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The Founders' Day exercises were held in the College 
Chapel at eight o'clock on October 30. The general 
theme was "Maryville College During Other Wars." 
Some general introductory remarks and sketches of the 
relationship of Maryville to the war with Mexico and 
the war between the States were given by President 
Lloyd. Dr. Verton M. Queener. Professor of History 
at Maryville College, now on leave of absence for 
Government service in Washington, spoke on "Ten 
Minutes of the War with Spain." and Dr. Susan A. 
Green, who has been Professor of Biology at Maryville 
College since 1906, spoke on "Ten Minutes of the 
First World War." The choir sang two anthems and 
various responses. A brief responsive memorial service 
completed the exercises. 

The annual Homecoming was held on the evening of 
October 30. Supper was served on the baseball field 
to the visiting alumni and the students at 5:30 p. m. 
This was followed by a program at which the Rev. 
Floyd R. Watt. '21. President of the Alumni Associa- 
tion, presided. The Queen of the Homecoming. 
Catherine Payne, of the Class of 1946. elected by the 

students, and her attendants were introduced and seated 
on a dias covered in orange and garnet. 

The service flag, pictured on the back cover, was pre- 
sented by Edith Monroe, vice president of the Class 
of 194 3 to the President of the Alumni Association 
who in turn presented it to President Lloyd of the 
College, who accepted it in behalf of the College and 
announced that it would be bung in the Chapel. The 
flag was unfurled from temporary standards. Follow- 
ing these exercises there was a football game played on 
the college field between Everett High School of Mary- 
ville and the Tennessee School for the Deaf of Knox- 

The Homecoming committees appointed by the 
Alumni Executive Committee were: Food Committee — 
James W. King, '25. chairman, David H. Briggs, '19. 
and Mary Jo Husk. '39: Entertainment and Welcom- 
ing Committee: Andrew L. Alexander, '34. chairman. 
Mrs. John March (Edith Pierce). '38. and Donnell W. 
McArthur. '3 7: Decoration Committee: Hugh R. 
Crawford, Jr.. '35. chairman. Mrs. Wagner Newberry 
(Elizabeth Griffcs). '28. and Mary A. Orr, '41. 

The Executive Committee has elected the following Committees to plan and pre- 
pare for Homecoming: 

1. The Food Committee: James W. King, '25, Chairman; Dr. D. H. Briggs, '19; 

Mary Jo Husk, '39. 

2. The Entertainment and Welcoming Committee: Andrew L. Alexander, '34, 

Chairman; Mrs. John March (Edith Pierce), '38; Donnell W. McArthur 


3. Decoration Committee: Hugh R. Crawford, Jr., '35, Chairman; Mrs. Wagner 

Newberry (Elizabeth Griffes), '28; Mary Orr, '41. 




President Floyd R. Watt, '2 1 

Vice-President Joe L. Marshall, '28 

Recording Secretary Winifred Painter, '15 

Executive Secretary James R. Smith, '35 


Class of 1944 James P. Badgett, '36; C. Louise Carson, '30; Mrs. John P. Murphy, '35. 

Class of 1945 Andrew L. Alexander, '34 ; Mrs. F. A. Greene, '22; Mrs. L. C. Olin, '22. 

Class of 1946 Geneva Anderson, '25; Hugh R. Crawford, Jr., '35; Harwell B. Park '16. 

Published by Maryville College, 
Ralph Waldo Lloyd, 

Maryville, Tennessee 



October, 194 




as second-class 
Section 1 103. 

quarterly by Maryville College. Entered 
mail matter. Acceptance for mailing a 
Act of October 3, 19)7, authorized Feb 

May 24, 

ruary 1 0, 

rate of 

at Mary 




flrpmtoni SIUnjifH f age 

Dear Fellow Alumni: 

If an individual should enter his 125th year on the earth it would 
be heralded abroad. Well, it is quite an achievement for a college also. 
Only 49 or 50 of the more than 1700 higher institutions in the United 
States have yet reached that age. Maryville College joined them when 
its Fall Semester began on August 31. In no other of the past 125 
years or of the past 325 years in America have there been parallel con- 
ditions. Never before have colleges opened when the nation's law 
made it impossible for any boy over eighteen to enroll except he be in 
some military classification or in uniform. Never before have American 
colleges been so largely used for military training, almost one tenth of 
the nation's vast armed forces being in uniform on college campuses 
according to some estimates. 


Maryville College under a Government contract is engaged in train- 
ing several hundred preflight candidates of the Army Air Forces. Each 
of these men is scheduled to remain with us five months, moving in 
and out in small contingents at regular intervals. With these we have as many civilian students as we can 
well handle. The dining hall is filled to the last table, with a few "second tables" necessary. The top floor of 
Carnegie is crowded with our civilian boys. This floor is not being used by the Army because of standard 
regulations forbidding housing soldiers above the fourth floor in that type of building. The number of civilian 
students enrolled is: girls 353, boys 68, a total of 421. Of these, 124 are freshman girls and 24 are freshman boys. 
This means that we have about 50% of our normal enrolment of recent years, 90% of our usual number of 
girls, 15 r /f of our usual number of boys, and 40% of our usual freshman class. 

The large combined enrolment, the operation of two campus programs instead of the normal one, the un- 
relenting non-holiday schedule of the Army, the loss of a number of our important people, and the manifold 
pressures of war, create new and vigorous demands on staff and faculty. Meeting those demands is a significant 
part of the contribution of Maryville officers and teachers to the war effort. 

Recent Losses 

The war has taken a number of our strong officers and teachers. And once more death has entered our 
circle. The wholly unexpected going of Treasurer Proffitt, reported elsewhere in the Alumni Magazine, has laid 
upon the College a heavy loss and upon all of us a deep sorrow. In the thirteen years of my work at Maryville 
many of the notable leaders in Maryville's modern history have been lost by death — Dean Barnes, Miss Clemens 
Miss Jones, Dr. McMurray, Dr. Cummings, Dr. Giffen, Dr. Rodgers, Mr. Thrower, and now Mr. Proffitt. It is 
only the providence of God which enables the College to continue and increase in face of these losses and those 
which have resulted from retirements. But that providence has so far enabled us. 

After The War 

We must be ready for the day when our prayers and efforts for the end of the war are successful. Millions 
of boys will take off their uniforms; many will return to college, some partly disabled; jobs will be fewer and 
workers more numerous and more girls will go to college than now do so; money will be less plentiful and 
possibly less valuable; government subsidies for students from the armed forces appear probable; college liberal 
arts training will have been pushed more and more aside by the specialised war-time training programs: spiritual 
losses will have to be recovered; a whole world will be stunned and awaitincr services of reconstruction 
where destruction rages now. To see that Maryville College may be strong enough, wise enough, and Christian 
enough to play its due part in those days is also part of the present task of all who love her. 

/\0Utp^ /Oirn^Lo ^T^ 

^C^K^<^j ^\^ 



(J ^ #v 




i I 




Greetings to the many members of our Alumni Association! Some of 
you are in Maryville and Blount County; others are in East Tennessee; many 
others are scattered throughout the nation; and never has there been a time 
when so many of you were scattered in so many foreign countries as today. 

Our Alma Mater continues her program of Christian training which she 
has specialised in for almost 125 years. She has had to readjust her program 
to meet the new needs that have arisen due to war conditions. The members 
of the faculty are overworked in their determination to solve the new prob- 
lems brought about by the revised schedule. The students also are very 
busy m their desire to prepare themselves for some post of usefulness which 
they fear will be calling before their preparation is completed. 

Your Executive Committee is endeavoring to carry on the work of the 
Association m these difficult days. The annual Homecoming was set for 
Saturday, October 30, details of which you will find in another section of this 
Magasine. Alumni Day is set for May 13. Likewise, the Alumni Magazine 
will be published as in recent years. 

Your Executive Secretary's office is getting to be quite a source of in- 
formation and thus renders a great service to fellow- Alumni and various 
agencies as opportunities afford themselves. Your cooperation in sending in 
your dues ($2.00 per year) to Mr. James R. Smith, also any news of interest 
about yourself or some fellow-Alumni whom you may know about, will be of 
great value in helping to carry on the work of our Association. 

Floyd R. Watt, '21. 

July 1, 1942 to June 30, 1943 

Balance Forward from 1942 $871.70 

Receipts from Alumni Dues. 1942-1943 599.62 

Commissions. Atlantic Monthly 8.00 

lc mailing assistance Atlantic Monthly 24.60 

Supplies transferred to other offices 4.76 

Chilhowean. Reimbursements for halftones 12.13 

Total cash received. 1942-1943 $649. 11* 

Total cash received since June 30. 1 942 $ 1 ,520.8 I 


Alumni Magazines 

May. 1942 (April) $154.50 

October. 1942 173.14 

May. 1943 (April) 176.36 

Total for three issues $504.00 

Homecoming (October 1942) 60.00 

Reunion (May 1943) 37.89 

Supplies from College Stockroom 119.10 

Supplies direct 23.08 

Stamps 68.64 

Toward the Executive Secretary's Salary 200.00 

All other items 40.89 

Total Disbursements during year 1942-1943 $1,053.60* 

Balance as of June 30. 1943 $524.71 

Bank Balance. June 30. 1943 $465.11 

Cash on hand (deposited July 2) 59.60 

Total Cash Accounted For $524.71 

*Note that at a time when we should be building our reserves, we have had to dig 
into them to meet the expenses of the year. Remember that Alumni Dues is about the 
only source of income to the Association. 



Mr. Fred Lowry Proffitt, '07, Treasurer of Maryville 
College for the past twenty-nine years, died after a brief 
illness on Thursday, September 30. He had been to a 
physician for an examination a few days before and had been 
told he must take an extended rest because of the condition 
of his heart. He was able to be out on Wednesday but 
that night suffered a severe heart attack, was taken to a 
Knoxville hospital in the morning, and died in the afternoon. 
The funeral service was conducted in the College Chapel on 
October 3, with President Ralph W. Lloyd and Rev. Dr. 
W. H. Crothers officiating, and burial was in the College 
Cemetery on the campus. 

This unexpected death of Mr. Proffitt came as a pro- 
found shock and sorrow to his host of friends and is a 
heavy loss to Maryville College, which he served so long 
and devotedly. He was but sixty-one years old. 

Few people who have been connected with the College 
were known to more former students or to more people in 
East Tennessee. Mr. Proffitt lived practically all his life near 
or in Maryville. He was connected with the College for 44 
years, nine years as a student, three as Instructor in Mathe- 
matics and Physics and Proctor of Carnegie Hall, three as 
Principal of the Preparatory Department and Professor of 
Education, and twenty-nine as Treasurer. He was a Director 
of the College for thirty years, was Recorder and Treasurer 
of the Directors as well as Treasurer of the College for 
twenty-nine years. In the 124 years since the founding of 
the College he is the seventh in the succession of Recorders and sixth in the succession of Treasurers. His term 
as Recorder has been longest with the exception of one and his term as Treasurer longest with the exception 
of one. At his death he was First Vice President of the Southern Association of College and University 
Business Officers. 

President Lloyd based his address at the funeral service on these words in Nehemiah 7:2, "He was a faith- 
ful man, and feared God above many." The address reviewed the life of Mr. Proffitt, emphasizing that these 
words applied to him among his people, in his home, in the Church, in the community, and in the College. 


The retirement of Librarian Horace L. Ellis, because 
of age, announced in the April issue of the Alumni 
Magazine, became effective at the last Commencement 
and he was elected Librarian Emeritus. Miss Martha 
Ruth Grierson, Assistant Librarian, was elected Libra- 

Associate Professor Raymond J. Dollenmayer became 
a Chaplain in the Navy in September. 

Assistant Professor Richard W. Vine found it neces- 
sary to resign during the summer and continue work 
with the Clinton government project while awaiting 
orders as to military service. 

Miss Genevieve L. Cowen, Instructor in Music, ac- 
cepted a position at Tennessee Wesleyan College be- 

cause until the semester opened the number of teachers 
to be needed at Maryville was uncertain. 

Mrs. Emma Lee Worley, who for many years was 
head of one of the dormitories and more recently has 
given part time as assistant to the Manager of the Din- 
ing Hall, is this year giving full time to duties at home 
where she and her sister, "Miss Mollie" Caldwell, live 

Due to reduced enrolment Mrs. West is handling all 
of the work in Dramatic Art. Last year Annarine 
Atkins Hamilton, '23, gave part time as Instructor. 

Floice M. Smith, Irma H. Criswell, '43, and Catha- 
rine Pond Minear, '39, have given up their work in 
the Alumni Office, the Personnel Office, and the Physi- 
cal Education faculty respectively. Harriet M. Miller, 

'40, Assistant in the Student-Help Office, has recently 
been called home by the illness of her parents. 




Two honorary degrees 
were conferred at the May 
Commencement. The de- 
gree of LL.D. was confer- 
red on Colonel Joseph 
Benjamin Pate, '04, who 
has made a distinguished 
record as an officer in the 
U. S. Army. This in- 
cludes a notable service 
in diplomatic missions in 
the Latin American coun- 

The degree of D.D. was 
conferred on Rev. Lester 
Everett Bond, '15, pastor 
of the First Community 
Church of Chula Vista, 
Calif., and formerly a mem- 
ber of the Maryville 
faculty. Dr. Bond has 
been a leader in several 
spheres of service and 
since Commencement has 
become an army Chaplain. 


The two nouns above are used advisedly in the 
singular and the plural. Since the last issue of the 
Alumni Magazine there have been one commencement 
and three graduations. 

On May 16 and 17, the 124th Commencement exer- 
cises were held. President Lloyd preached the Bac- 
calaureate sermon; Colonel J. B. Pate, '04, was the 
Vesper speaker; Rev. Lester E. Bond, '15, was the 
Commencement speaker. The number of graduates 
that day was 85; there had been 36 in December and 
14 more were to complete their work in the summer 
of 1943, making a total of 135 listed in the Class of 

In the Accelerated Program there are students com- 
pleting their graduation requirements at the end of 
each semester and term. Recognition services are 
held each time but formal graduation exercises arc 
held only once a year. 

* * * 

The Synod of Mid-South on June 24 re-elected as 
Directors of Maryville College, in the Class of 1946, 
the following: Rev. Dr. Theron Alexander, of Hum- 
boldt; Judge John C. Crawford, of Maryville; Rev. 
Dr. Charles R. Erclman, of Princeton, N. J.; Joe C. 
Gamble, of Maryville; Dr. Fred H. Hope, of Elat, West 
Africa; President Ralph W. Lloyd, of Maryville; Rev. 
Dr. T. J. Miles, of Maryville; Fred L. Proffitt, of 
Maryville; Rev. Dr. John V. Stephens, Jr., of Alliance, 
Ohio; Rev. Dr. Roy E. Vale, of Indianapolis, Ind.; 
John H. Webb, of Maryville. 

