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Volume VII. 

No. 3 



Your boy may not be able to have four complete years at 
Boston College because of war conditions. 

Why not give him the advantage of a basic Jesuit training 

Founded in 1939. Directed by the Jesuit Fathers. 400 acre 
campus in the heart of the Berkshire Hills. Four years college 
preparatory course. Accelerated course for seniors. Lower 
school: seventh and eighth grades. Languages, mathematics, 
sciences. Physical fitness training. Football, basketball, hockey, 
baseball, tennis, skiing, squash. 18 hole golf course. Resident 
nurse. Catalogue on request. 

Rev. Maurice V. Dullea, S.J., 
Cranwell Preparatory School, 

410 Lee Road, 
Lenox, Massachusetts. 


... FOR VICTORY ... 
by buying 

United States War 

Stamps and Bonds 


&tate Street thrust Company 


Main Office: Comer State and Congress Streets 

Union Trust Office: 24 Federal Street 

Copley Square Office: 581 Boylston Street 

Massachusetts Avenue Office: 
Corner Massachusetts Avenue and Boylston Street 




GV** ' 


1 . The finest milk and cream in town from 
a modern up-to-the- minute plant. 

2. Dependable home delivery service cov- 
ering every street in Metropolitan Bos- 

Usually we ask you to call Tom Herlihy, '26, 
but he's in the Service now. So, for com- 
plete information, 'phone SOMerset 8180. 







JOHN J. HAYES, '30, Editor 

10STON COLLEGE ALUMNI NEWS is published by the Boston College Alumni Association, Chestnut Hill, Massa- 
ts, from September to June. Subscription, $1.00 a year, included in Alumni Loyalty Fund Contribution. Adver- 
rates on application to the Executive Secretary of the Association. Officers of the Association: John A. Canavan, 
resident; First Vice-President, Vacancy; Lt. R. Gaynor Wellings, '23, Second Vice-President; Lt. Comdr. William 
:shin, '18, Treasurer; John C. Holbrow, '24, Secretary; Rt. Rev. Charles A. Finn, S.T.D., '99, William J. 
van, '14, Joseph P. McHugh, '12, Charles A. McCarthy, '22, Daniel L. Kelleher, '23, Alexander L. Lashway, 
oard of Directors; John J. Hayes, '30, Executive Secretary; Rev. Francis E. Low, S.J., '11, Faculty Adviser. 


When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in December, 1941, there were approximately 
J students on the Heights attending the College and Business School. In February, 1944, 
; were a little over 300 plus about 300 soldiers. In April, there will be less than 300 stu- 
. and no soldiers. The graduate schools are suffering in about the same proportion. 
Since Boston College is not endowed, it unhappily faces a serious financial situation in a 
gle to survive. Because Boston College must survive to serve the community now and after 
>eace, Father Rector was obliged to seek the only solution possible, solicitation of enough 
money to overcome the rising de- 
ficit. He asked the Alumni to 
share his burdens with him and 
thus has started the War Fund. 
Jeremiah W. Mahoney, '21, past 
president of the Association, has 
been appointed Chairman of the 
campaign. Assisting him as Vice- 
Chairmen are: Rev. Anthony P. 
Laverty, '17, Henry A. Kievenaar, 
'29, and John B. Atkinson, '16. 
In addition to the Alumni Group, 
the campaign will also receive the 
support of the Alumnae Associa- 
tion and the Philomatheia Club. 

When the plight of the College 
became known, His Eminence, 
William Cardinal O'Connell, gen- 
erously presented $5,000 to Father 
JOHN A. CANAVAN, '18 Rector, and thus was the first con- 

fident, Alumni Association tributor to the 1944 War Fund. 






Your boy may not be able to have four complete years at 
Boston College because of war conditions. 

Why not give him the advantage of a basic Jesuit training 

Founded in 1939. Directed by the Jesuit Fathers. 400 acre 
campus in the heart of the Berkshire Hills. Four years college 
preparatory course. Accelerated course for seniors. Lower 
school: seventh and eighth grades. Languages, mathematics, 
sciences. Physical fitness training. Football, basketball, hockey, 
baseball, tennis, skiing, squash. 18 hole golf course. Resident 
nurse. Catalogue on request. 

Rev. Maurice V. Dullea, S.J., 
Cranwell Preparatory School, 

410 Lee Road, 
Lenox, Massachusetts. 

by buying 

United States War 

Stamps and Bonds 


&tate Street {Crust Company 


Main Office: Corner State and Congress Streets 

Union Trust Office: 24 Federal Street 

Copley Square Office: 581 Boylston Street 

Massachusetts Avenue Office: 
Corner Massachusetts Avenue and Boylston Street 











The finest milk and cream in town from] 
a modern up-to-the- minute plant. 

Dependable home delivery service cov- 
ering every street in Metropolitan Bos-! 

Usually we ask you to call Tom Herlihy, '26, 
but he's in the Service now. So, for com- 
plete information, 'phone SOMerset 8180. 







JOHN J. HAYES, '30, Editor 

JOSTON COLLEGE ALUMNI NEWS is published by the Boston College Alumni Association, Chestnut Hill, Massa- 
ts, from September to June. Subscription, $1.00 a year, included in Alumni Loyalty Fund Contribution. Adver- 
rates on application to the Executive Secretary of the Association. Officers of the Association: John A. Canavan, 
'resident; First Vice-President, Vacancy; Lt. R. Gaynor Wellings, '23, Second Vice-President; Lt. Comdr. William 
Dshin, '18, Treasurer; John C. Holbrow, '24, Secretary; Rt. Rev. Charles A. Finn, S.T.D., '99, William J. 
van, '14, Joseph P. McHugh, '12, Charles A. McCarthy, '22, Daniel L. Kelleher, '23, Alexander L. Lashway, 
oard of Directors; John J. Hayes, '30, Executive Secretary; Rev. Francis E. Low, S.J., '11, Faculty Adviser. 


When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in December, 1941, there were approximately 
D students on the Heights attending the College and Business School. In February, 1944, 
i were a little over 300 plus about 300 soldiers. In April, there will be less than 300 stu- 
; and no soldiers. The graduate schools are suffering in about the same proportion. 
Since Boston College is not endowed, it unhappily faces a serious financial situation in a 
gle to survive. Because Boston College must survive to serve the community now and after 
)eace, Father Rector was obliged to seek the only solution possible, solicitation of enough 
money to overcome the rising de- 
ficit. He asked the Alumni to 
share his burdens with him and 
thus has started the War Fund. 
Jeremiah W. Mahoney, '21, past 
president of the Association, has 
been appointed Chairman of the 
campaign. Assisting him as Vice- 
Chairmen are: Rev. Anthony P. 
Laverty, '17, Henry A. Kievenaar, 
'29, and John B. Atkinson, '16. 
In addition to the Alumni Group, 
the campaign will also receive the 
support of the Alumnae Associa- 
tion and the Philomatheia Club. 

When the plight of the College 
became known, His Eminence, 
William Cardinal O'Connell, gen- 
erously presented $5,000 to Father 
Rector, and thus was the first con- 
tributor to the 1944 War Fund. 

-esident, Alumni Association 




President of Boston College 

Shortly afterwards, the second contribution was 
received from a member of the armed forces, 
Private Hubert Cincotti, '41, U. S. A. Also 
among the first to answer the call was the old- 
est graduate, Rev. Daniel C. Riordan, of the 
class of 1 879. Many others responded im- 
mediately, but limitations of space prevent 
mentioning them. However, at a later date, 
a complete record will be published. As the 
issue goes to press $25,000 have been re- 

At this time the following statements have 
been issued: — 


"By this time the letter on the War Fund 
has been received by all of the Alumni. The 
College needs your assistance. The tower and 
spires are not about to tumble; the chapel is 
not sinking; but there is a threatened cave-in 
of the academic walls. Every possible new 
plan of operation has been put into effect; 
every consolidation and economy effected; but 
the hard fact remains — the source of students 
is running dry. 

"The first scope of the WAR FUND was 
based on the promise that an Army Student 
Training Unit would be part of the College dur- 
ing the War. Ws were aiming at a goal of 
not less than $100,000 each year. While 
the letters to you were in the mail, the War 
Department announced that the imperative 
needs of the armed forces could be met only 

by the termination of the college program. 
The needs of the Army come first; its duty 
is to win the War with the smallest possible 
loss of life, not to save higher education. Its 
fold. It is our duty to save higher education 
needs have increased our initial problem three- 
at Boston College. 

"In the years to come the vast plans for re- 
habiliticn throughout the world must be put 
into effect — many millions to be clothed and 
fed, agriculture, industry and domestic life tc 
be restored over great and populous areas. 
When the nations finally lie exhausted physi- 
cally and morally by the long violence of war, 
the great spirtual combat must commence that 
men may be made over to the ideals of justice 
and charity and peace and faith in God. But it 
is not sufficient for us to wait idly for the 
future, envisioning our part in a cosmic sense. 
We must begin with those things that are close 
at hand and can now come under our control. 
We must preserve those values, ideals, institu- 
tions, which, once lost, will be regained, per- 
hops not at all, or only in a feeble form, ot 
after years of wasful effort. 

"For many years our College has built strong- 
ly, extending its influence in ever widening 
circles from the central core of Faith. We 
cannot permit this to be broken. In the ab- 
normal violence of the moment the values thai 
the College stands for may seem to be of lit- 
tle immediacy, but tomorrow they will be need- 
ed as never before. 

"Three things are asked of each one. 

"First, that you yourself make a contribution 
to the War Fund. 

"Second, that you interest others in doing 
likewise. Send into the Rector's office the 
names of people who in your opinion would be 
willing to aid the College. It is not expected 
that this list be made up only of people whc 
can make a large contribution. 

"Third, that you act now. Up to the present 
the return envelopes have been coming ir 
somewhat slowly. 

"To the men who are wearing the uniform c 
our country, I should like to address this par- 
ticular message. Our first thought was tha' 
your names should not be included in the lis', 
of those to whom the appeal was to be made 
since you are doing so much already. But or* 
second thought it seemed that many of yoi 
would not wish to be deprived of this oppor- 
tunity of making your offering of devotion 
Be assured that, if you cannot subscribe, you: 
position is completely understood, and thaa 
some other Alumnus will pledge his aid in youi. 1 
stead. ' 

"Lastly, I wish to make these grateful initia.j 

"To His Eminence, whose swift approbatior 
and most generous contribution was the sures' 
augury for the success of this appeal. 

"To the members of the Alumni Board anc 


ie other representatives of the Alumni, 
hose enthusiastic devotion has all but 
aken this campaign out of my hands." 

ellow Alumni : 

"It was with mixed emotions that I as- 
jmed the presidency of your great organ- 
ration. I deeply appreciated the high 
onor but at the same time I was fully 
onscious of my own limitations — and 
ley are many. Especially was I greatly 
npressed by the fact that a global war was 
n in which Boston College must play its 
able part and likewise experience the evil 
ffects of such a gigantic upheaval. 

"As we all know, my apprehensions have 
ecome realities. Boston College has a 
roud record on land, sea and in the air, 
nmatched by any college in the nation of 
Dmparable size. My very dear classmate, 
ommander Jack Shea, has left us a glor- 
>us heritage. Boston College has count- 
;ss Jack Sheas. 

"Our Very Reverend President, Father 
Murphy, has clearly outlined to us the crit- 
:al difficulties with which the college is 
onfronted. The daily press informs us 
nat perhaps all the military students will 
ave been withdrawn from us by the first 
f April and, as our President has pointed 
ut, not more than 300 can be expected to 
e in attendance during the remainder of 
ie war. 

"These then are times which demand 
eep-seafed loyalty to our Alma Mater and 
nflinching courage to carry out the plans 
eing carefully laid to meet this distressing 
eriod. We at home owe it to the college 
nd to our legion of young men now in every 
uarter of the globe to see to it that these 
lans do not fail. We cannot fail. We can, 
■e will, we must stand by our college in this, 
er time of need." 


"The Jesuit Fathers first opened the doors 
f your College in the midst of the Civil War, 
n James Street, Boston, and at its birth, the 
ollege was in debt. Despite the heavy taxes, 
nd the other economic handicaps of the times, 
ne doors of your College were kept open, and 
ie university on the hill was made possible 
y the sacrifices of the Catholic immigrant 
amilies of Metropolitan Boston. 

"The second world war has precipitated a 
econd crisis in the growth of the College and 
nreatens its very existence. The Rector has 
ippealed to you and to me, and the responsi- 
tility is ours. The College needs $300,000 
now — we alumni must respond, promptly and 

"We urge action by personal contributions, 
»nd by solicitation of your classmates, your 


Archbishop of Boston 

fellow alumni and the numerous friends of the 
College, and when Father Rector reports to 
you the details of a job well done, you and I 
will take just pride in our sacrifices for God, 
and for our College." 


Civilian student body. Note there are 
six classes instead of the usual four. 

Arts and Business 
Sciences School 

Seniors 32 3 

Juniors 35 6 

Sophomores 24 4 

June Freshmen 51 2 

September Freshmen 38 14 

January Freshmen 74 21 

Special Students 1 1 — 

Total 265 50 



Two beloved members of the faculty died the 
same evening on February 28, Rev. Ambrose J. 
Dore, S.J., and Rev. Frederick W. Boe'nm, S.J. 

Father Dore died of injuries received when 
struck by an automobile last November. A 
graduate of the College and Harvard Medical 
School, he had been head of the biology de- 
partment since 1925. 

Father Boehm died after an illness of tw 
months. He had taught philosophy since the} 
early twenties. 

A former member of the faculty, Rev. Jamei 
F. Mellyn, S.J., died earlier in the month 
Formerly College Treasurer, he had 
in recent years as director of the 




Rev. John L. Bonn, S.J., Lt., Navy 
Rev. Anthony G. Carroll, S.J., Capt., 

Rev. John P. Foley, S.J., Lt., Navy 
Rev. William J. Leonard, S.J., Lt., Army 
Rev. John J. Long, S.J., Major, Army 
Rev. Leo P. McCauley, S.J., Lt., Navy 
Rev. Francis J. MacDonald, S.J., Lt., 

Rev. Daniel F. X. O'Connor, S.J., Lt., 

Rev. Joseph P. Shanahan, S.J., Lt., Navy 
Rev. Richard G. Shea, S.J., Lt., Army 


Rev. George A. King, S.J., Lt., Army 
Rev. James D. McLaughlin, S.J., Lt., 


Rev. William J. Kenealy, S.J., Lt., Navy 


Rev. Edward C. Sliney, Colonel, Army 


Rev. John F. Monahan, Colonel, Army 


Rev. George W. Casey, Lt., Army 

Rev. Gerald C. Fitzgerald, C.S.C., Army 

Rev. Alexander J. McCarthy, Army 

Rev. Edwin M. Walsh, Lt., Navy 


Rev. Joseph J. Keenan, Lt., Navy 
Rev. Robert E. Sheridan, S.J., Lt., Navy 

Rev. Francis N. 

Rev. Joseph P. 


Flaherty, Lt., Navy 
McNamara, Lt.-Col., 


Rev. William B. Foley, Copt., Army 
Rev. John L. Johnson, Lt., Army 
Rev. Edward A. McDonough, Lt.-Col. 

