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OCTOBER, 1946 

Saturday, November 2, 1946 — 9:45 A. M. 

Friday, November 1 — 8:30 p.m. — Artist Series Concert — Leonard Pennario, pianist 

(Get your special alumni ticket at the Alumni Office) 
Saturday, November 2, at 9:45 a.m. — Founders Day Service 

The Worldwide Mission of the Christian College 
Speaker: Rev. Dr. Charles T. Leber — "Above All Keep the Vision" 
11:00 a.m. — Cross Country Track Meet with the University of Tennessee 
6:00 p.m. — Homecoming Barbecue on the Athletic Field 
(In case of rain — in the Alumni GjTiinasium) 
8:00 p.m. — Football game with Middle Tennessee State College (Murfrees- 
boro) (Get your special alumni ticket at the barbecue) 

Homecoming Committees 

The following were elected by the Executive Committee to prepare for Home' 
coming with the first two committees to be completed by their chairmen. 

The Food Committee: Carl M. Storey, '31, Chairman 

The Hospitality Committee: Fred A. Griffitts, '25, Chairman 

Advertising and Decorations Committee: Marvin Minear, '39, Chairman, David H. 
Briggs, '19, Archibald F. Pieper, '36, and the College Pep Committee 

If you have not already done so and there is time, won't you send a postal card 
to the alumni office saying that you plan to attend? It is a real help and a relief 
to our anxiety lest we fail to prepare for all of you. It is too late at the barbecue 
to do it. 



President - - Henry J. Bassett, '04 

'Vice-President - Fred A. Griff itts, '25 

Recording Secretary _ "Winifred Painter, '15 

Executive Secretary James R. Smith, '35 

Executive Committee 

Class of 1947: Edward Caldwell, '22; S. E. Crawford, '12; Dons Murray, '43. 
Class of 1948: Robert 'W. Adams, '19; Mary Gamble, '33; Mrs. Leslie Walker, '21. 
Class of 1949: Mrs. Earl Blaser, '31; Mrs. Ray Foster, '20; Marvin Minear, '39. 


Published by Maryville College, Maryville, Tennessee 

Ralph Waldo Lloyd, President 

Vol. XLV October, 1946 

No. 6 

Published quarterly by Maryville College. Entered May 24, 
as second-class mail matter. Acceptance for mailing at special 
Section 1103, Act of October 3, 1917, authorized February 10, 

1904, at Maryville, Tennessee, 
rate of postage provided for in 

Pr^sti^ttt IClngi's fag^ 

Dear Fellow Alumni: 

The last issue of the Alumni Magazine carried a report of the fact 
that I expected to be in China during the Fall Semester on a deputation 
visit for the Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions. I arrived in 
Shanghai on August 31 and am now engaged in a survey of missions, 
churches, schools^ universities, hospitals, and other enterprises which the 
Presbyterian Chui'ch supports. Our report will carry recommendations 
as to policies, personnel, and budget as the program is rebuilt in this 
vast country. There are five of us, only two of whom are here as yet. 
Our return home will probably be late in December. Dr. Lloyd S. 
Ruland, a Secretary of the Foreign Board, and I came to China by air- 
plane. I flew from Maryville to New York on August 21, with in- 
structions to be ready to fly next day to London, India, and China, but 
plans were changed and August 23 I flew from New York to San 
Francisco. On August 25, we left On a U. S. Navy plane for Pearl 
Harbor, Guam, Okinawa, and Shanghai. Actual flying time over the 
Pacific was 43 hours, but in addition we spent a night at Honolulu and a night at Guam. Traveling under high 
priorities from the Department of State we had no difficulties. We are to visit the principal centers of China 
except those in Communist power and some in the far west, traveling chiefly by air. 

At the College 
This mission took me away from Maryville almost a week before college opened and as I write this I have 
had no word since we left San Francisco two days before students reported. There were still a number of 
faculty and staff adjustments to be made and the problem of housing students was a tough one. We turned 
away large numbers. I expect to hear that after students had found some rooms in town and town residents of 
the community had registered, our total would not be fa r under the pre-war figures, even though we had used 
some space in Carnegie for married veterans. Dean McClelland is serving as Administrative Chairman and Dean 
Hunter as Faculty Chairman during my absence. Judge S. O. Houston, Chairman of the Directors, Judge A. E. 
Mitchell, Chairman of the Committee on Finance, and Judge J. C. Crawford, Recorder and Acting Treasurer, 
also are carrying extra duties. 

Faculty and Staff 
We are glad to welcome back a number of our people who have been away and to introduce an unusually 
large group of new members of the faculty and staff. Their names appear elsewhere in this issue. We have 
made good progress in rebuilding. 

New Majors 
Not only are we re-establishing our major in Art, but are inaugurating new majors in School Music, Business 
Administration, and Physical Education. Alumni will be interested also in the fact that after four years' omis- 
sion, a full schedule of intercollegiate athletics will be conducted. 

New Curricolum 

The faculty are now shaping up the details of the proposed new curriculum and we hope to have them 
ready for specific announcement before the year is over, although other readjustments and my present absence 
may slow down its completion somewhat. 

Class Reunions at Commencement 

I hope that travel and other conditions next May will make possible a renewal of alumni visits and of a 
regular schedule of alumni class reunions. The fifty-year class reunion is the only one which has been kept up 
through the War. The Alumni Office will be announcing the list of 1947 reunions. Alumni Day will be Tues- 
day, May 20. 

Cordially yours. 

Shanghai, China 
September 7, 1946 

/\aJi^ /C/CnLA.d^ '^^ 




®{f^ Alumni Pr^siJi^ut s Ul^ssag^ 

Fellow Alumni: 

Anotlier year rolls by and again our annual Homecoming Day ap- 
proaches. The date is November 2. The war is over. The boys are 
back. The college halls are crowded witli students. Morale is high. 
Prospects are excellent. Let us gatlrer in great numbers to join in happy 
recollections, and in enthusiastic expectations. 

As you know, President Lloyd will not be here to greet us, for he is 
far away in China on a special mission for our Presbyterian Board of 
Foreign Missions. Dean Hunter and Dean McClelland, who are in charge 
in his absence, and the Alumni members on the faculty will make us 
cordially welcome. Professor Griffitts and his group of helpers will serve 
as official hosts and hostesses. Carl Storey and his committee are in 
charge of the barbecue. "Nuff sed." The football game with Middle 
Tennessee State College ( Murfreesboro ) will be a fitting close for the day. 

Of course we do not wish to confine ourselves to semi-annual bmsts 
of entlrusiasm on Homecoming Day and at Commencement. As loyal 
Alumni we wiU not forget to send in our annual dues ( $2 ) to our Execu- 
tive Secretary, Rev. James R. Smith, '35, and will keep him notified of our 
whereabouts. If we can give him any items of news regarding ourselves 
or other Maryville folks, it will enable him to fill those columns of Alumni 
news in the Alumni Magazine that we all enjoy so much. 

The Wilson Fund is still open. Here is a chance to help our Alma 
Mater and at the same time to contribute to a memorial to Dr. Samuel T. 
Wilson, our loved Professor for many years, and dien one of the greatest 
Presidents any college ever had. 

The Living Endowment is a system in common use among colleges 
now, whereby annual conbibutions can easily provide tlie income that 
would be secured from large capital gifts. Maryville has such a system. 
Ai^e you participating in it? 

We are proud of om- Ahna Mater. Let us be ready and eager to 
spread her fame and extend her influence among our friends and as- 
sociates wherever our lot has been cast. 

Sincerely yours, 

H. J. BASSETT, '04 

Maryville, Tennessee 
September 17, 1946 



The fourteenth 
annual Found e r s 
Day Service will 
be held in Voor- 
hees Chapel a t 
9:45 a. m. Satur- 
day, November 2. 
The general theme 
will be'Tlie World- 
wide Mission of 
the Christian Col- 
lege. " The Rev. 
Dr. Charles T . 
Leber, of New 
York, will be the 
speaker. Dr. Leber 
has been a Secre- 
tary of tlie Presby- 
terian Board o f 
Foreign Missions 
since 1936 and in 
that capacity has visited missions in the Middle 
East, the Far East, and Africa. He is also a mem- 
ber of tlie General Council of the Presbyterian 
Church and of the executive committee of the 
Foreign Missions Conference of North America. 

Judge Houston, Chairman of the Board of Di- 
rectors, and Dean Hunter and Dean McClelland will 
also take part in the service. All alumni are cordially 
invited and urged to attend. 



There were three members of the Fifty- Year Class 
who attended the alumni dinner and the Commence- 
ment exercises in May. At graduation the Class of 
1896 numbered seven, of whom four are still hving. 
The tliree deceased members are James Allen Davis, 
James Moses Ewing, and Harvey Boyd McCall. All 
four living members planned to be present, but tlie 
development of tlie railroad strike prevented Rev. 
Frank Jonathan Milman of New Jersey from coming. 
The three who were present are Roger Sherman 
Boardman, Jonathan Houston Newman, and Samuel 
Bovd Parker. 

Each of these three spoke briefly at the alumni 
dinner and fifty-year certificates were awarded to 
them at the Commencement exercises. A similar 
certificate was sent to Mr. Milman. Mrs. Nevwnan 
and Mrs. Parker were also present. 

The following citations and presentation were read 
at the Commencement exercises by President Lloyd 
of tlie College: 

"Roger Sherman Boardman, who resides in Bloom- 
field, New Jersey, and has his business in New York 
City, graduated at Maryville College while his father 
was serving as the fourth President of the institution. 
After his graduation here he attended Harvard Uni- 
versity two years and received a second degree there. 
For the next three years he taught in Texas and Okla- 

homa. But in 1902 he entered what proved to be 
his life work- the pubhshing business. For ten 
years he was with Ginn and Company, Boston, and 
beVinne Press, New York. Since 1912 he has been 
with Charles Scribners Sons, New York publishers, 
in the general field of editorial supervision, except 
that following World War I he spent almost two 
years with tlie Red Cross in Paris. His writings in- 
clude a book containing the biography of his an- 
cester, Roger Sherman, and also ten biographical 
sketches in the Dictionary of American Biography. 
We are sorry that Mrs. Boardman is unable to be 
here today. 

"Jonathan Houston Newman of Johnson City, Ten- 
nessee, and Mrs. Houston are related to Maryville 
College in several ways. The one of which we are 
thinking today is his graduation in 1896. For eight 
years after graduation he taught in North Carolina 
and for three or four of those years was principal of 
tlie literary Department of the Asheville Farm School. 
Since that time he has been engaged in the general 
insurance business. For many years he has been 
known as a Bible student and teacher and is an 
Elder in the First Presbyterian Church in his city. 

