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The names of individuals who will 
be instrumental in selecting Maryville 
College's 1 1th president have been 

Bryant Cureton '60, a member 
of the College's Board of Directors, 
is chairing the College's Presidential 
Search Committee. Cureton retired 
from Elmhurst (III.) College last year 
after 14 years at the helm. 

Board members Nancy Cain, 
Sheridan H. "Dan" Greaser '60, 
G. Donald Hickman '70, Diane 
Humphreys-Barlow '70, Wayne Kramer 
'74, Naomi Burgos Lynn '54 and Alvin 
Nance '79 are also serving. 

Faculty representatives are Dr. 
Carl Gombert, associate professor 
of art; Dr. Mark O'Gorman, associate 
professor of political science and chair 
of the faculty; and Dr. Lori Schmied, 
professor of psychology. 

David Perkins, assistant director 
of the physical plant, and Dana Smith, 
vice president and treasurer, are 
representing the College's staff and 

From the student body, Ellison 
Berryhill '12 and Le'Sean Brannon '11 
are serving. 

Laura Case, assistant to the 
president, is providing administrative 
assistance to the committee, and 
Dorsey D. "Dan" Ellis '60, alumnus 
and chairman of the MC Board of 
Directors, is serving as an ex-officio, 
non-voting member. 

The committee is expected to 
present to the Board three to four 
outstanding candidates in time for 
the Board to act at its January 2010 

Cureton will post updates on the 
search on the MC web site regularly. 
Find the link under "MC at a Glance" 
on the homepage. 

President Dr. Gerald Gibson 

Alumni News & Notes 


On April 27, Maryville College 
President Dr. Gerald W. Gibson 
announced to the faculty, staff and 
students that he would he retiring 
from the post at the conclusion of the 
2009-2010 academic year. 

"Dr. Dan Ellis, chair of the Board 
[of Directors], and I began discussing 
a year and a half ago the optimal 

timing for a new president to pick up the reins, and we believe that the next year 
should provide ample opportunity for a proper search," Gibson wrote in a memo to 
the campus community. 

Gibson, who previously served as vice president and dean at Roanoke College in 
Virginia, was inaugurated Maryville College's 10th president in October of 1993. 
Today, he is credited for leading the College into its current state of historic strength 
and instituting a model of visioning and planning for progress. 

Ellis, speaking on behalf of the Board of Directors, thanked Gibson for his "years of 
transformative leadership" at the College. 

"During President Gibson's tenure, Maryville College completed two major 
campaigns and is about to complete a third, crowned by the dramatic rise of the 
Clayton Center for the Arts," Ellis said. "The College also constructed six new 
buildings and renovated 12 others. He raised faculty and staff salaries to a competitive 
level, appointed outstanding new faculty, increased the size and academic quality of 
the student body, and elevated the stature of the College to the highest level in its 
long history. 

"The Board of Directors regrets but understands President Gibson's decision to 
retire and is grateful for his providing a year's notice to facilitate a smooth transition in 
leadership," Ellis added. 

The search for Maryville College's 11th president is underway. (See sidebar.) 

Gibson said he was grateful for the opportunity to serve Maryville College. 

"In December of 1992, 1 saw the Mary\ille College campus for the first time. Since that 
visit, this has come to feel like home," the president wrote in the memo. "Being selected 
by the Board of Directors to lead this fine old institution was die greatest compliment I 
have ever been paid, and serving here has been the high point of a long career." 

II ^ 93 

EDITOR'S NOTE: The College received information printed below 
between March 1, 2008 and March 31, 2009. Notes received after 
April 1 should appear in the winter issue of FOCUS. 

'24 MEMORIAM: Lillian 

Henry Petree, Mar 3, 2008, 
in Knoxville, Tenn. After 
graduation from MC, she 
received her master's degree 
from the University of Tennessee 
and taught at John Tarleton 
Institute for 25 years and the 
Oak Ridge School System for 
20 years. She was a long time 
member of the Second United 
Methodist Church and its choir. 
Survivors include three nephews 
and one niece. 

'29 MEMORIAM: Jane Sherrill 

Vaughan, Aug. 22, 2008, in 
Cleveland, Tenn. She opened 
and ran several grocery stores 
until 1962; she also owned 
several businesses in real estate, 
farming and media. She was 
a member of Central Church 
of Christ since 1940. Survivors 
include one daughter, one son- 
in-law, three grandsons, seven 
great-grandchildren and several 
nieces and nephews. 

'31 MEMORIAM: Bertha Mae 

Lawson Henderson, April 1, 
2009, in Sevierville, Tenn. She 
was honored by Who's Who 
in Tennessee Nursing Homes 
by the Tennessee Health Care 
Association. She taught school 
for 40 years and retired from 
teaching 37 years ago. She 
retired from teaching piano 
lessons when she turned 101 . 

'33 MEMORIAM: Frances 

DuPre Carter, July 17, 2008, in 
Knoxville, Tenn. She taught high 
school math in North Carolina 
and was an active member 
of Arlington Baptist Church, 
serving in the Missionary Society 
under various positions. She 
also served in a number of 
other community organizations, 
including the Baptist Hospital 
Auxiliary and Tri Psi. Survivors 
include two daughters, two sons- 
in-law and four grandchildren. 

'34 MEMORIAM: Betty 

Zoller Koella, May 21, 
2008, in Maryville, Tenn. 
Survivors include one son, 1 1 
grandchildren and 12 great- 

'37 MEMORIAM: Ernestine 

McCulley Peery, June 13, 2008, 
in Hamilton, Tex. Survivors 
include two sons, one daughter, 
five granddaughters, 12 great- 
grandchildren, five sisters and 
one brother. 

'38 MEMORIAMS Frances 
Maude Perrin, June 15, 2008, 
in LaFollette, Tenn. She was a 
social worker for many years 
and worked with her husband 
in several Presbyterian churches 
in South Carolina, Kentucky and 
Ohio. She loved the outdoors 
and was an accomplished 
pianist and organist who also 
taught others to play. Survivors 
include one daughter, one son- 
in-law, two sons, two daughters- 
in-law, two granddaughters, 
four grandsons and seven 

■ Emma Jane Kramer White, 
Aug. 4, 2008, in Northridge, 
Calif. Survivors include brother 
Roy Kramer, '51 and nephew 
Wayne Kramer, '74. 

■ Dorothy Elizabeth Armstrong 
Wicklund, July 28, 2008, in 
Waco, Tex She and husband 
Harold Wicklund '40 had 
recently celebrated their 66th 
wedding anniversary in Waco 
on April 2, 2008. In addition to 
Harold, survivors include four 
children, 13 grandchildren and 
seven great-grandchildren. 

39 Just a few weeks after 
the Baker School of Dance 
presented its 73rd production 
on May 4, 2008, Irma Souder 
Baker celebrated her 91 st 
birthday. The school is located 
in Glenville, NY. 

MEMORIAMS: Helen Bobo 
Bounds Fedric, March 27, 

2007, in Heber Springs, Ariz. A 
retired teacher and principal 
for Clarksdale Public Schools, 
she was also a member of St. 
Paul's United Methodist Church. 
Survivors include two sons and 
one brother. 

■ Mildred Sara Dallas Paul, 
March 31, 2008 in Waverly, 
Ohio. Survivors include son 
R. Dana Paul '71 and family. 

■ Virginia Todd Van Cise, 
March 30, 2008, in Bay City, 

■ William B. Wilson, Sept 
3, 2008, in Maryville, Tenn. 
He received his master's 
degree from the University 
of Tennessee's College of 
Engineering, after which he 
worked for General Electric for 
over 40 years. He was a world- 
recognized expert in the field 
of power generation. Survivors 
include two daughters, two 
sons-in-law, two grandsons and 
their families. 

'40 MEMORIAMS: Mary 

Butler Hamby, June 16, 2008, in 
Demopolis, Ala. She attended 
Maryville College for two years. 
Survivors include two brothers, 
three sisters-in-law, two 
children, two grandchildren and 
two great-grandchildren. 

■ David Heydinger, Nov 13, 

2008, in Drummond Island, 
Mich. After receiving his 
master's degree from Case 
Western University and serving 
as a lieutenant in the U.S. 
Marines, he practiced medicine 
until 1974. He was a professor 
at Ohio State University and 
published many medical 
writings. In 1975, he became 
involved in rural and public 
health care and served in 
various administrative positions 
at Marshall -University. He was 
also on numerous boards, 
including the West Virginia 
Department of Health. Survivors 
include four daughters, one 
son, 14 grandchildren, five 
great-grandchildren, two 
brothers and many nieces and 

■ Mary Burns Storey, on Feb. 
9, 2008, in Maryville, Tenn. She 
was a teacher in the Blount 
County and Alcoa School 
Systems. Survivors include one 
brother, one brother-in-law, two 
sisters-in-law, as well as several 
nieces and nephews. 

'41 MEMORIAM: Robert 

Wilcox, Nov 10, 2008, in 
Maryville, Tenn. A retired 
minister in the United Methodist 
Church, he was also a teacher 
at New Market High School. 
He served as president of 
numerous conferences and 
boards and was an active 
member of the Boards of 
Trustees of Emory and Henry, 
Hiwassee and Tennessee 
Wesleyan colleges, the last 
of which presented him an 
honorary Doctor of Divinity 
degree. Survivors include three 
cousins-in-law and their families. 

