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Full text of "Alumni directory : Graduates, 1869-1912"

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APKIL, 1912 




To the University of Nebraska Alumni, Greeting: 

It is hoped that this general catalog will prove the means 
of placing the alumni of our beloved University in more 
perfect touch with each other and with their alma mater. 
Great care has been taken in preparing it. Many of the 
alumni have shown decided interest in the work, responding 
promptly to the editor's inquiries. Some, however, did not 
answer even when the third or fourth notice reached them. 
A few it has been impossible to locate even with the utmost 

In spite of our earnest efforts to perfect this publication, 
errors in it will doubtless be detected. We once more repeat 
the request made in former editions that every graduate will 
communicate to George W. Kline, Secretary of the Alumni 
Association, Lincoln, Nebraska, any information which will 
serve to improve future editions. Please complete first your 
own record should you find it deficient, notifying the Secre- 
tary of any change in your address; and then add any im- 
portant facts within your knowledge which this catalog does 
not contain in regard to any other graduate or graduates. 


♦David Butler, Governor, ex-officio 1869 — 1871 

A. R. Benton, Chancellor, ex-officio 1869 — 1875 

♦Uriah Bruner .1869—1876 

♦S. D. Beals, Superintendent of Public Inst., ex- 
officio 1869—1871 

♦John C. Elliott 1869—1869 

John B. Maxfield 1869—1875 

♦William B. Dale 1869—1869 

♦Robert W. Furnas 1869—1872 

♦Robert W. Furnas, Governor, ex-officio 1872 — 1874 

William G. dinger 1869—1873- 

Abel B. Fuller 1869-1873- 

David R. Dungan 1869—1874 

♦Champion S. Chase 1869—1875. 

Fyfield H. Longley 1869—1875- 

♦William H. James, Act. Governor, ex-officio 1871 — 1872 

J. M. McKenzie, Superintendent of Public Inst., 

ex-officio 1871-1875 

♦D. J. McCann 1871—1873 

James W. Savage 1873 — 1876 

♦W. D. Scott 1873—1876 

♦William Adair 1873—1882 

♦Silas Garber, Governor, ex-officio 1874 — 1876 

♦Edgar M. Hungerford 1875—1876 

B. H. Barrows 1875-T-1876 

S. J. Tuttle 1875—15.80 

♦Alexander Bear 1875 — 1876 

♦C. A. Holmes 1875—1884 

L. B. Fifield 1876—1883 

♦Seth P. Mobley 1876—1878 

♦J. W. Gannett 1876—1884 


N. R. Persinger 1878—1883 

♦John L. Carson 1880—1882 

Isaac Powers, Jr 1882—1883 

♦Charles H. Gere 1882—1892 

J. F. Merritt 1883—1883 

J. M. Hiatt 1883—1888 

M. J. Hull 1883—1890 

J. T. Mallalieu 1883—1890 

E. P. Holmes 1884—1888 

♦Leavitt Burnham 1884—1892 

♦Charles H. Marple 1892—1893 

Byron B. Davis 1888—1893 

George Roborts 1888—1894 

Charles H. Morrill 1890—1902 

♦J. L. H. Knight 1890—1896 

Henry D. Estabrook 1893—1896 

Victor Rosewater 1896—1897 

♦E. A. Hadley 1892—1898 

C. W. Kaley 1893—1898 

Thomas Rawlings 1897—19^0 

Charles Weston 1894—1900 

*H. L. Goold 1896—1902 

E. V. Forell 1898—1904 

George P. Kenower 1898—1904 

John L. Teeters 1900—1906 

Edson Rich 1900—1906 

Elisha C. Calkins 1902—1908 

Carl J. Ernst 1902—1908 

Frederick H. Abbott 1906—1909 


Charles S. Allen, Lincoln 1904—1916 

William G. Whitmore, Valley 1904—1916 

Frank L. Haller, Omaha 1909—1918 

Victor G. Lyford, Falls City 1906—1918 

Charles B. Anderson, Crete 1908—1914 

George Coupland, ^Igin 1908—1914 



Allen R. Benton, LL. D 1871—1876 

♦Edmund B. Fairfield, LL. D 1876—1882 

♦Henry E. Hitchcock, Ph.D., Acting 1882—1884 

Irving J. Manatt, LL. D 1884—1888 

Charles E. Bessey, LL. D., Acting 1888—1891 

♦James H. Canfield, LL. D 1891—1895 

George Edwin MacLean, LL. D 1895—1899 

Charles E. Bessey, LL. D„ Acting 1899—1900 

E. Benjamin Andrews, LL. D 1900—1909 

Samuel Avery, Ph. D 1909 — 



Poppleton, A. J., LL. D. 1878. Deceased. 

Collier, George H., LL. D. 1881. Deceased. 

Monroe, James, LL. D. 1882. Deceased. 

Chase, Champion S., LL. D. 1883. Deceased. 

Andrews, E. Benjamin, LL. D. 1884, Chancellor, University of 
Nebraska, Lincoln. 

Dungan, David R., LL. D. 1891, Preacher-Lecturer, Glendale, 

Woolworth, James M., LL. D. 1892. Deceased. 

Gere, Charles Henry, A. M. 1894. Deceased. 

Howard, George Elliott, Ph. D. 1894, Professor of Political 
Science and Sociology, University of Nebraska, Lincoln. 

Duryea, Rev. Joseph Tuthill, LL. D. 1894. Deceased. 

Harper, William Rainey, LL. D. 1894. Deceased. 

Gates, George Augustus, LL. D. 1894, President, Pomona Col- 
lege, Claremont, Cal. 

Slocum, William Frederick, Jr., LL. D. 1894, President of 
Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Whitman, Charles Otis, LL. D. 1894, Head Professor of Zool- 
ogy, University of Chicago, Chicago, 111. 

Bruner, Lawrence, B. Sc. 1897, Professor of Entomology, Uni- 
versity of Nebraska, Lincoln. 

Stout, Oscar Van Pelt, C. E. 1897. Dean, College of Engineer- 
ing, University of Nebraska, Lincoln. 

Edgren, August Hjalmar, LL. D. 1901. Deceased. 

Manatt, James Irving, LL. D. 1902. Professor of Greek Lit- 
erature and History, Brown University, Providence, R. I. 

Thayer, John M., LL. D. 1902. Deceased. 

Dudley, Edgar S., LL. D. 1904. Deceased. 

Rosewater, Andrew, D. Eng. Deceased. 

Carroll, James, LL. D. 1907. Deceased. 

McBrien, J. L., A. M. 1908, Manager National Lyceum Bureau, 

Lincoln, Nebraska. 
Waterhouse, A. H., A. M. 1908, Superintendent City Schools, 

Fremont, Nebraska. 
Crabtree, J. W., A.M. 1908, President State Normal School, 

River Falls, Wisconsin. 
Hartman, John P., LL. M. 1908, Attorney, Seattle, Washing- 
Davidson, William M., LL. D. 1909, Superintendent City 

Schools, Washington, D. C. 
Arnold, Bion J., Eng. D. 1910, President Arnold Electric Power 

Co., 105 La Salle St., Chicago, Illinois. 
Cooley, M. E., Eng. D. 1910, Dean of College of Engineering 

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. 
Waddell, J. A. L., Eng. D. 1910, Consulting Bridge Engineer, 

Kansas City, Missouri. 


N. B. — Where state is not given, place is Nebraska. 


Dales, James Stuart, B. Ph., M. Ph. 1876. Secretary Board of 
Regents of the University of Nebraska. 

1743 A St., Lincoln. 
Snell, William H., B. Ph., M. Ph. 1876. Attorney. 

320 North Tacoma Ave., Tacoma, Wash. 


Hurd, Frank P., B Sc, M. Sc. 1877. Undertaker. Maquon, 111. 

Malick, Uriah H., B. Sc, M. Sc. 1877; M. D. 1878, College of 

Physicians and Surgeons, Keokuk, Iowa. Physician. 

Stevenson, Wallace M., B. Sc, M. Sc. 1877. Mining Agent. 

San Francisco, Cal. 


A. B. 2; B. Sc. 1; B. Ag. 1; B. Ph. 1; M. Ph. 2. 

Culbertson, Harvey, B. Ag., B. Sc 1873; M. Sc. 1883, Hanover. 
Fruit Grower. El Cajon, Cal. 

Dales, James Stuart, M. Ph. See 1873. 

Frost, Alice May, Ph. B. (Mrs George E. Howard). 

1910 E St., Lincoln. 

Howard, George Elliott, A. B., A.M. 1879; Ph.D. 1894. Head 
Professor of Political Science and Sociology, University 
of Nebraska. 1910 E St., Lincoln. 

McKesson, John F. E., B. Sc. Deceased. 

Rhodes, Clarence Walter, A. B., LL. B. 1878, Columbia. Proof- 
reader Hawaiian Gazette Co. Honolulu, H. I. 

Snell, William H., M. Ph. See 1873. 

Graduates, iSy/, 18/8, i8/g 


A. B. 1; B. Sc. 2; B. Ag. 1; 
Bralnard, Charles L., B. Ag. Gardener. 

R. F. D 
Field, Allen W., B. Sc, A. M. 1885. 

M. Sc. 3. 

No. 2, Greeley, Colo. 
544 So. 17th St.. Lincoln 

Hurd, Frank P., M, Sc. See 1874 
Lamberton, Francis Marion, A. B 

nal Revenue. 
McAllister, William A., B. Sc. Lawyer. 
Malick, Uriah H., M. Sc. See 1874. 
Stevenson, Wallace M., M. Sc. See 1874 

Deputy Collector of Inter- 
Harrison, Ark. 


A. B. 3; B. Ph. 2; B. L. 2. 
Bailey, Wayland, A. B. Deceased. 

Carter, Mary A., B. Ph. Secretary. 

1312 Adams St., Chicago, 111. 
Holmes, Edward P., B. L. Lawyer. 401 Funke Bldg., Lincoln. 
Piatt, Alfred Coles, A. B. Photographer. San Diego, Cal. 

Rhodes, Wellington Payne, A. B., B. D. 1887, A. M. 1903, Gar- 
rett Biblical Institute. Teacher in Manual Training, High 
School. 2020 Ogden St., Denver, Colo. 

Vaugh, Florence L., B. L. (Mrs. Carl Cropp). 

Western Springs, III. 
Wilson, Henry H., B. Ph., A.M. 1885, LL. M. 1895. Lawyer. 
Professor of Law, University of Nebraska. 

1339 So. 19th, Lincoln. 


A. B. 2; B.L. 3; A.M. 1. 
Howard, George E., A. M. See 1876. 

Irwin, Ada J. B. L., A. M. 1898 (Mrs. Ada Atkinson '■. Teacher, 

High School. Omaha 

Morton, Oren Frederic, B. L. Publisher. Marion, Ind. 

10 The University of Nebraska 

Little, Charles Newton, A. B., A.M. 1884; Ph. D. 1885, Yale. 

Professor of Civil Engineering, University of Idaho. 

818 Elm St., Moscow, Idaho. 
Sturdevant, James O., B. L. Deceased. 

Thomas, Cora De La Matyr, A. B. Clerk and Auditor for Navy 

Department. Treasury Department, Washington, D. C. 


A.B. 4; B. Ph. 1; B. L. 1; B. Sc. 2. 
Caldwell, Howard Walter, B. Ph., A.M. 1894. Professor of 
American History, University of Nebraska. 

1919 E St., Lincoln 
Cox, Samuel David, A. B. Deceased. 

Loree, Warren, B. Sc. Teacher of Mathematics, High School. 

1239 E. 6th St., Long Beach, Cal. 
Mercer, David Henry, B. L., LL. B. 1882, University of Michi- 
gan. Lawyer. Washington, D. C. 
Parks, Emma, B. Sc, A.M. 1898 (Mrs. H. H. Wilson). 

1339 So. 19th St., Lincoln 
Stratton, Charles E., A. B., LL. B. 1883, Albany Law School. 
Capitalist and President Loan Co. 

890 So. Corona St., Denver, Colo. 
Wolfe, Harry Kirke, A. B., A.M.; Ph.D. 1886, Leipzig. Head 
Professor of Philosophy, University of Nebraska. 

1727 J St., Lincoln 

Worley, James Harvey, A. B., A.M. 1892; Ph.D. 1893, Kansas 

Wesleyan University. Missionary. Kucheng, China. 


B. Ph. 1; A. B. 4; B. L. 1; B. Sc. 5. 
Arnold, Benjamin C, A. B. Deceased. 

Banta, Cora A., B. Sc. (Mrs. S. G. Dorr). 

2643 Magnolia Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 
Bridenbaugh, John S., B. Ph. Lawyer 2344 R St., Lincoln. 

Fossler, Laurence, B. Sc, A. M. 1890. Professor of the Ger- 
manic Languages and Literatures, University of Nebraska. 


Graduates, 1881, 18S2, 188 ^ 11 

Hebard, Bertha C, B. Sc. (Mr.s E. F. Pettis). Deceased. 

Keim, Albert R., A. B. Lawyer. Falls City. 

Parks, Frank, B. Sc. Assistant Cashier, First National Bank. 

Schukman, Annie R., B. L. (Mrs. F. B. Harris). 

1938 F St., Lincoln. 
Tremain, Mary Adell, B. Sc, A. M. 1890. Teacher English 
History, High School. 1617 So. 28th St., Lincoln. 

Unangst, Edwin P., A. B. Judge Superior Court. 

San Luis Obispo, Cal. 
Williams, Minnie T., A. B. Deceased 


A. B. 6; B. Sc. 1; B. Ag. 1; B. C. E. 1. 

Davis, Byron Bennett, A. B.; M. D. 1884, University of Minne- 
sota. Physician. Bee Bldg., Omaha 

Fairfield, May B., A. B.; A. B. 1883, Oberlin College (Mrs. A. W. 
Field). 544 So. 17th St., Lincoln. 

Learner, Jacob Fernando, B. Ag. Farmer. Dakota City. 

Montgomery, Eugene, A. B. Deceased. 

Olmstead, Heber Wesley, A. B. Deceased. 

Silvernail, John N., B. C. E. Deceased. 

Snell, Novia Z., B. Sc. President, Midwest Life Insurance 
Company. First National Bank Bldg., Lincoln 

Weston, Ralph A., A. B. In Business. Beatrice. 

Omaha Medical College. 

Hadley, James E., M. D. Cedar Bluflfs. 

Haldeman, F. D., M. D. Ord 

Hempstead, Werner (Retired). Brainard, Minn. 


A. B. 4; B. L. 2; B. Sc. 3; B. C. E. 1; B. Ag. 3. 
Chase, Champion Clement, A. B. Editor of "The Excelsior," 
"The Western Banker," and President of Chase Pub. Co. 

316 So. 19th St., Omaha 
Chapman, Josie E., B. Sc. (Mrs. C. T. Brown). Deceased. 

12 The University of Nebraska 

Codding, Minnie E., B. Sc. (Mrs. Charles E. Stratton). 

890 So. Corona St., Denver, Colo. 
Culver, Bion Henry, B. Sc. Superintendent of Schools. 

Bayard, Iowa. 
Foote, Amos William, B. Ag., B. Sc. 

Hitchcock, George Gale, A. B. Professor of Physics, Pomona 
College. Claremont, Cal. 

Mallory, Samuel V., B. Ag. Superintendent, City Schools. 

Goodland, Kan. 
Pierce, Charles Albert, B. C. E. Deceased. 

Rich, Edson P., B. L. Lawyer. U. P. Headquarters, Omaha. 
Taylor, Alanson O., B. Ag. Manager, Cushman Motor Co. 

2020 N St., Lincoln 

Trig, William Andrew, A. B.; L. B. 1884, Drake. Banker and 

Lawyer. St. Charles, la. 

Wheeler, Daniel H., Jr., B. L. Deceased. 

White, Alvin L., A. B., B. C. E. 1884. 

Farmer near Kansas City, Mo. 
Omaha Medical College. 
Leisenring, Henry G., M. D. Wayne. 

Markley, L. R., M. D. Bellingham, Wash. 

Webb, Charles F., M. D. Arcade Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 

Williams, Josephus, M. D. Hood River, Ore. 


A.B. 3; B.L. 3; B. Sc. 4; B. C. E. 3; M. D. 8; A.M. 1. 
Aldrich, Annie D., B. Sc. (Mrs. A. E. Eggert). 

Oak Park, Chicago, 111. 

Boggs, Charles Sumner, M. D. Physician. Filley. 

Holding, William R., M. D. Physician. Oakville, la. 

Botfiford, George Willis, A. B., A. M. 1889; Ph. D. 1891, Cornell. 

Professor of History, Columbia University. 

New York City. 
Buckner, Elijah D., M. D. Deceased. 

Frost, Flora Evelyn, B. Sc. (Mrs. N. Z. Snell). 

33d and Randolph Sts., Lincoln 

Graduates, 1884, 188^ 13 

Holmes, Jesse Herman, B. Sc; Ph.D. 1890, Johns Hopkins. 
Professor of Biblical History and Literature, Swarthmore 
College. Swarthmore, Pa. 

Knapp, William Robert, M. D., Physician. Thayer. 

Krecorian, Kavork M., M. D. Physician. 

Lewis, Ellis Oscar, B. C. E. Manager, Peerless Stock Powder 
Co. Falls City. 

Lichty, William Henry, B. L. Zion Land & Investment Co. 

3009 Eshcol Ave., Zion City, 111. 

Little, Charles N., A. M. See 1879. 

Marsh, Robert Luverne, A. B. Deceased. 

Munro, Alexander A., A. B. Teacher, New York City Schools. 

Allendall, N. J. 

Olmstead, Herbert Watson, B. Sc. 

Bureau of Pensions, Washington, D. C. 

Parks, Clara, B. L. (Mrs. B. F. Johnson). Lincoln. 

Robinson, Edward James, B. C. E. Civil Engineer, Burling- 
ton Ry. 327 Dean Court, Lincoln. 

Sullivan, William P., B. L. Representative of American Book 
Co. Fairfield, la. 

Sakett, Norman A., M. D. Deceased. 

Thurston, Eugene D., M. D. Physician. Burwell. 

White, Alvin L., B. C. E. See 1883. 

Zielie, John M., M. D. 

Omaha Medical College. 

Ricketts, M. O., M. D. 308 ^^ Edmond St., So. Joseph, Mo. 


A. B. 3; B. L. 3; M. D. 13; A. M. 2. 
Arbuckle, Georgia Anna, M. D. (Mrs. Dr. Fix). Physician. 

Bell, David Reese, M. D. Physician. Long Beach, Cal. 

Bennie, Andrew, M. D. Physician and Surgeon. 

Almena, Kan. 
Buck, Willis Enoch, M. D. Deceased. 

Case, Mary Caroline, M. D. Deceased. 

Churchill, Edmund John, A. B. Lawyer. 

526 Opera House Bldg., Denver, Colo. 

14 The University of Nebraska 

Cummins, Hershel Benoni, M. D. Physician. Vice President 
State Board of Health. Seward. 

Davis, Emma Jane, M. D. (Mrs. Emma Jane Pronjer). Physi- 
cian. 736 Vine St., Denver, Colo. 

Eddy, Hamlin Charles, B. L. Real Estate. 

415 N. 25th St., Lincoln. 

Farmer, Mor'^imer Howard, M. D. Physician. Virden, 111. 

Field, Allen W., A. M. See 1877. 

Jones, Mary Letitia, B. L.; B. L. S. 1892, University of New 
York. Librarian. Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

Hitchcock, Marguerite Gale, A. B. (Mrs. Charles E. Bennett). 

1 Grove Place, Ithaca, N. T. 

Howard, Mary Anna,M.D. Deceased. 

MacMillan, Conway, A. B., A. M. 1886. Mercantile Business. 

Chicago, 111. 

Mulvane, Orin Everett, M. D. Deceased. 

Svenson, Ernest Otto, M. D. 

Trumbull, Charles, M. D. Physician. Port Townsend, Wash. 

Van Camp, James Albertus, M. D. Physician. Johnson 

Warner, Amos Griswold, B. L.; Ph.D. 1888, Johns Hopkins 
University. Deceased. 

Wilson, Henry H., A. M. See 1878. 

Omaha Medical College. 

Hull, George M., M. D. Kearney. 

Waterman, E. L., M. D. San Diego, Cal. 

Webb, Walter 0., M. D. 401 Old Natl. Bldg., Spokane, Wash. 


A. B. 4; B. L. 5; B. Sc. 2; M. D. 13; A.M. 1. 
Allen, Charles Sumner, A. B., A. M. 1897. Lawyer. Presi- 
dent, Board of Regents, University of Nebraska. Lincoln 
Baldwin, Charles W., M. D. Physician. Elkhorn 

Campbell, Jesse James, M. D. Manager, A. B. Ranch. Brulo 
Campbell, Mary Randolph, B. L., A. B. 1895 (Mrs. David R. 
Majors). Columbus, Ohio 

Canine, Thomas Clay, M. D. Physician and Druggist. 

1924 Prospect St., Lincoln 
Coffman, Jennings, M. D. 

Graduates, 1886, 188/ 15 

Fisher, Cora Ellen, B. L. (Mrs. A. G. Warner). 

1619 R St., Lincoln 
Foree, James Robert, A. B. Real Estate and Loans 

Frankforter, George Bell, B. Sc, A.M. 1888; Ph.D. 1893, Ber- 
lin. Dean and Director, School of Chemistry, University 
of Minnesota. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Frost, Lincoln, B. L. Lawyer. 

710-11 First National Bank Bldg., Lincoln 
Gage, Nora Eliza, A. B. Deceased 

Gay, Benjamin Franklin, M. D. Physician. Tecumseh 

Green, Mrs. Sarah Burch, M. D. Deceased 

Hale, Charles A., M. D. Physician. Ravenna 

Hearn, Kathleen Georgina, A. B., A. M. 1898. Principal of 
High School. Aurora 

Hugg, Orin Branch, M. D. Physician. Trenton 

Hylton, William Nathaniel, M. D. Physician. Gresham 

Jones, Will Owen, B. L. Editor of "The Nebraska State Jour- 
nal." 1418 L St., Lincoln 
Knight, Wilbur Clinton, B. Sc, A. M. 1893, Ph. D. 1901. 

Lutz, Mary Alice, M. D. Physician. Littleton, Colo. 

MacMillan, Conway, A. M. See 1885. 

Morris, Don Frank, M. D. Boulder, Colo. 

Myers, Sophia, B. L. (Mrs. B. B. Davis). 

1306 Georgia Ave., Omaha 

Shoemaker, Charles Alonzo, M. D. Physician. Lincoln 

Voos, Frederick William, M. D., M. D. '05, Academia de 

Ciencias Medicas Mexico. Medical Officer of the Mexican 

Light & Power Co. Necaxa, Mex. 

Omaha Medical College. 

Panter, Samuel G., M. D. Dorchester, Neb. 


A. B. 3; B. L. 8; B. Sc. 3; B. C. E. 1; M. D. 5. 
Bigelow, Anson Harding, B. Sc. Lawyer. . 

937 Omaha National Bank Bldg., Omaha 

i6 The University of Nebraska 

Cheney, Luke Henry, A. B.; LL. B. 1889; University of Michi- 
gan. Lawyer. Stockvillo 

Clark, Paul Fennimore, B. L., A. M. 1898. Lawyer. 

1975 A St., Lincoln 

Daley, Sarah Kyle, B. L. (Mrs. Waldo Smith). Deceased 

Dodd, Edward Francis, M. D. 

Eaton, Joseph Sylvester, M. D. Deceased 

Eddy, Everett Henry, B. L.; M. D. 1890, Northwestern Univer- 
sity Medical School. Physician. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

F^lmer, Elton, B. Sc, A. M. 1889. Professor of Chemistry, 
Washington State Agricultural College and Experiment 
Station. Pullman, Wash. 

Howe, Edmund Dudley, B. C. E. Farmer; County Surveyor. 

Table Rock 

Kathan, Clark Sumner, A. B.; Ph.D. 1890, Nebraska Wesleyan 
University. Real Estate. Aitken, Minn. 

Kelso, Mahlon Ashbrook, M. D. Physician and Surgeon. 

Enid, Okla. 

Killen, Samuel Dickson, B. L. Lawyer. Beatrice 

Maxon, John Kinion, M. D. Physician. 

Moore, Dwight Shumway. M. D. Physician. 

Jamestown, N. D. 

Perrin, William Spencer, B. L. Lumber Merchant. Lincoln 

Polk, Carey Sigel, B. L. Lawyer. Boise, Idaho 

Roberts, Laura Melle, A. B. (Mrs. W. H. Mills). 

Norton, Kan. 

Smith, Dean Taylor, B. Sc; M. D. 1889, Chicago Homeopathic 
College, Professor of Surgery and Clinical Surgery, Uni- 
versity of Michigan. Ann Arbor. Mich. 

Stratton, Adella Eugenia, B. L. (Mrs. R. M. Scott). 

Denver, Colo. 

Wiggenhorn, Edwin Charles, B. L. Banker. Ashland 

Omaha Medical College. 

Atkinson, Ira E., M. D. Lincoln 

Blickensderfer, James, M. D. 1500 Penn Ave., Denver, Colo. 

Frazier, J. W., M. D. Honey Creek, la. 

McCavern, H. S., M. D. I. O. O. F. Temple, Sacramento, Cal. 

Graduates, 1888 17 


A. B. 7; B. L. 8; B. Sc. 5; B. C. E. 1; A.M. 1. 
Anderson, Arthur Eyman, B. L. Farmer. Genoa 

Barrett, Grace Mary, B. L. (Mrs. W. W. Robertson). 

North Yakima, Wash. 
Barrett, Hovey Paine, B. L. City Editor, "Council Bluffs 
Nonpareil." 239 Wash. Ave., Council Bluffs, la. 

Barrett, Jay Amos, A. B., A. M. 1890. Des Moines, la. 

Benedict, Alma Celestia, A. B. (Mrs. R. G. Codding). Deceased 
Codding, Roy George, A. B. Missionary. 

Khardi, District Thana, India 
Frankforter, George Bell, A. M. See 1886. 
Harris, Sarali Butler, B. L. (Mrs. A. H. Dorris). Lincoln 

Jansen, Cornelius Henry, Jr., A. B. 

Adams St. and 52 Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Kramer, Frank Wellington, B. Sc. Mining. Dawson, Alaska 

Lobingier, Charles Sumner, A. B., A. M. 1892, M. LL.'1894, Ph. 

D. 1903. Judge, Court of First Instance. Manila, P. I. 

Mathewson, Harly Philip, Jr., A. B.; LL. B. 1896, University of 

California. Lawyer. 
Pennock, Carrie Maud, B. Sc. Deceased 

Polk, Orpheus Beecher, B. L. Lawyer. 

600 No. 27th St., Lincoln 
Pound, Roscoe, A. B., A. M. 1889, Ph. D. 1897. Professor of 
Law, Harvard Law School. 

490 Pleasant St., Belmont, Mass. 
Rogers, George Hippee, B. Sc. Attorney. 

1530 L St., Lincoln 
Schofield, Joseph Robert, B. Sc; M. D. 1904, Northwestern 
University. Physician. 808 W. Mt. Ave., Ft. Collins, Colo. 
Smith, Jared Gage, B. Sc, A. M. 1892. Planter. 

Kealakekua So. Kona, T. H. 
Stout, Oscar Van Pelt, B. C. E., C. E. 1897. Dean, College of 
Engineering, University of Nebraska. Lincoln 

Talbot, Selma Glen, B. L. (Mrs. G. Babson, Jr.). Seward 

Wagner, William Henry, B. L., Supt. of Schools, Sturgis, S. D. 
White, Cora i^mily, B. L. (Mrs. C. E. Doubt). 

Minneapolis, Minn. 


The University of Nebraska 

Omaha Medical College. 

Burgess, F. D., M. D. Cedar Rapids 

Crawford, Andrew, M. D. Scottsbluff 

I>evries, J. S., M. D. Fremont 

Livingston, T. P., M. D. Plattsmouth 

Miller, Joseph H., M. D. Surprise 


A. B. 5; B. L. 12; B. Sc. 5; B. C. E. 2; A.M. 3. 
Allen, Thomas Stinson, B. L. Lawyer. 

1260 So. 20th St., Lincoln 
Aughey, Helen Barbary, B. Sc. (Mrs. Elton Pulmer). 

Pullman, Wash. 
Baughman, George Henry, B. L. Secretary, Chicago Sales 
Book Co. 714, 280 La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 

Bigelow, Charles Wesley, B. L., A.M. 1898; Ph.D. 1902, Den- 
ver University. Principal of High School. 

9 Pearl St., Denver, Colo. 
Bigelow, Myron Isidore, B. Sc. Deceased 

Bonnell, Jennie Constance, B. L. (Mrs. L. Frost). 

3500 Randolph St., Lincoln 
Botsford, G. W., A. M. See 1884. 

Bullock, Edna Dean, B. L., B. L. S. 1895, New York State Li- 
brary School. Librarian. 36th and Y Sts., Lincoln 
Clark, Myra Elizabeth, B. L. (Mrs. D. D. Forsyth). 

Denver, Colo. 
Collins, Frederick William, A. B. Minister. Rockyford, Colo. 
Eagleson, Ernest George B. C. E. Civil Engineer. 

Boise, Idaho 
Fifer, ^rien Wesley, B. L., A. M. 1895. Minister. 

Des Moines, la. 

Fletcher, William Nelson, B. L. Deceased 

Forsyth, David Dryden, B. L. Minister. Superintendent of 

Denver District of M. E. Church. Denver, Colo. 

French, Charles Marion, B. L. Superintendent, City Schools 

F^lmer, Elton, A. M. See 1887. 

Graduates, i88^, i8go 19 

Gerwig, George William, A. B., A.M. 1890; Ph.D. 1903, West- 
ern University of Pennsylvania. Secretary, Greater 
Pittsburg Schools. Pittsburg 

Haggard, i^aura Augusta, A. B. Teacher, City Schools. 

679 Lincoln Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Manley Frank Austin, B. C. E. General Mgr. U. P. and Su- 
perior Coal Co. 2221 Capitol Ave., Omaha, Neb. 

Newcomer, Charles Berry, A. B., A.M. 1890; Ph.D. 1899; Ber- 
lin. Professor Romance Languages, Drake University. 

1104-25 St., Des Moines, la. 

Pizey, Alfred, B. L.; LL.B. xo92, Boston University Law 
School. Lawyer. Metropolitan Block, Sioux City, la. 

Pound, Roscoe, A. M. See 1888. 

Stephens, William Logan, A. B. Superintendent, City Schools. 

City Hall, Lincoln 

Tingley, Elbert Roy, B. Sc. Deceased 

Tower, May, B. L. (Mrs. C. W. Bigelow). 

9 Pearl St., Denver, Colo. 

Webber, Herbert J., B. Sc, A.M. 1890; Ph.D. 1900, Washing- 
ton University. Professor of Plant Breeding, Cornell Uni- 
versity. 216 N. Geneva St., Ithaca, N. Y. 

Williams, Thomas Albert, B. Sc, A. M. 1891. Deceased 

Omaha Medical College. 

CofRn, C. E., M. D. University Place 

Cummins, E. D., M. D. Plattsmouth 

Graham, F. A., M. D. F. & M. Bldg., Lincoln 

Yates, G. A., M. D. Wooster, Ohio 


A. B. 10; B. L. 9; B. Sc. 10; A. M. 8; B. C. E. 1. 
Almy, Frank Fayette, B. Sc. Professor of Physics, Iowa Col- 
lege. 436 E St., Grinnell, la. 
Ansley, Clark Fisher, A. B. Dean of the College of Fine Arts, 
University of Iowa. Iowa City, la. 
Barrett, Jay Amos, A. M. See 1888. 
Child, Annie Christine, A. B. (Mrs. C. F. Ansley). 

Iowa City, la. 

20 Th^ University of Nebraska 

rvuncaBSon, Henry Bruce, B. Sc, A. M. 1894. Professor of 
Biology, Nebraska State Normal School. Peru 

Emery, Vernon Judson, A.M.; A. B. 1887, Ohio State Univer- 
sity; S. T. B. 1901, Harvard. Minister. Columbus, Wis. 

Farmer, Edwin, A. B. U. S. Immigration Agent. 

San Diego, Cal. 

Possler, Laurence, A. M. See 1881. 

Gerwig, George William, A. M. See 1884. 

Gillespie, Edward Ellsworth, B. L. Writer and Rancher. 

Boise, Idaho 

Hall, Thomas Lee, B. L., LL. B. 1896. Lawyer and State 
Railroad Commissioner. 

R. 6, 128 N. 11th St., Lincoln 

Hearn, George Oscar, A. B. Mail Carrier. 2221 E St., Lincoln 

Heffelman, Harry King, B. L. Lawyer. 

Holmes, Ernest Raymond, B. L., A. M. 1898. Traveling Lec- 
turer. Kearney 

La Master, Hugh, B. L., A. M. 1891, Columbia, Lawyer. 


Langworthy, Stephen Clark, B. L. Banker. Bulfalo, Wyo. 

Laws, Gertrude Hardenburg, A. B. (Mrs. W. E. Hardy). 

1536 D St., Lincoln 

Loomis, Dena Kate, B. L. (Mrs. G. S. Gere). Honolulu, H. I. 

McClatchie, Alfred James, A. B. Deceased 

Manley, Rachel Emerah, A. B. Teacher, High School. 

Seattle, Wash. 

Marsh, Wilson Jeptha, A. B. Minister. Albuquerque, N. M. 

Marsland, Thomas Herbert, B. Sc. Secretary, Lee Broom & 
Duster Co. Boston, Mass. 

Mockett, Edith Theodosia, B. L. (Mrs. M. I. Bigelow). 

535 N. 16th St., Lincoln 

Newcomer, Charles Berry, A. M. See 1889. 

Osterholm, Martin, A.M.; A. B. 1885, Augustana Coll.; Ph.D. 
1896, Cotner University. Professor of Modem Languages, 
Heidelberg University. Tiffin, Ohio 

Peterson, Hans Christian, B. Sc, A. M. 1894; Ph. D. 1896, Leip- 
zig. Head English Teacher, Crane Manual Training High 
School. 1840 Lexington St., Chicago, 111. 

Graduates, i8po, i8pi 21 

Russell, Francis Wayland, B. Sc; D. D. 1902, Coe College. 
Minister. 5848 Maple Ave., St. Louis, Ma 

Storrs, Lucius Seymour, B. Sc, A. M. (Midwinter) 1904. The 
Connecticut Company. New Haven, Conn. 

Stoughton, Lewis Herbert, B. Sc. Minister. Alfred, Me. 

Taylor, Prank Collins, A. B. Professor in Pacific University. 

Forest Grove, Wash. 

Tingley, Charles Edward, B. Sc, A. M. 1891; LL. B. 1893. Bap- 
tist Minister. Beatrice, Neb. 

Tinker, George Henry, B. C. E. Bridge Engineer, N. Y. C. & 
St. L. R. R. 420 Hickox Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio 

Tremain, Mary Adell, A. M. See 1881. 

Wagner, Abel Evenson, B. Sc. 33d and Y Sts., Lincoln 

Webber, Herbert J., A. M. See 1889. 

Wolfe, Jessie Benton, A. B. (Mrs. J. G. McKay). Deceased 

Woods, Albert Fred, B. Sc, A. M. 1892. Dean and Director 
College of Agriculture, University of Minnesota. 

1199 Raymond Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Woods, Frank Henry, B. L, LL. B. 1802. President Lincoln 
Telegraph and Telephone Co. Lincoln 

Omaha Medical College. 

Hakanson, Alfred, M. D. 100 State St., Chicago, 111. 

Johnson, Andrew, M. D. Beatrice 

Lavender, W. E., M. D. 606 Continental Blk., Omaha 

Richardson, Louis, M. D. Elkhom 


A.B. 19; B. Sc 8; B. Ag. 1; A.M. 3. 
Baker, Fannie Anna, B. L., A. M. 1897. Teacher of German 
and French in High School. Fort Smith, Ark. 

Bishop, Frank Elmer, B. L., LL. B. 1893. Lawyer. 

First National Bank Bldg., Lincoln 
Bonnell, Ida, B. L. (Mrs. Daniel Otstott). 

Care of Butler Bros., Dallas, Tex. 
Bouton, Rosa, B. Sc, A. M. 1893. Professor of Home Eco- 
nomics, University of Nebraska. 

University Farm, Lincoln 
Brace, Edith Minerva, B. Sc. Teacher. 

22 The University of Nebraska 

394 McDonough St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Brown, William Talmage, A. B. Deceased 

Chappell, Thomas Edward. B. L. Minister. Presque Isle, Me. 
Collins, Rose Elizabeth, B. L. Teacher in High School. 

Lemoore. Cal. 
Faurot, Albert Alfred, B. L., A. M. 1895. Associate Professor 
Modern Languages, Rose Polytechnic Institute. 

Terre Haute, Ind. 
Fletcher, Clarence Conrad, B. Sc. Chief Chemist, Great West- 
ern Sugar Co. Monte Vista, Colo. 
Fogarty, John Bernard, A. B. Lawyer. Everett, Wash. 
Gregory, Charles Buckingham, A. B. Banker. 

110 South 11th St., Lincoln 
Haggard, David Avery, B. Sc, LL. B. 1893. Lawyer. 

Brainerd, Minn. 
Hicks, Hervey Bryan, B. Sc, LL. B. 1894. Lawyer. Chicago 
Jones, Florence Nightingale, A.M.; Ph.D. 1903, University of 
Chicago. Instructor in French, University of Illinois. 

912 W. California Ave., Urbana, 111. 
McCrosky, James Warren, B. Sc. Mgr. Foreign Construction 
Department, J. G. White & Co. 

9 Cloak Lane, London, E. C, England 
Reese, Harry Allen, B. L., LL. M. 1895; LL. B. Uni. of Mich- 
igan, 1893. Lawyer. Bankers Life Bldg., Lincoln 
Rogers, Anna, A. B.; A.M. 1892, Vassar. Deceased 
Rogers, Belle, A. B.; A.M. 1892, Vassar. 

1530 L St., Lincoln 
Rydberg. Per Axel, B. Sc, A.M. 1895; Ph.D. 1898, Columbia. 
Curator, New York Botanical Garden. 

New York City, N. Y. 
Schell, Charles Daniel, A. B. Ashland, Ore. 

Schwab, Sara, A. B. (Mrs. Maurice Deutsch). Horton, Kan. 

Taylor, William James, A. B.. A.M. 1897; Ph.D. 1901, Yale. 
Head of Department of Psychology, Brooklyn Normal 
High School. 1509 Union St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Thurber, Guy Plummer, B. Sc. Electrical and Mechanical En- 
gineer. 6720 Kelly St., Pittsburg, Pa. 
Tingley, Charles Edward, A.M. See 1890. 

Graduates, i8gi, i8p2 23 

Troyer, Albert Melville, B. Ag., A. M. 1895. Nurseryman and 
Fruit Grower. Fairhope, Ala. 

Wedgwood, Mary Elizabeth. A. B.; A.M. 1903, Denver Univer- 
sity. Teacher, West Side High School. 

1535 Steele St., Denver, Colo. 
Wheeler, William Herbert, B. L. Insurance. 

1511 Dodge St., Omaha 
Williams, Elinor Louise, A. B.; A.M. 1898, University of Min- 
nesota (Mrs. L. E. Sisson). Lawrence, Kan. 
Williams, Richard Owen, A. B., LL. B. 1893. Lawyer. 

1228 Wood St., Lincoln 
Williams, Thomas Albert, A. M. See 1889. 

Omaha Medical College. 

Archard, J. W., M. D. Grafton 

Martin, W. Ross, M. D. 724 Green Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

McConnell, C. W., M. D. Crenford, N. J. 

Mullins, C. L., M. D. Broken Bow 

Straight, J. W., M. D. Hastings 


A. B. 9; B. L. 12; B. Sc. 12; B. C. E. 3; LL. B. 12; A.M. 4.— 
Andrus, Charlotte Huntington, B. L. Kindergarten teacher. 

Public Schools 5719 Monroe Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Avery, Samuel, B. Sc, A.M. 1894; Ph.D. 1896, Heidelberg. 

Chancellor of University of Nebraska. Lincoln 

Barkley, James A., B. Sc. Electrician. Gen. Mgr. Cape Colony 

Tramway Co. Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Airica 

Brook, William Ellsworth, B. C. E., A. M. 1896. Professor of 

Mathem.atics, University of Minnesota. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 

Brown, Charles Thomas, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Brown, Edward Provost, B. L Farmer. State Senator. 

Brugger, Theophil, B. Sc. Deceased 

Chandler, Charles De Long, B. Sc; M. D. 1896, Hahnemann 

Medical College, Philadelphia. 


24 The University of Nebraska 

Clason, Horace Stillman, A. B. Draftsman, Clason Map Co. 

1016 Detroit St., Denver, Colo. 
Corey, Charles Waterman, LL. B. Superintendent of Schools. 

De Pue, Minerva Harvey, B. L. (Mrs. G. L. Meissner). 

Los Angeles, Cal. 
Durrell, Willis Gorton, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Allen Bldg,, Cincinnati, Ohio 
Edmiston, Homer James, A. B.; A.M. 1899, Ph.D. 1901 Har- 
vard. Journalism. 

12 Piazza dell Esquilino, Rome, Italy 

Epperson, Ambrose C, LL. B. Commissioner of Supreme 

Court. Clay Center 

Fox, Beman C, LL. B. Fruit Grower. Grand Junction, Colo. 

Getner, Ehigenia Dutcher, A. B. Musician. 

1316 No. Kings Highway, St. Louis, Mo. 
Helvie, Charles Amiddes, B. Sc; M. D. 1894. Rush Medical 
College. Deceased 

Hibbard, Paul Llewellyn, B. Sc. Analytical Chemist. 

Hullhorst, Mary Frederica, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

1941 Q St., Lincoln 

Hyde, Frederick Dayton, A. B. Deceased 

Kenyon, Frederick Courtland, B. Sc. 

Insane Hospital, Washington, D. C. 

Kirker, Stella Blaine. B. L., A. M. 1895. Teacher in High 
School. 636 S. 17th St., Lincoln 

Lobingier, Charles Sumner, A. M. See 1888. "" 

Lyons, Cora Katherine, B. L. (Mrs. Fred Free). Plainview 

McDonald, James Boyd, B. L. Merchant. North Platte 

Maghee, Morgan McQuown, B. Sc, E. E. 1894. Chief Engineer 
U. P. Mine. Rawlins, Wyo. 

Minick, Mrs. Alice A., LL. B. Lawyer. Brownville 

Mullon, Lydia Alberta, A. B., A. M. 1896. 

Library, McGill University 

Nelson, Hugo Emil, B. Sc; M. D. 1902, Creighton Medical Col- 
lege. Physician. Tilden 

Graduates, i8p2 25 

Pillsbury, Walter Bowers, A. B.; Ph.D. 1896, Cornell Uni- 
versity. Professor of Philosophy and Director of the 
Psychological Laboratory, University of Michigan. 

714 So. State St., Ann Arbor, Mich. 
Porterfield, James Chester, B. C. E. Civil Engineer. 

Meridian, Idaho. 
Pound, Louise, B. L., A. M. 1895; Ph. D. 1900, Heidelberg. As- 
sociate Professor of English Literature, University of 
Nebraska. 1632 L St., Lincoln 

Preston, Rupert (Dinges), B. Sc. Assayer. 

San Francisco, Cal. 
Schwind, William Frederick, LL. B. 

403-5 Bankers Life Bid., Lincoln 
Seymour, Victor, LL. B. Deputy Clerk, Supreme Court. 

1236 C St., Lincoln 
Sheldon, George Lawson, B. L. ; A. B. 1893., Harvard. Gov- 
ernor of Nebraska 1907 to 1909. Nehawka 
Skiles, Charles McClelian, B. L., LL. B. 1895. Lawyer. 

David City 
Smith, Jared Gage, A. M. See 1888. 

Starling, Charles W., LL. B. Lawyer. Dallas, Tex. 

Stockton, Lura Adelia, B. L. (Mrs. J. R. Schofield). 

Ft. Collins, Colo. 
Tait, Galen Lemar, B. L.; LL. B. 1898, LL. M. 1899, D. C. L. 
1900, George Washington University. Real Estate. 

608-14th St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Thomson, Alexander R., LL. B. Lawyer. David City 

Tollefsen, Emil, LL. B. Lumber Merchant. Kearney 

Tremain, Josephine, A. B., A.M. 1894 (Mrs. J. W. McCrosky). 

9 Cloak Lane, Cannon St., London, B. C, England 

Troyer, Leroy Ellsworth, B. Sc, B. Ph. Des Moines College 

1893, B. D. Rochester Sheal. Sem. 1904. Missionary Am. 

Baptist Home Miss. Soc, Puebla, Pue. 

Mexico Doncellas 8 
White, Jacob Butler, B. Sc; M. D. 1895, University of Michi- 
gan. Physician. Malheur, Ore. 
Williams, Thomas F. A., B. L., LL. B. 1894. Lawyer. 

407 N. 26th St., Lincoln 
Woods, Albert Fred, A. M. See 1890. 

26 The Unwersity of Nebraska 

Woods, Frank Henry, LL. B. See 1890. 
Worley, James Harvey, A. M. See 1880. 

Worth, Daniel, A. B. Care of Hotel Beall, Kengruan, Ariz. 

Yates, Bruce Clinton, B. C. E. Assistant Chief Engineer, 
Homestake Mining Co. Lead, S. D. 

Omaha Medical College. 

Barron, Thomas E., M. D. 

Christensen, M. C, M. D. Council Bluffs, la. 

Dixson, William C, M. D. Derby, Kan. 

Metz, Philip H., M. D. Humphrey 

Roeder, George, M. D. Grand Island 

Roeder, Julius A., M. D. 

Wisner. Wm. O., M. D. 577 Old Natl. Bldg., Spokane, Wash. 


A. B. 30; B. Sc. 12; LL. B. 28; A. M. 2. 

Albers, Juergen, B. Sc, A. M. 1896. Assistant Engineer, N. C. 
& St. L. Ry. 

Barber, Harry Gardner, A. B., A. M. 1895. Teacher in DeWitt 
Clinton High School. 

No. 12 Clay Ave., Roselle Park, N. J. 

Barr, Norman Burton, A. B.; Graduate 1897, McCormick Theo- 
logical Seminary. Minister. 701 Vedder St., Chicago, 111. 

Barry, John Hugh, LL. B. Lawyer. Wahoo 

Bishop, Frank Elmer, LL. B. See 1891. 

Bouton, Rosa, A. M. See 1891. 

Bulla, Rolland Stanton, B. Sc. Superintendent, Sugar Fac- 
tory and Construction Engineer. 

Burkett, Eimer Jacob. LL. B., LL. M. 1895; B. Sc. 1890, Tabor 
College. U. S. Senator, 1905-1911. Attorney at Law, 
First National Bank Bldg. 1544 B. St., Lincoln 

Burns, Abbie Cornelia, A. B.; A. M. 1894, Wesleyan. Professor 
of German, Nebraska Wesleyan University. 

University Place 

Chapman, Pike Wooster, LL. B. Lawyer. Papillion 

Clapp, Robert Acker, LL. B. Deceased 

Cochrane, Nellie Shreves, A. B. (Mrs. Frank Woods). 

1220 S. 20th St., Lincoln 

Graduates, i8pj 2'; 

Crissey, Theron Wilmot, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Davidson, Thomas Anselm, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Eager, Frank DeWitt, B. Sc. Lincoln 

Ferris, Charles Summer, LL. B. Lawyer. Omaha 

Field, Elizabeth Content, A. B. Dentist. 1240 O St., Lincoln 
Fossler, Christine, B. Sc, A. M. (Midwinter) 1904. (Mrs. C. 
Jansen). Aldama St. and 52d Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Frampton, William Chariton, LL. B. Lawyer. 

409 Little Bldg., Lincoln 
Graham, John Cecil, A. B. Secretary, Van Cleve Lumber Co. 

Gray, Vesta, B. Sc. Principal, High School. Lemoore, Cal. 
Groat, Lincola S., A. B. Broken Bow 

Guilmette, Arcule Edward, A. B. Deceased 

Gund, Charles Frederick, B. Sc. Cashier, First National Bank. 

Blue Hill 
Haggard, David Avery, LL. B. See 1891. 

Hardy, Emory Chase, A. B. Merchant (Hardy Furniture Co.). 

1618 D St., Lincoln 
Hawes, William Augustus, LL. B. Insurance. 

1634 Maple St., Lincoln 
Holden, Edwin McPherson, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Holden, William Harold, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Hutchinson, Martha, A. B., A.M. 1896 (Mrs. Seem). 

Greeley, Colo. 

Johnson, Ralph Emery, A. B., LL. B. 1895. Supreme Organizer 

M. W. A. 880 N. 26th St., Lincoln 

Keyes, Albert Marshall, LL. B. Banker. Holbrook 

Knight, Wilbur Clinton, A. M. See 1886. 

Korsmeyer, Julia Marie, A. B., A. M. 1895. Instructor in Ro- 
mance Languages, University of Nebraska. 

1920 C St., Lincoln 

Land, Fannie, A. B. (Mrs. S. A. Herron). 

Lanson, Frederick Joseph Harris, A. B. Ranchman. 


28 The University of Nebraska 

Lehmer, Derrick Norman, A. B., A.M. 1896; Ph.D. 1900, Chi- 
cago University. Assistant Professor of Mathematics, 
University of California. 2736 Regent St., Berkeley., Cal. 
Lord, Harrison Springstead, A. B. Civil Engineer. 

Hamilton, Mont. 
Marlay, Carlton Clymer, A. B., LL. B .1895. Lawyer. 

Marshall, John Law, Jr., A. B. Minister. Box 226, Lincoln 
Merrill, Bessie Evelyn, A. B. Teacher of Industrial Art. 

527 W. 121st St., New York City, N. Y. 

Meyers, Charles Wesley, LL. B. 

Miner, Charles Henry, LL. B. Minister. 

Neal, Benjamin Franklin, LL. B. Lawyer. Boise, Idaho 

O'Hearn, Stephen Patrick, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Orr, Horace Wheedon, LL. B. Hardware Merchant and Sani- 
tary Engineer. Newtonville, Mass. 
Pershing, John Joseph, LL. B. Brigadier-General U. S. Army. 

Manila, P. I. 
Pizey, Paul, A. B., LL. B. 1895. Lawyer. 

304-306 Boise City National Bank Bldg., Boise, Idaho 
Pollard, Ernest Mark, A. B. Congressman, First District, 1907- 
1908. Nehawka 

Rohwer, Christian, B. Sc. City Engineer. Box 146, Blair 

Ryan, Sarah Agnes, A. B. Principal, High School. McCook 
Saunders, De Alton, B. Sc, A. M. 1894. Special Field Agent in 
Charge Cotton Laboratory, U. S. Department of Agricul- 
ture. 2000 Austin St., Waco, Tex. 
Sayer, James Joseph, A. B. Editorial Writer "Red Book." 

1566 E. 62d St., Chicago, 111. 
Senter, Herbert Almon, B. Sc; Ph.D. 1896, Heidelberg. In- 
structor in High School. 4204 Harney St., Omaha 
Skinner, Clarence Aurelius, B. Sc, A.M. 1896; Ph.D. 1899, 
University of Berlin. Professor of Physics, University of 
Nebraska. 1602 Poplar St., Lincoln 
Squires, Edwin Eberhart, LL. B.; B. Sc. University of Kansas. 
Lawyer. Broken Bow 
Stockton, William Lester, B. Sc. Western Electric Company. 

468 West St., New York 

Graduates, i8p^, 18^4 29 

Strode, Edmund Clemens, LL. B., LL. M. 1895. Lawyer. 

Stroman, Charles Francis, A. B., LL. B. 1895. Lawyer. 

Sullivan, John Adelbert, LL. B. Lawyer. Valley 

Tingley, Charles Edward, LL. B. See 1890. 
Upton, Lucy, A. B. 2037 E. Ocean Ave., Long Beach, Cal. 

Walker, James Amzi, LL. B. Law and Real Estate. 

Lerna, 111. 
Wallace, Henry Everhart, LL. B. Lawyer. Caldwell, Idaho 

Whaley, George Henry, A. B., A. M. 1898. Secretary Fine 
Arts Institute. Omaha 

Williams, John Piper, A. B.; M. D. 1896, Chicago Medical Col- 
lege. Physician. 1205 O St., Lincoln 
Williams, Richard Owen, LL. B. See 1891. 
Wing, Thomas Elwood, A. B., LL. B. 1896. Lawyer. 

37 Wall St., New York City 
Wolfe, Jacob Vance, Jr., B. Sc. Farmer. Wheatland, Wyo. 
Wolfe, William Francis, Jr., A. B., LL. B. 1894. Merchant. 

Clinton, Mo. 
Wolf enbarger, Mrs. Capitola Williams, A. B., A. M. '08, Uni- 
versity of Boston. 314 Burr Blk., Lincoln 
Woods, Charles Edwin, LL, B. General Right of Way Agent, 
North Coast R. R. Co. 1422 14th St., Spokane, Wash. 

Omaha Medical College. 

Davies, J. F., M. D. Callaway 

Leard, Samuel E., M. D. Gariner Miles Blk., Livingston, Minn. 
Linley, Hubbard, M. D. Deceased 

Stockdale, Frank A., M. D. Coal City, 111. 


A. B. 31; B. Sc. 11; E. E. 1; LL. B. 24; A. M. 6. 
Ahlberg, Grant Ferdinand, LL. B. Credit Man and Adjuster. 

Kingman, Kan 
Anderson, Oscar Ludvig, A. B., A.M. 1901 (Midwinter). Pub- 
lisher. 2407 Jackson St., Seattle, Wash. 
Avery, Samuel, A. M. See 1892. 

30 The University of Nebraska 

Babcock, George Ira, A. B., LL. B. 1897. International Secre- 
tary, Y. M. C. A. Apartado 136 Bis., City of Mexico, Mex. 
Bain, Helen Arzilla, A. B. (Mrs. Will Hickey). 

3915 Rockeby St., Lakeview Station, Chicago, 111. 
Barkley, Thomas H., LL. B. Lawyer. Regina Sack, Canada 
Beecher, Jesse Bradford, B. Sc, A. M. 1896. Auditor. 

705 Wolvin Bldg., Duluth, Minn. 
Bentley, Rufus Clarence, A. B., A. M. 1896. Associate Pro- 
fessor of Education, Leland Stanford University, Cali- 
Bowman, Oscar Rufus, B. Sc. Farmer. Alvin, Tex. 

Brown, Frank, A. B., A. M. 1895, LL. B. 1897. Lawyer. 

Bay City, Tex. 

Brown, William John, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Cain, William Morley, LL. B. Lawyer. Schuyler 

Caldwell, Howard W., A. M. See 1880. 
Camack, Edwin, LL, B. Lawyer. 

1200 Geoyd Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 
Chamberlain, May, A. B., A. M. 1898. Instructor in German, 
University of Nebraska. 2730 Q St., Lincoln 

Clements, Frederic E., B. Sc, A. M. 1890, Ph. D. 1898. Pro- 
fessor of Botany, University of Minnesota. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 

Cochrane, William Sampson, A. B. 1127 S. 12th St., Lincoln 

Covell, Herbert Edson, A. B., A. M. 1895. Rector of St. 

Thomas Church. Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Dillon, Benjamin Franklin, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Kansas City, Mo. 
Dixon, John Watson, A. B., LL. B. 1896; A. B. 1895, Yale. 
Lawyer, St. Louis & San Francisco Ry. 

30 W. 44th St., New York City 
Duncanson, Henry Bruce, A. M. See 1890. 
Edwards, Anna Eliza, A. B. Principal High School. 

Galva, 111. 
Edwards, Mary Grace, B. Sc. (Mrs. George Marx). 

Wheatland, Colo. 
Faulkner, Mary Ellen, A. B. (Mrs. Charles Wm. Zepp). 

321 S. Sherwood, Fort Collins, Colo. 

Gradiuttes, 1894 31 

Fisher, George Frank, A. B. Reporter, Omaha Bee. Omaha 
Fling, Allen Clemence, A. B., A. M. 1898. Deceased 

Fossler, Mary Louise, B. Sc, A. M. 1898. Adjunct Professor 
of Chemistry, University of Nebraska. 

2434 Q St., Lincoln 
Gerrard, Ernest Allen, A. B. Literary Writer, Columbus 
Hammond, Maude, A. B., A.M. 1896. (Mrs. A. C. Fling). 

Laramie, Wyo. 
Hatfield, Ira Hamilton, LL. B. ; B. Sc. 1902, South Dakota 
State College. Lawyer. State Representative. 

1106 O St., Lincoln 

Hayward, Benjamin D., LL. B. President of The Nebraska 

Military Academy. Lincoln 

Heppner, Amanda, A. B., A. M. 1896. Adjunct Professor of 

German, University of Nebraska. 

944 Washington St., Lincoln 
Hicks, Hervey Bryan, LL. B. See 1891. 

Higgins, Rose, B. Sc. (Mrs. Geo. L. Sheldon). Nehawka 

Hiltner, Robert Silver, B. Sc, A. M. 1896. Chemist, U. S. De- 
partment of Agriculture. 566 High St., Denver, Colo. 
Hooper, James Harvey, A. B., LL. B. Lawyer. 

86 LaSalle St., Chicago, 111. 
Hopewell, Isaac O., LL. B. Farmer. Tekamah 

Irish, Gilbert Haven, LL. B. Lawyer. Dallas, Tex. 

Johnson, George William, LL. B. Farmer. Kennard 

Johnson, Ralph Henry, A. B.; LL. B. 1897. Columbia Univer- 
sity. Lawyer. 
Johnston, James Henry, A. B. Lawyer. Billings, Mont. 

Johnston, William Milton, A. B. Lawyer. County Attorney. 

Billings, Mont. 
Lambert, William Curtis, LL. B. Lawyer. 

1015 S. 36th St., Omaha 
Law, Jessie May, A. B.; Ph.D. 1901, Yale. Head of History 
Dept., Central High School. 

26 Greenleaf St., Springfield, Mass. 
Lee, Louise, B. Sc. (Mrs. W. O. Cromwell) 

1414 Maple St., Enid, Okla. 
McAllister, George Campbell, LL. B. Lawyer. State Repre- 
sentative. Twin Falls, Idaho 

32 The University of Nebraska 

Maghee, Morgan McQuown, E. E. See 1892. 

Miller, Schuyler William, A. B., A. M. 1898. Manager, Interna- 
tional Correspondence School. Ottawa, Kan. 

Montmorency, Arthur Franklin, A . B., B. L. 1896. Engineer. 

Apartado 169, Veracruz, IMex. 

Nicholson, Edward Everett, B. Sc, A. M. 1896. Assistant Pro- 
fessor of Chemistry, University of Minnesota. 

914, 7th St., S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Peiper, David Ellis, LL. B. Gen. Manager L. W. Rogers Co. 

Atlanta' Ga. 

Peterson, Hans Christian, A. M. See 1890. 

Podlesak, Henry Joseph, B. Sc. Consulting and Mechanical 
Engineer. 1548 Ridgeway Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Richardson, Mrs. Nellie Moore, LL. B. Lawyer. Lincoln 

Richmond, William Austin, B. Sc. Farmer. Utica 

Ricketts, Howard Taylor, A. B.; M. D. 1897, Northwestern 
Medical College. Deceased 

Ryan, Thomas Gerald, A. B. Farmer. R. F. D. 3, Lincoln 

Saunders, De Alton, A. M. See 1893. 

Sawyer, Willits Herbert, B. Sc. Engineer for the Ford Bacon 
& Davis Co. New York 

Scott, Mrs. Kate Giltner, A. B. Teacher of Mathematics in 
State Normal School. Spearfish, S. D. 

Sloan, Levi C, LL. B. Farmer. New Boston, 111. 

Smith, Clarence Young, LL. B., LL. M. 1895. Real Estate 
Agent. Omaha 

Smith, Florence Seabring, A. B., A.M. 1898; B. A. in Library 
Science, University of Illinois. City Librarian. 

Walla Walla, Wash. 

States, Gustavus James, LL. B. Farming and Stock Raising. 

Lander, Wyo. 

Towne, Harriet Estelle, A. B. With University Publishing Co. 

2756 P St., Lincoln 

Tremain, Josephine, A. M. See 1892. 

Tucker, Francis Fisher, B. Sc, M. D. Medical Missionary. 

Tehchow Shantung, China 

Voter, Frank P., LL. B. Lawyer. Laurel 

Graduates, 18^4, i8p^ 


Westermann, William Linn, A. B., A.M. 1896; Ph.D., 1902: 
Berlin. Associate Professor of History, University of 
Wisconsin. Madison, Wis. 

Weston, Katherine, A. B. (Mrs. Thomas E. Wing). Deceased 

Wiggenhorn, Dora Emilia, A. B. Ashland 

Williams, Thomas F. A., LL. B. See 1892. 

Wilson, Owsley, LL. B. Lawyer. 419 Richards Blk., Lincoln 

Wolfe, William Francis, Jr., LL. B. See 1893. 

Woodward, Fred, LL. B., LL. M. 1895. 

Omaha Medical College. 

Armstrong, R. B., M. D. 

124 W. 77th St. 

Beal, Frederick E., M. D. 

Bisgard, James A., M. D. 

Curtis, J. M., M. D. 

Hostetter, William A., M. D. 808 So. 

Johnson, Frank W., M. D. 

Johnston, James A., M. D. 

Kenner, William C, M. D. 

McKeeby, Fred E., M. D. 

Mogridge, George, M. D. 

Sandblad, A. G., M. D. 

Cor. Union Ave. and Huey St. 
Williams, David, M. D. 



New York City 

Harlan, la.. 

Ft. Calhouib 

20th St., Omaha. 


Byron, 111.. 


Pueblo, Colo. 

Glenwood, la. 

McKeesport, Pa. 
Logan, la. 

A. B. 55; B. Sc. 13; LL. B. 41; A. M. 12; LL. M. 7. 

Baker, James Watson, LL. B. Real Estate. 

Barber, Harry Gardner, A M. See 1893. 

Barrett, Arthur West, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Barry, David Parnell, A. B.; A.M., University of Rochester. 
Teacher and Architect. Standish, N. Y. 

Barton, Frank A., LL. B. Lawyer. Pawnee City 

Beardsley, Joe Penfield, A. B. Publicity Department, So. 
Shore Gas & Electric Co. 

147 So. Hohman St., Hammond, Ind. 

Beckman, John Henry, Jr., A. B., A. M. '08. Teacher in West- 
port High School. Kansas City, Mo. 

Bell Luella, A. B. (Mrs. Earl M. Mathews). 

1308 No. 23d St., South Omaha 

34 The University of Nebraska 

Bentley, Isaac Madison, B, Sc; Ph.D. 1898, Cornell. Assist 
ant Professor of Psychology, Cornell University. 

127 Highland Ave., Ithaca, N. Y. 
Bigelow, Jessie Florence, A. B. (Mrs. E. L. Van Meter). 

4811 Lake Ave., Hyde Park, Chicago 

Bridge, Grace Irene, A. B., A. M. 1907. Teacher in Wendell 

Phillips School. 5344 Greenwood Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Brown, Elmer Wilson, LL. B. Lawyer, State Representative. 

Brown, Frank, A. M. See 1894. 
Burkett, Elmer Jacob, LL. M. See 1893. 

Burks, Martha Francis, A. B. (Mrs. H. H. Harley). Lincoln 
Campbell, Mary Randolph, A. B. See 1886. 
Canfield, James Albert, A. B. President Canfield Paper Co. 

80 Center St., New York City 
Gather, Willa Sibert, A. B. Editor McClure's Magazine. 

New York City 
Cheney, Robert Lee, A. B. Stockman. Hardingrave, S. D. 

Clark, Nellie May, A. B. Teacher in City Schools. Lincoln 
Clark, Wallace Burton, LL. B. Mortgages on Real Estate. 

213 Story Building, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Cochran, John Wesley, LL. B. Clerk. 

Cook, Alfred Lafayette, LL. B. Farmer. Kennard 

Cook, Joseph Chester, LL. B. Lawyer. Fremont 

Corey, Charles Waterman, LL. M. See 1892. 

Covell, Herbert Edson, A. M. See 1894. 

Crabtree, David Washington, A. B. County Surveyor. 

St. Francis, Kan. 
Deary, William Arthur, A. B., LL. B. 1896. Banker. 

Dille, Thomas Andrew, LL. B. Mercantile Business. 

Chicago, 111. 
Ducker, Estella Emma, B. Sc. Teacher in High School. 

Lead, S. D. 
Edmondson, Gilbert Millard, LL. B. U. S. Fidelity & Guar- 
anty Co. Denver, Colo. 
Edwards, Lindsay Allen, LL. B. Lawyer. McArthur, Ohio 

Graduates, i8p^ ' 35 

Elliott, Charles Addison, B. Sc; M. D. 1898, Northwestern 
Medical School. Instructor, Northwestern University 
Medical School. 510 Oakwood Blvd., Chicago, 111. 

Elliott, Edward Charles, B. Sc, A.M. 1897; Ph.D. 1905, Co- 
lumbia University. Professor of Education, University 
of Wisconsin. Madison, Wis. 

Elmore, Clarence Jerome, A. B., A. M. 1896. Professor Botany, 
Grand Island College. Grand Island 

Engberg, Carl Christian, B. Sc, A.M. 1897, Ph. D. 1899. Pro- 
fessor of Applied Mathematics, University of Nebraska. 


Faurot, Albert Alfred, A. M. See 1891. 

Fifer, Orien Wesley, A. M. See 1889. 

Flater, Charles Clarence, LL. B. Manager, Enterprise Mfg. Co. 

1138 13th St., Des Moines, la. 

Flikkema, Garrett, A. B. Minister. — 

Forbes, Burt Elihu, A. B. Civil Engineer. 

403 So. 8th St., Beatrice 

Forsyth, William Henry H., A. B. Minister. 

02016 Madison St., Spokane, Wash. 

Fossler, Anna, B. Sc Librarian Columbia University. 

New York City 

Gere, Mariel Clapham, B. Sc, A. M. i899. Teacher of Chem- 
istry in High School. 846 D St., Lincoln 

Gerrard, Grace, A. B. (Mrs. Roscoe Pound). 

940 Pleasant St., BelmOnt, Mass. 

Gray, Marietta, B. Sc (Mrs. E. O. Jones). Sioux Falls, S. D. 

Green, Lulu Marie, A. B. (Mrs. King). Deceased 

Greene, Philip Farrow, LL. B.; A. B. 1893, Wabash College. 
Lawyer. Lincoln 

Gregory, Helen, B. Sc. Supervisor of Kindergarten. 

602; 146 St., New York City 

Hatch, Andress Alva, LL. B. Lawyer. Weleetka, Okla. 

Haughton, Ernest Harlan, B. Sc. Gen'l Manager, Bryan-Marsh 
Co. 315 Dearborn St., Chicago, 111. 

Hildreth, Carson, A. B., A. M. 1896. Banker. Franklin 

Hildreth, Ward, A. B., LL. B. 1897. General Manager, Hols- 
man Automobile Co. Omaha 

36 Th€ University of Nebraska 

Hinds, Charles N., A. B., A. M. 1896. Banker. Odell 

Hoagland, Walter Van Fleet, A. B. Lawyer (Hoagland & 
Hoagland). North Platte 

Holmes, Carl Adolphus E., A. B. Merchant. Fairmont 

Hunter, Alice Cushman, A. B., A.M. 1898, Ph.D. 1906. Ad- 
junct Professor of Latin, University of Nebraska. 

1848 R St., Lincoln 
Hunter, Walter David, A. B .,A. M. 1897. Division of Entomol- 
ogy, Department of Agriculture. 

120 Hekell Ave., Dallas, Tex. 
Johnson, Ralph Emery, LL. B. See 1893. 

Kelsey, Charles Haskell, LL. B. Lawyer. Neligh 

Kimball, Herbert Lee, A. B., LL. B. 1896. Lawyer. 

1220 Old Natl. Bldg., Spokane, Wash. 
Kinyon, Prank B., LL. B. Lawyer. Boise, Idaho 

Kirk, William Elwood, A. B., A. M. 1897. Professor English 
Language and Literature, Willamette University. 

1322 State St., Salem, Ore. 
Kirker, Stella Blaine, A. M. See 1892. 
Korsmeyer, Julia Marie, A. M. See 1893. 

liaughlin, Hugh Clarence, A.M.; A. B. 1890, Ohio State Uni- 
versity. Instructor in English, Morris High School. 

530 W. 123d St., New York City 
Leyda, James Elber, LL. B. Lawyer. Falls City 

Lindly, Mabel Elizabeth, A. B. 1715 So. 20th St., Lincoln 

Loughridge, Stella Nelson, A. B. Principal, Girls' School. 

Cesarea, Turkey 

T.yon, Alfred Burdett, A. B., LL. B. 1901. General Manager, 

The San Pedro Co. Hacendado, Mexico 

McArthur, William Belknap, LL. B. In Bond and Security 

Business. 1125 W. 18th St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

McCrosky, Ella, A. B. 

829 N. Weber St., Colorado Sprix^gs, Colo. 
Madeen, Charles Nichols, LL. B. Lawyer. Centerville, S. D. 
Mansf eldo, Johanna von, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Mansfelde, Julia von, A. B. Ashland 

Marlay, Car.Hon Clymer, LL. B. See 1893. 

Graduates, i8p^ 37 

l.-artin, Edwird Morris, LL. B. Lawyer. 

421 First National Bank Bldg., Omaha 
Martin, S^^tton Haydon, A. B. Superintendent of Schools. 

Broken Bow 
Mason, Howard Milton, LL. B. Lawyer. 

500 Exchange Natl. Bank Bldg., Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Matthews, Benoni Cutler, A. B., A. M. 1897, LL. B. 1897. Law- 
yer (Jones & Matthews). Sioux Falls, S. D. 
Maurer, Fred, LL. B. Lawyer. Red Cloud 
Melick, Katherine May, A. B., A. M. 1897. Teacher in High 
School. Care Washington High School, Seattle, Wash. 

Mentzer, William Cyrus, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Moody, Archer Newton, A. B. ; M. D. 1897, Denver Medical 
College. Physician. Ocean Park, Cal. 

Morgan, Grace, A. B. (Mrs. Frank Teal Riley). 

4424 St. John's Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 
Morrissey, Katherine Virginia, A. B. Teacher High School. 

6026 Hays Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 
Neal, Charles Fremont, LL. B. General Agent Surety Bonds. 

214 Cooper Bldg., Denver, Colo. 

Nicholson, Lester Ernest, LL. B. 

Oberlies, Lewis Clark, A. B., A.M. 1899. 

524 N. 16th, Lincoln 
Ostein, Herman C, LL. B. ; Ph. B. 1907, Illinois Wesleyan Uni- 
versity. Head Dept. Math. Oregon State Nor. School. 

Monmouth, Ore. 
Paul, Charles Howard, LL. B. U. S. Immigration Service at 
Ellis Island. 213 W. 111th St., New York City 

Pearl, George Sylvester, LL. B. Lawyer. El Reno, Okla. 

Pizey, Paul, LL. B. See 1893. 
Pound, Louise, A. M. See 1892. 
Pound, Olivia A. B., A.M. 1897. Teacher in High School. 

1632 L St., Lincoln 
Powers, Percy Amos, A. B. (Jas Engineer & Contractor. 

518 Wash. Boulevard, Chicago, 111. 
Raymond, William Henry, LL. B. Merchant. Lincoln 

Reese, Harry Allen, LL. M. See 1891. 
Roberts, Althea Blanche, B. Sc. (Mrs. Corwin Haggard). 


38 The University of Nebraska 

Rydberg, Per Axel, A. M. See 1891. 

Seacrest, Anne Elizabeth, A. B. (Mrs. Emory Hardy). 

1618 D St., Lincoln 

Sherman, Eugene Buren, A. B. With Shaw Lumber Co. 

1316 State St., Boise, Idaho 

Skiles, Charles McClellan, LL. B. See 1892. 

Smith, Clarence Young, LL. M. See 1894. 

Smith, Cora Frances, B. Sc, A. M. 1901. (Mrs. George O. 
Smith). 1837 C St., Lincoln 

Sterns, Worthy Putnam, A. B., A.M. 1897; Ph.D. 1900, Uni- 
versity of Chicago. Bureau of Corporations, Department 
of Commerce. ' 1833 Lamont St., Washington, D. C. 

Strode, Edmund Clemens, LL. M. See 1893. 

Stroman, Charles Francis, LL. B. See 1893. 

Sumpter, Frederick Leopold, LL. B.; A. B. 1904, Cotner. Law- 
yer. Bethany 

Sundean, John Lawrence, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Tallmadge, Chester Livingston, LL. B. Land Agent. 

Thayer, Lewis Gilmore, A. B.; M. D. 1899, Denver. Farmer. 

Pullman, Wash. 

Towne, George Lewis, A. B. Publisher, "Nebraska Teacher." 

1935 A St., Lincoln 

Troyer, Albert Melville, A. M. See 1891. 

Walsh, John Philip, LL. B. Deceased 

Weaver, Arthur J., A. B., LL. B. 1896. Lawyer, Banking In- 
vestments. Falls City 

Weeks, Otis, B. Sc. Mining Engineer. Bingham, Utah 

Welden, Charles Richard, A. B. Banker. Peru 

Whipple, Otis Grant, LL. B., A. B. 1899. 

1533 Maple St., Vancouver, B. C, Canada 

Whitmore, Horace Greeley, A. B. Sec. Minneapolis Bridge & 
Iron Co. 910 1st Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Wilder, Anne Crombie, A. B. Teacher in Westport High 
School. 3704 Wyandotte St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Wilson, Henry H., LL. M. See 1878. 

Winger, Florence McLean, A. B., A. M. 1898 (Mrs. W. C. Bag- 
ley)- Urbana, 111. 

Graduates, i8p^, 1896 39 

Wolcott, Robert Henry, A.M.; B. L. 1890, B. Sc. 1892, M. D. 
1893, University of Michigan. Dean College of Medicine 
and Head Professor of Zoology, University of Nebraska. 

Wolf enbarger, Andrew Givens, LL. B. Lawyer. 

R. 312, Security Mutual Life Bldg., Lincoln 

Woods, Warren Willis, A. B., A. M. 1904. Editorial Work, We- 

natchee Daily World. Wenatchee, Wash. 

Woodward, Fred, LL. M. See 1894. 

Young, William Henry, LL. B. Deceased 

Omaha Medical College. 
Bjorkman, George, M. D. Gladstone, Mich. 

Butchart, George N., M. D. Hibbing, Minn. 

Case, E. S., M. D. Stockville 

Dean, Willis W., M. D. Sioux City, la. 

Fitzsimmons, A. P., M. D. Tecumseh 

Haden, Eugene B., M. D. Panora, la. 

Hick, Lawrence A., M. D. Delta, Colo. 

Jones, L D., M. D. Murdock 

Judkins, Dora M., M. D. (Mrs. C. H. Davies). Tecumseh 

LePard, J. S., M. D. 

Lucas, Voorhees, M. D. North Platte 

Morrell, William L., M. D. Sterling 

Pringle, John T., M. D. Pierce 

Reiley, William S., M. D. Red Oak, la. 

Stevenson, C. F., M. D. Sheridan, Wyo. 

Summer, Ella P., M. D. Bloomington 

Tinley, Mary L. (Mrs.), M. D. Physician. Council Bluffs, la. 
Wilson, Edwin M., M. D. Twin Bridges, Mont. 


A. B. 46; B. Sc. 28; B. Sc. in E. E. 1; LL. B. 44; A. M. 20; 
Ph. D. 1. 

Abbott, Julian Asahel, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Abbott, Luther Jewett, A. B., LL. B. 1900; LL. B. 1906, Colum- 
bia. Department of Economics, University of Oklahoma. 

Norman, Okla. 

40 The University of Nebraska 

Abbott, Ned Culbertson, A. B., LL. B. 1900. Superintendent 

of Schools. Plattsmouth 

Adams, Clarendon Edwin, A. B. Land Agent Union Pacific Ry. 

Room 25, Union Depot, Denver, Colo. 

Albers, Juergen, A. M. See 1893. 

Allen, Harold Newman, Ph.D.; B. Sc. 1885. University of 
London. Professor in University of Poona, India. 

Poona, India 
Almy, Billings Grinnell, B. Sc, A. M. 1898. Lumber Business. 

Almy, John Edwin, B. Sc, A.M. 1897; Ph.D. 1900, Berlin. 
Professor of Experimental Physics, University of Ne- 
braska. 2300 A St., Lincoln 
Ames, Ernest Capron, A. B., LL. B. 1898. Bankers Life Insur- 
ance Co. 1750 So. 20th St., Lincoln 
Anderbery, Charles Peter, LL. B. Lawyer. Minden 
Barnes, John Beamont, A. B. Lawyer. Casper, Wyo. 
Beattie, Rolla Kent, B. Sc; A. B. 1895, Cotner; A.M. 1896. 
Professor of Botany, Washington Agricultural College. 

Pullman, Wash. 
Beecher, Jesse Bradford, A. M. See 1894. 
Benedict, Harris Miller, B. Sc, A. M .1897. Assistant Professor 
of Biology, University of Cincinnati. 

554 Evanswood Sta. E., Cincinnati, Ohio 
Benjamin, William Edward, B. Sc. Deputy County Clerk. 

Cheyenne, Wyo. 
Bentley, Mrs. Ellen Hart, A. B. (Mrs. R. C. Bentley). 

Stanford Uni., Cal. 
Bentley, Rufus Clarence, A. M. See 1894. 
Bessey, Edward Atheam, B. Sc, B. Sc. in E. E. 1898. 

Bessey, Ernst Athearn, A. B., B. Sc. 1897, A.M. 1898; Ph.D. 
1904, Halle. Professor of Botany, Michigan Agricultural 
College. East Lansing, Mich. 

Blauser, Clafis Leon Eli, LL. B. Farming. Diller 

Boose, Emma Jane, B. Sc. (Mrs. F. F. Tucker). Medical Mis- 
sionary. Telichow, China 
Bradt, Fletcher Hale, B. Sc County Superintendent of 
Schools. Versailles, Ind. 

Graduates, i8q6 41 

Brook, William Ellsworth, A. M. See 1892. 

Bruner, Amy Celeste, A. B.; A.M. 1902, Cornell. (Mrs. J. E. 
Almy). 2300 A St., Lincoln 

Bryant, Clara Louise, A. B. Teacher, Public Schools. 

Hermiston, Ore. 

Carlson, Jo^iu Magnus, LL. B. Lawyer. Erwin, S. D. 


Castor, George Mitchell, LL. B. Lawyer. Lake Auchs, S. D. 

Chitwood, James Wallace, A. B. Real Estate. 

3810 Bell St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Clements, Frederic E., A. M, See 1894. 

Compton, Nellie Jane, A. B. Assistant Librarian, University 
of Nebraska. Station A, Lincoln 

Cook, Frank Farley, A. B. International Bible Students As- 
sociation. 122 Columbine Heights, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Davisson, Estella Mae, LL. B. Long Pine 

Day, Lemuel Clarence, LL. B. Editor. Washington, Pa. 

Deary, William Arthur, LL. B. See 1895. 

Dixon, John Watson, LL. B. See 1894. 

Doubt, Thomas Eaton, A.M.; B. Sc. 1892, Nebraska Wesleyan 
University; Ph. D. 1904, University of Chicago. Associate 
Professor of Physics, Armour Institute. 

5402 Drexel Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Elmore, Clarence Jerome, A. M. See 1895. 

Elmore, Wilber Theodore, A. B., A. M. 1897. Pres. Ramapatam 
Theological Seminary. Ramapatam, India 

Farr, George Wilber, LL. B. Lawyer. Miles City, Mont. 

Farwell, John Howe, LL. B. Deceased 

Ferguson, David, A. B. 

Fordyce, Charles, B. Sc, A. M. 1898, Nebraska Wesleyan Uni- 
versity 1893; Ph.D. 1900. Dean of Teachers College, 
University of Nebraska. 1921 C St., Lincoln 

Friel, Walter Mar, LL. B. Lawyer. Lafayette, Ind. 

Fritts, Charles Eick, B. Sc. Chief Electrician, Metropolitan 
Street Railway. Kansas City, Mo. 

Funk, Lafayette Lee, LL. B. Lawyer. South Bend, Ind. 

Gerrard, Phoebe, A. B. (Mrs. J. A. Barkley). 

Elizabeth Port, Capetown, Africa 

Green, Philamon Ballon, LL. B. Lawyer. Ligonier, Ind. 

42 "i The University of Nebraska 

Hadley, Francis Bowen, B. Sc. Secretary, Millers Exporting 
Co. Omaha 

Hall, Gilbert Hoke, A. B. Physician. 

24th and Farnam, Omaha 
Hall, Thomas Lee, LL. B. See 1890. 
Hammond, Maude, A. M. See 1894. 
Harmon, Harvey Horace, A. B. Pastor. 

1726 So. 27th St., Lincoln 
Hart, William R., A. B. Department of Agricultural Educa- 
tion, Amherst College. Amherst, Mass. 
Harwood, Helen Cook, A. B. (Mrs. C. M. Chase). 

268 Savin Hill Ave., Dorchester, Mass. 
Heald, Harvey Clay, B. Sc; M. D. 1899, University of Illinois. 

Hendricks, Berin Ellsworth, LL. B. Lawyer. Wahoo 

Heppner, Amanda Henrietta, A. M. See 1894. 
Hildreth, Carson, A. M. See 1895. 
Hiltner, Robert Silver, A. M. See 1894. 
Hinds, Charles N., A. M. See 1895. 
Hoagland, Walter van Fleet, LL. B. See 1895. 
Hopper, Phoebe May, A. B., A. M. 1901. Instructor, Nebraska 
Wesleyan University. University Place 

Home, Mary Alzora, B. Sc. (Mrs. Joseph Sargent). 