"Samuel Boyd Parker of Knoxville, and Mrs. Parker, 
like Mr. and Mrs. Newman, were Maryville College 
students. Mr. Parker taught for ten years, was a 
YMCA secretary for eleven years, a newspaper man 
in Knoxville three years, and for the past 26 years 
has taught matliematics in Knoxville High School. 
He is to retire at the end of the current year. I 
first saw him and heard him speak and sing at Mary- 
ville College when I was a student here and he was 
a Tennessee State YMCA student secretary. I can 
remember him still for he made a definite impression 
on me. Singing has been his principal avocation and 
he was a church choir director for 26 vears. 

"To you the Class of 1896 who are here, and to 
the one who is absent, I extend in behalf of your 
Alma Mater hearty greetings, sincere congratulations, 
and earnest good wishes in celebration of this an- 
niversary. All of you are Christian men who serve 
in the Church of Christ and in the causes of Christ. 
In recognition of your contiibutions to your dav and 
generation, I place in the hands of each of vou a cer- 
tificate which is a symbol of affection and honor. Mav 
God bless you." 


Mr. Commodore Fisher of the Class of 1916, who 
served his Alma Mater during tlie college vear of 
1945-1946 as Associate Professor of Historv, after 
twenty years of service as a missionary-educator in 
Iran, finally answered the urgent call to return to 
Iran to re-establish certain of tlie educational \\'ork 
there. He and Mrs. Fisher and daughter, Pegsrs' 
sailed in July to resume their residence and work on 
the foreign mission field. 



Summer at the College was not the quiet restful 
time that some people imagine it was. Synod and 
Synodical, young people's conferences, and a music 
festival brought many people to the campus and kept 
the staff exceedingly busy. 

The Svnod, Synodical Society, and Westminster 
Fellowship Council of Mid-South met on the campus 
June 25-28. Over three hundred persons attended. 
Four voung people's conferences were held. The 
Knoxville Presbytery (Presbyterian Church, U.S.) 
conferences for senior young people and for inter- 
mediates were held simultaneously from June 17 to 
22, with 266 attending; the East Tennessee senior 
conference (Presbyterian Church, U. S. A.), June 10 
to 17, with 125 attending; and the intermediate con- 
ference (Presbyterian Church, U. S. A.), July 1 to 8, 
with 1.38 attending. 

From August 12 to 23 Mr. Guy Maier held a music 
festival and workshop on the campus. About 240 
musicians attended, most of them teachers, from a 
wide area including Canada and States as far away as 
New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Indiana, and New 
York. Mr. Maier is a very fine piano teacher who 
holds seminars each summer in various parts of the 
counhy. This summer his seminars were at Mac- 
Phail College of Music, Minneapolis, Sherwood 
Music School, Chicago, Juilliard School of Music, 
New York, and Maryville College. Mr. Maier con- 
ducted classes in piano pedagogy and he and his 
staff gave private lessons to those desiiing them. 
Each evening there was a concert in the Chapel. 

On May 31, the College gave a luncheon in honor 
of Mrs. Juhus Young Talmadge, of Georgia, President 
General of the D.A.R., Mrs. C. Edward Mmray, of 
New Jersey, 'Vice-President General, and Mrs. 'Van- 
Court Carwithen, of Pennsylvania, National Chair- 
man of Approved Schools. The local D.A.R. chapter 
was invited to be co-hostess with the College. 


The following four new Directors of Maryville Col- 
lege were elected in June by the Presbyterian Synod 
of Mid-South to fill vacancies on the Board. 

Rev. Harrison Ray Anderson, D.D., LL.D., Litt.D., 
Pastor of the Fourth Presbyterian Church, Chicago, 
Illinois, one of the great churches of America. Dr. 
Anderson has led the February Meetings on tvvo oc- 
casions, in 1939 and 1944. 

Rev. Chester Fred Leonard, B.A. (Maryville, 17), 
B.D., whose post office is Sneedville, Tennessee, not 
far from the northeast corner of the State, and whose 
work is at "Vardy, some miles away, where he and 
Mrs. Leonard (Josephine Wicks of the Class of 1920) 
for many years have rendered an outstanding church, 
school, and community service under the Presbyterian 
Board of National Missions. 

Mr. Hugh Rankin Crawford, B.A. (Maryville, '03), 
well known hardware merchant and churchman of 

Mr. James L. Getaz, B.S., formerly of Maryville, 



At the 19 4 6 
Commence m e n t 
two honorary de- 
grees were award- 
ed. The degree of 
Doctor of Laws 
was conferred up- 
on the Rev. Her- 
bert Ware Reherd, 
who was the Com- 
mencement speak- 
er. Dr. Reherd 
was President of 
Westminster Col- 
lege, Salt Lake 
City, from 1913 to 
1939 and is now 
President Emeritus 
and Chairman of the Board of Trustees. Before going 
to the College he was a pastor in Detroit and Water- 
loo, Iowa. He is regarded as one of the most con- 
structive leaders in the field of Christian education. 

The degree of Doctor of Divinity was conferred 
upon the Rev. Sam H. Frankhn, Jr., of the Class of 
1924, now Acting Secretary of the Board of Foreign 
Missions in the Chicago office. His home was in 
Maryville and his father and mother still five across 
tlie street from the campus. After graduation from 
college he attended McCormick Theological Semin- 
ary, recei\ing tlie Bachelor of Divinity degree there 
in 1928. Later he received the Master of Sacred 
Theologv degree from Union Theological Seminary, 
New York, and spent one year at the University of 
Edinburgh. For five years he was a missionary to 
Japan, where among his friends was tlie famous 
Japanese Christian Kagawa. Then he was associated 
with Dr. Sherwood Eddy in a number of his pil- 
grimages to Europe, and after that became manager 
of the Delta Co- 
operative Farms in 
Mississ i p p i , in 
whose establish- 
ment Dr. Eddy 
was a leader. Dur- 
ing tlie war Dr. 
Franklin was a 
Navy chaplain in 
the Pacific. After 
his present service 
is over he hopes to 
return to Japan as 
a missionary. Mrs. 
FrankUn, ( Dorothy 
Winters), gradu- 
ated at Maryville 
College in 1925. 


now of New York City, where he is connected with 
one of the large textile firms and is a leader in the 
Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church. 




Sixteen new members 
have been added to the 
Faculty and Staff and four 
former members ha\e re- 

The four who have re- 
sumed their work are: 
Bonnie Hudson Brown, '27, 
Biology, who has been on 
leave of absence for the 
past two years, serving as 
teacher of Biology at 
Maryville High School; 
John A. Davis, '30, Physi- 
cal Education, who has been on leave of absence for 
the past two years, serving as atliletic director and 
coach at Central High School, Knoxville; Archibald 
F. Pieper. '36, Political Science, who has been serving 
as an officer in the Marine Corps since 1942; Verton 
M. Queener, '24, History and Chairman of the Divi- 
sion of Social Sciences, who has been on leave of 
absence in Federal Go\'ernment service at 'Washing- 
ton since May 1943. 

New members are: David E. E(ernard, Art, B.F.A. 
Uni\'ersity of Illinois. Mr. Bernard was a Staff Artist 
for K. B. Butler and Associates and then served three 
years in the Army Air Forces as camouflage technic- 
ian, draftsman, and instructor in art. His lithographs 
have appeared in several national exhibitions, in- 
cluding the Pennell Annual Print Show at 'V\^ashing- 
ton, D. C. Since his discharge he has been doing 
graduate study at the University of Iowa. 

Esther C. Brunson, of Pine City, New York, Head 
of McLain Memorial Hall. 

J. Dales Biichanan, Bible 
and Religious Education, 
B.A. Monmouth College, 
M.A. Princeton University, 
Th.B. Princeton Theologi- 
cal Seminary; gra d u a t e 
study at the Graduate 
School of Theologv, Edin- 
burgh, Scotland, University 
of Marburg, Germany, and 
University of Chicago; 
honorary D.D. Tarkio Col- 
lege, Missouri. Dr. Bu- 
chanan comes to Maryville 
from the faculty of Monmouth College. 

V. Virginia Gates, Printing Office. Miss Gates has 
been Assistant to the Dean of University College of 
tlie University of Chicago; she will be in charge of 
the mimeographing and typing office here. 

Nellie B. Cuellas, Spanish, B.A. '46, Maryville Col- 
lege. Miss Cuellas' home is in Puerto Rico. 


Ruth E. Duggan, Music, B.A. '42, Maryville Col- 
lege, for the past three vears an officer in the Naval 

Pearl McGlure Edmondson, of Lynnville, Tennes- 
see, Assistant to the Head of McLain Memorial Hall. 

Martha Jane Hays, Home 
Economics, B.S. '45, Mary- 
ville College; internship in 
dietetics, Allegheny Gen- 
eral Hospital, Pittsburgh, 

Mildred Whitlow 
Hughes, Dramatic Ait, 
B.A. Murray State College, 

Genevieve Kehl, Assist- 
ant in the Personnel Of- 
fice. Miss Kehl comes to 
VERTON M. QUEENER Maryville from the Harris 
Trust and Savings Bank of Chicago. 

Thelma H. Kramer, Education, B.S. University of 
Tennessee; for the past ten years a teacher in the 
Maryville City Schools. 

Vivian Lanfear, Music, B.Mus.Ed. Oberhn Col- 
lege, M.Mus.Ed. University of Michigan. 

Frances Massey, B.A. '34, Maryville College. (See 
page 8). 

Walter J. Mehl, Physical Education, B.S. and Ph.M. 
University of Wisconsin. For a year before entering 
military service Mr. Mehl served as Assistant Track 
and Cross Country Coach at Wisconsin, where in his 
senior year he had captained both teams. He was 
champion and record holder in "Big Ten" and Nation- 
al Collegiate Mile, Two Mile and Cross-countiy runs 
and the National AAU 1500 meter run, and competed 
on the American Track Team in Germany and in 
Hawaii. For over three years he was an officer in 
the Naval Reserve. 

Stanley W. Phillips, Economics, B.A. '38, Mary- 
ville College, M.A. Louisiana State University. Mr. 
Phillips was Assistant Merchandiser witlr Mont- 
gomery, Ward and Co., was for three years in tlie 
Army Signal Corps, and 
since his discharge has 
been a price analyst for 
O P A headquarters i n 

Harvey S. Reber, Ger- 
man, B.A. Lafavette Col- 
lege, graduate work at 
University of Pennsyh ania 
and Yale University. He 
comes to Maryville from 
the faculty of the Penning- 
ton School, New Jersey. JOHN A. DAVIS 

Georgia Meadows Woodward, Assistant in the Per- 
sonnel Office, B.A. '44, Maryville College. 



Mrs. Grace Pope Snyder, Supervisor of Women's 
Residence and Head of Pearsons Hall, resigned on 
September 16 to accept a position as counselor in 
the guidance program of the schools at Berryville, 
Arkansas. Last spring Mrs. Snyder completed ten 
years of service at tlie College and expressed tlien 
the desire to enter work which would allow her to 
spend a greater portion of time in counseUng witliout 
the responsibility of residence supervision. She ex- 
pected to complete the first semester here but at tlie 
request of the Berryville superintendent asked for a 
release in September and it was granted by the Col- 

In her years at the College Mrs. Snyder has render- 
ed a noteworthy service in residence supervision and 
in furthering the cooperation of students and faculty 
in administering tlie social hfe of the campus. Her 
efi:orts in this direction have paved the way for 
furtlier progress in the years ahead. 