'42 MEMORIAMS: Mary 

Helen Caldwell, Sept. 7, 2008, 
in Cary, N.C. She was a career 
employee with the State of 
North Carolina. She retired in 
1986 after working 43 years 
for the Employment Security 
Commission. She contributed to 
the "Dictionary of Occupational 
Titles" and served on the 
Resident Association Council 
of Gleinaire Retirement 
Community. She was also 
an active member of White 
Memorial Presbyterian Church 
and served as a docent for the 
North Carolina Museum of Art 
in Raleigh. Survivors include one 
nephew and his wife. 

■ Margaret Proffitt 
Cunningham, May 6, 2008, 
in Maryville, Tenn. After 
graduating from MC, she was 
a 4-H worker and a home 
demonstration agent. She 
also worked as a teacher/ 
dietician for Rogersville 
Elementary School for 26 years. 
Survivors include husband Ben 
Allen Cunningham '42; two 
daughters; two sons-in-law; 
two grandchildren; siblings 
Nina Cunningham Russell '44, 
William Proffitt '49, and Robert 

2 | Alumni Naps & Notes fall 200? 

Proffitt '51; one brother-in-law, 
two sisters-in-law, including 
Vera Lusk Proffitt '49; and 

several nieces and nephews. 

'43 Olga Marie Welsh 
Ketchum enjoyed her 92nd 
birthday last summer with 
some of her family and friends, 
according to her daughter 
Susan Katherine Ketchum '69, 
who wrote that though "a stroke 
took her speech, she makes 
herself understood with smiles 
and gestures" and "remains 
active in daily events." 
MEMORIAMS: Mary Cowan 
Doxsee, on May 1 1 , 2008, in 
The Plains, Ohio. She pursued 
a master's degree at Columbia 
University and Leeds University 
in England and taught textiles 

in the Ohio University School 
of Home Economics for over 
30 years. She was an active 
member of the Good Shepherd 
Episcopal Church in Athens and 
was a founding member and 
volunteer at the Athens County 
Historical Society and Museum. 
Survivors include husband 
Lawrence, one niece and two 

■ Robert Francis, Feb. 27, 
2008, and wife Betty Robinson 
Francis, March 18,2008, in 
Alpharetta, Ga. Survivors 
include one daughter. 

■ Oscar "Jack" Lippard, June 
29, 2008, in Kirkwood, Mo. He 
practiced podiatry for over 
40 years and developed and 
directed the Diabetic Foot 
Clinic at Barnes Hospital 

for over 30 years. He wrote 
many articles on podiatry and 
diabetes and was also active 
in the arts community in St. 
Louis. Survivors include wife 
Ellen Pascoe Lippard '45, one 
son, one daughter and two 

'44 MEMORIAMS: Helen 

Anderson Kerr, May 25, 2008, 

in Knoxville, Tenn. She was 
an active member of New 
Providence Presbyterian Church 
for over 60 years in various 
positions and also loved to 
travel. Survivors include children 
John Kerr Jr. '67, Barbara 
Anne Kerr '76, Linda Kerr 
Shinn '97 and their families, 
sister Carolyn Anderson Carter 
'56, two grandchildren and four 

nieces and nephews and their 

■ Ruth Cathcart Rowland, 

Nov. 7, 2008, in Maryville, Tenn. 
She was a member of St. Paul 
Lutheran Church. Survivors 
include two daughters, one 
son-in-law, two grandchildren, 
niece Kathy Blair '83 and one 

■ Robert L. Shalkop, Aug. 
13, 2008, in Salisbury, N.C. 
He joined the Army Air Corps 
to serve in World War II and 
received a master's degree 

in anthropology from the 
University of Chicago when 
he returned. He was an 
archaeologist and art museum 
director and appeared in Who's 
Who. Survivors include wife 


ARTHUR BUSHING '43, longtime 
English professor and administrator at 
Maryville College, died Oct. 29, 2008, 
in his home in Maryville. 

He was born in Oroville, Wash. 
He served in World War II, where 
he was awarded the Bronze Star, the 
Battle of the Rhineland medal and the 
Battle of Central Europe medal. 

He returned to teach at MC in 
1947 as assistant professor of English 
and held various other positions at MC, including chair of the 
English department and director of the college's continuing 
education program, which he initiated in 1973. 

Bushing earned his master's degree from the University 
of Tennessee in 1948 and continued his education at the 
University of Iowa and Duke, among others. 

He was awarded an honorary doctor of letters in 1991 
and retired from formal teaching in 1996. 

He was awarded the Maryville College Medallion, 
the College's highest honor, in 2000, and recognized as a 
"Legend of Anderson Hall" during Homecoming 2008. 

Survivors include wife Dorothy Barber Bushing '42, 
son Stuart, three daughters, including Barbera Bushing '71, 
Kathryn Bushing Banfield '97 and Jennifer Hill '82, seven 
grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. 

£ JAMES CAMPBELL '53, who 

was awarded the College's Alumni 
Citation in 1998, passed away Aug. 
24, 2008, in Maryville. 

Campbell was a three-sport 
athlete at MC and signed on with 
the Cincinnati Reds after graduation 
but soon was drafted into the Army. 
After serving in Korea, he taught and 
coached in the Clinton and Maryville 
city schools systems. 
Active in church, he completed coursework at Princeton 
Seminary during the 1960s and served as director of 
Christian education in two churches. 

He was Maryville High School's Athletics Director from 
1981 until 1996. When he retired, the school's gymnasium 
was named in his honor. 

Campbell also helped organize the Blount County 
Sports Hall of Fame and remained active in local sports by 
broadcasting Maryville High School and Maryville College 
football and basketball games. 

Survivors include his wife, Janice Eakin Campbell 
'54; brother G. David Campbell '49 and wife Peggy 
Curnrnings Campbell, and brother Marion (Jerry) 
Campbell '51 and wife Charlotte; son David Campbell and 
wife Mary Lynn Tobin and son James Campbell '79 and 
wife Priscilla Book Campbell '79 and four grandchildren. 

Alumni News &■ Notes fall 2009 | 3 

i s s si a a 


housemother at Lloyd Hall in the 1960s, died Dec. 11, 
2007, in Maryville. 

She was a member of New Providence Presbyterian 
Church and the Chilhowee Club. She was retired from the 
University of Louisville Book Store. 

Survivors include three daughters, Judith Herr, Mary Lou 
MacCall and Margaret Jones Dent '57; sons-in-law Harry 
MacCall '55 and Bill Dent '57; 12 grandchildren and 15 
great-grandchildren . 


One of the Scots' most loyal fans, Nanq' 
Hubbart Baird, passed away on Nov. 30, 2008. 
She was 88. 

The wife of Boydson Baird '41, Nancy 
moved to Maryville in 1959 when her 
husband was hired as head football coach and professor. 
Student-athletes of the 1960s and 1970s likely remember 
visiting the Baird's home prior to games, when she prepared 
"■training meals" (poached eggs, hot tea, toast and fruit 
cocktail) for players' energy and muscle endurance. 

She was a familiar face at the Scots' home and away 
games, even following Boydson's retirement in 1976. 
A native of Ohio, Nancy graduated from Ohio Wesleyan 
University and worked in Japan with the American Red 
Cross following World War II. Later in life, she worked as a 
librarian with the Blount County School System and at John 
Sevier Elementary School. She received a master's degree in 
education from Union College at the age of 6 1 . 

Honoring Nancy's dedication to education and to the 
College's athletic program, the Baird children donated 
money in 2000 for furniture and refurbishment of a 
classroom located in Cooper Athletic Center. It was dedicated 
the Nancy Baird Classroom in 2001. 

She is survived by husband Boydson; children Faith 
Baird Carpenter '72, Annie Baird Frick and Weldon Baird; 
and their families. 

'45 Ethel Beall Rosenfeld 

wrote to report the death of 
her husband Jerome in 2007. 
Bob Seel and family members 
visited Puerto Rico in August 
2008 where his father (MC 
professor) and mother (Miriam 
Seel '13) served as President 
of the Polytech Institute in San 

MEMORIAM: Frances Lane 
Edwards, Sept. 29, 2008, in 
Scottsdale, Ariz. Survivors 
include four daughters and their 
husbands, six grandchildren and 
three great-grandchildren. 