Also the following new Directors were elected to 
rill vacancies: Rev. Dr. Stuart N. Hutchison, of Pitts- 
burgh, Pa., in the Class of 1946, to fill the vacancy 
caused by the death of Rev. Dr. John M. Alexander; 
Mr. Ernest Koella, of Rockford, in the Class of 1945, 
to fill the vacancy caused by the death of Mr. J. 
Willison Smith; Rev. C. E. Cathey, '25, of Nashville, 
in the Class of 1944, to fill the vacancy caused by the 
death of Mr. William Alexander Lyle; Rev. Dr. R. Dale 
LeCount, of Birmingham, Ala., in the Class of 1944, to 
fill the vacancy caused by the death of Rev. Dr. Robert 
I. Gamon. 


The Maryville College Artists' Series has for a 
number of years been acquiring fame in this territory. 
Many of the world's great and near-great musicians have 
been brought to the chapel platform. Music lovers 
from Maryville, Knoxville, and all East Tennessee have 
come in considerable numbers. 

Professor Howell, chairman of the Artists' Series 
Committee, has often demonstrated his ability to select 
and secure artists of high quality and developing repu- 
tation just before they attain such prominence as to 
put them financially out of reach of a budget built on 
an auditorium of one thousand capacity and popular 
prices. But by combining these superior but still less 
expensive artists in series with some world renowned 
musicians like Josef Hofman and John Charles Thomas, 
it has been possible to give students and others, at small 
expense, opportunity to hear and see at the center of 
our own campus some of the best musicians. 

The student body is smaller, the travel of people 
from Knoxville and elsewhere is more unlikely, but 
an excellent series has been arranged for this year. 


The summer of 1943 was unlike any other in Mary- 
ville history. For the second year there was a twelve 
weeks Summer Session, with a civilian enrolment of 
110. At the same time there was the full Army Air 
Forces College Training Program which ran continuous- 
ly throughout the summer. Even with all this going 
on, the College once more rendered a large service to 
the Church by taking the annual meeting of the Synod 
of Mid-South for three days in June, and two young 
people's conferences for one week each in July. It was 
a busy summer on the campus. 

Eileen Farrell, dramatic soprano, November 6. 

Richard Korbel, eight-year-old piano prodigy, Janu- 
ary 29. 

Farbman String Symphony, with Edith Schiller, 
piano soloist, in March. 

Alumni interested in securing either season ($3.30) or 
single admission tickets should write Professor George 
D. Howell, Maryville College, Maryville, Tennessee. 



Mr. Ralph R. Colbert, 
for six years a member of 
the Maryville music faculty 
before his resignation in 
1942 to accept a position 
with the Aluminum Com' 
pany of America, died on 
August 3. He had suf- 
fered a serious heart attack 
in May and had been con- 
fined to his bed and then 
to his home but was ap- 
parently making a good 
recovery. A sudden new 
attack brought his death. 


Hettie Moore McCampbell, '85, died at her home, 
Valley View Road, Knoxville. The funeral service was 
held in the Fourth Presbyterian Church, Dr. John S. 
Eakin and the Rev. Robert Hamilton officiating. She 
was 81. 

William Edward Hamilton, '92, died July 2nd. _ He 
attended the 1943 Alumni Reunion, receiving a fifty- 
year certificate as a member of the Fifty-year Class. 

William Clinton McCammon, Ex. '98, died at his home 
in Knoxville on June 3rd, after closing 43 years of 
medical practice in that city. 

John Woodside Ritchie, '98, died at his home, Flem- 
ington, N. J., May 29th. After completing his under- 
graduate work at Maryville College, he did two years 
of graduate work at the University of Chicago, then 
returned to his Alma Mater as an instructor in biology, 
1899-1901. He collaborated with Leila Perine in writ- 
ing the Alma Mater, composing the lyrics, and later he 
composed the lyrics of another song, Firm, Firm She 
Stands, set to a Mendelssohn melody, which he pre- 
sented in 1936 at the time he received the L. H. D. 
degree from his Alma Mater. From 1902 to 1904 he 
taught in the normal schools of the Philippines, return- 
ing in 1905 to the professorship of biology at William 
and Mary. He resigned this position in 1919 to become 
science editor for the World Book Company which po- 
sition he held at the time of his death. He was the 
author of several books, one of which was "Biology 
and Human Affairs," copyrighted in 1941. He is 
survived by his widow, who was Sara Pearl Andrews, 
'01, four daughters and a son. 

Enoch Garfield Penland, '04, died at his home in 
Kansas City, in September, after practicing law in that 
city for 25 years. He was buried at Weaverville, N. C. 

Edith Wilson Moore, '21, died at her home in Pasa- 
dena, California. She was the daughter of a former 
pastor of the New Providence Presbyterian Church, 
Maryville, and at the time of her death, was a beloved 
school teacher. 

Herbert I. Turner, Ex. '41, First Lieutenant in the 
Army Air Corps, was killed in action in September. He 
was the pilot of a flak damaged bomber returning from 

an attack on Germany when his plane collided with an 
eastern English hill and the entire crew were instantly 
killed. He" had married Miss Lee Pramori in December, 
and had arrived in England only in July. 

F. A. Greene, Jr., Ex. '46, was killed, October 16th, 

in a taxi which collided with a train at Maxwell Field 

where he was stationed with the Air Corps. Air Corps 

Cadet Ross Honaker, Ex. '45, accompanied the body 

to Maryville for the burial service. His mother was 

Ruth Kate Quinn, '22. 

* * * 


Since a letter from E. Lillian Cassel, '37, constitutes 
a good report on the last Atlantic Highlanders reunion 
it is quoted here: 

"The 13th annu:d reunion and banquet of the Mary- 
ville College Atlantic Highlanders Association was held 
in Philadelphia on May 22nd. Only 27 of our mem- 
bers were present owing to war conditions, but the 
informal program was enjoyed by all who came and 
we are looking forward to next year in Washington. 

"Those participating in the program were the presi- 
dent, Lloyd Geist, Vaughn Lyons, Lou Holman, and 
George Tibbetts. Unofficially every one told his name 
and occupation and any news he might have of absent 
Maryville alumni. There was a definite Maryville 
spirit in those present and almost every one lingered for 
an hour after we left the tables. 

"Officers for the next year were elected from the 

floor and are: Bill Fahnestock, Ex. '38, President, and 

Miss Frankie Clark, '14, Vice-President. I have two 
more years as Secretary-Treasurer. 

"Dr. Vincent Shipley was present with his wife and 
reminded me several times to be sure to write you 
about the reunion. I am glad that it was possible for 
us to have it as I believe things like this are important 
and mean much to a war weary world. We are look- 
ing forward to the future and will not let this war kill 
those fine things that will make up the post-war era." 
William S. Fahnstock, President. 
3221 Sunnyside Street 
Progress, Pennsylvania 
Frankie Belle Clark, Vice-President 
2112 F Street, N. W., Apartment No. 402 
Washington, D. C. 

Ethel Lillian Cassel, Secretary-Treasurer 
3812 Fairview Avenue 
Baltimore, Maryland 

♦ * * 


The next Alumni Reunion comes at Commencement 
time which is set for the week end of May 13th. The 
Reception at the President's House is set 3:00-5:00 
p. m., Saturday, May 13th, with the Alumni Reunion 
following in the evening. Reunion Classes for this 
spring are: 

1894—50 Year Class 

1900, 1901, 1902, 1903 

1919—25 Year Class 

1920, 1921, 1922 

1934—10 Year Class 



President Lloyd recently made the following general 
report about college finances: "Our last fiscal year closed 
May 31 with some current surplus due to the fact that 
for the last three months there was some income from 
certain departments of the army program which had 
not been anticipated when the budget had been set up 
last fall. But it may require that surplus and more to 
balance the budget this year because now we have only 
half our usual income from civilian students, must expect 
a continuation of decrease in rates of income from 
invested endowment, must pay the cverrising prices, 
and the government contract, contrary to popular opin- 
ion, calls for payments conservatively figured on the 
basis of Maryville 's low student and operating costs of 
the past and on the principle that the College is neither 
to make nor lose money on the number of trainees as- 
signed. We are to need careful management and new 
gifts to avoid debt, to conserve Maryville's present sound 
financial condition, and to make the needed improve- 
ments and advances. Such management and such gifts 
we are constantly endeavoring to secure." 

men to play and teams like those of 
Notre Dame and Duke and smaller 
colleges also are made up almost 
wholly of Navy men who have play- 
ed at various institutions. Maryville 
has an Army Air Forces unit and its 
men are not allowed to play. Hence 
there is no football at Maryville. 

Unless different orders are issued 
by the Army Air Forces there will 
not be any intercollegiate athletics at 
Maryville for the duration. If 

the army men are permitted to play 
basketball or other sports there may 
be some kind of a schedule. But 
there are no plans as yet. 

It will be of interest to alumni to know, however, 
that there are a number of football games being played 
on the college field. Permission has been given to 
the Everett High School to play its home games at the 
College, its own field having been made unavailable by 
a new building program. College students and soldiers 
are admitted free and attend in considerable numbers. 


Practically the only colleges playing football this 
year are those with Navy training units. There are 
few civilian boys in any college. The Navy permits its 


Again to avoid Christmas rush traffic, the Christmas 
vacation will begin December 16 and end January 12. 
The Army Training Detachment will continue with 
only Christmas Day off. 


The picture of men in formation was taken a few weeks ago as the 42nd Army Air Forces College Training 
Detachment was at Retreat in front of Anderson Hall. The picture of the Anderson tower and the flag was 
taken just before Retreat on the same day and includes the two soldiers detailed to take down the flag. The 
Army Detachment has been given charge of the flag on the Anderson tower and raises it each morning and takes 
it down at the ceremony each night. 

CLASS OF 1943 

Marion Avakian is doing clerical work at the Edge- 
water Plant of the Ford Motor Company. 

Brasher Bailey has been advanced to Corporal and is 
at Drew Field, Tampa, Florida. 

Jean Barnes is Society Editor of the Belvidere (111.) 
Daily Republican. 

Dick Boyd has entered the McCormick Theological 
Seminary, Chicago, Illinois. 

Ellis Burcaw shot expert marksmanship at the Parris 
Island Marine Base. 

Arthur Bushing is at Camp Roberts where he has 
been ill recently. 

Phyllis Ann Cain is now a member of the Naval Re- 
serves, training at Northampton, Mass. 

Robert John Calvesbert has been commissioned and is 
now in Goldsboro, N. C. 

Kenneth Cooper was inducted in late summer and 
landed in a nest of Maryville men at Camp Roberts: 
see the item under Gordon Stone and Jim Walker under 
1945. Incidentally, "Ken" says that he is having "a 
swell time" in the Army. "Ken" even had a swell time 
at Temple University Hospital where he underwent a 
minor operation. Joe Swift, Edward Wier;ahs, and 
Bob Francis are medical students there, and they looked 
after him in great style. 

Paul J. Cooper has been given a physical disability 
discharge and returned to civilian life. He was here to 
see Carolyn get through and said that they would be 
taking the fatal step soon. 

Mary L. Cowan is teaching homemaking in the 
Presbyterian mission school. Wasatch Academy, Mt. 
Pleasant, Utah. 

Katherine Crews is working in the public health de- 
partment in Washington, D. C, with Bina Ruth Brown. 
The two have an apartment in Bethesda, Md. 

Irma Criswell is employed by an insurance company 
in her home town, Miami, Florida. 

George D. Devereux, Ex. '43, was graduated from 
the Naval Air Training Center, Corpus Christi, Texas, 
May 29, and was commissioned an Ensign in the U. S. 
N. R. 

Olive Dupuy is employed by DuPont in Baton Rouge, 
La., as Librarian. 

Charles Foreman was commissioned in October at 
Camp Davis; he is being sent to Texas. 

Josephine Gillette is an Engineering Assistant in the 

Propeller Division of Curtiss-Wright at Caldwell, N. J. 

Marjorie Gugger has accepted a place as a chemist in 

the laboratory of the DuPont Cellophane Co., Buffalo, 

N. Y. 

Elizabeth Hains is teaching the second grade in 
Aurora, Indiana. 

Mary Ruth Heil, Ex. '43, attended Ohio State Uni- 
versity after leaving Maryville and is teaching science 
at the Soldiers' and Sailors' Orphans' Home at Xenia, 

Don Hopkins is enrolled at Louisville, Kentucky, 
Presbyterian Seminary. 

Geraldine Hogan (Chatterbox) Pepper is employed 
at Clinton, Tennessee, Engineering Works. 

Josephine Jennings is teaching home economics at the 
Bethlehem High School, Bonifay, Florida. 

Nola Pauline Johnson is in the WAVES and is sta- 
tioned at Washington, D. C. 

Alice Jones is teaching in the South Harriman, Tenn., 
High School. 

Olga Welsh Ketchum is employed at the Clinton, 
Tennessee, Engineering Works. 

J. Edward "Ted" Kidder is at Camp Roberts. 

Lois O. King is working in a defense plant near her 

Guy E. Lambert is at Princeton (N.J.) Theological 
Seminary. He and "Dotty" Gessert have set the date 
for December. He is Assistant at the Freehold, N. J., 
Church, and member of the Second Choir. 

Hal B. Lloyd is at McCormick Theological Seminary, 

Robert Lockwood is at Chanute Field, Illinois. 

Claire Messmer entered the Summer School of Nurs- 
ing at Bryn Mawr, Pa., June 15. 

Martha Moore is a Junior Engineer with the Curtiss- 
Wright Company at Lebanon, Ohio. 

Ralph Parvin is at Louisville Presbyterian Seminary, 
rooming not with "Hoppy" but next door to him. 

Jean Patterson is teaching in Beaman Township, Pa. 

Olson Pemberton entered Princeton Seminary at the 
Summer Session. He says that his fellow college mates 
have nothing on him; he and Jean have decided on 
next summer. Olson has landed a place as Assistant in 
the Seminary Book Agency and is in line for the 
managership next year. He, Guy, and Jim are all in 
the Second Choir which is composed of those men 
who have Sunday duties away from the Seminary and 
therefore cannot sing for the services on the campus. 
The scarcity of men has put them in great demand. 
They are singing with the New York Philharmonic 
Symphony in New York, December 2-5; the program 
is to be a symphony by Mahler. 

Carl G. Pierce was commissioned an Ensign, April 
23, and sent to sea ten days later. 

Rose Pinneo has joined her sister (and several other 
Maryvillians) in nurses' training at Johns Hopkins 

Ted Pratt is at Fort MeClellan. 

Willa and Jessie Reed are serving internships in 
dietetics at the Albany Hospital, Albany, New York. 

Leslie Rock is at the Marine Corps Base at Quantico, 

Edward Rowley is at McCormick Theological Semin- 
ary, Chicago. 

Jeanne Scheibelle is teaching biology and art at 
Leonardtown, Maryland. 

Robert Schwarswalder is at the Marine Base, Parris 
Island, South Carolina. 

Marie Scott is teaching at Fontana Dam, N. C. 

Aletta Sims is in dietetics training in Dayton, Ohio. 

Frederick R. Smith has received his commission of 
Ensign upon graduation from the Reserve Midshipman's 
School, Notre Dame, Ind., in September. 