Rev. Charles E. Riley, Lt., Army 
Rev. Arthur J. ,SMva, Capt., Army 


Rev. David H. McDonald, Lt.-Comdr., 

Rev. Francis V. Sullivan, S.J., Lt.- 
Comdr., Navy 


Rev. Leonard A. McMahon, Lt., Navy 


Rev. Edmund G. Barry, Lt., Army 

Rev. William J. Callahan, Lt., Army 

Rev. William J. Carty, Lt.-Col., Army 

Rev. Charles F. Engewald, Lt., Army 

Rev. Harold F. McDermott, Lt., Army 

Rev. Edward A. Walsh, Lt., Army 


Rev. Francis X. Bransfield, Capt., Army 

Rev. Charles J. Foley, Lt., Navy 

Rev. Francis J. Horgan, Major, Army 


Rev. William E. Collins, Lt., Navy 
Rev. D. Charles DeCourcey, Capt., Army 
Rev. Jeremiah F. Gearin, Lt., Navy 
Rev. Richard J. Hawko, Major, Army 
Rev. James J. McCarthy, Lt., Army 


Rev. Joseph L. Browne, Lt., Army 
Rev. Paul M. Rock, Lt., Army 


Rev. Neil M. Buckley, Lt., Navy 

Rev. George H. Callahan, Lt., Navy 

Rev. Bede (Daniel) Cameron, C.P., Lt., 


Rev. James E. Dunford, Lt.-Col., Army 

Rev. Joseph W. Lyons, Lt., Navy 

Rev. Arthur F. McQuaid, Lt., Navy 

Rev. James F. Normile, Lt., Army 


Rev. John D. Callahan, Lt., Army 
Rev. Joseph F. Donoghue, Capt., Army 
Rev. Jerome P. Gill, Lt., Navy 
Rev. Leo J. McCann, Capt., Army 
Rev. Joseph E. McGoldrick, Lt., Navy 
Rev. John G. Schultz, C.SS.R., Lt., Army 


Rev. Justin C. Durocher, Lt.-Comdr., 

Rev. Charles F. Glennon, Lt., Army j 

Rev. Francis J. Harkins, Lt., Army ] 

Rev. Francis J. McDonnell, Lt., Army 

Rev. George W. McHugh, Lt., Army' 

Rev. James J. McManus, Lt., Army 

Rev. Joseph P. Mahoney, Capt., Arm^| 

R&v. Leo P. O'Keefe, S.J., Lt., Army 


Rev. Thomas J. Burke, Lt., Navy 
Rev. Joseph F. Canty, Lt., Navy 
Rev. John J. Cusack, Lt., Navy 
Rev. J. Joseph Daly, Lt., Navy 
Rev. George P. Gallivan, Capt., ArrM 
Rev. Edward S. Galvin, Lt., Army 
Rev. Daniel J. Kelleher, Lt., Army 1 
Rev. James J. McGoohan, Major, Aril 
Rev. James B. Murphy, Lt., Army ', 
Rev. Neil T. O'Connor, Lt., Army 
Rev. Herbert A. Phinney, Lt., Army 
Rev. John J. Ryan, Lt., Army 


Rev. Sylvester (Charles S. Cannon) 

C.P., Capt., Army 
Rev. Edward B. Flaherty, Major, Armw 
Rev. Philip J. Kearney, Lt., Army 
Rev. Paul J. McGovern, Lt., Army 
Rev. Ernest P. Pearsall, Capt., Army 


Rev. Eugene J. Bailot, Capt., Army 
Rev. Joseph H. Burke, Major, Army I 
Rev. Jeremiah J. Collins, Lt., Army ! 
Rev. James P. Donohue, Lt., Navy 
Rev. Joseph P. Monahan, Capt., Army 
Rev. William G. O'Brien, Lt., Army 


Rev. James J. Cullinan, Lt., Navy 
Rev. John F. Daunis, Lt., Army 
Rev. Francis J. Desmond, Lt., Armyf 
Rev. Gerald D. Desmond, Capt., Arm! 
Rev. Thomas P. Ridge, Lt., Army 
Rev. Thomas F. Sennott, Lt., Navy 


Rev. Thomas F. Brosnan, Lt., Army 
Rev. Matthew J. Coughlin, Lt., Armyj 
Rev. Thomas F. Crump, O.M.I., Lt., 


Rev. Albert L. Cutress, Lt., Army * 
Rev. John J. Regan, Lt., Army 



J? In another part of this magazine statistics 
-e printed revealing the number of Boston 
oMege men serving in this war and also the 
jmber dead. Elsewhere is a list of chaplains 
irving their country and their fellow Cath- 
•ics. In the November News a list was printed 
lowing 73 graduates to be in the F. B. I. 
i'ery issue has also contained a summary of 
ie deeds of our men who answered the call 
• their country. From day to day reports 
ach the Alumni office from all over the 
:>rld. No area can be mentioned without 
inging to mind some B. C. man who has 
rved well. 

Assimilating all the facts and figures after 
'o years of war the general picture becomes 
ear, Boston College has a record equalling 
iiy college in the country. The feats of valor 

1 the hearts of all who have gone to this 
itholic institution with pride. In addition to 
rving their country gloriously, our men have 

idmirably exemplified the teachings of their 
iligion. It cannot be repeated too often, Bos- 
n College has reason to be proud. 
'When the first clouds of war broke over 
carl Harbor in December, 1941, two of our 
en were present in Hawaii who were later 
nmmended for their bravery there, Lieut. Jos- 
nh A. Groden, '40, USNR, and Lieut-Colonel 
imes J. Flood, '39, Army. 

In the Philippines, Lieut. -Commander Law- 
-ice J. McPeake, '23, USN, was present and 

s been missing ever since. Then there was 
sut. George T. Trudell, '36, USN, who won 

2 Silver Star Medal. He is a Jap prisoner. 

Lieut. Patrick H. Rafferty, '42, Army, was 
also captured. Dr. Arnold J. O'Donnell, '39, 
a dentist with the rank of lieutenant, was like- 
wise captured, and died in a Jap camp on 
June 11, 1943. One of the last men out of 
the Philippines was Lieut. -Colonel Warren J 
Clear, '18, who had gathered important infor- 
mation about the Japanese, for which he re- 
ceived the Distinguished Service Medal. 

The scene shifted to Midway when the Navy 
swung into action. Here Aviator Lieut. John 
J. Lynch, '33, USN, won the Navy Cross for 
securing two hits on a cruiser. (He later won 
the Air Medal and the Distinguished Flying 
Cross) . 

Then came the Solomon Islands and the Ma- 
rines. Buried there are Lieut. Charles F. Con- 
Ian, '31, Captain Edward L. Foley, '39, and 
Captain Richard A. Kelly, '39. Receiving hon- 
ors were Lieut. -Colonel John F. Dobbin, '33, 
Lieut. John B. Doyle, Jr., 40, Lieut. John J. 
Gately, '41, Major Thomas J. Cross, '40, and 
Captain Gerald F. Russell, '40. 

About the same time the Aleutians were in 
danger. Captain Walter J. Brickett, '40, Army 
Air Corps, received the Air Medal for services 
in this area. He was wounded. When the 
Japs were driven out finally from Attu, Chief 
Commissary Steward William A. Ward, '31, 
was present. 

In September, 1942, the famous battles in 
the Pacific occurred, when the aircraft car- 
rier the "Wasp" went down. Commander 
John J. Shea, '18, lost his life and received the 
Navy Cross posthumously. Two other men also 

GRADY, U.S.N., Commandant of 
the Boston Navy Yard, at christen- 
ing of U.S.S. O'Toole, named af- 
ter her husband, ENSIGN JOHN 
A. O'TOOLE, '39, U.S.N.R. (left) . 

The Record 



ed Officers 


In Service: 4054 
Deceased: 38 

Army and Marine Corps 

Navy and Coast- Guard 

Missing in action: 9 

Lt. Generals: 1 

Captains: 1 

Prisoners: 4 
Decorations: 50 

Colonels: 3 

Lt. Colonels: 19 

Majors: 48 

Commanders: 6 

Lt. Commanders: 25 

Lieutenants: (s. g. and j. g.) 384 

Commendations: 7 

Captains: 144 

Lieutenants: (1st and 2nd) 546 

Ensigns: 358 

aboard the "Wasp" were decorated, Com- 
mander Bartholomew W. Hogan, '23, and 
Lieut. Robert L. Howard, '39, When the U.S.S. 
Juneau was sunk, Lieut. Thomas M. Roddy, 
'39, lost his life. Rev Arthur F. McQuaid, '27, 
a Navy Chaplain, was severely burned, later 
receiving the Purple Heart. 

The spotlight of war was focused on North 
Africa the latter part of 1942. Ensign John 
A. O'Toole, '39, lost his life almost immedi- 
ately in the first stages of the attack. Ensign 
William T. Donovan ,'41, and Sgt. John F. 
Coughlin, '38, died in Africa, while Lieut. 
George W. Maibach, '38, was taken prisoner. 
Overhead, in Tunisia, Lieut. Edward J. Mc- 
Pherson, '40, Army Air Corps, won the Dis- 
tinguished Flying Cross for bravery. 

Attacking Sicily, Ensign Thomas J. Glen- 
non, '40, USNR, received the Silver Star for 
directing beach activities under hazardous 
conditions. Ensign Eugene J. Canty, '40, 
USNR, has been missing since his ship, the 
U.S.S. Maddox, was sunk off Sicily, July 10, 

On the way to Greenland to< report for duty, 
Private George D. Cunning, '37, died when 
the ship on which he was traveling was sunk 
in February, 1943. Ensign Robert E. McGe- 
hearty, '41, USCG, died when the cutter Es- 
canaba was sunk in northern waters in June, 
1943. Commander John J. Twomey, '15, re- 
ceived the Navy Cross for bravery in the At- 

Down in South America, Lt. Donald V. Mul- 
cahy, '40, USNR, received the Navy and Ma- 
rine Corps Medal for bravery during a fire in 
the port where he is stationed. 

As the United States played a more im- 
portant part in air raids over Europe, so did 
the names of Boston College men become more 
prominent. Sgt. Paul M. Kelly, '41, received 
the Air Medal posthumously. Lieut. William 
H. Broley, '39, Army Air Corps, received the 
Air Medal for his part in the raid over Bremen, 
April 18, 1943. In a later raid he failed to 
return. Captain Arthur V. Cullen, '40, re- 
ceived the Air Medal, and is now a German 
prisoner. Also decorated was Lieut. Norman 
R. Pilote, '39. All of these men operated from 

Based in Africa Sgt. Arthur F. Sullivan, 'M 
received the Air Medal for bravery as a radi 
operator and gunner in a Flying Fortress ove 
France, Sicily, Italy and Austria. Also based i 
Africa was Captain Donald R. O'Sullivan, '41 
who received the Distinguished Flying Cros 
for participation in the raid on the Ploesti o 
fields, Rumania. He has also received the Ai 
Medal and Silver Star. 

In the battle of Tarawa 1 four B. C. men wer 
known to be present. With the Marines wer 
Captain John T. O'Neill, '38, Captain Martii 
F. Barrett, '41, and Captain Frank A. Stantor 
'41. In the air was Lieut. Frederick T. Moofe 
'36, USN. All were fortunate, for 762 officer 
invaded the island, 27 were saved; 

The following is a full report since Novem 


On January 22, at the Boston Navy Yard 
the destroyer escort U.S.S. O'Toole was chris 
tened by Mrs. John A. O'Toole, Dorchester. Thi 
ship was named for Ensign John A. O'Toole 
'39, who was killed in action when Americai 
forces landed in Africa in 1942. After thi 
christening ceremony, in the presence of Cap 
tain Grady, USN, Commandant of the Nav 
Yard, and Chaplain McFadden, USN, the shi| 
was commissioned. Among those present wen 
two Boston College graduates, Lieut. Daniel C 
Healy, '29, USNR, and Lieut. Joseph P. Mun 
ray, '37, USNR, who has been assigned to tht 
U.S.S. O'Toole. 


Mortimer F. O'Connor, '28, First Lieut. 
Army Air Corps, killed in airplane crash a 
Maxwell Field, Alabama, April 28, 1943. 

Francis J. Catenacci, '39, Private, Armjl 
killed in action in New Guinea, September 27 

William C. Cagney, '34, Lieut., USNR, die.e 
in the Pacific area, November 23, 1943. 

Dr. James E. Flanagan, '33, Lieut., USNR 
killed when the U.S.S. Turner exploded Janu 
ary 3, 1944. 

Joseph J. Welsh, Inrown, 1942, Lieut., Army* 
killed in action at Bougainville, Solomon 1 s ' 
lands, January 8, 1944. 



Richard E. Lynn, '45, Sgt., Army Air Corps. 
Stationed in England he has been missing in 
action since January 9, 1944. He has received 
the Distinguished Flying Cross and Air Medal 
olus three oak clusters for bravery in the raid, 
October 14, 1943, on the ball-bearing factory 
at Schweinfurt, Germany. He has also received 
the Purple Heart for injuries in the same raid. 


James M. Anderson, '40, Lieut-, USNR, Pur- 
ple Heart. Injured when the U.S.S. Buck was 
sunk off Salerno, October 9, 1943. He has 
oeen in an Army hospital in Italy. 

James V. Smyth, '42, Private, Army. Sil- 
ver Star Medal for gallantry in action at Gua- 
dalcanal, November 21, 1942. "Participating 
rn an assault on the enemy's line, Pfc Smith 
.uffered a head wound from hostile rifle fire. 
The bullet pierced his helmet and scalp, caus- 
ng shock, pain and great discomfort. Although 
ne could have returned to the rear for imme- 
diate treatment and rest, Pfc Smyth chose to 

emain in the field of action with his com- 

ades where every man was badly needed. Thus, 
oy his bravery and tenacity pf purpose, this 
:oldier contributed immeasurably in bolstering 

he morale of his fellow soldiers in a trying 


Edward V. McCarty, '43, Lieut., USNR. Air 
vAedal received as a member of a squadron of 
live bombers in combat against the Japs be- 
ween April 26-July 28, 1943, in the Solomon 
slands area. "Despite heavy anti-aircraft fire 
he pilots daringly attacked Japanese shore in- 
stallations and shipping, and by aggressive and 
ourageous airmanship inflicted severe damage 
n the enemy. On July 17 he participated in 
raid against hostile shipping in the strongly 
defended waters off Kahili, and, pressing home 
is attack with deadly accuracy and grim de- 
srmination, assisted his squadron in sinking 
our destroyers and in severely damaging a 
jght cruiser." Lieut. McCarty has returned to 
lis country and is stationed at Wildwood, New 
ersey. His brothers are Corporal John p., '39, 
.aw, '42, and Private Paul T. McCarty, '46.. 

John A. McMahon, '42, Sgt., Army Air 
!orps . Air Medal and nine oak leaf clusters 
or services ovr Europe. He has completed 
ifty missions, the first over Cagliari, Sardinia, 
ast May, the last over Athens about three 
nonths ago. He has returned to this country. 

Thomas von Holzhausen, '44, Lieut., Army 
|i:r Corps. Air Medal for ten sorties over 
imemy territory. 

Daniel J. Taylor, Inrown, Captain, Army Air 
)orps. Air Medal and two oak leaf clusters. 
I fire control officer on "Dumbo the Avenger" 


Pro-Burial Mass celebrated for PRIVATE FRANCIS J. 
CATENACCI, '39, Army, at St. Mary's Chapel in January. 

(B-24 Liberator), he flew from a Hawaiian 
base to raid Wake Island in 1943. 

Louis J. Kidhardt, '40, Captain, Army. Sil- 
ver Star Medal for gallantry in action at Gua- 
dalcanal, December 19, 1942. "As leader of 
regimental intelligence platoon, Lieut, (since 
promoted) Kidhardt performed aggressively in 
combat against enemy forces and obtained 
vital information of enemy combat techniques 
which later proved of inestimable value to units 
of his division. While under constant enemy 
fire Lieut. Kidhardt assisted in killing several 
enemy snipers. All all times he displayed com- 
plete disregard for his personal safety and by 
his outstanding performance of combat lead- 
ership materially assisted in the successful cul- 
mination of operations on the island." 


