hall, Md. 
Wanich, William P. 

R.D. #2 

Mansfield, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


t Watkins, Robert "W. 
Watters, Eva L. 

113 Main Sit. 

Mifflinville. Pa. 
Webb, Robert J. 

Shamokin Dam, Pa. 
Whitby, Mary Ellen 

(Mrs. Walter Mohr) 

Lehman Ave. 

Dallas, Pa. 
Wolfgang, Ertna M. 

(Mrs. John Latsha) 

1026 W. Walnut St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Tarowsky, Rachel M. 

1967 W. Market St, 

Pottsville, Pa. 

Yocum, Josephine 

(Mrs. Josephine Kilbury) 

236 Jackson Ave. 

Bradford, Pa. 
Yorks, Stewart C. 

63 Brook St. 

W. Barring-ton, R, I. 
Young-, David M. 

Patterson Apt. #4 

6 th Ave. Place S.W. 

Hickory, N. C. 
Young-, Harriet 

441 ESlm St. 

Reading, Pa. 
Zehner, Edna M 

(Mrs. William 

6128 Lamont Dr. 

Hyattsville, Md. 
Zeigler, J. Corrine 

Herndon, Pa. 
Zimmerman, Ralph K. 

16'5 Kready Ave. 

Millersville, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1943 

Althoff, Eleanor M. 

(Mrs. J. G. Lapinski) 

5905 Hamilton Ave. 

Baltimore 6, Md. 
Apple, John M. 

113 North St. 

Keiseir, Pa. 
tBartha Elizabeth J. 

(Mrs. Dominick J. 
Barton, William H. 

R.D. #1 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Beaumont, Lee Roy 

247 Anderson Ave. 

Indiana, Pa. 
Berninger, Carl 

Ohurcih Farm School 

P.O. Box 66,2 

Paoli, Pa. 
tBiermann, Mary E. 

(Mrs. Albert Collis) 
Boniboy, Charles H. 

2117 Westminster Dr. 

Wilmington 3, Del. 
Bramble, June H. 

(Mrs. Claude Blackman) 

224 Gleaves Rd. 

Springfield, Pa. 
Buck, Anna M. 

19 E. Independence St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Buckingham, Boyd 

Lightstreet Rd. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
'Campbell, Mary K. 

(Mrs. Charles Lynch) 

Collins, Iioren 

15 E. Church Rd. 

E. Plymouth Valley 

Norristown, Pa. 
Coombs, Marjorie R. 

(Mrs. Marjorie Deets) 

4620 Forest Bit. 

Bristol, Pa. 
Culp, Hannah 

R.D. #2 

Dallas, Pa. 
Deaner, Wayne 

Center & Second Sts. 

Millville, Pa. 
Diltz, Carl E. 

103 Second Ave. 
Johnstown, N. Y. 

tDixon, Helen A. 

(Mrs. William Miles) 
tDonn, Leo A. J. 
Eastman, Sara J. 

204 N. 41st St. R.D. #3 

AlLentown, Pa. 
Ebright, Ruth A. 

(Mrs. C. D. Winters) 

6 23 Carsonia Ave. 

Reading, Pa. 
Evans, Mary Jane 

125 E. Atihierton St. 

Taylor, Pa. 
Fahringer, Clara E. 

201 E. 5th St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
rice, Joanna J. 

(Mrs. Boyd Buckingham) 

Lightstreet Road 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Eoust, Cora M. 

10i0'l Bloom St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Godleski, Lois E. 

(Mrs. Lois Lynn) 

48 Sury St. 

Maldin, Mass. 
Gottlieb, Irving T. 

447 Second St. 

Washington, Pa. 
Grohal, Andrew V. 

Oneida, Pa. 
Grow, Dorothy M. 

610 W. Pine St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Hartman, Ruth M. 

(Mrs. Harvey Thomas) 

R.D. #2 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Heffelfinger, Mabel T. 

Nuremberg, Pa. 
Henrie, Reba M. 

(Mrs. Burnis Fellman) 

941 Buttonwood St. 

Emmaus, Pa. 
Hess, Kathryn A. 

Norlynne Court Apt. C2 

104 W. North Lane 
Conshohocken, Pa. 

Hilbush, Arabel E. 

(Mrs. Clyde Adams) 

Doirnsife, Pa. 
Hoagland, June 

(Mrs. Robert Norris) 

1939 Robinway St. 

Bethlehem, Pa. 
Holoviak, Peggy R. 

Box 84, R.D. #1 

Nesquehoning, Pa. 
Hope, Ruth B. 

(Mrs. William Handy) 

Hopedell Farm 

R.D. #3 

Coatesville, Pa. 

Hottenstein, Sara E. 

(Mrs. Robert C. Dix, Jr.) 

131 Broadway St. 

Milton, Pa. 
Hubiak, John 

(Dr. John Hubiak) 

Odebolt, Iowa 
Johnson, Dorothy R. 

90 Stanley St. 

Clifton, N. J. 
Jones, Catherine L. 

(Mrs. E. M. Wagner) 

2116 Priscillala Lane 

Waynewood, Alexandria, 
Jones, David M. 

(Major D. M. Jones) 

Det. #940, A.F. ROTC 

Univ. of Wyoming 

Laramie, Wyo. 
Katerman, Beatrice M. 

(Mrs. Raymond A. Algatt) 

Loblolly Lane 

Salisbury, Md. 
Keener, Kathryn M. 

311 S. Washington St. 

Muncy, Pa. 
Kelly, Mary K. 

(Mrs. Bernard C. Rogan) 

2832 Bathgate Ave. 

Bronx 58, N. Y. 
Kepner, Betty Lou 

133 Race St. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Klawitter, Ruth R. (Mrs.) 

24 S. Walnut St. 

Mount Carmel, Pa. 
Knorr, Joyce W. 

(Mrs. Julius Adamic) 

140 ISL Dean St. 
Hicksville, N. Y. 

Kocher, Ernest 

141 Kagey Rd. R.D. #1 
Gnaterford, Pa. 

Koraaski, Irene T. A. 

(Mrs. Joseph Kulick) 

1542 N. Danville St. 

Arlington, Va. 
Kotch, Helen R. 

325 Cedar 8 

S. Amtooy. N. J. 
Kozlowski, Joseph W. 

234 W. i2nd St. 

Mount Carmel, Pa. 
Kreischer, Elaine L. 

(Mrs. Max Follmer) 

405 E. 8th St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Kulik, Irene M. 

(Mrs. Irene Smoczynski) 

351 S. Oak St. 

Mount Carmel, Pa. 
Kuster, Jean M. 

(Mrs. Henry VonBlohn) 

8 Howtland Lane 

Hinghiam, Mass. 
Lambert, Margaret E. 

245 Hale St. 

New Brunswick, N. J. 
Langan, Jean A. 

87 Main Sit. 

Duryea, Pa. 
Laubach, Winton 

1704 Washington Ave. 

Golden City, Colo. 
Lawhead, Virginia L. 

(Mrs. C. S. Fletcher) 

1767 N. Edward St. 

Decatur, 111. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Lebengood, Sara E. 

(Mrs. Herman E. Vonder- 

R.D. #1 Box 554 

Sellersville, Pa. 
ILiiiskill, Frances A. 
Lohr, Joyce M. 

(Mrs. Herbert Kleckner) 

234 Matrzville Rd. 

Berwick, Pa. 

Mag-ill, Andrew 

Prudent Am. Life 

55 Public ISlquare 

Cleveland 13, Ohio 
Makowski, Gertrude A. 

New Concord Road 

Box 114 

Concordville, Pa. 
McCulla, Elizabeth J. 

(Mrs. L. Skurkay) 

324 Ellis Parkway, P.T. 

New Brunswick, N. J. 
tMcCutchen, Frederick M. 
Meluskey, Eileen M. 

(Mrs. Eileen M. Tamu- 

116 W. Oak St. 
Shenandoah, Pa. 

Jflensh, Miriam E. 

(Mrs. Wayne K. Bardo) 

141 Green St. 

Mifflinburg ,Pa. 
Miller, George E. 

5016 Greenway Dr. 

N. Little Rock, Ark. 
Miller, Helen M. 

(Mrs. John R. Kettering) 

862 Windover Dr. 

Muskegon, Mich. 
Miller, Pearl A. 

(Mrs. Pearl Knight) 

12315 S. 20th St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Miller, Thelma 

(Mrs. Ray Hunsinger) 

111 W. Third St. 

Nescopeck, Pa. 
Niles, Hugh S. 

302 Park Ave. 

Sellersville, Pa. 
O'Brein, Hazle R. 

(Mrs. Joseph Davis) 

5058 Venice Blvd. 

Los Angeles 19, Calif. 
Oliver, Carl A. 

Maple Glen School 

Children's Center 

Unit Three 

Laurel, Md. 
Oplinger, June 

(Mrs. Stanley Weissman) 

Dartmouth Dr. 

King of Prussia, Pa. 
Paganelli, Reynold 

Timonium, Md. 
Patterson, Jenna M. 

(Mrs. Stanley E. Cohen) 

117 Orchard Lane 
Greenwood, Ind. 

tPerry, Raymond B. 
Piarote, George W. 

144 Fairview Park 

Mountain Top, Pa. 
Fufnak, Bernard 

84 Lydall Rd. 

Newington, Conn. 
Reilly, Eleanore M. 

(Mrs. John J. Dolphin) 

205 Green St. 

Cumberland, Md. 

Reilly, Rosemary F. 

(Mrs. Rosemary 

11 N. White St. 
Shenandoah, Pa. 

Rick, Barbara Ann 

(Mrs. Francis Slanina) 

2653 Orthodox St. 

Philadelphia 3-7, Pa. 
Roan, Martha L. 

(Mrs. Bruce D. Starr, Jr.) 

190 S. Third (St. 

Hughesville, Pa. 
Rutledge, Jane M. 

(Mrs. Thomas J. Dalton) 

3625 Greenway Place 

Alexandria, Va. 
tSedlak, Catharine A. 
Selden, William H. 

(Dr. William H. Selden) 

205 E. Sixth St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Sell, Elizabeth E. 

McKnight St. 

Gordon, Pa. 
Shambach. Virginia M. 

Troxelville, Pa. 
Sharp e, June 

(Mrs. Albert C. Wagner) 

Wagner Apts. 

Drums, Pa. 
Sidari, Nan B. 

(Mrs. Theodore Juraski) 

86 Jackson Rd. 

Valley Stream 

Long Island, N.Y. 
Sidler, Jean C. 

(Mrs. Philip F. Snyder) 

Box 17'5 

Laporte, Pa. 
Simpson, Rita E. 

(Mrs. Joseph Kipp) 

1 Good Lane 

Levittown, Pa. 
Singley, Nora E. 

(Mrs. Harold R. Trexler) 

3261 Whitfield Dr. 

Waterford, Mich. 
Slum an, Ruth E. 

(Mrs. Edmund E. Hass) 

1615 Crown St. 

Medford, Ore. 
Snyder, Lora M. 

R.D. #3 

Danville, Pa. 
tSpontak, George 
Taylor, Frank M. 

737 E. Front St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
tTrump, Mary E. 

(Mrs. Mary E. Bruney) 
Valente, Anthony J. Jr. 

634 Suzbut St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Valladares, Josefina E. 

(Mrs. Pable Cabain) 

Box 514 

Arecibo, Puerto Rico 
Vastine, Edwin 

400 Bloom St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Vonderheid, Herman 

R.D. #1 Box 554 

Sellersville, Pa. 
Wagner, Elwood M. 

(Major Elwood M. 

2116 Priscilla Lane 


Alexandria, Va. 

Wagner, Sara K. 

R.D. #1 

Pine Grove, Pa. 
Wallace, Marion W. 

(Mrs. John F. Carley) 

Odessa Hardware, N.Y. 

Odessa, N.Y. 
*Whitkoski, John F. 

(John F. Whitney) 
Wright, Martha H. 

(Mrs. Lucas H. Moe, Jr.) 

117 Michael (Sit. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Yeany, Philip 

lOO'O' Butler Ave. 

Ambler, Pa. 
•Voder, Mary Alice 
Zehner, Martha L. 

(Mrs. Lee C. Brown) 

122 Ridgeland Park 


Wilmington 3, Del. 
Zimmerman, Robert C. 

Dominion Dr. 

Sandy Spring, Md. 

CLASS OF 1944 

tAberant, Leona J. 
Ackerman, Jean V. 

(Mrs. Jean Moyer) 

649 State St. 

Hamburg, Pa. 
tAdams, Louise E. 

(Mrs. H. J. Messmer) 
tBaer, Lillian I. 

(Mrs. Louis Coppola) 
Baker, Marie E. 

114 E Fourth St. 

Mount Oarmel, Pa. 
Behler, Anita E. 

(Mrs. John Mitchell) 

c/o 1221 Caldwell St. 

Cherry Hill. N.J. 
IBehler, Helen E. 
Birth, Sara E. 

(Mrs. Robert H. Peiters) 

R.D. #4 

Troy, Pa. 
Brugger, Julia E. 

(Mrs. Julia Bachman) 

Box #312, R.D. 

Sugarloaf, Pa. 
Bryner, Lois C. 

38 Ash St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Bundens, E. Victoria S. 


323 Lightstreet Rd. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Calvello, Meda I. 

(Mrs. Eugene Anthony) 

513 E. 5th St. 

Lakewood, N.J. 
Comuntzis, Poletime D. 

(Mrs. Carl De.metukopou- 

Friar and Robin Lanes 

Sherwood Village 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Cromis, Helen M. 

(Mrs. Robert Warrington) 

437 Chestnut St. 

Hersihey, Pa. 
tDean, Margaret 

(Mrs. Margaret D. Brun- 
tDent, Frederick G. 
BeWald, Mary F. 

(Mrs. John Detteer) 

236 Harrison Ave. 

Lewisburg, Pa. 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Diehl, E. Christine 

R.D. #1 

Northumberland, Pa, 
Dockey, Sara M. 

(Mrs. Frederick J. Ed- 

545 E. 11th St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Dougherty. Refflna B. 

8th & Oak Sts. 

Mount Garmel, Pa. 
Enama, Hazel F. 

(Mrs. Leo Carter) 

1218 N. 22nd St. 

Allentown, Pa. 
tErmish, Dorothy I». 
Parnsworth, Wanda A. 

(Mrs. Robert Langdon) 

49 W. High St. 

Bound Brook, N.J. 
Parr, Lois W. 

Lake Ariel, Pa. 
Paust, Florence E. 

(Mrs. P. R. Yeany) 

1000 Butler Ave. 

Ambler, Pa. 
•Free, Sara S. 
Puller, Bette S. 

(Mrs. Lester Smith) 

136 Park St. 

Berwick. Pa. 
Garey, Pauline 

(Mrs. Hugh Niles) 

31 E. 4th St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tGaugler, Sara B. 
Good, Eda A. 

18 Montgomery St. 

Montgomery, Pa. 
Grohal, Veronica B. 

414 Winters Ave. 

W. Hazleton, Pa. 
Hackenberger, Mary J. 

Mifflintown, Pa. 
Hagenbuch, M. Elizabeth 

(Mrs. J. E. Delong) 

1030 S. ,295th Place 

Federal Way, Washington 
Hartman, M. Helen K. 

R.D. #2 

Danville. Pa. 
Hay, Joyce E. 

1807 Hay Terrace 

Easton, Pa. 
tHendricks, Edward P., Jr. 
tHollenbeck, Catharine B. 
Johnson, Eleanor M. 

(Mrs. John Tilmont) 

129 Locust Ave. 

Cemtralia, Pa. 
Jones, Ruth B. 

Lake Ariel, Pa. 
Kocher, Melva O. 

(Mrs. Melva Wintersteen) 

112 Bloom ISt. 

Danville, Pa. 
iXiatsha, Margaret E. 

(Mrs. Walter Smiley) 
tliorah. Louneta 
Madl, Mary L. 

210 S. Market St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Manley, Edward J. 

298 Cedar Lane 

Hillsmere, Annapolis, Md. 
Martin, Helen It. 

(Mrs. Helen Lewis) 

11014 Stillwater Ave. 

Kensington, Md. 
Mazzeo, Salvatore A. 

365 Nulton Ave. 

Easton, Pa. 

McCloskey, Walter A. 

R.D. #5 

Danville, Pa. 
fMiller, Harold J. 
Mills, Florence B. 

(Mrs. Florence Rzemilae) 

126 Hershey Ave. 

Lancaster, Pa. 
Oakes, Leona C. 

306 E. Green St. 

W. Hazleton, Pa. 
Oyer, Helen A. 

(Mrs. Helen Diehl) 

8018 E. Thomas Rd. 

Scottsdale, Ariz. 
Parangosky, Helen J. 

(Mrs. John B. Shock. Jr.) 

1628 Glen Keith Blvd. 

Towson 4, Md. 
Parr, Mary E. 

(Mrs. Mary Seybert) 

16 Wyndale Ave. 

Maple Shade, N.J. 
Patterson, Effie J. 

(Mrs. Leslie B. Gore) 

3i624 Jenifer St., N.W. 

Washington, D.C. 20015 
Pope, Helena P. 

(Mrs. Nelena Swank) 

811 E. Market St. 

Danville, Pa. 
tPropst, Jessie E. 

(Mrs. Leonard Wearne) 
Roberts, Ida V. 

(Mrs. David W. Griswold) 

Middletown Rd. 

Gradyville, Pa. 
Sabol, Anne T. 

(Mrs. Edwin Taylor) 

12601 Littleton St. 

Wheaton (Silver Springs), 

Schargo, Ella R. 

(Mrs. Ella Zinzarella) 

1.112 Oak St. 

Coatsville, Pa. 
Schrader, Jean E. 

(Mrs. James S. Powell) 

551 Bath St. 

Bristol, Pa. 
Scott, Mary L. 

(Mrs. Robert C. Bay less) 

1421 Iroquois Ave. 

Long Beach 15, Calif. 
Shank, Janet M. 

(Mrs. C. P. McLaughlin) 

546 W. Main Sit. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Sharretts, Marjorie G. 

(Mrs. Leon Grant) 

1421 E. Joppa Rd. 

Baltimore, Md. 
Shortess, Anne L. 

c/o Henry Dreyfuss 

4 W. 58th St. 

New York, N.Y. 
Sirianni, Carmel A. 

Hop Bottom, Pa. 
Smith, Elizabeth M. 

(Mrs. Jack Reynolds) 

R.D. #5 

Montrose, Pa. 18801 
Snyder, Mary E. 

(Mrs. Harry Heckman) 

928 Fairmount Ave. 

Towson, Baltimore, Md. 
Spaid, Joanne L. 

(Mrs. Paul Simington) 

R.D. #2 

Sunbury, Pa. 

Trapani, Samuel J. 

1650 Spring Garder St. 

Easton, Pa. 
tVought, Iiucinda K. 
Williams, Stella M. 

(Mrs. James Fulton) 

24 Roaring Brook Rd. 

Avon, Conn. 
Yocum, Carrie X. 

(Mrs. Carrie Shultz) 

R.D. #2 

Milton, Pa. 
Zinzarella, Julian A. 

Illi2 Oak St. 

Coatesville, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1945 

Balliet, Carrie J. (Mrs.) 

R.D. #6 

Danville, Pa. 
Belcastro, Gloria T. 

(Mrs. John Opalka) 

139 Wrexham St. 

Tanawanda, N.Y. 
iBender, laEue G. 
Berlew, Nancy E. 

Mrs. Borge Lyhne) 

Arch Rd. 

Avon, Conn. 
Bitetti, Elvira A. 

936 Center St. 

Freeland, Pa. 
Boyle, Rose M. 

2847 Westminister Rd. 

Bethleheim, Pa. 
Burnham, Betty A. 

(Mrs. Betty B. Rosell) 

1319 Wakeling St. 


Philadelphia 24, Pa. 
Deitrich, Catherine O'Neill 

28821 Bella Vista 

Farmington, Mich. 
DeVitis, Mary 

(Mrs. Albert J. Coccagna) 

4'0>5 Sugartown Rd. 

Wayne, Pa. 
tDoney, Evelyn M. 

(Mrs. B. M. Rose) 
Downing, Marjorie G. 

R.D. #2 

Dallas, Pa. 
Duck, Martha J. 

(Mrs. Seymour Kantro- 

1314 Market St. 

Lewisburg, Pa. 
Dzuris, Mildred 

410 E. Church St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Penstemaker, Mary It. 

(Mrs. Harry John) 

425 Iron St. 

Bloornsburg, Pa. 
Plaherty, Mary E. 

(Mrs. Albert Kohrherr) 

95 Ford Ave. 

Milltown, N.J. 
Flail, Elsie G. 

(Mrs. Robert Kull) 

11927 S.W. 38 Terrace 

Miami, Fla. 
Foust, Frances J. 

R.D. #4, Bloom Rd. 

Danville, Pa. 
Frosini, Enso R. 

33 E. Brady 

W. Wyoming, Pa. 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloom sburg State College 

Paman, Mary E. 
(Mrs. Mary F. James) 
R.D. #1 

Northumberland, Pa. 
tGeorge, Evelyn B. 

(Mrs. Evelyn G. Davis) 
Guarna, Plora C. 

(Mrs. Albent W. Crocker) 
Longshore Dr. 
Willimansett, Mass. 
Gulla, Joseph J. 
26 Hemlock 
Swoyerville, Pa. 
Harmon, Gertrude E. 

204 Lacoe ISIt. 
W. Pittston, Pa. 

tHess, Elizabeth R. 
tHeupcke, Alice Z. (Mrs.) 
Hubler, Elizabeth H. 
14 W. Biddle St. 
Gordon, Pa. 
Hummel, Sarah E. 
(Mrs. Charles J. Shaffer) 

205 Fair St. 
Bloom sburg, Pa. 

(■Johnson, Rosemary p. 
Kane, Bernard W. 

504 Larchwood Ave. 

Upper Darby, Pa. 
Keller, Jeanne 

(Mrs. C. W. Bpley, Jr.) 

450 Forest Place 

Culver, Indiana 
Kester, Ruth J. 

(Mrs. Anthony Novy) 

21 Spring St. 

Shaveirtown, P.a 
Kinney, Cleo D. 

(Mrs. Vincent Pass) 

1133 William St. 

State College, Pa. 
(Longo, Catherine C. 
Martino, Lucille G. 

(Mrs. Lucille G. 

39 Dewey St. 

Roseto, Pa. 
McBride, Eugene A. 

623 Catherine St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
McCloughan, Carol P. 

(Mrs. Carol Hilkert) 

R.D. #1 

Danville, Pa. 
tMiller, Louise B. (Mrs.) 
Sailer, Marilyn D. 

(Mrs. Douglas G. Jack- 

3051 Jeffeirson 

Miami, Fla. 
Schoener, Laura E. 

(Mrs. George W. Taylor) 

403 Allview Court 

Catonsville, Md. 
Shevlin, Helen T. 

1451 Church Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Starook, Shirley T. 

(Mrs. Kenneth Frisby, 

206 Leavenworth 
San Francisco, Calif. 

tSterling, Harriet M. 

(Mrs. Harriet S. Brendle) 
tStozenski, Stanley S. 
Superko, Arlene N. 
10 Gaylane Dr. 
Guilderland, N.Y. 
Vanchieri, Grace M. 
316 Academy St. 
S. Orange, N.J. 

Wagner, Mary C. 

(Mrs. Mary W. Hoffman) 

Market St. 

Washingtonville, Pa. 
Welliver, Julia A. 

(Mrs. Charles Driskell) 

314 Fair ISt. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Wintersteen, Lois L. 

19 W. Market St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Wolfe, Shirley 

(Mirs. SiRirley W. 

806 Clover Lane 

Grand Rapids, Minn. 
Zehner, Betty L. 

(Mrs. Betty Z. Dietrick) 

4836 A St. 

Philadelphia 20, Pa. 
Zong, Marian E. 

(Mrs. Harvey Huber) 

221 Monohan Dr. 

Louisville 7, Ky. 

CLASS OF 1946 

tBallamy, Marion E. 

(Mrs. Marion Tice) 
Blackburn, Donald 

W. Main St. 

Wanamie, Pa. 
Brown, Bora V. 

(Mrs. Dora Silk) 

10051 Brookside Dr. 

Garden Grove, Calif. 
Bucinell, Anna-Barbara B. 

(Mrs. De Marinis) 

926 N. Church St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Buckingham, Reed 

8446 Ocean View Ave. 

Whittles, Calif. 
Cameron, Harrison J. 

(Dr. Harrison J. Cam- 

133 Miller Rd. 

Wapping, Conn. 
Cerchiaro, Rose Marie 

(Mrs. Paul Cossman) 

803 Centre St. 

Jim Thorpe, Pa. 
Comuntzis, Athamantia 

403 Light Street Road 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tCreveling, Marian J. 
Culver, Linda 

(Mrs. Floyd Summers) 

Box 182 

Montrose, Pa. 
Deles ki, Edwin J. 

Laurens, N.Y. 
Bickinson, Boris J. 

(Mrs. Frank Applegate) 

85 Morris Ave. 

Manaquan, N.J. 
Bonahue, Martha C. 

(Mrs. Martha Bottger) 

3i2 Harrington Ave. 


Dong Island, N.Y. 
Bushanko, Stephen 

Harleigh, Pa. 
Ertel. Elizabeth. R. 

825 W. 3rd St. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
Palvey, Bileen L. 

(Mrs. John P. McGovern) 

1538 27th St. 

Ogden, Uta.h 84403 

Pelton, Ralph B. 

35 High St. 

Montrose, Pa. 
tPichter, Lorraine G. 

(Mrs. Lorraine Hughes) 
Poley, James E. 

4120 Kirtland Rd. 

Willoughby, Ohio 
Gabuzda, Bemice R. 

(Mrs. Peter Clapper) 

6500 Michaels Dr. 

Bethesda, Md. 
Gatski, Henry J. 

R.D. #1 

Bloomisburg, Pa. 
Gehman, Isabel A. 

(Mrs. William J. Davis) 

c/o Major William Davis 

Staff, Constrikforsouth, 
Navy No. 510 c/o FPO 

New York, N.Y. 
tGood, Lola E. 

(Mrs. Elmer R. Miller) 
Guis, Lillian H. 

(Mrs. Lillian Holland) 

2801 Erie St. S.E. 

Washington, D.C. 
Hess, Kathleen A. 

Edinboro State College 

Edinboro, Pa. 
Hmelmicky, John J. 

c/o Tony Blanchak 

Ringtown, Pa. 
IHotz, Stephen M. 
tHunter, Alda R. 

(Mrs. Alda Richards) 
tHusovsky, Vincent P. 
Kane, Margaret M. 

(Mrs. Margaret Burke) 

1261 W. Coal St. 

Shenandoah, Pa. 
Keefer, Eugene M. 

R.D. #1 

Selinsgrove, Pa. 
Keeler, Hazel E. 

(Mrs. Garmon W. Brooks) 

302 N. Main St. 

Bel Air, Md. 
Kehler, Wanda M. 

931 Centre St. 

Ashland, Pa. 
tKing, Virginia C. 

(Mrs. Virginia Marchaki- 
tKlingaman, Eltheda M. 

(Mrs. Eltheda 'Slmith) 
Kocher, Borothy L. 

(Mrs. Billie Pugh) 

107 Mercer St. 

Newtown, Pa. 
Kramer, Nellie 

549 Foote Ave. 

Duryea, Pa. 
tKrum, Marie L. 

(Mrs. Marie Young) 
tKurilla, Kathleen N. 

(Mrs. Kathleen Miller) 

117 Taifer Ave. 

Doylestown, Pa. 
LaBarr, James L. 

41 First St. 

Hicksville, N.Y. 
Longo, Mary E. 

(Mrs. P. P. Practico) 

2975 Consoul Rd. 

Schenectady, N.Y. 
Lorah, Mary Ann 

(Mrs. George W. Russi) 

713 Madison Ave. 

Elizabeth, N.J. 

— Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Ludwig, Beatrice P. 

(Mrs. Grant Greenly) 

Jerseytown, Pa. 
McCracken, Ralph A. 

202 Gearhart St. 

Riverside, Pa. 
McDonnell, Marie C. 

300 E. Park St. 

Centralia, Pa. 
Miles, Norine G. 

(Mrs. Touch) 

R.D. #1 

Ring town, Pa. 
Mindler, Barbara M. 

R.D. #1 

Coopersburg, Pa. 
Pappas, Anastasia 

(Mrs. Prank Trowbridge) 

102 W. Mahoning St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Parsell, Audrey A. 

(Mrs. Larue Gunnison) 

:'50 Burroughs Dr. 

Snyder, N.Y. 
Payne, Edith 

(Mrs. Clayton E. Yarnell) 

1504 Market St. 

Ashland, Pa. 
tPropst, Violet J. 

(Mrs. Lawrence Moore) 
Rabb, Donald D. 

Market St. 

Benton, Pa. 
Rhodes, Ora Jane 

R.D. #3 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Roman, Prank J. 

213 Lee Park Ave. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Romberger, Winifred K. 


Box 69 

Benrysburg, Pa. 
Saunders, Frances L. 

42 Alton St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Schrader, Phyllis M. 

(Mrs. D. Walker) 

111 Bridge St. 

Metuchein, N.J. 
Schroeder, Mary M. 

252 W. Wilkes-Barre St. 

Easton, Pa. 
Seybert, M. Lenore 

(Mrs. Reed Buckingham) 

S446 Ocean View Ave. 

Whittier, Calif. 
Shaffer, Jacqueline J. 

(Mrs. Charles W. Creasy, 

R.D. #1 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Sheridan, Catherine D. 

441 W. Main St. 

Gimrdville, Pa. 

tShultz, Betty H. 

Shnltz, Janet R. 

(Mrs. L. A. Ungerman) 

728 Mansion Dr. 

Huntington Valley, Pa. 
Smith, Betty J. 

(Mrs. Betty Linn) 

140 Pine St. 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Stitzel, Martha J. 

(Mrs. Martha Schappell) 

1025 N.W. 130th St. 

Miami 68, Fla. 
tStover, B. Marjorie 
Tremato, Ralph A. 

Apartado Aereo 3622 

Bogota, Columbia, ISl.A. 

TTtt, R. Iiorraine 

(Mrs. J. Frank Moyer) 

2114 E. Tremont St. 

Allentown, Pa. 
Wagner, Charles L. 
Wanich, Mark C, Jr. 

16 Godfrey Ave. 


Long Island, N.Y. 
Weller, Violet L. 

(Mrs. Ralph J. Owens 

R.D. #1 

Turbotville, Pa. 
Welliver, Robert A. 

1534 Catalina Ave. 

Allentown. Pa. 
Williams, S. Anne 

(Mrs. B. B. Pittinger) 

54 Darmouth St. 

Belmont, Mass. 
Witman, Bvelyn I. 

(Mrs. Hugh Mooney) 

Shartlesville, Pa. 
Yearick, Mary M. 

R.D. #1 

Selinsgrove, Pa. 
Zerby, Ida W. 

Box 301 

Main St. 

Herndon, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1947 

Adams, Betty E. 

(Mm. Betty Bredbenner) 


Dalmatia, Pa. 
Angelo, Dominick J. 

Lower St. 

Pardeesville, Pa. 
Barchock, Joseph J. 

209 Andover Sit. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
tBarth, L. Wanda 
Batun, Clair Addison 

11512 Grandview Ave. 

Wheaton, Md. 
Bird, B. Robert 

Retail Credit Co. 

P.O. Box 1127 

Nashville, Tenn. 
Brady, Eugene M., Jr. 

279 W. Center St. 

Johnsonburg, Pa. 
Brosius, Marlin E. 

Mt. Pleasant Mills, Pa. 
Bruner, John H. 

106 E. Fifth St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Bunge, Robert L. 

12 W. Park St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Chamberlain, Mary P. 

149 Elm St. 

Marblehead, Mass. 
* Chubb, Marian E. 

(Mrs. Marian C. Kline) 
tClemens, Martha H. (Mrs.) 
Conbeer, George P. 

945 W. Independence St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Czajkowski, Theodore P. 

42 Lee Park Ave. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
tDavis, Ann A. (Mrs.) 
Davis, Plorence L. (Mrs.) 

309 S. Market St. 

Munoy, Pa. 

-Reported Deceased 

Davis, Laura L. (Mrs.) 

1094 W. Eighth St. 

Albany, Ore. 
Demaree, Gerald J. 

17 Chestnut St. 

Binghamton, N.Y. 
IDeVizia, Delores K. 

(Mrs. Delores D. Helge) 
tDoster, Lawrence H. 
tEgizie, Pauline 

(Mrs. Robert McCaffrey) 
Eshleman, Dawn P. 

(Mrs. Eugene B. McCord) 

801 Hazlewood Lane 

Martinsville, Va. 
Pehl, Helen E. 

100 Sixth St. 

Hicksville, L.I., N.Y. 
Pling, Edith T. 

410 St. Louis Ave. 

Egg Harbor City, N.J. 
tGilbert, M. Jean 
GiUis, Gloria M. 

(Mrs. James F. Lynn) 

1703 Donald Place 

Silver Spring, Md. 
Gillung, George 

Main St. 

Brockway, Pa. 
Grow, Thomas P. 

142 W. Main St. 

Ringtown, Pa. 
Harmany, Charles 

262« Heaen St. 

Allentown, Pa. 
Hartman, Robert 

Lansdale Cor. Apts. 

Apt. c-4 

Lansdale, Pa. 
Hirt, Evelyn J. 

(Mrs. Ralph Brosious) 

525 E. Fourth St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Hollis, Edward J. 

P.O. Box 2 

Drifton, Pa. 
Hornberger, Dorothy M. 

R.D. #1, Box 131 

Elysburg, Pa. 
Horvath, William E. 

R.D. #1 

Slatington, Pa. 
Hosier, Xen 

680 Daphne St. 

Broomfield Hts., Colo. 
Hummel, William W. 

3720 Second St. 

Almedia, Pa. 
Joy, Robert D. 

15 Woodhampton Dr. 

Trenton 18, N.J. 
Jurasik, Theodore E. 

86 Jackson Rd. 

Valley Stream, L.I., N.Y. 
tXarnes, Donald M. 
Kashuba, Matthias P. 

10i28 Carteret Rd. 

Somerville, N.J. 08876 
Reiser, Shirley J. 

(Mrs. Norman Hawk) 

33 Wilson Ave. 

Middlesex, N.J. 
tKeller, Cora S. (Mrs.) 
tKerr, Emily B. (Mrs.) 
IKight, Karliss L. 

(Mrs. B. J. Schupp) 
Klinger, Mae E. 

(Mrs. LeRoy Smeltz) 

Valley View, Pa. 
Krauss, Sara L. 

46 3 B. Third ISt. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Xravitski, Bertha V. 
(Mrs. Bertha K. Daniels) 
Box 47 
Drums, Pa. 
tXritzberger, Walter M. 
Xucharski, Dorothy X. 
266 Harland St. 
Exeter, Pa. 
Iiauderman, E. Paul 
R.D. #2 
Lititz, Pa. 
Lnclii, Margaret H. 

Conynglhaan, Pa. 
Lyons, Joseph F. 
32 Spruce St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Martin, Grace L. (Mrs.) 
R.D. #1 

Harvey's Lake, Pa. 
Martin, Robert F. 
15 Jadewood Rd. 
Levittown, Pa. 
McHenry, Nancy J. 
(Mrs. Nancy Devore) 
R.D. #3 
Benton, Pa. 
Mylet, Frances C. 
(Mrs. Anthony Kapus- 

753 Lincoln St. 
Hazleton, Pa. 
Kaunas, Alberta B. 
(Mrs. William G. Gil- 
Old Danville Rd. 
Bloomsburg 2, Pa. 
No velli, Frank J. 
3'5 Italy St. 
Mocanaqua, Pa. 
Nygren, Ruey X. (Mrs.) 
R.D. #1, Box 385 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa, 
tFaul, B. Renee 
Fressler, Frederick 
321 E. Tihdrd St. 
Berwick, Pa. 
Reichard, Bnth L. 
(Mrs. Ruth R. Miller) 
R.D. #4 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Rhodes, Harriet W. 
(Mrs. James Hantjis) 
2044 Miller St. 
Stroudsburg, Pa. 
tRowlands, Paul 
tRowlands, Richard W. 
Savelli, Lado J. 
456 N. Main St. 
Pittston, Pa. 
Shaffer, David It. 
Highwood, Mont. 
Shopinski, Marie A. 
(Mrs. Marie S. ISItroud) 
tSkow, Clifton S. 
Slegeski, John M. 
1922 Dartmouth St. 
Camp Hill, Pa. 
Smith, George W. 
Loyalsock Twp. Jr-Sr. 

High School 
Loyalsock Dr. 
Willia.mspoTt, Pa. 
Smith, Joyce L. 
(Mrs. Henry A. George) 
Conyngham, Pa. 
Stimmel, James R. 
615 Pittsburgh St. 
Scottdale, Pa. 
Swisher, Harold W. 
R.D. #4 
Lititz, Pa. 

Thomas, John W. 

70 St Fourth St. 

Hamburg, Pa. 
Van Sant, Feme E. 

(Mrs. John W. Whitby) 

Main St. 

Numidia, Pa. 
Vershlnski, Thomas B. 

247 S. Poplar St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Warrington, Robert 

437 Chestnut Ave. 

Hershey, Pa. 
Washville, Vincent F. 

56 Summit Court 

Westfield, N.J. 
Whitby, John P. 

110 Sandow Apt. 

Ross St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Wright, Helen M. 

(Mrs. Joseph Kula) 

604 Haven Lane 

Clarks Summit. Pa. 
tVeager, Irvin R 
Zavacky, Harry 

913 W. Grove St. 

Clarks Summit, Pa. 
Zerby, John R. 

117 E. Charlotte St. 

Millersville, Pa. 
tZondlo, Louise A. 

(Mrs. John Galensky) 

CLASS OF 1948 

tAnsbach, Rose P. (Mrs.) 
Baker, Paul N., Jr. 

6942 Cricklewood 

Indianpolis, Ind. 
Barth, Rosalyn L. 

(Mrs. Rosalyn B. Jacobs) 

1591 Olive Hills Ave. 

El Cajon, Calif. 
Beers, Leonore H. (Mrs.) 

418 Warren Ave. 
Kingston, Pa. 

Bickert, Loie C. 

419 N. Third St. 
Catawissa, Pa. 

tBollinger, Edward L. 
Boyer, Anne B. (Mrs.) 

Med. Det. 2nd General 

Hospital, APO 180 

New York, N.Y. 
Brace, Marjorie E. 

(Mrs. Robert Rosen- 

Hunlock's Creek, Pa. 
Bradley, Mary E. 

Byrnesville St. 

Centralia, Pa. 
Broadt, J. Rosanna 

(Mrs. Wayne Creasy) 

503 Fairway Dr. 

Lancaster, Pa. 
Brown, Helen L. 

(Mrs. Robert Yetter) 

34i0> (St. Main St. 

Cambridge Springs, Pa. 
Chesney, Joseph J. 

1109 Providence Rd. 

Secane, Pa. 
Clark, Mary E. 

R.D. #2 

Dallas, Pa. 
fClemens, Harold O. 
Condor, Doris M. 

619 N. Wyoming St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 

Crawford, Henry E. 

75 Diane Terrace 
Stratford, Conn. 
Cumberland, Anna D. 
Hunlock's Creek, Pa, 
Dalberg, Elroy F. 
1038 N. Hayes Ave. 
Oak Port, 111. 
Davis, John S. 
19 08 Wyoming Ave. 
Forty FoTt, Pa. 
DeBell, Frederick J., Jr. 
2133 Northland Ave. 
Lakewood 7, Ohio 
Ditty, Pauline H. 
R.D. #3, Box 682 
Shamokin, Pa. 
Dormer, James J. 

(Lt. Col. James J. Dorm- 
er) A O-793'908 
401C Signer Blvd. 
Hickam AFB, Hawaii 
Edwards, Blodwen F. 

53 S. Main St. 

Plains, Pa. 
Evancho, Nancy 

(Mrs. Robert Seltzer) 

2604 Helen St. 

Allentown, Pa. 
Fisher. Betty L. 

662 Old Berwick Rd. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Friday, Estelle O. 

(Mrs. Harold Griffith) 

10313 Kayleen Dr. 

Bellevue, Neb. 
Furman, Jack O. 

14 Levydale Pk. 

Cortland, N.Y. 
Gass, Joyce E. 

(Mrs. Joyce G. Barnhart) 

R.D. #4, Bloom Rd. 

Danville, Pa. 
Gerlak, Anastacia R 

(Mrs. A. Chiipko) 

3>03 Wyoming Ave. 

Dupont, Pa. 
Gilbody, Janet E. 

(Mrs. Robert Murray) 

R.D. #3 

Indiana, Pa. 
Gillung, Jack A. 

311 W. Locust St. 

Clearfield, Pa. 
Good, June R. 

170 iS'. Front St. 

Milton. Pa. 
Greenly, Barbara J. 

(Mrs. Barbara Strawn) 

22 Harvey Lane 

Malvern, Pa. 
IGuy, John F. 
"Haines, Eleanor E. 
Hathaway, Martha A. 

(Mrs. Billie D. Starkey) 

Hq. 237, Eng. Bn. 

APO 176 
Henrie, Gilbert 

801 E. Third St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Hosier, Doris X. (Mrs.) 

R.D. #2 

Lancaster, Pa. 
John, Harry G., Jr. 

425 Iron St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Koch, Clement G. 

24-26 Rd. 

Hong Kong, B.C.C. 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Kohn .Lewis A. 
4 4 Scarlet Oak Rd. 
Levittown, Pa. 
Kraiser, Rose M. 
(Mrs. Rose K. Schieber) 
Old Bristol Rd. 
Holland, Pa. 
tKriss, Henry S. 
Krzywicki, Stanley C. 
106 Dana St. 
Forty Fort, Pa. 
Kulik, Henry A. 
50 E. Seventh St. 
Lansdale, Pa. 
Laskowski, Theodore 
R.D. #1 

Trucksville, Pa. 
Iiehet, Elizabeth 
(Mrs. James Mills) 
Box 136, R.D. #1 
Chenango Forks, N.Y. 
Lewis, Peggy A. 
(Mrs. John S. Keenan) 
133 Fourth Ave. 
Phoenixville, Pa. 
Lewis, Thomas W. 
R.D. #2 

New Windsor, Md. 
Lipski, Ellen M. (Mrs.) 
143 Meyers St. 
Edwardsville, Pa. 
'Llewellyn, Robert M. 
Long-o, John A. 
138 S. Poplar St. 
Hazleton, Pa. 
Lnokenbill, Robert J. 
966 Walnut St. 
Freeland, Pa. 
Ludwig, Millard C. 
Center St., Box 227 
Millville, Pa. 
Magill, John P., Jr. 
Blain, Pa. 
Malnlero, Gloria C. 

(Mrs. Harry J. Dill, Jr.) 
Harrington Manor 
P.O. Box 26 
Harrington, Del. 
Master, Howard H. 

Beaver Springs, Pa. 
Menarick, George E. 
73 Mason St. 
Exeter, Pa. 
Miller, Harold L. 
32 Cherry St. 
Danville, Pa. 
Mitten, Dorothy J. 
i, Mrs. D. M. Furman) 
14 Levy dale Park 
Cortland, N.Y. 
Molinaro, Prank L. 
350 Park Rd. 
Morris Plains, N.J. 
Monaghan, Anna E. 
Industrial Home School 
2453 Wisconsin Ave., 

Washington, D.C. 
Moser, Mary A. 
(Mrs. Harry Reitz) 
3001 Market St. 
Camp Hill, Pa. 
Moser, Ruth K. (Mrs.) 

McEwensville, Pa. 
Moss, Irene A. 
79 Academy St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

Moyer, Olive M. 

347 Academy St. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
Hiles, Jane M. 

(Mrs. Jane N. Barndt) 

251 Market St. 

Perkasie, Pa. 
Northup, Anne P. 

(Mrs. Anne N. Rezsek) 

Emmaus High School 

Emmaus, Pa. 
tZTovak, Clemence E. 
Novak, June V. 

(Mrs. June N. Bones) 

205 S. Second iSt. 

Hughesville, Pa. 
O'Donnell, Clare M. 

502 S. Tamaqua St. 

McAdoo, Pa. 
Ollendick, Anna K. 

809 Hilltop Dr. 

Clarks Summit, Pa. 

Orner, William S. 
4348 E. 13th Ave. 
Gary, Ind. 
Palnmbo, Mildred R. 
(Mrs. Vincent Washville) 
56 Summit Court 
Westfield, N.J. 
Patrick, Matilda L. 
(Mrs. Frank Dudziaski) 
Parker Rd., R.D. #1 
Chester, N.J. 
Patterson, Clayton D., Jr. 
1636 Earlington Rd. 
Havertown, Pa. 
Penman, Mabel G. 
Wynneson Park Apt. 
Wynnewood, Pa. 
Phillips, Harry A. 

Dornsife, Pa. 
Pleviak, Samuel J. 
6 'Sand Point Dr. 
Toms River, N.J. 
Radai, Theodore J. 
832 N. Vine St. 
Hazleton, Pa. 
Ramage, Gladys E. 
181 Rock St. 
Pittston, Pa. 
tRegan, Michael 
Reichart, Charlotte R. 
(Mrs. Richard Sharpless) 
1565 N. 116 St. 
Waumatosa 13, Wise. 
Reinert, Harold W. 
25 Elm Ave. 
Hershey, Pa. 
Reitz, Harry E., Jr. 
3001 Market St. 
Camp Hill, Pa. 
Remetz, Michael J. 
R.D. 1 

Honey Brook, Pa. 
Remley, Reginald S. 
92 W. Tioga St. 
Tunkhannock, Pa. 
Richard, H. Jean 
(Mrs. Jean R. Zagaudis) 
1765 - 19 St. 
Cuyahoga Falls, 
Cleveland, Ohio 
Rickmers, Albert D. 
184 Macbeth St. 
Rochester, N.Y. 
Rishe, Donald ST. 
1021 Market St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 

tRittmiller, Lawrence A. 
tRodgers, Bernard P. 
tRooney, James P. 
Rush, Mary E. 

Box 146 

Nicholson, Pa. 
Schlieder, Donald A. 

7950 Tarma St. 

Long Beach 15, Calif. 
Schnure, Mary A. 

(Mrs. J. Clyde Foose) 

Pottsgrove, Pa. 
Schramm, Robert P. 

6813 Beacon Place 

Riverdale, Md. 
Seltzer, Ralph E. 

2604 Helen St. 

Allentown, Pa. 
Severn, Mary G. 

(Mrs. Francis Brennan) 

6136 S. Campbell St. 

Chicago, 111. 
-Sharpless, Louise C. 

(Mrs. R. Erksine III) 
Shellenberger, Pern H. 

(Mrs. R. Baker, Jr.) 

1475 Lyon Dr., S. E. 

Aiken, S. Car. 
Smith, James E. 

1004 Holly Dr. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Smith, Marion H. (Mrs.) 

R.D. 3 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Stasko, George 

11 Spruce St. 

Woodlin Park 

Hudson Falls, N.Y. 
Sturman, Bertha M. 

42 Slocum Ave. 

Tunkhannock, Pa. 
Tierney, James G. 

1682 Route 88 

Box 98 A, R.D. 1 

Bricktown, N.J. 
Tracy, N a dine E. 

R.D. 2 

Hanover, Pa. 
tTroutman, Anna M. 
Troutman, William M. 

1411 Hillside Dr. 

Cherry Hill, N.J. 
Walaconis, Michael 

Ringtown, Pa. 
Wearne, Leonard R. 

82(2 Brighton Ave. 

Mt. Perm 

Reading, Pa. 
Whitebread, H. S. (Mrs.) 

Slocum St. 

Wapwallopen, Pa. 
Williams, Elaine 

31 Price St. 

Kingston, Pa. 
tWilson, Gladys I. 

(Mrs. Charles Grece) 
Wilson, Marion E. 
(Mrs. Marion W. Balliet) 

R.D. 2 

Drums, Pa. 

Winkelblech, Dorothy E. 
(Mrs. Dorothy W. Watts) 
Box 576 
Melrose. Fla. 32666 

Terger, Robert L. 
Mt. Pleasant Mills, Pa. 

-Reported Deceased 

t— Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

CLASS OF 1949 

Adamonis, Joseph A. 

55 Thistle St. 

Pittston, Pa. 
Alhano, Ang-elo M. 

14th & Wall Ave. 

Burlington, N.J. 
Allegar, Edwin M. 

3607 Derry St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Andreas, E, M. (Mrs.) 

Mifflinville, Pa. 
Anella, Betty J. 

2691 Winchester Ave. 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Balrd, Ralph W. 

1021 Maryland Ave. 

W. Sacramento. Calif. 
Baker, Edward G. 

226 Belmont Dr. 

Margate, N.J. 
Barrow, Anna D. (Mrs.) 

Rlngtown, Pa. 
Batey, Robina K. 

31 Moffett St. 

Plains, Pa. 
tB&th, Ruth X. 
Baumer, Cora L. 

(Mrs. Cora B. Danousky) 

R.D. 3 

Dewisburg, Pa. 
Becktel, Stewart G. 

1722 Locust St. 

New Cumberland, Pa. 
Benson, William 

232 Main St. 

Moosic, Pa. 
Berlanda, Mario L. 

3395 White Hall Dr. 

Willow Grove, Pa. 
Berry, Wallace E. 

209 E. (Second St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Bertsch, Harry J. 

114 Mahantongs Dr. 

Pottsville. Pa. 
Beyer, Thomas P. 

1042 Mulberry St. 

Montoursville, Pa. 
•Blew, Robert J. 
Bolig, Betty V. 

(Mrs. B. B. Slipetz) 

406 Lane Ave. 

Endwell, N.Y. 
Boughner, Shirley M. 

(Mrs. Bruce Treon) 

1037 Market St. 

Trevorton, Pa. 
Bowman, Thomas E. 

150' Friar Rd. 

Sherwood Village 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Boyer, Charles, Jr. 

1220 Howard Ave. 

Pottsville, Pa. 
■Brace, Helen E. 

(Mrs. Karl Hess) 
Brandan, Boy W. 

60 Union Ave. 

New Holland, Pa. 
Bntt, Luther S. 

741 Linden St. (Rear) 

Bethlehem, Pa. 
tCain, James M. 
Carter, Leo S. 

1218 N. 22nd St. 

Allentown, Pa. 
tClarke, Lillian B. (Mrs.) 
Cohoat, John J. 

1933 N. Spencer Ave. 

Indianapolis 18, Ind. 

tConrad, Boyal W. 
Contini, Jennie A. 

434 Green St. 

Freeland, Pa. 
Conville, Mary B. (Mrs.) 

14 S. Jardin St. 

Shenandoah, Pa. 
Cope, Verna G. 

909 Green Hill Rd. 

Easton, Pa. 
Cortright, Zita S. (Mrs.) 

90S E. Boone i-'t. 

Santa Maria, Calif. 
Cramer, Robert N. 

Box 6 

Jeffersonville, N.Y. 
Creasy, Cherl Wayne 

503 Fairway Dr. 

Lancaster, Pa. 
Crouse, Elizabeth J. 

(Mrs. R. Leedv) 

R.D. 6 

Danville, Pa. 
Batesman, Lois M. 

(Mrs. Wilmer N ester) 

107 W. Plainfield Ave. 

Pen Argyl, Pa. 
Bavis, Alfred G. 

130 Elizabeth St. 

Dallas, Pa. 
Davis, Robert D. 

426 E. Main St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Deebel, William B. 

5042 Dixon 

Oxen Run Hills, Md. 
Bemmi, Fred 

510 W. Center St. 

Shenandoah, Pa. 
tDiltz, Robert O. 
Bodson, Harold E. 

1508 State St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Bonan, Thomas M. 

1060 Walnut St. 

Colombia, Pa. 
Dotzel, George N.. Jr. 

415 Beaumont Rd. 

York, Pa. 
Dudzinski, Frank W. 

9 Barnet St. 

Rockaway, N.J. 
Dngan, Billy N. 

534 E. Crawford Ave, 

Connellsville, Pa. 15425 
Elder, Ruth F. 

600 E. Third St 

Berwick, Pa. 
Evans, Edwina P. 

13 S. Lincoln Ave. 

•Scranton, Pa. 
Falck, Norman O. 

R.D. 3 

Lewisburg, Pa. 
Fenwick, Susan R. 

39 Dean St. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Fisk, Nancy M. 

(Mrs. Nancy M. Riley) 

R.D. 4 

Danville, Pa. 

tFogel, Anna B. 

tFox, Herbert H. 

Fox, Mary L. 

(Mrs. Angelo Albano) 

14th St. & Wall Ave, 

Burlington, N.J. 
Francisci, Henry A. 

236 Main St. 

Fern Glen, Pa. 

Friday, Vincent G. 

E. Seven Stars Rd. 

R.D. 2 

Phoenixville, Pa. 
Fry, Ray C. 

R.D. 3 

Newville, Pa. 
Fuller, Madge L. 

(Mrs. Robert Jones) 

123 Martzville Rd. 

Berwick, Pa. 

Fuller, Marjorie G. 

(Mrs. Herbert Sowers) 

401 Fairview Ave. 

Milton, Pa. 
Funk, Grace A. 

(Mrs. H. E. Crawford) 

75 Diane Terrace 

Stratford, Conn. 
Galow, Gloria I. 

(Mrs. J. F. Bryan, Jr.) 

309 North view Ave. 

Telford, Pa. 
Garard, Louise M. 

(Mrs. L. G. Frantera) 
tGearhart, Buther E. 
Gehrig, George F. 

302 E. Market St. 

Danville, Pa. 
tGera, George 
Gilbert, Eleanor F. (Mrs.) 

1934 Aripine Ave. 

Bethlehem, Pa. 
Gilbert, Vincent J. 

1934 Aripine Ave. 

Bethlehem, Pa. 
Gilday, Boris M. 

(Mrs. Doris G. Hohn) 

50 8 East way Dr. 

Lakeland, Fla. 
Gillow, Charles G. 

3'0'2 Parsonage St. 

Pittston, Pa. 
Graff, Bertha C. 

706 Spruce St. 

Kulpmont, Pa. 
Graham, Sara A. 

2408 Hillcrest Rd. 

Drexel Hill, Pa. 
Griffiths, Margaret B. 

109 Gay lord Ave. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
Grimes, Richard E. 

1723 Fulton St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Hahn, William J. 

57 Davenport St. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
+Hammers, Robert W. 
Hantjis, James W. 

2044 Miller St. 

Stroudsburg. Pa. 
Hantz, Francis A. 
Harwood, Theodore I. 

Naples Central Sch. 

Naples, N.Y. 
Hartman, Beth E. 

(Mrs. Jack Gardner) 

2413 Harvard Ave. 

Alamogordo, N. Mex. 
Hartman, Buddy M. 

Espy, Pa. 
tHartzelle, Helen E. 
tHawk, Norman J. 
tHawk, Robert A. 
Henley, Shirley B. 

(Mrs. Lew Thomas) 

10014 Fleming Ave. 

Bethesda, Md. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


-'Hess, Geraldine R 

(Mrs. G. H. Weaver) 
Bess, Richard C. 

Court House 

Cape May, R.D.. N.J. 
Homisak, William 

1235 High St. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
tHontz, June L. 

(Mrs. John Guy) 
Hooper, Jean E. 

(Mrs. Robert M. Killlan) 

R.D. 1 

Berwick, Pa. 
Horn, Mary G. (Mrs.) 

523 Grant St. 

Hazleiton, Pa. 
tHouck, Donald C. 
Jacobs, June K. (Mrs.) 

751 Worthington Dr. 

Warminster, Pa. 
Jacoby, Ethel IS. 

Grier City 

Barn-esville, Pa. 
tjones, John L. 
Joseph, Philip J. 

842 Northampton St. 

Easton. Pa. 
Kapp, Irma C. 

R.D. 1 

Northumberland, Pa. 
Kastelic, Ernest 

10 Academy Ave. 
Corniwall-on-Hudson, N.Y. 

Kazmerovicz, Charles J. 

96 William St. 

Plains, Pa. 
Keiser, Edwin R. 

5346 N. 48 Ave. 

Omalha, Nebraska 
Kendall, Clifford J. 

22 Wolf Hill Dr. 

Warren Township 

Plainfieild, N.J. 
Kessler, Donald A. 

R.D. 1 

Danville, Pa. 
Klinger, Edwin J. 

439 Shamokin St. 

Trevorton, Pa. 
Klinger, Irwin R. 

R.D. 1 

Lykens, Pa. 
Kokolias, Pauline L. 

(Mrs. Donald Schueler) 

Matamoras, Pa. 
Kowalsky, Mildred P. 


759 Oherry iSt. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Krajnik, Ruth D. (Mrs.) 

4406 Gibson Dr., S. E. 

Washington, D.C. 
Krum, James A. 

1406 Oak Hill Ave. 

Hagerstown, Md. 
tKulick, Joseph A. 
Kuntza, John 

81 Pilgrim Dr. 

Clifton, N.J. 
Kuster, Gladys 

(Mrs. Robert S. LeVan) 

11 W. 12 St. 
Bloomsburg. Pa. 

Lack, Nellie K. 

449 S. 14 St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Lampman, Alfred M. 

c/o Tapline 

P.O. Box 1348 

Beirut, Lebanon 

LeVan, Robert S. 

11 W. 12th St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Dipski, Leonard P. 

666 Houston Ave. 

Takoma Park, Md. 
Long-o, Celestine M. 

Nuremberg, Pa. 
Lopata, Paul 

Bethany Lane 

Ellicott City, Md. 
Lnchnick, Francis J. 

133<4 W. Norwegian St. 

Pottsville, Pa. 
Lutz, Alvin E. 

42 Mercer Dr. 

Brook side Park 

Newark, Del. 
Lutz, Elsie J. 

1409 W. Front St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
'Mag-era, John J. 
Maley, Matthew J. 

223 Peacock St. 

Pottsville, Pa. 
Manjone, Leonard A., Jr. 

Westou, Pa. 
Mantz, Dale E. 

218 Union St. 

Slatington, Pa. 
Marchetti, Alfred J. 

527 E. Willing St. 

Tamaqua, Pa. 

Marion, James E. 
Maxey, Nancy E. 

812 Monroe Ave. 

Sicranton, Pa. 
McCarr, Bernice E. 

Benjamin Ave. 

Conyngham, Pa. 
McClintock, Eleanor A. 

(Mrs. D. F. Maietta) 

130 Friar Rd. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
McCullough, Jane R. 

R. #2 Box '55C 

Thurmont, Md. 
McDonald, Joan A. 

(Mrs. Joan Broda) 
tMcGeehan, Betty G. 

(Mrs. Betty McElwee) 
McNelis, John G. 

30 Mai-tell Rd. 


Newark, Del. 
McNinch, Barbara R. 

(Mrs. Nevin A. Humimel) 

617 Park St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Meneeley, Marvin L. 

19 Scarsdale Dr. 

Camp Hill, Pa. 
Messner, Leon H. 

129 Tunnel St. 

Williamstown, Pa. 
tMiles, Lucille R. (Mrs.) 
Millard, Robert T. 

1420 Hollywood Dr. 

Lancaster. Pa. 
Miller, William R. 

42 Sullivan St. 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
Mooney, William B. 

712 Fra.nklin St. 

Belvedere, N.J. 
Moore, Charles K. 
Moran, James V. 

319 Sussex St. 

Old Forge, Pa. 

Morrow, Mary Helen 

(Mrs. John Waverka) 

248 W. Maple Ave. 

Hersbey, Pa. 
Mosgo, Violet E. (Mrs.) 

38 S. Wyoming St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Mussoline, Lawrence J. 

909 N. Laurel St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Myers, Adda Mae 

(Mrs. E. C. Barrett. Jr.) 

4317 Havard 'Sit. 

Silver Spring, Md. 2090« 
Nester, Wilmer P. 

107 W. Plainfield Ave. 

Pen Argyl, Pa. 
Noble, Eloise L. 

(Mrs. A. E. Fasshauer) 

706 High St. 

Honesdale, Pa. 
tNuss, Eugene M. 
O'Brien, Robert E. 

Locust Gap, Pa. 
O'Donnell, John J. 

Ill S. Green St. 

Langhorne, Pa. 
Olson, Ernest C, Jr. 

505 S. Post Oak Laji« 

Houston, Texas 
Padula, Josephine E. 

8'03 Parkside Blvd. 

Claymont, Del. 
Page, Janet M. 

(Mrs. Janet Haitt) 

Star Route 

Susquehanna, Pa. 
tPanzetta, Nicholas J. 
Parnell, Peter 

Box 28 

Roxbury, N.Y. 
tPaternoster, George D. 
Paulmeno, Anthony J. 

750 Revere St. 

Denver S, Colo. 
Pekala, Lawrence V. 

224 W. Green St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Pichel, Julia 

(Mrs. Julia Sterling) 

1714 Woodland St. 

S. Plainfield, N.J. 
Pick, Robert W. 

R.D. #5 

Danviille, Pa. 
Popick, Raymond J. 

55 Rittenhouse St. 

Simpson, Pa. 
tPrete, Santo J. 
Purcell, John M. 

16 Welland Ave. 

Farmingdale. N.Y. 
tPutera, Joseph J. 
Radice, Prancis J. 

152 W. Fourth St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Rarig, Leah M. (Mrs.) 

R.D. #3, Pa. 
Readier, Horace E. 

413 S. Taney St. K-309 

Philadelphia 46, Pa. 
Rees, Laureen A. 

219 K. Spring St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Reichard, John H. 

R.D. #4 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Reitz, Robert G. 

214 Faimaks Ave. 

Horsham, Pa. 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Bemetz, George 

R.D #2 Fallston 

Baltimore, Md. 
Rhawn, Hannah E. Keller 

5 G. St. 

Danville, Ta. 
Rhinard, Theron R. 

211 Central Ave. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Richards, A. Margaret 

328 Mulberrv St 

Berwick, Pa. 
Riefski, Emory s. 

(Stanley, Emory R ) 

81 Main (Sit. 

New Milford, Pa. 
Rohhlns, Carl H. 

1410 Broadwav'st 

Far go, N. Dakota' 
Romanczyk, Helen M. 

(Mrs. Helen Gillis) 

3 Ludlow Dr. 

Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 
Rowlands, Clarence C. 

62 Davenport St 

Plymouth, Pa. 
Rowlands, William H. 

1008% W. Main St 

Plymouth, Pa. 
Samp sell, Janes F. 

417 Columbus Ave 

Philadelphia, Miss'. 
Savage, Charles A. 

P.O. Box 105 

Smithfield, Pa. 18817 
Schiefer, Charles R. 

5869 Lowell Ave 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
Scott, Marjorie Ann 

RD S 'it2 ajrJOrie Brennan > 

Berwick, Pa. 
Semic, Stanley 

6370 Magnolia St. 

Riverside, Calif. 
Shirk, Dydia p. 

(Mrs. Gene H. Keller) 

Ridgeview Rd 

Princeton, N.J. 
tShoemaker, Mary C. 

(Mrs. Richard W. Hawk) 
Shook, Lottie C. 

100 New St. 

Muncy, Pa. 
tSigworth, Hazel s. (Mrs.) 
Sitler, Martha J. 

(Mrs. Patrick Flaherty) 

706 State Rd. 

Croydon, Pa. 
Slipetz, Paul, Jr. 

406 Larue Ave. 

Endwell, N.Y. 
tSmigel, Thomas 
Snyder, Donald E. 

1032 Dettlinger Rd. 

Woodland Heights 

Wilmington 5, Del. 
Snyder, Engrene W. 

R.D. #3 

Danville, Pa. 
Snyder, Nancy M. 

(Mrs. D. E. Snyder) 

1032 Dettlinger Rd. 

Woodland Heights 

Wilmington 5, Del. 

Sowers, Charles H. 

1517 Memorial Ave. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
tSpanich, Michael J. 
Speicher, Deo J. 

733 E. 3rd St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Stadts, Marie A. 

(Mrs. Marie Anthony) 

84 Main Rd. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
Stont, Richard C. 

11 Foster St. 

Bloomfield, N.J. 
Snchy, Margaret 

(Mrs. Charles Baron) 

321 Rogers Ave. 

Endicott, N.Y. 
Swigonski, Thaddens J. 

Huntington Mills, Pa. 
Thear, George 

222 E. Center St. 

Nesquehoning, Pa. 
tThomas, Dorothy A. 

(Mrs. F. E. Patschke) 
Thomas, Robert D. 

736 E. Market St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Thomson, Rose Ann 

(Mrs. Rose Gard) 

5 State St. 
Middletown, N.Y. 

Tidey, William J., Jr. 

233 Main St. 

Souderton, Pa. 
Troback, Oretchen D. 

(Mrs. Colin V. McLain) 

George St. 

Franklinville, N.J. 
Trimpey, Ruth G. 

R.D. #1 

Dallastown, Pa. 
*Troutman, Merrill W. 
tTugend, Florence C. 
tTyson, Mary R. 

(Mrs. Mary R. Lauck) 
tVon Bergen, Ruth C. 

(Mrs. Ruth Rosenstock) 
Vought, William C. 

47 Stonewall Circle 

White Plains, N.Y. 
Walters, Shirley B. 

(Mrs. Shirley Stephens) 

7613 Gaylord Drive 

Annadale, Va. 
Walton, Carl K. 

644 N. 16th St. 
. Allentown, Pa. 
Wasdovich, George 

190 Fourth St. 

Oneida, Pa. 
Webb, Anita D. 

(Mrs. John G. Lee) 

306 S. Glenwood Ave. 

Clearwater, Fla. 
Whitesell, Carson D. 

Hunlock Creek, Pa. 
Williams, Carolyn H. 


6 Seneca Trail 
Sparta, N.J. 

Wire, Kenneth E. 
4104 Walnut St. 
Harrisburg, Pa. 
tWright, Elizabeth A. 

(Mrs. S. S. Paponia, Jr.) 
Wyrsch, Ruth H. 
10 Lawton Ave. 
Binghamton, N.Y. 
tZorskas, Anna 

CLASS OF 1950 

Ackerman, Clyde J. 

Nuremberg, Pa. 
Allegrucci, Gene J. 

2'37 Susquehanna Ave. 

Wyoming, Pa. 
Ande, Ralph F., Jr. 

1205 3rd Ave. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Baker, Glen R. 

7'51 Pleasant Park Rd. 

Ottawa, Canada 
Baker, Ducy J. 

(Mrs. R. B. Laubscher) 

1'0'S 5 McNamara St. 

Crescent City, Calif. 
Baksl, Ramona R. 

(Mrs. Ramona Krupa) 

271 Dogwood Dr. 

Hummelstown, Pa. 
Balent, Robert 

24 Honeysuckle Lane 

Levittown, Pa. 
tBarnhart, Mildred G. 

Baylor, Hurley C. 

R.D. #2, Danville, Pa. 
Baylor, Robert A. 

24b East Arrow Hwy. 

Claremont, Calif. 
Bell, Michael F. 

2 Renshaw Place 

Port Chester, N.Y. 
tBenner, Ned Oliver 
Bertollo, Frank John Jr. 

1400 Fairview Ave. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Bird, Walter 

102 Iris Dr. 

Neptune 1, N.J. 
Bitetti, Ducy F. 

936 Center St. 

Freehand, Pa. 
Blake, Earl H., Jr. 

1205 E. Front St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Bolinsky, Isabel D. 

1105 Penn St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Bonin, Martha G. 

542 N. Wyoming St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Borst, Kenneth E. 

666 Angell St. 

Providence, R.I. 
Boyle, James H. 

38 Ski Hill Dr. 

Bedminster, N.J. 
Bredbenner, Hilda 
, 51 E. Poplar St. 

W. Nanticoke, Pa. 
Brennan, D. S. (Mrs.) 

508 Madingley Rd. 

Linthieum Heights, Md. 
Brennan, William J. 

508 Madingley Rd. 

Linthieum Heights, Md. 
Brunn, Henry E. 

265 Spring St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Brunstetter, Nancy J. 

(Mrs. Thomas Anthony) 

577 Park Ridge Dr. 

Valley Forge, Wayne, Pa. 
'Bushinski, Walter B. 
Butcofsky, Donald D. 

66 Queensbridge Rd. 

Levittown, Pa. 
tBuynak, John E. 

(Captain J. E. Buynak) 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Canouse, Robert O. 

202 Pine St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Carl, John H. 

Fail-view Dr. 

R.R. #1 

Madison, Conn. 
Case, Frederick J. 

Noxen, Pa. 
Cavanaugh, Claire T. 

826 Hickory St. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Cerchiaro, Frances A. 

920 N. Broad St. 

Elizabeth, N.J. 
Chapin, Katherlne E. 

(Mrs. Millard G. Fisher) 

Box 35A2 

R.D. #2 

Hollidaysburg, Pa. 
Chebro, George 

Beach Haven, Pa. 
Cierlitsky, Theresa A. 

(Mrs. Charles J. Daly) 

Apt. B. 1309 Lion St. 

Durham, N.C. 
Comuntzis, Aleki D. 

(Mrs. Aleki Nickles) 

4420 Driston Dr. 

Columbia 13, Ohio 
Conrad, Robert H. 

R.D. #2 

Boyertown, Pa. 
Cook, Kenneth L. 

R.D. #1 

Mohnton, Pa. 19540 
Cooley, Max G. 

40 4 Sunset Lane 

Shippensburg, Pa. 
Corrig-an, Eugene J. 


Newport, N.Y. 
Cortright, Jay B. 

908 E. Boone St. 

Santa Maria, Calif. 93454 
Crumb, Nancy J. 

(Mrs. Charles Eves) 

1600 Fairview Ave. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Cnrilla, Joseph 

112 S. Hills Ave. 

State College, Pa. 
Czerniakowski, John B. 

Lafayetter & iState Sts. 

Doylestown, Pa. 
iBavis, William C. 
Bechant, Kathryn E. 

115 Clinton Ave. 

S. Renova, Pa. 
BeMott, Dorothy M. 

(Mrs. Dale H. Reichart) 

Light 'Street, Pa. 
Bent, Neil E. 

2327 Bastian Terrace 

Philadelphia 45, Pa. 
tBerzak, Joseph L. 
Biehle, Owen C. 

Richboro, Pa. 
Bietrich, Betty B. (Mrs.) 

R. #1 

Mifflinburg, Pa. 
Dormer, Bernard J. 

811 E. Dewart St. 

Slhamokin, Pa. 
Breibelbis, Susan A. 

(Mrs. James Boyle) 

38 Ski Hill Dr. 

Bedminster, N.J. 

Brennan, Harry J., Jr. 

23>50 Saratoga St. 

Buhl Park Village 

Sharpsville, Pa. 
tBunnigan, Elizabeth J. 
Eddinger, Jonnior B. 

R.D. #2 

Berwick, Pa. 
Edwards, Edward H. 

85 Short St. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Emanuel, Hannah 

421 River Rd. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Engle, Marian M. 

849 N. Arch St. 

Allentown, Pa. 
Evans, Russell Y. 

139 S. Sixth St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
tEvasic, Marcella J. 
Fanzo, Marjorie B. 

(Mrs. M. Mariotti) 

2137 Lexington Ave. 

Beitihlehem, Pa. 
Faust, Sarah M. 

(Mrs. Sarah Kelshaw) 

750 North St. 

Weatherly, Pa. 
Fellon, Beonard A. 

R.D. #1 

Northumberland, Pa. 
tFink, Gerald E. 
Flaherty, Patrick J. 

7'0« State Rd. 

Croydon, Pa. 
Freeda, Stanley J. 

Croton Falls. N.Y. 
Gabriel, Bonis S., Jr. 

210 Green St. 

Woodbridge, N.J. 
Gambel, Norma E. 

(Mrs. Robert Baldwin) 

Sugar Run, Pa. 
tGardner, Jack E. 
Garrison, Harold A. 

822 N. Oswego St. 

Allentown, Pa. 
Gaugler, Elbert G. 

338 Columbia Ave. 

Tipton, Ind. 
Gazenski, Beonard B. 

13117 Turkey Branch 


Rockville, Md. 
Gerringer, Helen H. (Mrs.) 

715 E. Market St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Gieda, Joseph J. 

Pindeill School Rd. 

Fulton, Md. 20759 
Glass, Charles F. 

(Rev. Charles F. Glass) 

R.D. #2 

Hellam, Fa. 
Gleockler, Richard C. 

Ulysses, Pa. 
Gobora, Harry J. 

19 Jonquil Lane 

Levittown, Pa. 
*Golob, Anne A. (Mrs.) 
Graham, M. Kathryn 

2408 Hill Crest Rd. 

Drexel Hill, Pa. 
Grande, Joseph J. 

114 Harvey Ave. 

Reading, Pa. 
Grant, Beon E. 

1421 E. Joppa Rd. 

Baltimore. Md. 

Gricoski, Beonard B. 

522 Grant Ave. 

Willow Grove, Pa. 
Grifasi, Dorothy 

(Mrs. Bruno Birjno) 

4618 Adrian St. 

Wheaten City 

Rockville, Md. 
Groff, Lucille 
Guyler, Hazel C. (Mrs.) 

Beech St. 

Top sham Heights 

Brunswick, Me. 
Hackenbnrg, Murray A. 

R.D. #3 

Danville, Pa. 
Hanlon, Esther M. 

535 Arlington St. 

Tarn aqua, Pa. 
Hartline, Florence S. 

(Mrs. S. C. Kindt) 

421 Mill St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Hartman, Clyde H. 

E. Third St. 

Nescopeck, Pa. 
Hartman, Bayne A. 

Benton, Pa. 
Henry, Beroy K. 

10157 Jordan Ave. 

Chatsworth, Calif. 
Herb, Curtis W. 

443 Wiildwood Dr. 

Park Forrest, 111. 
Hippman, Robert S. 

441 State Rd. 

W. Fairview, Pa. 
Hoar, Donald B. 

10 Adams Dr. 

Denville, N.J. 
Horaberger, Ralph E. 

122 Dolington Rd. 

Yardley, Pa. 
Huff, Erma C. (Mrs.) 

Holly Acres, Route 2 

Federalsburg, Md. 
Huff, Raymond A. 

Hepburn St. 

Milton, Pa. 
tlkeler, Winifred M. (Mrs.) 
Jackovitz, Edward F. 

918 Richly n Dr. 

Fullerton, Md. 
Jacobs, Charles K. 

751 Woirthington Dr. 

Warminster, Pa. 
James, Walter G. 

528 Linden St. 

Bristol, Pa. 
Jarman, Richard E. 

154 Bal'usrol Ave. 

Springfield, N.J. 
Jasczak, Leonard A. 

Box 444-J Route 2 

Rahway, N.J. 
tjohnson, Boyle W. 
Johnson, Francis R. 

Edinboro ;Sltate College 

Edinboro, Pa. 
tJones, Luther 
Jones, Janice A. 

(Mrs. Wesley Castner) 

135 W. Shawnee 

Plymouth, Pa. 
tJones, Shirley H. 
*Kamm, Harold R. 
Karas, Vincent W. 

509 E. Diamond St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Kashner, Robert J. 

36 Larboard St. 

Beachwood, N.J. 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Kashuba, Margaret K. 


1028 Carteret St. 

Somerville, N.J. 
Kearney, George L. 

R.D. 1, Box 273 

Paxinos, Pa. 
Keiser, Norman P. 

1500 Hume Dr. 

Saratoga, Calif. 
Kelder, Jeanne A. 

(Mrs. Thomas L. Gunn) 

24 Bayberry Lane 

Mountainside, N.J. 07090 
Keller, Jane L. 

(Mrs. Frank Molinaro) 

850 Park Rd. 

Morris Plains, N.J. 
Kelly, Daniel E. 

361 N. 69th St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Kemp, Anna G. 

Conynghaim Terrace 

Conyngham, Pa. 
Kemp, Wilbur H. 

Box 126 

Danville, Pa. 
Kenvin, Jane L. 

(Mrs. George Widger) 

R.D. 2 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Kepplng, George 

1-2.214 Pebblebrook Rd. 

Houston, Texas 
Kepplng, Martha P. (Mrs.) 

12214 Pebblebrook Rd. 

Houston, Texas 
Keyser, Richard B. 

825 Jefferson St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
King, Donald P. 

R.D. 1 

Dallas. Pa. 
Kline, Richard E. 

McClure, Pa, 
Klopp, Thomas A. 

14 W. Main St. 

Fleetwood, Pa. 
Kocher, Avis W. 

R.D. 2 

Dallas, Pa. 
Kollesar, Michael 

883 Peace St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Kolodgie, Edward J. 

178 Windermere Ave. 

Lansdowne, Pa. 
Koplin, Glenn R. 

2-941 Avon Rd. 

Bethlehem. Pa. 
Kreiser, Elmer 

1151 Grimell Ave. 

Columbia, Pa. 
Krafchik, Thomas A. 

1209 Thornden Rd. 

Rockville, Md. 
Kreitz, Edward J. 

21304 Robinwood 

Farmington, Mich. 
Kriss, Stephen P. 

R.D. 2 

Millville, Pa. 
Kryzwicki, Genevieve 

(Mrs. Frank Straw) 

Box 34 

Drums, Pa. 
Knndrat, Stephen, Jr. 

1125 Third Ave. 

Berwick, Pa. 
tKurey, Joseph E. 

Lanck, Charles L. 
R.D. 1 

Mohnton, Pa. 
tLeshinski, Robert W. 
tDivingston, Lionel C. 
Logar, Berdine A. 
(Mrs. B. L. Rittenhouse) 
843 Abbey Rd. 
Richmond 25, Va. 
Lohr, Mary L. 
(Mrs. D. P. Wentzel) 
32 Doe Lane 
Malvern, Pa. 
tLonger, Charles W. 
Lord, Grace A. 
262 ISL River St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Lovett, Dorothy R. 
(Mrs. D. L. Morgan) 
415 D Grandview Ave. 
Pitman, N.J. 
Lupashunski, Prank T. 

Elliott City, Md. 
Maciekowich, Zigmond D. 
1019 Crasbv Rd. 
Baltimore 28, Md. 
tMack, Edward W. 
Maietta, Donald P. 
(Dr. D. F. Maietta) 
130 Friar Rd. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Marks, Mnriel P. 

(Mrs. R. Himimelberger) 

R.D. 1 

Riobesonia, Pa. 
Martini, Robert E. 

8318 Quentin St. 

Hyattsville, Md. 
tMcAndrew, Thomas J. 
tMcCormack, Grace E. 
McDonald, Leo J. 

R.D. 1 

Ringtown, Pa. 
McNealis, Margaret 

76 W. Broad St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Meiss, Clarence J. 

6215 Frederick Rd. 

Catonsville 28, Md. 
Mensinger, Clair E. 

Main St. 

Mifflinville, Pa. 
Merena, Walter 

18 Ruen St. 

Nichols, N.Y. 
tMerrick, Henry 
Messa, Edward P. 

900 Bushkill St. 

Easton, Pa. 
Metzo, Thomas M. 

22 Minuet Dr. 

Manor Pk., 

New Castle, Del. 
Middleswarth, Nerine M. 

Troxelville. Pa. 

tMiller, Charles E. 

Miller, Edythe R. 

618 Hepburn St. 

Milton, Pa. 
Millhouse, Richard C. 

50i0 N. 21 St. 

Las Vegas, Nevada 
tMitros, Edward J. 
Montague, Robert E. 

R.D. 4 

Danville, Pa. 
tMordan, Jack L. 
Morgans, Rodney K. 

501 Sylvan Dr. 

S. Williamsport, Pa. 

Morris, John S. 

646 W. Main St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Naylor, Thelma M. 

1711 Monroe Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Pacholec, Henry P. 

500 Hill Court 
Alexandria, Va. 

tPalencar, Andrew E. 
Panzetta, John T. 

6 9 Hudson Dr. 

M. D. 31 

Newburgh, N.Y. 
Fapania, Ann E. 

(Mrs. S. Bergstresser) 

16 (Si Front St. 

Selinsgrove, Pa. 
Parry, Donald 

172 Cornell Ave. 

Rahway, N.J. 
Paterson, Andrew T. 

Fairleigh-Dickson College 

Rutherford, N.J. 
Pecore, Louis S., Jr. 

Santa Ana College 

Santa Ana, Calif. 
Petarra, Concetta G. 

(Mrs. Mario Pasquarella) 

3037 N. Front St. 

Philapdelphia, Pa. 
tFhillips, Charles E. 
Plevyak, Paul P. 

501 Holden Rd. 
Towson 4, Md. 

tPope, Arlene M. 
Foust, Eleanor P. 

(Mrs. R. Blackwell) 

313 W. Seventh St. 

Waynesboro, Pa. 
Pringle, Prank M. 

284 Irving St. 

Johnstown, Pa. 
Race, Ethel E. 

R.D. 2 

Tunkhannock, Pa. 
Reece, Margaret E. 

(Mrs. Robert McMillan) 

Landenberg, Pa. 
Reedy, James A., Jr. 

322 Oak Hill Dr. 

Middletown, Pa. 
Reimensnyder, Virginia P. 

228 S. Front St. 

Milton, Pa. 
Rick, John J. 

2653 Orthodox St. 

Philadelphia 37, Pa. 
Ridall, Elizabeth J. 

(Mrs. Donald Wagner) 

2301 Lincoln Ave. 

Claymont, Del. 
Riegel, Arthur C. 

23 3 South St. 

Catawissa, Pa. 
*Riffel, Margaret B. (Mrs.) 
Riley, Mary E. 

833 IS. Franklin St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
RisheL William J. 

3719 Courtleigh Dr. 

Randallstown, Md. 
Roberts, Charles E. 

542 Franklin St. 

Slatington, Pa. 
Roeder, William K. 

54 Spencer Rd. 

Basking Ridge, N.J. 
Romig, William G. 

1305 Shore Rd. 

Baltimore 20, Md. 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Koth, Luther H. 

487 S. Grant St. 

WIlkes-Barre, Pa. 
Ryan, William H. 

909 Pine St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Sakalski, Stephen F. 

7602 Wilhelm Ave. 


Baltimore, Md. 
Samois, Deryl J. 

R.D. 3 

Breezewood Hills 

Mechanicsburg, Pa. 
Schalles, Madelyn J. 

(Mrs. Rice Williams) 

217 Broad ISt. 

Nescopeck, Pa. 
Scheipe, Walter G. 

232 Sycamore Rd. 

W. Reading, Pa. 
►Shain, Leone M. 
Sheehy, Edward I*. 

550 Cherry St. 

Columbia, Pa. 
Saeleman, John 

Dushore, Pa. 
Snipe, Eugene R. 

R.D. 1 

Danville. Pa. 
Shoemaker, William F. 

Box 117 

Espy, Pa. 
Sholley, Olivia B. (Mrs.) 

310 N. Eighth St. 

Selinsgrove, Pa. 
Shupp, Ruth E. 

(Mrs. Richard Beadle) 

116 E. Main St. 
Ashville, Ohio 

tskowronski, Edward F. 
Slobozien, Faul J. 

409 Girard St. 

Johnstown, Pa. 
Slusser, Faul D. 
R.D. 3 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Smethers, Donald R. 

R.D. 2 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Smigelski, Edward J. 

2615 Wakefield Rd. 

Berkley, Mich. 
Smith, Grace 

1603 Farragut Ave. 

Rockville, Md. 
Smith, Marjorie A. 

(Mrs. Rodlerick Reber) 

922 E. Stafford St. 

Philadelphia 38, Pa. 
tSmolski, Alice A. 
Soback, Andrew 

100 S. Mercer St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Somers, Marguerite M. 

(Mrs. Irvin K. Jenkins) 

5il3 N. 32nd St. 

Arlington 7, Va. 
Sopko, Joseph E. 

117 ISchool Plaza 
Hershey, Pa. 

Souder, Leora V. 

807 E. Second St. 

Nescopeck, Pa. 
Stair, Carol V. 

87 N. Mill St. 

W. Nanticoke, Pa. 
*Stamm, Elbert L. 
Starr, Raymond A. 

1.29 N. Marshall St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 

Stein, Jean E. 

4-03 Elmira St. 

Troy, Pa. 
tSteinruck, Doyle T. 
Sterling, Warren M. 

1714 Woodland Ave. 
/SL Plainfield, N.J. 
Stimeling, William A. 

542 E. Tenth St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Stratton, William R. 

10315 Bethesda Church 


Damascus, Md. 
Swaboski, Ramona A. 

414 E. Sixth St. 

Mt. Carmel. Pa. 
Swales, Willis, Jr. 

422 Jensen Ave. 

Rahway, N.J. 
Symons, Catherine V. 

121 E. Popular St. 

W. Nanticoke, Pa. 
Talarsky, Henry C. 

298 Georges Rd. 

N. Brunswick, N.J. 
Tarole, Carmela A. 

(Mrs. C. T. Gotthardt) 

R.D. 2 

Bethlehem, Pa. 
Teel, Martha L. 

(Mrs. R. Ammerman) 

93 E. 12th St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Terrel, Audrey C. 

(Mrs. C. S. Adlis) 

Box 246 

.Strasburg, Va. 
Todd, Alma W. 

332 E. Main St. 

Girardville, Pa. 
Tormay, Edith L. 

534 E. Muir St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
UTirich, Faul E. 

R.D. 6 

Danville, Pa. 
Vincent, Joseph G. 

1516 Pennsylvania Ave. 

Paoli, Pa. 
Von Stetten, Wayne 

2 Masson Place 

W. Orange, N.J. 
Wagner, J. Richard 

College Hill 

R.D. 3 

Kutztown, Pa. 
tWagner, Mildred A. 
Walther, Robert F. 

324 N. Seventh St. 

Columbia Pa. 
Warner, Jane K. 

(Mrs. Daniel Suitch) 

327 First St. 

Weatherly, Pa. 
Wesneyak, Josephine A. 

(Mrs. J. W. Chevalier) 

70 S. Valley Rd. 

W. Orange, N.J. 
iWhite, Harold J. 
Widger, George E. 

R.D. 2 

Catawissa, Pa. 
twillard, Raymond 
'Williams, Catherine 
Williams. John W. 

626 Redman Ave. 

Haddonfield. N.J. 
tWilliams, Robert E., Jr. 
Wing ate, Robert M. 

14'5 W. Eighth St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Wintersteen, William J. 

24 Maple St. 

Danville, Pa. 
tWolford, Marvin R. 
Worrall, H. Grace 

701 N. Cherry St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Wyant, Elmer L. 

21 Kinry Rd. 
Poughkeepsie. N.Y. 

Yakoboski, Joseph 

1724 Sherwood Rd. 

New Cumberland, Pa. 
Yannes, Adeline C. 

626 Fern St. 

Freeland, Pa. 
Young, Frederick D., Jr. 

7511 Lawrence St. 

Dundalk 22. Md. 
Zelinski, Bernard J. 

214 N. Elm Ave. 

Aldan, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1951 

tAlarcon, Mary Ann 
tAndrews, Robert C. 
tApichella, Joseph L. 
Arnold, James C. 

29 Sullivan St. 

Canton, Pa. 
Ashner, Shirley G. 

(Mrs. Floyd RaJhuck) 

3 Edward Ave. 

Middlesex, N.J. 
tBabb, John F. 
Bacon, Gerald A. 

R.D. #3 

Towanda, Pa. 
Balch, Leonard A. 

1016 E. Chestnut St 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Ballantine, Lewis S. 

225 W. Willow St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Bannll, Walter J. 

22 Glinko St. 
Scranton, Pa. 

tBeachell, Merlin C. 
Beyers, Roy 
10 Hope Rd. 
Levittown, Pa. 
tBodine, Francis 
Brace, Barbara J- 
(Mrs. Barbara Miller) 
72 Whitehall Dr. 
E. Hartford, Conn. 
tBronson, Martha E. 
■ Broome, Elizabeth 
tBruchs, Robert J. 
Brundage, Laura M. 
(Mrs. David Evans) 
341 Chestnut St. 
W. Reading, Pa. 
tBucher, Grace F. (Mrs.) 
tBurlingame, Helyn J. 
Buss, Delphine R. 
(Mrs. D. Hamershock) 
41 Kitohell Rd. 
Denville, N.J. 
Carey, Vivian J. 
(Mrs. Vivian Reynar) 
1053 Church St. 
Abington, Pa. 
Carls, Rhoda C. 
1520% Gordon St. 
Allentown, Pa. 
Carr, Grayce R. 
32 E. Broad St. 
W. Hazleton, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Cole, Beverly A. 

(Mrs. Beverly German) 

245 Jefferson St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Conner, Jean C. 

95 McCarragher St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

Creveling, James B» 

2 A. S. Fourth St. 

Newport. Pa, 
Dannl, Borneo J. 

Cordington Apts. 

Bound Brook, N.J. 
TDavls, Jean S. 

(Mrs. Stewart Davis) 
Davis, Russell c., Jr. 

Thunder Hill 

Grahamsville, N.J. 
'Dean, Francis P. 
Dematt, Mary C. 

6 81 N. Locust St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
DeFaul, Bernard 

617 Mulberry St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Dixon, Bita 

1765 Hopkins St. 

Berkeley, Calif. 
tDonachy, George D. 
Doody, Ruth Ann 

(Mrs. William Standt) 

138 Date Palm Dr. 

Lake Park, Fla. 
Dorsey, Mary Jane 

(Mrs. Mary J. Genke) 

Millbrook Lane 

Colts Neck, N.J. 07722 
Dnbbs, Robert J. 

1130 Chemung St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
tDznris, Lois E. 

(Mrs. Dan Waiting) 
Edwards, Charles L. 

532 Hillcrest Place 

Gettysburg, Pa, 
tEdwards, David T. 
tElliott, Hugh H. 
Emmitt, Harold P. 

R.D. #4 

Danville. Pa. 
Eremich, Albert C. 

220 Beach Ave. 

New Dorp 

(Staten Island 6, N.Y. 
Ennish, Carleton H. 

1668 W. Front St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Evans .Michael P. 

96 W. Chestnut St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

+Farnsworth, Paul R, 
Frederick, Anna B. 

(Mrs. J. W. Pentecost) 

163 E. Ashland St. 

Doylestown, Pa. 
tGass, Carol Mae 
Gearhart, Charles B. 

542 Shuman St. 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Gorda, George 

559 Arthur St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
tGrabowski, Anthony R. 

(Anthony R. Gray) 
Grazel, Joan A. 

(Mrs. Joan G. Gamble) 

812 Long Ave. 

Pitman, N.J. 
Greenly, John M. 

820 Linwood St. 

New Cumberland, Pa. 

tGreenough, Caroline B. 
Hackett, Faythe M. 

314 W. Mt. Carmel Ave. 

Glenside, Pa. 
Harder, Helen R. 

22 W. Fourth St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tHarner, Richard C. 
Harris, Mabel 

(Mrs. M. H. Horner) 

Box 44 

Beach Haven, Pa. 
Hartzell, Howard B., Jr. 

R.D. 2 

Mifflinburg, Pa. 
Hawk, Russell E., Jr. 

420 King St. 

Woodbury, N.J. 
Heintzelman, Mary X. 

249 Chestnut St. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Hemlock, Michael 
Hileman, Robert B. 

78 Vail Ave. 

Beacon, N.Y. 
Hinderliter, Norma P. 

(Mrs. Nevin Moyer) 

R.D. 1 

Zion Grove, Pa. 
tHorne, Lyle R. 
+Hughes, George B. 
Hummel, Richard S. 

370 King St. 

Northumberland, Pa. 
Jacques, Alice M. 

(Mrs. Carl H. Grimes) 

R.D. 2 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Jewell, Robert J. 

140 W. Center Rd. 

iShavertown, Pa. 
tjohnson, Barbara A. 
Kaplan, Max 

Behrend Center 

Erie, Pa, 
Kearas, Donald C. 

Benson Rd. 

R.D. 1 

Skaneateles, N.Y. 
Keener, Paul L. 

Box 137 

Dewart, Pa. 
Kemp, Gordon 1. 

134 S. Main St. 

Ellenville, N.Y. 
Killian, Ida E. 

86 Allen St. 

W. Nanticoke, Pa. 
Kishbangh, Robert H. 

340 Mulberry St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Kleman, James 

119 Locust Ave. 

Centralia, Pa. 
Kline, Norman E. 

Box 162 

McClure, Pa. 
Klinetob, Miltona B. 

R.D. 1 

Berwick, Pa. 
Klotsko, John 

781 Dural Dr. 

Montgomery 9, Ala. 
Knarr, Ned L. 

R.D. 1, Box 50-A 

Shamokin, Pa. 
tKocur, John 
Kotnla, Bernard C. 

Cumbola, Pa. 
Kraemer, Charles G. 

265 W. Laila Dr. 

W. Melbourne, Fla. 

tKranser, Henry J. 
Kreamer, Mary C. 

434 McCartney St. 

Easton, Pa. 
tXrensavage, Thaddeos P. 
tXressler, Richard H. 
Kringe, Patricia M. 

708 N. Broad St. 

W. Hazleton, Pa. 
rLaubach, Natalie J. 
tDepard, Robert 
Lewis, Charles P. 

327 Sixth St. 

Northumberland, Pa. 
Xiinetty, Charles J. 

636 Rocksprings Ave. 

Bel Air, Md. 
Lockard, Charles H. 

512 S. Market St. 

Muncy, Pa. 
Long-. Gloria D. 

(Mrs. J. L. Whitney) 
Iiuchs, Robert W. 

17 W. Anthony Ave. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
■Lundy, Harold 
Maceiko, Andrew 

52* S. [Second St. 

Lindenhurst, L.I., N.Y. 
Marchetti, Violette 

1062 Chestnut St. 

Kulpmont, Pa. 

tMasanovich, Milo 

Mattis, Marie B. 

1017 E. Webster SL 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Maza, Robert 

603 Fernwood St. 

Emmaus, Pa. 
tMcCaffrey, Bobert W. 
tMcDade, Donald 
McGrew, Daniel P. 

217 Krewson Terrace 

Willow Grove, Pa. 
McNamee, Francis B. 

1027 Crestover Rd. 

Wilmington, Del. 
tMeiss, Elizabeth A. 

(Mrs. E. M. Walters) 
Merrifield, Bobert S. 

208 Jefferson Ave. 

Linwood, N.J. 
tMertz, Barbara L. 
Mlkvy, Lillian 

(Mrs. Robert Merrifield) 

208 Jefferson Ave. 

Linwood, N.J. 
Mordan, Florence J. 

Box 65 

Turbotville, Pa. 
Morgan, Nancy A. 

(Mrs. Robert Engler) 

R.D. 1 

Drums, Pa. 
Mouery, William J. 

136 S. Popular SL 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
tMurphy, Michael D. J. 
Palmer, Hazel 

175 Main St. 

New Milford, Pa. 
Fapania, Joseph 

King St. 

Smethport, Pa. 
Farrell, Daniel C. 

620 Garfield St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Parsell, John L. 

Orangeville, Pa. 

-Reported Decayed 

t— Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Perry, Prank V. 

21-58 Barr Rd. 

Wilmington 8, Del. 
Fersing, Carl J. 

539 Kenwood Place 

Teaneck, N.J. 
Petraitis, Wanda M. 

R.D. 2 

Collegeville. Pa. 
Pickel, Dorothy 

6-12 Hillside Ave. 

Nutley, N.J. 
Piestrak, Edward L. 

722 Funston Ave. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
Powell, Nancy R. 

(Mrs. Willis Swales) 

422 Jensen Ave. 

■Railway, N.J. 
Pnrcell, James J. 

Market ISt. National Bank 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Rarig, Emory, Jr. 

R.D. 1 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Reck, George E. 

587 Rock Rd. 

Glen Rock, N.J. 
Reinhart, Jacquelin E. 

R.D. 1, Box 59 

Hazleton, Pa. 
tRodeback, John E. 
Roessner, George N. 

224 Glenwood Lane 

Port Jefferson, N.Y. 
tRnssell, Donald H. 
Ryan, John J. 

47 Huntlay Circle 

Dover, Del. 19901 
Sanders, Roy E., Sr.. 

1412 State St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Scheetz, Genevieve J. 

276 W. Wilkes-Barre St. 

Easton, Pa. 
Schilling, P. Richard 

9692 Rose Bay St. 

Anaheim, Calif. 
3 c z, Blanche O. 

Millville, Pa. 
Schwartz, Richard C. 

106 W. 46th St. 

Green Tree Acres 

Reading, Pa. 
Search, Gene D. 

601 B. Eighth St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Siebold, John E. 

10-6 Cedarmere Rd. 

Owings Mills, Md. 

tsharkey, Winifred J. 

tShirey, Maxine L. 

(Mrs. A. E. McClure) 
Sickinger, William R. T. 

Hull House 

Halstead St. 

Chicago, 111. 
Snyder, Frances D. 

(Mrs. Edward Shanken) 

232 Garden Lane 

Durham, N.H. 
Sonnenherg, Fred R. 

36 Woodbury St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
tstanziola, Anthony C. 
tStanffer, Lewis R. 
tsteiner, Edward W. 
Stibitz, Jessie M. 

36 E. Second St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 

Swartz, John D. 

1128 Roberts Rd. 

Media, Pa. 
Symons, Mildred E. 

(Mrs. M. S. Wolfson) 

219 Efaw Ave. 

St. Clairsville, Ohio 
Tavalsky, Edward J. 

1130 Virginia Ave. 

Johnstown, Pa. 
Thomas, Hervey R. 

R.D. 2 

Orangeville, Pa. 

tThomsen, Elvira E. 

Tietjen, Helen L. 

(Mrs. Helen T. Emmitt) 

141 Forest Hill Rd. 

Leola, Pa. 
Valimont, Agnes T. 

(Madre Marie Jose) 

c/o Padres Franciseanos 

Casilla 2329 

La Paz, Bolivia 
Vasilauskas, Edward T. 

