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Teachers College Bulletin 

Volume 46 AUGUST. 1940 Number 3 



Alumni Directory 


Issued Quarterly in November, February, May, and August by the Trustees of the State 
Teachers College, Indiana, Pennsylvania. Entered as second-class matter, June 30, 
1913, at the Post Office in Indiana, Pennsylvania, under Act of Congress, August 24, 1912. 

North Entrance to Sutton Hall 


In preparing this Directory for the Alumni Association, the 
Editorial Board have made serious effort to compile accurately the 
information they felt would be of most interest and value. Since 
it is impossible in a publication of this kind to avoid all errors and 
omissions, readers are urged to report any additions to the Editorial 
Board. The College is particularly anxious to receive data as to 
the present location and status of persons concerning whom it does 
not have information at this time. 

The Editorial Board wish to express their sincere appreciation 
of the assistance of the Alumni and all other individuals who aided 
in collecting and assembling of material. Special appreciation and 
thanks are due to President LeRoy A. King for his efforts in the 
preparation of this Bulletin and in securing authority from the State 
to have the Directory published. 

The Directory consists of the following parts : 

1. Trustees and Administrative Organization of the College 

2. Message of Association President 

3. Historical Review 

4. Analysis of Graduates 

a. By Classes 

b. Now Living in Pennsylvania, by Counties 

c. Now Living in Other States 

d. Now Living in Territories and Foreign Countries 

e. By Present Occupation 

5. The Alumni Units 

6. Alumni by Classes 

7. Alumni Listed Alphabetically with Year of Graduation 

EDITORLA.L board of alumni DIRECTORY 

Dean M. J. Walsh, Chairman Mary L. Esch 

Dean Florence B. Kimball Vera Simpson 

Dean W. M. Whitmyre R. F. Webb 

Inez S. Buchanan Doctor LeRoy A. King, 

Ex Officio 

State Teachers Collese 

Indiana^ Pa. 


Dr. Joseph B. Bell 
Harry F. Carson 
Wallace C. Chapman 
Cyrus W. Davis 
Mrs, Cora Myers Fee 
John W. Neff 
Mrs. Jennie St. Clair Reed 
William M. Ruddock 



Wallace C. Chapman 
Harry F. Carson 
Cyrus W. Davis 
John St. Clair 


Vice President 



OF THE COLLEGE. 1939-1940 

Dean of Instruction 

LeRoy a. King 
M. J. Walsh 
Ralph E. Heiges 

Assistant to the President and the Dean of Instruction 
Clinton M. File Assistant to the President and the Bursar 

y. M. Uhler Director, Teacher Education and Placement 

John E. Davis Director, Laboratory and Deniofistration School 
Florence B. Kimball Dean of Women 

W. M. Whitmyre Dean of Men 

Paul H. Boyts Director of Personnel 

Guy Pratt Davis Director, Psycho-Educational Bureau 

Ralph H. Beard Assistant Director, Psycho-Ed ueational Bureau 
Harold L. Camp Director, Extension and Saturday Campus Classes 

William Schuster 
Mary L. Esch 
Estella Slaven 
Charles H. Butler 
W. Ward Eicher 
Mrs. Olive K. Folger 
Mrs. H. B. Daugherty 
Maude McDevitt 
Irene J. Andersen 
Paul J. Woodring 




Superintendent, Buildings and Grounds 

Chief Engineer 



School Nurse 

School Nurse 

Matiager of the Book Store 


Mary Edna Flegal 
G. G. Hill 

A. Pauline Sanders 
Irving Cheyette 
Jane L. McGrath 
Lillian I. McLean 
Ralph E. Heiges 


Business Education 

Home Economics 

Music Education 

Elementary Education 

Assistant Director, Elementary Education 

Secondary Education 


J. M. Uhler 

Carrie Belle Parks Norton 

Lawrence C. Davis 

George P. Miller 

E. W. Bieghler 

Joy Mahachek 

Thomas Smyth 

W. ^L Whitmyre 


Acting Head, English 


Health Education 




Social Studies 


To the Members of the General Alumni Association : 

This 1940 Alumni Directory affords me an opportunity again 
to greet the members of the General Alumni Association and to 
acknowledge the splendid work of the officers and the support of 
the Members of the Association. 

I am grateful to the Alumni Units for the hospitality they have 
shown me and for the excellent achievement most of them have 
realized in their activities. 

The thousands of Alumni of our College have power which 
they can exert for their welfare, for the general good of society, 
and for the benefit of the College. Through the medium of this 
Directory, I urge you, in local Units and individually, to continue 
in your alert manner to promote the proper interests of the Alumni 

The officers and members of the General Alumni Association 
certainly appreciate this 1940 Alumni Directory, which comes from 
the present administration of the College and the State. It should 
be of interest and value to every graduate of Indiana. 




President Mrs. Harry E. Slep (Florence Brewer) 

Vice President .... Mrs. J. Roy Maloney (Louise Langham) 

Secretary Leonore Garver 

Treasurer and Executive Secretary Mary L. Esch 

Parliamentarian, Mrs. Daniel N. Bulford (Agnes M. Douds) 


M. J. Walsh 


The First Quarter Century. 1875- 1900 

Origin. The first recorded references to the possibiHty of a 
state normal school for the Ninth Normal School District seem 
to have been in connection with the teachers institutes held at 
Indiana in 1869 and 1871. During the latter year actual work 
was begun in raising funds for the location of such a school at 
Indiana. A board of trustees was elected by the early subscribers, 
about 12 acres of land was purchased, and in the spring of 1873 
the architect's plans, drawn up by Mr. J. W. Drum of Pittsburgh, 
were approved and the contract for a building let for $180,000. 
In January, 1875, the building was completed and accepted by the 
board. Steam and gas fixtures were then added and furniture 
bought, so that the completed building and grounds were valued 
at $200,000. The faith and optimism of the founders is indicated 
by the fact that at this time only $62,000 had actually been raised, 
and this, plus $25,000 contributed by the State, provided less than 
half the actual cost of the property. 

Opening Days. The institution opened on May 17, 1875, 
although the formal opening, dedication, and approval by the State 
did not occur until May 21. The procedure for securing a State 
Normal School under the Normal School Act of 1857 was briefly 
as follows : The local backers of the idea must raise money, appoint 
trustees, acquire property, erect a building that must meet certain 
specifications, and then apply through the State Superintendent of 
Public Instruction for state approval and acceptance of the institu- 
tion as a State Normal School. One of the specific requirements 
that must be met was this: 

"The buildings shall contain a hall of sufficient size to comfortably 
seat at least one thousand adults ; with class-rooms, lodging rooms 
and refectories for at least three hundred students, all properly con- 
structed and arranged as to light, heat and ventilation, so as to secure 
the health and comfort of the occupants, with proper provision for 
physical exercise during inclement weather." 

Official Acceptance by the State. The preliminary steps 
having been worked out, presumably in harmony with the State 
Superintendent, a formal application was made early in May, 1875, 
to State Superintendent J. P. Wickersham, who promptly appointed 
a committee with instruction to meet at Indiana on Mav 21 for 


the formal examination and inspection of all matters pertaining to 
the approval or rejection of the application. This committee, with 
the exception of Ex-Governor A. G. Curtin, met, and at the dedi- 
catory exercises on the afternoon of May 21 formally approved 
the application. This was the first big day of the new institution. 
A distinguished audience of a thousand citizens of Indiana and 
neighboring counties assembled to view the beautiful structure and 
hear the report of the committee appointed to determine its fitness 
for acceptance by the State. 

An interesting account of this historic occasion appeared in the 
"Pittsburgh Commercial" of May 22, 1875. A considerable part 
of this account was reprinted in the July, 1875, issue of the 
"Pennsylvania School Journal," which also contains the proclama- 
tion of State Superintendent Wickersham and the application of 
the trustees for approval by the State. 

The high spots in this gala day were the report of the com- 
mittee unanimously recommending the acceptance of the institution 
as the State Normal School of the Ninth Normal School District 
of Pennsylvania and the speech of State Superintendent Wicker- 
sham in which he repeated a statement he had previously made to 
the state legislature to the effect that the building at Indiana was 
the finest normal school building in the United States. The report 
of Mr. John Sutton, President of the Board of Trustees, showed 
an indebtedness of $55,000, but this probably took into account 
pledges made but not yet paid, as another report spoke of $62,000 
having been subscribed and $25,000 received from the State against 
an expenditure of nearly $200,000 for grounds, buildings, and 
equipment, which would leave a deficit of about twice the amount 

On June 1, 1875, the final step in the legal procedure, except 
the appointment of six trustees, was taken in the following form : 




HARRISBURG, June 1st, 1875. 

"WHEREAS, In pursuance of the application to this department 
of the trustees and contributors to the Indiana Normal School, in 
association with sundry citizens of this state exceeding thirteen, for 
the appointment of a committee to examine the claims of a school 
established by them, to recognition as the State Normal School for the 
Ninth Normal School District, according to the provisions of 'An Act 
to provide for the due training of teachers for the common schools of 
the state' approved the 20th day of May, 1857, the folloviring gentlemen 
were appointed, viz. : Hon. A. G. Curtin, Gen. Jacob M. Campbell, 
Hon. S. M. Jackson, and Hon. J. R. McAfee, to act as said committee 
in conjunction with the State Superintendent of Common Schools: 
A. D. Glenn, County Superintendent of the County of Armstrong; 
T. J. Chapman, County Superintendent of the County of Cambria ; 


H. M. Jones, County Superintendent of the County of Westmoreland ; 
and Samuel Wolf, County Superintendent of the County of Indiana. 

"And zchereas, All of the committee so appointed, except Hon A. G. 
Curtin, after having, on the 21st day of May, 1875, visited and care- 
fully inspected said school, and made a careful examination thereof of 
its bylaws, rules and regulations, and its general arrangements and 
facilities for study, reported unanimously that said school is entitled to 
recognition as a State Normal School, with all the privileges and 
immunities enjoyed by other institutions of like character in the 

"Now, therefore, I, Superintendent of Public Instruction, do hereby 
give notice, as required by law, that I have recognized the school, 
established as aforesaid, as the State Normal School of the Ninth 
District, composed of the Counties of Armstrong, Cambria, Westmore- 
land and Indiana. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand 
and affixed the seal of the Department of Public Instruction, at 
Harrisburg, the first day of June, 1875. 


Superintendent of Public Instruction." 

Board of Trustees and Faculty. In the ineantime the actual 
work of the school had begun. The original Board of Trustees 
was made up of eighteen members, twelve elected by the stock- 
holders and six appointed by the State Superintendent, probably 
soon after his official proclamation of approval on June 1. The 
twelve selected by the stockholders were : John Sutton, Silas M. 
Clark, William B. Marshall, Daniel S. Porter, Alex M. Stewart, 
William B. Hildebrand, Joseph R. Smith, Andrew W. Wilson, 
George S. Christy, James R. Daugherty, Irwin McFarland, and 
George R. Lewis, all of Indiana. Appointed by the State Super- 
intendent to represent the State were Honorable Daniel S. Morrill, 
Johnstown ; Honorable John K. Thompson, Brady ; General Thomas 
F. Gallagher, New Alexandria; Colonel S. M. Jackson, Apollo; 
Honorable E. S. Golden, Kittanning ; and Honorable James C. Clark, 
Greensburg. The officers of the Board were John Sutton, President ; 
Silas M. Clark, Secretary; Peter Sutton, Treasurer. Committees 
were appointed : On Instruction and Discipline ; On Library and 
Apparatus ; On Finance ; On Current Accounts, Expenditures, and 
Supplies ; On House and School Furniture ; and On Grounds and 
Buildings. A faculty was appointed, headed by Reverend Edmund 
B. Fairfield, D.D., LL.D., as Principal, consisting of a staflf of ten 
teachers, with three positions not immediately filled. John Sutton, 
the first President of the Board, died June 9, 1877. His place as 
President was taken by Silas M. Clark, William B. Hildebrand 
took Silas M. Clark's place as Secretary, and John W. Sutton 
became Treasurer. The next year, 1878, Thomas Sutton became 
Treasurer. In 1882 Thomas Sutton became a member of the Board 
of Trustees and Secretary, and James M. Watt became Treasurer. 
These officers, with the addition in 1888 of A. W. Wilson as Vice 
President, remained in charge until 1891, when A. W. \\'ilson 


became President and Doctor William S. Owens, Vice President. 
The Honorable J. Wood Clark taught ancient languages from 1886 
to 1888; later be became a member of the Board and Secretary, 
serving from 1892 to 1935. In 1897 Thomas Sutton became 
President and held that responsible position until 1936. 

Early Leaders. Edmund B. Fairfield, the first Principal, 
remained only one year. He was succeeded by David M. Sensenig, 
who had joined the original faculty as Professor of Mathematics. 
He was followed in 1878 by John H. French, who remained until 
1881. The next Principal was Leonard H. Durling who held the 
position until 1888, when he was succeeded by Doctor Z. X. Snyder, 
who was followed in 1891 by Doctor Charles W. Deane. In 1893 
Reverend David Jewett Waller became Principal and continued in 
that postion until 1907, the longest period that the school has been 
under the direction of one man. 

The Early Catalogues. The first catalogue probably appeared 
in the summer of 1875. It was carefully prepared and served as 
a model for many years. The fly leaf contained a picture of the 
building, a truly magnificent school structure for that period. The 
plans of the first and second floors occupied two pages, and" these 
form an interesting starting point for anyone who may wish to 
trace the uses to which various parts of this historic building have 
been put during the sixty-five years since its construction. The 
names of the members of the board of trustees, the faculty, and the 
students appear. It is interesting to note that the names of the 
men and women students are listed separately in each group, the 
names of the "gentlemen" appearing first, followed by those of 
the "ladies," while the totals are designated as "males" and "females." 

An outline was given of each of the three courses, The 
Elementary, The Scientific, and The Classical, provided by the 
Normal School Law. A description of the Model School Course 
was followed by several pages of general information covering such 
items as "Objects of the Institution" ; "Location, Buildings, etc." ; 
"Terms of Admission"; "Government"; "Association of the Sexes"; 
"Religious Services" ; "Furniture of Rooms" ; "Expenses" ; "Exam- 
inations" ; "Diplomas" ; and "General Regulations." 

As practically the same headings appeared in the catalogues for 
several years, a few of the more interesting points will be mentioned 
briefly. Under "Objects of the Institution," the opening sentences 
stated : 

"The purpose for which this School is founded is pre-eminently the 
education and training of Teachers. To this end it will be our aim to 
impart instruction in all the various branches of study, in such a 
way as to illustrate by example the best methods of teaching ; feeling 
assured that there is no more effectual means of making all our pupils 

H I S T O R I C A L R E V I E W 11 

skilfull teachers, than by keeping constantly before them examples of 
such skill." 

There followed a brief discussion of the Model School and the 
fact that members of the advanced classes would have the 
opportunity of teaching in this school under expert supervision. 
Then followed this paragraph: 

"But believing that the best methods of instruction for teachers, are 
also the best methods to be adopted in giving to all pupils clear con- 
ceptions and thorough knowledge of whatever branches of study they 
may wish to pursue, the Institution is open to all of proper age, 
whether they have teaching in view or not. We feel confident that 
there are no better opportunities to obtain a general business, and 
scientific, and liberal education, or to pursue studies preparatory to 
those that are strictly professional, than will be afTorded at this 

Thus were clearly stated the twofold purpose of the school, to 
prepare teachers and to give a general education. As a matter of 
fact, another function was soon added, and the school fulfilled three 
purposes, namely, preparing teachers, furnishing a college pre- 
paratory course, and providing a "finishing school" education for 
those who did not desire either of the other types. These three 
functions were continued for nearly fifty years, in fact, until after 
the institution was taken over by the State in 1920 and its whole 
energ}^ gradually turned to the preparation of teachers. 

In the discussion of "Location, Buildings, etc.," every catalogue 
for years carried in striking captions "Warmed by Steam and 
Lighted by Gas, throughout," along with Superintendent Wicker- 
sham's statement that it was "The best building of the kind in the 
United States." Before we smile at such seeming boasting, we need 
only to compare it with other educational institutions of that period 
to realize that the courage, enthusiasm, and farsighted zeal of the 
founders of Indiana had given it a tremendous start by providing, 
before a student was enrolled, a magnificent structure that was at 
once a triumph of architectural beauty and a challenge to those 
placed in charge of its instructional life to produce an educational 
program worthy of the setting. It has ever been, and still can be, 
the proud boast of those who have labored at Indiana that through 
all the changing years, with their days of plenty and of poverty, 
the moral, social, and intellectual standards of the school have been 
maintained at the high level set by the founders in the first building 
dedicated to the cause of education on this campus. 

Linder "Terms of Admission," the first requisite was "good 
moral character." Those entering the Normal Department must be 
fourteen years of age, and if from another "Institution," they must 
bring a certificate of honorable dismissal. In the discussion under 
"Government," one sentence gives the keynote of the idea of the 
early leaders : "But we assume, in the outset, that all who come 


to this Institution, come with good and honest intent: and all are 
treated as worthy of confidence, affection, and respect, until they 
prove themselves otherwise." This attitude has always heen 

The discussion under "Association of the Sexes" will bring smiles 
to the student of today. But we must remember that the idea of 
coeducation was then by no means universally accepted. One has 
but to read the current literature of that period to know tliat there 
was bitter opposition to the idea of girls seeking equal educational 
opportunity with men, and more emphatically against the idea of the 
two sexes being educated together. Even the high schools which 
existed in the larger cities were usually for either boys or girls, not 
for both. It is not strange, then, that the first catalogue of this 
new venture in coeducation should contain the following paragraphs : 

"Our purpose is to make the Indiana State Normal School, in all 
respects, a well-regulated home for all who attend it ; in which they 
may become familiar with the usages of the best society. But while 
there are very great advantages that arise from the proper coeducation 
of the sexes, special precautions are necessary to guard against all 
possible evil or scandal. Hence the following regulations, which will 
commend themselves to all as necessary and wise : 

".Students shall not correspond, walk, or ride with those of the 
opposite sex ; or meet in the reception room, parlor or elsewhere, except 
by special permission from the PRINCIPAL and PRECEPTRESS. 
Ladies and gentlemen are also expressly forbidden entering the halls 
appropriated to each other's respective departments without permission. 
They are on no condition allowed to visit each other's private rooms, 
except in case of severe sickness, and then only in company with the 
Principal or Preceptress." 

This heading, followed by almost the same statements in varying 
forms, remained until the catalogue of 1884-1885, when the caption 
was changed to "Association of Ladies and Gentlemen," but the 
content remained the same. This heading and discussion of the 
sexes appeared for the last time in the catalogue of 1888-1889. 

Religion has always been a matter of first concern at Indiana. It 
is significant that the first and every succeeding catalogue has 
contained a discussion of the religious influences at this school. 

Diplomas. A student graduating from any of the courses, 
Elementary, Scientific, or Classical, received a diploma and had 
conferred on him the degree of Bachelor of the Elements. Bachelor 
of the Sciences, or Bachelor of the Classics, according to the course 
in which he graduated. The next paragraph gave the requirements 
for an advanced degree : 

"A regular graduate, who has continued his studies for two years, 
and has practiced his profession during two full annual terms in the 
common Schools of the State, may receive, upon presenting to the 
Faculty and Board of Examiners a certificate of good moral character 
and skill in the Art of Teaching, from the Board or Boards of Directors 


by whom he was employed, countersigned by the proper County Super- 
intendent, a second diploma, constituting him a Master in the course 
in which he graduated, and conferring one of the following corresponding 

In 1878 the Classical Course was dropped as a separate course, 
and students in the Scientific Course could substitute Greek, Latin, 
French, or German for the mathematics previously required in the 
Scientific Course. 

If we are inclined to scofif at these degrees and the requirements 
for them, we must remember that many of the high schools existing 
at that time granted bachelor degrees, and that for many years 
thereafter the Philadelphia High School granted the same degrees 
as did the University of Pennsylvania. Many small colleges were 
also granting degrees on standards lower than the Normal School. 

General Regulations. In a list of twenty "regulations" found 
in the third and many subsequent catalogues the following may be 
of interest to present-day readers. The numbers of the original 
paragraphs are retained : 

"1. All students, except such as reside in town, are required to 
board in the Institution buildings, except by special permission from 
the Principal to do otherwise." 

"2. All wrestling, running, scufining, or other rude and boisterous 
noises, are expressly forbidden at any time, in any part of the Institu- 
tion .buildings." 

"3. Students are required to sweep their own rooms daily, previous 
to the sweeping of the halls in the morning ; and are not allowed to 
sweep the dust into the halls at any other time." 

"4. No student shall throw water, dirt, or anything offensive or 
dangerous from the doors or windows of the building at any time." 

"5. No student is allowed to keep carbon oil, camphine, or burning 
fluid of any kind in the building ; and all lights are required to be 
extinguished at ten o'clock in the evening, except in the case of 

"11. Students are required to be in their own rooms during study 
hours, unless occupied in recitation, or leave of absence is granted by 
the teacher in charge. And all loud talking, singing, playing on 
musical instruments, or other noises that interfere with study, are 

"12. The use of tobacco, in any form, is strictly prohibited in the 
buildings, or upon the grounds of the Institution." 

"15. No student rooming in the building, will, under any circum- 
stances, be allowed to be out of the building after ten o'clock at night, 
unless previous permission has been obtained from the Principal, in 
which case a night key will be furnished, by the Steward." 

"16. Students are allowed to walk for exercise in the vicinity of the 
school during recreation hours, but no one will otherwise absent him- 
self without permission from the Principal." 

"18. Students are not allowed to receive or entertain visitors on 
the Sabbath Day." 

"19. Students are earnestly requested to wear slippers in the 


The catalogue of 1881-1882, in a series of suggestions to students, 
offers the following advice : 


"These can only work injury, and students are earnestly advised to 
make no arrangement for having them sent. 

"Successful brain work demands a vigorous and healthy digestion. 
Such a digestion demands plain food, eaten at proper times, and at no 
other time. Improper food, or food eaten at improper times, is the 
source of a very large proportion of all the headaches, and of those 
slight ailments which subtract so seriously from the success of many 

"Here we would sound a note of alarm, not only in the ears of 
students, but in those of parents as well, and we entreat you, as you 
value the health and true success of those that you entrust to our care, 
that you discountenance what is so fraught with evil." 

These statements were repeated in several succeeding catalogues. 

Programs. In the catalogue of 1882-1883 appears the complete 
program for the fall and winter terms. Class periods began at 8:00 
and were forty minutes in length. The period from 8 :40 to 9 :00 
was devoted to chapel exercises, and from 10:20 to 10:35, and again 
from 2 :35 to 2 :50, gymnastic exercises were conducted for all 
students. This program was continued with slight variation for 
several years. 

Other Catalogue Changes. There were few outstanding 
changes in the catalogues for the first twenty-five years. The points 
discussed above were carried from year to year, as well as many 
others not of particular interest now, such as the yearly calendar, 
lists of text books, committees of the Board of Trustees, lists 
of faculty members, courses of instruction, and other routine 

Pictures. A picture of the building appeared in every catalogue 
except that of 1883-1884, and nearly all of them carried also the 
floor plan of the first and second floors. The last of the latter 
appeared in the catalogue of 1883-1884. The fifteenth annual 
catalogue, 1889-1890, was the first to contain pictures other than 
the two mentioned. Besides the picture of the building, it carried 
five full page illustrations labelled "Indiana Scenery," "Scientific 
Department," "The Model School," a page devoted to pen work 
of the Commercial Department, and a picture of a tennis game. 
The costumes shown in the latter might be studied as a means of 
surmising what the next generation of tennis players will wear. 
This picture and the ones of "Indiana Scenery" and the one show- 
ing Model School activities were used in several later catalogues. 
In the 1894-1895 catalogue is a panoramic view showing the Main 


Building, Boys' Dormitory, and the Model School, the last two 
just completed. The following year appeared the first athletic 
picture, that of the baseball team, showing ten players in uniform, 
and also a very good picture of a baseball game in progress on the 
athletic field occupying the space from Clark Hall to Oakland 
Avenue. These two pictures were used in the catalogue of the 
following year. After that time, pictures of the building and campus 
scenes became frequent, the twenty-fourth annual catalogue of 1897- 
1898 containing eighteen attractive pictures. The next catalogue 
had pictures of the baseball and basket ball teams, but no picture 
of a football team appeared until several years later. 

New Buildings. The first reference to new buildings appeared 
in the catalogue of 1892-1893 in the following announcement: 

"During the past year the following improvements have been made: 

1. New furniture added to the principal's office and to the chapel 

2. Tablet arms added to the class room benches. 

3. All renewals in blackboard made in solid slate. 

4. Dormitory rooms all newly papered. 

5. A fine Gymnasium built and equipped with modern appliances. 

6. A first class passenger elevator put in operation. 

7. The grounds laid out by a landscape artist, whose plans are 
now being carried out by a regularly employed gardener. 

"Contemplated Improvements 

"The State Legislature has just made an appropriation which is to 
be expended in building and equipping : 

1. A new Kitchen and Laundry Addition. 

2. A boy's Dormitory Building. 

3. A Model School Building. 

Work will be commenced on these improvements during the summer." 
The catalogue of the next year had the following modest 
announcements : 


"The following are some of the improvements that have been made 
during the last year : 

1. Flag stone floors in the basement. 

2. A slate roof upon the main building. 

3. Additional tennis courts. 

4. A new Model School Building. 

5. Large and carefully selected additions to the Library. 

6. A new Boys' Dormitory building. 

"Contemplated Improvements 

1. A new Kitchen and Laundry. 

2. Enlarged facilities for the Commercial and Scientific Depart- 

3. Better accommodations for day students. 

4. Enlarged accommodations for young ladies." 

No other new buildings were announced until after the new 


School Organizations. Like all similar schools, Indiana had 
its share of societies of all kinds. "Clionian," the annual of 1888, 
lists several, including the Clionian Reading Circle, Athletic Asso- 
ciation, Normal Dramatic Club, Monday Evening Club, Baseball 
Club, three lawn tennis clubs, and about a dozen others, most of 
them inserted as jokes. The two outstanding organizations, how- 
ever, were the Erodelphian and Huyghenian societies. These two 
literary groups were bitter but friendly rivals for nearly forty-five 
years until merged into the Leonard Literary Society in 1920. 
Modern fraternity or sorority "rushings" are tame affairs compared 
with the vigorous methods used for recruiting members for these 
organizations, and even yet the outstanding contribution of many 
an old graduate in his normal school career came through his mem- 
bership in one of these. 

The Erodelphian Literary Society. "On May 19, 1875, 
the gentlemen students and the gentlemen of the Faculty met in 
the Normal School Chapel for the purpose of organizing a literary 
society." A committee was appointed to prepare a constitution and 
its report was approved on May 28, 1875, and "The Fairfield 
Literary Society" was organized. The name was chosen in honor 
of Doctor Fairfield, the first Principal, but on July 22, at his earnest 
request, the name was changed to "The Erodelphian Literary 
Society." The writer has been unable to find the exact origin of 
the name, but Eros, the Greek god of love, and the Delphian Oracle 
would seem to be suggested. A beautiful Grecian design was worked 
out and "Per Aspera ad Astra" was adopted as the motto. At first 
only gentlemen were admitted to membership, but at the opening 
of the second term in September the ladies were allowed to join. 
Weekly meetings were held and programs of various kinds were 
given for the purpose of developing freedom of expression and 
grace and poise in appearing before an audience. In 1883 the society 
secured a charter from the State permitting it to buy, sell, or own 
property, and in the same year the Trustees assigned to it the use 
of a room on the second floor which still bears the name above the 

The Huyghenian Literary Society. Soon after the gentlemen 
had organized their literary society, the ladies formed "The Ladies' 
Literary Union." But they also soon fell under the influence of the 
idea of coeducation, and on October 2, 1875, the Ladies' Union was 
given up and a new society for gentlemen and ladies was organized, 
and it chose the name "The Huyghenian Literary Society" in honor 
of the philosopher, Christian Huyghens, and for its motto "Search 
for Truth." Thus, within the first half-year of the school's existence 
these two societies were organized, and through their keen rivalry 
and the efforts of each to excel the other, they exerted an enormous 


influence on the lives of the students. "The Huyghenian Literary 
Society" was the first to receive a charter, and in the same year as 
its rival was assigned a room for its use. 

Attendance. By 1885, after ten years of work, the attendance 
in the Normal Department had risen to 412 students, 247 ladies 
and 165 gentlemen. Eighteen counties were represented ; Indiana 
led with 176, and Allegheny was second with 90. Five states out- 
side of Pennsylvania were represented, among them Utah and 
California. At the end of the first quarter century, in 1889, the 
total attendance for the three terms was 1,654. The total number 
of different students was 757, and the largest number present at 
one time was in the spring term when there were 653, the gentle- 
men numbering 233 and the ladies 420. 

The New Century— 1900 - 1940 

The new century brought no immediate changes in the work 
of the school. There had been a steady growth in attendance and 
in prestige, and under the benign rule of the beloved Doctor Waller 
the school was moving along in its quiet way. As most of the 
events of these last forty years are still fresh in the minds of 
graduates of the school no attempt will be made to give any 
detailed account of the many changes that have occurred. Space 
also limits our record to only a brief mention of a few outstanding 

Administrative Changes. In 1907 Principal Waller was suc- 
ceeded by Doctor James E. Ament, a man of energy and enthusiasm, 
whose great contribution was the beautifying of the buildings and 
the advertising of the school through publications that will be 
discussed elsewhere. When he left in 1917, Doctor John A. H. Keith, 
President of the State Normal School at Oshkosh, W^isconsin, came 
as Principal. Doctor Keith was a leader in teacher education, and 
he devoted his energy to building up that phase of the work. When 
the Honorable John S. Fisher, an alumnus of the College, class of 
1886, became Governor of Pennsylvania in 1926, he urged Doctor 
Keith to become State Superintendent of Public Instruction. When 
he accepted, Doctor Charles A. Foster, Associate Superintendent 
of the Pittsburgh Schools, became President. In May, 1936. he 
resigned and Doctor M. J. Walsh, Dean of Instruction, was made 
acting president, remaining in that position until December, 1936, 
when Doctor Samuel Fausold, Deputy Superintendent of Public 
Instruction, assumed the presidency. When the latter left on June 
1, 1939, Doctor Walsh was again acting president until Doctor 


LeRoy A. King, Professor of Educational Administration and 
Finance, University of Pennsylvania, became President, July 1, 1939. 

Faculty Organization. When the first faculty group was 
organized in May, 1875, Miss Jane E. Leonard was named 
Preceptress. She held this position until 1920, the longest continuous 
service rendered by any individual. No other person has had so 
great an influence on the development of Indiana and the moral, 
social, and intellectual standards of the school. On the retirement 
of Miss Leonard in 1920, she was succeeded by Miss Hope Stewart, 
who had come to the Normal School as critic teacher in 1899. The 
title was changed to Dean of Women. Miss Stewart had been closely 
associated with Miss Leonard for many years, and she maintained 
the high standards that had continued from the opening of the 
school, even through the post war social revolutions of the early 
twenties. On her resignation in 1938, Miss Stewart was succeeded 
by Miss Florence Kimball, who for two years had been Assistant 
Dean of Women. 

The corresponding position of Preceptor was not created until 
1907 when William J. Jack received that title. In 1917 he was 
succeeded by Walter M. Whitmyre, who has filled the position since, 
with the exception of one year, 1938-1939, when it was held by 
Doctor Guy P. Davis. In 1920 the title was changed from Preceptor 
to Dean of Men. 

The position as head of the campus training school and director 
of student teaching has had various titles, Superintendent of Model 
School, Principal of Model School, Supervisor of Training School, 
Head of Training Department, and probably others. The first 
person to hold this position was Mr. A. Henry Berlin. From 1894 
to 1904 Mrs. Horace G. Carmalt (Alice M. Clarke) was teacher 
of methods and Principal of the Model School. Leaving Indiana, 
she went to Pittsburgh, where she taught in the University of Pitts- 
burgh. She became a member of the Pittsburgh Board of Educa- 
tion and served in that capacity until her death. Miss Jennie M. 
Ackerman assumed the position in 1904, after serving as a critic 
teacher here for two years. Miss Ackerman brought to the position 
wide experience, a keen judgment of student capacity, and unusual 
ability in developing teaching personality and skill. She did much 
to develop and maintain high standards in student teaching require- 
ments when they were treated very lightly in many teacher-educa- 
tion institutions. On Miss Ackerman's resignation in 1938, Doctor 
Richard Madden held the position for one year. In September 
1939 Doctor Joseph M. Uhler was appointed Director of Teacher 
Education and Placement and Mr. John E. Davis as Director of 
Laboratory and Demonstration School. 

In 1926 the position of Dean of Instruction was created. Mr. 
Warren Nevin Drum, former Principal of the State Normal School 

H I S T O R I C A L R E V I E W 19 

at Lock Haven, first held the position. On his death in 1927, 
M. J. Walsh, head of the Department of Education, became Dean 
and has held the position since, except while Acting President in 
1936, when Joseph M. Uhler was Acting Dean of Instruction, 
and during the year 1938-1939, when Doctor W. Ray Smith held 
the position. 

New Buildings. The buildings on the campus at the op^ening 
of the century were: the original structure erected in 1875 and 
named after the first President of the Board of Trustees, John 
Sutton; the boys' dormitory built in 1893 and called Clark Hall 
in honor of Justice Silas M. Clark, long a member of the Board 
of Trustees and its second President; and the training school, Wilson 
Hall, named for the third President, A. W. Wilson. In 1903 the 
next important building was erected, a recitation building, named 
Leonard Hall in honor of the beloved Jane E. Leonard, teacher 
and Preceptress since the opening of the school in 1875. The same 
year a dining room, known as Thomas Sutton Hall, was built, adding 
greatly to the convenience and comfort of students. In 1906 the 
only serious fire in the history of the school occurred in the burn- 
ing of the boys' dormitory. In January, 1907, the boys moved 
into a new and much larger dormitory erected on the site of the 
old building. In 1910 an annex was added to the dining room and 
another to the girls' dormitory. The same year, land was bought 
across the railroad track and a power plant was erected, which 
provided a central heating and lighting system, thus greatly reducing 
the fire hazards in all the buildings. 

There was little additional building until the erection of the 
physical education building in 1928 and the arts building in 1931. 
In 1932 an addition was made to the power plant, and in 1937 a 
shop building was erected near the power plant so that all shops 
could be removed from Sutton Hall. 

The last set of additions came through the allotment of Federal 
funds through the Federal Public Works Administration. From 
this distribution Indiana secured a new auditorium, a laboratory 
school, and an annex to the dining room. These buildings are now 
finished, and when they are furnished and the landscaping necessary 
to their location is completed, they will provide much needed space 
for school activities and wuU make possible rearrangement of present 
facilities. Among these contemplated changes, this year, under the 
present administration, will be the enlargement of the facilities of 
the library by its removal to Wilson Hall, the enlargement of the 
space and equipment for science, the expansion of the facilities for 
home economics and the reorganization of the administrative offices. 

Catalogue Changes. The change in 1907 from the rule of 
the conservative, scholarlv Doctor Waller to that of Doctor Ament 


was nowhere more definitely shown than in the changed type of 
catalogue. The catalogue of 1907-1908 was a striking contrast to 
those that had preceded it. It contained 277 pages as contrasted 
with the 75 of the year before, and the paper used was of a much 
finer quality. The general information was of much the same 
character, but 156 pages were given to a detailed description of the 
courses of study. The most striking difference, however, was in 
the artistic appearance of the book. The outside cover was in 
vivid colors, showing a beautiful coed waving a Normal banner 
and an inset giving an outline of the State, most of it being occupied 
with colored pictures of the campus buildings and the important 
towns of the State indicated in the general direction of each from 
Indiana. The catalogue contained 140 illustrations, including 9 
full page pictures. Two of the latter showed groups of churches 
in the community and two others the homes of prominent citizens. 
One full page and 16 smaller pictures besides the cover were in 
colors. Altogether, this book must have been a revelation in the art 
of catalogue advertising. The catalogues during the remainder of 
Doctor Ament's leadership were along the same lines. Those of 
1908-1909 and the years following were changed in form, but the 
general content and arrangement varied little. They were planned 
to catch the eye, and they did. 

The catalogue of 1918-1919, the first year under Doctor Keith's 
administration, was reduced to 120 pages of 5 x 9 inches. It was 
called "The Normal Herald" and had as a subtitle, "Forty-third 
Annual Catalogue." "The Normal Herald," which had been 
published as a combined school magazine, alumni magazine, and 
quarterly catalogue since its inception in 1895, was thus dropped 
as a separate publication but was used as the main catalogue title 
until the first Teachers College catalogue was published in 1927, 
when the "Normal Herald" passed out of existence. With this 
change in 1918, the school ceased to have a news publication, aside 
from the four quarterly, official bulletins of the school, until the 
"Indiana Penn" began as a weekly newspaper several years ago. 
This paper has continued as an important factor in the college life, 
but as a strictly college publication devotes little space to alumni 

During all the years of the school's existence, there were 
"annuals" of various types. "The Clionian," "The Empanda," and 
"The Instano" were types of Senior annuals. In recent years these 
various types have become more or less standardized and "The Oak," 
as an annual publication, represents the entire school. 

Changes in Curricula. The early courses and degrees have 
been discussed. After the Classical Course was dropped in 1878, 
the degrees. Bachelor of the Elements and Bachelor of the Sciences, 
were continued with the corresponding Master's degree on the com- 


pletion of two years' teaching and presentation of a certificate of 
good moral character. The catalogue of 1892-1893 stated that the 
graduate would receive a diploma certifying him to teach in the 
public schools and the degree of Bachelor of the Elements. The 
following year the catalogue said the graduate would be issued a 
certificate and degree, Bachelor of Elementary Didactics, and after 
two terms of teaching he could secure the State Normal School 
Diploma and the degree, Master of Elementary Didactics, These 
degrees remained until 1907, when the degrees of Bachelor of 
Pedagogics and Master of Pedagogics were conferred on those who 
had taken certain additional work. The certificate and diploma 
remained the same. 

The arrival of Doctor Keith brought a change in the graduation 
awards. He did not believe in the granting of degrees except on 
a strictly collegiate basis of four years' college work beyond gradua- 
tion from an approved four-year high school. Consequently only 
the Normal Certificate was granted on graduation and the Normal 
Diploma after two years of teaching. 

In the meantime, important changes in curricula had been taking 
place which space prevents describing. Briefly, the broadening 
curricula in the public schools were calling for more carefully pre- 
pared teachers, especially in the special fields of art, commerce, home 
economics, health education, and music. There was also a demand 
for teachers with a well-rounded combination of academic and pro- 
fessional material. Doctor Keith was a leader in developing pro- 
grams in both fields. He expanded the work in the special fields, so 
that when the Normal Schools were assigned certain fields of 
specialization, Indiana secured four, art, commerce, home economics, 
and music. In some circles the college was accused of receiving 
more than its share of these, but the fact was that most of the 
Normal Schools were not prepared to provide education in these 
special fields and could not, or would not, provide the equipment 
and faculty to give such education. Indiana took them because it 
was ready and willing to assume the added burden. 

The State had taken over the ownership of the school in 1920 
and measures were being taken to develop curricula and provide 
equipment and faculty that would justify a collegiate ranking. This 
action was taken just as Doctor Keith left Indiana to become State 
Superintendent. The first degree was granted May 31, 1927, to 
Miss Alice Clements, a graduate of the Home Economics Curriculum. 

The Normal Certificate, granted on the completion of two years' 
work and granting permission to teach in the elementary field, was 
continued until 1932. Those who entered after that date did not 
graduate but might receive a State Standard Limited Certificate on 
completion of two years' work. In 1936 this was changed to three 
years. No student who entered after January 1, 1939, can secure 
any kind of certification except on the completion of the require- 


ments for a degree. After the degree is received, the certificate is 
granted on the basis of the field of specihzation of the graduate. 

Organizations. With its increase in size and extension of 
departmental and group activities, there wslS a natural increase in 
organizations to meet new needs, both real and imagined. 

Leonard Literary Society. In 1920 the famous "Erodelphian" 
and "Huyghenian" societies decided to give up their rivalry and 
merge into one organization. This was fittingly called "The Leonard 
Literary Society," and under the sponsorship of Miss Edna Lee 
Sprowls it has been the largest single organization on the campus, 
membership usually ranging from 700 to 1000. It produces several 
short plays and one or two longer plays, besides bringing two to 
four high-class entertainments to the school each year. 

Fraternities and Sororities. Early in the life of the school 
the natural "belonging" tendency of young people manifested itself 
in the organization of secret societies. Most of these fraternities 
and sororities were merely local, although some were affiliated with 
other groups. In 1927 all "local" fraternities and sororities were 
abolished and no group could use either name unless organized as 
a definite chapter of a recognized national educational fraternity or 
sorority. Under this plan three fraternities and seven sororities 
have been organized, each holding membership in a national edu- 
cational-social fraternity. Each of the three fraternities either owns 
or rents a home in which the nonresident men live and learn some 
vital lessons in social and economic principles. In addition to these, 
there are several honorary fraternities, but as these are all listed 
in the annual catalogue, they will not be discussed here. 

Religious Organizations. From the opening of the school 
the religious influence has been a strong factor in the life of the 
school. Attendance at some church on Sunday and devotional 
exercises at the daily chapel exercises were insisted upon. Bible 
classes on Sunday and prayer meetings or other religious meet- 
ings during the week were well attended, although not compulsory. 
The catalogue of 1890-1891 announced the organization of the 
"Normal Christian Association" "to aid in the religious culture of 
all whose homes are in this Institution." This was followed by 
the organization of the Y.M.C.A and the Y.W.C.A., and these 
associations have always exerted a strong influence on the religious 
and cultural life of the school. During the last few years, through 
the cooperation of the local churches, several denominational groups, 
Catholic, Jewish, and Protestant, have been formed so that every 
student may have close associations both in the school and in the 
community with those of his own religious belief. 


Other Organizations. Many other clubs and societies of 
various types have come into existence in recent years. A total of 
from sixty to seventy of these groups are usually functioning. 
When efforts have been made to eliminate some of these, they usually 
have been able to prove that they meet a real social need of some 
group, and so they have been allowed to continue. Many of them 
certainly are performing an important service in the lives of their 

The College Lodge. In 1925, under the leadership of Doctor 
John A. H. Keith, a tract of wooded land 104 acres in extent was 
acquired for school use. This property, locted in White Town- 
ship about a mile from the college, was bought by faculty and 
students and incorporated as "The Indiana Students' Lodge Asso- 
ciation" under the management of a board of trustees consisting of 
the President of the College, the Director of Training School, the 
Dean of Women, the President of the Senior Class, and the 
President of the Junior Class. 

The farmhouse already on the property was used as a home for 
the caretaker and a rustic lodge was built for student activities. 
Student groups and faculty members from time to time made gifts 
of money to the Lodge Fund, which have made possible the build- 
ing of three outdoor shelters with fireplaces, and the purchasing of 
furniture, a radio, etc., for the lodge building. 

In recent years the Cooperative Association of the college has 
made a yearly allotment of money to the Lodge Fund to care for 
maintenance and improvements. The property has been much in 
demand for picnics, meetings, and social events. 

The alumni have a very real interest in the Lodge, inasmuch 
as many of them contributed directly and through the Cooperative 
Association to its purchase and maintenance. Organized groups 
of alumni may enjoy the privileges of the Lodge by conforming 
to the necessary regulations of the Lodge Association. 

With the beginning of Doctor LeRoy A. King's administration 
in 1939, the question of greater development and use of the lodge 
property was discussed. The faculty voted that each member should 
contribute $25 to the Lodge Fund in five yearly installments, if 
contribution had not already been made, and that each member 
pay yearly dues of fifty cents. The Cooperative Association in- 
creased its allotment, and a long-time program of work has been 
begun to fit the lodge for an all-year recreation and instructional 
centre. Science and conservation classes as well as hiking, skiing, 
and tobogganing link the Lodge to both the school instructional and 
activity program and make it a most valuable addition to Indiana 
college life. 


The Alumni Association. As in every institution, the alumni 
have been a dominant factor in the progress of Indiana. The first 
mention of "alumni" appears in the fifth catalogue, 1878-1879. Lists 
of the graduates in the classes of 1876 to 1879 were arranged by 
classes and the seniors of 1880 were included. The list of graduates 
of each class and the list of alumni officers were published in each 
succeeding catalogue. In the catalogue of 1886-1887 for the first 
time the list assumes the form of a directory. In addition to the 
name, the address and occupation of each graduate were listed, and 
this very valuable list was continued in this form for many years. 
The catalogue of 1907-1908 contained also an Alumni Registry, an 
alphabetical list of every graduate up to that time, followed by the 
year in which he graduated. This was followed by the class lists, 
with the address and occupation of each alumnus given. The last 
Alumni Directory was published in 1922, and it is to bring both 
individual and group information about alumni up to date and to 
make possible a still greater functioning of the alumni in the life 
and growth of the College that this Directory is being published. 

Meetings of the alumni association were usually held once a 
year in connection with the graduating exercises. Naturally, this 
brought relatively few to the meetings and many alumni ceased to 
have close relationship with their Alma Mater. In the spring of 
1933 a group of alumni and faculty members discussed the idea of 
suggesting that the alumni organize on a local unit plan with a 
representative system for conducting the general alumni affairs. 
This suggestion met the hearty approval of President C. R. Foster, 
and a committee composed of Inez Buchanan, Mary L. Esch, Vera 
Simpson, J. M. Uhler, and M. J. Walsh drew up a constitution and 
presented it to the alumni meeting on May 26, 1933. It was un- 
animously approved, and a set of officers, headed by Miss Vera 
Simpson as President, was elected to put the new constitution into 
effect. Under the inspiring and vigorous leadership of the new 
President, who was reelected at the close of her first term, about 
twenty-five units were organized during the first two years. While 
some of these have ceased to function actively, many of them have 
been working vigorously since their organization. Miss Mary L. 
Esch, Registrar of the College, has served as Treasurer since the 
reorganization. The other officers have been as follows : 

Presidents: Miss Vera Simpson, Mrs. Daniel N. Bulford, Mrs. 
Joseph Porter Clarke, and Mrs. Harry E. Slep. 

Vice Presidents: Mrs. George Lindsay, Mrs. Walter M. 
Whitmyre, and Mrs. J. Roy Maloney. 

Secretaries: Miss Ethel Waddell, Miss Clarice Grumbling, Mrs. 
C. J. Rodgers, Miss Helen Brennan, and Miss Leonore Garver. 

A list of the local units, as at present existing, is given on 
pages 32 to 34. 


In sketching the high points in the history of any great institu- 
tion, it becomes a serious problem to determine what shall be omitted. 
In this review we have had to pass over such matters as the vary- 
ing cost to students and the relation of the State to the problems 
of teacher education, the development of entrance requirements, the 
work of Indiana in athletics, the transition from private to State 
control, the contributions of alumni and faculty to education and 
in other fields, the celebration of the twenty-fifth and fiftieth anni- 
versaries, and many other points that might well have been of 
interest. It is hoped that some day a real history may be written 
that will worthily present the institution and the work that it has done. 


The College has graduated in its sixty-five classes — 1876 to 
1940, inclusive — a total of 11,402 students. 

In this section appear tabulated analyses of alumni (1) by classes, 
(2) by residence in Pennsylvania counties, (3) by residence in 
other states, (4) by residence in territories and foreign countries, 
and (5) by present occupations. 

By far the larger part of the information in these tables came 
from the alumni as a result of direct solicitation of the entire alumni 
body by the College in 1940; a small part of the information came 
from sources considered sufficiently reliable to justify its inclusion 
in the tables. 


In the first four columns of this table, the men and women graduates are 
distributed by classes. 

The last three columns record by years the number of men and women 
graduates known to be deceased. 

The total number of students graduated from year to year indicates the 
growth of the institution and the influence of other factors. The peak year 
under the practice of graduating students with fewer than four years of post- 
high school training was 1929, when 542 students were graduated. With the 
placing of increased emphasis upon longer periods of training and the 
establishing of the College strictly upon a four-year degree-granting basis, 
there was a decrease in the actual number of graduates. The last few years 
register the present trend, with 273 having been graduated in 1940. 


Number Graduated 

Known Deceased 





































































































































































































































































































































































































































1,379 10,023 11,402 176 540 716 


In this table the men and women graduates are shown according to their 
present residence in the sixty-seven counties of Pennsylvania. 

The available data for this tabulation show the four leading counties on 
the basis of present residence to be— Allegheny, 2,115; Indiana, 1,200; Cambria, 
911 : and Westmoreland, 910. The other counties have an interesting distribu- 



tion of resident alumni ranging from Blair with 321 to Snyder and Sullivan 
with no recorded alumni as present residents. 

Counties Men Women Totals 

Adams 1 2 3 

Allegheny 147 1,968 2,115 

Armstrong 45 243 288 

Beaver 18 166 184 

Bedford 3 37 40 

Berks 3 13 16 

Blair 16 305 321 

Bradford 11 11 

Bucks 9 9 

Butler 5 70 75 

Cambria 109 802 911 

Cameron 1 4 5 

Carbon 4 9 13 

Centre 1 40 41 

Chester 10 10 

Clarion 3 30 33 

Clearfield 25 210 235 

Clinton 1 8 9 

Columbia 2 2 4 

Crawford 6 53 59 

Cumberland 3 21 24 

Dauphin 10 49 59 

Delaware 2 44 46 

Elk 8 34 42 

Erie 5 60 65 

Fayette 13 216 229 

Forest 4 4 

Franklin 1 11 12 

Fulton 3 3 

Greene 4 12 16 

Huntingdon 4 23 27 

Indiana 240 960 1,200 

Jefferson 41 201 242 

Juniata 1 3 4 

Lackawanna 1 13 14 

Lancaster 2 19 21 

Lawrence 9 116 125 

Lebanon 2 7 9 

Lehigh 1 7 8 

Luzerne 13 20 33 

Lycoming 2 13 IS 

McKean 5 52 57 

Mercer 9 72 81 

Mifflin 3 23 26 

Monroe 2 2 

Montgomery 5 16 21 

Montour 1 1 

Northampton 5 16 21 

Northumberland 1 14 15 

Perry 2 11 13 

Philadelphia 3 49 52 

Pike 1 1 

Potter 10 10 

Schuylkill 4 21 25 











































952 7,447 8,399 



This table gives a distribution of the men and women graduates according 
to residence in other states. 

The available data show an interesting distribution of alumni on the basis 
of present residence in every state except Utah. The leading states with 
more than 100, other than Pennsylvania, are — Ohio, 199; New York, 160; 
and California, 118. 

States Men Women Totals 

Alabama 1 2 3 

Arizona 6 6 

Arkansas 2 2 

California 11 107 118 

Colorado 2 13 15 

Connecticut 2 10 12 

Delaware 3 11 14 

District of Columbia 3 43 46 

Florida 6 38 44 

Georgia 4 4 

Idaho 1 3 4 

Illinois 3 38 41 

Indiana •. 3 22 25 

Iowa 2 4 6 

Kansas 2 3 5 

Kentucky 1 3 4 

Louisiana 3 3 

Maine 2 1 3 

Maryland 5 25 30 

Massachusetts 5 18 23 

Michigan 14 42 56 

Minnesota 4 8 12 

Mississippi 1 1 

Missouri 4 5 9 

Montana 6 6 

Nebraska 2 4 6 

Nevada 1 1 

New Hampshire 2 2 

New Jersey 9 76 85 

New Mexico 2 2 

New York 16 144 160 



North Carolina 
North Dakota 




Rhode Island . 
South Carolina 
South Dakota 
Tennessee .... 




Washington . . . 
West Virginia 
Wisconsin .... 















































This table shows the men and women graduates distributed according to 
residence in territories and foreign countries. 

Countries Men Women Totals 

Australia 1 1 

Bahama Islands 1 1 

Bolivia 1 1 

British East Africa 1 1 

Bulgaria 1 1 

Canada 5 5 

China 2 2 

Cuba 1 1 2 

Egypt 3 3 

England 1 1 

Guatemala 1 1 

Hawaii 4 4 

Hungary 1 1 

India 1 6 7 

Japan 1 1 

Mexico 1 1 

Philippine Islands 1 1 

Puerto Rico 1 1 2 




This table contains information showing the distribution of the men and 
women graduates according to occupations. The data came from the alumni 
as a result of direct solicitation of the entire alumni body by the College 
in 1940. 

Inasmuch as all the alumni did not submit full information, the table is 
not absolutely complete. 

As would naturally be expected, the largest number in the tabulation is 
that for teachers (public and private), 3,137. Forty-three alumni are college 


teachers. School supervisors number 168, while school superintendents number 
23 and school principals number 130. The wide range of other occupations 
should be of particular interest. Significant numbers of alumni are in several 
of the professions and in business and governmental work of one kind or 

Positions Men Women Totals 

Accountant 12 1 13 

Architect 1 1 

Artist 1 1 2 

Author 1 1 

Banker 12 7 19 

Beauty Shop Operator 3 3 

Bookkeeper 2 6 8 

Broker 2 2 

Business 60 29 89 

Chemist 4 4 

Clerk in Store 7 19 26 

Contractor 5 5 

Dairyman 1 1 

Dietitian 1 1 

Doctor (Dental, Medical, Surgical) Z7 9 46 

Engineer 6 6 

Factory Worker 9 9 

Farmer 6 2 8 

Government 28 72 100 

Insurance 7 3 10 

Interior Decorator 1 1 2 

Journalism 6 7 13 

Judge of Court 3 3 

Justice of Peace 1 1 

Laborer 6 6 

Lawyer Z2) 1 34 

Librarian 2 20 22 

Minister 14 14 

Missionary 1 6 7 

Mortician 2 2 

Musician 2 18 20 

Nurse 11 11 

Office Worker 15 78 93 

Optometrist 1 1 

Paperhanger-Painter 1 1 

Peace Officer 1 1 

Pharmacist 1 2 3 

Principal (School) 60 70 130 

Printer 2 2 

Railroad 2 1 3 

Real Estate 3 1 4 

Salesman 27 8 35 

Specialist 2 13 15 

Superintendent (School) 19 4 23 

Supervisor (School) 52 116 168 

Teacher (College) 22 21 43 

Teacher (Public and Private) 385 2,752 3,137 


The officers of the General Alumni Association are pleased to report that 
there are forty-three local units of the Alumni Association distributed through- 
out the state of Pennsylvania and one unit in New York City. In the case 
of the units starred, the organizations are active and the officers listed are 
either those who served in 1939-1940 or the newly elected officers for the 
academic year 1940-1941. 

* Altoona Unit, Blair County 

Pres Mrs. K. J. Travis 

Vice Pres Henrietta Swank 

Sec Geraldine Landis and 

Marion Fleck 
Treas Mrs. Frank Smith 

* Ambridge Unit, Beaver County 

Pres Herbert Lauf 

Vice Pres. ..Mrs. Anna Mellott 

Sec Mrs. Lulu Cooper 

Treas Katharine Haberlin 

Apollo Unit, Armstrong County 
Pres Amy Snyder 

* Beaver Valley Unit, Beaver 

Pres Lillie Acree 

Vice Pres. Mrs. Thomas C. Muse 

Sec Mrs. H. Littell 

Treas Mrs. H. E. Kirk 

* Blairsville Unit (including Black 
Lick), Indiana County 

Pres Mrs. Charles Nippes 

Vice Pres. ..Mrs. John Ackerson 

Sec Thelma Thomas 

Treas Alice McMillen 

* Braddock Unit, Allegheny 

Pres Airs. Elmer Kroon 

Vice Pres. Mary Louise Smith 

Sec Grace Malone 

Treas Ruth Tornell 

Clearfield Unit, Clearfield 
Pres Howard Kuhns 

* Clymer Unit, Indiana County 

Pres Mary Mottey 

Vice Pres Phyllis Palmer 

Sec Guerney Fullerton 

Treas Helen Holowasko 

Connellsville Unit, Fayette 
Pres Mrs. Ruth O. Huesken 

DuBois Unit, Clearfield County 
Pres Lena J. Kessler 

* Duquesne Unit, Allegheny 


Mrs. Catherine McDermott Schorr 

Vice Pres. Mrs. Catherine Burton 

Sec Mrs. Adele Rike 

Treas Kathleen Magee 

Ebensburg Unit, Cambria County 

Pres Frank J. Myers 

Vice Pres. ..Sarah M. Gallaher 

Sec Mrs. Donald W. Evans 

Treas T. Lawrence Evans 

Elderton Unit, Indiana County 
Pres Jean Clark 

Elk and McKean Counties Unit 
Pres Alice Wood 

Freeport Unit, Armstrong County 
Pres Margaret B. Clark 

* Greensburg Unit, Westmoreland 

Pres. Mrs. Charles M. Jamison 
Vice Pres. Mrs. Wade T. Kline 

Sec Mrs. J. Ross Foust 

Treas Mildred Cadzow 

* Harrisburg Unit, Dauphin 

Pres William E. Landis 

Vice Pres William Miller 

Sec Ruth Uhler 

Treas Mary ZoU 




* Homestead District Unit, 
Allegheny County 

Pres Mrs. Earl K. Gable 

Sec Olive Malone 

Treas Marian Bullion 

* Indiana Unit, Indiana County 

Pres James Nix 

Vice Pres. ..Mrs. M. C. Gordon 

Sec Mrs. Nell Martin Rinn 

Treas A. E. Drumheller 

* Jeannette Unit, Westmoreland 

Pres. ..R. Evalyn Klingensmith 

Vice Pres Thelma Lessig 

Sec Ann Wilson 

Treas Hazel Bushyager 

* Johnstown Unit, Cambria 


Pres Betty McMeans 

Vice Pres Catherine Sipe 

Sec Thelma Richards 

Treas Florence Patch 

* Lawrence County Unit 

Pres. . . Mrs. J. Edward Everett 
Vice Pres. . . . Mrs. James Crumb 
Sec. Verlee Armstrong and 

Mrs. Jane A. Pattison 

Leechburg Unit, Armstrong 
Pres Dr. H. M. Welsh 

* Meadville Unit, Crawford 


Pres George Anderson 

Sec.-Treas Galen B. Walker 

* Mt. Pleasant Unit, Westmore- 
land County 

Pres Rev. H. B. Clawson 

Vice Pres Opal Berthel 

Sec Mary Jane Noss 

Treas Mrs. A. J. Hamacher 

* New York City Unit 

Pres Ernest McLaughlin 

Vice Pres Max Gaines 


Mrs. Lillian Firestone Lehrich 
Treas Joseph Z. Corey 

* North Cambria County Unit 

Pres Jeannette Davis 

Vice Pres. Maude Lane 

Sec Verner Hanson 

Treas Louise Madill 

Oakmont Unit, Allegheny County 
Pres Mrs. Donald Rait 

Oil City-Franklin Unit, Venango 

Pres Gertrude Plante 

* Philadelphia Unit, Philadelphia 


Pres Ada Mae Kocher 

Vice Pres. 

Mrs. Martha Zeigler Wagner 
Sec Helen Broome 

* Pittsburgh Unit, Allegheny 

Pres Helen R. MacWilliams 

Vice Pres. 

Mrs. Grace Laird Schurgot 

Sec Gladys Elcessor 


Mrs, Rose Brennan McManus 

* Pittsburgh Unit, N. Boroughs 
— North Side, Allegheny County 

Pres. Mrs. Ralph O. Pinkerton 
Vice Pres. ..Mrs. J. S. McKain 

Sec Dorothy Gilling 

Treas Beatrice Jeflfries 

* Pittsburgh Unit, South Huxs, 
Allegheny County 

Pres Marian Underwood 

Vice Pres Betty Godard 

Sec Margaret Phillips 

Treas Mrs. Audrie Gillette 

* Punxsutawney Unit, Jefferson 

Pres Ray Caylor 

Vice Pres Clinton F. Heil 

Mrs. Josephine Murray Bamford 

* Somerset Unit, Somerset County 

Pres Dorothy McGregor 

Vice Pres Mary Stepanchak 

Sec.-Treas Virginia Dick 

Tarentum Unit, Allegheny 
Pres Mrs. Ernest Daum 

34 A 

TiTUSviLLE Unit, Crawford County 
Pres Jeannette Behr 

* Tri-Township Unit, Indiana 

Pres Mrs. George Lindsay 

Vice Pres. ..Mrs. James Bacon 
Sec.-Treas. Mrs. W. A. Dinsmore 

* Turtle Creek Valley Unit, 
Allegheny County 

Pres. ..Mrs. Lloyd E. Longacre 
Vice Pres. ...Mrs. Ralph Wilson 

Sec Mrs. Raymond Tinker 

Treas Mrs. James Lovett 

Uniontown Unit, Fayette County 
Pres. ...Mrs. Everett Williams 

* Vandergrift Unit, Westmoreland 


Pres Helen Turner 

Vice Pres Edith MacClaren 

Sec Doris Yount 

Treas Katherine Owens 


* Washington County Unit 

Pres Martha Ely 

Vice Pres Mrs. Janet Little 

Sec. . . Mrs. Mary Post Hackney 
Mrs. Georgianna Holmes Martin 



Pres Mrs. Anna B. Whippo 

Vice Pres Florence Bissell 

Sec Gail Greenawalt 

Treas Merle Coulter 

* WiNDBER Unit, Somerset County 

Pres. Mrs. G. C. Gindlesberger 
Vice Pres. Mrs. Joseph T. Wasko 

Sec Jennie Golby 

Treas Virginia Howe 


CLASS OF 1876 
Elementary Course 

McCuRDY, Irwin P.- -Deceased. 
Smith, Hiram R. — Deceased. 
Trent, Selmer U. — Deceased. 
Whitehill, Stewart H. — Deceased. 

CLASS OF 1877 
Scientific Course 

Fair. R. Willis — Deceased. 

Elementary Course 

Christy, Maude A. — Deceased. 

Grumbling, Sarah (Mrs. E. C. VanHorn"). 

GwYNN, Caroline S. (Mrs. H. D. Blatchley) — Deceased. 

Martin, Clara J. (Mrs. Clara J. M. Kelly )..R. D. No. 2, Belle Vernon, Pa. 

McCreary, James W. — Deceased. 

Pollock. Mary Emma (Mrs. Emma Shupe) — Deceased. 

CLASS OF 1878 
Elementary Course 

Andrews, James E. — Deceased. 

Berkey, Jacob — Retired 440 South Atlantic Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Elrick, Charles — Deceased. 

McCuRDY, Joseph A. — Deceased. 

Mitchell, Margaret F. (Mrs. S. M. Jack) — Deceased. 

St. Clair, Rorert J. — Retired Star Route, Box 19 A, Finlayson, Minn. 

Tomb, D. Harbison — Deceased. 
Wenner, L. Theodore — Deceased. 

CLASS OF 1879 

Elementary Course 

Brooks, Elisa — Deceased. 

Christy. Louisa H. (Mrs. H. M. McCreery) — Deceased. 

Davis, Samuel M. — Lawyer 2432 Riverside Drive, Santa Ana, Calif. 

Dill, Anson J. — Deceased. 
Hanna, John C. — Deceased. 
Johnson, Edw'ard P. — Deceased. 
McDevitt. Martha M. — Deceased. 
McGrew, Butler C. — Deceased. 
Miller. J. Jay — Deceased. 

Naly, Sarah L. — Druggist 2301 West Lehigh, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Nissley, Isaac O. — Deceased. 

Patterson, Jennie B. (Mrs. J. A. Monteith) — Deceased. 

Pinkerton, Augusta C. — Deceased. 



Scott, Jennie M. (Mrs. W. L. Lapsley) — Deceased. 

Shane, Samuel — Deceased. 

St. Clair, Jennie — Deceased. 

Statler, George D. — Deceased. 

Uncapher, Elizabeth — Deceased. 

Woods, Margaret E. (Mrs. Alargaret W. Heath) — Retired, 

113 Palm Ave., Baldwin Park, Calif. 

CLASS OF 1880 

President John R. Calder 

Vice President Samuel T. Lewis 

Secretary Emma F. Sampson 

Treasurer William A. Cochran 

Elementary Coarse 

Brinkey, Casper C. — Deceased. 
Brown, Charles J. — Deceased. 

Calder, John R. — Lawyer 740 Spitzer Bldg., Toledo, Ohio. 

Cochran, William A. — Deceased. 
Doty, Daniel W. — Deceased. 
Duffey, William E. 

Elkin, John P. (former Associate Justice of Supreme Court of Pennsylvania) — 

Hunter, Anna A. — Deceased. 
Keefer, John S. — Deceased. 
Lewis, Samuel T. — Deceased. 
LoucKS, Amanda — Deceased. 
Maclay, William B. — Deceased. 
Morrison, Alice — Deceased. 
Newlon, George H. — Deceased. 
Pierce, David — Deceased. 
Prestley, Margaret — Deceased. 
Sampson, Emma F. (Mrs. Emma Smith) — Deceased. 

CLASS OF 1881 
Elementary Course 

Allison, James Lewis — Deceased. 

Cameron, Martha A. (Mrs. R. W. Guss) — Deceased. 

Fair, George H. — Retired 4549 Main St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Green, S. Ella D. (Mrs. Wallace Riley) — Deceased. 
Guss, Rowland W. — Deceased. 
Hamill, Franklin — Deceased. 
Hamilton, Ada F. — Deceased. 

Harrison, Jennie B. — Retired 408 Ninth Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

Jones, Harriet E. (Mrs. J. M. Boggs). 

Kemp, Mrs. Harriet — Deceased. 

Martin, Mary Adda 

MussELMAN, Harvey C. — Deceased. 

Pierce, John H. — Deceased. 

Riddle, Charles A. — Deceased. 

Smith, Alfred L. — Deceased. 

Snodgrass, John — Deceased. 

Strickler, Hiram B. — Deceased. 

Taylor, Alice (Mrs. George Hart) — Deceased. 


CLASS OF 1882 
Elementary Course 

Allison, R. Wilson — Deceased. 

Angney, May E.— Retired 1632 Lowrie St., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Barton, Humphrey— Lawyer New York Bldg., St. Paul, Minn. 

Esterline, Annie C. (Mrs. Annie E. Rose) — Deceased. 
Ford, Eva B. — Deceased. 

Garman, Malvina (Mrs. Malvina G. Riddle) .. .154 College Ave., Beaver, Pa. 
GrvEN, Margaret P. — Deceased. 
Harnish, William R. — Deceased. 
Hickman, Edward D. 

HiLDEBRAND, Gertrude (Mrs. H. S. Keepers) — Deceased. 
Langham, Jonathan N. — Retired (former Judge of Indiana County Courts), 

300 North Ninth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Lewis, Cornelia Porter 1990 Carroll Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Macxay, William P. — Ranch Manager Bliss, Mo. 

Marshall,, Katherine — Deceased. 
McCartney, John W. — Deceased. 
McElwain, Elizabeth — Deceased. 
McFadden, Anna M. (Mrs. D. Blair Taylor), 

202 South Fifth St., Indiana, Pa. 
McGrew, Nathan N. 

Miller, Alice J. — Deceased. 
Miller, Lorenzo D. — Deceased. 
Pattison, Margaret J. — Deceased. 

Porter, Ida M. — Retired Physician 467 Arrow Highway, Fontana, Calif. 

Ralph, John L.— Lawyer 430 Beechwood Ave., Carnegie, Pa. 

Reese, William P. 

Row, Sadie M. (Mrs. H. C. Christy) — Deceased. 

Sandels, Annie E. (Mrs. Annie S. Reynolds), 

203 Walnut Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 
Schonts, Emma 

Shane, John P.— Retired 121 North Fifth St., McDonald, Pa. 

Shaw, Bethella — Deceased. 

Simpson, Nora M. (Mrs. Nora S. Patton) 619 Oak St., Indiana, Pa. 

Smith, Jessie B 609 Clay St., Jeannette, Pa. 

Stephenson, Florence — Deceased. 

Sutor, Silas A. — Deceased. 

WiLKiNS, Mary B. (Mrs. Charles H. Ogden), 

7001 Ohio River Blvd., Ben Avon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Williams. Davtd — Deceased. 

CLASS OF 1883 

President Margaret C. Davis 

Elementary Course 

Allen, Annie E. (Mrs. Judge Evans) — Deceased. 

Barbour. W. W. — Lawyer Ridgway, Pa. 

Bragdon. Carrie L R. F. D. No. 1, Box 40-A, Alascadero, Calif. 

Brown, Lizzie M. — Deceased. 

Brown, Marion L. (Mrs. Joseph Kyle) — Deceased. 

Cochran, M. Ett.\ (Mrs. Samuel Ritchie), 

30 South Euclid, Pasadena, Calif. 

Davis, Emma E.— Retired 1140 North LaSalle St.. Chicago. 111. 

Davis, Margaret C. (Mrs. Thomas C. Morrison) .. .Mussoorie, U. P., India. 


Ford, Mary E. 

Gregg, Mary J. — Deceased. 

Hamilton, Margaret C. — Deceased. 

Harnish, Louis C. — Minister South Bridgton, Maine. 

Klingensmith, Annie — Deceased. 

Knight, Lulu N. (Mrs. J. T. Reeves) — Deceased. 

Leslie, Mary E. (Mrs. Mary E. Renfro) . .11685 Rutland Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

McLaren, Birdie R. (Mrs. Frank Keener), 

598 South Seventh St., Indiana, Pa. 
Moore, Amy E. — Deceased. 
Pierce, Mary J. — Deceased. 
Rowland, Katherine F. (Mrs. E. G. Miller), 

688 Mahoning Ave., N. W.. Warren, Ohio. 

Ruff, Elma (Mrs. Charles D. Todd) 928 Twelfth St., Greeley, Colo. 

RuGH, Agnes Truby (Mrs. Agnes R. Eppley) — Retired, 

314 Hawthorne Lane, Charlotte, N. C. 
Sansom, Bessie G. (Mrs. A. W. Wilson, Jr.), 

Kiskiminetas Springs School, Saltsburg, Pa. 
Saxman, S. a. — Deceased. 
St. Clair, M. Agnes— Retired 849 Water St.. Indiana. Pa. 

CLASS OF 1884 

President John B. Ague 

Secretary Lida M. Eccles 

Elementary Coarse 

Ague, John B. — Deceased. 

Allison, Annie N. (Mrs. Henry Turk") — Deceased. 

Bothell, Clara E. — Deceased. 

Brown, M. Jennie — Deceased. 

Eccles. Lida M. (Mrs. John W. Grove) 407 Main St., Riverton, N. J. 

Edie, M. Leanna — Retired 245 Dravo Ave., Beaver, Pa. 

Empfield, Ella E. (Mrs. David C. Pattee) 1955 A St., Lincoln, Nebr. 

Galbraith, Margaret Marion 1358 East 65th St.. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Gallaher, Sarah M. — Principal of Private School Ebensburg, Pa. 

Hays, Flora B. (Mrs. F. B. Smyers), 

220 Irwin Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Jeffrey, Jennie — Deceased. 

Matthews, W. E. — Physician 425 Lincoln St., Johnstown, Pa. 

McAllaster, Ralph C. — Deceased. 
McElveen, Jennie (Mrs. Frank B. Patton), 

King Edward Apts., East End, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Nesbit, Harry N. — Deceased. 

Painter, Eva M. (Mrs. Elmer Hehnan) — Deceased. 
Reel, Belle D. (Mrs. Robert A. McKee), 

7008 Church Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Reynolds, Virginia — Deceased. 

Rigby, Annie E 616 Tenth Ave., New Brighton, Pa. 

Ritchie, Elizabeth (Mrs. Elizabeth Ritchie). 

Scott, Mary J. (Mrs. D. W. McNaugher) — Deceased. 

Ulerich, W. W. — Deceased. 

Walker, Florence C. (Mrs. George L. Hall), 

4116 Spruce St.. Philadelphia, Pa. 
Williams, William — Deceased. 


CLASS OF 1885 

President Frank D. Muse 

Secretary Mary Blanche Cooper 

Historian Adah L. Marshall 

Elementary Course 

Adair, Jennie M. (Mrs. G. W. Belsey) Glendale, Calif. 

Angney, Allan B. — Lawyer Glenshaw, Pa. 

Angus, Mary A. (Mrs. Lyman Walker) — Deceased. 
Carney, Alice B. (Mrs. J. H. Wilson) — Deceased. 
Cawley, Nan L. (Mrs. William A. Walker, Jr.), 

700 California Ave., Avalon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Cochrane, Laura C. — Deceased. 
Cooper, Mary Blanche — Deceased. 

Davis, Laura M 1310 Pleasant Ave., Wellsburg, W. Va. 

Elliott, Adelene M. — Deceased. 
Fair, May C. — Deceased. 

Getty, Mary — Retired Physician 1724 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Given, Annie F 414 South 11th St., Indiana, Pa. 

Gordon, M. C. — Deceased. 

Graham, Annie M 271 North Craig St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Harrocks, Sarah — Deceased. 

Hays, Caroline Dickey (Mrs. S. S. Salisbury), 

820 South Lucerne Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Hays, Fanny L. — Deceased. 
Hickman, R. L. 
HuTTON, Frank — Deceased. 

Itell, Thomas J. — Lawyer P. O. Box 461, Somerset, Pa. 

Lemon, Emma R. — Deceased. 

Lytle. Kate M. (Mrs. Kate L. CliflFord), 

7608 Tuscarora St., East End, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Marshall, Adah L. — Retired Houston, Pa. 

Marshall, Anna Porter (Mrs. William McCracken), 

709 Maryland Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Marshall, Jean (Mrs. C. W. McConaughy) Holdrege, Nebr. 

McCain, Margaret (Mrs. Edwin Lewis Peterson), 

Hotel Leister, Windber, Pa. 
McCall, Agnes (Mrs. Agnes M. Taylor) — Retired, 

Old Windy Bush Rd., R. F. D., New Hope, Pa. 

McClatchey, Rose Z. — Retired 652 College Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

McElhaney, Jean R. — Retired (former Director of Art Department, State 

Teachers College) 243 College Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

McFadden, Jane R. (Mrs. M. Luther Zweizig), 

374 South Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 

McGraw, Josephine 254 North Lincoln Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh. Pa. 

McMuLLEN, Jennie E. (Mrs. G. W. Orange) — Deceased. 

Mohney, J. M. — Lawyer Oxford. Nebr. 

Moon, Lottie 2525 Maiden Lane, Altadena, Calif. 

Muse, Frank D. — Retired Minister and Teacher, 

R. F. D. No. 8. Spokane, Wash. 
Muse, Minnie Ella (Mrs. Thomas Calvin Jones), 

811 Huey St., McKeesport, Pa. 
Needy. Anetta — Deceased. 
Oliver, Martha A. — Deceased. 
Richards, Carrie E. (Mrs. Carrie R. Shouse). 

120 North Balph Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
RoBB. T. Irwin — Deceased. 


Shields, W. F. — Deceased. 
Simpson, Robert S. — Deceased. 

Smith, Minnie E New Wilmington, Pa. 

Sproull, W. H. — Deceased. 

Turner, Jennie P, (Mrs. R. M. McCracken), 

252 Jacob St., Kittanning, Pa. 
Vanard, Eva U. (Mrs. G. W. Woodburn) — Retired, 

2380 North El Molino Ave., Altadena, Calif. 

Warnock, O. H Larimer, Pa. 

Warren, Jennie S. (Mrs. J. R. Copeland) — Deceased. 
Wilson, James Martyn — Minister, 

1310 Taylor Ave., South Bellingham, Wash. 
Woodruff, J. B. — Retired Physician, 

530 Luzerne St., Westmont, Johnstown, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1886 

President Robert M. Wilson 

Secretary Sarah J. Freeman 

Elementary Course 

Banfield, Margaret S. (Mrs. Margaret B. Parshall), 

1204 Monterey Road, South Pasadena, Calif. 
Barnes, Blanche A. (Mrs. W. W. Ross) — Deceased. 
BiRKMAN, Sarah (Mrs. Hiram DePuy), 

3621 North 26th St., Tacoma, Wash. 
Breniser, Cynthia (Mrs. John L. Thomas) — Deceased. 
Bruce, Laura B. — Deceased. 
Calhoun, Jennie M. — Deceased. 

Cannon, Mary W. — Retired 604 Caroline Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Case, Sue G. — Retired. .3585 Beechwood Blvd., Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Cramer, W. Justin — Deceased. 

Crawford, Ella E. (Mrs. R. S. Clarke) — Deceased. 

Crider, Annie M. (Mrs. A. H. Kirker) — Deceased. 

Fisher, Harry H. — Deceased. 

Fisher, John S. (former Governor of Pennsylvania) — Deceased. 

Fleming, Louise S. — Deceased. 

Freeman, Sarah J. — Deceased. 

Gilfillan, Sarah A. (Mrs. J. L. Ralph) — Deceased. 

Hamill, Jennie (Airs. S. R. McClure) . . .819 Bell Ave., North Braddock, Pa. 

Haslett, Annie S. — Deceased. 

Havden, Margaret B. — Retired, 

1956 North Los Robles Ave., Pasadena, Calif. 

Henderson, Mary Aylesboro Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Hodge, Grace M. (Mrs. George V. Craighead), 

729 Hill Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Jackson, Walter H. — Justice of the Peace.. 50 South Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 
Jones, Mary M. — Deceased. 

Laughry, Anna S. (Mrs. M. L. Imler) — Deceased. 
Leard, Emma L. (Mrs. W. F. Shields) — Deceased. 
Macrum, Jessie G. (Mrs. Albert P. Matthews), 

Winter : 255 Loraine Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio ; 
Summer: Woods Hole, Mass. 
Marion, Katherine M. — Retired. . .Richland Lane, East End, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Marquis, Elvira (Mrs. H. S. Elwood). 
Martin, Eleanor — Deceased. 


Maxwell, Mary A. (Mrs. I. A. Palmer), 

Winter: 135 North Main St., Butler, Pa.; 
Summer : Fairview, Pa. 

McCoRMiCK, Mary — Retired 170 Maple Ave., Blairsville, Pa. 

McCowAN, Erminie C. (Mrs. G. G. Small) "Windyghoul," Beaver, Pa. 

McFadden, Elizabeth E. (Mrs. J. S. Gaut), 

202 South Fifth St., Indiana, Pa. 
McKee, Annie L. — Deceased. 
McKiBBiN, Mary C. (Mrs. Mary McKibbin Harper, M.D.) — Medical 

Journalist Carleton Hotel, Oak Park, 111. 

McMuNN, Annie — Retired 216 Sprague Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Morrow, Agnes (Mrs. Richard B. Scandrett), 

25 Duvall Drive, Friendship P. O., Washington, D .C. 
MuRRY, N. Belle — Retired, 

"The Highwood," 372 South Highland Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Muse, Blanche (Mrs. R. J. Knox) Berlin, Pa. 

Potts, Emma R Natrona Heights, Pa. 

PuRDY, Margaret E. (Mrs. S. W. Pringle) Box 282, Waterford, Pa. 

Ruffner, Emma J. (Mrs. C. F. McMann) — Deceased. 
Shaw, Emily (Mrs. Reid T. Stewart), 

312 Fifteenth Ave., N.E., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 
Shaw, Henrietta W. — Deceased. 

Sholes, E. Katherine (Mrs. A. C. Latimer) — Deceased. 
Slater, Emma C. — Deceased. 
Smith, E. Walker — Deceased. 
Starz, Louisa E. — Deceased. 

Stevenson, Sarah L. (Mrs. R. W. Carroll) — Deceased. 
Storey, Ida B. (Mrs. O. H. Warnock) — Deceased. 
Tiffany, Mary Louise (Mrs. Elmer W. Allison), 

116 South Tenth St., Indiana, Pa. 
Wilson, Robert M. — Deceased. 

CLASS OF 1887 

President Harry P. Johnson 

Elementary Course 

Blue, John — Deceased. 

Bryan, Minnie J. (Mrs. Robert Smith) — Deceased. 
Cameron, Clara (Mrs. J. N. Langham) — Deceased. 
Campbell, S. Flora — Deceased. 

Carroll, Joseph G. — Lawyer 61 Ben Lomond St., Uniontown, Pa. 

Chisholm, Mary L 4514 Winthrop St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Clark, Annie M. (Mrs. J. J. Miller) — Deceased. 
Clingerman, Mary B. 

Cramer, John Watson — City Clerk 320 Haynes St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Dain, Hannah K. — Deceased. 
Dalby, Lucy — Deceased. 
Day, Ella R. — Deceased. 

Eckman, Rena S.— Hospital Dietitian 3459 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Edwards, Ella C. — Deceased. 

Ellis, Sarah E. (Mrs. A. E. Proper), 

146 Odette St., Overbrook, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Empfield, Kate E. (Mrs. C. A. Jenks) — Deceased. 

Fiscus, J. J. — Merchant 1297 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Eraser, Elizabeth C. (Mrs. H. F. Humphries). 

Galbraith, Marietta — Deceased. 

GooDELL, Nellie A. — Retired R. D. Middleway, Kearneysville, W. Va. 


Griffith, Alice F. (Mrs. A. B. Hulbert). 

Hahn, Edith M. (Mrs. J. H. Kennedy). 

Hamiu., Q. a. — Deceased. 

Hammond, James B. — Deceased. 

Hutchinson, Margaret J. — Deceased. 

Jack, William M. — Deceased. 

Johnson, Harry P. — Deceased. 

Kennedy, Mary R. (Mrs. Samuel Hamilton) . .721 Hill Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Kimple, Lottie C. — Deceased. 

Knox, Anna M. (Mrs. Edward E. Cory) — Deceased. 

KooNTZ, J. S. — Deceased. 

Krebs, Jennie — Deceased. 

Lawrence, Sarah K. (Mrs. J. K. Rush). 

LoNGwiLL, A. L. — Deceased. 

LoucKS, DoROTHA M. (Mrs. W. I. Kelley) — Deceased. 

Martin, Georgia — Deceased. 

McCoNNELL, Jennie M. (Mrs. L. S. McKeever) — Deceased. 

Miller, Jennie M. 

Miller, Winnifred W. (Mrs. Collingwood) — Deceased. 

Montgomery, Anna B. — Deceased. 

Parks, E. B. — Deceased. 

Perkins, Anna M. (Mrs. A. P. Hays). 

Reinecke, Sophie C. — Deceased. 

Rice, Kathleen (Mrs. E. M. Segner) — Deceased 

Rummell, Lida F. (Mrs. George Helman). 

Rush, J. K. — Deceased. 

ScANLON, Benjamin F. — Deceased. 

ScANLON, Mary E. (Mrs. G. S. Lemon). 

Simpson, James A. — Farmer R. D., Indiana, Pa. 

Small, George G. — Retired "Windyghoul," Beaver, Pa. 

Storey, Georgia — Deceased. 

Taylor, Anna L. (Mrs. W. E. Fohl) — Deceased. 
Welfer, Kate B. (Mrs. H. F. Robinson). 

Whitten, Charles E. — President Judge of Westmoreland County Courts, 

401 North Main St., Greensburg, Pa. 
Williams, Mary I. (Mrs. Mary Williams Simons) — Retired, 

4837 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Work, Mary E. (Mrs. H. W. Hogg) — Deceased. 

CLASS OF 1888 

Scientific Elementary 

Pres M. C. Ciordon Pres Selden M. Ely 

Sec Agnes Morrow Vice Pres. Findley N. Weddell 

Treas Harry N. Nesbit Sec. . . Elizabeth M. Harrison 

Treas Willis T. Durling 

Historian Kate S. Christy 

Scientific Course 

Gallaher, Sarah M. — Principal of Private School Ebensburg, Pa. 

Gordon, M. C. — Deceased. 

Morrow, Agnes (Mrs. Richard B. Scandrett), 

25 Duvall Drive, Friendship P. O., Washington, D. C. 
Nesbit, Harry N. — Deceased. 
Sproull, W. H. — Deceased. 
Wilson, Robert M. — Deceased. 

A L U M N I p. Y C L A S S E S 43 

Elementary Course 

Allison, D. B Castle Shannon. Pa. 

Biter, Rudolph H.— Retired 503 Church St., Gallitzin, Pa. 

Boyle, Mary C. (Mrs. J. J. MulhoUand) — Deceased. 
Bradshaw, Mattie — Deceased. 
Campbell, Alice L. 

Caulfield, Mary G 620 South St., Andrews Place, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Cheesman, Anna M. (Mrs. Daniel Craig), 

2611 South Ligonier St., Latrobe, Pa. 
Chisholm, Lillie L. (Mrs. Charles Garlande), 

123 Beech St., Edgewood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Christy, Kate S. — Deceased. 

Cluley, Ivy — Retired 326 South Normandie Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Cooper, Mary J. — Retired 134 Montour Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

CoRDiER, Anita (Mrs. R. A. McDonald). 

DuRLiNG. Willis T. — Deceased. 

Ekas, Agnes S. (Mrs. A. M. Weir) — Deceased. 

Ely, Selden M.— Retired 2918 Cortland Place, N.W., Washington, D. C. 

Evans, Tessie (Mrs. Edwin D. Wyckoff), 

209 North Del Mar, San Gabriel, Calif. 
Fairly, Elizabeth D. 

Fetzer, Ella L. (Mrs. B. L. Elliott) — Deceased. 
Fielding, Sarah Sophronia (Mrs. Edwin H. Campbell), 

Box 332, Salem, Ohio. 
Fiscus, Blanche (Mrs. Graves). 
Fix, Rebecca N. (Mrs. C. P. Anderson) — Deceased. 
Gibson. Frank Z. — Deceased. 
Gilmor, Mary Margery — Retired, 

4015 Northminster St., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Grassel, Annie M. (Mrs. W. J. Conway) 

444 Waugh Ave., New Wilmington, Pa. 

Hadley, Edith O. (Mrs. George Lysle) 631 Shaw St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Hamilton, Elizabeth 

Harrington, Beatrice (Mrs. J. W. Gray) — Deceased. 

Harri?, Minnie R. 

Harrison, Elizabeth M. (Mrs. W^ E. Newlin), 

548 Sixth Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

Hay, Alberta 912 Maryland Ave., Pittsburgh^ Pa. 

Herriott, Emma Jane 227 South Lincoln St., New Wilmington, Pa. 

Hine, Nancy J Saltsburg, Pa. 

Jones, Esther A. (Mrs. E. Y. Ord) — Deceased. 
Jones. Roberta — Deceased. 
Jones, S. Mayes 
McFarland, Mary C, 

The Cecil Apts., 1026 Fifteenth St., N.W., Washington, D. C. 
McGarey. Mollie D. (Mrs. A. G. Breitweiser). 
McKee, Ellen (Mrs. Ellen M. Conant) — Artist, 

Wehumba Lodge, Thonotosassa, Fla. 
Menke, Emma C. (Mrs. J. P. Blackburn'). 

Miller. Luella Winter: 115 Eighth Ave., N.E., St. Petersburg, Fla.; 

Summer : Box 475, Chautauqua, N. Y. 
Myers. Lillian M. — Retired. .3458 Fleming Ave., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Price, Frances C. (Mrs. H. C. Beares) — Deceased. 

Ramaley, M. C. — Dentist Rout? No. 4, Yakima. Wash. 

Riddle, Rebecca 

Robinson, Arabel — Retired 405 Franklin St.. Butler, Pa. 

Rose. Sophia (Mrs. Henry F. Carr) 878 Thorn St... Sewickley, Pa. 

RowE. ^L Etta (Mrs. H. J. Davis) Morewood Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 


Shupe, George B. — Deceased. 

Simpson, Belle — Registered Nurse 757 Wayne Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

Stevenson, Bessie W. (Mrs. H. D. Montgomery) — Deceased. 
Stewart, J. T. (former State Representative) — Deceased. 
Stout, Olive A. — Deceased. 
Sw^AN, Mary Agnes — Elementary Supervisor, 

1516 Shady Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Swartwood, Margaret (Mrs. Ross T. Campbell), 

112 Center Ave., McDonald, Pa. 
Trimble, Martha (Mrs. Solomon Buterbaugh) — Deceased. 
Vanard, Flora M. (Mrs. D. W. Keister), 

Winter: 3003 San Rafael St., Tampa, Fla. ; 
Summer: 1157 Yellowstone Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio. 
Wachob, John — Deceased. 
Walker, Eva Virginia (Mrs. Charles A. E. Codman), 

4116 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Weddell, Findley N. 
Wiley, J. P. — Deceased. 

CLASS OF 1889 

President John Burton Keener 

Secretary ^ Janney M. Allen 

Historian Jessie H. Hardie 

Elementary Coarse 

Allen, Janney M. (Mrs. T. A. Kerr) R. D. No. 1, Box 87, Lutz, Fla. 

Anderson, Vina — Deceased. 

Andrews, Mary A. — Deceased. 

Booth, Tillie (Mrs. Silas Clark Johnson), 

856 North Canal St., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Bradt, Jennie — Deceased. 
Brownlee, Mabel — Deceased. 

Caldwell, Olive B 1519 Fallowfield Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Cameron, Christine Marr — Deceased. 
Carnahan, Thetta (Mrs. E. G. Orr) — Deceased. 

Chester, Della M. (Mrs. Charles Lindley Smith) Salem, Ohio. 

Clark, Mary B. (Mrs. E. P. Swift). 

Cullers, Lettie B.— Retired 515 Arch St., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

DeVinney, W. M. — Deceased. 
Dickson, W. J. 

Ewing, Anna M 499 Koyama, Tokj^o, Japan. 

Fiscus, Clara — Deceased. 

Fleck, F. Earl — Deceased. 

Gordon, A. C. — Deceased. 

Grimm, P. H. — Deceased. 

Hamill, Clara Josephine (Mrs. Josephine Hamill Simpson) — Deceased. 

Hardie, Jessie H. — Retired, 

4400 Center Ave., Bellefield Dwellings, Pittsburgh. Pa. 
Harr, Charlotte P. (Mrs. C. C. Thomas). 

Hemphill, Gertrude (Mrs. N. H. Byam) . . .Evanshire Hotel, Evanston, 111. 
Hill, Margaret B. (Mrs. Margaret B. Boyd), 

233 Fifth St., Aspinwall, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Hutchinson, Katharine M 2007 Baldwin Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

Jack, James R. — Deceased. 

Johnston, Joseph Elton — Physician. . .5550 Dunmoyle St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Keener, J. A. — Deceased. 

Keener, John Burton — Lawyer. . .Suite 1115 Fidelity Bldg., Tacoma, Wash. 


LuKEHART, Will D. — Deceased. 
Lyons, Anna M. — Deceased. . 

McFeatters, Calista B. — Retired 205 Hoeveler St., Springdale, Pa. 

McPherson, Anna C. (Mrs. Edward Mullan). 

MiNTEER, Will A. — Deceased. 

Morrow, Alice — Deceased. 

North, Emily — Deceased. 

Ray, Jennie (Mrs. Jennie R. Ayles) — Deceased. 

RowE, David Irvin — Certified Public Accountant, 

1917 North 84th St., Wauwatosa, Wis. 
Slater, M. Ella (Mrs. William Esler) — Deceased. 
Sloan, Ada B. (Mrs. F. W. Greene). 

Turner, Minnie E. (Mrs. A. D. Munn) Glen Willard, Pa. 

Wetherell, Caroline 

Whitfield, William H 921 Southwest First Ave., Miami, Fla. 

CLASS OF 1890 

President Hubert P. Wiggins 

Secretary Mabel M. Ansley 

Elementary Course 

Ansley, Mabel M. (Mrs. J. D. Murphy) . .P. O. Box 334, White Plains, N. Y. 
Barry, Mary L. (Mrs. P. F. McAneny) . .1130 Confer Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
Blair, Emma B. — Deceased. 
Bowman, Agnes S. — Deceased. 
Carter, M. Blanche — Deceased. 
Caven, Agnes — Deceased. 

Chalfant, Martha (Mrs. W. O. McNary) 607 Gilpin St., Denver, Colo. 

Chalfant, Mary Isabella (Mrs. A. H. Scudder) — Deceased. 
Coffin, Edith V. (Mrs. William W. Ford), 

5910 Wellesley Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Corey, Maude E. — Deceased. 

Davis, Annie S. (Mrs. R. M. Ewing) — Deceased. 
Delamater, Lillian 
Duncan, Mary O. — Deceased. 

Elder, Maude W 212 Richelieu Ave., New Castle, Pa. 

Elkin, W. F. — Deceased. 

Feit, George J. — Lawyer 135 South Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Ferguson, Lydia (Mrs. William L. Woodcock), 

1007 Allegheny St., HoUidaysburg, Pa. 
Freed, B. F. — Deceased. 
Fullerton, Ella (Mrs. John A. Kelso), 

210 Twenty-second Ave., N.E., St. Petersburg, Fla. 
Gibson, T. L. — Deceased. 
Gilmor, Lilian Etta — Retired, 

4015 Northminster St., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Hawthorne, Martha (Mrs. R. H. Rockwell). 

HosKiNSON, Della Bolivar, Pa. 

Jack, Anna M. — Deceased. 

Johnson, Katharine W. (Mrs. Charles H. Kline), 

5738 Kentucky Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Johnston, Mary M. 
Leezer, Tillie Gilmore (Mrs. George R. McAbee), 

The Barclay, 18th and Rittenhouse Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Mahan, W. M. — Retired Lawyer 800 Ormond St., Tarentum, Pa. 

McGarvey, Elizabeth S. (Mrs. F. V. Blair) — Deceased. 


McHattie, Lida S Winter : 508 Trenton St., Orlando, Fla. ; 

Summer: Patterson Heights, Beaver Falls, Pa. 
MuRDOCK, EsTELLA M. — Deceased. 
North, Mary Maude (Mrs. George E. P. Smith), 

1195 Speedway, Tucson, Ariz. 
Owens, Sarah (Mrs. W. T. Hewetson) — Deceased. 
Piper, Mary 

Radcliffe, John N. — Deceased. 
Stevenson, Mae E. (Mrs. A. B. Bellows) — Deceased. 

Stitt, Lelia a. (Mrs. Homer D. Whitfield) 213 Fourth St., Freeport, Pa. 

Stoner, Mame M. (Mrs. Harry M. Crider) 228 Poplar Ave., Wayne, Pa. 

Thompson, Guy — Deceased. 

Van Eman, Hattie — Retired 104 South Central Ave., Canonsburg, Pa. 

VoGEL, Ella King — Public Speaker 15 West Race St., Somerset, Pa. 

Weamer, J. Frank — Deceased. 
Weaver, Rosina B. — Deceased. 

Wiggins, Hubert P 5837 Northumberland St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Work, Cree T. — Principal of Lafayette Adult Evening School, Los Angeles ; 

558^/2 Via de la Paz, Pacific Palisades, Calif. 

CLASS OF 1891 

President Harry D. Hershey 

Secretary Blanche McNall 

Scientific Course 

Feit, George J. — Lawyer 135 South Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Stout, Olive A. — Deceased. 

Elementary Course 

Amberg, Nora (Mrs. Nora A. Kock). 
Ayers, Clara (Mrs. H. H. Willock). 

Ayres, James Douglas — Retired t 803 Wood St., Wilkinsburg. Pa. 

Baird, Mary M. (Airs. Mary B. Ohm). 

Benner, Margaret C. — Deceased. 

Black, Sara Agnes (Mrs. John George Little), 

307 Iroquois Apts., 3600 Forbes St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Boardman, Lidie (Mrs. W. W. Griflfen). 

Books, Mabel R. (Mrs. Ray Kessler) . .916 West Main St., Smethport, Pa. 
Brown, Hattie G. (Mrs. J. W. Shaner). 

Cameron, Annie R 1927 Millvale Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Cameron, Katherine (Mrs. George H. Gearhart) — Deceased. 
Chester, Edna Freeland (Mrs. George W. Spalter), 

Box J, Fayette City, Pa. 
Coleman, Ada (Mrs. H. J. McClelland). 

Crosier, Mary Irwin — Retired 3039 Landis St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Ferguson, Ada I. (Mrs. S. W. Bierer) — Deceased. 

Fiscus, Newell Scott — Minister 5134 Holly St., Seattle, Wash. 

Gallaher, Sue G. (Mrs. Sue G. Dowler) Ebensburg, Pa. 

GooDELL, Jane Frances — Retired, 

316 South George St., Charles Town, W. Va. 
Gorman, Ida M. (Mrs. J. J. Palmer) — Deceased. 
Hall, Loyal F. — Deceased. 

Hamilton, Della (Mrs. Boyd F. Williams) Emlenton, Pa. 

Hartley, Margaret M. (Mrs. Charles Schlegel). 
Hazlett, Frances (Mrs. Frances H. McConnell), 

562 East End Ave., North Side, Pittsburgh. Pa. 


Hershey, Harry D.— Merchant Irwin, Pa. 

Hood, Ida M. 

Jenkins, Mary F. — Deceased. 

Johnston, Anna Bird— Teacher 318 First St., Apollo, Pa. 

Kendig, Mary 2164 Second St., San Diego, Calif. 

Knox, Maria P .King Edward Apts., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Mabon, Alexander S. — Deceased. 
Matthews, Annie P. — Deceased. 
McCormack, Martha E. 

McNall, Blanche 427 Druid Road, Clearwater, Fla. 

Moorehead, Margaret T. (Mrs. S. J. McMains) — Retired, 

368 Third St., Leechburg. Pa. 
Porter, Madge D. (Mrs. T. L. Pillow) — Deceased. 
Reesman, Mary C. (Mrs. H. J. Barrett) — Deceased. 
Rush, S. Arnold — Deceased. 
Russell, Minnie B. — Deceased. 
Shane, M. Jennie — Deceased, 

Steinmetz, Dillie M. — Retired 1107 Braddock Ave., Braddock, Pa. 

Urey, John M. — Lawyer 412 Cherry St., Clearfield, Pa. 

Vorlage, William — Deceased. 
Warren, Annie M. — Deceased. 
Wyse, Lettie L. (Mrs. A. T. Hay). 

CLASS OF 1892 

President J. C. Trees 

Secretary Jennie McCormick 

Treasurer Charlotte Clark 

Scientific Course 

Weaver, Rosina B. — Deceased. 

Elementary Course 

Bash, Pearl (Mrs. Albert K. Heckel), 

7 South Glenwood Ave., Columbia, Mo. 
Carter, Albert F. — Retired (Librarian Emeritis, Colorado State College of 

Education) 1919 Tenth Ave., Greeley, Colo. 

Carter, Lucile I. (Mrs. Oliver P. Cooke) 43 Seventh St., Salem, N. J. 

Clark, Charlotte (Mrs. Walter R. Adams), 

508 Maple Lane, Silver Spring, Md. 

Coder, Ada C. (Mrs. J. P. Fox) 612 Pierce St., Gary, Ind. 

Condron. H. D. — Deceased. 

Cooper, Ellen — Teacher 134 Montour Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Dickie, Loretta M. (Mrs. G. A. Gunn) — Teacher. .American School, Egypt. 
Dunwiddie, Mame B. (Mrs. Lorenzo G. Runk), 

1017 Lexington Ave., Altoona, Pa. 
Dyer, Eleanor Ray — Retired, 

351 South Negley Ave., East End, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Dyes, Mertyn R. D., Leechburg, Pa. 

Elder, Marguerite (Mrs. T. J. Henry) — Deceased. 

Fiscus, I. L. — Chief of Police 712 Depot St., Youngwood, Pa. 

Foster, Mary 1 321 Hancock Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Gessler, Caroline M. — Retired 834 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Gibson, Rosaxa H. (Mrs. J. H. Taylor) — Deceased. 
Hammond, R. Jane — Counselor, Baxter Junior High School, 

105 Grant Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Haney, Alberta — Deceased. 


Hay, Mary L 912 Maryland Ave., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Hazlett, Anna Martha — Retired 562 East End Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

HiLE, Cornelia E. (Mrs. H. S. Bender) — Deceased. 
Hill, Jennie A. (Mrs. C. W. Boucher) — Deceased. 
Hurst, Emma E. 

Krebs, Matilda — Retired 124 Palliser St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Lee, Anna (Mrs. Burgess D. Holter) 408 Woodland Ave., Oakmont, Pa. 

LuPTON, Clara (Mrs. J. G. Shugert). 
Lynn, Emma (Mrs. William Lyons) — Deceased. 
Lytle, Verde (Mrs. C. G. Strayer) — Deceased. 
McCoRMicK, Jennie — Deceased. 

McDermott, Joseph — Retired 3134 Allendale St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

McMullen, Eliza 14 Brownell Place, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Mitchell, Jennie (Mrs. George M. Dougherty), 

1600 Lancaster Ave., Wilmington, Del. 
Nelson, Evelyn (Mrs. C. S. Corrigan) — Deceased. 

Nugent, Sarah (Catherine — Retired 319 Howard Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Parsons, Martha R. — Private Piano Instructor, 

186 West Prospect Ave., Ingram, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Patterson, Elvira — Deceased. 
Payne, Almyra S. 
PuRiNGTON, Margarette Davis (Mrs. Otto Koenig), 

2045 Cowper St., Palo Alto, Calif. 

Smith, Marie E 310 Fish St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Smith, Velma B New Wilmington, Pa. 

Tarr, Harry M. — Deceased. 

Taylor, Grace E. (Mrs. W. A. Simpson) — Deceased. 
Thomas, Dubre A. — Deceased. 

Tiffany, Ruth M. (Mrs. W. F. Bainum) — Deceased. 

Trees, J. C. — Petroleum Production, Benedum Trees Oil Co., Pittsburgh; 

President of Treesdale Farms, Inc., Mars, Pa. 
Trimple, Flora M. (Mrs. E. B. Muhl). 
Walker, Idella (Airs. C. H. O'Neill) — Deceased. 
Watkins, Lucy R. — Deceased. 

Williams, Fannie Virginia (Mrs. Charles H. Irvin) — Deceased. 
Wilson, Helen C. (Mrs. Edward Luzadder) . .McCall, Payette Lakes, Idaho. 
Work, Mary A. — Deceased. 

CLASS OF 1893 

President William J, Dyer 

Secretary Eleanor A. Morrow 

Treasurer Hope Stewart 

Scientific Course 

Cowley, Elizabeth B 913 Arch St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Elementary Course 

Adair, Margaret (Mrs. J. O. C. McCracken) P. O. Box 476, Export, Pa. 

Andrews, Dora (Mrs. W. J. Curry), 

Andrews Place, Box 686, East Liverpool, Ohio. 

Arbaugh, Frank Nelson — Merchant 400 Townsend St., Lansing, Mich. 

Archibald, J. P. — Optometrist 1215 Wood St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Barnes, Blanche (Mrs. Taliesen Griffith) — Deceased. 

Beistel, H. Clay — Deceased. 

Bender, H. S. — Inheritance Tax Appraiser. .425 Russell Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Brass, Anna B. 


Bryan, Lottie B. (Mrs. Charlotte B. Purdy) . . . .815 Hill St., Sewickley, Pa. 
Calhoun, Clara A, (Mrs. William D. Phillips), 

R. D. No. 2, Washington, Pa. 
Clement, Bertha Bishop — Supervisor of Music, 

17 Chelsea Place, East Orange, N. J. 

Cowley, Elizabeth B 913 Arch St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Cunningham, E. Gertrude (Mrs. F. D. Glover) — Deceased. 

DouDS, David W.— Retired P. O. Box 103, Dayton, Pa. 

Duff, Millie S. — Retired 9405 Frankstown Road, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Dyer, Wiixiam J. — Merchant 221 West Brokley St., Uniontown, Pa. 

Fisher, Effie J. — Retired R. D. No. 3, Irw^in, Pa. 

FouLKE, Katharine — Assistant Associate Superintendent in Charge of Per- 
sonnel, Pittsburgh Schools 6814 Thomas Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Glasgow, J. T. — Deceased. 

Harper, Carrie (Mrs. J. W. Hartley), 

23 Third St., Aspinwall, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Hawthorne, Camille (Mrs. Harry M. Stewart), 

1101 King Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
(Hoeh) Hay, D. B.— Physician. .939 Beach Drive, North, St. Petersburg, Fla. 
Johnston, J. C. Reed — Deceased. 
Johnston, Jennie K. (Mrs. John P. Lafferty), 

327 Amber St., East End, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Kendig, Jen Harman (Mrs. H. T. Welty), 

302 West College St., Canonsburgj Pa. 
Lee, Alfred M. — Deceased. 

Leydic, C. Edna (Mrs. Walter L. George) 309 First St., Apollo, Pa. 

Lifshitz, Rose 

Linton, Ella (Mrs. A. W. Johnston). 

LuDwicK, Florence M. (Mrs. Joseph A. McCurdy), 

5657 Bartlett St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

McComish, Charles D. — Lawyer Colusa, Calif. 

McKiBBEN, Janet M. (Mrs. J. R. Patterson). 

Miller, Lydia D. (Mrs. O. F. Hotle)..43 Dormidera Ave., Piedmont, Calif. 

Moorhead, Clara J.- (Mrs. H. V. Smith) 309 Carr St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Morrow, Eleanor A. (Mrs. William Breitwieser), 

201 Summit Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
MuRRY, Mintie (Mrs. A. L. Wiley) — Deceased. 
Porter, Florence B. (Mrs. B. J. Gudge), 

144 Avenue A., East Pittsburgh, Pa. 
RowE, Jean D. (Mrs. R. C. Blean). 

Scott, Ida B. (Mrs. W. E. Lawson) 814 Ann St., Homestead, Pa. 

SicKMAN, Rachel J. E. (Mrs. E. E. Evans). 

Sloan, Anne C. (Mrs. Albert Seigh) 118 Fairfield Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Smeltzer, Jessie L. 

Smith, Edith M. (Mrs. George J. Feit) — Deceased. 

Smith, Margaret H 546 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 

Srader, Ella M R. D. No. 1, Freeport, Pa, 

Stevenson, Luella M. — Retired 1130 Fourth St., Beaver, Pa. 

Stewart, Hope — Retired (former Dean of Women, State Teachers College), 

222 North Eighth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Weis, Katharine M. — Real Estate Contact R. F. D. No. 2 Latrobe, Pa. 

Wilson, Maude— Retired R. D. No. 1, Box 68, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Woods, Jeannette B Webster Hall, Pittsburgh, Pa. 


CLASS OF 1894 

President L. Agnes Huston 

Elementary Course 

Bach, Edwin E. — Deceased. 

Barnes, Agnes C. (Mrs. W. B. Ashley). 

Barnes, Joseph F. — Deceased. 

Barry, Mary E 526 Union Drive, Los Angeles, Calif, 

BowN, Nellie C. (Mrs. D. C. McKee) 1310 Wood St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Boyer, B. Frank 

Brimner, Jessie G. (Mrs. J. A. Coventry). 
Chase, C. Belle (Mrs. H. L. Mills). 
Cheesmen, Mary B. 

Chisholm, Mary G. — Retired Clinton, Pa. 

Clawson, Cora A. — Retired 541 Clawson St., Pittsburgh, Pa, 

Dunham, Carrie L 303 A St., Sharon, Pa. 

Edmonds, Alberta Jane (Mrs. Jane Edmonds Hutchison), 

320 McEldowney Ave., New Martinsville, W. Va. 
Ellis, Mary B. — Deceased. 

Englert, Alice E. (Mrs. W. E. Higgins) . .Ordale Blvd., Pittsburgh, 16, Pa. 
Gallagher, Margaret Rose (Mrs. Milton E. Uncapher), 

184 Washington Ave., Vandergrift^ Pa. 
Grace, Anna (Mrs. Anna Grace Brennan) . .912 East State St., Sharon, Pa. 

Grieb, Anna K. (Mrs. David A. Goldman) Ford City, Pa. 

GuFFEY, Margaret (Mrs. Margaret Guffey Cummings) — Postmaster, 

621 Oak St., Irwin, Pa. 
Harrison, Mary R. (Mrs. George L. Edmundson), 

902 Huey St., McKeesport, Pa. 
HoLLOWAY, Edna A. (Mrs. Edna Holloway Geer) — Teacher, 

8001 Susquehanna St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Hood, Pearl I. 

HooN, J. Margaret (Mrs. F. R. Dent) — Deceased. 
Huston, L. Agnes (Mrs. M. N. McGeary) — Deceased. 
Kallenbaugh, Marie (Mrs. A. R. Greenwood). 
Kenmuir, Harriet L. (Mrs. J. F. Long) — Deceased. 
Latshaw, Edith J. (Mrs. E. E. Peters). 
Lewis, Blanche Hope (Mrs. Willard Crane Harrison) . .Painesville, Ohio. 

Lewis, Mabel (Mrs. R. H. Stevens) 5200 Springlake Way, Baltimore, Md. 

Lockard, Nora A. (Mrs. H. D. Condron) 2033 Broadway, Quincy, 111. 

Mains, Matilda (Mrs. George W. Richards ).. 324 Olive St., McKeesport, Pa. 

McBurney, Jean G. 

McCuNE, Martha E. (Mrs. J. D. Wilson) — Deceased. 

McKee, Margie C. (Mrs. David S. Black), 

500 California Ave., Avalon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
McMaster, Margarette (Mrs. J. C. Wilson). 

Miller, May B. (Mrs. M. J. Hosack) Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Mitchell, Mabel C. (Mrs. Ben F. MacCartney), 

1819 Thirteenth St., Altoona, Pa. 

Morrow, Nancy Clarissa — Retired 109 Hill St., Oil City, Pa. 

Noble, Elizabeth — Deceased. 
Noble, Sarah 
Nolan, M. Ellen 

Orr, Marie H 5806 Howe St., East Liberty, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Ott, Franklin B. 

Prenter, Anna — Retired 307 South Pacific Ave.. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

PuRDY, Mary A. — Deceased. 

Rodkey, Edith 540 Ocean Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

A L U M X I B Y C L A S S E S 51 

RoNEY, Emma 

Sabin, Isabelle — Teacher 1026 South Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Sansom, James B. — Deceased. 

Shaw, Margaret E. (Mrs. W. A. Forrester), 

1308 Wood St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Smith, Martha J. (Mrs. G. E. Barron).. 314 Eicher Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 
Soles, Ella M. — Deceased. 
Stewart, Anabel (Mrs. C. E. Mowry). 
Sturgeon, M. Ella — Deceased. 
Thompson, Kathryn H. (Mrs. David J. Marshall), 

520 South Almont Ave., Imlay City, Mich. 
Tomlinson, Leora a. — Deceased. 
Tucker, Asenath A. (Mrs. C. E. Carter). 
Wallace, Minnie J. (Mrs. W. H. Rutherford), 

215 Fisk Ave., Avalon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Walsh, Ora Ednetta (Mrs. Edward J. McElwee)^ 

7015 Meade St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

White, Josephine W R. D. No. 2, Schwenkville, Pa. 

Wills, James F. — Editor, Belleville Times Belleville, Pa. 

Wilson, James T. — Deceased. 

Wilson, Ruth Sadie (Mrs. E. A. Hoffman) — Teacher, 

542 Larimer Ave., Turtle Creek, Pa. 
Woods, Maud 1808 Coursin St., McKeesport, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1895 

President Thomas St. Clair 

Vice President Vinnie Knappenberger 

Secretary Flora I. Weaver 

Treasurer Margaret M. Thompson 

Historian James F. Scott 

Scientific Course 

Cunningham, E. Gertrude (Mrs. F. D. Glover) — Deceased. 
Tiffany, Ruth M. (Mrs. W. F. Bainum) — Deceased. 

Elementary Course 

Adair, Ruth — Retired 730 Church St., Indiana, Pa. 

Anderson, Alice Gertrude (Mrs. Alice McMaster) — Teacher, Clifton School, 

Upper St. Clair R. D. No. 2, Bridgeville, Pa. 

Andriessen, Edith (Mrs. George R. Boardman), 

334 Insurance St., Beaver, Pa. 

Anthony, Lou E. — Retired 34 South Tenth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Barnett, Nan E. 

Barnhart, Frank — Lawyer 1522 Franklin St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Barry, Rose 526 Union Drive, Los Angeles, Calif. 

Bash, Laura — Retired (former Cooperative Supervising Teacher, State 

Teachers College) 1020 Washington St., Indiana, Pa. 

Bing, Pauline (Mrs. Edmund Rosenthal), 

121 Township Line, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Block, Pauline (Mrs. Gustave Bamberger), 

1490 East 106th St., Cleveland, Ohio. 
Blose, Helen J. (Mrs. W. H. Albert).. 114 New St., New Brunswick, N J. 
Campbell, Keturah (Mrs. Keturah C. Welty) — Teacher, 

545 Fulton St., Greensburg, Pa. 

Campney, Sarah (Mrs. Charles H. Little^ 407 Hill St., Sewickley. Pa. 

Carothers, Elizabeth M. — Deceased. 


Carson, John S. — Physician 455 Fifth Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 

Crawford, Alice J. (Mrs. Alice J. Lehnkering), 

1517 Sheridan Road, Menominee, Mich. 
CuBBAGE, Margaret J. 

EuwER, Nannie F. (Mrs. Nannie Euwer Nowry) — Teacher, No. 522 Trafford; 

R. F. D. No. 1, Livermore, Pa. 
Fleisher, Lottie Gertrude — Teacher. .. .214 North Fourth St, Newport, Pa. 
Foulke, Sunshine (Mrs. Will Grant Chambers), 

333 West Park Ave., State College, Pa. 
Friesell, Clara E. (Mrs. James S. Dodds), 

113 East Waldheim Road, Pittsburgh, 15, Pa. 
Garman, Edna Tweet (Mrs. Charles G. Burhenn) — Teacher, 

102 Magee Ave., Jeannette, Pa. 
Gibson, Ada C. (Mrs. R. R. McGeorge), 

1714 Highland Ave., New Castle, Pa. 
Golmar, Sarah E. (Mrs. J. P. Mclntire). 

Graham, Mary M. — Trained Nurse 823 Franklin Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Hancock, Martha F. — Teacher R. D. No. 2, Glenshaw, Pa. 

Hopkins, Mary Richardson (Mrs. A. L. Lee), 

575 Ardmore Blvd., Wilkinsburg. Pa. 
Johnston, Laura E. (Mrs. M. R. Ramsey) — Deceased. 

Jones, Fannie M. (Mrs. John Jordon, Jr.) 615 West Sixth St., Erie, Pa. 

Keener, L W. — Retired 124 Gordon St., Edgewood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Klingensmith, Mary A. (Mrs. W. M. Ayers) — Deceased. 

Knappenberger, Vinnie — Retired 123 Westminster Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 

Knox, Mary R. (Mrs. J. G. Bassett), 

1313 Denniston Ave., Pittsburgh, 17, Pa. 
Lowe, Margaret E. (Mrs. R. C. Whitsett) . .830 Oakland Ave., Wilmette, 111. 
LuDWicK, Emma J. (Mrs. W. H. Langham) — Deceased. 
MacDonald, Susanna W. B. — Teacher, 

Box 314, R. D. No. 4, Millvale, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Maurer, M. Viola 914 Twenty-second Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

McCallister, Edna M. — Teacher. .. .2633 Perrysville Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
McFarland, Minnie F. — Teacher and Librarian, 

225 Melwood St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Metzgar, Mary L. (Mrs. Edward Gallagher) New Alexandria, Pa. 

Montgomery, Ruth L. (Mrs. W. A. Titus), 

56 South Morgan St., Waynesburg, Pa. 
Mutzig, Ida (Mrs. William E. Kiner)..717 Whitney Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Nolan, Emogene J. (Mrs. R. M. Johnston), 
c /o Dr. R. M. Johnston, "Three Pines," Starke Lake, Box 116, Ocoee, Fla. 

NoLiN, Mary E. — Retired Castle Shannon, Pa. 

NoLiN, Nancy H. — Deceased. 

O'Connor, Bertha M. (Mrs. P. J. Little), 

317 North Center St., Ebensburg, Pa. 
Patterson, Rose May (Mrs. E. G. Peterson), 

218 West Ninth Ave., Homestead, Pa. 
Pearce, Emma Clara (Mrs. Emma Pearce Jackson), 

2446 Kenilworth Road, Cleveland Heights, Cleveland, Ohio. 
Pearsall, Elizabeth (Mrs. C. N. Wilson), 

403 Sherman Ave., Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. 

Pidgeon, Bernice C. (Mrs. D. P. Conrad) Ralphton, Pa. 

Rankin, Maude E. (Mrs. R. B. Thompson) Ridgway, Pa. 

RoBBiNS, Agnes May R. D. No. 3, Irwin, Pa. 

Russell, J. Herbert — Deceased. 

Russell, Jessie Grainger Elizabeth 120 Ruskin Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Scott, James F. — Deceased. 
Settlemyer, Clifton T. — Deceased, 


Shields, Emily J. (Mrs. Harry Armitage) — Deceased. 

Shupe, Abbie F. — Deceased. 

Spencer, Alberta (Mrs. John S. Meyers) — Teacher, 

307 Mulberry St., Kittanning, Pa. 

St. Clair, Thomas — Physician 616 East Main St., Latrobe, Pa. 

Taylor, Grace L Bayard Manor, Craig St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Thompson, Margaret M. (Mrs. Margaret T. Reid), 

920 South Aiken St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Thompson, Rue Cetta (Mrs. J. C. Bair)..430 Edgewood Ave., Trafford, Pa. 
Tiffany, Emma J. (Mrs. J. F. Barnes) — Deceased. 
Trout, M. Elizabeth — Deceased. 

Ventress, Adelia (Mrs. F. S. C. Johnston) — Deceased. 
Watson, Frederica (Mrs. Earl W. Plimpton), 

Box 158, R. F. D. No. 1, Alice, Jim Wells County, Texas. 
Weaver, Flora I. (Mrs. Flora I. Weaver Irwin), 

60S North Beatty St., East End, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Welsh, Howard M. — Physician 301 Main St., Leechburg, Pa. 

WiLLSON, Martha Eleanor (Mrs. C. B. McCabe), 

2721 East 103rd St., Seattle, Wash. 
Young, Blanche O. (Mrs. W. E. Dickson) ... .419 Wood St., California, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1896 

President James F. Chapman 

Secretary M. Laura Hood 

Scientific Course 

Carter, Albert F. — Retired (Librarian Emeritis, Colorado State College of 
Education) 1919 Tenth Ave., Greeley, Colo. 

Elementary Course 

Armstrong, Lillian T. (Mrs. D. McKillop) — Deceased. 

Barry, Catherine M. (Mrs. J. J. Gilitainan). 

Beighel, Elizabeth A. (Mrs. Elizabeth B. Sample) — Teacher, 

1619 Eleventh St.j Altoona, Pa. 
Bell, Mary H. (Mrs. W. E. Hyskell)— Deceased. 
Bishop, Leah V. (Mrs. E. R. Cowen). 

Boucher, Maud — Retired 906 Park Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Burtt, Mary B. (Mrs. William Harris), 

744 North Negley Ave., East Liberty, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Butler, Elzora (Mrs. Elzora Butler Allen) — Physician Raymond, Calif. 

Calhoun, Marguerite E. — Deceased. 

Chapman, James F. — Deceased. 

Christy, Marion E. — Deceased. 

Cohen, Julia W. (Mrs. P. H. Klafter) — Deceased. 

Craig, Elizabeth (Mrs. G. F. Mohr) . .Beverly Hotel, St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Craig, J. Brad. — Deceased. 

Davis, Bessie Stone, 

Summer Address : 508 Lakeview Ave., Jamestown, N. Y. ; 
Winter Address: 2016 South 61st St., Cicero, 111. 

Delamater, Olive G 105 Crescent Heights Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Dickie, Charlotte (Mrs. C. H. Day). 
Douthitt, Zannibel — Deceased. 

Duff, Amelia M 74 Forest Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

DuvALL. Anna Mary — Teacher.. 700 California Ave., Avalon, Pittsburgh. Pa. 

Eiseman, Elma Clay — Deceased. 

Ellenbf.rger, Jessie O. (Mrs. Jessie E. Patton) Dayton, Pa. 

54 A L U ?.I N I D I R E C T O R Y 

EwiNG, Roberta M Clarksburg, Pa. 

Fleming, Mary E. (Mrs. E. G. Phillips) Belleville, Pa. 

Gallagher, John E. — Deceased. 

Gallaher, Ada R. — Teacher Ebensburg, Pa. 

Gn^MORE, M. Gertrude — Deceased. 

Glass, Bella Agnes (Mrs. Stewart S. Boden), 

R. D. No. 1, Box 10, Apollo, Pa. 
GoFF, Frances E. (Mrs. J. L. Sagerson) . . . .431 Lincoln St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Gorman, Jeannette M. (Mrs. H. W. Smitten) — Deceased. 

Graff, Anna R 216 Liberty St., Blairsville, Pa. 

Hammers, John F. — Retired 227 Homestead St., SwissvalCj Pa. 

Highberger, Lyde M. — Retired 309 Walnut St., Greensburg, Pa. 

Hill, Eva A. ( Mrs. Eva H. Lee) Cuddy, Pa. 

Hirth, Lillian M. 

Hood, M. Laura (Mrs. E. C. Eachel) Beaver, Pa. 

Hunt, Julia (Mrs. T. A. McGlucken). 

Hyskell, William Emory — Physician. .. .793 North Main St., Meadville, Pa. 

Johnson, Thomas K McKees Rocks, Pa. 

Johnston, Ida E. — Deceased. 

Jones, Anna M. — Deceased. 

Jones, Sarah AL — Assistant Superintendent of Cambria County Schools, 

139 Fayette St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Jones, Thomas P. — Deceased. 

Leonard, J. M. — Physician 43 South Walnut Street, Blairsville, Pa. 

Lewis, Etta R. — Deceased. 

LoucKS, Winifred Scottdale, Pa. 

Lutton, Louis F. — Deceased. 

McCoRMicK, William D 707 Second National Bldg., Uniontown, Pa. 

McCracken, E. Gertrude (Mrs. H. H. McCracken) Vandergrift, Pa. 

McDonald, Anna E. (Mrs. M. M. Melvin), 

216 North Kerr St., Titusville, Pa. 

Menges, Clara S 637 Somerset St., Johnstown, Pa 

Newcomer, Ina E. (Mrs. Ina E. Moss) — Deceased. 

Noel, Carrie I. — Deceased. 

Owens, Bess (Mrs. John C. Gauger), 

Route No. 1, Box 891, Porterville, Calif. 
PoRTSER, Nancy (Mrs. J. P. Archibald) . .1215 Wood St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Purington, Lila W. (Mrs. Edgar M. Mack), 

1501 Beech St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Rink, Charles E. — Physician 27 South Ninth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Roberts, Lydia H. (Mrs. Samuel Rogers) • Cleveland, Ohio. 

Sampson, Margaret L. (Mrs. J. S. Hart) Glassport, Pa. 

Sansom, M. Edna (Mrs. J. Harry Bartley) . .124 South Tenth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Saylor, Tillman K. — Deceased. 

Scott, Lydia Orr (Mrs. Samuel H. Hughes) . .1014 Green St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Sebring, Lawrence M. — Lawyer 340 Quay Square, Beaver, Pa. 

Snodgrass, Elizabeth M R. D. No. 6, Warren, Ohio. 

Spears, Naomi B. — Deceased. 

Sutton, Edward H. — Vice President, Wm. G. Johnston Co., 

King Edward Apts., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Taylor, Royden J.^ — Retired 644 Wayne Ave., Indiana^ Pa. 

Vaughen, Carrie B. 

Waller, Mabel (Mrs. James W. Mack) . .231 North Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Wilson. Mary Agnes (Mrs. Stacy H. Smith), 

270 North Madison Ave., Pasadena, Calif. 
Withington. Alice Woodward (Mrs. Mark Smith), 

502, Tenth Ave., North, Valley City, N. Dak. 


CLASS OF 1897 

President J. Clifton Williams 

Vice President Anna Helen Parsons 

Secretary Janet E. Hoerle 

Treasurer Frank D. St. Clair 

Scientific Course 

Shupe, Abbie F. — Deceased. 

Elementary Coarse 

Allan, Susan A. — Deceased. 

Alten, a. Virginia (Mrs. M. Meredith) — Deceased. 

Armstrong, Irene B. — Deceased. 

Baker, W. S Alexandria, Pa. 

Barker, Maude M. — Deceased. 

Barr, Mary Metcalfe (Mrs. Francis L. Suter), 

1112 Wheatland Ave., Lancaster, Pa. 
Caldwell, A. Mary (Mrs. Thomas L Pealor) . .921 Chestnut St., Indiana, Pa. 
Calhoun, Mary L. (Mrs. Walter T. Cribbs)..320 Pacific St., Franklin, Pa. 
Carmalt, Horace G. — Deceased. 
Christv', Cyrus M. — Employee of Grove City National Bank, 

130 Garden Ave., Grove City, Pa. 
Crawford, Clara B. (Mrs. W. K. Ross), 

1407 Beechwood Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Cunningham, Frank B. — Resident Engineer, Pennsylvania Department of 

Highways 734 Wayne Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

Davies, Zillah Z. (Mrs. A. C. Murphy), 

1994 South La Salle Gardens, Detroit, Mich- 

Dean, Daisy R 501 Second St., Williamsburg, Pa. 

DoNAHEY, Naomi B. (Mrs. James R. Glenn), 

212 Hazlewood Ave., Emsworth, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Duncan, Daisy Isabelle (Mrs. H. W. Warnshuis), 

432 Locust St., Indiana, Pa. 
Ebberts, Edith Marie (Mrs. Edith M. Nowry), 

121 La Crosse St., Edgewood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Feicht, Emelia T. — Deceased. 
Gettner, Mrs. Lina C. — Deceased. 
GiLFiLLAN, Anna C. (Mrs. James Morgan Fife), 

517 North Jackson St., Glendale, Calif. 
Goodwin, Bertha F. 

Graham, Maude B Box 17, Bradfordwoods, Pa. 

Hammer, William F Johnstown, Pa. 

Hazlett, Frances Sloan (Mrs. Robert K. McConnell), 

562 East End Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Henry, James T 4901 Walton Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Herdman, Margaret A. — Deceased. 

Hervey, Martha Tibby (Mrs. Edmund F. Erk), 

6310 Delaware St., Chevy Chase, Md. 

Hill, Dorothy (Mrs. M. H. Miller) North First St., Jeannette, Pa. 

Hoerle, Janet E. (Mrs. M. B. Roller) — Deceased. 

Johnson, Eliza — Teacher, 5738 Kentucky Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Kearns, Esther V. (Mrs. E. V. Hoskins) Chalfont, Calif. 

Keeler, Etta A. — Deceased. 

Klingensmith, Nannie B. (Mrs. C. F. Boarts), 

Route No. 1, Brawley, Calif. 

Klingensmith, Sara B R. D. No. 4, Apollo, Pa. 

Lacock, Georgia M. (Mrs. Georgia L. Griffiths) — Teacher, 

2143 Perrysville Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 


Lacock Grace N -"~*Tc3chcr 

Webster Hall, Fifth Ave. and Dithridge St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Latimer, Nannie M. — Deceased. 

Lewellyn, C. Gregg — Tax Consultant 4601 Bayard St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

McCoMisH, Ralph C. — Deceased. 

McGee, Jessie D. (Mrs. John R. Geary) Black Lick, Pa. 

Megraw, Rachel M. (Mrs. Rachel M. Derrick), 

214 Worth St., Tarentum, Pa. 
Moore, Ella (Mrs. J. Harry Asmann) . . .274 Senator Place, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

O'CoNNELL, J. Bernadette — Tcacher 212 Union St., Johnstown, Pa. 

O'RouRKE, Maze — Deceased. 

Orr, Anna B. (Mrs. E. N. Lietman) — Deceased. 

OsBURN, Nora B. — Teacher, 

Cherryland St., Observatory Station, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Parsons, Anna Helen (Mrs. Palmer S. Chambers), 

639 Maple Lane, Sewickley, Pa. 
Price, H. Blanche (Airs. C. J. Wright) — Deceased. 
Randle, Addie Mae (Mrs. Albert L. Porter) — Retired, 

West Pittsburgh St., Scottdale^ Pa. 
Rickabaugh, Charlotte G. (Mrs. J. S. Freas) — Deceased. 
Roller, Fannie Florence — Mental Examiner, 

Hotel Eddystone, Detroit, Mich. 
RuGH, Charles C. — Deceased. 
Schreiner, Hallie (Mrs. J. O. McCown), 

266 Second St., Leechburg, Pa. 

Shane, Georgia C Tugungo, Calif. 

Shaw, Annette Neel (Mrs. Walter L. McCloy), 

2443 Fair Ave., Columbus, Ohio. 

Shearer, Margaret B 597 Hopkins St., Sewickley, Pa. 

Sibley, Juanita R. — Deceased. 

Smith, Anna B. (Mrs. James Lowrie) — Deceased. 

Smith, Virginia K. (Mrs. J. B. Bowers), 

1508 South Santa Fe Ave., Salina, Kan. 

St. Clair, Frank D Kiskiminetas Springs School, Saltsburg, Pa. 

Stephens, Myrtle (Mrs. Myrtle S. Smith) McKeesport, Pa. 

Stephensokl, Clara M. (Mrs. Clara S. Cost), 

1109 Third Ave., New Brighton, Pa. 

Stewart, E. Grace— Teacher 457 West 123rd St., New York, N. Y. 

Sweeney, Myrtle M. (Mrs. A. M. King). 

Uncapher, Luella M. (Mrs. L. A, Kirkland) — Deceased. 

Walton, Mary H. — Retired, 

4036 Perrysville Ave., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Warnock, Clara Edna (Mrs. Charles P. Goehring), 

227 Cochran Road, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Welsh, Elizabeth H. (Mrs. John M. Ferguson) Beckley, W. Va. 

Williams, J. Clifton — Principal of Schools, 

503 North Marion St., Ebensburg, Pa. 
Work, Ruth A. — Pressley Memorial Institute, 

American Mission, Assuit, Egypt. 
Young, Eva L 124 Sheridan Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1898 

President Edgar C. Davis 

Elementary Course 

Ashton, Laura E. (Mrs. C. F. Alden). 

Bantley, Albert G 1210 Cambria Ave., Windber, Pa. 


Beatty, M. Rena (Mrs. Mary B. Suter) 107 Jefferson St., Warren, Pa. 

BixLER, Fannie V. 

Black, E. Dora — Teacher 1010 Howard Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Black, Mary J. 

Blakeley, Joseph A. — Deceased. 

Blough, Sara D. — Retired ■ 727 Cypress Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

BuRKETT, Mae E R. D. No. 1, McKees Rocks, Pa. 

Buzzell, Nellie S. (Mrs. H. M. Merritt). 
Chambers, Kathryn R. (Mrs. James B. McCormick), 

1001 Sheridan Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Cochran, E. Jessie (Mrs. J. W. McCorkle) . .Box 155, Kernersville. N. C. 
Crombie, Mary H. (Mrs. J. D. Garrett). 
CuMMiNGS, Eleanor G. — Deceased. 
CuMMiNGs, Lillian P. (Mrs. G. C. Kelty). 

Cunningham, Erma L 980 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Davis, Edgar C Sykesville, Md. 

Davis, Elda M. (Mrs. Charles Longenecker), 

5750 Kentucky Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Day, Blanche May (Mrs. Blanche Day Parks), 

5242 Twentieth Ave., N. E., Seattle, Wash. 

Duff, Jane Dallas 74 Forest Ave., Ben Avon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Elkin, William F. — Superintendent, Ear, Eye, Throat Hospital, 

34 Kenwood Road, Garden City, Long Island, N. Y. 

Evans, Anna P.— Bank Teller 2311 Jenny Lind St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Evans, Emily S 1211 Savannah Ave., Edgewood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Fosselman, John J. — Deceased. 

Foster, Blanche F. 

Grable, Osman a. 

Grant, Mary Margaret (Mrs. Arthur Alfred Clarke), 

404 North Pittsburgh St., Connellsville, Pa. 
Greves, Mary C. (Mrs. Axtel Person). 

Hamilton, Lenore (Mrs. W. J. Carnahan) . .220 Fairview Ave., Butler, Pa. 
Hammer, George H. — Deceased. 

Hasson, Genevieve D. (Mrs. H. E. Stuart) 3 Eton Court, Berkeley, Calif. 

Hill, Eula B. — Retired 358 Argonne Drive, New Kensington, Pa. 

Hobaugh, Bertha V. (Mrs. Bertha H. Dill). 

Hogue, Grace M. (Mrs. C. H. Ohliviler). 

HoLMAN. M. Persis (Alrs. J. W. Fulford) . .607 Government St., Mobile, Ala. 

Holsopple:, Guy — Deceased. 

Huff, Joseph A. — Deceased. 

Hughes, Mary E. (Mrs. Ernest Crist), 

1125 Cornell Road, Thornburg, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
HuRD, Sara E. (Mrs. S. H. Vance). 

Hyskell, Ira David — Employee of Central Hanover Bank and Trust Co., 

50 West 67th St., New York, N. Y. 

Johnston, Almina R. (Mrs. Lee Young) Morristown, N. J. 

Jones, Fannie (Mrs. Samuel C. Weeks), 

534 Third Ave., Westmont, Johnstown, Pa. 

Jones, Minnie 139 Fayette St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Joseph, Gertrude (Mrs. Leo H. Hirsch) . . .911 Park Ave., New York, N. Y. 
KlIxNE, Carrie W. (Mrs. C. W. Duncan).. 957 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 
Leonard, Cora A. — Deceased. 

Lindeman, Mary M 260 South Jefferson St., Kittanning, Pa. 

LiNiNGER, Thomas F. — Civil Engineer, Ohio State Department of Highways, 

176 Evergreen St., Conneaut, Ohio. 

Luty, Estelle B.— Teacher 243 Chestnut St., Avalon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Lytel, Oram C 211 East Third St., Lewistown, Pa. 

Lytle, Carrie A.— Teacher, Pittsburgh ;.. .West Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

58 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Mateer, Martha E. (Mrs. John F. Whitehead), 

161 Hamilton Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 
McClinton, Maud J. (Mrs. W. C. Dickson), 

R. D. No. 2, Maple Sreet Extension, Coraopolis, Pa. 
McCluskey, Albert F. — Deceased. 
McFadden, M. Cecelia — Deceased. 
McKee, Joseph L. — Deceased. 

McLaughlin, Kathryn Y. (Mrs. N. E. Weierbach). 
Miller, Jennie B. (Mrs. Edward H. Welsh), 

210 Washington Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 
Miller, S. Elizabeth (Mrs. Elizabeth M. Crissman), 

529 Hickory St., Hollidaysburg, Pa. 
Miltenberger, Harry — Deceased. 
Mitchell, Curtin C. 

Mitchell, Lemuel B... Corner Sellers and Delavirare Ave., Ridley Park, Pa. 
Moore, Burt M. 

Moore, Grace E. — Retired 916 Lincoln Way, McKeesport, Pa. 

Ommert, Estella B. (Mrs. William J. Cressen), 

32 Amherst Ave., Swarthmore, Pa. 

Plender, Margaret Jean — Teacher 5607 Elmer St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

RiECK, Hilda L. (Mrs. Hilda R. Bovard), 

Bellefield Dwellings, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
RoETH, Alice Elizabeth (Mrs. Anton Horner), 

5011 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Sceurman, Mary (Mrs. Edward D. Vandling) — House-mother and Hostess, 

School of Nursing Home Clearfield Hospital, Clearfield, Pa. 

Shaulis, Edward F. — Deceased. 
Shaw, Jean S. (Mrs. Jean S. Seeley). 

340 South Highland Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Sherbine, Alvin — Deceased. 
Smith, Clara L. (Mrs. C. L. Staib). 

Smith, Clark M. — Physician Plumville, Pa. 

Smith, Cordella W. (Mrs. L V. Mansell) — Deceased. 
Sweeny, Jennie A. (Mrs. Wade Kline) — Deceased. 
Trimble, M. Edna — Deceased. 
Tucker, Margaret (Mrs. James M. Knowlton), 

883 Mahoning Ave., Youngstown, Ohio. 

Weimer, Harry — Merchant 1800 West 41st St., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Welsh, Edward H. — Publisher 210 Washington Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Williamson, Emma (Mrs. W. H. Cooke) — Teacher, 

219 Clairmont Ave., West View, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Wilson, Alice M 3485 McKenneth Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Wilson, John D. — Deceased. 

WooLSEY, Enid E. — Teacher 143 North Craig St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Wynn, Wesley A. 

CLASS OF 1899 

President Charles M. Miller 

Secretary N. Mabel Dickie 

Treasurer Birdie B. Craig 

Elementary Course 

Alston, Carrie (Mrs. Thomas E. Mallisee) R. D. No. 1. Pitcairn, Pa. 

Ansley, Louise L. (Mrs. R. C. Aiken) . .460 Maple Leaf Place, Seattle, Wash. 

Baker, Bertha — Teacher 1014 California, Avalon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Baker, Henrietta (Mrs. F. E. Flickinger), 

Summer : 630 Nevin Ave., Sewickley, Pa. ; 
Winter: St. Petersburg, Fla. 


Barnett, George W. — Deceased. 

Bauman, Josie Grace New Castle, Pa. 

Baumer, Anna K. — Deceased. 

Baumer, Emma L 431 Franklin St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Blyiiolder, M. Blanche (Mrs. S. E. Long), 

2109 Market St., Bellevue Park, Harrisburg, Pa. 

Briney, Olive M. (Mrs. Olive B. Coates) Newport, Ind. 

Brown, William C. — Lawyer 535 North Pine St., Lansing, Mich. 

Chapman, Wallace C. — Lawyer 1042 Washington St., Indiana, Pa. 

Coffin, S. Gertrude (Mrs. 8. Gertrude Crandell) — Physician, 

806 College Ave., Wooster, Ohio. 
Cowan, Harriet J. (Mrs. Harry B, Hartman), 

2713 Menlo Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Craig, Birdie B. — Teacher Room 510, Hotel Henry, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Crawford, Jean (Mrs. W. H. Mateer)..619 North McKean St., Butler, Pa. 
Creese, Blanche (Mrs. J. M. Watson) . .Camp Meeting Road, Leetsdale, Pa. 
Cronemeyer, Caroline L. (Mrs. George A. Spalding), 

720 A Hinman Ave., Evanston, 111. 
Davidson, Margaret A. (Mrs. J. H. Arbuthnot), 

64 Altruria St., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Dickie, N. Mabel (Mrs. C. R. Smith), 

225 Belmar Ave., Morgantown, W. Va. 
Dodds, Edith (Mrs. Ernest Work) . .Bloomfield Road, New Concord, Ohio. 
DuBBs, Harry W. — Deceased. 
Eariiart, Harry W. — Deceased. 
Elliott, Jess D. (Mrs. G. R. Bispham), 

Apartado 91, Monterey, M. L., Mexico. 
Emerson, C. Evengie (Mrs. B. E. Cox) — Deceased. 

Emerson, John C. — Farmer Albion, Pa. 

Engle, Mabel — Teacher, Seattle; Route No. 1, Box 93, Renton, Wash. 

Fetterhoof, Florence 1719 First Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Fielding, Eva L. — Deceased. 
Fisher, James G. — Deceased. 

Flegal, Mary Edna — Director of Art, State Teachers College, Indiana ; 

R. D. No. 1, Berwyn, Pa. 

Gallagher, Sara C 236 Conemaugh St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Garman,- Mildred E. — Retired 528 Main St., Berlin, Pa. 

Goggin, Margaret D Z7 Clarion St., Westmont, Johnstown, Pa. 

Good, John E. — Merchant 215 East Washington Ave., DuBois, Pa. 

Graham, Mazie E. — Teacher. .1625 Rankin Ave., North Side, Pittsburgh Pa. 

Gray, Myrtle O. — Registered Nurse 1741 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Grimm, Grace M 490 South Highland Ave., East End, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Guthrie, Clyde G. — Deceased. 
Hammers, George M. — Deceased. 
Hanna, Belle A. — Teacher, 

2854 Perrysville Ave., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Hanson, Carolyn A. (Mrs. John D. Martz) R. D. No. 4, Greensburg, Pa. 

Harmon, J. Len — Deceased. 

Hazlett, Margaret M. (Mrs. J. Foster Meek) — Deceased. 

Hirth, Violet C. (Mrs. A. W. Powell) — Deceased. 

Hoi.sAPPLE, Francis O Portage, Pa. 

Hutton, Argie B. (Mrs. M. B. McLaughlin) . .29 Fairview Ave., Niles, Ohio. 
Jacobs, Ella C. (Mrs. C. S. Gilmore) — Deceased. 
Johnston, D. I. — Lawyer. 

824 Commerce Exchange Bldg.. Oklahoma City,, Okla. 

Kaufman, Hattie S2S7i/^ Forbes St., Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Kelich NER, Sara E Big Run, Pa. 

Kimmel, Grace (Mrs. P. P. Baker) Berlin. Pa. 

60 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Klingensmith, Grace (Mrs. Willis Beck) West Bend, Wis. 

KoHEN, Anna G. (Mrs. Charles N. Garten), 

400 South Linden Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
KoONCE, Nina Pearl (Mrs. F. L. Rossomme), 

605 Nutwood St., Inglewood, Calif. 
Lauman, Christine E. (Mrs. Renwick S. Martin), 

40 Lincoln St., Uniontown, Pa. 
Leavitt, Ruby E. (Mrs. Joseph C. Shaffer), 

317 Washington St., Ligonier, Pa. 

LoHR, Frank C 1919 Chestnut St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

LoRADiTCH, H. Andrew — Insurance Salesman. .110 Liberty St., Oakland, Md. 

Maher, Mary M. (Mrs. H. G. Andrews) Louise Apts., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Martz, John D. — Teacher R. D. No. 4, Greensburg, Pa. 

McClinton, Mary E R. D. No. 1, Salem, Ohio. 

McCreight, Martha E. (Mrs. Martha E. Clelland), 

3011 S. E. Taylor St., Portland, Oregon. 
McCuNE, Frances Grace (Mrs. John A. Caughey), 

1714 Coursin St., McKeesport, Pa. 
McGouN, Mary A. (Mrs. R. W. Paterson) — Deceased. 

McKee, Mabel (Mrs. E. L. Cronemeyer) . .610 Buena Vista, Redlands, Calif. 
McLaughlin, Grace — "Chalfonte," 

1601 Argonne Place, N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Meek, Maude (Mrs. G. H. Rea) Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 

Miller, Charles M 814 Ross Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Miller, Dan W. — Minister, 

2369 Los Angeles Ave., Beechview, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Morgan, Edith M. (Mrs. C. C. Dornbush), 

551 Highland Place, Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Newman, Margaret L. — Teacher.. 102 Crafton Ave., Grafton, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Pownall, Katherine (Mrs. Alfred E. Chamberlain), 

513 West Queen St., Inglewood, Calif. 
Prothero, H. Ney — Deceased. 

Robinson, Mary J. — Teacher.. 505 West Mahoning St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Rose, Mary (Mrs. Charles A. Kolb), 

3914 McClure Ave., N. S., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Russell, Augusta (Mrs. W. F. Dutton) Rennerdale, Pa. 

Russell, Margaret S. — Principal of Elementary School, 

2105 Jenny Lind Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 
Semple, Adelle G. (Mrs. J. F. Graves).. 864 Purdie St., Birmingham, Mich. 
Shaffer, Frances (Mrs. William H. Crock), 

417 Walnut Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 

Shaffer, L. Gaius — Retired 804 Summit Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Shaulis, E. Frank — Dentist 315 Kimberly Ave., Somerset, Pa. 

Shrader, J. Calvin 574 East End Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Shultz, E. Grace (Mrs. S. H. Kuhn). 

51 Division St., Crafton, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Simon, Elmer B. 

Smith, Clara L. (Mrs. C. G. Branigan) — Deceased. 

Smith, Emma (Mrs. S. S. Lobough) . .209 Oakland Ave., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Smith, Martha Leta — Deceased. 
St. Clair, Blanche (Mrs. Hart B. Daugherty) — House Director, State 

Teachers College 116 North Ninth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Steck, Nellie E. (Mrs. Marshall Williams) — Deceased. 

Steele, Elta 915 Raff Road, S. W., Canton, Ohio. 

Stein, Elizabeth M. (Mrs. P. M. Speicher) Somerset, Pa. 

Steinrod, Ethel Maude (Mrs. E. F. Shaulis) — Deceased. 
Stewart, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. James E. Work), 

Redclyffe Ranch, R. D. No. 2, Ft. Morgan, Colo. 

A L U M N I B Y C L A S S E S 61 

Sweeney, Nann E. (Mrs. M. M. Woodward) — Deceased. 
Tarr, Stewart F. — Deceased. 
TussEY, Mary J. — Deceased. 
Wiggins, Robert H. — Deceased. 
WiLKiNS, Anna P. — Dilworth School, 

1019 North Highland Aye., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Withington, Cora B 511 South Rampart Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Wright, Margaret E 89 Summer Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1900 

President Virgil C. Zener 

Scientific Course 

Cunningham, Erma L 980 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Elementary Course 

Allan, Cora L. — Principal of Fifth Avenue School, 

607 Sixth Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 
Allen, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. E. L. McKnight), 

* 3 Allemac Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Andrews, Harriet A. (Mrs. Harriet A. Manor), 

Andrews Place, East Liverpool, Ohio. 
Balsinger, William Ernst — Plastic Surgeon, 

3780 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Bee, Charles Howard — Physician 555 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 

Bennett, Nellie Elizabeth (Mrs. O. A. Ellwood), 

411 Union Ave., Ingram, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Bracken, Thomas S 2311 Green St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Bruce, James Lisle — Lawyer 160 Clark Road, Brookline, Mass. 

Brunner, Minnette C. (Mrs. James L. Cox), 

26 Harrison St., Crafton, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Cameron, Miriam R. (Mrs. Oscar A. St. Clair), 

1806 Avenue X, Lubbock, Texas. 

Eba, Helen M. — Teacher 2323 Jenny Lind Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

Edwards, George M. — Deceased. 

Ewing, Maude L. — Teacher Washington St., Saltsburg, Pa. 

Fisher, Maude L. (Mrs. William H. McMurray), 

902 Bradshaw Ave., East Liverpool, Ohio. 
Gettner, Florence I. (Mrs. P. S. Joyce).. 1110 Jancey St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Griffith, A. Earl — Manager of Supply House.. Box 117, Big Stone Gap, Va. 

Haines, Elizabeth C. (Mrs. Edgar C. Sheppard) Tuckahoe, N. J. 

Hammer, Charles M. — Physician 612 Central Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Hammers, Samuel 546 Oakland Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 

Harkness, ?^Iaude A. (Mrs. George A. Thompson), 

2010 La Cross St., Swissvale, Pa. 
Heitzenrater, Lillian M. (Mrs. L. H. Brown). 
Hoffman, Leon H. — Contractor-President, Hoffman Bros. Drilling Co., 

998 East Mahoning St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Hunt, Lola (Mrs. George Patterson) 49 Jefferson St., Uniontown, Pa. 

Imhoff, Margaret — Teacher 1459 Pennsylvania Ave., Tyrone, Pa. 

Jamison, Anna E. — Deceased. 

Jeffery, C.\rrie L. (Mrs. R. Frederick Roberts) — Substitute Teacher and 

Lecturer 1306 Barbour Place, New Castle, Pa. 

Johnson, Eva C. (Mrs. John C. Walters) 211 Union St., Uniontown, Pa. 

Jose, Anna F. — Retired 338 Walnut St., Johnstown, Pa. 


Lenhart, Florence A. (Mrs. Florence L. Woodward). 

LowMAN, Elizabeth M P. O. Box 324, Riverside, Calif. 

Mahaffey, Leroy R. — Dentist 6106 Jackson St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Mason, Lula R. (Mrs. Lula Mason Nash) — Teacher, 

814 Lake St., Sandpoint, Idaho. 

Maxwell, Alyda B. (Mrs. D. W. Burke) — Deceased. 

McClary, Henrietta 

McCoNNELL, W. Ross — Deceased. 

McCuLLOUGH, Harriet 1459 Foliage St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

McGeary, Grace — Teacher 142 Main St., Leechburg, Pa. 

McKee, Clarence — Lawyer Glendale, Ariz. 

Miller, Cora E 474 Summit St., New Kensington, Pa. 

MooRHEAD, Bess (Mrs. John K. Brallier) 738 Weldon St., Latrobe, Pa. 

Morgan, Alice (Mrs. E. G. Roddy), 

201 North Balph Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Morris, Elizabeth (Mrs. Elizabeth Thomas) — Assistant Principal and 
Teacher P. O. Box 644, Crockett, Calif. 

Newburn, Hannah K 58 South Fremont Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Orr, Winifred E. — Teacher 4024 Franklin Road, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Parker, E. May 228 South Allen St., State College, Pa. 

Pfordt, Ella L. — Teacher. .3604 Forbes St., Iroquois Apts., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Reed, Agnes S. (Mrs. S. H. Hadley) 370 East State St., Sharon, Pa. 

Rees, Edith Winifred (Mrs. William Furman) — Teacher Kirby, Mont. 

Reese, Margaret A. — Teacher 431 Holland Ave., Braddock, Pa. 

Rieger, Clara E. — Teacher.. 212 Virginia Ave., Aspinwall, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Russell, Helen E. (Mrs. Helen R. Sickler), 

932 Savannah Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Shoemaker, Grace E. — Teacher Pleasant View, Beaver Falls, Pa. 

Smith, Alice E. (Mrs. Alice S. Griffith) Box 117, Big Stone Gap, Va. 

St. Clair, J. Den — Deceased. 

St. Clair, Oscar A. — Professor and Head of Deparment of Industrial En- 
gineering, Texas Technical College 1806 Avenue X, Lubbock, Texas. 

Stephenson, Julia M. (Mrs. Charles A. Stephenson), 

1115 East Jefferson St., Bloomington, 111. 

Stone, Margaret L. (Mrs. G. H. Lewis), 

3579 Fourth Ave., San Diego, Calif. 

Strasler, Frank A. — c/o W. M. Malcolm, 

3341 Francisco St., Corliss Station, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Stuchell, Ethel M. — Teacher 20 South Church St., Waynesboro, Pa. 

Taylor, Martha B. (Mrs. W. J. Jack), 

Cathedral Mansions, Ellsworth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Thomas, Fannie A. (Mrs. C. E. Shqmo). 

Velte, Ethel Mars, Pa. 

Walker, Laura B. — Missionary American Mission, Mansura, Egypt. 

Watson, Mary O. — Teacher 1044 Victoria Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 

Welch, Gertrude L. J. 

Williams, Jennie E. — Deceased. 

Williams, Margaret A. (Mrs. J. M. Blackwood), 

3241 Washington Blvd., Cleveland Heights, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Wolf, Anna M. (Mrs. Harry Phythyon) . .709 Broad Ave., Belle Vernon, Pa. 

Work, Frank Ernest — College Professor, 

Bloomfield Road, New Concord, Ohio. 

Wright, C. L. — Retired 436 Oak St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Zener, Virgil C. — Department of Education, Albright College, 

1527 Locust St., Reading, Pa. 

A L U M X I B Y C L A S S E S 63 

CLASS OF 1901 

President Wilmer H. Wood 

Secretary Margueretta Park 

Scientific Course 

RussELX, J. Herbert — Deceased. 

Elementary Course 

Anderson, Irene — Deceased. 

Ashman, Ida M. (Mrs. Vern W. McCall), 

400 East 19th St., Vancouver, Wash. 
Bardonner, Margaret C. — Teacher, 

607 Highland Place, Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Barrett, M. Agnes (Mrs. William J. Hovvley) — W. P. A. Supervisor of 

Education 318 North Shenango St., New Castle, Pa. 

Bennett, Margaretta D 201 North Fifth St., Jeannette, Pa. 

Boyle, K. Gertrude (Mrs. F. J. Bailey) Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Brallier, Lou V. (Mrs. J. H. Shores) — Fruit and Nut Rancher, 

R. D. No. 1, Box 411, Kelseyville, Calif. 
Buck, Edith M. (Mrs. F. P. Fisher), 

1323 Liverpool St., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Butler, C. Edwin — Minister Rural Valley, Pa. 

Clougher, Mary H. — Deceased. 

Cook, Mary Elizabeth — Director of Activities and Adviser of Girls at Fifth 

Avenue High School 5719 Elwood St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Cowan, Margaret J 1102 Brackenridge Ave., Brackenridge, Pa. 

Crawford, Mary — Companion. .. .137 West Second Ave., Escondido, Calif. 
Creese, Olive T. (Mrs. Walter P. Rainbow) . .713 Cochran St., Sewickley, Pa. 
Davis, Amy — Deceased. 
Davy, Cordelia (Mrs. James William McCarthy), 

169 Georgetown Ave., West View, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Dick, Howard J. — Engineer 3556 Shadeland Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Douglass, Lill M. (Mrs. C. O. Simpson) — Deceased. 

Duncan, Effa M. — Secretary to President, State Teachers College, Indiana; 

R. D. No. 2, Creekside, Pa. 
DuNLAP, Della a. (Mrs. John H. McKlveen), 

413 Chestnut St., Greensburg, Pa. 

Eba, Edna Jane — Teacher 2323 Jenny Lind Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

Edwards, Caroline (Mrs. H. J. Cartin) — Real Silk Agent, 

840 Franklin St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Egli, Amelia R. — Teacher 1 Morlock St., Etna, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Field, Mary M. (Mrs. Mary F. Moore). 
Fleming, Jessie E. — Deceased. 
Gleason, Mercedes — Teacher, 

606 East Shady Drive, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Glemser, Marie F. (Mrs. C. Bitner) — Deceased. 

Hagenlochf-r, Anna C. — Teacher 101 Martsolf Ave., Pittsburgh, 2, Pa. 

Hamilton, R. Clarke R. D., Home, Pa. 

Henderson, Eva B. (Mrs. Curtis J. Miller) Nezperce, Idaho. 

HiLEMAN, F. Estella (Mrs. Reed C. Love) — Deceased. 

HoERLE, Cecelia T. (Mrs. M. B. Roller).. 448 Addison Ave., Palo Alto, Calif. 

Hoffman, Martha R. A 453 Franklin St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Howell, Clara V. (Mrs. W. S. Bryan) — Deceased. 
Irvin, Mildred Virginia (Mrs. Sidney B. Morton), 

6445 Green St., (jermantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Jenks, E. Belle (Mrs. Edwin McKay).. 400 Washington Ave., Charleroi, Pa. 


Jenks, Olive LaRue (Mrs. C. K. Morganroth), 

127 East Sunbury St., Shamokin, Pa. 
Karstorp, Ava S. (Mrs. Oswin L. Crawford), 

1109 De Victor Place, East End, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Keener, William E. — Deceased. 
Kerr, Steele H. — Deceased. 
Knappenberger, Edna Blanche (Mrs. C. M. Christy), 

103 Garden Ave., Grove City, Pa. 

KuGEL, Carolyn R. — Teacher 317 Messenger St., Johnstov^rn, Pa. 

Lauman, Caroline — Librarian 2248 Federal St., Pittsburgh, 14, Pa. 

Lemmon, Gertrude May — Retired 313 Kelly Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

LuDwicK, Rebecca (Mrs. Frank Samuel Love), 

5657 Bartlett St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
MacFarland, Marjorie (Mrs. Albert Paulsrud). 
Malcolm, Maude (Mrs. F. A. Strasler), 

5719 Elwood St., East End, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Marshall, Angie — Cooperative Supervising Teacher, State Teachers College, 

Indiana ; Leechburg, Pa. 

Marshall, G. Mead Ill West Washington St., Chicago, 111. 

Marshall, Nellie M. — Deceased. 

McAdoo, Virginia Dare (Mrs. Thomas M. Daniels), 

627 Main St., Latrobe, Pa. 
McConaughey, M. Binnie — Head of English Department, Aspinwall High 

School, Pittsburgh; R. D. No. 1, Rochester Mills, Pa. 

McKain, Lily E. (Mrs. Carleton A. TerBush), 

4201 State Road, Drexel Hill, Pa. 

McNary, Ethel Rea — Teacher, Slovan ; Shady Ave., Burgettstown, Pa. 

McNellis, Alice (Sister Hortense) St. Patrick's Convent, Gallitzin, Pa. 

Means, Homer B. — Merchant Brookville, Pa. 

Mitchell, Paul Guatemala City, Guatemala, Central America. 

Moore, Williams J Plumville, Pa. 

Morgan, Nan F. (Mrs. John Grant). 

Morrison, Genevieve (Mrs. J. T. Stewart) 717 School St., Indiana, Pa. 

Morrison, Jennie A. (Mrs. Howard L. Donaldson), 

129 Chalfonte Ave., West View, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Neal, Harry B. — Physician 936 Church St., Indiana, Pa. 

Nelson, Elizabeth (Mrs. Arthur B. McBride) . .847 Thorn St., Sewickley, Pa. 
Nichols, Lucy M. — Deceased. 

Otterson, Olive (Mrs. S. L. Dalzell)..54 Walnut St., Chagrin Falls, Ohio. 
Park, Letitia Leslie (Mrs. Thomas W. Holt), 

418 East Beardsley Ave., Elkhart, Ind. 
Park, Margueretta (Mrs. John Walker) — Deceased. 
Parke, Wilma (Mrs. H. L. Warner), 

1300 Broadview Blvd., Brackenridge, Pa. 
Rhule, Nellie L. (Mrs. W. J. Bonner). 

RuPLEY, Susan R. — Secretary 4614 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Sagerson, Mary (Mrs. John F. Dillon) 127 Osborn St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Santrock, Mary K Cowansville, Pa. 

Schreiner, Carolyn M. (Mrs. Stewart J. Cort), 

811 B St., Sparrows Point, Md. 
Siebert, Corabelle — Deceased. 

Simpson, Ebert T. — Physician and Surgeon.. 520 North Main St., Butler, Pa. 
Smith, Elizabeth R. (Mrs. Albert F. Carter), 

1919 Tenth Ave., Greeley, Colo. 
St. Clair, C. Mabel (Mrs. R. E. A. Anderson). 
Stiles, Floy E. — Deceased. 
Thompson, Mabel — Deceased. 
Thomson, Agnes May (Mrs. John Reid, Jr.) — Deceased. 


Thomson, Catherine W 427 South Braddock Ave., Pittsburgh, 21, Pa. 

Trauger, George W. — Manager and Resident Engineer, Lindsay-Strathmore 

Irrigation District Box 313, Lindsay, Calif. 

Uhlincer, Katharine 820 Pittsburgh St., Springdale, Pa. 

Waller, Margaret L. — Retired 539 Market St., Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Watson, Annabelle (Mrs. Annabelle Watson Church), 

276 South Seventh St., Indiana, Pa. 

Weber, Reuben J State Hospital, Warren, Pa. 

Welch, Edgar J. — Teacher 247 East Church St., Homer City, Pa. 

Whitmyre, Sadie E. (Mrs. Sadie W. Manker), 

407 Edgewood Ave., New Castle, Pa. 
Whitmyre, Tamar (Mrs. F, E. Kester) . .1612 Louisiana St., Lawrence, Kan. 
Williams, Beatrice 
Williams, Carrie M. (Mrs. Carrie W. Miller), 

814 Ross Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Wilson, Arthur W. — Deceased. 

WiNGERT, Charlotte M. — Teacher 2322 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, Calif. 

Wood, Wilmer H. — Deceased. 

Work, Bertha B 35 North Boquet St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Yeckley, Albert F. — Sales Engineer.. 13 Buffalo St., Oakland, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Zimmerman, Sara Elizabeth — Teacher 303 Diamond St., Berlin, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1902 

President Ralph Radcliffe 

Vice President Charles W. Barnett 

Secretary Florence E. Kraus 

Treasurer Ernest Buchanan 

Historian Edna M. Heck 

Elementary Course 

Agey, Wallace B. — Deceased. 

Alexander, Julia F. (Mrs. George W. Lenkerd) — Library Work, Florida 

State Hospital Chattahoochee, Fla. 

Baer, Flora — Deceased. 

Baker, Sarah (Mrs. Sarah Baker Forsythe), 

1503 Center St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Barnett, Charles W. — Minister Worthington, Pa. 

Bath, Claude E. — Deceased. 

Bee, Lola B. (Mrs. William R. Murphy) . .1217 Cook Ave., Lakewood, Ohio. 

Berkey, William A. — Minister 1317 Westfield St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Blair, Mary E. (Mrs. Frank Fuller Lord), 

2911 Chestnut St., Riverside, Calif. 
Blose, Wilda B. (Mrs. Andrew W. Adam), 

700 West Oak St., Ft Collins, Colo. 
Briney, E. Bertha (Mrs. L. C. Saxman). 
Brockway, Mabel C. — Deceased. 
Buchanan, Ernest — Salesman. 

7437 Germantown Ave., Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Callaghan, Loretta M. (Mrs. M. G. Lageman) — Deceased. 
C ALLEN, Florence (Mrs. Victor Reed), 

222 Bronx Ave., West View, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Campbell, Elva (Mrs. J. J. Armstrong) . .369 East Main St., Canfield, Ohio. 

Canan, Elsie Deane — Teacher 836 Napoleon St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Chambers, Ella J. — Teacher, 

3612 California Ave., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Cooney, John H., Sr. — Deceased. 
Craig, Ford B.— Physician 504 Third St., Pitcairn. Pa. 


Crombie, Florence (Mrs. J. L. Taylor) — Deceased. 
Cunningham, Grace A. (Mrs. John M. Miller), 

340 North Ninth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Cunningham, J. Wilbur — Farmer R. D. No. 6, Indiana, Pa. 

Cunningham, Samuel K. — President, S. K. Cunningham and Co., Inc., 

Investment Bankers 1418 North Highland Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Davison, Mary (Mrs. H. T. Ross) 1286 Washington St., Indiana, Pa. 

Dillon, Edythe (Mrs. T. L. Cooper). 
DouDS, Agnes M. (Mrs. Daniel N. Bulford), 

100 East North Ave., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Dunham, Anna M. (Mrs. Harry W. Watson), 

m Bryant St., Palo Alto, Calif. 
Ekin, Alice M. (Mrs. George T. Bolton), 

Delt Farm, Oneida Lake, Brewerton, N. Y. 
Evans, Anna E. — Teacher. .2012 Termon Ave., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Faulkner, Mayes E. (Mrs. Mayes F. Chambers) — Deceased. 
Fleck, G. Dare — Educational Director and Traffic Manager, KDKA, 

425 North St. Clair St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Frye, Anne P. (Mrs. W. E. Harte) 223 Oakland Ave., Greensburg^ Pa. 

Fulton, Belle Totten (Mrs. Clark Kissick) New Wilmington, Pa. 

Hauser, Lyda (Mrs. Lyda H. Elder), 

509 Riverside Terrace, Rutherford, N. J. 
Hazlett, Cordelia B. (Mrs. Thomas W. Andrews), 

921 West Hyde Park Blvd., Inglewood, Calif. 

Heck, Edna M 1744 Cowley St., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Hood, Elizabeth M 6200 Franklin Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Horton, Frank H. — Insurance Agent.. 445 South Seventh St., Indiana, Pa. 
Jarrett, Florence E. (Mrs. D. C. Farrar), 

853 South Kingsley Drive, Los Angeles, Calif. 

JoRDON, Morris L Saxman, W. Va. 

Kelly, Myra Z. — Teacher 405 Indiana St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Kirkpatrick, Blanche (Mrs. Blanche K. Mechling) Dayton, Pa. 

Kraus, Florence E. — Art Teacher and Supervisor, 

41 Mather St., Dorchester, Mass. 

Lash, Charles F. — Business 1430 Pinecrest Drive, Ferndale, Mich. 

Leasure, Zella (Mrs. Zella L. McAdoo) R. D. No. 2, Cherry Tree, Pa. 

LiNTNER, Mary I. — Retired Blairsville, Pa. 

Longwell, Leathea B. (Mrs. Paul Zenk) — Deceased. 

LowMAN, Bertha — Teacher 108 South St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Lucas, Annabelle (Mrs. Annabelle L. Porterfield), 

815 Thirteenth St., S. W., Roanoke, Va. 
McAdoo, Evangeline H. — Deceased. 

McCullough, B. Edna (Mrs. Reuben Doeblin) — Deceased. 
McCutcheon, Grace L. (Mrs. Archie Edwin Driggers), 

310 Jefferson St., Rochester, Pa. 
McDermott, Lila a. — Deceased. 
McNary, Georgiana (Mrs. William H. McMillen) — Teacher, 

537 Station St., Bridgeville, Pa. 

Miller, Emanuel M. — Education Leader Goucher St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Minahan, Margaret (Mrs. Charles Hasson) . .208 Julian St., Ebensburg, Pa. 