Mrs. Emma Lee Worley, formerly Head of McLain 
Memorial Hall, succeeded Mrs. Snyder as Head of 
Pearsons Hall, and is serving as Supervisor of Wom- 
en's Residence for the remainder of the fall semester. 
Mrs. Esther C. Brunson, of Pine City, New York, was 
appointed Head of McLain Memorial Hall. She is 
assisted by Mrs. J. E. Edmondson, of Lynnville, Ten- 

In January Miss E. Frances Massey, of Oxford, 
Alabama, a graduate of Maryville College in the 
Class of 1934'^ will join the college staff for duties 
corresponding to tliose of a dean of women. She 
will not serve as head of a dormitory but will main- 
tain an administrative office on the campus. 

Miss Massey was an honor student throughout her 
four years at Maryville. She was active in campus 
hfe, particulariv in dramatics. Since her graduation 
she has taught biology at the Anniston, Alabama, 
High School. Thus she brings to her new duties at 
Maryville an intimate knowledge of the College and 
its activities supplemented by a successful teaching 


The Ai-tists Series again will present three concerts 
of unusual attraction and high quaUty. The first 
concert has been set for Friday night, November 1, 
as a part of the Homecoming weekend and tickets 
will be available to alumni at a special rate. If 
purchased ahead of time through the Alumni Of- 
fice the price will be $1.20 (tax included); at the 
door tickets will cost $1.80. Address all requests to 
the Alumni Office, Maryville College. 

Leonard Pennario, briUiant young American pianist, 
will give the November 1st concert. Since he was 
twelve, Mr. Pennario has been a pupil of Mr. Guy 
Maier and he played twice this summer in Voorhees 
Chapel at the Guy Maier Music Festival. Those 
who heard him then were deeply impressed by his 
playing and are looking forward eagerly to his con- 

cert in November. He was in the Army and gave 
concerts throughout die CBI theater. 

The second concert, on January 25, will be "A 
Night in Old Vienna"— the finest music of Vienna 
sung by five outstanding young artists. Mona Brad- 
ford, contralto, and John Gurney, basso, are known 
to Maryville audiences through previous concerts. 
The other three singers are Laura Castellano, soprano, 
Richard Gordon, tenor, and Eduardo Rael, baritone. 
Giuseppe Bamboschek is the musical director. Their 
program will include some of the greatest writings 
of Haydn, Mozart, Schubert, and Brahms, as well as 
the hlting aiis, waltzes, and polkas of old Vienna. 

On February 24 Grislia Goluboff, young American 
viohnist, will close tlie Series. As a child prodigy, 
Mr. Goluboff tom-ed the United States and Canada, 
Europe, and Australia. Then he retired for six 
years for study and rest. Last fall he returned to the 
concert stage and won new acclaim as a mature 
musician and gifted artist. 

Season tickets may be purchased for $3.60 (tax 
included) from tlie Alumni Office or from Professor 
George D. Howell. 


The Fall Semester opened witli tlie registration of 
freshmen and new students on August 27. In the 
busy days that followed 832 students were enrolled, 
grouped as follows: 

Men Women Total 

Freshmen 281 129 410 

Sophomores 66 129 195 

juniors 42 80 122 

Seniors 44 61 105 

Total 433 399 832 

Of tliis number, 415 are new students (380 first- 
semester freshmen, 35 transfers) and 417 are old 
students. Of the old students, 69 have been absent 
for a semester or more, most of them veterans. The 
total em-olment of veterans is 273, including five 

Applications from old and new students for this 
semester totaled 1189, 573 from men and 616 from 
women. Many more would have appHed but were 
discouraged by the lack of domtiitory rooms. There 
is a long waiting list for the second semester opening 
on January 15, and a considerable number of ap- 
plications have already been received for the fall 
semester of 1947. 


John Samuel Eakin, '87, died May 9, 1946, in Knoxville. At 
the tinne of his death he was the senior member of the 
Board of Directors, having served 54 years. In the history 
of Maryville College, only one director has served longer; 
Rev. Calvin A. Duncan was on the Board for 58 years. Dr. 
Eakin attended Lane Theological Seminary after graduation 
from Maryville, and received the honorary D.D. degree 
from Maryville in 1918. He was a member of the famous 
Maryville College General Assembly Quartet composed of 
Eakin, Creswell, Goff, and Newman. He retired from the 
Fourth Presbyterian Church, Knoxville, in 1937, after a 
Pastorate of twenty years. 


Mrs. Guy L, Barber (Nellie Maude McMurry, 'II), died at 
her home in Knoxville, April 19, where she had reared her 
family. Her ties with Maryville College have continued 
since her graduation; two daughters, Mrs. Samuel Blizzard, 
(Harriet L. Barber, 39), and Mrs. Arthur Bushing '42, 
(Dorothy Louise Barber, '42), are graduates and Mary Ruth 
Barber is a senior this year at Maryville. 

Rev. A. J. Harmon, '89, died at Georgetown, Ohio, April 9. 
His son, Louis E. Harmon, graduated from the Maryville 
Prep School in 1918. 

Obie Jenkins, '39, was reported missing. May 1 1, 1945. He 
has now been declared dead. 

Charles M. Marston, '93, died September 14, at the age of 
seventy-seven. He was born in Halford, Shropshire, 
England, and came with his parents to this country when he 
was two years old. The Rev. Mr. Marston got his seminary 
training at Lane Theological Seminary after graduation from 
Maryville, He married Mary Katherine Caldwell, '93, in 
1903. He taught in the public schools in East Tennessee and 
in Maryville College before entering the ministry. 


Several of you have written the Alumni Office for 
information on Ufe membersliips. Since others of 
you have doubtless had similar questions in your 
minds about it, it seems wise to give the information 
in the Magazine where all can have it. 

We have made a survey of what the associations 
in many of the colleges and universities are doiirg. 
This article is something of a summary of what this 
survey revealed plus the attitude taken by the Execu- 
tive Committee in session on September 16th at the 

Those institutions that put in a form of life mem- 
bership have discontinued it. They report that the 
life membership became impractical especially for 
the tliiee following reasons: (1) it required account- 
ing that was too costly since reserve funds had to be 
set up from which to draw from year to year to pre- 
vent exhausting the capital income before there was 
any source of replacement; (2) it was based upon 
the earning power of such a reserve fund invested at 
interest— the investment possibilities have been so 
greatly curtailed and the income from investment so 
small that this practice has had to be eliminated; (3) 
it rather unexpectedly resulted in ahenating the life 
members from the institution, for when the dues were 
paid for hfe the institution was dismissed from the 
mind and a gradual and subtle esti-angement set in. 

With this material before them the Executive Com- 
mittee voted to pass over tlie matter of Ufe member- 
ships until a fm-ther study could be made. The feel- 
ing was that it was not a wise procedure under exist- 
ing circumstance. Especially did they feel this to be 
true under our circumstance, for, if the large univer- 
sities with the staffs that they have find the labor too 
much, then we who are exti-emely hmited in office 
and clerical help had better be careful of it. 

But we should not leave the picture witliout tak- 
ing a look at what these institutions are doing. Many 
of them, probably most of them, have discontinued 
alumni dues altogether. Instead of alumni dues they 
have substituted the alumni living endowment fund; 

some of them call it simply tire alumni fund. The 
general principle is the same with tlrem all. They 
ask tlieir alumni to give each year (and this apphes 
to the big state universities as well as the smallei 
colleges) to this alumni fund; the minimum so far 
as we have been able to establish it is $10.00. 

Some associations are run on theii- own income. 
Many ha\'e to have supplementary income from their 
institutions. The institutions charge such supple- 
mentary funds to pubhc relations and promotion. In 
the state universities the association is either self 
supporting or the support comes from legislative 
appropriations. Maryville, like many other similar 
colleges, has no state appropriation to call upon. 
We have had $2.00 alumni dues as a purely vol- 
untary participation. Out of 3000 graduates less than 
seven hundred pay dues. As we close the year's books 
it looks now as if our membersliip will not do as 
well this year as last. The Magazine goes to every 
one regardless of whether dues are paid or not. The 
cost of that Magazine has steadily risen; it has been 
expanded some also. 

Our living endowment fund has done very well. 
We are looking forward to the day when we can 
have enough help to make a complete and accurate 
report of all who are participating in that fund. It is 
open to the whole Association, and a larger partici- 
pation of the membership would be encouraging. 

We should like to hear from you. Do you feel 
that to do away with all alumni dues and to substi- 
tute an alumni fund to which annual payments of no 
stipulated amount can be made would increase our 
income? If we did this, should we continue the living 
endowment fund for gifts to the College, or should 
gifts to the College come from the excess alumni 
fund? Let us have your thought on this matter. 


Virginia Purinton (Former Faculty) to Harry Keith Speck- 
man, June 5, 1 946. 

Rose Mclnturff, '25, to John T. Robinson, 

Evelyn Whetsell, '30, to George E, Smedberg, 

Dolores Burchette, '35, to William Howard Mattesheard, 

Elizabeth Walker, Ex, '36, to W. P. Thurmer, May 4, 1946. 

Ruby Violet Lane, '37, to Fred DeLozier. 

Charles Edward Brubaker, '38, to Doris Jane King. 

Gloria Miller, '38, to Stanley Jennings. 

Floyd C. Porter, '39, to Bernice Jeraldine Anderson, May 
1 1, 1946. 

Hugh L. Smith, '39, to Sarah Elizabeth Holland, Ex. '44. 

Lester E, Bond, Jr., Ex. '40, to Elizabeth Van Ness. 

Catherine Emily Davidson, '40, to Hartwick V. Christiansen. 

Marcia Elizabeth Sparkman, Ex. '40, to Fred Daggett Slaght, 

George Webb Garner, Ex. '41, to Frances Bowditch, '39. 

Ruth E. Goodson, '41, to Alfred C. Kuchler. 

Ezelle M. Hayes, '41, to Henry A. Fugate. 

Margaret Louise Lodwick, '41, to Raymond E. Pittman, 

Lucette de Barritt, '42, to Henry Boyd Andrews, October 19, 

David Mitchell Hall, '42, to Ruth Gene Allen. 


Robert C. Wright, '42, to Mary Proffitt, '42. 

Helen Trotter, '42, to William A. Miller. 

Hilton Wick, '42, to Barbara Gale Shaw. 

Sally Youngs, Ex. '42, to Donald Crosby. 

Ruth Elizabeth Curtis, '43, to Curtis Manning Phillips. 

Olive Dupuy, '43, to Muller W. Boyer. 

Vernon Ferguson, Ex '43, to Mildred Jhurnau. 