(Edward T. Wassel) 

119 American Legion 


Pine Grove, Pa. 
Vernoy, Carolyn V. 

(Mrs. Robert G. Keitz) 

214 Fair Oaks Ave. 

Harsham, Pa. 
Vollrath, Mary A. 

63 E. Poplar St. 

W. Nanticoke. Pa. 
fVon Stetten, Glenn D. 
tVukcevich, TTkasin 
Waechter, Richard F. 

44 N. Tenth St. 

Indiana, Pa. 
Wagner, Muriel F. 

(Mrs. M. W. Brush) 

3i619 Bobolink Lane 

Orlando, Fla. 
tWanich, Carol A. 

(Mrs. Richard Bell) 
tWeaver, Ephraim S., Jr. 
Welker, Daniel C. R. 

Lavelle, Pa. 
tWertman, Leah L. 

(Mrs. Robert Fritz) 
Whitenlght, Jennie S. 

82 Knapp Ave. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Whitney, James L. 

100 S. Chestnut St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Williams, Jack E. 

641 Cleveland Ave. 

Milton, Pa. 
Wire, Ralph W. 

2417 Harvard Ave. 

Camp Hill, Pa. 
Wire, Robert J., Jr. 

E Canal Rd., R.D. 3 

Dover, Pa. 
Wismer, Shirley E. 

(Mrs. S. W. Baker) 

Box 394-C 

R.D. 1 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Witheridge, Eleanor R. 

79 Ninth St. 

Wyoming, Pa. 
tWoll, Charles T. 
Womer, Franklin P. 

1014 Lincoln Ave. 

Prospect Park, Pa. 
Teager, John J. 

Wapwallopen, Pa. 

Yohey, Clyde E. 

Stone Castle Motel 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tTonng, George D. 
Zeigler, Homer L. 
503 Berrysburg Rd. 
Millersburg, Pa. 

tZorn, Walter A. 
Zweizag, Mary L. 

(Mrs. Mary Z. Dietrich) 
R.D. 1 
Shoemakersville, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1952 

Abbott, Priscilla 

(Mrs. H. Fenstermacher) 

111 E. Harford St. 

Milford, Pa. 
tAdami, Eugene 
tAllen, Jean 
Anthony, Thomas 

577 Park Ridge Dr. 

Valley Forge, Wayne, Pa. 
Anker, Dorothy 

228 Sambourne St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Babcock, James R. 

35 E. Spruce St. 

Mahanoy City, Pa. 
Badman, Atwood 

501 Webb Rd. 

Newark, Del. 
Baksi, George V. 

1022 Eisenhower Ave. 

Woodlyn, Pa. 
Baron, Charles 

1827 Meridian Rd. 

San Jose, Calif. 
Ben, Adam 

168 Seventh St. 

Blakely, Pa- 
Bennett, Dale 

3907 Sedgegrove Rd. 

Greenshore, N.C. 
Bine, Viola 

Box 23 

Washingtonville, Pa. 
Blyler, George 

Jubilee St. 

Emmaus, Pa. 
Bolinsky, Eleanore 

(Mrs. Eleanore Volgan) 

1105 Penn St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Bonrdette, Margaret 

(Mrs. Francis Galenski) 

183 Diane Ave. 

Clearbrook Village 

Hatboro, Pa. 
Bowman, Doris 

234 Walnut St. 

Milton, Pa. 
Brachman, Rnssell C. 

122 Beverly Rd. 

DanviUe, Va. 24541 
Brown, "Albert 

243 W. Willow St. 

Carlisle, Pa. 
-Brown, Francis 
Brown, Sara L. M. (Mrs.) 

1425 Market St. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
•Burns, John 
tBurns, Robert 
BuBhick, Ronald P. 

511 Main St. 

Ranshaw, Pa. 
tCannon, James J. 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Carey, Harold 

14 Union St. 

Deep River, Conn. 
Casula, Michalene 

(Mrs. Michalene Chabor) 

9 McMullin St. 

Manor Park 

New Castle, Del. 
Cesare, Donald 

42 Elm St. 

Old Forge, Pa. 
Cherilla, Rocco 

246 E. First St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Ciampi, Anthony 

950 Bel Air Dr. 

Berwick, Pa. 
tClarrldg-e, Clifton G., ZZX 
Coleman, Shirley 

Beavertown, Pa. 
Coval, Leon 

R.D. #2 

ELmira, N.Y. 

tDailey, Jacob 

: Daly, Charles 

tDavis, Stewart 

Diebert, Lola 

(Mrs. Lola Glass) 

841 Pelham Ave. 

Warminster, Pa. 
Dietz, John 

250 Newtown Rd. 

Warminster, Pa. 
Domaleskie, Rose M. 

Old Westburg Rd. 

Old Westburg, N.Y. 
tDorak, Michael J. 
Dorasavage, Margaret 

700 Mahantongo (St. 

Pottsville, Pa. 
Eckert, Irene G. 

(Mrs. Wm. Harrsion) 

71 Viewpoint Lane 

Levittown, Pa. 
Edwards, Richard 

17% E. Shawnee Ave. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
Enama, Joan 

Nuremberg, Pa. 
Evans, David C. 

341 Chestnut St. 

W. Reading, Pa. 
Evans, Marilyn 

(Mrs. George A. Smith) 

426 Chestnut, St. 

Cleona, Pa. 
Fenstermacher, Harry M. 

Ill E. Harford St. 

Milford, Pa. 
Fernsler, Mary 

847 S. Franklin St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
tFitzsimmons, Marguerite 

(Mrs. M. Baltinghouse) 
Fogel, Glenn N. 

137 N. 6th St. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Funk, Geraldine 

(Mrs. G. McLaughlin) 

18665 Sumner St. 

Detroit 40, Mich. 
Furgele, Frank 

1229 Strathmann Rd. 

Southampton, Pa. 
Galiley, Leonard 

379 Church iStt. 

White Plains, N.Y. 
Galinski, Francis 

183 Diane Ave. 

Hatboro, Pa. 

Gallagher, Edward 

R.D. #4 

York, Pa. 
tGeist, Franklyn 
tGeorge, Joseph 
George, Rhoad 

5 Wintson Ave. 
Wilmington, Del. 

Gilbert, William 

33 Amherst Ave. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa, 
Gillespie, William 

R.D. #2 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Ginter, William 

11 W. Buena Vista Way 

Bloomingdale, N.J. 
Glidden, Ruth 

(Mrs. Ruth Radicchi) 

319 Laurel St. 

Susquehanna, Pa, 
Haddad, Dyar 

3'3 Greenw'ood Place 

Springville, N.Y. 

tHaddon, John C. 

Harman, Barbara 

R.D. #1 

Lykens, Pa. 
Harring, Maynard 

c/o Dr. I. E. Saussen 

Valley View, Pa. 
Hartley, Harold 

Lenoxville, Pa. 
Heckman, David L . 

404 Alexander Ave. 

Drexel Hill, Pa. 
Hegarty, Kathryn 

266 Van Gelder St. 

Tamaqua, Pa. 
Herman, Harry M. 

R.D. #2 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Kerr, William 

222 Arborlea Ave. 

Morrisville, Pa. 
tHessert, Barbara 
Hitchings, Albert 

15 Stevens Ave. 

Rambing Acres 

New Castle. Del. 
Hornberger, Lester 

R.D. #2 

Willow Street, Pa. 
Hrisko, William 

312 S. Middle SL 

Frackville, Pa. 
Hughes, Milton 

19 S. Regent St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Hurtt, Henry 

1300 Foxwood Dr. 

Pitcairn, Pa. 
tJenkins, David W. Ill 
tJohnson, Edward 
Johnson, Eleanor 

(Mrs. Eleanor Hummel) 

R.D. #1 

Ronks, Pa. 
tJones, Marjorie V. (Mrs.) 
Jones, Thomas C. 

601 Bosley Ave. 

Towson, Md. 
tKaler, Ronald 
Kanyuck, Calvin W. 

6 Rock St. 
Glen Lyon, Pa. 

Kennedy, Eleanor 
R.D. #5 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tKiefer, Varnamae C. (Mrs.) 

Kile, Nelson H. 

54 W. 8th (St. 

Wyoming, Pa. 
Xistler, Patricia 

(Mrs. Patricia Diseroad) 
Xobal, George 

119 Village Lane 

Levittown, Pa. 
Kozlowski, Raymond 

R.D. #1 

Oxford, N.Y. 
Kreisher, William J. 

121 E. Dewart St. 

Sharnokin, Pa. 
Krzywicki, Jeanne 

116% S. Main St. Apt. 2 

Yardley, Pa. 
Laubscher, Robert E. 

1055 JIcNamara St. 

Crescent City, Calif. 
Laux, P. Richard 

176 E. Dorrance St. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Ledyard, Richard 

Gravel Hill Rd. 

Southampton, Pa. 
tLenhart, Jack M. 
LeVan, Stanley L. 

212 W. 5th St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Looker, Russell 

(Rev. Russell Looker) 

24 Hillside Ave. 

Glen Ridge, N.J. 
tLundy, Marilyn 
Lylo, Michael 

2018 N. Market St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
tMacDougall, Joyce 

(Mrs. B. L. Eveland) 
Marsilio, Alfred S. 

8415 Thornton Rd. 

Lutherville, Md. 
Matnleski, Charlotte 

(Mrs. Wm. J. Hess) 

250 W. First St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Mazzitti, Gloria 

(Mrs. Carleton Ermish) 

16 68 W. Front St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
McAloose, William 

135 Taifer Ave. 

Doylestown, Pa. 
*McHugh, Cornelins 
McLaughlin, Thomas 

(Major T. McLaughlin) 

U.S. Army Command and 

Gen. ISItaff College 

Fort Levenworth, Kansas 
McNamee, Dorothy C. 


1027 Crestover Rd. 

Wilmington, Del. 
Meier, Jean 

Miller Lane 

Fullerton, Pa. 
Mensch, Jeannette A. 

217 North St. 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Mertz, Florence 

(Mrs. R. D. Slingerland) 

R.D. #1 

Northumberland. Pa. 
Miller, Amos G. 

132 E. Chestnut St. 

Sharnokin, Pa. 
tMiller, Robert E. 
Miller, Royal 

Laurel St. 

Frackville, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


tMitchell, Kathleen 
Morrison, Richard 

Ellicott City Higih School 

Ellicott City, Md. 
Mouery .Olive 

(Mrs. Olive Green) 

136 S. Popular St. 

Mt. Carmea, Pa. 
Mudrock, Joseph 

108 N. 36th St. 

Camp Hill, Pa. 
Nancarrow, Sara 

34 Church St. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
Nawrocki, Vincent 

4 Federal St. 

New Philadelphia, Pa. 
Newman, Lois 

73 Oliver St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
North, David T. 

64 Oak ISt. 

Brookville, Pa. 
Osenhach, Robert 

3 Grand St. 

Hazardville, Conn. 
tPayne, Marion V. 
Peffer, John 

RJD. #1 

Shippensburg. Pa. 
pelchar, Joseph J. 

538 North St. 

Keiser, Pa. 
Philo, Laura 

(Mrs. C. Patterson, Jr.) 

1636 Earlington Rd. 

Havertown, Pa. 
Potson, Andrew 

16 Frable St. 

Sinipson, Pa. 
Powell, Richard 

1010 Graylyn Rd. 

Wilmington, Del. 
Price, Janet 

Box 87 

Millville, Pa. 
Rachko, George 

341 Nassau Ave. 

Paulsboro, N.J. 
tRadzwich, William 
Reed, Thomas 

67 Price St. 

Kingston, Pa. 
*Reed, William W. 
tReese, Jack 
Rhinard, Kathryn 

(Mrs. Kathryn Krepick) 

925 Poplar St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Rider, Janice 

State St. 

Millville, Pa. 
*Riley, John 
Roberts, Kenneth 

R.D. #4 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Ruckle, Jeanne 

(Mrs. Jeanne Berninger) 

524 W. Third St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Rummage, Pred 

5700 George Washington 


Washington 22, D.C. 
Sanders, Roy W. Jr. 

1412 State St. 

S'lhamokin, Pa. 
Scheno, Angelo 

651 E. 3rd St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Schnkis, Thomas 

313 Cecelia Dr. 

Blackwood, N.J. 
ISearch, Philip 
tShanahan, John 
Sheehan, Prancls 

885 Crescent Dr. 

Sidney, Ohio 
Sherman, Barbara 

(Mrs. Riohrad Kersteen) 

19209 Brookview Dr. 

Saratoga, Calif. 
Shultz, Mary K. 

R.D. #2 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Simpson, Edwin 

844 Euclid Ave. 

Des Moines, Iowa 
tSlikes, Edward 
Sluyter, Joyce 

(Mrs. Joyce Philippi) 

R.D. #1 

Towanda, Pa. 
Smith, George A. 

426 Chestnut St. 

Cleona, Pa. 
Snyder, Edward 

Wm. Penn High School 

New Castle, Del. 
Stackhouse, Catherine 

10 Sandymount Dr. 

Rochester, N.Y. 
Stanitskie, Prancis 

204 Bluefield Rd. 

Hillside Heights 

Newark, Del. 
Stanko, Constance 

19 Jonquil Lane 

Levittown, Pa. 
tStec, Dorothy 
Steele, Dorothy K. 

Dallas, Pa. 
Stevens, John 

125 W. Kleinbans Ave. 

Easton, Pa. 
tstonlk, John M. 
tstransser, Pred 
Stush, John J. 

2'60 E. Poplar St. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
Swartz, Nancy 

(Mrs. Nancy Lychos) 

607 Lawrence Ave. 

Lincoln Park 

Reading, Pa. 
tTaylor, Patricia 

(Mrs. H. M. Snyder) 
Thomas, David 

831 Columbia Ave. 

Lancaster, Pa. 
Thurston, Robert 

Apt. 8 

710 S. Townsend St. 

Santa Anna, Calif. 
tTrisko, John 
tTroutman, Walter 
Troxell, William 

23 Kinsey St. 

Montgomery, Pa. 
TTnger, Nancy 

(Mrs. Norman Keiser) 

1500 Hume Dr. 

Saratoga, Calif. 
tVanderslice, Joanne 

(Mrs. C. G. Clarridge) 

Vanyo, Andre 

740 Donnelly St. 

Duryea, Pa. 
Wagner, John 

722 Portland Ave. 

Huntingdon, Pa. 

Weinstein, Philip 

8210 Arrowhead Rd. 

Baltimore 8, Md. 
Whibley, James 

High St. 

Atglen, Pa. 
White, John 

623 E. Fifth St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Williams, George 

1126 Pine St. 

Lansdale, Pa. 
Williams, Nancy 

732 Centre St. 

Ashland, Pa. 
Womer, Robert M. 

541 N. Ohio Ave. 

Rantoul, 111 
tWood, Graydon 
Worhacz, Walter 

,212 & Market St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Wright, Mary A. 

(Mrs. Mary Kline) 

14 E. Third St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Yozviak, Marie 

(Mrs. Wm. Barteau) 

Lakeview Terrace 

Harvey's Lake, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1953 

Adams, Clyde C. 

Dornsife, Pa. 
Aimers, Mary G. 

114 Girard St. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
Anspach, Terrance E. 

524 Ave. E. 

Riverside, Pa. 
tAyre, Marjorie H. 
tBaer, Elizabeth A. 
Barkley, Joseph R. 

16 3'0 Mohawk Dr. 

Mailland, Fla. 
Bartholomew, Mary D. 


195 S. Front St. 

Milton, Pa. 
tBartleson, William 
Bean, Erma 

(Mrs. Glenn W. Sfbeats) 

1353 Ridge Trail 

Easton, Pa. 
Bearde, Keith 

20 Murray Hill Rd. 

Medford, Mass. 
Bell, Clyde H. 
Bender, Naomi K. 

116 N. Front St. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Benner, Lee 

6 School Hill Dr. 

Doylestown, Pa. 
Bickel, Pearl 

909 Masser St. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Bickel, Irwin 

43 Lafayette Ave. 

Chatham, N.J. 
Big-gar, Mabel 

Unityville, Pa. 
Bishop, Richard 

R.D. #1 

Amity, Pa. 
Blyler, Donald N. 

66 Old Kings Highway 

Wilton, Conn. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t— Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

tBodek, Sylvester V. 
Bog-dan, John T. 
2732 Jenkintown Rd. 
North Hills, Pa. 
Boychuck, Daniel 
136 Long view Ave. 
Penndel, Pa. 
tBoyle, Joseph E. 
Brennen, Charles M. 
236 Hillside Ave. 
Livingston, N.J. 
tBrooks, Harry P. 
Bnrness, Vivian B. (Mrs.) 
7 E. Overlea Ave. 
Baltimore 6, M<L 
Butler, Donald J. 
31 Nelson Ave. 
Cooperstown, N.Y. 
Byham, William E. 
1210 W. Central Ave. 
S. Williamsport, Pa. 
tCaccia, Lena Ann 
Campbell, Edward J. 
12 Gable Ave. 
Downingtown, Pa. 
Carmody, Shirley M. 
12 N. York Rd. 
Willow Grove, Pa. 
Charney, Theresa L. 
(Mrs. Prank Spiesa) 
103 E. Elm St. 
Emmaus, Pa. 
tCiavaglia, Salvadore J. 
Cichowicz, Irene L. 
(Mrs. E. J. Chesla, Jr.) 
416 S. Hardin St. 
Shenandoah, Pa. 
Cleaver, William J. 
R.D. #2 

Orangeville, Pa. 
Condon, Mary C. 
(Mrs. Thomas Gehringer) 
809 S. Main St. 
Allentown, Pa. 
Cooke, LaRne A. 
R.D. #3 
Danville, Pa. 
tCoursen, Xla Mae 
Croop, Boy, Jr. 
107 Marvel Dr. 
Butler, Pa. 
tCuff, Joanne 

(Mrs. D. Fitzpatrick) 
Cunfer, Edwin W. 
418 Edgeboro Dr. 
Newton, Pa. 
Cyganowski, Alfred J. 
432 "West St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
D'Angelo, Ronald 7. 
1961 N. Market St. 
Berwick, Pa. 
tDanilo, Bosella 
Davis, Clarabelle 
(Mrs. Walter Troutman) 
Fort Worth, Texas 
- DeCampi, Helen E. 
Diltz, Leona I. 
(Mrs. D. Poust) 
494 E. Water St. 
Hughesville, Pa. 
DiBico, John M. Jr. 
338 Morris Ave. 
Wayne, Pa. 
Doty, James E. 
943 Fort McClure Ave. 
Sunbury, Pa. 
Dowd, Bobert J. 
202 N. Stanford Way 
Whittier, Calif. 

Duke, Ben C. Jr. 

(Dr. Ben C. Duke) 
103 SiummeThill Ave. 
Berwick, Pa. 
Dnrso, Michael J. 
28 Maplewood Ave. 
Hornell, N.Y. 
Dyer, Palmer E. 

117 Township Rd. 

Sellersville, Pa. 
tEdwards, Harry B. 
Edwards, Joann P. (Mrs.) 

3 Sunset Ave. 

New Oxford, Pa. 
tEndler, Irene J. 

(Mrs. Frank Paul) 
Erickson, Douglas 

R.D. #2 

Lewisburg, Pa. 
Evans, Bichard W. 

49 Hillsdale Rd. 

Old Bridge, N.J. 
Ewing, C. Bichard 

R.D. #2 

McClure, Pa. 
Pago, Stephen 

424 W. Park St. 

Centralia, Pa. 
Fairchild, Esther 

1209 Market St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Peifer, Joseph P. 

Landisville, Pa. 
Felker, Madge 

(Mrs. Nelson Kile) 

54 W. 8th St. 

Wyoming, Pa. 
tFerdinand, James V. 
*Pisher, William G. 
tFitzpatrick, Daniel E. 
Pormulak, Loretta C. 

(Mrs. F. Rummage) 

5700 George Washington 


Camp Springs, Md. 
Pulmer, Thnrston S. 

346 King St. 

Northumberland, Pa. 
Gembusia, John M. 

Oxford Valley Rd. 

Yardley, Pa. 
George, Margaret (Mrs.) 

927 W. First St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Gerhard, Bobert A. 

786 Dogwood Dr. 

Mickleys Gardens 

Allentown, Pa. 
"Gibbons, Ellen A. 
Goodhart, Edwin M. 

15 Briar Lane 

Camp Hill, Pa. 
Goodwin, Thomas A. 

25 Roosevelt Dr. 

Lockport, N.Y. 
Gordner, Arlene G. 

Main St. 

Millville, Pa. 
Grazel, Marie B. 

(Mrs. Marie G. Morris) 

117 Euclid Ave. 

Pitman, N.J. 
Greco, Jean 

(Mrs. Jean Fix) 

2128 (SL Lumber St. 

Allentown, Pa. 
Gulik, Barbara A. 

(Mrs. Richard Davis) 

10 Victoria Lane 

Levittown, Pa. 

Haas, Bobert V. 

2183 Main St. 

Schnecksville, Pa. 
Hale, Bobert E. 

600 Landmisser St. 

W. Hazleton, Pa. 
Harding, Delores B. 

(Mrs. David Lutz) 

7 28 Mclntire Rd. 

f Charlottesville, Va. 
tHarris, Bobert E. 
Hatrack, William 

7 Siherwood Dr. 

Lakewood, N.J. 
Hayhurst, Donglas 

128 S. Main St. 

Muncy, Pa. 

Heacock, Anna C. 

(Mrs. Anna H. Lloyd) 

King St. 

Northumberland, Pa. 
Heebner, Nancy 

(Mrs. Nancy H. Herr) 

222 Arborlea Ave. 

Morrisville, Pa. 
Heppe, Grace 

Conyngham, Pa. 
Herchel, Begina M. 

(Mrs. R. H. Poveromo) 

16 E. Marine Ave. 

Lindenhurst, N.Y. 
Hileman, Winnie (Mrs.) 

78 Vail Ave. 

Beacon, N.Y. 
Hill, William J. 

235 Forreist St. 

S. Williamsport, Pa. 
Hons, Russell C. 

R.D. 2 

Dalton, Pa. 
tHosler, Margery N. 

(Mrs. Ray Lynch, Jr.) 
Hummel, B. Eugene 

R.D. 1 

Ronks, Pa. 
Hvasta, Susan D. 

(Mrs. Adam Ben) 

187 Diane Ave. 

Hatboro. Pa. 
Johns, George P. 

R.D. #2, Box 55C 

Thurmont, Md. 
tjohnson, Janice E. 
Johnson, Jimmie D. 

2912 Blueberry Lane 

Bowie, Md. 
Jones, Bichard H. 

24 Bayard St. 

Bayard School 

New Brunswick, N.J. 
Jones, Wilma I. 

(Mrs. Wilma J. Kennedy) 

Box 161 

Morgantown, Pa. 
Kallenbach, Mary E. 

(Mrs. Mary K. FowleT) 

278 Fainhill Dr. 

Churchville, Pa. 
Kennedy, John L. 

Box 161 

Morgantown, Pa. 
Kerchner, Herbert B. 

631 Abington Ave. 

Glenside, Pa. 
•Kline, Bachel E. 
Kline, William K. 

112 Gerhart St. 

Millersburg, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


JCuause, Richard C. 

R.D. #3 

Romig Rd. 

Pottstown, Pa. 
Xoharskl, Alex F. 

14 Fifth St. 

Wyoming, Pa. 
Irause, John L. 

Box 20 

Sugarloaf, Pa. 
Irepich, Michael 

1233 Ferris Ave. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Xrunkosky, Joseph 

517 Lorraine Ave. 

Middlesex, N.J. 
Krunkosky, Mary L. 

517 Lorraine Ave. 

Middlesex, N.J. 
tXsanznak, Lawrence R. 
Xubik, Alex W. 

Timonium, Md. 
LaBarr, Robert 

31-A Ridge Rd. 

Greenbelt, Md. 

tLanibrinos, George 

Idiikchorst, David 

Park Crest, R.D. #1 

Barnesville, Pa. 
I<inn, Edward 

R.D. #2 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
ililnii, William B. 
Locke, Richard J. 
161 Sharpe St. 
AJden Station 
Nanticoke, Pa. 

tltong, Mildred J. 
Mac Gill, Leonora M. 

(Mrs. T. A. Goodwin) 

25 Roosevelt Dr. 

Lockport, N.Y. 
tMakowski, Clem 
Marinl, Henry 

Box 4'0> 

Airport Post Office 

Haneda, Tokyo 

Matnrani, John S. 

R.D. #4 

Danville, Pa. 
McClintock, Donald R. 

235 N. Clinton St. 

Doylestown, Pa. 
McGee, Edward 

168 ISiusqueihanna Blvd. 

W. Hazleton, Pa. 
tMcMahan, Joyce S. 

(Mrs. Joyce Stecker) 
McQuown, Nira J. 

(Mrs. Edward Mizidoski) 

R.D. #2 

Berwick, Pa. 
tMegargel, Myrtle 
Meier, Joseph 

2062 Ridgelawn Ave. 

Bethleheim, Pa. 
Meisner, Rita 

833 Pine St. 

Kulpmont, Pa. 
Meredith, Donald 

346 Queen St. 

Northumberland, Pa. 
Miller, Jeanne 

(Mrs. Jeanne Sick) 

5 E. Harrison St. 

Tunkhannock, Pa. 

Mlncemoyer, John 

164 S. Second St. 

Hughesviille, Pa. 
'Moore, Robert 
Morgan, John 

319 Sussex St. 

Old Forge, Pa. 
Morgan, Phyllis 

(Mrs. Albert J. Harper) 

39 4 Green Ridge Rd. 

Langhorne, Pa. 
Morrison, M. Eugene 

1856 Old Berwick Rd. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Moss, Ogden, Jr. 

Main St. 

New Milford, Pa. 
Newbury, David 

4852 Iowa Dr. 

Warren, Mich. 

tKeyhard, Miriam 

(Mrs. Ellis S. Kocher) 
Ohlman, M. Elaine 

(Mrs. Elaine O. Albans) 

Second St. Pike 

Southampton, Pa. 
Palko, Michael 

804 Pottsville St. 

Pottsville, Pa. 
Paternoster, Doris 

(Mrs. D. P. Wandishln) 

16 Wardman Ave. 

Trenton 8, N.J. 
Patton, Mary 

(Mrs. Alfred S. Marsilio) 

8415 Thornton Rd. 

Lutherville, Md. 
Panzer, Edwin L. 

135-36 - 82nd Ave. 

Q Gardens 

New York, N.Y. 
Payer, Stephen 

35 S. Tamaqua St. 

McAdoo, Pa. 
Pease, Charles 

R.D. #2 

Delhi. N.Y. 
FicheL June 

(Mrs. William Cook) 

Asbury Rd., Box 628 

Bloomsbury, N.J. 
Pihanich, Michael, Jr. 

1016 Seneca St. 

Bethlehem, Pa. 
Pliscott, Mildred M. 

1229 Stratlhmann Rd. 

Southampton, Pa. 
tPrice, Robert I. 
Quick, Alice 

136 Main St. 

Flemington, Pa. 
Raabe, Raymond 

5623 Lothian Rd. 

Baltimore, Md. 
Raker, Warren L. 

208 Debbie Dr. 

Scran ton, Pa. 
Reinsmith, George 

224 N. First St. 

Lehighton, Pa. 
Reisenweaver, Shirley 

707 Fernwood St. 

Emmaus, Pa. 
Renninger, Claude 

327 E. Main St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Rhoads, Nancy L. 

(Mrs. John O'Brien) 

223 Lion Ave. 

Norwood, Pa. 

tRlttenmeyer, Jack 
Roll, Theodore 

1409 Second Ave. 

Berwick, Pa. 
tRompala, Edward R. 
tSable, Edward A. 
Scrimgeour, John 

4W> E. Third St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tSkeeba, Jean 
Soberick, Jack 

R.D. #1 


Berwick, Pa. 
Speal, Elizabeth 

(Lt. Elizabeth Posey) 

c/o Mrs. Speal 

529 Center St. 

Freeland, Pa. 
Stevenson, Robert 

14 Slocum Place 

Long Branch, N.J. 
tStiner, Martha 
tStonik, Anne K. (Mrs.) 
Stontenbnrgh, William 

Lopatung St. 

Belvidere, N.J. 
Swaboski, Alexander 

41 E. Sixth St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Swartz, Nellie H. 

(Mrs. Wliliam Byham) 

1210 Central Ave. 

S. Williamsport, Pa. 
Taylor, Charles 

MAG 13, 1st Mar. Brig. 

c/o FPO 

San Francisco, Calif. 
Tilmont, John 

306 Van Sant Drive 

Palmyra, N.J. 
Thomas, Rnth E. 

R.D. #4 

Bloamsburg, Pa. 
Thompson, James W. 

203 E. Fifth St. 

Emporium, Pa. 
Trudnak, Joseph 

Main St. 

Mocanaqua, Pa. 
tVerhousky, Rnss 
Wagner, Raymond J. 

845 Geary Ave. 

Simpson, Pa. 
i Wallace, Jeanne A. 
'Walsh, Thomas 
tWasiakowski, Joseph J. 
Watkins, Dorothy 

23>6 W. White iSt. 

Summit Hill. Pa. 
Weaver, Edward P. 

626 Pawnee St. 

Bethlehem, Pa. 
Wersinger, Joan 

171 S. Pine St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Wesner, Alfred V. 

Liberty, Pa. 
tWetzel, Teloiv 
twhitebread, Harold B. 
Williams, Albert E. 

2S7 N. Park Drive 

Levittown, Pa. 
♦Williams, Bessmarie 

(Mrs. B. W. Shilling) 
'Williams, Sheldon 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Wrzesniewski, Mildred 

(Mrs. M. Stoutenburgh) 

Lopatcong St. 

Belvidere, N.J. 
Yeager, Samuel R. 

1129 Reynella Ct. 

Sunnydale, Calif. 
tZahora, Joseph J. 
Zeigenfuse, Ardell 

23 E. Malhoning St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Zerby, Alton S. 

Box 101, R.D. #2 

Halifax, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1954 

Aag-aard, Stanley A. 

15 Tow path Rd. 

Levitt-own, Pa. 
Albano, Joseph A. 

809 Cybus Way 

Southampton, Pa. 
Albertson, Myra E. 

Main St. 

Dewart, Pa. 
Anderson, John A. 

200 Hand St. 

Jessup, Pa. 
Andrews, Charles R. 

12937 Cedar Rd. 

Cleveland Hgts. 18, Ohio 
Balent, Eleanor B. 

113 McLean St. 

DuPont, Pa. 
tBauer, Constance 
Bauer, Judith I. 

R.D. #2 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Benner, Gloria B. 

(Mrs. Gloria B. Peiffer) 

1268 Barn-ess 

"Warminster, Pa. 
Bennett, Paul L. 

10-312 E. Strong Ave. 

Whi-ttier, Calif. 
Berry, Bdgar P., Jr. 

2611 Watson Blvd. 

Endwell, N.Y. 
Bittner, Anna K. 

(Mrs. A. B. Harshbarger) 

R.D. #1, Box 189 

Reedsville, Pa. 
Bogardus, Marion B. 

(Mrs. M. B. Lawhorne) 

319 Cedar Ave. 

Highland Park, N.J. 
Boyle, Patricia B. 

(Mrs. R. Hollingsworth) 

37 E. Lincoln Ave. 

Gettysburg, Pa. 
Bucher, Barbara 

(Mrs. Barbara B. Lewis) 

65 Hillsdale Rd. 

Old Bridge, N.J. 
Burness, Benjamin A. 

7 E. Overlea Ave. 

Baltimore 6. Md. 
Carson, W. Leonard 

246 W. Third St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Castle, Robert J. 

7009A Dunmanway St. 

Baltimore, Md. 
Cherrington, John R. 

416 Center St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Chiscon, J. Alfred 

707 Hayes St. 

W. Lafayette, Ind. 

Collins, Delsey S. (Mrs.) 
503 Wehmeier St. 
Columbus, Ind. 
tColone, Joseph P. 
tCrisci, Michael R. 
Curilla, Joan A. 
8 E. Independence St. 
Shamokin, Pa. 

tCzerwinski, Antoinette M. 
Danowski, Harold M. 

R.D. #3 

Lewisburg, Pa. 
Davenport, James G, 

14 Ranson St. 

Plymouth, Pa. 

r DelMonte, Fred B. 

Dennen, John B. 

R.D. #3 

Danville, Pa. 
IDePaul, Mary A. 

(Mrs. William J. Duggan) 
BeVoe, Lucille M. (Mrs.) 

725 E. 3rd St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Dinger, Russell P. 

19 Oak St. 

Woodbury, N.J. 
tBotter, Sharon L. 

(Mrs. R. L. Trump) 
Boyle, Dolores A. 

(Mrs. Charles Brennan) 

31 N. Vine St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Dreibelbis, Mary R. 

(Mrs. Mary D. Lewis) 

State St. 

Millville, Pa. 
Edwards, Patricia L. 

(Mrs. Kenneth Kirk) 

R.D. #2 

Poplar St. 

Dallas, Pa. 
Erwine, Sheldon 

R.D. #2 

Slhickshinny, Pa. 
Eunson, E. Paith 

596 E. Second St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Evans, Jeanne 

(Mrs. John Scrimgeour) 

400 E. Third St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Eveland, Shirley B. 

(Mrs. Shirley E. Hinger) 

1843 Heights Rd. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Pedrigon, Olive J. 

Box 3 

Nuremberg, Pa. 
Porshner, Richard R. 

R.D. 1 

White Haven, Pa. 
Froncek, Joseph R. 

249 Phillips St. 


Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Pry, Ruth A. 

(Mrs. R. P. Sohu maker) 

41 Chestnut St. 

Midland Park, N.J. 
tGallo, Prank B. 
Garrison, Robert L. 

201 Glenbrook Drive 

Endicott, N.Y. 
Gavio, Francis P. 

328 W. Maple St. 

Hazleton. Pa. 
Gengenbach, Ann J. 

(Mrs. L. Averweck) 

1174 Davisville Rd. 


Warminster, Pa. 

Glosek, Joseph S. A. 

150-0 Nelson St. 

Slhamokin, Pa. 
Grabowski, Richard R. J. 

368 Ridge St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Grant, Rose M. 

(Mrs. William Kautz) 

697 Knowles Ave. 

Southhampton, Pa. 
Gray, Harry G. 

262 E. Ninth St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Gunton, Nancy I>. 

(Mrs. K. D. Denmon) 

R.D. #1 

Noxen, Pa. 
Gurzynski, Frank S. 

57 Italy St. 

Mocanaqua, Pa. 
Hantjis, Anthony W. 

Abington Sr. High School 

Abington, Pa. 
Harding, Paul D. 

R.D. #1 

Muncy, Pa. 
Haupt, Margaret R. 

Goodyear Terrace 

Austin, Pa. 
Havard, Joan M. 

(Mrs. Joan H. Kilroy) 

1710 Wrightfield Rd. 
. Yardley, Pa. 
Hayhurst, Helen W. 

191 First Ave. 

Oollegeville, Pa. 
Heisley, Joan Kay 

(Mrs. Paul Bennett) 

10312 E. Strong Ave. 

Whittier, Calif. 
Hendershot, Thelma A. 

278 Charles St. 

Luzerne, Pa. 
Hess, Patricia Ann 

R.D. #2 

Orangeville, Pa. 
Hidlay, Kenneth H. 

242 Penn St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Hinger, Carl X. 

330 Winters St. 

W. Hazleton, Pa. 
Hoffman, Sara J. 

611 W. Main St. 

Annville, Pa. 
Houseknecht, Gerald B. 

(Rev. G. E. Houseknecht) 

530 Mac Dade Blvd. 

Collingdale, Pa. 19024 
Hughes, Janet A. 

120 S. Second St. 

Bangor, Pa. 
tiles, Joseph D., Jr. 
Jacobs, William J. 

Tre'inont Annex Apt. 

Main & Broad Sts. 

Lansdale, Pa. 
Johnson, John C. 

430 E. Main St. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
Johnson, Thomas J. 

212 W. Snyder St. 

Selinsgrove, Pa. 
Jones, Blandford B. 

9507 Rex Rd. 

Peco-Rivera, Calif. 
Jones, Franklin E. 

215 Vine St. 

Milton, Pa. 
tjones, Merlyn W. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Kallenbach, George E. 

Shartlesville, Pa. 
Kane, Veronica D. (Mrs.) 

902 Fort Augusta Ave. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Keim, Edna R. 

Marley Park Elem. School 

Glen Burnie, Md. 
Kelshaw, Joan M. 

(Mrs. Joan Palermo) 
Kessler, James L. 

104 Upper Mulberry St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Kirk, Kenneth G. 

R.D. #2 

Poplar St. 

Dallas, Pa. 
Kissinger, Flora J. 

501 S. Market St. 

Sihamokin, Pa. 
Kissinger, Joseph D. Jr. 

48 Towpath Rd. 

Levittown, Pa. 
Kline, Marjorie S. (Mvs.l 

4119 Main St. 

Shireinanstown, Pa, 
Knecht, Alfred C. 

R.D. #2 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Kopec, Jerome S. 

1063 Turning Circle 

Taft Heights 

Endicott, N.T. 
Korba, Rose Mary 

Pleasant Mount, Pa. 
tKornf eld, Anna Mae 

(Mrs. Anna Groff) 
Ksanznak, Stanley I.. 

342 Winters Ave. 

W. Hazleton, Pa. 
Laidackei-, John S. 

37 Canal Rd. 

Levittown, Pa. 
Levan, Jean M. 7. 

Apt. C. 

2914 Liberty Parkway 

Baltimore, Md. 
Long, John A. Jr. 

Baylor Heights 

Watsontown, Pa. 
Longo. Edmund M. 

Fourth St. 

Kelayres, Pa. 
Luchs, James K. 

416 Benson Ave. 

Glen Olden, Pa. 
Makowski, Phyllis P. 

New Concord Rd. 

Box 114 

Concordville, Pa. 
Marr, Howard J. 

P. O. Box 551 

Las Vegas, Nev. 
Martz, Mary Ann 

2153 Kensington St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
tMasanovich, George 
iMcAnall, Kenneth H. 
McLaren, Phyllis E. 

(Mrs. Jon Barkley) 

301 S. Orlando Ave. 

Winter Park, Fla. 
McCaulvey, Jevita C. 

1248 W. Coal St. 

Shenandoah, Pa. 
McManns, Albert J. 

ORINS Box 117 

Amer. Museum of 
Atomic Energy 

Oak Ridge, Tenn. 

Miller, Reed C. 

145 W. Fifth St. 

Mifflinville, Pa. 
Mont, Bernard J. 

Tilbury Terrace 

W. Nanticoke, Pa. 
Montague, Rnth A. 

109 E. Front St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Moyer, Arlene E. 

Richfield, Pa. 17086 
Morgan, Margaret J. 

(Mrs. M. Ellinger) 

626 Nottingham Dr. 

Camp Springs, Md. 
Neugard, Mae P. 

108 S. Front iSt. 

Milton, Pa. 
Newhart, Jean E. 

(Mrs. Jean Johnson) 

2808 Merion Rd. 

Camp Hill, Pa. 
tNoll, Margaret L. 

(Mrs. Margaret Gelling) 

935 Donald Dr. 

Bmniaus, Pa. 
tNoz, Nancy L. 

(Mrs. Nancy Hendricks) 
Nuiin, William E. 

630 Valley Ave. 

Box 126 

Atglen, Pa. 
Q'Longhlin, p. Ann 

(Mrs. Patricia O'Neill) 

53 Schultz Ave. 

Phillipsburg, N.J. 
tOndrula, Joseph E. 
Oney, Robert C. 

510 Liberty Ave. 

Endicott, N.Y. 
tOsevala, Barney J. 
Ottaviani, William E. 

Main St. 

Mildired, Pa. 
Paige, Phyllis E. 

(Mrs. P. McClintock) 

10843 Bonavista Lane 

Whittier, Calif. 
Farrish, Marie A. 

(Mrs. Carl Morgan) 

4617 David Dr. 

Bristol, Pa. 
Peterson, Donald D. 

R.D. #10 

Bridle Path Rd. 

Lansdale, Pa. 
Plafcan, Robert B. 

Main St. 

Slhoemakersville, Pa. 
Rhodes, Russell H. 

R.D. #3 

Catawissa, Pa. 
tRichardson, Donald A. 
Rinehimer, Shirley J. 

R.D. #1 

Wapwallopen, Pa. 
Rowley, Thomas J. 

143 Second St. 

Coaldale, Pa. 
Ruffing, Charles J. 

Locust Gap, Pa. 
Rutkoski, Helen C. 

(Mrs. Helen Korth) 

117 Lorraine Rd. 

Wheaton, 111. 
Schaeffer, Jason 

R.D. #1 

Selinsgrove, Pa. 
tSchullery, Louise M. 
tShamp, Charles B. 

tShamro, Jean B. 

(Mrs. J. E. Brennen) 
Shultz, Margaret 

315 Water ISt. 

Danville, Pa. 
tShuman, Carol V. 
tSkammer, David J. 
'Smith, Keith A. 
tSnierski, Rosemary T. 

(Mrs. Rosemary Fiscella) 
Soberick, Feme A. 

(Mrs. Dale Krothe) 

303 Mulbeirry St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Stauffer, Douglas A. 

50 Peach Ave. 

Hershey, Pa. 
Stefanik, Thomas J. 

962 Chestnut St. 

Preeland, Pa. 
Steinbach, Ronald P. 

526 4th Ave. 

Bethlehem, Pa. 
Stoehr, Charlotte 

(Mrs. Thomas J. Reed) 

67 Price St. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Superdock, David A. 

70 Willow Lane 

Carrol Park 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tTaylor, J. L. (Mrs.) 
tTeter, Catherine S. 

(Mrs. John A. NaratU) 
Timko, John B. 

756 Artlhur St. 

Freeland, Pa. 
Tovey, Nancy E. 

(Mrs. Nancy Phillips) 

302 Bloom St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Traver, Jeanette E. 

(Mrs. Jeanette Wright) 

R.D. #5 

Tunkhannock, Pa. 
Trocki, Daniel B. 

Suite 602 

First National Bank 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Uhrich, Sarae M. 

(Mrs. Sarae Homick) 

17 Chestnut St. 

Camp Hill, Pa. 
tVanderslice, Betty Jean 
tVon Drach, Robert B. 
Wagner, Kenneth D. 

202 N. Stanford way 

Whittier, Calif. 
Walker, Mary L. (Mrs.) 

S. Gibson, Pa. 
tWalter, Marjorie A. 

(Mrs. Alex P. Koharskl) 
Walters, Margaret E. 
Walters, Shirley 

R.D. #2 

Hunlock Creek, Pa. 
Watts, Sara 

(Mrs. Robert Watts) 
Williams, Harriet S. 

(Mrs. Charles Andrews) 

12937 Cedar Rd. 

Cleveland Heights 18, 

tWilliams, Mary J. 

(Mrs. Bruce Griffiths) 
Williams, Rachel C. 

(Mrs. T. E. Dailey) 

lliOi Belmont Ave. 

Ambler, Pa. 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Wolfe, Betty M. (Mrs.) 

113'3 Dartmouth PI. 

Davis. Calif. 
Wolfe, Stephen L. 

(Dr. S. L. Wolfe) 

1 133 Dartmouth PI. 

Davis, Calif. 
Yeager, Betty L. 

338 Lowe St. 

S. Williamsport, Pa. 
Yeager, Blaine G. (Mrs.) 

1129 Reynella Ct. 

Suunydale, Calif. 
Yencha, Shirley E. 

(Mrs. Malcolm Smith) 

319 Spring St. 

W. Pittston, Pa. 
Yesson. Charles J. 

11704 Curzan Rd. 

Rich Hill, X.Y. 

CLASS OF 1955 

tAngus, John D. 
Anrand, Robert L. 

520 Bloom St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Baker, Oren A. 

Spring Lake Hts., N.J. 
tBames, Dorothy A. 

(Mrs. Harvey Boughner) 
Belinsky, Albert T. 

43 Main St. 

Montrose, Pa. 
Belock, Michalene L. 

(Mrs. Michalene Zack) 

3770 Skyline Dr. 

Cornwells Heights, Pa. 
Berdy, Carolyn 

(Mrs. Carolyn West) 

108 Xortlhwood Rd. 

Newtown Square, Pa. 
Bernot, Michael R. 

2124 Pershing Ave. 

Morton, Pa. 
Betz, Fredric J. 

302 Main Ave. 

Clarks iSnmmit, Pa, 
tBishop, Byron P. 
tBlyler, Robert P. 
tBogart, Lynda Mae 

(Mrs. Lynda Maurer) 
Boiling, Judith M. 

(Mrs. John Shirey) 

Weston Causeway 

R.D. #1 

Somerville. N.J. 08876 
Borchers, Pearl S. 

Greaves School for Blind 

118 S. Valley Rd. 

Paoli, Pa. 
Bower, Janice B. 

(Mrs. Douglas Erickson) 

R.D. #2 

Lewisburg, Pa, 
tBrace, Bthel Mae 

(Mrs. Ethel Williams) 
tBuckwash, Vincent 
Burlingame, Allene R. 

(Mrs. George Dietz) 

409 Broadway Ave. 

Muncy, Pa. 
Buynak, Olive H. (Mrs.) 

419 S. Main St. 

Taylor, Pa. 
Carey, Robert W. 

36,27 Lome Dr. 

Endwell, N.Y. 

Chapin, Joan M. 

(Mrs. Harry Mishler) 

458 W. 1st St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tCedor, Marcella A. 
tChase, Edwin H. 
Clark, Hope A. 

(Mrs. Hope Rebuck) 

Rebuck, Pa. 
Cole, Ronald L. 
Connolley, Edward J. 

2842 Green Acres Dr. 

Allentown, Pa. 
tCouch, Ronald J. 
Creasy, Q. William 

Main St. 

Mifflinville, Pa. 
Cumens, Robert E. 

122 Fairfield Rd. 

Wayne, N. J. 
Davis, Thomas S. 

18 Academy St. 

Oswego, N.Y. 
Derk, George W. 

J 1 22 S. Allen vSt. 

State College, Pa. 
Dietz, G. Richard 

409 Broadway 

Muncy, Pa. 
Dreese, Anna 

Beavertown, Pa. 
Ellinger, William B. 

626 Xo-tiingham Dr. 

Washington, D.C. 20031 
Ellis, Rebecca A. 

(Mrs. George Schell) 

421 Tamora Circle 

Harmony Hills 

Newark. Del. 
Evans, Elinor E. 

(Mrs. Joseph Gay) 

49 Lee Ave. 

Babylon. N.Y. 11702 
tFerence, Janet R. 

(Mrs. J. Kwiatkoski) 
Fisher, Alice X. 

(Mrs. T. J. Higgins) 

Box 31, R. D. 1 

Millersburg, Pa. 
Freas, Maizie M. (Mrs.) 

Eyers Grove, Pa. 
Fry, Loretta N. 

(Mrs. Loretta Ryder) 

R.D. #3 

Muncy, Pa. 
Garinger, R. Arnold 

302 Greene Rd. 

Berwyn, Pa. 
Gergen, Phillip Wm. E. 

142 X. Oak St. 

Mount Carmel, Pa. 
Gerniana, Guy T., Jr, 

4842 Carmella Dr. 

Baltimore 27, Md. 
Gerosky, Eileen H. 

(Mrs. Eileen Burns) 

137 Oak St. 

Pittston, Pa. 
tGill, Cora R. 
Gillman, Ruth E. 

(Mrs. Ruth Williams) 

785 Main Rd. 


Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
tGirdauskas, Rae B. 
tGobster, Marlene P. 

(Mrs. Robert C. Klein) 
Graybill, Gilmore G. 

Richfield, Pa. 

Griffiths, Jean E. 

1024 Alder St. 

Scranton, Pa. 
tGurzynski, Archie F. 
tGydosh, Rita 
Halcovich, John M. 

1000 N. Pearl St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
'Harris, Gloria M. 
Harter, Mollie H. 

319 East St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Heiser, Harry J. 

R.D. #1 

Nescopeck, Pa. 
Henning, Mary Ellen 

(Mrs. Dale T. Poe) 

350 N. 7th St. 

Lehigh ton. Pa. 
Hiller, Sherrill V. 

(Mrs. J. Rittenmeyer) 

Box #461 

Richboro, Pa. 
Hepner, Nina E. 

129 King St. 

Northumberland, Pa. 
Hippensteel, Mollie J. 

(Mrs. William Harrell) 

General Delivery, 

Central Valley. N.Y. 
Histed, Grace F. 

(Mrs. Robert Moore) 

44 Fairview Dr. 

Basking Ridge, N.J. 
Hoffman, Betty J. 
Holtzman, N. B. (Mrs.) 

303 Elm St. 

Watsontown, Pa. 
Holtzman, Rudolph V. 

505 Main St. 

Watsontown, Pa. 
Home, Hope H. 

(Mrs. Edwin Cunfer) 

418 Edgeboro Dr. 

Newtown, Pa. 
Home, Virginia G. 

(Mrs. John Autotore) 

R.D. #1 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Hough, Beverly 

(Mrs. Beverly Soback) 

110 S. Mercer St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
'Hoy, Nanette L. 

(Mrs. R. C. Crossman) 
Hurtt, Richard G. 

Armstrong Cork Co. 

Lancaster, Pa. 
Jewett, Marguerite F. 

305 Front St. 

Milton, Pa. 
Kanaskie, Ronald B. 

R.D. #1 Box 53 

Shamokin, Pa. 
tKanyok, Joan 

(Mrs. William Martz) 
Keiper, Florence A. 

(Mrs. F. Shilanskis) 

58 Stonicker Dr. 

Trenton, N.J. 
Kinder, Joseph E. 

4>>2 Houston Rd. 

Ambler, I'a. 
Klimovich, Eugene J. 

428 E. Broad St. 

Souderton, Pa. 
Kosoloski, John E., Jr. 

143 E. Market St. 

Williamstown, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Krapf , J. Sylvia 

314 Spruce St. 

Emporium, Pa. 
Kubic, Mary L. 

6 Vibrunum Lane 

Levittown, Pa. 
LaSorsa, M. Louise 

R.D. #2 

Clarks Summit, Pa. 
Lee, Ann R. 

130 King St. 

Northumberland, Pa. 
Levan, Donald D. 

1411 Ford Dr. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Lingrousky, Mary Anne 

E. Market St. 

Slheppton, Pa. 
Lipko, Johanna A. 

1448 E. Seventh St. 

Plainfield, N.J. 
Long, Guy A. 

Danville R.D. #4 

Danville, Pa. 
Lukac, June E. 

803 Vine St. 

Freeland, Pa. 
Lundy, Joyce M. 

University of Mass. 

Lincoln Apt. 143 

Amherst, Mass. 
tMatikiewicz, Joseph. J. 
McCarthy, John H. 

79 W. Spruce St. 

Bethlehem, Pa. 
McCauley, Jacqueline M. 

1248 W. Coal St. 

Shenandoah, Pa. 
McCorniick, Joanne M. 
(Mrs. Michael McCormick) 

27 Ellen Dr. 

White Meadow Lake 

Rockaway. N. J. 
♦McKay, Keith D. 
Mervine, Lewis R. 

7979 15th Ave. 

Adelphi, Md. 
Miles, Mary L. B. (Mrs.) 

Washington Blvd. 

Laurel, Md. 
Milewski, Dolores 

4724 York Rd. 

Baltimore, Md. 
Miller, Mary E. 

239 Fair St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Mincer, Jeanetta A. 

325 Park Ave. 

Kane, Pa. 
tMoran, Michael 
tMoran, Nancy A. 
Morgan, Sally F. 

I Mrs. Sally M. DiRico) 

1075 Tollhouse Rd. 

Warminster. Pa. 
Morris, Mark G. 

646 W. Main St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tNemetz, John W. 
Novick, Eleanor M. 

6 Viburnum Lane 

Levittown, Pa. 
O'Braitis, Mary E. 

127 N. Bellevue Ave. 

Langhorne, Pa. 
tpalushock, Edward P. 
Fanichello, John C. 

101 Lismore Ave. 

Glenside, Pa. 
tPaul, Ruth E. 
-■Paulson, Leon 

Fersing, Thomas E. 

618 Margaret Circle 

Allentown, Pa. 
Fetrnllo, Caroline E. 

769 King St. 

Northumberland, Pa. 
Phillips, Patricia I. 

(Mrs. Patricia Feifer) 

S21 Hillaire Rd. 

Lancaster, Pa. 
tpope, Charles G. 
Price, Virginia M. 

510 Urban Ave. 

Glenolden, Pa. 
Redline, Shirley B. 

983 York St. 

Hanover, Pa. 
Reitmeyer, Barbara M. 

(Mrs. B. Zimmerman) 

361 Richard Way 

Plainfield, N,J. 
Rhodes, Paul H. 

1815 Brittain St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Roberts, James K., Jr. 

1298 Warwick Rd. 
Camp Hill, Pa. 

Rohrbach, Relda M. 

(Mrs. Relda Scott) 

P. O. Box 1311 

Lancaster, Pa. 
Rowlands, Samuel S. 

Box 86 

State School, N.Y. 
♦Ruth, Marilyn M. 
Sanders, Thomas E. 

1412 State St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
tSchell, George A. 
Schmidt, Alton W. 

59 (Sussex Dr. 

Willingoboro, N.J. 
♦Semanski, Alberta J. 
fShemanski, Joseph J. 
Sheary, Helen C. 

177 N. Marshall St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
tShupp, Carol L. 
Sibly, John B. 

208 Western Ave. 

Towanda, Pa. 
tSlembarski, Jacob E. 
tSmith, Donald E. 
tSmith, Holley R. 
Smith, Malcolm H. 

48 Yates St. 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
Snyder, Ann E. 

(Mrs. Ardel Ziegenfuse) 

25 E. Mahoning St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Snyder, Nancy M. 

98.1 W. Fourth St. 

Hazelton, Pa. 
Snyder, Robert F. 

117 N. Eighth St. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Stanek, Walter 

Center St. 

Millville. Pa. 
Steiner, James P. 

Main St. 

Benton, Pa. 
Szerafinski, Lura 

(Mrs. Albert Shader) 

1299 Warwick Rd. 
Camp Hill, Pa, 

♦ Thomas, Donald W. 

Thomas, Theodore c. 

390 McClenaghan 
Mill Rd. 
Wynnewood, Pa. 
Trefsger, Mary Jane 
R.D. #1 
Turbotville, Pa. 

Vanderslice. G. O. (Mrs.* 
R.D. #2 *—*■•) 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Verano, Ralph C. 

81 Lincoln St. 

Waverly, N.Y. 
Viti, George 

38 S. Main St. 

Shickshinny, Pa. 

tWagner, Janet R. 

Walburn, Allen B. 

3627 Christine St. 

*T^ a , n Di «S° I", Calif. 

tWallace, Constance A. 

Weaver, Evelyn M. 

(Mrs T. W. Yeagle) 

217 S. Oak Park 

Oak Park, 111. 
Welliver, Thomas J. 

33 Fair View Ave. 

Danbury, Conn. 
Wiik, Glenn L. 

3136 Oxford Circle 

Allentown. Pa. 
Williams, Nancy S. 

(Mrs. Frederic Betz) 

302 Main Ave. 

Clarks Summit, Pa. 
Williams, S. S. (Mrs.) 

R.D. #4 l ' 

Bloomsburg, Pa 
Wirth, Jay S. 

62 Catalina Dr. 


Bricktown, N.J. 
Yost, Carolyn A. 

(Mrs. Carolyn Karas) 

509 E. Diamond St. 

Hazelton, Pa. 
Yozviak, Janice A. 

31 Luzerne St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1956 

Abraczinskas, Robert J. 

R.D. #1 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Adams, Elisabeth M. 

(Mrs. Linton Dean) 

814 Renel Rd. 

Norristown, Pa. 
Aiello, Anthony M. 

321 E. Diamond Ave. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Albert, Jacqueline p. 

(Mrs. E. Michehl) 

6 Neilian Way 

Bedford, Mass. 
Andrews, Frank 

105 W. Mahoning St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Austin, Eleanor H. 

R.D. #4 

Benton, Pa. 
tBartges, Peggy L. 

( Mrs. James Lechner) 
Beaton, Ann J. 

202 Mortimer Ave. 

Rutherford, N.J. 
Beck, Donald E. 
♦Bennett, Barbara A. 
tBenscoter, David H. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Berry, Barbara A. 

(Mrs. J. Kissinger) 

48 Towpath Rd. 

Levittown, Pa. 
Bitner, "William L. ITI 

(Or. Wm. L. Bitner) 

33 Lincoln Ave. 

Glen Falls, N.Y. 
Bittner, Richard A. 

1536 W. Fourth St. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
Boughner, Harvey C. 

Trevorton High School . 

Trevorton, Pa. 
Bowman, Wylla M. 

(Airs. W. L. Bitner) 

33 Lincoln Ave. 
Glen Falls, N.Y. 

Browning, James E. 

101 Arch St. 
Mechanicsburg, Pa. 

tBrosh, Robert C. 
tBryan, Beverly J. 

(Mrs. B. B. Edwards) 
Buck, Joyce M. 

(Mrs. Joyce B. Walker) 

Pierce Hill Rd. 

Vestal, N.Y. 
Bntz Bernadire J. 

710 B. Cedar St. 

Riverton, N.J. 
Carey, Donald W. 

Diamond St. 

Hatfield, Pa. 
Carey, Shirley A. (Mrs.) 

Diamond St. 

Hatfield, Pa. 
Carvolth, Betty L. 

(Mrs. J. M. Johnson) 

1438 Parkway Dr. 

Altoona, Pa. 
tCaton, Richard G. 
Christie, Joan C. 

(Mrs. E. Connolley) 

2842 Green Acres Dr. 

Allentown, Pa. 
Chraney, John 

Village Green 

Norfolk, Mass. 
Clark, Helen C. 

(Mrs. Leonard Fleckno«) 

693 Dutton Circle 

Springfield, Pa. 
Cole, David M. 

R.D. #2 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Coleman, Harry E. 

102 Leonard St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Conner, Harry T. 

316 Oakland Ave. 

Ashland, Pa. 
Craparo, Carmel A. 

(Mrs. Walter Casper) 

34 Lewis St. 
Wayne, N.J. 

Croop, Milton H. 

Box 352 

Bedford, Pa. 
Dalton, Robert E. 

N. Williamson Rd. 

Blossburg, Pa. 
Dauber, Joanne Y. 

(Mrs. Richard Beach) 

210 Third St. 

Altoona, Pa. 
tDavid, Alvin J. 
Deibert, J. Lorraine 

(Mrs. A. Bodenhorn) 

129 Cedar Ave. 

Hershey, Pa. 

DeOrio, Joann M. 

(Mrs. Charles Wilson) 

95 Wolcott St. 

LeRoy, N. Y. 
tDiehl, Helen (Mrs.) 
Diltz, Dorothy M. 

(Mrs. C. D. Gardner) 

R. D. 

Unityville, Pa. 
Dnricko, Marion M. 

(Mrs. P. Giangiulio) 

536 Cornell Rd. 

Burlington, N.J. 
Duttinger, Margaret M. 

120 Alice St. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Eardley, Alan H. 

422 W. Warren St. 

Norristown, Pa. 
Ebersole, Nancy J. 

(Mrs. Roy Brindle) 

714 Walnut St. 

Roaring Spring, Pa. 
English, Curtis R. 

436 William St. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
Ertel, Mildred L. 

2564 Euclid St. 

DuBoistown, Pa. 
Evans, Robert L. 

118 N. Poplar St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Felton, Marjorie J. 

(Mrs. Frank Mackert) 

55>04 Huron Rd. 

Cleveland 24, Ohio 
Fenstermacher, R. Glen 

75 East Ave. 

Wellsboro, Pa. 

tFetterolf, Earle S. 

Fiber, Larry R. 

2 MacAfee Rd. 

Somerset, N. J. 
Fisher, Ida 

R.D. #2 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Franc, Ann L, 

Lake Ariel, Pa. 
Gabriel, Leonard M. 

Third St. 

Athens, Pa. 
Gearhart, Margaret J. 

1712 Pokona St. 

?troudsburg, Pa. 
Gebhard, Glenna Y. 

(Mrs. Doyle Lynn) 

16 9 N. Laurel St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
George, C. Robert 

R.D. #2 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Giangiulio, Fasquale J. 

53>6 Cornell Rd. 

Burlington, N.J. 
Girton, Ronald G. 

R.D. #2 

Boyertown, Pa. 
Good, Patricia J. 

(Mrs. R. N. Wallace) 

24 N. Williams St. 

Titusville, Fla. 
Graham, Laura S. (Mrs.) 

Marlborough Blenheim 

Hotel c/o A. K. White 

Atlantic City, N.J. 
Groover, Robert D. 

Dower Paxton Jr. H. S. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
-Hall, Howard S. 

Hartman, Patrica A. 

(Mrs. Charles Eyer) 

1615 Cottage St. 

Vienna, Va. 
Hartman, Lake L. 

R.D. #3 

Dewisburg, Pa. 
Healy, H. Jack 

415 W. First St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Heller, Walter E. 

413 Joan St. 

S. Plainfield, N.J. 
Hendershot, Betsy A. 

(Mrs. Betsy H. Neidig) 

R.D. #1 

Northumberland, Pa. 
tHergert, Mary 
Hester, Joanne M. 

(Mrs. Joanne H. Gentry) 

7811 Eaton Ave. 

Jacksonville, Fla, 
tHiggins, Thomas J. 
*Hoberg, Catherine 
Hoffecker, Mary H. 

(Mrs. M. H. Coughlan) 

473 Kent 

Springfield, Pa. 
Homick, Michael 

17 Chestnut St. 

Camp Hill, Pa. 
Homsher, Anne J. 

(Mrs. Able Frost) 

563 College Ave. 

Apt. B-201 

Lancaster, Pa. 
Horan, Kathryn 

Locust Gap, Pa. 
tHughes, Robert W. 
tHuntz, Robert J. 
Johnston, John E. 

1409 W. Market St. 

Pottsville, Pa. 
tjones, C. Diann 
tjones, Theophele 
"Kashner, James E. 
Keefer, Joseph P. 

33 S. York Rd. 

Hatboro, Pa. 
Kelchner, Rodney C. 

Mansfield IState College 

Mansfield, Pa. 
Keleman, Louis J. 

6 52 Hayes St. 

Bethlehem, Pa. 
Kershner, Gerald L. 

7860 Fountain Ave. 

W. Hollywood 

Los Angeles 46, Calif. 
Kline, Joyce A. 

(Mrs. Ronald R. Krick) 

606 S. Fifth Ave. 

Denver, Pa. 
Knouse, Bertha M. 

(Mrs. Jack Healy) 

1711 Magnolia Ave. 

Hatboro, Pa. 
Koch, John H. 

51 Hillsdale Rd. 

Old Bridge, N.J. 
tKocher, George E. 
Koppenhaver, Beatrice 

370 Walnut St. 

Pottstown, Pa. 
tKozloski, Walter J. 
Kraf jack, Ronald G. 

R.D. #2 

Clarks Summit, Pa. 
Krzywickl, Doris F. 

32 W. Main St. 

Plymouth, Pa. 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Kwak, Joseph J. 

796 N. Penna. Ave. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
fKwiatkoski, Charles V. 
LaCoe, Elvin C. 

110 Stanton St. 

W. Pittston, Pa. 
Lashendock, Michael A. 

417 North St. 

Keiser, Pa. 
Laubach, Barbara A. 

(Mrs. Vincent J. Dalto) 

12418 Seabury Lane 

Belair Bowie, Md. 
Lewis, Elsie 

35 E. Third St. 

Bloomsburg', Pa. 
Lindenniuth, Lovell A. 

(Mrs. Reed Kehley) 

R. D. 

Zion Grove, Pa. 
Lynn, Doyle L. 

169 N. Laurel St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Lyon, Robert T. 

115 Gear hart St. 

Riverside, Pa. 
McClintock, Ned D. 

304 Summerhill (St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
McElhoe, John P. 

R.D. #1 

Reedsville, Pa. 
•McHenry, Oliver S. 
tMeyer, Carl S. 
Mielke, William J. 

333 E. Market St. 

Trevorton, Pa. 
Miller, Emma A. 

142 N. Grant St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Miller, Margaret A. 

(Mrs. M. M. Shuda) 

60 Tinsel Rd. 

Levittown, Pa. 
tMontz, George W. 
Morson, J. Harrison 

937 New Brunswick Ave. 

Rahway, N.J. 
Moser, Mary R. 

Washingtonville, Pa 
Myers, Earla M. 

(Mrs. Earla M. Smith) 

238 E. Fifth St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
tNeibaner, Gilbert J. 
Neilson, Muriel J. 

Devereux Manor 

Berwyn, Pa. 
Nicholas, James L. 

28 Atlantic Ave. 

Edwardsville, Pa. 
Nichols, Eleanor J. 

(Mrs. John Hessler) 

21 Messinger Lane 

Willingboro, N.J. 
Oberdorf, Nancy L. 

Espy, Pa. 
tO'Brien, Patricia R. 

(Mrs. E. T. Pribula) 
O'Donnell, Irene W. 

1745 Turner St. 

Allentown, Pa. 
O'Toole, Thomas J. 

356 Coal St. 

Port Carbon, Pa. 
Faralis, Donald G. 

6 Mistletoe Lane 

Levittown, Pa. 
Peak, Lloyd N. 

Falls, Pa. 

Peiffer, Paul B. 

1264 Barnes Dr. 

Warminster, Pa. 
Persing, Martha M. 

618 Margaret Circle 

Allentown, Pa. 
Phillips, William 

R.D. #2 

Dalton, Pa. 
tRaab, Joan M. 

(Mrs. Joan R. Stine) 
tReese, June E. 

(Mrs. Alfred Lynn) 
Renn, Nancy M. 

(Mrs. Dallas Drew) 

4618 Palo Verde 

Lakewood, Calif. 
Rhoads, Charles E. 

433 Robin Hill R<L 

Wayne, Pa. 
Richie, Carl W. 

R.D. #2, Box 433 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Robison, Jean E. 

(Mrs. J. R. Herman) 

25 iSunnyside Circle 

Windsor, Conn. 
Rosenberger, Roy L. 

73 N. Evergreen Ave. 

Woodbury, N.J. 
Rummage, Charlotte A. 

(Mrs. Theron Winter) 

116 Market St. 

Lewisburg, Pa. 

Ruppel, Karol E. 

147 E. Valleybrook Rd. 

Cherry Hill, N.J. 
Sachs, Harold R. 

16 Pleasant Lane 

Levittown, Pa. 
Sandler, John L. 

152 Argyle Ave. 

Uniondale, N.Y. 
Schmidt, Roland C. 

36 Auburn St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Schraeder, Marilyn A. 

7 W. Kirmar St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
tSchultheis, Eugene R. 
Scott, Vivian L. 

(Mrs. Joseph Malczyk) 

5204 — 25th Ave. S. E. 

Washington 20, D.C. 
Shaffer, John E. 

474 Jefferson Ave. 

Morrisville, Pa. 19007 
Shelhamer, Milford E. 

333 W. Main St. 

Mifflinville, Pa. 

tShuman, Meade W. 

Siscoe, Edward A. 

2201 Watson Blvd. 

Endicott, N.Y. 
Skiptunas, Charles P. 

63 Penn St. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Smocznyski, Hubert L. 

3409 Horton Rd. 

Newton Square, Pa. 
Sones, Irene L. 

(Mrs. W. Huntsman) 

R.D. #2 

Millville, Pa. 
Stark, Robert D. 

Box 77 

Toughkenamon, Pa. 

Starr, James E. 
622 Humel Ave. 
Lemoyne, Pa. 
Starvatow, Martha M. 
(Mrs. Drew Canouse) 
230 Jameson Place 
Reading, Pa. 19601 
tStephens, Judith Ann 
tSwortwood, Anne E. 
Thomas, Daniel H. 
19 North Line Rd. 
Newtown Square, Pa. 

Thomas, Jack L. 

812 Barber Court 

Sun Valley 

Glen Burnie, Md. 
Thomas, Shirley K. (Mrs.) 

3029 Berwick Rd. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Trimble, John It. 

211 Wylie St. 

Jersey Shore, Pa. 
Tucker, Alfred 

858 Coates St. 

Coatesville, Pa. 
Valente, Tina Ann 

10'01 Montauk Highway 

West Islip 

Long Island, N.Y. 
Verona, Rosalyn C. 

(Mrs. Peter Pennington) 

103 Forrest Way 

Camillus, N.Y. 

Volkman, Paul I. 

1857 Old Berwick Rd. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Walsh, Marian A. 

(Mrs. John Chruney) 

Village Green 

Norfolk, Mass. 
Watson, Eileen A. 

(Mrs. Walter Conway) 

13 Pinewood Ave. 

R.D. #1 

Castleton, N.Y. 
Weiser, L. Keith 

Box #113 

Shinglehouse, Pa. 
Weist, Harry J. 

705 Hobart St. 

Gordon, Pa. 
West, Clement J. 

203 E. Sixth St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Wetzel, Nancy E. 

42 S. Hickory St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
White, Edward L. 

267 Gal van Place 

Bergenfield, N.J. 
Williams, Avery E. 

(Mrs. Edward Dunn) 

62 Pine St. 

Bath, Maine 
Wintersteen, Janet Leo 

R.D. #5 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Wise, Donald M. 

c/o Benjamin Franklin 

Jr. High School 

Levittown, Pa. 
Wool, John D. 

45 Islip Blvd. 

Isdip, N.Y. 
Yergey, Sherwood L. 

Box 698 

Pottstown, Pa. 
i Zimmerman, Jean E. 

(Mrs. Joseph Beily) 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

CLASS OF 1957 

tAlter, Donald 
Arbogast. E. Robert 
85 W. Union St. 
Canton, Pa. 
Augustine, Edward S. 
142 W. Green St. 
Nanticoke, Pa. 
Ant en, Donna 
(Mrs. Donna Dresge) 
S58 Delaware Ave. 
Palmerton, Pa. 
Bach, George J., Jr. 
400 N. Chestnut St. 
Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
tBandes, Jeanne (Mrs.) 
Bane, Burton 
R.D. #1 
Stillwater, Pa. 
Bastress, Guy H. 
R.D. #5 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Bayley, Mary Jane 

Picture Rocks, Pa. 
Behers, Ronald 
622 E. Burnside St. 
Bellefonte, Pa. 
Biemesderfer, Robert 
420 Springbrook Lane 
Hatboro, Pa. 
Boop, Christine 
409 Thompson St. 
Mifflinburg, Pa. 
Boyer, Wayne H. 
Smithboro, N. T. 
Bradley, Edward 
General Delivery 
Brisben, N.Y. 
Brokenshire, James 
178 S. Sprague Ave. 
Kingston, Pa. 
Brown, Doris 
R.D. #2 
Tamaqua, Pa. 
Brown, Helen 
(Mrs. Clark Brown) 
Apt. D 

1600 River Rd. 
Croydon, Pa. 
Brnnn, James 
265 Spring St. 
Nanticoke, Pa. 
Bnrggraf, Harry 
464 Little E. Neck Rd. 
Babylon. N.Y. 
Burggraf, John 
565 Seybert St. 
Hazleton, Pa. 
Bnshey, John 
530 Curtin fit. 
Harrisburg, Pa. 
'Carter, James 
Casper, Charles 
Fleming, Pa. 
Coakley, Joanne T. 
(Mrs. Joanne Buecker) 
625 Mauoh Chunk St. 
Pottsville, Pa. 
Cole, Alice E. 
212 George St. 
N. Syracuse, N.Y. 
Cole, Samina R. 
R.D. #2 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Cranmer, William E. 
125 Vine St. 
Roselle, N.J. 
Creasy, James 
7 York Rd. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Crew, Kathryn 

(Mrs. F. B. Woyniec) 

715 Market St. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
Crocker, Jeanne 

Spring Garden 

Trucksville, Pa. 
tCroft, Margaret 
Davenport, George 

14 Ranson St. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
Derr, Frank 

1231 Audrey Place 

Williamsport, Pa. 
Desmond, Jacqueline M. 

617 Mahoning St. 

Milton, Pa. 
DeTato, Ramon G. 

14 W. Poplar St. 

W. Nanticoke, Pa. 

tDeWolfe, Robert 
DipipL Robert 
218 Moosic Rd. 
Old Forge, Pa. 
DiSimoni, Carmen 
2 Pawnee Ave. 
Lake Hiawatha, N.J. 
Dodson, Doyle 
Hughesville High School 

Hughesville, Pa. 
Doraski, Regina 

R.D. #1 
Catawissa, Pa. 
Dropesky, Edward 

Box 34 

Mellenville, N.Y. 

tDnck, Margaret Ann 

Dnpkanick, William 

37 S. Main St. 

Montrose, Pa. 
Dnrkas, Frank F. 

60 E. Main St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Ebner, Robert 

215 Pennsylvania Ave. 

3rd Floor Apt. 

Avondale, Pa. 
Edwards, Raymond F. 

Cleft Rock Rd. 

Levittown, Pa. 
Erie, Elwood C. 

306 N. Main St. 

Penn Yan, N.Y. 
Ertel, Mary M. (Mrs.) 

Bat. H. Esc. 

27 Post Boite 2G 

160 Bd. de la Republique 

St.-Cloud, Paris, France 
Ewell, U. Grant 

3019 Ogletown Rd. 

Newark, Del. 
Fawcett, Mary F. 

R.D. #1 

Montgomery, Pa. 
Fegley, Alice M. 

531 Mill St. 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Fiebig, James 

664 Bear Valley Ave. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Firmstone, Lynda 

636 Park St. 

Honesdale, Pa. 
Follmer, Rodney 

5 Crestmont Dr. 

Honesdale, Pa. 
Ford, John 

70 Alice Rd. 

W. Islip, N.Y. 

Forgach, John 

30 Engle St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Fox, Walter G. 

Hunters Run Apts. 

Durham C 1 

1650 W. Chester Pike 

W. Chester, Pa. 
Friedman, Marilyn 

(Mrs. Marilyn Newsom) 

179 Seventh St. 

Salem, N.J. 
Garcia, Joseph 

728 Scott St. 

Kulpmont, Pa. 
Garrett, Thomas A. 

723 Chestnut St. 

Lebanon, Pa. 
Gass, Clyde 

Box 146 

Orangeville, Pa. 

Geary, Ann 

28 Carpenter St. 
Cressona, Pa. 
Geisinger, Etta M. 

(Mrs. William D. Sill) 

450 Central Ave. 
Horsham, Pa. 19044 
Gibson, Bette 

184 iSchuylkill Ave. 

Shenandoah, Pa. 
Gilchrist, Evelyn J. 

(Mrs. Evelyn J. Sachs) 
' 5942 St. Regis Rd. 

Baltimore, Md. 21206 
Graeber, Joanne 

228 S. Bishop St. 

Springfield, Pa. 
Green, Nancy 

514 VV. Sth St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
tHagenbnch, Hortense 

(Mrs. Hortense Evan) 
tHalL Winifred G. (Mrs.) 
Hare, Donald R. 

719 Monroe St. 

Apt. 202 

Rockville, Md. 
Harrell, William 

R.D. #2 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Hendrickson, Roberta 

3 Highland Ave. 

Elkland, Pa. 
Harris, James E. 

R.D. #5 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Hetherington, Carol 

5To E. Helen St. 

Whittier, Calif. 
Hettinger, Virgil 

332 E. lltih St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Home, Marlin 

919 Shamokin St. 

Treverton, Pa. 
Horning, Dorothy 

(Mrs. Charles A. Buchler) 

116 W. Union St. 

Schuylkill Haven, Pa. 
fHndak, Daniel A- 
Hnghes, Coralie 

(Mrs. Coralie Thompson) 

30 Center fit. 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
Hnghes, Harry 

630 Walnut St. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
Hutchinson, Donald 

1005 Cumberland Ave. 

Woodbury, N.J. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Hyde, Nancy 
Johnson, Ella 

449 Avenel St. 

Avenuel, N.J. 
Jones, Joseph 

952 N. Warren St. 

Pottstown, Pa. 
Joy, James 

83 Churchill Rd. 

Cherry Hill, N.J. 

Xaminsky, Frank 

1517 Vestal Rd. 

Vestal, N.Y. 
Xaplafka, John 

85 High Rd. 

Lost Creek, Pa. 
Xapochns, Leonard 

56 W. State St. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
Karns, Martha Marr 

R.D. #2 

Orangeville, Pa. 
Xantz, William B. 

697 Knowles Ave. 

Southampton, Pa. 
tKemp, Patricia 
Xessler, Allen 

Montclair, N.J. 
Xilpatrick, Evelyn 

482 E. Lawn Rd. 

Nazareth, Pa. 
Xleinschrodt, Alan P. 

Oakdale, Rd. 

Chester, N.J. 
Xlischer, Myrtle E. A. 

1 Front St. 

Wilburton, Pa. 
Koch, Mary J. 

15Yz W. Broad St. 

W. Hazleton, Pa. 
Xostenbander, Marlene 

(Mrs. David Holly) 

*9 Hoyt St. 


Kingston, Pa. 
Xozick, Leonard 

R.D. #3 

Dallas, Pa. 
Xratzer, Richard 

510 N. Seventh St. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Krothe, Jay 

132 Susquehanna Ave. 

Slhickshinny, Pa. 
Laine, Clarence 

435 First St. 

Rochester, N.Y. 
Lane, Robert 

7 Chapel St. 

P. O. Box 264 

Windsor, N.Y. 
"Laubach, Melva 
tLaurenson, G. Edgar 
Leffelaar, Annabelle 

(Mrs. R. Hargreaves) 

Dell Rd. 

Pennytown Homes 

c/o Stanhope P. O., N.J. 
tLentz, Barbara J. 

(Mrs. Moritz Schultz) 
Link, Harriet J. 

(Mrs. B. P. Camp) 

930 Mercer Ave. 

Sharon, Pa. 
Litwin, Robert 

135 Clermont St. 

Keiser, Pa. 
Long. t,a "tie C. (Mrs.) 

145 Broad St. 

St. Clair. Pa. 

Mackert, Martin 

5504 Huron Rd. 

Lyndhurst 24, Ohio 
MacLean, Donald 

Morgantown Motel 

Morgantown, Pa. 
Malczyk, Joseph P. 

5204 25th Ave. S.E. 

Washington 20, D.C. 
Marenick, Robert 

202 E. Seventh St. 

Mount Carmel, Pa. 
Marsilio, Natalie 

(Mrs. N. A. McFeeley) 

305 S. Harvard Rd. 

Glassboro, N.J. 

Manrer, Robert M. 

215 S. 5th Ave. 

Lebanon, Pa. 
McAfee, Donald E. 

R.D. #1 

iSidhuylkill Haven, Pa. 
McBride, Thomas 

Box #42 

Coucheski Highway 

Concordville, Pa. 
McClosbey, Isaiah 

R.D. #5 

Gettysburg, Pa. 17325 
McDevitt, Thomas 

1250 W. Pine St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
McMeans, Hermit 

105 Arthur St. 

Johnstown, Pa. 
McMonigle, Peter 

10 N. Cherry Grove Av». 

Annapolis, Md. 
McNelis, Donald T. 


New York, N.Y. 09319 
Mease, Richard P. 

2933 White Birch Lane 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Michael, Victor 

1100 W. High St. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
tMiles, Albert 
Miller, Marilyn 

Park Place 

Mahanoy City, Pa, 
Miller, Miriam 

(Mrs. A. J. Argall, Jr.) 

67 Washington St. 

Port Carbon, Pa. 
tMonaghan, James 
Moss, John 

225 Main St. 

New Milford, Pa. 
*Moyer, Betty L. 

(Mrs. Betty Paulhamus) 
Myers, Cameron 

Mill Creek Trailer Park 

463 5th Ave. 

Wilmington 8, Del. 
Naughton, Jean M. 

(Mrs. Donald W. O'Brien) 

Kenyon Ave. 

R.D. #2 

Cogan Station, Pa. 
Nearing, Carol 

(Mrs. Robert M. Maurer) 

215 S. 5th Ave. 

Lebanon, Pa. 
fO'Brien, Edward 
Ohl, Thomas 

Box 56 

Fawn Grove, Pa. 
Oknniewski, Stanley L. 

13 Frederick St. 

Ashley, Pa. 

Osborn, Suzanne 

(Mrs. Suzanne Keller) 

49 W. Pettebone iSt. 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
tOzalas, Constance G. 
rPaisley, Kenneth 
Patrilak, Michael M. 

847 W. Chestnut St 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Pearce, Nancy 

(Mrs. Nancy King) 

13215 Grenoble Dr. 

Rockville, Md. 
Phillips, John 

2310 Bouldevard Av». 

Scranton, Pa. 
Plnmmer, Janet 

Box 225A, R.D. #1 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Fohutsky, William 

554 Oakridge Ave. 

N. Plainfield, N.J. 
Price, James D. 

28 Ridge Rd. 

Morse Lakes 

Bloomingdale, N.J. 
Frokopchak, Walter A- 

R.D. #3 

Dallas, Pa, 
Fnrvis, Vanice B. 

Millville, Pa. 
Quinn, William 

114 Haas Ave. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Rainey, Robert 

R.D. #2 

Canton, Pa. 
tRando, Allen© 
Raski, Barbara 

(Mrs. George G. Hess) 

Center St. 

Benton, Pa. 
Reimensnyder, Thomaa 

35 Conifer Rd. 

Levittown, Pa. 
Repice, Dominick L. 

1819 Hoffman St. 

Philadelphia 41, Pa. 
Richards, Dreher L., J». 

12 Cedarhurst Rd. 

Camp Hill, Pa. 
tRieder, Joan 
Riskis, John S. 

170 Anderson St 

Pottsville, Pa. 
Ritter, Marilyn J. 

(Mrs. Marilyn Rozelle) 

21 Sand St. 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
Roadside, Alice B. 

Newtown, Pa. 
Roberts, John 

105 E. Cur tin St. 

Bellefonte, Pa. 
Robinson, Elmer D. 

180 Spruce \St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Romanczyk, Anna 

83 S. Chenango St 

Greene, N.Y. 
Rorick, Robert 

71 N. Hamilton St 

Doylestown, Pa. 
Rudy, Walter 

62 Blue Ridge Dr. 

Levittown, Pa. 
Sarkas, William 

237 W. Broad St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Schlauch, Donald 

9 E. Spruce St. 

W. Hazleton, Pa. 
Setar, Edward M. 

203 River Ave. 

Olyphant, Pa. 
Shaneman. Robert !■• 

503 N. 18th St. 

Pottsville, Pa. 
tSherwood, Thomas 
Shirey, John 

538 E. Walnut St. 

Lewis town, Pa. 
Shoemaker, Margaret E. 

531 Catherine St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Shnda, Lester 

60 Tinsel Rd. 

Levittown, Pa. 
tShustack, Edward G. 
Smerconish, Walter 

109 E. Broad St. 

W. Hazleton, Pa. 
Smith, Kenneth R. 

1504 Pine St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Snyder, Jean P. 

R.D. #1 

Jermyn, Pa. 
tSnyder, Willard A. 
Specht, Joanne A. 

(Mrs. George Seese) 

Canadensis, Pa. 
Springer, Bale 

510 Maplewood Ave. 
Roselle Park, N.J. 

Stackhouse, Edith 

(Mrs. Edith S. Allen) 

Unityville, Pa. 
Stallone, Sally 

Boxiticus Rd. 

Mendham, N.J. 
tstamets, Gordon A. 
Stanton, Dolores 

(Mrs. Robert Senn) 

2116 Sheridan St. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
Stavisky, Jean 

511 Winter St. 
Old Forge, Pa. 

Stec, Helens M. 

123 Main St. 

Mahanoy Plane, Pa. 
Stewart, Harley 

1916 E. Jonathan St. 

Allentown, Pa, 
Strine, Dick C. 

Richland Blvd. 

Brightwater, N.Y. 
Stroup, Robert 

115 Village St. 

Johnstown, Pa. 
fStubbs, Donald 
Sutliff, Carolyn 

R.D. #1 

Shickshinny, Pa. 
Swartz, Alice 

(Mrs. John Ludwick, Jr.) 

6137 E. 30th St. 

Tucson, Ariz. 
Swartz, Edmund 

108 S. Hickory St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Swigonski, Joseph 

361 E. Ridge St. 

Xanticoke, Pa. 
Thomas, Barbara T. (Mrs.) 

19 N. Line Rd. 

Newtown Square, Pa. 

Thomas, Beverley R. 

534 W. Fifth St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Thomas, Charles A. 

237 Chestnut St. 

Mifflinburg, Pa. 
Thornton, Mary L. 

(Mrs. Richard Bilsecker) 

2245 S. Webster Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Trego, Shirley 

McClure, Pa. 
Truscott, Janice H. 

67 Webb Ave. 

Ocean Grove, X.J. 
Ulmer, Judith A. 

543 Otto Ave. 

Edgewater Park, N.J. 
Van Anken, Enola 

Mill City, Pa. 
Vivacqua, Shirley S. (Mrs.) 

2201 Street Rd. 

Cornwells Heights, Pa, 
Vottero, rrancis T. 

967 Locust St. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
Wagner, Shirley 

195 S. Wyoming St. 

Hazleton. Pa. 
Warner, Joseph B. 

704 Pine (St. 

Kulpmont, Pa. 
Wascavage, Joseph 

508 Maple St. 

Old Forge, Pa. 
Washo, Helen 

Market St. 

Kelayres, Pa. 
Weir, Kenneth L. 

Imperial Arms A-3 

Lansdale, Pa. 
Wilcox, Donna R. 

R.D. #1 

Milan, Pa. 
Williams, Floyd C. 

23 Ross St. 

Ashley, Pa. 
Wilson, Jean L. 

537 Monument Ave. 

Wyoming, Pa. 
Wintergrass, Stanley W. 

36 W. Main St. 
Wanamie, Pa. 

Witmer, Glen 

424 N. Ninth St. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Woyurka, John 

111 E. Sixth St. 

.Media, Pa. 
Yohn, Margaret E. 

(Mrs. Margaret Y. Keller) 

R.D. #1 

Port Trevorton, Pa. 
Tori, Robert P. 

190 S. Fourth St. 

Lehighton, Pa. 
Zeisloft, Yvonne M. 

(Mrs. Rolland Eyer) 

State St. 

Millville, Pa. 
Zeranski, Frank J. 

601 Hudson ,St. 

Forest City, Pa. 
Zerfing, Janet M. (Mrs.) 

37 Winter St. 
Stanford, Conn. 

Zielinski, Irene 
(Mrs. Irene Z. McCarthy) 
37 Lehigh Drive 
Lakewood, N.J. 

CLASS OF 1958 

tAbenmoha, Charles 

(Charles Aben) 
Acor, Allen 

Millville, Pa. 
Anderson, Paul 

33 Bayberry Rd. 

Trenton 8, N.J. 
Angradi, Marianne 

68 Coal St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Arbogast. Randall 

620 North St. 

Northumberland, Pa. 
Arner, Alda (Mrs.) 

Wasihingtonville, Pa. 
Arnold, Patricia (Mrs.) 

79 Wirt St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Atkinson, Joanne 

(Mrs. Joanne A. Waldron) 

23 School Hill Drive 

Dpylestown, Pa. 
Balchnnas, Norman 

460 Franklin St. 

Lansdale, Pa. 
Bangs, Dale 

Boyertown Area School . 

Boyertown, Pa. 
Barbarette, Marlene 

652 Hayes St. 
. Hazleton, Pa. 
Barber, Gloria 

212 Grand St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Barros, Joseph 

155 TV. Columbus St. 

Nesquehoning, Pa. 
Bastian, Constance (Mrs.) 

126 S. Fourth ,&t. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Beilharz, Barry 

R.D. #4 

Muncy, Pa. 
Belles, Dnane 

126 Compass Drive 

Radnor Woods 

Claymont, Del. 
Berger, Patricia 

(Mrs. P. B. Roadarmel) 

Hollidaysburg, Pa. 
Bias, Michael 

112 W. Grant St. 

McAdoo, Pa. 
Biever, Dale 

150 Linglestown Rd. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Bilder, Charles R. 

225 S. Chestnut St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Bills, Preda (Mrs.) 

308 Grand St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Blessing, Robert 
Binges, Jacob 

R.D. #1, Box 161 

New Cumberland, Pa. 
Boden, Douglas 

(Rev. Douglas Boden) 

Box 38 

Gardeners, Pa, 
tBowen, Roberta 

(Mrs. George Martin) 
Bower, William 

R.D. #1 

Berwick, Pa. 
Boyle, Robert 

2005 Sanderson St. 

Scranton, Pa. 

-Reported Deceased 

\ — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Brassington, Abrani 

32 S. Balliet St. 

Frackville, Pa. 
Braynock, Edward 

77 W. End Gardens 

N. Plainfleld, N.J. 
Brinser, Margaret 

364 Main Trappe St. 

Collegeville, Pa. 
Brunner, Barbara 

235 W. High St. 

Pottstown, Pa. 
Bnrrell, Bertlette 

R.D. #1, Box S9P 

Elysburg, Pa. 
Calderwood, William 

707 ;S'. Allen St. 

State College, Pa. 
tCampbell, Betty L. 
Campbell, George 

R.D. #2 

Berwick, Pa. 
Campbell, Shirley 

(Mrs. S. C. Dunkelberger) 

R.D. #1, Box 268 

Mount Joy, Pa. 
Carroll, Anthony 

230 E. Fourth St. 

Mt. Garanel, Pa. 
Chaump, George 

Shamokin High School 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Coffman, Donald 

456 Rockaway Rd. 

Apt. 5 

Dover, N.J. 
Connolley, Richard 

301 W. Mahoning St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Cooper, Dorothy (Mrs.) 

R.D. #2 

Danville, Pa. 
Cotterall, George F. 

R.D. #1 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Conlter, Rose 

407 Edsdale Rd. 

Apt. C 

Baltimore 29, Md. 
Creamer, Barbara 

(Mrs. Barbara Parry) 

R.D. #5 

Carlisle, Pa. 
Caber, Mary 

(Mrs. James E. Kashner) 

7123 Sprague St. 

Apt. A 

Philadelphia 19, Pa. 
tCaff, James 
Danilowicz, Max J. 

38 W. Field St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Danko, John C. 

R.D. #1, Box 25 

Sparta, N.J. 
DeFebo, Carl 

1120 First Ave. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Dekutoski, Joseph 

122 Newport iSit. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Denoy, Patrick 

116 Italy St. 

Mocanaqua, Pa. 
DeRose, Joseph 
Donmoyer, Gerald 

36 4 Main Trappe 

Collegeville, Pa. 
Donohoe, Mercedes (Mrs.) 

29 S. Hickory St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 

Duncan, Franklin 

8216 Baja Blvd. 

Orlando, Fla. 32S07 
Ely, Carol 

(Mrs. J. P. Herman, Jr.) 

406 Park St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Evans, Beth 

744 Cumberland St. 

Lebanon, Pa. 
Evans, Fred 

74 E. St. Mary's Rd. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Fahringer, Charles 

R.D. #2 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Faux, Alice 

(Mrs. Alice F. Green) 

702 Atlantic Court 

Chester, Pa. 
Fellows, Wilmot 

208 S. Balliet St. 

Frackville, Pa. 
tFoltz, James 
Fowler, Norman 

2101 Bucknell Drive 

Vienna, Pa. 
tFox, Dale 
Franklin, Ijona 

459 Belmont St. 

Waymart, Pa. 
Freed, William 

31 W. Coover St. 

Mechanicsburg, Pa. 
Fritz, Mary K. 

1003 Catherine St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Gabriel, Robert 

208 S. Main St. 

Athens, Pa. 
Galatha, Mary 

R.D. #1 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Gavitt, Wayne E. 

Laporte, Pa. 
Gearhart, Mary (Mrs.) 

1712 Pokons Ave. 

Stroudsburg, Pa. 
Getz, Nancy H. (Mrs.) 

Paxtonville, Pa. 
Goobic, Jonah 

31 Center St. 

Hudson. Pa. 
Goss, Fern A. 

Northampton Courts 

Apt. 3-F 

Northampton Drive 

Amsterdam, N.Y. 12010 
Grace, Mary 

(Mrs. Mary Pohutsky) 

554 Oakridge Ave. 

N. Plainfleld, N.J. 
Gnstave, James 

R.D. #1 

Cedarcrest Rd. 

Bound Brook, N.J. 
Hagerty, Elizabeth (Mrs.) 

1207 Walnut St. 

Allentown, Pa. 
Hand, William 

12 Westfall Ave. 

Susquebanna, Pa. 
Hargreaves, Raymond 

37 Dell Rd. 

Pennytown Homes 

c/o Stanhope P. O. 

Stanhope, N.J. 
Hartzel, John 

2692 Lackawanna Ave. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Heatley, Mary 

104 E. Walnut St. 

Perkasie, Pa. 
Heller, Albert 

1519 Liberty St. 

Allentown, Pa. 
tHelt, Wilbur 
Hemler, Donald 

515 Windover Rd. 

Hatboro, Pa. 
Herman, George 

R.D. #2 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Herman, John, Jr. 

405 Park St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 

Hilscher, Carl, Jr. 

418 Whitman Ave. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Hoffman, Susan 

(Mrs. Donald Hemler) 

515 Windover Rd. 

Hatboro, Pa. 
Hoffner, Betta 

408 Parket St. 

Clarks Summit, Pa. 
Hughes, Nancy 

120 S. Second St. 

Bangor, Pa. 
"Hughes, William 
Hntz, Walter 

R.D. #2 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Irzinski, Paul 

One Crystal St. 

Hanover Green 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Jessop, Charles, Jr. 

405 Keystone Ave. 

Peckville, Pa. 
Jessop, John F. 

405 Keystone Ave. 

Peckville, Pa, 
Johnson, James 

Rock Glen, Pa. 
Julio, Teresa 

(Mrs. Daniel Kohut) 

R.D. #2 

15 Brown Lane 

Apalachin, N.Y. 
Kaminski, Eloise 

S. Gibson, Pa. 
Keefer, Edna 

Pottsgrove, Pa. 
^Keller, Catherine 
Kerl, Catherine 

(Mrs. C. K. Rebernik) 

3-37 - 31st St. 

Fair Lawn, N.J. 
Kerstetter, Helen (Mrs.) 

3 Easter Lane 

Levittown, Pa. 
Kerstetter, Mary 

1423 W. Arch St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
"^Klotz, Nancy 
Kressler, Daniel 

R.D. #1 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
^Kressler, Richard 
Krzywicki, Rita 

32 W. Main St. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
"Leonhardt, Foster 
Iiesher, Arthur 

401 E. Sixth St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
LeVan, Gary 

R.D. #1 

Catawissa, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Lewis, Bay 

Box 242 

New Bloomfleld, Pa. 
Lontz. Mary B. 

608 Broadway St. 

Milton, Pa. 
Loughery, Charles 

36 Tally Ho Drive 

Warminster, Pa. 
Lundy, Ernest 

R.D. #1 

Loysville, Pa. 
Lynch, Gary 

17321 N.W. 48th Ay«. 

Opa Locka 

N.W. Miami, Fla. 
Lynch, Margaret 

7 Heshbon Rd. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
Mack, Sarah (Mrs.) 

Pottsgrove, Pa. 
Malt, Joseph 

S70 Harrison St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Marcin, Stephen, Jr. 

902 Pickett Lane 

Newark, Del. 
Marcinko, Michael 

238 Main St. 

Fern Glen, Pa. 
tMartini, Jane 
Mattocks, Donna 

R.D. #2 

Columbia Cross Rds., Pa. 
Maylock, Lawrence 

395 E. Poplar St. 

W. Nanticoke, Pa. 
< : Mazesii, Joseph 
McBride, Andrew 

102 S. First St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
McBride, Sanndra 

(Mrs. Thomas Myers) 

401 Capri Rd. 

Lancaster, Pa. 
McGraw, John, Jr. 

444 Washington St. 

Freeland, Pa. 
Miller, Alfred, Jr. 

2028 Washington St. 

Northampton, Pa. 
Miller, Bruce 

Quarry Rd. 

Muncy, Pa. 
Miller, Eunice 

(Mrs. Douglas Y. Bod«n) 

Box 38 

Gardners. Pa. 
tMiller, George 
Miller, M. Donald 

130 Chestnut St. 

Dumont, N.J. 
tMitchell, Samuel J. 
Molitoris, Joseph 

53 Italy St. 

Mocanaqua, Pa. 
Moore, Julia 

(Mrs. David Markel) 

R.D. #2 

Athens, Pa. 
Morgan, Deanna 

4441 Ethie St. 

Harrisbugr, Pa. 
Mosier, Philip 

Lake Shore Acres 

R.D. #1 

Lake George, N.Y. 
Mosteller, Joanne (Mrs.) 

Millville. Pa. 

Myers, Trances 

(Mrs. Byron Guminal) 

R.D. #2 

New Milford, Pa. 
Myers, Marjorie 

(Mrs. M. M. Corrao) 

208 S. Barry Ave. 


Norristown, Pa. 
Natter, Luther 

54 Dock St. 

Schuylkill Haven, Pa. 
Neary, Patrick 

1048 Water St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Nice, Donald 

8 Division St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Nowakowski, Leon 

130 Garfield St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Nuss, Allen 

10 Worshire Lan* 

Hazlewood. Mo. 
O'Brien, Bernard 

2124 Highland St. 

Allentown, Pa. 
O'Connell, George 

7745 Ravensridge Dr. A.-J 

St. Louis, Mo. 63119 
tOnufrak, Marian 
Orner, Charles 

Gowen City, Pa. 
Oswald, Kenneth 

118 Susquehanna Blvd. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
tOustrich, John 
tPaden, Kenneth 
Parsell, George 

Pine St. 