Murray, Arthur T. — Physician Nineveh, Pa. 

Murray, James — Deceased. 

Newingham, Gertrude C 5703 Margaretta St., East End, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Noel, Robert Dickey — Lawyer 407 Franklin Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

O'Neill, Alice M. — Teacher 155 North Craig St., Pittsburgh; Pa. 

O'Neill, Della E. — Deceased. 

Pollock, Mary Isabel (Mrs. Mary Isabel Good), 

215 East Washington Ave., DuBois, Pa. 


Porter, Carrie May (Mrs. Carol P. Church) — Editor, Manuals and Bulletins, 
Bureau of Employment and Unemployment Compensation, Department of 

Labor and Industry 1800 Green St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Prescott, Helen (Mrs. S. C. Van Meter) Elkhart, 111. 

Radcliffe, Ralph — Deceased. 

Ray, Charles S. — Manufacturer of Pottery Paden City, W. Va. 

Reams, Ella A. (Mrs. Ella A. Watkins) — Deceased. 
Riethmiller, J. Philip — Field Clerk, W P A, 

147 Wellington Ave., Washingon, Pa. 
Saint, Mabel !M. (Mrs. W. T. Grey), 

1122 Savannah Ave., Edgewood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Sampson, M. Gertrude (Mrs. James B. White), 

409 AIcKee Ave., Monessen, Pa. 

Seaton, Charles F.— Physician 938 Park Ave., Williamsport, Pa. 

Sickman, Zella M. (Mrs. B. Y. Wilkinson) — Deceased. 
Siefker, Bertha L. (Mrs. H. O. Leppig) — Deceased. 
Smith, Clara B. (Mrs. Clara S. Fichthorn), 

2602 North Fifth St., Harrisburg, Pa. 
Smith, Corrine B. (Mrs. A. A. Strong) — Deceased. 
Stewart, Clara F. (Mrs. Frank Roberts), 

45 North Linw^ood Ave., Crafton, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Stonebraker, Ralph L. 

Stuchell, Martha E 20 South Church St., Waynesboro, Pa. 

Sturgeon, Carrie J. — Deceased. 

Swarts, May (Mrs. Charles W. Barnett) Worthington, Pa. 

Tittle, A. Josephine — Teacher 409 Vine St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Waddle, Ella M. — Deceased. 

Wait, Nellie H. (Mrs. Thomas A. Clark), 

411 North Mercer St., New Castle, Pa. 
Waldschmidt, Lillian E. (Mrs. David Brown), 

243 LaBelle St., Pittsburgh, 11. Pa. 
Waller, Robert P. — Manufacturer's Representative, 

83 Eldredge St., Newton, Mass. 

Whiteman, Effie — Teacher 1301 Ligonier St., Latrobe, Pa. 

WiANT, L. Cora (Airs. John McClune) R. D. No. 3, New I3ethlehem, Pa. 

WiGTON, Mary E. (Mrs. E. C. Reeve).. 106 E^st Locust St., Clearfield, Pa. 
Wilson, Florence (Mrs. Roy A. Long), 

516 Neshannock Blvd., New Castle, Pa. 
YoDER, Elizabeth Ann (Mrs. F. P. Reiter), 

710 Highland Ave., Johnsown, Pa. 
Yoder, Vida J. (Mrs. Vida J. Trent) 741 Coleman Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1903 

President Olive M. McCleary 

Vice President E. L. Bowman 

Secretary Laura M. Dickie 

Treasurer Mary L. Conlin 

Historian Viola H. Simpson 

Regular Course 

Barr, Anna M. (Mrs. Ralph O. Pinkerton), 

227 Summit Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Berthel, Opal Leona — Principal and Teacher, 

10 Diamond St., Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 
Best, Elizabeth E, (Mrs. Walter S. Knight), 

3 Orchard Place, Dravosburg, Pa. 
Bowman, E. L. 


Cameron, Madge V 745 Chestnut St., Indiana, Pa. 

Cameron, Maude V. (Mrs. A. H. Stewart) . .115 North St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Campbell, Mary (Mrs. Wayne L. McNutt) R. D. No. 7, Meadville, Pa. 

CoNLiN, Mary L. — Principal of Crawford School, 

12 North Second St., Duquesne, Pa. 
CuLP, Daisy E. — Teacher and Principal. .1701 Leishman Ave., Arnold, Pa. 
Cunningham, Besse M. (Mrs. J. F. Chapman), 

465 South Seventh St., Indiana, Pa. 

Davis, Cora Beatrice 3543 Sanborn Ave., Lynwood, Calif. 

Dickie, Laura M. (Mrs. William H. Nix) Cadogan, Pa. 

Fisher, Carrie A. — Deceased. 

Good, Laura J. (Mrs. C. W. Holmes) 7340 Schoyer Ave., Swissvale, Pa. 

Greenawalt, Metta E. (Mrs. Howard E. Bolton) — Music Teacher, 

11 Magee Ave., Jeannette, Pa. 
Hirth, Alice — Principal of Fifth Ward School, 

317 East Tenth Ave., Homestead, Pa. 
Kerr, Thomas Stoner — Dean, College of Letters and Science, University of 

Idaho 419 East First St., Moscow, Idaho. 

Martin, Martha S. (Mrs. E. F. Reed), 

7 East Forest Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Maxwell, Nelle P. — Principal of Elementary School, 

900 Trenton Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
McCleary, Olive M. (Mrs. George G. Best), 

2920 Myer Blvd., McKeesport, Pa. 
McElwain, Lois — Teacher, 

R. D. No. 2, Logan's Ferry, New Kensington, Pa. 

Mumaw, Grace M.— Teacher 7133 Race St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Reton, Gertrude P. (Mrs. John J. Skelly) 308 Lloyd Ave., Latrobe, Pa. 

Ryan, Isa Lee (Mrs. G. A. Leopold) . .917 Mifflin Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Sil\'erman, Birdie C. — Deceased. 

Simpson, Viola H. — Assistant Principal and Counselor, Indiana High School, 

352 North Ninth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Thompson, Lulu Belle — Retired Box 33, Murrysville. Pa. 

Wageley, Frances — Teacher 1432 East Second St., Long Beach, Calif. 

Wagner, Della M. (Mrs. Oliver L. Halsell), 

2424 Oakmont Drive, Santa Ana, Calif. 

CLASS OF 1904 

President E. E. Creps 

Secretary Luella B. Wagner 

Regular Course 

Ankeny, Elda Alice (Mrs. A. Lloyd Adams), 

101 Beacon St., Southmont, Johnstown, Pa. 

Beattie, Mary New Alexandria, Pa. 

Bee, Bessie M. (Mrs. James Horner). 

Brady, Carrie L. — Deceased. 

Brandt, Emma C. (Mrs. Lynn B. Robertson), 

412 Fifth St., Charleroi, Pa. 
Brown, Edith O. (Mrs. Herbert W. Browne) — Senior Leader, Adult 

Education, W. P. A 281 Beaver Road, Emsworth, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Bruce, Sara E.— Teacher 1410 Elm St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Caddy, Zenaida (Mrs. Lloyd L. Sell), 

3017 North Eighth St., Tacoma, Wash. 

Canan, Jessie E. — Teacher 836 Napoleon St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Clark, Effie M 803 East Park Way, McKeesport, Pa. 

A L U M X I B Y C L A S S E S 69 

Crep?. E. E. — President Judge of Indiana County Courts, 

802 Chestnut St., Indiana Pa. 
Dickie, Bell J. (Mrs. Glen Lee) — Deceased. 

Dunham, M. Blanche 508 Wade Park Manor, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Dunham, Maude C 508 Wade Park Manor, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Ellenberger, Martha V. — Teacher 551 Cypress Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Ferguson, James T. — Superintendent, Gulf Oil Corp., 

2347 Fourth St., Port Arthur, Texas. 
Fleming, M. Elizabeth (Mrs. L. E. Miller), 

1470 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 
Glass, May A. (Mrs. O. O. Williams) .. .116 Perry St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
GocHER, Florence L. — Administrative Assistant, Cochran Junior High School, 

709 Napoleon St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Hamilton, Besse Pauline — Deceased. 

Harris, Lillie M 2226 Conemaugh St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Harrison, Anna M. (Mrs. G. A. Hopkins) — Deceased. 
Hasinger, Estella L. (Mrs. James W. Lyon), 

Fort Shafter, Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii. 
Hershberger, J. Elmer 

Hillard, Barbara E. — Teacher 2044 Chestnut St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Hudson, Nellie E. — Teacher, 

18 South Euclid Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Hughes, Margaret V. (Mrs. J. Kenny). 

Jack, Ida M. (Mrs. Carl D. Smith) 2111 Delaware Ave., Swissvale, Pa. 

James, Genevieve W. — General Secretary, Y. W. C. A., Lake Forest, 111. 

Lee, Bess — Teacher 648 Allegheny River Blvd., Oakmont, Pa. 

Lewis, Caroline C. (Mrs. George F. KoUey) — Substitute Teacher, 

2524 Beale Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Loudon, E. Gertrude (Mrs. R. S. Ovelman) Altoona, Pa. 

McAninch, Ruth E. (Mrs. Z. E. Talbert) Los Angeles, Calif. 

Mercer, Mary Isabel — Teacher. . . .255 North Jefiferson Ave., Canonsburg. Pa. 
Miller, Vera Glenn (Mrs. Vera M. Coleman) — Employee of State 

Sanatorium, Cresson ; 307 Strauss Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Moorhead, Phyllis Logan (Airs. Phyllis M. Hofmann) — Teacher, 

Hotel St. James, 109 West 45th St., New York, N. Y. 
Morris, Vernie M. (Mrs. Roy L. Lowman), 

57 Kanawha St., Buckhannon, W. \^a. 

MusGRAVE, Elizabeth H Webster Hall, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Myers, Clo A. (Mrs. Clo M. Propst), 

Kyave, Kenya Colony, British East Africa. 
Noble, Margaret — Deceased. 

Opperman. Ida T. (Mrs. H. D. Wenzel) — Deceased. 
Pollock. Margaret J. — Secretary. .. .4815 Ellsworth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Price, Pearl — Teacher 5701 Rural St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Randall, E. Cecil (Mrs. Thomas Ferguson) — Deceased. 

Robertson, Maud Edith (Mrs. M. W. Jacobs) — Writer and Lecturer, 

South Carrollton, Ky. 
Stern, Florence — Deceased. 

Swan, Della Belle — Head Teacher. .. .1186 Graham Ave., Monessen, Pa. 
Swartz, Elizabeth M. (Mrs. Elizabeth House). 
Tiffany, Paul B. — Deceased. 

Wagle, Mell S. (Mrs. E. AI. Miller) Los Angeles, Calif. 

Wagner, Luella B. (Mrs. Paul S. Elliott), 

145 "C" North Wilcox Ave., Montebello. Calif. 

Warner, Lydia H 323 William St.. Millvale, Pittsburgh. Pa. 

White, Rose — Teacher 227 Market St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Williams, O. O. — Principal of West End Junior High School, 

116 Perrv St., Punxsutawnev. Pa. 


Wood, Clara E. — Deceased. 

Wright, Sarah (Mrs. Elmer Weger), . , . „ 

3642 California Ave., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Wyman, Mary E. — Teacher, 

545 McClintock Ave., North Side, Pittsburgh. Pa. 

Young, Miles C. — Deceased. 

CLASS OF 1905 

President Ross M. Hosack 

Vice President Alfred H. Foreman 

Secretary Isabel Allison 

Treasurer S. Frank Snyder 

Regrular Course 

Allison, Isabel (Mrs. W. M. Neel). 

2827 Voelkel Ave., Pittsburgh. 16, Pa. 

Andrews, Mary A.— Principal 810 South Ross St., Santa Ana. Calif. 

Arnold, Edna V. — Deceased. 

Barns, Lida R.— Teacher 34 Byrer Ave., Uniontown, Pa. 

Brown, Jacob S. — Deceased. 

Brown, Josephine Rayburn (Mrs. E. L. Martin) — Supervisor of Week Day 

Religious Education 4507 Oregon Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Brownlee, May (Mrs. H. M. Henry). 

Buterbaugh, Sara Grace (Mrs. Forde W. Wassam), 

1232 Richmond Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Carnahan, Minnie— Teacher 319 West Glendale Ave., Glendale, Ariz. 

Clark, Anna June (Mrs. A. N. Mellott), 

600 Maplewood Ave.. Ambridge, Pa. 
Craig, E. Jennie (Mrs. D. W. Rial)... 761 Princeton Blvd.. Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Crawford, William Clark — Supervising Principal, 

501 North Fourth St., Apollo. Pa. 
Grossman, Charlotte (Mrs. Clyde W. Seanor), 

570 Philadelphia St.. Indiana. Pa. 

Cunningham, I. Elizabeth — Teacher Euclid Ave., Cleveland. Ohio. 

Cunningham, Pearl (Mrs. Earle C. Tripp). 

25 North Marengo Ave., Pasadena. Calif. 
Curry, Ethel W. — Deceased. 

Davies. Mae (Mrs. Alexander G. Black) 50 Elizabeth St.. Hammond. Ind. 

Depp. Frank H. — Engineer, Nevada Highway Department. 

P. O. Box 111. Elko. Nev. 

Detwiler, Melinda M. — Teacher 707 Philadelphia St.. Indiana. Pa. 

DowLiNG, Bernardine— Teacher 91 Osborne St.. Johnstown, Pa. 

Duncan. Anna (Mrs. Anna D. ^larshall) Enon Valley, Pa. 

Fingal, Lotta E. (Mrs. Clifton F. Schmidt). 

5402 Springlake Way. Homeland. Baltimore. Md. 

Fitzgerald. Jean M. — Teacher. Wilkinsburg; R. D. No. 2. Apollo. Pa. 

FoRMAN, Alfred H. — County Supervisor. Adult Education. 

316 Prospect St.. Meadville. Pa. 

Forman, William O. — Supervising Principal Box 457, New Salem. Pa. 

Forney, Ruth Hannah (Mrs. John L. Gross), 

30 South Bryant Ave.. Bellevue. Pittsbureh. Pa. 

Fowler, Rebecca M. — Physician 113 East Market St., Blairsville. Pa. 

Gibson. Sara (Mrs. Franklin L. Terry)... 323 Grayling Ave.. Narberth. Pa. 
Graham, Anna (Mrs. John C. Greenfield) . .424 Halcomb Ave.. Clairton, Pa. 

Graham, Beatrice (Mrs. R. S. Wagner) New Florence, Pa. 

Gray, Marian W. (Mrs. Alarian G. Wilson). 

1741 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 


Hamilton, Bess L. (Mrs. E. G. Heasly), 

1260 Glenwood Blvd., Schenectady, N. Y. 
Hare, Sadie C. — Deceased. 
Harrison, Elizabeth R. — Deceased. 

Hastings, Jean (Mrs. George A. Long).. 7135 Reynolds St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Hill, Grace (Mrs. William B. Davies) . . . .1414 Orchlee St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Hill, Thomas T. — Lawyer 8739 North East Dolores, Portland, Oregon. 

HosACK, Ross M. — Secretary of Tuna Valley Building Loan and Saving 

Association 66 Jerome Ave., Bradford, Pa. 

HuBACHER, Caroline A. (Mrs. Warren W. Dietrich), 

538 Ogden Ave., Forrest Hills, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Irvin, Laura E. (Mrs. Davis Mcllhatten), 

c/o Mrs. Sidney Morton, 6445 Green St., Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 
IsEMAN, Josephine M. (Mrs. Harry K. Bell), 

2148 North 50th St., Seattle, Wash. 
Johns, Jennie V. (Mrs. Orris F. Rowe), 

402 Burlington Road, Forest Hills, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Jones, Mary E. (Mrs. Jack Harshaw) . .1714 West Cameron St., Tulsa, Okla. 
Kearney, Hazel (Mrs. Chester Armstrong Marshall), 

401 Brown St., Thomas, W. Va. 
Kelly, Mabel C. 
Ketterer, Lena A. 

KoESEL, Jeannette M 413 Kelly Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Lacock, Rebekah (Mrs. Dan S. McSweeney) — Teacher, Pittsburgh; 

154 North Balph Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Lee, Margaret S. — Head Teacher, Boggs Avenue School, Pittsburgh ; 

408 Woodland Ave., Oakmont, Pa. 
Leslie, Grace (Mrs. Grace L. Morgan) — Deceased. 

LowMAN, Margaret Jane — Principal of Thaddeus Stevens School and Co- 
operative Elementary Supervisor, State Teachers College, 

468 South 11th St., Indiana, Pa. 
LowMAN, Mary R. — Teacher, State Teachers College, 

725 School St., Indiana, Pa. 
Marshall, Schuyler C. — Deceased. 

McGaw, Mary R 906 Sandusky St., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

McHenry, Ruby ( Mrs. M. M. Hamilton) Big Run, Pa. 

McKiNLEY, Rachel M. — Teacher 12 Shady Lane, Uniontown, Pa. 

Miller, Margaret E. 

Mooney, Anna M. (Mrs. John Burns). 

Moore, Mame J. (Mrs. Frank Dougherty) . .1121 Mellon St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Oldham, D. Orlando Seattle, Wash. 

Pearce, Nelle Thorpe (Mrs. J. C. Smith) — Deceased. 

Ramsay, Mary A. — Deceased. 

Ray, Edna V. — Deceased. 

Rayburn, Cecelia (Mrs. Charles M. Jamison), 

516 North Maple Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 
Reithmiller, Oliver C. 

Riddle, Meredith (Mrs. Glen Comstock) 154 College Ave.. Beaver, Pa. 

Roberts, Mary Cole — Teacher, 

1401 Pennsylvania Ave., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Robeson, Julia R. — Teacher 517 Wayne St., Hollidaysburg, Pa. 

Rye, Anna (Mrs. Elmer J. StofFel) — Teacher, 

606 Locust Place, Sewickley, Pa. 

ScHMERBER, Marion K. — Teacher 454 Second St., Washington, Pa. 

Sickman, E. Belle (Mrs. H. I. Smith). 

Sligh, Janet G. — Retired New Alexandria. Pa. 

Smith, Erla (Mrs. Charles St. Clair). 

Smith, Sue (Mrs. Thomas J. Humphreys) R. No. 2, Brockway, Pa. 


Snyder, S. Frank— Business 53 West Stevens St., Gettysburg, Pa. 

Speer, Priscilla M. (Mrs. William B. Stark)— Deceased. 
Stadtmiller, Elise C. (Sister M. Clarence)— Deceased, 
Stumpf, Eva G. (Mrs. Henry Georg), 

West 604 Fourteenth Ave., Spokane, Wash. 

Sv^TAiN, Mabel E. (Mrs, William Wilber), 

1727 Cherokee Ave., Hollywood, Calif. 

Thomas, Guy 

Thomson, Clara C. — Deceased. . 

Travis, Fanny B. (Mrs. H. P, Williams) Box 123, Blairsville, Pa. 

Urey, Mary H.— Teacher 490 South Highland Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Van Horn, Vida (Mrs. Frederick W. Hyle), 

348 Twelfth Ave., Homestead, Pa. 

Waddell, Ethel L.— Teacher 55 Sprague Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Wagner, Clara M. (Mrs. J. D. Wilson), 

530 South Birch St., Santa Ana, Calif. 
Wassam, Forde W. — Representative, D. C. Heath and Co., 

1232 Richmond Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

WiGTON, Anna Wade (Mrs. Harry C. Wilson) Warrior's Mark, Pa. 

Williams, Grace Darling (Mrs. Grace W. Fitzgerald)— Teacher, 

5802 Lansdowne Ave., Apt. B, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Williams, Martha B. (Mrs. J. P. Bennett)— Deceased. 

WiNGERT, Clara M.— Recreational Aide, U. S. V. B Sunmount, N. Y. 

WiNGERT, Laura A. — Deceased. 

Wynn, Mary Grace (Mrs. John Gaylord Crawford), 

819 Northwest 77th St., Miami, Fla. 

CLASS OF 1906 

President Berlin Empfield 

Vice President Frank T. Hamill 

Secretary Harriet Waller 

Treasurer Mary Margaret Baker 

Regular Course 

Agey, Olive M. (Mrs. C. L. Playfoot) 884 Wayne Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

Alter, Minnie (Mrs. William T. Martin), 

195 North Spring St., Blairsville, Pa. 
Baker, Mary Margaret (Mrs. Harold H. Meaner), 

1226 State Ave., Coraopolis, Pa. 

Black, Olive (Mrs. R. C. Corex) Babcock Blvd., Allison Park, Pa. 

Brown, Mabel Lee — Teacher 203 Fairfield Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Bruce, Anna W.— Teacher 1410 Elm St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Burgess, Myrtle L. 

Buterbaugh, Anna Laura — Teacher 57 South Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Crawford, Helen R 1010 Trenton Ave., Wilkinsburg. Pa. 

Crawford, S. Hazle (Mrs. Harry C. Crawford), 

529 Eighth Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. 

Crusan, Catherine — Teacher, Pittsburgh ;.. Box 20, R. D. No. 1, Verona, Pa. 
Daugherty, Anna May (Mrs. Carr Kemper Sutton), 

922 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Davis, M. Emma (Mrs. J. R. Wilson) 115 Main St., Reynoldsville. Pa. 

Davis, Vida Marcie 3543 Sanborn Ave., Lynwood, Calif. 

Empfield, Berlin — Teacher 6711 Hudson Place, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Graff, Martha (Mrs. Charles H. Carroll) 536 Oak St., Indiana, Pa. 

Hamill, Frank T. — Deceased. 

Hammerly, Gretta — Dennison School Swissvale, Pa. 


Harrold, Certitude A. — Teacher in Bible School, 

R. D. No. 2, Box 182, Greensburg, Pa. 
Hauck, Laura North — Teacher, Akron ; 

1339 Elwood Road, East Cleveland, Ohio. 
Hay, Nora (Mrs. James McKirdy) — Librarian, 

1529 Forty-fourth St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Jamison, Josephine — Teacher 1234 Eighteenth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Johnson, Mary Stewart (Mrs. Jesse B. Lintner), 

142 North Walnut St., Blairsville, Pa. 
Keller, Ada H. (Mrs, J. Patton) — Deceased. 
Matthews, Henrietta A. (Mrs. Howard L. Kcally), 

5101 Ellsworth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
McLaughlin, Stella (Mrs. A. C. Klingelhofer), 

519 Grove Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
Mensch, Bertha A. — Teacher, 

1209 Pemberton St., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Miller, Grace — Teacher 427 Sixth St., Wilson Station, Clairton, Pa. 

Moorhead, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. William Hugh Brown) — Newspaper 

Writer 203 Loretta Ave., Toronto, Ohio. 

Moot, Dora (Mrs. Maurice Smith) R. D. No. 1, Box 67, Falls Creek, Pa. 

Reid, Lillian Edith (Mrs. Ansley B. Claypoole), 

211 South Ann St., Fowlerville, Mich. 

Sellers, Marie Louise (Mrs. David H. Smith) Cochrantown, Pa. 

Shields, Effie L. — Deceased. 

Smith, Nellie Grace (Mrs. Clarence Stevenson), 

R. D. No. 1, Falls Creek, Pa. 
Smyers, Genetta Ione — Secretary and Bookkeeper, 

7144 Apple St., East End, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Spencer, Edith A. (Mrs. Harry R. Ferguson), 

206 Walliston Ave., Emsworth, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Stackhouse, Anne C. — Teacher 273 Fairfield Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Steele, Laura Miller — Supply Instructor, Wilkes-Barre Schools, 

69 North Franklin St., Wilkes-Barre^ Pa. 
Steinmetz, Jessie W. — Teacher, Pittsburgh ; 

1107 Braddock Ave., Braddock, Pa. 
Waller, Harriet (Mrs. H. McGowan) — Deceased. 
Wilson, Irene B. — Dean of Girls, Grant Junior High School, 

255 Wychwood Lane, Youngstown, Ohio. 

CLASS OF 1907 

Regular Course 

Adams, Laura A. (Mrs. F. R. Harbison), 

Hunt Road, Fox Chapel, R. D. No. 2, Pittsburgh, 15, Pa. 
Allen, Florence A. (Mrs. William Bittel). 

Alter, Leola — Nurse 85 North Madison, Pasadena, Calif. 

Barns, Harriet B. — Deceased. 

Bowers, Hannah Foale (Mrs. John J. Cox), 

R. D. No. 1, Box 31 C, Oakdale, Pa. 

Brown, Irma (Mrs. Irma Brown Adam) P. O. Box 111, Big Run, Pa. 

Brownlee, Bertha (Mrs. J. C. Campbell) — Deceased. 
Buente, Grace Irene (Mrs. Curvin H. Stein), 

302 West Main St., Lock Haven, Pa, 
Daft, Miriam — Deceased. 
Dill, Helen Hays (Mrs. W. Claude Klingensmith), 

2Z1 Freeport Road, New Kensington, Pa. 
Drew, Helen R. (Mrs. T. A. Steele) Pittsburgh, Pa. 


FoALE, Myrtle M Delaware Apts., Oakmont, Pa. 

Glasses, Mary E. 

Grumbling, Vida R. (Mrs. L. S. Long) — Deceased. 
Grundy, Mary A. (Mrs. M. C. Thornburg). 
Hamkens, Marie H. (Mrs. J. B. Mellor). 
Hill, Mary V. (Mrs. Hartley Henderson), 

143 Frederick St., Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. 
HiLLARD, Blanche F. 

HoHMAN, Sophia McConnellsburg, Pa. 

Hopkins, Wallace Edwin— Physician Summit Station, Ohio. 

KiRscHNER, Clara— Teacher IZI Hill Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Knox, Edith M 3258 Orleans St., Perrysville Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

KuHNS, Ida J. — Deceased. 

Laughlin, Anna E. (Mrs. Hugh M. Bell) — Deceased. 

LuDWiCK, Grace E. (Mrs. D. L. McCormick), 

468 Swissvale Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Marshall, Margaret (Mrs. John E. O'Leary) — Teacher, 

505 Kelly Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

McGaw, Josephine 906 Sandusky St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

McKee, William C. — Laviryer 307 Beauregard St., Charleston, W. Va. 

McMillen, Nannie J. — Deceased. 
Melville, Matilda R. (Mrs. H. S. Rogers), 

2132 Perrysville Ave., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Murray, Mary E. (Mrs. E. P. Garrity). 
Pierce, John M. — Director of Vocational Education, 

11 Harvard St., Springfield, Vt. 

PiNNOCK, Mary G. 

Pollock, M. Elsie (Mrs. Clarence E. Henderson) Rossiter, Pa. 

QuiNN, Mary G. — Teacher 809 Park Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Reed, Ivan Jane — Teacher 105 Morrison Ave., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Reinhardt, Emma E. (Mrs. McClellan Gordon), 

116 North Eighth St., Indiana, Pa. 

RoDKEY, Zola K. — Notary Public Spangler, Pa. 

Roose, Margaret (Mrs. C. M. Finley) Belle Vernon, Pa. 

ScHALL, Dora E 214 North Second St., Jeannette, Pa. 

Shomo, Jessie M. (Mrs. Don E. Cover) 921 Lena St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Speedy, Hal L. — Deceased. 

St. Clair, Hazel M Caldwell, N. J. 

Stahl, Florence N. (Mrs. Howard W. Tomb).. 734 South St., Indiana, Pa. 

Staple, Clara M. (Mrs. L. J. Eibsen) — Deceased. 

Stewart, Bessie E. — Teacher 108 East Adams Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Stuchel, Martha T. (Mrs. R. W. Bliss).. c/o U. S. Army, El Paso, Texas. 

Sullivan, F. Helen (Mrs. J. G. Decker). 

Summerville, W. D.— Clerk, U. S. Post Office Department, 

125 Oakmont Ave., Seat Pleasant, Md. 

Swickard, Ethel 1521 Ridge Ave., Steubenville, Ohio. 

Thomson, Margaret — Bank Clerk, 

427 South Braddock Ave., Pittsburgh, 21, Pa. 

Williamson, Anna May Smicksburg, Pa. 

Williamson, Emma (Mrs. Robert W. Elkin) Smicksburg, Pa. 

Winger, D. Lester — County Superintendent of Schools, 

310 North Seventh St., Indiana, Pa. 

Wingert, Ella B. (Mrs. W. C. Roderus), 

Mentz Ave., R. D. No. 1, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Wyman, Jane G. — Teacher 545 McClintock Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Zanchi, Mary E. (Mrs. E. M. Cole). 

A L U M N I B Y C L A S S E S 75 

CLASS OF 1908 

President Harold P. Scott 

Reg:ular Course 

Bash, Gladys (Mrs. Alvin W. Evans) 507 Center St., Ebensburg, Pa. 

Bedell, Merle (Mrs. C. R. Scott) 828 Romine Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

BiNGEV, Alda D. (Mrs. Philip S. Beese, II), 

1351 Terrace Drive, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Bruce, Hilda (Mrs. Oscar W. E. Broockmann), 

1323 Elm St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Butler, Sara Madge 
Campbell, Agnes Jane (Mrs. Ernest B. Race), 

203 South Third St., Indiana, Pa. 

Campbell, Lois — Teacher 174 North Spring St., Blairsville, Pa. 

Cass, Nelle E. (Mrs. Ernest Kelly) — Deceased. 

Cook, Carribell — Office Clerk 43 North 12th St., Indiana, Pa. 

Cooper, Mary (Mrs. Alan D. Duff).. 119 Lowell Ave., Newtonville, Mass. 
Cornelius, Anna (Mrs. F. J. Horn) — Deceased. 

Cribbs, Nell Jane (Mrs. Charles H. Capen) Black Lick, Pa. 

Daugherty, Helen (Mrs. William W. Taylor), 

247 North Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 
Davies, AIarian (Mrs. James Howard Knapp), 

315 Kennedy Ave., Duquesne, Pa. 

Davis, Clarence E. — Lawyer 419 Horner St., Ebensburg, Pa. 

Dean, Helen (Mrs. J. A. Dickey). 

Doerzbacher, Caroline L. (Mrs. M. A. St. Peter) — Deceased. 

DoMB, Zelda Virginia (Mrs. Roy C. Schaffner) Falls Creek, Pa. 

Durst, Myrtle M 130 West Fairview Ave., Connellsville, Pa. 

Evans, Olive (Mrs. F. J. Duffy) 1216 East Eighth St., Duluth, Minn. 

Fleck, Lesta (Mrs. W. S. Ober), 

1610 North Tejon St., Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Frost, Helen J 2338 Riverview Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

Glemser, Ella B. (Mrs. Ella B. Lloyd), 

191 Walliston Ave., Emsworth, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Graham. Nan G. (Mrs. F. Newton Hearney), 

1541 Fallowfield Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Hamill. James S. — Farmer R. D. No. 1, Ligonier, Pa. 

HiRSCH, Margaret B. (Mrs. J. H. Koch). 

HoLFORD, Alice B. (Mrs. Alice H. LeFond) — Teacher, 

640 Connecticut St., Gary, Ind. 
Igo, Madge V. — Deceased. 
Johnson, Faith R. (Mrs. R. D. Johnston). 
Klineman, Rhea (Mrs. Benjamin L. Steinberg), 

718 Hastings St.. Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Konold, Selma M. (Mrs. Robert S. IlHngworth), 

209 Lovell St., Worcester, Mass. 
Langhans, Florence L. (Mrs. Don J. Hill).. 624 Wayne Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

Leasure. (jrace M. (Mrs. G. W. Stephens) Davidsville, Pa. 

Lewis. Ruelba M. (Mrs. C. Earl Steel) . .106 North Ninth St., Indiana. Pa. 
Long, Grace 

Mann, Mae (Mrs. E. C. Trindle) . .204 North Penn St., Punxsutawney^ Pa. 
Marshall, A. Hilda (Mrs. Paul S. Fishburne), 

325 East Main St.. Palmyra. Pa. 
McCullough, Emily Marie (Mrs. W. H. Turnbull), 

R. D. No. 3, Sugar Tree Grove, Monmouth, 111. 
McCullough, M. May — Teacher, 

49 South Balph Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh. Pa. 


McFarland, E. Wills — Professor, Wayne University, 

709 Webb Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
McHenry, Elizabeth (Mrs. D. Lester Winger), 

310 North Seventh St., Indiana, Pa. 
McKiM, Elizabeth (Mrs. R. F. Hohnes), 

1907 Delaware Ave., Swissvale, Pa. 
McNamara, Laura A. (Mrs. John Hawkins) — Deceased. 

Merker, Frieda M. (Mrs. Frieda M. Spotts) Box 465, Taos, N. Mex. 

Neal, Hazel (Mrs. Hazel Neal Wright) 315 Third St., Conemaugh, Pa. 

Neal, Sadie Rose (Mrs. Ralph E. Marsh). 

Neel, Nancy (Mrs. Wilmer Kipe) 4701 York Road, Philadelphia, Pa. 

NicKLAS, Anna S. (Mrs. Albert S. Kettering), 

1113 West 29th St., Erie, Pa. 

Owens, Winifred G. (Mrs. Alex Spear) Grindstone, Pa. 

Patterson, M. Winona (Mrs. Thomas G. DeCoe), 

345 East 53rd St., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Peterson, Ethel Marcena (Mrs. J. Boyd Lyon), 

2279 Valera Ave., Pittsburgh, 10, Pa. 

Pollock, Sara M. — Teacher New Alexandria, Pa. 

Powell, Mary L — Deceased. 

Ramsay, Elisabeth M. — Teacher... 6 Promenade St., Grafton, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Ramsay, Grace C. — Deceased. 

Riethmiller, Clara Frances (Mrs. Clara R. Walters). 

Rinn, J. Cloid — Natural Gas, Coal, Lumber, 

965 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

RoDKEY, Mary B. — Teacher Spangler, Pa. 

Rogers, Mercy — Deceased. 

Schaeffer, Bertha B. (Mrs. G. H. Schwartz) — Deceased. 

Schall, Orpha M. — Head of Commercial Department, 

214 North Second St., Jeannette, Pa. 

ScHAUB, Florence (Mrs. W. A. Ray) 645 Jansen Ave., Essington, Pa. 

Scott, Harold P. — Advertising Manager... R. D. No. 1, Box 13, Ambler, Pa. 
Seavey, Ethel G. (Mrs. Frank M. Roessing), 

333 South Aiken Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Shenefelt, Myra (Mrs. William C. McKee), 

307 Beauregard St., Charleston, W. Va. 
Shenefelt, Sara L. (Mrs. Joseph W. Small, Jr.), 

608 Park Road, Ambridge, Pa. 
Smith, Elizabeth F. (Mrs. James Sweeney), 

5411 Stanton Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Smith, Paul V.- — Salesman, Indiana Foundry Co., 

208 South Eleventh St., Indiana, Pa. 

Swan, Nora May — Teacher 1186 Graham Ave., Monessen, Pa. 

Urey, Preston G. — Citrus Rancher, 

1194 San Bernardino Ave., R. D. No. 1, Pomona, Calif. 

Wagner, Olive E 5305 Birch St., Santa Ana, Calif. 

Wertz, Lulu 1 208 Eastman Ave., Aspinwall, Pittsburgh, Pa, 

Whitman, Mary G. (Mrs. W. J. Hyett)..Oak Hill Farms, Allison Park, Pa. 
Wiley, Emily W. (Mrs. Emily W. Bwnton) — Teacher, 

800 Heberton Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Williams, Hanna Elizabeth . (Mrs. Herbert M. Brubaker), 

908 Vine Ave., Williamsport, Pa. 
Wilson, Flora (Mrs. Flora W. Williams) . .1051 Washington St., Indiana, Pa. 
Wise, Stella A. (Mrs. Franklin M. Wolfe), 

616 North Center St., Miles City, Mont. 
Woodward, Frank J. — Minister, Missionary, and Field Superintendent, 

Dansalan, Lanao, Philippine Islands. 


CLASS OF 1909 

President John N. Camp 

Secretary Ethel F. Beck 

Regular Course 

Alexander, Margaret (Mrs. C. Fred Haltnorth), 

214 Englewood Ave., New Castle, Pa. 

Anderson, Ida 524 East Pittsburgh St., Greensburg, Pa. 

Beck, Ethel F 535 Duncan Ave., Washington, Pa. 

Bell, Edna T. (Mrs. William E. Pierce) 514 School St., Indiana, Pa. 

Bennett, Mabel R 204 West Park St., Franklin, Pa. 

BossART, Virginia Ross — Teacher, 

3794 Berkeley Road, Cleveland Heights, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Bowman, Harry E 7071/2 Young St., New Castle, Pa. 

BuTERBAUGH, FLORENCE Kathryn (Mrs. Harry Essex), 

855 Lancaster Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Camp, John N. — Physician Foxburg, Pa. 

Clawson, Carolyn (Mrs. Charles Crawford), 

1030 Berkshire Ave., Brookline, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Coon, Bess L. (Mrs. Robert A. Campbell), 

3300 Beechwood Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Coulter, Frank W. — Employee of Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing 

Co 1317 Marlboro Ave., Wilkinsburg_, Pa. 

Crusan, Stella C. (Mrs. Stella Tibbitt Nead) — Teacher, Forest Hills, Pitts- 
burgh ; 1310 Hay St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Cunningham, Helen E. (Mrs. Roger K. McGee), 

5704 Jackson St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Davis, Mabel P. — Deceased. 
DowLiNG, Alice J. — Deceased. 
Duncan, Alice M. (Mrs. S. F. Montgomery), 

1362 Marlboro Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Duncan, Ivys W. (Mrs. R. G. Stringer) . .1314 Somerset Ave., Windber, Pa. 

Elder, Emma (Mrs. Lynn McKee) 1229 Linwood Ave., Norristown, Pa. 

Felgar, Gkover C 653 McGrath St., Alliance, Ohio. 

Foresman, Anna R. (Mrs. M. G. Schock, Sr.)..35 Clio Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
George, Jennie I. (Mrs. Fred W. Geyer), 

3516 Shadeland Ave., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Getty, May (Mrs. May Getty Kagarise), 

959 South Braddock Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Glass, Margaret (Mrs. Frank E. Moorhead) . .354 West 21st St., Erie, Pa. 
Glasser, a. Elizabeth 

Gorman, Ora B. (Mrs. N. L. Glasser) . .637 Beechwood Ave., Carnegie, Pa. 
GwYER, Mary M. (Mrs. W. R. Gilchrist). 
Hamill, Mabel F. — Deceased. 
Hamilton, Mary Ethel — Teacher, 

7611 Tuscarora St., East End, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Hamilton, Martha Jane (Mrs. Martha H. Conklin), 

214 South 24th St., Camp Hill, Pa. 

Hankey, Bess Alma — Teacher, Pittsburgh ; Laughlintown, Pa. 

Hasinger, Margaret (Mrs. Elmer W. Flowers), 

853 Wayne Ave., Indiana, Pa. 
Hatch, Irene C. 

Hazlett, Mabel A. — Druggist 839 Pittsburgh St., Springdale, Pa. 

Henry, Anna M. (Mrs. J. E. Lewis) — Deceased. 
Hodgson, Margaret R. (^Irs. Margaret H. Green) — Teacher, 

426 Ross Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
HoEDLE, Edna A. (Mrs. Edna H. Kennedy) — Deceased. 


Kaiser, Christine (Mrs. E. M. Garwood,), 

404 Fruithurst Drive, South Hills, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Keelan, Henrietta C. (Mrs. G. A. Doyle), 

223 Highland Road, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Kelly, Grace Marie — Retired 7545 Ardmore St., Swissvale, Pa. 

Klages, Anna F. (Mrs. Charles Vogel), 

4041 Grizella St., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Knapp, Elsie C. (Mrs. P. E. Lee) 421 Rochelle, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Lambert, Samuel Earle — Physician Poia Road, Sewickley, Pa. 

Lockard, Margaret — Technician 139 Mulberry St., Johnstown, Pa. 

LocKARD, Mary— Teacher 139 Mulberry St., Johnstown, Pa. 

LowRY, Sara E.— Postal Clerk 425 Blvd. of the Allies, Pittsburgh, Pa.- 

Lykens, Carolyn A. (Mrs. Raymond B. Helsel), 

303 Glenwood Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 
MacKendrick, Myrtle Jane — Teacher .. Cathedral Mansions, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Macqueen, Emma E. — Teacher Apt. 2, 715 Broad St., Sewickley, Pa. 

Manning, Florence V. — Teacher 620 George St., Coraopolis, Pa. 

Marker, Nellie (Mrs. Idival Jones). 

Marshall, Elizabeth R 238 High St., Zelienople, Pa. 

Martin, Margaretta M. — Teacher, 

Apt. 912, 4614 Fifth Ave., East End, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Mason, Jessie (Mrs. Wilbur D. Hawk), 

1561 Spring Garden Ave., Lakewood, Ohio. 
Matthews, Mary Louella (Mrs. J. Garfield Lohr) — Teacher, 

245 Church St., Ligonier, Pa. 
McConnell, Elizabeth 
McElroy, Lillie E. 

McIlroy, Jean Y. (Mrs. W. M. Whitmyre) . .430 South 11th St., Indiana, Pa. 
McIntosh, Janet (Mrs. C. R. Springer), 

6412 Aylesboro Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

McIntyre, Helen M. — Teacher 490 South Highland Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

McKee, Lynn — Director of Vocational Education, 

1229 Linwood Ave., Norristown, Pa. 
Moorhead, Blair — Alanager, Studebaker Branch, St. Louis ; 

7252 Lindell Blvd., University City, Mo. 

Murphy, Ella Josephine — Teacher 308 Oakland Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 

Orr, Ethel M. — Educational Director 22 Valley Road, Montclair, N. J. 

Pangratz, Edith G. — Personnel Director. .708 Croton Ave., New Castle, Pa. 
Phelan, Ella B. (Mrs. Clarence Earl Gilchrist), 

202 North Chestnut St., Scottdale, Pa. 
Phillis, Janet B. 

Pierce, William E. — Lawyer 514 School St., Indiana, Pa. 

Pollock, Helen E. (Mrs. F. W. Beyer), 

917 East Mahoning St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Reinecke, Orca Alma — Teacher, 

123 Birmingham Ave., Carrick, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
RoDKEY, Robert Gordan — Professor of Banking and Investments, University 

of Michigan Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Rogers, Laura H. (Mrs. J. M. Scott) — Deceased. 

RuNzo, Thomas South Sixth Street Extension, Indiana, Pa. 

Sawtelle, Ethel M. (Mrs. H. Fred Moffitt)..3409 Baker Blvd., Altoona. Pa. 
Simpson, Elsie Craig — Teacher, 

17 Cambridge Road, Ben Avon Heights, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Simpson, Ethel Fay (Mrs. G. A. Smith) — Deceased. 
Simpson, George Stephens — Clerk, Pennsylvania Railroad, 

831 East Hutchinson Ave., Edgewood, Pittsburgh. Pa. 
Smith, J. Leonard — Deceased. 
Smith, Mabel S. (Mrs. A. F. Jeutter). 


Spence, Agnes (Mrs. Milton Miller). 

Stewart, Mary Christy — Teacher Saltsburg, Pa. 

Stuchel, Charlotte W. (Mrs. Charlotte S. Moody). 

Stuchell, Clair A. — Architect. .740 University Place, Grosse Pointe, Mich. 

Sutton, Helen White (Mrs. Wilmer H. Wood), 

537 Chestnut St., Indiana, Pa. 

Swan, Edward Q. — Principal of High School Huntington, W. Va. 

Tapscott, Mae Ellen (Mrs. E. H. Lehman), 

R. D. No. 2, Monmouth, Oregon. 

Thompson, Irene A Home, Pa. 

Thompson, Myrtle E. — Teacher R. D. No. 3, Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Tomb, David Rankin — Lawyer 623 Oak St., Indiana, Pa. 

Vitale, Della a. — Teacher 146 East First Ave., Derry, Pa. 

Walter, Anna M. (Mrs. Clare Lemon), 

115 West Adams Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Wedd, Hazel A. — Teacher 2200 Broadway Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Whiteman, Lydia Bess (Mrs. Steel B. St. Clair), 

742 Spring St., Latrobe, Pa. 

Wieneke, Helen E. (Mrs. Helen W. Haverstick) Lancaster, Pa. 

Wiggins, D. Lytle — Teacher. .. .317 East Indianola Road, Youngstown, Ohio. 

Wiggins, Robert Clark — Deceased. 

Woodburn, Marguerite A. (Mrs. C. M. Hamilton), 

Green Oak Road, Mentor-on-the-Lake, Mentor, Ohio. 
WooDHEAD, Ada (Mrs. John D. Renshaw), 

1323 McNeilly Ave., South Hills, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Zeller, Ima H. — Retired 429 Fourteenth Ave., South, St. Petersburg, Fla. 

CLASS OF 1910 

President Linus J. Elkin 

Vice President Harry Hackman 

Secretary Bess H. Keller 

Treasurer Walter E. Stiver 

Regular Coarse 

Adams, Florence I. (Mrs. Roy E. Whitfield), 

2040 Laketon Road, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Alcorn, Edna M. — Deceased. 
Allshouse, Blanche Irene — Teacher, Forest Hills, Pittsburgh ; 

Shelocta, Pa. 
Barr, Stella (Mrs. D. Paul Miller). .105 West Adams Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 
Baxter, Helen E. (Mrs. V. E. Griffin), 

229 Monongahela Ave., Otto, Glassport. Pa. 
Beilstein, Edna S. (Mrs. S. M. Means) — Deceased. 

Boggs, May (Mrs. Raymond Smith) 445 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 

Bohlander, Lera S. 

Botsford, Edith Diantha (Mrs. Edith Diantha McFeaters), 

17 Yarmouth St., Boston, Mass. 

BoYER, Elizabeth (Mrs. J. W. Franchi) 115 Valeria St., Fresno, Calif. 

Braun, Kathryn E. (Mrs. Thomas A. Williamson), 

232 South Main St., Washington. Pa. 
Breitenstein, Frances B. (Mrs. J. C. McKee) — Teacher, 

715 Melrose Ave., Ambridge, Pa. 
Brewer, Marian G. (Mrs. F. E. Sherman). 
Brown, Jane W. (Mrs. Stephen Kiss).. 15481 Greenlawn Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Brown, Mabel Rebecca 985 Fifth Ave., East McKeesport, Pa. 

Brown, Mildred 

Buck, Mary A.— Teacher 1522 Carlisle St., Tarentum. Pa. 


Campbell, Elsie M. (Mrs. R. W. Blakey) — Deceased. 
Campbell, Mary M. (Mrs. D. W. Williams) — Deceased. 
Carnahan, Sadie M. (Mrs. Ernest Buckley), 

1340 Hancock Avenue Extension, Vandergrift, Pa. 

Clawson, Harry B.— Minister R. D. No. 1, Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Coughlin, Ethel G. — Teacher, Laboratory and Demonstration School, 

State Teachers College 1052 Grant St., Indiana, Pa. 

Courtney, Grace A. — Principal of McCleary and McCandless Schools, 

7401 Perrysville Ave., Ben Avon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Crea, Eliza B.— Retired R. D. No. 1, Mars, Pa. 

Crocker, Elizabeth (Mrs. Merle Palmer), 

1224 West North St., Bethlehem, Pa. 
Da VIES, Margaret Isabel (Mrs. Fred Aufhammer), 

805 Holland Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Deemer, Minerva (Mrs. E. P. Yaney), 

2835 Perrysville Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Doherty, Anna G. — Teacher, Thorn Hill School Warrendale, Pa. 

Dunn, Mary H. (Mrs. William Treat Davidson) . .410 Fifth Ave., Warren, Pa. 

Elkin, Linus J. — Merchant Porter, Pa. 

Elliott, Elizabeth — Deceased. 

Elrick, Clarissa M. 

Emerick, V. Maud (Mrs. G. P. Kraft) — Deceased. 

Falkenstein, Helen R. — Teacher, 

1242 Liverpool St., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Falcon, Mary H. — Teacher 5529 Howe St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Fornwalt, Mary S. — Librarian 5523 Ellsworth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Fulton, Stella 

Gephart, Bessie — Director of Guidance, Roosevelt Junior High School, 

2125 Fourth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 
Gibson, Edna (Mrs. H. Earl Sorbie) — Deceased. 


Graves, Alice M. 

Griffith, Earnest (Mrs. E. G. Flower), 

162 Plainfield Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Hackman, Harry C. — Physician 1035 Broadway, East McKeesport, Pa. 

Hagan, Hazel C. (Mrs. H. W. Scharp), 

562 Greenhurst Drive, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Hahn, Katherine E 5877 Bartlett St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Hastings, Ralph W. — Apartment House Manager, 

433 Nutmeg St., San Diego, Calif. 
Hayes, Elizabeth C. (Mrs. William T. Casev), 

149 Richfield Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Hills, Verna (Mrs. H. C. Bamer) — Deceased. 
HiLTY, James Russell — Minister and Educational Adviser, 

30 Cherry St., Hillcrest, Library, Pa. 
Hitchcock, Katheryn (Mrs. Dunlap Pearce Penhallow), 

1830 Jefferson Place, N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Hiteshew, Della — Teacher R. D. No. 1, Friedens, Pa. 

Howell, Mary Condrin (Mrs. Frank P. Dwyer), 

165 Sixth St., Renovo, Pa. 
Hubley, Alice K. (Mrs. James C. Wilson), 

1305 San Pasqual St., Pasadena, Calif. 
Hughes, Emma (Mrs. Emma Wilson) . .13335 Detroit Ave., Lakewood, Ohio. 

HuGus, Lucy K. — Teacher R. D. No. 1, Latrobe, Pa. 

Jones, Mary E. — Teacher Werner Ave., Bridgeville, Pa. 

Jones, Myrtle F. (Mrs. Ray T. Rignel) 16 Pound St., Lockport, N. Y. 

Kalp, Viola Ruth (Mrs. Fred W. Howarth) Republic, Pa. 


Keller, Bess H. (Mrs. J. Leonard Smith) — Teacher, 

89 Bradford Ave., Crafton, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Kennedy, Isabel — Social Worker 519 Sinithfield St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

KiMMELL, Harry O. — Pennsylvania State Coordinator Soil Conservation 

Service, U. S. Dept. of Agriculture, 224 S. Patterson St., State College, Pa. 
KiMMELL, Mildred (Mrs. J. W. Warner), 

44 North Seventh St., Indiana, Pa. 

King, Olive B R. D. No. 2, Ford City, Pa. 

Knox, Harriet G 3258 Orleans St., Perrysville Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

KuHNS, Sarah I. (Mrs. A. T. Evans) Herminie, Pa. 

LowRY, Vesta R. (Mrs. C. L. Davis) — Deceased. 
Lytle, Julia Belle (Mrs. Frank J. Brown), 

5700 Elgin Ave., East End, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Mason, CJoldie Cecelia (Mrs. William H. Barton, Jr.), 

875 West 181st St., New York, N. Y. 
McCreary, Lettie T. (Mrs. Charles C. Miller), 

254 Lebanon Ave., Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

McKee, E. Mae — Teacher 1421 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

McKnigiit, Mary Ella — Principal of Hillsdale School, Dormont ; 

310 Washington Road, Pittsburgh, 16, Pa. 
McWreath, Mary W. (Mrs. Louis F. Valentour), 

228 Third St., McDonald, Pa. 
Melvin, Mary E. (Mrs. C. J. Smith). 

Mercer, Helen — Teacher 627 Main St., Latrobe, Pa. 

Millikex, Edith (Mrs. J. R. Gray). 

Moran, Nora A. (Mrs. Peter Hackett) . .138 Tillman Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Morton, Joan (Airs. Frank Guillard) Saxton, Pa. 

Mulligan, Mary J. (Mrs. John J. Coll), 

5209 Friendship Ave., East End, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Naylor, Eva Leona (Mrs. L. W. Fuller) 1219 East 30th St., Erie, Pa. 

Neary, Anna M. — Deceased. 

Nicholas, Jennie Edith (Mrs. L. H. Anderson), 

R. D. No. 5, Box 109, Indiana, Pa. 

Niebaum, Irene C 214 Amber St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Noble, Sophia — Art Teacher, Jefferson High School, 

101 Lafayette Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Owens, Ethel M. — Teacher 406 North Fourth St., Apollo, Pa. 

Patterson, Jeannette G. — Teacher, Pittsburgh ; Imperial, Pa. 

Pensyl, Georgie (Mrs. J. E. Lister) 1410 Ninth St., Altoona, Pa. 

Petrie, Esther K 48 Division St., Crafton, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Petsch, Augusta B. — Teacher 5918 Elwood St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Pierce, Mary L. (Mrs. Jesse N. Kerr) 409 Young St., New Castle, Pa. 

Porter, Nancy M. (Mrs. Clayton Shannon). 

Ramsay, Helen E. (Mrs. Harry Walter) Wooster, Ohio. 

Rankin, Helen E. (Mrs. Whitman B. Wells), 

Green River Lodge, Greenfield, Mass. 
Robertson, Elizabeth J. — Deceased. 
Rutledge, Laura 

Ryan, Anna M. (Mrs. Starr) Huntingdon, Pa. 

Sagerson, Florence (Mrs. John P. Quinn), 

127 Osborne St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Seanor, E. Blanche — Teacher 814 Coal St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Sexton, James H. — Deceased. 

Sh aney, Olive M. — Teacher Cleveland, Ohio. 

Shyrock, C. Homer — Deceased. 

Sligh, Agnes McConnell (Mrs. James L. Turnbull) — Writer, 

46 Claremont Ave., Maplewood, N. J. 
Smith, Emma C. (Mrs. Walter Neal) — Deceased. 


Spraggon, Ethyl (Mrs. J. J. Gallagher). 

Starr, Kathryn 

Steel, Susan M. — Deceased. 

Sterling, Mary A. (Mrs. P. R. Drylie) Penglyn Place, Irwin, Pa. 

Steuler, Hilda (Mrs. Harry Wolfe). 

Stiver, Walter E R. F. D. No. 2, Rochester Mills, Pa. 

Strayer, Ethel (Mrs. Robert N. Golden), 

Route No. 9, South Blake Road, Minneapolis, Minn. 
Thompson, Anna M. (Mrs. Anna Thompson Waters) — Nurse, 

248 Barron Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Trusal, Jessie E. (Mrs. Jessie E. Johnston)— Clerk Creekside, Pa. 

Van Kirk, Miriam G. (Mrs. Edgar C. Scholl) Box 43, Elizabeth, Pa. 

Wagner, Pearl Edna— Teacher. . 135 North Craig St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Wallace, Mabel (Mrs. Roy Shirey) 810 Warren Ave., Apollo, Pa. 

Wallis, Jean H. (Mrs. Robert Evans). 

Warner, James Paul— Electrical Engineer. .5149 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Wedemyer, Anna B. (Mrs. H. M. Whippo), 

407 Franklin Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Wesner, Eleanor A. — Teacher 724 Somerset St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Wheeler, Edna J. (Mrs. Harry Hackman), 

1035 Broadway, East McKeesport, Pa. 
Whiting, Rita A. 
WiLLETT, Besse R. (Mrs. Fred F. Householder), 

1209 Berwyn St., Akron, Ohio. 
Wilson, Caroline (Mrs. William G. Harding), 

2015 Grand Ave., Des Moines, Iowa. 
Wilson, Helen I. — Deceased. 
ZiMMERS, Mabel — Secretary Eddington, Pa. 

General Art Course 

Glass, Ora B c/o Mr. Fred J. Adams, 3722 Pacific St., Omaha, Nebr. 

Normal Art Course 

Elkin, Olive F. (Mrs. E. K. Zimmerman) — Clerk, 

717 St. Claire Ave., Jeannette, Pa. 
Lamb, Stella D. (Mrs. S. S. Saimsbury). 

Commercial Teachers Training Course 

Best, Ada M. (Mrs. K. W. Reed). 

Bock, George H.— Real Estate 309 South Atlantic Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Brady, Minnie M. — -Teacher, Wilmore ; Box 246, Beaverdale, Pa. 

Brown, Ida H. 

Brown, Jane W. (Mrs. Stephen Kiss). .15481 Greenlawn Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Carmalt, Helen A. — Teacher 5528 Pulaski Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Ferguson, Clara — Teacher 526 Floral Drive, Whittier, Calif. 

Garrett, Henrietta Cook (Mrs. Raymond L. Leety), 

44 Hemphill St., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Hazlett, Mabel A. — Secretary. .4817 Center Ave., East End, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
LocKARD, Boyd — Deceased. 
Syling, Philena G. 
Thompson, Myrtle E. — Teacher R. D. No. 3, Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Piano Course 

Glass, Ora B c/o Mr. Fred J. Adams, 3722 Pacific St.. Omaha, Nebr. 

King, Mary St. Clair (Mrs. James Russell Guard), 

12 Krape Ave., Indiana, Pa. 


Fitzgerald, Teresa 

Galer, Adaline 341 South Highland Ave., Pittsburghj Pa. 

Galer, Ruth 341 South Highland Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Gallagher, Ruth (Mrs. Ruth G. Crawley), 

3527 Beechwood Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Gardner, Edna (Mrs. C. A. Baldridge) Plainfield, N. J. 

Getty, Ross T. — Dentist.. 411 First National Bank Bldg., Port Huron, Mich. 
Gilchrist, Martha (Mrs. F. W. Fabian), 

506 Marshall St., East Lansing, Mich. 
GiLFiLLAN, Alice (Mrs. J. T. K. Smith). 
Gilfillan, Agnes (Mrs. William Burford) — Deceased. 
Golden, Hexen Elizabeth (Mrs. Fred C. Hunter), 

1924 Whitehall St., Allentown, Pa. 

GouGH, Della— Teacher 301 South Jefferson St., Kittanning, Pa. 

Gould, Hazel Marie (Mrs. Hazel G. Neeley) Imperial, Pa. 

Grable, Frances Willard (Mrs. John E. Herman), 

R. D. No. 4, Greensburg, Pa. 

Graham, Ethel (Mrs. Ethel Stewart) Sioux Falls, S. Dak. 

Haberlen, Katharine — Teacher 518 Park Road, Ambridge, Pa. 

Hackman, Martha E. (Mrs. Robert P. Cooley), 

408 Biddle Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Hancox, Edith (Mrs. John M. Fay).... 505 North First St., Titusville, Pa. 
Harvey, Aurelia Kathryn (Mrs. Frank M. Batchelor), 

999 Atlantic Ave., Monaca, Pa. 

Hastie, Zella (Mrs. Ernest Chapman) 28 Wilson Ave., Uniontown, Pa. 

Heckert, Zella J. — Principal 1890 Lincoln Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Henderson, Ethel (Mrs. James Ross).. 928 Maryland Ave., New Castle, Pa. 

HiMLER, Mary Martha — Teacher 10 North Ligonier St., Latrobe, Pa. 

Hodgson, Jennie — Deceased. 

Houston, Nelle (Mrs Charles Nippes) Black Lick, Pa. 

HowLAND, Margaret Belle — Teacher, 

"111 Thirteenth Ave., Juniata, Altoona, Pa. 
James, Elizabeth (Mrs. Seward D. Davis).. 182 Worth St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Johnston, Alice 112 Swissvale Ave., Edgewood Park, Pittsburgh^ Pa. 

Jones, Minnie (Mrs. Willis L. Sumpter) . .1300 Margaret St., Munhall, Pa. 

Jones, Sarah 

Keck, Ruby (Mrs. J. B. McLaughlin) . .707 Whitney Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Keepers, Helen (Mrs. Francis de Sales Welsh) Rossiter, Pa. 

Kintz, Florence (Mrs. C. S. Neiler) 600 Napoleon St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Knepshield, Nelle F. — Building Principal-Teacher, Brackenridge ; 

400 Grant Ave., Leechburg, Pa. 

KuNSELMAN, Neil Tionesta, Pa. 

Kurtz, Leone (Mrs. Leone K. Lossman) — Assistant Supervisor, Department 

of Public Assistance 312 West Mahoning St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Lardin, Maude E. (Mrs. E. M. Refior), 

1203 West Grand River, East Lansing. Mich. 
Lauver, Emily Ruth (Mrs. Emily Fanning Barry) — Educator and Writer, 

578 Briar Cliff Road, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Lewis, Lucille K. (Mrs. Lucille L. Fawell), 

730 Summerlea St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
List, Lillie E. (Mrs Alfred J. Herman), 

104 South Seventh St., Duquesne, Pa. 

Little, Janet (Mrs. J. Walter Banfield) 347 East Pike St., Houston, Pa. 

Livingston, Annabelle (Mrs. William Louis McKerahan), 

5 Terrace View Ave., Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Mackall, Edith (Mrs. Ray H. Fischer) 201 Fourth St., Beaver, Pa. 

Madera, Verna (Mrs. William T. Chappell) East Road, Ingomar, Pa. 


Margiotti, Charles J. — Lawyer (former Attorney Greneral of Pennsylvania), 

720 Grant Bldg., Pittsburgh. Pa. 

Martin, Don A. — Insurance 548 Locust St., Indiana, Pa. 

Martin, Verne (Mrs. Wilburt S. McKee). 
Maxwell, Ruby D. — Teacher, Pittsburgh ; 

Leechburg Road, New Kensington, Pa. 
McCuLLOUGH, Ethel (Mrs. WilHam M. Wallace), 

66 Sampson Ave., Ingram, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

McGee, E. Ruth (Mrs. Daniel Balnier) McGee's Mills, Pa. 

McGee, Ruth Jeannette (Mrs. Ruth M. Harris) — Principal of Elementary 

School Box 187, Dayton, Pa. 

McHenry, Grace (Mrs. C. F. Gleason). 

McKee, Ruth (Mrs. M. C. Leh)....512 South Third Ave., Sterling. Colo. 

McLain, Helen — Deceased. 

McLaughlin, Ernest — Teacher 2474 Hudson Blvd., Jersey City, N. J. 

Meanor, Elizabeth (Mrs. L. B. Garvin) Williamsburg, Pa. 

Means, Mabel (Mrs. William J. Eraser) Eraser, N. Y. 

Meek, Helen F. (Mrs. Helen M. Elwood) — Teacher.. Van Hornesville, N. Y. 

Miller, Zula (Mrs. Zula Miller Henry) Darlington, Pa. 

MiLLiN, Mary (Mrs. Guy R. Smith), 

Box 285, Unity-New Kensington Road. Unity. Pa. 
MooNEY, Carrie (Mrs. J. S. White). 
Mott, Grace — Deceased. 

MouNTAN, J. W. — Carpenter and Contractor R. D. No. 1, Salina, Pa. 

Munshower, Mabel (Mrs. Mabel M. Zehner) — Teacher, 

301 East Wheeling St., Washington, Pa. 
MuTziG, Margaret 
Neville, Tirzah Grace (Mrs. George E. Kallock) — Visitor, Department of 

Public Assistance 1300 Martha St., Pittsburgh, 10, Pa. 

NicHOL, Matilda (Mrs. N. M. Patrick) Commodore, Pa. 

Nix, Ruth 663 Meeker St., Delta, Colo. 

Nixon, Helen L. (Mrs. L. L. Sutton) — Teacher, 

R. D. No. 2, Minerva, Ohio. 
O'Neil, Ruth (Mrs. E. S. Bracken, Jr.).. 1717 Union Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

Opdyke, Twyla (Mrs. Alex K. Simpson) 919 Oak St., Indiana, Pa. 

Owens, Mayme ( Mrs. J. L. Dyer) Curwensville, Pa. 

Pardoe, Nellie — Teacher State Teachers College, California, Pa. 

Petty, Loveda — Deceased. 

Phillips, Verna (Mrs. W. J. Earber). 

Piper, Norma (Mrs. Wesley Pennington), 

1911 Morre'.l St., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Pollock, Matilda (Mrs. Matilda Pollock Howe) — Teacher, Summit Co.; 

Box 147, R. D. No. 2, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. 
Prescott, Effie (Mrs. Isaac Anderson) — Deceased. 
Ramsay, Adelaide (Mrs. Joseph Porter Clarke), 

54 West Shady Drive, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Ramsay, Nellie (Mrs. J. A. Cooper).. 770 West Main St., Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 
Reed, Gertrude (Mrs. J. Howard Houk)..228 South Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Reed, Hulda (Mrs. Walter W. Matson) 64 Pickering St., Brookville, Pa. 

Reed, Ruth (Mrs. F. C. Schipple) — Deceased. 

Rhoads, Stella C. (Mrs. F. S. White) ... .602 Lamar St, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Rice, M. Edna (Mrs. J. H. Hughes) . .1032 Sutherland St., Pittsburgh, 4, Pa. 
Rose, Nelle (Mrs. Nelle R. Reiter) — Teacher, 

117 McMunn Ave., Crafton, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
RuFFNER, Anna (Mrs. W. M. Hysong) — Deceased. 
Salisbury, Edith Isabel (Mrs. John Ray Miller), 

1020 Winterton St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Sankey, Debra (Mrs. E. H. Reed). 

A L U M N I B Y C L A S S E S 91 

ScANLAN, Eleanor (Mrs. Philip J. Hoffmann), 

107 Lucetta St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Schwab, Esther — Deceased. 
Seachrest, Camille (Mrs. Thomas Stephens Pressly), 

700 Island Home Ave., Knoxville, Tenn. 

SnuGERT, Helen — Teacher 65 Borton Ave., Akron, Ohio. 

Simpson, Helen K. (Mrs. .\. W. Wiggins), 

Hillside Home, Clarks Summit, Pa. 
Simpson, Lulu (Mrs. W. P. Burritt) — Teacher, 

726 Arrowhead Ave., San Bernardino, Calif. 
Skelly, Margaret Elizabeth (Mrs. William X. Coley, Jr.), 

3689 Hedrick St., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Smith, Anna Belle (Mrs. A. J. Rush) R. D. No. 1, Avella, Pa. 

Smith, Mabel C. (Mrs. Mabel C. Markert)— Secretary, 

350 Derwyn Road, Lansdowne, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Sparks, Frances Davis — Teacher R. D. No. 2, Connellsville, Pa. 

Spencer, Evelyn M. — Teacher 305 Winter Ave., New Castle, Pa. 

Stackhouse, Sarah Phipps (Mrs. Frank Esch), 

68 Alexander St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Stewart, Helen M. (Mrs. A. C. Goddard) — Teacher, Los Angeles; 

10610 Samoa St., Tujunga, Calif. 
Stewart, Margaret Elizabeth — Principal of Park and Marengo Schools, 

815 Winthrop, Alhambra, Calif. 
Stoner, Ola G. (Mrs. Morris N. Pigman), 

719 Walnut St., Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 
Stull, Arthur Maurer — County Superintendent of Schools, 

30 Akers St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Terpe, Ruth H. — Deceased. 

Thompson, Carrie (Mrs. C. L. Collier) R. D. No. 1, Sarver, Pa. 

Thompson, June (Mrs. Joseph Morrow) Hollywood, Calif. 

Thompson, Myrtle (Mrs. Blythe McCauley). 

Tyler, Alice E. — Teacher 1214 Somerset Ave., Windber, Pa. 

Wagle, Anna Virginia (Mrs. Ralph B. Minke), 

576 North Wilcox Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Waldfogle, Margaret — Deceased. 
Waldschmidt, Dorothea (Mrs. Dorothea W. Black), 

36 Waldorf St., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Wallace, Florence — Teacher, State Teachers College, 

931 Oakland Ave., Indiana, Pa. 
Wassel, Martha L. (Mrs. Joseph C. Faloon), 

237 Charles Ave., New 'Kensington, Pa. 
Wesner, Pauline (Mrs. Raymond McDermit), 

726 Somerset St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Weyman. Alice C. (Mrs. J. Mack Ely), 

5346 Central Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. 

White, Nan Allegheny Ave., Kittanning, Pa. 

WiDDOw'soN, Ruth N. (Mrs. O. J. Nemesh) — Teacher, Milford; 

Harrington, Del. 
Williams, Edith (Mrs. George H. McWherter), 

301 South Ligonier St., Derry, Pa. 
Wilson, Elsie 
WiNEMAN. Katherine — Teacher, South Burrell Twp. ; 

249 South Walnut St., Blairsville, Pa. 
Wolfhope, Mary C. (Mrs. James R. Hayes), 

11 Afton Ave.. Crafton. Pittsburgh, Pa. 
WooDROW, Elva (Mrs. E. S. .SauH — Teacher, 

R. F. D. No. 3, Greensburg. Pa. 

92 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Woodward, Marie (Airs. R. Garfield Coonradt) — Missionary, 

1 Tsi Yang Road, Tsingtai, China. 
Yarnall Margaret (Mrs. Ralston O. Gettemy), 

400 Fourth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Yealy, Lenore — Teacher 403 South Chestnut St., Derr}% Pa. 

Young, Agnes Duff (Mrs. Ralph C. Wright).. 322 Hill St., Sewickley, Pa. 
Young, Orca (Mrs. J. Flower) Vandergrift, Pa. 

General Art Course 

Bell, Lillian (Mrs. Lewis Ross McCauley) Hastings, Pa. 

Brown, J. Willard A Room 200, 49 Pearl St., Hartford, Conn. 

Douglass, Hazel 34 South Ninth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Reitz, Florence C. (Mrs. Fred L. Cooley) — Choir Director, 

121 South Pickering St., Brookville, Pa. 

Normal Art Course 

Atkins, Mary J. (Mrs. Van W. Bennett), 

930 Fourth Ave., Walker's Heights, Elizabeth, Pa. 
Clark, Garnett (Mrs. J. S. Hodi) — Deceased. 
Lacock, Jean Knox — Teacher, 

2141 Perrysville Ave., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
MacLeod, Helen Jean — Secretary, 

1200 Macon Ave., Regent Square, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Nesbit, Janet 
Parker, Mary A. (Mrs. Craig Belk) — Deceased. 

Robertson, Eva M. — Teacher 271 Chandler Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Sutton, Mary A. — Nurse 652 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 

Commercial Course 

Alter, Nelle (Mrs. F. S. White) 1639 Monongahela Ave., Swissvale, Pa. 

Chestnut, Anna (Mrs. L. E. Baughman) — Deceased. 

CoNDRON, Hazel — Stenographer Home, Pa. 

Cook, Carribell — Office Clerk 43 North 12th St., Indiana, Pa. 

Cook, Ida 

Donahue, Margaret (Mrs. T. F. Larkin) . .118 Water St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Fennell, Floyd R. D. No. 4, Greensburg, Pa. 

Fielding, Winifred (Mrs. Fred R. Cooney) — Executive Secretary, 

Community Chest 1011 Delaware Ave., New Castle, Pa. 

Gettemy, Ralston O. — Phvsician 400 Fourth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Gray, Mary (Airs. R. S. Firrell) 1433 Rockland Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Greer, AIaria S. (Mrs. Ralph Turner) . .2521 Braddock Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Long, Agnes M. (Airs. J. O. Lang). 
Markle, Augusta 

Means, Scott Delhi, N. Y. 

Moore, Pruella — Secretary 600 Blanchard St., Osceola Mills, Pa. 

Morrison, Florence (Mrs. H. Keppler). 

Nehring, Harry H. — Insurance and Finance.. 510 Magee Ave., Patton, Pa. 

Pearson, Kathryn (Airs. R. S. McAIanions) — Deceased. 

Redding, Edward J.— Retired 1050 Fifteenth Ave., St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Sheriff, Joseph Windber. Pa. 

SiEMON, Martin Oswald — Dentist 5624 Bryant St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Smith, Earl — Alerchant .. Corner of Locust and Third Sts., Clearfield, Pa. 

Stewart, Joseph Cherry Tree, Pa. 

Tomb, Herman V. — Secretary 424^4 Franklin St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Waroblyak. Ella 900 Chartiers Ave., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Whitehead, Irene R. (Airs. Alalcolm W. Edwards), 

4136 Alain Ave., Ashtabula, Ohio. 


Public School Music Course 

Bell, Lillian (Mrs. Lewis Ross McCauley) Hastings, Pa. 

BoRTZ, Flora 135 West Pitts St., Greensburg, Pa. 

Boucher, Mary (Mrs. Gardner Stoker) — Deceased. 

Cattron, Myltreda E. — Employee of Department of Public Assistance, 

65 East Main St., Sharpsville, Pa. 
Craft, Marie J. 
Dalby, Helen A. (Mrs. Helen D. Doolittle), 

148 Hillside Ave., Naugatuck, Conn. 
Eyster, Charles W. 
Fleitzer, Marcus H. — Sales Manager.. 64 Coolidge St., New Britain, Conn. 

Garinger, Beatrice (Mrs. Herman Moekle) Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Grimes, Lola M. (Mrs. Frank Phifer). 

Hill, Margaret (Mrs. Frederick Lyle Knoblock), 

3748 West St., N.W., Washington. D. C. 

Jamison, Mary (Mrs. Chester Galey) Martins Ferry, Ohio. 

Junker, Dorothy S 2878 Rosecrans Blvd., San Diego, Calif. 

Kershner, Grace W. (Mrs. S. B. Stull) — Choir Director, Sales Lady, 

210 North Sixth St., Olean, N. Y. 

Lydic, Hazel 624 College Ave., Indiana. Pa. 

Mackintosh, Josephine (Mrs. C. R. Springer), 

6412 Aylesboro Ave., East End, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

McCarthy, Frances 2 North 30th St., Camden, N. J. 

McCaulev, Helen (Mrs. W. K. Reed) Brockway. Pa. 

McClaran, I^Iary B. (Mrs. Henry Hazel) 526 Wyonoke Ave., Baltimore, Md. 

Murray, Genevieve — Deceased. 

NiCKLEs, Florence E. (Airs. C. B. McCollough), 

136 Vicksburg Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

NiEL, Mary I. (Mrs. E. S. Perry) Powell, Ohio. 

Parsons, Lydia G. (Mrs. John Reed Hodge), 

5220 Forty-second St., N.E., Washington, D. C. 

Pierce, Mary L. (Mrs. Jesse N. Kerr) 409 Young St., New Castle. Pa. 

Reitz, Florence C. (Mrs. Fred L. Cooley) — Choir Director, 

121 South Pickering St., Brookville, Pa. 
Salsgiver, Mary E. (Mrs. Paul Lewis), 

220 South Seventh St., Indiana, Pa. 

Smith, Olfve B Center St., West Newton. Pa. 

Smith, Thalma (Mrs. H. S. McClune). 

Spring, Isabel (Mrs. Frank Dr>'den) Salisbury. Md. 

Ste\t;ns, Margaret (Mrs. J. F. Mclndoe), 

1019 South Jeflferson St., Roanoke, V'a. 
Treichler, Elma M. (Mrs. W. N. Langworthy). 

Truman, Delia K. (Mrs. Delia T. Freed) — Student, University of Minn., 

2950 River Road, West Minneapolis. Minn. 

CLASS OF 1913 

President Joseph Wilson 

Vice President Gladstone A. Carmalt 

Secretary Ruth Sellers 

Treasurer Margaret McComb 

Historian Mary Alice St. Clair 

Regular (Four- Year) Course 

Adams, Esther Pearl (Mrs. Ralph B. Horner), 

501 Holmes St., Wilkinsburg Pa. 
Best, Ninabelle 527 Eighth St.. Irwin. Pa. 

Blattenberger, Jane Highway Service Station, Ligonier, Pa. 


Campbell, Bess Marie (Mrs. Edward A. Wolfe), 

701 Scott Ave., Jeannette, Pa. 
Campbell, Margaret W. (Mrs. William Lee Smith), 

1350 North Hay worth Ave., Hollywood, Calif. 

Carlson, Jennie M. (Mts. I. L. Anderson) 564 Arch St., Meadville, Pa. 

Carmalt, Gladstone A. — Referee, Workmen's Compensation Board, 

Fifth St., Brookville, Pa. 

Carter, Susan— Teacher 47 Elm St., Elizabeth, N. J. 

Cole, Frances (Mrs. R. E. Vandivort), 

714 East End Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Cowan, Lois — Secretary 470 Teece Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Dingeldein, Frieda Louise (Mrs. Hugh S. Selwitz), 

5826 Fernwood St., West Philadelphia, Pa. 
Fawcett, Marguerite (Mrs. Thomas G. Watson), 

1209 Summitt St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Fulmer, Edith 534 North Main St., Greensburg^ Pa. 

Gerber, Evelyn 
Glunt, Mildred 

Grumbling, Zola G. (Mrs. Richard AI. Hess) Morrisdale, Pa. 

Hamilton, E. Ruth (Mrs. Chester F. McCartney), 

1114 Fifteenth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Harter, Mae C. — Teacher 1013 Seventeenth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Hemphill, Helen (Mrs. J. K. Lovett), 

425 Richwood Ave., Morgantown, W. Va. 

Kidder, Camilla (Mrs. Floyd W. Bathurst) Box 217, North Warren, Pa. 

KoRB, Anna Mae — Teacher 136 East Scribner Ave., DuBois, Pa. 

Lapp, Verna (Mrs. Robert W. Schuette), 

316 Akron Ave., Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Leonard, Leah (Mrs. Leah L. Naugle) — Insurance Broker, 

5523 Ellsworth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Loveday, Pearl Isabel (Mrs. James H. Cross) Market St., Penn, Pa. 

McClelland, Elizabeth — Deceased. 
McCrum, Alice (Mrs. Charles F. Spinning), 

1336 Singer Place, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Murphy, Anna 3556 Beechwood Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Neale, Nelle (Mrs. David Carrick), 

301 Rockland Ave., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Powell, Laura Oil City, Pa , 

Reed, Edna 

Sellers, Ruth (Mrs. Clark W. Wineman)..ll West 34th St., Reading Pa. 

Standish, Alletha — Teacher 335 Lincoln St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Steele, Helen 

Sterling, Eleanor (Mrs. E. T. Edwards) 437 Main St., Latrobe, Pa. 

Webb, 'Ruth (Mrs. G. A. McDowell) Jamestown, Pa. 

Weir, Nelle (Mrs. Nelle W. Miller) ... .1201 Cambria Ave., Windber, Pa. 

Wetzler, Ada (Mrs. Harry L. Kimpel) 88 West Main St., Clarion, Pa. 

Williams, Ora May (Mrs. Albert N. Bailey), 

436 Third Ave., Westmont, Johnstown, Pa. 
YuiLL, Jessie — Deceased. 

Regular (Three- Year) Course 

Adams, George — Funeral Director, 126 South Third St., Catawissa, Pa. 

Allen, Henrietta (Mrs. Fred M. Knapp) . 

Allen, Ruth E. — Restaurant Box 1124, Palm Springs, Calif. 

Allison, Walter — Missionary A. P. Mission, Gwalior, India. 

Angeline. Mildred E. V...95 Poplar Drive, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

A L U M NM B Y C L A S S E S 95 

Ankeny, Arthur W. — Oil Operator and Geologist Owensboro, Ky. 

Armstrong, Verlee Louise — Teacher. .. .1034 Beckford St., New Castle, Pa. 

Bair, Roxella (Mrs. M. G. Morris) 1221 Freeport Road, Tarentum, Pa. 

Baker, Elta 

Beale, Bessie Belle (Mrs. James R. Mclntyre), 

R. D. No. 1, Freeport, Pa. 
Bell, Ada 

Bell, Edna (Mrs. Paul Gill) 725 Chestnut St.. Indiana, Pa. 

Benson, Hildur E. (Mrs. C. O. Bostrom) 506 Fourth St., Braddock, Pa. 

Berkey, Ethel M. (Mrs. Wilbur C. Bell).. 208 Goucher St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Birnie, Mary (Mrs. Richard Victor), 

1025 Chelton Ave., Brookline, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Blyholder, Katherine 

Boardman, Helen (Mrs. William M. Hicks).. 714 Wall Ave., Pitcairn, Pa. 
Boon, Jean (Mrs. A. P. Balchelor). 

Boucher, Agnes (Mrs. Joseph Brown) Lloydell, Pa. 

Bowes, Ethel (Mrs. Donald Dewitt Rait) 612 Tenth St., Oakmont, Pa. 

Brady, Minnie M. — Teacher, Wilmore ; Box 246, Beaverdale, Pa. 

Breitinger, Hazel Alene — Teacher 706 Union St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Bricker, Marion (Mrs. Richard E. Neeld) — Deceased. 

BuRLiNGAME, FLORENCE (Mrs. V. S. Taylor). 

Campbell, Mabel (Mrs. J. J. Schnelli). 

Carr, Ruth 

Carroll, Zata 

Clark, Janet L. (Mrs. Charles Greenwell), 

4015 Rose Hill Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Clarke, Florence (Mrs. Hugh M. Munce) R. D. No. 2, Washington, Pa. 

Cleveland, Helen (Mrs. C. L. Mitchell). 

Clowes, Leslie Owens — Accountant 282 Shenango Blvd., Farrell, Pa. 

Cochran, Mary 

Coe, Lucy (Mrs. Roy E. Beam) 8011 Susquehanna St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Coon, Murray A. — Bank Cashier.. 209 East James St., Homestead Park, Pa. 
Craft, Laura 

Crusan, Ruth 319 Penn Ave., Oakmont, Pa . 

Cunningham, Edna — Teacher, 

1320 Kelton Ave., South Hills, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Cunningham, Hazel (Mrs. J. E. Conlin), 

576 Audubon Ave., Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Daly, Mary A. (Mrs. E. C. Bangert) . . . .216 South Main St., DuBois, Pa. 

Daugherty, Gail (Mrs. J. E. Shiffler) 708 Broadway, Pitcairn, Pa. 

Davies, Berth.\ (Mrs. N. A. Myers) ... .611 Bridge St., Johnsonburg, Pa. 

Davis, Jane (Airs. Karl Kesel) 186 D St.. Johnstown, Pa. 

Davis, Thomas 

Donnelly, Elizabeth (Mrs. Herbert C. Miller) — Deceased. 

Dullard, Marie 3940 Liberty Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Dunbar, Georgina (Mrs. John R. Jacob), 

3248 Pinehurst Ave., Dormont. Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Duncan, Laura Belle — Teacher, Jeannette ;. . .930 Wayne Ave., Indiana, Pa. 
DuNLAP, Martha (Mrs. P. J. Baer), 

945 Tropical Ave., Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
DuRNiNG, Jean — Deceased. 

Duysters, Edna I. (Mrs. John F. Kappel) Wexford, Pa. 

Eakin, Mary Ellen (Mrs. J. Meryl Silk) Ingomar, Pa. 

Edwards, Samuel — Salesman Ebensburg, Pa. 

Englehardt, Margaret Anderson Road, Millvale, Pittsburgh. Pa. 

Faust, Eleanor — Teacher 34 Fortieth St.. Irvington. N. J. 

Fennell. Minnie (Mrs. A. G. Soloman). 
Finkel, Sarah 


Flegal, Virginia (Mrs. Harry P. Martin), 

17114 Kenyon Road, Shaker Square Station, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Fleming, Elsie (Mrs. Elsie F. Younkins) R. D. No. 1, Sarver, Pa. 

Fleming, Hope (Mrs. Murdis J. Treese), 

R. D. No. 2, Box 245 B, Tarentum^ Pa. 
Freeman, Edna (Mrs. Paul T. Bradley) . .4641 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Freund, Elizabeth R. (Mrs. Elizabeth F. Buisker) — Teacher, 

300 Suncrest St., Pittsburgh, 10, Pa. 

Frye, Bertha (Mrs. R. P. Martin) 1170 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 

Fuller, Neva 

Gallagher, Helen (Mrs. Bernard Shaughnessy), 

505 Tenth St., Oakmont, Pa. 
Gardner, Jean (Mrs. George Ashton) . .1448 Franklin Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Gartley, Eva E. — Teacher, Pittsburgh; 160 Wallace Ave., Leechburg, Pa. 

Giammartini, Augusta (Mrs. George B. Little), 

2135 Malvern Road, Myers Park, Charlotte, N. C. 
Giffin, Alberta M. (Mrs. Edward H. Hoak), 

641 Versailles Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 
Gordon, Julia 
Goughnour, Ethel R. (Airs. Samuel F. Powell), 

714 Grove Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
Grabill, Pearl M. (Mrs. C. L. Moore), 

54 Church St., Coopersdale, Johnstown, Pa. 

Graff, John — Physician Detroit, Mich. 

Grant, May P. (Mrs. Floyd Remensnyder), 

434 Avon Drive, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Gratz, Margaretta — Teacher 125 Stewart Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Gray, Ethel W. (Mrs. W. H. Watts), 

915 La Clair St., Regent Square, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Gwyer, Pearl 

Hamill, John C. — Farmer R. D. No. 1, Indiana, Pa. 

Hanna, Agnes S. (Mrs. Robert S. Thompson), 

R. D. No. 1, Box 228, Leechburg, Pa. 
Harkless, John E. — Personnel Director, 

1506 Carnegie Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

Hartzell, Percy C. — Teacher R. D. No. 3, Latrobe, Pa. 

Hast, Myrtle C. (Mrs. P. M. Simpson) 971 Jeflferson Ave., Akron, Ohio. 

Hastings, Gula (Mrs. Hale A. Guss)..519 East 20th St., Northampton, Pa. 

Hawkins, Viola R. — Teacher 208 Fourth St., Aspinwall, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Hazlett, Jane Lillian (Mrs. John W. Price) — Cooperative Supervising 

Teacher, State Teachers College 1126 Oakland Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

Heinze, Elizabeth (Mrs. Elizabeth Broderick) — Elementary Principal, 

1021 Washington St., Farrell, Pa. 
Heinze, Gertrude (Mrs. R. E. Mehler) — Deceased. 
Helman, Mary Marchand (Mrs. Hugh A. Bard), 

216 Maple St., Slippery Rock, Pa. 
Henderson, Nelle (Mrs. Otto Freitag) — Registered Nurse, 

824 Fourteenth St., N.W., Canton, Ohio. 

Henry, Robert H. — Minister Darlington, Pa. 

Hensel, Alma M. — Principal of Rughton School, 

618 State St., Greensburg, Pa. 
Herring, Margery (Mrs. H. D. Adams) — Teacher, 

Star Route, Titusville, Pa. 
Hicks, Gertrude 
Hileman, Gertrude C. (Mrs. John H. Fox) — Grocer, 

1427 Walnut St., Allentown, Pa. 
HixsoN, Norman 
Hoffman, Regina — Teacher R. F. D. No. 2, Bridgeville, Pa. 


Hopkins, Mary Louise (Mrs. Clark C. Pollock) Marion Center, Pa. 

HoRNBAKE, Ruth — Deceased. 

Houston, Florence (Mrs. Clyde W. Byers), 

222 Franklin Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 
HowLAND, Rose F. (Mrs. H. A. Kjellman) — Dealer for Stayform Health 

Garments 803 Boulevard, Juniata, Altoona, Pa, 

Hull, Bertha — Teacher 250 Main St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Irwin, Samuel R. — Manager of Accounting Department, Oakland Tribune, 

4350 Arden Place, Oakland, Calif. 
Jaquish, Hannah (Mrs. Lawrence W. Strong), 

1830 Beech St., McKeesport, Pa. 
Johnstin, Grace Maye (Mrs. A. Bryce Redman), 

1011 Wheaton Ave., Millville, N.J. 

Jones, Margaret — Teacher 1030 Milton Ave., Swissvale, Pa. 

Kahl, Ernest 

Keck, Verle — Teacher 418 Agatha St., Pitcairn, Pa. 

Keener, Josephine Kittanning, Pa. 

Kelly, Mabel (Mrs. Mabel K. Roach) — Teacher, 

12910 Greenwood Ave., Blue Island, 111. 

Kennedy, Mary E. — Teacher R. D. No. 1, Freeport, Pa. 

KiLLEN, Leonia M. (Mrs. John MacCulloch), 

138 South Main St., Homer City, Pa. 

Kinter, Elizabeth H. (Mrs. J. B. Brilhart) R. No. 3, Johnstown, Pa. 

Kirsch, M. Ivo — Teacher 138 Promenade St., Crafton, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Lammel, Virginia — Teacher McClure St., Dravosburg, Pa. 

Langham, Louise (Mrs. J. R. Maloney) . .300 North Ninth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Learn, Blair — Physician Blandburg, Pa. 

Leckey, Hilda (Mrs. Hilda L. Peeling), 

410 North Highland Ave., York, Pa. 
Leech, Blanche (Mrs. Charles A. Kelly), 

310 Eleventh St., Braddock, Pa. 
Lehr, John 

LeVine, Charles — Employee of Sears, Roebuck and Co Miami, Fla. 

Lewis, Paul M. 

LiNDBERG, Ethel (Mrs. Frank Julin) 1922 Meadow St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Lindley, Mary L. (Mrs. Wilbert C. Smith), 

385 Leonard Ave., Washington, Pa. 
Linenbrink, Ruth — Deceased. 

Long, Lillian (Mrs. Lillian L. Ashton) Evans St., Jeannette, Pa. 

LowMAN, Helen (Mrs. William G. Trost) Overbrook, Philadelphia, Pa. 

LowRY, Eleanor D. (Mrs. Clark M. Wimbles), 

502 Northeast 94th St., Miami Shores Village, Fla. 
Luchsinger, Alberta (Mrs. J. S. McKain), 

4954 Perrysville Road, Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
MacIntyre, Janet D. (Mrs. John W. Sutton), 

1172 Brentwood Road, Cleveland Heights, Cleveland, Ohio. 
Mahan, Estherbelle (Mrs. Elmer Jewart) . .212 Mill St., Port Allegany, Pa. 
Marshall, Kathleen (Mrs. R. R. Sutton).. Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Martin, Alice B 110^ Mylan St., Oil City, Pa. 

Martin, Nelle (Mrs. S. W. Rinn), 

Corner Tenth and Philadelphia Sts., Indiana. Pa. 
McBride, Myra Evelyn (Mrs. E. A. Scheffter), 

119 South Bryant Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
McCoMB, Margaret (Mrs. Clifton C. Anderson) — Secretary, 

720 Eleventh St.. N.W.. Washington, D. C. 

McCoRMiCK, Irene (Mrs. G. D. Phillips) 4060 Harrison St., Gary, Ind. 

McCreery, Zn.PHA Belle — Teacher 166 North Spring St., Blairsville, Pa. 

McCreight, Hazel W. (Mrs. William W. Helman) Hannastown. Pa. 


McDermott, Sue — Deceased. 

McEwEN, Mary A. — Teacher, Pittsburgh; 

3550 Poplar St., Castle Shannon, Pa. 
McGlumphy, Laura (Mrs. James Duncan Orr), 

Brooklawn Drive, Short Hills, N. J. 

McHenrv, Ferne— Teacher 628 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 

McLaughlin, Dorothea (Mrs. Charles A. Miller), 

354 Penn Ave., Leechburg, Pa. 
Meason, Nelle (Mrs. J. L. Webb). 
Miller, Mary C. (Mrs. J. G. Carruthers), 

306 Bessemer Ave., Grove City, Pa. 

Milligan, Marie — Teacher 5 Alfred St., Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Mills, Bertha M. (Mrs. Bertha M. Evans), 

332 Hancock Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 
Mollenauer, Adella M. (Mrs. Adella W. Brower) — Teacher, 

1620 Fifty-first St., St. Petersburg, Fla. 

MooRE, Effa Dora — Teacher, Kittanning ; Cowansville, Pa. 

Morrow, Mamie — Clerk 312 West Fourth St., Oil City, Pa. 

MuNRO, Jennie 217 Welsh Ave., Wilmerding, Pa. 

Neal, Florence (Mrs. Todd R. Boden) . . Saltsburg Road, Indiana, Pa. 

Nemon, Lillian (Mrs. Wayne A. Hatfield) . .253 Mill St., Westwood, N. J. 
Nevin, Alma (Mrs. C. A. Woods) 

Newlands, Elizabeth 1415 West Erie Ave., Lorain, Ohio. 

OusBY, Elizabeth (Mrs. Howard C. Black), 

316 Woodland Road, Sewickley, Pa. 

Park, Ethel M. — Teacher 419 Chandler Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Patterson, Ossie M. (Mrs. William H. Newbaker), 

518 Holmes St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Pfordt, Eleanore — Teacher 136 Ashby Road, Upper Darby, Pa. 

PicKELS, Edna (Mrs. A. H. Copeland), 

54 Hoodridge Drive, Pittsburgh, 16, Pa. 
Pollock, Lillie L. (Mrs. Judson W. Kilby), 

105 A Grant Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 
Porter, Eva (Mrs. Walter McGhee), 

44 Steuben St., Crafton, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Powell, Gwendolin 
Prosser, Sarah (Mrs. Walter Hershey Sheffield), 

"Seal Place," West Chester, Pa. 
Rankin, Clara (Mrs. Harry Bennett) . .145 South Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 
Ray, N. Dewitt — Vice President and Secretary, The Indiana Printing and 

Publishing Company 46 North Tenth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Ray, Jane A. (Mrs. William M. Carlin) — Substitute Teacher, 

1411 North St. Clair St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Remmy, Louellen 226 Irving Ave., Latrobe, Pa. 

Rhoan, Edna May (Mrs. Edna R. Coon). 

506 Ninth St., Juniata, Altoona, Pa. 
RiBBLETT, Minnie B. (Mrs. Foster B. Snowden), 

234 North Second St., Jeannette, Pa. 
Richey, Lucile (Mrs. Guy Paden Gamble), 

1407 Library Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 
RiTTER, Edith (Mrs. J. C. Jack). 
Robertson, Frances (Mrs. T. S. Rowland), 

233 Fairfield Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
Roller, June M. — Teacher ... 407 Hutchinson Ave., Edgewood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Rose, Marie (Mrs. Foster B. Ashe) Miami University, Coral Gables Fla. 

RuGH, Verna (Mrs. F. L. Fowler).. 541 East Washington St., Indiana, Pa. 
RuoFF, Hazel L. — Teacher 154 East Boston, Youngstown, Ohio. 


Russell, Berth a Louella (Mrs. J. Shan Martin), 

351 McKinley St., Gary, Ind. 
Sbarsky, Elizabeth 
ScHAEFER, Frances Ethel (Mrs. Louis A. Sheehan), 

400 South St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Scholl, Allieann (Mrs. Allieann S. Maxwell). 

Sefton, Grace M. (Mrs. Louis Henry Mayer, Jr.) — Costume Recital Book- 
ings "Miramont," No. 5, Johnstown, Pa. 

Seibert, Mary Louise (Mrs. Chester E. Albert), 

85J/2 Osborne St., Johnstown, Pa. 

S"HiCK, Raymond — Printer 296 Oak St., Indiana, Pa. 

Shoff, Iris 110 Freeport Road, Tarentum, Pa. 

Shryock, Clara M. — Assistant Superintendent of Cambria County Schools, 

Wilmore, Pa. 
Simpson, Vera Amy — Teacher, Laboratory and Demonstration School, 

State Teachers College, Indiana ; Penn Run, Pa. 

Sloan, Cynthia (Mrs. J. Clyde Stayer) . .1618 Moore St., Huntingdon, Pa. 

Smith, William E. 

Smitten, Edna Leila — Teacher, Dormont ; 

3065 Delwood Ave., Pittsburgh, 16, Pa. 
Sprankle, Belle (Mrs. Russell Chapman) — Registered Nurse, 

85 Brown Place, Jersey City, N. J. 

Sprowls, Hannah R. (Mrs. H. L. Martin) R. D. No. 1, Hickory, Pa. 

Spryer, Helen G. — Teacher 5118 Liberty Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

St. Clair, Mary Alice — Cooperative Supervising Teacher, State Teachers 

College 935 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Stage, Bertha A. — Teacher 4 West Fourth St., Clearfield, Pa. 

Steetle, Helen (Mrs. Thomas D. Thomas), 

Helvetia, R. D. No. 1, DuBois, Pa. 

Stewart, Catherine Elizabeth (Mrs. Gordon Francis) Sagamore, Pa. 

Stewart, Edna (Mrs. Edna Stewart Straub), 

523 Highland Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Stewart, Paul D. — Insurance Agent 640 Clark Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

Stoke, (Jrace N. — Teacher 10 Wright Place, Scarsdale, N. Y. 

Stonbraker, Mary Gaynelle (Mrs. John R. Campbell), 

P. O. Box 4, Indiana, Pa. 

Stroble, Elizabeth R. — Teacher 1524 Portland Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Stutzman, Mary L. — Teacher 710 Coleman Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Swan, James S.— Dentist 3023 French St., Erie, Pa. 

Thistlethwaite, Ina (Mrs. Allen D. Gray), 

15 West Third St., Oil City, Pa. 
Thistlethwaite, Lucie (Mrs. C. Clinton Morris), 

Box 74, Bentleyville, Pa. 
Titterington, Clyde 

Trader, Jean (Mrs. Arthur J. Russell) 955 Water St., Indiana. Pa. 

Trimble, Harvey McCormick — Professor, Agricultural and Mechanical 

College 1517 West Fourth St., Stillwater, Okla. 

Varley, Ruby (Mrs. W. O. McConnell) — Teacher, 

635 Addison St., Washington, Pa. 

Veil, Margaret (Mrs. Margaret Veil James) Hoover sville, Pa. 

Vero, Marian E. (Mrs. Karl B. Weber), 

114 Montana St., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
VoGELEY, Caroline (Mrs. Harrv E. Tunstall), 

3741 Eighty-fifth St., Jackson Heights, Long Island, N. Y. 

Waddle, Della Ruth (Mrs. Haupt Bower) Tunnelton, Pa. 

Wagner, Margaret Louise (Mrs. H. C. Naser), 

R. D. No. 1, Foster Road, McKeesport, Pa. 
Wagner, Romayne (Mrs. J. H. Sexton) — Deceased. 


Walker, Bertha (Mrs. F, L. Baughman). 

Walker, Lenore Jefferson St., Latrobe, Pa. 

Wallace, Minnie (Mrs. Clyde Dodds) — Deceased. 
Weeklan, Bertha 

Weinel, Etta 579 Franklin St., Freeport, Pa . 

Wertz, Minnie 208 Eastern Ave., Aspinwall, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Wiggins, Ruth 709 South Aiken Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Wilson, Florence Erma (Mrs. F. M. Wood), 

506 East Moody Ave., New Castle, Pa. 
Wilson, Joseph — Deceased. 
Wilson, May Olive (Mrs. Olive W. Crouse) — Department of Public 

Assistance R. D. No. 3, Greensburg, Pa. 

Wolff, Martha S. — Teacher 726 Agnew Road, Pittsburgh, 10, Pa. 

Wood, Gail — General Contractor Brave, Pa . 

Young, Sara (Mrs. A. M. Baldinger) Clinton, Pa. 

Zehner, Maude (Mrs. Richard Hotham), 

108 South Fairmont St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Zener, Ada 

Bookkeeping Course 

Allison, George E. — Mine Superintendent Graceton, Pa. 

Gallagher, Orville 

HouK, Ruth (Mrs. Norman Means) 1009 Broadway St., Missoula, Mont. 

Little, Edward 

Rogers, Oscar 

Roth, Henry 

Thompson, John 

WiDDOWsoN, Gaye — Deceased. 

Williams, Clyde T. — Merchant 705 Clark St., HoUidaysburg, Pa. 

Commercial Teachers Training Course 

Alabran, Dora 112 West Weber Ave., DuBois, Pa . 

Alter, Nelle (Mrs. F. S. White).. 1639 Monongahela Ave., Swissvale, Pa. 

Beatty, R. C Punxsutawney, Pa . 

Brady, J. Roland — Assistant to President, Lawyers Title Co., 

307 Birch Ave., Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Brauchler, Anna — Secretary 307 Hawthorne St., Greensburg, Pa. 

Brickell, Howard — Deceased. 

Donnelly, Joseph A. — Time Keeper 723 Spring St., Latrobe, Pa. 

EcKENRODE, Vera (Mrs. E. P. Kelly), 

6944 Mt. Vernon St., Homewood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Hamill, Mabel F. — Deceased. 

HuLTBERG, Edith 127 Penn Ave., Warren, Pa. 

Kany, Julius 

Leonard, Ruth M. (Mrs. Robert W. Hutton), 40 Cornell Ave., Massena, N. Y. 

McCuE, Blanche (Mrs. Christy Keefe) — Deceased. 

Plante, Florence Gertrude — Barr's Insurance, 

1025 West Third St., Oil City, Pa. 
Quinette, Alfred H. — Teacher. .. .3420 Glenwood Ave., Youngstown, Ohio. 
Rockefeller, Helen (Mrs. S. L. Stroh), 

1302 North Front St.. Sunbury, Pa. 

Wolfe, Sara C. (Mrs. J. M. Baylor) R. D. No. 1, Indiana, Pa. 

Woodward, Clyde — Salesman 1127 School St., Indiana, Pa. 

Shorthand Course 

Brant, Luella (Mrs. A. M. Glessner) 597 East Main St., Somerset, Pa. 

Gallagher, Orville 

Morrison, Florence (Mrs. H. Keppler). 

A L U M XI BY C L A S S E S 101 

Piano Course 

Algeo, Ethel (Mrs. Edward Evans), 

3410 Massachusetts Ave., North Side, Pittshurgh, Pa. 
Berkey, Hilda O. — Teacher, Waynesburg College, 

440 South Atlantic Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Brown, Jean 
NicKLES, Florence E. (Mrs. C. B. McCollough), 

136 Vicksburg Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Shaffer, Mamie Lodge (Mrs. E. R. Clark) Big Run, Pa. 

Spring, Isabel (Mrs. Frank Dryden) Salisbury, Md. 

Stryker, Mary Janet (Mrs. Henry Waddell Conner), 

1507 Camden Ave., Salisbury, Md. 
Wheeler, Marion 
Wood, Lucy T. (Mrs. John Sedlacek), 

3617 Park View Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Public School Music Course 

Berkey, Florence M. (Mrs. Arch W. Nance), 

440 South Atlantic Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Chubbuck, Leah Monroetown, Pa . 

Dana, Marjorie 

Duncan, Mary G. (Mrs. Mary D. Curran) . .1308 Cambria Ave., Windber, Pa. 

Earnest, Bess (Mrs. Charles Carnahan) St. Petersburg, Fla. 

FoRCEY, Helen (Mrs. W. J. Evans) New Stanton, Pa. 

Foster, Guy — Salesman 1425 Dormont Ave., Dormont, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

GoFF, Helen B 204 Singer St., Johnstown, Pa . 

Graber, Sarah Helen — (Mrs. R. C. Niemeier), 

3709 Perrysville Ave., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Jones, Hilda (Mrs. A. D. Reynolds) R. F. D. No. 1, Saegertown, Pa. 

Reitz, Ruth R. (Mrs. M. L. Hanagriff), 

1582 Cambridge Blvd., Columbus, Ohio. 
Schade, Mary 
Seanor, Virginia (Mrs. Virginia S. Unangst), 

106 South Primrose St., Alhambra, Calif. 

Smale, Romaine Kathryn (Mrs. Howard Holes) Cherry Tree, Pa. 

Wheeler, Marion 

Wood, Lucy T. (Mrs. John Sedlacek), 

3617 Park View Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Organ Course 

Brown. Jean 

Spring, Isabel (Mrs. Frank Dryden) Salisbury, Md. 

Vocal Course 

Pierce, Mary L. (Mrs. Jesse N. Kerr).... 409 Young St.. New Castle, Pa. 

Special Course 

BoYL, M. Genevieve 
Ruterbaugh, Mary Olive — Deceased. 
Compton, Frank — Deceased. 
Costa, Virgillio 

Gushing, Bess — Teacher Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Itturalde, Frank Sagua La Grande, Sagua La Grande, Cuba. 

Karnes, James 


Rasco, Emilio 

Yarnall, Margaret (Mrs. Ralston O. Gettemy), 

400 Fourth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1914 

President C. Homer Laudenslager 

Vice President Howard Kring , 

Secretary Lulu Irene Esson 

Treasurer Daisy B. Zelt 

Historian Jane Bell 

Regular Course 

Adams, Wilda (Mrs. J. C. Deal) — Deceased. 

Applegate, Florence W. — Principal, Newmyer School, Swissvale ; • 

1911 Flagler St., McKeesport, Pa. 
Bailey, Kathleen Virginia (Mrs. J. Ross Foust), 

226 Mitinger Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 
Bell, Jane (Mrs. Judson B. Plotner), 

2804 Crosby Ave., Dormont, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Benson, Jennie (Mrs. Fred W. Lundin) — Executive Director, Department 

of Public Assistance 478 Brussells St., St. Marys, Pa. 

Blackmon, Alma H. — State Superintendent of Matron Service Project, 

W. P. A 28 Park Ave., DuBois, Pa. 

Blose, Rachel R. — Teacher, Jeannette ; 114 Park St., Greensburg, Pa. 

BossiCK, Mary 

Bostock, Alice (Mrs. Alice B. Wright) — Teacher, Knoxville ; 

400 Greene St., Homestead Park, Pa. 

Braham, Audene (Mrs. Donald E. McKenzie) Seneca, Pa. 

Broderick, Marian (Mrs. Marian B. O'Donnell) — Hostess, 

No. 1 Derry Dell, 305i/< Market St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Brosious, Sarah K. — Principal of Elementary School, 

142 Market St., Sunbury, Pa. 

Brown, J. Willard A Room 200, 49 Pearl St., Hartford, Conn. 

Burke, Alice S. — Bookkeeper and Secretary, 

821 Heberton Ave.. Pittsburgh. Pa. 
Caldwell, Attie Gertrude (Mrs. Richard T. Lantz), 

State St., Curwensville, Pa. 

Campbell, Ethel 610 Newton Ave., N.W., Canton, Ohio. 

Cherry, Maria 

Clark, Eleanor M. (Mrs. Clifford Edmundson), 

607 Thirteenth Ave.. Munhall, Pa. 
Crusan, Mary (Mrs. Mary I. Beers) — Retail Coal Dealer, 

R. D. No. 1, Wilkinsburg. Pa. 

Dickie, Bess (Mrs. James Meehan) Brush Valley, Pa. 

Diehl, Flora (Mrs. Flora D. Smith) Blairsville. Pa. 

DiNSMORE, Gertrude (Mrs. W. J. Sutter), 

808 East Mahoning St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
DoNCASTER, Artic (Mrs. Otto Swartz) . .1961 Mahantongo St., Pottsville. Pa. 
DuNLAP, Margaret (Mrs. Gordon G. Blass), 

81 Walgrove ^.ve., Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. 

Eberle, Alma M.— Teacher 314 Second Ave.. Altoona. Pa. 

EisEMAN, Florence 

Elkin, Hazel (Mrs. R. B. Maxwell) . .122 North Portage Path, Akron, Ohio. 

Erhard, Mary — Deceased. 

EsHBAUGH, Gettie (Mrs. H. C. Burkett) 3520 Beech St., Erie, Pa. 

Esson, Lulu Irene (Mrs. Lulu E. Horst) — Teacher, 

3819 Hiawatha St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

A L U M N I B Y C L A S S E S 103 

Francies, Sara — Teacher 356 South Aiken Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Fry, Dana Alice — Teacher 433 Broadway Extension, Carnegie, Pa. 

Gaixaher, Lyn (Mrs. Gerald F. Wallace) — Substitute Teacher, 

313 East Locust St., Clearfield, Pa. 

Garman, Lorene — Teacher 530 Main St., Berlin, Pa. 

GiBB, Martha (Mrs. A. Sharp) Munhall, Pa. 

GiEG, Emma M. — Principal, Miller School. .. .1314 Second Ave., Altoona, Pa. 
GiNEVAN, Hazel (Mrs. Hazel G. Gallatin). 

GoonwiN, Margaret (Mrs. Steele Barnhart) . .10 La Salle Ave., Trenton, N. J. 
Hallam, Florence (Mrs. Florence H. Reed) — Teacher, 

412 Leonard Ave., Washington. Pa. 

Hanson, Emily (Mrs. D. J. Crocker) Box 284, Bentleyville. Pa. 

Hardy, Frances 1339 Main St., Sharpsburg. Pa. 

Harsha, Curtis 

Hetterly, Ruth E. (Mrs. J. C. Gleichert) . .316 Walton Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Hill, Martha (Mrs. Ralph W. Waring).. 700 Vickroy Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Hoyt, Juanita — Teacher 108 Second St., Philipsburg, Pa. 

Hugus, Jemima — Deceased. 

Jackson, Marion (Mrs. W. E. Lutz) 125 Biddle St., Warren, Pa. 

Johnson, Clara W. (Mrs. C. Hoquin Josephson) — Bookkeeper, 

506 North Kerr St., Titusville, Pa. 

Jones, Katharine — Teacher 812 South Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Jones, Ruth ( Mrs. Ruth J. Gray) Munhall, Pa. 

Kappel, Margaret (Mrs. Louis Keilberg), 

114 East Littlewood St., Etna, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Kennedy, Penelope 102 Church St., Brookville, Pa. 

KiER, Genevieve (Mrs. J. E. Dondna), 

North Main Street Extension, Washington^ Pa. 

Kirk, Mary K 122 North Fourth St., Philipsburg, Pa. 

Kring, Howard — Deceased. 

Lange, Helen (Mrs. George A. Spies), 

633 Belleview Blvd., Steubenville, Ohio. 

Lantz, Vera (Mrs. Harry Beacham) 801 Fifty-sixth St., Altoona, Pa. 

Laudenslager, C. Homer — Salesman, 

3431 North Illinois St., Indianapolis, Ind. 
Laughlin, Gertrude (Mrs. Charles Quinn). 
Leech, Mildred J. (Mrs. Robert M. Carson), 

510 Alexander St., Greensburg. Pa. 
LoHR, Frances (Mrs. Frances L. Davis). 

Lutman, Lily — Teacher 1325 Sixth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Mann, Pearle (Mrs. Harry E. Croasmun), 

204 North Perm St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Mason, Mabel Jane (Mrs. Mabel M. Quail) — Girl's Counselor, Junior High 

School 1458 Jiroch St., Muskegon. Mich. 

Matthews, Earl 

McCann, Cecelia — Teacher 235 Ebensburg Road, Johnstown, Pa. 

McCarthy. Julia Oil City, Pa. 

McCrum, Roberta (Mrs. David Rogers), 

Waldheim Road, Aspinwall, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
McFeaters, E. Marguerite (Mrs. Howard S. Carroll, Sr.), 

428 North Broadway, New Philadelphia, Ohio. 
McGee, Angela (Mrs. Ralph E. Campbell) — Deceased. 
McGiNiTY, Mary R. (Mrs. P. J. Byrne), 

529 East Pittsburgh St., Greensburg, Pa. 

McQuiSTON, Marguerite L. — Teacher Thompson Bldg., Carnegie, Pa. 

Montgomery, Edith W. (Mrs. J. Arthur Johnson), 

14 Maple Ave., Hasson Heights, Oil City, Pa. 

104 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

NicoLLS, Alice M. — Elementary Supervisor, Farrell Public Schools, 

118 South Irvine St., Sharon, Pa. 
O'Hare, Marie (Mrs. Louis G. Hehman), 

2228 Coventry Road, Cleveland Heights, Cleveland, Ohio. 
Parkins, Henrietta (Mrs. Robert D. Vey) — Hotel Operator, 

Venango Inn, Venango, Pa. 
PiTCHFORD, Flora (Mrs. J. M. Rosen).. 1306 Hillman St., Long Beach, Calif. 
PiTZER, Clara (Mrs. C. H. Coates). 

Pope, Eva H. — Music and Art Supervisor 7545 Ardmore St., Swissvale, Pa. 

Ralston, Blanche Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Renard, Amanda D. (Mrs. Harold S. Johnson), 

18 Highfield Lane, Rutherford, N. J. 

Rodgers, Leona (Mrs. John H. Wolf) 72 Moreland Ave., Paoli, Pa. 

Rovf, Ellen (Mrs. B. Earl Shirey) 3 Turnpike Road, Clearfield, Pa. 

Rush, Mildred 

Saltsman, Marion (Mrs. H. O. Henderson), 

424 (jrand St., Morgantown, W. Va. 
ScHAFFNER, Fayetta (Mrs. Fayetta S. Kendall) — Teacher, 

93 King Ave., Columbus, Ohio. 
Scott, Mabel 

Sembower, Elizabeth — Teacher 121 Grant St., Uniontown, Pa. 

Shanahan, Adelaide (Mrs. William J. Lamb) — Teacher, 

2945 Perrysville Ave., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Sheehan, Rosemary — Vice Principal, Woodrow Wilson Junior High School, 

1302 South Denver, Tulsa, Okla. 
Sheridan, Mary C. (Mrs. James A. Dunn), 

736 North West 45th St., Miami, Fla. 
SiGWORTH, Alice 

Sisley, Helen M. — Teacher 2004 Oak Hill Ave., Youngstown, Ohio. 

SjODEN, LiLLiE V. (Mrs. G. E. DeMille), 

1014 West Third St., Pomona, Calif. 
Skewis, Amelia (Mrs. Howard Carothers), 

♦ Lincoln Highway, McKeesport, Pa. 

Slonaker, Grace 221 Spring St., Blairsville, Pa. 

Small, Phyllis E. (Mrs. Fred J. Wolf), 

422 Juniata St., HoUidaysburg. Pa. 
Smith, Elsie Jane (Mrs. Harry M. W. Low), 

3900 Greystone Ave., New York, N. Y. 
Snyder, Jennie A. (Mrs. Wiilian: J. Menk), 

4122 Murray Ave., Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Statler, Ruth (Mrs. E. D. Moore) 4544 North Hazel Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Steinke, Mabel (Mrs. H. M. McElhaney) — Deceased. 

Stoner, Rachel L. (Mrs. Frank E. Walker) . .741 Main St., Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Stonesipher, Flo E 419 Weldon St., Latrobe, Pa. 

Stouppe, Mary (Mrs. Mary S. Brown). 

Strickler, Helen M. — Teacher 312 Mulberry St., Scottdale, Pa. 

Stuchell, Paul E. — Principal of Mclntyre Schools Mclntyre, Pa. 

Swan, June — Deceased. 

Thomas, Olive Pearl (Mrs. W. L. Hays) Wind Ridge, Pa. 

Thompson, Leona M. (Mrs. R. R. Stormer), 

1599 West First St., Oil City, Pa. 

Wagner, Grace 408 Euclid Ave., Dravosburg, Pa. 

Waigand, G. Emma 

Walters, Grace Irene (Mrs. Harold C. Wright) — Deceased. 

Warnick, Lucretia 

Weaver, Margaret C. (Mrs. J. M. Scoville), 

2539 West 33rd Ave., Denver, Colo. 


Weinman, Marguerite (Mrs. Alvin B. Gray), 

1106 Perin Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Welty, Margaret (Mrs. T, S. Cubbison) . .442 Sheridan Ave., New Castle, Pa. 
Wentz, Helen Elizabeth (Mrs, Helen Wentz Tomb), 

315 North Eighth St., Indiana, Pa, 

Wesley, Helen (Mrs. Gerald C. Briggs) . . . .319 Blair St., Bellwood, Pa. 

Weston, Imogene (Mrs. E. A. Reams) Osceolo Mills, Pa. 

White, Anna E 1511 Sixth Ave., Juniata, Altoona, Pa. 

Whyte, Kathryn a. — Teacher 557 Highland Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Wilson, Esther J. — Teacher 2010 Seventh Ave.. Altoona, Pa. 

Wilson, Florence J. (Mrs. William K. Eichert), 

229 Hutchinson Ave., Canonsburg, Pa. 

Wilson, Mabel Rosemoor Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Winter, Esther Katherine (Mrs. J. A. Partington), 

225 Cornell Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Young, Florence May — Teacher 19 Cedar Ave., Box 194, Warren, Pa. 

Zelt, Daisy B. — Teacher 108 East Hallam Ave., Washington, Pa. 

General Art Course 

Be.\tty, Anna 

Sins, Lena 1923 Brighton Road, North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Normal Art Course 

Carr, Helen 

McCreary, Alice — Deceased. 

Pfordt, Eleanore — Teacher 136 Ashby Road, Upper Darby, Pa. 

Simpson, Vera A. (Mrs. Greer Miller) 1623 Shady Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Yarnall, Margaret (Mrs. Ralston O. Gettemy), 

400 Fourth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Commercial Course 

Allgood, Samuel 

Allison, Edwin — Accountant, Westinghouse. . . .324 Pitt St.. Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Burgi, Mabelle Emma (Mrs. Clarence E. Marshall) — Assistant Secretary- 
Office Manager, Schneen-Wagner Studios, 

410 Crestline Place, Youngstown, Ohio. 

Campbell, J. E. — Manager, Storage Ice and Supply, 

255 South Seventh St.. Indiana. Pa. 

Carmalt, Gladys 

Faust, Eleanora — Teacher 34 Fortieth St., Irvington, N. J. 

Forry, Ruth (Mrs. Ruth F. Kissane). 

Hilliard, Margaret 

Houston, Stella (Mrs. Raymond Treuil), 

610 St. James St., Montreal, Canada. 

Johnston, F. Perry — Bank Cashier, 

1671 Hillsdale Ave., Dormont, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Kessler, Sara (Mrs. Ben Grossman) — N. Y. A. Co-ordinator for Cuyahoga 
County Relief Bureau. .10404 Brighton Road, Bratenahl, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Lattimer, Nannie E. — Stenographer. .524 Graffius Ave., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

MacDonald, Eleonore 

McDevttt, Hazel (Mrs. E. G. Gillispie) 608 Pine St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Meneely, J. Roy — Manager, McQuown Auto Co., 

915 East Mahoning St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Mewherter, Roxie W. (Mrs. E. J. Smola) . .436 Welsh Ave., Wilmerding, Pa. 

Miller, Ida S. 

Myers, Howard R. — Dairying R. D. No. 3, Shelocta, Pa. 

106 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Ramsay, Edith (Mrs. D. J. Hotchkiss), 

6 Promenade St., Crafton, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Rhule, Amy A. (Mrs. Charles E. Woodring) Port Matilda, Pa. 

Sackett, Marion B. (Mrs. E. H. Feldus), 

269 East 23Sth St., New York, N. Y. 

Shick, Raymond — Printer 296 Oak St., Indiana, Pa. 

TooHEY, William J. — Assistant Trust Officer, Union Bank and Trust Co., 

1604 Millard St., Bethlehem, Pa. 

Gray, Walter 
Jenkins, Dorothy 

Organ Coarse 

Piano Course 

Black, Laura J. (Mrs. J. R. Howe). 
Buchanan, Edith (Mrs. Gilbert Wolfenden), 

Indian Springs Road, Indiana, Pa, 

Keeper, Lydia E. (Mrs. Frank Haley) Pauline, N. J. 

LiNDEMAN, Marie (Mrs. James W. Gould) Saltsburg, Pa. 

Zeitler, Lucile E. (Mrs. Lucile Z. Holme), 

213 South Penn St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Public School Music Coarse 

Black, Laura J. (Mrs. J. R. Howe). 
BossART, Virginia Ross — Teacher, 

3794 Berkeley Road, Cleveland Heights, Cleveland, Ohio. 
BosT, Clarissa (Mrs. Albert Nichol) — Teacher, 

Brierly Heights, Homestead, Pa. 
Buchanan, Edith (Mrs. Gilbert Wolfenden), 

Indian Springs Road, Indiana, Pa. 
Christman, Zilpha F. (Mrs. E. B. Osier), 

53 Lincoln Ave., Crafton, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Chubbuck, Leah Monroeton, Pa. 

Foster, Mary Erma (Mrs. Marv Foster Holbrook), 

' 1620 Xewton St., N. E., Washington, D. C. 
Gray, Walter 
HoLTZ, Ruth E. 
Jenkins, Dorothy 

Keeper, Lydia E. (Mrs. Frank Haley) Pauline, N. J. 

Long, La Vara (Mrs. John Strouse) . . . .525 Fifth Ave., New Kensington^ Pa. 

LuTZ, Mildred M 249 Mitchell Ave., Clairton, Pa. 

Miller, M. Lois (Mrs. Samuel Harper). 
Phillips, Eunice C. 

Pope, Anna AI. (Mrs. C. J. Wilson) Wilmington, Pa. 

Remmy, Louellen 226 Irving Ave., Latrobe, Pa. 

Robinson, Ethel E. (Mrs. Miles Hubbard), 

104 South Wells St., Sistersville, W. Va. 
Roller, Verona Grace, 407 West Hutchinson Ave., Edgewood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Shoff, Iris 110 Freeport Road, Tarentum Pa. 

Shrimp, B. Elizabeth (Mrs. Elizabeth S. Gilmore) — Voice Teacher and 

Choir Director 40 West Burrell St., Blairsville, Pa. 

Smith, Sara Katrine— Secretary'. .242 North Michael St., St. Marys, Pa. 

Starr, Mary E East Liverpool, Ohio. 

Treible, Helen M. (Mrs. George B. Finn) 29 Grow Ave., Montrose, Pa. 

A L U M X 1 E Y C L A S S E S 107 

Voice Course 

Jamison, Mary (Mrs. Chester Galey) Martins Ferry, Ohio. 

Jenkins, Dorothy 

Keefer, Lydia E. (Mrs. Frank Haley) Pauline, X. J, 

Remmy, Louellen 226 Irving Ave., Latrobe, Pa. 

Robinson, Ethel E. (Mrs. Miles Hubbard), 

104 South Wells St., Sistersville, W. Va. 
Shoff, Iris 110 Freeport Road, Tarentum, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1915 

President William D. Markel 

Vice President Clarence Fleck 

Secretary Maryalice Watson 

Treasurer L. Louise Grant 

Historian Gladys M. Swift 

Regrular Course 

Alls house, Gr-\ce — Teacher, Clairton ; Shelocta, Pa. 

Alter, Isabellk Xorth St., Springdale, Pa. 

Amment. Bess M. (Mrs. Clyde Yockey) R. D. Xo. 1, Apollo, Pa. 

Anderson, Adaline — Deceased. 

Andrews, V. Lucile (Mrs. Harvey T. Klumb), 

130 Burlington Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 

Ankeny, Roy H. — Teacher Xorth Second St., Apollo, Pa, 

Armstrong, Rvth Gladys (Mrs. Frank A. Banks), 

255 Charles Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 
AuKERMAN, Dorothy (Mrs. Howard H. Fleck), 

911 Howard Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Barthol, Gertrude 1 5875 Aylesboro St., East End, Pittsbiirgh, Pa. 

Bellman, Anna E. (Mrs. C. E. Conner), 

201 Argonne Drive, X'ew Kensington, Pa. 
BELLM.A.N, Jenny C. — Teacher. .. .257 Freeport Road. X^ew Kensington, Pa. 
Bennett, Ada May (Mrs. Creston A. Clark). 

1214 Penn Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Besselm.^n, Gertrude (Mrs. William L. Dailey). 

1016 Vance Ave., Coraopolis, Pa. 

Beswick, Lois (Mrs. Lois B. Hall) 435 Cavitt Ave., Trafford, Pa, 

Bisel, Grace R. — Librarian 705 Isabella Road, Connellsville, Pa. 

Bleasby, E. Irene (Mrs. A. M. Smith). 
Braden. Verd.a. — Deceased. 

Brady, Cl.\ra M. (Mrs. L. S. Wells) Brookdale Farms, Home, Pa. 

Brisbine, Ruth I. (Mrs. John C. Xorton). 

1119 Summitt St.. McKeesport, Pa. 

Bromeach. Therese H. (Mrs. J. S. Lloyd) Riverside Heights, Verona, Pa. 

Brown, Oltve E. (Mrs. F. A. Franklin), 

1721 Winthrop Lane, Birmingham, Mich. 
Brown, Ruth M. (Mrs. Alvin B. Crawford). 

65 Hoodridge Drive, Pittsburgh, 16, Pa. 
Bry?on. Sara M.\rtha (Mrs. S. Holmes Yealy), 

413 South Ligonier St.. Derry, Pa. 

Buchanan, Ruth Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 

BuRTsnELD. Zelah M. (Mrs. Paul Lindberg) . .159 F St., Johnstown, Pa, 
Campbell, Mabel Luella (Mrs. W. S. Smilev) — Kennel Owner, 

Box 131. Woodville. Pa. 
Church, Helen O. (Mrs. Robert McCov, Jr.). 

2023 East 14th St., Tulsa, Okla. 

108 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Clark, Alba June (Mrs. J. M. Patterson) . .388 Hawley St., Rochester, N. Y. 

Clowes, Marie — Teacher Youngstown, Ohio. 

Cover, Edith Esther (Mrs. Edith C. Shaffer), 

Picatinnj^ Arsenal, Dover, N. J. 
Cowan, H. Gladys (Mrs. Edwin P. Hudson), 

938 Highland Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 

Cowan, M. Corrine — Teacher Tarrs, Pa. 

Crusan, Tillie 

Crytzer, Lillian (Mrs. W. V. Hunter) . .1016 Maple St., Natrona Heights, Pa. 

Cunningham, Ruth E. (Mrs. Paul A. Huesken) — Visitor, Department of 

Public Assistance 214 East Apple St., Connellsville, Pa. 

Dale, Mary (Mrs. Paul Collins) Rock Rapids, Iowa. 

Daly, Margaret G. — Teacher 530 West Walnut St., Titusville, Pa. 

Daugherty, Della 1003 Church St., Indiana, Pa. 

Davies, Margaret E. (Mrs. William Walker), 

700 California Ave., Avalon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Davis, Elvira M. (Mrs. M. E. Goetz) 601 Hall St., Aliquippa, Pa. 

Davis, Grace A. (Mrs. Robert McCurry) Box 232, Burnham, Pa. 

Davis, Grace M. — Deceased. 

Davis, Lucille A. (Mrs. John D. Files).... P. O. Box 203, Philipsburg, Pa. 

Del Torchio, Ida (Mrs. Louis M. Reuter), 419 North Third St., Jeannette, Pa. 

Dennen, M. Elizabeth — Teacher 912 Fawcett Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

DivEN, Marie — Deceased. 

Douthitt, M. Ella 

Drewes, Irene W. (Mrs. Henry H. Fulton), 

454 Alexander St., San Fernando, Calif. 
Edwards, Martha (Mrs. W. S. Chapin), 

129 East Crawford St., Ebensburg, Pa. 

Engle, Grace Rochester, Pa. 

Evans, Fanny (Mrs. Charles W. Baird) — Teacher, 

710 Jefiferson Drive, Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Evans, Ruth Arnold (Mrs. Robert P. Aikman), R. D. No. 3, Homer City. Pa. 

EwENS, Ethel M Los Angeles. Calif. 

Falls, Wilhelmena — Deceased. 

Faust, Winifred (Mrs. Claud Stevens) — Manager, 

Hotel Central, Perth Amboy, N. J. 
Feick, Marie D. (Airs. Jack Fife) — Fashion Office, Joseph Home Co.. 

919 Malvern Road, Avalon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Ferguson, Gladys (Mrs. William J. Wigsten), 

1005 South Main St., Horseheads, N.. Y. 

Fireman, Jean I. (Mrs. Paul Green) Rochester. N. Y. 

Fisher, Kathryn L. — Deceased. 
Fleck, Frieda (Mrs. Robert Lockard), 

1924 Lake Shore Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Flegal, Margaret 11203 Ashbury Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 

France, Zureta (Mrs. Dale Timber lake) . .East Pike, Route 422, Indiana, Pa. 
Gamble, Mildred — Supervisor of Intermediate Grades, State Teachers College, 

Clarion, Pa. 

Garrety, Rose Marie — Teacher 2407 Seventh Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Getty, Mary E. (Mrs. Nathaniel Nesbitt) Tunnelton, Pa. 

GiAMMARTiNi, Adele M. (Mrs. Carl F. Bauer, Jr.), 

3827 Brighton Road, North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Gilchrist, Mary Ann — Teacher 642 Glynn Court, Detroit, Mich. 

GiLLEN, Vera (Mrs. Frank E. Murphy) . .231 Tremont Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 

Gleason, Marjorie (Mrs. George A. McDonald). 

Good, Della Louise (Mrs. Richard B. Prunty) — Teacher, Camden; 

416 West End Ave., Haddonfield, N. J. 


Gordon, Helen (Mrs. Helen G. Frew) — Secretary, 

501 Surf St., Chicago. 111. 
Graff, Frances (Mrs. Joseph J. LaRoche), 

7062 Kelly St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Grant, L. Louise (Mrs. Fred W. St. Clair), 

124 South Seventh St., Indiana, Pa. 
Greenwood, Leah M. (Mrs. J. E. Forry), 

1015 Fordham Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Griffith, Alice Mullen (Mrs. H. S. Daniel) Louisa, Va. 

Hamilton, Mary R. F. D. No. 2, Parnassus, Pa. 

Hartsock, Helen G. (Mrs. N. J. MacLeod) — Principal of Sunshine School, 

Don Ce-Sar Place, Pass-A-Grille Beach, Fla. 
Hawley, Genevheve (Mrs. F. R. Ross). 

208 Charles Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 

Hemple, Iva Zetta— Teacher 1015 Chislett St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Henry, Mazie Gertrude (Airs. Charles C. Laughlin), 

369 New York Ave., Wilson, Pa. 
HiGGON, Anna (Mrs. Willis Vanderlip) . .1213 West First St., Elmira, N. Y. 
Hileman, Alma M. (Mrs. O. W. Post), 

2252 Westmont Ave., Pittsburgh, 10, Pa. 
Hill, Elizabeth, (Mrs. O. W. Parker), 

1020 Stanton Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 
Hill, Margaret A. (Mrs. Joseph A. Shelby), 

1701 North LeClaire Ave., Chicago, 111. 

HoGAN, Margaret Georgetown, Pa . 

Holmes, Georgene (Mrs. Grant Morton) — Secretary, 

248 North Franklin St.. Washington, Pa. 
Holmes, Margarf.t M. (Mrs. Margaret H. Burns) — Teacher, 

Claysville, Pa. 
HoLQUiST, Helen (Mrs. Warren E. Longshore), 

202 East Oak St., Orrville, Ohio. 
Hommel, Margaret J. (Mrs. Joseph A. Guthrie), 

242 Dilworth St., Mt. Washington, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Howland. Ruth — Teacher, Sewickley ; 

111 Thirteenth Ave., Juniata, Altoona, Pa. 
Hunter, Helen M. (Mrs. Helen H. Fleck). 

Huston, Harry R. — Physician R. R. No. 7, Dayton, Ohio. 

Jeffries, Beatrice L. — Teacher, Bellevue ; 

827 Chester Ave., Avalon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Jenkins, Ruth (Mrs. H. Upton Yeater)..1104 Fry Ave., Hagerstown, Md. 

Kamp. Julia F. (Mrs. W. H. Alderson) Indiana Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Kaplan. Esther (Mrs. Louis Wechsler) 5545 Beacon St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Keifer, Beryl (Mrs. L. S. Patton). 

1732 Tyler St., Sheffield Terrace, Aliquippa, Pa. 

Kelly, Louise 827 South Braddock Ave., Swissvale, Pa. 

Kerr. Hannah — Deceased. 

KiEFER, Erma (Mrs. Merrill Elliott), 

300 Spruce St., Hollidaysburg, Pa. 

Kline, Leona 1239 Washington St., Indiana, Pa . 

Kremer, Minnie (Mrs. Harry A. Westerman), 

1101 Kenneth Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 
Kronk, Jessie Mae (Mrs. Thomas C. Muse) . .253 Fourth St.. Beaver, Pa. 
LaMere, M. Ruth — Deceased. 

Landymore. Jessie Louise (Mrs. Robert G. Springer) . .West Newton, Pa. 
Lapsley, Helen (Mrs. Irvin S. Glasser) — Executive Secretary, American 

Red Cross, Indiana County 115 North Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Lindberg, Lily (Mrs. Charles A. Chaney) — Deceased. 


Lloyd, Mary A. (Mrs. Mary Lloyd Maneely), 

1015 Fleming St., Coraopolis, Pa. 
LocKARD, Roberta I. (Mrs. George L. Wanner), 

1000 Jackman Ave., Avalon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Logan, Zella M. (Mrs. Frank E. Wilson) R. D. No. 4, Butler, Pa. 

London, Ray A. 

Long, Grace V. (Mrs. Ray L. Prior).. 260 Wardman Road, Kenmore, N. Y. 

Long, Myrtle M Los Angeles, Calif. 

LoNGWiLL, Mary B. — Teacher, Swissvale; 

112 Harlow St., Edgewood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Maclay, Margaret N. (Mrs. Ralph H. Rhodes), 

647 West Fourth St., Lewistown, Pa. 

Marcus, Frieda (Mrs. Albert Callet) 78 South Lake Ave., Troy, N. Y. 

Markel, William D.— Lawyer 943 East Brady St., Butler, Pa. 

McCloskey, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. Frank Burns), 

250 Vine St., Johnstown, Pa. 


McCoy, Zeta 

McCray, L. Hazel Corry, Pa. 

McCuE, Mercedes (Mrs. Ralph Leach), 

205 Western Ave., Aspinwall, Pittsburgh. Pa. 
McCuRDY, Irene (Mrs. James L. Potts), 

1347 Marlowe Ave., Lakewood, Ohio. 

McGrew, Alberta (Mrs. Robert J. Brocker) Box 72, Irwin, Pa. 

McMeekin, Marguerite L. (Mrs. J. Alexander Zehner), 

Perry Highway, Perrysville, Pa. 
McNamara, Margaret (Mrs. Charles L. Galbreath), 

274 Vaughn St., Johnstown, Pa. 
McNary, Emily J. (Mrs. C. P. Leety), 

7129 Hermitage St., Homewood, Pittsburgh. Pa. 
McNelis, Bernadette (Mrs. C. J. Wyrough), 

633 Beverly Road, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Metz, Hazel (Mrs. H. E. Petrie) Roulette, Pa. 

Meyers, Elsie K. (Mrs. Elsie M. Sheetz) — Teacher, 

542 Sherwood Ave., Pittsburgh, 4, Pa. 
Miller, Mary Emily (Mrs. William B. Hartley), 

4404 Jefferson St., Munhall, Pa. 
MooRE, Florence 
Moore, Helen G. (Mrs. Ralph B. Salt), 

1 Mountainview Terrace, Westfield, N. J. 

Morgart, Jessie M. — Teacher 665 Park Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Morrow; Margaret M. (Mrs. A. W. Sampson) — Principal, Morrow School, 

Penn Township R. D. No. 1, Box 240, Wilkinsburg. Pa. 

Mottarn, Zella M. (Mrs. W. C. Fitzgerald) R. D. No. 5, Indiana, Pa. 

Myers, J. Paul — Rural Letter Carrier Box 269, St. Helens, Oregon. 

Naser, Elizabeth Box 422, East McKeesport, Pa. 

Neuf, Marie A. (Mrs. Ray W. Reckard), 

31 Division St., Crafton. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Nevins, Mae— Teacher 428 East Walnut St., Titusville, Pa. 

O'Donnell, Mildred 428 West Penn St., Butler, Pa. 

O'Neill, Margaret Teresa (Mrs. Milton C. Kohler), 

333 Tioga St.. Johnstown, Pa. 
Orwig, a. Ruth (Mrs. Thurrell H. Williamson) — Assistant Librarian, 

7046 North Paulina St.. Chicago. 111. 
Ottoson, Edith 

Park, Vera A. — Teacher> 419 Chandler Ave., Johnstown. Pa. 

Paterick, Elizabeth Allison (Mrs. John J. Brazill), 

Box 176, Hastings, Pa. 


Patterson, Margaret S. (Mrs. Guy E. Thompson) Alexandria, Pa. 

Petted, Claude Harry — Supervising Principal of Port Vue Boro Schools, 

813 Romine Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 
Pettigrew, Mildred L. H. (Mrs. Paul Judson), 

241 North Center St., Baldv^rin Park, Calif. 
Pforsich, Hazel (Mrs. R. C. Hughes) ... .R. D. No. 2, Turtle Creek, Pa. 

Piper, F. Elizabeth — Teacher 4733 Center Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Plane, Mary 

Powers, Loretta West Walnut St., Titusville, Pa. 

Priddy, Virginia 

QuiNN, Grace H. (Mrs. J. C. Tully) 552 Grove Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Rahn, Emily M. (Mrs. L. W. Shultz), 

P. O. Box 121, Island Park, Northumberland, Pa. 

Randall, Vera (Mrs. Carl Douglass) Box 331, Indiana, Pa. 

Ray, Eleie C. — Chief Metallurgist. .1729 Barr Ave., Crafton, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Reed, Clare R. (Mrs. H. G. Raymond) 725 Fourth St., Oakmont, Pa. 

Reese, Ernest 

Regester, Ruth (Mrs. Harry Brinton) — Supervisor of Social Work, 

1035 Adams St., New Castle, Pa. 

Repine, Helen M. — Teacher 171 Burrell St., Blairsville, Pa. 

RiGBY, Lelia B. (Mrs. Lelia R. Tucker). 
RiTCHEY, Ruth K. (Mrs. A. C. Brice), 

502 South Juliana St., Bedford, Pa. 

Robertson, Ida — Teacher .'..Parkwood Manor Apt., Upper Darby, Pa. 

Robinson, Inez (Mrs. E. M. Miller). 

Robinson, Margery (Mrs. James L. Henderson), 

446 South Main St., Zelienople, Pa. 

RoBisoN, Emma (Mrs. William Tarr) R. D. No. 1, Leechburg, Pa. 

Rogers, Anna (Mrs. Orla A. Imlav), 

3000 Alberta St., Homestead Park, Pa. 

RossiTER, Ruth M. (Mrs. Donald D. Harkness) Watkins Glenn, N. Y. 

Sauer, Lillian 1836 Spring Garden Ave., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Saul, Marie A. — Principal, Greenfield-Logan Schools, 

3611 Massachusetts Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Saxman, Isabel (Mrs. Joseph I. Steele), 

291 Colonial Drive, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh,, Pa. 
Schaller, Lena L. (Mrs. Lena S. Rodgers), 

R. F. D. No. 1, New Kensington, Pa. 
Schwab, Ruth I. (Mrs. David A. Hendershaw), 

3500 Perrysville Ave., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Seibert, Margaret (Mrs. Robert J. Alclntyre), 

575 Princeton Blvd., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Seyler, Nellie L. (Mrs. John W. Jamison) — Teacher. .McClellandtown, Pa. 

Shoff, Dorothy (Mrs. Leon S. Marshall) New Wilmington, Pa. 

Shuster, Florence (Mrs. Willard C. Bissell) — Teacher, 

924 North Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Shuster, Olive (Mrs. V. E. Lane) East Freedom, Pa. 

Simmons, Alice Pearl (Mrs. E. G. Beiersdorfer), 

Corner Second Street and Clay Ave., Jeannette, Pa. 
Smith, Gladys Muriel (Mrs. Warren C. Foster), 

c/o Charles Lauver, Duncannon, Pa. 
Smith, Gladys R. (Mrs. C. W. Wilson), 

216 Virginia Ave., Aspinwall, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Smith, Pauline Alice (Mrs. Harry F. Morrow), 

407 Hillview St., Duquesne, Pa. 

Stage, Lida (Mrs. Robert E. Sunderland) 39 Ridley Ave., Aldan. Pa. 

Stephens, Hazel — Teacher 2106 Columbia Ave., Swissvale, Pa. 

Stephens, Mabel Brownlee — Teacher.. 814 Fourth St., North Braddnck, Pa. 


Stucki, Wilmina Marguerite (Mrs. Richard P. Wyant), 

2812 Walnut St., McKeesport, Pa. 
Stumpf, Claudia — Deceased. 

Swift, Gladys M. (Mrs. Gladys S. Cause) — Deceased. 
Terpe, Frank — Office Manager, Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co., 

96 Columbia Court, Barberton, Ohio. 
Thomas, Ruth 
Unger, Frank J. B. — Chemical Engineer, 

3033 West Boulevard, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Varner, Edith M McVeytown, Pa. 

Vero, Manola M. (Mrs. Herbert M. Cole). 
Vogeley, a. Louise — Teacher, Mt. Lebanon ; 

2831 Louisiana Ave., South Hjlls, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Walker, Anna Gladys (Mrs. Frank Hugill) . .2013 S. Xanthers, Tulsa, Okla. 
Wallace, Margaretta 

Walsh, Cecelia B. (Mrs. A. C. Clouse) 406 Third St., Butler, Pa. 

Walter, Helen M. (Mrs. W. E. Schaffer), 

1089 Redondo Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Walters, Jane (Mrs. Robert W. Luippold), 

5734 Seventh Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Watson, Maryalice (Mrs. Glenn H. Ferguson), 

7511 Hutchinson Ave., Swissvale, Pa. 
Weamer, Alpha (Mrs. R. S. Colton) — Deceased. 

Weaver, Ralph — Bank Cashier 800 Main St., Windber, Pa. 

Whetstone, Emily B. (Mrs. C. N. Gould), 

838 Fronheiser St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Whiston, Walter C. 

White, Mary (Mrs. F. C. Hoffman) — Deceased. 
White, Sarah Ellen (Mrs. Sarah W. Home) — Teacher, 

36 Cherry St., Brookville, Pa. 

Whitledge, Bentley — Teacher 157 Wilson Ave., Prichard, Ala. 

Williams, Myfanwy (Mrs. John A. McNeill), 

311 Englewood Ave., New Castle, Pa. 
WiNEMAN, Myrtle Q. (Mrs. W^ C. Segmiller), 

1054 Corporation St., Beaver, Pa. 
WiNEMAN, Sara C. — Teacher, Greensburg ; 

1054 Corporation St., Beaver, Pa. 
Winters, Hazel C. 

WoY, Magdalene (Mrs. John Fluck) Somerset, Pa. 

Wright, Kathryn Regina (Mrs. Henry Francis Bailey), 

224 Fourth St., McDonald, Pa. 
Wright, Marie 

Young, Grace — Teacher 403 South Chestnut St., Derry, Pa. 

Young, Ruth A. — Teacher 629 Somerset St., Johnstown, Pa. 

General Art Course 

Hawthorne, Paul Webster — Commercial Artist, 

592 School St., Belmont, Mass. 
Lumsden, Mae Jean (Mrs. J. A. Eisenhart), 

385 Argonne Drive, Kenmore, N. Y. 

Normal Art Coarse 

Carr, Helen 

Christie, Mercedes (Mrs. R. M. Hamilton), 

R. F. D. No. 1, Hilton Village, Va. 
Robertson, Ida— Teacher Parkwood Manor Apt., Upper Darbv, Pa. 


Weamer, Alpha (Mrs. R. S. Colton) — Deceased. 
WiDDOwsoN, Mary (Mrs. Mary Widdowson Speicher), 

1217 Second Ave., Ashland, Wis. 

College Preparatory Course 

Calloway, Marion M York Lynne Manor, Merion Station, Pa. 

Daugherty, Della 1003 Church St., Indiana, Pa . 

Daughertv, Howard 

St. Clair, Fred C. — Broker 21 Carey Place, Jamestown, N. Y. 

Commercial Teachers Training Course 

Allgood, Dan J. — General Accounting Office, U. S. Government, 

2718 Ontario Road, N.W., Washington, D. C. 
Chamberlix, Wilma Elizabeth (Mrs. R. Dean Williams), 

219 Park Ave., Ridgway, Pa. 
Donahey, Grace V. (Mrs. Luther Tyger)..New Alex Road, Greensburg, Pa. 
EscH, Mary L. — Registrar, State Teachers College, 

399 South Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 
Ferrier, Mary Lila (Mrs. D. Clair Freedline), 

441 South Seventh St., Indiana, Pa. 
HiNES, Edgar E. — Postal Service, 

R. D. No. 2, Cherry Lane, Johnstown, Pa. 
Laughlin, Margaret E. (Mrs. James Howard McCormack), 

615 Willow St., Springdale, Pa. 

LeVine, Rosalind (Mrs. Mac Arkin) 520 Stratford Place, Chicago, 111. 

McLean, Dorothy J. (Mrs. Walter Freeto) — Social Service Technician, 

305 North Oak Park Ave., Oak Park, 111. 
Miller, Calvin B. — Deceased. 
Peterman, Walter D. — Manager, Pennsylvania Liquor Store, 

634 Maple St.. Indiana, Pa. 

Plotzer, Margaret T. — Secretary 134 North Fifth St.. Indiana, Pa. 

Ryan, Agnes M. (Mrs. F. L. Bliss) 22 Charlotte Ave., Bradford, Pa. 

Sheriff, Thomas D. — Credit Alanager, 

306 South Homewood Ave., East End, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Shultz, Margaret (Mrs. A. W. Deirt). 

Smith, LuVara M. (Mrs. George Carner)..540 Halcomb Ave., Clairton, Pa. 
Sunderland, Robert Earl — Teacher, Philadelphia; 

39 Ridley Ave., Aldan, Pa. 

Piano Course 

Gallagher, Ida Rebecca (Mrs. Ernest Mack) New Florence, Pa. 

HoLTZ, Ruth E. 

Public School Music Course 

BiTNER, Olh-e Regina (Mrs. Charles R. Fausold), 

R. D. No. 1, Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 
Bradley, Charles M. — Deceased. 
Bricker, Henrietta (Mrs. R. J. Home). 

Brindle, Janet I. (Mrs. William M. Sweigart) Belleville, Pa. 

Burke, Margaret D. (Mrs. Edward Curtis) — Teacher, 

26 Forsyth Place, Newburgh. N. Y. 
Campbell, Frank B. 
Carroll, Hazel O. (Mrs. Homer E. Kimmel). 

17 South Fourth St., Youngwood, Pa. 
Clark, Irene Audrie (Mrs. Lewis W. Gillette), 

665 McCully St., South Hills, Pittsburgh, Pa. 


Gallagher, Ida Rebecca (Mrs. Ernest Mack) New Florence, Pa. 

Gang, Myra C. (Mrs. P. H. Kerr). 
Hamilton, Gretchen (Airs. B. H. Hays). 

Kennedy, Helen Rochester, N. Y. 

Shrimp, B. Elizabeth (Mrs. Elizabeth S. Gilmer e)— Voice Teacher and 

Choir Director 40 West Burrell St., Blairsville, Pa. 

Wade, Lucile 

Wilson, Mary A Saltsburg, Pa. 

Violin Course 

Sims, Diantha — Deceased. 

Vocal Course 

Holtz, Ruth E. 

CLASS OF 1916 

President Wilmer H. Brickley 

Vice President Lillian Rae Bevan 

Secretary Joy Douglass 

Treasurer Horace H. Trimble 

Historian Caroline Isabel Ewing 

Regular Course 

Abele, Ethel M. (Mrs. George H. Archbold), 

2627 Post St., Jacksonville, Fla. 

Albert, Ethel (Mrs. W. R. Tench) Box 374, Leechburg, Pa. 

Allison, Marion E. (Mrs. Marion A. Abell) — Teacher, 

116 South Tenth St., Indiana, Pa. 
Altemus, Mary Margaret — Principal of Osborne School, 

114 Dibert St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Ament, Margaret (Mrs. Howard T. Morris), 

1645 Memorial Drive, Dormont, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Amsden, Marie — Secretary in Welfare Department of County, 

6 Chapel St., Cuba. N. Y. 

Anderson, Austin Parker — Merchant 946 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 

Anderson, Lillian J. (Mrs. J. Charles Davis), 

229 Grace Ave., Canonsburg, Pa. 
Andrews, Marion Elizabeth (Mrs. W. C. Falls), 

220 Edgewood Ave., New Castle, Pa. 
Arnold, Lotta Lenore (Mrs. Paul G. Thompson), 

239 Dravo Ave., Beaver, Pa. 
Baker, Florence (Mrs. Herman Haase, Jr.), 

15 Kensington Circle, Uniontown, Pa. 
Bennett, Nellie Ethel (Mrs. Herman S. Burlingame), 

661 West Smith St., Corry, Pa. 

Betchart, Eva Mayview Road, Bridgeville, Pa. 

Bevan, Lillian Rae 

BiLGER, Annella (Mrs. Marshall C. Musser), 

306 West College Ave., State College, Pa. 
Blackburn, Alta Jane (Mrs. William A. McGrew), 

R. D. No. 1, Irwin, Pa. 
Blankenbuehler, Elizabeth C. (Mrs. H. S. Meredith), 

423 Marne Ave., Monongahela, Pa. 

Blough, Verda K. (Mrs. J. L. Kipp) R. D. No. 2, Hooversville, Pa. 

Bluciier, Claribel (Mrs. Claribel B. Foster) R. D. No. 2, Volant, Pa. 

Blucher, Laura M. — Teacher 141 East Moody Ave., New Castle, Pa. 


Boucher, Ruth L. (Mrs. Robert P. Scullin) Beaverdale, Pa. 

Bowman, Hazel G. (Mrs. Hazel B. Parkes)..R. D. No. 2, McDonald, Pa. 
Bretch, Frederica L. (Mrs. John Murray)— Deceased. 

Brickley, Marion F 761 Quebec St., N.W., Washington, D. C. 

Brickley, Wilmer H. — Deceased. 

Brown, Katheryn R. (Mrs. H. L. Rodkey), 

806 Mahoning St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Buckley, Ula M.— Teacher 302 North Second St., Jeannette, Pa. 

BuRKHARD, Agnes K. (Mrs. Frank Bach), 

R. D. No. 5, Box 34, J St., Edgewood, Johnstown, Pa. 

Bushyager, Hazel F. — Teacher 516 Harrison Ave., Jeannette, Pa. 

Campbell, Elizabeth Maye — Teacher, Pittsburgh ; 

228 Hastings Ave., Oakdale, Pa. 
Campbell, Mary S. (Mrs. Harry R, Kelley), 

240 South Chester Ave., Pasadena, Calif. 

Carlson, Helen E. — Teacher 513 North Second St., Titus ville, Pa. 

Carlson, Jeannette F.-^Teacher 323 West Oak St., Titusville, Pa. 

Carnahan, Elizabeth (Mrs. Emerson Fenton), 

1040 Carnahan Ave., South Hills, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Clemenson, Glenni H. — Supervising Principal Shippenville. Pa. 

Cochrane, Elizabeth Gertrude (Mrs. J. G. McCormick), 

823 Broad Ave., Belle Vernon, Pa. 

CoLviN, Flora H 1217 Sixteenth St., Altoona, Pa. 

CoNNAiR, Kathleen M. — Teacher 55 South Irvine Ave., Sharon Pa. 

Conway, Mary I. (Mrs. T. F. Sheehan) State St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Cook, Wilda J. — City Social Worker Brookline Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Coon, Florence Myrtle (Mrs. William S. McConnaughy), 

6369 Ebdy St., Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Corey, Joseph Z. — Renting Manager, 420 Lexington Ave., New York ; 

434 North Fulton Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 
Coy, Ruth (Mrs. William Stivison) . .1334 West Church St., Indiana, Pa. 
Cravener, Constance E. (Mrs. G. Russell Collmer) — Returned Missionary 

from Central America 228 Maple Ave., Box 174, North Hills, Pa. 

Crawford, Esther Jane (Mrs. Walter J. Teats), 

47 South Harrison Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Crawford, Harry Lee — Minister 311 Kennedy Ave., Duquesne, Pa. 

Creehan, Margaret V. (Mrs. John A. Mahony, Jr). 
CuLLis, Ellen Magee (Mrs. Erwin O. Brummund), 

1600 West Third St.. Oil City, Pa. 
Davis, Dorothea I. 
Diener, Mary — Deceased. 
Donahue, Margaret (Mrs. T. F. Larkin), 

118 Water St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Double, Mary Alma — Teacher 7215 Thomas Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Douglass, Joy (Mrs. Richard E. Robinson), 

3413 River Road, Harrisburg, Pa. 
DuBarry, Juliette T. (Mrs. C. S. Mej^er), 

1355 Terrace Drive, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Duncan, Harry A. — Teacher 425 Union Ave., Kittanning, Pa. 

DuNMiRE, Mary P. (Mrs. R. J. Runk), 

214 West Oliver Ave., Duquesne, Pa. 
Elliott, Edna M. 
England, Esther A. (Mrs. J. Edward Johns) — Insurance Agency, 

401 First National Bank Bldg., Massillon, Ohio. 

Evans, Rebecca (Mrs. James C. Williams) Big Run, Pa. 

Evens, Mary E. (Mrs. W. M. Thompson), 

121 Irwin Ave., Ben Avon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 


EwiNG, Caroline Isabel (Mrs. J. Archibald Jacob), 

1310 Pleasant Ave., Wellsburg, W. Va. 
Fennell, Cora M. — Deceased. 
Ferguson, Mary Alma (Mrs. R. R. Householder) . .Box 9, Black Lick, Pa. 

FiNNEGAN, Rose M 116 Oak St., Conemaugh, Pa. 

Firestone, Lillian (Mrs. William Lehrich), 

7712 Bay Parkway, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
FiTT, Edna Florence (Mrs. James L. Leventry), 

541 Coleman Ave., Johnstowrn, Pa. 

Fleming, Vernor M Barberton, Ohio. 

Foster, Guy— Salesman 1425 Dormont Ave., Dormont, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

France, Marie (Mrs. Robert F. Mitchell) 489 College Ave., Beaver, Pa. 

Frazier, Georgiana Alberta (Mrs. C. E. Winger), 

1100 Grant St., Indiana, Pa. 

Froyd, Edna C. — Elementary Principal 218 Walnut St., Clearfield, Pa. 

Furman, Frederica (Mrs. Henry J. Litsey), 

305 Orchard Lane, Edgeworth, Sewickley, Pa. 

Galbraith, Beatrice L. (Mrs. C. L. Thompson) Endeavor, Pa. 

Garson, Grace A. (Mrs. Don H. Getty) ..33 North Tenth St., Indiana, Pa. 
Garvin, Blanche D. — Cooperative Supervisor, State Teachers College, 

Slippery Rock ; 814 Lincoln Way, McKeesport, Pa. 

Getty, Wayne McCune — Merchant 53 Byrer Ave., Uniontown, Pa. 

Geus, Anna Marie L. (Mrs. Lawrence J. Kirsch), 

Crawford Ave., Spangler, Pa. 

Gaines, Max 1827 East 24th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Glover, Ada (Mrs. Ada G. Bryson) R. D. No. 1, Uniontown, Pa. 

Green, Martha Jane (Mrs. Martha Jane Kennedy) — Teacher, 

1110 Ridge Ave., Sharpsville, Pa. 
Green, Ruth M. (Mrs. George M. Valsing), 

9 Burnside Ave., Bradford, Pa. 
Griffith, Mary C. (Mrs. W. C. Monteverde) . .219 Roup St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Griffiths, Anna Mabel 

Grove, Helen Swoope — Teacher 312 Second Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Groves, Helen P. 

Grumbling, Ethel Sarah (Mrs. Russell R. Custer), 

c/o Post Office Department, Johnstown, Pa. 
Haag, Margaret Magdalene (Mrs. Frank E. Dill), 

509 East State St., Salamanca, N. Y. 
Haines, Marian F. 

Hamilton, Edna Louise (Mrs. William Christenson) Plumville, Pa. 

Hanlon, Margaret Patterson (Mrs. Walter M. Eckbreth), 

1108 Chess St., Monongahela, Pa. 

Hardy, Hazel L. — Teacher 1005 Evans St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Harrison, George 

Hartman, M. Alma (Mrs. J. Harry Fry), 

212 West Church St., Ligonier. Pa. 
Hass, Jessie Irene (Mrs. Harold H. Day), 

1504 Bailey Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

Hawkins, Neonetta S. (Mrs. Harry B. Morton) Millsboro, Pa. 

Henderson, Frances W. (Mrs. Ralph R. Humrickhouse), 

3366 Avalon Road, Shaker Heights, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Hepler, Dorothy C. — Teacher 505 Washington Ave., Carnegie, Pa. 

Hessin, Erla (Mrs. Ralph Lee Talbot), 

511 Marsh Road, North Hills, Wilmington, Del. 
Hilbert, Iowna Ruth (Mrs. Herbert D. Kindle), 

2600 Quail Ave., Altoona, Pa. 
Hoffman, Margaret Marie (Mrs. Cyril S. Linder), 

1529 South J St., Elwood, Ind. 


HoGUE, Martha M. (Mrs. C. W. Harding), 

2622 Walnut St., Camp Hill, Pa. 
HooN, Bessie E. 
HoRGAN, Margaret M. 

HoRNE, Edith C Greensburc Pa. 

Hunter, Beatrice J. (Mrs. Robert J. Boyd) 963 Alcoma St., Sharon, Pa. 

Ifft, Emma K Evans City, Pa. 

James, Annie M. (Mrs. Elmer L. McLaughlin) Roulette, Pa. 

Jenkins, Laura Elizabeth — Teacher 231 North Second St., Jeannette, Pa. 

Johnson, Pearl B. 

Jones, Freda (Mrs. Alfred E. Wilson) 52 South Irvine Ave., Sharon, Pa. 

Jordan, Julia 

Keller, Melba E. 

Kelso, Jeannette (Mrs. William McClay Young), 

740 California Ave., Avalon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Kemp, Esther M. (Mrs. Raymond S. Scholl), 

553 Southeast Sixth Ave., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. 

Kerr, Agnes M. — Teacher Seward, Pa. 

Kessler, Harriet E. (Mrs. F. Perry Johnston), 

1671 Hillsdale Ave., Pittsburgh, 16, Pa. 

Kilkenny, Rose 609 Park Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Klages, Henrietta A. — Teacher, 

1451 Benton Ave., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Kline, Elizabeth L. 
KoRNER, Helen D. 

Kramer. Anna M. — Teacher 1068 Third Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 

Kress, Marie E. (Mrs. Edson Gardner) Washington, D. C. 

Kyper, Margaret A. — Teacher 4001 Ventnor Ave., Atlantic City, N. J. 

Laughlin, Margaret Dorothy (Mrs. John B. Steel Hugus), 

313 Spruce St., Latrobe, Pa. 
Learn, Margaret Elizabeth (Mrs. Roger Harbison), 

404 First St., Apollo, Pa. 
Lee, Anna Mary (Mrs. J. M. Puckett) — Teacher, 

28 Whittaker St., Burgettstown, Pa. 
Llewellyn, Nelle (Mrs. C. D. Bennett), 

205 Leila St., Southmont, Johnstown, Pa. 
Long, Ada V. (Mrs. J. Howard Turk), 

3412 Harrisburg St., Pittsburgh, 4, Pa. 
LoNGWiLL, Mary N. (Mrs. Austin P. Anderson) . .946 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 
Lorentz, Meta B. 

LowMAN, E. Pearle (Mrs. M. H. Wicks) — Deceased. 
Lowman, Rebecca V. (Mrs. Rebecca L. Berryman) — Owner of Berryman's 

Store 128 East High St., Waynesburg, Pa. 

LowNEY, Loretta 601 Edna St., Connellsville, Pa. 

Lucas, Florinda (Mrs. Joseph H. Gray) Box 672, Vandergrift, Pa. 

Macqueen, Margaret E. (Mrs. R. Royce Moore), 

120 East Neshannock Ave., New Wilmington, Pa. 
Mahan, Florence A. — Teacher, Natrona;. .. .800 Ormond St., Tarentum, Pa. 

Martin, Elmira 445 First St., Conemaugh. Pa. 

Massaro, Mary J. (Mrs. Leopold Defiore) . .1332 Croton St., New Castle, Pa. 
Maxwell, Jean (Mrs. Jean M. Spencer), 

3131 Newton St., Woodridge, Washington, D. C. 

McAnulty, Beulah (Mrs. S. A. Bosserman) Barnesboro, Pa. 

McAuley. Miranda (Mrs. Miranda M. Hutton) Delmont, Pa. 

McCain, Annette (Mrs. Arthur D. Seib)..817 West Seventh St., Erie, Pa. 

McCavv. Maura — ^Teacher 214 Clarion Road, Johnsonburg, Pa. 

McClintock. Marian — Teacher 64 Ettrick Terrace, Rutherford, N. J. 

]McCoY. Adaline G. — Teacher 1021 Clay Ave., Scranton, Pa. 

118 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

McCuLLOUGH, Ruth E. (Mrs. Steele M. Boggs) 250 Oak St., Indiana. Pa. 

McCuTCHEON, Mary L. (Mrs. Herbert M. Miller), 

838 Lincoln Ave., Toledo, Ohio. 

McFeatters, Grace (Mrs. C. B. Snell) 51 Plum St., Fair Oaks, Pa. 

McKee, Margaret G. — Supervising Principal of North Fayette Schools, 

Allegheny County R. D. No. 1, McDonald, Pa. 

McLaughlin, S. Welty — Principal of Valley Heights Schools, 

1809 Woodmont Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 
Meehan, Kathleen (Mrs. Kathleen M. Custer). 

Meehan, Winifred (Mrs. Thomas J. Paff) . .2600 Dysart Ave., Altoona, Pa. 
Melcher, Lenora F. — Teacher, Swissvale ; 

807 Holland Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Menk, Corinne (Mrs. Corinne M. Wahr)..510 Eleventh Ave., Munhall, Pa. 
Mick, Harriet C. (Mrs. James F. Hamahan), 

152 Cullinan Ave., M,asury, Ohio. 

Milldollar, Mabel- — Teacher 1518 Cambridge St.^ Tarentum, Pa. 

Miller, Bessie A 322 North Main St., South Bend, Ind. 

Moore, Anna Mae — Teacher 601 Seventeenth Ave., Munhall, Pa. 

MooRE, Margaret Louise (Mrs. A. W. Nealer), 

433 West Ninth Ave., Tarentum, Pa. 

Morrow, Ethel L.— Teacher 6709 Thomas Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Murphy, Ella P. (Mrs. J. R. Best) 308 Oakland Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 

Murray, Frances (Mrs. Irvin J. Shick) 71 Maple Ave., Blairsville, Pa. 

Murray, Frances K. — Principal of First Ward School, 

33 Braddock Ave., Braddock, Pa. 
Murray, Helen M. (Mrs. Leon Brown) — Teacher, 

224 Second Ave., Corry, Pa. 
Myers, Etta L. (Mrs. Henry W. Campbell), 

R. D. No. 1, Highland Ave., Brightwood, Library, Pa. 
Myers, Jacob Hobart — Principal, 

Keshena Agency, Menominee Indian Reservation, Neopit, Wis. 
Myers, Rose M. (Mrs. W. M. Teslow). 
Neuhardt, Marie E. 
Nixon, Martha Jeannette (Mrs. H. C. Jones), 

5721 California Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Oberlin, Mary E Rochester Mills, Pa. 

O'Neal, Ethel Grace (Mrs. L. Graham Lehman) — Special Teacher, 

813 Franklin Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
O'Neal, Mary E. (Sister M. Herberta), 

St. Patrick's Convent, Wilmington, Del. 

Osburn, Martha G. — Teacher 323 Fourth Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 

Ottinger, Alice Viola (Mrs. Ralph L. Woerner) — "Mizpah Farm," 

North Lane, Conshohocken, Pa. 

Patterson, Martorie Rock Run Road, Elizabeth, Pa. 

Perrino, Mary Magdalena (Mrs. A. Aiello), 

409 North Mercer St., New Castle, Pa. 
Piersol, Elsie D. 

Poole, Grace M. (Mrs. Harry Hall) 218 North First St., Jeannette, Pa. 

Postlethwait, Jessie K. (Mrs. M. C. Gaines), 

1827 East 24th St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Ramsay, Katharyn (Mrs. Katharyn R. Griffith) — Controller, Hotel Work, 

226 West 72nd St., New York. N. Y. 

Rankin, Marie I Lima, W. Va. 

Reardon, Mary E 227 Second St., Braddock, Pa. 

Reddinger, Catharine A. 

Reed, Ella R. (Mrs. Harry B. Greene), 

1098 West Blvd., Marine City, Mich. 

A L U M N I B Y C L A S S E S 119 

Reich, Regina Elizabeth (Mrs. Hart DeFrees Meech), 

3649 South 31st West Ave., Tulsa, Okla. 
Richards, Etta V. 

RiDDiLE, Mary P 1310 Commerce St., Wellsville, Ohio. 

RiGG, Ethel — Teacher 4720 Center Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Riley, Frances I. (Mrs. Joseph J. Wickler), 1540 Oakland St., Bethlehem, Pa. 

RiNN, Minnie C. — Deceased. 

Roberts, Signora (Mrs. J. O. Munn) 1437 Potomac Drive, Toledo, Ohio. 