This service was started in an effort to en- 
able B. C. men in the service to meet. The 
list below has been compiled. If you are at any 
of the locations named, get in touch with the 
representatives there. 

Graduates in other camps or stations are 
asked to write to the Alumni office offering to 
serve as "keymen." 


Captain Joseph L. Browne, '26 
Chaplain, 57th Inf. Tng. Bn. 

When forwarding the NEWS to 
a relative or friend in the Service 
place a two cent stamp on the 
envelope. Do not seal (otherwise 
first class rates apply) . 

If overseas in the Army, write 
on the envelope "Mailed in con- 
formity with P. O. D. Order Num- 
ber 19687." This does not af- 
fect those overseas in the Navy, 
Marine Corps or Coast Guard. 

Please forward the NEWS. Our 
men wont news from home. 

Chaplain, Navy 

U. S. N. R. 


Lieut. Francis J. Harkins, '29 

Chaplain, Reception Centre Chapel. 

Lieut. Arthur J. Conway, '31. 
Lieut. Francis L. Maynard, '31 


Lieut. John E. O'Loughlin, '28, 0923452. 

Lieut. Henry D. Buckley, '32, USCG 

Captain of Port. 

Army Air Field 

Lieut. Lawrence J. Fitzpatrick, '39 

1 545 R Street. 

Private Charles Donald Floyd, 31368879 

Co. D 25th Tr. Bn. 

7th Regt. I.R.T.C. 


Lieut. Edmund M. Lanigan, '26 


Lieut. Arthur L. Tuohy, '28 

Lieut. Albert J. Leonard, '26 

Post Headquarters Room 303 

Tel. 7341, Ext. 6278 

Lieut. Gunnar E. Haugh, '32 

Box 100 

Sgt. Jack F. McGlynn, '38, 31134620 

18th Mess. Eqdn. 

A A F T A C 

Pfc. John E.Dorsey, '26, 31297812 

Sta. Med. Det. 

(Academic Area) 

Tel. Orlando 2-0761, Ext. 1458 

Sgt. Gene McGillicuddy, '42, 31133486 

Hq. & Hq. Sq. SASC. 

District Medical Office 

Lieut. Nicholas J. Fiumara, '34, USNR 


Leo J. Callanan, '21. After graduation he attended the Georgetown Foreign Service School for two years, 
receiving the degrees of Master of Arts and Master of Foreign Service the same evening from the beloved 
Father Gasson, S.J. He successfully qualified for the diplomatic field and after six months training in the 
State Department started his life work. His first post was Genoa, Italy. In the following order he was at 
Melbourne and Adelaide, Australia, Nassau in the Bahamas, Port Said, Egypt, Madras and 'Bombay, India, 
Nairobi, East Africa, Aden, Arabia, where he was on duty during the Ethiopian War, Barcelona and Malaga, 
Spain, Oporto, Portugal, and now is at Recife, Brazil. While at Madras he acquired an aviator's license. At 
Nairobi he mode o 200 mile flight to visit the Sultan of Zanzibar. 

In 1936 he married the former Miss Helene English Bradley of Wareham, a former teacher at Quincy 
High School. The Callanans have two children, Kevin Bradley and Margaret Helen. The grandfather is Ed- 
ward D. Callanan, '13. 





ig& The annual Varsity Club dinner at the 
Statler on January 9 was anything but a con- 
fession that the war had overwhelmed and de- 
stroyed B. C. spirit. First of all there was a 
fine attendance. There was a noticeable (and 
not disregarded) absence of the younger grad- 
uates, and a plethora of grave and reverend 
seniors (remember your Merchant?) But the 
pirit and enthusiasm were as real as ever, and 
rven the number of paid admissions was no- 
iceably high. Many of the active alumni of 
hhe past were present, and many who had 
quietly supported the College. All had gath- 
ered to join in tribute to the "informal" foot- 
■xi 1 1 team which carried the colors of the school 
ast Fall on the gridiron. Even in these days 
:>f military service and rationed travelling the 
audience was large and worthy of record. 

Secondly and chiefly, there was a display of 
pride and joy in the fine record of the 1943 
"ootball club. At the dinner (and of course in 
his report) there was not the slightest invidious 
:omparison with the big-time players and teams 
Df the past. Our greats are as great as ever. 
Witness the pride at having "Fitzy" back. But 
'his year there was the special satisfaction of 
lonoring a team composed of more average 
ooys, boys more like the rank and file of the 
blumni, boys not gifted with giant stature and 
weight and speed and strength, boys that never 
n the days of nationally known elevens would 
aave merited time or consideration. 

Lastly, the speaking was excellent. From 
fie brief, beautifully phrased words of Father 
.ow, through the always thoughtful and thought 
irovoking remarks of Father Rector, through 
ihe tributes of the Navy (Lieut. Commander 
William M. Cashin, '18, and Lieut. Com- 
nander Edmund H. Barry, '24) and the Army 
"Major John R. Canavan), through the con- 
iiise remarks of Dean Mulcahy, through the 
.umorous speech of Arthur Siegel of the Bos- 
on Traveler, through all of these speeches the 
i ead table gave the listeners a varied and ever 
interesting evening. It was a joy to have 
Jimmy" Fitzpatrick" present to bestow a "B" 
n Mayor Tobin, and to hear the lively intro- 
uctions of "Gerry" Coughlin, '23, and two 
nanly talks by quarterback "Eddie" Doherty 
nd Coach "Moody" Sarno. 

While in the mood for compliments, "Tom" 
eanlan, '20, President of the Varsity Club, 
md John S. Keohane, '14, chairman for the 
wening, should not be forgotten. 

Finis to an informal report .about informal 




"Physical education for all," is the slogan 
of John P. Curley these days. In addition to 
the ASTP group, Mr. Curley has directed the 
training of the civilian students to have them 
in good physical condition when they enter the 

Competitive intercollegiate sports are re- 
duced to a minimum. Jack Ryder's small track 
team has entered several meets this winter with 
fair success. There is an informal basketball 
and hockey team. The informality of it all is 
demonstrated by the type of opposition and the 
scores. The basketball team has played B. C. 
High and the Timothy Smith Club. The hockey 
team has met Watertown High School (5-2), 
Newton High School (6-8), and the "97" Club 
(0-13). It has also played one college, Holy 
Cross, losing 2-1 . 

Followers of B. C. were saddened by the 
death of Dr. Frank Merrick, '27, for several 
years assistant physician for the Athletic Asso- 
ciation. Despite the many blood transfusions 
given by the students both in the civilian body 
and Army group, Dr. Merrick died in January. 
R. I. P. 


Volume I 
Now at Press Due in March 

Over 400 pictures Over 400 pages 

Special Guarantor's Edition, $25.00 
Sponsor's Edition, $10.00 
Subscriber's Edition, $5.00 
Because the publishing cost is far greater than 
the minimum fee, the subscriber's $5.00 price 
will be honored only for those who make ar- 
rangements before the volume actually appears. 
If you are interested in the 60 year history of 
B. C. sports, please act today. 

Send remittance to Nathaniel J. Hasenfus, 
'22, 1 5 Kirk Street, West Roxbury. 

Parade rf the ClaAAeA 


A Father Dore is still in the hospi- 
tal. Struck by an automobile three 
months ago, his condition remains se- 
rious. Another hospital patient is 
Father Boehm who has been quite 
ill for over a month. 
Rev. James D. McLaughlin, S.J., of 
the Business School, entered the 
Navy in December. Rev. William J. 
Leonard, S.J., reported at the Army 
Chaplain's School at Harvard this 
month. Rev. Joseph P. Shanahan, 
S.J., was commissioned a lieutenant 
in the Navy this month. 


*lp8, William Nugent's son, Richard, 
'32, was promoted from lieutenant to 
captain in the Army Medical Corps 
at Camp Como, Miss., in January. 
Dr. Nugent enlisted in 1942. 


(gfc The wife of William J. Rich 

died in Seattle, December 15, and 
was buried in Atlantic, Massachu- 
setts the 22nd, Mr. and Mrs. Rich 
celebrated their 35th wedding an- 
niversary November 25. R. I. P. 


t^5 Condolences are extended to Ed- 
win F. Benson on the death of his son, 
Edwin, a private in the Marine Corps. 
He was killed in action in the Battle 
of Tarawa. 


A George "Doc" Fitzgerald's son, 
D'ick, is with the Signal Corps in 

Owen McGaffigan's boy, John, with 
the Marines, enjoyed his first fur- 
lough home in three years. Another 
son is planning to enter the service 

Thomas L. Gannon was one of the 
class representatives at Father Rec- 
tor's organization meeting of the War 
Emergency Fund. 

We regret to note the death of Joe 
Mahoney of Lawrence. He had been 
a funeral director with his brother 
for many years. R. I. P. 
George Virgin was reported some 
years ago as having died. He is very 
much alive in El Paso, Texas, where 
he is director of the U.S.O. Club 

(NCCS). Previously he had been 
head of the history department at the 
Jesuit High School at Tampa, Fla. 


12 Acacia Avenue, Chestnut Hill 
e^S Father Eric MacKenzie was host 
to the class at a dinner at the Hotel 
Statler the evening of December 8. 
Twenty-two were present. During 
the evening a suitable presentation 
was made to the Reverend President 
as a memento of the occasion. 
Leo Grueter's boy is in the Marine 
Corps, and is a veteran of the Battle 
of Tarawa. 

We have received the good news that 
Father John Dwyer, S.J., of Holy 
Cross, is rapidly recuperating from a 
severe illness at St. Vincent's Hos- 
pital, Worcester. 

We heard recently from Father Char- 
lie Brown pastor at Belfast, Me., 
where he seems to enjoy the rigorous 
climate of "Down East." 
Congratulations to Father Tom Ford 
on his promotion to the pastorate at 
Saugus. Likewise, best wishes to 
Father Dave Twomey, O.S.B., of St. 
Anselm's College, who celebrated his 
Sacerdotal Silver Anniversary in De- 

The class was well represented at the 
Varsity Club football dinner, helping 
to fill four tables. Did some occupy 
two chairs? Father Tom Heagney 
brought a contingent from Holbrook 
T. Edward Fitzgerald made one of his 
too infrequent appearances at Father 
Eric's dinner. We hope some of the 
less frequently seen classmates will 
try to attend our next semi-annual 
affair after Easter. Notice will be 
sent in due time. 

We hear good reports of Father Joe 
Sullivan's efforts at scientific poultry 
raising at Weston College. 
The class plans to celebrate its Thir- 
tieth Anniversary by cooperating with 
Father Rector and his War Emergency 
Fund. It responded on the Twentieth 
and Twenty-fifth Anniversaries, and 
will not be found wanting now. 
Francis X. O'Sullivan (Bill's boy) 
graduated from Cranwell Prep School 
and has enrolled in the new Fresh- 
man class at the Heights. 
John K. Kapples, Jr. entered the 


Coast Guard Academy at Hyannis t< 
prepare for a commission. 
Edward A. Sullivan, the talentec 
president of State Teachers' College 
at Salem, figured prominently in th( 
histrionic part of the President's din 
ner of the Clover Club in January 



1 8 Houston Street, West Roxbury 
■Si James J. Linnehan's son, James 
Jr., is enrolled in the V-12 Nava 
Training Course at Tufts College. 
Frederick L Mahoney is completinc 
his second year as principal of thi 
Joseph H. Barnes Evening Elemen 
tary School of East Boston. 
Edward S. Farmer has been activi 
recently with important law cases ii 
the Federal Courts in Boston. 
Thomas F. Galvin is in Miami en- 
gaged in war work while on sabbati 
cal leave from the Boston schools. 
John B. Fitzgerald is completing hi 
third year as principal of the Soutl 
Boston Evening High School. 
John J. Walsh was recently appointei 
chairman of the City of Bosto'n Wa 
Finance Commission. 
George S. Hennessy is completing hi 
third year as principal of the Eas 
Boston Evening High School. 
Thomas E. Cotter's son, Thomas Jr. 
is in England, a captain in the Ar 
mored Field Artillery. 



41 Pondred Circle, Jamaica Plain 

£m We extend our sincere regrets ti 

Pat Donovan on the loss of his father 

It was my privilege to know him an» 

he was certainly a fine Catholic gen 


The Class of 1916 made the head 

lines. On December 27, 1943, wj 

held our 27th annual banquet an 

George Carens of the Traveler de 

voted his whole column to the mem 

bers of the class. 

When twenty-three members showes 

up at Leo Daly's banquet it mad 

quite an impression on George an 

he decided to find out somethin 

about us and his article is the resul 

of his research. 

Ed Coffey missed the banquet for th 

first time since 1916. He had a. 


mportant School Committee meeting 
and couldn't come to Boston. 
Illness kept Charlie Hurley away from 
js and Charlie says it was his first 

labsence. We all hope that Charlie 

>ivill soon recover and we may see him 
]t our retreat. 

tHev. John Cunningham was elected 
^resident for 1944. Leo Daly said 

hhat it took him 27 years to be presi- 
dent. It took Father Cunningham 
Z8 years You have to be real good 
o be President of 1916. 

Joe McOwen hasn't been to his of- 
ice for 18 months. He's now living 
n Larchmont N. Y., and the doctor 
s making him fake a real rest. He 
lidn't miss the banquet. There's the 

r.pirit of 1916. 

'our reporter's boy has left B. C. 
ind is in the ASTP at the Universily 
■f Connecticut. 


12 Mellen Street, Dorchester 
^j This correspondent has received a 
airly prompt reply to his circular let- 
er asking the class members for news 
| themselves. Those not heard from 
re cordially requested to sit down and 
end the news along. 
Ve are happy to report that Father 
'ony Laverty is recovering very satis- 
actorily after an operation early in 
lanuary. He is up and around. 
)ur condolences are extended to Tom 
iinahan on the death last December 
f his father. Tom is with the Thomas 
'dison Co. of New Jersey and resides 
i Quincy. 

;oe Dee informs us that Joe, Jr., is 
rith the A.S.T P. at Louisiana State 

Japoleon Vigeant has recently been 
ppointed District Judge in Chicopee. 
ome time ago "Nap" was Canteen 
iff icer at Camp Edwards when the 
. D. was there and later he was sta- 
oned at Camp Edwards with the rank 
f Lieutenant-Colonel, 
/e are pleased to report that Dr. Tom 
tray, who has been ill for some time 
l Holliston, has recovered to the ex- 
;nt that he is able to practice again, 
rom Rogers High School, Newport, 
eie Director of Athletics, Joe Nevins, 
Informs us that in his spare time he 
noes a turn with the Coast Guard Re- 
erve and gives five nights a week 
t the U.S.O. in the skating rink, 
ihis rink was Joe's before the army 


took over the building. His daughter 
is president of the sophomore class at 
Pembroke and his son is an athlete 
in junior high school. 
Father Frank Caftrcy, M.M., extends 
an invitation to any B C. men in the 
service near Los Angeles to give him 
a call at the Maryknoll House, 426 
South Boyle Avenue, ANgelus 6349. 
"There's always a bed and a meal for 
any of the lads." The B. C. Club of 
Los Angeles included Myles Connolly 
'18 and Bill Parker. To this has been 
added McVay '14, who took part with 
Pat O'Brien in a radio broadcast of 
"The Iron Major." 

Eddie Tracy has returned to his office 
in the Bureau of Old Age and Sur- 
vivors' Insurance after a month's ill- 
ness at home. Ed's office is the sec- 
ond largest in New England. 


631 Fellsway, Medford 
WQ Harold Anderson reports from 
New York that his son, Paul, 19, is in 
the Amphibious Forces of the Navy 
in England. His son, John, is also in 
the Navy. 