Orangeville, Pa. 
tPetuskey, Lawrence 
Plevyak, John 


Beach Haven, Pa. 
Pluxnmer, Dolores (Mrs.) 

137 W. Main St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa, 
tpoller, Robert 
Prasch, Prank, Jr. 

535 Green St. 

Duryea, Pa. 
Puckey, Charles 

Nuangola, Pa. 
Purcell, Joseph 

Locust Ave. 

Centralia, Pa. 
Baker, Lynne 

Numedia, Pa. 
Baker, Sandra 

(Mrs. Robert Hollebbach) 

Box 104 

Wysox, Pa. 
Bedbord, Arnold 

111 N. Walnut St. 

E. Orange, N.J. 
Benn, George 

501 Hawthorne Ave. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
Beznick, Theodora 

A12 Leary Dr. 

Horsham, Pa. 
Bhawn, Helen (Mrs.) 

R.D. #4 

Danville, Pa. 
Richards, Donald 

Elysburg, Pa. 
Bidall, Nancy 

R.D. #2 

Shickshinny, Pa. 

Bidgway, Bobert 

2005 Bond St. 

Rahway, N.J. 
Bidgway, Sarah 

(Mrs. Eugene Morrison) 

200 Pine St. 

Carroll Park 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Bidgway, Shirley (Mrs.) 

2005 Bond St. 

Rahway, N.J. 
Bindgen, Patricia 

29 Elm St. 

W. Pittston, Pa. 
Bobb, Mary E. 

R.D. #3 

Danville, Pa, 
Bomig, Mae 

Box 206 

McClure, Pa. 
Bosinski, Raymond 

439 W. Fifth St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
tBoush, Annett W. (Mrs.) 
Buane, Joseph 

928 Washington St, 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Salata, John 

301 Main St. 

Lattimer, Pa. 
Samois, Dianne 

(Mrs. Joseph F. Martin) 

2111 Penn St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Sands, Sarah 

(Mrs. Wm. F. Swisher) 

Mount Upton, N.Y. 
Saraka, John 

543 Franklin Ave. 

Palmerton, Pa. 
Sansser, Lamar 

34 Hoffman Blvd. 

Ashland, Pa. 
Schaefer, John 

U.S. Army 

Fort Dix, N.J. 
Scheuren, Ronald 

Lavelle, Pa, 
Schraeder, Connie 

7 W. Kirmar St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Scott, Lynda 

322 N. Webster Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Seitz, Bay 

121 Fairfield Ave. 

New Castle, Pa. 
Sergott, Lenora 

156 Sharpe St. 

Alden Station 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Shafer, Carol 

145 W. Ninth St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Sheehan, Thomas 

131 Johanson Ave. 

Somerville, N.J. 
Shellenberger, William •. 

2&2 E. Fifth St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Shepperson, Louise 
Sheridan, William 

146 Second St. 
Fanwood, N.J. 

Shively, Carl 

26 Homer Ave. 

Cortland, X.Y. 13045 
Shultz, Bernard 

720 W. Front St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
vShuttlesworth, Bobert 

• — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Smith, Robert 

1030 Orange St. 

Berwick. Pa. 
tSmith, Sterling 
Snavely, Frances 

Parkside Apt. 5 

Hershey, Pa. 
Snavely, Rachel 

(Mrs. Kenny Kurta) 

Chocolate Ave. 

Hershey, Pa. 
Snyder, Ernia 


l>ornsife. Pa. 
Snyder, James 

77-B Taylor Ave. 

E. Brunswick, N.J. 
tSonder, Janice 

(Mrs. Bernard E. Shultz) 
Spentzas, Constantino 

3 Elliott St. 

Towanda, Pa. 
Steinhart, Donald 

1700 W. Spruce St. 

Shamokin. Pa. 
Stiff, Betty 

(Sirs. William J. Laise) 

Box 91 

E. Stroudsburg, Pa. 
Stondt, Dorothy 

(Mrs. Jack Schweitzer) 

Bldg. 22, Apt. 3 

Drexelbrook Apts. 

Drexel Hill, Pa. 
Stuart, Stephen 

1009 E. Front iStt. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Stubits, Edward 

1382 Newport Ave. 

Northampton, Pa. 
Suwalski, Nancy 

529 Fellows Ave. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Swade, Clarence 

48 S. Lehigh Ave. 

Frackville, Pa. 
Swoyer, Ethel 

486 Front St. 

Northumberland, Pa. 
Templin, Fred M. 

31 Woodlawn St. 

Dallas, Pa. 
Thiroway, Joseph 

241 Saylor St. 

Atlas, Pa. 
Tibbs, Augustine 

512 Division St. 

Jenkintown, Pa. 
Trettle, Joanne 

543 Garfield St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Trivelpiece, William 

543 W. Second St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Trontman, Paul 

1709 W. Pine Sit. 

Shamokin, Pa. 

tTrnmp, Raymond 

Vacante, Frank 

11% Center St. 

Kelayres, Pa. 
Valania, John, Jr. 

SO Laurel St. 

Alden Station 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Vaxmonsky, Thomas 

1315 Main St. 

Pittston, Pa. 
Vincent, Elizabeth 

R.D. #2 

Danville, Pa. 

Vivacqua, George 

2201 Street Rd. 

Cornwells Heights, Pa. 
Vowler, James 

7751 Parkview Rd. 

Upper Darby, Pa. 
Wallace, Donald 

63 Lyndwood Ave. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Watts, Edward 

359 Moffitt Blvd 

Islip, N.Y. 

Weldon, William 

210 Chestnut St. 

Kulpmont, Pa. 
Welliver, William 

R.D. #1, Box 225 

Shamokin, Pa. 
West, Daniel 

25 W. Independence St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Wilkinson, Margaret 

(Mrs. Glenn Wightman) 

W. Main St. 

Shiremantown, Pa. 
Will, Marie 

213 W. Cherry Rd. 

Quakertown, Pa. 
Williams, John C. 

310 York Ave. 

W. Pittston, Pa. 
Wismer, Norman 

2416 Washington S<t. 

Royersford, Pa. 
Wood, Gerald 

Mt. Rd. 

Mechanicsburg, Pa. 
Wynn, G. Richard 

R.D. #2 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Yesalavage, Michael 

350 N. Second St. 

Girardville, Pa. 
Tohn, Joan 

(Mrs. Jack Harderode) 

R.D. #2 

Athens. Ohio 
Yurechko, Louis 

Fourtih St. 

Kelayres, Pa. 
Zabarowski, Bernard 

121 Railroad St. 

Wanamie, Pa. 
Zajaczkowski, Edmund 
Zegarski, Walter 

70 Abbott St. 

Plains, Pa. 
Zegley, Robert 

903 E. Pine St. 

Mahanoy City, Pa. 
Zelinsky, Thomas 

Woolrich, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1959 

■Adams, Edward R. 
Alexander, Irvin S. 

321 S. York St. 

Mechanicsburg. Pa, 

•Amberlavage, Helen M. 

Andrysick, Dorothy H. 

250 East St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Andrysick, Joseph M. 

24 Gruver St. 

Alden Ettation, Pa. 
Antonio, Patricia A. 

(Mrs. Martin M. Gildea) 

126 W. 26th St. 

Erie, Pa. 

Asby, Robert S. 


Northumberland, Pa. 
Atkins, Wesley P. 

117 Glen Ave. 

West Chester, Pa. 
Ati miller, Faye L. 

N. Main St. 

Milioy, Pa. 
■Babetski, Robert A. 
Bach, Matthew J. 

123 W. Saylor St. 

Atlas, Pa. 
Bangs, Jay R. 

Box 718 

Greenwood, N.Y. 
Barnhart, Clarence B. 

64 Main St. 

Spring Grove, Pa. 
Barnhart, David L. 

1746 Mt. Top 

Somerville, N.J. 
Bartleson, Ross T. 
Basso, Lorraine J. 

(Mrs. L. Schiavono) 

45 N. 11th St. 

Bangor, Pa. 
Batzel, Barbara E. 

34 Spring Crest Blvd. 

Sinking ISiprings, Pa. 
Baurys, George H. 

32 Downing St. 

Hanover Green, 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Baylor, Jill E. 

(Mrs. Lamar Freeland) 

Box 53 

Plainfield, Pa. 
Beach, Craig K. 

Witer Trailer Camp 

R.D. #4 

Allentown, Pa. 
Beaver, Robert J. 

651 Chestnut St. 

Kulpmont, Pa. 
Bechtel, Joanne 
Beckley, Ruthann M. 

(Mrs. Wayne Gavitt) 

Laporte, Pa. 
Bednar, Walter J. 

128 2nd St. 

Wyoming, Pa. 
Beers, Margaret E. 

(Mrs. William S. Diehl) 

253 Walnut Bottom Rd. 

Carlisle, Pa. 
Beeson, Valetta A. 

(Mrs. Wm. C. Pacey, Jr.) 

250 Lincoln Hgw. 

Fairless Hills, Pa. 
Bendinsky, Sonja A. 

(Mrs. William Norton) 

91 Cardinal Rd. 

Levittown, Pa. 
Berg, Eugene P. 

1732 Levering Place 

Bethlehem, Pa. 
Bingaman, Dahle D. 

503 Catawissa Ave. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Bittenbender, Janet M. 

(Mrs. Janet Fritz) 

R.D. #1 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Bittle, Janice L. 

87 Wilder St. 

Cressona. Pa. 
Blew, Gail L. 

2nd St. 

Millville, Pa. 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Bobber, Eleanor D. 

80 N. Adams St. 

Pottstown, Pa. 
Boehmer, Barl J. 

Rock Glen, Pa. 
Bog°art, Bessie M. 

R.D. #2 

Berwick, Pa. 
Bonenberg-er, Mary A. 

(Mrs. Lawrence Batdorf) 

1313 Arizona Ave. 

Woodbridge, Va, 
Boop, Betty L. 

4 00 Thompson St. 

Mifflinberg, Pa. 
tBottorf, Robert A. 
tBower, Loren 
Boyer, Willard B. 

Sonestown, Pa. 
Braubitz, John S. 

301 Coal ISt. 

Trevorton, Pa. 

tBraun, Carl J., Jr. 

Breslin, Anne L. 

2'60 West St. 

Shenandoah, Pa. 
tBrosius, James B>. 
Brower, Edward B. 

Box 794 

Wrightstown, Pa. 
Brnmbach, Audrey B. 

(Mrs. H. D. Fishel, Jr.) 

525 W. Market St. 

York, Pa. 
Buck, Roland F. 

R.D. #2 

Hamilton, N.T. 
Burger, Paul S. 

837 Park Ave. 

Elizabeth, N.J. 
Burg-er, Raymond T. 

222 Main St. 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Burrows, Judith. D. 

Hillside Estates 

R.D. #5 

Danville, Pa. 
Butz, Joseph R. 

500 Lawrence Ave. 

Lincoln Park 

West Lawn, Pa. 
Campbell, Anita Ii. 

(Mrs. Robert Kline) 

12 Spruce St. 

Carroll Park 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Canouse, Rush L. 

869 York Rd. 

Hanover, Pa. 
Carson, Connie 

(Mrs. Robert L. Cobb) 

110 Glenwood Dr. 

Ovid, Mich. 
Cawthera, Joseph T. 

132 East Chestnut St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
♦Clark, Carol M. 
Clark, Louise D. 

R.D. #5 

Danville, Pa. 
Concannon, Jean M. 

2205 East Market St. 

York, Pa. 
Concavage, Thomas B. 

226 S. Poplar St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
'Coons, Carol A. 
tCorrigan, John K. 
Corrigan, Robert F. 

Davis Grove Rd. 

Prospectville, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

Costa, Joseph J. 

30 N. Nice St. 

Frackville, Pa. 
Covington, M. Stanley 

237 Richardson Ave. 

Langhorne, Pa. 
Crider, James B. 

2629 Olyphant Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Crocomo, Filomena L. 

777 E. Green St. 

Allentown, Pa. 
tCrossan, Lois F. 
Cummings, Joseph F. 

432 S. Second St. 

St. Clair, Pa. 
Curry, Barbara J. 

(Mrs. Evald R. Eskilson) 

216 Wedgewood Dr. 

Blackwood, N.J. 08012 

Dalton, Joan M. 

24 Spruce St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Davies, Margaret J. 

(Mrs. Erwin Farro'w ) 

412 Keystone Ave. 

Peckville, Pa. 
Bavis, Ronald F. 

R.D. #1 

Leesport, Pa. 
Davis, Ruth A. 

(Mrs. George Ritter) 

235 Walnut Bottom Rd. 

Carlisle, Pa. 
Bean, Biderson A. 

306 Mahoning St. 

Milton, Pa. 
Becker, A. C. (Mrs.) 

732 Monroe St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
tDelbaugh, William F. 
DeKose, Martin W. 

R.D. #2 

Red Lion, Pa. 
Desmond Patricia A. 

612 Mahoning St. 

Milton, Pa. 
DiAugustine, Blaine D. 

318 LaSalle St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Dieffenbach, Henry E. 

361 Union ISt. 

Doylestown, Pa. 18901 
Dietz, Bernice K. 

Klingerstown, Pa. 
Donav, Otto H. 

170 Grove St. 

North Plainfleld, N.J. 
Doyle, Vincent H. 

3012 Beverly Rd. 

Baltimore, Md. 
Dreisbach, Joy L. 

(Mrs. Duan A. Belles I 

126 Compass Dr. 

Radnor Woods 

Claymont, Del. 
Drumtra, Ellen J. 

26 North Pine St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Dunnick, Sally A. 

New Freedom, Pa. 
Dye, Charles F. 

Dover Area High School 

Dover, Pa. 
Egli, Gary W. 

College Station, Texas 
Farina, Michael A. 

203 Franklin Ave. 

Susquehanna, Pa. 

Fedin, Evelyn P. 

1940 North Market 

Berwick, Pa. 
Fenner, John R. 

297 Monument Ave. 

Wyoming, Pa. 
Fenstermacher, C. Thomas 

Lightstreet, Pa. 
Ferdock, Michael S. 

614 Locust Ave. 

Centralia, Pa. 
Fine, Orville H. 

23 Spring St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Fiorenza, Anthony B., Jr. 

401 Garden Lane 

Village Green Manor 

Chester, Pa. 
tFiorenza, John R. 
Fisher, Gary S. 

118 Hornell St. 

Hormell, N.Y. 
Fisher, Larry A. 

2222 Elder Dr. 

Paulkland Heights 

Wilmington 8, Del. 
Fleck, Mary A. (Mrs.) 

Box ,283 

Riverside, Pa. 
Fleck, Thomas J. 

Box 283 

Riverside, Pa. 
Fletcher, John R., Jr. 

75 Division St. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Fosko, Joseph F. 

S74 Shoemaker Ave. 

W. Wyoming, Pa. 
Fowler, Myrtle 

(Mrs. Myrtle Omoleck) 

441 Hazle Ave. 

Highland Park, 111. 
tFrable, Wilbur B. 
Franklin, A. Paul 

Benton, Pa. 
IFreed, James K. 
Freeland, Lamar L. 

Box 53 

Plainfleld, Pa. 
Fritz, Daniel L. 

328 Bouckhart Ave. 

Rochester, N.Y. 
Fry, Janet L. 

American Consulate Gen. 

APO, N.Y. 09108 
iFunk, Jean L. 
tGalinski, John J. 
Garman, James P. 

R.D. #1 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Gaughan, Harold B. 

443 W. Main St. 

Girardville, Pa. 
Gennerella, Fred F. 

212 Fairview St. 

Pottsville, Pa. 
Girton, Connie J. 

(Mrs. Connie Michael) 

43 So. Main St. 

Muncy, Pa. 
Glennon, John J. 

246 So. Fifth St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Goodhart, Sandra A. 

(Mrs. \Salim Atiyeh) 

1219 Chew St. 

Allentown, Pa. 
Gower, Robert R. 

1302 Chew St. 

Allentown, Pa. 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Greenland, Sue A. 
(Mrs. Sue G. Williams) 

325 Carpenter St. 
W. Pittston, Pa. 

fGregitis, Vincent J. 
Grochowski, Barbara J. 

602 Delaware Ave. 

Norwood, Pa. 
fGwasdacus, Edward J. 
Haney, Alice A. 

376 Bissett Lane 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Harris, Robert W. 

R.D. #1, Box 209 

School Rd. 

White House Sta., N.J. 
Hauck, David R. 

Blain, Pa. 
Hawke, Patty A. 

l'Ol E. Vinon St. 

Endicott, N.Y. 
Hayhnrst, Susan A. 

1908 Old Berwick Rd. 

Bloomsburg-, Pa. 
Heck, Bernadine M. 

(Mrs. B. H. McCoy) 

916 W. Fourth St. 

Lew is town, Pa. 
Helgemo, Ruth I. 

(Mrs. Larry Maioriello) 

2414 Central Ave. 

Augusta, Ga. 
Henninger, Glenn L. 

Box 42 

Port Trevorton, Pa. 
Herman, Nancy L. 

(Mrs. John Nagle) 

319 Lincoln Ave. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
Heston, Joanne 

(Mrs. Martin De Rose) 

R. D. 2 

Red Lion, Pa. 
Hockenberry, Barbara 

(Mrs. Allen Kleinschrodt) 

Oakdale Rd. 

Chester, N.J. 
Hollingshead, Robert A. 

342 Pine St. 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Howard, Herman W., Jr. 

903 Race St. 

iSlunbury, Pa. 
Howell, "Winifred K. 

18 John St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Hoyt, Charles 

4729 Hurford Place 

Chester, Pa. 
Hunter, Duane W. 

R.D. 2 

Hunlock Creek, Pa. 
tHunting-ton, Barbara M. 
Hutchinson, Donna A. 

101 W. Houston Ave. 

Montgomery, Pa. 
Janetka, Carl J. 

326 York Ave., B-2 
Lansdale, Pa. 

Johnston, Joseph W. 

R.D. 6 

York, Pa. 
Jones, Hettie C. (Mrs.) 

R.D. 1, Box 88 

Cresco, Pa. 
Jones, James L. 

613 Center Ave. 

Clarks Summit, Pa. 
Kapsak, Bdward J. 

2.24 Martzville Rd. 

Berwick, Pa. 

Kasper, John J. 

64 James St. 

White House Station, N.J. 
Keefer, Marilyn R. 

(Mrs. John Kehoe) 

143 Fairview Rd. 

Mountain Top 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Her, Donald B. 

41 Edison St. 

Buffalo 15, N.Y. 
Kessler, Joseph J. 

6212 Leemar Dr. 

Oxon Hill 22, Md. 20022 
Kessler, Ruth L. 

621i2 Leemar Dr. 

Oxon Hill, Md. 20022 
Ketner, George W. 

Stella, Nebraska 
Kidron, Charles A. 

537 Shamokin St. 

Trevorton, Pa. 
Kisatsky, Thomas J. 

524 S. First St. 
Bangor, Pa. 

Kish, Sophia A. 

(Mrs. John IShaefer) 

522 Private Way 

Lakewood, N.J. 
Kostenbauder, Sherwyn D. 

(Mrs. Sherwyn K. 

64 N. Main St. 

Spring Grove, Pa. 
Kovalevich, Emma 

453 Wyoming Ave. 

Wyoming, Pa. 
Kreischer, Marjorie M. 

Numidia, Pa. 
Kruk, Leonard, Jr. 

1001 Abington Rd. 

Green Haven 

Haddonfield, N..T. 
Kunes, Janice E. 

525 Market St. 
Johnsoniburg, Pa. 

Labyack, Mary E. 


Nazareth, Pa. 
Lazo, Joan 

(Mrs. Joseph Laganosky) 

1137 Burton St. 

Freeland, Pa. 18224 
Lechner, Rita A. 

(Mrs. Rita L. Moore) 

707 N. 8th Ave. 

Lebanon, Pa. 
Leskie, Stanley P. 

6616 Garfield St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Lesko, Robert J. 

257 Fairview Ave. 

Hyde Villa, 

Reading, Pa. 
Levengood, Earl C, Jr. 

Arkport Central School 

Arkport, N.Y. 
Lewis, Sandra L. 

3i0«2 iS. Third Sit. 

Lewisburg, Pa. 
Lewis, Trerar T. 

930 Augusta St. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Lezinski, Dorothy A. 

545 N. Cameron Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Lichtel. W. Reese 

136 E. Chestnut St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 

Long, Jay E. 

214 E. Pine St. 

Selinsgrove, Pa. 
Longo, John R. 

KeLayres, Pa. 
Lubereckl, Walter J. 

1130 W. Spruce St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Lutsey, Milton E. 

113 Summit fit. 

Shavertown, Pa. 
Majikas, Mary A. T. 

235 "B" St. 
Girardville, Pa. 

Marcavage, Valeria T. 

(Mrs. Earl Davis) 

21 W. Hancock St. 

St. Clair, Pa. 
Marcy, Dorothy M. 

Box 253 

Nicholson, Pa. 
Markovci, Margaret A. 

(Mrs. James Gustav) 

Cedarcrest Rd. 

Bound Brook, N.J. 
Marsilio, Louis W. 

12011 Millstream Dr. 

Bowie, Md. 20715 
Marvin, Mary N. 

R.D. 1 

Sihickshinny, Pa. 
Masters, John K. 

205 Urban Ave. 

Norwood, Pa. 
Matechak, William J. 


Jermyn, Pa. 
Mattern, Mary A. 

236 Thomas Drive 
Monroe Park 
Wilmington, Del. 

McCormick, Gilbert, Jr. 

405 Walnut St. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
McDonald, Charles C. 

5'0t9 Sylvan Drive 

S. Williamsport, Pa. 
Menkewicz, Alice 

212 N. Gilbert St. 

Shenandoah, Pa. 
Mensch, Matthew I. 

417 Jefferson St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tMensch, Nancy M. H. 
Mescan, Robert J. 

Maple ISt. 

Tresckow, Pa. 
Metzger, Anne T. 

(Mrs. Donald D. Wei ton) 

Sixteenth W. St. 

Gasgow AFB, Montana 
Michael, Keith W. 

126 Spring St. 


State College, Pa. 
Miller, Kenneth M., Jr. 

751 N. Front St. 

Milton, Pa. 
Miller, Lois M. 

Third St. 

Mifflinville, Pa. 
Mittleman, Ruth 

503 Pine St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Morgan, Bruce B. 

33 N. Nice St. 

Frackville, Pa. 
tMorgan, Edgar L., Jr. 
Morson, Marjorie F. 

711 Brook St. 

Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

-Reported Deceased 

f — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Moser, Betty L. 
(Mrs. Betty M. Gass) 

R.D. 1 

Danville, Pa. 
Moser, Ruth A. 

R.D. 3 

Lewisburg, Pa. 
Mourey, Sandra K. 
([Mrs. John Stinson) 

525 Virginia Ave. 

Havertown, Pa. 
Muir, Julia A. 
(Mrs. Charles Krajack) 

5 Brook Lane 

Yardley, Pa. 
Mnlhall, Leo A., Jr. 

860 W. Wood .St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Murray, Robert W. 

53 Ridgley St. 

Mt. Holly, N.J. 
Myers, Eleanor E. 

(Mrs. Eleanor M. Koenig) 

1020 Academy Ave. 

Glenolden, Pa. 
Myers, Lois J. 

(Mrs. Lois M Hicks) 

49 Village Lane 

Levittown, Pa. 
Ifagrle, John E. 

1928 W. Livingston 

Allentown, Pa. 
Nearing, Martha K. 

2>0 Rockview Ave. 

N. Plainfield, N..T. 
Meff, Lela J. 

206 Harrison Ave. 

Lewisburg, Pa. 
Wlver, Robert E. 

Ellisbury Rd. 

Sandy Creek, NY. 
Woble, John V. 

Main St. 

Locust Gap, Pa. 
Norton, WilliaTn B. 

91 Cardinal Rd. 

Levittown, Pa. 
Novak, Edward M. 

126 Junewood Drive 

Levittown, Pa. 
Ohl, C. Elizabeth W. 

R.D. 1 

Ridge Hills 

Mecihanicsburg, Pa. 
Faralis, Patricia A. 

(Mrs. Wallace I. 

11 Juarter Turn Rd. 

Levittown, Pa. 
Parry, Irwin D. 

34 Beverly Drive 

Allentown, Pa. 
Favlick, Rose A.P. 

16 Pine Crest 

Dallas, Pa. 
Pekala, Nancy J. 

(Mrs. Eugene Plaza) 

Roselle Park Jr. School 

Roselle Park, N.J. 
Pellman, Alton A. 

3<08 W. Cumberland St. 

Lebanon, Pa. 
Pendal, Joseph H. 

103 Berwick St. 

Beaver Meadows, Pa. 
Pennella, Carmin eL. 

R.D. 2 

Kutztown, Pa. 
Perotti, Leonard D. 

4520 Davis Ave. 

Suitland 23, Md. 

Perry, Charles B. 

411 Orchard Lane 

Manheim, Pa. 
Pfister, Sandra A. 

(Mrs. Sandra P. Brown) 

1340 Industrial Dr. 

Easton, Pa. 18042 
Pileski, Mary A. 

495 iSpring St. 

Newport, R.I. 
Pollock, Patricia L. 

943 E. Market St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Polovitch, Pauline L. 

R.D. 2 

Nicholson, Pa. 
Pomes, Mary T. 

(Mrs. Robert Hesp) 

Rt. 130 

Hightstown, Pa. 
Powell, Jack M. 

2217 N. Main Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Quick, Bolland C. 

41 Jackson St. 

Montrose, Pa. 
Balston, Rodman B. 

R.D. 5 

Carroll Park 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Beed, Prank E. 

138 E. Mahanoy St. 

Mahanoy City, Pa. 
Beed, Glenn H. 

R.D. 1, Box 143S 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Beed, Nronian J. 

R.D. 5 

Danville, Pa. 
Began, Delores J. 

136 S. Fillmore Ave. 

Scranton, Pa, 
tRhoads, Woodrow W. 
Bichenderfer, Joseph L. 

115 N. Line Rd. 

Newton Square, Pa. 
Bitzman, David C, Jr. 

R.D. 1 

Mifflintown, Pa. 
Bomig, Bonald P. 

4 Cheryl Lane 

Oakhurst, N.J. 
Boush, Bnby 

(Mrs. Ruby R. Tvler) 

R.D. 6 

Danville, Pa. 
Bozelle, Blanche L. 

(Mrs .J. L. Jones) 

613 Center Ave. 

Clarks Summit. Pa. 
Buggieri, Linda M. 

525 Richards Rd. 

Kennett Square, Pa. 
Bundel, Wendy J. 

1223 Wine spring Lane 

Baltimore 12, Md. 
Byan, Calvin c, Jr. 

104 First St. 

Montgomery, Pa. 
Sandel, Eugene P. 

401 1SI Fourth St. 

Hamubrg, Pa. 
Sasso, Matthew 

Richfield Springs, N.T. 
Schell, Larry E. 

R.D. 1 

Gilbe-rtsville, Pa. 
Scheuren, Herbert T. 

Lavelle, Pa, 

Schicatano, Sylvester J. 

852 W. Walnut St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Schilling, Sara M. 

(Mrs. Sara S. Burns) 

839 Wedgewood Dr. 

Lansdale, Pa. 
Schilling, William H. 

R.D. 1, Knapp Rd. 

Lansdale, Pa. 
Schloyer, Ray W. 

R.D. 2 

Shippensburg, Pa. 
Schultz, Moritz L. 

R.D. 5 

Danville, Pa. 
Shaffer, Lena P. 

R.D. 1. Box 463 

Elliot Drive 

Northumberland, Pa. 
Shuletsky, Mary A. 

4441 Ethel St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
tSmaltz, John A. 
Smith, Jane A. 

(Mrs. Charles C. James) 

15 Jackson St. 

Dallas, Pa. 18612 
Smith, Myron T. 

R.D. 2 

Hughesville, Pa. 
Smith, Sally A. 

Roxiticus Rd. 
• Mendham, N.J. 
tSnyder, Oscar L. 
Socoloskie, Alice L. 

52 Pensive Lane 

Levittown, Pa. 
Spahr, Paul H. 

461 Wyndom Terrace 

Holmes, Pa. 
Spaid, Glen A. 

2434 Third St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Sprout, Elizabeth A. 

(Mrs. Elizabetih 

2504 E. Hills Dr. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
Stablum, Joan M. 

(Mrs. Joan S. Kristoff) 

132 Westwood St. 

Minersville, Pa. 
Stahl, Bessie H. 

Washingtonville, Pa. 
Stakey, Stephen J. 

919 W. Centre 

Mahanoy City, Pa. 
Staronka, William 

126 Riley St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Stish, Robert W. 

874 James St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Straub, Donald D. 

104 Church St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Sugalski, Raymond W. 

11 Railroad St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Suit, Hilda C. 

338 E. Front St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Suntheimer, Frank J. in 

203 Mill Rd. 

Hatboro, Pa. 
Swatt, Kenneth A. 

317 Pimmit Drive 

Falls Church, Va. 

1 — Reported Deceased 

t— Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Sweet, Carl H. 

R.D. 2 

Athens, Pa. 
Swider, Stanley J. 

4328 Sweeney Circle 


Chester, Pa. 
tSwisher, William P. 
Swoyer, William V. 

4 86 Front St. 

Northumberland, Pa. 
Taormina, Philip A. 

140 E. Main 'St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Taylor, Lorraine J. 

R.D. 1, Box 5 

Dushore, Pa. 
Ternosky, Paul 

326 Hudson Drive 

Bricktown, N.J. 
tTerzopolos, Renee TJ. 

(Mrs. Larry Perry) 
Thear, Robert 

2>0i3 W. Ridge 

Nesquehoning, Pa. 
Thomas, Donald L. 

1118 W. Montgomery 

Shamokin, Pa, 
Thomas, Lydia K. (Mrs., 

700 Ave. B. 

Riverside, Pa. 
Thornton, Mary A. 

5110 Newportville Rd. 

Cornwells Hgts., Pa. 
Tier, Mary M. 

2326 Prospect Ave. 

Oroyden, Pa. 
fTreon, Gerald L. 
Tressler, George R. 

Box 501 

Trevorton, Pa. 
Troxell, Frank J. 

621 E. Dewart St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Troy, James D. 

Carroll Park 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Trudnak, June L. (Mrs.) 

R.D. 5 

Scenic Knoll 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 17815 
Turner, Janet C. 

Noxon, Pa. 
Ulshafer, Shirley 

230 Main St. 

Fern Glen, Pa. 
linger, Carl A. 

460 Bay Ave. 

Patchogue, N.Y. 
Valania, Peter J. 

Mountain Rd. 

Star Route 

Nanticoke. Pa. 
Varcoe, John R. 

211 South St. 

Waymart, Pa. 
Vottero, Anita R. 
(Mrs. Anita V. Gurski) 

338 Market St. 

Trevorton, Pa. 
Wagner, Harriet G. 
1704 W. Market 

Lewisburg, Pa. 
Walker, Margaret A. 
Jackson, Pa. 

Walsh, Claire A- 
(Mrs. Donald J. Zutlas) 
1118 Apple Drive 

Orchard Crest 
Mechanicsburg, Pa. 

Walsh, Mary A. 

514 Oak iSit. 

Old Forge, Pa. 
Waltman, Elizabeth A. 

R.D. 1 

Allenwood, Pa. 
Wanat, Dolores 

295 James St. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Warbnrton, Nancy J. 

Light Street, Pa. 
Warkomski, Robert C. 

R.D. 2 

Idlewild Drive 

New Castle, Pa. 
Watts, Norman P. 

State St. 

Millville, Pa. 
Waugh, Dolores E. 

334 S. Shamikon St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Wenkenbach, Denise A. 

93 N. Ridgewood Ave. 

Armond Beach, Fla. 
Wetzel, Ralph P. 

1436 S. Main St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Whalen, Mary J. 

211 W. Cherry 

Shenandoah, Pa. 
Wilkinson, Gilberta C. 

210 W. Fifth St. 

Elmira, N.Y. 
Williams, Eleanor M. 

R.D. 5, Box 30 

Moscow, Pa. 
tWinn, Robert J. 
tWolff, Marguerite B. 
Wood, Kenneth E. 

Mounted Rt. 

Mechanicsburg, Pa. 
Yeager, Barbara J. 

R.D. 1 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Yeanish, Craig 

R.D. 1, Box 181A 

ISlatington, Pa. 
Yerk, Donald E. 

317 Summer St . 

Royersford, Pa. 
tYocum, Joseph R. m 
Yost, Carol A. 

(Mrs. Kenneth Weir) 

Imperial Arms A-3 

Lansdale, Pa. 
Yurgis, Ann L. 

24 E. Coal 

Shenandoah, Pa. 
Zajaczkowski, Prank J. 

317 E. Grand St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Ziegler, Willard D., Jr. 

120 W. Seventh St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 

CUSS OF 1960 

tAdams, Constance J. 

tAdelizzi, Aristide M. 

Algatt, William E. 

2060 E. Highland St. 

Allentown, Pa. 
Anderson, Gary P. 

9 E. Main St. 

Bainbridge, N.Y. 
Andrews, Jeannette G. 

(Mrs. Frank Bendinsky) 

49 Briaroot Lane 

Levittown, Pa. 
tArmitage, Ilene M. 

Arnold, Boyd E. 

R.D. #2 

New Oxford, Pa. 
Bachman, Donald L. 

801 N. Elmer Ave. 

Sayre, Pa. 
Bailey, Marcia S. 

714 Ethel St. 

Austin 45, Texas 
Ball, Richard D. 

516 E. 4th St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Ballentine, Pred Jr. 

3052 (Si. Woodrow St. 

Arlington 6, Va. 
Bangs, Dorothy Z. 

104 Highland Circle 

N. Guilford Hills 

Chamber sburg, Pa. 
Barber, Maureen J. 

728 Beaumont Rd. 

Fairless Hills, Pa. 
Barechio, Mary Rose 

(Mrs. Richard Rossi) 

207 High St. 

Susquehanna, Pa. 
Bartlow, Linda A. 

2009 Delancy Place 

Philadelphia 3, Pa. 
Bendinsky, Prank J. 

49 Briaroot Lane 

Levittown, Pa. 
Benfer, John E. 

W. Market St. 

Beiavertown, Pa. 

Berge, Doris M. 

(Mrs. Kenneth Hidlay) 

R.D. 1 

Winfield, Pa. 
Betz, Marjorie E. 

(Mrs. Charles Perry) 

411 Orchard Lane 

Manheim, Pa. 
Bittle, Ronald E. 

12 S. High St. 

Selinsgrove, Pa. 
Blackburn, Edward D. 

714 W. Central Ave. 

S. Williamsport, Pa. 
Blair, James W. 

Box 409 

R.D. 1 

State College. Pa. 
Blochberger, Anita J. 

24 Leslie Ave. 

Conklin, N.Y. 
Bogle, Sue I. 

(Mrs. Sue Lindner) 

751 N. Front St. 

Milton, Pa. 
Bower, Todd J. 

141 Briar Cliff Rd. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Bray, James B. 

300 1st St. 

Blakely, Pa. 
Brown, Edward W. 

2450 2nd St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Bubbenmoyer, Russell 

R.D. 1 

Mertztown, Pa. 
Carlson, Kenneth P. 

R.D. 5 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Carpenter, Lois E. 

(Mrs. Lois C. Saures) 

167 Hamilton Dr. 

Snyder 26, N.Y. 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloom sburg State College 

Carrig-an, James R. 

13 N. Myrtle St. 

Vineland, N.J. 
Chance, Ann R. (Mrs.) 

9 Lamp Post Lane 

Cherry Hill. N.J. 
Chidester, John J., Jr. 

904 Kenwood St. 

Drexel Hill, Pa. 
Chrlstoff, Patrick L. 

705 Stone St. 

Osceola Mills, Pa. 
Clarke, Sandra L. 

(Mrs. Sandra Nearing) 

1830 N. Hills Dr. 

Yale House 

Norristown, Pa. 

tCohh, Barbara W. 

Cole, Forrest P. 

R.D. #1, N. Traymore Rd. 

Ivyland, Pa. 
Conrad, William H. HI 

19 Manor Ave. 

Claymont, Del. 
Cordora, Concetta Ann 

(Mrs. Robert Schalles) 

438 Locust Ave. 

Garwood, N.J. 
Cortazzo, Daniel J. 

745 Pennsylvania Ave. 

Bangor, Pa. 
Crisler, Paul P. 

Mexico, N.Y. 
Criswell, William A. 

R. D. 1 

Lewisburg, Pa. 
Crouse, Teddy E. 

Waverly, N.Y. 
Crowl, Frederick L. 

Box 108 

Elysburg, Pa. 
Czepukaitis, Anne H. 

19 S. Beech St. 

Mount Carmel, Pa. 
Davies, Russell C. 

412 Keystone Ave. 

Peckville, Pa. 
Davies, David J. HZ 

2706 Baltic Ave. 

Apt. 7 

Virginia Beach, Va. 
Deibert, Virginia B. 

(Mrs. Forrest F. Cole) 

R.D. 1 

N. Trey more Rd. 

Ivyland, Pa. 
Delbo, Dorothy 

(Mrs. Carmen Fierro) 

l-OOO Wyoming St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Derr, Elizabeth J. 
(Mrs. Ira Gensmer) 

Apt. A-l 

3960 Dennison Ave. 

Drexel Hill, Pa. 
Devaney, Joseph C. 

236 Main St. 

Fern Glen, Pa. 
Dickinson, Harry R. 

R.D. 2 

Dalton, Pa. 
Dinich, John 

6 Coal St. 

Schuylkill Haven, Pa. 
Dragna, Margaret L. 
805 Norwegian St. 

Pottsville, Pa. 
Dnrkin, Kathleen L. 

349 Knall Rd. 
Norristown, R.D. 1, Pa. 

Dushanko ,Mary Ellen 

(Mrs. Ned Deri) 

R.D. 3 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
*Dyer, Pred U. 
Eaton, Joy C. 

Box 7 

Harford, Pa. 
Eberhart, John L. 

351 Center St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Ego, Peter D. 

245 E. O'Keeft St. 

Palo Alto, Calif. 

Ehrenfried, Norman H. 

51 Spring St. 

AVeatherly, Pa. 
Elinsky, Stanley E. 

29 Dean St. 

Deposit, N.Y. 
Ellis, Roger W. 

New Tripoli, Pa. 
Eltringham, Gerald 

R.D. 1 

Carlisle, Pa. 
Englar, Richard E. 

85-256 Waisanae Valtey 

Waianae, Hawaii 
Parrow, Erwin H. 

Box 144 

Maravia, N.Y. 
Pegley, Daniel C. 

129 S. Second St. 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Penstermacher, Jean Ann 

2742 Old Berwick Rd. 

Bloomsburg, Pn. 
Pisk, Frank E. 

364 W. Mahoning St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Flanagan, Edward M. 

211 Morris 

Bath, N.Y. 
Flanagan, Jane L. 

(Mrs. Richard Lc-eper) 

421 N. Shamokin St. 

Shamokin. Pa. 
Flanagan, Sally Ann 


211 W. Morris 

Bath, N.Y. 
Folmsbee, Robin I. 

(Mrs. Richard A. Perilli) 

19 Sharon Dr. 


Long Island, N.Y. 
Poust, Jeanne G. 

(Mrs. Ray Montsch) 

R.D. 4, Box 1272, Lot 55 

Baltimore i27, Md. 
Fox, Randall J. 

R.D. 1, Box 171 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Fox, Winifred S. 

R.D. 1 

Berwick, Pa. 
Fraind, Steven A. 

1409 Third Ave. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Francis, Albert P. 

3700 Ralph Rd. 

Silver Spring, Md. 
Priedel, William K. 

1645 Wyoming Av< . 

.Scranton, Pa. 
Funk, William W. 

1303 Market St. 

Berwick, Pa. 

Furman, paulette B. 

313 E. Fifth St. 

Bloomsburg, 1 a. 
Galetz, Yvonne D. 

(Mrs. Allan Rathbone) 

3551 Mayer Dr. 

Murrysville, Pa. 
Galitsky, Edward D. 

318 W. Cherry St. 

Shenandoah, Pa. 
Gerber, David R. 

1487 Hoffecker Rd. 

Pottstown, Pa. 

Giacomini, Harold P. 

4 72 Second Ave. 

Lindenwold, N.J. 
Glahn, Gloria M. 

31 S. Gates St. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Glatts, Patricia E. 

(Mrs. Patricia G. Bucher) 

60 Walnut St. 

Milton, Pa. 
Gobbi, Lydia A. 

857 Columbus Ave. 

Phillipsburg, N.J. 
Gorgus, John J. 

R.D. 4, Box 324B 

New Brunswick, N.J. 
Gorsline, Almeda M. 

(Mrs. A. M. Wilmarth) 

139 W. 3rd St. 

Oswego, N.Y. 
Gowen, Mary D. 
. 423 Park St. 

Freeland, Pa. 
Graziul, Robert W. 

304 Center St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Greenaway, Olivia M. 

910 LalSlalle St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Greene, Carol A. 

(Mrs. Carol G Bender) 

R.D. 1, Box 25 

Linden, Pa. 
Gregory, Betty J. 

332 Rutter Ave. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Grim, Helen M. 

10 N. Fifth St. 

Mifflintown. Pa. 
Gronka, Joseph M. 

1850 Hayes Lane 

Williamspoirt, Pa. lllOh 
Gross, Janet E. 

(Mrs. Janet Harris) 

R.D. 2, Box 169 

Chambersburg, Pa. 17201 
Gum, Lola J. 

Millville, Pa. 
Gunton, Margaret I>. 

(Mrs. M. G. Holmgren) 

R.D. 1 

Noxen, Pa. 
Gnziejka, Robert J. 

81 Schuyler St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Hand, Marjorie A. 

848 N. Webster Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Hardy, Virginia D. 

(Mrs. Edw. F. Cocco) 

375 Osceola Ave. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Hartman, Connie A. 

604 E. Fourth St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Haupt, Samuel W., Jr. 

c/o James Near 

E. Lake Rd. 

Auburn, N.Y. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Haynes, Barbara J. 

75 E. Franklin St. 

Shavertown, Pa. 
Heddings, Patricia M. 

Box 187 

Montandon, Pa. 
Henninger, Phyllis A. 

(Mrs. R. E. Wagner) 

3323 Old Berwick Rd. 

Bloomsburg', Pa. 
Henning-er, Roger P. 

R.D. 1, Box IS 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Herring, Donald C. 

127 Nauvoo 

Park Forest, 111. 
Hess, Robert A. 

R.D. 2 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Hileman, Clare H. 

Hanover High School 

Hanover, Pa. 
Hileman, Ronald 

Hanover High School 

Hanover, Pa. 
Hoffman, Catherine L. 

Box 167 

Momtandon, Pa. 
Hoffman, Paul M. 

(Lt. Paul M. Hoffman) 

40 Glendale Rd. 

Upper Darby, Pa. 
Housenick, Charles C. 

36 4 College Hill 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Huda, John J. 

Mathewson Terrace 

Factoryville, Pa. 
Hummel, Ethel M. 

R.D. 3 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Ide, Jeanette 

R.D. 1 

Sweet Valley, Pa. 
tlsaac, Lucille P. 
tjames, Adam 
tJarrett, Theodore W. 
Jones, Joanne D. 
185 Grey house Rd. 

"Willow Grove, Pa. 
Jordan, John J. 

119 19. Cedar St. 

Hazleton, Pa, 
Kadtke, Carl P. 

84 E. Sycamore Dr. 

Foothills Manor 

Swoyersville, Pa. 
Kapral, Georgiann 

542 E. Blanche St. 

Linden, N.J. 
Kashner, Molvene K. 

420 Broad St. 

Nescopeck, Pa. 
Kashner, Sandra S. 

(Mrs. Michael Martelli) 

385 Indigo St. 

Mystic, Conn. 
Keller, Daniel C, Jr. 

2311 Oakmont Ave. 

Ha vert own. Pa, 
Keller, E. Derlene 

403 Catherine St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa, 
Kellogg, Paul H. 

(Lt. Col. P. H. Kellogg) 


St. John's Military School 

Salina, Kansas 
Kichline, Carroll P. 

(Mrs. Robert Walter) 

2410 Biroh St. 

Easton. Pa. 

Knepper, Wallace I. 

7 Poplar Lane 

Devittown, Pa. 
Kotch, Joan A. 

(Mrs. Joan K. Walko) 

Brockton, Pa. 
Kovalchik, John P. 

49 Brown St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Krapf, Byron K. 

(Rev. Byron K. Krapf) 

114 Oliver St. 

Jersey Shore, Pa. 

Krothe, Dale A. 

R.D. 1 

Berwick, Pa. 
Kulp, Janice J. 

R.D. 1 

Kernpton, Pa. 
Kunkel, Paul P. 

Box 204 

Martinsville, N.J. 
LaPoint, Elizabeth 11. 

R.D. 3, Box 231 

Mountain Top, Pa. 
Lasser, Nancy L. 

1418 Center St. 

Ashland, Pa. 
Laubach, David C. 

R.D. 2 

Benton, Pa. 
Laubach, Elizabeth D. 

(Mrs. John E. Laubach) 

3133 Sing Sing Rd. 

R.D. 1. Candelwood Pk. 

Horseheads, N.Y. 
Laubach, John E. 

3133 Sing Sing Rd, 

R.D. 1, Candelwood Pk. 

Horseiheads, N.Y. 
Lawton, Larue L. 

1213 Old Berwick Rd. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Lehman, Robert H. 

E. Lake Rd., Box 202 

Honeoye, N.Y. 
Leiss, Robert H. 

Box 51 

Ambler, Pa. 
Leonardo, Joseph 

514 Main St. 
Mayfield. Pa. 

Lichko, John, Jr. 

19 Terry Lane 

East Brunswick, N.J. 
Lipovsky, John J. 

515 Arcih St. 
Berwick, Pa. 

Lisella, Guido R. 

210 Jefferson Ave,, 

Apt. 10 

Bristol, Pa. 
Little, Joanne L. 

(Mrs. Calvin Israel) 

623 S. Sanhorn St. 

Mitchell, (SI Dak. 
Lockuff, Phillip E. 

2056 Riverside Dr. 

S. Williamsport, Pa. 
Loughery, Suzanne E. 

360 Tally Ho Drive 

Warminster, Pa. 
Mader, Helen R. 

21 W. Mahoning St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Magazzu, Laura M. 

45 W. Diamond Ave, 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Manko, Paul G. 

11 Berwick St. 

Beaver Meadows, Pa. 

Martz, Marie B. 

Main St. 

Sheppton, Pa. 
Mascioli, John P. 

16 First Ave. 
Kingston, Pa. 

Master, Sara Ann 
(Mrs. Sara A. Charles) 
Selinsgrove Area Jt. 

Selinsgrove, Pa. 

Matchulat, Jean M. 
(Mrs. Jean M. Dennen) 
Anthony Apt. #78 
Ball State Teeu-h. Col. 
Muncie, Ind. 

Matchulat, Joan B. 

(Mrs. Joan Powlus) 

80 Bridge St. 

Stroudsburg, Pa. 
Matter, Sandra E. 

(Mrs. Sandra E. Mulitscb) 

494 Line St. 

Easton, Pa. 
Mattera, Molly Ann 

Route 1 

Catawissa, Pa. 
McBride, Charles M. 

Box #42 

Concihester Highway 

Concordville, Pa. 
McCann, William P., Jr. 

21 E. Market St. 

Tresckow, Pa. 
McCarthy, James R. 

37 Leigh Dr. 

Lakewood. N.J. 
McCarthy, John H. 

21 W. '.Spruce St. 

Mahanoy City, Pa. 
McMichael, Esther K. 

(Mrs. Dale Franklin) 

107 E. Anthony Ave. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Mellon, Mary J. 

745 N. Hickory Ave. 

#28, Bel Air, Md. 21014 
Merena, Joseph 

l'O W. 3rd St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Metz, Shirley C. 

(Mrs. M. W. Wickersham) 

216 Marshall St. 

Kennett Sq., Pa. 
tMiller, Robert T. 
Miller, Victor A. 

306 3rd St. 

Weatherly, Pa. 
Miller, William O. 

17 Woodlawn Ave. 
Massena, N.Y. 

Moran, Madlyn Ann 

131 Orchard St. 

Naniticoke, Pa. 
Morgan, Donald 

103 W. Sasisafrass St. 

Selimsgrove, Pa. 
Morlock, Lorraine J. 

911 Ashton Rd. 

Cornwells Heights, Pa. 
Morris, William R. 

(Lt. W. R. Morris, USN) 

U.S. Naval Supply 

Corps School 

Athens, Ga. 30601 
Moss, Emily Ann 

2i25 Main St. 

New Milford, Pa. 
Mowery, Elmer R. 

1305 Shore Rd. 

Baltimore 20, Md. 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Moyer, Joanne J. 

(Mrs. Ronald Terway) 

l'O' iSl 12th St. 

Pottsville, Pa. 
Murray, John S., Jr. 

Box 117 

Montandon, Pa. 
Musket, Dennis F. 

3250 C Wakefield 

Harrisburg, Pa. 

Mutschler. Marie H. T. 

R.D. #2 

Hughesville, Pa. 
Watishan, Jerome P. 

R. 733 Main St. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Weary, Walter L. 

1048 W. Water St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
ire-bus, Kathleen B. 

Box 176 R.D. #1 

Jamesburg. N.J. 
ITewhooX Mary H. 

R.D. #1 

Catawissa, Pa. 
O'Brien, Geraldine A. 

(Mrs. David Alley) 

1822*6 Lehigh St. 

Easton, Pa. 
Obudzinsii, Barbara Ann 

(Mrs. Barbara Buchter) 

1041 Swarbhmore Rd. 

N. Cumberland, Pa. 17070 
Ohl, Arthur L. 

(Rev. Arthur L. Ohl) 

420 Race St. 

Mifflinville, Pa, 
Oley, Patricia A. 

(Mrs. John Rooney) 

321 Winters Ave. 

W. Hazleton, Pa. 
O'Neill, Daniel L., Jr. 

715 Hart Ave. 

Fostoria, Ohio 
Opilla, George M. 

348 Park St. 

Freeland, Pa. 
Orband, Henry A. 

607 Center St. 

Jessup, Pa. 
Oswald, Catherine 

104 William St. 

Oirardville, Pa, 
Faden, Richard E. 

R.D. #1 

Nescopeck, Pa. 
Paliscak, Paul T. 

Midland Ave., R.D. #1 

Washington, N.J. 
Panichello, Joseph A. 

3940 S. E. Ave. 

Sarasota. Fla. 
Panzitta, Dolores Ann 

R.D. #1 

Pittston, Pa. 
Parker, Kenneth H. 

12560 HosteriSt. 

Garden Grove, Calif. 
Patynski, Walter E. 

415 Harrison St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Peck, James J. 

2313 La Salle Dr. 


Reading, Pa. 
Felak, Barbara 

92 Cleveland St. 

Hudson, Pa. 
Perry, Robert J. 

409 Broadway 

Scranton, Pa. 

Pichola, Robert J. 

Box 11 

Spring Mills, Pa. 
Fiersol, Linda G. 

149 E. Chestnut 

Ephrata, Pa. 17522 
Pitnch, Nicholas 

15 E. Railroad St. 

Nesquehoning, Pa. 
Folaschik, John 

745 N. Hickory Ave. 


Bel Air, Md. 21014 
Fonst, Doris W. 

374 Broadway St. 

Hugesville, Pa. 
Powell, Anna Mae 

(Mrs. Anna P. Bateonan) 

c/o Mrs. Charles Bateman 

Mexico, N.Y. 
Price, Robert T. 

1612 Center St. 

AsMand, Pa. 
Pnckey, Elizabeth B. 

Vandermark Rd. 

Nuangola, Pa. 
Fulling, Lola K. 

51 Henry St. 

Lakewood, N.J. 
tRadzai, Raydel R. 
Ramage, Eleanor J. 

(Mrs. Ch. Yocum, Jr.) 

816 Rosemont Ave, 

N. Cumberland, Pa. 17070 
Rearick, Vera A. 

(Mrs. Vera A. Derk) 

1122 S. Allen St. 

State College, Pa. 
Rebar, Edward 

liOl W. Railroad St. 

Nesquehoning, Pa. 
Reed, Lorelei M. 

601 Raymond St. 

Reading, Pa. 
tReiff, Helen E. A. 
Reiner, Mae V. 

Pitman, Pa. 
Reisser, Robert E. 

99 Fort St. 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
Riefenstahl, Sally A. 

(Mrs. Paul Brucker) 

351 Cybus Way 

Southampton, Pa. 
Riegel, Charles L. 

14S Halsted St. 

E. Orange. N.J. 
Rigel, Lola M. 

(Mrs. Glenn L. Porter) 

Beaver Springs, Pa. 
Rimple, Richard H. 

39 Slocum St. 

Forty Fort, Pa, 
Roberts, William D. 

1713 Paxton St. 

Harrisburg, Pa, 
Rohm, Robert M. 

4809 Old Berwick Rd. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Rosenberger, Herbert N. 

121 W. Court St. 

Doylestown, Pa. 
Rossi, Richard 

R.D. #3 

Jackson Rd. 

Susquehanna. Pa. 
Ruckle, Carole Ann 

(Mrs. Richard Connolly) 

210 Ash ISit. 

Danville, Pa. 

Sacks, Ann Louise 

(Mrs. Ann Corkadel) 

119 Dean St. 

W. Chester, Pa. 
Samsel, Donald L. 

3914 Rosemont Ave. 

Camp Hill, Pa. 
Saxe, Larry H. 

342 Broad St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
tSchaffer, Dean M. 
Schalles, Robert Z. 

438 Locust Ave. 

Garwood, N.J. 
Scheno, Nikki Ann 

(Mrs. Nikki Rinehimsr) 

44 N. Reading St. 

Boyertown, Pa. 
Schlegel, Charles E. 

251 S. Wood St. 

iShamokin, Pa. 
Schoelkopf, Joan C. 

547 Bingaman St. 

Reading, Pa. 
Schuyler, Joan E. 

R.D. #3 

Cherry Lane 

Doylestown, Pa. 
Seaman, John S., Jr. 

220 S. Bennett Court 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Serf ert, Barbara Ann 

(Mrs. Barbara McFall) 

111 E. Montana Ave. 

Glen Ellyn, 111. 6013-9 

tSenko, Ronald J. 
Shaull, Joyce H. 

(Mrs. Robert Shaull) 

53 Chestnut St. 

Lebanon, Pa. 
Shellenberger, Adabell* 

748 Bound Ave. 

Milton. Pa. 
Shifflet, Roy E., Jr. 

116 East St. 

Mifflinburg, Pa. 
Shirk, Joyce A. 

Paradise, Pa. 
Shuman, Ellen J. K. 

Box 125 

McEwensville, Pa. 
Siepietoski, Joseph S. 

86 W. Enterprise St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Simko, John J. 

501 Mountain St. 

Trevorton, Pa. 
Simoes, Thomas F. 

208 Center St. 

Mahanoy City. Pa. 
Sinn, Vernon F. 

102 Delaware St. 

Woodbury, N.J. 
Smith, Henrietta A. 

529 Woodland Ave. 

Plainfield, N.J. 
Snook, David S. 

10 E. Butler Ave. 

Chalfont, Pa. 
Sefranko, Martha B. 

New Coxeville 

Beaver Meadows, Pa. 
Soika, Bernard S. 

730 Garfield St. 

Hazleton, Pa, 
Staber, Richard A. 

Box 252 

Light Street, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


tstancato, Joseph B. 
Stanell, Marie C. 

235 Woak St. 

Shenandoah, Pa. 
Statitski, Carl L. 

14 S. Shamokin St. 

ISttiamokin, Pa. 
Staiiitski, Conrad L. 

183 S. Church St. 

Goshen, N.Y. 
Steinrack, Robert L., Jr. 

Box 232 

Hockessing, Del. 19954 
Sterner, Mary A. 

3047 Grand Is. Blvd. 

Grand Island, N.Y. 
Stetler, Roland L. 

67 Mariemont St. 

Westerville, Ohio 4 3081 
Stetler, Sara K. 

(Mrs. Kay Murray) 

53 Ridgley SL 

Mt. Holly, N.J. 
Stinson, John S. 

42 Braeburn Rd. 

Havertown, Pa. 
Stone, Ann F. 

Barton Rd. 

Apalachin, N.Y. 13732 
Stover, Thomas E. 

113 Smallev Rd. 

Syracuse 10, N.Y. 
Strausser, John J. 

1117 Tioga St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
tSwatski, Joseph P., Jr. 
Swisher, Eugenia I.. 

Dagostina Apt. #2 

Westfield Terrace 

New Cumberland, Pa. 
Tarr, Elizabeth A. 

246 E. 9th St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Tavenner, Carolyn L. 

Hillside St. 

Box 326 C. 

Pottsville, Pa. 
tThayer, Raymond E. 
Thomas, Bernice K. 

Box 11 

Orangeville, Pa. 
Thomas, Kenneth, Jr. 

Box #62 

Tunkhannock, Pa. 
Thomas, William M. 

94 Pettebone ISt. 

Forty-Fort, Pa. 
Tooey, Helen A. 

260 Oxford Rd. 

Havertown, Pa. 
Troutman, Lawrence M. 

1709 W. Pine St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Trow, Muriel C. 

18 N. High St. 

Selinsgrove, Pa. 
Trndnak, Raymond A. 

47 E. Third St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Trombower, B. Gordon 

RD. #1 

Hunlock Creek, Pa. 
Tyler, Richard O. 

451 Main St. 

Royerford, Pa. 
TXnderkoffler, Philip E. 

233 West St. 

Williamstown, Pa. 
Vignola, Rita R. 

333 Park Ave. 

Milton, Pa. 

Vincent, William L., Jr. 

R.D. #2 

Danville, Pa. 
Vorosmarti, Jean M. 

(Mrs. Jean Hankie) 

158 Lafayette Ave. 

Palmerton, Pa. 
Wagner, Barbara A. 

271 Flagstone Dr. 

Bethlehem, Pa. 
Wagner, Thomas M. 

Beaver Springs, Pa. 
Wainwright, Barbara A. 

(Mrs. Robert Van Scov) 

Box 175 

Riverhead, L.I., N.Y. 
Walinchus, Elizabeth A. 

404 W. Center St. 

Mahanoy City, Pa. 
Walker, David E. 

336 Queetn St. 
Northumberland, Pa. 

♦Walter, Earl E., Jr. 
Wary, J. Carol V. (Mrs.) 

Susan Rd. 

Star Route 

Coopersburg, Pa. 
Wary, William G. 

Susan Rd. 

Star Route 

Coopersburg, Pa. 
Wassel, Marion A. 

(Mrs. J. Polaschik) 

745 N. Hickory Ave. #28 

Bel Air, Md. 21014 
Weingartner, Karl M. 

33 8 E. Roosevelt Ave. 

Middletown, Pa. 
Weiser, Mary A. 

(Mrs. James J. Peck) 

2313 La Salle Dr. 


Readin, Pa. 
West, Henry T. 

1144 1st Ave. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Williams, James H. 

Union Springs, N.Y. 
Williams, Marlene S. 

22 Ken Dr. 

Gardner, Mass. 
White, Beverly B. 

312 Norton Ave. 

Endwell, N.Y. 
Witmyer, Judith A. 

238 E. Main St. 

Brownstown, Pa. 
tWoehrle, Paul S. 
Wojciechowski, Edward C. 

153 Catawissa St. 

Nesquehoning, Pa. 
Wolfe, Richard O. 

337 Center Ave. 
Schuylkill Haven, Pa. 

Wolfe, Ronald G. 

73 Orange St. 

Northumberland. Pa. 
Wright, Donald H. 

Route #4 

Flemington, N.J. 
Wydoski, Richard S. 

203% Fairmont Ave. 

State College, Pa. 
Yeager, Lorraine A. 

(Mrs. Robert Roberts) 

447 West ISt. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Yurkiewicz, William J. 

R.D. #1 

Box 119 

Elysburg, Pa. 

Zalenski, Rosemary A. 

178 Wyoming Ave. 

Wyoming, Pa. 
Zapach, Joseph B. 

240 Ridge St. 

Freeland, Pa. 
Zarek, Edwin J. 

324 N. 9th St. 

Lebanon, Pa. 17042 

Zawoiski, Myron T. 

Trailer #7 

Iceland Skating Rink 

1 4 S. Delsea Dr. and 
Elmer Rd. 

Vimeland, N.J. 
Zeisloft, Carole G. 

R.D. #2 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Zoransky, Richard J. 

100 Myrtle Ave. 

N. Plainfield, N.J. 
Zurn, Gertrude W. 

Box 353 

Hallstead, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1961 

Alastick, Anthony A. 

115 E. Delaware Ave. 

Pennington, N.J. 08534 
Ambruch, George C. 

Nuremberg, Pa. 
Appel, Fat Ann 

(Mrs. War. Orgmanski) 

300 Carsippany Rd. 

Carsippany, N.J. 
Astelford, Miriam A. 

96 Main St. 

Conyngham, Pa. 
An mi Her, Connie 

(Mrs. Connie A. Boonie) 

R.D. 4 

Bishops Trailer Court 

Honesdale, Pa. 
Baldino, John J. 

5 Delvin Terrace 

Wilmington, Del. 
Balkiewicz, Bernard J. 

15 N. White St. 
Shenandoah, Pa. 

Baney, Harvey E. 

R.D. 2 

New Tripoli, Pa. 
Bastress, William H. 

R.D. 1 

Northumberland, Pa. 
Baylor, Eloise T. 

530 Harding St. 

New Cumberland, Pa. 
Beckman, Randall P. 

Valley Park Rd. 

Valley Forge, Pa. 
Beisher, Neil B. 

Cleveland's Opendore 

Aurora, N.Y. 
Beninsky, Thomas R. 

R.D. 1 

Ringtown, Pa. 
Bergerstock, Donald B. 

R.D. 2 

Bottle Run Rd. 

Williamsport, Pa, 
Bemardi, Patricia J. 

S. Plainfield, N.J. 
Blackburn, Ronald E. 

553 Sylvan Drive 

S. Williamsport. Pa. 
Blake, Stanley P. 

117 Warsaw St. 

Keiser, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Blosky, Jack T. 
Box 134 
Perkasie, Pa. 
Bole, Judith A. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
Boonie, Ronald E. 
R.D. 4 

Bishops Trailer Court 
Honesdale, Pa. 
Botteon, Rita V. 

Clarks Summit, Pa. 
Bower, Dorothy W. 

Limestone Twp., Pa. 
Boyer, Donald E. 
50 Webb Ave. 
Hempstead, N.Y. 
Boyle, Edward J . 

Columbus, X.Y. 
Bugel, JoAn C. 
336 Columbia Ave. 
Atlas, Pa. 
Buriak, Jesse W. 
R.D. 2 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Burke, Gerald P. 
Sugar Run, Pa. 
Burns, B. Elaine 
(Mrs. James Horger) 
80 Kendall Court 
Dover, X.J. 
Burrell, Dale 
R.D. 1, Box 89F 
Elysburg, Pa. 
Burrows, Nona L. 
543 E. Ashmead St. 
Philadelphia 44, Pa 
Casari, Louis B. 

Scotch Plains, X.J 
Cecco, Albert C. 
30 Leisure Lane 
Levittown, Pa. 
Chepulis, Jerome C. 
719 Glenwood Ave. 
Lebanon, Pa, 
Chervinak, Marian M. 
144 West St. 
Eynon, Pa. 
Cino, Joseph J. 

Manahawkin, X.J 
Clark, Elizabeth M. 
929 E. 22nd St. 
Chester, Pa. 
Collins, Janice E. 
(Mrs. James W. Lorah) 
2532 Garfield Ave. 
West Lawn, Pa. 
Concavage, Ronald B. 

Arkport, X.T. 
Confair, William P. 
809 Resovior Dr. 
Mechanicsburg, Pa 
Conrad, James L. 
Stanton Rd. 
Quarryville, Pa. 
Conroy, Gloria L. 
(Mrs. Gloria C. Wavrek) 
.17 E. Front St. 
Plainfield, X.J. 
Coolbaugh, Carole 
82 E. Pettebone 
Forty Fort, Pa. 
Cribbs, Carolyn 
(Mrs. Herbert Moyer) 
Apt. A 

123 Pennsylvania Ave. 
Wayne, Pa. 
Crocker, Phyllis H. 
(Mrs. P. C. Edwards) 
220 Oxford St., Apt. B 
Coop«rsburg, Pa. 

Cunningham, Brenda M. 
(Mrs. Estrada Berg) 
461 Brennan Ave. 
Ottawa 3, Ontario, Can. 
Cunningham, Rollin B. 
287 Conklen St. 
Farmingdale, X.Y. 
Darrup, Virginia A. 
21 Juliand St. 
Bainbridge, X.T. 
Dascola, Joyce D. 
• 1 X. Xowinden Drive 
Folcroft. Pa. 
Davies, Harriet B. 

Milford, Del. 
Davis Judith A. 

Vanheisville, X.J. 
Davis, Paula A. 
(Mrs. Paula D. Schmauk) 
2027 Corinthian Ave. 
Abington, Pa. 
Dazley, Albert W. 
351 First Ave. 
Phoenixville, Pa. 
Deaner, Prank W. 

Richland, Pa. 
DeAngelo, Phyllis P. 
238 E. Coal St. 
Shenandoah, Pa 
DeBoard, Phillip C. 
R.D. 1 
Etters, Pa. 
Deibler, Robert D. 
R.D., Mountain Rd. 
Millersburg, Pa. 
Demko, Patricia A. 

Tamaqua, Pa. 
Dennen, Richard 
Anthony Apt. 78 
Ball State Teach. Col. 
Muncie, Ind. 
Deppen Barry H. 
3 2;Q W. Spruce St. 
Shamokin, Pa. 
Donato, George J. 
620 Lackawanna Ave. 
Mayfield, Pa. 
Donkochik, Win. W. (Mrs.) 
903 Race St. 
fiunbury, Pa. 
Doraski, Margaret 
885 Easton Rd. 
Glenside, Pa. 
Downey, Mary P. 
7026 Dunbar Rd. 
Dundalk 22, Md. 
Duncan, Evelyn M. 
1S15 Mifflin 
Lebanon, Pa. 
Dunnigan, Patricia E. 
(Mrs. Clifford Adamsky) 

9 Mark Place 
Jackson, X.Y. 

Eberz, William 

10 Belaire Rd. 
Warminster, Pa. 

Eble, Naoma E. 

437 E. Third St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Edwards, Robert D. 

220 Oxford St., Apt. B 

Coopersburg, Pa. 
Eifert, Wanda E. 

(Mrs. Carl Rupp) 

616 W. Lemon St. 

Lancaster, Pa. 
"Ellis. Bernice L. 
tElvidge, Edward Jr. 
Engleman, Thomas L., Jr. 

206 Terrace Ave. 

Ephrata, Pa. 

Epler, Raymond P. 

609 3rd St. 

New Cumberland, Pa. 
Erwine, Gary W. 

146 W. Sth St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tPake, Walter H. 
Patzinger, Rose M. 

(Mrs. Rose M. Kuser) 

R.D. #1 

Box 145 C 

Bechtelsville. Pa. 
Paust, Barry p. 


Danville, Pa. 
Pedullo, Patricia IT. 

109 E. Diamond Ave. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Pellin, Eugene J. 

153 Burmont Rd. 

Drexel Hill, Pa. 
Petch, Robert P. 

30 Old Spring Rd. 

Coatesville, Pa. 
Petterman, George E. 

Robin Ann Apt. 

Warren St. 

Jamesbury, X.J. 
Pisher, Joyce E. 

(Mrs. Joyce E. Ryan) 

10314 Adeloide Ave 

Cleveland 11, Ohio 
tPitzsimmons, Roger G. 
tPoose, Gary J. 
Pord, Alfred 

306 W. 3rd St. 

ML Carmel, Pa. 
Pought, Beatrice H. 

R.D. #5 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Poust, Wayne It. 

519 Baltimore Court 
Aberdeen, Md. 
Pox, Carolus E., Jr. 

419 W. Simpson St. 
Mechanicsburg, Pa. 
Preireich, Paul J. 
1918 2nd Ave. 
York, Pa. 
Prey, Marti (Mrs.) 
49 X. Gates Ave. 
Kingston, Pa. 
Prey, Richard L. 
222 Landis La. 
Box ^-2 21 

New Berlinville, Pa. 
Pritz, Joan H. 
R.D. #4 
Benton, Pa. 
Pritz, Ma hi on L. 

Millville, Pa. 
Pulmer, Guy G. 
14 Craig St. 
Easton, Pa. 
Gaglione, Frances X. 
(Mrs. Thomas Little) 
962 Masser St. 
Sunbury, Pa. 
Galli, Alexandria L. 
947 E. County Line Rd. 
Lakewood. X.J. 
tGanis, Samuel W. 
Gardner, Dale W, 
33 Farragut Rd. 
Plainfield, X.J. 
Gauz, Betty A. 
(Mrs. Betty Zdep) 
Alexandria, Va. 

1 — Reported Deceased 

t— Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Geary, Janet I. 

(Mrs. Terry McAfee) 

151 E. James St. 

Lancaster, Pa. 
Gensemer, Ira B. 

Apt. A-l 

3960 Dennison Ave. 

Drexel Hill, Pa. 
George, Paul P. 

23 Romano La. 

Summit E. Rt. #37 

Toms River, N.J. 
George, Ray Xi. 

7304 Ballard Dr. 

Clinton. Md. 
Gerhart, Leila 

(Mrs. Leila Anskis) 

Dallas, Pa. 
Ginnick, Marjorie A. 

(Mrs. Marjorie A. Stover) 
Glrton, Jeffrey E. 

1919 W. Front St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Gladstone, Isabelle A. 

(Mrs. Joseph Butz) 

500 Lawrence Ave . 

Lincoln Park 

West Lawn, Pa. 
Glennon, Edward J. 

246 S. 5th St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Gorko, George S. 

Box 399 

Browns Mills, N.J. 
Goss, Judy T. 

(Mrs. Judy T. Ball) 

1812 Sherwood St. 

Allentown, Pa. 
Grace, Thomas V. 

105 E. Railroad St. 

Sit. Clair, Pa. 
Graver, John A. 

619 Rhoads Ave. 

Boyertown, Pa. 
Greider, Sandra E. 

36 Cardinal Rd. 

Levittown, Pa. 
Grove, Thornton P. 

250 Lincoln Highway 

Fairless Hills, Pa. 
Hart, Alice R. 

12 The Fairway 

Upper Montclair, N.J. 
Harvey, Thomas W. 

R.D. #1 

Berwick, Pa. 
Hastle, Irene D. 

(Mrs. Douglas B. Knorr) 

4 Bradley Dr. 

Freehold, N.J. 
Helm, Pranklin L. 

325 York Ave. 

Towanda, Pa. 
Hendershot, Ray. E., Jr. 

29 40 White Birch La. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Henry, Margaret E. 

(Mrs. Mar. E. Rockwell) 

38 Tall Pine La. 

Levittown, Pa. 
Henry, Rebecca M. 
Higby, Carol D. 

98 N. Center St. 

Canton, Pa. 
Hilner, Ava Jo 

(Mrs. Ava Jo Shippy) 

7B O'Daniel Ave. 

N'ewark, Del. 
Hlttle, Gerald C. 

338 E. 8th St. 

Berwick, Pa. 

Hoffman, Alvin J. 

67i0' Main St. 

Northampton, Pa. 
Horger, James H. 

80 Kendall Court 

Dover, N.J. 
Houseknecht, Gary L. 

220 Green St. 

Woodbridge, N.J. 
Honser, Philip S. Ill 

1272 Oxford Rd. 

Somerville, N.J. 
Hubicki, Joseph A. 

R.D. #4 

Danville. Pa. 
Hugo, Stanley R. 

RD. #1 

Freeville, N.Y. 
Hnrter, Gail E. 

(Mrs. David Gerber) 

1487 Hoffecker Rd. 

Pottstown, Pa. 
Hutches on, Richard B. 

227 Redington Ave. 

Troy, Pa. 
Huttenstine, Marian L. 

R.D. #2 

Wapwallopen, Pa. 
Hyde, Dorothy E. 

R.D. #1 

Northumberland, Pa. 
Iveson, Barrie J. 

(Mrs. Barrie Tracy) 

3000 W. Brigantine Ave. 

Brigatine, N.J. 
Johns, Richard W. 

13% Cooper, 

Danville, Pa. 
Johnson, John A. 

414 N. Darlington St. 

W. Chester, Pa. 
Johnstone, Robert L, 

497 W. Main St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tJones, Herbert L. 
Xamowski, Rosalie M. 

(Mrs. Rosalie M. Mullen) 

6977 McClean Blvd. 

Baltimore 34, Md. 
Karlovich, Raymond S. 

207-1 Airport Rd. 

Purdue University 

Lafayette, Ind. 
Katalinas, Mary E. 

(Mrs. Mary E. Macknis) 

19330 Glastonbury, 

Detroit 19, Mich. 
Kelley, Andrew P. 

3720 Drexel Ave. 

Pennsauken 5, N.J. 
Kemp, Mary D. 

(Mrs. Carl M. Kumpf) 

180 North Ave. 

Fanwood, N.J. 
Kern, Edna M. 

Northgate Manor 

Apt. 62-D 

Rochester 16, N.Y. 
Kiessling, Mary A. 

(Mrs. Ann Beason) 

416 W. Central Ave. 

S. Williamsport, Pa, 
Kitchen, James H. 

12 Main St. 

Cobleskill, N.Y. 
Kleczynski, Joseph P. 

28 Penna. Ave. 

Flemington, N.J. 
Klick, Michael R. 

57 "C" St. 

Avenel. N.J. 

Kline, Elaine L. 

(Mrs. David Hauck) 

Blain, Pa. 
Kinsman, John J. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Knapp, ALUs L. 

(Mrs. Lewis R. Thomas) 

Apt. 331 Fulton Hall 

700 North Highland Ave. 

Pittsburgh 6, Pa. 
tKreisher, Kathryn E. 
Krothe, Noel C. 

13,2 Susqueihanna St. 

Shickshinny, Pa. 
Krum, Shirley A. 

Sherwood Village 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Kuser, Edwin C. 

R.D. #1, Box 145 C. 

Bechtelsville, Pa. 
Lanro, M. Joyce 

146 2nd St. 

Fanwood, N.J. 
Eeitzel, Marie B. 

R.D. #2 

Halifax, Pa. 
Letterman, Gretchen B. 

(Mrs. James H. Crist) 

410 E. 4th St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Eevans, Jerome A. 

427 Crown Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Lindner, Robert A. 

Apt. 40B 

Chester Circle 

New Brunswick, N.J. 
Utavec, Andrew J. 

2318 Huntingdon Pike 

Bethayres, Pa. 
Iilwellyn, William P. 

Univ. of Scranton 

Scranton, Pa. 
Lohin, Paul 

Teaberry La. 

Minersville, Pa. 
Long, John P. 

33 S. Main St. 

Montrose, Pa. 
Long, Patricia A. 

44 N. 7th St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Lonie, Thomas J. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Eonghlin, David J. 

#1 Minerva Ave. 

Easton, Pa. 
Lnbnow, Thomas S. 

17 Sycamore St. 

Sussex, N.J. 
Luchun, Margaret P. 

335 E. Lloyd St. 

Shenandoah, Pa. 
Lnzenski, Paul A. 

New Columbia, Pa. 
Makara, Eugene P. 

Erica Rd. 

Lakewood, N.J. 
Makuch, Gary J. 

R.D. #2 

Weatherly, Pa. 
Malafi, Peter, J. 

New Brunswick, N.J. 
Malone, Kathryn T. 

1702 Penrock Rd. 

Wilmington 3, Del. 
Marcheski, Sylvia A. 

(Mrs. Hugh Gross) 

1338 S. 28th Sit. 

Apt. #7 

Arlington 6, Va. 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Martin, Robert B. 

716 Coral Way 

Neptune, N.J. 
Masich, Jack L. 

1238 Sixth Ave. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Masteller, Charlotte M. 

1235 E. 2nd St. 

"Wasatch Towers 

Salt Lake City, Utah 
Matash, Marjorie A. 

367 Stroudsburg Ave. 

Parkesburg, Pa. 
Mauery, Delbert E. 

35 Princeton Ave. 

Dover, N.J. 

Manrer, William I>. 

411 Blackstone Rd. 

Pilgrim Gardens 

Newark, Del. 
Mansteller, Nancy X. 

(Mrs. Nancy Derr) 

2924 Sycamore Lane 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Mazza, Carol Ann 

1123 Maple St. 

Indiana, Pa. 
McFadden, Edward J. 

123' W. Blim St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
McGeehan, Grace T. 

Route #13 

Hazleton, Pa. 
tMcOroarty, Joseph F. 
McHail, Lynn R, 

Huntingdon, Pa. 
McHenry, lowery E. 

2039 S. 2nd St. 

Allentown, Pa. 
McNeil, Dorothy J. 

Bay Shore, N.J. 
McVey, Laura M. 

704 E. 5tlh St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
McWilliams, Nancy B. 

1 Upper Mulberry St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Miller, Wayne E. 

17 E. Gay |St. 

Red Dion, Pa. 
Millhonse, Russell J. 

2216 Capouse Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Mitchell, Frank M. 

Box 58 

Genoa, N.T. 
Molnar, Lewis 

Deola, Pa. 
Monroe, Barbara Ann 

(Mrs. Barbara A. Gasser) 

13i06 N. Ode St. 

Arlington, Va. 
Moore, Sandra K. 

(Mrs. Charles Willard) 

1568 Yosemite Dr. 

Hollywood, Calif. 
Morette, James V. 

811 Wallberg, Ave. 

Westfield, N.J. 
Morgan, Bean 

Wyalusing, Pa. 
Morgan, Joyce K. 

(Mrs. Joyce Houser) 

1272 Oxford Rd. 

Somerville, N.J. 
Morgan, William S. 

c/o Witheridge 

R.D. #3 

Wyoming, Pa. 

Morrison, Sandra M. 

(Mrs. John Baldino) 

5 Delvin Terrace 

Wilmington 5, Del. 
Moss, Joseph B. 

54 Oak Grove Dr. 

Baltimore, Md. 
Mowery, Clio I. 

(Mrs. Wayne Strausser) 

177 New St. 

Millersville, Pa. 
Moyer, Betty Bon 

147 W. Jersey St. 

Elizabeth, N.J. 
Murray, Edward N. 

619 Fourth Ave. 
Bradley Beach, N.J. 

Nace, George E. 

608 Market ISit. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Newberry, Clyde K. 

240 N. 12th St. 

Kenilworth, N.J. 
Niehoff, Laura 

(Mrs. Laura Belber) 

20 High Sit. 

Woodbury, N..T. 
Noll, Bonald R. 

Box #34 

Richland, N.Y. 
Oakey, W. Ted 

613 Hallstead St. 

Dickson City, Pa. 
O'Bonnell, Paul V. 

1000 Brock St. 

Ashland, Pa. 
O'Leary, Michael J. 

223 N. Rock 

Shamokin, Pa. 
O'Neill, Jayne Ann 

(Mrs. J. A. Hittinger) 

620 Worth St. 
Weabherly, Pa. 

Onnfer, John M. 

138 E. Green St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Orlandini, Robert J. 

.21 Gillespie St. 

Swoyerville, Pa. 
Oxenrider, Clinton J. 

510 Center St. 

Millersburg, Pa. 
Pagnotti, Robert J. ' 

408 Oak St. 

Old Forge, Pa. 
Palermo, Bonis J. 

69 Amherst Ave. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Pasternak, Peter A. 

956 Montgomery St. 

ISIhamokin, Pa. 
Paul, Connie J. (Mrs.) 

R.D. #1 

Berwick, Pa. 
Pedrow, Bonald P. 

1119 N. Franklin St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Ferialas, Peter C. 

5200 Earl Dr. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Person, Wilbur G. 

190 S. First St. 

Lehigbton, Pa. 
Fetz, Carl B. 

637 Madison Ave. 

Jermyn, Pa. 
Pomicter, Charles B. 

594 Fellows Ave. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

Price, William E. 

341 Mitchell Ave. 
Dallas, Pa. 
tRakus, Teresa P. 

(Mrs. Teresa Rutkoski) 
Rapson, Richard R. 

50;3 S. Warminster Rd. 


Hatboro, Pa. 
Reddig, Gary B. 

246 E. King St. 

Lancaster, Pa, 
Redman, Mary F. 

(Mrs. Paul Bickelman) 

Homestead Drive 

Roaring Brook Twp. 

Moscow, R.D. 3, Pa. 
Reed, Boris V. 

1500 High St. 

Camp Hill, Pa. 
Reed, Elizabeth R. 

151 E. Fourth St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Reed, Janice B. 

Ephrata, Pa, 
Reeder, Robert F. 

Monroe Park Apts. 

Thomas Dr. 

Wilmington, Del. 
Regan, Thomas W. 

Apt. 28-B 

268 S. Washington Ave. 

Bergenfield, N.J. 0762.1 
Reifsnyder, Elaine H. 

(Mrs. Elaine Brower) 

Box #794 

Wrightstown, Pa, 
Reinaker, Jane P. 

(Mrs. Russell Wilhour) 

301 Seveir Heights 

Greenville, Tenn. 
Rhodes, Henry C, Jr. 

R.D. #3 Box 210 

Oatawissa, Pa. 
tRidgeway, Elma Mae 

Numedia, Pa. 
Rishkofski, Joseph B., Jr. 

133 Briarcliffe Ave. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Ritter, Annetta Mae 

388 Broad St. 

Emmaus, Pa. 
Ritter, Beverly J. 

(Mrs. Beverly Travitz) 

38 E. Middle ISit. 

Gettysburg, Pa. 
Roadarmel, Richard B. 

Box #31 

Rushville, N.Y. 
Rothermel, Jean K. 

R.D. #1 

Herdon, Pa. 
Roush, Barbara F. 

325 N. 11th St. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Sansone, John J., Jr. 

2815 Valley View Dr. 

Council Bluffs, llowa 
Saviolis, Cleo Ann 

321 N. 6 th St. 

Allentown, Pa. 
Schaefer, Barbara E. 

(Mrs. Barbara Shutovicth) 

1814 Farraget Ave. 

Bristol, Pa. 
tSchaffhauser, Bynne 

(Mrs. Lynne Stehly) 
Schaffroth, Marion 

Perkasie, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Schankweiler, Robert D. 

Hummelstown, Pa. 
Schell, Ethel J. 

56 3 Belmont Ave. 
'Southampton, Pa. 
Schell, Paula E. 

805 Snowden Ave. 

Bristol, Pa. 
Schnitzer, Henry J. 

162 S. Laurel St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Schock, Ronald M. 

156Vfe Spruce St. 

Tamaqua, Pa. 
Schwatt, Jacquelin H. 

(Mrs. Jac. Vander Voorn) 

Wynding Hills Rd. 

Granby, Conn. 
tScott, Frances M. 

(Mrs. Frances M. Snyder) 
Search, Bern. M. (Mrs.) 

601 E. Eighth St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Sebastlanelli, Armand L. 

902 Potomac Ave. 

Apt. A-2 

Alexandria, Va. 
Sees, R. Ted 

1101 Greentree Rd. 

Hillside Heights 

Newark, Del. 
Sharp, Robert, Jr. 

2483 Trotter Drive 

Allison Pk., Pa. 
Shutovich, Marianne 

(Mrs. Marianne S. Soul) 

Rear 582 Cleveland St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Shutovich, Norman J. 

1814 Farragut Ave. 

Bristol, Pa. 
Simon, James R. 

210 D Richfield Terrace 

Clifton, N.J. 
Smith, Adda C. 

3505 Columbia Ave. 

Lancaster, Pa. 
Smith, Craig "W. 

32* Haines (Sit. 

Kane, Pa. 
Smith, Donald L. 

High Manor Park 

Rockville, Conn. 
Snyder, Gail L. 
Spring-man, Irma W. 

422 E. Fourth St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Stetler, Susan A. 

1412 Kynlyn Drive 

Wilmington 3, Del. 
Stevenson, 'William 

350 N. York Rd. 

Hatboro, Pa. 
Stokes, Edward S. 

Westhampton Beach 

L.I., N.Y. 
Stout, David L. 

9525 Bustleton Ave. 

Philadelphia 15, Pa. 
Stradtman, Dorothy M. 

(Mrs. Robert Dayton) 

c/o Bell Equipment Corp. 

Yacht Basin, Box 566 

Titusville, Fla. 
Strain, Roberta A. 

(Mrs. Richard Kennedy) 

40 Eastview Lane, Apt. 8 

Clifton Park Manor 

Wilmington, Del. 

Straw, John N - . 

44 Pebble Lane 

Pinewood (Section 

Levittown, Pa. 
Sudock, Eileen W. 

417 W. Green St. 

W. Hazleton, Pa. 
Sullivan, Dale B. 

950 Louisa St. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
Sutliff, Richard A. 

R.D. #1 

Shickshinny, Pa. 
• Swank, Grover W. 
Szymczak, Edward J. 

73 E. First St. 

E. Plymouth, Pa. 
Tankalavag-e, Frank A. 

N. Main St. 

Cincinnatus, N.Y. 
Tentromono, John L. 

134 S. Pearl St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Terzopolos, Constance J. 

119 N. Jardin 

Shenandoah, Pa. 
Thomas, Barbara I. 

New-town Square, Pa. 
Thomas, Ronald W. 

c/o Kendry's 

539 E. 21st St. 

Erie. Pa. 
Thompson, Joseph J. 

2*01 W. Vanderbilt 

Athens, Pa. 
Tice, Sara A. 

(Mrs. V. W. Ramberger) 

219 S. Broad ,S't. 

Kennett Square, Pa. 
Tima, Sonia A. 

(Mrs. John. Foderaro) 

Camelot Apt. 27-A 

Marion Ave. 

Levittown, Pa. 
Timm, Edward H. Ill 

14 Rhode Island Ave. 

Clinton Park 

Renessaler, N.Y. 
Todorowski, Mary L. 

(Mrs. Mary T. Obrien) 

209 W. Fifth St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Treon, Jerry E. 

137 Race St. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Dpperman, Ronald P. 

3253D Wakefield Rd. 

Wedgewood Hills 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
"Oram, Barbara M. 

(Mrs. B. U. Paskewitz) 

2837 Pecan St. 

Columbus, Ga. 
Van Auken, Gordon E. 

13126 Fem ton Ave. 

Sylmar, Calif. 
Van Tuyle, Noreen E. 

(Mrs. Roger Sharpe) 

1409 B. Green Valley Rd. 

Norristown, Pa, 
Varano, Samuel A. 

812 Monmouth Ave. 

Lakewood, N.J. 
Vassia, Carl J. 

116 E. Main St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Vaughn, Patricia R. 

R.D. #2 

Howard, Pa. 

Vetro, Joseph G. 

407 Green St. 

Freeland. Pa. 
Vitacco, Robert R. 

La Gorce Manor #14C 

Burlington, N.J. 
Walters, Robert H. 

316 N. Penn St. 

Hatboro, Pa. 
Warren, Robert E. 

29 E. Main iSlt. 

Shiremantown, Pa. 

tWascavag-e, Edward S. 

Washeleski, Mary E. 

518 Susque St. 

Forest City, Pa. 
Wasson, Ruth A. 

36 Ruth Ave. 

Robesonia, Pa. 
Webb, Mary L. 

(Mrs. John J. Sekinsky) 

114 Grand St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Weber, Albert D. 

145 Mill Drive 

Levittown, Pa. 
Welliver, Joan 

2:27 E. Sixth St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Welsh, Myron R. 

R.D. #2 

Orangeville, Pa. 
Werley, Janice E. 

(Mrs. Janice W. Young) 

R.D. #1 

Orefield, Pa. 
Werntz, Philip M. 

1635 W. Lynn St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Wetzel, Ronald O. 

219 Spruce St. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Williams, Jessie B. 

116 Center 'St. 

Milton, Pa. 
Williams, Kay D. 

(Mrs. Kay W. Howe) 

38 N. Second St. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Wilson, B. Prank 

Normandy Parkway 

Morristown, N.J. 
Wisdo, Michael J. 

143 Simpson St. 

Swoyersville, Pa. 
Wolfe, Joan S. (Mrs.) 

R.D. #1 

Oley, Pa. 
Wurster, Nancy E. 

508 Fairmounit Ave. 

S. Williamsport, Pa. 
Yeosock, David J. 

2000 Walnut St. 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

Tone, Editha W. (Mrs.) 

1 Orchard St. 

Shickshinny, Pa. 
Young 1 , John P. 

Enola Mountain Rd. 

Enola. Pa. 
Zagrar, William 

224 S. Dillwyn Rd. 

Newark, Del. 19711 
Zaleskie, Paul J. 

135 S. ISIeventh St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Zevas, Argery 

Center Valley, Pa. 
Zorzi, John P. 

276 Nassau St. 

Princeton, N.J. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

CLASS OF 1962 

Allegrucci, Constance M. 

239 Susquehanna Ave. 

■Wyoming, Pa. 
Allen, Lawrence C, Jr. 

16 Dennis PI. 

W. Long Beach, N.J. 
Alper, Joan 

208 E. Northampton St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

tAnderson, Dorothy M. 

Anderson, Elaine J. 

412 N. Pine St. 

L/anghorne, Pa. 

Anderson, Myles J. 

Apt. 10 

1837 Wainright St. 

Laramie, Wyo. 
Andrews, Diane C. 

Osceola, Pa. 
Andrewlevich, Theodore J. 

42 W. 2nd St. 

Mt .Carmel, Pa, 
Anthony, Robert H. 

318 Poplar St. 

Towanda, Pa. 
Arndt, Richard D. 

Main St. 

Reamstown, Pa, 
Ash, Barbara 

(Mrs. Barbara Birt) 

1522 Pleasant Dr. 

Festerville, Pa. 
Ayres, Jeanine L. 

701 Stonefield Rd. 

Endwell. N.Y. 
Baer, Ruthann S. 

Route #3 

Fleetwood, Pa. 
Bair, Patricia 

Barnesville, Pa. 
Baker, Clyde Q. 

R.D. #1 

Lewistown, Pa. 
Barbee, Bloise B. (Mrs.) 

Box 73, R.D. #3 

Middleburg, Pa. 
Barbour, David W. 

520 W. 4th St. 

Lewistown, Pa. 
Barechio, Cecelia A. 

207 High St. 

Susquehanna, Pa. 
Basala, Dianne M. 

9 iS. Broad St. 

Lititz, Pa. 
Bassett, Myrna J. 

(Mrs. Myles Anderson) 

Apt. 10 

1837 "Wainright St. 

Laramie, Wyo. 
Battisti, Alfred E. 

74 N. Wyoming St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
"Bean, Nancy J. 

(Mrs. Nancy J. Kerns) 
Beck, Mary L. 

(Mrs. Mary L. Carlson) 

507 Market St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Bellino, Phyllis C. 

129 Fairview Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Beltrami, Joseph 

588 Monges St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Benek, Ronald S. 

2739 Murray Ave. 

Cornwells Hgts., Pa, 

Bennett, H. Nadine 

Drum Point Rd. 

Osbornville, N.J. 
Berardi. Terri A. 

152 Summit Ave. 

Upper Darby, Pa. 
Bingaman, Janis D. 

363 Priestly Ave. 

Northumberland. Pa. 
Birt, Carol (Mrs.) 

1134 3rd Ave. 

Berwick, Pa 
Bittner, Margaret M. 

312 Broad St. 

Nescopeck, Pa 
Blair, Judith A. 

40 Locust St. 

Milton, Pa. 
Blasko, Joseph X. 

783 Lafayette St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Blass, Lucille J. 

130 North St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Bolinski, Maurice 

142 Lincoln St. 

Mocanaqua Pa. 
Bower, Margaret H. 

229 W. 2nd Ave. 

IS. Williamsport, Pa. 
Bower, Nancy I>. 

36 Stanton Ave. 

Milton, Pa. 
Bowman, Wilma D. (Mrs.) 

829 E. 2nd St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Boyer, David K. 

13A Shirley La. 

Jamestown, N.Y. 
Boyer, Paul C. 

S. St. Mary s Rd. 

St. Mary's, Pa. 
Brooker, Elizabeth A. 

338 Maple Ave. 

Drexel Hill. Pa. 
Brosius, Shirley O. (Mrs.) 

4th & Gilbert Sts. 

R.D. #1 

Halifax, Pa. 
Brugger, Wayne N. 

Nuremberg, Pa. 
Buck, Pris cilia A. (Mrs.) 

633 High St. 

West Milton, Pa. 
Buffing-ton, Elna E. 

R.D. #1 

Elizabethville, Pa. 
Burdo, Robert M. 

132 Belmont St. 

Carbondale, Pa. 
Burns, Jane S. (Mrs.) 

ISylvan Heights 

Emporium, Pa. 15834 
Buggy, Kathryn D. 

(Mrs. K. B. Hammond) 

152 Mansion St. 

Ashland, N.J. 
Buhrman, Shelby J. 

1725 Prospect Ridge 

Haddon Heights, N.J. 
Burke, James H. 

15 King St. 

Malverne, N.Y. 
Campbell, Allan R. 

R.D. #1 

Canton, Pa. 
Campbell, Barbara J. 

23 Foster Ave. 

Malverne. N.Y. 

Campbell, James A. 

11 Center St. 

Canton, Pa. 
Capece, Nicholas 

6731 Longhill Rd. 

Baltimore 7, Md. 
Case, Nancy J. 

725 E. 5th St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Chango, Robert J. 

228 S. Oak St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 

Charles, Leonore (Mrs.) 

112 N. Front St. 

Selinsgrove, Pa. 
Ciochon, Joseph 

Apt. 19 

49 8 Plaza Blvd. 

Morrisville, Pa. 
Clark, Norma R. 

312 Union Ave. 

Swarthmore, Pa. 
Cleaver, Helen R. 

R.D. #2 

Orangeville, Pa. 
Clemens, Ellen M. 

Box 3; 311 Fairview Rd. 

Riegelsville, Pa. 
Cocco, Edward P. 

14201 Dall La. 

Tustin, Calif. 
Cole, Donald J. 

652 School House La. 

Johnsville. Pa. 
Cole, Harry E., Jr. 

100 Leonard St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Comstock, Arthur B. 

1112 Lindberg Ave. 

Feasterville, Pa. 
Conrad, Donald W. 

2109% Southview Ave. 

Tampa, Fla. 
Cook, Rohert !•. 

1303 iSbuth St. 

Utica, N.Y. 
Coole, Margaret C. 

Box #66 

Noxen, Pa. 
Crawford, Barbara A. 

R.D. #4 

Tunkhannock, Pa. 
Creneti, Prank J. 

856 Central Ave. 

Southampton, Pa. 
Cumberland, Worthy J. 

223 N. Olds Blvd. 

Fairless Hills, Pa. 
Curry, Joanne 

Star Route 

Erwinna, Pa. 
Dantas, Joseph A. 

237 S. Mill St. 

St. Clair, Pa. 
Dauksha, Jeanne P. 

(Mrs. J. F. Ruthowski) 

185 Talbott St. 

Rockville, Md. 
Davidheiser, Ronald It- 
Linden Apts. Apt. E-3 

Pottstown, Pa. 
Davis, Elma H. 

309 Ferry St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Davis, Helen E. 

476 Monument Ave. 

Wyoming, Pa. 
Davis, James J. 

252 Cedar St. 

Bristol, Pa. 

v — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


DeAndrea, Frank V. 

234 E. 3rd St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Delkanic, Lois R. 

R.D. #1 

Harveys Lake, Pa. 
DelVecchio, Carol A. 

419 Broadview Rd. 

Upper Darby, Pa. 
Dietze, Dagmar E. 

101 Lilac Lane St. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Dildine, Dorothy M. 

127 W. Orange St. 

Lititz, Pa. 
Si Rocco, Marie A. 

334 Wall St. 

Milton, Pa. 
Ditzler, W. John 

10'0 Jefferson St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Domalavage, Richard A, 

1225 W. Coal St. 

Shenandoah, Pa. 
Dominick, M. J. (Mrs.) 

Camelot Apts. 3 4B 

Marion Ave. 

Levittown, Pa. 
Donald, D. James 

2052 Bernard Circle 

Nashville, Tenn. 
Dorin, Mary A. 

529 Thomas St. 

Taylor, Pa. 
Duda, Jo Ann 

1518 Good Intent Rd. 

Deptford, N.J. 
Dnnkin, Thomas L., Jr. 

413 N. Shamokin St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Dunlop, Nancy W. 

608 Fairfield Ave. 

Upper Darby, Pa. 
Eckley, Henry J. 

435 Peacock St. 

Pottsville, Pa. 
Edwards, Carol A. 

(Mrs. William Steinhart) 

580 B Street Rd. 

Trevose, Pa. 
Elgin, Joseph P. 

473 W. Say lor St. 

Atlas. Pa. 
Ensrel, Nancy M. 

32 2S Englewood St. 

Phila., Pa. 
Engleman, Sandra E. 

(Mrs. S. E. McG-overn) 

Box #141 

Xoxen, Pa. 
Englert, Nancy J. 

2i0' Rockview Ave. 

N. Plainfield, N.J. 
Enney, Joseph A. 

512 X. 2nd St. 

Wormleysburg, Pa. 
Ernst, Janet M. 

273 Main St. 

Conyngham, Pa. 
Evans, Sandra M. 

17 E. Market St. 

Marietta, Pa. 17547 
Fairweather, Christine J. 

1366 County Line Rd. 

Radnor, Pa. 
Faltisco, Mary T. 

113 S. Keystone Ave. 

Say re, Pa. 
Fatzinger, Barbara A. 

455 Franklin Ave. 

Palmerton, Pa. 