'46 Mary Batchelor Seel 

returned to Jesus Hospital 
in Jeonju, Korea, where she 

was director, for its 1 10th 
anniversary. Editor Dean Stone 
and The Daily Times received a 
first place award in the region 
for Vol. Ill, "Snapshots of 
Blount County History," which 
promoted knowledge and 
preservation of local history. 
Over 600 entries in newspapers 
in 1 1 Southeast states were in 
the competition sponsored 
by the Atlanta Professional 
Chapter of the Society of the 
Professional Journalists. Stone 
has worked at The Da/7y Times 
in Maryville, Tenn., for more 
than 60 years Neysa Ferguson 
Willocks and husband Robert 
Willocks '49 continue to do 
missions work in South America, 
Africa and Asia. 
MEMORIAM: Nelle Ousley 
Widner, Aug. 5, 2008, in 
Maryville, Tenn. She taught first 
grade and remedial reading in 
the Alcoa City School System 
until her retirement in 1987 
and was an active member of 
Alcoa First United Methodist 
Church for more than 50 years. 
Survivors include sons Stephen 
Widner and David Widner '81 , 
daughter-in-law Lesa Andrews 
Widner '82, one daughter, 
eight grandchildren, one 
brother, two sisters-in-law, 10 
nieces, nine nephews and their 

'47 MEMORIAM: Howard 

"Red" Meineke, Sept 2, 2008, 
in Cincinnati, Ohio. Originally 
in the class of '44, he returned 
to graduate after service as a 
naval officer during World War 
II. He completed his doctorate 
at the University of Cincinnati 
where he taught in the anatomy 
department for more than 
50 years. Survivors include 
one son, four daughters, 1 1 
grandchildren and three great- 

'48 Elaine Kern Magliulo did 

some traveling this past year 
and finally realized her dream of 
seeing Alaska. 
MEMORIAM: Ruth Williams 
Brewer, July 20, 2008, in 
Loudon, Tenn. Co-owner of the 

Five to Five Department Store 
for over 50 years in Loudon, she 
was also a member of various 
women's clubs in the area. 
Survivors include daughter 
Millicent "Millie" Brewer 
Brown '78, one son, two 
siblings and their families. 

'49 MEMORIAM: Alan Rock, 

Oct. 28, 2008, in Maryville, 
Tenn. After earning a graduate 
degree from the University of 
Tennessee, he worked with 
GAB Business Services in Akron, 
Ohio, until retiring in 1987. He 
was an army veteran who served 
in World War II and the Korean 
Conflict. He enthusiastically 
attended MC sporting events 
and was an elder and worship 
leader at Highland Presbyterian 
Church. Survivors include wife 
Jean Cobb Rock '48, three 
daughters, including Janet 
Rock '79 and their families. 

'50 MEMORIAMS: John 

Bender, Sr., April 30, 2008, 
in Maryville, Tenn. He was a 
Christian Church minister and 
a member of Liberty Christian 
Church. After serving in World 
War II, he attended Biarritz 
University in France, the 
University of North Carolina at 
Wilmington and Johnson Bible 
College. He received a master's 
degree from Butler University. 
Survivors include one son, two 
brothers and their families. 

■ Donald Robert Boring, 
March 15, 2008, in Palo Alto, 
Calif. A talented basketball 
and baseball player, he was 
inducted into the Blount County 
Athletic Hall of Fame and the 
MC Sports Wall Of Fame and 
played baseball in the New York 
Giants Farm System until 1955. 
He earned his master's degree 
from the University of North 
Carolina. Survivors include wife 
Alice Davenport Boring '50, 
one brother-in-law, four children 
and six grandchildren and their 

■ Lambert Stewart, May 16, 
2008, in Bradenton, Fla. 

4 | Alumni News & Notes fall 2009 




AS AN ARTISTIC PERSON, but that doesn't keep her from 
appreciating good music, striking visuals or dramatic stories. 
In fact, when the Clayton Center for the Arts opens in Spring 
2010, Fox intends to be a regular patron of the concerts, plays, 
recitals and shows performed and exhibited there. 
And she hopes her grandsons will accompany her, as well. 
Located on the campus of Maryville College and 
constructed through a partnership of the College, the cities 
of Maryville and Alcoa, and state and federal governments, 
the Clayton Center will celebrate the art and culture of the 
Appalachian region by serving as a venue for local musicians, 
performers and artists. Its design will also accommodate 
plays and musicals, concerts by touring musicians and 
orchestras, traveling art exhibits, film series, children's plays 
and presentations by nationally recognized speakers. 

Fox recently made a donation to the Clayton Center. With 
that money, a seat in the main performance hall will bear her 

name and three outdoor brick 
pavers will display the names 
of grandsons Barrett, Harrison 
and Brody Schwall. 

"I'd like to see them 
involved in the arts," she 
said of her grandsons who 
are 7, 5 and 3 years of age. 
"I don't know what they'll do, 
but I think exposing them to 
the arts at this age is important. 
It makes them more well- 
rounded and broadens their 
oudook on life." 

Fox attended the topping 
out and naming ceremony for 
the Clayton Center back in April. While people had the chance 
to sign their names on die last piece of steel that would be 
added to the building, Fox signed not only her name, but her 
mother's name, Mary Elizabeth Ammons Light. 

Mrs. Light graduated from the College in 1934, and 
Fox's mother-in-law, Mabel Blackburn Fox, was a graduate 
of the class of 1929. Fox said both were "very artistic" 
and, had they lived to see the facility constructed, would be 
pleased to see a new gathering place for artists and art-lovers 
in the region opening on their alma mater's campus. 
By placing her name and those of her grandchildren 
on things inside and outside the facility, Fox said 
she isn't just showing her support of the arts and 
the partnership to construct the Clayton Center, 
she's extending the name - and the memory - of her 

"And it's affordable," she points out for people 
who are thinking about making a gift. 

For ways to give to the Clayton Center for the 
Arts, see story, page 9. 

At Left: Ruth Fox with grandsons Barrett, Brody and 
Harrison Schwall. 

'51 MEMORIAMS: Bill 

Shields, July 24, 2008, in Fort 
Myers, Fla. Survivors include 
wife Jean Pelton Shields '52, 

one daughter and one son. 
■ Gloria Measamer Steadman, 

March 21, 2008, in Mascot, 
Tenn. A member of the Mascot 
United Methodist Church, 
she served as organist and 
pianist, as well as on various 
committees. She and her 
husband were lifelong members 

of the Mascot community where 
she taught voice and piano. 
She was also a supporter of 
the Wildlife Association and 
the Humane Society. Survivors 
include one son, one daughter- 
in-law and two grandchildren. 

52 Mary Lee Snoderly 

Coleman and her husband 
Gene celebrated their 52nd 
wedding anniversary on Nov 19, 
2008. She has taught piano for 

more than 55 years and worked 
at Lamar Amburn's Produce 
in Maryville for more than 
25 years. Galen Johnson, Jr. 
celebrated his 80th birthday on 
Oct. 4, 2008. He was a teacher, 
principal and coach in the 
Blount County Schools System 
for 35 years. He is a member of 
Liberty Christian Church and a 
member of the Blount County 
Sports Hall of Fame board. 
Kennedy Upham and wife Joy 

Hickman Upham celebrated 
their 55th anniversary in 
Conway, Ark. The two sociology 
majors met at MC and have two 
sons and five grandchildren. 
They are certified leaders under 
the Association of Couples in 
Marriage Enrichment and have 
led numerous marriage retreats. 

MEMORIAMS: Mary Lois Clark, 

Mar. 12, 2008, in Brooksville, Fla. 
After graduating from MC, she 

Alumni News &~ Notes fall 2009 | 5 

I S S H D S 


Several alumni have 
been inducted into area 
sports halls of fame. 

Gene Reynolds '51 
was one of 10 inducted 
into Blount County's 
Hall of Fame during an 
Oct. 27, 2008 banquet. 

For Blount County's 
2009 class, the slate includes Archie Anderson '67, 
Ken Chambers '61, Jimmy "Flash" Harris '58 
(posthumously), Earl McMahon '75 and Bill Padgett '69. 
The banquet honoring these alumni (and five other Blount 
County athletes) is scheduled for Oct. 26, 2009. 

Bill Owenby '62 was inducted into the Sevier County 
High School Hall of Fame last summer. 

The names on Maryville College's Wall of Fame will 
be extended by seven this fall, when Walter "Les" Rock 
'43, Alan Rock '49, Randy Schaurer '75, Ken Adair 
'81, Denise Penzkofer '85, Ben Sohrabi '92 and Kelvin 
Richardson '93 are inducted. 


Want to show your support for Maryville College 

Put it in stone! ... Er, we mean "Put it in brick!" 

For $250, a brick inscribed with the name of a former 
MC athlete, coach or loyal Scots fan will be placed in 
the Athletic Recognition Plaza (formerly known as the 
letterman's walk), which is located in front of the entrance 
to Thornton Stadium. 

Money raised from the brick campaign will go to support 
the College's athletics field and court maintenance program. 

For more information, contact Julie Patrick, assistant 
athletic director, at 865.981.8390 or 
julie .patrick@maryvillecollege . edu . 

helped organize and charter 
the River Bend Chapter of 
Sweet Adelines International in 
LaPorte, Ind. She retired from 
St. Joseph Regional Medical 
Center and moved to Florida, 
where she became a member of 
the Mariner United Methodist 

■ Robert McKean, July 25, 
2008, in Columbus, Ohio. 
After retiring from Nationwide 
Insurance, he ran his own 
business of refinishing and 
selling antique tools. Survivors 
include wife Abby Crosby 
McKean '55, sister Harriet 
McKeen Fields '47, one 
daughter, three sons and 
their families. 

'54 R. Max Sockwell and 
Ethel Shockley Sockwell wrote 
that their first great-grandchild 
was born in August 2008 Hazel 
Timblin Townsend and husband 
Earle Townsend celebrated 
their 50th wedding anniversary 
Aug. 23, 2008. 