RuGH, Charles F 2244 Cleveland Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Rumberger, Ethel M. (Mrs. Philip M. Iloff), 

1287 East Woodland Ave., Chico, Calif. 
Salsgiver, Kathryn p. 

Sampson, Lois I. — Teacher 1014 Howard St., Monongahela, Pa. 

Schell, Jennie 
Schmidt, Mary 

Schreiber, Lillie (Mrs. Paul M. Bardes) 1045 Fifth St., Oakmont, Pa. 

Schubert, Katherine Irene (Mrs. Joseph J. Gleeson), 

314 Eleventh St., Ford City, Pa. 

Seaman, Mary S McKeesport, Pa. 

Seanor, L. Velma — Supervising Nurse, 

Montebello Unified School District, Montebello, Calif. 

Sechler, Gula B. — Teacher 413 North McKean St., Butler, Pa. 

Shaner, Margaret Marie — Deceased. 

Sharbaugh, Helen Mary (Mrs. Bernard J. Dillon) Carrolltown, Pa. 

Sharbaugh, Thelma Mary (Mrs. Fred J. Fees) Carrolltown, Pa. 

Shuster, Eula Marie (Mrs. H. Dean Menoher), 

167 Frothingham Ave., Jeannette, Pa. 
Siehl, Alta R. (Mrs. J. E. Campbell) . . .255 South Seventh St., Indiana, Pa. 
Slater, Alice Gertrude (Mrs. Bruce Hunter), 

6 Cornwall Ave., Trenton, N. J. 
Small, Una Elizabeth — Teacher, Altoona ; 

116 Walnut St., Hollidaysburg, Pa. 
Smith, Kathryn L. 

Snelsire, Edna M. R. — Teacher 23 Wynoka St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Snyder, Laura B. (Mrs. Ralph W. Carnahan), 

P. O. Box 190, Moore Ave., North Apollo, Pa. 
Sober, Mabel F. — Teacher, Brackenridge ;. . . .914 Dickey St., Tarentum, Pa. 

Sparks, Harriet B. (Mrs. S. M. Berg) R. D. No. 2, Connellsville. Pa. 

Srader, Rebecca E. — Teacher 354 North Jefferson St., Kittanning, Pa. 

Stephens, Hazel J. — Deceased. 

Stewart, Mary (Mrs. Joseph W. Roof ) . . . .64 Ashton Place, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Stone, Rachael E. (Mrs. C. V. Rogers) McKeesport, Pa. 

Stough, Ralph B. — Pharmacist 1831 Wright St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Swan, Charlotte G. — Teacher 1186 Graham Ave., Monessen, Pa. 

SwARTZ, Carrie (Mrs. E. C. Grove) — Deceased. 
Sweeney. Dorothy K. (Mrs. M. S. Badallet). 
Thompson, Margaret R. (Mrs. H. W. Crum), 

453 Vernon Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 
TiERNAN, Grace Eleanor (Mrs. William O. Carnahan) — Teacher, 

Ross St., Boston, Pa. 
TiMBERLAKE, E. Dale — Secrctary-Treasurer of Peerless Oil and Gas Co., 

East Pike, Indiana, Pa. 

Trainer, John F Chambersburg, Pa. 

Trimble, Horace H. — Principal of Woodlawn School, 

133 West Miller Ave.. Munhall, Pa. 
Turk, Mary Allison (Mrs. J. Edward Zollinger), 

13 Roxbury Road, Forest Hills. Pittsburgh, Pa. 


Turner, Sarah Augusta— Teacher 4 Cedar Ave., Blairsville, Pa. 

Varner, Lula M. (Mrs. J. W. Drake) R. D. No. 2, Emlenton, Pa. 

VissEL, Martha 

Waddell, Hazel B. (Mrs. George H. Cline), 

1345 Broadway, East McKeesport, Pa. 
Waldron, Opal H. (Mrs. L. H. Hosbein). 
Washabaugh, Grover C. 

West, Alice M. (Mrs. Alice M. Ling) — Managing Editor of "The Dispatch," 
c/o Emery E. West, 719 Horner St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Whitfield, Eleanor G. (Mrs. Henry Moore Wick), 

West Pittsburgh Street Extension, Scottdale, Pa. 

Willard, Anna M Penn Run, Pa. 

Williams, Ethel A. — Teacher 613 Tweny-fourth St., Altoona, Pa. 

Wilson, Emily R. 

Wilson, Margaret (Mrs. J. Bernell Shea) 1243 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 

Wilson, Mary M. (Mrs. Lysle Siebert) . .431 South Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Wiltrout, Elizabeth (Mrs. Rex Longridge). 

WooDFiLL, Mary E. — Teacher 50 Lemon St., Uniontown, Pa. 

Woodward, Mildred M. (Mrs. L. Earl McLaughlin) Eldred, Pa. 

Workman, Cecelia Grace (Mrs. Joseph A. Lerew) — Deceased. 
Workman, Edith (Mrs. Edith W. Huffman), 

511 Euclid Ave., Dravosburg, Pa. 
Young, Pearl C. (Mrs. D. O. Hoerle) . .2123 Tenth Ave., Port Huron, Mich. 
Ziegler, Martha Elizabeth (Mrs. W. S. Wagner), 

Southampton Road, Somerton, Philadelphia, Pa. 

General Art Course 

Daugherty, James M. — President of Jimm Daugherty, Inc., Advertising Agency, 

211 North Seventh St., St. Louis, Mo. 

Gates, Ruth A Pueblo, Colo. 

Oliver, Gennette 

Waldron, Opal (Mrs. L. H. Hosbein). 

Normal Art Course 

Alabran, Opal (Mrs. W. B. Pearson), 

305 South Walnut St., West Chester, Pa. 
Cavanaugh, Mary 
Davis, Margaret 
KuNTZ, Margaret (Mrs. Duane Hershberger) — Teacher, 

301 Diamond Blvd., Johnstown, Pa. 
McMiNN, Marjorie 210 DuBois Ave., DuBois, Pa. 

College Preparatory Course 

Evens, Mary E. (Mrs. William Thompson), 

121 Irwin Ave., Ben Avon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Harrison, George 
Kelso, Jeannette (Mrs. William McClay Young), 

740 California Ave., Avalon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Commercial Teachers Training Course 

Alter, Leola — Nurse 85 North Madison, Pasadena, Calif. 

Ball, Roseanna (Mrs. John A. Hane) 7030 Cottage St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Beckett, Emma 

Brody, Rosalie A. (Mrs. David Silverman), 

231 Euclid Ave., New Castle, Pa. 


Carnahan, Marie (Mrs. Fred Gould) Black Lick, Pa. 

Don nelly, Paul R Z21 Main St., Latrobe, Pa. 

Ellinger, Merlin Emery — Lumber Broker, 

c/o Edna Lumber Co., Hagerstown, Md. 
Farquhar, Arnold O. — Assistant Bank Cashier, 

Union National Bank, Donora, Pa. 

Horn, Zenus — Poultryman Dunn's Station Pa. 

Howe, Anna M Philipsburg. Pa. 

Kappel, Hilda (Mrs. William Bromwich). 

Kealey, Marie (Mrs. William Laurie) 2023 Union Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Keller, George J. — Clerk 1124 School St., Indiana, Pa. 

Kriner, Lloyd 

LiEBAU, John D. 

Logan, Helen Geary (Mrs. Helen Logan Moorhead), 

713 School St., Indiana, Pa. 
McNeal, Inez M. (Mrs. Joseph McCreary). 
Miller, Florence (Mrs. Karl W. Tait), 

Longview Farm, R. D. No. 5, Mercer, Pa. 
Moyer, Joseph P. 
RiSBECK, Hallie (Mrs. Hallie R. Walter), 

P. O. Box 7, Harding Road, Ingomar, Pa. 

Short, Lucy (Mrs. G. C. Mellinger) 324 South Metcalf St., Lima, Ohio. 

Slonaker, Ruth 221 North Spring St., Blairsville, Pa. 

Todd, Martini Angela P. O. Box 665, Atlantic City, N. J. 

Warren, Clarence — City Plant Foreman, U. N. Gas Co., 

25 Sherman St., Bradford, Pa. 
Weiss, Rose E. (Mrs. J. G. Feldman). 
Zwiesele, Fred J. 

Domestic Science Course 

Hamilton, Edna (Mrs. William Christenson) Plumville, Pa. 

Macqueen, Margaret E. (Mrs. R. Royce Moore), 

120 East Neshannock Ave., New Wilmington, Pa. 

Public School Music Course 

Adams, George — Funeral Director 126 South Third St., Catawissa, Pa. 

Hawkins, Florence E. (Mrs. Arthur P. Jacobson), 

416 South Ashland Ave., La Grange, 111. 

Neff, Charlotte 258 Powers St., New Brunswick, N. J. 

Stroup, Grace Helen (Mrs. E. Isett Humer) — Assistant Manager, 

Reid and Milner Hotels, Box ZZZ, Wheeling, W. Va. 

CLASS OF 1917 

President Marlin E. Hilty 

Vice President Marie I. Gordon 

Secretary Mary L. Dixon 

Treasurer David D. Reid 

Regular Course 

Absalom, Anna G. 

Alabran, Ethel C. — Teacher 55 Monroe Place, Bloomfield, N. J. 

Allison, Marie C 720 Locust St., Indiana, Pa. 

Armour, Edna G 614 French St., Farrell, Pa. 

Arnold, Margaret (Mrs. William F. McCabe), 

1006 Manor Road, New Kensington, Pa. 


Artman, Elizabeth P. 

Bachmann, Matilda— Teacher 1627 Brownsville Road, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Ball, Colleen (Mrs. Daniel S. Morgan).. 46 East Main St., Uniontown, Pa. 
Barclay, Florence M. — Deceased. 

Barrett, Marie A. (Mrs, J. V. Lewis) 74 Vine St., Ambridge, Pa. 

Beale, Lillian M. (Mrs. H. R. Koenig), 

R D. No. 1, Box 138, Tarentum, Pa. 
Beck, Margaret E. (Mrs. O. C. Kime)..Box 78, Route 13, Seattle, Wash. 
Bell, Elinore Kathryn (Mrs. Stanley J. Romanoski), 

421 Utopia St., Derry, Pa. 
Bell, Katharine Y. — Principal of Allegheny School, 

203 Thirty-first St., Altoona, Pa. 
Bellman, Margaret (Mrs. William L. Bloom), 

255 Freeport Road, New Kensington, Pa. 
Benney, Elizabeth Jane (Mrs. C. J. Rodgers), 

708 Juniata Blvd., Altoona, Pa. 

Berg, Carl M.— Teacher 215 Fourth St., Wilson Station, Clairton, Pa. 

Berg, Elizabeth P. 

Berkey, Mary E. (Mrs. F. S. Mclntyre). 

Beyer, Joanna W. 

Bitner, Marian J. — Teacher Latrobe, Pa. 

Black, Jane 4025 Murray Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Blakley, Jewel (Mrs. Jewel B. Murray), 

101 Emerson Ave., Aspinwall, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Blayney, Mary Lucille (Mrs. C. O. Chalfant), 

North Liberty St., West Alexander, Pa. 
Bloom, Olive Gertrude (Mrs. William K. Lambie), 

436 Mapleton Ave., Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Borland, Margaret J. — Teacher, Pittsburgh ; Cheswick, Pa. 

BoTHELL, Esther I. (Mrs. A. K. Dickensheets) — Deceased. 

BoTT, Florence (Mrs. H. B. Ecker) . .Gallipolis Motor Co., Gallipolis, Ohio. 

Botwright, Margaret (Mrs. Calvin P. Ginter), 

2621 Sixth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 
Bowen, Carolyn Gladys (Mrs. William A. Knauber), 

1015 McCleary St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Boyle, Marcella — Teacher 219 Gladstone Road, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Bransford, Mary Fowler (Mrs. Norman Edwin Morrell), 

156 Wakefield Road, Hiram, Ohio. 
Branthoover, Bernice Blanche (Mrs. Bernice B. Weber), 

11223 Peach St., Lynwood, Calif. 

Brashear, Fannie M 349 Stonycreek St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Brazilla, Frank 

Breiten STEIN, Alice 

Brody, Rachel L. (Mrs. Jack Parish), 

599 North Water St., Kittanning, Pa. 

Brown, Ida M. — Teacher Brownsville, Pa . 

Brumbaugh, Grace — Teacher 2004 West Chestnut Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Brumbaugh. Margaret Ann (Mrs. William N. Jones), 

292 Wayne Ave., DuBois, Pa. 
Bruner, Helen (Mrs. Helen B. Williams) — Hostess, 

38 Vincennes Ave., Oakdale, Pa. 
Buchanan, Inez E. — Teacher, Laboratory and Demonstration School, 

State Teachers College, Indiana; 131 Sixth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Butler, Mary Lydia (Mrs. J. M. Watson), 

311 Wordsworth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 
Caldwell, DeRose (Mrs. Marc T. Campbell) — Teacher, 

New Bethlehem, Pa . 


Cameron, Helene Margaret (Mrs. Charles James Howell), 

1220 Pemberton St., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Carnahan, Martha Jane (Mrs. Martha C. Weister), 

R. D. No. 1, Salina, Pa. 

Carrick, Anna (Mrs. Anna C. Robbins). 

Carson, Robert M.— Lawyer 510 Alexander St., Greensburg. Pa. 

Colgrove, Freeda Weston — Clerk, 

P. O. Box 195, R. D. No. 1, Clearfield, Pa. 
Conrad, Agnes B. (Mrs. Charles E. Allen), 

430 Winter Ave., New Castle, Pa. 
Conrad, Mildred M. (Mrs. Louret). 
Cook, Ruth M. 

Cox, Anna C. (Mrs. C. Denny Scott) 64 Church St., Burgettstown, Pa. 

CuLLEY, Lucille Logan (Mrs. J. Wilbert Welch), 

68 Center Ave., Burgettstown, Pa. 
Day, Mary (Mrs. George E. Shirk)..? College Heights, Waynesburp, Pa. 

Dearolph, Mildred Mae (Mrs. Glenni H. Clemenson) Shippenville, Pa. 

Debor, L. Verall— Teacher 1038 Brackenridge Ave., Brackenridge, Pa. 

Del Torchio, Mary (Mrs. Thomas G. Johnson), 

Oak Hill Drive, Jeannette, Pa. 
Denny, Virginia C. (Mrs. V. D. Repogle). 
Dewey, Mabel A. 

Dick, AIadge 445 North Higgins Ave., Missoula, Mont. 

Dixon, Frances (Mrs. William Hulin) Chelsea Terrace, Baltimore, Md, 

Dixon, Mary L 810 Kirkpatrick Ave., Braddock, Pa. 

Duff, Anna E. 

Duffy, Marion J. (Mrs. Harry Walt) — Deceased. 

Dulfer, Lena A. (Mrs. Samuel H. Orr), 

510 West Townview Circle, Mansfield, Ohio. 
Duncan, Clarissa (Mrs. Stanley Bombeck), 

226 Shenango Blvd., Farrell, Pa. 
DuNLAP, Elizabeth Alice (Mrs. Elizabeth D. Self ridge)— Teacher, 

R. D, No. 1, Box 150, Olanta, Pa. 

Earl, Ione (Mrs. F. R. McNees) 904 Maplewood Ave., Ambridge, Pa. 

Edwards, Alma C. (Mrs. J. Blair MufHey), 

120 Upland Road. Manoa, Upper Darby, Pa. 

Elcessor, Gladys— Teacher 6736 McPherson Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Elder, Edna E. (Mrs. Clyde W. Blackford) Winslow. Ariz. 

Engle, Mildred 

Enke, Jesse Paul— R. W. P. Manager, Luzerne County Department of 

Public Assistance 98 West Main St., Nanticoke, Pa. 

Evans, Pearl F. 

Ewing, Amelia F. (Mrs. Amelia E. Evans) — Deceased. 

Farrar, Mary Louise (Mrs. Thomas C. Linn) Burgettstown, Pa. 

FiNLEY, Alice Alberta (Mrs. George Lindsay). 

183 Worth St., Wilson Heights, Johnstown, Pa. 

Fleck, Marion E.— Teacher 419 Fifth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Fowler, Helen G. — Clerk, Pennsylvania Railroad Co., 

4037 Fifth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 
Galbraith, Sara A. — Deceased. 

Garman, Nell Marion (Mrs. J. W. Gibson) R. No. 2, Clymer, Pa. 

Garrison, Bernice S.— Teacher 872 Ridge Road, Ambridge, Pa. 

George, Golden G 212 Front St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

George, Myrna Grace (Mrs. O. Jay Longwill), 

1324 West Philadelphia St.. Indiana, Pa. 
Gilbert, Leah Esther (Mrs. Bernard A. Carthew), 

1465 Theodore St., Johnstown. Pa. 


GiLLEN, DoNicE M. (Mrs. William K. Walker), 

Kendall Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Gleason, Olive E. (Mrs. L. R. Donaldson) Spring Creek, Pa. 

Gordon, Marie I. (Mrs. J. M. Walker) 366 Stratford Ave., Oakmont, Pa. 

Gorman, Marguerite O. — Deceased. 

Goss, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. A. C. Coho), 

219 North Pine St., Lakemont, Altoona, Pa. 

Guthrie, S. Wilson — Research Engineer 625 Church St., Indiana, Pa. 

Hahn, Flora (Mrs. Joseph V. Harrick), 

104 Woodland Ave., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Hall, Virginia (Mrs. Ben Johnson) 333 Hancock St., Bluefield, W. Va. 

Hamilton, Helen (Mrs. A. W. Dale). 

Hamilton, Velma P.O. Box 36, Meadville, Pa. 

Harlin, Olive E. — Teacher 711 Third Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Hay, Frances (Mrs. James B. Speicher), 

5723 Waterbury Circle, Des Moines, Iowa. 

Hay, Lois Mary (Mrs. George L. Minnick) 257 Center St., Glenfield, Pa. 

Heber, Azaliene G. (Mrs. Henry W. Winkler), 

433 North McKean St., Butler, Pa. 
Henninger, Martha (Mrs. John M. Mellon), 

430 North Washington St., Butler, Pa. 

Highlands, Esther J. — Teacher 242 North Ninth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Hill, Marion I. (Mrs. James C. Johnson) Box 371, Colver, Pa. 

Hill, Mildred (Mrs. Fred D. Binkley), 

6427 Utah Ave., N.W., Washington, D. C. 
Hilliker, Lorraine B. (Mrs. E. A. Davey), 

5440 Proctor Ave., Oakland, Calif. 

Hilty, Marlin E. — Real Estate Library, Pa, 

Hine, Clara (Mrs. C. M. Coleman) Saltsburg Pa. 

HoLLis, Bertha (Mrs. Bertha H. Cox) — Substitute Teacher, 

371 Antenor St., Pittsburgh, 10, Pa. 
Hummel, Margaret (Mrs. Margaret H. Wilson) — Teacher, 

602 Franklin St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Ireland, Effie Claire — Senior Assistant Physician, Laurelton State Village, 

Laurelton, Pa. 

Israel, Florence R 739 Lafayette St., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Jensen, Frances (Mrs. Homer Moore) R. D. No. 3, Franklin, Pa. 

Johns, Pauline G 519 Eleventh St., Franklin, Pa. 

Johnson, Helen L.— Teacher 304 Essex St., Corry, Pa. 

Johnston, Bess — Teacher, Hudson Apts., 

46 East Pittsburgh St., Greensburg, Pa. 

Jones, Ethel 1 1064 Edson Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Kane, Alice M. — Deceased. 

Kaylor, Marian V. 

Keller, Kathryn D. (Mrs. T. J. McNelis) . . .931 Chestnut St., Indiana, Pa. 

Kelly, Lena 

Kelly, Mary R. (Mrs. Mary R. Phillips) R. D. No. 1, Conemaugh, Pa. 

Kerns, Edith K. (Mrs. Joseph J. Larson), 

2416 Filbert St., Mt. Penn, Reading, Pa. 

King, Lydia M , 1227 Nineteenth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

King, Margaret E 635 Sixth St., Oakmont, Pa. 

KiNTER, Charlotte (Mrs. Harry M. Beck) . .729 Cypress Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Kirk, Lois (Mrs. C. H. Young) 721 Baldwin St., Meadville, Pa. 

Kline, Agnes M. (Mrs. J. B. Auld) 235 Duncan Ave., Washington, Pa. 

Klotz, Caroline E. (Mrs. George H. Kidd), 

R. D. No. 1, Box 187, Mars, Pa. 
Knepshiei.d, Thelma (Mrs. Harry R. Rearick) South Bend, Pa. 


KooNTZ, RuTii L. — Principal of Park Avenue School, 

609 Coleman Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

KoPELMAN, Dorothy (Mrs. H. X. Cohn) 110 Charles St., Butler, Pa. 

KoPELMAN, Jeanne E 300 Longfellow Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Lantzy, a. J. — Insurance Agent CarroUtown, Pa. 

Lavine, Eva L. 

Lavine, Jennie E. 

Linn, Gertrude K. (Mrs. John B. Kelly), 

310 West College St., Canonsburg, Pa. 

LoHR, Beatrice V. — Teacher 79 North Highland Ave., Ossining, N. Y. 

Long, Ruby Elizabeth (Mrs. A. R. Dittmar) . . . .P. O. Box 74, Indiana, Pa. 

Lovelace, Ona W. (Mrs. A. H. Turney) Addison Apts., Charlotte, X. C. 

LowRY, Elizabeth (Mrs. Blair Shumakcr) — Headmistress, 

Lake Placid Club, Lake Placid, N. Y. ; and Island School, Ilobe Sound, Fla. 
MacDonald, Margaret (Mrs. Margaret M. Mason), 

6710 McPherson Blvd., Pittsburgh. Pa. 
Maginnis, Mildred Marguerite (Mrs. R. A. Morrow), 

527 Carpenter Ave., Oak Park, 111. 
Main, Edith V. (Mrs. H. B. Kahle). 

Malcolm, Janet 1 204 Sixth St., Freeport, Pa. 

Maley, Xerine — Teacher 529 Locust St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Marshall, Jane Y. 

Marshall, Leanna 

Martin, Levina F. 

Matthews, Mary N. (Mrs. Fred Schmidt). 

Maxwell, Gertrude Elizabeth (Mrs. John O. Judge), 

826 Rossmore Ave., Pittsburgh, 26, Pa. 

McAnulty, Esther R. (Mrs. Richard H. Steele) Barnesboro, Pa. 

McBurney, Ila (Mrs. Joseph S. Matson), 

5900 Rural St., East Liberty, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
McCuLLOUGH, Florence (Mrs. Thomas A. Winter), 

2370 Bensonia Ave., Pittsburgh. Pa. 
McHenry, Bertha (Mrs. William C. Griffiths), 

1005 Fairfax Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 

McKenzie, James A., Jr. — Treasurer 1710 Sumac St., McKeesport, Pa. 

McMiLLEN, Sylvia I. (Mrs. H. R. Craga). 

Mellon, M. Elizabeth — Teacher 525 School St., Springdale, Pa. 

Middleman, Florence 

Miles, Miriam M. (Mrs. A. L. Anderson). 

Miller, Madeline 

Miller, Verna Elizabeth (Mrs. Chalmer Hare), 

215 East Church Road, Elkins Park. Pa. 

Miller, Verna M Ford City, Pa. 

Miller, Virginia Dare — Teacher 214 Clay St.. Johnstown. Pa. 

MiLSOM, A. Lillian 801 Eighth and Spruce Sts., Philipsburg. Pa. 

Moeller, .\nna K. 

Morris, Ri'th (Mrs. Arthur M. Stull) 30 Akers St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Morrison, Myrtle F Seneca, Pa. 

Morrow, Elizabeth M. (Mrs. Stanley Hoffman). 
Morrow, Grace A. (Mrs. J. Lester DufT), 

Frankstown and Laketon Roads, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Morton, Margaret (Mrs. E. Durbin Ott) — Deceased. 
MuxRO, Ida S. (Mrs. Robert T. Smith), 

5 Orchard Ave., Mt. Royal Blvd., Glenshaw. Pa. 
Musante, Rose M. (Mrs. Stephen G. Kota), 

536 Washington St., Johnstown. Pa. 
^^VERS. Harriet Elizabeth (Mrs. Richard B. Fleming), 

Box 654. R. D. No. 1. Franklin. Pa. 


Myers, Laura M.— Teacher 512 West North Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Ober, Jessie C. — Deceased. 

Orris, Caroline I Bellwood, Pa. 

Ossar. Eleanor Blanche (Mrs. Morris Pokempner), 

Box 103, New Bethlehem, Pa. 

Page, Edna (Mrs. H. H. Davies) 310 Franklin Ave., Secane, Pa. 

Park, Dorothy (Mrs. Leslie A. Foust)..411 Wilson Ave., Washington, Pa. 
Pearce, Anna Maye (Mrs. John A. Whitman), 

529 Walnut St., Roaring Spring, Pa. 
Permar, Katherine M. (Mrs. Katherine P. Kline), 

332 West Otterman St., Greensburg, Pa. 
Petrikin, Dorothy L. (Mrs. O. W. Hammest). 

Pore, Mundy Reba— Teacher 525 Oden St., Confluence, Pa. 

Prosser, Edith (Mrs. R. E. Brown) Marion Center, Pa. 

Reed, Marion (Mrs. Frank H. Reichel) "Framar," Fredericksburg, Va. 

Reid, David D.— Banker 122 Walnut St., Brookville, Pa. 

Renner, Eva M. 

Rhodes, Charlotte (Mrs. David D. Reid).. 122 Walnut St., Brookville. Pa. 

Rice, Harry H. — Deceased. 

Riggle, Sarah V. (Mrs. A. Reid Leopold), 

101 North Main St., Lewistown, Pa. 
Rodgers, Martha (Mrs. A. G. Cochran), 

400 Kenmore Ave., N.E., Warren, Ohio. 
Roof, Nelle B. (Mrs. Walter H. Frick), 

612 Whitney Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Ruffner, Charles W. — Teacher, 

Stony Brook School, Stony Brook, Long Island, N. Y. 

Sanford, Alice- G. (Mrs. H. T. Kay) 17 Colvin Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Sauerwein, Pauline (Mrs. Jacob H. Myers), 

Menominee Indian Reservation, Neopit, Wis. 
Scandrol, Ruth Gordon (Mrs. J. Wilson Kennedy), 

22 Lebanon Road, Hays, Pa. 
ScHERiCH, Floyd T. — Teacher. . .114 Center St., Elm Grove, Wheeling, W, Va. 

Schmitt, Ida E. — Teacher 1042 Union Ave., Brackenridge, Pa. 

Shank, Frances I. (Mrs. Edward Fellows) Lyons, N. Y. 

Shank, Leila N. (Mrs. Paul Hauschulz), 

1424 Twelfth St., N. W., Canton, Ohio. 

SgusTER, Florence N. — Teacher Delmont, Pa. 

Simpson, Florence S. (Mrs. Roy H. Ankeny) . .North Second St., Apollo, Pa. 
SiMSACK, Michael, 

2604 One Hundred Fifty-fourth St., Flushing, Long Island, N. Y. 
Smiley, Elizabeth (Mrs. Elizabeth S. Harper), 

31 Highland Ave., Burgettstown, Pa. 
Smith, Audrey (Mrs. Audrey S. Graham) — Teacher, Forest Hills : 

731 Midland St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Smith, Elsie (Mrs. W. J. Brisbin) . .2491 Northland Ave., Overland, Mo. 
Smith, Helen M. (Mrs. Philip Huss), 

1433 North Euclid Ave., East End, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Smith, LuVara M. (Mrs. George Carner)..540 Halcomb Ave., Clairton, Pa. 
SoNGER, Gladys Marion Clare (Mrs. Arthur F. Miller) — Teacher, 

504 Park Road, Ambridge, Pa. 
Spisak, Anna Florence (Mrs. Frank J. Kutcher), 

172 Shenango Blvd., Farrell, Pa. 
Statler, Bertha (Mrs. Henry J. Walker), 

69-66 One Hundred Seventy-ninth St., Flushing, Long Island, N. Y. 
Stevenson, Mae R. 
Stewart, Anna K. 


Stuchexl, Myrtle Edna (Mrs. Stephen J. Cherry), 

137 Siberian Ave., Leechburg, Pa. 
Stutsman, Sara (Mrs. William E. Gillespie), 

1107 Cambria Ave., Windber, Pa. 
Stutzman, Alice (Mrs. Chester A. Wampler) — Principal of New Jerusalem 

School 239 East Highland Ave., Tracy, Calif. 

Taylor, Mabel G. 

Tennent, Alma L. (Mrs. Eston L. Rush), 

904J^ South Pittsburgh St., Connellsville, Pa. 
Tomb, Jay Milford — Receiver of National Banks, Insolvent Division, 

33 Carpenter Ave., Indiana, Pa. 
Travis, Linda I. (Mrs. J. Y. Norris) — Church Organist, 

648 Third St., Pitcairn, Pa. 
Wagner, Flossie B. (Mrs. H. Everett Sanford), 

Maple Ave., Rosedale, Verona, Pa. 

Wallace, Hilda Grace 119-20 Union Turnpike, Kew Gardens, N. Y. 

Wallace, Margaret N. (Mrs. I. C. Van Ommer) Chester, Pa. 

Weaver, Minnie G. — Teacher R. D. No. 1, Box 6, DuBois, Pa. 

Weisberg, Ida E. (Mrs. Samuel Taubman) . . . .257 Storer Ave., Akron, Ohio. 
Weiss, Lena Shirley (Mrs. Ernest A. Windt), 

39 South Ave., New Canaan, Conn. 
Wesley, Harriet B. (Mrs. Merrill M. Doran), 

511 Stone St., Bellwood, Pa. 

WiiiTAKER, Laura M. — Bank Clerk Circle Ave., Dravosburg, Pa. 

W'hitehouse, Ruth A 117 Grant Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Wilkinson, Lucille (Mrs. E. W. Cleveland), 

121 Westbridge Drive, Berea, Ohio. 
Wills, Ruth A. (Mrs. G. K. Shaw). 
Wilson, Mildred (Mrs. Mildred W. Scutt), 

1429 Marlboro Ave., \\'ilkinsburg. Pa. 
Winter, Caroline M. (Mrs. Stanley M. Lindsay), 

355 Ridgewood Ave., West View, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Winters, Helen M. (Mrs. Horace J. Bannister), 

167 Owen Ave., Lansdowne, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Wolf, Edith G 1401 Fifteenth St., Altoonaj Pa. 

Wright, Martha Morgan (Mrs. Walter W. Wright) Maryville, Tenn. 

Yeager, May H. 

YoDER, Magdalene (Mrs. Louis W. Collier), 

Webster Manor, Apt. 44, 4224 Osage Ave., West Philadelphia, Pa. 

YoHO, Alberta (Mrs. Fred M. Green) R. D. No. 3, New Castle, Pa. 

Young, Anna M. 

Zahniser, Julia (Mrs. F. H. Dulany) Box 114, Hopwood, Pa. 

ZULICK, Kathryne V. 

Normal Art Course 

Stewart, Helen M. (Mrs. A. C. Goddard) — Teacher, Los Angeles; 

10610 Samoa St., Tujunga, Calif. 
Taylor, Catherine A. (Mrs. Dwight Ray) Indiana, Pa. 

Commercial Teachers Training Course 

Balentine, Florence (Mrs. Sidney C. Marlin), 

R. D. No. 1, Leavittsburg, Ohio. 
Beckett, Emma 
BiTTNER, Katherine (Mts. Lconell C. Strong), 

Amity Road, Woodbridge, Conn. 
Campbell, William 
Dierker, Alma E. (Mrs. R. P. Wright). 


Fridley, Twila M Female Home, Mayvie^, Pa. 

Groat, Jennie Emma (Mrs. Emma McHenry) R. D. No. 1, Indiana, Pa. 

Keeled, Desire (Mrs. Sidney A. Marshall) 461 Elm St., Indiana, Pa. 

LiNDQUiST, Elsa (Mrs. B. T. Hopkins), 

427 Rainbow Drive, New Kensington, Pa. 

LoNGWiLL, Horace S.— Accountant R. D. No. 3, Lancaster, Pa. 

Marker, Margaret E. (Mrs. Margaret M. Bonsall)— Librarian, 

1516 North Hobart Blvd., Hollywood, Calif. 

McDermott, Ruth E 329 South Millvale Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

McQuADE, Mary V. 

Miller, Helen E. (Mrs. William Roy Baker), 

P. O. Box 103, Harrisburg, Pa. 

Plotzer, Mary M.— Bookkeeper 134 North Fifth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Probst, Marie Louise (Mrs. Clarence V. Halpin), 

New Holland Road, Lancaster, Pa. 
Ramsay, Margaret N. (Mrs. L. L. Russell) — Deceased. 
Richards, Anna M. 
St. Clair, Robert A. — Employee of Clearfield Bituminous Coal Corp., 

1001 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Thomas, Edna G. (Mrs. Leonard Longwill) Box 323, Clymer, Pa. 

Wells, Martha Jane (Mrs. LeRoy Condron) . . 520 Tenth St., Oakmont, Pa. 
Young, Verda (Mrs. Donald Evans) 220 Bolton St., Ebensburg, Pa. 

Special Domestic Science Course 

Butler, Hattie— Teacher 203 East First Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Martin, Helen E. 

Myers, Laura M. — Teacher 512 West North Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Smith, Mary E. (Mrs. M. E. Goodnight), 

2974 Riverside Drive, Trenton, Mich. 

Piano Course 

Lambour, Corrine (Mrs. Dewey A. Anderson) — Piano Teacher, 

1 Lawrence Road, Milton, Mass. 

Public School Music Course 

Helling, Mary Magdalene 

Joseph, Winifred 

Lockard, Twila E. (Mrs. Howard C. Davis), 

311 Walnut St., New Kensington, Pa. 
Miller, Chester J. 
royer, audria l. 
Sedlak, Mary L. 

CLASS OF 1918 

President William Chrise 

Vice President Helen Marquis McDaniel 

Secretary Mary Elizabeth Kelley 

Treasttrer John A. Ackerson 

Regular Course 

Aber, Lois Cecelia 131 Hallam Ave., Washington, Pa. 

Ackerson, John A. — Teacher 38 West Campbell St., Blairsville, Pa. 

AcREE, LiLLiE — Building Principal and Teacher, 

626 Fourth Ave., Freedom, Pa. 


Adams, Mary Gertrude 

Adams, Sherwood Merrill — Dentist 407 Main St., Roaring Spring, Pa. 

Agnew, Flora (Mrs. W. T. Peacock) 243 Pike St., Houston, Pa. 

Alcorn, Ruth A. (Mrs. Walter W. Kough) . . . .802 Jay St., St. Clair, Mich. 

Allen, M. Isabel — Teacher 412 First St., Donora, Pa. 

Altmiller, Olive M. (Mrs. Olive M. Jewell) ... .524 Broadway, Pitcairn, Pa. 
Ament, Elsie O. (Mrs. Elsie A. Rcarick), 

125 Riverview Drive, New Kensington, Pa. 
Anderson, Mary Ethel (Mrs. Allen L. Shaffer), 

SOGyi Olive Ave., DuBois, Pa. 

Atkinson, Maude M, (Mrs. W. D. Cooper) New Bedford, Pa. 

Bailey, Eleanor (Mrs. Warren Shelly)... 49 North Main St., Greenville, Pa. 
Baker, Gertrude E. (Mrs. A. H. Paschall), 

333 West Norman Ave., Dayton, Ohio. 
Bambrick, Marion McMaiion (Mrs. George A. Reinsmith), 

1332 Wood St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Barker, Elizabeth P. (Mrs. Arthur L. Rees), 

59 South Euclid Ave.. Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Barker, Hazel M. (Mrs. Paul Keck). 

Barnard, Agnes — Teacher Brownstown Road, Larimer, Pa. 

Barr, Mildred Haslett (Mrs. George A. H. Gregory), 

2513 Second St., Box 54, Moundsville, W. Va. 

Barthol, Louise B 5875 Aylesboro Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Barton, Anna C. 

Baumgartner, Agnes E. — Teacher 7318 Schley Ave., Swissvale, Pa. 

Baylor, Anne A 602 Fifteenth St., Windber, Pa. 

Beacham, Ruth V. (Mrs. Ben H. Jones), 

1038 South Braddock Ave., Regent Square, Swissvale, Pa. 
Beaver, Dorothy (Mrs. Charles F. Peterson), 

717 Washington St., Hoboken, N. J. 
Bell, Margaretta (Mrs. John C. Getty), 

1303 Wilson Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

Bennett, M. Olive Adrian Apts., East End, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Berger, Betty R. (Mrs. A. Lincoln Abel).. 23 Luzon Ave., Providence, R. L 
Bird, Helen M. (Mrs. William C. Cox).. 886 Uncapher Ave., Marion, Ohio. 

Bley, Margaret C Buffalo^ N. Y. 

Blue, Paul E 1231 Dayton Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Blume, Olive D. — Deceased. 
BoLLMAN, Margaret Evelyn 
Borland, Anna Margaret (Mrs. Edwin L Black), 

R. D. No. 3, Greensburg, Pa. 

Bramhall, Mae 412 South Maple St., Spokane, Wash. 

Brennan, Rose Virginia (Mrs. Thomas J. McManus), 

57 Lakemont Drive, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Brewer, Anna Florence (Mrs. Harry E. Slep) — Teacher, 

3303 Broad Ave., Altoona. Pa. 
Brewer, Marie (Afrs. Marie Brewer Meek) — Governess, 

720 East Franklin Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Brickley, Arthur J. — Dentist 312 College Ave., California, Pa. 

Brink, Mae D. 

Broadbent, Frances Emmaline (Mrs. Frank von Essen Hopke), 

1710 Meadow St., McKeesport, Pa. 
Brooks, Katharine R. — Deceased. 

Brown Helen M. (Mrs. J. E. Cramer) 2611 Fifth St., Altoona, Pa. 

Burnside, Alice (Mrs. John C. Ingram).. 237 East Pike St., Houston, Pa. 
Burr, M. Vashti (Mrs. William V. Whittington) — Lawyer, 

201 Payne-Shoemaker Bldg., Harrisburg, Pa. ; 
4700 Connecticut Ave., Washington, D. C. 

130 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

BuTLEK, Elizabeth Jean— Teacher 4601 Bayard St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Callen, Bertha L Parnassus, Pa. 

Campbell, Edith G. — Teacher, 

King Edward Apts., 4601 Bayard St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Canan, Sarah Hanah 
Carnill, Emma Carolyn (Mrs. Donald J. Wertz), 

26 Owens Ave., Hyattsville, Md. 

Carnill, M. Elizabeth— Teacher 2220 Second Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Cartman, Edith M.— Teacher 1458 Rosewood Ave., Lakewood, Ohio. 

Cartwright, Sara L. Salome— Principal of Coopersdale School, 

63 Stutzman St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Chrise, William A.— Teacher, Georges Twp. ; Box 221, Fairchance, Pa. 

Clarke, Constanxe (Mrs. Edward L. Miller), 

1211 North Mercer St., New Castle, Pa. 

Clawson, Phyllis M 2034 Noble St., Swissvale, Pa. 

Coulter, Florence Irene — Teacher. .229 First St., Aspinwall, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Coulter, Merle Aline — Teacher 7429 Park Ave., Swissvale, Pa. 

Cover, Margaret (Mrs. Harry W. Hardy), 

902 Graham St., Belle Vernon, Pa. 

Crosby, Priscilla A. (Mrs. Henry C. Hampe) Bolton, Mass. 

Davidson, Christina P. 

Davis, Hazel Jeannette (Mrs. Frank Bernard O'Brien), 

800 School St., Indiana, Pa. 
Davis, Lillian Mary (Mrs. J. D. Spencer), 

531 Fourth Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 
Davis, Stanton Ling — Assistant History Professor, Case School of Applied 

Science 3838 East Antisdale Road, Cleveland Heights, Cleveland, Ohio, 

Dempsey, Ruth (Mrs. R. M. Morgan) 200 Hickory St., Philipsburg, Pa. 

Devine, Florence (Mrs. Robert W. Slagle) — Teacher, Stonycreek Twp.; 

R. D. No. 3, Box 47, Johnstown, Pa. 
Dickson, Olive A. — Teacher. . . .225 Oakview Ave., Edgewood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Dillon, Elizabeth S. (Mrs. John W. Stader) . . . .509 Main St., Latrobe, Pa. 

Duncan, Nelle (Mrs. Ralph Blaine) 24 Duncan Ave., Burgettstown, Pa. 

Dunmire, Dorothy — Deceased. 

Dyer, Eleanor M. (Mrs. J. E. Vandling), 

7351 Hamilton Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
EisAMAN, Susan Eliza (Mrs. Alfred Corbett), 

314 Pennsylvania Ave., Irwin, Pa. 
Errett, Mabel (Mrs. H. C. Pringle), 

25 Lakemont Drive, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
EscH, Hazel A. — Teacher, Vandergrift ; 399 South Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Farnsworth, Mary Louise Clairton, Pa. 

Faust, Helen Louise (Mrs. Walter A. Brunhouse) — Teacher, 

4310 Second St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 
Fee, Harry W. — Deceased. 
Fenton, Mary Jane — Librarian. .608 West Mahoning St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Fife, S. Mildred (Mrs. J. Russel Edwards) Penbrook, Pa. 

Fiscus, Martha Marguerite (Mrs. William J. Lenhult), 

1013 Woodbourne Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Fisher, Mary M. (Mrs. Henry Tatnall Brown) — Deceased. 
Fisher, Nancy K. (Mrs. Nancv Fisher Keck) — Assistant to State Director, 

W. P. A 511 North Main St., Greensburg, Pa. 

FousE, Alice R. (Mrs. Charles Stephens), 

1001 Bloomfield St.. Roaring Spring, Pa. 
Fowler, Mart I. — Superintendent, 

Pennsylvania Industrial Training School, Morganza, Pa. 
Froelich, Katherine S. 
Galer, Margery 341 South Highland Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

A L U M N I B Y C L A S S E S 131 

Getty, Alice G. (Mrs. J. C. Minor) 1105 Coal St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Getty. Mae E. (Mrs. H. E. Rutledge), 

1214 Wisconsin Ave., Dorniunt, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Gettys, Alice M. (Mrs. Roy E. Malone), 

2>n Rosemont Ave., Clarksburg, W. \'a. 
GoiGH, S.\R.\ A. (Mrs. John Mason Negley), Cedar Road, R. No. 1, Butler, Pa. 

GouGHNOUR, Grace — Teacher 714 Grove Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Graff, Lillian G. (Mrs. Hugh P. Liggett) . .1180 Barnett St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Gramling, Edith (Mrs. Franklin Miller) — State President, Society of Farm 

Women R. D. No. 4, Box 157. Johnstown, Pa. 

Gray, Laura G 120 Shaw Ave., Turtle Creek, Pa. 

Griffiths, Entlyn \i. (Mrs. Sherman E. Longdon), 

293 Wilson Ave.. Washington, Pa. 
Griffiths, Mazie (Mrs. J. W. McConnell) — Principal of Elementary School, 

356 Mitchell Ave., Clairton, Pa. 
Guffey, Grayce L. (Mrs. T. G. Mohney), 

131 Brace Road, West Hartford, Conn. 
GusT.wsox, Hilda W. (Mrs. Paul C. Swanson), 

R. D. Xo. 1, Box 143, Kane, Pa. 
Hammer, Peiarl L. 

Harman, Marie A. (Mrs. Robert C. Schott). 
Harris, Ellen Caddy (Mrs. Frederick William Larison). 

113 Haynes St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Harrison, Ralph A. — Boy Scout Executive, 

618 North Aurora St., Ithaca, N. Y. 
Haymaker, Sara A. — Deceased. 

Healy, Mary Regina — Teacher 1415 Third Ave., Altooiia, Pa. 

Heigley, Ruth Amber — Teacher 201 Locust St., New Kensington, Pa. 

Helfrecht, H. Esther — Librarian, Lewistown ; Milroy, Pa. 

Henderson, Elizabeth Ross (Mrs. George W. Quentin), 

41 Park Ave., Port Washington, Long Island, N. Y. 
Henderson, Sara H. 
Hendrickson, Mary Rilla (Mrs. W. P. Walker), 

King Edward Apts., Bayard St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

HiGGOX, Clara Barton 1727 East Speedway, Tucson, Ariz. 

Highlands, Kathryne S. — Teacher, Latrobe ; 

242 North Ninth St., Indiana, Pa. 
Hill, Senja F. (Mrs. Martin Kilka) — Social Worker, 

15515 Mendota Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Holt, Thelma R. (Mrs. Walter C. Slonaker) West Elizabeth, Pa. 

Hoover, Ruth M. (Mrs. J. Earl Genn) — Deceased. 

Hopper, Hazel M. (Mrs. Howard Halback) Clarksburg, W. Va. 

Horner, Rose E. 

Hough, Adell.\ Lenore (Mrs. Adella H. Keibler) — Deceased. 

Howenstein, E. Jean (Mrs. J. Cranston Fix), 

413 Eastern .\ve., Aspinwall, Pittsburgli, Pa. 
Hughes, Tillie Lucille (^trs. Samuel Richards), 

3010 Jenny Lind ^[cKeesport, Pa. 

HuLiCK, Mae I. (Mrs. John McGinnis) 670 Wall Ave.. Pitcairn, Pa. 

HuMENiK, Mary (Mrs. M. Kosovich), 

2526 Braddock Ave., Pittsburgh, 18, Pa. 
Hutchison, Mary W. (Mrs. J. Rowland Stein), 

301 East Providence Road, Aldan, Pa. 

Hyde, James F.— Athletic Director 218 West 39th St., Erie, Pa. 

Irvin, Alice E. (Mrs. B. A. Wright. Jr.) 622 Spring St.. Latrobe, Pa. 

Jaquish, Rhea Blanche (Mrs. Paul B. Yahn)..18 Bacon St., Wellsboro, Pa. 
Johnson, Mary Kathryn — Teacher 28 Lincoln St., Uniontown, Pa. 


Johnston, Martha Catherine (Mrs. Charles D. Mertz), 

106 West Drexel Ave., Lansdowne, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Johnstone, Helen L New York, N. Y. 

Jones, Florence M R. D. No. 1, McKees Rocks, Pa. 

Jordan, Katherine E. (Mrs. Katherine J. McBride), 

64 Kenmawr Ave., Rankin, Pa. 
Jordan, Mary M. 
Keck, M. Cecelia — Principal of Libengood and Kennedy Schools, 

1008 Sherman Ave., Duquesne, Pa. 

Keifer, Pearl — Teacher 825 Coleman Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Keller, Eliza C. M. — Americanization Teacher, 

3308 Beechwood Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Kelley, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. Charles S. Seaton), 

Box 192, Fredericktown, Pa. 
Kelly, E. Elizabeth (Mrs. F. A. Loveland, Jr.), 

60 Oregon Ave., Crafton, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Kelly, Elizabeth Sara — Teacher 1932 East 97th St., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Kelly, Gladys I. (Mrs. Robert L. King) Saltsburg, Pa. 

Kelly, Mary C. (Mrs. Robert B. Cox) Boston, Pa. 

Kendall, Gertrude R. — Deceased. 
Kennel, Edna G. — Deceased. 

Kern, Lillian Isabelle — Teacher 227 Hone Ave., Oil City, Pa. 

Kiefer, Mary J 1907 Mulberry St., Scottdale, Pa. 

Knox, E. Lois (Mrs. Lois K. Rockwell) — Department of Highways, 

Harrisburg; 2102 Market St., Camp Hill, Pa. 

Kurtz, Mary Ann (Mrs. Orman L. Boyer) Rural Valley, Pa. 

Lambert, Marie M Stoystown, Pa. 

Lambert, Vennetta Irene (Mrs. Harry A. Brodbeck), 

19 North Balch St., Akron, Ohio. 

Larson, Ruth E 1812 Willow St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Lash, Anna Mary (Mrs. Donald W. Long).. 7 Harris St., West Newton, Pa. 
Lear, Twila (Mrs. Twila Lear Marshall), 

101 Hilltop Road, Silver Spring, Md. 

Leonard, LaRene — Teacher 657 Orchard Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Levine, Esther R 1116 South Mill St., New Castle, Pa. 

Ling, Leora L. — Teacher 808 Napoleon St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Long, Alice Rosalind (Mrs. A. J. Thomas) Saxonburg, Pa. 

Long, Meredythe Aileen (Mrs. Alfred N. Smith) — Saleswoman, 

Box 232, Export, Pa. 

Long, Sarah Etta — Teacher 413 Rebecca Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Luckhart, Jessie Mae (Mrs. William A. Chrise) — Teacher, 

Box 221, Fairchance, Pa. 
Luther, Florence Adeline 
Lyden, Kathryn B. — Teacher, Pittsburgh ;.. .7417 Church St., Swissvale^ Pa. 

Lyden, Mary I. — Teacher 7417 Church St., Swissvale, Pa. 

MacPherran, Clare (Mrs. Carl August Sturdy), 

400 Virginia Road, Fullerton, Calif. 
Mahan, Sara M. (Mrs. Otto W. Altenburg), 

2400 Forestdale Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 
Malley, Grace Perpetua (Mrs. Patrick M. Ward) — Postmaster, 

Box 142, Bairdford, Pa. 
Marshall, Hazel (Mrs. Edward M. Bissonette), 

409 Wonder St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Marshall, Mary E. — Teacher, Plumville ; Smicksburg, Pa. 

Marshall, Nellie (Mrs. Edward Schaefer), 

74 Second Ave., Westmont, Johnstown, Pa. 
Martin, Helen E. (Mrs. Albert C. Fleming) — Deceased. 
McClure, Margaret (Mrs. David L. See) . .623 Cochran St., Sewickley, Pa. 


McCuNE, Elizabeth M. (Mrs. R. P. McClure) — Teacher, 

119 West Hutchinson Ave., Edgewood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
McCuTCHEON, Charlotte Sarah — Teacher, 

312 Fisk Ave., Avalon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
McDanel, Helen Marquis (Mrs. Joseph D. Brubaker), 

620 Sixth Ave., New Brighton, Pa. 
McDermott, Elizabeth M. (Mrs. Elizabeth M. Smouse) — Teacher, 

132 Friendship St., Duquesne, Pa. 
McFarland, Ella O. (Mrs. Arthur R. Jones), 

727 Trumball Ave., S. E., Warren, Ohio. 
McGaughey, Elma 
McGaw, Mildred R. (Mrs. G. R. Kemp), 

105 Elmont St., Crafton Heights, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

McGee, John Paul — Physician 277 Freeport Road, Blawnox, Pa. 

McKee, Miriam (Mrs. Charles O. Deitsch) . .1243 Otter St., Franklin, Pa. 

McKinney, Grace A 118 Ridge Ave., Washington, Pa. 

McNaughton, Violet De (Mrs. Lewis W. Caddy), 

708 Thirteenth Ave., Munhall, Pa. 

Miller, Georgia A. (Mrs. Dale Cole) 233 North Irvine Ave., Sharon, Pa. 

Miller, Josephine (Mrs. R. T. Laing) Knox, Pa. 

Miller, Louise (Mrs. Horace S. Longwill) R. D. No. 3, Lancaster, Pa. 

Miller, Marion J. — Teacher, Concmaugh ; Johnstown, Pa. 

Mitchell, Eleanor M. (Mrs. Robert C. Tomb), 

80 Moross Road, Grosse Pointe, Alich. 
Moore, Ann (Mrs. George Roy Leiter), 

2309 Charlotte Drive, Charlotte, N. C. 
Morrison, Pauline (Mrs. Max Rogow). 
Mover, Leone (Mrs. H. K. Gardner),- 

Landis Ave.. Delsea Drive, Vineland, N. J. 
Murray, Lula (Mrs. W. S. Cooper) . .1014 Maplewood Ave., Ambridge, Pa. 
Nebo, Mary Lois 
Neel, LaVerna R. 

Newell, Merl August — Physician Clintonville, Pa. 

Nicewonger, Gene (Mrs. John G. McFarland), 

535 Tremont Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 
Noble, Edna B. (Mrs. Sterner St. Paul Meek), 

Hawaiian Ordinance Depot, Honolulu, T. H. 
Obourn, Florence E. (Mrs. H. B. Deere), 

R. D. No. 1, Duff Road, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
O'Donnell, Rose (Mrs. William L. Carstensen), 

404 State St., Johnstown, Pa. 
O'Hare, Pauline M. (Mrs. Paul Navlon), 

1581^ East Market St., Blairsville, Pa. 

Oligher, Florence Otilla (Mrs. Lloyd Roberts) Marcellus, N. Y. 

Oliver, Nellie M. 

Olszewska. Anna H. — Teacher 1098 Valley St., McKees Rocks, Pa. 

Orndoff, Nora L. 

O'Rourke, Nellie L 504 Howard St., East Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Orr, Mary C. (Mrs. Leonard Jeffrey) 19 Indiana St., Homer City, Pa. 

Overdorff, Ruth E. (Mrs. Stanton L. Davis) — Deceased. 
Overly, Susan M. (Mrs. Edwin A. Swink) — Florist Designer, 

118 North Diamond St.. Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Park, Laura J 320 Locust St., Indiana, Pa. 

Parsons. Pauline — Teacher 634 South 48th St.. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Patterson, Emmeline C. (Mrs. Oakley Havens), 

226 High St., Williamsburg, Pa. 

Penney. Sara L. (Mrs. Arthur Duff) 1603 Union Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

Peoples, Virginia E. — Deceased. 

134 A L U M X I D I R E C T O R Y 

Pershing, Besse Mae (Mrs. Besse P. Hawk)^ 

135 Spring Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 
Pierce, Mary A. (Mrs. C. L. Weddell) . .1801 Cornell St.. McKeesport, Pa. 
Price, Juliet L. (Mrs. Homer O. Weitz), 

1312 Grandview Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 
PuGH, Dorothy (Mrs. August Koch Ball), 

426 ^^'est Central Ave., Williamsport, Pa. 

Pyle, Phyllis (Mrs. Ronald P. Mclntyre) R. D. Xo. 1, Sharpsville, Pa. 

QuiNN, ViRGixiA M. — Teacher 126 East Wahiut St., Titusville, Pa. 

Rebhux, Lo\"Ell (Mrs. John L. Barton) . .1627 Freeport Road, Tarentum, Pa. 
Reese. Miriam (Mrs. Miriam R. Mapoles) — Teacher, 

221 Mifflin St.. Johnstown, Pa. 
Remaley, Jeax E. (Mrs. O. R. Evans) . .\*eterans" .\dminstration. Downey, III. 
Rhea, Helen V. — Teacher. Bellevue ; 

717 Ohio River Blvd., Avalon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Richardson, Paul 
RiTTS, Ruth S. — Deceased. 

RiTZERT, Mary Gertrude — Teacher 236 Second St., Butler, Pa. 

Robinson. Ann.\ Lynn (Mrs. Robert Haire) . .Ligonier St., Xew Florence, Pa. 
Rockwell, Agnes M. (Mrs. Ralph D. Hilborn), 

304 South Fairmont St., Pittsburgh. Pa. 
Roth. Pauline A. ([Mrs. Burton F. Andrews). 

29 Xorth Pine St., Nazareth, Pa. 

RuFFNER, Nellie (Mrs. Paul H. Mowry) R. D. No. 2, Irwin. Pa. 

Rupp, C. Ernestine (Mrs. Samuel Raven) Washington, D. C. 

Russell, Marie Lucile — Teacher 416 Franklin St., East Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Russell, Mary M. (Mrs. Willard C. 'George). 

200 Spruce St.. Canonsburg. Pa. 
S.\ALMAN, Elsie Claire.. 1132 West Xorth Ave., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Sams, Mary F. (Mrs. W. R. Pettee) Waco, Xebr. 

Schneider, Camilla C. — Teacher .... R. D. Xo. 1, Box 12, Premont, Texas. 
ScHOLL, Garnett — Teacher, Pittsburgh ;. .901 Allison Ave., Washington, Pa. 
Schr.\uer, Martorie K. (Mrs. A. J. Lafferty), 

1712 La Porte St., Pittsburgh. Pa. 
Scott, Marie (Mrs. Paul A. Murrav). 

5801 Wellesley Ave.. East End, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Shaffer, Miriam A 432 Second St., Pitcairn. Pa. 

Sharar, Hazel M. 

Sherman, M.\rtha E. (Mrs. G. W. Davis), 

135 Alfadena Drive, Pittsburgh, 16. Pa. 
Shoemaker. Helen B. — Clerk, State Teachers College, 

1150 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 

Shugert. Kathryx — Teacher 65 Borton Ave., Akron, Ohio. 

Shupe, Axxa Kate (Mrs. Herbert W. Hall), 

3704 Tolland Road, Shaker Heights, Cleveland, Ohio. 
Silcott, Mary Esther (Mrs. Michael T. McGuire) — Teacher, 

902 Thirteenth St.. Parkersburg, W. Va. 

SiMPSOX, Axxa C. (Mrs. Kirby R. Gile) 57 South Xinth St., Indiana. Pa. 

Simpson, Estelle L. (Mrs. Paul V. Kinter) — Lunch-Room Operator. 

Sycamore Park. R. D. Xo. 1, Shelocta, Pa. 
Sleigh, Hazel Marie — Teacher, Etna, Pittsburgh ; 

1318 North Canal St., Sharpsburg. Pa. 
Smith, E\-elyx B. (Mrs. Bob Wilhelm). 
Smith, Gertrude (Mrs. John B. Chilton) . .Rancho San Roman. Encinal, Texas. 

Smith, Rosa (Mrs. Ezra H. Fye) Box 64. Friedens, Pa. 

Sober, Margaret E. — Executive Secretary- of Student Organizations, Teachers 
College, Columbia University-. .88 Morningside Drive, New York, X^. Y. 


SoissoN, Bessie A. (Mrs. William L. Dougherty), 

1665 Buena Vista Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
SoissoN, Frances (Mrs. John S. Buck) — Teacher. 

1140 South Pittsburgh St., Connellsville, Pa. 
SoNGER, Nei.le G. (Mrs. Joseph A. Bechtold). 

1008 Washington St.. Farrell. Pa. 
Spaid, Helen C. — Teacher. .163 Elizabeth Ave., Hempstead, Long Island, N. Y. 
Spires, Cora Mae (Mrs. W.^V. Bybee), 

' n Ralston Place, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Statler, Florence Gregg — Teacher 301 Walnut St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Stein, Mary U. (Mrs. H. E. Kirk).... 415 New York Ave., Rochester, Pa. 
Stephens, Alice Wilson (Mrs. W. Edgar Groves), 

146 Wallace .\ve., Leechburg, Pa. 
Stewart, Orpha E. (Mrs. L. H. Pinkerton), 

Tuscarawas Road, R. D. No. 1, Beaver, Pa. 
Stoneback, Dorothy T. — Office Service Manager, International Telephone and 

Telegraph Corporation 67 Broad St., New York, N. Y. 

Strong. Hazel B. — Teacher R. D. No. 1, Upper Middletown, Pa. 

TowNLEY, Helen M. 

Tucker, Mildred A. (Mrs. J. Preston Burns) — Teacher, 

518 Central Ave., Washington, Pa. 
Ulm, Corrine (Mrs. Corrine Ulm Kerr).. 1670 Fawcett Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 
Updegraff, Clara Jane (Mrs. Clara J. Megill) — Teacher, 

374 James St., Springdale, Pa. 
W.\lbridge, Lyman N. 

Walker, Ruby H. (Mrs. Ruby W. Price). 
Ward, Elizabeth Z. 

Weaver, Twila G. (Mrs. Philip S. Weaver) . .R. No. 1, Box 78, Blairsville, Pa. 
Weise, Clara H. (Mrs. William Jones).. 603 Chartiers St., Bridgeville, Pa. 
Westfall, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. Elizabeth W. Houck) — Cashier, 

Pennsylvania Edison Co 1809 Fourth St., Altoona, Pa. 

Wettach, Lillian (Airs. W. Victor List). 

215 Longrue Drive, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Wilcox, Dorothy F. (Mrs. W. W. Hammond), 

23 West Frederick St., Corry, Pa. 

Wilhelms, Clara (Mrs. L. S. Weight) 752 Seventh St., Pitcairn, Pa. 

Williams, Elma I. (Mrs. Sterling J. Orange), 

115 South Fifth St., Indiana, Pa. 
Williams. Marg.\ret G. — Deceased. 
Winters, M.\e F. 

WoLFHOPE, Ruth A. — Teacher 1185 McKinley Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Wood, Helen M. (Mrs. Lloyd M. Morris), 

1515 Tventy-second Ave., Altoona, Pa. 
Wood, Mildred M. (Mrs. Mildred W. Mathias) — Investigator, Department of 

Public Assistance 695 North Main St., Washington, Pa. 

Work, Alberta F. — Deceased. 

YouNT, Hilda Margaret (Mrs. Herbert H. ErteH, 

1301 Hepburn St.. Williamsport, Pa. 
ZoLLER, Ella Mae (Mrs. Stanley J. Waechter). 

430 Parker Drive. South Hills. Pittsburgh. Pa. 

Normal Art Course 

Beacham, Ruth \'. (Mrs. Ben H. Jones), 

1038 South Braddock Ave., Regent Square. Swissvale. Pa. 
Neal, Ruby E. — Teacher, Dormont ; 1320 Kelton Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Special Art Course 

Pattison, Nola (Mrs. Park Lytle) 944 Oakland Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

Sisley, Edith M. 


College Preparatory Coarse 

Burr, M. Vashti (Mrs. William V. Whittington) — Lawyer, 

201 Payne-Shoemaker Bldg., Harrisburg, Pa. ; 
4700 Connecticut Ave., Washington, D. C. 

Commercial Teachers Training Course 

Anderson, Mildred M. 

Baxter, Margaret F. (Mrs. John Shiels), 

1355 Marlboro Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Boucher, Florence C Beaverdale, Pa. 

Curry, Olive O. (Mrs. Charles Smith) Cloe, Pa. 

Damico, AIargaret F. 

Fouse, Alice R. (Mrs. Charles Stephens), 

1001 Bloomfield St., Roaring Spring, Pa. 
Gibson, Alicegertrude Cecelia (Mrs. Miles A. Kelly), 

221 Buffalo St., Freeport, Pa. 
Graff, Sarah Elizabeth (Mrs. Wilson Wylie Beale, Jr.), 

214 Rugby Road, Charlottesville, Va. 
Jackson, Harriet M. 
Kinder, Effie I. (Mrs. S. W. Rogers) . .Colonial Heights, Washington, Pa. 

Little, Anna Blanche n North Tenth St., Indiana, Pa. 

McAdoo, Hazel (Mrs. Paul Buterbaugh) ... .37 South Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 
McCoRMicK, Erma B. (Mrs. James D. Stark).. 860 East Sixth St., Erie, Pa. 
Norberg, Manila C. (Mrs. Fred Wackenhut), 

10762 One Hundred Ninth St., Richmond Hill, Long Island, N. Y. 
Peterson, Ellen Sherleigh (Mrs. C. B. Wilson), 

2150 Maplewood Road, Cleveland Heights, Cleveland, Ohio. 
Prouty, Clare (Mrs. L. W. Michaelson). 
Reddick, Marguerite L. (Mrs. L. A. Russell). 
Snyder, Dorothy M. 

Domestic Science Course 

Campbell, Mary B. — Teacher, McKees Rocks ; 

838 Sixth Ave.. Coraopolis, Pa. 

Carrier, Dorothy B. (Mrs. Wallace R. Weldon) Summerville, Pa. 

CusACK, Helen T. (Mrs. I. Wagner Stewart) . .Colona Heights, Monaca, Pa. 
Fleming, Margaret Lucile — Teacher, Warren, Ohio; 

175 West Main St., Salem, W. Va. 
GiLFiLLAN, Phyllis (Mrs. G. C. Martin), 

679 Shady Drive East, South Hills, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
HousER, Mildred A. (Mrs. LeRoy K. Metzger), 

,, ^ ^ .,, . 413 South Allen St., State College, Pa. 

McCoNNELL, Zoe (Mrs. J. Arlie Culler).. 119 Fallowfield Ave., Charleroi, Pa. 

Public School Music Course 

Barnes, Catherene Marie — Substitute Teacher, 

, , . 349 South Graham St.,' East Libertv, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Blair, M. Adah (Mrs. Arthur J. Brickley), 
_ -, ,, ,,, 312 College Ave., California, Pa. 

Child, Edith Mary (Mrs. Harry D. Hicks) 9 Pine St., Granville, N. Y. 

Cleveland, Ruth H. 

Davies, Sarah K. (Mrs. Charles E. Carson), 

South Windsor Apt., 104 West Green St.. Connellsville, Pa. 
Devere, Hannah Carolyn (Mrs. Arthur L. Pehrson), 

5657 North Delaware St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

A L U M N I B Y C L A S S E S 137 

Dixon, Nelle — Teacher 810 Kirkpatrick St., North Braddock, Pa. 

FoRiNGER, Edna R. (Mrs. F. J. Wilson). 

Gillespie, Fleeta — Music Supervisor R. D. No. 1, Pitcairn, Pa. 

Rowland, Jane (Mrs. Jane Klepser) . .207 East Whittier Ave., Altoona, Pa. 
Jones, Ruth Gray (Mrs. Ruth Gray Pace) — Teacher, 

707 Locust Ave., Zanesville, Ohio. 
Kelly, Margaret Georgia (Mrs. J. Don Reep)..76 Pearl St., Buffalo, N. Y. 
MacEwen, Ruth Olive (Mrs. William James Caldwell), 

Wilmington Road, R. D. No. 3, New Castle, Pa. 
MacWilliams, Helen R. — Personnel Director, 

7101 Thomas Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Manlev, Ursulah Elenah (Airs. M. E. Wright) — Deceased. 

Sharbaugh, Mary M. (Mrs. Robert McCormick) Carrolltown, Pa. 

Short, Marguerite B. (Mrs. F. B. Thomas). 

CLASS OF 1919 

President Marian Lamison 

Vice President Maude I. Crawford 

Secretary Helen George 

Treasurer Dorothy E. Hill 

Regular Course 

Adams, May Bel (Mrs. David E. John).. 980 Morgan St., Brackenridge, Pa. 
Ahlquist, Mabel L. (Airs. A. A. Wertenbauch), 

930 Fawcett Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 
Alter, Gladys AI. (Airs. Harry F. Keller), 

10042 South Claremont Ave., Beverly Hills, Chicago, III. 

Anderson, Edith L.— Teacher 201 North Third St., Jeannette, Pa. 

Bailey, Helen G. 

Baldwin, Pauline G. (Airs. Ralph H. Walker). 

Bambarger, Ethel C. — Deceased. 

Barnes, Ruth E. (Mrs. Gerald H. Brown) . .614 Chestnut St., Springdale, Pa. 

Barrett, Elsie M. (Airs. John Fluke). 

Bendle, Elsie (Mrs. Rowland G. Davis) ... .411 Alarion St., Ebensburg, Pa. 

Bittner, AIae Al. — Deceased. 

Black, Anna Virginia (Mrs. Clarence Shuster)..R. D. No. 1, Jeannette, Pa. 

Bley, Zaida (Airs. W. Clair Weaver) 335 Oak St., Indiana, Pa. 

BooRD, Margaret L. 

Broder, Ruth L. (Airs. Ruth B. Robins). 

Brown, Bertha R. (Mrs. M. M. Weber), 

1054 Greyton Road, Cleveland Heights, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Burns, Anna R. — Teacher 845 Luzerne St., Johnstown, Pa. 

BusHYAGER, Annette M. (Alrs. Russell C. Droutz), 

418 North Third St., Jeannette, Pa. 
Campbell, Margaret V. 
Campbell, Sara B. (Airs. Robert A. St. Clair), 

1001 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Carlson, Emma L. — Teacher 102 West Spruce St., Titusville, Pa. 

Chapman, Louise T Alahaffey, Pa. 

Christy, Edna Blanche — Teacher.. 242 North Dithridge St.. Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Comyns, AIarie E. — Teacher, Pittsburgh ;... .423 Ross Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Cornely, Elizabeth Bell (Mrs. Paul D. Shaub) Shrewsbury, Pa. 

CouRSON, Dorothy (Airs. Dorothy Dean) — Teacher, 

DeLong Memorial School, Washingtonville, Pa. 

Cox, Ida S. — Teacher 723 Linden Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Crawford. AIaude I. (Mrs. Hal H. Harrison), 

1400 Dallas Ave., Tarentum, Pa. 


Crebs, Maude Mae 232 North Brady St., DuBois, Pa. 

Crist, Mary E. — Elementarj' Principal. .1204 Nineteenth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Cronin, Eileen 114 Lincohi St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Cuvelier, Gladys (Mrs. F. W. Krieger), 427 Vernon St., New Kensington, Pa. 

Debor, Mary M. — Teacher 1038 Brackenridge Ave., Brackenridge, Pa. 

DoBSON, Nelle M. (Mrs. Byron L. ChapHn), 

2803 Riverview Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

Eberle, Esther M 314 Second Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Ervin, Frances E. 

Eyler, Katherine (Mrs. Robert C. Kurtz) Confluence, Pa. 

Ferry, Lucile (Mrs. William Colvin) . .1444 Morningside Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Findley, Helen J. (Mrs. Helen F. Radle) — Deceased. 

Foster, Ruth (Mrs. Gail W. Pringle) Williamson Road, Meadville, Pa. 

Frederick, Mary — Deceased. 

Garee, Bertha I. (Mrs. Harry McLain) — Deceased. 

George, Helen (Mrs. B. L. Coleman) 935 McCartney St., Easton, Pa. 

Gilpin, Mary E. (Mrs. James LaPoe). 

Greer, Margaret I. (Mrs. Willard A. Kunz) . .384 High St., Lockport, N. Y. 

Hall, Florence (Mrs. J. J. Felt) 2137 South 58th Ave., Cicero, 111. 

Hammer, Ada B. (Mrs. Alfred J. Porter) Strand Bldg., Greensburg, Pa. 

Hammers, Irene L. — Teacher 229 East Maiden St., Washington, Pa. 

Harrington, Margaret J. (Airs. Cornelius Grifiin), 

9 North Holland Ave., Braddock, Pa. 
Hart, Mary Lillian — Teacher, Laboratory and Demonstration School, State 

Teachers College, Indiana ; R. D., Blairsville, Pa. 

Heckman, Joanna — Teacher 121 Rebecca St.. Kittanning, Pa. 

Heckman, Josephine — Teacher 121 Rebecca St., Kittanning, Pa. 

Henry, Ruby (Mrs. R. L. Peters) 709 Arcadian Ave., Waukesha, Wis. 

Hill, Dorothy E. (Mrs. H. Newell Connor) ... .R. D. No. 1, Jeannette, Pa. 
Hindman, Amy Jane (Mrs. T. Carlyle Wadding), 

961 Ninth Ave, Brackenridge, Pa. 
Hughes, Edith A. 
Hummel, Nelle E. 

Jacobson, Helen (Mrs. Helen J, Adler). 
Jamison, Celia M. (Mrs. Celia J. Holt), 

126 Hibiscus Drive, Frankstown Estates, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Jefferis, Mary Elizabeth — Teacher 255 Dixon Blvd., Uniontown, Pa. 

Johnston, Agnes Marie — Teacher ' R. D., Bolivar, Pa. 

Johnston, Ernest M. — Supervising Principal Ebensburg, Pa. 

Jones, Ethel A. (Mrs. R. Murray McCartney) . .105 Third St., McDonald, Pa. 

Karnes, Luvia S. — Teacher, Wilkinsburg ; Murrysville, Pa. 

Keeler, Mary Maythorne 760 Grove Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Kepple, Helen Gertrude — Teacher 1146 Confer Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Kinney, Faith Laura (Mrs. Harry B. Wallace) — Substitute Teacher, 

Spartansburg, Pa. 
Kirkpatrick, Margaret D. 
Knight, Emma N. (Mrs. D. R. McConahey). 

Kuhlman, Isabelle a. — Teacher 2225 Broadway, Pittsburgh, 16, Pa. 

KuNKLE, Hilda L. 

Lafferty, Sarah (Mrs. A. D. Buck), 

17 Norwin Road, Baldwin Manor, Pittsburgh, 10, Pa. 

Laird, Mary Margaret — Teacher Southwest, Pa. 

Lamison, Marion (Mrs. Herbert H. Meyers).. 917 Lina St.. Johnstown, Pa. 
Landin, Lillian B. — Emploj^ee of New Process Co., Warren ; 

Sugar Grove, Pa. 
Lauderbaugh, Minnie B. (Mrs. L. T. White).. 105 Miller Ave., Clairton, Pa. 

Leacock. Kathleen E. — Teacher 668 Jefferson St., Baden, Pa. 

Lee, C. Eleanor — Secretary 721 Elm St., Youngstown, Ohio. 

A L U M N I R Y C L A S S E S 139 

Long, Lena E. 

Long, Lizziebell (Mrs. Walter L. Kocher), 

1863 Second St., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. 
LoRENTZ. Gertrude K. — Deceased. 
LoucKS, Celesta M. 

Luther. Zenie (Mrs. Charles Dyke) 1306 Cambria Ave., Windber, Pa. 

Lytle, Lois (Mrs. Thomas J. Powell) 103 Locust St., Aliquippa, Pa. 

MacPhee, Sara G. — Teacher 62 Kenmawr Ave., Rankin, Pa. 

Maley, Leona (Mrs. William Froehlich) . .303 Franklin St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Massy. Elsie F. (Mrs. Elsie M. L^tmer), 

6419 Kentucky Ave., East End, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Maxwell, Lorena (Mrs. Elmer H. Menger), 

216 Sumner Ave.. New Castle, Pa. 

Mayo, Margaret Vene — Teacher 406 South Fourth St., Duquesne, Pa. 

Mazza, Serafina (Sister Maria Serafina Mazza) — Teacher, 

Seton Hill College, Greensburg, Pa. 
McCague, Helen G. 
McGrew, Mabel Willella (Mrs. George F. Higby), 

312 Jackson Ave.. Vandergrift, Pa. 
McHail, Mary B. — Deceased. 

McKenzie, Devona H Box 253. Uniontown, Pa. 

Miller, Carrie E. (Mrs. Arthur Custer) — Deceased. 

AIiller, Zita E 709 Main St., Berlin, Pa. 

MosHOLDER, Emma C 1066 Jefferson Ave., Akron, Ohio. 

Murray, Sarah Ann — Teacher 621 Franklin St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Nelson. Alma M 417 Tenth St., Windber, Pa. 

NicoL, E\t:lyn M. (Mrs. C. W. Schultz) . .Derry-Latrobe Road. Latrobe, Pa. 

NicoL, Katiiryn Francies — Teacher R. E). No. 1, Box 40, Derry, Pa. 

Obert, a. Katharine (Mrs. Roger R. Rupp), 

Fourth and Iron Sts., Lehighton, Pa. 

O'CoNNER, Ruth 353 Stony Creek St.. Johnstown, Pa. 

Paterick, Eleanor L. (Mrs. Oliver G. Commons) Cherry Tree, Pa. 

Pease, Mary H. (Mrs. H. R. Lester) Ripley. W Va. 

Peck, Bessie Evelyn (Mrs. Harry Lee Crawford), 

31 r Kennedy Ave., Duquesne. Pa. 
Pfordt. Margaret (Mrs. Margaret P. Bowser) — Teacher, Springfield Twp. ; 

136 Asgby Road, Upper Darby, Pa. 
Pfromm, Margaret A. (Mrs. John J. Thomas) — Teacher. 

3866 Windgap Road, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Phillips, Marguerite H. (Mrs. Merle F. Hofecker) — Secretary-Treasurer of 

Richland Silver Fox Farm. Inc R. D. No. 4, Box 171, Johnstown, Pa. 

Pore, Wilma J. (Mrs. Harry Laird Lucas) — Deceased. 

Porter, Amy Lucile (Mrs. Russell Ware) 511 Grant St.. Scottdale, Pa. 

Ralston, Lemmon S. — Teacher 461 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Reed, Britta June (Mrs. D. J. Ferguson), 

235 Pennsylvania Ave., Clairton, Pa. 

Reed, Blanche (Mrs. J. A. Morgan) 417 Rose Ave., Clairton, Pa. 

Rhoads, Margaret Valentine — Teacher, State Teachers College, 

Slippery Rock, Pa. 

Robinson, June M 404 Crawford St., Barnesboro, Pa. 

Ruddock. William McClave — Lawyer 694 Water St., Indiana. Pa. 

RuGH, William H. — Accountant, Rochester and Pittsbtirgh Coal Co.. 

541 East Washington St., Indiana, Pa. 
Rt'ssell. Katharine Marie (Mrs. George D. Evans"). 

8 East Gaskill Ave., Jeannette, Pa. 

Schultz, Martha — Teacher R. F. D. No. 1. Mt. Pleasant. Pa. 

Sechler, Margaret L Ebensburg, Pa. 

140 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Shackelford, Magnolia E. (Mrs. Frederick Griffith), 

1107 Wertland St., Charlottesville, Va. 

Shackelford, Oval G. (Mrs. Fred H. Weber) 15 Berry St., Baden, Pa. 

Shaw, Beatrice Virginia (Mrs. Ira P. Shirey) Foxburg, Pa. 

Shirey, Grace M. (Mrs. Ralph Graham).. R. D. No. 1, Box 170, Latrobe, Pa. 

Shuster, Beulah Montrose— Teacher R. D. No. 1, Jeannette, Pa. 

SiNGisER, AIildred E. (Mrs. Harold Sawtelle) . .1117 Fourth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Small, Edith L Hollidaysburg, Pa. 

Smith, Adrienne M. (Mrs. Walter Prinzler), 703 Stanton St., Greensburg. Pa. 

Smith, Ethel Mary (Mrs. I. B. Kimmel) 30 Clover St., Johnstown, Pa. 

SoMERViLLE, Kathryn E. — Teacher, 

116 East Gibson Ave., South Connellsville, Pa. 

SoMERViLLE, MiLLiE M. — Teaclier 36 North Second St., Duquesne, Pa. 

Sowash, Hazel M. — Teacher Hannastown, Pa. 

Steigerwalt, Clarence A. — Minister, 

455 Columbia St., Schuylkill Haven, Pa. 
Sterner, Helen M. (Mrs. Alexander F. Horbach) — Teacher, 

314 South Chestnut St., Derry, Pa. 
Stickle, Mary Wynn (Mrs. Harold M. Poole), 

3701 Hard Road, Worthington, Ohio. 

Streams, Orpha Graham (Mrs. Jess Koenig) -. Fort Lupton, Colo. 

Strickler, Emily (Mrs. R. B. Barner) 615 Leora Ave., Rockwood, Pa. 

Sullivan, Loretto Louise — Teacher 10 South Main St., DuBois, Pa. 

Sullivan, Nellie Louise (Mrs. George C. Buchanan), 

419 State St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Swan, Margaret (Mrs. Harry McCreary) 1401 School St., Indiana, Pa. 

Taylor, Myrtle West (Mrs. Myrtle T. Guckert), 

3614 Wickshire St., Brighton Heights, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Thistlethwaite, !Mary (Mrs. Mary T. Fisher), 

R. D. No. 1, Fredericktown, Pa. 

Trimble, Nan (Mrs. F. B. Musick) 222 Church St., Ligonier, Pa. 

Vandivort, Theodora (Mrs. William J. Marsh), 

119 Noblestown Road, Carnegie, Pa. 
Venneri, Millie R. (Mrs. D. Kingley IMcGlashan) — Wholesale Candy Sales- 
woman. 2607 Jenny Lind Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

Weaver, Mary Emeline (Mrs. G. C. Gindlesberger), 

703 Twelfth St., Windber, Pa. 
Welsh, Carrie Marie (Mrs. Logan S. Rugh), 

5702 Hampton St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

WiLGUS, Esther A. (Mrs. Esther W. AlacDonald) Dawson, Pa. 

Williams, Anna M. (Mrs. Anna Sommerville) — Teacher, 

213 Viola Ave., Duquesne, Pa. 

Williams, Louise — Clerk 301 South Center St., Corry, Pa. 

Wilson, Margaret Gertrude — Teacher R. D. No. 5, Indiana, Pa. 

Woodworth, Mabelle D. (Mrs. Mabelle W. Henning) — Teacher, 

1481^ East Broadway, Glendale, Calif. 
Woy, Florence Z. (Mrs. Luther W. Bittner), 

308 West Race St., Somerset, Pa. 
Wright, Franklin R. — Attorney and Chief Inspector, American Gas Asso- 
ciation Testing Laboratories, Cleveland ; 

1161 Argonne Road, South Euclid, Ohio. 
Yukenberc, Laura — Teacher, Center Twp. ; Homer City, Pa. 

Normal Art Course 

Spender, Edith W. 

College Preparatory Course 

Jamison, Grace E. 

Nix, Anna Marjorie (Mrs. Alex O. Buntin), 

2361 Dellwood Drive, Atlanta, Ga. 

A L U M N I B Y C L A S S E S 141 

Commercial Teachers Training Course 

Chambox, August Z. — Transfer 211 McKean Ave., Donora, Pa. 

Curry, Olive O. (Mrs. Charles Smith) Cloe, Pa. 

DoDsox, Helex K. (Mrs. Helen Dodson Coffman), 

45 North Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 

DuxLAP, WiLLMA J.— Secretary P. O. Box 265, Blairsville, Pa. 

EcKBERG, Laura E. (Mrs. John A. Weishampel) . .27 Beech St., Nutley, N. J. 
Fowler, Helen (Mrs. Herbert Herzbrun) . .545 Beaver St., Sewickley, Pa. 
Gillespie, Helen McClure 
Hull, Kathryx Livixgston (Mrs. Ralph H. Patterson), 

1021 West Clay St., Lancaster, Pa. 

James, Helex J 3930 Brownsville Road, Brentwood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Peacock, Hazel A. (Mrs. R. G. Russell) . .1137 Lincoln Way, McKeesport, Pa. 

Domestic Science Course 

Baxfield, Wilda E. — Teacher.. R. D. No. 1, Tuscarawas Road, Beaver, Pa. 
Broughtox, Axxa p. (Mrs. James A. Lopus), 

24 West Seventh St., Jamestown, N. Y. 
McCartxey, Anna Mae (Mrs. William Albert Perry), 

104 South Second St., Clearfield, Pa. 
!^IcCartxev, Thalia Jaxe (Airs. Paul C. Bruce), 

26 Sheridan Road, Asheville, N. C. 
Remaley, Sara E. (Mrs. Sara R. Heverly) — Teacher, 

1913 Delaware Ave., Swissvale, Pa. 
\\'ebster, Adelaide 

Piano Course 

Carson, Mary E. — Supervisor of Alusic Saltsburg, Pa. 

Neff, Charlotte 258 Powers St., New Brunswick, N. J. 

Ragosix, Rose (Mrs. Abe Brody), 

10138 One Hundred Eighteenth St., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 
WiDDOWsoN, Velma — Alusic Instructor 902 Oak St., Indiana, Pa. 

Public School Music Course 

AuLD, Ruth E. (Mrs. W. B. Ludman) . .1903 Liberty St., Parkersburg, W. Va. 
Briggs, Florence Lucille (Mrs. Frank L. Clack), 

R. D. No. 1, Sharpsville, Pa. 
Buttermore, Helen D. (Mrs. J. Blair Peterman), 

1637 Laketon Road, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
CuMMixGS, Forrest (Mrs. Charles ^\'. Ferguson). 

220 South Stewart St.. Blairsville, Pa. 
Duncan, Iva Pauline (Mrs. North M. Liedy)..R. D. No. 2, Bloomsburg, Pa. 
Froelich, Martha Jane (Mrs. Harold B. Adams), 

4 Allport Place, New Hartford, N. Y. 
Hunter, Elizabeth Ferrier (Mrs. George Shornhorst, Jr.), 

424 Jefferson Ave.. Bellevuc, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Leppold, Clara Laxge — Teacher, East Deer Twp. ; 612 High St., Freeport, Pa. 
Moore, Margaret M. (Mrs. Stewart O. Chesnutt), 

251 Church St.. Brookville, Pa. 

MuLHOLLAXD, MARGUERITE E. (Mrs. Marguerite M. Smith) DuBois, Pa. 

Peterman, Irma (Mrs. Irma P. Stalnaker) . .901 Wayne Ave., Indiana, Pa. 
Ryan. Ruth Mildred (Mrs. W. H. Amend), 

1549 Avon Place, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Stephenson, Edith E. (Mrs. Alvin Lester), 

3075 Hendricks Ave., South Jacksonville, Fla. 


CLASS OF 1920 

President Helen L. Webster 

Vice President John Reed 

Secretary Elizabeth M. Patterson 

Treasurer Esther Powell 

Regular Course 

AvEY, Clarence F. — Minister 355 School St., Athoi, Mass. 

Ayers, Evelyn E. (Mrs. Evelyn Byerley) Broomall, Pa. 

Banks, Roberta M. — Teacher 1308 Carlisle St., Tarentum, Pa. 

Barker, Maxine (Mrs. Joseph K. Dewar), 

367 West Riverview Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Barnett, Edith M. (Mrs. D. J. Kennedy), 

116 Englewood Road, Upper Darby, Pa. 
Beaujon, Margaret Pauline 
Beggs, William H. — Principal of Plum Township Consolidated Schools, 

Sandy Lake, Pa. 
Bielska, Florence (Mrs. J. P. Fisher). 

Blanset, Marguerite Marie (Mrs. T. F. Aukerman) . .Box 55, Lycippus, Pa. 
Bothell, Levenia M. (Mrs. George McCombs) — Deceased. 
Brandon, Margaret Bel (Mrs. Robert P. Bayard), 

37 Heyward Lane, Rockville Centre, Long Island, N. Y. 

Brinker, Edna C. — Teacher Trescher Apts., Jeannette, Pa. 

Browne, Elizabeth H. — Teacher 1421 Macon Ave., Swissvale, Pa. 

Buck, Mabel (Mrs. Harry E. Maddock) . .1117 Montana Ave., Tarentum, Pa. 
Bunting, Jane M. (Mrs. Robert R. Arnold). 
Butler, Dorothy (Mrs. Samuel Ewing), 

Manchester 1128, Sheffield St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Cam, Jennie (Mrs. Karl Wachter) Wilmore, Pa. 

Campbell, Mildred (Mrs. Russell L. Black), 

1034 North 20th St., Allentown, Pa. 
Chamberlain, S. Mae (Mrs. J. C. Stilley) . .Lebanon Road, Homestead, Pa. 

Chaplin, Kathryn Malissa (Mrs. Charles Bauers) Flinton, Pa. 

Cheeseman, Jean R. (Mrs. Jean C. Sturgeon) Trenton, Ohio. 

Chick, Joseph L. — Physician and Surgeon DuBois, Pa. 

Clay, Pauline A. (Mrs. Harry J. Pefferman), 

626 Versailles Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 
Connelly, Raphael Marie 
Coon, M. Catharine — Interviewer for Pennsylvania State Employment 

Service 335 North Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Cover, Helen H. (Mrs. William De Apulio). 
Cronin, Marie E. (Mrs. Marie C. Eurell), 

145 Powell Lane, Upper Darby, Pa. 
Cunningham, Flora K. (Mrs. W. Ward Eicher), 

1077 Church St., Indiana, Pa. 

Davis, Lisle S. — Teacher, Harrison Twp. ; Tarentum, Pa. 

Diehl, Una Mae Lawton (Mrs. Thomas F. Morgan), 

Curtis Park, Philipsburg, Pa. 
Duff, Elizabeth 
Dumm, Olean M. (Sister M. Christine) — Teacher, Altoona ; 

Mt. Aloysius Academy, Cresson, Pa. 
Dunmire, Alice 
Dunmire, Cora M. (Mrs. Cora D. Williams), 

353 South Third St., Indiana, Pa. 
Ellsworth, Marie M. (Mrs. Edward Burkhard), 

128 Third Ave., Westmont, Johnstown, Pa. 
Fee, Emily Eunice — Deceased. 


FiNLEY, Etta T. (Mrs. R. Stanley Dailey), 

3218 Garbctt Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

Fleming, Martha E. — Stenographer 2601 Parkway, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Foster, Mary G 533 Allegheny Ave., Oakmont, Pa. 

Friscii, Mabel B. 

Gearhart, Edythe (Mrs. Donald Harris), 

Route No. 3, Box 4, Homer City. Pa. 
George, Florence G. (Mrs. Merle C. Bush).. 1049 Schiwl St.. Indiana, Pa. 
Getty, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. J. S. Couser) . . . .280 Locust St., Indiana, Pa. 
Goff, Mary Dorothy (Mrs. H. B. Prothero), 

217 Messenger St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Goldsmith, Daisy E. (Mrs. Daisy G. Doum), 

2118 Second Ave., Tarentum, Pa. 

Gorman, Esther M Coalport, Pa. 

Gould, Helen M Hillside Ave., Dormont, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Graham, Isabelle K. 

Griffith, Leda M. (Mrs. W. C. Voss), 

Lincoln Apts., Lincoln Ave., Newark, N J. 
Gutelius, Adaline M. (Mrs. Charles T. Gayley), 

271 Windemere Ave., Lansdowne. Philadelphia, Pa. 
Hall, Emily B. (Mrs. Howard E. Beggs), 

The Ardly, 518 Fifth Ave., South, St. Petersburg, Fla. 
Hasinger, Anna Dorothy (Mrs. James A. Black), 

1004 Fifth Ave., Ford City, Pa. 
Hastings, Lois Margaret (Mrs. Richard C. Stephens), 

125 Valley Drive, Aspinwall, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Hepler, Isabelle (Mrs. Walter J. Morris) — Private Piano Teacher, 

2986 Crescent Drive, N. E., Warren, Ohio. 
Hoffman, Sarah Lucille (Mrs. James Lane), 

80 Sanprom St., Ingram, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Hull, DeRose (Mrs. Harry L. Kriner) 502 Graham St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Humphreys, Grace B. (Mrs. Charles R. Treharne), 

308 Berger Place, New Castle, Pa. 
James, Esther M. (Mrs. L. T. Denniston), 

714 North Atherton St., State College, Pa. 
Jaquish, Martha E. (Mrs. Edwin F. Stiles), 

459 Third St., Washington, Pa. 

Jennings, Ivah C. (Mrs. George LeBaron) Erie, Pa. 

Jones, Rachel H. — Teacher 1030 Milton Ave., Swissvale, Pa. 

Kunkle, Martha Crystelle (Mrs. R. A. Brown), 

R. D. No. 2, Livermore, Pa. 
Lavely, Izora V. (Mrs. Ernest C. Zilk)..811 Fronheiser St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Lawrence, Joanna AL — Finance Dept., City Hall, 

303 Franklin St.^ Johnstown, Pa. 

Liggett, Virginia (Mrs. Robert Wagner) — Teacher New Florence, Pa. 

Long, Frances Elizabeth (Mrs. J. F. Foreman, II), 

505 Kelly Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Longwill, L. Lorraine (Mrs. J. T. Thompson), 

Oak Drive, Oak Hill, Leetsdale, Pa. 
Lyle, Sarah E. 

Mabon, Cornelia — Teacher 123 Longfellow Ave., \^andergrift. Pa. 

McCardell, Emma B. (Mrs. Walter R. Feser)— Deceased. 

McCoNAUGHEY, RuTH N. — Teacher 121 Fairfield St., Ligonier, Pa. 

McCreary, Mildred (Mrs. Paul E. Shroads) . .1129 Indiana Ave., Monaca, Pa. 
McCuLLOUGH, Naomi E. 

McGregor, Lillie Belle — Teacher 1220 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 

McMahon, Juanita B. 


Miller, Elizabeth Might (Mrs. John H. Llewellyn), 

920 Poplar St., Scranton, Pa. 

Murphy, Della G. (Mrs. William C. Wallace) West Finley, Pa. 

Myers, Edgar K.— Investigator, Department of Revenue, 

617 Spring St., Latrobe, Pa. 

Nichol, Margaret (Mrs. A. G. Drew) 81 East Main St., Canton, N. Y. 

Xix, Anna Marjorie (Mrs. Alex O. Buntin), 

2361 Dellwood Drive, Atlanta, Ga. 

Oeitz, Anna (Mrs. Anna O. FuUerton) 206 Buffalo St., Freeport, Pa. 

Patterson, Elizabeth M. (Mrs. A. M. Briggs), 

2601 Quail Ave., Hileman Heights, Altoona, Pa. 

PooLE, Virginia (Mrs. L. A. Tarbox) 319 Walnut Ave., Cranford, N. J. 

Powell, Esther (Mrs. J. O. Crum) — Part Owner of Grocery Store, 

135 Queen St., Kittanning, Pa. 
Reed, John 

Reitler, Anna Fourth Avenue and Twelfth St., Ford City, Pa. 

Rice, Mildred P. 

Ross, Verla M. — Teacher Mather, Pa. 

Schmunk, Elizabeth Kathryn (Mrs. Frank E. Miller, Jr.), 

2228 West Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio. 

ScHUETZ, Isabel M. — Teacher 6 Heinz Terrace, Sharpsburg, Pa. 

Silveus, Hilda (Mrs. Carl Flowers) — Physiotherapist, Dr. Carlson's School 

for Cerebral Palsies 3415 Beechwood Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

SiNGiSER, Eleanor M. (Mrs. J. C. Drummond), 

869 Tice Place, Westfield, N. J. 

Smith, Cora Viola — Teacher 24 Grant St., Houston, Pa. 

Snyder, Amy Mullen — Teacher 707 Terrace Ave., Apollo, Pa. 

Sober, Martha C. (Mrs. Fred Ashbaugh) R. D., Allison Park, Pa. 

St. Clair, Lyle P. — Florist 537 Penn Ave., Reading, Pa. 

Stoops, Carrie Marie 

Sullivan, Vera 700 North Fifth St., Bellwood, Pa. 

Swartz, Hazel I. (Mrs. Buel N. Wright). 

Tomb, Rosalie — Teacher, Grosse Pointe ; 10410 East Jefferson, Detroit, Mich. 

Webster, Helen L. (Mrs. W. C. Troutman). 

Welty, Margaret E. (Mrs. C. F. Reitler) . .1204 Fourth Ave., Ford City, Pa. 

Wilson, Sarah Sloan (Mrs. Roland J. George) — Assistant Librarian, New 

York Academy of Medicine 69 West 11th St., New York, N. Y. 

Young, Besse E. (Mrs. Robert J. Munce), 

220 Dewey St., Edgewood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Art Course 

Trimble, H. Vera — Art Director 1514 Bailey Ave., AIcKeesport, Pa. 

College Preparatory Course 

Jones, Eleanor — Deceased. 

Keith, Mary Lee (Mrs. David P. Williams) 835 Spring St., Latrobe, Pa. 

Commercial Teachers Training Course 

Fieldstein, Dorothy L. (Mrs. John Marshall) South Bend, Ind. 

Fowler, Corrine — Clerk General Delivery, Apollo, Pa. 

Householder, Hazel Viola (Mrs. Ernest W. Bloomquist) Clune, Pa. 

Kottraba, Cecile (Mrs. J. V. Miller) 121 West Pearl St., Butler, Pa. 

McAdoo, Nell (Mrs. John Trainer) 495 South Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Ortner, Frances G 62 East Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Reeves, Edith L. (Mrs. Lloyd W. Carr) 542 Oak St., Indiana^ Pa. 

Simpson, Marjorie (Mrs. R. C. Faust) Dayton, Pa. 


Stang, Marie V. — Stenographer 272 Oak St., Indiana, Pa. 

Stuchell, Pearl R. — Owner and Manager of Business School, 

64 Seneca St., Geneva, N. Y. 

Domestic Science Course 

Kirk, Ida McElroy (Mrs. Kenneth W. Geary), 

2235 Brownsville Road, Mt. Oliver, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Murray, Josephine (Mrs. R. J. Bamford) . .214 Gilpin St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
NiCHOL, Helen W. 
Yates, Marion F. 

Piano Course 

Blanchard, Helen Louise — Piano Teacher 924 Main St., Brockway, Pa. 

Gibson, Suzan (Mrs. Elder Kerr) 528 School St., Indiana, Pa. 

Leydic, Charlotte (Mrs. William E. Kemery, Jr.), 

1928 Southwest Laurel St., Portland, Oregon. 

Public School Music Course 

Kurtz, Kathryx Baron Ave., Morrellville, Johnstown, Pa. 

LocKARD, Gladys — Teacher. .236 Massachusetts Ave., N. E., Washington, D. C. 

Mead, E. Vanessa (Mrs. Howard D. Way).... 1125 Maple St., Indiana, Pa. 

Stickle, Lillian A. (Mrs. Lillian S. Lytle) — Music Supervisor, Hempfield 

Twp. ; 321 Duquesne Ave., Trafford, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1921 

President Sarah Xoble 

Vice President Loretta Murray 

Secretary Mary Eckel 

Treasurer D. Albert Yost 

Elementary Curriculums 
(Kindergarten - Primary and Intermediate) 

Barnes, Belle 290 Ohio St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Beggs, Catherine E. (Mrs. G. S. Booher), 

126 Crafton Ave., Crafton, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Book, Helen E. (Mrs. Helen E. Bryan), 

911 Maryland Ave., New Castle, Pa. 
Bowman, Irene (Mrs. J. J. Legrand) . .364 North James St., Springdale, Pa. 

Boyd, Elizabeth (Mrs. John H. McKinney) Turtle Creek, Pa. 

Boyd, Lela — Teacher 72 East Church St., Uniontown, Pa. 

Brinker, Margaret (Mrs. Victor A. Bishop) Pleasant Unity, Pa. 

Brown, Eliz.\beth Jane — Artist, Douglass Studio, 

250 South Seventh St., Indiana, Pa. 
Brown, Mary Ethel (^Irs. Charles W. Hamilton), 

R. D. No. 1, "Mapleview," Charleroi, Pa. 
Brown, Ruth K. (Mrs. Myrlynn T. Shafer), 

1432 South Main St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

Burkett, Bess (Mrs. Ira R. Hill) 2223 Hampton Ave., Swissvale, Pa. 

Cam, Marie (Mrs. Paul H. Boyts) 1315 School St., Indiana, Pa. 

Capizzi, Antonetta Clymer, Pa. 

Chattaway, Mary — \^isitor, Department of Public Assistance, 

1013 Try St., Monongahela, Pa. 

Clark, Margaret Bruce — Teacher 330 Fourth St., Freeport, Pa. 

Claycomb, Sue L. (Mrs. B. Filmore Jumper), 

5935 North Elsinore St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

146 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

CoNKLiNG, Margaret (Mrs. Slagle). 

Cook, Bertha (Mrs. R. W. Fox) 203 Paxtang Ave., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Coon, Helen M West Ninth Ave., Homestead, Pa. 

Cox, Lillian E. (Mrs. Earl K. Gable) 2310 Vondera St., Munhall, Pa. 

Dale, Christine 

Davis, Zelia (Mrs. Allen Forsythe). 

Dickie, Louise (Mrs. J. M. Tyson) DuBois, Pa. 

DiERKEN, Claire National Red Cross, City County Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

DouDS, Margaret (Mrs. Margaret D. Shaffer) Plumville, Pa. 

Dropeski, Hettie (Mrs. John J. Malinouski) . .1058 Main St., Dickson City, Pa. 

Eakman, Isabel (Mrs. Isabel E. Cook) Plumville, Pa. 

Earnest, Alice (Mrs. P. G. Wushinske) Export, Pa. 

Eckel, Mary (Mrs. Oscar Zolbe), 

R. D. No. 5, Menoher Highway, Johnstown, Pa. 

Edwards, Alberta Belsano, Pa. 

Emry, Georgia L. (Mrs. Clarence P. Fowler). 

Engle, Gladys 300 Oneida St., Monessen, Pa. 

Enos, Jean O 207 South Prospect St., Connellsville, Pa. 

Ewing, Mildred Alberta (Mrs. Ross Wilson) R. D. No. 1, Avonmore, Pa. 

Fell, Bernice — Teacher 20 Ormond St., Hempstead, N. Y. 

Felmley, Dorothy (Mrs. George E. Rickart), 

177 Greenwood Ave., Emsworth, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Felmley, Helen E. (Mrs. Robert Patterson, Jr.), 

1026 Summit Ave., Tarentum, Pa. 

Frech, Orpha (Mrs. John B. Lowry) 634 Locust St., Indiana, Pa. 

Frye, M. Edna — Teacher R. D. No. 1, Creekside, Pa. 

Garee, Martha A. (Mrs. Paul H. Fellmeth), 

Route No. 3, Box 397, East Akron, Ohio. 

GiEG, Cora E. (Mrs. G. G. Marvin) 10 Seneca Road, Winchester, Mass. 

GiLLON, Eileen (Mrs. Eileen G. Keyes) — Deceased. 

Glassford, Nellie— Deceased. 

Hamilton, Margaret V. (Mrs. Jesse W. Campbell), 

250 South Fifth St., Indiana, Pa. 
Hansen, Irma (Mrs. Irma Hansen MacDonald) . .131 First St., Butler, Pa. 

Hardisty, Kathryn — Teacher 812 Park St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Harrison, Mary D. — Teacher 216 Chess St., Monongahela, Pa. 

Hays, Alma E. (Mrs. Paul L. McMichael) Imperial, Pa. 

Henry, Mary Esther (Mrs. O. J. Fleming) 308 Maple St., Irwin, Pa. 

Henry, Nellie R. — Teacher, Narberth ; 

Pennbrook Apts., 2120 North 63rd St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Henton, Helen Spartansburg, Pa. 

Hetrick, Lulu (Mrs. Lulu Kingston) Clymer, Pa. 

Hill, Ellen— Teacher 409 Eighth St., Windber, Pa. 

Hine, Emma (Mrs. V. C. Townsend) Avonmore, Pa. 

Hineman, Roma Pearl — Teacher 809 Richford St., Duquesne, Pa. 

Hoffman, E. Marian — Teacher 1514 Fifth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Holewinski, Helen K. (Mrs. F. S. Nowakowski) — Deceased. 
Holliday, Mary 

Hough, F. Elizabeth (Mrs. Edward H. Vail) New Salem, Pa. 

Hulton, Helen (Mrs. Robert E. Crusan), 

248 West Scenic Drive, Monrovia, Calif. 

Hunter, Eleanore — Teacher Box 234, Indiana, Pa. 

Hurst, Mildred (Mrs. O. R. Gallentine) 107 Clinton Ave., Butler, Pa. 

Irwin, Margaret C. (Mrs. Walter A. Saling), 

222 Washington St., Ligonier, Pa. 
Johnston, Garnet F. (Mrs. Olen Campbell) . .518 Park Road, Ambridge, Pa. 

Kelly, Gladys V. (Mrs. James T. Newlin) Public Square, Ligonier, Pa. 

Kronk, Virginia V.— Teacher 430 Navigation St., Beaver, Pa. 


Langdon, Corrine (Mrs. John G. McKissock), 

153 Meade Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Lear, Janet M 519 Wood St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Lemmon, Lucy (Mrs. Paul Schaeflfer) . .112 Jeflferson Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

LuDwiG, Esther — Deceased. 

MacBurney, Katharine (Mrs. Orran W. Laughrey), 

307 North Chestnut St., Scottdale, Pa. 

Malloy, Catherine 1021 Church St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Martin, Myrtle 

McCkeary, Irene (Mrs. J. Paul Enke) . .98 West Main St., Nanticoke, Pa. 

McHail, Jessie R. (Mrs. R. H. Wherry) — Teacher Bolivar, Pa. 

McIlvaine, Inez E. — Teacher, Canonsburg ;. . . .122 Alain St., Houston, Pa. 

McKee, Muriel — Teacher R. D. No. 1, Coraopolis, Pa. 

Melick, Elizabeth S. — Teacher 348 High St., Williamsport, Pa. 

Miller, Clara L Grampian, Pa. 

Miller, Dorothy E. (Mrs. Dorothy Bryan) Ford City, Pa. 

Minnick, Elizabeth M. (Mrs. Louis W. Geis), 

112 Bauman Ave., Pittsburgh, 10, Pa. 
Montgomery, Margaret 
Morrow, Edna 
Morse, Mildred H. (Mrs. Frank J. Steele) — Teacher, Duquesne ; 

123 Ross St., Lancaster, Pa. 
MuMAU, Cora AIae (Mrs. Ronald V. Richardson), 

1002 Wallace Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Murray, Loretta (Mrs. Ned J. Bender) 125 Mabel St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Nevergold, Ruth Anne — Deceased. 

NicoDEMUs, E. Catherine — Teacher 2507 Broad Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Noble, Sarah 

O'Neil, Evelyn (Mrs. J. Henry Laz^zari) . . 1446 Coutant Ave., Lakewood, Ohio. 

Painter, Mary — Teacher West Newton, Pa. 

Paterson, Susan (Mrs. Forest G. Kunselman) — Teacher Sligo, Pa. 

Patterson, Adelaide (Mrs. H. V. Gilfoy). 
Penney, Isabelle (Mrs. William R. Douglass), 

3842 Hyde Park Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Pfordt, Nancy (Mrs. Lynn L. Brown) Brown Hotel, Indiana, Pa. 

Phillips, Katherine (Mrs. A. Calvin Calbraith), 

316 McMillen St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Plate, Martha Amelia — Deceased. 
Ramsay, Louisa E. (Mrs. Harold M. Conn), 

216 Broadway St., Point Marion, Pa. 

Rees, Dessalee — Teacher, Braddock; Box 362, Lincoln Place, Pa. 

Rhea, Eleanor (Mrs. Lawrence Lawson) Saltsburg, Pa. 

Rhea, Sara (Mrs. Howard Onstott). 

Roy, Charlotte K. 

RuFFNER, Helen L. (Mrs. William A. Apgar), 

519 West Fourth St., Lewistown, Pa. 

Shaffer, Nelda 1 746 East End Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Shaffer, Sarah M 404 Grace St., Mt. Washington, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Shields, Mary Helen (Mrs. Carl Wallace) R. D. No. 1, Home, Pa. 

Shumar, Mildred Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

SiPE, Helen Catharine — Teacher 156 TiUman Ave., Johnstown. Pa. 

Smith, Edna Elizabeth (Mrs. Edgar W. Buebel), 

5407 Grindon Ave., Baltimore, Md 
Stewart, ALwine E. — Teacher, East Deer Twp., Allegheny Co. ; 

Rural Valley, Pa 
Stuart, Ruth Leslie (Mrs. Wilber H. Smith), 

1028 Chestnut Lane, New Kensington, Pa. 
Sunderland, Margai^t Olivette (Mrs. Paul J. Strickler) . .McGees Mills, Pa. 

148 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Sykes, Martha (Mrs. E. J. Jones) 431 Highland Ave., Aliquippa, Pa. 

Tate, Pearl June (Mrs. A. F. Gaalaas), 

R. F. D., Green Gables, Pasadena, Md. 
Templeton, Leone C. (Mrs. John B. Aiken), 

232 West Fourth St., Emporium, Pa. 

Thompson, Mary E. — Teacher 1814 Bailie Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

Trollinger, Dorothy (Mrs. Paul E. Mechling), 

603 Woodward Ave., Kittanning, Pa. 
Tucker, Bertha Marie (Mrs. E. J. Eisenhauer), 

1741 Vermont Ave., Duquesne, Pa. 

Wagner, Hazel E. — Teacher 561 Highland Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Ward, Ethel Mae (Mrs. D. N. Bolford), 

2002 Delaware Ave., New Castle, Pa. 

Weller, Marie (Mrs. John Speicher) 221 East Patriot St., Somerset, Pa. 

Wood, Katherine (Mrs. J. F. Hess) Hollywood, Calif. 

Yount, Mabel Fereida (Mrs. Ralph Roscoe Riggle) Kelly Station^ Pa. 

Junior High School Curriculum 

Anderson, Zetta — Deceased. 

Ayers, Gladys M. (Mrs. Lester J. Lohr) R. D. No. 1, Boswell, Pa. 

Beers, Grace Marion — Nurse and Student at Duquesne University, 

1011 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 
Belknap, Esther M. (Mrs. W. Donald Wallace) . .3419 Sophia, Wayne, Mich. 
Bovard, Twila — Teacher, Ambridge ; . . . . 522 Stewart Ave., Grove City, Pa. 

Branthoover, Wilma — Teacher Mamont, Pa. 

Brown, Mabel AI. — Teacher 127 College Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

Buck, Viola Esther (Mrs. E. B. Hebrank) . .Harrison Ave., Jeannette, Pa. 
Burkett, Ethel L. (Mrs. John Bradstock), 

408 Harrison Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Carmany, S. Claire — Teacher 309 Everhart St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Childs, Josie Leona — Secretary Mather School, Beaufort, S. C. 

Cohen, Ida L. (Mrs. Louis Kohn), 

110 South Stratford Ave., Ventnor City, N. J. 

Dickson, Melissa L. — Teacher 2600 Grandview St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Earhart, Lois (Mrs. John R. Johnston) Grantsburg, Wis. 

Ferguson, Grace 

Fiscus, Madelaine Bright (Mrs. A. R. Palmer) Harrisburg, Pa. 

Geist, Catherine Pauline — Teacher 330 Spruce Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Geist, Gladys (Mrs. Edwin J. Watson) — Teacher, 

305 South Burrowes St., State College, Pa. 
GouRLEY, James E. 

Griffith, Mary G. — Teacher 283 Chandler Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Hoo\t:r, Helen J. (Mrs. George S. Grassmyer), 

1000 Twenty-fifth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

HosER, Amelia (Mrs. J. M. DePuy) 29 Park St., Greensburg, Pa. 

Ingoldsby, Eleanor M. — Teacher, Central Senior High School, 

Chambers St., Trenton, N. J. 
Jamison, Mary Lyndall (Mrs. Berwyn S. Detweiler), 

236 Morgantown St., Uniontown, Pa. 

Johns, Leah (Mrs. Walter Giles) Stanford, Pa. 

Jones, Ruth 

kiNNAN, Florence (^Nlrs. Florence Martin) . .Poplar St., Castle Shannon, Pa. 

Ledoux, Evelyn — Teacher Point Marion, Pa. 

Lewis, Marion F. (Mrs. G. E. Haury) 464 Reed Ave., Monessen, Pa. 

Liggett, Irene June (Mrs. Roy Beard) New Florence, Pa. 

Lohr, Florence — Deceased. 

Markle, Dorothy F.— Teacher 1438 Ridge Ave., Coraopolis. Pa. 

McAuley, Amy Salina," Pa. 


McNelly, Loretta (Mrs. Stephen L Wargo). 

Moore, Gladys (Mrs. Gladys M. Perkins) ... .Lansdowne, Philadelphia, Pa. 

NicHOL, Annabelle (Mrs. James K. Stoner) R. D. No. 1, Indiana, Pa. 

Ray, Clark Edgar — Assistant Superintendent of Indiana County Schools, 

948 Wayne Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

Reed, Agnes (Mrs. Agnes Fulmer) R. D. No. 1, Box 390, Tarentum, Pa. 

RiTTENHOUSE, RuTH (Mrs. Frank H. Stillings), 

P. O. Box 15, Uniontown, Ohio. 
Robinson, Mildred 

Robinson, Von R. (Mrs. J. R. Marshall) 240 Main St., Brockvvay, Pa. 

Sell, Lorna E. (Mrs. Lorna E. Geisinger) . .220 East Fourth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 
Shank, C. Earl — Principal of Franklin Junior High School, Aliquippa; 

Box 43, Glenwillard, Pa. 

Smeltzer, W. G. — Minister 1510 Carlisle St., Tarentum, Pa. 

Spraggon, Margaret (Mrs. John D. Meyer) — Deceased. 

Steele, Catharine V. — Teacher 121 East Scribner Ave., DuBois, Pa. 

Stewart, M. Virginia (Mrs. D. R. Smith) — Teacher, Etna, Pittsburgh; 

Penn Run, Pa. 
TozER, Mary Katharine (Mrs. William L. Nicholls), 

344 Becker St., Highland Park, N. J. 

Turk, Elizabeth 905 Ross Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Wetzel, Ida Belle (Mrs. Henry Bartlett Martz), 

211 New Haven Lane, Neville Island, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

College Preparatory Course 

Bevan, Sara A. (Mrs. Ward C. Johnson) . .133 South Tenth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Lambert, Evelyn L. 

PuGLiESE, Sebastian C. — Lawyer. 

39 Ordale Blvd., Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Sutter, Lenore Theressa — Teacher 923 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 

Whitfield, Mary May (Mrs. Hamilton Alderdice), 

11 Ralston Place, Mt. Lebanon. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Normal Art Curriculum 

Byers, Kathryn (Mrs. A. W. Hawxhurst, Jr.).. 659 Grant St., Indiana, Pa. 
Stonesipher, Helen K. — Teacher, Ellwood City ; 

419 Weldon St., Latrobe, Pa. 

Commercial Teachers Training: Curriculum 

Armstron'g, Fr.\nces 

Beahr, Grace (Mrs. Paul R. Gibson).. 17 West Campbell St., Blairsville, Pa. 
Button, Electa M. (Mrs. Thomas E. Evans) . .18 College Ave., Mansfield, Pa. 
Caldwell, Amy R. (Mrs. Herbert E. Shaffer), 

Mercer Road, Brighton Heights, New Brighton, Pa. 

Carlson, Rachel (Mrs. William Hyde) 48 Second St.. Hackensack, N. J. 

Cochran, Gladys — Teacher, Carnegie ; Plumville, Pa. 

Drynan, Dorothy (Mrs. Ellis Robertson) . .206 Washington St., Keene. N. H. 

DuNLAP, Merle — Deceased. 

Edwards, Eunice M. (Mrs. Eunice M. Mehl), 

1417 Packer St., Williamsport. Pa. 
Hamilton, Florence (Mrs. E. W. Planek)..618 Fourth St., Oakmont. Pa. 
Hammon, Suzanne (Mrs. W. J. White) . .401 Fifth Ave., Juniata, Altoona, Pa. 

HocHBERG, Ruth (Mrs. H. H. Turner) Verona Road, Verona. Pa. 

McEwEN, Madge (Mrs. George Burns. Jr.), 

340 North Water St., Kittanning, Pa. 
PiERSON, Gertrude (Mrs. Fred C. Beede) Meadville, Pa. 


Ross, Virginia Elizabeth (Mrs. O. P. Lambert), 

412 State St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Smith, LuVara M. (Airs. George Garner).. 540 Halcomb Ave., Glairton, Pa. 
Snowiss, Bella (Mrs. Nathan Lehmayen, II). 
Snyder, Aileen 
Wertz, Elizabeth (Mrs. Howard Vogeley), 

South Millvale Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Zeigler, Phyllis Lucinda — Head of Gommercial Dept., Huntingdon; 

McVeytown^ Pa. 

Secretarial Course 

Fera, Glara Gentral St., Rossiter, Pa. 

Gallagher, Verna (Mrs. Lyle K. Gumbert) R. D. No. 2, Apollo, Pa. 

Krepps, Jeannette (Mrs. Lawrence Bailey) 810 Fifth St., Gharleroi, Pa. 

Domestic Science Curriculum 

Blair, Elizabeth A. (Mrs. Leonard A. Glark) . .13 Walnut St.. Wellsboro, Pa. 
BoRTZ, Hattie Jean (Mrs. Forrest H. Riordan, Jr.), 

464 Olympic Ave., Llanerch, Pa. 
Cline, Mabel Jane 
GooK, Hazel B. — Art and Home Economics Supervisor, Gharleroi ; 

311 Birmingham Ave., Avalon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Cutchall, H. Kathryn Six Mile Run, Pa. 

DuANE, Evelyne Elizabeth 

Feick, Gertrude Eleanor (Mrs. H. Reed Weddle), 

1505 Beaver St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Hoover, Laura J 140 Vine St., Kittanning, Pa. 

Hutchison, Sara Margaret — Teacher, Logan Twp. ; 

P. O. Box 534, "Greenwood," Juniata, Altoona, Pa. 
Lucas, Nina C. (Mrs. Theodore Schultz) — Deceased. 
Robinson, Ruth Winnifred — Deceased. 
Scott, Betty (Mrs. Howard J. Martin).. 662 Baldwin St., Meadville, Pa. 

Shaffer, Laura Belle — Teacher 1120 Tropical Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

White, Margaret E. (Mrs. Paul T. Beck), 

209 Yellow Greek St., Homer Gity, Pa. 

Public School Music Curriculum 

Breman, Bertha (Mrs. Harry G. Miller), 

632 Ridge Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 
Ghubbuck, Glara (Mrs. Donald D. Holliday) — Librarian, Garson Long 

Military Academy New Bloomfield, Pa. 

Grossland, Lillian 

George, Gladys (Mrs. W. Frederick Abrahmson), 

P. O. Box 514, Topeka, Kan. 
Matthews, Ruth (Mrs. J. A. Gherlein), 

1214 Melrose Gourt, N. W., Warren, Ohio. 

Niederhaus, Laura New Bremen, Ohio. 

Petrea, Pearl Schellsburg, Pa. 

Phillips, Elizabeth (Mrs. Ralph Gowan), 

53 East Madison Ave., Latrobe, Pa. 

Prideaux, E\'elyn (Mrs. Hugh R. Smith) Twin Rocks, Pa. 

Stiteler, Margaret 510 Kittanning St., Smicksburg^ Pa. 

Whitlinger, Dorothy (Mrs. Arthur G. Rowland) . .Box 413, Apollo, Pa. 


CLASS OF 1922 

President Harry Carlyle Carson 

Vice President Mary E. Hill 

Secretary Ursula O'Neill 

Treasurer Janet Jackson Brew 

Elementary Curriculums 
(Kindergarten - Primary and Intermediate) 

Abrams, Martha (Mrs. Horace S. Young), 

1127 Edson Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Allen, Mrs. Ethyl Collins 918 Pittsburgh St., Scottdale, Pa. 

Altemus, Frances Catharine — Teacher. .. .114 Dibert St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Bassett, Pearl 

Beech, Helen K. (Mrs. Chester S. Simonton), 

2037 North Second St., Harrisburg, Pa. 
Beechey, Helen L. (Mrs. Barclay I. Long), 

106 East Monroe Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 
Berg, Pearl Wilhelmina (Mrs. Robert E. Ward) . .R. D. No. 2, Export, Pa. 

Bergman, Mary AIyrtilla 528 Pine St., Blairsville, Pa. 

Beswarick, Catherine (Mrs. Harrv Carlvle Carson), 

7154 Race St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Biddle, Helen (Mrs. Randall H. Warnc) 566 Coburn St., Elmira, N. Y. 

Billin, Sidney — Teacher 1716 First Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

BiXLER, Ruthella — Teacher 422 Murphy Ave., Connellsville, Pa. 

Black, Evelyn Marie (Mrs. C. C. Robbins), 

1708 South Victor Ave., Tulsa, Okla. 
Bowers, Amy Josephine — Teacher, Scalp Level ; 

568 Glenwood Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
Boyersmith, Sara Katherine (Mrs. Bentley L. Barbour) — Teacher, 

10 Bayley Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. 

Broder, Anna Rea — Teacher 428 Ohio Ave., Glassport, Pa. 

Burket, Gertrude Marietta (Mrs. William S. Swope). 

Butler, Hattie — Teacher 203 East First Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Cancerius, Frieda (Mrs. Harry Smith) — Adult Education Teacher, 

121 William St., Girardville, Pa. 
Clement, Mary Thelma (Mrs. W. L. Davidson), 

343 Linden Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
Clipfel, May (Mrs. Frank E. Mayo).. 301 South Fourth St., Duquesne, Pa. 
Coleman, Harriet Agatha (Mrs. Harry R. Couch), 

R. D. No. 3, Shelocta, Pa. 

Connelly, Joanna Marie 1207 Evans Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

CoNROY, Regina Elizabeth 

Cook. Mrs. Florence Brewer Cooksburg, Pa. 

Cornelius, Sara — Teacher 364 Summit Ave., Pasadena, Calif. 

Coulter, Naomi Irene 299 First St., Aspinwall, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Cribbs, Bella M. (Mrs. L. J. Pahel)..12 West Chestnut St., Blairsville, Pa. 
Crow, Grace (Mrs. Charles E. Liddell) . .744 East End Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

CuppETT, Laura Jean Belle Vernon, Pa. 

CuRRAN, Rose Mary — Teacher 1210 Sarah St., Homestead, Pa. 

Davis, Frances Helen 

Davison, Edith L. — Teacher Long Lane Court Apts., Upper Darby, Pa. 

Day, Laura Alma (Mrs. Laura D. Ullom). 
Dennen, Anna Katherine (Mrs. H. H. Loomis), 

3601 Washington St.. Wilmington. Del. 

Denny, Mary Catharine — Teacher 1918 Twelfth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Dickey, Margaret Penelope — Teacher, 

16th and R. Sts., S. E., Washington, D. C. 

152 A L U AI N I D I R E C T O R Y 

DuiTCH, Helen (Mrs. J. P. Westcott) . .124 North Pearl St., Bridgeton, N. J. 

DuNLAP, Martha Evelyn Blairsville, Pa. 

Elkin, Vera J.— Teacher 832 Trenton Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Elliott, Agnes Elizabeth 418 Todd St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Exler, Helen (Mrs. Earle S. Keedy) . . . .904 Washington St., Reading, Pa. 

Feeney, Madeline M.— Teacher 2716 Stewart St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Fetterman, Sara B. (Mrs. Edgar L. Sipe), 

Box 115, Martha Ave., R. D. No. 3, Johnstown. Pa. 

Firestone, Ruth (Mrs. A. H. Berney) 241 Greene St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Fleming, Elizabeth Jane (Mrs. John C. Bell), 

136 Hamilton Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Fleming, Mary Margaret R. D., Creekside, Pa. 

Fleming, Roxie Belle (Mrs. Allen McFarland), 1125 South Ave., Indiana, Pa. 
Fogel, Agnes Blanche (Mrs. William Arndt). 

FoGEL, Lyda L. (Mrs. Ronald D. Friedline) . .710 North Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Forbes, Kathryn A. (Mrs. Paul S. Kitchen), 

210 Kelso St., Paxtang, Harrisburg, Pa. 
France, Dora Louise (Mrs. C. Davis Forbes) — Deceased. 

Gaffney, Helen — Teacher 1068 McKinley Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Gantner, Dorothy Virginia (Mrs. Henry Eaton Rea), 

Trotwood Acres, R. D. No. 9, South Hills, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Gatins, Margaret M. (Mrs. Charles A. Kemper) . .220 Cecelia St., Butler, Pa. 
Gilchrist, Anna Mildred (Mrs. Woodrow Patton). 

457 Almyra Road, Youngstown, Ohio. 

Goodbred, Edith (Mrs. Bruce Armstrong) 169 Main St., Leechburg, Pa. 

Grosch, Helen Dorothy (Mrs. LaFoy Hartman) — Teacher, 

905 Ash St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Grumbling, Verda Sue — Teacher 1024 Bedford St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Guess, Mabel Blayney (Mrs. Floyd T. Scherich), 

114 Center St., Elm Grove, Wheeling, W. Va. 
Hadden, Margaret Moore (Mrs. John S. McCormick), 

R. D. No. 1, Coraopolis, Pa. 

Hall, Beulah McCormack — Teacher. 155 W^est High St., Red Lion, Pa. 

Hamill, Elizabeth (Mrs. Elizabeth H. MacDowell), 

R. D. No. 1, Box 83 A, Derry, Pa. 
Hamill, Mary H. (Mrs. Mary H. Ambrose)— Teacher, 

407 Vincent St., Ligonier, Pa. 

Hay, Miriam Elizabeth Meyersdale, Pa. 

Heckart, Violet 1819 Seventh Ave., Beaver Falls, Pa. 

Heffley, Louise Annetta (Mrs. L. G. Lichliter) Jennerstown, Pa. 

Heller, Genevieve Emrett — Teacher 19 Pine St., Castle Shannon, Pa. 

Henderson, Edith Mae 117 East Owens Ave., Derry, Pa. 

Hildebrand, Helen Elizabeth 401 South Center St., Ebensburg. Pa. 

Hill, Helen Elizabeth 510 Washington Ave., Charleroi, Pa. 

Hill, Helen Far well 154 South Mt. Vernon Ave., Uniontown, Pa. 

HiLLMAN, Olga Alice (Mrs. J. Frasher Duff) . .1300 Wade St., Aliquippa, Pa. 

Hoffman, Emma J. — Teacher Fort Couch Drive, Bridgeville, Pa. 

Hoffman, Marth.a. S. (Mrs. H. H. Rickabaugh). 

7721 Chappel Ave., Chicago, 111. 


Huffman, Mae Elizabeth 

Hughes, Elizabeth Emily Wilmore, Pa. 

Jeffries, Garnet Ferne — Deceased. 
Jewell, Ruth (Mrs. James W. Irvine), 

1504 Hillsdale Ave., Dormont, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Jones, Ruth Marie (Mrs. Walter J. Moreau) . .296 Chestnut St., Indiana, Pa. 

Kane, Margaret Elizabeth — Teacher 2430 Broad Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Karalfa, Rose M. — Teacher 74 Cooper Ave.. Johnstown. Pa. 


Kaufman, Anna Belle (Mrs. LeRoy Stokes), 

249 Charles Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 
Kemp, Hilda (Mrs. Hilda K. Tishue) — Teacher, 

87 Murray Ave., Uniontown, Pa. 
Kewley, Blanche V. (Mrs. E. A. Pabst), 

R. D. No. 7, Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
KocHER, Ada Mae — Teacher, Collingswood ; 

125 East Beetlewood Ave., Oaklyn, N. J. 

Kunkle, Verna Grace— Teacher 119 Willow St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Langham, Elizabeth C. (Mrs. J. Ray Baldridge), 

1448 Greystone Drive, East End, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Leis, Viola (Mrs. G. A. Casey) 112 Shaffer Ave., DuBois, Pa. 

Love, Muriel Emelyn (Mrs. Muriel L. Davey). 

Lynn, Hazel I. (Mrs. Donald E. Smith).. 1236 Hillcrest Ave., Monessen, Pa. 
Lyons, Leon.\ — Principal of "New High Elementary" School, Sunbury ; 

Main St., Turbotville, Pa. 
Madden, Isabelle Mary (Mrs. Valentine F. Smith). 

Magee, AIarguerite A.— Teacher 1308 Ninth St., Altoona, Pa. 

Maginnis, Esther La Verne — Deceased. 

Manewal, Hester (Mrs. Hester Manewal Infield) — Teacher, Atlantic City; 

14 Fifield Ave., Northfield, N. J. 
Martin, Lillian M. (Mrs. John W. Hall), 

202 South Mo. Ave., Roswell, N. Mex. 
Martz, E. Florine (Mrs. S. Robb Keener), 509 Sewickley St., Greensburg, Pa. 

McCain, Florence Catherine 1834 Willow St., McKeesport, Pa. 

McDowell, Mary E.— Teacher 632 Brinker Ave., Latrobe, Pa. 

McGilvray, Mildred (Mrs. James Arthur Sellew), 

519 Ninth St., Monessen, Pa. 
Means, Helen Roberta (Mrs. H. A. Hutchison), 

R. F. D. No. 7, Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Miller, Edith Lorraine (Mrs, W. D. Walters) — Deceased. 
Miller, Esther 

Miller, Ozelma (Mrs. Floyd Brice) Dayton, Pa. 

Morrow, Blanche Lovett (Mrs. C. Bennett Duff), 

R. D. No. 1, Box 330, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

MowRY, Ruth Hulda— Teacher 650 Yoder St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Mulhollen, Ethel L. — Teacher 772 Somerset Ave., Rockwood, Pa. 

Murphy, Elizabeth L. (Mrs. C. H. Clinkinbeard) — Teacher, Pittsburgh; 

Larimer Ave., East McKeesport, Pa. 
Xewton, Mary Carolyn (Mrs. John ^L Hill), 

21 Elmhurst Road, Greentree, Pittsburgh, 20, Pa, 
NiCHOL, Nancy E. (Mrs. Harold R. Bair), 

402 Harrison Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 
Owens, Marjorie Bell (Mrs. J. Earle Duncan), 

425 O'Connor St., Ford City, Pa. 

Pakel, Minnie L. (Mrs. J. R. Spencer) General Delivery, Irwin, Pa. 

Phillippi. Margaret E. (Mrs. Henry Lundquist) . ,R, D. No. 3, Ligonier, Pa. 
PoTY, Florita Camillia 

Prothero, Alice G. — Teacher 217 Messenger St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Pryde, Christena Neilson — Head of English Dept Old Saybrook, Conn. 

Putman, Dainte Maud (Mrs. Guy O, Hough), 
Putman, Floy M. (Mrs. Theodore J. Werner), 

1172 Wolf Ave.. North Braddock, Pa. 

Quantz, Mildred !M. — Teacher 2110 Lamont Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

QuiGGLE, Katherine B. (Mrs. J. F. Banghart). 
Ramsey, Margaret L. (Mrs. William C. Whieldon), 

326^ East Wallace Ave., New Castle, Pa, 

154 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Reed, Mary A. — Principal and Teacher, South Bradford; 

127 North Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Rose, Sarah Lou (Mrs. Henry Kohler) R. D. No. 3, Waynesboro, Pa. 

Sandles, Dorothy T. (Mrs. Dorothy S. Grumbling) — Office Clerk, 

229 West Market St., Blairsville, Pa. 
ScHAUP, Dorothy Mary (Mrs. George Rummel), 

7622 Roslyn St., Swissvale, Pa. 

Sell, Mary Alice — Teacher 618 Fourth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Shank, Dorothy Ruth (Mrs. Forrie Lee Fleming) — Teacher, 

34 South Tenth St., Indiana, Pa. 

SiMM, Beatrice Ella Ford City, Pa. 

Skillen, Dorothy (Mrs. Dorothy S. Slack), 

1520 Fourth St., Campton P. O., Box 522, Brackenridge, Pa. 
Stanton, Ruth Vietta 
Stimmel, Ruth Louise (Mrs. Ruth S. Baker), 

258 South Water St., Kittanning, Pa. 
SuDER, Anna Georgia (Mrs. J. O. Campbell), 

1006 Twenty-fifth St., N. E., Canton, Ohio. 
Swartz, Esther Bell (Mrs. B. P. Lavin), 

201 North Locust St., Ebensburg, Pa. 
Swartz, Grace Luhelen (Mrs. Grace Luhelen Whisner), 

R. D. No. 2, Irwin, Pa. 

Tedrow, Blanche L. — Teacher Rockwood, Pa. 

Thomas, Agnes Elizabeth (Mrs. Edward A. Hannan), 

3623 California Ave., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Thomas, Florence I. (Mrs. Edgar B. Partch) Bellevue, Ohio. 

Thompson, Kathryn (Mrs. J. M. Lukehart), 

919 East Alahoning St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Townsend, Gertrude May (Mrs. Louis D. Wray), 

R. D. No. 2, Grove City, Pa. 
Treesh, Elizabeth — Teacher, Sewickley ;. .224 Center Ave., Pitcairn, Pa. 

Troll, Kathryn Rita 618 Park Road, Ambridge, Pa. 

Urmston, Helen I. (Mrs. Herbert William Goebert), 

1218 Oak St., Coatesville, Pa. 
Wagner, Jane Louise (Mrs. B. P. Donnelly), 

122 Second St., Conemaugh, Pa. 
Wampler, Anna Louise — Deceased. 

Weeter, Lucille (Mrs. Claude Rhea) Sligo, Pa. 

Weiss, Elsie H. (Mrs. Elsie W. Bard) — Assistant to Principal of Elementary 

School 25 Woodland Ave., Larchmont, N. Y. 

Williams, Dorothy E. — Teacher 902 Cemetery Road, Clearfield, Pa. 

Williams, Gwladys (Mrs. Gwladys W. Rishell), 

354 Somerset St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Wright, Margaret Marie (Mrs. Gordon Hopkins). 
Yost, Mildred Rosalie (Mrs. Herman Beute), 

2083 Alpine, N. W., Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Zaner, Helen 
Zilleox, Elva Lucille (Mrs. Joseph Cable) Falls Creek, Pa. 

Junior High School Curriculum 

Allen, Helen B. (Mrs. H. Melvin McDowell), 

647 Cypress Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
Allshouse, Margaret Elizabeth (Mrs. F. L. Chambers) . .New Lyme, Ohio. 

Artman, Ruth B. (Mrs. John H. Young) R. F. D. No. 2, Bastrop, La. 

Bush, Mary Estelle 

Carson, Harry Carlyle — Minister 7154 Race St., Pittsburgh, 8, Pa. 

Chambordon, Grace J.— Teacher 1623 Ridge Ave., Coraopolis, Pa. 

Christner, Phoebe Beatrice 


Clarke, Anna C 116 Second Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Craig, Madolin 

Davi.s, Winifred (Mrs. Charles K. Tredennick) . . . .127 F St., Johnstown, Pa. 

DeWeese, Sarah C. (Mrs. Chester Baughman). 

4165 Three Mile Drive, Detroit, Mich. 
DoDDS, Dorothy Elizabeth — Deceased. 

Fetterman, Tiielma Pearl — Teacher 523 Wood St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Fox, M. Katharine (Mrs. Charles W. Coughenour), 

R. D. No. 2, Box 94, Connellsville, Pa. 
Francis, Elizabeth Gatehouse (Mrs. Elizabeth F. Wagner) — Teacher, 

Seward ; New Florence, Pa. 

Gavlev, Olive Jane — Deceased. 

Goltstein, Mary Is.xbell — Deceased. 

Grow, Dei.os David — Deceased. 

Houston, Bektha Claire (Mrs. F. Ward Reighard), 

R. D. No. 6, Washington, Pa. 

Irwin, Ruth H. (Mrs. R. C. Kantner) R. D. No. 1, Altoona, Pa. 

Kebe, Theresa Greensburg, Pa. 

Lammel, Charlotte — Teacher South McClure St., Dravosburg, Pa. 

Landis, Belle — Teacher 1504 Fifth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Lichtenfels, Pearl S. — Teacher, Johnstown; R. D. No. 1, Blairsville, Pa. 

Maley, Grace Mary 237 East Tenth St., Erie, Pa. 

Mathews, Glea (Mrs. F. W. Riggs) Stahlstown, Pa. 

McColly, Carolyn Wilson (Mrs. William B. Ilko), 

46 Haverford Road, Overbrook Hills, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Meecham, Frances A. (Mrs. Frances M. Lynch) Eldred, Pa. 

MooRE, M.\rtha Ella — Cooperative Supervising Teacher. State Teachers 

College 917 Church St., Indiana, Pa. 

Owens, Lois L. — Teacher 913 Harlan Ave., Johnstow-n, Pa. 

Parker, Pauline (Mrs. James Eugene Porter), 

409 Parker Ave., Scottdale, Pa. 

Plant, Ida 213 Fairmont Ave., New Castle, Pa. 

Pound, Helen M. (Mrs. James R. Hutchison), 

504 Edward St.. Johnstown, Pa. 
PowELSON, Leone (Mrs. Larry E. Jacques). 

701 Old Home Road, Baltimore, Md., (Raspeburg, P. O.) 

Rankin, Grace A. — Teacher 706 Coal St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Reynolds, Ella E. (Mrs. Ellis G. Diefenderfer). 

911 Logan St., New Castle. Pa. 
Schane, Evelyn B. — Teacher. Pittsburgh; 4522 Main St., Homestead Park, Pa. 
Schmidt, Marie A. (Mrs. Alvin C. Thorpe), 

218 Maple Ave., Box 216. Dravosburg. Pa. 
Seigh, Louise (Mrs. George Kemeny) . . . .605 Ferndale Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Shifman, Anne — Teacher 102 West Wallace Ave., New Castle, Pa. 

Smith, Ruth — Teacher 2700 Jenny Lind Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

Steuler, Alma L. (Mrs. Kenneth M. Mulholland), 

512 West Granite St., Butte, Mont. 

Stivenson, Helen A. (Mrs. Nelson Cole) Burt Lake, Mich. 

Stump, Wilda Gladys (Mrs. Charles W. Shrum) . . . .Box 241, Jeannette, Pa. 
Williams, William Robert — Teacher, Washington Twp. ; 

353 South Third St.. Indiana, Pa. 
Wolfhope, Florence Regina (Mrs. George H. Baker), 

1145 Confer Ave.. Jolinstown, Pa. 
Work, Wava Geneveral (Mrs. Roy C. Hill) 802 Church St.. Indiana, Pa. 

Normal Art Curriculum 

Diffenderfer. Clara G. (Mrs. Morris Miller Ward), 

908 Englewood Road, Cleveland Heights, Cleveland, Ohio. 
EwENs, Pearl Janus 


Commercial Teachers Training Curriculum 

Anderson, Naomi M. (Mrs. D. L. Manley), 

472 Arden Road, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Brownfield, Harry J. — County Superintendent of Schools, Fayette County, 

20 Church St., Fairchance, Pa. 
Chrisman, Anna Mabel, 

7811 New Forest Lane, Forest Hills, Long Island, N. Y. 
Coleman, Ellen C— Teacher. .99 High St., Huntington, Long Island, N. Y. 
Cowl, Dorothy Adaline (Mrs. Lawrence Reed Nelson), 

502 East Wopsononock Ave., Wehnwood, Altoona, Pa. 
Custer, Joy Allison — Deceased. 
DuBBS, Charles Richard — Representative, Gregg Publishing Co., 

1029 Belfield Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa. 

Duncan, Sarah E 523 Mifflin St., Huntingdon, Pa. 

EsHELMAN, Josephine F. (Mrs. J. W. Heather), 

2415 E St., Apt. 108, N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Garson, Grace A. (Mrs. Don H. Getty) 33 North Tenth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Hudson, Harold F. — Director of Personnel Service, Beacom College, 

Foulk Road, Wilmington, Del. 

Mack, Clare (Mrs. Scott Mack) 616 Summit Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Mangan, John J. — Teacher 4735 Fifth Ave., South, St. Petersburg, Fla. 

Mart, Ethel Luella (Mrs. John M. Overfield) — Teacher, 

3650 West 59th Place, Los Angeles, Calif. 
McKee, Dorothea Julia (Mrs. N. F. Hoelzle), 

7113 Thomas Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Miller, Anna F.— Teacher Box 238, Unity, Pa. 

AIullan, Mildred Elizabeth (Mrs. J. E. Cable). 
New, Regina Margaret (Mrs. J. S. Glasstetter), 

North Main St., Greensburg, Pa. 
Phillips, Isabell Ellen — Teacher, Pittsburgh ; 

209 North Ave., McDonald, Pa. 
Sergeant, Romaine Margaret 

Shank, Delora (Mrs. Delora S. Charlton) Box 66, Wilmore, Pa. 

Short, Margaret Irene (Sister Joseph Angela Short) — Teacher, 

Seton Hill College, Greensburg, Pa. 
Sullivan, Loyola Frances — Head of Commercial Dept., 

10 South Main St., DuBois, Pa. 
Ulm, Marie Olive (Mrs. A. H. Heilman) . .2623 Banker St., McKeesport, Pa. 
Wherry, Martha Catherine (Mrs. Edward F. Thomas), 

212 West Maplewood Ave., Mechanicsburg, Pa. 

Home Economics Curriculum 

Bailey, Louise (Mrs. Alex B. Donaldson) R. D. No. 1, Bulger, Pa. 

Bartges, Anna Nancy (Mrs. Biron E. Decker) Edinboro, Pa. 

Bennett, Cora Lorraine (Mrs. Cora B. Kohl), 

536 Third Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
Brew, Janet Jackson (Mrs. Victor Potter).. 527 High St., Johnsonburg, Pa. 

Chapin, Lenora (Mrs. Clarence McFarland) New Wilmington, Pa. 

Chaplin, Martha Mildred (Mrs. J. C. Blair) New Stanton, Pa. 

EsTEP, Ruth Johnson (Mrs. C. A. Wagner), 

417 West Stafford St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Hill, Mary E. (Mrs. Allan T. Johnston), 

613 McCully St., Pittsburgh, 16, Pa. 
Jarvie, Marion (Mrs. William Nicoson) . .136 North Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 

KiNTz, Anina Catherine Latrobe, Pa. 

MacGregor, Maneeta (Mrs. B. Franklin Campney, III), 

703 Locust Place, Sewickley, Pa. 


MiLSOM, Emma Joy — Teacher 801 Spruce St., Philipsburg, Pa. 

Rice, Anna E. — Teacher 506 Croton Ave., New Castle, Pa. 

ScHROCK, Helen (Mrs. Helen Schrock Bird), 

1130 Franklin St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Severn, Marion A. (Mrs. Bernard P. McCauley) — Teacher, 

528 East King St., Lancaster, Pa. 

SiEHL, Catherine Elizabeth Somerset, Pa. 

Spencer, Villa Naomi (Mrs. Ralph M. Reel). 

Stewart, Thelma Clara Woodland, Pa. 

Wilson, Margaret M. (Mrs. E. E. Slicker) Knox, Pa. 

Wood, Alice M. — Teacher 609 Greeves St., Kane, Pa. 

Public School Music Curriculum 

Barnard, Lois I. — Piano Teacher Emlenton, Pa. 

Butler, Grace (Mrs. Kenneth C. Fleming) . .300 Seventh St., Huntingdon, Pa. 
Evans, Charlotte E. — Student in Business College, 

14 Myrtle St., Warren, Pa. 
Fleck, Hester K. — Student, New York University, 

1458 Pennsylvania Ave., Tyrone, Pa. 

Hart, Hazel (Mrs. R. S. Merkle) 433 Walnut St., Emporium, Pa. 

Johnson, Oliv'e Alberta (Mrs. Olive J. Bryson) Hopwood, Pa. 

Kelley, Cecile B. (Mrs. L. M. Cornwell), 

3524 Fourth Ave., Beaver Falls, Pa. 

KuHN, Lucille — Teacher, Ebensburg ; Cresson, Pa. 

McCoy, Elsie Vere (Mrs. John D. George) 116 Depot St., Latrobe^ Pa. 

Ready, Mary Elnore Donora, Pa. 

Smith, Ida (Mrs. Richard Winter) — Social Worker, 621 Cedar St., Irwin, Pa. 
Weiss, Arline Mary 

CLASS OF 1923 

President Laura Pfordt 

Vice President Marguerite Dambach 

Secretary Eleanor Louise Fraser 

Treasurer Mrs. Dolly T. McMinn 

Historians Alberta Papke and Rebecca Ruth Young 

Elementary Curriculums 
(Kindergarten - Primary and Intermediate) 

Allen, Lou A. (Mrs. Harry W. Shankel) — Teacher, 

837 Fillmore St., Denver, Colo. 
Andrews, Lillian Blanche (Mrs. James H. Buckner), 

121 Crawford Ave., New Castle, Pa. 

Baltzersen, Mabel Kathryn Johnstown, Pa. 

Barclay, Doris B 218 Smithfield St., Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Bauer, Marie Cora 120 West Adams St., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Beatty, Louise A. — Teacher 381 Beale Ave., Leechburg, Pa. 

Benshoff, Catherine Alice — Teacher 152 Wilson St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Benson, Agnes H. — Teacher 2014 Federal St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Bf.rg, Correne AIildred — Teacher 3 Vine St., Port Allegany, Pa. 

Berg, Hazel Nancy 

Blaine, Freida ( Mrs. Clarence Axford) Chicago, 111. 

Blose, Theora (Mrs. Iver C. Wood) 620 Forest St., Denver, Colo. 

BoALS, Florence J. (Mrs. J. A. Curtis) Box 25, Martinsburg, Pa. 

Boden, Ruth M. — Teacher 731 Napoleon St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Bothell, Bessie Irene (Mrs. Bessie Hood) — Teacher, Center Twp. ; 

222 North Ninth St., Indiana, Pa. 

158 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Bowman, Helen J.— Teacher R. D. No. 1, Bridgeville, Pa. 

Boyd, N. I sabell— Teacher 118 East Nittany Ave., State College, Pa. 

Brady, Esther H. (Mrs. Ralph Marshall) R. D. 2, Duncansville, Pa. 

Brant, Eugene Richard — Deceased. 

Bufano, Emma Jean 365 Ocean Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Callen, Almira (Mrs. Winsor W. Brown), 

1022 West Daniel St., Champaign, 111. 

Campbell, Sarella 295 Third St., Beaver, Pa. 

Christy, Hilda (Mrs. Richard M. Snyder), 

1703 Broom St., Wilmington, Del. 

Conn, Edna Louise— Teacher 406 Twelfth Ave., Munhall, Pa. 

Connolly, Gertrude F. (Mrs. Ralph E. Bauer), 

334 North Cliff St., Butler, Pa. 
Cornmesser, Mary Elizabeth — Teacher, Tyrone ; 

500 Stewart St., Bellwood, Pa, 

Cost, Isabel (Mrs. Max A. Vogel) 1238 West Water St., Indiana, Pa. 

Cox, Roberta Hamilton 711 Fourteenth Ave., Munhall, Pa. 

Crosby, Minnie Mae (Mrs. D. B. Barnhart). 

Custer, Elda Jean — Restaurant Manager Hoffman Hotel, Cresson, Pa. 

Dahl, Hilma (Mrs. James C. Crum) — Principal, 

425 Wayne Ave., Ellwood City, Pa. 

Daley, Anna Marie 232 Vine St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Dambach, Marguerite (Mrs. Alarguerite D. Beachem) — Teacher, 

225 Fourth St., Ellwood City, Pa. 

Day, Alice Elizabeth Dunn's Station, Pa. 

Devore, Mildred E. (Mrs. Mildred E. Kennedy), 

3702 Lytle Road, Shaker Heights, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Dickie, Louise — Teacher R. D. No. 1, Homer City, Pa. 

DoDD, Louise (Mrs. Heber W. Leake) 208 Scammel St., Marietta, Ohio. 

DuNLAP, Mary Alice (Airs. John H. Eiseman) — Supply Teacher, 

409 South Allen St., State College, Pa. 
Else, Mary C. (Mrs. Carl G. Wichum) . .1201 Twenty-first Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Englebach, Edna (Mrs. Paul W. Gipe) R. D. No. 3, Johnstown, Pa. 

Failing, Helen Louise (Mrs. John W. Chamberlin) Coudersport, Pa. 

Ferguson, Mildred Anna (Mrs. Allen C. Goode), 

219 Lorewood Ave., Richardson Park, Wilmington, Del. 
Fisher, Violet Claire (Mrs. H. B. Hollister) — Teacher, 

238 Third St., Conemaugh, Pa. 
Fraser, Eleanor Louise 
Galbreath, Mary Margaret (Mrs. Russell A. Jones), 

123 Irving St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Gall.\gher, Mary V. — Teacher. .. .626 West Washington Ave., DuBois, Pa. 
Garbart, Dorothy Jane (Mrs. John Hamill), 

143 Orchard Ave., Hubbard, Ohio. 
GiFFORD, Mary Agnes (Mrs. Arthur Sundin), 

313 East 11th Ave., Homestead, Pa. 
GiLLARD, Sara Alma (Mrs. William A. Shafer) — Transportation Business, 

Brodhead Road, Coraopolis, Pa. 

GoHN, Mary 308 Oak St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Golby, Jane H. — Teacher 1409 Cambria Ave., Windber, Pa. 

Golden. Della 

Gray, Helen (Mrs. George Wills) 2929 Myer Blvd., McKeesport, Pa. 

Griffith, AIary Catherine 116 McColly St., Ligonier, Pa. 

Grove, Rebecca McKee Ave., Monessen, Pa. 

Grubb, Mabel I. — Teacher 148 Lloyd Ave., Edgewood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Hackett, Gladys Dorothy 

Harrison, Neva G. (Mrs. Maynard L. Casteel), 

932 McKinley St., Johnstown, Pa. 

A L U M X I B Y C L A S S E S 159 

Halshai.ter, Janet Magdalena, 

4305 Saline St., Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Hay, Mary Florence (Mrs. Mary H. Hemminger). 
Heffelfinger, Ruth (Mrs. W. Clark Coy), 

271 Beale Ave., Leechburg, Pa. 
Henry, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. F. H. McEnanem), 

317 Meetinghouse Lane, Narberth, Pa. 
Hershberger, Alfred Clark— Principal of Oakland School, 

R. No. 2, Johnstown, Pa. 
Hetrick, Mildred Luella — Teacher, Venango Co.; 

Box 87, Fairmount City, Pa. 

Hogax, Gertrude Josephine (Mrs. Edgar Nordstrom) Swissvale, Pa. 

Horne, Helen Claire (Mrs. Joseph Daugherty). 
Howard, Marion (Mrs. Marion Savior), 

623 West 110th St., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Hughes, Charlotte (Mrs. Henry C. Shields), 

1515 Twenty-fourth St., Altoona, Pa. 
Hunt, Thelma Mae 
Huston, Helen Elizabeth (Mrs. Paul F. Ralston), 

501 Hancock Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Jamison, Dorothy — Teacher Blairsville, Pa. 

Jennings, Nellie Margaret (Mrs. Joseph M. Colvin), 

"Shawnee Meadows," Schellsburg, Pa. 

JoLL, WiLDA Mae (Mrs. Evan R. Reese) Box 25, Boltz, Pa. 

Jones, Ethel Mildred 

Jones, Jennie Belle (Mrs. Victor R. Blanch), 

561 Second St., Leechburg, Pa. 
Kink^ad, Harriett Elizabeth 

Kinkead, Ruth Deborah — Teacher. .. .313 East Horner St., Ebensburg, Pa. 
Kinter, Mildred Josephine 
KooNTZ. Kathryn (Mrs. Kathryn K. Ream). 
Laird, Grayce Elizabeth (Mrs. Paul D. Schurgot), 

112 Elmore Road, Forest Hills, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Lambie, Agnes R. (Mrs. A. G. Meinhardt) R. D. No. 3, Coraopolis, Pa. 

Lang, Mary Agnes (Mrs. James T. Vail), 

4915 Third St., N.W., Washington, D. C 

Lear, Margaret H.— Teacher 30 West Fourth St., Greensburg, Pa. 

Lear, Ruth Rebecca 519 Wood St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Le\t:nson, Bess M. — Teacher 230 South Fourth St., Steubenville, Ohio. 

Lewine, Ethel 220 Main St., South Fork, Pa. 

LiNDQUisT, Emy Louise (Mrs. Walter A. Lower), 

629 Grant .St., Springdale, Pa. 
Lowers, Clar.\ Adelaide 

LoxvRY, Esther Lucile c/o Harry L. Lowry, R. D. No. 5, Indiana, Pa. 

Lurie, Isabel 2436 Beachview Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

LuTMAN, Margaret Viola 

Martin, Ruth McAlonan (Mrs. Ruth M. Ballentine). . .Glen Campbell, Pa. 

Matthews, Lucille E. (Mrs. M. I. McCreight, Jr.) — Substitute Teacher. 

715 Carl Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 
McAuliff, M.\ry Eulalia (Mrs. Mary McAuliff Herman), 

231 Wheeler Ave., Mitchell Field, Long Island, N. Y. 

McClelland, Julia E. — Teacher 9 Moody St., Braddock, Pa. 

McClure. Harriet C. — Teacher, DuBois ; Big Run, Pa. 

McCoNNELL, Mary Edna — Teacher R. D. No. 1, Aliquippa, Pa. 

McFarland, Sara Aurora 218 Mitinger Ave., Greensburg^ Pa. 

McGahan, Sar.\ Margaret — Deceased. 

McGrew, Ruth Elizabeth — Teacher, Elizabeth Twp. ; 

R. F. D. Xo. 1, Elizabeth. Pa. 


160 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

McHenry, Louise — Teacher 403 Spring St., Latrobe, Pa. 

Miller, Edna Gertrude 
Neary, Margaret Mary 

Nease, Josie E. (Mrs. G. I. Coad) 338 Moyhend St., Springdale, Pa. 

Noel, Martha — Teacher 323 Keystone Ave., Cresson, Pa. 

Orr, Marckelle Lillian — Teacher 156 Jefferson Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Pantall, Carolyn (Mrs. Martin Pennett) Box 269, Rossiter, Pa. 

Papke, Alberta (Mrs. George P. Volk), 

1213 California Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 
Pfordt, Laura (Mrs. Paul Duane Williams), 

603 University Place, Swarthmore, Pa. 
Phillippi, Sylvia Mayme (Mrs. Paul O. Malone), 

7 Penn St., East Park, Connellsville, Pa. 
Pitchford, Ruth M. — Elementary School Counselor, 

338 B Park Ave., Long Beach, Calif. 
Rahr, Mildred Ellenora (Mrs. W. C. Hodgson), 

211 Forest Hills Road, Forest Hills, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Raush, Helen — Teacher 347 Lincoln St., Johnstov^rn, Pa. 

Reddecliff, Mary (Mrs. Mary R. Schuckers) Reynoldsville, Pa. 

Reed, Frances Gumbert Coal Valley, Pa. 

Reifsteck, Mary Edith — Teacher 119 Lloyd St., Altoona, Pa. 

Reiter, Ruth Genevieve (Mrs. William O. Peterson) AUport, Pa. 

Rhodes, Florence Myrtle (Mrs. R. L. Hardy), 

315 West Otterman St., Greensburg, Pa. 
Rice, Sarah G. (Mrs. L. E. Dambaugh), 

12227 Clifton Blvd., Lakewood, Ohio. 

RiHN, Camille (Mrs. Charles R. Rapp) 913 Maplewood, Ambridge, Pa. 

Roberts, Carrie Ellen (Mrs. Wilber Gemmell) . .566 Grant St., Indiana, Pa. 
Robinson, Alice Isabelle (Mrs. C. Vincent Geiger), 

13 Wilton Terrace, Verona, N. J. 
Robinson, M. Ethel (Mrs. Ray Lemon)... 415 West Pearl St., Butler, Pa. 
Rolley, Pauline Gertrude (Mrs. Charles R. Bell), 

Chet-Wayne, D-22, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Rush, Mary Ardella New Alexandria, Pa. 

Sauerwein, Edna Kathryn (Mrs. George Graff), 

39 Lenox Ave., Hicksville, Long Island, N. Y. 
Schmidt, Kathryn Christena (Mrs. Clayton W. Anderson), 

3853 Dalwood Ave., Brentwood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Shaner, Ethel Marie (Mrs. Jchn Hilty). 
Shellhammer, Fern Marie 
Shirley, Gladys Irene (Mrs. S. Welty McLaughlin), 

1809 Woodmont Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 
Simon, Edith Mae (Mrs. Louis Symons) . .5547 Raleigh St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Sloan, Thelma (Mrs. T. E. Hood) New Florence, Pa. 

Smith, Eleanor Margaret (Mrs. Clarence Kitchens), 

1200 Fawcett Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

Smith, Lola R. — Teacher 412 Highland Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Snowden, Catherine Irene 411 State St., Johnstown, Pa. 

SoBECK, Rose Marie (Mrs. Hall H. Leacock). 
Spittal, Alma Irene 

Stahl, Lillian O. — Teacher, Jeannette ; South Railroad St., Manor, Pa. 

Stahl, Ruth (Mrs. Ruth S. Pender) — Teacher. 

940 Franklin St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Stark, Helen Elizabeth (Mrs. Edwin A. Scott) Export, Pa. 

Stewart, Gertrude Mary c/o Latrobe Public Schools, Latrobe, Pa. 

Stimmell, Lulu Mary (Mrs. David W. Borland) Box 75, Export, Pa. 

Stone, Dorothy (Mrs. Harold McCullough) — Teacher, 

427 Fifth Ave., Juniata, Altoona, Pa. 

A L U M X I B Y C L A S S E S 161 

Strickenburgh, Mabel L. (Mrs. Joseph D. Williamson), 

45 West Florida Ave., Youngstown, Ohio. 
Stutzman, Millie May (Mrs. Guy D. Stutzman), 

R. D. No. 4, Indiana, Pa. 
SwoPE, Ida 

Tarantina, Ermilia Elena 
Taylor, M. Ruth — Teacher, 

411 Killegarry Apts., Terminal Square, Upper Darby, Pa. 
Tennent, C.\rolyn Jane (Mrs. E. Stanley Phillips), 

906 Vine St., Connellsville, Pa. 
Thomas, Genevieve K. (Mrs. Alfred W. Lago)....Box 395, Bessemer, Pa. 
Trow, Dorothea Annabelle— Deceased. 

TyRK, Charlotte Lewis (Mrs. William Dean) Parkers Landing, Pa. 

Unferfate, Adelyn (Mrs. F. J. Benedict) .. .1260 Beaver Ave., Midland, Pa. 

Unferfate, Evelyn (Mrs. William Mahoney) 4 East Drive, Midland, Pa. 

Vallance, Lila Belle (Mrs. H. Stanley Thompson) — Teacher, 

1135 Boyd Ave., Johnstown. Pa. 
Waggoner, Georgia Adelaide (Mrs. Philip L. Young), 

23 West Smith St., Corry, Pa. 
Walker, Helen Mae (Mrs. Clifford L. Smith).. 681 Maple St., Indiana, Pa. 

Ward, Alice Elizabeth 1109 Lowry St., Duquesne, Pa. 

Warner, Dorothy Melsena — Teacher, Chester; 

117 Owen Ave., Lansdowne, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Way, Grace (Mrs. Clarence A. Bell) Curwensville, Pa. 

Welch, Mary Cecelia 

West, Ethyl Harriet — Teacher. .. .310 Stonehurst Apt., Upper Darby, Pa. 

White, Marian Lenore 1245 Biltmore Ave., Dormont, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Williams, Mary C. (Mrs. D. S. Russell) 212 Fourth St., McDonald, Pa. 

Wilson, Margaret L. (Mrs. Ford Delison) . . . .303 Clay Ave., Jeannette, Pa. 

Winters, Sadie Margaret • Watsontown, Pa. 

WissiNGER, Helen Irene 211 Main St., Conemaugh, Pa. 

Yates, Margaret Elizabeth (Mrs. Grayson M. Stickell), 

19 South Church St., Waynesboro, Pa. 
Young, Rebecca Ruth (Mrs. Homer C. Yockey), 

Indiana Ave., Avonmore, Pa. 

Junior Hig:h School Curriculum 

Artman, Marion— Teacher 417 Grant Ave., Leechburg, Pa. 

Barnes, Martha Louise — Assistant, Reference Dept., Carnegie Library, 

Pittsburgh ; 336 Taylor Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

Brunot, Tide C. (Mrs. Frank Lee) Trauger, Pa. 

Dixon, Beulah (Mrs. Russell B. Mechling), 

2962 Voelkel Ave., South Hills, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Dunlap, Ruth Anita (Mrs. L. S. Elliot), 

705 Sycamore St.. Turtle Creek, Pa. 
Egerter, Fanny (Mrs. William A. Regittko), 

130 Tillman Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
Fluke, Dorothy Elizabeth (Mrs. D. L. Mong), 

1609 Seventh Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Kanarr, Isabelle Ruth Berwind St.. Irvona, Pa. 

Kekilty, Ruth May — Teacher 1 104 South Ave., Wilkinsburg^ Pa. 

McMiNN, Mrs. Dolly T. (Mrs. Len Gorton) . .Laurel Mill Road, Ridgway, Pa. 

Nichols, Cecelia Elizabeth 114 West Fourth St., Oil City. Pa. 

Reese, Isabel H. (Mrs. J. J. H. Smith).. 113 LaCandena Drive, Colton, Calif. 
Repp, Charlotte A. (Mrs. Nathaniel H. Jones), 

326 Ashland Ave.. Pittsburgh, 16. Pa. 
Sutton, Mary Dorothy Sutton Hill, Woodlawn, Pa. 


SwoPE, Grace (Mrs. Grace S. Lovett) 521 Gilmore Ave., Trafford, Pa. 

Walter, Zell S.— Principal of Phoebus Junior High School, 

115 National Ave., Phoebus, Va. 
Zahniser, Clarence Howard — Minister. .929 Ninth Ave., Brackenridge, Pa. 

Normal Art Curriculum 

Brown, Elizabeth Jane— Artist, Douglass Studio, 

250 South Seventh St., Indiana, Pa. 

Commercial Teachers Training Curriculum 

McKee, Dorothea Julia (Mrs. N. F. Hoelzle), 

7113 Thomas Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
MuLLAN, Mildred Elizabeth (Mrs. J. E. Cable). 
Wherry, Martha Catherine (Mrs. Edward F. Thomas), 

212 West Maplewood Ave., Mechanicsburg, Pa. 

Home Economics Curriculum 

Bailey, Louise (Mrs. Alex B. Donaldson) R. D. No. 1, Bulger, Pa. 

MacGregor, Maneeta (Mrs. B. Franklin Campney, HI), 

703 Locust Place, Sewickley, Pa. 

Public School Music Curriculum 

Heyden, Dorothy Alice (Mrs. Harry Hoehler) Madison Ave., York, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1924 

Elementary Curriculums 
(Kindergarten - Primary and Intermediate) 

Abdalla, May 220 Ohio St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Allen, Kathryn Marjorie (Mrs. William C. Bowers). 

1136 McKinley Ave.^ Johnstown^ Pa. 

Allison, Kathryne 459 South Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Amerine, Helen A. — Teacher 63 Delmorr Ave., Morrisville, Pa. 

Anderson, Grace Leota (Mrs. Frederick Lee Springer), 

207 Fifth Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 

Anderson, Reba V. — Teacher 716 Jackson St., Reynoldsville, Pa. 

Barnes, Luella M. (Mrs. Boyd C. Love).. 581 Fourth Ave., Freedom, Pa. 

Barnhart, Anna M. — Teacher 1417 Twelfth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Bash, Oliveretta — Teacher.. 271 West Prospect Ave., Ingram, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Beale, Hazel 

Beaumont, Helen L. (Mrs. Ralph Ashman) . .May view Road, Bridgeville, Pa. 

Beech, Gertrude M. (Mrs. Lester P. Reed) . .625 East Main St.. Annville, Pa. 

Beechey, Elizabeth — Teacher 1050 Chestnut St., Nanty-Glo, Pa. 

Beerman, Esther (Mrs. Samuel Bonow) — Alilliner, 

507 Napoleon St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Benson, Cecilia (Mrs. Boyd W. Adams) 229 Christie Ave., Butler, Pa. 

Benzenhoefer, Elizabeth Rose (Mrs. Clyde V. Pfaff), 

134 Center Ave., Emsworth, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Bird, June (Mrs. June B. Pederson) Thomas, W. Va. 

Bloom, Vivian M. (Mrs. P. P. Head), 

620 Beverly Road, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
BoLiG, Margaret E. (Mrs. Charles R. Yengst), 

401 Byllesby Ave., Meadville, Pa. 


BoLiNCER, Blanche Flinton, Pa. 

BoNEBREAK, Marian — Tcachcr Martinsburg. Pa. 

BoRTz, Marguerite '(Mrs. Harvey W. Rouzer), 

928 Third St., Palmerton, Pa. 
Bowser, Belva Jane (Mrs. Robert A. Blakeslee), 

First St., Falls Creek, Pa. 
Brantlinger, Florence Hazel — Teacher. .. .444 Maple Ave., Blairsville, Pa. 

Brazill, Kathryn M. — Teacher Spangler, Pa. 

Brewer, , Ida Pearle (Mrs. James Henderson) — Substitute Teacher, 

7914 Riverview Ave., Swissvale, Pa. 

Brogan, Helen 403 Caldwell Ave., Clairton, Pa. 

Buckley, Ruth E. (Mrs. John Maloy) . . . .312 Harrison Ave., Jeannette, Pa. 

Burkhart, Grace (Mrs. Grace B. Wertz). 

Butler, Helen (Mrs. S. E. Neely)..110 North Thomas Ave., Kingston, Pa. 

Campbell, Pearl — Teacher 996 Bedford St., Johnstown, Pa. 

C.\MPNEV, Ruth- (Mrs. George F. Walker), 

302 Maple Lane, Edgeworth, Sewickley, Pa. 
Chaine, Tuelma C. (Mrs. Henry R. LeBlanc), 

710 Euclid Ave., Toronto, Ohio. 

Claassen, Gertrude 36 Railroad St., Natrona, Pa. 