Faust, David L. 

116 S. Market St. 

Selinsgrove, Pa. 
Ferner, Mary B. 

Lavelle, Pa. 
Fetzko, Edward 

913 Vine St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Finn, Lawrence J. 

444 Hunter Rd. 

Ridgewood. N.J. 
Finnegan, Claire M. 

1847 Plunkett St. 

Hollywood, Fla. 
Fischer, Robert E. 

Reeds Trailer Court 

Rt. #1 

Smyra, Del. 
Fisher, Delbert, Jr. 

New Columbia, Pa. 
Fisher, Edgrar R. 

R.D. #2 

Mifflinburg, Pa. 
Fisher, Rose M. 

iSweetbriar Apt. C-l 

1917 Oregon Pike 

Lancaster, Fa. 
Fisher, Suzanne I. 

(Mrs. William Hauck) 

27C Brookline Manor 

Reading, Pa. 
Fletcher, Carolyn B. 

408 Shambach St. 

Middileburg, Pa. 
Florig, Jessie M. 

20 Rockview Ave. 

N. Plainfield, N.J. 
Foley, Thomas F. 

155 Churchill 

Dushore, Pa. 

Foltz, Jane A. 

Apt. 2204 Jordan Park 

Fallerton, Pa. 18052 
Frey, Fred G. 

49 N. Gates Ave. 

Kingston. Pa. 
Fried el, Anita K. 

Box #54 

522 Van Note Dr. 

Bricktown, N.J. 
Gatski, Bernard G. 

730 Seybert St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
George, John D. 

E. Center St. 

Elysburg, Pa. 
Gerber, Janice E. 

37 Geranium Rd. 

Levittown, Pa. 
Gerhart, Ronald P. 

100 Franklin St. 

Morristown, N.J. 
Gilbert, Gloria F. 

(Mrs. Gloria Boyer) 

St. Mary's Rd. 

St. Mary's, Pa. 
Gladsky, Thomas S. 

825 Second PI. 

Plainfield, N.J. 
Goodbred, Mary E. 

(Mrs. M. E. Rosenbaum) 

718 W. Central Ave. 

S. Williamsport, Pa. 
Gorant, Tom N. 

Box #115 

R.D. #1 

Paxinos, Pa. 

Grace, Barbara W. 

1708 Maple Ave. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Gregor, Elaine A. 

210 E. Franklin St. 

St. Clair. Pa. 
Grenoble, Lois R. 

37 Main St. 

Middleburg, Pa. 
Gruber, Glenn 

1S2 Market Si. 

Highspire, Pa. 
Guizzetti, James 

245 W. Olive SI 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Guro, Frances M. 

(Mrs. Frances Potruzzi) 

1376% Main St. 

Hellertown, Pa. 
Gutgesell, Joan W. 

203 Hill Ave. 

La.nghorne, Pa. 
Hass, Wayne J. 

67 Railroad St. 

Cressona, Pa. 
Hack, M. Jean 

(Mrs. M. Jean May) 

173 Waterman St. 

Lockport, N.Y. 
Hagenbuch, Joanne E. 

(Mrs. Stanley Shalkop 

Apt. B-l 

124 S. Main St. 

Spring Valley, N.Y. 10977 
Haluska, Joseph M. 

Ill S. Front iSt. 

St. Clair, Pa. 
Handshaw, Nancy A. 

(Mrs. Wayne D. Moss) 

326 W. 16th St. 

New Cumberland, Pa. 
Harner, Mary E. 

509 E. 2nd St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Harris, Ruth J. 

(Mrs. Samuel Harris) 

399 Horton St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Hartman, Theresa, (Mrs.) 

3rd St. 

Benton, Pa. 
Hartzell, Carol A. 

549 George St. 

S. Williamsport, Pa. 
Heider, Judy A. 

316 Cottage PI. 

Pleasant Acres 

Lewistown, Pa. 
Heller, Frank N. 

136 Mill Dr. 

Levittown, Pa. 
Hetzendorf, Patricia 

Snydertown, Pa. 
Higgins, William E. 

411 Packer St. 

Shamokin. 1 a . 
Hixon, Thomas J. 

R.D. #2 

New Castle. Pa. 
Hons, Frederick E. 

440 Columbus Ave. 

Trenton, N.J. 08629 
Hower, Grace (Mrs.) 

Bloomsburg. T'a. 
Hower, Lewis C. 

R.D. #3 

Muncy, Pa. 

1 — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

tHuber, James H. 
Humphrey, Sandra C 

107 Olive St. 

Say re, Pa. 
Hunsinger, Willard D. 

1012 Mayflower Dr. 
Meadwood, Newark, Del. 

Ic>es, John L. 

R.D. #2 

Orangeville, Pa. 
Ikler, Patricia A. 

40'5 Spruce St. 

Danville, Pa. 
James, Barbara A. 

20 Rock view Ave. 

N. Plainfield, N.J. 
Jennings, P. Joseph 

(Lt. P. Joseph Jennings) 


12th and Spruce Sts. 

St. Louis, Mo. 
Johnson, Beverly S. (Mrs.) 

231 Susquehanma Ave. 

Lansdale, Pa. 19466 
Jones, Carolee 

141 W. Shawnee Ave. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
Jones, Gordon D. 

631 Lincoln Ave. 

Jermyn, Pa. 
Jones, Robert F. 

321 Sunbury St. 

'Sthamokin, Pa. 
Kahler, Gary B. 

Route 10, Box 249 

Baltimore 19, Md. 
Kane, Betty M. 

2« Cliff St. 

Montrose, Pa. 
Xarmilowicz, Kayann 

466 River St. 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
Xashner, Harold R. 

1013 Catherine St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Katz, Susan C. 

(Mrs. Susan C. Lehrich) 

132 S. Fulton St. 

Allentown, Pa. 
Xeniler, Lane Ii. 

306 Charlotte St. 

Millersville, Pa. 
Harvey, Penny 

(Mrs. Lane L. Kemiler) 

306 Charlotte St. 

Millersville, Pa. 
Kerlish, Xathryn D. 

Box #6 

E. Millstone, N.J. 
Ketner, Jared A. 

Box #82 

Edgar, Nebraska 
Kile, Bean P. 

24 Leonard St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Kindig, Barbara A. 

808 Market St. 

Berwick. Pa. 
Kindt, Thelma A. 


Millville, Pa. 
Kitchen, Richard 

R.D. #2 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
•Xlementik, Daniel 
Klopp, Bernard K. 

104 Mifflin St. 

Lebanon, Pa. 
Xnaver, Sylvia B. 
(Mrs. iSlylvia Price) 

341 Machell Ave. 

Dallas, Pa. 
Koch, James B. 

2125 Orchard Dr. 
S. Plainfield, N.J. 
Kolet, Barbara J. 
1421 Old Berwick Rd. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Koones, Donald G. 
Route #3 
Catawissa, Pa. 
Koons, Carol J. 
(Mrs. Carol K. Ushka) 
312 Hesse Ave. 
Apt. #436, Scott AFB, 
Kovich, John T. 
103 E. Front St. 
Lititz. Pa. 
Krash, William S. 
420 W. New York St. 
Shenandoah, Pa. 
Krause, Bernard 
200 W. Union St. 
Nanticoke, Pa. 
Kropa, Jean X>. 

Dimock, Pa. 
Kuhns, William B. 
235 E. Main St. 
Lansdale, Pa. 
Xwasnoski, Daniel 
101 Center St. 
Athens, Pa. 18810 
IXagerman, Owen B. 
Ln-gunas, Patricia D. 
524 Warren St. 
Scranton, Pa. 
Danzone, Anthony 
228 Parsonage St. 
Pittston, Pa. 
Daubach, Darry L. 
Warwick Apts. 24 A 
Somerdale, N.J. 
Davelle, James J. 
2,23 E. Mt. Rd. 
iScranton, Pa. 
Dayton, Sally J. 
66 Oak St. 
Forty Fort, Pa. 
Dearn, Dinda D. 
(.Mrs. Harry E. Michael) 
R.D. #1 
Stillwater, Pa. 
tDesko, Dorothy H. (Mrs.) 
tDesko, Michael 
DeVan, Blaine B. 
Route #3 
Catawissa, Pa. 
Dewis, Carol A. 
(Mrs. Lloyd Livingston) 
110 Lawn Ave. 
Souderton, Pa. 
Dillie, Margaret S. 
15 Pine St. 
Tunkhannock, Pa. 
Dindenmuth, Dana A. 
314 E. Hickley Ave. 
Ridley, Park, Pa. 
Dindemuth, Ruth A. 
R.D. #3 
Catawissa, Pa. 
Dinetty, Mildred A. 
10(0' Charles St. 
Gordon, Pa. 
Dittle, Thomas D. 
962 Masser St. 
Sunbury, Pa. 
Ditwhiler, Mary E. P. 
R.D. #4 
Danville, Pa. 
Divingston, Dloyd 
110 Lawn Ave. 
Souderton, Pa. 

Dlvziey, Joan H. 

717 Bloom Rd. 

R.D. 4 

Danville, Pa. 
Dloyd, Richard R. 

640 South Ave. 

Secane, Pa. 
Dockman, Edward 

720 Seybert iSt. 

Hazleton, Pa. 

Dore, Donna D. 

1937 N. Market St. 
Berwick, Pa. 
Dudinsky, Deonard D. 
Buck Mountain 
Barnesville, Pa. 
Dylo, Myron Jr. 
1418 Second Ave. 
Berwick, Pa. 
Lynn, Carl 
332 Adams St. 
Fre eland, Pa. 
MacParland, Carolyn B. 
73A Parkway Apts. 
Cherry Hill, N.J. 
Machamer, Robert M. 
445 Julian St. 
Williamsto'wn, Pa. 
Maier, Joseph A., Jr. 
210 Pine St. 
Danville, Pa. 
Malinowski, Eugene R. 
c/o Deptford Fuel Serv. 
Delsea Drive 
Sewell. N.J. 
Mannion, James R. 
1300 Green Lane 
Apt. 15 
Bristol, Pa. 
Marion, James R. 
110 Ellsworth 
Batavia. N.Y. 
Marnell, Anna B. 
17 Frist St. 
Strong, Pa. 
Martin, William E. 
116 Landis Ave. 
Millersville, Pa. 
Masser, Joyce C. 

Leek Kill, Pa. 
McAloose, Robert D. 
14 James St. 
Kelayres, Pa. 
McAuliffe, Jack E. 
331-13th St. 
Scranton, Pa. 
McHose, Mary C. 
129 N. Ninth St. 
Columbia, Pa. 
McHugh, Thomas J. 
Stone Patch 
Lost Creek, Pa. 
McMurtrie, John, Jr. 
110 E. Hancock St. 
St. Clair, Pa. 
Meekly, Robert W. 
212 Market St. 
Lrwisburg, Pa. 
Menapace, Francis J. XII 
126 N. Walnut St. 
Mt. Oarmel, Pa. 
Mertz, Kenneth 
1041 Center St. 
Shamokin, Pa. 
Miller, Erma J. 

R.D. #4 
Montanye, Melvin A. 
Beeves Lane 
Warminster, Pa. 

-Reported Deceased 

f — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Morgan, Marjorie R. 

819 Anthracite St. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Morris, Sarah M. 

41 B. Areba Ave. 

Hers hey, Pa. 
Morris, Todd T. 

46 Slocum St. 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
Moser, Warren. W. 

28 Jackson Rd. 

Gilbertsville, Pa. 
Moss, Wayne D. 

R.D. 2 

Shickshinny, Pa. 
Muffly, Donald C. 

28 William St. 

Centereach, L.I., N.T. 
Mountainland, Edward J. 

Fawn Grove, Pa. 
Muirhead, Milo E. 

Homer, N.Y. 

Nagle, James J. 

Apt. P-220 

Married Student Housing 

N Car. State College 

Raleigh, N. Car. 
Nardone, Joseph C. 

2 08 Franklin St. 

W. Pittston, Pa. 
Neary, Robert E. 

441 W. Mahonoy Ave. 

Girardsville, Pa. 
Newman, Sheila L. (Mrs.) 

310 Kan© St. 

S. William sport, Pa. 
Nickles, Shirley M. 

R.D. 2 

Danville, Pa. 
Nork, Virginia A. 

2.24 Gaston Ave. 

Garfield, N.J. 
Norman, Marion W. 
Northrop, Ruth E. 

c/o C. Ross 

W. Court & Lafayette 

Doylestown, Pa. 
Novinger, Talma X. 

554 Church St. 

Millersburg, Pa. 
O'Donnell, Margaret E. 

41 N. 13th St. 

Allentown, Pa. 
O'Donnell, William K. 

412 W. Main St. 

Giirardville, Pa. 
O 'Holla, Marlene J. 

306 Winters Ave. 

W. Hazleton, Pa. 
Olshefski, Carol M. 

(M;rs. Robert Snvder) 

351 Bloom St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Ondash, Verna C. 

Wyoming Ave. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Oravitz, Robert J. 

311 E. Center St. 
Mt. Oarmel, Pa. 

Ostroff, Carol M. 

337 Centre St. 

Freeland, Pa. 
Paul, Lynn J. 

411 W. Broad St. 

Williamstown, Pa. 
Fecht, Susan F. 

13>8 Bambridge St. 

Sunbury, Pa. 

Fecorelli, Joseph F. 

52 Italy St. 
Mocanaqua, Pa. 

Feifer, Thomas R. 

109 W. Third St. 

Mifflinville, Pa. 
Felak, Robert 

43 Charles St. 

Totowa Bow, N.J. 
Fesda, John L. 

356 S. Poplar St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Fetrie, Joni A. 

53 N. Hickory St. 
Schuylkill Haven, Pa. 

Petrilla, Joseph 

315 E. F"ifth St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Fetrovich, Stanley J. 

95S Spruce St. 

Kulpmont, Pa. 
Fetuskey, Jane M. 

R.D. 3 

Catawissa. Pa. 
Phillips, Fatricia A. 

254 Main St. 

Fern Glen. Pa. 
Flowfield, Fatricia A. 

R.D. 1 

Reinholds, Pa. 
Frofit, Richard J. 

123 N. Locust St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Purnell, Nellie A. 

R.D. 2 

Tamaqua, Pa. 
Radel, Lena M. 

R.D. 3 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Ranee, Carol F. 

R.D. 2 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
tRaupers, Vincent P. 
Redcliff, Joyce E. 

160.0' Orange St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Reed, Melvin C. 

130 S. Sixt'h St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Reese, Jon E. 

R.D. 3, Wade 

Pottsville, Pa. 
Reidinger, Kenny E. 

226 W. Saylor St. 

Atlas, Pa. 
tReinhart, Jean O. 
tRemley, William M. 
Renn, Daniel H. 

Box 244 

iSlhamokin, Pa. 
Rice, Bonnie O. 

Box 119 

Lake View Drive 

Saylorsburg, Pa. 
Rice, William H. 

637 Pfahler St. 

Catiawissa. Pa. 
Rinehimer, Eugene 

826 E. Third St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Rinehimer, Marilyn 

(Mrs. Calvin L. Lehew) 

2417 Dozier Drive 

Tallahassee, Fla. 
Roberts, Maxine L. (Mrs.) 

1713 Paxton St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Rogers, Faith E. K. 

159 Fairmount Ave. 

Sunbury, Pa. 

Rogers, Gloria J. 

284 Powers St. 

New Brunswick, N.J. 
Rosenbaum, Donald C. 

718 W. Central Ave. 

S. Williamsiport, Pa. 
Rowland, Liberty G. 

State St. 

Millville, Pa. 
Salfi, Helen R. 

(Mrs. Helen S. Kruk) 

Box 54 

Fairhill School Rd. 

Hatfield, Pa. 
Samsel, John H. 

47 N. Main /St. 

Cortland, N.Y. 
Sarisky, Nancy A. 

(Mrs. Robert 1'elak) 

4 3 Charles SI. 

Totowa Bow, N.J. 
Sarviss, Robert L. 

R.D. 2, Box 9 3 

Woodhull, N.Y. 
Schalles, Mary A. 

20 Rockview Ave. 

Scotch Plains. N.J. 
Scheno, Madelyn J. 

(Mrs. .John Turock) 

Bechtelsville, Pa. 
Schultz, Emily, L. 

(Mrs. Albert 1C. Straus- 
ser, Jr.) 

707 E. Second St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Schweizer, John E. 

627 Spruce St. 

Bristol, Pa. 
Scislaw, Eugene 

116 Back St. 

New Boston, Pa. 
Searer, Thomas E. 

Market St. 

Port Royal, Ptt. 
Serowicz, Carole M . 

12 Spring St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Seward, Doris S. 

248 Martz St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Sexton, Mary K. (Mrs.) 

37 Lowell Aw. 

Trenton 9. N.J. 
Shannon, John H. 

Ill Philadelphia Ave. 

W. Pittsiton, Pa. 
Sharp, James H. 

1 8 Tea Rose Lane 

Levi t town, Pa. 
Sharpe, Roger L. 

1409 B. Green Valley Rd. 

Norristown, Pa. 
Sherts, A. Barbara 

(Mrs. Barbara S. Sta- 

183 S. Ohurcli St. 

Goshen, N.Y. 
Shervanick, Helen M. 

549 S. Market St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Shultz, Carimar J. 

Box 6 

E. Millstone, N.J. 
Shuman, John A. Ill 

•M0 E. Fourth St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Shuman, Mary L. 

(Mrs. Thomas YV. Regan) 

Apt. 28-B 

268 S. Washington Ave. 

Bergenfield, N. .1. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address "Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Slratt, Jacqueline R. 

942 E. Market St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Sinco, Michael E. 

67 W. Green St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Sinkler, Kathleen 

(Mrs. Kathleen S. 

Beeves Lane 

Warminster, Pa. 
Sipos, Charles R. 

Madison Apts. D-7 

Madison Ave. & Hillmond 

RetJhlehem, Pa. 
Slavick, Jerome D. 

127 Iron St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Smith, Connie E. 

R.D. 1, Box 333 

Harveys Lake, Pa. 
Smith, Jeff H. 

927 Cherokee Rd. 

Louisville, Ky. 
Smith, John B. 

40 Balfour Lane 

Willingboro, N.J. 
Smith, N. Robert 

204 McLean >St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Smith, Priscilla J. 

2049 Riverside Dr. 

S. Williamsport, Pa. 
Snee, Jerome W. 

15 Laurel St. 

Edwardsville, Pa. 
Snyder, Ellen 

R.D. 6 

Danville, Pa. 
Snyder, Leonard D. 

502 Moore St. 

Millersburg, Pa. 
Solt, Virginia A. 

(Mrs. Virginia S. Davis) 

562 Lafayette Ave. 

Palmerton, Pa. 
Sorce, Gail R. 

204 Central Ave. 

Berwick. Pa. 
Spangler, John C. 

155 W. 12th St. 

Bloomsburg-. Pa. 
Spaid, Minerva A. 

2434 Third St. 

Espy, Pa. 
Spontak, Michael J. 

826 Seneca St. 

Pottsville, Pa. 
Starzel, Ronald P. 

71 Main St. 

Strong, Pa. 
Stanffer, Elsie L. (Mrs.) 

88 John St. 

Kingston, I 'a. 
Steger, Michael W. 

145 W. End Ave. 

Lancaster, Pa. 
Steinhart, Robert J. 

1924 Victory Drive 

lS!prin«?field, Ohio 
Steinhart, William E. 

1700 W. Spruce St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Stephens, Margaret E. 

369 Second St. 

Northumberland, Pa. 
Stephens, Randall D. 

369 Second St. 

Northumberland, Pa. 

Stinson, Carol L. 

139 E. Seventh 'St. 
Berwick, Pa. 
St. John, Carol 
221 Colonial Dr. 
Chambersburg, Pa. 

Stoneham, Iiouise (Mrs.) 

Mill St. 

Benton, Pa. 
Strauser, William H., Jr. 

Box #24 R.D. 

Shavertown, Pa. 
Strunk, Robert J. 

Apt. C-130 

South Ave. 

Secane, Pa. 

Supen, Lawrence R. 

Grove St. 

Weston. Pa. 
Sweet, Lynn 

61 IStwatara Rd. 

Shenandoah, Pa. 
Szakalun, Patricia B. 

Apt. 15 

401 Atlanta Ave. 

Huntington Beach, Calif. 
Taylor, Edward W. 

220 Frederick Rd. 

H avert own, Pa. 
Thomas, Elizabeth J. 

315 E. Dewart St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Thomas, Jean L. 

(Mrs. C. E. Whitenight) 

71<0i Walnut St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Thomas, Mary L. 

3612 W. 13th St. 

Trainer, Pa. 
Thomas, Ruth M. 

27 Onedia PI. 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
Tolerico, Rosemary A. 

Rear 638 Monges St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Trania, Robert J. 

13 W. Tamarack St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Trout, Stanley R. 

152 N. 9th St. 

Reading, Pa. 
Troy, Kay S. 

1010 W. Front St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Updegraff, Dorothy A. 

(Mrs. Anthony Lingen- 

80 W. Charlotte \St. 

Millersville, Pa. 
Valentiner, c. L. Jean 

R.D. #1 

Tunkhannock, Pa. 
Van Sickle, Susan A. 

S. Third St. 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Veranda, Walter H. 

626 Garvet St. 

W. Hazleton, Pa. 
Vincent, John Z>. 

59 Lexington Ave. 

E. Lansdowne, Pa. 
Watts, Vicki A. 

(Mrs. Gary W. Egli) 

College Station, Texas 
Walko, Joseph J. 

Green St. 

Brockton, Pa. 17925 
Watkins, Daniel T. 

1015 S. Main St. 

Scranton, Pa. 

Weaser, Neal J. 

230 Glenn Ave. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Weatherill, Suzanne 

R.D. #1 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Weaver, James E. 

1705 W. Pine St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Weed, Charles W. 

450 W. 3rd St. 

W. Wyoming, Pa. 
Welch, Jane M. 

(Mrs. Jane W. Rocke) 

Hill Court Apts. 55B 

580 Ridge Rd. East 

Rochester, N.Y. 
Welker, Joyce M. 

229 Ridge Ave. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Wendel, Richard E. 

56 7 Grant St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
W enrich, Nanette E. 

(Mrs. Theodore Wenrich) 

52 Revere Rd. Apt. 6 

Drexel Hill, Pa. 
Waterhouse, William R. 

215 S. Main St. 

Forrest City, Pa. 
Whaite, Judith S. 

(Mrs. Judy Madden) 

Box #211 

Washingtonville, N.Y. 
Whittaker, Patricia L. 

(Mrs. Bobby D. Knight) 

901-A E. Reppto St. 

Brownfield, Texas 
Wiest, Milton M. 

36 E. 5th St. 

Media, Pa. 
Williams, Gordon P. 

11 Delaware Ave. 

W. Pittston, Pa. 
Williams, Janet I. 

Route 1 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Wing-ate, Hope M. 

Chatham, Pa. 
Wirth, Barbie K. 

341 Penn St. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Wiser, Jacquelyn A. 

122 New St. 

Muncy, Pa. 
Wisor, William A. 

W. Decatur, Pa. 
tWithers, Paul C. 
Wolf, Judith A. 

428 S. Hanover St. 

So. Pottstown, Pa. 19464 
Wray, Dorothy A. 

(Mrs. John P. Gardner) 

Harrisville, N.Y. 
Wright, Gerald J. 

31 Anthony .St. 

Rochester, N.Y. 
Vanaitis, John E. 

919 E. Pine St. 

Mahanoy City. Pa. 
Vaninas, Matthew 

1133 6th Ave. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Yarashefski, Leonard A. 

76 Italy St. 

Mocanaqua, Pa. 
Vastishock, John J. 

R.D. #4 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Yeagley, Mary L. 

N. Lancaster St. 

Jonestown, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Yocum, Nancy M. 

1020 W. Walnut St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Zaledonls, Edward J. 

42 N. Walnut St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Zechman, Nancy L. 

33-9 Walnut St. 

Milton. Pia. 
Zimmemian, Carol A. 

Route #1 

Kempton, Pa. 
Zimolzak, Edward L. 

Locust St. 

Forest Glen Park 

Kingston, N.Y. 

CLASS OF 1963 

Acacio, Barbara J. 

363 N. "Washington St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Acker, Lindy C. 

6S Fairview Ave. 

Mt. Pocono, Pa. 
Adornato, Joseph 

218 Prospect St. 

Susquehanna, Pa. 
Allen, Edward K. 

254 Locust St. 

New Holland, Pa. 
Allen, Gail L. 

151 Summer ISlt. 

DuBoistown, Pa. 
Amnion, Plorence C. 

R.D. #1 

Milton, Pa. 
Anthony, Dale E. 

318 Poplar St. 

Towanda, Pa. 
Antonelli, Gerald D. 

4 Grove St. 

Gilbertsville, N.Y. 
Applegate, Elizabeth 

18 S. Broad St. 

Hughesville, Pa. 
Archibald, William T. 

2601 N. Main Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Ardiere, Bernadine A. R. 

114 Butler St. 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
Augustine, Mary Ann S. 

(Mrs. Mary Ann Tirpah) 

6616 Willston PI. 

Fulls Church, Va, 

Austin, Judy P. (Mrs.) 

708 B. Carmin 

Norristown, Pa. 
Austin, Thomas E. 

Dewey Circle 

Ridgeway, Pa. 
Bachman, Judith Ann 

220 N. 4th St. 

W. Hazleton, Pa. 
Bailey, Kenneth L. 

King St. 

Eldred, Pa. 
Bannon, Catherine B. 

R.D. #2 

Elverson, Pa. 
Barrett, Edward A. 

1018 W. Olney Ave. 

Philadelphia 41, Pa. 
Baum, Benjamin 

40 S. Pine St. 

Hazleton. Pa. 
Beierschmitt, Ruth M. 

409 West Ave. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

Bendinsky, Carol A. 
129 N. 9th St. 
Columbia, Pa. 
Benscoter, Ruth H. 

728 E. 4th Sit. 
Xescopeck, Pa. 
Berlin, Edward L. 

139 MartzviUle Rd. 
Berwick, Pa. 
Beury, Ronald H. 

318 S. Coal St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Biagiotti, Theresa Ann 

1176 Wyoming Ave. 

Exeter, Pa. 
tBidelspach, JoAnn 
Bieber, Carl D. 

228 Pepper St. 

Muncy, Pa. 
Biehl, Patricia Ii. 

(Mrs. Patricia Cranford) 

534 Turner St. 

Allentown, Pa. 
Bingaman, Paul R., Jr. 

87 N. Broad St. 

Norwich, N.Y. 
Bishop, Marjorie E. 

(Mrs. Marjorie Krapp) 

Canadensis, Pa. 
Boback, John J. 

601 N. Pearl St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Bodolus, Mary Ann M. 

223 Laurelwood Rd. 

Pottstown, Pa. 
Bohr, Bonnie C. 

R.D. #2 

Clarks Summit. Pa. 
Boner, Joan E. 

(Mrs. Howard L. Sihultz) 

117 N. 16th St. 

Easton, Pa. 
Book, Barbara Ann 

R.D. #4 

Muncy, Pa. 
Bower, Barrett B. 

R.D. #2 

Box #5 

Pottstown, Pa. 
Bowersox, Dennis C. 

173 W. Market St. 

Middleburg, Pa. 
Brann, Robert J. 

37 High Rd. 

Lost Creek, Pa. 
Britton, Dolores M. 

903' E. Clay St. 

iShamokin, Pa. 
Brock, Mary Lynn 

6 Park St. 

Binghampton, N.Y. 13900 
Brovey, Daniel J. 

722 E. Race St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Brown, Charles W. 

537 Eshleman St. 

Highspire, Pa. 
Brown, Irene M. 

R.D. #1 

Monroeton, Pa. 
Brown, Laura M. 

311 Davis St. 

Clarks Summit, Pa. 
Brown, Mary T. 
(Mrs. Mary B. Beir- 

123 W. Louther St. 

Carlisle, Pa. 
Brown, William C. 

143 S. Laurel St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 

Bukavich, John B. 

44 E. Liberty St. 
Ashley, Pa. 
Bundle, Sandra J. 

Lopez, Pa. 
Burke, Rebecca A. 
2966 Heather PI. 
Harris'burg, Pa. 
Burnard, Carol M. 
(Mrs. Carol Ohianese) 
P.O. Box #74 
Milton, N.Y. 12547 
■ Burrows, Patricia A. 
tCampbell, Robert 
Caporalitti, Anna X. 
173 Main St. 
Mocanaqua, Pa. 
Carpenter, Trevor D. 
54 Schubert ISft. 
Binghampton, N.Y. 
Carson, Robert L. 

Light street, Pa. 
Case, James S. 

45 Carverton Rd. 
Trucksville, Pa. 
Chamberlain, Margaret L. 

222 Spring St. 
Paxton, 111. 
Chambers, Sally A. 

(Mrs. Steven Bowen) 

207 N. Water St. 

Selinsgrove, Pa. 
Chaplick, Chester T. 

P.O. Box #258 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Christina, Robert J. 

301 W. Green St. 

W. Hazleton, Pa. 
Churba, Ronald R. 

1715% Blaine St. 

William sport, Pa. 
Chute, Elaine P. 

Trout Run, Pa. 
Cotner, Nancy C. 

Route #2 

Danville, Pa. 
Clark, Dianne L. 

418 15th Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Crain, Hazel M. 

170 iSouth Ave. 

Canton, Pa. 
Crandall, Helen A. (Mrs.) 

63 Enterprise 

Brunswick Gardens 

Brunswick, Me. 
Cranford, Ronald W. 

534 Turner St. 

Allentown, Pa. 
Creasy, Sarah A. 

(Mrs. Robert Anthony) 

490 I vis Rd. 

E. Greenwich, R.I. 
tCuster, H. Dean 
Czepokaitis, Vincent J. 

19 S. Beech St. 

Mount Carmel, Pa. 
Dalpiaz, Leo H. 

220 S. Grape St. 

Mount Carmel, Pa. 
D alt on, Gerald P. 

404 Pine St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Danchak, Tanya Ann 

75 E. Kirmar Ave. 

Alden, Pa. 
D 'Andrea, Joseph E. 

216 4th St. 

Weatherly, Pa. 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Davenport, Carol Ann 
32 Kulp St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Davis, Carol M. 
Main St. 
Lightstreet, Pa. 
Davis, Thomas J. 
R.D. #3 

Miller Trailer Park 
Norwich, N.Y. 
Deeter, Margaret E. 
120 E. Main St. 
Nanticoke, Pa. 
Deihler, Kathryn A. 
72 E. Main St. 
Elizabethville, Pa. 
Derrick, Donald E. 
319 E. Valley Forge Rd. 
Bridgeport, Pa. 
Dennen, Joan E. 
Route #3 
Danville, Pa. 
Depo, Robert L. 
534 West St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Derkits, Robert r. 
Apt. #316 

60-0 River Towers Dr. 
Alexandria, Va. 
Detato, Lois A. 
120 Martha Rd. 
M.R. #98 

Binghampton, N.Y. 
Dletz, Gary M. 
(2nd Lt. Gary M. Diets) 
"C" Company 1st Bn. 

A.A.D. Fort Benning, Ga. 
Diliberto, John M. 
215 S. Cedar St. 
Hazleton, Pa. 
Dilley, Claire O. 
Box #614 RD #1 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Di Rienzo, Sandra E. 
330 Melrose St. 
Keiser, Pa. 
DiRoberto, Raymond BE. 
3i24 W. 6 th St. 
W. "Wyoming, Pa. 
Ditton, Charles L. 
156 E. Main St. 
Apt. 5 

Newark. Del. 
Dixon, Eugene 

Munson, Pa. 
Dobson, Henry D. 
329 W. Maple St. 
Mount Carmel, Pa. 
Dodson, Richard E. 
Market St. 
Benton, Pa. 
Doebler, Carole L. 
COiO E. 16 th St. 
Berwick, Pa. 
Domalavage, Anthony 
1225 W. Coal St. 
iSihenandoah, Pa. 
Dombek, Lawrence 
65 W. Maple St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Donegan, Bernard l». 
72 E. Railroad St. 
Nesquehoning, Pa. 
Dowett, John 
1129 7th Ave. 
Berwick, Pa. 
Drury, Jan E. (Mrs.) 
1155 9th St. 
Coopersburg, Pa. 

Dunnick, Martha J. 

Second St. 
New Freedom, Pa. 
Dnshanko, Barbara Ann 
1040 N. Church St. 
Hazleton, Pa. 
Earyes, Patricia Ann 
314 Whitmore Ave. 
Mayfield, Pa. 
Elliot, Geneviene (Mrs.) 
221 Haybrook Dr. 
York. Pa. 
Esher, Richard R. 
236 W. Sunbury St. 
Shamokin, Pa. 
Fallon, Gary E. 
89 Church St. 
New Milford, Pa. 
Fausey, Judith A. R. 
R.D. #4 
Benton, Pa. 
Feathernian, Harold S. 
445 4th St. 
Apt. A 

Lakewood, N.J. 
Featherstone, Donna K. 
489 Winthrop St. 
S. Williamsport, Pa. 
Feese, William R. 
849 W. Lynn St. 
Shamokin, Pa. 
Fetter-man, Mary Ellen 
R.D. #2 
Catawissa, Pa. 
Fetterolf, Sandra E. 
519 N. Fourth St. 
Catawissa, Pa. 
Fickner, Henry F. 
Apt. 3C 

201 N. Bradford Ave. 
W. Chester, Pa. 
Fischer, Jeanne M. 
Scranton Pocono Higfh- 

Moscow, Pa. 
Fisher, Bonnie J. 
(Mrs. Bonnie J. Painter) 
646 R. Hepburn St. 
Milton, Pa. 
Flanagan, Barbara A. 
421 N. Shamokin 
Shamokin, Pa. 
Fleming, Sandra Lee 
151 S. Third St. 
Catawissa, Pa. 
Forney, Dora J. 
(Mrs. J. Jarrett) 
401 Gearhart St. 
Riverside, Pa. 
Fox, Edward A. 
419 W. Simpson St. 
Mechanicsburg. Pa. 
Gardner, John R. 
Harrisville, N.Y. 
Gargnla, Edmund J. 
714 Warm Springs Ave. 
Huntingdon, Pa. 
Garson, William H. 
R.D. #2 
Du Bois, Pa. 
Gatti, John R. 
6 Maple Ave. 
W. Wyoming, Pa. 
Gaunt, Gayle L. (Mrs.) 
R.D. #5 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Geasey, Albert W. 
Main St., Box 43 
Downsville, N. Y. 

Gelso, Charles J. 

664 Slocum St. 

Exeter, Pa. 
Ghezzl, Marie M. 

211 S. Market St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Gimber, Evelyn (Mrs.) 

Huntington Mills, Pa. 
Ginty, William M., Jr. 

5524 Morris St. 

Philadelphia 44, Pa. 
Glenn, Nancy Ann 

R.D. #2 

Bloomsburg. Pa, 
Golden, Patrick J. 

Sycamore Gardens G-S 

Bristol, Pa. 
Gonzalez, Manuel P. 

347 Beechwood Ave. 

Middlesex, N.J. 
Gordos, Madeleine A. 

156 Lafafette Ave. 

Palmerton, Pa. 
Graeber, George E. 

20,2 N. Vine St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Green, John E. 

Water St. 

Mahanoy Plane, Pa. 
Grey, Frances H. 

962 Boulder Dane 

Berwyn, Pa. 
(Griffiths, William B. 
Grigalonis, Michael L. 

632 W. South IS*. 

Mahanoy City, Pa. 
Grover, Lillian 

Briar Crest 

R.D. #2 

Berwick, Pa. 
Gurzynski, Andrew J. 

R.D. #2 

Shickshinny, Pa. 
Gutosky, Adam V. 

Jackson St. 

Lopez, Pa. 
Haines, Don D. 

724 E. 5th St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Halkyard, Gladys S. 

416 State St. 

Towanda, Pa. 
Hall, Robert D. 

168 N. 4th St. 

Hughesville, Pa. 
Harrier, Daniel E. 

16 Parke St. 

Aberdeen, Md. 
Harnish, Christine B. 

(Mrs. C. E. Haehnel) 

2021 Noble St. 

West Lawn, Pa. 
Harris, Arlene M. 

(Mrs. George Lefchak) 

221 B. Vine Court 

New Wilmington, Pa. 
Harrison, Elizabeth A. 

1340 Ferris Ave. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Hart-man, Robert N. 

313 Fair St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Haswell, Carol Ann 

930 W. Fourth St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Hawthorne, Donald B. 

516 Chestnut St. 

Pottstown, Pa. 
Henney, George R. 

49 Johnson 6*. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

-Reported Deceased 

t— Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Hess, Linda Lou 

83 N. 7th St. 

Shamokin. Pa. 
Heston, Lois F. 

S88 Monument Ave. 

Wyoming, Pa. 
Hickernell, Barbara X. 

R.D. #1 

Sheridan, Pa. 
Hoch, Wayne A. 

B-2 Font Hill Apts. 

Doylestown, Pa. 
Hock, Jere L. 

R.D. #1 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Hockenberry, Nola IS. 

102 N. Loveland Ave. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Hodovance, Betty ftfip 

415 Keystone Ave. 
Peckville, Pa. 

Hoffman, Bonnie Lee 
24 High St. 
Woodbury, N.J. 

Hoffman, Helen P. (Mrs.) 

239 First St. 

Old Forge, Pa. 
loma, Eugene C. 

27 Lukens, St. 

Trevose, Pa. 
tHortman, Craig V. 
Xosey, Margaret Ann 

Rr. 112 River St. 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
Hosier, Ronald E. 

R.D. #4 

Danville, Pa. 
Houck, Robert C. 

R.D. #1 

Nescopeck, Pa. 
Honseweart, Carol A. 

(Mrs. Larry L. Laubach) 

R.D. #1 

Benton, Pa. 
Howard, C. Ellen A. 

416 E. Church St. 
Nanticoke, Pa. 

Hughes, Claire R. 

3301 Nazareth Pike 

Bethlehem, Pa. 
Hughes, William A. 

120 Broad St. 

Montgomery, Pa. 
Hughes, William T., Jr. 

1464 Lincoln Way 

E. Chambersburg, Pa. 
Hunley, Hazel E. 

R.D. #1, B 121 

Lewistown, Pa. 
Hunsinger, Terry L. 

R.D. 1, Box ,283 

Gap, Pa. 
Inch, William 

Box 105 

Penns Creek, Pa. 
Jackson, Lee R. 

10 88 Poguessing Ave. 

Andalusia, Pa. 
Jacobs, Walter J. 

213 S. Oak St. 

iSihamokin, Pa. 
Janerich, Maureen P. 

724 Stratfort 

4901 Seminary Rd. 

Alexandria, Va. 
Jenkins, Elizabeth 

225 Austin Ave. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Jenkins, John C. 

14 W. Enterprise St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 

Jones, Bonnie J. 

215 Spring St. 
W. Pittston, Pa. 
Jones, Richard K. 

1095 Fanny St. 

Elizabeth, N.J. 
Kaczmarok, Joanne M. 

9115 Academy Rd. 

Philadelphia. Pa. 19 13$ 
Hasarda, Emil G. 

55 Main St. 

Milnesville, Pa. 
Xase, Mary R. 

R.D. 5 

Danville, Pa. 
Hashimba, Raymond P. 

972 James St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Keen, Dolores "I. 

(Mrs. Lorenzo Tironi) 

Henry Court Apt. 4 

Mt. Arlington, N.J. 
Kegolis, Joseph R. 

43.0' W. Coal St. 

Shenandoah, Pa. 
Eehler, Faye L. 

339 Preston Ave. 

Girardville, Pa. 
Heiser, Samuel E. 

812 Park Ave. 

Medina. N.Y. 14103 
Kelchner, Marvin R. 

330 Mary St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Heller, Elhannan L. 

498 Plaza Blvd. 

Morrisville Park Apt. 

Morrisville, Pa. 
Keller, William J. 

619 S. Webster Ave. 

IScranton, Pa. 
Kester, Ann M. O. 

605 S. Wayne St. 

Lewistown, Pa. 
Kishbaugh, Levi A. 

R.D. 1 

Leiby's Parkway 

Carlisle, Pa. 
Elatch, Patricia A. 

681 N. Vine St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Klembara, Michael A. 

1040 W. Arch St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Kline, Linda L. 

Market St. 

Benton, Pa. 
Kline, Wanda J. 

502 Moore St. 

Millersburg, Pa. 
Klock, Shirley A. 

216 Race St. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Knorr, John W. 

Colman Apts., Apt. L 

4 405 La Plata Ave. 

Baltimore, Md. 
Koberlein, Ivan E. 

206 S. Second St. 

Lewisburgr. Pa. 
Xocher, Shirley M. (Mrs.) 

R.D. l 

Turbotville, Pa. 
Kolb, Jo Ann 
(Mrs. Jo Ann Bidelspach) 

4 E. Third St. 

Lansdale, Pa. 
Konetski, Louis C. 

1760 Dixon Ave. 

Croydon, Pa. 

Konnick, MaryAnn P. 

(Mrs. M. Truskowski) 
3741 Pennypack St. 
Philadelphia, Pa. 
Kopetz, Lovey 
54 North St. 
Hudson, Pa. 
Koppenhaver, Robert A. 

4 56 Market St. 

Millersburg, Pa. 
tKovalovich, Joseph T. 
Krakowski, Mary A. 

912 First St. 

Nescopeck, Pa. 
Kratzer, Phyllis I. 

Mt. Pleasant Mills, Pa. 
Kreisher, Kathryn B. 

239 S. 16th St. 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Kromo, Marguerite D. 

33 Center St. 


Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Kulesa, Edmund P. 

R.D. 1 

Ringtown, Pa. 
Lahnstein, Robert 

1349 W. Spruce St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Leeper, H. Andrew 

R.D. 3 

Lewistown, Pa. 
Lester, Christine B. 

83 E. Main St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Letterman, Beatrice B. 

410 E. Fourth St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Lewis, Earl w. 

Shrewsbury, Pa. 
Lingenfelter, Anthony 1 

SO W. Charlotte St. 

Millersville, Pa. 
Litwak, Philip, Jr. 

15B Elm St., Apt. 1 

Cortland, N.Y. 
Lyshan, Bonnie J. 

222 Seventh Ave. 

Bethlehem, Pa. 
Magalengo, Jan J. 

231 S. West St. 

Shenandoah, Pa. 
Maier, James J. 

210 Pine St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Makowski, Michael D. 

i257 Miners St. 

Wanamie, Pa. 
Malinowski, Gerald S. 

408 N. Oak St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Marcinko, Alice A. 

23S Main St. 

Fern Glen, Pa. 
Mascarella, Jeanne XT. 

13 James St. 

Kelayres, Pa. 
Mathias, Harry C. 

514 Liberty St. 

Watsontown, Pa. 
Mattern, Billy N. 

R.D. 1 

Mifflinburg, Pa. 
Mattis, Sylvia M. 

160S Tioga St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Matzoni, Dennis J. 

Jeanette St. 

Mocanaqua, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Mauery, Richard K. 

311 Shaw Ave. 

Dewistown, Pa. 
Mausteller, Linda J. 

305 Honeymoon St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Mavreles, Christine E. 

1612 N. 12th St. 

Reading, Pa. 
May, Gladys A. (Mrs.) 

332 E. Beech St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Mays, Joann H. 

W. Main St. 

Ringtown, Pa. 
McCoy, John J. 

711 Fifth St. 

Riverside, Pa. 
McDonald, M. Elizabeth 

212 Hoffman Blvd. 

Ashland, Pa. 
McPerran, Nancy L. 

(Mrs. Gary Rupert) 

110 W. Nortlh Lane 

Madison House C4 

Norlynne Court Apts. 

Conshohocken, Pa. 
Mclndoe, Lamar 

8 Chippendale Circle 

Newark, Del. 
Mclntyre, Sandra J. 

17 Center Square 

Elizabethtown, Pa. 
McKee, Sandra L. 

(Mrs. Sandra M. Hafer) 

2163 Medford Rd. 

Apt. 49 

Ann Arbor, Mich. 
McManus, James E. 

149 King St. 

Pottstown, Pa. 
McShea, James C. 

15 N. Hancock St. 

McAdoo, Pa. 
Menker, Sheldon H. 

2447 Penn St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Michael, Nancy L. 

Kauffman Rd., Apt. 18 

Pottstown, Pa. 
Miller, Alma K. 

1 E. Brown St. 

Sanatoga, Pa. 
Miller, Kenneth A. 

R.D. 1 

Hunlock Creek, Pa. 
Miller, Lanns D. 

3'0'1 S. Fifth St. 

Oxford, Pa. 
Miller, Marcia E. 

7763 Wayne Ave. 

Upper Darby, Pa. 
Miller, Raymond N. 

7227 Combat Support Gp. 

APO 29 3, New York, N.Y. 
Miller, Ronald E. 

31 High St. 

Walworth, N.Y. 
Minnick, Frederick T. 

542 Anderson St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Molnar, George E. 

106 Pine St. 

Kulpmont, Pa. 
Morell, Gerilyn A. 

921 Russell St. 

Avoca, Pa. 
Morrissey, Wayne T. 

35 Jackson St. 

Cape May, N.J. 

Moyer, Franklin L. 

144 Riverbank 

Beverly, N.J. 
Moyer, Robert D. 

40 Cherry St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Moyer, Ruth A. 

R.D. 2 

Berwick, Pa. 
Mussoline, Rocco L. 

617 Harrison ISt. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Nagle, Christopher S. 

819 Woodbrook Lane 

Norristown, Pa. 
Narkiewicz, Edmund D. 

119 N. Vine St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Nawrocki, Thomas V. 

4 Federal St. 

New Phila., Pa. 
Naylor, Raymond B. 

162 Buckley St. 

Bristol, Pa. 
Newman, Garold R. 

24 29 Vista Rd. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
O'Donnel, Edward B. 

516 Sansojn St. 

Upper Darby, Pa. 
O'Leary, T. Timothy 

223 N. Rock St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Oravitz, Joseph V. 

409 Stock St. 

Hanover, Pa. 
Painter, Robert E. 

R. 646, Hepburn St. 

Milton, Pa. 
Palevich, Mary M. 

22 N. Atherton Ave. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Para, Girard A. 

625 Jenkins St. 

Peckville, Pa,. 
Feeling, Barbara A. 

9 Grand St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Peperno, Anthony 

46 Walter St. 

Holbrook, L.I., N.Y. 
Petruzzi, Ronald J. 

1376% Main fit. 

Hellertown, Pa. 
Fetzak, Frank J. 

2 Plymouth Circle 

Colony Park 

Reading, Pa. 
Phillips, Macyle 

2128 Grant Ave. 

Apt. 42 

Philadelphia 15, Pa. 19115 
Phillips, Rhys E. 

161 W. Dorrance St. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Phillips, Richard C. 

R.D. 1 

Troy, Pa. 
Pingar, Elizabeth R. 

178 Washington St. 

Freeland, Pa. 
Poloni, Kathrine C. 

84 Dante St. 

Roseto, Pa. 
roust, Donald L. 

57 Inland Rd. 

Levittown, Pa. 
tprice, Abe J. 
Price, Judith A. 

18 E. Butler St. 

Shickshinny, Pa. 

Frocopio, Margaret A. 

129 S. Franklin St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Prosseda, David L. 


Binghamton, N.Y. 
Prowant, Edward E. 

R.D. 1 

New Columbia, Pa. 
Puderbach, Larry G. 

R.D. 1 

Unityville, Pa. 
Pursel, Robert H. 

1090 Market St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Rado, Joseph A., Jr. 

127 W. Seventh St. 

Bridgeport, Pa. 
Rathmell, Lois M. 

R.D. 1 

Watsontown, Pa. 
Reaser, Suzanne F. 

R.D. 1 

Allenwood, Pa. 
Reffeor, Bruce D. 

Trooper Mobile Homes 

109 Salem Drive 

Trooper, Pa. 
Reiter, Dennis W. 

502 Washington St. 

E. Greenville, Pa. 
Rsitnauer, Judith C. 

R.D. 1, Box 231 

Leesport, Pa. 
Remley, David E. 

201 (sycamore Rd. 

W. Reading, Pa. 
Reppert, S. Rebecca 

515 Thomas St. 

Stroudsburg, Pa. 
Reppy, Jessie M. 

143 Front St. 

Vestal, N.Y. 
Rhoads, Richard O. 

R.D. 18 

Pottstown, Pa. 
Rhodomoyer, Susan K. 

340 College Hill 

Bloomesburg, Pa. 
Riegel, Terry K. 

R.D. 1 

Berwick, Pa. 
Ritzinger, Paul A. 

104 W. Magnolia Ave. 

Aldan, Pa. 
Robbins, Kenneth M. 

2390 Mill Lane 

Williamsport, Pa. 
Roberts, Emily L. (Mrs.) 

2095 Elizabeth Ave. 

Westfield, N.J. 
Rockwell, John E. 

38 Tall Pine Lane 

Levittown, Pa. 
Rogers, Alma J. 

R.D. 1 

Factoryville, Pa. 
Rogowsky, Mary 

525 Melrose St. 

Keiser, Pa. 
Rohrer, Richard L. 

121 E. Factory St. 

Mechanicsburg, Pa. 
Rojewski, Constance S. 

(Mrs. Fran Curran) 

720 Street Rd. 

Apt. 1-B 

Warminster, Pa. 
Roke, Richard R. 

57 E. Main St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Rose, Stanley 

Sweetbrier Apt. Park 
Apt. C-l 

1917 Oregon Pike 
Lancaster, Pa. 
Rupert, Gary G. 
Norlynne Court Apts. 
Madison House C4 
110 W. North Lane 
Conshohocken, Pa. 
Rupert, Lee A. 
14 N. Broad St. 
Lititz, Pa. 
Runkle, Judith A. 
8 N. Shamokin St. 
Shamokin, Pa. 
Ryiuan, Lois A. 
R.D. 3 
Dallas, Pa. 
Sample, James K. 
113 Potter St. 
Dunmore, Pa. 
Sanders, Marie T. 
1412 W. State St. 
Shamokin, Pa. 
Savage, Edward 7. 
Hill St. 
Benton, Pa. 
Scaife, Betty L. 
(Mrs. R. C. Scorese) 
30 N. 19th St. 
Kenil worth, N.J. 
Scheidt, Darlene F. 
344 River Rd. 
Pottstown, Pa. 
Schell, Garry E. 
Briesch Rd. 
Ringtown, Pa. 
Scheuren, John M. 
2806 Finley Ave. 
Cornwells Hgts., Pa. 
Schlegel, Linda F. 
R.D. 1 
Stevens, Pa. 
Schmidt, Linda A. 
518 Amosland Rd. 
Morton, Pa. 
Scott, Moses L. 
4432 Somerton Rd. 
Trevose, Pa. 
Sewell, Robert J. 
441 West Ave. 
Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Shaughnessy, James E. 
63 W. Harrison St. 
Tunkawnock, Pa. 
Sheasley, Rebecca J. 
17 Stanley St. 
Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Sheatler, Jacqueline L. 
R.D. 2 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Shelhamer, Ruth A. 
(Mrs. Eugene Sandel) 
401 S. Fourth St. 
Hamburg, Pa. 
Shelinski, Thomas J. 
606 Bloom St. 
Danville, Pa. 
Shellhamer, Diane J. 
R.D. 1 

New Ringgold, Pa. 
Sherman, Ronald L. 
1539 W. Walnut St. 
Shamokin, Pa. 
Shisko, Andrew A. 
13 Market St. 
Kelayres, Pa. 

Shoop, Lynn E. 

329 Church St. 
Millersburg, Pa. 
Shutt, Jeanne M. 
Box 237 
Elysburg, Pa. 
Siipple, James E. 
4606 Coventry Rd. 
Harrisburg, Pa. 
Sills, John E., Jr. 
467 Court A 
Terrace 2 
Bristol, Pa. 
Sipe, Joanne E. 
Box 565, 

126 Delaware Rd. 
Quakertown, Pa. 
Smith, Arlene B. (Mrs.) 

Klingetrstown, Pa. 
fSmith, Sterling R. 
Snook, Margie L. 
R.D. 1 

Middleburg, Pa. 
Snyder, Julie J. 
203 Catawissa Ave. 
Sunbury, Pa. 
Snyder, Margaret L. 
Main St. 
Herndon, Pa. 
Snyder, Michael A. 
116 N. Third St. 
Slhamokin, Pa. 
Somerset, Mary E. 
12i0i Harrison Ave. 
Glenside, Pa. 
Sorber, Marjory R. (Mrs.) 
R.D. 2 

Shickshinny, Pa. 
Sorber, Melinda A. 
R.D. 2 

Shickshinny, Pa. 
Sorochak, Francis J. 
16 Korn St. 
Kingston, Pa. 
Sprong, Mary L. 
310 Thurston St. 
Clarks Summit, Pa. 
Springer, Eon E. 
Church St. 
Lopez, Pa. 
Stackhouse, Gary R. 
55 Lehigh Ave. 
Wind Gap, Pa. 
Stair, Gary L. 
Millville, Pa. 
Stanton, Dorothy J. 
1311 Lafayette Parkway 
Williamsport, Pa. 
Stedman, Stephen R. 
R.D. 1 

Ashland, Pa. 
Steinhart, Virginia M. 
(Mrs. Virginia S. Hodh) 
B-2 Font Hill Apts. 
Doylestown, Pa. 
Stepanski, Alexander R. 
Middle Rd. 
Munnsville, N.Y. 
Stettler, Robert L. 
929 Line St. 
Sunbury, Pa. 
Stewart, Kenneth J. 
135 W. Fifth St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Stiles, Margaret R. 
2429 Greenhill Rid. 
Broomall, Pa. 
Stoop, Richard C. 
317 S. Shamokin St. 
Shamokin, Pa. 

Story, Carol M. 

(Mrs. T. S. Montross) 

Letrouneau College 

Longview, Texas 
Strausser, Thomas F. 

825 W. Independence St, 

iSnajmokin, Pa. 
Strine, George L. 

405 Shakespeare Ave. 

Milton, Pa. 
Styer, Paul R. 

Spring Hill-Part Apts. 

South Ave. 

Secane, Pa. 
Ewarts, Nelson A. 

3229 Wayne St. 

Endwell, N.Y. 
Szerafinski, Mary L. 

R.D. 2 

Dalton, Pa. 
Telesky, Lawrence J. 

547 W. Second St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Tenzyk, Joanne A. 

202 S. Broad St. 

W. Hazleton, Pa. 
Thomas, Gordon V. 

R.D. 5 

Bloomsburg, Pa, 
Thomas, Judith D. 

R.D. 4 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Thomas, Susan B. 

185 ISL Laurel St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Timony, Rosemary M. 

395 Scotch Hill 

Drifton, Pa. 
Trabitz, Judy C. 

9 8 W. Stratford 

Lansdowne, Pa. 
Urbanski, Joseph V. 

232 Main St. 

Ranshaw, Pa. 
Van Housen, Bruce L. 

Box 141 

New Milford, Pa. 
Vannan, William F. 

117 E. Market St. 
Danville, Pa. 

Vitale, Ann M. 

118 Butler St. 
Pittston, Pa. 

Wadsworth, Patricia M. 

927 N. Fifth St. 

Reading, Pa. 
Wagner, Mary E. 

Presidential Apts. 

Apt. 5-B 

651 Antrim Drive 

Newport News, Va. 
Wagner, Michael E. 

4 30 Main St. 

Gilberton, Pa. 
Walter, Arlene C. 

R.D. 1 

Milton, Pa. 
Walters, Richard D. 

839 Heling Blvd. 

Lindenhurst, L.I., N.Y. 
Walters, Ronald T. 

Box 214 

Frisco, Colo. 
Waples, Sally A. 

2422 River View 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Watkins, Charles W. 

245 Boland Ave. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Watts, Robert L. 

820 Bloom Rd. 

Danville, Pa. 
Webb, Robert E. 

Jarrettown Rd. 

Willow Grove, Pa. 
Weightman, Wenda L. 

College Park 

Lewisburg, Pa. 
Weiser, George E. 

R.D. 2 

Lewisburg, Pa. 
Westover, Robert 

R.D. 3 

Shickshinny, Pa. 
Whalen, Francis C. 

133 W. Pine St. 

Mahanoy City, Pa. 
Wilmarth, Ruth M. 

(Mrs. Ruth W. Roman) 

R.D. 1 

New Milford, Pa. 
Wind, G. Diann 

327 Cherry St. 

Montoursville, Pa. 
Wood, Verna (Mrs.) 

320 S. Front St. 

Selinsgrove, Pa. 
Voting, Norman D., Jr. 

R.D. 1, Box 363 

Orefield, Pa. 
Yurgel, John N. 

139 E. Broad St. 

W. Hazleton, Pa. 
Vurick, Edna D. 

421 N. Broad iSt. 

W. Hazleton, Pa. 
Zartman, Judith. A. 

(Mrs. Judith Z. Rymoff) 

509V2 W. Main St. 

Palmyra, Pa. 
Zegarski, Adrianne N. 

133 E. Church St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Zeisloft, Holland B. 

1G W. Central Ave. 

S. Williamsport, Pa. 
Zeiss, Nancy J. 

327 Cherry St. 

Montoursville, Pa. 
Zevas, Mary 

34 S Krause Lane 

Bethlehem, Pa. 
Zimm, Bertha 

R.D. 2 

Selinsgrove, Pa. 
Zimmerman, Adama B. 

408 Evans Ave. 

Willow Grove. Pa. 

CLASS OF 1964 

Anderson, Joyce 

Webster Point Rd. 

Madison, Conn. 
Andrews, Harold C. 

2100 N. Scott St. 

Arlington, Va. 
Ankaitis, John R. 

Box =73 

Brandonville, Pa. 
Antonetti, Marianne E. 

211 S. Elmer Ave. 

Sayre, Pa. 18840 
Archer, Jane R. 

< Mrs. .T. R. Ackerman) 

204 Chatham St. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
Arnold, Reginald J. 

801 Montcella Dr. 

Palls Church, Va. 

Austin, Bonnie J. 

121 Center St. 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
Avery. John A. 

116 Thompson Ave. 

Dushore, Pa. 
Azary, Bdward 

R.D. #1 

Elysburg, Pa. 
Baker, Anne G. (Mrs.) 

3223-B Wakefield Rd. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Baker, Frederick L. 

3223-B Wakefield Rd. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Baluta, Barbara J. 

334 Suydam St. 

New Brunswick, N.J. 
Bangor, Carmella M. 

(Mrs. C. M. 0'Donn«ll) 

153'5 Turner iSt. 

Allentown, Pa. 
Barlik, Leonard B. 

247 Rutter Ave. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Barnaba, Gary A. 

81 South St. 

Binghamton, N.T. 
Barnatovich, Jeanne 

Mildred, Pa. 
Bartholomew, Karen R. 

33 Second St. 

Catasauqua_, Pa. 
Bartman, William D. 

728 High St. 

Pottstown, Pa. 
Batuner, Elizabeth 

R.D. £2 

Milton, Pa. 
Bausch, John H., Jr. 

25 E. Mahoning St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Baylor, John S. 

R.D. #1 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Beard, Terry E. 

Box #42 

Blandon, Pa. 
Beiter, Stanley R. 

U.S. Naval School 


NAS, Pensacola, Fla. 
Belles, Neil C. 

R.D. #2 

Berwick, Pa. 
Beltz, Kathleen G. 

Route #3 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Benscoter, Carolyn 

R.D. #1 

Berwick, Pa. 
Bensinger, Diane A. 

S5 Washington St, 

Port Carbon, Pa. 
Berginsky, Frank M. 

321 Rivers St. 

Duryea, Pa. 
Berhalter, Margaret L. 

215 W. Cemetery St. 

Apt. B 

Hughesville, Pa. 
Berry, William J. 

12 Pine St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Bielski, Edwin B. 

421 Austin Dr. 

Faii-less Hills, Pa. 
Bielski, Frances (Mra.) 

421 Austin Dr. 

Fairless Hills, Pa. 

Blasick, George A. 

912 W. Holly St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Boback, Pearl A. 

601 N. Pearl St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Bobita, Joanne 

823 Princeton Ave. 

Palmerton, Pa. 
Bogucki, Rebecca 


Mocanaqua, Pa. 
Bohstedt, Janet B. 

225 N. 4th St. 

Allentown, Pa. 
Bolig, Margo B. 

88 N. Main St. 

New Hope, Pa. 
Boston, Ronald C. 

806 Pine St. 

Berwick, Pa. 18603 
Bondman, Virginia L. 

30 Broadway 

Milton, Pa. 
Bradish, Raymond G. 

Box 182 

R.D. #1 

Beaver Meadows, Pa. 
Braglio, Gerald T. 

263 W. Main St. 

Ringtown, Pa. 
Breidinger, Roger E. 

540 Oak St. 
.Royersford. Pa. 
Breiner, Barry R. 

200 Baltimore St. 

Dillsburg, Pa. 
Brittingham, Betsy A. 

II Cinnamon Rd. 
Levittown, Pa. 

Brooking, Carl L. 

R.D. #1 

Ghase Mills, N.Y. 
Brosious, Paul R. 

R.D. #1 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Brown, Baniel E. 

Laporte, Pa. 
Brown, Bonna E. 

905 Addingham Ave. 

Drexel Hill, Pa. 
Buck, Mary L. 

iSleaside Regional Center 

Waterford, Conn. 
Burge, George A. 

III Railroad St. 
Danville, Pa. 

Burka, Michael 

1207 Spring Garden Av«. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Burkland, Theodore C. 

230 Ave. "E" 

Riverside, Pa. 
Barnard, Bonnie P. 

(Mrs. B. P. Violes) 

419 Pen Argyl St. 

Pen Argyl, Pa. 
Barrell, Bert D. 

124 N. 5th St. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Butala, Arlene S. 

243 E. Grant St. 

McAdoo, Pa. 
Cameron, Constance J. 

(Mrs. Constance J. Camp) 

R.D. #1 

Beaver-town. Pa. 
Campbell, Elizabeth 

1420 N. Clayton St. 

Wilmington, Del. 

-Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Campbell, James H. 

501 Main St. 

Vestal, N.Y. 13850 
Campbell, Patricia B. 

S3 Poster Ave, 

Malverne, N.Y. 
Caporaletti, Brenda L. 

173 Main St. 

Mocanaqua, Pa. 
Carlone, Ralph V. 

4831 - A S. 28tlh St. 

Arlington, Va. 
Casarella, Joseph F. 

1 Stonehem La. 

New City, N.Y. 
Castetter, John 

535 Main ISt. 

Ranslhaw, Pa. 
Cherup, Jack 

60 Popular St. 
Plains, Pa. 

Chiglinsky, Edward R. 

32 N. Gilbert St. 

Shenandoah, Pa. 
Chyko, Barbara A. 

23 Lawn St. 

Toms River, N.J. 
Chyko, John M. 

23 Lawn St. 

Toms River, N.J. 
Chyko, Viola A. 

(Mrs. Viola A. Supon) 
Apt. 11-A 

Woodbine Gardens 

Avenel, N.J. 
1 Clark, James A. 
Clemens, Janice M. 

1011 Market St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Clements, Carol P. 

36 King St. 

Apt. 4 

Pottstown. Pa. 
Clugston, Molly A. 

(Mrs. Molly A. Miller) 

232 Queen St. 

Northumberland, Pa. 
Colarusso, Ronald P. 

53' Carey Ave. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Cole, Harold J. 

114 W. Lincoln Ave. 
Myerstown, Pa. 

Conard, Paul I.. 

115 W. St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Conrad, Joann D. 

130 Bainbridge St. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Cooper, John 

61 E. Main St. 
Glen Lyon, Pa. 

Cope, B. Jean (Mrs.) 

R.D. #6 

Danville, Pa. 
Crim, C. Edward 

1386 Perkiomen Ave. 

Reading, Pa. 
Crouse, Borothy B. 

248 Mary ISt. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Curran, Prancis J. 

720 Street Rd. 

Warminster, Pa. 
Dahlhausen, Joan M. 

116 E. Rambler Dr. 
Holland, Pa. 

B'Amico, Nicholas C. 
2707 Mosby St. 
Alexandria, Va. 

Bampman, Judith Q. 

16 Bertiha Blvd. 

Beacon, N.Y. 
Daniels, Amy R. 

607 Bates St. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Bavala, Richard G. 

179 Schooly St. 

Exeter, Pa. 
BePrancisco, Carole A. 

19 George St. 

Pen Argyl, Pa. 
Dellegrotto, Joseph A. 

103 Stella Lane 

Chester, Pa. 
Belovich, Thomas P. 

Lopez, Pa. 
Besmond, Margaret M. 

612 Mahoning St. 

Milton, Pa. 
Biehl, James E. 

100V2 S. Main St. 

Muncy, Pa. 
Bietterick, Lester J. 

317 Grant St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Billich, Betsy R. 

(Mrs. Betsy D. Grabill) 

215 Main St. 

Ephrata, Pa. 
Binsmore, David W. 

R.D. # 2 

Benton, Pa. 
Boemling, Gerald C. 

131 E. Greenwood Ave. 

Lansdowne, Pa. 
Bominick, Leonard J. 

Caimelot Apts. 34B 

Marion Ave. 

Levittown, Pa. 
Bopsovic, Richard B. 

5i2i0> Broadway St. 

Wind Gap, Pa. 
Bnbbs, Joanne S. (Mrs.) 

2'54 W. 5th St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Bnshanko, Betty M. 

1040 N. Church St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Bysinger, James A. 

112 West St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Eckroat, Barry R. 

328 E. Prospect Ave. 

State College, Pa. 
Edbnrgh, Jon L. 

1410 Market St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Eddinger, Robert J. 

1118 Sterling Ave. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Edwards, Ann L. 

1870 S. High St. 

502 Centennial Hall 

Denver 10, Colo. 
Edwards, Gary P. 

1905 E. Columbia St. 

Allentown, Pa. 
fEill, Edward E. 
Eisenhart, Borothy P. 

311 W. Maple Ave. 

Langhorme, Pa. 
Eldridge, Warren R. 

362 3rd St. 

Northumberland, Pa. 
Ellenberger, Nola B. 

Box 535 

Westfield, Pa. 
Erdman, Robert R. 

R.D. #2, Box 137 
Shamokin, Pa. 

Erway, Nancy B. 

R.D. #1 

Coudersport, Pa. 
Esposito, Angelo J. 

206 Lockhart St. 

iSayre, Pa. 
Evan, Barry B. 

Box #288 Noxen Rd. 

Harveys Lake, Pa. 
Farley, Hilda M. 

R.D. #1 

Alllenwood, Pa. 
Panst, Richard N. 

753 Rhoads Ave. 

Boyertown, Pa. 
tFay, Barbara A. 

(Mrs. Richard Phillips) 
Fegley, Barbara B. 

Lavelle, Pa. 
Fetzko, Thomas A. 

913 N. Vine St. 

Slhamokin, Pa. 
Fino, Raymond A. 

2969 Yorkway Rd. 

Baltimore 2i2, Md. 
Fish, Catherine M. 

126 Frederick St. 

Atlhens, Pa. 
Fisher, Carl A., Jr. 

429 Greenough St. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Flanagan, Marion P. 

421 N. Shamokin St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Flynn, Veronica K. (Mrs.) 

Todd Ave. 

Union Dale, Pa. 
Foderaro, John A. 

Camelot Apts. 27-A 

Marion Ave. 

Levittown, Pa. 
Folmsbee, Beroy 

Star Route 

McAlisterville, Pa. 
Ford, Brian W. 

329 State St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Fordyce, Harrin R. 

(Mrs. K. R. Sharpe) 

Box #21 

Yellowlhouse, Pa. 
Forti, Esther M. 

412 W. 3rd St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Fortney, Gerald W., Jr. 

Apt. 305 

Guarantee Trust Bldg. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Foster, Robert B. 

416 E. Front St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Fraind, Stanley A. 

1409 3rd Ave. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Fredericks, Bee T. 

720 W. Market St. 

Pottsville, Pa. 
Frear, Howard J. 

c/o Mrs. Fulton Chatham 

Rt. #1, Salisburg, Md. 
Frey, Barren 

465 Columbia Ave. 

Milton, Pa. 
Froelich, George J. 

1462 Kynlyn Dr. 

Kynlyn Apts. 

Wilmington 9, Del. 
Gallagher, James P. 

425 Adams Ave. 

Freeland, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Gallagher, James J. 
287 N. Sprague St. 

Kingston, Pa. 

Gammon, Martha S. 
23 Lawn St. 

Toms River, N.J. 

Garancheski, Eugene 

931 N. Pine St. 
Shamokin, Pa. 

Garrison, Jeffrey M. 

Apt. 8 Garden Apts. 

Souderton, Pa. 
Garrison, Ronald L. 

129 E. 5th St. 

Berwick, Pa. 1860-3 
Gatchell, Walter E. 

204 Harvey Ave. 

Linwood, Pa. 
Gehrig, Barbara D. 

(Mrs. J. M. Garrison) 

Apt. 8, Garden Apts. 

Souderton, Pa. 
Geisinger, Norman 

2123 Hanover Ave. 

Allentown, Pa. 
George, Nancy J. 

R.D. #2 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Ghezzi, Catherine M. 

211 S. Market St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Giering, Ann 

(Mrs. Ward Ritter) 

3000 Old Berwick Rd. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Gilotti, Vincent F. 

Lake Harmony, Pa. 
Ginty, Marty M. (Mrs.) 

97 Eventide La. 

Levittown, Pa. 
Grant, Brace S. 

R.R. 5, Chase Rd. 

Shavertown, Pa. 
Garrison, Ronald L. 

1011 Orange St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Grant, John H. 

417 E. Main St. 

Girardville, Pa. 
Greenly, Richard B. 

495 Elmira St. 

Troy, Pa. 
Griggs, Howard G. 

R.D. #2 

CTarks Summit, Pa. 
Grimm, Floyd M. 

811 Harrison Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Gross, Robert S. 

1022 Market St. 

Tievorton, Pa. 
Grow, Linda J. 

(Mrs. Linda J. Miller) 

R.D. #2 

Clarks Summit, Pa. 
Grzywacz, Annmarie C. 

60-8 Hudson St. 

Mayfield, Pa. 
Haas, William W. 

(i E. Notre Dame 

Glens Falls, N.Y. 
Haefner, Richard J. 

1003 Garibaldi Court 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Halcovich, James S. 

Apt. 1-B, Terrace Manor 

Slharpless St. 

West Chester, Pa. 
Hampton, Beryl M. 

Stratford Apts. A-3 

Wilmington, Del. 

Hannan, Paul H. 

8626 Schroeder Ave. 
Baltimore 36, Md. 
Harnichar, Andrew J. 
33 Dougher Lane 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Harris, Frank R. 
708 Berwyn Ave. 

Berwyn, Pa. 
Hartin, Stephen W. 

2141 Penbryn Ave. 

Abington, Pa. 
Hartman, Edwin E. 

507 N. 4th St. 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Hartman, Susan E. 

546 Shuman St. 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Hartsock, Ronnie l>. 

239 N. 7th St. 

Allentown, Pa. 
Harvey, Ronald G. 

15 First Ave. 

Raritan, N.J. 
Haywood, Karen L. 

c/o Dr. Hazel Naugle 

155 Lockland Ave. 

Winston-Salem, N.C. 
Heatherington, Anne P. 

37 Grant Ave. 

Totawa Boro, N.J. 
Heidger, Robert R. 

R.D. #1 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Heiser, Bennis L. 

216 L T niversity Ave. 

Selinsgrove, Pa. 
Helgemo, William R. 

518 E. Washington Ave. 

Washington, N.J. 
Helveston, John M. 

638 Crescent Ave. 

Glenside, Pa. 
Henrie, Charles W., Jr. 

312 W. 4th St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Hensley, Robert H. 

146 Madison St. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Herald, William H. 

135 Pine St. 

Lewisburg, Pa. 
Herb, Joanne M. 

316 Upper Market St. 

Milton, Pa. 
Hesel, Virginia C. 

18 Indian Creek Entry 

Levittown, Pa. 
Hicks, William H. 

R.D. #2 

Nicholas, N.Y. 
High, Sarah A. 

R.D. #3 

West Chester, Pa. 
Hill, Charlotte A. 

335 E. 6th St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Hinckley, James L. 

804 N. Clinton Ave. 

Lindenhurst. N.Y. 
Hocker, Ann M. 

616 Nicely Ave. 

Montoursville, Pa. 
Hodgson, Betsy E. 

57 Reading Ave. 

Boyertown, Pa. 
Hoffman, Albert C. 

1109 Susquehanna Ave. 

Sunbury, Pa. 

Hoffman, Guy 

R. A. 13818774 

513th Group 

APO 757 N.Y., N.Y. 
Hoffman, Karen R. 

354 Franklin St. 

Quakertown, Pa. 
Holt, James V. 

Town Garden Apts. B-7 

Levittown, Pa. 
Hopkins, Bonald F. 

R.D. #4 

Dallas, Pa. 
Hornberger, Mark A. 

Leckkill, Pa. 
Horner, Maryellen 

330 Eldred «. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
Houck, Jean A. 

17 Poplar St. 

Danville, Pa. 
Houseknecht, June A. 

70 7 Cliff Rd. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Howard, Gerald F. 

1870 S. High St. 

Denver 10, Colo. 80:210 
Howard, James L. 

5600 Alice Ave. 

Oxen Hill, Md. 
Hudak, Gloria A. 

29 Charles St. 

Clark, N.J. 
Hughes, Patricia A. 

713 N. Bromley Ave. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Humes, Harry 

205 S. Tulpehocken St. 

Pine Grove, Pa. 
Ikeler, Barry C. 

Box 29 

Whitehall, Md. 2>0'216 
Ivey, Donald W. 

2864 Old Berwick Rd. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
James, Richard B. 

Pocono Summit, Pa. 
Jashinski, Stanley A. 

817 Center St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Jasper, Charles E. 

180 Mercer St. 

Apt. 8-B 

Somerville, N.J. 
Jensen, John E. 

340 N. Indiana Ave. 

Lindenhurst, N.Y. 
Jiunto, Merilee M. 

R.D. #2 

Berwick, Pa. 
Johns, Rosanne 

128 Merwin St. 

Way mart, Pa. 
Johnson, Rochelle K. 

Box #65G 

Chatham, Pa. 
Johnson, Nancy B. 
Apt. #4 A 

1117 Lincoln Ave. 

Prospect Park, Pa. 
Johnston, Bavid M. 

14 W. 3rd St. 
Pottstown, Pa. 
Jones, Emma S. 
Meshoppen, Pa. 
Jones, Mary Ann 
8 7 Main St. 
Shaft. Pa. 
Koczmarek, Edward J. 
3 9 N. Oak St. 
Mt. Carmel, Pa. 

! " — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Sane, Nancy J. 

(Mrs. Edward Crim) 

1386 Perkiomen Ave. 

Reading, Pa. 
Eapes, Eugene H. 

951 W. 1st St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Kautler, Richard H. 

344 S. Oak St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Keller, Karen R. 

(Mrs. Roy Peffer) 

Apt. #23 Harriman Apts. 

E. Circle & Wilson Ave. 

Bristol, Pa. 
Kenna, Michael J. 

Kerlin Rd. 

Pottstown, Pa. 
Kennedy, Elaine B. 

31 Lukens St. 

Trevose, Pa. 
Kenney, Arthur J. 

234 W. Douglass St. 

Reading, Pa. 
Kerns, Nanci C. 

(Mrs. Nanci C. Maxson) 

1835 Horace Ave. 

Apt. #3 

Abington, Pa. 
Kerstetter, Earl P. 

R.D. #1, Box 97, 

Paxinos, Pa. 
King, Richard E. 

1022 Old Berwick Rd. 

Bloomsfourg, Pa. 17815 
Kistler, Elaine E. 

(Mrs. Elaine May hew) 

Route #2 

Meohanicsburg, Pa. 
Kitchen, Barbara A. 

29 S. 2nd iSt. 

Newport, Pa. 
Kleckner, Donald R. 

Camelot Apt. B-6 

Bristol Twp. 

Devittown, Pa, 19053 
Kleinbauer, Judy B. (Mrs.) 

(Mrs. G. C. Kleinbauer) 

4010 E. Northern Pkwy. 

Baltimore 6, Md. 21206 
Kline, Shirley E. 

P.O. Box #128 

McClure, Pa. 
Klobe, Charles E. 

Elmira St. 

R.D. #2 

South Waverly, Pa. 
Klock, Ronald R. 

Box 17 

Stone Ridge, N.T. 
Klock, William C. 

i216 Race St. 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Klouser, Larry E. 

Main St. 

Valley View, Pa. 
Koch, Annarita (Mrs.) 

121 S. Church St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Koehler, Kurt W. 

Landino's Trailer Court 

R.D. #2 

Columbia, Pa. 
Koppenheffer, Karl R. 

779 Church St. 

Millersburg, Pa. 

Koppenheffer, Thomas D. 

W. Main St. 

Elizabethville, Pa. 
Kraftchak, William 

R.D. # 2 

Ulster, Pa. 
Krakowski, Maryann G. 

235 S. Beech St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 
Kramer, Keith D. 

Old Cow Path 

Miller PL, N.Y. 
Krannn, Janet S. 

R.D. #2 

Milton, Pa. 
Kratzer, David A. 

737 Louis St. 

Lewisburg, Pa. 

Krebs, Devona M. 

R.D. #2 

Sunset Heights 

Milton, Pa. 
Kreisher, James H. 

32 Hess St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Kule, David M. 

66 Coal St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Kulik, Rita M. 

544 W. Main St. 

Plymouth, Pa. 
Kurowski, Roman S. 

167 W. Main St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Kush, Michael M. 

53 Enterprise St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Kutchi, Robert J. 

126 E. Mine St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
tKwiatkowski, Joann M. 
Daczkowski, Edward T. 

2*9 Webster St. 

Ranshaw, Pa. 

Lapos, Frank D. 

R.D. #1, Box #94 

Nesqueihoning, Pa. 
Dashay, John M. 

22 N. Locust St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Dawler, Kathleen M. 

3504 Carnarvon Ave. 

Bristol, Pa. 
Deidy, Joan 

801 Cybus Way 

Southampton, Pa. 
Dello, Patricia M. 

8 Arthur iS't. 
Greenwich, Conn. 

Lesevich, Mary C. 

R.D. #2 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Deshinskie, Edward B. 

9 42 N. Warren St. 
Pottstown, Pa. 

Devitski, Paul M. 

628 Preas Ave. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Doll, Estelle J. 

32 Drury La. 

Demarest, N.J. 
Dong, Dale H. 

1305 N. 13th St. 

Reading, Pa. 
Dong, Jane P. 

119 W. Williams Circle 

Elizabeth City, N.C. 

Dynch, Carolyn J. 

56 Main St. 

Clifford, Pa. 
McAnnaney, Sandra J. 

360 King St. 

Pottstown, Pa. 
Mc Clean, Carol R. 

Park & Hulmeville Rd. 

Langhoirne, Pa. 
McCloskey, Robert 

250 Church St. 

Millersburg, Pa. 
McCorkill, John W. 

Box #262, Route #6 

Pasadena, Md. 
McPeeley, Patrick J. 

16 07 Central Ave. 

Ship Bottom, N.J. 
McHenry, Ronald 

357 Richards Ave. 

Dover, N.J. 
McHugh, Prancis T. 

285 N. Lansdowne Ave. 

La.nsdowne, Pa. 
McHugh, Theresa M. 

(Mrs. T. M. Nilles) 

2 Hunter St. 

Tamaqua, Pa. 
McKaig, Marilyn D. 

122 Butler Ave. 

Wyoming, Pa. 
McKinley, James P. 

2030 Harmony La. 

Glenside, Pa. 
McWilliams, Charles E. 

117 W. Market St. 

Danville, Pa. 
MacNeal, James K. 

45 W. River St. 

Waterloo, N.Y. 
Madden, John R. 

Box #211 

Washingtonville, N.Y. 
Mahoney, John P. 

Apt. 10-G 

30i0' Parsippany Rd. 

Parsippany, N.J. 
Malone, Barbara J. 

3313 Oakford St. 

Trevose, Pa. 
Mandalo, Marylee 

421 March St. 

Shillington, Pa. 
Manganard, Sherrill C. 

518 E. 3rd ISt. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Marchalonis, Mary P. 

23 E. Center St. 

Mahanoy City, Pa. 
Martishek, Margaret M. 

220 Maple St. 

Freeland, Pa. 
Martz, Howard D. 

R.D. #2 

Berwick, Pa. 
Mayan, Richard W. 

218 9 th Ave. 

Haddon Heights, 

N.J. 08035 
Mayefskie, Robert A, 

218 9 th Ave. 

Haddon Heights, N.J. 
Mays, Dolores (Mrs.) 

56'Od 56 th Ave. 

Riverdale, Md. 
Meals, Ira D. 

1017 Green St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Melick, Larry D. 

82'6 W. Grand St. 

Elizabeth, N.J. 

• — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Molitski, Joel O. 

19 Culver St. 

Somerville, N.J. 
Millard, Carl L., Jr. 

36 8 Railroad St . 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Miller, Carol L. 

42 Mahoning iS't. 

Milton, Pa. 
Miller, Carolyn 

557 Teneyke PI. 

Riahway, N.J. 
Miller, Kenneth. P. 

2979 Wilson Pkwy. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Miller, Kenneth R. 

2318-A N. 5th St. 

Harrisburg, Pa. 
Miller, Richard V., Jr. 

Box #183 

Hershey, Pa. 
Minalda, John 

237 W. Centre St. 

Molhanoy City, Pa. 
Minelli, Ada M. 

(Mrs. Ada M. Rice) 

407 W. Main St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Miskevich, Mary L. 

360 Ridge St. 

Preeland, Pa. 
Mitchell, Donald A. 

813 Ferry St. 

Easton, Pa. 
Mockaitis, Joseph P- 

930 E. Centre St. 

Mahanoy City, Pa. 
Monisera, Andrew L. 

303 Penna. Ave. 

Minisink Valley, Pa. 
Monks, Richard H. 

6 36 Carson St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Moretti, Linda J. 

30'0 N. Mill St. 

W. Nanticoke, Pa. 
Morse, Robert S. 

1234 Cedar St. 

Pottsville, Pa. 
Morsey, Prances P.. 

1825 Lansing St. 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Moser, Jerry S. 

Washingtonville, Pa. 
Mosser, Mark P. 

351 Hamilton St. 

Telford, Pa. 
Murray, Ruth L. 

(Mrs. Ruth L. Metzger) 

517 Belvedere Ave. 

Plaincfield. N.J. 
Mnsselman, Kenneth A. 

R.D. #1 

Stillwater, Pa. 
Najaka, Karl Z. 

18 Marudy Dr. 

Clinton, N.J. 
Nelson, William B. 

403 E. 4th IS*. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Nespoli, Karen J. 

R.D. #2 

Berwick, Pa. 
Ney, Leland 

Hq. U.S. Army 

Fort Devins, Mass. 
Nuneviller, Robert 
14 Brookside Rd. 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Nye, Louise A. 
(Mrs. Louise A. Lark) 
106 S. Harrison St. 

E. Orange, N.J. 

Nygren, Jean C. 

B. Main St. 

Whitney Pt., N.Y. 
Ohrien, William J. 

972 Boggs Dr. 

Dover, Del. 
Oehlert, Darlene J. 

(Mrs. Darlene J. Weber) 

412 N. Lewis Rd. 

Royersford, Pa. 
Oleynick, Barbara J. 

213 Thurlow St. 

Chester, Pa. 
Oman, Ray C. 

R.D. #2 

Clarks Summit, Pa. 
Orchard, Constance B. 

203 Holly St. 

Trucksville, Pa. 
Oshetski, John R. 

304 Avenue E. 

Riverside, Pa. 
Osinski, Marie E. 

133 W. Market St. 

Lewistown, Pa. 
Owen, John A. 

R.D. #2 

Wellsburg, N.Y. 
Owens, John J. 

319 Hanover St. 

Nanticoke, Pa. 
Padovani, Joyceann 

3674 Grandview Ave. 

Coirnwells Heights, Pa. 
Palmer, Virginia A. 

830 Fifth Ave. 

Williiamsport, Pa. 
Patterson, Gail T. 

(Mrs. Gail P. Cole) 

Box 298 

Newtown Rd. 

Richboro, Pa. 
Peffer, Roy A. 

Harriman Apts. 

Apt. 23 

Wilson Ave. & E. Circle 

Bristol, Pa. 
Felak, Anna 

86 South St. 

Auburn, N.Y. 
Petz, Joseph L. 

Box 291 

Selinsgrove, Pa. 
Pickering, Nancy L. 

57 S. Middletown Rd. 

Media, Pa. 
Fientka, Philip E. 

59 Lowry Drive 

Wilmington, Del. 
Place, Carol J. 

R.D. #1 

Tunklhannock, Pa. 
Piatt, Robert S. 

711 Dewart St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Poorman, Bari E. 

103 C Juliann© Court 

Newport Gardens Apt. 

Wilmington 4, Del. 
Poremba, Paulette S. 

6 Old Mountain Rd. 

Alden Station, Pa. 
Fnrsel, Arthur C. 

229 Charles St. 

Westfield, N.J. 
Rankin, John J. 

208 W. Albemarle 

Lansdowne, Pa. 
Rarick, Claire M. 

Main & Second Sts. 

Oatawissa, Pa. 

Reber, Sandra M. 

R.D. #2 

Schuylkill Haven, Pa. 
Reitmeyer, Michael P. 

285 Westfield Ave. 

Clark, N.J. 
Reitz, Judy E. 

R.D. #2i, Oaklyn 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Ribble, John 

Sherry Lake Apts. #12« 

Conshohocken, Pa. 
Rice, Virginia R. (Mrs.) 

666 Mahoning St. 

Milton, Pa. 17847 
Richards, Gayle A. 

301 Second St. 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Richart, James O. 

14-A Troy Sit. 

Canton, Pa. 
Richart, Vicki D. (Mrs.) 

14-A Troy St. 

Canton, Pa. 
Rife, Ronald E. 

Main St. 

Munnsville, N.Y. 
Ritter, George E. 

235 Walnut Bottom Rd. 

Carlisle, Pa. 
Ritzman, Daniel L. 

State Highway 

Hammond, N.Y. 
Rizzo, Prank R. 

2<01 Ohio Ave. 

Shenandoah, Pa. 
Roberts, Beverly H. (Mrs.) 

Box 9 

College View Trailer Park 

State College, Pa. 
Rodgers, Nancy J. 

57 N. Reading Ave. 

Boyertown, Pa. 
Rogers, Barbara M. 

151 S. Third St. 

Shamokin, Pa. 
Rosato, Martin 

129 Evelyn Rd. 

Mineola, N.Y. 
Rossi, Carmine J. 

Main St. 

Port Morris, N.J. 
Rowe, Barbara E. 

R.D. #2 

Berwick, Pa. 
Rowland, Thomas 

S22 Richmont St. 

Scrantan, Pa. 
Ruffaner, Betsy A. 

R.D. #1 

Hemlock Lane 

Williamsport, Pa. 
Rumbel, Gloria A. 

405 Penn St. 

Huntingdon, Pa. 
Rummel, Stanley E. 

513 W. Fourth St. 

Lewistown, Pa. 
Russell, James D. 

19 N. Main St. 

Montgomery, Pa. 
Santo, Michael J. 

1049 Main St. 

Hellertown, Pa. 
Sanville, Carole A. 

(Mrs. Carole S. Smith) 

3584 "C" Grant Ave. 

Philadelphia, Pa. 
Saviolis, Helen 

29 N. Ferguson St. 

Shenandoah, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

f — Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Saxton, Frederick E. 

511 S. Juniata St. 

Lewistown, Pa. 
Scarantino, Charles W. 

96 Pine St. 

Pittston, Pa. 
Schiller, Robert F. 

714 Bar tram St. 

Collingdale, Pa. 
Schively, Gail D. 

Apt. 4-B 

24 High St. 

Woodbury, N.J. 
Schlagel, Carol I». 

(Mrs. Carol MacNeal) 

45 W. River St. 

Waterloo, N.Y. 
Schnaars, Irene 

R.D. #1 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Schneider, John R. 

11609 Lock wood Dr. 

Apt. T-3 

Silver Spring, Md. 
Schramm, David W. 

444 Sylvania Ave. 

Glenside, Pa. 
Schropp, Roger S. 

R.D. #1 

Orwigsburg, Pa. 
Scorese, Richard 

30 N. 19th St. 

Kenilworth, N.J. 
Scott, Stephanie 

86 Creek Drive 

Doylestown, Pa. 
Segln, Shirley A. 

1010 Beach wood Ave. 

Collingdale, Pa. 
Seigfreid, Donna K. 

121 W. Union St. 

Shickslhinny, Pa. 
Setcavage, James E. 

125 W. Pine St. 

Mahanoy City, Pa. 

Shaffer, Donna K. 

16 S. Old Trail 

ISIhamokin Dam, Pa. 
Sharpe, Daryl J. 

210 Johnson St. 

Centerport, N.Y. 
Sharpe, David W. 

915 Church St. 

Rjoyersford, Pa. 
Shaw, E. Roberta 

1002 S.pruce St. 

Pottstown, Pa. 
Sherman, Edna T. 

(Mrs. Michael J. Santo) 

1049 Main St. 

Hellertown, Pa. 
Shoffler, Glenn A. 

3«rd Military Intelligence 

APO, N.Y. 09036 
Shores, Frances F. 

532 N. Imboden St. 

Alexandria, Va. 
Shuba, Ernest R. 

123 N. Thomas Ave. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Smith, Barry O. 

938 Augusta St. 

Suwbury, Pa. 
Smith, Carol A. 

(Mrs. William Hughes) 

Belden Ave. 

Sodus, N.Y. 
Smith, Jill M. 

(Mrs. Jill Rochfort) 

4108 Garret Rd. 

Drexel Hill, Pa. 

Smith, Sandra E. 

(Mrs. Sandra S. 

923 N. Kearney St. 
AllentO'Wn, Pa. 

Smith, Susannah M. 

1001 E. Front (St. 

Bldg. Apt. B. 

Meadowbrook Village 

Plainfield, N.J. 
Smolen, Marie A. 

1053 Alter St. 

Hazleton, Pa. 
Sobota, Helen M. 

86 South St. 

Auburn, N.Y. 
Sparrow, Ronald J. 

245 Alpha Ave. 

Wind Gap, Pa. 
Sprout, Gary L. 

,22 Scott St. 

Oxford, N.Y. 
Sprout, Jo Ann H. 

22 Scott St. 

Oxford, N.Y. 
Stask, Elizabeth A. 

2566 Naylor Rd. S.E. #103 

Washington, D.C. 20»0)1 9 
Steinruck, Eugene F. 

502 E. 3rd St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Stone, John W. 

292 Balligo Rd. 

Conshohocken, Pa. 
Storti, Samuel A. 

2223 Carol La. 

Norristown, Pa. 
Straub, Elsie L. 

R.D. #1 

Paximos, Pa. 
Stuempfle, David !■. 

364 Milford Sq. Rd. 

Quakertown, Pa. 
Stump, Audrey B. 

R.D. #1 

Sunbury, Pa. 
Styer, Kay Y. 

R.D. #4 

Danville, Pa. 
Sugarman, David 

1501 Purkside Ave. 

Apt. 4-L 

Trenton, N.J. 
Supron, Karen D. 

2566 Naylor Rd. S.E. #103 

Washington, D.C. 20019 
Swisher, Jack 

212V2 N. Broad St. 

Selinsgrove, Pa. 
Talley, Doris R. 

108 Marlboro Rd. 

Upper Darby, Pa. 
Tarone, Mary Jo A. 

(Mrs. Mary Jo Gaydos) 

730 Main St. 

Apt. C-3 

Phoenixville, Pa. 
Tarr, Kathleen R. 

935 Spring St. 

Bristol, Pa. 
Taylor, Mary R. 

Carroll Park 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Tereshinski, Jane A. 

29 Railroad St. 

Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Thorton, Sandra C. 

5 Sherman Ave. 

Glen Falls, N.Y. 
Thurner, Stephanie 

250 W. :2nd St. 

Mt. Carmel, Pa. 

Tibbs, Frank S. 

512 Division St. 

Jenkintown, Pa. 
Timlin, Martha E. (Mrs.) 

669 Center St. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
Tinner, Lowell A. 

407 Hallowell Ave. 

Horsham, Pa. 
Tironi, Lorenzo R. 

Hemry Court Apt. 4 

Mt. Arlington, N.J. 
Traver, Patricia A. 

Box #73 

New Hampton, N.Y. 
Trivelpiece, Terry G. 

543 W. 2nd St. 

Berwick, Pa. 
Turek, Harry J. 

c/o Vandling 

Race St . 

Mifflinville, Pa. 18631 
XTmlauf , John R. 

337 Preston Ave. 

Girardville, Pa. 
Vanderpool, Howard W. 

R.D. #2 

Towanda, Pa. 
Vanfleet, Frieda B. 

24 W. Hall Ave. 

Susquehanna, Pa. 
Vanfossen, Carol J. 

73 W. Vaughn St. 

Kingston, Pa. 
Vanpelt, Donna L. 

9 N. 4th St. 

Steelton, Pa. 
Vastine, George W. 

Box 331 

Dushore, Pa. 
Vieira, Evaristo 

1202 Madison Hill Rd. 

Clark, N.J. 
Vosburg, Rees W. 

220 S. Main St. 

Scranton, Pa. 
Wallish, Edward A. 

Warwick Garden 

Apt. 25-B 

Somerrdale, N.J. 
Walsh, Thomas J., Jr. 

15 Towpath Rd. 

Levi'ttown, Pa. 
Walters, Floyd W. 

138 E. 8tlh St. 

Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Warner, Joan C. 

(Mrs. Joan C. Richards) 

44i0 S. Brown St. 

Lewistown, Pa. 
Warren, George A. 

2131 Prospect Ave. 

IScranton, Pa. 
Warren, Victoria S. (Mrs.) 

11 Beaver St. 

Stamford, N.Y. 
Watkins, Donald T. 

245 Boland Ave. 

Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 
Weaver, David B. 

229 N. 2nd St. 

Lewisburg, Pa. 
Weed, Ann R. 

26 Cliff St. 

Montrose, Pa. 
Weigand, George A. 

580 2nd St. 

Northumberland, Pa. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t — Address Wanted 


Bloomsburg State College 

Wertman, Darlene A. 

Route #2 

New Tripoli, Pa. 
White, Mary Ann 

(Mrs. Ronald R. Churba) 

1715 V 2 Blaine St. 

Williamsport, Pa. 
White, Kosemarie 

(Mrs. R. Gaertneir) 

6847 Long Beach Blvd. 

Long- Beach, Calif. 
Whitebread, Norma R. 

R.D. #2 

Drums, Pa. 
Whitenight, Betsy A. 

(Mrs. Robert J. Strunk) 

Apt. C-30 

941 South Ave. 

Secane, Pa. 
Widitz, Pred J. 

John F. Kennedy Me- 
morial H.S. 

Iselin, N.J. 
Widmann, Victor P. 

827 Euclid Ave. 

Syracuse, N.Y. 
Wiest, Robert A. 

110 W. Sunbury St. 

ISihamokin, Pa. 
tWilenski, Hartley J. 
Williams, Susan A. 
(Mrs. Susan A. Gutosky) 
Rosewood Court 
Apt. 4-A 

B. County Line Rd. 
Warminster, Pa. 

Wise, John W. 

302 E. Lord Baltimore 

Morton, Pa. 
Wood, Lawrence W. 

AF 13835469-48 

Air Police Sq. 

APO, N.Y. 09179 
Wynings, Orva J. 

(Mrs. Mark Webb) 

35 Durkee St. 

Forty Fort, Pa. 
Wynn, Christine 3*. 

R.D. #2 

Easton, Pa. 
Yates, Josephine L, 

87 N. Landon Ave. 

Kingston, Pa. 187i04 
Yeager, Charline (Mrs.) 

195 5th St. 

Catawissa, Pa. 
Yeag-er, Ronald A. 

18 Glen Ave. 

Shickshinny, Pa. 
Yergey, David A. 

16 84 Swamp Pike 

Gilbertsville, Pa. 
Yergey, Nancy D. (Mrs.) 

16 84 Swamp Pike 

Gilbertsville, Pa. 
Yesalavage, Thomas J. 

210 E. Main St. 

Girardville, Pa. 

Young, John G-. 

c/o Mrs. Martha Moore 
DuPont Hwy. 
Millsboro, Del. 
Yncka, Paul E. 
2209 Orchard Rd. 
Camp Hill, Pa. 
Young, Randall R. 
515 E. 5th St. 
Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Zablocky, Lucille J. 
(Mrs. Larry Ikeler) 
Box 29 Whitehall, Md. 
Zacharias, John V. 
Hilltop Ave. 
Akron, Pa. 
Zehner, Bonnie !•. 

Sugarloaf, Pa. 
Zeigler, John J. 
110 N. Mann Ave. 
Yeagertown, Pa. 
Zeller, Ruth C. 
82 Main St. 
Harleigh, Pa. 
Zimny, Ronnee J. 
838 N. Kiowa St. 
Allentown, Pa. 
Zoranski, Bernard J. 
14 Orchard St. 
Glen Lyon, Pa. 
Znbris, Gloria J. 
(Mrs. Gloria Froelich) 
1462 Kynlyn Dr. 
Kynlyn Apts. 
Wilmington 9, Del. 