'55 MEMORIAM: Priscilla 

Ingles Watson, Nov. 17, 2008, 
in Waynesboro, Va. At MC she 
was a class sponsor, officer 
and a singer. She worked in 
personnel for two companies in 
Pennsylvania and was a writer 
and editor of the Burlington 
County Times in Willingboro, 
NJ- for nine years. She worked 
in real estate in Maryland 
and was president of and 
volunteered in several clubs and 
organizations. Survivors include 
husband Robert, two sons and 
their families, one daughter, 
one brother and his family, three 
sisters-in-law and numerous 
nieces and nephews. 

'56 In September 2008, 
James H. Laster completed a 
three-week run of the comedy 
"Unnecessary Farce" at 
Wayside Theatre in Winchester, 
VA. He has also performed 
in the Agatha Christie thriller 
"The Mousetrap" and returned 
in his role as Scrooge in "A 
Christmas Carol" in December 
2008. Madlon Travis Laster 

is teaching English grammar 
for the Cottage School, an 
organization for home-schooled 
students in Winchester, Va. Her 
second book, Teach the Way 
the Brain Learns: Curriculum 
Themes Build Neuron Networks, 
was published recently by 
Rowman & Littlefield Education. 
MEMORIAMS: John Borter, 
April 20, 2008, in Pittsburgh, Pa. 
He earned a master's degree 
from Pittsburgh Theological 
Seminary. Ordained as a 
Presbyterian minister, he has 
served as pastor in several 
churches throughout the 
country and was very active in 
his community. Survivors include 
wife Carol; three children, two 
grandchildren, sister Wilma 
Borter Matysek '52; two 
brothers and sisters-in-law, 
including John Braymer '68, 
and Meta Robinson Braymer 
'68; five nieces and nephews 
and three great-nieces and 
■ Billy "Buddy" Gilbert, Aug. 
15, 2008, in Alcoa, Tenn. An 
accomplished athlete in high 
school, he played football at 
MC except for a period of 
service in the Army during the 
Korean War. He coached at 
several schools, including MC 
and Maryville High before his 
retirement in 1994. Survivors 
include wife Peggie, one son, 
one daughter, three step- 
daughters, nine grandchildren, 
one brother and his family and 
two aunts. 


Joan Margaret Davis, March 
5, 2008, in Staunton, Va. She 
received a master's degree from 
the University of California at 
Berkeley and became a social 
worker in California and Virginia 
for various agencies. She worked 
as a crisis supervisor for the 
Valley Community Service Board 
for more than 10 years. Survivors 
include Barbara Puzanskas, sister 
Linda Davis Gresham '66, six 
nephews and nieces, brother-in- 
law W. Jonathan Gresham '65 
and several grandnieces and 

6 | Alumni News & Notes fall 2009 

58 Shirley Carr-Clowney was 

named a finalist in the YWCA 
Knoxville's 2008 Tribute to 
Women. She was nominated for 
the Phyllis Wheatley Memorial 
Humanitarian Award for her 
involvement in numerous 
historical and race-conscious 
groups in the community, 
including the position of 
executive director of African 
Americans of Appalachia and 
Blount County and former 
president of the Blount County 
Genealogical and Historical 
Society Nancy Meise was a 
member of the choral group 
that presented a concert at 
Carnegie Hall in New York City 
on June 3, 2008. Lynn Mitchell 
Montgomery has retired after 
50 years of teaching music 
lessons, primarily piano. 
During her time at MC, she 
was a member of the choir 
and accompanied countless 
choirs and theater productions. 
Donald Vandenberg published 
two articles. "Education, 
Religion, and a Sustainable 
Planet" was published in The 
Journal of Educational Studies, 
Vol.43, pp. 58-72. "A Guide 
to Educational Philosophizing 
After Heidegger" was published 
in Educational Philosophy and 
Theory, Vol. 40, pp. 249-265. 

60 Bryant Cureton, president 
of Elmhurst College for 14 
years, retired at the end of the 
2007-2008 academic year. He 
was previously vice president, 
dean of faculty and provost 

at Hartwick College for 23 
years. He is now chairing MC's 
Presidential Search Committee. 
(See front cover.) 

61 Bill Crisp and his wife 
Carolyn celebrated their 50th 
wedding anniversary on Jan. 
4, 2008 Fred Morrison was 
appointed to the Law-Related 
Education Advisory Committee 
for 2008-2009 as part of the 
North Carolina Bar Association's 
continuing efforts toward a 
better understanding of, and 
appreciation for, the rule of 

law in the youth and adult 
population of North Carolina. 
MEMORIAM: Danny Johnston, 

April 9, 2008, in Aliquippa, Pa. 
He served in the U.S. Army 
and Army Reserve for 29 
years before purchasing the 
Henderson Insurance Agency 
in Aliquippa. He was secretary 
and treasurer during his 
membership at the Aliquippa 
BPO Elks Lodge. Survivors 
include wife Verna, one 
daughter, two granddaughters 
and one brother. 

62 Susan Bloomer Clark 

is recovering from severe 
head injuries resulting from a 
robbery in 2006 and is back 
into an active life, heading a 
healing ministry in her church. 
She reported she is "greatly 
enjoying life!" 

MEMORIAM: Johnny Hayes, 
Sept. 20, 2008, in Sideview, 
Tenn. Hayes attended MC 
for a year before graduating 
from Tennessee Technological 
University, going on to 
establish an insurance firm. 
He was a finance chairman 
for Al Gore and other 
Democratic campaigns for 
more than 30 years and was 
named a Tennessee Valley 
Authority director, as well as a 
commissioner of employment 
security and commissioner 
of economic and community 
development. Survivors include 
wife Mary, three children and 
one sister. 

63 Carolyn Hill Couser and 
Dyrk Couser '61 divorced in 
2008. They have four children 
and 15 grandchildren, two of 
whom are in the Naval Academy 
and will reenter the Marines 
after graduation. Carolyn is a 
retired teacher and would love 
to hear from old friends. Patricia 
Crossley Rehm has "unretired" 
from teaching to teach a Life 
Skills Program at Salado High 
School in Salado, Tex. Husband 
Bradford Rehm officially 
retired in 2008, but is currently 
working as a consultant and still 
raises Boer goats. Betty Sue 


Maryville College 
Registrar Martha Hess '67 
recently announced that she 
will retire at the end of the 
2009 calendar year. 

When she leaves her 
office in December, she will 
close out a distinguished 
career that spans 35 years. 
"Without doubt, a poll 
of the faculty, staff and 
students would reflect 
near unanimity on at least one thing: Martha Hess is 
the best personification we have of Maryville College 
values. She reflects almost perfectly what was long called 
'the Maryville Spirit,' said Maryville College President 
Gerald W Gibson. "The value of her contributions to the 
life and work of the College over so many years is beyond 
calculation. She has been an inspiration to me over the 
years that I have served at Maryville." 

An English major at the College, Hess taught English 
and math at Farragut High School after graduation. 
Completing her second summer of graduate -school 
coursework in 1974, she was offered the position of 
registrar at MC. 

During her tenure, Hess has chaired and led numerous 
committees and councils and has served on many others, 
including Staff Council, the Academic Life Council, 
the Curriculum Task Force, the Admissions Committee 
and the Outstanding Senior Selection Committee. In 
1999, she was asked to chair the "Traditions and Values 
Commission," a group formed to carry out the first phase 
in developing the MC Window of Opportunity strategic plan. 

For her exceptional service and devotion to the 
College, she twice has been recognized with the 
Outstanding Administrator Award and was winner of the 
Sharon Murphy Crane Award in 1988. 

She received the College's Alumni Citation in 
2005 and on Oct. 15, 2009, was recognized with the 
Medallion, Maryville College's highest award. 

Alumni News & Notes fall 2009 | 

I § S IS D 9 

Dr. Helen Petts Cripe '53 presents 
her research to officials at the 
International Center for Jefferson 
Studies (ICJS) in Charlottesville, Va. 

Dr. Helen Petts Cripe '53 

spent die month of January 
at the International Center 
for Jefferson Studies (ICJS) in 
Charlottesville, Va., where she 
conducted research for the 
revision and updating of her 
1974 book, Thomas Jefferson 
and Music. 

Considered the best book ever 
written on Thomas Jefferson's 
musical life, Thomas Jefferson 
and Music documents the music 
scene of period, the music he 
enjoyed and the instruments he 
played. The work also includes 
the 1783 catalogue of Jefferson's 
music library and a catalogue of 
the Monticello music collection. 
Cripe's revised version is 
expected to be available for 
purchase this 611. 

Her work in Charlottesville 
was made possible dirough 
a fellowship that provided a 
stipend, funds for travel and living 
arrangements on the grounds of 
die Center. On Jan. 29, she gave 
a lecture about her research in 
the main reading room of the 

A resident of Wilmington, 
Del., Cripe works fulltime 
for itiTechServices, a systems 
integration and IT company. 

Talbott Wengert and husband 
are "retired." They have four 
grandchildren, including the 
newest edition, Dylan Thomas 
Morris, born Dec. 12, 2007. 