Clark, Loretta — Teacher 210 Chandler Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Clemenson, Fleda (Mrs. Myron L. Hoover) . .258 Church St., Indiana, Pa. 
Cockerille, Clara E. — Supervisor of Elementary Schools, 

1228 Seventeenth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 
CooKE, Nell D. (Mrs. Sylvester J. Lacey)..1329 Margaret St., Munhall, Pa. 

Cope, Kathryn C. — Teacher 551 Ridge Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 

Craig, Kathleen — Teacher, Brackenridge ;. . . .143 Main St., Leechburg, Pa. 
Cramer, Helen (Mrs. H. E. Wehn). 

Cummins, Belle 14 River Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Cunneen, Martha- (Mrs. Martha C. Curley), 

60 Chawringhee Road, Calcutta, India. 

DeSantis, Edith Frances — Teaclier 735 Alexander .St.. Brockway, Pa. 

Dickey, Ethel (Mrs. Edward T. Barry), 

c/o G. J. Sterling. 5561 St. Irms Walk. Long Beach, Calif. 
Dickson, Anna Bess (Mrs. H. D. Paul).. 2306 Collins St.. McKeesport, Pa. 
Dickson, Bess Moore (Mrs. Richard H, Beswick), 

933 East End Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Dickson, Candace 
Dilworth, Mary Lee (Mrs. Bishop I. Hines), 

247 Kennedy Ave., Pittsburgli. 14, Pa. 
DoLAN, Esther (Mrs. Esther D. King) — Visitor, Department of Public 

Assistance 2039 Mahantongo St.. Pottsville, Pa. 

Edwards, Eliza Gertrude Hayes Hall, Washington, Pa. 

Egan, Angela A. — Teacher 41 Browns Ave., Scottsville, N. Y. 

Eisenhauer, ICatherine — Teacher, Merion ; 

315 West Market St., Clearfield, Pa. 
Eisert, Stella Anne (Mrs. Ray B. Loxley), 

414 East End Ave., Beaver, Pa. 

Exxiott, Edith Murrysville. Pa. 

Elswick, Isabel — Teacher, McKees Rocks; Box 8, Vandergrift, Pa. 

Elswick, Julia — Teacher, McKees Rocks; Box 8, Vandergrift, Pa. 

Eshelman, Margaret (Airs. C. S. Rila) — Deceased. 
Ev.\ns, Ellen Nora (Mrs. Ellen E. Tavlor), 

408 Stevens St., Connellsvillc, Pa. 

Ewing, Helen (Mrs. H. S. Shaw) 809 Swissvale Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Exler, Agnes — Teacher 812 Wood St.. Johnstown, Pa. 

Falger, Annie M. — Teacher Box 807, Spangler, Pa. 


Fetterman, Pearl M. (Mrs. C. A. Furlong), 

1063 McKinley Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
Finn, Carolyne— Hairdressing Manager.. 60 North Second St., Easton, Pa. 

FiTzsiMMONS, Madalene 219 Frankhn Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Fleming, L. Beatrice (Mrs. F. Leamont Harvey) — Teacher, Indiana; 

5501 Elmer St., East Liberty, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Ford, Grace — Principal of Elementary Division Rochester, Pa. 

Forney, Edith (Mrs. C. Jones) — Deceased. 

Eraser, Mary Ellen Fifth Ave., Freedom, Pa. 

Fulcomer, Carrie Maree (Mrs. C. Maree F. McCartney) — Teacher, 

Lockport, Pa. 
Garverich, Meriel (Mrs. Frank Singiser Smith), 

203 Logan Blvd., Llyswen, Altoona, Pa. 

Gearhart, Kathryn Craig — Teacher 722 West 15th St., Tyrone, Pa. 

Geiger, Sara B.— Teacher 1009 Craig St., McKeesport, Pa. 

George, Mildred (Mrs. Howard T. Burke) — Teacher, 

32 Shady Drive, West, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Gilbert, Eleanor L. — Teacher, 

706 Washington St., Versailles, McKeesport, Pa. 

Ginader, Thelma E. (Mrs. Donald E. Sloan) Emlenton, Pa. 

Gresham, Mildred J. — Teacher 913 Almira Ave., New Castle, Pa. 

Halderman, Jane — Deceased. 

Hall, LaRue Ifert (Mrs. LaRue Hall Graff) Irvona, Pa. 

Hamill, Louise (Mrs. Edward G. Shaffer), 

42 Venango St., Westmont, Johnstown, Pa. 

Harrison, Helen — Teacher 216 Chess St., Monongahela, Pa. 

Hawn, Vera L. (Mrs. W. M. Hench)..1843 South 68th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Heist, Audrey G. — Teacher 101 Beech Ave., Patton, Pa. 

Henry, Mary Margaret (Mrs. Kenneth H. Cook), 

21 Burrell St., Blairsville, Pa. 

HoFF, Ruth — Teacher 528^ Wood St., Johnstown, Pa. 

HoFFGREN, Margaret (Mrs. Jack Grant) Washington, D. C. 

Hoffman, Bertha (Mrs. Malcolm Fulton).. 330 North Fifth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Hoffman, Mildred 741 Highland Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Hofmann, Kathryn (Mrs. Kathryn Johnson) — Teacher, Revloc ; 

719 West High St., Ebensburg, Pa. 
Holt, Margaret (Mrs. Margaret M. Eldridge) — Substitute Teacher, 

807 Fronheiser St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Horner, Geneva 
HosKiNsoN, Sarah F. (Mrs. E. N. Osborne), 

29 Maplewood Ave., Crafton, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Hughes, Margaret Wilmore, Pa. 

Hutchison, Virginia (Mrs. W. Gateswatt) Kittanning, Pa. 

Imler, Grace — Deceased. 

Jackson, Elizabeth Linnea (Mrs. Robert S. Young), 

801 John St., Langeloth, Pa. 
Jackson, Ruth 
James, Isabel (Mrs. James McCune, Jr.), 

39 Hochberg Road, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Jones, Jane Ann (Mrs. H. R. Raterink), 

207 F Shirley Court, Upper Darby, Pa. 
Kealey, Laura Virginia (Mrs. Gerald E. Pehrson), 

402 Murdock Ave., Mingo Junction, Ohio. 
Keafer, Katharine (Mrs. Katharine K. Barlett), 

171 Derby St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Kenley, Mary Ellen (Mrs. Marshall Stuchell), 

500 East Ninth Ave., Tarentum, Pa. 
Kiebler, Alice Maude — Teacher, Vandergrift; R. D. No. 1, Apollo, Pa. 

A L U M N I B Y C L A S S E S 165 

Klinestiver, Flora 

Knorr, Coletta (Mrs. Coletta K. O'Neil) Lamartine, Pa. 

KoRNS, Florence C. (Mrs. Herman Riddel).. 141 Rambo St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Kronk, Sara 1543 Virginia Ave., Monaca, Pa. 

Krouse, Ruby Grace — Teacher 414 Fifty-eighth St., Altoona, Pa. 

Lamberson, Geraldine (Mrs. C. G. Gephardt), 

1016 Wayne Ave., Indiana, Pa. 
Lang, Edith (Mrs. Edith L. Clark). 

'Laube, Marie E. (Mrs. James P. Reid) . .340 North Water St., Kittanning, Pa. 
Leibensperger, Dorothy E. (Mrs. C. Fred Burdett), 

605 Main St., Woburn, Mass. 
Levine, Rosalie — Deceased. 
Leyda, Wilda (Mrs. Wilda L. Benninger). 
Leyshon, Florence 
Liebermann, Maxine (Mrs. Vernon G. Campbell), 

208 Orchard Place, Edgeworth, Sewickley, Pa., Ruth (Mrs. Walter J. Will) — Bank Teller, 

406 Ravine St., Dravosburg, Pa. 
Litman, Frances (Mrs. Herbert G. Medsger). 
Livingston, Thelma (Mrs. Howard J. Green), 

460 Ferndale, Youngstown, Ohio. 
Lloyd, Beatrice J. (Mrs. Robert M. Mathieson), 

89 Juniper St.. Homer City, Pa. 
LowRY, MoDENA (Mrs. Craig Bennett) — Teacher, 

1015 Riviera Drive, Indianapolis, Ind. 
Luther, Mary Ellen (Mrs. William G. Nelson). 

Box 3, Park Road, Windber, Pa. 
Lytle, V. Irene (Mrs. Irene L. Shumaker), 

731 Linden Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
MacGregor, Helen (Mrs. Robert S. Wood) — Teacher, 

9 Greenridge Ave., Apt. 7-A, White Plains, N. Y, 
Mack, Gladys M. (Mrs. Paul W. Siard) . .200 South Market St., Ligonier, Pa. 
Mack, Mabel Rose (Mrs. J. M. Mitchell). 

705 Hepburn St., Williamsport, Pa. 

Magee, Kathleen Marie — Teacher 25 South Sixth St., Duquesne, Pa. 

Makepeace, Ruth 

Malcolm, Katherine — Teacher 332 North Seventh St., Indiana, Pa. 

Malia, Pauline — Deceased. 

Maloney, M. Bernardine — Teacher, Colver ; 

503 West High St., Ebensburg, Pa. 


McCreigiit, Jean Dorothy — Teacher. Swarthmore ; 

31 North Walnut St., Blairsville, Pa. 

McCurdy, Dorcas Saltsburg, Pa. 

McDermott, Catherine M. (Mrs. Casper T. Schorr), 

1203 Kennedy Ave, Duquesne, Pa. 
McDowell, Jean Reed (Airs. Don C. Stansberry), 

809 South 15th St., Knoxville, Tenn. 
McGiLL, Blanche E. (Mrs. Blanche E. Soulsby), 

1344 Acacia St., Pittsburg, Calif. 
McGough, Ann (Mrs. Charles A. Klesius) — Recreation D. C, 

2808 Ridge Road Drive, Alexandria, Va. 
McKay. Eugenia Isabella (Mrs. Fred C. Hoover), 

519 East National Highway, Route 40, Uniontown, Pa. 
McKee, Ruth Elrene (Mrs. J. E. Wadding) . .172 Maple Ave., Blairsville, Pa. 

McNuLTY, Madeline R. D. No. 1. Conncllsville, Pa. 

McWiLLiAMS, Eleanor (Mrs. Herbert Short). 

Mitchell, Faye A. — Teacher R. F. D. No. 1. DuBois, Pa. 


MouNTSiER, Sarah A. — Teacher. .205 Lincoln Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Murphy, Irene 

Muzzy, Angela C 304 East 12th St., Homestead, Pa. 

Myers, Margaret J. (Mrs. P. P. Bartell) . .948 Roup Ave., Brackenridge, Pa. 

Neal, Ruby E.— Teacher, Dormont ; 1320 Kelton Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Newhard, Mary — Deceased. 

Noble, Margaret— Teacher 938 West First St., Oil City, Pa. 

NoRTHAMER, Kathryn (Mrs. Robert B. Hutchinson), 

709 Spruce St., Philipsburg, Pa. 
Oatman, Ann Arvilla (Mrs. Robert R. Edwards), 

617 Wayne Ave., Ellwood City, Pa. 
Oatman, Martha (Mrs. Archie M. McSparrin), 

486 Freeport St., New Kensington, Pa. 

O'BoYLE, Mary 710 Heslep Ave., Donora, Pa. 

O'Leary, Mary A. (Sister M. Dionysia) — Teacher, 

Marywood College, Scranton, Pa. 
Overly, Clarissa G. (Mrs. Joseph L. Myers), 

R. F. D. No. 1, Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Parry, Margaret 1218 McClure St., Homestead, Pa. 

Patterson, Grace A. (Mrs. George Baldwin).. R. D. No. 2, Claysville, Pa. 
Patterson, Isabelle (Mrs. Frederick Vaux Wucher), 

5928 Bryant Court, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Pexder, Helen Louise (Mrs. Raymond E. Browell), 

29 Short St., Blairsville, Pa. 
Petsinger, Sara Alice (Mrs. Charles H. Ross), 

622 Second Ave., Tarentum, Pa. 

Phillips, Mable (Mrs. Tom Forcey) North 55th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

PiEMME, Elizabeth (Mrs. Kenneth Cope), 

1613 Leishman Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 
PiNNEY, Mabel (Mrs. Rollin A. Sherman). 
Pippert, Elizabeth — Supervisor of Music, State College Public Schools, 

4 Harris St., West Newton, Pa. 
Postlewait, Mildred M. — Teacher.. 407 North Penn St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Price, Bertha S. (Mrs. Robert A. Duff), 

309 North Shenango St., New Castle, Pa. 

Prisk, Florence E.— Teacher 730 Park Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Reeser, Frances — Teacher 312 Fourteenth St., Windber, Pa. 

Regester, Gladys (Mrs. Gladys Renquist) 1303 Andrew St., Munhall, Pa. 

Reighter, Dorcas E. (Mrs. Charles D. Ewing), 

R. D. No. 1, Leechburg Road, New Kensington, Pa. 

Reynolds, Marguerite Sterner St., Confluence, Pa. 

RftoDES, Florence Jean (Mrs. E. D. Ashman) — Teacher, 

7632 Westmoreland Ave., Swissvale, Pa. 
Richards, Mildred (Mrs. Raymond W. Hutchinson), 

19 Crampton Ave., Great Neck. N. Y. 
Riordan, Catherine B. (Mrs. Charles F. Keller) — Substitute Teacher, 

1618 Naudain St., Harrisburg, Pa. 
Robertson, Mary (Mrs. Ernest Walker). 

1700 Sunshine Ave., Westmont, Johnstown, Pa. 
Rock, Alice (Mrs. F. S. Whitmore). 

RoDERus, Eva (Mrs. Earl E. Brown) . .241 Lobinger Ave., North Braddock, Pa. 
Rowland, Florence Estelle — Missionary, 

Ramapatnam, Nellore District, South India. 
Rugg, Elizabeth Carter — Teacher .. 5699 Hudson Blvd., North Bergen, N. J. 
Rupp, Anna Bell (Mrs. J. Stanley McFall), 

359 Spring St., New Kensington, Pa. 

Schaney, Margaret C. (Mrs. H. Llovd Peters) — Teacher, Forest Hills, 

Pittsburgh; 217 Braddock Road, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 


ScHiFFHAUER, Marv A. (Mrs. Robert K. Ream), 

600 Ferndale Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
ScHMiTT, Nelle K. (Mrs. John Bowers).. 518 Henry St., Belle Vernon, Pa. 
ScHRADER, Gertrude (Mrs. V. E. Shaffer), 

R. D. No. 3, Box 32-D, Johnstown, Pa. 
Schwartz, Eda (Mrs. Eda S. Stewart). 
Shields, Lois 
Shindledecker, Leona (Mrs. Leona S. Bliss) — Teacher, 

99 Main St., Brockway, Pa. 

Shremp, Margaret Forbes and Halket Sts., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Shroup, Mary Frances — Teacher, Butler Co. ;•. .121 St. Paul St., Butler, Pa. 

Shryock, Louetta 

Sibley, Margaret Mary (Mrs. R. C. Blank), 

536 Hampton St., Greensburg, Pa. 
SiLvis, Ida Pearle (Mrs. Howard C. Robacker), 

1815 West 12th St., Erie, Pa. 
Simpson, Dorothea (Mrs. Herbert Donaghey), 

38 Evans St., Ingram, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

SisLEY, June F.— Teacher 2004 Oak Hill Ave., Youngstown, Ohio. 

Skog, Mabel Thorine (Mrs. Edwin Liddell)..5 Bigler Ave., Spangler, Pa. 
Sloppy, Audrey (Mrs. George H. Palmer). 

Smith, Gladys (Mrs. Frank E. McCoy) Emlenton, Pa. 

Smith, Marion G. — Teacher 268 Derby St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Smith, Sarah Marjorie (Mrs. P. Adrian Brodeur) — Teacher of Speech, 

Cambridge ; 8 Surry Road, Arlington Heights, Mass. 

Snively, Ruth — Teacher, Oceanside, Long Island ; 

75 Patten Ave., Rockville Centre, Long Island, N. Y. 
Somerville, Sara Anna 

Spicher, Gwendolyn (Mrs. Gwendolyn S. Raymond). 
Stanton, Zelma — Deceased. 
Staples, Lillian E. (Mrs. James R. Funk) — Teacher, 

105 Tiona St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Sterling, Estelle (Mrs. Thomas S. Hoover). 

Stevenson, Mae (Mrs. Mae S. Porter) ... .551 Donner Ave., Monessen, Pa. 
Stewart, Virginia Robb (Mrs. J. Allan MacCartney), 

649 Wellington Ave., Rochester, N. Y. 
Stoltz, Gail (Mrs. H. R. Greenawalt) . .738 Franklin Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Stone, Arintha — Teacher 427 Fifth Ave., Juniata, Altoona, Pa. 

Stone, Evelyn — Teacher. ... 19 Ralston Place, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Stoner, Crystal A. (Mrs. W. H. Higinbotham) . .Linden Apts., Suffolk, Va. 
Stoner, Frances (Mrs. H. P. Rambo), 8927 Eastwood Road, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Strawcutter, Carolyn (Airs. Carolyn Shields), 

215 Virginia Ave.. Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Streicher, Josephine L. (Mrs. K. J. Travis) . .1709 Tenth St., Altoona, Pa. 

Sutter, Lenore Theressa — Teacher 923 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 

Swanson, Clara A. (Mrs. Robert B. Neff) — Teacher, 

625 Oak St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Taylor, Clara Verner Orchard Terrace. Sewickley. Pa. 

Thomas, Mary Katherine (Mrs. Paul O. Trax)..R. D. No. 4, Franklin, Pa. 
Tredennick, Anita (Mrs. James B. Hanson), 

1117 Franklin St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Trout, Margaret — Deceased. 
TuLLEY, Virginia (Mrs. Arthur A. Brown), 

206 South Ninth St.. Connellsville, Pa. 
Updegrave, Sarah M. (Mrs. George M. Auman). 

530 Summit Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Valentine, Ethel Mae (Mrs. Harold W. Lowe) Dawson, Pa. 

Van Dyke, Verna Ruth (Mrs. Clifford Iseman)..R. D. No. 1. Freeport, Pa. 


Wagner, Clara Joanna (Mrs. Roy D. Miller), _ 

R. F. D. No. 1, Fairmount City, Pa. 
Walker, Lydia C. — Student, State Teachers College, Indiana; 

Marion Center, Pa. 
Waugaman, Ruth E. (Mrs. G. DeWitt Balsinger), 

4115 Ventura Canyon Drive, Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, Calif. 
Weaver, Evelyn (Mrs. William E. Crowley) — Deceased. 

Weise, Elnore 1208 Mayvievi? Road, Bridgeville, Pa. 

Wellde, Mercedes — Teacher 1003 Ligonier St., Latrobe, Pa. 

Wertz, Romayne — Teacher, Youngwood ; New Stanton, Pa. 

West, Mathilda P. 

Weston, Ruth Eleanor (Mrs. F. H. Wiltshire), 

R. D. No. 1, McKeesport, Pa. 
Wherry, Bessie (Mrs. Ralph Wilson Noe), 

434 West 120th St., Apt. 4-M, New York, N. Y. 

Whitesell, Margaret Salina, Pa. 

Wicks, Elizabeth (Mrs. John M. Moore) Philadelphia, Pa. 

Wieland, Elizabeth 211 Marshall Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Williams, Sara Jane (Mrs. Leland Thorburn) . .93 Morris St., Clymer, Pa. 

Willitts, Helen Black — Teacher 507 Anthony St., Carnegie, Pa. 

Wilson, Anna Ruth (Mrs. Floyd R. Ealy) Broomall, Pa. 

Winder, Hazel (Mrs. Leslie M. Weigel) . .1481 Franklin St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Winters, Sara M. (Mrs. Theodore F. Haible), 

111-50-76 Road, Forest Hills, N. Y. 
Wolf, Ruth (Mrs. Ruth W. Green). 
Wolfe, Vivian (Mrs. Vivian W. Claycomb). 

Wood, Blanche (Mrs. William B. Brady) Dunlo, Pa. 

Wood, Geraldine Grace (Mrs. Karl T. Davis).. 301 Grant St., Sewickley, Pa. 
Woodard, Harriet E. (Mrs. Damon D. Slawter) — Teacher, 

840 Corley St., Akron, Ohio. 
Wythe, Emily C. (Airs. N. R. Lamoreaux), 

119 North Sixth St., Philipsburg, Pa. 
Yeager, Jessamine (Mrs. Francis A. Geer)..821 Park Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Yerkins, Florence E. — Teacher Mt. Royal Blvd., Glenshaw, Pa. 

Zilke, Margaret Viola (Mrs. Clyde McCullough) Claysville, Pa. 

Junior Hig:h School Curriculum 

Bryan, Mary E. — Teacher, North Braddock ; 

Bryan Hill, R. F. D. No. 1, Indiana, Pa. 

Carlin, Anna C. — Teacher 1402 Milan Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Gilmore, Beulah — Teacher 241 East Fairview Ave., Connellsville, Pa. 

Golden, Mabel — Teacher, Connellsville ; Dunbar, Pa. 

Hasely, Martha Ruth (Mrs. Martha Clark), R. F. D. No. 1, New Castle, Pa. 

Johnston, Twila — Teacher Mahaffey, Pa. 

Leyda, Ruth Mae (Mrs. Ruth L. Bannon), 

301 Fairmont Ave., New Castle, Pa. 

McTague, Elizabeth — Teacher Cresson, Pa. 

Porter, Margaret 

Reardon, Lawrence — Principal of Braddock High School, 

227 Second St., Braddock, Pa. 
Strehler, Gertrude Lillian (Mrs. Gertrude Lillian Kaebnick), 

126 East Church St., Somerset, Pa. 
Wiggins, Carrie Adaline — Special Teacher, 

Abington Twp. ; Tunkhannock, Pa. 
Work, Georgiana (Mrs. Andrew C. Stapf), 

2000 Crafton Blvd., Crafton, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Yost, D. Albert — Rehabilitation Agent. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 

525 East Broad St., Tamaqua, Pa. 

A L U M x\ I BY CLASSES 169 

Commercial Teachers Training Carriculum 

Anders, Catherine (Mrs. Catherine Burger), 

Avenue N and Fourth St., Matamoras, Pa. 
Davis, Fanxie A. — Bookkeeper-Secretary, 

Zl Roseridge Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
DipPERY, Josephine Reed (Mrs. H. F. Hohmann), 

1175 Andrews Ave., Lakewood, Ohio. 
Doyle, Mildred Kathrvn (Mrs. J. I. Weinschenk), 

R. D. No. 1, New Castle, Pa.. 

Floro, Rose M. (Mrs. Rose M. Floro-Arone) — Teacher Van Meter, Pa. 

Harrison, Beatrice — Teacher R. D. No. 1, Centerville, Pa. 

Hull, Rose (Mrs. Rose Hull Krape) — Stenographer, 

344 West Church St., Lock Haven, Pa. 
Kephart, Helen (Mrs. Helen K. Smith).. 331 Anderson St., Curwensville, Pa. 
Long, Amy Belle (Mrs. John S. Wassum), 

242 Hoodridge Drive, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
McNiTT, Ernest B. — Principal of High School, 

561 Tenth Ave., New Brighton, Pa. 
Russell, Lillian (Mrs. Wesley Gault) — Teacher, 

1926 Mercer Ave., New Brighton, Pa. 
Selle, Madaline J. (Mrs. G. C. Grotzinger) . . . .Rosely Road, St. Marys, Pa. 
Skinner, Gladys (Mrs. Kenneth G. Freeman) — Teacher, 

322 Primo Ave., Sherrill, N. Y. 

Stough, Raymond T. — Teacher 18 Woodlawn Ave., Middletown, N. Y. 

Tronzo, Tressa 3209 Elsinore Square, Oakland, Pittsburgh. Pa. 

Underwood, Florence (Mrs. Florence U. Gran). 

Young, John Francis — Teacher 538 Halcomb Ave., Clairton, Pa. 

Home Economics Curriculum 

Daniels, Elizabeth (Mrs. L. H. Temple) Box 173, Polk, Pa. 

Engelhardt, Mary V. (Mrs. Harold B. Rowland), 

217 Miller Court, Johnstown, Pa. 
Gress, Mildred M. (Mrs. Paul B. Cooley), 

929 Park Ave., Williamsport, Pa. 
Griffin, Marion Lucille (Mrs. Gerald E. Nord)....Box E, Bessemer, Pa. 
Hawk, Clara Esther (Mrs. V. Carl Tragesser), 

Mt. Maple Road, R. D. No. 3, Beaver Falls, Pa. 
Hudson, Mary Rebecca (Mrs. Rebecca H. Kirkland), 

R. D., Commodore, Pa. 
Johnston, Virginia (Mrs. John T. Smith). 
Lysle, Armitage 

Maurey, Genevieve — Teacher 4803 Ellsworth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

McClymonds, Mary 

McLaughlin, Mary (Mrs. H. W. Lukkarila). 

Miller, Marguerite V. (Mrs. James P. Mowery), 

533 Mifflin Ave., Wilkinsburg. Pa. 
Truitt, Julia 

Music Supervisors Curriculum 

Ames, Martha Ellen (Mrs. Martha A. Williammee) Reedsville, Pa. 

Gentzel, Marion 216 Crawford Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Hepler, Gladys Elmira (Mrs. Clarence G. Lower), 

East Penn St., New Bethelem, Pa. 
HiNDMAN, Jean H. (Mrs. Jean H. Anderson) — Supervisor of Music, 

Clinton Co.; 202 East Main St., Lock Haven. Pa. 

Maust, Maybelle (Mrs. W. H. Christie, Jr.) 132 Hacker St., Kane, Pa. 


McKay, Rella (Mrs. Rella M. Good). 211 Fourth St., Butler, Pa. 

Sallade, Ruth (Mrs. William H. Lewis), 

2529 Homehurst Ave., Overbrook, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Smith, Anna 103 South Market St., Mechanicsburg, Pa. 

SuTHERBY, Thirza M. — Director of Music, Alliance Public Schools and 

Conservatory Mt. Union College, 334 Milton St., Alliance, Ohio. 

Tressler, Margaret (Mrs. Dan Sachse, Jr.) Conyngham, Pa. 

Van Buskirk, AIartha Pen Argyl, Pa. 

White, Gail 

CLASS OF 1925 

President Owen C. Lewis 

Vice President Rose M. Brady 

Secretary Margaret Work 

Treasurer Lillian A. Sheets 

Elementary Cnrriculuins 
(Kindergarten - Primary and Intermediate) 

Abbott, Elizabeth (Mrs. Elizabeth A. Boggs), 

505 Hutchison Ave., Canonsburg, Pa. 
Ackerman, Mary (Mrs. J. E. Faith) — Deceased. 
Akers, Ludwena (Mrs. C. V. May), 

Box 349 F, R. D. No. 2. May Luth Road, Cornelia Park, Johnstown, Pa. 

Allison, Edith (Mrs. Edith Allison Brown) 464 Elm St., Indiana, Pa. 

Allshouse, Hilda — Deceased. 

Anderson, Dagmar (Mrs. L. Melvin Nelson). 

Anderson, Hazel M. (Mrs. E. H. Peters), 

9 Briarcliff Court, Maplewood, N. J. 

Anderson, Helen 1064 Schoonmaker Ave., Alonessen, Pa. 

Anderson, L. Carolyn (Mrs. R. F. Jackson) Box 28, Unity, Pa. 

Anderson, Margaret Elizabeth (Mrs. Clarence Bolton) Candor, N. Y. 

Andrie, Ellen (Mrs. Haydn Bowen) 28 Norman St., Duquesne, Pa. 

Archey, Esther (Mrs. Chalmer D. Stewart), 

59 Sprague St., Wilmerding, Pa. 

Armstrong, Ruth Lee — Teacher 901 Ash St., Johnstown, Pa. 

AxELSON, Margaret (Mrs. Andrew H. McNeil). 

Ayers, Geraldine F. (Mrs. Bryon E. Todd) — Social Service, Department of 

Public Assistance 212 South Third St., Altoona, Pa. 

Bailey, Lillie 

Bailey, Pauline (Mrs. Miller Griggs) East St., Russell, Pa. 

Bailey, Ruby H. (Mrs. John H. Ruth) 26 Grove St., Scottdale, Pa. 

Barnes, Mildred (Mrs. T. Charles Reid), 

2009 Pleasant Ave., Wellsburg, W. Va. 

Bast, Caroline (Mrs. J. M. Tondora) 540 Cypress Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Bates, Ruth Elizabeth (Mrs. Robert A. Datz)..93 Good St.. Jeannette, Pa. 

Beech, Edith O 134 Boulevard, Carrick, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Beechey, Mildred Sixth St., Clymer, Pa. 

Beighley, Kathryn M. (Mrs. W. Brooks Reed) Box 118, Poland, Ohio. 

Bell, Helen L.— Teacher 203 Thirty-first St., Altoona. Pa. 

Bell, Meredith C. (Mrs. Edward G. Anderson). 

200 Thirteenth St.. Altoona, Pa. 
Benjeski, Charlesletta (Mrs. Charlesletta B. Winkler)— Teacher, Duquesne; 

2410 Alwyn St., Pittsburgh, 26, Pa. 
Bennett, Mary 

Benson, Lily— Teacher 2014 Federal St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Berg, Mabel (Mrs. Mabel B. Hess). 


Berry, Sarah 113 Edson Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

BiSHOFF, Selma Kathryn (Mrs. Selma Frye), 

621 Franklin Ave., Palmerton, Pa. 

BiTTNER, Virginia G. — Teacher 29 Avenue B, Latrobe, Pa. 

Black, Dorothy E. — Teacher, Johnstown; 417 Know St., DuBois, Pa. 

Black, Esther (Mrs. T. H. Copeman). 

Blough, Anna E. (Mrs. Robert L. Hill).. 1492 Dille Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Blyth, Jean — Teacher Homer City, Pa. 

Bolden, Anna Frances — Teacher 311 North St., Meyersdale, Pa. 

Bowman, Beatrice L. — Teacher, Leechburg ; 

320 Harrison Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 
Bowser, Edna Marguerite (Mrs. D. E. Brown), 

407 Seventh St., Huntingdon, Pa. 
Boyd, Grace M. (Mrs. Arthur C. White), 

310 Euclid Ave., New Castle, Pa. 
Bradel, Pearl (Mrs. Pearl B. Tucker). 
Brady, Rose M. (Mrs. Rose M. Paulson), 

105 North Drake St., Titusville, Pa. 
Brant, Kathryn (Mrs. Kathryn B. Miller) — Teacher, 

226 East Church St., Ligonier, Pa. 
Branthoover, Jane Lucile (Mrs. W. S. Thomas, Jr.), 

417 Alexander St.. Greensburg, Pa. 
Bronson, Lillian E. (Mrs. Herbert J. Hammers), 

1109 Sixteenth Ave., Columbus, Ohio. 
Brown, Anna Elizabeth (Mrs. William Rieder), 

311 Fifth Ave., Kewanee, 111. 

Brown, Gwendolyn — Teacher 1026 Negley St., Farrell, Pa. 

Brown, Minnie (Mrs. Minnie B. Meek), 

720 East Franklin Ave., East End, Altoona, Pa. 
Brunelle, Sarah (Mrs. Harold E. Littell), 

2103 Sixth Ave.. Beaver Falls, Pa. 

Buchanan, Esther V. — Teacher Box 369, New Kensington, Pa. 

Buchanan, Marian (Mrs. Norman Shick)...525 Chestnut St., Indiana, Pa. 

Buhite, Alice (Mrs. Leroy Mowrey) Library, Pa. 

Burkhart, Ada (Mrs. Forrest Mackall) . . . .1024 Locust St., Nanty-Glo, Pa. 
Calhoun, Mary Marie (Mrs. John E. Delahunty), 

272 Cortland Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Campbell, Cordellia M. — Teacher 600 Chestnut St., Irwin, Pa. 

Carter, Sara M. (Mrs. C. W. Moore). 
Caylor, Helen (Mrs. Clarence C. Watson), 

400 North Ninth St., Indiana, Pa. 
Chesley, Frances Eleanor (Mrs. Charles N. Day), 

Quarters R, Navy Yard, Mare Island, Calif. 

Clark, Bessie M. — Teacher 23 East Second Ave., DuBois, Pa. 

Clark, Lila M. (Mrs. T. Joseph Keating) — Teacher, 

220 West Court St., Doylestown, Pa. 

Clayton, Helen — Teacher 519 Holmes Ave., Baden, Pa. 

Coakley, Margaret Ellen — Retired, 225 Elk Run Ave., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Cochrane, Bertha F. — Teacher 1115 West Main St., Monongahela, Pa, 

Cohn, Sadie — Teacher 2208 Eighth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

CoLviN, Helen 

CoMPTON, Eleanor 715 Broad St., Sewickley, Pa. 

Cook, Mary 5605 Ellsworth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Cooley, Edna S. (Mrs. L. Henry Larson). 

Winter : 324 Olive St.. McKeesport, Pa. ; 
Summer : Prospect, Pa. 
Costa, Catherine (Mrs. Catherine C. Venditti). 

1109 Grove Ave.. Windber, Pa. 

172 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Cotton, Clara Elizabeth— Teacher 333 Park Ave., New Castle, Pa. 

CouGHENOUR, Mary M.— Teacher . . 119 East Fairview Ave., Connellsville, Pa. 

Crawforo, Marian— Teacher Box 174, Emlenton, Pa. 

Cross, Alice Mary (Airs. P. H. Hoffman), 

1115 East Central Ave., Orlando, Fla. 
Crow, Helen M. (Mrs. Herbert K. Sutch) . . . .416 Hay St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Crum, Martha Belle 311 Chestnut St., Derry, Pa. 

Daniel, Lulu New Bethlehem, Pa. 

Davis, Ellen Katherine (Mrs. J. B. Newingham), 

7915 Union St., Swissvale, Pa. 

Davis, Madge — Teacher 150 Hammer Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Davison, Bernice E. (Airs. Fred H. Davis) — Teacher, 

Long Lane Court Apts., Upper Darby, Pa. 

Davison, AIargaret R. — Teacher Cherry Tree, Pa. 

Day, Floyd S.— Teacher R. D. No. 1, Conemaugh, Pa. 

Delaney, Margaret M 7 Colonial Place, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Dick, Sylvia 558 Vickroy Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Dickie, Edith (Mrs. Thomas H. Carson) .. .414 Alitchell Ave., Clairton, Pa. 

Dickson, Cristy (Mrs. Cristy Hodgson) 328 Ohio Ave., Glassport, Pa. 

Dis'Ely, Martha Jane (Mrs. Lewis E. Kenney), 

Box 193, R. D. No. 1, Hollidaysburg, Pa. 

Driggs, Eleanor — Teacher 521 Highland Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Drummond, Leona 270 Strayer St., Johnstown, Pa. 

DuFresne, Jeannette AI. E. — Teacher, 

418 South Aiken Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
DuMBAULD, AIabel Gladys (Alrs. Mabel Gladys Beason) ... .Union City, Pa. 
Duncan, Anna AI. (Mrs. H. V. Overdorff), 

173 Barron Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Duncan, Grace G 627 Fourth St., Braddock, Pa. 

Duncan, Mary P. (Airs. Robert G. Dailv) — Teacher, 

516 Tenth St., Irwin, Pa. 

Duncan, Ruth Whitehall, Haverford, Pa. 

DuvALL, Adalyne — Principal of Roosevelt School, Bangor ;... .Claysville, Pa. 
Edwards, Beatrice Velma — Teacher.. 319 North Seventh St., Vincennes, Ind. 

Eichenauer, Anna AIae 1126 Chestnut St., Franklin, Pa. 

Elder, AIargarita 

Elliott, Alma Rosella (Airs. William G. Wunderley), 

400 Southern Ave., Liberty Boro., AIcKeesport, Pa. 
Elrick, Marie Isabel (Mrs. Frank V. Andre) . .387 Hodge St., Blairsville, Pa. 

Evans, Geraldine (Mrs. Merle Louer) 244 State St., Oakdale, Pa. 

Everhart, Jean W. — Teacher 2025 Eighth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Fagan, Alma 422 East Walton Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Farrell, Louise (Mrs. Herman Bomer, Jr.) . .Goucher St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Feather, Leora C R. D. No. 2, Latrobe, Pa. 

Feeney, Irene — Teacher 2716 Stewart St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Fisher, Ruth E. (Mrs. Homer V. Gifford) — Mental Deviate Teacher, 

Pittsburgh ; 565 Navigation St., Beaver, Pa. 

Fitzpatrick, AIary M. — Teacher 221 New St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Fleming, Helen Elizabeth — Teacher.. Ill Longfellow St., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Flinn, Mary Clare 136 Bond St., Johnstown. Pa. 

Foster, Mary Blanche 300 Golde St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Foster, Nellie (Airs. Frank Shuntill) Seddon Ave., North Braddock, Pa. 

Fox, Mildred (Mrs. Clifford Croissant) Box 167, Hazelhurst, Pa. 

Fray, Marian E. — Teacher 480 Allison Ave., Washington, Pa. 

Freeman, Laura (Mrs. Charles Manrow) . . . .R. D. No. 5, Washington, Pa. 

Frick, Katherine (Mrs. Robert Jarvie) 2100 Maple Ave., Altpona, Pa. 

Fritz, Florence (Airs. Ellis Friedline) Route No. 1, Stoystown, Pa. 

Fulton, Leona 


Gardner, Elda (Mrs. Elda G. Dreyer). 
Gardner, Leah (Mrs. John E. McGrath), 

157 New Jersey Ave, Clairton, Pa. 

George, Florence L.— Teacher 1069 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

George, Katiieryn Barbara — Teacher 308 Albert St., Turtle Creek, Pa. 

Gili.e?pie, Edna M. (Mrs. Richard E. Jones) Spruce St., Cheswick, Pa. 

GiLPA TRICK, Dorothy J. — Teacher Seward, Pa. 

Glasser, Ruth I. (Mrs. John M. Simpson) Woodlawn, Jeannette, Pa. 

Gocher, Kathryn (Mrs. Robert M. Bowers) Daisy St., Johnstown, Pa. 

GooDE, Mildred Alma (Mrs. W. Gardner Ferguson), 

1715 Soles St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Gordon, Pauline Coalport, Pa. 

GoiRLEY, Earla Jane (Mrs. H. R. McCall), 

206 Woodland Ave., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Graham, Marg.\ret 
Graydon, Bertha 
Greene, Lillian M. (Mrs. Lillian M. Massena), 

R. D. No. 3, Box 229-A. Latrobe, Pa. 
Griffith, Eva M. 
Griffith, Gladys Grace (Mrs. D. L. \\'etzel), 

7207 Shadowlawn Ave., Baltimore, Md. 
Groves. Elizabeth Luretta (Mrs. Charles Messner), 

201 Floral Ave., Lcechburg. Pa. 
Grube, \'iolet 
Haddick, Hazel Lenore (Mrs. Joseph Millward), 

1298 Second St., Xanty-Glo, Pa. 
Hager, Elizabeth (Mrs. Elizabeth H. Barlow), 

2059 Boggs Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Hansel, Blanche Farmington, Pa. 

Harrer, Edith Mae (Mrs. James J. Hayes).. 19 Rosalind Place, Toledo, Ohio. 
Hartm.\n, Idabel (Mrs. C. Glenn Hammer) ... .118 Walters St., Derry, Pa. 

Hays, Mabel W. — Teacher 212 East St., Warren, Pa. 

Helsel, Gladys May (Mrs. Frank H. Howard) — Substitute Teacher, 

431 Summitt Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
Hemphill, Dorothy S. (Mrs. Robert C. Baker). 

50-39 Two Hundred Sixth St., Bayside, N. Y. 
Herron. Margaret Alexandri.\ — Teacher.. 643 College Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Hileman, Helen (Mrs. Aloysius Dugan)..201 Sarah St., Osceola Mills, Pa. 
Hinkle, Helen L. (Mrs. Roy E. Barron).. 803 Vickroy Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Hobaugh, Wyoma 1259 Taylor Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 

HoFFM.\N, Dorothy (Mrs. George F. Lee, Jr.), 

505 Edwards St., Southmont, Johnstown, Pa. 
Hogan, Mildred (Mrs. James T. Scally), 

63 Vincennes Ave., Oakdale, Pa. 
Hopkins, Daisy (Mrs. James Brownson Hurst), 

302 Fairmont Ave., New Castle, Pa. 
Horner, Elmira (Mr.^;. Robert W. Seese) — Teacher, 

396 Coleman .\ve.. Johnstown, Pa. 
Horner, Freda Sara (Mrs. Arch V. Oakley), 

268 Linden Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
Hoyt, Mrs. Zola Man.-^field — Teacher, Marion Center; 

1034 School St., Indiana, Pa. 
Hughes, Beulah E. (Mrs. Edward Lowden"), 

Payne St., Box 308-B. R. D. No. 1, McKeesport, Pa. 

Hull. Mildred L. — Teacher Tyrone. Pa. 

Humes, Margaret — Teacher 908 Corbet St., Tarentum, Pa. 

Hunt, Priscilla (Mrs. Harry J. Sandrus), 

1239 Wisconsin .\ve.. Dormont, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

174 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Irwin, Ruth B.— Teacher 300 South Fourth St., Bellwood, Pa. 

Irwin', Thelma (Mrs. W. L. Lipsey)..611 Washington St., Jamestown, N. Y. 

James, Mercedes (Mrs. Donald D. Gordon) Ebensburg, Pa. 

Jamison, Marguerite— Teacher 148 Thirteenth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Jamison, Mary S. 

Janavitz, Anna Helen (Mrs. Sidney Mermelstein), 

5606 Woodmont St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Jellison, Ruth S. (Mrs. Stewart Greenawalt), 

Lone Star Route, Otis, Colo. 

John, Gwendolyn (Mrs. John Edward Schultz) Detroit, Mich. 

John, Mary E.— Teacher 104 Moreland St., Aliquippa, Pa. 

Johnson, Esther 660 McKee Ave., Monessen, Pa. 

Johnston, Grace M R. D., Apollo, Pa. 

Johnston, Loveday E. (Mrs. Richard C. Sauer), 

433 Walnut Road, Ben Avon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Johnston, Mary— Teacher 130 East Campbell St., Blairsville, Pa. 

Johnston, Mildred G. (Mrs. J. Sherman Thomas), 

119 Woodrow Ave., St. Clairsville, Ohio. 
Johnston, Mrs. Virginia (Mrs. Virginia Johnston Phillips) — Teacher, 

Box 39, North Apollo, Pa. 

Jones, Helen M. — Teacher 106 McKee Ave., Monessen, Pa. 

Jordan, Henrietta (Mrs. Charles R. Hughes), 

1107 Third St., East McKeesport, Pa. 

Karnak, Helen Capitol Hotel, Johnstown, Pa. 

Kehler, Esther 

Keller, Stella P. — Teacher, Homestead ; 

3308 Beechwood Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Kelty, Madaline 121 Sheridan Ave., New Castle, Pa. 

Kerr, Edna— Teacher, Ford City ; 947 Orr Ave., Kittanning, Pa. 

KiRSCH, Elizabeth R. D. No. 2, Altoona, Pa. 

Knepper, Dorothy B. (Mrs. John A. French), 

36 Crooke Ave., Brooklyn; Glenmere Road, Florida, N. Y. 

KooNS, Josephine 373 Second St., Pitcairn, Pa. 

Kopelman, Evelyn (Mrs. Robert S. Davis).. 320 Margaret St., Jeannette, Pa. 

KucKUCK, Mary Louise — Teacher 716 Ash St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Lardin, Elisabeth — Teacher 912 Dickey St., Tarentum, Pa. 

Lenhart, Maude (Mrs. Charles Frye), 

Fourth Street Extension, Monongahela, Pa. 

Lepley, Eleanor Perryopolis, Pa. 

Lewis, Pearl— Teacher 208 Welsh St., Kane, Pa. 

Lighten stein. Rose M. (Mrs. Carl J. Lefkowitz), 

633 Hazel St., McKeesport, Pa. 
Long, Isabel 

Lord, Gertrude E. — Teacher 196 West DuBois Ave., DuBois, Pa. 

Loss, Annalee — Teacher Sykesville, Pa. 

LowRY, Amanda — Teacher c/o Harry L. Lowry, R. D. No. 5, Indiana, Pa. 

Lucas, Florence 

LuDERER, Emma— Teacher 4528 Walnut St., Apt. D 27, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Malcolm, Bernice Gertrude (Mrs. John H. Johnson), 

64 Morris St., Clymer, Pa. 

Maloy, Anna — Teacher 748 Grove Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Markle, Josephine P. (Mrs. Orvie Taylor) — Teacher, 

1123 Vine St., West Newton, Pa. 
Markle, Maria O. (Mrs. Jack L. Englert) — Substitute Teacher, 

1454 Olive Ave., Fresno, Calif. 
Martin, Frances (Mrs. D. C. Moskrey). 
Masters, Ethel Pearl (Mrs. H. Webster Jones), 

313 West Ogle St., Ebensburg, Pa. 


McCall, Marion (Mrs. Harold L Rowe), 

Pittsburgh St., East McKeesport, Pa. 
McCarn, Virginia 
McCuLLOUGii, Elizabeth (Mrs. John T. Waring), 

R. D., Box 63, Philipsburg, Pa. 
McCuLLOUGii, Jane (Mrs. C. E. Friesell). 
McGovERN, Bertha C. (Mrs. Bertha C. Doyle) — Senior Visitor, 

Department of Public Assistance R. D. No. 1, Box 1, Portage, Pa. 

McMahon, Kate L. — Teacher 605 South Main St., DuBois, Pa. 

McMillan, Margaret (Mrs. Francis Thomas), 

113 South Third St., Youngwood. Pa. 
McQuAiDE, Marie (Mrs. V. J. Conners), 

318 Keystone Drive, New Kensington, Pa. 

McVicKER, Margaret L — Teacher 711 Sheridan St., Monongahela, Pa. 

Meadows, Pauline (Mrs. William Bolin), 

Jones St., Elm Grove, Wheeling, W. Va. 
Merriman, Pearl — Deceased. 

Metz, Catherine 6310 Wilkins Ave., Pittsburgh. Pa. 

Meyers, Bernice Sipe — Teacher 612 North Center Ave., Somerset, Pa. 

Moffat, Mary (Mrs. Mary M. Hill) R. F. D. No. 1, Apollo, Pa. 

Moore, Agnes Romaine — Teacher.. 501 East Mahoning St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Moor HEAD, Carol L. — Teacher, Thaddeus Stevens School, 

202 North Ninth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Morrison, Lois (Mrs. Clarence Pearce) Erie, Pa. 

Morrow, Ruth (Mrs. David H. Woodward), 

100 Schoonmaker Ave., Monessen, Pa. 
Mountain, Mayetta (Mrs. W. Earle Troutwein), 

Box 132, Robertsdale, Pa. 
MoYER, Catherine E. (Mrs. C. Dean Ullstrom) — Substitute Teacher, 

855 Jackman Ave., Avalon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
MuMAU, Rachel Cora (Mrs. Rachel M. Kells), 

R. D. No. 1. Hamill Road, Verona, Pa. 

Myers, Eurith — Teacher 503 Welty St.. Greensburg, Pa. 

Myers, Irene (Mrs. Willis Dohrman). 

Myers, Jerusiia Elizabeth— Teacher. .. .1318 Eighteenth Ave., Altoona, Pa.; 

Summer : Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Newcome, Thelma O. (Mrs. Silas Harbrige) Home, Pa. 

Newcomer, Mrs. Mary Collier 
Nis.^i.EY, Hazel 

O'Bovle, Margaret — Teacher 710 Heslep Ave., Donora, Pa. 

Otto, Edith (Mrs. Price Jones) Belmont Ave., Geistown, Pa. 

OvERDORFF, Bertha M. (Mrs. E. R. McConnaughey), 

125 Washington St., Freeport, Pa. 
Pachtman, Julia (Mrs. Samuel S. Horvitz), 

2277 Shady Ave.. Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Patch, Florence G. — Teacher 214 Chandler Ave.. Johnstown, Pa. 

Peebles, Catherine (Mrs. R. K. McCauley). 
Peterman, Helen (Mrs. C. Russell Jones), 

4061 Dalewood Ave., Brentwood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Peterson, Mildred W. (Mrs. Kenneth J. Stickrath), 

2821 Capitol St.. McKeesport. Pa. 

Phillips, Elizabeth J 407 May Ave., Titusville. Pa. 

Phillips, Elizabeth M Irvona, Pa. 

Phillips, Marg.\ret B. — Teacher. .2804 Broadway. Dormont. Pittsburgh. Pa. 

Proudfit. Catharine 711 South Pittsburgh St.. ConncUsville. Pa. 

Pyle. Grace Elizabeth (Mrs. Wilbur C. Latimer). 

(^34 Graiit St.. Indiana, Pa. 
Ramsey. Gertrude M. — Teacher Larimer. Pa. 

176 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Rapp, Thelma Mary (Mrs. A. H. Nickerson) 556 Meek St., Sharon, Pa. 

Raush, Catherine Evelyn (Mrs. Elmer E. Croushore), 

313 West Fourth St., Mansfield, Ohio. 
Rearick, Miriam Pauline (Mrs. Kenton R. Miller), 

East Allegheny St., Martinsburg, Pa. 
Reed, Louise (Mrs. Owen C. Lewis) — Deceased. 

Reed, Martha (Mrs. C. W. Dinger) 506 Grant St., Reynoldsville, Pa. 

Reiter, Helen Bernice (Mrs. Seth Winfield Russell), 

405 South Patterson St., State College, Pa. 
Reynolds, AIargaret E. (Mrs. Harold E. Burns), 

149 Maple St., New Wilmington, Pa. 
Richards, \^era (Mrs. Oliver Scott Pultz), 

First St., Westmoreland City, Pa. 

Riley, Vera 99 Meade Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

RiTCHEY, Margaret — Deceased. 

RoBBiNS, Irene M. — Teacher East Orange, N. J. 

Roberts, Marie — Teacher R. D. No. 3, Ligonier, Pa. 

Robertson, Lydia (Mrs. Lydia Robertson Kline)— Teacher, 

201 Bower Hill Road, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

RoDGERS, Hazel V. — Teacher 128 Fourth St., East Conemaugh, Pa. 

Rolla, Elsie Louise — Teacher, Unity Twp. ; R. D. No. 2, Greensburg, Pa. 

RoMESBURG, Millie R. (Mrs. George Metcalfe) 407 Elm St., Indiana, Pa. 

Roof, Thelma (Mrs. S. David McPeak) Hillcrest, R. D., Library, Pa. 

Ryan, Anna 

Schilling, Ruth 

Schrecongost, Dorothy Irene (Mrs. J. H. McLaughlin), 

1424 Walnut St., Edgewood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Scott, . AIarian Bradfordwoods, Pa. 

Serene, Mary Louise (Mrs. W. L. Ainsworth), 

119 Flower Ave., East, Watertown, N. Y. 
Shaffer, Edith Viola (Mrs. William W. Cline), 

272 First Street and Lincoln Ave., Leechburg, Pa. 
Shaffer, Katherine (Mrs. Richard M. Mabus), 

117 East High St., Belief onte, Pa. 
Shaffer, Ruby 

Sharp, Marjorie 1219 Woodniont Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 

Shields, Mary Hurst (Mrs. W. L. Patty) — Teacher, Hoboken, N. J.; 

414 West 121st St., Apt. 42, New York, N. Y. 
Shipp, Ruth Ida (Mrs. T. E. Baum). 

Shoemaker, Mary E 635 Means Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

SiCHi, Lillian M. (Mrs. Thomas Woods), 

1107 McMahan Ave., Monessen, Pa. 
Simpson, Martha — Teacher, Apollo; 

c/o James A. Simpson, R. D. No. 5, Indiana, Pa. 

Slick, Mrs. Bertha St. Clairsville, Pa. 

Slick, Mrs. Jennie E. — Teacher 1600 Third Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Smathers, Lyda Layton (Airs. W. E. Murray) — Teacher, 

105 Jenks Ave., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Smith, Margaret D. (Mrs. William R. Rock), 

7224 McCurdy Place., Ben Avon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Snyder, Mercedes 410 Catherine St., Duquesne, Pa. 

Spires, Verna A. (Mrs. James T. Williams) — Teacher, 

178 Cooper Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
St. Clair, L. Myrtle — Teacher, University of Miami ; 

918 Ferdinand St., Coral Gables, Fla. 
Staples, Georgianna M. (Mrs. R. V. Whiteman), 

115 West Union St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Stephens, Dorothy B.— Teacher 26 Aliller Ave.. Homer City, Pa. 


Stephens, Lepa K. — Tcaclier R. D. No. 5, Indiana, Pa. 

Sternbekg, Rose Detroit, Mich. 

Sterner, Mary E. (Mrs. C. L. Schwab), 

915 North Second St., Harrisburg, Pa. 
Stougii, Marion E. (Mrs. William A. Zugner), 

Sunnyside Ave., Shrub Oak, N. Y. 
Straub, Ruth (Mrs. Ruth S. Moore) — Social Worker, 

Lutheran Home. 6950 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Sutter, Florence CLAn<E (Mrs. D. H. Freyer), 

855 Van Kirk St., Clairton, Pa. 
Swaxson. Anna Adolphine (Mrs. Albert F. Doyle), 

316 Pine St., Johnstown. Pa. 

Sweeney, Ei.i.en Russell, Pa. 

Templeton, Mary ^L — Principal and Teacher. 

1902 Pleasant Valley Ave., Altoona, Pa. 
Thatcher. Licy E. — Teacher. .. .117 North Crawford Ave.. New Castle, Pa. 

Thomas, Edith Spear (Mrs. A. E. Mosley) 1113 Park St., Tarentum, Pa. 

Thorburn, Irene R. (Mrs. Edward H. Phillips), 

29 Wilsonia Road, Rochester. X. Y., Claribel (Mrs. Claribel Schenk) — Teacher, 

500 Ray Ave., N. W., New Philadelphia, Ohio. 
Trees. Jessie (Mrs. A. T. Barkhymer) — Teacher, 

1099 McKinley Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
Trimble, Lois 

Tulloch, Mabel I. (Mrs. Kenneth P.eebe)..c/o A. H. Townsend, .Apollo. Pa. 
Underwood, Edyth A. (Mrs. Alfred Kenneth Cox). 

5147 Fifth Ave.. Pittsburph. Pa. 

L^nderwood, Evelyn (Mrs. A. Charles Lawton) Bedford. Pa. 

Walther, Vorice S. — Teacher. . . .16005 Nelamere Road, East Cleveland. Ohio. 
Ward, Eleanor Frances (Mrs. J. Edward Everett). 

318 Fairfield Ave., New Castle, Pa. 

Watson, Ci.eona 1041 Lincoln Way, McKeesport, Pa. 

Watson, Mary — Teacher 918 Graham Ave., Windber, Pa. 

Watson, Sara Patsy (Mrs. J. Walter High), 

1835 Elston St., Oak Lane. Philadelphia, Pa. 
Weiss, Mrs. Lida Cecelia (Mrs. Lida C. Teeters) — Teacher. 

302 West Third St., Greensburg, Pa. 
Wellmeier, Adele H. (Mrs. H. G. Rike) — -Teacher, 

R. D. No. 1. Box 42- A, Elizabeth, Pa. 
Williams. Amelia (Mrs. James F. Curtis).. 55 Hedge St., Fairhaven, Mass. 
Williams, Virginia (Mrs. Mose Krumbine) — Teacher. Goshen Twp. ; 

204 Nichol St., Clearfield, Pa. 

Wise, Mary M. — Teacher Ansonville. Pa. 

Wolfe, Velma (Mrs. Velma W. Moist) Mattawana, Pa. 

Woodward, Gracia Winifred (Mrs. Samuel S. Shaulis), 

105 Custer .Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 
Work, Margaret (Mrs. H. R. Moles) . .252 Washington Ave., Kenmore, N. Y. 
Wright, Jean 

Wynn, Bertha Ann (Mrs. Albert Arnold) . .Dosthill, Staffordshire, England. 
Yates, Lillian Ruth (Mrs. William Scherffius). 

908 Juniper St., Atlanta, Ga. 
Zeigler, Wilhelmina Marie (Mrs. Paul Z. Lauten), 

110 Oliver Ave., Zelienople, Pa. 
ZiEGLER, Mildred (Mrs. Herbert William Slater), 

2231 Walton Ave., Pittsburgh, 10, Pa. 
Zimmerman, Nellie — Teacher Route 1. Stoystown, Pa. 

178 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Junior High School Curriculum 

BoRBULiCH, Michael— Teacher Box 101, Portage, Pa. 

Graffius, Nan— Teacher 420 Ridge Ave., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Little, Martha Launa (Mrs. Martha L. Rowley), 

115 Longfellow Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

McFarland, Elizabeth— Teacher 71 River St., Salamanca, N. Y. 

McAliLLAN, Alice B 313 Morewood Ave., Blairsville, Pa. 

Pollock, Emily E. (Mrs. A. R. Truitt), 

3516 Clarendon Road, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Scott, Edna M.— Teacher 135 Sell St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Shirley, Clair J. — Principal of Mamont School, Westmoreland Co. ; 

Saltsburg, Pa. 
Singer, Blanche (Mrs. Judge W. Cravener), 

119 South Tenth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Sober, Angeline J. — Teacher R. F. D. No. 2, Leechburg, Pa. 

Walker, Raymond L. — Teacher Alarion Center, Pa. 

Walsh, Mary E. (Mrs. John Grautt) 118 Clifif St., Butler, Pa. 

Woods, Helen (Mrs. Monty McClure) Warren, Pa. 

Normal Art Curriculum 

BoDEN, Madge (Mrs. Harry Rose) 731 Napoleon St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Commercial Teacher Training: Curriculum 

Ayers, Dorothy — Teacher 420 Oak St., Indiana, Pa. 

Bachman, Minnie C. — Teacher, Allentown ; 

3246 Nazareth Pike, Bethlehem, Pa. 
Balon, Laura R. (Mrs. Joseph A. Palmer), 

231 -A Sansom St., Upper Darby, Pa. 
Bartolo, Louise M. (Mrs. J. Carl Houlihan), 

25 Westfall Ave., Susquehanna, Pa. 
Behler, Allan Llewellyn — Director of Commercial Education, 

R. F. D. No. 1, Turtle Creek, Pa. 

Bernosky, John J. — Teacher 622 Lytle St., Minersville, Pa. 

Brant, Alice Louise (Mrs. George C. Clarke), 

22-09 Seventy-sixth St., Garden Bay Manor, Jackson Heights, 

Long Island, N. Y. 
Broome, Helen A. — Teacher, Pitman ; 

Union Street and Shadow Place, Mantua, N. J. 

Cochran, Gladys — Teacher, Carnegie ; , Plumville, Pa. 

Cunneen, Cecelia (Mrs. Masten Loughman), 

140 East Ave., Johnsonburg, Pa. 

DoDSON, Grace M. — Teacher 132 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Ellenberger, Hazel Imogens — Teacher, Springdale ; 

1019 Wallace St., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Fleming, Salome — Cashier 1805 Fourth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Folke, Geraldine (Mrs. A. A. Hogberg). 

Freed, Orrel E. — Teacher 2381 Almont St., Carrick, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Gaglione, Anna (Mrs. Isidore Di Salvo) Elkland, Pa. 

Giegerich, Margaret A. — Teacher 3005 Zephyr Ave., Pittsburgh; Pa. 

Grant, Helen S. (Mrs. Albert Wardle) . .728 Maplewood Ave., Ambridge, Pa. 

Griggs, Miller East St., Russell, Pa. 

Hanrahan, Margaret Anne — Teacher, Pittsburgh ; 

47 Forker Place, Sharon, Pa. 

Henderson, Ethel F. (Mrs. J. C. Langaunet) . .R. D. No. 2, Greensburg, Pa. 

Hill, Jean Elizabeth — Teacher 923 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Jones. Martha H.— Teacher 320 West Lloyd St., Ebensburg, Pa. 


Jordan, Josephine E. (Mrs. Ralph R. Kelley), 

376 Vernon St., New Kensington, Pa. 

Kinder, Effie L (Mrs. S. W. Rogers) Colonial Heights, Washington, Pa. 

Krouse, Hazel G. — Teacher 414 Fifty-eighth St., Altoona, Pa. 

Leonard, Efkie 512 South Jefferson St., New Castle, Pa. 

Lewis, Owen C. — Teacher, Pittsburgh ; 

R. D. No. 4, White Oak Heights, Millvale, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Mertz, Johanna — Teacher : 623 Chestnut St., Reading, Pa. 

Powell, Mary 

Seidel, Beatrice E. (Mrs. Huber S. Manifold), 

i7 West Delaware Ave., Pennington, N. J. 
Sheets, Lillian A. (Mrs. Lillian S. Grimes), 

13 Patterson Ave., Hanover Heights, McKees Rocks, Pa. 
Shutt, Kathrvn Elizabeth (Mrs. Curtis L. Cameron) — Teacher, 

Chalfont, Pa. 
Underwood, Jeannette (Mrs. Harry F. Weber), 

90 Susquehanna Ave., Lock Haven, Pa. 
Waldron, Marguerite E. (Mrs. Wynne H. Morgan), 

4340 Post Ave., Miami Beach, Fla. 
Weavt.r, M. Pauline (Mrs. L. S. Sharp) — Teacher, 

61 Mitchell St., Norwich, N. Y. 
Whixnie, Thelma Evelyn — Teacher, 

Embassy Apt., Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
WiEST, Sara Leah (Mrs. Joseph C. Hall), 

2)7 North Diamond St., Shamokin, Pa. 

Williams, Charlet S 446 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 

Williams, Marian 

Home Economics Curriculum 

Beamer, Ruth J. — Home Economics Advisor, Westmoreland County, 

31 East Otterman St., Grecnsburg, Pa. 

Driver, Amy Agnes 748i/^ Stewart St., Meadville, Pa. 

Garson, Louise (Mrs. J. H. Kennedy) — Owner and Operator of Tea Room, 

941 Oakland Ave., Indiana, Pa. 
Gibson, Mary Helen (Mrs. Helen G. Erickson), 

925 Highland Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 

Howard, Martha 2007 Seventh St., Altoona, Pa. 

Laine, Katiierine — Teacher 175 Glenn St., Johnstown, Pa. 

McCall, Helen C. (Mrs. H. Ross Sheely) — Teacher, 

Box 133, Trevorton, Pa. 
Perry, Agnes J. (Mrs. D. E. Richardson), 

Monongahela Hotel, Brownsville, Pa. 

Sanner, Ruth Lynn — Teacher 347 Lincoln St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Shaffer, Mary (Mrs. Leonard M. Wilbur), 

Charles Road, North Lenthicum, Md. 
Thompson, Edna D. — Teacher, Warren ; Russell, Pa. 

Music Supervisors Curriculum 

Baker, Elizabeth Alexandria, Pa. 

Bathgate, Mildred Coalport, Pa. 

BoxEL, Anna A. — Supervisor of Music Box 246, Sewickley, Pa. 

Bragonier, Ethel (Mrs. Arthur Lukens, Jr.), 

Fifth and Laurel Sts., Philipsburg, Pa. 

Campana, Vienna 329 Schoonmaker Ave., Monesscn, Pa. 

Coville, Mrs. Mabel Charlotte — Supervisor of Music, 

North Elm St., Tionesta, Pa. 
Dillon, Mary 


Franklin, Ada (Mrs. Stephen J. Ribar)— Private Music Teacher, 

303 East Eighth Ave., Homestead, Pa. 

Johnson, Rorerta G. (Mrs. O. O. Swope) 603 North St., BerHn, Pa. 

Mead, Audrey — Deceased. 

Mitchell, Harlaxd C.^ — Director of Music, Senior High School, 

Oil City, Pa. 
Pearce, Mary Evans (Mrs. Edward Pope Little), 

2 Chenango St., Montrose, Pa. 
Rusher, Chester A. — Supervisor of Music, South Fork ; 

Martha Ave., Oakland, Johnstown, Pa. 
Sarver, Lena (Mrs. Hockenberry) — Deceased. 
Sporck, Ethel M. — Assistant Archivist, State Library, 

169 South 18th St., Harrisburg, Pa. 
Stevenson, Janet (Mrs. Janet S. Oaks). 

Walton, Margaret (Mrs. Horace J. Selig) . .1923 Walnut St., Camp Hill, Pa. 
West, Phoebe C. (Mrs. C. J. Dalzell) 231' Prospect St., Brownsville, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1926 

President Edgar Hilgendorf 

Vice President Harriet L. Gould 

Secretary Marjorie Ann Simpson 

Treasurer Mildred Sutton 

Elementary Curriculums 
(Kindergarten - Primary and Intermediate) 

Abbott, Margaret 

Ackerman, ElReno E. (Mrs. Francis J. Lordon), 

4014 Saline St., Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Adler, Marie 
Anderson, Ruth A. (Mrs. Arnold Seastead), 

26 Linwood Ave., Jamestown, N. Y. 
Andrews, Helen F. (Mrs. Charles S. Harris), 

Breitenstein Road, Ambridge, Pa. 

Appleyard, Myrtle (Mrs. Leslie Piper) North Portage St., Lilly^ Pa. 

Bader, Nina E. (Mrs. F. J. Scanlan) 114 Walnut St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Bagley, Mary Elizabeth — Teacher, Commodore ; Cherry Tree, Pa. 

Bair, Eva (Mrs. John H. Miller, Jr.), 

Box 215-C, R. D. No. 2, Fox Chapel Road, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Balt, Dorothy M. (Mrs. Howard Shearer) Meadville, Pa. 

Barnes, Margaret Elizabeth — Teacher 356 Mitchell Ave., Clairton, Pa. 

Barrett, Katherine M. (Mrs. Luther G. Cox), 

Mattituck, Long Island, N. Y. 

Barrett, Twila May — Teacher, Indiana Co. ; Smicksburg, Pa. 

Bast, Emma E. (Mrs. Glenn Barron) Box 54, Stahlstown, Pa. 

Beacom, Leone (Mrs. Leone B. Miller) . .108 South Fifth St., Youngwood, Pa. 

Beal, Grace Berlin, Pa. 

Beatty, Alice 3041 Merwyn Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Beatty, Eunice (Mrs. Eunice B. Tarr), 

R. D. No. 1, Box 389, Turtle Creek, Pa. 
Beck, Lillian 

Beerman, Blanche— Teacher 532 Horner St.. Johnstown, Pa. 

Bell, Evelyn M 312 Freeport Road, New Kensington, Pa. 

Bendall, Ruth M. (Mrs. Ruth M. Trainor), 

4625 Plaport St., Homestead Park, Pa. 
Benson, Alice Hildur (Mrs. Elmer Kroon)— Teacher, North Braddock; 

Old Lincoln Highway West, Irwin, Pa. 

A L U M N I B Y C L A S S E S 181 

Berg, Dorothy (Mrs. S. B. DeMcreil) . .317 Edgevvood Ave., Lancaster, Ohio. 
Bergman, Elizabeth (Mrs. Hubert J. Fitzgerald), 

424 Rochelle St., Pittsburgh, 10, Pa. 
Berry, Mary R. (Mrs. G. W. Linkhauer), 

3637 Forrest Ave.. Homestead Park, Pa. 

Bird, Isabella M. — Teacher 152 Plainfield Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

BiTNER, Irene (Mrs. Irene B. Morrison) — Visitor for State Department of 

Public Assistance 225 Culbertson Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 

Blythe, Virginia M. — Statistician, Elizabeth Steel Magee Hospital, 

Pittsburgh ; 2605 Jenny Lind St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Bolinger, Ruth Flinton, Pa. 

Bonner, Margaret Fay (Mrs. Reed George) — Teacher, 

1098 Oakland Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

Boozer, Albertus Rae — Teacher 418 Bedford St., Windber, Pa. 

BovAiRD, Mildred F. (Mrs. W. R. Stewart) Falls Creek, Pa. 

Breig, Esther C. — Teacher 127 Olinger St., Meyersdale, Pa. 

Breman, Sadie 117 Siberian Ave., Leechburg, Pa. 

Brogan, Emma 403 Caldwell St., Clairton, Pa. 

Brown, Rhoda R. D. No. 1, Bradford, Pa. 

Brown, Stella Marie — Teacher 1109 Graham Ave., Windber, Pa. 

Buck, Gertrude M. (Mrs. William R. Mackey), 

823 South Railroad Ave., Portage, Pa. 
Bumbaugh, Mildred L. (Mrs. W. H. Meyers), 

1390 Lakeview Blvd., Lorain, Ohio. 
BuNTiN, Elizabeth (Mrs. Louis A. Will) . .32 Harrison Ave., Homer City, Pa. 
BuNTiN, WiLHELMiNA (Mrs. Wilhelmina B. Burgin), 

333 Third St., New Cumberland, Pa. 

Burkett, Mayme R. — Teacher 405 Center St., Boswell, Pa. 

BuRNHiMER, Ethel Leona (Mrs. Reid McCausland), 

135 Lafayette Ave.. X'andergrift, Pa. 

Calhoun, Alice M 117 Brown St., Blairsville, Pa. 

Callaii.\n, Laukette 351 Walnut St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Cameron, Juliet D. (Mrs. Elmer K. Roush)..526 Adams St., Rochester, Pa. 

Carothers, Esther — Teacher 41 South Seventh St., Duquesne, Pa. 

Carruthers, Mary E. — Teacher 243 Jones St., Lilly, Pa. 

Cassells, AIargaret 

Cessna, Evelyn (Mrs. J. J. Burgom) 325 Market St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Chute, Mercedes (Mrs. J. W. Askew).. 300 North Julian St., Ebensburg, Pa. 
Chute, Vivian E. (Mrs. T. E. Johns).. 407 West Horner St., Ebensburg, Pa. 
Clawson, Elizabeth B. (Mrs. H. Victor Luke).. 401 Elm St., Indiana, Pa. 

Cochran, Gertrude — Teacher, Apollo ; Plumville, Pa. 

Cohen, Dorothy 

CoHN, Sylvia 

Goldsmith, Alice R. — Owner and Operator of Drug Store. 

114 Eagle St., Mt. Pleasant. Pa. 
CoLLEY, Marian E. (Mrs. D. Bruce), 

923 Milton Ave., Regent Square, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Colligan, Isabel (Mrs. Walter Rice) Rumson Road, Rumson, N. J. 

Collins, Leah — Teacher Center St., Meyersdale, Pa. 

Cooper, Anna Mary 516j'2 Franklin St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Cooper, Blanche (Mrs. Carl Matthews). 

Corey, Jean Craig 1301 Sumac St., McKeesport. Pa. 

Corey, Lois (Mrs. Lois Corey Ellstrom"), 

R. 507 Euclid .\ve., Dravosburg, Pa. 
CoTTOM, Mildred (Mrs. Mildred C. Williams). 

Cossell, Willa (Mrs. Vernon P. French).. 257 Third St., Monongahela, Pa. 
•Cost, M. K.\therine (Mrs. John D. Leadbetter). 

150 Laing Ave., Dixonville, Pa. 

182 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Crissey, Mildred. Hooversville, Pa. 

Crooks, Louise F. — Teacher 703 Centennial Ave., Sewickley, Pa. 

CuLBERTSON, HARRIET (Mrs. Harold Bombov), 

711 Catawissa Ave., Sunbury, Pa. 
CuLLEY, Elizabeth Irene (Mrs. Donald H. Bromley), 

678 Western Ave., Glen Ellyn, 111. 

Cunningham, Areta C. (Mrs. J. Ord Luther) Clyde, Pa. 

Cunningham, Florence (Mrs. Ross Steetle) 1022 School St., Indiana, Pa. 

Davis, Eleanor C. (Mrs. Eleanor C. Wolff). .1410 Sixteenth St., Altoona, Pa. 
Davis, Lucille (Mrs. Chauncey Pruger) . .703 Washington Ave., Oakmont, Pa. 

Davis, Virginia 217 Penwood Ave., Swissvale, Pa. 

Davison, Elizabeth (Mrs. Charlie Blake) Kent, Pa. 

D'Emilio, Mary Louise (Mrs. J. R. Kay), 

353 Oakland Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Dick, Mary— Teacher R. D. No. 3, Box 153, Blairsville, Pa. 

Dixon, Henrietta (Mrs. Ordello L. Doty, Jr.), 

1650 Parkwood Road, Lakewood, Ohio. 
DoAK, Bertha Irene (Mrs. J. L. Wheeler), 

252^ McKee Place, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Doyle, Anastasia (Mrs. John F. Macha), 

635 Rock Springs Road, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

DuMM, Reba 326 Fourth St., Ellwood City, Pa. 

Dunlap, Dorothy I. — Teacher 133 First Ave., Derry, Pa. 

DuNMiRE, Mary R. (Mrs. Mary Dunmire McQuown), 

111 North Jefferson St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

DuvALL, Ruth (Mrs. Ruth D, Brammer) 277 Drava Ave., Beaver, Pa. 

Eastland, Emaleen M. — Teacher 510 Main St., Portage, Pa. 

EcK, M. Eileen (Mrs. Arthur L. Boyland), 

130 East Fairview Ave., Connellsville, Pa. 

EcK, Rosemary 1114 Franklin St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Edwards, Isabelle (Mrs. Grant Pettit). 
Egan, Eleanor (Mrs. Eleanor E. Kelly), 

1128 Wisconsin Ave., Dormont, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Egan, La Verne (Mrs. J. J. King) 564 Locust St., Indiana, Pa. 

Eichholtz, Margaret Louise (Mrs. Walter Gross), 

352 East New Castle St., Zelienople, Pa. 
Ellenberger, Audrey (Mrs. Russell Robins). 

Elwinger, Florence 231 East Brady St., Butler, Pa. 

Elwood, Hazel (Mrs. H. Dale Hawk) 246 Main St., Leechburg, Pa. 

Ernest, Anna E. (Mrs. Byron R. Kinzer) East Waterford, Pa. 

Evans, Caroline May (Airs. Cloyd A. Minster), 

185 Windemere Ave., Lansdowne, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Fallquist, Alice (Mrs. Alan C. Gumbert). 

Fasenmyer, Louise — Teacher Broad St., New Bethlehem, Pa. 

Fennell, Grace 432 Park Road, Ambridge, Pa. 

Ferguson, Rebecca (Mrs. R. Curtis Smith).. 125 Nichols St., Clearfield. Pa. 
Fetter, Dorothy B. (Mrs. Ross Jack)— Substitute Teacher, 

1300 Market St., West Bridgewater. Pa. 
Fieger, Marie K. (Mrs. Howard M. Abbott), 

95 Beckman Ave., North Tarrytown, N. Y. 
Finn, Estella (Mrs. Howard Austin) — Clerk in Dress Shop, 

3 Water St., Coudersport, Pa. 
Flscus, Ann Jane (Mrs. Thomas J. Baldrige, Jr.), 

Warren Avenue Extension, Apollo, Pa. 
FiTziMONs, S. Elizabeth (Mrs. Elizabeth F. Hoffman)— Teacher, Penn Twp. ; 

2385 Laketon Road. Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Flanagan, Anna M.— Teacher 410 Park Way, Monessen. Pa. 


Fleck, Sara Agnes (Mrs. F. L. Heltman), 

1311 Edanola Ave, Lakewood, Ohio. 

Flegal, Myra V. — Teacher Morrisdalc, Pa. 

Fleming, Fanny 

Flinx, Gertrude 136 Bond St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Forsyth, Edyth E. (Mrs. Edyth F. Hockenberger) — Teacher, 

710 South Linden Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
FoRSYTiiE, Kathryn (Mfs. William O. Bosserman), 

6226 Reber Place, St. Louis, Mo. 
Fox, Blanche (Mrs. Blanche Claspy)..4032 West lS7th St., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Fo.x, Charlotte Mae — Teacher 26 Frick Ave., Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Fox, Ola (Mrs. G. A. Knupp) — Substitute Teacher, 

R. D. No. 1, New Florence, Pa. 

Fredo, Emma — Teacher Beaver St., Box 98, Hastings, Pa. 

Fried, Betty Louise 552 Ringgold St., McKeesport, Pa, 

Gans, Jane Connellsville, Pa, 

Gardner, Alfreda (Mrs. Alfreda Davidson) — Teacher, 

Fourth Street and McKinley Ave., Youngwood, Pa. 
Garson, Luzerna (Mrs. George P. Jones, Jr.), 

1440 Midland Ave.. Bronxville, N. Y. 

Garver, Leonore G. — Teacher 336 Main St., Roaring Spring, Pa. 

Gazette, Annabess (Mrs. A. C. Williams). 

Gee, Margaret Jane (Mrs. Fred M. Gardner) — Teacher, East McKeesport; 
Temona Drive, Pleasant Hills, R. D. No. 1, Clairton, Pa. 
Gilchrist, Lucy M. (Mrs. Lucy Gilchrist Graham) — Teacher, 

Kelly Station, Pa. 
Gillespie, Mary Ruth (Mrs. Thomas Deighan), 

404 Lamar St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Glassford, Helen K. — Teacher 1249 West Church St., Indiana, Pa. 

Gorman, Ora — Teacher Gipsy, Pa. 

Gould, Harriet L. (Mrs. J. Robert Schauwecker), 

45 Peacock Lane, Fairmont, W. Va. 
GowERN, Margaret (Mrs. Chad M. Ritchie). 

Greene, Ruth E. — Teacher 45 Canton Ave., Washington, Pa. 

Greenwood, Margaret 

Grimm, Edna Gail (Mrs. Edna G. Graves). 

Grossman, Gertrude (Mrs. Gertrude G. Sparks), 

205 Fifth Ave., Tarentum, Pa. 
Hammer, Evelyn (Mrs. Charles J. Fleisch), 

1011 LaClair St., Pittsburgh, 18, Pa. 
Hanna, Margaret Jane (Mrs. F. Lyman Will), 

1226 Taylor Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 

Hardy, Anna M. — Teacher 17 Grant St., Scottdale, Pa. 

Harrer, Ruth N. (Mrs. Randall Kreinbrook), 

109 College Ave.. Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Harris, Thelma Jane — Teacher 3547 Beechwood Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Hart, ACildred — Teacher Clymer, Pa. 

Hartnett, Agnes AL (Mrs. James L. Colley), 

183 Orchard Ave.. R. D. No. 1, Library, Pa. 

Hasselrode, Ida L. (Mrs. W. J. Broadwater) Glencoe, Pa. 

Hazlett. Helen L. — Teacher Box 26, Marianna, Pa. 

Heath, Mary H. (Mrs. T. R. Harkness, Jr.). 

465 Carnegie Drive. Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Heinze, Kathryn (Mrs. Franklin B. Sjnith) — Teacher, 

152 Hammer Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
Hempel, Anna (Mrs. Anna ^fcPhee)— Teacher. 

R. F. D. No. 1. Box 665. Wilkinsburg. Pa. 
Henry. Helen Gertrude Portage. Pa. 

184 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Hershberger, Lillian (Mrs. Clark Blackburn), 

973 Bedford St., Johnstown, Pa. 

HiGGiNsoN, Mildred — Teacher 227 Floral Ave., Leechburg, Pa. 

HiLE, Mary E. — Teacher St. Michael, Pa. 

HocKBERG, Hazel F. (Mrs. A. Bash Cleland). 

Maple Ave., Rosedale, Verona, Pa. 

Hoffman, Leora M.— Teacher 1400 Paint St., Windber, Pa. 

Hoover, Hazel Geraldine (Mrs. Walter A. Fisher). 

Horning, Ruth T. — Teacher 405 Golde St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Hoser, Clara E. — Teacher 1506 Evans St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Hubert, Anna (Mrs. A. J. Hamacher) . .316 Summit St., Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

HuEY, Marion (Mrs. Leonard Swanson) 156 East 36th St., Erie, Pa. 

Hunter, Ruth Thelma (Mrs. Herbert Wilson). 

Irwin, Belle (Mrs. Oliver Painter) Harrison Ave., Jeannette, Pa. 

Itell, Lillian A. (Mrs. Evan B. Lloyd) llZ Grove Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Johnmann, Mary R. (Mrs. Mary J. Beck). 

Johnston, Julia — Teacher 130 East Campbell St., Blairsville, Pa. 

Jones, Mary Blodwen (Mrs. Steve A. Burr), 

942 West High St., Ebensburg, Pa. 
Kahn, Dorothy May (Mrs. Raymond L. Coss), 

217 Lexington Ave., Aspinwall, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Kaufman, Mildred 
Kelley, Clara (Mrs. John R. Bell). 

Kelly, Margaret 1610 Twenty-third Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Kepple, Louise (Mrs. G. M. Hamilton) 610- South St., Clarion, Pa. 

Kerr, Isabelle M. — Teacher 1808 Chestnut Ave., Barnesboro, Pa. 

Kerr, Lillian L. (Mrs. G. L. Cotter) . .247 Cascade Road, Wilkinsburg^ Pa. 

ICerr, Sara June 

Ketter, Eleanor Ethel (Mrs. Charles H. Dunlap) — Teacher, 

San Rafael, Calif. 
Kinzey, Gladys — Deceased. 

KiRSHNER, Mabel 1401 Patterson St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Kist, C. Helen 218 North Ligonier St., Derry, Pa. 

Knox, Dorothy Jane (Mrs. Eugene S. Warner), 

908 Ramsey St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Kunkle, Almeda (Mrs. George Kerr) 31 Oakland Ave., Homer City, Pa. 

Kuntz, Mary Elizabeth Troutville, Pa. 

Lamey, Loretta 300 Oneida St., Monessen, Pa. 

Landis, Geraldine Helen — Principal of Eldorado Elementary School, 

309 Fourth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 
Lantz, Ruth — Elementary Principal and Teacher, 

2513 Oak Ave., Altoona, Pa. 
Laughlin, Elizabeth Charlotte (Mrs. Dean M. Wilhelm), 

319 Vine St., East Liverpool, Ohio. 

Learn, Ivajean (Airs. George E. Ruflfner) East Pike, Indiana, Pa. 

Levine, Lillian (Mrs. Theodore A. Greenwald), 

10409 Garfield Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Leyh, Grace (Mrs. J. V. Kealey) 150 Frothingham Ave., Jeannette, Pa. 

Leyshon, Gwendolyn — Teacher 618^ Broadway, Farrell, Pa. 

Lonsway, Angela— Teacher 55 South College St., Washington, Pa. 

Love, Mildred 

Luchsinger, Nellie (Mrs. Karl M. Truxal), 

242 South Stewart St., Blairsville, Pa. 

Luther, Jennie A. (Mrs. Richard Mickel) 809 Park Road, Windber, Pa. 

LuTZ, Ethel Pauline 

Manns, Ila V. (Mrs. G. J. Paskert) R. D. No. 1, Homestead, Pa. 

Marlin, Eunice M. (Mrs. W. Ross Ferrier), 

618 South Fourth St., Indiana, Pa. 


Marquis, Mary (Mrs. W. W. Arbucklc), 

813 East Sarin St., South Bend, Ind. 

Martin, Sara Glen Campbell, Pa. 

Mathes, Ruth E. 

McAdoo, Jane (Mrs. Jess Jackson) 408 First St., Apollo, Pa. 

McAneny, Anne — Teacher 181 Spring St., Johnstown, Pa. 

McCall, Mildred M. (Mrs. Mildred McCall Hilleary) — Teacher, 

1125 Confer Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
McCausland, Zella M. (Mrs. Eugene E. McLean), 

112-A Jefferson Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 
McClay, Elizabeth D. (Mrs. Francis B. Hardy), 

1037 Oldgate Road, Blackridge, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
McCoRMiCK, Orpha — Penmanship Supervisor, 

R. D. No. 1, Rochester Mills, Pa. 

McCoy, Kathryn — Teacher 448 Antenor Ave., Overbrook, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

McDonnell, Lizette (Mrs. Gordon Lumpkin) . .Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

McDonnell, Mary 1117 Sixth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

McGettigan, Helen (Mrs. Donald Jenkins), 

1416 Centennial St., McKeesport, Pa. 
McGiLVRAY, Ethel (Mrs. James L. Cheesebrough), 

517 Tenth St., Monessen, Pa. 
McGregor, Deane (Mrs. Deane McGregor Hardick), 

323 North Main St., Pun.xsutawney, Pa. 

McIlvaine, Wilma (Mrs. Harold Cain) 833 Market St., Lemoyne, Pa. 

McKay, Anna 202 James St., Latrobe, Pa. 

McLaughlin, Florence Lucille (Mrs. Clayton H. Fry) — Teacher, 

516 Weldon St., Latrobe, Pa. 

McLaughlin, Josephine R. D. No. 1, Apollo, Pa. 

Meyer, Beatrice P. (Mrs. C. L. Willson), 

2124 Delaware Ave., Swissvale, Pa. 

Miles, Rebekah (Mrs. A. M. Snyder) 1726 Elm St., Bethlehem, Pa. 

Miller, Ida Belle 242 Freeport Road, New Kensington, Pa. 

Miller, M. Jane — Teacher Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Miller, Margaret (Mrs. R. M. Fleming) Colver, Pa. 

Miller, Marie G. (Mrs. Marie M. Luby) — Teacher, 

1923 Main St., Wellsburg, W. Va. 
Miller, Ruth Elizabeth (Mrs. Joseph Kenneth Ivory), 

231 West Main St., Mechanicsburg, Pa. 

Miller, Sara C. — Teacher Saltsburg, Pa. 

Moerschbacher, Catherine (Mrs. Bernard M. Leach), 

39 West Coal St., Shenandoah, Pa. 
Mohney, Carolyn (Mrs. Carolvn M. Lust). 

Apt. 7, 211 North Fifth St., Henryetta, Okla. 

Moore. Jean (Mrs. Jean H. White) 202 Jenks Ave., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Moore, Jean Vivian 331 East Scribner St., DuBois. Pa. 

Morgan, Hazel — Teacher 1328 Roxbury Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Morrison, E. Damaris (Mrs. H. G. Stetler), 

813 Lexington Ave., Altoona, Pa, 
Morton, Margaret Kirkpa trick (Mrs. Frederick Paul Meyers), 

213 Piatt Ave., Beechview, South Hills, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
MowRY, Angehne (Mrs. Perrv Driscoll), 

608 West Washington St., DuBois. Pa. 
Mulhollen, Alice M. (Mrs. Alice M. Tharp) — Clerk. Internal Revenue, 

Treasury Department 722 Somerset Ave., Rockwood, Pa. 

Murphy, Oneita Meriam — Owner and Teacher of Murphy School of the 
Dance, Corner Maple and Mechanic Sts., Box 409. Cato, N. Y. 
Myers, Dorothy Elizabeth (Mrs. Edward P. Dambacher) — Teacher, 

438 West State St.. Sharon. Pa. 

186 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Naugle, Greame B. (Mrs. Russel O. Rogers) PItcairn, Pa. 

Neal, Lena (Mrs. R. R. McMeans), 

6348 Aurelia St.. East End, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Nelson, Alice 

O'Connor, Grace 1306 Twenty-first St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

O'DoNNELL, Ruth (Mrs. Elmer W. Hindman). 

Olinger, Mildred (Mrs. Thomas Hassall) Herminie, Pa. 

Pachtman, Esther (Mrs. Milton D. Patz) — Teacher, Braddock ; 

5851 Morrowfield Ave., Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Patterson, Anna — Teacher R. D. No. 1, Bridgeville, Pa. 

Paul, Bertha C. — Teacher 203 George St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Penrod, Ruby G. (Mrs. Ruby G. Mallinson), 

811 Vickroy Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
Perry, Miriam F. — Principal of Jefferson School, 

103 East Crawford Ave., Altoona, Pa. 
Pfirrmann, Elsa M. (Mrs. Elsa M. Prinzler), 

4722 Interboro Ave., Homestead, Pa. 
Philson, Florence (Mrs. George S. Dively) . . . .1219 Main St., Berlin, Pa. 
Pilgrim, Kathryn (Mrs. Frank O. Myers), 

505 Fourth St., Williamstown, W. Va. 

Plotzer, Anna E. (Mrs. Cyril B. Bell) Glen Campbell, Pa. 

Plouse, Marie A. (Mrs. Etienne DuPuch) Nassau, Bahama Islands. 

Polansky, Olga J. (Mrs. E. J. Smith), 

1819 Woodland Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 
Price, Virginia May (Mrs. Benjamin Elkins)..700 Ninth Ave., Munhall, Pa. 

Ramsey, Myrtle Evans City, Pa. 

Read, AIary Elizabeth — Teacher, Montgomery Co. ; 

813 Greenwood Ave., Jenkintown, Pa. 

Reed, Alice L. (Mrs. John P. Shaffer) R. R. No. 2, Leechburg, Pa. 

Reeser, Barbara Helen 311 Eleventh St., Windber, Pa. 

Reeser, Ruth Mae 311 Eleventh St., Windber, Pa. 

Riethmiller, Virgini\ I. — Stenographer, 

1320 Illinois Ave., Dormont, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Riley, Myrtle F. (Mrs. Glenn H. Foster) R. D. No. 1, Sewickley, Pa. 

Risher, Helen 1416 Hays St., Homestead, Pa. 

Robertson, Ruth Bolivar, Pa. 

Robinson, Mary I. (Mrs. Mary R. Welsh), 

530 West Fourth Ave., Derry, Pa. 
Rodgers, Eleaxor (Mrs. G. Ewing Lambert), 

1335 Franklin Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Roseman, Cornelia 546 Vickroy Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Rosenthal, Annie Mae 

Rowan, Frances Grace (Mrs. Merrill Broyles), 

623 Fifteenth Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. 
Rowe, Elizabeth L. (Mrs. James W. Kiley), 

1209 Kenneth Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 

RuGH, Olive A.— Teacher, Trafford City; P. O. Box 354, Export, Pa. 

RuHE, Anna D.— Teacher 26 Auriles St., Duquesne, Pa. 

Sarver, Anna Ruth — Teacher, Hempfield Twp. ; 

R. D. No. 3, Greensburg, Pa. 
Sawhill, Jessie 

Savers, Kathryn G.— Teacher 310 Olive Ave., DuBois, Pa. 

Schmittle, Erdean (Mrs. Erdean Shirk)— Clerk and Supply Teacher, 

1814 Eleventh St., Bellwood, Pa. 

Schrot, Ruth— Teacher 23 Wildwood Ave., Salamanca, N. Y. 

Seltman, Ruth E.— Teacher 14 South Sixth St., Duquesne, Pa. 

Shaffer, Emily M. — Teacher Boswell, Pa. 


, Shank, Mildred ^Tarie (Mrs. William Nelson), 

434 Main St., South Fork. Pa. 

Sheesley, Marv E. — Teacher R. D. No. 2, Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Shoenfelt, Elizabeth (Mrs. James Elwood) Greensboro, N. C. 

Shoff, Nora Irene — Teacher 233 Wallace Ave., Leechburg, Pa. 

SiEBER, Dorothy (Mrs. Dorothy Sieber Stewart) — Teacher, 

3326 Stewart St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Simmers, Anna Marie (Mrs. Harold Martz) — Teacher Blandburg. Pa. 

Simpson, Marjorie Ann (Mrs. Robert Fleming;, 

534 Terrace St., Aliquippa, Pa. 
SiOR, Amelia M. (Mrs. Amelia Amman).. 2309 Banker St., McKeesport, Pa. 

SiVERD, Edna — Teacher Commodore, Pa. 

Slezosky, Florence V. (Mrs. Florence Sakalosky), 

302 East Lloyd St., Shenandoah, Pa. 

Sloan, Ruth T 238 Cathedral Ave., Cresson, Pa. 

Sloan, Thelma E. (Mrs. John Cooper) 708 Park Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Sloey, Martha 

Smith, Dorothe.\ E. (Mrs. William H. Strine), 

550 Cleveland Ave., Milton, Pa. 

Smith, Eleanor (Airs. J. E. Holsing) 823 Maple Lane, Sewickley, Pa. 

Smith, Sara Holmks Washington Ave., Clairton, Pa. 

Smith, Sylvia A. (Mrs. LeRoi Higbee) — Substitute Teacher, 

210 Frankford Ave., West View, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Sobray, Barbar.\ 

SoMERs, Margaret C. (Mrs. Margaret C. Musick)..R. D. No. 1, Latrobe, Pa. 
Sonnekalb, Lucille (Mrs. Leon Brocklebank) . .303 Vine, Coudersport, Pa. 
Squibb, Laura (Mrs. John W. Lynch).. 1823 Willow St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Steele, Josephine E. — Teacher Box 122, Ruffsdale, Pa. 

Steele, Mary B. (Mrs. Logan F. Kellar)..710 Grove Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Steele, Maude M Ruffsdale, Pa. 

Stein, Lulu Ruth (Mr?. Harold B. Kinter), 

1132 Pennsylvania Ave., Monaca, Pa. 
Stephens, Catherine C. (Mrs. Harold D. Rohde), 

752 Somerset St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Stephenson, Phyllis Mahaffey, Pa. 

Stewart, Kathryn (Mrs. Charles L. Beckwith) — Substitute Teacher, 

Colver, Pa. 
Stockdale, Mrs. Mary K. Smith (Mrs. Blair Stockdale), 

139 East Brown St., Blairsville, Pa. 
SucHA, Anna F. (Mrs. George Goffus), 

1923 Myer Ave., Port Vue, McKeesport, Pa. 
SuLLiNGER, Aileen (Mrs. Robert Carson), 

617 South Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Taylor, Irm.\ Beatrice — Teacher 546 Harold Ave., Johnstown. Pa. 

Teats, Ruth 

Teplitz, Edna 1609 Liberty Ave., McKeesport. Pa. 

Thompson, Marian McMurray — Teacher 819 Oak St., Indiana. Pa. 

TippiNOs, Margaret Clairton. Pa. 

Truxel, Berniece v.— Teacher R. D. No. 2, Box 64. Mt. Pleasant. Pa. 

Turner, Dorothy 

Upstill, Margaret — Teacher. .. .154 Ingram Ave., Ingram, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Vaughan, Lucille W. (Mrs. Henry L. Frazier) — Teacher, 

20 East Pittsburgh Blvd., McKeesport, Pa. 

Vetter, Hilda 941 Fawcett Ave.. McKeesport, Pa. 

W.\ldbisser, Gladys (Mrs. W. H. RuppeH, ^ 

618 Maryland Ave., Oakmont, Pa. 

Walker, Marion (Mrs. Theodore Jordan") Rimersburg. Pa. 

Walt. M.\rg.\ret H. (Mrs. E. Paul Shaw) ... .1702 Ridge Ave., .\mold. Pa. 


Walters. Anna Rita (Mrs. P. H. Wickham), 

829 Rosswell Ave., Steubenville, Ohio. 

Walthour, Margaret (Mrs. Paul B. Shumaker) Manorville, Pa. 

Wargny, Rose C. — Teacher 410 West Mahoning St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Watkins, Sara D. 

Weis, Irene M. (Mrs. L. J. Schenkemeyer), 

Fourth St., Oakland, Johnstown, Pa. 
Weiser, Irene M. — Principal of Wehnwood School, 

1114 Park Blvd., Juniata, Altoona, Pa. 

Wells, Mildred (Mrs. H. W. Kinter) 920 East Ave., Erie, Pa. 

West, Ruth A 557 Sixth St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Westover, Vera 

Wetherson, Geraldine Spangler, Pa. 

White, Ulah (Mrs. Harold Arison) 36 Johnson Ave., Uniontown, Pa. 

WiBLE, Eldora V. — Teacher 436 Westminster Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 

Will, Lenore 6509 Harrisburg Blvd., Houston, Texas. 

Williams, Martorie J. — Teacher, Munhall ; 

2809 John St., Homestead Park, Pa. 

Williams, Mildred P 97 Lenox St., Uniontown, Pa. 

Williamson, Ruth S DuBois, Pa, 

Wilson, Jane K. — Teacher Clugston Ave., Turtle Creek, Pa. 

Wilson, Lillian May (Mrs. Delmont E. Holbein), 

Route No. 7, Ellwood City, Pa. 

Wilt, Esther V. (Mrs. Earl C. Oler) 610 Third Ave., Duncansville, Pa. 

Wilt, Vera — Teacher 1821 Union St., McKeesport, Pa. 

WiNEMAN, Mildred M. — Teacher 51 West Elm St., Homer City, Pa. 

Wisser, Isabelle 313 Washington Ave., Dravosburg, Pa. 

Wolfe, Thelma M. (Mrs. L. E. Nixon), 

29 East Chestnut St., Blairsville, Pa. 
Woods, Hazel Malinda (Mrs. Clifford G. Fox), 

R. D. No. 1, Box 196, Pitcairn, Pa. 
Wright, Mary (Mrs. James S. McCormick), 

R. D. No. 1, Beaver Grade Road, Coraopolis, Pa. 
YoN, Esther E. (Mrs. Samuel B. McCleary), 

39 Center Ave., Emsworth, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Yost, Gladys (Mrs. V. Merle Stewart), 

Richland Twp., Box 15, Geistown, Pa. 
Zimet, Anne (Mrs. Harry Morris) New York, N. Y. 

Junior High School Curriculum 

Adams, Grace H. — Teacher.. 202 West Washington Ave., Connellsville, Pa. 

Bender, Clare M 522 Powell Ave., Cresson, Pa. 

Blue, Mrs. Florence Downey 1231 Dayton Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Cartwright, Vivian Lucile (Mrs. William C. Lovell) Commodore, Pa. 

Cooley, Herbert Fairchance, Pa. 

DeLaney, Earl R. 

Elliott, John Hunter — Assistant County Superintendent of Schools, 

Westmoreland County, 244 Grant St., Greensburg, Pa. 
Finnell, Carrie (Mrs. Carrie Finnell Campbell) — Teacher, 

54 Collins Ave., Uniontown, Pa. 

Grove, Lina E.— Retired Sandv Lake, Pa. 

Handler, Gertrude— Teacher 429 East Water St., "Indiana, Pa. 

Horning, Mary— Y. W. C. A 1419 Twelfth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Igo, M. Hazel — Teacher New Florence, Pa. 

Jobe, Kathryn (Mrs. J. P. Shultz), 

661 Washington Road, Mt. Lebanon. Pittsburgh, Pa. 
KoosER, Sadie Mill Run, Pa. 


Krise, Elizabeth M. (Mrs. Coy E. Holt), 

1286 Franklin St., Johnstown, Pa. 
KuRTAK, Elizabeth (Mrs. Elizabeth K. Perry), 

R. D. No. 2, Belle Vernon, Pa. 
Martin, Anna Jane 
McLain, Martha H. (Mrs. Frank P. Stewart), 

280 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

MussELMAN, Lois — Teacher 431 Fourth St., Braddock, Pa. 

Ober, George F. — Teacher Bo.\ 107, Clynier, Pa. 

Ogden, Ruth Ann — Teacher 137 Ccjnirie Ave., Braddock, Pa. 

RuTLEDGE, Dorothy B. (Mrs. William A. Smith), 

161 Hammer Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
Selig, Catharine E. (Mrs. John Hall Davison), 

615 Washington Place, Erie, Pa. 
Sickle, Victoria E. (Mrs. James Gaffney) — Teacher, 

Orchard Street and Summit Avenue Extension, Johnstown, Pa. 

SouRVViNE, Zetta L. — Teacher 1198 School St., Indiana, Pa. 

Stauffer, Paul C. — Supervising Principal, 

605 Lexington Ave., Aspinwall, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Sullivan, Martha — Teacher 1008 Allegheny St., Hollidaysburg, Pa. 

Thomas, Gladys — Teacher, Rankin; 

122 Linden Ave., Edgewood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Waite, Janet Box 54, R. F. D. No. 1, Altoona, Pa. 

Weimer, Eugene S. — Bus Owner R. D. No. 2, Leechburg, Pa. 

Weimer, William Roy R. D. No. 2, Leechburg, Pa. 

Yacos, Julia Portage, Pa. 

Normal Art Curriculum 

Berry, Ruth 

Harkleroad, Barbara (Mrs. Robert Pattison) — Artist, Noank, Conn.; 

Indiana, Pa. 
Martin, Ethel H. (Mrs. James F. Keller), 

335 Ballymore Road, Springfield, Pa. 

Commercial Teacher Training: Curriculum 

Adelson, Rose 

Anderson, Cornelia E. (Mrs. James E. Willard, Jr.), 

R. D. No. 2, Pulaski, Pa. 
Barclay, Beatrice — Deceased. 
Bloomfield, Kathryn — Teacher, Sewickley ; 

1104 Second St., Juniata, Altoona, Pa. 

Braden, Dorothy (Mrs. M. L. Frantz) 1248 Walnut St., Allentovvn, Pa. 

Bush, William E. — Accountant, Chief-General Ledger and Control Division, 
Pemisylvania Liquor Control Board.. 105 South Front St., Harrisburg, Pa. 
Cramm, Florence I. (Mrs. James Foley) — Deceased. 
DeBoise, Christine — Deceased. 

Dii'pery, Pauline B. (Mrs. Ellis Beaver) Beech St., Burnham, Pa. 

Dixon, Helen Harris — Deceased. 

DuiTCH, Margaret (Mrs. Elmer McGrew) Ingomar Road, Ingomar, Pa. 

DuNSTON, William Nesquehoning, Pa. 

Edwards, Eunice M. (Mrs. Eunice M. Mehl), 

1417 Packer St., WilHamsport, Pa. 
Ellenberger, S.\ra C. — Professor of Business Science, 

Hartwick College, Oneonta, N. Y. 

Funk, Helen (Mrs. Clarence Fleck) 543 South Sixth St.. Indiana, Pa. 

Gill, Alice (Mrs. George C. Stover) 1293 Ashton Road, Sharon, Pa. 

GiLLis, Marguerite 409 North Wilbur Ave., Sayre, Pa. 

190 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Haines, Roma (Mrs. Herman H. Pevler), 

42 Independence Ave., Washington, D. C. 
Hastings, Mary Ruth — Teacher, 

2744 Glen Mawr Ave., CorUss Station, Pittsburgh, Pa. 


Hoover, Elizabeth Carolyn" (Mrs. Charles Leonard DePriest), 

Main St., Mt. Pleasant. Pa. 

HosTETLER, Margaret— Teacher 219 North St., Meyersdale, Pa. 

Kearney, Rhea R. — Deceased. 

LuTZ, Ruth (Mrs. H. P. Williams, Jr.) 380 Service Ave., Sharon, Pa. 

McIlroy, Margaret 1500 Warm Springs Ave., Huntingdon, Pa. 

Moorhead, Kenneth — Teacher 529 Vickroy Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Pickles, Mary HoUidaysburg, Pa. 

Powell, Edith A. — Teacher 417 West Taylor St., Taylor, Pa. 

Rankin, Helen Leona (Mrs. Charles A. Graham), 

1122^ College St., Fort Wayne, Lid. 
Richey, Grace P. (Mrs. Thomas L. McGinty), 

59 Oakland Ave., Uniontown, Pa. 
Ropp, Florence (Mrs. Gordon Cross) — Teacher, South Orange, N. J.; 

470 West 24th St., New York, N. Y. 
Roth, Mae K. F. (Mrs. Ralph H. Savage), 

1295 Colebrook Road, Lebanon, Pa. 
Schatz, Clara E. (Mrs. Munroe D. MacLean), 

60 Bvttler Road, Quincy, Alass. 
Schimmel, Alfred B. — Teacher and Chairman of Schedules, 

220 East Ridge St., Nanticoke, Pa. 
Stewart, M. Virginia (Mrs. D. R. Smith) — Teacher, Etna, Pittsburgh; 

Penn Run, Pa. 
Thomas, Ruth (Mrs. Samuel C. Whitmore), 

209 Foundry St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Tillotson, Ruth (Mrs. Allison D. Wade) — Head of Commercial Dept., 

411 Hickory St., Warren, Pa. 

Turse, Paul 12 West Diamond Ave., Hazleton, Pa. 

TuTTLE, Grace C. (Mrs. Bruce A. Johnston) 128 Hacker St., Kane, Pa. 

Ulshafer, Warren C. — Teacher. .. .458 East Centre St., Nesquehoning, Pa. 

Wertman, Norman 

Williams, Homer N. 

Wilson, Ruth Sloan (Mrs. Frederic C. Cook).. 530 Sixth St., Beaver, Pa. 

Home Sconomics Curriculum 

Clay, Mercedes (Mrs. Leo A. Maloy) . . . .908 Kennedy Ave., Duquesne, Pa. 
Elwood, Sara 

KiME, Dorothy — Teacher 1273 Solomon St., Johnstown, Pa. 

McFadden, Katherine — Supervisor of Home Economics, 

1831 Union St., McKeesport, Pa. 
North, Margaret — Teacher. .. .408 North Homewood Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Phillips, Audrey (Mrs. Michael Grier). 
Sutton, Mildred — Home Economics Supervisor, 

133 Main St., Sharpsville, Pa. 
Thomas, Edith Sara (Mrs. A. E. Mosley)..1113 Park St., Tarentum, Pa. 

Public School Music Curriculum 

Bottorff, Edith (Mrs. James A. Binney), 

633 Ohio River Blvd., Sewickley, Pa. 
Carnahan, Virginia (Mrs. D. E. Morris), 

1200 Dormont Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
CoGLEY, Dora 1 167 Heister St., State College. Pa. 

A L U M N I B Y C L A S S E S 191 

Cost, Grace Alherta (Mrs. Ira P. Fulmer) . .665 Russell Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
Gessler, Elizabeth — Teacher, Ford City;.. 472 South 11th St., Indiana, Pa. 
Harris, Marie (Mrs. Marie H. Heath), 

435 Marietta Ave., Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Jones, Frances 

McClelland, Pauline (Mrs. Pauline M. Campbell). 
McCoy, Emily 

MiKALOFF, Sara E. (Mrs. Sara E. Lapsley) Waterman, Pa. 

Overly, Margaret June (Mrs. Carl Fishbourne Clemmer) — Deceased. 

Owens, Elizabeth 

Peterson, Ester E. (Mrs. D. Roy Bunting). 

Thomas, Ann Stephens — Teacher. .. .1411 Delaware Ave., New Castle, Pa. 

Webfj?, Hazel Lee — Teacher, Green Twp. ; Curwensville, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1927 

President Alichael J. Sweeney 

Vice President Aileen McClain 

Secretary Harriet E. Dean 

Treasurer Bernard J. McCormick 

Elementary Curriculums 

(Kindergarten - Primary and Intermediate) 

Ambrose, Frances Willard 

Anderson, Helen E. — Bank Clerk 121 St. Clair St., Ligonier, Pa. 

Anderson, Margaret (Mrs. W. Clyde Simpson) — Teacher, 

603 Fourth St., Apt. A, New Kensington, Pa. 

Armstrong, Lorena 5514 Montrose Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Bailey, Jean Elizabeth — Teacher 218 Mitinger Ave., (jreensburg, Pa. 

Baker, Grace D. — Teacher 1303 Eighth St., Altoona, Pa. 

B.\RBOR, Louise Oberlin (Mrs. Laroe W. Anderson), 

Box 402, Pun.xsutawney, Pa. 
Barker, Beatrice 
Barnes, Margaret (Mrs. Clark Shaffer), 

Hillside Court, Moxham, Johnstown, Pa. 

Bauer, Alma M. — Teacher 413 Weldon St., Latrobe, Pa. 

Baughman, Mary J. — Department of Public Assistance, 

R. D. No. 1, Box 102, Summerville, Pa. 
Beatty, Frances (Mrs. Charles R. Stunkard), 

McMurray Road, R. D. No. 2, Canonsburg, Pa. 

Becker, Florence Spangler, Pa. 

Bendall, Margaret (Mrs. Margaret B. Hutchinson), 

4008 California Ave., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Bengston, Evelyn (Mrs. LeRoy Johnson) Box 83, Mount Jewett, Pa. 

Berkebile, Clara (Mrs. Cloyd L. Straycr) . .738 McMillen St., Joimstown, Pa. 

Blaine, Mary (Mrs. Walter Ramaley) New Alexandria, Pa. 

Blaney, Alice R. — Teacher 158 South Water St., Kittanning. Pa. 

Blougii, Sara E. — Teacher 147 Derby St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Bole, Elizabeth 

Bolen, Sara Livermore, Pa. 

Bonello, Anna U. (Mrs. August Gienopie), 

1116 Hancock Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Boslett, Ruth M. — Teacher Bigler Ave., Spangler, Pa. 

Boyle, Anna Marie 87 Cleveland Ave., Uniontown, Pa. 

Bradley, Margaret 559 Grove Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Bradley, Marian 


Bradley, Ruth Cornelia (Mrs. Homer C. Shearer) — Substitute Teacher, 

1058 Roup Ave., Brackenridge, Pa. 

Braughler, Lulu M.— Teacher, Canoe Twp. ; Rochester Mills, Pa. 

Brenner, Mabel 112 Clark St., Hollidaysburg, Pa. 

Brilhart, Mae Katurah (Mrs. Thomas Ward) . .Chestnut St., Emlenton, Pa. 

Brown, Elizabeth R. D. No. 3, Box 177, Altoona, Pa. 

Brown, Florence G. (Mrs. John Golish) — Teacher, 

1717 Graham Ave., Windber, Pa. 
Brown, Florence Gertrude (Mrs. Thomas Campbell), 

R. No. 3, Shelocta, Pa. 

Brunetti, Lucy 426 Pine St., Curwensville, Pa. 

Bryan, Marjorie C. (Mrs. H. M. Jayson) — Teacher, 

49 Villard Ave., Hastings-on-Hudson, N. Y. 
Bufano, Marie 

Bullock, Katharine (Mrs. Thomas D. O'Brien). 
Burkett, Kathryn J. (Mrs. Lawrence G. Pilgrim), 

118 Cochran St., Fairmont, W. Va. 
Burkett, Lucille M. — Teacher, Allegheny Co. ;..1175 Grant St., Indiana, Pa. 

Burrell, Ophia (Mrs. Ophia Bagley) 326 Center Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 

Byers, Helen E. (Mrs. Raymond Lunn) Heilwood, Pa. 

Cagni, Alice 2276 Wenzel Way, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Campbell, Nell — Teacher 333 Lee Place, Johnstown, Pa. 

Cannon, Clara A.— Teacher 187 West Washington St., Bradford, Pa. 

Carlstrom, Lily Albertina — Teacher 133 Robinson St., DuBois, Pa. 

Carpenter, Rose E. (Mrs. Clyde E. Gething), 

637 Carl Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 

Carrel, Katharine K. (Mrs. Leslie Stokes).. 209 Boyer St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Charles, Dorothy Oraibi, Ariz. 

Chew, Twyla (Mrs. William Carroll, Jr.) R. F. D. No. 3, Irwin, Pa. 

Chlebowicz, Sophie Helen — Teacher 1210 St. Clair St., Duquesne, Pa. 

Christy, Elizabeth — Teacher 904 Allegheny St., Hollidaysburg, Pa. 

Cody, Mrs. Gertrude S., 

Cody Manor, State College, Pa. ; 84 Remington Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Cole, Aileen (Mrs. Frank M. Stevenson, Jr.), 

77 East Barbor Ave., Woodbury, N. J. 
Coleman, Anna Lois (Mrs. Anna Lois Home) — Teacher, 

845 Bessemer Ave., Clairton, Pa. 

Colgan, Mrs. Jessie j. — Teacher Elderton, Pa. 

Conger, Evelyn Geraldine (Mrs. Thomas A. Stephens), 

780 Ewing St., Washington, Pa. 

Cook, Bertha 1329 Margaret St., Munhall, Pa. 

Cook, Leona 1305 Somerset Ave., Windber, Pa. 

Cornelius,. Hannah 401 Fourth St., Cresson, Pa. 

Correll, Hilda 2923 Palmgreen Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

Craine, D. Alma (Mrs. Alma C. Shade) 109 Maple Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Cramer, Eleanor Bennet (Mrs. Howard O. Lee), 

108 East Walnut St., Butler, Pa. 

Cribbs, Helen W. — Teacher, Port Vue;..1903 Myer Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

Cribes, Zelda (Mrs. Fred Veitch) 156 Grant Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Crist, Dorothy M. — Teacher 1204 Nineteenth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Critchfield, Mary A. — File Clerk 800 North Sixth St., Harrisburg, ,Pa. 

Croyle, Melda (Mrs. C. H. Zimmerman) Box 85, Stoystown, Pa. 

Gumming, Elizabeth (Mrs. Elizabeth C. Boswell). 

Curran, Rose Alice — Teacher 1105 Confer Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Datz, Mrs. Eva Estep — Teacher, Altoona ; Ebensburg, Pa. 

Davis, Alberta (Mrs. Milton For sy the) . .109 Forest Ave., Steubenville, Ohio. 

Davis, Dorothy 

Davis, Frances (Mrs. Cecil B. Graves) 453 Eastwood St., Geneva, Ohio. 


Davis, Helen Star Junction, Pa. 

Davis, Marie Jane — Teacher 1944 Lincoln Way, McKeesport, Pa. 

Davis, Marion (Mrs. James Dunlap). 

Davis, Nellie Luxor, Pa. 

Deemer, Alda (Mrs. C. B. Schaughency) — Teacher, 

376 Park Ave., East Orange, N. J. 
DeMotte, Anna L. (Mrs. William Gabriel Conner, Jr.), 

1049 Orchard Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 
Devlin, Alma 
Dodd, Crystal (Mrs. Thomas E. Briggs), 

1452 Foliage St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Doeblin, Eleanor M.— Teacher. .1441 Tolina Ave., Dormont, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Dohbett, Dorothy Eleanor (Mrs. Rollin Clark Montiteous), 

Monmouth Junction, N. J. 

Drake, Louva Shinglehouse, Pa. 

Driscoll, Dorothea — Teacher 69 West Main St., Uniontown, Pa. 

Drummond, Lucille 270 Strayer St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Dugan, Rhoda Elvette — Teacher 517 Brinker Ave., Latrobe, Pa. 

Dullinger, Irene 319 College Ave., Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Duncan, Janet (Mrs. William Davis), 

323 Freeport St., New Kensington, Pa. 
Elwood, Martha M. (Mrs. Clyde P. Buechner), 

253 Constitutional Circle, Colonial Village, Clairton, Pa. 
Emerick, Madeline M. (Mrs. Francis T. Carrel).. 8 Cox St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Exler, Bernice — Deceased. 

Faix, Mary E. — Teacher 2920 Walnut St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Fallon, Mary Catherine — Teacher 112 Sixth St., Turtle Creek, Pa. 

Farkas, Laura McKeesport, Pa. 

Felmley, Jean (Mrs. C. L. Stotler) 310 Third St., McDonald, Pa. 

Fender, Flore.nce E. — Teacher R. D. No. 2, Box 92, HoUsopple, Pa. 

Ferrell, Elizabeth K. (Mrs. Fred Knapp), 

122 Kent Road, Upper Darby, Pa. 
Ferry, Ruth Allene (Mrs. J. Paul Wareham), 

Christian St., Martinsburg, Pa. 

Fike, V. Grace — Teacher, Shade Twp. ; R. D. No. 3, Meyersdale, Pa. 

Fleming, Miri.\m L. (Mrs. D. Kenneth Winebrenner), 

438 Bird Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Foight, Mary (Mrs. Richard McNemar)- — Stenographer Delmont, Pa. 

Frazier, Willard Elders Ridge, Edri, Pa. 

Fryer, Adele New Philadelphia, Ohio. 

FuLTZ, Daisy M 421 Alexander Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 

Gagliano, Angeline (Mrs. Arthur Comorre) . . . .26 Grant St.. Scottdale, Pa. 

Galeazzo, Mary R. F. D., Box 21, Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Geiger, Mary M. — Teacher 710 Sherman St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Golde, Lottie A 505 Main St., Greensburg, Pa. 

Good, Lesta Claire (Mrs. Lesta Claire Ellis), 

565 Cumberland Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Gordon, Louise Barnesboro, Pa. 

Gordon, Sara Louise (Mrs. Robert W. Wright, Jr.), 

22 Maplewood Ave., Crafton, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
GossER, Burdetta (Mrs. John H. Waltenbaugh) — Teacher, 

1060 Eighth Ave., Brackenridge, Pa. 
GoTWALD, Elizabeth (Mrs. George Hileman), 

209 South Brady St., DuBois. Pa. 
Graham, Sarah Jane (Mrs. J. Rist Stimmel) — Postmaster. 

Star Junction, Pa. 
Grazier, Mary A. (Mrs. Robert E. Berry)^ — Owner and Teacher in Private 

Kindergarten. 1091 Confer Ave.. Johnstown, Pa. 

194 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Greene, Carmin Irvona, Pa. 

Griswold, Priscilla (Mrs. Karl C. Cotton), 

119 Central Square, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Grotefend, Helen 409 North Jefferson St., New Castle, Pa. 

Hagins, Mary Elizabeth 511 Allegheny St.. Hollidaysburg, Pa. 

Hahn, Dorothy Virginia Ave., Homestead Park, Pa. 

Hahn[ Ruth Helen 169 Orlando St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Haines, Elizabeth Ross (Mrs. William H. Kissinger), 

653 Grant St., Indiana, Pa. 

Hallam, Gertrude— Teacher 412 Leonard Ave., Washington, Pa. 

Hammer, Kathryn— Teacher 2116 Braddock Ave., Swissvale, Pa. 

Hanna, Elizabeth 2304 Cronemeyer Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

Hanson, Thora E. M. (Mrs. George L Breisacher), • 

Apt. No. 103, 4124 Edmunds St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Harah, Elizabeth L.— Teacher R. D. No. 1, Connellsville, Pa. 

Hart, Theresa Mae— Supervisor of Writing Morris St., Clymer, Pa. 

Harte, Anna Ruth (Mrs. D. W. Steele) . .215 Highland Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 

Harte, Jean 341 Arch Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 

Hartley, Grace 

Heaton, Genevieve Anna R. D. No. 2, Box 124, Johnstown, Pa. 

Hedstrom, Evelyn V. — Teacher, North Versailles Twp. ; 

2721 Beaver Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 
Hedstrom, Ingeborg L. (Mrs. William W. Paterick), 

1300 Corporation St., Beaver, Pa. 

Heine, Edna A.— Teacher, Ross Twp.; 689 Klein Road, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Helm, Thelma (Mrs. M. B. Hueston) 20 Gardner Ave., Glen Olden, Pa. 

Helwig, Margaret (Mrs. John D. Samuels), 

330 West Arch St., Shamokin, Pa. 
Hempel, Emma Ruth (Mrs. John Bernath), 

R. F. D. No. 1, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Henderson, Lillian Kathryn (Mrs. George Burton), 

137 Friendship Ave., Duquesne, Pa. 
Hess, Harriet Claire — Teacher, 

125 Marlin Drive West, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Hill, Carolyn (Mrs. Carolyn H. Fiscus), 

1206 Hancock Extension, Vandergrift, Pa. 
Hillard, Sarah — Building Principal and Teacher, 

415 North Ave., Verona, Pa. 

HiLTY, Martha 5523 Ellsworth Ave., East Liberty, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Himes, Dorothy Belle — Teacher. .. .Lemon and Dewey Sts., Johnstown, Pa. 
Himes, La Verne (Mrs. Harold Rankin) ... .1015 Jacoby St., Johnstovm, Pa. 

Hodge, Rebecca Harrison City, Pa. 

HoEL, Selma (Mrs. Selma H. Riddell) . .523 Hunter St., Turtle Creek, Pa. 

Hoffman, Mildred — Beautitian Box 133, Youngstown, Pa. 

Hollenbaugh, Anna Marie (Mrs. D. B. Binnix), 

R. D., Fallen Timber, Pa. 

Hoover, Gladys 721 East Main St., Bellwood, Pa. 

Horner, Ethyle (Mrs. D. Nelson McClelland), 

425 Brandon St., Greensburg, Pa. 
Hostetler, Emma (Mrs. Roy C. Deal).. 12555 Racine Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

HoucK, Janet 906 Twenty-third Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Hovan, Theresa Elmora P. O., Bakerton, Pa. 

Howe, Alice Frances (Mrs. W. L. Sipple) . .600 Thirteenth St.. Windber, Pa. 

Hull, Martha Jane — Teacher Mineral Springs, Pa. 

Hunger, Olive 136 Sumner Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Hunter, Grace O. (Mrs. Donald B. Frederick), 

847 Florence Ave., Avalon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Hysong, Helen L. (Mrs. Arnold M. Biggs) 569 Mifflin Road. Hays, Pa. 

A L U M N I B Y C L A S S E S 195 

IcNOFFO, Sara T. (Mrs. Boyd A. Litzingcr) . .311 Greeve St., Conemaugh, Pa. 

Irwin, Annie Mae — Teacher, Plumcreek Twp. ; Elderton, Pa. 

James, Myrtle 317 Welsh Ave, Wihncrding, Pa. 

Jelley, Grace (Mrs. Grace J. Kunz) General Delivery, Blairsvillc, Pa. 

Jellison, Sadie E. — Teacher R. D. No. 1, West Newton, Pa. 

Johnston, Leona M. (Mrs. Edgar Potter) — Assistant Supervisor, Department 

of Public Assistance 301 Blairton Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

Johnston, Pearle (Mrs. Robert Lear). 

Johnston, Ruth (Mrs. Ruth Gillespie) . .1512 Mobile Ave., Turtle Creek, Pa. 
Jones, M. Ethel (Mrs. Ray Kennelty) . .101 East DuBois Ave., DuBois, Pa. 
Kantorik, Helen 

Karalfa, Elizabeth 74 Cooper Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Kealey, Mary Jane (Mrs. Mary Jane K. Barnes), 

Frothingham Ave., Jeannette, Pa. 
Keefer, Donna Ione (Mrs. Theodore Keen) — Substitute Teacher, 

540 Monument Ave., Wyoming, Pa. 
Keeley, Helen 

Keener, Jean (Mrs. C. C. Evans) 837 Rebecca Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Kelly, Helen — Teacher 349 Concord Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 

Kelly, Hulda — Teacher 617 Market St., Scottdale, Pa. 

Kemery, K.\tharine L. (Mrs. Guy C. Phillippi), 

1263 Montana Ave., R. No. 1, Tarentum, Pa. 

Kephart, Ruth 331 Anderson St., Curwensville, Pa. 

Kerr, Elizabeth Paine (Mrs. Donald J. Cooke) — Teacher, 

Pennhurst State School, Spring City, Pa. 

Kessler, Lena J. — Teacher 15 West Weber Ave., DuBois, Pa. 

King, Mary Margaret — Teacher 720 South Arch St., Connellsville, Pa. 

Kinkead, Ruth (Mrs. Louis S. Bayer) 1312 Main St., Aliquippa, Pa. 

KissLiNG, WiLMA L. (Mrs. Wilma L. Hill), 

2723 Voelkel Ave., South Hills, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Knarb, Malinda C. — Head of Mathematics Dept., DuBois High School, 

439 Pifer St., DuBois, Pa. 
Knight, Kathryn 
Knox, Margaret Fay — Deceased. 

Kreider, Nordine (Mrs. E. E. Ankeny) 352 Ohio St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Krider, Dorothea Mae — Teacher. . . .R. D. No. 3, Box 122, Punxsutawney, Pa. 
KuNKLE, Alice Elizabeth (Mrs. Alice Kunkle Remaley), 

13710 Caine Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 
KuNZ, Zella a. (Mrs. George A. Keith), 

208 Cornell Ave., West View, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Lambert, Mary Grace (Mrs. William Englehart), 

117 Derby St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Larson, Ethel — Teacher R. F. D. No. 1, Belle Vernon, Pa. 

Laughlin, Marie C. (Mrs. Samuel L. Barone) — Substitute Teacher. 

311 Fifth St., Wilson Station, Clairton, Pa. 
Lawhead, Alice — Deceased. 

Layhew, Beulah Marie — Secretary Perryopolis, Pa. 

Leahey, Margaret — Teacher 138 Skelly St.. Johnstown, Pa. 

Lehman, Verda M. — Teacher 1130 Bedford St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Lehmier, Thelma (Mrs. E. H. Hodgson). 
LeNassi, Josephine (Mrs. John Leo Reagan), 

117 East Pitt St., Canonsburg. Pa. 
Libengood, Viora (Mrs. D. A. Henry) — Teacher, 

19208 Ryan Ave.. Detroit, Mich. 
LiTMAN, Harriet (Mrs. Fred W. Sisley) . . . .238 Evans St.. Uniontown. Pa. 
Litman, Juliet Isabel (Mrs. Herbert Lund) — Medical Technologist. 

Department of Legal Medicine, University of Harvard Medical School. 

Boston, Mass. 


Little, Mrs. Mae Kearney 342 Wood Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Livingston, Ev'elyn Bernadine (Mrs. John P. Delvin) — Teacher, 

22 Lehigh St., Hackensack, N. J. 

LoBOUGH, June (Mrs. June L. Brown) Brown Hotel, Indiana, Pa. 

Logan, June (Mrs. Walter G. Patterson) 85 Allen Ave., Donora, Pa. 

LowMAN, Genevieve D. — Teacher, Vandergrift ; 

339 North Washington St., Butler, Pa. 

Lucius, Sara Irene — Teacher 504 East Fayette St., Connellsville, Pa. 

LuDwicK, Louise 3401 Versailles Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

Luther, Ophelia Roselyn — Teacher, Revloc ; 

507 Julian St., Ebensburg, Pa. 

Mahoney, Anna Mae— Teacher 905 Ohio Ave., Midland, Pa. 

Mahoney, Mary Catherine 402 South Ninth St., Connellsville, Pa. 

Maines, Ruth (Mrs. P. G. Corter) 62 Maple Ave., Fredonia, N. Y. 

Malloy, Madeline 1021 Church St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Maridon, Mary K. (Mrs. Bart Appino, Jr.).. 212 Ray Ave., Christopher, 111. 

Markowitz, Hilda 1320 Haywood St., Farrell, Pa. 

Marshall, Gertrude L. — Teacher, Southington ; 

19 Way land St., Hamden, Conn. 
Marshall, M. Isaeelle (Mrs. Watson Lingenfelter), 

R. D. No. 2, Home, Pa. 

Marshall, Phyllis — Clerk Ill Wayne Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

Martin, Dorothy Avanell — Art Supervisor, 

118 Station St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Martin, Elsie L. — Teacher ........ 707 North Franklin St., Washington, Pa. 

Martin, Hazel — Teacher Saltsburg, Pa. 

Maund, Elizabeth (Mrs. Glenn A. Crouch), 

442 Twenty-ninth St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Mawhinney, Helen 411 Hampton Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

McCartney, Olive L. (Mrs. Herbert E. Troxell) — Supply Teacher, 

Glasgow, Pa. 
McClay, Letitia Vaux — Physician's Assistant, 

250 West Main St., Uniontown, Pa. 
McCoRMicK, Kathryne — Substitute Teacher. .. .City Hotel, Barnesboro, Pa. 

McCracken, Margaret R. F. D. No. 5, Clearfield, Pa. 

McCuRDY, Mrs. Mattie 846 Grant St., Indiana, Pa. 

McDevitt, Frances J. (Mrs. Paul G. Nagle), 

1552 Cascade Drive, Youngstown, Ohio. 

McHuGH, Margaret B.— Teacher 1574 Robert St., Nanty-Glo, Pa. 

McKenrick, Ruth E. (Mrs. Gerald Black), 

632 Hawthorne Ave., Kittanning, Pa. 

McMeans, Betty — Teacher 202 Conemaugh St., Johnstown, Pa. 

McPherson, Helen (Mrs. Paul O. Bower).. 802 Nevin Ave., Sewickley, Pa. 

Meadows, Virginia E. — Teacher 120 Station St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Mentch, Helen — Teacher Penn Run, Pa. 

Merwin, Vera (Mrs. Clarence Wasson) Box 182, Duke Center, Pa. 

Miles, Margaret Martha — Teacher, 

227 South Prospect St., Connellsville, Pa. 

Miller, Alice 507 Eighth St., Windber, Pa. 

Miller, Amorette Field (Mrs. Herbert D. Hurst), 

12 Jenkin St., Pittsburgh, 5, Pa. 
Miller, Caroline 
Miller, Dorothy (Mrs. Dorothy Van Horn), 

225 Twenty-seventh Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Miller, Esther (Mrs. James Robertson) Yatesboro, Pa. 

Miller, Flora — Teacher Saltsburg, Pa. 

Miller, Helen Florence (Mrs. William Gist Wylie), 

237 East Beau St., Washington, Pa. 


Miller, Ina 224 Fifth Ave., Parnassus, Pa. 

Miller, Mary 510 Alexander St., Greensburg, Pa. 

Miller, Mrs. Nell 7 Hill St., Uniontown, Pa. 

Miller, Ruth Leora (Mrs. C. A. Fox) Box 318, Dunlo, Pa. 

Milliren, Ruth (Mrs. Ruth M. Griesemer) — Teacher, 

613 Ridge Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 
Miner, Helen L. (Mrs. James Luckey) — Substitute Teacher, 

Rear 333 North Pittsburgh St., Connellsvillc, Pa. 

MoNiNGER, Margaret R. D. No. 4, Washington, Pa. 

Moore, Anna 1100 State St., Coraopolis, Pa. 

MooRE, Margaret Hillegass — Teacher 406 Bedford St., Windbcr, Pa. 

Morris, Lucille 12 South 11th St.. Indiana, Pa. 

Morrow, Pauline Yatesboro, Pa. 

Mottarn, Gladys (Mrs. Harold S. Barlow), 

66 Lincoln Ave., Salamanca, N. Y. 

Muhlenberg, Elizabeth Jenners, Pa. 

MuLVEHiLL, Florence L. (Mrs. Florence M. Robertson) — Employee of Penn- 
sylvania Liquor Control Board. .. .1315 North Third St.. Harrisburg, Pa. 
MuMMART, Katiierine (Mrs. Joseph K. Bowman), 

601 Reamer St., Greensburg, Pa. 
Murray, Elizabeth 

Myers, Angeline 318 Second Ave., Dcrry, Pa. 

NoLPii, Carrie A. (Mrs. Carrie Nolph Heim), 

4823 Lake Park Ave., Chicago, 111. 

North. Nansie (Mrs. R. D. Hunter) Rochester Mills, Pa. 

O'Brien, Mayme 1048 Elk St., Franklin, Pa. 

Opperman, Helen Louise 219 Vine St.. Johnstown, Pa. 

O'RoARK, Irene (Mrs. Irene O. Fox). 

Ortner, Maye a. — Teacher 62 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

O'Shea, Agnes — Teacher Irvona, Pa. 

Oster, Ruth — Teacher Braddock. Pa. 

Oswald. Julia B. — Teacher, Jerome: 125 Fourth St., Conemaugh, Pa. 

Otto, Martha — Deceased. 
OvERDORF, Helen 

Owens, Jean — Teacher 1079 Franklin St.. Johnstown. Pa. 

Pachter, Edith — Teacher 706 Twenty-fourth St., Altoona, Pa. 

Pahel, Blossom (Mrs. T. Edgar Grimm). 

2038 Jacob St., East Brookline, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Pair, Nonabel (Mrs. William Peckham) — Visitor. Department of Public 

Assistance 47 Bishop St., Bradford, Pa. 

Paisijsy, Lillian (Mrs. A. E. Bittner). 

Palmer, Margaret— Teacher 1407 Lynn Ave.. Turtle Creek, Pa. 

Parkins, Louise (Mrs. H. D. Jenkins) . .309 Marie St.. Otto. Glassport, Pa. 

Parkinson, Blanche Clark — Teacher 422 Jackson St., Monongahela, Pa. 

Pearce, Martha Elizabeth (Mrs. Robert Nash Hall"). 

105 Wordsworth Ave., Llyswcn. .Mtoona, Pa. 

Pennington, Mrs. Rebecca Box 43. Route Xo. 7, Indiana, Pa. 

Peterman, Martha Elizabeth 1071 School St., Indiana, Pa. 

Peters, Grace 314 Union St., Monongahela, Pa. 

Peterson, Isabelle C. (Mrs. R. C. Morrison), 

812 Ferree St., Coraopolis, Pa. 

Petty, Ruth M. — Teacher, Rankin; 7103 Harrison Ave.. Swissvale, Pa. 

Phillippi, Mary (Mrs. Mary P. Morrison). 
Plack, Helen (Mrs. Robert Van Scoyoc) — Teacher, 

639^^2 Coleman Ave.. Johnstown. Pa. 
Pliscof. Tillie a. (Mrs. M. L. Elkins). 

7230 McPherson Blvd., Pittsburgh. Pa. 
Portfr, Hazelbeli.e — Teacher Eicher Apt. 2, Scottdale. Pa. 

198 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Porter, Sara — Teacher, Josephine ; Black Lick, Pa, 

Powell, Marian Somerset, Pa. 

Pricer, Esther (Mrs. Esther Pricer McFeaters) — Visitor, Department of 

Public Assistance 724 Grove Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Pritchard, Mary Margaret (Mrs. Clark Boyd), 

1113 West Pittsburgh St., Scottdale, Pa. 

PusiROFF, Jennie — Teacher 1413 Electric Ave., East Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Rankin, Dorothy A. — Secretary 319 Hazel Ave., Butler, Pa. 

Rankin, Sara (Mrs. Kenneth W. Kerr).. 412 North Fourth St., Newport, Pa. 

Raymond, Olive Irene — Teacher 31 Mifflin Ave., Uniontown, Pa. 

Rebok, Ruth Pauline (Mrs. William Mapstone), 

R. D. No. 1, New Salem, Pa. 
Reed, Marguerite 

Repine, Hazel 1199 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 

Richards, Gwendolyn G. (Mrs. Gwendolyn G. Shaw), 

402 Ohio Ave., Glassport, Pa. 

Richards, Thelma E. — Teacher 133 D St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Rickard, Virginia Martha— Teacher, 418 Twenty-ninth Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 
Roberts, Wilda M. — Teacher. .McMillen Ave., R. D. No. 2, Beaver Falls, Pa. 
Robertson, Mary L. (Mrs. Eugene A. Young) — Undergraduate Center, 

DuBois Avenue and Fifth St., DuBois, Pa. 
Rock, Frances (Mrs. George Earl Wolf).. 379 Franklin Ave., Aliquippa, Pa. 

Rose, Helen — Teacher 835 Ash St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Ross, Edith — Teacher Bolivar, Pa. 

Santy, Elena 115 East Fifth St., Jeannette, Pa. 

ScHAEFER, Margaret Louise — Teacher 817 Broad St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Schaeffer, Jean (Mrs. Dan Goodall) . .909 Chestnut Ave., Barnesboro, Pa. 
ScHAUER, Virginia P. — Teacher, 120 Watkins Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Schwartz, Vera Box Zl , Ardara, Pa. 

Shaffer, Ruby Elaine (Mrs. Ruby E. Manner) — Teacher, 

804 Summit Ave., Johnstown. Pa. 
Shipp, Helen M. (Mrs. Shannon Kreinbrook), 

Church and Walnut Sts., Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Shoemaker, M. Isabelle (Mrs. R. Bertrand Brett) Fayette, N. Y. 

Sibley, Elfrida 

Slater, Genevieve E. — Teacher Cresson, Pa. 

Slease, Edna — Teacher 6 Bower Hill Road, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Small, Vera (Mrs. Gilbert McCoy) 1003 Bedford St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Smiley, Margaret (Mrs. W. B. Bierbower), 

86 South Grant St., Uniontown, Pa. 
Smith, Anna G. 

Smith, Blodwen 603 York Ave., Connellsville, Pa. 

Smith, Jane 419 Meadow St., Curwensville, Pa. 

Smith, Naomi (Mrs. Edward Stahl) R. D. No. 4, Berlin, Pa. 

Smith, Thelma E. — Teacher and Building Principal, Port Vue ; 

1617 Grant Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 
Snyder, Marie Antoinette (Mrs. Ralph Bender), 

515 Garber St., Hollidaysburg, Pa. 
Spraggon, Frances (Mrs. Frances Spraggon Sheafer) — Teacher, 

Aberdeen Apts., 4628 Bayard St., Pittsburgh. Pa. 

Sprowls, Thelma E. — Teacher, Heilwood; R. D. No. 1, Canonsburg, Pa. 

Stahl, Lucy Mahala — Teacher South Railroad St., Manor, Pa. 

Steele, Mary Gladys — Government Teacher, Tohatchi, New Mexico; 

Saltsburg, Pa. 
Stevens, Mrs. Maude — Principal of McKinley School, Penn Twp. ; 

Rochester Mills, Pa. 

Stewart, Marg.\ret Box 271, Sturgeon, Pa. 

Stewart, Mary Lois (Mrs. Lewis A. Buyers) East Brady, Pa. 


Stickel, Catherine 

Straley, Helen (Mrs. James Baker) R. D. No. 2, Tarentum, Pa. 

Sunderland, Mrs. Rebecca W. — Deceased. 

SuTER, Mabel (Mrs. Mabel S. Croushore) Bo.x 13, RufTsdale, Pa. 

SuTER, Viola Edna (Mrs. Viola Suter Warnock) — Teacher, 

218 North Sixth St.. Youngwood, Pa. 
Sutter, Elsie (Mrs. Robert M. Radle)..542 Perry Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 
SvEDBERG, Anne Grine (Mrs. Louis Harry Dunlop) — Teacher, 

1433 Ohio Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

Swann, Ruth Shade Gap, Pa. 

Taylor, Margaret Herminie, Pa. 

Tedrow, Retiia L. — Teacher 417 Walnut Ave., Scottdale, Pa. 

Templeton, Ruth (Mrs. John Cox) Morris St., Box 313, Clymer, Pa. 

Thomas, Edith 2002 Chestnut Ave., Barnesboro, Pa. 

Thomas, Eleanor 55 Baldwin Road, Crafton, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Thomas, Esther Mary — Teacher 1011 Somerset Ave., Windber, Pa. 

Thompson, Mary Louise (Mrs. Henry L. Scott, Jr.), 

1702 Manor Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 
Tipton, Frances 

Tomaska, Vera E.— Teacher 408 South Pittsburgh St., Connellsville, Pa. 

Tonnell, Florence L. (Mrs. Florence L. Johnson), 

2912 Palmgreen Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 
Tosh, Marian E. (Mrs. Marian Bailey) — Student, 

5547 Baywood St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Tronsberg, Josephine — Teacher, Rankin; 7213 Church St., Swissvale, Pa. 

Truby, Mary (Mrs. Harold C. McCormick) Plumville, Pa. 

Truscott, Miriam (Mrs. Byron Gramling) . .430 Lake St., South Fork, Pa. 
Uncapher, Ruth M. (Mrs. R. W. Carson) — Clerk, 

418 South Orange Ave., Newark, N. J. 

Urich, Grace M.— Teacher 912 Fifth Ave., Patton, Pa. 

Wadas, Mildred 

Wakefield, Margaret C. (Mrs. Earl R. Woodward), 

R. D., Box 101, Greensburg, Pa. 

Waldron, Louisa— Teacher 502^^ Edgewood Ave., Trafford, Pa. 

Way, Martha — Stenographer, 

Music Division, Library of Congress, Washington, D. C. 
Weed, Lilyan Agelia (Mrs. Roger Triplett), 

209 Maehill Park, Lenoir, N. C. 
Weight, La Verne (Mrs. R. W. Tinker) — Teacher, Patton Twp. ; 

R. D. No. 1, Turtle Creek, Pa. 

Weinstein, Fannie Mars, Pa. 

Weinstein, Lillie Mars, Pa. 

Welker, Agnes (Mrs. George E. Jamison) . .705 Gaskill Ave., Jeannette, Pa. 
Whitaker, Mildred (Mrs. Richard Pontzer) . .510 Walnut St., St. Marys, Pa. 
Williams, Mary Wilda (Mrs. Richard S. Snyder), 

309 West Main St., Newark, Del. 
Williams, Thalia (Mrs. Stanley W. Long), 

323 West College St., Meadville, Pa. 
Wilson, Beatrice N. (Mrs. Arthur Zobel), 

732 Luzerne St., Westmont, Johnstown, Pa. 
Wilson, Dorothea (Mrs. J. A. Hohmann), 

208 Grove Ave., West View. Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Wise, Edna (Mrs. W. K. Aughenbaugh), 

3564 Harrow Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio. 
WissiNGER, Gwen (Mrs. Gwen W. Fyock). 
Wood, Virginia L. (Mrs. R. C. Lewis'). 

812 Vine St., Versailles, McKeesport. Pa. 


WooDHEAD, Margaret F. (Mrs. Charles Cecil Walters), 

17444 Northwood Ave., Lakewood, Ohio. 
WooDRiNG, Margaret 

Wright, Esther (Mrs. Esther Calhoun).. R. D. No, 2, Rochester Mills, Pa. 
Yeager, Mary M. (Mrs. Dan Weakland) — Substitute Teacher .. Hastings, Pa. 

Young, Jane E.— Teacher 734 East Washington St., New Castle, Pa. 

Young, Ruth 

Junior High School Curriculum 

Anderson, Jenella — Teacher 1676 West Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Baughman, Maud M. — Teacher, New Kensington ; 

R. D. No. 1, Box 102, Summerville, Pa. 

Berkey, Harry D. — Principal of Arnold High School Arnold, Pa. 

Bloom, Mary H. (Mrs. George R. Huber), 

8936 Eastwood Road, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Borland, Clair — Teacher 327 North Seventh St., Indiana, Pa. 

Ca.shdollar, Doella M. — Dean of Girls and Teacher Penn, Pa. 

DeLaney, Lamar E. — Principal, 

Apt. 1-W, 156 West 106th St., New York, N. Y. 
Hardy, Mildred E. (Mrs. Warren R. Maley), 

59 Frank St., Pittsburgh, 10, Pa. 

Ifert, Carrie Edythe— Teacher McGees Mills, Pa. 

Lauffer, Carl D. — Teacher 25 Frick Ave., Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Leightner, Hulda (Mrs. Guy Fleming) ... .Warren Extension, Apollo, Pa. 

Magill, Earl L. — Elementary Principal 308 Pifer St., DuBois, Pa. 

Maley, Warren R. — Principal of Baldwin High School, 

59 Frank St., Pittsburgh, 10, Pa. 
McAnulty, Eugene Henry — Principal and Teacher, 

R. D. No. 3, Indiana, Pa. 

McClain, William G. — Teacher 210 South Second St., Altoona, Pa. 

McCreary, Lillian Leechburg, Pa. 

McGregor, Ross M. — Teacher 2157 Walton Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

McMonigle, Dorothy 2802 Chestnut Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

McMoNiGLE, Winifred (Mrs, C. L, Mehring). 
Morgan, Jean Leslie (Mrs. Richard Ribisl). 

153 Walters Lane, Springdale, Pa. 

Nichol, Gaynelle — Teacher 7552 Dickson St., Swissvale, Pa. 

Patterson, Walter G. — Principal of Junior High School, 

85 Allen Ave., Donora, Pa. 

Reed, Pearl (Mrs. Bruce C. Overholt) 205 Buffalo St.. Freeport, Pa. 

Sanino, Lena (Mrs. Adolph Pugliese) . .301 Emerson St., A'andergrift, Pa. 

Saylor, Verg — Coach. Somer.set High School Somerset, Pa. 

Slick, Mrs. Bertha St, Clairsville, Pa. 

Slick, Mrs. Jennie E. — Teacher 1600 Third Ave,, Altoona, Pa, 

Sweeney, Michael — Mayor Donora, Pa. 

Thomas, Mrs, Elizabeth — Teacher, 

122 Linden Ave., Edgewood, Pittsburgh, Pa, 
Thomas, Marybelle 

Walker, Charlotte Naomi — Insurance Agent Rural Valley, Pa. 

Wilson, Isabelle — Teacher 2234 Braddock Ave., Swissvale, Pa. 

Wilson, Ruth Elizabeth (Mrs. Robert L. Jones), 

2013 Hampton St., Swissvale, Pa, 

Normal Art Curriculum 

Leith, Virginia — Teacher Library Road, Library, Pa, 

McClain, Aileen (Mrs. Lyle D. Hough).. 830 Midland Ave., Midland, Pa. 
McCrea, Emma C. (Mrs. Victor R. Zack), 

1000 Cambria Ave., Windber, Pa. 


Warner, Helen C. (Mrs. Herbert Henry), 

613 Wallace Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

WiERMAN, Julia — Teacher 807 Federal St., Lebanon, Pa. 

Commercial Teacher Training Curriculum 

Bramiiall, Dorthea (Mrs. B. F. Williams) Sheffield, Pa. 

Carlson, Janet M. (Mrs. Harry A. Summers), 

207 Madison Ave., Warren, Pa. 

Cypher, Margaret (Mrs. Albert Piemme) 1507 Third St., Beaver, Pa. 

Drumheller, a. E. — Teacher, State Teachers College, 

1078 Church St., Indiana, Pa. 

Gorman, Josephine (Mrs. Wallis T. Hyde) . .423 Penn St., Hollidaysburg, Pa. 
Gunnerson, Lucille Ann (Mrs. B. W. Blose), 

232 Mitinger Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 
Hacker, Hei.kx (Mrs. Helen Hacker Drake) — Teacher, 

104 South Cedar St., Hazleton, Pa. 

HoRGER, Ruth — Teacher 104 Storrs St., Taylor, Pa. 

Kades, Dora (Mrs. Dora K. Ruth) 3516 Hanover Ave., Richmond, Va. 

Katchmer, Walter — Teacher 693 Alter St., Hazleton, Pa. 

King, Norman E. — Supervisor of Commercial Education, 

Indiana High School 524 South 1 1th St., Indiana, Pa. 

Leonard, Anna F. (Mrs. Walter F. Scheibler) — Teacher, Uniontown, Pa.; 

2800 South West Fourth St., Miami, Fla. 

Martin, Ruth (Mrs. A. L. Gesin) 3435 Sixth St., Port Arthur, Texas. 

McCann, Anna 1632 Webster Ave., Scranton, Pa. 

McCoRMicK, Bernard 228 Park Ave., West View, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Onstead, Beatrice — Teacher 807 Somerset Ave., Windber, Pa. 

Plotzer, Bernadine (Mrs. Bernadine Ward) — Teacher, 

206 West Seventh St., Erie, Pa. 
RiNEHART, Ethel M. — Teacher, Hagerstown, Md. ; 

168 East Catherine St., Chambersburg, Pa. 

RoMANOSKi, Mildred Minersville, Pa. 

Ruuti, Martha — Deceased. 

Storz, Edith 454 North Main St., Pittston, Pa. 

Stover, George C. — Teacher 1293 Ashton Road, Sharon, Pa. 

ToLLEY, Edith — Teacher, Waymart ; Nicholson, Pa. 

Tompkins, Agnes L. — Supervisor and Teacher, 

60 West Campbell St., Blairsville, Pa. 

Veneroso, Rose East Diamond Ave., Hazleton, Pa. 

Waring, Louise M. (Mrs. Louise M. Harrison) — Government Clerk, 

Washington, D. C. ; Philipsburg, Pa. 

Webb, Mrs. Edna Oppel (Mrs. R. F. Webb), 

346 South 13th St., Indiana, Pa. 

Zalzneck, Lillian 308 West Washington St., Corry, Pa. 

Home Economics Curriculum 

Cameron, Helen R 672 Washington St., Indiana, Pa. 

Clements, Alice S. — Teacher 29 South 12th St.. Indiana, Pa. 

Public School Music Curriculum 

Balthaser, Barbara 2027 Derry St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Bittner, Ruth — Piano Teacher Hooversvillc. Pa. 

Carnahan, Lenore (Mrs. Joseph D. Cloud). 
Dean, Harriet E. (Mrs. Samuel H. Weaver), 

Hagerty Colonial Apts., Morris St., Phillipsburg, N. J. 

Dunn, Estklla ( Mrs. E. W. Kalb) Donegal. Pa. 


HosMER, Harriet A. (Mrs. John H. Wild), 

1615 Columbus Ave., Sandusky, Ohio. 
Jones, Evalyn Grace (Mrs. George Still), 

436 East State St., Long Beach, N. Y. 
Lehman, Geraldine La Verne (Mrs. Robert S. Thomas), 

63^ East Delason Ave., Youngstown, Ohio. 

Leyda, Grace 222 Washington Ave., Oil City, Pa. 

McCrea, Nettie Pearl (Mrs. Nettie Davis) — Music Supervisor, Brush 

Valley High School R. D. No. 1, Homer City, Pa. 

Means, Josephine — Teacher, Red Bank, N. J. ; 

415 Hill St., Reynoldsville, Pa. 
Nicely, Helen (Mrs. J. M. York), 

105 Wilshire Ave., Michigan City, Ind. 

Rose, June (Mrs. J. Herbert Beck) 309 Broad St., Port Allegany, Pa. 

Rumberger, Almeda W. (Mrs. S. Herman Kough), 

Second St., Newport, Pa. 
Shearer, Helen (Mrs. J. H. Ream), 

c/o F. C. Shearer, R. D., DeLand, Fla. 

CLASS OF 1928 

President Walter G. Patterson 

Vice President Harold S. Barr 

Secretary Hilda Norma Furness 

Treasurer Ralph H. Savage 

Elementary Curriculums 
(Kindergarten - Primary and Intermediate) 

Abbaticchio, G. Genevieve (Mrs. Genevieve Polliard) — Teacher, 

R. D. No. 5, Greensburg, Pa. 

AcKROM, Amelia A. (Mrs. Hov^rard D. Brubaker) . .Box 421, Wilcox, Pa. 

AiRD, Eleanor 3124 Ashlyn St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Aldstadt, Margaret 121 Jefferson Drive, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Alexander, Audrey — Teacher, Oceanside, Long Island, N. Y. ; 

c/o Dr. T. M. Alexander, 215 Freedom Ave., Burnham, Pa. 
Allsip, Mary G. — Principal of Elementary School, Mt. Holly, N. J. ; 

Brookville, Pa. 
Ames, Mary M. (Mrs. Eugene F. Stevens), 

1413 Christopher St., Westmont, Johnstown, Pa. 

Anderson, Alice (Mrs. B. W. Saler) 121 St. Clair St., Ligonier, Pa. 

Anderson, Edith Margaret (Mrs. Clarence H. Ahlberg), 

320 Roosevelt Ave., Endicott, N. Y, 

Anderson, Elaine (Mrs. James P. Davis).. 34 Eichelburger St., Hanover, Pa. 

Anderson, Margaret M. — Teacher 424 Emerson St., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Anstadt, Louise (Mrs. A. Kirk Hile) Stewart Apt., Clearfield, Pa. 

Arnold, Pauline Louise (Mrs. Pauline A. Oglevee), 

Star Route, Connellsville, Pa. 

Arnold, Ruth I. (Mrs. J. J. Holzshu, Jr.) 435 Eleanor St., Pitcairn, Pa. 

Bagley, Mrs. Bertha K R. D. No. 2, Box 8XC, Altoona, Pa. 

Bailey, Clara NaDean — Teacher 39 Evans St., Uniontown, Pa. 

Baird, Ruth Republic, Pa, 

Baker, Miriam F. (Mrs. Miriam B. Park), 

408 Brandon St., Greensburg, Pa. 

Ball, Monemia (Mrs. Raymond Hill) 51 South 13th St., Indiana, Pa. 

Barber, Hannah Olwen (Mrs. Daniel McGowan), 

707 Glennwood Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Barber, Louise— Teacher R. D. No. 1, Export, Pa. 

ALUMNI BY C L A S S I-: S 203 

Barr, Ci,emence 771 Washington Ave., Tyrone, Pa. 

Barr, Mrs. Ella Neely Marion Center, Pa. 

Bates, Helen M. — Teacher 536 Ridge Ave., East Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Bauer, Evelyn (Mrs. Evelyn B. Stennetti). 

Bayer, Katherine (Mrs. Marvin Foster) New Enterprise, Pa. 

Beas, Beatrice — Teacher 183 Spring St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Beck. Pearl (Mrs. C. S. Sellers) 390 Tyler Ave., Washington, Pa. 

Becker, Gertrude — Teacher 103 Magee Ave., Jeanncttc, Pa. 

Bedillion, Helen E. (Mrs. Helen Bedillion Orr) — Supervisor of Recreation, 

Allegheny County Juvenile Court 127 Tuscola St., Pittsl)urgh, Pa. 

Bell, Thelma Irene — Teacher, Saltsburg ; Home, Pa. 

Best, Frances Joyce (Mrs. Alvin Erickson) Cadogan, Pa. 

Birolo, Mary Margaret — Teacher 419 South Fifth St., Jearmette, Pa. 

BiscHOFF, Ruth E. — Teacher 119 Barnhart St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Black, Sara Marjorie (Mrs. Richard W. Burget), 

111 High St., Mount Holly, N. J. 
Blair, Sara 
Blough, Ruth K. (Mrs. R. Logan Burkhart) — Teacher, 

44 Shady Lane, Johnstown, Pa. 
Bluebaugh, Helen Marie (Mrs. Donald Evans), 

R. D. No. 1. Washington, Pa. 

BoLNER, Sarah 450 Second St., Braddock, Pa. 

BoNDY, Nettie 
Bossart, Helen 

Bowers, Julia 196 Washington St., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Bowser, Bonnie 

Bowser, Emma Louise (Mrs. Harry E. Mateer), 

331 Reading Ave., Shillington, Pa. 
Bowser, Helen K. (Mrs. Joseph P. Sweka) — Teacher, 

411 Jackson St., Reynoldsville, Pa. 
Bowser, Mabel (Mrs. F. W. Beers).. 365 Summit St., New Kensington, Pa, 

Boyd, Helen 621 Brownsville Road, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Brehm, Myrtle May (Mrs. Kenneth Walker), 

Box 74, R. D. No. 1. Johnstown, Pa. 

Broker, Margaret — Teacher Penn. Pa. 

Brown, Georgianna Box 42, R. D. No. 1. Bradford, Pa. 

Browning, Gladys 6822 North 18th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Burns, Agnes F. — Teacher Ill Ford St., Youngsville, Pa. 

Butler, Helen (Mrs. S. E. Neely).. 110 North Thomas Ave., Kingston, Pa. 

Calder, Olivia — Teacher 4 Orchard Place, Dravosburg, Pa. 

Cameron, Martha Frances (Mrs. Harry A. Slem), 

1611 Nineteenth Ave., Pleasantview, Beaver Falls, Pa. 
Caplan, Rose 
Caulkett, Virginia — Teacher. .3110 Pioneer Ave.. Dormont. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Cavalier, Anne A. — Teacher 622 West Pittsburgh St., Greensburg, Pa. 

Cepull, Kathryn E. (Mrs. Kathrvn E. Waleslagle) — Teacher, Turtle Creek; 

1005 Old Gate Road, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Charles, Grace L. — Principal and Teacher, 

1124 Woodland Ave., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Chishko, Emilie — Teacher 809 Gaskill Ave., Jeannette, Pa. 

Clawson, Marie P. — Teacher, Derry Twp. ; Ligonier, R. D. No. 2, Pa. 

Clemens, Verna M. — Teacher, Manifold; 

131 Baltimore Ave., Washington, Pa. 
Coleman, Mary E. — Social and Publicity Work, Pittsburgh ; 

7386 Cedar Ave., Sharon, Pa. 
Coleman. Mary Kathryn 
CoMPTOx. Pearl H. (Mrs. William A. Boesman), 

22 East Brown St.. Blairsville, Pa. 

204 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Condon, Genevieve M. (Mrs. Frank Premoshis, Jr.), 

South Shupe St., Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Conner, Edith (Mrs. Edith C. Kerr) — Teacher Star Route, Apollo, Pa. 

Covert, Mrs. Hazel M 118 Center Ave., Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Cowan, Rhoda Roaring Spring, Pa. 

Coy, Verna E. (Mrs. Robert C. Troxell) 315 Mosser St., Altoona, Pa. 

Craw, Nellie (Mrs. Leo T. Irvin). 

Cribbs, Katheryn (Mrs. John Kirschner, Jr.) — Teacher, 

103 North Second St., Jeannette, Pa. 

Crock, Jeanne M. — Teacher 412 Harrison Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 

Cunningham, Dorothy (Mrs. Robert N. Freeman), 

2)21 Painter St., Greensburg, Pa. 
Daibler, Ruth (Mrs. Ruth Myers) — Teacher, Munhall ; 

217 Woodla\vn Ave., Homestead Park, Pa. 
Dale, Mae 
Darby, Ruth 
Davidson, Josephine (Mrs. Fred B. Kemery), 

1911 North Roosevelt St., Arlington, Va. 
Davis, Bertha Agnes (Mrs. Robert A. Monteith) — Teacher, Heilwood; 

105 Fairfield Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Day, Helen Louise 1811 New Haven Ave., Dormont, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Depp, Marion LaRue (Mrs. E. C. Aitken)..R. D. No. 2, Punxsutawney, Pa. 
DeVinney, Margaret N. (Mrs. Kenneth Lauffer), 

8 East Lincoln Ave., North Irwin, Pa. 

DiNSMORE, Hazel Ann — Teacher TH Gordon St., Uniontown, Pa. 

Donaldson, Ruth J. (Mrs. W. E. Flannery), 

233 North Mercer St., New Castle, Pa. 
Dormire, Mary E. (Mrs. Irvin L. Heitzenrater), 

R. D. No. 1, Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Douglas, Bernese E Spangler, Pa. 

Drylie, May 425 West St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Dunn, Mary— Teacher 87 Lincoln St., Uniontown, Pa. 

Eckert, Leonora — Teacher, Hampton Twp. ; 

6 Kendall Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Edmiston, Helen 
Elrick, Genevieve — Deceased. 

Elwood, Mrs. Leona McGregor — Teacher Box 472, Leechburg, Pa. 

Endean, Martha Deedy (Mrs. Harmon Webster Huffman), 

2105 Greenwood Ave., Richmond, Va. 
Engelhardt, Sarah (Mrs. Everett R. James).. 509 State St., Jolinstown, Pa. 

Esch, Joye (Mrs. C. C. Jordan) 354 Endor St., Sanford, N. C. 

Evans, Alice 107 Dibert St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Fabry, Dorothea Edna 779 Third Ave., East McKeesport, Pa. 

Faulkner, Ruthanna : 107 East Weber Ave., DuBois, Pa. 

Fee, Josephine — Teacher 110 North Gallatin Ave.. Uniontown, Pa. 

Ferguson, Mary B. — Teacher 916 Wallace Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Fidler, Viola Mae R. F. D. No. 4, Johnstown, Pa. 

FiKE, Verna Mae — Teacher, North Fayette Twp. ; 

106 Vincennes Ave., Oakdale, Pa. 

Fisher, Anna Dixox— Teacher Sixth St., Clymer, Pa. 

Fleming, Gladys M. — Teacher 623 Fourth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Fleming, L. Beatrice 2000 Jackson Ave., Windber. Pa. 

FoRSYTHE, Helen Baker (Mrs. Stanley D. Cadwallader) Paoli, Pa. 

Francis, Marian 1.— Teacher 310 East Horner St., Ebensburg, Pa. 

Frederick, Helen (Mrs. Helen F. Allshouse), 

1205 Savannah Ave., Edgewood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Friedel, Bertha— Teacher 435 Westminster Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 

Fries, Irene (Mrs. I. L. Woomer) Box 156, R. D. No. 1, .\ltoona. Pa. 

A L U M X I r. Y C L A S S K S 205 

Frye, Bertha (Mrs. Gerald Penrod) Ebensbiirg, Pa. 

Fulton. Mary E. (Mrs. Edson Fowler) ... .339 South Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Galer, Martha (Mrs. Marquis Gates) Box 133, Finlcyvillc, Pa. 

Gaver, Helen — Teacher 105 Adams St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Gephart, Cora 

Gettig, Sara (Mrs. J. E. Slick) 531 Lobinger Ave., North Braddock, Pa. 

Getto, Anna Flora — Teacher 1217 Pcnn Ave., Jeannette, Pa. 

Gibbons, Dorothy R. (Mrs. J. J. Dunst) 438j/^ Ohio Ave., Glassport, Pa. 

Gilliland, Henriette (Mrs. James H. Begley), 

2558 Estes Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Goodwin, Lela Smithfield, Pa. 

Graffius, Lorraine — Teacher R. D. No. 1, Tyrone, Pa. 

Gray, Virginia B. — Teacher R. D. No. 3, Box 123, Uniontown, Pa. 

Grazier, Pearl J. (Mrs. W. R. McNecl), 

R. D. No. 3, Box 54-A, Altoona, Pa. 
Grexfell, Ruth (Mrs. James J. Roderick) . .100 Maple Ave., Dravosburg, Pa. 

Gressly, Mary E. — Kingdom Missionary Work Ruffsdale, Pa. 

Gruber, Irene A. (Mrs. Darl D. Womeldorf) — Stenographer, 

New Bethlehem, Pa. 

Hadden, Daisy (Mrs. Ralph Miller) Creekside, Pa. 

Hager, Ruth C. — Teacher 704 Tenth Ave., Munhall, Pa. 

Hall, Mrs. Geraldine Batts (Mrs. Clyde Hall)....R. D. No. 1, Corry, Pa. 

Hamilton, Mary Salina, Pa. 

Hamilton, Nellie (Mrs. Tom A. Hutchison) Big Run, Pa. 

Ha.nley, Eliza 

Harrison, Gladys Matilda (Mrs. George W. Gulp), 

Cambria Ave., .'\vonniore, Pa. 

Hartshorne, Helena R. — Principal of Ethel Lake School New Derry, Pa. 

Helm, Wilma 1041 Leishman Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 

Henderson, M. Paulene — Teacher 117 East Owens .\ve.. Derry, Pa. 

Henderson, Mary A. (Mrs. F. L. Walker), 

1827 Cleveland Ave., Niagara Falls, N. Y. 

Hendler. Lucy (Mrs. Maxwell E. Fellowes) .Mbany, N. Y. 

Hendricks, Edith M. (Mrs. Richard Nixon) — Teacher. 

Box 157, Bolivar. Pa. 
Hendrick.sox, Mar.torie Helen (Mrs. Henry E. Shaw), 

619 West Second Ave., Derry, Pa. 
Herskowitz, Lillian (Mrs. David S. Shermer). 

1807 Union Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

Hess, Blanche C. (Mrs. James H. Getty) Commodore. Pa. 

Hess, Mary (Mrs. J. Maurice Leech), 

304 Ohio River Blvd., Bcllevue, Pittsburgh, Pa., Ruth (Mrs. George L. Lutman) — Teacher, Ambridge ; 

837 Broadhead Road, Aliquippa, Pa. 
Hill, Martha Ruth (Mrs. Emry W. Marks).. R. D. No. 2, Callicoon. N. Y. 

Hiller, Gretchen E. — Teacher, Clearfield; 907 Eliza St., Houtzdale, Pa. 

Hoffman, Lunda — Teacher 509^2 Graham Ave., Windher, Pa. 

Holsopple, Reita 

Hoover, Cleva (Mrs. Telford Bogle) 12 West Weber Ave.. DuBois, Pa. 

HoPFER, Agnes Rita (^frs. Agnes TTopfer Troxel) — Retail Hardware, 

724 Main St., Portage. Pa. 
Horner, Edythe (Mrs. J. A. Homer), 

134 South Fairniount St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Horning, Jennetta— Y. W. C. A 1419 Twelfth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Hull, Violet — Teacher, St. Clair Twp. : New Florence. Pa. 

Hurley, Noreen 

Hutchison, Sara Margaret — Teacher, Logan Twp. : 

Box 534. Juniata, Altoona. Pa. 


Xpert, Helen (Mrs. Charles L. Gordon), 

210 Allegheny River Blvd., Oakmont, Pa. 
Igo, Margaret Elizabeth (Mrs. Margaret Igo Yates), 

2028 Lincoln Ave., Latrobe, Pa. 

Jenkins, Gertrude 308 Sixth St., Monongahela, Pa. 

Johnson, Alice F. (Mrs. Clifford Bahm)..1114 Karl Ave., Duquesne, Pa. 

Johnson, Amy Gladys — Teacher Martinsburg, Pa. 

Johnson, Dorothy L. — Teacher 518 Greeves St., Kane, Pa. 

Johnson, Gladys Kathryne — Teacher.. 529 North Main St., Masontown, Pa. 

Johnson, Inez — Teacher Houtzdale, Pa. 

Johnson, Mamie (Mrs. Kenneth Long) . .355 Frothingham Ave., Jeannette, Pa. 
Johnson, Margaret Miriam — Teacher, German Twp. ; . . McClellandtown, Pa. 
Jones, Beatrice Ella (Mrs. J. Glenn Edmiston), 

134 North Patterson St., State College, Pa. 

Kelly, Mary 2761 Merwyn Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Kelly, Rose Mary 7249 Upland St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Keslar, Emma 710 South Main St., DuBois, Pa. 