* — Reported Deceased 

t— Address Wanted 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 



— A — 

Aagaard, Stanley A. '54 
Abbett, Clara D. '24 
Abbett, Kathryn, '28, '33 
Abbot, Robert D. '36 
Abbott, Esther '01 
Abbott, Florence '94 
Abbott, Priscilla '52 
Abenmoha, Charles '58 
Aberant, He.len '24 
Aberant, Josephine R. '23 
Aberant, Leona J. '44 
Abraczinskas, Robert J. '56 
Abrogast, Mary '95 
Acacio, Barbara '63 
Acherly, May '94 
Acker, Lindy C. '63 
Acker, Priscilla T. '34 
Ackerman, Clyde John '50 
Ackerman, Jean V. '44 
Ackerman, Laureen M. '34 
Aoor, Allen '58 
Acor, Stewart E. '0'9 
Adami, Eugene '52 
Adamonis, Joseph '49 
Adams, Anne E. '13 
Adams, Betty E. '47 
Adams, C. J. '03 
Adams, Clyde C. '53 
Adams, Constance J. '60 
Adams, Edward B. '12 
Adams, Edward R. '59 
Adams, Elisabeth M. '56 
Adams, Frank R. '10 
Adams, Gabriel L. '13 
Adams, Harriet E. '28, '37 
Adacms, John K. '90' 
Adams, Louise E. '44 
Adams, Louise K. '18 
Adams, Lucille E. '39 
Adams, Marion T. '24 
Adams, Mary F. '00 
Adams, Max E. '23 
Adams, Mildred F. '27 
Adams, S. Frances '23 
Adamson, Anna T. '26 
Adamson, Ethel G. '11 
Adamson, John C. '32 
Adelizzi, Aristide M. '60 
Adornato, Joseph '63 
Adzenia, Helen M. '28 
Agnew, Marion E. '.21 
Agnew, Norma L. '23 
Ahearn, Mary C. '33 
Aiello, Anthony M. '56 
Aikman, H. B. '01 
Aikman, Jerome T. '71 
Aikman, John H. '71 
Aikman, Mary F. '39 
Aimbrell, Edna Louise '33 
Aimbrell, John Q. '33 
Alarcon, Mary Ann '51 
Alastick, Agnes A. '41 
Alastick, Anthony Albert '61 
Albano, Angelo M. '49 
Albano, Joseph '54 
Albee, Alice '23 
Albert, Anna '28 
Albert, C. H. '79 
Albert, Charles L. '03 
Albert, Jacqueline Fav '56 
Albert, Keller B. '01 
Albert, M. F. '80 

Albert, Mary E. '00 
Albert, Mary E. '01 
Albert, R. Bruce '06 
Albert, Ruth M. '15 
Albertson, Catherine '33 
Albertson, E. Dorothy '41 
Albertson, E. Joe '01 
Albertson, Elizabeth H. '04 
Albertson, Hattie '99 
Albertson, Hilda '23 
Albertson, Mabel A, '28 
Albertson, Mary E. '89 
Albertson, Myra E. '54 
Albertson, Phoebe '06 
Albright, Ella M. '84 
Ailbrigiht, Sarah R. '30 
Alden, Jennie L. '21 
Aldinger, Albert K. '04 
Aldinger, Harry E. '98 '0 4 
Alexander, Edith M. '00 
Alexander, Flora E. '84 
Alexander, Irvin S. '59 
Algatt, William Eugene '60 
Alimenti, Louis '27 
Allabach, C. Millard '07 
Allegar, Edwin M. '49 
Allegrucci, Constance M. '62 
Allegrucci, Gene Joseph '50 
Allen, Ailice J. '21 
Allen, Bertha '05 
Allen, Bethia M. '33 
Allen, Caroline '06 
Allen, Edward K. '63 
Allen, Ellen M. '79 
Allen. Gail L. '63 
Allen, Hazel '06 
Allen, Jean '52 
Allen, Lawrence C, Jr. '62 
Allen, Marjorie '33 
Allen, Mary Anna '38 
Allen, Otis '06 
Allen, Ruth A. '26 
Alleman, Daisy '27 
Allison, Josephine P. '21 
Aimers, Mary Grace '53 
Alper, Joan '62 
Alter, Donald '57 
Althoff, Eleanor M. '43 
Altland, Sara J. '40 
Altmiller, Adele G. '01 
Altmiller, Emma. R. '13 
Altmiller, Ethel M. '1,3 
Altmiller, Florence E. '18 
Altmiller, Hilda A. '10 
Amberlavage, Helen M. '59 
Ambruch, George C. '61 
Amerman, Sarah A. '39 
Amesbury, Mary F. '24 
Amesbury, Norine '27 
Ammerman, Gladys V. '28 
Ammon, Florence C. '63 
Amos, Eleanor G. '29 
Amstadt, Elizabeth '27 
Ande, Ralph Franklin Jr'50 
Anders, Lillian W. '29 
Anderson, Beulah '12 
Anderson, Dorothy M. '62 
Anderson, Elaine J. '62 
Anderson, Ellen C. '35 
Anderson, Gary F. '60 
Anderson, John A. '54 
Anderson. Joyce '64 

Anderson, Marion '16 
Anderson, Mildred H. '21 
Anderson, Myles Jon '62 
Anderson, Paul '58 
Andreas, John L. '45 
Andreas, Margaret '95 
Andreas, Margaret '97 
Andes, C. Ellen '25 
Andre, Alburta '29 
Andres, Daisy '04 
Andres, Harry '06 
Andres, Helen G. '18 
Andres. Lydia N. '12 
Andres, Martha '15 
Andres, Mildred '24 
Andrews, Bertha Ada '18 '37 
Andrews, C. D. '78 
Andrews, Charles R. '54 
Andrews, Diane C. '62 
Andrews, Ethel V. '10 
Andrews, Frank '56 
Andrews, Harold C. '64 
Andrews, Helen I. '27 
Andrews, Ida '96 
Andrews, Jeanette G. '60 
Andrews, Jocelyn M. '38 
Andrews, Marion K. '24 
Andrews, Robert C. '51 
Andrewlevioh, Theo. J. '62 
Andrulewicz, Sr., M. S. '.2« 
Andrysick, Dorothy H. '59 
Andrysick, Joseph M. '59 
Anella, Betty Jane '49 
Angelo, Dominick J. '47 
Angle, Emma '71 
Angradi, Marianne '58 
Angus, John Duane '55 
Ankaitis, John R. '64 
Ansart, Louis L. '94 
Ansbach, Rose Poncheri '48 
Ansbach, Terrance E. '52 
Anselmi, Irma R. '38 
Anskis, R. "Victor '26 
Anspach, Terrance E. '53 
Anstett, Margaret H. '29 
Anstock, Pearl D. '07 
Anstock, Warren S. '06 
Anthony, Agnes S. '20 
Anthony, Dale E. '63 
Anthony, Mabel Mae '16 
Anthony, Robert H. '62 
Anthony, Ruth '27 
Anthony, Thomas '52 
Antonelli, Gerald D. '63 
Antonelli, Marianne L. '64 
Antonio, Patricia Ann '59 
Anwyl, Lila Simith '10 
Aplche.ll, Eleanor J. B. '38 
Apichella, Joseph L. '51 
Aponick, Joseph R. '41 
Aponick, Lucy '21 
Aponick, Wanda '25 
App, J. H.. '79 
Appel, Patrica Ann '61. 
Appenzeller, Edith C. '02 
Appenzeller, Emily '00 
Apple, Benjamin '87 
Apple. John M. '43 
Applegate, Elizabeth '63 
Applegate, Lesta E. '32 
Appleman, Bertha '01 
Appleman, Chas. O. '97 '98 '99 


Bloomsburg State College 

Appleman, Faye M. '28 
Appleman, Helen M. '31 
Appleman, Julia H. '12 
Appleman, Leslie R. '13 '32 
Appleman, Lulu '9 4 
Appleman, Mertel C. '27 
Appleman, Rebecca '08 
Appleman, Ruth '33 
Aquilu, Jorge '14 
Arbogast, Harry R. '57 
Arbogast, Jennie '96 
Arbogast, Randall '58 
Archer, Jane R. '64 
Archibald Elizabeth M. '29 
Archibald, William T. '63 
Arcikosky, Emily T. '38 
Arcus, Ida A. '32 
Arcus, Max '41 
Ardiere, Bernadine A. R. '63 
Arey, Joseph '33 
Argust, Olwen M. '14 
Armitage, Ilene M. '60 
Arms, Mildred '23 
Arms, Myra S. '.23 
Armstrong, Amelia '70 
Armstrong, Harriet R. '11 
Armstrong, Joseph '05 
Armstrong, Margaret A. '98 
Armstrong, Margaret B. '98 
Armstrong, Minnie A. '00 
Armstrong, Thelma '25 
Armstrong, Thomas E. '99 
Arndt, Richard D. '62 
Arner, Aids (Mrs.) '58 
Arnold, Boyd E. '60 
Arnold, Edna L. '05 
Arnold, Georgia F. '17 
Arnold, Hazel E. '23 
Arnold, Ina A. 'OS 
Arnold, James C. '51 

Arnold, Lillian '22 
Arnold, Margaret E. '32 
Arnold, Odesta '01 
Arnold, Patricia '58 
Arnold, Reginald J. '64 
Arthur, Helen E. '23 
Artman, Charles '33 
Artman, C. Homer '34 
Artman, William E. '33 
Asby, Robert S. '59 
Ash, Elmer E. '09 
Ash, Helen A. '29 
Ash, Lenora '12 
Ash, M. Ethel '12 
Ashe, Bessie '11 
Ashner, Shirley G. '51 
Ashton, Antonia '26 
Ashton, Jeanette '96 
Ashton, Morville '13 
Ash-worth, Elbert W. '34 
Ashworth. Marion E. '29 
Aspiazu, Eusebio S. '07 
Astelford, Miriam A. '61 
Astleford, Bertha E. '33 
Astleford, Katie F. '3-0 
Aston, Lila J. '13 
Aston, Mary L. '14 
Aten, Caroline B. '28 
Aten, Fred Tilden '31 
Aten, Woodrow W. '32 '34 
Atherholt, Maud '93 
Atherton, E. Leona '15 
Atherton, Florence L. '17 
Atherton, Mary '96 
Atkins, Wesley P. '59 
Atkinson, Joanne '58 
Aubrey, Nora M. '15 
Auch, Alice W. '38 
Aucher, Olive M. '16 
Audelevicz, Stacia P. '30 

— B — 

Augenblick, Rebecca D. '18 
Augustine, Edward S. '57 
Augustine, Mary Ann S. '63 
Auker, Dorothy '52 
Aul, Geraldine K. '26 
Aumiller, Connie '61 
Aumiller, Faye Lee '59 
Aumiller, Gladys '27 
Aunspach, Clarence J. '99 
Aurand, Edna C. 'IS 
Aurand, Ella J. '24 
Aurand, Laura '06 
Aurand, Robert L. '55 
Austin, Anna '33 
Austin, Anna F. '42 
Austin, Bonnie J. '64 
Austin, Connie '60 
Austin, E. Raymond '12 
Austin, Eleanor H. '56 
Austin, Judy F. '63 
Austin, Leonora G. '29 
Austin, Louise '21 
Austin, M. Blanche '02 
Austin, Marjorie '16 
Austin, Thomas E. '63 
Auten, Donna '57 
Auten, Mildred '36 
Averill, Edna H. '06 
Avery, Ellen H. '11 
Avery, Iris '11 
Avery, John A. '64 
Avery, Mildred '17 
Avery, Ruth Bertha '28 
Ayers, Emma F. '82 
Ayers, Marguerite '15 
Ayre, Marjorie H. '53 
Ayres, Charlotte R. '23 
Ayres, Jeanine Louise '62 
Azary, Edward '64 

Babb, Amanda I. '37 
Babb, John Franklin '51 
Babcock, James Reed '52 
Babetski, Robert A. '59 
Bach, Genevieve I. '34 
Bach, George J. Jr., '57 
Bach, Matthew Joseph '59 
Bachman, Alma Lois '19 
Bachman, Donald L. '60 
Bachman, Florence E. '98 
Bachman, Grace '23 
Bachman, Judith Ann '63 
Backinger, Beulah T. '27 
Bacon, Bertha H. '06 '07 
Bacon, Edward H. '40 
Bacon, Gerald A. '51 
Baden, Ella Blaine '17 
Badman, Atwood '52 
Baer, Alma M. '15 
Baer, Bessie C. '07 
Baer, Benjamin Barre '16 
Baer, Elizabeth A. '53 
Baer, Leroy A. '2S '30 
Baer, Lillian Ida '44 
Baer, Pearl L. '32 '35 
Baer, Ruthann S. '62 
Baer, Vera L. '26 
Baer, Zell '23 
Bahler, Frieda Anna '28 
Bahner, Jonathan E. '97 
Bahr, Adelaide M. E. '28 
Bahr, Genevieve M. '22 
Bailey, Annabel '39 
Bailey, C. Carroll '11 
Bailey, Florence M. '18 
Bailey, Kenneth L. '63 
Bailey, Marcia S. '60 

Bailey, Marie M. '02 
Bair, Patricia '62 
Bakeless, John E. '13 
Bakeless, Katherine '18 
Bakeless, O. H. '79 
Baker, Anne Golder '64 
Baker, Bertha Viola '19 
Baker, Clyde Gene '62 
Baker, David H. '31 
Baker, Donald S. '40 
Baker, Dora '25 
Baker, Edward G. '49 
Baker, Estella M. '21 '26 
Baker, Ethel D. '26 
Baker, Florence E. '30 
Baker, Frederick L. "64 
Baker, George C. '02 '05 
Baker, Gerdon '01 
Baker, Gertrude '22 
Baker, Glen Ravmond '50 
Baker, Harold F. '11 
Baker, Lucy Jane '50 
Baker, Marie E. '44 
Baker, Martha Louise '28 
Baker, Marv Elizabeth '17 
Baker, Nellie L. '92 
Baker, Oren Asher '55 
Baker, Paul J. '34 
Baker, Paul X. '19 
Baker, Paul Xewton Jr. '48 
Baker, Rita T. '32 
Baker, Verga G. '32 
Bakey, Charles '40 
Bakey, Gladys T. '34 
Baksi, George Vincent '52 
Baksi, Ramona Rita '50 
Balas, Josephine M. '31 

Balch, Leonard A. '51 
Balchunas, Anthony '16 
Balchunas, Leonard '34 
Balchunas, Xorman '58 
Baldauski, Aldona '24 
Baldauski, Margaret '21 
Baldino, John J. '61 
Baldwin, Maud '93 '04 
Baldy. Donald Chrisman '13 
Baldy, Helen '02 
Baldy, Lucy C. '04 
Baldy, Rupert '12 
Baldy Sarah H. '08 
Balent, Eleanor '54 
Balent, Robert '50 
Balkiewicz, Bernard J. '61 
Ball, Katherine '24 
Ball, Richard DeMott '60 
Ballamy, Marion E. '34 '46 
Ballantine, Lewis S. 51 
Ballentine, Fred, Jr. '60 
Balliett, Blanche . '98 
Balliett, Carrie Johnston '45 
Balliett, Hadassa '02 
Baluta, Barbara J. '64 
Baluta, John Victor '16 
Bamford, George E. '29 
Bandes, Jeanne '57 
Bane, Burton '57 
Baney, Harvey E. '61 
Banghart, Lee W. '35 
Bangs, Dale '58 
Bangs, Donald '33 
Bangs, Dorothy Z. '60 
Bangs, Helen E. '31 
Bangs, J. Robt. '59 
Bangor, Carmella M. '34 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Bankes, Elmira '36 
Bannon, Catherine B. '63 
Banta, Helen Altheria '31 
Banta, Sterling J. '39 
Banull, Walter J. '51 
Baraniak, Joseph A. '39 
Barauskas, Monica M. '32 
Barba, Thalia T. '34 
Barbarette, Marlene '58 
Barbee. Eloise B. '62 
Barber, Gloria '58 
Barber, Lila E. '29 
Barbour, David W. '62 
Barchock, Joseph J. '47 
Bardo, Zela N. '23 '33 
Barechio, Cecelia Ann '62 
Barechio, Mary Rose '6i0 
Barger, Elsie May '16 
Barkley, Joseph R. '53 
Barkley, Josephine R. S6 
Barklie, Jennie M. '11 
Barklie, Lucy '26 '39 
Barletta, America Ana '11 
Barletta, Ana Marie '10 
Barley, Maud C. '98 
Barlik, Leonard E. '39 
Barlik, Leonard E. '64 
Barnaba, Gary A. '64 
Barnatovich, Jeanne '64 
Barndt, Hester '19 
Barnes, Dorothy Ann '55 
Barnes, Harry '96 
Barnes, M. Elfreda '86 
Barnes, Mame J. '89 
Barnes, Margaret '08 
Barnett, Bessie '22 
Barnett, Elmer B. '03 
Barnett, Murray '4>0' 
Barnhart, Clarence B. '59 
Barnhart, David L. '59 
Barnhart, Mildred Gray '50 
Barmum, Margaret E. '17 
Baron, Charles '52 
Baron, Eleanor J. '34 
Barr, Anna '06 '12 
Barrall, Alice '33 
Barrall, O. R. '17 
Barrett, Dorah '12 
Barrett, Edward A. '63 
Barrett, Genevieve B. '12 
Barrett, Helen H. '25 
Barrett, M. Lizzie '81 
Barrett, Mae B. '12 
Barrett, Margaret '98 
Barrett, Mary A. '10 
Barrett, Mary E. '24 
Barrett, Nellie C. '11 
Barrett, Nora '98 
Barrett, Rose '07 
Barros, Joseph '58 
Barrouk, Albert P. '42 
Barrow, Clarence E. '12 
Barrow, Emily '12 
Barrow, George '1,2 
Barrow, Harrison R. '09 
Barrow, Helen E. '24 
Barrow, Mame '07 
Barry, Hannah '28 
Bartch, George W. '79 
Bartges, Peggy L: '56 
Barth, Leah Wanda '47 
Barth, Rosalyn L. '48 
Bartha, Edith Esther '42 
Bartha, Elizabeth J. '43 
Bartholomew, Irvin A. '95 
Bartholomew, Karen R. '64 
Bartholomew, Mary E.D. '53 
Bartisih, Joseph W. '37 
Bartko, Mary M. '29 
Bartleson, Ross Thomas '59 
Bartleson, William '53 
Bartlow, Linda A. '60 

Bartman, William D. '64 
Barton, Dorothy '23 
Barton. Edith '80 
Burton, Edwin '07 
Barton, Harry iS. '96 
Barton, Lillian G. '85 
Barton, Ruth '23 
Barton, William H. '43 
Basala, Dianne Marie '6 2 
Bashore, Charles F. '98 
Bassett, Myrna Jane '62 
Baskerville, Grace P. '29 
Basso, Lorraine Joan '59 
Bastian, Constance '58 
Bastress, Guy H. '57 
Bastress, William H. '61 
Bates, Charles H. '86 
Bates, Gertrude '23 
Bates, John L. '93 
Bates, Mary '00 
Batey, Robina K. '23 '49 
Bath, Ruth Isabel '49 
Battisti, Alfred E. '62 
Batzel, Barbara E. '59 
Baucher, Gertrude A. '27 
Bauer, Constance '54 
Bauer, Judith '54 
Baum, Anna H. '19 
Baum. Benjamin '6 3 
Baum, Catherine H. '31 
Baum, Clair A. '47 
Baum, Edward H. '36 
Baum, Harold '27 
Baum, Martha M. E. '15 
Baumer, Cora Lee '49 
Baumer, Elizabeth '6 4 
Baumunk, Avonell A. '41 
Baurys, George H. '59 
Baurys, Mary '13 
Bausch, John H. Jr. '64 
Bavolack, Daniel Jr. '18 
Baxter. D. Earl '90 
Baxter, Ruth Vivian '28 
Bayley, Jennie '01 
Bayley, Mary Jane '57 
Bayliff, Norma M. '34 
Baylor, Eloise Traugh '61 
Baylor, Grace E. '24 '36 
Baylor, Hurley Chas. '50 
Baylor, Jill Eileen '59 
Baylor, John S. '64 
Baylor, Margaret C. '94 
Baylor, Robert A. '50 
Beach, Craig K. '59 
Beach, Helen M. '30 
Beach, Marie K. '10 
Beachell, Merlin C. '51 
Beadle, Mary A. '84 
Beagle, Jennie '0>0 
Beagle, Levi R. '12 
Beagle, Martha '<27 
Beagle, Thomas '33 
Beagle, Willits K. '94 
Beale, Beatrice B. '31 
Beale, Frank '95 
Bean, Erma '53 
Bean, Nancy Jane '62 
Beard. Terry L. '6 4 
Bearde. Keith '53 
Beardsley, Charlotte '99 
Beaton, Ann Jenkins '63 
Beatty Frances T. '14 
Beaumont, Lee Roy '43 
Beaver, Bessie Mae '25 
Beaver, Byron L. '38 
Beaver, Elwood H. '42 
Beaver, Hurley G. '23 
Beaver, Marjorie H. '38 
Beaver, Robert John '59 
Beaver, Ruth Mary '28 
Beaver, Ruth N. '24 
Bechler. Agnes R. '29 

Bechtel, Joanne '59 
Beck, Donald E. '56 
Beck, Grace S. "23 '4 
Beck, John T. '35 
Beck, Mary Louise '62 
Beck, Melba '33 
Beck, Rachel D. '34 '36 
Becker, Helen Ruth '18 
Becker, Hilda D. '23 
Becker. Jacob '11 
Becker, Katie F. '92 
Becker, Mary D. '06 '29 
Beckley, Claire R. '26 
Beckley, Kathryn E. '17 
Beckley, Mary E. '40 
Beckley, Ruthann M. '59 
Beckman, Randall P. '61 
Becktel, Stewart G. "49 
Bedall, Lillie '93 
Beddall, Fannie May '09 
Beddall, Florence O. '08 
Beddall, Gladys '21 
Beddall, Joanna '08 
Beddoe, Azro '94 
Beddoe, Warren '9 4 
Bednar, Walter J. '59 
Bednark, George '20 
Beebe, Emorilla '82 
Beeber, Sadie '95 
Beehn, Lura Mae '17 
Beers, Ada L. '92 
Beers, Clara Mae '13 
Beers, Leonore H. '48 
Beers, Margaret E. '59 
Beeson, Valetta A. '59 
Behers. Ronald '57 
Behler, Anita E. '44 
Behler, Helen E. '44 
Behr, Edith M. '24 
Behr, Edith Margaret '42 
Behr, Oda '21 
Beierschmitt, Mary T. '26 
Beierschmitt, Ruth M. '63 
Beilhartz, Eda Bessie '41 
Beilharz, Barry '58 
Beisher, Neil B. '61 
Beishline, Any V. '97 
Beishline, Bernice I. '16 
Beishline, Florence I. '30 
Beishline, Samuel D. '17 '33 
Beishline, S. Dayton '17 
Beiswinger, Minnie '00 
Beiter, Stanley R. '64 
Be.lcastro, Gloria T. '45 
Beldowicz, Celia '27 
Belefski, Clara '27 
Belefski, Mary M. '19 
Belig, Mary G. '01 
Belig, Maud '00 
Belinsky, Albert T. '55 
Bell, Catherine E. '40 
Bell, Clyde H. '53 
Bell, George H. '94 
Bell, Harriet M. '17 
Bell, Herbert C. '85 
Bell, Ida M. '86 
Bell, Mary E. '0'0 
Bell, Mary F. '96 
Bell, Michael F. '50 
Bell, Pauline E. '28 
Belles, Charles T. '01 
Belles, Duanne '58 
Belles, Frances R. '17 
Belles, Mabel '33 
Belles, Mabel F. '36 
Belles, Myrtle '12 
Belles, Neil C. '64 
Belles, Nellie *94 
Bellino, Phyllis C. '63 
Bell is, Elizabeth '94 
Belock, Michalene L. '55 
Beltrami, Joseph '62 


Bloomsburg State College 

Beltz, Beulah M. '40 
Beltz. Kathleen G. '64 
Ben, Adam '52 
Bender, Larue G. '45 
Bender, Naomi K. '27 '53 
Bendinsky, Carol A. '63 
Bendinsky, Frank J. '60 
Bendinsky, Sonja A. '59 
Bendinsky, Thomas R. '61 
Benedetto, Josephine '40 
Benedict, Ella '97 
Benedict, Rose '96 
Benek, Ronald S. '62 
Benfer, John E. '60 
Benfield, Laura J. '29 
Benfield, Margaret A. '29 
Benfield, May '23 
Benfield, M. Elizabeth '23 
Beninsky, Thomas R. '61 
Benjamin, Jennie G. '92 
Bennage, Ada F. '23 
Bennage, Ruth L. '30 
Benner, Gloria E. '54 
Benner, Kathryn M. '32 '39 
Benner, Lee '53 
Benner, Ned Oliver '50 
Bennett, Barbara A. '56 
Bennett, Clayton J. '13 
Bennett, Dale '52 
Bennett, Erma '12 
Bennett, H. Nadine '62 
Bennett, Katharine I. '98 
Bennett, Lester '23 
Bennett, Madge '05 
Bennett, Mark '20 
Bennett, Orval B. '13 
Bennett, Paul '54 
Bennett, Sue A. '09 
Bennetto, Dorothy '27 
Benninger, Anna L. '28 
Benninger, Edith R. '41 
Benninger, Walter P. '24 
Benowitz, Irene '27 
Benscoter, Carolyn '64 
Benscoter, David H. '56 
Benscoter, Effie M. '17 
Benscoter, Eleanor E. '33 
Benscoter, Laura M. '08 
Benscoter, Ruth H. *63 
Bensinger, Diane A. '64 
Benson, Allen G. '16 
Benson, Mildred C. '27 
Benson, Rachel '23 
Benson, William '49 
Bentzel, Flora B. '98 
Berdine, Dorothy M. '28 
Berardi, Terri A. '62 
Berdy, Carolyn '55 
Berfuss, Helen W. '42 
Berg, Eugene P. '59 
Berge, Doris M. '60 
Berger, E. Mae '32 '35 
Berger, John Fred '32 
Berger, Karl R. '20 
Berger, Patricia '5S 
Berger, S. Maria '37 
Bergerstock, Donald B. '61 
Berginski, Frank M. '64 
Bergstresser, Clara '05 
Berhalter, Margaret L. '64 
Berhauser, Mae J. '2S 
Berkenstock, Frank '03 
Berkheiser, Edna M. '27 
Berlanda, Mario L. '49 
Berlew, Beatrice '23 
Berlew, Margaret '24 
Berlew, Mildred '17 
Berlew, Nancy E. '45 
Berlew, Nora L. '17 
Berlew, Phoebe E. '13 
Berlin, Edward L. '63 
Bernatonis, Anne E. '30 

Bernardi, Patrica Jane '61 
Bernardi, Patricia Ann '61 
Bernhard, Ida '86 
Bernhard, Laura '90 
Bernhard, Lillian M. '98 
Berninger, Carl '43 
Berninger, Dorothy R. '37 
Berninger, Florence A. '28 
Berninger, Howard R. '33 
Berninger, Martha '89 
Bernot, Michael R. '55 
Berriman, Martha E. '33 
Berry, Barbara A. '56 
Berry, Edgar '54 
Berry, Emma '04 
Berry, Helen K. '22 
Berry, Iva F. "12 
Berry, Wallace E. '49 
Berry, William J. '64 
Berryhill, Kate J. '71 
Bertels, Bird I. '84 
Bertoldi, Louis R. '40 
Bertollo, Frank J. Jr. '50 
Bertsch, Harry J. '49 
Besecker, Margaret L. '28 '38 
Best, Elbert C. '00 
Best, Ella A. '07 
Best, J. Sluman '96 
Besteder, Irene '26 
Bettens, Florence C. '31 
Betterly, Mary E. '33 
Betts, Bessie B. '09 
Betz, Fredric J. '55 
Betz, John W. '42 
Betz, Marjorie E. '60 
Betz, Mary '23 
Beury, Ronald H. '63 
Bevan, Mabel '98 
Bevan, Mary F. '09 
Bevan, Mary K. '27 
Bevan, T. W. '97 
Bevilacqua, Howard P. '36 
Beyer, Florence '20 
Beyer, Myron D. '13 
Beyer, Thomas F. '49 
Beynon, Myfawny M. '31 
Bianco, Peter '36 
Bias, Michael '58 
Biagiotti, Thearsa A. '56 
Bickel, Irvin '53 
Bickel, Pearl '53 
Bickert, Loie C. '27 '48 
Bidelspach, JoAnn '63 
Bidleman, Ercel D. '12 
Bidleman, H. Howard *85 '88 
Bidleman, M. Myrtle '90 
Bieber, Carl D. '63 
Biehl, Patricia L. '63 
Bielfeldt, Florence E. '29 
Bielski, Edwin D. '64 
Bielski, Frances '64 
Biemesderfer, Robert '57 
Bierly, Louis P. '85 
Bierman, Anna B. '93 
Bierman, Ethel I. '09 
Bierman, Henry '82 
Bierman, Katherine '15 
Beirman, Mary E. K. '43 
Biever, Dale '58 
Bigelow, Daisy '27 
Biggar, Helen B. '39 
Biggar, Mabel C. '30 '53 
Bilbow, Margaret A. '28 
Bilder, Charles R. '58 
Billings, Ella M. '08 
Billmeyer, Bertha '21 
Billmeyer, J. Blanche '85 
Bills, Freda '58 
Bingaman, Dahle DaRue '59 
Bingaman, Fara U. '23 
Bingaman, Francis L. '26 
Bingaman, Janis D. '62 

Bingaman, Kathryn A, '29 
Bingaman, Paul R. Jr. '63 
Bingman, Frona H. '30 
Birch, Frank '24 
Birch, Martha E. '19 
Birch, Sarah R. '22 
Birch, T. Bruce '85 
Bird, Bynoth Robert '47 
Bird, Robert C. '00 
Bird, Walter '50 
Birs, Angelina '83 
Birt, Barbara A. '62 
Birt, Carol '62 
Birth, Jennie '09 
Birth, Sara E. '44 
Birtley, Nettie '95 
Bishop, Byron Paul '55 
Bishop, Madeleine V. '09 
Bishop, Marjorie E. '63 
Bishop, Richard '53 
Bisset, Bertha M. '26 
Bitetti, Elvira A. '44 
Bitetti, Lucy F. '33 '50 
Bitler, Luther W. '30 
Bitler, Mae Erla '31 
Bitler, Mary Eva '17 
Bitner, William L. '56 
Bittenbender, Anna M. '75 
Bittenbender, Harriet '01 
Bittenbender, J. R. '27, '33 
Bittenbender, Janet M. '59 
Bittenbender, J. L. '29, '40 
Bittenbender, J. K. '74 
Bitting, Catharine '20 
Bitting, Geraldine E. '42 
•Bittle, Janice Lynn '59 
Bittle, Ronald E. '60' 
Bittner, Anna E. '54 
Bittner, Anny Enola '31 
Bittner, Margaret A. '23 
Bittner, Margaret Mae '62 
Bittner, Richard A. '56 
Bixler, Homer S. '33 
Bixler, Mildred P. '33, '42 
Black, Caroline '92 
Black, Helen L. '89 
Black, Jennie A. '94 
Black, Louise C. '29 
Black, Mae Virginia '91 
Black, Marjorie '26 
Black, Martha '09 
Black, Matilda '04 
Black, Thelma '27 
Blackburn, Charles E. '35 
Blackburn, Donald '46 
Blackburn, Edward D. '60 
Blackburn, Elizabeth A. '29 
Blackburn, Ronald E. '61 
Blackman, Beatrice '21 
Blackman, Bruce '15 
Blackwell, Helen L. '29 
Blackwell, Mary A. '28 
Blain, Arden H. '34 
Blaine, Bernice E. '42 
Blaine, Edna G. '23 
Blaine, Laura E. '26 
Blaine, Margaret E. '34 
Blair, Edith M. '34 
Blair, Grace 92 
Blair, James W. '60 
Blair, Judith A. '62 
Blaisdell, J. Glenn '05 
Blake, Earl Hamilton Jr. *50 
Blake, Stanley P. "61 
Blakeslee, Clarissa S. '13 
Blakeslee, Josephine A. '95 
Blandford. Jennie '95 
Blank, Francis E. "27 
Blasick, George A. '64 
Blasko, Joseph L. '62 
Blass, Lamar K. '37 
Blass, Lucille J. '62 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Blecher, Margaret L. '93 
Blecher, Mary Celesta '19 
Blecker, Florence E. '12 
Blessing, Robert '58 
Blew, Gail Louise '59 
Blew, Robert J. '49 
Blewitt, Teresa M. '93 
Blizzard, Marie M. '41 
Blizzard, Prudence '00 
Blochberger, Anita J. '60 
Bloom, William E. '81 
Blose, Carl D. '24 
Blosky, Jack T. '61 
Bloss, Annie J. '86 
Bloss, Marvin M. '2'6 
Bloss, Nathan W. '95 
Blossom, Edith H. '21 
Bloyham, Martha P. '27 
Blud, Edith Fay '29 
Blue. May '93 
Blue, Viola '52 
Bluges, Jacob '58 
Blum, Lotta '80 
Blyler, Donald N. '53 
Blyler, George '52 
Blyler, Robert Paul '55 
Blythe, Florence E. '31 
Boback, John J. '63 
Boback, Pearl A. '64 
Bobb, A. Cameron '95, '98 
Bobber, Eleanor D. '59 
Bobita, Joanne '64 
Bodek, Sylvester V. '53 
Boden, Douglas '58 
Bodine, Francis '51 
Bodmer, Susan B. '96 
Bndnar, Stephen G. '34 
Bodolus, Mary Ann M. '63 
Boehmer, Earl J. '59 
Bogardus, Marion E. '54 
Boetticher, Laura C. '21 
Bogart, Bessie M. '59 
Bogart, Elsie S. '91 
Bogart, Frederica D. M)'0 
Bogart, Leah '14 
Bogart, Lynda Mae '55 
Bogart, Nellie '08 
Bogdan, John T. '53 
Bogenrief, Margaret M. '93 
Bogenrief, Mary '00 
Bogert, Harry Morton '11 
Bogle, Florence I. '30 
Bogle, Sue I. '60 
Bogucki, Rebecca '64 
Boguszewski, A. R. '2'0', '39 
Bogut, Sabina '30 
Bohan, Anna '06 
Bohlin, Hulda '12 
Bohn, Lydia '21 
Bohn, Mildred Anna '2 8 
Bohn, Viola J. '25 
Bohr, Bonnie C. '33 
Bohr, Bonnie C. *63 
Bohr, Edward P. '33 
Bohstedt, Janet E. *64 
Bole, Judith Ann '61 
Bolen, Miltona Louise '28 
Bolig, Betty V. '49 
Bolig, Margo B. '64 
Bolig, Pauline E. '24 
Bolinski, Maurice '62 
Bolinsky, Eleanor '52 
Bolinsky, Isabel D. '50 
Bolles, Rachel '25 
Bollig, Judith M. '55 
Bollinger, Edward L. '48 
Bombe, Louise H. '31 
Bomboy, Aleta ''0>6 
Bomboy, Charles H. '43 
Bomboy, Evelyn I. '26 
Bomboy, Harold '10 
Bomboy, Isaiah D. '39 

Bomboy, Mary E. '26 
Bommer, Thelma A. '29 
Bond, Ethel M. '37 
Bond, Helen D. '30 
Bond, Sara E. '10 
Bone, Catherine H. '14 
Bone, Margaretta M. '28, '30 
Bone, Z. Esther '16 
Bonenberger, Laura '42 
Bonenberger, Mary A. '59 
Boner, Joan E. '63 
Bonham, Daniel H. '41 
Bonham, Fannie M. '31, '39 
Bonham, Grace C. '06 
Bonham, Mae '26 
Bonham, May '04 
Bonin, Irene F. '39 
Bonin, Martha G. '50 
Bonin, Mildred A. '40 
Bonner, James J. '97 
Bonshock, Thelma D. '34 
Bonstein, Ellen S. '85 
Bontz, Edna '00 
Book, Barbara Ann '63 
Boone, Daisy M. '91 
Boone, Eulah M. '15 
Boone, Laura E. '08 
Boone, Ruth E. '40 
Boonie, Ronald E. '61 
Boop, Betty Lou '59 
Boop, Christine '57 
Boop, Marlin W. L. '22 
Booth, Anna M. '24 
Booth, Barbara M. '31, '37 
Booth, Edwin '06 
Booth, Lizzie G. '94 
Booth, Marv E. '92 
Booth, William E. '42 
Borchers, Pearl S. '55 
Border, Harold L. '37 
Border, Herman E. '24 
Borkowski, Irene M. '3>0> 
Borneman, Robert U. '42 
Borsi, Tosca M. '33 
Borst, Kenneth E. '50 
Boruch, Olga M. '21 
Bossard, Minerva V. '27 
Bossert, Elsie '27 
Boston, Ronald C. '64 
Bott, Josephine D. '3'8 
Bott, Rose Elizabeth '42 
Botteon, Rita Victoria '61 
Bottorf, Robert A. '59 
Boudman, Vorginia L. '64 
Boughner, Harvey C. '56 
Boughner, Irene '13 
Boughner, Shirley Mae '49 
Bourdette, Margaret '52 
Boust, C. Merrill '11 
Boust, I. E. '76 
Boust, Maud '06 
Bowen, Jennie E. '72 
Bo wen, Rachel M. '30 
Bowen, Robert '58 
Bower, Barrett B. '63 
Bower, Dorothy W. '61 
Bower, Elsie G. '27 
Bower, Esther A. '31 
Bower, Janice B. '55 
Bower, John E. Jr. '39 
Bower, Loren '59 
Bower, Mabel A. '28, '34 
Bower, Margaret A. '29 
Bower, Margaret H. '62 
Bower, Nancy Lou '62 
Bower, Russell E. '22 
Bower, Ruth I. '17 
Bower, Todd Jay '60' 
Bower, Walter J. '13 
Bower, William '58 
Bowers, Leonard M. '41 
Bowersox, Dennis C. '63 

Bowersox, Kate S. '93 
Bowman, Alvin S. '89 
Bowman, Beatrice '31 
Bowman, Doris '52 
Bowman, Elizabeth C. '31 
Bowman, Emory I. '99 
Bowman, Genevieve P. '35 
Bowman, Hester L. '28, '38 
Bowman, Thomas Eli "49 
Bowman, Vida '96 
Bowman, Wilma D. '62 
Bowman, Wylla Mae '56 
Box, Harold C. '10 
Boychuck, Daniel '53 
Boyer, Blanche '17 
Boyer, Charles I. '96 
Boyer, Charles Jr. '49 
Boyer, Clay Graham '14 
Boyer, David Kenneth '62 
Boyer, Donald E. '61 
Boyer, Edith Eleanor '31 
Boyer, Elizabeth B. '48 
Boyer, Gladys R. '32, '35 
Boyer, Grace '12 
Boyer, Helen '21 
Boyer, Isabel '20 
Boyer, Jessie M. '04 
Boyer, John B. '04 
Boyer, Kathryn E. '26 
Boyer, Lois '02 
Boyer, Lula E. '31 
Boyer, Naomi R. '2S 
Boyer, Oscar H. '13 
Boyer, Paul C. '62 
Boyer, Ruth '12 
Boyer, Wayne H. "57 
Boyer, Willard B. '59 
Boylan, James A. '34 
Boylan, John I. '34 
Boylan, Mary M. '30 
Boyle. Aurelia C. '30 
Boyle, Catherine P. '13 
Boyle, Edward J. '61 
Boyle, Elizabeth T. '33 
Boyle, Gertrude M. '29 
Boyle, Helen A. '40 
Boyle, Hugh E. '17 
Boyle, James R. '50 
Boyle, Robert '58 
Boyle, John J. '11 
Boyle, Rose Mary '44 
Boyle, Joseph A. '9i2 
Boyle, Joseph E. '53 
Boyle, Julia M. *16 
Boyle, Mae '00 
Boyle, Mary C. '39 
Boyle, Mary P. '31 
Boyle, Mary R. '18 
Boyle, Patricia '54 
Boyle, Sr. M. Louis '23 
Boyle, William F. '95 
Brace, Barbana J. '51 
Brace, Edith '24 
Brace, Ethel Mae '55 
Brace, Helen E. '49 
Brace, John S. '97 
Brace, Kathryn R. '23 
Brace, Laura W. '25 
Brace, Leslie E. '18 
Brace, Marjorie E. '48 
Brace, Molly B. '27 
Brace, Sara A. '15 
Braohman, Russell C. '52 
Bradbury, Grace '02 
Bradbury, Robert '04, '06 
Brader, Laura A. '98 
Bradigan, Agnes '05 
Bradigan, Margaret '02 
Bradish, Raymond G. '64 
Bradley, Edward '57 
Bradley, Mary E. '30, '48 
Bradley, Mary V. '25 


Bloomsburg State College 

Bradshaw, Joseph '27 
Brady, Elizabeth '24 
Brady, Eugene M. Jr. '47 
Brady, Helen A. '40 
Brady, Lulu C. '05 
Brady, Margaret M. '21 
Braglio, Gerald T. "6 4 
Brainard, Alberta H. '38 
Bramble, June H. '43 
Brandau, Roy W. '49 
Brandon, Adda M. '08 
Brandon, Claira W. '29 
Brandon, Grace '23 
Brandon, Pearl E. '04 
Brandon, Ruth L. '41 
Brandon, Thelma M. '28 
Brandon, W. Glair '00 
Branigan, Catherine A. '30 
Brann, Robert John '63 
Brannan, Thomas '23 
Brannigan, Joseph '23 
Brannigan, Margaret M. '15 
Branning, Juanita '15 
Brassington, Abram '5S 
Braubitz, John '59 
Braun, Carl J. Jr. '59 
Bravin, Susan '01 
Brav, Edith M. *15 
Bray, Helen G. '35 
Bray, James B. '60 
Bray, Margaret '15 
Bray, Margaret O. '26 
Bray, Morton H. '07 
Bray, William R. '93, '98 
Braynock, Edward J. '58 
Brazill, Grace M. '16 
Bredbenner, Hilda, '50 
Bredbenner, Thelma A. '35 
Breece, Amanda '76 
Brecce, Dora E. '87 
Breece, Hannah E. '79 
Brecce, Irwin '84 
Brehin, Lucile J. '30 
Breidinger, Roger E. '64 
Breiner, Larry R. '64 
Breisch, Bertha Ely '23 
Breisch, Cephas C. '94 
Breisch, Dorothy '13 
Breisch, E. E. '88 
Breisch, Florence '23 
Breisch, Ina M. '19 
Breisch, Laura I. '19 
Breisch, Lillie '21 
Breisch, Lulu ''02, '06 
Breisch, Mary L. '32 
Breisch, Nora '95 
Breisch, Olive Ruth '13 
Breisch, Pearl May '17 
Breisch, Reba '08 
Breisch, Rebecca M. '34 
Breisch, Richard R. '76 
Breitenbach. Virginia '47 
Brennan, Agnes V. '02 
Brennan, Charles M. '53 
Brennan, Dorothy '50 
Brennan, Eugene A. '98 
Brennan, Gladys M. '37 
Brennan, Helen L. '32 
Brennan, John P. '01 
Brennan, Kathryn M. '23 
Brennan, Maggie C. '86 
Brennan, Nellie '06 
Brennan, "William J. '50 
Brenneman, Harriet '98 
Brenner. Marion Mae '19 
Brent, Edward P. '99 
Breslin, Anne L. '59 
Breslin, Annie '92 
Breslin, Bridget '81 
Breslin, Catherine B. '15 
Breslin, Margaret '16 
Breslin, Mary '25 

Breslin, Sara A. '41 
Betz, Mary L. '41 
Brewington, Woodrow G. '35 
Breya, Anna M. '34 
Brezee, Hilda '23 
Briesch, Mildred I. '28 
Briggs, Edna '04 
Briggs, Gertrude '95 
Briggs, Herman A. '01 
Briggs, Lulu C. '89 
Brill, Clinton F. '12 
Brill, Julia G. '10 
Brill, William G. '16 
Brindle, Elwood R. '83 
Bringenberg, Edward '14 
Brink, J. Frank '17, '39 
Brink, Margaret J. '16 
Brinser, Margaret '58 
Brislin, Louise K. '33 
Brislin, Marie E. '29 
Britt, M. H. '89 
Brittain, Coreene '22 
Brittain, Norma Evalyn '18 
Brittingham, Betsy A. '64 
Brittingham, C. Grant '41 
Britton, Dolores Marie '63 
Broadbent, Henry '98 
Broadbent, Millicent '97 
Broadhead, L. B. '92, '98, '99 
Broadt, Bertha E. '17 
Broadt, J. Rosanna '4S 
Brobst, Bertha '10 
Brobst, Bertha M. '37 
Brobst, Carry '07 
Brobst, Clarence M. '16 
Brobst, Catherine M. '32 
Brobst, Dorothy G. '30 
Brobst, Elva C. '17 
Brobst, Jacob R. '11 
Brobst, Kathryn E. '36 
Brobst, Lucy H. '01 
Brobst, Ruth A. '21 
Brobyn, Alice Mae '27 
Brochyus, Howard '42 
Brochey, Pearl E. '28 
Brock, Mary Lynn '63 
Brock, Paul '34 
Brockway, Alice '87 
Brodbeck, Ruth E. '41 
Brofee, Ferdinand C. '06 
Brogan, Margaret E. '26 
Brogan, Margaret P. '04 
Brokenshire, James '57 
Bronson, Annie M. '23 
Bronson, Bernice '38 
Bronson, Martha E. '51 
Bronzo, John F. '16 
Brooke, Walter S. '05 
Brooke, Margaiet C. '07 
Brooker, Elizabeth A. '62 
Brooking, Carl L. '64 
Brooks, Elizabeth M. '26, '32 
Brooks, Harry P. '5" 
Brooks, Kimena E. '98 
Brooks, Lola M. '24 
Broome, Elizabeth '51 
Brosius, Paul R. '64 
Brosius, James R. '59 
Brosius, Marlin E. '47 
Brosius, Shirley G. '62 
Brotherton, Edna M. '26 
Brotherton, Nellie F. '18 
Broughton, Delia H. '83 
Brouse, Helen E. '40 
Brovey, Daniel J. '63 
Brower, Edward B. '59 
Brower J. J. '89 
Brower, Mary A. '15 
Brower, Mary E. '21 
Brower, William H. '84 
Brown, Albert '52 
Brown, Anna A. '98 

Brown, Blanche '10 
Brown, Charles W. '63 
Bjown, Clark W. '40 
Brown, Claude C. '19 
Brown, Daniel E. '64 
Brown, Donna E. '64 
Brown, Dora V. '46 
Brown, Doris '57 
Brown, E. Clair '87 
Brown, Edna Marie '27 
Brown, Edward J. '37 
Brown, Edward W. '60 
Brown, Ernest '97 
Brown, Fannie '10 
Brown, Francis '52 
Brown, George T. '89 
Brown, Glenn C. '37 
Brown, Harry A. '97 
Brown, Helen '57 
Brown, Helene L. '48 
Brown, Ira S. '90 
Brown, Irene Mae '63 
Brown, James '13 
Brown, Josephine S. '40 
Brown, LaRue E. '10 
Brown, Laura M. '63 
Brown, Lillian '82 
Brown, Margaret L. '18 
Brown, Margaret V. '26 
Brown, Marie A. '16 
Brown, Marion S. '17 
Brown, Marion V. '21 
Brown, Mary T. *63 
Brown, Mattie '95 
Brown, May '89 
Brown, Robert A. '32 
Brown, Ruth A. '17 
Brown, Sara L. McC. '52 
Brown, Vida '96 
Brown, Violet V. '36 
Brown, William C. '63 
Brown, W. Earl '05 
Browning, James E. '56 
Brubaker, Harry '93 
Bruchs, Robert J. '51 
Brueckman, J. George '33 
Brugger, Julia E. '44 
Brugger, Wayne N. '61 
Brugler, Martha F. '97 
Brugler, Mary A. '82 
Brumbach, Audrey E. '59 
Brundage, Edna J. '07 
Brundage, Laura Mae '51 
Brungard, Aaron W. '75 
Brunges, Leona S. '41, '30 
Brunn, Henry E. '50 
Brunn, James '57 
Brunner, Barbara '58 
Brunner, Edith May '30 
Brunner, John H. '47 
Brunozzi, Areda '20 
Brunstetter, Guy '17 
Brunstetter, Jessie '23 
Brunstetter, Mary M. '41 
Brunstetter, Nancv J. '50 
Brunstetter, P. L. V. '14, '35 
Brush, Jean W. '40 
Brush, Robert C. '56 
Brust, Katherine L. '23 
Brutzman, Gladys '23 
Bryan, Beverly J. 56 
Bryant, Leon D. '09 
Bryant, Myrtle E. '17 
Bryner, Lois Catherine '44 
Bubb, Genevieve '02 
Bubb, Ida M. '32 
Bubb, Frances Helen '30 
Bubbenmoyer, Russell '60 
Buchanan, Valaire K. '41 
Bucher, Barbara '54 
Bucher, Grace '51 
Bucher. Hazel '13 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Bucher, Jessie C. '13 
Bucher, Pauline '25 
Buchiniski, Adaline M. '21 
Buchkowski, Lillie '27 
Bucinell, Anna-B. B. '46 
Buck, Alice M. '95 
Buck, Anna M. '43 
Buck, Daniel Leroy '17 
Buck, Joyce Marie '56 
Buck, Letha L. '42 
Buck, Louisa 'O'O' 
Buck, Mary L. '64 
Buck, Miller J. '21 
Buck, Olga L. '07 
Buck. Priscilla A. '62 
Buck, Roland Francis '59 
Buckalew, Harriet '99 
Buckalew, Lillian B. '04 
Bukavich, John Peter '63 
Bucke, J. L. L. '89 
Bucke, W. Fowler '88 
Buckingham, Agnes '71, '79 
Buckingham, Boyd '43 
Buckingham, Hugh '73 
Buckingham, Reed '46 
Buckingham, Robert '73 
Buckley, Mary L. '33 
Buckley, Stella V. '14 
Buckwash, Vincent '55 
Buckwatter, "William '94 
Budd, Alice Mary '26 
Budd, Ruth Merce '28 
Buddinger, Laura '93 
Buddinger, Lulu '06 
Buddinger, Sara E. '04 
Buffington, Elna E. '62 
Bugel, Joan Celia '61 
Buggy, Kathryn D. '62 
Buggy, Walter B. '35 
Buhrman, Shelby J. '62 
Bullock, Alethea '24 
Bullock, Ella R. '27 
Bundens, E. V. IS'mith '44 
Bundle, Sandra J. '63 
Bundy, Gladys M. '27 
Bunge, Robert L. '47 
Buranich, Irene '34 
Buranich, Irene '34 
Burdick, Ina C. '28 
Burdick, Luella S '10 
Burdick, Mildred H '19 
Burdo, Robert M. '62 
Burdow, Alice '27 
Burge, George A. '64 
Burger, Paul S. '59 
Burger, Raymond T. '59 
Burger, Ruth E. '23 
Burgess, Adaline '25, '38 

Burgess, Ida F. '90 
Burgess, Lee W. '05 
Burgess, Lillian '25, '40 
Burgess, Lottie '00 
Burggraf, Harry '57 
Burggraf, John '57 
Buriak, Jesse W. '61 
Burka, Michael '64 
Burke, Agnes J. '08 
Burke, Alice M. '22 
Burke, Anna '01 
Burke, Anna P. '93 
Burke, Annie '00 
Burke, Beatrice B. '15 
Burke, Delia '03 
Burke, Elynor G. '33 
Burke, Frances Mary '28 
Burke, Gerald F. '61 
Burke, Hildegarde '24 
Burke, J. W. '90 
Burke, James Harry '62 
Burke, John J. '23 
Burke, Lucy C. '12 
Burke, Margaret '98 
Burke, Mary Jita '11 
Burke, Nora '27 
Burke, Rebecca A. '62 
Burke, Sarah G. ''00 
Burke, "Virginia R. '39 
Burkett, Emma H. '24 
Burkland, Theodore C. '64 
Burlingame, Allene Rae '55 
Burlingame, Alva '15 
Burlingame, Charles E. '09 
Burlingame, Clyde E. '21 
Burlingame, Eva '26 
Burlingame, Helen Joy '51 
Burlingame, Lester '10 
Burnard, Bonnie P. '64 
Burnard, Carol Mae '63 
Burness, Benjamin A. '54 
Burness, Vivian E. '53 
Burnette, Nellie T. '83 
Burnham, Betty Anne '45 
Burns, Agnes E. '29 
Burns, Alice Marie '19 
Burns, Anna Laura '00 
Burns, B. Elaine '61 
Burns, Benjamin F. '99 
Burns, Bridget '80 
Burns, Genevieve '01 
Burns, Jane Slottje '62 
Burns, John '52 
Burns, Joseph '25 
Burns. Kate '95 
Burns, Kathryn C. '16 
Burns, Maud '93 
Burns, Margaret A. '04 

Burns, Mary E. '33 
Burns, Robert '52 
Burns, W. C. '97 
Burr, Belle Knox '03 
Burrell, Bert D. '64 
Burrell, Bertlette '58 
Burrell, Dale '61 
Burrow, Bertha W. '92 
Burrows, Alvin S. '70 
Burrows, Ethel '07 
Burrows, Judith Diane '59 
Burrows, Nona Lou '61 
Burrows, Patricia A. '63 
Busch, Anna Mildred '33 
Bush, Artemesia M. '07 
Bush, Catherine L. '40 
Bush, Matilda J. '11 
Bush, Nazzarene J. '12 
Bushey, John '57 
Bushick, Ronald P. '52 
Bushinski, "Walter B. '50 
Buss, Delphine R. '51 
Buss. Etta '15 
Buss, Frank '24, '25 
Butala, Arlene S. '64 
Butcofsky, Donald L. '50 
Butler, Donald J. '53 
Butler, Ella C. *18 
Butler, George A. '42 
Butler, John J. '35 
Butler, Margaret A. '23 
Butler, Margaret E. '26 
Butler, Mollie S. '87 
Butler, Ruth '97 
Butt, Luther S. '49 
Butt, Mary '06 
Button, Elizabeth '27 
Button, Stuart C. '17 
Butts, Henry T. '98 
Butts, Ida '00 
Butz, Bernadine J. '56 
Butz, Joseph Robt. '59 
Bunak, John E. *5'0- 
Buynak, Olive H. '55 
Byerly, Florence '33 
Byerly, Margaret '12 
Byerly, Marie K. '29 
Byers, Chester "W. '33 
Byham, William E. '53 
Byington, Mae '13 
Bynon, Margaret H. '91 
Bynon, Mary '88 
Byrd, Lauretta S. '76 
Byron, Thomas M. '00 
Byrne, Anna '24 
Byrnes, Edward S. '91 
Bywater, Anna '00 

— c — 

Cabo, Henrietta M. '30 
Cabo, Irene Marie '19 
Cabo, Marie T. '23 
Caccia, Lena Ann '53 
Cadman, Emma '93 
Cadow, Katharine '95 
Cadwalader, Clara L. '29 
Caffrey, Agnes C. '23 
Caffrey, Helen B. '29 
Caffrey, Mary M. '26 
Cahalan, Mary Roan '28 
Cain, James M. '49 
Cain, Margaret A. '10 
Calderwood, "William '58 
Caldwell, Edward E. '89 
Caley, Margaret '17 
Callander, Estelle I. '13 
Callen, Hattie A. '80 

Callender, Asa '98 Campbell, Elizabeth '64 

Callender, Clarke '90 Campbell, Ellie M. '88 

Callender, B. Mae '08 Campbell, Evelyn B. '36 

Callender, George "W. '06 Campblel, Florence L. '28 

Callender, Grace "W. '32 Campbell, George '58 

Callender, H. Le Roy '09 Campbell, Helen '23 

Callender, Phyllis M. '28 Campbell, Irene '11 

Calvello, Meda I. '44 Campbell, James A. '62 

Camera, Frank A. '37 Campbell, James H. '6 4 

Cameron, Constance J. '6 4 Campbell, M. Kathryn '23 

Cameron, Harrison J. '46 Campbell, Margaret H. '26 

Campbell, Allan Rav '62 Campbell, Martha C. '25 

Campbell, Anita L. '59 Campbell, Mary E. '93 

Campbell, Aris '90 Campbell, Mary K. '43 

Campbell, Barbara J. '62 Campbell, Maud E. '24 

Campbell, Betty Lou '58 Campbell, Mollie '81 

Campbell, Bertha '92 Campbell, Myra L. '12 

Campbell, Edward J. '53 Campbell, Patricia E. '64 


Bloomsburg State College 

Campbell, Robert '63 
Campbell, Sara '22 
Campbell, Shirley '58 
Campbell, Sr. M. D. '23 
Campion, Reba '08 
Campsie, Edith '07 
Cannon, Grace '02 
Cannon, James J. '52 
Cannon, Kate A. '92 
Cannon, Katie A. '92 
Cannon, Nettie '94 
Canouse, Robert C. '50 
Canouse, Rush L. '59 
Capece, Nicholas '62 
Cantlin, Abbie '06 
Cantlin, Agnes '97 
Cantwell, Helen C. '28 
Caporaletti, Brenda L. '64 
Caporalitti, Anna K. '6 3 
Capparell, Martha '2S 
Capwell, Minnie '96 
Carden, Ann D. ',25 
Cardin, ISadie A. ''0,0 
Carey, Donald W. '56 
Carey, Harold '52 
Carey, Laura E. '15 
Carey, Margaret M. 'IS 
Carey, Myrtle E. '92 
Carey, Robert W. '55 
Carey, Shirley A. '56 
Carey, Vivian J. '51 
Carlin, John P. F. 4 2 
Carl, Aleta M. '21 
Carl, George "W. '00 
Carl, Jennie S. '9 7 
Carl, John H. '50 
Carl, Mabel P. '29 
Carl, Mary M. '33 
Carl, Melva '39 
Carl, Thomas '04 
Carle, Audrey L. '26 
Carle, M. Madalene '32 
Carlone, Ralph V. '64 
Carls, Rhoda C. '51 
Carlson, Ebba M. '28 
Carlson, Kenneth P. '60 
Carlston, Eleanor E. '92 
Carmen, Antoinette '29 
Carmody, Ruth '23 
Carmody, Shirley M. '52 
Carpenter, Athadell B. '29 
Carpenter, F. Bliss '00 
Carpenter, Harriet '96, '26 
Carpenter, Helen '96 
Carpenter, Lois E. '60 
Carpenter, Marion S. '26 
Carpenter, Mary E. '30 
Carpenter, Perry A. '99 
Carpenter, Theresa D. '31 
Carpenter, Trevor D. '63 
Carpenter. Verna M. '00 
Carr, Bessie ''0i0 
Carr, Clara '96 
Carr, Daniel J. '11 
Carr, Edward B. '42 
Carr, Florence C. '25 
Carr, Frances E. '24 
Carr, Grayce R. '30, '51 
Carr, Irene A. '1 4 
Carr, John R. '32 
Carr, Josephine '24, '25 
Carr, Mary E. '29 
Carr, Nora D. '09 
Carr, Thelma A. '27 
Carr, Teresa G. '94 
Carrigan, James R. '60 
Carrol, Blanche C. '2« 
Carrol, Elizabeth M. '90 
Carrol, M. W. Sr. '25. '26 
Carroll, Anthony '58 
Carroll, Anthony F. '33 
Carroll. Belinda '94, '99 

Carroll, Helen Anne '42 
Carson, Connie '59 
Carson, Robert L. '63 
Carson, W. Leonard '54 
Carter, Alice A. '27 
Carter, Christine L. '12 
Carter, Clarice B. '13 
Carter, James '57 
Carter, Leo S. '49 
Carter, Louise P. '16 
Carter, Maud '94 
Carter, Nellie '96 
Carver, Ruth '26 
Carvolth, Betty L. '56 
Cary, May S. '85 
Casarella, Joseph P. '64 
Casari, Agnes P. '41 
Casari, George R. '38 
Casari, Louis B. '61 
Case, Emma A. '78 
Case, Frederick J. '50 
Case, James S. 'G3 
Case, Nancy Jane '62 
Case, Sadie '81 
Casey, Sr. M. Beatrice '24 
Casey. Tillie '96 
Cashmareck, Helen V. '25 
Casper, Charles '57 
Cassel, Anna E. '13 
Cassidy, Gertrude '97 
Castellani, Peter C. F. '19 
Castetter, John '64 
Cherup, Jack '64 
Castle, Robert J. '54 
Castles, Kathryn O. '25, '27 
Casula, Michalene '52 
Caswell, Blanche M. 17 
Caswell, Leah N. '23 
Caswell, M. Florence '24 
Caswell, Margaret '27 
Cataldo, Felicia '20 
Cataldo, Rose Marie L. "28 
Gather, "William A. '79 
Caton, Richard G. '56 
Cavanaugh, Claire T. '50 
Cavanaugh, Clare T. '30 
Cavanaugh, Elizabeth '91 
Cavanaugh, Mae Rita '31 
Cavanaugh, Maggie '80 
Cawthern, Anna '24 
Cawthern, Joseph T. '59 
Cawley, Flor J. '85 
Cawley, Sr. Mary Agnita '2€ 
Cease, Bessie '24 
Cease, Hannah H. '31 
Cecchini, Dora M. '32 
Cecco, Albert C. '61 
Cedor, Marcella Ann '55 
Ceppa, Amelia L. '30 
Ceppa, Helen '27 
Cerchiaro, Frances A. '50 
Cerchiaro, Rose Marie '46 
Cerine, "Wilhelmina M. '32 
Cesare, Donald '52 
Chalfin, Harrv '17 
Chalfont, Elizabeth M. '36 
Challenger, Eilizabeth M. '31 
Challenger, Mary '01 
Challis, Anna E. '04 
Chamberlain, Lillian W. '28 
Chamberlain, Mae V. 'l± 
Chamberlain, M. L. '63 
Chamberlain, Mary P. '47 
Chamberlin, Anna J. '14 
Chambers, Sally A. '63 
Champlin, Carrol D. '06 
Chance, Ann R. '60 
Chandler, Herbert R., Jr. '42 
Chango, Robert J. '62 
Chapin, Esther '27 
Chapin, Guenevieve '17 
Chapin, Joan Marie '55 

Chapin, Katherine E. '50 
Chapley, Adelle A. '27 
Chaplick, Chester T. '63 
Chapman, Helen M. '33, '38 
Charles, Lenore '62 
Charles, Robert '84 
Charney, Theresa L. '53 
Chase, Edwin H. '55 
Chase, Marion '96 
Chaump, George '58 
Chaykosy, Hilda '23 
Chebro, George '50 
Chehonsky, Anna '30 
Chelosky, Dorothy A. '42 
Ohelosky, Isabel Ann '29 
Cheponis, Margaret A. '39 
Chepulis, Jerome C. '61 
Cherilla, Rocco '52 
Cherrie, Joseph '15 
Cherrington, Ira C. '98 
Cherrington, John '54 
Cherrington, L. R. '21 
Cherrington, Paul L. '18 
Chervinak, Marian M. '61 
Chesney, Joseph John '4 8 
Ohesney, Walter S. '34 
Chesnulewicz, Sr. M. 

Casimer '23 
Chevitski, Anna L. '32 
Chiavacci, Neila M. '31 
Chicallo, Anna L. '27 
Chidester, John Jr. '60 
Chiglinsky, Edward R. '54 
Chilek, Stella Clare '42 
Chiscon, J. Alfred '54 
Chismar, Michael, Jr. '40 
Chivers, Muriel '25 
Choawanes, John P. '39 
Chrisman, M. Bertha '88 
Chrisman, "William '78 
Christian, Loomis '17 
Christian, Lucretia '08 
Christian, Robert J. '63 
Christian, "Willard A. Jr. '3Q 
Christie, Joan C. '56 
Christmas, Ernest L. '40 
Christoff, Patrick L. '60 
Chrostwaite, Thos. '92 
Chruney, John '56 
Chubb, Marian E. '47 
Chudzinski, Frank J. '34 
Chudzinski, Helen W. '30 
Chumard, Genevieve '27 
Churba, Ronald R. '63 
Church, Lillian '99 
Church, Lizzie M. '82 
Churm, Stella '08 
Chute, Elaine F. '63 
Chyko, Barbara A. '6 4 
Chyko, John M. '64 
Chyko, Viola A. '64 
Ciampi, Anthony '52 
Ciampi, Carolyn '28 
Ciavaglia, iSalvadore J. '53 
Cichowicz, Irene L. '53 
Cierlitsky, Theresa Ann '50 
Cimmet, Sylvia '27 
Cino, Joseph John '61 
Cintron, Francisco H. '09 
Ciochon, Joseph '62 
Citro, Alphonsus M. '25 
Clair, Margaret V. '04 
Clancy, Elizabeth V. '07 
Clancy, Nora G. '09 
Clapp, Bessie '95 
Clapp, Eleanor B. '32 
Clark, Anita Jane '15 
Clark, Beatrice May '27 
Clark, Bridget '96 
Clark, Carol Mae '59 
Clark, Carrie '05 
Clark, Dianne Lee '63 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Clark, Elizabeth B. '00 
Clark, Elizabeth May '61 
Clark, Gladys T. '30 
Clark, Hellene C. '56 
Clark, Hilda '16 
Clark, Hope Arlene '55 
Clark, James A. '64 
Clark, L. Funston '18 
Clark, Louise D. '59 
Clark, Mabel P. '08 
Clark, Mame E. '02 
Clark, Mary Ellen '48 
Clark, Mary J. '00 
Clark, Minnie S. '31 
Clark, Norma R. '62 
Clark, Philip A. '84 
Clark, Ruth W. '16 
Clark, Violet V. '27 
Clarke, Anna E. '27 
Clarke, Catharine '25 
Clarke, Granville J. '83 
Clarke, Lillian M. '49 
Clarke, Maude M. '19 
Clarke, Sandra L. '60 
Clarridge, Clifton G. Ill '52 
Clauser, Albert A. '39 
Clauser, Anna W. '91 
Glayberger, Henry '99 
Cleaver, Clara '82 
Cleaver, Emma V. '21 
Cleaver, Grace K. '19 
Cleaver, Helen R. '62 
Cleaver, Kimber '80, '83 
Cleaver, Leon P. *-0i6 
Cleaver, "Wesley M. '75, '78 
Cleaver, William J. '53 
Clemens, Ellen Mae '6i2 
Clemens, Harold O. '48 
Clemens, Janice M. '64 
Clemens, Martha H. '47 
Clemens, Randall P. '37 
Clemens, Robert G. '13 
Clements, Carol F. '64 
Cliff ard, Grace '16 
Cloherty, Clare '20 
Oloherty, Hilda M. '23 
Close, Daniel J. '13 
Close, Mary A. '02 
Clugston, Molly A. '64 
Clune, Marguerite M. '11 
Coakley, Joanne T. '57 
Cobb, Barbara W. '60 
Cobb, Bernard J. '36 
Cobb, Mabel L. '29 
Cobb, Thelma W. '28 
Cobleigh, Edwin B. '02 
Coblentz, Harold H. '39 
Coburn, Margaret '26 
Cocco, Edward F. '62 
Cochran, Elizabeth Mae '31 
Cockill, Sallie M. '85 
Cocklin, Alice F. '20 
Coffman, Donald '58 
Coffman, Nellie '94 
Coffman, "William C. '25 
Coggins, Jule L. '27 
Cogswell, Bessie E. '07 
Cogswell, Irwin '04 
Cohen, Celia '96 
Cohen, Joseph '02 
Cohen Marx Irving '17 
Cohen, Rosa '85, '91 
Cohen, Samuel '36 
Cohoat, John J. '49 
Coira, Josephine '22 
Colarusso, Ronald P. '64 
Cole, Ada M. '75 
Cole, Aileene M. '31 
Cole, Alice E. '57 
Cole, Anna M. '19 
Cole, Beverly Ann '51 
Cole, Carolyn C. '42 

Cole, David M. '56 
Cole, Donald J. '62 
Cole, Edith G. '12 
Cole, Edna '93 
Cole, Forrest F. '60 
Cole, Frances '23 
Cole, Harry E. Jr. '62 
Cole, Harold J. '64 
Cole, Lena E. '92 
Cole, Lillie F. '11 
Cole, Martha A. '21 
Cole, Mary E. '32 
Cole, Raymond '11 
Cole, Robert '10 
Cole, Robert '12 
Cole, Ronald L. '55 
Cole, Samina R. '57 
Cole, Susie W. '85 
Coleman, Frederick D. '40 
Coleman, Harry '56 
Coleman, Ida '26 
Coleman, Katherine '98 
Coleman, Pauline '11 
Coleman, Shirley '52 
Colgate, Elsie '95 
Colley, Dorothy C. '29 
Colley, Elisabeth S. '28 
Colley, Hope M. '27 
Colley, Martha R. '20 
Colley, Mary J. '23 
Collier, Regina '01 
Collins, Delsey S. '54 
Collins, Janice E. '61 
Collins, John '02 
Collins, Loren '43 
Collins, Margaret '98 
Collins, Marie T. '13 
Collins, Mary Estelle '13 
Collins, Norma '12 
Collins, Ruth '26 
Colone, Joseph '54 
Colt, Marie M. '19 
Colvin, Bertha A. '90 
Colvin, Mary E. '05 
Colvin, Vera P. '14 
Comerford, Mary D. '13 
Compers, Verna '23 
Comstock. Arthur B. '62 
Comstock, Fannie B. '05 
Comuntzis, Aleki '50' 
Comuntzis, Athamantia '46 
Comuntzis, Poletime D. '44 
Conahan, Helen B. '17 
Conahan, Margaret R. '30 
Conrad, Paul L. '64 
Conarton, Joseph L. '05 
Conaton, Mary '01 
Cobeer, George P. '47 
Conboy, Anna Mary '19 
Concannon, Jean Marie '59 
Concannon, Mary J. '31 
Concavage, Ronald B. '61 
Concavage, Thomas E. '59 
Condon, Mary C. *53 
Condor, Doris M. '48 
Condron, Anna C. '11 
Conety, Esther E. 'IS 
Confair, "William F '61 
Confer, Clyde '00 
Confer, Vernie '99 
Conlan, Alberta M. '14 
Conlan, Anna '05 
Conlan, Anna Rose '13 
Conlan, Francis J. '15 
Conlan, Helen M. "13 
Conlan, Mary F. '13 
Conlan, "W. J. '14 
Conlan, Veronica '99 
Connelly, Amelia M. '29 
Connelly, Ella T. '91 
Connelly, Kate '93 
Connelly, Mary A. '88 

Connelly, Verna M. '25 
Conner, Blanche M. '00 
Conner, Daniel P. '93 
Conner, Elizabeth '12 
Conner, Frances C. '89 
Conner, Frances E. '26 
Conner, Frances R. '98 
Conner, Frances S. '92 
Conner, Geraldine '96 
Conner, Harry T. '56 
Conner, Helen '07 
Conner, Jean C. '21, '51 
Conner, John G. '83 
Conner, Martha '94 
Conner, Mary Glenda '37 
Conner, Peter '94 
Conner, Pierce F. '92 
Conner, Stanley J. '07 
Conner, "William S. '85 
Connery, Hanna T. '90 
Connole, Mary '99 
Connole, Thomas '02 
Connoilley, Richard '58 
Connolly, Edward J. '55 
Connolly, Mary C. '29 
Connor, Catherine J. '19 
Connor, Dorothy R. '27 
Connor, M. Lillian '32 
Connor, May S. '87 
Connor, Rose M. '24 
Connors, Dorothy A. '33 
Connors, Stella '00 
Conrad, Donald Wayne '62 
Conrad, Effie M. '08 
Conrad, Helen L. '07 
Conrad, James L. '61 
Conrad, Joann D. '64 
Conrad, Robert H. '50 
Conrad, Roberta C. '34 
Conrad, Royal "W. '49 
Conrad, Wilfred H. '42 
Conrad, William H. Ill '60 
Conrand, Lottie '00 
Conroy, Gloria L. '61 
Conser, H. N. '06 
Conte, Anthony E. '35 
Contini, Congetta A. '32 
Contini, Jennie A. '30, '49 
Contini, Mary C. '25 
Conviille, Evelyn V. '26 
Conville, Mary E. '49 
Conway, Margaret M. '29 
Conway, Nellie, '05 
Conway, Sylvia M. '38 
Conyngham, "William J. '14 
Coogan, Ann '80 
Coogan, Mary J. '16 
Cook, Edith S. '04 
Cook, Freda '01 
Cook, Jessie B. '30 
Cook, Kenneth L. '50 
Cook, Lucile G. '29 
Cook, Robert L. '62 
Cook, Sara Anna '16 
Cook, Susie '03 
Cooke, Jennie C. '21 
Cooke, LaRue A. '52, '53 
Cool, Harold N. '1.2 
Cool, Mertie M. '08 
Cool, Norman G. '86, '88 
Coole, Margaret C. '62 
Coolbaugh, Antoinette B. '22 
Coolbaugh, Arlene R. '26 
Coolbaugh, Carole '62 
Coolbaugh, Florence '11 
Coolbaugh, L. R. '26, '36 
Coolbaugh, Ruth '07 
Cooley, Ellen D. '75 
Cooley, Ethel '24 
Cooley, Max G. '50 
Cooley, Sara B. '82 
Coombs, Marjorie R. '43 


Bloomsburg State College 

Coons, Carol Ann '59 
Cooper, Dorothy '5S 
Cooper, Eleanor E. '40' 
Cooper, Elizabeth M. '26 
Cooper, Gilbert '26 
Cooper, John '64 
Coopey, Phyllis '31 
Cope, A. P. '00, '01 
Cope, D. Jean '64 
Cope, Hettie '96, '97 
Cope, Mary '96 
Cope, Verna G. '49 
Coppes, Tirzah E. '39 
Corby, Florence ''07 
Corcoran, Kathryn E. '16 
Corcoran, M. Rachael '9 8 
Corcoran, Margaret '00 
Corcoran, Marie R. '27 
Corcoran, Millie A. '17 
Cordick, Ruth '23 
Cordora, Concetta A. '60 
Corgan, Genevieve '94 
Corle, Beatrice E. '37 
Corman, M. Alma '27 
Cornell, Beatrice '22 
Cornwell, Jessie E. '29 
Correll, Mary '03 
Correll, Verda H. '00 
Corrigan, Benedicta '19 
Corrigan, Elizabeth '24 
Corrigan, Essie G. '94 
Corrigan, Eugene J. '50 
Corrigan, James A. '11 
Corrigan, John K. '59 
Corrigan, Mary J. '14 
Corrigan, Robert F. '59 
Corrigan, William H. '89 
Corse, Edith C. '10 
Corse, Howard C. '21 
Cortazzo, Daniel J. '60 
Cortright, E<mma '05 
Cortright, Jay Brant '50 
Cortright, Lawrence '0>0i 
Cortright, Martha '13 
Cortright, Ruth '12 
Cortright, Zita S. '49 
Cosper Isabel N. '06 
Cosper, Lucy A. "91 
Cosper, Pauline Joyce '14 
Costa, Joseph J. '59 
Costa, Mary C. '13 
Costa, Sara M. '19 
Costello, Annetta '18 
Costella, James P. '91 
Costella, Laura C. '28 
Costella, Michael '00 
fotner, Alda M. '29 
Cotner, Clyde C. '24 
Cotner, Cora K. '18 
Cotner, David '>0'2 
Cotner, Frank B. '13 
Cotner, Nancy C. '63 
Cott, Helen C. '30 
Cotterall, George F. '58 
Cotterman, Agnes P. '29 
r'ouch, Ronald J. '55 
Coughlin, Ann E. R. '05 
Coughlin, Bessie '05 
Coughlin, Clara '06 
Coughlin, Maggie '93 
Coughlin, Nan S. '86 
Coulter, Rose '58 
Ooursen, Ha Mae '53 
Coursen, James A. '26, '27 
Coursen, Thomas S. *33 
Courtney, Beatrice H. '24 
Cousart, Josephine '07 
Coval, Leon '52 
Coval, Stephen '24 
Covington, M. Stanley '59 
Cox, Charles N. '33 
Cox, Margaret '17 

Cox, Nell '08 
Coxe, Catherine C. '25 
Coxe, George W. '98 
Coxe, Margaret A. '28 
Coxe, Marion E. '25 
Coyle, John J. '26 
Coyle, Margaret D. '08 
Coyle, Philip '99 
Coyne, Sara V. '26 
Crago, Lizzie '84 
Craig, Emily E. '23 
Crain, Hazel M. '63 
Cramer, Cora E. '07 
Cramer, Robert N. '49 
Crandal, Maureen '27 
Crandall, Helen J. '63 
Cranmer, William E. '57 
Cranford, Ronald W. '63 
Craparo, Carmel Ann '56 
Crawford, Alice '92 
Crawford, Barbara A. '62 
Crawford, Beatrice L. '26 
Crawford, Henry E. '48 
Crawford, Olive '23 
Creamer, Barbara '58 
Creasy, Anna '03, '07 
Creasy, Byron H. '06 
Creasy, Carlton '11 
Creasy, Catherine '24 
Creasy, Charles '99 
Creasy, Cherl W. '49 
Creasy, Edwin R. '35 
Creasy, Ethel '<08 
Creasy, Fred J. '12 
Creasy, G. William '55 
Creasy, James '57 
Creasy, Jane I. '24 
Creasy, Jessie E. '18 
Creasy, Julia '93 
Creasy, Lawrence H. '28, '29 
Creasy, Leroy 'i20 
Creasy, Mark '91, '12 
Creasy, Martha '04 
Creasy, Rachel '16 
Creasy, Raymond '06 
Creasy, Retta J. '76 
Creasy, Sara H. '63 
Creasy, William T. '75 
Creasy, William T. '34 
Creneti, Frank J. '62 
Cressler, John W. '09 
Creveling, Bessie '99, 'OS 
Creveling, Earl M. '95 
Creveling, Edna G. '33 
Creveling, Evelyn '01 
Creveling, James R. '51 
Creveling, Lewis L. '31 
Creveling, Marian J. '46 
Creveling, Sue R. '92 
Crew, Kathryn '57 
Cribbs, Carolyn '61 
Crider, James E. '59 
Crim, C. Edward '64 
Crippen, Lue M. '82 
Crisci, Michael '54 
Crisiler, Paul F. '6 
Crispell, Ella E. '34 
Crispell, Tetha M. '34 
Crist, Mary '27 
Criswell, Dorothy A. '33 
Criswell, William A. '60 
Crobaugh, C. D. '91, '94 
Crocamo, Ralph C. '41 
Crocomo, Filomena L. '59 
Crocker, Jeanne '57 
Crocker, Minnie E. '85 
Crocker, Phyllis H. '61 
Croft, Margaret '57 
Cromis, Allan L. '17 
Cromis, Helen M. '44 
Cromis, Marie '17 
Crone, Mamie C. '27 

Crook, Amy M. '19 
Crook, Emma G. '14 
Croop, Mary '02 
Croop, Milton H. '56 
Croop, Phoebe A, '88 
Croop, Roy Jr. '53 
Crosby, Mary F. '41 
Cross, Magdeline '98 
Crossan, Lois F. '59 
Crossley, Arthur L. '96, '97 
Crossley, Bertha M. '00 
Crossley, Margaret '13 
Crossley, Pearl A. '04 
Crossley, Renna P. '13 
Crothamel, Mildred '27 
Crouse, Dorothy E. '64 
Grouse, Edna '05 
Crouse, Elizabeth J. '49 
Crouse, Foster C. '12 
Crouse, Margaret I. '27, '36 
Crouse, Rhoda L. 19 
Crouse, Teddy E. '60 
Crow, Florence '02 
Crow, Harry E. '93 
Crow, Harvey I. '88 
Crowe'll, Lavina K. '29 
Crowl, Frederick '60 
Crowl, Mary K. '91 
Cruikshank, Virginia '3'0, '39 
Crumb, Florence R. '27 
Crumb, Mary R. '24 
Crumb, Nancy J. '50 
Crumb, Sadie M. '15 
Cryder, Adelle C. '22 
Cryder, Haroild C. '04 
Cryder, J. Atlee '09 
Cryder, Margaret A. 'II 
Cryder, Millard '15 
Cuber, Mary '58 
Cuff, James '58 
Cuff, Joanne '53 
Cuff, Mary Agnes '18 
Culbertson, Mary C. '25 
Cule, Thomas E. '97 
Culkin, Margaret '06 
Cullen, James G. '33 
Cullen, William F. '79 
Cullinan, Mary '24 
Culp, Alda E. '3* 
Culp, Christina '56 
Culp, Hannah '43 
Culp, Helen I. '35 
Culp, Lizzie '96 
Culp, Nora M. '16 
Culver, Beatrice R. '15 
Culver, Linda E. '27 
Culver, Ralph L. '15 
Cumberland, Anna D. '48 
Cumberland, Worthy J. '62 
Cumens, Robert E. '55 
Cummings, Anna A. '19 
Cummings, Clara E. '89 
Cummings, James E. '08 
Cummings, Joseph P. '59 
Cummings, Josephine M. '00 
Cunfer, Edwin W. '53 
Cunfer, Evaline M. '26 
Cunins, Anna '00 
Cunningham, Brenda M. '61 
Cunningham, Bridget M. '98 
Cunningham, Helen G '31 
Cunningham, Rollin B. '61 
Cunningham, Susie C. '18 
Curilla, Joan '54 
Curilla, Joseph '50 
Curl, Doris M. '41 
Curran," Francis J. '64 
Curran, J. H. *89 
Curran, Mary R. '85 
Currin, Will C. '97 
Curry, Anna C. '28, '38 
Curry, Barbara Jean '59 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Curry, Catherine A. '32 
Curry, Gilbert '86 
Curry, Isabelle J. '17 
Curry, Joanne '62 
Curry, Margaret H. '27 
Curtin, Anna C. '12 
Curtis, Carrie I. '12 
Curtis, Edith '99 
Curtis, Esther L. '42 

Dagnell, Esther E. '34 
Dahlhausen, Joan M. '64 
Dailey, Jacob '52 
Dailey, Lizzie '97 
Dailey, Margaret E. '16 
Dailey, Margaret G. '07 
Dailey. Mary B. '05 
Dailey, Thomas *'0>3 
Dailey, Theresa R. '12 
Dalberg, Elroy F. '48 
Daley, Nellie L. '28 
Dallackeisa, Esther O. '29 
Dalpiaz, Leo H. '63 
Dalton, Gerald F. '63 
Dalton, Joan Marie '59 
Dalton, Robert E. '56 
Daly, Charles *52 
Damico, Nicholas C. '64 
Dampman, Judith G. '64 
Danchak, Tanya Ann '63 
D'Andrea, Joseph E. '63 
D'Angelo, Ronald F. '53 
Daniels, Amy R. '64 
Daniels, Annie '86 
Daniels, Eleanor '91 
Daniels, Elizabeth L. '25 
Daniels, Elmer J. '24, '25 
Daniels, Helen L. '26 
Danilo, Rosella '53 
Danilowicz, Max J. '58 
Danko, John '58 
Danni, Romeo J. '51 
Dano, John '07 
Dano, Nicholas, Jr. '07 
Danowski, Harold '54 
Danowsky, Harold M. '33 
Dantas, Jospeh A. '62 
Darlington, W. Ramsay '94 
Darr, Wallace F. '33 
Darrahon, Helen I. '16 
Darrow, Jane C. '40 
Darrup, Virginia A. '61 
Dascola, Joyce L. '61 
Datesman, Lois M. '49 
Dauber, Joanne Y. '56 
Daukastha, Jeanne F. '62 
Davala, Richard G. '64 
Davenport, Alvirda '04 
Davenport, Blanche '94 
Davenport, Carol Ann '63 
Davenport, Edna M. '18 
Davenport, Florence H. '22 
Davenport,, Frances '25 
Davenport, Fred W. '96 
Davenport, George '57 
Davenport, Harry H. '95 
Davenport, James '54 
Davenport, Mary '03 
Davenport, Mary A. '42 
Davey, Marguerite '24 
Davey, Marjorie I. '26 
David, Alvin J. '56 
Davidheiser, Ronald Lee '62 
Davies, David J. '60 
Davies, Dorothy D. '27 
Davies, Elizabeth '28 
Davies, Ellen M. '16 
Davies, Emily '91 
Davies, Emily B. '26 

Curtis, Irene A. '10 
Curtis, Louise '99 
Curtis, Mary W. '24 
Curtis, Prethynis '02 
Curwood, Bernice J. '34 
Curwood, Mary H. '25 
Custer, Ella F. '90 
Custer, H. Dean '63 
Cuthbert, Berenice E. '33 

— D 







































































Hannah '9S 
Harriet B. '61 
Helen S. '12 
Irene E. '28 
James W. '42 
Louise A. '23 
Mabel '26 
Margaret J. '59 
Martha '01 
Martha R. '28 
Mary '91 
Mary Edna '16 
Mary Elenor '31 
Ralph '28, '29 
Russell C. '60 
Ruth E. '27 
Wesley E. '19 
Willard J. '39 

Ada D. '13 

Albert R. '34 

Albert R. Jr, 

Alfred G. '49 

Ann A. '47 

Anna '49 

Anna M. '20 

Arthur '99 

Arthur L. '40 

Bess '97 

Bessie E. '00 

Carol M. '63 

Clarabelle '53 

Clarence J. H>1 

Creta Mae '31 

D. A. '92 

Dorothy Mae '29 

Edith P. "28 

Elizabeth R. '25 

Ellen G. '28 

Elma H. '62 

Emma '11 

Ethel M. '33 

Ethel R. '27 

Florence L. '47 

Frankie '12 

Grace E. '30 

Grace M. '17 

Griselda '04 

Harriet '12 

Helen E. '62 

Hilda G. '15 

J. Anna '10 

James B. '31 

James J. '62 

Jean S. '51 

John F. '90 

John S. '48 

Joseph P. '33 

Judith Ann '61 

Laura '13 

Laura A. '25 

Laura L. '47 

Luzetta J. '05 

Margaret E. '30 

Marie C. '37 

Marjorie V. '29 

Mary '93 

Mary '41 

Mary E. '32 

Mary Frances '31 

Cyganowski, Alfred J. '53 
Czajkowski, Theodore P. '47 
Czarnecki, Felicia M. '34 
Czechowicz, Helen '02 
Czechowicz, Mary '01 
Czepokaitis, Vincent J. '63 
Czepukaitis, Anne Helen '60 
Czerniskowski, John B. '50 
Czerwinski, Antoinette '54 

Davis, Mary J. 'IS 
Davis, Maude '04 
Davis, Melba '25 
Davis, Mildred M. '28 
Davis, Naomi C. '31 
Davis, Paula Ann '61 
Davis, R. N. '88 
Davis, Rebecca C. '30 
Davis, Reese '12 
Davis, Rhea J. '28 
Davis, Robert D. '29 
Davis, Robert D. '49 
Davis, Ronald P. '59 
Davis, Russell C. Jr. '51 
Davis, Ruth A. '29 
Davis, Ruth Ann '59 
Davis, Samuel A. '21 
Davis, Stewart '52 
Davis, Theodore S. '29 
Davis, Thomas F. '35 
Davis, Thomas J. '63 
Davis, Thomas S. '55 
Davis Verna E. '25 
Davis, William C. '50 
Davis, William H. '12 
Davison, A. P. '99 
Davison, Elizabeth G. '25 
Davison, Thomas A. '38 
Dawe, Virginia E. '29 
Dawson, Beatrice '23 
Dawson, Blanche G. '98 
Day, Mariam E. '23 
Dazley, Albert W. '61 
Dean, Alice '07 
Dean, Anna G. '12 
Dean, Annie W. '79 
Dean, Catherine M. '27 
Dean, Dorothy '42 
Dean, Eiderson A. '59 
Dean, Francis P. '51 
Dean, Margaret D. '44 
Dean, Martha B. '17 
Dean, Rita A. *33 
Dean, S. H. '95 
Dean, Virginia '41 
DeAndrea, Frank V. '62 
Deane, Mercedes I. '34 
Deaner, Frank W. '61 
Deaner, Hildred L. '20 
Deaner, Wayne '43 
DeAngelo, Phyllis P. '61 
Deaver, T. L. '92 
Deaver, W. T. S. '86 
DeBell, Frederick J. Jr. '48 
DeBeard, Phillip C. '61 
DeBonis, Anna '21 
DeCampi, Helen K. '53 
Dechant, Charles E. '85 
Dechant, Evalyn '84 
Dechant, Harry G. '94 
Dechant, Kathrvn E. '24 
Dechant, Kathrvn E. '50 
Decker, A. Edna '29 
Decker, Antoinette C. '59 
Decker, Dorothy O. '17 
Decker, Helen E. '21 
Decker, Mabel G. '19 
Decker, Marion '26 
DeCosmo, Margaret L. '30 


Bloomsburg State College 

Deebel, Charlotte K. '26 
Deebel, "William R. '49 
Deeter, Margaret E. '63 
Deeths, Anna R. '08 
Deets, Bessie C. '98 
DePebo, Carl '58 
DeFort, Teresa M. '30 
DeFrain, Marion '33 
DeFrancisco, Carole A. '64 
DeFrank, Philip J. '37 
De Haven, Morris D. '32 
Deibert, J. Lorraine '56 
Deibert, Lola '52 
Deibert, Virginia R. '60 
Deibler, John C. '01 
Deibler, Robert L. '61 
Deighmiller, Ellie R. '08 
Deigmiller, N. M. 'OS, '12 
Deihler, Kathryn A. '63 
Deily, Edna Q. '18 
Deily. G. Edward '37 
Deily, Howard '14 
Deily, James '41 
Deitrich, Candace Lila '42 
Deitrich, Catherine O. '45 
Deitrich, Merrill A. '42 
Deitrick, Edna '99 
Deitrick, Helen '22 
Deitrick, Margaret J. '21 
Deitrick, Mildred A. '26 
Dekutoski, Joseph '58 
Delbaugh. "William F. '59 
Deleski, Edwin J. '46 
Delaney, Elizabeth '27 
Delany, Eugene L. "17 
Delany, Kathryn '07 
Delbo, Dorothy '60 
Delkanic, Lois R. '62 
Dellegrotto, Joseph A. '64 
Delliquanti, Rose E. *31 
DelMonte, Fred B. *54 
DeLong, Edith M. '11 
DeLong, Endora '98 
DeLong, "William '03 
Delovich, Thomas P. '64 
DelVecchio, Carol Ann '62 
DeMaree, Albert '13 
Demaree, Gerald J. '47 
Demaree, Mary '06 
DeMatt, Mary Catherine '51 
Deming, Beulah M. '24 
Demko, Patricia Ann 61 
Demni, Fred '49 
DeMott, Dorothv Mae '50 
DeMott, Fannv H. *39 
DeMott, Howard E. '35 
DeMott, Lois M. '32 
Dempsey, Marie G. '92 
Dengler, Anna W. '84 
Dengler, Margaret "W. '90 
Denick, Donald E. '63 
Denion, "William F. '26 
Denison, Nellie M '13 
Denn, Lillian M. '27 
Denn, Mary Jane M. '36 
Dennen, Honora M. '40 
Dennen, Joan E. '63 
Dennen, John '54 
Dennen, Richard 'Rl 
Dennis, Edith A. '19 
Dennis, Hope L. '17, '25 
Dennis, J. Elliott *18 
Dennis, J. Frank '11 
Dennis, John A. '01 
Dennis, Lindley H. '99 
Dennis, Marion A. '21 
Denoy, Patrick '58 
Dent, Neil E. '50 
Densevich, Mary '27 
Dent, Bessie '08 
Dent, Frederick G. '44 
Dent, Maud A. '27 

Dent, Myrtle '20 
DeOrio, Joann Marie '56 
DePaul, Bernard '51 
DePaul, Mary '54 
Depew, Hilda May '16 
Depo, Robert L. '63 
Deppe, Mildred E. '35 
Deppen, Barry H. '61 
Deppen, Helen '33 
Deppen, Ivy T. '18 
Deppen, John S. '35 
Deppen, Margaret L. '39 
Deppen, Steena R. '27 
Derby, Almeda L. '32 
Derk, George W. '55 
Derk, Malcolm '23 
Derk, Merle M. '24 
Derkits, Robert F. '63 
Dermody, Gertrude E. '36 
Dermody, Marguerite M. '28 
Derolf, Chester L. '42 
DeRose, James V. '39 
DeRose, Joseph '58 
DeRose, Martin "W. '59 
Derr, Annie F. '9 5 
Derr, Bessie '04 
Derr, Charles "W. '95, '98 
Derr, Dorothy R. '40 
Derr, Eleanor '24 
Derr, Elizabeth Jean '60 
Derr, Frank '57 
Derr, George H. '17 
Derr, Helen M. '39 
Derr, Joseph L. '86 
Derr, LaRue C. '31, '36 
Derr, Lillian B. '23 
Derr, Mabel H. *12 
Derr, Mont '98 
Derr, Sue H. '86 
Derr, Thelma C. '32 
Derr, "Wallace E. '30, '33 
Derrick, Edna Mae '31 
Derrick, Grace H. '12 
Derrick, J. Raymond '24, '25 
Derrick, Mame C. '12 
Dersham, Sara E. '39 
Dersheimer, Bessie B. '84 
Dersheimer, Eva M. '87 
Dersheimer, Jessie Ruth '13 
Derzak, Joseph Lewis '50 
Desiroth, Anna M. '27 
Desmond, Jacqueline M. '57 
Desmond, Margaret M. '64 
Desmond, Patricia Ann '59 
DeTato, Lois Ann '63 
DeTato, Ramon G. 57 
Detrick, Flora '94, '97 
Detwiler, Isaiah '96 
Detwiler, Mary '95 
Devaney, Joseph C. '60 
Dever, Margaret '07 
Dever, Sr. M. Huberta '23 
Devers, Anna E. 'IS 
Devers, Margaret '24 
Devers, Sallie V. '00 
Devine, Catherine M. '26 
Devine, Eleanor D. '32 
Devine, Lester R. '29 
Devine, Marie I. '32 
Devine, Sarah L. '91 
DeVitis, Mary '45 
DeVizia, Delores K. '47 
DeVoe, Edward T. '31 
DeVoe, Lucille M. '54 
Dew, Robert S. '30 
DeWald, Mary '34 
De"Wald, Mary Frances '44 
DeWan, Kathryn '06 
Dewey, Florence '02 
DeWire, Harry '07 
DeWitt, Helen '06 
DeWitt, Irvin A. '93 

DeWitt, Lois '04, '07 
DeWitt, Marian A. '28 
DeWolfe, Robert '57 
Dexter, Mabel A. '07 



DiAugustine, Elaine D. 
Dice, Claire K. '19 
Dickens, F. E. '76 
Dickinson, Doris J. '46 
Dickinson, Harry R. '60 
Dickinson, Helen D. '26 
Dieffenbach, Henry E. '59 
Dieffenbach, Lavere A. '30 
Dieffenbach, Nevin J. '12, '15 
Dieffenbacher, D. N. '98 
Dieffenbacher, Mary L. '17 
Dieffenderfer, J. P. '94 
Dieffenderfer, Maud '01 
Diehl, Alva '23 
Diehl, E. Christine '44 
Diehl, Fred W. '09, '10, 'II 
Diehl, Geraldine E. '28 
Diehl, Helen '56 
Diehl, Irene J. '41 
Diehl, James '64 
Diehl, Robert '32 
Diem, Marie L. '02 
Diemer, Mary Jane '19 
Diehle, Owen C. '50 
Dierolf, Esther '27 
Diesing, Dorothy '30 
Dietrick, Charlotte I. 
Dietrick, Elwell '06 
Dietrick, Ira C. '83 
Dietrick, Laura '25 
Dietrick, S. P. '97 
Dietrich, Betty '50 
Dietterich, Wilma Mae 'IT 
Dietterick, Lester J. '64 
Dietz, Bernice K. '59 
Dietz, G. Richard '55 
Dietz, Gary M. '63 
Dietz, John '52 
Dietz, Mary E. '27 
Dietz, Nettie C. '15 
Dietze, Dagmar Edna '63 
Dildine, Dorothy M. '62 
Dildine, Gladys '28, '31 
Dilcer, Nellie '13 
Diliberto, John M. '63 
Dilley, Claire O. '63 
Dillich, Betsy R. '64 
Dillon, Alice '91 
Dillon, Frances A. '98 
Dillon, Max G. '03 
Dillon, Sr. M. Alice '23 
Dillv, J. W. '82 
Diltz, Carl E. '43 
Diltz, Dorothy M. '56 
Diltz, Leona I. '53 
Diltz, Robert O. '49 
DiMirco, Concepta '27 
Dimmick, Mildred M. '32 
Dinger, Russell F. '54 
Dinsmore, David W. '64 
Dintinger, Eva E. '93 
Dipipi, Robert '57 
DiRico, John M. Jr. '53 
Dirienzo, Sandra E. '63 
Diroberto, Raymond M. '63 
DiRocco, Marie A. '62 
Disbrow, Viola Worden 
Diseroad, Marie A. '15 
Diseroad, Sara '95 
DiSimoni, Carmen '57 
Ditton, Charles L. '63 
Ditty, Pauline H. '48 
Dix, Vertie K. '97 
Ditzler, Anna A. '05 
Ditzler, W. John '62 
Dixon, Eugene '63 
Dixon, Helen A. '43 
Dixon, Helen K. '41 


Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Dixon, Jennie '27 
Dixon, Joseph '36 
Dixon, Leon R. '37 
Dixon, Rita '51 
Dixon, Rose A. '34 
Dobb, Edward '41 
Dobb, Victor E. '21 