64 John Leland retired 
recently after completing a 
37-year career as a historian 
with the U.S. Air Force. At the 
time of his retirement, he was 
assigned to Headquarters Air 
Mobility at Scott Air Force Base 
in Illinois, where he served 

as the Deputy Command 

65 Elenora Easterly Edwards 

and six other '65 graduates 
gathered for the 7th Great 
Baldwin Hall Girls Reunion, Oct. 
10-13, 2008 at Lake Tansi Resort 
near Crossville, Tenn. The six 
girls began their college years 
on the third floor of Baldwin 
Hall in Sept. 1961. Participating 
were Pat Dobbin Chambers, 
Martha E. Cook, Vicki Green 
Cothroll, Michelle Ann Douglas 
Sabine and Gail Smith Stinnett. 

'66 Betty Robinson Gaidry 

and her husband Jim worked 
as Red Cross Disaster Mental 
Health Volunteers when tropical 
storm Fay flooded Brevard 
County, Fla., where they have 
lived for more than 20 years. 

6/ Fred Abramoff 

transferred to the Police Legal 
Bureau (Miami-Dade Police 
Department) in 2008 in Miami, 
Fla. He is also continuing 
a parallel career path as a 
mediator Thomas Allen is 
employed in a management 
position at AT&T Mobility 
as senior software quality 
assurance analyst. He remains 
active in music, from church 
choirs to the organ committee 
and Toastmasters. He has two 
grandchildren and two great- 
grandchildren. James Bernard 
retired in September 2007 from 
ministry. He served for 37 years 
as an ordained minister in the 
Presbyterian Church (USA) in 
churches in Kentucky and Ohio. 
He and his wife have moved 

to Kentucky to be near their 
children and three grandsons. 
Tom Dickson was selected in 
September 2008 to represent 
the 6th district in the Georgia 
House of Representatives. He 
earned a master's degree from 
the University of Tennessee 
at Chattanooga and an 
educational specialist degree 
from the State University of 
West Georgia. He is a retired 
school superintendent and has 
served on numerous healthcare 
and education boards. William 
"Ed" Harmon was honored 
by two Tennessee Methodist 
colleges for his commitment 
to higher education and the 
United Methodist Church. 
Hiwassee College awarded 
him an honorary Doctorate of 
Humane Letters, and Martin 
Methodist College presented 
him with the President's 
Medallion. Robert Hart, retired 
reverend as of 2007, is now 

heading a project to create The 
Great Lakes Literary Arts Center 
at The Shaman Drum Bookshop 
in Ann Arbor, Mich. 

68 Alice Junkin Landolt is 

directing the church choir at 
Trinity Presbyterian Church 
in Brownsburg, Ind. She and 
husband Robert are enjoying 
their five grandchildren. 

69 Joe Dawson, along with 
two other administrators of 
Blount Memorial Hospital, 
was named fellow of the 
American College of Healthcare 
Executives. He has been 

the hospital's administrator 
since 1985 Richard Smith 
was installed March 11, 2008 
as the General Presbyter of 
Transylvania Presbytery in 
Eastern Kentucky. 
MEMORIAM: Richard Karns, 
May 27, 2008, in Columbus, 
Ohio. He was ordained to the 


Irma Kleeb Young, an empowering advocate 
for the Deaf Community who was instrumental 
in starting the world's first four-year degree 
for professional sign language interpreters 
at Maryville College, died Feb. 13, 2009 
following a long illness. 
J .< She was 83. 

Prior to joining the Maryville College 
faculty in 1974, Young served as a community interpreter 
and lobbied Congress to improve rights for the Deaf and 
Hearing Impaired. She helped found the Knoxville Center 
of the Deaf. In 1974, then Gov. Winfield Dunn presented 
Young with a Distinguished Service Award "for her efforts in 
promoting communication with the Deaf and her efforts in 
helping establish the Maryville College program." 

From 1974 until her departure in 1987, Young guided the 
College's interpreting program to national prominence. For 
her efforts, Maryville College awarded her the Distinguished 
Service Award for Outstanding Contributions in a Chosen 
Profession during opening convocation ceremonies in 1991. 
In lieu of flowers, the family asked that memorial 
contributions be made to the College's Sign Language 
Interpreter Degree Program. 

Alumni News & Notes 

FALL 2009 


In a few months, the Clayton Center for 
the Arts will hold its 
grand opening. 

Located on the campus of Maryville College and 
constructed through a partnership of the Col- 
lege, the cities of Maryville and Alcoa, and state 
and federal governments, the Clayton Center will 
celebrate the art and culture of the Appalachian 
region by serving as a venue for local musicians, 
performers and artists. Its design will also accom- 
modate plays and musicals, concerts by touring 
musicians and orchestras, traveling art exhibits, 
film series, children's plays and presentations by 
nationally recognized speakers. 

Recently, Robert Hutchens, director of the Clay- 
ton Center, announced opportunities for individu- 
als and businesses to put their names - and the 
names of loved ones - in the facility. 

"A few spaces are still available for naming," 

• NAMED SEATS. Seats in the main perfor- 
mance hall may be named for anyone the donor 
chooses. Costs are $2,000 per seat. 

• OUTDOOR PAVERS. With two lines of text 
and 14 letters/spaces per line, pavers may be 
named for anyone the donor chooses. Pavers 
are $1 ,000 each but if named for a student, 
child or grandchild under the age of 1 8, the dis- 
counted price is $250 each. (Children's pavers 
will be laid in a special section in the plaza.) 

a Afew spaces are still available for naming, 
and I would especially like to encourage 
alumni to consider donating in honor of 
a favorite music teacher or art or theatre 

profeSSOr. " - Robert Hutchens | Executive Director 

he said, "and I would especially like to encourage 
alumni to consider donating in honor of a favorite 
music teacher or art or theatre professor. 

"Maryville College's outstanding reputation 
in the arts dates back many decades, and it is 
our hope that the names that helped build that 
reputation are well represented and appropriately 
honored in that beautiful facility." 

Below are the ways that alumni, parents and 
friends can become part of the Clayton Center for 
the Arts today. 

• NAMED SPACES. Spaces in and around 
the Clayton Center are still available for naming, 
including the outdoor plaza, the instrumental 
rehearsal hall and several dressing rooms and 
practice rooms. Prices tied to named spaces 
start at $10,000. 

For giving opportunity details and forms, visit or call 865.981.8264 

to purchase VIP benefactor benefits include 
preferred seating tickets, parking and invita- 
tions to special VIP events. 


business would like to sponsor shows, recitals or 
artists series at the Clayton Center for the Arts, 
please call Robert Hutchens at 865.981.8264. 

Several alumni have already become donors to the 
Clayton Center. (See related story, page 5.) 

Alumni News & Notes fall 2009 | 9 

is s n o a 

ministry in the Presbyterian 
Church and served in churches 
throughout the north and 
midwest. Survivors include 
wife Faith, one daughter, 
one step-daughter and two 

'71 MEMORIAM: Elizabeth 

Crawford Scott, April 25, 2008, 
in Maryville, Tenn. A long-time 
teacher for the Maryville City 
Schools system, most recently 
special education teacher for 
Maryville High, she was also 
instrumental in starting Gateway 
to Independence, which 
provides services to disabled 
people. Maryville High honored 
her in a fundraiser for Relay for 
Life and the American Cancer 
Society. Survivors include 
husband Roger, two children, 
mother, one sister, two brothers 
and grandchildren. 

72 Lucy Schindler Murr 

retired in July 2008 after 30 
years as agent in charge of the 
Oconee County office of the 
South Carolina Department of 
Probation, Parole, and Pardon 

Services. She is now working 
full-time in her own medical 
massage business, Oconee 
Neuromuscular Therapy. 
Husband Kenneth Murr is 
working as a librarian at GE 
Gas Turbine in Greenville, S.C. 
Their daughter is a student at 
Presbyterian College. One son 
is working in manufacturing 
and the other son is attending 
medical school Nancy Rankin 
Smith is the new executive 
director of the Hopewell 
Museum in Paris, Ky. 
MEMORIAM: Elizabeth Earl 
Kell, Aug 14,2008, in Chapel 
Hill, N.C. She earned a master's 
degree from the University of 
Tennessee and was a social 
activist who marched for several 
causes. She worked for the 
Chapel Hill Transportation 
Department as a driver and 
supervisor and was also an avid 
gardener. Survivors include life 
partner Mary L. Dexter, mother, 
one sister, three aunts and 
seven cousins and their families. 

74 As founder and owner 
of Oceanpoint Consulting, 

In celebration of 40th birthdays, members of die classes of 
1989 and 1990 took a trip to Juarez, Mexico, in February 
2008. Making the trip were (front row, l-r) Laura Brock 

Lynch '89, Heidi Hoffecker '89, Tammy 
Taylor Blaine '89; (back row, l-r) Marcia Kilby 
Rethwilm '89, Becky Shackleford Marambio 
'90, Maria Cole Galyon '89 and Wendi Jo 
Medlin Usselton '89. 

a management and 
organizational development 
company, Thomas Radice has 
worked overseas, including 
Kazakhstan, Dubai, Hong Kong 
and Moscow Judson Stone 
and his wife Janice traveled to 
Chiang Mia, Thailand to attend 
a conference about business 
and mission in Afghanistan. 
Their son Nathaniel returned 
safely from Iraq where he was 
injured in combat. They and 
their two other sons planned a 
missions trip to Tijuana in 2008 
with Youth With A Mission. 