Keys, Eleanor J. (Mrs. J. E. Rupert) Roosevelt Way, Greensburg, Pa. 

KiEBLER, Florence Ruth (Mrs. Roy Christy) — Teacher, 

R. D. No. 1, Apollo, Pa. 

Kissane, Mary — Teacher 811 Fourth St., East McKeesport, Pa. 

Kline, Doris McKeesport, Pa. 

Klingensmith, Rose Evalyn — Teacher, 

129 North Second St., Jeannette, Pa. 

Knappenberger, Viola (Mrs. Ted Rosenzweig) R. D. No. 2, Apollo, Pa. 

Koontz, Mary Blanche — Teacher 325 Second Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

KouGH, Isabel 

KuNTZ, Helen E. (Mrs. Walter W. Hinds), 

650 Alexander St., Brockway, Pa. 

Lacock, Eleanor R. D. No. 4, Washington, Pa. 

Landis, Bernardine (Mrs. I. N. Hagan)..240 Derrick Ave., Uniontown, Pa. 
Lazor, Sophia (Mrs. John W. Bishop), 

R. D. No. 1, Udell, Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 
Leichliter, Edith Susan (Mrs. A. J. Hoover), 

800 Fourth St., California, Pa. 
Lemmon, Violet M. (Mrs. Clyde H. Bielstein), 

819 Five Oaks Ave., Dayton, Ohio. 
Lepley, Eleanor (Mrs. Carl R. Cheek) — Student, Drake University, 

Victoria Hotel. Des Moines, Iowa. 

Lewis, Isobel — Teacher Carnegie, Pa. 

LiGOTTi, Elizabeth — Teacher 126 Gautier St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Logan, Mina Kathryn (Mrs. Otto DeQuinze), 

323 East 11th Ave., Tarentum, Pa. 
Lohr, Elizabeth — Teacher, Conemaugh Township High School, 

385 West Main St., Somerset, Pa. 
LouER, Ellen Sophronia (Mrs. J. Whan Hopper), 

R. F. D. No. 7, New Castle, Pa. 
Lovelace, Mildred (Mrs. A. T. Patterson), 

300 Greenwood Ave., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

LowDEN, Valeria M. — Teacher 419 Oak St., Braddock, Pa. 

Lowstetter, Susan — Teacher, Braddock ; 

8013 Westmoreland Ave., Swissvale, Pa. 
Luchsinger, Leone (Mrs. Ralph Allen Maurer), 

133 Vennum Ave., Mansfield, Ohio. 
Luther, Cathryne L. (Mrs. Cathryne L. Moyer), 

1143 Edson Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Lydick, Beryl Isabel (Mrs. Joseph Quinn) 551 Fisher Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

Lykens, Evelyn 


Lynch, Mary Lyon — Teacher 203 East Main St., Evans City, Pa. 

Lytle, Alice Genevieve — Teacher R. D. No. 2, Indiana, Pa. 

Mabius, Jane — Deceased. 

MacCartney, Anne 544 Ninth Ave., Munhall, Pa. 

Makin, Evelyn M. — Teacher 309 South 22nd St., Altoona, Pa. 

Marietta, Carrie Jane 404 Wills Road, Connellsville, Pa. 

Marietta, Frances 404 Wills Road, Connellsville, Pa. 

Marsh, Sara (Mrs. Archie Neale) Bo.x 342, Trafford, Pa. 

Martin, Alma V. (Mrs. Alma M. Schieck) — Teacher, 

420 West Hallam, Washington, Pa. 

Martin, Helen L. (Mrs. R. H. Baird) 400 Fifth St., Charleroi, Pa. 

Martz, Mary C. — Teacher 706 Garber St., Hollidaysburg, Pa. 

Mayer, Pauline 4334 Saline St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

McCowN, Kathryn Ila (Mrs. Raymond L. Keverline), 

413 West Washington St., Bradford, Pa. 
McCoy, Katiieryn (Mrs. Donald McGill) — Deceased. 
McDannell, Elizabeth Mae (Mrs. Homer Coen), 

300 Clay Ave., Jeannette, Pa. 
McDonald, Lorraine Margaret (Mrs. John Lentz), 

214 Euclid Ave., Ridgway, Pa. 
McDowell, Mary E. (Mrs. Mary M. McAIahon), 

123 North Orchard Ave., Kendalville, Ind. 
McGovERN, Frances (Mrs. J. Willard McGuire), 

534 Vine St., Johnstown, Pa. 
McGregor, Susan — Deceased. 

McKeen, LiLLiE (Mrs. Lillie M. Neff)....1319 Straka St., Pittsburgh. 4, Pa. 
McLain, Elba A. (Mrs. Morris Hughes).. 504 Caldwell .\ve.. Portage, Pa. 
McLoney, Grace (Mrs. Donald Moore) ... .1135 Arch St., Washington, Pa. 
McQuAiDE, Helen (Mrs. D. L. McCollough) — Dentist's Assistant, 

802 Fifth Ave., New Kensington. Pa. 
McQuowN, Louise 
Meacci, J. Mary (Mrs. Mary Meacci D'Alessio), 

415 Wallace Road, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Menoher, Kathryn L. (Mrs. Philip Smith) Laughlintown, Pa. 

Metzgar, Ruth 339 Arther St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Mihok, Emilie Elizabeth (Mrs. Bela R. Topscher) — Teacher, 

R. D. No. 3, Coraopolis, Pa. 
MiLKO, Stell.\ — Teacher, 

Seventh Street Road, Box 246, New Kensington, Pa. 
Miller, Anna Mary (Mrs. Carl Shollenberger), 

R. D. No. 1, Warriors Mark, Pa. 

Miller, Dorothy K. — Teacher 1206 Third Ave., Ford City. Pa. 

Miller, Elizabeth (Mrs. Charles I. Aikey), 

116 Sheridan St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Millslagle, Helen J. (Mrs. Albert H. Bates), 

R. D. No. 1, Box 470, Wilkinsburg. Pa. 
Milotta, Cecelia A. (Mrs. William V. Dewey), 

2422 North Kilbourn Ave.. Chicago, 111. 
Minser, Martha (Mrs. W. Merrill Kunkle) . . . .Box 654, Pendleton, Oregon. 
Mitchell, A. Ruth (Mrs. Howard T. Weakland), 

7918 Jameson Road, Parma, Cleveland. Ohio. 
Moore, Martha (Mrs. J. A. Besser) . .3559 McClure Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Moore, Rhea (Mrs. Wilburn M. Myers).. 3402 Ford Ave., McKeesport. Pa. 

Morrow, Amy Louise — Teacher 1223 Seventeenth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Morton, Gertrude Elizabeth (Mrs. Vaughn B. McSwaney), 

200 Eleventh St.. Aspinwall, Pittsburgh. Pa. 
Mowry, Bessie C. (Mrs. Bessie M. Mock). 

1717 Graham .\ve.. Windber, Pa. 

208 A L U M X I D I R E C T O R Y 

MuLHOLLAND, DoROTHY R. — Tcachcr 43 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Mulligan, Sylvania 116 Rocky Grove Ave., Franklin, Pa. 

MuMAU, Rhoda L. — Teacher, Unity Twp ; Box 67. Latrobe, Pa. 

MuMFORD, Mable Anna (Mrs. John Bunnell) 4206 Peach St., Erie, Pa. 

MuRDOCK, Marie — Teacher 618 Beechwood Ave., Carnegie, Pa. 

Murphy, Cecelia (Mrs. William McAdams), 

715 Josephine St., East McKeesport, Pa. 
Myers, Dorothy Alliene (Mrs. Alliene Dodson) — Supervisor of Children, 
Northern Home, 5301 Ridge Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Myers, Dorothy Estelle (Mrs. James D. Gettys) — Teacher, 

526 Patton Ave., Jeannette, Pa. 

Myers, Thelma — Teacher, Ebensburg; 222 North Tenth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Nelson, Lillian (Mrs. Steele Guthrie), 1251 Washington St., Indiana, Pa. 

Neuland, Margaret South Fifth St., Duquesne, Pa. 

NicoL, IsoBEL R. D. Xo. 1, Derry, Pa. 

Ober, Olene (Mrs. A. Sloan Beers).... 50 North Second St., Indiana, Pa. 

O'TooLE, Mary C. — Teacher 1421 Thirteenth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Pair, Dorothy (Mrs. Daniel Fortney) 43 Linwood Ave., Bradford, Pa. 

Patrick, Charlotte M. — Teacher. .. .1508 Twenty-sixth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Patterson, Lois K. (Mrs. Joseph P. Loy) 910 Race St., Altoona, Pa. 

Patterson, Marguerite E. (Mrs. L. D. Sprankle), 

1 Faulkland Road, Wilmington, Del. 

Paul, Mildred G. — Teacher 722 Clark St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Paule, Susan Kathrine (Mrs. Evan E. Broman) — Teacher, Munhall ; 

Monongahela Sky Line Drive, Dravosburg, Pa. 
Paulo, Josephine (Mrs. N. J. Comfort), 

53 Garard Ave., South Uniontown, Pa. 
Pearce, Helen E. (Mrs. Charles Albright). 
Pearce, Martha D. (Mrs. S. M. Wright), 

2489 Madison Road, Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Pease, Betty D. (Mrs. C. D. Freeland), 

341 Spring St., Cambridge Springs, Pa. 

Pederson, Ellen 248 Pennsylvania Ave., Duquesne, Pa. 

Peebles, Alice Third Ave., East McKeesport, Pa. 

Pence, Mrs. Ethel Weber — Teacher, Beaver Co.; Shippingport, Pa. 

Peters, Wilma (Mrs. Ray M. Smith) 7931 Union St., Swissvale, Pa. 

Phillips, Mary. . ? 678 Inman St., Akron, Ohio. 

Piper, Martha (Mrs. Martha Piper King) — Bookkeeper Saltsburg, Pa. 

Pringle, Alverine 

Rambeau, Prudence 9 Chartiers Place, Ingram, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Ray, Mary Edna (Mrs. Mary Ray Murtha) Paden City, W. Va. 

Ream, Genevieve Claire (Mrs. Spear Sheridan), 

546 Linden Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Ream, Ruth Marie — Teacher 900 Cambria Ave., Windber, Pa. 

Reeser, Margaret 311 Eleventh St., Windber, Pa. 

Reeser, Mildred 311 Eleventh St., Windber, Pa. 

Reynard, Marie Edna (Mrs.' Marie E. Neidermeyer), 

Fourth Street Extension, Monongahela, Pa. 

Rich, Lena Center St., Mt. Jewett, Pa. 

Richardson, Velma R. D. No. 2, Elizabeth, Pa. 

RiMP, M. Gertrude — Teacher R. D. Xo. 3, Butler, Pa. 

Roberts, Erma 
Robertson, Ruth 

RoDGERS, Elizabeth 360 Vickroy Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Rosenzweig, Margaret 1005 Park St.. McKeesport, Pa. 

Ross, Alice May — Teacher, Croyle Twp. ;... .1029 Jacoby St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Ross, Alma L. (Mrs. John M. Acklin), 

167 X^eville St.. Emsworth. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

A L U M X I B Y C L A S S E S 209 

Ross. Arlene R. (Mrs. Warren Quigg) R. I). Xo. 2, Bridgevillc, Pa. 

Ross, Claire Church St., Ligonicr, Pa. 

Ross, Dorothea L. — Teacher Rossiter, Pa. 

Ross, Winifred M. (Mrs. H. B. Renick) Beaver St., Mars, Pa. 

RuGH, Alma (Mrs. Clyde Mikesell) 420 North St., Oil City, Pa. 

Rumberger, Verna Elizabeth (Mrs. George F. Goss) . .Warriors Mark, Pa. 
Santner, Carolyn M. (Mrs. Louis W. Feit) — Building Principal and Teacher, 

1206 Greensburg Ave., East McKeesport, Pa. 

Saunders, Ruth W. — Teacher 569 Fourth St., Pitcairn, Pa. 

Sautter, Dorothy E. (Mrs. William G. MehafFey) Box 302, Mars, Pa. 

Schrecoxgost, Marion (Mrs. Harold C. Schafer), 

306 Blairton Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

SciiRivER, Levina 623 South Main St., DuBois, Pa. 

Schrode, Ruth — Teacher Glen Campbell, Pa. 

Schrot, Catherine (Sister Joseph Ann Schrot) — Teacher, Altoona ; 

Seton Hill, Greensburg, Pa. 

Schrot, Mary D. — Teacher Clearfield, Pa. 

Schultze, Harriet A. — Teacher 512 Main St., Reynoldsville, Pa. 

Searles, Wilma (Mrs. Elton Harvey) 956 Leeds Ave., Monessen, Pa. 

Seeds, Anna Louise 215 Lane Court Apts., Upper Darby, Pa. 

Sell, Esther L. — Teacher Loysburg, Pa. 

Shaffer, Grace c/o George Kokos, 20 Highland Ave., Uniontown, Pa. 

Shaffer, Helen (Mrs. Helen S. Wagner) R. D. Xo. 2, Stoystown, Pa. 

Shaffer, Naomi G. — Teacher Route No. 2, Boswell, Pa. 

Shearer, Lucille — Teacher 2 South Good St., Jeannette, Pa. 

Sheets, Margaret B. — Teacher 704 Glenwood Ave., Ambridge, Pa. 

Sherwin, Louise (Mrs. George L. B. Cox).. 3700 Venango St., Munhall, Pa. 
Shields, Dorothy Axford — Assistant Professor, Pennsylvania College for 

Women, Pittsburgh ; 405 West Second St., Oil City, Pa. 

Shields, Grace Mc\>y St., Sturgeon, Pa. 

Shields, Lois Xew Alexandria, Pa. 

Shields, Mary Olive (Mrs. J. V. Mountain) Nickleville, Pa. 

.Shilling, Mary New Bethlehem, Pa. 

Shuster, Gladys M. (Mrs. Gladys S. Remington), 

838 Ridge Ave., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
SiLVis, Christina (Mrs. Christina S. Hosack) — Teacher, 

429 Brady St.. Blairsville. Pa. 

SivERD, Olive — Teacher Commodore, Pa. 

Skinner. Kathryn New Bethlehem, Pa. 

Smail, Madelen (Mrs. D. Richard Hill) R. D. Xo. 1, Freeport, Pa. 

Smiley, (Mrs. Hal Lewis). 

Smith, Alice Jean — Teacher 1200 Fawcett Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

Smith, Alice Pearl Punta Gorda, East McKeesport. Pa. 

Smith, Edith Mae 

Smith, Mrs. Hazel L. Patterson (Mrs. Kenneth ^L Smith). 

413 Union .^ve.. Kittanning, Pa. 
Smith. Helen Jane (Mrs. Robert B. Simpson). 

28 East Gaskill Ave., Jeannette, Pa. 
Smith. Jean Mooue — Teacher. Mt. Lebanon ;254 Atwood St.. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Smith, Loella M. — Teacher, Jeflferson Co. ; Falls Creek. Pa. 

Smith, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. H. N. Clements), 

224 Center Ave.. Leechburg, Pa. 

Snedden Hazei 312 Eicher .^ve.. Greensburg. Pa. 

Snyder, Arvilla (Mrs. John B. Rehm) 5501 Lisette Ave.. St. Louis. Mo. 

Snyder. Mary Josephine (Mrs. John E. White) — Deceased. 

Stauffer. Zoe 350 .-Mlison .•\ve.. Washington. Pa. 

Steele, Emabel (Mrs. Charles H. Farster) R. D. No. 1. Kittanning. Pa. 

210 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Steele, I. Melrose (Mrs. Lloyd E. Longacre) — Substitute Teacher, 

702 Wall Ave., Pitcairn, Pa. 
Stenson, Helen — Teacher, North Versailles Twp. ; 

900 Josephine St., East McKeesport, Pa. 
Stephens, Mae Elizabeth (Mrs. Charles W. Robinson), 

439 South Fourth St., Darby, Pa. 
Stewart, Elizabeth (Mrs. George M. Kunkle) . .Box 68, New Haven, W. Va. 

Stone, Dorothy Thomas — Teacher 526 Twelfth St., Franklin, Pa. 

Strayer, Carmen Main St., Coalport, Pa. 

Strozak, Julia 305 Glenn St., Johnstown, Pa.. 

Stutzman, Catherine (Mrs. Catherine MostoUer), 

819 Central Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Swope, Helen (Mrs. Glenn Lehman) R. D. No. 2, Berlin, Pa. 

Sybert, Margaret — Teacher, Portage Twp.; R. D. No. 1, Portage, Pa. 

Szabados, Magdalene M. — Teacher 413 Power St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Taylor, M. Flavia — Teacher 26 St. John St., McKees Rocks, Pa. 

Thomas, Ellinor 3208 Berkley Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa. 

Trautman, Louise (Mrs. Charles Arthurs) . .904 Park Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

Treher, Jean E. — Teacher 201 East Cedar Ave., Connellsville, Pa. 

Trent, Mary — Teacher 741 Coleman Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Trexel, Elnora 

Trozzo, Evelyn (Mrs. James Nesbit) Rillton, Pa. 

Turner, Myrtle (Mrs. Myrtle T. McKenrick), 

499 Woodward Ave., Kittanning, Pa. 

Turner, Vera (Mrs. Clair Jury) 518 Ogden Ave., Clearfield, Pa. 

Underwood, Anna G Van Horn St., Seward, Pa. 

Vespa, Clotilda — Teacher 1816 Graham Ave., Windber, Pa. 

Wacht, Barbara (Mrs. R. P. Gormley). 

Wagner, Bertha 156 School St., Indiana, Pa. 

Waldron, Marian — Deceased. 

Wallace, Lydia 

Walter, Dorothy Grace (Mrs. Russell R. Grumling), 

190 David St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Watson, Virginia 

Weamer, Margaret — Teacher 181 Franklin Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Weaver, Bermetta (Mrs. C. E. Hoffecker) Quarryville, Pa. 

Weller, Mary Louise — Teacher McClellandtown, Pa. 

Welsh, Mae Pauline (Mrs. J. Harold Mickley) . .R. D. No. 1, Zelienople, Pa. 
Werft, Pauline Gertrude (Mrs. C. Edward Stoner), 

119 South Allen St., State College, Pa. 

Wessely, Alice 632 Park Road, Ambridge, Pa. 

Westover, Dorothy (Mrs. Carl J. Maier), 

c/o Jeewanlal (1929) Ltd., Post Box 2237, Calcutta, India. 

Whitlinger, Lillian (Mrs. Dale Srryth) Star Route, Apollo, Pa. 

Whittall, Ruby 8 Plum St., Oil City, Pa. 

Wiant, Harriet — Deceased. 

Wilhelm, Mary 4316 Saline St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Wilson, Freda M. (Mrs. Freda Wilson Davis) Box 506, Imperial, Pa. 

Wingert, Rosabel — Teacher 1411 Evans Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

Wirt, Sarah M. — Teacher 230 Maple Ave., Altoona, *Pa. 

Woodburn, Anna M. (Mrs. William J. Groitsch), 

North Main Street Extension, R. F. D. No. 1, Washington, Pa. 
Woods, Marie F. (Mrs. Raymond Beebe), 

637 Royce Ave., Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

WoRsiNG, Grace Louise (Mrs. William Earl Lord) Lajose, Pa. 

Wurthner, Dorothy (Mrs. Joseph Buckley), 

305 Gaskill Ave., Jeannette, Pa. 
Wyatt, Lucille Margaret (Mrs. George H. Anthony) Blandburg, Pa. 


Young, Evelyn — Deceased. 

Young, Katherine L. (Mrs. John C. Travers), 

367 Voorhees Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
YouNT, Mildred Jeane (Mrs. William B. Huber), 

430 Locust St., Edgewood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
YuHASz, Margaret 

Junior High School Curriculum 

Bigley, Mary Ellen Spruce Creek, Pa. 

Borland, Clair — Teacher 327 North Seventh St., Indiana, Pa. 

Brauchler, Paul B. — Merchant 11 North Ligonier St., Latrobe, Pa. 

Brubaker, Dorothy V. (Mrs. Dorothy V. Dietze) — Teacher, 

1906 Washington Ave., Altoona, Pa. 
Chambon, Corabelle L. — Physical Education Director, McDonald High 

School 349 East Lincoln Ave., McDonald, Pa. 

Ernest, Regina (Mrs. Chinto A. Garzoni) — Teacher, Young Twp. ; 

500 North Main St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
FiNNELL, Carrie (Mrs. Carrie Finnell Campbell) — Teacher, 

54 Collins Ave., Uniontown, Pa. 

Glasgow, Phyllis Glasgow, Pa. 

Gray, Sara J. — Teacher 166 Pitt St., Leechburg_, Pa. 

Hawkins, Margaret Box 822, Leechburg, Pa. 

HoGUE, A. Margaret (Mrs. Henry E. Crawford) — Substitute Teacher, 

Montgomery Co. ; Trooper Road, Norristown, Pa. 

McClelland, Eleanor May Edri, Pa. 

Mertz, Irene — Teacher, Latrobe ; Youngwood, Pa. 

MiALE, Josephine — Student at University of Pittsburgh, 

711 Main St., Monongahela, Pa. 
Patterson, Walter G. — Principal of Junior High School, 

85 Allen Ave., Donora, Pa. 
Perry, Miriam F. — Principal of Jefferson School, 

103 East Crawford Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Smith, Mabel — Teacher Tare, Pa. 

Thompson, Homer A. — Natural Gas Service, 

512 North Avenue F, Olney, Texas. 
Uber, Dorothea (Mrs. Addison W. Blankenship) — Reporter. 

1576 Karr St., Springfield, Ohio. 

Wilson, Eva M. — Teacher 64 Union St., Uniontown, Pa. 

Yacos, Julia Portage, Pa. 

Yoder, Alice Romaine 817 Main St., Scalp Level, Pa. 

Normal Art Curriculum 

Sullivan, Viola M. (Mrs. L. Howard Lukehart), 

61 West Long Ave., DuBois, Pa. 
Trathen, Emma (Mrs. P. W. Irwin) Ashland, Pa. 

Commercial Teacher Training Curriculum 

Adelson, Gertrude — Clerk, United States Treasury Dept., 

120 Church St., Punxsutawney. Pa. 
Barr, Harold S. — Head of Commercial Dept... 9 Maple Ave.. Barnegat, N. J. 
Bauersfeld, Elfrieda 

Bellen, Everett E. — Salesman, Pennzoil Co 609 Moran St., Oil City, Pa. 

Billy, Helen— Teacher 319 Park Ave.. Clairton, Pa. 

Bowers, H. Pauline (Mrs. Pauline Bowers Becklev) — Teacher, 

147 Glenn St., Johnstown, Pa. 

212 A L U M X I D I R E C T O R Y 

Brant, Alice Louise (Airs. George C. Clarke), 

22-09 Seventy-sixth St.. Garden Bav Manor, Tackson Heights, Long 

Island, N. Y. 

Brennan, Joseph — Teacher Midland, Pa. 

Breslin, Jennie M. (Mrs. Horace D. Obert) . .Ebberts Park, Lehighton, Pa. 
Carson, Paul E. — Head, Department of Bible, Sterling College, 

530 North Broadway, Sterling, Kan. 
Collins, Nancyetta (Mrs. Frank B. Petrak), 

2415 Freeport Road, Natrona Heights, Pa. 
Dierker, Ruth (Mrs. R. P. Miller). 

Duncan, Sarah E 523 Mifflin St., Huntingdon. Pa. 

Fredericks, Ethel Harriet (Mrs. Paul L. Salsgiver), 

293 Granite Ave., Alilton, Mass. 
Furness, Hilda Norma — Teacher, Bridgeville ; 

217 Hazel Lane, Edgeworth, Sewickley, Pa. 
Garen, Pearl Ellanor — Teacher.. D 129 Stonehurst Court, Upper Darby, Pa. 

Graf, Carl E. — Teacher 1301 Third Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Harrison, Beatrice — Teacher R. D. No. 1, Centerville, Pa. 

Hill, Jean Elizabeth — Teacher 923 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Kerchner, Ethel M. (Mrs. Harold H. Zehner), 

1002 North 11th St., Reading, Pa. 
Kinney, Virginia Clark (Mrs. Donald J. Donlin), 

132 Chemung St., Waverly, N. Y. 

Kocher, S. Gladstone — Teacher 1563 Linden St., Bethlehem, Pa. 

Lashell, Phyllis E. (Mrs. William D. Walsh), 

523 El Court, Pittsburgh, 21, Pa. 

Lindquist, Gertrude E. — Teacher 1534 Ravine St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Marovich, Martha R. — Teacher 322 Waddell Ave., Clairton, Pa. 

Mattern, Roy T. — Teacher 5439 Pocussett St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

McDonald, Alice E. (Mrs. Ravmond A. Wavne). 

'21 Beech St.. Girardville, Pa. 

McDonald, Kathryn E. — Teacher 1024 Eighth Ave., Beaver Falls, Pa. 

McGee, GENE\^EVE M. — Teacher, Hazleton ; 

229 South Tamaqua St., McAdoo, Pa. 

McNeil, Margaret 425 Knarr St., DuBois, Pa. 

Mertz, Johanna — Teacher 623 Chestnut St., Reading, Pa. 

Murphy, Julia (Mrs. Julia Hohman) — Part-time Teacher, 

533 Woodmont St., East McKeesport, Pa. 
Murray, Jean (Mrs. William L. Crawford). 

Telegraph Road, Brownsville, Pa. 

Nelson, Clifford 184 Charles St., Wilkes-Barre, Pa. 

0\'erdorf, Anna AIary 

Pentz, Arthur L. — Senior Accountant R. D. No. 3, Dallas, Pa. 

Rhoades, Anna Mae (Airs. Glenn Ivey) — Office Worker, 

537 East Washington St., Nev/ Castle, Pa. 

Salada, Mary Jane — Teacher, Minersville ; Llewellyn, Pa. 

Salsgiver, Paul L. — Associate Professor of Commercial Education, College 
of Business Administration, Boston University. 

293 Granite Ave., Milton, Mass. 

vSantner, Anna E.— Teacher Eighth Street Extension, Irwin, Pa. 

Savage, Ralph H. — Teacher 1295 Colebrook Road, Lebanon, Pa. 

Saxer, Martha R. — Graduate Student, University of Pennsylvania, 

829 Tucker St., Williamsport. Pa. 
ScHERPF, Marie Frances 
Schimmel, Alfred B. — Teacher and Chairman of Schedules. 

220 East Ridge St., Nanticoke, Pa. 
Shelly, Kiehl 509 Third St.. Pitcairn. Pa. 


5LEIGIITER, Ethei. M. (Mts. VV. Lcc Voflagc) — Teacher, 

340 Ridge Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 

Smith, Gladvs 419 Lamar St., Wilkinsburg. Fa. 

Smith, Pearl W. — Teacher 51 North Tenth St., Allentown, Pa. 

Sto\'t:r, George C. — Teacher 1293 Ashton Road, Sharon, Pa. 

Strine, Dorothy M. — Head of Commercial Dept., 

Z7 Boundary Ave., Red Lion, Pa. 
Unikel, Dorothy 

Vallino, Catherine L. — Teacher 352 Grant .\ve., Leechburg, Pa. 

Waldron, Marguerite E. (Mrs. Wynne H. Morgan), 

4340 Post Ave., Miami Beach, Fla. 

Walthour, Betty North Chestnut St., Scottdale, Pa. 

Welch, Marian (Mrs. R. K. Reeder), 

20 North 23rd St., Mt. Penn, Reading, Pa. 
Wood, Hele.vk Evaline (Mrs. Helene Wood McClure) — Teacher, 

6 Maple Place, Warren, Pa. 

Home Economics Curriculum 

Benson, Sara Louise (Mrs. Sara Benson Fortsch), 

401 North Penn St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Bohren, Irene A. (Mrs. Paul R. Dietrich) ... .1232 Robeson St., Reading, Pa. 
^fcPADDEN, Katherine — Supervisor of Home Economics, 

1831 Union St., McKeesport, Pa. 

O'Connor, Clara 610 Pine St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Pounds, Elener (Mrs. Joseph Swast) 712 Warren Ave., Apollo, Pa. 

Stewart, Mabel C. (Mrs. T. K. Snyder) — Teacher, Kittanning; 

Rural Valley, Pa. 
Watkeys, Marv Alice (Mrs. Mary Watkeys Lesher). 

344 East Market St., Williamstown, Pa. 
Wilkinson, Isabella (Mrs. William Green"). 

Public School Music Curriculum 

BucKNER, Florence L. (Mrs. W. F. Espeseth) — Store Manager, 

1203 North 27th St.. Billings, Mont. 
Cessna, Ann (Mrs. W. Robert Arnold), 

1807 North Third St., Harrisburg, Pa. 
Donnelly, Helen D. (Mrs. J. Philip Bockmier). 

2576 Mary St., Mine Lusa, Omaha. Nebr. 
Evans, Edna Louise (Mrs. Watson S. Lewis), 

432 Center St., Clarks Summit, Pa. 

Fero, Eudora (Mrs. Carroll D. Oakes) Cb-mer. Pa. 

Hatcher, Margaret 

Tones, Evalyn Grace (Mrs. George Still). 

436 East State St., Long Beach, N. Y. 

McClure, Anne 828 Grant St., Indiana, Pa. 

Mitchell, Harland C. — Director of Music, Senior High School, 

Oil City, Pa. 

.Si PES, Olive S.— Teacher 537 Third St.. Pitcairn, Pa. 

Walker, Lois (Mrs. Carl G. Holmes) 29 Twelfth St.. Indiana, Pa. 

White, Ruth G. — Teacher, Bellevue, Pittsburgh: 

475 Reed Ave., Monessen, Pa. 
Wylie, Eleanor 706 Monongahela Ave.. Glassport, Pa. 


CLASS OF 1929 


President John V. Alexick 

Vice President Charles I. Aikey 

Secretary Elizabeth B. Clawson 

Treasurer Arthur E. McCormick 


President Rowene Shillito 

Vice President Marie Geneva Dempsey 

Secretary Dorothy Graham 

Treasurer Margaret Priscilla Hickson 

Elementary Curriculoms 
(Kindergarten - Primary and Intermediate) 

AcKERSON, Violet M Marion Center, Pa. 

Anderson, Helen Ingeborg. .1686 Montpelier Ave., Dormont, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Ankeny, Sara Eliza (Mrs. Sara Ankeny Miller) Stoystown, Pa. 

Ankney, Mabel Kathleen (Mrs. Guy Frye) Rector, Pa. 

Armitage, Nelle Elisabeth 

AszMAN, Ruth Emelia 101 Kirk Ave., Carrick, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

AusTRAW, Agnes — Teacher 1629 Ridge Ave., Latrobe, Pa. 

AvERiLL, Alice Jean — Deceased. 

Avery, Mary Thelma — Deceased. 

Bailey, Mary Miriam (Mrs. James O. Artman), 

81 Norris Road, Norris, Tenn. 

Baird, Helen M Box 381, Republic, Pa.. 

Baker, Grace (Mrs. Grace Forsythe) R. D. No. 1, Commodore, Pa. 

Barr, Audrey A. — Teacher, Brackenridge ; Marion Center, Pa. 

Beabes, Florence M. — Teacher 1615 Franklin St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Beattie, Anna O. — Teacher New Alexandria, Pa. 

Beattie, Hazel E. — Teacher, Derry Twp. ; New Alexandria, Pa. 

Beckwith, Margaret E. — Assistant Librarian, 

121 West Long Ave., DuBois, Pa. 

Beechey, Mary Kathryn Vintondale, Pa. 

Behr, Jeannette Agnes 110 North Monroe St., Titusville, Pa. 

Beken, Alma — Teacher R. D. No. 1, Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Benshoff, Alice M. (Mrs. George Charles Horner), 

1113 Bamett St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Berkey, Elizabeth 323 Morewood Ave., Blairsville, Pa. 

Bianco, Rose — Teacher 1236 Washington St., Farrell, Pa. 

Bigleman, Iona (Mrs. Howard S. McElnea), 

3 Lenox Ave., East Orange, N. J. 
Billy, Emma (Mrs. Charles A. Faust).. 238 West Patrick St., Frederick, Md. 
Bistline, Claire Stauffer (Mrs. Jerome A. Miller) — Teacher, 

McCandless Twp. ; Box 423, R. D. No. 7, Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

BiTTNER, Mary (Mrs. Luther Miller) — Visitor for the Department of Public 

Assistance 526 West Main St., Somerset, Pa. 

Black, Ailine C 506 Franklin St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Black, Clara Naomi (Mrs. Wendell A. Doty), 

408 Longfellow Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Blair, E. Virginia — Teacher 715 Fourth St., California, Pa. 

Blake, Olive Lucile (Mrs. John C. Kelly), 

1610 East Maiden Street Extension, Washington, Pa. 

Blose, Helen L. — Teacher 132 Hamilton Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Blythe, Bernice Margaret — Teacher 444 Carson St., Monongahela, Pa. 

A L U M N I B Y C L A S S E S 215 

BoLiNGER, Veri,a Makie Fliiiton, Pa. 

BoLTZ, Mildred S. (Mrs. Walter Petsinger) R. D. No. 2, Cabot, Pa. 

Border, Catherine (Mrs. Catherine Border Sheffler) — Teacher, Pitcairn ; 

Latrobe, Pa. 
Bortz, Mary Edith (Mrs. E. Paul Behrens), ' 

415 Leonard Ave., Washington, Pa. 
BoTHELL, Helen Elizabeth (Mrs. Harrv J. Hadden), 

R. D. No. 3, Indiana, Pa. 

Bowers, Sarah Bell — Teacher 200 Pine St., Punxsutawncy, Pa. 

Bowman, Mary Eliza — Secretary 133 North Duke St., York, Pa. 

Brant, Ruth C. (Mrs. Glenn F. Cook) Ligonier, Pa. 

Briggs, Sara Jeannette (Mrs. Joseph S. Barnett), 

433 Madison Ave., Brookville, Pa. 
Brown, Mary Elizabeth — Proprietor of Dairy Stores, 

215 Bessemer Ave., East Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Brown, Mary Elizabeth — Teacher Kylertown, Pa. 

Brown, Trilby Marie 1602 Chestnut Ave., Barnesboro, Pa. 

Brownfield, Margaret M. — Teacher, North Union Twp. ; 

Connellsville Road, Uniontown, Pa. 

Brua, Blanche M. (Mrs. Julian Bowman) Hyattsville, Md. 

Burgan, Mary Margaret (Mrs. Clyde Miller), 

732 Ferndale Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Burger, Margaret Christine Cokeburg, Pa. 

Burkett, Mildred Virginia (Mrs. Joseph Walker). 
Caddy, Thelma (Mrs. David V. Thompson), 

8261^ Gaskill Ave., Jeannette, Pa. 
Carlson, Ina (Mrs. Hem Olson), 

821 Granada Grove Court, Coral Gables, Fla. 

Carothers, Ruth Reed 30 South Seventh St., Duquesne, Pa. 

Carothers, Sarah Elizabeth — Teacher. .41 South Seventh St., Duquesne, Pa. 

Carroll, Marian D 250 Allison Ave., Washington, Pa. 

Casseday, Evelyn— Teacher 822 Main St., Scalp Level, Pa. 

Cataldo, Laura (Mrs. Joseph Jupena) — Teacher 

705 Westmoreland Ave., Jeannette, Pa. 

Cernik, Nellie Bernadine— Teacher R. D. No. 2, Clymer, Pa. 

Chambers, Gertrude M. (Mrs. Gertrude M. McMinn), 

1508 Seventh Ave., Juniata, Altoona, Pa. 
Champion, Alice Gertrude (Mrs. J. J. Shafley, Jr.), 

R. D. 1, Turtle Creek, Pa. 
Chapman, Martha Blanche (Mrs. Herbert L. Layton), 

6 Hillairy Ave., Morristown, N. J. 
Clark, Letitia Patterson (Mrs. Wesley P. Winter), 

60 Maple St., Plainville, Conn. 
Cole, Helen Frances (Mrs. Otto Kirmeyer) . .221 Marie St., Glassport, Pa. 
Cou:, Mary C. (Mrs. George Haushalter). .1047 Ridge Ave., Coraopolis, Pa. 

CoLKiTT, Marion L.— Teacher 313 Locust St., Conemaugh, Pa. 

CoMETTA, Era Rena (Mrs. Wolfgang Kneisel) . .Park Hotel, Curwensville, Pa. 

Conn, Margaret L.— Teacher 311 South Second St., Apollo, Pa. 

Conrad, Mary E. 

Conway, Josephine— Teacher 356 Rose Lane, Meadville. Pa. 

CoRDER, Leota (Mrs. Chester DeBolt) R. D. No. 1, Masontown, Pa. 

CoRLE, Elmira Elizabeth 711 Cypress Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Corp. Mildred E. (Mrs. Homer M. Schreckengost) . .Box 5, Rennerdale, Pa. 

Corrado, Hilda 9^ South North Carolina Ave., Atlantic City, N. J. 

CoPSEL, Rhoda (Mrs. Wilbur E. Shaul), 

651 Woodward Ave., Kittanning, Pa. 
Coulter, .\udrey Myrtle (Mrs. .\udrey Ellenberger) Girty, Pa. 

216 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Craig, Ruth E. (Mrs. Ralph E. Beckwith), 

1115 Franklin St., McKeesport, Pa. 
Craven, Mildred Christena (Mrs. Mildred Craven Lydick), 

R. D. No. 2, Indiana, Pa. 
Creager, Jeanne Moore (Mrs. Paul N. Fliger), 

2329 Mill St., Aliquippa, Pa. 

Crist, Dorothy M. — Teacher ..1204 Nineteenth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

CuLLEY, Sara Elizabeth (Mrs. Donald H. Bromley) Elkins, W. Va. 

Cunningham, Isabel (Mrs. Isabel Phillips) — Assistant Supervisor, 

Department of Public Assistance 219 South 11th St., Indiana, Pa. 

Dambaugh, Thora (Mrs. George Hartung), 

164 Georgetown Ave., West View, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Danhart, Bessie D. (Mrs. Joseph A. Baird), 

40 Eagan Ave., Langley Field, Va. 

Daugherty, Elizabeth Jane Rossiter, Pa. 

Davies, Margaret B. (Mrs. Frank J. Howder) . .Pine Lodge, Angola, N. Y. 

Davis, Dorothy Louise 7141 Idlewild St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Day, Helen Louise 1811 New Haven Ave., Dormont^ Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Decker, Lilyan (Mrs. J. Edward Kohler) 514 Eighth St., Glassport, Pa. 

Dempsey, Marie Geneva — Teacher, 

12>21 Delaware St., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Dickinson, Virginia 5634 Stanton Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Dietz, Dorothy Pearl (Mrs. George W. Wilkinson) — Deceased. 

Dixon, Sara Elizabeth 209 Mabrick Ave., Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

DoLLisoN, Virginia S. (Mrs. R. J. Adler)..134 Rebecca St., Kittanning, Pa. 
DoMHOFF, Ethel — Teacher, 

R. D. No. 1, Monroeville Road, Turtle Creek, Pa. 
Donnelly, Cecelia H. (Mrs. George E. Lamb), 

4423 Pine St., Philadelphia. Pa. 

DoRN, Betty, (Mrs. R. H. Miller) 642 Shaw Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

Dougherty, Ruth — Teacher 114 Washington St., Freeport, Pa. 

Doverspike, Veryl (Mrs. Paul Alcorn), 

152B Jefferson Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Doyle, Olive E. (Mrs. Fred Akers) 1154 Reeder Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Dozer, Corinne 431 Third Ave.. Pitcairn, Pa. 

Duff, Helen Ida — Teacher 416 South Second St., Clearfield, Pa. 

Duncan, M. Hulda Vintondale, Pa. 

Eberst, Marian Ruth (Mrs. Albert William Freeman), 

76 West King" St., Shippensburg, Pa. 
Eckman, Marie 

Edwards, Margaret Elizabeth (Mrs. Margaret E. Hunter). 
Eicher, Margaret Elizabeth (Mrs. W. P. Lohr, Jr.), 

201 Everson Ave., Scottdale, Pa. 

Eisele, Kathleen — Teacher, Export ; Delmont, Pa. 

Ellis, Frances L. — Teacher 123 Union St., LTniontown, Pa. 

Ellsworth, Gertrude Id K St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Evans, Olivia E. — Teacher, Hempfield Twp. ;..324 Reed St., Jeannette, Pa. 

Evans, Ruth — Teacher, Springdale ; R. D. No. 4, Indiana, Pa. 

Everly, Josephine Lorraine — Teacher.. 213 North Second St., Jeannette, Pa. 
Fallon, Margaret Grace (Mrs. Margaret G. Maybury), 

402 Woodward Ave., McKees Rocks, Pa. 
Farkaly, Margaret Lucy.. 2913 Preble Ave., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Fedorkovich, Elizabeth 2042 Gironde St., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Fekula, Mary Box 93, Coaldale, Pa. 

Ferner, Emma Kathleen — Teacher 606 Napoleon St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Ferrarotti, Jenny Mary— Teacher 246 Wallace Ave., Leechburg, Pa. 

Fiske, Ruth Lee — Office, Holland Furnace Co., Ambridge Branch, 

829 Merchant St., Ambridge, Pa. 

A L U M X I BY C L A S S E S 217 

Ford, Hildred Mae (Mrs. Parkhill McGowan), 

570 East End Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Fox, Cornelia Ralphena (Mrs. Kenneth H. Flegal) — Teacher, 

605 Anderson St., Curwensville, Pa. 
Frew, Alice Rosetta (Mrs. Harry Holt), 

1526 West Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Fries, Albertha 503 Main St., West Newton, Pa. 

Frisch, Helen F. — Teacher 1003 Second Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Frost, Ruth Marie (Mrs. Ray E. Sanncr), 

R. F. D. No. 4, Box 109, West National Pike, Uniontown, Pa. 

Frye, Ethelda Virginia (Mrs. Dorsey Kunkle) Creekside, Pa. 

Fulton, Dorothy Mae — Deceased. 

Galasso, Lena Elizabeth 1042 Huber St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Gallo, Mary E. — Deceased. 
Galordi, Josephine 

Gaut, Anna Mary (Mrs. Harold E. Andrews) — Teacher, Pleasant Unity; 

1701 Ligonier St., Latrobe, Pa. 
Gebhard, AIary Katharine (Mrs. Hugh Johns), 

111^/2 East Main St., Uniontown, Pa. 
Gehrett, Martha E. — Teacher, Wilkins Twp. ; 

500 SaraJi St., Turtle Creek, Pa. 
Gessler, Virginia (Mrs. Virginia Douds) . . . .351 Kenny Ave., Pitcairn, Pa. 

Gibson, Bernice (Mrs. Bernice Betz) — Teacher Bolivar, Pa. 

Gilbert, Fannie Jane (Mrs. Charles Clayton Emanuel), 

218 Conemaugh St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Ginter, Louise Deane 115 South Highland St., DuBois, Pa. 

Glancy, Frances Catherine (Mrs. Donald F. Quinn) — Teacher, Barr Twp.; 

St. Bonifacius, Pa. 
Gleason, Helen C. (Mrs. Helen Gleason McAteer) — Teacher, 

832 Napoleon St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Glickler, Edythe a. (Mrs. Edythe G. Baker), 

15 Cannon St., Pittsburgh, 5, Pa. 

Goldfield. Lillian 447 Second St., Braddock, Pa. 

Gourley, Florence Esther — Teacher Big Run, Pa. 

Gove, Caroline (Mrs. Caroline G. Gallagher) . .Route No. 1, Dawson, Pa. 

Graffius, Marjorie L. — Teacher 2818 Sixth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Graham, Dorothy (Mrs. T. Malcolm Fries), 

607 Lookout Ave., Charleroi, Pa. 
Graham, Maroaretta Lucille (Mr<. Margaretta G. MacFarlane), 

708 Wayne Ave., Ellwood City, Pa. 
Granger, Grace Ex-elyn (Mrs. .\ndrew W. Breen), 

306 Ohio Ave., Glassport, Pa. 

Green, Dorothy F Irvona, Pa. 

Greenberg, Jennie Pearl 843 St. Clair St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Groxt^r, Frances Helen (Mrs. Robert W. Scandrett), 

1226 West Tenth St., Erie. Pa. 

Hall, Aurelia Elizabeth 22 West Water St., Greensburg, Pa. 

Halnan, Eleanor Marion — Teacher. .. .348 East 11th, Homestead, Pa. 

Hamilton, Maxine (Mrs. James H. Sleigh) Export, Pa. 

Hamilton, Vannelia M. — Teacher .Layton, Pa. 

Harper, Isabel M 222 Church St., Turtle Creek, Pa. 

Hartl^ng. Florence Mary (Mrs. Emerson Walker), 

Rear 104 Spring Ave., Ellwood City, Pa. 
Harvey, Jean E. (Mrs. Ralph H. Barton), 

114 North Third St., Clearfield, Pa. 
Hatcher, Stella (Mrs. August Dahlin, Jr.) — Teacher, 

2814 Riverview Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 
Haves, Sara LaRue (Mrs. Tame? Lambert) . .1302 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 


Headlee, Jennie Esther 345 Porter St., R. D. No. 1, Waynesburg, Pa. 

Heckman, Edna Mae — Children's Hospital. .125 DeSota St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Henderson, Annette Elizabeth (Mrs. Charles L. Weber), 

514 Smith St., Magnolia, Ark. 

Henninger, Mary I. — Teacher 120^4 Mosser St., Altoona, Pa. 

Henry, Grace Irene — Teacher Danielsville, Pa. 

Hepler, O. Eleanor (Airs. Harry L. Clawson), 

Box 383, Morris St., Clymer, Pa. 

Hepler, Virginia Ida — Teacher 221 South Highland St., DuBois, Pa. 

Hetrick, Marion Elizabeth (Mrs. H. K. Rhodes) — Teacher, 

603 East Main St., Roaring Spring, Pa. 

Hetrick, Zelma Pearl North Ave., Kittanning, Pa. 

HiCKSON, Margaret Priscilla 910 Allison Ave., Washington, Pa. 

Hill, Anna W. — Teacher 107 Washington St., Freeport, Pa. 

Hill, Elizabeth Elfrieda (Mrs. George Zentner), 

Arnold Terrace, Braeburn, Pa. 

Himler, Lucy Matilda — Teacher 400 Ligonier St., Latrobe, Pa. 

HiNER, Trudell 39 Ridge Ave., Homer City, Pa. 

Hoffman, Alice Gertrude (Mrs. James M. Hanson) — Teacher, 

317 North Albany St., Ithaca, N. Y. 
Hoke, Helen K. — Teacher, Lewistow^n;. .311 North Fourth St., Newport, Pa. 

Hoop, Frances E. — Teacher New Salem, Pa. 

HoPF, Irene — Teacher 541 Freeport Road, New Kensington, Pa. 

Horner, Naomi Bessie (Mrs. Naomi B. Morgan), 

4317 North Ninth St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Horrell, Hannah Margaret (Mrs. G. S. Klingensmith). 
Householder, Julia Mary (Mrs. H. W. Bitner), 

Harrison Avenue Extension, R. D. No. 4, Latrobe, Pa. 
HuK, Estella W. (Mrs. Andrew Mottey) — Teacher, 

309 Merchant St., Ambridge, Pa. 

Hull, LaVerne — Teacher, Seward ; New Florence, Pa. 

Humbert, Jean Elizabeth (Mrs. John Alton) — Teacher, 

901 Maple Ave., Turtle Creek, Pa. 
Hunter, Rebecca Priscilla (Mrs. Paul M, Newell), 

R. D. No. 1, Vandergrift, Pa. 
Hurd, Elizabeth Marie (Mrs. Fulton A. Rogers), 

225 West Oak Orchard St., Medina, N. Y. 

Hurst, Ruth Georgia 72 Murray Ave., Uniontown, Pa. 

Huston, Bessie Blanche 

Hutson, Annabelle Eliz.\beth — Deceased. 

Ingram, Helen L. (Mrs. L. P. Siren), 

334 Isabella Ave., North Charleroi, Pa. 
Irwin, Edythe (Mrs. Merle B. Kelley) . .223 North Ave., Washington, Pa. 

Jack, Helen M Colver, Pa. 

Jackson, Eleanor (Mrs. G. T. Sayers)..413 South Main St., DuBois, Pa. 
Jeffreys, Ruth Harriett (Mrs. H. Ellwood Rankin) — Teacher, 

1531 Ravine St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Johnson, Ethel Violet Duquesne, Pa. 

Johnson, Rubye P. — Teacher 805 Graham Ave., Windber, Pa. 

Jones, Alice E. (Mrs. Orrel E. Freed) 59 Knox Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Jones, Alma Rosina (Mrs. Wilbur R. Kennedy) Mars, Pa. 

Jones, Elizabeth Ruth (Mrs. Homer M. Wahl) — Teacher, 

106 Ravine St., Aliquippa, Pa. 

Jones, Marjorie — Teacher 211 West Ogle St., Ebensburg, Pa. 

Jones, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. Robert B. McCune), 

R. D. No. 1, Box 204, Jefferson Road, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Jordan, Naomi R. (Mrs. Naomi R. Uhlig) Export, Pa. 

Joyce, Ruth N. 

A L U M N I B Y C L A S S E S 219 

Kaminsky, Sadie 69 Iron St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Kaplan, Fannie School Place, Johnstown, Pa. 

Kaufman, Grace — Teacher, Jenners ; Route No. 2, Boswell, Pa. 

Kaus, Mildred D. (Mrs. Stephen Methven), 

220 Reed Ave., Monessen, Pa. 
Kehne, Naomi Olinda (Mrs. Fred Weitzel), 

212 Del Mar Ave., San Gabriel, Calif. 

Keisler, Anna June 718 Grandview Ave., East Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Kelly, Elisabeth (Mrs. Winfield McClure) — Teacher, 

525 Bloomington Ave., Curwensville, Pa. 
Kelly, Elizabeth Josephine (Mrs. Raymond Johnston), 

R. D. No. 2, Clymer, Pa. 
Kelly, Gladys Irene (Mrs. Allen E. Hostetler), 

R. D. No. 5, Box 328-A, Johnstown, Pa. 

Kelly, Margaret E. — Teacher Curwensville, Pa. 

Kelly, Wilmina Agnes Carrolltown, Pa. 

Kelscii, Dorothy Estella — Teacher. ,. .1154 Franklin St., McKeesport, Pa. 
Kelso, Josephine (Mrs. Edward J. Kreitzer), 

20 North Putnam, Buffalo, N. Y. 

Kennedy, Margaret Elizabeth 324 Eagle St., Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Kennedy, Mary Pitt Library, Pa. 

Kephart, Margaret Arlean — Teacher Bellwood, Pa. 

King, Frances Ann (Mrs. Paul L. Cook) . .1306 Fifth St., New Brighton, Pa. 
Kinkead, Margaret E. (Mrs. Charles B. Rigney), 

501 Gaskill Ave., Jeannette, Pa. 

Kirk, Rach ael Lucile Luthersburg, Pa. 

Kiskadden, Dorothy Grace (Mrs. T. W. Clouser), 

215 Almendra Ave., Los Gatos, Calif. 

Klenk, Ruth Irene 828 Devlin St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Kline, Grace Marg.\ret — Teacher Reynoldsville, Pa. 

Knupp, Edith Elaine — Deceased. 

Knupp, Mabel Aleen (Mrs. Ralph E. Cribbs) R. D. No. 6, Indiana, Pa. 

Kramer, Alice — Teacher 203 Nichols St., Clearfield. Pa. 

KuNTz, Charlotte Catherine Troutville, Pa. 

KuNTZ, Zella — Post Office Clerk Marion Center, Pa. 

Labe, Jeannette Marie — Teacher.. 48 Second Ave., Westmont, Johnstown, Pa. 
Lacey, Elsie Margaret (Mrs. John A. O'Donnell), 

122^ Eighteenth Ave., Homestead, Pa. 
LaClair, Marjorie (Mrs. Frank R. Parker, Jr.), 

Parker Apts., Scottdale, Pa. 
Lambert, B. F. — Deceased. 

Lemon, Mary Gladys — Teacher, Westmoreland Co. ; Saltsburg, Pa. 

LiEB, Mary Edna (Mrs. Joseph A. Dumm) R. D., Spangler, Pa. 

Liggett, Julia Marie — Teacher New Florence, Pa. 

Lisowitz, Rosalie 219 David St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Llewellyn, Myra LaClair (Mrs. Theodore M. Bowers). 

LoBB, Velma Gertrude — Teacher Brisbin, Pa. 

Long, Evelyn Regina (Mrs. Harold R. Beacom)..Box 248, Osborn, Ohio. 

Long, M. Geraldine — Teacher 505 Third Ave., Johnsonburg, Pa. 

LusK, Leona (Mrs. J. D. Ferree) R. D. No. 1, Volant, Pa. 

Mack, Florence Virginia New Florence, Pa. 

Malcolm, Edna C. (Mrs. Edgar G. Sullinger), 

1422 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 
Malcolm, Winona Isabel — Teacher. .. .332 North Seventh St., Indiana, Pa. 

Malia, Regina Ann Mammoth, Pa. 

Marcase, Helen— Teacher, Clairton ; 1232 State St., Coal Valley, Pa. 

Marlatt, Wilma Ruch (Mrs. Thomas W. Anderson), 

4 Mineola Ave., West View, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

220 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Mather, Bernice Jane (Mrs. Robert Nichols Brown) — Teacher, 

10 Turnpike Ave., Clearfield, Pa. 

Mawhinney, Elsie C. — Teacher 107 Magee Ave., Jeannette, Pa. 

McCardle, Gertrude — Teacher 659 Chestnut St., Indiana, Pa. 

McCarthy, Elizabeth M. — Teacher 28 Walker Ave., Bradford, Pa. 

McCrea, Gertrude (Mrs. C. W. Hastings), 

125 Second St., Aspinwall, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
McCullough, Elizabeth Black (Mrs. Herman C. Fischer), 

Box 7, Meservey, Iowa. 
McGahan, Mary Frances (Mrs. Manuel Higgins), 

132 Clarion St., Johnstown, Pa. 
McGraw, Mildred E. (Mrs. Samuel M. Bowman), 

216 Goucher St., Johnstown, Pa. 
McKenrick, Ruth Elizabeth (Mrs. T. D. Peters) — Teacher, 

509 Centre St., Curwensville, Pa. 
McQuowN, Mary Virginia (Mrs. Harrj' M. Miller), 

325 Main St., Brockway, Pa. 
McVay, Bessie (Mrs. Roy C. Bryan), 

1147 West Lovell St., Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Mendlowitz, Ruth June (Mrs. Ruth June Palkovitz), 

1613 Scott St.. McKeesport, Pa. 
Merriman, Ann Varner (Mrs. John A. Bell), 

3944 California Ave., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Metz, Katherine Keck (Mrs. E. C. Nixon), 

313 Morgantown St., Uniontown, Pa. 
Millen, Marjorie Race 
Miller, Agnes E. (Mrs. Raymond H. Amalong) — Department of Public 

Assistance R. D. No. 3, Box 3-A, Greensburg, Pa. 

Miller, Florence (Mrs. A. H. Parish) — Teacher. 

828 Kirkpatrick Ave., North Braddock, Pa. 
Miller, Mary Josephine — Teacher, 

1120 Woodmont Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 
Miller, Myra Louise (Mrs. Edmond F. Shellenberger) — Teacher, Tyrone; 

1019 Highland Place, Altoona, Pa. 

Mitchell, E. Elizabeth (Mrs. Nerval S. Calhoun) Belsano, Pa. 

Moats, Jessie Margaret (Mrs. J. R. Swan), 

327 Sawyer St.. Rochester, N. Y. 
MoNATH, Anna K. (Mrs. William E. Dash).. Box 562, West Newton, Pa. 

MooRE, Alice E. — Teacher 554 Glenwood Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

MooRE, Sybel Louise 209 West Long Ave., DuBois, Pa. 

MooRE, Verna May (Mrs. Norman B. Greene) — Teacher, 

148 Susquehanna Ave., Curwensville, Pa. 

Moorhead, Helen (Mrs. J. Wendell Stewart) Penn Run, Pa. 

Morgan, Mary Florence — Principal of Bessemer Avenue Elementary School,. 

615 Madison Ave., East Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Morrow, Elizabeth — Teacher 410 Hillcrest Ave., New Castle, Pa. 

Morrow, Grace M. — Elementary School Principal, Emerson School, 

1215 Seventeenth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 
MosKOWiTZ, Blanche — Teacher, Rankin ;. .2270 Shady Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Mylott, Adelaide — Teacher 284 Prospect St., Sharon, Pa. 

Neal, Agnes Mary — Teacher, South Huntingdon Twp. ; 

R. D. No. 2, Ruffsdale, Pa. 
Neeson, Beatrice Margaret. .131 Mairdale Ave., North Side. Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Nelson, Katherine Louise — Teacher. .1410 Grandview St., McKeesport, Pa. 
Nesbitt, Mrs. Florence (Mrs. George M. Nesbitt), 

R. D. No. 2, Box 156C. Johnstown, Pa. 

Nessenthaler, Mary (Mrs. \^'illiam Frye) Box 28, Rector, Pa. 

NE\aus, Mildred Loretta 1820 Abraham St., McKeesport, Pa^ 


Newill, Meriam J. (Mrs. William H. Home) Pleasant Unity, Pa. 

Newill, Mildred E. (Mrs. Walter Honsman) Gary, W. Va. 

Newman, Helen Gertrude — Teacher. .3100 Versailles Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 
Ober, Blanche — Teacher, Lorain Boro., 

120 View St., R. D. No. 3, Box 250, Johnstown, Pa. 
O'Brien, Mary A. (Mrs. Harold A. Bollerman), 

626 Main St., North Bergen, N. J. 
Ogden, Bertha Elizabeth 
Ohringer, Helen (Mrs. Helen Ohringer Nathan) — Teacher, 

Nortli Braddock ; 5864 Darlington Road, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Orr, Valgean Elizabeth (Mrs. Allen V. Nern), 

5 C Beechwood Apts., Narberth, Pa. 

Overly, Hazel M.— Teacher R. D. No. 1, Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Owens, Katherine — Teacher, 

1209 Hancock Avenue Extension, Vandergrift, Pa. 
Painter, Virginia (Mrs. Harry F. Keefner), 

1047 Highland Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 
Patterson, Betty (Mrs. Blair Alverson). 
Patterson, Genevieve 
Patterson, Margaret E. (Mrs. Matthew A. Crawford), 

920 Maplewood Ave., Anibridge, Pa. 

Patton, Dorothy (Mrs. Garrett Wall) R. D. No. 1, Monongahela, Pa. 

Pearlman, Freeda Belle 5924 Phillips Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Pero, Dorothy Irene— Teacher Box 253, Wilmerding, Pa. 

Pfaff, Nancy Amand.\ — Stenographer, Notary Public, 

626 First St., DuBois, Pa. 

Phillips, Mary Viola— Teacher 1243 Victoria, New Kensington, Pa. 

Pierce, Fern Olive R. D. No. 1, Library, Pa. 

Pimlott, Dorothy Mae — Deceased. 

Pitetti, Teresa (Mrs. Teresa Cassetta) R. D. No. 2, Box 79, Greensburg, Pa. 

Plaickner, Anna Marie (Mrs. David E. ]Moore), 

R. D. No. 2, Hollsopple. Pa. 

Porter, Dorothy W.— Teacher 1810 Coursin St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Post, Alice Rebecca (Mrs. Robert M. Berry) Morganza, Pa. 

Post, Mary Eliz.\beth R. D. No. 1, Dunn Station, Pa. 

Postance, D. Patricia— Teacher 787 Chestnut St., Meadville, Pa. 

Potts, Grace (Mrs. Melvin H. Brinkman), 

R. F. D. No. 2, Box 214, Wheeling, W. Va. 

Pounds, Ruth Catherine— Teacher 448 Eleanor St., Pitcairn, Pa. 

Proskey, Alma D. (Mrs. Alathias Muehl)— Teacher, 

111 Race St., Edgewood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Prough, Gladys Louise (Mrs. William Peterson) Greensburg, Pa. 

PuRDiE, Margaret Gibson (Airs. Margaret P. Godshall), 

St. Clair Apt., East Opperman St., Greensburg, Pa. 

Purvis, Harriett Louisa— Teacher 911 Porter St., Tarentum, Pa. 

QuiNN, Anna Margaret (Mrs. G. L. Norris) Aitch, Pa. 

QuiNN, Helen 

Rabold, V. Ruth (Mrs. F. E. Flegal, Jr.), 

307 West Fifth Ave.,, Pa. 

Ream, Lillian (Mrs. Lillian Dodd) 427 Wood St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Reece, Mrs. Cleaves M. (Mrs. Philip P. Reece)— Teacher, 

346 North Sixth St.. Indiana, Pa. 
Reed, Lila Lorraine (Mrs. C. M. Buterbaugh), 

1197 School St., Indiana, Pa. 
Reese, Mary Margaret (Mrs. Ken Rutherford), 

35 North Fifth St., Indiana, Pa. 
Remen, Ann Mae 454 Francis Ave., Monongahela, Pa. 

222 A L U M X I D I R E C T O R Y 

Reynard, Mary Eleanor (Mrs. Eleanor Anders), 

R. F. D. No. 1, Eighty-Four, Pa. 
Rhodes, Margaret E. (Mrs. Joseph O. Errigo), 

429 Locust St., Curwensville, Pa. 
Rhone, Mildred J. (Mrs. George E. Wrigley) . .State St., Curwensville, Pa. 

RiBBLETT, Nan S. (Mrs. T. R. Harris) Conemaugh, Pa. 

Rich, Philomena T. — Teacher, Unity Twp. ;..431 Lloyd Ave., Latrobe, Pa. 

Rich.\rds, Gertrude 133 D St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Richards, Sarah Elizabeth (Mrs. John Webb). 

Roberts, Mrs. Edith Campbell (Mrs. C. M. Wissinger), 

R. D. No. 1, Box 142, Conemaugh, Pa. 
Roberts, Evelyn 
RoBisoN, E. Irene (Mrs. Milton D. McDowell, Jr.). 

214 South Allen St., State College, Pa. 

Rohm, Madeline — Teacher Poplar Grove, Connellsville, Pa. 

Rosen, Evelyn Carlixe (Mrs. Evelyn Rosen Schulhof) — Teacher, 

1918 Soles St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Ross, Mary Elizabeth — Teacher, Castle Shannon ; Library, Pa. 

Rowles, M. Elizabeth — Nurse Mahaffey, Pa. 

Ruddock, Audrey 89 Juniper St., Homer City, Pa. 

Sanders, Carrie Geraldine 

Sanson, Sadie Jane (Mrs. Sadie Sanson Sunseri) — Teacher, 

401 Golde St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Saul, Theresa Sylvia 5625 Forbes St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Saunders, Anna J. — Teacher 569 Fourth St., Pitcairn, Pa. 

Sawders, Anne Pearl 

Schaefer, Ruth L. (Mrs. Ruth S. Walker), 

3514 Campus St., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Schaeffer, Helen Louise (Mrs. Raymond Faith), 

607 Woodward Ave., Kittanning, Pa. 

Schell, Laura Mae Main St., Export, Pa. 

ScHETTiG, Ann Mary 517 Second St., Cresson, Pa. 

Schmidt, Miriam Elizabeth (Mrs. James F. Aber), 

814 Park Ave., Collingswood, N. J. 
Schwab, Helen Virginia 

Schweiger, Hildegard — Teacher 711 Kennedy Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Sennett, Sara Grace 710 Hall St., Aliquippa, Pa. 

Sepessi, Irene 1129 Ravine St., Munhall, Pa. 

Shaffer, Lillian C. (Mrs. Gillian J. Friedline) . .R. D. No. 1, Stoystown, Pa. 
Shaffer, Mary Eliza (Mrs. Roy E. Joyce), 

190 West Delason Ave., Youngstown, Ohio. 
Shannon, Elizabeth Agnes — Principal of AIcKee School, 

412 Grove St., McKees Rocks, Pa. 
Sharp, Mayella Elizabeth (Mrs. Franch Williams), 

2244 Chalfant St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Shaulis, Marian E. — Teacher Box 191, Hooversville, Pa. 

Shenk, Flora Emily 613 Ivy St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Shillito, Rowene (Mrs. Hugh H. Williams), 

405 East Prospect Ave., State College, Pa. 

Shimel, Mrs. Hannah M. — Retired 302 Nichols St., Clearfield, Pa. 

Shoenthal, E\tlyn Laura (Mrs. Evelyn S. Amick) New Paris, Pa. 

Shoenthal, Mildred B. (Mrs. Rov D. Hoffman), 

325 South Richard St., Bedford, Pa. 

Shone, Georgina Blanche 124 North White St., Shenandoah, Pa. 

Shoupe, Florence Maxine 

Shultz, Mildred Mae — Teacher Box 263, Somerset, Pa. 

Shuster, Ruth Lev^re — Teacher 231 East ISth Ave.. Homestead, Pa. 

A L U M N I B Y C L A S S E S 223 

Singer, Mildred Morris (Mrs. Clifford Rishey), 

203 Valley St., Lewistown, Pa. 
Slagle, Mazerna Agnes 

Slick, Amber Rosalind — Teacher, Bedford; R. D., Roaring Spring, Pa. 

Sloan, Lois Mary (Mrs. William S. Schmidt), 

Oak St., Box 326, Manor, Pa. 
Smallwood, Evelyn Rose 

Smith, Anna Florence — Teacher R. D. No. 2, Box 108, Blairsville, Pa. 

Smith, Anna Grace — Teacher R. No. 1, Belle Vernon, Pa. 

Smith, Beulah Aualine 

Smith, C. Virginia — Teacher, Keisterville;. .Box 18, Upper Middletown, Pa. 

Smith, Dorothy Wilson (Mrs. Charles E. Adams), 

540 Woodward Ave., McKees Rocks, Pa. 

Smith, Helen Isabelle Sabula, Pa. 

Smith, Martha E. (Mrs. Joseph Muschella) — Teacher, 

2310 Cabot, Apt. 8, Detroit, Mich. 
Snixtxy, Myrtle M. — Teacher, Bell Twp. ;....859 Sidney St., Greensburg, Pa. 
Snyder, Jane Malvene (Mrs. Harold J. Palmer), 

716 Fourth St., Verona, Pa. 
Sober, Blanche Cleo (Mrs. Walter C. Hindman), 

1213 Princeton Ave., Tarentum, Pa. 
Somerville, Arabelle — Library Assistant, 

36 North Second St., Duquesne, Pa. 
Spence, Mildred Eva (Mrs. Robert M. Burnett), 

11th F. A. B., Schofield Barracks, Territory of Hawaii. 
Spencer, Mrs. Nelle Dodd (Mrs. Melvin F. Rampp), 

116 Locust St., Spencer, W. Va. 
Stager, Catherine M. (Mrs. Karl W. Dettling), 

Berkley Hills, R. D. No. 5, Johnstown, Pa. 

Stake, June Zella c/o John D. Stake, R. D. No. 3, Indiana, Pa. 

Steele, Dorothy Louella (Mrs. Ernest Carver) — Teacher, 

2700 Graham Ave., Windber, Pa. 
Steele, Beatrice (Mrs. Beatrice S. Lichtenfels), 

433 Second St., Pitcairn, Pa. 

Steffey, Anna Elizabeth — Teacher 1813 Ridge Ave., Arnold, Pa. 

Steffy, Martha Kathryn Marion Center, Pa. 

Stern, Esther (Mrs. Joseph Dietz) . . . .531 East Broad St., Souderton, Pa. 

Stewart, Mildred — Teacher, Vandergrift ; Perm Run, Pa. 

Stoops, Hazel M. (Mrs. Albert S. Drake) 389 Service Ave., Sharon, Pa. 

Straitiff, Adelene Helen — Teacher. .207 Woodland Ave., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Stufft, Anna Catherine (Mrs. J. L. Lehman), 

1714 Hobart St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 
Stull, Mary Catharine (Mrs. Fred H. Brant, Jr.).. Route No. 1, Berlin, Pa. 
Stutzman, Kathryn Elizabeth 
Styche, Edith P. (Mrs. Edith S. Bernabei), 

432 Chess St., Bridgeville, Pa. 
Suxderlin, Bernice Hope (Mrs. Benny F. Rowe), 

R. D. No. 1, Clymer, Pa. 

S\t:dberg, Minnie L. — Teacher 3403 Versailles Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

SwANSBORO, Emily R. — Teacher. .. .1017 Philadelphia St., Barnesboro, Pa. 

SwiHART, Laura Dale (Mrs. Samuel Roach). 

Switzer, Dorothy Geraldine (Mrs. Dorothy S. Raffensperger). 

Sylves, Sara Emma R. D. No. 1, Turtle Creek, Pa. 

Tantlinger, Pansey 417 Forest Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Taylor, Catharine Rosetta — Teacher 537 Station St., Bridgeville, Pa. 

Taylor, Ethel J. CMrs. John F. Simpson), 

586 North Main St., Greensburg, Pa. 


Taylor, Irma Belle (Mrs. James L. Boucher), 

2306 Torrance Blvd., Torrance, Calif. 

Taylor, Phyllis M. — Teacher 546 Harold Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Therase, Viola J. (Mrs. Joseph Novak, Jr.).. 6233 Pala Ave., Bell, Calif. 
Thomas, Dorothy Alice (Mrs. D. F. Kurtz), 

109 Center St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Thomas, Thelma — Teacher 14 East Brown St., Blairsville, Pa. 

Thompson, Lois Aleene (Mrs. Ernest N. Smith).. 464 Elm St., Indiana, Pa. 

Thompson, Margaret N 228 Arthur St., Kittanning, Pa. 

Thompson, Neva I. (Mrs. Carl Kolbe) Cherry Tree, Pa. 

Thomson, Margaret Joanne — Deceased. 

Thornton, Mary (Mrs. Mary Riblett) — Teacher, 

118 Locust St., Conemaugh, Pa. 

Todhunter, Christina 560 Ferndale Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Tonkin, Helen E. (Mrs. E. J. Little). 

Topping, Elizabeth Kirkwood (Mrs. Elizabeth Topping Monahan) — Teacher, 

232 Eighteenth Ave., Homestead, Pa. 

Tornell, Ruth C. — Teacher 445 Stokes Ave., North Braddock, Pa. 

Treasure, Anna C. (Mrs. E. K. Eisaman), 

429 Harrison Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 
Trent, Helen Elizabeth — Deceased. 
Uncapher, Ruth M. (Mrs. R. W. Carson) — Clerk, 

418 South Orange Ave., Newark, N. J. 
Underwood, Marian Eleanor — Teacher, Mt. Lebanon ; 

5147 Fifth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Vickroy, Dorothy — Teacher 560 Park Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Vickroy, Marjorie (Mrs. Howard Clement) 88 Akers St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Wagle, Mary Lou (Mrs. Hilary Crawford), 

313 East Brown St., Blairsville, Pa. 

Wallace, Mary S. — Teacher 904 Elder Ave., Barnesboro, Pa. 

Watkins, Florence (Mrs. John R. McAllister) — Deceased. 

Waugaman, Blanche — Teacher 124 Farragut Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Weaver, Jeanne Elizabeth (Mrs. Fay Cody McKinney), 

R. F. D. No. 2, Mentor, Ohio. 
Weaver, Margaret Jane (Mrs. E. T. Lockyer), 

110 Center Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Weinel, Grace Elizabeth (Mrs. Andrew M. Gulliford), 

304 First St., Apollo, Pa. 
Wengert, Anna Mary (Mrs. Harry K. Corl), 

119 East Fifth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 
Werner, Hilda Mary (Mrs. Denny S. Marshall) — Teacher, 

168 Elkton Road, Newark, Del. 

Wery, Yvonne Chislane 420 West Mahoning St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Westover, M. Elizabeth (Mrs. Frank C. Stephens), 

R. D. No. 1, Penn Run, Pa. 

White, Eleanor — Teacher R. D. No. 2, Hollidaysburg, Pa. 

White, Ruth Eleanor — Teacher 53 North Second St., Duquesne, Pa. 

Whiteman, Lois C. (Mrs. E. H. Santner) Box 72, Harrison City, Pa. 

Whitesell, Corinne V. (Mrs. Corinne Schlinger) — Teacher, 

558 Prospect Ave., Ridgefield, N. J. 

Williams, Essie D. (Mrs. Ralph E. Fornwalt) Box 182, Milesburg, Pa. 

Willman, Catherine E. (Mrs. Allan E. Latta), 

1103 Ohio St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Wilson, Marjorie Elizabeth 221 South Oakland Ave., Sharon, Pa. 

Wilson, Ruth A. (Mrs. Lemuel C. Alcorn), 

86 South Lake St., North East, Pa. 
WissER, Kathryn Amelia (Mrs. John Kaufman). 


WissER, Marian Alberta (Mrs. Leonard C. Mann), 

24 Bowman Avenue ICxtension, McKccsport, Pa. 

WiTMAN, Elizabeth Bayard — Teacher 525 Fairmont Ave., TrafTord, Pa. 

WoiiLER, Mrs. Grace Mae Williams (Mrs. Charles R. Wohler) — Substitute 

Teacher R. D. No. 1, Indiana, Pa. 

Woods, Dorothea Louise 

Woods, Jane Elizabeth (Mrs. George F. GrafT, Jr.), 

29 L3 Atchcson St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Young, Jane E. — Teacher 734 East Washington St., New Castle, Pa. 

YuDiN, Jeanette F. — Teacher 42 River Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Zenowski, Vera Mae (Mrs. Vera Mae Kleppick), 

137 Fifth St., Aspinwall, Pittsburgh. Pa. 
Zimmerman, Bertha Elizabeth (Mrs. Bertha Z. Potter), 

Box 600, Perryopolis, Pa. 

Zi.MMERMAN, Martiia Elizabeth — Cooperative Supervising Teacher, State 

Teachers College, Indiana ; Plumville, Pa. 

Junior High School Curriculum 

.A.LEXICK, John V.— Teacher 1326 West Ninth St., Erie, Pa. 

Anderson, Jenella — Teacher 1676 West Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Bennett, Fred McClure — Minister High St., Saltsburg, Pa. 

Brubaker, Dorothy V. (Mrs. Dorothy V. Dietze) — Teacher, 

1906 Washington Ave., Altoona, Pa. 
Clark, Robert J. — Deceased. 
DoMB, William Eugene — Teacher, North Mahoning Twp. ; 

R. F. D. No. 1, Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Douglass, Marjorie Cordelia 34 South Ninth St.. Indiana, Pa. 

Frye, Raymond E. — Teacher 621 Franklin Ave., Palmerton, Pa. 

Gray, Sara J. — Teacher 166 Pitt St.. Leechburg, Pa. 

Gressly, Anna E. (Mrs. Paul J. Kline) — Missionary Work. .RufTsdale, Pa. 
Guthrie, Louise Elizabeth (Mrs. Regis J. Maloney), 

517 Locust St., DuBois, Pa. 
Hickes, Roy Milton — Principal of High School. .431 Ohio Ave., Glassport, Pa. 
HoNSE. John H. — Lumber Salesman, 

R. D. No. 1, Leechburg Road, Ford City, Pa. 

Kuhns, Howard L. — Teacher 106 North Second St., Clearfield. Pa. 

Leonard, Wilbert M. — Supervising Principal, 

801 Chestnut Ave., Barnesboro, Pa. 

Luke, Harry Victor 508 F St., LaPorte, Ind. 

McClelland, Eleanor May Edri, Pa. 

McCoy, John H. — Teacher 308 Grant Ave., Leechburg, Pa. 

Miller, Raymond Ephriam — Teacher 303 Eleventh St., Ford City, Pa. 

Russell, Nell H. — Supervisor, Bellevue Hospital, 

426 East 26th St., New York, N. Y. 
Stewart, Emma Sutton — Teacher, The American College. .. .Sofia, Bulgaria. 
Williams. Marvin J. — Salesman, Morningstar Bakery, 

106^2 Lane Ave., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Normal Art Curriculum 

Evans, Wilda B. (Mrs. Martin P. Korn) 615 Field Ave., Detroit. Mich. 

Kramer. Katherine A. (Mrs. Alfred J. Wise). 

5880 Cote St., Antoine Road, N. D. G., Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 

Norton. Lucille 554 Radnor St.. Harrisburg. Pa. 

Sabo, Gertrude Winifred 502 Wallis Ave., Farrell, Pa. 

Sullivan, Suzanne Kane (Mrs. J. Fenton Huger). 

819 DuBois St., DuBois. Pa. 

226 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Commercial Teacher Curriculum 

Barr, Harold S. — Head of Commercial Dept...9 Maple Ave., Barnegat, N. J. 
Bauersfeld, Elfrieda 

Billy, Helen — Teacher 319 Park Ave., Clairton, Pa. 

Breslin, Jennie M. (Mrs. Horace D. Obert) Ebberts Park, Lehighton, Pa. 

Carson, Paul E. — Head, Department of Bible, Sterling College, 

530 North Broadway, Sterling, Kan. 
Dierker, Ruth Marie (Mrs. R. P. Miller). 
FoLKE, Geraldine (Mrs. A. A. Hogberg). 
Fredericks, Ethel Harriet (Mrs. Paul L. Salsgiver), 

293 Granite Ave., Alilton, Mass. 
Garen, Pearl Ellanor — Teacher.. D 129, Stonehurst Court, Upper Darby, Pa. 

Graf, Carl E.— Teacher 1301 Third Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Hug, Rosa B.— Teacher, Detroit, Mich.; 831 Chestnut St., Indiana, Pa. 

Katchmer, Walter — Teacher 693 Alter St., Hazleton, Pa. 

Killgallon, Katherine Winifred — Teacher. .3 South Fifth St.. Duquesne, Pa. 
Kinney, Virginia Clark (Mrs. Donald J. Donlin), 

132 Chemung St., Waverly, N. Y. 
Lowe, Dorothy R. 

McDonald, Kathryn E. — Teacher 1024 Eighth Ave., Beaver Falls, Pa. 

Moorhead, Kenneth— Teacher 529 Vickroy Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Murphy, Julia (Mrs. Julia Hohman) — Part-time Teacher, 

533 Woodmont St., East McKeesport, Pa. 
Murray, Jean (Mrs. William L. Crawford), 

Telegraph Road, Brownsville, Pa. 
Olsen, Alice (Mrs. Arthur Keeler) — Teacher. .Route No. 1, Elizabeth, Pa. 
OvERDORF, Anna Mary 

Salada, Mary Jane — Teacher, Minersville ; Llewellyn, Pa. 

Scherpf, A'Iarie Frances 

Sleighter, Ethel M. (Mrs. W. Lee V^orlage) — Teacher, 

340 Ridge Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 

Taby, Letha Shamokin, Pa. 

Welch, Marian (Mrs. R. K. Reeder), 

20 North 23rd St., \h. Penn, Reading, Pa. 
Wood, Helene Evaline (Mrs. Helena W. McClure) — Teacher, 

6 Maple Place, Warren, Pa. 

Home Economics Curriculum 

Buttermore, Marthabel — Foods Instructor, 

37 North Bryant Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Campbell, Mary B. — Teacher, AlcKees Rocks ; 838 Sixth Ave., Coraopolis, Pa. 

KiNTER, Mary (Mrs. Joseph E. Schwab) 10 Kinnear St., Tidioute, Pa. 

Nease, Burdella Mae (Mrs. Walter GuUeson), 

1327 Union Ave., Brackenridge, Pa. 
Rickert, Mary A. (Mrs. Arthur E. AlcCormick), 

R. D. No. 1, Conway Road, Freedom, Pa. 
Smith, Janet Louise (Mrs. Janet Smith Bodley), 

Apt. 15, 3100 Brownsville Road, Brentwood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Sterling, Thelma Christina (Mrs. F. M. Truesdale), 

356 East Seventh St., Erie, Pa. 
Weamer, June 48 East Elm St., Homer City, Pa. 

Public School Music Curriculum 

AiKEV, Charles I. — Band Director, Central High School, 

116 Sheridan St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Barry, Cora Elizabeth (Mrs. J. A. Milligan), 

Westbrook .\pts., Delaware Avenue & North St.. Buffalo, N. Y. 

A L U M XI BY C L A S S E S 227 

Brfaden, Margaret E. (Mrs. R. E. Armstrong) — Organist and Private Piano 

Teacher .399 West Butler St.. Mercer, Pa. 

Collins, Frances — Teacher, Hooversville ; Meyersdale, Pa. 

CoviLLE, Mrs. Mabel Charlotte — Supervisor of Music, 

North Elm St., Tionesla, Pa. 
Gessler, Elizabeth — Teacher, Ford City;.. 472 South 11th St., Indiana, Pa. 
Gessler, Mary Caroline — Teacher, Blairsville ; 

472 South 11th St., Indiana, Pa. 
Gregory, .Arthur E. — Director of Music, 

New Kensington High School, New Kensington, Pa. 
Harris, Marie (Mrs. Marie H. Heath), 

435 Marietta Ave., Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
LoxGWiLL, Rachel Elizabeth — Music Supervisor, Reynoldsville ; 

924 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 
McCoRMicK, Arthur E. — Director of Instrumental Music, AmbridjE^e High 

School R. D. No. 1, Conway Road, Freedom, Pa. 

Morrow, E. Katharine (Mrs. Jay Gardner Rudolph), 

410 Hillcrest Ave., New Castle, Pa. 
Paterick, William Wilson — Teacher. .. .1300 Corporation St., Reaver, Pa. 

Raymond, Frances St. Clair 309 North Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Schxabel, Marion E. — Music Instructor, Garfield Junior High School, 

929 Ash St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Wagst.'Vff, Aralaine Elizabeth (Mrs. David T. Anderson), 

Box 602, Mt. Jewett, Pa. 
^^'H1TMYRE, Teax MacIlroy (Mrs. W. M. Whitmvre). 

430 South 11th St.. Indiana. Pa. 

CLASS OF 1930 


President \. E. DrumhcUer 

Vice President \'irginia M. Yealy 

Secretary Sarah Margaret Wiley 

Treasurer Hudson Virgil Grumbling 


President Ann Marie Johnston 

Vice President Leah Esther Richardson 

Secretary Marian Hall Roup 

Treasurer Lois Mercedes Blythe 

Elementary Curriculums 
(Kindergarten - Primary and Intermediate) 

Acheson, Margaret Lois — Teacher Hickory, Pa. 

Ad.\ms, Camilla Claire (Mrs. James R. Braden), 

225 Park .\ve., Washington, Pa. 

Adams, Eleanor Rose 33 Ranson Ave., Blairsville, Pa. 

Adams. Virginia Grace Box 268, Portage, Pa. 

Altemus, Margaret B. (Mrs. Margaret A. Sheriff), 

Central Ave., Avis, Pa. 
Amond, Florence Elizabeth — Deceased. 
Ashman, Ruth Lois (Mrs. Ren Lindquist, Tr.) — Teacher, 

104 Ridge St.. Dravosburg, Pa. 
AsKFY. Gertrude (^^rs. .\rnold Robinson) — Teacher. Thomas Hernandy 

School Juncos, Puerto Rico. 

Ayers, Dorothy Louise 3011 Walnut St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Baker, Leona Maude 18 South Fifth St., Duquesne, Pa. 



Baker, Mary Gordon — Teacher Beaverdale, Pa. 

Ballantyne, Phyllis Marion — Teacher 159 East Third St., Derry, Pa. 

Balt, Gretchen (Mrs. P. T. Cline), 

505 Brighton Ave., Pennside, Reading, Pa. 
Barron, Bertha 
Batchelor, Edythe L. (Mrs. B. J. Fields) — Teacher, 

2714 Atcheson Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 
Bathie, Mary Louise (Mrs. Kenneth Hailes), 

119 McDowell Ave., Steubenville, Ohio. 
Baxendell, Pauline Marie (Mrs. Emerson C. Marks, Jr.), 

514 Ohio Ave., Glassport, Pa. 
Beatty, Lois Gertrude 

Bee, Martha — Teacher 215 Washington St., Indiana, Pa. 

Beehner, Dorothy Elinor — Teacher R. D. No. 5, Greensburg, Pa. 

Bell, Alma Roberta 

Bell, Lois Irene (Mrs. Paul E. Burkett) — Teacher, 

144 Venango St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Bender, Norma Marie 522 Powell Ave., Cresson, Pa. 

Bennett, Doris M. — Teacher Box 343, Ligonier, Pa. 

Berkley, Esther Leona (Mrs. Clarence Fritz).. 167 Sell St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Beveridge, Ann Bentleyville, Pa. 

Blair, Mary Magdalene (Mrs. Richard L. Pryce), 

420 West Sample St., Ebensburg, Pa. 

Bloom, Rose Caroline — Teacher State St., Curwensville, Pa. 

Blose, Lehna Caroline (Mrs. Lehna B. McLachlan). 

Blose, Mildred (Mrs. Earl Burns) Hillsdale, Pa. 

Blythe, Lois Mercedes (Mrs. Raymond P. Fritz), 

2605 Jenny Lind St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Bochie, Genevieve C. — Teacher 1323 Martha St., Munhall, Pa. 

Bock, Mary Elizabeth — Deceased. 

Boksenbaum, Lillian Vivian 326 Helen St., McKees Rocks, Pa. 

Borland, Mary Virginia (Mrs. Mary B. Glassford), 

1250 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 
Boss, Louise Katherine (Mrs. John J. Wolf), 

2814 Garbett Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 
BossART, Maybelle E. (Airs. Geary E. Kamerer), 

Route No. 1, New Stanton, Pa. 
Bowman, Dorothy M. (Mrs. Dorothy M. Weaver), 

520 Sherman St., Johnstown, Pa. 

BoYER, Nancy Verda — Teacher 424 Grant St., Reynoldsville, Pa. 

Braddock, Virginia Belle (Mrs. H. Clair Snyder) — Teacher, 

406 Gilmore Ave., Trafford, Pa. 
Branthoo\tr, Naomi (Mrs. George Arnal), 

220 Orchard Ave., Canonsburg, Pa. 
Brickell, Bertha (Mrs. William S. Smathers), 

511 East High St., Ebensburg, Pa. 
Briggs, Helen Louise (Mrs. Elliott Y. Butler), 

433 Madison Ave., Brookville, Pa. 

Brindley, Mary E. (Mrs. C. C. Taylor) 6 Harding St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Brosky, Bertha — Teacher.. 172 Crafton Branch, R. D. No. 5, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Browarsky, Ida Norma (Mrs. Theodore A. Tenor), 

1118 Fourth Ave., Beaver Falls, Pa. 

Brown, Jean Hazel (Mrs. J. Ford Myers) R. No. 1, Marion Center, Pa. 

Brown, Margaret B. — Principal of Lowell School, 

902 East Pottsgrove Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Brown, Vivian C. (Mrs. Leonard A. Parsons) R. D. No. 1, Saltsburg, Pa. 

Brubaker, Winona (Mrs. Earl Glasser) R. D. No. 1, Marion Center. Pa. 

Brubaker, Mabel Ruth 

A L U M N I B Y C L A S S E S 229 

Bullion, Marion E. — Teacher 207 East Tenth Ave., Homestead, Pa. 

BuRKETT, Lillian Almeda (Mrs. Ralph A. Mickel), 

307 South Ave., Bridgcton, N. J. 

BuRKHARDT, Margaret — Tcacher 262 Franklin Ave., Brookville, Pa. 

Byron, Agnes T. (Mrs. Roy Harris) 643 Reed Ave., Moncssen, Pa. 

Caldwell, Ruth Ailene — Teacher, Walston : 

308 Record Ave., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Campbell, Hazel Allene (Mrs. Russell Burr)..R. D. No. 1, Evans City, Pa. 
Canning, Marjorie Jane (Mrs. Richard E. Mohler), 

2147 Laketon Road, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Carney, Helen Marie (Mrs. Harry Heflin) . .128 North Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 
Carson, Louise Walker (Mrs. Louise C. Armstrong). 
Cawley, Laura Belle — Teacher. .. .1212 Church Ave., McKees Rocks, Pa. 

Ceraso, Evelyn E. — Teacher 328 Walnut St., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Christy, Hazel Marie 

Christy, Vera Gladys Murrysville, Pa. 

Clawson, Elizabeth B. (Mrs. H. Victor Luke).. 401 Elm St., Indiana, Pa. 
Cobb, Thelma Josephine — Teacher.. 308 Woodland Ave., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Cochrane, S. Elizabeth — Teacher Pleasant Ave., Wellsburg, W. Va. 

Colangelo, Aida Isabel (Mrs. Anthony Roman), 

3035 Brighton Road, North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Coleman, Adelaide Jane (Mrs. Meade Millen) West Lebanon, Pa. 

Cook, Hazel M. (Mrs. Hazel Cook Miller) . .315 Meyers Ave., Meyersdale, Pa. 

Cook, Virginia G. — Teacher McNutt Apts., Ninth St., Ford City, Pa. 

Coryell, Alice — Teacher, Winslow Twp. ; 302 Grant St., Reynoldsville, Pa. 

Cox, Mary Gertrude — Teacher 220 Lobinger Ave., North Braddock, Pa. 

Cox, Mary K. (Mrs. Mary Cox Hohman) — Teacher, 

526 Franklin St.. East Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Craig, Mary Virginia — Teacher 209 Union St., Uniontown, Pa. 

Cratty, Caroline — Teacher, Robinson Twp. ; 

25 White Ave., Crafton. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Crissey, Margaret L. — Teacher Hooversville, Pa. 

Croushore, Elva a. — Teacher 800 Graham Ave., Windber, Pa. 

Crowe, Mrs. Mabel Kroushour — Clerk.... 308 Fourteenth St., Windber, Pa. 
Crucknol, Sue (Mrs. Michael T. Shulick) — Teacher, 

R. F. D. No. 1, Box 157, Blairsville, Pa. 
Cupples, Helen Elizabeth (Mrs. Joseph Berger). 

1227 Nineteenth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Cylencia, Louise D. — Teacher 292 Park Ave., Clairton, Pa. 

Darnley, Florence M. (Mrs. S. O. Nixon) Resthaven, Perry, Ohio. 

Daugherty, Ellen Agnes Rossiter. Pa. 

DA\^DSON, Ellen Maude (Mrs. W. R. Rosenberger), 

804 Rocky Grove Ave., Franklin, Pa. 
DA\as, Jennette — Teacher, Susquehanna Twp. : . . . . Box 103, Barnesboro, Pa. 
Day, Margaret Catherine 

DeConna, Ann L. — Teacher Barnesboro, Pa. 

Delevett, Mary Elizabeth Ill North Second St.. Belhvood. Pa. 

Denton, Mrs. Isabel Jay 332 West Miller Ave., Akron, Ohio. 

Diamond, Josephine Cecelia Twin Rocks, Pa. 

Dixon, Margaret Lorene — Teacher, Iselin ; Saltsburg, Pa. 

Dolges, Ellen E. — Teacher R. D., Hastings, Pa. 

Doney, Alice Jean 844 Railroad Ave., Portage, Pa. 

Doty, Cora E. (Mrs. Jack Stear) — Tourist Home, 

R. D. No. 2, Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Douglas, Bernese E Spangler, Pa. 

Dunham, Adah Elizabeth (Mrs. Edwin A. West), 

113 Dartmouth St.. Holyoke, Mass. 
Dunmire. Helen Hadden 426 Philadelphia St.. Indiana, Pa. 


Dunn, Ruth Elizabeth 13 Mifflin Ave., Uniontown, Pa. 

Dyer, Belvie Bernice — Teacher 112 Wertz Road, Johnstown, Pa. 

Edwards, Elizabeth Jane (Mrs. William Vernon Hunter), 

605 Mifflin Road, Hays, Pa. 
Edwards, Margaret W. (Mrs. Walter E. Nesbitt), 

114 Twentieth St., Warwood, Wheeling, W. Va. 
Edwards, Marvel (Mrs. Marvel E. Zimmerman), 

Indiana Ave., Avonmore, Pa. 
Ekstrom, Evelyn C. (Mrs. H. E. Wagner) — Teacher, 

205 West Second St., Greensburg, Pa. 
Emerick, Mabel L. (Mrs. Ira D. Weigle), 

719 Bedford St., Apt. 1, Johnstown, Pa. 
Endean, Dorothy (Mrs. Wilson W. Baum), 

2314 ColUns Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 
Engel, Sara Margaret (Mrs. Alfred Mills Rush), 

R. D. No. 1, Scottdale, Pa. 

Engle, Esther Leona R. D. No. 2, Box 19, Johnstown, Pa. 

Esterline, Anna Louise (Mrs. H. A. Zerbe) Saxton, Pa. 

Feick, Avonelle O. (Mrs. Ellsworth Brown) — Teacher, 

1087 Norwood Ave., Ambridge, Pa. 
Fennell, Hazel Mildred (Mrs. Russell Schall) — Teacher, 

R. F. D. No. 1, Ford City, Pa. 
Ferguson, Ruth (Mrs. Matthew Alcorn), 

R. D. No. 1, Verona Road, Verona, Pa. 

Fleming, Ethel B. — Teacher 234 Oakmont Ave., Oakmont, Pa. 

Floyd, Ethlynn Jane 408 Guy St., Jeannette, Pa. 

Foight, Ruth (Mrs. Robert Simpson), 

408 Argonne Drive, New Kensington, Pa. 
Forsythe, Mrs. Anna Dahlin, 

1754 Hancock Avenue Extension, R. D. No. 2, Apollo. Pa. 

Fox, Mary A. — Teacher, Barnesboro ; Spangler, Pa. 

FoY, Mary Agnes 106 Walnut St., West Winfield, Pa. 

Frye, Margaret Josephine (Mrs. Frank A. Weisbecker), 

Western Ave., Jeannette, Pa. 
Frye, Mary Esther (Mrs. Esther F. Spicher), 

131 North Fifth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Gailey, Ethel G.— Teacher 1206 Roberts St., Nanty-Glo, Pa. 

Gates, Dorothy Eleanor 114 Gertrude St., Latrobe, Pa. 

George, Elizabeth Sophia 308 Albert St., Turtle Creek, Pa. 

Gerhardt, Leonora — Teacher 369 Ohio St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Gerhart, Blanche — Teacher Donegal, Pa. 

GiEHLL, Marie — Teacher 418 Bank St., Bridgeville, Pa. 

Gill, Agnes Sarah— Teacher 109 West Third St., Greensburg, Pa. 

Glass, Mary E.— Teacher R. D. No. 1, Bulger, Pa. 

Gotwald, Dorothy Belle (Mrs. Robert Murray), 

Highland Ave., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Gould, Thelma A. — Deceased. 
Gourley, Dorothy J. (Mrs. William Hill) — Substitute Teacher, 

705 West Mahoning St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Gregory, Margaret E. — Principal of New Eagle School. .. .New Eagle, Pa. 

Griffin, Alice R. — Teacher 20 Moody St., Braddock, Pa. 

Guest, Clara Gertrude (Mrs. T. A. Onder) — Teacher^ Jeannette; 

Pennsylvania Ave., Irwin, Pa. 

Gustason, Ruth 436 Biddle St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Gywnn, Lillian Mae 

Habel, Emma F. (Mrs. Howard Mankamyer) Ravenna, Ohio. 

Hadden, Sara Elizabeth (Mrs. W. H. Slippy) Penn Run, Pa. 

Hamill, Mary Viola — Teacher Plumville, Pa. 

A L U M N I B Y C L A S S E S 231 

Harah, Ruby Grace (Mrs. Ruby H. Burley) — Teacher Hyndman, Pa. 

Harper, Mary Elizaheth (Mrs. George A. Briggs, Jr.), 

2508 Collins St., McKcesport, Pa. 

Harris, Dorothy J. — Teaclicr 979 Fronheiser St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Harris, Olive M. (Mrs. Harold R. Fullerton), 

1096 Third Ave., East McKeesport, Pa. 

Harrison, Mildred Alverta Dunlo, Pa. 

Hartland, Nancy McCurdy — Teacher 500 Main St., Monongahela, Pa. 

Harvey, Mary Lucille — Saleslady 427 Federal St., Butler, Pa. 

Harwick, Mrs. Mary G Clymcr, Pa. 

Hayes, Eva B. (Mrs. Roy S. Marshall) . .R. D. No. 1, Box 230, DuBois, Pa. 
Hazen, Ruth (Mrs. Carl O. Lersch) — Substitute Teacher, Eilport ; 

Route No. 7, Elhvood City, Pa. 
Hazlett, Inez Ruth (Mrs. Rolf Hansen), 

Kealey Apts., Gaskill Ave., Jeannette, Pa. 
Heacox, Dorothy — Hotel Cashier, 

827 Maryland Ave., East End., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Healy, Cecelia K. — Teacher 1415 Third Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Hellyer, Mary Elizabeth — Teacher 80 North Main St., Doylestown, Pa. 

Helsel, Helen I. (Mrs. Jess S. Hadden), 

113 Powell St., East Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Hess, June G. (Mrs. W. H. Butts) — Teacher Armagh, Pa. 

Hess, Mary Isabel 415 South Church St., DuBois, Pa. 

Heutsche, Susan Grace (Mrs. John Wassil), 

280 Daugherty Ave., Sharon, Pa. 
Heverly, Evelyn M. (Mrs. Joseph E. Robison), 

309 West Wayne St., Butler, Pa. 

Hill, Mildred V. (Mrs. Francis W. Olwell) West Newton, Pa. 

Hill, Sara Elinor 528 Highland Ave., Woodlawn, Pa. 

Hilty, Lucille V. — Teacher Export, Pa. 

HoBBs, Evelyn Grace 

Hootman, Esther K. (Mrs. Edgar M. Clark, Jr.), 

8 Hawthorne Road, Bradford, Pa. 
Horner, Edith Aetna (Mrs. Benjamin F. Pederzolli) — Teacher, Jenner Twp. ; 

R. D. No. 1, Boswell, Pa. 
Howe, Helen A. (Mrs. Harry Allen), 

611 North Waverly Drive, Dearborn, Mich. 

Howe, Virginia Mae — Teacher 600 Thirteenth St., Windber, Pa. 

HowELLS, Charlotte (Mrs. Russell Walbeck), 

245 Sherman Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Hull, Ethel Mary New Bethlehem, Pa. 

Hurd, Ethel Alice (Mrs. Ray Byers) MahafFey, Pa. 

Iben, Mary Grace (Mrs. William H. Patterson) — Teacher, 

1130 Pennsylvania Ave., Monaca, Pa. 
Ingram, Martha A. (Mrs. Philip J. Bornhorst), 

597 Independence Drive, Clairton, Pa. 
Ivory, Bernice Martha (Mrs. Lloyd Thomas Andrew), 

137 South Fourth St., Duquesne, Pa. 
Jamison, Eva Gertrude (Mrs. Rex Schriver), 

20 Mountain Ave., DuBois, Pa. 

Jamison, Mary Louise — Teacher 1235 Nineteenth Ave.. Altoona, Pa. 

Johns, Gladys C. — Teacher, North Union Twp. ; 

107 Lincoln St., Uniontown, Pa. 

Johnson, Lucille — Teacher 519 Beaver St., Clairton, Pa. 

Johnston, Ann Marie — Teacher, 

3226 Brownsville Road, Brentwood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Johnston, E\-elyx M. (Mrs. Evelyn Johnston Lentz) — Teacher, 

538 Independence Drive, Clairton, Pa. 


Johnston, Mary Alma (Airs. Alma J. Painter) — Teacher, 

336 Charles St., Turtle Creek, Pa. 

Johnston, Mildred — Teacher Clj^mer, Pa. 

Johnston, Nelle O. — Teacher .... 422 Russellwood Ave., McKees Rocks, Pa. 

Jones, Ena Mae c/o J. Garfield Jones, R. D. No. 5, Indiana, Pa. 

Jones, Isabel H. (Mrs. Francis Holsopple) — Substitute Teacher, Wilmore, Pa. 
Jones, Lillian Vaughn (Mrs. S. B. Shaffer), 

428 Center St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Jones, Sara Elva (Mrs. George Boyer), 

531 Fifth Street Extension, Trafford, Pa. 
Kaufmann, Dorothy R. (Mrs. Phillip Abramson) — Substitute Teacher, 

417 Perry Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 

Kearney, Mary Jane — Teacher... 1412 Manor Ave., McKeesport, Pa.' 

Kearns, Sara L. — Teacher ' 136 North Third St., Duquesne, Pa. 

Kenemuth, Dorothea Cloi (Mrs. Richard M. David). 

1600 Massachusetts Ave., N. W., Washington, D. C. 
Kenley, Charlotte (Mrs. Rudolph Hoover).. 212 Walnut St., Ridgway, Pa. 

Ketchpel, Loreine Zora (Mrs. Loreine Z. Kreris) Utahville, Pa. 

Ketter, Klara Emily Library, Pa. 

KiRKLAND, Elizabeth — Teacher, Baldwin Twp. ;..701 Mifflin Road, Hays, Pa. 
KisH, Margaret (Mrs. E. S. McCartney) . .75 Carmel Road, Wheeling, W. Va. 
KissANE, Katherine A. (Mrs. Edmund R. Wagner), 

3546 North Troy St., Chicago, 111. 

Klingensmith, Margaret Elizabeth Reynoldsville, Pa. 

Klinginsmith, Doris Muriel (Mrs. Doris Lehman) — Teacher, 

689 Park Ave., Meadville, Pa. 
Knestrick, Helen Elizabeth (Mrs. Vincent R. Massock) — Teacher, 

461 North Main St., Washington, Pa. 
Knoell, Dorothy K. (Mrs. Dorothy K. James), 

9009 Frankstown Road, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Knox, Virginia E. (Mrs. J. Clyde Burkholder), 

701 Court St.. New Castle, Pa. 

KooNTZ, Dorothy C. — Teacher 609 Coleman Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Kuhlman, Mildred Alice 

KuNKLE, Janet Grace R. D. No. 1. Box 41, Avonmore, Pa. 

Laird, Ann Elizabeth — Teacher North 13th St., Bellwood, Pa. 

Lambing, Marian A. — Teacher Home, Pa. 

Laskowski, Viola B. — Teacher 333 East Pike St., Canonsburg, Pa. 

Latta, Charlotte Evelyn (Mrs. C. E. Mahan, Jr.) — Teacher, 

912 Fawcett St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Laughery, Elsie Florence — Teacher 434 Berry St., Baden, Pa. 

Lawson, Anna Elizabeth — Teacher Box 402, West Newton, Pa. 

Lawson, Mary Florence Dayton, Pa. 

Lease, Edna L. (Mrs. Ralph Montgomery) Friedens, Pa. 

Lease, Olga L. (Mrs. M. S. Cargill) 158 West Union St., Somerset, Pa. 

Lehman, Camillus K. (Mrs. Milton W. Johnson) Nanty-Glo, Pa. 

Lena, Theresa Rose — Teacher New Derry, Pa. 

Lepsch, Emyla (Mrs. Paul H. Musser) 291 Locust St., Indiana, Pa. 

Lesley, Myrtle L. (Mrs. Robert Pfeffer) Mamont, Pa. 

Lessig, Thelma p. — Teacher, Hempfield Twp.; Box 314, Manor, Pa. 

Lewis, Garnet E. (Mrs. Kenneth E. Freeman), 

436 Biddle Ave.. Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Leyda, Josephine Marguerite 222 Washington Ave., Oil City, Pa. 

LiPPERT, Viola E. A. (Mrs. Paul Fonner), 

9202 Clark Ave., Silver Spring, Md. 

Little, Helen Louise — Teacher. . . . , Defiance, Pa. 

Livingston, Helen R. (Mrs. George Edwards), 

1820 Lake Ave., Whiting, Ind. 


Lloyd, Marian — Teacher R. D. No. 2, Box 45, Altoona, Pa. 

Lloyd, Martha Frances R. D. No. 2, Box 45, Altoona, Pa. 

LoBODA, Mary Ann — Teacher, Center Twp. ; Box 386, Homer City, Pa. 

Long, Mary Ida R. D. No. 3, Bellaire, Ohio. 

Long, Rosamond M. — Teacher, Salix ; Loretta, Pa. 

Loughry, Ester Dee (Mrs. Ester Dee Wachob), 

R. D. No. 1, Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Love, Isabel Winstein — Teacher 530 Washington Ave., Carnegie, Pa 

Lowman, Delores — Teacher, Beccaria Twp. ; Westover, Pa. 

LowY, Elizabeth Joan 

Lydic, Christine (Mrs. W. D. Reynolds) . .716 Chestnut St., Scottdale, Pa. 

Lynch, Mary Louise 

Magill, Helen Mary — Teacher 502 Orient Ave., DuBois, Pa. 

Mahan, Catherine Marie (Mrs. Oscar Wray) Vintondale, Pa. 

Mahoney, Pauline Catherine — Teacher, East Pittsburgh ; 

21 Bryn Mawr Road, Forest Hills, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Maier, Jeanne L. (Mrs. Paul T. Freyvogel), 

1155 Termon Ave., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Main, Dorothy Adna (Mrs. Harry C. Folk), 

433 Spring St., New Kensington, Pa. 
Malone, Frances (Mrs. B. R. Studebaker), 

2131 McNary Blvd., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Malone, Grace Louise — Teacher 2131 McNary Blvd., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Manganella, Mrs. Margaret Rear 134 Chapin St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Martin, Elizabeth Hoover (Mrs. Charles H. Bryan), 

R. D. Box 7A, Masontown, Pa. 
Martin, Elizabeth M.\ry (Mrs. Charles Began), 

130 Church St., Turtle Creek, Pa. 
Mauk, Myrtle Genevieve (Mrs. Myrtle G. Cunningham), 

R. D. No. 6, Indiana, Pa. 

Mauk, Virginia — Teacher Vintondale, Pa. 

McAfoose, Ruth Jake (Mrs. Percy M. Kneebone) — Teacher, 

815 Jones Ave., North Braddock, Pa. 
McAuLiFF, Laura Cecilia (Mrs. Charles V. Gorgas), 

12 (iox St., Johnstown, Pa. 
McCoMB, Mary Helen 
McCoRMACK, Genevieve T. (Mrs. Clvde W. Epley), 

Box 1002, Steubenville, Ohio. 

McCoRMiCK, Anna (Mrs. Lester Hamilton) R. D., Home, Pa. 

McCullough, Mary Josephine (Mrs. George A. Lunn), 

171 Forest St., Gallitzin, Pa. 
McCutcheon, AuGursTA Mary.... 433 North Ave., Millvale, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

McElhoes, Margaret — Teacher Home, Pa. 

McEwEN, Agnes Eliz.\beth (Mrs. Frank H. Robinson), 

4 Hill Ave., Carnegie, Pa. 
McKelvey, Jane Leona (Mrs. Richard D. Cribbs), 

502 East Fourth St., Derry, Pa. 
McKowEN, Bessie Louise — Teacher, Salem Twp. ;....New Alexandria, Pa. 

McMullen, Hf.len Bard — Teacher Brush Valley, Pa. 

McQuillen, Mae Eleanor (Mrs. Mae E. Rodgers), 

R. D. No. 1, Conemaugh, Pa. 
Mechling, Claire (Mrs. Charles J. McGaughey) — Teacher, 

210 Queen St., Kittanning, Pa. 

Mechling, Dorothy L. — Teacher 350 North Water St., Kittanning. Pa. 

Meyer, Marion Louise (Mrs. Lloyd M. Thompson), 

7107 McClure Ave., Swissvale, Pa. 
Meyer, Martha Elizabeth (Mrs. W. McAllan), 

2002 Noble St., Swissvale, Pa. 


Miles, Esther Florence — Teacher.. 227 South Prospect St., Connellsville, Pa. 
MiLLEN, Jemima Larue — Teacher, South Mahoning Twp. ; . . . . Plumville, Pa. 
Miller, Gertrude A. (Mrs. John J. Kehler)..472 Center St., Millersburg, Pa. 

Miller, Margaret Edna — Teacher 810 Liberty St., McKees Rocks, Pa. 

Miller, Sara Eunice Taylor Ave., Falls Creek, Pa. 

Miller, Wiltrude (Mrs. Robert Bidelman) — Teacher, 

207 Clarion St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Mitchell, Mary Louise 
Moeser, Marcia McMaster..43 South Howard St., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Monks, Harriet Alice 753 Vine St., Versailles, McKeesport, Pa. 

Montgomery, E. Lois (Mrs. George N. Dyer), 

22 West Walnut St., Washington, Pa. 

Montgomery, Mabel Fergus 1 Harris St., West Newton, Pa. 

Moore, Florence Frances 

MooRE, Mrs. Katharine B. — Teacher.. 207 South Maple Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 

MooRE, Thelma Irene (Mrs. James C. Smith). 

MooREHEAD, Phyllis Helen (Mrs. Phyllis H. Williams) — Teacher, 

7330 Whipple St., Swissvale, Pa. 
MooRHEAD, Carol L. — Teacher, Thaddeus Stevens School, 

202 North Ninth St., Indiana, Pa. 
Morrison, Twila (Mrs. Twila M. Ott) — Teacher, 

1912 Graham Ave., Windber, Pa. 
Morrow, Mabel Lorraine (Mrs. Mabel M. Fik^), 

29 Lawn Ave., Uniontown, Pa. 
Mostoller, Mary Louise (Mrs. James J. McClemens) — Assistant Manager, 

Beauty Salon 114]^ North Center St., Somerset, Pa. 

Mottle, Agnes J. — Teacher 35 North Shupe St., Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

MuNN, Madeline Lucille (Mrs. Richard Maxwell), 

840 East 74th St., Los Angeles, Calif. 
Murphy, Evelyn Larue — Teacher, Perry Co. ;..427 Oliver St., Newport, Pa. 

Murphy, Viola Evelyn 803 Elsworth Ave., Heidelburg, Pa. 

MusHRUSH, Janet Louise (Mrs. Charles V. Crist) — Teacher, 

1345 Pennsylvania Ave., Meadville, Pa. 
Myers, Joseph Lewis — Principal and Teacher, Westmoreland Homestead 

Schools R. D. No. 1, Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Nabors, Pauline Ruth (Mrs. Robert W. Higinbotham), 

26 Walnut St., Uniontown, Pa. 

Nathanson, Sara Lee (Mrs. Ernest Guttman) Los Angeles, Calif. 

Neel, Blanche Mae 6708 Hudson Place, East Liberty, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Neill, Barbara Mae (Mrs. James B. Littell)— Teacher, 

208 Cherry Ave., Houston, Pa. 

Nicely, Grayce Marie — Teacher Youngstown, Pa. 

Noss, Mary Janet— Teacher 536 Pine St., Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Null, Sara Gertrude — Teacher Greensburg, Pa. 

O'Lanick, Anna Belle (Mrs. Audrey Crooks) Sykesville, Pa. 

Ortner, Nioma Elizabeth — Teacher 62 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

O'TooLE, Bridget (Mrs. Claude Kirby) Cresson, Pa. 

Pace, Louise Barbara (Mrs. John B. Kenosh) . .R. D. No. 3, Homer City, Pa. 
Painter, Verda Olive (Mrs. Lawrence Sadler) — Teacher, 

R. D. No. 2, Irwin, Pa. 
Pape, Virginia L. (Mrs. W. Alan Morrison), 

201 Richland Ave., Canonsburg, Pa. 
Patt, Elizabeth Osgood (Mrs. Elizabeth Patt Helquist), 

2 Halleck St., Apt. 411, Newark. N. J. 
Pauch, Mildred Alice — Teacher, Black Lick Twp. ; 

1114 Grant St., Indiana, Pa. 

Pell, Ella Elvira (Mrs. Robert P. Kerr) — Teacher Library, Pa. 

Phenicie, Margaret Lucille — Teacher 709 Park Road, Windber, Pa. 


PiCKERiLi., Lois Mae (Mrs. Lois P. Hall), 

R. F. D. No. 4, Box 346, Johnstown, Pa. 
PoiiRER, Vera Elsie (Mrs. Robert J. McCarthy), 

400 Woodward Ave., McKees Rocks, Pa. 

Porto, Inez Helene 1022 Braddock Ave., Braddock, Pa. 

Price, A. W. — Supervising Principal Colver, Pa. 

Primei., Bertha — Teacher 857 Railroad St., South Fork, Pa. 

Proctor, Thora B. — Teacher 215 Ohio St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Rankin, LaVerne Lee (Mrs. Fred Bonebrake) . .121 Sixth St., Monessen, Pa. 

Rapp, Dorothy E. (Mrs. Walter E. Peffer) Box 142, Pcrrysville, Pa. 

Reece, Mrs. Cleaves M. (Mrs. Philip P. Reece) — Teacher, 

346 North Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 
Reed, Leoka Gertrude (Mrs. Leona Reed Casler), 

246 Locust St., Meadville, Pa. 
Reed, Mary A. — Principal and Teacher, South Bradford; 

127 North Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 
Remaley, Eleanor — Teacher, 

458 West Swissvale Ave., Edgewood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Rhodes, Mildred Elsie — Teacher, Brackenridge ; 

331 Lincoln Ave., Leechburg, Pa. 
Richardson, Leah Esther (Mrs. Jack H. McConnick), 

222 First St., Bentleyville, Pa. 
Ricgle, Hawlis Louise (Mrs. H. L. Cashdollar) . .21 Hemlock Ave., Kane, Pa. 
Rink, Isabelle E. (Mrs. Stanley Fleming), 

Glenn A\e., R. D. No. 2, Glenshaw, Pa. 
RiSBON, Dorothy A. — Teacher, Lower Yoder Twp. ; 

216 Spring St., Johnstown, Pa. 
RoBBiNS, Gertrude Carothers (Mrs. C. W. Maus, Jr.), 

1503 Kenberma Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Roberts, Margaret Eldora — Teacher, Homestead Park ; 

219 Twentieth St., Munhall, Pa. 

RoRABAUGH, CATHERINE E. — Teacher Burnside, Pa. 

Ross, Helen Crager (Mrs. G. Marsh Gilleland) . .1401 Third St., Beaver, Pa. 
Ross, Mary Loraine (Mrs. Loraine Ross Murphy) . .R. D. No. 2, Ligonier, Pa. 
Rossi, Catherine Louise 
Roup, Marian Hall (Mrs. Elmer L. Morris), 

Mt. Carmel Road. R. D. No. 1, Verona, Pa. 

RowE, Elsie Viona — Teacher, McKees Rocks; R. D. No. 6, Indiana, Pa. 

RuFFiNi, Pearl Box 71, West Newton, Pa. 

RuMCiK, DoRMiSELA AIarie — Teacher 211 First St., Braddock, Pa. 

Ruth, Velma Gertrude — Teacher R. D. No. 1, Scottdale, Pa. 

Ryan, Dorothy Marguerite — Teacher 822 Alcoma St., Sharon, Pa. 

Sample, Virginia Marie — Teacher. .v309 West Otterman St.. Greensburg, Pa. 
Sawyer, Margaret Christina (Mrs. Cooper T. Bishop, Jr.). 

235 Bridge St.. Phoenixville, Pa. 

Schaefer, Elva K.— Teacher 27 Clifton St.. Pittsburgh, 10, Pa. 

Schilling, Ada Isabelle 

Schmucker, Lucille (Mrs. Merle Shaver) — Teacher. 

Route No. 1, Hooversville, Pa. 
ScHUCK, Elizabeth E. (Mrs. George L. Penny), 

21 Hill St., Glendale. Carnegie, Pa. 
Seanor, Mildred Alice (Mrs. H. Virgil Grumbling), 

510 North St., Berlin. Pa. 
Seel. Elvira Anna — Deceased. 

Sell, Margaret Helen (Mrs. Margaret Bauer) Box 57, Sarver, Pa. 

Shaw. Mrs. Terzah McKowen (Mrs. James W. Ross), 

219 Arch Ave.. Greensburg, Pa. 
Shield?. Ruth Louise Sturgeon, Pa. 


Shirey, Claudine E.— Teacher R. D. No. 1, Latrobe, Pa. 

Shirey, Dorothy (Mrs. Dorothy Shirey Freedlander) — Teacher, 

1252 Taylor Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 

Shollenberger, Ruth N. — Teacher 1601 Madison Ave., Tyrone, Pa. 

Sickles, Linxie Estella (Mrs. B. E. Baker), 

119 Crawford Ave., Altoona, Pa. 
SiLLAMAN, Mabel Frances 
Simler, Laura R. (Mrs. Lee O. Gunter), 

116 South Second St., PhiHpsburg, Pa. 

Simon, Esther Marie Main St., Mt. Jewett, Pa. 

Simons, Emily AIildred 419 FrankHn St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Simpson, Aida Mary Marion Center, Pa. 

Simpson, Mary Virginia, 

7272 Forsythe Blvd., University City, St. Louis, Mo. 
Sjoholm, Lyda Irene 

Slick, Thella E. — Teacher, Logan Twp. ; 1600 Third Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Smail, Winifred Zoe (Mrs. Ben F. Wray)..R. D. No. 2, Grove City, Pa. 

Smith, Elsie Mildred (Mrs. Carl Walter).*. Fishertown, Pa. 

Smith, Margaret Eleanor (Mrs. David Palmer Moore), 

414 Olympia Road, Chatham Village, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Snively, Doris E. (Mrs. Paul V. Webb), 

567 East Avondale, Youngstown, Ohio. 
Snyder, Dorothy Mae (Mrs. Raymond Doerzbacher) — Teacher, 

305 South Third St., Jeannette, Pa. 

Snyder, Laura V. — Teacher Rural Valley, Pa. 

SoKOLOwsKi, Apolonia Dorothy (Mrs. John Wieczorkowski) — Teacher, 

North Braddock ; 1442 Electric Ave., East Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Stahl, Goldie Violet — Teacher 909 Mulberry St., Scottdale, Pa. 

Steck, Frances Louise 716 Main St., Brockway, Pa. 

Stohl, Marcelyn Ida 225 Oneida Ave.. Warren, Pa. 

Stonebraker, Lila Fern — Teacher R. D. No. 3, Indiana, Pa. 

Straitiff, Frank Clayton — Teacher.. 206 North Penn St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Stull, Erma Morcom — Teacher R. D. No. 1, Box 150, Leechburg, Pa. 

Stump, Nelda B. — Teacher R. D. No. 1, Export, Pa. 

Sullivan, Jeanne Caroline — Substitute Teacher, Brockway; 

10 South Main St., DuBois, Pa. 

Sunderlin, Imogene Gladys — Teacher Clymer, Pa. 

Switzer, Helen M. (Mrs. W. Howard Moore). 

409 Sixth St., Juniata, Altoona, Pa. 
Syphrit, Laura Marie (Mrs. Hugh Pifer). 

1631 Michigan Ave., Niagara Falls, N. Y. 
Tackitt, Isabelle ]Mae (Mrs. William Ronk), 

508 West Cherry St., New Castle, Pa. 
Taylor, Hilda Catherine (Mrs. R. W. Nedley) . . . .Box 783, Trafford, Pa. 

Temple, Laura Mae 130 East Fourth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Thomas, Lucille Vivian (Mrs. Edwin H. Black) — Deceased. 

Thomas, Mildred Gail (Airs. Ward Williams ) Elderton, Pa. 

Treloar, Olga Virginia — Teacher 236 West Ninth Ave., Homestead, Pa. 

Trunick, Helen Bessie (Mrs. Arthur R. Werner), 

568 Center St., St. Marys, Pa. 

TuRLEY, Mae S. — Teacher Box 4, Irvona, Pa. 

Turner, Kathryn Isabel (Mrs. Wilbert E. Hare), 

Bluff Ave., Parkers Landing, Pa. 
Umbel, Virginia (Mrs. Virginia Sisley) — Investigator, Deparment of Public 

Assistance Markleysburg, Pa. 

Walker, Helen Agnes (Mrs. John T. Yates) 456 Reed St., Clairton, Pa. 

Wallace, Agnes Miller — Teacher 904 Elder Ave., Barnesboro, Pa. 

Wallace, Anna S. — Office Clerk 904 Elder Ave., Barnesboro, Pa. 

A L U M X I I'. Y C L A S S K S 237 

\\'alters, Eileen Cecelia 200 Peelor St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Walthour, Willis L. — Elementary Principal. .. .Grove St.. GreensburR, Pa. 
Warren, Gladys Arbuthnot. . .253 Ridge Ave., Ben Avon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Watso, Kathrvn J. (Mrs. Carl Dickson) Revloc, Pa. 

Watson, Agnes Mae — Teacher 801 Gaskill Ave., Jeannctte, Pa. 

Weiss, Pauline Nils Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Welty, Mary Ida (Mrs. Mary Burt) Rockton, Pa. 

Werlinich, Helen 1120 Wayne Ave., McKees Rocks, Pa. 

Wert, Lydia Grace 816 Inwood St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

West, Helen (Mrs. F. Lang Marks) R. D. No. 2. Apollo, Pa. 

Westrick, Agnes Elizabeth Robin Hollow, Patton, Pa. 

White, Gertrude Marie Box 604, Indiana, Pa. 

Whitesell, Mary (Mrs. Earl J. Bruce) 556 Pearl St., Brownsville, Pa. 

Wilkinson, Dorothy P. — Teacher 325 North Spring St., Bellefonte, Pa. 

Williams, Beulah Bernerdine — Deceased. 
Williams, Carrie Mae — Deceased. 

Williams, Clara Olive Elderton, Pa. 

Williams, Erma A. (Mrs. Martin F. Thompson), 

926 Walker Heights, Elizabeth, Pa. 
W'lLi.iAHn, Waleska — Teacher, Allegheny Co. ; 

104 Zeitler Ave., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Wilson, Elizabeth R. (Mrs. James C. McTaggart) — Teacher, Hickory, Pa. 

WiRiCK. Nita Hope — Teacher 333 Tioga St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Wolf, Stella Teresa (Mrs. Robert Quakers), 

611 Versailles Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 
Wolfe, Stella Lois (Mrs. Stella W. Barr), 

435 Ohio Ave., Chambersburg, Pa. 
Wolodkevich, Valentina W. (Mrs. Joseph Calvin Berexa), 

222 North Ave., Chalfant Boro., East Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Wylie, Mary H.— Teacher R. F. D. No. 2, Elizabeth, Pa. 

Yon, Cora — Teacher 213 Hawkins Ave., North Braddock, Pa. 

Young, Dorothy Elizabeth (Mrs. John Parsons), 

475 Shirls Ave., ^^'ashington, Pa. 
Younc.dahl, Elsa Lenore 

Junior High School Curriculum 

Almes, Garnet Marie 27 West Burrell St.. Blairsville, Pa. 

Bair, Floyd H. — Teacher, Commodore; R. D. No. 1, Indiana, Pa. 

Beers, E. Jean (Mrs. G. H. Bowen) . .229 Woodland Drive, State College, Pa. 

BiNNEY, Lemuel J. — Teacher Box 33, Rossiter, Pa. 

BoYER, William D. — Clerk, United States Steel, 

R. D. No. 1, Elhvood City, Pa. 

Buchanan, Josephine Irene 314 Knarr St., DuBois, Pa. 

Cartwright, Vivian Lucile (Mrs. William C. Lovell) Commodore, Pa. 

Clark, Alice B. — Social Worker, 

1203 Union Ave., Natrona Heights. Brackenridge, Pa. 

Claw^son, Harry L. — Teacher Box 383, Morris St., Clymer, Pa. 

CouGHLiN, Ethel G. — Teacher, Laboratory and Demonstration School, State 

Teachers College 1052 Grant St., Indiana, Pa. 

Ellis, Mary Alene 

Goldstein, Isadore — Teacher. .5862 Beacon St., Squirrel Hill. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Grumbling, Hudson Virgil — Supervising Principal, Berlin-Brothersvalley 

and Stonycreek School Districts 510 North St., Berlin, Pa. 

Handler, Gertrude — Teacher 429 East Water St., Indiana, Pa. 

Heil, William J. — Principal of St. Thomas Vocational High School, 

St. Thomas, Pa. 
HoGUE, A. Margaret (Mrs. Henry E. Crawford) — Substitute Teacher, 

Montgomery Co. ; Trooper Road. Xorristown, Pa. 


Keating, Queen (Mrs. Ellsworth Walls) 398 Elm St., Indiana, Pa. 

Kerr, Eric W. — Coal Dealer 315 Blairton Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

Krider, Mildred Veoria — Teacher.. R. D. No. 3, Box 122, Punxsutawney, Pa, 

Lamberson, Francis Owen — Teacher 1015 Wayne Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

Little, Martha Launa (Mrs. Martha L. Rowley), 

115 Longfellow Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

McDunn, Thomas B 430 First St., Donora, Pa. 

McEwan, Pearl (Mrs. H. A. VanWinkle), 

1214 Owen Place, N. E., Washington, D. C. 
McKnight, Regis A. — Teacher and Coach, 

529 East Pittsburgh St., Greensburg, Pa. 
McLain, Martha H. (Mrs. Frank P. Stewart), 

280 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Mitchell, Melvin S. — Teacher 507 Graffius Ave., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

MuscHELLA, Joseph W. — Teacher, Northern High School Detroit, Mich. 

Nolen, Luella Catherine 531 East DuBois Ave., DuBois, Pa. 

Oaks, Elmer Clyde — Teacher Cairnbrook, Pa. 

Pearce, Mary Helen 1204 Somerset Ave., Windber, Pa. 

Pilkington, Mary Jo (Mrs. Ward S. Humphries), 

307 West Masonic St., Gainesville, Fla. 
Rink, Ruth M. — Cooperative Supervising Teacher, State Teachers College, 

450 Church St., Indiana, Pa. 
Sallade, Emaline Catherine (Mrs. Joseph Lees), 

1102 Lincoln Ave., Wickliflfe, Ohio. 
Schildkamp, Harry Lawrence 

Shank, Dick T.— Teacher, Trafford ;. .195 East Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 
Simpson, Ray H. — Professor of Psychology, University of Alabama, 

1104 Riverside Drive, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Swisher, James Howard — Teacher 112 West Scribner Ave., DuBois, Pa. 

ToRRENCE, Clifford Moore R. D. No. 1, Georgetown, Pa. 

Trevethan, Ruth E. — Teacher R. D. No. 2, York, Pa. 

Walker, Raymond L. — Teacher Marion Center, Pa. 

Yoder, Alice Romaine 817 Main St., Scalp Level, Pa. 

Public School Art Curriculum 

Hamm, Millicent Belle (Mrs. Carl Bostic) . .5 Lea St., Etna, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
MoRRiss, loNA Virginia (Mrs. E. W. Cook), 

1635 Fernando Drive, Los Robles, Tallahassee, Fla. 

Sheep, Grace M. — Teacher 1125 Sixteenth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Sutton, Evangl Miksch (Mrs. Percival Park), 

33 West Eighth St., New York, N. Y. 
Trenhauser, Ruth (Mrs. Ruth E. Spohn) . .Berry Hill Road, Glenshaw, Pa. 

Commercial Teacher Curriculum 

Barr, Evanna Matilda (Mrs. Evanna B. Douple) — Substitute Teacher, 

24 West Areba Ave., Hershey, Pa. 

Brennan, Joseph — Teacher, Midland High School, Midland, Pa. 

Buterbaugh, Dorothy (Mrs. Leon J. Houze, Jr.) Point Marion, Pa. 

Butts, Richard James — Teacher 410 South Church St., DuBois, Pa. 

Carlson, Janet M. (Mrs. Harry A. Summers), 

207 Madison Ave., Warren, Pa. 

Craig, Harriet E. — Teacher 512 Highland Ave., Monongahela, Pa. 

Decker, James Elwood — Teacher, Columbia High School, Maplewood, N. J. 
Drumheller, a. E. — Teacher, State Teachers College, 

1078 Church St., Indiana, Pa. 

Gallagher, William D. — Secretary 109 South St., Ridgway, Pa. 

Hatch, Margaret J. (Mrs. Henry H. Singer) . .1910 Ridge Ave., Arnold, Pa. 

A L U M N I B Y C L A S S E S 239 

Hoover, Elizabeth Carolyn (Mrs. Charles Leonard DePricst), 

Main St.. Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Kernis, Freda (Mrs. S. Gerson) 153 White Ave., Sharon, Pa. 

KusNER, RuTii Reva (Mrs. Hiram S. Phillips), 

Apt. 514, 2325 Fifteenth St., N. W., Washington. D. C. 

McCoRMicK, Bernard 228 Park Ave., West View, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Miller, Hilda A. — Employee of United States Government, 

1631 Euclid St., N. W., No. 207, Washington. D. C. 

Pentz, Orpha E. — Teacher, Pine Twp. ; Heilwoud, Pa. 

Santner, Anna E. — Teacher Eighth Street ExtensicMi, Irwin, Pa. 

Shallenberger, Nora C. — Teacher 400 Second St., Brownsville, Pa. 

Shelly, Kieiil Richard 509 Third St.. Pitcairn. Pa. 

Smedley, Eleanor M. — Teacher 126 East Main St., Lancaster, N. Y. 

Stewart, Mary Della (Mrs. Mary Delia PenrodJ — Social Worker, 

221 South 44th St., Philadelpiiia, Pa. 

Stough, Raymond T. — Teacher 18 Woodlawn Ave., Middletown, N. Y. 

Stover, Harold E. — Teacher 507 Weldon St., Latrobe, Pa. 

TuR.'^E, Paul 12 West Diamond Ave., Hazleton, Pa. 

Wiley, Sarah Margaret — Teacher 246 North Fifth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Yingling, Paul A. — Teacher 1115 Shoemaker St., Nanty-Glo, Pa. 

Zalzneck, Lillian 308 West Washington St., Corry, Pa. 

Home Economics Curriculum 

Bauer, Imogene — Teacher 120 West Adams Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Brua, Naomi I. — Cafeteria Manager, Altoona; 

R. D. No. 1, Hollidaysburg, Pa. 
Fay, Jane Hollis (Mrs. William D. Gallagher) . .109 South St., Ridgway, Pa. 

Kime, Dorothy — Teacher 1273 Solomon St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Krape, Maxine Virginia Jonestown, Pa. 

Patterson, Jean — County Home Economics Adviser, 

432 Eleanor St., Pitcairn, Pa. 
Petrikin, Mary C. (Mrs. David P. Miller), 

1110 Mifflin St., Huntingdon, Pa. 
Ralston, Violet (Mrs. William Johnston) — Demonstrator for "The 'Junket' 

Folks" 2513 North West 14th St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Taylor, Lenore Dorothy — Nutritionist Box 288, Pulaski, Pa. 

Tripp, Dorothy Grantier East Union St., Canton, Pa. 

Weaver, Sara — Teacher, Brookville ; MahafTey, Pa. 

Public School Music Curriculum 

Christie, Ida Mae 128 Yarnell St., Kane, Pa. 

Corder, Ruth Augusta — Supervisor of Music, 

208 Eagle St., Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 
Emerson, Mary A. (Mrs. W. L. Blackstone), 

158 Claremont Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Griffith, Alice M. — Teacher 407 Fruit Ave., Farrell, Pa. 

Humphrey, James Harrison — Deceased. 
McCoLLY, Mary — Music Supervisor, Cairnbrook; 

123 Loyalhanna St., Ligonier, Pa. 
McMahan, Edna W. — Music Supervisor, Warriors Mark ; 

Box 126, Alexandria, Pa. 
McNuTT, Cleda Ioma (Mrs. Robert Biggerstaff), 

29 East Elm St., Homer City, Pa. 
Means, Josephine — Teacher, Red Bank, N. J. ; 

415 Hill St., Reynoldsville. Pa. 

Miller, Mary Agnes 70 Maple Ave., Troy. N. Y. 

Mitchell, Lucille Grace 1022 North Berendo, Hollywood. Calif. 

240 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

MooG, Anna M. — Teacher 226 Boas St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Ratchford, Eleanor Mae 908 Maple Ave., Barnesboro, Pa. 

ScANLAN, Mary V. (Mrs. Karl V. Eckel) 615 Pine St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Smith, Carlton Gerald Black Lick, Pa. 

Swartz, Florence Margaret (Mrs. Robert T. Grabe) Coudersport, Pa. 

Verner, Eleanor Marie (Mrs. George Giltenboth), 

Baywood St., East Liberty, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Yealy, Virginia M. (Mrs. Charles C. Sawyer), 

214 Second St., Brownsville, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1931 


President Arthur Guthrie 

Vice President Frank George Oliver 

Secretary Mary Virginia Logue 

Treasurer Margaret Gates 


President Anna Louise Defibaugh 

Vice President Louise Fink Stump 

Secretary Bertha H. Poerschke 

Treasurer Anne Christine Forsman 

Elementary Curriculums 
(Kindergarten - Primary and Intermediate) 

Abele, Emma Teresita— Teacher 707 Chestnut St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Aldstadt, Anna Helen (Mrs. Russell E. Hoover) Morrisdale, Pa. 

Allenbaugh, Pauline (Mrs. Pauline A. Campbell) Greensburg, Pa. 

Anderson, Lois Violet — Cooperative Supervising Teacher, State Teachers 

College 1676 West Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Anderson, Marjorie L. (Mrs. Allen H. Foreman), 

Fourth Antitank Battalion, Ft. Benning, Ga. 
Andrews, Bernice Irene — Deceased. 

Armstrong, Beatrice — Teacher Teece Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Balsley, Helen Elizabeth 117 Snyder St., Connellsville, Pa. 

Barbor, Dorothy Selina (Mrs. Adolph P. Weaver), 

56 North Lake St., North East, Pa. 
Barclay, Charlotte Ruth (Mrs. Eugene Bischoff, Jr.), 

786 Main St., Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Barclay, Doris B 218 Smithfield St., Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Barefoot, Violet L. — Teacher Alum Bank, Pa. 

Barkley, Velma E. (Mrs. Paul Lemon) R. D. No. 2, Saltsburg, Pa. 

Bartlett, Evelyn E. (Mrs. Alfred Kraft) . .615 Central Ave., Oil City, Pa. 

Barton, Beatrice Margaret (Mrs. H. Duane Jones) Aultman, Pa. 

Barton, Gladys — Teacher 72 West Hallam Ave.. Washington, Pa. 

Beil, Helen Adetha (Mrs. Samuel F. Fertile) — Teacher, 

46 Columbia Ave., Greenville, Pa. 

Berg, Doris Valetta 702 Morgantown St., Point Marion, Pa. 

Bergman, Lena Marie (Mrs. J. R. Shirley) Saltsburg, Pa. 

Best, Lois Juanita (Mrs. Arthur G. Wilson), 

905 Brady Ave., Steubenville, Ohio. 

Beyers, Lenore — Teacher 226 Strayer St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Bianco, Geraldine Marguerite — Teacher. .1236 Washington St., Farrell, Pa. 
Blakely, Barbara Mae (Mrs. William Leroy Beck), 

1233 Philadelphia St.. Indiana, Pa. 
Br.\dley, Doris Anastasia 811 Wood St.. Johnstown, Pa. 

A L U M XI l; Y CLASS E S 241 

Bhf.tii, Harriet Mak (Mrs. Charles A. Maizland) — Substitute Teacher, 

101 South Central Ave., Canonshurg, Pa. 

Brosh, Helen Madeline R. F. D. No. 1, Box 105, Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Brougher, Esther Lou (Mrs. Robert Beadling), 

545 James St., Turtle Creek. Pa. 

Brow N, Annabelle R. F. D. No. 2, Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Brown, Eva S. (Mrs. Eva S. Bloom).. 316 North Center St., Ebensburg, Pa. 
Brown, Estella Ann (Mrs. Earl F. McAfoose) . .959 Oak St., Indiana, Pa. 
Brown, Grace Margaret — Teacher, Marsteller ; 

Box 62, Route No. 2, Barnesboro, Pa. 

Bruner, Roberta — Teacher 313 O'Connor St., Ford City, Pa. 

Bryan. Hazel Jane \'alley Ave., Wall, Pa. 

Buchanan, Ruth 

Bufano, Margaret Caroline — Division Advertising Manager, 

365 Ocean Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Buhan, Dorothea Adelle Fredericktown, Pa. 

Butler, Kathleen E Fulton School, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Calhoun, Jean Elizabeth (Mrs. William J. Buchwcitz) — Teacher, 

1216 Vermont Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

Campbell, Alice (Mrs. Lloyd Say) 458 Oak St., Indiana, Pa. 

Ca.mpbell, Beulah Grace (Mrs. J. M. McCreery) . .R. D. No. 1, Bolivar, Pa. 

Capozzoli, Mary Armela — Teacher 426 James St., Bridgeville, Pa. 

Casini, Louise (Mrs. Louise Casini Grasso) — Teacher, 

Box 489, Connellsville, Pa. 

Cessna, Frances W. — Teacher 220 North Gallatin Ave., Uniontown, Pa. 

Clark, Mary Isabelle — Teacher R. D. No. 6, Indiana, Pa. 

CocKERiLLE, Marion A. (Mrs. S. Jack Caraher), 

741 South Broom St., Wilmington, Del. 

Coleman, Ruth Irene — Teacher 621 East Main St., Somerset, Pa. 

CoLLEY, Dorothy (Mrs. Donald Gray) 128 Behan St., Natchitoches, La. 

CoLviN, Dorothy — Teacher 309 Foster St., Greensburg, Pa. 

Conn, Ruth D. (Mrs. B. J. Miles), 

447 Morris St., Edgewood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Conrad, Jane Logan New Florence, Pa. 

Cook, Evelyn E. — Teacher 315 Meyers Ave., Meyersdale, Pa. 

CoRDRAY, Ruby P. (Mrs. Frank R. Barnes), 

325 Railroad St., Point Marion, Pa. 

CoRL, WiLHELMiNA — Teacher 1003 Sixth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Craig, Violet M. (Mrs. Jack S. Oswalt) R. D. No. 2, Home, Pa. 

Craver, Annabel — Teacher, Susquehanna Twp. ; Cherrj' Tree, Pa. 

Crise, Kathryn J. — Teacher R. D. No. 1, Latrobe, Pa. 

CuNKELMAN, ELIZABETH J. — Teacher R. D. No. 1, Saltsburg. Pa. 

Cunningham, Kathryn M. (Mrs, Kathryn M. Broslet) Rixford, Pa. 

Curry, Mary Ann 226 Spruce St., Ridgway. Pa. 

Custer, Eva Pearl 

Daley, Alice Agnes 232 Vine St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Davis, Remola E. (Mrs. Remola Davis Fitzpatrick), 

1328 North West 32nd St., Miami, Fla. 
Deemer, Kathryn Jane (Mrs. Irvin T. Grove), 

115 Arthur St.. Kittanning. Pa. 

Defibaugh, Anna Louise 700 Hill Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Dickinson, Virginia 5634 Stanton Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Diem, Margaret E. — Teacher. Chappaqua ; 16 Dakin Avt., \h. Kisco. N. Y. 

DiMOND, Marjorie Agnes — Teacher 311 Grant St., South Fork, Pa. 

Dinger, Helf.n Marie (Mrs. Harry M. Bowser). 

DoNAHEY, Grace Ilene (Mrs. George H. Zimmerman) Oakmont, Pa. 

Dotthitt, Alice — Teaclier \\'est Leisenring, Pa. 


Doyle, Anna Elizabeth (Mrs. David G. Brown), 

3910 Brownsville Road, Brentwood, Pittsburgh Pa. 
Driscoll, Mary Agnes (Mrs. Donald H. Catt), 

716 Roselawn Ave., Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

DuEZ, Anise Frances 418 Cassett Ave., Jeannette, Pa. 

Duncan, Dorothy Cynthia 256 Owens Ave., Derry, Pa. 

Duncan, Dorothy Henrietta (Mrs. Frederick T. Ramsey) — Owner of 

Cosmetic Studio 906 Wood St., Apt. 7, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Dunlap, Hazel Florice 

Dyer, Vivian E. — Teacher Youngsville, Pa. 

Eberhart, Rebecca (Mrs. L. W. Secoy) . .Herod Apts., Point Marion, Pa. 
Edwards, Dorothy Louise 

Eger, Geraldine— Teacher 1113 Richmond Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Eichelberger, Virginia E. (Mrs. Carl W. Slack) — Teacher, 

323 Penney St., McKeesport, Pa. 
EisELE, Margaret K. (Mrs. Raymond J. Malloy), 

1716 Soles St., McKeesport, Pa. 
Elbell, Marion Zula (Mrs. Richard S. Holt), 

100 Center Ave., Burgettstown, Pa. 
Elliott, Ruth Torrence (Mrs. Rudolph P. Weight), 

R. D. No. 1, Box 159, Pitcairn, Pa. 

Ely, Martha I. — Teacher 256 East Beau St., Washington, Pa. 

Empfield, Nellie M. (Mrs. G. C. Clark) — Teacher Homer City, Pa. 

EscH, Elta Kathleen — Teacher Flinton, Pa. 

Evans, Josephine (Mrs. Ralph F. Kinch) 211 West Main St., Ephrata, Pa. 

Evans, Lucile Emma (Mrs. C. H. Lewis).. 931 Ramsey St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Fagula, Margaret R. (Mrs. Regis E. Knighton), 

2098 Duss Aye., Ambridge, Pa. 

Fay, Laura Gaile (Mrs. Arthur Way) 221 Brook St., Titusville, Pa. 

Feasel, Stella Agnes R. D. No. 1, New Alexandria, Pa. 

Folk, Calvin Edward — Teacher, D. S. Keith Junior High School, 

522 East Bell Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

FooR, Thelma G. — Teacher 800 East St., Altoona, Pa. 

Ford, Harriet Rosella — ^Teacher 531 Alexander St., Monongahela, Pa. 

FoRSMAN, Anne Christine — -Teacher 33 West Park Place, Midland, Pa. 

Fortney, Mary Lou— Teacher 412 Eliza St., Connellsville, Pa. 

Foster, Velma Pearle 515 Fourth Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 

Frankosky, Margarete Marie — Teacher.. 787 Railroad St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Fulgenzi, Lada — Teacher 1810 Stockholm Ave., Windber, Pa. 

Fullerton, Jessie Marie (Mrs. H. Z. Somers), 

Bell Road, R. D. No. 2, Chagrin Falls, Ohio. 
Funk, Mary Kathryn 
Gadd, Gwendolin 

Gahagan, Ben D. — Teacher Black Lick, Pa. 

Gaston, Geneva — Teacher Glen Campbell, Pa. 

George, Clara Belle West Lebanon, Pa. 

Gioiosa, Marie — Teacher : 123 Sixth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Graham, Margaret E. — Teacher, D. S. Keith Junior High School, 

1533 Tenth St., Altoona, Pa. 

Graham, Marjorie Alice R. D. No. 1, Box 41, Bolivar, Pa. 

Green, Rosabell (Mrs. Edgar S. Mehaffey, Jr.) — Teacher, 

107 East 18th Ave., Homestead, Pa. 
Greenawalt, Maxine Ann (Mrs. John S. Rankin), 

905 Gaskill Ave., Jeannette, Pa. 

Grey, Ardee Lillian (Mrs. Ardee G. Oliver) Mt. Sterling, Ky. 

Grumbling, Clarice Belle — Teacher, 

Keyser Apts., 508 Franklin St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Gush, Florence Magdeline 635 Waddell Ave., Clairton, Pa. 


GusTAFSON, Laura M. — Teacher 2809 Riverview Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

GuYTON, Gwendolyn Louise First St., Dunbar, Pa. 

Haggerty, Margaret Ellen (Mrs. James A. Purdie), 

1209 Irwin St., Aliquippa, Pa. 
Hair, Myra Elizabeth (Mrs. Myra Elizabeth Lupton), 

510 Main St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Hall, Hazel Emogene — Teacher 515 West Fifth Ave., Langeloth, Pa. 

Hall, Mary Eleanor (Mrs. Mary Eleanor Ayres) Irvuna, Pa. 

Halnan, May Eileen — Teacher 348 East 11th Ave., Homestead, Pa. 

Hand, Dorothy Elinor (Mrs. John H. Stewart), 

108 Jackson Ave., Warren, Pa. 

Harwich, Beulah (Mrs. Earl Johns) — Teacher VaHer, Pa. 

Hauser, Gertrude L. — Teacher 538 Fifty-eighth St., Altoona. Pa. 

Hawkins, Virginia Ernestine (Mrs. Glenn Harshman) — Teacher, 

R. D. No. 1, Fredericktown, Pa. 

Heazlett, Mary Jane 68 Maple Ave., Blairsville, Pa. 

Heisey, Sarah Louise (Mrs. Edward Armstrong) — Teacher. .. .Hyde, Pa. 

Helsel, Sarah E. — Teacher Houtzdale, Pa. 

Hensel, Martha Jane 811 Middle St., North Braddock, Pa. 

Hermansen, Selma (Mrs. Kenneth Kern).... 1045 Main St., Coraopolis, Pa. 

Herzog, Virginia (Mrs. A. N. Isenberg) Bradford, Pa. 

Hettinger, Margaret S. (Mrs. Charles N. Reed, Jr.), 

105 Cobb Ave., Ingram, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Hoke, Mary Loraine (Mrs. James W. Roche), 

103 West Fourth St., Skiatook, Okla. 
HoLMAN, Gertrude Mae (Mrs. Garrie Taylor), 

Box 11, Courtney Mill Road, R. D. No. 3, Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Horner, Ardelle Lela (Mrs. Ardelle Bower) 475 Main St., Clarion, Pa. 

HoYNOSKi, Catherine Z. — Teacher. .. .926 Seventh St., New Kensington, Pa. 
Humbert, Helen (Mrs. Mase Coyle LaufTer) — Teacher, 

200 Pine St., Turtle Creek, Pa. 

Hunter, Edith Phyllis — Teacher St. Benedict, Pa. 

HuRM, Joy (Mrs. J. O. Hartman), 

336 Eldon Ave., South Lakemont, Altoona, Pa. 

Hyatt, Dorothea May Rew, Pa. 

Isenberg, Elizabeth (Mrs. Michael Byers), 

142 East Waynes St., Waynesburg, Pa. 
Jack, Cordelia Winifred (Mrs. Robert Ross) . .80 Maple St., Homer City, Pa. 
Jackson, Oda LaRue (Mrs. Allan J. Bergquist), 

1100 Duquesne Blvd., Duquesne, Pa. 
Jeffries, Marjorie (Mrs. Marjorie Walker), 

302 Catherine Ave., Brownsville, Pa. 
Jellison, Mary Frances (Mrs. Mary J. Carroll), 

607 Thayer Ave., Silver Spring, Md. 

Johnson, Harrietts Katherine (Mrs. John Shaw) Washington, D. C. 

Johnson, Louise C. — Teacher, Pleasant Valley; 

508 RidgAvay, Greensburg, Pa. 
Johnson, Mary N. (Mrs. Fred G. Craig) . .505 Tremont Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 
Jones, Mary Elizabeth — Teacher, East Pittsburgh ; 

21 Bryn Mawr Road, Forest Hills, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Jones, Ruth Emily 183 South Jefferson St., Kittanning, Pa. 

Kable, Alice Jane (Mrs. R. Alison Hallowell), 

R. D. No. 6. West Chester, Pa. 

Kasten, Catherine Jane 1113 Kennedy Ave., Duquesne, Pa. 

Kato, Rosella — Saleslady 138 South Fifth St.. Duquesne, Pa. 

Kauffman, Albert Wendell — Teacher 300 Onieda St., Monessen, Pa. 

Keller, Helen Elizabeth — Teacher, 

800 North Juniata St., HolHdaysburg. Pa. 

244 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Kelly, Virginia Cosler 1869 Noblestown Road, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Kennedy, Helen Ruth (Mrs. John F. Ross), 

3505 Meadowcroft Ave., Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Kenny, Ivella — Teacher 8006 Westmoreland Ave., Swissvale, Pa. 

Kinney, Dorothy Pearl 1104 Croton St., New Castle, Pa. 

Kinter, Mabel L. (Mrs. H. Benjamin Foster).. R. D. No. 5, Kittanning, Pa. 
Kissinger, Margaret Emily (Mrs. Ralph H. Brant), 

620 Main St., Latrobe, Pa. 
Knisely, Gladys Fern (Mrs. George W. Murphy), 

4215 Princeton Ave., Highland Park West, Greensboro N. C. 
Knupp, Jennie Belle (Mrs. Harry Shaffer), 

443 North Market St., Ligonier, Pa. 
Kramer, Helen Eleanor (Mrs. L. M. Rearick) — Teacher, 

427 Sixth Ave., Ne-w Kensington, Pa. 
Kreiling, Ruth Ann (Mrs. David H. Swanson), 

2805 Glenmore Ave., Dormont, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Kusick, Louise Georgine 703 Reynolds Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

Lamer, Mazel (Mrs. Raymond Keith) R. D. No. 1, Barnesboro, Pa. 

Langham, Roselia Ella 910 Ferndale Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Langsner, Theresa — Teacher, Arnold; 

1005 North St. Clair St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Laughlin, Mercedes — Teacher 348 Alitchell Ave., Clairton, Pa. 

Layton, Ruby M. — Teacher 1206 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Leggett, Katherine Jean 1669 West Liberty St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Leighty, Emma Mary (Mrs. G. E. Smith).. 7710 Francis St., Swissvale, Pa. 
Lenhart, Wilda Elizabeth (Mrs. Harry M. Eakle), 

270 Wonder St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Leonard, Helen — Teacher, Clinton ; Imperial, Pa. 

Lepley, Ruth Elizabeth (Mrs. Clvde Pickett), 

437 Lloyd Road, Wickliffe, Ohio. 

Lewis, Margaret Irene — Teacher 475 Donnan Ave., Washington, Pa. 

LiBENGOOD, Ethel M. — Teacher South Stewart St., Blairsville, Pa. 

Lingenfelter, Hazel Grace (Mrs. Ralph Helton) . .Chelsea-on-Hudson, N. Y. 

LiNHART, Elizabeth J. — Teacher 507 North Second St., Jeannette, Pa. 

Lohr, Virginia — Teacher Central City, Pa. 

London, Sara Boyce — Teacher Box 155, Winburne, Pa. 

Long, AIarvel — Teacher 224 Fourth St., Irwin, Pa. 

Long, Mona Viola (Mrs. W. V. Roat) — Teacher, 

317 Susquehanna Ave., Curwensville, Pa. 

Louden, Roberta E. — Teacher 347 Delaware Ave., Oakmont, Pa. 

LucKA, Rose Kathryn (Mrs. Rose Lucka Fleck), 

222 Westmoreland Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 
LuDWiCK, Anna — Teacher, Cadogan ; 

R. D. No. 3, Butler Road, Kittanning, Pa. 
MacDonald, Margaret Helen 

Mack, Helen Iona (Mrs. Gaddis Reese) Brownfield, Pa. 

Mains, Jean Elinor 546 Ridge Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 

Markell, Mabel Marion (Mrs. Charles E. Wayland) Mayport, Pa. 

Mars, Alice Irene (Mrs. John A. Reidy) Box 273, Rouseville, Pa. 

Marshall, Hilda E. — Teacher Hill St., Curwensville, Pa. 

Martin, Louise Bowers 

Marvin, Mary Elizabeth — Teacher 606 Main St., Reynoldsville, Pa. 

Mason, James Bithell ; Yukon, Pa. 

Mauk, Bernice (Mrs. Bernice Flickinger) — Clerk, Mine Office, Sagamore, Pa. 

Mauk, Madeline R. D. No. 4, Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Mayer, Margaret I. (Mrs. J. A. Bartlebaugh) Brush Valley, Pa. 

Mayse, Emeline (Mrs. John L. Schrock) R. D. No. 1, Stoystown, Pa. 

McAfee, Edna L. — Teacher Rennerdale, Pa. 

A L U M X I R Y C L A S S E S 245 

McAfee, Esther L. — Teacher Rennerdale, Pa. 

McAuLEY, Sarah Virginia 

McCakrell, Lois (Mrs. Robert M. Brown) — Substitute Teacher, 

R. D. No. 3, McDonald, Pa. 
McClain, Charlotte Louise — Teacher, Colver ; 

138 Johnson Ave., Blairsville, Pa. 
McClain, Mary Alice — Deceased. 

McClelland, Josephine — Teacher Falls Creek, Pa. 

McClelland, Orveta Minnie — Teacher R. D. No. 3, Punxsutawney, Pa. 

McCoMB, Emeline Calhoun 309 Church St., Indiana, Pa. 

McCowN, Gladys ^L'\.RGARET (Mrs. Gladys M. Schwab), 

7 Jefferson St., Bradford, Pa. 
MlCrea, Alice ^L (Mrs. Clarence C. Getty), 

126 Strayer St., Johnstown, Pa. 
McCrea, Margaret (Mrs. J. Harold Gibson).. R. D. No. 2, Blairsville, Pa. 

McCreary, M.\rtha K.\thryn 516 Martin St., New Castle, Pa. 

McCullough, M.\R(.erv Elva 1027 Cambria St., Nanty-Glo, Pa. 

McCuNE, Robert Charles — Teacher R. D. No. 2, Ruffsdale, Pa. 

McCurdy, Elda Elvira (Mrs. Robert Evans) R. D. No. 6, Indiana, Pa. 

McIlvaine, Eulal.\ — Teacher 122 Main St., Houston, Pa. 

McVVherter, Edna Louise R. D. No. I, Latrobe, Pa. 

Means, Mary Catherine (Mrs. Robert E. Steffy) Marion Center, Pa. 

Meyers, Agnes Marie — Teacher 416 Eighth St., Windber, Pa. 

MiKESELL, Velma Rose (Mts. N. W. Muir;, 

SVA West Fifth St., Mansfield, Ohio. 

Miller, Lillian Luella Summer Address : Chautauqua, N. Y. 

Winter Address: 512 Dartmouth St., St. Petersburg, Fla. 
Miller, Meryl (Mrs. George A. Moffat) — Teacher, 

3605 Woodland Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 
Miller, Ruby Elizabeth 
Miller, Ruth Muriel 
Mitchell, Florence Gertrude (Airs. Florence Mitchell Stiles) — Teacher, 

Dilltown, Pa. 

Mock, Mary Catherine (Mrs. Forest Mangus) Bedford, Ohio. 

MoFFiE, Jennie Clara Slickville, Pa. 

MoNATH, Louise B. — Teacher, Rostraver Twp. ; West Newton, Pa. 

Monroe, Eleanor S.\r.\ (Mrs. Eleanor M. Smail). 

Montgomery, Anna MARY^Teacher. . . .956 Eighth .\ve., Brackenridge, Pa. 

Montgomery, Bernice B. (Mrs. James Stratton), 

1 Harris St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Morrow, Elizabeth — Teacher 410 Hillcrest Ave., New Castle, Pa. 

Myers, James Arthur — Teacher, Mt. Pleasant Twp. ; 

341 Main St., Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 
Myler, Eileen Regin.\ — Assistant Librarian, 

310 Larimer Ave., Turtle Creek. Pa. 

Nevergold, Helen Arliene — Teacher 907 Lawton St., Tarentum, Pa. 

Nickolls, Rachel Lois (Mrs. William C. Peckman) . .Box 12, Boston, Pa. 

Ogren, Anna (Mrs. William G. Knapp) 4215^ Biddle St., Kane, Pa. 

Oldham, Fa ye L. (Mrs. J. R. Anderson), 

207 South Phaney St.. Ebensburg, Pa. 
Oles, Margaret — Principal of Union School, Baldwin Twp. ; 

904 State Ave., Coraopolis, Pa. 

Ondrako, Evelyn — Teacher Mammoth, Pa. 

Pachter, Mabel Marion 706 Twenty-fourth St., Altoona. Pa. 

Palazzi, Susie Kathryn — Teacher Gray, Pa. 

Palmer, Mildred M. — Teacher, Ferguson Twp.; Mahaffey, Pa. 

Pannebaker, Rebecca Lucille 208 West Southey Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Patterson, Ruth M. (Mrs. Ruth M. Ray) . .R. D. No. 1, Box 52, Latrobe, Pa. 


Pavlick, Anna Sara — Teacher 61 Fairfield Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Pavlik, Elizabeth — Teacher Trauger, Pa. 

Pellerite, Rose — Teacher, Decatur Twp. ; 506 Daisy St., Clearfield, Pa. 

Phillips, Peggy Jean — Teacher 106 West Fourth St., Greensburg, Pa. 

PiERON, M. Henrietta (Mrs. E. Ellsworth Dyer) — Teacher, 

7 Stahlman Apts., Monongahela, Pa. 
Poerschke, Bertha H. (Mrs. Roy J. Heinsberg), 

394 Ambord Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

PoNATTO, Anna Helen 1627 Oak Grove Ave., Swissvale, Pa. 

Poole, Charlotte R. (Mrs. Harry W. Vance), 

2505 Arthur St., AIcKeesport, Pa. 
Post, Mary Elisabeth (Mrs. James B. Hackney), 

855 Duncan Ave., Washington, Pa. 

Prosser, Nancy Jane — Teacher 706 Main St., Windber, Pa. 

Rabico, Anastasia Guelene (Mrs. Anastasia R. Heard), 

Star Route, Elders Ridge, Edri, Pa. 
Rankin, Odessa Belle (Mrs. Wallace Cumpson), 

R. D. No. 1, Box 142, Elizabeth, Pa. 
Rankin, Sara (Mrs. Kenneth W. Kerr).. 412 North Fourth St., Newport, Pa. 
Read, Claudia Everleigh (Mrs. P. C. Roberts), R. F. D. No. 4, Somerset, Pa. 
Reeve, Catharine Elizabeth (Mrs. Lester S. Smith), 

865 Rear Third Ave., Brackenridge, Pa. 

Reilley, Catharine A. — Teacher 210 Arthur St., Zelienople, Pa. 

Ress, Lillian 2239 Shady Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Rezolla, Evelyn C. (Mrs. Bruce A. Sciotto), 

402 State St., Southmont, Johnstown, Pa. 

Richards, A. Jean — Teacher 2001 Logan Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Richardson, Lilyan (Mrs. William B. Miller, Jr.), 

30 South Wade Ave., Washington, Pa. 
RiGNEY, Catherine (Mrs. Charles T. O'Brien), 

1404 Fourteenth St., Altoona, Pa. 
Ritenour, Gertrude Virginia (Mrs. James R. Kinsev), 

22 Hiland Drive, R. D. No. 1, McKees Rocks, Pa. 
Ritenour, Mildred Katherine — Teacher, 

1220 Holmes St., McKees Rocks, Pa. 

RiTTS, Eloise E. — Teacher 203 South Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Robertson, Jennie D. — Teacher R. F. D. No. 3, Irwin, Pa^ 

Rosenberg, Lillian Sara 308^ Allegheny St., Hollidaysburg, Pa. 

'RosENSTEEL, Mary D. (Mrs. Mary R. Harvey) — Teacher Edri, Pa. 

Ruettger, D. Norene — Teacher 713 Gaskill Ave., Jeannette, Pa. 

Rutter, Luella Kathryn 

Sachs, Charlet Jeanette (Mrs. Harry Singer), 

1443 Catherine St., Harrisburg, Pa. 
ScHADE, Esther S. — Teacher, O'Hara Twp. ; 

266 Forty-second St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
ScHMucKER, Sara Etta (Mrs. Edgar Fritz), 

324 West Fairview St., Somerset, Pa. 

Schroyer, Elinor — Teacher R. D. No. 1, Freeport, Pa. 

Scott, Alverda — Teacher Hickory, Pa. 

ScoTT, Mary Edith (Mrs. Curtis McGaughey) . . . .R. D. No. 1, Avella, Pa. 

Shadron, Thelma Grace (Mr"^. Oliver Nicely) Route 3, Ligonier, Pa. 

Shaffer, Sanford B. — Supervising Principal of Wilkins Township Schools,. 

428 Center St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Shannon, Eva Mae (Mrs. Allen Nicholson) . .R. D. No. 2, Blairsville, Pa. 

Sharp, Delores G. — Teacher 426 North Drake St., Titusville, Pa. 

Sheeley, E\'Elyn B. (Mrs. Percy Corbin), 

319 East Washington St., Corry, Pa.. 

A L U M X I BY C 1. A S S K S 247 

Sheruonuy, Esther Pearl (Mrs. Earl Goodwin), 

R. D. No. 1. West Newton, Pa. 

SiiiELD.s, Ida May — Librarian 335 North Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 

SiMcu, Mary Margaret — Teacher 1711 Flagler St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Skelly, Salome S. (Mrs. William R. Long).. 1045 Grant Ave., Duquesne, Pa. 
Sleeth, Ardella Mae 

Sluka, Ethel — Teacher 455 Canal St., Leechburg, Pa. 

Smith, Alberta E. — Teacher, 

326 Kenmont Ave., Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Smith, Elma Gertrude Box 292, Irwin, Pa. 

Smith, Evangeline — Teacher 100 Tiona St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Smith, Kathkyn Frances Twin Rocks, Pa. 

Smith, Mildred Elizabeth (Mrs. Clair C. Jamison), 

1309 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 
Smithmyer, Catherine E. (Mrs. J. P. Dawson) — Teacher, 

1513 Twenty -fourth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Snapp, Mabel Rosalyn — Teacher Mt. Jewett, Pa. 

Snyder, Sara Leone Echo, Pa. 

Southard, Lorraine Keck — Teacher 129 South Fourth St., Duquesne, Pa. 

Spear, Verna Kathryn (Mrs. E. R. Lightner) — Teacher, 

436 Prospect St., Warren, Pa. 

Specht, Lucille Bernice (Mrs. Lucille B. Lohr) Stoystowfi, Pa. 

Stanton, Margaret Geraldine — Deceased. 

Steele, Gertrude — Teacher Marion Center, Pa. 

Stephan, Margaret — Teacher 48 Church St., Ephrata, Pa. 

Stern, Esther (Mrs. Joseph Dietz) 531 East Broad St., Souderton, Pa. 

Stewart, Audrey Louise (Mrs. Audrey Louise Bennett) — Teacher, 

420 Mills Ave., Braddock, Pa. 

Stoner, Eleanor Audrey 2117 Third Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Stoner, Ella Mae (Mrs. W. J. Hartman) . .917 Mulberry St., Scottdale, Pa. 
Stover, Sarah Ruth (Mrs. R. W. Pressel), 

225 Seventh Ave., Juniata, Altoona, Pa. 

Straitiff, Max Charles 126 Ridge Ave., Punxsutawnej', Pa. 

Stuby, Margaret Delrose (Mrs. William M. Wilson) Twin Rocks, Pa. 

Stump, Louise Fink (Mrs. Francis O. Lamberson), 

1015 Wayne Ave., Indiana, Pa. 
Sutch, Jessie Elizabeth (Mrs. Jessie Sutch Rabuck) — Teacher, 

222 Bernard St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Sutter, Clara B. — Teacher 1262 Taylor Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 

Taylor, Carolyn Tucker — Teacher. .. .1900 Nineteenth St., Barnesboro, Pa. 
Taylor, Margaret Ruth (Mrs. Gard E. McQuillen) — Teacher, 

434 First St., Conemaugh, Pa. 

Thomas, Helen Mae Maple Ave., Turtle Creek, Pa. 

Thomas, Margaret Ruth (Mrs. Isaac Frederick Lewis), 

Graham Apts., Fairmont, W. Va. 
Thompson, Mariam Ruth — Teacher. .311 Greenwood Ave., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Thompson, Viola — Teacher 717 Arlington Ave., Jeannette, Pa. 

Ulm, Dorothy (Mrs. H. Paul Hartman) . .1254 Griswald Drive, Sharon, Pa. 

Wacht, Mathilda R. — Teacher 1800 Duss Ave., Ambridge, Pa. 

Walker, Anna Mary (Mrs. J. Lucian Root) Juniata Gap, Altoona, Pa. 

Walker, Robert Means — Teacher. .. .217 North Fourth St., Youngwood, Pa. 

Wallace, Helen Elizabeth 323 Third St., McDonald, Pa. 

Walter, Frances L. (Mrs. Frances W. Moore) — Teacher, 

William Penn Court, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Ward. Mary Rf.gina 543 Sixth St., Wilson Station, Clairton, Pa. 

Watso, Alice M. — Teacher Emeigh, Pa. 

Wat.son, Viola Mae (Mrs. Russell Schrode) . .26 Franklin St.. Clymer. Pa. 
Wh;yandt. Jennie Elizabeth — Teacher * Queen, Pa. 