Better late than never, Dr. Ed. Smith 
is a lieutenant commander in the 

Although the class contributed gen- 
erously to the College on the occasion 
of our 25th anniversary, John Can- 
avan and Bill Cashin wish us to be 
well represented in the present drive 
just started by Father Rector. 


1 1 Beacon Street, Boston 
fflJJ The Class began to make plans for 
the celebration of its Twenty-fifth Re- 
union on January 13, 1944, at the 
home of Dr. Edward L. Kickham Class 
President. The members of the Re- 
union Committee met to formulate 
"Ways and Means" and to approve 
a tentative schedule of events to be 
presented for the approval of the Class 
at its Annual Meeting. 
Bill Kirby, Secretary, is issuing a call 
for the meeting of all the members 
of the Class, both Alumni and Ex- 
men, to be held at 3 P. M. on Sun- 
day, February 20, 1944, at the Cop- 
ley-Plaza Hotel. Notices are being 
sent to all members in accordance 
with the most recent addresses on file 
with the Alumni Secretary. In the 

event that any member fails to re- 
ceive a notice let this memorandum 
act as a summons for him and for 
other members of the Class whom he 
may chance to meet in his travels. 



30 Garden Street, West Roxbury 

"Numquam non paratus." I held a 
few up my sleeve for this issue 
and so I am able to give you 
Johnny Clark, Gus Donovan and 
Joseph Degnan, all on the fac- 
ulty of the High School, with 
Jimmy Walsh holding forth in 
his emporium in Lawrence. 

"Enfants perdus." We change to an 
old song to ask, "Has anybody 
here seen Ray Champagne, Ed 
McKeown or Ed Gervais?" If 
anyone knows where they are, 
contact the Lost and Found Com- 
mittee of the class. 
West Roxbury gives us Elias Shamon, 
appointed by Gov. Saltonstall to 
the bench (Municipal) and Jo- 
seph White, named as one of the 
vice-chairmen on the 1944 Red 
Cross War Fund Drive. 
South Boston has Father Dan Flynn 
as chaplain of the K. of C, and 
further south finds Father Leo G. 
Burke teaching at the Choate 
House of Studies in Washington. 
Father John Lane is busy on the 
twenty-fifth anniversary of the 
class, meeting regularly with 
Paul Troy, Bob O'Conneli, Eddie 
Higgins, Gerry Geary, John 
Clark, Gerry Kellaher and Frank 

That's all! 


9 Emmonsdale Road, West Roxbury 
l«Cfe Dr. George H. Cleary has been 
commissioned a captain in the Army 
Medical Corps. 

Charlie Coyle is now executive direc- 
tor of the Boston Hotel Association. 
Congratulations, Charlie. He recently 
moved into St. Ignatius' parish and 
feels right at home. 
Eddie Drohan is a night editor on the 
"Boston Post" staff. 
The Varsity Club awarded Mayor 
Maurice J. Tobin a varsity "B" at its 
annual football dinner held at the 
Hotel Statler January 9. The pres- 
entation was made by our own Jimmy 


FiUzpatrick, who came down from 
Portland for the affair. 
The Denver "Register" (Denver, Colo- 
rado) on January 30 contained a long 
article by Nat Hasenfus recalling some 
of Jimmy Fitzpatrick's football and 
baseball exploits. Modest Jimmy can 
never be praised too much. 
Herbert Kinsella was a participant in 
the Regional Conference on Intercul- 
tural Education held at the Hotel Stat- 
ler January 1 5. 

Bernard McGrath's son is in the Army 
Air Corps in Texas. Bernie's daugh- 
ter is a nun in a New York Convent. 
Rev. Francis V. Sullivan, S.J., is now 
a lieutenant-commander. He is sta- 
tioned at William and Mary College, 
Virginia, and is an instructor at the 
Navy Chaplain School. Previously he 
spent some months on active duty in 
the South Pacific. 

In one of Bishop Spellman's letters 
recently published in the "Globe," 
mention was made of his visit to the 
Jesuit College at Baghdad. Two of 
the Jesuits he saw there were Rev. 
Francis B. Sarjeant, who is in charge 
of the college, and Rev. Charles T. 
Mahan. A group picture of the fac- 
ulty accompanied the article. 
The sympathy and prayers of the class 
are extended to Rev. George P. Mc- 
Colgan, whose father recently passed 

Jim Cox is working for Raytheon in 

Major Harold Sullivan is stationed at 
Fort Logan, Colorado 


15 Kirk Street, West Roxbury 
( (gfe The class was very sorry to hear 
of the death of Rev. Aloysius Hogan, 
S.J., at Washington. Father Hogan 
mas a true friend to many of us. 
Add to the class members guarantee- 
ing or sponsoring "Athletics at B. C. 
the names of Rev. James H. Doyle, 
Rev. William Long, Rev. John Conso- 
dine, and the family of the beloved 
John F. Carey. . . Seen at the Stat- 
ler on the evening of the Varsity Club 
dinner was Capt. Leo Motley of the 
Marines, who is doing splendid work 
as liason officer along the eastern sea- 
board. Capt. Motley spoke very glow- 
ingly of the B. C. Marines and said 
that their outstanding work has bought 
real honor to the college. Major 
Timothy Mclnerney has been promot- 
ed to the rank of lieutenant-col- 
onel in England. His work as Army 


historian in charge of writing the his- 
tory of World War II well reflects 
the training he received as Editor of 
the "Stylus" and as a feature writer 
on the "Boston Post." . . . Corporal 
William Whall is doing splendid work 
in the Medical Corps in England . . . 
Lieut. Frank Daly is returning to the 
United States for reassignment. . . . 
John Furlong is now residing in Ohio. 
. . Congratulations to our able class- 
mate, Arthur Frowley, whose over- 
whelming victory that made him 
Mayor of Lynn was a source of joy 
to us all. Arthur won by an amazing 
triumph of almost four to one. May 
his tenure of office lead to even high- 
er honors! Congratulations, too, go to' 
Henry Smith now member of the 
Board of Directors of the Boston 
Braves. Henry, as Trustee of the Bos- 
ton Elevated, as Chairman of the War 
Salvage Committee, as District Chair- 
man of the Red Cross, as member of 
the staff of Hornblower £r Weeks, is 
one of Boston's busiest citizens. . . . 
Congratulations to John White, too, 
on the birth of a son in September. 
. . . Among the ex-men in new as- 
signments are Rev. Frank Keegan, now 
at St. Andrew's in Forest Hills and 
Rev. Francis Curley. 


26 Ellison Avenue, Dorchester 
^V Once again we look forward to 
Laetare Sunday, which, this year, oc- 
curs on March 19. According to our 
custom we shall assemble on the 
Heights for Mass and Holy Commun- 
ion, and afterward adjourn for break- 
fast, election of officers, and a gab 
session at a nearby hotel. Last year 
this twenty-year-old tradition was al- 
most broken, but the spirited action 
of a few members of the class brought 
together about a dozen members who 
resolved that in the future there 
would always be a Laetare Sunday. 
You will hear more about this in 
early March. 

A letter from Johnny Keyes informs 
us that he has been in the Navy since 
November, 1942. First tried Radio 
School and later changed to Mail 
Specialist handling the mail of over 
3700 men and 300 ships. Likes his 
work very much and has been fortu- 
nate with frequent leaves — in fact, 
on one of his December leaves he went 
and "did it" — became married. "In- 
cidentally," he writes, "Lieut. John 
Youchoes (old No. 10) is the Postal 

Officer here and is a swell fellow." 
Johnnie gets the "Alumni News" and 
is very desirous of hearing from his 
classmates. His address: John F. 
Keyes, Sp. (M) 3/C; U. S. N. Sec- 
tion Base, Tompkinsville, S 1, N. Y. 
A Christmas greeting from Lieut. Ed- 
ward F. Fogarty, U. S. N. R., places 
him back at Colgate College where 
he is in charge of the Recognition De- 
partment. Address him at Lebanon 
Street, Hamilton, N. Y. 
Up from Cape May for a Christmas 
furlough came Lieut. Gaynor A. Well- 
ings, U. S. N. R., who seems to be 
enjoying his assignment there. Gay-! 
nor appeared in fine fettle. 
Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Pat 
Colman on the birth of their eleventh 

Gerry Coughlin acted as toastmaster 
at the annual Varsity Club dinner this 
year. He was also chairman and thes- 
pian at the January gathering of the 
Clover Club, in the entertainment de- 
partment Many of his parodies of 
popular songs were sung with gusto 
and applause by the hundreds who at- 
tended the conclave of this august 

From somewhere in the South Pacific 
comes word that Lieut. Owen A. Gal- 
lagher, U. S. N. R* has been placec 
in charge of an advanced air base. 
He sends his best regards to all of the 

Congratulations to Joe Crane, who ha: 
been appointed a full-time professot 
at Northeastern Law School. 


45 Maynard Street, Arlington 
*J3t Roy Sullivan is practicing lavt- 
in Lawrence, with an office in thtM 
Bay State Building. Ray is the proud 
daddy of three girls and the familjij 
lives in Ipswich. 

Frank Chadbourne has also recently 
removed to Ipswich with his wife anc| 
three children. He is currently em- 
ployed at the General Electric in Lynn 
One of the speakers at the recen 
dedication of the Hotel Bostonian wa-- 
our own Jim Grady, who is assistan 
deputy administrator of the War Ship- 
ping Administration and is in charg< 
of recruiting and manning. His head- 
quarters are in the Commerce Build- 
ing, Washington, D. C. Jim is mar-j 
ried and has two children. 
Frank Ford is now living in Hingharr) 
ond is employed in the engineerinc| 


B. John McSwiney is a captain in the 

iiieut. Walter Conway, U.S.N.R., spent 
nineteen months on active duty in the 
ktlantic. He is stationed at San 
edro, Calif. 


'4 Arborway, Jamaica Plain 
>3i Phil Dillon, who has been located 
i Albany, N. Y., since graduation, is 
r ew back in Boston again. He is liv- 
jg in Wellesley and has a civilian 
Dst in the Army, working out of the 
ark Square Building. 
yank Glass has recently been trans- 
ited to English High School, where 
; is now teaching. 

'ith the re-establishment of basket- 
ill in the Boston Public Schools, it 

interesting to note that two of the 
■aches assigned for this new sports 
:tivity are members of the Class of 
>25, John "Buzzer" Keone and 
eve Patten being the classmates 
>imed. Let's hope that their teams 

II rival the champion Cambridge 
rutin team coached by Joe Kozlowski. 
cBaders of the Boston American have 
interested in the interview with 
J:d Williams of the Boston Red Sox, 
idich has been running in serial form 


under the authorship of Herb Finne- 

Bureau of Missing Persons: What has 
become of Tom O'Hanlon of Chinook, 
Mont.; Dan Connolly, Willimantic, 
Conn.; Mike Rock of Ludlow, Vt.; 
Jerome Roach, Rochester, N. Y.; Clar- 
rence Flahive of Kingston, N. Y., and 
Julian McGrath of New Rochelle, 
N. Y. 

Other non-residents about whom we 
hear occasionally are Dr. M. Giobee 
of Torrington, Conn.; Dr. George Don- 
ovan of St. Louis, Mo.; Joe Beatty of 
Detroit; Frank Flanagan of Brooklyn, 
N. Y.; Jim Tobin of Fordham, and 
Phil O'Brien of Elgin, III. 
Gerard Hayes is a yeoman second class 
in the Navy. He is stationed at the 
Recruiting Station in Boston. 
Remember, a year from June is our 
20th anniversary of graduation. Bet- 
ter start trimming your whiskers and 
turning up the sun lamp on those 
rheumatic spots, because by that time 
we hope that the war will be over 
and we will want to have a gala 



40 Tennyson Street, West Roxbury 

JSrGot a letter from Lieut. Al Leonard, 

who is Assistant Personnel Affairs Of- 
ficer at Maxwell Field, Ala. Al claims 
that he does everything but hear con- 
fessions on his job. The Leonards 
have a new son, John, born Septem- 
ber 25. 

Got a nice note from John Dorsey, 
with the A.E.F. School of Applied Tac- 
tics at Orlando, Fla. He followed up 
the note with a 'phone call when 
home on a short leave in January. 
He ran into Jim Nagle — pardon me, 
Lieut. Nagle, A.A.F. — down there 
somewhere, and they are trying to 
match leaves for a reunion in New 

Jim brought up Southie and reminds 
me of Joe Hughes, who is his usual 
chipper self. That paunch the Army 
took off is returning, to Joe's satis- 
faction. He is to do some refereeing 
in the newly-revived Boston High 
Schools Basketball League. Yours 
truly has been appointed coach of 
basketball at Roslindale High, to 
which I have been assigned after ten 
years at Dorchester High School for 
Boys. If any of you fellows remem- 
ber me playing basketball at the 
Heights, you have some memories. 

Ted Drury's family gave me some news 
about Lieut.-Comdr. Ed Killian. Ed- 
die married Ted's sister. Ed went 
back into the Navy about nine years 
ago. Was stationed on the carrier En- 
terprise. He was at Pearl Harbor 
when the war broke out. His wife and 
two children were also present. They 
returned in 1942 to this country to 
West Roxbury. All now are at Jack- 
sonville, Fla., where Ed is Engineering 
Officer at the Naval Air Base. 
Arthur Murray is located in Bingham- 
ton, N. Y. 

Capt. Stanley Howard was in Boston 
in December from Camp Hood, Tex. 
Father William Kelley, O.M.I., is a 
member of the New York State Labor 
Relations Board. 

Father Paul Rock became an Army 
Chaplain in January. At that time 
he was attending the Chaplains' 
School at Harvard. 
Harold O'Connell is a sergeant in the 


51 Presentation Road, Brighton 
J4 Our sympathy is extended to the 
family of Dr. Frank Merrick. His 
death recently came as a shock to 
members of '27 and to those who had 
followed his career as a practising phy- 
sician, and especially as assistant phy- 
sician of the B. C. teams. Our pleas- 
ant memories of him can never be ef- 

The "Bostonian," a magazine pub- 
lished locally with a national circula- 
tion, has carried some of the writings 
of George Keaney of Lawrence High, 
who spent the summer in Mexico get- 
ting some inspiration as well as a rest. 
"Ike" Tondorf is still in the same old 
business at the same old place. 
Dr. Bob Welch is one of the leading 
specialists in the Brockton area. 
If you are down Louisiana way, drop 
in on Gus Whalen at Shrevesport. 
Since he is in the oil business, he 
might be able to tank you up. 
Father Johnny Connors is stationed at 
St. Catherine's in Somerville. 
Bill Cotter and George Horwood are 
still teaching. Bill is in Chelsea and 
George is in Medford. 
Capt. Henry Deary, when last heard 
from, was at the Watertown Arsenal. 
Lieut. Steve Bridey must have wit- 
nessed Coach Leahy's disappointment 
at the end of the season. Steve is 
stationed at Great Lakes Naval Train- 


ing Station. Remember that touch- 
down in the last half-minute? 
Bill Cochran is a busy barrister out 
in Natick. 