Elizabeth Getaz, Ex. '43, to Harold Wesley Jeffers. 

Ted Pratt, 43, to Marion Hart. 

Dean Peabody Stiles, '43, to Marion Eleanor Davidson. 

Lloyd McCully Taylor, '43, to Barbara Anne McElroy. 

Oliver R. Van Cise, '43, to Thelma Bettencourt. 

Ruth Case, '44, to William C. Kelley. 

Dorothy Harned, '44, to Lloyd G. Clift. 

Jane Newland, Ex. '44, to Frank L. Johnson. 

Hill Stiggins, Ex. '44, to Katherine Tiller. 

Aimee Wriggins, '44, to Jack H. Richmond. 

Grace Bowers, '45, to LeRoy Remsberg. 

Marcia Mae Keirn, '45, to A. W. Spickard. 

Robert Bayless, Ex. '45, to Carol McCutcheon, '45. 

Isabel Muir, Ex. '45, to Ralph V. Chamblin 

Agnes Peterson, '45, to Lyle Schaller. 

Shirley Scott, '45, to Robert Hamilton Pentz, Jr. 

Frances Smith, Ex. '45, to John B. Stricklett. 

Winifred Sommers, '45, to Gail Hein. 

A. L. Archer, Ex. '45, to Helen Jean Huffman. 

Fred McDaniel, Ex. '46, to Thelma Richardson, Ex. '46. 

Harold Kidder, Ex. '47, to Catherine Sisk, '46. 

William O. Largen, Jr., '48, to Edith Merle Delaney, '48. 


Mr. and Mrs. Joe Caldwell Gamble, '26, (Frances Leisenring, 

Ex '31), a son, Douglas Andrew, December 10, 1945. 
Rev. and Mrs. Edward G, Conrad, '28, (Elizabeth Ann Brooks, 

'29), a son, Edward Lewis, February 26, 1946. 
Mr. and Mrs. William Albert Jinnette, (Jeannett Spainhour, 

'30), a daughter, Priscilla, July 28, 1946. 
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Pierce Bolton, (Mary Esther Bennett, '30), 

a son, Alfred Pierce, Jr., October 3, 1946. 
Rev. and Mrs. A. C. E. Gillander, '35, a daughter, Mary Eliza- 
beth, September 26, 1946. 
Dr and Mrs. Joe J Arrendale, '36, a son, William Bruce, 

April 25, 1946. r- , ., ^ 

Rev. and Mrs. Alexander Christie, '36, a daughter, Edith Hood, 

June 26, 1946. 
Mr. and Mrs. Boyd T. Hendrix, (Mary Emily Franklin, 36), a 

daughter, Linda Jane, June 27, 1946. 
Mr. and Mrs. Warren E. Jones, '36, (Inez Galloway, '36), a 

daughter, Marianela, December 2, 1945. 
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Smyrl, '36, (Marie Jensen, '40), a 

son. May 14, 1946. 
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Scudder Lewis, (Elizabeth M. Carlisle, 

'37), a son, Richard Scudder, April 8, 1946. 
Mr. and Mrs. Steven T. Briggs, (Lilian Borgquist, '38), a 

son, Steven Eric, May 7, 1946. 
Mr. and Mrs. John Earle Lancaster, '38, a son. Mason Gartell, 

July 2, 1946. 
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Kennedy (Etta Culbertson, 39), a 

daughter, Evelyn Swanson, February 15, 1946. 
Rev. and Mrs. Robert Lamar Lucero, '39, (Ruth Raulston, 

'40), a daughter. Myrtle Olivia, September 8, 1946. 
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon A. Clark, Ex. '40, a son. Dean Edger- 

ton, September 16, 1946. 
Mr. and Mrs. John Fisher, '40, (Jane Law, '40), a daughter, 

April, 1946. 
Mr. and Mrs. James Hanke, (Nancy Guinn, Ex. '40), a 

daughter, Rebecca, November 15, 1944. 
Mr and Mrs. J. T. Luke, Jr., (Nina Margaret Husk, '40), a 

son, Thomas Hall, March 31, 1946. 
Dr. and Mrs. L. C. Ogle, Ex. '40, a daughter. 
Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Smith, '40, (Jean Frances Smith, Ex. 

'46), a son, Randall Elbert, December 16, 1945. 
Capt. and Mrs. Harold Wicklund, Ex. '40, (Dorothy Arm- 
strong, '38), a son, David William, March 27, 1946. 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Baldwin, '41, (Susannah Stevenson, Ex. 

'41), a daughter, Carol Sue, May 18, 1946. 
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred C. Kuchler, (Ruth Goodson, '41), a 

daughter, Kathryn Ann, July 25, 1946. 

Mr. and Mrs. Sterling Leitch, (Edith Hitch, '41), a daughter, 

Mary Jean, February 16, 1946. 
Rev. and Mrs. John Melvin Magee, '41, (Margaret Sisk, 

'40), a daughter, Mary Rebecca, August 10, 1946. 
Rev. and Mrs. Jack L. Zerwas, '41, (Helen Cone, '42), a 

son, George William, March 16, 1946. 
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Hoelzer, '42, (Catherine Tomlinson, 

'44), a son, John Henry, Jr., March 6, 1946. 
Rev. and Mrs. George Howard, Jr., '42, (Anne Halabrin, 

'43), a son, George III, January 4, 1946. 
Rev. and Mrs. George Tibbetts, '42, (Marjorie Orcutt, '40), 

a daughter, Carol Ann, May 7, 1946. 
Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. Laughmiller, Jr., (Student) (Polly 

Park, '43), a son, Allen Lawrence, September 29, 1946. 
Rev. and Mrs. Olson Pemberton, Jr., '43, (Jean Patterson, 

'43), a son, Thomas Samuel, February 20, 1946. 
Mr. and Mrs. Carl G. Pierce, Jr., '43, (Meredith Preston, '43), 

a daughter, Meredith Anne, November 28, 1945. 
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Roseborough, '43, (Barbara Burnett, 

Ex. '46), a daughter, Virginia Carol, July 29, 1946. 
Mr. and Mrs. William Joseph Sweeney, '43, (Viola James, Ex. 

'43), a son, William Joseph IV, August 29, 1946. 
Rev. and Mrs. James Yunker, '43, (Carolyn Harper, Ex. '45), 

a daughter, Sharon Leigh, June 28, 1946. 
Mr. and Mrs. I. B. Rogers, Jr., Ex. '44, a daughter, Camille, 

February 22, 1946. 
Ensign and Mrs. James L. Hogue, Ex. '45, (Ethel Park, Ex. 

'45), a son, James Lawrence, Jr., September 25, 1946. 
Mr. and Mrs. Raoul Lynn (Nancy Russell, '45), a son, Roger, 

November 22, 1945. 
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Eisenman, (Carol Reynolds, Ex. '46), a 

daughter, Sandra Lee, May 31, 1946. 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kent, '46, (Mary Wintermute, Ex. '44), 

a son, James Donald, Jr., September 5, 1946. 



James L. Ritchie and his wife celebrated their fiftieth 
wedding anniversary September 29, at Santa Barbara, Calif. 


William F. Phillips, Ex. '98, visited the campus in May on 
his way back to California. 


Orrin Magill, Ex. '09, had dinner with Dr. Ralph W. Lloyd in 
Shanghai in September. Mr. Magill is a Y. M. C. A. Secre- 
tary there. 


William D. Allen is now teaching economics and sociology 
at Minot State College, N. Dakota, after coaching athletics 
for thirty-six years. He received the master of arts degree 
from Washington State College. 

Robert C. Cross has moved his family to the new manse of 
Acton Church near Birmingham where he is also supplying the 
Trussville Church. 

H. L. Weir is now pastor of the McArthur and Wilkes- 
ville Churches of McArthur, Ohio. 


Lester Bond is involved in financing a new building in 
his new pastorate in San Diego, California. 

H. O. Pile, Ex. '16, and his wife (Mary Boggs, '15) visited 
the campus in June. 


R. M. Rankin was promoted from Associate Professor of 
Mathematics at the Missouri School of Mines (Rolla) to fuM 
Professor, May, 1946. 

Lois Coligny Wilson received the Ph.D. from the Kennedy 
School of Missions of Hartford Theological Seminary Founda- 
tion. Her thesis subject: Ethics of Islam. Her field of 
work is Sidon, Syria, where she has spent many years of labor 
among the followers of Islam. 


F. F. Graham and his wi'fe (Jean Porter, Ex. '17), are in 
Brazil as Presbyterian missionaries. In June they visited Mrs. 
Graham's sister (Mrs. J. Fred Martin, Kathleen Porter, Ex. 
'20), Middletown, Conn., while on furlough. 

Chester F. Leonard has received from the Presbyterian Board 
of National Missions a service pin award for 25 years' work 


under the Board. He has spent his entire ministry at the 
Vardy Community Center at Sneedville, Tennessee, where 
he has done a commendable piece of work. He was also 
'made a member of the Board of Directors of Maryville College 
in the spring. 

Thomas B. Vance, according to the Honolulu Star Bulletin, 
is the territorial director of institutions, Hawaii. 

Percy Buchanan returned in August from Japan where he 
had been serving as a language expert for the U. S. Army. 

James L. Jackson enrolled in the current term at Union 
Theological Seminary, Richmond, Va., beginning work on the 
M. Th. degree. 

Sam H. Franklin has been released from the chaplaincy 
and is waiting orders to sail again for Japan as a missionary; 
during the interim period he is a regional secretary of the 
Board of Foreign Missions with office in Chicago. He re- 
ceived the D.D. degree from Maryville College this spring. 

Flynn Humphreys, Ex. '25, is now a chaplain with the 
Veterans Administration, and located at Nashville. 

Rose M. Robinson (L. Rose Mclnturffl, is Health 
Education Coordinator, Washington County Health Depart- 
ment, Jonesboro, Tennessee. Her husband is a specialist in 
social studies with the American Council on Education, New 

Stuart McConnell Rohr (Chaplain) has been discharged 
from the Army and has taken a church in Cisco, Texas. He 
did graduate work at Union Theological Seminary, Richmond, 
Va., last year. 

Walter Buchanan has completed his work for the Ph.D. 
degree at Ann Arbor, Michigan, and is now in Santa Barbara 
(California) College. 

Edward G. Conrad is managing editor of the Presbyterian as 
of October 1 . 

Ernest John Frei is working toward the Ph.D. degree at the 
Hartford Seminary Foundation's Kennedy School of Missions. 
His thesis subject is: A Grammar of Samarenyo in Relation to 
the Malaya-Polynesian Languages. He was in the Philippines 
when the Japanese overran the Islands and one of the first 
to be heard from at the College after the liberation. 

Mrs. Norman Briggs, (Ruth Buchanan), and her children 
are preparing to join Mr. Briggs in Shanghai, China, where he 
is in business. 

William J. Elzey and his wife (Frances Crabill), visited 
the campus in July. Their home is now Seaford, Delaware. 