Wherry, Virginia Louise (Mrs. John S. Glass) — Teacher, 

310 East Beau St., Washington, Pa., 

Whetzell, Dorothy — Teacher Salix, Pa. 

Whitling, Elva M. (Mrs. Robert Reed) — Private Secretary, 

1119 Mississippi Ave., Dormont, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

WiDMER, Virginia — Teacher 110 West Gibson Ave., Connellsville, Pa. 

Wilcox, Claribel (Mrs. Dwain C. Yothers), 

346 George St., Turtle Creek, Pa. 
WiLLEY, Madalene Eleanor (Mrs. Kenneth Mitchell), 

414 Alain St., Bellvirood, Pa. 

Williams, Catherine Long — Teacher Elmora P. O., Bakerton, Pa. 

Wilson, Lillias Mary (Mrs. C. A. Wilcher) . .625 July Way, Braddock, Pa. 
Wilson, Regina Mildred (Mrs. Regina McGlaughlin), 

1301 Bailey Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 
Wilson, Sara Elizabeth (Mrs. Sara W. Johnston) — Teacher, 

503 Hawkins Ave., North Braddock, Pa. 
Wise, Hinda Larue 
Wolfe, Loretta Elizabeth (Mrs. Lawrence Wiley), 

2020 Hudson Ave., Altoona, Pa. 
Yoho, Charlotte Margaret (Mrs. Robert R. Neville, Jr.), 

116 Jones St., Aliquippa, Pa. 
Young, Jeannette (Mrs. D. W. Laughery), 

13598 St. Marys Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Zacur, Julia Mary — Teacher 458 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Junior High School Curriculum 

Airsman, Mae Elizabeth R. No. 6, Somerset, Pa. 

Barbor, Chester L. — Principal and Teacher 315 Walnut St., Indiana, Pa. 

Berner, Margaretta L. — Case Reader, Department of Public Assistance, 

605 South Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 
Bitner, Harold W. — Teacher, Derry Twp. ; 

Harrison Avenue Extension, Latrobe, Pa. 

Bostic, Carl C. — Teacher 5 Lea St., Etna, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Bover, Frank Ellis— County Supervisor, Department of Public Assistance, 

314 East Alarket St., Clearfield, Pa. 
Braddock, Margaret E. (Mrs. George A. Whitehurst), 

10^45 Hale Ave., Chicago, 111. 

BusKO, Goldie — Teacher Box 875, Billings, Mont. 

CoRBETT, Thomas E. — Librarian, State College ;..R. D. No. 1, Blairsville, Pa. 
Davis, Helen Louise— Teacher. 

4220 Prairie Ave., Apt. 10, Miami Beach, Fla. 

Davison, Fred Strahen — Teacher 510 McKean Ave., Donora, Pa. 

Fee, Robert L. — Teacher 21 Grant St., Uniontown, Pa. 

Gill, Sara Kathryn 1504 Park Way, Barnesboro, Pa. 

Glasgow, Phyllis Glasgow. Pa. 

Guthrie, Arthur — Employee of Bethlehem Steel Co., Johnstown ; 

Latrobe, Pa. 

Heginbotham, Edwin Walter 720 James St., Turtle Creek, Pa. 

Hohnke, Marion L. (Mrs. George G. West), 

204 Woodland Ave., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

HoMYAK, Mary L. — Teacher, Elder Twp.; 306 Magee Ave., Patton, Pa. 

Johns, Marion Adella — Teacher. .. .111 North Main St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Keeler, Elizabeth Lillian (Mrs. William L. Frazier) Shelocta. Pa. 

Krider, Thelma Julia — Teacher, Bell Twp. ; 

R. D. No. 3, Box 122, Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Lakey, Bella Irene (Mrs. Thomas D. Jones), 

239 New Castle St., New Wilmington, Pa. 


A L U M N I B Y C L A S S E S 249 

Learn, Lisle W. — Supervising Principal, Pine Township Schools, 

Heilwood, Pa. 
Lemmon, Evalyn Elizabeth (Mrs. Evalyn Lemmon de Wolfe), 

163 West 42nd Place, Los Angeles, Calif. 


LoGUE, Mary Virginia 546 Fifty-seventh St., Eldorado, Altoona, Pa. 

Magill, Eakl L. — Elementary Principal 308 Pifcr St., DuHois, Pa. 

McAnulty, Eugene Henry — Principal and Teacher, 

R. D. No. 3, Indiana, Pa. 

McClain, William G. — Teacher 210 South Second St., Altoona, Pa. 

McClelland, Rugh C. 
MoTT, John Robert 

Powell, Herbert Reese— Teacher 5 Lincoln Apts., Ambridge, Pa. 

Reed, James Lisle — Teacher 1158 School St., Indiana, Pa. 

Shaffer, Anna Elizabeth (Mrs. Henry W. Maurer) Heilwood, Pa. 

Shirley, Clair J. — Principal, Mamont School, Westmoreland Co.; 

Saltsburg, Pa. 

Slick, Mrs. Jennie E. — Teacher 1600 Third Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Tilton, Ruth Eleanor (Mrs. Owen Williams) — Deceased. 
Uber, Dorothea (Mrs. Addison W. Blankenship) — Reporter, 

1576 Karr St., Springfield, Ohio. 

Wagner, Merle Harris — Bookkeeper 3509 Sixth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Weimer, Eugene S. — Bus Owner R. D. No. 2, Leechburg, Pa. 

Weimer, William Roy R. D. No. 2, Leechburg, Pa. 

Wille, Gladys Farber — Teacher 102 Walcott St., Clymer, Pa. 

Wills, David L. — Building Principal, 

R. F. D. No. 1, New Kensington, Pa. 
Wolf, Adelaide B. (Mrs. Adelaide W. Diem), 

30 Mercer St., Stratford, Conn. 
ZiDOW, Anne Marguerite (Mrs. C. J. McCarthy) Cassandra, Pa. 

Public School Art Curriculum 

Barkell, Emma Jane — Art Supervisor, 402 South Chestnut St., Scottdale, Pa. 

CuRRAN, Margaret M. (Mrs. W. E. Megraw) Essex Apts., Ambridge, Pa. 

Dickey, Margaret Penelope — Teacher, 

16th and R Sts., S. E., Washington, D. C. 
Huebner, Katherine E. (Mrs. Katherine Huebner Rodgers) — Teacher, 

512 South St., Johnstown, Pa. 

MusuLiN, Draga — Teacher, Cochran Junior High School Johnstown, Pa. 

Parthemore, Grace Mildred— Art Supervisor. .157 Market St., Highspire, Pa. 
SiLvis, Mildred Elizabeth (Mrs. C. S. Keltz), 

427 South Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Wirtner, Cyril Ignatius — Teacher, Prospect School, Mt. Washington; 

121 Meriden St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Commercial Teacher Curriculum 

Br.\y, Alfred Elia.s — Teacher 15 Thirty-eighth St., Irvington, N. J. 

Bush, William E. — Accountant, Chief-General Ledger and Control Division, 
Pennsylvania State Liquor Control Board, 

105 South Front St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

DeBerti, John Thomas — Teacher Old Garden Lane, Hillcroft, York, Pa. 

Dick, Laura Jane (Mrs. Sanford Ferree Martin). 

1450 Ridge Ave., Coraopolis, Pa. 

Elliott, Wayne H. — Accountant 224 New St.. Lititz, Pa. 

Freed, Orrel E.— Teacher 2381 Almont St., Carrick. Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Hedofn, Carolvx Martin 


HocKER, George H. — President of Bard-Avon School, 

3623 Wabash Ave., Baltimore, Md. 

HoRGER, Ruth — Teacher 104 Storrs St., Taylor, Pa. 

Lew^is, Owen C. — Teacher, Pittsburgh; 

R. D. No. 4, White Oaks Heights, Millvale, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Mangan, John J. — Teacher 4735 Fifth Ave., South, St. Petersburg, Fla. 

O'Leary, Mary Margaret 604 Jones Ave., North Braddock, Pa. 

Plotzer, Bernadine (Mrs. Bernadine Ward) — Teacher, 

206 West Seventh St., Erie, Pa. 
Ruuti, Martha — Deceased. 

Stoner, James Kermit — Supervisor and Teacher R. D. No. 1, Indiana, Pa. 

Tompkins, Agnes L. — Supervisor and Teacher, 

60 West Campbell St., Blairsville, Pa. 
Wertman, Norman 
Witter, Jean Fairlie 
Young, John F. — Teacher 538 Halcomb Ave., Clairton, Pa. 

Home Economics Curriculum 

Beamer, Ruth J. — Home Economics Adviser, Westmoreland County, 

31 East Otterman St., Greensburg, Pa. 
Cole, Margaret Maryann (Mrs. John M. Richardson), 

302 South 11th St., Indiana, Pa. 
CoRBETT, Helen L. (Mrs. Paul T. Burfoot) — Teacher, 

1511 State Ave., Coraopolis, Pa. 
Gates, Margaret (Mrs. L. C. VanKirk) — Teacher, Washington Seminary, 

Junior College 216 East Beau St., Washington, Pa. 

Gordon, Boneita M. — Home Economist Box 295, Edinboro, Pa. 

Heberling, Alice Eloise (Mrs. Ralph H. Patterson) — Teacher, 

Box 127, Tov^rnville, Pa. 

Kuppler, Esther— Teacher 542 West Fifth St., Erie, Pa. 

Lakey, Margaret Lydia (Mrs. Roy McCallum Vance), 

222 South Firestone Blvd., Akron, Ohio. 
Marcks, Thalia O. (Mrs. C. Harold Shafer), 

122 West Penn St., Bedford, Pa. 
McCoy, Fa ye E. (Mrs. Wayne D. Campbell), 

527 Sixth Ave., Juniata, Altoona. Pa. 

McHenry, Martha Jane — Teacher 628 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 

McMuRRAY, Mary Jane (Mrs. Leonard Alvin Schafer), 

303 Stratmore Ave.. Crafton Heights, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
McPherson, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. William T. Allison), 

Allison Bldg., Ford City, Pa. 

North, Margaret — Teacher 408 North Homewood Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Papke, Molly A. — Teacher 1609 Bailey Ave., McKeespo'rt, Pa. 

RoDKEY, Anne Hampson (Mrs. Lee Confer) Warrendale, Pa. 

Row^e, Grace Leona (Mrs. Grace Rowe Smith), 

12, North Fourth St., Indiana, Pa. 
Simpson, Charlotte — Executive Dietitian, St. Lukes and Children's Hospital, 

Franklin and Thompson Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Smalstig, Marie (Mrs. Marie Caputo) 379 Pearl St., Brownsville, Pa. 

Snyder, Georgiana L. (Mrs. Thomas E. Crook), 

104 West Patterson St., Lansford, Pa. 

Uhler, Mildred — Teacher 539 Main St., Lykens, Pa. 

White, Harrietta Hunter — Teacher, 

Box 350, R. D. No. 2, Hollidaysburg, Pa. 

Wilson, Ella Mae — Teacher 219 Baldwin Ave., Sharon, Pa. 

Wilson, Jennie L. — Dietitian, Asheville Teachers College, Asheville, N. C. 

A L U M N I B Y C L A S S E S 251 

Public School Music Curriculum 

Brewer, Mary Emma — Music Supervisor, \Viliningt(jii, Del. ; Mcrccrsburg, Pa. 
Davis, Ruby Irene (Mrs. James Humphreys) ... .800 School St., Indiana, Pa. 
Getiiin, Virginia B. (Mrs. J. G. Graham) — Music Supervisor, 

633 Sixth St., Trafford, Pa. 

Haley, Vyrle Lee (Mrs. Russell L. Troxell) Glasgow, Pa. 

Helfrick, Hallie — Music Supervisor, Unity Twp. ; 

28 Hillview Ave., Latrobe, Pa. 

Little, Kathleen M. — Teacher Defiance, Pa. 

Marshall, Benjamin F. — Teacher 538 Craig St., Grove City, Pa. 

Oliver, Frank George — Music Supervisor. .. .1704^/ Ridge Ave., Arnold, Pa. 

Peck, Winifred (Mrs. Winifred Peck Likar) Martinsburg, W. Va. 

Pollock, Helen Irene (Mrs. John Hudson Atkinson), 

1796 Chestnut St., Wyandotte, Mich. 
Poole, Loula M. (Mrs. Richard F. Blough), 

657 Forest Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
Ross, Estella Mae (Mrs. Edward C. Leaf).. 324 Third St., Conemaugh, Pa. 
Shugarts, Velma Mary (Mrs. J. Edwin Croushore), 

Third St., Grapeville, Pa. 
Smathers, William Scott — Music Supervisor, 

511 East High St., Ebensburg, Pa. 
Spisak, Helena E. — Choral Director. .Box 68, 2005 Carolyn St., Farrell. Pa. 

Weber, Hazel Lee — Teacher, Green Twp. ; Curwensville, Pa. 

Zener, Harold Burdell — Music Supervisor and Instrumental Teacher, 

Miller Ave., Homer City, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1932 


President Joseph R. Davis 

Vice President Kenneth John Arisman 

Secretary Ellener Louise Edwards 

Treasurer Stanley T. Fleming 


President Frances L. Gray 

Vice President Ruth Marion Edwards 

Secretary Dorathy Argall 

Treasurer Martha E. Greenwood 

Elementary Curriculutns 
(Kindergarten - Primary and Intermediate) 

Abbott, Ida Louise Ill Third Ave., Derry, Pa. 

AcKERMAN, Olive — Teacher R. D. No. 1, Derry, Pa. 

Adams, Dorothy G. (Mrs. Kenneth G. Hepler), 

1724 Overland Ave., Youngstown, Ohio. 

Adams, Gladys R. — Teacher 231 Spring St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Adams, Sara Marie (Mrs. John D. Daugherty) Grove City. Pa. 

Allen, Louise (Mrs. William Crytzer) . .720 Eighth Ave., Brackenridge, Pa. 

Alter, Gladys M. — Teacher 173 South Liberty St., Blairsville, Pa. 

Ament, Dorothy M. — Teacher, Unity Twp. ; 223 Gertrude St., Latrobe, Pa. 
Anderson, Helen Louise — Teacher. 

1009 West Pittsburgh St., Scottdale, Pa. 

Andrews, Lida Ruth — Teacher Box 283, Herminie, Pa. 

Argall, Dorathy (Mrs. Richard P. Jones), 

1455 Cresson St., Wilkinsburg. Pa. 

252 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Ayers, Frank E. — Teacher 227 East Walnut St., Altoona, Pa. 

Balentine, Sara E. — Teacher 213 Sixth St., West Newton, Pa. 

Barrett, Betty Joan 

Beatty, Lois Mildred (Mrs. Walter Braughler) Rochester Mills, Pa. 

Beck, Ruth Eleanor — Teacher 1329 Twenty-first Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Bedont, Olive Rose (Mrs. A. A. Colarusso) . .619 Crawford St., Duquesne, Pa. 

Beechey, Sara Mildred— Teacher 1050 Chestnut St., Nanty-Glo, Pa. 

Bennett, Elizabeth VanBrunt (Mrs. Howard Smith), 

321 Second St., Pitcairn, Pa. 

Berg, Ethel R. D. No. 1, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Berger, Gertrude Florence Main St., Claridge, Pa. 

Berkebile, Elda May (Mrs. Ernest Rice) — Teacher, 

R. D. No. 1, Mineral Point, Pa. 
Bertino, Frances Sarah (Mrs. Frances S. Logera) — Teacher, West 

Leechburg ; 335 Sycamore St., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Besselman, Mary Elizabeth 603 West Walnut St., Titusville, Pa. 

Best, Marjorie E.— Teacher Athletic St., Verona, Pa. 

Best, Mary Ellen (Mrs. F. M. O'Neil) — Teacher, Manorville; 

116 Market St., Kittanning, Pa. 
Bier, Corinna Esther (Mrs. Charles H. Russell, Jr.) — Teacher, 

208 Pine St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Biggs, Oliver Dean R. D. No. 2, Pitcairn, Pa. 

Bloom, Dorothy — Teacher 417 Grant St., South Fork, Pa. 

Blose, Melzena Belle— Teacher 1079 School St., Indiana, Pa. 

Blose, Verna Marie — Indiana County Supervisor of Education and 

Recreation 1079 School St., Indiana, Pa. 

Bolin, Beatrice Elizabeth (Mrs. Beatrice E. Worden) — Stenographer, 

132 Barbour St., Bradford, Pa. 
Bond, Ella Christena (Mrs. Christena Bond Pees) — Teacher, 

R. D. No. 4, Washington, Pa. 

Boslett, Frances C— Teacher Spangler, Pa. 

Boslett, Virginia M.— Teacher Spangler, Pa. 

Bowman, Josephine — Teacher 520 Sherman St., Johnstown, Pa, 

Bowman, Mary Isadore (Mrs. Ray Orzell), 

744 Highland Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
Bowser, Alene Genevieve — Deceased. 

Bowser, Dorothy M. — Teacher Robinson, Pa. 

Boyce, Floy Elizabeth — Deceased. 

Brindley, Helen Mae — Teacher 613 Parkview Ave., North Braddock, Pa. 

Brinker, Gertrude E. — Teacher R. D. No. 2, Export, Pa. 

Brooks, Jesse Herbert — Principal of Moon Township High School, 

R. D. No. 1, Coraopolis, Pa. 

Brown, Bertha Ellen— Teacher 1058 Church St., Indiana, Pa. 

Brown, Doris Virginia (Mrs. John N. Seiler) Ebensburg, Pa. 

Brown, Edith L. — Teacher, Blair Co. ; Curryville, Pa. 

Brown, Genevieve Luella (Mrs. J. Arthur Henderson), 

102 Center St., East Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Brown, Zula Clare (Mrs. Ben D. Gahagan), 

Blairsville Ave., Black Lick, Pa. 

Brownfield, Elizabeth Rae R. D. No. 1, Uniontown, Pa. 

Browning, Mary Gertrude (Mrs. S. T. Gray) — Teacher, 

104 Trader Ave., Connellsville, Pa. 

Bryan, Helen Virginia Wind Ridge, Pa. 

Bryson, Marian (Mrs. N. Verner Lloyd) — Teacher Traflford, Pa. 

Buchanan, Mary Gladys (Mrs. Boyd S. Sensenich) . .Clay Pike, Irwin, Pa. 

BuHiTE, Mary Irene — Teacher Stump Creek, Pa. 

Burkett, Lavada Arvilla (Mrs. Lavada B. Hammer) Alum Bank, Pa. 


Butts, Ruthann (Mrs. Jay R. Watkins), 

432 Cherokee Lane, Beechwood Park, Johnstown, Pa. 
Byron, Grace F. (Mrs. A. Wendell Kauffman) — Teacher, 

300 Onieda St., Monessen, Pa. 

Cadzow, Mildred M. — Teacher Forbes Road, Pa. 

Cairns, Maky Elizabeth — Teacher Star Route, Ligonier, Pa. 

Caldwell, Bernadine L. (Mrs. James Schroyer) Spangler, Pa. 

Calhoun, Elizabeth Ann (Mrs. Richard S. Jeffery), 

844 Highland Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 

Callahan, Laurette 351 Walnut St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Campbell, James M. — Teaciier R. D. No. 2, Box 66, Penn Run, Pa. 

Castonis, Carolyn Heath — Teacher Spangler, Pa. 

Catarouch, Rose Marie 204 Cleveland St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Cessna, Josephine LeRoy (Mrs. C. A. Crowe), 

1615 North Second St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Clare, Edna M.\ry 320 South Second St., Apollo, Pa. 

Clawson, Vera May (Mrs. Russell Bernauer) — Writing Supervisor, 

303 East Pittsburgh St., Greensburg, Pa. 
Clements, Margaret Jane — Teacher, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh ; 

Douglass Apts., Indiana, Pa. 
Clyde, Thelma Elizabeth 

CoFFMAN, Marjorie DOROTHEA 108 East Fayette St., Uniontown, Pa. 

Cohen, Tessie "Dolores 1206 Nineteenth St., Altoona, Pa. 

Goldsmith, Sarah Catharine 322 Eagle St., Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Coleman, Genevieve L. (Mrs. Richard H. Floyd) — Teacher, Vandergrift ; 

1375 School St., Indiana, Pa. 

Coleman, Ruth Irene — Teacher 621 East Main St., Somerset, Pa. 

Colteryahn, Lvnette B. — Teacher Burgettstown, Pa. 

CoLWELL, Gertrude B. (Mrs. Austin Wright), 

Cathedral Mansions, Ellsworth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Conrad, Virginia Blair — Teacher, Rossiter ;. .415 St. Clair St., Latrobe, Pa. 

Cook, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. F. L. Rackley) New Alexandria, Pa. 

Cousin, Sara Etta 120 Electric Ave., East Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Cox, Eleanor L. (Mrs. Eleanor L. Bradley), 

721 Line Ave., Ellwood City. Pa. 
Craig, Bernice Esther — Teacher, Heilwood ; 

247 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 
Craig, Ethel Lucinda (Mrs. Charles Himes), 

432 Robinson St., Pitcairn, Pa. 
Cr.vwford, Julia E. — Teacher, 

59 North Fremont Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Crawford, Mary Elizabeth — Teacher.. 202 Cleveland St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

CuRRAN, Sara C. — Teacher 1105 Confer Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Curry, Margaret Ann (Mrs. Margaret Ann Craft), 

1010 East Mahoning St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
CusHNiE, Alice Elizabeth (Mrs. Elizabeth Cushnie Baker) — Teacher, 

Canonsburg ; 1040 Allison Ave., Washington, Pa. 

Daggs, Marion Marie (Mrs. Ernest Karger) Sheffield, Pa. 

Daibler, Jane Elizabeth (Mrs. John M. Swindell), 

317 Whitney Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Dailey, Gladys M. — Teacher 1 128 Bedford St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Danko, Agnes Rose — Teacher 906 First St., McKecs Rocks, Pa. 

Davis, Catharine Mary 

DeLarme, Myrtle Jane — Teacher 405 Mabel St., Reynoldsville, Pa. 

Dentici, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. William G. Scrrao) — Teacher, 

135 North Grant Ave., Kittamiing. Pa. 
DeNul, Entlyn (Mrs. Fred Herrmann) — Teacher, 

1036 Maplewood Ave., Ambridge, Pa. 

254 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Dickie, Gertrude S. (Mrs. J. Gordon Mack), 

922 Union St., McKeesport, Pa. 

DoDD, Viola Madeline 405 Church St., Gallitzin, Pa. 

DooLiTTLE, Doris Jane (Mrs. Stanley E. Anderson), 

49 West Frederick St., Corry, Pa. 
D'Orazio, Lena M. (Mrs. Norman Varesco), 

1806 Leishman Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 
Doughty, Elizabeth Jane (Mrs. George R. Pels), 

McNeal Road, Allison Park, Pa. 

Drylie, Charlotte Elizabeth 1016 Bell Ave., North Braddock, Pa. 

Duncan, Cleo — Teacher 513 Grant St., South Fork, Pa. 

Duncan, Sara Elaine Y. W. C. A., Altoona, Pa. 

Edsall, Mary Belle (Mrs. Mary E. Deglau), 

1013 Jefferson St., Latrobe, Pa. 
Edwards, Ruth Marion (Mrs. Ruth Edwards Keim), 

401 East Ninth Ave., Tarentum, Pa. 

Emigh, Gertrude Elizabeth R. D. No. 2, Penn Run, Pa. 

Enterline, Marion Elizabeth — Teacher, Coolspring ; 

R. F. D. No. 5, Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Erdelyan, Mildred R. — Teacher 335 Merchant St., Ambridge, Pa. 

Fabian, Rose Ann — Teacher, Bradford, Pa. ; 

382 Minnesota Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Fisher, Raymon — Teacher R. N6. 2, Dayton, Pa. 

Foltz, Hazel C— Teacher R. D. No. 3, Box 234, Reynoldsville, Pa. 

FoNTENOY, Dorothy E. — Employee of Department of Labor and Industry, 

Harrisburg ; 319 West Fifth Ave., Clearfield, Pa. 

Frederick, Martha Geraldine (Mrs. Harold L. Zimmerman) — Teacher, 

141 Church St., Homer City, Pa. 

Froggatt, Dorothy L. (Mrs. K. V. Bowser) 1011 Main St., Portage, Pa. 

Fulton, Nancy Ruth (Mrs. Roy E. MacDonald) Iselin, Pa. 

Fulton, Wilma Rosamond (Mrs. Glenn W. Mcjunkin), 

R. D. No. 2, Indiana, Pa. 
Furlong, Ruth Ann (Mrs. James M. Woods, Jr.), 

121 Library Place, Duquesne, Pa. 

Gangloff, Dorothy May 473 School St., Glenwood, Pa. 

Gates, Mary — Teacher 1111 Third St., Juniata, Altoona, Pa. 

Gaydos, Dorothy — Teacher 72 Main St., Fairchance, Pa. 

Gazdik, Elsie M. (Mrs. David Lolymac) — Teacher, 

Lovinyhara, Csongrad vin Hungary. 

Gerner, Grace — Teacher 213 Longfellow St., Vandergrift, Pa. 

GiLLAM, Kathleen Louise R. F. D. No. 4, Kittanning, Pa. 

Glass, Anna E.— Teacher R. D. No. 1, Bulger, Pa. 

GoDARD, Elizabeth M. — Teacher. .1418 Kelton Ave., Dormont, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Graffius, F. Elizabeth — Teacher 623 Fourth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Gray, Frances L. (Mrs. John McCreight) . .406 Main St., Reynoldsville, Pa. 

Greenwood, Martha E. — Teacher 907 Chestnut Ave., Barnesboro, Pa. 

Griffiths, Eva Marie — Teacher, Dravosburg; 

3019 Riverview Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

Gross, Esther — Teacher 211 South Seventh St., Jeannette, Pa. 

Haer, Margaret Ann Marion Center, Pa. 

Hamilton, Dorothy E. — Teacher, Kiskiminetas Twp. ; 

Box 2, North Apollo, Pa. 
Hamilton, Lillian E. (Mrs. Wendell Barnhart), 

436 Vickroy Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
Hansen, Johanna Louise (Mrs. Louise Hansen Bowers) — Teacher, 

Conemaugh Twp. ; 1158 Boyd Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Harbaugh, Sarah Marie — Teacher, West St. Clair Twp. ; . . Alum Bank, Pa. 

Harmany, Genevieve Elizabeth 100 Hartle Road, Glenshaw, Pa. 


Harvey, Virginia H. (Mrs. Virginia H. Baker) — Teacher, Iselin ; 

Elders Ridge, Edri, Pa. 

Hayes, Frances Pauline Rockton, Pa. 

Hayes, Margaret Louise (Mrs. Lyle A. Beckley), 

629 Sarah Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
Heath, Mrs. Gladys Leola Ellis, 

314 Market St., Bucknell University, Lewisburg, Pa. 
Hefferon, Catherine (Mrs. William Murphy) — Teacher, 

344 Broadway, McKees Rocks, Pa. 
Heinsberg, Mildred H. — Teacher.. 551 Russellwood Ave., McKees Rocks, Pa. 
Hexsley, Elizabeth Morton — Teacher, Harmony Twp. ; 

833 Ridge Road, Ambridge, Pa. 

Hlrskowitz, Sylvia 2206 Woodstock Ave., Swissvale, Pa. 

Hiteshue, Kathryn Elizabeth, 

421 Argonne Drive, Parnassus Branch, New Kensington, Pa. 
Hobaugh, Myrtle Gail (Mrs. Charles R. Nobs), 

1309 Woodlawn Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Holowasko, Helen — Teacher Clynier, Pa. 

HoLSAPPLE, Anna Jane Portage, Pa. 

Homer, Laura — Teacher 711 Talbot Ave., Braddock, Pa. 

Hostetler, Charles Raymond — Teacher, Penn Twp. ;..Box 202, Claridge, Pa. 
HoucK, Elma Kathryn (Mrs. Thomas M. Finley), 

241 Winona Ave., Washington, Pa. 

Howe, Irene A. — Teacher Morrisdale, Pa. 

Howell, Hazel Lee (Mrs. George S. Bernard, Jr.), 

540 Pershing Drive, New Kensington, Pa. 
Jackson, Eileen (Mrs. William R. Bracken) — Teacher, 

Star Route, Apollo, Pa. 

Johnson, Edith E. — Teacher 108 Corey Ave., Braddock, Pa. 

Johnson, Esther Marie (Mrs. Elmer J. Kirk) Rockton, Pa. 

Johnson, Inez Elizabeth McClellandtown, Pa. 

Jones, Ethel Rae (Mrs. Ethel Rae Sharbaugh) — Teacher, 

R. D., Carrolltown, Pa. 

Jones, Lillian Mary — Teacher, Avella ; Route 1, Rea, Pa. 

Jones, Rachael — File Clerk, Harrisburg ;. .1019 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Joseph, Julia Elene 725 Farren St., Portage, Pa. 

Junker, Mary Theresa 713 Russellwood Ave., McKees Rocks, Pa. 

Kaufman, Kathleen — Teacher 1456 Pennsylvania Ave., Tyrone, Pa. 

Keck, Verna — Teacher 10 North Mt. Vernon Ave., Uniontown, Pa. 

Kell, Gladys E. (Mrs. Gladys K. Harner) New Alexandria, Pa. 

Kelley, Ruth Louise — Teacher R. D. No. 1, Indiana, Pa. 

Kendall, Mary Helen Belleville, Pa. 

Kennedy, Mary Isabelle (Mrs. Mary K. Ewing) — Saleswoman, 

364 Olancha St., Brentwood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Kerpec, Alice V. (Mrs. Alice V. Pass) Berlin St., Box 365, Export, Pa. 

Kessel, Elsie Anne 510 Fairfield Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Kirkham, Eleanor E.-^-Teacher 626 First Ave., Duncansville, Pa. 

Koistinen, Tyni — Teacher of Beautv Culture, 

900 Vermont Ave., Glassport, Pa. 

Kokosko, Margaret V. — Teacher Houtzdale, Pa. 

Koontz, Mrs. Mary Statler — Teacher.. 404 Eighteenth St., Zephyrhills, Fla. 
Kunkle, Dorothy M. (Mrs. Dorothy Kunkle Caroll) — Teacher, 

54 Clarion St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Lasser, Goldie — Interviewer, Department of Public Assistance, 

311 Allegheny St., Hollidaysburg, Pa. 

Lawson, Dorothy Elizabeth 1714 Second Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Leech, Martha Jane (Mrs. .\lex J. Lyons). 

Wyngatc Hall. 50th and Spruce Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. 


Lehman, Eleanor C. (Mrs. W. E. Bailey), 

2234 Decatur Place, N. W., Washington, D. C. 

LeightV, Dorothy Jane Ruffsdale, Pa. 

Lloyd, Eoline Alice 100 Reed St., Monessen, Pa. 

Lloyd, Martha Emyla — Teacher. .. .315 Greenwood Ave., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Long, Evelyn B. — Teacher Tvi^in Rocks, Pa. 

Long, Helen Louise (Mrs. Vincent Caraccia), 

62 Audrey Drive, Pleasant Hills, Willock, Pa. 

Long, Roberta Catherine (Mrs. Francis Grattan) St. Michael, Pa. 

Long, Virginia Alice (Mrs. Virginia Long Fowler), 

109 North Diamond St., Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 
Longwill, Thalya E. (Mrs. R. G. Thompson), 

364 North Eighth St., Indiana, Pa. 
Love, Dorothy M. (Mrs. Dorothy Love Murray) — Teacher, 

311 West Second Ave., Derry, Pa. 

LowREY, Beulah May — Teacher 507 Mellon St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

LucHSiNGER, Mrs. Minerva Walter 44 East Brown St., Blairsville, Pa. 

Lukehart, Grace Belle — Teacher, Washington Twp. ; Creekside, Pa. 

LuKENS, Helen M. — Teacher 901 Chartiers Ave., McKees Rocks, Pa. 

Mack, Frances Margueritte 218 Fairfield Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Madden, Mary Elizabeth — Teacher Vanderbilt, Pa. 

Malone, AIargaret Erma (Mrs. Lee B. Martin), 

8 Market St., Burgettstown, Pa. 

Marietta, Sarah Louise 404 Wills Road^ Connellsville, Pa. 

Marshall, Jean E. (Mrs. Burton A. Britton) Brockway, Pa. 

Marshall, Mary Margaret 33 Harrison St., Munhall, Pa. 

Martin, Bernice B.— Teacher R. D. No. 2, Cabot, Pa. 

McAfee, Minerva Catherine — Teacher, New Kensington ;.. Rennerdale, Pa. 

McCarthy, Kathleen 1128 Milton Ave., Swissvale, Pa. 

McCoNNELL, Helen (Mrs. W. L. McCoy), 

R. D. No. 1, Box 120, Aliquippa, Pa. 
McCormley, Mildred (Mrs. John C. Weir).. 820 Van Kirk St., Clairton, Pa. 
McCoy, Martha E. — Teacher, Center Twp. ;..44 North 12th St., Indiana, Pa. 
McCoy, Mary Louella (Mrs. E. DeLoss Martin), 

51 South 14th St., Indiana, Pa. 

McCullough, Laura M. (Mrs. Wayne A. Stear) Smicksburg, Pa. 

McCurdy, Charlotte Irene (Mrs. N. Blaine Wetzel), 

612 South Fifth St., Indiana, Pa. 
McElhoes, Mary Kathleen (Mrs. Jack States), 

404 Cambria St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

McFarland, Alice Louise — Teacher 719 Doolittle Ave., Carnegie, Pa. 

McGinnis, Harriet E. — Teacher. .1315 Woodward Ave., McKees Rocks, Pa. 

McGoGNEY, Margaret Jane 700 Beaver Ave., Midland, Pa. 

McKowN, Esther Elizabeth (Mrs. Esther E. Riggle) Mamont, Pa. 

McLaughlin, Florence Lucille (Mrs. Clayton H. Fry) — Teacher, 

516 Weldon St., Latrobe, Pa. 

McLoNEY, Thelma R. — Teacher R. D. No. 5, Washington, Pa. 

McNuTT, Verda Ruth R. F. D., Cowansville, Pa. 

McVicKER, Eleanor Grace (Mrs. Eleanor M. Vallas), 

6017 Hoevler St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
McWherter, Mildred Violet (Mrs. J. Hilary Thomas) — Teacher, 

Bradenville ; Keeling Ave., Derry, Pa. 

Mechling, Martha M. — Teacher 350 North Water St., Kittanning, Pa. 

Merritts, Marjorie — Teacher 305 Bell Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Miller, Edith (Mrs. Robert Kane).... 619 Jones Ave., North Braddock, Pa. 

Miller, Jayne Ruth (Mrs. Virgil W. Yoder) 527 Oak St., Wooster, Ohio. 

Miller, Mrs. James W 42 South Fifth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Miller, Romaine R. — Teacher.. 464 Greensburg Ave., East McKeesport, Pa. 

A L U M X I B Y C L A S S E S 257 

Moffat, Florence Mae (Mrs. William F5. Junker), 

1230 Lincdln Way, McKeesport, Pa. 

Moody, Christine Reed 931 Roberts St., Nanty-GIo, Pa. 

Moody, Hilda Kathryn (Mrs. Thomas Copeland) — Teacher, Hempfield Twp. ; 

8 Braddock Road Ave., Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Moore, Elizabeth J. (Mrs. William R. Moore) Madison St., Sligo, Pa. 

MoTiLY, Helen — Teacher 822 Spring Ave., North Braddock, Pa. 

Mover, Sarah E. — Teacher Morrisdalc, Pa. 

Mlmr, Hannah D. — Teacher 1316 Louise St., Munhall, Pa. 

Murphy, Marion Esther — Teacher 1010 Old Town Road, Clearfield, Pa. 

Nearhoof, Esther — Teacher 1100 Twenty-seventh Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Nevergall, Carrie Catherine (Mrs. David L. McKenzie), 

R. D. No. 1, Clinton, Pa. 
Newell, Verda Rose (Mrs. Verda Rose Wilsman), 

934 Pine St., Castle Shannon, Pa. 

Newhouse, Kathryn Georgian Robinson Road, f'ittock, Pa. 

Nicely, Robert F. — Teacher Latrobe St., Ytningstown, Pa. 

Nichol, Evelyn — Teacher Commodore, Pa. 

Nicholas, Eva Ruth — Teacher R. D. No. 5, Indiana, Pa. 

Noel, Dorothy Alice — Teacher 450 Morewood Ave., Blairsville, Pa. 

NoRTHWooD, Emma Jane (Mrs. Raymond C. DeWeese) — Teacher, Trafford ; 

Rillton, Pa. 
Nurse, Florence V. (Mrs. Florence Nurse Borst) — Teacher, 

Nueva Gerona, Isla de Pinos, Cuba. 

Ogden, Marian I. (Mrs. John S. Otto) 607 First Ave., Derry, Pa. 

Ohnezeit, Thelma L. — Building Principal and Teacher, West Park School, 

816 Fourth Ave., Beaver Falls, Pa. 

Otto, John S. — Teacher 607 First Ave., Derry, Pa. 

Pahel, Bernadine (Mrs. Bernadine Miller) — Teacher, 

Center St., West Newton, Pa. 
Palmer, Anna (Mrs. Anna P. Henkel) — Teacher, 

Box 130 E, R. D. No. 2, Upper Monroeville Road, Turtle Creek, Pa. 

Park, Caroline Jane — Teacher, Creekside ; Marion Center, Pa. 

Parsons, E\-elyn Jane — Substitute Teacher, Mt. Pleasant Twp. ; 

406 South Chestnut St.. Scottdale, Pa. 

Patterson, Alice M. — Teacher 625 High St., Sharon, Pa. 

Patterson, Ella Marie Aultman, Pa. 

Paules. Sara P. — Teacher 554 Chestnut St., Columbia, Pa. 

Peron, Dorothy Hope (Mrs. Leonard L. Holt) — Teacher, 

223 Fourth St., Sagamore, Pa. 

Peters, Mildred (Mrs. Darrell Rearick) Rural Valley, Pa. 

Philippi, Mildred Ruth (Mrs. Mildred Williams) Brockway, Pa. 

Pomputius, Eleanor Catherine 1064 Maple St., Nanty-Glo, Pa. 

PoNiTZ, Viola Ruth Box 299, Larimer, Pa. 

Pool, Mildred M. (Mrs. Ronald E. McCurdy) — Teacher, Sewickley Twp.; 

1108 Fifth Ave., East McKeesport, Pa. 
Pounds, Elizabeth (Mrs. Benjamin Gillies), 

127 Lafayette Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Powell, Margaret Esther 222 Walnut St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Priest, Helen Marie 317 Pine St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Prowell, Mildred E. — Teacher Burnside, Pa. 

Pryde, John McNulty Coalport, Pa. 

Pryor, Edna Geraldine R. D. No. 1, Kittanning, Pa. 

Rankin. Mary Margaret (Mrs. Lloyd Crowell) — Teacher Penn, Pa. 

Ray, Helen Ruth — Teacher, Cherryhill Twp. ; Penn Run. Pa. 

Rees, Myfanwy Jane (Mrs. Myfanwy Goll) — Teacher, 

Wilson Apt., 411 Franklin Ave., .•\liquippa. Pa. 

258 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Reynolds, Alice Louise (Mrs. Alice Reynolds Blasotti) — Saleslady, 

304 North Main St., Masontown, Pa. 

Rice, Geraldine P. — Teacher Julia St., Jeannette, Pa. 

RiTER, TwiLA Elnora (Mrs. Twila Elnora Peightal), 

R. D. No. 3, Indiana, Pa. 

RoDGERS, Jean Alberta (Mrs. James O. Clevenger) Export, Pa. 

RoHER, Edith Evelyn 

Ross, Electa Louise (Mrs. Leroy Crawford) — Teacher .. Marion Center, Pa. 

RouNSLEY, Eleanor P. (Mrs. Carl Broberg) Houtzdale, Pa. 

RuNYAN, Florence B. (Mrs. A. C. Clever) Jackson Center, Pa. 

Russo, Viola N. — Teacher 64 Lemon St., Uniontown, Pa. 

RuTHOWSKY, Josephine Frances 930 Scott Ave., Jeannette, Pa. 

Salsgiver, Margaret Louise — Teacher, White Twp. ; 

414 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Sapolsky, Ruth J.— Teacher 5540 Hays St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Savukas, Miriam Lucylle 1103 Main St., Portage, Pa. 

Schneider, Katherine E. — Teacher, 

2704 Brownsville Road, Pittsburgh, 10, Pa. 

ScHOLL, Jeanne Olive. 47 Vincennes Ave., Oakdale, Pa. 

Schwab, Mary E. (Mrs. James Keen) 1564 Chester Pike, Folcroft, Pa. 

Seifert, Rosemary C. — Teacher 666 Grove Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Shaffer, James Clarence — Teacher, Plumcreek Twp.; Elderton, Pa. 

Shaw, Imogene Morrison (Mrs. Alfred F. Hawk), 

626 Hawthorne Ave., Kittanning, Pa. 

Shaw, Mary Erma — Teacher 219 Arch Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 

Sheofsky, Agatha May — Cashier 302 Snyder St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Shields, Ida M. — Librarian 335 North Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Shields, Mary Ellen (Mrs. Byron Frick) Creekside, Pa. 

Shissler, Eva Alberta (Mrs. Jesse Delbridge) — Teacher, 

4012 Davis Ave., Munhall, Pa. 

Shumaker, Sarah Lou (Mrs. Harry H. Humphreys) Lakemont, N. Y. 

Simpson, Florence Ehrenfeld, Pa. 

Skelton, Bessie Irene (Mrs. Ross McCormick Ridinger), 

413 Fifth St., Irwin, Pa. 
Sluka, Mary Margaret (Mrs. Mary M. Brezriy) — Teacher, 

89 Canal St., Leechburg, Pa. 

Smith, Beatrice Nancy — Teacher R. D. No. 2, Martinsburg, Pa. 

Smith, Elsie Pauline Barnesboro, Pa. 

Smith, Gwendolyn — Teacher Mayport, Pa. 

Smith, Kathryn M. — Teacher Twin Rocks, Pa, 

Smith, Marguerite H. — Teacher, Hempfield Twp. ; 

254 Atwood St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Snyder, Helen Gertrude (Mrs. Clay W. Gibson) — Teacher, 

1000 Seventeenth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Spamer, Mildred Irene 247 Brown Ave., Turtle Creek, Pa. 

Stabile, Anna Marie — Teacher 127 Murdock St., Canonsburg, Pa. 

Stauffer, Helen Ruth (Mrs. Helen Deffenbaugh) — Teacher, 

1226 McClure Ave., East McKeesport, Pa. 

Stevenson, Velma Elizabeth (Mrs. Edgar Bell) Conyngham, Pa. 

Stewart, Margaret — Substitute Teacher.. 317 Highland Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
Stitt, Julia D. (Mrs. John H. Honse). 

R. D. No. 1, Leechburg Road, Ford City, Pa. 

Stitt, Mildred E. — Teacher, Granville Twp. ; Port Royal, Pa. 

Stoop, Lena Leslie 2308 Eighth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Stoops, Grace Elizabeth — Teacher, Allegheny Twp. ; 

1018 Cooper St., Vandergrift, Pa. 
Storey, Ruth Stroud (Mrs. R. J. Irwin), 

706 South Arch St., Connellsville, Pa. 

A L U M N I B Y C L A S S E S 259 

Straughn, Berniece — Teacher R. D. No. 1, Sarvcr, Pa. 

Struble, Jesse J.— Teacher R. D. No. 1, Box 212, Latrobc, Pa. 

Sturgeon, Althea — Teacher, North Fayette Twp. ; Box 83, Oakdale, Pa. 

Swires, Elizabeth M. (Mrs. Maynard B. Henry), 

Swires Apts., Phihpsburg, Pa. 

Swisher, Ruth E. — Office Clerk 112 West Scribner Ave., DuBois, Pa. 

Tarr, Dorothy Belle — Teacher Export, Pa. 

Tate, Mary Eleanor (Mrs. James L, Stuby) Nicktown, Pa. 

Thomas, Allene Elizabeth (Mrs. Paul Stephens), 

523 West Highland Ave., Ebensburg, Pa. 

Thomas, Clair L. — Clerk 300J/2 Woodland Ave., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Thompson, Elizabeth Marie (Mrs. Earl Uber), 

117^ Park Ave., DuBois, Pa. 
Thompson, Rose Gladine (Mrs. T. L. Kirkwood), 

Maple St., Kittanning, Pa. 

Treber, Kathryn Leona 213 East Main St., Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Treher, S. Louise (Mrs. John C. Schwab), 

201 East North St., Winchester, Ind. 

Ulery, Valetta May — Teacher R. D. No. 2, Latrobe, Pa. 

Unger, Dorothy Marie (Mrs. E. L. Bitts) — Deceased. 

Vance, Helen (Mrs. R. I. Duncan) — Teacher Alverton, Pa. 

Van Dyke, Agnes May R. D. No. 1, Freeport, Pa. 

Vanstone, Elsie Bertha (Mrs. Carl Shields) 511 Elm St., Butler, Pa. 

Voegtly, Ruth Mary 

Walker, Theodore S. — Teacher, Wayne Twp. ; R. D. No. 3, Dayton, Pa. 

Walter, Sara Ellen East Freedom, Pa. 

Wargo, Susan Marie 130 South First St., Duquesne, Pa. 

Watt, Olive Margaret R. D. No. 1, Jeannette, Pa. 

Waugaman, Margaret — Teacher 32 Loch Lomond St., Uniontown, Pa. 

Weight, LaVerne (Mrs. R. W. Tinker) — Teacher, Patton Twp.; 

R. D. No. 1, Turtle Creek, Pa. 

Weinberg, Bessie Molly 614 Wylie Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

Weiss, Ruth Phyllis 220 Holland Ave., Braddock, Pa. 

Weissenstein, Ruth Naomi (Mrs. Carl A. Knittel), 

530 South Hazlewood Ave., Youngstown, Ohio. 

White, Frances Ethel — Teacher 608 St. Clair Ave., Clairton, Pa. 

Willard, Virginia M. (Mrs. Eugene H. Stauffer) Box 204, Salina, Pa. 

Williams, Grace May (Mrs. Grace W. McMullan) — Teacher, 

2700 Broadway Ave., Dormont, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Williams, Marguerite Lorraine — Teacher Box 24, Utahville, Pa. 

Wilson, Dorothy Virginia (Airs. Gifford W. Parsons) — Teacher, 

Guys Mills, Pa. 

Wilson, Mary E. (Mrs. Mary Wilson Daudet) Box 444, Imperial, Pa. 

Wilson, Olyve Winona 1018 West School St., Indiana, Pa. 

Wilt, Marjorie L. (Mrs. Thomas D. Campbell), 

6010 Tliirteenth Place, N. W., The Fort View Apts., Washington, D. C. 

Wise, F. En-elyn— Teacher 3515 Fifth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Wise, M. Eleanor — Teacher 16 East Craig St., Uniontown, Pa. 

Wolfe, Winifred (Airs. Russell Alunshower) . .533 Church St., Indiana, Pa. 
Woodruff, Emma (Airs. Emma Woodruff Edge), 

4253 Saline St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Woomer, Ora — Teacher Donegal, Pa. 

Wray, AIary Jane (Airs. Alary Wray Hohn) — Teacher, 

2408 AlcCarrell St.. McKeesport, Pa. 

Wrye, Rex Truman Morrisdale, Pa. 

Wyatt, Viola E. — Teacher 11 Eighteenth St., Brownsville, Pa. 

Y^OUNT, David Leroy R. D. No. 7, Greensburg, Pa. 

ZooK. LuciND.\ — Teacher Currwille. Pa. 

260 x\ L U Al N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Junior — Senior High School Curriculum 

Adams, Mario J. — Sales Manager, Latrobe Brewing Co., 

310 Silvis St., Jeannette, Pa. 
Baker, Meredith O. (Mrs. Meredith B. White), 

203 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 
Bee, Carl E. — Principal of Wilkins Township Junior High School, 

1036 Sherman Ave., Duquesne, Pa. 

Berkey, Harry D. — Principal of Arnold High School Arnold, Pa. 

BiNKEY, Marjorie Agnes — Teacher, Homer City ; 

Box 23, New Alexandria, Pa. 
BiRDSALL, Beatrice Helen (Mrs. George Jerko), 

1444 West Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 
Buyers, Lewis A. — Principal of Brady Bend Township High School, 

East Brady, Pa. 

Carver, Ernest Willard Central City, Pa. 

Caylor, Ray R. — Teacher 209 West Liberty St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Colwell, Margaret Kathleen (Mrs. J. Colvin Wright), 

230 East John St., Bedford, Pa. 
CoNSiDiNE, Mary D. (Mrs. Herbert W. Wilson) — Teacher, 

236 Smithfield St., Canonsburg, Pa. 

CoNSTANZo, Victor Philip — Teacher Hastings, Pa. 

Cravener, Margaret M. (Mrs. Edmund W. Viguers, Jr.), 

1244 Centre Road, Upper Darby, Pa. 
Crawford, Henry E. — Teacher, Lower Providence Twp. ; 

R. D. No. 1, Trooper Road, Norristown, Pa. 
Davis, Joseph R. — Salesman, Indiana Dairy Company, 

942 Chestnut St., Indiana, Pa. 

Fagan, John James — Teacher 18 Church St., Burnham, Pa. 

FoGARTY, Mable Clare 1600 Lincoln Way, McKeesport, Pa. 

Frazier, Willard Elders Ridge, Edri, Pa. 

Getty, James Homer — Teacher Commodore, Pa. 

Getty, Jerome Allen — Teacher Brush Valley, Pa. 

Gregg, Herbert S. — Teacher 1130 Main St., Aliquippa, Pa. 

Gressley, Mahlon — Hoover Sales-Serviceman. .156 Church St., Indiana, Pa. 
Guthrie, Mary Elizabeth — Teacher, Butler; 

1251 Washington St., Indiana, Pa. 

Harwick, Max Clinton — Teacher Clymer, Pa. 

Heard, William I. — Principal of Iselin Schools, 

Star Route, Elders Ridge, Edri, Pa. 

Heil, Clinton F. — Teacher 232 North Penn St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Henderson, Helen Josephine (Mrs. Walter Jones), 

R. D. No. 1, Apollo, Pa. 

HoBAUGH, Ruby Grace — Teacher, Franklin Twp.; Murrysville, Pa. 

HoziK, Michael — Teacher 49 Maple Ave., Vintondale, Pa. 

Johnson, Joseph N. — Principal and Teacher Church St., Dayton, Pa. 

Karlen, Virginia N. (Mrs. B. A. Marr), 

1447 Dormont Ave., Pittsburgh, 16, Pa. 
Liekert, Helen (Mrs. Thomas E. Corbett) . . . .R. D. No. 1, Blairsville, Pa. 

Long, Niles C. — Teacher Union Deposit, Pa. 

Lybarger, Bruce— Teacher Vintondale, Pa. 

Maley, Warren R. — Principal of Baldwin High School, 

59 Frank St., Pittsburgh, 10, Pa. 
Marshall, Thord Mason — Physical Director and Coach, 

1030 Summer Place, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
McClaren, George D. — Personnel Manager at Robert Shaws, 

122 West Third St., Greensburg, Pa. 
MiLLiRON, Phyllis Bergen (Mrs. Thomas W. Marshall), 

114 Lincoln Ave., Edgewood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 



MuscHELLA, Paul 1135 Maple St., Indiana, Pa. 

PreiFiER, Kenneth — Teacher Marchand, Pa. 

Plusquellic, Frank Clymcr, Pa. 

PuTMAN, Frieda Ione (Mrs. Floyd M. Walker) . . . .R. D. No. 6, Somerset, Pa. 
Ruixti.i'ii, Jay Gardner — Supervising Principal of Union Township School, 

410 Hillcrest Ave., New Castle, Pa. 

Rupert, Blair H. — Principal of Sykesville High School Sykesville, Pa. 

SiiiCK, jACon J Lycippus, Pa. 

SiEGMAN, Joseph — Circulation Dept., Sun Telegraph, 

3029 Shadeland Ave., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Smith, Julia Armen Cadogan, Pa. 

Speer, Lucile C. (Sister Mary Raphael) — Teacher, Visitation Monastery, 

Parkersburg, W. Va. 

Spicher, Helen Lucinda (Mrs. Gilbert B. Prothero) Home, Pa. 

Steele, Helen — Teaclier, Richland Twp. ; ..2700 Graham Ave., Windber, Pa. 

Steele, Raymond Howard East Liberty, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Studebaker, Blair R. — Assistant Superintendent of Prudential Insurance Co., 

2131 McNary Blvd., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Tru.xal, Randal Wayne — Salesman, Standard Oil Co., 

2012 Main St., Klamath Falls, Oregon. 
Wilson, Dorothy May (Mrs. Elton J. Mansell). 

103 East DuBois Ave., DuBois, Pa. 
Wycoff, Edith (Airs. Edith Wycoff Slotterback). 

507 Murray Ave., Donora, Pa. 
Zimmerman, Earl D. — Meter Engineer, Peoples Natural Gas Co., 

511 Hay St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Public School Art Curriculum 

Arisman, Kenneth John — Teacher 222 Center St., Boswell, Pa. 

Egleston, Barbara (Mrs. Charles A. Horsky), 

4916 Montgomery Lane, Bethesda, Md. 
Freas, Isabell (Airs. Ralph S. Shaw). 

109 Harmony Road, West Grove, Pa. 
Gracy, Sara Theodora (Airs. Leland Woods)... 302 River Road, Beaver, Pa, 

HousAMAN, Carolyn Louise 1609 Evans St., AIcKeesport, Pa. 

Huebner, Katherine E. (Mrs. Katherine Huebner Rodgers) — Teacher, 

512 South St.. Johnstown, Pa. 
Love, Kenneth Ch.\rles — Supervisor and Teacher, 

418 Everson Ave., Scottdale, Pa. 
Markle, Martha AIarie (Airs. J. A. Salsgiver) . .742 South St., Indiana, Pa. 
Schwer, Ruth H. — Teacher. .3416 Reservoir Road. N. W.. Washington, D. C. 
Spence, Alva A. (Airs. Walter E. Camp), 

4348 Colonial Park Drive. Brentwood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Westrick, Helen Lucinda Robin Hollow. Patton, Pa. 

Wirt, Mary Duncan — Executive Secretary of Child Welfare Association, 
Harrisburg ; 215 North 17th St.. Camp Hill, Pa. 

Commercial Teacher Curriculum 

Alpf.r, Esther I. — Teacher 584 North Vine St.. Hazleton, Pa. 

Bender, Leona AIary (Airs. Bernard Holtz) 227 Alagee Ave., Patton, Pa. 

Botsford, AIarion Susanna (Mrs. T. Wilbur Gibson), 

690 School St.. Indiana, Pa. 
Boi-RNE. Laura Lauretta (Airs. William H. Farland). 

Rear 331 Locust St.. Anibridge, Pa. 
BuTERBAur.H. CLIFFORD M. — Teacher, Alidland ;. .1197 School St., Indiana, Pa. 

Clifford. Alice Virginia 301 East Alain St., Ligonier, Pa. 

Devor, James G. — Teacher. Haddonfield; 

402 Cinnaniinson Ave., Palmyra, N. T. 


Erb, Horace Faust 617 Evans St., Pottstown, Pa. 

FiTz, Jerome C. — Teacher 37 Flowers Ave., Sharon, Pa. 

Flynn, Grace Patricia (Mrs. Nelson W. King, Jr.), 

440 West Taylor St., Syracuse, N. Y. 
Hafer, Wilma Katherine Elizabeth, 

1113 Thirty-fifth St., Parkersburg, W. Va. 
Haubert, John R. — Teacher, Rider College, 

126 Emanuel St., Trenton, N. J. 

Heffner, George William — Teacher 1947 Lehigh St., Easton, Pa. 

Hoffman, Genevieve Marie (Mrs. Genevieve Hoffman Wyncoop) — Teacher, 

Box 265, Larimer, Pa. 
Jamison, Dorothy — Teacher, Tarentum ; 

603 North Second St., Bellwood, Pa. 

Keller, Fredda R. F. D. No. 5, Bloomsburg, Pa. 

Koch, Harriet Kathryn (Mrs. C. A. Andrews) Los Angeles, Calif. 

KozAK, Rose Mary — Teacher 522 Merchant St., Ambridge, Pa. 

Lindblad, Howard E. — Teacher 105 Hone Ave., Oil City, Pa. 

Nelson. Julius — Teacher 411 Eleventh St., Windber, Pa. 

Nicely, Sarah Edith — Teacher, Brownsville ;... .931 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 

Onstead, Beatrice — Teacher 807 Somerset Ave., Windber, Pa. 

QuiNN, Dorothy Helene 109 Hospital Place, Sayre, Pa. 

Rankin. Helen Leona (Mrs. Charles A. Graham), 

11221^ College St., Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Schatz, Clara E. (Mrs. Munrce D. MacLean), 

60 Butler Road, Quincy, Mass. 
Stafford, Alice (Mrs. Henry William Pharoah), 

188 Huffman St., Waynesburg, Pa. 
SwANSON, Eleanor Marie 
Tarallo, Joseph John — Principal of Hastings High School, 

Box 154, Hastings, Pa. 

Walker, Galen B. — Teacher, Meadville ; Commodore. Pa. 

Walsh, Camilla Harriet 1046 East Center St., Johnsonburg, Pa. 

Waring, Louise M. (Mrs. Louise M. Harrison) — Government Clerk, 

Washington, D. C. ; Philipsburg, Pa. 

Weaver, Arthur Miles 628 East Union St., Millersburg, Pa. 

Whinery, Elizabeth (Mrs. R. C. Briant), 

44 East Prospect St., Ingram, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Wissinger, Ruth U. (Mrs. William Crosby), 

633 Eighth Ave., Tarentum, Pa. 

Home Economics Curriculum 

Bailey, Louise— Teacher, Glenshaw ; 350 Main St., Greenville, Pa. 

Barker, Nelda L. — Head of Home Economics Dept., 

R. D. No. 2, Kittanning, Pa. 
Beatty, Mary M. (Mrs. George H. Merrin) — Teacher, Ohioview; 

Beaver, Pa. 

Bell, Jean (Mrs. Joseph S. Shane) 290 Chestnut St., Indiana, Pa. 

Boyle, Pearl (Mrs. Pearl Eberhart) — Interviewer, Sears Credit Dept., 

Pittsburgh ; 241 Freeport Road, Blawnox, Pa. 

Crum, Hettie Dod (Mrs. Clifford L. Henry), 

R. F. D. No. 1, New Middletown, Ohio. 
Duncan, Laura Belle — Teacher, Jeannette ;. . . .930 Wayne Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

Duncan, Mary Caroline — Clerk 957 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Ekas, Susan (Mrs. George I. Finley, Jr.), 

225 Mississippi Ave., Crystal City, Mo. 

Elkins, Madeline Regina Derry, Pa. 

Etter, Mary Kay (Mrs. Harry G. Miller), 

30 Homekort Ave., West View, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

A L U M N I B Y C L A S S E S x 263 

Fritchman, Dorothy E. — Home Economist, West Penn Power Co., 

530 Fallowfield Ave., Charleroi, Pa. 
George, Marie E. (Mrs. Marie George Reid), 

462 Mecklenc Ave., Rochester, Pa. 

Hill, Marian Iv\'s (Mrs. Vernon O. Lease) Friedens, Pa. 

Hoover, Arlene I. (Mrs. A. Bruce Smith) 27 East Bond St., Corry, Pa. 

Jacobs, Sara Roberta 127 East Broad St., Tamaqua, Pa. 

Kelley, Helen Mae (Mrs. David N. Evans) — Teacher, 

219 Sixth St., West Newton, Pa. 

Lewis, Eleanor L. — Teacher 105 Tilball Ave., Grove City, Pa. 

McClain, Elisabeth Jean 604 Tenth Ave., Juniata, Altoona, Pa. 

McKelvey, Margaret Treasure — Teacher Bolivar, Pa. 

Miller, Sally Axn — Teacher, Harrisburg ; 

144 East 15th St., New Cumberland, Pa. 

Myers, Laura M. — Teacher 512 West North Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Nicely. Mildred Amanda (Mrs. J. F. Blair), 

206 South Chestnut St., Derry, Pa. 
Rumbaugh, Sarah O. (Mrs. Elroy Shearer), 

3016 Niagara St., Niagara Falls, N. Y. 
Seberry, Margaret Grace — Teacher, Ross Twp. ; 

1423 Kelton Ave., Pittsburgh, 16, Pa. 
Shontz, Angeline (Mrs. Charles R. McDowell), 

R. D. No. 7, Mahoningtown, Pa. 
Stephens, Laura Belle (Mrs. Laura Belle Sadler) — Teacher, 

464 Venango Ave., Cambridge Springs, Pa. 

Trowbridge, Marion — Teacher 548 Oak St., Indiana, Pa. 

Wherry, Dorothy J. (Mrs. Charles E. Smeal), 

1312 Second St., Juniata. Altoona, Pa. 

Wirth, Helen Louise — Teacher 48 Angle St., West Etna, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Zimmerman, Ruth — Teacher 2818 Jenny Lind St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Public School Music Curriculum 

Amps, C. Glenn — Music Supervisor, Geistown ; . . 404 Oak St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Barndt, Hazel Pearl — Bank Secretary 501 Bedford St., Windber, Pa. 

Berlin, Margaret M. (Mrs. J. L. Davidson, Jr.) ... .Hotel Gary, Gary, Ind. 
Cobb, Wilma L. (Mrs. Wilma C. Weed) — 130 New Jersey Ave., 

Wilson Station, Clairton, Pa. 
Dickson, Grace E. — Music Supervisor, Maple Street Extension, 

Coraopolis, Pa. 
Diehl, Mary Martha (Mrs. Robert Holt, Jr.), 

503 Christine Court, Southmont, Johnstown, Pa. 
Dunn, Emily — Music Supervisor, Glassport ; 

505 Greensburg Ave., East McKeesport, Pa. 

Edwards, Ellener Louise (Mrs. Lawrence Critchfield) Confluence, Pa. 

Fleming, Stanley T. — Teacher Glenn Ave., Glenshaw, Pa. 

Gerber, Florence Martha (Mrs. Ernest D. Ellis) — Voice Teacher, 

136 Hammer Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
Harper, Henrietta — Music Supervisor, Ingram, Pittsburgh, Pa. ; 

118 South Erie St., Mayville, N. Y. 

H.\RT, Hazel (Mrs. R. S. Merkle) 433 Walnut St., Emporium, Pa. 

Hausler, Hilda Charlotte — Secretary. .121 Modisette Ave., Donora, Pa. 

Ifert, John Irvin — Deceased. 

Kring, Margaret Leone (Mrs. Homer G. Harris), 

421 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 
Liebegott, Annagrace (Mrs. Carl Edward Bee), 

1036 Sherman Ave., Duquesne, Pa. 
LocKARD, Gladys — Teacher. .236 Massachusetts Ave., N. E., Washington, D. C. 
Neville, Robert 1510 Delaware Ave., Wilmington, Del. 


Park, Kathryn Clara — Teacher 1515 Jefferson St., Latrobe, Pa. 

Petry, Mildred Mary 

RosATi, Lucy Helen 216 South Jefferson St., New Castle, Pa. 

Sauserman, Ruth (Mrs. W. F. Hope, Jr.), 

3914 West Grace St., Richmond, Va. 
Shaffer, Beatrice R. (Mrs. Carlton A. Chaffee) — Vocal Music Supervisor, 

989^ North Center St., Corry, Pa. 
Sullivan, Julia Florence 1138 West Tenth St., Erie, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1933 

President Regis Aloysius McAtee 

Vice President Bradley W. Crawshaw 

Secretary Paul T. Kunkle 

Treasurer Paul T. Kunkle 

Elementary Curriculums 
(Kindergarten- Primary and Intermediate) 

Adams, Emerson Paul — Teacher Belsano, Pa. 

Ake, Helen Ruth 528 Hill Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Amundson, Dorothy (Mrs. B. F. Lear) — Teacher, 

204 Greenwood Ave., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Anderson, Etolyn Mildred (Mrs. Royce O. Johnson), 

R. F. D. Lafayette, Lewis Run, Pa. 

Ballot, Vivienne Anne Ehrenfeld, Pa. 

Barlow, Edna G. (Mrs. Thomas G. Conley) 620 Welsh St., Kane, Pa. 

Barone, Mary A. — Visitor, Department of Public Assistance, 

212 Thirty-ninth St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Barrett, Harriett Jane — Teacher 212 High St., Freeport, Pa. 

Basile, Frank J. — Teacher Rossiter, Pa. 

Beatty, Erma V. — Teacher 1513 Union Ave., Brackenridge, Pa. 

Bee, Dorothy Helen — Teacher, Green Twp. ; 

215 Washington St., Indiana, Pa. 

Beecher, Virginia Martha 408 Stokes Ave., North Braddock, Pa. 

Berg, Catherine M.— Teacher, Derry Twp. ; Cokeville, Pa. 

Berger, Esther E. (Mrs. George E. Cowan) ... .Dague Apts., Houston, Pa. 

Betz, Lenore Pearl — Teacher 565 Fifth Ave., Freedom, Pa. 

Bierkamper, Lois — Teacher 414 Highland Ave., Kittanning, Pa. 

Bland, Pauline Dolores (Mrs. Eugene P. Curry), 

216 East Mahoning St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Bottorf, Clara M. (Mrs. Peter Karvosky) — Teacher, Beaverdale ; 

Lloydell, Pa. 
Boughamer, Alberta R. (Mrs. Ralph P. Covert) — Verona Road, 

R. D. No. 1, Verona, Pa. 

Bowden, Jean Elizabeth — Teacher 1013 Mill St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Bowers, Sarah Grace (Mrs. Alex Hill) Listie, Pa. 

Boyd, Catherine M. — Teacher New Salem, Pa. 

Breth, Beatrice Irene — Teacher 133 Main St., Houston, Pa. 

Brothers, Lula Ellen Black Lick, Pa. 

Brown, Edna B. (Mrs. John Piatt) — Teacher... R. D. No. 2. Leechburg, Pa. 

Brown, Mae — Teacher, Alverda ; R. D. No. 2, Barnesboro, Pa. 

Brown, Walter Franklin 

Buchanan, Eunice Eleanore (Mrs. LeVern Burg) . .Box 25, Mt. Jewett, Pa. 

Burleigh, Thelma Mae (Mrs. Harold J. Beegle), 

214 Ella St., Hollidaysburg, Pa. 

Call, Mary Louise (Mrs. Charles W. Young).. 316 Market St., Freeport, Pa. 
Callahan, Loretta M. (Mrs. Joseph Siegman), 

3029 Shadeland Ave., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 


Campbell, Frank H. — Teacher R. D. No. 2, Box 66, Penn Run, Pa. 

Carlisle, Mary Catherine (Mrs. Clair H. Cogan), 

5550 Pocusset St., Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Ceraso, Adalgisa — Teacher 328 Walnut St., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Chorpenning, Emma Eloise (Mrs. W. O. Brown), 

916 Jefferson Drive, Clairton, Pa. 

Christenson, Neoma — Teacher Mt. Jcwett, Pa. 

Cicero, Edith A. (Mrs. C. H. Atkinson) . .14 Pearl St., New Hartford, N. Y. 

CiPRA, Anna Josephine — Teacher Bo.x 523, Irwin, Pa. 

Clement, Margaret Ellen — Teacher Spangler, Pa. 

CoLESTOCK, Minnie Irene Hanover St., New Oxford, Pa. 

Collins, Robert Alter R. D. No. 1, Tarentum, Pa. 

Cooper, Myrtle Stl'tzman 

CosTLOVV, Rose Virginia (Mrs. Fred Cekella) Ehrenfeld, Pa. 

CouRSON, Ethel — Teacher 206 Hancock Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

CovAi^sKY, Petronella— Teacher Box 75, Ellsworth, Pa. 

Cunningham, Margaret L. — Teacher 8 North Pine St., Lewistown, Pa. 

Danielson, Evelyn L. — Teacher 113 Duquesne Ave., Dravosburg, Pa. 

Davis, Ida Gwendolyn 

Decker, Roy Blair — Teacher, Cherryhill Twp. ; 

R. D. No. 1, Penn Run, Pa. 
Dick, Carolyn (Mrs. Marvin L. Eshelman) . . . .R. D. No. 3, Johnstown, Pa. 
DiRscH, Catherine E. — Teacher, 

136 Main St., Franklin Buro., Conemaugh, Pa. 

DoNAHEY, Charlotte (Mrs. J. H. Gilmore) 422 Fifth St.. Clairton, Pa. 

Dougherty. John ,W. — Teacher R. D. No. 2, Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Doughty, Lilan Ettabelle (Mrs. Paul Wade Baltz). 

341 Centennial Ave., Sewickley, Pa. 
Doyle, Anna Elizabeth (Mrs. David G. Brown), 

3910 Brownsville Road, Brentwood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

DuBis, Wand.v— Teacher 1815 Tyler St., Aliquippa, Pa. 

DuCoEUR, Catherine Matilda 2155 Fairland St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Duffalo, Stephen W. — Principal and Teacher.. Box 384, Homer City, Pa. 
Dumm, Hilda Teresa (Mrs. Alvin J. Fees) — Teacher, Bakerton; 

Carrolltown, Pa. 
DzvONiK, Elizabeth P. (Mrs. Frank J. Kosenplik) — Teacher, 

1153 Maplewood Ave., Ambridge, Pa. 

Eberharter, Mildred Augusta 404 Chestnut St.. Scottdale, Pa. 

Ebert, Dolores Romayne (Mrs. LaMarr Yates), 

105^ Sumner Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 
Edder, Eunice Electa — Teacher. .. .3014 (jronemeyer Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

Edwards, John Hayes — Teacher ....190 Barron Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Elder, Leon Bailey — Teacher 202 Cambria St., PurLxsutawney, Pa. 

Exley, Reba Ivonne (Mrs. L. P. Manson), 

135 St. Anthony St., Baton Rouge, La. 

Falco, Constance M. — Teacher 515 Gilmore Ave., Trafford, Pa. 

Falger, Elizabeth A. — Teacher Spangler, Pa. 

Feather, Margaret Louise (Mrs. A. E. Drumheller), 

1078 Church St., Indiana, Pa. 

Feighner, Ruth Erma Carrolltown, Pa. 

Fruchtiiandler, Ruth (Mrs. Ruth Barlin) — Teacher, 

403 Woodward Ave., McKees Rocks. Pa. 

Fulgenzi, Hortense — Teacher 308 Twenty-first St., Windber, Pa. 

Fulmer, Mary E. (Mrs. Louis C. Trasp) — Teacher, 

144 New Jersey Ave., Clairton. Pa. 

Fulton, Virginia Kier — Teacher West Lebanon, Pa. 

Gavaghan, Mildred C. — Teacher. .. .314 Center Ave.. East Pittsburgh. Pa. 



Gibson, L. Marie (Mrs. N. Quentin Grey), 

549 Lobinger Ave., North Braddock, Pa. 
GiLMORE, Jane E. (Mrs. Howard J. Matthews), 

265 College Ave., Beaver, Pa, 
Glenn, Mae Louise (Mrs. Louise Miller) — Owner of a Beauty Salon, 

1016 Lexington Ave., Altoona, Pa. 
Goss, William Leslie 

Gould, Isabel M. — Teacher 208 Arthur St., Kittanning, Pa. 

Greenwald, Ruth — Teacher 458 Eighth St., Donora, Pa. 

Grubb, Rachel T. (Mrs. Robert L. Stevenson), 

215 Third St., McDonald, Pa. 

Hall, Pearl Effie (Mrs. John Sexton) 742 Locust St., Indiana, Pa. 

Hamilton, Rachel I. (Mrs. Joseph L. Richards) Worthville, Pa. 

Harper, Alice Louise (Mrs. R. E. Cain).. 1046 Vance Ave., Coraopolis, Pa. 
Harrington, Eva (Mrs. Allen Bieberstein), 

833 Woodward Ave., McKees Rocks, Pa. 

Hartstein, Florence — Stenographer. .1671 Beechwood Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Hartzfeld, Mary Lenore 

Hauxhurst, Mary Geraldine — Teacher.. 349 South Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Hay, Bernice I. (Mrs. Bernice I. Dixon) Box 84, Jennerstown, Pa. 

Hayden, Marie Elizabeth (Mrs. Marie Phillips), 

Box 258, Long St., Elizabeth, Pa. 

Heid, Virginia M. — Teacher R. D. No. 3, Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Henderson, Carolyn Harriet (Airs. Clifford W. Brown) — Teacher, 

245 Derrick Road, Uniontown, Pa. 
Henderson, Elizabeth C. — Teacher, North Versailles Twp. ; 

482 Greensburg Ave., East McKeesport, Pa. 
Hill, Marjorie Elizabeth (Mrs. Marjorie Elizabeth Penrod), 

910 East Broadway St., Rockwood, Pa. 

Hipps, Mary H. (Mrs. John Serafin) — Teacher Carrolltown, Pa. 

Hone, Emma I. — Teacher, Collier Twp! ; Hickman, Pa. 

Hoskinson, Ann Wright — Teacher 28 Railroad Ave., Homer City, Pa. 

HoucK, Emma Clara 2301 Milligan Ave., Swissvale, Pa. 

Hoyle, Helen Ruth (Mrs. John W. Minder), 

14 South Sixth St., Youngwood, Pa. 
HoYNOSKi, Catherine Z. — Teacher .... 926 Seventh St., New Kensington, Pa. 

Hunter, Jean O'Hara — Teacher Ernest, Pa. 

Hutchison, Carolyn Elizabeth (Mrs. Claude W. Clinebell) — Teacher, 

126A Hamilton Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Hys-ong, Inez V. (Mrs. James Remley) 280 South 13th St., Indiana, Pa. 

Isaacson, Verna May (Mrs. Eric Ledin)..46 Bulkley Ave., Sausalito, Calif. 

Johnson, Lillian E. — Teacher 217 Railroad Ave., Homer City, Pa. 

Johnson, Virginia Ann 

Johnston, Martha Louise — Teacher 333 College Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

Kaufman, Belle 916 Washington Ave., Braddock, Pa. 

Kearns, Nora R. — Comptometer Operator.. 5 Liberty Parkway, Dundalk, Md. 
Keirn, Dorothy Helen (Mrs. Frank A. DeVilling), 

640 Elizabeth St., Bridgeville, Pa. 
Kelley, Helen Mae 
Kelly, Ruth M. (Mrs. William C. Holstein), 

140 South 11th St., Indiana, Pa. 

Kepple, Erma Ruth — Teacher R. D. No. 2, Box 194, Leechburg, Pa. 

King, Marjorie P. — Teacher 601 Oakland Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 

Klavora, Mary — Teacher Box 138, Herminie, Pa. 

Knarr, Leah Margaret — Teacher West Decatur, Pa. 

Kneebone, Percy M. — Employee of Union Railroad, 

815 Jones Ave., North Braddock, Pa. 

Kohlhaas, Mary Alice — Teacher. .7717 Westmoreland Ave., Swissvale, Pa. 

ALUMNI BY C L A S S !•: S 267 

KoMAZEC, Diana 132 Superior St., Duquesnc, Pa. 

KoRDiCK, Angeline (Mfs. Walter M. Ritenour), 

76 Rosamond St., McKees Rocks, Pa. 

Kretz, Marie C. — Teacher 4636 Center Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Kurtz, Margaret L. (Mrs. Margaret Kurtz Smith), 

132 Church St., Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Laber, Anna Josephine Irwin, Pa. 

Laing, Leda Belle — Teacher 1260 Maple St., Indiana, Pa. 

Lann, Leola Irene (Mrs. John M. Urban) — Substitute Teacher, 

Summerhill Twp. ; Beaverdale, Pa. 

Lawton, Ruth A. (Mrs. Ruth L. Kinimel) — Teacher Shelocta. Pa. 

Lazur, Esther Margaret 408 Adams St., Aliquippa, Pa. 

Learn, Helen Louise — Secretary, State Teachers College, 

297 Church St., Indiana, Pa. 
Leonard. Romayne (Mrs. Wendell Pounds) — Private Kindergarten Teacher, 

Vandergrift ; R. D. No. 2, Leechburg, Pa. 

Lewis, Virginia Margaret (Mrs. Herbert Bietenduefel), 

132 Avenue A, Forest Hills, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Liggett, Grace Elizabeth — Teacher Huff, Pa. 

Lindsay, June Elvira (Mrs. June L. Affleck) Ellsworth, Pa. 

Lindsay, Mary Elizabeth 

Lindsay, Virginia Amanda (Mrs. Daniel G. Davis), 

110 Diamond St., Ligonier, Pa. 

Logan, Martha Audrey 614 Cambria St., Portage, Pa. 

Loria, Sanda Agnes 212 East High St., Ebensburg, Pa. 

Lovelace, Raymond Baird McGees Mills, Pa. 

Lux, Ernestine E. (Mrs. Daniel A. Nikhazy), 

401 Brilliant Ave., Pittsburgh, 15, Pa. 

Lydic, R. Bernice — Teacher, Green Twp. ; Commodore, Pa. 

MacPherson, Betty Jean St. Benedict, Pa. 

Mains, Della Margaret 546 Ridge Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 

Marian, Evlyn Eleanor — Teacher, Arnold ; 

115 North Third St., Jeannette, Pa. 

Markowitz, Dorothy 1017 Talbot Ave., Braddock, Pa. 

Martella, Candida Marie — Teacher Beaverdale, Pa. 

Marvin, Mary Elizabeth — Teacher 606 Main St., Reynoldsville, Pa. 

McBride, Jean Isabel 314 West Pike St., Houston, Pa. 

McCartney, Anna — Teacher Glasgow, Pa. 

McClain, Mary Alice — Deceased. 

McCuLLOUGH, Martha — Teacher. .Lock No. 2, Neville Island, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

McDowell, Lorraine Mabon (Mrs. Harold Robinson), 

Ligonier St., New Florence, Pa. 
McElhoes, Gertrude W. (Mrs. Joseph Huber) — Teacher, Rayne Twp.; 

Home, Pa. 

McKelvey, Margaret Louise — Teacher Saltshurg, Pa. 

McLaughlin, Ethyl Viola — Teacher, Brockway ; Lanes Mills, Pa. 

McMahon, Lucy Agnes (Mrs. Ralph McLaughlin) — Teacher, 

R. D. No. 3, New Kensington, Pa. 
McMahon, Marjorie G. — Teacher, Plum Twp.; 

R. D. No. 2, New Kensington, Pa. 

McMahon, Mary Elizabeth 204 Washington Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Meisel, Helen C. — Teacher 319 East Sample St., Ebensburg. Pa. 

Melick, Elizabeth S. — Teacher 348 High St., Williamsport, Pa. 

Millen, Gladys M Plumville, Pa. 

Miller, Dorothy Catherine R. D. No. 2, Box 127, Greensburg, Pa. 

Miller, Margaret Irene 

Miller, Mildred Elizabeth (Mrs. T. Richard Wurzell), 

612 North Third St., Jeannette, Pa. 

268 A L U ]M X I D I R E C T O R Y 

Morgan, Betty (Mrs. Leland E. BIose)..72S Washington Ave., Carnegie, Pa. 

Mover, Mada Maurine 128 Willow Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Mueller, Rose Adelaide 524 Second Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

MuLVEHiLL, Elsie Margaret (Mrs. Donald H. Zirn) — Teacher, 

904 Coalmont St., North Braddock, Pa. 
Naples, Amelia Grace (Mrs. Pat DiPrimio) — Teacher, 

125 Chestnut St., Jeannette, Pa. 
Nestlerode, Mabel Kathryn — Teacher, 

924 Russellwood Ave., McKees Rocks, Pa. 

Nussbaum, Florence Anne 998 Maplewood Ave., Ambridge. Pa. 

Ogden, Evelyn Luella R. D. No. 1, Clearfield, Pa. 

Ortner, Annabelle Claire — Teacher 62 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Ortner, Mildred Martha — Teacher 62 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

O'TooLE, Madeline Patricia — Teacher 301 Mills Ave., Braddock, Pa. 

Pachter, Matilda 706 Twenty-fourth St., Altoona, Pa. 

Painter, Viola Arabella R. D. No. 4, Irwin, Pa. 

Palmer, Phyllis L. — Teacher Clymer, Pa. 

PoHLAND, Agusta Louise (Mrs. George W. Mooney, Jr.), 

282 Franklin St., Harrisonburg, Va. 

Poole, Dorothy — Teacher 122 Arlington Ave., East McKeesport, Pa. 

PooLE, Zelma Irene (Mrs. Zelma P. Wright), 

530 Chestnut St., Greensburg, Pa. 

Porter, Mary Ellen (Mrs. Clifford Young) Linesville, Pa. 

Priestley, Elinor (Mrs. Edward Frye) — Teacher, 

5106 Interboro Ave., Homestead, Pa. 

Quinn, Margaret Patricia Whitney, Pa. 

Rager, Evelyn L. (Mrs. Clifford Trimble) — Teacher, Derry Twp. ; 

155 South Liberty St., Blairsville, Pa. 

Ralston, Helen Marie 119 Weaver St., Clearfield Pa. 

Rebok, Virginia West 38 Front St., Keisterville, Pa. 

Reed, Evelyn Mae — Teacher 513 Market St., Freeport, Pa. 

Reed, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. Elwood Schuckers), 

220 Hill St., Reynoldsville, Pa. 

Renner, Elizabeth Batley (Mrs. Robert B. Hewitt) Canonsburg, Pa. 

Rentschler, John Alfred — Teacher, Young Twp. ; 

310 East Liberty St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Richards, Geraldine Elizabeth (Mrs. John W. Riley) — Substitute Teacher, 

1000 Washington Avenue Extension, Carnegie, Pa. 

Richey, Edith Katherine — Teacher 719 Eleventh St., Franklin, Pa. 

Ricks, Betty Lucille (Mrs. James A. Kirk).. 33 McKee Ave., Monessen, Pa. 
Riley, Mrs. Gladys Hollinshead (Mrs. Franklin S. Riley), 

86 Shenango St., Greenville, Pa. 
Robertson, Anna Frances (Mrs. Arthur B. Reid) — Teacher. .Yatesboro, Pa. 

Robinson, Mary Agnes 137 Cherry St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Robinson, Mary Sarah (Mrs. Joseph W. Rainforth), 

114 South Third St., Duquesne, Pa. 

Roman, Alice Ida (Mrs. Robert W. Becker) Byersdale, Baden, Pa. 

RuFER, Martha Jane 120 Sheridan Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa 

ScHADE, Esther S. — Teacher, O'Hara Twp. ; 

266 Forty-second St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Sedler, Jane Lois East Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Shaffer, A. Paul— Teacher 120 View St., R. D. No. 3, Johnstown, Pa. 

Shaffer, John T. — Student at North Central College, Naperville, 111.; 

Box 51, Salix, Pa. 
Shaffer, Miriam H. (Mrs. Miriam Shaffer Cornell) — Teacher, 

Box 161, Hooversville, Pa. 
Shanefelt, Katherine Elizabeth (Mrs. George M. Dillon), 

4858 North Kenneth Ave., Chicago, 111. 

A L U M N I B Y C L A S S E S 209 

Shank, Mary Jane — Teacher 507 Thirteenth St., Windbcr, Pa. 

Sherrieb, Myrtle Jean — Teacher, Harrison Twp. ; 

1010 Maple St., Natrona lleiRhts. I'a. 

Shirley, Margaret Elizabeth 904 Third Ave., Brackenridge, Pa. 

Shollenberger, Louise — Teacher 312 Little Ave., Ridgway, Pa. 

Shrader, Anne Elizabeth (Mrs. Betty Shrader Barker) — Teacher, 

424 Chestnut St., Grecnsburg. Pa. 

Sickenberger, Dorothy Thelma — Teacher R. D. No. 4, Greensburg, Pa. 

SiCNORiNO, Mary Clara (Mrs. Andrew G. Vrabel) — Teacher. .Beaverdale, Pa. 

Skriba, Mary Ann 221 Singer Ave., McKees Rocks, Pa. 

Slease, Josephine Lenore (Mrs. Elliott F. Myers).. R. 1, Kelly Station, Pa. 

Sleeth, Ann (Mrs. R. D. Cairns) — Teacher East Main St., Ligonier, Pa. 

Smith, Annabelle (Mrs. Samuel O. Kuntz) Valier, Pa. 

Smith, Dorothy Elizabeth (Mrs. Donald Blair Kiser), 

1330 Penn Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Smith, Emma Margaret (Mrs. William Offutt) Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Smith, Marjorie Elizabeth (Mrs. Marjorie Smith Callan) — Teacher, 

New Florence, Pa. 

Snapp, Alice — Teacher 232 Bayard St., Kane, Pa. 

Snyder, Charlotte Ruth — Teacher 382 Stewart St., Turtle Creek, Pa. 

Snyder, Helen Rose (Mrs. Ray W. Mearkle) — Teacher Clcarville, Pa. 

SoBEL, Ruth Hope 316 Hawkins Ave.. Rankin, Pa. 

Speizer, Helen Jane 625 Park Ave., Farrell, Pa. 

Spencer, Alta Lucille — Teacher, Lawrence Twp. ; 

R. D. No. 2. Clearfield. Pa. 

Springer, Russell Joseph — Teacher Carrolltown, Pa. 

Sprowls, Lucile (Mrs. Harold Whitaker) 216 Pike St., Houston, Pa. 

Stangel, Dolores Elizabeth — Teacher, St. Marys ; 

103 Center St., Ridgway, Pa. 

Steel, Bertha C. — Teacher 203 First .\ve., Altoona. Pa. 

Steele, Bernetta Mildred (Mrs. George Lohr. Sr.) Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Stephens, Sarah Kathryn — Teacher, Cherryhill Twp. ; 

R. D. No. 2. Clymer, Pa. 

Stier, Helen V. — Teacher 7612 Westmoreland Ave., Swissvale, Pa. 

Stiffler, E\tlyn — Teacher 104 Twenty-fourth St., Altoona. Pa. 

Stright, Leanna (Mrs. Leanna S. Hoffman).. Box 172, South Heights, Pa. 

Sullivan, Claranna — Teacher 550 Fifth St., Colver, Pa. 

Sutton, Odell W. — Principal, Lucerne ;. .107 Juniper St., Homer City, Pa. 
Sweeting, Elizabeth M. (Mrs. John G. Mullen) — Teacher, 

1013 Hanna St., North Braddock, Pa. 

Taylor, J. Alvin Old Age Pension Office, Indiana, Pa. 

Thompson, Della Irene (Mrs. S. M. Miterkow) — Assistant Principal of 

Elementary School 1119 Pike St., Huntingdon, Pa. 

Thorburn, Eleanore M. — Teacher St. Benedict, Pa. 

Tredinnick, Jean Kathryn (Mrs. Daniel S. Heep), 

1319 LaBelle Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Treher, Evelyn Charlotte (Mrs. Paul McBride Gillis), 

R. F. D. No. 1, Turtle Creek, Pa. 

Turner, Helen L. — Teacher 305 Spruce St., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Ullery, Ruth J. — Teacher 420 Rebecca Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Verner, Priscilla Jane .605 Hulton Road, Oakmont. Pa. 

W.^RGNY, Margaret Agnes — Teacher, 

410 West Mahoning St.. Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Wassum, Sara Mae — Teacher, Pine Twp.: R. D. No. 1, Mars, Pa. 

Weiss, Eleanor Jane 329 East Mahoning St., Punxsutawney. Pa. 

Werner, Violet LaRoux (Mrs. J. W. Cochrane), 

636 Delaware Ave., Wilson Station, Clairton, Pa. 
Wertz, Alice Lamont — Teacher Onnalinda, Pa. 


Weyant, T helm a Rebecca — Teacher, Ebensburg; 

210 Sumner St., Cresson, Pa. 

White, Gladys Louise Box 604, Indiana, Pa. 

White, Melissa Louise — Teacher, 

211 Magnolia Place, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Whitman, Rosabel Fay — Teacher 618 Bluff St., East Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Wiggins, Elizabeth Louise (Mrs. Ronald Griffiths), 

9610 Lamont Ave., N. E., Cleveland, Ohio. 
WiLLHiDE, Ruth Lytle (Mrs. Dan C. Wolf), 

1109 Glass Ave., Amherst Terrace, McKeesport, Pa. 
Williams, Mrs. Cora Dunmire (Mrs. William R. Williams), 

353 South Third St., Indiana, Pa. 
Winebark, Eleanor Rosalie 
WiNSHEiMER, Frank Roy — Building Principal and Teacher, Aultman ; 

R. D. No. 5, Indiana, Pa. 

WiNSHEiMER, Ruth Irene R. D. No. 5, Indiana, Pa. 

Wolfgang, Sara Nancy — Teacher R. D. No. 4, Greensburg, Pa. 

Wonders, Margaretta (Mrs. R. Wayne Campbell), 

136 Third St., McDonald, Pa. 

WooMER, Kathleen B. — Teacher 1805 Adams Ave., Tyrone, Pa. 

Yotter, Georgetta— Teacher 513 Market St., Freeport, Pa. 

YouNT, William Luther — Principal of Bovard School, Hempfield Twp. ; 

R. D. No. 2, Greensburg, Pa. 

Zeka, Marguerite — Teacher Vanderbilt, Pa.. 

Zellman, Irene Pearle (Mrs. Irene P. Croyle) — Teacher, 

R. D. No. 5, Box 147, Kittanning, Pa. 

Zimmers, Mary Elizabeth 118 Harrison Ave., Jeannette, Pa. 

ZoLDAK, Anna Adelaide R. D. No. 2, Greensburg, Pa. 

Secondary Curriculum 

Anna, Mary M. — Teacher, Hastings ; Patton, Pa. 

Archibald, William F. — Operating Manager, Goodrich Silvertown Store, 

1607 Robertson St., Lansing, Mich. 

Bartlebaugh, James A. — Teacher Brush Valley, Pa. 

Boozer, Betty M. (Mrs. Kenneth Parnell), 

523 West Colvin St., Syracuse, N. Y. 
Bromberick, Law^rence E.— Teacher, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh ; 

547 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 

Buchanan, Verbel Marie — Teacher Route No. 6, Washington, Pa. 

Buck, Helen I. (Mrs. Donald F. Campbell) — Teacher, 

Oruro, Cassilla 154, Bolivia, South America, c/o San Jose. 

Chapman, Charlotte S. — Teacher 1042 Washington St., Indiana, Pa. 

Chapman, Harriett S. (Mrs. J. Kenneth Nicely), 

465 South Seventh St., Indiana, Pa. 

Craig, J. Bernell — Teacher NuMine, Pa. 

Curry, William G. — Teacher 328 Seventh Ave., Carnegie, Pa. 

Daugherty, Elizabeth Jane Rossiter, Pa. 

Dunn, Bernice E.— Teacher 1904 Fourth St., Altoona, Pa. 

DuRso, Joseph N. — Teacher Manati, Puerto Rico. 

EsTERLiNE, Albert C. — Teacher 309 Fifth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Fleming, Helen Ruth — Teacher, Homer City ; 

122 North Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 
Fockler, Dora M. — Visitor for Department of Public Assistance, 

1610 Third St.. Altoona, Pa. 

Friel, Roy H. — Principal of Mylo School Ebensburg, Pa. 

FuLLERTO^, Theo W. — Tcachcr . . . .200 South Findley St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Good, Loureigh Burns R. D. No. 2, Dayton, Pa. 

Grundy, Arthur James — Teacher 1001 Ligonier St., Latrobe, Pa. 


Hanson, Helen L. — Teacher 122 Yarnall St., Kane, Pa. 

Henry, Wilmer Ord — Nurseryman 120 South Third St., Indiana, Pa. 

HoFMEiSTER, Ann E. — Teachcf, Penn Twp. ; 

20 Conestoga Road, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Honse, Clarissa (Mrs. Ernest F. Hyde) Vanderbilt, Pa. 

HoYT, Mrs. Zola Mansfield — Teacher, Marion Center ; 

1034 School St., Indiana, Pa. 
Hunter, Mildred Christine— Teacher, Johnstown ;... .Box 234, Indiana, Pa. 
Ketfer, Vik(;inia F. (Mrs. Kcnnetli M. Schacte) — Librarian, Redstone 

Township High Scho(jl 257 Ridge Ave, New Kensington, Pa. 

Kliskey, Joseph B. — Teacher 1009 Fourth Ave., North Braddock, Pa. 

Kunkle, Paul T. — Teacher, Ferndale Boro., Johnstown; 

1057 School St., Indiana, Pa. 
Love, Margaret E. (Mrs. George E. Bupp), 

179^ Sixteenth St., Wheeling, W. \'a. 

Maloney, Mary Vada 637 West Long Ave., DuBois, Pa. 

Marshall, Christine Lenore — Visitor, Department of Public Assistance, 

Dayton, Pa. 

McAtee, Regis Aloysius — Salesman 216 James St., Latrobe, Pa. 

McCuLLY, Pearl R. (Mrs. Francis J. Sullivan)— Teacher,* Elmora P. O., 

» Bakerton, Pa. 

McPhilimy, Robert Wilson — Teacher.. 308 Emmons Blvd., Wyandotte, Mich. 

McVicKER, Grace (Mrs. R. J. Kerns) 5410 Montrose Ave.. Altoona, Pa. 

Moorhead, Gladys- Teacher, Indiana; Penn Run, Pa. 

Nichol, Gaynelle — Teacher 7552 Dickson St., Swissvale, Pa. 

Peron, John E. — Teacher 251 Fourth St., Sagamore, Pa. 

Pound, Irwin Eugene — Teacher, High School R. D. No. 5, Indiana, Pa. 

Prugh, Mary Elisabeth (Mrs. W. D. MacLaughlin), 

15 Gay St., Greenwich Village, New York, N. Y. 

Radaker, Maxine M. — Teacher, Wayne Twp. ; Dayton, Pa. 

R.\nkin, Floyd C. — Superintendent of McCreary Tire and Rubber Co., 

302 South 13th St., Indiana, Pa. 

Risinger, E. Elizabeth — Teacher, Curwensville ; Homer City, Pa. 

Salvaggio, Rose L. — Teacher, New Kensington ; 

232 North Findley St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Sank, Nellie — Teacher , Hooversville, Pa. 

ScHREiBER, Mary Kathryn — Teacher 638 Market St., Johnsonburg, Pa. 

Steele, Margaret (Mrs. L. R. Work).. 614 Fifth Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 

Stover, Edward R. — Teacher 314 State St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Stump, Major Hunter — Teacher, Derry Twp. ; Torrance, Pa. 

Terlinski, Robert Marion — Teacher. .. .1729^ Woodmont Ave., Arnold, Pa. 
Thomas, Dorothy (Mrs. David H. Livingston), 

51 East Main St., LeRoy, N. Y. 
Thomas, Gladys— Teacher, Rankin ; 

122 Linden Ave., Edgewood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

TuLLOCii, L. Catherine — Teacher 989 Liberty St., Meadville, Pa. 

Tyger, Hope ( Mrs. Dennis Fassitt) Gipsy, Pa. 

Vinton, Arlene Belle — Teacher R. D. No. 6, Indiana, Pa. 

Walker, Margaret Julia (Mrs. Margaret Walker Skiles), 

Box 1334, Weirton, W. Va. 

Waugaman, Sara Myrtle 375 Morewood Ave., Blairsville, Pa. 

West, George G. — Supervisor and Teacher, 

204 Woodland Ave., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Wiley, Burneta Jean (Mrs. William B. Hershner), 

205 Pearl St., Lancaster, Pa. 
Williams, William Robert — Teacher, Washington Twp. ; 

353 South Third St., Indiana, Pa. 

212 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Wilson, Isabelle— Teacher 2234 Braddock Ave., Swissvale, Pa. 

Wilson, Ruth .Elizabeth 2234 Braddock Ave., Swissvale, Pa. 

Public School Art Curriculum 

Badger, Elma E. (]\Irs. Claire E. Alford) — Teacher. 

1028 Rose Ave., New Castle, Pa. 
Cochran, E. Virginia (Mrs. Bradley W. Crawshaw), 

1810 Montour St., Coraopolis, Pa. 

Daley, Mary Rita Box 328, Greenberrj^ Pottsville, Pa. 

Gilson, Marie Elizabeth (Mrs. Alvin E. Mitchell), 

622 Chestnut St., Latrobe, Pa. 

Kaye, Ben — Art Supervisor 742 Midland Ave., Midland, Pa. 

Krall, Madelyn Louise 28 South Baltimore Ave., Dillsburg, Pa. 

Loban, Mildred Ellen (Mrs. Robert H. Baker), 

2323 North Third St., Harrisburg, Pa. 
Miller, Albert W. — Employee of F. W. Woolworth Co., New York, N. Y. ; 

17-19 Van Reypen St., Jersey City, N. J. 
Miller, Betty Louise (Mrs. Roy L. Harmon), 

510 Hawthorne Ave., Kittanning, Pa. 
Park, Mary Marguerett.a. (Mrs. D. Paul Smay), 

R. D. No. 4, Box 11, Indiana, Pa. 

Rohalley, Helen Grace (Mrs. Sam Green) ^Friedens, Pa. 

Smay, D. Paul — Supervisor and Teacher, 

R. D. No. 4, Box 11, Indiana, Pa. 
Stombaugh, Nellie Mae (Mrs. Ralph H. Galbraith), 

254 Barron Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
Theodorowich, Anna Theodoria (Mrs. Ben Kaye), 

742 Midland Ave., Midland, Pa. 

Viskochil, Catherine F. — Teacher 750 Maytide St., Pittsburgh, 10, Pa. 

Winebrenner, D. Kenneth — Art Instructor, Buffalo State Teachers College, 

438 Bird Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Commercial Teacher Curriculum 

Batiste, John — Teacher, Mt. Pleasant ;.. 504 Twenty-second St., Windber, Pa. 
Berger, Thelma G. — Teacher, Munhall ; 

306 West College St., Canonsburg, Pa. 

BouTON, Harriet Elisabeth — Teacher .Wilawana, Pa. 

Bramhall, Dorthea (Mrs. B. F. Williams) Sheffield, Pa. 

Briner, Elva Josephine (Mrs. Lester W. Hackman), 

108 South Spruce St., Lititz, Pa. 
Brown, David M. — Teacher, Irwin ; 

244 Avenue F, Forest Hills, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Buchanan, Rosabel Route 3, Centerville, Pa. 

Chesko, Helen A. — Teacher 1000 East Pine St., Mahanoy City, Pa. 

Crawshaw, Bradley W. — Head of Business Education Dept., Moon 

Township High School 1810 Montour St., Coraopolis, Pa. 

Cribbs, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. Ralph D. Pyle), 

224 Fourth St., Wilson Station, Clairton, Pa. 
Ellenberger. Hazel Imogexe — Teacher, Springdale ; 

1019 Wallace St., Vandergrift, Pa. 
Ellenberger, Sara C. — Professor of Business Science, Hartwick College, 

Oneonta, N. Y. 

Gaudino, Peter Thomas — Teacher 214 Railroad St., Latrobe, Pa. 

Gonick, Beatrice Shirley 315 Winter Ave., New Castle, Pa. 

Grove, Dorothy H. — Teacher, Mt. Lebanon ; 

3215 Latonia Ave., Dormont, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Guckert, Margaret I. (Mrs. Michael W. Casey) — Teacher, 

719 Orchard Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 


A L U M X I P. Y C I. A S S K S 172, 

Hopkins, Beatrice Ellen 700 California Ave., Avalon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Jaffe, Frances Gertrude — Teacher 400 Lafayette St., Easton, Pa. 

Julius, Mildred Eleanor (Mrs. Earl P. Strong), 

Apt. 4D, Auburn Gardens, Alexandria, Va. 
KoRTZ, Helen F. — Head of Commercial Dcpt., 

2410 Chestnut Ave., Barnesboro, Pa. 

Krouse, Hazel G. — Teacher 414 Fifty-eighth St., Altoona, Pa. 

Marlin, Jean Eleanor (Mrs. Charles E. Halt) — Substitute Teacher, 

222 Fourth St., Beaver, Pa. 
Marshall, Clara Elizabeth (Mrs. E. D. Rushworth, Jr.) — Teacher, 

104 West Church St., Ligonier, Pa. 

Martin, Mary R. — Teacher 430 Kurtz Place, New Castle, Pa. 

M.\URHOFF, Ardath V. — Tcacher, Tarentum ; 

963 Eighth Ave., Brackenridge, Pa. 
McIntire, Alice Cathrine — Teacher, Wilcox ; 

R. D. No. 1. Hollidaysburg, Pa. 
Morgan, Raymond William — Teacher. .1328 Roxbury Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

MusuLiN, Dona S. — Teacher 240 Stewart Ave., Pittsburgh, 10, Pa. 

O'DoNNEL, Joan D. (Mrs. C. A. Nolph)..513 C Street, Rock Springs, Wyo. 
Olsen, Alice (Mrs. Arthur Keeler) — Teacher. .Route No. 1, Elizabeth, Pa. 
Overholt, Gladys H. — Teacher. .508^ North Chester Road, Swarthmore, Pa. 

Palmer, J. Kenneth — Teacher 8 Kane St., Bradford, Pa. 

Pextz, Arthur L. — Senior Accountant R. D. No. 3, Dallas, Pa. 

Phillips, Wilma Kathryn (Mrs. Kenneth Gaffney), 

109 South Fourth St., Youngwood, Pa. 

Raver, Ella Bertha — Teacher 123 Rockland Ave., Bradford, Pa. 

Raver, Marian Elizabeth — Teacher 123 Rockland Ave., Bradford, Pa. 

Rinehart, Ethel M. — Teacher, Hagerstown, Md. ; 

168 East Catherine St., Chambersburg, Pa. 

Rudert, Bonita — Bookkeeper, Butler ; Saxonburg, Pa. 

Selle, Madaline J. (Mrs. G. C. Grotzinger) . . . .Rosely Road, St. Marys, Pa. 
Shade, Mary Catherine (Mrs. E. C. Steele), 

264 Hastings Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Smith, Mrs. Helen Kephart 331 Anderson St., Curwensville, Pa. 

Stough, Glenn D. — Teacher 312 North Second St., Jeannette, Pa. 

Wagner, Ruth Beil 349 Susquehanna St., Allentown, Pa. 

Walt, Roberta Rosolyn — Teacher 810 West Eighth St., Chester, Pa. 

Welch, Alta Leanna (Mrs. C. C. McKelvy), 

606 Franklin St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Wiiinnie, Thelma Evelyn— Teacher, 

Embassy Apt., Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

WoLSKO, John F. — Teacher 835 Russellwood Ave., McKees Rocks, Pa. 

Wood, Leland R 219 Center Ave., Emsworth, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Y.\GLEE, Dorothy Elizabeth 1344 Jefferson Ave., Scranton, Pa. 

Home Economics Curriculum 

Cl.\rk, Emelie Nafis — Teacher 185 East Fayette St., L'niontown, Pa. 

Clarke, Lillian Anna (Mrs. J. W. Schandt), 

1530 Grandin Ave., Dormont, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Daley, Anna Marcella Box 338, Greenberry, Pottsville, Pa. 

Feick, Doris — Supervisor of Home Economics, Ambridge ; 

3222 Brownsville Road, Pittsburgh, 10, Pa. 
Flatt, Catharine Annette (Mrs. Everett X. Thayer), 

Box 14, James City, Pa. 

Gracy, Dorothea Louise 6531 Bartlett St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Gregory, Mildred Anita (Mrs. Arthur J. Grundy), 

1001 Ligonier St.. Latrobe, Pa. 


Guthrie, Lorraine (Mrs. Lorraine Keirn)..415 Ashcroft Ave., Cresson, Pa. 
Leslie, Gartha McChesney (Mrs. Gartha L. Patterson), 

1021 Avacoll Drive, Wabash Station, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
LocKARD, Nellie Lavon (Mrs. M. M. Wassam), 

Hippodrome Apartment Bldg., Elkins, W. Va. 
McCuLLOUGH, Avanell Lois (Mrs. William E. Whetsel) . .West Newton, Pa. 

MoHNEY, Ella Mae — Teacher 1960 West Marshall St., Norristown, Pa. 

MoYER, Sarah P.— Dietitian, Department of Hospitals, City of New York ; 
Dietitian's Office, Morrisania City Hospital, 168th Street and Gerard Ave., 

Bronx, N. Y. 
PiFER, Edna M. — Supervisor of Home Economics, Mt. Pleasant Twp. ; 

R. D. No. 3, Box 58, Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Public School Music Curriculum 

Confer, Lee — Deceased. 

FoRNEAR, Olive Mae — Teacher 1407 Cambria Ave., Windber, Pa. 

Herskowitz, Selma M. (Airs. H. Irving Nayhouse) — Teacher, 

604 Union Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

Heupel, Kathryn a. — Teacher 3341 Eastmont Ave., Pittsburgh, 16, Pa. 

Karper, Mildred Elvira 

McCrea, Nettie Pearl (Mrs. Nettie Davis) — Music Supervisor, Brush Valley 

High School R. D. No. 1, Homer City, Pa. 

Mead, Audrey — Deceased. 

Remley, James H. — Teacher, State Teachers College, 

280 South 13th St., Indiana, Pa. 

Rose, June (Mrs. J. Herbert Beck) 309 Broad St., Port Allegany, Pa. 

RuNzo, Philip — Director of Instrumental Music, 

110 East Second St., Oil City, Pa. 

Schrall, George A. — Music Supervisor Cresson, Pa. 

Scott, Kathryn E. (Mrs. Kathryn S. Dornan), 

1007 Thomas St., Monongahela, Pa. 

Small, Loren Elroy— Merchant 2429 Eighth Ave., Beaver Falls, Pa. 

Smathers, Elmer Ellsworth — Musician. .568 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Stephens, Lillian Ruth — Teacher 326 Center St., Ridgway, Pa. 

Sterbutcel, Helen M. (Mrs. Helen M. Nolan) — Teacher, 

1625 University Ave., Muncie, Ind. 
Stickle, Beryl Todd Rose Point, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1934 

President Russell Y. Leech 

Vice President Arthur J. Eardley 

Secretary Wade H. Gerhart 

Treasurer Robert M. Skelton 

Elementary Curricnlums 
(Kindergarten - Primary and Intermediate) 

Abernethy, Dorothea Wilburta 805 Elder Ave., Barnesboro, Pa. 

AcKERSON, Virginia E. (Mrs. Virginia A. Neal) . .61 Wolcott St., Clymer, Pa. 

Adams, Ellen Mae — Teacher 422 Eleanor St., Pitcairn, Pa. 

Ankney, Edith H. (Mrs. Clark Brinker) R. D. No. 1, Ligonier, Pa. 

Arnold, Jane Irvin 105 Elizabeth St., Clearfield, Pa. 

AsKiNs, Dora Mae (Mrs. Dora Askins McCauley) — Teacher, 

Armstrong Ave., Apollo, Pa. 
Bartram, M. Irene (Mrs. C. L. Willis) . .2402 Clark Ave., Raleigh, N. C. 
Bauer, Viola M. — Teacher Mineral Point, Pa. 


Baumgardner, Harry Oliver — Principal and Teacher, Derry Twp. ; 

Box 226, Bradenville, Pa. 

Beech, Grace (Mrs. Grace Rugh) 1019 North Prairie Ave., JoHet, 111. 

Beezer, Genevieve M. (Mrs. C. G. Bushyager), 

506^ North Third St., Jeannette, Pa. 
Bender, Ethel J. — Teacher, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh ; 

905 Waddell Ave., Clairton, Pa. 
Berg, Ivy Marguerite (Mrs. James W. Mathie), 

Fairmont Acres, R. D. No. 3, Coraopolis, Pa. 

Betts, James Norman Robinson, Pa. 

Betz, Dorothy I. (Mrs. Frank H. Scott) Box Zll , Long Beach, Calif. 

Bitner, Emma Jane (Mrs. Ray Weiss) 411 Walnut Ave., Latrobe, Pa. 

Bitner, Wayne — Teacher R. D. No. 2, Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Blackburn, Grace — Teacher New Paris, Pa. 

Blackwood, Mary Lois (Mrs. Don Paterson), 

110 East Madison Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Blair, Sara C. — Teacher, Revloc ; 417 North Beech St., Ebensburg, Pa. 

Boyle, Marie Elizabeth — Teacher, Youngwood ; 

529 Weaver St., Greensburg, Pa. 
Brickell, Bernice Marik (Mrs. Norman Wetzel).. 1149 Oak St., Indiana, Pa. 
Brown, Mabel Elizabeth (Mrs. Berle Allshouse) — Teacher, 

631 South Seventh St., Indiana, Pa. 
Brubaker, G. Jane (Mrs. S. Eugene Tipton) . .424 Walton Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Cahill, Veronica Maybelle 132 Lincoln Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Campbell, Sara Erma — Teacher Shelocta, Pa. 

Capozzoli, Lucy Carmel — Teacher 426 James St., Bridgeville, Pa. 

Carpenter, Lois Ann — Teacher 710 Vermont Ave., Glassport, Pa. 

Castigliano, Jennie — Teacher 329 First St., Leechburg, Pa. 

Cataldo, Leona Philomen — Teacher.. 868 Kenneth Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 

Chavlovich, Ann Margaret — Teacher Box 44, Glenwillard, Pa. 

Chick, M. Isabelle (Mrs. G. T. Harshberger), 

R. F. D. No. 5, Box 342, Johnstown, Pa. 
Clark, Janet Ramsay — Teacher, Derry Twp. ; 

548 North Chestnut St., Derry, Pa. 

Claycomb, Charlotte M. — Teacher Summerhill, Pa. 

Claycomb, Joseph Paul — Teacher Osterburg, Pa. 

Clements, Margaret Jane — Teacher, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh ; 

Douglass Apts., Indiana, Pa. 

Colteryahn, Lauretta E. — Teacher Burgettstown, Pa. 

CoLviN, Helen 

CoMiNSKY, Lillian Louise — Teacher 429 Merchant St., Ambridge, Pa. 

Conrad, Virginia Blair — Teacher, Rossiter; 415 St. Clair St., Latrobe, Pa. 

CoPELAND, Thomas — Teacher and Coach, 

8 Braddock Road Ave., Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

CouGHENOUR, Eleanor — Teacher 46 Lawn Ave., Uniontown, Pa. 

Cox, Blanche E. (Mrs. O. L. Rogers) 406 Vine St., Jeannette. Pa. 

Crawford, Martha Ruth — Teacher. .. .327 Horatio St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Crooks, Martha (Mrs. LeRoy Douds) Plumville, Pa. 

Culley, Martha Evelyn Burgettstown, Pa. 

Davis, Dorothy Lucille (Mrs. Dorothy Heckman), 

Route No. 1, Vandergrift, Pa. 

DoRKA, Martha Catherine — Teacher Lucerne Mines, Pa. 

Dougherty, Sue Dorothy — Teacher 515 Kenmawr Ave., Rankin, Pa. 

DuDASH, Helen Regina (Mrs. George Wright), 

330 Horner St., Johnstown. Pa. 
Duncan, Helen Louise (Mrs. Thomas M. Benner), 

957 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

276 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Edwards, Eleanor E. (Mrs. Eleanor E. Bash) — Teacher, 

Greensburg St., Dehnont, Pa. 

Emerick, Geraldine R. — Teacher 560 Fifty-third St., Altoona, Pa. 

Emery, Betty Alice 321 Beverly Road, Pittsburgh, 16, Pa. 

Errett, Bertha — Teacher Youngwood, Pa. 

Ferman, Marian A. — Teacher Brockway, Pa. 

FoRGAN, Helen M. — Teacher Dunlo, Pa. 

Frederickson, Edith Thelma — Teacher 325 Ridge Ave., Washington, Pa. 

Frick, Frank S. — Meter Reader 303 Garfield St., Kittanning, Pa. 

FuLCOMER, Clara Mabel (Mrs. Benjamin Morder), 

R. D. No. 1, Alexandria, Pa. 
Gailey, Albert Wallace 
Galbreath, Evelyn V. — Teacher, McCandless Twp. ; 

2330 Birtley Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Garfunkel, Lillian — Teacher 1218 Haywood St., Farrell, Pa. 

Garrett, Lora Wilhelmina (Mrs. John Park) Strongstown, Pa. 

Gartner, Helen Dolly (Mrs. Maxwell B. Nobel), 

98 Rand Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
George, Viola Martha (Mrs. Richard Joyce) — Teacher. .. .Homer City, Pa. 

Giles, Jane Katherine — Teacher 202 Venango St., Johnstown, Pa. 

GoDARD, Elizabeth M. — Teacher. .1418 Kelton Ave., Dormont, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Goldberg, Helen (Mrs. William Weinstein) . .1205 Carson St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

GoNGA WARE, Gladys AIyrtle Irwin, Pa. 

GoRENZ, Frances Elizabeth (Mrs. Frances Gorenz Strennen), 

Box 136, Herminie, Pa. 
Gressly, Paul Raymond 
Gruskin, Beula Lynne — Secretary, Department of Public Assistance, 

1201 Fourth Ave., Ford City, Pa. 

GwiLLiAM, Irene Sarah — Teacher 529 Chestnut St., Carnegie, Pa. 

Hager, Mary Eleanor 704 East Tenth Ave., Munhall, Pa. 

Haggey, Helen Simpson (Mrs. Lawrence Dunmire) — Heirloom Silverware 

Representative 217 Armstrong Ave., Apollo, Pa. 

Hampton, Helen Lucille (Mrs. Joseph R. Claycomb) Osterburg, Pa. 

Hanna, Helen Isabel Cherry Tree, Pa. 

Hanna, Sarah Alice — Teacher 1023 Third Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 

Hannum, Helen Elizabeth 1412 Tenth St., Altoona, Pa. 

Harrison, Maurice Edwin — Teacher, Kiskiminetas Twp. ; 

R. D. No. 1, Edri, Pa. 
Harrold, Althea Grace (Mrs. Charles D. Rodenberger), 

1522 Elm St., Greensburg, Pa. 

Hastings, Elaine W. — Teacher 608 Franklin St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Hays, Hilda Margaret Donegal, Pa. 

Henderson, Carolyn Harriet (Mrs. Clifford W. Brown) — Teacher, 

245 Derrick Road, Uniontown, Pa. 
HiLE, Helen Natina (Airs. James W. Burnworth) — Teacher, 

R. D. No. 2, Clearfield, Pa. 
Hines, Mildred (Airs. Alildred Yingling) — Substitute Teacher, 

1115 Shoemaker St., Nanty-Glo, Pa. 

Hite, Gerline Viola R. D., Greensburg, Pa. 

Hlohinec, Mary — Teacher New Salem, Pa. 

Hockensmith, Anita Madge — Teacher, Conemaugh Twp. : 

144 Wilson St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Horner, Ruth Claudett — Teacher Lake-to-Sea Road, Cranberry, Pa. 

HoucK, Dorothy E. — Teacher, Unity Twp.; 426 Weldon St., Latrobe, Pa. 

HovAN, Stephen A. — Teacher 608 Magee Ave., Patton, Pa. 

Howard, Ortha M. — Teacher, Greensburg; Kingview. Scottdale, Pa. 

Howe, Lillian Ida — Teacher, Heilwood ; 843 Alaple St., Indiana, Pa. 

IvANOVic, AIiLDRED — Johnston Airport R. D. No. 2, Box 2, Pitcairn, Pa. 

A L V U K I BY C I. A S S E S 277 

Johnston, Edythe Le.\[on — Teacher.. R. D. No. 4, Box 161, Greensburg, Pa. 

Johnston, Harold I. — Teacher 20 East Long Ave., DuBois, Pa. 

Jones, Betty E. — Teacher 48 Winchcll Ave., Uniontown, Pa. 

Jones, Lillian Mary — Teacher, Avella ; Route 1, Rea, Pa. 

Kemp, Mary Harriet (Mrs. Eugene S. Sipes), 

412 Messenger St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Kerpec, Mamie Gertrude — Teacher, Franklin Twp. ; 

R. F. D. No. 1, Export, Pa. 
Kinderman, Maude G. (Mrs. Harold L Johnston) — Teacher, Helvetia; 

20 East Long Ave., DuBois, Pa. 
Kirkpatrick, Ida M.\e (Mrs. John C. Murphy) — Teacher, 

699 Larimer Ave., Turtle Creek, Pa. 

KiTTO, Gwendolyn — Teacher 824 Fern Place, Ferndale, Johnstown, Pa. 

Klein, Rose Lillian — Teacher .. 3609 Pary St., Brentwood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

KoHLHEPP, May Ellen — Teacher R. D. No. 1, Rochester Mills, Pa. 

KooNTZ, Mary \'iRGixrA (Mrs. C. Ray Lockard), 

215 Martha St., Blairsville, Pa. 
Kopelman, Margaret Elene 
Kramer, Natalie Inez (Mrs. William H. Morrison) — Teacher, 

415 State St., Curwensville, Pa. 
LeFevre, M. Elizabeth — Employee of William F. Gables Co., 

1308 Twentieth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Leister, Sara Louise 120 Vincennes St., Oakdale, Pa. 

Lewis, Anna Elizabeth 13th and Locust Sts., Indiana, Pa. 

Logan, Evelyn B. (Mrs. Harold D. Rearick) Rural Valley, Pa. 

Lowrey, Beulah May — Teacher 507 Mellon St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Luther, Thelma Rope (Mrs. Donald H. Rodgers), 

807 Walnut St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

LuTZ, Besse Leola (Mrs. Paul L. PfeifFer) 351 First St., Donora, Pa. 

Makara, Dorothy — Teacher, Wilmerding ; Box 53, Wall, Pa. 

Marloff, Helen T. (Mrs. Daniel W. Molter), 

364 Stanford Ave., West View, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Marshall, Anna Mae (Mrs. John R. Strong) Clarksburg, Pa. 

Mason, Janet Drylie Yukon, Pa. 

Mastropier, Anna — Teacher Universal Road, Universal, Pa. 

McAfee, Minerva C. — Teacher, New Kensington ; Rennerdale, Pa. 

McCuNE, Thomas Orton R. D. No. 2, RufTsdale, Pa. 

McDowell, Helen G. (Mrs. Helen G. Wagner) — Teacher.. New Florence, Pa. 

McElroy, Mary Jane — Teacher Clinton, Pa. 

McFarland, Kathryn Jean 217 Lincoln Ave., Connellsville. Pa. 

McGiLL, Margaret Anne (Mrs. James Boyle) — Teacher, Penn Twp.; 

2652 Graham Blvd., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
McKeever, Mary I. (Mrs. Robert W. Whiting) . .624 Center .\ve., Butler, Pa. 
McMiLLEN, Anna Louise (Mrs. Frank G. Edwards') — Teacher, 

R. D. No. 3, Indiana. Pa. 

McQuown, Andrew Bellis — Teacher Mahaffey, Pa. 

Mellor, Fronie Ann (Mrs. Lance Shaw, Jr.), 

R. D. No. 1, Box 269, Monongahela, Pa. 

Mentzer, Naomi C. (Mrs. Lloyd W. Black) Martinshurg, Pa. 

Miller, Ruth Louise — Teacher 920 School St., Indiana, Pa. 

MiNSER, Martha (Mrs. W. Merrill Kunkle) Box 654, Pendleton, Oregon. 

MiNSER, Virginia E. — Teacher 336 Blairton Ave.. Indiana. Pa. 

Mladenick, Mildred — Teacher Box 102. Export, Pa. 

Mulvehill, Helen M. (Mrs. Kenneth McGreevy) — Teacher, 

915 Jones Ave., North Braddock, Pa. 

Murphy, Anna Mae — Teacher 1010 Old Town Road, Clearfield. Pa. 

Nacle, Marie Matild.\ — Teacher R. D. No. 1, Loretto, Pa. 

Noble, Mildred Dorcas — Teacher 125 Arthur St., Kittanning, Pa. 


Oldfield, Mary Jo — Teacher 127 Fifth St., McDonald, Pa. 

Ortner, Ma ye A. — Teacher 62 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Overly, Orin Oliver R. D. No. 1, Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Painter, Kathryn A. — Teacher R. D. No. 1, Irwin, Pa. 

Palfy, Margaret — Teacher 101 Camp Ave., Braddock, Pa. 

Peterkin, Velma R. (Mrs. John J. Cavanaugh) — Teacher, 

525 Jeannette St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Petty, Frances (Mrs. Rowland A. Hawker), 

1309 Orchard Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 
Playfoot, Leona Jane — Teacher, Heilwood ; . . 884 Wayne Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

Pluciennik, Helene Sylvia 303 McKeesport Ave., East Vandergrift, Pa. 

PoMEROY, Alma Ruth — Teacher 96 Franklin St., Clymer, Pa. 

Pore, George William — Teacher, Sewickley Twp. ; 

R. D. No. 1, West Newton, Pa. 

Rairigh, Lola Nell (Mrs. Roy E. Marsh) 651 Maple St., Indiana, Pa, 

Ray, Dorothy — Teacher, Heilwood ; Penn Run, Pa. 

Reitz, Maxine Catherine — Teacher Jerome, Pa. 

Replogle, Frances Virginia 2717 Furnace Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Retzer, Florence Elizabeth (Mrs. Florence Retzer Zoog), 

220 South Central Ave., Canonsburg, Pa. 

Roscoe, Mildred Rose — Teacher 1109 Zinkhan St., McKees Rocks, Pa. 

Rosenberg, Sara — Teacher 612 Wallis Ave., Farrell, Pa. 

Roseman, Elmyra Lou — Order Clerk, Penn Traffic Co., 

551 Glenwood Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Sabljak, Mary Helen 119 Merchant St., Ambridge, Pa. 

Santa Maria, Marguerite T. — Teacher 401 Eighth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Schlotter, Gladys Dry 

Schoonover, Ethel Proven (Mrs. J. Llewellyn Jones), 

R. D. No. 7, Box 376, Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Shallenberger, Erma Gail (Mrs. Clair Glasser) . .220 Fourth Ave., Derry, Pa.. 
Shaw, Helen Margaret — Teacher, Salem Twp. ; 

Church St., New Alexandria, Pa. 

Sheetz, Mary Winifred — Teacher, Millersburg; Route 2, Halifax, Pa. 

Sherwood, Irene Clare — Teacher Berwinsdale, Pa. 

Shetler, Ruth Leanna — Teacher Box 72, Summerhill, Pa. 

Shick, Helen L. — Teacher, Dubois;.. 68 South Pickering St., Brookville, Pa. 

Shields, Jean Isabel R. D. No. 3, New Alexandria, Pa. 

Shields, Matthew D. — Teacher, Hempfield Twp. ; 

R. D. No. 4, Greensburg, Pa. 

Shirey, Cressie Lenora — Teacher R. D. No. 3, Shelocta, Pa. 

Singer, Sadie Agnes Box 52, Noblestown, Pa. 

Slick, Dorothy Caroline — Teacher Osterburg, Pa. 

Smith, Caroline Leanore (Mrs. Forrest M. Means), 

107 Front St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Smith, Charlotte Marie (Mrs. Floyd B. Brown).. R. D. No. 3, Indiana, Pa. 

St. Clair, Eleanor Mae — Teacher 49 Locust St., Muse, Pa. 

Stares, Nathalia — Teacher Herminie, Pa. 

Starry, Roxanna May — Teacher 164 Water St., Blairsville, Pa. 

Stear, Agnes Bell (Mrs. Jesse P. Long), 

119 South Gilpin St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Stewart, Richard Ernest. Jr. — Principal and Teacher.. R. No. 1, Irwin, Pa. 

Stirling, Mrs. Ruth 1801 Wright St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Straughn, Berniece — Teacher R. D. No. 1, Sarver, Pa. 

Swartz, Louise (Mrs. Edwin Fryer) — Teacher, 

222 Floral Ave., Leechburg, Pa. 

Thomas, Emily M. — Teacher 415 Franklin St., East Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Thomas, Lawrence — Teacher Shelocta, Pa. 

Thompson, Florence Marie 7320 Whipple St., Swissvale, Pa. 


TuRNBAUGH, Althea Irene 964 Berkshire Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Wadding, Alice June (Mrs. Owen L. Reesman) — Teacher Dayton, Pa. 

Waldbisser, Betty (Mrs. Edward Ishman) 413 Knarr St., DuBois, Pa. 

Wallace, Grace (Mrs. Charles W. ShofY) — Teacher, 

R. D. No. 1, Box 46, Utahville, Pa. 
Wallace, Jane Anne — Teacher, North Franklin Twp. ; 

. 850 Allison Ave., Washington, Pa. 
Warner, LaRue (Mrs. Floyd C. Rankin).. 302 South 13th St., Indiana, Pa. 

Watson, Mamie Jane — Teacher 1056 Hill St., Nanty-Glo, Pa. 

Weaver, Phyllis (Mrs. Edward Nicklow) — Teacher, 

18 Horton .\ve., Sheffield, Pa. 

Weber, Ruth Genevieve Erie, Pa. 

Westover, Bernice Mildred — Teacher R. D. No. 1, Hastings, Pa. 

Wetzel, Everett M. — Teacher Black Lick, Pa. 

Whipkey, Martha M. (Mrs. Martha Whipkey Hostetler) — Teacher, 

225 West Church St., Somerset, Pa. 

White, Harriet March and Box 604, Indiana, Pa. 

Whitmyre, Katherine Janet (Mrs. Lawrence Johnson), 

34 West Aliens Lane, Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Williams, Alma Ruth 1430 Ridge Ave., Coraopolis, Pa. 

Williams, Betty Jane 119 Center St., East Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Wilson, Bernice Marie Avonmore, Pa. 

Wilson, Mary Maxine 321 Washington Ave., Pitcairn, Pa. 

Woodward, Frances Ethelyn (Mrs. Frances Woodward Barrick), 

R. D. No. 4, Uniontown, Pa. 
ZuNAMON, Esther (Mrs. Esther Zunamon Chizewer), 

2238 Farwell Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Secondary Curriculum 

Ayers, Frank E.— Teacher 227 East Walnut St., Altoona, Pa. 

Bantley, Lois Virginia — Teacher 718 Oak St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Beacham, Craige Thelma 701 Chestnut Ave., Barnesboro, Pa. 

Bendall, John C. Jr. — Assistant Manager and Investigator, Finance Co., 

4615 Oakland Ave., Homestead Park, Pa. 
Beyers, William E. — Head of Mathematics Dept., 

214 Jefferson St., Mt. Union, Pa. 
Boden, Louise (Mrs. Edward Stokely), 

White Oak Drive, White Oak Heights, Pittsburgh, 9, Pa. 

Brown, William E. — Teacher 324 Fourth St., Reynoldsville, Pa. 

Bunnell, John Walter — Credit Manager 4206 Peach St., Erie, Pa. 

Burkett, Melvin C. — Teacher, Snowden Twp. ; 

R. D. No. 5, Box 272, Crafton, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Byers, Michael 142 East Waynes St., Waynesburg, Pa. 

Campbell, Ardelle — Teacher 37 Fraley St., Kane, Pa. 

Caroff, James William Beaverdale, Pa. 

Cavanaugh, Mary Helen (Mrs. John L. Grady) — Visitor, Department of 

Public .Assistance 126 Venango St.. Westmont, Johnstown, Pa. 

Cogan, Clair H.— Teacher 550 Pocusset St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Colabine, Eleanor M. — Teacher 612 Martin St., Bellwood, Pa. 

Colls, Winifrede Mabel — Social Worker.. 1113 Highland St., Tarentum, Pa. 

Compton, Leila M. — Teacher, Burrell Twp. ; Livermore, Pa. 

Crowley, Irene Alberta 107 East Cedar Ave., Connellsville, Pa. 

Dean, Juanita Bonalie (Mrs. William Marshall). 

702 Wall Ave., Pitcairn, Pa. 

DiEiiL, Irma Catherine — Teacher Bedford, Pa. 

DouTRicH, Ella M. — Claim Ledger Clerk, Department of Agriculture, 

Harrisburg : 100 Virginia Ave., Punxsiitawney, Pa. 


Downing, Grace Alice — Comptometer Operator, Pittsburgh ; 

R. D. No. 2, Box 148, North Third St., Jeannette, Pa. 
Eardley, Arthur J. — Employee of Personal Finance Co.,. .Connellsville, Pa. 

Eber, Mary Madelyn 179 Sprague Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburghj Pa. 

EcKLEY, Ann — Teacher 615 Second St., Cresson, Pa. 

Emerson, Marian H. — Teacher 4508 Stanton Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Feronti, Nicholas C. — Teacher 209 High St., Johnsonburg, Pa. 

Gaut, Frances A. — Head of Mathematics Dept., South Huntingdon Twp. ; 

Pleasant Unity, Pa. 

Gelfo, Samuel Joseph 421 Division St., Jeannette, Pa. 

Gerhart, Wade H. — Teacher and Principal, Hempfield Twp. ; 

298 North Ninth St., Jeannette, Pa. 
Graden, Hazelle LaRue (Mrs. Edward W. Fleckenstein), 

109 F St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Haines, Margaret Joanne (Mrs. Margaret Haines Hill), 

312 Morewood Ave., Blairsville, Pa. 
HoARE, Agnes Aldine (Mrs. Gorton M. Evans), 

4620 Harding Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

Holewinski, Constance Julia 621 Eighth Ave., Homestead, Pa. 

HoROviTZ, Nathan 705 Montclair St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Howard, Harold C. — Principal of Cadogan School, 

508 Hawthorne Ave., Kittanning, Pa. 

Hurley, Margaret M. — Teacher 423 George St., Houtzdale, Pa. 

Immel, John F. — Teacher Latrobe St., Youngstown, Pa. 

Johnston, Joseph M. — Contact Man, Department of Public Assistance, 

Star Route, Apollo, Pa. 

Johnston, Mary — Teacher 130 East Campbell St., Blairsville, Pa. 

Krider, Artha Velma — Teacher, Beaver Twp. ; 

R. D. No. 3, Box 122, Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Leaf, Elizabeth Anna (Mrs. John M. Gill), 

325 Strayer St., Morrellville, Johnstown, Pa. 

Leech, Russell Y. — Teacher and Coach R. D. No. 4, Indiana, Pa. 

Leichliter, Alice Elizabeth — Teacher. .208 North Third St., Youngwood. Pa. 
LiGHTCAP, Dixon S. — Principal of Lower Burrell Township Schools, New 

Kensington ; Penn Run, Pa. 

Lloyd, N. Verner — Teacher Trafford, Pa. 

Mack, D. Raymond — Teacher Armagh, Pa. 

Maines, Merrill Cameron — Teacher, 

1014 Philadelphia Ave., Barnesboro, Pa. 

Marshall, George A. — Teacher Dayton, Pa. 

Mayer, Margaret I. (Mrs. J. A. Bartlebaugh) Brush Valley, Pa. 

McCoy, Elizabeth — Teacher Penn Run, Pa. 

McCoy, Kathryn — Teacher.. 448 Antenor Ave., Overbrook, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

McCreery, Melba Durrell — Salesman 56 North Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 

McKee, Waldo C— Teacher 442 North Walnut St., Blairsville, Pa. 

Mechling, J. Randall — Teacher, Harrison Twp. ; 

106 Mulberry St., Kittanning, Pa. 
Neudorfer, Alice L. (Mrs. S. C. Ralston), 

Crescent Hills, R. D. No. 1, Turtle Creek, Pa. 

Nix, James McKee — Teacher 911 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 

O'Leary, Julia B.— Assistant to Grade Principals, 

2210 Pleasant Valley Blvd., Altoona, Pa. 
Park, Irene B. (Mrs. Thomas S. Barbor)..966 Oakland Ave., Indiana, Pa. 
Pharaoh, Anne F. — Teacher, South Whitehall ;. .257 Church St., Indiana, Pa. 

Phillippi, Woodrow — Teacher Black Lick, Pa. 

Rankin, Laura Louise — Teacher Sixth St., Clymer, Pa. 

Rea, Olive Elleene 

ALUM N I BY C I. A S S R S 281 

Romeo, Angelo John — Bookkeeper, State Teachers ColIeRe, 

37 South 11th St., Indiana, Pa. 
Shakley, Charles Theodore — Principal of Ford Cliff Boro. Schtjol, 

Bux n , Manorville, Pa. 
Shei'Ekd, Mildred Elenora (Mrs. Edward Lcroy Bycrs), 

210 Fourth St., Donora, Pa. 
Shields, Mary Hurst (Mrs. W. L. Patty) — Teacher, Hoboken, N. J.; 

414 West 121st St., Apt. 42, New York, N. Y. 

Smith, Edna May 102 North Third St., Duquesne, Pa. 

Stoffel, Helen A. (Mrs. William B. Phythian) . .11 Rapp St., Lectsdale, Pa. 
Sturm, Elizabeth Emma (Mrs. Arthur Weaver) . .316 Stock St., Hanover, Pa. 

Walker, Charlotte — Insurance Agent Rural Valley, Pa. 

Walsh, Frances Mary — Medical Social Worker, State Hospital, Lapeer; 

Palle Manor, 150 West Euclid, Detroit, Mich, 
Weld, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. J. Robert Wakefield), 

70 Fourth St., Barberton, Ohio. 
Williams, Dorothy Mae — Teacher, AUeghenv Co. ; 

3758 Beechwood Blvd., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Wright, Phyllis Louise (Mrs. William Mostoller), 

R. D. No. 4, Riverside, Johnstown, Pa. 

Public School Art Carriculum 

Andrew, Thomas Williams — Salesman.. 40 South Welles St., Kingston, Pa. 
Carl, Martha Louise — Art Supervisor. .221 North 24th St., Camp Hill, Pa. 

Deisher, Kathryn V. — Teacher 816 Penn St., Reading, Pa. 

Enterline, Mary Elizarf.tii (Airs. William A. Fenical, Jr.), 

105 North 26th St., Camp Hill, Pa. 

Kellar, Mary Elizabeth R. D. No. 3, Reynoldsville, Pa. 

McGregor, Paul Clark — Solicitor, Rural Electric, 

717 Chestnut St., Indiana, Pa. 

MowRY, Ethel (Mrs. Harry McDonald, Jr.) Mann's Choice, Pa. 

Skelton, Robert M. — Teacher, Woman's College, University of North 

Carolina 414 Forest .Ave., Greensboro, N. C. 

Stewart, Robert C. — Painting Contractor. .Rear 466 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 
Storch, Margaret Cecelia — Dental Assistant, 

94 Linview Ave., Pittsburgh, 10, Pa. 
Walker, Dorothy A. (Mrs. Robert Myton)..115 Village St., Johnstown, Pa. 
WiRTNER, Cyril Ignatius — Teacher. Prospect School, Mt. Washington ; 

121 Meriden St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Business Education Curriculum 

Anderson, Darl Dean — Bank Teller R. D. No. 5. Indiana, Pa. 

Barberio, Elodia Marie — Teacher 722 Fourth St., Ellwood City, Pa. 

Benner, Gertrude M. (Mrs. Oliver C. Graver), 

Hazel Apts., Hazel Avenue and State Road, Bywood, Upper Darby, Pa. 

Brewer, Hazel M. — Teacher, Marion Hill; New Brighton, Pa. 

Broome, Helen A.— Teacher, Pitman ; 

Union Street and Shadow Place, Mantua, N. J. 

Brown, Orris Hall — Teacher 609 Whipple St., Sheffield, Pa. 

Caimi, Frank B. — Head of Commercial Dept., Brockway ; Kersey, Pa. 

Davis, Romayne E. — Teacher 322 South Main St., Taylor, Pa. 

Gallagher, Joseph John — Statistical Analyst, Department of Interior, 

2801 Adams Mill Road, N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Geist, Nell Marie (Mrs. E. Roy Kist) Fourth Ave., Derry, Pa. 

George, Aileen Helen — Teacher, Clearfield ; Homer City, Pa. 

Gerhard, Rose Kathryn — Teacher R. D. No. 3. Somerset. Pa. 

Gettig, (jENEVie\-e E. (Mrs. George W\ Pope) — Clerk, Office of United States 
.Attornev 1915 North Troy St., Arlington. Va. 

282 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

GoNLOCK, Grace G. (Mrs. Joseph A. Borrison) — Teacher, 

R. D. No. 2, Tarentum, Pa. 
Grove, John D. Jr. — Secretary, Board of Trustees, Pennsylvania Industrial 

School 422 Mifflin St., Huntingdon, Pa. 

Haines, Kenneth E. — Teacher, Neville Island, Pittsburgh ; 

1521 Hiland Ave., Coraopolis, Pa. 

Halfin, Virginia Bervl (Mrs. Wilfred E. Kramer) Greenslaoro, Pa. 

Houlihan, Mary Rose (Mrs. Edward Madigan) — Secretary, 

289 Main St., Susquehanna, Pa. 
Hudson, Harold F. — Director of Personnel Service, Beacom College, 

Foulk Road, Wilmington, Del. 
Keppler, Jayne (Mrs. Jajne K. Covert) — American Society of Composers, 

Authors, and Publishers 6204 Broad St., Apt. 6, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Kerr, Kenneth W. — Head of Commercial Dept., 

412 North Fourth St., Newport, Pa. 

Knepp, Lena Adeline — Teacher, Clearfield ; Woodland, Pa. 

Lamer, Catherine Ova Barnesboro, Pa. 

Landis, William E. — Teacher East Chocolate Ave., Hershey, Pa. 

Ling, Evelyn Ruth 

Markley, Helen Lucille 396 Locust Ave., Washington, Pa. 

McCuLLY, Flora Anna — Teacher 433 South Main St., Homer City, Pa. 

Meyer, Leah Dorothy (Mrs. William C. McConahy, Jr.) — Bonnie View 

Riding School Patterson Heights, Beaver Falls, Pa. 

Mitchell, A. Jeannette (Mrs. Russel E. Philip), 

220 South West End Ave., Lancaster, Pa. 
Morrow, Frances Leanne 
O'Hara, Delores M. (Mrs. Charles W. Butters), 

502 West Pleasant St., Corry, Pa. 

Pharaoh, Henry William — Teacher 188 Huffman St., Waynesburg, Pa. 

Riley, Franklin Samuel — Teacher 86 Shenango St., Greenville, Pa. 

RuMBAUGH, Virginia Belle (Mrs. W. Kenneth Baird), 

R. D. No. 1, Butler, Pa. 
Santner, Emma M. (Mrs. W. S. Sample, Jr.) — Substitute Teacher, 

536 Elm Ave., Phoenixville, Pa. 
Saxer, Martha R. — Graduate Student, University of Pennsylvania, 

829 Tucker St., Williamsport, Pa. 

Seaton, Paul Walter — Teacher 117 East King St., Shippensburg, Pa. 

Sheehe, William Leo — Store Manager 402 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 

Shruda, John F. — Teacher 592 Railroad St., Windber, Pa. 

Sinclair, Harold Earl 

Skelton, Anna Mae (Mrs. Harold W. Fulton), 

403 Main St., Reynoldsville, Pa. 
Slick, Orville Ray — Deceased. 
Smith, James Bradford — Head of Commercial Dept., 

40 Shirley St., Mt. Union, Pa. 

Swanseen, Elizabeth Anna — Teacher 101 White Rock Ave., Kane, Pa. 

Walker, Harry Clark — Teacher 302 Catherine Ave., Brownsville, Pa. 

Weakland, Ruperta — Teacher 610 Somerset St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Weltner, Corda— Teacher Smithfield, Pa. 

Home Economics Curriculum 

Brice, Anna Margaret (Mrs. Paul Andrews Koontz), 

414 East Penn St., Bedford, Pa. 
Edwards, Ruth Caroline (Mrs. Earl E. Sloan), 

Box 225, Race St., Manor, Pa. 
George, Dorothy L. — Teacher 434 New York Ave., Rochester, Pa. 


Maze, Margaret Arminta (Mrs. Roy H. Craig), 

1300 Third St., Moundsville, W. Va. 
^[EISER, Kathryn' Frances (Mrs. John Edward Barclay), 

Martinsville, N. J. 
RoHALLEY, Margaret Marie (Mrs. Hugh J. Murphy), 

2040 Jacob St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Segar, Jane (Mrs. Herbert E. Longnecker) — Substitute Teacher, 

211 South Dithridge St., Apt. 3, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Stoltz, Jane H. (Mrs. D. M. Cupples) — Teacher. 

714 Wood St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Walter, Alberta Elizabeth 35 South Fifth St., Duquesne, Pa. 

Public School Music Curriculum 

Allison, Jane (Mrs. Herbert R. Thompson) — Teacher, 

316 South Center St., Ebensburg, Pa. 
Anstead, Berniece (Mrs. George Berkcbile) . .213 Dibert St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Berlin, Irma (Mrs. Irma Shotts) 227 Park Ave., Kane, Pa. 

Bragonier, Ethel (Mrs. Arthur Lukens, Jr.), 

Fifth and Laurel Sts., Philipsburg, Pa. 

Bruno, James Byron — Music Supervisor Conemaugh, Pa. 

Davis, Charles A. — Teacher 1200 Victoria Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 

Hyder, Violet Virginia — Music Supervisor. .917 Hannah St., Houtzdale, Pa. 
Jones, Edna Mae (Mrs. Wilmer H. Weight), 

406 Franklin Ave., Aliquippa, Pa. 
Maze, Grace Gelvix (Mrs. Harry Kisinger), 

No. 3 Kisinger Apts., 11 High St., Brownsville, Pa. 
Rhodes, Janet M. (Mrs. Richard L. Moore), 

721 Penn St., Hollidaysburg, Pa. 

Skog, Esther M. — Teacher, Clairton ; Spangler, Pa. 

Stewart, Jane Elizabeth (Mrs. H. Ward Ewalt, Jr.), 

538 Bigham Road, Chatham Village, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

TuRANSKY, Robert A 1427 Beaver Road, Ambridge, Pa. 

VanDusen, Florence (Mrs. Wilbur Rickert) — Music Supervisor, Jamestown; 

R. D. No. 3, Greenville, Pa. 
Welsh, Eleanor Margaret (Mrs. Robert T. Ansman), 

1314 Seventh Ave., Altoona, Pa. 
Wiggins, Margaret Louise (Mrs. C. Victor Thornton), 

305 Newport Ave., Friendship P. O., Washington, D. C. 

CLASS OF 1935 

President Ruth M. Gill 

Vice President Ella Marjorie Lantz 

Secretary Mary Jane Gourley 

Treasurer Helen M. Rarie 

Elementary Cnrriculums 
( Kinder g:arten - Primary and Intermediate) 

Abele, Emma Teresit.\ — Teacher 707 Chestnut St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Albert, Sara Jane (Mrs. J. E. McCalmont) . .13 Elm St., Burgettstown, Pa. 

Alcorn, Jane Pauline Saltsburg, Pa. 

Allen, Rosina — Teacher 728 Sherman St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Allshouse, Lloyd Miller — Teacher, Hempfield Twp. ; 

R. D. No. 1, Greensburg, Pa. 

Altimus, Rhoda Grace 1628 Third St., Nanty-Glo, Pa. 

Angel, Sarah Elizabeth (Mrs. J. Herbert Brooks), 

Clinton Road, R. D. No. 3, Coraopolis, Pa. 


Barber, Rose Anne — Teacher R. D. No. 1, Export, Pa. 

Barone, Mary A. — Visitor, Department of Public Assistance, 

212 Thirty-ninth St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Berg, Jacobine R. D. No. 1, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

BiSH, E. CoRiNNE (Mrs. Corinne B. Fullerton) — Teacher, 

1260 IlHnois Ave., Dormont, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Black, Margaret Iol.\ — Teacher, Colver ; R. No. 3, Indiana, Pa. 

BowDEN, Jean Elizabeth — Teacher 1013 Mill St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Bowser, Bernice Lorrayne (Mrs. R. F. Wagner) New Florence, Pa. 

Bowser, John Gilpin R. D. No. 3, Kittanning, Pa. 

Brice, Ruth Allen — Teacher, Lansdowne, Philadelphia ; 

Juliana Heights, Bedford, Pa. 
Carrick, Margaret Genevieve — Teacher.. 115 Cherry St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Caylor, Gertrude Jane (Mrs. J. Reppell Moorhead), 

1035 School St., Indiana, Pa. 

Chesnutt, Ray Miller — Teacher Colwell Arnold Bldg., Kittanning, Pa. 

Craig, Grace Belle Home, Pa. 

Depp, AIrs. Twila Rimer 318 South Elk St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

DixoN, Margaret Lorene — Teacher, Iselin ; Saltsburg, Pa. 

DuGAN, Rhoda El\?ette — Teacher 517 Brinker Ave., Latrobe, Pa. 

EiGES, Florence Harriet — Teacher. .1001 Victoria Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 

Ellis, Evelyn — Teacher 301 Modern Ave., Carnegie, Pa. 

Erdle, Betty Jane 

Fair, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. Claude D. Hoffman) — Teacher, 

919 Sixth Ave., Brackenridge, Pa. 

Fatora, George William New Derry, Pa. 

Fawcett, Dorothy — Teacher 7 Evergreen St., DuBois, Pa. 

Fox, John J. — Supervising Principal 115 South Laurel St., Hazleton, Pa. 

Gerstner, Bertha C. (Mrs. Ernest Johnson) — Teacher, McKees Rocks; 

1254 Straka St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Gilhousen, Martha W. (Mrs. Paul M. Black) Home, Pa. 

Gill, Ruth M. (Mrs. R. Carlyle Fee) 544 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 

Gilling, Dorothy M. — Teacher 901 Davis Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Glasser, Katherine Elizabeth — Teacher, 

1210 Philadelphia Ave., Barnesboro, Pa. 

Goeltz, Hazel Marie — Teacher 548 Lafayette Ave., Sharon, Pa. 

GoLBY, Jane H. — Teacher 1409 Cambria Ave., Windber, Pa. 

Good, Dora Mae — Teacher 415 Rebecca Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

GouRLEY, Mary Jane — Teacher 709 Fifteenth St., Windber, Pa. 

Gray, Margaret Jean 311 South Main St., Concord, N. H. 

Hall, Wade C. — Teacher NuMine, Pa. 

Hamilton, Ruth I. — Teacher R. D. No. 1, Home, Pa. 

Harris. Martha Jane (Mrs. E. Harold Snover), 

7134 Chew St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Hays, Edna Bessie (Mrs. Edna B. Devitt) — Teacher, 

Route 4, Greensburg, Pa. 
Hays, Ella Mae (Mrs. Ella Mae Hoj^man) — Teacher. .R. D. No. 2, Acme, Pa. 

Heil, Valah Marian Coalport, Pa. 

Henderson, Lillian Kathryn (Mrs. George Burton). 

137 Friendship Ave., Duquesne, Pa. 

Henderson. M. Paulene — Teacher 117 East Owens Ave., Derry, Pa. 

HosTETLER, Charles R. — Teacher, Penn Twp. ; Box 202, Claridge, Pa. 

Hughes, Nancy (Mrs. E. Ernest Buterbaugh), 

R. F. D. No. 2, Box F 349, Johnstown, Pa. 
Joiner, George S. — Principal of Elementary Grades, Commodore; Alverda, Pa. 

Kelly, Catherine Lois — Teacher Box 123, Carrolltown, Pa. 

KoLGER, Elizabeth (Mrs. Elizabeth Kolger Washko) — Teacher, 

502 Twentieth St., Windber, Pa. 

A L U M xN I B Y C L A S S E S 285 

KuNKLE, Thomas Leonard East Pike, Indiana, Pa. 

Lane, Maud G. — Teacher 2404 Lovell Ave., Barncsboro, Pa. 

Langsnek, Theresa — Teacher, Arnold ; 

1005 North St. Clair St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Leonard, Lovell M. — Teacher Barnesboro, Pa. 

LowRY, Elizabeth (Mrs. Blair Shumaker) — Headmistress, Lake Placid School, 
Lake Placid, N. Y. ; and Island School, Hobe Sound, Fla. 
LuLA, Helen Rose (Mrs. Helen L. Farr), 

4308 Perrysville Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Makin, Edith Vivian (Mrs. Harold Clay Brumbaugh) — Teacher, 

408 Aldrich Ave., Llyswen, Altoona, Pa. 
Markey, Catherine M. — Teacher.. 16 Sheridan Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Martz, ^L\LVENE (Mrs. Valjean Boucher) — Teacher. .East Pike, Indiana, Pa. 

McConnell, John Murray Rural Valley, Pa. 

McCrea, Frances — Teacher R. D., Blairsville, Pa. 

McDivitt, N. Louise — Teacher Salina, Pa. 

McKown, Mary E. (Mrs. William E. Hemphill) — Teacher, 

129 Beverly Court, Apollo, Pa. 

McMeans, Paul M. — Teacher Rural Valley, Pa. 

McQuowN, Emma Belle — Teacher, Rossiter ; 

209 South Gilpin St., Pun.xsutawney, Pa. 
Mellott, Mabel June (Mrs. Mabel M. Neilson) — Teacher, 

1408 Duss Ave., Ambridge, Pa. 

Miller, Harry Dwight — Teacher 10 Railroad Ave., Homer City, Pa. 

Miller, Mary E. — Supply Teacher Box 143, R. D., Roaring Spring, Pa. 

Miller, Percy Clement — Principal of Tanneryville School Cramer, Pa. 

Mintmier, Edward A. — Farm Security Administration, 

427 Washington St., Huntingdon, Pa. 
Moore, Margaret Elizabeth (Mrs. Walter E. Brown), 

779 Washington St., Meadville, Pa. 
Mountain, Mildred Lucartha — Teacher, 

1239 Ashland St., South Greensburg, Pa. 

Nable, Irene Theresa — Teacher 923 Caldwell Ave., Portage, Pa. 

Nenstiel, Betty — Teacher 323 Haynes St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Newcome, Louella Zetta Markton, Pa. 

Newill, Marjorie (Mrs. William T. Myers) — Teacher, 

325 College Ave., Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 
O'Connor, Frances E. — Teacher, Jenner Twp. ;....R. D. No. 1, Boswell, Pa. 
Peebles, Eunice R. (Mrs. Eunice P. Ryan) — Teacher, 

2808 Brentwood Ave., Pittsburgh,, 10, Pa. 

Penrod, Mary Elaine — Teacher 803 Park Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Perry, Helen M. (Mrs. Clyde E. Brown) Hancock St., Clymer, Pa. 

Peters, Ruth Gladys R. D., Box 198, Jeannette, Pa. 

Pooler, Edward C, Jr. — Teacher Main St., Big Run, Pa. 

Pringle, Helen Lorette (Mrs. George Edward Moore), 

103 West Sixth St., Oil City, Pa. 

QuiGLEY, Edith Elizabeth Grampian, Pa. 

R.\nkin, Dorothy L. (Mrs. William L. McMonagle), 

144 West Ninth Ave., Homestead, Pa. 

Reed, Sara F. (Mrs. Earl V. Dufur) 328 Electric Ave., Lewistown, Pa. 

Rentschler, Florence Louise — Teacher, 

232 North Front St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

RoBisoN, Hannah DeWitt — Teacher Irvona, Pa. 

Sarver, Sara Ann — Teacher Route No. 3, Greensburg, Pa. 

ScHWARz, Elizabeth K. — Teacher, 

2915 Waidler Ave., Brentwood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Shaffer, Kenneth Elderton, Pa. 

Shaffer, Martha Jane (Mrs. Jane S. Mayne), 

140 East Long Ave., DuBois, Pa. 

286 A L U ^I N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Shaffer, Olive Trude (Mrs. Lester McCreary) — Deceased. 

Shields, Grace McKEE^Teacher Sturgeon, Pa. 

Shrom, Margie Nell — Teacher Black Lick, Pa. 

Smith, Kathryn Alice (Mrs. Carl C. Keep) — Secretary Millheim, Pa. 

St. Clair, Mildred Marie Sixth St., Clymer, Pa. 

Stahlman, Ruth Mildred, 

3315 West Liberty Ave., South Hills, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Straitiff, Ruth Evangeline (Mrs. Edward Wadding), 

209 Rockland Ave., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Tilden, Alice Louise 
Veite, Margaret C. (Mrs. Margaret C. Ringle) . .1034 Church St., Indiana, Pa. 

Waddell, Eleanor — Teacher Tunnelton, Pa. 

Walker, Alice Adams — Teacher, Young Twp. ; 

200 Horatio St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Wargny, Margaret Agnes — Teacher, 

410 West Mahoning St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Weiss, Regina Louise Liberty St., Smithfield, Pa. 

Wheatley, Helen — Teacher 240 Fayette St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Wientge, Elvira Lucile (Mrs. Paul Kenneth Dills), 

119 West Fayette St., Uniontown, Pa. 

Williams, Daniel W.— Teacher 1221 Davis St., Nanty-Glo, Pa. 

Wilson, William M. — Teacher Twin Rocks, Pa. 

WisoR, Orel Leona — Teacher Glen Campbell, Pa. 

Wolfe, Blanche Elma (Mrs. John W. Williams), 

112 Clymer Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

Wright, Lenore — Teacher 125 Susquehanna Ave., Curwensville, Pa. 

Yount, Doris L. — Teacher 122 East Madison Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

ZiAS, Pauline Magdalene — Teacher, Lafayette Twp.; Mount Alton, Pa. 

Secondary Curriculum 

Altenberg, Mary Jane 

Anderson, L. Carolyn (Mrs. R. F. Jackson) Box 28, Unity, Pa. 

Babarsky, Michael Stanley Box 435, Homer City, Pa. 

Bennett, Robert Kenneth 

Bentz, Elda Minerva 

Berkebile, Miriam Dorothy (Mrs. H. J. Lloyd), 

303^ East Pleasant St., Corrj', Pa. 

Brantlinger, Fred Harvey — Teacher 164 Ranson Ave., Blairsville, Pa. 

Brubaker, Harry F. — Principal of Ehrenfeld School, 

518 Church St., South Fork, Pa. 

Calhoun, Glenna Mae — Teacher, Elderton ; Shelocta, Pa. 

Catanzarite, Joseph Thomas — Investigator. .15850 Wark Ave., Detroit, Mich. 
Church, Mary — Girl Reserve Secretary, Y. W. C. A., Bradford; 

217 West Walnut St., Titusville, Pa. 

Clark, Clarence Wilmer — Teacher Elderton, Pa. 

Cox, Marian M. — Teacher, East McKeesport; 

138 North Ninth St., Indiana, Pa. 
Cruise, Frances M. (Mrs. Frederick V. Tomb), 

Rear 209 Charles Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 

Davis, Kenneth — Teacher Homer City, Pa. 

DeYarmin, Blair I. — Teacher R. D. No. 4, Indiana, Pa. 

Dick, Marguerite — Teacher 132 South Walnut St., Blairsville, Pa. 

EwiNG, Ruth M. — Teacher, Scalp Level;.. 27 South 13th St., Indiana, Pa. 
Gendich, Michael, Jr. — Teacher and Coach.... R. D. No. 3, Coraopolis, Pa. 
Gordon, Melton Michael 
Greenberg, George — Vending-Machine Operator, 

2625 Reel St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

A L U M N I B Y C L A S S E S 2H7 

HiLDEBRAND, Maybelle S. — Teaclicr, North Apollo; 

249 Sherman Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

HiLDERBRAND, MiLDRED Mae Grindstonc, Pa. 

HiNSEY, Helen M. — Teacher 77 South Gallatin Ave., Uniontown, Pa. 

Hodgson, Evelyn Marie Sagamore, Pa. 

HoLSTEiN, William Carlisle — Teacher, Homer City ; 

140 South 11th St., Indiana, Pa. 
JovENiTTi, Augustine Alfred — Deceased. 

Kautz, Robert F. — Teacher Hollsopple, Pa. 

Kennelty, Ray — Teacher 101 East DuBois Ave., DuBois, Pa. 

King, Carl Kenneth — Teacher West Mahoning St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Kluz, Czeslawa Kazmera — Teacher 799 Duss Ave., Ambridge, Pa. 

Kuxkle, W. Merrill — Soil Surveyor, Soil Conservation Service, 

Pendleton, Oregon. 

Lauf, Herbert E. — Teacher, Leetsdale ; 25 Main St., Fair Oaks, Pa. 

Lydick, Margaret Louise — Teacher, Saltsburg ; 

North Second St., Indiana, Pa. 
Mack, Margaret L. (Mrs. George J. Stigler), 

1837 Franklin Ave., S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Mansfield, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. Leroy L. Libengood), 

3652 Cumberland Road, R. D. No. 7, Erie, Pa. 
Marian, Edward Richard — Accountant, Department of Welfare, 

415 Briggs St., Harrisburg, Pa. 
Marsh, Albert J. — Area Biologist, Soil Conservation Service, United States 

Department of Agriculture 132 South 18th Ave., Humboldt, Tenn. 

Maxim, Peter Josephine, Pa. 

McGregor, Lillie Belle — Teacher 1220 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 

McKenry, Coletta — Stenographer Schenley Apts., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Miller, William Bernard — Teacher, Industrial School Hershey, Pa. 

MiLLiRON, Robert Ralph R. D. No. 2, Box 6-A, Apollo, Pa. 

Morton, Hubert Garfield 

Nevergold, Marion L 907 Lawton St., Tarentum, Pa. 

Powrozniak, John F. — Manager, Grocery Chain, 

611 Main St., Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 
Price, Cornelia (Mrs. Cornelia Andersen) — Teacher, 

303 East South St., Corry, Pa. 

Rarie, Helen M. — Teacher 16 Edgewood Place, Lewistown, Pa. 

RoNEY, Louis Vincent 326 Pine St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Russell, Charles H., Jr. — Teacher, Moon Twp. ; Sewickley, Pa. 

Saylor, Verg — Coach, Somerset High School Somerset, Pa. 

Schandelmier, George H. — Principal of Elementary School, 

2003 Fifth St., Altoona, Pa. 
Schmucker, Mary Ann (Mrs. Wallace F. Schurr), 

1344 Indiana Ave., Monaca, Pa. 
ScHOPPERT, Frances H. — Teacher, Spring Creek; 

325 East Walnut St., Titusville. Pa. 

Shank, Donald Blair 195 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Shinol, Julian W. — Geography Supervisor. .401 South Brady St., DuBois, Pa. 
Steffey, James — Supervisor, Allegheny-Ludlum Steel, 

244 Main St., Leechburg, Pa. 
Steiner, Arnold M. — Employee of George A. Hormel and Co., 

510 North Greenwich St., Austin. Minn. 

Stockdale, Martin H. — Teacher and Coach Homer City, Pa. 

Stombaugh, Jane Wilson (Mrs. Dempsey J. Snow), 

118 Cooper Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
Sutton, Eugene R. — Teacher, Center Twp. : . . R. D. No. 3, Homer City, Pa. 
Tripoli, Joseph — Employee of W. E. M. Co... 151 East First Ave., Derry, Pa. 
Trusal, Maurice E. — Supervisor, Visual-Sensorv -\ids and Teacher, 

101 East DuBois Ave.. DuBois. Pa. 

288 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Uhler, Lowell Dohner — Graduate Student at Cornell University, 

636 Wayne Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

Valentine, John Leroy — Teacher, Leisenring ; Dickerson Run, Pa. 

Weisel, Eleanor (Mrs. William K. Power) — Teacher, Independence Twp. ; 

Burgettstown, Pa. 

Whiting, Richard Loren 57 South Third St., Indiana, Pa. 

Whiting, Robert W. — Business 624 Center Ave., Butler, Pa. 

Zemyan, Stephen J. — Staff Adjuster, General Exchange Insurance Corp., 

Altoona ; R. D. No. 1, Patton, Pa. 

Zimmerman, Martha Elizabeth— Cooperative Supervising Teacher, State 

Teachers College, Indiana ; Plumville, Pa. 

Public School Art Curriculum 

Blackstone, Marjorie a. — Art Supervisor, 

50 Marshall Ave., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

CoMMiNGS, Thelma Mae — Teacher 1209 Seventeenth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Dickinson, Ruth Wiley (Mrs. Charles A. Masso) Elizabeth, Pa. 

Dieffenbach, Mary Rushton 470 Forest Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Gibson, Ila 201 South Tenth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Harbourt, Jean Kennedy (Mrs. W. L. Schmidt), 

438 Miami St., East McKeesport, Pa. 

Kline, W. Robert — Teacher Somerset, Pa. 

McJuNKiN, Stella Maxine — Supervisor of Art, Tunkhannock; 

1272 Washington St., Indiana, Pa. 
Menni, Eugene Raymond — Interior Decorator, 

48 Lincoln St., Uniontown, Pa. 

Mumma, Lillian F. — Art Supervisor 144 West King St., Waynesboro, Pa. 

O'Donnell, Catherine Jean — Art Supervisor, Hazle Twp. ; 

61 First St., Drifton, Pa. 
Park, Mrs. Evangl Sutton (Mrs. Percival Park), 

33 West Eighth St., New York, N. Y. 
Stonesipher, Helen K. — Teacher, Ellwood City ; 

419 Weldon St., Latrobe, Pa. 
Thompson, Frances G. — Business and Professional Secretary of the Y. W. 

C. A 301 North Jefferson Ave., Peoria, 111. 

Wesner, Georglana Marie (Mrs. Fred G. Connell), 

425 South Richard St., Bedford, Pa. 

Business Education Curriculum 

Agnello, Mary Victoria (Mrs. Frank Sirianni) Harrisburg, Pa. 

Anderson, George W. — Teacher 434 Clinton Court, Meadville, Pa. 

Arnold, Alfaretta Marie— Head of Commercial Dept Troy, Pa. 

Beyers, Evelyn Ruth — Teacher 341 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Brooks, Edgar J.— Teacher 426 Third Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

CoPELAND, Sara Elizabeth (Mrs. William W. Espy, Jr.) — Teacher, 

429 Hancock Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Davis, Velma Irene — Teacher Albion, Pa. 

DoNGHiA, Elizabeth J. (Mrs. Bart J. Crivella), 

1525 Buchanan St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 
FicHTNER, Mabel Lenore — Teacher.. 436 South Kimberley Ave., Somerset, Pa. 

Frantz, Paul J. F. — Teacher Treichlers, Pa. 

Fritz, Noble Vincent — Teacher 2317 Spring St., West Lawn, Pa. 

GE.A.RHART, ViviAN Cecil (Mrs. Vivian G. Koehler) Honolulu, Hawaii. 

GoTWALD, Ruth Mae — Supervisor and Teacher, 

216 Graffius Ave., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Greenberg, Florence Fannie — Secretary 238 Vine Ave., Sharon, Pa. 

Hauser, Martin Theodore — Teacher 538 Fifty-eighth St., Altoona, Pa. 


Hill, Mirl\.m Elizabeth (Mrs. David B. Ross) Home, Pa. 

Hudson, Alice Violet (Mrs. Alice H. Kendall) — Teacher, 

24 Harvard Road, Linden, N. J. 
Inghram, Frances Bell (Mrs. Paul L. Huffman), 

R. F. D. No. 3, Waynesburg, Pa. 

Jones, Martha H. — Teacher 320 West Lloyd St., Ebensburg, Pa. 

Keeler, Margaret (Mrs. James E. Farster) — Teacher, Business College, 

Kittanning, Pa. 
Keller, Beatrice M. (Mrs. J. F. Weaver) . .546 Hummel Ave., Lemoyne, Pa. 

KoNTOFT, Helen Florence 1604 Farragut Ave., Bristol, Pa. 

LaMantia, Elsie S. — Government Employee, 

216 West Elm St., Homer City, Pa. 

Ling, Charles Ray — Teacher 265 Kinderkamack Road, Westwood, N. J. 

Lundquest, Edna Justine — Teacher 212 Laurel Ave., Cresson, Pa. 

McCoRMicK, Frances Edith — Teacher Park Ave., Barnesboro, Pa. 

McGee, Genevieve M. — Teacher, Hazleton ; 

229 South Tamaqua St., McAdoo, Pa. 
Mountsier, Suzanna Elizabeth (Mrs. Clarence R. Thorn, Jr.), 

608 South Dallas Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Pasternak, Mary A. — Teacher 545 Penn Ave., Midland, Pa. 

Pfeiffer, Paul L. — Teacher 351 First St., Donora, Pa. 