Josephine C. '28 
Dobrowolski, Stella F. '31 
Dobson, Francis '1.2 
Dobson, Henry D. '63 
Dockey, E. L. '97 
Dockey, Sara Marie '44 
Dodd, Harper B. '24 
Dodge, Orice '27 
Dodson, Dorothy E. '27 
Dodson, Doyle '57 
Dodson, Edna Rees '18 
Dodson, George W. '16 
Dodson, Harold E. '49 
Dodson, Harry A. '07 
Dodson, Lois '23 
Dodson, Martha E. '99 
Dodson, Mary L. ',26 
Dodson, Osborne C. '14 
Dodson, Richard E. '63 
Dodson, U. Grant '88 
Doebler, Carole L. '63 
Doebler, Clara '94 
Doemling, Gerald C. '64 
Doherty, Elizabeth '99 
Doherty, Margaret '23 
Dohl, J. Paul '24 
Dolan, Katheryn '95 
Dollman, Harry '04 
Dollman, Warren A. '15 
Domalavage, Richard A. '62 
Domalavage, Anthony '63 
Domaleskie, Rose '52 
Dombek, Lawrence '63 
Dombroski, Ruth '49 
Dombroski, Stefania E. '29 
Dominick, Clementine M. '26 
Dominick, Leonard J. '64 
Dominick, Marjorie J. '62 
Donachy, George D. '51 
Donahoe, Margaret '11 
Donahoe, Rosalie '11 
Donahoe, Sara Mary '30 
Donahue, Julia '93 
Donahue, Martha C. '46 
Donald, D. James '62 
Donaldson, Margaret E. '33 
Donan, Thomas M. '49 
Donar, Otto H. '59 
Donato, George J. '61 
Donegan, Bernard L. '63 
Donegan, Kathryn '25 
Doney, Ellen '92 
Doney, Evelyn M. '45 
Donkochik. Winifred W. '61 
Donley, Allie '86 
Donmoyer, Gerald '58 
Donn, Leo Alexander J. '43 
Donnelly, Francis B. '22 
Donohoe, Joseph J. '25 
Donohoe, Mercedes '58 
Donovan, Anna C. '18 
Donovan, Anna R. '10 
Doody, Ruth Ann '51 
Dooris, Lizzie '96 
Dopsovic, Richard D. '64 
Dorak, Michael J. '52 
Doran, Jessie '12 
Dorasavage, Margaret '52 
Doraski, Margaret '61 
Doraski, Regina '57 
Dorin, Mary Ann '62 
Dormack, Walter *20 
Dormer, Bernard J. '50 
Dormer, Elizabeth '25 

Dormer, John J. '48 
Dorsey, Kathleen '16 
Dorsey, Mary Jane '51 
Doster, Lawrence '47 
Dotter, Sharron '54 
Doty, A. Pauline *25 
Doty, Edith A. '07 
Doty, Edyth '<0'6 
Doty, James E. '53 
Dotzel, George N. Jr. '49 
Dougher, Edward J. '88 
Dougher, Katie '92 
Dougher, Lizzie '95 
Dougherty, Anna '25 
Dougherty, Bessie M. '29 
Dougherty, Elizabeth M. '98 
Dougherty, Katherine M. '19 
Dougherty, Kathryn M. '31 
Dougherty, Mildred '22 
Dougherty, Regina R. '44 
Dowd, Mary R. '24 
Dowd, Robert J. '53 
Dowd, Sr. M. John '23 
Dowett, John '63 
Downey, Mary Frances '61 
Downey, Mary L. '95 
Downin, Louise Timms '31 
Downing, Freas '26 
Downing, Margaret, '92 
Downing, Marjorie G. '45 
Downing, Mildred D. '21 
Dox, L. Donna '79 
Doyle, Dolores A. '54 
Doyle, Edward F. '34 
Doyle, Ruth F. '19 
Doyle, Vincent H. '59 
Dragna, Margaret L. '60 
Draina, Irene T. '32 
Drake, Alice K. '89 
Drake, Mildred E. '89 
Drake, Sela G. '16 
Dreese, Anna '55 
Dreese, Martha '38 
Dreese, Mary E. '21 
Dreibelbis, Elizabeth V. '07 
Dreibelbis, Francis R. '19 
Dreibelbis, Ida M. '08 
Dreibelbis, M. Esther '15 
Dreibelbis, Mary R. '54 
Dreibelbis, Ruth A. '16 
Dreibelbis, Susan A. '50 
Dreisbach, Ida '08 
Dreisbach, Joy Louise '59 
Dreisbach, Martha '01 
Drenna, Mary A. '00 
Drennan, Harry J., Jr. '50 
Drennan, John J. '33 
Dreshman, Elva '23 
Dreshman, Ruth M. '19 
Dress, Gertrude '02 
Driesen, Minnie '89 
Drinker, Dorothy L. '16 
Driscoll, Dean "25 
Driscoll, Mary L. '41 
Dropesky, Edward '57 
Drum, Nora '96 
Drum, Philip L. '93 
Drum, Susan R. '25 
Drum, Warren N. '05 
Drumheller, Fred '02 
Drumm, Clayton '14 
Drumm, Elizabeth H. '24 
Drumm, W. H. '93 
Drummond, Florence M. '29 
Drummond, Sr. M. M. '24 
Drumtra, Ellen J. '59 
Drury, Jan E. '63 
Dry, Mary C. '29 
Dubbs, Joanne S. '64 
Dubbs, Robert J. '51 
DuBois, Grace A. '33 

Duchesne, Carmen C. '12 
Duck, Margaret Ann '57 
Duck, Martha Jane '45 
Duda, Jo Ann '62 
Duddy, Kate '93 
Duddy, Nellie '99 
Dudley, Mabel '02 
Dudzinski, Frank W. '49 
Duffy, Margaret T. '90 
Dugan, Billy Neal '49 
Dugan, Catherine J. '31 
Dugan, Elizabeth C. '16 
Dugan, Joseph L. '26 
Dugan, Mae R. '26 
Dugan, Margaret R. '95 
Dugan, Ruth L. '39 
Duggan, Nellie '96 
Duke, Ben C. Jr. '53 
Dukinas, Viola E. '28 
Dula, Margaret C. '29 
Duncan, Evelyn M. '61 
Duncan, Franklin "58 
Dundore, Jennie '90 
Dunkerly, Beatrice F. '10 
Dunkerly, Cora '01 
Dunkin, Thomas L. Jr. '62 
Dunkleberger, M. G. '34 
Dunlap, Elsie, '17 
Dunlap, Ruth H. '24 
Dunleavy, Helen '27 
Dunlop, Nancy W. '62 
Dunn, Florence M. '31 
Dunn, Florence M. '41 
Dunn, Helen L. '26 
Dunn, Mary I. '24 
Dunnick, Martha J. '63 
Dunnick, Sally Ann '59 
Dunnigan, Betty J. '32 
Dunnigan, Elizabeth J. '50 
Dunnigan, Patricia E. '61 
Dunsmore, Mary A. '89 
Dunston, Grace '95 
Dupkanick, William '57 
Durbin, Louise '25 
Durbin, Nellie '0<6 
Durham, J. Edward '74 
Duricko, Marion M. '56 
Durkas, Frank P. '57 
Durkin, Catherine M. '40 
Durkin, Jennie C. '91 
Durkin, Julia M. '95 
Durkin, Kate '93 
Durkin, Kathleen L. '60 
Durkin, Mary Rosaria '19 
Durso, Michael J. '53 
Dushanko, Barbara Ann '63 
Dushanko, Betty M. '64 
Dushanko. Frank Jr. '30 '32 
Dushanko, Mary '28 
Dushanko, Mary Ellen '60 
Dushanko, Stephen '46 
Dutchak, Longina T. '34 
Duttinger, Margaret M. '5S 
Duy, Albert W. Jr. '12 
Duy, Josephine V. '15 
Dwyer, Eleanor M. '30 
Dye, Charles F. '59 
Dyer, Fred U. *60 
Dyer, John W. '31 
Dyer, Margaret J. '19 
Dyer, Palmer E. '53 
Dyer, Ruth M. '25 
Dyke, Jane '41 
Dymond, Frances E. '33 
Dymond, Mabel '17 
Dymond, Sarah B. '24 
Dymond, Vivian J. '30 
Dysinger, James A. '64 
Dzuris, Lois E. '51 
Dzuris, Mildred '45 
Dzury, Anne N. '38 


Bloomsburg State College 

— E 

Eade, Edith May '25 '39 
Eadie, Ruth A. '29 
Eardley, Alan H. 56 
Early, John A. '33 
Earyes, Patricia A. '63 
Eason, Louise '96 
East, Fannie E. '89 
Eastman, Helen F. '28 
Eastman, Sara J. '43 
Easton, Bessie N. '98 
Easton, Minnie F. "92 
Eaton, Emma '09 
Eaton, Joy C. '60 
Eaton, June L. '41 
Eaton, Mildred R. '42 
Eberhart, John L. '60 
Ebersole, Nancy J. '56 
Ebert, Anna S. '37 
Eberz, William '61 
Eble, Naoma E. '61 
Ebner, Mary C. '01 
Ebner, Robert '57 
Ebrig-ht, Ruth A. "43 
Echternach, Joseph P. '91 
Eck, Margaret D. '31 
Eckbert, Lottie D. '84 
Eckert, Irene G. '52 
Eckert, Mary N. '12 
Eckley, Henry J. '62 
Eckroat, Larry R. '64 
Eckrote, Elsie M. "21 
Eckroth, Howard B. '95 
Eckroth, May B. '97 
Edburgh, Jon L. '64 
Eddinger, Jounior LaMar '50 
Eddinger, Robert J. '64 
Edgar, Alice '83 
Edgar, Dorothy '18 
Edgar, Dorothy L. '3S 
Edgar, Elma H. '78 
Edgar, Flossy '06 
Edgar, Martha '75 
Edgett, Lillian I. *75 
Edmunds, Llewillyn '30 
Edmunds, Miriam, 97 
Edmunds, Naoma M. '31 
Edmunds, William '42 
Edsell, Charles L. '24 
Edwards, Ann L. '64 
Edwards, Anna '97 
Edwards, Anna A. '34 
Edwards, Betty M. '29 
Edwards, Blodwen P. '48 
Edwards, Blodwin P. '27 
Edwards, C. Stuart '41 
Edwards, Carol Ann '62 
Edwards, Charles L. '51 
Edwards, David T. '51 
Edwards, Criddie E. '18 
Edwards, David T. '51 
Edwards, Edward H. '50 
Edwards, Effie E. '10 
Edwards, Elizabeth '30 
Edwards, Emily B. *26 
Edwards, Gary F. '64 
Edwards, Grace Ellen '28 
Edwards, Harry R. '53 
Edwards, Helen E. '21 
Edwards, Helena M. '00 
Edwards, Idwal H. '14 
Edwards, Inez E. '33 
Edwards, Joann F. '53 
Edwards, L. Mildred '18 
Edwards, M. Tydvil '22 
Edwards, Margaret J. '02 
Edwards, Mariam '30 
Edwards, Mary '09 

Edwards, Mary Gwynn '10 
Edwards, Maude Mae '34 
Edwards, Mildred '23 
Edwards, Millicent '27 
Edwards, Patricia '54 
Edwards, Raymond '23 
Edwards, Raymond F. '57 
Edwards, Richard '52 
Edwards, Robert D. '61 
Edwards, Thomas H. '00, '01 
Edwards, Victoria H. '41 
Edwards, Vida Elnora '18 
Edwards, W. G. '01 
Edwards, William D. '93 
Edwards, Winifred '23 
Egan, Michael '10 
Egge, Helen M. '19 
Eggleston, Daisy F. '01 
Egizie, Pauline '47 
Egli, Gary Wayne '59 
Ego, Peter D. '60 
Ehrenfried, Norman H. '60 
Ehrhart, W. F. '70 
Eidam, Margaret '23 
Eifert, Wanda E. '61 
Eike, Helen K. '23 
Eill, Edward E. '64 
Eisenhart, Dorothy P. '64 
Eisenhauer, Beatrice M. '36 
Eisenhauer, Edward B. '09 
Eisenhauer, Elwood '23 
Eisenhauer, Esther '14 
Eisenhauer, Helen E. '21 
Eisenhower, Dolores J. '27 
Eisenhower, Marv Ruth '24 
Eisley, Mary Ellen '23 
Eister, Allen B. '04 
Elder, Carolyn Emma '16 
Elder, Edna L. '02 
Elder, Ruth P. '49 
Elder, Wilhelmina M. "29 
Eldridge, Warren R. '64 
Eley, Marjorie A. '29 
Elgin, Joseph P. '62 
Elias, Nettie '89 
Elinsky, Stanley E. '60 
Ellenberger, Nola L. '64 
Ellery, Rosina C. '27 
Blligette, Claire '24 
Ellinger, William B. '55 
Elliot, Geneviene '63 
Elliott, Annie M. '90 
Elliott, Hugh H. '51 
Elliott, M. Margit '85 
Elliott, Sara B. '14 
Ellis, Bernice L. '61 
Ellis, Elva Marie '31 
Ellis, Irene G. '28 
Ellis, Rebecca Ann '55 
Ellis, Robert T. '34 
Ellis, Roger Wayne '€0 
Ellsworth, Adelaide '94 
Ellsworth, Emma J. '99 
Ellsworth. Joseph A. '42 
Ellsworth, Minnie '99 
Elmore, Marion T. '38 
Eltringham, Edith J. '34 
Eltringham, Gerald '60 
Eltringham, Jemima '42 
Eltringham, Jermina '32 
Elvidge, Edward '61 
Elwell, G. Edward '05 
Elwell, George E. '67 
Elwood, J. J. '86 
Ely, Bertha '23 
Ely, Carol '58 
Ely, Carrie H. '85 

Ely, Helen L. '22 
Ely, V. Beatrice '12 
Emanuel, Hannah '22, '50 
Emanuel, Mary Lois '14 
Emmitt, Harold F. '51 
Emmitt, John F. '19 
Emmitt, Margaret E. '26, '28 
Emmitt, Sara '17 
Empett, Doris E. '31 
Enama, Hazel F. '44 
Enama, Joan '52 
Enama, Lena P. '24 
Enders, Ruth L. '33 
Endler, Irene J. '53 
Engel, Nancy Margaret '62 
England, Lillian S. '27 
Englar, Richard E. '€0 
Engle, Kathryn L. '29 
Engle, Marian May '50 
Engle, Marion M. '34 
Engle, Maude B. '13 
Engle, Rose '18 
Englehart, B. M. '27, '38 
Englehart, Dorothy M, '39 
Englehart, Nevin T. '05 
Englehart, Paul H. '07 
Englehart, "William H. '11 
Engleman, Sandra E. '6,2 
Engleman, Thomas L. '61 
Englert, Nancy J. '62 
English, Curtis R. '56 
Enney, Joseph A. '62 
Ensminger, Martha K. '85 
Ent, Edith V. '85 
Ent, Editha '24 
Ent, Jessie '94 
Ent, Minnie '00 
Ent, Nellie J. '15 
Enterline, Charles D. '34 
Enterline, Emily V. '17 
Epler, Dorcas M. '27 
Epler, Frances C. '19 
Epler, Hazel Jane '28 
Epler, Myrtle M. '23 
Epler, Raymond F. '61 
Erb, Thelma E. '32 
Erdley, Florence '06 
Erdman, Kathryn M. '14 
Erdman, Robert R. '64 
Eremich. Albert C. '51 
Ermish, Sara '29, '42 
Erickson, Douglas '53 
Erickson, Mary S. '26 
Erie, Elwood C. '57 
Ermish, Carleton H. '51 
Ermish, Dorothy L. '44 
Ermish, Sara I. '29 
Ermish, Sara I. '42 
Ernest, Sara R. '94 
Ernst, Janet M. '6 2 
Eroh, M. Franklin '98 
Eroh, Margaret M. '42 
Eroh, Miriam G. *34 
Ertel, Elizabeth R. '46 
Ertel, Mary M. '57 
Ertel. Mildred L. '56 
Erway, Nancy B. '6 4 
Erwin, Anna E. '30 
Erwin, Dorothy H. '30 
Erwin, Mae E. '19 
Erwine, Gary W. '61 
ETwine, Sheldon '54 
Eshelman, Dawn F. '47 
Eshelman, Elizabeth P. '85 
Eshelman, Fay E. '19 
Eshelman, Marguerite '05 
Esher, Richard R. "63 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Eshleman, Isabel '31 Evans 

Eshleman, Veda '28 Evans 

Eshmont, Peter J. '41 Evans 

Esmond, Stanley P. '40 Evans 

Esposito, Angelo J. '64 Evans 

Espy, Bertha '94 Evans 

Espy, Mary L. '94 Evans : 

Essick, Laura L. '06 Evans 

Essick, Laura R. '07 Evans 

Essick, Louisa S. '73 Evans 

Elzweiler, Lulu Anna '27 Evans 

Eunson, E. Faith '54 Evans 

Evancho, George '28 Evans 

Evancho, Michaeil '23 Evans 

Evancho, Nancy '48 Evans 

Evancho, Peter '31 Evans 

Evangelista, L. G. '34 Evans 

Evans, Alice L. '28 Evans 

Evans, Alma '25 Evans 

Evans, Angeline P. '21 Evans 

Evans, Ann J. '42 Evans 

Evans, Anna I. '24 Evans 

Evans, Annie J. '91 Evans 

Evans, Barry L. '64 Evans 

Evans, Beatrice E. '19 Evans 

Evans, Bessie '17 Evans 

Evans, Beth '58 Evans 

Evans, Blodwyn '14 Evans, 

Evans, Charles C. '76 Evans 

Evans, David '52 Evans, 

Evans, Doris A. '27 Evans 

Evans, Dorothy E. '28 Evans 

Evans, Dorothy J. '29 Evans 

Evans, Edith S. '24 Evans 

Evans, Edna D. '99 Evans 

Evans, Edwin P. '49 Evans 

Evans, Edwin P. '19 Evans 

Evans, Elanor T. '26 Evans 

ICvans, Elinor E. '55 Evans 

Evans, Elizabeth '00 Evans 

Evans. Elizabeth P. '23 Evans 


Elizabeth P. *>0'7 
Elizabeth R. '37 
Elouise J. '31 
Esther '34 
Esther '82 
Prances L. 
Fred '58 
Florence L. 
Harriet H. '13 
Harry S. '13 
Hortense '29 
Iona '26 
J. L. '81 
James '91 
Jane '29 
Janet L. '28 
Jenanne '54 
Kathryn M. '10 
Kathryn R. '26 
L. Wallace '78 
Leah '1.2 
Lorena G. '75 
Lucy H. '25 
Margaret L. '24 
Margaret L. '26 
Margaret H. '14 
Margaret M. '91 
M. S. '90, 96, '00 
Marilyn '52 
Martha '3 8 
Martha D. '98 
Mary '43 
Maud '95 
Maude N. 
May '95 
Melba '17 
Michael P. 
Mildred E. '19 
Mildred E. '29 
Nellie '06 
Rachel '23 



Evans, Ralph F. '33 
Evans, Richard W. '53 
Evans, Robert '56 
Evans, Roy '39 
Evans, Roy J. '32 
Evans, Russell Y. '50 
Evans, Sandra M. '62 
Evans, Stella '06 
Evans, Theilma P. '33 
Evans, Vergie '07 
Evans, William W. '94 
Evans, Winifred '00 
Evasic, Marcella J. '50 
Eveland, Francis B. '13 
Eveland, IShirley '54 
Everett, Hattie I. '27 
Everett, Mary H. '95 
Everett, Minnie '93 
Everett, Rae '01 
Everett, Raymond '06 
Everhart, Isabel '23 
Eves, Belle C. '10 
Eves, Edith T. '98 
Eves, Edna '9'5 
Eves, J. Fred "97 
Eves, J. Harold '15 
Eves, Jessie M. '27 
Eves, Margaret '93 
Eves, Mary Alice '32 
Eves, Mildred '03 
Eves, Mirian '27 
Eves, Pearl C. '29 
Eves, Phoebe '97 
Ewell, U. Grant '57 
Bwing, C. Richard '53 
Eyer, Eva '27 
Eyer, Jean Mae '34 
Eyerly, Agnes M. '21 
Eyerly, Emma R. '20 
Eyerly, Margaret '25 

F — 

Paatz, Loretta M. '28 
Faatz, Mildred '24 
Pagan, Adelia D. '14 
Fagan, Anna M. ''05 
Fagan, Elizabeth '09 
Fagan, Julia M. '21 
Fagan, Peter E. '01 
Fagan, Ruth '27 
Pagley, Catherine M. '19 
Fagley, Mary H. '34 
Fago, Stephen '53 
Fahey, Agnes M. '24 
Fahl, Helene '05 
Pahringer, Blanche '27, '30 
Fahringer, Charles '58 
Fahringer, Clara E. '31, '43 
Pahringer, Effie '93 
Pahringer, Elizabeth '27 
Fahringer, Jane Lula '31 
Fahringer, Mildred M. '27 
Fairchild, Beulah L. '3« 
Fairchild, Edna L. '92 
Fairchild, Enola '09 
Fairchild, Esther '53 
Fairchild, Ethel '12 
Fairchild, Laura '12 
Fairchild, Lois M. '15 
Fairchild, Marion C. '16 
Fairchild, Minnie '12 
Fairchild, Ruth Ellen '31 
Pairweather, Christine J. '62 
Pairclough, Helen '25 
Fake, Walter H. '61 
Palck, Norman O. '49 
Fallon, Gary E. '63 
Fallon, Peter P. '83 

Faltisco, Mary T. '62 
Falvey, Eileen L. '46 
Fanzo, Marjorie L. '50 
Farina, Michael A. '59 
Farley, Athea '27 
Farley, Earl T. '25, '32 
Farley, Fenton H. '27 
Farley, Hilda M. '64 
Farley, Jennie M. '26 
Farley, Lera M. '12 
Farley, Mabel R. '06 
Farmer, Lois E. '39 
Farnsworth, Lois L. '19 
Farnsworth, Margaret '07 
Farnsworth, Paul R. '51 
Farnsworth, Wanda A. '44 
Farnsworth, William J. '0'5 
Farr, Lois W. '44 
Farr, Maude C. '02 
Farrar, Rose '23 
Parrel, Jule Marie '10 
Parrell, Anna R. '29 
Farrell, Margaret '95 
Farrow, Elvira B. '30 
Farrow, Erwin H. '60 
Farrow, W. C. '84 
Farver, Ethel Ruth '14 
Farver, Reuben T. '87 
Fassett, Emily '93 
Fassett, Fred E. '95 
Fassett, Mary I. '92 
Patzinger, Barbara A. '62 
Fatzinger, Rose M. '61 
Paulds, Lena E. '80 
Paus, Eva R. '92 
Paus, Frank V. '31 

Faus, Hester P. '17 
Fausey, Judith A. '68 
Fausold, Grace '00 
Faust, Barry P. '61 
Faust, Carrie W. '81 
Faust, David L. '62 
Faust, Dorothy '22 
Faust, Ethel M. '11 
Faust, Florence E. '44 
Faust, Margaret '14 
Faust, Richard N. '64 
Faust, Sarah C. '0 8 
Faust, Sarah M. '50 
Fauth, Howard E. '35 
Paux, Alice '58 
Faux, Fred W. '15 
Fawcett, Anne J. '38 
Pawcett, Florence E. '31 
Fawcett, Mary F. '57 
Fay, Barbara A. '64 
Fay, Margaret E. '25 
Fear, Cathran J. '24 
Feather, Grace V. '34 
Featherman, Harold E. '63 
Featherstone, Donna K. '63 
Fedin, Evelyn P. '59 
Pedrigon, Olive J. '54 
Fedullo, Patricia U. '61 
Fee, Mary '81 
Feeney, Irene E. '27 
Peese, William R. '63 
Fegley, Alice M. '57 
Fegley, Barbara D. '64 
Pegley, Daniel C. '60 
Fegley, Ida M. '06 
Fegley, Mary I. '08 


Bloomsburg State College 

Pehl, Helen E. *47 
Feidt, Alice '00 
Feifer, Joseph P. '53 
Feingold, Sylvia B. '42 
Feinour, Elizabeth M. '41 
Feister, Lorene C. '30, '40 
Feissner, Hilda M. '26 
Fekula, Olga H. '38 
Felker, Arthur M. '19 
Felker, Charles A. \21 
Felker, Ethel M. '32 
Felker, Fred '23 
Felker, Jerome O. '86 
Felker, Madge '53 
Fellin, Eugene J. '61 
Fellman, H. Burnis '42 
Fellon, Leonard A. '50 
Fellona, Susan R. '81 
Fellows, Wilmot '58 
Felton, Marjorie J. '56 
Felton, Ralph D. '46 
Fenner, Alice '93 
Fenner, John It. '59 
Fennelly, Pauline R. '14 
Fenstemaker, Howard F. '12 
Fenstemaker, Mary L. '45 
Fenstermacher, C. Tho. '59 
Fenstermacher, Harry M. '52 
Fenstermacher, Helen '06 
Fenstermacher, Jean A. '60 
Fenstermacher, M. Grace '06 
Fenstermacher, Maude '26 
Fenstermacher, R. Glen '56 
Fenstermacher, W. A. '89 
Fenstermaker, C. L. '24 
Fenwick, Estella B. '30 
Fenwick, Martha '23 
Fenwick, Susan '27 
Fenwick, Susan R. '49 
Ferber, Sadie M. '09 
Ferdinand, James V. '53 
Ferdock, Michael S. '59 
Feree, Margaret '20 
Ference, Janet Ruth '55 
Ferguson, Charlotte C. '24 
Ferguson, Elizabeth N '11 
Ferguson, Eva H. '19 
Ferguson, Frank M. '39 
Ferguson, Isabelle S. '24 
Ferguson, Marie M. '95 
Ferner, Mary B. '62 
Fernsler, Mary "21, *52 
Ferrari, Victor J. '39 
Ferrio, George E. Jr '11 
Ferrio, Margaret B. '16 
Ferrio, Mary G. '11 
Ferry, Catherine D. '27 
Ferry, Gertrude M. '30 
Ferry, Mary G. '29 
Ferry, Mildred E. '31 
Ferry, Sophia M. '00 
Fertig, Alma '13 
Fessler, Elizabeth E. '19 
Fest, Florence '28, '29 
Fester, Frances P. '32 '38 
Fester, Freda P. '38 
Fetch, Anna K. '29 
Fetch, Robert P. '61 
Feterolf, Emeline '82 
Fetherolf, Harvev S. '12 
Fetherolf, Elizabeth E. "21 
Fetherolf, Nellie '04 
Fetter, Charlotte '23 
Fetter, Donald E. '30 
Fetter, Helen M. '12 
Fetterman, Aerio M. '38 
Fetterman, Alva Jane '30 
Fetterman, George E. '61 
Fetterman, H. M. '27, '36 
Fetterman, L. Orval '10 
Fetterman, Mary Ellen '63 
Fetterman, Verna '26 

Fetterolf, Andrew F. '38 
Fetterolf, Earle S. '56 
Fetterolf, Gladys E. '19 
Fetterolf, Homer W. '13 
Fetterolf, Howard '10 
Fetterolf, Nita Marie '18 
Fetterolf, Sandra E. '63 
Fetzko, Edward '62 
Fetzko, Thomas A. '64 
Fiber, Larry Roy '56 
Ficca, Agatha J. '34 
Ficca, Sylvester C. '35 
Fice, Joanne J. '43 
Fichter, Claire '25 
Fichter, Lorraine G. '46 
Fichter, Marian M. '24 
Fickner, Henry F. '$3 
Fidler, John '20 
Fiebig, James '57 
Fiester, Zella P. '19 
Filson, Ira D. '79 
Finch, Mary S. '77 
Fine, Martha '02 
Fine, Orville H. '59 
Fineran, Margaret '99 
Fineran, Minnie V. '04 
Fink, Gerald E. '50 
Fink, Mary Jane '36 
Finn, Lawrence J. '62 
Finn, Ruth M. '08 
Finn, iSr. M. Theophane '25 
Finnegan, Claire M. '62 
Finnerty, Alice L. '40 
Finnerty, Margaret R. '27 
Finnigan, Kate I. '00 
Finney, Alice '84 
Finney, Nora M. '82, '83 
Fino, Raymond A. '64 
Fiore, Eleanor *17 
Fiorenza, Anthony E. '59 
Fiorenza, John R. '59 
Fiorini, John E. '38 
Fiorini, Madeline D. '35 
Firmstone, Lynda '57 
Fischer, Jeanne M. '63 
Fischer, Robert E. '62 
Fischer, T. Edison '21 
Fischer, "Wilbur G. '29 '40 
Fish, Catherine M. '64 
Fish, Nellie C. '05 
Fishe, Ward E. '15 
Fisher, Alice I. '55 
Fisher, Betty Lou '48 
Fisher, Bonnie J. '63 
Fisher, Carl A., Jr. '64 
Fisher, Charles J. '84 
Fisher, Clara '21 
Fisher, Corinda S. '94 
Fisher, Delbert '62 
Fisher, Edgar R. '62 
Fisher, Emma M. '86 
Fisher, Gary S. '59 
Fisher, Halice '80 
Fisher, I. Frances '26 
Fisher, Ida '56 
Fisher, Joyce E. '61 
Fisher, Larry A. '59 
Fisher, Lillian C. '19 
Fisher, Lillian G. '13 
Fisher, Margaret E. '90 
Fisher, Martha A. '25 
Fisher, Mary Cathryn '31 
Fisher, Mary L. '17 
Fisher, Reber R. '41 
Fisher, Rose Marie '62 
Fisher, Sarah E. '33 
Fisher, Scott '09 
Fisher, Suzanna I. '62 
Fisher, Tillie S. '82 
Fisher, Viola M. '19 
Fisher, W. Claude '05 
Fisher, "Warren L. '21 

Fisher, "William '79 
Fisher, "William '53 
Fisk, Frank E. '60 
Fisk, Nancy May '49 
Fister, Elizabeth C. '93 
Fitch, Pearl C. '11 
Fite, Grace '25 
Fitzpatrick, Daniel E. '53 
Fitzsimmons, Marguerite '52 
Fitzsimmons, Roger G. '<1 
Flaherty, Irene C. '17 
Flaherty, M. Winifred '25 
Flaherty, Margaret A. '04 
Flaherty, Mary Ellen '45 
Flaherty, Patrick J. '50 
Flaherty, Thomas A. '39 
Flail, Elsie G. '45 
Flanagan, Anna '94 
Flanagan, Barbara A. '63 
Flanagan, Edward M. '60 
Flanagan, Hannah V. '09 
Flanagan, Jane L. '60 
Flanagan, Marion F. '64 
Flanagan, Mary R. '01 
Flanagan, Ruth R. '35 
Flanagan, Sally Ann '60 
Flanagan, Sr. M. Ruth '23 
Flannelly, Mary '36 
Flannery, Anthony J. '25 
Fleck, Mary Ann '59 
Fleck, Thomas J. '59 
Fleckenstine, Jessie R. '09 
Fleisher, Hiram H. '84 
Fleming, Kathryn L. '30 
Fleming, Laura A. '27 
Fleming, Loretta A. '30 
Fleming, Margaret R. '25 
Fleming, Ora '03 
Fleming, Sandra Lee '63 
Fletcher, Carolyn B. '62 
Fletcher, Esther R. '04 
Fletcher, John R.. Jr. '59 
Flick, Carrie '99 
Flick, Mary M. '23, '31 
Fling, Edith T. '47 
Florig, Jessie M. '62 
Flowers, Gertrude J. '28 
Flynn, Bridget '93 
Flynn, Evalyn M. J. '07 
Flynn, Gladys J. '21 
Flynn, Margaret '25 
Flynn, Mary H. '19 
Flynn, Stella I. '26 
Flynn, Veronica K. '64 
Foderaro, John A. '64 
Fogel, Anna B. '49 
Fogel, Glenn N. '52 
Foley, James E. '46 
Foley, Marie C. '21 
Foley, Myrtle P. "25 
Foley, Thomas F. '62 
Follmer, Anna '59 
Follmer, G. Elmer '00 
Follmer, Gertrude '01, '03 
Follmer, Lola W. '30 
Follmer, Rodnev '57 
Follmer, Vera E. '38 
Folmsbee, Leroy '64 
Folmsbee, Robin I. '60 
Foltz, James '58 
Foltz, Jane Ann '62 
Foose, B. Beatrice '12 
Foose, Gary J. '61 
Foose, Morgan E. '39 
Foote, Dorothy M. '30 
Foote, Grace E. '34 
Foote, Paul C. '27 
Foote, Richard H. '41 
Force, Ruth '26 
Ford, Alfred '61 
Ford, Bernard J. '16 
Ford, Brian W. '64 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Ford, Elizabeth '25 
Ford, John '57 
Ford, Lawrence W. '29 
Ford, Mildred M. '35 
Fordyce, Karrin R. '64 
Foresman, Elizabeth C. '98 
Foresman, Helen iS. '02 
Foresman, "Wilbur S. '21 
Forgach, John '57 
Forge ng, Dorothy J. '31 
Formulak, Loretta C. '53 
Forney, Dora J. '6 3 
Fornwald, Mildred T. '24 
Forscht, Miriam J. '14 
Forshner, Richard '54 
Forster, Emma A. '98 
Forsyth, William T. '40 
Forsythe, Jane C. '98 
Forsythe, Miriam R. '30 
Forsythe, Pauline M. '27 
Forti, Esther M. '64 
Fortner, Harry C. '11 
Fortner, Haven W. '30 
Fortner, Helen M. 12 
Fortner, Jack 'i28, '29 
Fortner, Lydia R. '31 
Fortney, Gerald W. '6 4 
Fortune, Anna '06 
Fortune, Arthur '99 
Fortune, Margaret '99 
Fosko, Joseph F. '59 
Foster, Agnes L. '23 
Foster, Albert K. '23 
Foster, Amelia '9 5 
Foster, Dorothy L. '35 
Foster, Marcia '94 
Foster, Minnie '95 
Foster, Robert L. '6 4 
Fought, B. George "25 
Fought, Beatrice H. '61 
Foulds, Alice B. '30 
Foulk, Madeline '23 
Foulke, Lizzie P. '87 
Foulke, Ruth M. '3>2 
Foulke, Will T. '95 
Fourl, Charles W. '01 
Foust, A. Marie '31 
Foust, Cora Mav '30, '43 
Foust, David W. '35 
Foust, Dorothy M. '31 
Foust, Frances J. '45 
Foust, Joanne G. '60 
Foust, Lauretta M. '35 
Foust, Marie E. '37 
Foust, Mary Vera '41 
Foust, Wayne L. '61 
Fowler, Anna L. '31 
Fowler, Beulah A. '14 
Fowler, Ethel A. '2 7 
Fowler, Ethel M. '12 
Fowler, Fred W. '33 
Fowler, Herman E. '27 
Fowler, Kathryn H. '31 
Fowler, Lillian '99 
Fowler, Lottie '99 
Fowler, Mark '27 
Fowler, Mark I. '30 
Fowler, Myrtle '59 
Fowler, Norman '52 
Fowler, Phyllis M. '30. '32 
Fowler, Ruth P. '33 
Fowles, Helena J. '32 
Fox, Anna '96 
Fox, Anna M. '85 
Fox, B. Elizabeth '05 
Fox, Carolus E. Jr. '61 
Fox, Dale '58 
Fox, Edward A. '6 3 
Fox, Herbert H. '49 
Fox, J. Sharpless '96, '97, '98 

Fox, M. Jeanne '24 
Fox, Mary E. '90 
Fox, Mary Louise '49 
Fox, R. Valara '20 
Fox, Randall J. '60 
Fox, Ruth '12 
Fox, Walter G. '57 
Fox, Winifred S. '60 
Foye, Elva, C. '18, '39 
Frable, Wilbur B. '59 
Fraind, Stanley A. '6 4 
Fraind, Steven A. '60 
Franc, Ann Louise '56 
Franc, Grace '06 
Frances, Beatrice K. '31 
Frances, Elva '20 
Frances, Margaret J. '32 
Frances, Martha '05 
Frances, Mary E. '0.2 
Frances, Thomas '0 8 
Francis, Albert P. '60 
Francisci, Henry A. '49 
Franey, Ella '03 
Franey, Irene '07 
Franey, Martha V. '00 
Frank, Cora Etta '28, '29 
Frank, Rose Alice '31 
Franklin, A. Paul '59 
Franklin, D. Pauline '42 
Franklin, Lona '58 
Frankmore, Philip '3S 
Frantz, Arlene H. '26 
Frantz, Artline M. '29 
Frantz, Delphine '20 
Frantz, Gladys M. '31 
Frantz, Grace A. '28 
Frantz, Mary Alice '36 
Frauenthal, Carrie H. '86 
Fraser, Margaret J. '11 
Frear, Gertrude '99 
Frear, Howard J. '64 
Freas, Agnes A. '10 
Freas, Esther E. '28 
Frease, Iris R. '3S 
Freas, Kinney '93 
Freas, Louis G. '15 
Freas, Maizie M. '55 
Freas, Martha C. '13 
Freas, Mary S. '27, '34 
Frederickson, E. A. '98, '99 
Frederick, Anna B. '51 
Frederick, Irene L. '3 5 
Frederick, Lida '92 
Fredericks, Lee T. '6 4 
Free, Sara S. '41 
Freed, James K. '59 
Freed, William '58 
Freeda, Stanley J. '59 
Freehafer, L. Evelyn '39 
Freeland, Lamar L. '59 
Freeman, Gertrude '97 
Freeman, Harold J. '31, '38 
Freireich, Paul J. '61 
Frew, Agnes P. '17 
Frew, Anna E. '31 
Frey, Chloe T. '27 
Frey, Darrell '64 
Frey, Fred G. '62 
Frey, Gordon F. '13 
Frey, Helen I. '35 
Frey, Marti '61 
Frey, Richard L. '61 
Frey, Vivian J. '40 
Frey, Winnie A. *06 
Frick, Dorothy Jane '31, '38 
Friday, Estelle O. '48 
Friday, Vincent G. '49 
Friedberg, Florence '26 
Friedel, Anita K. '62 

Friedel, William K. '60 
Friedley, C. Ella '26 
Friedman, Dorothy L. '26 
Friedman, Marilyn '57 
Friel, Annette '13 
Fries, Evelyn R. '34, '36 
Frisbie, Katherine '05, '07 
Fritz, Carol B. '39 
Fritz, Charles C. '07 
Fritz, Clorea ',26 
Fritz, Daniel L. '59 
Fritz, Doris '27 
Fritz, Dorothy M. '16 
Fritz, Ella C. '11 
Fritz, Emetine '23 
Fritz, F. Herman '99 
Fritz, Flora L. '14 
Fritz, Gerald D. '41 
Fritz, Guy D. '23 
Fritz, Jasper M. '30 
Fritz, Joan H. '61 
Fritz, Katherine I. '32 
Fritz, Mahlon L. '61 
Fritz, Martha Y. '25 
Fritz, Mary K. '58 
Fritz, P. F. '02 
Fritz, Sara B. ' I 8 
Froelich, George J. '64 
Froncek, Joseph '54 
Frosini, Enso Robert '45 
Fruit, Mary '27 
Fruite, Mary '12 
Fry, E. Blanch.- '99 
Fry, Harriet E. '02 
Fry, Harriet F. '26 
Fry, Janet Louise '59 
Fry, Loretta Neale '55 
Fry, Ray Carlon '49 
Fry, Ruth Ann '54 
Fry mire, Martha '02 
Frymire, Mary L. '94 
Frymire, Richard D. *30 
Fuller, Bette S. '44 
Fuller, Gertrude A. '27 
Fuller, Jane M. '22 
Fuller, Jennie M. '00 
Fuller, Madge L. '49 
Fuller, Marjorie G. '49 
Fuller, Ruth N. '16 
Fuller, Thelma M. '26 
Fullmer, Lois E. '41 
Fulmer, Guy Glenn '61 
Fulmer, Irene C. H. '14 
Fulmer, Thurston S. '53 
Fultz, James W. '24 
Funk, Cora S. '16 
Funk, Geraldine '52 
Funk, Grace A. '49 
Funk, Harry E. '13 
Funk, Jean L. '59 
Funk, Margaret M. '01 
Funk, N. Elwell '01 
Funk, William W. '60 
Furey, Cassie '89 
Furgele, Frank '52 
Funlani, William C. '32 
Furman, Andrew O. '30 
Furman, Cecelia J. '23 
Furman, Clara G. '00 
Furman, Frances M. '23 
Furman, Gertrude G. '30 
Furman, Helen E. '33 
Furman, Jack Ormsby '48 
Furman, Julia H. '95 
Furman, Marion C. '27 
Furman, Mary E. '33 
Furman, Mary E. '45 
Furman, Paulette B. '60 
Furman, S'ophia P. '24 


Bloomsburg State College 

— G — 

Gabbert, Kathryn E. '16 
Gable, Christina '24 
Gable, Harry '96 
Gable, Mae E. '26 
Gabel, Miriam F. '20 
Gabriel, Leonard M. '56 
Gabriel, Louis S., Jr. '50 
Gabriel, Robert '58 
Gabuzda, Bernice R. '46 
Gaffikin, Anna '94 
Gaffikin, Katherine '95 
Gaffikin, Patrick J. '95 
Gaffney, Honora M. '06 
Gaffney, Kathryn M. '18 
Gaffney, Margaret R. '11 
Gager, E. Prosper '99 
Gaglione, Prances K. '61 
Gaines, Ruth A. '23 
Galatha, Mary '53 
Galazin, Helen C. '31 
Galetz, Yvonne D. '60 
Galganovicz, M. M. '26, '29 
Galiley, Leonard '52 
Galinski, Francis '52 
Galinski, John J. '59 
Galitsky, Edward D. '6>0 
Gallagher, Anna M. '91 
Gallagher, Bernard '28, '29 
Gallagher, Catherine A. '33 
Gallagher, Celia '93 
Gallagher, Edward '52 
Gallagher, Genevieve '95 
Gallagher, Grace U. '90 
Gallagher, James F. '64 
Gallagher, James J. '64 
Gallagher, James TJ. '95 
Gallagher, Joseph M. '24 
Gallagher, Mary '96 
Gallagher, Mary Anna '26 
Gallagher, Mary Grace '33 
Gallagher, Mary K. '27 
Gallagher, Mary L. '25 
Gallagher, Mary L. '30 
Gallagher, Mildred M. '24 
Gallagher, Raymond E. '24 
Gallagher, Susan A '85 
Gallagher, W. Paul '00 
Gallen, Virginia '24 
Galli, Alexandria L. '61 
Gallo, Frank '54 
Galow, Gloria 1. '49 
Camber Florence M. '27 
Gamble^ Ethlyn R. '20 
Gamble, Kathryn E. '22 
Gamble. Marjorie '23 
Gamble, Norma E. '50 
Gammon. Martha S. '64 
Ganis, Samuel W. '61 
Gannon, Lizzie '01 
Garancheski, Eusrene '64 
Garard, Louise M. '49 
Garcia, Joseph '57 
Gardner, Dale W. '61 
Gardner, Jack E. '50 
Gardner, John R. '63 
Gardner, Ruth '29 
Garey, Pauline '44 
Gargula, Edmund J. '63 
Garinger, Henrietta '23 
Garinger. R. Arnold '55 
Garman, James P. '59 
Garman, John M. '71 
Garman, Roy S. '34 
Garrahan, Margaret '94 
Garrett, Thomas A. '57 
Garrison, Anna C. '21 

Garrison, Blanche M. '34 
Garrison, Florence W. '09 
Garrison, Geraldine M. '28 
Garrison, Gertrude '96 
Garrison, Harold A. '50 
Garrison, Jeffry M. '64 
Garrison, Marion E. '16 
Garrison, Robert '54 
Garrison, Ronald L. '64 
Garrison, Sarah C. '17 
Garrity, Francis '28, '36 
Garson, William H. '63 
Garven, Edward P. '37 
Garven, Margaret K. '29 
Garvey, Edward P. '36 
Gasewicz, Alberta '27 
Gasewicz, Emma A. '32 
Gass, Carol Mae '51 
Gass, Clyde ''57 
Gass, Hilda S. '99 
Gass, Joyce E. '48 
Gass, Larue E. '33 
Gatchell, Walter E. '64 
Gates, Marilla '99 
Gatski, Bernard C. '62 
Gatski, Henry J. '46 
Gatti, John R. '63 
Gaughan, Harold E. '59 
Gaughan, Henry J. '0i2 
Gaughan, Julia M. '25 
Gaughan, Martin C. '90 
Gaugler, Elbert G. '50 
Gaugler, Sara E. '44 
Gaunt, Gayle '63 
Gauz, Betty Anne '61 
Gavey, Gertrude R. '30 
Gavey, Helen B. '27 
Gavey, Josephine M. '26 
Gavin, Annie J. '92 
Gavin, Sr. M. Anita '23 
Gavio, Francis '54 
Gavitt, Wayne '58 
Gay, Eleanor '02 
Gayewski, Frances D. '29 
Gazenski, Leonard R. '50 
Gearhart, Anna M. '33 
Gearhart, Charles R. '51 
Gearhart, Charlotte E. '41 
Gearhart, Grace I. '38 
Gearhart. James F. '12 
Gearhart, Luther E. '49 
Gearhart, Mable R. '30 
Gearhart, Margaret J. '56 
Gearhart, Mary '58 
Gearhart, Mary K. '10 
Gearhart, Pearle '26 
Gearhart, Ruby M. '10 
Gearinger, Katherine '20 
Geary, Ada '00 
Geary, Ann '57 
Geary Anna R. '25 
Gearv, Janet I. '61 
Geary, Ruth I. '23 
Geasey, Albert W. '63 
Gebhard, Glenna Y. '56 
Geddis, Blanche '88 
Geddis, Laura '00 
Geddis, Myron '85 
Geddis, Ralph M. '81 
Gehman, Isabel A. '46 
Gehrig, Barbara D. '64 
Gehrig, Earl A. '37 
Gehrig, Fay L. '40 
Gehrig, George F. '49 
Geisdorf, Charlotta '08 
G«ise, Nora E. '10 

Geiser, A. Frank '76 
Geiser, Ellen L. '86 
Geisinger, Beatrice '25 
Geisinger, Delia '96 
Geisinger, Etta M. "57 
Geisinger, Norman '64 
Geiss, Dorothea '28 
Geissinger, Carrie Rea '28 
Geist, Franklyn '52 
Geist, Verda '98 
Gelatt, Winifred '97 
Gelilinger, Clarice '15 
Gelnett, Harvey '97 
Gelso, Charles J. '63 
Gemberling Rinaldo C. '83 
Gemberling, Violet G. '33 
Gembusia, John M. '53 
Gemmell, Janet C. '28 
Gemmell, Kathryn D. 'i27 
Gengenbach, Ann '54 
Gennaria, James A. '34 
Gennerella, Fred F. '59 
Gensemer, Helen '24 
Gensemer, Ira B. '61 
Gensemer, Lillian O. '17 
Gentile, Antoinette J. '30 
George, Alta D. '27 
George, Anna '36 
George, Anna S. '27 
George. Bertha M. '23 
Geroge, C. Robert '56 
George, Evelyn D. '45 
George, John D. '62 
George, Joseph '52 
George, Margaret '53 
George, Marion '23 
George, Nancy J. '64 
George, Patrick P. '28 
George, Paul F. '61 
George, Ray L. '61 
George, Rhoda '52 
George, Rhoda E. '24 
Gera, George '49 
Gerber, David R. '60 
Gerber, Janice E. '62 
Gerber, Naomi '16 
Gergen, Philip W. '55 
Gerhard, Jessie '20 
Gerhard, Robert A. '53 
Gerhard, Ruth '21 
Gergen, Lucy M. '25 
Gerhart, Leila '61 
Gerhart, Ronald P. '62 
Gering, John R. '37 
Gerlak, Anastacia R. '48 
Germana, Guy T., Jr. "55 
Gernert, J. H. '00 
Gernon, Cora '96 
Gernon, Minnie '94 
Gerosky, Eileen H. '55 
Gerosky, Frank J. '32 
Gerringer, Anna '27 
Gerringer, Helen H. "50 
Gerrity, Helen M. '15 
Gething, Margaret M. '28 
Gething, Rachel W. '39 
Gethman. Huldah '12 
Getty, Mary C. '22 
Getty, Raymon F. '17 
Getz, Karl L. '33 
Getz, Nancy '58 
Getz, Raymond '26 
Ghezzi, Catherine M. '64 
Ghezzi, Marie M. '63 
Giacomini, Harold F. *60 
Giannini, Alda M. '33 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Giangiulio, Pasquale J. '56 
Gibbons, Agnes '98 
Gibbons, Ellen A. '53 
Gibbons, Helen B. '31 
Gibbons, Mary C. '30 
Gibbons, Minnie '93 
Gibbs, Alice V. *09 
Gibson, Bette *57 
Gibson, Maude A. '94 
Gicking, Bessie TO. '27 
Gieda, Joseph J. '50 
Giering, Ann '64 
Giermak, Andrew J. '39 
Gift. Foster U. '90 
Gift, J. Claire '17 
Giger, Arzella M. '28, '38 
Giger, Irene M. '34 
Gilbert, Eleanor F. '4 9 
Gilbert, Elizabeth '22 
Gilbert, Esther M. '19 
Gilbert, Evelyn E. '31 
Gilbert, Gloria F. '62 
Gilbert, Ida ''01 
Gilbert, Laura '95 
Gilbert, M. Jean '47 
Gilbert, Marjorie E '18 
Gilbert, Miriam W. '19 
Gilbert, S'ara '89 
Gilbert, William '52 
Gilbert, Vincent J. '49 
Gilbody, Janet E. '48 
Gilboy, Louise G. '23 
Gilchrist, Evelyn J. '57 
Gilchrist, Jessie '97, '98 
Gilchrist, Lucille M. '35 
Gilday, Doris M. '49 
Gildea, Anna '02 
Gildea, James J. '04 
Giles, Mame '02 
Giles, Maude '98 
Gilespie, Katherine '90 
Gilil, Cora R. '55 
Gill, D. Eleanor '99 
Gill, Ruth '26 
Gillaspy, Anna M. '34 
Gillaspy, Martha A. '97 
Gillasny, Mary '21 
Gillespie, Anna M. '36 
Gillespie, Mary M. '18 
Gillespie, "William '52 
Gillette, Barbara E. '41 
Gillgallon. Marv '09 
Gilligan, Elizabeth J. '38 
Gillis, Catharine E. '11 
Gillis, Gloria M. '47 
Gillman, Ruth E. '55 
Gillow, Charles G. '49 
Gillow, Lorna M. '3? 
Gillung, George, '38 
Gillung, Jack A. '48 
Gilmore, Dorothy E. '33 
Gilmore, Dorothy L. '28 
Gilmore. Eunhemia A. '35 
Gilmore. Rebecr-a E. '31 
Gilner, Grace A. "" n 
Gilotti, Vincent F. '64 
Gilpin, Friend '95 
Gilroy, Mary E. '21 
Gilroy, Rena '26 
Gimber, Evelyn '6 :: 
Ginley, Theresa D. '17 
Ginnick, Marjorie A. '61 
Ginter, William '52 
Ginty, Martv M. '64 
Ginty, Wliliam M., Jr. '63 
Girdauskas. Rae B. '55 
Girton, Beatrice E. '30. '32 
Girton, Charles S. '40 
Girton, Connie J. '59 
Girton, Irene L. '93 
Girton, Jeffrey E. '61 
Girton, Laura '15 

Girton, Lois M. '16 
Girton, Mary E. '27 
Girton, Mary E. '38 
Girton, Maurice J. '11 
Girton, Maxwell '19 
Girton, Mildred D. '24 
Girton, Raymond '06 
Girton, Robert L. '13 
Girton, Ronald Gene '56 
Gitlovitz, Dora R. '31 
Gitlovitz, Ida E. '29 
Givens, Sr. M. Augustine '23 
Gladsky, Thomas '62 
Gladstone, Isabelle A. '61 
Glahn, Gloria M. '6 
Glass, Catharine A. '14 
Glass, Charles F. '50 
Glatts, Patricia '60 
Gleason, Hubert S. '10 
Gleason, Jane '27 
Gleason, Lillian C. '14 
Gleason, Nellie P. '13 
Gleason, Ruth E. '09 
Glenn, Nancy A. '63 
Glennon, Agnes 'S5 
Glennon, David J. '89 
Glennon, Edward J. '61 
Glennon, John J. '59 
Gleockler, Richard C. '50 
Glick, Reuben '91 
Glidden, Ruth '52 
Gloman, Caroline '00' 
Glosek, Joseph '54 
Glover, D. L. '86 
Glover, Robena F. '80 
Glover, Sophie E. '84 
Gobbie, Lydia Ann '6 
Gobora, Harry J. '50 
Gobster, Marlene P. '55 
Godleski, Lois E. '43 
Gogolach, Anna R. '26 
Gogolaoh, Helen K. '29 
Gold, Erma C. '29 
Gold, Guy D. '99 
Gold, Mary '89 
Golden, Ella T. '80 
Golden, Frances '23 
Golden, Harriet K. '19 
Golden, Patrick '63 
Colder, Frank J. '31 
Golder, Rosebud L. '35 
Goldsmith, Aimee '04 
Goldsmith, Emily '27, '40 
Goldsmith, Estelila '24 
Goldsworthy, Eliza J. '11 
Golightly, Hanna D. '24 
Gonzalez, Manuel P. '63 
Golob, Anna Albert '50 
Gommer, Thurwald '41 
Gonshor, Michael L. '38 
Gonzales, Juan Selles '13 
Goobic, Jonah '58 
Good, Eda A. '44 
Good, Eda Alice '27 
Good, June R. '33, '48 
Good, Lota E. '46 
Good, Luella '97 
Good, Mary '9 7 
Good, Mary A. '03 
Good, Patricia J. '56 
Good, William '02 
Good, Zareta A. 'IS 
Goodbred, Mary Ellen '6 2 
Goodenough, Merle D. '13 
Goodhart, Edwin M. '53 
Goodhart, Sandra A. '59 
Goodman, Robert R. '37 
Goodman, Theresa '98 
Goodwin, Mildred A. '29 
Goodwin, Thomas A. '53 
Goodale, Bessie E. '04 
Gorant, Tom N. '62 

Gorda, George '51 
<iordner, Arlene G. '53 
Gordner, Lillian M. '00' 
Gordon, Joseph B. '09 
Gordon, M. Gertrude '19 
Gordon, Mabel S. '36 
Gordon, Thelma M. '27 
Gordos, Madeleine A. '63 
Goretski, Helen I. :;s 
Gorgus, John J. '60 
Gorham, Mary E. "■',', 
Gorham, William '13 
Gori, Louise R. '32 
Gorkg, George S. '61 
Gorman, Clara M. '18 
Gorman, Peter J. '06 
Gormley, Edward J. '91 
Gormly, Margaret '01 
Gorrey, Dorothy M. '30, 32 
Gorrey, Helen '07 
Gorry, Katherine '00 
Gorsline, Almeda M. '60 
Goscinski, Pearl L. '29 
Goss, Dorothy I. "2S 
Goss, Fern '58 
Goss, Judy T. 'Rl 
Gossler, Helen 7.. '82 
Gotshall, Hazel Pv. '40 
Gotshall, Grace E. '20 
Gotshall, Lola 1. 'IS 
Gotshall, Mercy '93 
Gottfried, Bess '02 
Gottlieb, Irving T. '43 
Gould, Gilbert '30 
Goulden, A. Helen "i'l 
Goulden, Martha P. '12 
Gowen, Mary L. '60 
Gower, Marian A. '25 
Gower, Robert R. '59 
Goyetney, Anni '04 
Goyne, Minnie '95 
Grabowski, Anthony R. '51 
Grabowski, Martha I. '27 
Grabowski, Richard '54 
Grace, Barbara W. '6 2 
Grace, Mary '58 
Grace, Thomas V. '61 
Grady, Joseph '23 
Graeber, George E. '63 
Graeber, Joanne '57 
Graff, Bertha C. '27. '49 
Graham, Hazel K. '26 
Graham, Tsabel E. '12 
Graham, Laura S. '56 
Graham. Margaret G. '38 
Graham, Marion W. '22 
Graham, Mary K. '50 
Graham. Sara Ann '49 
Grala, William L. '1 4 
Granahan, Anna C. '22 
Grande, Joseph J. 'SO* 
Grant, Bruce S. '64 
Grant, John H. '64 
Grant, Leon E. '50 
Grant, Rose M-'i-ie '54 
Graul, Martha E. '7 5 
Graver, John A. '6 1 
Graves, Harriet E. '12 
Graves, Ruth F. '16 
Gray. Carrie M. '02, '11 
Gray, Harry G. '54 
Gray. Mildred E. '22 
Graybill, Clair N. '02 
Graybill, Gilmore G. '55 
Graybill, Kathryn A. '31 
Graydon, Esthe- ■**. '98 
Grazel, Joan A. '51 
Grazel. Marie R. '53 
Graziul, Robert W. '60 
Greco, Frank J ':'.:' 
Green, Euphemin '9 I 
Greco, Joan '53 


Bloomsburg State College 

Green, John E. '63 
Green, Nancy '57 
Green, Natalie '13 
Green, Samuel '36 
Greenaway, Olivia M. '60 
Greene, Carol Ann '60 
Greene, Lydia A. '21 
Greene, Pearl M. '11 
Greener, Florence M. '17 
Greener, iSallie '25 
Greenfield, Mildred '28 
Greenland, Sue Anne '59 
Greenley, George '14 
Greenly, Barabra J. '48 
Greenly, John M. '51 
Greenly, Leon H. '41 
Greenly, Richard B. '64 
Greenough, Caroline B. '51 
Gregart, Minnie '25 
Gregg, Elizabeth '07 
Gregitis, Vincent J. '59 
Gregor, Eilaine Ann '62 
Gregory, Betty Jane '60 
Gregory, Clementine '90 
Gregory, H. TV. '94 
Gregory, Helen E. '17 
Greider, Sandra E. '61 
Greismer, Anna M. '00 
Grenoble, Lois R. '62 
Gresh, Dorothy H. '28 
Gresh, Edith '03 
Greshko, Mary A. '25 
Gress, George C '14 
Gress, John J. '35 
Gress, William '15 
Grey, Dorothy H. '25 
Grey, Frances H. '6 3 
Greybey, Harrv F. '99 
Gribben, Helen '24 
Gribbin, Joseph '34 
Gribbin, Sadie '96 
Gricoski, Leonard E. '50 
Grier, Lenora '99 
Grier, Marie H. '26 
Griesing, Harold '23 
Griesmer, Theresa '15 
Grifasi, Dorothy '50 
Griffith, Bessie '00 
Griffith, Deborah E '39 
Griffith, Dilys E. '33 
Griffith, Edward '01 
Griffith, Eleanor '20 
Griffith, Elva I. '29 
Griffith, Essie '99 
Griffith, George J. '42 
Griffith, Joseph '18 
Griffith, Kathrvn R '23 
Griffith, Leah '22 
Griffith, Lottie '94 
Griffith, Margaret '25 

Griffith, May '95 
Griffith, Mildred E. '19 
Griffith, Nellie '99 
Griffith, Rae E. '07 
Griffiths, Ada C. '14 
Griffiths, Elizabeth L. '41 
Griffiths, Grace '21 
Griffiths, Jean E. '55 
Griffiths, Margaret E. '49 
Griffiths, Percy W. '14, '16 
Griffiths, Thomas J. '33 
Griffiths, William E. '63 
Grigalonis, Michael L. '63 
Griggs, Howard G. '64 
Grim, Esther '26 
Grim, Helen M. '60 
Grimm, Floyd M. '64 
Grimes, Adell M. '12 
Grimes, Bessie K. '05 
Grimes, Byron J. '94, '97, *98 
Grimes, Ellamae '17 
Grimes, Gertrude '27 
Grimes, Jay H. '08 
Grimes, Joseph E. '20 
Grimes, Josephus S. '77 
Grimes, Richard E. '49 
Gritsavage, Emily S. '27 
Grochowski, Barbara J. '59 
Groff, Lucile '24 
Groff, Lucille '50 
Groff, M. Pauline '85 
Groff, Marion M. '06 
Grohal, Andrew V. '43 
Grohal, Veronica B. '44 
Gronka, Elizabeth '15 
Gronka, Joseph M. '60 
Gronka, Katherine E. '21 
Gronka, Rose A. '18 
Groody, Mary M. '34 
Groover, Robert D. '56 
Groschke, Anna M. '98 
Grosek, Anne J. '38 
Grosek, Mary R. '37 
Gross, Gertrude '07 
Gross, Gertrude S. '25 
Gross, Janet E. '60 
Gross, Robert S. '64 
Gross, Sylvia '13 
Grossman, Ben '21 
Grossman, Bessie '26 
Grossman, Lena '17 
Grosvenor, Velma B. '24 
Grotz, Dorothy M. '.22 
Grove, Thorton P. '61 
Grover, Christine E. '40 
Grover, Lillian '63 
Grover, Mary E. '19 
Grow, Dorothy Mae '43 
Grow, Frances B. '30 
Grow, Linda J. '64 

Grow, Thomas P. '47 
Gruber, Amos B. '13 
Gruber, Cathryn E. '27 
Gruber, Glenn '62 
Gruber, Harry '15 
Gruver, Elizabeth '90 
Gruver, Ezra *05 
Gruver, Florence H. '32 
Gruver, Fred C. '06 
Gruver, Helen R. '12 
Gruver, Lois K. '41 
Gruver, Martin '06 
Gruver, Mary '96 
Grzywacz, Annmarie C. *64 
Guarna, Flora C. '45 
Guckavan, Maria C. '19 
Guckavan, Mary A. '86 
Guckavan, W. J. '93 
Guenther, Fietta S. '25 
Guenther, Mary E. '30 
Guest, Alice '02 
Guest, Irene E. '29 
Guest, Ruth E. '28 
Guffrovitch, Irene B. '26 
Guie, Claudia '81 
Guie, Enola B. '81 
Guie, Zua B. '91 
Guild, Doris M. '42 
Guis, Lillian H. '46 
Guiterman, Elmira M. '11 
Guizzetti, James '62 
Gulick, A. Elizabeth '10 
Gulik, Barbara A. '53 
. Gulla, Joseph John '45 
Gulliver, Merlin S. '11 
Gum, Lola J. '60 
Guman, Mary Rita '32 
Gundry, Mary A. '15 
Gunther, Florence P. '12 
Gunton, Jean '05 
Gunton, Margaret L. '60 
Gunton, Ruth M. '15 
Gunton, Nancy L. '49 
Guro, Frances M. '62 
Gurzynski, Andrew J. '63 
Gurzynski, Archie F. '55 
Gurzynski, Frank '54 
Guscott, Charles H. '93 
Gustave, James '58 
Gutgesell, Joan W. '62 
Gutosky, Adam V. '63 
Gutter, Saul '32 
Guy, John F. '48 
Guyer, Lillian M. '36 
Guyler, Hazel C. '50 
Guziejka, Robert J. '60 
Gwasdacus, Edward J. '59 
Gydosh, Rita '59 

Haag, Esther '17 
Haag, Harry '20 
Haag, Norma ' 1 5 
Haas, Robert V. '53 
Haas. Wavne J. '62 
Haas, William W. '64 
Hack, M. Jean '62 
Hackenberg, Ernestine '23 
Hackenberg, Mary J. '44 
Hackenberg, Murray A. '50 
Hacker, Bertha M. '17 
Hackett, Faythe M. '51 
Haddad, Dyar '52 
Haddon, John C. '52 
Hadsall, Camilla '02 
Hadshall, Marian '23 
Hadtner, Florence A. '99 

— H — 

Haen, Alice '95 
Haen, Dorothy I. '30 
Hafer, Elizabeth G. '32 
Haefner, Richard J. '64 
Hagemeyer, Martha '18 
Hagenbuch, Audland '81 
Hagenbuch, Cora E. '85 
Hagenbuch, Elsie R. '16 
Hagenbuch, Gilbert '15 
Hagenbuch, Hortense '57 
Hagenbuch, Jay P. '33 
Hagenbuch, Joanne E. '62 
Hagenbuch, Julia C. '41 
Hagenbuch, Kathryn M. '29 
Hagenbuch, Mary E. '44 
Hagenbuch, Netta E. '98 
Hagenbuch, Pearl E. '26 

Hagenbuch, Rae '03 
Hagenbuch, Ray K. '26 
Hagenbuch, William H. '05 
Hagerty, Elizabeth '58 
Haggerty, Mary '94 
Haggerty, Regina B. '31 
Haggy, Ruth E. '32 
Hague, Martha A. '28 
Hague, Rebecca '01 
Hahn, Edith R. '18 
Hahn, Frances M. '24 
Hahn, Minnie M. '24 '39 
Hahn, Nellie '93 
Hahn, William J. '49 
Haines, Don D. '63 
Haines, Eleanor E. '48 
Hake, Elizabeth S. '34 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Halcovich, James S. '64 
Halcovich, John M. '55 
Hale, Marion '25 
Hale. Robert E. '53 
Haley, Laura '12 
Haley, Margaret L. '13 
Halkowicz, Pearl L. '33 
Halkyard, Gladys S. '63 
Hall, A. Geraldine '23 
Hall, Howard S. '56 
Hall, John A. '32 
Hall, Lee R. '16 
Hall, Margaret L. '24 
Hall, Robert D. '63 
Hall, Ruth '02 
Hall, Winifred G. '57 
Hallock, Alice '23 
Halloran, Emma '04 
Halstead, C. M. '82 
Haluska, Joseph M. '62 
Halupka, Elizabeth R. '29 
Hamer, Mary E. '38 
Hamlin, Norma L. '06 
Hamlin, Rose J. '07 
Hamlin, Sarah '01 
Hammers, Robert W. '49 
Hammond, Elizabeth '99 
Hammond, Genevieve G. '16 
Hammond, Josie '99 
Hammond, Lucia E. '19 
Hammond, Theresa M. '94 
Hampton, Alma '22 
Hampton, Beryl M. '64 
Hampton, Edith E. '23 
Hanawalt, J. R. '01 
Hancock, Ben E. '40 
Hancock, Mary '19 
Hand, Marjorie A. '60 
Hand, William '58 
Handley, Alberta M. '08 
Handshaw, Nancy A. '62 
Handlong, Margaret A. '28 
Haney, Alice A. '59 
Hankee, Mae E. '99 
Hankee, Mildred '22 
Hankee, Nora E. '9 8 
Hanks, Anna B. '10 
Hanks, Margaret M. '23 
Hanley, Mary E. '40 
Hanlon, Edward F. '92 
Hanlon, Esther M. '28, '5'0' 
Hanner, M. Elizabeth '19 
Hantjis, Anthony '54 
Hantjis, James W. '49 
Hantz, Francis A. '49 
Hardcastle, Kate T. '94 
Harden, Edith M. '93 
Hardenbergh, J. H. '98 
Harder, Helen R. '51 
Harder, Kathryn F. '23 
Harder, W. M. '93 
Harding, Delores E. '53 
Harding, Joy C. *11 
Harding, Mattie '89 
Harding, Nellie '96 
Harding. Paul '54 
Hardy. Virginia Lee '60 
Hardvsh, Alexander '42 
Hare, Donald R. '57 
Hargreaves, Raymond '58 
Haring, Roy J. '29 
Harkins, Marie V. '21 
Harkins, Mary E. '.20 
Harkness, S. Ida '82 
Harlem, S^ra J. '29 
Harley, Anna C. '18 
Harley, Jacob J. '01 
Harlos, Grace E. '26 
Harman, Barbara '52 
Harman, David A. '72 
Harman, Edna '05 
Harman, Helen '23 

Harman, Helen F. '40 
Harman, Henry L. '98, '99 
Harman, Ida '15 
Harman, Irene L. '16 
Harman, John G. '91 
Harman, Lizzie R. '76 
Harman, Marian '25 
Harman, Marie E. '99 
Harman, Paul H. '64 
Harman, Ruth Edna '13 
Harmany, Charles '47 
Harmany, Lee A. '18 
Harmon, Gertrude E. '45 
Harnan, Regina M. '10 
Harned, Margaret G. '21 
Harner, Bertha I. '12 
Harner, Daniel Elmer '63 
Harner, Mary E. '62 
Harner, Richard C. '51 
Harnett, Minnie C. '81 
Harnett, Theres A. '92 
Harnichar, Andrew J. '64 
Harnish, Christine E. '63 
Harpe, S. Dean '40 
Harpel, Frances '14 
Harrell, William '57 
Harring, Maynard '52 
Harrington, Mary B. '19 
Harris, Ann P. '32 
Harris, Arlene M. '63 
Harris, B. Martha '26 
Harris, Bertha '94 
Harris, C. Dewey '18 
Harris, Dorothy M. '30 
Harris, Earl J. '42 
Harris, Edith C. '25 
Harris, Eva May '15 
Harris, Evelyn '27 
Harris, Ezro '32 
Harris, Frank C. '00 
Harris, Frank R. '64 
Harris, Gertrude M. '34 
Harris, Gloria Mae '55 
Harris, Helen E. *15 
Harris, Irene '31 
Harris, James E. '57 
Harris, Jennie '0.2 
Harris, John '07 
Harris, Mabel '51 
Harris, Mary E. '20 
Harris, Mary R. '96, '05 
Harris, Naomi R. '33 
Harris, Ona C. '12 
Harris, Philip '27 
Harris, Robert E. '53 
Harris, Robert W. '59 
Harris, Ruth '11, '35 
Harris, Ruth J. '62 
Harris, Sara '00 
Harris, Sarah J. '05 
Harris, Vivian '25 
Harrison, Ada F. '31 
Harrison, Adah D. ''02 
Harrison, Arthur H. '33, '39 
Harrison, Captain Ami '29 
Harrison, Dorothy '18 
Harrison, Eleanor B. '18 
Harrison, Elizabeth A. '63 
Harrison, Emma G. '16 
Harrison, Frederick R. '29 
Harrison, Harvey W. '11 
Harrison, Jennie '11 
Harrison, Margie P. '31 
Harrison, Minnie '01, '03 
Harrison, Minnie '99 
Harrison, Muriel '13 
Harrison, Neil S. '09 
Harrison, T. B. '81 
Harry, Alice Shaffer '36 
Hart, Alberta '09 
Hart, Alice R. '23 
Hart, Alice Rita '61 

Hart, Arline '23 
Hart, David A. '94 
Hart, Elizabeth J. '39, '40 
Hart. Florence S. '27 
Hart, John C. '93, '98 
Hart, Lenoi-e C. '24 
Hart, Lloyd '99 
Hart, Margaret D. '24 
Hart, Marion R. '22 
Hart, Maryan E. '25 
Hart, Mildred M. '39 
Hart, Peter '96 
Hart, Ralph '18 
Hart, Winifred '12 
Harter, Betty I. '36 
Harter, Creoda '11 
Harter, Edna S. '22 
Harter, Esther M. '29 
Harter, Gerald C. '35 
Harter, Grace D. '07 
Harter, Lillie M. '22 
Harter, M. Gertie '84 
Harter, M. M. '80 
Harter, Mollie Haas '55 
Harter, Roland '19 
Hartin, Stephen W. '64 
Hartline, Catharine '06 
Hartline, Florence '34 
Hartline, Florence Sara '60 
Hartline, H. Keffer '20 
Hartline, Mary M. '98 
Hartley, Harold '52 
Hartman, Beatrice '29 
Hartman, Beth E. '49 
Hartman, Blanche L. '05 
Hartman, Buddy McH. '49 
Hartman, C. N. '04 
Hartman, Clyde H. '50 
Hartman, Dayne A. '50 
Hartman, Dorothy N. '32 
Hartman, Earl B. '16 
Hartman, Edwin E. '64 
Hartman, Effie L. '90 
Hartman, Elizabeth '26 
Hartman, Elwood H. '34 
Hartman, Ethel '00, '04 
Hartman, Gerald C. '32 
Hartman, Gertrude '05 
Hartman, Grace '11 
Hartman, Harriet H. '12 '33 
Hartman, Hazel '14 
Hartman, Helen '35 
Hartman, Helen E. '16 
Hartman, Helen K. '32 
Hartman, Helen M. '11 
Hartman, Kimber A. '10 
Hartman, Lake L. '56 
Hartman, Louiso 'U 
Hartman, M. Helen K. '44 
Hartman, Margaret L. '27 
Hartman, Mary '27 
Hartman, Patricia A. '56 
Hartman, Robert '47 
Hartman, Robert N. '63 
Hartman, Ruth E. '21 
Hartman, Ruth Mahala '43 
Hartman, iSadie F. '08 
Hartman, Susan E. '64 
Hartman, Stuart L. '42 
Hartman, Theresa '62 
Hartman, Thomas G. '33 
Hartman, Vida H. '33 
Hartranft, Clara C. '16 
Hartranft, Emma V. '12 
Hartt, Miriam F. '31 
Hartt, Sarah E. '32 
Hartsock, Ronnie L. '64 
Hartung, Elizabeth '00 
Harturgson, Arline '26 
Hartzel, James W. '33 
Hartzel, John '58 
Hartzel, Thelma Anna '29 


Bloomsburg State College 

Hartzell, Blanche '04 
Hartzell, Carol Ann '62 
Hartzell, Howard R. Jr. '51 
Hartzell, Mabel L. "06 
Hartzell, Russell J. '13 
Hartzell, Sara E. '09 
Hartzelle, Helen '14 '49 
Harvey, Charles R. '34 
Harvey, Ellen '00 
Harvey, Katrine E. '83 
Harvey, Mary Agnes '16 
Harvey, Ronald G. '64 
Harvey, Sarah M. '84 
Harvey, Thomas W. '61 
Harwood, Chester J. '39 
Harwood, Theodore I. '49 
Hassert, Ellie H. '90 
Hassert, Marie '15 
Hassinger, Jessie M. '88 
Hassler, Blanche '00 
Hassler, Pauline '25 
Hastie. Irene D. '61 
Hastie, Jeannette B. '28 
Hastie, Jessie '27 
Hastie, Roberta L. '42 
Hastings, Hosella '27 
Haswell, Carol Ann '63 
Hathaway, Martha A. '48 
Hatrack, William '53 
Hauck, David R. '59 
Haupt, Elmer J. '23 
Haupt, Evelyn A. '26 
Haupt, Margaret R. '54 
Haupt, Ruth P. '26 
Haupt. Samuel W., Jr. '60 
Hausch, Adelaide C. '33 
Hausch, Mildred A. '26 
Hause, Kathryn V. '30 
Hausknecht, Claude E. '00 
Hausknecht, Donald D. '40 
Hausknecht, Rose Mary '40 
Hauze, Laura M. '34 
Hauze, Mary A. '33 
Havalkka, Elmer B. '38 
Havard, Catherine M. '22 
Havard, Joan M. '54 
Hawk, Amanda E. '11 
Hawk, Cady I. '92 
Hawk, Elizabeth E. '41 
Hawk, Hattie N. '10 
Hawk, Kenneth E. '31 '39 
Hawk, Lucy M. '11 
Hawk, Mabel V. '14 
Hawk, Margaret M. '34 
Hawk, Norman J. '49 
Hawk, Rav '03 
Hawk, Robert A. '34 
Hawk, Robert Alex. *49 
Hawk, Russell E., Jr. '51 
Hawke, Mabel L. '98 
Hawke, Patty Ann '59 
Hawkins, Rav E. '28 '37 
Hawley, Elizabeth S. '90 
Hawthorne, Donald B. '63 
Hay, Joyce E. '44 
Haver, "Veronica B. "29 
Hayes, Albert A. '35 
Hayes, Kathrine A. '22 
Hayes. Mary '03 
Hayes, Mary A. '29 
Hayes, Margaret A. '12 
Hayes, Thelma '26 
Hayhurst, Douglas '53 
Hayhurst, Helen W. '54 
Hayhurst, Susan A. '59 
Hayman, Adda '90 '04 
Hayman, Eleanor '90 
Hayman, Ha M. '06 
Haynes, Barbara J. '60 
Haynes. Nancy Ruth '30 
Hays, Mary A. *29 
Hay ward, William E. '98 

Haywood, Karen L. '6 4 
Heacock, Anna C. "53 
Heacock, Prances L. '05 
Heacock, Mary E. '13 
Headings, Any '97 
Headings, Esther A. '15 
Headman, Aletha '26 
Healey, Irene '23 
Healey, Margaret C. '27 
Healy, Genevieve C. '18 
Healy, H. Jack '56 
Healy, May L. '27 
Heatherington, Anne P. '64 
Heatley, Mary '58 
Heaton, Effie '93 
Heberling, Pearl '08 
Heck, Bernadine M. '59 
Heckenluber, Robert T. '3 8 
Hecker, Eli P. '95 
Heckman, David L. '52 
Heckman, Phyllis E. '36 
Hedden, Claire '19 
Heddings, Patricia M. '60 
Heebner, Nancy '53 
Heffelfinger, Mabel T. '43 
Hefferman, Marv E. '98 
Heffers, Helen C. '19 
Heffron, Catherine '27 
Hegartv, Ellen M. '31 
Hegartv, Kathryn M. '28 '52 
Hehl, M. Theresa '9 5 
Hehl, Minnie '94 
Heider, Judy A. '62 
Heidger, Robert R. "64 
Heim, Franklin L. 'fit 
Heimbach, Charles C. '12 
Heimbach, Irene V. '11 
Heimbach, Laura A. '24 
Heimbach, Ruth E. *19 
Heimbach, Stanley '35 
Heimbach, Virginia M. '40 
Heintzleman, Mary K. '28 '51 
Heiser, Dennis L. '64 
Heiser, Evelyn M. '33 
Heiser, Harry John '55 
Heiser, Sara E. '29 
Heisley, Joan K. '54 
Heiss, Charles A. '02 
Heiss, K. Margaret '19 
Heiss, Mildred '24 
Heiss, Raymond A. '28 
Heist, Mabel '99 
Heitsman, Florence M. '10 
Helfrich, Esther C. '15 
Helgemo, Ruth I. '59 
Helgemo, William R. '64 
Helveston. John M. '64 
Heller, Albert '61 
Heller, Anna '20 
Heller, C. B. '77 
Heller, Charlotte V. '02 
Heller, Dorothy N. '33 
Heller, Edwin '17 
Heller, Frank N. '62 
Heller, Irma L. '09 
Heller. Marv H. '11 
Heller, Walter E. '56 
Helman, Jennie S. '82 
Helman, Laura M. '84 
Helman, Lillian M. '90 
Helner. Lillie A. '77 
Helt. Wilbur *58 
Helwig, Bethia '27 
Helwig, Lillian '96 
Helwig, W. Ray '04 
Hemingway, G. Gladstone 'OS 
Hemingway, Marjorie '30 
Hemingway, Rowland '05 
Hemingway, Vera '05 
Hemler, Donald '58 
Hemlock, Michael '51 
Hendershot, Betsy Ann '56 

Hendershot Raymond E., 

Jr., '61 
Hendershot, Thelma '54 
Hendershott, Amie '71 
Hendershott, Charles N. '14 
Hendershott, Lida M. '28 
Hendershott, Warren '20 
Henderson, Belle F. '80 
Henderson, Carolyn '00 
Henderson, May '93 
Hendler, John F. "38 
Hendricks, Charles G. '92 
Hendricks, Edward F., 

Jr. '44 
Hendrickson, Effie '11 
Hendrickson, Margaret 

M. '32 
Hendrickson, Mary E. '14 
Hendrickson, Miriam '22 
Hendrickson, Roberta '57 
Henkleman, Augusta B. '01 
Henkleman, Gussie '07 
Henley, Shirley B. '49 
Hennigan, Mary M. '26 
Henning, Harry R. '00 
Henning, Mary Ellen '55 
Henninger, Glenn L. '59 
Henninger, Phyllis A. '60 
Henninger, Roger F. '60 
Henny, George R. '63 
Henrie, Charles H. '38 
Henrie, Charles W., Jr. '64 
Henrie, Elda M. '41 
Henrie, Ethel L. ''0-8 
Henrie, Gilbert '48 
Henrie, H. Claire '04 
Henrie, Harold C. '35 , 
Henrie, Hazel J. '12 
Henrie, Hester E. '21 
Henrie, J. Gilbert '11 
Henrie, Jean M. '14 
Henrie, Margaret M. '18 
Henrie, Reba M. '43 
Henrie, Romaine E. '31 
Henrie, William '18 
Henrie, William R. '11 
Henry, Alys '32 
Henry, Anna M. '11 
Henry, Carol R. '18 
Henrv, Eleanore A. '27 
Henrv, Ellen C. '25 
Henry, Ethel M. '06 
Henry Leroy K. '50 
Henry, Loraine W. '34 
Henry, Lucille P. '26 
Henry, Margaret E. '61 
Henry, Nellie '01 
Henry, Norman C. '38 
Henrv, Rebecca M. '61 
Henry, Stanlea '22 
Henrv, Thomas L. '31 
Hensley, Charles F. '33 
Hensley, Ida M. '29 
Hensley, Robert H. '64 
Henson, Ruth E. '34 
Henwood, Grace Mae '18 
Hepner, Nina E. '55 
Heppe, Grace '53 
Heppe. Lois M. '32 
Herald. William H. '64 
Herb, Curtis W. '50 
Herb. Joanne M. '64 
Herbert, E. Martha '25 
Hergert, Helen C. '27 
Hergert, Mary '56 
Herman, Alice M. '34 
Herman, Almira H. '20 
Herman, Camilla L. '21 
Herman, Claire '20 
Herman, George '58 
Herman, Harry M. '52 
Herman, Irvin L. '92 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Herman, James O. '90 
Herman, John, Jr. '58 
Herman, Nancy L. '59 
Herman, Stella M. '40 
Hermon, A. Jerome '92 
Herr, Leonard L. '42 
Herr, Mildred M. '28 
Herr, Olive V. *13 
Herr, "William '52 
Herring, Clinton '94 
Herring, Donald C. '60 
Herring, Dorothy '25 
Herring, G. S. '79 
Herring, Helen A. '06 
Herring, Laura '04 
Herring, Martha E. '08 
Herring, Mary B. '22 
Herriots, Bessie '25 
Herrold, Thomas G. '98 
Herron, J. D. '88 
Herron, Mary '95 
Hershel, Regina M. '53 
Hcsel, Virginia C. '64 
Hess, Aaron B. '94 
Hess, Amos '96 '97 
Hess, Anna M. '28 
Bess, Charles L. '13 
Hess, Chester C. '32 
Hess, Christine C. '85 
Hess, Cleo L. '27 
Hess, Cora L. '90 
Hess, Corinne A. '31 
Hess, D. M. '97 
Hess, Daisy '94 
Hess, Deri '07 
Hess, Dorothy L. '37 
Hess, Edna M. '12 
Hess, Elizabeth R. '45 
Hess, Elmer E. '91 
Hess, Esther J. '12 
Hess, Florence G. '88 
Hess, Florence L. '18 
Hess, Floyd L. '94 
Hess, Geraldine ''09 
Hess, Geraldine E. '27 
Hess, Geraldine R. '49 
Hess, Gertrude R. '92 
Hess, Harriet '07 
Hess, Hattie I. '90 
Hess, Hattie M. '27 
Hess, Hazel M. '24 
Hess, Helen '22 
Hess, Helen M. '10 
Hess, Helen Mae '27 
Hess, Katharine R. '16 
Hess, Kathleen A. '46 
Hess, Kathryn A. '43 
Hess, Linda Lou '63 
Hess, Luther P. *13 
Hess, Mareella C. '23 
Hess, Marion F. '25 
Hess, Marv A. '19 
Hpsr, Mary E. '07 
Hess, Marv E '15 
Hess, Mildred T. '28 
Hess, Mildred M. '23 
Hess, Miriam P. '11 
Hess. Oliver P. '99 
Hess, Palmer E. '04 
Hess, Patricia '54 
Hess, Paul Z. '11 
Hess, R. Harrv. '91 
Hess, Rhoda '25 
Hess, Richard C. '49 
Hess, Robert A. '6 
Hess, S. Frank '10 
Hess, Veda L. '19 
Hess, William H. *40 
Hess, "William M. '24 
Hessert, Barbara '52 
Hester, Joanne M. '56 
Heston, Jo Ann '59 

Heston, Lois F. '63 
Hetherington, Carol '57 
Hetherington, Florence '03 
Hetler, Arline R. '24 
Hetler, Eleanor '18 
Hetler, Geraldine '12 
Hetler, Miriam '13 
Hetrick, Frances T. '15 
Hettinger, Virgil '57 
Hetzendorf, Patricia '62 
Heupcke, Alice Z. '44 
Heupcke. William S. '41 
Heverly, Marion E. '27 
Hewitt, Dorothy M. '34 
Hewitt, Gertrude '99 
Hewitt, Louise F. '29 
Heydenreich, Myrtle E. '42 
Hiatt, Beth '02 
Hibbard, Wilbur J. *32 
Hibian, Emma '29 
Hickernell, Barbara K. '63 
Hicks, Carrie '03 
Hicks, Elsie E. '98 '99 
Hicks, Jennie '02 
Hicks, Lillian M. '85 
Hicks, William H. '64 
Hidlay, Clarissa B. '33 
Hidlay, Harold H. '30 
Hidlay, Kenneth '54 
Hidlay, Lillian '99 
Hidlay, Louise '26 
Hidlay, Mary L. '12 
Hidlay, Ruth '14 
Hidlay, Sara M. '16 
Higby, Carol D. '61 
Higgins, Belinda '99 
Higgins, Gregory '05 
Higgins, Julia M. '05 
Higgins, Katie E. '84 
Higgins, Mamie '16 
Higgins, Margaret '29 
Higgins, Marie C. '07 
Higgins, Mildred K. '26 
Higgins, Nan C. '33 
Higgins, Thomas J. '56 
Higgins, William E. '62 
High, Sarah A. '64 
Highfield, Mabel E. '29 
Hight, Frank R. *83 
Hilbert, Fannie H. '26 
Hilbert, Fred F. '98 
Hilbush, Arabel E. '43 
Hildebrand, Gertrude '25 
Hildebrand, Ruthe M. '28 
Hildix, Marie A. '25 
Hile, Laura "V. '24 
Hileman, Dorothy E. '30 '33 
Hileman, Robert E. '51 
Hileman, Ronald '60 
Hileman, Winnie '53 
Hilgert, Irene E. '27 
Hill, Charlotte A. '64 
Hill, Cora G. '16 
Hill, Edith M. '23 
Hill, Emily '01 
Hill, Fannie E. '29 
Hill, Fannv E. '29 
Hill, Florence H. '18 
Hill, Franklin E. '82 
Hill, Helen C. '19 
Hill, Helen R. *08 
Hill, Isabel S. '14 
Hill, LaVerne *25 
Hill, Margaret E. '28 '40 
Hill, Mary H. '19 
Hill, Mary J. *98 
Hill, Maude A. '86 
Hill, Rebecca A. '18 
Hill, Robert H. '38 
Hill, Walton B. '37 
Hill, William J. '53 
Hiller, Sherrill V. '55 

Hillis, Harriet S. '12 
Hillis, Lena B. '13 
Hilner, Ava Jo '61 
Hilscher, Carl, Jr. '58 
Hilton, Mabel M. '27 
Hinckey, Joseph M. '16 
Hinckley, Bess '09 
Hinckley, James L. '33 
Hinckley, James L '64 
Hindmarch, Bertha A, '42 
Hinds, James F '40 
Hindson, Mae G. '06 
Hine, Annie M. '88 
Hine, Harry O. '85 
Hines, Lillian '99 '0^0 
Hines, Margaret E. '21 '39 
giney, Walter G. '35 
Hinger, Carl '54 
Hinkel, Clayton H. '40 
Hinkel, Henrietta '04 
Hinkle, Catherine I. '28 
Hinkle, Marion E. '34 
Hinkle, Thomas L. '22 
Hmkley, Emma S '04 
Hippensteel, Edward E '11 
Hippensteel, Kenneth J »40 
Hippensteel, Miriam '26 
Hippensteel, Mollie J. '55 
Hippensteel, Myles D. '16 
Hippman. Robert S. '50 
Hirleman, Clyde '93 
Hirleman, Louis C. '31 
Hirliner, Etta M. '02 
Hirsch, F. Annabelle '12 
Hirsch, Gladys I. '28 
Hirsch, Irene E. '33 
Hirt, Evelyn J. '47 
Histed, Grace F. '55 
Hitchcock, Harriet M '04 
Hitchings, Albert '52 
Hittle, Gerald C. '61 
Hixon, Thomas J. '62 
Hmelmicky, John J. '46 
Hoagland, Elizabeth E. '42 
Hoagland, June '43 
Hoar, Donald L. '50 
Hoban, Alice I. '84 
Hoban, Annie E. '84 
Hobbes, D. Musgrove '83 
Hobbes, Ervin A. '17 
Hobbes, Gertrude '09 
Hobbes, Ina I. '12 
Hobbes, Marion E. '21 
Hobbs, Margaret '26 
Hoberg, Catherine '56 
Hoch, Wayne A. '63 
Hochberg, Charlotte A. *35 
Hochberg, Florence C. '31 
Hochberg, Mary H. '26 
Hock, Jere L. '6 3 
Hocker, Ann M. *63 
Hockenberry, Barbara '59 
Hockenberry, Nola M. '63 
Hodges, Ravmond T. '30 
Hodgson, Betsy E. '64 
Hodgson, Clarence T. '17 
Hodgson, Edith '12 
Hodgson, Margaret '12 
Hodgson, Ruth '17 
Hodovance, Betty Ann '63 
Hoegg, Marion H. '29 
Hoegg, Myrtle A. '29 
Hofer, Cecila G. '11 
Hoff, Hazel E. '27 
Hoffa, Eleanor C. '25 
Hoffa, Hattie A. '86 
Hoffa, Maizie E. '86 
Hoffa, Margaret *02 
Hoffecker, Mary H. '56 
Hoffman, Albert C. '64 
Hoffman, Alvin J. *61 
Hoffman, Anna E. *24 


Bloomsburg State College 

Hoffman, Arthur E. "19 
Hoffman, Betty J. '55 
Hoffman, Bonnie Lee '63 
Hoffman, Catherine L. '6 
Hoffman, Eva E. '27 
Hoffman, Guy '64 
Hoffman, Karen R. '64 
Hoffman, Karleen M. '28 *3<0 
Hoffman, Katharine '00 
Hoffman, Leo J. '11 
Hoffman, Paul M. '60 
Hoffman, Helen P. '63 
Hoffman, Sara Jane '54 
Hoffman, Susan '58 
Hoffner, Betta '58 
Hoffner, Harriet '20 
Hofmeister, Marjorie M. '28 
Hoke, George '95 
Holcombe, Alice E. '26 
Holderman, Bertha A. ''00 
Holland, Josephine '10 
Hollander, Sara '25 
Hollenbaugh, Mildred M. '35 
Hollenbeck, Catharine B. '44 
Holleran, Teresa M. '20 
Hollingshead, Robert A. '59 
Hollis, Edward J. '47 
Hollister, Anna C. '29 
Hollopeter, Cunia '99 
Hollopeter, Essene '02 
Holmes, Bessie J. '90 
Holmes, Christine E. '24 
Holmes, Sara L. '73 
Holoviak, Peggy R. '43 
Holovich, Helen '25 
Holt, James V. '64 
Holtzman, Nancy B. '55 
Holtzman, Rudolph V. '55 
Holuba, Josephine M. '30 
Homa, Eugene C. '63 
Hornet, Alice M. '24 
Homiak, Anna M. '33 
Homick, Michael '56 
Homisak, "William '49 
Homsher, Anne J. '56 
Honicher, Lillian '27 
Honicker, Bernice E. '42 
Hons, Frederick E. '62 
Hons, Russell C. '53 
Hontz, Carolyn '26 
Hontz, June L. '49 
Hook, Dorothy A. '28 
Hooks, Herbert C. '92 
Hoope, Blanche '07 
Hooper, Frank P. '84 
Hooper, Jean E. '49 
Hooper, Lillian B. '27 
Hoopes, Martha J. '00 
Hoover, Martha '25 
Hoover, Mary H. '26 
Hoover, Mildred E. '30 
Hoover, Dale W. '42 
Hope, Ruth '43 
Hopkins, Donald F. '64 
Hopkins, Julia M. '31 
Hopkins, Robert P. '39 
Ho ran, Kathryn '56 
Horger, James H. '61 
Hornberger, Bertha I. '34 
Hornberger, Dorothy M. '47 
Hornberger, Gertie A. '33 
Hornberger, Lester '52 
Hornberger, Mark A. '64 
Hornberger, Ralph E. '50 
Horn, Blanche C. '24 
Horn, Charles O. '41 
Horn, Lulu C. '05 
Horn, Margaret C. '13 
Horn, Mary A. '93 
Home, Hope H. '55 
Home, Lyle R. '51 
Home, Marlin '57 

Home, Virginia G. '55 
Horner, Maryellen '64 
Horning, Dorothy '57 
Hornung, Alice U. '34 
Horsefield, Alverda '27 
Hortman, Craig V. '63 
Hortman, Editihe B. '23 
Hortman, Edythe E. '27 '37 
Hortman, Irene '24 
Hortman, Lillie '06 
Horvath, William E. '47 
Hosey, Margaret A. '63 
Hosier, Carl L. '15 
Hosking, Elizabeth '03 
Hosier. Doris '48 
Hosier, Eudora E. '37 
Hosier, Margery N. '53 
Hosier, Ronald E. '6 3 
Hosier, Rush '96 
Hosier, Xen '47 
Hostetter, J. M. '98 
Hottenstein, Carol '23 
Hottenstein, Ellen '03 
Hottenstein, IS'ara E. '43 
Hotz, Stephen M. '46 
Houck, Donald C. '49 
Houck, Earl W. '40 
Houck, Florence S. '13 '14 
Houck, Frederick E. '09 
Houck, Frederick L. '39 
Houck, George W. '97 
Houck, Jean A. '64 
Houck, Maurice E. '10 
Houck, Robert C. '63 
Hough, Beverly '55 
Houghton, Laura A. '12 
Hourigan, Anna M. * 1<0' 
Hourigan, Sadie '06 
House, Mae B. '05 
Housel, Grace G. '00 '03 
Houseknecht, Freeman '99 
Houseknecht, Gary L. '61 
Houseknecht, George E. '41 
Houseknecht, Gerald '54 
Houseknecht, June A. '64 
Houseknecht. W. M. '93 
Housenick, Charles C. '60 
Houser, Albert W. '40 
Houser, Anna M. '24 
Houser, Creda F. '33 
Houser, Geneva '24 
Houser, Gretchen '15 
Houser, Helen L. '3'4 
Houser, James C. '85 
Houser, Jennie T. '30 
Houser, Mildred '24 
Houser, Pauline M. '34 
Houser, Philip S. Ill '61 
Houseweart, Carol A. '63 
Houtz, Alfred '96 '97 
Houtz, Howard '03 
Houtz, Marv E. '95 
Howard, C. Ellen '63 
Howard, Gerald F. '64 
Howard, Herman W.. Jr. '59 
Howard, James L. '64 
Howard, Lena M. '15 
Howard, Mae L. '07 
Howard, Martha '23 
Howarth, John '98 
Howe, Gladys A. '16 
Howell, A. Margaret '05 
Howell, G. L. '04 
Howell, Helen '19 
Howell, Helen '25 
Howell, Lois B. '16 
Howell, Mary *23 
Howell, Thomas J. '35 
Howell, Winifred K. '59 
Howell, Z. R. '00 '03 
Howells. Ann L. '32 
Howells, Helen J. '27 

Hower, Alfred '74 
Hower, Carolyn '49 
Hower, Charles M. '18 
Hower, Clair '20i 
Hower, Donald C. '35 
Hower, Dorothy E. '37 
Hower, Ethel L. '11 
Hower, Grace '62 
Hower, Heister '24 
Hower, Heister V. '81 
Hower, Helen E. '23 
Hower, John S. '98 
Hower, Lewis C. '62 
Hower, Lizzie R. '77 
Hower, Luther P. '37 
Hower, Margaret V. '20 
Hower, Rebecca '15 
Hower, Wilbur L. '33 
Howeth, Marie L. '29 
Howeth, Minnie E. '32 
Hoy, Harold L. '22 
Hoy, Marie S. '32 
Hoy, Nanette L. '55 
Hoyt, Charles '59 
Hoyt, E. Bruce '02 
Hoyt, Emmett M. '23 
Hoyt, Kittie B. '17 
Hoyt, Mae '00 
Hrisko, William '52 
Huber, Bertha '94 
Huber, Dora I. '97 
Huber, Hazel '05 
Huber. James H. '62 
Hubiak, John '43 
Hubicki, Joseph A. '61 
Hubler, Elizabeth H. '31 '45 
Hubler, Harry C. '94 
Huda, John J. '60 
Hudak, Daniel A. '57 
Hudak, Gloria A. '64 
Hudock, Frank '34 '36 
Hudock, Joseph E. '41 
Huebner, Florence E. '10 
Huff, Erma C. '50 
Huff, Raymond A. '50 
Hughes, Claire R. '63 
Hughes, Coralie '57 
Hughes, Edward '96 
Hughes, Eleanor L. '29 
Hughes, Elizabeth '93 
Hughes, Elizabeth L. '06 
Hughes, Ethel P. "14 
Hughes, George R. '51 
Hughes, Harry '57 
Hughes, Hazel P. '13 
Hughes, Janet '54 
Hughes, Jennie '93 
Hughes, Laura '99 
Hughes, Margaret '23 
Hughes, Margaret J. '26 
Hughes, Mary I. '09 
Hughes, Mary O. '00 
Hughes, Milton '52 
Hughes, Nancy '58 
Hughes, Patricia A. '64 
Hughes, Robert W. '56 
Hughes, S. Elizabeth '86 
Hughes, Sarah J. '94 
Hughes, Stella M. '96 
Hughes, William '58 
Hughes, William A. "63 
Hughes, William T., Jr. '63 
Hugo, Stanley R. '61 
Hull, Edith A. '08 
Hull, Frances E. '42 
Hull, Margaret M .'30 
Hullihan, Vincent T. '41 
Humes, Harry '64 
Hummel, Agnes M. '34 
Hummel, Bessie M. '33 
Hummel, Cleo '38 
Hummel, Daisy '14 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Hummel, Ethel M. '60 
Hummel, Foster M. '20 
Hummel, Letha E. '3'9 
Hummel, Mildred M. '27 
Hummel, R. Eugene '53 
Hummel, Richard '51 
Hummel, Sarah E. '45 
Hummel, William W. '47 
Hummel, Woodrow W. '33 
Hummer, Clare '6'0' 
Humphrey, Catherine L. '86 
Humphrey, Sandra C. '62 
Humphreys, Prank '>03 
Hunley, Hazel E. *63 
Hunsicker, Clarence L. '32 
Hunsinger, Marie G. '32 
Hunsinger, Terry L. '63 
Hunsinger, Willard L. '62 
Hunt, A. Levi '83 
Hunt, M. Louis '84 

Hunt, Mary J. '76 
Hunter, Alda R. '46 
Hunter, Duane W. '59 
Hunter, Earl T. '37 
Hunter, Etta '06 
Hunter, Olive '91 
Huntington, Barbara M. '59 
Huntz, Robert J. '56 
Hurlburt, Thelma '25 
Hurter, Gail E. '61 
Hurtt, Henry '52 
Hurtt, Richard G. '55 
Husovsky, Vincent F. '46 
Hutcheson, Richard B. '61 
Hutterstine, Marian L. '61 
Hutchings, Esther A. '31 
Hutchings, Marian G. '15 
Hutchings, Orpha L. '25 
Hutchinson, Cora '91 
Hutchinson, Donald '57 

Hutchinson, Donna A. '59 
Hutchinson, Louise G. '83 
Hutchinson, Winifred A, '21 
Hutchison, Frank S. '16 
Hutson, Ruth E. '89 
Hutton, Emily R. '26 
Hutton, Helen E. '37 
Hutton. Helen E. '28 
Hutton, Oswell B. '13 
Hutton, Robert M. '34 
Hutton, Ruth '18 
Hutton, W. Neil '22 
Hutton, William '92 
Hutz, Walter '58 
Hvasta, Susan D. '53 
Hyde, Dorothy B. *61 
Hyde, Harold H. '36 
Hyde, Nancy '57 
Hyde, Pauline '14 
Hyssong, Estella M. '29 

I — 

Ickes, John L. '62 
Ide, Jeannette '60 

Ikeler, Beryl '26 

Ikeler, Darl P. '19 

Ikeler, Donald F. '11 

Ikeler, Frank A. '86 

Ikeler, Fred T. '86 

Ikeler, Irene H. '04 

Ikeler, Iris '12 

Ikeler, Irma '98 

Ikeler, Jessie '03 

Ikeler, Kenneth C. '09 

Ikeler, Larry C. '64 

Jackovitz, Edward F. '50 
Jackson, Catherine '29 
Jackson, John. S. '99 
Jackson, Lee R. '63 
Jackson, Mary F. '25 
Jackson, Ruth L. '33 
Jacobosky, Rosa '95 
Jacobosky, iS'tella '95 
Jacobs, Ada M. '95 
Jacobs, Charles K. '50 
Jacobs, Harry '02 
Jacobs, Mary '01 
Jacobs, Walter J. '63 
Jacobs, William '54 
Jacoby, Ethel E. '31 '49 
Jacques, Alice M. '51 
Jaffin, Anna '27 
Jaffin, Fred T. '34 
Jaffin, Nicholas E. '31 
Jaffin, Peter C. '24 
Jameison, Everett N. '27 
Jameison, Harold '03 
James, Adam '6'0> 
James, Alice E. '29 
James, Anna '97 
James, Anna L. '17 
James, Barbara A. '62 
James, Charles P. '38 
James, Elvira J. '35 
James, Hattie R. '97 
James, Kathryn '03 
James, Lizzie '97 
James, Lysod H. '07 
James, Martha V. '08 
James, Nyvanny E. '24 
James, Olwen '23 
James, Richard D. '64 
James, Ruth A. '42 
James, Sarah E. '34 

Ikeler, Patricia A. '62 
Ikeler, Rebecca '15 
Ikeler, Winifred M. '50 
lies, Joseph D., Jr. '54 
Inch, William '6» 
Imboden, Lawrence L. '42 
Imboden, Nell '05 
Ingram, Catherine R. '31 
Irvin, Florence G. '89 
Irvin, Hannah M. '16 
Irvin, Irene M. '12 
Irzinski, Paul '58 
Isaac, Lucille F. '60 

— J — 

James, Susan W. '07 
James, Walter G. '50 
James, William E. '95 
James, William L. '33 
Jameson, Catherine '11 '13 
Jamison, Edith M. '14 
Janell, George M. '28 
Janerich, Maureen P. '63 
Janetka, Carl J. '59 
Janniceilli, Genevieve M. '28 
Jannicelli, Michael P. '24 
Jannlewicz, Viola '27 
Jarman, Richard E. '50 
Jarrett, Ann '23 
Jarrett, Theodore W. '60 
Jarzenbowicz, J. B. '26 
Jarzenbowicz, Louise R. '29 
Jasczak, Leonard A. '50 
Jashinski, Stanley A. '64 
Jasper, Charles E. '64 
Jayne, Elsie H. '08 
Jayne, Eunice '23 
Jayne, Mabel H. '04 
Jayne, Mary S. '99 
Jehn, Anna '20 
Jenkes, Helen L. '28 '36 
Jenkins, Arthur C. '26 '27 
Jenkins, Bessie A. '31 
Jenkins, Charlotte M. '07 
Jenkins, David W. Ill '52 
Jenkins, Elizabeth '63 
Jenkins, Elizabeth M. '35 
Jenkins, F. H. '76 
Jenkins, Iva C. '33 
Jenkins, John C. '63 
Jenkins, M. Evelyn '30 
Jenkins, Margaret E. '04 '06 
Jenkins, Mary L. '33 
Jenkins, Nan R. '17 

Isaac, Margaret R. '26 
Isaacs, Albert G. '00 
Isaacs, Annie E. '17 
Isaacs, Florence A. '32 
Isaacs, Mary '27 
Isenburg, Anna E. '30 
Iveson, Barrie J. '61 
Ivey, Donald W. '64 
Ivey, Doyle W. '28 
Ivey. Harriet E. '28 
Ivey, Ha A. '31 
Ivey, Lois M. '31 

Jenkins, Ruth D. '24 '62 
Jenkins, Ruth D. '25 
Jenkins, Thomas H. '40 
Jenkins, William G. '05 
Jennings, Anne E. '26 
Jennings, Kathryn '17 
Jennings, P. Joseph '62 
Jennings, Susan '14 
Jensen, John E. '64 
Jeremiah, E. Thelma '23 
Jeremiah, Mollie E. '19 
Jerge, Agnes A. * i 0'6 
Jerge, George M. '13 
Jermyn, Angela '27 
Jermyn, Emma J. '27 
Jermyn, Vivian M. '27 
Jervis, Caroline '21 
Jessop, Charles, Jr. '58 
Jessop, John F. '58 
Jewell, Robert J. '51 
Jewett, Elizabeth E. '98 
Jewett, Marguerite F. '65 
Jillson, Lulu '06 
Jiunto, Merilee M. '64 
John, Barton '91 
John, Charles A. '30 
John, Desda E. '32 
John, Dorothy K. '24 
John, Harry G., Jr. '48 
John, Helen '89 
John, Kathryn B. *3'6 
John, Lillian I. '93 
John, Mary A. '00 
John, Rebecca A. '02 
John, Rosa A. '04 
Johns, Ben M. '94 
Johns, George F. '53 
Johns, Gordon P. '26 
Johns, Irene H. '29 


Bloomsburg State College 

Johns, James J. '32 
Johns, Norma A. '07 
Johns, Richard W. '61 
Johns, Rosanne '64 
Johns, Ruth M. '24 
Johns, S. Blanche '07 
Johnson, Anna C. '(M) 
Johnson, Anna E. '34 
Johnson, B. R. '94 
Johnson, Barbara A. '51 
Johnson, Bartlett H. '96 
Johnson, Beverly S. '62 
Johnson, Bina W. '12 
Johnson, Catherine B. '28 
Johnson, Donald '21 
Johnson, Doris A. '29 
Johnson, D. K. *34 '36 '39 
Johnson, Dorothy R. '43 
Johnson, Doyle W. '50 
Johnson. Edith M. '28 
Johnson, Edward '52 
Johnson, Eleanor '52 
Johnson, Eleanor M. '44 
Johnson, Elizabeth J. '21 
Johnson, Ella '57 
Johnson, Francis R. '50 
Johnson, Grace F. '11 
Johnson, Grace M. '22 
Johnson, Helen L. '41 
Johnson, Howard S. '95 
Johnson, James '58 
Johnson, Janice '53 
Johnson, John A. '61 
Johnson, John C. '54 
Johnson, Josiah F. '97 
Johnson, K. Mildred '26 
Johnson, Laura P. '11 
Johnson, Lillian '17 
Johnson, Lois C. '39 
Johnson, Louie H. '97 
Johnson, Margaret J. '08 
Johnson, Marian K. '26 
Johnson, Marie '12 
Johnson, Marion '02 
Johnson, Marion '25 
Johnson, Marion F. '19 
Johnson, Mary D. '30 
Johnson, Mary M. '39 
Johnson, Muriel V. '21 
Johnson, Nancy L. '64 
Johnson, Pauline M. '21 
Johnson, Robert L. '09 
Johnson, Robert L. '42 
Johnson, Rochelle K. '64 
Johnson, Rosemary P. '45 
Johnson, Ruth E. '20 
Johnson, Thomas '54 
Johnston, Bertha L. '94 
Johnston, David M. '64 
Johnston, Grace E. '26 
Johnston, John E. '56 
Johnston, Joseph W. '59 
Johnston, S. Arlene '24 
Johnston, Samuel J. '93 
Johnston, W. C. '87 
Johnstone, Ida '24 
Johnstone, Mary E. '31 
Johnstone, Robert L. '61 
Jolly, E. Louise '>0<7 
Jolly, Raymond G. '05 
Jones, A. Fay '20 
Jones, Adelia C. '23 
Jones, Aldwen D. '33 
Jones, Alice '24 


Alice I. '27 
Alma '10 
Anna '29 
Anne P. '15 
Anne Z. '24 
Bessie '00 
Blandford '54 
Bonnie J. '63 
Bruce T. '88 
C. Diane '56 
Caroilee '62 
Catherine L. '43 
Cora E. '81 
Daniel J. '36 
David M. '43 
Deborah '39 
Dorothy '29 
Dorothy G. '32 
Dorothy J. '31 '38 
Dorothy J. '32 
Dorothy K. '31 
Dorothy V. '28 
Elfed H. '30 
Elizabeth S. '27 
Elsie A. '17 
Elsie E. '00 
Elsie E. '25 
Emma J. '78 
Emma S. '64 
Esther C. '31 
Esther R. '24 
Ethel B. '13 
Flora B. '86 
Florence E. '25 
Florence G. '29 
Florence M. '25 
Florence M. '30 
Franklin E. '54 
Freda E. '17 
Gertrude '95 
Gladys '40 
Gladys E. '30 
Gladys E. '40 
Gladys S. '24 
Gordon D. '62 
Grace E. '27 
Gwladys '40 
H. Elizabeth '32 
Hattie W. '95 
Hannah '94 
Helen '00 
Helen C. '13 
Helen G. '23 
Helen G. '24 
Helen M. '27 
Herbert '23 
Herbert L. '61 
Hermie '95 
Hettie C. '59 
Ida M. '95 
Isaac T. '40 
Isabelle '22 
James L. (Mrs.) '59 
James W. '26 
Janice A. '50 
Jennie P. '25 
Jessie N. '16 
Joanne DeB '60 
John L. '49 
John R. '12 
John T. '88 
Joseph '57 
Kathleen M. '13 
Kathryn '3* 



Letha M. 
Lizzie '88 
Lizzie J. '92 
Louise B. '17 
Luther '50 
Madaline L. '22 
Margaret '10 
Margaret '25 
Margaret E. '90 
Margaret E. '23 
Margaret J. '24 
Margaret J. '28 
Margaret L. '25 
Margaret M. '42 
Margaret R. '18 
Margaret R. '30 
Margery '99 
Marjorie L. '33 
Marjorie V. '28 '52 
Martha '96 
Martha '01 
Martha Y. '22 
Mary A. '64 
Mary E. '97 
Mary E. '27 
Maud '97 
Merlyn '54 
Miriam E. '07 
Muriel E. '18 
Muriel P. '29 
Richard H. '53 
Richard K. '63 
Robert F. '62 
Ruth '12 
Ruth B. '44 
Ruth E. '32 
ISarah A. '24 
Sheldon C. '39 
Shirley H. '50 
Theophele '56 
Thomas C. '52 
Verna E. '36 
W. E. '06 
Walter H. ''00 
"Warren H. '12 
William B. '26 
William B. '29 
William J. '24 
William M. '30 
.. Wilma I. '53 

Jordan, Bridget N. '10 

Jordan, John J. '60 

Jordan, Katie D. '97 

Jordan, Mary M. 98 

Jordan, Reginald L. '03 '04 

Jordan, Rema E. '18 

Joseph, Alice '00 

Joseph, Mary '24 

Joseph, Philip J. '49 

Joy, James '57 

Joy, Robert D. '47 

Joyce, Angela '15 

Joyce, James A. '14 '16 

Joyce, Walter '17 

Joyce, "William '98 

Judge, Helen ''0'2 

Judge, Nellie '97 

Julio, Theresa '58 

Junkin, Sara A. '91 

Jurasik, Theodore E. 