645 So. 29th St., Lincoln 
Hosic, Alma Sarah, A. B., A. M. 1904. Head of German De- 
partment, State Normal School. Kearney 
Hunt, Ira Jasper, A. B., A. M. 1901. Clerk, Postofhce. 

2407 W St., Lincoln 
Hutchinson, Martha, A. M. See 1893. 
Jury Jessie Belle, A. B. Teacher, High School. 

227 So. 15th St., Lincoln 
Kimball, Herbert Lee, LL. B. See 1895. 

Koenigstein, Daniel John, LL. B. Deceased 

Lamme, William John, LL. B. Lawyer. County Attorney. 

Challis, Idaho 
Leavitt, Henry Pennock, A. B. Lawyer. 

413 First Nat. Bank Bldg., Omaha 
Lehmer, Derrick Norman, A. M. See 1893. 

Gradtuites, i8p6 43 

Livingston, Daniel Webster, LL. B. Lawyer and County At- 
torney. Nebraska City 

Lyman, Silas Brownson, B. Sc. in E. E. Commissioner of Ex- 
cise. Hastings 

McCarthy, Timothy Francis, B. Sc. Railroad Work. 

Calgary, Alberta, Canada 

McClave, Arthur Wright, A. B.; M. D. 1900, Northwestern Uni- 
versity. Medical Director National Life Ins. Co. U. S. A. 

5555 Hyde Park, Chicago, IlL 

McGuffey, John Henry, A. B. Merchant. Missoula, Mont. 

McLucas, Victor Roy, A. B.; LL. B. 1905, University of Michi- 
gan. Lawyer. 716 Church St., Ann Arbor, Mich. 

McMullen, Adam Herbison, A. B.; LL. B. 1899, Columbian Uni- 
versity, Washington. Lawyer. Wymore 

Maguire, Philip Julius, A.M.; B. Sc. 1893, Iowa State Agricul- 
tural College; LL. B., Lake Forest University. Lawyer. 

100 Washington St., Chicago, IlL 

Manley, James C, LL. B. Civil Engineer. Tacoma, Wash. 

Martin, Ai Woodyard, LL. B. Deceased 

Mayer, Arthur C, LL. B.; M. L. 1897, Yale. Lawyer. County 
Attorney. Grand Island 

Merrill, Charles Levi, LL. B. Lawyer. Bridger, Mont. 

Montmorency, Arthur Frankland, LL. B. See 1894. 

Morton, Frances, A. B. Librarian, City Public Library. 

Beatrice, Neb, 

Mullon, Lydia Alberta, A. M. See 1892. 

Neal, Richard F., LL. B. Lawyer. Auburn 

Newbranch, Harvey Ellsworth, A. B. Associate Editor, World- 
Herald. 3221 Pacific St., Omaha 

Nicholson, Edward Everett, A. M. See 1894. 

Pace, Ike Eugene Odell, B. Sc, A. M. 1898, LL. B. 1898. Law- 
yer. Whitehall, Mont. 

Packard, Rea Cady, LL. B. Journalism. 

Peterson, Alfred Olar, B. Sc, A.M. 1900; M. D. 1899, Omaha 
Medical College. Physician and Instructor in Internal 
Medicine, University of Nebraska. 

3313 Cuming St., Omaha 

Philpott, Charles Wescott, B. Sc, A. M. 1898. Professor of 
Physical Science, State Normal. Chadron 

44 The University of Nebraska 

Pillsbury, William Henry, A. B. Chico, Cal. 

Pilsbury, Lawrence Bell, A. B., M. D. Physician, State Hos- 
pital for Insane. R. F. D. 8, Lincoln 

Pinkerton, Bertha Emaline, A. B., A. M. 1904. 

1530 No. 27th St., Lincoln 

Podlesak, Emil, B. Sc. Electrical Engineer, New Jersey En- 
gineering and Construction Co. 

132 Main St., Tiffin, Ohio 

Poland, Byron Delos, LL. B. Lawyer. Lawton, Okla. 

Pollard, Nelson Levi, B. Sc. Electrical Engineer. 

Necaxa Pueblo, Mexico 

Porter, Edward Youngs, B. Sc. Consulting Electrical and Il- 
luminating Engineer. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Prey, Annie Elizabeth, A. B., A. M. 1902 (Mrs. Theodore Jor- 
genson). Seneca, Kan. 

Pulls, Charles Clarence, A. B. Captain, Field Artillery, U. S. A. 


Quackenbush, Edmund Brown, LL. B. Lawyer. 

South Auburn 

Quaintance, Hadley Winfield, A. B.; LL. B. 1889, Northern Illi- 
nois College; A.M. 1900, University of Illinois; D. C. L. 
1902, Columbia; Ph. D. 1904, University of Wisconsin. 
Deputy County Treasurer. Laramie, Wyo. 

Rait, Charles William, LL. B. 

Rait, James Eugene, LL. B. Legal Department, Union Pacific 
Ry. Omaha 

Randolph, Albert Marion, A. B. District Agent Mutual Benefit 
Life Insurance Co. Redfield, S. D. 

Reed, William Dickey, B. Sc. Laramie, Wyo. 

Reetz, Minnie Marie, A. B. (Mrs. Minnie M. McNeal). 

La Junta, Colo. 

Rhodes, Walter Hampton, A. B., A. M. 1902. County Treas- 
urer. Hebron 

Ricketts, Ena Catherine, A. B. (Mrs. E. C. Folsom). 

2212 Washington St., Lincoln 

Roberts, William Colfax, B. Sc; M. D. 1899, University of 
Michigan. Physician. Owatonna, Minn. 

Rodgers, James Madison, LL. B. Ranching. Waverly, Colo. 

Rolofson, Evalena Pearl, A. B. (Mrs. H. E. Newbranch). 

Graduates, i8p6 45 

Rowe, Walter Ellsworth, B. Sc. Dean and Professor of Civil 
Engineering, State College. 518 Rose St., Lexington, Ky. 

Schwarz, Charles Frederick, B. Sc. President Nebraska Paper 
and Bag Co. 1644 B St., Lincoln 

Searson, James William, A. B., A. M. 1899. Professor of Eng- 
lish, Kansas Agricultural College. Manhattan, Kan. 

Sedgwick, Julius Parker, B. Sc. ; M. D. 1899, Rush Medical 
College. Physician. 

2015 Kenwood Parkway, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Sinclair, William Wallace, LL. B. Lawyer. Nampa, Idaho 

Skinner, Clarence Aurelius, A. M. See 1893. 

Smails, Amelia June, A. B. (Mrs. Andrew Watt). 

Stephens, John Lincoln, LL. B. Treasurer St. Paul Tropical 
Development Co. 1864 Marshall Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Taylor, Sara Vore, A. B. Teacher, High School. Omaha 

Tefft, Clarence Edwin, LL. B. Lawyer. Weeping Water 

Tracy, Edward Morton, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Corpus Christi, Tex. 

Turrell, Charles Alfred, B. Sc; A.M. 1901, University of Mis- 
souri. Professor of Modern Languages, University of Ari- 
zona. Tucson, Ariz. 

Walker, Lon Cain, A. M. Real Estate. 

Warner, Chancy Dixon, B. Sc. Assistant Engineer and New 
York Manager, Moore Electrical Co. 

75 Sussex Ave., East Orange, N. J. 

Weaver, Arthur J., LL. B. See 1895. 

Westermann, William Linn, A. M. See 1894. 

Wheeler, Myrtle Isabelle, B. Sc, A. M. 1901; M. D. 1905, Harvey 
Medical College (Mrs. C. E. Hunniston). 

136 N. Central Ave., Chicago, IlL 

Whiting, May Cynthia, A. B., A. M. 1898 (Mrs. Theodore Wes- 
termann). 4435 Forest Park Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 

Wiggins, Frank Ellsworth, LL. B., A. B. 1898. Farmer and 
Rancher. Ralston, Wyo. 

Wild, Joseph Albert, LL. B. Lawyer and Publisher. County 
Judge. Wilber 

Williams, William Leon, LL. B Deceased 

46 The University of Nebraska 

Wilson, Burton Wilbur, A. B., LL. B. 1898; A.M. 1901, Colum- 
bia. Lawyer. City of Mexico 

Wilson, Victor Emanuel, LL. B.; M. Accts, 1892, Bryant Nor- 
mal University. Attorney. Stromsburg 

Wilson, Wilmer William, LL. B. Lawyer. Nebraska City 

Wing, Thomas Elwood, LL. B. See 1893. 

Omaha Medical College. 

Abbott, Herbert A., M. D. 

Bridges, Edson L., M. D. Omaha 
Butler, Albert, M. D. 

Manila Constabulatory Headquarters, Manila, P. I. 

Gilbert, George R., M. D. Fort Collins, Colo. 

Koerber, Paul E., M. D. Yutan 

Lawrie, William, M. D. Hannibal, Mo. 

Lawson, Thomas J. Ute, la. 

Lilledahl, F. E., M. D. Pierce 

Mead, Mrs. Maud, M. D. Lawton, Okla. 

O'Toole, Thomas, M. D. Eagle Grove, la. 

Quincy, Mary A., M. D. Ashland 
Robinson, Reuben, M. D. 419 E. Crockett St., San Antonio, Tex. 

Spates, Charles B., M. D. Knoxville, la. 

Stephenson, Andrew V., M. D. Crawford 

Strough, George W., M. D. Barnston 

Swoboda, Louis, M. D. 301 Paxton Blk., Omaha 

Thomas, Harry, M. D. Victor, Colo. 


A. B. 66; B. Sc. 25; B. Sc. in E. E. 7; B. Sc. in C. E. 5; 

LL. B. 36; A.M. 21; Ph.D. 1; E. E. 1. 

Abbott, Charles Edwin, LL. B. Lawyer. Fremont 

Alexander, Hartley Burr, A. B.; Ph.D., Columbia University. 

Professor of Philosophy, University of Nebraska. 

1736 Garfield St., Lincoln 
Allen, Charles Sumner, A. M. See 1886. 

Allen, Oscar Howard, A. B. Farmer. Wabash 

Almy, John Edwin, A. M. See 1896. 
Arnold, Bion Joseph, E. E.; B. S. 1884, M. S. 1887, M. Ph. 1890, 

Graduates, i8g7 47 

Hillsdale College. Consulting Electrical Engineer, 

181 LaSalle St., Chicago, 111. 
Atkinson, Maude, A. B. (Mrs. Lewis G. Thayer). 

Pullman, Wash. 
Aulgur, Susie, A. B. (Mrs. J. W. Chitwood). 

3810 Bell St., Kansas City, Mo. 
Babcock, George Ira, LL. B. See 1894. 
Baker, Fannie Anna, A. M. See 1891. 
Baker, Raymond Servius, A. B., A. M. 1898, LL. B. 1900. 

Bassett, Martha Lucia, B. Sc. (Mrs. Martha L. Prouty). 

Benedict, Harris Miller, A. M. See 1896. 

Bessey, Carl Athearn, A. B., B. Sc. in E. E .1899. Electrical 
Engineer. With H. M. Byllesby & Co., QoiisuUing Engi- 
neers, Chicago. Riverside, 111. 

Bessey, Ernst Athearn, B. Sc. See 1896. 
Broady, Anna, A. B. (Mrs. David Avery Haggard). 

Brainerd, Minn. 
Brown, Cyrus Oscar, LL. B. Lawyer. Douglas, Wyo. 

Brown, Frank, LL. B. See 1894. 

Bullock, Flora, A. B., A. M. 1899. Instructor, University of 
Nebraska. 36th and Y Sts., Lincoln 

Burrows, Tremaine Kellogg, A. B. Office of Exp. Stations. 

Washington, D. C. 
Byam, Irene Bell, A. B. (Mrs. Fred W. Tyler). 

1204 A St., Lincoln 
Cameron, John Peter, A. B. Stockman. Tekamah 

Camp, Georgia, A. B. (Mrs. W. W. Jaeger). Champaign, 111. 
Carr, John, LL. B. Lawyer. Land Agent. Lincoln 

Case, Frances Georgiana, A. B. (Mrs. W. H. Sawyer). 

New York City 
Chatburn, George Richard, A.M., B. C. B. 1884; C. E. 1910, 
Iowa State Agricultural College. Head Professor of Ap- 
plied Mechanics, University of Nebraska. 

2850 P St., Lincoln 

Clark, Esther Ann, A. B. Professor of Latin, State Normal 

School. Peru 

48 The University of Nebraska 

Coleman, Beach, LL. B. Lawyer. Scottsbluff 

Condra, George Evert, B. Sc, A.M. 1898, Ph.D. 1902. Pro- 
fessor of Geography and Economic Geology, University 
of Nebraska. 1319 Q St., Lincoln 

Cooper, Clyde Barnes, A. B. ; A. M. 1901, University of Iowa. 

6149 Ellis Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Countryman, Clifton Louis, B. Sc. Farmer and Stockman. 

Cortelyou, John VanZandt, A. B., A. M. 1901, Ph. D. 1904 
Heidelberg, Germany. Professor of German, State Agri- 
cultural College. Manhattan, Kan. 
Creigh, Thomas, LL. B.; A. B. 1894, Princeton. Lawyer. 
Cudahy Packing Co. South Omaha 
Crook, Zeno E., B. Sc. in E. E., A. M. 1899. Western Electric 
Co.'s Salesman. 217 So. Ogden St., Denver, Colo. 
Crownover, Charles Elmer, B. Sc. in C. E. Engineer, U. S. 
Reclamation Service. Camp 16, Natches, Wash. 
Dales, Benton, B. Sc, A.M. 1899; Ph.D. 1901, Cornell Uni- 
versity. Professor of Chemistry, University of Nebraska. 

2025 C St., Lincoln 

Davis, David Milton, A. B. Pastor of Church. Piqua, Ohio 

Dean, Nellie Leota, A. B., A. M. 1901. Teacher in High School. 

914 Mansfield Ave., Spokane, Wash. 

Doubrava, Harry Wilfred, B. Sc. in E. E. Electrical Engineer. 

220 Broadway, New York City 
Ducker, William Lyon, B. Sc. Court Reporter. 

Tecumseh, Okla. 
Duncombe, Frances Evaline, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

835 No. 28th St., Lincoln 
Elliott, Edward Charles, A. M. See 1895. 
Elmore, Wilber Theodore, A. M. See 1896. 
Emerson, Rollins Adams, B. Sc. Professor of Horticulture, 
University of Nebraska. 1205 No. 33d St., Lincoln 

Engberg, Carl Christian, A. M. See 1895. 
Erwin, Oliver Stuart, A. B. Lawyer. 

U. S. National Bank Bldg., Omaha 

Flaherty, Dennis James, LL. B.; A. B. 1894, A. M. 1896, Detroit 

College. Lawyer. 512 Richards Blk., Lincoln 

Graduates, iS^y 49 

Frankish, Ellen Huntington, A. B. Teacher, High School. 

Fuller, Emma Quinby, A.M.; B. Sc. 1892, Doane (Mrs. Emma 
Deane). 5220 Cornell Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Gates, Jesse Ives, LL. B. Lumber Dealer. Pewaukee, Wis. 
Goff, Helen Minerva, LL. B. Clerk. 212 No. 20th St., Lincoln 
Goodner, Ivan Wilbur, LL. B. Lawyer. 

842 Central Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 
Graham, Ada Virginia, A. B., A. M. 1908. Tutor in Latin and 
German. 2525 R St., Lincoln 

Graham, Robert Hamill, A. B. Superintendent of Schools. 

Grant, William, B. Sc. in C. E. Consulting Engineer. 

2420 R St., Lincoln 
Green, Guy Wilder, LL. B. Lawyer. Immigration Business. 

528 So. 10th St., Lincoln 

Greenfield, Nathan Rickers, LL. B. Lawyer. Rawlins, Wyo. 

Griggs, Charles Clifton, B. Sc. in E. E. Gen. Supt., Uncle Sam 

Cons'd Mining Co. Eureka, Utah 

Griggs, Nellie King, A. B. (Mrs. H. B. Alexander). 

1736 Garfield St., Lincoln 
Guile, Jennie Esther, A. B. (Mrs. Charles Weeks). 

Ft. Snelling, Minn. 

Gustin, Frank Jasper, LL. B. Lawyer. Salt Lake, Utah 

Guyer, Michael Frederick, A.M.; Ph.D. 1900, University of 

Chicago. Professor of Zoology, University of Cincinnati. 

Burnet Woods, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Hackney, William Weston, B. Sc. Assistant Cashier, Central 

National Bank. 1612 F St., Lincoln 

Hall, Jennie Alicia, A. B. Principal, High School. Holdrege 

Harding, Albert Spencer, A. M. Professor of History and 

Economics, South Dakota State College. Brookings, S. D. 

Harris, Ray Mitchell, A. B., LL. B. 1900. Lawyer. David City 

Hassler, Guy Warren, LL. B. Lawyer. Missoula, Mont. 

Hawksworth, David West, B. Sc. in E. E. Dominion Car & 

Foundry Co. Montreal, Can. 

Hayden, Blancet Shacklet, B. Sc, A. M. 1898. Farmer. 


50 The University of Nebraska 

Hayward, William Henry, LL. B. Lawyer. 

37 Wall St., New York City 
Heise, Ida Wilhelmine, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Nebraska City 
Hemry, Frederick Squire, A. M. Student, Johns Hopkins Uni- 

Hildreth, Ward, LL. B. See 1895. 

Hullhorst, Grace Elizabeth, A. B. Teacher, High School. 

2941 Q St., Lincoln 
Hunter, Walter David, A. M. See 1895. 

Hunter, William Boyd, B. Sc, A. M. 1898. Special Examiner, 
Bureau of Corporations. 

1320 Howard St., Washington, D. C. 

Johnson, Alvin Saunders, A. B., A.M. 1898; Ph.D. 1903, 

Columbia University. Professor of Political Economy, 

Cornell University. Ithaca, N. Y. 

Jones, Elbert Orlando, LL. B. Lawyer. Sioux Falls, S. D. 

Jorgenson, Hans William, B. Sc. in C. E. Mining Engineer. 

Bizbee, Arizona 
Killen, David Lewis, LL. B. Mining and Industrial Securities, 
President American Eucalyptus Timber Corporation. 

184 LaSalle St., Chicago, 111. 
Kirk, William Elwood, A.M. See 1895. 

Korsmeyer, Fritz August, B. Sc. Railroad Editor of "Wall 
Street Journal." 44 Broad St., New York, N. Y. 

Kuhlmann, Charles, A. B., A. M. 1900. Ranching. Joliet, Mont. 
Lehnhoff, Henry John, A. B.; M. D. 1900, Northwestern Uni- 
versity. Physician. 506 Little Bldg., Lincoln 
Lindquist, Adolph Bernard, A. B., M. D. 1900. Oculist. 

Brandeis Blk., Omaha 
Lownes, Joseph, B. Sc. Deceased 

Lyman, Rufus Ashley, A. B., A.M. 1899, M. D. 1903. Pro- 
fessor Pharmacodynamics and Director, School of Phar- 
macy, University of Nebraska. 1641 So. 21st St., Lincoln 
McDowell, Clyde Cavour, A. B., B. Sc. 1905. Fairbury 

McMichael, Charles Wilson, A. B. Superintendent City Schools. 

Madeen, Emma, LL. B. Lawyer (Madeen & Madeen). 

Centerville, S. D. 

Graduates, i8^y 51 

Manley, Robert Hardy, A. B. With J. A. Brandeis, Boston 
Store. Omaha 

Mansfelde, Belle von, A. B., A. M. 1898. Teacher in High 
School. Omaha 

Manville, Mahlon Fritz, LL. B. Real Estate. Atoka, I. T. 

Matthews, Benoni Cutler, LL. B., A. M. See 1895. 

Matthews, Ella, A. B. Missionary Teacher in Anglo-Chinese 
School. Oldham Hall, Singapore Straits Settlement 

Melick, Katherine May, A. M. See 1895. 

Meyer, Franklin Llewellyn, B. So. in E. E. Electrical Engi- 
neer, J. A. Roebling Sons Co. 

25 New Anderson St., Trenton, N, J. 

Miller, Wiley Herbert, LL. B. County Attorney. Bloomington 

Minor, Harry Victor, LL. B. Traveling Salesman. Lincoln 

Moss, Simeon Martindale, A. B., A. M. 1900. Supt. Schools. 


Mousel, Charles, LL. B. Banker. Wilsonville 

^ienhuis, Henry, A. B. Principal of High School. 

Lead, S. D. 

Norton, Clinton Scott, A. B. Decisased 

Oury, William Harrison, A. B. Captain, U. S. Infantry. Care 
of Adjutant General. Washington, D. C. 

Packard, Lawrence Ralph, A. B. Physician. Kearney 

Pancoast, Arthur Chester, A. B., A. M. 1900, LL. B. 1901. 
Lawyer. South Omaha 

Parker, Jesse Tuck, LL. B. Attorney at Law. St. Paul 

Parmelee, Howard Coon, B. Sc, A. M. 1899. Chemist and 
Assayer, North American Smelter & Mines Co. 

3424 W. 23d Ave., Denver, Colo. 

Pfeiffer, Laura Belle, A. B., A. M. 1906. Adjunct Professor of 
European History, University of Nebraska. Lincoln 

Philbrick, Francis Samuel, B, Sc, A. M. 1899. 

2339 18th St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

Philbrick, Nettie Elizabeth, B. Sc. 1023 H St., Lincoln 

Pillsbury, Edward Andrew, A. B.; M. D. 1904, Univeristy of 
Michigan. Physician. Frankenmuth, Mich. 

Pillsbury, Susan, A. B. Teacher in High School. Lincoln 

52 The University of Nebraska 

Piper, Edwin Ford, A. B., A. M. 1900. Associate Professor of 
Rhetoric, University of Iowa. Iowa City, la. 

Placek, Emil Edwin, LL. B. Lawyer. County Judge. Wahoo 

Pound, Olivia, A. M. See 1895. 

Pound, Roscoe, Ph. D. See 1888. 

Randall, Karl Chandler, B. Sc. in E. E. Head of Westinghouse 
Transformer Dept. Edgewood Park, Pa. 

Reagan, Herbert Everett, B. Sc. in E. E. Railroad Contractor. 

1816 Fisher Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

Redford, Helena Idabelle, B. Sc. Nurse. 

2840 Sumner St., Lincoln 

Reitz, Oscar Anson, B. Sc. Foreman, Homestake Sluice Plant. 

Lead, S. D. 

Rhodes, Mae, B. Sc. (Mae Rhodes Rae). 

Rich, Daniel Henry, B. Sc. Consulting Engineer. 

Ricketts, Lowe Arnott, A. B., B. L. 1899. Lawyer. 

1340 R St., Lincoln 
Ricketts, Mabel Duncan, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Champaign, 111. 
Ridgley, Hilliard Samuel, LL. B. Lawyer. Basin, Wyo. 

Risser, George Hampton, LL. B. Lawyer. 

1908 Euclid Ave., Lincoln 

Rose, Augustus Henry, A. B. City Salesman. Omaha 

Rowe, Jesse Perry, B. Sc, A. M. 1903, Ph. D. 1906. Professor 

of Geology and Director Geological Survey, University 

of Montana. Missoula, Mont. 

Sargent, Mary Elvira, A. B. (Mrs. M. H. Weese). 

Saxton, Ralpli Cole, A. B. Dental Supply Co. 

Schock, Eva Mabel, A. M.; B. L. 1894, Nebraska Wesleyan Uni- 
versity (Mrs. F. R. Hollenback). 

173 So. Grant St., Denver, Colo. 
Shear, Cornelius Lott, B. Sc, A.M. 1901; Ph.D. 1906, George 
Washington University. Plant Pathologist, Department 
of Agriculture. Washington, D. C. 

Shedd, Harry Graves, A. B., A.M. 1900. Real Estate. Vice- 
President Shedd Investment Co. Omaha 
Shreve, James Norman, A. B. Railroad Lands. 

853 Flood Bldg., San Francisco, Cal. 

Gradurates, i8p/ 53 

Skinner. Wells Hawks, A. B., A. M. 1898. Deceased 

Smith, John De Yarman, LL. B. Real Estate. Lincoln 

Smith, Leo Clark, A. B. Secretary Smith Heating Co. 

821 Washington Ave., S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Spurck, Jessie Benton, A. B. (Mrs. W. B. Comstock). 

1810 M St., Lincoln 

Spurck, Mary Anne, A. B. (Mrs. A. Z. Prescott). 

Lorain, Ohio 

Sterns, Worthy Putnam, A. M. See 1895. 

Stout, Oscar Van Pelt, C. E. See 1888. 

Taylor, William James, A. M. See 1891. 

Teele, Ray Palmer, A. B., A. M. 1899. Editor Irrigation 
Journal, U. S. Dept. Agriculture. Washington, D. C. 

Thomas, George Henry, A. B. Banker. Harvard 

Thompson, Charles Yoder, LL. B. Dairyman. West Point 

Thompson, Grace Guy, A. B. (Mrs. J. S. Hyatt). 

1611 Poplar St., Lincoln 

Thompson, Margaret Ellen, A.M.; B. Sc. 1886, Doane (Mrs. 
A. E. Sheldon). Lincoln 

Thornber, John James, B. Sc, A. M. 1901. Professor of Bot- 
any, University of Arizona. Tucson, Arizona 

Trail, Rollin Alexander, B. Sc. in C. E. Assistant to City Engi- 
neer. Lincoln 

True, Sidney Merlin, LL. B. Cashier Bank of Center. 

Center, Colo. 

Walker, Hugh, A. B. 

Walker, Kate Snow, A. B., A.M. 1898 (Mrs. Ben W. Johnson). 

701 Lincoln Ave., Toledo, Ohio 

Warner, Ernst Frederick, LL. B. Mining and Industrial Se- 
curities. Chicago, 111. 

Warren, George Frederick, Jr., B. Sc; B. Sc in Ag. 1903, M. S. 
in Ag. 1904, Ph. D. 1905, Cornell University. Professor of 
Farm Management, Cornell University. Ithaca, N. Y. 

White, Albert Sidney, LL. B. President Night and Day Bank. 

St. Louis, Mo. 

Wilson, Clement Leach, LL. B. Member Kansas Legislature 
and Lawyer. Tribune, Kan. 

Wilson, Denver Loaring, LL. B. ; Bachelor of Didactics, West- 
ern Normal College, la. Lawyer. Shenandoah, la. 

54 The University of Nebraska 

Wilson, Hugh, B. Sc. in C. E. Division Superintendent, D. & 
R. G. Ry. Sansalito, Cal. 

Wort, Julia Minot, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

1810 Garfield St., Lincoln 
Young, Clare Cook, B. Sc. Physician. 

Omaha Medical College. 

Beattie, Daniel W., M. D. Neligh 

Omaha Medical College 
Borom, S. C, M. D. 

313 So. Washington Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Childs, R. F., M. D. Audobon, la. 

Cunningham, Harry, M. D. Salem, 111. 

Dietz, C. F., M. D. Tabor, la. 

Ireland, George A., M. D. St. Edwards 

Jessen, J. H., M. D. Dayton, Ore. 

Koerber, Gustave A., M. D. Russell, Kan. 

Kraft, F. E., M. D. Brownville 

McGirr, John I., M. D. Beatrice 

Mclntyre, L. R. Onarga, 111. 

Montgomery, W. P., M. D. Hickman 

Mowrer, W. P., M. D. Perry, la. 

Rugg, Frederick C, M. D. Deceased 

Swanson, C. L. F., M. D. 307 Brown Blk., Omaha 

Talbot, Willis E., M. D. Broken Bow 


A. B. 96; B. Sc. 25; LL. B. 39; B. Sc. in E. E. 14; B. Sc. 3; 
A.M. 42; Ph. D. 2. 
Alabaster, Francis Asbury, A.M.; A. B., Northwestern Uni- 
versity 1890. Professor of Greek and Latin, Nebraska 
Wesleyan University. University Place 

Almy, Billings Grinnell, A. M. See 1896. 
Ames, Ernest Capron, LL. B. See 1896. 

Anderson, Charles Edward, B. Sc. in E. E. 

Andrews, Albert Henry, B. Sc. in C. E. Deceased 

Angle, Edward John, A.M.; B. Sc. 1886, University of Wis- 
consin; M. D. 1887, Ohio Medical College. Physician. 

407 Funke Bldg., Lincoln 

Graduates, i8g8 55 

Atkinson, Mrs. Ada J., A. M. See Ada J. Irwin, 1879. 

Auman, Martha Theodora, A. B. Field Secretary Home Mis- 
sionary Union of Vermont. Essex Junction, Vermont 

Axling, William, A. B. ; B. D., Rochester Theological Seminary. 
Evangelistic Missionary for the City of Tokyo. 

30 Tsukiji, Tokyo, Japan 

Baker, Raymond Servius, A. M. See 1897. 

Banghart, Edgar David, B. Sc, M. D. 1907. Physician. 

David City 

Barber, Charles Elijah, B. Sc. San Benito, Tex. 

Barber, Jennie May, A. B. (Mrs. Francis J. Plym). 

Barber, Vergil Cassius, A. B. Superintendent Randolph Box 

& Label Co. 187 No. Clark St., Chicago, 111. 

Barron, Pleasant Jefferson. Editor. Scottsbluff 

Beattie, Ethel Blanche, A. B. Secretary to Principal of High 

School. 421 So. 15th St., Lincoln 

Beattie, Rolla Kent, A. M. See 1896. 

Belden, Oliver Willie, LL. B. Lawyer. Lewistown, Mont. 

Bell, Albert Thomas, B. Sc, A. M. 1900. Professor of Botany, 

University of Louisiana. Baton Rouge, La. 

Belnap, La Monte Judson, B. Sc. in E. E. President of Rudel- 

Belnap Manufacturing Company. 

41 Windsor Ave., Montreal, Can. 
Bessey, Edward Athearn, B. Sc. in E. E. See 1896. 
Bessey, Ernst Athearn, A. M. See 1896. 
Betts, Annie Marie, A. B. (Mrs. James Wise). 

28 Wabash Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 
Bigelow, Charles Wesley, A. M. See 1889. 
Bischof, Arthur Alfon, A. B., LL. B. 1900. Lawyer. County 

Judge. Nebraska City 

Bobbitt, Charles Everett, LL, B. Railway Mail Service. 

1531 So. 19th St., Lincoln 
Brewer, Albert David, A.M.; A. B. 1895, Iowa College; M. D. 

1901, Harvard. Physician, Bozeman, Mont. 

Bross, Alice Heywood, A. B. (Mrs. A. F. Newell). Franklin 
Brown, James Arthur, LL. B, Lawyer, Stewart, Williams & 

Brown. 522 Sec. Mut. Life Bldg., Lincoln 

56 The University of Nebraska 

Burgert, Greorge, Jr., B. Sc. Assistant Cashier City National 
Bank. Kearney 

Bush, Harold Dyer, LL. B. Traveling Salesman. Chicago, 111. 

Campbell, Robert Archibald, B. Sc. Fullerton 

Candy, Albert Luther, Ph.D.; A. B. 1892, A.M. 1893, Univer- 
sity of Kansas. Professor of Mathematics, University of 
Nebraska. 1003 H St., Lincoln 

Carscadden, Edna Blanche, A. B. Teacher, High School. 

Loveland, Colo. 

Chamberlain, May, A. M. See 1894. 

Clark, Paul Fenimore, A. M. See 1887. 

Clements, Frederick Edward, Ph. D. See 1894. 

Closson, Oda Zoe, A. B. Musician. 

1304 Paseo Blvd., Kansas City, Mo. 

Condra, George Evert, A. M. See 1897. 

Cook, Samuel, A. M. Acting Professor of Physics, Allegheny 
College. Meadville, Pa. 

Cooley, Frederick Curtis, B. Sc. Mining and Smelting Sup- 

Corey, Stephen Jared, A. B.; B. D. 1901, Rochester Theological 
Seminary. General Secretary, Foreign Christian Mission- 
ary Society. Box 884, Cincinnati, Ohio 

Corr, Rachel, B. Sc, A. M. 1906 (Mrs. Benjamin Maiben). 


Crewitt, Mrs. Julia Sumner, A. B., A. M. 1900 (Mrs. George W. 
Stoddard). Belfast, Me. 

Cropsey, Cora Caldwell, A. B. (Mrs Ben McLucas). Fairbury 

Cunningham, Marion Otho, LL. B. Lawyer. 

750 Omaha National Bank Bldg., Omaha 

Cushman, Mabel Edith, A. B. (Mrs. C. R. Welden). Peru 

Cushman, Royal Melvin, B. Sc. Bakery Proprietor. 

1735 Amsterdam Ave., New York City 

Cutter, Irving Samuel, B. Sc, M. D. Physician. 

211 Richards Blk., Lincoln 

Dailey, Hugh Bernard, LL. B.; A. B. 1896, St. Mary's College. 

Davenport, Erwin Roland, B. Sc. Manager and Treasurer 
Star-Gazette. 407 Euclid Ave., Elmira, N. Y. 

Graduates, i8p8 57 

Davies, George Andrew, A. B. C, B. & Q. Ry. 

1906 Ames Ave., Omaha 
Davisson, Albert Eugene, A. B. Deceased 

Day, Carrie, A. B. (Mrs. Rufus Ashley Lyman). 

2740 Garfield Ave., Lincoln 
Deal, Alva Lawrence, A. B., LL. B. 1901. Deputy Probate 
Judge. 905 Cassilly St., Canton, Ohio 

Dean, Herbert Eugene, LL. B. Law and Real Estate. 

Hoswell, Colo. 
Dempster, Mabel Blythe, A. B. (Mrs. S. A. Christenson). 

Sioux Falls, S. D. 
Denison, John Delos, LL. B. Lawyer. 

467 Alpine St., Dubuque, la. 
Du Bois, Ada, A. B. (Mrs. S. A. Reasoner). Kearney 

Erb, Carl Lee, A. B. Salesman. 3254 R St., Lincoln 

Evans, Aivin Eleazer, A.M.; Ph.D. 1908, University of Michi- 
gan. Head Professor of Latin, State College of Washing- 
ton. Pullman, Wash. 
Evans, Herbert Silas, B. Sc. in E. E. 1901. Professor in Elec- 
trical Engineering, University of Colorado. 

Boulder, Colo. 
Farnham, Jane Revilo, A. B. (Mrs. J. H. Boose). 

Pontiac, 111. 
Fisher, Cassius Asa, A. B., A. M. 1900. U. S. Geological Survey 

Mining Expert. 

Fling, Allen Clemence, A. M. See 1894. 

Fling, Helene Dresser, A.M. (Mrs. F. M. Fling). 

1304 B St., Lincoln 
Folsom, Ernest Clinton, LL. B. Insurance and Loans (Folsom 
Bros). 2212 Washington St., Lincoln 

Fordyce, Charles, A. M. See 1896. 
Fossler, Mary Louise, A. M. See 1894. 
Gage, Harry Frank, B. Sc. Cartoonist and Comic Artist. 

Gere, Frances Clapham, A. B. 849 D St., Lincoln 

Gilman, Alfred Alonzo, A. B. Missionary. 

Changsha Hunan Province, China 
Green, Leslie Brooks, LL. B. Lawyer. Mountain Home, Idaho 

58 The University of Nebraska 

Gireen, Lucy Garrison, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

2501 R St., Lincoln 
Grosvenor, John Homer, LL. B. Lawyer and County Attorney. 

Gutleben, John Simon, A. M. With Southern Pacific Ry. 

Fruitvale, Cal. 

Hager, George Edward, A. B., LL. B. 1899. Lawyer and 

Deputy County Attorney. 1529 B St., Lincoln 

Hagey, Emma Joanna, A. B. Librarian. Cedar Rapids, la. 

Haggard, Ralph Whitledge, A. B. Stock Raiser. Oxford 

Hall, Daniel Crosby, B. Sc. in E. E., E. E. 1904. U. S. Inspector, 

Brooklyn Navy Yard. 211 Carlton Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Hall, Sarah Newman, A. M., Ph. B. 1897, Wesleyan. (Mrs. 

George Warfield). Mitchell, S. D. 

Halstead, William Leon, A. B. Editor and Manager "The 

Herald-Courier." Bristol, Va. 

Hansen, Walter Andrew, LL. B. With Cudahy Packing Co. 

3023 Redick Ave., Omaha 
Hayden, Blancet Shacklet, A. M. See 1897. 
Hearn, Kathleen Georgina, A. M. See 1886. 
Heitzman, William S., A. B. With Ginn & Co. 

610 Topeka Ave., Topeka, Kan. 
Hendy, Charles, Jr., A. B. Manager Ford Automobile Co. 

1554 Broadway, Denver, Colo. 
Henry, Edson Alden, A. B., A.M. 1899; LL. B. 1903, Harvard. 
Lawyer. N. Y. Life Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 

Henry, Margaret Edith, A. B. (Mrs. A. S. Johnson). 

Ithaca, N. Y. 
Hewitt, Fanny Minerva, B. Sc. (Mrs. William H. De Camp). 

R. F. D. No. 1, Clearwater 
Hill, Bruca Vickroy, A.M., Ph. B. 1896, Iowa College; Ph.D. 
1902, Berlin. Physicist, Chicago Telephone Co. 

1132 Winona St., Edgewater, Chicago, 111. 
Hiltner ,Martin Edward, B. Sc. Superintendent Mining Mill, 
Wasp No. 2. Central City, S. D. 

Hines, Orphosius Fulton, LL. B. Railway Mail Service. 

Hitchman, Jackson Colburn, B. Sc. in E. E. Manager El Capi- 
tan Mining Co, Ocotlan, Oaxaca, Mexico 

Graduates, i8p8 59 

Holmes, Ernest Raymond, A. M. See 1890. 

Holmes, Kittle Shackleton, A. B. (Mrs. E. R. Holmes). 

Home, William Titus, B. Sc. Assistant Professor of Plant 
Pathology, University of California. Berkley, Cal. 

House, Homer Clyde, A.M., A. B. 1896; Ph.D. 1909, Doane 
College. Head of English Department, Peru State Nor- 
mal. Peru 
Humphrey, Fred Blaine, A. B., LL. B, 1900. Real Estate. 

136 No. 11th St., Lincoln 
Humphrey, Fred Lee, LL. B. Mining. Cripple Creek, Colo. 
Hunter, Alice Cushman, A. M. See 1895. 
Hunter, William Boyd, A. M. See 1897. 

Hurley, Charles Clarence, LL. B. Lawyer. Glendive, Mont. 
Hyatt, Willet Ryder, LL. B. Manufacturing. Payette, Idaho 
Hyde, Maurice Arthur, B. Sc. in E. E. Solicitor. 

444 So. 29th St., Lincoln 
Imhoff, Charles Hudson, LL. D. - Hopewell, N. J. 

Irwin, Charles Walter, A. M. Principal, Avondale School. 

Cooranbong, N. S. W., Australia 
Jackson, Mary Frances; B. Sc. Teacher, Lincoln High School. 

1546 E St., Lincoln 
Jeffords, Clyde Ray, A. B., A.M. 1900; Ph.D. 1904, Cornell. 
Teacher, Boys' High School in Brooklyn. 

19 Union Park Ave., Jamaica, N. Y. 
Johnson, Alvin Saunders, A. M. See 1897. 
Johnson, Victor Oscar, LL. B.; A. B. 1896, University of Chi- 
cago. Lawyer. Shoshone, Idaho 
Keith, Arthur Leslie, A. B.; Ph.D., University of Chicago 
1910. Acting Professor of Latin, Carleton College. 

Northfield, Minn. 
Kemp, James Harvey, LL. B. Lawyer. Fullerton 

Kindler, George Ernst, A. B. 

Kinton, William George, B. Sc. in E. E. Telephone Engineer- 
ing. Powell St., Wyoming Station, Chicago, 111. 
Ladd, Charles Franklin, LL. B. Dentist. 

207 Fraternity Bldg., Lincoln 

6o The University of Nebraska 

Langer, Helen Frances, B. Sc; A.M. 1906, University of 
Minneosta (Mrs. William Ellsworth Brooke). 

405 Oak St., S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Lansing, Jessie Belle, A. B. (Mrs. Ernest Wiggenhom). 


Lehman, William Henry, A. B. Hotel Business. 

Lien, Jonas, A. B. Deceased 

Lunn, Thomas, A. B. Deceased 

Lyndes, John Curtis, LL, B. Lawyer. Forsyth, Mont. 

Lytle, Anna Webster, A. B. Dean of Women, State Normal. 

Lewiston, Idaho 

McGahey, Mary Wilson, A. B. Head af Dei)artment of Manual 
Training, Idaho State Normal. 

711 8th Ave., Lewiston, Idaho 

McGuire, Edward Thomas, LL. B.; Ph. GL 1904, Fremont Col- 
lege. Instructor, Lincoln Medical (College. 

31 M5 Burr Block, Lincoln 

McKay, William, A. B. Manufacturer's Agent, Simplex Mfg. 
Co. Ill No. Market St., Chicago, 111. 

Maguire, John Arthur, A.M., LL. B. 1899; B. Sc. 1893, Iowa 
State Agricultural College. Congressman from First Ne- 
braska District. Lincoln 

Mansfelde, Belle von, A. M. See 1897. 

Martin, Orville Hayes, A. B.; LL. B. 1901, Harvard University. 
Lawyer. Care University Club, Kansas City, Mo. 

Meier, Otto William, A. B., LL. B. 1900. Lawyer. Lincoln 

Meliza, Lew Elmer, A. B. Deceased 

Metcalf, Mabel, A. B. (Mrs. W. W. Wilson). 

329 W. 65th St., Chicago, 111., Alvin Augustus, B. Sc. in E. E. Sales Engineer, West- 
inghouse Electric Co. 206 Central Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 

Miller, Schuyler William, A. M. See 1894. 

Moore, Ezekiel Arrowsmith, A. B.; S. T. B., Boston Univer- 
sity. Minister. Prescott, la. 

Morison, Charles Campbell, B. Sc, M. D. 1903. Physician. 


Morrison, Edwin Rees, B. Sc, LL. B. 1901. Lawyer. Walsh 
Jb Morrison. 931 Scarritt Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 

Graduates, i8p8 6i 

Mueller, Ralph Scott, B. Sc. Kellog Switchboard Co. 

423 High Ave., S. E., Cleveland, Ohio 
Myers, Wilsie Anthony, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Care of Traffic Manager, Kansas City Stock Yards Co., 

Kansas City, Mo. 
Noren, Selma Constance, A. B. (Mrs. Ralph Haggard). 

Noyes, Hiland Bachellor, B. Sc. in E. E. With Omaha Trac- 
tion Co. 2623 No. 20th St., Omaha 
Pace, Ike Eugene Odell, A. M., LL. B. See 1896. 
Parker, Ulysses Simson, A. B.; A.M. 1900, Harvard. Teacher 
in High School. 2030 Elm St., Quincy, 111. 
Patch, Leroy Vernon, A. B. Brigadier-General, Commanding 
National Guard of Idaho. Payette, Idaho 

Payne, Robert Bruce, A. B. 

Pearson, John Elmer, A. B. Salesman, West Publishing Co. 

Cody, Wyo. 
Philpott, Charles Wescott, A. M. See 1896. 
Pinkerton, Samuel Walter, A. B., LL. B. Law Book Business. 

1430 Capital Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 
Polk, Edna Charles, A. B. (Mrs. B. W. Wilson) 

8^ Calle Real, Coyoacan, Mex. 

Pope, Alvin Eugene, A. B. Broker. 

Pope, Donald I., A. B. Student, University of Chicago. 

28 No. Hall, Chicago, 111. 
Porter, George Neyman, A. B. Teacher in State Normal 
School. Kearney 

Rebmann, Jeremiah, B. Sc. Forest Service, U. S. Department 
of Agriculture. Washington, D. C. 

Reed, Albert Alison, A. B. Inspector of Accredited Schools, 
University of Nebraska. Lincoln 

Reedy, Oliver Thomas, B. Sc. in C. E. U. S. Reclamation Sur- 
vey. Orman, S. D. 
Reynolds, Belle Winifred, A. B. York 
Riley, Frank Teal, A. B. Proprietor F. T. Riley Publishing Co. 

Temple Blk., Kansas City, Mo. 
Roach, Leonard Emery, LL. B. Lawyer. County Attorney. 

North Platte 

62 The University of Nebraska 

Robbins, Charles Burton, A. B.; A.M. 1901, Columbia. Lawyer. 
, Cedar Rapids, la. 

Roddy, Thomas Francis, A. B., LL. B. 1900. Lawyer. 

Nebraska City 
Rohrbaugh, James Madison, B. Sc. in C. E. Assistant Bridge 

Engineer, F. E. & C. Ry. 

Rooney, Ellen, A. B. Teacher in High School. Omaha 

Russell, Mary Anne, A. B. (Mrs. Mary Wertz). 

1 Elinor Place, Yonkers, N. Y. 
Russell, Philip Winfred, A. B. Lawyer. 

37 Wall St., New York City 
Sackett, Harry Evans, LL. B. Lawyer. Beatrice 

Saville, John Appleton, B. Sc. in E. E. Western Electric Co. 

Western Springs, 111. 

Sawyer, Everett Brown, B. Sc. in E. E. President Cushman 

Motor Works. 2020 N St., Lincoln 

Scherzer, Eliza, A. B. Gig Harbor, Wash. 

Schneller, Clara, A. B. Principal of High School. 

Clay Center 
Schwartz, Edith Gertrude, A. B., Ph. D. 1904. (Mrs. F. E. 
Clements). 800 4th St., S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Sidle, Anna Elizabeth, A. B. (Mrs. R. M. Pence). Wauneta 

Singhaus, John A., LL. B. Lawyer. Tekamah 

Skinner, Wells Hawks, A. M. See 1897. 
Smith, Florence Sebring, A. M. See 1894. 
Smith, Sarah Elizabeth, A. B. (Mrs. Charles W. Taylor). 

Snoddy, James Samuel, A.M.; B. L. 1883, University of Mis- 
souri. Professor of English and Rhetoric, University of 
Montana. Missoula, Mont. 

Spencer, Craig Lemuel, A. B. Western Lands. 

McDonald, Kan. 

Stahl, Frederick Andrew, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Stewart, Gertrude Estella, A. B. (Mrs. Ralph C. March). 

Stewart, Horace Burton, A. B. Farmer. Cody, Wyo. 

Stone, Charles Leroy, B. Sc. Street Railway Co. Manila, P. I. 
Sullivan, Mary, A. B., A. M. 1900. Teacher in High School. 

520 So. 21st Ave., Omaha 

Graduates, i8p8 63 

Sundean, Manda Josephine, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

1501 I St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Sutton, Herbert Osmand, B. Sc. Head of the Department of 
Science, State Normal. 414 W. 27th St., Kearney 

Taylor, Anna Lucile, A. B. South Omaha 

Taylor, Charles William, A. B. Principal Teachers' College 
High School and Professor of Educational Administra- 
tion. Lincoln 

Thatcher, Roscoe Wilfred, B. Sc, A. M. 1901. Director Wash- 
ington Agriculture Experiment Station. Pullman, Wash. 

Thomson, Robert Milton, A. B., LL. B. Lawyer. Banker. 


Tishue, Walter Cleon, LT, B. Banker. Seward 

Troup, Lewis Melvin, LL. B. Manager Nebraska Credit Co. 
Lawyer. 1018 A St., liincolu 

True, Charles Henderson, B. Sc. in E. E. Mechanical Engi- 
neer. 210 Washington Ave., Phoenixvllle, Pa. 

Tucker, John Martin, LL. B. Lawyer. County Attorney. 


Tuttle, Emma Jean, B. Sc. Teacher in High School. 

Watsonville, Cal. 

Tyler, Eliza Edward, B. Sc. Teacher. Columbia, Mo. 

Vandecar, Herbert Brainard, LL. B. Real Estate and Attor- 
ney. St. Paul 

VanDerslice, E. Rank, B. Sc; M. D. 1903, University of Michi- 
gan. Physician. Cheney 

Walker, Kate Snow, A. M. . See 1897. 

Walker, Mercy Adams, A. B. (Mrs. E. C. Fletcher). Schuyler 

Wallace, Charles William, A. B.; Ph.D. 1906, Freiburg, Ger- 
many. Assistant Professor of English Literature, Univer- 
sity of Nebraska. 
11 Museum Chambers, Bury St. W. C, London, England 

Wallace, Hannah Alice, A. B. Tekamah 

Wallace, James Lincoln, LL. B. Lawyer. City Attorney. 

Cripple Creek, Colo. 

Warfield, George Alfred, LL. B. University Park, Colo. 

Warren, Joseph Allen, B. Sc, A.M. (Midwinter) 1904; Ph.D. 
1909. Manager and Superintendent of the Grasmere 
Land Co. Kouts, Ind. 

64 The University of Nebraska 

Weaver, Harold Townsend, B. Sc. ; D. D. S., Northwestern 
University. Dentist. 4301 Ellis Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Weeks, Charles Warren, B. Sc. in E. E. Captain 28t^ Infantry, 
U. S. Army. Ft. Leavenworth, Kan. 

Whaley, George Henry, A. M. See 1893. 

Wheeler, Lela Alice, A. B. (Mrs. William L. Ducker). 

Tecumseh, Okla. 

White, Sherman Avery, A. B. First Lieutenant 12th Infantry, 
U. S. Army. Manila, P. I. 

Whiting, May Cynthia, A. M. See 1896. 

Wiggenhorn, Ernest Alexander, A. B. Banker. Ashland 

Wiggins, Frank Ellsworth, A. B. Lawyer. See 1896. 

Wilkinson, Edward Grosvenor, A. B. Ranchman. 

Hardingrove, S. D. 

Wilkinson, Lisle, A. B. (Mrs. Robert L. Cheney). 

Hardingrove, S. D. 

Williamson, Blossom, A. B. (Mrs. Claire Warren Murphy). 

Los Angeles, Cal. 

Wilson, Mrs. H. H., A. M. See Emma Parks, 1880. 

Wilson, Burton Wilbur, LL. B. See 1896. 

Wilson, Louis Sheridan, LL. B. ; A. B., Highland Park. Law- 
yer. Pawnee, Okla. 

Wilson, Veda May, A. B. Ashland 

Winger, Florence MacLean, A. M. See 1895. 

Winslow, Loren Elhana^, LL. D. Lawyer. Lander, Wyo. 

Wolfe, William Winfield, B. Sc. Farmer. Wheatland, Wyo. 

Woodford, Mary Ethel, A. B. Deceased 

Worley, Charlotte Cornell, A. B., A. M. (Feb.) 1906. 


Omaha Medical College. 

Anderson, C. A., M. D. Stromsburg 

Campbell, Stuart A., M. D. Tilden 

Clark, Nellie, M. D. Clevis, Cal. 

Fulton, H. A., M. D. Havelock 

Gillispie, H. S., M. D. Mapleton, la. 

Joyce, John B., M. D. Masonville, la. 

Knode, P. C, M. D. Sundance, Wyo. 
Lemere, H. P., M. D. 310 Paxton Bldg., Omaha 

Graduates, i8pp 


Livingston, J. S., M. D. 
McMahan, D. R., M. D. 
Mercer, Nelson S., M. D. 
Miller, Mrs. Libbie, M. D. 
Mullins, R. B., M. D. 
Murdock, R. J., M. D. 
Pamppll, Byron L., M. D. 
Phillips, Frederica A., M. D. 
Pinkerton, W. J., M. D. 
Porter, Elmer R., M. D. 
Pugh, George F., M. D. 
Ross, C. H., M. D. 
Smith, S. H., M. D. 
Van Camp, L. P., M. D. 
Weymuler, E. A., M. D. 
Wright, R. E., M. D. 


222 Paxton Blk., Omaha 

4101 No. 23d St., Omaha 

Dighton, Kan. 


Livingston, Mont. 

515 Cobb Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 

Dexter, N. M. 

Karbach Blk., Omaha 

Platts Center 


1025 So. 10th St., Omaha 

301 Paxton Blk., Omaha 

Cumberland, Wyo. 

Bern, Kam 


A. B. 90; B. Sc. 28; B. Sc. in C. E. 2; B. Sc. in E. E 
LL. B. 51; A.M. 17; Ph.D. 1. 

Aden, Anna, A. B. Teacher. 
Bates, Luke Manning, LL. B. 

Beal, Charles William, LL. B 

Register U. S. Land Office. 

Lawyer and Editor. 

Broken Bow 
Professor of Psychology, Indiana 

Bean, Charles Homer, A. B 
State Normal School. 

425 Washington Ave., Terre Haute, Ind. 
Beans, Hal Truman, B. Sc, A.M. 1900; Ph.D. 1904, Columbia. 
Assistant in Chemistry, Columbia University. 

601 W. 168th St., New York Oity 
Beckenhauer, Charles, LL. B. Lawyer and Abstracter. 

West Poiat 
Benedict, George Arthur, A. B. Government Service in Cus- 
tom House, Special Agent General Land Office. 

905 Chamber of Commerce Portland, Ore. 
Bennett, John N., A. M. ; A. B., Doane. Professor of Mathe- 
matics, Doane College. Crete 

66 The University of Nebraska 

Berge, Frederick Othello, LL. B. Student, Brown University. 

24 Courad Bldg., Providence, R. I. 

Bessey, Carl Athearn, B. Sc. in E. E. See 1897. 

Birdsall, Frances Alice, A. B. (Mrs. M. O. Hartsook). 


Bollenbach, Adolph, A. B. Editor. Postmaster. 

Weatherford, Okla. 

Bonnell, Daisy Frow, B. Sc. Teacher in Biology, High School. 

1111 So. 30th Ave., Omaha 

Boomer, Joseph Francis, A. B. Editor "The Cablenews Ameri- 
can." Manila, P. I. 

Boomer, Walter Lloyd, A. B. 

Boose, John Henry, A. B. Minister. Pontiac, 111. 

Boose, William Rudolph, B. Sc; M. D. Rush Medical 1904. 
Physician. Falls City 

Bridge, Laura Belle, A. B. Teacher in High School. Omaha 

Britton, James Andrew, B. Sc. Hull House, Chicago, 111. 

Broady, Grace, A. B. 1951 Sewell St., Lincoln 

Brown, Allan La Rue, LL. B. Real Estate 

Brown, Bessie Kent, A. B. Teacher in High School. Hastings 

Brown, Orlo, A. B. Real Estate. Bay City, Texas 

Bullock, Flora, A. M. See 1897. 

Burleigh, James R., A. B., LL. B. 1900. Lawyer. 

1525 S St., Lincoln 

Burr, Marshall De Forest, LL. B. Insurance. Sedalia, Mo. 

Capps, Earl Vanhise, A. M. Electric Light Co. Blair 

Chappell, Martha Ellen, A. B. (Mrs. J. W. Searson). 

Manhattan, Kan. 

Christie, Burton Whitford, B. Sc, M. D. 1902. Physician. 


Christophelsmeier, Carl Henry, A. B.; A.M. 1902; Ph.D. 1905, 
Berlin. Chair of History and Political Science, Uni- 
versity of South Dakota. Vermillion, S. D. 

Clark, Edgar Harlan, A. B. Secretary National Silo Manu- 
facturing and Jobbers' Association. Lincoln 

Clelland, Jessie Purinton, A. B. Computer, Directory. 

Cleveland, Mabel Remington, A. B. (Mrs. J. D. Hastie). 

635 Cherry St., Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Gradiiates, i8pg 67 

Congdon, Allan Ray, B. Sc. Principal, High School. Fremont 

Contryman, Carrie Monimia, A. B. Pleasant Hill, Tenn. 

Cooke, Harriet Mossman, A. B. Chief, Dead Letter Bureau, 
Porto Rico. San Juan, Porto Rico 

Corbin, Jennie Bell, A. B. Teacher, City Schools. 

13th and K Sts., Melick Court, Lincoln 

Cosgrove, Cornelius Burton, LL. B. Hardware Merchant. 

Silver City, N. M. 

Cramb, Edgar Myron, A. B. Physician. 

Burlington Blk., Lincoln 

Crook, Zeno E., A. M. See 1897. 

Dahl, Lenore Henriette, A. B., A.M. 1902. (Mrs. P. A. Morse). 


Dales, Benton, A. M. See 1897. 

Davidson, Nelson Mansfield, A. B. Banker. Tecumseh 

Davis, Alfred Henry, LL. B. Lawyer. Grand Junction, Colo.. 

Davis, Mary Vincent, A. B. (Mrs. Ernest E. Peake). 

1342 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich, 

Davis, William Fletcher, LL. B.; B. Sc. 1897, Valparaiso Uni- 
versity, Valparaiso, Ind. Lawyer. Butte, Mont- 

Deirup, John A. Farmer. R. F. D. No. 2, Portland, Ma, 

Doran, Charles Edmund, A. B. Deceased 

Eberstein, Conrad V., LL. B. Lawyer. Kensington, Kan. 

Egge, Otto Henry, B. Sc. Superintendent in Sugar Factory. 

Loveland, Colo. 

Eidem, Olaf, LL. B. Lawyer. Brookings, S. D. 

Elliott, Robert Dale, A. B., A. M. 1901. Professor of Gj-eek, 
University of South Dakota. Vermillion, S. D. 

Engberg, Carl Christian, Ph. D. See 1895. 

Fauquet, Emile, A. B. Wahoo 

Feldman, Daniel D., B. Sc. Head of Department of Mathe- 
matics, Erasmus Hall. 288 Bugby Road, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Fifer, Flora, A. B. 

Fox, Jennie Leonora, A. B., A. M. 1901. Teacher in High 
School. Montclair, N. J. 

Franklin, Mrs. Viola Price, A.M.; Ph. B. 1878, Mount Union 
College. Librarian, Public Library, Albany. 

136 W. 4th St., Albany, Ore 

68 The University of Nebraska 

Gardner, Gertrude Hannah, A. B.; B. L. C. 1898, Nebraska 
Wesleyan University. Teacher, State Normal School. 

714 W. 23d, Kearney 
Gere, Ellen Bladen, A. B. 849 D St., Lincoln 

Gere, Mariel Clapham, A. M. See 1895. 
Graham, John Wesley, LL. B. Lawyer. 

109 8th Ave. So., Twin Falls, Idaho 
Griffith, George Parmer, A. B. Banker and County Clerk. 

Hagelin, Richard Henry, LL. B. Lawyer. 

204 So. 11th, Lincoln 
Hager, G^eorge Edward, LL. B. See 1898. 

Halderson, Helmer, LL. B. Lawyer. Newman Grove 

Hamer, Frank Colliday, LL. B. Lawyer. President of Ameri- 
can Safe Deposit & Trust Co., Omaha. 

109 J St., Lincoln 
Hamer, Thomas Francis, LL. B. Lawyer. Kearney 

Hansen, Albert, A. B. Auditor of Shelby Co. Harlan, la. 

Harley, Dora Maria, A. B. (Mrs. Frank J. Gustin). 

Salt Lake City, Utah 
Harman, Arthur David, B. Sc. Secretary and Manager of 
Hastings Pressed Brick Co. Hastings 

Hartzell, Mabel, B. Sc. Deceased 

Haskell, Mary Emma, A. B., A. M. 1900. Instructor in Ro- 
mance Languages, State University. Columbus, Ohio 
Hastie, John Dearborn, A. B.; M. D. 1904, Columbia; A.M. 
Columbia. Physician. 

635 Cherry St., Grand Rapids, Mich. 
Hawkins, James Victor, LL. B. Insurance. Kearney 

Hawxby, Frederick George, A. B., LL. B. 1901, B. D., Western 
Normal; B. Ped, Lincoln Normal. Lawyer. Auburn 

Hayden, Ella Helen, A. B. (Mrs. E. E. Smith). Douglas 

Hedgcock, George Grant, B. Sc, A. M. 1901; Ph. D. 1906, Wash- 
ington University, Mo. Pathologist, U. S. Department of 

46 Cedar St., Takoma Park, Washington, D. C. 
Henry, Alden Edson, A. M. See 1898. 

Hills, Whitford Carl, A.B.; D. Osteopathy 1904, Dr. S.S. Still 
College of Osteopathy. Physician. 

Graduates, i8pp 69 

Hulett, Rexford Earl, B. Sc. in E. E. Electrical Engineer for 
Hecla Portland Cement Co. Bay City, Mich. 

Hunt, Robert Sanford, A. B. Farmer and Stock Raiser. 


Jeffery, Leona Idilla, A. B. (Mrs. C. G. Wallace). Hastings 

Johnson, John Andrew, A. B. See Deirup. 

Johnston, Bertha, A. B. At Home, South Auburn 

Jones, Ernest D., LL. B. ; LL. B. 1901, University of Michigan. 
Deputy Sealer, Weights and Measures. ■ — 

Kelley, Gsorge David, LL. B. 

Kind, John Louis, A. B., A. M. 1901; Ph. D. 1906, Columbia Uni- 
versity. Assistant Professor in German, University of 
Wisconsin. 16 Mendota Court, Madison, Wis. 

Kling, Linus Warner, A. M. Professor of Latin, Augustana 
College. 626 38th St., Rock Island, 111. 

Knotts, William Lincoln, LL. B. Publisher. 

Kring, Ervin Henry, A. B. Deceased 

Kring, Orlando Yeacle, LL. B. Lawyer. Omaha 

Kuegle, Frederick Henry, A. B. Physician. Ingleside 

Kuhlmann, Fred, A. B., A.M. 1901; Ph.D. 1903, Clark Uni- 

Lamb, Dwight Whipple, LL. B. 

Landis, Harry DeWitt, B. Sc, LL. B. 1901. Lawyer. Banker. 


Lange, Emil Fred, B. Sc. U. S. Patent Office. 

Washington, D. C. 

Lansing, Robert Cheek, B. Sc. Assistant Professor of Eng- 
lish, College of Agriculture, University of Minnesota. 

2237 Knapp St., St. Paul, Minn. 

Le Dioyt, Willard Isaac, LL. B. Lawyer. Bond and Stock 
Broker. Hotel Portland, New York City 

Lewis, Ida, A. B. (Mrs. S. W. Pinkerton). 

1430 Capital Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Loughridge, Julia Emmeline, A. B. Adjunct Professor of 
Mathematics, School of Agriculture, University of Ne- 
braska. University Farm 

Lowrie, William James, A. B. Minister. Brainerd, Minn. 

Lyman, Rufus Ashley, A. M. See 1897. 

Lyon, George John, B. Sc. ; C. E., Columbia. Professor of 

70 The University of Nebraska 

Civil and Irrigation Engineering in Union College. 

Schenectady, N. Y. 
McCreery, Earl Allen, B. Sc. Littleton Creamery Co. 

218 Little Block, Denver, Colo. 
McGintie, William Smith, LL. B. Lawyer and Court Re- 
porter. Georgetown, Colo. 
McPherrin, Roy D., LL. B. Lawyer. Imperial, Cal. 
Macfarland, Jane Cobb, A. B. (Mrs. R. W. Douglas). 

709 So. 13th St., St. Joseph, Mo. 
MacMillan, Grace Eugenie, A. B.; A.M. 1902, University of 
Missouri. Teacher, High School. Sidney 

Magee, Edwin Ellsworth, B. Sc. Clothing Business. Aurora 
Maguire, John Arthur, LL. B. Lawyer. See 1898. 
Mansfelde, Charles H. von, A. B., LL. B. 1901. Deceased 

Mastin, Clyde Telford, LL. B. Hardware Business. 

Elm Creek 
Meier, Carl Henry, A. B., A. M. 1902. See Christophelsmeier. 
Meier, Henry August, A. B., LL. B. 1901. Lawyer. 

1253 So. 23d, Lincoln 
Melick, Carolyn Marie, A. B. (Mrs. C. H. Kelley). 

Belle Plaine, la. 

Mielenz, Fred Martin, LL. D. Banker 

Millar, Lida Alice, A. B. Teacher. Lincoln 

Moore, Jay Curran, LL. B. Lawyer. Tecumseh 

Morse, Perse Abram, B. Sc. in E. E. Sales Manager, Western 
Electric Co. 4735 Washington Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. 

Moyer, Ralph Waldo, LL. B. Lawyer. Oakland 

Mumau, Sidney Lee, A. B. Merchant. Tobias 

Mumford, Luther Emerson, A. B. Agent for Ginn & Co. 

1126 D St., Lincoln 
Newbranch, Lillian Violetta, A. B. (Mrs. N. C. Abbott). 

Newcomb, Ward Kenneth, LL. B. Farmer. Deweese 

Nakaido, Yasujuro, A. M. Chemist, Standard Beet Sugar Fac- 
tory. Owasso, Mich. 
Oberlies, Louis Clark, A. M. See 1895. 

Orcutt, Mrs. May Chaddock, LL. B. Box 155, Lincoln 

Parmelee, Howard Coon, A. M. See 1897. 

Graduates, i8pp yi 

Pentzer, Jennie Blackburn, A. B. (Mrs. C. O. Bruce). 

Perry, Ernest Bert, LL. B. Lawyer. Cambridge 

Phelps, Ella Loomis, A. B., A.M. 1900. Teacher in High 
School. 2033 Dodge St., Omaha 

Philbrick, Francis Samuel, A. M. See 1897. 

Pierce, Maude, A. B. (Mrs. F. C. Calhoun). Pawnee City 

Piatt, Clifton Josiah, A. B. Investment Banker. 

699 E. Walnut St., Pasadena, Ca.l 

Pollock, Clarence Amander, A. B. Minister. Altus, Okla. 

Post, Adda Marie, A. B. Teacher, High School. 

1836 W. 22d St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Prentiss, May Louise, A. B. (Mrs. Joel Stebbins). 

1013 Nevada St., Urbana, 111. 

Price, Orville Thaddeus, A. B.; A.M. 1903, University of 
Denver. Teacher in High School. Denver, Colo. 

Pugh, Cecil, B. Sc. Ranchman. Marion 

Quaintance, Bertha Belle, A. B. Graduate from Johns Hop- 
kins Training School for Nurses. Nurse. Sherrard, 111. 

Rain, Frank Lewis, A. B., LL. B. 1904, Ann Arbor. Lawyer. 


Randall, Nelle, A. B. Teacher, High School. 

820 Park Ave., Omaha 

Ransom, Brayton Howard, B. Sc, A.M. 1900; Ph.D. 1908. 
Zoologist, Bureau of Animal Industry, Department of 
Agriculture. Washington, D. C. 

Reed, Mrs. Anna Yeomans, A. B., A. M. 1900; Ph.D. Univer- 
versity of Wisconsin. 1718 E Pine St, Seattle, Wash. 

Reid, John D., B. Sc, M. D. 1903. Physician. Pilger 

Ricketts, Lowe Arnott, LL. B. See 1897. 

Robbins, Edith Lucile, B. Sc, A.M. 1909; B. Music (vocal) 
Northwestern University. Ord 

Robertson, Sidney Dillon, LL. B. Lawyer. Norfolk 

Sargent, Elizabeth Jane, A. B. (Mrs. L. Willan), 2712 Garfield 
St. Lincoln 

Sawyer, Leroy Pursel, B. Sc. President of Buckeye Electric 
Co. 4503 Hough Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 

Schick, Roy, A. B., LL. B. 1901. Lawyer. Seward 

Searson, James William, A. M. See 1896. 

72 The University of Nebraska 

Selden, James Willard, LL. B. Lawyer. 

608-9-10 Bank of California, Tacoma, Wash. 

Sheldon, John Lewis, B. Sc, A.M. 1901; B. Sc, B. Ped. 1895, 

M. Sc. (Honorary) Ohio Northern University; Ph.D. 1903. 

Professor of Botany and Bacteriology, University of West 

Virginia. Morgantown, W. Va. 

Shively, Amy, A. B. Teacher in High School. Fairbury 

Shull, John Calvin, LL. B. Lawyer. Clinton, Okla. 

Sidles, Frank Barton, LL. B. Lawyer and Abstracter. 

Sloan, Sam Berkley, A. B. Instructor, University of Iowa. 

Iowa City, la. 

Smith, Arthi:'r Philander, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Smith, Minnie Frances, A. B. (Mrs. H. R. Tucker). 

110 Boneparte Ave., Webster Groves, Mo. 
Smoyer, Jesse Sawtell, B. Sc. Superintendent of Schools. 

Ouray, Colo. 
Stanton, Jessie Louise, A. B. (Mrs. Zeno Crook). 

217 So. Ogden St., Denver, Colo. 
Stebbins, Joel, B. Sc. Assistant Professor of Astronomy, Uni- 
versity of Illinois. 1013 Nevada, Urbana, 111. 
Steele, Alvin Arthur, B. Sc. inC. E.; E. M. 1900; Columbia. 
Associate Professor of Mining, University of Arkansas. 

Fayetteville, Ark, 
Steuteville, John Henry, LL. B. Lawyer. Gering 

Stolz, Jacob Franklin, A. B. Representative, Kelmscott Press. 

Story, Claudius McClave, A. B., A. M. 1901. Pawnee City 

Stull, Arthur Alonzo, LL. B. Lawyer. Lahoma, Okla. 

Stull, Bertha Bianca, LL. B., B. Sc. Doane 1893 (Mrs. L. B. 
Green). Mountain Home, Idaho 

Sumner, John True, A. B. Lumber, Coal and Building Ma- 
terial Business. Schuyler 

Teele, Ray Palmer, A. M. See 1897. 

Thomas, Walter Peyre, LL. B. Lawyer. 

837 Omaha National Bank Bldg., Omaha 

Thomson, Peter Henry, A. B., A. M. 1904. Assistant Professor 
in German, Iowa College. Grinnell, la. 

Thomson, Robert Milton, LL. B. See 1897. 

Graduates, i8^p 73 

Tobey, George Edgar, LL. B, Alpha Publishing Co. 

2535 Q St., Lincoln 
Tucker, Henry Otterbein, LL. B. Valentine 

Tucker, Henry Robinson, A. B., A. M. 1904. Teacher in Mc- 
Kinley High School. 

110 Bonepart Ave., Webster Groves, Mo. 
Turner, Edmund Frederic, B. Sc. in C. E. Deceased 

Unkefer, Leonard Boyd, LL. B. Lawyer and Publisher. 

Vancil, Leola Emma, A. B. (Mrs. Karl C. Randall). 

Edgewood Park, Pa. 
Walker, Amos, B. Sc. Professor of Psychology and Education, 
Lincoln Institute. 1001 E. Dunklin St., Jefferson City, Mo. 
Wallace, Mary Irene, A. B. Teacher. 

2002 Webster St., Omaha 
Warner, Charles Joseph, B. Sc. Farmer. Waverly 

Watkins, Albert, Jr., A. B. Manager, Southwestern Farmer. 

Houston, Texas 
Weaver, Lawrence Myers, A. B. Mining Agent. 

302 W. Home St., Seattle, Wash. 
Weeks, Emily, B. Sc. (Mrs. J. P. Sedgwick). 

2015 Kenwood Parkway, Minneapolis, Minn. 
Whipple, Otis Grant. A. B. See 1895. 

White, Jason Baird, LL. B. Farmer. Decatur 

Wilson, Claude Staley, A. B., LL. B. 1901. Lawyer. 

925 B St., Lincoln 
Wilson, Wayland Wilberforce, LL. B. Lawyer. Chicago, 111. 
Wirt, Lula Eva, A. B. Teacher in High School. Alliance 

Yeiser, James, LL. B.; A. B., Leland Stanford. Lawyer. 


Omaha Medical College. 

Beattie, John Ray, M. D. ^ Butte 

Burdick, Harry E., M. D. ' David City 

Finney, Harry S., M. D. Rawlings, Wyo. 

James, C. S., M. D. 316 E. 18th St., New York City 

Peterson, A. O., M. D. 203 Ramge Bldg., Omaha 

Spencer, Noel W., M. D. Montrose, S. D. 

Stokes, A. C, M. D. 503 Brandeis Bldg., Omaha 

74 The University of Nebraska 

Strader, George L., M .D. First Natl. Bank, Cheyenne, Wyo. 
Westerhoff, John G. W., M. D. 


A. B. 95; B. Sc. 35; LL. B. 65; A. M. 28; Ph. D. 1. 

Abbott, Annette Lois, A. B. Teacher. Lincoln 

Abbott, Josephine, A. B. (Mrs. Robert O. Barllett). 


Abbott, Luther Jewitt, LL. B. Editor. 

Abbott, Ned Culbertson, LL. B. See 1896. 

Adams, Don Jack, A. B. Land Agent, The W. F. Shelton Land 
Agency and U. P. R. R. 1502 Dodge St., Omaha 

Alderman, Rena Bell, A. B. (Mrs. M. A. Martin). 

Alexander, Marvin Marshall, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Allen, Charles Jennings, A. B. Real Estate. Fargo, N. D. 

Allen, Mattie, A. B. Principal, Whittier School. 

335 No. 14th St., Lincoln 

Anderson, Theodore Andreas, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Andreson, Robert Dwight, A. B. Manager Underwood Type- 
writer Co. 137 No. 13th St., Lincoln 

Anker, Peter Sigurd Johannes, A. B. U. S. Commissioner. 

Plentywood, Mont. 

Atwood, Calvin Parmele, A. B. 236 W. 76th St., New York City 

Ayisworth, Leon Emmons, A. B. (Feb.). Professor of Politi- 
cal Scien e, University of Nebraska. 

2048 Vine St., Lincoln 

Backus, Albert, LL. B. Lawyer. Bonesteel, S. D. 

Baird, Edgar Allison, LL. B. Lawyer. Omaha 

Baker, Raymond Servius, LL. B. See 1897. 

Baker, William Wallace, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Barry, Frank Walter, A. B., LL. B. 1901. Lawyer. 

443-4 Equitable Bldg., Denver, Colo. 

Bartos, Frank William, LL. B. Lawyer. Wilber 

Baugh, William Hardin, LL. B. Omaha 

Beans, Hal Truman, A. M. See 1899. 

Bedell, Carl Ensley, B. Sc. Superintendent of Electric Depart- 
ment, Wheeling Steel & Iron Co. Warwood, W. Va. 

Bell, Albert Thomas, A. M. See 1898. 

Graduates, igoo 75 

Bischof, Arthur Alfon, LL. B. Lawyer. See 1898. 

Bishop, William George, LL. B., A.M. 1909; B. Sc. Nebraska 
Wesleyan University 1906. Professor of Geography, Ne- 
braska Wesleyan University. University Place 

Bomgardner, Gertrude Eva, B. Sc. Teacher in High School. 

391 Mill St., Portland, Ore. 

Boyle, James Ernest, A. B.; A.M. 1901, University of Kansas; 
Ph. D. 1904, University of Wisconsin. Professor of Politi- 
cal and Social Science, University of North Dakota. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 

Boys, Asa Thompson, LL. B. Lawyer. Anadarko, Okla. 

Brittell, Oley Alphonso, B. Sc; M. D. 1903, Rush Medical. 
Ranchman. Fontine, Mont. 

Bronn, Fred William, A. B., LL. B. 

1014 Chamber of Commerce Bldg., Portland, Ore. 

Brown, Edward John Frederick, A. M. 

Brown, Edwin Lewis, LL. B. Lawyer. Parker, S. D. 

Burkett, Horace Edward, LL. B. Lawyer. Hartington 

Burleigh, James Rensalaer, LL. B. See 1899. 

Burrows, Lucinda Walker, A. B. (Mrs. William Axling). Mis- 
sionary. 30 Tsukiji, Tokyo, Japan 

Burt, Barbara, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

320 So. 15th St., Lincoln 

Capell, Clarence Swift, A. B. (Mid-winter); M. D. 1902, Creigh- 
ton. Physician. 1208 Wyandotte St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Christiansen, Christian Jensen, B. Sc. (Feb.) ; M. D. 1902, 
Omaha Medical College. Physician. Broken Bow 

Church, Anna, A. B. Teacher in High School. Racine, Wis. 

Collett, Austin John, B. Sc. Electrical Engineer, Union Pacific 
Ry. 2024 Locust St., Omaha 

Cook, Grace Elizabeth, A. B. (Mrs. C. W. .Tones). Teacher. 

Tonganoxie, Kan. 

Crewitt, Julia Sumner, A. M. See 1898. 

Cro' h, Charles Conoly, LL. B. Lawyer. 

817 Central Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Cutts, Lina Frater, A. B. (Mrs. R. O. Williams). Lincoln 

Danielson, Oscar Alfred, LL. B. Lincoln 

Davis, Amos Alton, A. M.; A. B. 1891, Doane. Teacher in Pro- 
vincial High School. Bacolod, Occidental Negras, P. L 

y6 The University of Nebraska 

Davis, Charles Lester, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Davis, Orin Abram, A. B. Merchant. Murray 

Dempster, Elva, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Seattle, Wash. 
Dinsmore, Harriet Alden, A. B. (Mrs. Walter Hunting). 

702 Mufiser St., Carson City, Nev. 
Edgerton, Frank Eugene, A. B.; LL. B. 1909; LL. M. 1910, 
George Washington University. Assistant Attorney-Gen- 
eral. 1645 South St., Lincoln 
Ely, William McLough, LL. B. Lawyer. Ainsworth 
Erford, Mabel Clyde, A. B. Teacher. Lincoln 

Eubank, Clarence Herbert, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Ewart, Louis Roberts, LL. B. Banker. Eustis 

Farrand, Mary Abbie, A. B. (Mrs. L. A. Cook). 

Ferris, Maude Susie, A. B. (Mrs. H. B. Osborne). 

1725 So. Pearl St., Denver, Colo. 
Fisher, Cassius Asa, A. M. See 1898. 
Fordyce, Charles, Ph. D. See 1896. 
Fossler, Margaret, B. Sc. Teacher in City Schools. 

2434 Q St., Lincoln 
Foster, Charles Eber, LL. B. Lawyer. 

New York Life Bldg., Omaha 
Fry, Emmett Leonard, LL. B. Lumber Manufacturer. 

Funk, Charles Magna, A. B.; LL. B. 1903, Kansas City School 
of Law. Commission Business. Kansas City, Mo. 

Gallagher, Marguerite, A. B. (Feb.). 

Garinger, Albert, B. Sc. With Atlantic Insulate Wire & Cable 
Co. 30 2d St., Stamford, Conn. 

Gillesj ie, Budd Burnett, B. Sc. Dealer in Men's Furnishings. 


Gordon, Murray Lindley, LL. B. Lawyer. County Attorney. 

Sundance, Wyo. 

Gould, Charles Newton, A.M., Ph.D. 1906; B. Sc. 1898, South- 
west Kansas College. Professor of Geology, University 
of Oklahoma. Norman, Okla. 

Graybill, Harry Webster, B. Sc, A. M. 1902. Assistant in 
Zoology, Department of Agriculture. Washington, D. C. 

Graduates, ipoo 77 

Guile, Judson Monroe, LL. B. Lawyer. 

516 Security Mutual Life Bldg., Lincoln 
Guthrie, Edmund Noah, LL. B. Real Estate and Insurance. 

Aledo, 111. 
Gutleben, Daniel, A. B. Building Contractor. 

Monadnock Bldg., San Francisco, Cal. 
Haecker, Elfieda Frances, A.M.; B. L. 1898, University of 
Minnesota (Mrs. R. C. Lansing). 

2237 Knapp St., St. Paul, Minn. 
Hagenow, Charles Frederick, B. Sc, A. M. 1906. Instructor of 
Mathematics, Armour Institute. 

1120 E. 54th Place, Hyde Park, Chicago, 111. 
Hammond Clara, A. B. (Mrs. J. C. McNish). Wisner 

Harris, Ray Mitchell, LL. B. See 1897. 
Hart, William R., A. M. See 1896. 
Haskell, Mary Emma, A. M. See 1899. 
Heartt, William Raymond, A. B. 

3321 Vernon Ave., Armour Sta., Chicago, 111. 
Henry, Gladys Rowena, B. Sc; M. D. 1907, Johns Hopkins 
University. House Officer, Johns Hopkins Hospital. 

Baltimore, Md. 
Henry, Margaret Edith, A. M. See 1898. 

Henry, Nettie, A. B. (Mrs. Jesse Smoyer). Ouray, Colo. 

Herman, John, B. Sc. Assay er. Los Angeles, Cal. 

Hiltner, Daisy Edith, A. B. (Mrs. H. S. Evans). 

Grand View Ave., Boulder, Colo. 
Hilton, David Clark, A. B., A. M. 1902; M. D. 1903, Rush Medi- 
cal College (Feb.). Physicicn. 1240 O St., Lincoln 
Hinckley, John Scofield, LL. B. Lawyer. North Platte 
Hoagland, Albert Leroy, B. Sc. Engineering Department, Bur- 
lington Ry. 1957 Washington St., Lincoln 
Hollenbeck, Frank Knox, LL. B. Lawyer. Fremont 
Hollister, Thomas Allen, LL. B. Lawyer. Omaha 
Horrigan, Daniel, LL. B. Lawyer. 

New York Life Bldg., Omaha 

Howard, Guy Clemens, B. Sc; A. M. 1905, Columbia. Chemist. 

Everett, Wash. 

yS The University of Nebraska 

Hubbard, Ray Delos, B. Sc. Egnineer U. S. Reclamation Ser- 
vice. Boise, Idaho 
Hullhorst, Charlotte Eugenia, A. B., A.M. 1902. (Mrs. R. O. 
Hummel). 3229 R St., Lincoln 
Hun phrey, Fred Blaine, LL. B. See 1898. 
Hunger, Paul Clarke, LL. B. Deceased 
Hutchinson, Amos Therlo, A. B. Merchant. Norfolk 
Hyde, Winifred Florence, A. B. Lincoln 
Jeffords, Clyde Ray, A. M. See 1898. 
Johns, William Andrew, LL. B. Lawyer. Wolsey, S. D. 

Johnson, Samuel Chatterton, A. B, Minister. 

Johnston, Ellis Adrian, B. Sc. ; M. D. 1904, Northwestern Uni- 
yersity. Physician. Alhambra, Mont. 

Johnston, Nona Mercedes, A. B. (Mrs. W. J. Lowrie). 