Reilly, William J. — Teacher 15 Bank St., Bradford, Pa. 

Rhodes, Helen E. — Teacher 44 West Gay St., Red Lion, Pa. 

RiGGLE, Edna Glenys — Teacher R. D. No. 7, Butler, Pa. 

Round, Theodore Roosevelt — Teacher.. 690 North Water St., Kittanning, Pa. 

ScHACH, Glenn Harold — Teacher, Charleroi ; Stockdale, Pa. 

Shupe, Kathryn Gladys (Mrs. James G. Wenhold, Jr.) — Teacher, Rahns, Pa. 

Shuster, John — Teacher 906 Seventeenth St., Windber, Pa. 

Sonafelt, Evelyn V. — Teacher, Morganza ;. .210 Center Ave., Harwick, Pa. 

Sonafelt, Madelyn V. — Teacher 617 Highland Ave., Connellsville, Pa. 

Strong, Earl Poe — Teacher, Washington, D. C. ; 

Apt. 4D, Auburn Gardens, Alexandria, Va. 

Taylor, Thomas James 421 Russellwood Ave., McKees Rocks, Pa. 

Terry, Charles G. — Teacher 79 Lincoln Ave., Crafton, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Vallino, Catherine L. — Teacher 352 Grant Ave., Leechburg, Pa. 

Walker, Carl Edward — Head of Commercial Dept., West York High School, 

1631 Monroe St., York, Pa. 

Wargo, Margaret Claire 704 Penn Albert Hotel, Greensburg, Pa. 

Wiley, Belle Hayes — Head of Commercial Dept., Clearfield ; 

246 North Fifth St.. Indiana, Pa. 
Yorgey, Vitalys O. (Mrs. Frederick C. Reimann), 

133 Clearview Ave., Crafton Heights, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Zeigler, Phyllis Lucinda — Head of Commercial Dept., Huntingdon; 

McVeytown, Pa. 
Zoll, Mary Martha — Teacher, Hummelstown ; 

26 Chocolate Ave., Hershey, Pa. 
ZoRENA, Pearl — Teacher 1919 Leishman Ave., Arnold, Pa. 

Home Economics Carriculiun 

Bame, Catharine R. D. No. 3, Evans City, Pa. 

BlaciJ, Helen Louise (Mra. Robert Haberlen), 

521 Oakland Ave.. Greensburg, Pa. 
Blackstone, Dorothy B. (Mrs. Dorothy B. Bixler) — Teacher, 

127 Laurel, Ben Avon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Clark, Frances Jean — Teacher, Freeport ; Elderton, Pa. 

Cox, Sarah E. — Teacher 711 Fourteenth Ave., Munhall, Pa. 

DuNLAP, Vera Eleanor (Mrs. Kenneth R. Hamilton) Conneautviile, Pa. 

Evans, Ruth Ferne — Teacher 124 California St., Fayette City, Pa. 

290 A L U M X I D I R E C T O R Y 

Force, Jeanne B. — Teacher 317 Main Ave., West Aliquippa, Pa. 

Frantz, Minerva I. — Teacher, Bethlehem ;. .434 South Main St., Nazareth, Pa. 

Griffith, Anna Mary — Dietitian, Indiana Hospital Indiana, Pa. 

Henning, Wilmah a. (Mrs. George W. Anderson), 

434 Clinton Court. Meadville, Pa. 

Jamison, Ruth Elvira — Teacher West Water St., Indiana, Pa. 

Keller, Evelyn Esta 239 Highland Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 

Kelley, Vera J. (Mrs. William H. Taylor), 

i7 Taylor St., East McKeesport, Pa. 
McCoy, Ella Viola (Mrs. Alax E. Dick), 

119 Linden Ave., Edgewood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Menges, Mary E. — -Teacher Berlin, Pa. 

Moore, H. !Marie — Cafeteria Director and Teacher, 

311 Center St., Williamsport, Pa. 

Nicholas, Jane — Teacher, Johnstown ; R. D. No. 5, Indiana, Pa. 

Pounds, Grace (Mrs. D. Thomas Byers, Jr.) — Teacher, Harrison Twp. ; 

R. D. No. 2, Leechburg, Pa. 
Reeher, Alberta AIay (Mrs. William Beveridge), 

236 Hooker Ave., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

Shannon, Dorothy Dale — Teacher Park Ave., East McKeesport, Pa. 

Short, Mrs. Marian \\'eamer Linesville, Pa. 

Simpson, Carolyn L. — Teacher, Norwood; Clymer Road, Indiana, Pa. 

Smith, Virginia Ruth — Teacher Meyersdale, Pa. 

ToBiN, Mary P. — Teacher 655 Broad St., Brockway, Pa. 

ZuFALL, Gladys Noribel — Teacher. .204 ^'^irginia Ave., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Public School Music Curriculum 

Baer, Caroline R. Nadine (Mrs. Nadine Feather) New Paris, Pa. 

Balthaser, Barbara 2027 Derry St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Bowman, Mildred L. — Teacher 3209 French St., Erie. Pa. 

Carroll, Hazel E. (Mrs. Donald R. Saxman) — Vocal Music Supervisor, 

Southwest Greensburg; 1504 Ligonier St., Latrobe, Pa. 

Gilroy, Mary Louise (Mrs. Mary Louise Jeffrey) — Music Supervisor, Penn 

Twp. ; 1 125 Wallace Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Green, Samuel Richard Friedens, Pa. 

Greene, Gertrude (Mrs. Melvin Gordon) ... .1411 Ligonier St., Latrobe, Pa. 

Hill, Edgar J. — Music Supervisor 312 Morewood Ave., Blairsville, Pa. 

Lantz, Ella Marjorie (Mrs. John Kaufman) — Teacher. .. .Jennerstown, Pa. 

Litzinger, Robert Joseph — Teacher 656 Grant St., Indiana, Pa. 

Long, Margaret E. — Music Supervisor, Wilmore ; South Fork, Pa. 

Manner, John Edward — Teacher, Philipsburg ; Glen Campbell, Pa. 

Powell, Edith A. (Mrs. Arthur E. Gregory) — Elementary Music Supervisor, 

374 Summit St., New Kensington, Pa. 
Radaker, Mildred Fanny (Mrs. J. E. Fuszek) . .Point Pleasant, Saltsburg, Pa. 

RosATi, Joseph Phillip — Office Clerk 624 Raymond St., New Castle, Pa. 

Sardo, Evelyn (Mrs. Wayne Aspey) — Teacher, Piano and Voice, 

Box 184, Monroeville Road, Turtle Creek, Pa. 
Shorts, Hazel (Mrs. J. Kyle Work), 

246 North Central Ave., Canonsburg, Pa. 
Stringer, Catherine Jane — Substitute Music Supervisor, Shade Twp. ; ' 

108 Lincoln St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Tweed, Clarabel R. — Supervisor of Music, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh ; 

1033 School St.. Indiana, Pa. 

Wea\t;r, Elizabeth — Teacher 1235 Fourth Ave., Ford City, Pa. 

Work, J. Kyle — Teacher 246 North Central Ave., Canonsburg, Pa. 

Yoos, Marguerite Louise — Supervisor of Vocal Music, 

1713 Third Ave., New Brighton, Pa. 


CLASS OF 1936 

President Sara Jane 1 )ick 

I'ice President Ruth Elizabeth Sawyer 

Secretary Pauline Frances Yanchus 

Treasurer Frederick V. Tomb 

Elementary Curriculums 
(Kindergarten - Primary and Intermediate) 

Altemus, Elizabeth Mabon (Mrs. H. Dwight Miller), 

Railroad Ave., Homer City, Pa. 

Baker, Marv Gordon — Teacher Beaverdale, Pa. 

Bee, Martha — Teacher 215 Washington St., Indiana, Pa. 

Bier, Corinxa Esther (Mrs. Charles H. Russell, Jr.) — Teacher, 

208 Pine St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
BiMXG, Anne Jane (Mrs. Robert W. McPhilimy), 

308 Emmons Blvd., Wyandotte, Mich. 
BoNELLO, Anna U. (Mrs. August Gienopie), 

1116 Hancock Ave., \^andergrift. Pa. 
Campbell, Sarah Virginia (Mrs. G. William Davis, Jr.), 

135 Altadena Drive, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Castigliano, Jennie — Teacher 329 First St., Leechburg, Pa. 

Evans, Charlotte E. (Mrs. Donald W. Aitken), 

259^ West Eighth St., Erie, Pa. 
Haines, Virginia M. (Mrs. C. T. Smith) — Teacher, 

204 Singer Ave., McKees Rocks, Pa. 

Hauser, M. Jane 828 Grant St., Indiana, Pa. 

Hess, Florence G.'vhagan — Teacher R. 1 ).. Martinsburg, Pa. 

HiMLER, Lucy Matilda — Teacher 400 Ligonier St., Latrobe, Pa. 

Johns, Ruth Lenore — Teacher Colver. Pa. 

Jones, Helen Elizabeth — Teacher, Dcrry ; 

7429 Church Ave., Ben Avon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
KoozER, Miriam Lucille (Mrs. Lore von Fricka Wiseman), 

145 East Philadelphia St., York, Pa. 

Layton, Ruby M. — Teacher 1206 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Le.\rn, Mildred Pearl — Teacher R. F. D. No. 1, Home, Pa. 

MacClaren, Edith Mae— Teacher. . 115 East Adams Ave., \'andcrgrift. Pa. 

Malatyak, Julia Dorothy 1319 Seigel St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Mattern, Jane Elizabeth — Teacher 310 Newry St., Hollidaysburg^ Pa. 

McKeever, Mary I. (Mrs. Robert W. Whiting) . .624 Center Ave., Butler, Pa. 

McKenzie, Margaret Jane — Teacher, Clymer ; Houtzdale, Pa. 

McMillen, Anna Louise (Mrs. Frank G. Edwards) — Teacher, 

R. D. No. 3, Indiana, Pa. 
McNeel, Mildred Dorothy — Teacher, Hempfield Twp. ; 

644 West Newton St., Greensburg, Pa. 

MiNSER, Virginia E. — Teacher 336 Blairton Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

Mitchell, Julia Margaret (Mrs. R6bert Stewart) — Teacher, 

Rear 466 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 

Nenstiel, Betty — Teacher 323 Haynes St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Ortner, Annabelle Claire 62 East Philadelphia .St., Indiana, Pa. 

Postlewaite, Laura Elizabeth Creekside, Pa. 

QuiNLiSK, ^Iary Catherine — \'isitor. Department of Public Assistance, 

709 Pine St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Seitz, Frances Louise — Teacher Box 576, Freeport, Pa. 

St. Clair, Mary Alice — Cooperative Supervising Teacher, State Teachers 

College 935 Philadelphia St.. Indiana, Pa. 

Stewart, Eleanor M. — Teacher 717 School St.. Indiana, Pa. 

Szenyo, Marie — Teacher 1 Grove St., Tarrytown, N. Y. 

292 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Taylor, Ethel Ann — Teacher 1900 Chestnut St., Barnesboro, Pa. 

Thompson, Evelyn Eleanora — Teacher Lucerne Mines, Pa. 

Tyger, Lida Pearl (Mrs. Harry M. Fleming) 210 Rice Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

Weber, Mildred K. — Teacher Mt. Royal Blvd., Allison Park, Pa. 

Weiss, Eleanor Jane 329 East Mahoning St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Worsing, Emma Mae — Teacher Lajose, Pa. 

Secondary Curriculum 

Angus, Melvin Roy Mineral Point, Pa. 

Antonson, Cortlyn B. — Teacher 528 Highland Ave., Aliquippa, Pa. 

Armor, Dorothy May — Teacher and Reading Supervisor, 

Corrigan Drive, R. D. No. 1, Library, Pa. 

AsKEY, William Anthony 45 Morris St., Clymer, Pa. 

Bashforth, William J. — Teacher 616 Oak St., Irwin, Pa. 

Becoskey, John M. — Teacher Third and Hancock Sts., Clymer, Pa. 

Blose, James Mitchell — Principal of West Mahoning Consolidated Schools, 

Box 161, Yatesboro, Pa. 

Border, Daniel W. — Teacher, Shade Twp. ; Hollsopple, Pa. 

Bracken, Edward J. — Teacher Knox, Pa. 

Buchan, Marion E. (Mrs. Walter F. Buchan) — Teacher, 

R. D. No. 2, Box 47, Aliquippa, Pa. 

Burk, Gerald D. — Teacher 37 South Spring St., Blairsville, Pa. 

Calhoun, Norval S. — Teacher Belsano, Pa. 

Claycomb, Dorothy Rose (Mrs. Cecil J. Roberts), 

1186 Hayden Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 

CoRBETT, Flora L 324 Linden Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Cravenor, Mrs. Blanche Singer (Mrs. Judge W. Cravenor), 

119 South Tenth St., Indiana, Pa. 
Crivella, Agnes E. — Newspaper Writer, 

1408 Buchanan St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Durbin, Ida Marie (Mrs. Dominic Maniccia) Patton, Pa. 

Egan, Angela A. — Teacher 41 Browns Ave., Scottsville, N. Y. 

Frederick, Mary — Teacher 559 Stokes Ave., North Braddock, Pa. 

Fulton, Harold Wynne — Teacher, Sykesville ; 

403 Main St., Reynoldsville, Pa. 
Gaut, Anna Mary (Mrs. Harold E. Andrews) — Teacher, Pleasant Unity; 

1701 Ligonier St., Latrobe, Pa. 

George, Franklin Hines 301 South Third St., Indiana, Pa. 

Getty, George Alexander — Teacher 104 Brown St., Reynoldsville, Pa. 

Greene, Samuel Kenneth — Teacher Morris St., Clymer, Pa. 

HosTETLER, Charles Raymond — Teacher, Penn Twp. ;..Box 202, Claridge, Pa. 

Iiames, Florence (Mrs. Mervin Fay) 834 Main St., Bethlehem, Pa. 

Jones, W. W Cherry Tree, Pa. 

Kachur, Stephen E. — Student at Pennsylvania State College. .Sagamore, Pa. 

Keck, Verna — Teacher 10 North Mt. Vernon Ave., Uniontown, Pa. 

Kline, Anna Mae (Mrs. Bruce F. Hockman)..8 Marble St., Lewistown, Pa. 

Kovach, Grace E. — Teacher, Beccaria Twp. ; Curwensville, Pa. 

Lambing, Marian A. — Teacher Home, Pa. 

Lazarotto, Justina a. — Teacher Slickville, Pa. 

Luther, Adelaide Mary — Teacher. .. .408 West Crawford St., Ebensburg, Pa. 

Maher, Christine — Teacher 317 Penn Ave., Leechburg, Pa. 

McCooL, Richard L. — Theatre Manager 1015 Ligonier St., Latrobe, Pa. 

McMonegal, Sara A. — Teacher, Hastings; 311 Craig St., Gallitzin, Pa. 

Metz, Ellen Jean — Teacher. .. .247 South Mt. Vernon Ave., Uniontown, Pa. 
Morrison, Jessie Mae (Mrs. S. N. Mastrolembo), 

6033 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Mostoller, William James R. D. No. 4, Riverside, Johnstown, Pa. 

MuRTLAND, Walter Ford Clintonville, Pa. 

A L U M N I B Y C L A S S E S 293 

MvERS, Charles R. — Teacher Clymer, Pa. 

NoRTHOVER, Russell C. — Salesman 824 Prudential Bldg., Buffalo, N. Y. 

Pantazes, Carolyn Lillian 300 Montgomery St., HoUidaysburg, Pa. 

Paterick, Eleanor L. C. (Mrs. Oliver G. Commons) ... .Cherry Tree, Pa. 

Pealer, Mary Jane 921 Chestnut St., Indiana, Pa. 

Pearce, Leola Ruth — Grocery Clerk Mclntyre, Pa. 

Pearson, Leonard A 12 Canton St., Warren, Pa. 

Peterman, Martha Elizabeth 1071 School St.. Indiana, Pa. 

Quinn, Mrs. Beryl Lydick (Mrs. Joseph Quinn), 

551 Fisher Ave.. Indiana, Pa. 

Salkeld, Edgar A. — Teacher Ebensburg, Pa. 

Sansonetti, S. John — Chemist, Aluminum Company of America, 

716 Fourth St., New Kensington, Pa. 

Savukas, Alex — Teacher 915 Alain St., Portage, Pa. 

Shaffer, Sanford B. — Supervising Principal of Wilkins Township Schools, 

428 Center St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

SnoMO, Curtis F. — Teacher, Bolivar ; Box 124, Robinson, Pa. 

SiciLiANO, Lester L. — Research Assistant, Aluminum Research Laboratory, 
Aluminum Company of America. .425 Rainbow Drive, New Kensington, Pa. 

Smith, LeRoy — Teacher 18 South Main St., Homer City, Pa. 

Stewart, Alice N. — Teacher R. D. No. 1, Homer City, Pa. 

Uber, Earl D. — Teacher 17^ Park Ave., DuBois, Pa. 

Udouch, Agnes J. — Teacher 309 Eighth Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Walker, Eugene J. — Teacher New Kensington, Pa. 

Weaver, Cecil — Teacher and Principal IIollsopplc. Pa. 

Woodring, Marshall — Teacher West Main St., Reynoldsville, Pa. 

Public School Art Curriculnm 

Burns, Margaret Anderson — Art Supervisor, Weirton ; 

3362 Main St., Holliday's Cove, W. Va. 

Evans, Gwendolyn — Teacher 224 East Crawford St., Ebensburg, Pa. 

Fulton, Alice Mae (Mrs. Thomas Watson Church), 

18 West Fayette St., Uniontown, Pa. 
Hunter, Jessie Jeane — Teacher, Greensboro, N. C. ;..Box 234, Indiana, Pa. 
Johnson, Marie E. (Mrs. Dale Springer) . .140 Walnut St., Uniontown. Pa. 
KuKOViTZ, Lillian C. (Mrs. Joseph Sheehe) — Art Supervisor, Conemaugh ; 

606 AIcMillen St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Landis, Helen — Art Supervisor, North Fayette Twp. ; Oakdale, Pa. 

MooRHEAD, Mary Margaret — Art Supervisor. .217 West Eighth St., Erie, Pa. 
Pealer, Ruth (Mrs. Raymond L. Hess, Jr.), 

354 Terrace Ave., Emsworth, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Warner, Mary Parke (Mrs. James C. Goebel), 

2808 Adams St.. Tucson, Ariz. 
WiL.soN, Mary Jane — Art Supervisor 223 Worth St.. Johnstown, Pa. 

Business Education Curriculum 

Abel, Felicita Agnes Box 304, Hastings, Pa. 

Capellman, Joan — Teacher Floreffe, Pa. 

Claypool, Evelyn Marie 1416 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Cline, Mildred Edna (Mrs. Thord M. Marshall), 

1030 Summer Place, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Cochran, Gladys — Teacher, Carnegie ; Plumville, Pa. 

Dick, Sara Jane (Mrs. Paul McGregor) ... .717 Chestnut St., Indiana, Pa. 

Dretsia. Anna Marie — Teacher 130 Fourteenth Row, Leckrone, Pa. 

Ellenberger, Ethel Louise (Mrs. James A. Reed) — Teacher, 

202 North Findley St., Punxsutawney. Pa. 

Ellenberger, Nellie M. — Teacher R. D. No. 2, Kittanning, Pa. 

294 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Fritsche, Madeline Marie — Teacher, Boswell ; 

225 Upland Road, Merion Station, Pa. 
Gesey, Robert C. — Teacher, Hamilton Junior High School, Pittsburgh ; 

1303 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 
GiUNTA, Lillian Virginia — Teacher, Portage;. .1269 School St., Indiana, Pa. 

Glossner, Donald M.— Teacher 10 First St., Y. M. C. A., Troy, N. Y. 

Grillo, Mary D. (Mrs. Joseph J. Pallone) 1819 Kimball Ave., Arnold, Pa. 

Harmon, Leroy Fredrick — Head of Commercial Dept., 

34 North Ninth St., Lemoyne, Pa. 

Heazlett, James Brown 65 Maple Ave., Blairsville, Pa. 

JoDON, Leila L. (Mrs. Donald Harper) 617 Maple Ave., Lewistown, Pa. 

Jordan, Robert Frederick 

Junk, Pauline C. (Mrs. E. L. Clemmer, Jr.), 

National Pike, East, Brownsville, Pa. 

Kirk, Cecilia Mary South Jackson St., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Mania, Alda M. — Teacher Box 162, Loyalhanna, Pa. 

McCann, Margaret Theresa — Teacher, Hazle Twp. ; Jeanesville, Pa. 

Miller, Donald \''ink — Clerk 412 Locust St., Indiana, Pa. 

Miller, Ray W. — Teacher, Butler; 1000 Wilson Ave., Kittanning, Pa. 

Moore, Dorothy E. — Office Worker 3810 Broad Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Murphy, Eleanore M. — Teacher 117 American Ave., Butler, Pa. 

Nakles, Cecelia Ann 531 South Liberty St., Blairsville. Pa. 

Nanassy, Louis Charles — Head of Commercial Dept., Manasquan, N. J. ; 

927 North Euclid Ave., Dayton, Ohio. 
Pallone, Joseph J. — Head of Commercial Dept., 

1819 Kimball Ave., Arnold, Pa. 

Reich ard, Erma Kathryn — Teacher New Bethlehem, Pa. 

Ritchey, Edna Florence (Mrs. D. D. Page), 

108 Locust St., Williamsburg. Pa. 

Robinson, Dale W. — Teacher, Aliquippa ; R. D. No. 1, Portersville, Pa. 

Runzo, Marie L. — Teacher Sykesville, Pa. 

Smith, Mrs. M. Virginia Stewart — Teacher, Etna, Pittsburgh ; 

Penn Run, Pa. 
Tomb, Frederick V. — Teacher . . Rear 209 Charles Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 

Wagner, June E. — Teacher Milton, Pa. 

Wallace, Irene B. — Teacher 629 Warren St., Dunmore, Pa. 

Webb, Mrs. Edna Oppel (Mrs. R. F. Webb). 

346 South 13th St., Indiana, Pa. 

Wertman, Sylvia P. — Teacher 1448 North 22nd St., Allentown, Pa. 

Williams, Marie E. — Teacher 601 Charles St., Houtzdale, Pa. 

WoLVERTON, Catharine G. — Teacher 730 Monroe St., Stroudsburg, Pa. 

Wooster, Clara L. — Teacher, Ellwood City;.. 61 Minnequa Ave., Canton, Pa. 
Yanchus, Pauline Frances (Mrs. John E. Manner), 

422 Spruce St., Philipsburg, Pa. 
Zeigler, Howard A. — xA.ccountant, Cities Service Oil Co., 

44 West Ninth St., Apt. 22, New York, N. Y. 

Home Economics Curriculum 

Aubel, Sophie J.— Teacher Box 68, Presto, Pa. 

Bondra, Clara Isabel Cairnbrook, Pa. 

Campbell, Anna Evelyn — Teacher 1201 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 

Coleman, Olga — Teacher 888 Van Kirk St., Clairton, Pa. 

CuLLiNGs, Frances Elizabeth (Mrs. Merle Dailey) — Teacher, Dayton; 

Derry, Pa. 

CuRRAN, Dorothy J. — Teacher 8996 Frankstown Road. Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Ecelbarger, Olive Mae — Teacher, Dayton ; Big Run, Pa. 


A L U M X I B Y CLASS K S 295 

Fiat, Melinda Jane — Teacher McCIellandtown. Pa. 

Fleitz, Laura Mary c/o Anson Fleitz, R. D. No. 3, Indiana, Pa. 

Fox, Myrle E. — Teacher, Lebanon ;. .136 North Railroad St., Palmyra, Pa. 

GiDSON, MoNA Claire — Teacher Penn Run, Pa. 

Jones, Amelia Charlotte — Teaclicr Marianna, Pa. 

Krause, LaRue Elizabeth— Teacher, Gettysburg ; 

319 AlloRht-ny St.. Bosweli, Pa. 
Kurtz, Margaret Amelia — Teacher, Southniont High School ; 

221 Barron Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
LucENTE, Palm.\ — Teacher, Oakland, Md. ;..110 Center St., Meyersdale, Pa. 

Lytle. Barbara Joax (Mrs. W. F. Siggins) Pleasantville, Pa. 

Martin, Mabel Louise (Mrs. Mabel M. Thompson) — Teacher, Stonycreek 

Twp. ; Bo.x 261, Fredonia. Pa. 

QuiNBY, Gertrude E. — Teacher 250 Ormond Ave., Sharon, Pa. 

Race, Ada Chesterfield (Mrs. Arthur L. Linn), 

722 Country Club Drive, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh. Pa. 
Sanders, Olca (Mrs. Olga Wilcox), 

Old Lancaster Road, South Sudbury, Mass. 
Sawyer, Ruth Elizabeth (Mrs. V. C. Miles).. 1395 Church St., Indiana, Pa. 

Scott, Mary A. — Teacher, Barnesboro ; Oakdale, Pa. 

Seitz, Sara Olga— Teacher 23 Weible St., Etna, Pittsburgh. Pa. 

Sullivan, Marjorie (Mrs. Erie I. Shobert) — Teacher, DuBois ; 

St. Marys. Pa. 

Surra, Louise A. — Teacher Kersey, Pa. 

Thompson, Helen M. (Mrs. J. D. Puskar) — Teacher.. Box 538. Imperial, Pa. 
Whamond. Isabell Ann 601 Hawthorne Ave., Kittanning, Pa. 

Public School Music Curriculum 

Baker, Homer Charles — Music Supervisor, Ferndale Schools, Johnstown: 

Box 62, Warrendale, Pa. 
Christman. Warren Martin — Music Supervisor, 

215 Fourth St., Renovo, Pa. 

Christy, Paul Emery 2743 Glen Mawr Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Freyermuth, Esther Lucille — Teacher Fredonia, Pa. 

Goldman, Joann Mintz (Mrs. H. ^L Levy), 

117 North Martin St., Titusville. Pa. 

Graham, Margaret S. B. — Teacher 512 Grant St., South Fork, Pa. 

Horner, Alma Louise (Mrs. Espy Thomas) Detroit, Mich. 

Kissinger, Mildred Evelyn (Mrs. Mildred E. Lore) — Private Music Teacher, 

187 Delaware Ave., Palmerton, Pa. 
LoBODA, Samuel Richard — Music Supervisor, Spangler ; 

Box 386, Homer City, Pa. 
McIntyre, Mary Eleanore — Music Supervisor, Broad Top Twp. ; 

Box 4, Defiance, Pa. 
North, Beatrice Lucille (Mrs. Paul R. Stitt), 

951 Woodbourne Ave., Pittsburgh. Pa. 
Pollock, Carolyn — Supervisor of Music, Apollo:. .666 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 
Rowley, Elmer LeRoy — Music Supervisor. .. .342 South 13th St., Indiana, Pa. 
Thornton, H. Evelyn (Mrs. J. Meredith Davis) — Private \'oice and Piano 

Teacher 310 Lovell Ave., Barnesboro, Pa. 

Tomb, Randall Howard— Teacher 425 West Main St., Brookvilie, Pa. 

Turner, Lois Lulu (Mrs. Russell E. Smith) — Teacher, Orchard Park, N. Y. ; 

Stoneboro, Pa. 
Wright, Rebecca Elizabeth 1218 Main St., Aliquippa. Pa. 



CLASS OF 1937 

President Eleanor Bailey Green 

Vice President Anne Johanna Davis 

Secretary Mary Kathryn Pound 

Treasurer Ruth D. Graham 

Elementary Curriculums 
(Kindergarten - Primary and Intermediate) 

Amos, Kathleen J. — Teacher, Cecil; R. D. No. 1, Eighty-Four, Pa. 

Beattie, Anna O. — Teacher New Alexandria, Pa. 

Blose, Verna Marie — Indiana County Supervisor of Education and 

Recreation 1079 School St., Indiana, Pa. 

Brice, Ruth Allen — Teacher, Lansdowne, Philadelphia ; 

Juliana Heights, Bedford, Pa. 

Brown, Ellen Dryne — Teacher 534 Park Road, Ambridge, Pa. 

Brown, Esther Viola 127 College Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

Castronova, Frances Celine — Teacher 215 Pine St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Clark, Olga Naomi — Teacher 529 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 

Cominsky, Lillian Louise — Teacher 429 Merchant St., Ambridge, Pa. 

Croyle, Melda (Mrs. C. H. Zimmerman) Box 85, Stoystown, Pa. 

Cummins, Margaret Helen — Teacher 428 Oak St., Indiana, Pa. 

EcKMAN, Marie 

Falger, Annie M. — Teacher Box 807, Spangler, Pa. 

Fitzpatrick, Rose (Mrs. Eugene J. Weaver), 

523 Russell Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

FoLTZ, Mary Margaret — Teacher 312 Thompson St., Latrobe, Pa. 

Garrett, Alma Regina — Teacher, Alverda ; Strongstown, Pa. 

Gray, Margaret Elizabeth — Teacher 332 Valley St., Lewistown, Pa. 

Hamilton, Dorothy — Teacher. Kiskiminetas Twp. ;. .Box 2, North Apollo, Pa. 
Hancock, Marian Grace (Mrs. Harold N. Diem), 

517 East Cedar Ave., Connellsville, Pa. 

Hess, Florence Gahagan — Teacher R. D., Martinsburg, Pa. 

Horton, Kathryn Ruth — Teacher 445 South Seventh St., Indiana, Pa. 

Jordan, Eleanore Catherine (Mrs. Joseph W. Small, HI), 

4410 Marble Hall Road, Northwood Apt. 313, Baltimore, Md. 

Lloyd, Mary Virginia — Teacher, Colver ; School St.. Indiana, Pa. 

Mayer, Margaret Mary — Teacher 1092 Estey St., Johnstown, Pa. 

McClelland, Eleanor — Teacher, Bethel Twp. ; 

275 Parkway Drive, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

McGaughey, Helen Spires — Teacher 285 Morrow St.. Blairsville, Pa. 

McLaughlin, Chester — Teacher Plumville, Pa. 

McKenney, Jean — Teacher 1307 Alton St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Mihok, Emilie Elizabeth (Mrs. Bela R. Topscher) — Teacher, 

R. D. No. 3, CoraopoHs, Pa. 

Morgan, Lillian Rose Ninth Street Extension, Freedom, Pa. 

Morgester, Jane E 240 Spruce Ave., Ridgway, Pa. 

Noss, Mary Jane — Teacher 536 Pine St., Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Ober, Blanche— Teacher, Lorain Boro., 

120 View St., R. D. No. 3, Box 250, Johnstown, Pa. 

Pollock, Sara M. — Teacher. New Alexandria, Pa. 

Pryde, John McNulty Coalport, Pa. 

Roland, Anna Marie 1206 Biltmore Ave., Dormont, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Rupert, Margaret B. — Teacher. .1106 Kelton Ave., Dormont, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Schrader, Florence Sarah — Teacher.. R. D. No. 3, Box 109, Johnstown, Pa. 

Seaton, Mrs. Frances Lefevre 1002 Church St., Indiana, Pa. 

Shannon, Estella Mae — Teacher, Springdale ; 

215 Allegheny Ave., Oakmont, Pa. 


A L U M N I B Y C L A S S E S 297 

Share, Beatrice — Teacher 1818 Fourteenth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Sheets, Margaret B. — Teacher 704 Glcnvvood Ave., Ambridge, Pa. 

Stear, Agnes Bell (Mrs. Jesse P. Long), 

119 South Gilpin St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Swank, Henrietta I. — Teacher 2501 Crawford Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Tasker, Dorothy Anne — Teacher, Hastings; 

1020 Lexington Ave., Altoona, Pa. 
Theiss, Mary Rita (Mrs. Roy Plowman) — Teacher, 

1001 Broadway, East McKeesport, Pa. 

Wilson, Garnet May — Teacher 174 Vaughn St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Secondary Curriculum 

Artman, Marion — Teacher 417 Grant Ave., Leechburg, Pa. 

Ayers, Jean Elizabeth — Clerk 420 Oak St., Indiana, Pa. 

Bartley, Katharine S. (Mrs. Charles H. Mason), 

Dimeling Hotel, Clearfield, Pa. 

Berkebile, Paul Clifford — Teacher, Conemaugh Twp. ; Hollsopple, Pa. 

Beretta, Charles Carl— Salesman, 

286 Harland St., Exeter Boro., Pittston, Pa. 
Blose, William Harl — Teacher, Plumville; 

257 North Seventh St., Indiana, Pa. 
Boyce, Dorothy Louise 

Brown, Clarence C. — Teacher Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Carter, Mary Dorothy 810 West Main St., Somerset, Pa. 

Cherney, William John — Employee of Buffalo and Susquehanna Coal and 

Coke Co Sagamore, Pa. 

CiNDRic, Louise Pauline — Teacher 367 Fairfield Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Cunningham, Ruth P.\tricta (Mrs. Richard Whiting), 

57 South Third St., Indiana, Pa. 

CuRTiOFF, Wasil — Laborer Iselin, Pa. 

Daly, Lynette — Teacher 272 Main St., Vintondale, Pa. 

Davidson, Eva A. — Teacher, 

318 North Third St., Wilson Station, Clairton, Pa. 

DeLullo, Daniel R. — Teacher Force, Pa. 

Dinsmore, Bruce H. — Teacher, Glen Campbell ;. .1220 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 
Dyer, Ida Mae Evelyn — Employee in Wear-Ever Bldg., 

531 Vernon St., New Kensington, Pa. 

Errigo, Harold Delphino — Teacher 614 Fiebert St., Curwensville, Pa. 

Fausold, Samuel, Jr. — Teacher, Johnstown;. .321 Elm Road, Ambridge, Pa. 
Flickinger, John W. — Field Man, Equitable Natural Gas Co., 

Church St., Sagamore, Pa. 

Hadley, S. Trevor — Teacher Mt. Royal Blvd., Allison Park, Pa. 

Hancock, Dorothy Ellen (Mrs. Arthur Nicholson) — Employee of 

Department of Public Assistance 87 Morris St., Clymer, Pa. 

Harvey, Gladys — Teacher, Homer City; 63 Sixth St., Clymer, Pa. 

Heitzenrater, H. Clair 

Henry, Joseph M. — Teacher, Pine Twp. ; Heilwood, Pa. 

Hess, Clarke — Teacher, Pine Twp. ; R. D. No. 2, Norristown, Pa. 

Hess, Glenn Carson — Head of English Dept., Conemaugh Twp., Davidsville ; 

1000 Lemon St., Johnstown, Pa. 

HooFRiNG, Marjorie — Teacher 217 South Second St., Apollo, Pa. 

King, Donald Clair — Teacher, Brookville ; 

220 Dinsmore Ave., Punxsutawney. Pa. 

Kline, Hannah H. — Saleslady 228 Main St., Ligonier, Pa. 

Kohler, Earl F. — Associate Director of Boys' Club of New York, 

287 East Tenth St., New York. N. Y. 
Lansdale, Carol — Manager of Order Office for Montgomery Wards, 

900 Ross Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 


Lazaro, William Albert 206 Eleventh' St., Turtle Creek, Pa. 

LoTT, P. D. — Teacher, Lower Burrell Twp., New Kensington ; Big Run, Pa. 
McGrew, Donald C. — Teacher, Union Twp. ; 

770 McClelland Ave., New Castle, Pa. 

McKnight, Lawrence Edward 101 Pine Ave., Kane, Pa. 

McMuLLEN, Helen Bard — Teacher Brush Valley, Pa. 

Meneely, Dorothy Mae — Teacher, Homeville ; 

Box 3, Duquesne Blvd., Kennywood, Pa. 

Mertz, Irene — Teacher, Latrobe ; Youngwood, Pa. 

Molinengo, Alice — Teacher 100 Frances Road, Rossiter, Pa. 

MosER, Laura Elizabeth (Mrs. Marvin Lowell Michael), 

606 North Magnolia, Burbank, Calif, 

MoTTEY, Mary Elizabeth — Teacher Clymer, Pa. 

Northover, Mildred Genevie\'e — Teacher Ninth Street, Indiana, Pa. 

Oddi, Benedict J. 

Olsen, Edith Bergner — Teacher 432 Charles St., Braddock, Pa. 

Painter, William H. — Salesman 801 North Broad St.. Lancaster, Ohio. 

Park, Mary Amanda — Teacher 321 North Ninth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Patterson, Nancy Lydia — Teacher, Kaylor ; West Lebanon, Pa. 

Pebley, Wilson A. — Teacher and Principal of Elementary School, 

Box 318, Seanor, Pa. 
Piper, Mildred Irene (Mrs. Milo R. Stephens) — Occupational Therapy 

Attendant, State Hospital Torrance, Pa. 

Pound, Mary Kathryn — Employee of Department of Public Assistance, 

504 Edward St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Reed, Harold Sloan 1197 School St., Indiana, Pa. 

Roberts, Dorothy May — Teacher, Allison Park ; 

2337 Los Angeles Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Roberts, Percival Charles — Engineer Somerset, Pa. 

Rowe, Bertha Florence — Private Tutor, 

1320 West Crawford Ave., Connellsville, Pa. 
Shaker, Emma L. (Mrs. George E. Hay), 

Flaugherty Run Road, Coraopolis, Pa. 

Sheehe. Joseph — Teacher 606 McMillen St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Shumaker, Paul Martin — Visitor, Department of Public Assistance, 

R. No. 3, Linesville, Pa. 

Stewart, J. Wendell — Teacher Penn Run, Pa. 

Straitiff, Frank Clayton — Teacher. .206 North Penn St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Struble, Jesse J.— Teacher R. D. No. 1, Box 212, Latrobe, Pa. 

Thomas, Edward M. — Shipping Clerk.. 150 West Pershing St., Salem, Ohio. 

Tobin, James H. — Teacher 655 Broad St., Brockway, Pa. 

Torrance, James McFarland. Jr. — Land and Legal Dept., Peoples Natural 

Gas Co 5709 Elmer St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Vesco, Ector Louis R. D., Derry, Pa. 

Wardrop, Raymond — Teacher Ellsworth, Pa. 

Weiss, Mrs. Lida Cecelia (Mrs. Lida C. Teeters) — Teacher, 

302 West Third St., Greensburg, Pa. 

Whyte, Veronica M. — Teacher Laurel Hill, McDonald, Pa. 

Wilson, Catherine L.— Librarian 55 Nutt Ave., Uniontown, Pa. 

Winger, Robert J. — Teacher, Heilwood ;. .310 North Seventh St., Indiana, Pa. 
Woods, Grace Mae — Visitor, Department of Public Assistance, 

303 Lock St., Tarentum, Pa. 
WooMER, Ida Regina — Teacher, Warriors Alark ; Spruce Creek, Pa. 

Public School Art Curriculum 

Brown, Florence Laurene — Art Supervisor, Roaring Spring : 

136 East Pitt St.. Bedford, Pa. 
Burchfield, Mary Marguerite — Art Supervisor, Manheim ; . . Tarentum, Pa. 

A L U M N I B Y C L A S S E S 299 

BvERS, Mary Hosfeld — Art Supervisor Lampeter, Pa. 

Cronauer, Robert Joseph — Art Supervisor, California ; 

921 Gillespie Ave., Portage, Pa. 
Davis, Anne Johanna — Teacher, Lincoln School of Columbia University, 

429 Keystone Ave., Cresson, Pa. 

Davis, John H. — Art Supervisor 307 State St.. Johnstown, Pa. 

Dickey, Kathryn Louise (Mrs. C. R. Shuster) . .Market St., Saltsburg, Pa. 
Drynan, Mary Martha — Teacher, Ambridge ; 

325 Henry Ave., Sewickley, Pa. 
Green, Eleanor Bailey (Mrs. Edwin S. Stebbins), 

720 Market St., Lewisburg, Pa. 

Landis, Elizabeth Louise — Teacher 21 Parsonage St., Newville, Pa. 

Love, Kenneth Charles — Supervisor and Teacher, 

418 Everson Ave., Scottdale, Pa. 
McCreery, Zilpha Belle — Teacher. .. .166 North Spring St., Blairsville, Pa. 

McKrell, Bernice Genevieve (Mrs. Gerald Daril Post) Clymer, Pa. 

Russell, Elizabeth (Mrs. Wayne Hoffman) Bernardsville, N. J. 

Young, Elizabeth S. — Teacher 1097 Confer Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Business Education Curriculum 

Blanc, Robert Vincent — Teacher Box 7, Laniberton, Pa. 

Diem, Harold Xewtox — Teacher, Connell.'^villc ; Box 187, Clymer, Pa. 

Fedullo, Helen Louise — Teacher 201 East Diamond Ave., Hazleton, Pa. 

Friant, Florence M. — Teacher 302 South East St., Coudersport, Pa. 

FujiTA, Allan H.— Secretary 339 West Spruce St.. Hazleton, Pa. 

Garlow, Elsie GENEviEVE^Teacher, La t robe ; Box 137, Herminie, Pa. 

Graham, Ruth D. — Teacher 513 Market St., Brownsville, Pa. 

Ingalls, Martha Mary (Mrs. Paul L. Johnson), 

124 Wengler Ave., Sharon, Pa. 

Kaiser, Hilda E. — Teacher Large, Pa. 

KoHUT, James Alfred — Teacher, Svkesville ; 

205 East 14th Ave., Homestead, Pa. 
Koontz, Beatrice Louise — Teacher, Mars, Pa. : 

185 Liberty St., Conneaut, Ohio. 
Kucera, Wilma Anne (Mrs. Wilma K. Powell) — Secretary, 

No. 5 Lincoln Apt?., Ambridge, Pa. 

Lauther, Edward P. — Teacher 405 Chestnut St., Lebanon, Pa. 

LiTziNGER, Donald — Teacher 514 Palmer Ave., Patton, Pa. 

Locks, Louise Christinean — Teacher, 

555 Lobinger Ave., North Braddock, Pa. 
Locks, Mildred Janet — Teacher.. 555 Lobinger Ave., North Braddock, Pa. 

Long, Kathryn A. — Teacher 221 Baumer St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Malesky, Mary Rita 247 South Main Street Extension, DuBois, Pa., John E. — Teacher. Sharpsville ; 

218 Lobinger Ave.. North Braddock, Pa. 

Mc.\dam, Dorothy — Teacher, Hopewell; 100 Flowers Ave., Sharon, Pa. 

Miller, William Edgar — Teacher Corry, Pa. 

Owens, Willi.\m Russell — Teacher Arnold, Pa. 

Phillips, Irene Grace 137 Centre St., Milton, Pa. 

Price, Margaret S. — Head of Commercial Dept 729 Main St., Berlin, Pa. 

Pusiikarsh, Mary — Teacher Box 865. Masontown, Pa. 

Recht, Sara 777 Franklin Ave., Aliquippa, Pa. 

Schxeible, Helen — Teacher Box 86, Edinboro. Pa. 

Scott, M. Luther — Teacher Newport. Pa. 

Sheaffer, Chester L. — Teacher 561 Carlisle St., Hanover, Pa. 

Smith, Dorothy Sheldon 327 Pennsylvania Blvd., Pittsburgh, 16. Pa. 

Sperry. Ruth Hastings — Secretary, 

132 Academy Ave., Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

300 A L U M K I D I R E C T O R Y 

Umberger, Ada Beatrice Hamburg Sanitarium, Hamburg, Pa. 

Zimmerman, Charles Max — Teacher, Brookville ; Plumville, Pa. 

ZvARA, Margaret — Teacher, Hutchinson Mine ; Rillton, Pa. 

Home Economics Curriculum 

Anderson, Mary Jane (Mrs. Walter Fitzmartin) Box 194, Unity, Pa. 

Barchfeld, Elizabeth Marie — Teacher, Hampton Twp. ; 

2402 Edgar St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Blackburn, Henrietta Ann (Mrs. Gray Wilson). 

Conner, Sara Ellen R. D. No. 2, Home, Pa. 

Craig, Muriel Blanche — Teacher, Halifax ; 

247 East Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Dillon, Ida Jane Calumet, Pa. 

Hill, Betty L. — Teacher 738 North Front St., Milton, Pa. 

Hindman, Mary Catherine — Teacher .... 720 Ferndale Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
Hutchison, Harriet M. — Home Economist, 

Wick Ave., R. D. No. 2, Sharon, Pa. 

Keslar, Kathryn Virginia Acme, Pa. 

Maurey, Genevieve — Teacher 4803 Ellsworth Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Mehaffey, Eleanor — Teacher West Alexander, Pa. 

Mumau, F. Armelia — Teacher 720 Division St., Berlin, Pa, 

Radaker, Josephine Louella (Mrs. R. J. Barton) — Teacher, Defiance; 

Six Mile Run, Pa. 
Rickenbach, Hazel M. — Teacher, Robinson Township High School, 

R. D. No. 1, McKees Rocks; Woodville, Pa. 

Robe, Margaret — Teacher, Ambridge; 

222 Dewey St., Edgewood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Robertson, Dorothy E. — Teacher, DuBois;..902 Main St., Reynoldsville, Pa. 

Seanor, M. Lucille — Teacher Blossburg, Pa. 

SupRic, Estelle Ann (Mrs. Estelle S. Fausold) — Teacher, Harmony Twp.; 

321 Elm Road, Ambridge, Pa. 

Thompson, Virginia Norma — Teacher Box 163, Buena Vista, Pa. 

Walborn, M. Carolyn — Teacher 513 Moore St., Millersburg, Pa. 

Public School Music Curriculum 

Barr, Winifred R. — Teacher 550 South Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Buchheit, Harold M. — Music Supervisor. .325 West Fifth St., Emporium, Pa. 
Cravener, Helen Lucille — Teacher, 

121 East Madison Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 
Cronk, Charles Robert — Instrumental Music Supervisor. .. .Shanksville, Pa. 

Fray, Anna Jane 480 Allison Ave., Washington, Pa. 

Fulton, Robert James 15 Church St., Sagamore, Pa. 

Hageman, Minnie Viola — Teacher 451 Fifth St., Donora, Pa. 

Hoover, Twila Altheda — Teacher 669 South Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Hunter, Eleanor Jane — Music Supervisor, 

1713 Third Ave., New Brighton, Pa. 

Johnson, Ruth — Vocal Music Teacher 815 East Main St., Berlin, Pa. 

Lamphere, Harriett Auttie — Teacher.. 403 Franklin Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 
Litzinger, Mary Marjorie — Teacher. .. .1175 Washington St., Indiana, Pa. 
Zerbe, Alberta L. — Teacher Zerbe, Pa. 


CLASS OF 1938 

President Kenneth ].. Nolan 

Vice President Virginia Weaver 

Secretary Josephine Augusta Wesner 

Treasurer Alvin Ellis Boot 

Elementary Curriculums 
(Kindergarten - Primary and Intermediate) 

Angel, Sarah Elizabeth (Mrs. J. Herbert Brooks), 

Clinton Road, R. D. No. 3, Coraopolis, Pa. 

Bexnett, Dorothy E. — Teacher 170 North Spring St., Blairsville, Pa. 

Brown, Mrs. June Lobough Brown Hotel, Indiana, Pa. 

Brudaker, Mary Anne — Substitute Teacher. .715 Seventeenth St., Altoona, Pa. 
Bruno, Helen Dorothy — Doctor's Assistant, 

1613 Belasco Ave., Beechview, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Buhite, Mary Irene — Teacher Stump Creek, Pa. 

Buisker, Mrs. Elizabeth Freund — Teacher, 

300 Suncrest St., Pittsburgh, 10, Pa. 
Campbell, Anna Mary — Teacher, Vandergrift ; 

54 Erie St., Westmont, Johnstown, Pa. 

Campbell, Frank H. — Teacher R. D. No. 2, Box 66, Penn Run, Pa. 

Cressman, Claire M. — Teacher Women's Club, Hershey, Pa. 

Crise, Kathryn J. — Teacher R. D. No. 1, Latrobe, Pa. 

Danko, Agnes Rose — Teacher 906 First St., McKees Rocks, Pa. 

DuBis, Emilia — Teacher 1815 Tyler St., Aliquippa, Pa. 

Englert, Dorothy M. — Office Worker, 

2100 Hazeldell Ave., Carrick, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Freehling, Martha Mae — Teacher, Frazer Twp. ; 

804 Ormond St., Tarentum, Pa. 

Hageman, Florence Jean — Teacher Elm Road, Cromwell, Conn. 

Henderson, Elizabeth C. — Teacher, North \'ersailles Twp. ; 

482 Greensburg Ave., East ^IcKeesport, Pa. 

Kelley, Ruth Louise — Teacher R. D. No. 1, Indiana, Pa. 

Kline, Mrs. Lydia Robertson — Teacher, 

201 Bower Hill Road. Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Lessig, Thelma p. — Teacher, Hempfield Twp.; Box 314, Manor, Pa. 

MacKinney, Anne Marie — Teacher 536 East Pearl St., Butler, Pa. 

McAnulty, Gertha — Teacher Cherry Tree, Pa. 

McCullough, Helen LaRue — Teacher, Falls Creek; 

305 Oak St., Indiana, Pa. 

McFarland, Sara A 218 Mitinger Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 

McLaughlin, Virginia Isabel — Teacher, 

225 Washington Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 
Mellott, Helen Angelyn — Teacher. .. .600 Maplewood Ave., Ambridge, Pa. 

Miller, Arlene — Teacher R. D. No. 4. Box 412, Johnstown, Pa. 

Miller, Mrs. Martha Jane Clements — Teacher, Wellsville, Ohio ; 

65 Moulder Ave., Sagamore, Pa. 
Miller, Phyllis Louise (Mrs. Frederick Fussner). 
MuscHELLA, Mrs. Martha Smith — Teacher, 

2310 Cabot. Apt. 8. Detroit. Mich. 
Pauch, Mildred Alice — Teacher, Black Lick Twp. ; 

1114 Grant St.. Indiana. Pa. 
Playfoot, Leona Jane — Teacher, Heilwood;. . . .884 Wayne Ave., Indiana. Pa. 

Poole. Dorothy — Teacher 122 .'\rlington .^ve.. East McKeesport. Pa. 

Richards, Anna Grace — Teacher, Clymer ; Black Lick, Pa. 

Robeson, Sara Elizabeth — Teacher, ^'andergritt : 

526 School St.. Indiana, Pa. 


Rosa, Anna S.— Teacher New Kensington, Pa. 

Sarouy, Clemence E. (Mrs. T. Clarke Bloomfield), 

138 South Frazier St., State College, Pa. 

Scott, Mary Jeanette (Mrs. Albert Wasson, Jr.) Rixford, Pa. 

Shultz, Mildred Mae — Teacher Box 263, Somerset, Pa. 

Southard, Lorraine Keck — Teacher.. 129 South Fourth St., Duquesne, Pa. 

Stahl, Helen Ruth — Teacher 455 Keystone Drive, New Kensington, Pa. 

Updegrave, Doris June — Teacher Gratz, Pa. 

Vespa, Clotilda — Teacher 1816 Graham Ave., Windber, Pa. 

Warner, Dorothy Melsena — Teacher, Chester ; 

117 Owen Ave., Lansdowne, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Secondary Curriculum 

Ake, Eugene C. — Teacher.. 680 Florida Ave., Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Allen, Edgar James — Teacher, Cranberry ; Route No. 4, Franklin, Pa. 

Atty, James Charles — Substitute Teacher, 

335 Westmoreland Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Barr, Carleton V. — Teacher 550 South Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Bender, Ethel J. — Teacher, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh ; 

905 Waddell Ave., Clairton, Pa. 

Bowser, Harriet K. — Teacher 119 Sumner Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Brady, Nellie M. — Teacher, Coudersport; 5 Hope St., DuBois, Pa. 

Brooks, Jesse Herbert — Principal of Moon Township High School, 

R. D. No. 1, Coraopolis, Pa. 

Brown, Louise — Part-time Teacher Box 62, Route 2, Barnesboro, Pa. 

Bryson, Jean — Teacher 705 Farren St., Portage, Pa. 

Campbell, James M. — Teacher R. D. No. 2, Box 66, Penn Run, Pa. 

Carpin, Thomas — Teacher Kersey, Pa. 

Clark, Governor C. — Teacher Unity, Pa. 

Claycomb, J. Harper — Secretary 922 South Main St., Mishawaka, Ind. 

Conrath, Lionel Brady — Reporter 1410 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 

Cramer, Elnora Jean — Teacher, Brush Valley ; 

216 North Spring St., Blairsville, Pa. 

Davison, Margaret R. — Teacher Cherry Tree, Pa. 

Evans, Mrs. Helen Viola Wegley 431 South Sixth St., Indiana^ Pa. 

Fear, George William 119 Cherry St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Finn, Hardy Leonard — Teacher Barnesboro, Pa. 

Fisher, Anna Dixon — Teacher Sixth St., Clymer, Pa. 

Flanagan, Anna M. — Teacher 410 Park Way, Monessen, Pa. 

Gessler, Robert Ulrich — Employee of Sonotone Corp., 

472 South 11th St., Indiana, Pa. 

Gillespie, Jane Eileen 134 South Seventh St., Indiana, Pa. 

GoLTARA, Rena Marie (Mrs. Ben Oddi). 

Griggs, Margaret Ruth 701 Perry Highway, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Hadden, Jess S. — Principal and Teacher.. 113 Powell St., East Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Harrison, Margaret R. D. No. 1, Centerville, Pa. 

Henderson, Wilbur Wayne — Employee of Peoples Natural Gas Co., 

R. D. No. 2, Shelocta, Pa. 

HoENSTiNE, Earl Samuel — Teacher R. D., Imler, Pa. 

Holt, L. L. — Teacher Sagamore, Pa. 

Hunter, Aldine Belle (Mrs. Aldine Barmoy), 

568 Coleman Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 
Jones, Martha Geraldine (Mrs. John Carmany), 

113 Willow St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Kelley, Ralph J. — Service Station Manager, 

276 North Fourth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Kuzmiak, John 125 Pine St., Conemaugh, Pa. 

Mabius, Mary R. D. No. 3, Box 109, Blairsville, Pa. 

A L U M X I B Y C L A S S E S 303 

Mack, Geurge Weldin — Trucking Contractor Robinson, Pa. 

Maley, Grace Mary 237 PZast Tenth St., Kric, Pa. 

Martin, William Emmet High St., Saltslnirg, Pa. 

McClure, Nancy Patterson 828 Grant .St., Indiana, Pa. 

McDowell, Edward Burr 12 South Seventh St., Indiana, Pa. 

McFarland, Elizabeth — Teacher 71 River St., Salamanca, N. Y. 

Menoher, Omar C. — Teacher, Beaver Springs; Box 122, Ligonier, Pa. 

Millen, Jemima Larue — Teacher, South Mahoning Twp. ;. . . .Plumviile, Pa. 

Minns, Helen Eileen — Teacher 611 First St., DuBois, Pa. 

Nicholson, Arthur F. — Teacher, Cherryhill Twp.; 

87 Morris St., Clymer, Pa. 

Osterwise, James Clyde 329 Stanton St., Greensburg, Pa. 

Palmer, Norma M. — Interviewer, Department of Public Assistance, 

Clymer, Pa. 
Paulson, Martha J.\ne (Mrs. Donald P. Adams), 

407 Hampton Ave., W'ilkinsburg, Pa. 

Persichetti, Elmer V 122J/2 West Market St., Blairsville, Pa. 

Peters, Ruth Gladys R. D., Box 198, Jeannettc, Pa. 

Phillippi, Boyd M. — Investigator, Department of Public Assistance, 

104 West Elm St., Homer City, Pa. 

Price, A. W. — Supervising Principal Colver, Pa. 

Redding, Mrs. Catharine Gleason 354 North Eighth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Reece, Mary Lillian (Mrs. Ralph Forrester), 

992 Oakland Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

Rieg, Clara Elizabeth — Teacher 941 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 

Rimer, Lorain Camden 318 South Elk St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Samuel, David W. — Teacher R. F. D. No. 4, Johnstown, Pa. 

ScHAUER, Virginia P. — Teacher.. 120 Watkins Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgli, Pa. 
Schwab, George Frederick — Employee of Rochester and Pittsburgh Coal Co., 

633 South Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

Shields, Bertha Lois New Alexandria, Pa. 

Shields, Matthew D. — Teacher, Hempfield Twp. ; 

R. D. No. 4, Greensburg, Pa. 
Shortencarier, Francis W. — Elementary School Principal. .Barnesboro, Pa. 

Siegler, Irwin Jay 1422 Mellon St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Snively, Myrtle M. — Teacher, Bell Twp. ;..859 Sidney St., Greensburg, Pa. 

Spence, Mary Wilma 1013 Sycamore St., Connellsville, Pa. 

Stewart, Sara Naomi — Secretary, Laboratory School and Placement Bureau, 

State Teachers College, Indiana ; Route No. 1, Irwin, Pa. 

Stuchell, Mary Alice — Teacher 288 North Morrow St., Blairsville, Pa. 

TuRNBULL, Thomas H.— Teacher 124 South Mill, Ridgway, Pa. 

Turner, Barbara Ann — Graduate Student, Pennsylvania State College, 

24 Chestnut St., Kane, Pa. 

Upton, Marion Jean Sharon, Pa. 

Wonders, Charles Barnett — Substitute Teacher, 

1176 Barnett St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Public School Art Curriculum 

Barkell, Emma Tane — Art Supervisor, 

402 South Chestnut St., Scottdale, Pa. 
Bechtold, Mineirva K. — Bureau of Interior Decoration, Armstrong Linoleum 

Plant 335 North West End Ave., Lancaster. Pa. 

Cassel, Virginia BeLl — Teacher 307 Blairton Ave.. Indiana, Pa. 

Cataldo. Leona Philomen — Teacher.. 868 Kenneth Ave., New Kensington. Pa. 

Hamilton, Julia Inez — Teacher 10 Shady Lane, Uniontown. Pa. 

Klink, Mary Louise 166 Cooper Ave.. Johnstown, Pa. 

Messner, Margaret Louise — Student, Moore Institute of Art, Philadelphia ; 

428 Church St., Millersburg, Pa. 

304 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Paul, Fae A. — Art Supervisor, Cambria Twp. ; 

129 Sheridan St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Ripple, Georgia — Art Supervisor 614 Oak St., Johnstov^rn, Pa. 

Shapiro, Miriam — Substitute Teacher 1327 Moravia St., New Castle, Pa. 

Stephenson, Janet 1102 Carlisle St., Tarentum, Pa. 

Taggart, Dorothy — Teacher 1094 Oakland Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

Wesner, Josephine Augusta — Teacher, Hempfield Twp. ; 

424 Franklin St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Wilson, Doris Sylvia — Teacher, Upper Darby ; 

3919 North Eighth St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Winger, Sara Elizabeth — Art Supervisor, Montoursville ; 

310 North Seventh St., Indiana, Pa. 

Business Education Curriculum 

Alam, Wadad Theresa — Teacher 142 Station St., Aliquippa, Pa. 

Anderson, Clara E. — Teacher Meadow Ave., Unity, Pa. 

Armstrong, Evelyn Mae — Teacher, Etna, Pittsburgh ; 

Princeton, New Castle, Pa. 
Bocci, Theresa Margaret — Teacher, Cresson;. .314 Division St., Gallitzin, Pa. 

Boot, Alvin Ellis — Teacher 149 Crawford St., Homestead Park, Pa. 

Bowman, Martha Jane — Teacher 342 South Richard St., Bedford, Pa. 

Clegg, Eleanor — Teacher Universal, Pa. 

Cobek, John G. — Teacher 589 East End Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Corliss, B. Gardner — Teacher 329 Jackson St., Reynoldsville, Pa. 

Crisman, Florence R. — Teacher, Knox ; Olanto, Pa. 

Doyle, Frances Mary — Teacher, Broad Top Twp.; Defiance, Pa. 

Eisaman, Grace K. — Teacher, Curwensville ; 

722 Alexander St., Greensburg, Pa. 
Fleming, L. Paulene — Teacher, Smethport; 

122 North Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Floro, Rose M. (Mrs. Rose M. Floro-Arone) — Teacher Van Meter, Pa. 

Hartman, Herman G. — Teacher 528 Lynn St., Bethlehem, Pa. 

Hess, James William — Teacher 1240 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 

Hess, Sara Eleanor — Teacher, Shanksville;. .R. D. No. 1, State College, Pa. 
Jones, Joseph H. — Head of Commercial Dept., Conemaugh Twp. ; 

938 Franklin St., Johnstown, Pa. 

KovACH, Louise Margaret — Teacher, Westover ; Curwensville, Pa. 

Martin, Ethel I. — Teacher 118 Franklin Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

McNaul, Jane Catherine — Secretary, 

236 Susquehanna Ave., Curwensville, Pa. 

Nolan, Kenneth L. — Teacher 407 Fourth St., Reynoldsville, Pa. 

Norder, Carl E. — Teacher, Corning, N. Y. ; . . R. F. D. No. 2, Sugar Grove, Pa. 

Pickles, Mary Hollidaysburg, Pa. 

Piranian, Mrs. Mary Roberta Caldwell (Mrs. William Piranian), 

4934 North 13th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Rees, Marian — Substitute Teacher.. 196 Vermont Ave., Daytona Beach, Fla. 

Robertson, Warde W. — Teacher, Ross Twp. ; Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Schrall, Elizabeth Theresa — Teacher Davidsville, Pa. 

Segel, Carolyn Hope — Teacher 409 Coleman Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Snyder, Mary Jane (Mrs. Dale C. Hawkins) — Teacher, Franklin Twp., 

Murrysville ; 510 Hay St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Stepanchak, Mary — Teacher, Hooversville ; 

dZl South Darr Ave., Farrell, Pa. 

Thomas, Richard R. — Teacher 632 Ogontz St., York, Pa. 

Thompson, Dorothea Ethelyn — Teacher, Belle Vernon ; 

523 Second Ave., Johnsonburg, Pa. 

Tweed, Geraldine — Teacher 1033 School St., Indiana, Pa. 

VozAR, Kalman J. — Teacher 413 Penney St., McKeesport, Pa. 

A L U M N I B Y C L A S S E S 305 

Walker, Milton W. — Teacher Commodore, Pa. 

Wiley, Robert Moreiiead — Teacher 246 North Fifth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Williams, Helen Mae — Teacher 192 Fifth St., Walnutport, Pa. 

Home Economics Curriculum 

Brewer, Virginia Lewis — Teacher Elizabethtown, Pa. 

GuYER, Elizabeth — Teacher 105 East Keeler St., Mcchanicsburg, Pa. 

KooNTZ, Evelyn Kathryn — Teacher, R. D. No. 1, New Kensington; 

75 North Fourth St., Indiana, Pa. 
MuNDEN, Hester Arlene — Teacher, Ross Twp. ; 

R. D. No. 2, Greensburg, Pa. 

Patton, S.vrah E. — Teacher 931 Chestnut St., Indiana, Pa. 

Porter, Lillian E. — Teacher, Ebensburg ; 651 Locust St., Indiana, Pa. 

Reuter, Helen Frances (Mrs. Edward C. Lepley) — Teacher, Commodore; 

Ernest, Pa. 
Rummell, Nina Rountree — Teacher, Arnold ; 

1129 Highland St., Tarentum, Pa. 

Shaul, Dorothy V. — Teacher, Ambridge ; Manorville, Pa. 

Shea, Betty (Mrs. Blair W. Weber) — Teacher, Ford City ;. .Sykesville, Pa. 

Swartz, Grace Louise — Teacher, Centerville; West Brownsville, Pa. 

Tru.xal, Rebecca Ruth — Teacher R. D. No. 5, Greensburg, Pa. 

N'incent, Dorcas Irene — Director of Home Economics, Sheffield; 

Ford City, Pa. 

Weaver, Vircini.\ — Teacher 49 Osborne St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Y.\TEs, Marguerite (Mrs. Park Y. Rankin) — Teacher, 

R. D. No. 2, Canonsburg, Pa. 

Public School Music Curriculum 

Campbell, Mary Belle — Music Supervisor. .. .1201 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 
Campbell, W. Paul — Director of Music, Friedens ; 

237 Strayer St., Johnstown, Pa. 
Cramer, Willia.m S. — Music Supervisor, Clymer ; 

485 Dorothy Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Ellenberger, Alice E. — Teacher R. D. No. 2, Kittanning, Pa. 

Gaston, Kennard D. — Music Supervisor. .. .192 David St., Johnstown, Pa. 

(jOrton, Charlotte Lois — Teacher of Piano Brownfield, Pa. 

Hammerschmitt, Elizabeth — Teacher, North Side, Pittsburgh ; 

356 Ridgewood Ave., West View, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Marlin, Betty Lucille— Teacher Saegertown, Pa. 

Masterson, Garcia Roe — Music Supervisor Box 12, Reno, Pa. 

Maurer, Dorothy — Music Supervisor, 

c/o A. J. Maurer, 115 East Liberty St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Mitchell, Grace D. — Music Supervisor, 

1137 Wightman St., Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
RouTCH, W. Valgene — Music Supervisor. .763 Grandview Ave., Rockwood, Pa. 
White, Ruth G. — Teacher, Bellevue, Pittsburgh ; 

475 Reed Ave., Monessen, Pa. 

CLASS OF 1939 

President Norman Edmund Davis 

Vice President Raymond Ward Gittings 

Secretary Anne Margaret O'Hara 

Treasurer Myrtle Mae Miller 

Elementary Curriculums 
(Kindergarten - Primary and Intermediate) 

.AcREE, LiLLiE — Building Principal and Teacher, 

626 Fourth Ave., Freedom, Pa. 
.•\.\DERSON, Ixgrid Sophi A . . . . 1 271 Brinton Road, Forest Hills, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

306 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Bayer, Eliza Virginia — Teacher, New Enterprise; Loysburg, Pa. 

Beechey, Elizabeth — Teacher 1050 Chestnut St., Nanty-Glo, Pa. 

Beechey, Mildred Sixth St., Clymer, Pa. 

BiROLO, Mary Margaret — Teacher 419 South Fifth St., Jeannette, Pa. 

Black, Mildred O.— Teacher R. D. No. 3, Box 118, Altoona, Pa. 

Blose, Melzena Belle — Teacher 1079 School St., Indiana, Pa. 

Boyd, N. Isabell — Teacher 118 East Nittany Ave., State College, Pa. 

Campbell, Anne Bauersmith— Teacher, 

1237 Pennsylvania Ave., Oakmont, Pa. 

CiPRA, Anna Josephine — Teacher Box 523, Irwin, Pa. 

CouRSON, Ethel — Teacher 206 Hancock Ave., "V'andergrift, Pa. 

Cox, Ruth M. — Teacher, Clymer ; 138 North Ninth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Cratty, Caroline — Teacher, Robinson Twp. ; 

25 White Ave., Crafton, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Dobson, Dorothy Irvine — Teacher Sykesville, Pa. 

Dorsey, June Marie — Substitute Teacher, 

2129 Duquesne St., Myer Park, McKeesport, Pa. 

Evans, Ruth — Teacher, Springdale ; R. D. No. 4, Indiana, Pa. 

Ferrarotti, Jenny Mary — Teacher 246 Wallace Ave., Leechburg, Pa. 

Foster, Mary Jane — Teacher, Logan Twp. ; 

2622 West Chestnut Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Glassford, Helen K. — Teacher 1249 West Church St., Indiana, Pa. 

Harvey, Betty R. — Teacher 511 Fifth St., Clearfield, Pa. 

Hoke, Helen K. — Teacher, Lewistown ;. .311 North Fourth St., Newport, Pa. 
Holman, Angie Jeanne (Mrs. John H. Ellis) — Teacher, 

Manor Road, R. D. No. 7, Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Ja\'ens, Elizabeth List — Teacher 493 Adams St., Rochester, Pa. 

Johns, Virginia Ruth — Teacher 1236 Franklin Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Johnston, Margaret E 632 Beverly Road, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Jones, Rachael — File Clerk, Harrisburg ;. .1019 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

KoRB, Mae Anna — Teacher R. D. No. 1, Box 81, Grampian, Pa. 

Lemon, Helen Virginia 

Lena, Theresa Rose — Teacher New Derry, Pa. 

Little, Mrs. Mae Kearney 342 Wood Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Lloyd, Mary Katharine — Teacher, Colver ; Hastings, Pa. 

MacKeen, Mary K. — Teacher 18 West Church St., Uniontown, Pa. 

Martinelli, Emma Corinne — Teacher, 

605 Lenox Ave., Forest Hills, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

McAfee, Edna L. — Teacher Rennerdale, Pa. 

McAfee, Esther L. — Teacher Rennerdale, Pa. 

McCuTCHEON, Alma Mae 314 Hancock Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Miller, Anna Louise — Teacher, Clarksburg; 

1470 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Moore, Dorothy Pearl — Teacher Colver, Pa. 

Pardoe, Ruth Elizabeth 832 Franklin St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Rihn, Mary Pauline — Teacher, 

524 Berkshire Ave., Brookline, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Schlabig, Ella Blanche 259 Melwood St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Sexauer, Julia Frances 501 Fourth St., Braddock, Pa. 

Shearin, Ruth Elizabeth — Teacher '. Point Marion, Pa. 

SnnERD, Olive — Teacher Commodore, Pa. 

Sorber, Jane Anne — Teacher 132 Walnut St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Stahl, Lucy Mahala — Teacher South Railroad St., Manor, Pa. 

Tuttle. AIarion Jane — Teacher, Rossiter ;. .401 West Front St., Oil City, Pa. 

Urey, Frances G. — Teacher 921 Broadway, East McKeesport, Pa. 

Wallace, Esther E. — Teacher, East Wheatfield Twp. ; 

428 Oakland Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 
Watt, Olive Margaret — Teacher, Penn Twp; R. D. No. 1, Jeannette, Pa. 


Weaver, Marion F. — Substitute Teacher 1238 Fourth Ave., Ford City, Pa. 

YouNT, Doris Lucretia — Teacher.. 122 East Madison Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Secondary Curriculum 

AuLD, Floyd William 99 Juniper St., Homer City, Pa. 

Bell, Tilelma Irene — Teacher, Saltsburg ; 1 Ionic, Pa. 

BiANK, Francis Eugene Big Run, Pa. 

Boyd, Richard Gnacey 364 Stoystown Road, Somerset, Pa. 

Brassfield, Eileen M. — Student, State Teachers College. 

308 South Seventh St., Indiana, Pa. 
Carlson, Morris Emerson — Student in Airplane Mechanics, 

Sylvan Dell Road, R. D. Nol 1, South Williamsport, Pa. 

Caroff, Wayne John Beaverdale, Pa. 

Chapman, Clarence Joseph — Teacher Beaverdale, Pa. 

Chesnutt, Ray Miller — Teacher Colwell Arnold Bldg., Kittanning, Pa. 

DoT-ro, Anthony James Flinton, Pa. 

Esch, Hazel A. — Teacher, Vandergrift ;... .399 South Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Fitzpatrick, Mary Louise 319 Haynes St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Forsha, William Donald — Salesman. .162 West Chestnut St., Blairsville, Pa. 

FuLLERTON, GuRNEY R. — Teacher Morris St., Clymer, Pa. 

Gendich, Stephen M. — Designing Engineer. .13598 Ryan Road, Detroit, Mich. 

Gilmore, Sarah 228 Lobinger Ave., North Braddock, Pa. 

Golish, Stephen J. — Teacher Commodore, Pa. 

Goodman, Betty — Teacher, East Freedom; 712 Broadway, Altoona, Pa. 

Graffius, Nan Pearl — Teacher 420 Ridge Ave., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Gross, Harold Benjamin — Salesman 127 Helen St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Guthrie, Margaret Hamilton — Student, State Teachers College, 

1251 Washington St., Indiana, Pa. 

Harrick, George — Business 433 South Main St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Hart, Theresa Mae — Supervisor of Writing Morris St., Clymer, Pa. 

Helsel, Howard Lewis — Teacher, Conemaugh Twp. ; 

Box 126, Hollsopple, Pa. 
Hensel, Robert Penn — Coal Testing Laboratory, Rochester and Pittsburgh 

Coal Co 257 College Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

JoBE, Roberta — Senior Typist and Clerk, Harrisburg ; 

298 Station Ave., Indiana, Pa. 
Keough, John Ellsworth — Supervisor of Writing, Greensburg ; 

115 West Fourth Ave., Derry, Pa. 
Kinter, Lynn S. — Statistical Clerk, United States Department of Agriculture, 

7117 Sellers Ave., Upper Darby, Pa. 

Krouse, Stephen Box 134, Beaverdale, Pa. 

Leonard, Blair Thomas — Public Interviewer Barnesboro, Pa. 

Long, Esco Charles — Teacher 899 Wagner St., Nanty-Glo, Pa. 

Mancuso, Grace Marie — Part-time Librarian, 

311 Morrison Ave., Greensburg, Pa. 
Matejczyk, Blair J. — Substitute Teacher. .. .West Branch, Barnesboro, Pa. 

Matejczyk, Stanley — Teacher, St. Mary's College Orchard Lake, Mich. 

McQuowN, Andrew Bellis — Teacher MahafFey, Pa. 

Nemec, Frank — Insurance Agent Universal, Pa. 

OvERDORFF, Mrs. Dorothy Helen Clawson (Mrs. Paul R. Overdorff), 

R. D. No. 4, Indiana, Pa. 

Phillips, Bette Mae Joffre, Pa. 

Plesniak, Angela Rachelle — Substitute Teacher, 

2000 Luray Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 
Powell, Frances Marie (Mrs. Vincent B. Way land) — Student, Eastern 
Baptist Theological Seminary, 

City Line and Lancaster Aves., Overbrook, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Repine, Helen M. — Teacher 171 Burrell St., Blairsville, Pa. 

308 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Roberts, Jean — Temporary Teacher Box 574, Ford City, Pa. 

Shaffer, Ella Elizabeth 242 Clymer Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

Shirley, Elsie Louise — Student, State Teachers College, Indiana; 

R. D. No. 3, Shelocta, Pa. 
Smith, Sara Elizabeth — Student, Berea College, Berea, Ky. ; 

245 South Seventh St., Indiana^ Pa. 

St. Clair, Ada Elizabeth 935 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

SuTiLA, Joseph — Teacher Box 132, Alverda, Pa. 

Waugaman, Lois Melba — Teacher 1211 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 

White, Elzie Mitchell — Assistant Field Superintendent, Humphrey, Stone, 

McCall, Inc 516 North Jefferson St., Kittanning, Pa. 

WiNSHEiMER, Frank Roy— Building Principal and Teacher, Aultman ; 

R. D. No. 1, Indiana, Pa. 
WoHLER, Charles R. — Principal of Elementary School, 

R. D. No. 1, Indiana, Pa. 
Zeitler, Vernon A. — Teacher 700 Wayne Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

Public School Art Curriculum 

Allshouse, Grace — Teacher, Clairton ; Shelocta, Pa. 

Atkins, Geraldine (Mrs. Robert V. Dunn), 

141 South College St., Washington, Pa. 

Davis, Norman Edmund — Art Supervisor, Elizabethtown ; Dixonville, Pa. 

Finch, Mardella — Teacher Delano, Pa. 

Kramer, Katherine A. (Mrs. Alfred J. Wise), 

5880 Cote St., Antoine Road, N. D. G., Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 
Lang, Sara Emma — Teacher, Baldwin Twp. ; 

2821 Voelkel Ave., Dormont, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
O'Hara, Anne Margaret — Art Supervisor, Boswell ; 

1833 Funston Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Pantall, Lillian Helene— Teacher 221 East Eighth St., Homestead, Pa. 

Wood, Barbara — Student, West Chester State Teachers College, 

3016 North Second St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Business Education Curriculum 

Abele, Joseph R. — Teacher 707 Chestnut St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Allison, George Edward, Jr. — Teacher Graceton, Pa. 

Anderson, Charles Robert — Teacher, Leonard Business College, 

R. D. No. 5, Indiana, Pa. 
AvERiLL, Kathryn L. — Teacher, Cherry Tree ; 

111 Jenks Ave., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Beach Y, Dixie — Teacher, Salisbury ; 7231 Hermitage St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

BuHiTE, Evelyn — Teacher, Clarion ; Sykesville, Pa. 

BuRKHART, Agnes Cecilia — Teacher Gaithersburg, Md. 

Clark, Virginia M. — Teacher, Creighton ; 531 Roup St., Tarentum, Pa. 

Cole, Hazel Eileen — Teacher Mill Hall, Pa. 

Dailey, John Francis Box 87, Hastings, Pa. 

Davis, Jean Williams — Teacher.. 400 South Market St., Mechanicsburg, Pa. 

Davis, William Ashley Mclntyre, Pa. 

DeSantis, Dolores — Secretary, Indiana ; Dayton, Pa. 

Ebner, Kathryn Elizabeth — Teacher 147 Main St., Leechburg, Pa. 

Elbel, Melvin Park — Teacher 220 Lafayette Ave.. Palmerton, Pa. 

Fogle, Helen R. — Teacher, Ebensburg; Maple St., Pleasantville, Pa. 

Geisbert, Charlotte La-Verne — Teacher. .. .109 Walnut St., Brookville, Pa. 

Gilbert, Jane Louise 907 Jefferson Ave., Tyrone, Pa. 

Gravelle, John William — Teacher 501 Stewart St., Turtle Creek, Pa. 

Griffith, Lillian L. — Teacher, Houtzdale;. .201 Ridge Ave., Curwensville, Pa. 
Handler, Mary — Teacher, Glen Campbell ;. .429 East Water St., Indiana, Pa. 


Henry, Ethel Adelaide 417 South Pennsylvania Ave, Apollo, Pa. 

Howe, Mildred Josephine — Teacher, Rural Valley; 

843 Maple St., Indiana. Pa. 
Jones, John Freas — Office Worker, Harrisburg; 

1019 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Kirelavage, Albina Alice — Teacher 210 Spring St., Frackville, Pa. 

KuHN, Elfrieda Grace — Substitute Teacher 340 Kenny St., Pitcairn, Pa. 

Marcus, Sylvia B 300 North Fifth St., Indiana, Pa. 

McGiNNis, Cornelia A. — Teacher Genesee, Pa. 

McMiNN, Loreth.\ Bane — Teacher. .. .121 East Wylie Ave., Washington, Pa. 
Miller, Myrtle Mae — Teacher, West Middlesex ; 

209 Onondaga Ave., Warren, Pa. 
Mitchell, Isobel P. (Mrs. T. I. Menefee) — Teacher, 

131 Park Ave., New Castle, Pa. 
Munger, Alice Emily — Teacher, Rimersburg ; 

South Washington St., North East, Pa. 

Pezzuti, Helen Robert.v — Teacher, Sagamore ; Kent, Pa. 

Reed, Thomas Russell — Teacher 613 Jackson St., Reynoldsville, Pa. 

Reynolds, Robert Powers — Teacher, Meadville Commercial College, 

Meadville; 333 West Walnut St., Titusville, Pa. 

Robertson, Lucille M. — Teacher 902 Main St., Reynoldsville, Pa. 

Romeo, Rocco S. — Clerk 37 South 11th St., Indiana, Pa. 

Roth, Ralph R. — Clerk, Clearfield Bituminous Coal Corp.. 

925 Wayne Ave., Indiana, Pa. 
RuRA, GusTiE Edward — Cashier, 

c/o Bondras, 17-25 Forty-seventh St., Sunnyside, Long Island, N. Y. 

Seifert, Richard Francis — Teacher 666 Grove Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Slick, Charles W. — Teacher 302 Catherine Ave., Brqwnsville, Pa. 

Smith, Edna Mae — Teacher, Arnold ; 2415 German St., Erie, Pa. 

Trunzo, Elizabeth Florence — Secretary 2054 Zarker St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Weamer, Raymond — Clerk 259 North Seventh St., Indiana, Pa. 

Wherry, Chauncey H. — Teacher 232 Third Ave., Derry, Pa. 

Williams. Harry Edgar — Teacher 340 Lake St., South Fork, Pa. 

Wright, Harriet M. — Teacher, 

309 Ridgewood Ave.. West View, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Zanzuccki, Albert Anthony — Teacher 890 Second St., Nanty-Glo, Pa. 

Home Economics Curriculum 

Beattie, Joanna H. — Teacher, Penn Twp. ; 

363 Pennsylvania Ave., Oakniont, Pa. 

BoARTs, Josephine LaRue — Teacher R. D. No. 1, Kittanning, Pa. 

Bodendorfer, Wilhelmina K. — Teacher R. D. No. 1, Turtle Creek, Pa. 

Branthaver, Ione — Teacher Hustontown, Pa. 

Byers, Betty (Mrs. Bruce H. Dinsmore) — Teacher, Brooklyn; 

51 Ridge Ave., Homer City, Pa. 

Davis, Betty Jane — Teacher 301 Ninth St., West Newton, Pa. 

Faust, Beatrice A. — Teacher, Enola ;. . . .1957 Chestnut St., Harrisburg, Pa. 
Grinder, Pauline Elizabeth — Teacher, New Kensington ;.. Putneyville, Pa. 
Henderson, Marion Russell — Teacher, Baldwin Twp. ; 

3332 Bookman Ave., Brentwood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Holt, Catherine — Teacher Marion Center, Pa. 

Horner, Eleanore Lee — Teacher 305 West Fourth St., Emporium, Pa. 

Kebe, Margaret — Teacher Route No. 2, Coraopolis, Pa. 

Kensinger, Marth.\ Jean — Teacher, Uniontown ; Star Junction, Pa. 

;Laine, Katherine — Teacher 175 Glenn St.. Johnstown, Pa. 

Lauffer, Vera Irene — Teacher, Homer City;..R. D. No. 2, Jeannette. Pa. 
Mason, Ruth Emma — Teacher, Jefferson;. .15 College Ave., Greenville, Pa. 
.Sanner, Ruth Lynn — Teacher 347 Lincoln St., Johnstown, Pa. 


SwAYNE, Janet E. — Teacher 615 Maplewood Ave., Ambridge, Pa. 

Tiffany, Betty E. — Teacher, Castle Shannon ;. .421 North St., Meadville, Pa. 

Uhler, Ruth N. — Teacher, Lebanon; 636 Wayne Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

Weikert, Beulah M. — Teacher, Western Pennsylvania School for Deaf, 

228 Oakview Ave., Edgewood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Whitacre, Garnett Lorraine — Teacher Dayton, Pa. 

Wonder, Vieva La Verne — Teacher 751 McMillen St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Public School Music Curriculum 

Anderson, Elizabeth C. — Music Supervisor, Heilwood ;.. Rochester Mills, Pa. 
Astor, Franklin Oscar — Teacher, 

1727 Woodmont Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 
Cardellino, Robert Charles — Music Supervisor, Hastings ; 

303 Stewart St., Blairsville, Pa. 

Coaxes, Frances M. — Music Supervisor 18 Oak St., Towanda, Pa. 

Ewing, Virginia Fairman — Music Supervisor Elders Ridge, Edri, Pa. 

GiPE, Ida Maralee — Music Supervisor, St. Thomas and Hamilton Twps. ; 

California St., Mercersburg, Pa. 
Gittings, Raymond W'ard — Music Supervisor, 

309 South Cherry St., Ebensburg, Pa. 
Hess, Eleanor K. — Music Supervisor, Seward;.. Box No. 3, Armagh, Pa. 

Irey, Janet — Music Supervisor 221 East Eighth Ave., Homestead, Pa. 

Johnston, Marjorie Edith — Music Supervisor, 

317 Fourth St., Philipsburg, Pa. 
Kanable, Betty Mae — Teacher. Ulster ; . . 202 Thirteenth St., Indiana, Pa. 

KiTTO, William J. — Teacher, Thorn Hill School Warrendale, Pa. 

Koontz, Enid Lucile — Teacher.... 146 Tillman Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Magill, Elizabeth A. — Teacher 546 Fourth St., Pitcairn, Pa. 

McGregor, Dorothy Jane — Music Supervisor, 

1104 Twenty-second Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Mottey, Frances J Clymer, Pa. 

Munn, Ross L. — Teacher.. 32 Greenhill Road, Millvale, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Renton, Elizabeth A. — Music Supervisor, 

110 Oakview Ave., Edgewood, Pittsburgh Pa. 
Salovich, Mary D. — Substitute Teacher. .. .1002 Church St., Johnstown, Pa.. 
Sauers, Mary Leona — Music Supervisor, Beaverdale ; 

257 Laurel Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Sell, Kenneth M. — Music Supervisor, Jay Twp. ; Weedville, Pa.. 

Singer, Chester Jerome — Music Supervisor Salisbury, Pa. 

Steele, William Monroe— Teacher 216 Morewood Ave., Blairsville, Pa. 

Weyant, Erlamond Anne — Music Supervisor, Boswell ; 

210 Sumner St., Cresson, Pa. 
YouNKiN, Margaret Elizabeth — Teacher. .222 Salisbury St., Meyersdale, Pa.. 

CLASS OF 1940 

President Warren Walter Davis 

Vice President Margaret Ellen Carnahan 

Secretary Robert J. Killen 

Treasurer Earl Howard Stockdale 

Class Recorder Jane Elizabeth Hollenbach 

Elementary Curriculums 
(Kindergarten - Primary and Intermediate) 

Allison, Ida Louise — Teacher, Richland Twp. : Gibsonia, Pa. 

Anderson, Isabel Chandlee 1052 Eighth Ave., Brackenridge, Pa.. 


Aten, Evelyn Knight — Teacher, Burrell Twp. ; 

703 Washington Ave., CarncRic, Pa. 

Banks, Makian Lucile — Teacher 1308 Carlisle St., Tarentum, Pa. 

Bartlev, Carriedna 2343 Candace St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Beechey, Sara Mildred — Teacher 1050 Chestnut St., Xanty-fjln, Pa. 

Bond, Rtthodel 320 North Seventh St., Indiana, Pa. 

BoswELL, Catherine Alberta 1112 Indiana Ave., Monaca, Pa. 

Brown. Betty Beighel — Teacher, Bedford Co.; 515 Bellview St., Altoona, Pa. 

Calhoun, Helen Mae — Office Worker. .. .545 Grandview Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

Campbell, Ethel Madalyn Black Lick, Pa. 

Corbett, Helen Lorraine — Teacher, Penn Twp.; 

R. D. No. 1, Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Crist, Mrs. Ruth Kinter — Teacher R. D. Xo. 3, Indiana, Pa. 

Crum, Dorothy Eileen — Teacher, Clymer ; 

318 Ninth Ave., Juniata, Altoona, Pa. 

Donahue, Mary Lucille : Heilwood, Pa. 

Eldred, Madaline Elaine — Teacher, Union Twp. ; 

32 Third Ave., Union City, Pa. 

Evans, Catherine Dowling 23 Clarion St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Pick, Doris Jean — Teacher, Saxton;. . . .38 North Main St., Robertsdale, Pa. 

FiTZPA TRICK, Mrs. Remola E. Davis 1328 N. W. 32nd St., Miami, Fla. 

Fleming, Catherine Louise 1228 Sheridan Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Froyd, Edna C. — Elementary Principal 218 Walnut .St., Clearfield, Pa. 

Gates, Mary Virginia 139 Comrie Ave., Braddock, Pa. 

Geiger, Ida Agnes 1042 Wilson Ave., Kittanning, Pa. 

GiANNiNO. Josephine (Mrs. John Monaco) — Teacher, Tide; 

R. D. Xo. 3, Homer City, Pa. 

Gilmore, Geraldine Elizabeth R. D. No. 2, Kennerdell, Pa. 

Glasser, Alice Kathryn — Teacher, Ravne Twp. : 

R. D. No. 1, Marion Center, Pa. 

Glenn, William Arthur — Teacher, Young Twp. ; Sykesville, Pa. 

Green, Erma Isabel 54 Park Place, Midland, Pa. 

Gross, Florence Roberta Rockland Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Halady, Mai^y Ann — Teacher, Ernest; R. D. No. 3, Indiana, Pa. 

Hamilton, Mrs. Elda Mae Hunt 299 Sell St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Harr, Bethel Margaretta Alum Bank, Pa. 

Hepner, Alice V. — Teacher 1825 Eleventh Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Hepner. Eunice Irene — Teacher 908 Caldwell Ave., Portage, Pa. 

HoEY, Dorothy Jane 550 South Seventli St., Indiana, Pa. 

Holowasko, Helen — -Teacher Franklin St., Clymer, Pa. 

HooKS, Helen Elizabeth — Teacher 349 Franklin Ave., Kittanning, Pa. 

Hoynoski, Dorothy Dolores — Teacher.. 926 Seventh St., New Kensington, Pa. 

Kepler, Rhoda Jane Ill East Second Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Kieffer, Elsie Mollie 218 Dewey St., Edgewood, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

King, Lucille Martha — Teacher R. D. No. 5, Indiana, Pa. 

Krider, Dorothea Mae R. D. No. 3, Box 122, Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Lemon, Marjorie Caroline Saltsburg, Pa. 

Lloyd, Mildred Louise — Teacher, Blair Co. ; R. D. No. 2, Box 45, Altoona, Pa. 

Luchsinger, William James 322 South Stewart St., Blairsville, Pa. 

Lyke, Ruth Elizabeth — Teacher, Y''oung Twp. ; 

211 South Jefferson St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Maher, Helen Winifred — Teacher. Clymer;.. 317 Penn Ave., Leechburg, Pa. 

McClelland, Orveta Minnie — Teacher. .. .R. D. No. 3. Punxsutawney, Pa. 

McFarland, Alice Louise — Teacher 719 Doolittle Ave., Carnegie, Pa. 

McQuiLKiN, Jane Walker 300 South Seventh St.. Indiana, Pa. 

Michaelson, Mary Frances 834 Vermont Glassport, Pa. 

Miller, Dorcas Ruth — Teacher Floral Ave.. Leechburg. Pa. 

Miller, Sara Marie — Teacher, Dale Boro., 

R. D. No. 4, Benscreek. Johnstown. Pa. 


MiNSER, Anna Louise 336 Blairton Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

MoNTAG, Doris Ellen — Teacher, Manor; North Second St., Apollo, Pa. 

Moore, Agnes Romaine — Teacher.. 501 East Mahoning St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

MoRLACH, Jean — Teacher Glassmere, Pa. 

MouNTsiER, Sarah A. — Teacher.. 205 Lincoln Ave., Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Myers, Marie Louise Whitney,Pa. 

Nicholas, Eva Ruth— Teacher R. D. No. 5, Indiana, Pa. 

O'Lanick, Mayme Main St., Sykesville, Pa. 

Orr, Marckelle Lillian — Teacher 156 Jefferson Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Parros, Helen Dorothy 6103 Stanton Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Patch, Florence G. — Teacher 214 Chandler Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Payne, Marion Louise 837 Rebecca Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Picking, Edith Jane 525 Grove Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Pomeroy, Alma Ruth — Teacher 96 Franklin St., Clymer, Pa. 

Potter, Wilma Grace 1705 Miriam St., Swissvale, Pa. 

Shapiro, Mary Jane Black Lick, Pa. 

Shiesl, Ella May — Teacher, Mann's Choice; 

1912 Somerset Ave., Windber, Pa. 

Smith, Isabel 9 Jaco Apts., Uniontown, Pa. 

Sprowls, Thelma E.— Teacher, Heilwood; R. D. No. 1, Canonsburg, Pa. 

Stackhouse, Anne 273 Fairfield Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Stark, Margaret Jean Export, Pa. 

Straitiff, Adelene Helen — Teacher, Walston ; 

207 Woodland Ave.,, Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Surra, Emma Matilda — Teacher, Portland Mills ; Kersey, Pa. 

Swanson, Mabel Irene — Teacher, Clymer ; 

401 Bloomington Ave., Curwensville, Pa. 

Sybert, Helen Marie — Teacher 1065 Cardiff Road, Nanty-Glo, Pa. 

Thurstin, Betty Jane School St., Curwensville, Pa. 

Wallace, Myrtle Alth a R. D. No. 3, Irwin, Pa. 

Walthour, Emily Clare New Stanton, Pa. 

Wendt, Mrs. Bernice Wirtz 115 Farragut Ave., Vandergrift, Pa. 

Wible, Edith Lorene R. D, No. 3, Box 315, Kittanning, Pa. 

Wilden, Helen Lucille— Substitute Teacher 1273 School St, Indiana, Pa. 

Wulfert, Anna Esther Berwinsdale, Pa. 

Zellman, Thelma Sophia— Teacher Ernest, Pa. 

Zucco, Genevieve Victoria Westmoreland City, Pa. 

Secondary Curriculum 

Abell, Mrs. Marion Allison — Teacher, Ohio ; 

116 South Tenth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Allen, Robert Carl Route 4, Franklin, Pa. 

Barnett, Fredericka Natalie R. D. No. 5, St. Clair Road, Johnstown, Pa. 

Bashista, Joseph Francis Barnesboro, Pa. 

Bloom, Everett CLAiR^Teacher, Colver ; Ridge Ave., Curwensville, Pa. 

Bovard, Twila — Teacher, Ambridge ; 522 Stewart Ave., Grove City, Pa. 

Cable, Percy Lewis— Teacher, Shade Twp. ; Cairnbrook, Pa. 

Chenet, Joseph Charles 570 Jefferson St., Rochester, Pa. 

Diehl, Edgar Dale R. D. No. 1, Bedford, Pa. 

Dietrich, Katherine Florence 817 Pennsylvania Ave., Monaca, Pa. 

Everett, Edward George 302 Fifth Ave., Tarentum, Pa. 

FiSANiCK, Andrew — Teacher Box 584, Barnesboro, Pa. 

Glassford, Mary Ruth 446 Locust St., Indiana, Pa. 

Griest, William Penn 1011 Chestnut Ave., Barnesboro, Pa. 

Grosklos, Richard Ralph 709 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Hamill, Mary Viola— Teacher Plumville, Pa. 

Hamilton, Howard Vernon Box 2, North Apollo, Pa. 

Henderson, Joseph Ralston — Teacher, Coal Run ; Edri, Star Route, Pa. 

A L U M X I B Y C L A S S E S 313 

HouK, Richard Rekd — Aviator 228 South Sixth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Johnston, James Stewart — Teacher, Kane;.. 333 College Ave., Indiana, Pa. 
Kauffman, Francis Emerson — Teacher, Hempfield Twp. ;..New Stanton, Pa. 
Kelley, Russell William — Teacher, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh ; 

Box 205, Universal, Pa. 

Kelly, Ernest Kenneth 1049 Washington St., Indiana, Pa. 

Kier, William Ralph — Teacher, Brady Twp.; Helvetia, Pa. 

Killen, Robert Jay 521 Second St., Cresson, Pa. 

KoBAN, John 157 Vaughn St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Kuntz, Martha Valier, Pa. 

Liggett, Julia Marie New Florence, Pa. 

Lingenfelter, William Watson — Teacher, Rayne Twp.; Home, Pa. 

Marshall, Dean Byron Templeton, Pa. 

McHugh, Margaret B.— Teacher 1574 Robert St., Nanty-Glo, Pa. 

MiNNiCH, Virginia Jean 739 West Broadway, Red Lion, Pa. 

Mitchell, Ralph Black 928 Fifty-eighth St., Altoona, Pa. 

Moore, Julia Garnet 72)^ Warren Ave., Apollo, Pa. 

Motily, Michael 822 Spring St., North Braddock, Pa. 

New, Charles Joseph SSYi Market St., Blairsville, Pa. 

Noel, Paul 707 West First Ave., Derry, Pa. 

Nosal, Walter Stanley Jerome, Pa. 

Ober, Galen Levi Box 107, Clymer, Pa. 

Paul, Ira Sidney 297 Fairfield Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Paulisick, John George R. D. No. 1, West Newton, Pa. 

Pore, George William — Teacher, Sewickley Twp. ; 

R. D. No. 1, West Newton, Pa. 
Rankin, James Rogers — Teacher. Commodore; 

238 Church St., Homer City, Pa. 
Reamer, Charles Allen — Teacher, Westmoreland Co. ; 

315 Vernon St., New Kensington, Pa. 

Rees, Ann Price 47 Pearl St., Wellsboro, Pa. 

Remley, Dan Fred 1029 East Washington St., New Castle, Pa. 

Rich, Dominic Daniel 202 North Fifth St., Jeannette, Pa. 

Sariscak, Joseph 251 East 16th St., Homestead, Pa. 

Schall, Merle Theodore Waterson St., Elderton, Pa. 

Schrecengost, Lee Roy Ellsworth — Teacher, Sagamore; 

R. D. No. 6, Box 247. Kittanning, Pa. 

Sinclair, James Richard R. D. No. 2, Box 12, Barnesboro, Pa. 

Steetle, Jack Robert — Emplovee of McCreary Tire and Rubber Co., Erie; 

1016 Church St., Indiana, Pa. 
Stewart, Richard Ernest, Jr. — Principal and Teacher, 

R. No. 1. Irwin. Pa. 

Stockdale, Earl Howard Dayton, Pa. 

Stormer, William Jack 354 Chestnut St., Indiana, Pa. 

Taylor, Vivian Betty 460 Wible Run Road, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Watson, Mary Lou 322 West Crawford St., Ebensburg, Pa. 

Williams, James Evan 1260 Davis St., Nanty-Glo, Pa. 

Wineman, Walter Ray 51 West Elm St., Homer City, Pa. 

WisoR, Wilbert J. — Teacher, Thorn Hill Training School.. Glen Campbell, Pa. 

Yanni, Joseph Donald Rossiter, Pa. 

Yothers, Lois June 95 Metoxet St., Ridgway, Pa. 

Public School Art Cnrricnlam 

Albert, Phoebe Tane — Teacher, Wilkins Twp., AUeghenv Co.: 

1955 Market St., Camp Hill, Pa. 
Billig. Eleanor Ethel — Art Supervisor, Rochester ; 

1048 Church St., Indiana, Pa. 
Blumenberg. Valeska Martha Ye Saylors Inne, Saylorsburg, Pa. 


Carnahan, Margaret Ellen — Art Supervisor, Millvale, Pittsburgh ; 

Box 190, Apollo, Pa. 
Croup, Margaret AIary— Teacher, 

R. D. No. 7, Box 145, Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Egbert, Sara Jane 10 Clovelly Road, Ben Avon Heights, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Fulton, Ada Leslie 242 Ridge Ave., New Kensington, Pa. 

Herndon, Pauline Jeannette 477 Clarence St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Hughes, Margaret Helen — Art Supervisor, Cresson ; 

506 Highland Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Joiner, Betty Louise — Art Teacher, Commodore ; Alverda, Pa. 

Kaufman, Mary Madeira.... 202 West Main St., Strasburg, Pa. 

Race, Jane 203 South Third St., Indiana, Pa. 

RippMAN, Janet Elizabeth — Art Teacher, Clymer ; Millerstown, Pa. 

Rose, Mrs. Madge Boden — Art Supervisor. .731 Napoleon St., Johnstown, Pa. 

Shoenfelt, Joseph Fraxklix 2126 Fifth Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Showman, Mary Lucille 580 East End Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Thomas, Richard Clair 822 Wayne Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

Business Education Curriculum 

Adams, Ross Best — Teacher, Downingtown ; . . R. D. No. 1, Mechanicsburg, Pa. 

Alderson, Vern Wesley — Teacher, Dayton; Box 298, Hickory, Pa. 

Bartol, Catherine Mary Hazle Brook, Pa. 

Battersby, Alta Lee — Teacher, Coalport ;. .517 First Ave., Ellwood City, Pa. 
Bender, Esther Arwillia. .1384 Navahoe Drive, Mt. Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Beyers, Lela Louise — Teacher, Somerset ;. .'341 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa. 

Brown, Doris Griffiths — Teacher 20 West Magnolia St., Hazleton, Pa. 

Cicero, Sylvester Charles Clymer Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

CsiszAR, Helen Marie — Teacher 439 Midland Ave., Midland, Pa. 

Dandar, Emil B 603 Petty Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

Dickey, George Gilmax — Teacher 1002 Graham Ave., Windber, Pa. 

Dickinson, Lois May 2721 Crosby Ave., Dormont, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Feitt, Mary Elizabeth — Teacher, Waynesburg ; Jefferson, Pa. 

FicK, DoRC.\s Jane — Teacher, Secretarial School, Huntingdon ; 

38 North Main St., Robertsdale, Pa. 
Fisher, Lemuel L.\tora — Teacher, Cochran Junior High School, 

536 Russell Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Fox, Jane— Teacher, South Fork ; 146 Second Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

Fredericks, John Leonard 316 West 15th Ave., Homestead. Pa. 

Freeman, Paul Ralph Box 268, New Castle, Pa. 

Gerber, M. Jane R. D. No. 2, Box 256, Johnstown, Pa. 

GoTWALD, Madelyn Marg.\ret — -Teachcr, Wampum ; 

216 Graffius Ave., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Greenberg, Jack Henry 238 Vine St., Sharon, Pa. 

Haines, Waide Ardell — Teacher, Baldwin Twp., Allegheny Co. ; 

500 Highland Aye., Punxsutawney, Pa. 
Hamilton, Miriam Bobbin — Teacher, Junior High School, 

10 Shady Lane, Uniontown, Pa. 

Harmon, Paul Eugene — Teacher 103 South Main St., Homer City, Pa. 

Hess, Donald Ch.\rles — Teacher, Junior High School, Bethlehem ; 

1240 Water St., Indiana, Pa. 

Hill, George Gardner — Teacher, Tarentum; Eleventh St., Indiana, Pa. 

Hollenbach, Jane Elizabeth 2005 North St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

Jackson, Evelyn Ann 15 Bascom St., North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Joseph, John Thomas 242 South Stewart St., Blairsville, Pa. 

Keller, Marjorie Arlene — Teacher, Allentown ; 

311 North Keystone Ave., Sayre, Pa. 
Koontz, Lois Helene — Teacher, Schellsburg ; 

146 Tillman Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 


KosANOVicH, William Theodore — Teacher, Penn Township High School, 

69 School St.. Universal, Pa. 

Lewis, Virginia Beryl R. D. Xo. L Imperial, Pa. 

Leyshon. Sarah Eunice 1406 Haywood St., Farrell, Pa. 

Lynch, Robert Emmett — Teacher, Barnesboro; 

244 Spruce St., Conemaugh, Pa. 
McCreight, Mildred Josephine — Teacher, Downingtown ; 

903 Oakland Ave.. Indiana, Pa. 
McDowell, Ruth Alice— Teacher, Junior High School, Waterford ; 

43 Orchard St., Erie, Pa. 

Meckling, Kathryn Virginia 1514 Scott St., McKeesport, Pa. 

Miller, Francis Paul — Teacher, Glassport ; 

405 Wayne Ave., EUwuod City, Pa. 

Miller, Rheva Myrl 113 East Keller St., Mechanicshurg, Pa. 

MooRE, Maxixe Alice — Teacher, Shippenville ; 726 Main St., Clarion, Pa. 

Moser, Eij:axor Jane — Teacher, Bridgeville ; 

1569 Barr Ave., Crafton, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Moser, Jay Clyde — Teacher, Secretarial School, Huntingdon ; 

953 Wayne Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

Noble, Ruth Jane— Teacher 216 South St., Johnstown, Pa. 

North, Dorothy Virginia — Teacher, Armagh; 

214 North Penn St., Punxsutawney, Pa. 

Okerberg, Josephine Helen 219 Church St., Sheffield, Pa. 

Palomaki, Charles Kermit 416 Motheral Ave., Monessen, Pa. 

Parahus, Anna 275 Elm St., Aliquippa, Pa. 

Porter. Howard Franklin — Teacher, Washington Twp., Armstrong Co. ; 

453 Oak St., Indiana. Pa. 

Reagan, Mary Joan— Teacher 15 Cycle Ave., Uniontown, Pa. 

RiNGLER, John Fred— Teacher, Sidman :. .1136 McKinley Ave., Johnstown, Pa. 

RousH, Jack Dayton— Teacher, Carlisle ; McAlisterville, Pa. 

RowE, Helen Sybil— Teacher. Cabot ; 675 East Wayne St., Corry, Pa. 

Sanford, Grace Louise — Teacher, Sugar Creek Twp. ; 

1413 Buffalo St., Franklin, Pa. 

Santucci, Dominic Mario 72,2 College Ave., Oakmont, Pa. 

Schneck, Ivan Peter Schnecksville. Pa. 

Sheehe, Richard 402 Water St.. Indiana. Pa. 

Shubert, Doyle George Main St.. Grampian. Pa. 

Snively, Gladys Gertrude 859 Sidney St.. Greensburg. Pa. 

Startzell, James Lee— Teacher. Barnesboro; Sprankle Mills, Pa. 

Sulkey, Henry Joseph — Teacher, New Florence ;.. R. D. Xo. 1. Latrobe. Pa. 
Vinton, Dorothy Elizabeth — Teacher, Worthington ; 

Warren Road, Indiana, Pa. 

Wentzel, Wade William Lincoln Heights, Jeannette, Pa. 

Winter, Ella Bernadette 2812 Versailles Ave., McKeesport, Pa. 

Zeigler, Leo Marcellus— Teacher 622 Mary St., Houtzdale, Pa. 

ZoFFUTO, Charles Alphonso i2i7 Church St., Indiana, Pa. 

Home Economics Curriculum 

Auker, Rebecca Jane — Teacher, Wormleysburg ; Mifflintown. Pa. 

Baumgardner, Mildred Marie— Teacher, Commodore ; 

R. F. D. Xo. 4, Box Xo. 157, Johnstown, Pa. 
Campbell, Tane Alice — Teacher. Elders Ridge. Edri ; 

237 Strayer St.. Johnstown, Pa. 
Denbow, Martha Juanita — Teacher. Junior High School. Brownsville : 

Somerfield, Pa. 
Ellenberger, Elsie Marie — Teacher. Svkesville : 

R. D. No. 2, Kittanning, Pa. 
Fairchild, Mary Ruth— Teacher 1900 Orange St.. Berwick. Pa. 

316 A L U M N I D I R E C T O R Y 

Garey, Helen Lois — Teacher, Westfield ; Box 547, Honesdale, Pa» 

GiLLAN, Margaret Jones — Teacher, Robertsdale ; Saint Thomas, Pa. 

Gribble, Jessica Garland — Teacher, Senior High School, 

133 High Street, Brownsville, Pa. 
Hammerschmitt, Martha Loretta — Teacher, Wilkins Township High 

School 356 Ridgewood Ave., West View, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Hartung, Dorothy — Teacher, East McKeesport ; 

2948 Chartiers Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Horsky, Helen B. — Teacher, Clymer ; 147 Vine St., Canonsburg, Pa. 

KooNTz, Rosemary June 75 North Fourth St., Indiana, Pa. 

Kunsman, Alberta Mae — Teacher, Hyndman ; . . 304 Cherry Ave., Altoona, Pa. 

Leffler, Edna Estella — Teacher, Saegertown ; Fairview, Pa. 

Mellott, Rhoda Luella — Teacher, Sugar Creek Township High School, 

1408 Duss Ave., Ambridge, Pa. 
Phillippi, Laura Catharine — Teacher, Warfordsburg ; 

R. D. No. 3, Ligonier, Pa. 
Querry, Lorma Eva — Teacher, Ebensburg; 

715 Roosevelt Ave., Roaring Spring, Pa. 
RuMBAUGH, Carolyn Louise — Teacher, Cabot ; Saxonburg, Pa. 

Public School Music Curriculum 

Bover, Owen Dale — Teacher, Volant ; Rural Valley, Pa. 

Colabine, Evelyn Bathurst — Teacher, Warriors Mark; 

Cameron Ave., Tyrone, Pa. 
Davis, Warren Walter — Playing with Hem Olson's Orchestra, Miami, Fla. ; 

321 James St., Turtle Creek, Pa. 

Illar, Frank Julius — Teacher, Rockwood ; Box 274, Daisytown, Pa. 

Johnson, Robert Daniel — Teacher, New Wilmington;. .Locust St., Irwin, Pa. 

King, Marion Jean 624 Smithfield St., Mt. Pleasant, Pa. 

Lore, Charles A. — Music Supervisor. .. .187 Delaware Ave., Palmerton, Pa. 

Mancuso, Gerald Richard Box 175, Hastings, Pa. 

McAnulty, Rhea Kathryn — Teacher, Brockway ; 

850 Grant St., Indiana, Pa. 
McFeeley, Margaret Jane — Teacher, Smethport; 

635 Locust St., Indiana, Pa. 
Nelson, Corabel Bonetta — Teacher, Beechwood, Jefferson Co. ; 

257 Euclid Ave., Ridgway, Pa. 

Palmer, Nancy Jane — Teacher, Ruffsdale ; Black Lick, Pa. 

Perrine, Harvey Eugene — Teacher, Leechburg ; 

301 Woodland Ave., Grove City, Pa. 

Peters, Cleora Alice — Teacher, Marion Center ; Rural Valley, Pa. 

Pfahler, Emma Estelle — Teacher, Colver ;. .104 Beechley St., Meyersdale, Pa. 

Playfoot, Olive Martha 884 Wayne Ave., Indiana, Pa. 

Shick, William Woodrow 68 South Pickering St., Brookville, Pa. 

SiPES, Olive S. — Teacher 537 Third St., Pitcairn, Pa. 

Snyder, Jean Mooney 350 Delaware Ave., Palmerton, Pa. 

Sutter, Joan — Teacher, Cambria Co.; 120 Ruskin Drive, Altoona, Pa. 

Taylor, John William — Teacher, Portage ; 

310 South Cherry St., Ebensburg, Pa. 
Winger, Charles William — Teacher, Plumville ; 

1100 Grant St., Indiana, Pa.. 


Abbaticchio, G. Genevieve 1928 

Abbott, Elizabeth 1925 

Abbott, Ida Louise 1932 

Abbott, Margaret 1926 

Abdalla, May 1924 

Abel, Felicita Agnes 1936 

Abele, Emma Teresita 1931, 1935 

Abele, Ethel M 1916 

Abele, Joseph R 1939 

Abell, Mrs. Marion Allison .... 1940 

Aber, Lois Cecelia 1918 

Abernethy, Dorothea Wilburta . 1934 

Abrams, Martha 1922 

Absalom, Anna G 1917 

Acheson, Margaret Lois 1930 

Ackerman, ElReno E 1926 

Ackerman, Mary 1925 

Ackerman, Olive 1932 

Ackerson, John A 1918 

Ackerson, Violet M 1929 

Ackersun, Virginia E 1934 

Ackrom, Amelia A 1928 

Acree, LiUie 1918, 1939 

Adair, Jennie M 1885 

Adair, Margaret 1893 

Adair, Ruth 1895 

Adams, Camilla Claire 1930 

Adams, Dorothy G 1932 

Adams, Eleanor Rose 1930 

Adams, Ellen Mae 1934 

Adams, Emerson Paul 1933 

Adams, Esther Pearl 1913 

Adams, Florence 1 1910 

Adams, George 1913,1916 

Adams, Gladys R 1932 

Adams, Grace H 1926 

Adams, Laura A 1907 

Adams, Mario J 1932 

Adams, Mary Gertrude 1918 

Adams, May Bel 1919 

Adams, Ross Best 1940 

Adams, Sara Marie 1932 

Adams, Sherwood Merrill 1918 

Adams, Virginia Grace 1930 

Adams, Wilda 1914 

Addlcman, Marie 1911 

Adelson, Gertrude 1928 

Adelson, Rose 1926 

Adler, Marie 1926 

Agey, Olive M 1906 

Agey, Wallace B 1902 

Agnello, Mary Victoria 1935 

Agnew, Flora 1918 

Ague, John B 1884 

Ahlquist, Mabel L 1919 

Aikey, Charles 1 1929 

Aird, Eleanor 1928 

Airsman, Mae Elizabeth 1931 

Ake, Eugene C 1938 

Ake, Helen Ruth 1933 

Akers, Ludwena 1925 

Akins, Juanita 1911 

Alabran, Dora 1913 

Alabran, Ethel C 1917 

Alabran, Opal 1916 

Alam, Wadad Theresa 1938 

Alber, Esther 1 1932 

Albert, Ethel 1916 

Albert, Phoebe Jane 1940 

Albert, Sara Jane 1935 

Alcorn, Edna M 1910 

Alcorn, Jane Pauline 1935 

Alcorn, Ruth A 1918 

Alderfer, Grace 1911 

Alderson, Vern Wesley 1940 

Aldstadt, Anna Helen 1931 

Aldstadt, Margaret 1928 

Alexander, Audrey 1928 

Alexander, Julia 1902 

Alexander, Margaret 1909 

Alexick, John V 1929 

Algeo, Ethel 1913 

Allan, Cora L 1900 

Allan, Susan A 1897 

Allen, Annie E 1883 

Allen, Edgar James 1938 

Allen, Mrs. Ethyl Collins 1922 

Allen, Florence A 1907 

Allen, Helen B 1922 

Allen, Henrietta 1913 

Allen, Janney M 1889 

Allen, Kathryn Marjorie 1924 

Allen, Lou A 1923 

Allen, Louise 1932 

Allen, M. Isabel 1918 

Allen, Margaret H 1912 

Allen, Mary Elizabeth 1900 

Allen, Robert Carl 1940 

Allen, Rosina 1935 

Allen. Ruth E 1913 

Allenbaugh, Pauline 1931 

Allgood, Dan J 1915 




Allgood, Samuel 1914 



son, Annie N 1884 

son, D. B 1888 

son, Edith 1925 

son, Edwin 1911,1914 

son, George E 1913 

son, George Edward, Jr. ... 1939 

son, Ida Louise 1940 

son, Isabel 1905 

son, James Lewis 1881 

son, Jane 1934 

son, Jeannette 1912 

son, Kathryne 1924 

son, Marie C 1917 

Marion E 1916 

R. Wilson 1882 

\\^alter 1913 

Allshouse, Blanche Irene 1910 

Allshouse, Grace 1915,1939 

Allshouse, Hilda 1925 

Allshouse, Lloyd Miller 1935 

Allshouse, Margaret Elizabeth . 1922 

Allsip, Mary G. 1928 

Almes, Garnet Marie 1930 

Alston, Carrie 1899 

Altemus, Elizabeth Alabon .... 1936 

Altemus, Frances Catharine .... 1922 

Altemus, Margaret B 1930 

Altemus. Mary Margaret 1916 

Alten, A. Virginia 1897 

Altenburg, Mary Jane 1935 

Alter, Gladys M 1919 

Alter, Gladys M 1932 

Alter, Isabelle 1915 

Alter, Leola 1907, 1916 

Alter, Minnie 1906 

Alter, Nelle 1912,1913 

Altimus, Rhoda Grace 1935 

Altmiller, Olive M 1918 

Amberg, Nora 1891 

Ambrose, Frances Willard 1927 

Ament, Dorothy Mae 1932 

Ament, Elsie 1918 

Ament, Margaret 1916 

Amerine, Helen A 1924 

Ames, Martha Ellen 1924 

Ames, Mary M 1928 

Amment, Besse M 1915 

Amond, Florence Elizabeth .... 1930 

Amos, Kathleen J 1937 

Amps, C. Glenn 1932 

Amsden, Marie 1916 

Amundson, Dorothy 1933 

Anders, Catherine 1924 

Anderson, Adaline 1915 

Anderson, Alice 1928 

Anderson, Alice Gertrude 1895 

Anderson, Austin Parker 1916 

Anderson, Charles Robert 1939 

Anderson, Clara E 1938 

Anderson, Clara M 1912 

Anderson, Cornelia E 1926 

Anderson, Dagmar 1925 

Anderson, Darl D 1934 

Anderson, Edith L 1919 

Anderson, Edith Margaret 1928 

Anderson, Elaine 1928 

Anderson, Elizabeth C 1939 

Anderson, Evelyn ^Mildred 1933 

Anderson, George W 1935 

Anderson, Grace Leota 1924 

Anderson, Hazel M 1925 

Anderson, Helen 1925 

Anderson, Helen E 1927 

Anderson, Helen Ingeborg 1929 

Anderson, Helen Louise 1932 

Anderson, Ida 1909 

Anderson, Ingrid Sophia 1939 

Anderson, Irene 1901 

Anderson, Isabel Chandlee .... 1940 

Anderson, James Alexander .... 1911 

Anderson, Jenella 1927, 1929 

Anderson, L. Carolyn .... 1925. 1935 

Anderson, Lillian J 1916 

Anderson, Lois Violet 1931 

Anderson, Margaret 1927 

Anderson, Margaret Elizabeth . . 1925 

Anderson, Margaret M 1928 

Anderson, Marjorie L 1931 

Anderson, Mary Ethel 1918 

Anderson, Mary Jane 1937 

Anderson, Alildred M 1918 

Anderson, Naomi M 1922 

Anderson, Reba V 1924 

Anderson, Ruth A 1926 

Anderson, Vina 1889 

Anderson, Zetta 1921 

Andrew, Thomas Williams 1934 

Andrews, Bernice Irene 1931 

Andrews, Dora 1893 

Andrews, Harriet A 1900 

Andrews, Helen F 1926 

Andrews, James E 1878 

Andrews, Lida Ruth 1932 

Andrews, Lillian Blanche 1923 

Andrews, Marion Elizabeth .... 1916 

Andrews, Mary A 1889 

Andrews, Mary A 1905 

Andrews. V. Lucile 1915 

Andrie, Ellen 1925 

Andriessen, Edith 1895 

Angel, Sarah Elizabeth .. 1935, 1938 

Angeline, Mildred E. V 1913 

Angney. Allan B 1885 

Angnev, Mav E 1882 

Angus," Mary A 1885 

I X I) E X O F (] R A 1) U A T E S 


Angus, Melvin Roy 1936 

Ankenv. Arthur W 1913 

Ankeny, Elda Alice 1904 

Ankeny, Roy H 1915 

Ankenv, Sara Eliza 1929 

Ankney, Edith H 1934 

Ankney, Mabel Kathleen 1929 

Anna, Mary M 1933 

Ansley, Louise L 1899 

Ansley, Mabel M 1890 

Anstadt, Louise 1928 

Aiistead, Bcrniece ; . . . 1934 

Anthony, Lou E 1895 

Antonson, Cortlyn B 1936 

Applegate, Florence W 1914 

Appleyard, Myrtle 1926 

Arbaugh, Frank Xelson 1893 

Archey, Esther 1925 

Archibald, T. P 1893 

Archibald, William F 1933 

Argall. Dorathy 1932 

Arisman, Kenneth John 1932 

Armitage, Nelle Elisabeth 1929 

Armor, Dorothy May 1936 

Armour, Edna G 1917 

Armstrong, Beatrice 1931 

Armstrong, Evelyn Mae 1938 

Armstrong, Frances 1921 

Armstrong, Irene B 1897 

Armstrong, Lillian T 1896 

Armstrong, Lorena 1927 

Armstrong, Ruth Gladys 1915 

Armstrong, Ruth Lee 1925 

Armstrong, \'erlee Louise 1913 

Arnold. Alfaretta Marie 1935 

Arnold, Edna V 1905 

Arnold, Jane Irvin 1934 

Arnold, Lotta Lenore 1916 

Arnold, Margaret 1917 

Arnold, Pauline Louise 1928 

Arnold, Ruth 1 1928 

Artman, Elizabeth P 1917 

Artman, Marion 1923, 1937 

Artman. Ruth B 1922 

Ashman, Ida M 1901 

Ashman, Ruth Lois 1930 

Ashton. Laura E 1898 

Askev, Gertrude 1930 

Askey, William Anthonv 1936 

Askins, Dora Mae 1934 

Astor, Franklin Oscar 1939 

Aszman, Ruth Emelia 1929 

Aten, Evelvn Knight 1940 

Atkins, Geraldine 1939 

Atkins. Marv 1 1912 

Atkinson, Maude M 1918 

Attv, James Charles 1938 

Aubel. Sopliie J 1936 

Auktr, Rebecca Jane 1940 

Aukernian, Dorothy 1915 

Auld, Floyd William 1939 

Auld, Ruth E 1919 

Austen, Irene H 1911 

Austraw, Agnes 1929 

Averill, Alice Jean 1929 

Averill, Kathryn L 1939 

Avery, Mary Thelma 1929 

Avey, Clarence F 1920 

Axelson, Margaret 1925 

Ayers, Clara 1891 

Ayers, Dorothy 1925 

Ayers, Dorothy Louise 1930 

Ayers, Evelyn E 1920 

Ayers, Frank E 1932, 1934 

Avres. Geraldine 1925 

Ayers, Gladys M 1921 

Ayers, Jean Elizabeth 1937 

Ayres, James Douglas 1891 

Babarskv, Michael Stanley .... 1935 

Bach. Edwin E 1894 

Bachman. Minnie C 1925 

Bachmann, Matilda 1917 

Badcr, Xina E 1926 

Badger. Elma E 1933 

Baer, Caroline R. Nadine .... 1935 

Baer, Flora 1902 

Baer, Florence 191 1 

Bagley, Mrs. Bertha 1928 

Bagley, Marv Elizabeth 1926 

Bailey, Clara' NaDean 1928 

Bailev. Eleanor 1912 

Bailev, Eleanor 1918 

Bailey. Helen G 1919 

Bailey. Jean Elizabeth 1927 

Bailev. Kathleen Virginia 1914 

Bailc'v. Lillie 1925 

Bailey. Louise 1922, 1923 

Bailey, Louise 1932 

Bailey, Margaret 1912 

Bailey, Mary Miriam 1929 

Bailey, Pauline W25 

Bailev. Rubv H 1925 

Bair.'Eva . .' 1926 

Bair. Flovd H 1930 

Bair. Roxella 1913 

Baird, Helen M 1929 

Baird, Mary M 1891 

Baird. Ruth 1928 

Baker. Bertha 1899 

Baker, Elizabeth 1925 

Baker. Elta 1913 

Baker, Florence 1916 

Baker. Gertrude E 1918 

Baker. Grace 1929 

Baker. Grace D 1927 



Baker, Henrietta 1899 

Baker, Homer Charles 1936 

Baker, Leona Maude 1930 

Baker, Mary Gordon 1930, 1936 

Baker, Mary Margaret 1906 

Baker, Meredith 1932 

Baker, Miriam F 1928 

Baker, Sarah 1902 

Baker, W. S 1897 

Baldwin, Pauline G 1919 

Balentine, Florence 1917 

Balentine, Sara E 1932 

Ball, Colleen 1917 

Ball, Monemia 1928 

Ball, Roseanna 1916 

Ballantyne, Phyllis Marion 1930 

Ballot, Vivienne Amie 1933 

Balmer, Myrtle 1912 

Balon, Laura R 1925 

Balsinger, William Ernest 1900 

Balsley, Helen Elizabeth 1931 

Bait, Dorothy M 1926 

Bait, Gretchen 1930 

Balthaser, Barbara 1927,1935 

Baltzersen, Mabel Kathryn 1923 

Bambarger, Ethel C 1919 

Bambrick, Marion McMahon . . . 1918 

Bame, Catharine 1935 

Banfield, Margaret S 1886 

Banfield, Wilda E 1919 

Banks, Marian Lucile 1940 

Banks, Roberta M 1920 

Bannon, Jane A 191 1 

Bantley, Albert G 1898 

Bantley, Lois Virginia 1934 

Barber, Hannah Olwen 1928 

Barber, Louise 1928 

Barber, Rose Anne 1935 

Barberio, Elodia Marie 1934 

Barbor, Chester L. 1931 

Barbor, Dorothy Selina 1931 

Barbor, Louise Oberlin 1927 

Barbour, W. W 1883 

Barchfeld, Elizabeth M 1937 

Barclay, Beatrice 1926 

Barclay, Charlotte Ruth 1931 

Barclay, Doris B 1923,1931 

Barclay, Florence M 1917 

Bardonner, Margaret C 1901 

Barefoot, Violet L 1931 

Barkell, Emma Jane 1931, 1938 

Barker, Beatrice 1927 

Barker, Elizabeth P 1918 

Barker, Hazel M 1918 

Barker, Maude M 1897 

Barker, Maxine 1920 

Barker, Nelda L 1932 

Barkley, Velma E 1931 

Barlow, Edna G 1933 

Barnard, Agnes 1918 

Barnard, Lois 1 1922 

Barndt, Hazel Pearl 1932 

Barnes, Agnes C 1894 

Barnes, Belle 1921 

Barnes, Blanche 1893 

Barnes, Blanche A 1886 

Barnes, Catherene Marie ....'.. 1918 

Barnes, Joseph F 1894 

Barnes, Luella M 1924 

Barnes, Margaret 1927 

Barnes, Margaret E 1926 

Barnes, Martha Louise 1923 

Barnes, Mildred 1925 

Barnes, Ruth E 1919 

Barnett, Charles W 1902 

Barnett, Edith M 1920 

Barnett, Fredericka Natalie . . . 1940 

Barnett, George W 1899 

Barnett, Jennie Kern 1911 

Barnett, Nan E 1895 

Barnhart, Anna M 1924 

Barnhart, Frank 1895 

Barns, Harriet B 1907 

Barns, Lida R 1905 

Barone, Mary A 1933, 1935 

Barr, Anna M 1903 

Barr, Audrey A 1929 

Barr, Carleton V 1938 

Barr, Clemence 1928 

Barr, Mrs. Ella Neely 1928 

Barr, Evanna Matilda 1930 

Barr, Harold S 1928, 1929 

Barr, Mary Metcalfe 1897 

Barr, Mildred Haslett 1918 

Barr, Stella 1910 

Barr, Winifred R 1937 

Barrett, Betty Joan 1932 

Barrett, Elsie M 1919 

Barrett, Harriett Jane 1933 

Barrett, Katherine M 1926 

Barrett, M. Agnes 1901 

Barrett, Marie A 1917 

Barrett, Twila May 1926 

Barron, Bertha 1930 

Barry, Catherine M 1896 

Barry, Cora Elizabeth 1929 

Barry, Mary E 1894 

Barry, Mary L 1890 

Barry, Rose 1895 

Bartges, Anna Nancy 1922 

Barthol, Gertrude 1 1915 

Barthol, Louise B 1918 

Bartlebaugh, James A 1933 

Bartlett, Evelyn E 1931 

Bartley, Carriedna 1940 

Bartley, Katharine S 1937 



Bartol, Catherine Mary 1940 

Bartolo, Louise M 1925 

Barton, Anna C 1918 

Barton, Beatrice Margaret 1931 

Barton, Gladys 1931 

Barton, Humphrey 1882 

Bartram, M. Irene 1934 

Bash, Gladys 1908 

Bash, Laura 1895 

Bash, Oliveretta 1924 

Bash, Pearl 1892 

Bashforth, William J. 1936 

Bashista, Joseph Francis 1940 

Basile, Frank J 1933 

Bassett, Pearl 1922 

Bast, Caroline 1925 

Bast, Emma E 1926 

Batchelor, Edythe L 1930 

Bates, Helen M 1928 

Bates, Ruth Elizabeth 1925 

Bath, Claude E 1902 

Bathgate, Mildred 1925 

Bathie, Mary Louise 1930 

Batiste, John 1933 

Battersby, Alta Lee 1940 

Bauer, Alma M 1927 

Bauer, Evelyn 1928 

Bauer, Imogene R 1930 

Bauer, Marie Cora 1923 

Bauer, Viola M 1934 

Bauersfeld, Elfrieda 1928,1929 

Baughman, Mary J 1927 

Baughman, Maud M 1927 

Bauman, Josie Grace 1899 

Baumer, Anna K 1899 

Baumer, Emma L 1899 

Baumgardner, Harry Oliver . . . 1934 

Baumgardner, Mildred Marie . . 1940 

Baumgartner, Agnes E 1918 

Baxendell, Pauline Marie 1930 

Baxter, Helen E 1910 

Baxter, Margaret F 1918 

Bayer, Eliza Virginia 1939 

Bayer, Katherine 1928 

Baylor, Anne A 1918 

Beabes, Florence M 1929 

Beacham, Craige Thelma 1934 

Beacham, Ruth V 1918 

Beachy, Dixie 1939 

Beacom, Leone 1926 

Beahr, Grace . .' 1921 

Beal, Grace 1926 

Beale, Bessie Belle 1913 

Beale, Hazel 1924 

Beale, Lillian M 1917 

Beamer, Ruth J 1925, 1931 

Beas, Beatrice 1928 

Beattie, Anna 1929, 1937 

Beattie, Hazel E 1929 

Beattie, Joanna H 1939 

Beattie, Mary 1904 

Beattie, Tirzah 1911 

Beatty, Alice 1926 

Beatty, Anna 1914 

Beatty, Erma V '. 1933 

Beatty, Eunice 1926 

Beatty, Frances 1927 

Beatty, Lois Gertrude 1930 

Beatty, Lois Alildred 1932 

Beatty, Louise A 1923 

Beatty, M. Rena 1898 

Beatty, Mary M 1932 

Beatty, R. C 1913 

Beaujon, Margaret Pauline .... 1919 

Beaumont, Helen L 1924 

Beaver, Dorothy 1918 

Bechtold, Minerva K 1938 

Beck, Elsie R 1911 

Beck, Ethel F 1909 

Beck, Lillian 1926 

Beck, Margaret E 1917 

Beck, Pearl 1928 

Beck, Ruth Eleanor 1932 

Becker, Florence 1927 

Becker, Gertrude 1928 

Beckett, Emma 1916, 1917 

Beckwith, Margaret E 1929 

Becoskey, John M 1936 

Bedell, Merle 1908 

Bedillion, Helen E 1928 

Bedont, Olive Rose 1932 

Bee, Bessie M 1904 

Bee, Carl E 1932 

Bee, Charles Howard 1900 

Bee, Dorothy Helen 1933 

Bee, Lola B 1902 

Bee, iMartha 1930, 1936 

Beech, Edith 1925 

Beech, Gertrude M 1924 

Beech, Grace 1934 

Beech, Helen K 1922 

Beecham, Ruth V 1918 

Beecher, Virginia Martha 1933 

Beechey, Elizabeth 1924, 1939 

Beechey, Helen L 1922 

Beechey, Mary Kathryn 1929 

Beechey, Mildred 1925, 1939 

Beechey, Sara Mildred . . . 1932, 1940 

Beehner, Dorothy Elinor 1930 

Beerman, Blanche 1926 

Beerman, Esther 1924 

Beers, E. Jean 1930 

Beers, Grace Marion 1921 

Beezer, Genevieve M 1934 

Beggs, Catherine E 1921 

IS, Roma 1911 



Beggs, William H 1920 

Behler, Allan Llewellyn 1925 

Behr, Jeannette Agnes 1929 

Beighel, Elizabeth A 1896 

Beighley, Kathryn M 1925 

Beil, Helen Adetha 1931 

Beilstein, Edna S 1910 

Beilstein, Marie S 1912 

Beistel, H. Clay 1893 

Beken, Alma 1929 

Belknap, Esther M 1921 

Bell, Ada 1913 

Bell, Alma Roberta 1930 

Bell, Edna 1913 

Bell, Edna T 1909 

Bell, Elinore Kathryn 1917 

Bell, Evelyn M 1926 

Bell, Helen L 1925 

Bell, Hugh M 1911 

Bell, Jane 1914 

Bell, Jean 1932 

Bell, Katharine Y 1917 

Bell, Lillian 1912 

Bell, Lois Irene 1930 

Bell, Margaretta 1918 

Bell, Mary H 1896 

Bell, Meredith C 1925 

Bell, Thelma Irene 1928, 1939 

Bellen, Everett E 1928 

Bellman, Anna E 1915 

Bellman, Jenny C 1915 

Bellman, Margaret 1917 

Bemis, Janet B 1912 

Bemis, Ruth M 1911 

Bendall, John C, Jr 1934 

Bendall, Margaret 1927 

Bendall, Ruth M 1926 

Bender, Clare M 1926 

Bender, Esther Arwillia 1940 

Bender, Ethel J 1934, 1938 

Bender, H. S 1893 

Bender, Leona Mary 1932 

Bender, Norma Marie 1930 

Bendle, Elsie 1919 

Bengston, Evelyn 1927 

Benjeski, Charlesletta 1925 

Benner, Gertrude M 1934 

Benner, Margaret C 1891 

Bennett, Ada May 1915 

Bennett, Cora Lorraine 1922 

Bennett, Doris M 1930 

Bennett, Dorothy E 1938 

Bennett, Elizabeth VanBrunt . . 1932 

Bennett, Fred McClure 1929 

Bennett, M. Olive 1918 

Bennett, Mabel R 1909 

Bennett, Margaretta D 1901 

Bennett, Mary 1925 

Bennett, May V 1911 

Bennett, Nellie Elizabeth 1900 

Bennett, Nellie Ethel 1916 

Bennett, Robert Kenneth 1935 

Benney, Elizabeth Jane 1917 

Benshoff, Alice M 1929 

Benshoff, Catherine Alice 1923 

Benson, Agnes H 1923 

Benson, Alice Hildur 1926 

Benson, Cecilia 1924 

Benson, Hildur E 1913 

Benson, Jennie 1914 

Benson, Lily 1925 

Benson, Sara Louise 1928 

Bentz, Elda Minerva 1935 

Benzenhoefer, Elizabeth Rose . . 1924 

Berg, Carl M 1917 

Berg, Catherine M 1933 

Berg, Correne Mildred 1923 

Berg, Doris Valetta 1931 

Berg, Dorothy 1926 

Berg, Elizabeth P 1917 

Berg, Ethel 1932 

Berg, Hazel Nancy 1923 

Berg, Ivy Marguerite 1934 

Berg, Jacobine 1935 

Berg, Mabel 1925 

Berg, Pearl Wilhelmina 1922 

Berger, Betty R 1918 

Berger, Esther E 1933 

Berger, Gertrude Florence 1932 

Berger, Thelma G 1933 

Bergman, Elizabeth 1926 

Bergman, Lena Marie 1931 

Bergman, Mary Myrtilla 1922 

Berkebile, Clara 1927 

Berkebile, Elda May 1932 

Berkebile, Miriam Dorothy 1935 

Berkebile, Paul Clifford 1937 

Berkey, Elizabeth 1929 

Berkey, Ethel M 1913 

Berkey, Florence M 1913 

Berkey, Harry D 1927< 1932 

Berkey, Hilda 1913 

Berkey, Jacob 1878 

Berkey, Mary E 1917 

Berkey, William A 1902 

Berkley, Esther Leona 1930 

Berlin, Irma 1934 

Berlin, Margaret M 1932 

Berner, Margaretta L 1931 

Bernosky, John J 1925 

Berretta, Charles Carl 1937 

Berry, Mary R 1926 

Berry, Ruth 1926 

Berry, Sarah 1925 

Bert, Margaret Lockhart 1912 

Bert, Mary 1912 

1 \ L) i: X OF G R A D U A T K S 


Berthel, Opal Leone 1903 

Bertino, Frances Sarah 1932 

Besselman, Gertrude 1915 

Besselman, Mary Elizabeth 1932 

Best, Ada M 1910 

Best, Elizabeth E 1903 

Best, Frances Joyce 1928 

Best, Lois Juanita 1931 

Best, Marjorie E 1932 

Best, Mary Ellen 1932 

Best, Ninabclle 1913 

Beswarick, Catherine 1922 

Beswick, Lois 1915 

Bttchart, Eva 1916 

Betts, James Norman 1934 

Betz, Dorothy 1 1934 

Betz, Lenore Pearl 1933 

Bevan, Lillian Rae 1916 

Bevan, Sara A 1921 

Beveridge, Ann 1930 

Beyer, Joanna W 1917 

Beyers, Evelyn Ruth 1935 

Beyers, Lela Louise 1940 

Beyers, Lenore 1931 

Beyers, William E 1934 

Bianco, Geraldine Marguerite . . 1931 

Bianco, Rose 1929 

Biank, Francis Eugene 1939 

Biddle, Helen L 1922 

Bielska, Florence 1920 

Bier. Corinna Esther .... 1932, 1936 

Bierkamper, Lois 1933 

Biggs, Oliver Dean 1932 

Bigleman, lona 1929 

Bigler. Zella Priscilla 1911 

Bigley, Mary Ellen 1928 

Bilger, Annella 1916 

Billig, Eleanor Ethel 1940 

BilHn, Sidney 1922 

Billy, Emma 1929 

Billy, Helen 1928.1929 

Bing, Pauline 1895 

Bingey, Alda D 1908 

Bining, Anne Jane 1936 

Binkey, Marjorie Agnes 1932 

Binney, Lemuel J 1930 

Bird, Helen Lee 1911 

Bird, Helen M 1918 

Bird, Isabella M 1926 

Bird, June 1924 

Birdsall, Beatrice Helen 1932 

Birkman, Sarah 1886 

Birnie, Mary 1913 

Birolo, Marv Margaret . . . 1928, 19.W 

Rischoff. Ruth E 1928 

Bisel, Grace R 1915 

Bish, E. Corinne 1935 

Bishoff. Selma Kathryn 1925 

Bishup, Leah V 1896 

Bistline, Claire Staufifer 1929 

Biter, Rudolph 1888 

Bitner, Emma Jane 1934 

Bitner, Harold W 1931 

Bitner, Irene 1926 

Bitner, Marian J 1917 

Bitner, Olive Regina 1915 

Bitner, Wayne 1934 

Bittner, Kathcrine 1917 

Bittner, Mae M 1919 

Bittner, Mary 1929 

Bittner, Ruth 1927 

Bittner, Virginia G 1925 

Bixler, Fannie V 1898 

Bixler, Ruthella 1922 

Black, Ailine C 1929 

Black, Anna Virginia 1919 

Black, Clara Naomi 1929 

Black, Dorothy E 1925 

Black, E. Dora 1898 

Black, Esther 1925 

Black, Evelyn Marie 1922 

Black, Helen Louise 1935 

Black, Jane 1917 

Black, Laura J 1914 

Black, Margaret lola 1935 

Black, Mary J 1898 

Black, Mildred 1939 

Black, Olive 1906 

Black, Sara Agnes 1891 

Black. Sara Marjorie 1928 

Blackburn, Alta Jane 1916 

Blackburn, Grace 1934 

Blackburn, Henrietta Ann 1937 

Blackmon, Alma H 1914 

Blackstone, Dorothy R 1935 

Blackstone, Marjorie A 1935 

Blackwood, Mary Lois 1934 

Blaine, Freida 1923 

Blaine, Marv 1927 

Blair, E. Virginia 1929 

Blair, Elizabeth A 1921 

Blair, Emma B 1890 

Blair, M. Adah 1918 

Blair, Mary E 1902 

Blair, Marv Magdalene 1930 

Blair, Sara 1928 

Blair, Sara C 1934 

Blake. Olive Lucile 1929 

Blakeley, Joseph A 1898 

Blakely, Barbara Mae 1931 

Blakley, Martha J 1917 

Blanc, Robert \''incent 1937 

Rlanchard, Helen Louise 1920 

Blanchard, Olive 1912 

Bland, Pauline Dolores 1933 

Blanev, Alice R 1927 



Blankenbuehler, Elizabeth C. 


Blanset, Marguerite Marie 1920 

Blattenberger, Jane 1913 

Blayney, Mary Lucille 1917 

Bleasby, E. Irene 1915 

Bley, Margaret C 1918 

Bley, Zaida 1919 

Blinn, Edna Faye 1911 

Block, Pauline 1895 

Bloom, Dorothy 1932 

Bloom, Everett Clair 1940 

Bloom, Mary H 1927 

Bloom, Olive Gertrude 1917 

Bloom, Rose Caroline 1930 

Bloom, Vivian M 1924 

Bloomfield, Kathryn 1926 

Blose, Helen J 1895 

Blose, Helen L 1929 

Blose, James Mitchell 1936 

Blose, Lehna Caroline 1930 

Blose, Melzena Belle 1932, 1939 

Blose, Mildred 1930 

Blose, Rachel R 1914 

Blose, Theora 1923 

Blose, Verna Marie 1932, 1937 

Blose, Wilda B 1902 

Blose, William Harl 1937 

Blough, Anna E 1925 

Blough, Ruth K 1928 

Blough, Sara D 1898 

Blough, Sara E 1927 

Blough, Verda K 1916 

Blucher, Claribel 1916 

Blucher, Laura M 1916 

Blue, Mrs. Florence Downey . . 1926 

Blue, John 1887 

Blue, Paul E 1918 

Bluebaugh, Helen Marie 1928 

Blume, Olive D 1918 

Blumenberg, Valeska Martha . . 1940 

Blyholder, Katherine 1913 

Blyholder, M. Blanche 1899 

Blyth, Jean 1925 

Blythe, Bernice Margaret 1929 

Blythe, Lois Mercedes 1930 

Blythe, Virginia M 1926 

Boals, Florence J 1923 

Boardman, Helen 1913 

Boardman, Lidie 1891 

Boarts, Josephine LaRue 1939 

Bocci, Theresa Margaret 1938 

Bochie, Genevieve C 1930 

Bock, George H 1910 

Bock, Mary Elizabeth 1930 

Boden, Louise 1934 

Boden, Madge 1925 

Boden, Ruth M 1923 

Bodendorfer, Wilhelmina K. .. 1939 

Boggs, May 1910 

Bohlander, Lera S 1910 

Bohren, Irene A 1928 

Boksenbaum, Lillian Vivian 1930 

Bolden, Anna Frances 1925 

Bole, Elizabeth 1927 

Bolen, Sara 1927 

Bolig, Margaret E 1924 

Bolin, Beatrice E 1932 

Bolinger, Blanche 1924 

Bolinger, Ruth 1926 

Bolinger, Verla Marie 1929 

Bollman, Margaret Evelyn 1918 

Bolner, Sarah 1928 

Bolotin, Selma 1913 

Boltz, Mildred S 1929 

Bond, Ella Christena 1932 

Bond, Ruthodel 1940 

Bondra, Clara Isabel 1936 

Bondy, Nettie 1928 

Bonebreak, Marian 1924 

Bonello, Anna U 1927, 1936 

Bonner, Margaret Fay 1926 

Book, Helen E 1921 

Books, Mabel R 1891 

Boon, Jean 1913 

Boord, Margaret L 1919 

Boot, Alvin Ellis 1938 

Booth, Tillie 1889 

Boozer, Albertus Rae 1926 

Boozer, Betty M 1933 

Borbulich, Michael 1925 

Border, Catherine 1929 

Border, Daniel W 1936 

Borland, Anna Margaret 1918 

Borland, Clair 1927, 1928 

Borland, Margaret J 1917 

Borland, Mary Virginia 1930 

Bortz, Flora 1912 

Bortz, Hattie Jean 1921 

Bortz, Marguerite 1924 

Bortz, Mary Edith 1929 

Boslett, Frances C 1932 

Boslett, Ruth M 1927 

Boslett, Virginia M 1932 

Boss, Louise Katherine 1930 

Bossart, Helen 1928 

Bossart, Maybelle E 1930 

Bossart, Ruth Marie 1911 

Bossart, Virginia Ross 1909, 1914 

Bossick, Mary 1914 

Bost, Clarissa 1914 

Bostic, Carl C 1931 

Bostock, Alice 1914 

Boswell, Catherine Alberta 1940 

Bothell, Bessie Irene 1923 

Bothell, Clara E 1884 



Bothell, Esther 1 1917 

Bothell, Helen Elizabeth 1929 

Bothell, Levenia M 1920 

Botsford, Edith Diantha 1910 

Botsford, Marion Susanna 1932 

Bott, Florence 1917 

Bottorf, Clara M 1933 

Bottorff, Edith 1926 

Botwright, Margaret 1917 

Boucher, Agnes 1913 

Boucher, Florence C 1918 

Boucher, Mary 1912 

Boucher, Aland 1896 

Boucher, Ruth L 1916 

Boughamer, Alberta R 1933 

Bourne, Laura Lauretta 1932 

Bouton, Harriet Elisabeth 1933 

Bovaird, Mildred F 1926 

Bovard, Twila 1921.1940 

Bowden, Jean Elizabeth . . 1933, 1935 

Bowen, Carolyn Gladys 1917 

Bowers, Amy Josephine 1922 

Bowers, H. Pauline 1928 

Bowers, Hannah Foale 1907 

Bowers, Julia 1928 

Bowers, Sarah Bell 1929 

Bowers, Sarah Grace 1933 

Bowes, Ethel 1913 

Bowman, Agnes S 1890 

Bowman, Beatrice L 1925 

Bowman, Dorothy M 1930 

Bowman, E. L 1903 

Bowman, Harry E 1909 

Bowman, Hazel G 1916 

Bowman, Helen J 1923 

Bowman, Irene 1921 

Bowman, Josephine 1932 

Bowman, Martha Jane 1938 

Bowman; Mary Eliza 1929 

Bowman, Mary Isadore 1932 

Bowman, Mildred L 1935 

Bown, Nellie C. 1894 

Bowser, Alene Genevieve 1932 

Bowser, Belva Jane 1924 

Bowser, Bernice Lorrayne .... 1935 

Bowser, Bonnie 1928 

Bowser, Dorothy M 1932 

Bowser, Edna Marguerite 1925 

Bowser, Emma Louise 1928 

Bowser, Harriet K 1938 

Bowser, Helen K 1928 

Bowser, John Gilpin 1935 

Bowser, Mabel 1928 

Boxel, Anna A 1925 

Boyce, Dorothy Louise 1937 

Boyce, Floy Elizabeth 1932 

Boyd, Catherine M 1933 

Boyd, Elizabeth 1921 

Boyd, Grace M 1925 

Boyd, Helen 1928 

Boyd, Lela 1921 

Boyd, N. Isabell 1923, 1939 

Boyd, Richard Gnagev 1939 

Boyer, B. Frank . . . ." 1894 

Boyer, Elizabeth 1910 

Boyer, Frank Ellis 1931 

Boyer, Nancy Verda 1930 

Boyer, Owen Dale 1940 

Boyer, William D 1930 

Boyersmith, Sara Katherine .... 1922 

Boyl, M. Genevieve 1913 

Boyle, Anna Marie 1927 

Boyle, K. Gertrude 1901 

Boyle, Marcella 1917 

Boyle, Marie Elizabeth 1934 

Boyle, Mary C 1888 

Boyle, Pearl 1932 

Bracken, Edward T 1936 

Bracken, Thomas S 1900 

Braddock, Margaret E 1931 

Braddock, Virginia Belle 1930 

Bradel, Pearl 1925 

Braden, Dorothy 1926 

Braden, Verda 1915 

Bradley, Charles M 1915 

Bradley, Doris Anastasia 1931 

Bradley, Margaret 1927 

Bradley, Marian 1927 

Bradley, Ruth Cornelia 1927 

Bradshaw, Mattie 1888 

Bradt, Jennie 1889 

Brady, Carrie L 1904 

Brady, Clara M 1915 

Brady, Esther H 1923 

Brady, J. Roland 1913 

Brady, Minnie M 1910, 1913 

Brady, Nellie M 1938 

Brady, Rose M 1925 

Bragdon, Carrie L 1883 

Bragonier, Ethel 1925, 1934 

Braham, Audene 1914 

Brallier, Lou V 1901 

Bramhall, Dorthea 1927,1933 

Bramhall, Mae 1918 

Brandon, Margaret Bel 1920 

Brandt, Emma C 1904 

Bransford, Mary Fowler 1917 

Brant, Alice Louise 1925. 1928 

Brant, Eugene Richard 1923 

Brant, Kathryn 1925 

Brant, Luella 1913 

Brant, Ruth C 1929 

Branthaver, lone 1939 

Branthoover, Bernice Blanche . . 1917 

Branthoover, Jane Lucile 1925 

Branthoover, Naomi 1930 



Branthoover, Wilnia 1921 

Brantlinger, Florence Hazel 1924 

Brantlinger, Fred Harvey 1935 

Brashear, Fannie M 1917 

Brass, Anna B 1893 

Brassfield, Eileen U 1939 

Brauchler, Anna 1913 

Brauchler, Paul B 1928 

Brauchler, S. Marie 1911 

Braughler, Lulu M 1927 

Braun, Kathryn E 1910 

Bray, Alfred E 1931 

Brazill, Kathryn M 1924 

Brazilla, Frank 1917 

Breaden, Margaret E 1929 

Brehm, Myrtle May 1928 

Breig, Esther C. 1926 

Breitenstein, Alice 1917 

Breitenstein, Frances 1910 

Breitinger, Hazel Alene 1913 

Breman, Bertha 1921 

Breman, Sadie 1926 

Breniser, Cynthia 1886 

Brennan, Helen 1912 

Brennan, Rose Virginia 1918 

Brennan, Joseph 1928,1930 

Brenner, Mabel 1927 

Breslin, Jennie M 1928, 1929 

Bretch, Frederica L 1916 

Breth, Beatrice Irene 1933 

Breth, Harriet Mae 1931 

Brew, Janet Jackson 1922 

Brewer, Anna Florence 1918 

Brewer, Hazel M 1934 

Brewer, Ida Pearle 1924 

Brewer, Marian G 1910 

Brewer, Marie 1918 

Brewer, Mary Emma 1931 

Brewer, Virginia Lewis 1938 

Brice, Anna Margaret 1934 

Brice, Ruth Allen 1935, 1937 

Brickell, Bernice Marie 1934 

Brickell, Bertha 1930 

Brickell, Howard 1913 

Bricker, Henrietta 1915 

Bricker, Marion 1913 

Brickley, Arthur J 1918 

Brickley, Marion F 1916 

Brickley, Wilmer H 1916 

Bridges, Marguerite 1911 

Briggs, Florence Lucille 1919 

Briggs, Helen Louise 1930 

Briggs, Sara Jeannette 1929 

Brilhart, Mae Katurah 1927 

Brimner, Jessie G 1894 

Brindle, Janet 1 1915 

Brindley, Helen Mae 1932 

Brindley. Marv E 1930 

Briner, Elva Josephine 1933 

Briney, E. Bertha 1902 

Briney, Olive M 1899 

Brink, Mae D 1918 

Brinker, Edna C 1920 

Br inker, Gertrude E 1932 

Brinker, Margaret 1921 

Brinkey, Casper C 1880 

Brisbine, Ruth 1 1915 

Broadbent, Frances Emmaline . . 1918 

Brockway, Mabel C 1902 

Broder, Anna Rea 1922 

Broder, Ruth L 1919 

Broderick, Marian 1914 

Brody, Rachel L 1917 

Brody, Rosalie A 1916 

Brogan, Emma 1926 

Brogan, Helen 1924 

Broker, Margaret 1928 

Brombach, Jennie M 1911 

Brombach, Therese H 1915 

Bromberick, Lawrence E 1933 

Bronson, Lillian E 1925 

Brooks, Edgar J 1935 

Brooks, Elisa 1879 

Brooks, Jesse Herbert .... 1932, 1938 

Brooks, Katharine R 1918 

Broome, Helen A 1925, 1934 

Brosh, Helen Madeline 1931 

Brosious, Sarah K 1914 

Brosky, Bertha 1930 

Brothers, Lulu Ellen 1933 

Brougher, Esther Lou 1931 

Broughton, Anna P 1919 

Browarsky, Ida Norma 1930 


Anna Elizabeth 1925 

Annabelle 1931 

Bertha Ellen 1932 

Bertha R 1919 

Betty Beighel 1940 

Charles J 1880 

Clarence C 1937 

David M 1933 

Doris Griffiths 1940 

Doris Virginia 1932 

Edith L 1932 

Edith 1904 

Edna B 1933 

Elizabeth 1927 

Elizabeth Jane .... 1921, 1923 

Ellen Dryne 1937 

Estella Ann 1931 

Esther Viola 1937 

Eva S 1931 

Florence G 1927 

Florence Gertrude 1927 

Florence Laurene 1937 

Genevieve Luella 1932 



Brown, Georgianna 

Brown, Grace Margaret 

Brown, Gwendolyn 

Brown, Hattie G 

Brown, Helen M 

Brown, Ida H 

Brown, Ida M 

Brown, Irma 

Brown, J. Willard A 1912, 

Brown, Jacob S 

Brown, Jane W 

Brown, Jean 

Brown, Jean Hazel 

Brown, Jennie M 

Brown, Josephine Rayburn .... 
Brown, Mrs. June Lobough .... 

Brown, Katheryn R 

Brown, Lizzie M. . . ; 

Brown, Louise 

Brown, M. Jennie 

Brown, Mabel Elizabeth 

Brown, Mabel Lee 

Brown, Mabel M 

Brown, Mabel Rebecca .... 1910, 

Brown, Mae 

Brown, Margaret B 

Brown, Marion L 

Brown, Marion L 

Brown, Mary Elizabeth 

Brown, Mary Elizabeth 

Brown, Mary Ethel 

Brown, Mildred 

Brown, Minnie 

Brown, Olive E 

Brown, Orris Hall 

Brown, Rhoda 

Brown, Robert Kennard 

Brown, Ruth K 

Brown, Ruth M 

Brown, Stella Marie 

Brown, Trilby Marie 

Brown, Vivian C 

Brown, Walter Franklin 

Brown, William C 

Brown, William E 

Brown, Zulu Clare 

Browne, Elizabeth H 

Brownfield, Elizabeth Rae .... 