The Gillen brothers report. Paul is 
on the home front in New Jersey, and 
Williams is with the Army in Eng- 

To acknowledge a bit of correspon- 
dence from M. M. McArdle. It was 
a faux pas. On receipt of authentic 
photographs of the event I shall the 
better be able to illustrate my abject 


279 Bowdoin Street, Dorchester 
Mfl Our Varsity Club Spark-plug, Tom 
Gemelli, was recently appointed As- 
sistant Probation Officer for Juveniles 
in the Roxbury Court by Judge Miles. 
Incidentally, Tom is quite a lecturer, 

Just got word that our old reliable 
secretary, Pete Carey, has been laid 
up with the grippe. Must have got 
some cold waves over his set. 
Saw Walter Breen during the Christ- 
mas holidays. He's a second lieuten- 
ant in the Army and located in North 

Lieut. Ken Richards is now at Chanute 
Field, III., with the Air Corps. 
Ray "Natural" Connolly, formerly 
with the OPA, is now with the Army 
in the Quartermaster Corps, Fort Lee, 

If there are any of you fellows left 
(don't ask why) , I would appreciate 
any little news-item about our fellow- 

The stork recently visited the Ken 

Father Leo McCann is a captain in 
the Army Air Corps in the South Pa- 

Lieut. John O'Loughlin reports that 
Lieut. Earl Clinton married a very 
pretty WAC at Maxwell Field, Ala., 
last summer. 

Jim Duffy's latest address is Linde Air 
Products Company, Baltimore. 


24 Garden Avenue, West Roxbury 
t^oj The annual dinner was held at 
the Hotel Lenox during the Christmas 
holidays. Considering conditions, the 
attendance was surprisingly large. 
Father Harry Butler, S.J., made his 
first appearance and was heartily re- 


ceived. He described his work with 
the Mission Band. Father Dennis 
Sughrue, of the Order of the Holy 
Cross, now stationed near New Bed- 
ford, smilingly listened to acidulous 
comment on a former football coach. 
Nathaniel Hasenfus, author of the 
forthcoming tome, "Athletics at Bos- 
ton College," was assisted in ex- 
pounding on the opus by three mem- 
bers of the bar, Ed Lee, Harry Leen 
and John Mahoney. The three were 
stentorian in their praise. A number 
of subscriptions were obtained. 
President Buck, who had left the room 
for a moment to confer with hotel 
officials, was overwhelmed when he 
returned to find that he had been re- 
elected by acclamation. His fellow 
officers, men of similar kidney, were 
also returned to their posts. Treasurer 
Harry Kievenaar outlined plans for 
presentation of the class gift on 
Alumni Day. 

Attracted by college songs, members 
of older classes holding reunions at 
the hotel, visited the banquet room 
and expressed ill-concealed envy at 
the size and spirits of the gathering. 
Bill McCann, the Benziger textbook 
purveyor, must be leading in the class 
"family sweepstakes." His eight 
youngsters, four boys and four girls, 
range in age from ten years to eight 

Jim Alphen, recently home on fur- 
lough from the Administration School, 
Washington and Jefferson College, 
Pennsylvania. Prior to induction he 
was connected with the Boston Hous- 
ing Authority. George Donaldson, 
who had been with Jim at W. and J., 
has been transferred to Hammer 
Field, Fresno, Calif. 
Dr. Ken Brown, stationed at the Wal- 
ter Reid Hospital in Washington, 
holds the rank of captain. And Father 
Jimmy McManus, Army Chaplain, is 
seeing foreign service. Probably Eng- 

Lieut.-Col. John Mungovan on ma- 
neuvers in Tennessee at last reports. 
Bob Buck adds the following notes: 
Joe Byrnes of Wellesley is keeping 
the United Drug Company in the 
black. . . . Capt. J. Lloyd Carnegie, 
USMC, is reported to be moving to- 
ward Cherry Point, N. C. . . . John 
Collins missed the annual dinner at 
the last minute. 

Urgent call! Who knows the address 
of Ed Connaughton? 


M) Lieut, (j.g.) Francis C. Lyons, U, 

S. N. R., was married to the former 
Miss Helen E. Cushing of Boston at 
St. Clement's Church, Boston, earlyi 
in December. At that time Frank 
was stationed at Norfolk, Va. 
Lieut, (j.g.) John O'Connell, U. S. 
N. R., was appointed in Decembe 
the staff of Colgate University'; 
Naval Flight Preparatory School. He 
is serving as advisory board and rec-; 
ords officer of the school. Previously 
he had been at Washington, D. C. 
Lieut, (j.g.) John Convery, U. S. Hi 
R., has been appointed education of- 
ficer for the enlisted men at the Navy 
Pre- Flight School at Athens, Ga. 
In December, Father Ed Galvin, < 
chaplain in the Army, was stationec 
at Indiantown Gap, Pa. Another o 
the class Chaplains, Father Georgi 
Gallivan, was in Oklahoma. Just mad< 
a captain. 

Father Ed Harrington is on the horrm 
front at Weymouth Landing. He re 
ports that John W. Sullivan is th' 
father of five youngsters, that Leor 
Fitzgerald may be found in Weyj 
mouth, and that Corp. Walter Glynn 
who saw service at Guadalcanal, is a- 
Camp Wolters, Texas. 
Father Victor, C.P. (Joe Donovan) 
turns up at the Passionist Monaster 
in West Springfield. Joe was i 
Rome, then Washington, after the 


■iew York, and now Springfield. The 

lext step should be Brighton. He tells 

about a former classmate, Father Lu- 

ius, C.P. (Hugh McSheffrey), being 

inder the surveillance of the Japs 

ilong with other Passionist mission- 

iries ot Pekin. Father Lucius is al- 
lowed to go to language school, but 

annot leave the city. 

.atest reports have Lieut, (jg.) Henry 
>>owd, U. S. N. R., at the Armed 

iuard School, Norfolk, Va. 

Vith the Army in North Africa is 

errt. Joe Whitehead. 

Condolences are extended to Lieut. 

aarry Gibson, U. S. N. R., whose 

mother died recently. 

the report is that Bill Mulcahy is in 

me Navy. 

eaching every day up Andover way 
Bill McDonald, 
■ohn Connor has signed up with the 
Marines and is at Parris Island, S. C. 
ir.nother rumor is that our regular 

,rmy representative, Jim Walsh, is a 


I short note arrived from Lieut. Ar- 
mur Lohan from Italy saying "Sunny" 
fcaly hasn't been exactly upholding 
>.er reputation of late but, at any 
:ate, this is a welcome change from 
torth Africa." 

hhief Specialist Patrick Creeden is a 
hnysical education instructor at Wor- 

aster Polytech. 

'fc. Dave Ronan is in the A.S.T.P. at 

>wa State. 

ieut. Frank Magner hos been at the 
submarine Chaser Training Center in 

Uami. His wife and babies are liv- 

ig in Waban. 


DHN C. GILL . . 

35 Medford Street, Arlington 
g Members of the class were shocked 
■ learn of the tragic death of Jack 
aarr in an automobile accident 
ist before Christmas. Jack starred 
1 the 1928 football team which 
iptured the Eastern title. He is 
irvived by his widow and two chil- 
en. Members of the class extend 
ieir sympathy to the bereaved and 
■ayers for the repose of his soul. 
I. P. 

nief Petty Officer Tom Harty and 
norekeeper 2-c Arthur Reardon are 
mong the latest additions to Uncle 
Tm's Navy. 

oiarlie Nolan is Assistant Special Ad- 
osor on Shipping to the State Depart- 


ment and resides at 1731 14th St., 
N,. Arlington, Va. 

Capt. Joe Bradley of the First Medical 
Brigade advises via V-Mail : "Since my 
residence in the morgue at Gafsa I 
have gone through the Ferryville- 
Quarteur offensive, back to Oran, 
thence across the top of North Africa 
to Algiers, to Tunis, and from this 
point started out for Sicily, landing at 
Gela on July 10th and seeing that 
campaign through to Randazzo, at 
the base of Mt. Etna. If that's not 
getting around, my name isn't Joe." 
Belated congratulations to Father John 
Wright, who was appointed Secretary 
to His Eminence, Cardinal O'Connell. 
He also serves as moderator of the 
League of Catholic Women and the 
Aristos Club. 

A couple of months ago a welcome 
visitor to Boston was Frank Bertsch, 
the squire of Kingston, N. Y., where 
he is treasurer of the Electro Corpora- 
tion. He reports plenty of butter, 
twin daughters, and a saddle horse 
among his principal assets. 
Bernie Dullea was major domo at the 
New Ocean House, Swampscott, last 

Bill Walsh (ph.D., M. I. T., '35) is in 
the employ of the General Analine 
Company, Greenbush, N. Y. 
Lieut. -Comdr. Ewald Dawson has re- 
ported a reunion in the South Pacific 
with Lieut. Kevin Hern, U. S. N. R. 
Gerald F. Lambert enlisted in the U. 
S. N. R. in April, 1942, and now is 
with the Navy Ferry Command as an 
Electrician's Mate, Second Class. He 
was married October 10, 1943, to 
Miss Catherine E. Ronayne of Canton. 
Bill Ward,Chief Commissary Steward 
in the Navy, visited Boston in Decem- 
ber. He was at Reyjavik, Iceland, 
when the war broke out. He was 
aboard the U. S. S. Dunboy when it 
was torpedoed February 8, 1 942, and 
later took part in the attack on Attu. 
He will be on the new aircraft car- 
rier Wasp when it is commissioned. 
Christmas greetings came in Decem- 
ber from Houston, Tex., where Father 
Dan Lynch, O.M.I., is stationed. 
Here are a few notes about the phy- 
sicians: Dr. Dick Gorman has closed 
his office in Winchendon to report 
as a j.g. in the Navy at Newport. Ac- 
cording to reports received he had 
previously served in the Army in 1940 
at Fort Devens, being released at the 
time because of the shortage of doc- 
tors in Winchendon. Well, he is in 

again. Dr. Kenneth Dalton is a cap- 
tain and located in Louisville, Ky., 
with the Army Air Corps. He had 
been at Miami Beach, Kearney Field, 
Neb., and Randolph Field, Texas. Dr. 
Charles S. Mullin has returned to this 
country after a long stay in England 
and has entered the Naval College 
at Bethesda, Md., as a j.g. Two more 
doctors to enter the Navy as lieuten- 
ants are John Rattigan and Fred La- 

Dr. George Donahue has a fine busi- 
ness in Peabody. He has two young- 
sters, one at Trinity, the other at St. 
John's Prep. 

In the Army are Lieut. Donald Carey, 
R. Felix Doherty and Father Sylvester, 
C.P. (Charles Cannon), who is a cap- 
tain. Don has been at Ford Meade, 

The report is that Herb O'Connor is 
now a major. 

Sergt. Joseph Whelan is engaged to 
Miss Mary Kerivan of Lynn. In Janu- 
ary Joe was stationed at Camp Car- 
son, Colorado. 

P.F.C. "Pete" Herman is stationed at 
Amarillo, Texas. 

Lieut.-Col. Pat Raftery, who was re- 
ported in India previously, is now over 
the border in China. 
Sergt. Charlie Hayes is at Camp Stew- 
art, Georgia. 


28 Dickenson Road, Brighton 
t^-S The sympathy of the class is ex- 
tended to Father Dan McColgan on 
the recent death of his father. 
John Callahan has gone overseas with 
the U. S. Army. 

The stork has deposited a girl at the 
home of Lieut. William J. Connor. 
Jerry Hern is a lieutenant in the U. S. 
Navy and is stationed in New Jersey. 
Lieut. Paul Goode is stationed on a 
hospital ship in the Pacific area. 
Joe Lynch of the U. S. Navy is also 
in the Pacific area. 
Fred McLaughlin, Ex-'32, is connected 
with the Bureau of Personnel in 
Washington, D. C. 

Emil Romonowski is working in a de- 
fense plant in Lowell, Mass. 
Rev. Paul Rattigan is a curate in East 
Walpole, Mass. 

In 1964 the Heights will receive 
another debater — it was a boy at 
Tom Carey's house. 
Joe Solari and Elmo Cair are in the 


Dr. John F. McMonus is a captoin in 
the Army. 

Lieut. George Shinney, U. S. N. R., 
is a blimp pilot at the Lakehurst Air 
Station, New Jersey. He has been 
assigned to a blimp squadron for anti- 
submarine duty over coastal waters. 
Ralph Noonan has been promoted to 
lieutenant-colonel. He has been in 
Australia, New Caledonia ond Gua- 

Rev. Joseph E. Burke has been pro- 
moted to major and was assigned in 
December to the Chief of Chaplain's 
office, War Department, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

Lieut. John R. Sennott, U. S. A. R., 
was home on leave after graduating 
from the Judge Advocate School at 
the University of Michigan. 
First Class Petty Officer Joe Creeden 
is somewhere in the Southwest Pa- 
cific. He is back in the jungles after 
a thirty-day leave in New Zealand. 
Capt. Fred Meier, U. S. A., is in Sici- 
ly, where he is with a troop carrier 
group of trie air forces. 


1561 Centre Street, Roslindale. 
■£■■ Ray Callen is now associated with 
Republic Carloading & Distributing 
Co. Need any freight "expedited," 

John Curley, on leave of absence from 
Paine, Webber, Jackson & Curtis, is 
a lieutenant (j.g.) in the Navy as- 
signed to Washington. "Renegotiat- 
ing John," they call him. 
Larry Bouchard has been promoted to 
captain in the Dental Corps, A. A. F. 
Larry is stationed at Shepard Field, 

FatheV Frank Desmond has completed 
his course at the Army Chaplains' 
School at Harvard and has been as- 
signed to duty. 

Staff Sergt. Larry McDonnell sends 
Christmas greetings from Italy. 
Condolences are extended to John 
Mobaney on the recent death of his 

Congratulations to Ensign and Mrs. 
Luke Roddy on the recent arrival of 
a baby girl. 

Maurice Whalen is associated with the 
Boston headquarters of the U.S.O. in 
the Park Square Building. 
George Taylor, resplendent in white 
knickers, officiated at the Latin-Eng- 
lish game on Turkey Day. 
Connie Dalton, who olways did move 


fast once he got under way, recently 
got himself married and inducted into 
the Army. 

Patten's Restaurant, School St. Bowl- 
ing Alleys, Purcell's and Waldorf, 
Inc., were the successive scenes of a 
feast of reason and flow of soul par- 
ticipated in ond thoroughly enjoyed 
by R. Callen, E. McCrensky, C. Quinn, 
W. Ryan, T. Sullivan, H. Fitzgerald 
and your correspondent on Dec. 9. 
Bill Ryan has become a daddy again, 
this time an eight-pound boy. 
Ken (A. F. of L. ) Kelley is currently 
participating as a labor member on 
War Labor Board panels. 
Hod a letter from Ensign Ralph Ward, 
who is teaching celestial navigation 
at the Navy Pre-Flight School, Iowa 
City, Iowa. He was then just back 
from a four-months' course at Holly- 
wood, Fla., where he met his fellow 
track mainstny. Bob Jordan. Bob is 
stationed at Camp Murphy, Fla., and 
is the fafher of a silx-months-old 
daughter. (Sorry to be so belated, 
Bob, but I was watching at my own 
keyhole around that time.) 
Neil Connors, who has been associ- 
ated wi+h the Wages and Hours Di- 
vision of the Department of Labor, is 
a lieutenant (j.g.) in the Navy. 
Congratulations to Bob Graney on the 
arrival of a baby girl; that makes it 
two boys and three on the distaff side 
for Papa Bob. 

Major Bob Grandfield is wintering on 
an estate in the British Isles in a de- 
luxe G.I. Gastle. 

Ed Kennedy was recently commis- 
sioned a lieutenant (j.g.) in the 
Navy Supply Corps and is taking a 
course at Babson Institute. 
Johnny Dobbin is now a lieutenant- 
colonel of Marines and is the proud 
papa of a new baby boy. Congrats 
twice over, John! 

George Crimmings, U. S. A., is en- 
gaged to Miss Mary Charnley of Cam- 

Dr. Vincent Andaloro is a lieutenant 
in the Army. James J. Walsh also 
is in the Army. 