75 Tom Brackbill is serving 
as pastor of First Presbyterian 
Church in Alma, Mich. In 2007, 
Wayne Dansbury reactivated 
his membership with Actor's 
Equity Association, the labor 
union for professional actors 
and stage managers, in order to 
continue his career as a stage 
manager. He is based in the 
Philadelphia, Pa., region and 
welcomes opportunities to tour 
in between gigs. 

76 Pam Thomson Brackbill 

is a match specialist with Big 
Brothers/Big Sisters in Alma, 
Mich. Lisa Lynne Wishon is 

serving as pastor at Fairview 
United Methodist Church in 
North Carolina. 

77 Deborah Welch Douglas 

is currently enrolled in Eden 
Theological Seminary as a 
candidate for a master of 
divinity degree. Curt Leonard 
was recognized by the 
Society of CIC for 20 years of 
leadership in and commitment 
to excellence in the insurance 
profession Nancy Shamblin 
West, who began her career 
as a teacher with the Maryville 
City Schools System in 1977, 
replaced former principal 
Pat Bradley at Woodland 
Elementary School in Oak 
Ridge, Tenn., in July 2008. West 
earned her master's degree in 
administration and supervision 
from Lincoln Memorial 

78 Tillman Crane's book 
Odin Stone was published in 
December 2008. This is his third 
collection of photographs and 
features the Orkney Islands on 
the northern Scottish border. 
Grace Riley Price owns and 
operates Price Counseling in 
Georgia. She is involved in the 
Cherokee County DUI/Drug 
Court Program. Her husband 
Phil retired as a state police 
officer in 2006. Their son Zack 

is attending Kennesaw State 
University and daughter Emma 
is a student at Sequoyah High 
School. Lee Struble resides 
in Rochester, N.Y., where he is 
the director of public safety at 
Monroe Community College. 

79 Wade Edmond has been 
an educator since graduation 
and is currently serving in his 
second principal position in the 
Broward County School System 
in Florida. Paula Hensley 
recently retired from the Arizona 
State Schools for the Deaf and 
Blind after many years as the 
dean of students. She is working 
on a new career with nutritional 
company and product Juice 

80 Tony lerulli is entering 
his seventh season as football 
coach at Maryville College and 
has been named to the NCAA 
Football Rules Committee, 
which he will serve on until 
2012 Betty Vars Julian and 
husband Kevin Julian '81 
reported that their son Daniel 
has been selected by the 
College of the Holy Cross to 
participate in an internship 
program in Washington, 

DC. Their daughter Kristyn 
continues with her competitive 
swimming and will participate in 
the Junior Olympics. 
MARRIAGE: Robyn DeMaat to 
James Robb, July 5, 2008. 

81 Mark Burnett celebrated 
his 20th year with the post 
office by being promoted to 
Postmaster of Jefferson City, 
Tenn. He also finished his 10th 

10 | Alumni News & Notes fall 2009 


year as head soccer coach at 
William Blount High. 

82 Vanessa Logan is living in 
the Seattle, Wash., area with her 
children. The survey technician 
with the U.S. Bureau of Census 
is engaged to be married in 
fall 2009 to her high school 
sweetheart John Sanders 
works as the administrator for 
the Medical University of S.C. 
Children's Hospital by working 
with Perinatal Services in 
Charleston. He spent 2007-2008 
recovering from lung cancer. 

'84 Samuel C Hill, III is the vice 
president at Florida First Bank in 
Winter Park, Fla. 

85 Michael Kennedy has 

retired from the U.S. Navy and is 
now employed as an operations 

instructor for Southern Nuclear 
Company near Baxley, Ga. 

86 Elizabeth Goodier Esrey 

has transferred within the 
DuPont Company to Pioneer 
International Seed Co. She is 
now a member of regulatory 
science, dealing with gas 
chromatography and mass 
spectroscopy, helping answer 
questions about new product 
registration. Terry Harmon has 
been promoted to lead health 
physics technician at the Science 
and Ecology Corporation in Oak 
Ridge, Tenn. 

87 David Marcum is working 
as project manager at JR. 
Wauford Co. in Maryville after 
receiving a second bachelor's 
degree in civil engineering from 
the University of Tennessee. 

Cynthia Claborn Stevens has 

been named department chair 
of visual and performing arts for 
San Jacinto College South in 
Houston, Tex. 

89 See photo, page 10. 

91 H. Troy Green graduated 
from Memphis Theological 
Seminary in May 2008 with 
a master of divinity degree 
and is ordained as a minister 
and installed as a pastor 
of Petersburg Cumberland 
Presbyterian Church in 
Petersburg, Tenn. Mark 
Smelser opened his restaurant 
"Slapdogs" in Kingsport, Tenn., 
in spring 2008. He also ran the 
Boston Marathon, his fourth 
marathon within a year, with a 
time of 3:12:12. 

92 Scoval Blevins and family 
moved to El Paso, Tex., in 
2008, where he is working as 
an engineering manager with 
Foamex in Santa Teresa, N.M. 
He has been with Foamex for 
16 years. His son Anton entered 
the U.S. Naval Academy in 
Maryland in June 2009 as part 
of his plan to become a fighter 
pilot. Julee Miller has graduated 
from Oriental Medicine School 
in Texas and has moved back 

to her home state of Florida. 
She opened a wellness clinic 
in Jacksonville with two other 
associates in the winter of 2008. 

93 Helen Costner is working 
as a systems administrator at 
The Paradies Shops in Smyrna, 
Ga Robin Morris Hardin 

works as dual enrollment and 
internship coordinator at Cape 


He lived with the locals and experienced Colombian culture. 
Impressed by the hospitality of the Colombians, Green said that 
the most rewarding aspect of teaching in Colombia was the 
friendships he made. 

"When I visit I will always have a place to stay and people to 
hang out with," he said. "I was invited to eat with people who 
lived in very large, expensive houses and also with people who 
lived in very small, cramped houses in bad neighborhoods." 

And the teacher learned a memorable lesson. 

Struck by the happiness of the Colombians, who generally 
have fewer possessions than most in the U.S., Green comment- 
ed, "The relationships that they have are what keep them happy. 
That was one thing I hope to keep with me: material things do 
not bring happiness." 

He appreciates the opportunity to gain real world experience 
in another country. He said he hopes his experience will pique 
his students' interest in exploring the world and learning about 
different cultures. 

Last year, Rebel Green '01 was selected to participate in 
the Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program, an international 
educational exchange program that provides opportunities for 
teachers to participate in direct exchanges of positions with col- 
leagues from 155 countries. 

The program was introduced through legislation by the late 
Sen. J. William Fulbright of Arkansas in 1945 and selects par- 
ticipants based on leadership potential and academic merit. 

Green was among approximately 450 teachers selected 
nationwide to travel abroad during the 2008-2009 school year. 

He taught eighth- through llth-grade English at a private 
Jesuit school in Manizales, Colombia, while a Colombian 
teacher traveled to Luella High School in Locust Grove, Ga., to 
teach his students Spanish. 

Alumni News & Notes fall 2009 | 11 

1 1 s is o a 

Kenny Saffles '99 and 
Gerand McFall Saffles '01, 
Liam Kole, Dec. 19,2007. 

Fear Community College in 

Wilmington, N.C, where she 

lives with her husband and two 


BIRTH: Staci Crisp Lawhorn and 

husband Andrew, a daughter, 

Andi Love, April 26, 2007. 

94 John Dalton completed 
his first year as Townsend 
Elementary School's new 
principal. He completed a 
master of science degree at 
Lincoln Memorial University 
and is working on his doctorate 
at the University of Tennessee. 
He began his teaching career 
in 1994, served as assistant 
principal of William Blount High 
School for six years and as a 
teacher and assistant principal 

at other schools. 
BIRTHS: Christine Straley 
Burns and husband Jeff, a 
son, Nicholas, Nov. 15, 2007. 
Justin Phillips and wife Ellen, a 
daughter, Haley Julianne, Feb. 
5, 2008. 

95 Sara Lynn Goelz Carey 

received a master's degree 
in pastoral studies with an 
emphasis on parish life and 
administration from Loyola 
University New Orleans in 
May 2008. She continues 
as the director of religious 
education at St. Alphonsus 
Catholic Church in Crossville, 
Tenn. Yoshikazu Nagasawa is 
currently the assistant manager 
for Hitachi Transport System 
America in Atlanta, Ga. 
BIRTH: Yoshikazu Nagasawa 
and wife Chiyoko, a daughter, 
Satsuki, May 8, 2006. 