Helen B. Gleason began work as pastor's assistant at the 
First Presbyterian Church in Walnut Hills, in Cincinnati, 

James Edward Sprouse, Jr. (Lt. U. S. Army), has been dis- 
charged and is now with the Tennessee Farmer's Coopera- 
tive at Columbia, Tennessee. 

Hubert C. Welsh visited the campus in April. He is now 
living in the Milner Hotel, Asheville, North Carolina. 

Edwin A. Buchanan (Lt. Cmdr., USNR) , has gone to Can- 
ton, China, as a Naval Attache, for one year, taking his wife 
and two little girls. 

Mrs. George B. Carty (Dorothy L. Kellar) received the M.A. 
degree in home economics and education, Colorado State 
A. & M. College at Fort Collins, Colorado. For the past 
three and a half years she has been with the Southern 
Illinois State Normal and State Board of Vocational Educa- 
tion as Teacher Trainer and District Supervisor. 

J. Kemp Davis (Col. U. S. Army), and family are now 
living in San Francisco, where Col. Davis is stationed at the 
Letterman General Hospital. 

Ralph B. Teffeteller is now Assistant Director of the Henry 
Street Settlement House, 265 Henry Street, New York City. 

George E. Brown is now pastor of the Washington Pike 
and Spring Place Presbyterian Churches in Knox County. 

Frank R. Neff, Jr., is Assistant Professor of Bible, and 
Chaplain of Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas. He is 

serving also as the Chairman of the faculty committee on 
religious life and work of the University. 

Robert E. Rummel (Capt, U. S. Army), has been dis- 
charged from the Army and is now teaching in Vanderbilt 
University, Nashville. 

Robert Stevenson (Chaplain) is now located at the Naval 
Air Station, Jacksonville, Florida. 


Arnold H. Burgin, Ex. '34, (Major) is stationed at Jack- 
sonville, Florida, and is expecting a transfer to Tampa soon. 

Henry Willard Lampe has been released from the Chaplaincy 
and is now pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Beatrice, 

J. Heydon Lampe, Ex. '34, has been released from the 
Chaplaincy and is now pastor of the College Avenue Presby- 
terian Church at Alton, Illinois. 

Albert F. McCulloch, Ex. '34, is a practicing dentist in 

Walter W. Pippert, Ex. '34, has been discharged from the 
Army and is now at 357 Orchard Street, New Haven 1 1, Conn. 

John J. Smerznak is now practicing medicine at Concord, 
North Carolina. 

Julia Naomi Woods' thesis subject for the MA. degree at 
the University of Tennessee was Shaw and Shakespeare. 


Theron Alexander, Jr., his wife (Marie F. Bailey, '35), and 
young son are living in Chicago where Theron is working 
toward the Ph.D. degree in the University of Chicago. He has 
just been released from the Navy. 

Earle W. Crawford was installed as Associate Pastor of the 
Second Presbyterian Church of Knoxville, Tennessee, October 
1. He had been assisting Dr. C. E. Barbour who suffered a 
broken leg last winter, and now will remain there permanently. 

George Deebel has warned his classmates to listen for 
wedding bells. 

George W. Hoglan, his wife (Nell Jo Knight, '34), and 
family are now living at Russellville, Arkansas, where he is 
pastor of the Presbyterian Church. 

Ruth Irwin, Ex. '35, was a campus visitor in July. She 
is now teaching in New Miami, Ohio. 

Garry D. Ridder has been released from the Army and is 
now at home again in Kitzmiller, Maryland. 


William H. Greenawalt, Ex. '36, has been discharged from 
the Army and is now in Compton, California. 

Arthur L. Herries has gone to the pastorate of the Calvin 
Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Warren E. Jones is now owner and President of a newly 
organized consulting firm operating under the name of Man- 
agement Controls. Their field as statisticians is assisting in- 
dustry in the application of modern quality controls. 

Kyle McCall has been released from the Army and is now 
connected with a hardware firm in Greenback, Tennessee. 

Joseph E. Newberry, Ex. '36, has been discharged from 
the Navy (Pharmacist) and is at home at Soddy, Tennessee. 

George V. Stanley visited the campus in July and reported 
that the Navy had discharged him and that he was back with 
Republic Steel Corp., Canton, Ohio, as a chemist. 

Charles D. Taylor, Ex. '36, has been discharged from the 
Navy and is now at home in West Sunbury, Pa. 

Mrs. W. P. Thurmer (Elizabeth Walker, Ex. '36), and her 
husband are living at Martel, Tennessee. 


Mark L. Andrews (Captain, Chaplaincy) has been dis- 
charged from the Army and was installed pastor of a church in 
Greenville, Ohio. 

Joseph and Richard Battaglia, Ex. '36 and '37, were visitors 
on the campus in June, "Joe" teaches school and "Dick" 
practices medicine in New Rochelle, New Jersey. 

John Thomas Bryan is a member of the Medical Department 
of the Dupont Rayon Corp., Old Hickory, North Carolina. 
■ Samuel Houck was enrolled in Union Theological Seminary 
(Richmond, Virginia), for the M.Th. degree, 1945-1946. 

Robert L. McKibben is Assistant Pastor of the Ravens- 
wood Presbyterian Church, Chicago. 

Ernest A. Phillips, Ex. '37, is taking a refresher course 
after being released from the Army chaplaincy. 


Clifford F. Smith, Ex. '37, has been discharged from the 
Navy and is now at 47 South Washington, Hinsdale, Illinois. 

J. Norman Syler, Ex. '37, has been discharged from the 
Navy and now is at home at 105 Belvoir Avenue, Chattanooga, 

Othor M. Teague has been discharged from the Army and 
is now in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. 

William Malcolm Brown has been discharged from the 
Army (Chaplaincy) and is now an associate pastor of the 
Pennsylvania State College Westminster Foundation where he 
will work especially with veterans under the Camp and 
Church Activities Committee provided by the denominational 
Restoration Fund. 

Mrs. C. Edward Galbreath (Martha Watson '381, is living 
in Washington D. C, where she is working for the State 
Department and her husband with OPA. 

William J. Hillard, Ex. '38, (Captain) has been joined by 
his wife in Europe where he is with the occupation forces. 

Charles W. Holland, Jr., planned to enter Louisville Baptist 
Theological Seminary in September. 

Mrs. Stanley Jennings (Gloria Miller, '38), with her 
husband visited the campus in July. He is teaching dramatics 
at Hunter College, New York. 

Mr. and Mrs. Lincoln Johnson (Grace Kerley, '38), visited 
the campus in May. 

James N. Proffitt (Captain) has been discharged from the 
Army and is now on the surgical staff of Vanderbilt Hospital, 

J. Donald Rugh, his wife (Joy Pinneo, '38) and family are 
living at Muttra, India, where Don is -manager of Clancy 
High School. 

Alexander Shelfer has been discharged from the Army and 
is now at home in Quincy, Florida. 

Walter H. Shropshire, Ex. '38, has been discharged from 
the Army and is now at home, 636 Edgewood Avenue, Tren- 
ton, New Jersey. 

Arthur D. Byrne and his wife (Jean C. White, '41), are 
now living in Knoxville, Tennessee, where Arthur is connected 
with the law firm of Poore, Kramer, Cox, and Overton. 
Arthur spent eighteen months in the South West Pacific and 
attained the rank of Captain before his discharge in March. 

Herbert H. Granger, Ex. '39, was stationed in San Antonio, 
Texas, as a dentist in the station hospital in August. He ex- 
pected to be discharged and at home by October 1 , Cleveland, 

Everett D. Gray is Minister of Education at the First Church, 
Germantown, Pa., being now discharged from the Chaplaincy 
of the Navy. 

Omer C. Judy was discharged from the Navy in November, 
1945, and is now at home, Franklin, West Virginia. 

Sara Faye Kittrell has announced her engagement to Howard 

Robert L. Lucero has accepted the church at San Pablo, 

John E. Odell, Jr., Ex. '39 (Lt. Cmdr.), has received the 
Air Medal for meritorious achievement during extensive aerial 
flights over the North Atlantic in the winter of 1941-1942. 
He is now attached to a weather flying division under the Air 
Materiel Command, Wright Field, Ohio. 

William B. O'Neil, Ex. '39, has been discharged from the 
Navy and is now practicing medicine and surgery at Tullahoma, 

Tony F. Schneider, Ex. '39 (Lt. Cmdr.), is now stationed in 
Jacksonville, Florida, Quarters K. K. N. A. S. 

Evan B. Souther has been discharged from the Army and 
has returned to Maryville, Tennessee, to live. 

Henry Warren Swain, Ex. '39 (Lt. USNR) , has been dis- 
charged and is now connected with H. Hood & Sons, Boston, 

Mrs. Henry I. Baker, (Ruth Abercrombie, '40), is now liv- 
ing in New York City where her husband has opened a law 

Lester E. Bond, Jr., Ex. '40, has been discharged from the 
Army and is now living at 8512 Cashio Street, Los Angeles 
35, California. 

Frederick O. Brubaker, Ex. '40, has been discharged from 
the Army and is now in Dickinson Law School, Carlisle, Pa. 

Mrs, John R. Dennis, (Ruth Mack), and her husband 
are studying language at Yale University preparatory to going 
to China under the Board of Foreign Missions. 

Charles E. Fish assumed the position as field secretary for 
all the youth work of the Protestant Episcopal Church of 
America on September 1. His new address will be 281 Fourth 
Avenue, New York City. Charles was on the campus in April. 
John Fisher received the Ph.D. degree from the University 
of Pennsylvania in 1945 and is now teaching English in 
New York University. 

James A. Jarrell has a pastorate in Ardmore, Oklahoma. 
Dan McGill (Major), has been discharged from the Army 
and is now at the University of Pennsylvania working on the 
Ph.D. degree. 

Luther C. Ogle, Ex. '40 (Lt.), has been discharged from 
the Navy and is now practicing medicine in Memphis, Ten- 

Baxter Patton, Ex. '40, has been discharged from the Army 
and is now at home in Harriman, Tennessee. 

Clifford Procter has been discharged from the Army and is 
now in Yale Law School. 

William Rath, Ex. '40, has been discharged from the Army 
and is now at home, 312 Marshall Street, Elizabeth, New 

Stevenson Parker Santiago is now a physician at the U. S. 
Naval Base, Norfolk, Virginia. 

Thomas A. Schafer has been awarded the Andrew Patterson 
Fellowship in Theology by the Louisville Presbyterian Theo- 
logical Seminary. He is now in Durham, North Carolina. 
Milton D. Schreiber is now located in Easton, Pa. 
Robert B Schwart, Ex. '40, has been discharged from the 
Navy (Lt. USNR) and is living in Xenia, Ohio. 

Russell Stevenson has been transferred from Cairo to 
Alexandria, Egypt, by the Board of Foreign Missions. 