512 So. 8th St., Brainerd, Minn. 
Jones, Charles William, A. B. Deceased 

Kehn, Henry August, LL. B. South Omaha 

Kennedy, Marie Pauline, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

504 So. 36th St., Omaha 
Kennedy, James Alexander Charles, LL. B. Lawyer. 

608 Brandeis Bldg., Omaha 
King, John Joseph, A. B. Real Estate. 

Box 107, Pasadena, Cal. 
Kirschstein, Henry John, A. M.; Ph. B. 1887, Drake. Minister. 

Kline, George Washington, A. B. Secretary Nebraska Alumni 
Association. 2464 Sewell St., Lincoln 

Korsmeyer, Louis William, B. Sc. Secretary, Korsmeyer 
Plumbing Co. 1920 C St., Lincoln 

Kuhlmann, Charles, A. M. See 1897. 
Landon, Daniel, LL. B. Lawyer. 

American Bank Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 
Ledwith, John James, B. Sg., LL. B. 1903. Lawyer. 

Bankers Life Bldg., Lincoln 
Leigh, Enox Ruthbin, LL. B. Lawyer. 

728 No. 18th St., South Omaha 

Leiter, John Henry, LL. B. 

Liebmann, Morris Nathan, B. Sc. Manager, Foote Pierson Co. 

160 Duane St., New York City 

Graduates, ipoo 79 

Long, Rose Lillian, A. B. (Mrs. J. H. Mundt). Chelan, Wash. 

Longfellow, John Harlen, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Ludemann, William Frederick, LL. B. Farmer. 

Buffalo, Minn. 
Lynn, Margaret, A.M.; B. Sc. 1899, Tarkio College, Mo. As- 
sistant Professor of English Literature, University of 
Kansas. Lawrence, Kan. 

Lytle, James Leonard, B. Sc. U. S. Reclamation Service. 

Montrose, Colo. 
McCune, Eva Mary, A. B., A. M. 1903 (Mrs. O. T. Reedy). 

Mitchell, S. D. 
McPherrin, Paul Harris, LL. B. Lawyer. 

1551 Orange St., Los Angeles, Cal. 
Macfarland, Jessie Mary, A. B. 

2644 Portland St., Los Angeles, Cal. 
Mackin, Lugenia, A. B., A.M. 1901 (Feb.). Teacher in High 
School. Omaha 

Magney, Reno Adolphus, LL. B. Clerk, Union Pacific. 

12th and Mason Sts., Omaha 
Mansfield, William Robert, B. Sc. Farmer. Wisner 

Meier, Henry August, LL. B. Lawyer. See 1899. 
Meier, Otto William, LL. B. Lawyer. See 1898. 
Miles, Nelville Russell, A. B. Minister. Colfax, la. 

Miller, Eleanora Tibbets, A. B., A. M. 1902. Fellow, Columbia 
University. 1230 Amsterdam Ave., New York City 

Miller, Frank Russel, B. Sc. Electrical Engineer. Lincoln 
Mills, Mamie Caroline Taylor, A. B. Elmwood 

Moore, William Henry Harrison, A. B. Cashier, Bank. 

Morgan, Clara Edith, A. B. (Mrs. E. M. Briggs). 

943 La Station, Lawrence, Kan. 
Moss, Simeon Martindale, A. M. See 1897. 
Motis, Emil Joseph, LL. B.; B. Sc. 1898, Fremont Normal. 
Lawyer. Granger, Texas 

Muir, Sarah Theodosia, A. B., A.M. 1906. Teacher, High 
School. Lincoln 

Mulliken, Clara Angeline, A. B. (Mrs. F. W. Norton). 

807 Virginia St., El Paso, Texas 

8o The University of Nebraska 

Nielsen, Henry Peter, A. B. (Feb.). Superintendei.t of City 
Schools. ITarlan, la. 

O'Connell, Cora, A. B. State Normti School, Kearney. 

O'Connor, William, LL. B. Cashier, Citizens Bank. Archer 

Osborn, Frank Ely, B. Sc, M. D. 1903. Physician and Drug- 
gist. McAllen. Texas 

Packard, Harriett Janet, B. Sc. (Mrs. E. D. Banghart). 

David City 

Pancoast, Arthur Chester, A. M. See 1897. 

Payne, Florence Edith, A. B. (Mrs. Gr. A. Johnson). 

593 Main St., Portland, Ore. 

Pearse, Arthur Sperry, B. Sc, A. M. 1904; Ph. D. 1908, Harvard. 
Professor of Zoology, St. Louis University, Medical De- 
partment. 5576 Vernon Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Pearson, Louis William, A. B. Ranchman. Cody, Wyo. 

Peebles, Winifred Marie, A.M.; A. B. 1894, Battle Creek Col- 
lege. Professor of English Literature, Union College. 

College View 

Percy, Allen Truman, LL. B. Lawyer. Dexter, la. 

Persinger, Clark Edmund, A.M.; A. B. 1897, Cornell College. 
Associate Professor of American History, University of 
Nebraska. Lincoln 

Peterson, Alfred Olaf, A. M. Sss 1896. 

Phelps, Ella Loomis, A. M. See 1899. 

Piper, Edwin Ford, A. M. See 1897. 

. Plowhead, John Jacob, A. B.; LL. B. 1903, Columbia. Lawyer. 

Caldwell, Idaho 

Pollock, Laura Mary, A. B. Teacher. Lincoln 

Rakestraw, Elias Vern, LL. B. 

Ransom, Brayton Howard, A. M. See 1899. 

Reed, Mrs. Anna Yeomans, A. M. See 1899. 

Richert, Cornelius, A. B., A. M. 1901. Teacher. — 

Riley, Dan Joseph, LL. B.; A. B. 1896, St. Mary's College. 
Lawyer. • 

Robertson, William James Nimow, A. B. Minister. 

Cedar Point, Kan. 

Roddy, Thomas Francis, LL. B. See 1898. 

Root, Charles Henry, B. Sc, M. D. 1903. Physician. Stuart 

Graduates^ ipoo 8i 

Roper, Ralph Chase, A. B., LL. B. 1903. Lawyer. 

David City 
Rosa, Inez, A. B. (Mrs. A. D. Clift). Rapid City, S. D. 

Rosenthal, Herman, LL. B. Lawyer. Burr Blk., Lincoln 

Rushton, Grace Isabel, A. B. (Mrs. J. V. Cortelyou). 

Manhattan, Kan. 
Ryan, William Virgil, B. Sc. Dentist, Muskogee, Okla. 

St. Clair, Charles Conklin, LL. B. Lawyer, 

311 Placer Ave., Idaho Falls, Idaho 
Sampson, William Reuben, A. B., LL. B. 1904. Lawyer 

511 Payton Bldg., Spokane, Wash. 
Scherzer, Mary Ann, A. B. Teacher. Reubens, Idaho 

Sears, Charles Wilber, LL. B.; Ph. B. 1897, Iowa University. 
Attorney for Cudahy Packing Co. 

844-6 Brandeis Bldg., South Omaha 

Shank, Florence Marie, A, B. (Mrs. Clayton McConnell). 

Scholar in English Language and Literature, University 

of Nebraska. Lincoln 

Shedd, George Clifford, A. B. President, Shedd Investment Co. 

Shedd, Harrison Graves, A. M. See 1897. 

Sheldon, Vilas Pettigrew, B. Sc. Farmer Nehawka 

Shuff, Carl Leroy, A. B. (Feb.), LL. B. Lawyer. 

1261 North Ave., Spokane, Wash. 
Sims, Arthur Alonzo, B. Sc. Chief Clerk to Manager of the 
Texas Demurrage Storage Bureau. 

306 Hathaway Ave., Houston, Texas 
Skiles, Benjamin Franklin, LL. B. Crofton 

Smith, Edwards Hargrave, LL. B.; Ph. B. 1898, Colgate. Tim- 
ber. San Benito, Tex. 
Snider, Frederic Eugene, LL. B, Lawyer. Faulkton, S. D. 
Spear, George E., B, Sc, M. D, 1903. Physician. Lincoln 
Spurck, Alberta, A. B. (Mrs. Albert Robinson). 

P. O. Box 366, Seattle, Wash. 
Stephens, James Franklin, A.M.; B. Sc. 1881, Classical Sem- 
inary; M. D. 1884, Northwestern Uinversity, Physician. 

Box 546, Lincoln 
Stratton, Laura Margaret, A. B. (Mrs. T. J. Hewitt). 

Box 63, Portland, Ore. 

82 The University of Nebraska 

Stratton, Olive Fay, A. B. (Mrs. W. L. Thome). York 

Stuff, Frederick Ames, A.M.; A. B. 1893, Nebraska Wesleyan. 
Associate Professor of English Literature, University of 
Nebraska. 434 So. 28th St., Lincoln 

Sullivan, Mary, A. M. See 1898. 
Talbot, Guy Duane, LL. B. West Publishing Co. 

St. Paul, Minn. 

Theobald, Herbert Jeremiah, A. B.; LL. B. 1904. Star Real 

Estate Co. 3235 Holdrege St., Lincoln 

Thomas, Edward Russell, LL. B. Lawyer. Centerville, S. D. 

Thorne, Rose Mary, A. B. (Mrs. Milton E. Farley). 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Thorne, William Le Grande, A. B. Photographer. York 

Trester, Zuella Althea, A. B. (Mrs. Vemer L. Dayton). 

Trltsch, Anna Marie, A. B. Chelan, Wash. 

Vore, Anna Lucile, A. B. Teacher in City Schools. 

3003 J St., Lincoln 
Wagner, August, LL. B. Lawyer, Columbus 

Walker, Joseph Goodwillie, A. B., M. D. 1903. Physician. 

lola, Kan. 
Wallace, Ivy Anna, A. B. (Mrs. H. L. Bowlby). 

Olympia, Wash. 
Wallace, Mary Dottie, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

708 Mill St., Council Bluffs, la. 
Wallace, Olive May, A. B. (Mrs. Floyd Seybolt). 

Walton, Clara Rachel, A. B. (Mrs. Lucian J. Marsh). 

1915 So. 24th St., Lincoln 
Walvoord, Bertha Dilla, A. B. (Mrs. C. Kuyper). 

Cedar Grove, Wis. 

Wardwell, Hezekiah Church, LL. B. 

Weeks, Paul, B. Sc. ; B. Sc, Massachusetts Institute of Tech- 

Welch, J. Stanley, B. Sc; M. D. 1903, Northwestern University. 

Physician. 1938 Washington St., Lincoln 

Whedon, Burt Dennison, A. B.; LL. B. 1903, Harvard. Lawyer. 

Jamaica Estates. 

Croydon Road, Jamaica, Long Island, N. Y. 

Graduates, ipoo, 1901 83 

Wheeler, Grace Margaret, A. B. (Mrs. W. E. Allen). 

Newberg, Ore. 
Whipple. Eleanor Grace, A. B. (Mrs. H. H. Jones). 

Cheney, Kan. 
Whiting, Adelloyd, A. B. (Mrs. Fred C. Williams). 

1702 Sewell St., Lincoln 
Wiggenhorn, Selma Augusta, A. B. (Mrs. A. C. Pancoast). 

South Omaha 
Wiggins, Madge Imerith, B. Sc. (Mrs. James Corr). 

4019 Seward St., Omaha 

Williams, Fred Cowgill, B. Sc. Representative, Silver, Bur- 

dett & Co. 1702 Sewell St., Lincoln 

Wilson, Harriet, A. B. Assistant Librarian, University of 

Nebraska. 1410 Q St., Uncoln 

Wilson, Harry Everett, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Wilson, Ruth Ivins, A. B. Hastings 

Woodland, Frank Hyde, A. B. Lawyer. 

Omaha National Bank Building, Omaha 
Woodward, Darleen Wilson, B. Sc. (Mrs, George Burgert). 

W^oeds, Helen Eddy, A. B. (Mrs. A. L. Haecker). 

503 So. 26th St., Lincoln 
Woods, Katherine Laughlin, A. B. Instructor at Peru Normal. 

Betz, W. H. M. D. Bellevue 

Brewster, E. A., M. D. Arapahoe 

Davis, Homer, M. D. Genoa 

Douglas, W. J., M. D. Atkinson 

Jefferson, Alfred, M. D. 440 Brandies Bldg., Omaha 

Nielson, Morris, M. D. Belden 

Overgaard, A. P., M. D. Fremont 

Rohlf, E. L., M. D. Waterloo 

Witter, R. V., M. D. Dillon, Wyo. 


A. B. 76; B. Sc. 33; LL. B. 87; A. M. 23; E. E. 1; Ph. D 2. 
Abbott, Edith, A. B.; Ph. D. 1905, University of Chicago. 

Associate Director of Hull House, Chicago 

84 The University of Nebraska 

Adams, Charles Henry, A. B. 

Alexander, Mary Charlotte, A. B. Teacher. 

1624 K St.. Lincoln 
Allen, Clarence Luzerne, LL. B. Farmer. Dawson 

Anderson, Oscar Ludwig, A.M. (Feb.). See 1894. 
Andrews, Grace Alsyne, A. B. (Mrs. E. C. Ames). 

1750 So. 20th St., Lincoln 
Andrews, Guy Ashton, LL. B.; A. B. 1896, Dartmouth CJollege. 

Anthony, Lena Etta, B. Sc. (Mrs. Leonard Robbins). 

284 Ridge St., Newark, N. J. 
Bacon, Minor Seymour, LL. B. Lawyer. 

1720 So. So. 15th St., Lincoln 
Baker, James Edgar, A. B. Clergyman. Albion, Idaho 

Balsley, Josephine Glenalvin, A. B.. A. M. 1904. Teacher. 

Barnes, Guy Washburn, B. Sc. 1717 D St., Lincoln 

Barry, Frank Walter, LL. B. See 1900. 

Batterson, Julia Harriet, LL. B. (Mrs. Allen H. Lyman). 

Springfield, Mass. 

Benedict, Bruce Willet, B. Sc. Superintendent of M. E. Labora- 
tories, University of Illinois. Urbana, 111. 

Berg, Edward Henry, LL. B. Lawyer. Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 

Berry, Elmer, B. Sc. Teacher, International Y. M. C. A. Train- 
ing School. 88 North Hampton Ave., Springfield, Mass. 

Biggerstaff, George Wadsworth, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Bixby, James Edson, B. Sc. Engineer. 

4223 Wadsworth St., Ix)s Angeles, Ol. 

Blake, Charles Cennial, LL. B. Lawyer. Sundance, Wyo. 

Bliss, Rodney Waldo, A. B. Physician. 

3606 Lincoln Blvd., Omaha 

Bos well, James Henry, B. Sc; M. D. 1905, Northwestern Medi- 
cal College. Physician. Baxter Springs, Kan. 

Boughn, Cecil Raymond, LL. B. Lawyer. Randolph 

Bowlby, Charles Edward, A. M. (Feb.), A. B. 1897. Friend 

Brackett, Elmer Eugene, B. Sc. Superintendent of Water and 
Lighting Plant. Sabetha, Kan. 

Brew, Fted Hiram, LL. B. Nome Realty Co. 

Graduates, iqoi 85 

Brich, Paul Antonius, A. B. 

Brooks, Earl Brisbin, B. Sc; M. D. 1905, Northwestern. Physi- 
cian. Pawnee City 
Brown, Ralph Davis, LL. B. ; A. B. 1898. Doane College, 
County Attorney. Crete 
Bunker, Charles Waite, B. Sc; M. D. 1905, Cornell. Assistant 
Surgeon, U. S. Navy. 

Care Navy Department, Washington, D. C. 
Butler, Bessie Josephine, A. B. (Mrs. Clarence J. Wilson). 

Chappell, Rena Jane, A. B. Teacher. 

322 East Victoria, Santa Barbara, Cal. 
Clark, Edgar Harlan, LL. B. See 1899. 

Clough, Ray Frederick, LL. B. 

Coffman, Marshall, LL. B. Lawyer. Burke, S. D. 

Cole, Fannie Louise, A. B. (Mrs. Edward Speh). 

7421 Sprague St., Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Compton, Charles Herrick, A. B. Reference Librarian Public 
Library. Seattle, Wash. 

Copeland, Leon L., LL. B. Auditing Department, Burlington 
Ry. Omaha 

Cortelyou, John Van Zandt, A. M. See 1897. 
Cottle, Lewis Emery, A. B., LL. B. 1902. Lawyer. Edgar 

Davis, Herbert William, Jr., LL. B. Farmer. 

Davis, Margaret, A. B., A. M. 1904. Teacher, High School. 

2026 A St., Lincoln 
Deal, Alva Lawrence, LL. B. See 1898. 
Dean, Nellie Leota, A. M. See 1897. 
Deirup, Harry Theodore, A. B. (Feb.). 

322 Chronicle Bldg., San Francisco, Cal. 
Dimery, Martin Woodford, LL. B. Banker. Omaha, Neb. 

Dinsmore, Susan Belle, A. B., A. M. 1904. Teacher in High 
School. 1147 Orchard Ave., Eugene, Ore. 

Dormann, Fred, B. Sc. Box 866, Clifton, Arizona 

Dorwart, Helen Rebecca, A. B. ; A. M. 1906, Leland Stanford 
Junior University. Teacher, High School. 

Nebraska City 
Doubt, Robert Aldrich, B. Sc. Hardware Merchant. 

731 E. 50th St., Chicago, 111. 

86 The University of Nebraska 

Douglas, Judson Benjamin, LL. B. Lawyer. Tecumseh 

Druliner, Ross Dey, LL. B. Lawyer. Benkelman 

Duff, John Alfred, LL. B. Lawyer. Cordell, Okla. 

Dysart, John Twlnem, LL. B, Lawyer. 

718 Omaha National Bank Bldg., Omaha 
Ellinger, Ralph Franklin, LL. B. President, State Bank. 

Noble, Okla. 
Hilliott, Alfred Orrin, A. B. Minister. Canton, 111. 

Elliott, Robert Dale, A. M. See 1899. 
Evans, Frank Lindley, LL. B.; A. B. 1899, Cotner University. 

Manager, Lumber Yard. 

Evans, Herbert Silas, E. E. See 1898. 

Ewart, Robert Howard, LL. B. Banker. Eustis 

Fauquet, Arsene, A. B. (Feb.). Professor of Mathematics, 
Sioux Falls College. Sioux Falls, S. D. 

Field, Susan Wilson, B. Sc, M. D. Resident Physician, State 
Female School. Farmville, Va. 

Finlay, Ethan Clyde, A. B. 2621 D St., South Omaha 

Finson, William Lawrence, LL. B. Grain Dealer. 

Monticello, 111. 
Fox, Jennie Leonora, A. M. See 1899. 

Fradenburg, Joseph Barnett, LL. B. Lawyer. Omaha 

French, Charles Oscar, LL. B. Lawyer. Kansas City, Mo. 
Geggus, Harrison Lewis, LL. B. Deceased 

Gordon, Bert Raymond, A. B. 

Graham, Nathaniel Marks, A. B. Superintendent, City Schools. 

1601 Missouri Ave., South Omaha 
Grant, Selma, B. Sc. Mead 

Green, Walter Collier, A. B. Superintendent of Schools. 

Gregory, Callie Ethel, A. B. (Mrs. Alexander Cuscaden). 

122 So. Grand, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Grimm, Joy James, LL. B. Lawyer. Wilber 

Gubser, Nicholas James, LL. B. ; A. B. 1895, Highland Park 

College. lawyer. Tulsa, Okla. 

Gund, Ide May, A. B. Teacher in City Schools. 

234 So. 27th St., Lincoln 
Hall, Margaret Lucy, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Montclair, N. J. 

Graduates, ipoi 87 

Hall, Winford Lester, B. Sc. General Agent Nebraska Cent. 
B. & L. Assn. 2025 So. 26tli St., Lincoln 

Hallowell, Florence Mabel, A. B. (Mrs. C. A. Rose). 

Perth Araboy, N. J. 
Hamilton, Bird Ruth, A. B. (Mrs. H. D. Everingham). 

Fort Madison, la. 
Hanson, Daisy May, A . B. Physician. 

17th and R Sts., Lincoln 
Hartzell, Stella Agnes, B. Sc, A. M. (Summer) 1907. 

1536 So. 18th St., Lincoln 
Harvey, Edward Roscoe, LL. B. Lawyer. 

The Evanston, 3427, 13th St., N. W. Washington, D. C. 
Hawkinson, Axel Emil, LL. B. Teacher. Wahoo 

Hawxby, Frederick George, LL. B. See 1899. 
Hays, Clyde Thomas, LL. B. Treasurer, Beatrice Creamery 
Co. 1600 So. 21st St., Lincoln 

Hedgecock, George Grant, A. M. See 1899. 
Hensel, Esther Pearl, B. Sc, Ph.D. 1905 (Mrs. L. C. Burnett). 

Ames, la. 
Hess, Rosalind May, A.M. (Mrs. T. D. Griffin) Hardy 

Hewitt, Theodore John, A. B.; LL. B. 1903. 

209 Wells Fargo Bldg., Portland, Ore. 
Higgins, Edith Carleton, A. B. (Mrs. Ernst A. Bessey). 

East Lansing, Mich. 
Hogan, Victor Benjamin, LL. B., A. B. 1898, Fremont Normal. 
Representing West Publishing Company. Tulsa, Okla. 

Hopper, Phoebe May, A. M. See 1896. 
Hull, Orma Lulu, A. B. (Mrs. G. W. Kline). 

2464 Sewell St, Lincoln 

Hummel, Charles Mahlon, B. Sc (Feb.). Manufacturer Sheet 

Metal Products. 4032 Flad Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Humphreys, .Tames Marion, LL. B., B. Sc. 1891, Western Normal 


Hunt, Ira Jasper, A. M. See 1896. 

Hunting, Walter Judson, A. B. Superintendent of Schools. 

Carson City, Nev. 
Jackson, Edith Mary, A. B. (Mrs. Paul Hoagland). 

1332 So. 32d St., Omaha 
Jeffrey, Elmer Orr, B. Sc. Electrician. 

88 The University of Nebraska 

Johnson, Alvin Frederick, LL. B. Lawyer. 

545-7-9 Brandeis Bldg., Omaha 

Johnson, Anton, LL. B. 

Johnson, Charles Miller, LL. B. Manager Tarallone Home 
Realty Co. 502 Hewes Bldg., San Francisco, Cal. 

Jones, Edwin Henry, A. B. Government Surveying and Farm- 
ing. 5213 12th Ave., N. E., Seattle, Wash. 

Jones, Watkin Wilson, A. B., LL. B. Assistant Cashier, Uni- 
versity State Bank. 

5213 12th Ave., N. E., Seattle, Wash. 

Kind, John Louis, A. M. See 1899. 

Knight, Wilbur Clinton, Ph. D. See 1886. 

Knutson, Anton Henry, A. B., LL. B. 1904. Salesman, Electri- 
cal Co. Bells, Cal. 

Kuhlmann, Fred, A. M. See 1899. 

Lamphier, George Lyman, LL. B.; A. B. 1889, Yale; A. M. 1894, 
Yale. Lawyer. Goshen, Conn. 

Landis, Harry DeWitt, LL. B. See 1899. 

Langer, Jerome Francis, B. Sc. in E. E. Electrical Expert 
Aide, U. S. Navy Yard 1854 70 St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Lansing, Kobert Cheek, A. M. See 1899. 

Larson, Theodore, LL. B. 

Lee, Arthur Charles, A. B, Farmer. Tekamah 

Leidigh, Oliver Glessner, LL. B. Lawyer. Nebraska City 

Locke, Roscoe Janvrin, LL. B. Lawyer. County Attorney. 

Primghar, la. 

Lundburg, Elmer Randau, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Lyon, Alfred Burdette, LL. B. See 1895. 

McClanahan, Daniel Henry, LL. B. Lawyer. Lincoln 

McClenaghan, Henry, A. B.; A.M. 1904, Princeton. Minister. 


McCracken, Ralph Meek, LL. B.; B. S. 1896, Monmouth Col- 
lege Theological Student 

McCrosky, Anna, A. B. 

829 No. Weber St., Colorado Springs, Colo. 

McElhoes, Samuel Irad, LL. B. Lawyer. Lawton, Okla. 

McGahey, Florence Irwin, A. B. Assistant in Registrar's 

McGahey, Florence Irwin, A. B. Assistant Registrar 

University of Nebraska 1200 H St., Lincoln 

Graduates, ipoi 89 

McKillip, Lloyd Harrington, A. B., LL. B. 1903. Lawyer. 
County Attorney. Seward 

Mclaughlin, Catherine Seraphine, A. B. (Mrs. George Ash- 
ford). Homer 

McMaster, Clyde Allen, B. Sc. Pharmacist. 

2740 Arlington Ave., Lincoln 

McNaughton, William Francis, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 

Mackin, Eugenia, A. M. See 1900. 

Maggi, Edward Gerard, LL. B.; B. O. 1898, Boston University. 
Lawyer. 1315 G St., Lincoln 

Mahy, Maria Catherine, A.M.; A. B. 1900, Brown University. 
Teacher in Hope Street High School. 

40 4th St., Providence, R. L 

Ilalone, Francis Frederick, B. Sc; M. Sc. 1904, Northwestern. 
Physician. 604-7 First National Bank Bldg. 

Mansfelde, Charles Herbert von, LL. B. See 1899. 

Marsh, Lucian Jahu, A. B. Cashier, Li coin Overall & Shirt 
Co. 1915 So. 24th St., Lincoln 

Maybach, Helsn Sarah, A. B. (Mrs. Thejdore Hartman). 

2709 Broadway, Great Bend, Kan. 

Mercer, Andrew Jackson, A.M.; A. B. 1877; A.M. 1887, Beth- 
any College. Instructor in State Normal. Kearney 

Meyer, Henry George, LL. B,, A. B. 1899, BYemont Normal. 


Mick, John Edward, LL. B. Deceased 

Mickey, Blanche Ida, A. B. Teacher in City Schools. 

3033 O St., Lincoln 

Miller, Howard Schultz, LL. B. 

Miller, Mamie, B. Sc. (Mrs. P. W. Metz). Basin, Wyo. 

Mills, Frank Dawson, LL. B. Lawyer. Osceola 

Minor, Worth Lester, LL. B. Lawyer. Fairfield 

Morgan, Jessica Aline, A. B. Hebron 

Morgan, Raymond Beverage, LL. B. ; A. B. 1897, Doane College. 
General Correspondent. Washington, D. C. 

Moriarty, John Frank, LL. B. Lawyer. Representative. 


90 The University of Nebraska 

Moritz, Robert EMouard, Ph. D. (Feb.) B. Sc. 1892. Hastings 

College; Ph. M. 1896, University of Chicago; Ph.D. 1901, 

Strassburg. Professor of Mathematics, University of 

Washington. Seattle, Wash. 

Morris, Nelson Williams, B. Sc. Farmer. Blue Springs 

Morrison, Edwin Rees, LL. B. See 1898. 

Mulligan, John Thomas, LL. B. Lawyer. 

501 Peyton Blk., Spokane, Wash. 
Neidhart, Emma Marguerite, A. B. (Mrs. W. A. Arnold). 

R. F. D. No. 3, Richmond, Ind. 
Nelson, John Maurice, B. Sc. Student, Columbia University. 

New York City 

O'Connor, William Bernard, LL. B. 

Olston, Otto, LL. B. Mining Agent. 

Owen, John Mark, LL. B. 

Pancoast, Arthur Chester, LL. B. See 1897. 

Paulson, Lewis Chris, LL. B. Lawyer. Minden 

Pinkerton, Samuel Walter, LL. B. See 1898. 

Reardon, Edward Emmet, LL. B. Lawyer. 

409 American National Bank Bldg., Oklahoma City, Okla. 
Richards, Frederick Arthur, LL. B. Deceased 

Richards, Mabel, A. B. (Mrs. L. A. Rickett). 

1340 R St., Lincoln 
Richert, Cornelius, A. M. See 1900. 
Riddell, Dell Frank, B. Sc. Mining Engineer. 

EJl Paso, Texas 
Rinker, Turner Oliver, A. B. 

Bureau of Education, Manila, P. I. 
Roberts, Hal Harris, A. B. Secretary, Roberts Commission Co. 

Exchange Bldg., South Omaha 
Robinson, Amy Olive, A. B. (Mrs. L. H. McKillip). Seward 

Rose, George Francis, LL. B. Lawyer, Genoa 

Ryan, Annie Alice, A. B. Teacher in High School. Blair 

Saxton, Howard, LL. B.; LL. M. 1904, M. Dip. 1905, Columbian 
University, Washington, D. C; D. C. L., George Washing- 
ton University, Washington, D. C, 1906. County Attorney. 

Schick, Roy, LL. B. See 1899. 

Graduates, ipoi 91 

Seacrest, Elam Winger, LL. B. Farmer. 

R. F. D. No. 2, Roca 

Sedgwick, Catherine Margaret, A. B. 1618 D St., Lincoln 

Seeley, Helen, A. B. (Midwinter). Afton, la. 

Shane, Adolph, B. Sc. Associate Professor of Electrical Engi- 
neering. ' Ames, la. 

Shear, Cornelius Lott, A. M. (Midwinter). See 1897. 

Shear, William, A. B. Scientific Assistant in Horticulture, 
Department of Agriculture. Washington, D. C. 

Sheldon, John Lewis, A. M. See 1899. 

Sleeth, Dana Proctor, A. B. Editor Portland Journal, 

1025 Michigan Ave., Portland, Ore. 

Smith, Arthur Bessey, B. Sc; E. E. 1907, Purdue. With Auto- 
matic Electrical Co. 2324 Hartzell St., Evanston 111. 

Smith, Cora Frances, A. M. See 1895. 

Smith, Ernest John, LL. B. Lawyer. Winnebago 

Smith, Harry Butler, B. Sc. Insurance and Real Estate. 

Fairibault, Minn. 

Smith, Nellie Ferguson, A. B. Teacher. 

Snyder, William Patton, A. B.; M.S. 1904, Michigan Agricul- 
tural College. Superintendent of University Experiment 
Sub-Station. North Platte 

Staley, Alvah, A. B. Superintendent of City Schools. 


Stark, Herman Frederick, LL. B.; B. L. 1899, Carleton College, 
Minn. Lawyer. 904 Globe Bldg., St. Paul, Minn. 

Steele, Roy P., LL. B. Undertaker Fairbury 

Stewart, Charles Hudson, LL. B. 

Story, Claudius McClave, A. M. See 1899. 

Strahorn, Arthur Thomas, B. Sc. Bureau of Soils, Department 
Agriculture. Washington, D. C. 

Stuebi, Edward Constant, A. B. 

Stuhr, Leo Byron, B Sc. Stockman. Grand Island 

Swain, Everett Menzo, A. B., LL. B. 1903. Lawyer. 

145 LaSalle St., Chicago, 111. 

Sweet, June May, A. B. Clerk, General Managers' Assn. of 
Chicago. 1288 Sarby Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Swenson, John Swen, A. B. Government Inspector, Rural 
Routes. Postoflice Inspector in Charge. St. Louis, Mo. 

92 The University of Nebraska 

Taylor, Ida May, A. B. Exeter 

Thatcher, Roscoe Wilford, A. M. See 1898. 

Theobald, Clement Frederick, B. Sc. (Feb.) Star Real Estate 

Co . 3003 J St., Lincoln 

Thompson, Howard Clarence, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Lighthouse Blk., Bellingham, Wash. 
Thompson, Samuel Henry, A. B. Superintendent of Schools. 

Goldfleld, Nev. 
Thorgrimson, Oliver Bernard, LL. B. Lawyer. Seattle, Wash. 
Thornber, John James, A. M. See 1897. 

Tukey, Ethel Maxwell, A. B. 3126 Chicago St., Omaha 

Tukey, Harry Allan, A. B. Real Estate, 

444-5 Board of Trade, Omaha 
Upson, Marie P., A. B. Teacher in High School. Beatrice 

Van Camp, Louise, A. B. Teacher in High School. Hastings 
Warner, Willis Hernando, A. B.Chief Chemist, Republic Iron 

& Steel Co. Care R. I. & S. Co., Youngstown, Ohio 

Waterman, Roy Luzerne, A. B. (Feb.) Deceased 

Waugh, Ada Lucy, A. B. 1640 G St., Lincoln 

Welch, Herman, L., LL. B. Lawyer. Addington, Okla. 

Welsh, Martin Calhoun, LL. B. 

Wessel, Rhinehardt Harmon, A. B. Frederick, Okla. 

West, Dennison Phelps, LL. B. Lawyer. Syracuse 

West, Raymond Benjamin, LL. B. Lawyer. Basin, Wyo. 

Wheeler, Myrtle Isabelle, A. M. See 1896. 
Whelan, Edward Hicks, LL. B. County Attorney. O'Neill 

Wilkinson, Minnie Alida, A. B. (Mrs. Charles Kuhlman). 

Joliet, Mont. 
Wilson, Claude Staley, LL. B. See 1899. 
Wolfe, Paul Clay, B. Sc. Anaheim Construction Co., 

Anaheim, Cal. 
Woodruff, Elmer Grant, B. Sc, A. M. 1904. U. S. Geological 

Survey. Washington, D. C. 

Omaha Medical College. 
Allen, S. C, M. D. Clarkson 

Dodge, R. A., M. D. 

Emerson, A. G., M. D. Scottsbluff 
Fltzsimmons, A. V., M. D. 

Graduates, ipoi, ipo2 93 

Gilmore, T. M., M. D. Flora, Ore. 

Gritzka, C. F., M. D. Talmage 

Hall, B. W., M. D. Benson 

Hawthorne, R. A., M. D. Haywood 

Leisenrlng, L. M., M. D. Physician and Surgeon. 

Placerville, Cal. 
Perlee, R. L., M. D. Uehling 

Reichenbach, H. A., M. D. Council Bluffs, la. 

Robertson, A. A., M. D. Crescent, la. 

Shockey, George C, M. D, Melrose Park, Chicago, 111. 

Smith, E. H., M. D. 320 Eccles Bldg., Ogden, Utah 

Tower, A. M., M. D. 

Wainwright, J. S., M. D. Giltner 

Wells, F. A., M. D. Kenesaw 

Wilmoth, W. G., M. D. Burchard 

A.B. 109; B. Sc. 39; LL. B. 61; A.M. 12; Ph. D. 2. 
Adams, Roy Bennett, A. B.; M. D. 1907, Rush Medical College. 
Physician. 207 Press Bldg., Lincoln 

Ames, Madge Helen, B. Sc. (Mrs. Paul C. Wolfe). 

614 E. 8th St., Loveland, Colo. 
Antes, Philip Joseph, B. Sc. (Feb.) Farmer. Syracuse 

Atchison, Maurice Clifford, LL. B. Lawyer. Stillwater, Okla. 
Baird, Claire James, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Omaha National Bank Bldg., Omaha 
Barnes, Alfred Kimball, A.B. Attorney at Law. With Hall 
& Stout. 524 Omaha National Bank Bldg., Omaha 

Barratt, Prudence Lucy, A.B. (Mrs. Prudence Sabine). 

Fort Crook 
Bates, Fred John, A.M.; B. Sc. 1900, University of Kansas. 
Bureau of Standards. Washington, D. C. 

Batie, Vernon Claude, A. B. Post Office Inspector. 

202 3d Ave., N. E., Watertown, S. D. 
Bell, James Hays, A.B. Publisher "El Diario." 

la de Sturbide No. 11 Mexico D. L., Mexico City, Mexico 
Birken, William Joseph, A. B., LL. B. 1903 Lawyer. 

Billings, Mont. 

Blackman, Julian Raymond, A. B.; M. D. 1906, Johns Hopkins. 

Pathologist and Visiting Physician. Green Bay, Wis. 

94 The University of Nebraska 

Blandin, Elsie Mae, A. B. (Midwinter) (Mrs. H. T. Beans). 

601 W. 168th St., New York City 
Bliss, Elmer Franklyn, B. Sc. General Electric Co. 

37 Bedford Road, Schenectady, N. Y. 
Boostrom, Emil August, A. B., A. M. 1910. Superintendent of 
Schools. Stromsburg 

Browne, Elizabeth Lippincott, B. Sc. (Midwinter). 

Boylen, Terence Tracy, LL. B. Lawyer. Villisca, la. 

Bracelin, Charles Michael, A. B. Lawyer. 

2911 W. 40th St., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Bray ton, Mary Emma, A. B. (Mrs. L. M. Hatch). 

Alderton, Wash. 
Brooks, George Wainwright, B. Sc. General Electric Co. 

124 Parkwood Blvd., Schenectady, N. Y. 
Builta, Lee Paris, LL. B. Minister. Morocco, Ind. 

Bullard, Charles Elmer, B. Sc. Manager Lincoln Select Danc- 
ing Academy. Lincoln 
Burke, Allen Gilmour, A. B. (Midwinter), LL. B. 1903. Law 
and Real Estate. Bancroft 

Burr, Frank Daniel, B. Sc. Electrical Engineer. 

Calloway, Edmund James, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Virginia City, Mo'it. 
Campbell, Ira Elgin, A. B. (Midwinter). Deceased 

Campbell, Sample Crawford, B. Sc. Deceased 

Carr, Claude John, B. Sc. Lexington 

Carter, Clifton, A. B. (Midwinter), D. V. S. 1908 at K. C. V. C. 
Veterinary Inspector. 

328 Live Stock Exchange, Kansas City, Kan. 
Cartmel, William Bell, A.M.; B. Sc. 1900, Case School of Ap- 
plied Science. Professor of Physics and Electric?J Ens^i- 
neering. The University of New Brunswick. 

Fredericton, New Brunswick 
Case, Minnie Caroline, A. B. (Mrs. E. W. Ellis). Missionary. 

Lintsingchow via Tientsin, China 
Cherny, Joseph Ernest, LL. B. Lawyer. Schuyler 

Clapp, Charles Willard, LL. B.; A. B. 1904, Leland Stanford. 

Clapp, Hugh Elton, LL. B. Banker. Steele City 

Graduates, ipo2 95 

Cleary, John Leo, LL. B. Lawyer. Grand Island 

Clinton, Samuel Dexter, B. Sc. Civil Engineer. 

Twin Falls, Idaho 
Condit, Delia Florence, A. B. (Mrs. P. F. Adams). Nebraska 
Military Academy Lincoln 

Condra, George Evert, Ph. D. (Mindwinter). See 1897. 
Cortelyou, Spencer Van Zandt, B. Sc. Chief Assistant Engi- 
neer Division VII, California Highway Commission. 

365 East Ave. 52, Los Angeles, Cal. 
Cottle, Lewis Emery, LL. B. See 1901. 

Cowgill, Guy Milton, A. B. (Midwinter) ; LL. B. 1907, George 
Washington University. Special Agent, Bureau of Cor- 
porations. Wash, D. C. 
Crandall, Harry Eugene, A. B. With Manhattan Drug Co. 

50 Warren St., New York, N. Y. 

Crawford, Donald Alexander, LL. B. ; B. L. 1894, University of 

South Dakota. Lawyer. DeSmet, S. D. 

Cuscaden, Fred Appleton, LL. B. Banker. Erickson 

Cushman, Clinton Robert, B. Sc. Foreman, Engine Factory. 

1225 U St., Lincoln 
Cushman, Lucy Sarah, B. Sc. 

3060 E. 4th St., Los Angeles, Cal. 
Dahl, Leonora Henriette, A. M. See 1899. 
Darby, Joseph McKinnis, LL. B. Lawyer. Vlllisca, la. 

Dasenbrock, John Diedrich, A. B. ; A. M. 1906. Banker. 

Davis, Mary Myrtle, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

1829 M St.. Lincoln 

De Kalb, Henry Leonard, LL. B. Lawyer. Lewistown, Mont. 

Deweese, Fred Milo, A. B. ; A. M. 1904, LL. B. 1905, Columbia 

University. Farmer. Dawson 

Dirks, Carl William, A. B. Cashier, Folk Mercantile Co. 

Boise, Idaho 

Doane, Bert Lee, B. Sc. (Midwinter) ; M. D. 1905, Northwestern 

University Medical School. Del Norte, Colo. 

Douglas, Oscar, LL. B. Lawyer. Tecumseh 

Drew, Gerald M., LL. B. Lawyer. 

Isabel, S. D. 

96 The University of Nebraska \ 

Druse, Dott M., A^. B. (Mrs. Oscar M. Olsen). 

1322 Park Ave., Omaha 
Dudley, George Wilford, A. B. (Midwinter). Head of Com- 
mercial Department, High School. Deadwood, So. Dak. 
Dungan, Donald Clair, A. B. Assistant Yard Master, Rocky 

Mountain Fuel Co. 

Duras, Victor Hugo, LL. B. Lawyer. 

309 Broadway, New York City 

Duval, Harvey M., LL. B., L. L. M. Columbia. Lawyer, County 

Attorney. Springview 

Earle, Peri Irene, A. B. Murdock 

Ellis, John Samuel, A. B. Principal of Schools. 

Lake Preston, S. D. 
Ellis, Mamie, A. B. Principal in High School. College View 
Elmen, Gustavus Waldemar, B. Sc, A. M. 1904. 

1001 B. 167 St., New York City 
Erisman, Geneva Bertha, A. B. (Mrs. Webb Dickenson). 

Failor, Herman Virgil, LL. B. ; Ph. B. 1896, Iowa College. Sec- 
retary, Tucson Chamber of Commerce. Tucson, Arizona 
Failor, Olive Gilmore, LL. B. (Mrs. H. V. Failor). 

Tucson, Arizona 
Fossler, John Jacob, A. B. (Midwinter), M. D. 1907. Physician. 

Fowler,'Anna M., A. B. (Mrs. A. F. Magdanz). Pierce 

Fowler, Clara Wood, A. B. (Mrs. E. B. Perry). Cambridge 

Fuller, Lucien Baker, LL. B. Secretary to Governor, 

Capitol, Lincolm 

Garber, Cora Alda, A. B. 

Garrett, Harry Meade, A. B. Agent with the Nebraska Cen- 
tral Building and Loan Association of Lincoln. 

1123 Grand St., Beatrice 
Gerig, John Lawrence, Ph.D. (Midwinter); A. B. 1898, A.M. 
1899, University of Missouri. Lecturer in Romance Lam- 
guage, Columbia University. New York City 

Goold, Theodore Fred, B. Sc. Banker. Ogallala 

Gordon, Anthony Edward, LL. B. Deceased 

Graves, Winfield Wilkinson, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Commercial Blk., Portland, Ore. 

Graduates, 1^02 97 

Gray, Viola Clark, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

1527 So. 23d St., Lincoln 
Graybill, Harry Webster, A.M. See 1900. 
Groh, Abraham Robert, A. B. Journalist. Philadelphia, Pa. 
Hanlon, Edward Daniel, A. B, Principal of High School. 

Jennings, La. 
Harbor, Raleigh Walter, A. B. Secretary, Chattanooga Gas 


Hargreaves, Martha Blanche, A. B. (Mrs. H. H. Everett). 

Harper, Ella Bradford, A. B, Lincoln 

Hartzell, Florence Emily, A. B. Deceased 

Hawthorne, Samuel Clinton, A. B. Real Estate. 

1142 K St., Lincoln 

Haydon, Ambrose P., LL. B. 

Hayes, Mabel Rommel, A. B. Teacher. 

1830 Washington St.. Lincoln 
Heartt, William Raymond, LL. B. See 1900. 
Herbert, William M., LL. B, (Midwinter). Lawyer. 

Mitchell, S. D. 
Higgins, Charles Nottingham, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Hilton, David Clark, A.M. (Midwinter). See 1900. 

Hohl, Lawrence Edward, LL. B. Lieutenant, U. S. Army. 

Hopewell, Walter Melville, A. B., LL. B. 1903. Lawyer. 

Horn, Alfred Charles, B. Sc. General Foreman, S. R. V. Co. 

Blackfoot, Idaho 
Home, Othniel Gaylord, A. B. Banker. Syracuse 

Hughes, Charles Benjamin, LL. B. 

Hullhorst, Charlotte Eugenia, A. M. See 1900. 
Hummel, Raj Orrin, B. Sc; M. D. 1905, Northwestern Univer- 
sity. Physician. 140 So. 13th St., Lincoln 
Humphrey, Guess, A. B. Librarian, Nebraska Public Library 
Commission. 1950 Washington St., Lincoln 
Hunt, Fred L., B. Sc. Boston Office, General Electric Co. 

84 State St., Boston, Mass. 
Jackson, William Roberts, A. B. (Feb.) A. M. (Feb.) 1904. 


98 The University of Nebraska 

James, Richard Clinton, A. B., LL. B. 1904. Lawyer, County 

Attorney. Falls City 

Jewell, Don Randall, A. B. Geodetic Scientific Survey and 

Research, U. S. S. Marinduque. Manila, P. 1. 

Johnson, Cassius, LL. B. 

Johnson, George Arthur, LL. B., A. B. 1903 (Midwinter). Law- 
yer. 616 Commercial Blk., Portland, Ore. 
Jones, Anna Louisa, A. B. (Mrs. W. F. Meier). 

Seattle, Wash. 

Keeney, Albert Hayes, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Kellogg, Ira Ariel, A. B. Reporter, Omaha Bee. 

2711 E St., Benson 
Kelly, Frederick James, A. B. Superintendent Training De- 
partment. Spearfish, S. D. 
Kidd, Fred Garfield, LL. B. Lawyer. Seattle, Wash. 
Koehler, John Peter, A. B. Athletic Director Denver Univer- 

Koehler, Sophia Margaret, A. B. (Feb.) 

Koop, Bessie, A. B., A. M. 1907. Teacher. 

Larson, Carl Herman, B. Sc. Construction Department, C. P. 

Ry. Winnipeg, Can. 

LeRoy, Clifford W., LL. B. In the U. S. Navy, Pacific Ocean. 

Care Navy Dept., Wash., D. C. 

Long, Ernest William, LL. B. 

Longley, Jonas Rhodes, B. Sc. 

Losch, Grace Mary, A. B. (Mrs. N. A. Huse). Norfolk 

McCall, Bertha Lillian, A. B. (Mrs. Warren Ingersoll). 

McCallum, Jessie Eugenia, B. Sc. Guide Rock 

McComb, Harvey Amos, B. Sc. Owner Greenhouse and Fruit 
Farm. Palisade, Colo. 

McGuffey, Jennie, A. B. Principal, High School. Cody, Wyo. 
McPhee, Clare Mary, A. B. Principal in Lincoln Schools. 

1618 L St., Lincoln 

McPhee, Marguerite Cameron, A. B., A. M. 1907. Instructor, 

University of l^ebraska. 1618 L St., Lincoln 

Macomber, Giertrude Elizabeth, A. B. (Midwinter) (Mrs. F. W. 

Robinson). 1321 H. 58d St., Hyde Park Sta., Chicago, P' 

Graduates, ipo2 99 

Macomber, Maude Clarisse, A. B. (Mrs. F. A. Cuscaden). 

Main, Arthur Ernest, B. Sc. Electrical Superintendent, Hot 
Springs Water Co. Hot Springs, Ark. 

Manchester, Frank Paul, LL. B. Life Insurance. 

Box 1716, Denver, Colo. 
Martin, Frank Lee, A. B. Professor of Journalism, University 
of Missouri. Columbia, Mo. 

Masters, Ethel Mae, A. B. Teacher of Latin, High School. 

Matsoa» Charles E., LL. B. Attorney. 1845 L St., Lincoln 

Mead, Charlotte Brown, A. B. Teacher, High School. 

Castle Rock, Colo. 
Meier, Carl Henry, A. M. See 1899. 
Mockett, Edwin Richard, LL. B. Court Reporter. 

2110 A St., Lincoln 
Miller, Eleanora Tibbetts, A. M. See 1900. 
Montgomery, Grace, B. Sc. Deceased 

Montgomery, Ida Margaret, A. B. (Midwinter). 

Aberdeen, S. D. 

Montgomery, Irving Evelyn, LL. B. Lawyer and Investment 

Banker. Bloomington 

Morrell, Frederick Walter, B. Sc. Forest Assistant, U. S. 

Forest Service. 2939 Osceola St., Denver, Colo. 

Mundorf, William Mills, B. Sc. Draftsman. 

Nelson, Nels P., LL. B. Lawyer. Rockford, 111. 

Nielsen, Carrie Signe, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Nielsen, Frederick Kenelm, A. B., LL. B. 1904; LL. M. 1907, 
Georgetown Uaiversity. Department of State. 

Washington, D. C. 

Niles, Arthur Jewett, A. B. 1317 So. 33d St., Omaha 

Noble, Lin Ithamar, LL. B. Lawyer. Basin, Wyo. 

North, Cecil Clair, A. B.; B. D. 1905 University of Chicago, 

Professor of Sociology, DePauw University. 

Greencastle, Ind. 
O'Connell, William Harold, A. B., LL. B. Lawyer. 

lOO The University of Nebraska 

O'Gara, Patrick Joseph, B. Sc. Pathologist and Entomologist 

with Fruit Association. Medford, Ore. 

Orton, Chauncey Stephen, B. Sc. AUis-Chalmers Co. 

Milwaukee, Wis. 
Pace, Cadwallader William, LL. B. Lawyer. 

703 Omaha National Bank, Omaha 
Park, Eugene Christian, A. B. Farmer. Redmond, Ore. 

Parks, Mildred Amia, A. B., A. M. 1907 (Mrs. G. L. Borrow- 

man). 1321 So. 14th St., Lincoln 

Pepoon, Philip Wendell, A. B. Superintendent of Schools. 

Peterson, Aleck Theodore, LL. B. Farmer. York 

Peterson, Hans Peter, A. B., LL. B. 1903. • Lawyer. 

Peterson, Walter, A.M.; A. B. 1900, Grand Island College. 

Instructor, Grand Island College. Grand Island 

Phelps, Sarah Louise, A. B. Fellow in German Department, 

University of Nebraska. Station A, Lincoln 

Pierce, Eugene Henry, B. Sc. Electrical Engineer, Western 

Electric Co. 942 Warren Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Pillsbury, Hannah Eliza, A. B. (Mrs. C. A. Pearson). 

Chance, Mont. 
Pillsbury, Melville Paul, A. B. Farmer and Fruit Raiser. 

Chico, Cal. 
Pollard, Leona Alice, A. B. (Mrs. Daniel McCleery). 


Powell, Melinda James, A. B. 

Powers, Robert Carroll, A. B. Deceased 

Prey, Annie Elizabeth, A.M. See 1896. 

Price, Myrtle Vivian, A, B. Albion 

Rainey, Ralph Raxstraw, A. B. With United States National 

Bank. Omaha 

Reardon, William John, LL. B. Lawyer. Pekin, 111. 

Reasoner, Ira Victor, LL. B. Lawyer. 

927 So. 13th St., Lincoln 
Reeves, Bessie, A. B. (Mrs. Robert. Andreson). Lincoln 

Rhodes, Walter Hampton, A. M. See 1896. 
Richardson, Florence Ella, A. B.; Ph.D. 1908, University of 

Chicago. Assistant Professor (elect) of Psychology, 

Drake University. Des Moines, la. 

Graduates, 1^02 loi 

Ricker, Harry Daniel, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Grand Island 

Robbins, Ida Lute, A. M.; B. S. 1890, Tabor College. 

Rose, Charles Albert, B. Sc. Research Chemist with the 

American Smelting and Refining Co. Perth Amboy, N. J. 
Rotruck, John Ferguson, LL. B. Lawyer. Denver, Colo. 

Rulla, Frederick Carl, A. B. Banker. Vesta 

Sage, Evan Taylor, A. B., A.M. 1904, University of Chicago; 

Ph. D. 1908, University of Chicago. Professor of Latin, 

University of Washington. Seattle, Wash. 

Schaufelberger, Frederick, Jr., B. Sc. Municipal Draftsman. 

3222 Royal St., Los Angeles, Cal. 
Searls, Hubert Clayton, B. Sc. Civil Engineer with Missouri 

Pacific R. R. Rocky Ford, Colo. 

Sheldon, Addison Erwin, A. B., A. M. 1904. Director Nebraska 

Legislative Reference Bureau. Lincoln 

Shields, Zora Inez, A. B. (Midwinter), A. M. 1904. Teacher in 

High School. 4919 Davenport St., Omaha 

Slonecker, Lester Reynolds, LL. B. Lawyer. 

New York Life Bldg, Omaha 
Smith, Julia Eliza, B. Sc. Mathematics Assistant to Engineer. 

Smith, Louise Claire, A. B. (Mrs. L. C. S. Scott). Central City 

Smith, Oscar Otland, LL. B. Cotton Ginning. 

Spealman, Ernest Garfield, LL. B. Lawyer. Stockton, Kan. 
Spittler, John B., LL. B. Live Stock and Grain. Ewing 

Sprung, Annetta Mabel, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Starr, Robert Percy, LL. B. Lawyer. Loup City 

Stevenson, Hugh Alfred, LL. B. Salesman for Standard Oil. 

4230 Erskine St., Omaha 
Stewart, Milton Irving, A. B. Thwing-Stewart Printing Co. 

Duluth, Minn. 

Stringer, Caroline Effie, B. Sc, A. M. 1904. Teacher, High 

School. 2309 So. 32d St., Omaha 

Stull, Dell Deronda, A. B. Lawyer. Lahoma, Okla. 

Sturdevant, La Zelle Brantley, A. B., B. Sc. 1903, A. M. 1905. 

Adjunct Professor of Animal Pathology, University of 

Nebraska. Lincoln 

I02 The University of Nebraska 

Sutter, Frederick Arthur, LL. B. Lawyer. Bisbee, Arizona 

Taylor, Neva, A. B. Teacher. Lincoln 

Telleen, Leonard Emerson, LL. B.; A. B. 1906, Augustana Col- 
lege. Lawyer. Cambridge, 111. 

Templeton, Charlotte, A. B. (Midwinter). Secretary, State 
Library Commission. Lincoln 

Thomas, David Edward, A. B. Student. Chicago, 111. 

Thomas, Eva Kathrine, A. B, Teacher, High School. 

3610 Marcy St., Omaha 

Thomas, Ferdinand Ehrman, LL. B. Superintendent, Brad- 
street Mercantile Agency. 

Thornbury, Delman Leon, B. Sc. Superintendent of Schools. 

Eureka, Cal. 

Thornbury, William Yearsley, B. Sc. Superintendent of 
Schools. Texarkana, Texas 

Tobie, Edwin Lester, A. B. (Midwinter). Minister Methodist 
Episcopal Church. Cullison, 111. 

Trommershauser, John Newton, LL. B. Cashier, Pioneer 
Bank. Ewing 

Voss, Adolph Max, A. B. Assistant Inspector of Accredited 
Schools, University of Nebraska. 2525 Vine St., Lincoln 

Voss, John Henry, A. B. (Midwinter). Associate Professor 
of German, University of Oklahoma. Norman, Okla. 

Walker, George Hamilton, B. Sc. Physician. 

200 Richards Blk., Lincoln 

Weaver, Paul Bennett, A. B. (Midwinter), LL. B. Lawyer. 

Falls City 

Weems, Horace Winfield, LL. B. Farmer. Fullerton 

Welch, Arthur Evan, A. B. Advertising Manager, Adams & 
Elting Co. 

Wells, Charles Edwin, A. B. Lawyer. Shawnee, Okla. 

Wilhelmson, Emma Jessie Marie, A. B. Teacher, Wesleyan 
University. University Place 

Williams, Hattie Plum, A. B., A.M. 1909 (Mrs. T. F. A. 
Williams). 407 No. 26th St., Lincoln 

Willits, John Elias, LL. B. Lawyer. Hastings 

Wilson, Mabel Ferguson, B. Sc. (Mrs. W. R. Boose), 

Falls City 

Wirt, Ella Blaine, A. B. 716 Willow Ave., Council Bluffs, la. 

Graduates, ip02 


Witham, Oliver William, LL. B. Lawyer. County Attorney. 

Stuart, la. 
Wolgamot, Winifred Olta, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

711 No. 30th St., Billings, Mont. 

Omaha Medical College. 

Barns, Frank M., M. D. 
Bartholomew, George F., M. 
Carlile, Amos W., M. D. 
Chapman, William H., M. D. 

Christensen, C. J. M. D. 
Christie, B. W., M. D. 
Cooper, A. H., M. D. 
Craft, W. T., M. D. 
Fitzsimmons, A. W., M. D. 
Fleetwood, E. J., M. D. 
Griffiths, D. G., M. D. 
Hanson, Frank H., M. D. 
Henderson, Fannie Dora, M. 
Hully, H. D., M. D. 
James, P. E., M. D. 
Jones, W. Y., M. D. 
Kerr, William, M. D. 
Keyes, Edward C, M. D. 
Krnse, JYederlck W., M. D. 
Lee, Daniel F., M. D. 
Lemar, Fred A., M. D. 
McDowell, Milton B., M. D. 
Mantor, Hugh E. 
Mitchell, Adda (Mrs.), M. D. 
Moore, Miles S., M. D. 
Morseman, C. F., M. D. 
Peters, John A., M. D. 
Rathbun, Grove H., M. D. 
Reid, D. J., M. D. 
Reid, John D., M. D. 
Rendstrom, David A., M. D. 
Tinley, Mathew A., M. D. 

404 Brown Blk., Omaha 
D. Broken Bow 

Manning, la. 
Hospital for Chronic Insane. 



Barker Bldg., Omaha 




Magnolia, la. 


Elliott, la. 

Hutchinson, Minn. 

St. James 

Randolph, la. 


12 Continental Blk., Omaha 

Newman Grove 



625 8th Ave., Council Bluffs, la. 


Hibbing, Minn. 



Crab Orchard 



Council Bluffs. la. 

104 '^'^^ University of Nebraska 

Tornholm, Frank, M. D. Wahoo 

Van Fleet, F. A., M. D. MeCague Blk., Omaha 

Rice, Aosa (Mrs.), M. D. Merriam Blk., Council Bluffs, la. 


A. B. 148; B. Sc. 45; LL. B. 84; M. D. 39; A.M. 7; Ph. D. 3. 
Abbott, Warren Dwight, LL. B.; Ph. B. 1899, Nebraska Wes- 
leyan University. Lawyer. Tulsa, Okla. 

Agee, James Clarence, M. D. Physician. 

Alden, Clyde James, LL. B. Bank President. Agra, Okla. 

Ames, Adeline Sarah, B. Sc, A. M. 1904. Assistant in Path- 
ology, Department of Agriculture. Washington, D. C. 
Amspoker, Albert Ross, LL. B. Attorney, Real Estate Busi- 
ness. Springview 
Anderson, Gertrude Evelyn, A. B. (Mrs. C. W. Melick). 

Anderson, Roscoe, LL. B. Lawyer. Humboldt 

Anderson, Samuel, A. B. At Robert College, Constantinople, 

Asthalter, Robert Charles, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Baker, Fern Samuel, LL. B. Lawyer. County Attorney, Sioux 
County. Harrison 

Ballard, Clara May, A. B. (Mrs. E. M. Stone). Lincoln 

Barr, Clinton Marion, A. B. (Midwinter). Superintendent of 
City Schools. Hastings 

Barry, Joseph David, B. Sc; M. D. 1906, Northwestern Uni- 
versity. Physician and Surgeon. 

1415 Welton St., Denver, Colo 

Bartlett, Arthur Leslie, M. D. 

Beams, Annie Jean, A. B. Principal, High School. Pender 
Beck, Frederick Louis, M. D. Physician. Geneva 

Bednar, Christine, A. B. Teacher in Bowen High School. 

5616 Monroe Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Bengtson, Caroline, A. B. — 

Bengtson, Ida Albertina, A. B. Cataloguer in Library of Geo- 
logical Survey. Washington, D. C. 

Bennett, Edith Grace (Mrs. Verne Hedge). 

1034 So. 14th St., Lincoln 

Graduates, ipoj 105 

Benson, Harry William, M. D. (Feb.). Physician. Oakland 
Berry, Frederick Samuel, A. B., LL. B. Lawyer. Emerson 
Berry, John Robert, LL. B. Lawyer. Ord 

Berggren, Joseph Frederick, LL. B. Lawyer. Wahoo 

Birken, William Joseph, LL. B. Lawyer. See 1902. 
Black, Emil Claudius, M. D. Physician. Long Pine 

Bland, William Franklin, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Oklahoma City, Okla. 
Boese, Rosa Marguerite, A. B. Teacher. Lincoln 

Boose, Florence Lillian, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Falls City 
Boslaugh, Paul, LL. B. Lawyer. Harvard 

Brooke, Irving Emerson, B. Sc. (Midwinter). Electrical Engi- 
neer. 112 W. Adams St., Chicago, III. 
Brookings, Alice, A. B. Teacher for 1910-11. Kearney 
Bross, Philip Fits, A. B. Wahoo 

Brown, Arthur, B. Sc. 

Brown, Bessie Belle, A. B. (Mrs. William B. Hartigan). 

Bruce, John August, B. Sc. Bruce and Standeven. 

5013 Cass St., Omaha 
Bruckman, Charles Edward, LL. B. Clerk of District Court. 

Bruner, Frank G., A. B.; Ph.D. 1907, Columbia University. 
Board of Education, New York. Chicago, UL 

Buck, Ralph Joseph, B. Sc. Manager of Lumber Yard. 

McCammon, Idaho 
Buckley, Newton Earle, B. Sc. Assistant Engineer, U. P. R. R. 
Co. Box 822, Omaha 

Buckstaff, Frank, B. Sc. Pratt Machine and Boiler Co. 

Chicago, III. 
Burke, Allen Gllmour, LL. B. Lawyer. See 1902. 
Burnett, Lyman Crane, B. Sc; M. S. A. 1906, Iowa State Col- 
lege. Plant Breeding, Iowa State College. Ames, la. 
Cady, Adnelle Lovila, A. B. (Mrs. George Pyne). St. Paul 
Cain, William James, LL. B. Deceased 
Carey, Patrick James, LL. B. Lawyer. Muskogee, Okla. 
Case, William Merritt, A. B. With West Publishing Co. 

750 Omaha National Bank, Omaha 

Io6 The University of Nebraska 

Catlin, Clifford Norman, A. B. Assay er. 

Bluefields, Nicaragua, C. A. 
Catlin, Warren Benjamin, A. B. Assistant Professor of Eco- 
nomics, Bowdoin College. 

260 Main St., Brunswick, Maine 
Chambers, Oliver, M. D. Physician and Division Surgeon, 
U. P. R. R. Rock Springs, Wyo. 

Chase, Albert La Mont, LL. B. Lawyer. 

201 F. & M. Bldg., Lincoln 

Clark, Lucy May, A. B. (Midwinter). Instructor in English, 

State Normal. Chadron 

Coad, Frank John, LL. B. Lawyer. Pasco, Wash. 

Comstock, Ada Delia, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

1629 C St., Lincoln 
Contryman, Margaret Elsie, A. B. (Mrs. R. W. McCallum). 

Cook, Caroline Eugenia, A. B. Wahoo 

Cook, Florence Elizabeth, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Crabtree, Clara Mae, A. B. (Mrs. Robert Hiltner). 

566 High St., Denver, Colo. 
Craft, Charles Playford, A. B., LL. B. 1904. Lawyer. Aurora 
Craig, Clara Louise, A. B. Assistant in Library, University 
of Nebraska. 421 So. 28th St., Lincoln 

Crane, Calvin Orrin, B. So. (Midwinter). Electrical Engineer, 
Arnold Co. Box 998, Chicago, 111. 

Crawford, Frank Elmer, LL. B. Lawyer. Wymore 

Crooks, William Cliff, A. B. Merchant. Fairbury 

Davies, Josiah Shaftesbury, M. D. Physician. 

Granville, N. D. 
Denslow, May, A. B. (Mrs. Charles H. Lyman). Hooper 

DeVoe, Leroy Alfred, LL. B. Lawyer. Ogallala 

Dobler, George Francis, LL. B. Merchant. Riverton, Wyo. 
Donohue, Patrick Joseph, LL. B. Lawyer. Bonesteel, S. D. 
Doubt, John Columbus, B. Sc. Kilbourne & Clark Co. 

Seattle, Wash. 
Doubt, Sarah Lucinda, B. Sc. Teacher, High School. 

2630 Belmont St., Parsons, Kan. 

Graduates, ipoj 107 

Duncan, James Floyd, A. B. (Midwinter). Principal of School. 

Edgerton, Claude Wilber, B. Sc. ; Ph. D., Cornell University. 
Botanist, Louisiana Experiment Station. 

Baton Rouge, La. 
Egge, Margaret Elsie, A. B. Anaheim, Gal. 

Ellis, Inez, A. B. Teacher in Cherry Hill High School. Mead 
Elson, Myron Deronda, A. B. (Midwinter). Telephone Engi- 
neer. Milwaukee, Wis. 
Elson, Thomas Hughes, A. B. Instructor Manual Training, 
Public Schools. Seattle, Wash. 
Engel, Charles William, B. Sc. Assistant Engineer of Chicago 
& Northwestern Ry. 5117 No. 23d St., Omaha 
Ensign, Alice Baird, A. B. Advisor to Women, University of 
Nebraska. Walworth Road, R. F. D. 4, Lincoln 
Ericksen, Christine S., M. D. Physician. Council Bluffs, la. 

Everett, John Paul, LL. B. Contractor. 

Fairchild, William Joseph, A. B. U. P. R. R. Headquarters. 

2736 Decatur St., Omaha 

Farney, James Rogy, A. B. Manager, Salesman Department, 

Hapgoods. 619 R. A. Long Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 

Farquhar, Ralph Emerson, LL. B. Lawyer. • 

Fee, Orville Jackson, A. B. Manager of Evans Laundry Co. 

2059 Euclid Ave., Lincola 
Ferguson, James Molyneux, B. Sc. Student, University of 
Washington. 1110 Terry Ave., Seattle, Wash. 

Ferguson, Olin Jerome, B. Sc. Assistant Professor of Elec- 
trical Engineering, Union University. 

244 Parkwood Blvd., Schenectady, N. T. 
Filley, Horace Clyde, A. B., A. M. '11. Assistant in Agronomy 
and Farm Management, Uni. of Neb. 

2537 S St., Lincoln 
Fin lay, Sylvia Imogene, A. B. (Midwinter) (Mrs. H. A. Meier). 

1253 So. 23d St., Lincoln 
Fleming, Bruce, LL. B. Lawyer. South Sioux City, la. 

Forbes, Lydia Bonfield, A. B. (Mrs. A. M. Bell). Osceola 

Foster, Fred Charles, LL. B. City Attorney. 

1630 Poplar St., Lincoln 

io8 Tfie University of Nebraska 

Fowler, Sadie Lenore, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

South Omaha 
Fox, Theodore William, A. B. (Midwinter). Teacher, Harvard 

School for Boys. 
France, George Winfred, LL. B. Lawyer. York 

Fulk, Joseph Richard, A. B. Superintendent of Schools. 

Gage, Earl Eugene, M. D. Physician. Montrose, S. D. 

Gibbons, Alexander Joseph, LL. B. R. R. Contractor. 

953 3d St., Salt Lake City, Utah 
Gilbert, Alvin Walter, A. B. (Midwinter). Clerk U. S. Con- 
sulate General. Chefoo, China 
Glover, Clara Mabel, A. B. (Mrs. A. M. Case). 

4043 Meredith Ave., Omaha 
Golden, John Parnell, A. B.; Engineer of Mines 1907, Colorado 
School of Mines. Mining Engineer. 

511 No. Main St., Butte, Mont. 
Gould, Doda, A. B.; D. O. 1907, American School Osteopathy. 

Graham, James Robert, M. D. Physician. Allen 

Griffin, Thomas Dexter, A. B., LL. B., 1904. Cashier in Bank. 

Griffith, Edna Ethel, A. B. Teacher. Lents, Portland, Ore. 

Grigsby, Bruce Harold, LL. B. Lawyer. Chanute, Kan. 

Guile, Mabel Terry, A. B. Teacher. York 

Guile, Minnie Burt, A. B. (Mrs. E. E. Brackett). 

Sabetha, Kan. 
Gund, Edna Mann, A. B. 234 So. 27th St., Lincoln 

Hagelin, Frederick August, LL. B. Lawyer. Nampa, Idaho 
Hagenow, May Belle, A. B. (Mrs. Nelson L. Furbush). Pian- 
ist. 171 Hemeway St., Boston, Mass. 
Haggard, Carrie Irene, A.B. (Mrs. Bert Williams). 

Wenatchee, Wash. 

Hamilton, Gay Montague, B. Sc. 

2955 7th Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Hamilton, Irene, A. B., A. M. 1904. 

Hansen, DeWitt, B. Sc. Nurseryman and Seedsman. 

Hargitt, Geo. Thomas, A.M.; Ph. B., Syracuse University. 
Teacher in High School. Syracuse, N. Y. 

Graduates, ipoj 109 

Harry, Howard Emerson, A. B. (Midwinter). Principal High 
School. Boulder, Mont. 

Hart, Marvin Lawrence, A. B., LL. B. 1904. Lawyer. 
Harter, Leonard L., A. B., A. M. 1906. Bureau of Plant Indus- 
try, Department of Agriculture. Washington, D. C. 
Hartzell, Laura Belle, B. Sc. Clerk, Hahn Butler Co. 

1536 So. 18th St., Lincoln 
Haughawout, Margaret Elizabeth, A.M.; A. B., Hastings Col- 
lege. Dean of Wright Hall and Professor of English Lit- 
erature, Alma College. Alma, Mich. 
Hedge, Ural Verne, A. B., B. Sc. Abstracter. 

1816 C St., Lincoln 
Hess, Edith Marie, A. B. (Mrs. Moffett). Woodruff, Kan. 

Hess, Frederick Edward, B. Sc. Hess & Skeimer, Agents Mis- 
souri Valley Bridge & Iron Co. 

401-2 Slaughter Bldg., Dallas, Tex. 
Hewitt, Theodore John, LL. B. See 1901. 
Hill, Robert Tudor, A. B. ; Ph. D. 1910, Columbia University. 

124 East 28th St., New York City 
Hilton, John William, A.M.; A. B., Cotner University. Pro- 
fessor of Ethics and Sociology, Cotner University. 

Hodge, Edward D., A. B.; LL. B. 1904. Lawyer. 

514-15 Berlin Bldg., Tacoma, Wash. 
Hopewell, Walter Melville, LL. B. See 1902. 

Hughes, Leroy Howard, LL. B. 

Hughes, Winifred Blanche, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Hull, Arundle Miller, B. Sc. (Midwinter). Deceased 

Hurlbut, Henry Salmon Gould, A. B., B. Sc. in E. E., 1905; 
B. Sc. 1901, Hastings College. Assistant Electric Engi- 
neer, Tonopah Mining Co. Tonopah, Nev. 
Hurtz, Leonard Eugene, B. Sc. Manager, Auto Tel, Co. 

Isaacs, David, M. D. Physician. Brandeis Bldg., Omaha 

Ittner, Edna, A. B. Teacher in High School. York 

Iversen, John Christian, M. D. Physician. Palmyra 

James, Arthur, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Jensen, Frank, M. D. Physician. Newman Grove 

no The University of Nebraska 

Jensen, Jens Peter, M. D. Physician, Plainview 

Job, Clatilla Bernice, M. D. Physician. Broken Bow 

Johnson, Fred Gustus, LL. B. Lawyer. Oxford 

Johnson, Frederick William, A. B., LL. B., 1905. Lawyer. 

Rock Springs, Wyo. 
Johnson, George Arthur, A. B. (Feb.). See 1902. 
Johnson, Mabel Augusta, A. B. (Midwinter). (Mrs. E. A. Mc- 

Creery). Deceased 

Johnson, Oscar Edwin, LL. B. Lawyer. 

3811 No. 22d St., Omaha 
Jonas, Stephen Pabulius, LL. B. Lawyer. Lincoln 

Jouvenat, D. Leon, LL. B. Nebraska Paper & Bag Co. 

1111 Washington St., Lincoln 
Jungbluth, Edward Christian, M. D. Deceased 

Kaar, Grover Cleveland, B. Sc. Student, College of Mines. 

99 Emerald St., Houghton, Mich. 
Kimball, George Pearl, B. Sc. Manager Mattoon Gas Light 

and Coke Co. Mattoon, 111. 

Koetter, Max John Henry, M. D. Physician. Burlington, Wyo. 
Krasney, Emil, B. Sc. (Midwinter). Clerk. Humboldt 

Kruse, Albert August, B. Sc. 

Kuhl, Augustus Bernard, M. D. Physician. Harlan, la. 

Kutcher, Charles Abraham, LL. B. County Attorney. 

Sheridan, Wyo. 

Lambert, Flavius Webb, LL. B. 

Langley, Henry Gabriel, A. B: Minister. Ponca 

Lathrop, Edith Anna, A. B. County Superintendent. 

Clay Center 

Lauver, George Myers, A. B. 

Ledwith, John James, LL. B. See 1901. 

Lee, George Arthur, A. B., LL. B. 1905. Assistant Attorney 

General. Olympia, Wash. 

Le Mar, Clair Leone, M. D. Physician. Humphrey 

Lemon, Orlando A., LL. B.; Ph. B. 1902, Taylor University. 

Lawyer and Solicitor. 

Leonard, Walter Anderson, A. B. American Vice Consul. 

Lindeman, Herman, A. B., A. M. Yale. Minister. 

Red Lodge, Mont. 

Graduates, igos iii 

Lipp, Frederick Maurer, A. B. Banker. Hardin, Mont. 

Lobingier, Charles Sumner, Ph. D. See 1888, 

Long, Walter Kingeman, B. Sc. Physician. 

Loomis, Ella Margaret, A. B. (Mrs. Geo. W. David). 

Mobile, Ala. 
Loomis, Lucinda Bills, A. B. (Midwinter). 

Melick Court, Lincoln 
Lovitt, William Vernon, A. B.; Ph. M. 1907, University of Chi- 
cago. Professor in University of Washington. 

University of Wash., Seattle, Wash. 

Lundburg, Edward Alexius, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Lyman, Rufus Ashley, M. D. See 1897. 

McCarl, J. Raymond, LL. B. Private Secretary to Congress- 
man Norris. McCook 
McCaw, Sterling H., A. B. Reporter, Omaha Bee. Omaha 
McClay, Harriet Lamb, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

685 So. Hudson Ave., Pasadena, Cal. 
McClymonds, Robert Clendenin, M. D.; A. B. 1899, Amity Col- 
lege. Physician. Walton, Kan. 
McCoy, Pearl Eugene, B. Sc. Hastings 
McCune, Eva Mary, A. M. See 1900. 

McDermott, Louisa, A. B. ; M. S., University of California. 
Teacher. San Francisco, Cal. 

McDill, Alice, A. B. Teacher in High School. Anaheim, Cal. 
McDonnell, William, LL. B. Gregory, S. D. 

McGeachin, William Rankin, B. Sc. Electrical Engineer. 

Manila, P. I. 
McGrew, Ray V., LL. B. Lawyer. Bloomington 

McKillip, Lloyd Harrington, LL. B. See 1901. 

McLennan, Jean Hall, A. B. (Mrs. J. E. Clark), 

McNish, Jesse Clark, LL. B. Vice President, First National 
Bank. Wisner 

Mackin, Clare Theresa, A. B. Principal, High School. 

Nebraska City 
Macy, Ala Alma, A. B. Teacher. 

123 West 28th St., Los Angeles, Cal. 
Maguire, Anna Elizabeth, A. B. (Mrs. V. E. Gauthier). 

624 Central Ave., Duluth, Minn. 
Majors, Franklin Perry, LL. B. 

112 The University of Nebraska 

Manifold, William Henry, A. B. Superintendent of Schools. 

Glidden, la. 

Martin, Robert Clyde, LL. B. 

Martin, Joseph William, M. D. Physician. Ong 

Maughlin, Nannie Vera, A. B. Teacher. 

401 Main St., Lawrence, Kan. 

Maxson, Robert Lee, LL. B. Stenographer. 

Maxwell, Anna May, A. B. (Mrs. C. R. Jeffords). 

Union Park Ave., Jamaica, Long Island 
Maxwell, Arthur Hall, LL. B. Lawyer. Belle Fourche, S. D. 
Maxwell, Thomas Alexander, A. B. Minister. Ulysses 

Meier, Eliza Ellen, A. B. (Mrs. C. J. Berkey). 

900 Eleventh Ave., Spokane, Wash. 
Meier, Emma Nora, A. B. (Mrs. D. O. Dean). 

4022 Brooklyn Ave., Seattle, Wash. 
Meier, Walter Frederick, A. B. (Midwinter), LL. B. 1903. 
Lawyer and Examiner of Land Titles. 

709-711 New York Block, Seattle, Wash. 
Metcalf, Haven, Ph.D. (Midwinter); A. B. 1896; A M. 1897. 
Brown. Pathologist, U. S. Department of Agriculture. 

Washington, D. C. 
Milek, John Thomas, A. B., LL. B. 1904. Lawyer. 

Sturgis, S. D. 
Miles, George F., B. Sc. Bureau Plant Industry, U. S. De- 
partment of Agriculture. Washington, D. C. 
Miller, Louise, A. B., A. M. 1905. Green Hall, University of 
Chicago. Chicago, 111. 
Moran, Andrew Patrick, LL. B. Lawyer. Nebraska City 
Morison, Charles Campbell, M. D. Clinical Assistant in Sur- 
gery, University of Nebraska. Omaha 
Morrison, Thomas Fauntleroy, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Chanute, Kan. 
Morrow, William, LL. B. Lawyer. County Attorney. 


Mudge, Claire Ruskin, LL. B. Legal Department, Dupont 

Powder Co. 909 DuPont Bldg., Wilmington, Del. 

Neal, Halbert Fletcher, M. D. Physician. Meridian, Idaho 

Nelson, Henry Gilbert, A. B. (Midwinter). Implement Dealer. 

Brush, Colo. 

Graduates, 1^03 113 

Nielsen, Marie Anna, m;. D. Physician. Harlan, la. 

Norton, John Nathaniel, A. B. Farmer. Polk 

Oliver, Roy Hiron, B. Sc. Auditor on Construction Work. 

Osborn, Frank Ely, M. D. See 1900. 

Parsons, Andrew Clarkson, A. B. State High School Inspector 
of Oklahoma. Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Patterson, John Albert, LL. B. Lawyer. Central City 

Payne, Charles Kenneth, A. B. Western Electric Co. 

223 West Twenty-Third St., New York City 
Peters, Guy Melvin, A. B. ; LL. B. 1906, Harvard. Lawyer. 

Temple, Chicago, 111. 
Peterson, Hans Peter, LL. B. See 1902. 

A inkerton, Roy L., LL. B. Student at Scudder Electric Medi- 
cal College. Cincinnati, Ohio 
Piatt, Owen Dale, M. D. Physician. Cook 
Pospisil, Louis John, B. Sc Assistant Chief Draftsman, Wash- 
ington Water Power Co. 

103 W. 17th Ave., Spokane, Wash. 
Post, Gertrude Jeannette, A. B. York 

Potts, Charles Wesley, A. B., LL. B. Real Estate. 

Solon Springs, Wis. 
Ptak, Fred Estell, LL. B. Lawyer. Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Reeder, Prentiss Earl, A. B. Lawyer. 

1201 Gloyd Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 
Rice, Marguerite Sarah, A. B. High School Teacher. 

Rice, Rose Hammond, M. D. Physician. 

Merriam Blk., Council Bluffs, la. 
Richards, Annie Louise, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Red Cloud 
Richard, Frank Montgomery, A. B. (Midwinter). Editor. 

Ringer, John Dean, A. B., LL. B. 1905. Lawyer. 

South Omaha 
Ritchie, Charles David, A. B., LL. B. 1905. Lawyer. McCook 
Roberts, Myrtle Fiti Henry, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

2602 C St., South Omaha 

114 Tke University of Nebraska 

Romigh, James Victor, A. B.; LL. B. 1906, Harvard Univer- 
sity. Lawyer. Gothenburg 

Root, Charles Henry, M. D. Physician. See 1900. 

Roper, Ralph Chase, LL. B. See 1900. 

Roth, Sidney Roscoe, LL. B. Lawyer. Canton, Okla. 

Rowe, Edward Winfield, B. Sc. ; M. D. Northwestern Univer- 
sity. Physician, Funke Bldg. 1260 So. 22d St., Lincoln 

Rowe, Jesse Perry, A. M. (Feb.). See 1897. 

Sargent, Joseph Andrews, B, Sc. (Feb.). With Northwest 
Company. 1018 Board of Trade Bldg., Portland, Ore. 

Sather, Charles Anthony, LL. B. Lawyer. Bellingham, Wash. 

Schaper, Meta Elizabeth, A. B. (Mrs. R. C. Cather). 

Lander, Wyo. 

Scherzer, Lottie, A. B. (Mrs. W. M. Richards). 

Gig Harbor, Wash. 

Schlaifer, Osher, A. B. (Feb.). Supt. of Schools. 

Vermillion, S. D. 

Schock, William Amos, A. B. Farmer. Falls City 

Scott, Elzada Estella, A. B. Teacher in High School. 


Seeley, Ora Fay, A. B. 

Senger, Henry Leo, B. Sc. (Feb.). Civil Engineer, Hydro- 
Electric Dept,, The Arnold Co. 

105 La Salle St., Chicago, 111. 

Senner, George Fredemck, LL. B. Lawyer. Basin, Wyo. 

Lhank, Jake Milton, LL. B. Real Estate Business. Idaho 

Sheldon, John Lewis, Ph. D. See 1899. 

biiidler, George Porter, A. B. Physician. York 

Short, Mamie Frances, B. Sc. Teacher in High School. 


Sly, Elva Lorena, A. B. Dean of Women. General Secretary, 
Y. W. C. A. University of Arkansas. Carnall Hall. 

Fayetteville, Ark. 

Smersh, Orro George, M. D. Physician. Dodge 

Smith, Edward Catlett, A. B., LL. B. 

Smith, James Westfall Barnum, M. D. Physician. Albion 

Smith, Maude Mabel, A. B. Teacher. 4115 Dodge St., Omaha 

Smith, Robert Earl, A. B. Chemist, Cudahy Packing Co. 