96 Gwendolyn "Wendy" 

Cloninger Campbell is a 

teacher in Blount County 
Schools, Tennessee. Scott 
Moss has been promoted 
to the rank of lieutenant 
commander in the U.S. Navy. 
Last year, he completed two 
tours of the Persian Gulf and 
is currently assigned as the 
operations officer for Fleet Air 
Reconnaissance in Oklahoma 
City, Okla. Christopher Noe 
is chief development officer 

In August 2008, Crissy 
Wieck Welhoelter '00 

received a Nashville Area 
Chamber of Commerce and 
YP Nashville "Emerging 
Leader Award." Welhoelter, 
regional sales manager for 
Dell Inc., was recognized in 
the area of technology. 
She was commended for 
being an advocate for 
women in the workplace and 

serving on the boards for the Harpeth Hall Young Alumnae 
and the Adventure Science Center, among other projects. 

for the Delray Beach Cultural 
Center in Delray Beach, Fla. 
MARRIAGE: Kristin Kant to 
Carl Byers, Sept. 29, 2008. 
BIRTH: Gwendolyn "Wendy" 
Cloninger Campbell and 
husband Dwight, a daughter, 
Olivia, May 24, 2007. 

9/ Kim Schuenemann Leslie 

is now director of content for 
Raymond Communications in 
Alexandria, Va. 

BIRTHS: Tiffany Rudicil Greer 
and husband Thomas, a son, 
Liam Brody, April 9, 2008. 
Kim Schuenemann Leslie and 
husband Patrick, a son, Sean 
Alexander, Jan. 30, 2008 Aimee 
Cropper Sethness and husband 
Ryan, a daughter, Kailey 
Elizabeth, March 20, 2008. 

98 Rennay Stephens Beaty, 

a third grade teacher at 
Carpenters Elementary School 
in her 10th year of teaching, was 
the Maryville winner of the 2008 
Walmart Foundation's Teacher 
of the Year award. Winners 
receive a $100 Walmart gift 
card for classroom supplies and 
each school receives a $1,000 
educational grant, as well as a 
chance to compete in a state- 
level competition for a $10,000 
school grant Wes Farragut 
joined Mountain National 
Bank's staff in January 2008 as 
vice president/consumer lender 
in Sevierville, Tenn. He has 13 
years of banking experience in 
Sevier County and is also vice 
president of the Tennessee 
Bankers Association, Young 
Bankers Division. Scott Hall 
stepped down after seven years 
as head coach at Shelbyville 
Central in Tennessee after a 
record-setting 2006 season. He 
is now coaching at Belmont 
University in Nashville, Tenn. 
Christine Rajkowski is a 
fund accountant with Denali 
Asset Management in St. 
Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands after 
nearly a decade with DENSO 
Manufacturing in Maryville, 
Tenn Sarah Wagner was 
named Air Force Outstanding 
Individual Community Planner 

of the Year at a March 2008 

awards ceremony at the 


BIRTH: Sherrie Brents Dudley 

and husband Joseph, a son, 
Logan Michael, May 19, 2006. 

99 Sarah Knisley Arnett is 

currently teaching at Harding 
Academy in Memphis, Tenn. 
She was awarded the Pat Bowie 
Outstanding Early Childhood 
Employee of the Year for 2007- 

MARRIAGES: Nicole Brabender 
to Shannon Samples, April 
2008. Marl Murphy to Jennifer 
Becker, Nov. 7, 2008. 
BIRTHS: Shannon Bryant Carey 
and husband Zachary, a son, 
Daniel Douglas, April 29, 2008. 
Jamie Cotton Chapman and 
husband Patrick, a son, Garrett 
Tristan, Jan. 4, 2008. 

00 Brooke Daniel is the 

associate director of residence 
life for Allen & O'Hara 
Education Services in Memphis, 
Tenn. Brian Gossett is the new 
alternative school's teacher 
for Alcoa High School. He has 
worked with Lenoir City Schools 
and McMinn County Schools. 
Meredith Hansel accepted a 
position with the Land Trust for 
Tennessee (Nashville) working 
on conservation easements and 
land purchases. Laura Murphy 
Krysinsky works for the U.S. 
Forest Service in New Ellenton, 
S.C., assisting on a Short 
Rotation Woody Crop Co-op/ 
Bio Fuel Research project. 
Joanna Wilson McCormick is 
a master certified instructor 
with New Horizons Computer 
Learning Center in Knoxville, 
Tenn Christopher Moore 
earned his master's degree in 
public policy from the University 
of Minnesota in 2007. He is 
a research associate at the 
Amherst H. Wilder Foundation 
in St. Paul, Minn. 
BIRTH: Jaclyn Natasha Smith 
McMurray and husband Bartley, 
a son, Brandt Davis, April 23, 

12 I Alumni News & Notes fall 2009 

i s s m a a 

'01 Katrina Atchley 

and Joseph Ballard have 
joined the law firm Lewis, 
King, Krieg & Waldrop as 
associates in Knoxville, 
Tenn. Ballard practices in the 
areas of insurance casualty 
defense, product liability and 
general commercial and tort 
litigation. Atchley specializes 
in construction, commercial 
litigation, design professional 
liability and landlord/tenant 
litigation. Jessica Ballou 
completed a Psy.D. in clinical 
psychology and is involved in a 
postdoctoral fellowship at the 
University of San Francisco's 
Counseling and Psychological 
Services. Kristi Falco was 
honored with an Environmental 
Achievement Award in June 
2008 for her work in furthering 
educational programs at the 
Blount County landfill, as well as 
enabling programs such as the 
Little River Round Up. Robert 
Krysinsky is a staff sergeant in 
the U.S. Army, stationed at Ft. 
Gordon, Ga. 
MARRIAGES: Giovanni 
DeZuani to Devon Nicole 
Gaughf, Oct. 6, 2008. Scott 
Fox to Sara Nicole Rowan, May 
31, 2008. Katie Greer to Travis 
Shoemaker, April 4, 2008. Misty 
Wilson to Jason Perry '04, 
March 18,2008. 

02 Jeremy Baucom joined 
antivirus company Kaspersky 
Lab in 2006 and currently works 
as webmaster at the global 
headquarters in Moscow, 
Russia Jennifer Hill completed 
her first year of teaching fourth 
grade on the Navajo reservation 
in the Holbrook Unified School 
District and is working towards 
her full certification in Arizona. 
Jessica Kone has been working 
in transactional corporate 
law, focusing on Internet law. 
Sarah Stutzman Ray is in her 
third year as choral director 
and musical theater director 
at Clinton High School in 
Clinton, Tenn. 

BIRTH: BreAnn Daniel Kidd and 
husband Justin '04, a daughter, 

Kaylyn Lois, June 24, 2008. 
MARRIAGES: Daniel Frome 

to Stephanie Benson, May 24, 
2008. Natalie Hood to Jeffrey 
Garrett, May 24, 2008. 

03 Catherine Carr Ashe was 

awarded a degree in veterinary 
medicine from the University 
of Tennessee in May 2008. 
She works at an emergency 
veterinary clinic in Chattanooga, 
Tenn Jessica Foster 
Bumbalough was promoted 
to stewardship coordinator 
in the Advancement Office 
at the University of Alabama, 
Huntsville. Danielle Duckett- 
Pritchard was awarded the Mary 
Byron Fellowship to continue 
her study of domestic violence 
as she works on her doctorate 
at the University of Kentucky 
(UK). She and husband Adam 
Pritchard are both employed 
as research assistants at 
the Center for Research on 
Violence Against Women and 
part-time instructors at UK and 
Eastern Kentucky University. 
Lisa Ritter Green was honored 
with the "New Teacher of 
the Year" award from Lenoir 
City Schools in 2008. Jenny 
Herren completed her fifth 
year at the University of Texas 
Austin and defended her 
dissertation. She will spend her 
clinical internship at Harvard 
Medical/Children's Hospital 
of Boston, Mass. Ben Jackson 
graduated from the Graduate 
School of Banking at Louisiana 
State University in 2008. He 
graduated from Vanderbilt 
University's Southeastern School 
of Banking in 2005 and is 
currently employed at the Bank 
of Frankewing in Pulaski, Tenn. 
Jeff Jopling presented his work 
in a concert entitled "Music on 
the Farm" in May 2008. He has 
performed his gospel music 
throughout Florida, Georgia 
and Tennessee and plans 
to release a CD. Sgt. Jesse 
Neace performed "God Bless 
America" in the 7th inning of 
the World Series game on Oct. 
26, 2008. 
MARRIAGES: Allison Beaver 


Quinn Bradley '08, Emily Emadian 
'09, Arielk von Boettinger Kilday '05 
and Michelle Wilson '08 have joined 
the Maryville College Admissions staff as 
admissions advisors. 

"These alumni all have a unique under- 
standing of the Maryville College expe- 
rience, but from very different vantage 
points," commented Bill Sliwa, vice presi- 
dent of enrollment at the College. 

Following graduation from MC, Bradley 
worked in sales in Knoxville, first with 
Winstead Marketing and later, West Side 

Honda. The former Scots basketball player 

Emily Emadian '09 . . . . 

__^__^^^ also has extensive volunteer experience as a 

Bonner Scholar. 

Emadian, a Tullahoma, Tenn., native, 
majored in music theory and composi- 
tion and was an active member of the MC 
Concert Choir, the MC Jazz Band and the 
vocal ensemble Off Kilter. She also tutored 
peers in music theory and aural skills. 

In her new role at the College, Emadian 
is focusing on recruiting students for the 
JP ^^k Fine Arts Division. 