Howard Thompson received the M.A. degree from the Uni- 
versity of Tennessee in August and began as an instructor in 
the University of Pittsburgh, September 15, where he will 
also do further graduate work. 

Fred Tulloch, Ex. '40, has been discharged from the Army 
and is now at home in Maryville, Tennessee. 

H. A. Wicklund, Ex. '40, (Captain, USAAF), has been 
commissioned into the regular Army as a 1st Lieutenant and 
is stationed with the Tactical Air Co'mmand Hdq., Langley 
Field, Virginia. His wife (Dorothy Armstrong, '38), and 
children are with him. 

John B. Astles was expected by his wife (Jane Carter, '41 ), 
and little son in San Francisco in the spring. He expected to 
be discharged from the Navy Chaplaincy and to enter San 
Francisco Theological Seminary to begin work toward the 
M.Th. degree. 

Harold Garwood Austin is back in Chicago after several 
years of duty in England with the Army. His wife, (Sue 
Lupton, '39), is still with George Williams YMCA College. 
William Baird is attending Ohio Wesleyan University. 
Dorothy Jean Eslinger has been discharged from the WAC 
and is working in a book store in West Fairview, Pa. 
William Gehres is studying drama at Carnegie Tech. 


Anna Storey Jacobs is teaching physical education and 
coaching basketball at Maryville High School. 

Joseph Bowles Magill was discharged from the Navy in 
February and has been studying business administration in the 
University of Michigan. 

Floyd Loperfido, Ex. '41, received the B.D. degree from 
Louisville Presbyterian Seminary in the spring. 

George Morton, Ex. '41, has been discharged from the 
Army and returned to Maryville to live. 

Andrew F. O'Connor has resigned as Assistant Pastor of the 
First Church, York, Pennsylvania, and is now pastor of the 
First Church of Springport, Union Springs and Cayuga Church, 
New York. 

Harvey Conrad Pearson, Ex. '41, has been discharged 
from the Navy and is now at home in Lake Worth, Texas. 

Frederick P. Rawlings received the M.D. degree from 
Vanderbilt in September 1944, did a year of internship at 
the General Hospital, Norfolk, and has now returned to 


Vanderbilt for further graduate work in medicine. His wife, 
(Mary Mildred Hatcher, '41), and two year old daughter, 
Martha, are with her parents in Trenton, Kentucky. 

Eldon L. Seamans began his work at the Community Pres- 
byterian Church, Postville, Iowa, March, 1946. 

Edward Thomas and his wife, (Dortha Jean White, '44), 
are living in Belmont, Massachusetts, where Ed is enrolled in 
the Harvard Law School. 

Ralph Perry Thompson received the Fielding Lewis Walker 
Fellowship in Doctrinal Theology from Louisville Presbyterian 
Theological Seminary. 


Bina Ruth Brown is secretary to the head of a wholesale 
grocery firm in Laurel, Mississippi. 

John C. Butler, Ex. '42, (T Sgt. ) , has been discharged 
from the Army and is now at home in Bessemer, Alabama. 

Frank M. Cross, Jr., was ordained in the Ensley Highland 
Presbyterian Church, May 26. 

James A. Cunningham, Ex. '42, has been discharged from 
the Army (S Sgt. AAF), and is at home in Seymour, Ten- 

David Hall and his wife visited the campus in June. 

John H. Hoelzer and his wife, (Catherine Tomlinson, '44), 
are living in New York City, where John is at work on a 
Ph.D. degree in mathematics and doing some work in the 
War Research Department of Columbia University. 

J. Norman Hooker, and his wife, (Ha Goad, '41), were 
on the campus in July. They have returned to Alcoa to 
live. Norman is principal of one of the grammar schools 
there and Ha is teaching. 

Mary Hafhway Jenks' thesis subject for the M.A. degree 
at the University of Tennessee was "Thackeray's Reading." 

Wilford H. Johnson, Ex. '42, is taking graduate work in 
Botany at the University of Denver, Colorado. We also hear 
that he is married to Miss Eleanor Vaseen. 

John A. Kerr (Captain) has been discharged from the 
Army after four years of service and is returning to his old 
job at Alcoa. 

Jack C. Kramer was discharged from the Army in March. 
He entered the University of Michigan Law School. He and 
his wife, (Margaret R. Clippinger, '43), visited Maryville in 

Arling O. Kressler continues with the TVA in Knoxville, 

Stanley Arthur Menning was supervising a paper mill in 
Germany in April. He reported having seen Archie Pieper, 
Miss Armstrong, Mildred Hester, and his expectation of see- 
ing Dr. Collins in Berlin. His family was expecting him 
home in June. 

L. Quentin Myers has completed his internship at the Lan- 
caster General Hospital (Pa.), and he and his wife, (Eliza- 
beth Ann Huddleston, '41), are now living in Everett, Pa. 

Charles D. Orr, Ex. '42, has been discharged from the 
Army, (Lt.), and is now at home at 227 Chapel Avenue, 
Nashville, Tennessee. 

Elizabeth Pascoe is now at the Roosevelt Club in Manilla, 
(P. 1.), with the Red Cross and is expecting to be transferred 
to Japan soon. 

Edythe Mae Persing has been discharged from the ANC 
and went to work with the Visiting Nurses Association, 
Cleveland, Ohio, in September. 

Mrs. Joseph Rodman (Anne M. Mikulich, '42) has been 
teaching chemistry in the Homestead (Pa.), High School. 

James Arthur Rowan was a visitor on the campus, in April. 
He is back, after twenty-nine months in the Pacific, in West- 
ern Theological Seminary. 

Robert Edward Schwenk, Ex. '42, has been discharged from 
the Navy and has entered Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. 

Francis Ml. Seely was ordained by Ottawa, Illinois, Presby- 
tery in the spring and was commissioned a missionary to Siam 
by the Board of Foreign Missions. 

Fred L. Speer, Ex. '42, has been discharged from the Army 
(Capt.), and is now at home in Maryville, Tennessee. 

Henry Wick was discharged from the Navy, (Lt. j.g), in 
August and was at home in Scottdale, Pennsylvania. 


Mrs. Joseph P. Brock, (Jean Stamp, Ex. '43), has been dis- 
charged from the WAC and is now living in Lynbrook, New 

Richard Boyd was chosen one of the traveling fellows by the 
Board of Christian Education upon graduation from seminary 
this spring. Dick is one of three young people of the 
Church who will travel in promoting a program of interest- 
ing young people in choosing professions in the Church and 
character building institutions. 

Mrs. Muller Boyer, (Olive Blanton Dupuy, '43), visited the 
campus in June on the way to her new home in Hyatts- 
ville, Maryland. 

Carson Brewer, Ex. '43, has been discharged from the Army 
and is with the Knoxville (Tennessee) News Sentinel. 

Clyde R. Brown has accepted a call to the Thomas 
(Pennsylvania) Church. He has announced his engagement 
to Miss Jean McCullough of Dormont, Pennsylvania. 

Arthur S. Bushing and his wife, (Dorothy Barber, '42), are 
living in Knoxville, where Arthur is working on the M.A. de- 
gree at the University of Tennessee. 

Althea Cable is teaching English at the South Williams- 
port (Pennsylvania) High School. 

Wilbur Chapman has been discharged from the Army and 
is at home, Rushsylvania, Ohio. 

William P. Clear, Ex. '43, has been discharged from the 
Navy and is at home in Maryville, Tennessee. 

Paul J. Cooper and his wife, (Carolyn Eberhardt, '43), 
visited the campus in April. They are both teaching in the 
Nutley (New Jersey) High School, and Paul is pursuing an 
M.A. at Columbia University. 

Katherine Crews visited the campus in April. She is 
teaching the music in the Morristown (Tennessee) High 
School. She attended the Eastman School of Music last 

Cecil Eanes, '43, received the B.D. degree from Union Theo- 
logical Seminary, Richmond, Virginia, this spring. 

Wilson B. Garnett, Ex. '43, was discharged from the army 
(Sgt.) in December and is now at home. Rice, Virginia. 

James Garvin received the B.D. degree from Union Theo- 
logical Seminary, Richmond, Virginia, this spring. 

William Hargrave is attending the University of Pennsylvania. 

Donald Hopkins received the B.D. degree from Louisville 
Presbyterian Seminary this spring. He and his wife visited 
the campus in May, before taking up their new residence at 
Richwood, Kentucky, where Don is pastor of the Union and 
Richwood Churches. 

Lawrence Ketchum, Ex. '42, and his wife, (Olga Welsh, 
'43), are living in Madison, Wisconsin, where Larry is study- 
ing in the University of Wisconsin. 

J. Edward (Ted) Kidder and his wife (Cordelia Dellinger, 
'44), visited the campus in May. Ted was discharged from 
the Service in April. 

Robert Lockwood was on the campus in March. He was 
on his way to Langley Field, Virginia, after service in France 
and Italy. 

Jacob Charles Loehr, Ex. '43, has been discharged from the 
AAF and is now at home at 1618 Babcock Road, Wooster, 

Wilbur Lewis Mudge, Ex. '43, has been discharged from 
the Army and is at home in Oaklyn, New Jersey, 

Doris Wilson Murray has been discharged from the Navy 
and is working in Los Angeles. 

Ralph Parvin received the B.D. degree from Louisville 
Presbyterian Seminary, May. 

Olson Pemberton and his wife, (Jean Patterson, '43), ex- 
pected to sail as missionaries to Brazil in the late fall. 

Theodore B. Pratt is doing graduate work at Ohio State 

Meredith Purvis has been discharged from the service and 
is now attending Vanderbilt University. 

Sherfey T. Randolph, Ex. '43, expected to be discharged 
from the Army in July and planned to live at R. F. D. No. 
3, Freehold, New Jersey. 

Trevor Rees Jones, Ex. '43, was expecting to be discharged 
from the Navy in July and was anticipating a summer wedding. 

Leslie Rock has been discharged from the Marines, (Lt.), 
and is now living at Benton Harbor, Michigan. 

Douglas D. Roseborough, and his wife, (Barbara Jean 
Burnett, Ex. '46), visited the campus in February. Douglas 
planned to enter the University of Tennessee. 


Paul H. Ross, Ex. '43, has been discharged from the Navy 
and is at home in Maryville, Tennessee. 

Edward R. Rowley and his wife, (Esther Winn, '43), are liv- 
ing in Cincinnati, where Ed is youth minister in the Pleasant 
Ridge Presbyterian Church. 

Robert Schwarzwalder is now employed in a store in Willow 
Grove, Pennsylvania. 

James H. Smith and his wife, (Ruth Sutherlin, '42), are 
living in Miami, where James is an intern in the Jackson 
Memorial Hospital. 

Joseph Suiter received the B.D. degree from Louisville Pres- 
byterian Seminary in the spring. 

Walter J. Starn, Ex. '43, has been discharged from the 
Navy and is employed in the Sun Ship Yards at Chester, 

William Sweeney and his wife, (Wings James, Ex. '43), are 
now living in New York where Bill was in school. He reports 
attending the Atlantic Highlanders meeting at Newark, May, 
and that the pictures and faces were pretty hard on his 
homesickness for the old school. 