Graduates, ipoj 115 

Sowles, Halleck Joseph, A. B. Teller, German-American Bank, 

St. Joseph, Mo. 

Spafford, i-rle Giltner, B. Sc. Teacher, Houston School. 

Spokane, Wash. 

Sparks, Susan Alice, B. Sc. (Feb.). Central City- 

Spear, George E., M. D. See 1900. 

Spinney, Maude Josephine, A. B. (Mrs. Frank W. Robinson). 
1321 East 53d St., Hy' 3 Park Sta., Chicago, 111. 

Stengle, Barney Martin, LL. B. — 

Stetler, Carrie May, A. B. Teacher. Ontario, Cal. 

Stevenson, Earle Clement, A.M.; B. Sc. 1899, Wesleyan Uni- 
versity; M. D. 1906, George Washington University. Phy- 
sician. Gothenburg 

Stevenson, William Tracy, A. B. Farmer. South Auburn 

Storch, Arthur Monroe, LL. B. Lawyer. Okanogan, Wash. 

Strayer, Harvey G., A. B.; LL. B., Illinois College of Law. 
Lawyer. 328 Corbett Bldg., Portland, Ore. 

Stuart, George Vergil, LL. B. 

Stuckey, Royal Scott, M. D.; A. B. 1893, Hastings College. 
Physician. Hayes Center 

Sturdevant, La Zelle Brantley, B. Sc. See 1902. 

Sturdevant, William Clinton, B. Sc. Civil Engineer. 

Payette, Idaho 

Swain, Everett Menzo, LL. B. See 1901. 

Swan, Orrington Thomas, A. B.; B. Sc. For. 1904. Forestry 
Service, Department of Agriculture. Washington, D. C. 

Swanson, Hjalmar August, A. B. Banker. Clay Center 

Swoboda, Adolph Rudolph, B. Sc, E. E. 1907. 

123 W. 93d St., New York City 

Syford, Ethel Corrine, A. B. Musician. Lincoln 

Teach, Charles Elden, A. B. <Feb.). Superintendent of 
Schools. University Place 

Tellesen, Charles Clyde, A. B. 

Thomas, Mabel Ida, A. B. (Mrs. M. L O'Hern). 

828 No. 22d St., South Omaha 

Tobin, John Frederick, A. B., J. D. University of Chicago. At- 
torney. 627-30 Judge Bldg., Salt Lake City, Utah 

Torgerson, Oscar Alfred, LL. B. Lawyer. Sidney 

ii6 The University of Nebraska 

Townsend, Francis Everett, M. D. Physician. 

Belle Fourche, S. D. 
Truelson, Thomas, M. D.; M. D., Addison Seminary. 

Trumble, Isabel Martha, A. B. (Mrs. Walter Barrett). 

Turner, August Elmer, A. B.; M. Ace. G. A. College 1900. Sec- 
retary, Y. M. C. A. Apo. 279, Monteray, Mexico 

Vance, V. Verne, M. D. Physician. Peru 

Volck, Frank Edmond, A. B.; B. D. 1906, Rochester Theologi- 
cal Seminary. Minister. Willard, Colo. 

Walker, Clara Melven, A. B. (Mrs. Clara W. Phillips). 


Walker, Joseph Goodwillie, M. D. See 1900. 

Wallace, William Peabody, B. Sc. Banker. Exeter 

Walling, Edith May, A. B. (Mrs. S. H. Thompson). 

Goldfield, Nev. 

Warner, Howard Philo, M. D. Physician. Sioux 

Warren, Frederick Andrew, LL. B. Lawyer. Flandreau, S. D. 

Waters, Archie Robert, A. B.; D. O. 1S99, American School of 
Osteopathy. Physician. Chico, Cal. 

Wead, Elta Pearle, A. B. (Mrs. D. M. Scriven). St. Edward 

Weil, Julius, LL. B.; LL. B. 1906, Columbia College, N. Y. 
Banker. Lincoln 

Weldy, Lottie Elnora, A. B. (Mrs. Dr. F. G. Bruner). 

Evanston, 111. 

Wherry, WiLiam Penaluna, M. D. Clinical Assistant, Uni- 
versity of Nebraska. Omaha 

White, Bertha Magdalen, A. B. (Feb.). 1010 Park Ave., Omaha 

Wilhite, Roscoe L., LL. B. Lawyer. Rushville 

Williams, Samuel Robinson, A.M.; Ph. B., Grinnell College 
(la.); Ph.D., Columbia. Tutor, Barnard College. 

New York City 

Williams, William Kingsley, LL. B. Lawyer. — 

Willoughby, Fred M., LL. B. Lawyer. 

1832 Lafayette St., Denver, Colo. 

Wise, Cora Elizabeth, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Lead, S. D. 

Woodford, Laura Ella, A. B. Knowlesville, N. Y. 

Graduates, ipo^* 1904 117 

Woods, Ralph, LL. B. Lawyer. 

624-625 Provident Bldg., Tacoma, Wash. 
Woods, Rufus, LL. B. Publisher. Wenatchee, Wash. 

Wortman, Clifton Seymour, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Claremore, I. T. 
Wright, Cullen Norman, LL. B. Lawyer. Scottsbluff 

Wright, Elias Allen, LL. B. Lawyer. 

629-631 Burke Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 
Wyne, Neal John, A. B. Superintendent of Schools. 

Solomonville, Ariz. 
Yoder, Clarence, B. Sc. Farmer. Morrill, Kan. 

Yoder, William Alonzo, A. B. County Superintendent. 

Court House, Omaha 
Yont, Rose, A. B., A. M. 1907. 1634 C St., Lincoln 

Yont, Victor Hugo, B, Sc. Deceased 

A.B. 138; B. Sc. 34; LL. B. 66; M. D. 30; A.M. 25; Ph. D. 2; 

E. E. 1. 
Aitken, Daisy Elsie, A.B. (Mrs. Andrew Seybolt). Ashland 
Alliband, George Arthur, M. D. Physician. Elliott, la. 

Alter, Charles Ernest, LL. B. Lumber and Implement Dealer. 

Ames, Adeline Sarah, A. M. See 1903. 

Anderson, Lillie Alameda, A.B. (Feb.). Teacher in the Bon- 
ita Union High School. San Dimas, Cal. 

Anderson, Roscoe James, LL. B. Broker. 

Showinesh Bldg., San Francisco, Cal. 
Armstrong, James Mortimer, LL. B. Lawyer. Albion 

Athen, Nellie Olin, B. Sc. (Mrs. P. J. Barron). Scottsbluff 

Baker, Earl Aaron, LL. B. Real Estate, Loans and Insurance 
(Troup & Baker). 3415 T St., Lincoln 

Bald, Frederic Arthur, LL. B. Real Estate. Watertown, S. D. 
Balsley, Josephine GMenalvin, A. M. See 1901. 
Barber, Charles Emory, A. B., A. M. 1905. Principal of Acad- 
emy, Troop Polytechnic Institute. Pasadena, Cal. 
Beattie, Mabelle Benton, A.B. (Feb.); A.M. 1903, Hiram Col- 
lege. Assistant in Library, University of Nebraska. 

421 So. 15th St., Lincoln 

ii8 The Universitv of Nebraska 

Becker, Arthur Frederick, A. B. Salesman with Hammond 
Printing Co. Fremont 

Bell, Clark E., A. B., B. Sc. Insurance. 

Union Trust Bldg., San Francisco, Cal. 
Bell, Marian Cinderella, A. B. (Mrs. F. E. Fleck). 

Rosemont, Pa. 
Bellinger, Smith W., M. D. Physician. Council Bluffs, la. 

Bening, John Frederick, M. D. Physician. Waverly 

Berkey, Clarence J., LL. B. Lawyer. 

909 11th Ave., Spokane, Wash. 
Bickiord, Roy, A. B. Real Estate. 140 So. 13th St., Lincoln 
Black, Sherman Eugene, A. B. (Feb.), LL. B. 1906. Salesman, 
West Publishing Co. 

614 New York Life Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 
Bliss, Conner Vergil, B. Sc. Engineer. Ashland 

Borg, Charles Theodore, A. B. Lawyer. Pateros, Wash. 

Bortis, Winifred Anna, A. B. (Mrs. D. D. Gibson). Lyons 
BoT9e, William James, A. B. Physician, Suite 612, 424 So. 
Broadway; Doctor of Osteopathy 1909, Pacific College of 
Osteopathy. . Los Angeles, Cal. 

Bowen, Abba Willard, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

206 So. 31st Ave., Omaha 

Bowen, Oran Rishel, A.M.; Ph. B. 1900, Nebraska Wesleyan 

University. Superintendent of Schools. West Point 

Bradford, Harry Elwyn, A. B. Superintendent, City Schools. 

Brayton, Harriet Louise, A. B. (Mrs. C. E. Durland). 

216 Burlington Ave., Billings, Mont. 

Brich, Frank Joseph, B. Sc. Electrical Engineer. 

Bridge, Ernest Lee, A. B. (Feb.). Banker. Mt. Vernon, S, D. 

Briggs, Edward Maurice, A. B.; A. M 1907, University of 

Kansas. Instructor in German, University of Kansas. 

1234 Oread Ave., Lawrence, Kan. 
Broady, Jefferson Hoover, LL. B. Lawyer. Editor of the Ne- 
braska Synoptical Digest. 520 Burr Block, Lincoln 
Brown, George Fitch, B. Sc. General Electric Co. 

785 State St., Schenectady, N. Y. 
Bryan, Cuarles Hugh, A. B. (Midwinter). Deceased 
Buchanan, William Ryburn, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Graduates, 1^04 119 

Buckner, Emory Roy, A. B. Assistant District Attorney, 
County of New York. ' 

Criminal Courts Bldg., New York City 
Bullock, Laura Geneva, A. B. (Mrs. B. P. Stoddard). Auburn 
Burlingame, Nettie Laura, A. B. (Mrs. W. L. Macomber). 

Calvert, William Robert, A. B. U. S. Geological Survey. 

Washington, D. C. 

Campbell, Roscoe C, M. D. Physician. Moberley, Mo. 

Carter, Alfred Ellsworth, B. Sc. (Feb.). Resident Engineer 

with New York Subway. 706 W. 180th St., New York City 

Caughey, Lois Emmelyn, A. B. (Feb.). Teacher. 

1712 Bellmont, Seattle, Wash. 
Chase, Leon Wilson, B. Sc. Head Professor of Agricultural 
Engineering, University of Nebraska. 

1245 No. 33d St., Lincoln 
Christy, Edgar, A. B., B. Sc. 1905, M. D. 1907. Hastings 

Clark, Mildred Fuller, A. B. (Mrs. Albert Fuller). Teacher. 

Galesburg, 111. 
Clark, Rose Bertha, A. B. Principal of High School. 

Pawnee City 
Clark, Shiles Ernest, A. B. Superintendent of Schools. 

Clements, Edith Schwartz, Ph. D. See Edith Schwartz, 1898. 
Corlett, George Milton, LL. B. Insurance. County Superin- 
tendent of Schools. Monte Vista, Colo. 
Cowan, Charles Frederick, LL. B. Lawj er. 

308 College Bldg., Spokane, Wash. 
Craft, Charles Playford, LL. B. See 1903. 
Craig, Edith Lillian, A. B. (Mrs. G. B. McDonald). 

Helena, Mont. 
Cronin, Neil Michael, A. B. Lawyer. 

424 Second Ave., So., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Crouch, Howison, B. Sc. Metallurgist. Jacksonville, Ore. 

Culver, Eugene Lewis, LL. B. Assistant Attorney, Secretary's 

Office. 201 Interior Dept., Washington, D. C. 

Damon, Corris Mabel, A. B. (Mrs. E. J. Peake). 

Barrington, 111. 

120 Th^ University of Nebraska 

Davidson, Jay Brownlee, B. Sc. Professor of Agricultural En- 
gineering, Iowa State College. Ames, la. 
Davies, Mary Emily (Mrs. John H. Hutchings), A.M.; B. Sc. 
1900, South Dakota Agricultural College. Falls City 
Davis, Edgar Franklin, LL. B. Real Estate. 

Los Angeles, Cal. 
Da we, Margaret Estes, A. B. 

1539 So. Emerson St., Denver, Colo. 
Dayton, Mabel Alice, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Tulare, Cal. 
Decker, Jay C, M. D. Physician and Surgeon. 

Belleville, Kan. 
Dempster, Roy Paxson, M. D. Physician. Granger, Wash. 

Dickinson, John William, B. Sc. Contractor. 

1618 No. 21st St., Omaha 
Dinsmore, Susan Belle, A. B. See 1901. 
Dumont, Bess Inez, A. B. Physical Director, High School. 

3642 Lafayette Ave., Omaha 
Duras, Josephine Lucia, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

South Omaha 
Eby, Charles Daniel, M. D. Physician. Leigh 

Edholm, May Grace, A. B. (Mrs. Fred Morrell). 

Denver, Colo. 
Edwards, Hugh Robert, B. Sc. In Charge of Irrigated Land for 
Hammon Co. Sacto, Cal. 

Edwards, James Archibald, M. D. Physician. 

Tuttle, Okla. 
Elliott, Newell James, A. B. ; A. M. 1907, Princeton. Clergy- 
man. Normal Presbyteriana No. 114, Mexico City, Mex. 
Elmen, Gustaf Waldemar, A. M. See 1902. 
Erford, Ethel Pearl, A. B. (Mrs. L. P. Hewitt). 

950 E. Glison St., Portland, Ore. 
Evans, Grace Alice, A. B. (Mrs. Frederick Schauf elberger) . 

3220 Royal St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Exley, Charles Arthur, A. B. Divinity Student, University of 

Chicago. 6128 Evans St., Chicago, 111. 

Farnsworth, George Elmer, B. Sc. 

Farnsworth, Minnie Sarah, A. B. Private Secretary. 

620 Brandeis Bldg., Omaha 

Graduates, ipo4 /-I21 

Flansburg, Leonard A., A. B. LL. B. 1906. Lawyer, 

1900 So. 24th St., Lincoln 
Fossler, Christine, A.M. (Midwinter). See 1893. 
Gardner, Mary Esther, A. B. (Mrs. J. F. Powell). 

313 No. Market St., Ottumwa, la. 
Gericke, Elsie, A. B. Teacher in Holton Arms School. 

Washington, D. C. 
Gooding, Leslie Newton, B. Sc; A. B. 1903, University of 
Wyoming. Teacher of Science in High School. 

Bisbee, Ariz. 
Goodrich, Thomas Victor, A. B.; A.M. 1908, University of 
Wisconsin. Teacher in High School. 

1247 L St., Lincoln 
Gould, Lodema, A. B. (Mrs. A. L. Shellhorn). 

1042 W. 47th St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Greenwald, Guy Preston, A. B.Assistant Cashier, Richardson 

County Bank. Falls City 

Griffin, Thomas Dexter, LL. B. See 1903. 

Griggs, Burt, LL. B. Lawyer. Buffalo, Wyo. 

Grimm, Dora Joy, A.B. 

Hadley, Claude R., LL. B. Lawyer. Ellensburg, Wash. 

Hall, Daniel Crosby, E. E. See 1898. 

Hamer, Mary Louise, A. B. 1109 J St., Lincoln 

Hamill, Robert Anderson, A. B. (Feb.), M. D. 1907. Physician. 

Hamilton, Irene, A. M. See 1903. 
Hammond, Anna, A.B. (Mrs. R. F. Elliott). 

2420 Garfield St., Lincoln 
Hand, Mary Ethelwyn, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Falls City 
Harris, Russell Stimpson, B. Sc. President, Western Con- 
tractors Supply Co. 859 Brandeis Bldg., Omaha 
Harrison, Philip John, A. B. Agent for the Union Central 
Life Insurance Company. 1645 G St., Lincoln 
Hart, John Franklin, M. D. Physician. Elba 
Hart, Marvin Lawrence, LL. B. See 1903. 
Hawxby, Elizabeth, A. B. Teacher in High School. York 
Hazen, Roy Rossetter, LL. B. Lawyer. Naper 

122 The University of Nebraska 

Heim, Frederick John, LL. B.; A. B., Colorado College. 
Lawyer, Room 709, DoHan Bank Bldg., Youngstown, Ohio 

Herbert, Agnes Runyon, B. Sc. Teacher. 

Herrick, Burton Russell, A. B. Elm Creek 

Hewitt, Irenaeus Prime, LL. B. Lawyer. Redmond, Ore. 

Hewitt, Louis Percy, A. B. Lawyer. 

Baker Apartments, 21st and Irving Sts., Portland, Ore, 
Hewitt, Thomas Minor, LL. B. Lawyer. Lexington 

Hiltner, Walter Garfield, B. Sc. Professor, Dept. of Anatomy, 
New Harvard Medical School. Shanghai, China 

Hinman, Claude Harrison, A. B. Superintendent of Extension, 
State Agricultural College. Ft. Collins, Colo. 

Hodge, Edward D., LL. B. Lawyer. 

514-15 Berlin Bldg., Tacoma, Wash. 
Holman, William Frank, B. Sc. (Feb.), A.M. 1906.; Ph.D. 
Gottingen 1908. Instructor, University of Minnesota. 

722 E. 24th St., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Honnold, Arthur Rankin, LL. B. Attorney for U. S. Reclama- 
tion Service. 519 Commonwealth Bldg. 

4167 Julian St., Denver, Colo. 
Hosic, Alma Sarah, A. M. See 1896. 

Hummer, Warren Lee, M. D. Physician. Greenfield, la. 

Huntington, Linn Murdoch, B. Sc. 

Obras publi^as, Azua, Republica Dominicana 
Hurley, Emma Gertrude, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Morris, Minn. 
Hurley, Katherine Aurelia, A. B. (Mrs. C. S. Loper). 

Cedar Bluffs, Kan. 
Jackson, William Roberts, A.M. (Feb.). See 1902. 
James, Richard Clinton, LL. B. See 1902. 
Johnson, Caroline Christine, A. B. Teacher of Latin and Ger- 
man, Dana College. Blair 
Johnson, Edward, A. M. Deceased 
Johnson, Eleanor Moliere, A. B. 

Karrer, Frederick William, M. D. Physician. Benedict 

Kemmish, Nathan Andrew, B. Sc. General Manager Electric 
Light and Power Plant. Alliance 

Kenagy, Anna Gertrude, A. B. (Mrs. Helmer Halderson). 

Newman Grove 

Gradimtes, 1^04 123 

Kern, Maria Bertha, A. B. Secretary, Y. W. C. A. 

703 No. Garrison St., St. Louis, Mo. 
Kerr, Johnston Harper, M. D. Physician. Akron, la. 

Keyser, Alvin, B. Sc, A. M. 1906. Professor in State Agricul- 
tural College. Ft. Collins, Colo. 

King, Lulu Ellis, A. B. (Mrs. Clifford Biglow). 

Kingsbury, Elizabeth, A.M. (Feb.); Ph. B., Buchtel College. 
Teacher, Wayne Normal. Wayne 

Kirwan, Richard Burke, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Scarrett Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 
Knapp, Charles Taylor, LL. B. Receiver, F. & M. Bank. 

122 No. 11th St., Lincoln 
Knode, Ray Archibald, M. D. Physician. 

409 N. Y. Life Bldg., Omaha 
Knutson, Anton Henry, LL. B. See 1901. 

Konop, Thomas Frank, LL. B. Lawyer. Kewaunee, Wis. 

Kuser, William Larsh, LL. B. Superintendent Iowa Indus- 
trial School for Boys. Eldora, la. 
Lambe, Edward James, LL. B. Lawyer. Beaver City 
Lathrop, Susan Adele, A. B. ; A. M., Columbia University. In- 
structor n English Literature Wellesley College. 

Dana Hall, Wellesley, Mass. 

Leist, Malinda Henrietta, A. B. (Mrs. Magaret). Papillion 

Lewis, Burdette Gibson, A. B. Assistant to President of the 

Board of Aldermen. New York City 

Lightner, Louis Clarkford, LL. B. Lawyer and City Attorney 

Livesay, Beulah, A. B. (Mrs. Fred Foster). Lincoln 

Ludden, Arthur Jay, A. B., A. M. '09. Teacher High School. 

McArthur, Hector, M. D. Physician. Hanna, Wyo. 

McEachron, Margaret Amelia, A. B. Teacher, High School. 

South Omaha 
McKelvey, Frank Pomeroy, LL. B. Lawyer. Crawford 

McLaughlin, Laura Ida, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Eldena, 111. 
McReynolds, Joseph Carl, LL. B. 

6459 Bishop St., Chicago, 111. 

124 ^^^ University of Nebraska 

McReynolds, Robert Henry, B. Sc. City Electrician. 

Fairfield, Neb. 

McVicker, Carrie Pearl, A. B. (Mrs. R. S. Hunt). Scottsbluff 

MacDonald, Kenneth Percy, A. B. Student, Bonn, Germany. 

Magdanz, Albert Frederick, A. B. Banker. Pierce 

Maguire, Margaret Veronica, B. Sc. (Feb.). Mitchell, S. D. 

Mansfield, Ralph John, B. Sc. Farmer. Wisner 

Marsh, Genevieve, A.M.; A. B. 1896, Smith College. Teacher 
in High School. 

Marshall, George Jefferson, LL. B. Lawyer. Riverton 

Matthews, Patty Frances, A. B. Tea'^her in High School. 


Meisenbach, Jacob Edward, M. D. Physician. Staplehurst 

Merritt, Edwin Atkins, M. D. Physician. Emerson, la. 

Milek, John Thomas, LL. B. See 1903. 

Miller, Mary Katheryne, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

San Dimas, Cal. 

Miller, Raman Albert, A. B. Farmer. Greenwood 

Mills, John, A. M. (Midwinter) ; A. B. 1901, University of Chi- 
cago. Professor of Physics, Colorado College. 

Colorado Springs, Colo. 

Mitchell, Harriet M., A. B. (Mrs. Alvin Keyser). 

Fort Collins, Colo. 

Mohrman, Charles August, A. B. Superintendent of Schools. 


Monroe, Ernest Franklin, LL. B., A. B. 1907 (Feb.). Superin- 
tendent of Schools. Shelton 

Moore, Arthur Russell, A. B. Assistant in Physiology, Uni- 
versity of California. Berkeley, Cal. 

Moore, Jessie Ruth, A. B. (Midwinter). Teacher in High 
School. Fullerton 

Mouck, William Quinn, A. B. Physical Director, Western 
Maryland College. Westminster, Md. 

Myers, Arthur Independence, A. B.; LL. B. 1908, Harvard. 
Real Estate and Investment. Caldwell, Idaho 

Myers, Edwin Francis, A. B.; LL.B. 1907, Harvard. Lawyer 
(Holcomb & Myers). Broken Bow 

Naughtin, Patricia Louise, B. Sc. Teacher in High School. 

2423 A St., South Omaha 

eradicates, 1^04 125 

Nelson, Neil David, M. D. Physician. Shoshoni, Wyo. 

Newton, Bernard A., B. Sc. Stamford 

Nielsen, Fred Kenelm, LL. B. See 1902. 

Noyes, Robert Edgar, B. Sc, M. S. in E. E., Case School of 
Applied Science 1908. Instructor in Electrical Engineer- 
ing, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn N. Y. Cleveland, Ohio 

Nye, Mark Alva, M. D. Physician. . 

O'Connor, James Francis, LL. B. Lawyer. Livingston, Mont. 

Owen, Walter Lew, LL. B. Lawyer. Cherokee, Okla. 

Palmer, Louise Murray, A. B. (Mrs. G. T. Millar). 

Panter, Robert Carpenter, M. D. Physician and Surgeon. 


Patton, James McDowell, M. D. Physician. 

Karbach Blk., Omaha 

Pearse, Arthur Sperry, A. M. See 1900. 

Pedersen, Peter Marius. Physician. 

Penner, Henry Gerhard, M. D. Physician. Plymouth 

Penner, Louis Edward, M. D. Physician. Jansen 

Peterson, Victor, B. Sc. Mining. Florence, Idaho 

Petr, Francis J., M. D. Post-graduate Student in Surgery, 
Prague University, Bohemia, Europe. 

Pfeiffer, Luther Oscar, LL. B.; A. B. 1902, Tabor College. 
Lawyer, County Attorney. 

Pierce, William Dwight, A. B., A. M. 1907. 

Box 208, Dallas, Tex. 

Pinkerton, Bertha Emaline, A. M. See 1896. 

Piper, Elsie Ford, A. B. Preceptress and Instructor of Latin 
at Wayne Normal. Wayne 

Piper, Jennie Louise, A. B. Teacher. Lincoln 

Pollock, Rachel Isabel, A. B. (Mrs. W. P. Snyder). 

North Platte 

Poole, Venus W., B. Sc, A. M. (Feb.) 1908. Amer. Sugar Co. 

Rocky Ford, Colo. 

Pi;est, John Elry, Jr., M. D. Physician. Comstock 

Pritchard, Fred J., B. Sc. Professor of Botany, State Agri- 
cultural College. Fargo, No. Dak. 

Pryor, Ralph Hubert, LL. B. Owner and Manager of Live 
Stock Feeding Station. Douglas County, Neb. 

126 Tlie University of Nebraska 

Pyrtle, Emma Ruth, A. B.; A. M. 1907. Teacher, City Schools. 

1206 K St., Lincoln 
Raasch, John Martin, A. B. Minister. Lake Mills, Wis. 

Rankins, Willis Aubrey, LL. B. Fire Insurance. 

1644 Washington St., Lincoln 
Redf ern, Alfred Sylvan, A. B. ; B. D. 1907, Garrett Biblical In- 
stitute. Minister. Conconully, Wash. 
Redfern, Elsworth Lovejoy, B. Sc. Chemist, Nebraska Food 
Commission. Lincoln 
Rees, Henrietta McKoon, A. B. Music Teacher. 

720 So. 22d St., Omaha 
Rees, Samuel, A. B., LL.B. Vice-President, The Rees Print- 
ing Co. Omaha 
Remster, Alva, LL.B. Real Estate. Aberdeen, S. D. 
Reynoldson, Addie, A. B. Principal, High School. Seward 
Rice, John Doherty, A. B. Editor, Republican. Central City 
Richards, Edward Everett, LL. B. Superintendent of Schools. 

Cumberland, la. 
Righter, Fred Baxter, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Broken Arrow, Okla. 

Roberts, John William, A. B., A. M. '09. Scientific Assistant 

in Orchard Pathology, U. S. Department of Agriculture. 

Washington, D. C. 
Robertson, Edwin Norris, A. B., M. D. 1906. Physician and 
Surgeon. Concordia, Kan. 

Robison, Lillian Beatrice, A. B. (Mrs. James R. Farney). 

3900 Harrison St., Kansas City, Mo. 
Roddy, Mary Elizabeth, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Broken Bow 
Roper, Mabelle Alice, A. B. (Mrs. Glenn Bryant). 

Andover, S. D. 
Ryner, Ira, A. B. Chicago, 111. 

Salisbury, Fred Olin, LL. B. Lawyer. 

310 Security Bldg., Lincoln 
Salter, La Duskie, A. B. Principal of High School. 

Logan, la. 
Sample, Thomas Edward, M. D. Physician. 

Haines City, Fla. 
Sampson, William Reuben, LL. B, See 1900. 

Graduates, ip04 127 

Sargent, Charles Robinson, LL. B. Panama Canal Commis- 
sion. Ancon, Canal Zone 
Schaefer, Ida Edna, A. B. City Library. Fargo, N. D. 
Schwertley, Katherine Alice, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Scott, Cora Hazel, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

360 Lee St., Seattle, Wash. 
Seeley, \Hlis James, A. B. Superintendent of Fchools. 

Dunlap, la. 
Seybold, George Edward, LL. B. Lawyer. Sutton 

Shelburn, Otho Ernest, LL. B. Lawyer. Alma 

Sheldon, Addison Ervin, A.M. See 1902. 
Sheppard, Rua Lu, A. B. Fairmont 

Shields, Joseph Ralph, LL. B. Lawyer. Fullertoa 

Shields, Zora Inez, A. M. See 1902. 
Shinbur, Emma Ethel, A. B. (Mrs. C. T. Borg). 

Pateros, Wash. 
Shorey, Clyde Everett, A. B. Lawyer. Chicago, 111. 

Shuman, William Edgar, LL. B. Lawyer. North Platte 

Shumway, Faye Percival, A. B. Civil Engineer. 

Siecke, Eric Otto, A. B., B. Sc. 1905. Deputy State Forester. 

Salem, Ore. 
Smith. Frank Webster, Ph.D.; A. B. 1877; A.M. 1882, Harvard 
University. President, City Normal School. 

Paterson, N. J. 

Smith, Harley Marion, LL. B. 

Smith, Harry Leslie, LL. B. Lawyer. Estancia, New Mexico 
Smith, Warreji Job, A. B. Geneva 

Suavely, Edgar Fudge, LL. B. Lawyer. 

647 So. 28th St., Lincoln 
Stanley, Emory Day, A. B. Assistant Paymaster, U. S. Navy. 

Washington, D. C. 
Stephen, Mabel Harriett, A. B. Teacher. 

3104 So. 31st St., South Omaha 
Sterling, Katheri)* Grace. A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Seattle, Waish. 
Stftvenann, Pearl, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Deadwood, S. D. 
Btong, Robert Charles, LL. B. Railway Mail Clerk. 

128 The University of Nebraska 

Storrs, Lucius Seymour, A.M. (Feb.). See 1890. 
Streeter, Helen Choate, A. B. (Mrs. Linn Huntington). 

Azua, Republic Dominica 
Stringer, Caroline Effie, A. M. See 1902. 
Stuart, Albert Berry, M. D. Physician. West Union, la. 

Swan, Orrington Thomas, B. Sc. For. See 1903. 
Sward, Francis Ludwick, LL. B. Lieutenant, U. S. Array. 

Fort Wayne, Detroit, Mich. 
Tanner, Joseph Earl, LL. B. Traveling Salesman. 

Wamego, Kan. 
Taylor, Calvin Hill, A. B. (Feb.). County Attorney. 

Theobald, Herbert Jeremiah, LL. B. See 1900. 
Thomas, Edwin Leroy, B. Sc. Deceased 

Thomson, Peter Henry, A. M. See 1899. 

Tibbets, Anna Mary, A. B., A.M. 1908 (Feb.) Instructor in 
Education, University of Nebraska. 

529 So. 14th St., Lincoln 
Towne, Verne William, LL. B. Lawyer. Rosalia, Wash. 

Townsend, Murray Edwin, A. B, Salesman. 

Trostler, Isador Simon, M. D. Physician. 

615 Garfield Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Tucker, Henry Robinson, A. M. See 1899. 
Tyner, Edward Price, A. B. American National Bank. 

Kansas City, Mo. 
Underwood, Robert Boydon, M. D. Physician. Eldora, la. 

Unthank, Alice Gertrude, A. B. Supervisor in Music and 
Drawing. 1228 So. Meridan St., Winchester, Ind. 

Van Zandt, Anna Marsh, A. B. Student at Bible Teachers' 
Training Schools. 541 Lexington Ave., New York City 
Varuska, Katherine, A. B. Principal of High School. 

Cavalier, N. D. 
Vasey, Frank Thomas, A. B. Superintendent of Schools. 

Albia, la. 
Walker, Cora Malvina, A. B. (Mrs. Cora Walker Sharp). 

1537 Georgia Ave., Omaha 
Walling, Beatrice Asenath, A. B. Student, Chicago Kinder- 
garten College. 3715 Langley Ave., Chicago, III. 
Waltman, Edward Ellsworth, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Graduates J 1904, ipo^ i2g 

Ware, Norton, B. Sc. Reclamation Engineer. 

531 Forum Bldg., Sacramento, Cal. 

Warner, Orlyn Dorphon, LL. B. 

Warren, Joseph Allen, A. M. (Feb.). See 1898. 

Watkins, David E., LL. B. Lawyer. 

Wellenseik, Herman GnOdfrey, LL. B. Cashier, Bank. Avoca 
West, Mabel Elizabeth, A. B. (Feb.) (Mrs. J. T. Campbell). 

Westover, John, A. B. Structural Iron Works. Lincoln 

Whaley, Laura Ella, A. B. (Mrs. L. A. Bridgland). Teacher 

Mathematics, High School. Park City, Utah 

Whedon, Charles Lindon, A. B. Manager, Chickasha Light, 

Heat and Power Co. Chickasha, Okla. 

White, Laura Amanda, A. B. Teacher of History, High School. 

Wilson, Nellore Isabel, A. B. (Mrs. O. T. H. Swan). 

San Francisco, Cal. 
Wirth, Rose Louise, A. B. Teacher in Benton High School. 

1415 No. 2d St., St. Joseph, Mo. 
Wolff, Frederick Lawrence, LL. B. Lawyer. McCook 

Woodruff, Elmer Grant, A. M. See 1901. 

Woodruff, Louise, A. B. Teacher, High School. Glenwood, la. 
Woods, Warren Willis, A. M. See 1895. 

Wright, Fred Raymond, A. B., LL. B. '08, University of Wash- 
ington. Lawyer. Wayne 
Wurts, Carrie Agnes, A. B. (Mrs. Carrie Wurts Bandy). 

Yont, Etta, A. B. (Midwinter). 1634 C St., Lincoln 

Youngers, Lucinda Pearl, B. Sc. (Mrs. R. A. Burns). Geneva 


A. B. 122; B. Sc. 41; LL. B. 16; M. D. 28; A.M. 10; Ph.D. 3. 
Adams, Burton Abel, M. D. Physician. Bristol, S. D. 

Agee, Etta Bell, A. B. Y. W. C. A. Secretary. Lincoln 

d'Allemand, Benoit, R. H., B. Sc. U. S. Forest Service. 

Garden City, Kan. 

Allen, John Franklin, B. Sc, M. D. 1907. Surgeon U. P. Coal 

Co. Reliance, Wyo. 

130 The University of Nebraska 

Allen, Mattie, A.M. (Midwinter). See 1900. 
Anderson, Edward Emil, B. Sc. Assistant to Superintendent 
of Construction, University of Nebraska. 

1844 P St., Lincoln 
Anderson, William Hugh, M. D. Physician. Dunlap, la. 

Arbogast, Hoye John, M. D. Physician. 

Baker, Milan Daniel, M. D. Physician. Madison 

Ballard, Fred, A. B., A. M., 1907. Student, Harvard Univer- 
sity. 98 Trowbridge St., Cambridge, Mass. 
Bankson, Henrietta, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Harlan, la. 
Barber, Charles Emory, A. M. See 1904. 
Barnhart, Susan Mills, A. B. (Mrs. L. W. Chase). 

1245 No. 33d St., Lincoln 
Baumert, William Miller, LL. B. Lawyer. Lincoln 

Beers, Frank Russell, A. B. Superintendent of Schools. 

David City 
Bender, John Rhinold, A. B. Director, Athletics, University of 
St. Louis. St. Louis, Mo. 

Berg, Matilda Lovisa, A. B., M. D. 1907. Deceased 

Billing, Arthur William, A. B. Missionary. Foo Chow, China 
Blezek, John W., LL. B. Lawyer. Walters, Okla. 

Bowers, Emily Katzenbach, A. B. (Mrs. Bert Griggs). 

Buffalo, Wyo. 
Bowlby, Henry Lee, A. B., B. Sc. State Highway Commis- 
sioner. 1712 E. Galer St., Seattle, Wash. 
Brenizer, Elizabeth, A. B. Broken Bow 
Brewster, Rose Blanche, A. B. (Mrs. D. E. Thomas). 

Chicago, 111. 
Brich, Abbie, A. B. Deceased 

Brockway, Paul Lemon, B. Sc. Assistant City Engineer. 

1554 Emporia Ave., Wichita, Kan. 
Brown, Mortimer Jay, B, Sc. Research Chemist, Niagara 
Electro Chemical Company. 

23 C St Niagara Falls, N. Y. 
Buis, John, A. B., M. D. 1907. Physician. Pender 

Carney, Bertha, A. B. (Midwinter) (Mrs. C. K. Porter). 

Campbell, Clinton Jesse, A. B. 

Graduates, ipo^ 131 

Case, William Merritt, LL. B. West Publishing Co. 

St. Paul, Minn. 

Cassaday, Ralph Sears, A. B. Stockman. Denison, la. 

Chain, Frank Leroy, LL. B. (Feb.). 

Christy, Edgar, B. Sc. See 1904. 

Clark, Anderson William, Ph.D.; A. B. 1877, Rochester Uni- 
versity. Child Saving Institute. 334 No. 41st St., Omaha 

Clark, Ben Maurice, A. B. Principal of City Schools. 

Mt. Vernon, Wash. 

Clark, Herbert Anthony, A. M.; B. Sc. 1898, University of Kan- 
sas. Baldwin, Kan. 

Clark, Ira Joseph, B, Sc. 

Clark, John Davidson, A. B. 

Clark, John Levi, A. B. 2108 So. 14th St., Lincoln 

Clark, Willard Le Roy, A. B. Lincoln 

Coats, Albert James, B. Sc; M. D. 1907, Northwestern Univer- 
sity. Physician and Surgeon. Fairbury 

Cochran, Le Roy Edwin, A. B. Principal, High School. 


Constancer, Julia Gregg, A. B. 837 South St., Lincoln 

Cook, Ada Ruth, A. B. Lexington 

Cooper, Eva Merle, A. B. Teacher, High School. Cavite, P. I. 

Coppock, Grace Lydia, A. B. Gemeral Secretary, Y. W. C. A. 
No. 10 West End Lane, Shanghai, China 

Corder, Anna Grace, A. B. (Mrs. W. E. Standeven). 

3520 Martha St., Omaha 

Cornell, Clare Brown, A. B. Graduate Student, University of 
Nebraska. Lincoln 

Corr, Ray Thomas, B. Sc. With Atlas Engine Works. 

Crago, Alfred, A. B. Graduate Student, University Nebraska. 

Station A, Lincoln 
Cullen, Peter Cavin, A. B. (Feb.), B. Ped. 1897, Lincoln Nor- 
mal. Principal English Schools. Ely, Ner. 
Cutshall, Lewis Alexander, B. Sc. (Feb.). Supt. Auto Tel. Co. 
1133 Rio Grande St., El Paso, Tex. 
Gutter, Frances Elizabeth, A. B. (Mrs. H. L. Rivett). 


132 The University of Nebraska 

Daughters, Brittania R., A. B. (Mrs. James E. Bednar). 

519 No. 18th St., South Omaha 
Daughters, Milo Reason, A. B., A. M. 1909. Instructor in Chem- 
istry, Oregon State Agricultural College. Cornwallis, Ore. 
Davies, Autumn, A. B., A. M. 1906. Teacher, Omaha High 
School. Omaha 

Davis, Elmer Orville, B. Sc. Assistant Engineer, U. P. R. R. 

4597 Alcott St., Denver, Colo. 
Davis, Eunice, A. B. (Mrs. F. F. Darrow). 2026 A St., Lincoln 
Davis, Margaret, A. M. See 1901. 

Delatour, Eugene, A. B. County Clerk. Chappell 

Diehl, Maybelle Edith, A. B. Teacher. Nickerson 

Dolan, Ollie Margaret, A. B. Teacher. 

1431, 13th Ave., Seattle, Wash. 
Edwards, Odeth Branche, A. B. Teacher High School. 

EUedge, Grace May, A. B. Principal, Ward School. Beatrice 
Elmgren, David Emmanuel, A. B. (Midwinter). Marshall Field 
Co. Chicago, 111. 

Empey, Ernest Sidney, M. D. Deceased 

Everett, Oliver Walsworth, M. D. Physician. Lincoln 

Fawcett, George Lorenzo, B. Sc. (Feb.). Pathologist, Experi- 
ment Station. Mayaguez, P. R. 
Ferguson, Janet Theresa, A. B. Teacher. Colby, Kan. 
Fleming, Margaret Jane, A. B. Sutton 
Fleming, Thomas NichoJas, A. B. Student, Creighton Medical 
School. Omaha 
Foster, Mary Eliza, A. B. County Superintendent. 

Garland, Harrie Sanborn, M, D. Physician. City Superintend- 
ent Public Health. Sapulpa, Okla. 
Geer, Frances Howard, B. Sc. Electrician, Pacific Railway. 

Claremont, Oal. 
Gibbs, Jesse Berthold, B. Sc. With Westinghouse. 

S52 Rebecca Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Gibson, Ada Russell, A. B. Teacher in High School. -Seward 
(iibson. Eveline Frances, A. B. (Mrs. Wm. O. Mussetter). 

1311 No. 26th St., Lincoln 
Gray, Beraica Ada, A. B. 


Gradimfes, igoj 133 

Gregg, Hazel Marguerite, A. B. Teacher. Red Oak, la. 

Griffith, Irving Blaine, LL. B. Lawyer. 

312 Sunderland Bldg., Webster St., Omaha 

Griffith, Olive, A. B. Missionary. Damah C. P., India 

Grimison, Margaret, A. B. (Mrs. Frank Beers). David City 

Haggard, Edith Lavina, A. B. 633 East 10th St., York 

Harris, Mary Turner, A. B. 

Harrison, Paul Wilberforce, A. B. Baltimore, Md. 

Hart, Harriett, A. B. Teacher. 

Hartzell, Walter Lewers, B. Sc. Baltimore, Md. 

Heacock, Elizabeth Thorne, A. B. (Mrs. V. R. Gould). 

3227 Cass St., Omaha 

Heaton, Roy Henry, B. Sc. 

Hensel, Esther Pearl, Ph. D. See 1901. 

Heine, William Howard, M. D. Physician. Hooper 

Hendricks, George Ernest, A. B., LL. B. 1908. Lincoln 

Henry, Julius Edward, B. Sc. Foreman, Sewer Construction. 

1221 No. 7th St., St. Joseph, Mo. 

Mess, Adam Konigmacher, LL. B. (Feb.). Lawyer. 

Council Bluffs, la. 

Hoar, John William, A. B., LL. B. 1907. Lawyer. Secretary 
Alumni Club. 646 N. Y. Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 

Holland, Edna Sara, A. B. (Mrs. Ray De Putron). 

1990 Harwood Ave., Lincoln 

Holm, Adolph Hjalmar, M. D. Physician. Wolbach 

Holmes, John Campbell, B. Sc. (Feb.). Deceased 

Hopkins, Mabel Kay, A. M. ' See 1901. 

Morning, Ticia Blanche, A. B. Teacher in High School. 


House, Nellie, A. B. Graduate Student, University of Chi- 
cago. 6025 Lexington Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Howell, Harriet Alice, A.M.; Ph. B. 1895, Washington State 
University. Adjunct Professor of Rhetoric, University of 
Nebraska. Lincoln 

Hunter, Frederick Maurice, A. B. Professor of Secondary 
Agricultural Education and Principal of Sch. of Agri. 


Hurlbut, Henry Salmon Gould, B. Sc. See 1903. 

134 The University of Nebraska 

Hyde, John Fay, B. Sc, M. D. 1907. Physician, St. Joseph Hos- 
pital. 2410 So. 10th St., Omaha 
Jansa, Minnie Maud, A. B. Director, Physical Education. 

Tacoma, Wash. 
JefCers, Bertrand Frederic"k, M. D. Physician. Haigler 

Jewell, Zella Eugenia, A. B. Teacher. Independence, la. 

Johnson, Frederick William, LL. B. See 1903. 
Jones, Lucy Josephine, A. B. (Mrs. W. W. Jordan). Fremont 
Kellogg, Roy Burdette, A. B. Superintendent of Schools. 

Centralia, Wash. 
Kennedy, Arthur Garfield, A.M.; A. B. 1902, Doane College. 
Professor of English, State Normal. Spearfish, S. D. 

Kennedy, Charles Rex, M. D. Physician. 

3430 Seward St., Omaha 
Keyser, Harry, A. B., LL. B. 1907. Lawyer. 

332 Souna Bldg., Boise, Idaho 
Keyser, Val, B. Sc. 630 No. 30th St., Lincoln 

Kiesselbach, Rudolph Philip, A. B. (Feb.). Berlin, Germany 
Kiesselbach, Sophia Dorothea, A. B. (Feb.) (Mrs. Ray Ecker- 
son). Box 25, Nashua, la. 

King, Willford Isbell, A. B. Assistant, Department of Polit- 
ical Economy, University Wisconsin. Madison, Wis. 

Kinyon, Susie, A. B. (Feb.). Teacher. 

Koch, Adele, A. B. Physical Director. West Point 

Koch, Arthur William Frederick, B. Sc. (Feb.). With Burling- 
ton Ry. Sheridan, Wyo. 
Kohout, Joseph A., M. D. Physician. Ord 
Lane, Arthur Ernest, M. D. Physician. Tingley, la. 

Lane, Fletcher Wharton, A. B. Student. 

Lauzer, Edward Simon, M. D. Physician. 

Rock Springs, Wyo. 
Lee, George Arthur, LL. B. See 1903. 

Lindberg, James Christian, A.M.; A. B. 1899, Doane College. 
Head Department of English Literature, High School. 

Spearfish, S. D. 
Lumry, Katherine Nettie, A. B. (Mrs. John A. Wilson). 

Moore, Mont. 
McDonald, Grundy E., M. D. Assistant Surge®n, U. P. Coal Co. 

Hanna, Wyo. 

Graduates, ipo^ 135 

McDowell, Clyde Cavour, B. Sc. See 1897. 
McEachron, N, Allene, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

South Omaha 
Malott, Edgar, A. B. Principal of Schools. Croftoa 

Marquardt, Eda Louise, A. B. Pawnee City- 

Marsh, Arthur Henry, A. B. Rhodes Scholar, Oxford Univer- 
sity. Oxford, England 
Marsh, John Esty, A. B. Superintendent of Schools. Ponca 
Marshall, Bertha Florence, A. B. Teacher, High School. 

Fairfield, la. 
Martin, Margaret, B. Sc, A. B. 1906. Teacher, High School. 

Mason, Claude William, M. D. Physician. Chienmai, Siam 
Mathew, Robert Henry, LL. B. Lawyer. Loup City 

Melick, Charles Wesley, B. Sc. (Feb.). Bacteriologist, Walker 
Gordon Laboratories. Detroit, Mich. 

M«rkle, Arthur E., M. D. Physician. Berwick, la. 

Miller, Clinton James, M. D. Physician. Ord 

Miller, John William, B. Sc. Instructor in Civil Engineering, 
University of Washington. Seattle, Wash. 

Miller, Louise, A. M. See 1903. 

Mills, David L., B. Sc. Draftsman, U. P. Ry. Omaha 

Mixter, Esmer Myrtle, A. B. Principal in High School. 

Drain, Ore. 
Moor«, Annie, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Hawarden, la. 
Morrell, Emma Enid, A. B. Teacher, 8th Grade. 

719 So. 16th St., Lincoln 
Morris, George Henry, M. D. Physician. Creston 

Morrisxm, George Andrew, M. D. Physician. Bradshaw 

Mower, William Walter, A. B. Pastor. Sutton 

Muir, Mabel, A. B. (Mrs. Clark Bell). 

1708, 11 Ave. East Oakland, Cal. 
Nelson, Candis Jane, A. B. Teacher. General Critic, Valley 
City State Normal. 

315 Sunnyside Ave., Valley City, N. D. 
Nielsen, Anna Carolina, A. B. South Omaha 

Orton, Olive Inez, A. B. (Midwinter) (Mrs. Olive L Anderson). 

136 The University of Nebraska 

Paul, John Milford, A. B., LL. B. 1908. Lawyer. Wakefield 

Pedersen, Hans Christian, M. D. Physician. Dannebrog 

Pepperberg, Leon J., A. B., A. M. 1909. Mining Geologist, So. 
Pacific Co. Palo Alto, Cal. 

Peterson, Frank August, A. B., LL. B. 1910. Lawyer, Mockett 
& Peterson. 2112 Vine St., Lincoln 

Petrashek, Minnie Josephine, A. B. Principal, High School. 

Missouri Valley, la. 
Polevoy, Nina D., M. D. Physician. Saratoff, Russia 

Potter, George Benjamin, M. D. Physician. Shelby 

Prescott, Allen Zollars, LL, B. Osteopathic Physician. 

Lorain, Ohio 
Quinn, Clarence Elias (Feb.). Bureau Plant Industry, De- 
partment of Agriculture. Washington, D. C. 
Ray, Ralph, A. B. North Platte 
Redington, Helen Dora, A. B., A. M. 1907. High School Teach- 
er. Missouri Valley, la. 
Ringer, John Dean, LL. B. See 1903. 
Ritchie, Charles David, LL. B. See 1903. 
Rivett, Harry Logan, B. Sc. Manager, Lumber Yard. 

Roberts, Harry William, B. Sc. Assistant State Engineer. 


Roth, Harold Denio, LL. B. (Feb.). 

Rowan, Gertrude Norton, A. B., A. M. 1906. Assistant in Agr. 
Extension, University of Nebraska. Lincoln 

Rumery, Arthur Clark, M. D. Physician. Mason City 

Ryan, Frank Drayton, LL. B. Lawyer Feltham & Ryan. 

W< iser, Idaho 
Sargent, Grace Chester, A. B. (Mrs. Fritz Nicklas). 

Sargent, Helen Mandana, A. B. 

Park Ave. Hospital, Denver, Colo. 
Schlesinger, Nella Gabrielle, B. Sc. (Mrs. H. W. Kohn). 

1601 D St., Lincoln 
Shantz, Homer Leroy, Ph.D.; B. Sc. 1901, Colorado College. 
Instructor in Botany, University of Missouri. 

Columbia, Mo. 

Graduates, ipo^ 137 

Sheldon, Lucian Ambler, B. Sc. General Electric Co. 

151 Furman St., Schenectady, N. Y. 
Sherdeman, Eva Florine, A. B. Principal in High School. 

Shinbur, Elver L., B. Sc. Deceased 

Siecke, Eric Otto, B. Sc. See 1904. 
Simon, Charles Noble, B. Sc, LL. B. 1907. 

Box 141, Tulsa, Okla. 
Smith, Eldon Jesse, M. D. Physician. Burwell 

Smith, Jane Sprott, A. B. Teacher, High School. 

1914 Locust St., Omaha 
Smith, Richard Hubert, LL. B. Lawyer. 84 Burr Blk., Lincoln 
Spafford, Erma L. R., A. B. Teacher, High School. Lincoln 
Spears, Margaret Edna, A. B. Teacher, High School. 

States, Herbert James, A. B. Farmer. Lander, Wyo. 

Stevens, John Cyprian, B. Sc. Civil Engineer. 

Barcelona, Spain 
Stirling, Kittle Mabel, A. B. Teacher, High School. Omaha 
Stirling, Margaret Duncan, A. B. Teacher, High School. 

Stoakes, Charles Stewart, A. B., M. D. 1907. Physician and 
Surgeon. Battle Creek, la. 

Sturdevant, La Zelle Brantley, A. M. See 1902. 
Sweeley, Fred Allen, A. B. Deceased 

Swoboda, Franz, Jr., M. D. Physician. Omaha 

Thomas, Hanna May, A. B. Teacher in Western Union Col- 
lege. LeMars, la. 
Timms, Lillian Florence, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

2537 Davenport St., Omaha 
Towne, Alice Christine, A. B. (Mrs. F. M. Deweese). 

Towne, Ralph Ezra, B. Sc. in E. E. Assistant Engineer, O. S. 
L. R. R. 777 So. 4th St., East Salt Lake City, Utah 

Turner, Leonard Whittier, B. Sc. Turbin Engineering, Gen- 
eral Electric Co. 139 Elm St., Schenectady, N. Y. 
Vanderveer, Alma, A. B. (Mrs. C. E. Keefer). 

Y. W. C. A. Bldg., Lincoln 

138 The University of Nebraska 

Venters, Alice, A. B., B. Sc. (Mrs. Chas. A. Lambeth) (Mid- 
winter). Syracuse 
Wainwright, Cornelius Isaac, M. D. Physician. Anita, la. 
Walker, Mina Edith, A. B. Cedar Rapids, la. 
Walton, Charles Newton, A. B. Superintendent of Schools, 

Ward, Edyph Mason, A. B. (Mrs. F. E. Snyder). 

Faulkton, S. D. 

Warren, Horace Prettyman, B. Sc. in E. E. With Panama R. 

R. Co. Acting Chief Engineer. Colon, Rep. of Panama 

Westcott, Florence Elizabeth, A. B. (Mrs. E. E. Duncan). 

624 No. 25th St., Lincoln 

White, Robert Holdrege, B. Sc. Chief Electrician, American 

Locomotive Co. 303 Parkwood Blvd., Schenectady, N. Y. 

Whyman, Edith May, A. B. Reader in English, University of 

Nebraska. 120 So. 28th St., Lincoln 

Wigton, Harrison Alonzo, M. D.; B. Sc. 1900, Hastings College. 

Physician, Nebraska Hospital for Insane. Lincoln 

Wilburn, Carlton Chaplin, A. B. In Real Estate Business. 

• Kearney 

Wilson, Maude Emily, A. B. Studying Music, Cosmopolitan 
School of Music. 1517 E. 65th St., Chicago, 111. 

Wood, Caroline Elizabeth, A. B. (Mrs. M. A. Camp). 

Roswell, Idaho 
Woods, Martha Stone, A. B. Teacher. Shelton 

Woods, Wilmer Joseph, A. B. (Feb.). 

Woodsman, Ruth Frances, A. B., M. A., Wellesley College. 
Teacher, High School. 

1924 No. Tejon St., Colorado Springs, Colo. 
Wroughton, Oliver Loraine, LL. B. Lawyer. 

612 N. E. Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 


A. B. 144; B. Sc. 56; LL.B. 34; M. D. 7; A.M. 22; Ph. D. 7. 
Abbott, Lulu Florence, A. B. Trained Nurse. Normal 

Abel, George Philip, B. Sc. Contractor. Box 746, Lincoln 

Adams, Edward Browne, A. B. Proprietor of "The Adams 

House." Ritzville, Wash. 

Adams, Frank, A. M. ; A. B. 1901, Leland Stanford Junior 

University. 954 Ashbury St., San Francisco, Cal. 

Graduates, ipo6 139 

Adams, Leta i^mma, A. B. Librarian, University of Missouri. 

Columbia, Mo. 
Akerlund, Fritz Ragnar, A. B., B. Sc. in M. E. Farmer. 

Allen, Louise Marie, A. B., A. M. 1907. 

414 Melhorn Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 
Anderson, Frank Axel, A. B., LL. B. 1908. Lawyer. County 
Attorney. Holdrege 

Anderson, Lillian Eugene, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Hemet, Cal. 
Archibald, Pearl Merriam, A. B. (Mrs. Burdette Lewis). 

New York City 
Arnold, Helen Candace, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Ballard, William Joseph, LL. B.; B. S. 1894, L A. C, Ames, la. 
Lawyer. Kimball 

Barney, Marie Gertrude, A. B. (Mrs. G. W. White), (Feb.). 

Gregory, S. D. 

Barta, Frank A., LL. B.; B. Sc, Wayne Normal. Dealer in 

Hardware and Implements. Verdigre 

Bay, Herbert Whitehouse, B. Sc. (Feb.). Sales Engineer, 

Westinghouse Electric & Mfg. Co. Riverton, N. J. 

Beattie, Merle Margaret, A. B. Teacher. 

421 So. 15th St.. Lincoln 
Bednar, Julia, A. B. High School. South Omaha 

Bedwell, Mary Eleanor, A. B. (Mrs. R. A. McNown). 

1334 So. 30 Ave., Omaha 
Begley, James Thomas, LL. B. Lawyer and County Judge. 

Bell, Ruth Ellen Pierce, A. B. (Mrs. E. G. Montgomery). 

Ithaca, N. T. 
Benedict, Manrice Abbott, B. Sc. Forestry. Maderia Co. 

Care of Sieria National Forest, Northfork, Cal. 
Bennett, Lillian Mae, A. B. (Mrs. Joseph Petrea). 

Ottumwa, la. 
Black, Sherman Eugene, LL. B. See 1904. 
Blanchard, Jane May, A. B. (Mrs. H. McMonies). Lyona 

BoUen, Floyd Loomis, LL. B.; B. Sc. 1897, Fremont College. 


140 The University of Nebraska 

Bolles, Charles Milton, B. Sc. Vegetable and Grain Experi- 
mental Farming. Box Elder 
Bothwell, Ella May, A. B. Principal in High School. 

Enterprise, Ore. 

Bowlby, John Hudson, A. M.; A. B. 1903, Doane College; LL. B. 

1907, George Washington University. Department of 

Commerce and Labor, Washington, D. C. Crete 

Brach, Ena Charlotte, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Brigham, Earle Winfield, B. Sc. Deceased 

Brookings, Frank Colton, A. B. Cashier of Bank. Burke, S. D. 
Brush, Edward Lewis, M. D. Physician. Norfolk 

Buchanan, Laura Finney, A. B. Hastings 

Bunt, Jane Alton, A. B. (Mrs. Elmer Lindquist). Waterloo 
Burky, Charles Rogy, A. B., B. S. Chief Draftsman for Twin 
Falls, North Side Land & Water Co. Jerome, Idaho 

Burr, William Wesley, B. Sc. Bureau of Plant Industry, Sub- 
station of Department of Agriculture. North Platte 
Butler, Edith Marian, A. B. (Mrs. J. T. Fisher). 

Rockland, Idaho 
Chase, DeWitt Clinton, LL. B. Lawyer. Stanton 

Clark, Ellen Elizabeth, A. B. Teacher. 1510 S St^ Lincoln 
Clark, James Alfred, LL. B. Lawyer and City Attorney. 

Cline, Martha, A. B. (Mrs. Y. D. Huffman). Merna 

Cole, Cyrus Lester, B. Sc. Testing Engineer. 

619 Waller St., Milwaukee, Wis. 
Cole, Viva Victoria, A. B. Britt, la. 

Corr, Rachel, A. M. See 1898. 

Costelloe, Martin Francis Paul, B. Sc. Assistant Professor 
of Agr. Eng., Iowa State Coll. Sta. A, Ames, la. 

Cox, Harvey Warren, A. M.; Ph. B. 1901, Wesleyan University. 
Head Professor of Philosophy, University of Florida. 

Gainesville, Fla. 
Crabill, Ansil Burnett, A. B. (Feb.). Red Cloud 

Crites, Edwin Darling, A. B. Lawyer. Chadron 

Crocker, Lloyd Oscar, LL. B. Lawyer. Beatrice 

Cunningham, Jesse, A. B. 

Dale, Raymond Elmer, A. B. Farmer. Loup City 

Graduates, ipo6 141 

Darling, Mae, A. B. Teacher, High School. 

1402 Lathrop St., South Omaha 
Dasenbrock, John Diedrich, A. M. See 1902. 
Davies, Autumn, A. M. See 1905. 

Davis, Claude Asa, LL. B, Lawyer. Ord 

Davis, Clyde Lindsly, B. Sc. Electrical Engineer, Tonopah 
Mining Co. Tonopah, Nev. 

Davis, Nora Monterey, A. B. (Mrs. L. L. Harter). 

1821 Corcoran St., Washington, D. C. 
Davis, Thomas Brandenherg, B. Sc. Deceased 

Day, Vincent Alpheus, LL. B. 

1112 Poulson Bldg., Spokane, Wash. 
Day, Warren French, B. Sc. Engineer, Jas. A. Green & Co. 

1116 Washington St., Boise, Idaho 
Denny, Frank Earl, A. B. In Business. 

Chicago Heights, Chicago, 111. 
Deweese, Julia Blanche, A. B. (Mrs. A. H. Lundin). 

Mehlhorn Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 
Douglas, Mai Field, A. B. Stenographer, Bank of Commerce. 

Drake, Fannie Adrienne, A. B. General Secretary of Univer- 
sity Y. W. C. A. 1619 R St., Lincoln 
Dumont, Raymond Ebersole, B. Sc. in C. E. President and 
Manager, Western Engineering & Supply Co. 

Boise, Idaho 
Eccles, Grace, B. Sc. Roswell, N. M. 

Eccles, William Raymond, B. Sc. Civil Engineer. 

Roswell, N. M. 
Emerson, Clarence, B. Sc; Ph.D. 1909, M. D. 1911, Rush Med. 
Coll., Chicago, Pathologist, Asylum for Insane. 

Asylum, Lincoln 
Emerffon, Maude EfRe, A. B. Teacher in Union College. 

Le Mars, la 

England, Minnie Throop, Ph.D.; B. Sc. 1903, Nebraska Wes 

leyan University. 

224 Indiana Ave., care Bureau of Corporation, Washing 

ton, D. C. Washington, D. C 

England, Wm. Harry, Ph. D., B. Sc. 1902, Neb. Wes. Uni. 

Washington, D. C 

142 The University of Nebraska 

Erickson, Alma Dorothea, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Ernst, Flora Grace, B. Sc; A.M. 1909. Teacher, Brownell 
Hall. 1418 So. 10th St., Omaha 

Essex, Susie Etta, A. B.; A.M. 1908. 1119 K St., Lincoln 

Everett, Harry Harding, B. Sc. (Feb.). Physician, Lincoln 
Sanitarium. Lincoln 

Fairchild, Nora May, M. D. Brandeis Bldg., Omaha 

Fairman, Fred Filo, B. Sc. Salesman. 

7001 Wentworth Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Farnsworth, Jessie Snow, A. B. (Mrs. J. R. Boyd). 

Moscow, Idaho 
Faulkner, Edwin Jerome, LL. B. Insurance Claim Adjuster. 

4050 South St., Lincoln 
Favinger, Hubert Franklin, LL. B. Lawyer. Hasting! 

Field, Edith Caroline, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Falls City 
Fisher, James Tucker, A. B., LL. B. Banker. Rockland, Idaho 
Fisher, Mabel Sarah, A. B. Ainsworth 

Flansburg, Leonard A., LL. B. See 1904. 
Foster, Kate, A. B.; A.M. 1909. High School Teacher. 

Malolos, Bulacan, Philippine Islands. 
Foxwell, Gertrude Augusta Harris A. B. (Mrs. Richards), 

French, William Luther, B. Sc. Adjunct Professor Dairy Hus- 
bandry, University of Nebraska. 

3011 Starr St., Lincoln 
Friedman, Samuel, B. Sc. With Collins, Contractor. Omaha 
Fricke, Albert Adolph, A. B., M. D. 1908. Physician. 

404 No. 24th St., South Omaha 
Fuller, John Andre, Jr., M. D. Physician. Las Vegas, Nev. 

Gibbs, Francis Whitney, LL. B. Locomotive Fireman. 

Villisca, la. 

Gibson, Benjamin Joseph, LL. B. Lawyer. Corning, la. 

Gittings, Ina Estelle, A. B. Adjunct Professor of Physical 

Education, University of Nebraska. Station A, Lincoln 

Glick, Helen, A. B. 

Goldman, Solomon, B, Sc. See Felix Newton. 

Graduates, ipo6 143 

' \ ' 
Gomberg, Clara Angella, A.M.; A. B., 1897, Brown University. 
Teacher in Girls' School. 714 Poplar St., Memphis, Tenn. 
Gordon, Tobie Agnes, A. B. Instructor in French, Des Moines 
College. Des Moines, la. 

Gould, Charles Newton, Ph. D. See 1900. 
Green, Katherine Mills, A. B. (Feb.). Teacher. 

2501 R St., Lincoln 
Greene, Sarah Virgiana, A. B. 1936 R St., Lincoln 

Hagenow, Charles Frederick, A. M. See 1900. 
Hagensick, Edmund Herbert, B. Sc. Engineer U. P. Ry. 

2024 Locust St., Omaha 
Hall, Maurice Crowther, A. M.; B. Sc. 1905. Colorado College. 

Washington, D. C. 
Hamilton, Lillian May, A. B. Teacher, High School. 

Hamilton, William Garfield, B. Sc. Electrical Engineer. 

348 Mill St., Portland, Ore. 
Hargraves, Gladys Rose, A. B. (Mrs. Homer Southwick). 


Harmon, Sadie, A.M.; A. B. 1901, University of Kansas. 

William Woods Coll. Fulton, Mo. 

Harris, Walter David, A.M.; B. Sc. 1903, Carleton College. 

Instructor in Physics, Syracuse University. 

Syracuse, N. Y. 
Harter, Leonard, A.M. (Feb.). See 1903. 
Harvey, Albert Lee, B. Sc. With Westinghouse. 

807 Mill St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Haskell, Charlotte Laura, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Hastings, Laura Elizabeth, A. B. (Feb.). Lincoln 

Haynes, Ethel, A. B. (Mrs. E. Don Skeen). Gunn, Wyo. 

Heacock, Kate May, A. B. Falls City 

Heald, Walter, A.M.; B. Sc. 1904, Iowa College. 

Washington, D. C. 
Heimrod, Albert Adolph, B. Sc. Student, Columbia University. 

New York City 
Hein, Willard H., A.M.; Ph. B. 1903, University of Wisconsin. 

Hendrickson, Clarence Henry, LL. B. Lawyer. Wayne 

144 ^^^ University of Nebraska 

Henney, William Henry, B. Sc, M. D. 1908. Physician. 

Phoenix, Ariz. 
Hershey, John Logan, B. Sc. Irrigation Engineer. 

Norwood, Colo. 
Hibner, Aldis Everard, B. Sc. (Feb.) Electrical Commercial 
Manager, Empire Gas & Electric Co. Auburn, N. Y. 

Hill, Cora Belle, A. B. Fellow in Teachers' College. Lincoln 
Hill, Robert Roy, A. B. Forester. Flagstaff, Ariz. 

Hirst, Florence Josephine, A. B. (Mrs. W. H. Newcomb). 

Box 237, Evanston, III. 
Hoefer, Anna Caroline, A. B. (Mrs. C. P. Craft). Aurora 

Hollingsworth, Harry Levi, A. B., Ph.D. 1909, Columbia Uni- 
versity. Instructor in Psychology. 

508 W. 136th St., New York City 
Holman, Ethel Fred, A. B. Principal of High School. 

White Sulphur Springs, Mont. 
Holman, William Frank, A. M. See 1904. 

Hooper, Retta Florence, A. B. (Mrs. G. B. Brown). Chappel 
Hough, Alvah Carey, A. B. ; LL. B. 1909. Lawyer. 

Lenapah, Okla. 
Howard, Bertha Mabel, A. B. (Mrs. John H. Agee). 

1859 Euclid Ave., Lincoln 
Howie, Ethel Lee, A. B. History Teacher, State Normal. 

Spearflsh, S. D. 
Humphrey, Clarence John, A. B., B. Sc. U. S. Forest Service, 
Pathologist Forest Products Laboratory. Madison, Wis. 
Hunter, Alice Cushman, Ph. D. See 1895. 

Hunter, Grace Elizabeth, A. B. Catalogue Division, Library 
of Congress. 1320 Harvard St., Washington, D. C. 

Huntington, Florence Helen, A. B. Teacher, High School. 


Hursey, George Wesley, A. B.; B. Sc. 1903, Iowa State College. 

Science Teacher, High School. Covina, Cal. 

Hutton, Harriett Lucile, A. B., A. M. 1908 (Mrs. J. E. Edger- 

ton). 824 No. 21st St., Lincoln 

Hutton, Thomas Andrew, A. B. Manager, University Book 

Store. 924 No. 24th St., Lincoln 

Johnson, Clarence Anthony, B. Sc, University of Kansas, 

Lawrence, Kan. 

Graduates, ipo6 145 

Keyser, Alvin, A.M. (Midwinter). See 1904. 
Kimmel, Katherine Sara, A. B. Commercial Adjustment Co. 
724 Omaha National Bank Bldg., Omaha 
Kimmel, Martin Luther, LL. B. Lawyer and Manager of Com- 
mercial Adjustment Co. 403 N. Y. Life Bldg., Omaha 
King, Elizabeth MacBride, A. B. Indexer, Legal Dept. Tele- 
graph Co. 46 Clifton Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Knutzen, Julia Pernella, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Wood River 
Korner, Gertrude Fern, A. B. Student in Music. 

1435 B St., Lincoln 
Krajicek, Stanley, A. B. Assistant Engineer, Denver Reser- 
voir & Irrigation Co. 707 Ideal Bldg., Denver, Colo. 
Laird, Fred Chester, LL. B.; A. B. 1903, Tabor College. Law- 
yer. Fremont 
Lambert, Schuyler Colfax, A. B., M. D., Rush Medical College. 
Physician. Duluth, Minn. 
Lanphear, Veda Lily, A. B. (Mrs. Robert S. Martin). 

Alhambra, Cal. 

Lantz, George D., LL. B. 

Lee, Vivian Sylvia, A. B. (Mrs. W. F. Hackman). 

509 No. Marguerite St., Irvington 
Legro, Leo Stanley, A. B., LL. B. 1908. Lawyer. Spencer 

Long, Frances Louise, A. B., B. Sc. Teacher, High School. 

Brainerd, Minn. 
Lundin, Alfred Helmer, A. B., LL. B. Lawyer. Secretary, 
Washington University of Nebraska Club. 

400 Mehlhorn Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 
Lute, Anna Maude, A. B., B. Sc. Scientific Assistant in 
Bureau of Plant Industry. 

2025 H St., N. W., Washington, D. C. 
McDuffee, Martin Sylvester, LL. B. Lawyer. Madison 

McLaughlin, James Ross, LL. B, Lawyer. 

Missouri Valley, la. 
McLennan, Donald Kenneth, A. B. Real Estate. 

Laramie, Wyo. 
McLucas, Margaret, A. B. (Mrs. Homer McAnulty). 

1435 A St., Lincoln 

146 The University of Nebraska 

McNamara, Charles John, B. Sc. (Feb.). Assistant Engineer 
on the U. P. R. R. Omaha 

Martin, Margaret, A. B. (Feb.). See 1905. 
Martin, Thomas Henry, LL. B. Lawyer. Clay Center 

Marvin, Earl Morton, A. B. Editor of "The Beatrice Daily 
Sun." Beatrice 

Mattley, Herman Nelson, LL. B. Lawyer. 

404 Funke Bldg., Lincoln 
Mead, Arthur Elting, B. Sc. Engineering Department, C, B. «& 
Q. R. R. 1536 P St., Lincoln 

Melick, Marian Maud, A. B. Clerical Work of Engineering 
Department, University of Nebraska. Bethany 

Metz, Percy Wendell, LL. B. Lawyer. Basin, Wyo. 

Meyer, Leah Louise, A. B. (Mrs. Edwin J. Faulkner). 

4050 South St., Lincoln 
Meyer, Oscar Maxwell, LL. B. Manager, Nebraska Credit Co. 

422 Little Bldg., Lincoln 
Miller, Arthur Eugene, B. Sc. Chief Designer for G. W. 
Parsons Co. Newton, la. 

Miller, John Haldeman, A. B. With Miller & Paine. 

1849 C St., Lincoln 
Montgomery, Edward Gerrard, B. Sc, A. M. 1909. Professor 
of Experimental Agronomy, Cornell University. 

Ithaca, N. Y. 
Moon, Alonzo Loudon, A. B. Ranching. Mitchell 

Moore, John Clyde, A. B.; B. Sc. 1907; M. D. 1908. 

429 Brandeis Bldg., Omaha 
Morgan, EfRe Leona, A. B. (Mrs. H. J. Theobald). 

603 No. 28th St., Lincoln 
Morrow, Prank Henry, B. Sc, M. D. 1908. Physician. 

Morsman, Leslie William, M. D. Physician. Omaha 

Muir, Sarah Theodosia, A. M. See 1900. 
Myers, Vera Ann, A. B. (Mrs. Charles E. Teach). 

University Place 
Nelson, Lena Christine, A. B. Missionary in Education Work. 

Meirut, India 
O'Connell, Ethel, A. B. (Mrs. James Anderson). 

4102 No. 28th Ave., Omaha 

Graduates, ipo6 147 

O'Gara, Peter Francis, LL. B. County Attorney. Hartington 
Orlofsky, Anna, A. B. Dalrymple Co. Lincoln 

Paine, Sarah Elizabeth, A. B. Homesteader. 

White Owl P. O., S. D. 
Palmer, William Roy, B. Sc. Uberty 

Pearson, Gustaf Adolph, A. B. (Feb.), B. Sc, A. M. 1907. U. S. 
Forest Service. Albuquerque, N. M. 

Person, Ray Kearney, A. B. Stanton 

Peterson, Carl Edelbert, LL. B. Clerk. Bertrand 

Peterson, Peter Homer, LL. B. Lawyer. County Attorney of 
Knox County. Wausa 

Pfeiffer, Laura Belle, A. M. See 1897. 
Pillsbury, Marguerite B., A. B. (Mrs. F. E. Denny). 

Chicago, Height, Chicago, 111. 
Pollock, John Donald, B. Sc. Engineer, with L. L. Summers 
& Co. Port Angeles, Wash. 

Pope, Ethel Alma, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Florence, Colo. 
Porter, Annie, A. M. ; A. B. 1900, Doane College. Teacher. 

Porter, Margaret Edla, A. B. Teacher. Central City 

Poynter, Charles William McCorkle, B. Sc, M. D. Professor 
of Anatomy, University of Nebraska. 

1749 Washington St., Lincoln 
Pressly, Ethel Mary, A. B. (Mrs. S. L. Mackin). 

Cottage Grove, Ore. 
Prichard, George Winthrop, A. B., M. D. 1908. Physician. 

Essex, la. 
Pugsley, Charles W., B. Sc. (Feb.). Superintendent of Agri- 
cultural Extension, University of Nebraska. Lincoln 

Purcell, Charles Henry, B. Sc. Engineer. 

Purviance, Percy, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Eureka, Cal. 
Rademacher, Gertrude Clara, A. B. Crete 

Roberts, Charles Whitson, B. Sc. Contractor. 

1229 L St., Lincoln 
Robertson, Edwin Norris, M. D. See 1904. 
Rolfson, Charles Martinius, LL. B. Lawyer. Julesburg, Colo. 

148 The University of Nebraska 

Roper, Grace Candace, A. B. Teacher of Latin, High School. 

Rowan, Gertrude Norton, A. M. See 1905. 
Rowe, Jesse Perry, Ph. D. See 1897. 
Rubendall, Clarence, B. Sc, M. D. 1908. Physician. 

Room 202 Richards Blk., Lincoln 

Sawyer, Charles Abbott, A. B. Lawyer, firm of Agee, Murphy 

& Sawyer. 301-2 Little Bldg., Lincoln 

Sawyer, John LeRoy, LL. B. Lawyer. Torrington, Wyo. 

Schoonover, William Leroy, B. Sc. Western Electric Co. 

Mountainside, N. J. 
Schreiber, Emma Estelle, A. B. (Mrs. Fred Hunter). 

Scofield, Marcia Ruth, A. B. (Mrs. E. K. Bowman). 

Hardin, Mont. 
Scott, Birdie Grace, A. B. Principal, High School. Minden 
Sears, Archie Kennedy, B. Sc. Lumberman. Hyannis 

Sherlock, John Henry, A. B. Professor of Science, High 
School. Terryside, S. D. 

Shotwell, Elizabeth Mary, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Twin Falls, Idaho 
Show, John Harry, A. B. Chemist, Cudahy Packing Co. 

826 No. 22d St., South Omaha 

Sidwell, Lawrence Tweedie, B. Sc, M. D. 1908. Physician. 

Interne at Institute for Feeble Minded. Glenwood, la. 

Skeen, Earl Donovan, B. Sc, M. D. 1908. Physician. Company 

Surgeon. Gunn, Wyo. 

Slater, Mildred Mary, A. B. Teacher, High School. 

Lead, S. D. 
Smith, Lora Amanda, A. B. (Mrs. Herbert McCullough). 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Smith, Ralph Cameron, A. B. Farmer. Ulysses 

Smith, William Herschel, B. Sc. Teacher, High School. 

Staats, Etta Pearle, A. B. Teacher, High School. 


States, Olive Ermina, A. B. Lander, Wyo. 

Stebbins, Millicent, A. B., A. M., University of Illinois. Teacher 

of German, High School. Urbana, 111. 

Graduates^ ipO/ 149 

Stetter, Leta Anna, A. B. (Mrs. H. L. HoUings worth). 

508 W. 136tli St., New York City 
Stevenson, Margaret Ogilvie, A. B. Ohiowa 

Strickland, Vivan Lewis, A. B. Superintendent of Schools. 

Swanson, Alice Amanda, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Talbot, David, A. B., LL. B. 1907. Lawyer. 

Albert Lea, Minn. 
Taylor, Harry Allen, A. B., M. D. 1908. Physician. 

University Place 

Temple, Charles Edward, A. B., A. M. 1909. Head of Bot. Dept. 

Uni. of Idaho. 328 W. 3d St., Moscow, Idaho 

Thompson, Harriet Eleanor, A. B. 

Thompson, Irwin Levi, B. Sc, M. D. 1908. Physician. Beemer 
Thompson, Ruth Neely, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Tool, Arthur Quincy, A. M., B. Sc. 1904, Iowa College. 

Monroe, la. 
Totton, Agatha Weltha, A. B. (Mrs. Samuel Anderson). 

Constantinople, Turkey 
Trigg, Grace Miriam, A. B. Extension Secretary of Y. W. C. A. 

Tunison, George McGregor, A. B., LL. B. 1908. Lawyer. 

312-14 Bee Bldg., Omaha 

Turner, Ralph Emerson, B. Sc. Electrician. Associate Editor 

of "Practical Engineer." 2529 Kimball Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Van Orsdel, Ralph Alexander, A. B., LL. B., Creighton College 

1910. Attorney with firm of Baldrige, DeBord & Fraden- 

burg. Attorneys. 520 First National Bank Bldg., Omaha 

Waldron, Clement Le Verne, A. B., LL. B. 1908. Beach, N. D. 

Wallace, Charles Frank, A. B., LL. B. 1908. Tekamah 

Warnke, William John, LL. B. P. O. Employe. 

iWellensiek, Adolph Herman, B. Sc. General Agent, Los Mol- 

inos Land Co. 523 Ldttle Bldg., Lincoln 

Wheeler, Mason, A. B., LL. B. 1908, Columbia University. 

Lawyer. 5 Nassau St., New York City 

Whelan, William Mathew, A. B. 

150 The Unwersity of Nebraska 

Willisford, Edwin Hellaby, Ph. D., A. B. 1896, B. D. 1898, A. M. 
1899, Hillsdale College. Minister. 

313 So. Summit Ave., Sioux Falls, S. D. 
Wills, Claude Leroy, M. D. Physician. Anselmo 

Wilson, Clyde De Clifford, A. B. Farmer. Anselmo 

Wilson, George Samuel, B. So. Instructor, Washington Uni- 
versity. 4114 10th Ave., N. E., Seattle, Wash. 
Wolfenbarger, Ethel Goodrich, A. B. (Mrs. Arthur Stevenson). 

Woodring, Jennie Lee, A. B. (Mrs. C. C. Beavers). Teacher. 

Bensonhurst, Benson 
Worley, Charlotte Cornell, A.M. (Feb.). See 1898. 
Wunder, Edward Adolph, LL. B. Lawyer. Fairbury 

Young, Robert Thompson, Ph. D., B. Sc. 1896, University of 
Pennsylvania. Instructor in Zoology, University of North 
Dakota. University, N. D. 

Zimmerer, Edwin Chester Arthur, A. B. Lawyer. 

Nebraska City 

A. B. (Midsummer) 19; B. Sc. 13; LL. B. 2; A. B. (June) 148; 

B. Sc. 44; LL. B. 33; M. D. 18; A.M. 15; E.E.I; C.E.I; 

Ph. D. 3. 
Adams, Ralph Emerson, LL. B. Minden 

Affolter, Edward, LL. B. Lawyer. Louisville, Colo. 

Agee, Alice Wilson, A. B. (Mrs. L. G. Shelton). Ardmore, Okla. 
Agee, Annie Luella, A. B. (Mrs. N. J. Elliott). 

Normal Presbyteriana, Mexico City, Mexico 
Allen, John Franklin, M. D. See 1905. 
Allen, Louise Marie, A. M. See 1906. 

Ames, Gratia Lyndall, A. B. (Midwinter) (Mrs. W. W. Mower). 

Anderson,HeIen Wilson, A. B. Secretary, Y. W. C. A. 

Muskegon, Wis. 
Andra, Emma Margaret, A. B. 920 Rose St., Lincoln 

Andrews, Eleanor Roberta, A. B. Fairbury 

Arnold, Elmer William, M. D. Physician. Medford, N. D. 

Aron, Albert William, A. B., A. M. 1908. Assistant in German, 

University of Wisconsin. Madison, Wis. 

Graduates, igoy 151 

Baker, LeRoy Nelson, B. Sc. Electrical Contracting. 

Box 451, Billings, Mont. 

Ball, Jesse Winecoff, Ph.D. (Summer), A. B. 1892, A.M. 1895, 
Pennsylvania College; B. D. 1902, Chicago Lutheran The- 
ological College. Acting Superintendent, Tahitha Home 
and Hospital. Lincoln 

Ballard, Fred, A. M. See 1905. 

Banghart, Edgar David, M. D. See 1898. 

Barre, Harry Walter, B. Sc. A. M. (Feb. 1910). Botanist, Agri- 
cultural Experiment Station, Clemson College. 

Lexington, S. C. 

Barton, Jessie Dora, A. B. (Mrs. Boos). Blue Hill 

Bartos, Stanley, LL. B. Lawyer. Wilber 

Bates, Carlos Glazier, B. Sc. in Forestry. Forest Assistant, 
U. S. Forest Service. Washington, D. C. 

Battan, Roy, B. Sc. Draftsman, Washington Water Power Co. 

Pasco, Wash. 

Bednar, James Edmund, A. B., LL, B. 1910. Lawyer. 

519 No. 18th St., South Omaha 

Belden, Chester Logan, B. Sc. Lewistown, Mont. 

Bengtson, Nels August, A. B., A. M. 1908. Assistant Professor 
of Geography, University of Nebraska. 