Dr. John Sullivan has been promoted 
to the rank of captain in the Army 
Medical Corps, and has recently been 
transferred for duty overseas. 
Dr. Dick Reynolds has stepped up an- 
other notch to the rating of colonel. 
John Hanrahan is taking the Army 
Specialized Training Course at C. C. 
N. Y. 
Vin Cosgrove has been made a full 

lieutenant at the Quonset, R. I., Na-< 
val Station. 

Our deepest sympathy goes out to the; 
mother of Lieut. Jim Flanagan, U. S.i 
N. R., who was killed in the explosion 
of the U. S. S. Turner off Sandy Hook.. 
Charlie Duffy is supplying Staten 
Island with cigars as a result of the 
arrival of a new son and heir. 


3 Laird Street, West Medford 
(ftV Class Pres. Joe Killeleo, now a 
lieutenant (j.g.), arrived at Norfolk' 
recently after six months of sea duty.' 
Capt. Joe F. CConnell, Jr., is Staff 
Judge Advocate at Camp Chaffee, 
Ark. Frank Donohue of Needham 
and Luciano Messina of Somerville : 
are also stationed at that camp. 
Lieut. Lenahan OXonnell is in a Field 
Artillery Battalion at Fort Bragg. 
The sympathy of the class is extendec 
to Joe Keefe, U. S. N., on the death 
of his brother, who was an Arm> 
flier, and to Lieut. Walter Kelly or 
the loss of his father. 
Bob Ott has resigned from his posi- 
tion as Executive Secretary of the* 
Catholic Charitable, Bureau in Syra-' 
cuse and is now the Regional Repre- 
sentative on Social Protection of the 
Federal Security Agency. Bob ha: 
three children and is living in Dor-. 

Congratulations to Jim Flavin, Suf 
folk County Probation Officer, on the;' 
birth of a son (his second) and tt 
insurance man Ray Brown on the 
birth of a daughter. 
The engagement of Bob O'Riley t< 
Margaret Coleman of Cambridge wa 
announced recently. 
Father John Dunn is now a curat 
at St. Thomas the Apostle, Church ii 

It is hard to believe but we are nov 
ten years out of the Heights. 
June the greatest class of them al 
will hold as elaborate a reunion o 
war conditions will permit. In th ' 
meantime a committee is bejni 
formed to raise sufficient funds t 
enable the Class to present a substan 
tial gift to the College. Those will 
ing to serve on this committee should 
notify us immediately. 
Chaplain Matthew Coughlin has bee 
stationed at Mitchell Field, N. Y 
Ensign Bob Glennon has been at Har 
Lieut. T. Harney Donahue has bee 


ransferred from Maine to the Naval 
Mr Station at Squantum. 
: rank Lambert is a full lieutenant 
n the Navy, stationed at the Avia- 
ion Gunners School, Jacksonville, 
: la. He was married in August, 
942, to the former Miss Rita Gog- 
lin of Dorchester. 

')r. Dave Ascher is a major in the 
^rmy on duty in the Solomons, 
n the Navy are Ensign Harold Ram- 
ey, Lieut. Jeremiah O'Connor and 
nsign Tom Joyce. 

Robert Collicott, Charles Higgins and 
irlr. Dave Corey are in the Army. 
Mi Arthur Lyons is reported to be 
n "the service, branch unknown. 



2 Whitten Street, Dorchester 

pt Lieut. Henry L. Sheehan, U S 

.rmy, who ecently took unto him- 

l:lf a wife, is now located at Day- 

nn, Ohio. 

ill McCarthy of Dorchester became 

proud papa for the second time 
ihen his wife gave birth to William 
oseph McCarthy on October 26, 

bb Wilkie is now a teacher of mafh- 
inatics at the Hugh O'Brien School 

ither John Dunne was recently 
-ansferreid from St. Edward's Church, 
aetfield, to the Sacred Heart Partsh 

ion Shannon, now with the Depart- 
ent of Justice in New York, joined 
e ranks of the proud fathers on 
3cember 31, 1943. On that date 
oreen Shannon made her debut into 
is world. 

eut. Tony DeVico, U. S. N., is sta- 
ined at Williams College, Williams- 
iwn, Mass., after a tour of duty 
Mi the Atlantic Fleet. Tony is now 

happily married man. While in 
irt in North Africa, Tony met Lieut, 
ex Giampapa, U. S. A. 
eut. (j.g. ) Chick Featherstone, U. 
I N. R., has been assigned to the 

reau of Ordnance, Washington, D.C. 
uiut. (j.g.) Johnny Sacco, U. S. N., 
; hard-pulling dentist from across 

3 harbor in East Boston, has tem- 
irarily shifted his practice to a 

ival Station in Puerto Rico. 
)lpt. Charles Berry, U. S. A., is in 
rr medical unit somewhere in the 
tJthest Pacific. He went across 1 5 
l'nths ago. 
(but, (Dr.) William Dougherty, U. 


S. N. R., returned to this country re- 
cently after serving for 20 months 
on a destroyer in the South Pacific. 
He saw his 1 4 months' old son for 
the first time October 1 8. At pres- 
ent he is attey-iding classes at the 
Naval College at Bethesda, Md. 
Lieut, (j.g.) Richard C. Moloney, U. 
S. N. R., was married in December 
to the former Miss Loretta T. Mc- 
Hugh of Fall River. The former 
nurse and Dentist Moloney are liv- 
ing at Williamsburg, Vo. 
Sergt. William McNiskin was mar- 
ried in November to the former Miss 
Jean Dawson in Lowell. Miss Daw- 
son was also a nurse. Bill is with the 
Army Air Corps at Jackson, Miss. 
Lieut. Joseph H. Ryan, U. S. N. R., 
has been appointed operations offi- 
cer of the S. C. T. C, Miami. 
Father David, C.P. (Neil Bulman), is 
Assistant Editor of the "Sign." 
Father Cutler, Army Chaplain, is at 
Ardmore, Okla. 

According to newspaper reports, Corp. 
Dan Loughry was enroute to England 
in January. 

Lieut. Bernard Moynahan is stationed 
at Camp Blanding, Fla. 
John Crowley is a lieutenant-colonel. 
George Mooney is a member of a 
B-17 crew. He is probably in the 
Pacific area by now. 
Walter Sullivan has been promotefd 
from ensign to lieutenant (j.g.). He 
is somewhere around Bermuda. 
John Hogan and James Mullen are 
in the Navy. 

Dr. John Mclver is a captain in the 
Army, while Father John Regan has 
entered as a lieutenant. 


51 Ellery Street, Cambridge 
^^> The sympathy of the class is ex- 
tended to Lt. Walter McDonough, U. 
S. N. R., and to Ned Merrick, on the 
less respectively, of their father and 

Lieut. Gerry Burke's picture recently 
appeared in the papers. He is sta- 
tioned in England and is married to 
an Army nurse from Indiana. 
Spent a pleasant evening with Lieut. 
(j.g.) George Lovett. U. S. N. R., who 
completed a stiff eight-month course 
at Harvard and Tech. His next sta- 
tion is Corpus Christ-i, Texas. 
Lieut, (j.g.) Joe Ranieri, U. S. C. 
G. R., was home fc<r a short leave 
before going on duty on the Pacific 

lu Privotc Don Floyd goes my grati- 
tude for his cooperation in sending 
in news of himself, and Privates Frank 
Meanor and Dan Courtney. All are 
stationed at Fort McClelllan, Ala., but 
Frank and Dan were waiting for other 

Had an enjoyable chat with Ensign 
Bill Collins, U. S. N. R., in January, 
before he left for the Pacific Coast 
to his new assignment. Previously 
he had spent 1 8 months out on the 

Ensign Joe O'Connor, U. S. N. R., 
has been at Princeton. He had been 
making his home in Minneapolis for 
the past few years before entering 
the service. 

First Lieut. Frank McCarthy, Army, 
of the old Ph.B. crowd, is studying 
at M. I. T. 

Lieut, (j.g.) John Terry was recently 
appointed to that grade. 
First Lieut. Robert Chamberlain, U. 
S. M. R., graduated from the Quar- 
termaster School at Samp Elliott, San 
Diego, Calif., in January. 
Lieut. Sam Leavis, Army, became en- 
gaged to Miss Margaret T. Bowman 
of Cambridge in November. Sam is 
at Camp Edwards. 

Frank Metz, who saw plenty of action 
in the Pacific with the Marines, has 
been a major for several months. At 
present he is an instructor at Camp 
Le Jeune, New River, S. C. 
Al Fulchino left the Revere School De- 
partment in December far the Army. 
His wife and child reside in Revere. 
Lieut. George J. Coogan is a Public 
Health Engineer in New York. 
Francis Curran, formerly a teacher 
at Walthara High School, was pro- 
moted to first lieutenant at Boiling 
Field, D. C, in December. 
A former classmate, William Ferritelr, 
is a sergeant in the Army in England. 
Dr. Guy Gardner has been a major 
in the Army for some time. 
Fred Garrity is a Field Director for the 
Red Cross in Sicily. 
Don Boudreau is with the ski troops 
at Camp Hale, Colo. 
Father Jerome Does, C.P., is at St. 
Joseph's Monastery in Baltimore. 
Dr. James Macklin is a lieutenant in 
the A. A. C. at Madison, Wisconsin. 



8 Framar Lane, Wellesley 

fy Lieut. Richard Trum of the N.A.C. 

was slightly injured recently when an 


American Liberator crashed into the 
sea off Southern Portugal. He was 
rescued by fishermen when the plane 
was forced down after the fuel ran 
out. Dick had been on patrol duty 
in the Caribbean area before going 
to North Africa. 

Father John McCobe was ordained a 
Maryknoll priest in June, 1942. He 
has been assigned to Calacala, Co- 
chabamba, Bolivia. 
Rev. Arthur J. O'Neill, S.S.J., is sta- 
tioned at Corpus Christi Church, New 

Peter Michael, Vin Dunfey's second 
child, was born December 15. Lieut. 
Vin has a responsible position with 
the Navy at Yale. 

Lieut. Ben Gambino is somewhere 
overseas with the Army. He has a 
New York A.P.O. 

Lieut. Frank Butters is on the U. S. S. 
The engagement of Lieut, (j.g.) John 

D. Crimmings, U. S. C. G. R., to Miss 
Margaret J. Murphy of Cambridge 
was announced in December. An- 
other engagement is that of Captain 
William A. Carey, Army Medical 
Corps, to Lieut. Ina Bean, Army Nurse 
Corps, Bethel, Me. Both the Captain 
and his fiancee are stationed at a 
North African hospital. 

Lieut, (j.g.) J. F. Dinneen, U. S. N. 
R., was married in December to the 
former Miss Margaret Quinn of Ja- 
maica Plain. Also married in Novem- 
ber was Lieut. John L. O'Hare, Army 
Air Corps, to the former Miss Mary 

E. Burns of Marblehead, who is a 
Wave. John is stationed at Poca- 
tello, Idaho, his wife at the Naval 
hospjtal at San Diego, Calif. 
William Andrew e,xpects to be or- 
dained to the priesthood in June. He 
is at the Seminary of Our Lady cf 
Angels, N agara University, N. Y. 
P.F.C. James Berry is at Fort Devens. 
Edward Madden and Ensign Joseph 
Richards are in the Navy. 
Received a nice letter at Christmas 
time from Ben Hines, B.M. 1 -C, 
U. S. C. G. Ben had just read the 
September issue of the ALUMNI 
NEWS, and he seemed awfully pleased 
to 'read about you fellows who were 
mentioned here. In his letter he in- 
quired about others, Tillie Ferdenzie, 
Joe Walsh, and Morris Blitz. Can 
any of you help out with more dope 
for Ben and others? If you send it 
to me it will get into this column 
for all to read. Ben might like to 


hear directly from you, so here; is his 
address: Navy 26, Fleet Postoffice, 
New York City. 

Lieut. Dan Sullivan retains his status 
as our best correspondent. A cdrd 
arrivejd at Christmas and more recent- 
ly a letter. In January Dan started 
his third year overseas. We heard 
from him from New Caledonia, Gua- 
dalcanal, and in recent months the 
Fiji Islands. He last wrote he left 
the Fijis for censored parts. Dan 
sends his regards. His address is: 
Lieut. Daniel S. Sullivan, 0-420231, 
A.T.Co., 182nd Infantry, A.P.O. 716, 
Postmaster, San Francisco, Calif. 
Another Christmas card came from 
Lieut. Jack Burgess, R.N.V.R. The) 
card was very impressive, with the 
seal and name of his ship on the out- 
side. He is a gunnery officer on the: 
cruiser H.M.S. London. He received 
plenty of publicity in Boston as the 
result of inviting an American Naval 
officev aboard for dinner. Oh, the 
American was Lieut. Joe McCurdy, 
U. S. N. R. Further publicity revealed 
that Jack had been classified 2-B by 
his draft board for being in an essen- 
tial industry! As for Joes, he became 
the father of a daughter December 


1 Hartford St., Dorchester 
%0& Capt. John O'Neill was the lead- 
er of one of the first groups of Ma- 
rines to invade Tarawa. John and 
his men had to swim about a quarter 
of a mile before they reached the 
beach. To add to his troubles, at 
that time he had just been notified, 
before embarking, about the sudden 
death of his father. To this hero of 
our class wej extend our deepest sym- 

Lieut, (j.g.) John Dromey's P T boat 
is credited with the sinking of two 
Jap barges and a Jap supply ship. 
John writes home that a B. C. Club 
has been formed among our P T men 
in thei South Pacific. Bill Finan, Mike 
Holovak and Steve Levanitis are char- 
ter members of the club. 
From New York we learn that FBI 
Charlie Donelan is the proud father 
of a baby girl. 

Jim Lyons (j.g.) is the gunnery offi- 
cer aboard a merchant ship — home 
post, Australia. Jim's daughter, Jean 
Marie, is now two years old. Dr. John 
Shaw is stationed at Camp Barkley 

in Texas, a lieutenant in the Army 
Lieuts. (j.g.) Tom McNamara anc 
John McNeil, both M. D.'s, are aboarc- 
destroyers. Ensign Joe Sheehan, fly-' 
ing a PBY, is an instructor in Naval 
Aviation at Pe.nsacola. 
Dick Stanton recently received letters] 
from Bob Callahan and Dr. Ed Ryan* 
Bob is a sergeant in the army in Phil-j 
adelphia. Ed is a first lieutenant sta-J 
tioned at a hospital in California] 
Dick is now resident physician at Sti 
Elizabeth's Hospital in Brighton, whilii 
waiting to be called to active serviaj 
in the Navy. Congratulations arei irj 
order for Dick, who has become en i 
gaged to Elizabeth Eichorn. Dick' 
fiancee is a twin of Paul Eichorn, wh< 
was with us in freshman year befo:p 
entering the Jesuit Order. Paul i 
now teaching at Fordham. Ed Stan 
ton, also with us for a year befor 
going to Shadowbrook, is teachini 
French in the' new Jesuit high schoc 
in Fairfield, Conn. 