Lloyd McCully Taylor received the M.D. degree from Duke 
Medical School in March. His internship is in the Los Angeles 
County General Hospital. 

John H. Thompson, Jr., Ex. '43, has been discharged from 
the Army and is now at his home in Rogersville, Tennessee. 

Oliver Van Cise is doing graduate work at the Montclair 
(New Jersey) State Teachers College. 

Wendell Whetstone, Ex. 43, is a dentist in Florida. 

Gabriel Gait Williamson received the B.D. degree from Mc- 
Cormick Seminary in May. 

Glenn Winkle is attending the University of Cincinnati 
Medical School. 

Mrs. Robert Winstanley, (Betty Winton), is living in Johns- 
town Pennsylvania, where her husband is a practicing physician. 


Samuel E. Crawford (1st Lt.), received the D.DS. de- 
gree from the University of Tennessee School of Dentistry in 
June and is stationed at Pratt General Hospital, Coral Gables, 

Harris K. Cunningham, Ex. '44, has been discharged frcm 
the Navy and is now living in Maryville, Tennessee. 

John Dillener, Ex. '44, and his wife, (Jean Lehman, '44), 
are living in Cleveland, Ohio, where John is working while 
Jean finishes nurse's training at Western Reserve Nursing 
School. They plan to return to Maryville in January. 

Leroy Y. Dillener visited the campus in September. He is 
a student in Princeton Theological Seminary. 

Jeana Mae Eddleman is studying at the University of 
Tennessee School of Medicine, Memphis, to become a labora- 
tory technician. 

William Evans, Ex. '44, is in Washington Law School, St. 
Louis. His wife, Teddye Cofer, Ex. '46, is employed by the 
Pet Milk Company. 

Evelyn Leeds French has accepted a position as Assistant 
Dietician at the Margaret Hague Hospital, Jersey City (New 
Jersey) Medical Center. 

Margaret Gessert is doing secretarial work for the USO in 
Roswell, New Mexico. 

James Robert Ginn, Ex. '44, and his wife, (Marian Rosen- 
berry, Ex. '44), visited the campus in June. They are living 
in Columbus, Ohio, where Jim attends Ohio State University. 

Mrs. Vincent Ignico, (Sara Cameron, '44), is teaching a 
piano class at Warner Robins Air Field, Macon, Georgia, 
where her husband is stationed. 

Hal B. Lloyd received the Senior Preaching Prize of 1946 
at McCormick Seminary. 

Harry Lyie, Ex. '44, is with the Counselling branch of the 
Separation Center at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. 

Douglas MacMartin is a social worker in Winona, Minn. 

Robert J. Miller, Ex. '44, has been discharged from the 
service and is attending Franklin and Marshall College. 

Leiand K. Milligan, Ex. '44, (Lt.), has been stationed in 
the Pacific Area. 

Paul H. .Moehlman is a middler at McCormick Seminary. 

Clyde E. Nash, Ex. '44, has been atending Southern Method- 
ist University since his discharge from the service in De- 
cember, 1945. 

Joel T. Phillips, Jr., Ex. '44, and his wife, (Elizabeth 
Bryant, '42), and two sons are living in Winter Park, Florida, 
since Joel's discharge from the Ferrying Command. 

Neil Proffitt, Ex. '44, was discharged from the Navy in 
June. He is studying interior decoration at UCLA. 

Dexter Rice, Ex. '44, is attending Bangor (Maine) Theo- 
logical Seminary. 

Mrs. Jack H. Richmond, (Aimee Wriggins, '44), spent the 
summer with her husband at Great Lakes, Illinois; she returned 
to Woman's Medical College at Philadelphia in the fall. 
Her husband plans to enter Lafayette College to prepare for 
the mission field upon receiving his discharge. 

Samuel Edwin Sapp will complete work for both his B.D. 
and M.Th. degree at Columbia Theological Seminary during 
the school year. His wife, (Marjorie McCaleb Sapp), is a 
member of the Junior Class at Maryville. 

Robert Schalkop, Ex. '44, is at the University of Chicago. 

Marian Schank is teaching in Basking Ridge, New Jersey. 

Horace E. Sherer, Ex. '44, expected to be discharged from 
the service in August and to return to his home in Consho- 
hocken, Pennsylvania. 

William George Simpson, Ex. '44, has been discharged from 
the service and is now at home, Akron, Ohio. 

Charles Spurlock, Ex. '44, has been discharged from the 
Navy and is now at home, McMinnville, Tennessee. 

Bernard Stern, Ex. '44, received his B.A. degree from the 
University of Pennsylvania while working for the Philadelphia 
Record. In August 1945 he went with the Associated Press 
at Newark, New Jersey. 

Hill Stiggins, Ex. '44, has been discharged from the service 
and is now enrolled in the University of Florida School of 

Malcolm Thompson visited the campus in April. He is a 
student at McCormick Seminary. 

Glenn Trexler, Ex. '44, has been discharged from the Army 
and is now at Granite Quarry, North Carolina. 

Robert Twitchell, Ex. '44, has been discharged from the 
AAF (Lt.) and is now at home in Haddonfield, New Jersey. 

Elbert Upshaw, Ex. '44, is practicing dentistry in Atlanta, 

Phillip Vance, Ex. '44, is attending Southwestern University 
and playing in an orchestra. 

Mrs. R. M. Williams, Jr., (Jean Batchelor, Ex. '44), has 
just returned from Saipan where she has been since March 
with her husband who was Senior Chaplain on Tinian. 

Mack Wilson, Ex. '44, and his wife, (Lois Graf, '45), visit- 
ed the campus in June. Mack was expecting his discharge and 
planned to enter the University of Pennsylvania. 

Mrs. Phillip Woodward, (Georgia Lou Meadows, '44), is 
employed in the Personnel Office at Maryville College. 


Mrs. Donald Black, (Mary Curtis), visited the campus in 
April. She is employed by the TVA in Chattanooga. She re- 
ported that Don was on his way home from India. 

Grace Bowers is the D.R.E. in the 9th Presbyterian Church, 

Margaret G. "Peggy" Caldwell is employed in Louisville, 

Helen Cassile, after a year's study in Jerusalem, is now in 
Syria as a missionary. 

Baxter Cato, Ex. '45, has been discharged from the service 
and is attending the University of Tennessee. 

Mrs. Ralph V. Chamblin, (Isabel Muir, Ex. '45), received 
the B.A. degree from the University of Maryland, 1946, now 
with the Institute of Textile Technology, Charlottesville, 

Charles M. Chapman, Ex. '45, is attending Ohio Wesleyan 
and we hear that he is married. 

Hannah Duke is working in Washington, D. C. 

John Edward Gates visited the campus in September. He 
had been discharged from the Navy and entered Yale Ut^i- 
versity Divinity School. 


William Spencer Jarnagin, Ex. '45, has been discharged 
from the Army and is now studying at Ohio State University, 

Jean Kincaid is working in the chemistry department at 
Oak Ridge, Tennessee. 

Dorothea Claire Lehman received a $500 scholarship from 
the Presbyterian College of Christian Education, Chicago, on 
the basis of merit on a comprehensive examination. 

William N. Mays, Ex. '45, has been discharged from the 
AAF and is now attending the University of California. 

Mrs. Scott McClure, (Margaret Messer, '45), is DRE at the 
New Providence Presbyterian Church while her husband, 
Maurice Scott McClure, Ex. '45, is attending Maryville Col- 

Thomas Andrew McGehee, Ex. '45, is now discharged from 
the Army and is living in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. 

Betty Jane Meyer attended Middlebury School of Languages 
in the summer. 

John W. Morrow, Ex. '45, has been discharged from the 
AAF and is now attending the University of Minnesota. 

Henry H. Potter, Ex. '45, is attending the University of 

Donald Arthur Schafer, Ex. '45, has been discharged from 
the AAF and is now living in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Ruby Shelley, Ex. '45, is teaching school at Bluff City, 

Frances Smith, Ex. '45, received the M.Mus. degree at the 
American Conservatory in May. 

John Tyler, Ex. '45, is attending Jefferson Medical Col- 
lege, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

James C. Witherspoon is a Middler at McCormick Seminary 
this year. 

Lois Yohe is serving an internship as a student dietician 
at North Carolina Baptist Hospital, Winston-Salem, North 


Olinde K Ahrens is a secretary to Dr. C. H. McCloy, 
Anthropologist, Iowa University, Iowa City, where she will do 
graduate work in philosophy on a fellowship. 

Ruth Anderson is secretary to the general secretary of the 
Orthodox Presbyterian Church. 

Mary Batchelor has been helping with the house work this 
summer, traveling up north, and plans to take a stenographic 
course in the Pan American Secretarial School this fall as 
well as work with some of the local musical organizations. 

Marie W. Baxter has been resting this summer and planned 
to enter the Library School, George Peabody College, Nash- 
ville, this fall. She is seeking the B.S. in L.S. degree. 

Frances Bradshaw has been resting this summer and began 
teaching home economics at the Stuart Robinson School at 
Blackey, Kentucky, this fall. 

Essie Broom is church secretary, visitor, and educational 
director in a mission church of the Central Baptist Church, 
Johnson City, Tennessee. 

Jane Callahan is a Bibliographer in the Order Section of 
the library at Duke University, and like everyone that we have 
heard from of this class, she is thrilled with her work. 

Louise Corbett is in the Export Advertising Department of 
the Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y. She is also 
taking lessons at the Eastman School of Music. 

Margaret M. Cross is the DRE at the Graystone Presbyterian 
Church, Knoxville, Tennessee; she plans to do graduate study 
for an appointment to a mission field eventually, receiving 
the M.R.E. degree. 

Rebecca A. Davis has delayed taking up her work with the 
YWCA to care for her mother who has been quite ill. She 
attended the YWCA training school at Lake Forest, Illinois, 
this summer. 

Rosalind Garges and Louise Corbett are living together in 
Rochester, New York, where Rosalind is a bookkeeper in the 
credit department of the Eastman Kodak Company. 

Kathleen M. Glymph is a student dietician in the Watts 
Hospital, Durham, North Carolina. She says, "I like my work, 
but miss coming back to school and seeing everybody." 

Violeta Gomez is studying medical social work at the Uni- 
versity of Puerto Rico. She expects to be through in De- 
cember and to begin work under the health department, 

June Gowanlock was with relatives in Canada this summer. 
She began work in the library of the University of Tennessee 
on October 14. 

Mrs. Luther Haney, (Sybil Tallent), visited the campus in 
April. A classmate of Marcia Keirn, '45, she was in Mary- 
ville in connection with her part in Marcia's wedding. 

Mrs. Donald P. Hardy (Carol Titus), left India with 
her husband recently for a six months' leave in England. Her 
husband is in the Indian Civil Service and their address is 
Robin Hood's Bay, Yorkshire. 