Joe Suitor is at Louisville, Kentucky, Presbyterian 

(Continued bottom page 11) 



Miss Clemmie 
J. Henry, Direc- 
tor of Student- 
Help and Admin- 
istrative Secre- 
tary, began her 
service at the 
College in June 
1918. After at- 
tending the 
Maryville Poly- 
technic School 
and Maryville 
College, she 
served at the 
Polyt echnic 
School as a 
teacher, was em- 
ployed by an insurance firm, and later was office man- 
ager and secretary for a manufacturing company. She 
brought the values of these experiences to her work at 
Maryville College in 1918. As director of the student- 
help program, counsellor to individual students, and 
representative of the College in the field, she has done 
much both to organise and to develop a program which 
has become widely known. She often speaks to 
women's organisations and church groups in the East 
and elsewhere, presents Maryville's needs to individuals 
and carries on an extensive correspondence. Alumni 
will be interested to know that she has been instru- 
mental in securing approximately a half million dollars 
in gifts for the College during the past twenty-five 
years. Yet her chief interest is in the individual 
students with whom she counsels and whose plans she 
helps to make. Miss Henry was elected a member of 
the Board of Directors of Maryville College in 1938. 

Dr. Edwin R. 
Hunter, Professor 
of English, 
Chairman of the 
Division of Lan- 
guages and Litera- 
ture, and Dean 
of Curriculum, 
began his service 
as a Professor at 
the College in 
September 1918. 
M He graduated at 

^^^k Mary v i 1 1 e in 

-.'fs B^^B 1914 ' an d taught 

^fl ^k^W ■ one year at 

At B Evansville Junior 

College (Wise.) 
and one year at East St. Louis High School, served one 
year as lay minister of a church, and received his M.A. 
degree at the University of Chicago during the four 
years between graduation and his return to the Mary- 
ville faculty. He was a Fellow in General Literature 

at the University of Chicago in the year 1924-1925, 
receiving the Ph.D. degree in 1925. In addition to 
his service as Professor for twenty-five years, Dr. 
Hunter was Director of Debate from 1918 to 1927, 
Secretary of the Faculty from 1921 to 1931, and has 
been Dean since 1931. During the three months be- 
tween Dr. Wilson's leaving and Dr. Lloyd's coming 
he served as Chairman of the Faculty. Not only has 
his service on the campus been constant and effective, 
but he is well known also in general educational circles 
as a teacher, writer, lecturer, and administrator. 

***^j '<ik 



%: $: % 


Miss Mary E. (Miss Mollie) Caldwell celebrated her 
eightieth birthday on September 11. She really had 
a good deal of help in the celebration — many callers, 
cards, letters, and flowers arrived at her home on Miller 
Street that day. Her friends had quietly reminded one 
another that "Miss Mollie will be eighty." 

As alumni know, she retired from active service in 
1936 after thirty-seven years of service on the Mary- 
ville College faculty and staff, most of that time as 
Head of Baldwin or Pearsons Hall and Dean of 
Women. She is in better health than she was a year 
ago and occasionally visits the campus or attends func- 
tions at the College. 

* * * 


Of the nearly 700 stars on or soon to be on the 
Maryville College Service Flag for World War II, there 
are four for faculty or former faculty members and six 
for sons of faculty members. Four other faculty sons 
and one daughter who did not attend Maryville Col- 
lege are in service. The fifteen from faculty and faculty 
homes are as follows: 

Faculty and Former Faculty 

Frank D. McClelland, ex-' 18, Dean of Students, now 
a Captain in the U. S. Marine Corps, assigned to 
duty at Marine Headquarters in Washington. 

Raymond J. Dollenmayer, '31, Associate Professor of 
Bible and Religious Education, now a Lieutenant in the 
Chaplains' Corps of the Navy, assigned to duty at 
Hunter College, New York City. 

Archibald F. Pieper, '36, Assistant Professor of Politi- 
cal Science, now a 2nd Lieutenant in the U. S. Marine 

Paul F. Wendt, Assistant Professor of Economics, 
now a Lieut, (jg) in the Navy. 

Faculty Sons and Daughters 
Marian J. Black, daugher of Director of Maintenance 
Louis A. Black, recently accepted in the U. S. Marine 
Corps and awaiting orders to report for active training. 
David H. Briggs, Jr., ex-'46, son of Professor David 
H. Briggs, in the Army since March 1943, now assigned 
to the^Army Specialised Training Program at Vir- 
ginia Military Institute. 

Lombe Scott Honaker, Jr., '41, son of Coach L. S. 
Honaker, in the Army since July 1942, now a 2nd 
Lieutenant in the Anti-Aircraft Division of the Coast 
Artillery, assigned to Camp Haan, California. 


S. Ross Honaker, ex-'45, son of Coach Honaker, in 
the Army Air Forces since March 1943, now an avia- 
tion cadet in training as a pilot at Maxwell Field, Ala. 

Robert A. Hunter, ex-'44, son of Dean Edwin R. 
Hunter, in the Army since June 1943, recently at 
Camp Crowder, Mo., and now at the University of 
Chicago, in the Army Specialised Training Program. 

Ralph W. Irwin, Jr., son of Nightwatchman Ralph 
W. Irwin, in the Marines since May 1943, now a 
private first class at Charleston, S. C. 

J. Vernon Lloyd, '41, son of President R. W. Lloyd, 
in the Army Air Forces since March 1942, commissioned 
as a navigator in November, now a 1st Lieutenant 
assigned to Wing Headquarters, Hondo Field, Texas. 

H. Eugene Orr, '39, son of Professor Horace E. 
Orr, in the Army since February 1942, now a 1st 
Lieutenant in Ordnance assigned to Barksdale Field, La. 

William L. Orr, son of Professor Orr, in the Army 
since June 1943, now temporarily stationed at Camp 
Swift, Texas. 

Miles A. Snyder, son of Mrs. L. A. Snyder, Super' 
visor of Women's Residence, in the Army since 
February 1942, a radio technician, now a Staff Sergeant 
in the Armored Forces, stationed "somewhere" in 
northwest Africa. 

Fred L. Walker, son of Associate Professor E. R. 
Walker, in the Army since January 1943, Military 
Police Escort, stationed at Opelika, Ala. 


During the summer and early fall the College has 
made some important and extensive improvements at 
the kitchen and dining hall. In addition to several 
items of new equipment made possible by the army 
contract, the College has added a dishwashing room, 
a salad and dessert room, a meat refrigeration room, a 
vegetable refrigeration room, a large porch extension, 
a dressing and recreation room for the cooks, a sup- 
plementary office, a new dishwashing machine, and a 
concrete-floored, screened enclosure for garbage cans 
and waste material. The cost will total between $8,000 
and $10,000. It is not paid for by the Government but 
by funds 'given by friends of Maryville College. 
^ * * 

CLASS OF 1943— (Continued from page 9) 

William Sweeney is at Maxwell Field, Alabama. 

Marguerite Taylor is in training in the Naval Re- 
serves at Northampton, Mass. 

Lauramae Weber is employed as a research librarian 
at the Goodrich Rubber Co. plant in Akron, Ohio. 

Mary Virginia Williams is taking dietetics training in 
St. Luke's Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Ruth Wynn is in training with the Naval Reserves 
at Northampton, Mass. 

James Arthur Yunker is at Princeton, N. J., Theo- 
logical Seminary where he is a member of the Second 
Choir. He is serving a church near his home. He and 
Carolyn Harper have decided on December. 


In presenting the Alumni Living Endowment Fund to 
the Association as a whole this year we suggested a 
goal of $2,000 to be contributed during the calendar 
year of 1943. We have only $836.00 more to raise 
between now and December 31. A check-up, October 
22, reveals that we have contributed through the 
Fund program $1,164.00. 

We had hoped to have a detailed account of the 
Fund with a list of contributors ready for this issue 
of the Magazine, but a shortage of help has made that 
impossible at this time. However it is stimulating to 
reveal that these gifts ranged from $1.00 to $100.00 
and that they were sent by doctors, lawyers, nurses, 
students, housewives, business men, school teachers, 
missionaries, men in the Army and Navy, and many 
other sundry occupations from the homeland and from 
foreign fields of labor. In this $1,164.00 is much of 
the. kind of stuff of which Maryville College is made. 

Totals for the three years are as follows: 1941, 
$30.00; 1942, $333.30; 1943, $1,164.00, all years totaling 
$1,527.30. While we want to reach our goal if possible, 
what we have done is no mean achievement: $1,164.00 
is 4% of $29,100.00. 

Much of the $1,164.00 was contributed in War 
Savings Bonds which are not available to the College 
to be used until they mature, and actually will not be- 
come a part of the Living Endowment Fund until that 
time. They are being kept in a separate special ac' 
count in the Treasurer's Office to the credit of the 
alumni, as contributors, by classes. For the time being 
we are not separating the bonds from other gifts in 
reports to the alumni. 

Remember that gifts to your Alma Mater are not 

"inflationary" and are fully in harmony with the best 

economic interest of the Nation as well as that of the 


* # % 


Rev. Dr. William Barrow Pugh, of Philadelphia, 

Stated Clerk of the 
General Assembly 
of the Presbyterian 
Church in the U. 
S. A., and a Di- 
rector of Maryville 
College, was some- 
time ago elected 
chairman of the 
General Commis- 
sion on Army and 
Navy Chaplains. He 
is now on an extend- 
ed official tour to 
the various Ameri- 
can battle fronts 
over the Atlantic 
and the Pacific, con- 
tinuing the tour on 
which Bishop Leon- 
ard, former chair- 
man, Chaplain 

(Colonel) Frank L. Miller, '14, and General Andrews 

lost their lives in Iceland. 



Philip O. Jones, B. Mus., 
of Chicago, Instructor in 
Voice and Director of the 
Choir and other musical 
organizations, succeeding 
Richard W. Vine. Mr. 
Jones holds a degree from 
DePaul University, has 
studied in the American 
Conservatory of Music, and 
has been active in Chicago 
music circles and in Welsh 
singing organizations as a 
conductor and singer. 

Helen Trotter, B.S., 

M.S., of Maryville, Assis- 
tant Dietitian. Miss Trot- 
ter received her B.S. de- 
gree from Maryville Col- 
lege in 1942 and her M.S. 
from the University of 
Tennessee in 1943. 

Elena Irish Zimmermann, 

B.Mus., M.Mus., of Knox- 
ville, Instructor in Piano, 
to fill the vacancy caused 
by the resignation of Miss 
Genevieve L. Cowen. Mrs. 
Zimmermann received her 
degrees from Converse 
College, South Carolina, 
where she also held a 
teaching fellowship last 

Edith Pierce March, B.A., M.A., of Alcoa, part-time 
Instructor in History and Political Science. Mrs 

March graduated from Maryville College in 1938 and 
received her Master's degree from the University of 
Tennessee in 1939. 

John A. Davis, B.A., M.A., Assistant Professor of 
Physical Education, returns to Maryville from the 
Army. As announced in the Alumni Magazine last 
April, "J. D." went to the Army last December. He 
was at Camp Phillips, Kansas, until summer when he 
was discharged because of the recurrence, under field 
ration conditions, of an old stomach ulcer trouble. So 
"J.D." came back to the faculty September 1. 

Beth P. Hilbert, B.A., of Burbank, California, and 
Mary A. Orr, B.A., '41, of Maryville, have been en- 
gaged as assistants in the Personnel Office. 

Individual classes are being taught by the following 
members of the non-teaching staff: Economics 201 by 
Marvin D. Minear, Assistant in the Treasurer's Office; 
Education 250 by E. E. McCurry, Supervisor of Men's 
Residence; Army History by Miss Iola G. Harwood, 
Assistant to the Head of Baldwin Hall; Army English 
by Miss Mary M. Hallock, Head of Baldwin Hall. 

Miss Elizabeth H. Jackson, Assistant Professor of 
English, has been "drafted" for part-time service in 
the Student-Help Office. 


Mary Widner (Pam) Curtis, Senior, to Donald F. 

Black, Ex. '46. 
George Omar Beall, Jr., Ex. '44, to Ethel M. Hanners, 

Ex. '46. 
Frances Evelyn Harris, Senior, to William R. Grosh, 

Ex. '44. 
Mary Lew Holmes, Ex. '44, to Albert J. Griffin. 
Paul A. Jamarik, Ex. '44, to Mary Helen Durman. 
Bobilee Knabb, Ex. '44, to Walter Davis Proffitt, Ex. '46. 
Marian Metcalf, Ex. '44, to James G. Fershee. 
Louise Wetzel, Ex. '44, to James B. Lee, Ex. '43. 
Mary Jane Costner, Ex. '43, to George W. Ribble. 
Margaret Calhoun Fain, '42, to John Thomas Mize, '42. 
Mary Knight, '42, to John D. Schellenger, Ex. '43. 
Mary Alice Fugate, Ex. '43, to Samuel Gordon McCall. 
Geraldine Hogan, '43, to Charles Edward Pepper, Jr., 

Ex. '44. 
Olga M. Welsh, '43, to Lawrence R. Ketchum, Ex. '42. 
Robert A. King, Ex. '43, to Nancy Waggoner. 
Margaret Ruth Clippinger, '43, to Jackson Carlisle 

Kramer, '42. 
Florence Parmelee Barber, '42, to Carl Alette, '43. 
Beatrice J. Burns, Ex. '42, to Warren Clarence Ans- 

Mary Adelia Felknor, '42, to Lt. Walter Willard Ruoff. 
Maty Elizabeth Karg, '42, to John D. Sharp, Jr. 
Helen Ruth Coates, '41, to Robert E. Graham. 
Kenneth L. Duncan, '41, to Helen Lillian Houp. 
Lombe Scott Honaker, Jr., '41, to Martha Walker, Senior. 
Mary Buna Cardwell, Ex. '41, to David Dewitt Butler, 

Vivian Genevieve Moore, '41, tc Lowell Claude Weger. 
Margaret Sisk, '40, to John Melvin Magee, '41. 
Mignonne Myers, '40, to L. C. Winn, Jr. 
George S. Millsaps, Ex. '40, to Maurice Avant. 
George L. Hunt, '40, to Mary Alice Minear, Ex. '41. 
Mary Elizabeth Goss, Ex. '40, to John Tyson Colvin. 
Hope DeButy, '40, to Kenneth B. Marine, Ex. '43. 
Thomas Lowry Taylor, '40, to Barbara Anderson, Ex. 

Kathryn Kilgore, Ex. '39, to Damon Leonard Eastman. 
Virginia Dale Boys, '39, to Channing M. Briggs. 
James N. Proffitt, '38, to Ruth Elizabeth Goddard. 
Marion Elizabeth Lodwick, '38, to Paul F. Bauer. 
William V. Young, '38, to Elaine W. Engelbrecht. 
Viola Chambers, Ex. '37, to Charles W. Herrick. 
Lynn E. Crawford, '37, to Janice Ina Graybeal, '42. 
Charlotte King, '37, to W. H. Kraay. 
Margaret Louise Duggan, Ex. '37, to William Lincoln 

Dubbs, Jr. 
Mary Lawson, '37, to Lt. Robert A. Hardie. 
William David Morgan, Jr., '37, to Joy Jean McKinney. 
Mary Rose Atchley, '36, to Ralph A. Elmore. 
Kyle McCall, '36, to Nannette Garner, Ex. '42. 
Marietta Sharp, '35, to Franklin Church Hamlin, Jr. 
Grace Moore, '35, to Henry B. McConnell. 
Frederick Burton Toms, '34, to Ethel Margaret White. 
Dorothy Keller, '31, to George B. Carty. 
J. A. Davis, '30, to Margaret Moroney. 
Emily M. Minton, '28, to Norman Center. 
Mary Elizabeth Johnson, '28, to Victor Grassmann. 



Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Monger (Ruthanna Merker) 

Ex. '44, a boy. 
Mr. and Mrs. Joel P. Phillips (Elisabeth Bryant '42) 

Ex. '44, a son, Robert Patrick; June 7. 
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Evaul (Margaret Cloud, '39), 41 

a daughter, Phyllis Anne; August 3. 
Lt. and Mrs. John D. Hughes (Jean Campbell, Ex. '43), 

'41, a daughter, Marion Gale. 
Lt. and Mrs. John D. Clinkman (Arlene Phelps, '40), 

'40, a son, John Davis, Jr. 
Ensign and Mrs. James Howard Etheredge (Elisabeth 

Gaultney, Ex. Ml), a daughter, Nancy Elisabeth- 

August 6, 1943. 
Mr. and Mrs. P. S. Ferguson (Margaret Esther McCob 

lum, '40), a son, Thomas Samuel; February 2 1943 
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Helsley (Edith Faye Evans, '40) 

a daughter, Sandra Kay; July 8. 
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Lowe (Johnnie Childers, Ex. 

'42), '40, a son; Lawrence Jr.; May 8. 
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Stevenson, '40, a son, John 

Graham; July 27. 
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Allen Ashby, Jr. (Helen Frances 

Bewley, '40), '39, a son; September 28. 
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Thames (Mary Sue Waters Ex 

'40), '39; a daughter; June 7. 
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Overly (Paulina McCurry, Ex. '38), 

'38, a daughter: Marsha Paul, June 5. 
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Wilson (Evelyn Scott, '39), 

Ex. '39, a daughter; Sara Margaret, September 19 
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Bailey (Elisabeth Jane Som- 

mers, '37), a son, Thomas A. Bailey, Jr.; September 29 
Mr. and Mrs. Norman C. Cleesatel (Mary Kmbloe, 

'37), a son. 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Cummings (Marjorie Jane 

Bliss, '37), a son, David Robert; July 16. 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hurst (Shirley Jackson '37) a 

daughter, Carol Elisabeth; August 31 
Rev. and Mrs. Robert McKibben (Ruth Matthews, Ex. 

38), '37, a daughter. 
Mr. and Mrs. Judson Murphy (Lois Brown, '37), Ex. 

'38, a son, Robert Judson; September 24. 
Mr. and Mrs. Owen O'Beirne (Thelma Ross, '37) 

a son. 
Rev a nd Mrs Evan w Renne> < 3? a j^^ 

Miller; May 10. 
Rev. and Mrs. Samuel W. Blissard, Jr. (Harriet Barber, 

'39) '36, a son; James McMurry; June 10. 
Mr. and Mrs. Rollie Huffstettler, '36, a daughter, Mari- 
anne Holmes, September. 
Rev. and Mrs. William MacCalmont, (Ruth ProfFitt, 

'37), '36, a daughter, Mary Louise; July 31. 
Rev. and Mrs. Robert Smyrl (Marie Jensen, '40) '36 

a son, Robert Ross; March 18. 
Captain and Mrs. Eugene Paine (Mary Earl Walker, 

'35), a daughter, Mary Eugenie; February 14. 
Rev. and Mrs. Malcolm Gwaltney (Miriam King, Ex. 

'37), '34, a son, Robert Malcolm; February 5. 
Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Bradshaw, Ex. '33, a daughter, 

Tony Merle. 
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Crabtree (Margaret Penland, '33), 

a son, Louis Penland; January 16. 
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Peery (Ernestine McCulley, '37), 

'33, a son, Michael Joseph; April 24. 
Rev. and Mrs. George H. Vick, '33, a daughter, Bonnie 

Gray; August 24. 

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Dickinson (Julia "Irish" 

Terry, '32), a daughter, Grace Esther; May 26. 
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Spainhour (Mildred Erwin, Ex. 

'31), '29, a son, William Erwin, November, 1942. 
Dr. and Mrs. C. Brickey LeQuire, '27, a son, Peter 

Bradford; May 5. 
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Penland (Ruth R. Reagan, '25), 

a son, Joseph Reagan. 

* * * 

Here and There 


William Francis Phillips. Ex. '9S. The Huntington (Cal.) Park 
SlKnal recently carried a picture of "Bill Phillips" under the heading 
MARINE." "At 74. most men would consider their lives finished. 
But not Bill Phillips who is shipping out soon on his first voyage as 
a merchant marine. 

"Phillips, who tried twice to see action as a soldier or sailor and 
was rejected because of his age, boarded ship last Friday (May 28) as 
a steward in the officers' quarters of the Josiah N. Cushing, new 
victory ship from the Calship yards. 

"Phillips, who will celebrate his 74th birthday next month (June), 
is not a stranger to war. During the Spanish-American conflict he 
spent 25 months overseas under General Fitzhugh Lee, and saw action 
in several battles. His stories of the fighting in Cuba are hair-raisers. 
In 1923. Phillips moved to Huntington Park and spent ten years 
in the city hall as water superintendent and in charge of the city 
pumps. During that time he made friends here and was active in 
lodge and civic affairs." 


John E. Tracey was the subject of a recent article in the Miehican 
Alumnus, which also carried his picture, under the title: LURED TO 
viewing his record through graduation from Maryville College and 
the Honorary LL.D. degree twenty years later by Maryville College, 
the article states. "Professor Tracy started his law practice at Mar- 
quette. Michigan, before moving to New York as a corporation lawyer 
and finally on to Chicago. 111. It was while he was there that the 
University Law School brought him to the campus in the winter of 
1929-30 as a special lecturer on Corporation practice. His work was 
so successful he was asked to join the law faculty, which he did in 
the fall of 1930. 

"Mr. Tracy is a member of the American and Michigan State Bar 
Associations and was Alderman in the Ann Arbour Common Council 
1938-1940. During World War I he served as assistant director of 
the bureau of Exports of the War Trade Board, in which position 
his corporation experience was valuable. 

"Mr. Tracy is a literary contributor to several professional law 
reviews and journals and is the author of four law text and reference 

Mr. Tracy married Margaret Elliott, a graduate of Wellesley Col- 
S" re .'" 1914 - and Radcliffe College with the Ph.D. degree in 1924 
bhe is Professor of Economics at the University. 

"Contact with youth and the fascination of watching students de- 
velop in the business world have combined to keep Professor Tracy 
away from law practice for the past 12 years." 


Clinton H Gillingham was honorably retired from the Presidency 
ot iennent College of Christian Education. September 30th He is 
now supplying the church at Tarpon Springs. Florida. 


H. B. Phillips is Supervisor of fourteen Sioux Indian Churches in 
Eastern South Dakota and. in June, undertook full charge of three of 

Burrell O. Raulston has been appointed Dean of the School of 
Medicine. University of Southern California, according to an an- 
nouncement to the Alumni Office from President Rufus B von Klein- 

In making the announcement. Dr. von KleinSmid cited the follow- 
ing: "Dr. Raulston has been affiliated with Southern California since 
1930 as professor and chairman of the department and in 193S he also 
assumed the directorship of clinical teaching. Following his gradua- 
tion from Rush Medical College with the M.D. degree, he served as 
resident pathologist for the Presbyterian Hospital, Chicago, from 1916 
to 1921. He also was an instructor and assistant clinical professor of 
medicine at alma mater following his service as a resident pathologist 
During World War I the new dean was a 1st lieutenant in the 
Army Medical Corps. He did graduate work at the University of 
Berne, Switzerland, in 1925 and 1926 and at Stanford University 
Medical School in 1929-30." 


May Buchanan Holmes is now living at San Saba. Texas, where 
her husband is serving his pastorate. 


Percy Buchanan is a Japanese language expert working with the 
government and is stationed in Washington. D. C. 

Lee Roy and Lois McCulloch ('26) Herndon have moved to Eliza- 
bethton, Tennessee, where he is with North American Rayon Com- 
pany. They say that they are glad to get back South. They have 
five boys and one girl. 

(Continued on page 14) 


Ralph W. Irwin, Night Watchman has been at Mary- 

ville College since October 
1, 1917, a service of 26 
years. He worked on the 
campus and in the heating 
plant for three years and 
has been Night Watchman 
for 23 years. Except for 
short vacations and periods 
of illness he has come on 
duty early each evening 
during that long period 
The hours of his work 
are such that some of the 
other members of the staff 
seldom see him. He is a 
civil deputy officer, and his presence on the campus 
and his visits to the buildings during the hours of 
the nights give valuable protection against fire and 

James I. Irwin began his service as Farmer at the 

College in 1918, and is 
therefore one of those 
celebrating a twenty-fifth 
anniversary this year. Dur- 
ing this quarter of a cen- 
tury he has seen some 
prominent changes and 
improvements in the Col- 
lege's dairy facilities. The 
small barn used for all 
purposes when he came 
disappeared in favor of 
the "Lamar barn," which 
in turn was abandoned in 
favor of the "Brown barn" 
at the east side of the campus. The Brown barn has 
now been trebled in size, a large silo added, a modern 
milking barn and an up-to-date refrigeration unit built, 
and the dairy herd improved. Jim lives in the ad- 
joining house and manages the dairy, the other stock, 
and the hundred acres of campus and the more exten- 
sive nearby land under cultivation. 

^s ije %t 

HERE AND THERE— (Continued) 


William C. Crow has been Principal Agricultural Economist with 
the United States Department of Agriculture for a number of years. 
He has had a number of works printed by the Government Printing 
MARKETS OF NEW YORK CITY) is on file in the Alumni Office. 
His work is commended in the foreword of this publication by the 
Chief, Bureau of Agricultural Economics, and the Chief, Agricultural 
Marketing Service. 

Sam H. Franklin, Jr., graduated from a Naval training school for 
Chaplains and was assigned to "Sea Bees." He visited in Maryville 
in September on leave before reporting to a port of embarkation. He 
has been commissioned a Lieutenant. 

Flynn G. Humphreys is a Chaplain in the Army. 

D. Malcolm Miles is the dignified subject on the front cover of 
the AMERICAN MOTOR CARRIER for July. He is now President 
of the Kentucky Motor Truck Association. Under the title LAURELS 
FOR MILES the same issue carries the following: 

"This month, our medal of honor is pinned upon the chest of D. 
M. Miles, recently elected President of the Kentucky Motor Truck As- 
sociation after years of faithful service to it as Vice-President and 

"One of the most successful and popular motor carriers of Ken- 
tucky, Mr. Miles has devoted the last 14 years of intelligent effort to 
building up Meeks Motor Freight, Inc., at Louisville, of which he is 
Vice-President and General Manager. His line operates about fifty 
units in four states and employs some 125 persons. The General 
Office is located at Louisville, while terminals are maintained at 
Bowling Green. Hopkinsville, Pineville, and Lexington, Ky. ; Nashville, 
Tenn. ; Cincinnati, Ohio; and Evansville, Ind. 

"Mr. Miles has been a director of the Kentucky association for 
ten years, during which he served three terms as vice-presidnt and 
has been a member of all its principal committees. He is Kentucky's 
director of the American Trucking Association and has been three 
times president of the Central and Southern Motor Freight Tariff 
Association and president of the Transportation Club of Louisville." 

Although D. M. Miles is a busy man, he took the time, and with 
enthusiasm, to circulate a news letter among his classmates at Re- 
union time last spring. 

Wilson McTeer has been promoted to Associate Professor in the 
Department of Psychology at Wayne University, Detroit. Michigan. 

Helen Rankin is now Assistant Dean of Women at Salem College. 


James Leslie Bell wrote at reunion time that he and Mrs. Bell, 
Lucile Timblin, '26, have ten good reasons for trying to continue to 
live with each other after seventeen years of married life ; six of 
them are boys and four are girls, and all are potential Maryvillians. 

Ashley T. Hawn has graduated from Central Instructors School at 
Randolph Field and was commissioned a Lieutenant and assigned to 
the Davidson College Training Detachment. His family plan to join 
him there. 

Julius C. Huffman writes, "We are still trying to help feed the 
Nation, producing 90 gallons of milk per day and raising feed to 
take care of the cows, operating three farms and a commercial feed 

Charles R. Johnson has moved from the pastorate at Rice Lake, 
Wisconsin, to the Inglenook Presbyterian Church of Birmingham. 


Walter Buchanan is the Minister of Music at a Presbyterian 
Church in Detroit, Michigan. 

Julian Johnson, who has been a surgeon in Philadelphia, is now 
a Major on duty somewhere in India with a General Hospital. 
Mrs. Johnson. Mary C. Benn, '29, is living in Narberth. 

Paul M. Meikle has been with the U. S. Army Air Forces since 
the beginning of the war and is now in the South Pacific. 

Wallace C. Merwin. Ex. '27, went to China in 1931 and was in 
Japan, enroute to North China, at the time of the occupation of 
Mukden. Before the Japanese invasion he worked for several years 
with government and private students in the middle schools of 
Paoting. He was home on furlough in 1937, going back to the mis- 
sion station the following summer while his family spent the year 
at Peiping. Much of his time was spent administering relief to 
10,000 refugees at Paoting, helping to care for 1,300 in the mission 
compound. He returned safely to the United States on the Gripsholm. 


Russell W. Annich received the degree of Doctor of Sacred Theol- 
ogy from Temple University at its last Commencement. 

Marv Helen Kennedy Fitzgerald is teaching in the Lee Edwards 
High School, Asheville. N. C. 

Harold F. Holman and his wife, Lou Repass, '32, have bought a 
home in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Harold is teaching four classes 
in Physics in Brown Preparatory School in Philadelphia, in addition 
to his classes at Girard College. 


John A. Davis has been honorably discharged from the Army and 
has returned to his position of Assistant Professor of Physical Edu- 
cation at Maryville College. 

Paul C. Dickenson and his wife, Velma Helen Farley Dickenson. 
'31, have moved to Crozet, Virginia. 

Allen W. Herdman is Editor of the National Safety News, Chica- 

William O. Mayer is a Chaplain with the armed forces in 

E. Philip Vogel writes, "We are getting along in our enlarged 
former pastorate, where I now preach in all three churches each 
Sunday. Eleanor teaches Religious Education 5 days a week in 
public schools. We recently enjoyed a visit from Lincoln Hurst. '32, 
who is the Superintendent of the Loveland (Ohio) Schools. Hello 
to all." 

Hubert Welsh is promoted to Corporal and is at Newport News. 
Virgin a. 


Edwin A. Buchanan writes from the Naval Training School, 
Boulder, Colorado, that while he cannot say much about it, he can 
say that they are trying to get 18 years work in about 14 months. 
"It's good to hear from all my old friends. Thanks for the bulletin." 