Dr. Art Buckley is at the Boston Cit^ 
Hospital. Father Mai Burns was or 
dained December 1 8 in New Orlean 
after completing studies at the Notr 
Dame Seminary there. Father Burn 
celebrated his first Mass at St. Peter' 
Church in Dorchester on December 26 
Lieut. Tom O'Connor, in Africa fc 
some time, writes about meeting Lit 
Tony DiNatale over there. 
After almost two years of sea duty 
Paul Mulkern has been recalled fror 
New Guinea to 'receive his commis: 
sion in the Navy. "Skip" Solari write 
from the Naval Air Station at Corpij 
Christi, Texas, bragging about h 
1 6 months old godson. Jake O'MaM 
ley, by the way, is the father. Dl 
Dom Fiorentino, now at the Brockto 
City Hospital, is going to the Tamp 
Municipal Hospital in Florida for ir 
terneship. Dom's wife, Theresa, wi 
accompany him. Frank Toomey 
very busy these days doing interview 
work for the Red Cross. Sergeai 
Joe Hartigan is connected wjth tH 
Provost Marshal's office in Augusti j 
Ga. Your correspondent met Joe araj 
his wife (Marie Donovan) when Hj 
was home on furlough during JanL 

Vin Shamrrian is now stationed 
England. According to Sergt. Sharr 
irian, the duties of a postman in tr j 
army are much more than simp; 
sorting mail. Lieut, and Mrs. Be 
Power were recently seen strollim- 
around downtown Boston. Ensigi 


"Bud" Davis and Leo Downs are 

studying communications at Harvard. 
Sergt. Jack McGlynn is stationed at 
Seymour Johnson Field, N. C. 
Sergt. John Ryan, U. S. M. C, a for- 
meir classmate, has returned from 
Guadalcanal and is at Cherry Point, 
N. C. 

Lieut. William Taylor is a flight in- 
structor at the Naval Air Base at 
Slenview, Illinois. 

Rev. Daniel Cassidy, S.S.J., is sta- 
tioned at St. Francis Xavier Rectory, 

A'rmy Cadet Joseph Marshall has 
oeen stationed at Mustang Field, 

Milton Kornetz is in the A.S.T.P. at 
"he University of Illinois. 
Lieut. Bernard Scully arrived in Eng- 
land in December with the Army. He 
las also been stationed in Greenland. 
Norwood reports that Lieut. John J. 
Murphy was commissioned in the Ma- 
ine Corps last July. 
\n engagement, Lieut. William J. 
adorns, of the Army Dental Corps, to 
Miss Cornelia Duffy of Charleston, 
C. He is at Ft. Belvoir, Va., where 
s fiancee is a member of the Red 
!i"ross staff. 

n the Army are Dan Foley, Dr. Wil- 
a'am Hillier, and Captain Joseph Gry- 
iel, a West Point grad. In the Ma- 
rines is Captain Bob O'Connell. In 
ae service also are John Castelli and 
oseph Walsh, branches unknown. 
uieut. William H. O'Connell is sta- 
oned ot Camp Ritchie. 
oorp. Joe Runci has arrived in Ha- 


Hampstead Road, Jamaica Plain 
'f Since Mars and Hymen joined 
>rces the mortality rate among '39- 
'S has been terrific. The casualty 
st follows: 

ieut. John Flynn, U. S. N. R., who 
stationed at the Naval Hospital in 
'. Alban's, New York, married En- 
gn Elizabeth Bamford of the Navy 
ursing Corps at St. Patrick's Cathe- 
ral in January. Mrs. Flynn is a resi- 
st of Trenton, N. J. 
i December at Arlington, Virginia, 
sisign Vincent O'Donnell, U. S. N. R., 
3 graduate of the Georgetown Dental 
nchool, married Miss Rita Hafferty of 
'erett. Vin is now interning at the 
eorgetown University Hospital. 
ieut. (j.g.) Francis Cahill, U. S. N. 

R., was married in December to Miss 
Virginia Croft, Regis '42, of Brook- 

Arnold Bucci was married on Novem- 
ber 1 5 to Miss Marjorie Wiegers, 
Radcliffe '42, of Bedford. Arnold 
has been in Italy for several months. 
Dick Morris was married on Janu- 
ary 29 to Miss Gertrude Murphy of 

In January, 1942 (delayed dis- 
patch), Capt. Louis De Pass, U. S. 
A., was married to Miss Mary Gled- 
hill of Watertown, a graduate of 
Simmons. Louis' home is at 196 
Mountain View, Vallejo, Calif. He 
is with the 324th Searchlight Bat- 

Ensign John Crowley, who is on duty 
at the armed guard school at Nor- 
folk, Virginia, was married in No- 
vember to Miss Edna Roche of Rox- 

Doctor John Hunter, USA, was mar- 
ried in January to Miss Ellen Sulli- 
van of Cambridge. John is at Car- 
liisle, Pennsylvania. 
Lt. Frank McDermott, USA, was mar- 
ried in October to Miss Mary Tippy 
of Boston. Frank is at Washington 
and Lee University whe/re he is study- 
ing for the job of Orientation Officer. 
James C. Cadigan, who is working 
for the FBI in the Bureau of Docu- 
ments at Washington, has two chil- 
dren, Denis and Maryann. His wife 
is the former Miss Louise Regan of 

William Browne is assistant manager 
of the Norfolk County Trust Com- 
pany in Walpole. Bill is chairman 
of Dedham's Recreation Commission. 
Married, he has two children, Billy 
and Bobby. 

To quote from H.' I. Phillips' column 
in the New York Sun: "Yank, the 
Army newspaper, got a Distinguished 
Service ribbon in New York the other 
day, and it's about time. Sergt. Joe 
McCarthy, managing editor, is turn- 
ing out an Army paper that is noth- 
ing short of brilliant and it is bringing 
out some talent that is terrific." Har- 
old Anderson, '18, sent in the clip- 
ping from which the above state- 
ments was taken, adding, "Joe is 
doing a grand job. Joe's 1 5 months 
old daughter, Susan, would put any 
pin-up girl in the shadow." 
Lt. Martin Hennebery is with an 
M. P. outfit in Pittsburg. 
Doctor Al Branca is at the Boston 
City Hospital. 


Larry Spillane was married in Saint 
Joseph's Church, Oxford, Michigan, 
to Miss Jeanne Edman of the same 
city this month. 

A November report states that En- 
sign Clarence Kynock is stationed at 
Patuxent River, Maryland. He is 
married to the former Miss Alyce 
Evers and has one son, Kevin. 
Lt. Charles Cleary, USAAF, com- 
pleted a course in November at Lib- 
eral, Kansas, qualifying him as crew 
commander of a Liberator bomber. 
On duty in the Southwest Pacific is 
Major Tom Ahern, USMC, who was 
married two years ago at Santa Bar- 
bara, California, to Miss Rita Regan 
of Somerville. 

Doctor Ed Quinn, who is in the army 
at Carlisle, Pennsylvania, interned at 
the Cambridge City Hospital. 
Doctors Frank Sennott and Henry 
Grainger ara at the Chelsea Naval 

Tom Burns is with the Signal Corps 
in Virginia. 

Arthur Morrison is at Camp Campbell, 

Lt. Dan McFadden, USMC, is in the 
Southwest Pacific. 

Doctor Ed Ferrarone took his degree 
at Georgetown. He interned at Saint 
Elizabeth's and is now at the Boston 
City Hospital. 

An eager reader of the ALUMNI 
NEWS in far-off Iran is Lt. Jim Gil- 
ligan, USA. Jim has been on duty 
near Teheran since last summer. 
Capt. Paul Devlin, USAAF, has seen 
service in North Africa, Sicily and 
Italy. Another veteran of those three 
campaigns is Lt. (j. g.) Jim Doherty, 
who is on a mine sweeper. He was 
home last April but is now back in 

Corporal Arthur Dray is engaged to 
Miss Anne Kill ilea of Hyde Park, sis- 
ter of Joe K. of 1934. Art is at 
the 60th General Hospital in El Paso, 

Major Joe Quilty, USMC, is now on 
duty in California. 

Lt. Dick Cummings, USMC, is also 
in California. 

Lt. James L. Cadigan, USA, is at 
Camp Campbell, Kentucky. 
Class President Dick Casey is a lieu- 
tenant in the Ajrmy at Assam, India. 
After active duty on the high seas, 
Ensign Joseph Sammartino has been 
assigned to Miami. He is married 
and has one child, Mary Ann. 
Bill Quirk has been promoted to cap- 


fain in the Army at Camp Claiborne 
in Louisiana, where he is in cha/rge 
of classification. 

Dave Walsh has been at Camp Kil- 
mer, New Jersey. 

Lt. (j. g.) Phil McCaul is at the Coast 
Guard Station in Salem. He is a den- 

John Clifford is in the Army. 
Andy O'Brien is working for the Old 
Colony Trust Company in Quincy. 
Ensign Frank Lowry is with the am- 
phibious forces at Port Huenene, Cali- 
fornia. Frank spent a year in the 
Aleutians with a construction bat- 

Sgt. Charlie Maguire is with the Army 
Intelligence in Connecticut. 
Lt. Paul Flynn, USAAF, was home on 
leave recently. 

Jim Corrigan is a reporter for the 
Boston Daily Record. (Ah! Those pro- 
fessionals have it easy!) 
Ensign Ed Mahoney is in England. 
Tom Turnan is working for the Wal- 
worth Company in South B»ston. 
Francis Fallon is at St. Joseph's Semi- 
nary, Brookland, Washington, D. C. 


36 Lowden Avenue, Somerville 
tfnV From a hospital in North Africa, 
I received a letter from Pfc. Frank 
Gallagher who is recuperating there. 
We wish him a speedy recovery. 
Copt. Gerry Russell is now recuper- 
ating from a second attack of ma- 
laria, at New River, N. C. Gerry did 
fine wok in the Battle of Guadal- 

Sgt. Jim Russell is located at Camp 
Shelby, Miss., and has been engaged 
in Military Police work. Specifi- 
cally he is in charge of German and 
Italian prisoners. 

Joe Costigan is in the Naval Air 
Corps, seeing action in the South Pa- 
cific area. 

Congratulation are in order for John 
F. Hogon, whose marriage was an- 
nounced to the former Margaret Dun- 
can. The Hogans are now residing 
at Washington, D. C, ot 721 Ogle- 
thorpe Street, N. W. 
Also congratulations to John Good- 
man on his engagement to Teresa 
F. Crowley of Dorchester; to Dr. Dick 
Wright on his engagement to Miss 
Catherine Happnie; to Dave Lucey 
on the occasion of his becoming the 
proud father of a baby boy, E>ave, 
Jr. The proud godfather is your 


Received a letter from Vin Nasca 
who hos just completed a tour of duty 
as Executive Officer aboard a con- 
verted trawler and expects to go to 
Honolulu for his next duty. 
Received two communications from Lt. 
(j. g.) Ed Swenson who is stationed 
in Iceland. 

Received a letter from Lt. (s.g.) T. 
Joe Shannon who has seen plenty of 
service in the North Pacific. Joe tells 
me that Staff Sgt. Dan McCue is at 
Camp Joseph T. Robinson in Arkan- 
sas. He met Jack Swift about a year 
ago, Jack being the only B. C. '40 
man he has seen in that area. 
Joe Shea and Paul Nash are now 
pursuing their priestly studies at Wes- 
ton College. 

Our sympathy is extended to Paul 
Greeley on the occasion of the death 
of his young brother, James, who 
died of wounds received in the in- 
vasion of Italy. Paul has been serv- 
ing as an ensign on a minesweeper 
in the North Atlantic and has two 
other younger brothers in the Army, 
Lawrence and Bill. 

Bob Picardi hos been promoted to the 
rank of major In the Marine Cerps 
and has achieved the honor of being 
assigned to the 4th Marines, a unit 
which replaces the 4th Marines cap- 
tured on Bataan. At the oge of 23 
he is one of the youngest majors in 
the Corps. 

Met Joe Joseph in town. Joe is em- 
ployed at the Fore River Shipyards 
and looked in the best of health. 
Spent an afternoon with Hugh Hayes 
who was home on furlough recently. 
Hugh is stationed somewhere in the 
South, and about six months ago met 
Jack Sheehon at Denver, Colo. 
I met Charlie McCarthy in town re- 
cently and he looked well. 
Tim Faherry has received a medical 
discharge from the Army Air Corps, 
in which Corps he spent fourteen 
months as a rear gunner. Previous 
to that Tim was at the St. Louis Uni- 
versity School of Social Work. He 
is married to the former Mary Mc- 
Donough of Quincy and is now the 
proud father of a baby girl. 
Lt. (j. g. ) Don Mulcahy has seen ac- 
tion down Brazil way. He is the 
proud father of a boy and a girl.. 
Sgt. Jim Sullivan has seen action in 
Italy, Africa and prior thereto was in 

Fred Driscoll served for a while in 
the Army and received a medical 

discharge. He is now employed by 
the Submarine Signal Co. 
Lt. (j. g.) John F. Shea is a com- 
munication officer at Bar Harbor. 
He is the father of two children. 
Major Tom Eccleston (Marines) is 
now in the Pacific area serving as a 
grounds communications officer with 
a fighter group. 

Capt. Larry Howe has arrived back in 
the United States after seeing action 
for fourteen months in the Pacific 

First Lt. Pat Ennis is stationed at the 
Eastern Replacement Pool and is 
awaiting assignment. 
First Lt. Bill McGlone is the public 
relations officer in an Army Base in 
Brazil. Recently Bill and Don Mul- 
cahy got together for a few days and 
reminisced on old times. 
Jim Byrne is a physical instructor at 
an Army Air Base somewhere in the 

Lt. (j. g.) Bob Ford was home on 
furlough recenfly. 

First Lt. Albert Sinofsky has been in^ 
England for five months. 
Sgt. Ed Nagle, who received his de- 
gree for the B. C. School of Social 
Work, is now teaching at an Army 
camp in the South. 

Capt. Art McDevitt is on maneuvers 
with the Army in Tennessee. Art is 
the proud father of a six weeks old 

Ensign Jim Supple completed his 
course of training at Harvard Suppty 
School and has been assigned. 
Lt. Jim Anderson, USNR, is now on 
duty aboard a destroyer in the South 

Sgt. Bill Gilligan is stationed at the* 
induction depot in Boston and is 
taking courses at the Harvard Grad- 
uate School. 

Arthur Joyce received a medical dis- 
charge from the Army and is now 
back on the job at Lever Bros., Cam- 

Capt. Charles Vaughn is a pilot inrj 
structor of Liberator Bombers at Fart; 
Worth, Teras. Lt. Jack Swift, USB 
NR, is stationed in St. Louis. Both he 
and Charlie are trying to plan a two 
man 1 940 reunion. 

Lt. Dick Powers, USNR, has grad-, 
uated from the Harvard Navy Sup- 
ply School and is stationed In Boston 
Frank O'Callaghan is doing well ir 
his real estate and insurance business; 
The following received the degree ot 
Doctor of Medicine from Tufts Medl- 


al in December: Elmore Campbell, 
/alter Carrigan, John Converse, 
ohn Dalton, Francis Drinan, Thomas 
'uncan, Edmund Finnerty, Jr., Ar- 
lur Hassett, Edward Healey, Henry 
4agno, Robert Magwood, Joseph 
i' Neil, William Powres, Martin 
hannon, William Sweeney and Rich- 
rd Wright. 

he Sullivan clan reports. Jerry grad- 
ated in January from the University 
f California as a personnel psychol- 
gist. Capt. Herbert is with the Army 
1 Italy. Sgt. James is in Libya, 
reviously he had been in England, 
cily and Italy. 

usign Walter Boehner is an aerol- 
gist in the Southwest Pacific. In 
ie amphibious service in the South- 
lest also is Lt. Bob McGovern, Navy, 
md somewhere in the Pacific is Lt. 
>[>m Duffey, USNR. 
usign William Shea, Navy Air Corps, 
ids married in December to the for- 
rer Miss Maureen Sullivan of Water- 
mry, Conn., by Father McCarthy of 
e College. Lt. Cornelius McGrath, 
SSNR, was married in January to the 
rmer Miss Janet Hailer (Regis, '41 ) 
Waban by Father Patrick Collins, 
igaged are Sgt. James Burke and 
iss Katherine Downey (Emmanuel) 
West Roxbury. Jim is at Camp 
Dert, Alabama. 