Jury, Kathryn '25 

Jury, Lucile '22 

Justin. Edith D. '37 


Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


— K — 

Kabrisk, Nellie M. '18 
Kaczmarek, Edward J. '64 
Kaczmarek, Joanne M. '63 
Kadtke, Carl F. '60 
Kafka. Albert J. '33 
Kahler, Anna I. '97 
Kahler, Gary R. '62 
Kahler, Irene G. '08 
Kahler, Laura M. '24 
Kahler, Ruth H. '19 
Kahny, Mary C. *17 
Kahny, Valetta L. '16 
Kaji, Walter U. '05 
Kaler, Ronald '52 
Kelinoski, Sophia '27 
Kallenbach, George '54 
Kallenbach, Mary E. '53 
Kalweit, Albert C. *30 
Kaminski, Eloise '58 
Kaminsky, Charles J. '29 
Kaminsky, Frank '57 
Kamm, Harold R. '50 
Kamowski, Rosalie M. '61 
Kanaskie. Ronald B. '55 
Kanasky, "William F. '40 
Kane, Anna V. '24 
Kane, Annie '97 
Kane, Bernard W. '45 
Kane, Betty M. '62 
Kane, Joseph D. '26 
Kane, Joseph D. '3>5 
Kane, Margaret M. '46 
Kane, Margaret V. '32 
Kane, Mary M. '34 
Kane, Nancy J. '64 
Kane, Patrick J. '24 
Kane, Sr. M. Anseilm '23 
Kane, Sr. M. Eileen '23 
Kane. Veronica D. '54 
Kanjorski, Anthony E. '32 
Kanouse, Sara A. '27 
Kantner, Robert J. '39 
Kanyok, Joan '55 
Kanyuck, Calvin W. '52 
Kanyuck, John S. '26 
Kapes, Eugene H. '64 
Kaplafka, John '57 
Kaplan, Max *51 
Kapochus, Leonard '57 
Kapp, Irma C. '30 '49 
Kapral, Georgiann '60 
Kapsak, Edward J. '59 
Karalus, Helen K. '23 
Karas, Vincent W. '50 
Karcher. Phillip '30 
Karohner, Mabel P. '90 
Karlovich, Raymond S. '61 
Karmilowicz, Kayann '62 
Karnes, Donald M. '47 
Karnes, James E. '34 
Karns, Helen C. '13 
Karns, Marie '25 
Karns, Martha '57 
Karschner, Lloyd W. '83 
Karshner, William A. '36 
Kasaczun, Alice H. '31 
Kasarda, Emil G. '63 
Kase, Charles L. A. '98 
Kase, Harriet '09 
Kase, Katharine M. '18 
Kase, Mary R, '63 
Kashimba, Raymond P. '63 
Kashner, Benj. F. '0© 
Kashner, Harold R. '62 
Kashner, James E. '56 
Kashner, Molvene K. '60 
Kashner, Myrna H. '28 

Kashner, Robert J. '5>0' 
Kashner, Sandra E. '60 
Kasihuba, Margaret K. '50 
Kashuba, Matthias F. '47 
Kasnitz. Anna H. '23 
Kasnitz, Fannie P. '23 
Kasnitz, Geneva '25 
Kasper, John J. '59 
Kastelic, Ernest '49 
Kastrupps, Anna '01 
Kaszewski, Sophie C. '29 
Katalinas, Mary E. '61 
Katerman, Beatrice M. '43 
Kauffman, Evelyn H. "24 
Kauffman, Grace R. '31 
Kauffman, Lee '97 
Kaufhold, Edith '03 
Kaufman, D. Lucille '26 
Kautter, Richard H. '64 
Kautz, William D. '57 
Kazmerovicz, Charles J. '49 
Kazunas, Milda R. '31 
Kealy, Alice M. '34 
Kealy, Annie R. '35 
Kearney, George L. '50 
Kearney, Jennie C. '89 
Kearney, Katie I .'95 
Kearney, Lillian M. '13 
Kearns, Donald C. '51 
Keating, Bessie '30 
Keating, Claire E. '19 
Keating, Doilores E. '31 
Keating, Florence E. '36 
Keating, Helen C. '02 
Keating, John P. '15 
Keating, Mary L. '26 
Keefer, Charles M. '96 '98 
Keefer, Edith C. '34 '39 
Keefer, Edna '58 
Keefer, Eugene M. *33 '46 
Keefer, Hazel F. '31 '33 
Keefer, Joseph P. '56 
Keefer, Lawrence V. '20 
Keefer, Margaret E. '24 
Keefer, Marilyn R. '59 
Keefer, Myrtle M. '13 
Keeler, Charles W. '10 
Keeler, Edith R. '13 
Keeler, F. Irene '11 
Keeler, Frances '23 
Keeler, Hazel E. '46 
Keeler, Lola '27 
Keeler, Lucy M. '30 
Keeler, Ray '99 
Keeler, Ronald F. '34 
Keeler, Wanda R. '12 
Keen, Carrie H. '18 
Keen, Dolores Y. '63 
Keen, Helen C. '13 
Keen, Jessie '25 
Keen, Laura M. '91 
Keen, Maude O. '25 
Keen, Ruth '23 
Keen, Theodore R. '26 
Keen, Winifred '31 
Keener, Kathryn M. '43 
Keener, Paul L. '51 
Keesler, Mary E. '41 
Keffer, Hallie F. '92 
Kegolis, Joseph R. '63 
Kehler, Deborah H. '34 
Kehler, Faye L. '63 
Kehler, Helen J. '26 
Kehler, J. Grant '00 
Kehler, Mabel M. '31 
Kehler, Miriam M. '20 
Kehler, Ronald E. '20 

Kehler, Wanda M. '46 
Kehoe, Margaret '02 
Kehren, Helen C. '19 
Keiber, A. E. '02 '05 
Keibler, W. Ailfred '39 
Keifer, Harry MM) 1 
Keim, Edna '54 
Keim, Martha '02 
Keiper, Florence A. '55 
Keiper, J. Claude '86 
Keiper, Maud '97 
Keiper, Violet A. '23 
Keirnan, Phyllis M. '3i2 
Keiser, Edwin R. '49 
Keiser, Margaret C. '12 
Keiser, Myrtle E. '17 
Keiser, Norman F. '50 
Keiser, Rose '94 
Keiser, Samuel E. '63 
Keiser, Shirley J. '47 
Keiser, Thomas H. '11 
Keiter, George H. '94 
Keiter. Sara E. '26 
Keiter, William 19. *93 
Keith, Dorothy M. '30 
Kelchner, Charles L. '40 
Kelchner, Erma V. '31 
Kelchner, Ethel '06 
Kelchner, Marvin R. '63 
Kelchner, Rodney C. '56 
Kelder, Jeanne A. '50 
Kelder, Theilma C. '30 
Kelechaw, Julia '29 
Keleman, Louis J. '56 
Kellagher, Florence '24 
Kellam, Edith '95 
Kellam, Helen R. '26 '32 
Keller, Armond G. '30 
Keller, Catherine '58 
Keller, Cora S. '47 
Keller. Daniel C, Jr. '60 
Keller, Derlene '60 
Keller, Doyle C. '32 
Keller, Edith E. '01 
Keller, Edna E, '40 
Keller, Elhannan L. '63 
Keller, Elizabeth '26 
Keller, Elsie V. '32 
Keller, Ethel M. '32 
Keller, Hannah E. '49 
Keller, Helen M. '23 
Keller, Helen M. '32 
Keller, Inez '32 
Keller, Jane L. '50 
Keller, Jeanne '45 
Keller, June '49 
Keller, Karen R. '64 
Keller, Mabel '95 
Keller, Madge '25 
Keller, Margaret D. '28 
Keller, May P. '12 
Keller, Russell '14 
Keller, Verna '09 
Keller, Verna M. '27 
Keller, William J. '63 
Keller, William U. '17 
Kelley, Alice E. '20 
Kelley, Andrew F. '61 
Kelley, Anna G. '23 
Kelley, Bernard J. '13 
Kelley, Genevieve J. '26 
Kelley. Laura G. '3 3 
Kelley, Mabel R. '17 
Kelley, Mary A. '07 
Kelley, Mary C. '24 
Kelley, Mary E. '03 'W 
Kelley, Patrick A. '93 


Bloomsburg State College 

Kellogg, Paul H. '60 
Kelly, Bernetta M. '25 
Kelly, Bertha '97 
Kelly, Daniel E. '50 
Kelly, Essie '25 '27 
Kelly, James J. '34 
Kelly, Jeannette D. '20 
Kelly, Margaret B. '98 
Kelly, Marie W. '31 
Kelly, Martin '04 
Kelly, Mary A. '91 
Kelly, Mary E. '31 
Kelly, Mary K. '43 
Kelly, Mildred E. '26 
Kelly, N. C. '04 
Kelly, Rostand '35 
Kelly, Sarah '88 
Kelminiski, Emma '04 
Kelsey, John E. '16 
Kelshaw, Joan '54 
Kemler, Lane L. '62 
Kemler, Penny H. '62 
Kemp, Anna G. '50 
Kemp, Gordon L. '51 
Kemp, Mary D. '61 
Kemp, Patricia '57 
Kemp, Wilbur H. '50 
Kempfer, Amelia '98 
Kemmerer, Arthur E. '03 
Kemper, Marion R. '28 
Kemple, Daniel T. '40 
Kendler, J. W. Jr. '18 '19 
Kendall, Clifford J. '49 
Kendall, Kathleen '16 
Kendall, Ruth C. '12 
Kenlly, Sue M. '02 
Kenna, Genevieve '09 
Kenna, Michael J. '64 
Kennard, Fannie E. '89 
Kennedy, Charles '84 
Kennedy, Clare M. '12 
Kennedy, Cormac P. '11 
Kennedy, Elaine B. '64 
Kennedy, Eleanor '52 
Kennedy, Emily '00 
Kennedy, Hannah '85 
Kennedy, John L. '53 
Kennedy, Julia M. '91 
Kennedy, Veronica M. '19 
Kenney, Arthur J. '64 
Kenney, Julia A. '19 
Kenvin, Jane L. '50 
Kenworthy, Ruey E. '28 
Kepler, Mary '27 
Kepner, Betty L. '43 
Kepner, Sue O. '31 
Kepping, George '50 
Kepping, Martha P. '5'0< 
Ker, Donald E. '59 
Kerchner, Herbert R. '53 
Kerchusky, William G. '41 
Kerl, Catherine '58 
Kerlin, Nellie R. '95 
Kerlish, Kathryn D. '62 
Kern, Edna M. '61 
Kern, Emily C. '79 
Kern, Estella L. '81 
Kern, Jessie '97 
Kerns, John A. '92 
Kerns, Nanci C. '64 
Kerr, Emily B. '47 
Kerrigan, Mary E. '05 
Kershaw, Mary A. '28 
Kershner, Earl O. '36 
Kershner, Gerald L. '56 
Kerstetter, Earl P. '6 4 
Kerstetter, Helen '58 
Kerstetter, Leona M. '25 
Kerstetter, Mary '58 
Kerstetter, Mary I. '18 
Kerstetter, Mary M. '29 
Kerstetter, Relda '41 

Kessler, Allen '57 
Kessler, George E. '36 
Kessler, James '55 
Kessler, Joseph J. '59 
Kessler, K. Elizabeth '2.3 
Kessler. Ruth L. '59 
Kester, Ann O. '63 
Kester, Eura M. '09 '13 
Kester, Fred '17 '33 
Kester, Fred W. '33 
Kester, Hazel D. '11 
Kester, Joe M. '19 
Kester, Leona A. '04 
Kester, Mary '00 
Kester, Raymond R. '18 
Kester, Rennay '06 
Kester, Ruth J. '45 
Kester, Sadie '76 
Kester, Veda E. '17 
Kester, Viola M. '28 
Ketcham, Margaret W. '29 
Ketner, George W. '59 
Ketner, Jared A. '62 
Keyser, Raymond N. '15 
Keyser, Richard B. '50 
Kichline, Carroll F. '60 
Kidron, Charles A. '59 
Kiefer, Charles '99 
Kiefer, Lawrence J. '40 
Kiefer, Margaret R. '88 
Kiefer, Vernamae C. '52 
Kierstead, Irene '03 
Kiessling, Mary A. '61 
Kiethline, Marguerite B. '29 
Kight, Karliss '47 
Kilcoyne, Marion C. '19 
Kile, Dean P. '62 
Kile, Esther L. '31 
Kile, Melva K. '28 
Kile, Nelson H. '52 
Kilker, Patrick J. '34 
Killgore, Marjorie C. '26 
Killgore, R. S. '17 
Killian, Anne H. '27 
Killian, Gertrude B. '28 
Killian, Ida E. '29 '51 
Killian, Margaret '26 
Killian, Mary R. '23 
Kilmer, Aaron A. '04 
Kilmer, Miles '00 '01 
Kilpatrick, Evelyn '57 
Kimbel, Alice C. '32 '34 
Kimble, Bessie W. '14 
Kimble. Cora E. '89 
Kimble, Doris H. '2S 
Kimble, Eleanor S. '98 
Kimble, Hazel H. '22 
Kimble, Josie M. '26 
Kimmel, Anne M. '80 
Kimmel, Minnie '79 
Kinder, Joseph E. '55 
Kindig, Barbara A. '62 
Kindig, Bruce '17 
Kindig, Ralph W. '17 
Kindig, Roy C. '15 
Kindt, Thelma A. '62 
Kinerim, Robert F. '31 
King, Donald F. '50 
King, J. Marie '22 
King, John W. '83 
King, Katherine E. '24 
King, Richard E. '64 
King, Virginia C. '46 
Kingsbury, Ethel '09 
Kingsbury, Marjorie E. '16 
Kingsbury, Sheldon C. '33 
Kingsley, Jeannette F. ''001 
Kinner, Frances E. '19 
Kinney, Cleo D. '45 
Kinney, James A. '06 
Kinports, Harry A. '84 
Kinsel, Grant A. '80 

Kinsman, Edward E. '99 
Kintner, Mary C. '91 
Kintner, Ruth C. '01 
Kintner. Sadie '09 
Kintner, William '05 
Kirk, Julia '00 
Kirk, Kenneth G. '54 
Kirkendall, Mary E. '05 
Kirkendall, Ruth H. '13 
Kirker, Thomas J. '31 
Kirkhuff, Asa W. '19 
Kirkicklis, Matilda M. '36 
Kiryluk, Alice M. '41 
Kisatsky, Thomas J. '59 
Kish, Sophia A. '59 
Kishbach, Grace S. '19 
Kishbach, Robert H. '51 
Kishbaugh, Levi A. '63 
Kisner, Dorothy B. '31 
Kisner, Eliza S. '87 
Kisner, Helen "02 '04 
Kisner, Jacob '75 '77 
Kisner, Minnie '96 
Kissinger, Flora '54 
Kissinger, Joseph '54 
Kistler, Elaine E. '64 
Kistler, Ida A. '78 
Kistler, Josephine '23 
Kistler, Patricia '52 
Kistler, Sevilla M. '24 
Kistler, W. Fred '27 
Kistner, Charlotte '96 
Kitch, Clyde C. '35 
Kitchen, Anna R. '92 
Kitchen, Arvilla '07 
Kitchen, Barbara A. '64 
Kitchen, Celeste '80 
Kitchen, Clark E. '04 
Kitchen, Ella M. '88 
Kitchen, Florence '96 '05 
Kitchen, Ianthe '12 
Kitchen, James H. '61 
Kitchen, Lena M. '00 
Kitchen, Minnie L. '90 
Kitchen, Richard '62 
Kitchen, Thalia E. '26 
Kitchen, W. M. '88 
Kitchener, Rosina '35 
Kitrick, Ethel M. "2'0 
Kittle, Clara D. '83 
Kivler, Grace B. '29 
Klapps. Rachel '28 
Klase, M. May '10 
Klase, Maude E. '13 
Klatch, Patricia A. '63 
Klawitter, Ruth R. '43 
Kleback, Margaret D. '29 
Kleckner, Donald R. '64 
Kleckner, Grace C. '24 
Kleckner, Pearl N. '15 
Kleczynski, Joseph F. '61 
Klees, Clair '23 
Kleffman, L. Ruth '39 
Klein, Marjorie V. '28 
Klein, Sr. M. Remigius '25 
Kleinbauer, Judy B. '64 
Kleinfelter. Kathryn '23 
Kleinschrodt, Alan P. '57 
Kleintob, Anna '10 
Klem, Frank J. '21 '38 
Klembara, Michael '38 
Klembara, Michael A '63 
Kleman, James '51 
Klementik, Daniel '62 
Klick, Michael R. '61 
Klimovich, Eugene J. '55 
Kline, Anna '11 
Kline, Elaine L. '61 
Kline, Ella A. '76 
Kline, Florence M. '16 
Kline, Gilbert R. '36 
Kline, Harriet H. '12 '33 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Kline. Helen '23 
Kline, Jennie D. '90 
Kline, Jennie I. '07 
Kline, Joyce A. '56 
Kline, Lena A. '20 
Kline, Linda L. '63 
Kline, M. Faye '24 
Kline, Marion A. '86 
Kline, Marion G. '17 
Kline, Marjorie S. '54 
Kline, Mary '94 
Kline, Mary M. '23 
Kline, Mildred E. '19 
Kline, Nola E. '27 
Kline, Norman E. '51 
Kline, Pearl '07 
Kline, Rachel E. '53 
Kline, Reuben '93 
Kline, Richard E. '5& 
Kline, Ruth G. '12 
Kline, Ruth M. '21 
Kline, iSadie G. '20 
Kline, Shirley E. '64 
Kline, Viola M. '24 
Kline, Wanda J. '63 
Kline, William R. '53 
Klinetob, Freas B. '11 
Klinetob, Miltona B. '51 
Klingaman, Eleanor E. '34 
Klingaman, Eltheda M. '46 
Klingaman, Foster E. '18 
Klingarman, J. Ed. '00 
Klingarman, Oliver '09 
Kling-arman, Ruth V. '24 
Klinger, Bessie '00 
Klinger, Clyde L. '38 
Klinger, Donald A. '49 
Klinger, Edna C. '12 
Klinger, Edwin J. '49 
Klinger, Harold '23 
Klinger, Irwin R. *49 
Klinger, Mae E. '47 
Klinger, Marion E. '31 '38 
Klinger, Paul A., Jr. '42 
Klingerman, Helen J. '42 
Klingerman, John E. '09 
Klingler, Carolyn E '16 
Klingman, Harriet B. '31 
Klischer, Myrtle E. A. '30 '57 
Klobe, Charles E. '64 
Klock, Harvey *97 '98 
Klock, Ronald R. '64 
Klock, Shirley A. '63 
Klock, William C '64 
Klopp, Bernard K. '62 
Klopp, Thomas A. '50 
Klopp, Warren E. '10 
Klotsko, John '51 
Klotz, John F. '31 
Klotz, Lawrence H. '41 
Klotz, Nancy '58 
Klouser, Larry E. '64 
Klushman, John J. '61 
Klutz. R. Daisy '98 
Knaefler, Esther M. '13 
Knapp, A. Louise '61 
Knapp, Irene '38 
Knapp, Jeannie L. '09 
Knapp, Mary S. '97 '98 
Knarr, Ned L. '51 
Knause, Helen '18 
Knause, Richard C. '53 
Knause, Walter M. '98 
Knauss, Amanda M. '11 
Knauss. Daisy '07 
Knauss, Thelma L. '34 
Knaver, Sylvia E. '62 
Knecht, Alfred C. '54 
Knepper, Wallace I. '60 
Knerr, Arthur J. '34 
Knies, A. Pauline '16 
Knittle, Ella '92 

Knittle, John '96 
Knoll, Gertrude '18 
KnoLl, Norma J. '30 
Knoll, Paul B. '32 
Knoll, Theresa H. '22 
Knorr, J. Ramona '23 
Knorr, J. Wesley '34 
Knorr, John W. '63 
Knorr, Joyce W. '43 
Knorr, Kimber H. '04 
Knorr, Martha L. '19 
Knouse, Bertha M. '56 
Knox, Elizabeth S. '96 
Kobal, George '52 
Koberlain, Ivan E. '63 
Koch, Alfred P. '39 
Koch, Annarita '64 
Koch, Clement G. '48 
Koch, Elizabeth '24 
Koch, James Robert '62 
Koch, John H. '56 
Koch, Mary A. '27 
Koch, Mary J. '57 
Koch, Ruth M. '21 
Kocher, Avis W. '50 
Kocher, Cora A. '01 
Kocher, Dorothy D. '46 
Kocher, Ernest '43 
Kocher, Frank T. '40 
Kocher, George E. '56 
Kocher, Harriet L. '39 
Kocher, Hazel C. '07 
Kocher, Lenore W. '29 
Kocher, Lillian R. '13 
Kocher, Lola '23 
Kocher, Melva O. '44 
Kocher, Milton L. *'0i0 
Kocher, Myron L. '12 
Kocher, Shirley M. '63 
Kockcznski, Joseph C. '09 
Kocur, John '51 
Koehler, Charlotte A. '12 
Koehler, Kurt W. '64 
Koehler, Lillian '94 
Koehler, Lydia '11 
Koehler, Ruth L. '15 
Koerber, George A. '95 
Koerner, Dora '03 
Koharski, Alex P. '53 
Kohl, Bessie '99 
Kohn, Lewis A. '48 
Kokitas, Paul B. '40 
Kokolias, Pauline L. '49 
Kokora, Julia D. '34 
Kokora, Sophia H. '42 
Kolb, Ida P. '80 
Kolb, Nellie M. '84 
Kolet, Barbara J. '62 
Kollesar, Michael '50 
Kolodgie, Edward J. '50 
Konetski, Louis C. '63 
Koniecko, Frank '40 
Koones, Donald G. '62 
Konnick, Mary Ann '63 
Koons, Carol J. '62 
Koons, Sue L. '94 
Koontz, Roy H. '15 
Kopec, Jerome '54 
Kopetz, Lovey '63 
Koplin, Glenn R. '50 
Koppenhaver, Beatrice '56 
Koppenhaver, Robert A. '63 
Koppenheffer, Karl R. '64 
Koppenheffer, Thomas L. '<>4 
Korba, Rose '54 
Korengo, Anna L. '41 
Kornaski, Irene F. A. '43 
Kornell, Irene A. '28 
Kornfeld, Anna Mae '54 
Koropchak, Roman D. '34 '40 
Koser, Josephine R. '86 
Koser, Josephine R. *1<0 

Kosloski, John E., Jr. '55 
Koslowski, Joseph W. '43 
Koslowski, Raymond '52 
Kostenbauder, Blanche I. 

'32 '34 
Kostenbauder, Maggie '92 
Kostenbauder, Margaret '40 
Kostenbauder, Marlene '57 
Kostenbauder, Matilda '23 
Kostenbauder, Miles M. '23 
Kostenbauder, Sherwyn D. 

Kostenbauder, Stella '08 
Kotalick, Mary T. '29 
Kotch, Helen R. '43 
Kotoh, Joan Ann '60 
Kotsch, Jacob, Jr. '38 
Kotula, Bernard C. '51 
Kotzen, Stanley B. '40 
Kovalchik, John P. '60 
Kovaleski, John E. '38 
Kovalevich, Emma '59 
Kovalovich, Joseph T. '63 
Kovich, John T. '62 
Kowalsky, Mildred F. '49 
Kozick, Leonard '57 
Kozloski, Walter J. '56 
Kraemer, Charles G. *51 
Krafchik, Joseph T. '30 
Krafchik, Thomas A. '50 
Krafjack, Ronald G. '56 
Kraft, Mabel D. '21 
Kraft, Margaret D. '26 
Kraftchak, William '64 
Kraiser, Rose Marie '48 
Krakowski, Mary A. *63' 
Krakowski, Maryann G. '64 
Kramer, Emma L. 'WO 
Kramer, Hazel M. '16 
Kramer, Helen A '28 
Kramer, Keith L. '64 
Kramer, Nellie '46 
Kramer, Rosetta '03 
Kramm, Janet S. '64 
Krapf, Bryon K. '60 
Krapf, J. ISyivia '55 
Krapf, Oliver H. *32 
Krapf, Ruth '23 
Krash, William S. '62 
Kratz, D. Hiram '85 
Kratz, Marcisu W. '87 
Kratzer, David A. '64 
Kratzer, Phyllis I. '63 
Kratzer, Richard '57 
Krause, Allinda B. '27 
Krause, Anna '95 
Krause, Bernard '62 
Krause, John D. '53 
Krause, Josephine I. '27 
Krauser, Anna '26 
Krauser, Henry J. '51 
Krauss, Anna '95 
Krauss, Eva C. '31 '33 
Krauss, Milton L. '33 
Krauss, Sam '35 
Krauss, Sara L. '29 '47 
Kravitski, Bertha V. '47 
Kraynack, Alex J. '30 
Kreamer, Eleanor R. '30 
Kreamer, Mary C. '51 
Krebs, Devona M. '64 
Krebs, Ruth J. '30 
Kreider, Everhard O. '76 
Kreidler, Linda S. '19 
Kreidler, Sr. M. Cletus '24 
Kreiger, Carrie M. '40 
Kreigh, Oharleen B. '31 '34 
Kreigih, Mercea S. '27 
Kreigh, Willard S. '38 
Kreischer, Armina M. '37 
Kreischer, Catherine C. 

•S3 '37 


Bloomsburg State College 

Kreischer, Elaine L. '43 
Kreischer, Marjorie M. '59 
Kreischer, William J. '52 
Kreiser, Elmer '50 
Kreisher, C. B. '97 
Kreisher, James H. '64 
Kreisher, Kathryn E. '63 
Kreisher, Oren '98 
Kreitz, Edward J. '50 
Kreitzer, Howard M. '34 
Krell, Catherine '02 
Kremser, Artie A. '12 
Krensavage. Thaddeus P. '51 
Krepich, Ivan J. '34 
Krepich, Michael '53 
Krepps, Ethel F. '09 
Krepps, Georgia '10 
Kresge, Clara A. '17 
Kresge, Eleanor '27 
Kresge, Olive '10 
Kresge, Willis H. '83 
Kressler, Daniel '58 
Kressler, Martha '33 
Kressler, Rachel '22 
Kressler, Richard '58 
Kressiler, Richard N. '51 
Kressler, Russell '18 
Kressler, Samuel '97 
Krieger, Dorothy E. '42 
Krieger, Lewis W. '13 
Kringe, Patricia M. '51 
Krise, Warren S. '91 
Kriss, Henry S. '48 
Kriss, Stephen F. '50 
Kritzberger, Walter M. 

•33 '47 
Kroeger, Anna M. '16 
Krolikowski, Eugene A. '31 
Krolikowski, Helen G. '24 
Krolikowski. Walter '23 
Krommas, Lulu M. '04 
Kromo, Marguerite D. '63 
Kropa, Jean L. '62 
Krothe, Dale A. '60 

Krothe, Jay '57 
Krothe, Noel C. '61 
Krout, Jacob H. '93 
Krug, Luella F. '31 
Kruk, Leonard, Jr. '59 
Krum, Agnes '29 
Krum, Carol '08 , 

Krum, Grace '98 
Krum, Grace B. '10 
Krum, Howard E. '15 
Krum, Isiah *'0'0 
Krum, James A. '49 
Krum, Kathryn '05 
Krum, L. Thurman '09 
Krum, Marie L. '46 
Krum, Mildred '03 
Krum, Shirley A. '61 
Krum, Theodore D. '10 
Krumanocker, Elizabeth R. 

Krunkosky, Joseph '53 
Krunkosky, Mary Lou '53 
Krushinski, Elizabeth R. '24 
Krzywicki, Doris F. '56 
Krzywicki, Genevieve '50 
Krzywicki, Jeanne '52 
Krzywicki, Mary E. '27 
Krzywicki, Rita '58 
Krzywicki, Stanley C. '48 
Krzyanski, Celia '28 
Krzyanski, Clara A. '24 
Ksanznak, Lawrence B. '53 
Ksanznak, Stanley '54 
Kschinka, Marie W. '91 
Kubic, Mary L. '55 
Kubik, Alex W. '53 
Kucharski, Dorothy K. '47 
Kuchta, Mary A. '26 
Kuhn, Alveretta V. '75 
Kuhn, Elizabeth R. '90 
Kuhn, Mary A. '84 
Kuhn, Mary C. '36 
Kuhns. Branson B. '00 
Kuhns, William B. '62 

— L — 

Kule, David M. '64 
Kulesa, Edmund F. '63 
KMlick, Edna A. '28 
Kulick, Irene M. '43 
Kulick, Joseph A. '49 
Kulik, Henry A. '48 
Kulik, Rita M. '64 
Kulp, Janice J. '60 
Kundla, Joseph '40 
Kundrat, Stephen, Jr. '50 
Kunes, Janice E. '59 
Kunkle, John R. '11 
KunkJe, Paul F. '60 
Kuntz. Edith '02 
Kuntza, John '49 
Kupstas, Alex '38 
Kupstas, Veronica V. '30 
Kurey, Joseph E, '50 
Kurilla, Kathleen N. '46 
Kurolowicz, 'ST. M. 

Berchmans '26 
Kurowski, Roman S. '64 
Kurr, Franklin H. '10 
Kurtz, Anna S. '87 
Kurtz, Elizabeth W. '01 
Kurtz, Ella B. '93 
Kurtz, Samuel W. '31 
Kuschke, Anna '09 
Kuser, Edwin C. '61 
Kush, Michael M. '64 
Kushma, John J. '38 
Kushma, Michael S. '25 
Kuster, Gladys '49 
Kuster, Jean M. '43 
Kuster, Kimber C. '13 
Kuster, Ralph E. '13 
Kutchi, Robert J. '64 
Kutz, Mary C. '27 '38 
Kutz, Sadie M. '92 
Kwak, Joseph J. '56 
Kwasnoski, Daniel '62 
Kwiatkoski, Charles V. '56 
Kwiatkoski, Joann M. '64 

LaBar, Marguerite A. '28 
LaBarr, James L. '46 
LaBarr, Robert '53 
LaBrutto, Santina F. '35 
Labyack, Mary E. '59 
Lachowicz, Martha M. '33 
Lack, Nellie K. '49 
LaCoe, Elvin C. '56 
LaCoe, Jean '25 
Laczkowski, Edward T. '64 
Lafferty, Mary A. '81 
Laffin, Margaret '23 
LaFrance, Rhea A. '32 
Ejage, Francisco '20 
Lagerman, Owen R. '62 
Lagorce, Margaret A. '92 
Lagunas, Patricia D. '62 
Lahnsteln, Robert '63 
Laidacker, John '54 
Laine, Clarence '57 
Laird, Jessie F. '32 
Laird, Martha A. '28 '29 
Laird, Mary A *28 '29 
Laird, Olwyn K. '34 
Lake, Gertrude E. '99 
Lamb, Helen T. '23 
Lambert. Jennie T. '86 
Lambert, Margaret E. '26 '43 
Lambrinos, George '53 
Lamoreaux, Bertha '96 
Lamoreaux, Edna A '33 
Lamoreaux, Louise M. '98 
Lamoreaux, Ruth '07 

Lampman, Alfred M. '49 
Lams, Magdaline S. '00 
Lams, William R '01 
Landis, David B. '0i2 
Landis, Edgar B. '11 
Landis, Emily '33 
Landis, Florence '06 
Landis, George B. '11 
Landis, John B. '97 
Landis, Laura B. '98 '03 
Landis, Marion Y. '40 
Landis, S. B. '00 
Landis, William B. '07 
Lane, Robert '57 
Langan, Jean A. '43 
Langan, Mary C. '34 
Langan, Ruth E. '38 
Langford, Phyllis '28 
Lanning, Evangeline '27 
Lanning, Hatfie L. '04 
Lannon, Katie A. '92 
Lannon, Mary C. '25 
Lansfield, C. William '89 
Lanshe, Beatrice K. '21 
Lanterman, Harold H. '31 
Lantz. D. Ernest '85 
Lantz, David E. '75 
Lantz, Jean B. '42 
Lanzone, Anthony '62 
Lapinsky, Alvin S. '37 
Lapinsky, Eleanor M. '29 
Lapinsky, Jerome G. '41 
LaPolnt, Elizabeth M. "60 

La pos, Frank D. '64 
Larish, E. Harry '85 
Larish, Joseph L. '34 
Larrabee, Beatrice '03 '05 
Larrabee, Louise '01 '02 
Lash, Margaret M. '42 
Lash, Walter F. '39 
Lashay, John M. '64 
LaShelle, E. Gert '82 
Lashendock, Michael A. '56 
Laskowski, Theodore '31 '48 
LaiSorsa, M. Louise '55 
Lasser, Nancy Lou '60 
Latimer, Emily '99 
Latorre, Helen F. 'Z$ '37 
Latorre, Pauline M. '24 
Latsha, Margaret E. '44 
Latshaw, Lauretta '96 
Lattimore, Pauline L. '92 
Lau, Ernest V. '36 
Laub, Henry R. '14 
Laubach, Anna J. '37 
Laubach, Barbara Ann '56 
Laubach, David C. '60 
Laubach, Earl '10 '12 
Laubaoh. E. DeMarte '60 
Laubach, Elizabeth M. '29 
Laubach, Eunice J. '40- 
Laubach, Frank C. '01 
Laubach, G. Bertelle '14 
Laubach, H. Isadore '87 
Laubach, John '99 
Laubach, John E. '60 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Laubach, Joseph B. '25 
Laubach, Larry L. '62 
Laubach, Lois '33 
Laubach, Lois E. '38 
Laubach, Melva '57 
Laubach, Merit L. '95 
Laubach, Murray '07 
Laubach, Natalie J. '51 
Laubach, R. Gordon '24 
Laubach, Sara '05 
Laubach, Vance S. '38 
Laubach, Vivian Z. '10 
Laubach, Winton '43 
Laubscher, Robert E. '52 
Lauck, Charles L. '50 
Laude, Ruth B. '26 
Lauderman, Paul H. '47 
Laudig, J. Frear '18 
Laudig, Oscar O. '85 '88 
Laurenson, G. Edgar '57 
Lauver, Mary E. '24 
Lauro, M. Joyce '61 
Laux, F. Richard '52 
Lavelle, James J. '62 
Lavelle, John E. '41 
Lavelle, Margaret P. '30 
Lavelle, Roland J. '28 
Lavelle, Sara M. '30 
Law, Alice A. '28 
Law, Hannah W. '18 
Lawall, Helen '97 
Lawall, Miriam '15 
Lawhead, Virginia L. '43 
Lawler, Kathleen M. '64 
Lawless, Winifred A. '28 
Lawlor, Margaret L. '84 
Lawrence, B. Grace '98 
Lawrence, Beulah M. '34 
Lawrence, Elsie '02 
Lawrence, Emily '25 
Lawrence, Eva B. '01 
Lawrence, Martha E. '22 
Lawrence, Martha S. '05 
Lawrence, Mary L. '22 
Lawson, Andrew B. '23 
Lawson, James W. '24 
Lawson, Kathryn '20 
Lawson, Lois '33 
Lawson, Martha '25 
Lawson, Miriam R. '24 '29 
Lawson, Sarah R. '28 
Lawton, Larue L. '60 
Lawton, Lois E. '32 
Lawton, S. Irma '32 
Layaou, Adeline M. '34 
Layman, Frank '97 
Layton, Sally Jean '62 
Lazarus, Edwin M. '07 
Lazo, Joan '59 
Leacock, Grace A. '86 
Leach, Bernard M. '18 
Lear, Harry K. '16 
Learn, Linda L. '62 
Learn, Mary E. '23 
Learn, May '93 
Leaw, Grace P. *97 
Lebengood, Sara E. '43 
Lebo, Bessie C. '14 
Lebo, Elsie M. '29 
Lebow, Anna '27 
Lecher, Gertrude C. '17 
Lecher, Grace H. '17 
Lechner, Rita Ann '59 
Lechtleiter, Mary E. '97 
Leckie, Adam E. L. '86 
Ledyard, Richard '52 
Lee, Ann R. '55 
Lee, Charles M. '75 
Lee, M. Isabel '26 
Lee, Nellie T. '92 
Leedom, Katherine G. '39 
Leek, Mary '06 

Leeper, Herbert A. '63 
Lees, Helen R. '22 
Leffelaar, Annabelle '57 
Leggoe, Fannie E. '15 
Lehe, Anna L. 'S6 
Lehe, M. Alice '94 
Lehet, Elizabeth '48 
Lehet, George Jr. '40 
Lehman, Emma M. '32 
Lehman, George M. '07 
Lehman, Leila C. '10 
Lehman, Leo J. '41 
Lehman, Miriam I. '27 
Lehman, Robert H. '60 
Lehman, Susanna '15 
Lehman, Susanne '35 
Lehrich, Susan C. '62 
Leibensperger, Helen '05 
Leiby, Mary K. '26 
Leiby, Ruth E. '38 
Leidich, Ray D. '16 
Leidy, Dora '05 
Leidy, Joan '64 
Leidy, Rena L. '01 
Leighow, Catharine '15 
Leighow, Estella M. '02 
Leighow, Lourissa '02 
Leighow, Robert B. '02 
Leighow, SaLlie '02 
Leininger, Helen M. '28 
Leiser, Anna Mary '33 
Leiser, George D. '42 
Leiss, Robert H. '60 
Leister, Arlie C. '25 
Leitzel, Lena G. '12 
Leitzel, Marie B. '61 
Lello, Patricia M. '64 
Lelewellyn, Gordon J. '25 '26 
Lelewellyn, Harold J. '24 
Lelewellyn, L. N. *0>7 
Lelewellyn, Muzetta '20 
Lelewellyn, Robert M. '48 
Lempke, Emma '06 
Lenahan, A. Leo '23 
Lenahan, Agnes '95 
Lenahan, Anna E. '26 
Lenahan, Margaret '26 
Lenahan, Nellie G '90 
Lenahan, Theresa A '89 
Lendosky, Irene T. '42 
Lendrum, Grace '97 
Lendrum, Helen '00 
Lenhart, Jack M. '52 
Lenhart. Ruth E. '23 
Lentz, Barbara J. '57 
Lentz, Sarah E. '34 
Leonard, Abbie J. '83 
Leonard, Malcolm S. '14 
Leonard, Marion '24 
Leonardo, Joseph J. '60 
Leone, Jennie '41 
Leonhardt, Foster '58 
Leonhart, Edna '24 
Lepard, Robert '51 
Lepley, M. O. '81 
Lepley, William A. '79 
Lerda, Louis '24 
Lerda, Stephen '23 
Lesevich, Mary C. '64 
Lesher, Anna F. '91 
Lesher, Arthur '58 
Lesher, Elizabeth '95 
Lesher, Helen G. '01 
Lesher, Helen L. '29 
Lesher, Roberta W. '15 
Leshinski, Robert W. '50 
Leshinskie, Edward B. '64 
Leskie, Stanley F. '59 
Lesko, Dorothy H. '62 
Lesko, Michael '62 
Lesko, Robert J. '59 
Lesser, Jeannette F. '28 

Lesser, Louise F. '26 
Lesser, Lulu L. W 
Lesser, Margaret '22 
Lesser, Nellie E. '07 
Lesser, Ruth '33 
Lessig, Lizzie '81 
Lester, Christine B. '63 
Letson, Blanche '00 '01 
Letterman, Beatrice B. 
Letterman, Gretchen B. 
Letterman, Paul R .'41 
Letterman, William E. 
Leutholt, Helen A. '24 
LeVan, Amy '06 
LeVan, Anna L. '97 
LeVan, Donald D. '55 
LeVan, Elaine E. '62 
LeVan, Elizabeth W. '24 
LeVan, Elmer '98 
LeVan, Gary '58 
LeVan, Harriet A '32 
LeVan, Jean M. '54 
LeVan, Katie E. '18 '40 
LeVan, Mary R. '25 
LeVan, Robert S. '49 
LeVan, Sarah '23 
LeVan, Stanley L. '52 
LeVan, William C. '07 
Levans, Jerome A. '61 
Levengood, Earl C, Jr. 
Levers, Dorothy R. '31 
Levitski, Paul M. '64 
Lewis, Adaline G. '95 
Lewis, Anna E. '28 
Lewis, Anna L. '06 
Lewis, Annetta R. '20 
Lewis, Benjamin F. '26 
Lewis, Carol A. '62 
Lewis, Carrie '95 
Lewis, Charles F. '51 
Lewis, Charles L. '94 
Lewis, Deborah M. '98 
Lewis, Dorothy L. '33 
Lewis, Earl W. '63 
Lewis, Edna '00 
Lewis, Edna G. '11 
Lewis, Elsie '56 
Lewis, Elsie M. '27 
Lewis, G. Edward '00 
Lewis, George R. '41 
Lewis, Gwendolyn E, 
Lewis, Harry J. '95 
Lewis, James R. '88 
Lewis, Jane E. '34 '42 
Lewis, John '33 
Lewis, Kaon Mae, '31 
Lewis, Kate '90 
Lewis, Katharine '00 
Lewis, Leona '21 
Lewis, Lizzie '88 
Lewis, Lucretia S. '15 
Lewis, Mabel '17 
Lewis, Margaret A. '87 
Lewis, Margaret E. *93 
Lewis, Margaret L. '28 
Lewis, Marjorie R. '32 
Lewis, Mary Jean '32 
Lewis, Olive '00 
Lewis, Olwen W. '22 
Lewis, Peggy Ann '48 
Lewis, Ray '58 
Lewis, Richard '10 
Lewis, Robert C. '40 
Lewis, Rosanna '99 
Lewis, Ruth M. '30 '33 
Lewis, Sandra Lee '59 
Lewis, Sira F. '10 
Lewis, Thomas O. '39 
Lewis, Thomas W. '48 
Lewis, Trevor F. '59 
Lewis, Virginia M. '28 
Lewis, Vivienne T. '32 







Bloomsburg State College 

Lewis, Walter R. '42 
Lewis, William R. '86 
Leyshon, Gertrude '02 
Leyshon, Josephine '91 
Lezinski, Dorothy Ann '59 
L'Hommedieu, Helen M. '16 
Lichtel, L-. "Ward '41 
Lichtel, W. Reese '59 
Lichtenwalner, Lorraine '40 
Liddell, Mildred E. '31 
Lilley, Edward W. '15 
Lillie, Alexander '76 
Lillie, Margaret S. '62 
Limberger, Annie R. '84 
Lindeman, Mary A. '30 
Lindemuth, Mabel A. '25 
Lindemuth, Ruth A. '62 
Lindenmuth, Lana '62 
Lindenmuth, Lovell A. '56 
Linderman, Philip C. '99 
Lindermuth, Oscar '97 
Lindner, Robert A, '61 
Lindsay, Janet '96 
Line, Anna E. '16 
Line, Ernest E. '35 
Linetty, Charles J. '51 
Linetty, Mildred A. '62 
Lingenfeltesr. A. W. '63 
Lingertot, Martha M. '26 '39 
Lingousky, Mary A. '55 
Link, Harriet J. '57 
Linkchorst, David '53 
Linn, Edward '53 
Linn, Robert A. '40 
Linn, William B. '53 
Lins, Florence '96 
Lins, Olive A. '00 
Linskill. Emily '24 
Linskill, Fannie A. '29 
Linskill, Frances A. '43 
Linskill, Grace G. '31 
Linton, Elizabeth '91 
Linville, Falla M '19 
Lipfert, Alvin G. '39 
Lipko, Johanna A. '55 
Lipovsky, John J. '60 
Lipski, Ellen M. '48 
Lipsky, Emma B. '27 
Lipsky, Leonard F. '49 
Lipsky, Marcella T. '28 
Liptzer, Maurice '33 
Lisella, Guido R. '60 
Litavec, Andrew J. '61 
Litchko, John Jr. '60 
Little, Catharine E. '15 '16 
Little, Robert R '71 
Little, Thomas L. '62 
Litwak, Philip Jr. '63 
Litwhiler, Archie '23 
Litwhiler, Daniel W. '38 
Litwhiler, Mary E. '62 
Litwhiler, Truman '30 
Litwhiler, Woodrow R. '36 
Litwin, Robert '57 
Litzenberger, Frances I. '33 
Livingston, Lionel C. '50 
Livingston, Lloyd '62 
Livsey, Carrie M. '38 
Livziey, Joan H. '62 
Lizdas, Adda M. '24 

Lizdas, Anna M. '25 
Lloyd, Carrie B. '97 
Lloyd, Catherine '95 
Lloyd. Esther "26 '28 
Lloyd, Eva L. '27 
Lloyd. Hazel I. '22 
Lloyd, Henrietta P. "14 
Lloyd, Justin '07 
Lloyd, Pauline T. '27 
Lloyd, Richard R. '62 
Lloyd, Verna '93 
Llwellyn, William F. '61 
Lobez, Alice '21 
Lockard, Charles H. '51 
Locke, Richard J. '53 
Lockhard, Jane L. '38 
Lockman, Edward '62 
Lockuff, Phillip L. '60 
Lodge, Margaret '96 
Loeb, Mabel L. '25 
Loft us. Anna M. '19 
Logan, Ruth '22 
Logar, Berdine A. '50 
Lohin, Paul '61 
Lohman, Elmer '18 '39 
Lohr, Joyce M. '43 
Lohr, Mary L. '50 
Loll, Estelle J. '64 
Lonergan, Abigail M. '39 
Lonergan, Marguerite M. '39 
Long, Bess '02 
Long, Catherine C. '57 
Long, Cora E. '25 
Long, Dale H. '64 
Long, Dorothy E. '39 
Long, Erla G. '27 '35 
Long, F. Lewis '41 
Long, Gloria D. '51 
Long, Guy A. '55 
Long, Jane F. '64 
Long, Jay E. '59 
Long, John '54 
Long, John A., Jr. "32 
Long, John F. '61 
Long, Marian D. '42 
Long, Max E. '24 
Long, Melle '86 
Long, Mildred J. '53 
Long, Patricia Ann '61 
Long, Pauline '33 
Long, Pearl E. '27 
Long, Rachael L. '28 
Long, Ruth '12 
Longenberger. Hazel M. '10 
Longenberger, Myrtle '06 
Longenberger, Sue H. '13 '36 
Longer, Charles W. '50 
Longo, Catherine C. '45 
Longo, Celestine M. '49 
Longo, Edmund '54 
Longo, John A. '48 
Longo, John R. '59 
Longo, Mary E. '46 
Longshore. Jennie W. '18 
Longshore, Katherine '91 
Lonie, Thomas J. '61 
Lontz, Mary Belle '58 
Looker, Russell '52 
Lopata, Paul '49 
Lorah, Louneta '26 '44 

Lorah, Mabel '19 
Lorah, Mary Ann '46 
Lord, Charlotte V. '29 
Lord, Dorothy A. '29 
Lord, Gertrude M. '17 
Lord, Grace A. '30 '50 
Lord, Helen G. '18 
Lord, Helen '17 
Lord, Linda I. '42 
Lore, Ada '10 
Lore, Donna Dea '62 
Lorenzetty, Joseph '11 
Losch, Miriam F. '34 
Lose, Ira '23 
Lott. Beatrice M. '18 
Lott, Mate D. '82 
Loughery, Charles '58 
Loughery, Suzanne E. '60 
Loughlin, David J. '61 
Love, A. Florence '13 
Love, Elizabeth '96 
Love, Harriet A. '42 
Love, Margaret ' 95 
Love, Mary '96 
Lovering, Bertha '07 
Lovett, Dorothy R. '50 
Low, C. Zehnder '01 
Low, Elizabeth A. '86 
Low, Myron I. '76 
Low, Zerbin '97 
Low, Zora M. '1>0 
Lowe, Emma '03 
Lowe, Helene E. '21 
Lowe, Sr. M Imelda '23 
Lowenberg, Claire '24 
Lowenberg, Stella '86 
Lowenberg, William '88 
Lowrie, Anna '00 
Lowrie, Blanche '97 
Lowrie, Mary '95 
Lowrie, W. J. '01 
Lowry, Edith A. '26 
Lowry, Florence M. '12 
Lowry, Mary B. '10 
Lowry. Mildred H. '32 
Lowry, Mildred R. '27 
Luberecki, Walter J. '59 
Lubinski, Viola '29 
Lubnow, Thomas S. '61 
Luce, Doris L. '29 
Luce, Margarette S. '27 
Luchi, Margaret H. '47 
Luchnick, Francis J. '49 
Luchs, Clyde R. '17 '38 
Luchs, James K. '54 
Luchs, Robert W. '51 
Luchun, Margaret F. '61 
Luckenbill, Robert J. '48 
Ludinsky, Leonard L. '62 
Ludwig. Alice R. '25 
Ludwig, Beatrice F. '46 
Ludwig, Millard C. '48 
Ludwig, Miriam '19 
Lueder, Anna B. '02 
Lueder, Mattie M. '00 
Lueder, W. H. '93 
Luhman, Harriet H. '19 
Lukac, June E. '55 
Lukasavage, Irene '27 
Lukasytis, Isabelle '23 
Luke, Sr. Anna Maria '26 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Lumbert, Alice '25 
Lumbert, Cecilia '22 
Lundahl, Esther M. '18 
Lundquist, Nellie E. *29 
Lundy, Ernest '58 
Lundy, Harold '51 
Lundy, Joyce M. '55 
Lundy, Marilyn '52 
Lupashunski, FVank T. '50 
Luring, Esther E. '23 
Lutsey, Milton E. '59 
Lutz, Alvin E. '49 
Lutz, Elsie '27 
Lutz, Elsie J. '49 
Lutz, Prank '96 

Lutz, Hannah M. '26 
Lutz, Jennie B. '99 
Luzenski, Paul A. '61 
Luxton, Mattie '22 
Lydon, Mary R. '19 
Lylo, Michael '52 
Lylo, Myron, Jr. '62 
Lynch, Anita G. '13 
Lynch, Anna G. '28 
Lynch, Bessie B. '94 
Lynch, Carolyn J. '64 
Lynch, Gary '58 
Lynch, Kathryn '01 
Lynch, Lavina '96 

Lynch, Mame A. '92 
Lynch, Margaret '58 
Lynch, Marie E. '23 
Lynch, Mary H. '87 
Lynch, Ruth A. '98 
Lynn, Anna '25 
Lynn, Carl '62- 
Lynn, Doyle L. '56 
Lynott, Margaret '11 
Lyon, Robert T. '56 
Lyons, Harvey E. '97 
Lyons, Joseph F. '47 
Lyons, Theresa '24 
Lyshan, Bonnie J. '63 

M — 

MacAlpine, Ethel '05 
MacAniff, Michael H. '84 
MacCrory, Louise '00 
MacCullough, Jean T. '84 
MacDonald, Edward J. '39 
MacDonald, Elizabeth '18 
MacDonnell, Sadie C. '13 
MacDougall, Joyce '52 
Maceiko, Andrew '51 
MacFarland, Carolyn '62 
MacFarlane, Emma '10 
MacFarlane, Laura ''OS 
MacFarlane, Mary '00 '01 
MacGill, Lenora M. '53 
Machamer, Robert '62 
Machung, Alice B. '29 
Maciekowioh, Z. D. '50 
Mack, Abbie E. '83 
Mack, Charlotte '31 
Mack, Edward W. '50 
Mack, Marion '13 
Mack, Mildred '13 
Mack. ISarah '58 
Mackert, Martin '57 
Mackie, Helen E. '30 
Mackie, Ruby '95 
Mackin, Gertrude M. '10 
MacKinder, Adeline '30 
Maclay, Robert P. '81 
MacLean, Donald '57 
MacMullen, Alice '32 
MacNeal, James K. '64 
Macur, Eugene J. '30 '37 
Maczuga, John J. '38 
Madden, Anna B. '26 
Madden, Estella '13 
Madden, M. Eileen '28 
Madden, Mary Agnes '16 
Madden, John R. '6 4 
Maddock, Mary E. '10 
Maddox, Margaret M. '31 
Mader, Helen R. '60 
Madl, Mary Louise '44 
Magalengo, Jan J. '63 
Magazzu, Laura Mae '60 
Magee, Josephine M. '37 
Magee, Henry C. '70 
Magee, William F. '88 
Magera, John J. '49 
Magill, Andrew '43 
Magill, John F. '48 
Magrady, Frederick '90 
Mahon, Alice '95 
Mahon, Josephine '94 
Mahon. Lillian '95 
Mahoney, D. J. '09 
Mahoney, John F. '64 
Maier, James J. '63 
Maier, Joseph A. "62 
Maietta, Donald F. '50 
Mailey, Leona E. '24 

Maines, Dorothy E. '31 
Mainiero, Gloria C. '48 
Mainwaring, Margaret '23 
Maize, Annie E. '86 
Maize, Boyd F. '95 '96 
Maize, Edith '95 
Major, C. C. '91 
Major, Cora P| 0'9 
Major, Elma '23 
Major, Elma L. '40 
Major, Florence E. '16 
Major, Kathleen '09 
Major, Lucy L. '88 
Major, M. Almira '90 
Major, Mable M. '26 
Major, Olive A. '08 
Majikas, Mary Anne '59 
Markara, Eugene P. '61 
Makarczyk, Sophie '29 
Makinson, Sarah H. '16 
Maker, Elizabeth M. '17 
Maker, Loretta '26 
Maker, Marcella C. '26 
Maker, Margaret R, '26 
Maker. Mary P. '26 
Maker, William '25 
Makowski, Albert A. '35 
Makowski, Amelia '27 
Makowski, Clem '53 
Makowski, Gertrude '43 
Makowski, Michael '63 
Makowski, Phyllis '54 
Makuch, Gary J. '61 
Malafi, Peter J. '61 
Malczyk, Joseph '57 
Maley, Matthew J. '49 
Malinchock, Joseph J. '41 
Malinowski, Eugene R. '62 
Malinowski, Gerald E. '63 
Malinowski, Lucy V. '10 
Malkames, Emily '33 
Mailey, Stella M. '24 
Malloy, Anna M. '38 
Malloy, Bina '95 
Malloy, Kathryn '13 
Malone, Barbara J. '64 
Malone, Daniel J. '34 
Malone, James M. '04 
Malone, Kathryn T. '61 
Maloney, Anne M. '40 
Maloney, Mary V. '29 
Maloney, Mary V. '33 
Malt, Joseph '58 
Manbeck, Mildred '30 
Mandalo, Marylee '64 
Mandeville, Mollie B. '94 
Manganard, Sherrill C. '64 
Manhart, Jane C. '37 
Manhart, Margaret S. '21 '35 
Manjone, Leonard '49 
Manko, Paul G. '60 

Manley, Edward J. '44 
Manley, Helen '16 
Manley, Miriam M. '16 
Manley, T. Alice '21 
Manley, Ursula M. '19 
Mann, Alma C. '14 
Mann, Charles F. Jr. '10 
Mann, Laura E. '26 
Mann, Lillian E. '31 
Manning, Katie '95 
Mannion, James R. '62 
Mansell, Annie E. '81 
Mansell, Mary J. '84 
Mantz, Dale E. '49 
Mantz, Mae '33 
Marcavage, Valeria T. '59 
Marchalonis, Mary P. '64 
Maroheski, Sylvia A. '61 
Marchetti, Alfred J. '49 
Marchetti, Elizabeth '20 
Marchetti, Violette '51 
Marchetto, Angelina '15 
Marchetto, Florence '35 
Marchetto, Violet '25 
Marcin, Stephen, Jr. '58 
Marcinkavicz, Stanley '36 
Marcinko, Alice A. '63 
Marcinko, Michael '58 
Marcy, Bert '01 
Marcy, Clarence A. '07 
Marcy, Dorothy M. '59 
Marcy, Emmitt D. N. '15 
Marcy, Estella '09 
Marcy, Eva L. '09 
Marcy, Howard N. '07 
Marenick, Robert '57 
Margerum, Helen ''0<6 
Margie, Mary C. '42 
Marini, Henry '53 
Marinko, Joseph G. '41 
Marion, James E. '49 
Marion, James R. '62 
Markley, Ira C. '23 
Markovcl, Margaret A. '59 
Markovlch, Josephine A. '34 
Marks, C. Hayes '99 
Marks, Gerald E. '19 
Marks, James L. '37 
Marks, Muriel F. '50 
Marnell, Anna B. '62 
Maroney, Elizabeth '49 
Maroney, Elizabeth E. '25 
Maroney, Emily G. '29 
Marr, Dora A. '81 
Marr, Elizabeth J. '27 
Marr, Howard J. '54 
Marr, Martha '33 
Marsden, Agnes '05 
Marsden, Maude '97 
Marsells, Mary '20 
Marshalec, Gertrude '30 


Bloomsburg State College 

Marshal ek, Michael '39 
Marshall, Margaret P. '24 
Marshall, Marian '27 '35 
Marshman, Althine R. '34 
Marsilio, Alfred '52 
Marsilio, L-ouis W. '59 
Marsilio, Natalie '57 
Martin, Alice C. '18 
Martin, C. Christine '14 
Martin, Charles '84 
Martin, Claire A '21 
Martin, Claire L. '29 
Martin, Clara E. '25 
Martin, Edith M. '12 
Martin, Eva '97 
Martin, Frances C. '21 
Martin, Gertrude R. '20 
Martin, Grace L. '47 
Martin, Helen R. '44 
Martin, Jennie A. '90 
Martin, Katherine '09 
Martin, Lenore '15 
Martin, Mabel M. '21 
Martin, Margaret '25 
Martin, Mary G. '26 
Martin, Merre E. '24 
Martin, Olive '22 
Martin, Paul G. '38 
Martin, Robert B. '61 
Martin, Robert P. '47 
Martin, Sr. M. Regina '23 
Martin, William E. '87 
Martin, William E. '62 
Martini, Jane '58 
Martini, Robert '50 
Martino, Lucille G. '45 
Martishek, Margaret '64 
Martz, Elizabeth M. '94 
Martz, Howard L». '64 
Martz, Marie B. '60 
Martz, Mary Ann '54 
Martz, Ruth L. '29 
Marvin, Archie W. '95 
Marvin, Elizabeth '25 
Marvin, Mary N. '59 
Masanotti, Adrian '42 
Masanovich, George '54 
Masanovich, Milo '51 
Mascarella, Jeanne N. '63 
Mascioli, John F. '60 
Masich, Jack L. '61 
Maslowsky, Aldona S. '41 
Masluski, Nellie D. '31 
Mason, Catherine H. '16 
Mason, Marvin G. '99 
Masser, Joyce C. '62 
Masteller, Charlotte M. '61 
Masteller, Helen '07 
Masteller, Royce M. '40 
Masteller, Sara B. '41 
Masten, Christella '06 
Master, Howard H. '48 
Master, Sara A. '60 
Masters, John K. '59 
Masters, Sarah '94 
Masucci, Alberta C '28 
Matanin, Ludmilla '42 
Matash, Marjorie A. '61 
Matchulat, Jean M. '6'0> 
Matchulat, Joan B. '60 
Matechak, William J. '59 
Matelski, Florence T. '30 
Materevicz, Eleanor I.'32 '40 
Matha, Georgia E. '34 
Mather, Lyle E. '25 
Mather, T. Ray '09 
Mather, W. Bruce '11 
Mathews, George A. '27 '29 
Mathews, Margaret '26 
Mathias, Elizabeth '24 
Mathias, Harry C. '63 
Mathias, Mary D. '87 

Matikiewicz, Joseph '55 
Matos, Frank J. '29 
Mattavi, Mary E. '29 
Matter, Sandra E. '6 
Mattern, Billy '63 
Mattern, Mary A. '59 
Mattern, Molly A. '60 
Matthes, Richard O. '42 
Matthews, Edward M. '38 
Matthews, Mary J. '36 
Matthews, Mildred I. '29 
Mattis, Marie B. '51 
Mattis, Sylvia M. '63 
Mattocks, Donna '58 
Matuleski, Charlotte '52 
Maturani, John S. '53 
Matusavage, Julia '23 
Matz, Robert L. '09 
Matzoni, Dennis J. '63 
Maue, Carrie '91 
Maue, Gertrude '98 
Maue, Phillip '01 
Mauery, Delbert E. '61 
Mauery, Richard K. '63 
Maurer, Charles L. '08 

•09 '10 
Maurer, Darwin E. '08 
Maurer, Edna F. '19 
Maurer, F. O. '88 
Maurer, Jajnes '86 
Maurer, Josephine L. '24 
Maurer, Lorenzo G. '05 
Maurer, Margaret J. '16 
Maurer, Myrtle M. '15 
Maurer, Robert M. '57 
Maurer, William L. '61 
Maus, Harry '99 
Mauser, Helen '07 
Mauser, I. H. '93 
Mauser, Mary M. '20 
Mauser, Pauline '19 
Mauser, W. C. '96 
Maust, Agnes '17 
Maust, Elsie M. '21 
Maust, Emma D. '04 
Maust, J. H. '99 '01 
Maust, Laura '18 '39 
Maust, Lydia '00 
Maust, Mabel E. '17 
Maust, Ruth M. '19 
Mausteller, Grace '20 
Mausteller, Linda '63 
Mausteller, Nancy K. '61 
Mausteller, Ray '12 
Mausteller, W. B. '92 
Mavreles, Christine E. '63 
Mawn, Kate '91 
Maxey, D. Rexford '13 
Maxey, Florence V. '16 
Maxey, Mae R. '07 
Maxey, Nancy E. '49 
Maxwell, Ada R. '10 
Maxwell, Agnes '15 
Maxwell, Ethel '06 
May, Florence R. '12 
May, Gladys A. '63 
May, Inez, '96 
May, Minerva '03 
Mayan, Coletta M. '29 
Mayan, Helen L. '39 
Mayan, Richard W. '64 
Mayefskie, Robert A. '64 
Mayer, Alfred D. '36 
Mayer, Elizabeth '01 
Mayers. F. Jennie '16 
Maylock, Lawrence '58 
Maynard, Helen L. '31 
Mays, Dolores '64 
Mays, Joann H. '63 
Maza, Norman '40 
Maza, Robert '51 
Mazeski, Joseph '58 

Mazukewicz, J. M. '28 
Mazza, Carol Ann '61 
Mazzeo, Salvatore A. '44 
Mazzitti, Gloria '52 
McAfee, Chester E. '09 
McAfee, Donald E. '57 
McAlarney, Lulu M. '90 
McAlarney, Maude '96 
McAlla, Majorie '34 
McAloose, Frank J. '42 
McAloose, Robert L. '62 
McAloose, William '52 
McAnall, Kenneth H. '54 
McAndrew, Mary E. '29 
McAndrew, Thomas J. '5* 
McAndrews, Anna L. '91 
McAndrews, Harriet '16 
McAndrews, Kathryn '25 
McAnnaney, Sandra J. '64 
McArt, Mary '98 
McAuliffe, Jack E. '62 
McBrearty, John '92 
McBride, Andrew '58 
McBride Anna L. '10 
McBride. Bell '89 
McBride, Charles M. '60 
McBride, Elizabeth '88 
McBride, Eugene A. '45 
McBride, Harry C. '91 
McBride, Mary '20 
McBride, Ray P., Jr. '39 
McBride, Saundra '58 
McBride, Thomas '57 
McCaa, Mary '99 
McCaffrey, Robert W. '51 
McCall, Emily A. '39 
McCann, Alice J. '86 
McCann, Anna B. '35 
McCann, Nell '12 
McCann, William F., Jr. '60 
McCarr, Bernice '49 
McCarthy, Helen M. '17 
McCarthy, James R. '60 
McCarthy, John H. '55 
McCarthy, John H. '60 
McCarthy, Judith F. '54 
McCarthy, Marie '25 
McCarthy, Sr. M. 

Gonzales '23 
McCarty, Mary '02 
McCarty, Sue H. '77 
McCarvill, Mame '96 
McCauley, Jacqueline M. '55 
McCaulvey, Jevita C. '54 
McCawley, Mary '33 
McCay, Mary '81 
McCern, Margaret C. '40 
McClean, Carol R. '64 
McClintock, Donald R. '53 
McClintock, Eleanor A. '49 
McClintock, Ned D. '56 
McCloskey, Isaiah '57 
McCloskey, Robert '64 
McCloskey, Walter '44 
McCloughan, Carol F. *45 
McCloughan, Lois M. '15 
McClure, Dora F. '15 
McCollough, Emily *97 
McCollum, Dorothy E. '28 
McCollum, Elizabeth '12 
McCollum, Harry H. '00 
McCollum, Katharine '21 
McCollum, Mary E. '89 
McCombs, Margaret J. '28 
McConnell, Elsie '00 
McConnell, Minnie K. '89 
McConnell, Ruth '00 
McCorkill, John W. '64 
McCormac, Helen '30 
McCormack, Grace E. '32 '60 
McCormack, Ruth E. '32 . 
McCormick, Joanne '55 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


McCormick, Gilbert, Jr. *59 
McCormick, M. Annette '16 
McCoy, Grace Bell '19 
McCoy, John J. '63 
McCoy, Sue M. '21 
McCracken, Ralph A, '34 '46 
McCraken, Ralph E. '42 
McCreary, Frank B. '07 
McCulla, Elizabeth J. '43 
McCullough, Elizabeth '03 
McCullough, Jane R. '49 
McCullough, Miriam K. '25 
McCutchen, Frederic M. '43 
McCutcheon, George A. '39 
McDade, Donald '51 
McDermott, Dorothy A. '24 
McDermott, Lucy C. '22 
McDevitt, Thomas '57 
McDonald, Anthony '21 
McDonaild, Belinda '92 
McDonald, Charles C. '59 
McDonald, Chas. K. '12. 
McDonald, Elizabeth '25 
McDonald, Joan Ann '49 
McDonald, Leo John '50 
McDonald, M. Elizabeth '63 
McDonald, Mary E. '88 
McDonald, Nellie B. '00 
McDonald, Ruth A. '29 
McDonnell, Alice M. '21 
McDonnell, Helen '33 
McDonnell, Marie C. '25 '46 
McDonnell, Mary E. '19 
McDonnell, Sadie M. '19 '35 
McDonnell, Susan J. '87 
McDonough, Margaret '84 
McDyer, Anna L. '16 
McDyer, Grace M. '19 
McElhoe, John P. '56 
McElwee, Emily A. '14 
McEmeany, Joseph J. '34 
McEneany, Catharine '29 
McEneany, Mary A. '29 
McFadden, Edward J. '61 
McFadden, Joseph D. *32 
McFadden, Katharine A. '18 
McFarlane, Margaret '97 
McFarlane, Mary '01 
McFee, Mina H. '11 
MoFeeley, Patrick '64 
McFerran, Nancy L. '6$ 
McGall, Marie '11 
McGee, Edward '53 
McGee, Hugh '95 
McGee, Leo J. '16 
McGeehan, Betty G. '49 
McGeehan, Grace T. '61 
McGill. Mary S. '20 
McGill, Rosa A. '10 
McGill, Sara A. '17 
McGinley, Anne '33 
McGinley, Esther A. '41 
McGinnes, Jennie B. '84 
McGinty, Katie '94 
McGirk, Ethel E. '12 
McGirk, Ruth R, '13 
McGlynn, Oathrine B. '34 
McGoldrick, Elizabeth *34 
McGonigle, Helene T. '42 
McGourty, Mary '02 
McGourty, Nellie '01 
McGovern, Vera '24 
McGowen. "Winifred '03 
McGrady, Mary C. *29 
McGrail, Sr. M. Eleanor '26 
McGrath, Cresentia '22 
McGrath, Marie *23 
McGraw, John, Jr. '58 
McGrew, Daniel P. '51 
McGrew, Helen M. '39 
McGrew, John J. '35 
McGroarty, Joseph P. '61 

McGroarty, Kate T. "92 
McGuigan, F. A. '91 
McGuiness, Mary E. '91 
McGuire, Helen E. '28 
McGuire, Mary A. '83 
McGuire, Sallie L. '83 
McHail, Lynne R. '61 
McHale, Margaret J. '29 
McHale, Mary E. '83 
McHale, Paul '40 
McHale, Regina '23 
McHale, Richard A '90 
McHenry, Arthur R. '99 
McHenry, Bertha L. '13 
McHenry, Donald B. '11 
McHenry, Georgena '10 
McHenry, John F. '17 
McHenry, L. E. '0'0' 
McHenry, Lowery E. '61 
McHenry, Lulu M. '95 
McHenry, Mabel A. '27 
McHenry, Marjorie '24 
McHenry, Martha '40 
McHenry, Nancy J. '47 
McHenry, Oliver S. '56 
McHenry, Rachel '17 
McHenry, Ronald '64 
McHenry, Ward K. '16 '33 
McHc-se, Alice L. '32 
McHose, Mary C. '62 
McHugh, Catherine '27 
McHugh, Chas. F. '85 
McHugh, Cornelius '52 
McHugh, Francis A '23 '28 
McHugh, Francis T. '64 
McHugh, Helen V. '16 
McHugh, John '33 
McHugh, Katherine A. '26 
McHugh, Margaret M. '17 
McHugh, Marion '27 
McHugh, Theresa M. '64 
McHugh, Thomas J. *62 
Mclndoe, Lamar '63 
Mclntyre, Ruth '22 
Mclntyre, Sandra J. '63 
McKaig, Marilyn L. '64' 
McKane, Elizabeth '96 
McKay, Keith D. '55 
McKechnie, Alexander, Jr. 

McKechnie, Elmer J. *35 
McKee. Sandra L. '63 
McKenzie, Arthur C. '31 
McKeon, Anna A. '18 
McKeon, Anna C. *22 
McKeown, Marguerite '21 
McKernan, Lizzie P. '81 
McKinley, James P. '64 
McKinney, Martha '96 
McKinstry, Chloe A. '21 
McKinstry, Cleora M. '22 

'27 '28 
McKown, M. Adelaide '89 
McLane, Agnes G. '12 
McLane, Anna H. '18 
McLaren, Phyllis '54 
McLaughlin, Anna '94 
McLaughlin. Arthur F. 

'28 '37 
McLaughlin, Bridget "93 
McLaughlin, George '94 
McLaughlin, Grace '96 
McLaughlin, Hannah C. '01 
McLaughlin, Margaret '26 
McLaughlin, Nellie '26 
McLaughlin, Thomas '52 
McLean, Pauline M. '22 
McLinn, Ada M. '97 
McMahan, Joyce S. '58 
McManiman, Ethel M. '39 
McManimen, Elizabeth D. '28 
McManus, Albert '54 

McManus, James E. '63 
McManus, Mary F. '17 
McManus, Mary M. '18 
McMeans, Kermit '57 
McMenamin, Annie '99 
McMenamin, Bella '10 
McMenamin, Cecilia E. '10 
McMennimen, KathrynR. '25 
McMiohael, Edith '24 
McMichael, Esther K. '60 
McMichael, Hazel R. '30 
McMonigle, Peter '57 
McMurtrie, John, Jr. '62 
McNamara, Veronica A. '24 
McNamee, Dorothy C. '52 
McNamee, Francis R. '51 
McNeal, Beatrice W. '24 
McNealis, Margaret L. 

•31 '50 
McNeeley, Marvin L. '49 
McNeil, D. Jean '61 
McNelis, Donald T. '57 
McNelis, John G. *49 
McNelis Marie C. '25 
McNelis, Sr. ML Carmel '23 
McNertney, John '97 
McNertney, Ruth '23 
McNiff, Anna '96 
McNiff, Carrie M. '88 
McNiff, M. Katherine '85 '89 
McNinch, Barbara R. '49 
McNinch, Mary C. '23 
McNinch, Mary E. '93 
McNulty, Andrew M. '89 
McNulty, Katie '93 
McQuown, Nira J. '53 
McReynolds, Agnes '89 
McShea, James C. '63 
McShea. Mae D. '21 
McVey, Laura M. '61 
McVey, Winifred '27 
McVicker, Laura A. '89 
McWilliams, Charles E. '64 
McWilliams, Marian L. '37 
McWilliams, Mary E. '40 
McWilliams, Nancy D. '61 
Mead, Edith A. '04 
Meade, Catherine G. '32 
Meade, Margaret R. '34 
Meals, Ira D. '64 
Mears, Charlotte E. '28 '29 
Mears, Clara D. '27 
Mears, D. W. '80 
Mears, George V. '74 
Mears, Mary Helen, '37 
Mease, Richard P. '57 
Meekly, Robert W. '62 
Medley, Verna O. '27 
Medo, Edith '18 
Medo, Rose '26 
Meehan, Mary A. '18 
Meehan, Nellie R. '95 
Meeker, Josephine M. '27 
Meenahan, Frank J. '16 
Meenahan, Jane E. '24 
Meenan, Gertrude '19 
Megargel, Lavona A. '11 
Megargel. Myrtle '53 
Meier, Jean '52 
Meier, Joseph '53 
Meisberger, David T. '07 
Meisner, Rita '53 
Meiss, Alice M. '27 '41 
Meiss, Clarence J. '50 
Meiss, Elizabeth '51 
Meixell, Bessie E. '04 
Meixell, Fae '35 
Meixell, Genevieve E. '23 '29 
Meixell, Helen A. '19 
Meixell, Mae '97 
Meixell, Marion R. '31 
Meixell, Mary A. '86 


Bloom sburg State College 

Meixell, P. A. "78 
Meixell, Ruth E. '26 
Melan, Genevieve I. '18 
Melan Mary C. '29 
Melick, Larry L. '64 
Melick, Lena M. '26 
Melick, Minnie M. '23 '29 
Melitski, Joel G. '64 
Mellet, Kathryn '06 
Mellet, May A. '12 
Mellon, Mary J. '60 
Melson, Florence '38 
Meluskey, Eileen M. '43 
Melvin, Alice ''02 
Menapace, Francis J. Ill 62 
Menapace, Richard S. '34 
Menarick, George E. '48 
Mendenhall, Eunora B. '35 
Mendenhall, Eva E. '12 
Mendenhall, Helen J. '13 
Meneeley, Gertrude M. '09 
Meneeley, Marvin L. '49 
Menges, Calvin '33 '40 
Menges, Cyril F. '38 
Menges, Frank Glen '40 
Menges, T. Amelia '19 
Mengle, Ella '03 
Mengle, Orahel '01 
Menhennett, Grace '02 
Menker, Sheldon H. '63 
Menkewicz, Alice '59 
Mensch, Catherine O. '35 
Mensch, D. Z. '89 
Mensch, Harriet O. '14 
Mensch, Jeanette A. '25 '52 
Mensch, June '33 
Mensch, Margaret B. '24 
Mensch, Mary D. '23 
Mensch, Matthew I. '59 
Mensch, Maude '24 
Mensch, Miriam E. '43 
Mensch, Nancy M. H. '59 
Mensch, S. Matilda '24 
Mensch, Sara P. '26 
Mensinger, Clair E. '50 
Mensinger, Dorothy '38 
Mensinger, Jessie '20 
Mensinger, Ruth E. '25 
Mentzer, Sudie B. '90 
Menzies, Jean '97 
Mercer, Irene '08 
Meredith, Donald '53 
Merena, Joseph '60 
Merena, Walter '50 
Mericle, Leatha A. '30 
Mericle, Mervin W. '36 
Mericle, Veda K. '35 
Merithew, Kathryn '21 
Merkel, Laura K. '92 
Merkel, Leah R. '18 
Merrell, Charles '01 
Merrell, Cleo M. '31 
Merrell, Ernest '01 
Merrell, Nola '30 
Merrell.. W. Cletus '23 
Merrick, Henry '50 
Merrick, Terisa L. '30 
Merrifield, Robert S. '51 
Merrill, Charles '01 
Merrill, Ernest '01 '07 
Merrill, Helen H. '35 
Merrill, Kenneth C. '36 
Merrill, Lois M. '26 
Merritt, Florence '12 
Mertz, Adelia A. '05 
Mertz, Barbara Lee '51 
Mertz. Blanche E. '10 
Mertz, Florence '52 
Mertz, Jack Lee '42 
Mertz, Kenneth '62 
Mertz, M. Elizabeth '05 
Mertz, Mabel I. '04 

Mervine, Lewis R. '55 
Mescan, Robert J. '59 
Mesh, Adelaide M. '42 
Messa, Edward F. '50 
Messersmith, Palace '04 
Messner, Eeon H. '49 
Metcalf, Hortense '02 
Metcalfe, Marion F. '40 
Metsinger, Helen G. '12 
Metz, Robert C. '10 
Metz, Shirley C. '60 
Metzger, Anne T. '59 
Metzger, F. Marie '11 
Metzo, Thomas M. '50 
Meyer, Carl iS. '56 
Meyer, Carrie T. '91 
Meyer, Olive E. '95 
Meyers, Stella G. '95 
Michael, Arthur L. '30 
Michael, Bessie M. '25 
Michael, Charles P. '36 
Michael, George W. '00 
Michael, Keith W. '59 
Michael, Maude A. '31 
Michael, Nancy L. '63 
Michael, Victor '57 
Mickey, Mary '85 
Middleswarth, Nerine M. '50 
Middlesworth, Lena '33 
Middlesworth, Nita M. '29 
Mielke, William J. '56 
Milazza, Carmella G. '32 
Mileham, Mildred F. "17 
Miles, Albert '57 
Miles, Bessie V. '06 
Miles, Dolores '55 
Miles, Julia '93 
Miles, Lucille R. '49 
Miles, Mary C. '31 
Miles, Mary L. B. '55 
Miles, Mildred A. '15 
Miles, Norine G. '46 
Miles, Rachel A. '18 
Mileskay, Jean M. '31 
Milheim, Elmer M. '98 
Millard, Carl L., Jr. '64 
Millard, Hannah E. '04 
Millard, Robert T. '49 
Milleisen, Sara B. '05 
Millen, Laura E. '25 
Miller, A. Gertrude '00 
Miller, Alfred C. '14 
Miller, Alfred H. '34 
Miller. Alfred, Jr. "58 
Miller, Alma K. '63 
Miller, Amie '85 
Miller, Amos '33 '52 
Miller, Anna E. '29 
Miller, Anna W. '23 
Miller, Beatrice I. '26 
Miller, Benjamin T. '28 
Miller, Bessie S. '00 
Miller, Blanche F. '05 
Miller, Bruce *58 
Miller, Bruce R. '41 
Miller, Carol L. '64 
Miller, Carolyn '64 
Miller, Charles '24 
Miller, Charles E. '50 
Miller, Charles F. '23 
Miller, Charles W. '96 
Miller, Clair A. '39 
Miller, Clara M. '27 
Miller, Clarence W. '93 
Miller, Claude E. '28 '32 
Miller, Clyde A. '18 
Miller, David B. '18 
Miller, Doretta '26 
Miller, Dorothy '17 
Miller, Earle R. '30 
Miller, Eda '14 
Miller, Edith '98 

Miller, Edythe R. '50 
Miller, Elda '07 
Miller, Elizabeth '96 
Miller, Elizabeth E. *41 
Miller, Elizabeth G. '19 
Miller, Elverta I. '11 '15 
Miller, Emery '23 
Miller, Emma A '56 
Miller, Erma C. '11 
Miller, Erma J. '62 
Miller, Eunice '58 
Miller, F. E. '89 
Miller, Faye E. '28 
Miller, Flora M. '08 
Miller, Garfield J. '31 
Miller, George '58 
Miller, George E. '43 
Miller, Gertrude '96, '98 
Miller, Gertrude E. '21 
Miller, Gertrude N. '04 
Miller, Gertrude S. '22, '37 
Miller, Grace '25 
Miller, Harold J. '44 
Miller, Harold L. '48 
Miller, Harold R '24, '31 
Miller, Harriet '08 
Miller, Helen M. '43 
Miller, Ida '96 
Miller, Isabella H. '30 
Miller, James M. '97 
Miller, Jeanne '53 
Miller, Jennie '93 
Miller, Jennie L. '12 
Miller, John K. '93 
Miller, John W. '93 
Miller. J. R. '90 *'0«3 
. Miller, Kenneth A. '63 
Miller, Kenneth M. Jr. '59 
Miller, Kenneth P. '64 
Miller, Kenneth R. '64 
Miller, Kerr I. '34 
Miller, Lanus D. '63 
Miller, Laura H. '22 
Miller, Lillie A. '06 
Miller, Lois Mary '59 
Miller. Lottie Mae '29 
Miller, Louise A '30 
Miller, Louise B. '45 
Miller, Lucille C. '35 
Miller, Lulu '99 
Miller, M. Alice '00 
Miller, Marcia E. '63 
Miller, Margaret A. '56 
Miller, Marilyn '57 
Miller, Marion E. '15 
Miller, Mary E. '29 
Miller, Mary E. '35 
Miller, Mary E. '55 
Miller, Mary E. '38 
Miller, Mary L. '40 
Miller, Mary M. '00 
Miller, Maude F. '16 
Miller, M. Donald '58 
Miller, Mildred R. '31 
Miller, Miriam '57 
Miller, Olive T. '14 
Miller, Oliver P. '98 
Miller, Pauline '21 
Miller, Pearl A. '43 
Miller, Phyllis E. *24 
Miller, Rachael '31 '39 
Miller, Raymond N. '63 
Miller, Reed '54 
Miller, Richard V. Jr. '64 
Miller, Robert '52 
Miller, Robert H. '13 
Miller, Robert T. '60 
Miller, Ronald E. '63 
Miller, Royal '52 
Miller, Russel F. '32 
Miller, Samuel '40 
Miller, Samuel L. 'O>0> 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Miller, Selma E. '27 
Miller, Sue '75, '76 
Miller, Thelma '43 
Miller, Thelma F. '28 
Miller, Verna A. '13 
Miller, Victor A. '60 
Miller, Wayne E. '61 
Miller, Weston R. '12 
Miller, William H. '40 
Miller, William O. '60 
Miller, William R. '49 
Miller, Willis '90 
Millette, Arleine '01 
Millhouse, Richard '50 
Millhouse, Russell J. '61 
Millington, Bessie A. '98 
Millington, Emily S. '15 
Mills, Florence R. '44 
Mills, Marjorie R- '31 
Milnes, Mary '97 
Milnes, Paul P. '15 
Milnes, Reay W. '10 
Milnes, Susanna '06 
Milosh, Julia E. '16 
Milsom, Annie M. '76 
Milsom, Mabel '99 
Minalda, John '64 
Mincemoyer, John '53 
Mincer, Jeanetta A. '55 
Mindler, Barbara M. '46 
Minelli, Ada M. '64 
Miner, Robert '42 
Minier, Helen B. '34 
Minnich, Catherine M. '28 
Minnich, Meda E. '94 
Minnick, Frederick T. '63 
Minor, Danieil D. '30 
Mirola, Elizabeth J. '27 
Miskevich, Mary L. '64 
Mitchell, Ada '07 
Mitchell, Arline '17 
Mitchell, Donald A. '64 
Mitchell, Frank M. '61 
Mitchell, Helen V. '15 
Mitchell, Kathleen '52 
Mitchell, Lois P. '28 
Mitchell, Margaret E. '90 
Mitchell, Mary A. '99, '05 
Mitchell, Mary F. '06 
Mitchell, Nicholas R. '40 
Mitchell, Samuel J. '58 
Mitros, Edward J. '50 
Mitten, Dorothy J. '48 
Mitterling, Stephen '00i 
Mittleman, Ida '25 
Mittleman, Ruth *59 
Mittleman. Sara '28 
Mlkvy, Lillian '51 
Mockaitis, Joseph B. '64 
Moffit, Nellie L. '82 
Mohan, Bernard E. '32 
Mohr, Walter H. '42 
Moleski, Walter E. '37 
Molick, M. Elmer '94 
Molinaro, Frank L. '48 
Molitoris. Joseph '58 
Molnar, George E. '63 
Molnar, Lewis '61 
Monaghan, Anna E. '48 
Monaghan, Anne '33 
Monaghan, James '57 
Monaghan, Mary '94 
Monahan. Anna L. '10 
Monahan, Margaret '00 
Monahan, Nora A. '00 
Monahan, Rose '96 
Monahan, Rose '17 
Monahan, Ruth '12 
Mondschine, John '39 
Monie, Isabell U. '86 
Monisera, Andrew L, '64 
Monks, Richard H. '64 

Monroe, Barbara A. '61 
Monroe, Barbara E. '27 
Monroe, Ellen L, '32 
Monroe, Madeline '34 
Mont, Bernard '54 
Montague, Robert E. '50 
Montague, Ruth '54 
Montanye, Melvin A. '62 
Montelins, Sara *10 
Montgomery, Clara '20 
Montgomery, F. Florence '88 
Montgomery, Grace '94 
Montgomery. Irene '27 
Montgomery. William C. '15 
Montz, George W. '56 
Moody, Thelma I. '37 
Moon, Beryl J. '22 
Mooney, Geraldine A. '11 
Mooney, William B. '49 
Moore, Arthur J. '94 
Moore, Audrey H. '29 
Moore, Blanche G. '18, '36 
Moore, C. H. '79 
Moore, Caroline W. '89 
Moore. Charles K. '49 
Moore, E, J. '82 
Moore, Elizabeth V. '99 
Moore, Ethel L. '29 
Moore, Florine I. '37 
Moore, Julia '58 
Moore, Lawrence C. '99, '00 
Moore, Lizzie '84 
Moore, Maggie M. '91 
Moore, Mary A. '90 
Moore, Mary L. '08 
Moore, Mary V. '96 
Moore, Philip W. *40 
Moore, Robert '53 
Moore, Sandra K. '61 
Moore, Walter A. '85 
Moran, Florence '20 
Moran, Grace T. '27 
Moran, Helen F. '19 
Moran, James V. '49 
Moran, John '97 
Moran, Julia C. '96 
Moran, Lizzie C. '93 
Moran, Madlyn A. '60 
Moran, Margaret B. "9<0< 
Moran, Margaret T. '34 
Moran, Martha J. '23 
Moran, Michael '55 
Moran, Mollie '03 
Moran, Nancy A. '55 
Moratelli, William R. '39 
Morawski, Verna '36 
Mordan, Bessie '28 
Mordan, Blanche D. '32 
Mordan, Florence J. '51 
Mordan, Jack L. '50 
Mordan, Mary Jane '42 
Mordan, Myron D. *01 
Mordan, Velma M. '35 
Mordan, Viola May '28 
More, Fred C. '99 
Morell, iSterilyn A. '63 
Morette, James V. '61 
Moretti, Linda J. '64 
Morgan, Alice M. '26 
Morgan, Ann '16 
Morgan, Anne R. '26 
Morgan, Annie T. '31 
Morgan, Arthur C. '19 
Morgan, Bruce B. '59 
Morgan, Charlotte D. '26 
Morgan, Daniel S^'08 
Morgan, Dean '61 
Morgan, Deanna '58 
Morgan, Donald '60 
Morgan, Dorothy E. '24 
Morgan, Dorothy M. '29 
Morgan, Edgar L. Jr. '59 

Morgan, Elias P. '24 
Morgan, Elizabeth M. '31 
Morgan, Elsie P. '14 
Morgan, Emily G. '00 
Morgan, Eva M. '22 
Morgan, F. Geraldine '30 
Morgan, Florence H. '11 
Morgan, Forrest R. '35 
Morgan, Gertrude '01 
Morgan, Gilbert '26 
Morgan, Gladys M. '25 
Morgan, Harold C. '23' 
Morgan, Harold M. '32 
Morgan, Helen M. '30 
Morgan, Henry C. '29 
Morgan, Henry L. '81 
Morgan, Jeanne L. '32 
Morgan, Jennette H. '20 
Morgan, John '53 
Morgan, Joyce K. '61 
Morgan, Laura W. '08 
Morgan, Mamie E. '95 
Morgan, Margaret '23 
Morgan, Margaret '26 
Morgan, Margaret '54 
Morgan, Marjorie R. '62 
Morgan, Mary '07 
Morgan, Mary E. '27 
Morgan, Mary J. '27 
Morgan, Mary S. '87 
Morgan, Mildred M. '25 
Morgan, Nancy A. '51 
Morgan, Norman G. '31 
Morgan, Olive '05 
Morgan, Phyllis '53 
Morgan, Robert '33 
Morgan, Sally F. '55 
Morgan, Sara B. '21 
Morgan, Sara D. '31 
Morgan, Sara E. '25 
Morgan, Sara R. '30 
Morgan, U. Grant '98 
Morgan, William L. '36 
Morgan, William S. '61 
Morgans, Rodney K. '50 
Morgans, Thomas '03 
Morgis, Anna H. '30< 
Morgis, Genevieve G. '34 
Morlock, Lorraine J. '60 
Morrett, Emily '26 
Morris, A. Ruth '24 
Morris, Anna E. '28 
Morris, Annie '75 
Morris, Blanche J. '04 
Morris, Charles J. '10 
Morris, Claire '28 
Morris, Edith N. '26 
Morris, Edna R. '00 
Morris, Elma L. '30 
Morris, Gertrude '99 
Morris, John E. '31 
Morris, John S. '50 
Morris, Joy K. '34 
Morris, Mark G. '55 
Morris, Mary E. '08 
Morris, Ruth *23< 
Morris, S. Jean '23 
Morris, Sarah M. '62 
Morris, Todd T. '62 
Morris, William R. '60 
Morrison, Hannah B. '90 
Morrison, Milton '53 
Morrison, Richard '52 
Morrison, Sandra M. '61 
Morrissey, Theodore, B. '31 
Morrissey, Wayne T. '63 
Morrow, Mary H. '49 
Morrow, Mary S. '08 
Morse, Doris M. '24 
Morse, Gertrude '96 
Morse, Robert S. '64 
Morsey, Frances E. '64 


Bloomsburg State College 

Morson, J. Harrison '56 
Morson, Marjorie P. '59 
Morton, Genevieve '23 
Morton, Jennie E. '99 
Morton, Kathryn E. '29 
Morton, Mary F. '30 
Morton, William '99 
Mosgo, Violet E. '49 
Moser, Betty L. '59 
Moser, Hannah '23 
Moser, Jerry S. '64 
Moser, Mary A. '48 
Moser, Mary R. '56 
Moser, Ruth A, '59 
Moser, Ruth K. '48 
Moser, Warren W. '62 
Moses, David '10 
Moses, Edith A. '90 
Moses, William E. 04 
Mosier, Philip '58 
Moss, Alice L. '20 
Moss, Alvin W. '75 
Moss, Claude E. '01 
Moss, Dorothy H. '34 
Moss, Emily A. '60 
Moss, Irene A. '29, '48 
Moss, Jean W. '41 
Moss, John '57 
Moss, Joseph D. '61 
Moss, Leona G. '15 
Moss, Louise '93 
Moss, Mary Jane '17 
Moss, Myron D. '29 
Moss, Ogden, Jr. '53 
Moss, Wayne D. '62 
Mosser, Mark F. '64 
Mosteller, Joanne '58 
Mouery, Olive '52 
Mouery, William J. '51 
Mountainland, Edward J. '62 
Mourey, Ada C. '27 
Mourey, Sandra K. '59 
Mowery, Clio I. '61 
Mowery, Elmer R. '60 
Mowery, Florence A. '32 
Mowery, Guy A. '00 
Mowery, Irvin '00 
Mowrer, Charles L. '05 
Moyer, Alvin '96 
Moyer, Arlene '54 
Moyer, Betty L. *57 
Moyer, Betty Lou '61 
Moyer, Calvin E. '97 
Moyer. Carlotta '06 
Moyer, Cordelia Belle '28 
Moyer, Elizabeth '97 
Moyer, Erma '35 
Moyer, Ezra '96 
Moyer, Franklin L. '63 
Moyer, Harold S. '09 
Moyer, Harry C. "86 
Moyer, Helen '87 
Moyer, Joanne J. '60 

Moyer, Laura '02 
Moyer, Lucetta '8* 
Moyer, Mabel '97 
Moyer, Mae G. '24 
Moyer, Martha '98 
Moyer, Mary '33 
Moyer, Mira '96 
Moyer, Olive M. '28 48 
Moyer, Rachel '96 
Moyer, Rebecca J. '01 
Moyer, Robert D. '63 
Moyer, Ruth A. '63 
Moyer, Ruth B. '13 
Moyer, Sadie R. '07 
Moyer, Sara '95, '98 
Moyer, Ulysses '00 
Moyer, William A. '84 
Moyer, William V. '07 
Moyle, Elizabeth '18 
Mras, Martha A. '14 
Mudrick, Paul '34 
Mudrock, Joseph '52 
Muffly, Donald C. '62 
Muir, Alice '96 
Muir. Anna C. '10 
Muir, Gertrude '96 
Muir, Julia A. '59 
Muirhead, Milo E. '62 
Mulford, Mary Alice '28 
Mulhall, Leo A. Jr. '59 
Mulligan, Gertrude R. '13 
Mulligan, Helen '27 
Mulligan, Mayetta 'OS 
Mulherin, Alice A. '24 
Mulherin, Daniel A. '98 
Mulhern, Edward J. '39 
Mullaly, Belle '07 
Mullaly, William F. '85 
Mullen, Edward J. '87 
Mullen, Mary '85 
Mullen, Mary D. '18 
Mulliner, Beulah A. '99 
Mumaw, Grace L. '29 
Mumford, Minnie B. '93 
Mummey, Ida W. '10 
Mundie, Mary '96 
Munro, Foster C. '9 7 
Munroe, Edna A. '98 
Munroe, Euphemia '94 
Munroe, Kathryn E. '26 
Munson, Elizabeth I. '29 
Munson, Joy I. '29 '34 
Murko, Lenore R. '31 
Murphy, Anna B. '24 
Murphy, Catherine M. '26 
Murphy, Eliza '95 
Murphy, Emma W. '86 
Murphy, Helen M. '26 
Murphy, Marian L. '41 
Murphy, Mary G. '17 
Murphy, Michael D. J. '51 
Murphy, Mildred M. '28 
Murphy, Rose '06 

Murphy, Sr. M. Delourdes 

Murray, Agnes V. '92 
Murray, Edward N. '61 
Murray, Florence E. '25 
Murray, Henry T. '00 
Murray, John S. Jr. '60 
Murray, M. Irene '10 
Murray, Margaret C. '22 
Murray, Robert W. '59 
Murray, Ruth L. '64 
Murray, Stella G. '01 
Murray, Stella M. '27 
Murrin, Emma '09 
Murrin, Mary '04 
Murtha, Anne C. '31 
Murzenski, Sabina '33 
Murzin, Marx I. '17 
Musgrove, Claire '33 
Musgrove, E. L. '90 
Musgrove, James F. '18 
Musgrove, Mary '16 
Musgrove, Maud E. '16 
Musial, Zigmund M. '41 
Muskaloon, Anna D. '28 
Muskaloon, Victoria M. 
Musket, Dennis P. '60 
Musselman, Frances M. '85 
Musselman, Kenneth A. '64 
Mussoline, Lawrence J. '49 
Mussoline, Rocco L. '63 
Muth, Carrie L. '04 
MutscMer, Marie H. '60 
Myers, Adda M. '49 
Myers, B. Frank '88 
Myers, Cameron '57 
Myers, Clyde B. '11 
Myers, Delma E. '27 
Myers, Earla M. '56 
Myers, Eleanor E. '59 
Myers, Elsie M. '13 
Myers, Frances '58 
Myers, Harriet '13 
Myers, Hattie '97 
Myers, Irma G. '05 
Myers, Jennie M. '26 
Myers, Jessie '90 
Myers. Lawrence B. 