S. Wilson Gillingham has graduated from the Aircraft Radar 
School and has been assigned to permanent duty as an aircraft Radar 

Lynn Boyd Rankin received his Th. M. from Temple University 
in June. Roy A. Taylor has been practicing law in Asheville, N. C, 
where he has also been in charge of the OPA office. 


Julia "Irish" Terry Dickinson and her husband have taken over 
the Leelanau Enterprise : he is Publisher, and "Irish" is Editor. 


Ruth Buchanan Briggs reports that her husband was one of those 
repatriated on the Gripsholm after six months of internment. The 
women and children were ordered out earlier, but her husband had to 
stay behind to care for the interests of the oil company employing 

Mary Branche has entered Winthrop College for graduate study. 

Wesley Y. Culver is a medical psychiatrist with the Army in 
North Africa. 

William J. Dobbie is Pastor of a Methodist Church in Martins- 
burg, New York. 

Carry Lou Goddard is teaching the third grade in the Norris, 
Tennessee, schools. 

Hazel Katherine Hale has been sworn into the Marine Corps 


Charles Muir has completed his basic training in the Chaplains 
School in Harvard University and assigned to San Bernardino, Calif. 

Robert Stevenson has completed his Chaplains training at Wil- 
liamsburg, Virginia, and assigned to McAllister, Oklahoma. 

Ralph Spencer Walker was commissioned an Ensign in the Navy 
in May. 


Robert J. Beyer is pastor of the Bethany Church, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Donald Buchanan, Ex. '34, is employed in a defense plant in 
Pomona, California. 

John P. Eyster is in the armed forces. 

Herbert H. Fuller has left LJnion Mill, Indiana, and taken a 
church at Kniphtstown, formerly held by Howard Kipp. "Pop" 
Turner. Herbert's father-in-law, well remembered by many students 
who visited his cafe in town, is now running a cleaning establish- 
ment just off the Indiana University campus. 

Glenn Hook is now Superintendent of Seaman (Ohio) Public 

A. Gordon Karnell is a Chaplain attached to an air depot group 
in Texas. 

Kenneth P. Kidd has been commissioned and assigned to duty as 
Commanding Officer of the Weather Detachment at the Army Air 
Forces Advanced Flying School, Napier, Alabama. 

Fred Kirchner is now a research chemist with the Winthrop 
Chemical Co.. Albany, New York. He has taught for the last five 
years and goes to his new position from Bridgewater College. 

Joseph Heydon Lampe, Ex. '34, is a Chaplain assigned to a 
Naval Operation Base in the South. 

Willard V. Lampe completed his work at McCormick Theological 
Seminary this spring. 

Richard K. Orr is a Chaplain now stationed at Baer Field, Ft. 
Wayne, Indiana. 


Allan Amsbury and his family have removed to Chicago where he 
has been transferred by the Aluminum Company. 

Lillian Armstrong did work toward her M.A. degree at Peabody 
(Nashville) this summer. She is the Principal of Palm View School, 
Palmetto, Florida. 

Earle W. Crawford has attracted newspaper attention by his work 
as Chaplain with the forces in North Africa. On Easter day men 
in his station sent to their parents 2000 letters prepared for them by 
Chaplain Crawford. 

William Frische, who is a professor at Alabama Polytechnic In- 
stitute, has completed the work on his Ph.D. degree and soon will be 
Dr. Frische. 

Charles Gillander is now a Captain serving as Chaplain in the 
Army in Australia. He writes that he has met C. T. "Tillie" Good- 
win down there. His promotion came on the anniversary of his 
wedding and of his assignment to the Army. 

Jonathan Gillingham is an instructor of Air Navigation at the 
Navy Pre-Flight School. Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Louis F. Krainock completed his training at the Quantico Marine 
Base and was commissioned in August. 

Dorothy Coates Liddick received her Master of Social Administra- 
tion degree in 1941. She has been working "hither and yon" as a 
social case worker. For the last year she has been working with 
the Family Society of Seattle, Washington, and supervising student 
ease work for the University of Washington on the side. Her 
husband is on active duty with the Navy in the South Pacific. 

Elizabeth Peterson is now at Institute Central do Povo. Rua Riva- 
dria Correa, 1SS, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

Leland Shanor has become plant pathologist for the Bureau of 
Plant Industry Station, Beltsville, Md. 

Merritt O. Slawson has completely recovered from a severe case 
of pneumonia in England. The papers recently carried an interesting 
account of his work with the Air Corps in England. Merritt scratches 
initials on pennies and gives them to the boys and tells them to 
bring them back to him. The practice has become an established 
omen, boosting the morale of the men. 

Barbara Whitmore Thomas and family are now at 1357 Henry 
Street. Knoxville. 

Violet Webb is teaching military discipline, customs, courtesies, and 
tradition at New River, N. C, station. She is a Lieutenant in the 
Marine Corps Reserve. 


Joseph T. Andrews is now a Captain in the Medical Corps and 
assigned to ski troops in Colorado. 

James P. Badgett was graduated from the Military Police School, 
Fort Custer, Michigan, and commissioned 2nd Lieutenant. 

S. A. Bass. Ex. '36, is a Chaplain in the Army and stationed at 
Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Samuel W. Blizzard left the Chestnut Grove Presbyterian Church, 
Baltimore, in October to enter Hartford Seminary Foundation for 
special training before he and his family sail for India as foreign 
missionaries. The Baltimore Presbyterian commended his work in that 
Presbytery highly. 

Joseph T. Cortese is a medical officer with the forces invading 
Europe from the South, 

Stephen Dmytriw is now with the armed forces overseas. 

Robert D. Downes was reported missing with the fall of Bataan 
more than a year ago. Recently the Philadelphia Enquirer _ carried 
a picture of Lt. Downes, saying that the government had notified his 
parents that he was a Japanese prisoner. 

Willis E. Garrett is a Chaplain in the Army Air Corps. 

Elizabeth McNamara is a nurse in the same unit with Annie Mary 
Donnell. They say that they are fortunate in having native houses, 
good food, and plenty of tropical fruit. They spent seven weeks in 
New Zealand on their way in. 

Harold "Beef" Myers has been transferred by the Aluminum Com- 
pany of America from Alcoa, Tenn.. to Brookfield. Illinois. 

James P. Shaw is now a Field Director overseas with the Red 

Robert Smyrl is Pastor of the Pilgrim Church, Trenton. N. J. 

Zula Trotter has entered the WACs and is in training at Day- 
tona Beach, Florida. 

James B. Wilson is now minister of Christian Education in the 
First Methodist Church of Glendale, California. He is now writing 
his dissertation and expects to receive his Ph.D. in June. 


Richard S. Battaglia, Ex. '37, received his M.D. degree from the 
University of Bologna School of Medicine in 1941. He says that he 
managed to get out of Italy just in time. He completed his intern- 
ship at Elizabeth General Hospital, Elizabeth, N. J., and practiced 
medicine in Roselle, N. J., before entering the Army Medical Corps as 
a 1st Lieutenant. 

Emory Esbach, Ex. '37, was in Algiers in September. 

Ralph Wesley Hand, Jr., is now a Chaplain at Will Rogers 
Field, Oklahoma. 

E. A. Pearson writes, "I was on Guadalcanal during that Campaign. 
'Tis a happy privilege to be fortunate enough to have gone out and 
had duty with the Marines." He expressed his gratitude for the 
Alumni Magazine which has continued to reach him. He is now in 
the Naval Hospital, New River. N. C. 

Frank Smith. Ex. '37, is now a prisoner of war in Germany. 

Dorothea Rosalie Stadelmann received the M.A. degree from 
Columbia in June and now heads the English Department in the 
junior high school branch of the Teaneck High School, Teaneck, N. J. 

Othor Monroe Teague, Jr.. has been commissioned 2nd Lieuten- 
ant in the Quartermaster School at Camp Lee, Virginia. 


J. Elworth Black is now Assistant State Supervisor of Vocational 
Education for War Production Training with the Tennessee State 
Department of Vocational Training. 

George Wilson Brown is now Principal of the Waterport (N. 
Y.) High School where he and Mrs. Brown, Iva Lillian Roberts, '37, 
have made their home. 

Hazel Deane Brown is now Medical Technologist in the office of 
Dr. Ralph Munger in Knoxville. 

William Malcolm Brown is now a Chaplain in the U. S. Army 
Air Forces and was at Plant Field, Tampa, Florida, in August. 

T. M. Frishe, Ex. '38, was inducted into the Navy, October 16th. 

Clara Dale Echols, is in the Marine Corps Reserves and is training 
at Northhampton, Mass. 

John Gee, Ex. '38. reported an attack on Salerno which was carried 
in the daily papers. He is now a Lieutenant. 

Edward C. Gillingham is on permanent active duty as communica- 
tions officer at Lakehurst Naval Air Station. 

Emma Jane Kramer received the M.A. degree from Northwestern 
University in June. 

Johnnie Sue Lewis has reported to the Second Training Center of 
the WACs, Daytona Beach, Florida. 

Robert Peters is an Apprentice Seaman at the Great Lakes (111.) 
Naval Training Station. 

James N. Proffitt completed his internship at Vanderbilt Hospital 
and entered the armed forces in the summer. He is now at Camp 
Haan, California. 

James Renfro is coaching the Maryville High School Red Rebels 
this year. 

Winford Ross is in a photographic squadron in the Solomons 
where he is rounding out his third year of foreign service. His son 
was born on his 27th birthday. 

Roy Talmage, Ex. '33, has been commissioned a Lieutenant and is 
at the Smyrna (Tennessee) Air Base. 

Walter P. West is now at sea as an Ensign in the Naval Reserves. 

William L. Wood has completed his second year as a medical stu- 
dent at Bowman Gray School of Medicine. Winston-Salem, N. C. His 
wife. Polly Hudspeth Wood Ex. '40, is Home Management Supervisor 
with the Farm Security Administration. 

William V. Young received the M.D. degree from Long Island Col- 
lege of Medicine in 1942 and completed his internship at Mountain- 
side Hospital, Montclair. N. J., in July, 1943, and now is Ship's 
Doctor aboard a unit at sea. 


William F. Alston is now instructing in a Naval Hospital Corps 
School at Farragut, Idaho. 

Harold G. Austin is now in England and is a Corporal in the 
Army Air Forces. His wife, Susannah Lupton, '39, is working on the 
desk at George Williams College, Chicago. 

Arthur D. Byrne is at Chanute Field, 111. His wife, Jean White. 
'41, is at the Frontier Nursing Service, Wendover, Kentucky. 

Everett D. Gray completed his work at Pittsburgh-Xenia Seminary, 
1942, and his work for the M.A. degree at University of Pittsburgh 
in May, 1943. He accepted a church in West New York, N. J., and 
is working on his Ph.D. degree at Columbia University, N. Y. C. 

Sara Faye Kittrell did work on her master's degree in Latin at 
Vanderbilt University this summer. She is teaching in the West- 
side School of Maryville. 

M. Wilbert Looloian has completed his medical internship and has 
entered the Naval Medical Corps as a Lieutenant. 

John Magill has accepted the Pastorate of the Erie Chapel Church 
in Chicago. 

William O. McGill has completed work at McCormick Theological 
Seminary where he was the winner of first place in the Henry P. 
Crowell Prizes in Systematic Theology. 

Irma Sue Pate did work towards a master's degree at Vander- 
bilt University this summer and is teaching in the National City 
(California) High School and is making her home with Mrs. Lester 
Bond at Chula Vista, California. 

Alice E. Prime is now Medical and X-ray Technician at Eastern 
State Hospital, Knoxville, Tennessee. 

Carl Wells, now a Sergeant at Fort Oglethorpe, was recently 
chosen to accompany Bing Crosby at the piano on a program which 
the singer was giving at the Post. 


Stephen F. Amos is now in a cavalry unit of the Army. 

John N. Badgett, Jr., graduated with a navigation class at the 
Freeman Army Air Field, an advanced twin engineering flying school 
at Seymour, Indiana, 


James H. Ethei'edge ( USNR) was returned from Jamaiea. 
B. W. I., just in time to greet his new daughter, Nancy Elizabeth. 
He will be stationed at the Great Lakes Training Station. 

Charles E. Fish was ordained to the priesthood in the Christ 
Episcopal Church, Xenia, Ohio, September 21st. 

George L. Hunt received the B.D. degree from Princeton in May 
and was installed as Pastor of the Presbyterian Church of the Coven- 
ant, Wilmington, Del., May 21. 

Irene Hunter has completed technician training at Abingdon Me- 
morial Hospital and is this year at the Coatsville (Pa.) General 
Hospital Laboratory. 

Morgan Lewis was graduated by Princeton Seminary in the spring 
and added to the staff of Detroit Presbytery as visitor in the Willow- 
Run area. 

E. Vaughn Lyons, Jr., was graduated by Princeton this spring and 
has begun his work as Assistant Pastor of West Whiteland Presby- 
terian Church, Wilmington, Del. 

William H. Mooney was ordained in May and installed in the 
churches of Cherry Tree and Clymer in western Pannsylvania. 

Elizabeth L. Seel has announced her engagement to Cpl. Sheldon 
Peterson of the U. S. Army Signal Corps. 

E. B. Smith has completed training at Midshipman's School and 
was commissioned an Ensign in the Naval Reserves. 

Alaxander Russell Stevenson was graduated from the Pittsburgh 
Xenia Theological Seminary in May. He and his wife, Mary Courtney 
McClelland, have received official notice of their appointment to the 
foreign mission field in Egypt. They are doing their language 
study at Princeton Seminary because of war conditions in the 

Edward M. Thomas was ordained and installed June 1, at the 
First Church, Carbondale, Pa. 

John "Nig" Wilburn is coaching the Alcoa Bull Dogs this year in 
addition to his defense job at the Aluminum plant. 

Arda Susan Walker is now with the Department of Agriculture 
as a Junior Economist. 

Harold "Rusty" Wicklund. Ex. '40. who was interned in Turkey 
as the pilot of one of the planes which was forced to land near 
Ankara on returning from the first attack on the Ploesti Oil Fields, 
also took part in the second raid over the same target. Many daily 
papers carried accounts of his report of the raid. He has been 
promoted to the rank of Captain. Mrs. Wicklund. Dorothy Arm- 
strong, '38, is at home, Bradenton, Florida. 

John B. Wintermute is a senior at McCormick Theological Semin- 

Roland W. Anderson is a senior at Princeton Seminary where he 
is the Abbot of the Friars Club and Assistant Manager of the Book 
Agency. His engagement to Ruth Marie Conover has been announced. 
Charles E. Baldwin, Jr., is still in England where he has been 
promoted to the rank of Captain. His wife. Sue Stevenson Baldwin. 
Ex. '41. is employed at the Union Trust Company in Pittsburgh. 

Stanley L. Bird, Ex. '41, has been promoted to the rank of 
Sergeant at the Infantry School Headquarters, Fort Benning, Ga.. 
where he is also the evening organist at the main Post Chapel. 

Elsie Cornell attended State Teachers College at Indiana. Pa.. 
1941-1942 and taught Vocational Home Economics at McConnells- 
burg. Pa., la^t year. 