Brownfield, Harry J 

Brownfield, Margaret M 

Browning, Gladys 

Browning, Mary Gertrude 

Brownlee, Bertha 

Brownlee, Helen 

Brownlee, Mabel 

Brownlee, May 

Brua, Blanche M 

Brua, Naomi I 

1928 Brubaker, Dorothy V 1928, 1929 

1931 Brubaker, G. Jane 1934 

1925 Brubaker, Harry F 1935 

1891 Brubaker, Mabel Ruth 1930 

1918 Brubaker, Mary Anne 1938 

1910 Brubaker, Winona 1930 

1917 Bruce, Anna W 1906 

1907 Bruce, Hilda 1908 

1914 Bruce, James Lisle 1900 

1905 Bruce, Laura B 1886 

1910 Bruce, Sara E 1904 

1913 Brumbaugh, Bertha C 1912 

1930 Brumbaugh, Grace 1917 

1912 Brumbaugh, Margaret Ann 1917 

1905 Brunelle, Sarah 1925 

1938 Bruner, Helen 1917 

1916 Bruner, Roberta 1931 

1883 Brunetti, Lucy 1927 

1938 Brunner, Minnette C 1900 

1884 Bruno, Helen Dorothy 1938 

1934 Bruno, James Byron 1934 

1906 Brunot, Tide C 1923 

1921 Bryan, Hazel Jane 1931 

1911 Bryan, Helen Virginia 1932 

1933 Bryan, Lottie B 1893 

1930 Bryan, Marjorie C 1927 

1883 Bryan, Mary E 1924 

1912 Bryan, Minnie J 1887 

1929 Bryson, Jean 1938 

1929 Bryson, Marian 1932 

1921 Bryson, Sara Martha 1915 

1910 Buchan, Marion E 1936 

1925 Buchanan, Edith 1912,1914 

1915 Buchanan, Ernest 1902 

1934 Buchanan, Esther V 1925 

1926 Buchanan, Eunice Eleanore .... 1933 

1911 Buchanan, Inez E 1917 

1921 Buchanan, Josephine Irene 1930 

1915 Buchanan, Marian 1925 

1926 Buchanan, Mary Gladys 1932 

1929 Buchanan, Rosabel 1933 

1930 Buchanan, Ruth 1912 

1933 Buchanan, Ruth 1915 

1899 Buchanan, Ruth 1931 

1934 Buchanan, Verbel Marie 1933 

1932 Buchheit, Harold M 1937 

1920 Buck, Edith M 1901 

1932 Buck, Gertrude M 1926 

1922 Buck, Helen 1 1933 

1929 Buck, Mabel 1920 

1928 Buck, Mary A 1910 

1932 Buck, Maude A 1911 

1907 Buck, Viola Esther 1921 

1912 Buckley, Ruth E 1924 

1889 Buckley, Ula M 1916 

1905 Buckner, Florence L 1928 

1929 Buente, Grace Irene 1907 

1930 Bufano, Emma lean 1923 



Bufano, Margaret Caroline 1931 

Bufano, Marie 1927 

Buhan, Dorothea Adelle 1931 

Buhite, Alice 1925 

Buhite, Evelyn 1939 

Buhite, Mary Irene 1932, 1938 

Buisker, Mrs. Elizabeth Freund 1938 

Bulgin, Lucile 1911 

Bullion, Marion E 1930 

Bullock, Katharine 1927 

Bumbaugh, Mildred L 1926 

Bunnell, John Walter 1934 

Buntin, Elizabeth 1926 

Buntin, Wilhelmina 1926 

Bunting, Jane M 1920 

Burchfield, Mary Marguerite . . 1937 

Burgan, Mary Margaret 1929 

Burger, Margaret Christine .... 1929 

Burgess, Myrtle L 1906 

Burgi, Mabelle Emma 1914 

Burgoon, Marie P 1911 

Burk, Gerald D 1936 

Burke, Alice S 1914 

Burke, Margaret D 1915 

Burket, Gertrude Marietta 1922 

Burket, Mayme R 1926 

Burkett, Bess 1921 

Burkett, Ethel L 1921 

Burkett, Kathryn J 1927 

Burkett, Lavada Arvilla 1932 

Burkett, Lillian Almeda 1930 

Burkett, Lucille M 1927 

Burkett, Mae E 1898 

Burkett, Melvin C 1934 

Burkett, Mildred Virginia 1929 

Burkhard, Agnes K 1916 

Burkhardt, Margaret 1930 

Burkhart, Ada 1925 

Burkhart, Agnes Cecilia 1939 

Burkhart, Grace 1924 

Burleigh, Thelma Mae 1933 

Burlingame, Florence 1913 

Burnhimer, Ethel Leona 1926 

Burns, Agnes F 1928 

Burns, Anna R 1919 

Burns, Margaret Anderson .... 1936 

Burnside, Alice 1918 

Burr, M. Vashti 1918 

Burrell, Ophia 1927 

Burtsfield, Zelah M 1915 

Burtt, Mary B 1896 

Bush, Mary Estelle 1922 

Bush, William E 1926, 1931 

Bushyager, Annette M 1919 

Bushyager, Hazel F 1916 

Busko, Goldie 1931 

Buterbaugh, Anna Laura 1906 

Buterbaugh, CHfford M 1932 

Buterbaugh, Dorothy 1930 

Buterbaugh, Florence Kathryn . . 1909 

Buterbaugh, Mary Olive 1913 

Buterbaugh, Sara Grace 1905 

Butler, C. Edwin 1901 

Butler, Dorothy 1920 

Butler, Elizabeth Jean 1918 

Butler, Elzora 1896 

Butler, Grace 1922 

Butler, Hattie 1917,1922 

Butler, Helen 1924, 1928 

Butler, Kathleen Elizabeth .... 1931 

Butler, Martha 1912 

Butler, Mary Lydia 1917 

Butler, Sara Madge 1908 

Buttermore, Helen D 1919 

Buttermore, Marthabel 1929 

Button, Electa M 1921 

Butts, Richard James 1930 

Butts, Ruthann 1932 

Buyers, Lewis A 1932 

Buzzell, Nellie S 1898 

Byers, Betty 1939 

Byers, Helen E 1927 

Byers, Kathryn 1921 

Byers, Mabel L 1911 

Byers, Mary Hosfeld 1937 

Byers, Michael 1934 

Byron, Agnes T 1930 

Byron, Grace F 1932 

Cable, Percy Lewis 1940 

Caddy, Thelma 1929 

Caddy, Zenaida 1904 

Cadzow, Mildred M 1932 

Cagni, Alice 1927 

Cahill, Veronica Mavbelle 1934 

Caimi, Frank B. . .'. 1934 

Cairns, Mary Elizabeth 1932 

Calder, John R 1880 

Calder, Olivia 1928 


, A. Marv 1897 

, Amy R 1921 

, Attie Gertrude 1914 

, Bernadine L 1932 

, DeRose 1917 

, Ellen B 1911 

, Olive B 1889 

, Ruth Ailene 1930 

Alice M 1926 

Clara A 1893 

Elizabeth Ann 1932 

Glenna Mae 1935 

Helen Mae 1940 

Jean E 1931 

Jennie M 1886 

Marguerite E 1896 

Mary L 1897 



Calhoun, Marj- Marie 1925 

Calhoun, Nerval S 1936 

Call, Mary Louise 1933 

Callaghan, Loretta M 1902 

Callahan, Laurette 1926, 1932 

Callahan. Loretta M 1933 

Callen, Almira 1923 

Callen, Bertha L 1918 

Callen, Florence 1902 

Calloway, Marion M 1915 

Cam, Jennie 1920 

Cam, Marie 1921 

Cameron, Annie R 1891 

Cameron, Christine Marr 1889 

Cameron, Clara 1887 

Cameron, Helen 1927 

Cameron, Helene Margaret .... 1917 

Cameron, Juliet D 1926 

Cameron, Katherine 1891 

Cameron, Madge V 1903 

Cameron, ^lariam R 1900 

Cameron, Martha A 1881 

Cameron, Martha Frances 1928 

Cameron, Maude V 1903 

Camp, John N 1909 

Campana, Vienna 1925 

Campbell, Agnes Jane .... 1908, 1911 

Campbell, Alice 1931 

Campbell, Alice L 1888 

Campbell, Anna Evelyn 1936 

Campbell, Anna Mary 1938 

Campbell, Anne Bauersmith . . . 1939 

Campbell, Ardelle 1934 

Campbell, Bess Marie 1913 

Campbell, Beulah Grace 1931 

Campbell, Cordellia M 1925 

Campbell, Edith G 1918 

Campbell, Elizabeth Mav 1916 

Campbell, Elsie M 1910 

Campbell, Elva 1902 

Campbell, Ethel 1914 

Campbell, Ethel Madalyn 1940 

Campbell, Frank B 1915 

Campbell, Frank H 1933. 1938 

Campbell, Hazel Allene 1930 

Campbell, Helen Lourene 1912 

Campbell, J. E 1914 

Campbell, James M 1932, 1938 

Campbell, Tane Alice 1940 

Campbell, Keturah 1895 

Campbell, Lois 1908 

Campbell, Lulu Mabel 1911 

Campbell, Mabel 1913 

Campbell, Mabel Luella 1915 

Campbell, Margaret V 1919 

Campbell, Margaret W *. . . . 1913 

Campbell, Marv 1903 

Campbell. Marv B 1918. 1929 

Campbell, Mary Belle 1938 

Campbell, Mary M 1910 

Campbell. Mary S 1916 

Campbell, Mildred 1920 

Campbell, Nell 1927 

Campbell, Pearl 1924 

Campbell, S. Flora 1887 

Campbell, Sara B 1919 

Campbell, Sara Erma 1934 

Campbell, Sarah Virginia 1936 

Campbell, Sarella 1923 

Campbell, W. Paul 1938 

Campbell, William 1917 

Campney, Ruth 1924 

Cam.pney, Sarah 1895 

Canan, Elsie Deane 1902 

Canan, Jessie E 1904 

Canan, Sarah Hanah 1918 

Cancerius, Frieda 1922 

Canning, Marjorie Jane 1930 

Cannon, Clara A 1927 

Cannon, Mary W 1886 

Capellman, Joan 1936 

Capizzi, Antonetta 1921 

Caplan, Rose 1928 

Capozzoli, Lucy Carmel 1934 

Capozzoli, Mary Armela 1931 

Cardellino, Robert Charles 1939 

Carl. Martha Louise 1934 

Carlin, Anna C 1924 

Carlisle, Mary Catherine 1933 

Carlson, Emma L 1919 

Carlson. Helen E 1916 

Carlson. Ina L 1929 

Carlson. Janet M 1927, 1930 

Carlson, Jeannette F 1916 

Carlson. Jennie M 1913 

Carlson, Morris E 1939 

Carlson, Rachel Albertina 1921 

Carlstrom. Lily 1927 

Carmalt, Gladstone A 1913 

Carmalt, Gladvs 1914 

Carmalt, Helen A 1910 

Carmalt. Horace G 1897 

Carmany, S. Claire 1921 

Carnahan, Elizabeth 1916 

Carnahan. Lenore 1927 

Carnahan, Margaret Ellen 1940 

Carnahan, Marie 1916 

Carnahan, Martha Jane 1917 

Carnahan, Minnie 1905 

Carnahan, Sadie M 1910 

Carnahan, Thetta 1889 

Carnahan, Virginia 1926 

Carney, Alice B 1885 

Carney, Helen Marie 1930 

Carnill, Emma Carolvn 1918 

Carnill. M. Elizabeth 1918 



Caroff, James William 1934 

Caroff, Wayne John 1939 

Carothers, Elizabeth M 1895 

Carothers, Esther 1926 

Carothers, Ruth Reed 1929 

Carothers, Sarah Elizabeth 1929 

Carpenter, Lois Ann 1934 

Carpenter, Rose E 1927 

Carpin, Thomas 1938 

Carr, Helen 1914,1915 

Carr, Ruth 1913 

Carrel, Katharine K 1927 

Carrick, Anna 1917 

Carrick, Margaret Genevieve . . 1935 

Carrier, Dorothy B 1918 

Carroll, Hazel E 1935 

Carroll, Hazel 1915 

Carroll, Joseph G 1887 

Carroll, Marian D 1929 

Carroll, Zata 1913 

Carruthers, Mary E 1926 

Carson, Harry Carlyle 1922 

Carson, John S 1895 

Carson, Louise Walker 1930 

Carson, Mary E 1919 

Carson, Paul E 1928,1929 

Carson, Robert M 1917 

Carter, Albert F 1892, 1896 

Carter, Lucile 1 1892 

Carter, M. Blanche 1890 

Carter, Mary Dorothy 1937 

Carter, Sara M 1925 

Carter, Susan 1913 

Cartman, Edith M 1918 

Cartwright, Sara L. Salome 1918 

Cartwright, Vivian Lucile . 1926, 1930 

Carver, Ernest Willard 1932 

Case, Sue G 1886 

Cashdollar, Doella M 1927 

Casini, Louise 1931 

Cass, Nelle E 1908 

Casseday, Evelyn 1929 

Cassel, Virginia Bell 1938 

Cassells, Margaret 1926 

Castaneda, Erasmo 1911 

Castigliano, Jennie 1934, 1936 

Castonis, Carolyn Heath 1932 

Castronova, Frances Celine .... 1937 

Cataldo, Laura 1929 

Cataldo, Leona Philomen . . 1934, 1938 

Catanzarite, Joseph Thomas 1935 

Catarouch, Rose Marie 1932 

Cattron, Myltreda 1912 

Caulfield, Mary G 1888 

Caulkett, Virginia 1928 

Cavalier, Anne A 1928 

Cavanaugh, Mary 1916 

Cavanaugh, Mary Helen 1934 

Caven, Agnes 1890 

Cawley, Laura Belle 1930 

Cawley, Nan L 1885 

Caylor, Gertrude Jane 1935 

Caylor, Helen 1925 

Caylor, Rav R 1932 

Cepull, Kathryn E 1928 

Ceraso, Adalgisa 1933 

Ceraso, Evelyn E 1930 

Cernik, Nellie Bernadine 1929 

Cessna, Ann 1928 

Cessna, Evelyn 1926 

Cessna, Frances W 1931 

Cessna, Josephine LeRoy 1932 

Chaine, Thelma C 1924 

Chalfant, Martha 1890 

Chalfant, Mary Isabella 1890 

Chamberlain, S. Mae 1920 

Chamberlin, Wilma Elizabeth . . 1915 

Chambers, Ella J 1902 

Chambers, Gertrude M 1929 

Chambers, Kathryn R 1898 

Chambon, August Z 1919 

Chambon, Corabelle L 1928 

Chambordon, Grace J 1922 

Champion, Alice Gertrude 1929 

Chapin, Lenora 1922 

Chaplin, Kathryn Malissa 1920 

Chaplin, Martha Mildred 1922 

Chapman, Charlotte S 1933 

Chapman, Clarence Joseph 1939 

Chapman, Harriett S 1933 

Chapman, James F 1896 

Chapman, Louise T 1919 

Chapman, Martha Blanche 1929 

Chapman, Wallace C 1899 

Charles, Dorothy 1927 

Charles, Grace L 1928 

Chase, C. Belle 1894 

Chattaway, Mary 1921 

Chavlovich, Ann Margaret 1934 

Cheesman, Jean R 1920 

Cheesman, Anna M 1888 

Cheeseman, Mary B 1894 

Chenet, Joseph Charles 1940 

Cherney, William John 1937 

Cherry, Maria 1914 

Chesko, Helen A 1933 

Chesley, Frances Eleanor 1925 

Chesnutt, Ray Miller 1935, 1939 

Chester, Delia M 1889 

Chester, Edna Freeland 1891 

Chestnut, Anna 1912 

Chew, Twyla 1927 

Chick, Joseph L 1920 

Chick, M. Isabelle 1934 

Child, Edith Mary 1918 

Childs, Josie Leona 1921 



Chishko, Emilie 1928 

Chisholm, LilHe L 1888 

Chisholm, Mary G 1894 

Chisholm, Mary L 1887 

Chlebowicz, Sophie Helen 1927 

Chorpenning, Eloise Emma .... 1933 

Chrise, William A 1918 

Chrisman, Anna Mabel 1922 

Christenson, Neoma 1933 

Christie, Ida Mae 1930 

Christie, Mercedes 1915 

Christman, Warren Martin 1936 

Christman, Zilpha F 1914 

Christner, Phoebe Beatrice 1922 

Christy, Cyrus M 1897 

Christy, Edna Blanche 1919 

Christy, Elizabeth 1927 

Christy, Hazel Marie 1930 

Christy, Hilda 1923 

Christy, Kate S 1888 

Christv, Louisa H 1879 

Christy, Maude A 1877 

Christy, Marion E 1896 

Christy, Paul Emery 1936 

Christy, Vera Gladys 1930 

Chubbuck, Clara 1921 

Chubbuck, Leah 1913, 1914 

Church, Helen 1915 

Church, Mary 1935 

Chute, Mercedes 1926 

Chute, Vivian E 1926 

Cicero, Edith A 1933 

Cicero, Sylvester Charles 1940 

Cindric, Louise Pauline 1937 

Cipra, Anna Josephine . . 1933, 1939 

Claassen, Gertrude 1924 

Clare, Edna Mary 1932 

Clark, Alba June 1915 

Clark, Alice B 1930 

Clark, Anna June 1905 

Clark, Annie M 1887 

Clark, Bessie M 1925 

Clark, Charlotte 1892 

Clark, Clarence Wilmer 1935 

Clark, Constance 1918 

Clark, Effie M 1904 

Clark, Eleanor M 1914 

Clark, Emelie Nafis 1933 

Clark, Frances Jean 1935 

Clark, Garnett 1912 

Clark, Governor C 1938 

Clark, Irene Audrie 1915 

Clark, Janet L 1911,1913 

Clark, Janet Ramsay 1934 

Clark, Letitia Patterson 1929 

Clark, Lila U 1925 

Clark, Loretta 1924 

Clark, Margaret Bruce 1921 

Clark, Mary B 1889 

Clark, Mary E 1911 

Clark, Mary Isabclle 1931 

Clark, Olga Naomi .' 1937 

Clark, Robert J 1929 

Clark, Virginia M 1939 

Clarke, Anna C 1922 

Clarke, Florence K 1913 

Clarke, Lillian Anna 1933 

Clawson, Carolyn 1909 

Clawson, Cora A 1894 

Clawson, Elizabeth B 1926, 1930 

Clawson, Harry B 1910 

Clawson, Harry L 1930 

Clawson, Marie P 1928 

Clawson, Phyllis M 1918 

Clawson, Vera May 1932 

Clay, Mercedes 1926 

Clay, Pauline 1920 

Claycomb, Charlotte M 1934 

Claycomb, Dorothy Rose 1936 

Claycomb, J. Harper 1938 

Claycomb, Joseph Paul 1934 

Claycomb, Sue L 1921 

Claypool, Evelyn Marie 1936 

Clayton, Helen 1925 

Clegg, Eleanor 1938 

Clemens, Verna M 1928 

Clemenson, Fleda 1924 

Clemenson, Glenni H 1916 

Clement, Bertha Bishop 1893 

Clement, Margaret Ellen 1933 

Clement, Mary Thelma 1922 

Clements, Alice S 1927 

Clements, Margaret Jane . . 1932, 1934 

Cleveland, Helen 1913 

Cleveland, Ruth H 1918 

Clifford, Alice Virginia 1932 

Cline, Mabel Jane 1921 

Cline, Mildred Edna 1936 

Clingerman, Mary B 1887 

Clipfel, May 1922 

Clougher, Mary H 1901 

Clowes, Leslie Owens 1913 

Clowes, Marie 1915 

Cluley, Ivy 1888 

Clush, Ethel 1911 

Clyde, Thelma Elizabeth 1932 

Coakley, Margaret Ellen 1925 

Coates, Frances M 1939 

Cobb, Thelma Josephine 1930 

Cobb, Wilma L 1932 

Cober, John G 1938 

Cochran, E. Jessie 1898 

Cochran, E. Virginia 1933 

Cochran, Gertrude 1926 

Cochran, Gladys 1921, 1925, 1936 

Cochran, M. Etta 1883 



Cochran, Alary 1913 

Cochran, William A 1880 

Cochrane, Bertha F. 1925 

Cochrane, Elizabeth Gertrude . . 1916 

Cochrane, Laura C 1885 

Cochrane, S. Elizabeth 1930 

Cockerille, Clara E 1924 

Cockerille, Marion A 1931 

Coder, Ada C 1892 

Cody, Mrs. Gertrude S 1927 

Coe, Lucy 1913 

Coffin, Edith V 1890 

Coffin, S. Gertrude 1899 

Coffman, Marjorie Dorothea . . 1932 

Cogan, Clair H 1934 

Cogley, Dora 1926 

Cohen, Dorothy 1926 

Cohen, Ida L 1921 

Cohen, Julia W 1896 

Cohen, Tessie Dolores 1932 

Cohn, Sadie 1925 

Cohn, Sylvia 1926 

Colabine, Eleanor M 1934 

Colabine, Evelyn Bathurst 1940 

Colangelo, Aida Isabel 1930 

Goldsmith, Alice R 1926 

Goldsmith, Sarah Catharine .... 1932 

Cole, Aileen 1927 

Cole, Frances 1913 

Cole, Hazel Eileen 1939 

Cole, Helen Frances 1929 

Cole, Margaret Maryann 1931 

Cole, Mary C 1929 

Coleman, Ada 1891 

Coleman, Adelaide Jane 1930 

Coleman, Anna Lois 1927 

Coleman, Ellen C 1922 

Coleman, Genevieve L 1932 

Coleman, Harriet Agatha 1922 

Coleman, Mary E 1928 

Coleman, Mary Kathryn 1928 

Coleman, Olga 1936 

Coleman. Ruth Irene .... 1931, 1932 

Colestock, Minnie Irene 1933 

Colgan, Mrs. Jessie J 1927 

Colgrove, Freeda Weston 1917 

Colkitt, Marion L 1929 

Colley, Dorothy 1931 

Colley, Marian E 1926 

Colligan, Isabel 1926 

Collins, Frances 1929 

Collins, Leah 1926 

Collins, Nancyetta 1928 

Collins, Robert Alter 1933 

Colls, Winifrede Mabel 1934 

Coltervahn, Lauretta E 1934 

Colteryahn, Lynette B 1932 

Colvin, Dorothy 1931 

Colvin, Flora H 1916 

Colvin, Helen 1925,1934 

Colwell, Gertrude B 1932 

Colwell, Margaret Kathleen . . . 1932 

Cometta, Era Rena 1929 j 

Cominsky, Lillian Louise . . 1934, 1937 

Commings, Thelma Mae 1935 

Compton, Eleanor 1925 

Compton, Frank 1913 

Compton. Leila M 1934 

Compton, Pearl H 1928 

Comyns, Marie E 1919 

Condon, Genevieve M 1928 

Condron, H. D 1892 

Condron, Hazel 1912 

Confer. Lee 1933 

Conger, Evelyn Geraldine 1927 

Conkle, Zilma M 1912 

Conkling, Margaret 1921 

Conlin, Mary L 1903 

Conn, Edna Louise 1923 

Conn, Margaret L 1929 

Conn, Ruth D 1931 

Connair, Kathleen M 1916 

Connelly, Joanna Marie •. . . 1922 

Connelly, Raphael Marie 1920 

Connelly, Viola 1912 

Conner, Edith 1928 

Conner, Sara Ellen 1937 

Connolly, Gertrude F 1923 

Conrad, Agnes B 1917 

Conrad, Jane Logan 1931 

Conrad, Mary E 1929 

Conrad, Mildred M 1917 

Conrad, Virginia Blair ... 1932,1934 

Conrath, Lionel Brady 1938 

Conroy, Regina Elizabeth 1922 

Considine, Mary D 1932 

Constanzo, Victor Philip 1932 

Conway, Josephine 1929 

Conway, Mary 1 1916 

Cook. Alice 1912 

Cook, Bertha 1921 

Cook, Bertha 1927 

Cook. Carribell 1908, 1912 

Cook, Evelyn E 1931 

Cook. Mrs. Florence Brewer . . 1922 

Cook. George W 1911 

Cook, Hazel B 1921 

Cook, Hazel M 1930 

Cook, Ida 1912 

Cook. Leona 1927 

Cook, Mary 1925 

Cook, Marv Elizabeth 1901 

Cook, Mary Elizabeth 1932 

Cook, Ruth M 1917 

Cook, Virginia G 1930 

Cook, Wilda J 1916 

Cooke. Nell D 1924 

Coolev. Edna S 1925 

I N D K X OF G R A I) U A T K S 


Cooley, Herbert 1926 

Coon, Bess L 1909 

Coon, Florence MjTtle 1916 

Coon, Helen M 1921 

Coon, M. Catharine 1920 

Coon, Murray A 1913 

Cooney, John H., Sr 1902 

Cooper, Anna Mary 1926 

Cooper, Blanche 1926 

Cooper, Ellen 1892 

Cooper, Mary 1908 

Cooper, Mary Blanche 1885 

Cooper, Mary J 1888 

Cooper, Myrtle Stutznian 1933 

Cope, Kathryn C 1924 

Copeland, Sara Elizabeth 1935 

Copeland, Thomas 1934 

Corbett, Flora L 1936 

Corbett, Helen L 1931 

Corbett, Helen Lorraine 1940 

Corbett, Thomas E 1931 

Corder, Leota 1929 

Corder, Ruth Augusta 1930 

Cordicr, Anita . .• 1888 

Cordray, Ruby P 1931 

Corey, Jean Craig 1926 

Corey, Joseph Z 1916 

Corev, Lois 1926 

Core'v, Maude E 1890 

Corl, Wilhelmina 1931 

Corle, Elmira Elizabeth 1929 

Corliss, B. Gardner 1938 

Cornelius, Anna 1908 

Cornelius, Hannah 1927 

Cornelius, Sara 1922 

Comely, Elisabeth Bell 1919 

Cornmesser, Mary Elizabeth . . 1923 

Corp, Mildred E 1929 

Corrado, Hilda 1929 

Correll, Hilda 1927 

Coryell, Alice 1930 

Cossel, Rhoda 1929 

Cossel. Willa 1926 

Cost, Grace Alberta 1926 

Cost, Isabel 1923 

Cost. M. Katherine 1926 

Costa, Catherine 1925 

Costa, Virgillio 1913 

Costlow, Rose Virginia 1933 

Cottom, Mildred 1926 

Cotton. Clara Elizabeth 1925 

Coughenour. Eleanor 1934 

Couphencur, Mary M 1925 

Coughlin. Ethel G 1910, 1930 

Coulter, Audrey Myrile 1929 

Coulter. Florence Irene 1918 

Coulter. Frank W 1909 

Couher. Alerle Aline 1918 

Coulter, Naomi Irene 1922 

Courson, Dorothy 1919 

Courson, Ethel 1933, 1939 

Courtney, Grace A 1910 

Cousin, Sara Etta 1932 

Covalesky Petronella 1933 

Cover, Edith Esther 1915 

Cover, Helen H 1920 

Cover, Margaret 1918 

Covert, Mrs. Hazel M 1928 

Coville, Mrs. Mabel Charlotte 

1925, 1929 

Cowan, H. Gladys 1915 

Cowan, Harriet J 1899 

Cowan, Lois 1913 

Cowan, M. Corrine 1915 

Cowan, Margaret J 1901 

Cowan, Nelle M 1911 

Cowan, Rhoda 1928 

Cowl, Dorothy Adaline 1922 

Cowley, Elizabeth B 1893 

Cox, Anna C 1917 

Cox, Blanche E 1934 

Cox, Eleanor L 1932 

Cox, Ida S 1919 

Cox, Lillian E 1921 

Cox, Marian M 1935 

Cox, Mary Gertrude 1930 

Cox, Mary K 1930 

Cox, May 1912 

Cox, Roberta Hamilton 1923 

Cox, Ruth M 1939 

Cox, Sarah E 1935 

Coy, Ruth 1916 

Coy. Verna E 1928 

Craft, Laura 1913 

Craft, Marie J 1912 

Craig, Bernice Esther 1932 

Craig, Birdie 1899 

Craig, E. Jennie 1905 

Craig, Elizabeth 1896 

Craig, Ethel Lucinda 1932 

Craig. Ford B 1902 

Craig, Grace 1912 

Craig, Grace Belle 1935 

Craig, Harriet E 1930 

Craig, J. Bernell 1933 

Craig, J. Brad 1896 

Craig, Kathleen 1924 

Craig, Madolin 1922 

Craig, Mary Belle 1912 

Craig, Mary Virginia 1930 

Craig, Muriel Blanche 1937 

Craig, Ruth E 1929 

Craig, Violet M 1931 

Craine, D. Alma 1927 

Cramer, Eleanor Bennet 1927 

Cramer. Elnora Jean 1938 

Cramer, Helen 1924 

Cramer. John Watson 1887 



Cramer, W. Justin 1886 

Cramer, William S 1938 

Cramm, Florence 1 1926 

Cratty, Caroline 1930, 1939 

Craven, Mildred Christena .... 1929 

Cravener, Constance E 1916 

Cravener, Helen Lucille 1937 

Cravener, Margaret M 1932 

Cravenor, Mrs. Blanche Singer . 1936 

Craver, Annabel 1931 

Craw, Nellie 1928 

Crawford, Alice J 1895 

Crawford, Clara B 1897 

Crawford, Ella E 1886 

Crawford, Esther Jane 1916 

Crawford, Harry Lee 1916 

Crawford, Helen R 1906 

Crawford, Henry E 1932 

Crawford, Jean 1899 

Crawford, Julia E 1932 

Crawford, Marian 1925 

Crawford, Martha Ruth 1934 

Crawford, Mary 1901 

Crawford, Mary Elizabeth .... 1932 

Crawford, Maude 1 1919 

Crawford, S. Hazle 1906 

Crawford, William Clark 1905 

Crawshaw, Bradley W 1933 

Crea, Eliza B 1910 

Creager, Jeanne Moore 1929 

Crebs, Maude Mae 1919 

Creehan, Margaret V 1916 

Creese, Blanche 1899 

Creese, E. Jane 191 1 

Creese, Olive T 1901 

Creps, E. E 1904 

Cressman, Claire M 1938 

Cribbs, Delia M 1922 

Cribbs, Helen W 1927 

Cribbs, Katheryn 1928 

Cribbs, Mary Elizabeth 1933 

Cribbs, Nell Jane 1908 

Cribbs, Zelda 1927 

Crider, Annie M 1886 

Crise, Kathryn J 1931,1938 

Crisman, Florence R 1938 

Crissey, Margaret L 1930 

Crissey, Mildred 1926 

Crist, Dorothy M 1927, 1929 

Crist, Mary E 1919 

Crist, Mrs. Ruth Kinter 1940 

Critchfield, Mary A 1927 

Crivella, Agnes E 1936 

Crock, Jeanne M 1928 

Crocker, Elizabeth 1910 

Crombie, Florence 1902 

Crombie, Mary H 1898 

Cronauer, Robert Joseph 1937 

Cronemeyer, Caroline 1899 

Cronin, Eileen 1919 

Cronin, Marie E 1920 

Cronk, Charles Robert 1937 

Crooks, Louise F 1926 

Crooks, Martha 1934 

Crosby, Minnie Mae 1923 

Crosby, Priscilla A 1918 

Crosier, Mary Irwin 1891 

Cross, Alice Mary 1925 

Crossland, Lillian 1921 

Crossman, Charlotte 1905 

Crossman, Gertrude 1912 

Croup, Margaret Mary 1940 

Croushore, Elva A 1930 

Crow, Grace 1922 

Crow, Helen M 1925 

Crowe, Mrs. Mabel Kroushour . 1930 

Crowley, Irene Alberta 1934 

Croyle, Melda 1927, 1937 

Crucknol, Sue 1930 

Cruise, Frances M 1935 

Crum, Dorothy Eileen 1940 

Crum, Hettie Dod 1932 

Crum, Martha Belle 1925 

Crusan, Catherine 1906 

Crusan, Mary 1 1914 

Crusan, Ruth 1913 

Crusan, Stella C 1909 

Crusan, Tillie 1915 

Crytzer, Lillian 1915 

Csiszar, Helen Marie 1940 

Cubbage, Margaret J 1895 

Culbertson, Harriet 1926 

Cullers, Lettie B 1889 

Culley, Elizabeth Irene 1926 

Culley, Lucille Logan 1917 

Culley, Martha Evelyn 1934 

Culley. Sara Elizabeth 1929 

Cullings, Frances Elizabeth 1936 

Cullis, Ellen Magee 1916 

Gulp, Daisy E 1903 

Gumming, Elizabeth 1927 

Cummings, Eleanor G 1898 

Cummings, Forrest 1919 

Cummings, Lillian P 1898 

Cummins, Belle 1924 

Cummins, Margaret Helen 1937 

Cunkelman, Elizabeth J 1931 

Cunneen, Cecelia 1925 

Cunneen, Martha 1924 

Cunningham, Areta C 1926 

Cunningham, Besse M 1903 

Cunningham, Dorothy 1928 

Cunningham, E. Gertrude . 1893, 1895 

Cunningham, Edna 1913 

Cunningham, Erma L 1898, 1900 

Cunningham, Flora K 1920 

Cunningham, Florence 1926 

Cunningham, Frank B 1897 



Cunningham, Grace A 1902 

Cunningham, Hazel 1913 

Cunningham, Helen E 1909 

Cunningham, I. Elizabeth 1905 

Cunningham, Isabel 1929 

Cunningham, J. Wilbur 1902 

Cunningham, Kathryn M 1931 

Cunningham, Margaret 1 1933 

Cunningham, Mary B 1911 

Cunningham, Paul H 1911 

Cunningham, Pearl 1905 

Cunningham, Ruth E 1915 

Cunningham, Ruth Patricia .... 1937 

Cunningham, Samuel K 1902 

Cuppett, Laura Jean 1922 

Cupples, Helen Elizabeth 1930 

Curran, Dorothy J 1936 

Curran, Margaret M 1931 

Curran, Rose Alice 1927 

Curran, Rose Mary 1922 

Curran, Sara C 1932 

Curry, Ethel W 1905 

Curry, Margaret Ann 1932 

Currv, Mary Ann 1931 

Curry, Olive 1918, 1919 

Currv, William G 1933 

Curtioff, Wasil 1937 

Cusack, Helen T 1918 

Cushing, Bess 1913 

Cushnie, Alice Elizabeth 1932 

Custer, Elda Jean 1923 

Custer, Eva Pearl 1931 

Custer, Jov Allison 1922 

Cutchall, H. Kathryn 1921 

Cuvelier, Gladys 1919 

Cylencia, Louise D 1930 

Cypher, Margaret 1927 

Daft, Miriam 1907 

Daggs, Marion Marie 1932 

Dahl, Hilma 1923 

Daibler, Jane E 1932 

Daibler, Ruth 1928 

Dailey, Gladys M 1932 

Dailev, Tohn Francis 1939 

Dain, Hannah K 1887 

Dalby, Helen A 1912 

Dalby. Lucv 1887 

Dale, Christine 1921 

Dale, Mae 1928 

Dale, Mary 1915 

Daley, Alice Agnes 1931 

Daley, Anna Marcella 1933 

Daley, Anna Marie 1923 

Daley, Marv Rita 1933 

Daly, J. Regina 1911 

Daly, Lynette 1937 

Daly, Margaret G 1915 

Daly, Mary A 

Dambach, Marguerite 

Dambaugh, Thora 

Damico, Margaret F 

Dana, Marjorie 

Dandar, Emil B 

Danhart, Bessie D 

Daniel, Lulu 

Daniels, Elizabeth 

Danielson, Evelyn L 

Danko, Agnes Rose 1932, 

Darby, Ruth 

Darnley, Florence M 

Datz, Mrs. Eva Estep 

Daugherty, Anna May 

Daugherty, Delia 

Daugherty, Elizabeth Jane 1929, 

Daugherty, Ellen Agnes 

Daugherty, Gail 

Daugherty, Helen 

Daugherty, Howard 

Daugherty, James M 

Daugherty, Mary Anne 





































dson, Christina P. 
dson, Elizabeth C. . 
dson, Ellen Maude . 

dson, Eva A 

dson, Josephine . . . . 

dson, Lettie A 

dson, Margaret A. . 

es, Bertha 

es, Mae 

es, Margaret B. . . . 
es, Margaret E. . . . 
es, Margaret Isabel 

es, Marian 

es, Sarah K 

es, Zillah Z 

s. Alberta Jane . . . . 

s. Amy 

s, Anne Johanna . . . 

s, Annie S 

s, Bertha Agnes . . . 
s, Bessie Stone . . . . 

s, Betty Jane 

s, Catharine Mary . 

s, Charles A 

s, Clarence E 

s, Cora Beatrice . . . . 

s, Dorothea I 

s, Dorothy 

s, Dorothy Louise . 
s, Dorothy Lucille . 

s, Edgar C 

s, Elda M 

s, Eleanor 

s, Ellen Katherine . 

s, Elvira AI 

s, Emma E 





Fannie A 


Frances Helen . . 

Grace A 

Grace M 

Hazel Jeannette 


Helen Louise . . 

Ida Gwendolyn . 


Jean Williams . . 


John H 

Joseph R 


Laura Mary 

Lillian M 

Lisle S 


Lucille A 

M. Emma 

Mabel P 


Magdalene .... 


Margaret C 

Marie Jane 


Mildred E 

Myrtle G 


Norman Edmund 

Remola E 

Romayne E 

Ruby Irene 

Samuel M 

Stanton Ling . . . 


Velma Irene .... 

Vida Marcie . . 


Warren Walter . 

William Ashley 



son, Bernice E. . . . 


Fred Strahen 

Edith L 

son, Margaret R. . 

son, Mary 

Davy, Cordelia 

Day, Alice Elizabeth 

Day, Blanche Mav 

Day, Ella R '. 

Day, Floyd S 

Day, Helen Louise 1928, 

Day, Laura Alma 

Day, Margaret Catherine 



1924 Day, Alary 1917 

1927 Dean, Daisy R 1897 

1922 Dean, Harriet E 1927 

1915 Dean, Helen 1908 

1915 Dean, Juanita Bonalie 1934 

1918 Dearolph, Mildred Mae 1917 

1927 DeBerti, John Thomas 1931 

1931 DeBoise, Christine 1926 

1933 Dehor, L. Verall 1917 

1913 Dehor, Mary M 1919 

1939 Decker, James E 1930 

1930 Decker, Lilyan 1929 

1937 Decker, Roy Blair 1933 

1932 DeConna, Ann L 1930 

1935 Deemer, Alda 1927 

1885 Deemer, Kathryn Jane 1931 

1918 Deemer, Minerva 1910 

1920 Defibaugh, Anna Louise 1931 

1926 Deisher, Kathryn V 1934 

1915 Delamater, Lillian 1890 

1906 Delamater, Olive G 1896 

1909 DeLaney, Earl R 1926 

1925 DeLaney, Lamar E 1927 

1912 Delaney, Margaret M 1925 

1916 DeLarme, Myrtle Jane 1932 

1883 Delevett, Mary Elizabeth 1930 

1927 Del Torchio, Ida 1915 

1927 Del Torchio, Mary 1917 

1911 DeLullo, Daniel R 1937 

1911 D'Emilio, Mary Louise 1926 

1927 DeMotte, Anna L 1927 

1939 Dempsey, Marie Geneva 1929 

1931 Dempsey, Ruth 1918 

1934 Denbov^r, Martha Juanita 1940 

1931 Dennen, Anna Katherine 1922 

1879 Dennen, M. Elizabeth 1915 

1918 Denny, Mary Catharine 1922 

1913 Denny, Virginia C 1917 

1935 Dentici, Mary Elizabeth 1932 

1906 Denton, Mrs. Isabell Jay 1929 

1926 DeNul, Evelyn 1932 

1940 Depp, Frank H 1905 

1939 Depp, Marion LaRue 1928 

1922 Depp, Mrs. Twila Rimer 1935 

1921 DeSantis, Dolores ...'. 1939 

1925 DeSantis, Edith Frances 1924 

1926 Detwiler, Melinda M 1905 

1931 Devere, Hannah Carolyn 1918 

1922 Devine, Florence 1918 

1938 DeVinney, Margaret N 1928 

1902 DeVinney, W. M 1889 

1901 Devlin, Alma 1927 

1923 Devor, James G 1932 

1898 Devore, Mildred E 1923 

1887 DeWeese, Sarah C 1922 

1925 Dewey, Mabel A 1917 

1929 DeYarmin, Blair 1 1935 

1922 Diamond, Josephine Cecelia 1930 

1930 Diaz, Jose Emilio 1911 



Dick, Carolyn 1933 

Dick, Howard J 1901 

Dick, Laura Jane 1931 

Dick, Madge 1917 

Dick, Marguerite '. 1935 

Dick, Mary 1926 

Dick, Sara Jane 1936 

Dick, Sylvia 1925 

Dickey, Ethel 1924 

Dickey, George Gilman 1940 

Dickey, Kathryn Louise 1937 

Dickey, Margaret Penelope 1922, 1931 

Dickie, Bell J 1904 

Dickie, Bess 1914 

Dickie, Charlotte 1896 

Dickie, Edith 1925 

Dickie, Esther J 1911 

Dickie, Gertrude S 1932 

Dickie, Laura M 1903 

Dickie, Loretta M 1892 

Dickie, Louise 1921 

Dickie, Louise 1923 

Dickie, N. Mabel 1899 

Dickinson, Lois May 1940 

Dickinson, Ruth Wiley 1935 

Dickinson, Virginia 1929, 1931 

Dickson, Anna Bess 1924 

Dickson, Bess Moore 1924 

Dickson, Candace 1924 

Dickson, Cristy 1925 

Dickson, Grace E 1932 

Dickson, Melissa L 1921 

Dickson, Olive A 1918 

Dickson, W. J 1889 

Dieffenbach, Mary Rushton 1935 

Diehl, Edgar Dale 1940 

Diehl, Flora 1914 

Diehl, Irma Catherine 1934 

Diehl, Mary Martha 1932 

Diehl, Una Mae Lawton 1920 

Diem, Harold Newton 1937 

Diem, Margaret E 1931 

Diener, Mary 1916 

Dierken, Claire 1921 

Dierker, Alma E 1917 

Dierker, Ruth Marie 1928. 1929 

Dietrich, Katherine Florence . . 1940 

Dietz, Dorothv Pearl 1929 

Diffenderfer. Clara G 1922 

Dill, Anson J 1879 

Din, Helen Hays 1907 

Dillon, Edythe 1902 

Dillon, Elizabeth S 1918 

Dillon, Ida Jane 1937 

Dillon, Mary 1925 

Dilworth, Mary Lee 1924 

Dimond, Marjorie Agnes 1931 

Dingeldein. Frieda Louise 1913 

Dinger, Helen Marie 1931 

Dinsniore, Bruce H 1937 

Dinsmore, Gertrude 1914 

Dinsmore, Hazel Ann 1928 

Dippery, Josephine Reed 1924 

Dippery, Pauline B 1926 

Dirsch, Catherine E 1933 

Dively, Martha Jane 1925 

Diven, Marie 1915 

Dixon, Beulah 1923 

Dixon, Frances 1917 

Dixon, Helen Harris 1926 

Dixon, Henrietta 1926 

Dixon, Margaret Lorene . . 1930, 1935 

Dixon, Mary L 1917 

Dixon, Nelle 1918 

Dixon, Sara Elizabeth 1929 

Doak, Bertha Irene 1926 

Dobson, Dorothy Irvine 1939 

Dobson, Nelle M 1919 

Dodd, Crystal 1927 

Dodd, Louise 1923 

Dodd, Viola Madeline 1932 

Dodds, Dorothy Elizabeth 1922 

Dodds, Edith 1899 

Dodson, Grace M 1925 

Dodson, Helen K 1919 

Doeblin, Eleanor M 1927 

Doerzbacher, Caroline L 1908 

Doherty, Anna G 1910 

Dolan, Esther 1924 

Dolges, Ellen E 1930 

Dollison, Virginia S 1929 

Domb, William Eugene 1929 

Domb, Zelda Virginia 1908 

Domhoff, Ethel 1929 

Donahey, Charlotte 1933 

Donahey, Grace V 1915 

Donahey, Grace Ilene 1931 

Donahey, Naomi B 1897 

Donahue, Margaret 1912, 1916 

Donahue, Mary Lucille 1940 

Donaldson, Ruth J 1928 

Doncaster, Artie 1914 

Donev, Alice Jean 1930 

Donghia, Elizabeth T 1935 

Donnelly, Cecelia H 1929 

Donnelly, Charles 1911 

Donnelly, Elizabeth 1913 

Donnelly, Helen D 1928 

Donnelly, Joseph A 1913 

Donnelly. Paul R 1916 

Doolittle, Doris Jane 1932 

D'Orazio, Lena M 1932 

Dorka, Martha Catherine 1934 

Dormire, Mary E 1928 

Dorn. Betty 1929 

Dorsctt. Dorothy Eleanor 1927 

Dorsey. June Marie 1939 

I)ott(3. Anthony lames 1939 



Doty, Cora E 1930 

Doty, Daniel W 1880 

Double, Mary Alma 1916 

Douds, Agnes M 1902 

Douds, David W 1893 

Douds, Margaret 1921 

Dougherty, John W 1933 

Dougherty, Ruth 1929 

Dougherty, Sue Dorothy 1934 

Doughty, Elizabeth Jane 1932 

Doughty, Lilan Ettabelle 1933 

Douglas, Bernese E 1928, 1930 

Douglass, Hazel 1912 

Douglass, Joy 1916 

Douglass, Lill M 1901 

Douglass, Marjorie Cordelia . . 1929 

Douglass, Newell M 1911 

Douthitt, Alice 1931 

Douthitt, M. Ella 1915 

Douthitt, Zannibel 1896 

Doutrich, Ella M 1934 

Doverspike, Veryl 1929 

Dowling, Alice J ' 1909 

Dowling, Bernardine 1905 

Dowling, Kathryn M 1912 

Dowling, Loretta 1911 

Downing, Grace Alice 1934 

Doyle, Anastasia R 1926 

Doyle, Anna Elizabeth .... 1931, 1933 

Doyle, Frances Mary 1938 

Doyle, Mildred Kathryn 1924 

Doyle, Olive E 1929 

Dozer, Corinne 1929 

Drake, Louva 1927 

Dretsia, Anna Marie 1936 

Drew, Helen R 1907 

Drewes, Irene W ,1915 

Driggs, Eleanor 1925 

Driscoll, Dorothea 1927 

Driscoll, Mary Agnes 1931 

Driver, Amy Agnes 1925 

Dropeski, Hettie 1921 

Drumheller, A. E 1927, 1930 

Drummond, Leona 1925 

Drummond, Lucille 1927 

Drylie, Charlotte Elizabeth 1932 

Drylie, May 1928 

Drynan, Dorothy 1921 

Drynan, Mary Martha 1937 

Duane, Evelyne Elizabeth 1921 

DuBarrv, Juliette T 1916 

Dubbs, Charles Richard 1922 

Dubbs, Harry W 1899 

Dubis, Emilia 1938 

Dubis, Wanda 1933 

DuCoeur, Catherine Matilda . . . 1933 

Dudash, Helen Regina 1934 

Duez, Anise Frances 1931 

Duff, Amelia M 1896 

Duff, Anna E 1917 

Duff, Elizabeth 1920 

Duff, Helen 1 1929 

Duff, Jane Dallas 1898 

Duff, Millie S 1893 

Duff, Ruth E 1912 

Duffalo, Stephen W 1933 

Duffey, William E 1880 

Duffy, Marion J 1917 

DuFresne, Jeannette M. E 1925 

Dugan, Rhoda Elvette .... 1927, 1935 

Duitch, Helen 1922 

Duitch, Margaret 1926 

Dulfer, Lena A 1917 

Dullard, Marie 1913 

Dullinger, Irene 1927 

Dumbauld, Mabel Gladys 1925 

Dumm, Hilda T 1933 

Dumm, Olean M 1920 

Dumm, Reba 1926 

Dunbar, Georgina W 1913 

Duncan, Alice M 1909 

Duncan, Anna 1905 

Duncan, Anna M 1925 

Duncan, Clarissa 1917 

Duncan, Cleo 1932 

Duncan, Daisy Isabella 1897 

Duncan, Dorothy Cynthia 1931 '] 

Duncan, Dorothy Henrietta 1931 

Duncan, Effa M 1901 

Duncan, Grace G 1925 

Duncan, Harry A 1916 

Duncan, Helen Louise 1934 

Duncan, Iva Pauline 1919 

Duncan, Ivys W 1909 

Duncan, Janet 1927 

Duncan, Laura Belle .... 1913, 1932 

Duncan, M. Hulda 1929 

Duncan, Mary Caroline 1932 

Duncan, Mary G 1913 

Duncan, Mary 1890 

Duncan, Mary P 1925 

Duncan, Nelle 1918 

Duncan, Ruth 1925 

Duncan, Sara Elaine 1932 

Duncan, Sarah E 1922, 1928 

Dunham, Adah Elizabeth 1930 

Dunham, Anna M 1902 

Dunham, Carrie L 1894 

Dunham, M. Blanche 1904 

Dunham, Maude C 1904 

Dunlap, Delia A 1901 

Dunlap, Dorothy 1 1926 

Dunlap, Elizabeth Alice 1917 

Dunlap, Hazel Florice 1931 

Dunlap, Margaret 1914 

Dunlap, Martha 1913 

Dunlap, Martha Evelyn 1922 

Dunlap^ Mary Alice 1923 



Dunlap, Merle 1921 

Dunlap, Ruth Anita 1923 

Dunlap, Twila A 1911 

Dunlap, Vera Eleanor 1935 

Dunlap, Willma J 1919 

Dunmire, Alice 1920 

Dunmire, Bertha 1912 

Dunmire, Cora M 1920 

Dunmire, Dorothy 1918 

Dunmire, Helen Hadden 1930 

Dunmire, Mary P 1916 

Dunmire, Mary R 1926 

Dunn, Bernice E 1933 

Dunn, Emily 1932 

Dunn, Estella 1927 

Dunn, Mary 1928 

Dunn, Mary H 1910 

Dunn, Ruth Elizabeth 1930 

Dunston, William 1926 

Dunwiddie, Mame B 1892 

Durbin, Ida Marie 1936 

Durling, Willis T 1888 

Durning, Jean 1913 

Durso, Joseph N 1933 

Durst, Myrtle M 1908 

Duvall, Adalyne 1925 

Duvall, Anna Mary 1896 

Duvall, Ruth 1926 

Duysters, Edna 1 1913 

Dyer, Belvie Bernice 1930 

Dyer, Eleanor M 1918 

Dyer, Eleanor Ray 1892 

Dyer, Ida Mae Evelyn 1937 

Dyer, Vivian E 1931 

Dyer, William J 1893 

Dyes, Mertyn 1892 

Dzvonik, Elizabeth P 1933 

Eakin, Mary Ellen 1913 

Eakman, Isabel 1921 

Eardley, Arthur J 1934 

Earhart, Harry W 1899 

Earhart, Lois 1921 

Earl, lone 1917 

Earnest, Alice 1921 

Earnest, Bess 1913 

Eastland, Emaleen AI 1926 

Eba, Edna Jane 1901 

Eba, Helen M 1900 

Ebberts, Edith Marie 1897 

Eber, Mary Madelyn 1934 

Eberhart, Rebecca 1931 

Eberhartcr, Mildred Augusta . . 1933 

Eberle, Alma 1914 

Eberle, Esther M 1919 

Eberst, Marian Ruth 1929 

Ebert, Dolores Romayne 1933 

Ebner, Kathryn Elizabeth 1939 

Eccles, Lida M 1884 

Ecelbarger, Olive Mae 1936 

Eck, M. Eileen 1926 

Eck, Rosemary 1926 

Eckberg, Laura E 1919 

Eckel, Mary 1921 

Eckenrode, Vera 1913 

Eckert, Leonora 1928 

Eckley, Ann 1934 

Eckman, Marie 1929, 1937 

Eckman, Rena S 1887 

Edder, Eunice Electa 1933 

Edie. M. Leanna 1884 

Edmiston, Helen 1928 

Edmonds, Alberta Jane 1894 

Edsall, Mary Belle 1932 

Edwards, Alberta 1921 

Edwards, Alma C 1917 

Edwards, Beatrice Velma 1925 

Edwards, Caroline 1901 

Edwards, Dorothy Louise 1931 

Edwards, Eleanor E 1934 

Edwards, Eliza Gertrude 1924 

Edwards, Elizabeth Jane 1930 

Edwards, Ella C 1887 

Edwards, Ellener Louise 1932 

Edwards, Eunice M 1921,1926 

Edwards, George M 1900 

Edwards, Isabelle 1926 

Edwards, John Hayes 1933 

Edwards, Margaret Elizabeth . . 1929 

Edwards, Margaret W 1930 

Edwards, Martha 1915 

Edwards, Marvel 1930 

Edwards, Ruth Caroline 1934 

Edwards, Ruth Marion 1932 

Edwards. Samuel 1913 

Egan, Angela A 1924, 1936 

Egan, Eleanor 1926 

Egan, LaVerne 1926 

Egbert, Sara Jane 1940 

Eger, Geraldine 1931 

Egerter, Fanny 1923 

Egleston, Barbara 1932 

Egli, Amelia R 1901 

Eichelberger, Virginia E 1931 

Eichenauer, Anna Mae 1925 

Eicher, Margaret Elizabeth .... 1929 

Eichholtz, Margaret Louise 1926 

Eiges, Florence Harriet 1935 

Eisaman, Grace K 1938 

Eisaman, Susan Eliza 1918 

Eisele, Kathleen 1929 

Eisele, Margaret- K 1931 

Eiseman, Elma Clay 1896 

Eiseman, Florence 1914 

Eiseman, Laura E 1911 

Eisenhauer, Katherine 1924 

Eisert, Stella Anne 1924 



Ekas, Agnes S 1888 

Ekas, Susan 1932 

Ekin, Alice M 1902 

Ekstrom, Evelyn C 1930 

Elbel, Melvin Park 1939 

Elbell, Marion Zula 1931 

Elcessor, Gladys 1917 

Elder, Edna E 1917 

Elder, Emma 1909 

Elder, Leon Bailey 1933 

Elder, Margarita 1925 

Elder, Marguerite 1892 

Elder, Maude W 1890 

Eldred, Madaline Elaine 1940 

Elkin, Hazel K 1914 

Elkin, John P 1880 

Elkin, Linus J 1910 

Elkin, Olive F 1910 

Elkin, Vera J 1922 

Elkin, W. F 1890 

Elkin, William F 1898 

Elkins, Madeline Regina 1932 

Ellenberger, Alice E 1938 

EUenberger, Audrey 1926 

Ellenberger, Elsie Marie 1940 

Ellenberger, Ethel Louise 1936 

Ellenberger, Hazel Imogene 1925, 1933 

Ellenberger, Jessie 1896 

Ellenberger, Martha V 1904 

Ellenberger, Nellie M 1936 

Ellenberger, Sara C 1926,1933 

Ellinger, Merlin Emery 1916 

Elliott, Adelene M 1885 

Elliott, Agnes Elizabeth 1922 

Elliott, Alma Rosella 1925 

Elliott, Dorothy 1912 

Elliott, Edith 1924 

Elliott, Edna M 1916 

Elliott, Elizabeth 1910 

Elliott, Jess D 1899 

Elliott, John Hunter 1926 

Elliott, Ruth Torrence 1931 

Elliott. Wayne H 1931 

Ellis, Evelyn 1935 

Ellis, Frances L 1929 

Ellis, Mary Alene 1930 

Ellis, Mary B 1894 

Ellis, Sarah E 1887 

Ellsworth, Gertrude 1929 

Ellsworth. Marie M 1920 

Elrick, Charles 1878 

Elrick, Clarissa Al 1910 

Elrick, Genevieve 1928 

Elrick. Marie Isabel 1925 

Else, Mary C 1923 

Elswick, Isabel 1924 

Elswick, Julia 1924 

El winger, Florence 1926 

Elwood, Hazel 1926 

Elwood, Mrs. Leona 1928 

Elwood, Martha M 1927 

Elwood, Sara 1926 

Ely, Mabelle 1911 

Ely, Martha 1 1931 

Ely, Selden M 1888 

Emerick, Geraldine R 1934 

Emerick, Mabel L 1930 

Emerick, Madeline 1927 

Emerick, V. Maud 1910 

Emerson, C. Evengie 1899 

Emerson, John C 1899 

Emerson, Marian H 1934 

Emerson, Mary A 1930 

Emery, Betty Alice 1934 

Emigh, Gertrude Elizabeth 1932 

Empfield, Berlin 1906 

Empfield, Ella E 1884 

Empfield, Kate E 1887 

Empfield, Nellie M 1931 

Emry, Georgia L 1921 

Endean, Dorothy 1930 

Endean, Martha Deedy 1928 

Engel, Sara Margaret 1930 

Engelhardt, Mary V 1924 

Engelhardt, Sarah 1928 

England, Esther A 1916 

England, Florence M 1912 

Engle, Esther Leona 1930 

Engle, Gladys 1921 

Engle. Grace 1915 

Engle, Mabel 1899 

Engle, Mildred 1917 

Englebach, Edna 1923 

Englehardt, Margaret 1913 

Englert, Alice E 1894 

Englert, Dorothv M 1938 

Enke, Jesse Paul 1917 

Enos, Jean 1921 

Enterline, Marion Elizabeth . . . 1932 

Enterline, Mary Elizabeth 1934 

Erb, Horace Faust 1932 

Erdelyan," Mildred R 1932 

Erdle, Betty Jane 1935 

Erhard, Mary 1914 

Ernest, Anna E 1926 

Ernest, Regina 1928 

Errett. Bertha 1934 

Errett, Mabel 1918 

Errigo, Harold Delphino 1937 

Ervin, Frances E 1919 

Esch, Elta Kathleen 1931 

Esch, Hazel A 1918, 1939 

Esch, Joye 1928 

Esch, Mary L 1915 

Eshbaugh, Gettie 1914 

Eshelman, Josephine F 1922 

Eshelman, Margaret 1924 

Esson, Lulu Irene 1914 



Estep, Ruth Johnson 1922 

Esterline, Albert C 1933 

Esterline, Anna Louise 1930 

Esterline, Annie C 1882 

Etter, Mary Kay 1932 

Euwer, Nannie F 1895 

Evans, Alice 1928 

Evans, Alice R 1911 

Evans, Anna E 1902 

Evans, Anna P 1898 

Evans, Blodwen A 1911 

Evans, Caroline May 1926 

Evans, Catherine Dowling 1940 

Evans, Charlotte E 1922 

Evans, Charlotte E 1936 

Evans, Edna Louise 1928 

Evans, Ellen Nora 1924 

Evans, Emily S 1898 

Evans, Fanny 1915 

Evans, Geraldine 1925 

Evans, Gwendolyn 1936 

Evans, Mrs. Helen Viola Wegley 1938 

Evans, Jessie 1888 

Evans, Josephine 1931 

Evans, Lucile Emma 1931 

Evans, Mayme 1912 

Evans, Olive 1908 

Evans, Olivia E 1929 

Evans, Pearl F 1917 

Evans, Rebecca 1916 

Evans, Ruth Arnold 1915 

Evans, Ruth Feme 1935 

Evans, Ruth 1929, 1939 

Evans, Sara C 1912 

Evans, Wilda B 1929 

Evens, Mary E 1916 

Everest, Myrtle M 1912 

Everett, Edward George 1940 

Everhart, Jean W 1925 

Everly, Josephine Lorraine 1929 

Ewens, Ethel M 1915 

Ewens, Pearl Janus 1922 

Ewing, Amelia F 1917 

Ewing, Anna M 1889 

Ewing, Caroline Isabel 1916 

Ewing, Helen 1924 

Ewing, Maude L 1900 

Ewing, Mildred Alberta 1921 

Ewing, Roberta M 1896 

Ewing, Ruth M. 1935 

Ewing, Virginia Fairman 1939 

Exler, Agnes 1924 

Exler, Bernice 1927 

Exler, Helen 1922 

Exley, Reba Ivonne 1933 

Eyler, Katherine 1919 

Eyster, Charles W 1912 

Fabian, Rose Ann 1932 

Fabry, Dorothea Edna 1928 

Fagan, Alma 1925 

Fagan, John James 1932 

Fagula, Margaret R 1931 

Failing, Helen Louise 1923 

Fair, George H 1881 

Fair, Marj' Elizabeth 1935 

Fair, May C 1885 

Fair, R. Willis 1877 

Fairchild, Mary Ruth 1940 

Fairly, Elizabeth D 1888 

Faix, Mary E 1927 

Falco, Constance M 1933 

Falger, Annie M 1924, 1937 

Falger, Elizabeth A 1933 

Falkenstein, Helen R 1910 

Fallon, Margaret Grace 1929 

Fallon, Mary Catherine 1927 

Fallquist, Alice 1926 

Falls, Wilhelmena 1915 

Faloon, Mary H 1910 

Farkaly, Margaret Lucy 1929 

Farkas, Laura 1927 

Farnsworth, Edna 1912 

Farnsworth, Mary Louise 1918 

Farquhar, Arnold 1916 

Farrar, Dorothv 1912 

Farrar, Helen I. 1911 

Farrar, Mary Louise 1917 

Farrell, Louise 1925 

Fasenmyer, Louise 1926 

Fatora, George William 1935 

Faulkner, Mayes E 1902 

Faulkner, Ruthanna 1928 

Fausold, Samuel, Jr 1937 

Faust. Beatrice A 1939 

Faust, Eleanor 1913, 1914 

Faust, Helen Louise 1918 

Faust, Winifred 1915 

Fawcett, Dorothy 1935 

Fawcett, Marguerite 1913 

Fay, Jane Hollis 1930 

Fay, Laura Gaile 1931 

Fear, George William 1938 

Feasel, Stella Agnes 1931 

Feather, Leora C 1925 

Feather, Margaret Louise 1933 

Fedorkovich, Elizabeth 1929 

Fedullo, Helen Louise 1937 

Fee, Emily Eunice 1920 

Fee, Harry W 1918 

Fee, Josephine 1928 

Fee, Robert L 1931 

Feeney, Irene 1925 

Feeney. Madeline M 1922 

Feicht. Emelia T 1897 

Feick. Avonell 1930 

Feick. Doris 1933 



Feick, Gertrude Eleanor 1921 

Feick, Marie D 1915 

Feighner, Ruth Erma 1933 

Feit, George J 1890,1891 

Feitt, Mary Elizabeth 1940 

Fekula, Mary 1929 

Felgar, Grover C 1909 

Fell, Bemice 1921 

Felmley, Dorothy 1921 

Felmley, Helen E 1921 

Felmley, Jean 1927 

Fender, Florence E 1927 

Fennell, Cora M 1916 

Fennell, Floyd 1912 

Fennell, Grace 1926 

Fennell, Hazel Mildred 1930 

Fennell, Irving 1913 

Fennell, Minnie 1913 

Fenton, Mary Jane 1918 

Fera, Clara 1921 

Ferguson, Ada 1 1891 

Ferguson, Clara 1910, 1911 

Ferguson, Gladys 1915 

Ferguson, Grace 1921 

Ferguson, James T 1904 

Ferguson, Lydia 1890 

Ferguson, Mary Alma 1916 

Ferguson, Mary B 1928 

Ferguson, Mildred Anna 1923 

Ferguson, Rebecca 1926 

Ferguson, Ruth 1930 

Ferman, Marian A 1934 

Ferner, Emma Kathleen 1929 

Fero, Eudora 1928 

Feronti, Nicholas C 1934 

Ferrarotti, Jenny Mary . . . 1929, 1939 

Ferrell, Elizabeth K 1927 

Ferrier, Mary Lila 1915 

Perry, Lucile 1919 

Ferry, Ruth Allene 1927 

Fetter, Dorothy B 1926 

Fetterhoof, Florence 1899 

Fetterman, Pearl M 1924 

Fetterman, Sara B 1922 

Fetterman, Thelma Pearl 1922 

Fetzer, Ella L 1888 

Fiat, Melinda Jane 1936 

Fichtner, Mabel Lenore 1935 

Fick, Dorcas Jane 1940 

Pick, Doris Jean 1940 

Pidler, Viola Mae 1928 

Fieger, Marie K 1926 

Field, Mary M 1901 

Fielding, Eva L 1899 

Fielding, Sarah Sophronia 1888 

Fielding, Winifred 1912 

Pieldstein, Dorothy L 1920 

Fife, S. Mildred 1918 

Fike, V. Grace 1927 

Pike, Verna Mae 1928 

Finch, Mardella 1939 

Findley, Helen J 1919 

Fingal, Lotta E 1905 

Pinkel. Sarah 1913 

Finley, Alice Alberta 1917 

Finley, Etta T 1920 

Finn, Carolyne 1924 

Finn, Estella 1926 

Finn, Hardy Leonard 1938 

Pinnegan, Rose M 1916 

Finnell, Carrie 1926,1928 

Fireman, Jean 1 1915 

Firestone, Lillian 1916 

Firestone, Ruth 1922 

Fisanick, Andrew 1940 

Fiscus, Ann Jane 1926 

Fiscus, Blanche 1888 

Fiscus, Clara 1889 

Fiscus, I. L ; 1892 

Fiscus. J. J 1887 

Fiscus, Madelaine Bright 1921 

Fiscus, Martha Marguerite 1918 

Fiscus, Newell Scott 1891 

Fisher, Anna Dixon 1928, 1938 

Fisher, Carrie A 1903 

Fisher, Effie J 1893 

Fisher, Harry H 1886 

Fisher. James G 1899 

Fisher, John S 1886 

Fisher, Kathryn L 1915 

Fisher, Lemuel Latora 1940 

Fisher, Mary M 1918 

Fisher, Maude L 1900 

Fisher, Nancy K 1918 

Fisher, Raymon 1932 

Fisher, Ruth E 1925 

Fisher, Violet Claire 1923 

Piske, Ruth Lee 1929 

Pitt, Edna Florence 1916 

Pitz, Jerome C 1932 

Fitzgerald, Jean M 1905 

Fitzgerald, Teresa 1912 

Pitzimons. S. Elizabeth 1926 

Pitzpatrick, Mary Louise 1939 

Fitzpatrick, Mary M 1925 

Pitzpatrick, Mrs. Remola E. 

Davis 1940 

Fitzpatrick, Rose 1937 

Pitzsimmons, Madalene 1924 

Fix, Rebecca N 1888 

Flanagan, Anna M 1926, 1938 

Piatt, Catharine Annette 1933 

Fleck, A. Lesta 1908 

Fleck, F. Earl 1889 

Fleck, Frieda 1915 

Fleck, G. Dare 1902 

Fleck, G. Grace 1910, 1911 

Fleck, Hester K 1922 

indl;x of graduates 


Fleck, Marion E 1917 

Fleck, Sara Agnes 1926 

Flcgal, Margaret 1915 

Flegal, Mary Edna 1899 

Flegal, Myra V 1926 

Flegal, Virginia 1913 

Fleisher, Lottie Gertrude 1895 

Fleitz, Laura Mary 1936 

Fleitzer, Marcus H 1912 

Fleming, Beatrice 1928 

Fleming, Catherine Louise 1940 

Fleming, Elizabeth Jane 1922 

Fleming. Elsie 1913 

Fleming, Ethel B 1930 

Fleming, Fanny 1926 

Fleming, Gladys M 1928 

Fleming, Helen Elizabeth 1925 

Fleming, Helen Ruth 1933 

Fleming, Hope 1913 

Fleming, Jessie E 1901 

Fleming, L. Beatrice 1924 

Fleming, L. Paulene 1938 

Fleming, Louise S 1886 

Fleming, M. Elizabeth 1904 

Fleming, Ivlargaret Lucile 1918 

Fleming, Martha E 1920 

Fleming, Mary E 1896 

Fleming, Alary Margaret 1922 

Fleming, Miriam L 1927 

Fleming, Roxie Belle 1922 

Fleming, Salome 1925 

Fleming, Stanley T 1932 

Fleming, Vernor M 1916 

Flickinger, John W 1937 

Flinn, Gertrude 1926 

Flinn, Mary Clare 1925 

Floro, Rose M 1924,1938 

Floyd, Ethlynn Jane 1930 

Fluke, Dorothy Elizabeth 1923 

Flynn, Grace Patricia 1932 

Foale, Myrtle M 1907 

Fockler, Dora M 1933 

Fogarty, Mable Clare 1932 

Fogel. Agnes Blanche 1922 

Fogel, Lyda L 1922 

Fogle, Helen R 1939 

Foight, Mary 1927 

Foight. Ruth W 1930 

Folk, Calvin E 1931 

Folke, Geraldine 1925, 1929 

Foltz, Hazel C 1932 

Foltz, Mary Margaret 1937 

Fontenoy, Dorothy E 1932 

Foor, Thelma G 1931 

Forbes, Kathryn A 1922 

Force, Jeanne B 1935 

Forcev, Helen 1913 

Ford, Eva B 1882 

Ford, Grace 1924 

Ford. Harriet Rosella 1931 

Ford, Hildred Mae 1929 

Ford, Mary E 1883 

Foresman, Anna R 1909 

Forgan, Helen M 1934 

Foringer, Edna R 1918 

Forman, Albert H 1905 

Forman, William 1905 

Fornear, Olive Mae 1933 

Forney, Edith 1924 

Forney, Ruth Hannah 1905 

Fornwalt, Mary S 1910 

Forry, Ruth 1914 

Forsburg, Ida E 1911 

Forsha, William Donald 1939 

Forsman, Anne Christine 1931 

Forsyth, Edyth E 1926 

Forsythe, Mrs. Anna Dahlin . . . 1930 

Forsythe, Helen Baker 1928 

Forsythe, Kathryn 1926 

Fortney, Mary Lou 1931 

Fosselman, John J 1898 

Foster, Blanche F 1898 

Foster, Guy 1913,1916 

Foster, Mary Blanche 1925 

Foster, Mary Erma 1914 

Foster, Mary G 1920 

Foster, Mary 1 1892 

Foster, Mary Jane 1939 

Foster, Nellie 1925 

Foster, Ruth 1919 

Foster, Velma Pearle 1931 

Foulke, Katharine 1893 

Foulke, Sunshine 1895 

Fouse, Alice R 1918 

Fowler, Corrine 1920 

Fowler, Helen 1919 

Fowler, Helen G 1917 

Fowler, Mart 1 1918 

Fowler, Rebecca M 1905 

Fox, Blanche 1926 

Fox, Charlotte Mae 1926 

Fox, Cornelia Ralphena 1929 

Fox, Jane 1940 

Fox, John J 1935 

Fox, M. Katharine 1922 

Fox, Mary A 1930 

Fox, Mildred 1925 

Fox, Myrle E 1936 

Fox, Ola > 1926 

Foy, Mary Agnes 1930 

France, Dora Louise 1922 

France, Marie 1916 

France, Zureta 1915 

Francies, Sara 1914 

Francis, Elizabeth Gatehouse .. 1922 

Francis, Marian Irene 1928 

Franklin. Ada 1925 

Frankosky, Margarete Marie . . 1931 



Frantz, Minerva 1 1935 

Frantz, Paul J. F. 1935 

Fraser, Eleanor Louise 1923 

Eraser, Elizabeth C 1887 

Fraser, Mary Ellen 1924 

Fray, Anna Jane 1937 

Fray, Marian E 1925 

Frazier, Georgiana A 1916 

Frazier, Willard 1927,1932 

Freas, Isabell .'. 1932 

Freeh, Orpha 1921 

Frederick, Helen 1928 

Frederick, Mary 1919 

Frederick, Mary 1936 

Frederick, Martha Geraldine . . 1932 
Fredericks, Ethel Harriet . 1928, 1929 

Fredericks, John Leonard 1940 

Frederickson, Edith Thelma 1934 

Fredo, Emma 1926 

Freed, B. F 1890 

Freed, Orrel E 1925, 1931 

Freehling, Martha Mae 1938 

Freeman, Edna 1913 

Freeman, Laura 1925 

Freeman, Paul Ralph 1940 

Freeman, Sarah J 1886 

Freund, Elizabeth R 1913 

Frew, Alice Rosetta 1929 

Freyermuth, Esther Lucille .... 1936 

Friant, Florence M 1937 

Frick, Frank S 1934 

Frick, Katherine 1925 

Fridley, Twila M 1917 

Fried, Betty Louise 1926 

Friedel, Bertha 1928 

Friel, Roy H 1933 

Fries, Albertha 1929 

Fries, Irene 1928 

Friesell, Clara E 1895 

Frisch, Helen F 1929 

Frisch, Mabel B 1920 

Fritchman, Dorothy E 1932 

Fritsche, Madeline Marie 1936 

Fritz, Florence 1925 

Fritz. Noble Vincent 1935 

Froelich, Katherine S 1918 

Froelich, Martha Jane 1919 

Froggatt, Dorothy L 1932 

Frost, Helen J 1908 

Frost, Ruth Marie 1929 

Froyd, Edna C 1916, 1940 

Fruchthandler, Ruth 1933 

Fry, Anne P 1902 

Fry, Dana Alice 1914 

Frve, Bertha 1913 

Fr^e, Bertha 1928 

Frye, Ethelda Virginia 1929 

Frye, M. Edna 1921 

Frye, Margaret Josephine 1930 

Frye, Mary Esther 1930 

Frye, Myra 1911 

Frye, Raymond E 1929 

Fryer, Adele 1927 

Frver, Katherine Edna 1911 

Fujita, Allan H 1937 

Fulcomer, Carrie Maree 1924 

Fulcomer, Clara Mabel 1934 

Fulgenzi, Hortense 1933 

Fulgenzi, Lada 1931 

Fuller, Neva 1913 

Fullerton, Ella 1890 

Fullerton, Gurney R 1939 

Fullerton, Jessie Marie 1931 

Fullerton, Theo. W 1933 

Fulmer, Edith 1913 

Fulmer, Mary E 1933 

Fulton, Ada Leslie 1940 

Fulton, Alice Mae 1936 

Fulton, Belle Totten 1902 

Fulton, Dorothy May 1929 

Fulton, Harold Wynne 1936 

Fulton, Leona 1925 

Fulton, Mary E 1928 

Fulton, Nancy Ruth 1932 

Fulton, Robert James 1937 

Fulton, Stella 1910 

Fulton, Virginia Kier 1933 

Fulton, Wilma Rosamond 1932 

Fultz, Daisy M 1927 

Funk, Helen 1926 

Funk, Mary Kathryn 1931 

Furlong, Ruth Ann 1932 

Furman, Frederica 1916 

Furness, Hilda Norma ........ 1928 

Gadd, Gwendolin 1931 

Gaffney, Helen 1922 

Gagliano, Angeline 1927 

Gaglione, Anna 1925 

Gahagan, Benjamin D 1931 

Gailey, Albert Wallace 1934 

Gailey, Ethel G 1930 

Gailey, Olive M 1911 

Gaines, Max 1916 

Galasso, Lena Elizabeth 1929 

Galbraith, Beatrice L 1916 

Galbraith, Margaret Marion . . . 1884 

Galbraith, Marietta 1887 

Galbraith, Sara A 1917 

Galbreath, Evelyn V 1934 

Galbreath, Mary Margaret .... 1923 

Galeazzo, Mary 1927 

Galer, Adaline 1912 

Galer, Margery 1918 

Galer, Martha 1928 

Galer, Nora 1911 

Galer, Ruth 1912 

Gallagher, Helen 1913 



Gallagher, Ida Rebecca 1915 

Gallagher, John E 1896 

Gallagher, Joseph John 1934 

Gallagher, Margaret Rose .... 1894 

Gallagher, Mary V 1923 

Gallagher, Orville 1913 

Gallagher, Ruth 1912 

Gallagher, Sara C 1899 

Gallagher, Verna 1921 

Gallagher, William D 1930 

Gallaher, Ada R 1896 

Gallaher, Lynn 1914 

Gallaher, Sarah M 1884, 1888 

Gallaher, Sue G 1891 

Gallo, Mary E 1929 

Galordi, Josephine 1929 

Gamble, Mildred 1915 

Gang, Myra C 1915 

Gangloff, Dorothy May 1932 

Gans, Jane 1926 

Gantner, Dorothy Virginia .... 1922 

Ciarbart, Dorothy Jane 1923 

Gardner, Alfreda 1926 

Gardner, Edna 1912 

Gardner, Elda 1925 

Gardner, Jean 1913 

Gardner, Leah 1925 

Gardner, Louisa M 1910 

Garee, Bertha 1 1919 

Garee, Martha A 1921 

Garen, Pearl Ellanor 1928, 1929 

Garey, Helen Lois 1940 

Garfunkel, Lillian 1934 

Garinger, Beatrice 1912 

Garlow, Elsie G 1937 

Garman, Edna Tweet 1895 

Garman, Lorene 1914 

Garman, Malvina 1882 

Garman, Mildred E 1899 

Garman, Nell Marian 1917 

Garrett, Alma Regina 1937 

Garrett, Henrietta Cook 1910 

Garrett, Lora Wilhelmina 1934 

Garrety, Rose Marie 1915 

Garrison, Bernice S 1917 

Garson, Grace A 1916.1922 

Garson, Louise 1925 

Garson, Luzerna 1926 

Gartley, Eva E 1913 

Gartner, Helen Dolly 1934 

Garver, Leonore G 1926 

Garverich, Meriel 1924 

Garvin, Blanche D 1916 

Gaston, Geneva 1931 

Gaston, Kennard D 1938 

Gates, Dorothy Eleanor 1930 

Gates, Afargaret 1931 

Gates, Mary 1932 

Gates, Mary Virginia 1940 

Gates, Ruth 1916 

Gatins, Margaret M 1922 

Gaudino, Peter Thomas 1933 

Gauer, Helen 1928 

Gaut, Anna Mary 1929, 1936 

Gaut, Frances A 1934 

Gavaghan, Mildred C 1933 

Gaydos, Dorothy 1932 

Gayley, Olive Jane 1922 

Gazdik, Elsie M 1932 

Gazette, Annabess 1926 

Gearhart, Edythe 1920 

Gearhart, Kathryn Craig 1924 

Gearhart, Vivian Cecil 1935 

Gebhard, Mary Katharine 1929 

Gee, Margaret Jane 1926 

Gehrett, Martha E 1929 

Geiger, Ida Agnes 1940 

Geiger, Mary M 1927 

Geiger, Sara B 1924 

Geisbert, Charlotte La-Verne .. 1939 

Geist, Catherine Pauline 1921 

Geist, Gladys 1921 

Geist, Nell Marie 1934 

Gelfo, Samuel Joseph 1934 

Gendich, Michael, Jr 1935 

Gendich, Stephen M 1939 

Gentzel, Marion 1924 

George, Aileen Helen 1934 

George, Carrie H 1911 

George, Clara Belle 1931 

George, Dorothy L 1934 

George, Elizabeth Sophia 1930 

George, Florence G 1920 

George, Florence L 1925 

George, Franklin Hines 1936 

George, Gladys 1921 

George, Golden G 1917 

George, Helen 1919 

George, Jennie 1 1909 

George, Katheryn Barbara 1925 

George, Marie E 1932 

George, Mildred B 1924 

George, Myrna Grace 1917 

George. Viola Martha 1934 

Gephart, Bessie 1910 

Gephart. Cora 1928 

Gerber, Evelyn 1913 

Gerber, Florence Martha 19v32 

Gerber, M. Jane 1940 

Gerhard, Rose Kathryn 1934 

Gerhardt, Leonora 1930 

Gerhart, Blanche 1930 

Gerhart, Wade H 1934 

Gerner, Grace 1932 

Gerstner, Bertha C 1935 

Gesey, Robert C 1936 

Gessler, Caroline M 1892 

Gessler, Elizabeth 1926. 1929 



Gessler, Mary Caroline 1929 

Gessler, Robert Ulrich 1938 

Gessler, Virginia 1929 

Gethin, Virginia B 1931 

Gettemy, Ralston 1912 

Gettig, Genevieve E 1934 

Gettig, Sara 1928 

Gettner, Florence 1 1900 

Gettner, Mrs. Lina C 1897 

Getto, Anna Flora 1928 

Getty, Alice G 1918 

Getty, George Alexander 1936 

Getty, James Homer 1932 

Getty, Jerome Allen ; 1932 

Getty, Mae E 1918 

Getty, Mary 1885 

Getty, Mary E 1915 

Getty, Mary Elizabeth 1920 

Getty, May 1909 

Getty, Ross T 1912 

Getty, Sara R 1911 

Gettv, Wayne McCune 1916 

Gettys, Alice M 1918 

Geus, Anna Marie L 1916 

Giammartini, Adele M 1915 

Giammartini, Augusta 1913 

Giannino, Josephine 1940 

Gibb, Martha 1914 

Gibbons, Dorothy R 1928 

Gibson, Ada C 1895 

Gibson, Alicegertrude Cecelia . . 1918 

Gibson, Bernice 1929 

Gibson, Edna 1910 

Gibson, Frank Z 1888 

Gibson, Ila 1935 

Gibson, L. Marie 1933 

Gibson, Mary Helen 1925 

Gibson, Alona Claire 1936 

Gibson, Rosana H 1892 

Gibson, Sara 1905 

Gibson, Suzan 1920 

Gibson, T. L 1890 

Gieg, Cora E 1921 

Gieg, Emma M 1914 

Giegerich, Margaret A 1925 

Giehll, Marie 1930 

Giffin, Alberta M 1913 

Gififord, Mary Agnes 1923 

Gilbert, Eleanor L 1924 

Gilbert, Fannie Jane 1929 

Gilbert, Jane Louise 1939 

Gilbert, Leah Esther 1917 

Gilchrist, Anna Mildred 1922 

Gilchrist, Lena 1911 

Gilchrist, Lucy M 1926 

Gilchrist, Martha 1912 

Gilchrist, Mary Ann 1915 

Giles, Jane Katherine 1934 

Gilfillan, Agnes 1912 

Gilfillan, Alice 1912 

Gilfillan, Anna C 1897 

Gilfillan, Phyllis 1918 

Gilfillan, Sarah A 1886 

Gilhousen, Martha W 1935 

Gill, Agnes Sarah 1930 

Gill, Alice 1926 

Gill, Ruth M 1935 

Gill, Sara Kathryn 1931 

Gillam, Kathleen Louise 1932 

Gillan, Margaret Jones 1940 

Gillard, Sara Alma 1923 

Gillen, Donice M 1917 

Gillen, Vera 1915 

Gillespie, Edna U 1925 

Gillespie, Fleeta 1918 

Gillespie, Helen McClure 1919 

Gillespie, Jane Eileen 1938 

Gillespie, Mary Ruth 1926 

Gilliland, Henriette 1928 

Gilling, Dorothy M 1935 

Gillis, Marguerite 1926 

Gillon, Eileen 1921 

Gilmor, Lilian Etta 1890 

Gilmor, Mary Margery 1888 

Gilmore, Beulah 1924 : 

Gilmore, Geraldine Elizabeth . . 1940 

Gilmore, Jane E 1933 

Gilmore, M. Gertrude 1896 

Gilmore, Sarah 1939 

Gilpatrick, Dorothy J 1925 

Gilpin, Mary E 1919 

Gilroy, Mary Louise 1935 

Gilson, Marie Elizabeth 1933 

Ginader, Thelma E 1924 

Ginevan, Hazel 1914 

Ginter, Louise Deane 1929 

Gioiosa, Marie 1931 

Gipe, Ida Maralee 1939 

Gittings, Raymond Ward 1939 

Giunta, Lillian Virginia 1936 

Given, Annie F 1885 

Given, Margaret P. 1882 

Glancy, Frances Catherine 1929 

Glasgow, J. T 1893 

Glasgow, Phvllis 1928, 1931 

Glass, Anna E 1932 

Glass, Bella Agnes 1896 

Glass, Margaret 1909 

Glass, Mary E 1930 

Glass, May A 1904 

Glass, Ora B 1910 

Glasser, A. Elizabeth 1909 

Glasser, Alice Kathryn 1940 

Glasser, Katherine Elizabeth . . 1935 

Glasser, Mary E 1907 

Glasser, Ruth 1 1925 

Glassford, Helen K 1926, 1939 

Glassford, Mary Ruth 1940 



Glassford, Nellie 1921 

Gleason, Helen C 1929 

Gleason, Marjorie 1915 

Gleason, Mercedes 1901 

Gleason, Olive E 1917 

Glemser, Ella B 1908 

Glemser, Marie F 1901 

Glenn, Mae Louise 1933 

Glenn, William Arthur 1940 

Glickler, Edvthe A 1929 

Glossner, Donald M 1936 

Glover, Ada 1916 

Glunt, Mildred 1913 

Gocher, Florence L 1904 

Gocher, Kathryn 1925 

Godard, Elizabeth M 1932.1934 

Goeltz, Hazel Marie 1935 

GofF, Frances E 1896 

Goflf, Helen B 1913 

GofF, Mary Dorothy 1920 

Goggin, Margaret D 1899 

Gohn, Mary 1923 

Golby, Jane H 1923, 1935 

Goldberg, Helen 1934 

Golde, Lottie A 1927 

Golden, Delia 1923 

Golden, Helen Elizabeth 1912 

Golden, Mabel 1924 

Goldfield, Lillian 1929 

Goldman, Joann Mintz 1936 

Goldsmith, Daisy E 1920 

Goldstein, Isadore 1930 

Goldstrohm, Caralena 1911 

Golish, Stephen J 1939 

Golmar, Sarah E 1895 

Goltara, Rena Marie 1938 

Goltstein, Mary Isabell 1922 

Gongaware, Gladys Myrtle 1934 

Gonick, Beatrice Shirley 1933 

Gonlock, Grace G 1934 

Good, Delia Louise 1915 

Good, Dora Mae 1935 

Good, John E 1899 

Good, Laura J 1903 

Good. Lesta Claire 1927 

Good. Loureigh Burns 1933 

Goodbred, Edith 1922 

Goode, Mildred Alma 1925 

Goodell, Jane Frances 1891 

Goodell, Nellie A 1887 

Goodfellow, Margaret 1910 

Goodman, Betty 1939 

Goodwin. Bertha F 1897 

Goodwin, Lela 1928 

Goodwin, Margaret 1914 

Gordon, A. C 1889 

Gordon, Boneita M 1931 

Gordon, Helen 1915 

Gordon, Julia 1913 

Gordon, Louise 1927 

Gordon, M. C 1885,1888 

Gordon, Marie 1 1917 

Gordon, Melton Michael 1935 

Gordon, Pauline 1925 

Gordon, Sara Louise 1927 

Gorenz, Frances E 1934 

Gorman, Esther M 1920 

Gorman, Ida M 1891 

Gorman, Jeannette M 1896 

Gorman, Josephine 1927 

Gorman, Marguerite 1917 

Gorman, Ora 1926 

Gorman, Ora B 1909 

Gorton, Charlotte Lois 1938 

Goss, Mary Elizabeth 1917 

Goss, William Leslie 1933 

Gosser, Burdetta 1927 

Gotwald, Dorothy Belle 1930 

Gotwald, Elizabeth 1927 

Gotwald, Madelvn Margaret . . 1940 

Gotwald, Ruth Mae 1935 

Gough, Delia 1912 

Gough, Sara A 1918 

Goughnour, Ethel R 1913 

Goughnour, Grace 1918 

Gould, Harriet L 1926 

Gould, Hazel Marie 1912 

Gould, Helen M 1920 

Gould, Isabel M 1933 

Gould, Thelma A 1930 

Gourley, Dorothy J 1930 

Gourley, Earla Jane 1925 

Gourley, Florence Esther 1929 

Gourley, James E 1921 

Gourley, Mary Jane 1935 

Gove, Caroline 1929 

Gowern, Margaret 1926 

Graber, Sarah Helen 1913 

Grabill, Pearl M 1913 

Grable, Frances Willard 1912 

Grable, Osman A 1898 

Grace, Anna 1894 

Gracy, Dorothea Louise 1933 

Gracy, Sara Theodora 1932 

Graden. Hazelle LaRue 1934 

Graf, Carl E 1928, 1929 

Graflf, Anna R 1896 

Graff, Frances 1915 

Graff, John 1913 

Graff, Lillian G 1918 

Graff, Martha 1906 

Graff, Sarah Elizabeth 1918 

GrafHus. F. Elizabeth 1932 

Graffius, Lorraine 1928 

Graffius, Marjorie L 1929 

Graffius. Nan Pearl 1925,1939 

Graham, Anna 1905 

Graham, Annie M 1885 



Graham, Beatrice 1905 

Graham, Dorothy .- 1929 

Graham, Ethel 1912 

Graham, Isabelle K 1920 

Graham, Margaret 1925 

Graham, Margaret E 1931 

Graham, Margaret S. B 1936 

Graham, Margaretta Lucille 1929 

Graham, Marjorie Alice 1931 

Graham, Mary M 1895 

Graham, Maude B 1897 

Graham, Alazie E 1899 

Graham, Nan G 1908 

Graham, Ruth D 1937 

Graham, Sarah Jane 1927 

Gramling, Edith 1918 

Granger, Grace Evelyn 1929 

Grant, Helen S 1925 

Grant, L. Louise 1915 

Grant, Mary Margaret 1898 

Grant, May 1913 

Grassel, Annie M 1888 

Gratz, Margaretta 1913 

Gravelle, John William 1939 

Graves, Alice M 1910 

Gray, Ethel W 1913 

Gray, Frances L 1932 

Gray, Helen 1923 

Gray, Laura G 1918 

Gray, Margaret Elizabeth 1937 

Gray, Margaret Jean 1935 

Gray, Marian W 1905 

Gray, Mary 1912 

Gray, Myrtle 1899 

Gray, Sara J 1928, 1929 

Gray, Virginia B 1928 

Gray, Walter 1914 

Graydon, Bertha 1925 

Grazier, Mary A 1927 

Grazier, Pearl J 1928 

Green, Dorothy F 1929 

Green, Eleanor Bailey 1937 

Green, Erma Isabel 1940 

Green, Martha Jane 1916 

Green, Rosabell 1931 

Green. Ruth M 1916 

Green, S. Ella D 1881 

Green, Samuel Richard 1935 

Greenawalt, Maxine Ann 1931 

Greenawalt, Metta E 1903 

Greenberg, Florence Fannie 1935 

Greenberg, George 1935 

Greenberg, Jack Henry 1940 

Greenberg, Jennie Pearl 1929 

Greene, Carmin 1927 

Greene, Gertrude 1935 

Greene, Lillian M 1925 

Greene, Ruth E 1926 

Greene, Samuel Kenneth 1936 

Greenwald, Ruth 1933 

Greenwood, Leah M 1915 

Greenw^ood, Margaret 1926 

Greenwood, Martha E 1932 

Greer, Margaret 1 1919 

Greer, Maria S 1911,1912 

Gregg, Herbert S 1932 

Gregg, Mary J 1883 

Gregory, Arthur E 1929 

Gregory, Margaret E 1930 

Gregory, Mildred Anita 1933 

Grenfell, Ruth 1928 

Gresham, Mildred J 1924 

Gress, Mildred M. 1924 

Gressley, Mahlon 1932 

Gressly, Anna E 1929 

Gressly, Mary E 1928 

Gressly, Paul Raymond 1934 

Greves, Mary C 1898 

Grey. Ardee Lillian 1931 

Gribble, Jessica Garland 1940 

Grieb. Anna K 1894 

Griest. William Penn 1940 

Griffin, Alice R 1930 

Griffin, Marion Lucille 1924 

Griffith, A. Earl 1900 

Griffith, Alice F 1887 

Griffith, Alice M 1930 

Griffith, Alice Mullen 1915 

Griffith, Anna Mary 1935 

Griffith, Earnest 1910 

Griffith, Eva M 1925 

Griffith, Gladys Grace 1925 

Griffith, Leda M 1920 

Griffith, Lillian L 1939 

Griffith, Mary C 1916 

Griffith, Mary Catherine 1923 

Griffith, Mary G 1921 

Griffith, Mary Helen 1911 

Griffiths, Anna Mabel 1916 

Griffiths, Eva Marie 1932 

Griffiths, Evelyn M 1918 

Griffiths, Mazie G 1918 

Griggs, M^argaret Ruth 1938 

Griggs, Miller 1925 

Grillo, Mary D 1936 

Grimes, Lola M 1912 

Grimm, Edna Gail 1926 

Grimm, Grace M 1899 

Grimm, P. H 1889 

Grinder, Pauline Elizabeth 1939 

Griswold, Priscilla 1927 

Groat, Jennie Emma 1917 

Grosch, Helen Dorothv 1922 

Grosklos, Richard Ralph 1940 

Gross, Esther 1932 

Gross, Florence Roberta 1940 

Gross, Harold Benjamin 1939 

Grossman, Gertrude 1926 



Grotefend, Helen 1927 

Grove, Dorothy H 1933 

Grove, Helen Swoope 1916 

Grove, John D., Jr 1934 

Grove, Lina E 1926 

Grove, Rebecca 1923 

Grover, Frances Helen 1929 

Groves, Elizabeth I.uretta 1925 

Groves, Helen P 1916 

Grow, Delos David 1922 

Grubb, Mabel 1 1923 

Grubb, Rachel T 1933 

Grube, Violet 1925 

Gruber, Irene A. 1928 

Grumbling, Clarice Belle 1931 

Grumbling, Ethel Sarah 1916 

Grumbling, Hudson Virgil 1930 

Grumbling, Sarah 1877 

Grumbling, Verda Sue 1922 

Grumbling, Vida R 1907 

Grumbling, Zola G 1913 

Grundy, Arthur James 1933 

Grundy, Mary A 1907 

Gruskin, Beula Lynne 1934 

Guckert, Margaret 1 1933 

Guess, Mabel Blayney 1922 

Guest, Clara Gertrude 1930 

Guffev, Grayce L 1918 

Guffey, Margaret 1894 

Gunnerson, Lucille Ann 1927 

Gush, Florence Magdeline 1931 

Guss, Rowland W 1881 

Gustafson, Laura M 1931 

Gustason, Ruth 1930 

Gustavson, Hilda W 1918 

Gutelius, Adaline M 1920 

Guthrie, Arthur 1931 

Guthrie, Carolyn 1911 

Guthrie, Clyde "G 1899 

Guthrie, Lorraine 1933 

Guthrie, Louise Elizabeth 1929 

Guthrie, Margaret Hamilton . . . 1939 

Guthrie, Marv Elizabeth 1932 

Guthrie, S. Wilson 1917 

Guyer, Elizabeth 1938 

Guyton, Gwendolyn Louise .... 1931 

Gwilliam, Irene Sarah 1934 

Gwyer, Marv M 1909 

Gwyer, Pearl" 1913 

Gwynn, Caroline S 1877 

Gwynn, Lillian Mae 1930 

Haag. Margaret Magdalene .... 1916 

Habcl. Emma F 1930 

Haberlen, Katharine 1912 

Hacker. Helen 1927 

Hackett. Gladys Dorothy 1923 

Hackman, Harry C 1910 

I lackman, Martha E 1912 

Hadden, Daisy 1928 

Madden, Jess S 1938 

Hadden, Margaret Moore 1922 

Hadden, Sara Elizabeth 1930 

Haddick, Hazel Lenore 1925 

Hadley, Edith 1888 

Hadley. S. Trevor 1937 

Haer, Margaret Ann 1932 

Hafer, Wilma Katiierine Eliza- 
beth 1932 

Hagan. Hazel C 1910 

Hageman, Florence Jean 1938 

Hageman, Minnie Viola 1937 

Hagenlocher, Anna C 1901 

Hager, Elizabeth 1925 

Hagcr, Mary Eleanor 1934 

Hager, Ruth C 1928 

Haggerty, Margaret Ellen .... 1931 

Haggey, Helen Simpson 1933 

Hagins, Mary Elizabeth 1927 

Hahn, Dorothy 1927 

Hahn, Edith M 1887 

Hahn, Flora 1917 

Hahn, Katherine E 1910 

Hahn, Ruth Helen 1927 

Haines, Elizabeth C 1900 

Haines, Elizabeth Ross 1927 

Haines, Kenneth E 1934 

Haines, Margaret Joanne 1934 

Haines, Marian F 1916 

Haines, Roma 1926 

Haines, Virginia M 1936 

Haines, Wade Ardell 1940 

Hair, IVIyra Elizabeth 1931 

Halady, Mary Ann 1940 

Halderman, Jane 1924 

Haley, Vyrle Lee 1931 

Halfin, Virginia Beryl 1934 

Hall, Aurelia Elizabeth 1929 

Hall, Beuiah McCormack 1922 

Hall, Emily B 1920 

Hall, Florence 1919 

Hall, Mrs. Geraldine Batts .... 1928 

Hall, Hazel Emogene 1931 

Hall, LaRue Ifert 1924 

Hall, Loval F 1891 

Hall. Marv Eleanor 1931 

Hall. Pearl Effie 1933 

Hall, Virginia 1917 

Hall. Wade C 1935 

Hallam. Florence 1914 

Hallam, Gertrude 1927 

Hainan, Eleanor Marion 1929 

Hainan. Mav Eileen 1931 

Hamill. Clara Josephine 1889 

Hamill. Elizabeth 1922 

Hamill. Frank T 1906 

Hamill, Franklin 1881 



Hamill, Jack H 1911 

Haniill, James S 1908 

Hamill, Jennie 1886 

Hamill, John C 1913 

Hamill, Louise 1924 

Hamill, Mabel F 1909, 1913 

Hamill, Mary H 1922 

Hamill, Mary Viola 1930, 1940 

Hamill, Q. A 1887 

Hamilton, Ada F 1881 

Hamilton, Bess L 1905 

Hamilton, Besse Pauline 1904 

Hamilton, Delia 1891 

Hamilton, Dorothy E 1932, 1937 

Hamilton, E. Ruth 1913 

Hamilton, Edna Louise 1916 

Hamilton, Mrs. Elda Mae Hunt 1940 

Hamilton, Elizabeth 1888 

Hamilton, Florence 1921 

Hamilton, Gretchen 1915 

Hamilton, Helen 1917 

Hamilton, Howard Vernon 1940 

Hamilton, Julia Inez 1938 

Hamilton, Lenore 1898 

Hamilton, Lillian E 1932 

Hamilton, Margaret C 1883 

Hamilton, Margaret V 1921 

Hamilton, Martha Jane 1909 

Hamilton, Mary 1915 

Hamilton, Mary 1928 

Hamilton, Mary Ethel 1909 

Hamilton, Maxine 1929 

Hamilton, Miriam Bobbin 1940 

Hamilton, Nellie 1928 

Hamilton, R. Clarke 1901 

Hamilton, Rachel 1 1933 

Hamilton, Ruth 1 1935 

Hamilton, Vannelia M 1929 

Hamilton, Velma 1917 

Hamkens, Marie H 1907 

Hamm, Millicent Belle 1930 

Hammer, Ada B 1919 

Hammer, Charles M 1900 

Hammer, Evelyn 1926 

Hammer, George H 1898 

Hammer, Kathryn 1927 

Hammer, Pearl L 1918 

Hammer, William F 1897 

Hammerly, Gretta 1906 

Hammers, George M 1899 

Hammers, Irene L 1919 

Hammers, John F 1896 

Hammers, Samuel 1900 

Hammerschmitt, Elizabeth 1938 

Hammerschmitt, Martha Loretta 1940 

Hammon, Suzanne 1921 

Hammond, James B 1887 

Hammond, R. Jane 1892 

Hampton, Helen Lucille 1934 

Hancock, Dorothy Ellen 1937 

Hancock, Marian Grace 1937 

Hancock, Martha F 1895 

Hancox, Edith 1912 

Hand, Dorothy Elinor 1931 

Handler, Gertrude 1926, 1930 

Handler, Mary 1939 

Haney, Alberta 1892 

Hankey, Bess Alma 1909 

Hanley, Eliza 1928 

Hanlon, Margaret Patterson . . . 1916 

Hanna, Agnes S 1913 

Hanna, Belle A 1899 

Hanna, Elizabeth 1927 

Hanna, Helen Isabel 1934 

Hanna, John C 1879 

Hanna, Margaret Jane 1926 

Hanna, Sara Alice 1934 

Hannum, Helen Elizabeth 1934 

Hanrahan, Margaret Anne .... 1925 

Hansel. Blanche 1925 

Hansen, Irma 1921 

Hansen, Johanna Louise 1932 

Hanson, Carolyn A 1899 

Hanson, Emily 1914 

Hanson, Helen L 1933 

Hanson, Thora E. M 1927 

Harah, Elizabeth L 1927 

Harah, Ruby 1930 

Harbaugh, Sarah Marie 1932 

Harbourt, Jean Kennedy 1935 

Hardie, Jessie H 1889 

Hardisty, Kathrvn 1921 

Hardy, Anna M 1926 

Hardy, Frances 1914 

Hardy, Hazel L 1916 

Hardy. Mildred E 1927 

Hare, Sadie C 1905 

Harkleroad, Barbara 1926 

Harkless, John E 1913 

Harkness, Maude A 1900 

Harlin, Olive E 1917 

Harman, Marie A 1918 

Harmany, Genevieve Elizabeth . 1932 

Harmon, J. Len 1899 

Harmon, Leroy Fredrick 1936 

Harmon, Paul Eugene 1940 

Harnish, Louis C 1883 

Harnish, V^illiam R 1882 

Harper, Alice Louise 1933 

Harper, Carrie 1893 

Harper, Henrietta 1932 

Harper, Isabel M 1929 

Harper, Mary Elizabeth 1930 

Harr, Bethel Margaretta 1940 

Harr, Charlotte P 1889 

Harrer, Edith Mae 1925 

Harrer, Ruth N 1926 

Harrick, George 1939 

I X D E X O F G R A D U A T E S 


Harrington, Beatrice 1888 

Harrington, Eva 1933 

Harrington, Margaret J 1919 

Harris, Dorothy J 1930 

Harris, Ellen Caddy 1918 

Harris, Lillie M 1904 

Harris, Marie 1926,1929 

Harris, Martha Jane 1935 

Harris, Minnie R 1888 

Harris, Olive M 1930 

Harris, Thelma Jane 1926 

Harrison, Anna M 1904 

Harrison, Beatrice 1924, 1928 

Harrison, Elizabeth M 1888 

Harrison, Elizabeth R 1905 

Harrison, George 1916 

Harrison, Gladys Matilda 1928 

Harrison, Helen 1924 

Harrison, Jennie B 1881 

Harrison, Margaret 1938 

Harrison, Mary D 1921 

Harrison, Mary R 1894 

Harrison, Maurice Edwin 1934 

Harrison, Mildred Alverta .... 1930 

Harrison, Neva G 1923 

Harrison, Ralph A 1918 

Harrocks, Sarah 1885 

Harrold, Althea Grace 1934 

Harrold, Gertrude A 1906 

Harsha, Curtis '. 1914 

Hart, Hazel 1922, 1932 

Hart, Mary Lillian 1919 

Hart, Mildred 1926 

Hart, Theresa Mae 1927, 1939 

Harte, Anna Ruth 1927 

Harte, Jean 1927 

Harter, Mac C 1913 

Hartland, Nancy McCurdy 1930 

Hartley, Grace 1927 

Hartley, Margaret M 1891 

Hartnian, Herman G 1938 

Hartman, Idabel 1925 

Hartman, M. Alma 1916 

Hartnett, Agnes M. • 1926 

Hartshorne, Helena R 1928 

Hartsock, Helen G 1915 

Hartstein, Florence 1933 

Hartung, Dorothy 1940 

Hartung, Florence Marv 1929 

Hartz, Mary A ' 1910 

Hartzell, Percy C 1913 

Hartzfeld, Mary Lenore 1933 

Harvey, Aurelia Kathryn 1912 

Harvey, Betty R 1939 

Harvey, Gladys 1937 

Harvey, Jean E 1929 

Harvey, Mary Lucille 1930 

Harvev, Virginia H 1932 

Harwick, Beulah 1931 

Harwick, Mrs. Mary G 1930 

Harwick, Max Clinton 1932 

Hasely, Martha Ruth 1924 

Hasinger, Anna Dorothy 1920 

Hasinger, Estella L 1904 

.Hasinger, Margaret 1909 

Haslett, Annie S 1886 

Hass, Jessie Irene 1916 

Hasselrode, Ida L 1926 

Hasson, Genevieve D 1898 

Hast, Myrtle C 1913 

Hastic, Zclla 1912 

Hastings, Elaine W 1934 

Hastings, Gula 1913 

Hastings, Jean 1905 

Hastings, Lois Margaret 1920 

Hasting.s, Mary Ruth 1926 

Hastings, Ralph \V 1910 

Hatch, Irene C 1909 

Hatch, Margaret J 1930 

Hatcher, Margaret 1928 

Hatcher, Stella 1929 

Haubert, John R 1932 

Hauck, Laura North 1906 

Hauser, Gertrude L 1931 

Hauscr, Lyda 1902 

Hauser, M. Jane 1936 

Hauser, Martin Theodore 1935 

Haushalter, Janet Magdalena . . 1923 

Hausler, Hilda Charlotte 1932 

Hauxhurst, Mary Geraldine .... 1933 

Hawk, Clara Esther 1924 

Hawkins, Florence E 1916 

Hawkins, Margaret 1928 

Hawkins, Neonetta S 1916 

Hawkins, Viola R 1913 

Hawkins, Virginia Ernestine . . 1931 

Hawley, Genevieve 1915 

Hawn, Vera L 1924 

Hawthorne, Camille 1893 

Hawthorne, Martha 1890 

Hawthorne, Paul Webster 1915 

Hay, Alberta 1888 

Hay, Bernice 1 1933 

Hay, Frances 1917 

Hay, Lois Mary 1917 

Hay, Mary Florence 1923 

Hay, Mary L 1892 

Hay, Miriam Elizabeth 1922 

Hay, Nora 1906 

Hayden, Margaret B 1886 

Hayden, Marie Elizabeth 1933 

Haves, Elizabeth C 1910 

Hayes, Eva B 1930 

Hayes, Frances Pauline 1932 

Hayes, Margaret Louise 1932 

Hayes, Sara LaRue 1929 

Haymaker, Sara A 1918 

Hays, Alma E 1921 



Hays, Caroline Dickey 1885 

Hays, Edna Bessie 1935 

Hays, Ella Mae 1935 

Hays, Fanny L 1885 

Hays, Flora B 1884 

Hays, Hilda Margaret 1934 

Hays, Mabel W 1925 

Hazen, Rnth 1930 

Hazlett, Anna Martha 1892 

Hazlett, Cordelia B 1902 

Hazlett, Frances 1891 

Hazlett, Frances Sloan 1897 

Hazlett, Helen L 1926 

Hazlett, Inez Ruth 1930 

Hazlett, Jane Lillian 1913 

Hazlett, Mabel A 1910 

Hazlett, Mabel A 1909 

Hazlett, Margaret M 1899 

Heacox, Dorothy 1930 

Headlee, Jennie Esther 1929 

Healy, Cecelia K 1930 

Healy, Mary Regina 1918 

Heard, William 1 1932 

Heath, Mrs. Gladys Leola Ellis 1932 

Heath, Mary H 1926 

Heaton, Genevieve Anna 1927 

Heazlett, James Brown 1936 

Heazlett, Mary Jane 1931 

Heber, Azaliene G 1917 

Heberling, Alice Eloise 1931 

Heck, Edna M 1902 

Heckart, Violet 1922 

Heckert, Zella J 1912 

Heckman, Edna Mae 1929 

Heckman, Joanna 1919 

Heckman, Josephine 1919 

Hedden, Carolyn Martin 1931 

Hedstrom, Evelyn V 1927 

Hedstrom, Ingeborg L 1927 

Heffelfinger, Ruth 1923 

Hefferon, Catherine 1932 

Heffley, Louise Annette 1922 

Heffner, George William 1932 

Heginbotham, Edwin Walter . . 1931 

Heid, Virginia M 1933 

Heigley, Ruth Amber 1918 

Heil, Clinton F 1932 

Heil, Valah Marian 1935 

Heil, William J 1930 

Heine, Edna A 1927 

Heinsberg, Mildred H 1932 

Heinze, Elizabeth 1913 

Heinze, Gertrude 1913 

Heinze, Kathryn 1926 

Heisey, Sarah Louise 1931 

Heist, Audrey G 1924 

Heitzenrater, H. Clair 1937 

Heitzenrater, Lillian M 1900 

Helfrecht, H. Esther 1918 

Helfrick, Hallie 1931 

Heller, Genevieve Emrett 1922 

Helling, Mary Magdalene 1917 

Hellyer, Mary Elizabeth 1930 

Helm, Thelma 1927 

Helm, Wilma 1928 

Helman, Mary Marchand 1913 

Helsel, Gladys May 1925 

Helsel, Helen 1 1930 

Helsel, Howard Lewis 1939 

Helsel, Sarah E 1931 

Helwig, Margaret 1927 

Hempel, Anna 1926 

Hempel, Emma Ruth 1927 

Hemphill, Dorothy S 1925 

Hemphill, Gertrude 1889 

Hemphill, Helen 1913 

Hemple, Iva Zetta 1915 

Henderson, Amiette Elizabeth . . 1929 
Henderson, Carolyn Harriet 1933, 1934 

Henderson, Edith Mae 1922 

Henderson, Elizabeth C. . . 1933, 1938 
Henderson, Elizabeth Ross .... 1918 

Henderson, Ethel 1912 

Henderson, Ethel F 1925 

Henderson, Eva B 1901 

Henderson, Frances W 1916 

Henderson, Helen Josephine .... 1932 

Henderson, Joseph Ralston 1940 

Henderson, Lillian Kathryn 1927, 1935 
Henderson, M. Paulene . . . 1928, 1935 
Henderson, Marion Russell .... 1939 

Henderson, Mary 1886 

Henderson, Mary A 1928 

Henderson, Nelle R 1913 

Henderson, Sara H 1918 

Henderson, Wilbur Wayne .... 1938 

Hendler, Lucy 1928 

Hendricks, Edith M. 1928 

Hendrickson, Marjorie Helen . . 1928 

Hendrickson, Mary Rilla 1918 

Henning, Wilmah A 1935 

Henninger, Martha 1917 

Henninger, Mary 1 1929 

Henretty, Margaret 1911 

Henry, Anna M 1909 

Henry, Ethel Adelaide 1939 

Henry, Grace Irene 1929 

Henry, Helen Gertrude 1926 

Henry, Tames T 1897 

Henry, Joseph M 1937 

Henry, Mary Elizabeth 1923 

Henry, Mary Esther 1921 

Henry, Mary Margaret 1924 

Henry, Mazie Gertrude 1915 

Henry, Nellie R 1921 

Henry, Robert H 1913 

Henry, Ruby 1919 

Henry, Wilmer Ord 1933 



Hensel, Alma M 1913 

Hensel, Martha Jane 1931 

Hensel, Robert Penn 1939 

Hensley, Elizabeth M 1932 

Henton, Helen 1921 

Hepler, Dorothy C 1916 

Hepler, Gladys Elmira 1924 

Hepler, Isabelle 1920 

Hepler, O. Eleanor 1929 

Hepler, Virginia Ida 1929 

Hepner, Alice V 1940 

Hepner, Eunice Irene 1940 

Herdman, Margaret A 1897 

Hermansen, Selma 1931 

Herndon, Pauline Jeannette .... 1940 

Herring, Margery 1913 

Herriott, Emma Jane 1888 

Herron, Margaret Alexandria . . 1925 

Hershberger, Alfred Clark .... 1923 

Hershberger, J. Elmer 1904 

Hershberger, Lillian 1926 

Hershev, Harry D 1891 

Herskowitz, Lillian 1928 

Herskowitz, Selma M 1933 

Herskowitz, Sylvia 1932 

Hervey, Martha Tibby 1897 

Herzog, Virginia 1931 

Hess, Blanche Craig 1928 

Hess, Clarke 1937 

Hess, Donald Charles 1940 

Hess, Eleanor K 1939 

Hess, Florence Gahagen . . 1936, 1937 

Hess, Glenn Carson 1937 

Hess, Harriet Claire 1927 

Hess, James William 1938 

Hess, Tune G 1930 

Hess, ^larv 1928 

Hess, Mary Isabel 1930 

Hess, Ruth 1928 

Hess, Sara Eleanor 1938 

Hessin, Erla 1916 

Hetrick, Lulu 1921 

Hetrick. Marie 1910, 1911 

Hetrick, Marion Elizabeth 1929 

Hetrick, Mildred Luella 1923 

Hetrick, Zelma Pearl 1929 

Hetterly, Ruth E 1914 

Hettinger. Margaret S 1931 

Heupei, Kathryn A 1933 

Heutsche. Susan Grace 1930 

Heverly, Evelyn M 1930 

Hevden, Dorothv Alice 1923 

Hickes, Roy Milton 1929 

Hickman, Edward D 1882 

Hickman, Ethel 1911 

Hickman, Mrs. J. N. K 1911 

Hickman. R. L 1885 

Hicks, Gertrude 1913 

Hickson, Margaret Priscilla .... 1929 

Higginson, Mildred 1926 

Higgon, Anna 1915 

Higgon, Clara Barton 1918 

Highberger, Lyde M 1896 

Highlands, Esther J 1917 

Highlands, Kathryne S 1918 

Hilbert, lowna Ruth 1916 

Hildebrand, Gertrude 1882 

Hildebrand, Helen Elizabeth .. 1922 

Hildebrand, Maybellc S 1935 

Hilderbrand, Mildred Alae 1935 

Hile, Cornelia E 1892 

Hile, Helen Natina 1934 

Hile, Mary E 1926 

Hileman, Alma M 1915 

Hileman, F. Estella 1901 

Hileman, Gertrude C 1913 

Hileman, Helen 1925 

Hilgendorf, Edgar 1926 

Hill, Anna W 1929 

Hill, Betty L 1937 

Hill, Carolyn 1927 

Hill, Dorothy 1897 

Hill, Dorothy E 1919 

Hill, Edgar J 1935 

Hill, Elizabeth 1915 

Hill, Elizabeth Elfrieda 1929 

Hill. Ellen 1921 

Hill, Eula B 1898 

Hill, Eva A 1896 

Hill, George Gardner 1940 

Hill, Grace 1905 

Hill, Helen Elizabeth 1922 

Hill, Helen Farwell 1922 

Hill, Jean Elizabeth 1925, 1928 

Hill, Jennie A 1892 

Hill, Margaret 1912 

Hill, Margaret A 1915 

Hill, Margaret B 1889 

Hill, Marian Ivys 1932 

Hill, Marion 1 1917 

Hill, Afarjorie Elizabeth 1933 

Hill. Martha 1914 

Hill, Martha Ruth 1928 

Hill, Mary E 1922 

Hill, Mary V 1907 

Hill, ATildred 1917 

Hill, Mildred V 1930 

Hill, Miriam Elizabeth 1935 

Hill. Sara Elinor 1930 

Hill, Senja F 1918 

Hill, Thomas T 1905 

Hillard. Barbara E 1904 

Hillard. Blanche F 1907 

Hillard, Sarah 1927 

Hiller, Gretchen E 1928 

HilHard, Margaret 1914 

Hilliker, Lorraine B 1917 

Hillman, Olga .\lice 1922 



Hills, Verna 1910 

Hilty, James Russell 1910 

Hilty, Lucille V 1930 

Hilty, Marlin E 1917 

Hilty, Martha 1927 

Himes, Dorothy Belle 1927 

Himes, La Verne 1927 

Himler, Lucy Matilda .... 1929, 1936 
Himler, Mary Martha .... 1911,1912 

Hindman, Amy Jane 1919 

Hindman, Jean H 1924 

Hindman, Mary Catherine 1937 

Hine, Clara 1917 

Hine, Emma 1921 

Hine, Nancy J 1888 

Hineman, Roma Pearl 1921 

Hiner, Trudell 1929 

Hines, Edgar E 1915 

Hines, Mildred 1934 

Hinkle, Helen L 1925 

Hinkson, Helen 1911 

Hinkson, Nettie J 1911 

Hinsey, Helen M 1935 

Hipps, Mary H 1933 

Hirsch, Margaret B 1908 

Hirth, Alice 1903 

Hirth, Lillian M 1896 

Hirth, Violet C 1899 

Hitchcock, Katheryn 1910 

Hite, Gerline Viola 1934 

Hiteshew, Delia 1910 

Hiteshue, Kathryn Elizabeth . . . 1932 

Hixson, Norman 1913 

Hlohinec, Mary 1934 

Hoare, Agnes Aldine 1934 

Hobaugh, Bertha V 1898 

Hobaugh. Myrtle Gail 1932 

Hobaugh, Ruby Grace 1932 

Hobaugh, Wyoma 1925 

Hobbs, Evelyn Grace 1930 

Hochberg, Ruth 1921 

Hockberg, Hazel Freda 1926 

Hockensmith, Anita Madge 1934 

Hocker, George H 1931 

Hodge, Grace M 1886 

Hodge, Rebecca 1927 

Hodgson, Evelyn Marie 1935 

Hodgson, Jennie 1912 

Hodgson, Margaret R 1909 

Hoedle, Edna A 1909 

Hoeh, (now Hay) D. B 1893 

Hoel, Selma 1927 

Hoenstine, Earl Samuel 1938 

Hoerle, Cecelia T 1901 

Hoerle, Janet E 1897 

Hoey, Dorothy Jane 1940 

HofF, Ruth 1924 

Hoffgren, Margaret 1924 

Hoffman, Alice Gertrude 1929 

Hoffman, Bertha 1924 

Hoffman, Dorothy 1925 

Hoffman, E. Marian 1921 

Hoffman, Emma 1922 

Hoffman, Genevieve Marie ..\. 1932 

Hoffman, Leon H 1900 

Hoffman, Leora M 1926 

Hoffman, Lunda 1928 

Hoffman, Margaret Marie 1916 

Hoffman, Martha R. A 1901 

Hoffman, Martha S 1922 

Hoffman, Mildred 1924 

Hoffman, Mildred 1927 

Hoffman, Regina 1913 

Hoffman, Sarah Lucille 1920 

Hofmann, Kathryn 1924 

Hofmeister, Ann E 1933 

Hogan, Gertrude Josephine .... 1923 

Hogan, Margaret 1915 

Hogan, Mildred 1925 

Hogue, A. Margaret 1928, 1930 

Hogue, Grace M 1898 

Hogue, Martha M 1916 

Hohman, Sophia 1907 

Hohnke, Marion L 1931 

Hoke, Helen K. 1929, 1939 

Hoke, Mary Loraine 1931 

Holewinski, Constance Julia . . . 1934 

Holewinski, Helen K 1921 

Holford, Alice B 1908 

Hollenbach, Jane Elizabeth 1940 

Hollenbaugh, Anna Marie 1927 

Holliday, Mary 1921 

HolHs, Bertha 1917 

Holloway, Edna A 1894 

Holloway, Verna Caroline 1922 

Holman, Angie Jeanne 1939 

Holman, Gertrude Mae 1931 

Holman, M. Persis 1898 

Holmes, Georgene 1915 

Holmes, Margaret M 1915 

Holowasko, Helen 1932,1940 

Holquist, Helen 1915 

Holsapple, Anna Jane 1932 

Holsapple, Francis 1899 

Holsopple, Guy 1898 

Holsopple, Reita 1928 

Holstein, William Carlisle 1935 

Holt, Anna Eliza 1911 

Holt, Catherine 1939 

Holt, Elsie E 1911 

Holt, L. L 1938 

Holt, Margaret 1924 

Holt, Thelma R 1918 

Holtz, Ruth E 1914,1915 

Homer, Laura 1932 

Hommel, Margaret J 1915 

Homyak, Mary L 1931 

Hone, Emma 1 1933 

I X 1) !•: X O F 

G R A D U A T E S 


Honse, Clarissa 1933 

Honse, John H 1929 

Hood, Elizabeth M 1902 

Hood, Ida M 1891 

Hood, M. Laura 1896 

Hood, Pearl 1 1894 

Hoofring, Marjorie 1937 

Hooks, Helen Elizabeth 1940 

Hoon, Bessie E 1916 

Hoon, J. Margaret 1894 

Hoop, Frances E 1929 

Hootman, Esther K 1930 

Hoover, Aida Mae 1911 

Hoover, Arlene 1 1932 

Hoover, Cleva 1928 

Hoover, Elizabeth Carolyn 1926, 1930 

Hoover, Gladys 1927 

Hoover, Hazel Geraldine 1926 

Hoover, Helen J 1921 

Hoover, Laura J 1921 

Hoover, Ruth M 1918 

Hoover, Twila Altheda 1937 

Hopf, Irene 1929 

Hopfer, Agnes Rita 1 928 

Hopkins, Beatrice Ellen 1933 

Hopkins, Daisy 1925 

Hopkins, Mary Louise 1913 

Hopkins, Mary Richardson .... 1895 

Hopkins, Wallace Edwin 1907 

Hopper, Hazel M 1918 

Horgan, Margaret M 1916 

Horger. Ruth 1927.1031 

Horn, Zenus 1916 

Hornbake, Ruth 1913 

Home, Edith C. 1916 

Home, Helen Claire 1923 

Horner, Alma Louise 1936 

Horner, Ardelle Lela 1931 

Horner, Edith Aetna 1930 

Horner, Edythe 1928 

Horner, Eleanore Lee 1939 

Horner, Elmira 1925 

Horner, Ethyle 1927 

Horner, Freda Sara 1925 

Horner, Geneva 1924 

Horner, Naomi Bessie 1929 

Horner, Rose E 1918 

Horner, Ruth Claudett 1934 

Horning, Jennetta 1928 

Horning, Mary 1926 

Horning, Ruth T 1926 

Horovitz, Nathan 1934 

Horrell, Hannah Margaret 1929 

Horskv, Helen B 1940 

Horton. Frank H 1902 

Horton, Kathryn Ruth 1937 

Hosack, Ross M 1905 

Hoser, Amelia 1921 

Hoser, Clara 1926 

Hoskinson, .Ann Wright 1933 

Hoskinson, Delia 1890 

Hoskinson, Sarah F 1924 

Hosmer, Harriet A 1927 

Hostetler, Charles Raymond . . 

1932, 1935, 1936 

Hostetler, Emma 1927 

Hostetler, Margaret 1926 

Houck, Dorothv E 1934 

Houck, Elma Kathryn 1932 

Houck, Emma Clara 1933 

Houck, Janet 1927 

Hough, Adelia Lenore 1918 

Hough, F. Elizabeth 1921 

Houk, Richard Reed 1940 

Houk, Ruth 1913 

Houlihan, Mary Rose 1934 

Housaman, Carolyn Louise .... 1932 

Householder, Hazel V 1920 

Householder, Julia Mary 1929 

Hou.scr, Mildred A 1918 

Houser, Nan E. M 1911 

Houston, Bertha Claire 1922 

Houston, E. Edna 1911 

Houston, Florence 1913 

Houston, Nelle 1912 

Houston, Stella 1914 

Hovan, Stephan A 1934 

Hovan, Theresa 1927 

Howard, Harold C 1934 

Howard, Marion 1923 

Howard, Martha 1925 

Howard. Ortha M 1934 

Howe. Alice Frances 1927 

Howe, Anna M 1916 

Howe, Helen A 1930 

Howe. Irene A 1932 

Howe. Lillian Ida 1934 

Howe, Mildred Josephine 1939 

Howe, Virginia M 1930 

Howell, Clara V 1901 

Howell, Hazel Lee 1932 

Howell, Mary Condrin 1910 

Howells, Charlotte 1930 

Howenstein. E. Jean 1918 

Howland, Jane 1918 

Howland, Margaret Belle 1912 

Howland, Rose F 1913 

Howland, Ruth 1915 

Hoylc. Helen Ruth 1933 

Hoynoski, Catherine Z. .. 1931.1933 

Hoynoski, Dorothy Dolores 1940 

Hoyt, Juanita . . .'. 1914 

Hoyt. Mrs. Zola Mansfield 1925. 1933 

Hozik. Michael 1932 

Hubacher, Caroline A 1905 

Hubacher. Nellie F 1911 

Hubert, .\nna 1926 

Hubley, Alice K 1910 



Hudson, Alice Violet 1935 

Hudson, Harold F 1922,1934 

Hudson, Mary Rebecca 1924 

Hudson, Nellie E 1904 

Huebner, Katherine E 1931, 1932 

Huey, Marion 1926 

Huff, Joseph A 1898 

Huffman, Mae Elizabeth 1922 

Hug, Rosa B 1929 

Hughes, Beulah E 1925 

Hughes, Charlotte 1923 

Hughes, Edith A 1919 

Hughes, Elizabeth Emily 1922 

Hughes, Emma 1910 

Hughes, Margaret 1924 

Hughes, Margaret Helen 1940 

Hughes, Margaret V 1904 

Hughes, Mary E 1898 

Hughes, Nancy 1935 

Hughes, Tillie Lucille 1918 

Hugus, Jemima 1914 

Hugus, Lucy K 1910 

Huk, Estella W 1929 

Hulick, Mae 1 1918 

Hull, Bertha 1913 

Hull, DeRose 1920 

Hull, Ethel Mary 1930 

Hull, Kathryn Livingston 1919 

Hull, La Verne 1929 

Hull, Martha Jane 1927 

Hull, Mildred L 1925 

Hull, Rose 1924 

Hull, Violet 1928 

Hultberg, Edith 1913 

Hulton, Helen 1921 

Humbert, Helen 1931 

Humbert, Jean Elizabeth 1929 

Humenik, Mary 1918 

Humes, Margaret 1925 

Hummel, Margaret 1917 

Hummel, Nelle E 1919 

Humphrey, James Harrison 1930 

Humphreys, Grace B 1920 

Hunger, Olive 1927 

Hunt, Jean 1911 

Hunt, Julia 1896 

Hunt, Lola 1900 

Hunt, Priscilla 1925 

Hunt, Thelma Mae 1923 

Hunter, Aldine Belle 1938 

Hunter, Anna A 1880 

Hunter, Beatrice J 1916 

Hunter, Edith Phyllis 1931 

Hunter, Eleanore 1921 

Hunter, Eleanor Jane 1937 

Hunter, Elizabeth Ferrier 1919 

Hunter, Grace 1927 

Hunter, Helen M 1915 

Hunter, Jean O'Hara 1933 

Hunter, Jessie Jean 1936 

Hunter, Mildred Christine 1933 

Hunter, Rebecca Priscilla 1929 

Hunter, Ruth Thelma 1926 

Hurd, Elizabeth Marie 1929 

Hurd, Ethel A 1930 

Hurd, Sara E 1898 

Hurley, Margaret M 1934 

Hurley, Noreen 1928 

Hurm, Joy 1931 

Hurst, Emma E 1892 

Hurst, Mildred 1921 

Hurst, Ruth Georgia 1929 

Huston, Bessie Blanche 1929 

Huston, Harry R 1915 

Huston, Helen Elizabeth 1923 

Huston, ^L. Agnes 1894 

Hutchinson, M. Elizabeth 1911 

Hutchinson, Margaret J 1887 

Hutchison, Carolyn Elizabeth . . 1933 

Hutchison, Harriet M 1937 

Hutchison, Katharine M 1889 

Hutchison, Mary W 1918 

Hutchison, Sara Margaret 1921, 1928 

Hutchison, Virginia 1924 

Hutson, Annabelle Elizabeth . . . 1929 

Hutton, Argie B 1899 

Hutton, Frank 1885 

Hyatt, Dorothea May 1931 

Hyde, James F 1918 

Hyder, Violet Virginia 1934 

Hyskell, Ira David 1898 

Hyskell, William Emory 1896 

Hysong, Helen L 1927 

Hysong, Inez V 1933 

Iben, Mary Grace 1930 

Ifert, Carrie Edvthe 1927 

Ifert, Helen ..'. 1928 

Ifert, John Irvin 1932 

Ifft, Emma K 1916 

Ignoffo, Sara T 1927 

Igo, M. Hazel 1926 

Igo, Madge V 1908 

Igo, Margaret Elizabeth 1928 

liames, Florence 1936 

Illar, Frank Julius 1940 

Imhoff, Margaret 1900 

Imler, Grace 1924 

Immel, John F 1934 

Ingalls, Martha Mary 1937 

Inghram, Frances Bell 1935 

Ingoldsby, Eleanor M 1921 

Ingram, Helen L 1929 

Ingram, Martha A 1930 

Ireland, Effie Claire 1917 

Irey, Janet 1939 

Irvin, Alice E 1918 

Irvin, Laura E 1905 



Irvin, Mildred Virginia 1901 

Irwin, Annie Mae 1927 

Irwin, Belle 1926 

Irwin, Edythe 1929 

Irwin, Margaret C 1921 

Irwin, Ruth B 1925 

Irwin, Ruth H 1922 

Irwin, Samuel R 1913 

Irwin, Thelma 1925 

Isaacson, Verna May 1933 

Iseman, Josephine M 1905 

Isenberg, Elizabeth 1931 

Israel, Florence R 1917 

Itell, Lillian A 1926 

Itell, Marie 1911 

Itell, Thomas T 1885 

Itturalde, Frank 1913 

Ivanovic, Mildred 1934 

Ivory, Bernice Martha 1930 

Tack, Anna M 1890 

Tack, Cordelia Winifred 1931 

jack, Helen M 1929 

Jack, Ida M 1904 

Jack, James R 1889 

Jack. William M 1887 

Jackson, Eileen 1932 

Jackson, Eleanor 1929 

Jackson, Elizabeth Linnea 1924 

Jackson, Evelyn Ann 1940 

Jackson, Harriet M 1918 

Tackson, Marion 1914 

Jackson, Oda LaRue 1931 

Tackson, Ruth 1924 

Tackson, Walter H 1886 

Jacobs, Ella C 1899 

Jacobs, Sara Roberta 1932 

Jacobson, Helen 1919 

JafFe, Frances Gertrude 1933 

James, Annie M 1916 

Tames, Elizabeth 1912 

James, Esther M 1920 

Tames, Genevieve W 1904 

James, Helen J 1919 

James, Isabel 1924 

James, Mercedes 1925 

James, Myrtle 1927 

Jamison, Anna E 1900 

Jamison, Anna M 1911 

Jamison, Celia May 1919 

Jamison, Dorothy 1923 

Jamison, Dorothy 1932 

Jamison, Eva Gertrude 1930 

Jamison, Grace E 1919 

Jamison, Josephine 1906 

Jamison, Marguerite 1925 

Jamison, Mary 1912.1914 

Jamison, Mary Louise 1930 

Jamison, Mary Lyndall 1921 

Jamison, Mary S 1925 

Jamison, Ruth Elvira 1935 

Janavitz, Anna Helen 1925 

Taquish, Hannah 1913 

jaquish, Martha E 1920 

Jaquish, Rhea Blanche 1918 

Jarrett, Florence E 1902 

Jarvie, Marion 1922 

Javens, Elizabeth List 1939 

Jefferis, Mary Elizabeth 1919 

Jeffery, Carrie L 1900 

Jeffords, Alice M 1911 

Jeffrey, Jennie 1884 

Jeffreys, Ruth Harriet 1929 

Jeffries, Beatrice L 1915 

Jeffries, Garnet Feme 1922 

Jeffries, Marjorie 1931 

Jelley, Grace 1927 

Jellison, Mary Frances 1931 

Jellison, Ruth Bessie 1925 

Jellison, Sadie E 1927 

Jenkins, Dorothy 1914 

Jenkins, Gertrude 1928 

Jenkins, Laura Elizabeth 1916 

Jenkins, Mary F 1891 

Jenkins, Ruth 1915 

Tenks, E. Belle 1901 

Jenks, Olive LaRue 1901 

Jennings, Ivah C 1920 

Jennings, Nellie Margaret 1923 

Jensen, Frances 1917 

Jewell, Ruth 1922 

Jobe, Kathryn 1926 

Jobe, Roberta 1939 

Jodon, Leila L 1936 

John, Gwendolyn 1925 

John, Mary E 1925 

Johnmann, Mary R 1926 

Johns, Gladys C 1930 

Johns, Jennie V 1905 

Johns, Leah 1921 

Johns, Marion Adella 1931 

Johns, Pauline G 1917 

Johns, Ruth Lenore 1936 

Johns, Virginia Ruth 1939 

Johnson, Alice F 1928 

Johnson, Amy Gladys 1928 

Johnson, Clara W 1914 

Johnson, Dorothv L 1928 

Johnson, Edith E 1932 

Johnson, Edward P 1879 

Johnson, Eliza 1897 

Johnson, Esther 1925 

Tohnson, Esther Marie 1932 

Johnson, Ethel Violet 1929 

Tohnson, Eva C 1900 

Tohnson, Faith R 1908 

Johnson, Gladys Kathryne 1928 



Johnson, Harriette Katherine . . 1931 

Johnson, Harry P 1887 

Johnson, Helen L 1917 

Johnson, Inez 1928 

Johnson, Inez Elizabeth 1932 

Johnson, Joseph N 1932 

Johnson, Katharine W 1890 

Johnson, Lillian E 1933 

Johnson, Louise Caroline 1931 

Johnson, Lucille C 1930 

Johnson, Mamie 1928 

Johnson, Margaret Miriam 1928 

Johnson, Alarie E 1936 

Johnson, Mary K 1918 

Johnson, Mary N 1931 

Johnson, Ohve Alberta 1922 

Johnson, Pearl B 1916 

Johnson, Robert Daniel 1940 

Johnson, Roberta G 1925 

Johnson, Rubye P 1929 

Johnson, Ruth 1937 

Johnson, Thomas K 1896 

Johnson, Virginia Ann 1933 

Johnstin, Grace Maye 1913 

Johnston, Agnes Marie 1919 

Johnston, Alice 1912 

Johnston, Almina R 1898 

Johnston, Ann Marie 1930 

Johnston, Anna Bird 1891 

Johnston, Bess 1917 

Johnston, D. 1 1899 

Johnston, Edythe Lemon 1934 

Johnston, Ernest M 1919 

Johnston, Evelyn M 1930 

Johnston, F. Perry 1914 

Johnston, Garnet F 1921 

Johnston, Grace 1925 

Johnston, Harold 1 1934 

Johnston, Ida E 1896 

Johnston, J. C. Reed 1893 

Johnston, James Stewart 1940 

Johnston, Jennie K 1893 

Johnston, Joseph Elton 1889 

Johnston, Joseph M 1934 

Johnston, Julia 1926 

Johnston, Laura E 1895 

Johnston, Leona M 1927 

Johnston, Loveday E 1925 

Johnston, Margaret E 1939 

Johnston, Marjorie Edith 1939 

Johnston, Martha Catherine . . 1918 

Johnston, Martha Louise 1933 

Johnston, Mary 1925, 1934 

Johnston, Mary Alma 1930 

Johnston, Alary M 1890 

Johnston, Mary Stewart 1906 

Johnston, Mildred 1930 

Johnston. Mildred G 1925 

Johnston, Nelle 1930 

Johnston, Pearle 1927 

Johnston, Ruth 1927 

Johnston, Twila 1924 

Johnston, Virginia 1924 

Johnston, Mrs. Virginia 1925 

Johnstone, Helen L 1918 

Joiner, Betty Louise 1940 

Joiner, George S 1935 

Joll, Wilda Mae 1923 

Jones, Alice E 1929 

Jones, Alma Rosina 1929 

Jones, Amelia Charlotte 1936 

Jones, Anna M 1896 

Jones, Beatrice Ella 1928 

Jones, Betty E 1934 

Jones, Edna Mae 1934 

Jones, Eleanor 1920 

Jones, Elizabeth Ruth 1929 

Jones, Ena Mae 1930 

Jones, Esther A 1888 

Jones, Ethel A 1919 

Jones, Ethel 1 1917 

Tones, Ethel Mildred 1923 

Jones, Ethel Rae 1932 

Jones, Evalyn Grace 1927, 1928 

Jones, Fannie 1898 

Jones, Fannie M 1895 

Jones, Florence M 1918 

Jones, Frances 1926 

Jones, Freda 1916 

Jones, Harriet E 1881 

Jones, Helen ElizaSeth 1936 

Jones, Helen M 1925 

Jones, Hilda 1913 

Jones, Isabel H 1930 

Jones, Jane Ann 1924 

Jones, Jennie Belle 1923 

Jones, John Freas 1939 

Jones, Joseph H 1938 

Jones, Katharine 1914 

Jones, Lillian Mary 1932, 1934 

Jones, Lillian Vaughn 1930 

Tones, M. Ethel 1927 

Jones, Margaret 1913 

Jones, Marjorie 1929 

Jones, Martha 1911 

Jones, Martha Geraldine 1938 

Jones, Martha H 1925, 1935 

Jones, Mary Blodwen 1926 

Jones, Mary E 1905 

Jones, Mary E. .' 1910 

Jones, Mary Elizabeth 1929 

Jones, Mary Elizabeth 1931 

Jones, Mary M 1886 

Jones, Minnie 1898 

Jones, Minnie 1912 

Tones, Myrtle F 1910 

Jones. Rachael 1932, 1939 

Tones, Rachel H 1920 



Jones, Roberta 1888 

Jones, Ruth 1914 

Jones, Ruth 1921 

Jones, Ruth Emilv 1931 

Jones, Ruth Gray 1918 

Jones, Ruth Marie 1922 

Jones, S. Mayes 1888 

Jones, Sara Elva 1930 

Jones, Sarah 1912 

Jones, Sarah M 1896 

Jones, Thomas P 1896 

Jones, \V. W 1936 

Jordan, Eleanor Catherine 1937 

Jordan, Henrietta 1925 

Jordan, Josephine E 1925 

Jordan, Juha 1916 

Jordan, Kathrine E 1918 

Jordan, Mary M 1918 

Jordan, Morris L 1902 

Jordan, Naomi R 1929 

Jordan, Robert Frederick .... 1936 

Jose, Anna F 1900 

Joseph, Gertrude 1898 

Joseph, John Thomas 1940 

Joseph, JuHa Elene 1932 

Joseph, Winifred 1917 

Jovenitti, Augustine Alfred 1935 

Joyce, Ruth N 1929 

Julius, Mildred Eleanor 1933 

Junk, Pauline C 1936 

Junker, Dorothy S 1912 

Junker, Mary Theresa 1932 

Kable, Alice Jane 1931 

Kachur, Stephen E 1936 

Kades, Dora 1927 

Kahl, Ernest 1913 

Kahn, Dorothy May 1926 

Kaiser, Christine 1909 

Kaiser, Hilda E 1937 

Kallenbaugh, Marie 1894 

Kalp, Viola Ruth 1910 

Kaminsky, Sadie 1929 

Kamp. Julia F 1915 

Kanable. Betty Mae 1939 

Kanarr, Isabelle Ruth 1923 

Kane, Alice M 1917 

Kane, Margaret Elizabeth 1922 

Kantorik, Helen 1927 

Kany, Julius 1913 

Kaplan, Esther 1915 

Kaplan, Fannie 1929 

Kappel, Hilda 1916 

Kappel, Margaret 1914 

Karalfa, Elizabeth 1927 

Karalfa, Rose M 1922 

Karlen, Virginia N 1932 

Karnak, Helen 1925 

Karnes, James 1913 

Karnes, Luvia S 1919 

Karper, Mildred Elvira 1933 

Karstorp, Ava S 1901 

Kasten, Catherine Jane 1931 

Katchmcr, Walter 1927, 1929 

Kato, Rosella 1931 

Kauffman, Albert Wendell .... 1931 

KaufFman, Francis Emerson . . . 1940 

Kaufman, AnnaBelle 1922 

Kaufman, Belle 1933 

Kaufman, Grace 1929 

Kaufman, Hattie 1899 

Kaufman, Kathleen 1932 

Kaufman, Mary Madeira 1940 

Kaufman, Mildred 1926 

Kaufmann, Dorothy R 1930 

Kaus, Mildred D 1929 

Kautz, Robert F 1935 

Kaye, Ben 1933 

Kaylor, Marian V 1917 

Kcafer, Katharine 1924 

Kealey, Laura Virginia 1924 

Kealey, Marie 1916 

Kealey, Mary Jane 1927 

Kearney, Hazel 1905 

Kearney, Mary Jane 1930 

Kearney, Rhea 1926 

Kearns, Esther V 1897 

Kearns, Nora R 1933 

Kearns, Sara L 1930 

Keating, Queen 1930 

Keats, Ethel 1910 

Kebe, Margaret 1939 

Kebe, Theresa 1922 

Keck, M. Cecelia 1918 

Keck, Norma 1911 

Keck, Rubv 1912 

Keck, Verle 1913 

Keck, Verna 1932, 1936 

Keefer, Donna lone 1927 

Keefer, John S 1880 

Keefer, Lydia E 1914 

Keelan, Henrietta C 1909 

Keeler, Desire 1917 

Keeler, Elizabeth Lillian 1931 

Keeler, Etta A 1897 

Keeler, Margaret 1935 

Keeler, Mary Maythorne 1919 

Keeley, Helen 1927 

Keener, L W 1895 

Keener, J. A 1889 

Keener. Jean 1927 

Keener, John Burton 1889 

Keener, Josephine 1913 

Keener, William E 1901 

Keepers, Helen • 1912 

KefFer, Virginia F 1933 

Kehler, Esther 1925 



Kehne, Naomi Olinda 1929 

Keifer, Beryl 1915 

Keifer, Pearl 1918 

Keirn, Dorothy Helen 1933 

Keisler, Anna June 1929 

Keith, Mary Lee 1920 

Kekilty, Ruth May 1923 

Kelichner, Sara E 1899 

Kell, Gladys E 1932 

Kellar, Mary Elizabeth 1934 

Keller, Ada H 1906 

Keller, Beatrice M 1935 

Keller, Bess H 1910 

Keller, Eliza C. M 191^ 

Keller, Evelyn Esta 1935 

Keller, Fredda 1932 

Keller, George J 1916 

Keller, Helen Elizabeth 1931 

Keller, Kathryn D 1917 

Keller, Marjorie Arlene 1940 

Keller, Melba E 1916 

Keller, Stella P 1925 

Kelley, Cecile B 1922 

Kelley, Clara 1926 

Kelley, Helen Mae 1932 

Kelley, Helen Mae 1933 

Kelley, Mabel 1913 

Kelley, Mary Elizabeth 1918 

Kelley, Ralph Joseph 1938 

Kelley, Russell W 1940 

Kelley, Ruth Louise 1932, 1938 

Kelley, Vera J 1935 

Kelly, Catherine Lois 1935 

Kelly, E. Elizabeth 1918 

Kelly, Elizabeth 1929 

Kelly, Elizabeth Josephine .... 1929 

Kelly, Elizabeth Sara 1918 

Kelly, Ernest Kenneth 1940 

Kelly, Gladys 1 1918 

Kelly, Gladys Irene 1929 

Kelly, Gladys V 1921 

Kelly, Grace Marie 1909 

Kelly, Helen 1927 

Kelly, Hulda 1927 

Kelly, Lena 1917 

Kelly, Louise 1915 

Kelly, Mabel C 1905 

Kelly, Margaret E 1929 

Kelly, Margaret 1926 

Kelly, Margaret Georgia 1918 

Kelly, Mary 1928 

Kelly, Mary C 1918 

Kelly, Mary R 1917 

Kelly, Myra Z 1902 

Kelly, Rose Mary 1928 

Kelly, Ruth M 1933 

Kellv, Virginia Cosier 1931 

Kelly, Wilmina Agnes 1929 

Kelsch, Dorothy Estella 1929 

Kelso, Jeannette 1916 

Kelso, Josephine 1929 

Kelty, Madaline 1925 

Kemery, Katharine L 1927 

Kemp, Esther M 1916 

Kemp, Mrs. Harriet 1881 

Kemp, Hilda 1922 

Kemp, Mary Harriet 1934 

Kendall, Gertrude R 1918 

Kendall, Alary Helen 1932 

Kendig, Jen Harman 1893 

Kendig, Mary 1891 

Kenemuth, Dorothea Cloi 1930 

Kenley, Charlotte 1930 

Kenley, Mary Ellen 1924 

Kenmuir, Harriet L 1894 

Kennedy, Helen 1915 

Kennedy, Helen Ruth 1931 

Kennedy, Isabel 1910 

Kennedy, Margaret Elizabeth . . 1929 

Kennedy, Mary E 1913 

Kennedy, Mary 1 1932 

Kennedy, Mary Pitt 1929 

Kennedy, Mary R 1887 

Kennedy, Penelope 1914 

Kennel, Edna G 1918 

Kennelty, Ray 1935 

Kenny, Ivella 1931 

Kensinger, Martha Jean 1939 

Keough, John Ellsworth 1939 

Kephart, Helen 1924 

Kephart, Margaret Arlean 1929 

Kephart, Ruth 1927 

Kepler, Rhoda Jane 1940 

Kepple, Erma Ruth 1933 

Kepple, Helen Gertrude 1919 

Kepple, Louise 1926 

Keppler, Jayne 1934 

Kerchner, Ethel M 1928 

Kern, Lillian Isabelle 1918 

Kernis, Freda 1930 

Kerns, Edith K 1917 

Kerpec, Alice V 1932 

Kerpec, Mamie G 1934 

Kerr, Agnes M 1916 

Kerr, Edna 1925 

Kerr, Elizabeth Paine 1927 

Kerr, Eric W 1930 

Kerr, Hannah 1915 

Kerr, Isabelle M 1926 

Kerr, Kenneth W 1934 

Kerr, Lillian L 1926 

Kerr, Sara June 1926 

Kerr, Steele H 1901 

Kerr, Thomas Stoner . .". 1903 

Kershner, Grace W 1912 

Keslar, Emma 1928 

Keslar, Kathryn Virginia 1937 

Kessel, Elsie Anne 1932 



dder, Caniille 

chler, Alice Maude 

ebler, Florence Ruth 

efer, Erma Louise 

efer, Mary J 

effer, Elsie Mollie 

er, Genevieve 

er, William Ralpii 

Ikenny, Rose 

lien, Leonia M 

Hen, Robert Jay 

llgallon, Katherine Winifred 

me, Dorothy 1926, 

mmel, Grace 

mmel, Harry O 

mmel, Mildred 

mple, Lottie C 

nder, EfFie 1 1918, 

nderman, Maude G 

ng, Carl Kenneth 

ng, Donald Clair 

ng, Frances Ann 

ng, Lucille Martha 

ng, Lydia M 

ng, Margaret E 

ng, Marion Jean 

ng, Marjorie P 

ng, Mary Margaret 

ng, Mary St. Clair ... 1910, 

ng, Norman E 

ng, Olive B 

ng, Zita 

nkead, Harriett Elizabeth . . . 

nkead, Margaret E 

nkead, Ruth 

nkead, Ruth Deborah 

nnan, Florence 

nney, Dorothy Pearl 

nney, Faith Laura 

nncy, Virginia Clark . . 1928, 

nter, Charlotte 

nter, Elizabeth H 

nter, Lynn S 

nter, Mabel L 

nter, Mary 

nter, Mildred Josephine 

ntz. Anina Catherine 

ntz, Florence 

nzey, Gladys 

relavage, Albina Alice 

1916 Kirk, Cecilia Mary 1936 

1927 Kirk, Ida Mcllroy 1920 

1914 Kirk, Lois 1917 

1930 Kirk, Mary K 1914 

1926 Kirk, Rachael Lucile 1929 

1930 Kirkham, Eleanor E 1932 

1905 Kirkland, Elizabeth 1930 

1922 Kirkpatrick. Blanche 1902 

1928 Kirkpatrick, Ida Mae 1934 

1913 Kirkpatrick, Margaret D 1919 

1924 Kirsch, Elizabeth 1925 

1928 Kirsch. M. Ivo 1913 

1915 Kirschner, Clara 1907 

1918 Kirshner, Mabel 1926 

1940 Kish, Margaret 19.10 

1914 Kiskadden, Dorothy Grace 1929 

1940 Kissane, Katherine A 1930 

1916 Kissane, Mary 1928 

1913 Kissinger, Margaret Emily 1931 

1940 Kissinger, Mildred Evelyn .... 1936 

1929 Kissling, Wilma L 1927 

1930 Kist, C. Helen 1926 

1899 Kitto, Gwendolyn 1934 

1910 Kitto, William J 1939 

1910 Klages, Anna F 1909 

1887 Klages, Henriette A 1916 

1925 Klavora, Mary 1933 

1934 Klein, Rose Lillian 1934 

1935 Klenk, Ruth Irene 1929 

1937 Kline, Agnes M 1917 

1929 Kline, Anna Mae 1936 

1940 Kline, Carrie W 1898 

1917 Kline, Doris 1928 

1917 Kline, Elizabeth L 1916 

1940 Kline, Grace Margaret 1929 

1933 Kline. Hannah H 1937 

1927 Kline, Leona 1915 

1911 Kline, Mrs. Lydia Robertson .. 1938 
1927 Kline, W. Robert 1935 

1910 Klineman, Rhea 1908 

191 1 Klinestiver, Flora 1924 

1923 Klingensmith, Annie 1883 

1929 Klingensmith, Grace 1899 

1927 Klingensmith. Margaret 

1923 Elizabeth 1930 

1921 Klingensmith, Mary A 1895 

1931 Klingensmith, Nannie B 1897 

1919 Klingensmith, Rose Evalvn 1928 

1929 Klingensmith, Sara B 1897 

1917 Klinginsmith, Doris 1930 

1913 Klink, Mary Louise 1938 

19.39 Kliskev. Joseph B 1933 

1931 Klotz. Caroline E 1917 

1929 Kluz, Czeslawa Kazmera 1935 

1923 Knapp. Elsie C 1909 

1922 Knappenberger. Edna Blanche 1901 

1912 Knappenberger. Vinnie 1895 

1926 Knappenberger. Viola 1928 

1939 Knarr, Leah Margaret 1933 



Knarr, Malinda C 1927 

Knauf, Hildegarde A 1911 

Kneebone, Percy M 1933 

Knepp, Lena Adeline 1934 

Knepper, Dorothy B 1925 

Knepshield, Nelle F 1912 

Knepshield, Thelma 1917 

Knestrick, Helen Elizabeth 1930 

Knight, Bertha M 1911 

Knight, Emma N 1919 

Knight, Kathryn 1927 

Knight, Lulu N 1883 

Knisely, Gladys Fern 1931 

Knoell, Dorothy K 1930 

Knorr, Coletta 1924 

Knox, Anna M 1887 

Knox, Dorothy Jane 1926 

Knox, E. Lois 1918 

Knox, Edith M 1907 

Knox, Harriet G 1910 

Knox, Margaret Fay 1927 

Knox, Maria P 1891 

Knox, Mary R 1895 

Knox, Virginia E 1930 

Knupp, Edith Elaine 1929 

Knupp, Jennie Belle 1931 

Knupp, Mabel Aleen 1929 

Koban, John 1940 

Koch, Harriet Kathryn 1932 

Kocher, Ada Mae 1922 

Kocher, S. Gladstone 1928 

Koesel, Jeannette M 1905 

Kohen, Anna G 1899 

Kohler, Earl F 1937 

Kohlhass, Mary Alice 1933 

Kohlhepp. May Ellen 1934 

Kohut, James Alfred 1937 

Koistinen, Tyni 1932 

Kokosko, Margaret V 1932 

Kolger, Elizabeth 1935 

Komazec, Diana 1933 

Konold, Selma M 1908 

Kontoft, Helen Florence 1935 

Koonce, Nina Pearl 1899 

Koons, Josephine 1925 

Koontz, Beatrice Louise 1937 

Koontz, Dorothy C 1930 

Koontz, Enid Lucile 1939 

Koontz, Evelyn Kathryn 1938 

Koontz, J. S 1887 

Koontz, Kathryn 1923 

Koontz, Lois Helena 1940 

Koontz, Mary Blanche 1928 

Koontz, Mrs. Mary Statler . . . 1932 

Koontz, Mary Virginia 1934 

Koontz, Rosemary June 1940 

Koontz, Ruth L 1917 

Kooser, Sadie 1926 

Koozer, Miriam Lucille 1936 

Kopelman, Dorothy 1917 

Kopelman, Evelyn 1925 

Kopelman, Jeanne E 1917 

Kopelman, Margaret Elene . . . 1934 

Korb, Anna Mae 1913 

Korb, Mae Anna 1939 

Kordick, Angelina 1933 

Korner, Helen D 1916 

Korns, Florence C 1924 

Kortz, Helen F 1933 

Kosanovich, William Theodore 1940 

Kottraba, Cecile 1920 

Kough, Isabel 1928 

Kovach, Grace E 1936 

Kovach, Louise Margaret 1938 

Kozak, Rose Mary 1932 

Kraiss, Edna M 1911 

Krall, Madelyn Louise 1933 

Kramer, Alice 1929 

Kramer, Anna M 1916 

Kramer, Helen Eleanor 1931 

Kramer, Katherine A 1929, 1939 

Kramer, Natalie Inez 1934 

Krape, Maxine Virginia 1930 

Kraus, Florence E 1902 

Krause, LaRue Elizabeth 1936 

Krebs, Jennie 1 887 

Krebs, Matilda 1892 

Kreider, Nordine 1927 

Kreiling, Ruth Ann • 1931 

Kremer, Minnie 1915 

Krepps, Jeannette 1921 

Kress, Marie E 1916 

Kretz, Marie C 1933 

Krider, Artha Velma 1934 

Krider, Dorothea Mae ... 1927, 1940 

Krider, Mildred Veoria 1930 

Krider, Thelma Julia 1931 

, Kriner, Lloyd 1916 

Kring, Howard 1914 

Kring, Margaret Leone 1932 

Krise, Elizabeth U 1926 

Kronk, Jessie Mae 1915 

Kronk, Sara 1924 

Kronk, Virginia V 1921 

Krouse, Hazel G 1925, 1933 

Krouse, Ruby Grace 1924 

Krouse, Stephen G 1939 

Kucera, Wilma Anne 1937 

Kuckuck. Marv Louise 1925 

Kugel, Carolvii R 1901 

Kuhlman, Isabelle A 1919 

Kuhlman, Mildred Alice 1930 

Kuhn, Elfrieda Grace 1939 

Kuhn, Lucille 1922 

Kuhns, Howard L 1929 

Kuhns, Ida T 1907 

Kuhns, Sarah 1 1910 

Kukovitz, Lillian C 1936 

Kunkle, Alice Elizabeth 1927 





Kunkle, Almeda 1926 

Kunkle, Dorothy M 1932 

Kunkle, Hilda L 1919 

Kunkle, Janet Grace 1930 

Kunkle, Martha Crvstelle 1920 

Kunkle, Paul T 1933 

Kunkle, Thomas Leonard 1935 

Kunkle, Verna Grace 1922 

Kunkle, W. Merrill 1935 

Kunselman, Neil 1912 

Kunsman, Alberta Mae 1940 

Kuntz, Charlotte Catherine 1929 

Kuntz, Helen E 1928 

Kuntz, Margaret 1916 

Kuntz, Martha 1940 

Kuntz, Mary Elizabeth 1926 

Kuntz, Zella V 1929 

Kunz, Zella A 1927 

Kuppler, Esther 1931 

Kurtak, Elizabeth 1926 

Kurtz, Kathryn 1920 

Kurtz, Leone 1912 

Kurtz, Margaret Amelia 1936 

Kurtz, Margaret L 1933 

Kurtz. Alary Ann 1918 

Kusick, Louise Georgine 1931 

Kusner, Ruth Reva 1930 

Kuzmiak, John 1938 

Kyper, Margaret A 1916 

Labe, Jeannette Marie 1929 

Laber, Anna Josephine 1933 

Lacey, Elsie Margaret 1929 

LaClair, Marjorie 1929 

Lacock, Eleanor 1928 

Lacock, Georgia M 1897 

Lacock, Grace N 1897 

Lacock, Jean Knox 1911. 1912 

Lacock, Rebekah 1905 

Lafferty. Sarah 1919 

Laine, Katherine 1925. 1939 

Laing, Clara M 1911 

Laing, Leda Belle 1933 

Laird, Ann Elizabeth 1930 

Laird, Grayce Elizabeth 1923 

Laird, Mary Margaret 1919 

Lakey, Bella Irene 1931 

Lakey, Margaret Lydia 1931 

LaMantia, Elsie S 1935 

Lamb, Stella D. 1910 

Lamberson, Francis Owen 1930 

Lamberson. Geraldine 1924 

Lambert, B. F 1929 

Lambert. Evelyn L 1921 

Lambert, Marie M 1918 

Lambert, Mary Grace 1927 

Lambert, Samuel Earle 1909 

Lambert, Vennetta Irene 1918 

Lambie, Agnes R 1923 

Lambing, Marian A 1930, 1936 

Lambour, Corrine 1917 

Lamer, Catherine Ova 1934 

Lamer, Mazel 1931 

LaMere, M. Ruth 1915 

Lamey, Loretta 1926 

Lamison, Marion 1919 

Lammel, Charlotte 1922 

Lammel, Virginia 1913 

Lamphere, Harriett Auttie 1937 

Landin, Lillian B 1919 

Landis, Belle 1922 

Landis, Bernardinc 1928 

Landis, Elizabeth Louise 1937 

Landis, Geraldine Helen 1926 

Landis, Helen 1936 

Landis, William E 1934 

Landvmore, Jessie Louise 1915 

Lane,' Maud G 1935 

Lang, Edith 1924 

Lang. Mary Agnes 1923 

Lang. Sara Emma 1939 

Langdon, Corrine 1921 

Lange, Helen 1914 

Langham. Elizabeth C 1922 

Langham. Jonathan N 1882 

Langham, Louise 1913 

Langham, Rosalie Ella 1931 

Langhans, Florence L 1908 

Langsner, Theresa 1931,1935 

Lann, Leola Irene 1933 

Lansdale. Carol 1933 

Lantz. Ella Marjorie 1935 

Lantz, Ruth 1926 

Lantz, Vera 1914 

Lantzy, A. J 1917 

Lapp. Verna 1913 

Lapsley. Helen 1915 

Lapslev, Marie 1911 

Lardin, Elisabeth 1925 

Lardin, Maude E 1912 

Larson, Ethel 1927 

Larson. Ruth E 1918 

Lash. Anna Alary 1918 

Lash. Charles F 1902 

Lashell. Phyllis E 1928 

Laskowski. Viola B 1930 

Lasser. Goldie 1932 

Latimer. Nannie M 1897 

Latshav^r. Edith J 1894 

Latta. Charlotte Evelyn 1930 

Lattimer. Nannie E 1914 

Laube, Marie E 1924 

T,audenslager, C. Homer 1914 

Lauderbaugh, Minnie B 1919 

Lauf. Herbert E 1935 

Lauffer. Carl D 1927 

Lauffer. Vera Irene 1939 

Laughery. Elsie Florence 1930 

Laughlin. Anna E 1907 



Laughlin, Elizabeth Charlotte . . 1926 

Laughlin, Gertrude 1914 

Laughlin, Margaret Dorothy . . . 1916 

Laughlin, Margaret E 1915 

Laughlin, Marie C 1927 

Laughlin, Mercedes 1931 

Laughry, Anna S 1886 

Lauman, Caroline 1901 

Lauman, Christine E r 1899 

Lauther, Edward P 1937 

Lauver, Emily Ruth 1912 

Lavely, Izora V 1920 

Lavine, Eva L.. 1917 

Lavine, Jennie E 1917 

Lawhead, Alice 1927 

Lawrence, Joanna M 1920 

Lawrence, Sarah K 1887 

Lawson, Anna Elizabeth 1930 

Lawson, Dorothy Elizabeth 1932 

Lawson, Mary Florence 1930 

Lawton, Ruth A 1933 

Layhew, Beulah Marie 1927 

Layton, Ruby M 1931, 1936 

Lazaro, William Albert 1937 

Lazor, Sophia 1928 

Lazur, Esther Margaret 1933 

Lazzarotto, Justina A 1936 

Leacock, Kathleen E 1919 

Leaf, Elizabeth Anna 1934 

Leahey, Margaret 1927 

Lear, Janet M 1921 

Lear, Margaret H 1923 

Lear, Ruth Rebecca 1923 

Lear, Twila 1918 

Leard, Emma L 1886 

Learn, Blair G 1913 

Learn, Helen Louise 1933 

Learn, Ivagean 1926 

Learn, Lisle W 1931 

Learn, Margaret Elizabeth 1916 

Learn, Mildred Pearl 1936 

Lease, Edna L 1930 

Lease, Olga L 1930 

Leasure, Grace M 1908 

Leasure, Zella 1902 

Leavitt, Ruby E 1899 

Lebovitz, Jennie 1911 

Leckey, Hilda A 1913 

Ledoux, Evelyn 1921 

Lee, Alfred M 1893 

Lee, Anna 1892 

Lee, Anna Mary 1916 

Lee, Bess 1904 

Lee. C. Eleanor 1919 

Lee, Margaret S 1905 

Leech, Blanche 1913 

Leech, Martha Jane 1932 

Leech, Mildred J 1914 

Leech, Russell Y 1934 

Leezer, Tillie Gilmore 1890 

LeFevre, M. Elizabeth 1934 

Leffler, Edna Estella 1940 

Leggett, Katherine Jean 1931 

Lehman, Camillus K 1930 

Lehman, Eleanor C 1932 

Lehman, Geraldine La Verne . . . 1927 

Lehman, Verda M 1927 

Lehmier, Thelma 1927 

Lehr, John 1913 

Leibensperger, Dorothy E. ... 1924 

Leichliter, Alice Elizabeth 1934 

Leichliter, Edith Susan 1928 

Leightner, Hulda 1927 

Leighty, Dorothy Jane 1932 

Leighty, Emma Mary 1931 

Leis, Viola 1922 

Leister, Sara Louise 1934 

Leith, Virginia 1927 

Lemmon, Evalyn Elizabeth .... 1931 

Lemmon, Gertrude May 1901 

Lemmon, Lucy 1921 

Lemmon, Violet M 1928 

Lemon, Emma R 1885 

Lemon, Helen Virginia 1939 

Lemon, Marjorie Caroline .... 1940 

Lemon, Mary Gladys 1929 

Lena, Theresa Rose 1930, 1939 

LeNassi, Josephine 1927 

Lenhart, Florence A 1900 

Lenhart, Maude 1925 

Lenhart, Wilda Elizabeth 1931 

Leonard, Anna F 1927 

Leonard, Blair Thomas 1939 

Leonard, Cora A 1898 

Leonard, Effie 1925 

Leonard, Helen 1931 

Leonard. J. M 1896 

Leonard, LeRene 1918 

Leonard, Leah 1913 

Leonard, Lovell M 1935 

Leonard, Romayne 1933 

Leonard, Ruth M 1913 

Leonard, Wilbert M 1929 

Lepley, Eleanor 1925 

Lepley, Eleanor 1928 

Lepley, Ruth Elizabeth 1931 

Leppold, Clara Lange 1919 

Lepsch, Emvla 1930 

Lesley, Myrtle L 1930 

Leslie, Gartha McChesney .... 1933 

Leslie, Grace 1905 

Leslie, Marv E 1883 

Leslie, Ruth E 1911 

Lessig, Thelma P 1930, 1938 

Levenson, Bess M 1923 

LeVine, Charles 1913 

Levine, Esther R 1918 

Levine, Lillian 1926 

Levine, Rosalie 1924 

LeVine. Rosalind 1915 



Lewellyn, C. Gregg 


ne, Ethel 

s, Anna Elizabeth . 
s, Blanche Hope . 

s, Caroline C 

s, Cornelia Porter 

s, Eleanor L 

s, Etta R 

s, Garnet E 


Lucille K 


Margaret Irene 

Marion F 

s, Owen C 



Paul M 


Ruelba M 

Samuel T 

Virginia Beryl 

Virginia Margaret 


Leyda, Josephine Marguerite . . 

Leyda, Ruth Mae 

Leyda, Wilda 

Leydic, C. Edna 

Leydic, Charlotte 

Leyh, Grace 

Leyshon, Florence 

Leyshon, Gwendolyn 

Leyshon, Sarah Eunice 

Libengood. Ethel M 

Libengood, Viora 

Lichtenfels, Pearl S 

Lichtenstein, Rose M 

Lieb, Mary Edna 

Liebau, John D 

Liebegott, Annagrace 

Lieberman, Maxine 

Liekert, Helen 

Lifshitz, Rose 

.iggett, Grace Elizabeth 

Jggett, Irene June 

-iggett, Julia Marie 1929, 

Liggett, Virginia 

nightcap, Dixon S 

Jgotti, Elizabeth 

^indberg, Ethel C 

-indberg, Lily 

.indblad, Howard E 

-indeman. Marie 

.indeman. Mary M 

.indley, Mary L 

.indquist, Elsa 

^indquist, Emy Louise 

Lindquist. Gertrude E 

.indquist, Ruth 

-indsay, June Elvira 

-indsay, Mary Elizabeth 

Lindsay, Virginia Amanda . . . . 

1897 Linenbrink, Ruth 1913 

1923 Ling, Charles Rav 1935 

1934 Ling, Evelyn Ruth 1934 

1894 Ling, Leora L 1918 

1904 Lingcnfelter, Florence Gretchen 1931 

1882 Lingenfelter, Hazel Grace 1931 

1932 Lingenfelter, William Watson . . 1940 
1896 Linhart, Elizabeth J 1931 

1930 Lininger, Thomas F 1.S9K 

1928 Linn, Gertrude K 1917 

1912 Lintner, Marv 1 1902 

1894 Linton, Ella 1893 

1931 Lippert, Violet E. A 1930 

1921 Lisowitz, Rosalie 1929 

1931 List, Lillie E 1912 

1913 Litman, Frances 1924 

1925 Litman, Harriet 1927 

1908 Litman, Juliet Isabel 1927 

1880 Little, Anna Blanche 1918 

1940 Little, Edward 1913 

1933 Little, Helen Louise 1930 

1927 Little, Janet 1912 

1930 Little, Kathleen M 1931 

1924 Little, Mrs. Mae Kearney 1927, 1939 
1924 Little, Martha Launa .... 1925. 1930 
1893 Litzinger, Donald 1937 

1920 Litzinger, Mary Marjorie 1937 

1926 Litzinger, Robert Joseph 1935 

1924 Livingston, Annabelle 1912 

1926 Livingston, Evelvn Bernadine . . 1927 
1940 Livingston, Helen R 1930 

1931 Livingston, Thelma 1924 

1927 Llewellyn, Myra LaCiair 1929 

1922 Llewellvn, Nellie M 1916 

1925 Llovd, Beatrice T 1924 

1929 Llovd, Eoline Alice 1932 

1916 LloVd, Marian 1930 

1932 Llovd, Martha Emyla 1932 

1924 Llovd, Ivlartha Frances 1930 

1932 Llo'vd, Marv A 1915 

1893 Lloyd, Man' K 1939 

1933 Llovd, Marj- \'irginia 1937 

1921 Lloyd, Mildred Louise 1940 

1940 Llovd, N. Verner 1934 

1920 Loban, Mildred Ellen 1933 

1934 Lobb. Velma Gertrude 1929 

1928 Loboda, Marv Ann 1930 

1913 Loboda, Samuel Richard 1936 

1915 Lobough, Tune 1927 

1932 Lockard. Belva Blanche 1911 

1914 Lockard. Bovd 1910 

1898 Lockard. Frank T 191 1 

1913 Lockard. Gladvs 1920. 1932 

1917 Lockard. Margaret 1909 

1923 Lockard. Marv 1909 

1928 Lockard. Nellie Lavon 1933 

1924 Lockard. Nora A 1894 

1933 Lockard. Roberta 1 1915 

1933 Lockard. Twila E 1917 

1933 Locks. Louise Christinean 1937 



Locks, Mildred Janet 1937 

Logan, Evelyn B 1934 

Logan, Helen Geary 1916 

Logan, June 1927 

Logan, Martha Audrey 1933 

Logan, Mina Kathryn 1928 

Logan, Zella M. 1915 

Logue, Mary Virginia 1931 

Lohr, Beatrice V 1917 

Lohr, Elizabeth 1928 

Lohr, Florence 1921 

Lohr, Frances 1914 

Lohr, Frank C 1899 

Lohr, Virginia 1931 

London, Ray A 1915 

London, Sara Boyce 1931 

Long, Ada V 1916 

Long, Agnes M 1912 

Long, Alice Rosalind 1918 

Long, Amy Belle 1924 

Long, Esco Charles 1939 

Long, Evelyn B 1932 

Long, Evelyn Regina 1929 

Long, Frances Elizabeth 1920 

Long, Grace 1908 

Long, Grace V 1915 

Long, Helen Louise 1932 

Long, Isabel 1925 

Long, J. Irwin 1911 

Long, Kathryn A 1937 

Long, LaVara 1914 

Long, Lena E 1919 

Long, Lillian 1913 

Long, Lizziebell 1919 

Long, M. Geraldine 1929 

Long, Margaret E 1935 

Long, Marvel 1931 

Long, Mary Ida 1930 

Long, Meredyth Aileen 1918 

Long, Mona Viola 1931 

Long, Myrtle M 1915 

Long, Niles C 1932 

Long, Roberta Catherine 1932 

Long, Rosamond M 1930 

Long, Ruby Elizabeth 1917 

Long, Sarah Etta 1918 

Long, Virginia Alice 1932 

Longwell, Leathea B 1902 

Longwill, A. L 1887 

Longwill, Horace S 1917 

Longwill, L. Lorraine 1920 

Longwill, Mary B 1915 

Longwill, Mary N 1916 

Longwill, Rachel Elizabeth 1929 

Longwill, Thalya E 1932 

Lonsway, Angela 1926 

Loraditch, H. Andrew 1899 

Lord, Gertrude E 1925 

Lore, Charles A 1940 

Lorentz, Gertrude K 1919 

Lorentz, Meta B 1916 

Loria, Sanda Agnes 1933 

Loss, Annalee 1925 

Lott, P. D 1937 

Loucks, Amanda 1880 

Loucks, Celesta M 1919 

Loucks, Dorotha M 1887 

Loucks, Winifred 1896 

Louden, Roberta E 1931 

Loudon, E. Gertrude 1904 

Louer, Ellen Sophronia 1928 

Loughran, Ella J 1911 

Loughry, Ester Dee 1930 

Love, Dorothy M 1932 

Love, Isabel Winstein 1930 

Love, Kenneth Charles .. 1932, 1937 

Love, Margaret E 1933 

Love, Mildred 1926 

Love, Muriel Emelyn 1922 

Loveday, Pearl Isabel 1913 

Lovelace, Mildred 1928 

Lovelace, Ona W. 1917 

Lovelace, Raymond Baird 1933 

Lowden, Valerie M 1928 

Lowe, Dorothy R 1929 

Lowe, Margaret E 1895 

Lowers, Clara Adelaide 1923 

Lowman, Bertha 1902 

Lowman, Delores 1930 

Lowman, E. Pearle 1916 

Lowman. Elizabeth M 1900 

Lowman, Genevieve D 1927 

Lowman, Helen 1913 

Lowman, Margaret Jane 1905 

Lowman, Mary R 1905 

Lowman, Rebecca V 1916 

Lowney, Loretta 1916 

Lowrey, Beulah May 1932, 1934 

Lowry, Amanda 1925 

Lowry, Eleanor D 1913 

Lowry, Elizabeth 1917, 1935 

Lowry, Esther Lucille 1923 

Lowry, Modena 1924 

Lowry, Sara E 1909 

Lowry, Vesta R 1910 

Lowstetter, Susan 1928 

Lowy, Elizabeth Joan 1930 

Lucas, Annabelle 1902 

Lucas, Florence 1925 

Lucas, Florinda 1916 

Lucas, Nina C 1921 

Lucente, Palma 1936 

Luchsinger, Alberta 1913 

Luchsinger, Leone 1928 

Luchsinger, Mrs. Minerva Walter 1932 

Luchsinger, Nellie 1926 

Luchsinger, William James . . . 1940 

Lucius, Sara Irene 1927 

Lucka, Rose Kathryn 1931 

Luckhart, Jessie Mae 1918 



Ludcrcr, Emma 1925 

Ludwick, Anna 1931 

Ludwick, Emma J 1895 

Ludwick, Florence M 1893 

Ludwick, Grace E 1907 

Ludwick, Louise 1927 

Ludwick, Rebecca 1901 

Ludwig, Esther 1921 

Luke, Harry Victor 1929 

Lukchart, Grace Belle 1932 

Lukchart, Will D 1889 

Lukens, Helen M 1932 

Lula, Helen Rose 1935 

Lumsden, Mae Jean 1915 

Lundquest, Edna Justine 1935 

Lupton, Clara 1892 

Lurie, Isabel 1923 

Lusk, Leona 1929 

Luther, Adelaide Mary 1936 

Luther, Cathryne L 1928 

Luther, Florence Adeline 1918 

Luther, Jennie A 1926 

Luther, Mary Ellen 1924 

Luther, Ophelia 1927 

Luther, Thelma Rose 1934 

Luther, Zenie 1919 

Lutnian, Lily 1914 

Lutman, Margaret "Viola 1923 

Lutton, Louis F 1896 

Luty, Estelle B 1898 

Lutz, Besse Leola 1934 

Lutz, Ethel Pauline 1926 

Lutz, Mildred M 1914 

Lutz, Ruth 1926 

Lux, Ernestine E 1933 

Lybarger, Bruce 1932 

Lyden, Kathryn B 1918 

Lydcn, Mary 1 1918 

Lydic, Christine 1930 

Lydic, Hazel 1912 

Lydic, R. Bernice 1933 

Lydick, Beryl Isabel 1928 

Lydick, Margaret Louise 1935 

Lyke, Ruth Elizabeth 1940 

Lykens, Carolyn A 1909 

Lykens, Evelyn 1928 

Lyle, Sarah E 1920 

Lynch, Mary Louise 1930 

Lynch, Mary Lyon 1928 

Lynch, Robert Emmett 1940 

Lynn, Emma 1892 

Lynn, Hazel 1 1922 

Lyons, Anna M 1889 

Lyons, Leona 1922 

Lyslc, Armitage 1924 

Lytel, Oram C 1898 

Lytle, Alice Genevieve 1928 

Lytle, Barbara Joan 1936 

Lytle, Carrie A 1898 

Lytle, Julia Belle 1910 

Lytle, Kate M 1H85 

Lytle, Lois 1919 

Lytle, V. Irene 1924 

Lytle, Verde 1892 

Mabius, Jane 1928 

Mabius, Mary 1938 

Mabon, Alexander S 1891 

Mabon, Cornelia 1920 

MacBurney, Katharine 1921 

MacCartney, Anne 1928 

MacClaren, Edith Mae 1936 

MacDonald, Eleanore 1914 

MacDonald, Margaret 1931 

MacDonald, Margaret M 1917 

MacDonald, Susanna W. B 1895 

MacEwen, Ruth Olive 1918 

MacFarland, Marjorie 1901 

MacGregor, Helen 1924 

MacGregor, iManeeta 1922, 1923 

Maclntyre, Janet D 1913 

Mack, Clare 1922 

Mack, D. Raymond 1934 

Mack, Florence Virginia 1929 

Mack, Frances Margueritte .... 1932 

Mack, George Weldin 1938 

Mack, Gladys AI 1924 

Mack. Helen lona 1931 

Alack, Mabel Rose 1924 

Mack, Margaret L 1935 

Mackall, Edith 1912 

MacKeen, Mary K 1939 

MacKendrick, Alyrtle Jane 1909