1911 Euclid Ave., Lincoln 

Berg, Matilda Lovisa, M. D. See 1905. 

Bergren, Oscar Albert, LL. B. Legal Dept, U. S. Land Office. 

Rosebury, Ore. 

Bernstein, Sadie, A. B. Teacher, High School. 

2622 Capitol Ave., Omaha 

Billing, Mary Ellen, A. B. Teaching. Foochow, China 

Blue, Abner, A. B. (Feb.). Juniata 

Borrowman, George, A. M., B. Sc. 1905, University of Minne- 
sota. Adjunct Professor of Chemistry, University of 
Nebraska. Lincoln 

Bowlby, Mary, A. B. Teacher, High School. Hastings 

Brace, Louise Kingsley, A. B. Portland, Ore. 

Brewster, Imogene, A. B. (Mrs. E. M. Rutledge). Lincoln 

Bridge, Grace Irene, A. M. See 1895. 

Briggs, Florah May, A. B. Teacher. Chadron 

152 The University of Nebraska 

Broady, Joyce, A. B. (Mrs. Joyce Clark). 

Box 776, Cheyenne, Wyo. 
Browne, Thorne Aseph, A. B. Reporter, State Journal. 

1318 R St., Lincoln 
Bnibaker, Harvey Austin, LL. B. Lawyer. Hendley 

Buis, John, M. D. See 1905. 

Butler, Ben Franklin, LL. B. 

Butler, Paul Revere, A. B. Solicitor, Nebraska Telephone Co. 

504 So. 25th St., Lincoln 

Cameron, Glen Roy, LL. B. (Feb.). 

Campbell, Charles William, A. B. 

Casey, Evangeline Anne, A. B. (Mrs. Hal Edward Cornell). 

Dietrich, Idaho 
Cheney, Gilbert Ward, A. B. Union 

Christie, Ralph Conklin, B. Sc. 

Christy, Edgar, M. D. See 1904. 

Clark, Beatrice Virginia, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Clark, Grace Maria, A. B. (Feb.). Teacher. 

2108 So. 14th St., Lincoln 
Cohn, Frederic, Ph.D., B. H. 1892, Union College, Cincinnati; 
Rabbi 1896, Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati; A. B. 1894, 
University of Cincinnati; A. M. 1896, University of Cincin- 
nati; Rabbi of Temple Israel. 1302 Park Ave., Omaha 
Cole, Lillian Belle, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Corey, Merton Leroy, LL. B. Lawyer. Edgar 

Cornelius, Milton Eugene, A. B., LL. B. 1909. 

Los Angeles, Cal. 

Craig, Hugh Wise, A. B. Berkeley, Cal. 

Cramer, Mabel, A. B. Hastings 

Crawford, Mary, A. B., Bachelor of Education 1907, Peru 

Normal. Teacher of Literature, Kearney State Normal. 

Dallas, James Andrews, A. B. (Summer). Tacoma, Wash. 

Darling, Vera Sara, B. Sc. Teacher, High School. 

806 Halsey St., Portland, Ore. 
Davis, Alice, A. B. Teacher, High School. Sutton 

Graduates, ipo/ 153 

Davis, Ellery Lothrop, A. B. (Feb.) Junior Member of Ber- 
linghof & Davis, Architects. 1528 K St., Lincoln 

Debler, Bruno Erdman, B. Sc. Alton, Mo. 

De Lacy, George Louis, LL. B. Lawyer. 

403 Funke Blk., Lincoln 

Dellecker, Zola Nancy, A. B. 206 So. 34th St., Omaha 

Denny, Grace Goldena, A. B. Instructor Home Economics, 

University of Wisconsin. Madison, Wis. 

De Young, Dirk P., A. B. 

Care of U. S. Consulate, Amsterdam, Holland 

Dickinson, Joseph, A. B. 

Donelson, Florence Louvinia, A. B. (Feb.). Teacher, High 
School. Tecumseh 

Dovey, Claire Jane, A. B. Plattsmouth 

Downes, Nate W., B. Sc. in M. E. (Summer). Special Appren- 
tice, U. P. R. R. 2515 Dodge St., Omaha 
Drain, Dale David, A. B. Lawyer. Spokane, Wash. 
Driscoll, Dean, A. B. Lawyer. Boise, Idaho 
Duer, Charles Bedford, B. Sc. Oak Park, 111. 
Dunlavy, Jessie, A. B. Head of Biology. 

San Juan, Porto Rico 
Dutch, Mary Mabel, A. B. (Mrs. J. A, Murphey). Omaha 

Dwyer, Roy Clark, B. Sc. Albion 

Eager, Earl Orkney, LL. B., A. B. 1908. Manager of Athletics, 
University of Nebraska. Lincoln 

Early, John Wesley, B. Sc. Consulting Electrical Engineer. 

211 So. Downing St., Denver, Colo. 
Edgerton, James Edgar, A. B. Editor. Soldier, Idaho 

Elder, Jay Clinton, A. B. Fellowship in Physiology, Univer- 
sity of California. Berkeley, Cal. 
Ellis, Bertha, A. B. Lincoln 
Ellis, Oscar Asbury, B. Sc. (Feb.). Civil Engineer. 

Deadwood, S. D. 
Ensor, Neville Regina, A. B. (Mrs. A. L. Lott, Jr.). 

1407 Emmett St., Omaha 
Enyart, Bulrke Caesar, LL. B., B. Sc. 1902, Fremont. Lawyer. 

Erford, Flossy D., A. B. (Mrs. E. M. Sunderland). 

1925 So. 34th St., Omaha 

154 ^^^^ University of Nebraska 

Ewing, Paul Albert, A. B. Government Service, 

Census Office, Washington, D. C. 
Fargo, Merchant Charles, A. B. Medical Student, University 
of Chicago. 6020 Ellis Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Field, Georgia Baldwin, A. B. 544 So. 17th St., Lincoln 

Finlay, Goldene Delorous, A. B. Ellensburg, Wash. 

Fenlon, John Arthur, B. Sc. (Feb.). David City 

Flansburg, Harry Ernest, B. Sc. Physician. 

1645 A St., Lincoln 
Fossler, John Jacob, M. D. See 1902. 

lossler, Mabel, A. B. Student for M. D., John Hopkins Medi- 
cal School. Baltimore, Md. 
Foster, Anna Agnes, A. B. (Feb.). Teacher, High School. 

Missouri Valley, la. 
Frazier, Bayard Rhodes, B. Sc. General Electric Co. 

Pittsfield, Mass. 

Frazier, Josephine, A. B. (Summer). 

Fries, Inez Maria, A. B. (Mrs. N. A. Lewin). Arcadia 

Gibson, Delbert David, A. B. Superintendent of Schools. 

Gibson, Katherine Emily, A. B., A. M. 1909. Teacher of Ger- 
man in High School. Beatrice 
Gilbert, David Bennett, A. B. (Summer). 340 No. 11th, Lincoln 
Gladstone, Mattie, A. B. (Mrs. C. E. Temple). 

328 W. 3rd St., Moscow, Idaho 
Gramlich, Ralph Clifford, A. B. Medical Student, University 
of Nebraska. Lincoln 

Graves, Fannie Louise, A. B. Teacher, Whitehall, Mont. 

Green, Dorothy, A. B. Teacher. 2501 R St., Lincoln 

Gireen, Joseph Reid, LL. B. Lawyer. 

601 Sec. Mut. Life Bldg., Lincoln 

Guthrie, Edwin Ray, A. B., A. M. 1910. Fellow, University of 

Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Hadley, Marcia Jean, A. B. 

Hall, Mary Camille, A. B. (Mrs. E. W. Davis). 

1528 K St., Lincoln 
Hamill, Robert Anderson, M. D. See 1904. 
Hanley, Minnie Ellen, A. B. Reporter. 1910 U St., Lincoln 

Graduates, ipoy 155 

Hanlon, Emmaline Mary, A. B. Teacher in Hastings High 

School. Hastings 

Hannah, Margaret Louise, A. B. Fellow in Botany, University 

of Nebraska. Lincoln 

Hannan, William Everett, A. B. (Feb.). Assistant, Legislative 

Reference Bureau. Basement Uni. Hall, Lincoln 

Hansen, Scena, A. B. (Mrs. Edwin Curtis). Minden 

Harden, Fred Geer, A. B., A. M. 1908. Assistant Irrigation 

Investigation, Department of Agriculture. 

Washington, D. C. 
Hartley, Carl Pierce, A. B. (Feb.). Scientific Assistant in 

U. S. Department of Agriculture. 

305 West Wing Agriculture Bldg., Washington, D. C. 
Hartley, Harry Kilpatrick, B. Sc. Consolidated Power & 

Light Co. Deadwood, S. D. 

Hartsough, George Henry, B. Sc. in E. E. Correspondent, 

Westinghouse Electric Co. 

Hartzell, Stella Agnes, A. M. (Summer.) See 1901. 

Hastie, Arthur Garfield, B. Sc. in E. E. (Feb.). Bedford St. 

Heat & Power Co. Bedford, la. 

Hedges, George Luther, B, Sc. in E. E. Designer, with Kelman 

Electrical & Mfg. Co. Box 1697, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Hedges, Mabel Maud, A. B. Instructor in Home Economics, 

Uni. of Neb. 2502 Q St., Lincoln 

Heimrod, Clara Alwine, A. B. Private Secretary to her 

Father, who is Consul. Halhoyl St. 44, Berne, Switzerland 
Heinke, George Henry, A. B., LL. B. 1908. Lawyer. 

Nebraska City 
Hendrie, Helen, A. B. Teacher in High School. South Omaha 
Higgins, Leslie Alan, A. B. Reporter. 3702 Cass St., Omaha 
Hill, Lawrence Benjamin, A. M., A. B. 1906, University of 

West Virginia. Principal Tyler Co. High School. 

Mhddelbourne, W. Va. 
Hill, William Earl, LL. B., A. B., Nebraska Centra!!! College. 

Lawyer. Central City 

Hilter, Marie Luise, A. B. Pomeroy, Wash. 

Hoar, John William, LL. B. See 1905. 

Holmes, Anson Kossuth, LL. B. 

Howard, Cleo Pearle, A. B. (Summer) (Mrs. Chester L. Bel- 

dcB). Lewistown, Mi«t. 

156 The University of Nebraska 

Howard, Findley Burtch, LL. B. Lawyer. Columbus 

Hudson, Vinda Virginia, A. B. High School Teacher. 

Sioux Falls, S. D. 
Hunt, Hale Merrill, A. B. Crete 

Huse, Helen Mildred, A. B. (Mrs. H. G. Nasburg). 

Waukon, Wash. 
Hussong, Louis Aaron, A. B. Minister. Lexington 

Husted, Ella, A. B. Teacher in High School. Geneva 

Hutchison, John Wesley, LL. B. Business. Corning, la. 

Hyde, John Fay, M. B. See 1905. 

Jackson, Alice Carey, A. B. Teacher, Fairmont 

Jackson, James Sthrashley, A. B. (Feb.). Reporter Kansas 
City Post, 3032 Olive St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Jackson, John Barnett, B, Sc. With Western Electric Co., 
Chicago. 1578 Lill Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Jenkins, Bertha Annette, A. B. (Mrs. W. D. Bay). Teaching. 

Centralia, Wash. 
Jenkins, William Gibson, B, Sc. Engineer, Pueblo Bridge Co. 

Pueblo, Colo. 

Jennings, Avery Goaham, LL, B. 

Jessen, Ruble Maude, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Joknson, Alice Jane, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Johnson, Bert Claud, LL. B. Bradshaw 

Jones, Harvey Howard, A, B. Bookkeeper and Salesman. 

Jones, Isaac Benson, B. Sc. Civil Engineer. Salem 

Jones, Paul Robert, A, B. Entomological Station. 

San Jose, Cal. 
Kauffman, Myrtle, A. B. (Mrs. F. E, McCall). 

810 Minnehaha Pk Boulevard, Minneapolis, Minn. 
Kearney, Charlie Manning, A, B, Lumber Business. 


Kendall, Valerius Horatio, B. Sc. Sales Manager, Kawneer 

Mfg. Co. Niles, Pnd. 

Kerns, Mira Lillian, A. B. Deceased 

Keyser, Harry, LL. B. See 19I5. 

Graduates, ipo/ 1 57 

Kiesselbach, Theodore Alexander, A. B. (Feb.). Professor in 
Exp. Agronomy, University of Nebraska. 

3157 R St., Lincoln 
Killen, Sara Jane, A. B.; B. Sc. 1895, Lincoln Normal; B. D. 
1891, Kahoka College, Missouri. Wayne Normal. 

King, Edna Hazel, A. B. High School Teacher. Byron, 111. 
Kinney, Jacob Millison, A. M. (Summer) ; A. B., Indiana Uni- 

Koop, Bessie, A. M. See 1902. 

Krake, Leigh Seward, A. B. Teacher. 

422 W. 12th St., Sioux Falls, S. D. 
Kramer, William Henry, LL(. B. 

Kreycik, John Franklin, LL. B. Real Estate and Loans. 

Lawyer. Gregory, S. D. 

Krumbach, Anna Elizabeth, A. B. (Feb.). Teacher in High 

School. Shelby 

Kryder, John Frederick, B. Sc. (Feb.). Care of Tonopah 

Mining Co. Tonopah, Nev. 

Kurtz, Noah Vilas, LL. B. Mining Interests. Sheridan, Wyo. 

Lapp, Leota, A. B. (Mrs. Dr. J. G. Walker). lola, Kan. 

Lee, Dessie May, A. B. Humboldt 

Levy, Albert Melvin, A. B. — 

Linderman, Kathleen Lorraine, A. B. 1111 A St., Lincoln 

Liadquist, Elmer Luther, A. B. Bank Cashier. Waterloo 
Little, Ernest Merle, B. Sc. Farmer. Clarks 

Long, Lucile, A. B. (Mrs. James A. Clark) . Tekamah 

Lott, Antone Lyman, B. Sc. With Omaha & Council Bluffs 
St. R. fl. Co. Care of Omaha Council Bluffs Street Rail- 
Tfay Company. South Omaha 

McComb, Harold Edgar, B. Sc. Assistant in Physics, Univer- 
sity of Nebraska. Station A, Lincoln 
McCutchen, Margaret, A. B. County Superintendent. 

Central City 

MacDonald, Gilman Byers, B. Sc. in Forestry (Summer). 

Head Professor of Forestry, Iowa State Agricultural Col- 

Uge. Ames, la. 

McGeachin, James AdaMS, A. B. (Feb.). Merchant. Orleans 

158 The University of Nebraska 

Mcintosh, Mary Bennett, A. B. 1030 So. 28th St., Omaha 

McPhee, Marguerite Cameron, A. M. See 1902. 

McWilliams, Cloyd Charles, B. Sc. Assistant Maintenance 
Supervisor American Locenaotive Works. 

New York, N. Y. 

Malick, Clara Chloe, A. B. (Mrs. John Beck) (Feb.). Phar- 
macist. Beatrice 

Mallat, Otto Richard, B. Sc. 

Mantor, Harry Lyman, B. Sc. 

MaijBh, Earle Millard, B. Sc. Credit Man and Solicitor for 
Omaha Electric Light & Power Co. 

5106 Webster St., Omaha 

Marshall, Clara Cleone, A. B. (Mrs. G. R. LaRue). Teacher 
in High School. 1239 Washtenow Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Marshall, Ruth, Ph. D., B. Sc. 1892, M. Sc. 1900, The Univer- 
sity of Wisconsin. Head Dept. of Biology, Rockford Col- 
lege. Rockford, 111. 

Mattoon, Edith Diana, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Lawrence, Kan. 

Meier, Alfred Charles, LL. B. 830 Starr St., Lincoln 

Metzger, Amelia Ida, A. B. (Feb.). Teacher in High School. 


Meyer, Charles Louis, B. Sc. in M. E. Columbia University 

1907 (Summer). Engineer and Sales Agent. With Trussed 

Concrete Steel Co. 604 Wilson Bldg., Dallas, Tex. 

Mielenz, Arthur Henry, B. Sc. Banker. Eagle 

Miller, Nellie Gilbert, A. B. Teacher in Wesleyan Univer- 
sity. 1517 U St., Lincoln 

Mills, Robert Selwyn, B. Sc. With Westinghouse Electric & 
Manufacturing Co. 398 Center St., Wilfeinsburg, Pa. 

Monroe, Ernest Franklin, A. B. (Feb.). See 1904. 

Moore, Emily Gertrude, A. B., A. M. 1910. Teacher in High 
School. Albion 

Moore, John Clyde, B. Sc. (Feb.). 

Morgan, Mary Warren, A. B. (Mrs. Geo. E. Proudfit). 

, 1952 So. »5th St., Lincoln 

M©ser, Walter Alfred, B. Sc. With Westinghouse. 

403 Pitt St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

MorreM, Minnie Margaret, A. B. 534 No 13th St, Lincoln 

Graduates, 1^0/ 159 

Mould, Mabel Augusta, A. B. Teacher in High School. 


Mueller, Theodore Frederick, A. B., B. Sc, in E. E. With Gen- 
eral Electric Co. of Chicago. 

Box 223 Downers Grove, 111. 

Myers, Eda Bernice, A. B. Teacher. 

2172 So. 14th St., Lincoln 

Needham, Daisy Jeannette, A. B., A. M. 1909. Instructor in 
European History, University of Nebraska. 

Sta. A, Lincoln 

Needham, Lawrence Kenneth, B. Sc. Panama R. R. 

Canal Zone 

Nickerson, Agnes EJleanor, A. B. • 

Nilsson, Henry Oscar, B. Sc. (Feb.). Chief Engineer's Office, 
U. P. R. R. 1715 So. 10th St., Omaha 

Osborn, Rena, A. B. Teacher in High School. Kearney 

Ozman, Roscoe Conkling, LL. B. Lawyer. City Clerk. 


Palen, Archibald E., B. Sc. (Feb.). Supt. Bureau of Public 
Works. Manila, P. I. 

Parkinson, Anne Elizabeth, A. B. Teacher. Council Bluffs, la. 

Parks, Mildred Amia, A. M. See 1902. 

Parmelee, Florence Mathewson, A. B. Assistant Secretary of 
Y. W. C. A. State Secretary Y. W. C. A. 

1924 Corby St., Omaha 

Parriott, William Clark, LL. B. County Judge. Auburn 

Patrick, Martha Ellen, A. B.; B. Sc. Fremont College 1903. 
Teacher of High School. Pawnee City 

Pearson, Gustaf Adolph, A.M. See 1906. 

Pepoon, Mabel, A. B. (Mrs. Ernest F. Monroe). Shelton 

Pepperberg, Roy V., A. B., B. Sc. (Feb.). Pepperberg Cigar 
Factory. 815 O St., Lincoln 

Petersen, Niels Frederick, A. B. Instructor in Botany in 
Louisiana State University. Baton Rouge 

Pierce, Roy Gifford, A. B., B. Sc, M. S. F., University of Mich- 
igan 1908. Forest Service. Halsey 

Pierce, William Dwight, A. M. See 1904. 

Pipal, Francis John, A. B., A. M. 1911. Assistant Botanist, 
Agricultural Exf erimemt Station, Purdue University. 

104 So. 6th St., Lafayette, Ind. 

i6o The University of Nebraska 

Pitchford, George Leonard, B. Sc. 

Pool, Raymond John, A. B., A. M. 1908. Associate Professor 
of Bctany and Curator of Herbarium, University of Ne- 
braska. Sta. A, Lincoln 

Posey, William Arthur, A. B., B. Sc. Farmer. Hubbell 

Post, Mildred Claire, A. B. Instructor at Farmers' Institutes. 

222 W. 10th St., York 

Potter, Bertha Belle, A. B. Teacher. Geneva 

Potts, John Beekman, M. D. Assistant to Dr. H. Gifford. 

567 Brandeis Bldg., Omaha 

Pyrtle, Emma Ruth, A. M. See 1904. 

Ramsey, William Crites, A. B., LL. B. Lawyer, with Stout & 
Rose. Omaha 

Randall, Ethel Elizabeth, A. B. Teacher, Decatur Co. H. S. 

Oberiln, Kan. 

Rantsma, W-^rren Franklin, B. Sc. With American Smelting 
& Refining Co. 

Raymond, Ruth Baird, A. B..(Mrs. J. E. Gavin). Lincoln 

Redington, Helen Dora, A. M. See 1905. 

Reese, Elizabeth Irene, A.M.; A. B. 1893, A.M. 1896 Western 
Maryland College. Instructor in Romance Languages, 
University of Nebraska. Lincoln 

Richey, Velm . Vay, A. B. Teacher. 

4704 No. 24th St., Omaha 

Rleth, Pauline Katherine, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

535 Bluff St., Council Bluffs, la. 

Rine, Charles William, B. Sc. Assistant in Animal Husbandry, 
University of Missouri. Columbia, Mo. 

Robbins, Edith Lillian, A. B. (Mrs. W. F. Day). 

1116 Washington St., Boise, Idaho 

Runner, Joseph James, A. B. Instructor in Physiography, 
High School. Seattle, Wash. 

Ryan, Francis Griggs, LL. B. 

115 Olympia Place, Seattle, Wash. 

Sampson, Arthur William, B. Sc. (Feb.), A.M. U. S. Bureau 
of Plant Industry. Washington, D. C. 

Sayer, Joseph Henry, B. Sc. (Summer). College of Medicine, 
University of Nebraska. 

Schmidt, Francis Albert, LL. B. Lawyer. Shawnee, Okla. 

Graduates, ipo/ i6i 

Schreiber, Arthur Garfield, B. Sc. Midwest Engineering Co. 

McCagiie BIdg., Omaha 
Shively, Vesta May, A. B. Principal, High School. 

Simon, Charlie Noble, LL. B. See 1005 

Slaughter, Carl Denton, B. Sc. Lawyer. Salmon, Idaho 

Smith, Bessie, A. B. Teacher. Schuyler 

Smith, Chester Kitch, B. Sc. Portland, Ore. 

Smith, Harry Scott, A. B., A.M. 1908. U. S. Department of 
Agriculture. 2314 So. 17th St., Lincoln 

Spencer, Eugene Garfield, A. B. (Feb.). Lumber Business. 


Sprague, Ernest Edgar, LL. B. 

Standeven, Walter Ealon, B. Sc. Bruce & Standeven, Engi- 
neers. Omaha 
Stein, Charles, M. D. ; B. Sc. 1900, Hastings College. Physi- 
cian. Glasco, Kan. 

Stendahl, Emil Alfred, A. B. 

Steven, Clara Bell, A. B. (Mrs. J. C. Mitchell). Hastings. 

Stewart, Charles Oran, A. B. Instructor in Iowa University. 

Iowa City, la. 
Stoakes, Charles Stewart, M. D., A. M. 
Stockton, Frank, A. B. State Agricultural College. 

Messalla Park, New Mexico 
Stokes, Guy Percival, M. D. Physician. Fullerton, N. D. 

Stone, Lloyd Parker, B. Sc. (Feb.). Stockman. Lexington 
Stone, Roland Elisha, B. Sc. (Feb.). 

130 Dryden Road, Ithaca, N. Y. 
Sunderland, Edwin Milroy, A. B. Department Manager, Sun 
derland Bros. Coal & Lumber Co. 

1925 So. 34th St., Omaha 
Sunderlin, Charles Algernon, A. B. Department of Interior. 
Special Prosecutor. Boise, Idaho 

Swenk, Myron Harmon, A. B., A. M. 1908. Assistant Ento- 
mologist, University of Nebraska. 

318 No. 27th St., Lincoln 
Swezey, Minnie, A. B. (Mrs. F. G. Elmendorf). Lincoln 

Swoboda, Adolph Rudolph, E. E. See 1903. 
Syford, Lester Corwin, A. B., LL. B. 1910. Lincoln 

i62 The University of Nebraska 

Talbot, David, LL. B. See 1906. 

Theisen, William Walter Edward, B. Sc. Superintendent of 
Schools. Pierce 

Thompson, Samuel McAfee, LL. B. Attorney at Law. 

Cheyenne, Wyo. 

Travis, Helen Elizabeth, A. B. (Feb.). Teacher in High 
School. Plattsmouth 

Upson, Fred Wilbert, B. Sc, A. M. 1908. Professor of Chem- 
istry, University of Cincinnati. Cincinnati, Ohio 

Van Boskirk, Bess, A. B. Teacher of Literature, Normal 
School. Albion, Idaho 

Viers, David Carrol, M. E., B. Sc. 1901, University of Illinois. 

Walker, Elda Rema, Ph. D., A. B. 1901, A. M. 1904, Pacific Uni- 
versity. Assistant Professor in Botany. In Charge of 
Botanical Library, University of Nebraska. 

Sta. A, Lincoln 

Walker, Wilhelmina Marie, A. B. (Mrs. W. M. Parker). 

1262 Steele St., Denver, Colo. 

Ware, Edward Miller, M. D. Physician. 

Warner, Merle Frank, M. D. Council Bluffs, la. 

Washburn, Alma Sylvia, A. B. Assistant Librarian, Hearst 
Library. Lead, S. D. 

Webster, Edith Leonore, A. B. Assistant in Geology Depart- 
ment, University of Nebraska. Station A, Lincoln 
'Weeks, Charles Rozell, B. Sc. (Summer). Professor of Agri- 
culture, Peru Normal. Peru 

White, Harry Walter, A. B. Worker in Y. M. C. A. 

Madras, India 

Wilke, Charles Robert, LL. B. Attorney. 

609 Sec. Mut. Life Bldg., Lincoln 

Williams, Frank, A- B. Farmer. Tecumseh 

Williamson, George Faxon, A. B. Graduate Student, Univer- 
sity of Nebraska. Lincoln 

Willis, Charles Henry, M. D. Woodbine, la. 

Wilson, Arthur Rockwell, B. Sc; A. B. 1894, Lennox College. 
Insurance and Abstracts. Klamath Falls, Ore. 

Winchester, Dean Eddy, B. Sc. (Feb.). U. S. Geological Sur- 
vey. Assistant Geologist. Washington, D. C. 

Graduates, 1^07, ipo8 163 

Winship, Loyd Anson, LL. B.; A. B, 1904, Nebraska Wesleyan 
University. Lawyer. 3410 T St., Lincoln 

Withey, Donna Lavonne, A. B. Teacher, South Omaha 
Schools. 1901 Spencer St., Omaha. 

Wolf, Albert Emil, A. B. Secretary Y. M. C. A. 

Seattle, Washv 

Wolf, Fred Adolph, A. B., A.M. 1908, Ph.D. Cornell 1911. 
Pathologist, U. S. Department of Agricultural Plant In- 
dustry. Rocky Ford, Colo. 

Woodard, James Madison, M. D. Physician and Surgeon. 


Woods, Flora, A. B. Teacher. 

Woodward, Erie Brice, B. Sc. Physician. 

Room 207, Richards Block, Lincolik 

Woodward, Walter Roy, B. Sc. Westinghouse E. & M. Co. 

Wyatt, Merlin B., M. D., Cum Laude, A. B. 1904, Nebraska- 
Wesleyan University. Physician. Manning, la. 

Wyatt, Orren William, B. Sc. (Summer), M. D. 1909. Physi- 
cian. Manning, la. 

Yont, Lilly, A. B. 1634 C St., Lincolm 

Yont, Rose, A. M. See 1903. 

Young, Mary Clara, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Brookings, S. D:. 

Zavodsky, Joseph, B. Sc. (Feb.). Chemist, C, B. & Q. R. R. 

5739 Drexel Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Zook, Leslie Lewis, B. Sc. Scientific Assistant, U. S. Depart- 
ment of Agriculture. Chico, Cal. 


A. B. 152; B. Sc. 71; LL. B. 42; M. D. 24; A.M. 29; Ph.D. Z 
Abbott, Myron Dates, B. Sc. in E. E. Unadilla 

Adams, Elsie Hattie, A. B. State Secretary Y. W. C. A. 

Chicago, 111. 

Akin, Bertha Mary, A. B. Teacher in High School. Howells 

Alden, Charles Niles, A. B. (Feb.). Teacher of Latin and 

Greek, Oakland City College. Oakland, Ind. 

Alden, Claude LeRoy, B. Sc. County Superintendent. 


164 The University of Nebraska 

Allen, Charles Edward, LL. B, Lawyer. 

6th Floor Prefontaine Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 

Allen, Roy Nelson, B. Sc. in C. E. Assistant Electrical Engi- 
neer, Seattle Electric Company. 

341-16th Avenue North, Seattle, Wash. 

Anderson, Amanda Elvira, B. Sc. Science Teacher in High 
School. Fairbury 

Anderson, Frank Axel, LL. B. See 1906. 

Anderson, William Nance, B. Sc, M. D. 1910. Hospital In- 
terne, Clarkson Hospital. 1314 So. 26th St., Omaha 

Aron, Albert William, A. M. See 1907. 

Ashby, Robert Childers, B. Sc. in Agri. Genoa. Assistant Su- 
perintendent of Farmers' Institute, State of Washington. 

Pullman, Wash. 

Axtell, Emily Martha, A. B. Lincoln 

Axtell, Evelyn Martha, A. B. (Mrs. Chas. J. Barrows). 


Baker, Edyth Estelle, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

1401 So. 21st St., Lincoln 

Bardwell, May Noble, A. B., A. M. 1909. Teacher in High 
School. Beatrice 

Barker, Percy Bonsfield, A. B. Professor, Department of Ag- 
ronomy, University of Nebraska. 

3003 Starr St., Lincoln 

Barnebey, Oscar Leonard, B. Sc, A. M. 1909. Assistant in 
Chemistry, University of Wisconsin. 

408 No. Frances St., Madison, Wis. 

Beatty, Albert Edward, B. Sc. in M. E. (Feb.). Whitcomb 
Manufacturing Co. 520 So. 3d St., Rochelle, 111. 

Beckman, John Henry, A. M. See 1895. 

Beghtol, Karl Duffield, LL. B. Lawyer. Hastings 

Bell, Paul Thomas, A. B. State Agent, Bankers Life Insur- 
ance Company of Des Moines. Lincoln 

Benda, Theodore, A. B. Principal of Schools. Curtis 

Bengtson, Nels August, A. M. See 1907. 

Bergquist, Harold Bertrid, B. Sc. in C. E. Coal and Grain 
Business. 2509 A St., South Omaha 

Berkey, Cora May, A. M. (Mrs. M. E. Crosby). North Platte 

Graduates, ipo8 165 

Blake, Carroll White, B. Sc. in E. E. (July). 

Los Angeles, Cal. 

Bockes, Thomas Willis, LL. B. Lawyer, With Hall, Woods 
& Bishop. Lincoln 

Bordner, Evan Guy, B. Sc. Clerk with Nye-Schneider-Fowler 
Company. Fremont 

Bowen, Earl Edwin, A.M.; B. Sc. 1904, Nebraska Wesleyan 
University. Minister. Neligh 

Bratt, Nell Edith, A. B. North Platte 

Bridenbaugh, Nelle, A. B. Teacher. 2344 R St., Lincoln 

Bristol, Minnie Catherine, A. B. At Home. Waco 

Brower, Mary Letitia, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Fuller ton 

Brown, Mary Elvena, A. B. Sargent 

Buchan, Arlene Alice, B. Sc. (Mrs. C. T. Phillips). Teacher 
in High School. The Orlo, Lincoln 

Buck, Samuel Rea, A. B. Law Student, University of Ne- 
braska (Superior). Lincoln 

Builta, Frank Chesterfield, A. B. Supt. of Publicity, Bell Tel- 
ephone Co. 421 Y. M. C. A. Bldg., Omaha 

Burt, Roy Clark, B. Sc. in E. B. (Feb.). With Albion Tele- 
phone Co. Albion 

Cauger, Maude Estell-e, A. B. 2032 So. 17th St., Lincoln 

Chaikin, Annis Sarah, A. B., A. M. 1910. Settlement Worker. 

95 Rivington St., New York City 

Charlton, Cecil Floyd, B. Sc. Student Rush Medical College, 
179 Ashland Boulevard, Chicago, 111. Loup City 

Charlton, Delilah Ruby, A. B. Student in N. Y. State Library 
School. New York, N. Y. 

Cherry, Charles LeRoy, A. B. Superintendent of Schools. 


Cherry, Edward LeGrande, A. B. Superintendent of Schools 


Chrisler, Vivian LeRoy, B. Sc, A. M. 1909. Instructor, Uni- 
versity of North Carolina. Chapel Hill, N. C 

Clark, Charles Abner, A. B. With Ravenna Creamery Co. 


Cole, Edna Ellen, A. B. Teacher Pacific School. 

1314 George St., Omaha 

i66 The University of Nebraska 

Cook, Jessie May, A. B. (Mrs. L. K. Needham). 

Christobal, Canal Zone 
Cooper, Lucile Maud, A. B. (Mrs. A. E. Oberman). Deshler 
Cooper, Theodore Reynolds, A.M.; B. Sc. 1904 Bellevue Col- 
lege. United States Forest Reserve. 

Washington, D. C. 
Copeland, Fred Smith, A. B. Principal High School. 

Cowan, George Franklin, Jr., LL. B. Lawyer. 

Spokane, Wash. 
Cox, Leola Carrie, A. B. Exeter 

Cramb, Arthur Benjamin, A. B. Osteopathic Physician. 

Crook, Guy A., B. Sc. in C. E. General Contractor, Monarch 
Engineering Co. Falls City 

Crosby, Mainard Elery, LL. B. Lawyer. North Platte 

Currie, Keo, A. B. Teacher in High School. Meridian, Idaho 
David, Adrian Hight, LL. B. (Feb.). Lincoln Paint & Color 
Co. 2041 So. 17th St., Lincoln 

Davis, Ellsworth Morris, A. B. Principal of High School. 

Davis, William Lloyd, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Day, Elsie, A. B., Ph. G. 1910. Instructor in Pharmacology, 
University of Nebraska. 2030 Sumner St., Lincoln 

DeLacey, Florence, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Denny, Glaideth Gainevere, A. B. Teacher State Farm. 

1726 Q St., Lincoln 
Denslow, Lloyd, A. B. Banker. Hooper 

DeVore, Minnie Mary, A. B. (Mrs. P. W. Rathbun). 

836 A St., Lincoln 
Dort, Charles Lloyd, LL.B. Lawyer. 

900 New York Life Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 
Duggan, Marie Margaret, A. B, (Feb.). Sioux City, la. 

Dunn, Cooper Morrison, B. Sc. in Forestry (Feb.). Hobbs & 
Dunn, Landscape Architecture and Engineering. 

921 State Life Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind. 
Durbin, Cora, A. B. Malvern, la. 

Graduates, igo8 167 

Durbin, Florence, A. B. Malvern, la. 

Eager, Earl Orkney, A. B. See 1907. 

Eastman, Louise Cynthia, A. B. (Feb.). Teacher. 

1711 Eighth Ave., Moline, 111. 
Eaton, Byron Kerlin, B. Sc. in M. E. With American Radiator 
Co. Omaha 

Ehlers, Caroline Marie, A. B. (Mrs. Baxton Asher Klutts). 

Hickory, N. C. 
Elder, Jay Clinton, A.M. See 1907. 

Essex, Louise, A. B. 1119 K St., Lincoln 

Essex, Susie Etta, A. M. See 1906. 

Ewing, Ada, A. B. Teacher in High School. Superior 

Farley, Louis LaFlesche, B. Sc. in E. E. Bancroft 

Fawcett, Ruth lone, A. B. (Mrs. Orpheus G. Ewing). 

Box 246, Lincoln 
Fay, Scott Stuart, A.M.; B. Sc. 1905, Kansas State College. 

Care Frances G. Fay, Wilsey, Kan. 
Fenlon, George Louis, A. B. 

402 So. Commercial St., Trinidad, Colo. 
Field, Ethel Content, A. B., A.M. 1909. Bureau of Plant In- 
dustry, Scientific Assistant in Office of Cotton & Truck 
Investigations. Washington, D. C. 

Findley, Ray Hanson, B. Sc. in C. E. (July). Supt. of Tracks 
& Road Construction, Omaha Street R. R. 

2620 No. 19th Ave., Omaha 

Fitzgerald, Mary Pearl, A. B. 116 So. 38th St., Omaha 

Fitzsimmons, George Agabus, A. B., LL. B. 1909, Capitol Hill. 

25223^ So. Rolinson St., Oklahoma City, Okla. 

Foster, Cecelia Agnes, A. A. Teacher. West Point 

Frankforter, Clarence Jackson, B. Sc, A. M. 1909. Instructor 

in Chemistry and Custodian of Supplies, University of 

Nebraska. 710 No. 24th St., Lincoln 

Frerichs, Martin Luther, LL. B. Lawyer. Okemah, Okla. 

Fricke, Albert Adolph, M. D. See 1906. 

Galbraith, Frank Richard, A. B. Editor. Dunbar 

Gieseker, Leonard Frederick, B. Sc. Soil Analyst, Dept. Ag- 
ronomy, stationed at Bozeman, Mont. 
Gould, Winnifred Etta, A. B. (Mrs. L. E. Cochran). 


1 68 The University of Nebraska 

Graham, Ada Virginia, A. M. See 1897. 
Green, James Arleigh, B. Sc. 

Ill West Monroe St., Chicago, 111. 
Greenslit, Walter Lee, A. B. Superintendent of Schools. 

Griffin, Celia Rebecca, A. B. Teacher. Fairbury 

Grimm, Joseph Lee, LL. B. Wilber 

Grinnell, Josiah Beckley, M. D. Physician. Cairo 

Grone, Edwin Arthur, B. Sc. in C. E. Draftsman C, B. & Q. 

R. R. 349 No. 29th St., Lincoln 

Guthrie, Robert Elton, B. Sc. Second Lieutenant Coast Artil- 
lery Corps, U. S. A. Fort Barry, San Francisco, Cal. 
Hall, Chester Beadon, A. B. N. E. Washington Fire Insurance 

Co. 5213-12 N. E., Seattle, Wash. 

Hallowell, Amy Barrows, A. B., Ph. B. Grand Island Baptist 

College, 1908 (Mrs. Oscar L. Rarnebey). 

408 No. Frances St., Madison, Wis. 
Hanlen, Job G eer LeRoy, A. B. Instructor, Industrial 

School. Kearney 

Harden, Fred Geer, A. M. See 1907. 
Hardy, Arthur Shereboume, B. Sc. in E. E. (Feb.). Manager, 

Sidney Electric Light & Power Co. Sidney 

Hardy, Edwin Gay, B. Sc. in E. E. Vice-President Hardy Co. 

Harrington, Arthur Strong, B. Sc. in E. E. With Oregon 

Power Co. 219 W. 4th St., Albany, Ore. 

Harris, Mabel, A. B. Teacher in High School. Hastings 

Harrison, John Leman, B. Sc. in C. E. (Feb.), B. Sc. Doane, 

1903. Bureau of Public Works, Manila, P. I. 

Hassler, Otis Wakefield, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Havens, James Henry, B. Sc. in E. E. (Feb.). Electrician, 
Western Electric Co. Chicago, 111. 

Hayes, Fred Elmer, A. B. Principal, High School. Ravenna 
Hayman, Edward Chapman, M. D. Grand Island 

Heinke, George Henry, LL. B. See 1907. 
Hempel, Hazel Pearl, A. B. Teacher, High School. 

Hendricks, George Ernest, LL. B. S«e 1905. 

Graduates, ipoS 169 

Henney, William Henry, M. D. See 1906. 

Herold, Wilhelmina, A. B. Teacher, High School. Wahoo 

Hesseltine, Dora Evelyn, A. B. Teacher, High School. 

Higgins, Jay, B. Sc. U. S. Forestry Service. 

Glenwood Springs, Colo. 
Hollister, Bertha Anita, A. B. 710 No. 23d St., Omaha 

Hompes, Joseph Josiah, M. D. Oculist. 

203 Ganter Bldg., Lincoln 
Hough, AlvaL Carey, LL. B. See 1906. 
Hough, Otto Vere, B. Sc. in C. E. Thorp & Hough, Engineers 

and Contractors. 

Hrubesky, Chauncey Golden, B. Sc. in E. E. 

Hrubesky, Lillian May, A. B. Principal High School. 


Hughes, Harold Clinton, B. Sc. in E. E. (Feb.). 

Humphrey, Victor Grant, A. B. Farmer. Delevan, Wis. 

Huston, Beth Docia, A. B. Principal of Schools. Tobias 

Hutton, Harriet Lucile, A. M, See 1906. 
Hyde, Hazel Hortense, A. B. (Mrs. Theodore Kiesselbach). 

Johnson, Allen, LL. B. Lawyer. Fremont 

Johnson, Clarence Gardiner, B. Sc. in B. E. Receiver, Chick- 
asha Light, Heat & Power Co. Chickasha, Okla. 

Johnson, Roy Travis, LL. B. Lawyer. Julesburg, Colo. 

Jones, Lloyd Ancile, B. Sc. in E. E., A.M. 1910 (Aug.). In 
U. S. Bureau of Standards. 

1647 Lament St., Washington, D. C. 
Jorgensen, Arthur, A. B. Metropolitan Student Secretary. 

Tokio, Japan 
Kazebeer, Asa Guy, LL. B. Lawyer. 

654 Mills Bldg., San Francisco, 0^1. 
Keith, Arthur Leslie, A. M. See 1898. 

Keith, Thomas Milo, A. M.; A. B. 1903, Cotner University. In- 
structor, Cotner University. Bethany 
Keller, Ester, A. B. (Mrs. John Hart). Beaver Crossing 

Kerr, Theodore Joseph, M. D. 

Kiesselbach, Theo<lore Alexander, B. Sc. See 1907. 

Kiewit, Elizabeth Gertrude, A. B. 2609 Marcey St., Omaha 

170 The University of Nebraska 

Kimmell, Althea Moss, A. B. Teacher, High School. 

Portland, Ore. 
King, William Ross, A. B. Harvard University Law School. 

67 Perkins St., Cambridge, Mass. 
Kline, William Bowman, A.M.; A. B. 1906, Nebraska Wes- 
leyan University. Divinity Student, Yale University. 

New Haven, Conn. 
Knode, Jay Carroll, A. B. Vice-President, The Realty Protec- 
tion Co. Greybull, Wyo. 
Kocken, Arta Ethlyn, A. B. Teacher of History. 

Sheridan, Wyo. 
Kokjer, Ralph LeRoy, B. Sc. in M. E. Special Apprentice U. P. 
R. R. Co. Cheyenne, Wyo. 

Kotouc, Otto, A. B. (July). Banker. Humboldt 

Lear, Edwin Forrest, LL. B. Lawyer. Springview 

Legro, Leo Stanley, LL. B. See 1906. 
Lesher, Alice Elizabeth, A. B. (Mrs. T. H. Mauck). 

130 So. 31st St., Lincoln 
Lewis, Katherine, B. Sc. Teacher, High School. Wayne 

Lieber, Charles, M. D. Physician. 

503 Brandeis Bldg., Omaha 
Long, Harriet Catherine, A. B. New York State Library 
School. 158 Elm St., Albany, N. Y. 

Loveland, George Andrew, A. M. B. Sc. 1882, Hampshire Col- 
lege, Section Director, U. S. Weather Bureau. 

1130 So. 20th St., Lincoln 
Lowe, John Earl, LL. B. Lawyer. Justice of Peace. 

1329 D St., Lincoln 
Ludden, Nellie Machesney, A. B. (Mrs. C. C. Alden). 

McElroy, Charles Cooper, LL. B. Lawyer. 

420 Little Bldg., Lincoln 
McFall, Anna Laura, A. B. Teacher. Eagle 

McLaughlin, Charles Francis, A. B. Lawyer. Omaha 

McLaughlin, Edward Patrick, LL. B. Vice-President, Ne- 
braska Lumber & Coal Co. Omaha 

McLean, Laura Elizabeth, A. B. (July). 

McNichol, John Campbell, B. Sc. in E. E. Contracting Elec- 
trician. 1902 F St., Lincoln 

Graduates, ipo8 171 

McWhinney, Clyde Calver, A. B., LL. B. Lawyer. 

Price, Utah 
Matters, Thomas Harold, A. B. Lawyer. 

1st Natl. Bank Bldg., Omaha 
Matteson, Will Dinsmore, A. B. 

First National Bank, Lincoln 
Melcer, Joseph Steve, LL. B. (Feb.). Attorney. Wilber 

Melquest, Vera Marie, A. B. (Mrs. C. P. Peterson) (Feb.). 

936 So. 14th St., Lincoln 
Menefee, Ferdinand Northrup, B. Sc. in E. E. Instructor En- 
gineering Department, University of Michigan. 

1009 Packard, Ann Arbor, Mich. 
Mickey, Clark Edwin, B. Sc. in M. E. and C. E. Adjunct Pro- 
fessor, Department of Applied Mechanics, University of 
Nebraska. 1337 So. 11th St., Lincoln 

Miller, Albert Herman, A. B. Care of U. S. Forest Service. 
Deputy Forest Supervisor of Holy Cross Natl. Forest. 

Glenwood Springs, Colo. 
Miller, Brownlow Bartley, M. D. Physician. Tabor, la. 

Miller, George William, LL. B. 1910, Columbia University. 
Mills, Milton Alexander, A. B. Osceola 

Monick, James August, B. Sc. in M.V.. (July). Deceased 

Moore, John Clyde, M. D. See 1906. 
Morrow, Frank Henry, M. D. See 1906. 

Mothersead, James Granville, LL. B, 

Mueller, Theodore Frederick, B. Sc. in E. E. See 1907. 
Mulliken, Doyle Beard, M. D. Physician. Munden, Kan. 

Murphey, Joseph Allen, A. B. Sec. and Treas. Roberts Grain 
Co. 728-30 Brandeis Building, Omaha 

Murphy, Ralph Burnett, A. B. (Feb.)., LL. B. 1909. Lawyer. 
With Agee, Murphy & Sawyer. 301-2 Little Bldg., Lincoln 
Murphy, Theresa Pearl, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Murphy, Thomas Moonlight, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Tanner Hotel, Kansas City, Mo. 
Nethery, James Duncan, B. Sc. in E. E. Farmer. 

De Beque, Colo. 
Newman, Meyer Harris, B. Sc, M. D. Physician. Cody 

172 The University of Nebraska 

Nims, Mabelle Zoe, A .B., A. M. 1910. Teacher in High School. 

O'Brien, Frank, B. Sc. in C. E. Architect and Civil Engineer. 

Deming, N. M. 
O'Connell, Edith Elizabeth, A. B. Principal in High School. 

O'Connell, Marian Margaret, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

LeMars, la. 

Overman, William St. John, A. B. (Feb.). 

Owen, Jesse, B. Sc. in E. E. Power Plant Construction. 

Owen, Laura Belle, A. B. (Feb.). Teacher High School. 

Page, John Chatfield, B. Sc. in C. E. Student, Cornell Uni- 
versity. Ithaca, N. Y. 
Parrott, Frank, B. Sc. in C. E. Engineering Dept. of Laramie 
Hahus Peak & Pacific R. R. Baker, Ore. 
Parrott, Jesse, B. Sc. in C. E. Engineering Work. 

Portland, Ore. 
Patterson, Edith Lindsley, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

North Platte 
Paul, John Milford, LL. B. See 1905. 
Pepperberg, Roy V., A. M. See 1907. 
Peterson, Alphena Charlotte, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

1914 Pierce St., Sioux City, la. 
Phelps, Eugene Talmage, A. B. Student, Rush Medical Col- 
lege. 1446 Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, 111. 
Pinckney, Rueben Marion, A.M.; B. Sc. 1906, Nebraska Wes- 
leyan University. Assistant Chemist Montana Experiment 
Station. Bozeman, Mont. 
Poole, Venus Worrell, A.M. (Feb.). See 1904. 
Pool, Raymond John, A. M. See 1907. 

Post, Herbert Wilson, LL. B. With Lincoln Ice & Cold Stor- 
age Co. 1615 F St., Lincoln 
Aorter, Dorothy Maud, A. B. (Feb.). Benkelman 
Power, Jessie Home, A. B. Teacher in High School. York 
Premer, James Frederick, M. D. Physician. Haigler 
Price, Anna May, A. B. ; B. L. S., University of Illinois. Assist- 
ant Professor of Library Economy, University of Illinois. 

Urbana, 111. 

Graduates, ipoS 173 

Prichard, George Winthrop, M. D. See 1906. 

Provost, Noel Louis, A. B. General Secretary, Y. M. C. A., 
Clemson College. Columbia, S. C. 

Purcell, John Ralph, A. B. Secretary and Treasurer, Mickey 
Milling Co. Elkhorn 

Purinton, Alice McClennan, B. Sc, A.M. 1910 (Aug.). Assist- 
ant in Bureau of Standards. Washington, D. C. 

Putney, Nellie Ada, A. B. Teacher in High School. Norfolk 

Randall, George Truman, LL. B. Assistant Cashier, First Na- 
tional Bank. Newman Grove 

Ranson, Brayton Howard, Ph. D. (Feb.), B. Sc. 1899, A. M. 1900. 

Regione, Dominich Louis, LL. B. (Feb.). Lawyer. Kimball 

Reimche, Robert Clifton, B. Sc; M. D. Rush Medical College 
1910 3445 W. North Ave, Chicago, 111. 

Rhoades, Laura Alida, A. B. Teacher, High School. 

Belle Fourche, S. D. 

Rice, John Webster, LL. B. Lawyer and County Attorney. 


Robbins, Harold Will, LL. B. Claim Adjuster, Neb. Accident 
Ins. Co. 2001 I St., University Place 

Robbins, Horace Alphonso, LL. B. Lawyer. Ord 

Rubendahl, Clarence, M. D. See 1906. 

Rudersdorf, Alice Kate, A. B. (Mrs. H. C. Woods). 

1515 9th St., Boulder, Colo. 

Rudersdorf, Edna Emma, A. B. Teacher. 

2116 J St., South Omaha 

Saxton, Elmer Elvin, B. Sc. Electrician, U. P. R. R. Co. 

North Platte 

Schmid, Edward Albert, B. Sc. U. P. R. R. Co. Electrician. 
Elec. Engineer and Water Commissioner. Schuyler 

Schram, Eck Frank, A. M. ; A. B. 1906. Assistant Department 
Geology, University of Nebraska. Station A, Lincoln 

Schultz, Carrie Kate, A. B. (Mrs. Dr. Hiltner). 

Shanghai, China 

Shannon, Charles Augustus, B. Sc. in C. E. City Engineer. 

Nebraska City 

Shaw, Ora James, B. Sc. Manager, Heat, Light and Power 
Department Lincoln Traction Co. 1430 B St., Lincoln 

;i74 The University of Nebraska 

Shaw Van, John Emerson, LL. B. Graduate Student, Yale. 

265 Orang3 St., New Haven, Conn. 
.Shelden, Mrs. Clara Fleming, A. B. (Feb.). 

Morgantown, W. Va. 
rSidwell, Lawrence Tweedie, M. D. See 1906. 
Simmons, Nathaniel Rollins, B. Sc. in E. E. Farmer. 

R. No. 5, York 
Simmons, Daisy Ella, A. B. Teacher, High School. Schuyler 
Skeen, Earl Donovan, M. D. See 1906. 

Smith, Arthur Deering, B. Sc. in E. E. Engineer. Auburn 

Smith, Harry Scott, A. M. See 1907. 

Smith, Margaret J., A. B. Principal, High School. Gretna 

Smith, Roscoe Russell, LL. B. Farmer. Box 111, Albion 

Spaits, Robert Allen, LL. B. Deceased 

Speidell, Louise Augusta, A. B. (Mrs. Clarence Hickman). 

3216 Y St., Lincoln 
Spillman, Ora Seldon, LL. B.; B. D., Highland Park College. 
Lawyer. Pierce 

Stephens, Homer Sherman, A. B. Law Student, University of 
Michigan. Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Stevenson, Nellie, A. B. (Mrs. Joseph Scott). Seattle, Wash. 
Stewart, Abbie Gross, A. B. Teacher in High School. 


o ewart, Aubrey Porter, B. Sc. in E. E. Manager, Farmers 

Elevator Co. Palmyra 

Stewart, Charles Verne, B. Sc. in E. E. Manager, Palmyra 

Telephone Co. Palmyra 

Stokes, Ethel Minerve, A. B. (Mrs. A. M. Voss). 

2525 Vine St., Lincoln 
Strahorn, Mary Elizabeth, A. B. (Mrs. G. A. Zentmyer). 

North Platte 
Strickland, Mary Evangeline, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

St. Paul 
Stuart, Rosalie, A. B. Deceased 

Sullivan, George Leonard, B. Sc. Instructor in Mechanical En- 
gineering, Montana Stats College. Bozeman, Mont. 
Sullivan, George Webster, M. D. Physician. St. Eiwards 

Graduates, igo8 ly^ 

Sullivan, Jean, A. B. Teacher in High School. Broken Bow 

Swanson, Mabel Eleanor, A. B. Teacher in High School. 


Swenk, Myron Harmon, A. M. See 1907. 

Swenson, Joseph Magnus, A. B. Lawyer. Sidney 

Swenson, Samuel August, B. Sc. Interne, Swedish Mission^ 
Hospital & Student of Medical College, University of Ne- 
braska. 12th and Pacific Sts., Omaha. 

Swingle, Leroy Dey, Ph. D. Professor of Parasitology in 
Wyoming State University. Laramie, Wyo^ 

Taylor, Ada Belle, A. B. 

933 Georgia St., Los Angeles, CaL 

Taylor, Harry Allen, M. D. See 1905. 

Taylor, Simeon Lafayette, M. D. President, Still College of 
Osteopathy. Des Moines, la. 

Thomas, Frederick Wagner, A. B. Bank Teller, Corn Ex- 
change National Bank. 607 So. 38th Ave., Omaha 

Thomas, John Willard, A. B. Teacher. Corona, S. D. 

Thompson, Irwin Levi, M. D. See 1906. 

Thompson, Jessie Louise, A. B. (Mrs. Edward A. Morrasy). 


Tibbetts, Anna Mary, A. M. See 1904. 

Tibbets, Raymond Marsh, A. B. (Feb.). Lawyer. Hastings 

Tillotson, Florence Belle, A. B. (Mrs. H. W. Barre). 

Columbia, S. C. 

Tomlinson, Charles Creighton, M. D. Physician. Wakefield 

Trimble, Estelle Marie, A. B. 825 No. Lincoln St., Hastings 

Trumbull, Robert Samuel, A. M., A. B. 1907, Nebraska Wes- 
leyan University. Instructor in Agricultural Chemistry, 
State Farm. 2924 Clinton St., Lincoln 

Tunison, George McGregor, LL. B. See 1906. 

Turner, Edward Louis, B. Sc. in E. E. A prentice, U. P. R. R. 
Shops. 1522 So. 27th St., Omaha 

Turner, Frank Walter, A. B. (Feb.). Carpenter. Hastings 

Upson, Fred Wilbert, A. M. See 1907. 

V^nrick, Glenn Norman, LL. B. Lawyer. DeWitt 

Vosacek, Frank Richard, B. Sc. (Feb.) . Teacher in High 
School. South Omaha 

Waddle, Mary Isabel, AB. (Mrs. C. Farrow). Aurora 

176 The University of Nebraska 

Waddle, Norma, A. B. U. S. Department of Agriculture, Ore- 
gon Agricultural College, Seed Laboratory. 

Cornwallis, Ore. 
Waldo, Ralph Ernest, A. B., LL. B. 1910. Montrose, Colo. 

Walker, George Heman, M. D. (Feb.). Adjunct Professor of 
Anatomy, University of Nebraska. Physician. 

Room 203, Ganter Block, Lincoln 
Walker, Leva Belle, A.M. (Feb.); A. B. 1901, Pacific Univer- 
sity. Adjunct Professor of Plant Pathology and in charge 
of Botanical Store Room, University of Nebraska. 

331 No. 11th St., Lincoln 
Walker, John Daniel, A. B. (July) Chicago Theol. Seminary. 

Chicago, 111. 
Wallace, Charles, LL. B. See 1906. 

Wallace, George Lew, A. B. Teacher. Faribault, Minn. 

Wallin, Ivan Emanuel, A. M., B. Sc. 1905, University of Iowa. 
Instructor in Anatomy, Bellevue Medical College. 

New York City 

Warnock, Elsie, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Wasson, Minor Flemings, A. B. Law Student, University of 
Nebraska. Lincoln 

Wekesser, Henry Peter, M. D. Physician. 

301, Funke Bldg., Lincoln 
Wellensiek, Louis Henry, B. Sc. Electrical Engineer and 
Contractor. Aberdeen, S. D. 

Wentworth, John Orson, A. B. Inspector of Farm Loans. 

Council Bluffs, la. 
Westgate, Vernon Vilas, B. Sc, A. M, 1910. Adjunct Professor 
of Horticulture, University of Nebraska. 

1431 R St., Lincoln 
Whelan, John Bennett, A.M. (Feb.), A. B. 1903, Hillsdale 
College. Instructor in Chemistry, Kansas State Agri- 
cultural College. 923 Fremont St., Manhattan, Kan. 
Whelan, William Matthew, LL. B. See 1906. 
White, Earl Emmette, B. Sc. (Feb.). Civil and Irrigation 
Engineer. Ft. Morgan, Colo. 
Whitmore, Jennie Grace, A. B. (Mrs. N. H. Barnes). Valley 
Willis. John Leslie, A. B. Banker. Dalton 

Graduates, ipo8, ipop 177 

Wilson, Helen, A. B. Supervisor of Drawing in Public Schools, 
York. 1339 So. 19th St., Lincoln 

Wilson, Mary Miller, A. B. (Feb.). Teacher, High School. 


Wiltse, Earl Kepford, A. B. (Feb.). Banker. Winnebago 

Wisdom, Orville Carlton, LL. B. With Webster & Wisdom, 

Real Estate and Insurance. Emerson 

Witte, Edward Lewis, A. B. (Feb.). Principal of Schools. 

Wolf, Frederick Adolph, A. M. See 1907. 

Wood, Esther Lois, A. B. (Feb.). Librarian. Ponca 

Wood, Wilma Melvina, A. B. (Feb.). Teacher, High School. 

Yoder, Byron Ellsworth, A. B. Ravenna 

Young, Harry Dashiell, B. Sc. Chemist, Southern California 
Pathological Laboratory, University of California. 

Whittier, Cal. 
Young, Olive Minerve, A. B. (Feb.). 

925 Lakeside Place, Edgewater Station, Chicago, 111. 
Young, William Theodore, B. Sc. in E. E. Real Estate. 

Zumwinkel, Charlotte Anna, A. B. Teacher in High School. 



Allen, Adelbert Walter, LL. B. 

Anderson, Alberta Beck, A. B., B. Di., Western Normal Col- 
lege (Mrs. S. O. Anderson). Teacher in Lincoln High 
School. 1211 So. 24th St., Lincoln 

Anderson, Arthur Leo, B. Sc. (Feb.). Engineering Depart- 
ment, C. B. & Q. R. R. Lincoln 

Anderson, Lawrence, A. B. (July). Engineer, with Costilla 
Co. San Luis, Colo. 

Armstrong, John Ray, A. B. Superintendent of Schools. 

Blue Springs 

Arnholt, Milton Frederick, A. B. Medical Student, University 
of Nebraska. Omaha 

178 The University of Nebraska 

Arnold, Eva Laura, A. B. Teacher in Public Schools. 

Austin, Blanche May, A. B. Lincoln 

Baird, Herbert Willis, A. B. Attorney. 1620 A St., Lincoln 
Baker, Ivan Franklin, B. Sc. With Westinghouse Electric & 
Mfg. Co. 751 Franklin Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Bardwell, May Noble, A. M. See 1908. 
Barnebey, Oscar Leonard, A. M. See 1908. 
Barnebey, Ruby, A. B. (July). Principal of Schools. Filley 
Barns, Viola Florence, A. B., A. M. 1910. Fellow in American 
History, University of Nebraska. 

425 No. 25th St., Lincoln 
Barrett, Dexter Theodore, LL. B. Traveling Attorney, Inter- 
national Harvester Co. of America. 

Care International Harvester Co., Council Bluffs, la. 
Barrett, Francis Leroy, A. B. Lumber Merchant. 

Prosser, Wash. 
Basu, Satis Chandra, A. M., A. B. 1905, University of Calcutta. 

Calcutta, India 
Bates, Ross Waldo, A. B. Law Student, University of Chicago. 

Batty, Alice Mercy, A. B. Chula Vista, Cal. 

Beghtol, Maxwell Vance, A. B. Lawyer. 

Bankers Life Bldg., Lincoln 
Bell, Dwight Day, A. B. Lawyer. 1818 Pepper Ave., Lincoln 
Bell, Hubert O., A. B. Medical Student, University of Illinois. 

Urbana, III. 
Bennett, Claudius Edmund, B. Sc. Research Fellow, Electri- 
cal Engineering Experiment Station, University of Illinois. 
1111 W. Stoughton St., Urbana. 111. 
Berger, Delia, B. Sc. Teacher in High School. Hastings 

Bigger, , Ira Samuel, B. Sc. Engineer. 

9th and Warren Sts., University Place 
Bishop, Edward Charles, A. M., B. Sc. 1906, Nebraska Wes- 
leyan University; B. E., Lincoln Normal 1897. Extension 
Department, Iowa State Agricultural College. Ames, la. 
Bishop, William George, A. M., B. Sc. 1906, Nebraska Wes- 
leyan University. Head of the Department of Geography, 
Nebraska Wesleyan University. University Place 

Graduates, ipop 179 

Blomenkamp, John Henry, B. Sc, M. D. 1911, Rush Medical 
College, Chicago. Interne, City Hospital. Chicago, III. 

Borg, Charles Theodore, LL. B. (Feb.). See 1904. 

Bouton, Arthur Burdett, LL. B. 

Boyden, Henry Blakeslee, B. Sc. Medical Student, Rush Medi- 
cal College. 810 Ashland Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Brodahl, Oscar Nelson, B. Sc. (Summer). 

Broderson, Henry John, A. B. (Shickley, Neb.). Chemical 
Bldg., Cornell University. Ithaca, N. Y. 

Bunce, Grace, A. B. Visitor, Charity Organization. 

745 So. 15th St., Lincoln 

Buol, Edward Martin, B. Sc. Engineer. Portland, Ore. 

Burke, Marguerette Rose, A. B. Teacher in High School. 


Burnham, Prank Asahel, A. B., M. D. 1911. Interne Clarkson 
Hospital. Omaha 

Butcher, Thomas Albert, A.M. (Feb.), Ph. B. 1900, Nebraska 
Wesleyan University. Principal of the High School. 

313 W. 19th St., University Place 

Butler, Florence, A. B. Teacher. 2837 Q St., Lincoln 

Calkins, Clifford Warren, LL. B. 1232 So. 16th St., Lincoln 

Campbell, Belle Melvina, A. B. Teacher in High School. 


Candy, Albert McCain, B. Sc. Sales Department, Westing- 
house Electric & Mfg. Co. Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Carlberg, Roy, LL. B. 

Carney, Samuel Gray, A. B. Lawyer. Chicago, 111. 

Carpenter, Allen Fuller, A. M., A. B. 1901, Hastings College. 
Professor of Mathematics, Hastings College. Hastings 

Casebeer, Clarence Edmund, B. Sc. Blue Springs 

Castor, Mrs. Ruth Evans (Mrs. Ralph Denio). Sheridan, Wyo. 

Gather, Jay Howard, A. B. Student Architecture, Institute of 
Technology. Boston, Mass. 

Chambers, Lillian Almeda, A. B. Industrial Secretary, Y. W. 
C. A. Toledo, Ohio 

Carlton, Albert Tutton, A. B. (July). 

Chrisler, Vivian LeRoy, A. M. See 1908. 

Christie, Ralph Conklin, M. D. See 1907. 

Cole, Allyn, LL. B. Lawyer. Crete 

i8o The University of Nebraska 

Coon, Sheldon Blaine, B. Sc. Salesman, Nebraska Silo Co. 

Y. M. C. A. Bldg., Lincoln 

Cornelius, Milton Eugene, LL. B. See 1907. 

Coupe, James Francis, B. Sc. Banking. Falls City 

Crabtree, James William, A. B. (July). President State Nor- 
mal School. River Falls, Wis. 

Crites, Frederick Augustus, A. B, Chadron 

Culver, Vern Alonzo, A. B. 

Care of Strevell Paterson Hdw. Co., 1120 3d Ave., 

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Cunningham, Ross, B. Sc. With Lincoln Traction Co. 


Currier, Henry Charles, B. Sc. Chief Electrician of the Na- 
tional Park. Yosemite National Park, Cal. 

Daughters, Milo Reason, A. M. See 1905. 

David, Lilah Velona, A. B. 1827 B St., Lincoln 

Davis, Edwin Greene, A. B. Student Johns Hopkins Medical 
University. 131 Jackson Place, Baltimore, Md. 

Davis, Searl S., A. B. Assistant in Rhetoric, University of 
Nebraska. 1920 A St., Lincoln 

Day, Helen Grace, A. B. Teacher in High School. Beatrice 

Devoe, Robert W., LL. B. Lawyer. County Attorney. Sidney 

Dobbs, Stuart Piper, A. B., LL. B. Sporting Editor, Daily Star. 


Dobson, William Hodge, B. Sc. (Feb.). 

Douglas, Martha M., A. B. Teacher in High School. 


Doyle, Katherine Clopton, A. B. (Mrs. R. S. Edmunds). 

3011 Prospect Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Drake, Edwin David, A. B. Instrument Man, U. P. R. R. 

Drake, Ellet Bradley, A. B. Banker. Beatrice 

Dworak, Mayme, A. B. Fellow in Botany, University of Ne- 
braska. Lincoln 
Easterday, Ruth Jennette, A. B. Teacher. Lincoln 
Eatough, Grace, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

College View 
Eberly, Margaret Elmira, A. B. David City 

Edgren, Arthur H., B. Sc. Assistant City Engineer. Lincoln 

Graduates, ipop i8i 

Elliott, Clyde Ernest, A. B. Adv. Department, Omaha Bee. 

Elliott, Mary Elizabeth, A. B. Columbus 

Emerson, Clarence, Ph. D. See 1906. 
i-rnst, Flora Grace, A. M. See 1906. 
j-vans, Camille Gans, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

David City 
l:.vans, Paul Whiting, A. B. Superintendent of Schools. 

Evans, Sidney Griffiths, A. B. Newspaper Reporter. 

1311 9th St., Sacramento, Cal. 
Fall, Vera Adrienne, A. B. Care Texas Glass & Paint Co. 

Dallas, Tex. 
Faus, Ruby Cordelia, A. B. Teacher, High School. Tecumseh 

Ferguson, John Adams, LL. B. 

Ferris, Mamie Belle, A. B. (Mrs. Percy N. Gardner). Archer 

Field, Ethel Content, A. M. See 1908. 

Fink, Vera Cushman, A. B. Teacher, Omaha University. 

2419 Spaulding St., Omaha 
Pitzsimmons, George Agabus, LL. B. See 1908. 
Flake, William Edward, B. Sc. Superintendent of Schools. 

Fleming, Harry Cowels, B. Sc. County Highway Engineer. 

Kalamazoo, Mich. 

Fletcher, Graham. LL. B. Lawyer. 

Foster, Kate, A. M. See 1906. 

Fouts, Don Carl, LL. B. Traveling Salesman. Hastings 

Frankforter, Clarence Jackson, A, M. See 1908. 
Froyd, Erwin Algot, A. B. Assistant Engineer, C, B. & Q. 
R. R. Alliance 

Frum, Sidney Thomas, LL. B. (Feb.). 

Fry, Bessie Matilda, A. B. 2024 Binney St., Omaha 

Pullerton, Bruce, LL. B. (Feb.). Police Judge. Lincoln 

Fulton, Clifford Robert, B. Sc. Engineer with C, B. & Q. 
R. R. Lincoln 

Gantt, Robert Anderson, B. Sc. With Nebraska Telephone Co. 

Y. M. C. A. Bldg.; Omaha 
Garver, Fred Benjamin, A. B. (Feb.). Graduate Student, Uni- 
versity of Chicago. 

11 North Hall, Uni. of Chicago, Chicago, 111. 

1 82 The University of Nebraska 

George, Ralph Lowell, B. Sc. Real Estate. Lincoln 

Gibson, Katharine Emily, A. M. See 1907. 
Giffen, Walter Cheston, LL. B., A. B. Bellevue 1906. Princi- 
pal of Schools. Dunbar 
Gilbert, Gustavus Guy, B. Sc, B. Ed. Peru. Parmer. Brock 
Gilmore, Melvin Randolph, A. M., A. B. 1904, Cotner Univer- 
sity. Professor in Biology, Cotner University. Bethany 
Gittings, Verne Wallace, A. B. Merchant. Holstein 
Glass, Jessie June, A. B. (Feb.). Librarian, University Li- 
brary. 3141 Holdregei St., Lincoln 
Goss, Paul, A. B. (Feb.), A. B. 1897, Lincoln Normal: A. B. 
1897, Peru Normal. Real Estate Business. 

114 So. 12th St., Lincoln 
Graham, Malcolm Edgar, A. B. Millard 

Graham, Mary Catherine, A. B. Dayton, Ohio 

Gray, Helen, A. B. (Mrs. W. A. Robertson). Plattsmouth 

Gregory, Louis Archibald, LL. B. Christian Science Practi- 
tioner. 1318 N St., Lincoln 
Griffin, Erma Alwilda, A. B. 613 So. 15th St., St. Joseph, Mo. 
Grimmett, Mary Belle, B. Sc. (Mrs. Grant McNeel). 

North Platte 
Grimm, Edith Anita, A. B. Teacher in High School. Dewitt 
Guidinger, Clara Belle, A. B. Schuyler 

Guidinger, Edward Franklin, B. Sc. in E. E. Law Student, 
University of Minnesota. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Hadlock, Walter Lawrence, A. B. Assistant Chemist, Agri- 
culture Experiment Station, State College. 

Pullman, Wash. 
Hamel, Albin Gust, B. Sc. Forest Service. 

Majestic Bldg., Denver, Colo. 
Hammond, Charles Hiram, A. B. Assistant City Engineer. 

South Bend, Wash. 

Hann, George Washington, B. Sc, A. B., Woodlane College. 

Head of Department of Mathematics, San Bernardino 

High School. San Bernardino, Cal. 

Hardin, Charlie Marks, B. Sc, B. Sc. in M. E. 1910. 

910 Franklin Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Harnberger, Augusta Ernestine, A. B. Ashland 

Harris, Celia Ellen, A. B. (July). Sabula, Mo. 

Graduates^ jpop 183 

Harrison, Ray Lloyd, B. Sc. Merchant. Grand Island 

Hart, Marion Smith, A. B. 

2628 Elmwood Ave., Kansas City, Mo. 

Hartley, Carl Pierce, A.M. (Feb.). See 1907. 

Harvey, James Bascom, B. Sc. Manager of Electric Light and 

Power Co. Aurora 

Hawks, Frank Carter, B. Sc. (Feb.). Instructor, High School. 

Ogden, Utah 
Heacock, Albert Arthur, LL. B. Attorney. 

Merian Hotel, Omaha 
Hempel, Loreine Anna, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Hermansen, Clara, A. B, Teacher, Grand View College. 

Des Moines, la. 

Hewitt, Lucy Rockwood, A. B. 310 No. 32nd St., Lincoln 

Hildreth, Beulah Irene, A. B. Teacher in High School. 


Hills, Elmer Walker, A. B. Principal of High School. 


Hinman, Harry Winfield, B. Sc. Assistant Supt., A. T. & S. F. 
Ry. Clovis, N. M. 

Hinterlong, Anna Laura, A. B. Principal, High School. 


Holcombe, Besse La Verne, A. B. (Mrs. H. B. Bergquist). 

2509 A St., South Omaha 

Holmes, Helma Lou, A. B. Fellow in Mathematics Dept., Uni- 
versity of Nebraska. 1435 S St., Lincoln 

Hollister, Mrs. Lela Pilcher, A. M., A. B. 1905, University of 
Illinois. Lincoln 

Hooper, Fanchon Marie Colleen, A. B. Assistant Grade 
Teacher. 226 So. 18th St., Lincoln 

Hopt, Erwin, B. Sc. Assistant Professor of Agronomy, State 
Farm. 3015 Orchard St., Lincoln 

Horton, Marion Maude, A. B. Rawlings, Wyo. 

House, Homer Clyde, Ph.D. (Feb.), A. B. 1896; A.M. 1898, 
Doane College. Principal of Model High School, Peru 
State Normal. Peru 

Howard, Berne Martin, B. Sc. Fremont 

Hubenbecker, Henry, LL. B. 

184 The University of Nebraska 

Hudson, Myrtle Eleanor, A. B, Teacher in High School. 


Hummel, George Henry, B. Sc. Contracting. Falls City 

Hunter, Richard Charles, A. B. Lawyer. Lincoln 

Inouye, Yoshima, A. M., A. M. 1906, University of Denver. 

General Japanese Interpreter, U. P. R. R. Co. 

Cheyenne, Wyo. 
Jeffords, Carl Price, B. Sc. Broken Bow 

Johnson, Ernest Helmer, A. B. 

Johnson, John Blaine, B. Sc. Hot Springs, S. D. 

Johnston, Edward Charles, LL. B. Lawyer. Lincoln 

Jones, Audrey Leila, A. B, Teacher in High School. 

422 W. 10th St., Grand Island 
Jones, Frank Arthur, A. B. Lumber Business. 

5923 Florence Blvd, Omaha 
Joseph, Arthur Lawrence, LL. B. Lawyer. Grand Island 

Joy, Sarah Charlotte, A. B. Teacher in High School. Butte 
Kelly, William Alfred, B. Sc. Drainage Investigations, U. S. 
Dept. of Agriculture. Washington, D. C. 

Kenner, Walter Vern, A. B. (July). LL. B. 1911. Lawyer. 

Kettridge, John Chester, B. Sc. (July). Graduate Student, 
University of Nebraska. Lincoln 

Kincaide, Gertrude, A. B. Teacher, Government School. 

Porto Rico 
Klein, Millard Alschuler, B. Sc. Instructor, Cornell Univer- 
sity. Ithaca, N. Y. 
Kroger, Ernest Gilbert, LL. B. Lawyer. Grand Island 
Kruckenberg, Minnie Edith, A. B. Teacher. 

Council Bluffs, la. 
Krueger, Fritz Konrad, A.M. (Feb.), Berlin Gymnasium 1907. 

Kuebler, Don A., B. Sc. (July). 

Lamb, George Newton, B. Sc. (July). Forest Service, Depart- 
ment of Agriculture. Washington, D. C. 
Lanham, Vita Estelle, B. Sc. Teacher in High School. 

LaRue, George Roger, A. M. (Feb.), B. Sc. 1907, Doane College. 
Instructor in Zoology, University of Michigan. 

1239 Washtenow Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Gradtiates, ipop 185 

Learner, Emery Winfred, A. B. (Feb.). Head of Science De- 
partment, High School. Ottawa, Kan. 

Leamer, Vida Minerva, A. B. Teacher. Wakefield 

Leberman, Rex Hugo, B. Sc. 

Leet, Fern, A. B. (Mrs. Post). Lincoln 

Letton, Harry Pike, B. Sc. Engineer, New Jersey State Board 
of Health. Trenton, N. J. 

Liberman, Hattie, A. B. Teacher of Latin and German. 

Osage, la. 

Little, Ernest Merle, A.M. (Feb.). See 1907. 

Long, Albert Edwin, A. B. Live Stock Commissioner. 

1545 Georgia Ave., Omaha 

Ludden, Arthur J., A. M. See 1904. 

McCall, Frank Edmund, B. Sc. City Representative, Minne- 
apolis General Electric Co. 

810 Minnehaha Park Blvd., Minneapolis, Minn. 

McCarthy, Frank Justin, LL. B. 

McCoid, Lora, A. B. (Mrs. Guy Cox). 106 So. 35th St., Omaha 

McComb, Harold Edgar, A. M. See 1907. 

MacDonald, Rosmond May, A. B. (July). Union Theological 
Seminary. New York City 

Mack, Ann Louise, A. B. Teacher. 

Mantor, Edna Clara, A. B. (July). Graduate Student, Univer- 
sity of Nebraska. 1638 D St., Lincoln 

Mantor, Harry Lyman, M. D. See 1907. 

Marferding, Sarah Janet, A. B. 

1428 Cherokee St., Denver, Colo. 

Matteson, Guy Harold, A. B. Lumberman. Tekoa, Wash 

Mayland, Dorothy Sophie, A. B. Teacher in Temple High 
School, Fellow in University of Nebraska. Lincoln 

Meyer, August Henry, B. Sc. Sales Engineer, Bryan Marsh 
Company. Chicago, 111. 

Miller, Clara Hedges, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

309 The Napton, Butte, Mont. 

Miller, Miriam Cora, A. B. Assistant Literature Teacher in 
Colorado State Agricultural College. 

700 Smith St., Ft. Collins, Colo. 

Milliken, Elma Jane, A. B. Teacher. Fremont 

1 86 The University of Nebraska 

Mills, Willard Cooke, B. Sc. Electrical Engineer. 

335 Shafter Ave., San Francisco, Cal. 
Montgomery, Edward Gerrard, A. M. See 1906. 
Montgomery, Guy Eugene, A. B. Teacher. Salt Lake, Utah 
Murphey, Ralph Burnett, LL. B. See 1908. 
Myers, Benjamin Lee, M. D. Katchekan, Alaska 

Myers, Fay Nellie, A. B. Teacher in High School. Kearney 
Needham, Daisy Jeannette, A. M. See 1907. 
Neilson, Gertrude Mabel, A. B. (Mrs. F. M. Wildish). 

1212 E St., Lincoln 
Nelson, Carl David, M. D. Physician and Druggist. 

College View 
Nelson, Nels Peter, B. Sc. Transitman, C, B. & Q. R. R. 

Care Johnson Camp, Birdseye, Wyo. 

Olmstead, Lewis Bertie, B. Sc. (July). Laboratory assistant 

in Physics, Bureau of Standards. Wash, D. C. 

Overman, Charles Ernest, B. Sc. Villisca, la. 

Pagaduan, Guillermo, B. Sc. Teacher of Botany. 

Candon, Ilocos Sur, P. L 
Patten, James Milton, LL. B. High School Teacher. 

Pocatello, Idaho 
Pelster, Edwin Rudolph, B. Sc. in E. E. Nebraska Telephone 
Company. 1923 So. 18th St., Omaha 

Pepperberg, Leon Joseph, A.M. (Feb.). See 1905. 
Perry, Emma Martha, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Peters, Gus William, A. B. Deceased 

Peterson, Andreas Chris, B. Sc. (Feb.). Vice President of 
Harry W. Moody Co., Consulting and Structural Engi- 
neers. 4402 No. 30th St., Omaha 
Peterson, Carl Petrus, LL. B. Lawyer. 

936 So. 14th St., Lincoln 

Phillips, Oliver LeGrand, B. Sc. 

Pierce, Minnie Josephine, B. Sc. Instructor of Music. 

Platz, Ada, M. D. Physician. Plattsmouth 

Pope, Walter Lyndon, A. B. Law Student. 

911 E. 57th St., Chicago, III. 
Poston, Harry, A. B. (July). Minister. Stromsburg 

Graduates, ipop 187 

Price, Ruth Amelia, A. B. Teacher German. Hastings 

Racely, Wilbur A., B. Sc. Merchant. Pender 

Raper, Pauline, A. B. (Mrs. Edwin Van Horn). Pawnee City 

Rathke, Anna Mary, A. B. Teacher in High School. Wahoo 

Reimers, Christian Albert, B. Sc. Transitman, Homestake 
Mining Co. Lead, S. D. 

Reinsch, Frank Herman, A. B. (July) . Teacher in High 
School. Lincoln 

Reynolds, William Henry, Jr., LL. B.; Ph. B. Simpson Col- 
lege, 1906. Real Estate. Manager, Southern Florida 
Fruit Land Co. First Natl. Bank Bldg., Chicago, 111. 

Richards, Bessie Ashby, A. B. Hebron 

Richey, Justus Livingston, A. B. Banker. Plattsmouth 

Roadifer, Paul Erastus, LL. B. Lawyer. Platte, S. D. 

Robbins, Edith Lucile, A.M. See 1899. 

Roberts, John William, A. B. See 1904. 

Robertson, Hubert Carter, A. B. • With law firm of B. N. Rob- 
ertson. 619 So. :?tb St., Omaha 

Robertson, William Ainsworth, LL. B. Lawyer. 


Roth, Florence Amelia, A. B. Teacher in High School. 


Rutledge, Edward Markwood, A. B. (July). Registrar, Uni- 
versity of Nebraska. 2344 Dudley St., Lincoln 

Sayer, Joseph Henry, M. D. See 1907. 

Scarborough, Ray James, A. B. Assistant in Department of 
Geography, Nebraska Wesleyan University. 

2028 S St., University Place 

Schuppert, William Louis, A.M.; A. B. 1908. University of 

Scott, Henry Miller, A. B., A. M. 1911. Minister. Graduate 
Student, University of Nebraska. Lincoln 

Seidel, Caroline Pauline, A. B. (Mrs. Leigh D, Ohman). 


Shedd, Claude Kedzie, B. Sc. (Feb.). Instructor, Agricultural 
Experiment Station. Ames, la. 

Shellman, Amy Florence, A. B. High School Teacher. 

Asotia, Wash. 

Shoemaker, Clifford C, LL. B. Attorney. Flandreau, S. D. 

Shoufler, Edward Everett, A. B. Minister. Hamilton, N. Y. 

i88 The University of Nebraska 

Simms, John Shaffer, B. Sc. Student Rush Medical College. 
810 Ashland Blvd. Chicago, 111. 

Smith, James Roy, B. Sc. Chicago, 111. 

Snyder, Helen Jane, A. B. 1555 So. 20th St., Lincoln 

Snyder, Mabel Musetta; A. B. (Mrs. Charles Cobbey). 