Thomas Cragan has been promoted to the rank of Captain and is 
taking advanced training at Camp Davis, N. C. 

Alfred Davies is a senior at Princeton Seminary. He expects to 
graduate in January, 1944. 

Charles Eb!e expects to graduate from Princeton Seminary :n 
Mav, 1944. 

Williams Genres' father writes that Bill entered the service m 
Januaiy. 1942. and shipped overseas in August. 1942, with a pharmacy 
unit to a station hospital which he has reasons to believe was at that 
time in Algiers. 

George E. Haynes is now a 1st Lieutenant, and is overseas. 
William E. Hutf is now a lieutenant in the Engineering Corps in 

David Humphreys is now a senior at McCormick Presbyterian 
Theological Seminary. 

Marion Kelly left Ganado Mission, Ganado. Arizona, in May to 
go to her home, Baldwinsville, N. Y., to care for her mother, who 
was ill. 

Rollo King is a Sergeant in the Coast Artillery and is Chief 
Personnel Clerk at Fort Monroe. 

Robert Lamont was ordained in June. He began his pastorate at 
Darby Borough Presbyterian Church, Darby, Pa. 

Edith Hitch Leitch and her husband have bought a home on 
Forest Drive in Maryville. 

John Vernon Lloyd has been advanced to 1st Lieutenant at Hondo 
Field. Texas. 

Elizabeth Baston Moore is a cadet in the Coast Guard Reserves 
and is in training at New London, Connecticut. 

George Morton, Ex. '41, has been stationed for some time in 
Spokane, Washington, where he has been playing football for the 

Julius Nicely was commissioned this summer and sent to England. 
He started off the recent bond drive in Maryville by a mail order 
through his father for a five-hundred dollar bond. 

Andrew F. O'Connor expects to graduate from Princeton Seminary 
in May. 

Lamar Russell, Ex. '41, has been reported missing in the South 

Stuart R. Schimpf expects to graduate from Princeton Seminary in 

Eldon L. Seamons is a senior at McCormick Presbyterian Theologi- 
cal Seminary. 

Roland L. Tapp was commissioned some time ago. In August 
he was expecting to ship overseas at anytime. His wife. Helen Pratt 
Tapp, '42, is joining her parents, who have recently moved to 

John H. Thompson is a senior at Princeton Seminary. 
Ralph Perry Thompson is at Louisville, Kentucky. Presbyterian 
Theological Seminary. 

W. Carl Walton has received his commission and is overseas. 
Mary Jane Person Walton, '43, is at home in Atlanta, Georgia. 

J. Robert Watt is expecting to graduate from Princeton Seminary 
in January. 

Oliver K. Williams is a senior at Princeton Seminary. 

Jack L. Zerwas served the Earlville, 111., Presbyterian Church this 
summer having appeared before Alton Presbytery for licensure in 
June. He is a senior at McCormick Seminary. Chicago, Illinois. 


Bina Ruth Brown has taken a new apartment with Catherine Crews 
at 5526 Johnson Avenue, Bethesda, Md. ; they also are employed in 
the same office and are members of the same amateur orchestra. 

Charlotte M. Colby, Ex. '42, is in training with the Naval Re- 
serves at Northampton, Mass. 

Heltn Cone is a Junior at McCormick Presbyterian Theological 
Seminary, Chicago, Illinois. 

Frank M. Cross. Jr.. has entered McCormick Presbyterian Theo- 
logical Seminary. 

Raymond Dewees, Jr., has received his commission in the Marine 
Corps Reserves and is now at a port of embarkation. 

Ruth E. Duggan has been commissioned an Ensign in the Naval 
Reserves and assigned to duty in New Orleans, La. 

Dave Hall has entered the Navy V-12 program as a medical stu- 
dent and is in the University of Alabama. 

John Hoelzer has completed the work on his mathematics M.A. at 
Vanderbilt. After a recent visit to the campus, the word got around 
that he and Catherine Tomlinson had set the date. 

Lombe Scott Honaker, Jr., has been commissioned in Anti-Aircraft 

Ila Preston Goad Hooker is now with her husband Ensign Norman 
Hooker on the West Coast. 

J. Donald Kent (Lt.), from a letter from his brother, George 
Kent, '37: "Lt. J. Donald Kent, who left Maryville for the armed 
forces in 1941 is in service with the Quartermaster's Corps in Africa. 
After an attack of pneumonia which was cured by our excellent 
Medical Corps, he had a vacation on the shores of Mare Nostrum, 
and I DO mean NOSTRUM." 

David Kidder is an Ensign on patrol duty out of Seattle, Wash. 

E. Christine Landfear. Ex. '42, is a Pastor's Assistant and Parish 
Worker at the Calvary Evangelical Church in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Hugh K. Leishman is a middler at Princeton, N. J., Theological 

Janet P. Lindsay is Director of Religious Education at the Green 
Ridge Presbyterion Church in Scranton, Pa. 

J. Percy Martin is a middler at Princeton, N. J., Theological 

Arthur Miller. Ex, '42, is at Fort McClellan. Alabama. 

Allan Moore is a middler at Princeton, N. J., Theological 

John David McDaniel has been commissioned Ensign in the U. S. 
Naval Reserves. 

Edythe Mae Persing is continuing in the School of Nursing, West- 
ern Reserve University, where she recently received her cap. 

Mary Rankin Proffitt is teaching in the Maryville High School. 

Ora Grayce Ridings is in Nurses Training at Western Reserve 

Dorothy Scholl, Ex. '42, was Director of Religious Education in 
the White Temple Methodist Church, Miami, this summer and is 
now in the Fort Lauderdale school system. 

Francis Seely is at McCormick Presbyterian Theological Seminary, 

George Tibbetts expects to graduate from Princeton, N. J., 
Seminary in August. 

Richard W. Watkins, Jr., was editor of the Wolf Cry, the squad- 
ron paper in the engineering department of a bomber group. He 
writes that he is now in England, doing fine, and still editor for 
his squadron on a combined paper staff. 

Robert Charles Wright is at Ohio State Dental School. 

(See Class of 1943) 

George O. Beall, Ex. '44, won his wings and was commissioned a 
2nd Lieutenant in the Marine Corps Reserves, May, 1943. 

Carl J. Best, Ex. '44, is overseas, U. S. Marine Corps Reserves. 

Charles A. "Blondie" Brand, Ex. '44, is in the Navy V-12 unit at 

Warren P. Conrad, Ex. '44, is at the Pampa Air Field, Pampa, 

Harold Stanley Crews, Ex. '44, is in the Navy V-12 unit at Car- 

Fred De Pue, Ex. '44, is in the Navy V-12 unit at Carson- 

William Ford, Ex. '44, is at Maxwell Field, Alabama. 

Mary Fisher, Ex. '44, continues her nurses' training at Vander- 
bilt in Nashville. 

Edward Henderson, Ex. '44, is at Fort McClellan, Anniston, Ala- 

Howard Meineke. Ex. '44, is in the Navy V-12 unit at Carson- 

Arthur "Doodle" Miller, Ex. '44, is at Fort McClellan. 

William "Red" McCord, Ex. '44, is at Maxwell Field. Alabama. 

Paul W. Montgomery. Ex. '44, is in the Navy V-12 unit at 

H. Margaret "Peggy" Murrian, Ex. '44. is in the Waves. 

Charles Pepper, Ex. '44, expects to be transferred from Camp 
Fanning to the Army Specialized Training Program for a refresher 
course in calculus and drawing, later probably to electrical engineer- 

Richard Neil Proffitt, Ex. '44, is in the Navy V-12 unit at Car- 

Spence Renfro, Ex. '44, began teaching and coaching at the 
Townsend High School this fall, but was inducted into the Navy in 

Fred Roth. Ex. "44. is at Maxwell Field, Alabama. 

Charles Spurlock. Ex. '44, is in the Navy V-12 unit at Carson- 

Peter Van Blarcom, Ex. '44, is at Camp Roberts, California. 


entrance to the 


William L. Adams, Ex. '45, has applied for entrance to the 
Philadelphia School of Osteopathy. 

Robert Bryant. Ex. '45, is a Paratrooper in Italy. 

Jim Burris. Ex. '45. is Pharmacists Mate 3rd Class, and this 
summer he caught a former Yankee pitcher on the Coast Guard team. 

Anita Cabbage, Ex. '45, is employed at Clinton Engineering Works 

Ronald Easter. Ex. 45, is Physical Education Instructor at the 
Naval Training Station at Bainbridge, Md. 

Elwood Griscom. '45, is -with the U. S. Army Signal Corps train- 
ing unit at Temple University. 

David C. Gulick. Ex. '45, is in the Navy V-12 unit at Carson- 

Richard L. Hobart, Ex. '45. has applied for 
School of Medicine. University of Maryland. 

James P. Hodges. Ex. '45. is in the Navy V-12 unit at Carson- 
Newman College. 

Ross Honaker, Ex. '45, is at Maxwell Field. Alabama. 

Paul Kolter, Ex. '45, is at Fort McClellan, Alabama. 

Frank R. Kramer, Ex. '45, was inducted into the Army on 
October 2nd. 

Frances Jean Lane, Ex. '45, is employed at Clinton Engineering 

Marvin Mitchell, Ex. '45, is now at Fort Bragg, N. C, with a 
hospital corps. 

Willis Sanderson. Jr., Ex. '45, is in the Navy V-12 unit at Car- 

David Smith, Ex. '45, is at Maxwell Field, Alabama. 

Winford H. Smith, Ex. '45, is in the Transportation Corps 

Wayne S. Stevens. Ex. '45, is in the Navy V-12 unit at Car- 

IN CADENCE, the paper of the 81st Training Battalion, Camp 
Roberts, California, in July carried an item on the activities of 
Gordon Stone. Ex. '45. and James Walker. Ex. '44. under the head- 
ing. "GLEEMEN FEATURE DUO. Walker-Stone, Leaders." Gordon 
and Jim have organized fifty men into an A Capella glee club which 
Jim says is "along the Fred Waring style." They sang before twenty 
thousand spectators in the Soldier's Bowl in August 8th On the 
same program were such stars as Edgar Bergen, Frank Morgan. 
Lucille Ball. Virginia Bruce, and Red Skelton. In addition to Jim 
and Gordon. Camp Roberts proved to be the reunion place of Peter 
Van Blarcom, Art Bushing, Ted Kidder. Joe Gouffon. Bill Wagner, 
Dean Stone, and a month or so later Ken Cooper joined them On 
the day of the program above, Jim Walker and Bill Wagner were 
designated by the reception committee to meet Judy Garland 

Kenneth MacPhail Waggett. Ex. '45. is still in medical school on 

Trevor G. Williams, Ex. '45, is in the Navy V-12 unit at Carson- 


Ex. '46, is in the Navy V-12 

unit at 

46, is at Maxwell Field. Alabama. 

Ex. '46, is in Army Specialized Training 

Bar Dan 

Willie Lee Aston, Jr 
Carson-Newman College. 

William Bradford, Ex. 

David H. Briggs, Jr., 
at V. M. I. 

Wayne Davis. Ex. '46, is at Fort McClellan. 

Margaret Rose Garden, Ex. '46, is employed at Watt 
Spring City. Tennessee. 

Joe Gouffon. Ex. '46, is at Camp Roberts, California 

College'' 86 P ° Pe ' E ' X ' ' 46 ' b In * he NaV> ' V " 12 Unit at Carson-Newman 

?\ Ul Y\u SchU c Ster ' Ex ^. ' 46 ' was induc ted into service in September 
John Arthur Spears, Ex. '46, has been promoted to Corporal in the 
Quartermaster Corps. 

Dean Stone. Ex. '46, is at Camp Roberts, California 
Robert Max Willocks, Ex. '46, is in Radio School of Navy Brain- 
bridge, Maryland. y ' """" 



Mrs. Kenneth Blades, '36, Waes 
Phyllis A. Cain, '43. Waves 
Sarita P. Casseres. Ex. '35, Wacs 
Charlotte M. Colby. Ex. '42. Waves 
"Annie Mary Donnell (Lt.) '35, 
Army Nursing Corps 
Ensign Ruth Elizabeth Duggan, 

'42. Waves 
Clara Dale Echols, '38. Marines 
Hazel Katherine Hale, '33, Marines 
Nola Pauline Johnson, '43, Waves 
Dorothy Emilie Leaf, '37, Waves 
Jonnie S. Lewis, '38, Wacs 
Elizabeth Baston Moore, '41, Spars 
H. Margaret Murrian, Ex. '44, 

Leah L. McGhee, '37, Wacs 
"Elizabeth McNamara (Lt.) '36, 
Army Nursing Corps 
Norma Perry, Ex. '43, Waves 
Dorothy Evelyn Reese, Ex. '38, 

Jeane G. Stamp, Ex. '43, Wacs 
Christine Keiper Thomason, 

Ex. '31. Marines 
Zula Trotter, '36, Wacs 
Viola Turner, '40, Waves 
Violet Speed Webb (Lt.), '35, 

Ruth Wynn, '43, Waves 
Paul Akana (Sgt.), Ex. '41. Army 
Theron Alexander. '35, Navy 

William F. Alston. '39, Navy 
Stephen Franklin Amos, '40, Army 
Kenneth Andes, Ex. '46, 
Joseph T. Andrews (Capt.), '36, 

A. R. Archer, Ex. '46, 
Robert D. Argie, Ex. '46, 
Joe J. Arrendale (Lt.), '36, 

Medical Corps 
Ralph Ashby, '37, 
Willie Lee Aston, Jr., Ex. '46, 

Harold G Austin (Lt.). '41. Army 
H. R. Badgett, Ex. '42 
James P Badgett (Lt.), '36, Army 
John Badgett, Jr., '40. Army 

E. Brasher Bailey (Cpl.), '43 

Boydson Baird, '41, Army 
f Weldon Baird, '39, 
"William E. Baird (Capt.). '41 
Frank Edward Baker. '30, Navy 
"Charles E. Baldwin, Jr. (Capt.), 

'41, Army 
Vern R. Ball, Ex. '42, Army 
John J. Ballenger (Ensign), '41, 

Edwin Ray Ballinger, '42 
John Paul Baptiste. Ex. '42 
William Barnard. Jr., '30, Army 

F. H. Ban- (Ensign). '42, Navy 
Wallace W. Barr. '32. Dental Corps 






S. A. Bass (Chaplain), Ex. '36, 

James Battaglia, Ex. '37. 
Joseph Battaglia. Ex. '36, 
Richard Battaglia (Lt.), Ex. '37 

Army Medical Corps 
Robert Bayless, Ex. '45, 
George Omar Beall, Jr. (Lt.), 

Ex. '44, Marines 
Norman H. Beamer, '37, Army 
J. G. Bean, Jr., '36, Army 
D. L. Beard (Chaplain), '21, 
Gerald H. Beaver, '42, Army 
Charles Edward Bell. Ex. '45 
"William A. Bell. '40. Navy 
William Arthur Bell, Jr., '40 
Gordon Bennett (Lt.), '40, Army 
"James W. Bennett. '41, Army 
Francis L. Bergquist, '43 
"Carl Jones Best, Ex. '44, Marines 
J. Edwin Best, '36, Army 
J. F. Bingman. Jr. (Cpl.) 
"Lynn Birchfiel (Lt.), Ex. '< 

Robert James Bird. Ex. '46 
Stanley L. Bird (Sgt.), Ex. 