Miles J. Heckendorn, Ex. '46, has been discharged from the 
service and is in business in Port Royal, Pennsylvania. 

Thomas Edward Henderson is studying at Union Theological 
Seminary, Richmond, Virginia. 

Juanita A. Hinson is working in Washington, D. C. 

Mrs. James P. Hodges, (Catherine Crothers, '46), is keep- 
ing house in Memphis, where Jim, Ex. '45, is completing his 
M.D. degree in the University of Tennessee School of Medicine. 
They plan to live in Detroit next year as Jim will serve his 
internship there. 

Melba Holder spent a part of her summer visiting her 
uncle and aunt at McCormick Seminary, Chicago, where she 
met "many Maryville friends." She planned to return to 
work in the biological research division of the University of 
Chicago and to take some courses toward a master's degree 
in biology. 

Mary Johnston is taking the intensive course for college 
graduates at the Latin American Institute in New York City 
this fall. 

John Jones, Ex. '46, has been discharged from the service 
and is now studying law at Duke University. 

Dorothy L. Justus worked temporarily for Dr. V. M. Queener 
in Washington, D. C. She and Betty Lou King were to- 
gether. They both planned to be back in Knoxville in 

Mrs. Harold Kidder, (Catherine Sisk, '46), did work at 
George Peabody College, Nashville, this summer. She and 
Harold, Ex. '47, are now living in Nashville while Harold is 
attending Peabody. 

Angell Kincaid rested this summer and is teaching in the 
Belwood School, Belwood, North Carolina, this fall. 

Fred McDaniel, Ex. '46, is attending the University of Ten- 

Harold H. McFarland, Ex. '46, was discharged from the 
Marine Corps and is now at home, Heidelberg (RFD No. 1), 
Mississippi. He was with the troops that stormed the shores 
of Saipan, Tinian, and Iwo Jima. 

Mary Elizabeth McKnight is teaching the 5th grade in 
Alcoa, Tennessee. 

Phoebe Oplinger is desk attendant at the public library, 
Chattanooga, Tennessee. 

Nelle Ousley is teaching the 2nd grade at Alcoa, Tennessee. 
She worked as a saleswoman in the Style Shop at Maryville 
this summer. 

Catherine Payne has rested this summer, is going to rest 
this winter at Fort Pierce, Florida, then she will seek work 
in the field of home economics. 

Mrs. Walter Proffitt, (Bobilee Knabb, '46) is a house wife 
and says: "I like it — wonderful." 

Elizabeth Proffitt is Assistant Home Demonstration Agent 
with the University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension 
Service, Fayetteville, Tennessee. 

Abner Richard is enrolled in Western Theological Seminary, 
Pittsburgh. He is Director of Young People's Work of the 
Sheridan Community Presbyterian Church there. 

Thelma Richardson, Ex. '46, was a visitor on the campus 
in April. She is enrolled in the University of Iowa seeking a 
master's degree. 

Williams Robarts is employed in the Library of the University 
of Tennessee. This summer he served as assistant to the 
pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Miami Beach, Florida. 

Grace Rogers, Ex. '46, is working in Washington, D. C. 

Janet Ruth Roush, Ex. '46, was a recent visitor to the 
campus. She is in Cadet Nurses' training, Harrisburg, Pennsyl- 

Ralph O. Sawmiller, Ex. '46, and his wife are now living 
in Ames, Iowa, where Ralph is attending the Iowa State 

Harry Scapelatti did manual labor with a construction com- 
pany in Bangor, Pennsylvania this summer. He planned to 
enter Temple University for a master degree in business ad- 


Dean Short, Ex. '46, has been discharged from the Army 
and is now at home in Gibsonia, Pennsylvania. 

Lucille E. Sitler was camp counselor in nature study at 
Chippewa Trail Camp this summer. She expects to find 
work with Eli Lilly or Merrill Laboratories in Cincinnati. Later 
she wants to return to school for the M.S. degree. 

Audria Stinger was at Camp Townsherd, Morris, Conn., this 
summer. She is now Girl Reserve Secretary at the Kingston, 
New York, Y.W.C.A. 

Dean Stone, Ex. '46, has been discharged from the Army 
and is now at home in Maryville, Tennessee. 

William R. Thompson, Ex. '46, has been discharged from 
the Army and is now at his home, Neenah, Wisconsin. 

Ann Thornton is in training to become an X-ray technician 
in Valdosta, Georgia. 

Eva Nilda Toro is a high school teacher in Cabo Ro|0, 
Puerto Rico. She will receive a scholarship next year for 
further training at the University of Puerto Rico. She says 
that she has been helping her father, Rev. Felipe Toro, in 
church schools and Bible summer conferences and likes it very 
much. "I want to say 'hello' to all my friends at Maryville 

June Townsend is at the graduate school, Rutgers Uni- 
versity, seeking a Ph.D. in chemistry. She has a graduate 
assistantship and expects to be in Rutgers for the next four 

Mildred Waring worked as a unit leader in a girl scout 
camp this summer. She has accepted a position with the na- 
tional Y.W.C.A. Council as a "program director for teen 

Edna Mae Watts did only part time work this summer 
getting in some rest. She is teaching home economics at 
the Ponce de Leon High School, Ponce de Leon, Florida. 

Helen Marie Wilson has been keeping house this summer. 
The family has moved to Girard, Pennsylvania, where she is 
teaching French, English, and keeping the library in the Rice 
Avenue Union High School. She plans to enter graduate 
school when "conditions are not as crowded as now." 

Curtis W. Wright and his wife, (Frances Sisk, '43), are 
living in a trailer on the campus of Emory University, where 
Curtis is seeking the M.A. degree in preparation for a 
teaching career. 


The seventy-first 
series of tlie Mary- 
ville College Feb- 
ruary Meetings will 
be held February 
5 to 13, 1947. The 
interest and pray- 
ers of alumni will 
play an important 
part in tlie effec- 
tiveness of this ef- 
fort which has 
been so great a 
channel of bless- 
ing for so long. 
The preac her 
DR. GARDNER this year will be 

the Reverend John Hamish Gardner, Jr., D.D., Pastor 
of the First Presbyterian Church of Baltimore. This 
will be tlie first time Dr. Gardner has been here for 
the Meetings and students and faculty look forward 
to his leadership. He was elected a Director of tlie 
College in 1945. 

The song leader again will be tlie Reverend Sidney 
E. Stiingham, D.D., now Pastor of the New McKen- 
dree Methodist Chiu-ch, Jackson, Missouri. This will 
be Dr. Stiingham's twenty-fifth year as leader of sing- 


ing in tlie February Meetings. This represents a 

notable service for wluch Maryville College alumni 
everywhere are deeply grateful. 


Harold E. Ammons, Ex. '43 Robert A. Hunter, Ex. '44 

Lloyd Anderson, Ex. '45 Paul A. Jamarik, Ex. '44 

Robert D. Argie, Ex. '45 William Abbott Kemp, Ex. '47 

Robert James Bird, Ex. '46 Fred Kluth, Ex. '46 

Charles Arthur Brand, Ex. '44 Paul C. Kolter, Ex. '44 

Robert Bruce, Ex. '46 Frank A. Kramer, Ex. '45 

Theron Burchfield, Ex. '47 Roy W. Laughmiller, Jr., Ex.'44 

Robert C. Butts, .Ex. '42 John Rush Lester, Jr., Ex. '47 

George E. Callahan, Ex. '44 L. William Long, Ex. '46 

Donald W. Campbell, Ex. '43 Irvin K. McArthur, Ex. '44 

Purnell B. Darrell, Ex. '45 Maurice Scott McClure, Ex. '45 

Wayne Davis, Ex. '46 Melvin R. Malone, Ex. '44 

Fred M. DePue, Ex. '44 George W. Martz, Ex. '42 

Albert Doctor, Ex. '44 Howard Meineke, Ex. '44 

Ronald L. Easter, Ex. '45 Marvin E. Mitchell, Ex. '45 

Elmer E. Engel, Ex. '45 John Richard Moore, Ex. '44 

Winton W. Enloe, Jr., Ex. '46 Harvey R. Overton, Ex. '43 

Warren Nelson Ernest, Ex. '45 Charley Pepper, Ex. '44 

James E. Evans, Ex. '44 Chester W. Phillips, Ex. '46 

Daniel B. Eveland, Ex. '43 Lewis M. Purifoy, Ex. '44 

Winfred Ezell, Ex. '44 Alan Rock, Ex. '45 

Melville Gaughan, Ex. '44 John Rogerville, Ex. '43 

J. M. Gihmore, Ex. '42 Kenneth Ross, Ex. '44 

William R. Grosh, Ex. '44 John Runion, Ex. '46 

Joe M. Grubb, Ex. '46 Claude Shell, Ex. '44 

David C. Gulick, Ex. '45 James Sidner, Ex. '44 

Harold Henry, Ex. '47 Robert F. Smith, Ex. '45 

James Spencer Henry, Ex. '43 J. Arthur Spears, Ex. '46 

Robert Herzberger, Ex. '44 Frank Still, Jr., Ex. '46 

Charles H. Hildreth, Ex. '43 Raymond H. Swartzback,Ex.'45 

Charles B. Hoglan, Ex. '45 Charles K. Talbott, Ex. '45 

H. J. Hollingsworth, Ex. '46 Robert D. Thompson, Ex. '44 

Stuart Ross Honaker, Ex. '45 Gilbert Weiss, Ex. '44 

Harold Huffman, Ex. '45 Robert M. Willocks, Ex. '46 


Jeanne Blanchard, Ex. '47, is attending the University of 
Kansas and working in Kansas City. 

Richard Brophy, Ex. '47, is attending the University of 

Eva May Campbell, Ex. '47, is attending Newark State 
Teachers College in New Jersey. She expects to be through 
in December. 

Jane Craig, Ex. '47, is a student in Brown University, 
Providence, Rhode Island. 

Doris Fischer, Ex. '47, is a foods major in the home eco- 
nomics department of the University of Tennessee. 

Carolyn Wallace Fleetwood, Ex. '47, visited the campus in 
April with her husband who was a member of the Air Corps 
Training Detachment at Maryville College. They are living 
at Andersonville, Tennessee. 

Louise Maxwell, Ex. '47, after spending six months in the 
Cadet Nurse Training program, is now attending Arkansas 
State Teachers College. 

Margaret Moore, Ex. '47, is now living at home in Potts- 
ville, Arkansas. 

John Poland, Ex. '47, has been promoted to 1 st Sergeant 
and is still stationed in Japan. 

John L. Riley, Ex. '47, was still in Germany (near Munich) 
in July and expected to spend at least another year there. 

Dorothy Scott, Ex. '47, is a student at High Point College, 
High Point, North Carolina. 

Dorothy Stults, Ex. '47, is attending the Katherine Gibbs 
School in New York City. 

Carolyn Winfrey, Ex. '47, went to Florida in the spring 
for her health.