Spease, Perry Martin, A. B, (July). Principal of Schools. 

Stahl, John Lloyd, A. B. Pathologist at W. Washington Ex- 
periment Station. Puyallup, Wash. 
Stansbury, Eugene Milton, M. D. Physician. Upland 
Steckelberg, EJmma Charlotte, A. B. Teacher in High School. 


Stevenson, Byrle Blanchard, LL. B. 

Stevenson, Hugh Seelye, B. Sc. Lumber Salesman. 

Seattle, Wash. 

Stockdale, Verne Catherine, A. B. Teacher. San Juan, P. R. 

Stocker, Thomas Richard Parson, A. B., LL. B. 1911. Law 

Clerk. Lincoln 

Stoner, Samuel Cheslie, A. B., LL. B. Highland Park College. 

Stull, Dell Deronda, LL. B. See 1902. 
Sturdevant, LaZelle Brantly, M. D. See 1902. 
St'urdevant, Louise Mary, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Swanson, Esther Lillian, A. B. Teacher. Oakdale 

Swezey, Emma Josephine, A. B. 2600 R St., loincoln 

Syford, Constance Miriam, A. B., A.M. (Summer) 1911. 

Fellow, Bryn Mawr College. . Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

Taylor, John Duncan, B. Sc. Bell Telephone Company. 

921 So. 31st St., Omaha 
Taylor, Joseph Elbert, A.M.; A. B. 1899 Doane College. 
Taylor, Willis Harvey, B. Sc, M. D. 1911. Omaha 

Tedd, Ethel May, A. B. (Mrs. F. S. Copeland). Bruning 

Temple, Charles Edward, A.M. (Feb.). See 1906. 
Tenopir, Adolph Albert, LL. B. Lawyer. 

422 First Natl. Bank Bldg., Omaha 

Thomas, Amos, LL. B. Attorney. 422 Y. M. C. A. Bldg., or 

637 Omaha Natl, Bank Bldg., Omaha 

Graduates^ igop 189 

Thomas, James Lloyd, B. Sc. Principal of Schools. Norfolk 

Thompson, Clinton Adam, B. Sc. State University of North 

Dakota. Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
Thompson, Paul Dean, A. B. With Etxaminer. 

Los Angeles, Cal. 
Tillotson, Claude Raymond, B. Sc. Forest Service. 

Washington, D. C. 
Tingley, John Ulmern, LL. B. Attorney. Mitchell 

Toof, Clyde Burr, A. B. Superintendent of Schools. 

Toomey, Maude, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Sturgis, S. D. 
Topacio, Teodulo, B. Sc. Assistant in the Entomological Sec- 
tion of Veterinary Research, Laboratory at Alabang, P. I. 
Truman, Temple Virgil, A. B. Principal of Schools 

Tucker, Winifred Mary, B. Sc, M. D. 1911 (Mrs. A. W. Ward). 

Ulmann, Karl August, B. Sc. (Feb.). Russia 

Urtula, Dalmacio, B. Sc. Assistant Inspector of Philippine 
Government Engines. Calasiao Pangasinan, P. 1. 

Vail, Carey Eugene, A.M.; B. Sc. 1906, Nebraska Wesleyan 

Vail, Nellie Antoinette, A. B. Scholar in Botany, University 
of Nebraska. Lincoln 

Wallace, Laura Ellen, A. B. Nazarene University. 

Pasadena, Cal. 

Wangerien, Carl Jacob, A. B. 

Commerce Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 

Warren, Joseph Allen, Ph.D. See 1898. 

Waugh, Helen Merriweather, A. B. 1640 G St., Lincoln 

Weaver, Alvah Linn, B. Sc. (Feb.). Chemist with Enterpris- 
ing Manufacturing Company. 

Weaver, John Ernest, B. Sc, A. M. 1911. Instructor in Botany, 
State College. PullDian, Wash. 

Weber, Ernest Owen, B. Sc. Student, University Nebraska. 


Weems, Edna Mahala, A. B. Fullerton 

190 The University of Nebraska 

Weller, Frank Marshall, A. B. Lumberman. West Point 

Westover, George Arthur, LL. B. Lrawyer. 

Columbus, Mont. 
White, Edward William, B. Sc. Deceased 

Whiteford, Lawrence Jay, B. Sc. 

Wildish, Frederick Newton, B. Sc. Engineering Department 
of C, B. & Q. R. R. 1212 E St., Lincoln 

Wildish, Reginald Myron, B. Sc, M. D. 1911. Physician. 

Clough, S. D. 
Williams, Hattie Plum, A. M. See 1902. 
Williams, Mary Agnes, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Wilson, Earl Blair, A. B. Advertising Department of the Ne- 
braska State Journal. 1620 M St., Lincoln 
Wilson, James Lee, A. B. Deputy County Treasurer. 

Wolfe, Isabel Juanita, A. B. Graduate student in Latin, Uni- 
versity of Chicago. 6121 Ellis Ave. Chicago 
Wood, Wilber Sylvester, A. B. Chemist. 

Woodard, John Albert, A. B. Superintendent of Schools. 


Woodard, Lucy Lee, A. B. (Mrs. J. B. Harvey). Aurora 

Woods, Harland Clark, B. Sc. Instructor, Engineering De- 
partment of University of Colorado. 

1515, 9th St., Boulder, Colo. 

Woods, Lucy Truitt, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

West Point 

Woodworth, Mattie Mae, A. B. 1300 G St., Lincoln 

Wyatt, Oren William, M. D. See 1907. 

Wyatt, Merlin B., M. D. cum laude. See 1907. 

Wyman, Max Arthur, A. B. (July). Traveling salesman, Dietz 
Lumber Co. York 

York, Alice Etna, A.M. (Feb.); A. B. 1907, Nebraska Wes- 
leyan University. 6516, 12th Ave. N. E., Seattle, Wash. 

Zimmer, Mary Virginia, A. B. Instructor in Mathematics and 
Physics, School of Agriculture. Lincoln 

Zimmerman, Frank LeRoy, B. Sc. Apprentice, Westinghouse 
Electric Company. 512 Kelley St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Graduates, ipio 191 


Abbott, Roscoe Conklin, B. Sc. Wood River 

Agee, John Hercules, LL. B. Lawyer, with Agee, Murphy & 
Sawyer. 301-2 Little Bldg., Lincoln 

Akagi, Kinju, B. Sc. in E. E. Okayama, Japan 

Alexander, John Merriam, A. B. Real Estate and Land. 

348 So. 25th St., Lincoln 
Anderberry, Christine, A. B. Teacher. R. F. D. 2, Minden 

Anderson, Ellen Victoria, B. Sc. Teacher in High School. 

Anderson, Emma Nathalia, A. B. Fellow in Botany, Univer- 
sity of Nebraska. Gertrude Hall, Lincoln 
Anderson, Selma Sophia, A. B. Teacher, Latin and Greek, 
Omaha University. 2218 Maple St., Omaha 
Anderson, William Nance. M. D. Interne Clarkson Hospital. 

Arends, Lucia Maria, A. B. (Syracuse). Teacher in High 
School. Diller 

Arnold, Ralph T^e, LL. B. Tobias 

Arnot, Pearle, A. B. Principal of Schools. Merriman 

Ayres, James Albert. A. B. Student, McCormick Theological 
Seminary. Box 425, Chicago, 111. 

Aylsworth, Homer Elhanan, LL. B. Lawyer. Aurora 

Bailey, Esther, A. B. (Lincoln). Teacher in High School. 

Bailey, Rupert Hiram, B. Sc. in C. E. (Feb.). Kearney 

Baird, Herbart Willis, LL. B. 1620 A St, Lincoln 

Baker, Lewis Wittmann, A. B. Lincoln 

Baker, Mary Leona, A.'B. (Mrs. B. S. Frost). Opportunity 

Ballenger, Harvey Leigh, A. B. Lincoln 

Barbour, Eleanor, A. B. (Mrs. H. J. Cook). Agat« 

Barker, Ftanklin Davis, Ph.D.; A.M. 1900, Ottawa Univer- 
sity. Associate Professor of Zoology, University of Ne- 
braska. Lincoln 
Barns, Viola Florence, A. M. See 1909. 
Barre, Henry Walter, A.M. (Feb.). See 1907. 
Bates, Ruth Mary, A. B. Fellow in Botany, University of Ne- 
braska. 3411 S St.. Lincc^n 

192 The University of Nebraska 

Baumann, Henry Otto, B. Sc. in C. B. Surveyor, Dipolog More 
Province, P. I., Bureau of Lands. Manila, P. I. 

Bednar, James Edmund, LL. B. See 1907. 

Beekly, Lulu Fay, A. B. (Lincoln). Teacher in High School. 


Beghtol, Maxwell Vance, LL. B. See 1909. 

Bellatti, Annie, A. B. (Glenwood, la.). Principal of High 
School. Davenport 

Berkey, Charles Clinton, A. B. (Davenport). Superintendent 
of Schools. Edgar 

Bishop, Loren LeRoy, B. Sc. in Agriculture (Superior). Forest 
Service. Washington, D. C. 

Blanchard, William Hewitt, B. Sc. in C. E. (Feb.). Instru- 
mentman. Lake Zurich, 111. 

Blodgett, Rachel Nellie, A. B. (Raymond). Teacher in High 
School. Harvard 

Bohannan, Charles Dudley, A. B. Assistant Professor of Edu- 
cation, University of Wisconsin. Madison, Wis. 

Boostrom, EJmil August, A. M. See 1902. 

Boswell, Harry Dillman, B. Sc. Student. Chicago 

Bozarth, Walter Nelson, B. Sc. in C. E. Hebron 

Brenzier, Bessie May, A. B. High School Teacher. Swanton 

Brethouwer, Berend John, A.M.; A. B. 1909, Cotner Univer- 
sity. Minister. Kenesaw 

Brodrick, Carl Alexander, B. Sc. in Ag. Farming and Stock 
Raising. Fairfield 

Brown, Andrew Dobbie, B. Sc. (Aug.). University of Nebraska 
Medical College. Omaha 

Brown, Clinton Mahlon, A. B. Cambridge 

Brugger, Mathilde Elizabeth, A. B. Kindergarten Teacher. 


Bryan, Edna Elizabeth, B. Sc. Teacher in High School. 


Buddenberg, Elfrida Constance, A. B. 1025 A St., Lincoln 

Bunting, Arthur Maury, LL. B. Lawyer. The Orlo, Lincoln 

Buol, George, M. D. Interne Emmanuel Hospital. Omaha 

Burkey, Levi Melville, IJ^. B. Lincoln 

Burleigh, William Henry, B. Sc. in M. E. With Motive Power 
Dept., C. R. I. & P. R. R. 

1418 Arlington Ave., Davenport, la. 

Graduates, ipio 193 

Burr, Alfred Ernest, LL. B. (Aug.)- Lincoln 

Burris, Roselle Otis, A. B. Corpus Christi, Tex. 

Bushnell, Charlotte Mathilda, A. B. Teacher in High School. 

Sturgis, S. D. 
Bushnell, Ora Edna, A. B. (Lincoln). Teacher in High School. 

North Bend 
Buxton, Walter Henry, A. B. (Aug.). College View 

Byerts, William Edward, B. Sc. in E. E. (Lincoln). Sales 

Agent, Wells General Electric Co. Davenport, la. 

Caldwell, Katherine Margaret, A. B. (Aug.). Teacher in High 

School. Geneva 

Campbell, Charles William, LL. B. Fullerton 

Campbell, Robert Erie, B. Sc. in E. E. Engineer, National 

Electric Lamp Association. 

1910 E. 55th St., Cleveland, Ohio 
Cannell, Ellen Elizabeth, A. B. Teacher of Grades. 

Prescott, Wash. 
Carriker, Marie King, A. B. (Nebraska City). Teacher in High 

Carson, Harry Raymond, M. D. Attendant Physician, Asylum 

for Insane. Norfolk, Neb. 

Gary, Horace Jackson, B. Sc. in C. E. Assistant Engineer^ 

C, B. & Q. R. R. 410 No. 13th St., Lincoln 

Chaiken, Annis Sarah, A. M. See 1908. 

Chalmers, Clinton Harvey, B. Sc. in C. E. North Bend 

Chaloupka, William F., B. Sc. in C. E. (Feb.) (Wilber). Irri- 
gation Engineer. Brogan, Ore. 
Chase, Carl Fred, B. Sc. in Ag. Assistant in Department of 

Farm Mechanics, Kansas State Agricultural College. 

Manhattan, Kan. 
Clark, Oscar Bird, LL. B. (Feb.). Attorney. 

524 Security Mutual Life Bldg., Lincoln 
Clark, Ruby Geneva, A. B. (Mrs. F. C. Middlebrook). 

Robinson, Kan. 
Clarke, Jesse Maynard, B. Sc. in C. E. South Omaha 

Cline, James Alexander, Jr., A. B. Assistant Cashier, First 

National Bank. Stromsburg, Neb. 

Cobb, Elliott Cunningham, A. B. (Aug.). Harlan, la. 

194 ^^^^ University of Nebraska 

Cochran, Robert Leroy, B. Sc. in C. E. County Surveyor. 

Room 14, Walteraath Bldg., North Platte 
Coleman, William Earl, A. B. Real Estate. 

Room 439, Y. M. C. A., Seattle, Wash. 
Compton, Alice Eliza, A. B. (Lincoln). Teacher in High 

School. Friend 

Conkling, Fannie Riggs, A. B. (EYanklin). Teacher in High 

School. Norfolk 

Conner, Myra A., A. B. Physical Director, Y. W. C. A. 

Racine, Wis. 
Cook, Mary Elizabeth, A. B. (Mrs. Wm. Ramsey). Plattsmouth 
Cook, Myra May, A. B. College View 

Cornell, Odyne Omega, A. B. Weatherford, Okla. 

Culver, Vere Sanford, B. Sc. in Agriculture. Farmer. 

Curtis, Herbert James, L.Ii. B. Lawyer. Oshkosh 

Cutter, Irving Samuel, M. D. See 1898. 
Dann, Albert Warren, A. B. Lincoln 

Davis, Gordon Edward, B. Sc. in E. E. 

Davison, Willard Alton, B. Sc. in C. E. Fairfield 

Day, Elsie, Ph. G. See 1908. 

Dion, May Delima, A. B. (North Bend). Teacher in High 

School. Lyons 

Doll, George Alfense, LL. B. (Lena, 111.). Editorial Staff, 

"Current Law." St. Paul, Minn. 

Doyle, Kathleen Remine, A. B. Lincoln 

Dross, Henry Edwin, LL. B. Woodville 

Dunlavy, Vernon Atwell, A. B. (Bloomington). Teacher in 

High School. Kearney 

Dutton, Frank Arthur, LL. B. 

Dye, Florence, A. B. (Peru). Teacher in High School. Crete 
Eaton, Clayton Harold, A. B. Lincoln 

Ebert, Joseph Francis, A. B. Lincoln 

Edwards, Ellis Lincoln, A.M.; B. Sc, University of Oklahoma 

1905, Head of Physical Sciences, University of Oklahoma. 

Enid, Okla. 
Fans, Mabel Jeannette, A. B. (Feb.) (Onawa, la.). Teacher 

in High School. Tecumseh 

Graduates, ipio 195 

Files, Ellery Knapton, A.M. (Feb.); B. Sc. 1908, Nebraska 
Wesleyan University. Real Estate and Insurance. 

576 Brandeis Bldg., Omaha 
Fiske, Harold La Selle, B. Sc. in C. E. Engineer, with Panama 
Railroad Company. 

Cristobal, Canal Zone, Isthmus of Panama 

Follmer, Katherine, A. B. (Oak). Teacher. Hardy 

Fordyce, Glen Gray, A. B. Salesman. 1921 C St., Lincoln 

Forrest, Edith Alma, A. B. (Lincoln). Teacher of Domestic 

Science. Manila, P. 1. 

Fossler, Lois Beatrice, A. B. (Lincoln). Teacher in High 

School. Fremont 

Franklin, Irma May, A. B. (Mrs. Harry W. Ewing) . Morning 

Side College. Sioux City, la. 

Freitag, Heinz Joseph, LL. B. South Omaha 

French, Gerald Walton, B. Sc. in C. E. (Fremont). 

Care of Lineberger & Rone, Torreon, Coah., Mexico- 
Fricke, Edwin Adolph, Ph. G. Pharmacist. Plattsmouth 

Frum, Mary Alice, A. B. (Lincoln). Teacher in High School. 

Sheby, la. 
Fulmer, Clark Adelbert, A.M.; Ph. B. 1899, Nebraska Wes- 
leyan University. Chancellor, Nebraska Wesleyan Uni- 
versity. University Place 
Gantt, Aileen, A. B. Teacher in High School. North Platte 
Gatzmeyer, Otto Joseph, LL. B. Bancroft 
Gehrke, Maggie May, A. B. 1415 B St., Lincoln 
Given, Blanche Deborah, A. B. (Mrs. Louis Perrin). 

Balabac, Palawan, P. I. 

von Goetz, Marie, A. B. (North Platte). Principal of High 

School. Overton 

Greenamyre, Harold, B. Sc. in Agriculture. Forest Assistant 

U. S. Forest Service. Flagstaff, Ariz, 

Greenslit, Roy Fuller, A. B. Lumberman. Ravenna 

Greer, Vancil Kelso, LL. B. Assistant Registrar, University 

of Nebraska. 340 So. 26th St., Lincoln 

Grosbach, Homer Edward, B. Sc. in C. E. (Wauneta). Junior 

Engineer, U. S. Geological Survey. Washington, D. C. 

Guthrie, Edwin R., A. M. See 1907. 

Halligan, Paul Rolfe, A. B. Law Student. 2600 Q St., Lincoln 

196 The University of Nebraska 

Hallowell, Bertha Lillian, A. B. Kearney 

Hanna, Hazel Dell, A. B. (Mrs. Fritz Albertson). 

Hardiman, James Edward, A. B. Lincoln 

Hardin, Charlie Marks, B. Sc. in M. K See 1909. 

Harding, Frederick Chapin, B. Sc. in E. E. (Oakland). With 
Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co. 

910 Franklin Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Hartley, Faye Maria, A. R. Graduate Student, University of 
Nebraska. R. F. D. No. 5, Lincoln 

Heggelund, Leonard Rhoades, B. Sc. in E. E. With Nebraska 
Telephone Company. 1609 So. 23d St., Lincoln 

Hempel, Teresa Edith, A. B. (Lincoln). Teacher in High 
School. Guide Rock 

Herbert, Mary Otis, A. B. Physical Director Y. W. C. A. 

4271 Washington Ave., St. Louis, Mo. 

Hepperlen, John Albert, B. Sc. in E. E. With General Electric 
Company. 66 Euclid Ave., Schenectady, N. Y. 

Hewit, Emma Edna, A. B. Friend 

Hibbard, Sherman Blaine, B. Sc. Medical Student, Rush Med- 
ical College. 200 Ashland Blvd., Chicago, 111. 

Hockstrasser, Kathleen, A. B. (Mrs. A. A. Brook). 

715 No. 16th St., Lincoln 

HofMann, Frederick Wenzl, B. Sc. in Agriculture. Director 
Peru Fruit Farm. Lincoln 

Hoge, John Cameron, B. Sc. in E. E. Assistant to City Engi- 
neer. 2646 Sumner St., Lincoln 

Hole, Katherine, A. B. (Fairbury). Teacher in High School. 


Holland, Adaline Mildred, A. B. Falls City 

Holmes, Rachel Edna, A. B. (Tecumseh). Teacher in High 
School. Hebron 

Howard, Frank Elmer, A.M.; M.D.I. 1901, Iowa State Col- 
lege. Supervisor of Training School, State Normal. 

Albion, Idaho 

Huey, George William, B. Sc. in E. E. With Westinghouse 
Electric and Manufacturing Company. 

810 Frankhurst St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Huffman, Stanley McCook, A. B. Ranchman. Neligh 

Graduates, ipio 197 

Hummel, Archie William, B. Sc. in E. E. Graduate Student. 

2938 Lexington St., Chicago, 111. 
Hunt, Clara Louise, A. B. 

317 So. Central Ave., Burlington, la. 
Huse, Josephine Celeste, A. B. High School Teacher. 

Huston, Claude Brownell, B. Sc. in E. E. General Electric 
Company. 604 Campbell Ave., Schenectady, N. Y. 

Ingersoll, Arthur Everette, B. Sc. in E. E. (Feb.). With Gen- 
eral Electric Company. 

604 Campbell Ave., Schenectady, N. Y. 
Ingram, Delia Elizabeth, A.M.; A. B. 1907 Washington State 
College. Government Botanical Laboratory. 

Washington, D. C. 
Jakway, Ruth Millikan, A. B. 1748 F St., Lincoln 

Jennings, Beula Luella, A. B. (Davenport). Teacher in High 
School. Geneva 

Johnson, Benjamin Parks, B. Sc. in B. E. With General Elec- 
tric Company. Schenectady, N. Y. 
Johnson, Earle George, A. B. Lincoln 
Johnson, Frank P., LL. B. Attorney. Minatare 
Johnson, Frank Warren, B. Sc. in E. E. (Feb.). Electric As- 
sistant Omaha & Council Bluffs Railroad Co. 

2223 Burt St., Omaha 
Jones, Lloyd Ancile, A.M. (Aug.). See 1908. 
Jones, Wilbur August, B. Sc. in C. E. 

5923 Florence Blvd. Omaha 
Jorgensen, Earl Henry, B. Sc. General Insurance with Web- 
ster Howard & Company. 

1120 No. 34th St., South Omaha 

Jussel, Martin Simon, B. Sc. in Agriculture (Aug.). Assistant 

Department of Agronomy, University Farm. Lincoln 

Kates, Jennie Mae, A. B. (Lincoln). Teacher in High School. 

Kennedy, Howard Ransome, A. B. Weeping Water 

Kess, Benjamin True, A. B. Principal of Schools. 

Hay Springs 
Kimmel, Grace Jennie, A. B. (Lincoln). Teacher. 

Portland, Ore. 

198 The University of Nebraska 

Knepper, Ruby Rosamond, A. B. Teacher, Gates Academy. 

Knoll, Louis Jarrett, A. B. (Aug.). Superintendent of Schools. 


Koch, Aurelia, A.M.; Ph. B. 1902, University of Chicago. 

Homesteader. Lander, Wyo. 

Kretsinger, Ernest Lewis, A. B. Beatrice 

Krueger, Gerhard Martin, A. B. (Aug.) . "Einjaehrigen Leug- 

nis" Student, Kittenberg College. Springfield, Ohio 

Kunkel, Charles David, . Sc. in E. E. 

LaChapelle, Harold Leicester, B. Sc. in E. E. With Ashland 
Lighting Company. Ashland 

Lapp, Dale, A. B. Teacher in the High School. Fremont 

Lawrence, Laura Jeannette, A. B. Director Physical Train- 
ing, Allegheny High School. Allegheny, Pa. 
Lazo, Mauricio, B. Sc. in Agriculture. Assistant Forester, 
Bataan Forest Maron. Bataan, P. I. 
Leamer, Venus Una, A. B. (Wakefield). Teacher in High 
School. Syracuse 

Lee, Jessie Alice, A. B. 

Lewis, John Greenleaf Whittier, A. M. (Aug.) ; A. B. 1900, 
Grand Island College, Department of History, State Nor- 
mal School. Wayne 
Lieber, Charles, M. D. cum laude. Omaha 

Linn, Theola Maude, A. B. (Aug.) (North Bend). 

Linson, John Harry, B. Sc. Student, Rush Medical College. 

Chicago, 111. 
Little, Katherine, A. B. High School Teacher. Fullerton 
Long, Grover Cleveland, LI^ B. Lawyer, Firm of Garlow & 
Long. Columbus 

Longman, Effie May, A. B. Graduate Student, University of 
Nebraska. Bethany 

Loomis, Josephine Fidelia, A. B. Lincoln 

Loomis, Walter Phelps, B. Sc. Omaha 

Lower, Henry Sherman, LL. B. Lincoln 

Luckey, Bertha Musson, A. B. Fellow in Philosophy, Univer- 
sity of Nebraska. 1439 R St., Lincoln 
Luckey, George Paul, A. B. Assistant in Physics, University 
of Nebraska. Fellow in Philosophy. 1439 R St., Lincoln 

Graduates, ipio 199 

Ludwick, Carl Lorraine, B. Sc. in C. E. Engineer with Rei- 
mers-Kaufman Company. 2310 U St., Lincoln 

Lykke, Helen Ann, A. B. (Grand Island). Teacher in High 

McCarthy, Daniel Michael, LL. B. Mankato, Kan. 

McDaniel, Thomas Johnson, A. B. Salesman. Plattsmouth 

McDole, Guy Raymond, B. Sc. Assistant,. Department of Agri- 
cultural Chemistry, University of Nebraska. 

University Place 

McLean, Margaret Helena, B. Sc. (Aug.). Teacher, East Col- 
lingwood. South Vancouver. British Columbia, Can. 

McNeel, Allen Grant, B. Sc. Cattleman. North Platte 

McVeigh, Mabelle Rae, A. B. (Lincoln). Teacher in High 
School. Norfolk 

Mahood, Samuel Arthur, B. Sc, A. M. 1911. 

496 So. St., Appleton, Wis. 

Malone, Mary Rose, A. B. (Omaha). Teacher in St. Bernard 
Academy. Nebraska City 

Mason, John Glenn, B. Sc. in C. E. Civil Engineer, with West- 
over Structural Iron Works. 1985 S St., Lincoln 

Mengel, Carl Wayne, B. Sc. in C. E. Assistant Drainage En- 
gineer, U. S. Department of Agriculture. 

Washington, D. C. 

Meyer, Coralie Henrietta, A. B. (Omaha). Teacher in High 
School. Grand Island 

Miller, Ann Wilson, A. B. High School Teacher. Culbertson 

Miller, Charles Edward, B. Sc. in C. E. (Feb.). Friend 

Miller, Robert Glen, M. D. Physician. Ord 

Mitchell, Claude William, A. B. Fellow in Zoology Dept., Uni- 
versitj^ of Nebraska. 1445 G St., Lincoln 

Mitchell, D. C, B. Sc. in C. E. Physical Director, Minnesota 
Agricultural College. 

2132 Carter Ave., St. Anthony Park, St. Paul, Minn. 

Mitchell, Joseph Clark, A. B. (Aug.). Principal, Hastings 
High School. Hastings 

Modesitt, Carl Leland, A. B. Grand Island 

Monson, Walter Albert, A. B. Mercantile Business, A. D. 
Monson Company. Osceola 

Moore, Emily Gertrude, A. M. See 1907. 

200 The University of Nebraska 

Morgan, Ada Mabel, A. B. 2147 R St., Lincoln 

Morgan, Joseph Harney, LL. B. Stuart 

Morgan, Loring Edward, A. B. (Lincoln). Assistant Chemist, 
Experiment Station. Columbia, Mo. 

Morrison, Estelle Rees, A. B. Fellow in Department of Rhet- 
oric, University of Nebraska. 1631 F St., Lincoln 

Munn, Ohio Nebraska, B. Sc. in C. E. In business 

Nebraska City 

Myatt, Ida May, A. B. (David City). Teacher in High School 


Neale, Bertha, A. B. (Ft. Calhoun). Teacher in High School 


Neff, Adolph Anton, B. Sc. in M. E. (Aug.) Assistant in Ma- 
chine Design, Purdue University 

7th and Waldron St., W. Lafayette, Ind. 

Nelson, Golda Bessie, A. B. Professor of Latin, Valley City 
State Normal Valley City, No. Dak. 

Nelson, Candis Jane, A. M. See 1905. 

Nelson, Mabel Esther, A. B. (Lincoln). Teacher in High 
School. (rothenburg 

Newell, Hiram Edgar, B. Sc. in C. E. Beatrice 

Newell, Lawrence E., B. Sc. (Minden). Teacher in High 
School. Elgin 

Newman, Meyer Harris, M. D Omaha 

Newman, Minnie May, A. B. Graduate Student, Columbia 
University. 420 W. 121st St., New York City 

Nichols, Fred Truman, LL. B., A. B. 1906, Wesleyan Univer- 
sity. Lawyer. Bayard 

Nicholson, Hugo McLernon. Wisner 

Nims, Mabelle Zoe, A. M. See 1908. 

Nixon, Harry Stilwell, B. Sc. in C. E. Field Engineer, Lngi- 
neering Department City of South Oma,ha 

721 N. 18 St., South Omaha 

Northrop, Frank E., A. B., Student in Law School 

6109 Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, 111. 

von Nusbaum, Erich, A. B. Minister. Scholar in Political 
Science, University of Nebraska. 1322 S St, Lincoln 

Okey, John Edgar, A. B. 1816 H St., Lincoln 

Graduates, ipio 201 

Olson, Oscar Leonard, B. Sc. in C. E. Law Student Univer- 
sity of Michigan. 911 Greenwood Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Olsson, Justus Edgar, M. D. Physician, Lexington 

Osborn, Emma Caroline, A. B. (Lincoln), Teacher in High 
School Blue Hill 

Ostrander, Ada Emily, A, B, (Crab Orchard). Teacher in 
High School Crab Orchard 

Palmer, Art' ur Lundin, A. B. Student Harvard Law School. 
1664 Mass., Ave., Cambridge Mass. 

Penney, Clifford Manly, A. B. Examiner, State Department 
of Public Instruction. 2401 P St., Lincoln 

Perry, Harry Otis, A. B. (Lincoln). Principal of Schools. 


Persinger Mary Eudora, A. B. (Lincoln). Teacher in High 
School 1036 So. 11th, Lincoln 

Peterson, Frank August, LL. B. See 1905. 

Pettijohn, Laura Anna, A. B. Teacher at Corcoran, Cal. 

730 Julian Ave., San Diego, Cal. 

Pillans, Edward Palmer, A.M.; B. D. 1899, Kentucky Theo- 
logical Seminary; A. M. 1906, University of Chicago. 
Clergyman. Tekamah 

Polleys, Edgar Garwood, B. Sc. of Agriculture (Missoula, 
Mont.). Coll bran, Colo. 

Potter, Herbert William, A. B. Advertising Specialist 

715 Tinken Bldg., San Diego, Cal. 

Powell, Alfreda, A. B. 2424 B St., South Omaha 

Pratt, George Peyton, B. Sc. Lincoln 

Proud, George Curtis, LL. D. Cambridge 

Provaznik, William Joseph, B. Sc. in C. E. Instrumentman, 
Engineer Department. 1514 William St., Omaha 

Purinton, Alice McClellan, A.M. (Aug.) See 1908. 

Reed, Roland Ray, M. D. McCook 

Remy, Charles Edward, M. D., St. Joseph Hospital Omaha 

Resler, John Clarence, B. Sc Professor of Physics and Chem- 
istry, Okla. Normal Weatherford, Okla. 

Rice, John Lawrence, LL. B. McCook 

Richards, Edward Erie, LL. B. Lawyer Oregon, Mo. 

Riddell, Florence Edna, A. B. Teacher Manchester, la. 

Rinker, Jay Guy, Ph. G. Lincoln 

202 The University of Nebraska 

Rokahr, Elsie Katherine, A. B. (Lincoln). Teacher in High 
School Table Rock 

Romans, Robert F., LL, B. (Denison, Iowa). Bank Clerk 

1021 N. Main St., Aberdeen, S. D. 

Rutledge, Ida Luella, A. B. (Aug.) (Mrs. Chas. D. Bobannan) 

Madison, Wis. 

Ryan, Jacob Arthur, B. Sc. in C. E. Assistant to Division En- 
gineer of Construction, C. B. & Q. R. R. Company 

North Platte 

Ryan, Sarah Agnes, A. M. See 1893. 

Safford, Jessie Frances, A. B. Box 31, R. F. D. 1, Lincoln 

Schlueter, Hugo Cyrus, B. Sc. in C. E. Fort Morgan, Colo. 

Schmidt, August Carl, A. B. Law Student University of Ne- 
braska 1347 S St., Lincoln 

Scotney, John Aaron, A. B. Farmer Belle Fourche, S. D. 

Scott, Frank Waldo, M. D. House Physician Emmanuel Hos- 
pital Omaha 

Scott, Robert Douglas, A.M.; B. Sc. 1904 Kansas State Col- 
lege. Instructor in English, University of Nebraska. 


Shaffer, Elizabeth Mary, A. B. Principal, High School. 

David City 

Shallenberger, Grace Pauline, A. B. Alma 

Sheaff, Howard Martin, A. B. (Hastings.) Instructor in Sioux 
Falls Baptist College. Sioux Falls, S. D. 

Short, Edward Marion, A. B. (Aug.). Superintendent, City 
Schools. Beaver City 

Simms, Davis, LL. B. Alma 

Simons, Wilbur Harry, A. B. Superintendent of Schools 


Simpson, Bryant Robert, M. D. Physician Adams 

Skinner, Mary Elizabeth, A. B. (Feb.) Lincoln 

Smith, Archibald Manley, I>L. B. (Feb.). Lincoln 

Smith, Arthur Andrew, A. B. Lincoln 

Smith, Don French, B. Sc. in E. E. (Aug.) General Electric 
Company Schenectady, N. Y. 

Soderberg, Clyde Payne, B. Sc. in E. E. With Bryan Marsh 
Electric Co. Chicago, 111. 

Spellmeyer, Carl Frederick, B. Sc. in C. E. Aurora 

Graduates, ipio 203 

Spencer, Walter Arthur, B. Sc. Gibbon 

Sperling, Blanche Kathryn, A. B. Teacher in High School 

Stancliffe, Arthur Dale, B. Sc. in M. E. Electric Engineer 

Dallas, Texas 
Stearn, Robert James, M. D. Methodist Hospital Omaha 

Stegner, Sarah Louise, A. B. High School Teacher 

3012 Miami St., Omaha 
Steven, Edna Bertha, A. B. Shelton 

Stewart, Charles Roy, Mu D. Physician. Curtis 

Stricter, Martin Ernest, B. Sc. in M. E. (Feb.) (Seward). 
Government Service U. S. Arsenal Davenport, Iowa 

Sturzenegger, Alfonzo J., LL. B. (South Bend). Law Student, 
Harvard University. 

1664 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, Mass. 
Swenson, Samuel August, M. D. Wausa 

Switzler, Robinson Meredith, A. B. 511 N. 16 St., Lincoln 

Syford, Lester Corwin, LL. B. See 1907. 
Tate, John Torrence, B. Sc. A. M. (Feb. '12.) Student 

Berlin, Germany 
Tatum, Joseph Lawrie, B. Sc. in M. E. Deceased 

Taylor, Calvin Hill, LL. B. County Attorney Plattsmouth 

Taylor, Jesse Day, B. Sc. University Place 

Tewksbury, Nina Adelaide, A. B. (Mrs. H. E. Wolters). 

Ruth, Nev. 
Thompson, Albert Milton, LL. B. Lincoln 

Thornburg, Charles Ernest, B. Sc. in E. E. With General 
Electric Co. 602 Cam/pbell Ave., Schenectady, N. Y. 

Throckmorton, Jeannette Franc, M. D. Charlton, la. 

Trude, John Guiles, B. Sc. in E. E. Underground Inspector 
Omaha Street & Power Company 117 No. 20 St., Omaha 
Tucker, James C, B. Sc. Medical Student, University of Ne- 
braska 1031 S. 30 Ave., Omaha 
Tully, Bashie Beth, A. B. Ord 
Unland, Harry Lloyd, B. Sc. in E. E. (Feb.) General Electric 
Co. 604 Campbell Ave., Schenectady, N. Y. 
Upson, Arthur Thaddeus, B. Sc. in Agriculture Forest Assist- 
ant in U. S. Forest Service. Fraser, Colo. 

204 The University of Nebraska 

Van Berg, Ora Elmer, B. Sc. in C. E. Assistant City Engineer 

1637 N St., Lincoln 
Van Camp, Mabel Violet, B, Sc. (Lincoln). Teaqher in High 
School Hasting! 

Villaneuva, Vicente Pio, B. Sc. in E. E. (Feb.). Barangas, P. 1. 
Villars, Harry Seward, B. Sc. in E. E. Real Estate and In- 
surance Tecumseh 
Vivian, William Talbot, B. Sc. in E. E. General Electric Com- 
pany. Schenectady, N. Y. 
Waddell, James Clyde, M. D. Physician and County Coroner. 

Pawnee City 
Wagner, Katheryn Elizabeth, A. B. High School Teacher 

South Sioux, Neb. 
Waldo, Ralph Ernest, LL. B. See 1908. 

Wallace, Cora Lee, A. B. 

Wallace, George McCready, \. B. Salesman with L. B. Mc- 
Conn Company 3840 Charles St., Omaha 

Warren, Welden Harrison, A. B. Lincoln 

Waters, Winifred, A. B. Springfield, Neb. 

Watson, Bertha, B. Sc. (Albion). Teacher in High School 

Weaver, Dorothea, A. B. (Columbus). Teacher in High School 


Webster, Richard Orin, B. Sc. Research Chemist Fairmont 

Creamery Co. Omaha 

Wechbach, Agnes Wilhelmina, A. B. Teacher in High School 

Wenstrand, Ralph Theodore, B. Sc. in C. E. Bridge Erector 
for Western Bridge & Construction Co. 

340 Bee Bldg., Omaha 

Westervelt, Alfred Edward, A. B. 

Westgate, Vernon Vilas, A. B. See 1908. 
Wheeler, Grace Margaret, A. B. (Mrs. S. Cassady) 

Des Moines, la. 
Whcelock, Frank Oren, B. Sc. in E. E. District Plant Inspec- 
tor, Nebraska Telephone Company Lincoln 
White, Anna Grace, A. B. Lyons 
White, George Washington, A. B. Real Estate Gregory, S. D. 

Graduates, ipio, ipii 205 

White, Vallery, B. Sc. in E. E. Engineer 

1010 Park Ave., Omaha 

Whitney, Charles Leroy, LL. B. Attor^^ey Aurora 

Widen, Luther Emanuel, A. B. Fellow in Psychology, State 
University Iowa City, la. 

Wilke, Charlotte, A. B. High School Teacher 

Williams, Cyrus Vance, A.M.; B. Ed., 1909 Peru State Nor- 
mal. Professor of Botany, Nebraska Wesleyan Univer- 
sity 619 E 15th St., University Place 

Williams, Ina Jeannette, A. B. (Lincoln). Teacher in High 
School Friend 

Wilson, Beatrice Susan, A. B. Deputy County Treasurer 


Wilson, Edith, A. B. (Mrs. P. T. Bell) East Oakland, Cal. 

Wilson, Sherman Ray, A. B. (Aug.) (Lincoln.) Lincoln 

Wohlenberg, Walter Jacob, B. Sc. in M. E. With Westing- 
house Machine Company Wilkinsburg, Pa. 

Wolfanger, Lenora Olive, B. Sc. High School Teacher 


Wolters, Harry Ellas, B. Sc. in C. E. Civil Engineer, Consoli- 
dated Copper Co. Ruth, Nev. 

Woods, James Edward, A. B. York 

Yates, Paul Emmer, A. B. Lincoln 

Young, Gary Garfield, A. B. Mercantile Business. 

Lodge Pole 

Zimmer, J. T. B. Sc. Field Assistant, State Entomologist 

42 and Holdrege St., Linclon 

Class of 1911. 

Adamson, Esther Mary, A. B., (Lincoln), Teacher in High 
School Bellaire, Mich. 

Akagi, Kinju, B. Sc. in E. E. Okayama, Japan 

Allem, Florence N., A. B. (Lincoln). Teacher Fairbury 

Amberson, Alexander Boyd, B. Sc. (Superior). Structural 
Steel Work. 2969 Famam St.. Omaha 

Anderbery, Mathilda Christene, A. B. Principal High School 


Anderson, Selma Sophia, A. M. See 1910. 

Amholdt, Milton Frederick, B. Sc. (341 N. 33d St., Lincoln). 
Medical Student, University of Nebraska. Omaha 

2o6 The University of Nebraska 

Badger, Mary Belle, A. B. Fairmout 

Bald, Arno Albert, M. D. 

Balderson, Jacob August, B. Sc. Kansas City, Mo. 

Barger, Vera Viola, A. B. Physical Director, Y. W. C. A. 

Tacoma, Wash. 
Barns, Ruby Elizabeth, A. B. Teacher Havelock 

Barker, Blanche Lucille, A. B. 

Barker,Earl Cass well (Summer), LL. B. Crofton 

Barrett, Ella May, A. B. Teacher High School Columbus 

Barton, Beth Pearl, A. B. (Lincoln). Teacher High School 

Bates, Merton Ong, LL. B. Lawyer and Newspaper Editor 

St. Edward 
Beckord, Henry George, Ph. G. Waco 

Beecher, Mittie Mabel, A. B. Teacher High School Kearney 
Beeler, Fenna Carolina, A. B. Teacher High School 

North Platte 
Beghtol, Jessie Gretchen, A. B. 1738 N St., Lincoln 

Behle, Lillie Ida Bell, A. B. (Mrs. B. A. Boostrom). 

Bell, Dwight Day, LL. B. See 1909. 

Bell, Percival Howell, LL. B. (St. Paul) Superintending a 
farm Robstown, Texas 

Bennett, Charles Abel, B. Sc. With Omaha Foundry Co. 

2117 Maple St., Omaha 
Benson, Charles Emile, A. B. Superintendent of Schools. 

Berg, Howard George, B. Sc. South Omaha 

Berquist, William Gerhardt, A. B. (Summer). 

Bierman, Theodore H., A. B. Hastings 

Biles, Jessie, A. B. (Pender). Teacher of Domestic Science, 
High School Wahoo 

Bills, Breta, A. B. At Home 1503 H St., Lincoln 

Birge, Alice Miranda, B. Sc. in Agri. At Home North Platte 
Birkby, Maude, A. B. Nebraska City 

Bischof, George Hugo Joseph, B. Sc. Civil Engineer 

Nebraska City 

Bishop, Elarl Stephen, A. M. (Sumjner). 

Bocken, Herman, M. D. Harlan, la. 

Graduates, ipii 207 

Bolibaugh, Charles Godfrey, B. Sc. in E. E. Westinghouse 
Elect. & Mfg. Co. 810 Franklin Ave., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Bolinger, Hugh J., A. B. Bogue, Kansas 

Boyce, John Shaw, B. Sc. in Agri. Lincoln 

Brain, John Bell, LL. D. Sec. School Supply Co. 

1547 So. 28th St., Omaha 
Bratton, Lester George, B. Sc. Engineer Neb. Tel. Co. 

825 No. 18th St., South Omaha 
Briggs, Arch Lee, B. Sc. Oconto 

Brown, Benjamin Alonzo, LL. B. Deceased 

Brown, Mary Ellen, B. Sc. in Agri. Instructor in Home Eco- 
nomics, University School of Agr. 

University Farm, Lincoln 
Buller, Jacob P., A. B. Principal of Schools. Henderson 

Bullock, Theodore Tunison, A. B. 856 No. 25th St., Lincoln 
Burke, Frank Charles, LL. B. Deceased 

Burke, Joseph Patrick, B. Sc. in M. E. Lexington 

Burnham, Frank Asabel, M. D. See 1909. 

Burritt, Esther Mosher, A. B. Teacher in School of Agricul- 
ture Lincoln 
Busk, Myrtle Elizabeth, A. B. Omaha 
Cain, Harry Neal, B. Sc. Railway Clerk Mo. Pacific Railway 

Falls City 
Calhoun, Erma Irene, A. B. Ashland 

Cameron, Janet Grey, A. B. (Lincoln). Teacher, High School 


Cattle, Robert Turner, LL. B. Seward 

Cherrington, Ben Mark, A. B. Sec. Y. M. C. A., University of 

California. Berkeley, Cal. 

Clancy, Philip Windsor, B. Sc. 

Clearman, Mona Lois, A. B. Teacher High School Minden 
Coad, Ralph George, A. B. Student at Law School, Columbia 
University 231 West 135, New York City 

Collier, Nelson Martin, B. Sc. Fairbury 

Collins, Sidney Morrson, LL. B. Teacher and athletic coach 
Nebraska Military Academy. Lincoln 

Coon, Gertrude Lorella, A. B. Red Cloud 

Coons, George Herbert, A. B. Box 408, E. Lansing, Mich. 

2o8 The University of Nebraska 

Coulter, Harral Wheller, B. Sc. In Mortgage Loan Co. Temple 
Bldg., 614-618 Grand Ave. Kansas City, Mo. 

Crocker, George, A. B. With National Lyceum Bureau 

Cully, Jessie Margaret, A. B, Teacher, High School. 

Loup City 
Cusack, Harry Christopher, A. B. (Summer). Bank Clerk. 

North Bend 
Dale, Philip Marshall, B. Sc. (Summer) (Greenwood). Medi- 
cal Student. 311 So. Ashland Blvd., Chicago 
Dalton, Laura Irene, B. Sc. in Agri. (Lincoln) Teacher Do- 
mestic Science, High School Corydon, la. 
Danley. Ernest Everett, LL. B. (Axtell). Lawyer 

Davis, Florence Emma, A. B. Teacher in Bancroft School 

327 No. 13th St., Lincola 
Davis, Helen Bissing, A. B. 1345 So. 18th St., Lincoln 

Decatur, Charles Edward, Jr. (Summer), LL. B. 

1315 Reed St., Grinnell, la. 
Dickinson, Frank, A. B. (Stanton) Scholar in Philosophy U. 
of N. 535 No. 16th St., Lincoln 

Dinsmore, Francis Elmer, A. B. Auto Co. 

1441 So. 11th St., Lincoln 
Dixon, Howard Emerson, LL. B. Attorney at Law 

Elgin, Oregon 
Dobbs, Stuart Piper, LL. B. See 1909. 
Dobson, Arthur Allan, B. Sc. Civil Engineer. 

1121 So. 10th St., Lincoln 

Dohner, Florence Lyman, A. B. (Lincoln) Teacher in High 

School Beatrice 

Dobry, Charles Wesley, LL. B. Vice-Pres. John Dobry Mfg. 

Co. Cedar Rapids, la. 

Douglas, Lynn Hutchison (Summer), B. Sc. in Agri. 

1721 Q St., Lincoln 
Drake, Nellie Boyd, A. B. (Broken Bow) Teacher in High 
School Wood River 

Dufur, Jessie Fae, A. B. (Lincoln) Teacher High School 


Graduates, ipii 209 

Dugdale, Allison Harold, B, Sc. Medical Student, Columbia 
University. New York City 

Button, Florence, A. B. Hastings 

Edgecombe, Tyler Mengel, B. Sc. in Agri. Reporter Daily Ex- 
press Beatrice 

Egen, Thekla Wilhelmine (Summer), A. B. (Omaha) Princi- 
pal Cortland High School Cortland 

Erickson, Clara Almeda, A. B. Oakland 

Erickson, David Leonard, B. Sc. Assistant in City Engineer's 
Office 1428 Vine St., Lincoln 

Erickson, Leonard William, B. Sc. Draughtsman Engineer's 
Office Lincoln 222 No. 16th St., Lincoln 

Ernsberger, Iva Belle, A. M. See 1907. 

Evans, Clark Bentley, LL. B. Wisner 

Ewing, Halle Laura, A, B. Assistant Physician Hospital for 
Insane Lincoln 

Farley, Fays 3 Florence, A. B, 719 Beaver Ave., York 

Feemster, Howard Calvin, A. M., A. B. Drury Coll. 1902. 


Field, Allen Wescott, Jr., LL. B. Lawyer. Lincoln 

Field, John Wesley, A. M.; A. B. Union Coll. 1910. 

Field, Kate, B. Sc. in Agri. 544 So. 17th St, Lincoln 

Filley, Horace Clyde, A M. See 1903. 

Fleming, William, A. B. Teacher High School Randolph 

Foote, Paul Darwin, A.M.; A. B. Adelbert Col. 1909. 

Ford, Herbert, A. B. (Humboldt) Student 47 M. D. Hall, 
Uni. of Chicago, 111. 

Forman, William Olivet, B. Sc. In charge of draughting room 
for Burlington Havelock 

Foster, George Nimmons, LL. B. (Sterling) Student Law 
and Political Science, College of Law, University of Chi- 
cago 5556 Drexel Ave., Chicago, 111. 

Francis, John Arthur, B. Sc. Box 375, Cheyenne, Wyo. 

Frank, Lorenz William, M. D. 

Frederick, Karl Philip, A. B. State Editor, State Journal. 

Y.M. C. A., Lincoln 

Fry, Annie Clarissa, A. B. Studying Music. 

2024 Binney St., Omaha 

2IO The University of Nehraska 

Punke, Minnie Marguerita, A. B. Teacher, High School 

Blue Hill 

Gaeckler, Maude Hazel, A. B. Scholar in Greek, University 
of Nebraska. 703 No. 18th St., Lincoln 

Gail, Floyd Whitney, A. B. Scholar in Botany, University of 
Nebraska 1602 Vine St., Lincoln 

Galloway, George Davis, B. Sc. Lumber Business. 


Gantt, Edith, A. B. Teacher High School Clarks 

Gardner, William Henry, A.M.; A. B. Nebraska Wesleyan 
University, 1910. County Superintendent Lancaster 
County. 203 E. 16tli St., University Place 

George, Clarence Winfield, A. B. Teacher in High School 


Gilmore, Oden Sebastian, LL. B, Lawyer. Edgar 

Goble, Wade, A. B. 

Gooden, Alta May, B. Sc. in Agri. 1620 Washington, Lincoln 

Goodfellow, Marie Isadore, A. B. Teacher High School 


Graff, Otto Julius, A.M.; A. B. 1904 Union College; President 
Emmanuel College Berrien Springs, Mich. 

Graham, Clyde Thomas, B. Sc. Avoca 

Graham, George Harvey, A. B. Omaha 

Gramlich, Howard John, B. Sc. in Agri. Assistant Superin- 
tendent of Agriculture Extension, U niversity of Ne- 
braska. 926 So. 17th St., Lincoln 

Green, Barton Lamb, LL. B. Attorney at Law. 

535 Bankers Life Ins. Bldg., Lincoln 

Green, Lucy May, A. B. Teacher. Tonkawa, Okla. 

Green, Richard Oscar, B. Sc. in C. E. (McCook). Assistant 
Engineer. Care C. V. I. Wilmer, B. C. Canada 

Greene, Jessie Geneva, B. Sc. in Agri. (112 Adams, Lincoln) 
Teacher in High School. Falls City 

Griffin, Charles Powell, LL. B. Superior 

Grimm, Edith Anita, A. M. See 1909. 

Guthrie, Margaret, A. B. Teacher in Rhetoric, University of 
Omaha. 1112 So. 31st St., Omaha 

Gutberlet, Albert Harrison, A. B. Hardy 

Gradimtes, i^ii 


Hahne, Ernest Herman, A. B. 

Halldorson, Paul John, B. Sc. 

Hamilton, Jean Delphine, A. B. 

in public schools 
Hanna, Edith Evangeline, A. B. 
Harden, Herbert C, Ph. G. 
Hardy, Estelle Fern, A. B. 

Hare, Arthur Merlin, A. B. 

Harpham, James Huston, B. Sc. 
Hathaway, Henry Cook, A. B. 

Heacock, Ruth Florence, A. B. 

Heaton, Wm. Daniel, B. Sc. 

Law Student, University of 
Government Service 

Washington, D. C. 
(Cedar Rapids.) Teaching 
Pateros, Wash. 
729 So. 10th, Lincoln 

(Lincoln.) Teacher, High 


(Lincoln.) Principal High 



Law Student, University of 

1818 D? St., Lincoln 

(Falls City.) Teacher High 



Harrington, Sarah Martha, A. B. 
Hesseltine, Carrie Elizabeth, A. B. 
Hilton, Ethel Jane, A. B. (Blue Hill.) 

Hendricks, Bernard Clifford, B. Sc, B. B. 1910, Peru. Asso- 
ciate Professor of Physical Science, State Normal School. 

Hendricks, Ina Hattie, A. B. (Wahoo). Teacher, High School. 




Teacher, High School. 


Hodgkins, Walter K., LL. B. Practicing Law. O'Neill 

Holland, Yale Chenoweth, B. Sc. ; LL. B. Lawyer. Omaha 

Hornung, Prank Walter, B. Sc. Electric and Mfg. Co. 

423 Rebecca St., Wilkinsburg, Pa. 
Houska, Marie Josephine, A. B. (Summer). Neligh 

Hrubesky, Lucile, A. B. (Geneva) Teacher, High School. 

Hughes, Michael John, B. Sc. Cheyenne, Wyo. 

Humpe, Alice A., B. Sc. Teacher in High School. 

1624 A St., Lincoln 

Hunter, Esther Amelia, B. Sc. Mathematics Teacher in High 

School. 227 W. 8th St., Fremont 

212 The University of Nebraska 

Huse, Harry Goodhue, A. B. Fullerton 

Hutchinson, Ethel Florence, A. B. 1847 G Sc, Lincoln 

Hutchison, Wm. Carlton, B. So. Nebraska Bell Telephone Co. 

Hyde, Ray Bowerman, B. Sc. Norfolk 

Isham, Robert Melyne, A. M., A. B. 1909, Nebraska Wesleyan 

University; Fellow in Chemistry, University of Toronto. 

Toronto, Can. 
Iverson, Alice Rothwell, A. B. Lincoln 

Jean, Frank Covert, (Summer) A. B. Instructor in Botany, 

at State Normal School. Peru 

Johnson, Earle George, A. M. See 1910. 
Jones, Olive Mildred, A. B. Teacher, High School. Red Cloud 
Juhl, Andrew Peterson, A. B. (Marcus, la.) Teacher in High 

School and College. Elkhorn, Iowa 

Keech, Mary Lourena, A. B. (Lincoln.) Teacher in High 

School. Ravenna 

Keegan, John Jay, A. B. Medical Student, University of Ne- 
braska. Omaha 
Keifer, Joseph Wm., B. Sc. Agri. Farming. Bostwick 
Kelsey, Thomas Conklin, B. Sc. 2314 N, Lincoln 
Kenner, Walter Vern, LL. B. See 1909. 
Kessler, Arthur Rolland, B. Sc. in E. E. Sutton 
Kiplinger, Lloyd Addison, LL. B. Lawyer. Wayne 
Korstian, Clarence F. (Summer) B. Sc. in Agri. (Crete.) 

Graduate Student in Forestry, University of Nebraska. 

434 No. 17th St., Lincoln 
Kramer, Bertha Nathalia, B. Sc. Fellow in Botany, University 

of Nebraska. Lincoln 

Krause, Victor Walton, A. B. Albion 

Kuony, John Hubert, B. Sc. Omaha & Council Bluffs St. Ry. 

Co. 2233 Miami St., Omaha 

Lackey, Earl Emmett, A. B. Instructor, State Normal School. 

Lamb, George Newton, A. M. See 1909. 
Lammers, Anna Irene, A. B. Teacher High School. 

Lammers, Sophia Josephine, A. B. 476 Fifth Ave. Library 

School New York City 

Graduates, ipii 213 

Lane, Aletha Viola, A. B. 244 No. 30th, Lincoln 

Langer, Irvin Joseph, LL. R. Attorney at I^w. 

2535 Loundale Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Laughlin Joseph Wilson, B. Sc. (Callaway.) Medical student. 

1031 So. 30th Ave., Omaha 
Lawrence, James Ernest, LL. B. City Editor, Daily Star. 

Lee, Earl Jackson, A. B. Law student. Fremont 

Lempke, Walter John, B. Sc. (Wayne). With Western Elec. 
Co. 508 So. Lawndale Ave., Chicago, 111. 

LeRoy, Glenn Raymond, B. Sc. Jeweler. Fairbury 

Lloyd, Lynn, A. B. Law Student, University of Nebraska. 


Long, Edith M., A.M.; A. B. Cornell 1888. 

Lord, Carl Jacobs, A. B. (Randolph.) Reporter Lincoln Daily 
Star and student University of Nebraska. 

1107 K St., Lincoln 
Luckey, Henry Carl, B. Sc. Law Student. 

40th and Holdrege Sts., Lincoln 
Luikart, Cordelia Elizabeth, B. Sc. (Norfolk.) Graduate stu- 
dent, University of Nebraska. Lincoln 
McCaig, Ella Imogene, A. B. (Omaha.) Teacher, High School. 

McCallum, Jessie Eugenia, A.M. (Summer). See 1902. 
McClure, Leah May, A. B. (Lincoln.) Teacher, High School. 


McCullough Alice John, ,A. B. (Omaha.) Teacher, High 

School. Fremont 

McDavitt, Lavern, B. Sc. 

McDoIe, Guy Raymond A. M. (Summer). See 1910. 
McDonald, Dale Francis, A. B. (Summer) York 

McGee, Randall R., A. B. (Summer). Superintendent of 
Schools. Syracuse 

Mcintosh, Nellie, A, B. (Mrs. Royce Cass). High School 
Teacher. Winlock, Wash. 

McKellip, Ivan, B. Sc. in Agri. Albion 

McLean, Earl, A. B. University Place 

Mahood, Samuel Arthur, A.M. (Summer). See 1910. 

2T4 The University of Nebraska 

Marcellus, Byrne Campbell, A. B. Law Student, University 
of Nebraska. Lincoln 

Marconnit, Fred P., LL. B. lawyer. Omaha 

Martin, Wade Randall, B. Sc. in Agri. 

824 So. 18th St., Lincoln 

Martin, Roy David, M. D. 

Mather, Roy Frederick, A. B. (Aurora.) Real Estate. 
316-318 Trust & Savings Bldg., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Matthews, Homer Lawrence, B. Sc. in Agri. Auburn 

Maxfield, Beth Eloise, A. B. (Lincoln.) Teacher, High School. 


May, Pearl Florence, A. B. (Lincoln). Teacher in High School. 

Silver Creek 

Mead, Adelia May, A. B. York 

Medlar, Edgar Matthias, B. Sc. A.M.; A. B. Doane College 

Meier George Edward, LL. B. 3716 3rd St., Des Moines, la. 

Metcalf, Mabel Clare, A. B. (Broken Bow.) Assistant in Bot- 
any. 636 No. 16th St., Lincoln 

Mielenz, Howard Hamilton, LL. B. Wahoo 

Milek, William Arthur, B. Sc. (Lincoln.) Drafting, Omaha 
Structural Steel Co. 2969 Farnam St., Omaha 

Miller, Dorothy Tibbets, A. B. 1849 C St., Lincoln 

Miller, Millie Lucile, A. B. See. City Y. W. C. A. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 

Miskell, Berna Anna, B. Sc. in Agri. Instructor in Domestic 
Science Y. W. C. A. 310 So. 27th, Lincoln 

Mitchell, Claude Wm., A.M. See 1910. 

Mitchell, Helene Schwab, A. B. (Summer). Reader, Rhetoric 
Department, University. 1606 L St., Lincoln 

Monbeck, Roy Royer, B. Sc. Topographic Branch of U. S. 
Geological Survey. Auburn 

Montgomery, Ora Clair, B. Sc. Scribner 

Moore, Calvin Turner, B. Sc. in C. E. 

1924 Prospect St., Lincoln 

Morehead, Dorothy Lee, A. B. Falls City 

Morehouse, Nye Franklin, LL. B. Attorney at Law. 

Union Block, Fremont 

Moyer, Torrence Calvin, A. B. Principal of Schools. Hardy 

Graduates, igii 215 

Munday, Frank John, B. Sc. Law Student. 1844 L St., Lincoln 

Munger, Alfred Case, A. B. (1745 E St., Lincoln.) Geologi- 
cal Survey. Lincoln 

Munson, Earle Walter, B. Sc. (Aurora.) Instructor in Science, 
High School. Columbus 

Munson, Grace Esther, A. B. Fellow, Wellesley College. 

Wellesley, Mass. 

Mutz, Sterling Faan, LL. B. Lawyer. Lincoln 

Nagl, Julia Peggy Margaretha, A. B. On the stage. 

New York City, N. Y. 

Neumann, John Henry, Ph. G. 

Newbranch, Grace Vivian, A. B. (Lincoln.) Teacher in High 
School. Plattsmouth 

Newman, Cora Anna, A. B. Lincoln 

Nightingale, Herbert Spencer, LL. B. Lawyer. Loup City 

Nisley, Isaac Johnson, LL. B. Lexington 

Noble, Harold Miller, A. B. Principal of High School. 


Noyes, Bessie, A. B. Graduate Student, University of Ne- 
braska. 2200 Dudley St., Lincoln 

Nye, Florence Elizabeth, A. B. (Summer). Teacher, High 
School. Big Timber, Mont. 

Oberf elder, Arthur M., A. B. (Sidney.) Secretary-Treasurer 
Elbe-Oberf elder Mfg. Co. 305 Appel Bldg., Denver, Colo. 

Ogden, Hattie Ruth, A. B. (Genoa.) Teacher, High School. 


Olmstead, Lewis Bertie, A. M. See 1909. 

Osborne, Florence Lois, A. B. (Lincoln.) Teacher, High 
School. Creighton 

Outhouse, Emma Gerdes, A. B. (Loup City.) Principal High 
School. Spencer 

Outhouse, Meroe Jaynes, A. B. (Loup City). Teacher, High 
School. Fairbury 

Patterson, Edward James, B. Sc, LL. B. Lawyer. 

Central City 

Paulson, Maurice Ferdinand, B. Sc. in Agri. Minden 

Peiterson, Arne Krostopher, A. B. (Elk Horn, la.). Assistant 
in Botany, University of Nebraska. 

334 No. 13th St., Lincoln 

2i6 The University of Nebraska 

Perrin, Edna, A. B. Lincoln 

Peterson, Niels Frederick (Summer) A. M. See 1907. 
Pickel, Dolly Catherine, A. B. Teacher in High School. Brady 
Pierce, Clarence Arthur, A. B. Teacher, High School. 

Council Bluffs, la. 
Pierce, Paul Harold, B. Sc. in E. E. With Western Elec. Co., 
stationed at New York, N. Y. 

38 Fair St., New York 
Pipal, Francis John, A. M. See 1908. 
Piper, Jennie Louise, A. M. See 1904. 

Plasters, Warren Howard, A. B. (Stella). Teacher in High 
School. Pawnee City 

Pomeroy, Alice Reynolds, A. B. Principal of High School. 

Pool, Albert, B. Sc. in Agri. Weeping Water 

Poska, Rebecca Ruth, A. B. Lincoln 

Powell, Ward Hughes, B. Sc. Overton 

Prickett, Bernice Marie, A. B. Davenport 

Proudfit, Frank Sabin, A. B. 1637 F St., Lincoln 

Prouty, Harrie Montrose, Ph. G. (Lincoln). Roseville, 111. 

Queal, Ralph William, B. Sc. 

Randall, Margaret Emily, A. B. (Newman Grove.) Teacher. 

Ratcliff, John French, LL. B. Stratton 

Rathbone, Samuel Harvey, Jr., B. Sc. Real Estate. Lincoln 
Raymond, Anan Richard, A. B. Law Student. 

Box 1253, Station A, Lincoln 
Reddish, Robert Owen, LL. B. Law and Real Estate. 

Reed, Guy Euclid, A. B. Law Student, University of Ne- 
braska. Assistant Athletic Coach, University of Nebraska. 

703 So. 18th St., Lincoln 
Reed, Isa Dolores, A. B. Teacher, High School. 

University Place 
Reeder, Catherine, A. B. Hot Springs, So. Dak. 

Reid, Erie Hamilton, LL. B. Lawyer. Wyncote, Wyo. 

Reynolds, Wm. Oscar Whitefield. A. B. Greenwood 

Rice, Ray Everette, A. B. Boys' Director Lincoln \ . M. C. A. 

1947 T St., Lincoln 

Graduates, igii 217 

Richards, Grace, A. B. (Ashland). Instructor in Home Eco- 
nomics, University School of Agriculture. Lincoln 
Richards, Willamina Alice, A. B. (Onawa, la,). Teacher in 
High School. Orchard 
Ring, Penelope Patch, A. B. (Lincoln,) Teacher in High 
School. Norfolk 
Robertson, Guy Allan, B, Sc, Inspector Omaha Steel Works, 

619 So. 29th St., Omaha 
Rogers, Virginia Noyes, A, B. Minden 

Rogosch, Carl Frederick, Ph. G. 

Rohde, Frank Edwin, B. Sc, Lincoln 

Rohman, Carl Philip, LL. B. Traveling Salesman. Norfolk 
Rollings, Hattie Elizabeth, A, B. (1823 J St., Lincoln.) With 
Y. W. C. A. Evansville, Ind. 

Rosencrants, Fay Harry, B. Sc. (Cozad). Instructor, Farm 
Machinery, Agricultural College. Ft. Collins, Colo. 

Rost, Clayton Ord, B. Sc. Asst. Chemist, Experiment Sta- 
tion. 1437 Q St., Lincoln 
Rowland, Hazel Esthelda, A. B. Holdrege 
Russell, Harriet Jane, A. B. (DeWitt.) Teacher in High 
School. Crawford 
Schmidt, Nelda A., A. B. 1310 R St., Lincoln 
Schulte, Mary Anna, A. B. (Elgin). Graduate Student, Uni- 
versity of Nebraska. 1920 J St., Lincoln 
Schulte, Regina Bernardine, A. B. (Elgin). Graduate Student. 
University of Nebraska. 1920 J St., Lincoln 
Schwake, Ella Irene, B. Sc. (Nebraska City.) Teacher in 
Government School. 37 Crestina St., Ponce, Porto Rico 
Schwake, Frank Whitten, Ph. G. Nebraska City 
Scott, Henry Miller, A, M. See 1909. 

ScoTille, Myrtle May, A. B. Hartington 

Seaton, Laurence Froyd, B. Sc. Lyons 

Selzer, Arthur Louis, B, Sc. Nebraska City 

Shike, Jasper Ray, A, B. Lincoln 

Severin, Richard Otto, A. B. (Summer). With Central Na- 
tional Life Insurance Co. Lincoln 
Shively, Carl, A. B. NelBon 
Smith, Anna Caroline, A. B. Director, Physical Training Y, 
W. C, A, Kalamazoo, Mich, 

2i8 The University of Nebraska 

Smith, Carlos Oliver, B. Sc. in E. E. (Mason). Elngineer with 
Omaha & Council Bluffs Street Railway Company. 

503 So. 22nd St ,.Omaha 

Smith, Victor Bunnell, A. B. (Fremont.) Reporter Lincoln 
State Journal. Room 542 City Y. M. C. A., Lincoln 

Snapp, Cecile Maud, A. B. (Lincoln.) Teacher in High 
School. Falls City 

Sommer, Helen Lillian, A. B. 514 Park Ave., Omaha 

Spalding, Thankful Elizabeth, A. B. Teacher High School. 


Sprague, Annie Maxon, A. B. (Lincoln.) Teacher, High 
School. Blair 

Squires, David Henry, B. Sc. in Agri. Farming. Ord 

Starr, Hazel Esther, A. B. (Summer) (Lincoln). Teacher. 

Pateros, Wash 

Stasenka, Charles Robert, LL. B. (Wilber.) Lawyer. 


Steenburg, Donald Benjamin, B. Sc. (Aurora.) Medical Stu- 
dent, U. of Penn. 

3807 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Penn. 

Stetler, Carrie May, A. M. See 1903. 

Stevenson, Marguerite Blanchard, A. B. (Summer) (Lincoln). 
Teacher, High School. Roca 

Stewart, Branson Washburn, LL. B. Attorney at Law 

Red Cloud 

Stocker, Thomas Richard Parson, LL. B. See 1909. 

Stoner, Samuel Cheslie, LL. B. Lawyer. Osceola 

Stout. Mecia, A. B. 325 So. 17th St., Lincoln 

Struve, Martin Louie, B. Sc. (Blair.) Wilkinsburg Electric 
Mfg. Co. 423 Rebecca St., Pittsburg, Pa. 

Sutter, Howard Frazier, B. Sc. in C. E. (Summer) (Liberty). 
Teacher, High School. Wahoo 

Sward, Erick Martin Paulns, M. D. 

Swenson, Otto Frederick, B. Sc. in Agri. Post Graduate Stu- 
dent in Forestry. Station A, Lincoln 

Syford, Constance Miriam, A.M. (Summer). See 1909. 

Taylor, Jettie Arnold, A. B. 

Taylor, Willis Harvey, M. D. See 1909. 

Thomas, George Joseph, A. B. University Place 

Graduates, ipii 219 

Thomas, Nova Elizabeth, A. B. (Nelson.) Teacher, High 
School. Blue Hill 

Thompson, Albert Milton, LL. B. (Lyle, Minn.) Attorney at 
Law. Fairplay, Colo. 

Thompson, Warren Simpson, A. M. See 1907. 
Thorpe, Berta Florence, Ph. G. Broken Bow 

Tinkham, Florence Eva, A. B. (Mrs. Rudolph Schumacker). 


Todd, Florence Sheldon, A. B. (Mrs. G. C. Sheldon.) Nehawka 

Tollefsen, Albert Bush, LL. B. Kearney 

Topping, Paul Swayne, LL. B. (Nebraska City.) Attorney at 

Law. Weeping Water 

Treat, Anna May, A. B. (Summer). 

Trump, Earl D., LL. B. Blue Springs 

Tucker, Mary Winifred, M. D. See 1909. 

Van Dusen, Harold Arnold, A. B. 2529 D, South Omaha 

Vollintine, James Louis, B. Sc. 1313 L St., Lincoln 

Votava, Joseph Thomas, A. B. (Summer); LL. B. Lawyer. 

Omaha National Bank Bldg., Omaha 
Walcott, Oliver Marion, LL. B. Attorney. Valentine 

Wallace, Harold Foster, B. Sc. in M. El E]aectrical Depart- 
ment Omaha & Council Bluffs St. Railway. 

2415 Templeton St., Omaha 
Walter, Otto Fasolt, A. B. (Summer) (Columbus). Law Stu- 
dent, University of Chicago. 

No. 4, North Hall, Chicago, III. 
Ward, Archie Walter, M. D. Interne M. E. Hospital. 

Omaha, Neb. 
Warren, Allen E., LL. B. Lawyer. Lincoln 

W^arton, Alfa Frances, A. B. (Superior) Assistant Univer- 
sity Extension, U. of N. Lincoln 
Washburn, Orilla Fidelia, A. B. Lakeside 
Watters, Farham Elliott, B. Sc, LIj. B. 1912. 

1407 Q St., Lincoln 
Weaver, John Ernst, A. M. See 1909. 
Weaverling, Ralph Eugene, LL. B. Attorney at Law 

North Bend 

Weedman, Walter Franklin, B. Sc. 

Weiss, Walter Clatus, A. B. (Summer). Hebron 

220 The University of Nebraska 

Westerfield, Samuel Zaza Childs, B. Sc. 

130 No. 19th, Lincoln 
Whaley, Miner Hill, Jr., Ph. G. (631 No. 24th St., Lincoln.) 
Pharmacist. Eddyville 

White, David George, B. Sc in Agri. (Plattsmouth.) Graduate 
student, U. of N. 345 No. 14th St., Lincoln 

White, Harry Lee, B. Sc. (Omaha.) Gas and electric engi- 
neer with Denver Gas Co. 

Y. M. C. A. Bldg., Denver, Colo. 
Whitmore, Marian Ely, A. B. Valley 

Whitmore, Nell Pinkham, A. B. (Mrs. Nels Edward Johnson). 


Whitney, Lloyd Edmund, LL. B. 1327 O St., Lincoln 

Whittier, Florence Amelia, A. B. (Lincoln). Teacher, High 

School. Choteau, Mont. 

Whyman, Edith May, A. M. See 1905. 

Wickland, Arthur Julius (Summer) A. B. Scholar in English 
Literature, University of Nebraska. 1432 S St., Lincoln 
Wildish, Reginald Myron, M. D. See 1909. 
Wiles, Frank Storey, B. Sc. (Feb.) in M. E. Farming. 


Williams, Guy Morris, B. Sc. 

Williams, Lena May, A. B. (Lincoln). Teacher, High School. 

Willis, Kathryn, A. B. (Chadron). Teacher, High School. 

Wilson, Ervin Fillmore, B. Sc. (Columbus). Assistant Chem- 
ist, U. of N. Station A, Lincoln 
Wilson, Henry Lloyd. LL. B. Lawyer. Crawford 
Wilson, Ralph Parks, A. B. Law Student. 

1339 So. 19th St., Lincoln 
Windham, Kathrsm Lamira, A. B. Teacher, High School. 

Wittmann, Elisabeth Marie, A. B. Graduate Work, U. of N. 

939 H St., Lincoln 
Wolcott, Mabel, A. B. (Central City). Teacher, High School. 

Wolfe, Mary Emeline, A. B. 1721 M St.. Lincoln 

Wright, Elizabeth, A. B. Fairmont 

Graduates, igii, ipi2 (Feb.) 221 

Young, Charles E., B. Sc. (Tecumseh). Apprentice with Au- 
tomatic Electric Co. 725 So. Ashland Blvd., Chicago, 111. 

Young, Horace James (Summer) B. Sc. in Agri. (North Bend). 
Instructor in Agronomy, University of Nebraska. 

324 W. 17th St., University Plac« 

Zacek, Thomas Zachary, A. B. (West Point). Principal of 
Schools. Clarksom 

Zimmer, John Todd, A. M. See 1910. Lincoln 

1912 (Feb.) 

Ackerman, George Morris, B. Sc. in Eng. Ainsworth 

Berger, Edmond B., B. Sc. in Eng. Lexington 

Blackstone, George Blanchard, B. Sc. in Eng. Craig 

Blish, Morris Joslin, B. Sc. Omaha 

Codington, Waring Lafayette, B. Sc. in Eng, (Auburn). Con- 
struction Dept., C, P. Ry., care C. D. Mackintosh. 

Winnipeg, Man., Canada 
Coopersmith, Samuel, A.M.; A. B. Uni. of N. C. 1910. 

Bacteriologist in Bureau of Chemistry. Wash, D. C. 

Currier, Edwin Lovejoy, B. Sc. in Agri. St. Edward 

Curtis, Randall Fuller, A. B. Omaka 

Davis, Earl Harrison, A. B. 645 No. 26th St., Lincoln 

Davis, Guy Russell, A. B. 645 No. 26th St., Lincoln 

Ditterline, Ezra, B. Sc. in Eng. (Lincoln). Teacher of Draw- 
ing, Manual Training School. 

4234 West End Ave., Chicago, 111. 
Feemster, Silas Calvin, A. M. ; A. B. Drury College, Spring- 
field, Mo., 1907. York 
Fitzgerald, Zora Elizabeth, A. B. (Mrs. W. E. Hamilton). 

North Platte 
Hahn, Henry H., A.M.; A. B. Ohio Northwestern Uni. 1890. 
Head of Dept. of Education, State Normal School. 

Hammond, Lucy Hortense, B. Sc. in Agri. 

3065 H St., Lincoln 
Hathaway, Margaret Hazel, A. B. Holdrege 

Laubach, Walter Howard, B. Sc. in Eng. Omaha 


The University of Nebraska 

Lute, Carrie Lula, A. B. 
Miles, Frank C, A. B. 
Moffett, Beatrice, A. B. 
Mullen, John Clancy, LK B. 

(O'Neill). Practicing Attorney. 
Phillips, Richard Allison, B. Sc. in Agri. 

334 So. 13th St., Lincoln 
Scott, William J., LL. B. Herington. Kan. 

Shanek, Bertha, A. B. Teacher. Hastings 

Shonka, Sylvester Vaclar, LL. B. Attorney. David City 

Tate, John Torrence, A. M. See 1910. 
Wolesenskv, Frank, B. Sc. in Eng. Lincoln Traction Co. 




Annette Lois , '00 

Charles Edwin, '97 

Edith, '01 

Herbert A., '96 (Omaha) 

Josephine, '00 

Julian Asahel, '96 

Lulu Florence, '06 

Luther Jewitt, '96, '00 

Myron Dates, '08 

Ned Culbertson, '96, '00 

Mrs. N. C. (Newbranch,) 

Roscoe C, '10 

Warren Dwight, '03 
Abel, George Philip, '06 
Ackerman, George Morris, '12 

Burton Abel, '05 

Charles Henry, '01 

Clarendon Edwin, '96 

Don Jack, '00 

Edward Bowne, '06 

Elsie Hattie, '08 

Frank, '06 

Leta Elmma, '06 

Mrs. P. F. (Condit), '02 

Ralph Emerson, '06 

Roy Bennett, '02 
Adamson, Esther Mary, '11 
Aden, Anna, '99 
Affolter, Edward, '07 

Alice Wilson ,'07 

Anna Luella, '07 

Etta Bell, '05 

James Clarence, 03 

John Hercules, '10 

Mrs. J. H. (Howard), '06 

Ahlberg, Grant Ferdinand, '94 
Aitken, Daisy Elsie, '04 
Akagi, Kinju, '10, '11 
Akin, Bertha Mary, '08 
Akerland, Fritz Ragnar, '06 
Alabaster, Francis Asbury, 

Albers, Juergen, '93, '96 

Mrs. C. C. (Ludden), '08 
Charles Niles, '08 
Claude LeRoy, '08 
Clyde James, '03 
Alderman, Rena Bell, '00 
Aldrich, Annie D., '84 

Hartley Burr, '97 
Mrs. H. B. (Griggs), '97 
John Merriam, '10 
Marvin Marshall, '00 
Mary Charlotte, '01 
d'Allemand, Benoit R. H., '05 
Allem, Florence N., '11 

Adelbert W^alter, '09 
Charles Edward, '08 
Charles Jennings, '00 
Charles Sumner, '86, '97 
Clarence Luzerne, '01 
Harold Newman, '96 
John Franklin, '05, '07 
Louise Marie, '06, '07 
Mattie, '00, '05 
Oscar Howard, '97 
Roy Nelson, '08 
S. C, '01 (Omaha) 
Thomas Stinson, '89 
Mrs. W. E. (Wheeler), '00 
Alliband, George Arthur, '04 




Billings Grinell, '96, '98 
Frank Payette, '90 
John Edwin, '98, '97 
Mrs. J. E. (Bruner), '96 
Alter, Charles Ernest, '04 
Amberson, A. B., '11 

Adeline Sarah, '03. '04 
Ernest Capron, '96, '98 
Mrs. E. C. (Andrus) '01 
Gratia Lyndall, '07 
Madge Helen, '02 
Amspoker, Albert Ross, '03 
Anderbery, Charlie Peter, '96 
Christine, '10 
Matilda C, '11 

Alberta Beck, '09 
Amanda Elvira, '08 
Arthur Eyman, '88 
Arthur Leo, '09 
C. A., '98 (Omaha) 
Charles Edward, '98 
Christian Alfred, '11 
Edward Emil, '05 
Ellen Victoria, '10 
Emma Nathalia, '10 
Frank Axel, '06, '08 
Gertrude Evelyn, '03 
Helen Wilson, '07 
Mrs. Jas. (O'Connell), '06 
Lawrence, '09 
Lillian Eugenia, '06 
Lillie Alameda, '04 
Mrs. Oliver (Orton), '05 
Oscar Ludvig, '94 
Roscoe, '03 
Roscoe James, '04 
Samuel, '03 

Mrs. Samuel (Totton), '06 
Mrs. S. O. (Anderson), '09 
Selma Sophia, '10, '11 
Theodore Andreas, '00 
William Hugh, '05 
William Nance, '08, '10 
Andra, Emina Margaret, '07 


Robert Dv/ight, '00 
Mrs. Robert (Reeves), '02 

Albert Henry, '98 
E. Benjamin (Hon.) 
Eleanor Roberta, '07 
Grace Alsyne, '01 
Guy Ashton, '01 
Andrus, Charlotte Hunting- 
ton, '92 
Angle, Edward John, '98 
Anker, Peter Sigurd Jo 

hannes, '00 

Clark Fisher, '90 
Mrs. C. P. (Child), '90 
Antes, Philip Joseph, '02 
Anthony, Lena Etta, '01 
Arbogast, Hoye John, '05 
Arbuckle, Georgia Anna, '85 
Archard, J. W., '91 (Omaha) 
Archibald, Pearl Merriam, '06 
Arends, Lucia M.. '10 

James Mortimer, '04 
John Ray, '09 
R. B., '94 (Omaha) 
Arnholt, Milton F.. '09, '11 

Benjamin C, '81 
Bion Joseph (Hon.), '97 
Elmer William, '07 
Eva Laura, '09 
Helen Candace, '06 
Ralph Lee, '10 
Mrs. W. A. (Neidhart), '01 
Arnot, Pearle, '10 
Aron, Albert William, '07, '08 
Ashby, Robert Childers, '08 
Ashford, Mrs. Geo. (McLaugh- 
lin), '01 
Asthalter, Robert Charles, '03 
Atchison, Maurice Clifford, '02 
Athen, Nellie Olin, '04 

Mrs. H. M. (Irwin), '79, '98 
Ira E., '87 (Omaha) 
Maude, '97 


Atwood, Calvin Parmele, '00 

Aughey, Helen Barbary, '89 

Aulgur, Susie, '97 

Auman, Martha Theodora, '98 

Austin, Blanch May, '09 

Avery, Samuel, '92, '94 


William, '98 

Mrs. William (Burrows), 

Emily Martha, '08 

Evelyn Susie, '08 
Ayres, James A., '10 

Leon Emmons, '00 

Homer Elhanan, '10 
Babcock, George Ira, '94, '97 
Babson, Mrs. G., Jr. (Talbot), 

Backus, Albert, '00 
Bacon, Minor Seymour, '01 
Badger, Mary Belle, '11 
Bagley, Mrs. W. C. (Winger), 


Esther, '10 

Rupert H., '10 

Wayland, '78 
Bain, Helen Arzilla, '94 

Claire James, '02 

Edgar Allison, '00 

Herbert Willis, '09, '10 

Earl Aaron, '04 

Edyth Estelle, '08 

Fannie Anna, '91, '97 

Fern Samuel, '03 

Ivan Franklin, '09 

James Edgar, '01 

James Watson, '95 

LeRoy Nelson, '07 

Lewis Wittmann, '10 

Mary Leona, '10 

Milan Daniel, '05 

Raymond Servius, '97, '98, 

William Wallace, '00 


Arno Albert, '11 

Frederick Arthur, '04 
Balderson, Jacob August, '11 
Baldwin, Charles W., '86 
Ball, Jesse Winecoffe, '07 

Clara May, '03 

Fred, '05, '07 

William Joseph, '06 
Ballenger, Harvey Leigh, '10 
Balsley, Josephine Glenalvin» 

'01, '64 
Bandy, Mrs. (Wurts), '04 

Edgar David, '98, '07 

Mrs. E. D. (Packard), '00 

Susan Mills, '05 
Bankson, Henrietta, '05 
Banta, Cora A, '81 

Charles Elijah, '98 

Charles Emory, '04, '05 

Harry Gardner, '93, '95 

Jennie May, '98 

Vergil Cassius, '98 
Barbour, Eleanor, '10 
Bardwell, May Nobel, 08, '09- 
Barger, Vera Viola, '11 

Blanche Lucill'e, '11 

Earl Caswell, '11 

Franklin Davis, '10 

Percy Bonsfield, '08, '0& 

James A., '92 

Mrs. J. A. (Gerrard), '96 

Thomas H., '94 

Oscard Leonard, '08 

Mrs. O. L. '09 (Hallowell). 
'08, '09 

Ruby, '09 

Alfred Kimball, '02 

Guy Washington, '01 

John Beaumont, '96 

Mrs. N. H. (Whitmore), '08 


Barney, Marie Gertrude, '06 
Barnhart, Susan Mills, '05 


Frank M., '02 (Omaha) 

Ruby Elizabeth, '11 

Viola Florence, '09, '10 

Clinton Marion, '03 

Mrs. H. W. (Tillotson), '08 

Norman Burton, '93 
Barratt, Prudence Lucy, '02 
Barre, Henry Walter, '07, '10 


Arthur West, '95 

Dexter Theodore, '09 

Ella May, '11 

Frances Leroy, '09 

Grace Mary, '88 

Hovey Paine, '88 

Jay Amos, '88, '90 

Mrs. Walter (Trumble), '015 


Pleasant Jefferson, '98 

Mrs. P. J. (Athen), '04 

Thos. E., '92 (Omaha) 
Barrons, Mrs. J. (Axtell), 


David Parnell, '95 

Frank Walter, '00, '01 

John Hugh, '93 

Joseph David, '03 
Barta, BYank A., '06 
Bartlet, Mrs. Robt. O. (Ab- 
bott) '00 
Bartlett, Arthur Leslie, '03 

Beth Pearl, '11 

FVank A., '95 

Jessie Dora, '07 


Frank Willaim, '00 

Stanley, '07 
Bassett, Martha Lucia, '97 
Basu, Satis Chandra, '09 

Bates i 

Carlos Glazier, '07 
Fred John, '02 
Luke Manning, '99 
Merton Ong, '11 
Ross Waldo, '09 
Ruth Mary, '10 
Batholomew, Geo. F., '02 

Batie, Vernon Claude, '02 
Battan, Roy, '07 
Batterson, Julia Harriett, '01 
Batty, Alice Mercy, '09 
Baugh, William Hardin, '00 
Baughman, George Henry, '89 
Baumann, Henry Otto, '10 
Baumert, William Miller, '05 
Bay. Herbert Whitehouse, '06 

Charles William, '99 
Frederick E., '94 (Omaha) 
Beams, Annie Jean, '03 
Bean, Charles Homer, '99 

Hal Trumann, '99 
Mrs. H. T. (Blandin), '02 
Beardsley, Joe Penfield, '95 

Daniel W., '97 (Omaha) 
Ethel Blanche, '98 
John Ray, '99 (Omaha) 
Mabelle Benton, '04 
Merle Margaret, '06 
■Rolla Kent, '96, '98 
Beatty, Albert Edward. '08 
Beavers, Mrs. C. C. (Wood- 
ring), '06 

Frederick Louis, '02 
Mrs. John (Malick), '07 
Beckenhauser, Charles. '99 
Becker, Arthur Frederick, '04 
Beckman, John Henry, Jr., 

'95, '08, 
Beckord, Henry Georg'e, '11 
Bedell, Carl Ensley, '00 

Christine, '03 

James Edmund, '07, '10 


Bednar — Concluded. 