Don Black. Ex. '45, Army 
Kenneth Blades. Ex. '33, 
Ivan C. Blake. '41 
Sam H. Blevens, '37, 
Lester E. Bond (Chaplain), 

Lester Bond, Jr., Ex. '40 
Steve T. Boretsky (Ensign), 


W. R. Bowman, Ex. '33, Army 
Bernard C. Boyatt (Cpl.), '37. 

Lester Boyd, Ex. '45. Army 
Frank Russell Bradford. Ex. '46 
William Bradford. Ex. '46, 
Jacob Bradsher, '41 
Charles Arthur Brand, E: 


J. I. Breazeale, Ex. '45, 
Carson Brewer, Ex. '43 
Charles F. Brewer, '43, Army 
David Briggs. Jr., Ex. '46, Army 
Rodford Brindley, Ex. '44, 
"Frank O. Brink (Ensign), '41, 
Lucian Brown, Ex. '35, 
William Malcolm Brown 

(Chaplain), '3S, Army 
Charles Edward Brubaker 
(Chaplain), '38, Navy 
Robert Earl Bruce, Ex. '46 
Thomas J. Bryan (Lt.). '37, Army 
Medical Corps 
"Robert Bryant, Ex. '45, Army 
Edwin Buchanan, '31, Navy 
Ellis Burcaw, '43. Marines 
Robert A. Burd. Ex. '45, Army 
James Luther Burns, '37, Navy 
Robert F. Burns. Ex. '33, Army 
James W. Burris, Ex. '45, Coast 

Arthur Bushing, '43, Army 
Robert Colton Butts, Ex. '42 
William Curtis Buzby. Ex. '46 
Robert Byerley (Sgt.). Ex. '33. 

Arthur D. Byrne. '39. 
Donald W. Calhoun, Ex. '41. Army 
George Callahan. Ex. '44, 
Robert Calvesbert (Lt.). '43, Army 
Donald Ward Campbell. Ex. '43 
James F. Campbell, Ex. '41. Army 
Maurice M. Carper, '32, Navy 
James Carr, Ex. '46, 
James Arthur Carroll. Ex. '43 
Baxter Cato. Ex. '45 
Albert Chambers, Ex. '45, 
A. B. Chandler, Ex. '39, Army 
Charles Chapman, Ex. '45, 
Kenneth Christy, Ex. '43, Army 
*G. B. Clark, '41, Army 
Vernon A. Clark (Capt.), Ex. '41, 

William Philip Clear, Ex. '43 
"J. D. Clinkman (Lt.), '40, Army 
"Roy Cloninger. Ex. '45, Navy 
James Henry Cochran (Cpl.), 
Ex. '36, 
"Ernest Coldwell, '35, Army 
W. C. Collins. '38, Army 
Charles Colville. Ex. '45 
Mortimer Compton, '37. 
Donald Ralph Conkle, Ex. '45, 

Warren Conrad (Lt.), Ex. '44, 

Kenneth L. Cooper. '43, Army 
Paul Cooper, '43, Marines 
Warren George Corbett, '41, Army 

William D. Cornelius, Ex. '44, 
"Joseph Cortese, '36. Army 
Roland S. Costner (Sgt.), '36, 

Tollton E. Coulter, '37, Army 
Thomas M. Cragan (Capt.), '41. 

Eugene Richard Craine (Lt.), '40, 
"Earle W. Crawford (Chaplain). 

'35. Army 
"Ernest G. Crawford. '39, Army 
Roy D. Crawford, '43, Army 
Samuel Earle Crawford, Ex. '44, 
Harold Stanley Crews, Ex. 44, 

Arthur Crimmel, Ex. '45 
Frederick Hoy Cromer. '33, Navy 
Wendell Wayne Cruze (Capt.) '28, 
Warren Tuttle Culver, '42 
"Wesley Y. Culver (Capt.), '33, 
Ben A. Cunningham. Ex. '42. Army 
Charles Robert Curtis (Lt.) '34, 
Lynn Curtis (Lt.), '39, Army 

Medical Corps 
Purnell Bennett Darrell, III. 

Ex. '45 
Wayne Davis. Ex. '46, Army 
John DeForest, Ex. '45 
Merle Delaney (Capt.), Ex. '31, 
Fred DePue, Ex. '44, Navy 
George D. Devereux. Jr. (Ensign) 

Ex. '43, Navy 
Raymond Dewees, Jr. (Lt.), '42, 

William L. Diamond, Ex. '43 
John Dillener, Ex. '44, 
"Stephen Dmytriw, '36. 
Albert Docktor. Ex. '44. 
Raymond Dollenmayer (Chaplain) 

Lt. '31, Navy 
G. H. Douglas, Ex. '45, Army 
JRobert D. Downes (Lt.). '36. Army 
Sidney W. Duke, Ex. '43, Army 
Charles W. Dunning. Ex. '44 
Ronald L. Easter, Ex. '45, Navy 
Charles Edwards, Ex. '45, Army 
Frank M. Eggers, Ex. '42. Army 
Clarence Hugh Emert, '41 
Walter W. Enloe. Ex. '46, Marines 
Arthur Cassidy El well. Ex. '43, 

"Joe Ernest, Jr., '37, Navy 
"Embry Esbach, Ex. '47, Army 
"James Howard Etheredge 
(Ensign). '40. Navy 
William W. Evans, Ex. '44. Army 
James Edward Evans, Ex. '44 
Daniel B. Eveland, Ex. '43, 
John P. Eyster, '34, Army 
Winfred A. Ezell, Ex. '44, Marines 
"Emil W. Farr. '32, Army 
Taylor Farrar (Capt.), Ex. '37, 

Army Medical Corps 
James Faulkner, Ex. '43, 
George Felknor, '39 
William B. Felknor (Cpl.), "41, 

Jack D. Fesperman, Ex. '43 
Gordon Findlay (Ensign). '41, 

Philip Mark Fleming, '40 
Albert Flowers, Ex. '44, Army 
Lester Smith Ford. Ex. '44 ' 
William Ford, Ex. '44, Army 
Charles A. Foreman (Lt.), '43, 

Griffeth H. Fort, Ex. '43 
Joe Roy Fowler. Ex. '45 
Robert Francis, Ex. '43 
Sam H. Franklin. Jr. (Lt.) 

(Chaplain), '24, Navy 
Leslie R. Galloway, Ex. '44. Army 
Ben Gamble. Ex. '38, 
M. H. Gamble. Jr.. '36, 
George W. Garner (Sgt.), Ex. 

'41, Army 
Willis E. Garrett (Chaplain). 

36, Army 
Marvin B. Gass Ex. '44 
Melville Gaughan. Ex. '44 Navv 
<«?■*!? Gee < Lt -).Ex. '3S.Army 
"Williams D. Gehres. '41. Army 
Richard F. Gettys. 'Ex. '42 
"A. Charles Gillander (Capt.), '35 
Martin Gillespie (Lt.), Ex. '35, 

Edward C. Gillingham, '3S, Army 
Jonathan Gillingham (Ensign) 
'35, Navy '' 

H. Wilson Gillingham (Lt.), '31 
"Jackson Miller Gilmore (Sgt.), 
Ex. '42, Army 
James Robert Ginn, Ex. '44 


Alvin Boyd Goddard, Ex. '44 
♦Edwin N. Goddard (Ensign). '39, 
Robert K. Godfrey (Ensign), '36, 

Thomas Golding, Ex. '46. 
*C. T. Goodwin (Lt.), '34, Army 
Joe Gouffon, Ex. '46, Army 
Thomas N. Gover. Ex. '27, Army 
George Warren Graham. Ex. '44 
Harry Elwood Graham, '42, 
Roger Graham, Ex. '42, Army 
O'Neal Gray (Lt.), '36, Navy 

Dental Corps 
Floyd Joseph Green, '41 
*"F. A. Greene, Jr., Ex. '46. Army 
George G. Greiner, '36. Army 
Fleming Park Griffith, Ex. '43, 

Elwood Griscom, Ex. '46, Army 
William Ranck Grosh, Ex. '44, 

Benjamin P. Groves. '33, Army 
Joe M. Grubbs. Ex. '46. Army 
John Markham Guinter. '42, 
David C. Gulick. Ex. '45, Navy 
•Clement Hahn (Lt.) '41 Navy 
David M. Hall, '42, Navy 
Hugh Hall. '40, Navy 
Samuel J. Hall, '22, Medical Corps 
Stanley H. Hall (Lt.), '37, Army 
Donald Hallam, '37, 
Colvin Hammock, Jr., Ex. '46, 

Ralph Wesley Hand. Jr. 

(Chaplain), '37, Army 
Matthews Hardin, Ex. '45. Army 
William J. R. Hargrave (Ensign). 

'43, Navy 
Jack Craig Harwood (Lt.), '41, 
Sam W. Hatcher (Lt.), '31. Army 
John A. Hawkins. Ex. '43. Navy 
Ashley Ted Hawn (Lt.). '26. Army 
"George Edward Haynes (Lt.). '41. 
Miles J. Heckendorn. Ex. '46 
Ralph Eugene Heisehman, Ex. '44 
Frank G. Helm. Ex. '33, Army 
Thomas E. Henderson. Ex. '44, 

Hal Henschen. '41 
C. Wallace Herrick. '41 
Robert D. Herzberger. Ex. '45. 
James Heller Hess. Ex. '44 
Richard Heydinger (Chaplain), 

'40, Navy 
Daniel Hicks. '34. Army 
Charles H. Hildreth, Ex. '43 
W. J. Hillard. Ex. '38, (Lt.) 
B. Russell Hirsch, Ex. '41, Navy 
Livingstone Hislop, Ex. '45, 
James P. Hodges, Ex. '45, Navy 
John Henry Hoelzer, '42 
Charles Hoglan. Ex. '45, Army 
George W. Hoglan (Chaplain), 

'35. Navy 
James Lawrence Hogue. Ex. '45 
Bert B. Hollingsworth. Ex. '45 
Harvey Hollingsworth. Ex. '46, 
Theodore L. Holman. '42 
William Homan (Lt.), Ex. '41. 

Lombe Scott Honaker (Lt.). '41. 

Ross Honaker. Ex. '45, Army 
Norman Hooker (Ensign), '42, 

William Hopkins, Ex. '46. 
Clifton W. Honsley. Ex. '44, Army 
Ernest White Houts, '33. Army 
'William E. Huff, Jr. (Lt.), '41. 
John D. Hughes (Lt.), '41, Army 
Flynn G. Humphreys (Chaplain), 

Ex. "25, Navy 
Robert Hunter, Ex. '44. Army 
"Harlan Husk, Ex. '42, Navy 
Charles Edward Hutehins, Ex. '43 
John P. Hutton, Ex. '44 
Thomas C. Jannett. Jr. (Ensign). 

'39, Navy 
William S. Jarnagin. Ex. '45 
Obie Jenkins, '39, 
Paul Jamarik, Ex. '44. Army 
Robert Henry Johnson, '36, 
R. H. Johnston (Major), Ex. '27, 

Alexander M. Jones (Sgt.), '32, 

•Edward A. Jussely (Lt.), '39. 
Horace N. Justus, '42 
Albert Gordon Karnell (Chaplain) 

'34, Army 
Henry E. Kell (Sgt.) , '41, Army 

"James Donald Kent (Lt.), Ex. 
'42, Army 
John Allen Kerr (Sgt.), '41. Army 
Lawrence R. Ketchum. Ex. '41 
Kenneth P. Kidd (Lt.). '34, Army 
David H. Kidder I Ensign), '42, 

J. Edward Kidder, Jr.. '43, Army 
Charles H. Kindred (Ensign). 

'40, Navy 
Rollo W. King (Sgt.), '41, Army 
Fred Kluth, Ex. '46, 
Paul C. Kolter. Ex. '45. Army 
"Peter P. Kosloski (Ensign), '37. 
Louis F. Krainock (Lt.), '35, 
"Arnold Kramer (Lt.), '40. Army 
Frank A. Kramer, Ex. '45, Army 
Jackson C. Kramer (Lt.), '42, 

Oliver Kressler, Ex. '44, 
James Laing. '35, Army 
H. Willard Lampe, '34, 
Joseph Hevdon Lampe (Lt.- 
Chaplain), Ex. '34. Navy 
Sam B. Lattimore, Ex. '45 
Roy W. Laughmiller, Ex. '44. Army 
Edward Lavender, Ex. '37. Navy 
James B. Lee (Lt.), Ex. '43. Navy 
George H. LeQuire (Sgt.), Ex. '43, 

Virgil LeQuire. '43. Navy Medical 

Fred M. Lewis (Colonel). '10, 

Stewart Owen Light. Ex. '45 
Ellis Ray Lillard. Ex. '44 
Oscar Lee Lippard, Ex. '44 
Jack Lippard, '43, Navy 
William C. Lippard (Sgt.). '26, 

John Vernon Lloyd (Lt.), '41, 

Wesley Ross Lochausen, '43, Army 
Edwin F. Loehner, '43, Army 
Robert Cash Lockhart. "26, Navy 
Robert K. Lockwood. '43, Army 
Edward Vernon Lodwick, '35, 

Howard O. Long, '43, Army 
William Long, Ex. '45, 
M. Wilbert Looloian (Lt.), '39. 

Navy Medical Corps 
Robert Lord, Ex. '43. Army 
Ernest B. Lowe. '35. Army 
Donald G. Lowry. Ex. '44 
N. C. Luther (Sgt.). Ex. '41. Army 
"Joseph Bowles Magill (Ensign), 
'41, Navy 
Melvin Malone. Ex. '44, 
Robert Henry Mair, '43, Army 
Robert Martin (Ensign). Ex. '42, 

Robert Hostetter Martin. Ex. '43. 

Dale Mathias, '40. Merchant 
"William Orville Mayer, Jr. 

(Chaplain). '30, Army 
"Paul Mackay Meikle (Chaplain), 
'27, Army 
Irvin Kenneth McArthur, Ex. '44 
Willis C. McClenaghan. Ex. '45 
Maurice Scott McClure. Ex. '45 
Thomas Andrew McGehee, Ex. '45 
Robert Smith McKee. Ex. '43 
J. H. Magee (Chaplain), Army 
Andrew Maisano. Ex. '45 
Melvin Richard Malone, Ex. '44 
James Hunt Manning. Ex. '44 
James C. Matthews. Ex. '42 
Howard Meineke. Ex. '44. Navy 
Stanley Arthur Menning (Lt.). 

'42, Army 
Arthur Miller, Ex. '42, Army 
Call Miller (Lt.), Ex. '44. Army 
t Frank L. Miller (Chaplain). (Col.), 
'14, Army 
Ralph Raymond Miller. Ex. '44 
Robert John Miller, Ex. '44 
Robert H. Milligan, Ex. '45, Army 
Andrew Farrel Millsaps (Lt.). '40. 