'42 (Honorary) 
Myers, Lois J. '59 
Myers, Margaret A. '14 
Myers, Marjorie '58 
Myers, Mary E. '11 
Myers, Naomi M. '35 
Myers, Nora '91 
Myers, Raymond G. '41 
Myers, Ruth E. '20 
Myers, Ruth H. '32 
Myers, S. Anna '17 
Myles, Agnes L. '26 
Myles, Clarence '13 
Mylet, Frances C. '47 
Myrick, A. Elizabeth '30 

— N 

Nace, George E. '61 
Naegeli, Nellie A. '23 
Nagelberg, Hanna '27 
Nagle, Christina '21 
Nagle, Christopher S. '63 
Nagle, Edgar C. '93 
Nagle, Irvin E. '95 
Nagle, James J. '62 
Nagle, John E. '59 
Nagorski, E. M. '28 
Nahadil, Ada '25 
Najaka, Karl Z. '64 
Nallin, M. Agnes '87 
Nancarrow, Sara '52 

Nance, Ethel V. '96 
Naples, Mary '33 
Namotka, Veronica '27 
Nardone, Joseph C. '62 
Narkiewicz, Edmund D. '63 
Naryanckas, Mildred D. '32 
Nasatka, Martha '25 
Nash, Anna B. '36 
Nash, Helen J. '25 
Natishan, Jerome P. '€0 
Natter, Luther '58 
Naughton, Jean M. '57 
Naugle, Anna M. '27 
Naugle, Emma J. '20 

Naugle, Kenneth '11 
Naugle, Violet M. '24 
Naunas, Alberta B. '47 
Naus, Irene '33 
Nawrocki, Thomas V. '6 3 
Nawrocki, Vincent '52 
Naylis, Kathryn '23 
Naylor, Anna G. '22 
Naylor, Raymond B. '63 
Naylor, Thelma M. '26 
Naylor, Thelma Mae '50 
Neal, Grace '92 
Neal, Mabel '02 '03 
Nearing, Carol '57 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Nearing, Martha K. '59 
Neary, Patrick '58 
Neary, Robert E. *62 
Neary, Walter L. '60 
Nebus, Kathleen R. '60 
Neely, Alice '16 
Neely, Regis '27 
Neff, Lela J. '59 
Neibauer, Gilbert J. '56 
Neibaur, George J. '38 
Neifert, Grace J. '15 
Neilson, Muriel J. '56 
Neiss, Martina '33 
Nejako, Zigmund B. '34 
Nelson, Alga A. '24 
Nelson, Beatrice A. '23 
Nelson, Clifford A. '34 
Nelson, David '42 
Nelson, Elna H. '11 
Nelson, Harry T. '37 
Nelson, Lillian M. '21 
Nelson, Marie F. '30 
Nelson, Pauline E. '29, '39 
Nelson, Teresa '21 
Nelson, Velma L. '25 
Nelson, William B. '64 
Nemetz, John W. '55 
Nesbit, Edith M. '94 
Nespoli, Karen J. '64 
Nester, Wilmer P. '49 
Neuberger, G. Mord 'Ofl 
Neugard, Mae '54 
Nevil, Leota A. '36 
Nevin, M. Ella '97 
Newberry, A. Mae '00 
Newberry, Clyde K. '*1 
Newbury, David '53 
Newhart, Jean '54 
Newhook, Mary H. '60 
Newhouse, Ella M. '85 
Newhouse, Laura B. '89 
Newhouser, Bertha G. '00 
Newman, Dorothy E. '26 
Newman, Esther '25 
Newman, Garold R. '63 
Newman, Lois '52 

Newman, Sheila L. '62 
Newman, Phyllis '33 
Newton, Albert E. '02 
Newton, Marjorie L. '27 
Ney, Leland '64 
Neyhard, Grace L. '28 
Neyhard, Miriam '53 
Nice, Donald '58 
Nicely, E. Josephine '83 
Nicely, Josephine '97 
Nicely, Ralph A. '98 
Nicely, Ruth '13 
Nicholas, Irene '95 
Nicholas, James L. '56 
Nichols, Carrie A. '98 
Nichols, Eleanor J. '56 
Nichols, Florence '95 
Nichols, Janice L. '36 
Nichols, Norma B. '93 
Nicholson, Edna '14 
Nicholson, Grace '18 
Nickles, iShirley M. '62 
Niehoff, Laura '61 
Nikel, Emiily '12 
Niles, Hugh S. '43 
Niles, Jane M. '48 
Niver, Robert E. '59 
Noack. Madeline E. '23 
Noack, Maxwell R. '16 
Noack, Rexford J. '2*0 
Noble, Alma G. '07 
Noble, Eloise L. '49 
Noble, John V. '59 
Noble, Laverne R. '09 
Noble Rettia M. '31 
Noel, George P. '42 
Noel, Margaret E. '30 
Noetling, Charles B. '85 
Nolan, Emma B. '87 
Nolan. Miriam J. '20 
Nolan, Richard J. '39 
Noll, Donald R. '61 
Noll, Jeanne L. '42 
Noll, Margaret '54 
Nonnemaoher, Richard C. 

Norbert, Genevieve M. '30 
Nordstrom, Anna E. '24 
Nork, Virginia A. '62 
Norman, George '95 
Norman, Marion W. '62 
Norris, Lizzie '96 
Norris, Lois A. '11 
North, David T. '52 
Northrop, Ruth E. '62 
Northup, Anna I. '34 '42 
Northup, Anne F. '48 
Norton, Lois T. '14 
Norton, Mervyn '24 
Norton, William R. '59 
Noss, Gertrude L. '98 
Novak, Bruno A. '35 
Novak, Clem Edw. '48 
Novak, Edna E. '30 
Novak, Edward M. '59 
Novak, Freda J. '29 
Novak, Helen '24 
Novak, June V. '48 
Novell!, Frank J. '47 
Novick, Eleanor M. '55 
Novinger, Talma K. '62 
Nowakowski, Leon '58 
Noz, Nancy '54 
Nuneviller, Robert '64 
Nunn, W. Edgar '54 
Nuss, Allen '58 
Nuss, Eugene M. '49 
Nuss, Jno. Frank '81 
Nuss, Martin W. '70 
Nuss, Rutk '12 
Nyce, Emma S. '99 
Nye, Blanche '97 
Nye, Louise A. '64 
Nye, Rebecca '87 
Nygren, Jean C. '64 
Nygren, Ruey K. '47 
Nyhart, Arline N. '17 
Nyhart, Fred '96 
Nyhart, Frederick C. '34 
Nyhart, Harry U. '92 
Nyhart, Margaret G. '17 
Nyhart. Robert U. 19 

o — 

Oakes, Leona C. '44 
Oakey, W. Ted '61 
Oates, Ellen V. '27 
Oberdorf, Nancy Lou '56 
Oberholtzer, F. K. '01 
O'Boyle, Lucy '03 
O'Braitis, Mary E. '55 
O'Bren, Anna D. '00 
O'Brien, Agnes '22 
O'Brien, Annette '22 
O'Brien, Bernard '58 
O'Brien, Edward '57 
O'Brien Ella '96 
O'Brien, Geraldine A. '60 
O'Brien, Harold J. '35 
O'Brien, Hazel R. '43 
O'Brien, Katie '00 
O'Brien, Margaret '07 
O'Brien, Margaret T. '26 
O'Brien, Mary E. '18 
O'Brien, Mary W. '23 
O'Brien, Patricia R. '56 
O'Brien, Robert E. *49 
O'Brien, William J. '64 
Obudzinski. Barbara A. '60 
O'Connell, Dorothea R. '29 
O'Connell, George '58 
O'Connell, Lizzie '79 
O'Connell, Maudrice '3>0' 
O'Conner, Julia B. '28 
O'Conner, Marion I. '10 

Odell, Grace D. '27 
Odell, Helen M. '26 
Odell, Lois M. '28 
O'Donnel, Edward B. '63 

O'Donnell, Anthony '25 

O'Donnell, Catherine '04 

O'Donnell, Clara '17 

O'Donnell, Clara M. '48 

O'Donnell, Clare M. '30 

O'Donnell. Daniel L. '04 

O'Donnell, Irene W. '28 

O'Donnell, Irene W. '56 

O'Donnell, Isabeil M. '27 

O'Donnell, John J. '93 

O'Donnell, John J. '49 

O'Donnell, Kate A. '81 

O'Donnell, Lillie A. '92 

O'Donnell, Loretta '25 

O'Donnell, Maizie '01 

O'Donnell, Margaret E. '62 

O'Donnell, Marie R. '12 

O'Donnell, Mary '06 

O'Donnell, Mary R. '27 

O'Donnell, Mary R. '34 

O'Donnell. Mary T. '29 

O'Donnell, Nellie K. '23 

O'Donnell, Patrick F. '95 

O'Donnell, Paul V. '61 

O'Donnell, Raymond '13 

O'Donnell, W. C. '00 

O'Donnell, William K. '62 

Oehlert, Darlene J. '64 
O'Gara, Mary '20 
O'Hara, Margaret L. '16 
O'Hara, Nellie L. '92 
Ohl, Arthur C. '97 
Ohl, Arthur L. '60 
Ohl, C. Elizabeth W. '59 
Ohl, Cora C. '26 
Ohl, J. Rutter '41 
Ohl. Martha '16 
Ohl, Mary '11 
Ohl, Maurice '15 
Ohl, Robert A. '39 
Ohl, Thomas '57 
Ohlman, Elizabeth '26 
Ohlman, M. Elaine '53 
O'Haro, Alice D. '11 
O'Haro, Ethel '06 
O'Haro, Margaret M. '34 
O'Holla, Marlene J. '62 
Okuniewski, Stanley L. '57 
Olah, Isabella M. '41 
Olash, Matilda '33 
Oldfield, Sarah E. '99 
O'Leary, Michael J. '61 
O'Leary. T. Timothy '63 
Oler, A. Esther '99 
Oley, Patricia A. '60 
Oleynlck, Babara J. '64 
Oliver, Alice '01 
Oliver, Carl A. '43 


Bloomsburg State College 

Oliver, Deane D. 
Oliver, E. Grace '99 
Oliver, Fannie '06 
Oliver, Gertrude '96 
Oliver, Joseph H. '00 
Oliver, Margaret L. '10 '12 
Oliver, Ralph A. '14 
Ollendick, Anna K. '31 '48 
Ollock, Joseph S. '37 
Olmstead, Kate D. 'OS 
Olmstead, Nina '06 
Olmsted, Catherine A. '26 
O'Loughlin, Patricia '54 
Olschefsky, Minnie B. '31 
Olshefski, Carol M. '62 
Olshefski, Joseph A. '42 
Olshesky, Helen R. '29 
Olson, Ernest C. Jr. '49 
Olver, Evelyn J. '29 
Olver, Helen E. '25 
O'Malley, Anne M. '20 
O'Malley, Belinda '96 
O'Malley, Frances R. '25 
O'Malley, Mary '96 
O'Mallev, Mary S. '96 
O'Malley. Sadie '99 
O'Malley, Sarah '10 
Oman, Charles '96 
Oman, Clara A, '15 
Oman, Delia '08 
Oman, Ernest '08 
Oman, Esther D. '24 
Oman, Glenn A, '32 
Oman, Lena R. '24 
Oman, Ray C. '64 
O'Mara, Mary G. '24 
Omichinski, Genevie M. '32 
Ondash, Veraa C. '62 
Ondovchak, Agnes D. '31 
Ondrula, Joseph '54 
O'Neil, Teresa I. '36 

Pace, James W. '99 
Pace, Joseph G. '13 
Pace, Marjorie M. '24 
Pace, Theresa A. '90 
Pachnicke, Frances R. '12 
Pacholec, Henry F. '50 
Pack, Josephine '33 
Padagomas, Lucy '17 
Padden, Catherine W. '15 
Paden, Kenneth '58 
Paden, Mary T. '13 
Paden, Nola E. '32 '37 
Paden, Richard E. '60 
Padovani, Joyceann '64 
Padula, Josephine E. '49 
Paganelli, Reynold '43 
Page, Janet M. *49 
Pagnetti, Robert J. '61 
Paige, Phyllis '54 
Painter, Eliakim '23 
Painter, Robert E. '63 
Paisley, Ethel J. '11 
Paisley, Kenneth '57 
Pakutka, Agnes A. '42 
Palencar, Andrew E. '50 
Palermo, Louis J. '61 
Palevich, Mary M. '63 
Paliscak, Paul T. '60 
Palko, Michael '53 
Palm, M. Blanche '02 
Palmer, EfTie '23 
Palmer, Hazel '51 
Palmer, Jennie '90 
Palmer, Maggie '94 
Palmer, Sallie A. '87 
Palmer, Simon N. '01 
Palmer, Virginia A. '64 

O'Neill. Anna M. '24 
O'Neill, Charles H. '93 
O'Neill, Daniel L. Jr. '60 
O'Neill, Edith B. '21 
O'Neill, Frances H. '09 
O'Neill, Francis '99 
O'Neill, Helen '15 
O'Neill, Jayne Ann '61 
O'Neill, Veronica '24 
Oney, Robert '54 
Onufer, John M. '61 
Onufrak, Marian '58 
Opiary, John '34 
Opilla, George M. '60 
Oplinger, A. B. '97 
Oplinger, Charles A. '97 
Oplinger, Catherine A. '41 
Oplinger, Elsie M. '23 
Oplinger, Galen L. '98 
Oplinger, Harry F. '00 
Oplinger, June '4 3 
Oravitz, Joseph V. '63 
Oravitz, Robert J. '62 
Orband, Henry A. '60 
Orchard, Constance E. '64 
Orlandi, Robert J. '61 
Ormsby, Mary '05 
Ormsby, Sallie '02 
Orndorf, Mary R. '18 
Orner, Anna L. '39 
Orner. Charles '58 
Orner, "William S. '48 
O'Rourke, Helen F. '17 
O'Rourke, Mae '25 
O'Rourke, Margaret '22 
Orr, Marjorie A. '28 '29 
Orth, Mary C. '04 
Osborn, Suzanne '57 
Osborne, Annette '11 
Osborne, Charlotte '33 
Osenbach, Robert '52 

— P 

Palsgrove, Doris G. '27 
Palsgrove, Mary E. '37 
Palsgrove, Orva] C. '31 
Palumbo, Mildred R. '48 
Palushock, Edward P. '55 
Palya, Mary M. '24 
Panco, Mary '06 
Panichello, John C. '5'5 
Panichello, Joseph A. '60 
Pannebaker, Maude S. '15 
Pannebaker, W. H. '87 
Panzetta, John T. "50 
Panzetta, Nicholas J. '49 
Panzitta, Delores A. '60 
Papania, Ann E. '50 
Papania, Elvira M. '19 
Papania, Joseph '51 
Papciak. Nellie '17 
Papciak, T. iSitanley '38 
Pape, James D. '42 
Pappas, Anastasia '46 
Para, Girard A. '63 
Paralis, Donald G. '56 
Paralis, Patricia A. '59 
Parangosky, Helen J. '44 
Parfitt, Amelia M. '13 
Parfltt. Oliver A. '98 
Park, Emily A. '25 '31 
Park, Florence A. '40 
Park, Jane '20 
Parke, Minnie H. '11 
Parke, Sarah H. '13 
Parker, Bertha '96 
Parker, Cora B. '92 
Parker, Kenneth H. '60 
Parker, Mabel H. '04 
Parker, Marion E. '09 

Osevala, Barney '54 
Oshetski, John R. '64 
Oshinsky, Ramona H. '30 
Osinchuk .Winifred '2. 1 
Osinski, Marie E. '64 
Osman, Harriet D. '42 
Ossuna, Jose '06 
Ossuna,' Pedro '17 
Ostrander, Ida M. '24 
Ostroff, Carol M. '62 
Oswald, A. Jane '39 
Oswald, Catherine '60 
Oswald, Gertrude E. '32 
Oswald, Kenneth '58 
Oswald, Margaret L. '28 3 
Oswald, Ruth A. '27 
O'Toole, Thomas J. ''56 
Ottaviani, Lillian M. '28 
Ottaviani, William '54 
Otten. Ella M. "26 
Otto. May, '97 
Ouslander, Ruth '28 
Oustrich, John '58 
Owen, Anna E. '06 
Owen, Cordelia '06 
Owen, Hazel '06 
Owen, John A. '64 
Owen, John M. '37 
Owen, Marian A. '21 
Owen, Minnie B. '01 
Owens, A. Elizabeth '22 
Owens, David '97 
Owens, Helen F. '28 
Owens, John J. '64 
Owens. Ruth '25 
Oxenrider, Clinton J. '61 
Oxford, Mabel '35 
Oyer, Helen A. '44 
Ozalas, Constance G. '57 
Ozelka, Anna D. '23 

Parker, Robert '33 
Parker, Robert H. '39 
Parker, Vera B. '23 
Parks, Edith B. '09 
Parks, Helen '15 
Parks, Sara EI. '13 
Parnell, Peter '49 
Parr, Allen '33 
Parr, Mary E. '44 
Parrell, Daniel C. '51 
Parris, Helen '28 
Parrish, Mae J. '25 
Parrish, Marie "54 
Parry, Donald '50 
Parry, Gertrude M. 06 
Parry, Irwin D. '59 
Parsell, Audrey A. '46 
Parsell, George '58 
Parsell, John L. '51 
Parsell, O. Marie '41 
Parsell, Theodore R. '40 
Parsons, Charlotte E. '24 
Partridge, Catherine M. '24 
Partridge, Dorothy E. '28 
Partridge, John W. '34 
Partridge, Marguerita '33 
Partridge, William H. '24 
Parulis, Joseph A. '21 
Pasternak, Peter A. '61 
Paternoster, Doris "53 
Paternoster, George D. "49 
Paterson, Andrew T. '50 
Patrick, Dorcas '20 
Patrick, Frank F. '38 
Patrick, Margaret '26 
Patrick, Matilda L. '48 
Patrick, Rachel '20 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Patrilak, Michael M. '57 
Patten, Frank E. '94 
Patten, Robert S. '95 
Patterson, C. D., Jr. '48 
Patterson, Edith '03 
Patterson, Effie J. '44 
Patterson, Gail I. '64 
Patterson, H. Ottis *19 
Patterson, Harry B. '88 
Patterson, J. B. '95 
Patterson, J. Claire '18 
Patterson, J. Howard '94 
Patterson, Jason '25 '30 
Patterson, Jenna Mae '43 
Patterson, M. Delia '92 
Patterson, Madge '02 
Patterson, Marion E. '40 
Patterson, Messina M. '13 
Patterson, Rowena '19 
Patterson, Sarah E. '85 
Patterson, Vivian A. '06 
Patton, Anna 'Ofl 
Patton, Emma M. '86 
Patton, Ida J. '76 
Patton, Mary '53 
Patynski, Walter E. '60 
Paul, B. Renee '47 
Paul, Burdella J. '24 
Paul, Connie J. '€1 
Paul, J. Prank '94 
Paul, Lynn J. '62 
Paul, Ruth E. '55 
Paul, Verna M. '26 
Paulhamus, Paul A. '40 
Paulmeno, Anthony J. '49 
Paulson, Leo A, '30 
Paulson, Leon '55 
Paulus, Charles '33 
Pauzer, Edwin L. '53 
Pavlick, Rose Ann P. '59 
Pavliscak, Joseph '25 
Pawloski, Pauline B. '27 
Payer, Stephen '53 
Payne, Catherine E. '22 
Payne. Edith '46 
Payne, Herbert E. '38 
Payne, Marion V. '$2 
Payne, William T. '22 
Peacock, Charlotte M. '12 
Peacock, Clarissa '05 
Peak, Lloyd N. *56 
Pealer, Blanche '06 
Pealer, Esther '32 
Pealer, Samuel R., Jr. '98 
Pealer, W. Woodin '90 
Pearce, Nancy '57 
Pearce, Sarah E. '29 
Pease, Charles '53 
Pecht, Susan P. '62 
Peck, James J. '60 
Peck, Jane M. '17 
Peck, Luther A. '37 
Peck, M. Evalyn '08 
Peckham, Florence '18 
Pecora, Congetta M. '30 
Pecora, Louis S., Jr. '50 
Pecorelli, Joseph F. '62 
Pedrow, Donald P. '61 
Peel, Wilhelmina E. '93 
Peeling, Barbara A. '63 
Peet, Maude H. '15 
Peffer. Clara F. *26 
Peffer, John '52 
Peffer, Roy A '64 
Pegg, Esther '17 
Pegg, Eva G. '20 
Pegg, Harold J. '18 
Pegg, Helen J. '13 
Pegg, Nola C. '14 
Pegg, William F. '41 
Peifer, Alyce M. "27 
Peifer, Elizabeth E. '25 

Peifer, Hannah J. '28 
Peifer, Kate '93 
Peifer, Lillian '05 
Peifer, Margaret C. "29 
Peifer. Mark E. '34 
Peifer, Thomas R. '62 
Peiffer, Paul R. '56 
Pekala, Lawrence V. '49 
Pekala, Nancy J. '59 
Pelak, Anna '64 
Pelak, Barbara '60 
Pelak, Robert '62 
Pelak, William T. '31 "3 8 
Pelchar, Joseph J. '52 
PeLlett, Mabel D. '10 
Pellman, Alton A. '59 
Pendal, Joseph H. '59 
Pendergast, Mary '95 
Penman, Cora '23 
Penman, Helen '27 
Penman, Mabel G. '29 '4 8 
Penman, Mary E. '77 
Penman, Mary G. '26 
Penman, Mary S. '98 
Penman, Minnie G. '93 
Penman, William H. '40 
Pennella, Carmine L. "59 
Pennica, Camilla K. '35 
Penniman, Mabel A. '91 
Pennington, Alice '28 '29 
Pennington, Capitola O. '30 
Pennington, Florence '10 
Pennington, Mabel T. '01 
Pennington, Maynard J. '31 
Pennington, Phoebe L. '16 
Pennington, W. B. '2S '30 
Pensyl, Frances '24 
Pensyl, Maree E. '21 
Peperno, Anthony '63 
Perch, Frank J. '32 
Perialas, Peter C. '61 
Perkins, Elsie R. '19 
Perkins, Lucy E. '74 
Perley, Mabel '96 
Perotti, Leonard D. '59 
Perry, Charles R. '59 
Perry, Elizabeth '23 
Perry, Frank V. '51 
Perry. Raymond B. '43 
Perry. Robert J. '60 
Perry, Sarah E. *24 
Person, Wilbur G. '61 
Persing, Carl J. '51 
Persing, Harry M. '95 
Persing, Martha M. '56 
Persing, Thomas E. '55 
Pesansky, Helen '38 
Pesda, John L. '62 
Petarra, Concetta G. '50 
Petekofsky, Julia '27 '33 
Petekofsky, Winifred M. '29 
Peterman, Roy C. '35 
Peters, Minnie A. '25 
Peterson, Donald D. '54 
Peterson, Dorothv W. '24 
Peterson, Edith H. '32 
Pethiek, Lana S '16 
Petraitis, Wanda. M. '51 
Petrie, Joni A. '62 
Petrilla, Joseph '62 
Petrilla, Stephen J. '36 
Petrilla, Stephen T. '33 
Petrilli, Francesco C. L. '08 
Petroff, Julia '30 
Petrovich, Stanley J. '62 
Petrullo, Caroline E. '29 
Petrullo, Caroline E. '5'5 
Petruzzi, Ronald J. '63 
Pettes, Olive '11 
Pettibone, Elizabeth H. "99 
Pettibone, Frances A. '27 
Pettibone, Lenora L. '97 

Pettibone, Margaret L. '17 
Petty, Charles M. '85 
Petty, Louise '92 
Petty, Margaret P. '88 
Petty, Mary '87 
Petty, Mary E. '20 
Petuskey, Jane M. '62 
Petuskey, Lawrence '58 
Petz. Carl L. '61 
Petz, Joseph L. '64 
Petzak, Frank J. '63 
Pfahler, Elsie M. '19 
Pfahler, George E. '94 
Pfahler. Lois '22 
Pfahler, Mary A. '99 
Pfeiffer, Adeline M. '36 
Pfister, Sandra A. '59 
Phebey, T. Ellen '25 
Philbin, Cecilia M. '22 
Phillips, Anna '05 
Phillips, Caroline '05 
Phillips, Catharine '89 
Phillips, Charles B. '50 
Phillips, Dorothy J. '34 
Phillips, Dorothy M. '34 '39 
Phillips, Earl W. '22 
Phillips, Edith '27 
Phillips, Edward R. '36 
Phillips, Freda '23 
Phillips, Grace M. '28 
Phillips, Harry A. '48 
Phillips, Helen B. '21 
Phillips, Jean A. "34 '36 
Phillips, John '57 
Phillips, Kathryn C. '27 
Phillips, Lizzie J. '85 
Phillips, Macyle '63 
Phillips, Maizie V. '13 
Phillips, Margaret '26 
Phillips, Marion L. '18 
Phillips, Marion L. '30 
Phillips, Mary E. '24 
Phillips, Mary J. '28 
Phillips. Mildred E. '28 
Phillips, Olive N. '30 
Phillips, Patricia A. '62 
Phillips, Patricia I. '55 
Phillips, Rhys E. '63 
Phillips, Richard C. '63 
Phillips, Ruth S. '23 
Phillips, William '56 
Philo, Laura '52 
Philo, Leonard E. '39 
Piarote, George W. '43 
Piatkowski, Florence J. '36 
Piatt, Eugene W. '08 
Piatt, Helen S. '32 
Piatt, John E. '08 
Picarella, Alvina E M '3i2 
Pichel, Dorothy '51 
Pichel, Julia '49 
Pichel, June ''53 
Pichela, Robert J. '60 
Pick, Robert W. '49 
Pickering, Byron J. '02 
Pickering, Nancy L. '64 
Piekarski, Eleanor M. '08 
Pientka, Philip E. '64 
Pierce, Kathryn E. '28 
Pieri, Florence C. '34 
Piersol, Linda G. '60 
Pierson, Hattie L. "82 
Pierson, Minnie A. '15 
Piestrak, Edward L. '51 
Pietruszak, William '40 
Pietrzykowski, Joseph '13 
Pihanich, Michael, Jr. '53 
Pileski, Mary A. '59 
Pilkay, Man' R. '93 
Pingar, Elizabeth R. '63 
Pino, Dominic R. '42 
Piszeck, Stanley R. '06 


Bloomsburg State College 

Pitner, Harriet '09 
Pitt, Vivian C. '27 
Pituch, Nicholas '60 
Pizer, Veinta C. '32 
Place, Carol J. '64 
Plafcan, Robert '54 
Plank, Thomas H. '08 
Piatt, Beatrice C. '21 
Piatt, Robert S. '64 
Plesko, George J. '37 
Pleviak, Samuel J. '48 
Plevyak, John '58 
Plevyak, John M. '40 
Plevyak, Paul P. '50 
Pliscott. Mildred M. '53 
Pliscott, Rose '23 
Plowfield, Patricia A. '62 
Plotkin, Ruby A, '26 
Plummer, Dolores '58 
Plummer, Janet '57 
Plummer, Mabel '00 
Poad, Carrie '0'3 
Podsaidlik, Sophie '26 
Podwika, Peter G. '42 
Pohutsky, William '57 
Polaneczky, N. '25 '27 '28 
Polaschik, John '60 
Poliwka, Vincent '29 
Poller. Robert '58 
Polley, Bertha V. '10 
Pollock, Carrie N. '12 
Pollock, Dorothy R. '18 
Pollock, Edythe M. '41 
Pollock, Elizabeth '02 
Pollock, Lydia A. '24 
Pollock, Mary IC '92 
Pollock, Miles '18 
Pollock, Patricia L, '59 
Polniaszek, Leo A. '30 
Poloni, Katherine C. '63 
Polovitch, Paulino L. '59 
Pomes, Mary T. '59 
Pomicter, Charles B. '61 
Pomrinke, John L. '40 
Pongonis, Margaret '27 
Poole, Anna B. '98 
Poole, Charles E. '29 
Pooley, Edith M. '09 
Pooley, Paul '05 
Pooley, Ruth E. '15 '33 
Pooley, Vernice R. '36 
Poorman, Bari E. '64 
Pope, Arlene M. '50 
Pope, Charles G. '55 
Pope, Nelena P. '44 
Pope, Ruth G. "18 
Popick, Raymond J. '49 
Poploski, Stella M. '29 
Poremba, Paulette S. '64 
Porter, Elizabeth '13 
Porter, Hattie E. '92 
Porteus, Erma M. '19 
Post, F. Juniatta '24 
Potochney, Suzanna G. '2? 
Potson, Andrew '33 '52 
Potter, Annie C. '8'5 
Potter, Charles W. '10 

Potter, Hazel I. '16 
Potter, Lenore '33 
Potter, Lulu W. '80 
Potter, Margaret F. '38 
Potter, Miles '33 
Potter, Robert R. '93 
Potter, Winfield '39 
Potts, M. Reinee '09 
Potts, P. Clive '12 
Poust, Donald L. '63 
Poust, Doris W. '60 
Poust, Eleanor F. '50 
Poust, Pearl '25 '39 
Powell, Anna M. '95 
Powell, Anna M. '6 
Powell, Anna M. '17 
Powell, Charles R. '83 
Powell, Elizabeth '93 
Powell, Ella '93 
Powell, Emma *0>0 
Powell, Esther '96 
Powell, Esther M. '23 
Powell, Gertrude '26 
Powell, Gwenny '81 
Powell, Helen F. '41 
Powell, Henry '96 
Powell, Jack M. '59 
Poweill, Jennie '23 
Powell, Joanna '16 
Powell, Martha '93 
Powell, Mary '18 
Powell, Nancy R. '51 
Powell, Richard '52 
Powell, Richard D. '24 
Powers, Eleanor G. L. '13 
Pratt, Mary W. '23 
Pratt, Rachel W. '29 
Pratt, Ruth W. '24 
Pregmon, Olga '34 
Pressler, Annie '80 
Pressler, Frederick '47 
Preston, Warren W. '99 
Prete, Santo J. '49 
Preuho, Ida M. '31 
Price, A, A. '01 
Price, Abe J. '63 
Price, Abel '95 
Price, Anna M. '23 
Price, Charles T. '39 
Price. Doris M. '32 
Price, Ethel M. '24 
Price, Ethel R. '28 
Price, J. Herbert '99 
Price, James D. '57 
Price, Janet '52 
Price, Judith A. '63 
Price, Kathrxine '95 
Price, Kathryn '25 
Price, Margaret E. '25 
Price, Margaret R. '25 
Price, Martha A. '25 
Price, Mary T. '27 
Price, Myrtle S. '28 
Price, Robert '38 
Price, Robert I. '53 
Price, Robert T. '60 

Price, Virginia M. "55 
Price, W. A. '97 
Price, William E. '61 
Priest, Florence A. '09 
Pringle, Frank M. '50 
Prisbak, Jule '27 
Pritchard, Bernice E. '21 
Pritchard, E. Feme '14 
Pritchard, M. Teresa '20 
Pritchard, Marjorie V. '07 
Privowarska, Sr. M. V. '27 
Probert, Elizabeth '18 
Prober t. Mary B. '25 
Procopio, Margaret A. '63 
Profit, Richard J. '62 
Prokopchack, Michael '35 
Prokopchack, Walter A. '57 
Propst, Jessie E. '44 
Propst, Violet J. '46 
Prosseda, David L. '63 
Prosser, Bertine '27 
Prosser, Thelma '27 
Pro want, Edward E. '63 
Prusch, Frank, Jr. '58 
Prutzman, Elgie V. '26 
Prutzman, Minnie E. '97 
Prynn, Marion J. '15 
Puckey, Charles '58 
Puckey, Elizabeth B. '60 
Pugh, Elizabeth L. '18 
Pugh, James G. '40 
Puhnak, Bernard '43 
Pullen, Alma L. '28 
Pulling, Lola K. '60 
Pulson, Eleanor K. '29 
Puderbaoh, Larry G. '63 
Purcell, Francis D. '38 
Purcell, James J. '51 
Purcell, John M. '49 
Purcell, Joseph '58 
Purdy, Mabel A. '00 
Purnell, Nellie A. '62 
Pursel, Anna M. '17 
Pursel, Anna W. '23 
Pursel, Arthur C. '64 
Pursel, Beatrice E. '18 
Pursel, Edna B. '21 
Pursel, Edna M. '21 
Pursel, Edna R. '24 
Pursel, Helen A. '26 
Pursel, Jay H. '37 
Pursel, Josephine '98 
Pursel, Marjorie V. '28 
Pursel, Maude L. '41 
Pursel, Obed E. '10 
Pursel, Rena H. '10 
Pursel. Robert H. '63 
Pursel, Russell '21 
Pursel, Samuel '89 
Pursel, W. Glenn '12 
Pursley, Louis '23 
Purvis, Vanice B. '57 
Putera, Joseph J. '49 
Putnam, Stewart L. '04 
Pyle, Marion '33 
Pyne, Caroline '17 

Qualey, Elizabeth R. '12 
Quick, Alice '53 
Quick, Charles '97 
Quick, Eleanor '96 
Quick. Mildred M. '34 
Quick, Reba H. '<0i7 
Quick, Rolland C. '59 


Quick, Viola '26 
Quick, William J. '99 
Quigley, Anne M. '35 
Quigley, Mary T. '38 
Quinn, Bridget C. '94 
Quinn, Bridgetta L. 'I 

Quinn, Edith C. '27 
Quinn, Michael H. '86 
Quinn, William '57 
Quinney, Evelyn TL '17 
Quirk, Catharine '33 
Quoos, Pearl M. '31 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


— R — 

Raab, Joan M. '56 
Raabe, Raymond '53 
Rabb, Anna M. '31 
Rabb, Donald D. '46 
Rabert, Eleanor EX '24 
Rabinovitch, Eva R '98 
Rabuck, Cora A. '29 
Raby, Gladys E. '42 
Race, Ethel E. '50 
Race, M. H. '71 
Racnko, George '52 
Radai, Theodore J. '48 
Radcliffe, Ruth E. '37 
Radel, Grace '33 
Radel, Lena M. '62 
Radel, Pearl '25 
Radice, Francis J. '49 
Rado, Joseph A. Jr. '63 
Radzai, Raydel R. '60 
Radzwich, William '52 
Ragan, Celia J. '82 '97 
Raiewski, Mary Ellen '31 
Raiewski, Stasis '24 
Raike, Frances E. '78 
Raike, Sallie E. '75 
Rainey, Robert '57 
Raker, Lynne '58 
Raker, Sandra '58 
Raker, "Warren I. '53 
Rakus, Terry P. '61 
Raklevlcz, Maria P. '40 
Ralston, Rodman R. '59 
Ramage, Eleanor J. '60 
Ramage, Gladys E. '22 '48 
Ramage, Jennie H. '85 
Ramage, Margaret H. '06 
Ramage, Russell '17 
Ramage, Zelma H. '28 
Ramborger, Ellen L. '16 
Ramer, Harry W. '12 
Ranee, Carol P. '62 
Ranck, Pauline '27 '36 
Randall, Bertha '22 
Rando, Arlene '57 
Rankin, John J. '64 
Rankin, Mary E. '81 
Ransavage, Genevieve M. '30 
Ransom, Belle I. '05 
Ransom, E. Elizabeth '23 
Ransom, Flora '92 
Ransom, Jennie '90 
Rapson, Richard R. '61 
Rarick, Abraham "03 
Rarick, Claire M. '64 
Rarick, Daniel '00 
Rarick, Glenn L. '3$ 
Rarick, "William '08 
Rarig, Effie '26 
Rarig, Emory "W. '10 
Rarig, Emory, Jr. '51 
Rarig, Fannie I. '18 
Rarig, Howard R '05 
Rarig, Leah M. '4.9 
Rarig, Ruth A. '29 
Raski, Barbara '57 
Rasmus, Stephina H. '26 '39 
Ratchford, Alice M. '15 
Ratchford, Margaret '10 
Rathmell, Lois M. '63 
Rauch, Ethel '00 
Raup, Dorothy C. '29 
Raup, Elizabeth C. '29 
Raup, Jennie '06 
Raup, Jessie L. '03 
Raupers, Vincent P. '62 
Rausch, Edith '02 
Ravert, Ethel '14 
Rawlings, Bess '97 

Rawlings, Eva '88 
Rawlinson, Herbert '04 
Rawson, Gertrude '02 
Rayos, Susie '06 
Readier, Calvin P. '95 
Readier, Harold '27 
Readier, Horace E. '49 
Readier, Lloyd M. '29 
Ream, Frederick '89 
Reagan, Celia J. '82 '97 
Reagan, Mary R. '30 
Reagan, May '82 
Reagan, Thomas "W. '37 
Reager, "William M. '41 
Reap, Florence E. '27 
Rearick, Jacob M. '85 
Rearick, J. Paul '01 
Rearick, Vera A. '60 
Reaser, Annie P. '16 
Reaser, Suzanne F. '63 
Reay, Sue '89 
Rebar, Edward '60 
Reber, Ida '10 
Reber, Sandra M. '64 
Rech, Anna B. '3S 
Rechel, Lillian O. '98 
Recihley, Eva P. '39 
Reck, George E. *51 
Reckhow, Edith '00 
Recla, Agnes A '40 
Redbord, Arnold '58 
Redcliff, Joyce E. '62 
Reddig, Gary L. '61 
Redeker, Anna M. '00 
Redeker, Carrie '93 
Redeker, Florence '05 
Redeker, Laura '03 
Redeker, Lillian A. '98 
Redline, John C. '99 
Redline, Shirley B. '55 
Redman, Mary Flora '61 
Reece, Margaret E. '54 
Reece, Pauline H. '29 
Reed, Anna P. '01 
Reed, Clara A. '98 
Reed, Doris V. '61 
Reed, Elizabeth R '61 
Reed, Frank E. '59 
Reed, Glenn H. '59 
Reed, Helen G. '22 
Reed, Janice L. '61 
Reed, Kathryn M. '16 
Reed, Lorelei M. '60 
Reed. Mary A. '38 
Reed, Melvin C. '62 
Reed, Miriam A. '11 
Reed, Norman J. '59 
Reed, Pierce M. '34 
Reed, Thomas '52 
Reed, "Walter '41 
Reed, "William I. '35 
Reed, "William "W. '52 
Reeder, Elizabeth J. '10 
Reeder, Emory E. '90 
Reeder, Henrietta '23 
Reeder, Jeremiah '86 
Reeder, Robert P. '61 
Reedy, James A., Jr. '50 
Reel, Dorothy J. '27 
Rees, Bronwen E. '2'5 
Rees, Edith L. '30 
Rees, Ernestine J. '12 
Rees, Florence E. '26 
Rees, Gertrude '96 
Rees, Laureen A. '49 
Rees, La Verne '26 
Rees, Mabel A. '22 
Rees, Ruth I. '24 

Reese, Agnes '20 
Reese, Anna L. '13 
Reese, Hannah '88 
Reese, Jack '52 
Reese, Jean B. '37 
Reese, Jeanette M. '34 
Reese, John M. '30 '38 
Reese, Jon Edw. '62 
Reese, June E. '56 
Reese, Lenore F. '13 
Reese, Lillian N. '30 
Reese, Lysod '27 
Reese, Margaret E. '26 
Reese, Marjory '09 
Reese, Muriel E. '30 
Reese, W. Archbald '29 
Reffeor, Bruce D. '63 
Regan, Delores J. '59 
Regan, Matilda *02 
Regan, May C. '09 
Regan, Michael '48 
Regan, Thomas "W. '61 
Rehm, Mildred J. '28 '29 
Reice, Anna "W. '12 
Reice, Helen '02 
Reice, William '93 
Reichard, Grace E. '30 
Reichard, John H. '49 
Reichard, Mary A. '17 
Reichard, Paul '32 
Reichard, Ruth L. '47 
Reichart, Charlotte R. '48 
Reichart, Esther L. '19 
Reichart, Harry '20 
Reichenbach, Leona C. '28 
Reid, Ella '03 
Reid, Eva B. '14 
Reidinger, Kennv E. '62 
ReifE, Helen E. A. '60 
Reifsnyder, Elaine H. '61 
Reigle, Paulyne T. '40 
Reilly, Agatha '91 
Reilly, Anna B. '91 
Reilly, Catherine D. '30 
Reilly, E. Regina '91 
Reilly, Eleanore M. '43 
Reilly, Elizabeth A. *27 
Reilly, Genevieve *-0i2 
Reilly, Joseph '95 
Reilly, Jule S. '04 
Reilly, Mary F. '41 
Reilly, Michael E. '99 
Reilly, Rosemary F. '43 
Reilly, Violet T. '40 
Reimard, Catherine A. '19 
Reimard, Irene '07 
Reimard, Robert J. '39 
Reimensnyder, Anna H. '18 
Reimensnyder, Daisy '96 
Reimensnyder, Thomas '57 
Reimensnyder, Virginia F. 

Reinaker, Jane P. '61 
Reinbold, Alvin E. *24 
Reinbold, Grace V. '30 
Reinbold, Marion J. *26 
Reiner, Erma M. '34 
Reiner, Mae V. '60 
Reinert, Harold W. '48 
Reinlhart, Jacquelin E. '51 
Reinhart, Jean O'D '62 
Reinsmith, George '53 
Reisenweaver, Janet R. '34 
Reisenweaver, Shirley '53 
Reisler, Mary '37 
Reiss, Grace J. 'I'd 
Reisser, Robert E. '60 
Reiter, Dennis W. '63 


Bloomsburg State College 

Reiter, Edward R. '21 
Reitmeyer, Barbara M. '55 
Reitmeyer, Michael P. '64 
Reitnauer, Judith C. '63 
Reitz, Harry E. Jr. '48 
Reitz, Jennie L. '30 
Reitz, Judy E. '64 
Reitz, Robert G. '49 
Reitzel, Margaret B. '23 
Rekas, Helen F. '32 
Remaly, Lulu W. '23 
Rembis, Anna '33 '60 
Remensnyder, Anna M. '19 
Remetz, George '49 
Remetz, Michael J. '48 
Remley, A. Lois '24 
Remley, David E. '63 
Remley, Reginald S. '48 
Remley, William M. '62 
Reng, Pauline '33 
Renn, Beatrice M. '27 
Renn, Daniel H. '62 
Renn, George '58 
Renn, Nancy M. '56 
Renn, Roland '89 
Renner, Grace V. '19 
Renninger, Clark R. '41 
Renninger, Claude '53 
Renninger, Lizzie '87 
Rentschler, Bessie '02 
Rentschler, Guy H. *04 
Rentschler, Henry D. Jr. '19 
Rentschler, Sadie '95 
Rentz, Mildred L. '25 
Repella, Lydia B. '42 
Repice, Dominick L. '61 
Reppert, S. Rebecca '63 
Reppert, Vivian O. '40 
Reppy, Jessie M. '63 
Revels, Thomas P. '39 
Reynolds, Bernadette T. '38 
Reynolds, Bessie '99 
Reynolds, Charles H. '87 
Reynolds, Edna Mae '29 
Reynolds, Helen B. '16 
Reynolds, James W. '24 
Reynolds, Josephine '10 
Reynolds, Margaret T. '19 
Reynolds, Myrtle I. '16 
Reynolds, Nellie M. '98 
Reynolds, Ruth E. '24 
Reynolds, Ruth J. '11 
Reznick, Theodore '58 
Rhawn, George, Jr. '22 
Rhawn, Helen '58 
Rhlnard, Ellen C. '38 
Rhinard, Harriet '25 '37 
Rhlnard, Irene '26 
Rhinard, Josephine M. '42 
Rhinard, Kathryn '52 
Rhinard, Theron R. '32 '49 
Rhinehimer, Shirley '54 
Rihoades, Effie L. '13 
Rhoades, Eleanor R. '31 
Rhoades, Elizabeth M. '2 8 
Rhoades, Henrietta '22 
Rhoades, Malina '89 
Rhoades, Mary C. '18 
Rhoades, Ruth E. '28 
Rhoads, Adda '08 
Rhoads, Charles E. '56 
Rhoads, John R. '22 
Rhoads, Nancy Lou '53 
Rhoads, Ray '99 
Rhoads, Richard O. '6 3 
Rhoads, Woodrow W. '59 
Rhoda, Robert '29 
Rhodes, Effie L. '13 
Rhodes, Elizabeth M. '28 
Rhodes, Harriet W. '47 
Rhodes, Henry C. Jr. '61 
Rhodes, Margaret E. '39 

Rhodes. Ora Jane '46 
Rhodes, Paul H. '5'5 
Rhodes, Russell '54 
Rhodes, Walter M. '21 
Rhodomoyer, Mae '02 
Rhodomoyer, Susan K. '63 
Rhys, Gladys '23 
Rhys, Ruth J. '42 
Ribble, John '64 
Rice, Bonnie G. '62 
Rice, Dorothy '15 
Rice, Helen N. '25 
Rice, Margaret J. '27 
Rice, Mildred M. '17 
Rice, Myrtle A. '11 
Rice, Virginia R. '64 
Rice, William H. '62 
Richard, Gladys A. '25 
Richard, H. Jean '48 
Richard, Leroy A. '23 
Richard, Mae '02 
Richard, Myrtle L. '3'0> 
Richards, A. M. Margaret 

H. '49 
Richards, Anna C. '95 
Richards, Anna M. '17 
Richards, Donald '58 
Richards, Dorothy R. '28 
Richards, Dreher L. Jr. '57 
Richards, Earle E. '17 
Richards, Edgar E. '30 
Richards. Elizabeth C. '15 
Richards, Eugene E. '99 
Richards, Florence S. '87 
Richards, Gayle A. '64 
Richards, Gladys '30 
Richards, Helen M. '23 
Richards, Hope G. '32 
Richards, Horace D. '08 
Richards, J. L. '92 
Richards, James '13 
Richards, John H. '98 
Richards, Joseph '34 '40 
Richards, Kiler '97 
Richards, Llewellyn '38 
Richards, Louise O. '24 
Richards. Mabel E. '16 
Richards, Maggie N. '77 
Richards, Margaret H. '26 
Richards, Phoebe M. '17 
Richards, Ruth E. '26 
Richards, Sarah E. '83 
Richardson, Catherine R. '13 
Richardson, Donald '54 
PJohardson, Emilv '16 
Richardson, Harriet H. '88 
Richardson, John L., Jr. '17 
Richardson, Maine E. '18 
Richart, Bessie '04 
Richart, Elizabeth G. '91 
Richart, James O. '64 
Richart, Vicki D. *64 
Rlchenderfer, Joseph L. '59 
Richie, Carl W. '56 
Richie, Helen '23 
Richie, Neil M. '38 
Rick, Barbara A. '43 
Rick, John J. '50 
Rickert, Glennis H. '14 '16 
Rickmers, Albert D. '48 
Ridall. Elizabeth J. '50 
Ridall. Laura A. '12 
Ridall. Mabel G. '24 
Ridall, Mildred R. '29 
Ridall. Nancy '58 
Riddell, Earl W. '12 
Riddle, Margaret I. '14 
Rider, Harry E. '04 
Rider, Hilda A. '17 
Rider, Janice '52 
Rider, Martha E. '37 
Ridge, William W. '01 

Ridgley, Margaret '16 
Ridgley, Mildred M. '24 
Ridgway, Elma M. '61 
Ridgway, Robert "58 
Ridgway, Sarah '58 
Ridgway, Shirley '58 
Rieben, Evaline J. '40 
Rieder. Joan '57 
Riefenstahl, Sally A. '60 
Riefski, Emory S. '49 
Riegel, Arthur C. '50 
Riegel, Charles L. '60 
Riegel, Helen A. '23 
Riegel, Lulu A. '07 
Riegel, Terry K. '63 
Riegel, Thelma M. '22 
Riel, Ethel B. '23 
Rife, Ronald E. '64 
Riff el, Margaret B. '50 
Riffo, Marion B. '97 '98 
Rifkin, Lillian H. '17 
Rigel, Lola M. '60 
Riggs, Carl '33 
Riggs, Frances I. '36 
Riland, H. Walter ''0'3 
Riley, John '52 
Riley, Margaret A. '29 
Riley, Mary E. *86 
Riley, Mary E. '24 '50 
Riley, Minnie F. '95 
Riley, Tillie '04 
Rimple, Richard H. '60 
Rinard, Gladys M. '36 
Rinard, Mabel E. '32 
Rinard, Margaret '20 
Rinard, Muriel I. '40 
Rindgen, Patricia '58 
Rinehart, Daniel '90 
Rinehart, Harvey B. '91 
Rinehimer, Eugene '62 
Rinehimer, Marilyn '62 
Ringler, Ada M. '88 
Ringrose, Fred A. '22 
Ringrose, Harriet M. '92 
Rinker, George S. '32 
Rinker, Gertrude M. '98 *99 
Rinker, Ida C. '90 
Rinker, Katherine '25 
Rinker, Minnie A. '88 
Riordan, Sr. Rose Mary '23 
Rishe, Donald N. '48 
Rishe, Maryruth '34 
Rishel. Mary M. '30 
Rishel, Roy L. '42 
Rishel, William J. '50 
Rishkofski. Jos. L., Jr. '61 
Rishton, Myron P. '13 
Riskis, John iS ! . '57 
Rissel, Luther B. '02 
Ritchie, Nellie *0'0 
Rittenhouse, Eva A. '83 
Rittenhouse, Laura '07 
Rittenmeyer, Jack '53 
Ritter, Anetta Mae '61 
Ritter, Beverly J. '61 
Ritter, C. A. '80 
Ritter, George E. '64 
Ritter, Gladys A. '34 
Ritter, James S. '26 '36 
Ritter, Marilyn J. '57 
Rittmiller, Lawrence A. '48 
Ritzinger. Paul A. '63 
Ritzman, Daniel L. '64 
Ritzman, David C, Jr. '59 
Ritzo, Theresa M. '37 
Rizzo, Frank R. '64 
Roachford, Marjory '31 
Roadside, Alice B. '57 
Roan, Arden B. '34 
Roan. Bernard W. '31 
Roan, Harriet E. '31 '42 
Roan, Martha L. '43 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Roan, William B. '27 
Roardarmel, Ada '06 
Roardarmel, Richard L. '61 
Roat, Helen L. '07 
Robb, Mary E. '10 
Robb, Mary B. "58 
Robbins, Abbie E. '81 
Robbins, Anna '89 
Robbins, Auber J. '98 '99 
Robbins, Beula A. '23 
Robbins, Blanche E. '16 
Robbins. Carl H. '49 
Robbins, Catherine W. '30 
Robbins, Charles A. '41 
Robbins, Earl S. '15 
Robbins, Eldora B. '27 '3'2 
Robbins, Elizabeth J. '13 
Robbins, Elsa '26 
Robbins, Eva W. '31 
Robbins, Evelyn '26 
Robbins, Grace D. '26 
Robbins, Hattie *82 
Robbins, Honora A. '77 
Robbins, Inez '05 
Robbins, Ivor L. '32 
Robbins, Kenneth M. '63 
Robbins, Laura I. '84 
Robbins, LaVere '05 '06 
Robbins, Louisa '79 
Robbins, Mary A. '04 
Robbins, Myrtle '05 
Robbins, Pearl P. '23 
Robbins, Rhoda Z. '19 
Robbins, Ruth E. '23 
Robbins, Shirley J. '15 
Robbins, Winifred I. '28 '31 
Robenolt, Lillian V. '34 
Robert, Jane '00 
Roberts, Abbye '25 
Roberts, Anna H. '19 
Roberts, Beatrice '11 
Roberts, Beverly H. '64 
Roberts, Carleton A. '14 
Roberts, Charles '30 
Roberts, Charles E. '50 
Roberts, Dora M. '05 
Roberts, Elbert '03 
Roberts, Elizabeth J. '28 
Roberts, Emily L. '63 
Roberts, Emma '99 
Roberts, Ethel J. '28 
Roberts, Evalyn '02 
Roberts, Gertrude M. '24 
Roberts, Grace '05 
Roberts, Helen '20 
Roberts, Helen P. '13 
Roberts, Ida '99 
Roberts, Ida V. '44 
Roberts, James K, Jr. '55 
Roberts, Jane E. '15 
Roberts, Jeanette '31 
Roberts, Jennie M. '16 
Roberts, John '57 
Roberts, Kenneth '33 '52 
Roberts, Lillian M. '32 
Roberts, Mary E. '90 
Roberts, Mary J. '27 
Roberts, Marine L. '62 
Roberts, Roy '41 
Roberts, Ruth '27 
Roberts, S. Tracey '10' 
Roberts, William D. '60 
Robertson. Lillian '27 
Robeson. Margaret A. '42 
Robiniholt. Flora A. '35 
Robins, Salena A. '96 
Robinson, Elizabeth '23 
Robinson, Elmer D. *57 
Robinson, Emily '04 '0'5 
Robinson, Eugene '07 
Robinson, F.E. '02 
Robinson, Florence H. 27 

Robinson, Hilda M. '28 
Robinson, Jean '03 
Robinson, Martha E. '92 
Robinson, Olive O. '19 
Robison, Bessie '97 
Robison, J. Boyd, Jr. '94 
Robison, Jean E. '56 
Robison, Martha S. '98 
Roche, Barbara J. '2.6 
Rockwell, John E. '63 
Rockwell, Ruth "27 
Rodda, Anita '28 
Rodeback, John E. '51 
Roderick, Eleanor J. '26 
Rodger s, Bernard F. '48 
Rodgers, Elila C. '78 
Rodgers, Nancy J. '64 
Rodgers, Sue C. '24 
Rodriquez, J. A. E. '0i7 
Roeder, Christine B. '26 
Roeder, William K. '50 
Roessner, George N. '51 
Rogers, Adeline '23 
Rogers, Alma J. '63 
Rogers, Annette P. '16 
Rogers, Barbara M. '64 
Rogers, Carrie C. '82 
Rogers, Faith E. K. *62 
Rogers, Gloria J. '62 
Rogers, Laura '09 
Rogers, Louise '04 
Rogowsky, Mary '63 
Rohm, Robert M. '60 
Rogan, Maggie E. '84 
Rohde, Henry, '23 
Rohde, Virginia '16 
Rohland, Regis M. '25 
Rohland, Walter J. '28 
Rohr, Allie M. '99 
Rohr, Myra '99 
Rohrbach, Gladys E. '27 
Rohrbach, Relda M. 55 
Rohrer, Richard L. '63 
Rojewski, Constance S. '63 
Roke, Richard R. '63 
Roldan, Ramon S. '15 
Roll, Theodore '53 
Roller, Caroline E. '30 
Rollison, Ora '97 
Roman, Frank J. '31 46 
Romanczyk, Anna 57 
Romanczyk, Helen M. '49 
Romberger, E. W. '9.2' 
Romberger, Laura A. 93 
Romberger, Martha A. 95 
Romberger, Pauline E. 32 
Romberger, Winifred K. 46 
Romig, Mae '58 
Romig, Ronald F. 59 
Romig, William G. '50' 
Rommel, Mary F. '18 
Rompala, Edward R. 53 
Rompalo, Frank A. 36 
Ronemus, Rollin A. 01 
Roney, Gertrude M. 11 
Rood, Lucy W . '27 
Rood, Myrtilla E. '30 
Rooke, William J. 04 
Rooney, James P. '48 
Rorick. Robert '57 
Rosato, Martin '64 
Rose, Freda A. '24 
Rose, Marjorie '20 
Rose, Stanley *63 
Rosell. Victor J. *19 
Rosenbaum, Donald C. 6,2 
Rosenberger, Herbert N 60 
Rosenberger, Roy L. 56 
Rosenblatt, Minette E. '37 
Rosenbluth, Mildred N. '28 
Rosenstock, Jennie '02 
Rosenstock, Martha F. 14 

Rosenthal, Libbie '04 
Roser, Mary L. '98 
Rosinsky, Raymond '58 
Ross, Kate R. '91 
Ross, Lottie I. '27 
Ross, Mary A. '29 
Ross, Sarah M. '16 
Rosser, Bessie '94 
Rosser, Helen C. '31 
Rosser, Jane '96 
Rosser, Olwen '08 
Rosser, Richard '97 
Rossi, Carmine J. '64 
Rossi, Richard '60 
Rote, William H. '78 
Roth, Beatrice H. '15 
Roth, Edward '95 
Roth, Luther H. '50 
Roth, Miriam '13 
Rothermel, Jean K. '61 
Rough, Isabell '33 '35 
Roush, Alice K. '31 
Roush, Annette W. '58 
Roush, Barbara F. '61 
Roush, Ruby '59 
Roushey, Edna M. '28 
Roushey, Louise M. '29 '40 
Roushey, Martha A. '25 
Rovenolt, Charles S. '29 '33' 
Rovenolt, Lewis W. '40 
Rovenolt, Nevin W. '34 
Row, A. Margaret '12 
Row, Elizabeth '35 
Row, Hazel '08 
Row, Kathryn '17 
Rowe, Barbara E. '64 
Rowe, Gertrude '05 
Rowe, Minnie J. '30 
Rowette, Alice M. '32 
Rowland, Cyril J. '38 
Rowland, Dorothy M. '27 
Rowland, E, Rose '27 
Rowland, Liberty G. '62 
Rowland, Mary E. '27 
Rowland, Mary F. '29 
Rowland, Robert J. '34 '36 
Rowland, Robert J. '38 
Rowland, Thomas '64 
Rowland, Thomas R. '24 
Rowlands, Clarence C. '49 
Rowlands, David T. '23 
Rowlands, Dilys P. '23 
Rowlands, John T. '26 
Rowlands, Paul '47 
Rowlands, Richard W. '47 
Rowlands, Samuel S. '5'5 
Rowlands, William H. '49 
Rowley, Thomas '54 
Roxby, Annie E. '79 
Rozanski, Mary S. '31 
Rozelle, Blanche L. '59 
Ruane, Joseph '58 
Rubin. Hannah '82 
Rubright, Phyllis W. '34 
Ruch, Clarence A. '30 
Ruck, Katherine L. '42 
Ruck, Mildred I. '29 
Ruckle, Arlene L. '25 
Ruckle, Belle '97 
Ruckle, Carole A. '60 
Ruckle, Donald A. '35 
Ruckle, Elva L. '24 
Ruckle, Helen I. '29 
Ruckle, Irving '38 
Ruckle, Jeanne '52 
Rudawski, Nicholas O. '32 
Ruddy, Anna G. '15 
Ruddy, Elizabeth '23 
Ruddy, Helen P. '18 
Ruddy, Lizzie V. '94 
Rude, Judson '97 '98 
Rudy, Walter '57 


Bloomsburg State College 

Rueppel, Elizabeth '23 
Ruffaner, Betsy A. '64 
Ruffing, Charles '54 
Ruggieri, Linda M. '59 
Ruggles, Alice '25 
Ruggles, Emma '96 '97 
Ruggles, Evadne M. '22 
Ruggles, Frances '25 
Ruggles, Hilda P. '27 
Ruggles, Lea B. '94 '97 
Rugh, Bessie '•00. 
Ruhl, Gladys '06 
Ruhl, Jessie '09 
Ruhl. Ruth '11 
Ruloff, Clarence E. '04 
Rumbel, Gloria A. '64 
Rumbel, Grace L. '02 
Rummage, Charlotte A. '56 
Rummage, Fred '52 
Rummel, Stanley E. '64 
Rummer, Alvin L. '09 
Runciman, Harold J. '22 
Rundel, "Wendy J. '59 
Rundle, Flossie M. '03 

Runkle, Judith A. '63 
Runyan. Dorothy G. '34 
Runyan, Edna B. '13 
Runyan, Marion E. '17 
Runyan, S. Helen '16 
Ruoff, Gertrude A. '27 
Rupert, Ellen E. '2'5 
Rupert, Eva '70 
Rupert, Florence H. '2S 
Rupert, Gary G. '63 
Rupert, Lee A. '63 
Rupert, "Violetta '37 
Ruppel, Karol E. '56 
Rush, Mary E. '48 
Rusk, Anna F. '16 
Russell, Donald H. '51 
Russell. James D. '64 
Russell, Jeanette '26 
Russell, Margaret '06 
Russell, Mildred E. 'IT 
Russell, Sarah H. '98 
Russin, Jerry S. '41 
Ruth, Bessie M. '08 
Ruth, John J. '18 

Ruth, Manta A. '27 
Ruth, Marilyn M. '55 
Rutherford, Lucille B. '23 
Rutherford, Margaret E. '16 
Rutkoski, Helen '54 
Rutledge, Jane M. '43 
Rutter, Elizabeth G. '28 
Ryan, Agnes L. '38 
Ryan, Anna A. '17 
Ryan, Anna M. '34 
Ryan, Calvin C, Jr. "59 
Ryan, Eleanor '10 
Ryan, Elizabeth U. '06 
Ryan, Florence A, '25 
Ryan, John J. '51 
Ryan, Lucille K. '18 
Ryan, M. Ella '89 
Ryan, Mary C. '26 
Ryan, Mary C. '27 
Ryan, Mary G. '06 
Ryan, Mary V. '16 
Ryan. "William H. '50 
Ryman, Lawrence B. '14 
Ryman, Lois A. '63 


Sable, Edward A. '53 
Sabol, Anne T. '44 
Sachs, Anna D. '10 
Sachs, Harold R. '56 
Sack, George A. '26 
Sacks, Ann L. '60 
Sacus, Samuel '33 
Sailer, Marilyn D. '4 5 
Sakalski, Stephen F. '50 
Salata, John '58 
ISalerno, Anthony '38 
Salfi, Helen R. '62 
Sallitt. Daniel C. '35 
Saltzer, Blaine J. '37 
Saltzer, Hester E. '17 
Saluda, Rose S. '38 
Sammon, Margaret '22 
Samois, Deryl J. '50 
Samois, Dianne "58 
Sample, James K. '64 
Samsel, Donald L. '60 
Samsel, John H. '62 
Sampsell, James F. '49 
Samson, Ruth A. '12 
Samuels, Elizabeth M. '30 
Sandbrook, Margaret '33 
Sandel, Eugene P. '59 
Sanders, Clyde '08 
Sanders, Hazel M. '30 
Sanders, Marie V. '63 
Sanders, Roy E. Sr. '51 
Sanders, Thomas E. '55 
Sanders, William J. '78 '83 
Sanderson, Helen '26 
Sandler, John L. '56 
Sandoe, Anna '99 
Sands, B. Donald '18 '36 
Sands, Mary E. '28 
Sands, Ralph W. '97 
Sands, Sarah '58 
Sanford, Beatrice H. '28 
Sanger, Raymond J. '40 
Sanner, Nolan H. '86 
Sansone, John J. Jr. '61 
Santaella, Marie A. "06 
Santee, Clara N. '20 
Santee, Edna A. '93 
Santee, Lulu L. '90 
Santo, Michael J. '64 
Sanville, Carole A. '64 
Saraka, John '58 
Saras, Nicholas L. '41 
Sarlchs. Edith M. '15 

Sarichs, Elizabeth F. '25 
Sarisky, Nancy Ann '62 
Sarkas, William '57 
Sarviss, Robert L. '62 
Sasimowicz, Helen L. '27 
Sasso. Matthew '59 
Saunders, Frances L. '46 
Sausser, Lamar '58 
Savage, Betty Mae '39 
Savage, Charles A. '49 
Savage, Dorothy J. '41 
Savage, Edward F. '63 
Savage, Mary E. '38 
Savage, Pearl T. '34 
Savage, Robert "W. '3< 
Savelli, Dado J. '47 
Savidge, Jeannette K. '26 
Savidge, Mary C. '22 
Savidge, Mary E. '97 
Savige, Laurence D. '12 '14 
Saviolis, Cleo A. '61 
Saviolis, Helen '64 
Saxe, Esther J. '22 
Saxe, Larry H. '60 
Saxton, Edith E. '00 
Saxton, Frederick E. '64 
Saylor, Elizabeth C. '28 
Saylor, Esther A. '32 
Saylor, Grace E. ^8 
Scaife, Betty L. '<& 
Scanlan, Frances G. '16 
Scanlan, Hannah '94 
Scanlan, Kate '80 
Scanlan, Kathryn '06 
Scarantino, Charles "W. '64 
Scanlon. Margaret '26 
Scanlon, Ruth A. '29 
Schaefer, Barbara E. '61 
Schaefer, Helen M. '27 
Schaefer, John '58 
Schaeffer, Cora E '27 
Schaeffer, Jason '54 
Schaeffer, Sarah '25 
Schaffer, Dean M '60 
Schaffhauser, Lynne '61 
Schaffroth, Marion '61 
Schalis, Camille R. '37 
Schaller, Mary F. '17 
Schalles, Hope E. '27 
Schalles, Madelyn J. '50 
Schalles, Mary Ann '62 
Schalles, Robert Z. '60 
Schankweiler, Robert D. '61 

Schappert, Carrie '94 
Scharf, Elizabeth K. '13 
Schargo, Ella R. '44 
Schatzle, Etta '03 
Scheetz, Genevieve J. "tfl 
Scheib, Irvin P. '34 
Scheidt, Darlene F. '63 
Scheipe, Walter G. '50 
Schelbert, Marian E. '26 
Schell, Annie E. '30 
Schell, Ethel J. '61 
Schell. Garry E. '63 
Schell, George A. '55 
Schell, Laura B. '35 
Schell, Larry E. '59 
Schell, Paula E. '61 
Schell, Pearl M. '29 
Scheno, Angelo '52 
Scheno, Madelyn J. '62 
Scheno, Nikki '60 
Scherer, Hazel '29 
Scherer, Louise B. '24 
Scheuhing, John B. '89 
Scheureh. John M. '63 
Scheuren, Herbert T. '59 
Soheuren, Ronald '58 
Schever, Pansy C. '29 
Schicatano, Sylvester J. '59 
Schiefer, Charles R '49 
Schiefer, Jessie T. '41 
Schield, Ruth H. '41 
Schild, Dorothy '33 
Schild, Magdalene '30 
Schiller, Robert F. '64 
Schilling, F. Richard '51 
Schilling, Sara E. '32 
Schilling, Sara Mae '59 
Schilling, William H. '59 
Schiiwpf, Catherine E. '24 
Schively, Gail D. '64 
Schlagel, Carol L. '64 
Schlager. Annie C. '97 
Schlanger, Ida '15 
Schlauch, Adam L. '32 '40 
Schlauch, Donald '57 
Schlauch, Ivan R. '16 
Schlee, Claraline E. '41 
Schlegel, Charles E. '60 
Schlegel, Harry D. '23 
Schlegel, Julia I. '37 
Schlegel, Linda F. '63 
Schlicker, Martha '76 
Schlicker, Sarah '27 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Schliedei", Donald A. '48 
Schlier, Ellen A. '28 
Schlotterbeck, Rena M. '13 
Schloyer, Albert '77 
Schloyer, Ray W. '59 
Schmidt, Alton W. '55 
Schmidt, Dorothy L. '29 '34 
Schmidt, Linda A. '63 
Schmidt, Mary M. '00 
Schmidt, Roland C. '56 
Schnaars, Irene '64 
Schneider, Herbert E. '41 
Schneider, John R. '64 
Schnitzer, Henry J. '61 
Schnure, Mary A. '30 '48 
Schnure, Sarah E. '34 
Schobert, Sabilla G. '14 
Schoch, Mary L. '86 
Schoch, Myrtle '20 
Schock, Heilen I. '25 
Schock, Ronald M. '61 
Schoelkopf, Joan C. '60 
Schoen, Atilla '28 
Schoener, Laura E. '44 
Schoffstall, Charles F. '16 
Scholl, Sue E. '26 
Schooley, Emeline '09 
Schooley, Kate '10 
Schooley, Kathryn I. '30 
Schooley, LeClaire '12 
Schooley, Robert E. '13 
Schools, Helen E. '19 
Schott, Geneva K '25 
Schovlin. Claire E. '05 
Schrader, Jean E. '44 
Schrader, Phyllis M. '46 
Schraeder, Bolish C '34 
Schraeder, Celia H. '25 
Schraeder, Connie '58 
Schraeder, Frank C. '19 
Schraeder, Frona J. '91 
Schraeder, Gertrude R. '30 
Schraeder, Marilyn A. '56 
Schramm, David W. '64 
Schramm, Robert F. '48 
Schrecongost, Florabelle '41 
Schroeder, Mary M. '46 
Schrope, Millie I. '26 
Schrope, Ray G. '37 
Schropp, Roger S. '64 
Schu, Leo W. '15 
Schubert, Margaret E. '36 
Schukis, Thomas '52 
Schultheis, Eugene R. '56 
Sohultz, Blanche O. '27 '51 
Schultz, Eleanor '24 
Schultz, Emily L. '62 
Schultz, Florence B. '27 
Schultz, Geraldine H. '22 
Schultz, Harriet E. '2.2 
Schultz, M. Roselda '24 
Schultz, Marie H. '30 
Schultz. Moritz L. '59 
Schullery, Louise '54 
Schuyler, Edward F. '24 
Schuyler, Eva B. '16 
Schuyler, Joan E. '60 
Schuyler, Kathryn C. '24 
Schuyler, Lizzie '70 
Schuyler, Mary '33 
Schuyler, Stanley T. *42 
Schuyler, Thursabert '3'0 
Schwall, Joseph '24 
Schwartman, Eva T. '07 
Schwartz, George P. Jr. '23 
Schwartz, Richard C. '51 
Schwatt, Jacquelin H. '61 
Schweizer, John Edward '62 
Scislaw, Eugene '62 
Scorese, Richard '64 
Scott, Anna J. '26 
Scott, Emily I. '20 

Scott, Esther A. '38 
Scott, Frances M. '61 
Scott, Jennie L. "10 
Scott, Lynda '58 
Scott, Marjorie A, '49 
Scott, Mary L. '44 
Scott, Moses L. '63 
Scott, Olive '21 '36 
Scott, Pearl I. '24 
Scott, Ruth E. '27 
Scott, Stephanie '64 
Scott, Vivian L. '56 
Scovell, Carrie I. '26 
Scrimgeour, John '53 
Scull, Mary N. '99 
Seaman, Anna G. '98 
Seaman, John S. Jr. '60 
Seaman, Louise E. '42 
Search, Bernadine M. '61 
Search, Gene D. '51 
Search. Margaret E. '17 
ISearch, Philip '5.2 
Searer, Thomas E. *02 
Searfoss. Florence '16 
Searles, Fanny E. '78 
Searles, Harriet E. '16 
Sears, Doris L. '42 
Sears, Irene S. '90 
Seasholtz, Helen '08 
Seasholtz, Kate E. '09 
Seasholtz, Leonina '10 
Sebastianelli, Armand L. '61 
Sechak, Mildred '28 
Sechrist, Doris S. '31 
Sechrist, Lois C. '26 
Secor. James G. '83 
Sedlak, Catherine A. '43 
Seebodd, John E. '51 
Seely, Bertha V. '98 
Seely, Catherine '19 
Seely, Elnora V. '12 
Seely, Fred '99 
Seely, Grace '23 
Seely, Leslie B. '97 *02 
Seely, Leslie W. '24 
Seely, Margaret '04 
Seely, Mary '97 
Seely, Millie '96 
Seely, Sarah H. '29 
-Sees, R. Ted '61 
Seesholtz, Anne M. '39 
Seesholtz, Helen B. '37 
Seesholtz, Hervey "W. '04 
Seesholtz, Leona '00 
Seesholtz, Sarah '98 
Seesholtz, S. J. '02 
Sefranko, Martha E. '60 
Segin, Shirley A. '64 
Seibel, Marguerite '12 
Seidel, Nellie M. '13 
Seifert, Barbara Ann '60 
Seigfreid, Donna K. '64 
iSeiler, Jennie '95 
Seiler, Mary E. B. '16 
Seitz, Ray '58 
Seitz. Sara '27 
Seiwell, Eudilia A. '92 
Sekulski, Martin A. '31 
Selden, William H. '43 
Selecky, Catherine D. '24 
Selecky, Dolores E. '26 
Selecky, H. Dorothy '42 
Seletski, Mayme J. '29 
Sell, Elizabeth E. '43 
Sell, Frances M. '38 
Sell, Francis D. '35 
Seltzer, Alva A. '19 
iSeltzer. Emma C. '21 
Seltzer, Ralph E. '48 
Seltzer, Robert E. '14 
Selway. Martha '12 
Semanski, Alberta J. '55 

Semic, Dorothy A. '34 
Semic, Stanley '49 
Senko, Ronald J. '60 
Serafine, Lena '29 
Sergott, Lenora '58 
Serowicz, Carole M. '62 
Setar, Edward M. '57 
Setcavage, James E. '64 
Severance, Cora L. '14 
Severance, Lena '12 
'Severn, Mary G. '48 
Seward, Doris S. '62 
Seward, Lucretia E. '16 
Sewell, Robert J. '63 
Sexton, Mary K. '62 
Seybert, Alma '34 '25 
Seybert, M. Lenore '46 
Shade, Grace E. '29 
Shaefer, Gladys '20 
Shafer, Carol "58 
Shafer, Marguerite '27 
Shafer, Myrlynn T. '21 '34 
Shaffer, A. Adella '86 
Shaffer, Alice B. '07 
Shaffer, Blair G. '11 
Shaffer, Cora M. '01 
Shaffer, David L. '47 
Shaffer, Donna K. '64 
Shaffer. Emma '22 
Shaffer, Frederick H. '17 
Shaffer, Grace '93 '95 
Shaffer, Helen M. '16 
Shaffer, H. Lucille '21 
Shaffer, Jacqueline J. '46 
Shaffer, John E. "56 
Shaffer, Laura C. '20 
Shaffer, Lena F. '59 
Shaffer, Lucretia M. '41 
Shaffer, Mabelle L. '16 
Shaffer, Mame M. '91 • 
Shaffer, Margaret H. '27 '33 
ISQiaffer, Mary V. '95 
Shaffer, Rush '99 
Shaffer. "William A. '92 
Shain, Leone M. '28 '50 
Shakofski, Anthony '35 
Shalter, Annie M. '86 
Shambach, Jesse Y. '05 
Shambaoh, John E. '06 
Shambach, Thomas F. '05 
Shambach, Virginia M. '43 
Shamp, Charles '54 
Shamro, Jean '54 
Shanahan, John '52 
Shaneman, Robert L. '57 
Shank, Helen W. '41 
Shank, Janet M. '44 
iSlhanno, Alice '33 
Shannon, Bruce E. Jr. '95 
Shannon, Eleanora '21 
Shannon, John H. '62 
Shannon, Nora I. '18 
Shannon, Ruth E. '29 
Shantz. Mary E. '34 
Sharadin, Abraham J. '11 '12 
Sharadin, Eleanor L. '38 
Sharkey, Eugene F. '40 
Sharkey, "Winifred J. '51 
Sharp, George T. '38 
Sharp, James H. '62 
Sharp, Robert Jr. '61 
Sharpe, Daryil J. '64 
Sharpe, David "W. '64 
ISharpe, June '43 
Sharpe, Roger L. '62 
Sharpless, Harriet E. '17 
Sharpless, Harry F. '81 
Sharpless, Julia '95 '96 
Sharpless, Louise C. '48 
Sharpless, Mary A. '30i 
Sharpless, Mary J. '42 
Sharpless, May '84 


Bloomsburg State College 

Sharpless, Myra S. '30 
Sharpless, Pauline '11 
Sharpless, Warren '01 
Sharretts, Clarissa '22 
Sharretts, Edward D. '41 
Sharretts, Marjorie G. '44 
Shaughnessy. F. H. '24. '32 
Shaug-hnessy, James E. '63 
Shaughnessy, Sadie '23 
Shaull, Joyce H. '60 
Shaw, E. Roberta '64 
Shaw, J. Harding '97 
Shaw, Margaret T. "90 
Shaw, Mary E. '32 
Shaw, Melissa '95 
Shaw, Stella '07 
Shay, Ruth L. '41 
Shea, Margaret '96 
Shear, Grace L. '31 
Sheard, Lillie G. '11 
Sheard, Lovisa E. '14 
Shearer. Bruce M. '18 
Sheary, Helen C. '55 
Sheasley, Rebbeca J. '63 
Sheatler, Jacqueline L. '63 
Sheats, Bruce B. '2'5 
Sheats, Joy E. '23 
Sheehan, Francis '52 
Sheehan, Thomas '58 
Sheehy, Anna L. '92 
Sheehy, Edward F. '50 
Sheehy, Kathleen P. '98 
Sheep Jennie M. '91 
Sheep, Lloyd S. '74 
Sheep, Mary P. '87 
Sheep, S. Laura '89 
Sheets. Grace E. '21 
Sheivelhood, William '95 
Shelbert, Ruth W. '24 
Sheleman, John '50 
Shelhamer. Carmen P. '34 
Shelhamer, Milford E. '56 
Shelhamer, Ruth A. '63 
Shelhimer, Catherine '0i2 
Shelinskl, Thomas J. '63 
Shellenberger, Adabelle '60 
Shellenberger, Fern N. '48 
Shellenberger, John P. '34 
Shellenberger. W. C. '58 
Shellhamer, Diane J. '63 
Shelly. Amos W. '71 
Shemanski, Joseph J. '55 
Shemorry, W. H. '96 
Shenoski, Clara J. '30 
Shepela, Alex '33 
Shepela, Frank B. '22 
Shepherd, Irene S. '15 
Shepherd, Margaret E. '28 
Shepherd, Minnie M. '98 
Shepperson, Katherine '99 
Shepperson, Louise '58 
Sheridan, Catherine D. '46 
Sheridan, Eleanor C. '31 
Sheridan, Jane M. '28 
Sheridan, Margaret H. '27 
Sheridan. Sr. M. Gerald '23 
Sheridan, Vera F. '39 
Sheridan, William '58 
Sheriff, Nellie '01 
Sherman, Barbara '52 
Sherman, Canlton G. '22 
Sherman, Edna I. '64 
Sherman, Ronald L. '63 
Sherman, W. H. '01 
Sherts, A. Barbara '62 
Shervanick, Helen M. '62 
Sherwood, E. May '92 
Sherwood, Ina Mae '28 
Sherwood, Maude '96 
Sherwood, Thomas '57 
Shevlin, Helen T. '45 
Shew, Helen M. '11 

Shew, Phoebe '91 
Shiber, Viola '26 
Shiel, Robert '83 
Shields, Alice M. '28 
Shields, Rose I. '02 
Shiffer, Anna M. '08 
Shiffer, Marie '25 
Shiffka, Eleanor M. '39 
Shifflet, Roy E. Jr. '60 
Shindel, Susanna '29 
Shiner, Byron D. '40 
Shiner, Mildred M. '34 
Snipe, Amos E. '98 
Shipe, Eugene R. "50 
Shipe, Idajane '4.2 
Shipman, Kathryn L. '25 
Shipman, Louise '33 
Shipman, Mary Alice '20 2Z 
Shirey, John '57 
Shirey, Mazine L. '51 
Shirk, Caroline V. '17 
Shirk, Joyce A. '60 
Shirk, Lydia F. '49 
Shirk, W. Wayne '05 
Shisko, Andrew A. '6a 
Shively. Carl '58 
Shlanta, John A. '42 
Shoemaker, Anna W. '99 
Shoemaker, Bertha '96 
iShoemaker, Ethel M. '16 
Shoemaker, Margaret E. '57 
Shoemaker, Mary '01 
Shoemaker, Mary C. '49 
Shoemaker, William F. '50 
Shoffler, Glenn A. '«4 
Sholenberger, Wells A. '04 
Sholley, Olivia B. '50 
Shook, Agnes '24 
Shook. Julia A. '91 
Shook, Lillie R. '93 
Shook, Lottie C. '49 
Shook, Marion L. '31 
Shook, Stella M. '05 
Shoop. Lynn E. '€3 
iShopinskl, Marie A. '47 
Shores, Frances F. '64 
Short, Eva G. '87 
Shortess, Anne L '44 
Shortess, John R, '41 
Shortz, Bertha '97 
Shotsberger, Gladys M. '31 
Shovelin, John F. '89 
Shovelin, Joseph A. M)i8 
Shovelin, Kathryn '25 
Shovelin, Mary C. '10 
Shovelin, Nan M. '16 
Shovlin, Florence '26 
Shovlin, Mercedes E. '32 
Showers, Martha S. '27 
Showers, V. Pauline "32 
Shuba, Ernest R. '64 
Shuda, Lester '57 
Shuletsky, Mary A. '59 
Shultz, Bernard '58 
Shultz, Betty H. '46 
Shultz, Carimar J. '62 
Shultz, H. H. '97 
Shultz, Horton R. '07 
Shultz Janet R. '46 
Shultz. Laura M. '30 
Shultz, Lela M. '01 
Shultz, Margaret '54 
Shultz, Margaret N. '32 
Shultz, Mary K. - 29 '52 
Shultz, Ray '86 
Shultz, Sarah F. '97 
Shultz, W. C. '90 
Shultz, Wilmer '20 
Shultz, "Winifred S. '31 
Shuman, Ada '00 
Shuman, Agnes E. '19 
Shuman, Ambrose '88 

Shuman, Carrie '13 
Shuman, C. Bruce '86 
Shuman. Carol V. ''54 
Shuman, Charles '13 
Shuman, Clyde S. '06 
Shuman, Edith '06 
Shuman, Ellen J. K. '60 
.Shuman, Freda H. '34 
Shuman, George A. '09 
Shuman, Grace E. '11 
Shuman, Harman '96 
Shuman, Harriet J. '17 
Shuman, Jean C. '39 
Shuman, Jennie '15 
Shuman, John A. Ill '62 
Shuman, John H. '15 
Shuman, Mabel E. '13 
Shuman, Mary L. '62 
Shuman, Matilda '99 
Shuman, Meade W. '56 
Shuman, Melba '18 
Shuman, Ralph G. '21 
Shuman, iSara C. '19 
Shuman, Sara M. '36 
Shuman, Stella '00 
Shuman, Warren '96 '98 
Shunk, Mary L. '27 
Shuntill, Nellie F. '41 
Shuping, William A '95 
Shupp, Carol L. '55 
Shupp, Mary E. '13 
Shupp, Ruth E. '50 
Shustack, Edward G. '67 
Shutovich .Marianne '61 
Shutovich, Norman J. '61 
SOiutt, Jacqueline R. '62 
Shutt, Jeanne M. '63 
Shutt, William L. '3'7 
Shuttlesworth, Robert '58 
Sibley, John B. '55 
Sibley, Richard T. '30 '34 
Sick, Adona '15 
Sick, Marjorie '26 
Sick, Pearl, '25 
Sick, Sr. M. Hildegarde '2« 
Sickinger. William R. T. '61 
Sickler, Mary E. '22 
Sickler, Rose '90 
Sickler, Stella '82 
Sidari, Nan B. '43 
Sides, Emille L. '31 
Sidler, Anna '95 
Sidler, Dorothy E. '38 
Sidler, Jean C. '43 
Sidler, Mildred '16 
Sidler, Ruth R. '29 
Sidler, Susan E. '30 
Sieber, Elizabeth M. '25 
Siegel, Edna M. '21 
Siegel, Mary S. '16 
Sieger, Katherine B. '25 
Siepietoski, Joseph S. '60 
ISiesko, Joseph P. '24 '39 
Siesko, Walter M. '29 
Siipple. James E. '63 
Sills, John E. Jr. '63 
Silverman, Frances '2€ 
Silverquist, Elizabeth '01 
Silvius, Mabel '03 
Silvius, Ruth V. '17 
Simko, John J. '60 
Simoes, Thomas F. '60 
Simon, Anna '98 
Simon, James R. '61 
Simmons, Grace L. '29 
Simmons, Margaret E. '11 
Simonovich, Jessie A. '29 
Simonovltz. Estella F. '31 
Simons A. J. '80 
Simons, Ethel A. '12 
Simons, Mary J. '78 
Simons, Myron E. '81 

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania 


Simons, Olive J. '16 Smink 

Simpler, Julia '09 Smith 

Simpson, Edwin '52 Smith, 

Simpson, Ethel M. "13 Smith 

Simpson, F. S. '79 Smith 

Simpson, Rita E. '43 Smith 

Sims, Doris E. '28 Smith 

Sims, Julia H. '25 Smith 

Sincavage, Alberta C. '42 Smith 

Sincavage, Peter '24 Sm 

Sinco, Michael E. 6 2 Sm 

ISinconis, Catherine '29 Sm 

Singer, Ben '38 Sm 

Singer, Bessie A. '24 Sm 

Singley, Nora E. '43 Sm 

Singleman, Anna E '24 '27 Sm 

Singleman, Clara M. "34 Sm 

Sinkler, Kathleen '62 Sm 

Sinn, Vernon P. '60 Sm 

Sipe, Joanne E. '63 Sm 

Sipos, Charles R. '62 Sm 

Sippel, Kathryn '05 Sim 

Sircovics, John J. "39 Sm 

Sirianni, Carmel A. '44 Sm 

Sirrocco, M. Claire '42 Sm 

Siscoe, Edward A. '56 Sm 

Siskin, (Sarah '26 Sm 

Sites, Carrie L. '18 Sm 

Sites, Emma M. '86 Sm 

Sites, Margaret '3>3 Sm 

Sites, Mary C. '85 Sm 

Sitler, Edith R. '27 Sm 

Sitler, Esther M. '24 Sm 

Sitler, Ida '05 Sm 

Sitler, J. Wesley '0 8 Sm 

Sitler, Martha J. '49 Sm 

Skammer, David '54 Sm 

Skeeba, Jean '53 Sim 

Skiptunas, Charles P. '56 Sm 

Skladany, Anna E. '30 Sm 

iSkow, Clifton S. '47 Sm 

Skowronski, Edward F. '50 Sm 

Skvarla, Catherine M. '27 Sm 

Skwarek, Kathryn A. '29 Sm 

Skweir, John '10 Sm 

Skweir, Michael '13 Sm 

Slack, Marion E. '30 Sm 

Slamon, Jennie A. '14 Sm 

Slater, Alderetta E. '22 Sm 

Slater, Clarence S. '35 Sm 

Slaven, John F. '38 Sm 

Slavick, Jerome D. '62 Sm 

Slegeski, John M. '47 Sm 

Slembarski, Jacob E. '55 I Sim 

Slikes, Edward '52 Smith 

Slipetz, Paul Jr. '49 Smith 

Sloan, Hattie L. '84 Smith 

Sloboski, Marie P. '41 Smith 

Slobozien, Paul J. '50 Smith 

Slocum, A. Louise '08 Smith 

Slominski, Joseph A. '32 Smith 

Slopey, Lois E. '42 Smith 

Sluman, I. Burton '10 Smith 

Sluman, Ruth E. '43 Smith 

Slusser, Hester T. '32 Smith 

Slusser, Paul D. '50 Smith 

Sluyter, Joyce '52