Mrs. James E. (Daughters), 

Julia, '06 
Bedwell, Mary E16anor, '06 

Jesse Bradford, '94 and '96 

Mittie Mabel, '11 
Beekly, Lulu Fay, '10 
Beeler, Fenna Caroline. '11 

Frank Russell, '05 

Mrs. F, R. (Grimison), '05 

Jessie Gretchen, '11 

Karl Duffleld, '08 

Maxwell Vance, '09 
Begley, James Thomas, '06 
Behle, Lillie Ida Bell, '11 

Chester Logan, '07 

Mrs. Chester L. (Howard), 

Oliver Willie, '98 

Mrs. A. M. (Forbes), '03 

Albert Thomas, '98 

Clark E., '04 

Mrs. C. E. (Muir), '05 

David Reese, '85 

Dwight Day, '09, '11 

Herbert O., '09 

James Hays, '02 

Luella, '95 

Marion Cinderella, '04 

Paul Thomas, '08 

Percival Howell, '11 

Ruth Ellen, '06 
Bellatti, Annie, '10 
Bellinger, Smith W., '04 
Belnap, LaMonte Judson, '98 
Benda, Theodore, '08 
Bender, John Rhinold, '05 

Amy Clestia, '88 

Bruce Willet, '01 

George Arthur, '99 

Harris Miller, '96, '97 

Maurice Abbott, '06 

Carolina, '03 

Ida Albertina, '03 

Nels August, '07, '08 
Bening, John Frederick, '04 
Benjamin, William Edward, 


Charles Abel, '11 

Mrs. Charles B. (Hitch- 
cock), '85 

Claudius Edmund, '09 

Edith Grace, '03 

John, '99 

Lillian Mae, '06 
Bennie, Andrew, '85 

Charles Emile, '11 

Harry William, '03 

Mrs. Ellen Hart, '96 

Isaac Madison, '95 

Rufus Clarence, '94, '95 

Mrs. R. C. (Ellen Hart), '96 

Edward Henry, '01 

Howard George, '11 

Matilda Lovisa, '05, *07 
Berge, Frederick Othello, '99 

Delia, '09 

Edmond B., '12 

Harold Bertrid, '08 

Mrs. H. B. (Holcomb), '09 
Bergren, Oscar Albert, '07 
Berggren, Joseph Frederick, 


Charles Clinton, '10 

Clarence J., '04 

Cora May, '08 

Mrs. C. J. (Meier), '03 
Bernstein, Sadie, '07 
Berquist, Wm. Gerhardt, '11 

Elmer, '01 

Frederick Samuel, '03 

John Robert, '02 



Carl Athearn, '97, '99 
Edward Athearn, '96, '98 
Ernst Athearn, '96, '97, '98 
Mrs. E. A. (Higgins), '01 

Betts, Annie Marie, '98 

Betz, W. H., '00 (Omaha) 

Bickford, Roy, '04 

Bierman, Theodore H., '11 


Anson Harding, '87 
Charles Wesley, '89, '98 
Mrs. C. W. (Tower), '89 
Mrs. Clifford (King), '04 
Jessie Florence, '95 
Myron Isidore, '89 
Mrs. M. I. (Mockett), '90 

Bigger, Ira Samuel, '09 

Biggerstaff, George Wads- 
worth, '01 

Biles, Jessie, '11 


Arthur William, '05 
Mary Ellen, '07 

Bills, Breta, '11 

Birdsall, Frances Alice, '99 

Birge, Alice Miranda, '11 

Blrkby, Maude, '11 

Birken, William Joseph, '02, 


Arthur Alfon, '98, '00 
George Hugo Joseph, '11 

Bisgard, James A., '94 

Earl Stephen, '11 
Edward Charles, '09 
Frank Elmer, '91, '93 
Loren LeRoy, '10 
William George, '00, '09 

Bixby, James Edson, '01 

Bjorkman, George, '05 (Oma- 


Emil Claudius, '03 
Sherman Eugene,' 04, '06 

Blackman, Julian Raymond, 

Blackstone, George Blanch- 

ard, '12 

Carroll White, '08 

Charles Cennial, '01 

Jane May. '06 

William H., '10 
Bland, William Franklin, '03 
Blandin, Elsie Mae, '02 
Blauser, Clafis Leon Eli, '96 
Blezek, John W., '05 
Blickenderfer, James, '87 

Blish, Morris Joslin, '12 

Conner Vergil, '04 

Elmer Franklyn, '02 

Rodney Waldo. '01 
Blodgett, Rachael Nellie, 'II 
Blomenkamp, John Henry, '09 
Blue, Abner, '07 
Bobbltt, Charles Everett, '98 
Bocken, Herman, '11 
Bockes, Thomas Willis, '08 
Boese, Rosa Marguerite, '03 
Boggs, Charles Sumner, '84 
Bohannan, Chas. Dudley, '10 

Mrs. C. D. (Rutledge), '10 
Bolding, William R., '84 
Bolibaugh, Charles Godfrey. 

^f Hen, Floyd Loomis, '06 
Bollenbach. Adolph, '99 
Bolles, Charles Milton, '06 
Bolinger, Hugh J., '11 
Bomgardner, Gertrude Eva, 


Daisy Frow, '99 

Ida, '91 

Jennie Constance, '89 

Joseph Francis, '99 

Walter Lloyd, '99 

Emma Jane, '96 

Florence Lillian, '03 


Boose — Concluded. 

John Henry. '99 

Mrs. J. H. (Farnham, '98 

William Rudolph, '99 
Boostrom, Emil August, '02, 

Bordner. Evan Guy, '08 
Borg, Charles Theodore, '04, 

Borora, S. C, '97 (Omaha) 

George L., '07 

Mrs. G. L. (Parks), '02, '07 
Bortis, Winifred Anna, '04 
Boslaugh, Paul, '03 

Harry D., '10 

James Henry, '01 
Bothwell, Ella May, '06 
Botsford, George Willis, '84, 

Boue, Edward Martin, '09 
Boughn, Cecil Raymond, '01 

Arthur Burdett, '09 

Rosa, '91, '93 
Bovee, William James, '04 

Abba Willard, '04 

Earl Edwin, '08 

Oran Rishel, '04 
Bowers, Emily Katzenbach, 


Charles Edward, '01 

Henry Lee. '05 

Mrs. H. L. (Wallace), '00 

John Hudson, '06 

Mary, '07 

Mrs. E. K. (Scofleld), '06 

Oscar Rufus, '94 
Bowne, Elizabeth Lippincott, 

Boyce, John Shaw, '11 
Boyden, Henry Blakeslee, '09 
Boyle, James Ernest, '00 
Boylen, Terence Tracy, '02 
Boys, Asa Thompson, '00 

Bozarth, Walter Nelson, '10 

Edith Minerva, '91 

Louise Kingsley, '07 
Bracelen, Charles Michael, '02 
Brach, Eva Charlotte, '06 

Elmer Eugene, '01 

Mrs. E. E. (Guile), '03 
Bradford, Harry Elwyn, '04 
Bradt. Fletcher Hale, '96 
Brain, John Bell, '11 
Brainard, Charles L., '77 
Bratt, Nell Edith, '08 
Bratton, Lester George, '11 

Harriet Louise, '04 

Mary Emma, '02 

Bessie May, '10 

Elizabeth, '05 
Brethouwer, Berend J., '10 
Brew, Fred Hiram, '01 
Brewer, Albert David, '98 

F. A., '0(J (Omaha) 

Imogene, '07 

Rose Blanche, '05 

Abbie, '05 

Frank Joseph, '04 

Paul Antonius, '01 

John S., '81 

Nelle, '08 

Ernest Lee, '04 

Grace Irene, '95, '07 

Laura Belle, '99 
Bridges, Edson L., '96 (Oma- 
Bridgeland, Mrs. Laura (Wha- 

ley), '94 

Arch Lee, '11 

Edward Maurice, '04 

Mrs. E. M. (Morgan), '00 


Briggs — Concluded. 

Florah May, '07 
Brigham, Erie Winfield, '06 
Bristol, Minnie Catherine, '08 
Brittell, Oley Alphonso, '00 
Britton. James Andrew, '99 

Anna, '97 

Grace, '99 

Je'fferson Hoover, '04 

Joyce, '07 
Brockway, Paul Lemon, '05 
Brodahl, Oscar Nelson, '09 
Broderson, Henry John, '09 
Brodrick, Carl Alexander, '10 
Bronn, Fred William, '00 

William Ellsworth, '92. '96 

Mrs. William E. (Langer), 
Brooke, Irving Emerson, '03 

Alice, '03 

Frank, '06 

Elarl Brisbin, '01 

George Wainwright, '02 

Alice Heywood, '98 

Philip Fits, '03 
Brower, Mary Letitia, '08 

Allan La Rue, '99 

Andrew Dobbie, '10 

Arthur, '03 

Benjamin Alonzo, '11 

Bessie Belle, '03 

Bessie Kent, '99 

Charles Thomas, '92 

Clinton Mahlon, '10 

Mrs. C. T. (Chapman), '83 

Cyrus Oscar, '97 

Edward John Frederick, '00 

Edward Provost, '92 

Edwin Lewis, '00 

EHmer Wilson, '95 

Frank, '94, '95, '97 

Mrs. G. B. (Hooper), '06 

George F^tch, '04 

James Arthur, '98 

Brown — Concluded. 

Mary-Ellen, '11 

Mary Elvena, '08 

Mortimer Jay, '05 

Orlo, '99 

Ralph Davis, '01 

William John, '94 

William Talmage, '91 
Browne, Thorne Aseph, '07 
Brubaker, Harvey Austin, '07 

Mrs. C. O. (Pentzer), '99 

John August, '03 
Bruckman, Charles Edward, 


Mathilde Elizabeth, '10 

Theophie, '92 

Amy Celeste, '96 

Frank G., '03 

Mrs. P. G. (Weldy), '03 

Lawrence (Hon.) 
Brusch, Edward Lewis, '06 

Charles Hugh, '04 

Edna Elizabeth, '10 
Bryant, Clara Louise, '96 

Mrs. Glenn (Roper), '04 
Buchan, Arlene Alice, '08 

I^ura Pinley, '06 

William Ryburn, '04 

Ralph Joseph, '03 

Samuel Rea, '08 

Willis Enoch, '85 
Buckley, Newton Earle, '03 

Elijah D., '84 

Emory Roy, '04 
Buckstaff, Frank, '03 
Buddenburg, Elfrida C, '10 

Frank Chesterfield, '08 

Lee Paris, '02 
Buis, John, '05, '07 
Bulla, Roland Stanton, '93 
Bullard, Charles Elmer, '02 
Buller, Jacob P., '11 



Edna Dean, '89 

Flora, '97, '99 

Laura Geneva, '04 

Theodore Tunison, '11 
Bunce, Grace, '09 
Bunker, Charles Waite, '01 
Bunt, Jane Alton, '06 
Bunting, Arthur Maury, '10 

Edward Martin, '09 

George, '10 
Burch, Newton Dexter, '98 
Burdick, Harry E., '99 (Oma- 

George, Jr., '98 

Mrs. George (Woodward), 
Burgess, F. D., '88 (Omaha) 

Allen Gilmour, '02 

Prank Charles, '11 

Joseph Patrick, '11 

Marguerette Rose, '09 

Elmer Jacob, '93, '95 

Horace Edward, '00 

Charles Rogy, '06 

Levi Milville, '10 
Burks, Martha Frances, '95 

James Rensalaer, '99, '00 

AVilliam Henry, '10 
Burlingame, Nettie Laura. '04 
Burnett, Lyman Crane, '03 

Mrs. L. C. (Hensel), '01 
Burnham, Frank Asabel, '09. 


Abble Cornelia, '93 

Mrs. R. A. (Youngers), '04 

Alfred Ernest, '10 

Frank Daniel, '02 

Marshall De Forest, '99 

William Wesley, '06 

Burris, Roselie O., '10 
Burritt, Esther Mosher, '11 

Lucinda Walker, '00 

Tremaine Kellogg, '97 

Barbara, '00 

Roy Clark, '08 
Bush, Harold Dyer, '98 
Busk, Myrtle Elizabeth, '11 

Charlotte M., '10 

Ora E., '10 
Butchart, Geo. N., '95 

Butcher, Thomas Albert, '09 

Albert, '96 (Omaha) 

Ben Franklin, '07 

Bessie Josephine, '01 

Edith Marian, '06 

Florence, '09 

Paul Revere, '07 
Buxton, Walter Henry, '10 
Byam, Irene Bell, '97 
Byerts, Wm. E., '10 
Cady, Adnelle Lovila, '03 

Harry Neal, '11 

William James, '03 

William Morley, '94 

Howard Walter, '80, '94 

Katherine M., '10 
Calhoun, Erma Ir'ene, '11 F. C. (Pierce), '99 
Calkins, Clifford Warren, '09 
Calloway, Edmund James, '02 
Calvert, William Robert, '04 
Camack, Edwin, '94 

Janet Grey, '11 

John Peter, '97 

Glen Roy, '07 
Camp, Georgia, '97 

Mrs. M. A. (Wood), '05 




Belle Melvina, '09 

Charles William, '07, '10 

Clinton Jesse, '05 

Ira Elgin, '02 

Mrs. J. A. (West), '04 

Jesse James, '86 

Mary Randolph, '86, '95 

Robert Archibald, '98 

Robert E., '10 

Roscoe C, '04 

Sample Crawford, '02 

Stuart A., '98 (Omaha) 

Albert Luther, '98 

Albert McCain, '09 
Canfield, James Albert, '98 
Canine, Thomas Clay, '86 
Cannell, Ellen Elizabeth, '10 
Capell, Clarence Swift, '00 
Capps, Earl Vanhise, '99 
Carey, Patrick James, '03 
Carlile, Amos W., '02 
Carlberg, Roy, '09 
Carlson, John Magnus, '96 

Bertha, '05 

Samuel Gray, '09 
Carpenter, Allen Fuller, '09 

Claude John, '02 

John, '97 
Carriker. Marie K., '10 
Carroll, James (Hon) 
Carscadden, Edna Blanche, 

Carson, Harry R., '10 

Alfred Ellsworth, '04 
Clifton, '02 
Mary A., '78 
Cartmel, William Bell, '02 
Cary, Horace ackson, '10 

B. S., '95 (Omaha) 
Frances Georgina, '97 
Mary Caroline, '85 
Minnie Caroline, '02 

Case — Concluded. 

William Merriit, '03, '05 

Mrs. W. M. (Glover), '03 
Casebeer, Clarence Edmund, 

Casey, Evangeline Anne, '07 
Cass, Mrs. Royce (Mcintosh), 

Cassady, Ralph Sears, '05 
Castor, George Mitchell, '96 

Mrs. Ruth Evans, '09 

Jay Howard, '09 

Mrs. R. C. (Schaper), '03 

Willa, '95 

Clifford Norman, '03 

Warren Benjamin, '03 
Cattle, Robert Turner, '11 
Cauger, Maude Estelle, '08 
Caughey, Lois Etnelyn, '04 
Chalmer, Clinton, '10 
Chaikin, Annis Sarah, '08, '10 
Chain, Frank LeRoy, '05 
Chaloupka, Wm. F., '10 
Chamberlain, May, '94, '98 

Lillian Almeda, '09 

Oliver, '03 
Chandler, Charles DeLong, *92 

Josie E., '83 

Pike Wooster, '93 

Wm. H., '02 (Omaha) 

Martha Ellen, '99 

Rena Jane, '01 

Thomas Edward, '91 

Albert Tutton, '09 

Cecil Floyd, '08 

Delilah Ruby, '08 

Albert LaMont, '03 
Carl Fred, '10 
Champion Clement, '83 
Champion S. (Hon.) 
Mrs. C. M. (Harwood), '96 



Chase — Concluded. 

DeWitt Clinton, '06 

Leon Wilson, '04 

Mrs. L.'W. (Barnhart), '05 
Chatburn, George Richard, 

'84, '97 
Gilbert Ward, '07 

LiUke Henry, '87 

Robert Lee, '95 

Mrs. Robert L. (Wilkinson), 
Cherny, Joseph Ernest, '02 
Cherrington, Ben Mark, '11 

Charles LeRoy, '08 

Edward LeGrande, '08 
Child, Annie Christine, '90 
Childs, R. P., '97 (Omaha) 

James Wallace, '96 

Mrs. J. W. (Aulgur), '97 
Chrisler, Vivian LeRoy, '08, 


Christian Jensen, '00, '02 

M. C, '92 (Omaha) 

Burton Whitford, '99 

B. W., '02 (Omaha) 

Ralph Conklin, '07, '09 
Christophelsmeier, Carl 

Henry, '99 
Christy, Edgar, '04, '05, '07 
Church, Anna, '00 
Churchill, Edmund John ,'85 
Clancy, Phillip Windsor, '11 

Charles Willard, '02 

Hugh Elton, '02 

Robert Acker, '93 

Anderson William, '05 

Beatrice Virginia, '07 

Ben Maurice, '05 

Charles Abner, '08 

Edgar Harlan, '99, '01 

Clark — Concluded. 

Ellen Elizabeth, '06 

Esther Ann, '97 

Grace Marcia, '07 

Herbert Anthony, '05 

Ira Joseph, '05 

James Alfred, '06 

Mrs. J. A. (Long), '07 

Mrs. J. E. (McLennan), '03 

Jesse Maynard, '10 

John Davidson, '05 

John Levi, '05 

Lucy May, '03 

Mildred Fuller, '04 

Myra Elizabeth, '89 

Nellie, '98 (Omaha) 

Nellie May, '95 

Oscar Bird, '10 

Paul Fenimore, '87, '98 

Rose Bertha, '04 

Ruby Geneva, '10 

Shiles Ernest, '04 

Wallace Burton, '95 

Willard LeRoy, '05 
Clason, Horace Stillman, '92 
Clearman, Mona Lois, '11 
Cleary, John Leo, '02 
Clelland, Jesse Burinton, '99 

Frederick E., '94, '96, '98 

Mrs. F. B. (Schwartz), '98, 
Cleveland, Mabel Remington, 

Clift, Mrs. C. D. (Rosa), '00 

James Alexander, '10 

Martha, '06 
Clinton, Samuel Dexter, '02 
Closson, Oda Zoe, '98 
Clough, Ray Frederick, '01 

Frank John, '03 

Ralph George, '11 
Coats, Albert James, '05 
Cobb, Elliott Cunningham, '10 
Cobb'ey, Mrs. Chas. (Snyder), 




John Wesley, '95 

LeRoy Edwin, '05 

Mrs. L. E. (Gould), '08 

Robert LeRoy, '10 

Nellie Shreves, '93 

William Sampson, '94 

Minnie E., '83 

Roy George, '88 

Mrs. R. G. (Benedict), '88 
Codington, Waring Lafayette, 

Coffin, C. E., '89 (Omaha) 

Jennings, '86 

Marshall, '01 
Cohn, Frederic, '07 

Allyn, '09 

Cyrus Lester, '06 

Edna Ellen, '08 

Fannie Louise, '01 

Lillian Bell, '07 

Viva Victoria, '06 

Beach, '97 

Wm. Earl. '10 
Collett, Austin John, '00 

George H. (Hon.) 

Nelson Martin, '11 

Frederick William, '89 

Rose Elizabeth, '91 

Sidney Morrison, '11 

Alice Eliza, '10 

Charles Herrick, '01 

Nellie Jane, '96 

Ada Delia, '03 

Mrs. W. B. (Spurck), '97 
Condit, Delia Florence, '02 
Condra, George Evert, '97, 

'98, '02 
Congdon, Allan Ray, '99 

Conkling, Fannie Riggs, '10 
Conner, Myra A., '10 
Constancer, Julia Gregg, '05 

Carrie Monimia, '99 

Clifton, Louis, '97 

Margaret Elsie, '03 

Ada Ruth, '05 

Alfred Lafayette, '95 

Caroline Eugenia, '03 

Florence Elizabeth, '03 

Frank Farley, '96 

Grace Elizabeth, '00 

Mrs. H. J. (Barbour), '10 

Jessie May, '08 

Joseph Chester, '95 

Mrs. L. A. (Farrand), '00 

Mary Elizabeth, '10 

Myra May, '10 

Samuel Richard, '98 
Cooke, Harriet Mossman, '99 


Frederick Curtis, '98 

Mortimer Elwyn (Hon.) 

Gertrude Lorella, '11 

Sheldon Blaine, '09 
Coons, George Herbert, '11 

A. H. '02 (Omaha) 

Clyde Barnes, '97 

Eva Merle, '05 

Lucile Maud, '08 

Theodore Reynolds, '08 
Coopersmith, Samuel, '12 

Fred Smith, '08 

Mrs. P. S. (Tedd), '09 

Leon L., '01 
Coppock, Grace Lydia, '05 
Corbin, Jennie Bell, '99 
Corder, Anna Grace, '05 

Charles Waterman, '92, '95 

Merton Le Roy, '07 

Stephen Jared, '98 
Corlett, George Milton, '04 



Cornelius, Milton Eugene, '07, 


Clare Brown, '05 

Mrs. H. E. (Casey), '07 

Odyne O., '10 

Mrs. Jas. (Wiggins), '00 

Rachel, '98, '06 

Ray Thomas, '05 

John Van Zandt, '97, '01 

Mrs. J. V. (Rushton), '00 

Spencer VanZandt, '02 
Cosgrove, Cornelius Burton, 

Costelloe, Martin Francis 

Paul, '06 
Cottle, Lewis Emery, '01, '02 
Coulter, Harral Wheeler, '11 
Coupe, James Francis, '09 
Covell, Herbert Edson, '94, '95 

Charles Frederick, '04 

George Franklin, '08 
Cowgill, Guy Milton, '02 

Mrs. Guy (McCoid), '09 

Harvey Warren, '()6 

Leola Carrie, '08 

Samuel David, '80 
Crabill, Anzil Burnett, '06 
Crab tree 

Clara Mae, '03 

David Washington. '95 

James William, '09 (Hon.) 

Charles Playford, '03, '04 

Mrs. C. P. (Hoefer), '06 

W. T., '02 (Omaha) 
Crago, Alfred, '05 

Clara Louise, '03 

Edith Lillian, '04 

Hugh Wise, '07 

Arthur Benjamin, '08 

Edgar Myron, '99 
Cramer, Mabel, '07 

Crandall, Harry Eugene, '02 
Crane, Calvin Orrin, '03 

Andrew, '88 (Omaha) 

Donald Alexander, '02 

Frank Elmer, '03 

Mary, '07 
Creigh, Thomas, '97 
Crewitt, Mrs. Julia Sumner, 

Crissey, Theron Wilmot, '93 

Edwin Darling, '06 

Frederick Augustus, '09 

George, '11 

Lloyd Oscar, '06 
Cromwell, Mrs. W. O. (Lee), 

Cronin, Neil Michael, '04 

Guy A., '08 

Zeno E., '97, '99 

Mrs. Zeno (Stanton), '97, 
Crooks, William Clijff, '03 
Cropp, Mrs. Carl (Vaughn), 

Cropsey, Cora Caldwell. '98 

Mainard Elery, '08 

Mrs. M. E. (Berkey), '08 

Charles Conoly, '00 

Howison, '04 
Crownover, Charles Elmer, '97 
Culbertson, Harvey, '76 
Cullen. Peter Cavin. '05 
Cully, Jessie Margaret, '11 

Bion H., '83 

Eugene Lewis, '04 

Verne Alonzo, '09 

Vere Sanford, '10 
Cummings, Hershel Benoni, 

Cummins, E. D., '89 (Omaha) 

Harry, '97 (Omaha) 

Jesse, '06 



Cunningham — Concluded 

Marion Otho, '98 

Ross, '09 
Currie, Keo, '08 

Edwin Lovejoy, '12 

Henry Charles, '09 

Mrs. Edwin (Hansen), '07 

Herbert James, '10 

J. M., '94 (Omaha) 

Randall Fuller, '12 
Cusack, Harry Christopher, 


Mrs. Alexander (Gregory), 

Fred Appleton. '02 

Mrs. F. A. (Macomber), '02 

Clinton Robert, '02 

Lucy Sarah, '02 

Mabel Edith. '98 

Royal Melvin, '98 
Cutshall, Lewis Alexander, 


Frances Elizabeth, '05 

Irving Samuel, '98, '10 
Cutts, Lina Frater, '00 
Dahl. Leonara Henriette, '99, 


Philip Marshall, '11 

Raymond Elmer, '06 

Benton, '97, '99 

James Stuart, '73, '76 
Daley, Sarah Kyle, '87 
Dallas, James Andrews, '07 
Dalton, Laura Irene, '11 
Daily, Hugh Bernard, '98 
Damon, Corris Mabel, '04 
Danielson, Oscar Alfred, '00 
Danley, Ernest Everett, '11 
Dann, A. W., '10 
Darby, Joseph McKinais, '02 


Mae, '06 

Vera Sara, '07 
Darrow, Mrs. Frank (Davis), 

Dasenbrock, John Diedrich, 

'02, '06 

Brittania R., '05 

Milo Reason, '05, '09 
Davenport, Erwin Roland, '98 

Adrian Hight, '08 

Mrs. G. W. (Loomis), '03 

Lilah Velona, '09 

Jay Brownlee, '04 

Nelson Mansfield, '99 

Thomas Anselm, '93 

William M. (Hon.) 

Autumn, '05, '06 

Mrs. C. H (Judkins), '95 

George Andrew, '98 

J. F., '93 (Omaha) 

Josiah Shaftesbury, '03 

Mary Emily, '04 

Alfred Henry, '99 

Alice, '07 

Amos Alton, '00 

Bryon Bennett, '82, '84 

Mrs. B. B. (Myers), '86 

Charles Lester, '00 

Claude Asa, '06 

Clyde Lindsly, '06 

David Milton, '97 

Earl Harrison, '12 

Edgar Franklin, '04 

Edwin Greene, '09 

Ellery Lothrop, '07 

Elmer Orville, '05 

Ellsworth Morris, '08 

Emma Jane, '85 

Ernest Everett, '11 

Eunice, '05 



Davis — Concluded. 

Florence Emma, '11 

Gordon Edward, '10 

Guy Russell, '12 

Helen Bissing, '11 

Herbert William, Jr., '01 

Homer, '00 (Omaha) 

Margaret, '01 

Mary Myrtle, '02 

Mary Vincent, '99 

Nora Monterey, '06 

Orin Abram, '00 

Searl S., '09 

Thomas Brandenburg, '06 

William Fletcher, '99 

William Lloyd, '08 
Davison Willard Alton, '10 
Davis son 

Albert Eugene, '98 

Estelle Mae, '96 
Dawe, Margaret Estes, '04 

Carrie, '98 

Elsie, '08, '10 

Helen Grace, '09 

Lemuel Clarence, '96 

Vincent Alpheus, '06 

Mrs. W. D. (Jenkins), '07 

Warren French, '06 

Mrs. W. F. (Robbins), '07 
Davton. Mabel Alice, '04 

Mrs. V. L. (Trester), '00 
Deal, Alva Laurence, '98, '01 

Mrs. D. O. (Meier), '03 

Herbert Eugene, '98 

Nellie Leota, '97, '01 

Willis W., '95 (Omaha) 

Deane, ]Mrs. Emma (Full- 
er), '97 
Deary, William Arthur, '95, 

Debler, Bruno Erdman, '07 
DeCamp, Mrs. William H. 

(Hevritt). '98 
Decatur, Charles Edward, Jr., 

DeKalb, Henry Leonard, '02 
Decker, Jay C, '04 


Florence, '08 

George Louis, '07 
Delatour, Eugene, '05 
Dellecker, Zola Nancy, '07 

Elva, '00 

Mable Blythe, '98 

Roy Paxson, '04 
Denio, Mrs. Ralph (Castor), 

Denison, John Delos, '98 

Frank EJarl, '06 

Mrs. F. E. (Pillsbury), '06 

Glaideth Gainevere, '08 

Grace D., '07 

Lloyd, '08 

May, '03 
DePue, Minerva Harvey, '92 
DePutron, Mrs. Ray (Hol- 
land), '05 
Deutsch, Mrs. Maurice 

(Schwab), '91 

Leroy Alfred, '03 

Robert W., '09 
DeVore, Minnie Mary, '08 
Devries, J. S., '88 (Omaha) 

Fred Milo, '02 

Mrs. F. M. (Towne), '05 

Julia Blanche, '06 
DeYoung, Dirk P., '07 

Frank, '11 

John William, '04 

Joseph, '07 

Mrs. W. (Erisman), '02 
Diehl, Maybelle Edith, '05 
Dietz, C. F., '97 (Omaha) 
Dille, Thomas Andrew, '95 
Dillon, Benjamin Franklin, '94 
Dimery, Martin Woodford, '01 

Francis Elmer. '11 

Harriet Alden, '00 

Susan Belle, '10, '04 



Dion, May Delima, '10 
Dirks, Carl William, '02 
Ditterline, Ezra, '12 

Howard Emerson, '11 

John Watson, '94, '96 
Dixson, Wm. C, '92 (Omaha) 
Doane, Bert Lee, '02 
Dobbs, Stewart Piper, '09, '11 
Dobler, George Francis, '03 
Dobry, Charles Wesley, '11 

Arthur Allan, '11 

William Hodge, '09 
Dodd, Edward Francis, '87 
Dodge, R. A., '01 (Omaha) 
Dohner, Florence Lyman, '11 
Dolan, Ollie Margaret, '05 
Doll, 'George Alfence, '10 
Donelson, Florence Louvinia, 

Donohue, Patrick Joseph, '03 
Doran, Charles Edmund, '99 
Dormann, FYed, '01 
Dorr, Mrs. S. G. (Banta), '81 
Dorris, Mrs. A. H. (Harris). 

Dort, Charles Lloyd, '08 
Dorwart, Helen Rebecca, '01 
Doubrava, Harry Wilfred, '97 


Mrs. Cora K (White), '88 

John Columbus, '03 

Robert Aldrich, '01 

Sarah Lucinda, '03 

Thomas Eaton, '96 

Judson Benjamin, '01 

Lynn Hutchison, '11 

Mai Field, '06 

Martha M., '09 

Oscar, '02 

Mrs. R. W. (MacFarland), 

W. J., '00 (Omaha) 
Dovey, Claire Jane, '07 
Downes, Nate Worswic, '07 

Doyle — Concluded. 

Katherine Clopton, '09 

Kathleen Remine, '10 
Drain, Dale David, '07 

Edwin David, '09 

EUet Bradley, '09 

Fannie Adrienne, '06 

Nellie Boyd, '11 
Dress, Henry Edwin (Hon.) 
Drew, Gerald M., '02 
DriscoU, Dean, '07 
Dross, Henry Edwin, '10 
Druliner, Ross Dey, '01 
Druse, Dott M., '02 
DuBois, Ada, '98 

Estella Emma, '95 

William Lyon, '97 

Mrs. William L (Wheeler), 

Edgar S. (Hon.) 

George Wilford, '02 
Duer, Charles Bedford, '0< 
Dufur, Jessie Fae, '11 
Duff. John Alfred, '01 
Dugdale, Allison Harold, '11 
Duggan, Marie Margaret, '08 

Bess Inez, '04 

Raymond Ebersole, '06 

James Floyd. '03 

Mrs. (Westcott), '05 
Duncanson, Henry Bruce, '90, 

Buncombe, Frances Evaline, 


David R. (Hon.) 

Donald Clair, '02 

Jessie, '07 

Vernon Atwell, '10 
Dunn, Cooper Morrison, '08 

Josephine Lucia, '04 

Victor Hugo, '02 




Cora, '08 

Florence, '08 
Durland, Mrs. C. A. (Bray- 
ton), '04 
Durrell, Willis Gorton, '92 
Duryea, Joseph Tuthill (Hon.) 
Dutch, Mary Mabel, '07 

Florence, '11 

Frank Arthur, '10 
Duval, Harvey M., '02 
Dworak, Mayme, '09 
Dwyer, Roy Clark, '07 
Dye, Florence, '10 
Dysart, John Twinem, '01 

Earl Orkney, '07, '08 

Frank DeWitt, '93 
Eagelson, Ernest George, '89 
Earle, Peri Irene, '02 
Early, John Wesley, '07 
Easterday. Ruth Jennette, '09 
Eastman, Louise Cynthia, '08 

Byron Kerlin, '08 

Clayton Harold, '10 

Joseph Sylvester, '87 
Eatough, Grace, '09 
Eberly, Margaret Elmira, '09 
Eberstein, Conrad V., '99 
Ebert, Joseph Francis, '10 
Eby, Charles Daniel, '04 

Grace, '06 

William Raymond, '06 
Eckerson, Mrs, Ray (Kiessel- 

bach), '05 

Everett Henry, '87 

Hamlin Charles, '85 
Edgecomb, Tyler Mengel, '11 

Claude Wilber, '03 

Frank Eugene, '00 

James Edgar, '07 

Mrs. J. E. (Hutton), '06 


Arthur H., '09 

August Hjalmar (Hon.) 
Edholm, May Grace, '04 
Edmiston, Homer James, '92 
Edmonson, Gilbert M., '95 
Edmunds, Mrs. R. S. (Doyle), 


Anna Eliza, '94 

Ellis Lincoln, '10 

Hugh Robert, '04 

James Archibald, '04 

Lindsay Allen, '95 

Mary Grace, '94 

Odeth Branche, '05 
Egen Thekla Wilhelmine, '11 

Margaret Elsie, '03 

Otto Henry, '99 
Eggert, Mrs. A. E. (Aldrich), 

Ehlers, Caroline Marie, '08 
Eidem, Olaf, '99 
Elder, Jay Clinton, '07, '08 
Elledge, Grace May, '05 
Ellinger, Ralph Franklin, '01 

Alfred Orrin, '01 

Charles Addison, '95 

Clyde Ernest, '09 

Edward Charles, '95, '97 

Erl Benton, '11 

Mary Elizabeth, '09 

Newell James, '04 

Mrs. N. J. (Agee), '07 

Robert Dale, '99, '01 

Mrs. R. F. (Hammond), '01 

Bertha, '07 

Mrs. E. W. (Case), 02 

Inez, '03 

John Samuel, '02 

Mamie, '02 

Oscar Ashbury, '07 
Elmen, Gustaf Waldemar, 
'02, '04 



Elmgren, David Emmanuel, 


Clarence Jerome, '95, '96 

Wilber Theodore, '96, '97 

Myron Deronda, '03 

Thomas Hughes, '03 
Ely, William McLouth, '00 

A. G., '01 (Omaha) 
• Clarence, '06, '09 

Maud Effie, '06 

Rollins Adams, '97 
Emery, Vernon Judson, '90 
Empey, Ernest Sidney, '05 
EIngberg, Carl Christian, '95 

'97, '99 
Engel, Charles William, '03 

Minnie Troop, '06 

William Harry, '06 
Ensign, Alice Baird, '03 
Ensor, Neville Regina, '07 
Enyart, Burke Caesar. '07 
Epperson, Ambrose C, '92 
Erb, Carl Lee, '98 

Ethel Pearl, '04 

Flossy D., '07 

Mabel Clyde, '00 

Christine S., '03 

Alma Dorothea, '06 

Clara Almenda, '11 

David Leonard, '11 

Leonard William, '11 
Brismann, Geneva Bertha, '02 
Brnsberger, Iva Belle, '11 
Ernst, Flora Grace, '06, '09 
Erwin, Oliver Stewart, '97 

Louise, '08 

Susie Etta, '06, '08 
Eubank, Clarence Herbert, 


Alvin Eleazer, '98 

Camille Gans, '09 

Evans — Concluded. 

Clark Bentley, '11 

Frank Lindley, '01 

Grace Alice, '04 

Herbert Silas, '98 

Mrs. H. S. (Hiltner). '00 

Paul Whiting, '09 

Sidney Griffiths, '09 

Harry Harding, '06 

Mrs. H. H. (Hargreaves), 

John Paul, '03 

Oliver Walsworth, '05 
Everingham, Mrs H. D. (Ham- 
ilton), '01 

Louis Roberts, '00 

Robert Howard, '01 

Ada, '08 

Halle Laura, '11 

Mrs. Harry W. (Franklin), 

Mrs. O. Q. (Fawcett), '08 

Paul Albert, '07 
Exley, Charles Arthur, '04 

Herman Virgil, '02 

Mrs. H. V. (Failor), '02 

Olive Gilmore, '02 

Nora May, '06 

William Joseph, '03 
Fairfield, May B., '82 
Fairman. Fred Filo, '06 
Fall, Vera Adrienne, '09 
Fargo, Merchant Charles, '07 

Fayse Florence, '11 

Louis LaFlesche, '08 

Mrs. M. E. (Thorne), '00 

Edwin, '90 

Mortimer Howard, '85 

James Rogy, '03 

Mrs. James R. (Robison), 



Farnham, Jane Revilo, '98 


George Elmer, '04 

Jessie Snow, "06 

Minnie Sarah, '04 
Farquhar, Ralph Emerson, 

Farr, George Wilber, '96 
Farrand, Mary Abbie, '00 
Farwell, John Howe, '96 

Edwin Jerome, '06 

Mrs. E. J. (Meyer), '06 

Mary Ellen, '94 

Arsene, '01 

Emile, '99 
Faurot, Albert Alfred, '91, 


Mabel Jeannette, '10 

Ruby Cordelia, '09 
Favinger, Hubert Franklin, 


George Lorenzo, '05 

Ruth lone, '08 
Fay, Scott Stuart, '08 
Fee, Orville Jackson, '03 

Silas Calvin, '12 

Howard Calvin, '11 
Feldman, Daniel D., '99 

George Louis, '08 

John Arthur, '07 

David, '96 

James Molyneux, '03 

Janet Theresa, '05 

Olin Jerome, '03 

John Adams, '09 

Charles Sumner, '93 

Mamie Belle, '09 

Maude Susie, '00 


Allen W., '77, '85 

Mrs. A. W. (Fairfield), '82 

Allen W., Jr., '11 

Edith Caroline, '06 

Elizabeth Content, '93 

Ethel Content, '08, '09 

Georgia Baldwin, '07 

John Wesley, '11 

Kate, '11 

Susan Wilson, '01 

Flora, '99 

Orien Wesley, '89, '95 
Files, EUery Knapton, '10 
Filley, Horace Clyde, '03, '11 
Findley, Ray Hanson, '08 
Fink, Vera Cushman, '09 

Ethan Clyde, '01 

Goldene Delorous, '07 

Sylvia Imogene, '03 
Finney, Harvey S., '99 (Om- 
Finson, Wm., Lawrence, '01 

Cassius Asa, '98 

Cora Ellen, '86 

George Prank, '94 

James Tucker, '06 

Mrs. J. T. (Butler), '06 

Mabel Sarah, '06 
Fiske, Harold LaSalle, '10 

Zora Elizabeth, '12 

Mary Pearl, '08 

A. P., '95 (Omaha) 

A. v., '01 (Omaha) 

A. W., '02 (Omaha) 

George Agabus, '08, '09 
Fix, Mrs. Dr (Arbuckle), '85 
Flaherty, Dennis James, '97 
Flake, Wm. Edward, '09 

Harry Ernest, '07 

Leonard A., '04 
Flater, Charles Clarence, '95 



Fleck, Mrs. P. E. (Bell) '04 
Fleetwood, E J., '02 (Omaha) 

Bruce. '03 

Harry Cowles, '09 

Margaret Jane, '05 

Thomas Nicholas, '05 

William, '11 

Clarence Conrad, '91 

Mrs. E. C. (Walker), '98 

Graham, '09 

William Nelson, '89 
Flikkema, Garrette, '95 

Allen Clemence, '94. '98 

Mrs. A. C. (Hammond), '94, 

Mrs. F. M. (Dresser), '98 
Fogarty, John Bernard, '91 
FoUmer, Katherine, '10 

Ernest Clinton, '98 

Mrs. E. C. (Ricketts), '96 

Amos William, '83 

Paule Darwin, '11 

Burt Elihu, '95 

Lydia Bonfield, '03 
Ford, Herbert, '11 

Charles, '96, '98, '00 

Glen Gray, '10 
Foree, James Robert, '86 
Forman, Wm. Olivet, '11 
Forrest, Edith Alma, '10 

David Dryden, '89 

Mrs. D. D. (Clark), '89 

William Henry, '95 

Anna, '95 

Christine, '93, '04 

John Jacob, '02 

Laurence, '81, '90 

Lois Beatrice, '10 

Mabel, '07 

Margaret, '00 

Mary Louise, '94, '98 


Anna Agnes, '07 

Cecelia Agnes, '08 

Charles Eber, '00 

Fred Charles, '03 

Mrs. Fred (Livesay), '04 

George Nimmons, '11 

Kate, '06, '09 

Mary Eliza, '05 
Fonts, Don Carl, '09 

Anna M., '02 

Clara Wood, '02 

Sadie Lenore, '03 

Beman C, '92 

Jennie I^onora, '99, '01 

Theodore William, '03 
Foxwell, Gertrude Augusta, 

Fradenburg, Joseph Barnett, 

Frampton, William Chariton, 

France, George Winfred, '03 
Frances. .John Arthur, '11 
Frank, Lorenz Wm., '11 

Clarence Jackson, '08, '09 

George Bell, '86, '88 
Frankish, Ellen Huntington, 


Irma May, '10 

Mrs. Viola Price, '99 

Bayard Rhodes, '07 

Josephine, '07 

J. W., '87 (Omaha ) 
Frederick, Karl Philip, '11 
Free, Mrs. Fred (Lyons). '92 
Freitag, Heinz Joseph, '10 

Charles Marion, '89 

Charles Oscar, '01 

Gerald Walton, '10 

William Luther, '0 6 
Frerichs, Martin Luther, '08 




Albert Adolph, '06, '08 

Edwin Adolph, '10 
Friedman, Samuel, '06 
Friel, Walter Mar, '96 
Fries, Inez Marie, '07 
Fritts, Charles Eick, '96 

Alice May '76 

Mrs. E. S. (Baker), '10 

Flora EVelyn, '84 

Lancoln, '86 

Mrs. L. (Bonnell), '89 
Froyd, Erwin Algot, '09 

Annie Clarissa, '11 

Bessie Matilda, '09 

Emmett Leonard, '00 

Mary Alice, '10 

Sidney Thomas, '09 
Fulk, Joseph Richard, '03 

Mrs. Albert (Clark), '04 

Emma Quinby, '97 

John Andre, Jr., '06 

Lucien Baker, '02 
Fullerton, Bruce, '09 

Clark Adelbert, '10 

Elton, '87, '89 

Mrs. Elton (Aughey), '89 
Fulsom, Mrs. E. C. (Ricketts) 


C. R., '09 

H. A., '98 (Omaha) 

Charles Magna, '00 

Lafayette Lee, '96 
Funke, Minnie Marguerite,'ll 
Furbush, Mrs. Nelson L. 

(Hagenow), '03 
Gaeckler, Maude Hazel, '11 

Earl Eugene, '03 

Harry Frank, '98 

Nora Eliza, '86 
Gail, Floyd Whitney, '11 

Galbraith, Frank Richard, '08 
Galloway, George Davis, '11 
Gallagher, Marguerite, '00 

Aileen, '11 

Edith, '11 

Robert Anderson, '09 
Garber, Cora Alda 

Gertrude Hannah, '99 

Mary Esther^ '04 

Mrs. Percy M. (Ferris), '09 

William Henry, '11 
Garinger, Albert, '00 
Garland, Harrie Sanborn, '05 
Garrett, Harry Meade, '02 
Garver, Fred Benjamin, '09 
Gates, Frank Vernon, '04 

George Augustus, '94 

Jesse Ives, '97 
Gatzmeyer. Otto Joseph, '10 
Gauthier Mrs. V. E. (Ma- 

guire), '03 
Gavin, Mrs. J. E. (Raymond), 

Gay, Benjamin Franklin, '86 
Geer, Frances Howard, '05 
Geggus, Harrison Lewis, '01 
Gehrke, Maggie May, '10 
Georg^e, Clarence Winfield, 

Ralph Lowell, '09 

Charles Henry, '94 

Ellen Bladen, '99 

Frances Claphan, '98 

Mrs. G. S. (Loomis), '90 

Mariel Claphan, '95 and '99 
Gericke, Else, '04 
Gerig, John Lawrence, '02 
Gerrard, Ernest Allen, '94 

Grace, '95 

Phoebe, '96 
Gerwig, George William, '89 
Getner, Eugenia Dutcher, '92 
Gibbons, Alexander Joseph, 


Francis Whitney, '00 

Jess Berthold, '05 



Gibson, Ada Russell, '05 

Benjamin Joseph, '06 

Delbert David, '07 

Mrs. D. D. (Bortis), '04 

Eveline Frances, '05 

Katherine Emily, '07, '09 
Gieseker, Leonard Frederick, 


Alvin Walter, '03 

David Bennett, '07 

George R., '96 

Gustavus Guy. '09 
Giffen, Walter Cheston, '09 

Budd Burnett, '00 

Edward Ellsworth, '90 
Gillispie, H. S. '98 (Omaha) 
Gilman, Alfred Alonzo, '98 

Melvin Randolph, '09 

Oden Sebastian, '11 

T. M., '01 
Gittings, Ina Estelle, '06 

Verne Wallace, '09 
Given, Blanche Deborah, 10 
Gladstone, Mattie, '07 
Glass, Jessie June, '09 
Glick, Helen, '06 
Glover, Clara Mable, '03 
von Goetz, Marie, '10 
Goble, Wade, '11 
Goff, Helen Minera, '97 
Golden, John Parnell, '03 
Goldman, Solomon, (Felix 

Newton), '06 
Gomberg, Clara Angella, '06 
Gooden, Alta May, '11 
Goodfellow, Marie Isadore, 11 
Gooding, Leslie Newton, '04 
Goodner, Iva Wilbur, '97 
Goodrich, Thomas Victor, '04 
Goold, Theodore Fred, '02 

Anthony Edward, '02 

Burt Raymond, '01 

Murray Lindley, '00 

Tobie Agnes, '06 

Gordon — Concluded. 

James Robert, '03 

John Cecil, '93 

John Wesley, '99 

Malcolm Edgar, '09 

Mary Katherine, '09 

Nathaniel Marks, '01 

Robert Hamill, '97 
Goss, Paul, '09 

Charles Newton, '00 

Doda, '03 

Lodema, '04 

Mrs. V. R. (Heacock), '05 

Winnifred Etta, '08 
Graf, Otto Julius, '11 

George Harvey, '11 

Ada Virginia, '97 

Clyde Thomas, '11 

F. A., '89 

Roy Fuller, '10 

Howard John, '11 

Ralph Clifford, '07 

Selma, '01 

William, '97 

Fannie Louise, '07 

Winfield Wilkinson, '02 

Bernice Ada, '05 

Helen, '09 

Marietta, '95 

Vesta, '93 

Viola Clark, '02 
Graybill, Harry Webster, '00 
Greenamyre, Harold Hubert, 


Barton Lamb, '11 

Dorothy, '07 

Mrs. L. B. (Stull), '99 

Guy Wilder, '97 

James Arleigh, '08 

Joseph Reid, '07 

Katherine Mills, '06 



Leslie Brooks, '98 

Lucy Garrison, '98 

Lucy May, '11 

Lulu Marie, '95 

Philamon Bellon, '96 

Richard Oscar, '11 

Sarah Burch, Mrs., '86 

Walter Collier, '01 

Jessie Geneva. '11 

Philip Farrow, '95 

Sarah Virginia, '06 
Greenfield, Nathan Rickers, 

Greenslit, Walter Lee, '08 
Greenwald, Guy Preston 
Greer, Vancil Kelso, '10 
Gregg, Hazel Marguerite, '05 

Callie Ethel, '01 

Charles Buckingham, '91 

Helen, '95 

Louise Archibald, '09 

Charles Powell, '11 

Erraa Alwilda, '09 

Thomas Dexter, '03, '04 

Mrs. T. D. (Hess), '01 

Zelia Rebecca, '08 

George Parmer, '99 

Edna Ethel, '03 

Irving Blaine, '05 

Olive, '05 
GrilTiths, D. G., '02 (Omaha) 

Burt, '04 

Mrs. B. (Bowers), '05 

Charles Clifton, '97 

Nellie King, '97 
Grigsby, Bruce Harold '03 
Grimison, Margaret, '05 

Dora Joy, '04 

Edith Anita, '09, '11 

Joseph Lee, '08 

Joy James, '01 
Grimmett, Mary Belle, '09 

Grinnell, Joseph Beckley, '08 
Gritzka, C. F., '01 (Omaha) 
Groat, Lincola, '93 
Groh, Abraham Robert, '02 
Grone, Edwin Arthur, '08 
Grosbach, Homer Edward, '10 
Grosvenor, John Homer, '98 
Gubser, Nicholas James, '95, 


Clara Belle, '09 

Edward Franklin, '09 

Jennie Esther, '97 

Judson Monroe, '00 

Mabel Terry, '03 

Minnie Burt, '03 
Guilmette, Arcule Edward, '93 

Charles Frederick, '93 

Edna Mann, '03 

Ida May, '01 

Frank Jasper, '97 

Mrs. Frank J. (Hartley), 
Gutberlet, Albert Harrison, 


Edmund Noah, '00 

Edwin Ray, '07, '10 

Margaret, '11 

Robert Elton, '08 

Daniel, '00 

John Simon, '98 
Guyer, Michael Frederick, '97, 

Hackman, Mrs. W. F. (Lee) 

Hackney, Wm Weston, '97 
Haden, Eugene B., '95, 


Claude R., '04 

Frances Bowen, '9 6 

James E., '8 2 (Omaha) 

Marcia Jean, '07 



Hadlock, Walter Lawrence, 


Alfleda Frances, '00 

Mrs. A. L. (Woods), '00 
Frederick August, '03 

Richard Henry, '99 

Charles Frederick, '00, '06 

May Belle, '03 
Hagensick, Edmund Herbert, 

Hager, George Edward, '98, 

Hagey, Emma Joanna, '98 

Carrie Irene, '03 

Mrs. Corwin (Roberts), '95 

David Avery, '91, '93 

Mrs. D. A. (Broady), '97 

Edith Lavina, '05 

Laura Augusta, '89 

Ralph Whitledge, '98 

Mrs. Ralph (Noren), '98 
Hahn, Henry H, '12 
Hahne, Ernest Herman, '11 
Hakanson, Alfred, '90 

Halderson, Helmer, '99 

Mrs. H. (Kenagy) '04 
Hale, Charles A., '86 

B. W. '01 (Omaha) 

Chester Beadon, '08 

Daniel Crosby, '98, '04 

(Gilbert Hoke, '96 

Jennie Alicia, '97 

Margaret Lucy, '01 

Mary Camille, '07 

Maurice Crowther, '06 

Sarah Newman, '98 

Thomas Lee, '90, '96 

Winford Lester, '01 
Halldorson, Paul John, '11 
Halligan, Paul Rolfe, '10 


Amy Barrows, '08 

Bertha Lillian, '10 

Florence Mabel, '01 
Halstead, Will Leon, '98 
Hamel, Albin Gust, '09 

Frank Colliday, '99 

Mary Louise, '04 

Thomas Francis, '99 
Hamill, Robert Anderson, '04, 


Bird Ruth, '01 

Guy Montague, '03 

Irene, '03, '04 

Jean Delphine, '11 

Lillian May, '06 

William Garfield, '06 

Anna, '04 

Charles Hiram, '09 

Clara, '00 

Lucy Hortense, '12 

Maude, '94, 96 
Hand, Mary Ethelwyn, '04 
Halen, John Greer, '08 
Hanley, Minnie Ellen, '07 

Edward Daniel, '02 

Emmaline Mary, '07 
Hann, George Washington, 


Edith Evangeline, '11 

Hazel Dell, '10 

Margaret Louise, '07 
Hannan, William Everett, '07 

Albert, 99 

DeWitt, '03 

Scena, '07 

Walter Andrew, '98 

Daisy May, '01 

Frank H., '02 (Omaha) 
Harbor, Raleigh Walter, '02 




Fred Geer, '07, '08 

Herbert C, '11 
Ilardiman, James Edward, 

Hardin, Charles Marks, '09, 


Albert Spencer, '97 

Frederich Chapin, '10 

Arthur Shereburne, '08 

Edwin Gay, '08 

Emory Chase, '93 

Mrs. Emory (Seacrest) '95 

Estelle Fern, '11 

Mrs. E. W. (Laws), '90 
Hare, Arthur Merlin, '11 
Hargitt, George Thomas, '03 

Gladys Rose, '06 

Martha Blanche, '02 

Dora Maria, '99 

Mrs. H. H. (Burks), '95 

Arthur David, '99 

Harvey Horace, '96 

Sadie, '06 
Harnsberger, Augusta Ern- 

stine, 09 

Ella Bradford, '02 

William Rainey (Hon.) 
Harpham, Jas. Huston, '11 
Harrington, Arthur Strong, 


Celia Ellen, '09 

Mrs. F. . (Schukman), '81 

Mabel, '08 

Mary Turner, '05 

Ray Mitchell, '97, '00 

Russell Stimpson, '04 

Sarah Butler, '88 

Walter Davis, '06 

John Leman, '08 

Harrison — Concluded. 

Paul Wilberforce, '05 

PhJljp John, '04 

Ray Lloyd, '09 
Harry, Howard Emerson, '03 
' Harriet, '05 

John Franklin, '04 

Marion Smith, '09 

Marvin Lawrence, '03, '04 

William R., '96 

Leonard, '03, '06 

Mrs. L. L. (Davis) '06 
Hartigan, Mrs. W. B. 

(Brown), '03 

Carl Pierce, '07, '09 

Fay Marie^ '10 

Harry Kilpatrick, '07 

Mrs Theodore (Maybach), 

John P. (Hon.) 
Hartsook, Mrs. M. O. (Bird- 
sail), '99 
Hartsough, George Henry, 


Florence Emily, '02 

Laura Belle, '03 

Mabel, '99 

Stella Agnes, '01, '07 

Walter Lewers, '05 

Albert Lee, '06 

Edward Roscoe, '61 

James Bascom, '09 
Harwood, Helen Cook, '96 

Charlotte Laura, '06 

Mary Emma, '99, '00 " 

Guy Warren, '97 

Otis Wakefield, '08 

Arthur Garfield, '07 

John Dearborn, '99 



Hastie — Concluded. 

Mrs. J. D. (Cleveland), '99 
Hastings, Laura Elizabeth, '06 

Andress Alva, '95 

Mrs. L. M. (Brayton), '02 

Ira Hamilton, '94, '02 
Hathaway, Henry Cook, '11 

Margaret Hazel, '12 
Haughawout, Margaret Eliza- 
beth, '03 
Haughton, Ernest Harlan, '95 
Havens, James Henry, '08 
Hawes , William Augustus, 

Hawkins, James Victor, '99 
BLawkinson, Axel Emil, '01 
Hawks, Frank Carter, '09 
Hawksworth, David West, '97 

Samuel Clinton, '02 

R. A., '01 (Omaha) 

Elizabeth, '04 

Frederick George, "99, '01 

Blanche Shacklet, '97, '98 

Ella Helen, '99 
Haydon, Ambrose P., '02 

Clyde Thomas, '01 

Fred Elmer, '08 

Mabel Rommel, '02 
Hayman, Edward Chapman, 

Haynes, Ethel, '06 

Benjamin D., '94 

William Henry, '97 
Hazen, Roy Rosseter, '04 

Albert Arthur, '09 

Elizabeth Thome, '05 

Kate May. '06 

Ruth Florence, '11 


Harvey Clay, '96 

Walter, '06 

George Oscar, '90 

Kathleen Georgiana, '86, 
Heartt, William Raymond, 

'00, '02 

Roy Henry, '05 

William Daniel, '11 
Hebard, Bertha C, '81 
Hedgecock, George Grant, '99, 


Ural Verne, '03 

Mrs. Ural Verne (Bennett), 

George" Luther. '07 

Mabel Maud, '07 
Heffleman, Harry King, '90 
Heggelund, Leonard Rhoades 

Heim, Frederick John, '04 

Albert Adolph, '06 

Clara Alwine, '07 
Hein, Willard H., '06 
Heine, William Howard, '05 
Heinke, George Henry, '07, 

Heise, Ida Wilhelmine, '97 
Heitzman, William S., '98 
Helvie, Charles Amiddes, '92 

Hazel Pearl, '08 

Loreine Anna, '09 

Teresa Edith, '10 
Hemry, Frederick Squire, '97 
Hempstead, Werner, '82, 

Henderson, Fannie Dora, '02, 


Bernard Clifford, '11 

Bertin Elsworth, '96 



Hendricks — Concluded. 

George iiirnest, '05, '08 

Ina Hattie, '11 
Hendrickson, Clarence Henry, 

Hendrie, Helen, '07 
Hendy, Charles, Jr., '98 
Henney, William Henry, '06, 


Edson Alden, '98, '99 

Gladys Rowena, '00 

Julius jcidward, '05 

Mrs. Leon (White), '88 

Margaret Edith, '98 

Nettie, '00 
Hensel, Esther Pearl, '01, '05 
Hepperlen, John Albert, '10 
Heppner, Amanda Henrietta, 

'94, '96 

Agnes Runyon, '04 

Mary Otis, '10 

William M, '02 
Herman, John '00 
Hermansen, Clara, '09 
Herold, Wilhelmina, '08 
Herrick, Burton Russell, '04 
Herrington, Sarah Martha, 

Herron, Mrs. S. A. (Land), 

Hershey, John Logan, '06 

Adam Konigmacher, '05 

Edith Marie, '03 

Frederick Edward, '03 
Rosalind May, '01 

Carrie Elizab'eth, '11 

Dora Evelin, '08 
Hewit, Emma Edna, '10 

Fannie Minerva, '98 

Irenaeus Prime, '04 

Louis Percy, '04 

Mrs. L. P. (Erford), '04 

Lucy Rockwood, '09 

Hewitt — Concluded. 

Theodore John, '01, '03 

Mrs. T. J. (Sratton), '00 

Thomas Minor, '04 

Paul Llewellyn, '92 

Sherman Blaine, '10 
Hibner, Aldis Everard, '06 
Hickey, Mrs. Will (Bain), '94 
Hickman, Mrs. C. C. (Spei- 

dell), '08 

Hervey Bryan, '91, '94 

Lawrence A., '95 (Omaha) 

Charles Nottingham, '02 

Edith Carleton, '01 

Jay, '08 

Leslie Alan, '07 

Rose Elizabeth, '94 

Beulah Irene, '09 

Carson, '95, '96 

Ward, '95, '97 

Bruce Vickroy, '98 

Cora Belle, '06 

Lawrence Benjamin, '07 

Robert Roy, '06 

Robert Tudor, '03 

William Earl, '07 
Hiller, Marie Louise, '07 

Elmer Walker, '09 

Whitford Carl, '99 

Daisy Edith, '00 

Martin Edward, '98 

Robert Silver, '94, '96 

Mrs. Robert (Crabtree), '03 

Walter Garfield, '04 

Mrs. W. G. (Schultz), '08 

David Clark, '00, '02 

Ethel Jane, '11 

John William, '03 



Hinckley, John Scofield, '00 
Hinds, Charles N., '95, '96 
Hines, Orphosius Fulton, '98 

Claude Harrison, '04 

Harry Winfield, '09 
Hinterlong, Anna Laura, 'OS 
Hirst, Florence Josephine, '06 

George Gale, '83 

Marguerite Gale, '85 
Hitchman, Jackson Colburn, 


Albert Leroy, '00 

Mrs. Paul (Jackson) '01 

Walter Van Fleet, '95, '06 
Hoar, John William, '05, '07 
Hockstrasser, Kathleen, '10 
Hodge, Edward D.. '03, '04 
Hodgkin, Walter K, '11 
Hoefer, Anna Caroline, '06 
Hof Mann, Frederick Wenzl. 

Hogan, Victor, Benjamin, '01 
Hoge, John Cameron, '10 
Hohl, Lawernce Edwarrl. '02 
Holcomb, Bessie La Verne, 


Edwin McPherson, '93 

William Harold, '93 
Hole, Katherine, '10 

Adaline M., '10 

Edna Sara, '05 

Yale Chenoweth, '11 
Hollenback Mrs. F. R. 

(Schock), '97 
Hollenbeck, Frank Knox, '00 
Hollingsworth, Harry Levi, 

Mrs. H. L. (Stetter), '06 

Bertha Anita, '08 

Lela Pilcher, '09 

Thomas Allen, '00 
Holm, Adolph Hjalmar, '05 


Ethel Fred, '06 

William Frank, 04, '06 

Anson Kossuth, '07 

Carl Adolphus E., '95 

Edward P., '78 

Ernest Raymond, '90 

Mrs. E. R. (Holmes), '98 

Helma Lou, '09 

Jesse Herman, '84 

John Campbell, '05 

Rachel E., '10 
Hompes, Joseph Josiah, '08 
Honnold, Arthur Rankin, '04 

Fanchon Marie Colleen, '09 

James Harvey, '94 

Retta Florence, '06 

ToQOrt /^ 'Q4 

Walter Melville, '02, '03 
Hopkins, Mabel Kay, '05 
Hopper, Pheobe May, '90, '01 
Hopt, Erwin, '09 
Horn, Alfred Charles, '02 

Mary Alzora, '96 

Othniel Gaylord, '02 

Mrs. O. G. (Montgomery). 


William Titus, '98 
Horning, Ticia Blanche, '05 
Hornung, Frank Walter, '11 
Horrigan, Daniel, '09 
Horton, Marion Maud, '09 
Hosic, Alma Sarah, '96, '04 
Hostetter, Wm. A., '94, 


Alvah Carey, '06, '08 

Otto Vere, '08 

Homer Clyde, '98, '09 

Nellie, '05 
Houska, Marie Joesphine, '11 




Berne Martin, '09 

Bertha Mabel, '06 

Cleo Pearl, '07 

Flndl'ey Burtch, '07 

Frank Elmer, '10 

George Elliott, '76, '79 

Mrs. G. E. (Frost), '78 

Guy Clemens, '00 

Mary Anna, '85 
Howe, Edmund Dudley, '87 
Howell, Harriet Alice, '05 
Howie, Ethel Lee, '06 

Chauncey Golden, '08 

Lillian May, '08 

Lucile, '11 
Hubbard, Ray Delos, '00 
Hubenbecker, Henry, '09 

Myrtle Eleanor, '09 

Vinda Virginia, '07 
Huey, Geo. W., '10 

Stanley, McCook, '10 

Mrs. Y. B. (Cline), '06 
Hugg, Orin Branch, '86 

Charles Benjamin, '02 

Harold Clinton, '08 

Leroy Howard, '03 

Michael John, '11 

Winifred Blanche, '03 
Hulett, Rexford Earl, 99 

Arundel Miller, '03 

George M., '85 (Omaha) 

Orma Lulu, '01 

Charlotte Eugene, '00, '02 

Grace Elizabeth, '97 

Mary Frederica, '92 
Hully, H. D., '02, (Omaha) 

Archie William, '10 

Charles Mahlon, '01 

George Henry, '09 

Hummel — Concluded. 

Ray Orrin, '02 

Mrs. R. O. (Hullhorst), '00 

Warren Lee, '04 
Humpe, Alice A., '11 

Clarence John, '06 

Fred Blaine, '98, '00 

Fred Lee, '98 

Guess, '02 

Victor Grant, '08 
Humphreys, James Marion, 

Hunger, Paul Clark, '00 
Hunniston, Mrs. C. E. 

(Wheeler), '96, '01 

Clara Louise, '10 

Fred L., '02 

Hale Merrill, '07 

Ira Jasper, '96, '01 

Robert Sanford, '99 

Mrs. R. S. (McVicker), '04 

Alice Cushman, '95, '98, '06 

Esther Amelia, '11 

Frederick Maurice, '05 

Mrs. Fred M. (Schreiber), 

Grace Elizabeth, '06 

Richard Charles, '09 

Walter, David, '95, '97 

William Boyd, '97, '98 

Walter Judson, '01 

Mrs. W. J. (Dinsmore) 

Florence He^en, '06 

Linn Murdoch, '04 

Mrs. L. N. (Streeter), '00 
Hurd, Frank P., '74, '77 
Hurlbut Harry Salmon Gould, 

'03, '05 

Charles C, '98 

Emma Gertrude, '04 



Hurley — Concluded. 

Katherine Aurelia, '04 
Hursey, George Wesley, '06 
Hurtz, Leonard Eugene, '03 

Harry Goodhue, '11 

Helen Mildred, '07 

Josephine Celeste, '10 

Mrs. N. A. (Losch), '02 
Hussong, Louis Aaron, '07 
Husted, Ella, '07 

Beth Docia, '08 

ClaudG Brownell, '10 
Hutchings, Mrs John H. 

(Davies), '04 

John Wesley, '07 

Martha, '93, '96 

Wm. Carlton, '11 

Amos Therlo, '00 

Ethel Florence, '11 

Harriet Lucile, '06, '08 

Thomas Andrew, '0 6 

Mrs. J. S. (Thompson), '97 

Willett Ryder, '98 


Frederick Dayton, '92 
Hazel Hortense, '08 
John Fay, '05, '07 
Maurice Arthur, '98 
Ray Bowerman, '98 
Winifred Florence, '00 

Hylton, William Nathaniel, 

Imhoff, Charles Huston, '98 

Arthur Everette, '10 
Mrs. Warren, (McCall) 

Inouye ,Yoshima, '09 

Ireland, George A., '97 

Ingram, Delia Eliza, '10 

Irish, Gilbert Haven, '94 


Ada J., '79, '98 

Charles Walter, '98 
Isaacs, David, '03 
Isham, Robert Melyne, '11 
Ittner, Edna, '03 
Iversen, John Christian, '03 
Iverson, Alice Rothwell, '11 

Alice Carey, '07 

Edith Mary, '01 

James Sthrashley, '07 

John Barnett, '07 

Mary Frances, '98 

William Roberts, '02, '04 
Jaeger, Mrs. W. W. (Camp), 

Jakway, Ruth M., '10 

Arthur, '03 

C. S., '99 (Omaha) 

P. E., '02 (Omaha) 

Richard Clinton, '02, '04 
Jansa, Minnie Maud, '05 

Cornelius, Jr., '88 

Mrs. C. (Fossler), '93 
Jean, Frank Covert, '11 
Jelters, Bertrand Frederick, 

Jefferson, Alfred, '00 (Omaha) 

Elmer Orr, '01 

Leona Idilla, '99 

Carl Pirce, '09 

Clyde Ray, '98 

Mrs. C. R. (Maxwell), '03 

Bertha Anette, '07 

William Gibson, '07 

Avery Graham, '07 

Beula L., '10 

Cornelius, Jr., '88 

Frank, '03 

Jens Peter, '03 




J. H., '97 (Omaha) 
Ruble Maud, '07 


Don Randall, '02 

Zella Eugenie, '05 
Job, Clatilla Bernice, '03 
Johns, William Andrew, '00 


Alice Jane, '07 

Allen, '08 

Alvin Frederick, '01 

Alvin Saunders, '97, '98 

Mrs. Alvin (Henry), '98 

Andrew, '90 (Omaha) 

Anton. '01 

Benjamin P., '10 

Bert Claude, '07 

Mrs. B. F. (Parks), '84 

Mrs. Ben W. (Walker), '97 

Caroline Christine, '04 

Cassius L., '02 

Charles Millard, '01 

Clarence Anthony, '06 

Clarence Gardner, '08 

Earle George, '10, '11 

Edward, '04 

Eleanor Moliere, '04 

Ernest Helmer, '09 

Frank P., '10 

Prank W., '94 (Omaha) 

Prank Warren, '10 

Fred Gustus, '03 

Frederick William, '03, '05 

George Arthur, '02, '03 

Mrs. G. A. (Payne), '00 

George William, '94 

Harry Theodore, '01 

John Andrew, '9S 

John Blaine, '09 

Mabel Augusta, '03 

Oscar Edwin, '03 

Ralph Emery, '93, '95 

Ralph Henry, '94, '97 

Roy T., '08 

Samuel Chatterton, '00 

Victor Oscar, '98 


Bertha, '99 

Edward Charles, '09 

Ellis Adrian, '00 

James A., '94 (Omaha) 

James Henry, '94 

Nona Mercedes, '00 

William Milton, '94 
Jonas, Stephen Pablius, '03 


Annie Louisa, '02 

Audrey Leila, '09 

Charles William, '00 

Mrs. C. W. (Cook), '00 

Edwin Henry, '01 

Elbert Orlando, '97 

Mrs. E. O. (Gray), '95 

Ernest D., '99 

Florence Nightingale, '91 

Frank Arthur, '95 (Omaha) 

Frank Arthur, '09 

Harvey Howard, '07 

Mrs. H. H. (Whipple), '00 

Isaac Benson, '07 

Loyd Ancile, '08, '10 

Lucy Josephine, '05 

Mary Letitia, '85 

Olive Mildred, '11 

Paul Robert, '07 

Watkin Wilson, '01 

Wilbur A., '10 

William Owen, '86 

W. Y., '02 (Omaha) 
Jordan, Mrs. W. W. (Jones), 


Arthur, '08 

Earl Henry, '10 

Hans William, '97 

Mrs. Theodore (Prey), '96, 
Joseph, Arthur Lawrence, '©9 
Jouvenat, D. Leon, '03 
Joy, Sarah Charlotte, '09 
Joyce, John B., '98 (Omaha) 
Judkins, Dora M., '95 (Oma- 
Juhl, Andrew Peterson, '11 



Jungbliith, Edward Christian, 

Jury, Jessie Bell, '96 
Jussel, Martin Simon, '10 
Kaar, Grover Cleveland, '03 
Karrer, Frederick William, '04 
Kates, Jennie May, '10 
Kathan, Clark Sumner, '87 
KaufFman, Myrtle, '07 
Kazebeer, Asa Guy, '08 
Kearney, Charles Manning, 

Keech, Mary Ix)urina, '11 
Keefer, Mrs. C. E. (Vande- 

veer), '05 
Keegan, John Jay, '11 
Keeney, Albert Hayes, '02 
Kehn, Arthur Leslie, '00 
Keifer, Joseph William, '11 
Keim, Albert R., '81 

Arthur Leslie, '98, '08 

Thomas Milo, '08 
Keller, Esther, '08 

Mrs. C. H. (Melick), '99 

George David, '99 

William Alfred, '09 

Ira Ariel, '02 

Roy Burdette, '05 
Kelly, Frederick James, '02 

Charles Haskell, '95 

Thos. Conklin, '11 
Kelso, Mahlon Ashbrook 
Kemmish, Nathan Andrew, 

Kemp, James Harvey, '98 
Kenagy, Anna Gertrude, '04 
Kendall, Valerius Horatio, '07 

Arthur Garfield. '05 

Charles Rex, '05 

Howard R., '10 

James A. C, '00 

Marie Pauline, '00 


Walter Vern, '09 
William C, '94 (Omaha) 

Kenyon. Frederick Courtland, 

Kern, Maria Bertha, '94 

Kerns, Mira Lillian, '07 

Johnston Harper, '04 
Theodore Joseph, '08 
William, '02 (Omaha) 

Kess, Benjamin True, '10 

Kessier, Arthur RoUand, '11 

Kettridge, John Chester, '09 


Albert Marshall, '93 
Edward C, '02 (Omaha) 


Alvin, '04, '06 

Mrs. Alvin (Mitchell), '04 

Harry, '05, '07 

Val, '05 

Kidd, Fred Garfield, '02 


Rudolph Philip. '05 
Sophia Dorothea, '05 
Theodore Alexander, '07, '08 
Mrs. T. A. (Hyde), '08 

Kiewit, Elizabeth Gertrude, 


David Lewis, '97 
Samuel Dickson, '87 
Sara Jane, '07 


George Pearl, '03 
Herbert Lee, '95, '96 

Althea Moss, '08 
Grace Jennie, '10 
Katherine Sara, '06 
Martin Luther, '06 

Kincaide, Gertrude, '09 

Kind, John Louis, '99, '01 

Kindler, George Ernest, '98 


Edna Hazel, '07 
Elizabeth MacBride. '06 



King — Concluded. 

John Joseph, '00 

Lula Ellis, '04 

Mrs. Lulu (Green), '95 

Willford Isbell, '05 

William Ross, '08 
Kingsbury, Elizabeth, '04 
Kinney, Jacob Millison, '07 
Kinton, William George, '9S 

Frank B., '95 

Susie, '05 
Kiplinger, Loyd Addison, '11 
Kirk, William Elwood, '95, '97 
Kirker, Stella Blaine, '92, '95 
Kirschstein, Henry John, '00 
Kirwan, Richard Burke, '04 
Klein, Millard Alschuler, '09 

George Washington. '00 

Mrs. G. W. (Hull), '01 

William Bowman, '08 
Kling, Linus Warner, '99 
Klutts, Mrs. B. A. (Ehlers), 


Charles Taylor, '04 

William Robert, '84 
Knepper, Ruby R., '10 
Knight, Wilbur Clinton, '86, 

'93, '01 

Jay Carroll, '08 

P. C, '98 (Omaha) 

Ray Archibald, '04 
Knoll, Louis J., '10 
Knotts, William Lincoln, '99 
Knutson, Anton Henry, '01, 

Knutzen, Julia Pemella, '06 

Adele, '05 

Arthur William Freder- 
ick, '05 

Aurelia, '10 
Kocken, Arta Bthlyn, '08 


John Peter, '02 

Sophia Margaret, '02 
Koenigstein, Daniel John, '96 

Gustave A., '97 (Omaha) 

Pearl E., '96 (Omaha) 
Koetter, Max John Henry, '03 
Kohout, Joseph A., '05 
Kokjer, Ralph LeRoy, "08 
Konop, Thomas Frank, '04 
Koop, Bessie, '02, '07 
Korner, Gertrude Fern, '06 

Fritz August, '97 

Julia Marie, '93, '95 

Louis William, '00 
Korstian, Clarence F., '11 
Kotouc, Otto, '08 
Kraft, F. E., '97 (Omaha) 
Krajicek, Stanley, '06 
Krake, Leigh Seward, '07 

Bertha Nathalia, 11 

Frank Wellington, '88 

William Henry, '07 
Krasney, Emil, '03 
Krause, Victor Walton, '11 
Krecorian, Kavork M., '84 
Kretsinger, Earnest L., '10 
Kreycik, John Franklin, '07 

E^rwin Henry, '99 

Orlando Yeacle, '99 
Kroeger, Fritz Conrad, '09 
Kroger, Ernest Gilbert, '09 
Kruckenburg, Minnie Edith, 

Fritz Konrad, '09 

Gerhard M., '10 
Krumbach, Anna Elizabeth, 


Albert August, '03 

Frederick W., '02 (Omaha) 
Kryder, John Frederick, '07 
Kuebler, Don A., '09 



Kuegle, Frederick Henry, '99 

Kuhl, Augustus Bernard, '03 

Charles, '97 
Mrs. Charles (Wilkinson), 

Fred, '99, '01 

Kunkel, Cbas. D., '10 

Kuony, John Hubert, '11 

Kurtz, Noah Vilas, '07 

Kuser, William Larsh, '04 

Kutcher, Charles Abraham, 

Kuyper, Mrs. C. (Walwood), 

La Chapelle, Harold L., '10 

Lackey, Earl Emmet, '11 

Ladd, Charles Franklin, '98 

Laird, Fred Chester, '06 

La Master, Hugh, '90 


Dwight Whipple, '99 
George Newton, '09, '11 

Lambe, Edward James, '04 


Flavius Webb, '03 
Schuyler Colfax. '06 
William Curtis, '94 

Lambertson, Francis Marion, 

Lambeth, Mrs. Chas. A. (Vent- 
ers), '05 

Lamme, William John, '96 


Anna Irene, '11 
Sophia Josephine, '11 

Lamphear Mrs. R. S. (Mar- 
tin), '06 

Lamphier, George Lyman, '01 

Land, Fannie, '93 

Landis, Harry DeWitt, '99, '01 

Landon, Daniel, '00 


Alethea Viola, '11 
Arthur Ernest, '05 
Fletcher, '05 

Lange, Emil FYed, '99 


Helen Frances, '98 

Irwin Joseph, '11 

Jerome Francis, '01 
Langley, Henry Gabriel, '03 
Langworthy, Stephen Clark, 

Lanham, Vita Estelle, '09 
Lanphear, Veda Lily, '06 

Jessie Belle, '98 

Robert Cheek, '99, '01 

Mrs. R. C. (Haecker), '00 
Lantz, George D., '06 

Dale, '10 

Leota, '07 
La Rue, George Roger, '09 

Mrs. G. R. (Marshall) '07 

Carl Herman, '02 

Frederick J. H., '93 

Theodore, '01 

Edith Anna, '03 

Susan Adele, '04 
Laubach, Walter Howard, *12 

Hugh Lawrence, '95 

Joseph Wilson, '11 
Lauver, George Myers, '03 
Lauzer, Edward Simon, '05 
Lavender, W. R., '90 (Omaha) 
Law, Jessie May, '94 

James Ernest, '11 

Lora J., '10 
Lawrie, William, '96 (Omaha) 
Laws, Gertrude Hardenburg, 

Lawson, Thomas J., '96 

Lazo, Mauricio, '10 

Emery Winfred, '09 

Jacob F., '82 

Venus Una, '10 

Vida Minerva, '09 



Lear, Edwin Forrest, '08 
Leard, Samuel E, '93 (Omaha) 
Leavitt, Henry Pennock, '96 
Leberman, Rex Hugo, '09 
Le Dioyt, Willard Isaac, '99 
Ledwith, John James, '00, '03 

Arthur Charles, '01 

Daniel F., '02 (Omaha) 

Dessie May, '07 

Earl Jackson, '11 

George Arthur, '03, '05 

Josie Alice, '10 

Louise, '94 

Vivian Sylvia, '06 
Leet, Fern, '09 
Legro, Leo Stanley, '06, '08 
Lehman, William Henry, '98 
Lehmer, Derrick Norman, '93, 

Lehnhoff, Henry John, '97 
Leidigh, Oliver Glessner, '01 
Leigh, Enos Ruthbin, '00 

Henry G., '83 (Omaha) 

L. M., '01 (Omaha) 
Leist, Malinda Henrietta, '04 
Leiter, John Henry, '00 
Le Mar, Claire Leone, '03 
Lemar, Fred A., '02 (Omaha) 
Lemere, H. B., '98 (Omaha) 
Lemon, Orlando A., '03 
Lempke, Walter John ,'11 
Leonard, Walter Anderson, '03 
LePard, J. S., '95 (Omaha) 
Le Roy 

Clifford W., '02 

Glenn Raymond, '11 
Lesher, Alice Elizabeth, '08 
Letton, Harry Pike, '09 
Levy, Albert Melvin, '07 
Lewin, Mrs. N. A. (Fries), '07 

Burdette Gibson, '04 

Mrs. B. G. (Archibald), '06 

Ellis Oscar, '84 

Ida, '99 

John G. W., '10 

Lewis — Concluded. 