Following graduation from MC, Kilday 

earned a master of science degree in college 

t ^^K^ student personnel. She worked as a gradu- 

£ I ate assistant/intern over the past two years 

H^SS for UT ' S CHAMPS/Life Skills Program, 

LEAD Summer Institute and Office of 

Graduate and International Admissions. 

Wilson was employed by Multi-Media Solutions, Inc., in 
Alcoa over the past four years. She worked in event planning 
as a tradeshow coordinator and marketing assistant. 

Admissions advisors are responsible for coordination 
and implementation of recruitment efforts for prospective 
students, including attending recruiting events, cultivating 
leads, advising and providing comprehensive student sup- 
port through the entire admissions application process. 


von Boettinger 

Kilday '05 

Alumni News & Notes fall 2009 | 13 

IS S 131 d a 

to Tim Burchett, June 17, 
2008. Jennifer LeBar to Jason 
Caenepeel, Aug. 2, 2008. 
Marquita Porter to Willie Smith 
Jr., Aug. 30, 2008. Monica 
Williams to Daniel Williams, 
May 25, 2008. 

04 Lauren Butz is pursuing 
her master's degree in 
environmental studies at 
the University of Montana in 
Missoula. She enjoys working 
on the farm and at the farmer's 
market Rachel Hankinson is 
teaching first grade in Loudon 
County Schools, Tenn. and is 
the site coordinator for the 
Loudon County Family Resource 
Center's after school program. 
Brian Howdeshell is serving in 
the U.S. Navy and is stationed 
at Camp Lejeune, N.C. He is a 
casualty evacuation corpsman 
who takes care of wounded or 
sick Marines and is currently 

deployed to Afghanistan for 
several months. Allison Milligan 
is an associate veterinarian 
at Kinard Animal Hospital in 
Murfreesboro, Tenn. Amy 
Norris teaches 7th and 8th 
grade at Holston Middle School 
in Knoxville, Tenn., and is also 
a reserve deputy with the Knox 
County Sheriff's Office. Jason 
Proffitt currently teaches 11th 
grade English at Stratford High 
School in Nashville, Tenn. 
MARRIAGES: Meredith Elliott 
to Nasaem Mousa, July 12, 
2008. Stevie Neifert to Nick 
Veale, Sept. 20, 2008. Misty 
Rop to Brandon Abele, April 
26, 2008. Hayley Smith to Bret 
Huskey '05, May 17, 2008 Karly 
Wilkinson to Ben McMurry, IV, 
May 3, 2008. 

BIRTH: Cody Maupin and wife 
Heather, a daughter, Reese 
Bailey, June 28, 2008. 

05 Amy Brown teaches third 
grade in Knox County (Tenn.) 
Schools Brianna Merrill Cook 

is senior program counselor at 
Peninsula Behavioral Health in 
Maryville, Tenn. Gihani Perera 
Isaacs graduated from George 
Washington University with 
a master's degree in public 
policy in spring 2008 Blair 
King is the health coordinator 
for Oak Ridge Schools. He 
has worked for two years as a 
physical education teacher in 
Tennessee and Virginia schools 
and has a master's degree 
in exercise science, physical 
education and wellness from 
Tennessee Technical University. 
Jacqueline Reed is currently 
pursuing her master's degree 
in psychology at Walden 
University in Minnesota Drew 
Stock is currently employed 
by Dell Computers as senior 
account manager in Nashville, 

Tenn. Kyla Surdyka is working 
at Vanderbilt University Medical 
Center in the Department 
of Neurology as a research 
assistant. Her research is 
focused on improving sleep 
habits in children with Autism 
Spectrum Disorder. 
MARRIAGES: Amy Brown to 
Christopher Henderson, 
Dec. 20, 2008 William Harris 
to Julie King, May 26, 2007. 
Derrick Hicks to Maria Muhoz, 
Aug. 1 1 , 2007 Gihani Perera to 
Michael Isaacs '06, May 25, 2008. 
BIRTH: Shelley Gumm Blevins 
and husband Shawn, a 
daughter, Lillian MaShel Paije, 
March 16, 2007. 

06 Adam Carringer is 

currently employed at Olin 
Corporation in Cleveland, Tenn. 
as an environmental specialist 
I. Jason Collins graduated from 
officer school in the U.S. Marine 

Recent graduate selected for Fulbrijjht-Nebru Award 

MATT MURRILL '08 was selected for a prestigious Fulbright-Nehru Award, which 
is allowing him to study the groundwater arsenic contamination of the Indian state of 
West Bengal. 

He left August 15 for an orientation in New Dehli, India, and spent the next nine 
months at Jadavpur University in Calcutta, working with scientists in the university's 
School of Environmental Studies. 

"The World Health Organization (WHO) has labeled the groundwater arsenic con- 
tamination of the Bengal Basin as the largest environmental poisoning in history, worse 
than both the radioactive fallout of Chernobyl and the industrial disaster at Bhopal," 
Murrill said in an interview this summer. "Some research suggests that up to 26 million 
people in West Bengal and 77 million people in Bangladesh are at risk of drinking water 
with arsenic levels greater than the WHO maximum permissible limit." 

In addition to water sampling and testing in the laboratory, Murrill, who majored in 
chemistry at the College, is studying the historical and socio-cultural aspects of the con- 
^\ >s5 ^ ^ka tamination. 

~^"*> i n Arsenic-contaminated drinking water afflicts not only South Asia but other regions 

including Chile, the Western United States, Appalachia, Mexico and Canada. Chronic 
exposure to this heavy metal is associated with a myriad of health problems - atherosclerosis, peripheral neuropath}', skin 
lesions and various types of cancer. 

Murrill is believed to be the first MC student or recent graduate to be awarded a Fulbright. 

"Almost every single Fulbright Fellowship at this level goes to a recent graduate of an Ivy League or similarly well- 
known - and similarly- priced - college," said Dr. Dan Klingensmith, associate professor of history who was a Fulbright 
Scholar in 2007 and advised Murrill through the Fulbright application process. "It's a competitive grant, in short, and I'm 
delighted and proud that one of our students did so well and that I could be a part of it." 
Read more about Murrill's studv in India and the Fulbright Program at 

14 | Alumni News & Notes fall 2009 

is gQia 

Corps in Oct. 2007. Tim Ellrich 
returned to Nashville, Tenn., 
where he is working at Capital 
Accounts as a Nashville area 
sales coordinator. Michael Isaacs 
completed his second year of 
seminary at Union Theological 
Seminary in New York City. Raul 
Placeres is the basketball coach 
at Gatlinburg-Pittman High 
School in Gatlinburg, Tenn., and 
was picked to play in the second 
annual Pilot Rocky Top League 
of Knoxville, representing MC 
as one of 60 players chosen 
to fill six teams, selected from 
top players in the nation to 
compete against each other. 
Yvonne Wenta-Wells graduated 
during the summer of 2008 with 
a master's degree in teacher 
education with an emphasis on 
art education for K-12. 
MARRIAGES: Adam Carringer 

to Angela Careaga Piaggio, May 
25, 2008. Jennifer Francescon 
to Daniel Childs, Jan. 10, 2009. 
Jeffrey Gotcher to Elizabeth 
Gowan '07, June 7, 2008. 

07 Sarah Hofrichter is a staff 
sign language interpreter at 
Northern Virginia Community 
College in Annandale, Va. Kevin 
Hunley is currently working as 
senior financial counselor at 21st 
Mortgage in Knoxville, Tenn. 
Stacy Justus completed her 
second year working as a math 
teacher for the Jefferson County 
Public Schools in Louisville, 
Ky. She is working on a math 
textbook for her district. The 
textbook project is being funded 
through a grant supplied by 
General Electric Chante LaDage 
expected to graduate from 
Boston University's School of 

Social Work in May 2009. Ashley 
Shartuck is a nursing student 
at Union University in Jackson, 
Tenn. Alex Youn worked on 
Indiana Congressman Brad 
Ellsworth's re-election campaign, 
after having worked on the 
presidential trail in Iowa and 

MARRIAGES: Keith Allmon 
to Cassie Brown '08, June 28, 
2008. Whitney Garner to Steven 
Boring, Oct. 25, 2008. Stephanie 
Kerr to Matthew Hearon, March 
15,2008 Britton Knight to 
Stephanie Nelson, May 17, 2008. 
Lauren Smith to Matt Robinson, 
June 7, 2008. 

MEMORIAM: Lindsey Hawkins, 
April 17, 2008, in Knoxville, Tenn. 

08 Bret Jones teaches at 

Richard Yoakley School in 
Knoxville, Tenn. Brian Phelps 

has joined the Peace Corps 
and is stationed in Peru. Saray 
Roman Taylor completed her 
first year teaching Spanish for 
the Oak Ridge School system. 
Katie Saxe completed her first 
year teaching physical education 
and wellness at Woodland 
Elementary School in Oak Ridge, 
Tenn. Ashley Tardiff is working 
as a loan officer at Community 
South Small Business Lending in 
Knoxville, Tenn. 
MARRIAGES: Erin French to 
Jeffrey Dols, May 31, 2008. Kiley 
Lloyd to Tony Puglisi, May 31 , 
2008 Silvia Saray Roman to 
Daniel Taylor, Oct. 17, 2008. 


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