George Francis Millsaps. '40 
Leon Millsaps (Lt.), '36, Army 
Joe H. Miser (Lt.). '41. Army 
Marvin E. Mitchell. Ex. '45, Army 
Thomas Mize. '42, Dental Corps 
Paul F. Moon, '40. Army 
Samuel Monger, Ex. '44. Army 
Paul W. Montgomery. Ex. '44, 

Dudley Moore, '42, 
"Robert B. Moore (Ensign). '41, 

John Richard Moore. Ex. '44 
George C. Morton, Jr., Ex. '41. 

Robert Earl Morton, Ex. '45 
Charles W. Muir (Chaplain), '33. 

James Cameron Murdock, Ex. '46 
Ernest Alexander Murr, Ex. '45, 

Albert Kinzel Murrian. Ex. '46, 
L. Quentin Myers (Lt.), '42, Army 

Medical Corps 
Kyle McCall. '36, Army 
Charles McCammon, '42, Army 
Medical Corps 
"Bruce McCampbell (Lt.).Ex. '37. 
Navy Medical Corps 
Paul C. McCandless (Chaplain), 

'35, Army 
Frank D. McClelland (Capt.), Ex. 

'IS, Marines 
William H. McCord, Jr., Ex. '44, 

John David McDaniel (Ensign), 

'42, Navy 
Harold McFarland. Ex. '46, 

F. LeRoy McGaha (Lt.). '42 

Dan Mays McGill (Lt.), '40, Army 
Warren McKelvey (Lt.), Ex. '46, 

Clyde Nash, Ex. '44, Army 
John Joseph Nee. Ex. '36. Marines 
John Peter Neff. Ex. '45 
"Julius Nicely (Lt.), '41, Army 
Hugh Stone Norton, '40, Army 
"John O'Dell, Ex. '39, 
Charles D. Orr (Lt.), Ex. '42. 

Harold Eugene Orr (Lt.), '39, 
"Richard K. Orr (Chaplain), '34, 

"George Hillary Park, '21, 
Stanley Parrish, Ex. '46, Navy 
Robert A. Pascal, Ex. '44 
Joseph Benjamin Pate (Col.). '04, 

Adolf Paterson. Ex. '45 
James C. Paterson, 37. Army 
Glenn Fertig Paul. Ex. '43. Navy 
Robert Warren Paul. Ex. '42 
Robert Bryan Payne (Sgt.), '36, 

Edward Pearson (Lt.), Ex. '39. 

E. A. Pearson, Jr. ( Lt.). '37. 

John B. Pectol. '30, Army 
Sam Pemberton, Ex. '45, Army 
Charles E. Pepper. Ex. '44, Army 
Stuart Perrin. Ex. '32, Army 
Robert Peters. Ex. '41, Navy 
Otto Pflanze. Jr.. '40, Army 
George Howard Phelps. Ex. '43 
Chester Phillips, Ex. '46, 
Edward Alexander Phillips, Ex. '43 
Joel Patrick Phillips. Ex. '44 
"Stanley W. Phillips (Cpl.), '38, 
A. F. Pieper (Lt.), '36, Marines 
"Carl G. Pierce (Ensign), '43, Navy 
Charles H. Pierce, Ex. '46 
Lanze Warren Pierce. Ex. '43 
Gero Kurt Piper. Ex. '44 
James C. Pollock (Cpl.). Ex. '41. 
"Clifton K. Poole (Lt.), Ex. '45, 
George M. Pope. Ex. '46, Navy 
Sydney S. Portrum, '35, Navy 
Keith T. Postelthwaite. '16. Army 
Henry H. Potter, Ex. '45 
Edgar Potts, Ex. '45 
Ted Pratt, '43. Army 
Clifford Procter, '40, Navy 
"Harwell Proffitt (Lt.), Ex. '40, 
William F. Proffitt. Ex. '46 
James N. Proffitt (Lt.), '3S, Army 
John W. Proffitt. Ex. '41, 
Oscar Proffitt. Ex. '46. Army 
Richard Neil Proffitt. Ex. '44, 

Walter Proffitt, Ex. '45. Army 
Robert L. Puncheon. '41 
Mack Purifoy. Ex. '44 
William E. Purvis, III, Ex. '43 
Herschel Pyle. Ex. '42, 
"Ralph Conrad Quenelle. '33. Army 
Coile A. Quinn (Major). '32, Army 
James Alexander Rae, '40 
Sherfey Tipton Randolph (Sgt.), 

Ex. '43, Army 
Robert Ratliff. Jr., Ex. '41 

Lon Nathaniel Reed. Ex. '44 
Trevor W. Rees-Jones. Ex. '43 
Fred Renfro. Ex. '46 
Spence Renfro. Ex. '44, Navy 
Gordon Rettke, Ex. '46. 
Dexter B. Rice, Ex. '44 
Michael E. Ritzman. Jr., '40 
William Boyd Rich, '42, 
William H. Roberson, Ex. '45 
"Henry H. Roberts. Ex. '44. Marines 
Laurence Beaver Robinson (Cpl.), 

Ex. '44. Marines 
James Robison, Ex. '45, 
Alan Rock, Ex. '45, Army 
Leslie Rock, '43, Marines 
John Rogerville, Ex. '43 
Stuart McConnell Rohre 

(Chaplain), '25, Army 
Douglas Roseborough, '43 
Kenneth Ross, Ex. '44, Coast Guard 
"Winford Ross (Lt.), '38, Navy 
Neill A. Rosser (Lt.), '39. Army 
Fred Roth. Ex. '44, Army 
"James A. Rowan. '42, Army 
Ralph Rowan (Lt.). Ex. '37. Army 
Ralph John Rudy (Lt.), Ex. '44, 

Robert E. Rommel (Lt.). '33, 

John Runion. Ex. '45, Army 
JLamar Russell, Ex. '41, Army 
Willis R. Sanderson, Jr.. Ex. '45. 

Raymond Saunders. Ex. '46, Army 
Ralph Oris Sawmiller, Ex. '46, 
Enrico Scapellati, Ex. '43 
Robert Schwarzwalder, '43. 

Kenneth Schubel, Ex. '43, 
Richard Scruggs, Ex. '45, 
Robert Shalkop. Ex. '44, Army 
"James P. Shaw, '36, Red Cross 
A. O. Shelter, '3S, Army 
Fred G. Shelter (Lt.). '42. Marines 
Claude Shell. Ex. '44. Army 
Dean Short. Ex. '45, 
Lloyd C. Shue (Lt.). Ex. '43. Army 
William Sime, Ex. '46, 
William Clement Simms, Ex. '35, 

Henry E. Simpson, Ex. '30, Army 
Charles Lester Sims, Ex. '46, 
"Merritt O. Slawson (Chaplain), 
'35, Army 
David Smith, Ex. '45, Army 
Dewitt C. Smith (Col.). Ex. '16. 

E. B. Smith. Jr. (Ensign), '40, 

Everett Newman Smith (Major), 

'35, Army 
§Frank Smith. Ex. '37, 
Frederick Ray Smith (Ensign), 

'43, Navy 
Raymond Owens Smith (Lt. Col.), 

'16, Army 
Winford H. Smith. Ex. '45. Army 
Stuart A. Snedeker (Chaplain), 

'36, Army 
William David Sneed. '27, Navy 
John Arthur Spears (Cpl.), 

Ex. '46. Army 
Oliver Spears. Ex. '44, 
S. E. Spencer (Ensign). '3S. Navy 
Charles Spurlock, Ex. '44. Navy 
Thomas White Stahl. Ex. '43, 

Wayne S. Stevens, Ex. '45, Navy 
Robert Stevenson (Chaplain), '33, 

Morris Stewart. Ex. '42, 
"Ralph Douglas Steakley (Lt.), 
'41, Army 
Frank Still, Ex. '46. 
John R. Stockton (Maj.), '25, 

Gordon Stone, Ex. '45, Army 
Hubert Dean Stone, Ex. '46, Army 
Warner A. Stringer (Lt.), '41, 

William J. Sweeney, '43, Army 
Douglas Swany. Ex. '42, 
Roy Talmage (Lt.). Ex. '38. Army 
"Roland Tapp (Lt.), '41, Army 
Charles D. Taylor, Ex. '36. Army 
Lloyd M. Taylor, '43. 
Roy A. Taylor. '31. Navy 
*S. K. Taylor (Lt.), '39, Army 
Othor Monroe Teague (Lt.). '37, 

Ralph Benford Tefferteller (Lt.), 

Michael P. Testa (Chaplain), 

'34, Army 
James Edward Thomas (Lt.), 
'41, Army 


Robert D. Thompson, Ex. '44, ' 

Cecil G. Tipton (Lt.), Ex. '42, Army 
John Howard Tinlev. '42. Marines 
John Tope (Lt.), '33. Navy 
»Fred Tulloch. Ex. '40. 
John Tyler. Ex. '45. 
Peter Van Blareom, Ex. '44, Army 
John Phillip Vance, Ex. '44, Army 

O. R. Van Cise. '43. Army 
Dempsey Vinsant (Lt.), Ex. '38, 
Lowell E. Vinsant (Capt.), '33, 

Medical Corps 
A. B. Waggoner. Ex. '42, Army 
"Leland Tate Waggoner (Lt.). '38, 
Lloyd William Wagner, Ex. '45, 

James O. Walker, Jr., Ex. '44, 

Ralph S. Walker (Ensign). '33, 

Bruce T. Walters, '40, Navy 
*W. C. Walton, Jr. (Lt.). '41. Army 
*R. W. Watkins. Jr. (Cpl.), '42, ' 

Gordon Alfred Webb. Ex. '45, Army 
"Eugene L. Webb. Jr. (Sgt.). '32. 
George D. Webster (Ensign). '41, 

Gilbert E. Weiss. Ex. '44. Army 
Carl Wells (Sgt.). '39. Army 
Hubert C. Welsh (Cpl.). '30, Army 
'Walter P. West (Ensign). '38, < 

Wendell Whetstone, Ex. '42. 

Naval Dental Corps 
Mark Whitaker, Ex. '44, Army 
John Sutton White (Lt.), Ex. '44, 

*Hilton A. Wick (Lt.). '42. Army 

* * 

Henry M. Wick (Ensign), '42, 

Coast Guard 
Harold A. Wicklund (Capt.), Ex. 

'40, Army 
E. F. Wierzalis, '42, Army Medical 

Bruce E. Wilds (Sgt.), Ex. '43. 

Harrison Young Williams, '27, 
J. D. Williams, Ex. '43, Army 
John E. Williams. Ex. '47. Army 
John T. Williams, Ex. '41. Navy 
Trevor G. Williams. Ex. '45. Navy 
Tully J. Williams (Capt.), '36, 

Jesse M. Willis (Sgt.), '34, Army 
Robert Max Willocks, Ex. '46. 

Samuel Mack Wilson. Ex. '44. 

James Dale Wise (Lt.), Ex. '43. 

Leonard Lees Wood (Lt.). Ex. '44, 

Harry Wood, Jr. (Chaplain), '33. 

Richard E. Woodring (Lt.), '40, 

S. L. Woodward. Jr. (Sgt.). '33, 

Robert Charles Wright, '42, Dental 

William Curtis Wright, Ex. '42, 
Philip H. Wye. Ex. '45, Marines 
William V. Young (Lt.). '38, Navy 

Medical Corps. 

~ : Are or have been Overseas 
,: 'Killed in automobile accident 
fKilled in action 
+Reported missing 
§ Prisoner of War 


The Benefit Luncheon and Apron Sale held die 
last two years to raise funds for the improvement of 
the women's dormitories has been cancelled for this 
year. It would be difficult not only to obtain food 
but also next to impossible to serve a luncheon at 
Pearsons this year because of the heavy schedule of 
soldier and civilian meals. It is expected that this 
event will be resumed when conditions allow. 
* * * 


In Maryville's "Foreign Legion," as the band of 
Foreign missionaries who have gone out from the 
College since 1873 are called by Dr. Wilson in his 
compendium written in 1934, there are now 142 per- 
sons. Of these, 27 have died, 58 have retired or 
withdrawn from missionary work, and 58 are on the 
field or at home on regular or forced war furlough. 

Many of the Maryville Foreign Legion who were in 
Japan and Japanese occupied countries have been sub' 
jected to confinement in concentration camps or to 
other military restraint. Some have been exchanged 
for Japanese nationals and sent home by the Govern- 
ment. From some no word at all has come. Recently 
word was received by the Presbyterian Board of 
Foreign Missions that the wife of Rev. Dr. Charles N. 
Magill, '99, had died in the Philippines. Dr. and Mrs. 
Magill have been missionaries to the Philippines since 
1905. His three sisters, Mrs. J. E. Johnson, Mrs. 
Robert C. Jones, and Mrs. Joe Mcllvaine, now live 
in Maryville. There has been no word concerning 

Three members of the Foreign Legion have returned 
to their work in war areas in the past year. They 
are Fred H. Hope, '06, to West Africa, Lois C. Wilson, 
'16, to Syria, and Dr. Dorothy L. Ferris, '28, to India. 
Word of the safe arrival of Fred Hope has been re- 
ceived; no word of the arrival of the other two has yet 



The 68th series of February Meetings will be held 
February 2-10, 1944. The student body is smaller this 
year and the war program is different, but Maryville 
College believes that the purposes of the February Meet- 
ings are fundamental in wartime as in peacetime. The 
preacher for the Meetings this year will be the Rev. Dr. 
Harrison Ray Anderson, Pastor of the Fourth Presby- 
terian Church of Chicago. This is the second year in 
which Dr. Anderson has rendered this service, the 
other year being 1939. He is making a significant 
sacrifice to come, taking two weeks from his heavy and 
important work as pastor of one of America's greatest 
churches. He comes because he believes in Maryville 
and in the February Meetings. Once more the song 
leader will be the Rev. Dr. Sidney E. Stringham, Pastor 
of the Shaw Avenue Methodist Church, St. Louis. 
This will be Dr. Stringham's 22nd series. 
* * * 


The picture on the back cover is that of the first 
Maryville College Service Flag of World War II. 
There were 400 stars on the flag when the picture was 
taken. The number to be added grows daily as reports 
are received in the Alumni Office. Already the total 
number of Maryville graduates, former students, faculty, 
and former faculty known by the College to be in the 
armed forces is over 700. This flag is being filled and 
a second flag is being secured. They will hang for 
the present in the Chapel. 

There are two gold stars on the flag now and a 
third to be added. One is for Chaplain (Colonel) 
Frank L. Miller, "14, killed in an airplane crash in Ice- 
land. One is for Ensign Weldon A. Baird, '39, a 
pilot in the Navy, killed when his plane went down in 
the Pacific. The one to be added is for 1st Lieut. 
Herbert I. Turner, Jr., ex-Mi, of the Army Air Forces, 
killed in action over England. 

The Class of 1943 gave the flag shown in the picture 
and stars for its members in service. The Alumni As- 
sociation is placing all other stars and supplying the 
second flag.