Katherine, '08 
Leyda, James Elmer, '95 
Liberman, Hattie, '09 
Lichty, William Henry, '84 
Lieber, Chas., '08, '10 
Liebmann, Morris Nathan, '00 
Lien, Jonas, '98 
Lightner, Louis Clarkford, '04 
Lilledahl, F. E., '96 (Omaha) 
Lindberg, James Christian, '05 
Lindeman, Herman, '03 
Lindermann, Kathleen Lor- 
raine, '07 
Lindley, Mabel Elizabeth, '95 

Elmer Luther, '97 

Mrs. E. L. (Bunt), '06 
Lindquist, Adolph Bernard, '9T 
Linn, Theola Maud, '10 
Linson, John H., '10 
Lipp, Frederick Maurer, '03. 

Charles Newton, '79, '84. 

Ernest Merle, '07, '09 

Katherine, '10 
Livesay, Beulah, '04 

Daniel Webster, '96 

J. S., '88 (Omaha) 

T. P., '88 (Omaha) 
Lloyd, Lynn, '11 
Ix)bingier, Charles Sumner, 

'88, '92, '94, '03 
Locke, Roscoe Janvrin, '01 

Albert Edwin, '09 

Edith M., '11 

Ernest William, '02 

Fi'ances Louise, '06 

Grover Cleveland, '10 

Harriet Catherine, '08 

Lucile, '07 

Rose Lillian, '00 

Walter Kllngeman, '03 
Longfellow, John Harlen, '00 
Longley, Jonas Rhodes, '02 
Longman, Effie M., '10 




Dena Kate, '90 

Ella Margaret, '03 

Josephine F., '1 

Lucinda Bills, '03 

Walter R., '10 
Loper, Mrs. C. L. (Hurley), 


Carl Jacobs, '11 

Harrison Springstead, '93 
Loree, Warren, '80 
Losch, Grace Mary, '02 
Lott, Antone Lyman, '07 

Mrs. A. L. (Ensor), '07 

Julia Emmeline, '99 

Stella Nelson, '95 
Loveland, George Andrew, '08 
Lovitt, William Vernon, '03 
Lowe, John Earl, '08 
Lower, Henry S., '10 
Lownes, Joseph LaPorte, '97 

William James, '99 

Mrs. W. J. (Johnston), '00 
Lucas, Voorhees, '95 (Omaha) 

Bertha M., '10 

George P., '10 

Henry Carl, '11 

Arthur Jay, '04, '09 

Nellie Machesney, '08 
Ludemann, William Freder- 
ick, '00 
Ludwick, Carl L., '10 
Luikart, Cordelia Elizabeth, 

Lumry, Katherine Nettie, '05 

Edward Alexius, '03 

Elmer Randeau, '01 
Lundin, Alfred Helmer, '06 

Mrs. A. H. (Deweese), '06 
Lunn, Thomas D., '98 

Anna Maud, '06 

Carrie Lula, '12 

Lutz, Mary Alice, '86 

Mrs. Allen H. (Batterson), 

Mrs. Charles H. (Denslow), 

Rufus Ashley, '97, '99, '03 

Mrs. R. A. (Day), '98 

Silas Brownson, '96 
Lykke, Helen Ann, '10 
Lyndes, John Curtis, '98 
Lynn, Margaret, '00 

Alfred Burdette, '95, '01 

George John, '99 
Lyons, Cora Katherine, '92 
Lytel, James Leonard, '00 
Lytle, Anna Webster, '98 

George Campbell, '94 

William A., '77 
McAnulty, Mrs. Homer (Mc- 

Lucas), '06 

Hector, '04 

William Belknap, '95 
McBrien, Jasper L. (Hon.) 
McCaig, Ella Imogene, '11 

Bertha Lillian, '02 

Frank Edmund, '09 

Mrs. F. E. (Kauffman), '07 

Jessie Eugenia, '02, '11 

Mrs. R. W. (Contryman), 
McCarl, J. Raymond, '03 

Daniel M., '10 

Frank Justin, '09 

Thomas J., '10 

Timothy Francis, '96 
McCaw, Sterling, '03 
McClathie, Alfred James, '90 
McClave, Arthur Wright, '96 
McClay, Harriet Lamb, '03 
McClteery, Mrs. Daniel (Pol- 
lard), '02 
McClenaghan, Harry, '01 



McClenahan, Daniel Henry, 

McClure, Leah May, '11 
McClymonds, Robert Clende- 

nin, '03 
McCoid, Lora, '09 

Harold Edgar, '07, '09 

Harvey Amos ,'02 

Mrs. Clayton (Shank). '00 

C. W., '91 (Omaha) 
McCoy, Pearl Eugene, '03 
McCracken, Ralph Meek, '01 

Earl Allen, '99 

Mrs. E. A, (Johnson), '03 

Anna, '01 

Ella, '95 

James Warren, '91 

Mrs. J. W. (Tremaln), '92, 

rcCnlloch, Mrs. Herbert 

( smith). '06 
McCullough, Alice John, '11 
M^cCune, Eva Mary, '00. '03 
McCutchen, Margaret, '07 
McDaniel, Thomas Johnson, 

McDavitt, L.avern, '11 
McDermott, Louisa, '03 
McDill, Alice, '03 
McDole, Guy R., '10, '11 

Dale Francis, '11 

Mrs. G. B. (Creig), '04 

Grundy E., '05 

James Boyd, '92 

Rosamond May, '09 
McDonnell, William, '03 

Clyde Cavour, '97, '05 

Milton B., '02 (Omaha) 
McDuffee, Martin Sylvester, 


Margaret Amelia, '04 

N. Allene, '05 

McElhoes, Samuel Irad, '01 
McElroy, Charles Cooper, '08 
McFall, Anna Laura, '08 

Florence Irwin, '01 

Mary Wilson, '98 
McGavern, H. S., '87 (Omaha) 

James Adams, '07 

William Rankin, '03 
McGee, Randall R., '11 
McGintie, William Smith, '99 
McGirr, John I,. '97 (Omaha) 
McGrew, Ray V., '03 

Jennie, '02 

John Henry, '96 
McGuire, Edward Thomas, '98 

Mary Bennett, '07 

Nelle, '11 
Mclntyre, L. R., '97 (Omaha) 

Mrs. J. G. (Wolfe), '90 

William, '98 
McKeeby, Fred E., '94 (Oma- 
McKellip, Ivan, '11 
McKelvey, Frank Pomeroy, 

McKesson, John F. B., '76 

Lloyd Harrington, '01. '03 

Mrs. L. H. (Robinson), '01 

Catherine Seraphine, '01 

Charles Francis, '08 

Edward Patrick, '08 

James Ross, '06 

Laura Ida, '04 

Earl, 'H 

Laura Elizabeth, '08 

Margaret H., '10 

Donald Kenneth, '66 

Jean Hall, '03 




Mrs. Ben (Cropsey), '98 

Margaret, '06 

Victor Roy, '96 
McMahan, D. B., '98 (Omaha) 
McMaster, Clyde Allen, '01 
McMichael, Charles Wilson, 

McMonico, Mrs. H. M. 

(Blanchard), '06 
McMnllen, Adam Herbison, 

McNamara, Charles John, '06 
McNaughton, William Fran- 
cis, '01 
McNeal, Mrs. Minnie M, 

(Reetz), '96 

Allen Grant, '10 

Mrs. A. G. (Grimmett), '09 
McNichol, John Campbell, '08 

Jesse Clark, '03 

Mrs. J. C. (Hammond), '00 
McNown, Mrs. R. A. (Bed- 
well), '06 

Clare Mary, '02 

Marguerite Cameron, '02 

Paul Harris, '00 

Roy D., '99 

Joseph Carl, '04 

Robert Henry, '04 
McVeigh, Mabelle R., '10 
McVicker, Carrie Pearl, '04 
McWhinney, Clyde Calder, '08 
McWilliams, Cloyd Charles, 


Gilmour Byers, '07 

Kenneth Percy, '04 

Rosmond May, '09 

Jane Cobb, '99 

Jessij Mary, '00 
Mack, Anna Louise, '09 


Clare Theresa, '03 

Eugenia, '00, '01 

Mrs. S. L. (Pressley), '06 

Conway George, '85, '86 

Grace Etigenia, '99 

Gertrude Elizabeth, '02 

Maude Clarisse, '02 

Mrs. W. L. (Burlingame), 
Macy, Ala Alma, '03 

Charles Nichols, '95 

Emma, '97 
Magaret, Mrs. (Leist), '04 
Magdanz, Albert Frederick, 

Mrs. A. F. (Fowler), '02 
Magee, Edwin Ellsworth, '99 
Maggi, Edward Gerard, '01 
Maghee, Morgan McQuown, 

'92, '94 
Magney, Reno Adolphus, '00 

Anna Elizabeth, '03 

John Arthur, '98, '99 

Margaret Veronica, '04 

Philip Julius, '93, '96 
Mahood, Samuel A., '10, '11 
Mahy, Maria Catherine, '01 
Maiben, Mrs. Benjamin 

(Corr), '98 
Main, Arthur Ernest, '02 

Mrs. David R. (Campbell). 

Franklin Perry, '03 

Clara Chloe, '07 

Uriah H., '74, '77 
Mallat, Otto Richard, '07 
Mallory, Samuel V, '83 

Francis Frederick, '01 

Mary Rose, '10 
Malott, Edgar, '05 



Manatt, James Irving. (Hon.). 
Manchester, Frank Paul, '02 
Manifold, William Henry, '03 

Frank Austin, '89 

James C, '96 

Rachel Emerah, '90 

Robert Hardy, '97 

Belle von, '95 

Charles Herbert von, '99, 

Johanna von, '95 

Julia von, '95 

Ralph John, '04 

William Robert, '00 

Edna Clara, '09 

Harry Lyman, '07, '09 

Hugh E., '02 (Omaha) 
Manville, Mahlon Fritz, '97 

Byrne Campbell, '11 
March, Mrs. Ralph C. (Stew- 
art), '98 
Marferding, Sarah Janet, '09 
Marconnit, Fred P., '11 
Markley, L. R., '83 (Omaha) 
Marley, Carlton Clymer, '93, 

Marquardt, Edna Louise, '05 

Arthur Henry, '05 

Earle Millard, '07 

Genevieve, '04 

John Esty, '05 

Jucian Jahu, '01 

Mrs. L. J. (Walton), '00 

Robert Luverne, '84 

Wilson Jeptha, '90 

Bertha Florence, '05 

Clare Cleone, '07 

George Jefferson, '04 

John Law, Jr., '93 

Ruth, '07 
Marsland, Thomas Herbert, 


Ai Woodyard, '96 

Edward Morris, '95 

Frank Lee, '02 

Joseph William, '03 

Mrs. M. A. (Alderman), '00 

Margaret, '05, '06 

Orville Hayes, '98 

Robert Clyde, '03 

Roy David, '11 

Mrs. Robert S. (Lam- 
pheare), '06 

Sutton Hayden, '95 

Thomas Henry, '06 

Wade Randall, '11 

W. Ross, '91 (Omaha) 
Marvin, Earl Morton, '06 
Marx, Mrs. Geo. (Edwards), 


Claude William, '05 

Howard Milton, '95 

John Glen, '10 
Masters, Ethel Mae, '02 
Mastin, Clyde Telford, '99 
Mather, Roy Frederick, '11 
Mathew, Robert Henry, '05 
Mathews, Mrs. Earl M. (Bell), 

Matthewson, Harley Philip, 

Matson, Charles B., '02 
Matters, Thomas Harold, '08 

Guy Harold, '09 

Will Dinsmore, '08 

Benoni Cutler, '95, '97 

Ella, '97 

Homer Lawrence, '11 

Patty Frances, '04 
Mattley, Herman Nelson, '06 
Mattoon, Edith Diana, '07 
Maughlin, Nannie Vera, '03 
Maurer, Fred, '95 

Beth Eloise, '11 
Maxon, John Kinion, '87 
Maxson, Robert Lee, '03 




Anna May, '03 
Arthur Hall, '03 
Thomas Alexander, '03 

May, Pearl Florence, '11 

Maybach, Helen Sarah, '01 

Mayer, Arthur C, '96 

Mayland, Dorothy Sophia, '09 

Mauck, Mrs. T. H. (Lesher), 


Adelia May, '11 
Arthur Elting, '06 
Charlotte Brown, '02 
Mrs. Maud '96 (Omaha) 

Medlar, Edgar Matthias, '11 


Alfred Charles, '07 
Carl Henry, '99, '02 
Eliza Ellen, '03 
Emma Nora, '03 
George Edward, '11 
Henry August, '99, '00 
Mrs. H. A. (Finlay), '03 
Otto William, '98, '00 
Walter Frederick, '03 
Mrs. W. F. (Jones), '02 

Meisenbach, Jacob Edward, 

Meissner, Mrs. G. L. (De Pue). 

Melcer, Joseph Steve, '08 


Carolyn Marie, '99 
Charles Wesley, '05 
Mrs. C. W. (Anderson), '03 
Katherine May, '95, '97 
Marian Maud, '06 

Meliza, Lew Elmer, '98 

Melquest, Vera Marie, '08 

Menefee, Ferdinand North- 
rup, '08 

Mengle, Carl W., '10 

Mentzer, William Cyrus, '95 

Andrew Jackson, '01 
David Henry, '80 
Nelson S., '98 (Omaha) 

Merkle, Arthur B., '05 


Bessie Evelyn, '93 

Charles Levi, '96 
Merritt, Edwin Atkins, '04 

Haven, '03 

Mabel, '98 

Mabel Claire, '11 

Percy Wendel, '06 

Mrs. P. W. (Miller), '01 

Philip H., '92 (Omaha) 
Metzger, Amelia Ida, '07 

August Henry, '09 

Charles Louis, '07 

Caroline Henrietta, '10 

Franklin Llewellyn, '97 

Henry George, '01 

Leah Louise, '06 

Oscar Maxwell, '06 
Meyers, Charles Wesley, '93 
Mick, John Edward, '01 

Blanche Ida, '01 

Clark Edwin, '08 
Middlebrook, Mrs. L. C. 

(Clark), '10 

Arthur Henry, '07 

Fred Martin, '99 

Howard Hamilton, '11 

John Thomas, '03, *04 

William Arthur, '11 

George F., '03 

Frank C, '12 

Neville Russell, '00 

Mrs. G. T. (Palmer), '04 

Lida Alice, '99 

Albert Herman, '08 

Alvin Augustus, '98 

Ann Wilson, '10 

Arthur Eugene, '06 

Brownlow Bartley, '08 

Charles Edwards, '10 

Clara Hedges, '09 



Miller — Concluded. 

Clinton James, '05 

Dorothy Tibbets, '11 

Eleanora Tibbets, '00, '02 

Frank Russell, '00 

George William, '08 

Howard Hamilton, '11 

Howard Schultz, '01 

John Haldeman, '06 

John William, '05 

Joseph H., '98 (Omaha) 

Libbie (Mrs.), '98 (Omaha) 

Louise, '03, '05 

Mamie^ '01 

Mary Katheryne, '04 

Millie Lucile, '11 

Miriam Cora, '09 

Nellie Gilbert, '07 

Raman Albert, '04 

Robert Glenn, '10 

Schuyler William, '94, '98 

Willey Herbert, '97 

David L., '05 

Frank Dawson, '01 

John, '04 

Mamie Caroline Taylor, '00 

Milton Alexander, '08 

Robert Selwyn, '07 

Willard Cook, '09 

Mrs. W. H. (Roberts), '87 
Milliken, Elma Jane, '09 
Miner, Charles Henry, '93 

Alice A., '92 

James August, '08 

Harry Victor, '97 

Worth Lester, '01 
Miskell, Berna Ann, '11 

Adda (Mrs.), '02 (Omaha) 

Claude William, '10, '11 

D. C, '10 

Harriet M., '04 

Helene Schwab, '11 

Joseph Clark, '10 

Mrs. J. C. (Steven), '07 
Mixter, Esmer Myrtle, '05 


Edith Theodosia, '90 

Edwin Richard, '02 
Modesett, Carl L., '10 

Beatrice, '12 
Moffett, Mrs. (Hess), '03 
Mohrman, Charles August, '04 
Monbeck, Roy Roper, '11 
Monick, James August, '08 

Ernest Franklin, '04, '07 

Mrs. E. F. (Pepoon), '07 

James (Hon.), 
Monson, Walter Albert, '10 

Edward Gerard, '06, '09, 

Mrs. E. G. (Bell), '06 

Eugene, '82 

Grace, '02 

Guy Eugene, '09 

Ida Margaret, '02 

Irving Evelyn, '02 

Ora Clair, '11 

W. P., '97 (Omaha) 
Montmorency, Arthur Frank- 
land, '94, '96 
Moody, Archer Newton, '95 
Moon, Alonzo Loudon, '06 

Annie, '05 

Arthur Russell, '04 

Calvin Turner, '11 

Dwight Shumway, '87 

Emil yGertrude, '07, '10 

Ezekiel Arrowsmith, '98 

Jay Curran, '99 

Jessie Ruth, '04 

John Clyde, '06, '08 

Miles S., '02 (Omaha) 

William Henry Harrison, '00 
Moran, Andrew Patrick, '03 
Morehead, Dorothy Lee, '11 
Morehouse, Nye Franklin, '11 

Ada Mabel ,'10 

Clara Edith, '00 

Effiie Leona, '06 

Grace, '95 



Morgan — Concluded. 

Jessica Aline, '01 

Joseph Harney, '10 

Loeing Edward, '10 

Mary Warren, '07 

Raymond Beverage, '01 
Moriarty, John Frank, '01 

Morison, Charles Campbell, 
'98, '03 
Moritz, Robert Edouard, '01 
Morassy, Mrs. E. A. (Thomp- 
son), '08 

Emma Enid, '05 

Frederick Walter, '02 

Mrs. F. (Edholm), '04 

Wm. L., '95 (Omaha) 
Morrill, Minnie Margaret, '07 

Don Frank, '86 

George Henry, '05 

Nelson Williams, '01 

Edwin Rees, '98 

Estella Rees, '10 

George Andrew, '05 

Thomas Fauntleroy, '03 
Morrissey, Katherine Virginia, 


Frank Henry, '06, '08 

William, '03 

Perse Abram, '99 

Mrs. P. A. (Dahl), '99, '02 

C. F., '02 (Omaha) 

Leslie William, '06 

Frances, '96 

Frederick O., '79 
Moser, Walter Alfred, '07 
Moss, Simeon Martindale, '97 
Mothersead, James Granville, 

Motis, Emil Joseph, '00 
Mouck, William Quinn, '04 
Mould, Mabel Augusta, '07 
Mousel, Charles, '97 


William Walter, '05 

Mrs. W. W. (Ames), '07 
Mowrer, W. P., 97 (Omaha) 

Ralph Waldo, '99 

Torrence Calvin, '11 
Mudge, Claire Ruskin, '03 

Ralph Scott, '98 

Theodore Frederick, 07, 08 

Mabel, '05 

Sarah Theodosia, '00, '06 
Mullen, John Clancy, '12 
Mulligan, John Thomas, '01 

Clara Angoline, '00 

Doyle Beard, '08 

C .L., '91 (Omaha) 

R. B., '98 (Omaha) 
Mullon, Lydia Alberta, '92. '96 
Mulvane, Orvin Everett, '85 
Mumau, Sidney Lee, '99 
Mumford, Luther Emerson, 

Munday, Frank John, '11 
Mundorf, William Mills, '02 
Mundt, Mrs. J. H., (Long), 

Munger, Alfred Case, '11 
Munn, Ohio Nebraska, '10 
Munro, Alexander A., '84 

Earle Walter, '11 

Grace Esther, '11 
Murdock, R. J., '9 8 (Omaha) 

Joseph Allen, '08 

Mrs. J. A. (Dutch), '07 

Ralph Burnett, '08, '09 

Mrs. Claire Warren (Wil- 
liamson), '98 

Theresa Pearl, '08 

Thomas Moonlight, '08 
Mussetter, Mrs. W. O. (Gib- 
son), '05 



Mutz, Sterling Faan, '11 
Myatt, Ida May, '10 

Arthur Independence, '04 

Benjamin Lee, '09 

Edna Bernice, '07 

Edwin Francis, '04 

Fay Nellie, '09 

Sophia, '86 

Vera Ann, '06 

Wilsie Anthony, '98 
Nagl, Julia Peggy Margaretha, 

Naughton, Patricia Louise, '04 

Benjamin Franklin, '93 

Charles Fremont, '95 

Halbert Fletcher, '03 

Richard, '96 
Neale, Bertha, '10 

Daisy Jeannette, '07, '09 

J^wrence Kenneth, 07 

Mrs. L. K. (Cook), '08 
Nen, Adolph Anton, '10 
Neidhart, Emma Marguerite, 

Neilson, Gertrude Mabel, '09 

Candis Jane, '05, '10 

Carl David, '10 

Golda Bessie, '10 

Henry Gilbert, '03 

Hugo Emil, '92 

John Maurice, '01 

Lena Christine, '06 

Mabel Esther, '10 

Neil David, '04 

Nels P., '02, '09 
Nethery, James Duncan, '08 

Grace Vivian, '11 

Harvey Ellsworth, '96 

Mrs. H. E. (Rolofson), '96 

Lillian Violetta, '99 

Mrs. W. H. (Hirst), '06 

Ward Kenneth, '99 

Newcomber, Charley Berry, 

'89, '90 

Mrs. A. F. (Bross), '98 

Hiram E., '10 

Lawrence E., '10 

Cora Anna, '11 

Meyer Harris, '08, '10 

Minnie May, '10 
Newmann, John Henry, '11 

Bernard A., '04 

Felix (Gtoldman), '06 
Nichols, Fred T, '10 

Edward Everett, '94, '96 

Hugo McLernon, '10 

Lester Ernest, '95 
Nckerson, Agnes Eleanor, '07 
Nicklas, Mrs. Fritz (Sargent), 


Carrie Signe, '02 

Frederick Kenelm, '02, '04 

Henry Peter, '00 

Marie Anna, '03 

Morris, '00 (Omaha) 

Anna Carolina, '05 
Nienhuis, Henry, '97 
Nightingale, Herbert Spencer, 

Nikaido Yasujuro, '99 
Niles, Arthur Jewett, '02 
Nilsson, Henry Oscar, '07 
Nims, Maybelle Zoe, '08, '10 
Nisley, Isaac Johnson, '11 
Nixon, Harry Stilwell, *10 

Harold Miller, '11 

Lin Ithamar, '02 
Noren, Selma Constance, '98 
North, Cecil Clair, '02 
Northrop, Frank E., '10 

Clinton Scott, '97 

Mrs. F. A. (Milliken), '00 

John Nathaniel, '03 




Bessie, '11 

Hiland Batcheller, '98 

Robert Edgar, '04 
von Nusbaum, Erich, '10 


Florence Elizabeth, '11 

Mark Alva, '04 
Oberfelder, Arthur Milton, '11 
Oberlies, Louis Clark, '95, '99 
Oberman, Mrs. A. E. (Coop- 
er), '08 
O'Brien, Frank, '08 


Cora, '00 

Edith Elizabeth, '08 

Ethel, '06 

Marian Margaret, '08 

William Harrold, '02 

James Francis, '04 

William, '00 

William Bernard, '01 


Patrick Joseph, '02 
Peter Francis, '06 

Ogden Hattie Ruth, '11 

O'Hearn, Stephen Patrick, '93 

O'Hern, Mrs. M. I. (Thomas), 

Ohman, Mrs. Leigh D. (Sei- 
dell), '09 

Okey, John Edgar, '10 

Oliver, Roy Hiron, '03 


Heber W., '82, '84 
Herbert Watson, '84 
Lewis Bertie, '09, '11 


Oscar Leonard, '10 
Mrs. O. M. (Druse), '02 

Olsson, Justus Edgar, '10 

Olston, Otto, '01 

Orcutt, Mrs. May Chaddock, 

Orlofsky, Anna, '06 

Orr, Horace Wheedon, '93 


Chauncey Stephen, '02 

Olive Inez, '05 

Frank Ely, '00, '03 

Mrs. H. B. (Ferris), '00 

Emma Caroline, '10 

Florence Lois, '11 

Rena, '07 
Ostein, Herman C, '95 
Osterholm, Martin, '90 
Ostrander, Ada Emily, '10 
O'Sullivan, Eva, '97 
O'Toole, Thomas, '96 (Oma- 
Otstott, Mrs. Daniel (Bon- 

nell), '91 
Oury, William Harrison, '97 

Emma Gerdes, '11 

Meroe Jayes, '11 
Overgaard, A. P., '00 (Omaha) 

Charles Ernest, '09 

William St. John, '08 

Jesse, '08 

John Mark, '01 

Laura Belle, '08 

Walter Lew, '04 
Ozman, Roscoe Conkling, '07 

Cadwallader William, '02 
Ike Eugene Odell, '96, '98 

Harriet Janet, '00 
Lawrence Ralph, '97 
Rea Cady, '96 
Pagaduan, Gillermo, '09 
Page, John Chatfield, '08 
Paine, Sarah Elizabeth, '06 
Palen, Archibald E., '07 

Arthur Lundin, '10 
Claude, '06 
Louise Murray, '04 
William Roy, '06 



Pampell, Byron L., '98 (Oma- 
, Arthur Chester, '97, '00, '01 

Mrs. A. C. (Wiggenhorn), 

Robert Carpenter, '04 

Samuel G., '86 (Omaha) 
Park, Eugene Christian, '02 

Jesse Tuck, '97 

Ulysses Simson, '98 

Mrs. W. M. (Walker), '07 
Parkinson, Anne Elizabeth, 


Clara, '84 

Emma, '80, '98 

Prank, '81 

Mildred Amia, '02, '07 

Florence Mathewson, '07 

Howard Coon, '97, '99 
Parriott, William Clark, '07 

Frank. '08 

Jesse, '08 
Parsons, Andrew Clarkson, 

Patch, Leroy Vernon, '98 
Patrick, Martha Ellen, '07 

Edith Lindsley, '08 

Edward James, '11 

John Albert, '03 

James McDowell, '04 

James Milton, '09 

Charles Howard, '95 

John Milford, '05, '08 

Lewis Chris, '01 

Maurice Ferdinand, '11 

Charles Kenneth, '03 , 

Florence Edith, '00 

Robert Bruce, '98 


Mrs. Ernest E. (Davis), '99 

Mrs. E. J. (Damon), '04 
Pearl, George Sylvester, '95 
Pearse, Arthur Sperry, '00, 


Mrs. C. A. (Pillsbury), '02 

Gustaf Adolph, '06, '07 

John Elmer, '98 

Louis William, '00 

Hans Christian, '05 

Peter Marius, '04 
Peebles, Winifred Marie, '00 
Peiper, David Ellis, '94 
Peiterson, Arne Krostopher, 

Pelster, Edwin Rudolph, '09 
Pence, Mrs. Anna S. (Sidle), 


Henry Gerhard, '04 

Louis Edward, '04 
Penney, Cli'fford Manly, '10 
Pennock, Carrie Maud, '88 
Pentzer, Jennie Blackburn, 


Mabel, '07 

Philip Wendell, '02 

Leon J., '05, '09 

Roy v., '07, '08 
Percy, Allen Truman, '00 
Perlee, B. L., '01 (Omaha) 

Edna, '11 

Mrs. Lewis (Given), '10 

William Spencer, '87 

Emma Martha, '09 

Ernest Bert, '99 

Mrs. E. B. (Fowler), '02 

Harry Otis, '10 
Pershing, John Joseph, '93 

Clark Edmund, '00 

Mary Eudora, '10 



Person, Ray Kearney, '06 

Gus William, '09 

Guy Meivin, '03 

John A., '02 (Omaha) 
Petersen, Niels Frederick, 

'07, '11 

Aleck Theodore, '02 

Alfred Olaf A., '96, '99 
(Omaha), '00 

Alphena Charlotte, '08 

Andreas Chris, '09 

Carl Edelbert, '06 

Carl Petrus, '09 

Mrs. C. P. (Melquest), '08 

Frank August, '05, '10 

Hans Christian, '90, '94 

Hans Peter, '02, '03 

Peter Homer, '06 

Victor, '04 

Waller, '00, '02 
Petr, FYancis J., '04 
Petrashek, Minnie Josephine, 

Pettijohn, Laura Anna, '10 
Pettis, Mrs. E. F. (Hebard), 


Laura Belle, '97, '06 

Luther Oscar, '04 

Ella Loomis, '99 

Eugene Talmage, '08 

Sarah Louise, '02 

Francis Samuel, '97, '99 

Nettie Elizabeth, '97 

Mrs. Clara (Walker), '03 

Frederica A., '98 (Omaha) 

Oliver LeGrande, '09 

Richard Allison, '12 
Philpott, Charles Wescott, 

'96, '98. 
Pickel, Dolly Catherine, '11 

Charles Albert, '83 

Pierce — Concluded. 

Clarence Arthur, '11 

Eugene Henry, '02 

Maude, '99 

Minnie Josephine, '09 

Paul Harold, '11 

Roy Gifford, '07 

William Dwight, '04, '07 
Philans, Edward Palmer, '10 

Edward Andr'ew, '97 

Hannah Eliza, '02 

l^wrence Bell, '96 

Marguerite B., '06 

Melville Paul, '02 

Susan, '97 

Walter Bowers, '92 

William Henry, '96 
Pinckney, Reuben :Marion, '08 

Bertha Emaline, '96. '04 

Roy L., '03 

Samuel Walter, '98, '01 

Mrs. S. W. (Lewis). '99 

W. J., '98 (Omaha) 
Pipal Francis John, '07 ,'11 

Edwin Ford, '97 

Elsie Ford, '04 

Jennie Louise, '04, '11 
Pitchford, George Leonard, 


Alfred, '89 

Paul, '93, '95 
Placek, Emil Edwin, '97 
Plasters, Warren Howard, 11 

Alfred Coles, '78 

Clifton Josiah, '99 

Owen Dale, '03 
Platz, Ada, '09 
Plowhead, John .Jacob, 00 
Plym, Mrs. Francis J. (Bar- 
ber), '98 

Emil, '96 

Henry Joseph, '94 

William Austin, '94 



Poland, Byron Delos, '96 
Polevoy, Nina D., '05 

Carey Sigel, '87 

Edna Charles, '98 

Orpheus Beecher, '88 

Ernest Mark, '93 

Leona Alice, '02 

Nelson Levi, '96 
Polleys, Edgar G., '10 

Clarence Amander, '99 

John Donald, '06 

Laura Mary, '00 

Rachel Isabel, '04 
Pomeroy, Alice Reynolds, '11 

Albert, '11 

Raymond John, '07, '08 
Poole, Venus W., '04, '08 

Alvin Eugene, '98 

Donald Irving, '98 

Ethel Elma, '06 

Walter Lyndon, '09 
Poppleton, A. J. (Hon.) 

Annie, '06 

Mrs. C. K. (Carney), '05 

Dorothy Maud, '08 

Edward Youngs, '96 

Elmer R., '98 (Omaha) 

George Neyman, '98 

Margaret Edla, '06 
Porterfield, James Chester, 

Posey, William Arthur, 07 
Poska, Rebecca Ruth, '11 
Pospisil, Louis John, '03 

Adda Marie, '99 

Gertrude Jeanette, '03 

Herbert Wilson, '08 

Mildred Calire, '07 
Poston, Harry, '09 

Bertha Bell, '07 

Potter — Concluded. 

George Benjamin, '05 

Herbert William, '10 

Charles Wesley, '03 

John Beekman, '07 

Louise, '92, '95 

Olivia, '95, '97 

Roscoe, '88, '89, '97 

Mrs. Roscoe (Gerrard), '95 

Alfreda, '10 

Mrs. J. F. (Gardner), '04 
_ Melinda James, '02 

Ward Hughes, '11 
Power, Jessie Home, '08 

Percy Amos, '95 

Robert Carroll, '02 
Poynter, Charles William Mc- 

Corkle, '06 
Pratt, Geo. Peyton, '10 
Premer, James Frederick, '08 
Prentiss, May Louise, 99 

Allen Zollars, '05 

Mrs. A. Z. (Spurck), '97 
Pressley, Ethel Mary, '06 
Prest, John Elry, Jr., '04 
Preston, Rupert (Dinges), '92 
Prey, Annie Elizabeth, '96, 


Anna May, '08 

Myrtle Vivian, '02 

Orville Thaddeus, '99 

Ruth Amelia, '09 
Prichard, George Winthrop, 

'06, '08 
Prickett, Bernice Marie, '11 
Pringle, John T., '95 (Oma- 
Pronjer, Mrs. Emma (Davis), 

Proud, George Curtis, '10 

Mrs. G. E. (Morgan), '07 

Frank Sabin, '11 




Harrie Montrose, '11 

Mrs. Martha L. (Bassett), 
Provaznik, William Joseph, 

Provost, Noel Louis, '08 
Pryor, Ralph Hubert, '04 
Ptak, Fred Estell, '03 

Cecil, '99 

George F., '98 (Omaha) 
Pugsley, Charles W., '06 
Pulis, Charles Clarence, '96 

Charles Henry, '06 

John Ralph, '08 
Purington, Alice McClellan, 

'08, '10 
Purviance, Percy, '06 
Putney, Ada Nellie, '08 
Pyne, Mrs. George (Cady), 

Pyrtle, Emma Ruth, '04, '07 
Quackenbush, Edmund 

Brown, '96 

Bertha Belle, '99 

Hadley Winfield, '96 
Queal, Ralph William, '11 
Quincy, Mary A., '96 (Omaha) 
Quann, Clarence Elias, '05 
Raasch, John Martin, '04 
Racely, Wilbur A., '09 
Rademacher, Gertrude Clara, 

Rae, Mae Rhodes (Rhodes), 

Rain, Frank Lewis, '99 
Rainey, Ralph Raxstraw, '02 

Charles William, '96 

James Eugene, '96 
Rakestraw, Elias Vern, '00 
Ramsey, William Crites, '07 

Ethel Elizabeth, '07 

George Truman, '08 

Randall — Concluded. 

Karl Chandler, '97 

Mrs. K. C. (Vancil), '99 

Margaret Emily, '11 

Nellie, '99 
Randolph, Albert Marion, '96 
Rankins, Willis Aubreyl '04 
Ransom, Brayton Howard, '99, 

'00, '08 
Rantsma, Warren Franklin, 

Raper, Pauline, '09 
Ratcliff, Josiah French, '11 
Rathbone, Samuel Harvey, 

Jr., '11 
Rathbun, Mrs W. P. (De 

Vore), '08 
Rathburn, Grove H., '02 

Rathka, Anna May, '09 
Ray, Ralph, '05 

Anan Richard, '11 

Ruth Baird, '07 

William Henry, '95 
Reagan, Herbert Everett, '97 

Edward Emmett, '01 

William John, '02 

Ira Victor, '02 

Mrs. S. A. (DuBois). '98 
Rebmann, Jeremiah, '98 
Reddish, Robert Owen, '11 

Alfred Sylvan, '04 

Elsworth Lovejoy, '04 
Redfield, Josiah Beckley, 'OS 
Bedford, Helena Isabelle, '97 
Redington, Helen Dora, '05, 


Albert Alison, '98 

Mrs. Anna (Yeomans), '99 

Guy Euclid, '11 

Tsa Dolores, '11 

Roland Ray, '10 

William Dickey, '96 




Catherine. '11 
Prentiss Barle, '03 

Oliver Thomas, '98 
Mrs. O. T. (McCune), '00, 


Henrietta McCoon, '04 

Samuel, '04 

Elizabeth Irene, '07 

Harry Allen, '91, '95 
Reetz, Minnie Marie, '96 
Reeves, Bessie, '02 
Regione, Dominich Louis, '08 
Reichenbach, H. A., '01 


D. J., '02 (Omaha) 

Erie Hamilton, '11 

John D., '99, '02 (Omaha) 
Reiley, William S., '95 (Oma- 
Reimche, Robert Clifton, '08 
Reimers, Christian Albert, '09 
Reinsch, Ffank Herman, '09 
Reitz, Oscar Anson, '97 
Remster, Alva, '04 
Remy, Chas. Edward, '10 
Rendstrom, David A., '02 

Resler, John Clarence, '10 


Belle Winifred, '98 

William Henry, '09 

William Oscar Whitfield, 
Reynoldson, Addie, '04 
Rhoades, Laura Alida, '08 

Clarence Walter, '76 

Mae '97 

Walter Hampton, '96. '02 

Wellington Payne, '78 


John Doherty, '04 

Rice — Concluded. 
John Lawrence, '10 

John Webster. '08 

Marguerite Sarah, '03 

Ray Everett, '11 

Rose Hammond, '03 (Oma- 

Daniel Henry, '97 

Edson, P., '83 
Richard, Frank Montgomery, 


Annie Louise, '03 

Bessie Ashby, '09 

Edward Erie, '10 

Edward Everett, '04 

Mrs. (Foxwell), '06 

Frederick Arthur, '01 

Grace, '11 

Mabel, '01 

Willamina Alice, '11 

Mrs. William (Scherzer), 

Florence Ella, '02 

Louis, '90 (Omaha) 

Mrs. Nellie (Moore), '94 
Richert, Cornelius, '00, '01 

Justus Livingston, '09 

Velma Vay, '07 
Richmond, William Austin, 

Ricker, Harry Daniel, '02 


Ena Catherine, '96 

Howard Taylor, '94 

Lowe Arnott, '97, '99 

Mrs. L. A. (Richards), '01 

Mabel, Duncan, '97 

M. O., '84 (Omaha) 

Dell Frank, '01 

Florence Edna, '10 
Ridgley, Hillard Samuel, '97 
Rieth, Pauline Katherine, '07 
Righter, Fred Baxter, '04 




Dan Joseph, '00 

Frank Teal, '98 

Mrs. F. T. (Morgan), '95 
Rine, Charles William, '07 
Ring, Penelope Patch, '11 
Ringer, John Dean, '03, '05 

Jay Guy, '10 

Turner Oliver, '01 
Risser, George Hampton, '97 
Ritchie, Charles David, '03, 

Rivett, Harry Logan, '05 

Mrs. H. L. (Cutter), '05 
Roach, Leonard Emery, '98 
Roadifer, Paul Erastus, '09 

Charles Burton, '98 

Edith Lillian, '07 

Edith Lucile, '99, '09 

Harold Will, '08 

Horace Alphonso, '08 

Ida Lute, '02 

Mrs. Leonard (Anthony), 

Althea Blanche, '95 

Charles Whitson, '06 

Hal Harris, '01 

Harry William, '05 

John William, '04, '09 

Laura Melle, '87 

Myrtle Fitz Henry, '03 

William Colfax, '96 

A. A., '01 (Omaha) 

Edwin Norris, '04, '06 

Guy Allan, '11 

Hubert Carter, '09 

Sidney Dillon, '99 

William Ainsworth, '09 

Mrs. W. A. (Gray), '09 

William James Nimow, '00 

Mrs. W. W. (Barrett), '88 

Mrs. Albert (Spurk), '00 

Amy Olive, '01 

Robinson — Concluded. 

Edward James, '84 

Mrs. F. W. (Macomber), '02 

Mrs. Frank W. (Spinney), 

Reuben, '96 (Omaha) 
Robison, Lillian Beatrice, '04 

Mary Elizabeth, '04 

Thomas Francis, '98, '00 
Rodgers, James Madison, '96 

George, '92 (Omaha) 

Julius A., '02 (Omaha) 

Anna, '91 

Belle, '91 

George Hippe, '88 

Virginia Noyes, '11 
Rogosch, Carl Frederick, '11 
Rohde, Frank Edwin, '11 
Rohlf, E. L., '00 (Omaha) 
Rohman, Carl Phillip, '11 
Rohrbaugh, James Madison, 

Rohwer, Christian, '93 
Rokahr, Elsie Katherine, '10 
Rolfson, Charles Martinius, 

Rollings, Hattie Elizabeth, 

Rolofson, Evalena Pearl, '96 
Romans, Robert F., '10 
Romigh, James Victor, '03 
Rooney, Ellen, '98 
Root, Charles Henry, '00, '03 

Grace Candace, '06 

Mabelle Alice, '04 

Ralph Chase, '00, '03 
Rosa, Inez, '00 

Augustus Henry, '97 

Charles Albert, '02 

Mrs. C. A. (Hallowell), '01 

George Francis, '01 
Rosencrants, Fay Harry, '11 
Rosenthal, Herman, '00 
Rosewater, Andrew (Hon.) 



Ross, C. H. '98 (Omaha) 
Rost, Clayton Ord, '11 

Florence Amelia, '09 

Harold Denio, '05 

Sidney Roscoe, '03 
Rotruck, John Ferguson, '02 
Rowan, Gertrude Norton, '05 

Edward Winfleld, '03 

Jesse Perry, '97, '03, '06 

Walter Ellsworth, '96 
Rowland, Hazel Ethelda, '11 
Rubendall, Clarence, '06, '08 

Alice Kate, '08 

Edna Emma, '08 
Rugg, Frederick C, '97 

Rulla, Frederick Carl, '02 
Rumery, Arthur Clark, '05 
Runner, Joseph James, '07 
Rushton, Grace Isabel, '00 

Francis Wayland, '90 

Harriet Jane, '11 

Mary Anne, '98 

Philip Winfred, '98 

Edward Markwood, '09 

Mrs. E. M. (Brewster), '07 

Ida Luella, '10 

Annie Alice, '01 

Francis Griggs, '07 

Frank Drayton, '05 

Jacob A., '10 

Sarah Agnes, '93, '10 

ThomavS Gerald, '94 

William Virgil, '00 
Rydberg, Per Axel '91, '95 
Ryner, Ira, '04 
Sabine, Mrs. Prudence (Bar- 
rett), '02 
Sackett, Harry Evans, '98 
Safford, Jessie Frances, '10 
Sage, Evan Taylor, '02 
St. Clair, Charles Conklin, '00 

Sakett, Norman A., '84 
Salisbury, Fred Olin, '04 
Salter, La Duskie, '04 
Sample, Thomas Edward, '04 

Arthur William, '07 

Reuben, '00 

William Reuben, '04 
Sandblad, A. G., '94 (Omaha) 

Charles Robinson, '04 

Elizabeth Jane, '99 

Grace Chester, '05 

Helen Mandana, '05 

Joseph Andrews, '03 

Mrs. Joseph A. (Home), 

Mary Elvira ('97 
Sather, Charles Anthony, '03 
Saunders, De Alton, '93, '94 
Saville, John Appleton, '98 

Charles Abbott, '06 

Everett Brown, '98 

John LeRoy, '06 

Leroy Pursel, '99 

Willits Herbert, '94 

Mrs. W. H. (Case), '97 

Elmer Elvin, '08 

Howard, '01 

Ralph Cole, '97 

James Joseph, '93 

Joseph Henry, '07, '09 
Scarborough, Ray James, '09 
Schaefer, Ida Edna, '04 
Schaper, Meta Elizabeth, '03 

Frederick, Jr., '02 

Mrs. F. (Evans), '04 
Schenk, Francis Joseph, '09 
Schell, Charles Daniel, '91 

Eliza, '98 

Lottie, '03 

Mary Ann, '00 
Schick, Roy, '99, '01 



Schlaifer, Osher, '03 

Nella Gabrielle, '05 
Schlueter, Hugo Cyrus, '10 

August Carl, '10 

Edward Albert, '08 

Francis Albert, '07 

Nelda A., '11 
Schneller, Clara, '98 
Schock, Eva Mabel, '97 

Joseph Robert, '88 

Mrs. J. R. (Stockton), '92 
Schoonover, William Leroy, 

Schramm, Eck Frank, '08 

Arthur Garfield, '07 

Emma Estelle, '06 
Schukman, Annie R., '81 

Mary Anna, '11 

Regina Bernardine, '11 
Schultz, Carrie Kate, '08 
Schumacker, Mrs Rudolph 

(Tinkham), '11 
Schuppert, William Louis, '09 
Schwab, Sara, '91 

Ella Irene, '11 

Frank Whitten, '11 
Schv/artz, Edith Gertrude, 

'98, '04 
Schwarz, Carl Frederick, '96 
Schwertley, Katherine Alice. 

Schwind, William Frederick, 

Scofield, Marcia Ruth, '06 
Scotney, John Aaron, '10 

Birdie Grace. '06 

Cora Hazel, '04 

Elzada Estella, '03 

Frank Waldo, '10 

Henry Miller, '09 

Mrs. Joseph (Stevenson), 

Scott — Concluded. 

Mrs. Kate Giltuer, '94 

Mrs. L. C. S. (Smith), '02 

Robert Douglas. '10 

Mrs. R. M. (Stratton), '87 

William J., '12 
Scoville, Myrtle IMay, '11 
Scriven, Mrs. D. M. (Wead), 


Anne Elizabeth, '95 

Elam Winger, '01 
Searls, Hubert Clayton, '02 

Archie Kennedy, '06 

Charles Wilber, '00 

James William, '96, '99 

Mrs. J. W. (Chappel), '99 
Seaton, Laurence Froyd, '11 

Catherine Margaret, '01 

Julius Parker, '96 

Mrs. J. P. (Weeks), '99 

Helen, '01 

Ora Fay, '03 

Willis James, '04 
Seem, Mrs. (Hutchinson), '96 
Seidel, Caroline Pauline, '09 
Selden, James Willard, '99 
Selzer, Arthur Louis, '11 
Senger, Henry Leo, '03 
Senner, George Frederick, '03 
Senter, Herbert Almon, '93 
Severin, Richard Otto, '11 

Mrs. Andrew (Aitken), '04 

Mrs. Floyd (Wallace), '00 

George Edward, '04 
Seymour, Victor, '92 
Shallenberger, Grace Pauline, 

Shane, Adolph, '01 
Shanek, Bertha, '12 


Florence Marie, '00 
Jake Milton, '03 



Shannon, Charles Augustus, 

Shantz, Homer Leroy, '05 
Sharp, Mrs. (Walker), '04 
Shaw, Ora James, '08 
Shaw Van, John Emerson, '08 
Sheaff, Howard M., '10 


Cornelius Lott, '97, '01 

William, '01 

Claude Kedzie. '09 

George Clifford, '00 

Harry Graves, '97, '00 
Shelburn, Otho Ernest, '04 

Addison Erwin, '02, '04 

Clara Fleming, '08 

Mrs. G. C. (Todd), '11 

George Lawson, '92 

Mrs. George L. (Higgins), 

John Lewis, '99, '01, '03 

Lucian Ambler, '05 

Vilas Pettigrew, '00 
Shellhorn, Mrs. A. L. (Gk)uld), 

Shellman, Amy Florence, '09 
Shelton, Mrs. L,. G. (Agee), 

Sheppard, Rua Lu, '04 
Sherdeman, Eva Florine, '05 
Sherlock, John Henry, '06 
Sherman, Eugene Buren, '95 
Shidler, George Porter, '03 

Joseph Ralph, '04 

Zora Inez, '02, '04 
Shike, Jasper Ray, '11 

Elver L., '05 

Emma Ethel, '04 

Amy, '99 
Carl, 11 

Vesta May, '07 
Shock, William Amos. '03 
Shockey, George C, '01 


Charles Alonzo, '86 

ClifOord C, '09 
Shonka, Sylvester Vaclar, '12 
Shorey, Clyde E^verett 


Edwin Marion, '10 

Mamie Frances, '03 
Shotwell, Elizabeth Mar^, '06 
Shouffer, Edward Everett, 

Show, John Harry, '06 
Showalter, John Malcolm, '11 
Shreve, James Norman, '97 


Carl Leroy, '00 

John Calvin, '99 

Faye Percival, '04 

William Edgar, '04 
Sidle, Anna Elizabeth, '98 
Sidles, Frank Barton, '99 
Sidwell, Lawrence Tweedie, 

'06, '08 
Siecke, Erie Otto, '04, '05 
Silvernail, John N., '82 
Simins, John Shaffer, '09 


Daisy Alia, '08 
Nathaniel Rollins, '08 
Simms, Davis, '10 
Simon, Charles Noble, '05 
Simons, Wilbur Henry, '10 
Simpson, Bryant Robert, '10 
Sims, Arthur Alonzo, '00 
Sinclair, William Wallace, '96 
Singhaus, John A., '98 
Sisson, Mrs. Louise (Will- 
iams), '91, '98 


Earl Donovan, '06, '08 
Mrs. E. Don (Haines), '06 


Benjamin Franklin, '00 
Charles McClellan, '92, '95 




Clarence Aurelius, '93, '96 
Mary Elizabeth, '10 
Wells Hawks, '97, '98 
Slater, Mildred Mary, '06 
Slaughter, Carl Denton, '07 
Sleeth, Dana Proctor, '01 

Levi C, '94 
Sam Berkley, '99 
Slocum, William Frederick, 

Jr. (Hon.) 
Slonecker, Lester Reynolds, 

Sly, Elva Lorena, '03 
Smails, Amelia June, '96 
Smersh, Orro George, '03 

Anna Caroline, '11 

Archibald Manly, '10 

Arthur Andrew, '10 

Arthur Bessey. '01 

Arthur Deering, '08 

Arthur Philander, '99 

Bessie, '07 

Carlos Oliver, '11 

Chester Kitch, '07 

Clarence Young, '94, '95 

Cora Frances, '95, '01 

Dean Tyler, '87 

Don French, '10 

Edward Catlett, '03 

Mrs. E. E. (Hayden), '99 

Edwards Hargrave, '00 

E. H., '01 (Omaha) 

Eldon Jesse, '05 

Ernest John, '01 

Florence Sebring, '94, '98 

Frank Webster, '04 

Mrs. George (Smith), '95, 

Harley Marion, '04 

Harry Butler, '01 

Harry Leslie, '04 

Harry Scott, '07. '08 

James Roy, '09 

James Westfall Barnum, 

Smith — Concluded. 

Jane Sprott, '05 

Jared Gage, '88, '92 

John De Yarman, '97 

Julia Eliza, '02 

Leo Clark, '97 

Lora Amanda, '06 

Louise Claire, '02 

Margaret J., '08 

Maude Mabel, '03 

Minnie Frances, '99 

Nettie Ferguson, '01 

Oscar Otland, '02 

Ralph Cameron, '06 

Richard Hubert, '05 

Robert Earl, '03 

Roscoe Russell, '08 

Sarah Elizabeth, '98 

S. H., '98 (Omaha) 

Victor Bunnell, '11 

Mrs. Waldo (Daley), '87 

Warren Job, '04 

William Hershel, '99, '06 

Jesse Sawtell, '99 

Mrs. Jesse (Henry), '00 
Suapp, Cecile Maud, '11 
Suavely, Edgar Fudge, '04 

Novia Z.. '82 

Mrs. N. Z. (Frost), '84 

William H., '73, '76 
Snider, Frederick Eugene, '00 
Snoddy, James Samuel, '98 
Helen Jane, '09 
Mabel Musetta, '09 
William Patton, '01 
Mrs. W. P. (Pollock), '04 
Soderberg, Clyde Payne, '10 
Sommer, Helen Lillian. '11 
Southwick. Mrs. Homer (Har- 

greaves), '06 
Sowles, Halleck Joseph, '03 

Erie Giltner, '03 
Erma L. R., '05 
Spaits, Robert Allen, '08 



Sparks, Susan Alice, '03 
Spates, Charles B., '98 (Oma- 
Spaulding, Thankful Eliza- 
Sp'ealman, Ernest Garfield, 

Spear, George E., '00, '03 
Spears, Margaret Edna, '05 
Spease, Perry Martin, '09 
Speh, Mrs. Edward (Cole), '01 
Speidell, Louise Augusta, '08 
Spellmeyer, Carl Frederick, 


Craig Lemuel, '98 

Eugene Garfield, '07 

Noel W., '99 (Omaha) 

Walter Arthur, '10 
Sperling, Blanche Kathryn, 

Spillman, Ora Seldon, '08 
Spinney, Maude Josephine, 

Spittler, John B., '02 

Annie Maxon, '11 

Ernest Edgar, '07 
Sprung, Annetta Mabel, '02 

Alberta, '00 

Jessie Benton, '97 

Mary Anne, '97 

David Henry, '11 

Edwin Eberhardt, '93 
Staats, Etta Pearle, '06 

Frederick Andrew, '98 

John Lloyd, '09 
Staley, Alvah H., '0 
Stanclift, Arthur Dale, '10 

Walter Ealon, '07 

Mrs. W. E. (Corder), '05 
Stanley, Emory Day, '04 
Stansbury, Eugene Milton, 

Stanton, Jessie Louise, '99 
Stark, Herman Frederick, '01 
Starling, Charles W., '92 

Hazel Esther, '11 

Robert Percy, '02 
Stasenka, Charles Robert, '11 

Gustavus James, '94 

Herbert James, '05 

Olive Ermina, '06 
Stearns, Robert James, '10 

Joel, '99 

Mrs. Joel (Prentiss), '99 

Millicent, '06 
Steckelberg, Emma Charlotte, 

Steel, Alvin Arthur, '99 
Steele, Roy B., '01 
Steenburg, Donald Benjamin, 

Stegner, Sarah Louise, '10 
Stein, Charles, '07 
Stendahl, Emil Alfred, '07 
Stengle, Barney Martin, '03 
Stephen, Mabel Harriet, '04 

Homer Sherman, '08 

John Lincoln, '96 

William Logan, '89 

Andrew V., '96 (Omaha) 

C. E., '95 (Omaha) 
Sterling, Katherine Grace, '04 
Sterns, Worthy Putnam, '95, 

Stetler, Carrie May, '03, '11 
Stetter, Leta Anna, '06 
Steuteville, John Henry, '99 

Clara Bell, '07 

Edna B., '10 

John Cyprian, '05 
James Franklin, '00 




Mrs. A. (Wolfenbarger), '06 

Bryle Blanchard, '09 

Earle Clement, '03 

Hugh Alfred, '02 

Hugh Seelye, '09 

Marguerite Blanchard, '11 

Margaret Ogilvie, '06 

Nellie, '08 

Pearl, '04 

William M., '74, '77 

William Tracy, '03 

Abbie Gross, '08 

Albert Berry, '04 

Aubrey Porter, '08 

Branson Washburn, '11 

Charles Hudson, '01 

Charles Oran, '07 

Charles Roy, '10 

Charles Verne, '08 

Gertrude Estella, '98 

Horace Burton, '98 

Milton Irving, '02 

Kittie Mabel, '05 

Margaret Duncan, '05 
Stoakes, Charles Stewart, '05, 


Frank A., '93 (Omaha) 

Verne Catherine, '09 
Stocker, Thos. Richard Par- 
son, '09, '11 

Frank, '07 

Laura Adelia, '92 

William Lester, '93 
Stoddard, Mrs. George (Crew- 
itt) '98, '00 

Mrs. B. P. (Bullock), '04 

A. C, '99 (Omaha) 

Ethel Minerva, '08 

Guy Percival, '07 
Stolz, Jacob Franklin, '99 

Charles Leroy, '98 

Stone — Concluded. 

Mrs. E. M. (Ballard), '03 

Lloyd Parker, '07 

Roland Elisha, '07 
Stoner, Samuel Cheslie, '09. 

Strong, Robert Charles, '04 
Storch, Arthur Munroe, '03 
Storrs, Lucius Seymour, '90, 

Story, Claudius McCIave, '99, 

Stoughton, Lewis Herbert, '90 

Mecia, '11 

Oscar Van Pelt, '88 (Hon.) 
Strader, George L., '99 (Oma- 

Arthur Thomas, '01 

Mary Elizabeth, '08 
Straight, J. W., '91 (Omaha) 

Adelia Eugenia, '97 

Charles E., '80 

Mrs. Charles E. (Codding), 

Laura Margaret, '00 

Olive Fay, '00 
Strayer, Harvey G.. '03 
Streeter, Helen Choate, '04 

Mary Evangeline, '08 

Vivian Lewis, '06 
Strieter, Martin Ernst, '10 
Stringer, Caroline Effie, '02 
Strode, Edmund Clemens, '93, 

Stroman, Charles Francis, '93, 

Strough, George W., '96 

Struve, Martin Louis, '11 

George Vergil, '03 

Rosalie, '08 
Stuckey, Royal Scott, '03 
Stuebi, Edward Constant, '01 



stuff, Frederick Ames, '00 
Stuhr, Leo Byron. '01 

Arthur Alonzo, '99 

Bertha Bianca, '99 

Dell Deronda, '02, '09 

James C, '79 

La Zelle Brantley, '02, '03, 
'05, '09 

Louise Mary, '09 

William Clinton, '03 
Sturzenegger, Alfonzo J., '10 

George Leonard, '08 

George Webster, '08 

Jean, '08 

John Adelbert, '93 

Mary, '98 

William P., '84 
Summer, Ella P., '95 (Omaha) 
Sumner, John True, '99 
Sumpter, Frederick Leopold, 


John Lawrence, '95 

Manda Josephine, '98 
Sunderland, Edwin Milroy, 

Mrs. E. M. (Erford), '07 
Sunderlin, Charles Algernon, 


Frederick Arthur, '02 

Howard Frazier, '11 
Sutton, Herbert Osmand, '98 
Svenson, Ernest Otto, '85 
Swain, Everett Menzo, '01, 

Swan, Orrington Thomas, '03, 

Mrs. O. T. H. (Wilson), '04 

Alice Amanda, '06 

C. L. F., '97 (Omaha) 

Esther Lillian, '09 

Hjalmar August, '03 

Mabel Eleanor. '08 

Sward, Francis Ludwick, '04 

Erick Martin Paulus, '11 
Sweeley, Fred Allen, '05 
Sweet, June May, '01 
Swenk, Myron Harmon, '07. 


John Swen, '01 

Joseph Mangus, '08 

Otto Frederick, '11 

Samuel August, '08, '10 

Emma Josephine, '09 

Minnie, '07 
Swingle, Leroy Dey, '08 
Swintzler, Robinson M., '10 

Adolph Rudolph, '03, '07 

Franz, Jr., '05 

Louis, '96 (Omaha) 

Ethel Corrine, '03 

Constance Mariam, '09, '11 

Lester Corwin, '07, '10 
Tait, Galen Lemar, '92 

David, '06, '07 

Guy Duane, '00 

Selma Glen, '88 

William E., '97 (Omaha) 
Tallmadge, Chester Living- 
ston, '95 
Tanner, Joseph E^rl, '04 
Tate, John Torrence, '10, '12 
Tatum, Joseph Laurie, '10 

Ada Belle, '08 

Alanson O., '83 

Anna Lucile, '98 

Calvin Hill, '04, '10 

Charles William, '98 

Mrs. Charles W. (Smith), 

Frank Collins, '90 

Harry Allen, '06, '08 

Ida May, '01 

Jesse Day, '10 

Jettie Arnold, '11 



Taylor — Concluded. 

John Duncan, '09 

Joseph Elbert, '09 

Loren Guy, '11 

Neva, '02 

Sara Vere, '96 

Simeon Lafayette, '08 

William James, '91, '97 

Willis Harvey, '09, '11 

Charles Elden, '03 

Mrs. C. E. (Myers), '06 
Tedd, Ethel May, '09 
Teele, Ray Palmer, '97, '99 
Tefft, Clarence Edwin, '96 
Telleen, Leonard Emerson, 

Tellesen, Charles Clyde, '03 

Charles Edward, '06, '09 

Mrs. C. E. (Gladstone), '07 
Templeton, Charlotte, '02 
Tenopir, Adolph Albert, '09 
Tewksbury, Mina A., '10 
Thatcher, Roscoe Wilford, '98, 


John M. (Hon.) 

Lewis Gilmore, '95 

Mrs. Lewis G. (Atkinson), 
Theisen, William Walter Ed- 
ward, '07 

Clement Frederick, '01 

Herbert Jeremiah, '00, '04 

Mrs. H. J. (Morgan), '06 

Alexander, '92 

Amos, '09 

Cora De La Matyr, '79 

David Edward, '02 

Mrs. D. E. (Brewster), 05 

Edward Russell, '00 

Edwin Leroy, '04 

Eva Kathrine, '02 

Ferdinand Ehrman, '02 

Frederick Wagner, '08 

Thomas — Concluded. 

George Henry, '97 

George Joseph, '11 

Hanna May, '05 

Harry, '96 (Omaha) 

James Lloyd, '09 

John Willard. '08 

Mabel Ida, '03 

Nova Elizabeth, '11 

Walter Peyre, '99 

Albert Milton, '10 

Charles Yoder, '97 

Clinton Adam, '09 

Grace Guy, '07 

Harriet Eleanor, '06 

Howard Clarence, '01 

Irwin Levi, '06, '08 

Jessie Louise, '08 

Margaret Allen, '97 

Paul Dean, '09 

Ruth Neely, '06 

Samuel Henry, '01 

Mrs. S. H. (Walling), '03 

Samuel McAfee, '07 

Warren Simpson, '11 

Alexander R., '92 

Peter Henry, '99, '04 

Robert Milton, '98, '99 
Thorgrimson, Oliver Bern- 
hard, '01 
Thornber, John James, '97, '01 
Thornburg, Charles Ernest, 


Delmar Leon, '02 

William Yearsley, '02 

Rosa Mary, '00 

William Le Grande, '00 

Mrs. W. L. (Stratton), '00 
Thorpe, Bertha Florence, '11 
Throckmorton, Jeanette 

Franc, '10 
Thurber, Guy Plummer, 91 
Thurston, Eugene D., '84 



Tibbets — Concluded. 

Anna Mary, '04, '08 

Raymond Marsh, '08 

Claud Raymond, '09 

Florence Belle, '08 
Timms, Lillian Florence, '05 

Charles Edward, '90, '91, 

Elbert Roy, '89 

John Ulmern, '09 
Tinker, George Henry, '90 
Tinkham, Florence Eva, '11 

Mary L. (Mrs.), '95 (Oma- 

Mathew A., '02 (Omaha) 
Tishue, Walter Cleon, '98 
Tobey, George Edgar, '99 
Tobie, Edwin Lester, '02 
Tobin, John Frederick, '03 
Todd, Florence Sheldon, '11 

Albert Bush, '11 

Bmil, '92 
Tomlinson, Charles Creigh- 

ton, '08 
Toof, Clyde Burr, '09 
Tool, Arthur Quincy, '06 
Toomey, Maud, '09 
Topacio, Teodulo, '09 
Topping, Paul Swayne, '11 
Torgerson, Oscar Alfred, '03 
Tornholm, Frank, '02 (Oma- 
Totten, Agaiha Weltha, '06 

A. M., '01 (Omaha) 

May, '89 

Alice Christine, '05 

George Lewis, '95 

Harriet Estella, '94 

Ralph Ezra, '05 

Verne William, '04 

Francis Everett, '03 

Murray Edwin, '04 

Tracy, Edward Morton, '96 
Trail, Rollin Alexander, '97 
Travis, Helen Elizabeth, '07 
Treat, Anna May, '11 

Josephine, '92, '94 

Mary Adell, '81, '90 
Trester, Zuella Althea, '00 
Trigg, Grace Merriam, '06 
Trimble, Estelle Marie, '08 
Tris, William Andrew, '83 
Tritsch, Anna Marie, '00 
Trommershauser, John New- 
ton, '02 
Trostler, Isador Simon, '04 
Troup, Lewis Melvin, '98 

Albert Melville, '91, '95 

Leroy Ellsworth, '92 
Trude, John Guiles, '10 

Charles Henderson, '98 

Sidney Merlin, '97 
Truelsen, Thomas, '03 
Truman, Temple Virgil, '09 
Trumble, Isabel Martha, '03 

Charles, '85 

Robert Samuel, '08 
Trumpe, Earle D., '11 

Francis Fisher, '94 

Mrs. F. F. (Boose), '96 

Henry Otterbein, '99 

Henry Robinson, '99, '04 

Mrs. H. R. (Smith), '99 

James C, '10 

John Martin, '98 

Winnifred Mary, '09, '11 

Ethel Maxwell, '01 

Harry Allan, '01 
Tully, Bashie Beth, '10 
Tunison, George McGregor, 

'06, '08 

August Elmer, '03 

Edmund Frederick, '99 

Edward Louis, '08 



Turner — Concluded. 

Frank Walter, '08 

Leonard Whittier, '05 

Ralph Emerson, '06 
Turrell, Charles Edward, '96 
Tuttle, Emma Jean, '98 

Elza Edward, '98 

Mrs. Fred W. (Byam), '97 
Tyner, Edward Price, '04 
Ulmann, Karl August, '09 
Unangst, Edwin P., '81 
Underwood, Robert Boydon, 

Unkefer, Leonard Boyd, '99 
Unland, Harry Lloyd, '10 
Unthank, Alice Gertrude, '04 

Arthur Thaddeus, '08, '10 

Fred Wilbert, '07, '08 

Marie P., '01 
Upton, Lucy, '93 
Urtula, Dalmacio, '09 

Carey Eugene, '09 

Nellie Antoinette, '09 
Van Berg, Ora Elmer, '10 
Van Boskirt, Bess, '07 
Van Camp 

James Albertus, '85 

Louise, '01 

L. P., '98 (Omaha) 

Mabel Violet, '10 
Vance, V. Verne, '03 
Vancil, Leola Emma, '99 
Vandecar, • Herbert Brainard, 

Van Derslice, E. Rank, '98 
Vanderveer, Alma, '05 
Van Dusen, Harold Arnold, 

Van Fleet, E. A., '02 (Omaha) 
Van Home, Mrs. Edwin, 

(Raper), '09 
Van Meter, Mrs. E. L. (Bige- 

low), '95 
Van Orsdel, Ralph Alexander, 

Van Zandt, Anna Marsh, '04 
Vaurska, Katherine, '04 
Vasey, Frank Thomas, '04 
Vaughn, Florence L., '78 
Veirs, David Carroll, '07 
Venrick, Glenn Norman, '08 
Venters, Alice, '05 
Villaneuva Vicente Pio, '10 
Villers, Harry Seward, '10 
Vivian, William Talbot, '10 
Volck, Frank Edmund,' 03 
Vollentine, James Louis, '11 
Voos, Frederick William, '86 
Vore, Anna Lucile, '00 
Vosacek, Frank Richard, '08 
Voss . 

Adolph Max, '02 

Mrs. A. M. (Stokes), '08 

Frederick William, '86 

John Henry, '02 
Votava, Joseph Thomas, '11 
Voter, Frank P., '94 

.Tames Clyde, '10 

John Alexander Low (Hon.) 

Mary Isabel, '08 

Norma, '08 

Abel Evenson, '90 

August, '00 

Katheryn Elizabeth, '10 

William Henry, '88 

Cornelius Isaac, '05 

J. S., '01 (Omaha) 
Walcott, Oliver Marion, '11 
Waldo, Ralph Ernest, '08, '10 
Waldron, Clement Le Verne, 


Amos, '99 

Clara Melven, '03 

Cora Malvina, '04 

Elda Rema, '07 

George Hamilton, '02 

George Hemaii, '08 

Hugh, '97 



Walker — Concluded. 

James Amzi, '93 

John Daniel, '08 

Joseph Goodwillie, '00, '03 

Mrs. J. G. (Lapp), '07 

Kate Snow, '97, '98 

Leva Belle, '08 

Lon Cain, '96 

Mercy Adams, '98 

Mina Edith, '05 

Wilhelmina Marie, '07 

Charles Frank, '06, '08 

Mrs. C. G-. (Jeffrey), '99 

Charles William, '98 

Cora Lee, '10 

George Lew, '08 

George McCready, '10 

Hannah Alice, '98 

Harold Foster, '11 

Harry Erwin, '93 

Henry Everhart, '93 

Ivy Anna, '00 

James Lincoln, '98 

Laura Ellen, '09 

Mary Dottie, '00 

Mary Irene, '99 

Olive May, '00 

William Peabody, '03 
Wallin, Ivan Emanuel, '08 

Beatrice Asenath, '04 

Edith May, '03 
Walsh, John Phillip, '95 
Walter, Otto Fasolt, '11 
Waltman, Edward Ellsworth, 


Charles Newton, 05 

Clara Rachel, 00 
Walvoord, Bertha Dilla, '00 
Wangerien, Carl Jacob, '09 

Archie Walter, '11 

Mrs. A. W. (Tucker), '09, 
Ward, Edyph Mason, '05 
Wardwell, Hezekiah Church, 


Edward Miller. '07 

Norton, '04 

George Alfred, '98 

Mrs. George (Hall), '98 

Amos Griswold, '85 

Mrs. A. G. (Fisher), '86 

Chancy Dixon, '96 

Charles Joseph, '99 

Ernest Frederick, '97 

Howard Philo, '03 

Merle Frank, '07 

Orlyn Dorphon, '04 

Willis Hernando, '01 
Warnke, William John, '06 
Warnock, Elsie, '08 

Allen E., '11 

Frederick Andrew, '03 

George Frederick, '97 

Horace Prettyman, '05 

Joseph Allen, '98, '04. '09 

Welden Harrison, '10 
Warton, Alfa Frances, '11 

Alma Sylvia, '07 

Orrilla Fidelia, '11 
Wasson, Minor Fleming, '08 
Waterhouse, Archibald H. 


E. L., '85 (Omaha) 

Roy Luzerne, '01 

Arche Robert, '03 

Winifred, '10 

Albert, Jr., '99 

David E., '04 
Watson, Bertha, '10 
Watt, Mrs. Andrew (Smalls), 

Watters, Farnham Elliott, 


Ada Lucy, '01 

Helen Merriweather, '09 



Wead, Elta Pearle, '03 


Alvah Linn, '09 
Arthur J., '95, '96 
Dorothea, '10 
Harold Townsend, '98 
John Ernest, '09, '11 
Lawrence Myers, '99 
Paul Bennett, '00 '02 

Weaverling, Ralph Eugene, 


Charles F., '83 (Omaha) 
Walter Q., '85 (Omaha) 

Webber, Herbert J., '89. '90 

Weber, Ernest Owen, '09 

Edith Leonore, '07 
Richard Orin, '10 

Wechbach, Agnes Wilhel- 
mina, '10 

Wedgwood, Mary Elizabeth, 

Weedman, Walter Franklin, 


Mrs. Charles (Guile), '97 
Charles Rozelle, '07 
Charles Warren, '98 
Emily, '99 
Otis, '95 
Paul, '00 


Edna Mahala, '09 
Horace Winfield, '02 

Weese, Mrs. M. H. (Sargent), 

Weil, Julius, '03 

Weiss, Walter Clatus, '11 

Wekesser, Henry Peter, '08 

Arthur Evan, '02 
Herman L,. '01 
J. Stanley, '00 


Charles Richard, '95 

Mrs. C. R. (Cushman), '98 

Weldy, Lottie Elnora, '03 


Adolph Herman, '06 

Herman Godfrey, '04 

Louis Henry, '08 
Weller, Frank Marshall, '09 

Charles Edwin, '02 

F. A., '01 (Omaha) 
Welsh, Martin Calhound, '01 
Wenstrand, Ralph Theodore, 

Wentworth, John Orson, '08 
Wertz, Mrs. Mary (Russell), 

Wessel, Rhinehardt Harmon, 


Dennison Phelps, '01 

Mabel Elizabeth, '04 

Raymond Benjamin, '01 
Westcott, Florence Elizabeth. 

Westerfield, Samuel Zaza 

Childs, '11 
Westerhoff. John G. W., '99 

Westerraann, Mrs. Theodore 

(Whiting), '96 

William Linn, '94, '96 
Westervelt, Alfred Edward, 

Westgate, Vernon Vilas, '08, 


Katherine, '94 

Ralph A., '82 

Geo. A., '09 

John, '04 
Weymuler, E. A., '98 (Omaha) 


George Henry, '93, '98 

Laura Ella, '04 

Miner Hill, Jr., '11 

Burt Dennison, '00 

Charles Lindon, '04 




Daniel H., '83 

Grace Margaret, '00 

Grace Margaret, '10 

Lela Alice, '98 

Mason, '06 

Myrtle Isabelle, '96, '01 

William Herbert, '91 
Wheelock, Frank Oren, '10 

Edward Hicks, '01 

John Bennett, '08 

William Mathew, '06, '08 
Wherry, William Penaluna, 


Eleanor Grace, '00 

Otis Grant, '95, '99 

Albert Sidney, '97 

Alvin, '83, '84 

Anna Grace, '10 

Bertha Magdalen, '03 

Cora Emily, '88 

David George, '11 

Earl Emmett, '08 

Edward William, '09 

George Washington, '10 

Mrs. G. W. (Barney), '06 

Harry Lee, '11 

Harry Walter, '07 

Jacob Butler, '92 

Jason Baird, '99 

Laura Amanda, '04 

Robert Holdrege, '05 

Sherman Avery, '98 

Vallery, '10 
Whiteford, Lawrence Jay, '09 

Adelloyd, '00 

May Cynthia, '96, '98 
Whitman, Charles Otis (Hon) 

Horace Greeley, '95 

Jennie Grace, '08 

Marion Ely, '11 

Nell Pinkham '11 


Charles Leroy, '10 

Lloyd Edmund, '11 
Whittier, Florence Amelia, 

Whyman, Edith May, '05, '11 
Wickland, Arthur Julius, '11 
Widen, Luther Emanuel, '10 

Dora Emilia, '94 

Edwin Charles, '87 

Ernest Alexander, '98 

Mrs. Ernest (Lansing), '98 

Selma Augusta, '00 

Frank Ellsworth, '96, '98 

Madge Imerith, '00 
Wigton, Harrison Alonzo, '05 
Wilber, C. D., '80 
Wilburn, Carleton Chapin, '05 
Wild, Joseph Albert, '96 
Wilder, Anne Crombie, '95 

Frederick Newton, '09 

Mrs. F. N. (Neilson), '09 

Reginald Myron, '09, '11 
Wiles, Frank Storey, '11 
Wilhelmson, Emma Jessie 

Marie, '02 
Wilhite, Roscoe L., '03 

Charles Robert, '07 

Charlotte, '10 

Edward Grosvenor, '98 

Lisle, '98 

Minnie Alida, '01 

Mrs. Bert (Haggard), '03 

Cyrus Vance, '10 

David, '94 (Omaha) 

Elinor Louise, '91 

Frank, '07 

Fred Cowgill, '00 

Mrs. Fred C. (Whiting), '00 

Guy Morris, '11 

Mrs. Hattie Plum, '02, '09 



Williams — Concluded. 

Ina Jeannette, '10 

John Piper, '93 

Josephus, '83 (Omaha) 

Lena May, '11 

Mary Agnes, '09 

Minnie T., '81 

Richard Owen, '91 

Mrs. R. O. (Cutts), '00 

Samuel Robinson, '03 

Thomas Albert, '89, '91 

Thomas P. A., '92, '94 

Mrs. T. P. A. (Williams), 

William Kingsley, '03 

William. Leon, '96 

Blossom, '98 

George Plaxon, '07 

Charles Henry, '07 

John Leslie, '08 

Kathryn, '11 
Willisford, Edwin Hellaby, 

Willits, John Elias, '02 
Willoughby, Pred M., '03 
Wills, Claude Leroy, '06 
Wilmoth, W. G., '01 (Omaha) 

Arthur Rockwell, '07 

Beatrice Susan, '10 

Burton Wilbur, '96, '98 

Mrs. B. W. (Polk), '98 

Mrs. Clarence J. (Butler), 

Claude Stanley, '99, '01 

Clement Leach, '97 

Clyde De Clifford, '06 

Denver Loaring, '97 

Earl Blair, '09 

Edith, '10 

Edwin M., '95 (Omaha) 

Ervin Pillmore, '11 

George Samuel, '06 

Harriet, '00 

Harry Everett, '00 
^ Helen, '08 

Wilson — Concluded. 

Henry H., '78,' 85, '95 

Mrs. H. H. (Parks), '80, '98 

Henry Lloyd, '11 

Hugh, '97 

James Lee, '09 

Mrs. John A. (Lumy), '05 

Lewis Sheridan, '98 

Mabel Ferguson, '02 

Mary Miller, '08 

Maude Emma, '05 

Nellore Isabel, '04 

Owsley, '94 

Ralph Parks, '11 

Ruth Ivins, '00 

Sherman Ray, '10 

Veda May, '98 

Victor Emanuel, '96 

Wayland Wilberforce, '99 

Mrs. W. W. (Metcalfe), '98 

Wilmer William, '96 
Wiltse, Erie Kepford, '08 
Winchester, Dean Eddy, '07 
Windham, Kathryn Lamira, 


Thomas Elwood, '93, '96 

Mrs. Thomas E. (Weston), 
Winger, Plorence McLean, 

'96, '98 
Winship, Loyl Anson, '07 
Winslow, Loren Elhanan, '98 

Ella Blaine, '02 

Lulu Eva, '99 
Wirth, Rose Louise, '04 
Wisdom, Orville Carlton, '08 

Cora Elizabeth, '03 

Mrs. James (Betts), '98 
Wisner, William .0, '92 

Witham, Oliver William, '02 
Withey, Donna Lavonne, '07 
Witte, Edward Lewis, '08 
Witter, R. V., '00 (Omaha) 
Wittmann, Elisabeth Marie, 



Wohlenberg, Walter Jacob, 


Mabel, '11 

Robert Henry, '95 
Wolesenskey, Frank, '12 

Albert Emil, '07 

Fred Adolph, '07, '08 
Wolfanger, Lenore Olive, '10 

Harry K., '80 

Isabel Juanita, '09 

Jacob Vance, '93 

Jessie Benton, '90 

Mary Blneline, '11 

Paul Clay, '01 

Mrs. Paul C. (Ames), '02 

William Francis, Jr., '93 

William Winfield, '98 

Andrew Givens, '95 

Mrs. Capitola Williams, '93 

Ethel Goodrich, '06 
Wolff, Frederick Lawrence, 

Wolgamot, Winifred Olta, '02 

H. E., '10 

Mrs. H. E. (Tewksbury), 

Caroline Elizabeth, '05 

Esther Lois, '08 

Wilber Sylvester, '09 

Wilma Melvina, '08 

James Madison, '07 

John Albert, '09 

Lucy Lee, '09 

Laura Ella, '03 

Mary Ethel, '98 
Woodland, Frank Hyde, '00 
Woodring, Jennie Lee, '06 

Elmer Grant, '01, '04 
• Louise, '04 


Albert Fred, '90, '92 

Charles Edwin, '93 

Flora, '07 

Frank Henry, '90, '92 

Mrs. Frank (Cochrane), '93 

Harland Clark 

Mrs. H. C. (Rudersdorf) 

Helen Eddy, '00 

James Edward, '10 

Katherine Laughlin, '00 

Lucy Truitt, '09 

Martha Stone, '05 

Ralph, '03 

Rufus, '03 

Warren Willis, '95, '04 

Wilmer Joseph, '05 
Woodsman, Ruth BYances, '05 

Darleen Wilson, '00 

Erie Brice, '07 

Fred, '94, '95 

Walter Roy, '07 
Woodworth, Mattie May, '09 
Woolworth, J. M. (Hon.) 

Charlotte Cornell. '98, '06 

James H., '80, '92 
Wort, Julia Minot, '97 
Worth, Daniel, '92 
Wortman, Clifton Seymour, 


Cullen Norman, '03 

Elias Allen, '03 

Elizabeth, '11 

Fred Raymond, '04 

R. E., '98 (Omaha) 
Wroughton Oliver Loraine, 

Wunder, Edward Adolph, '06 
Wurts, Carrie Agnes, '04 

Merlin B., '07, '09 

Orren Williams, '07, '09 
Wyman Max Arthur, '09 
Wyne, Neal John, '03 



Bruce Clinton, '92 
Paul Elmer, '10 
G. A., '89 (Omaha) 

Yeiser, James, '99 


Byron Ellsworth, '08 
Clarence, '03 
William Alonzo, '03 

Etta, '04 
Lily, '07 
Rose, '03 
Victor Hugo, '03 

York, Alice Etna, '09 


Charles E., '11 
Clare Cook, '97 
Gary Garfield, '10 
Harry Dashiell, '08 
Horace James, '11 
Mary Clara, '07 

Young — Concluded. 
Olive Minerva, '08 
Robert Thompson, '06 
William Henry, '95 
William Theodore, '08 

Youngers, Lucinda Pearl, '04 

Zacek, Thomas Zachary, '11 

Zavodsky, Joseph, '07 

Zepp, Mrs. Charles Will 
(Faulkner), '94 

Zielie, John M., '84 

John Todd, '10, '11 
Mary Virginia, '09 

Zimmerer, Edwin Chester 
Arthur, '06 

Zimmerman, Frank Leroy, 

Zook. Leslie Lewis, '07 

Zumwinkel, Charlotte Anna 

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