. Martin Shannon, who graduated 
Dm Tufts Med in December, is a 
cond Lieutenant in the Army. He 
interning at Mercy Hospital, Spring- 
Id. Dr. Joseph Foley graduated 
im Tufts Dental and has reported 
the Navy as a j. g. 
ihn J. McCarthy has been made a 
ijor in the AAF. He has a Miami 
O. Henry Gately has been made 
najor in the USMC. 
inn McLaughlin, Charlestown, is a 
geant at Fort Jackson, S. C. 
I Ralph Dougherty, Army, is in Eng- 
d with the Air Corps. 
;eph V. Cronin arrived in New 
edonia in January. It took him 
month to make the trip across the 

Z John Laverty is at the AAF Tech 
ool at Yale. 

man Bourget has been promoted 
n lieutenant to captain.. He is 



5 Winchester St., Newton Highlands 
( i Aloysius Cussen, C. S. C, is at 

ly Cross, Brookland, D. C. 


Ensign Robert Collins, USNR, went 
to Hollywood Beach, Florida, in No- 
vember for indoctrination. In No- 
vember Corp. Sam Colamaria was at 
Barksdale Field, La., in the Army Air 
Corps. Sgt. Tom Jordan has a New 
Orleans APO and Sgt. Everett Good's 
APO is New York. 
First Lt. Daniel Doyle was married 
November 23 to the former Miss 
Mary Grimes of North Attleboro. Dan 
is stationed at the Army Air Base, 
Kingman, Arizona. His wife is su- 
perintendent of nurses at the Mo- 
have City Hospital in Kingman. Dan's 
brother, Fred, '45, is in the ASTP 
at Alabama Polytechnic. 
Lt. (j. g.) James Shortall was mar- 
ried in December to the former Miss 
Imelda Hackett of Dorchester. Jim 
has been on duty in the Navy Air 
Corps in the Aleutians. 
Sgt. Francis Blouin was married in 
January to the former Miss Peggy 
Cronin of Weston. He is stationed 
in Dallas, Texas. 

Engagements. Ensign Vincent Mil- 
bury, USNR, to Miss Evelyn O'Brien 
of Brookline. He is at Camp Parks, 
California. Ensign Joseph Rooney, 
USNR, to Miss Ruth Farrenkopf of 
Watertown. Lt. George Murphy, 
Army, to Miss Agnes Donohue. George 
is in the Adjutant General's depart- 
ment, Mitchell Field, N. Y. Lt. Jo- 
seph O'Reilly, Army, to Miss Mary 
Sullivan of Brockton. Joe left in De- 
cember for overseas as a navigator 
on a Flying Fortress. 
Charles McCosker is at St. Joseph's 
Seminary, Washington, D. C. 
Ensign Paul True has been made 
sound officer on a recently commis- 
sioned destroyer. He is in San Fran- 
cisco where the crew is being gath- 

Willis Saulnier was in Boston recent- 
ly. He is at Camp Keesler, Miss. He 
gave the information that Lt. Nick 
Sottile is in Italy, that Ensign Vin 
Whelton graduated in January from 
the Navy School at Notre Dame, that 
Ensign Jack Cranley, USNR, will 
graduate in October from Columbia 
Medico), and has a daughter born 
on New Year's Day, that FBI John 
Bagley was married December 28 to 
the former Miss Darrah Chauvin in 
New Orleans, and is living in Detroit, 
that Ensign Ray Scannell is assigned 
to YMS 391, FPO, New York City, 
that Sgt. Bill Geriry landed in Africa 
on Christmas, 1942, that Lt. Ralph 

Struzziero has been ot Tomah, Wis- 
consin and is married, and that Joe 
Cronin, Jim McManus and Vin Jokul 

are at St. John's Sem. 
Sgt. Tom Sheeran is engaged to Miss 
Mary Gnau of Louisville, Ky. 
Condolences are extended to Capt. 
Ray Flynn, USMC, whose brother 
Lawrence, also a Marine, was killed 
in battle. 

Martin Carew has been 18 months 
doing transportation work in the Ko- 
diac, Alaska, region, and at Seattle. 
Another man away for a long time 
is Ed Burke of Waltham, now two 
years in Hawaii. As a corporal Ed is 
doing fine work assisting the chap- 
lains in that vicinity. 
Jack Nuttall has added a thin stripe 
while doing duty aboard a destroyer 
as Engineering Officer. 
Sgt. Bob Gallagher is another '41 man 
getting things set in England. 
Billy Doherty, an ensign in the Naval 
Air Corps, was home in January with 
his bride. 

Jack Beattie sends a humorous let- 
ter from his ammunition ranch in 
Puerto Rica. Anyone looking for a 
nice vacation in the West Indies 
should write "Doc" for he has every- 
thing to make you forget about the 
explosions in the back yard. 
Harry Boltz was forced to stay off 
his job at the Boston Airport for 
several days in order to win a battle 
with the flu. 

Captain Bob Rados flew in from 
Greenland in time to enjoy the Har- 
vard game in company with "Bud" 
Daley, Charlie Carroll and this 

An appreciated visitor at Christmas 
was Dick Tenney looking great as a 
second lieutenant in the Army Anti- 
Aircraft Service. Dick had gradua- 
ted from Camp Davis and was sched- 
uled for West Coast duty. 
The engagement of George Tully to 
Miss Elizabeth Coleman of Waltham 
is recent news. They ore a fine ex- 
ample of what "Heights" editors 
would call B. C. -Emmanuel relations. 
A welcome letter from "Bud" Mor- 
rissey in England relates a happy '41 
party in London. Including "Bud," 
who is a second lieutenant in the 
Army Intelligence Service, there were 
Bob Murphy, a first lieutenant at the 
Quartermaster Corps, Bill Houlihan, a 
corporal in the same branch, and 
Paul McCabe, a shavetail in the Air 


Corps. Paul is flying Marauder 

On hand to give last year's football 
team worthy recognition at the Var- 
sity "B" Club dinner were Walter 
Dubzinski, Ensign Charlie O'Rourke 
and Frank Coady. 

An expansive Christmas greeting from 
Lt. Joe Shea from Guadalcanal was 
full of news. Joe and Bill Fouhy are 
companions on the island and are 
doing a great job maintaining the 
prestige of B. C. there. Both gen- 
tlemen keep the mailman busy with 
letters to their wives in Boston. 
From Chicago comes reports of Pfc 
Humbert Cincotti. After a period 
in Oakland, California, he went to 
Chicago to study at the University of 

(Ed. Note. Your reporter, Elmer 
Ross, somehow managed to get the 
news in for this issue. He had just 
come out of a hospital the result of 
an automobile accident. Several 


20 Silloway Street, Dorchester 
Jppjt The sympathy of the class is 
ertended to Ensign Paul Carlin and 
his family on the recent death of his 

Lt. John W. Russell, USA Signal 
Corps, is engaged to Miss Marie Glynn 
of Roslindale. 

Larry Keohane, Army Air Corps, has 
been promoted to captain and is now 
engaged to Miss Sylvia Hattan, for- 
mer TWA hostess. They intend to 
live in Alberquerque, New Mexico. 
Congratulations to S-Sgt. John Mc- 
Mahon, who having completed his 
50 missions over Africa, Europe and 
Sicily, came home to marry Miss Joan 
O'Brien on January 8, 1944. The 
newly married couple have gone to 
Atlantic City where Jack will be re- 

Seen at the Harvard game were Jack 
Ross and Frank Rogan. Jack was back 
on leave from the South Pacific and 
Frank is studying at Tufts Medical. 
A newspaper picture informs us that 
Lt. Frediano Mattioli, Army Air Corps, 
is now seeing service in Italy. 
Lt. j.g.) Jim Colfins, USCG, was 
home for the Harvard game after a 
lengthy trip through North Atlantic 
waters. Jim is now commanding of- 
ficer of his own ship. 


Leo Strumski has left for the USCG 

Lt. Dave Birtwcll announces his en- 
gagement to Miss Carol Boylan of 
Regis and Newton. 

Lt. F. X. Gannon recently home on 
furlough has been granted his re- 
quest for active duty and expects to 
see action shortly. 

First Lt. Arthur Frithsen has been serv- 
ing in Africa for a year now with the 
Army Air Corps. 

Ensign Tom O'Leary has been busy 
setting up a fine system for V-Mail 
stations. He was recently granted 
a 1 5 day leave. 

Ensign Jam Hawco is spending his 
time now in the Pacific. 
Jack Heffernan, who has been er- 
roneously reported to be on a sub- 
chaser, is doing duty on a destroyer 
in the South Pacific. 
A picture of Sgt. Gene McGillicuddy 
and Lt. Phil Gill arrived recently from 
San Francisco. Phil is presumably 
shipped out and Gene expects to be 
home next month for a short stay. 
Congratulations to Carroll O'Neil, ex- 
'42, whose wife recently had her sec- 
ond child. 

Sgt. Gerry Donovan is now over in 
England while his buddy Sgt. Bill 
Charlton has been sent back to the 
states from Alaska. 
Tom Flanagan was home over New 
Years and he and Jack McMahon 
talked over old times at a New Year's 
pa rty. 

Ensign Jim O'Neil still in the Pacific 
has been a faithful correspondent and 
is hoping to run into a few of the 
boys over there. 

Lt. Ted Mulvehill is now stationed at 
Pyote, Texas, where he is a eo-pilot 
on a Fortress, while his pal Ensign 
Dick Keating is at school in Miami, 

Austin DeGuglielmo is in the Army, 
stationed at Buckley Field, Colorado. 
Seaman John Cuono is on a ship op- 
erating from Miami. 
Air Cadet Ralph Powers is at Whit- 
ing Field, Milton, Florida. Dick Roche 
is in tne ASTP at Tufts Med. 
Lt. (j. g.) Bob Muse, Marine Air 
Corps, has been at Santa Ana, Cali- 

Private Joseph McNally is engaged 
to Miss Muriel Finn, R. N., of Law- 
rence. Joe is in the ASTP at George- 
town Med. 

Lt. Joseph Sherry, USMC, was mar- 
ried on February 5 to the former Miss 

Kathaleen O'Rourke (Mt. Holyoke, 
'42) of Lynn. 

George Boehrer is at Catholic Uni- 

Ensign Robert Troy, USNR, is at Fori 
Sills, Oklahoma. 

Ensign Charlie Price has been in Af- 
rica, Sicily, Italy and England. 
Lt. A. Robert Molloy, AAF, is engagec 
to Miss Catherine Murphy of Cam- 
bridge. He is stationed at Denver, 

(Ed. Note. The sympathy of the clas; 
is extended to Paul Maguire whose 
father died in January.) 


44 Boutwell Street, Dorchester 
J^r George Chagaruly is teaching his 
tory at Dracut High School. 
We met Tom Murphy the other night. 
He is a Marine second lieutenan 
and is presently stationed at Chern 
Point, N. C, after three months ir 
Los Angeles. 

John Flynn sent us a Christmas card 
He is at the Fort Devens receptioi 

Rocco Canale recently married Mis 
Eleanor Hilden at the Mission Church 
Fr. Leonard officiated. The "Rock' 
is stationed at Mitchell Field, L. I. 
Corp. Joe MacSwjeeney is an M. FV 
at Camp Barkley, Tex. Joe recenth 
had an operation but is on the mem 

Joe Hurley is in the Academic Squad 
ron at Fort Logan, Colo. He is teachi 
ing something or other. 
Tech. Corp. Eddie Brooks is at Tinkes 
Field, Okla. 

Ensign Bill Gallagher is stationed i 
Norfolk, Va. 

Walter Grondalski is hobnobbing wit 
native chiefs somewhere in the Sout 

Also somewhere in the South Pacifi 
is Ensign Joe Regan. 
Quite a number of our classmates ar{ 
studying at Tufts Dental and Medicci 
Schools in either the army or navjll 
Among those at Tufts are: Normcj 
Reinhalter (Dental-Navy), Bob Mus , 
(Navy-Dental), Louis Alfano (Navyi 
Medical), Walter Baranowski (Armyj 
Dental), Bob Blute (Army-Medical) ( 
Tom Beatty (Army-Medical), Jaeijj 
Manning (Navy-Medical), Haroi ; 
Mollahan (Army-Medical), Sobin 
Rizzo (Army-Medical), Jack Murph 
(Navy-Medical) , Tom Conroy (Navyi 


Aedical), Al Donovan (Navy-Medi- 
al), Dave Folan (Navy-Medical), 
oe Gentile (Army- Dental ) , Hal Ha- 
>ib (Navy-Medical), Al Janevitch 
Navy-Medical), Charles Houghton 
Navy-Medical), Robert Jordan 
'Army-Dental ) , Bill McDonald (Ar- 
ly-Medical), Saul Schwartz (Army- 
,Aedical), Eddie Sullivan (Navy- 
Aedical) . 

Jddie (Moe) Myers is at Norfolk, 
a., awaiting a D.E. ship. 
•vt. John McNaught is at Newport 
Jews, Va., in a Medical Transporta- 
on Squadron. 

insigns Bob Casey and Jack Mahoney 
rare in England with the amphibious 

t'orman Kane is an Army Air Cadet 
ationed in Greensboro, N. C. 
rrnie Santosuosso is overseas and 
ould enjoy hearing from any of you. 
is A.S.N, is 31300898 and the ad- 
pess is 171st Ord. Depot Co., A. P.O. 
23, Postmaster, San Francisco, Calif. 
tirivate Walter Cassell is engaged to 
kiss Kathleen Ronco of West Rox- 
ury. Walter is stationed at Fort 
■agg, N. C. 

lex Skene has been transferred to 

je Army Air Base at Merced, Calif. 

e spent Christmas Day at Yosemite 

cational Park. Ensign Francis Mc- 

larthy is somewhere in the South Pa- 

fic. John Buckley graduated in De- 

imber from the Wesleyan Naval 

ight School. Private Ernie Curelli 

at Romulus Air Field, Michigan. 

nation Cadet Tom Owens started 

s basic flight training in December 

Garden City, Kansas. Frank Coen 

at the Base Weather Station, Hon- 

, Texas. 

sign Bob Casey visited the College 
December. In his travels he met 
cck Mahoney, John Larner, John 
nag, Vorel, Cannon and Commane. 
jut. Maurice Lynch is in the Army 
r Corps at Presque Isle, Me. En- 
nn John Battles has a New York 
>.0. address. 

sign John R. Keefe, U. S. N. R., 
s seen action at Wake, Makin, 
atje, and Kwajalein Islands in the 
cific. Corp. Joe Repko is at Fort 
;Clellan, Alabama. 
ne McKenna, S.S.J. , is at St. Jo- 
roh's Seminary, Washington, D. C. 
inn F. Rafferty is with the Bureau 

Standards, Washington, D. C. 
9"gt. George Hayes is somewhere in 

Canal Zone. 
isigns Mike Holovak and Steve Le- 


vantis have met out in the Pacific. 
Mike is putting into practice the as- 
signments learned in Fr. O'Donnell's 

Lieut. Bob Manning has completed 
training as a bombardier at the Army 
Air Base, Alexandria, La. He ex- 
pects to go overseas shortly. 


83 Upland Road, Quincy 
'-^5 On January 20 nearly half a 
hundred of the '44 boys were gradu- 
ated from Notre Dame as ensigns in 
the Navy. 

Former class officers now ensigns are: 
Mike Gargan, Treasurer; Joe O'Don- 
nell, Vice-President; Al Dickensheid, 
Secretary; Tom Hazlitt, A. A. Rep- 

Others include Jack Lyncss, Jack 
O'Keefe, Phil O'Connell, Al Sega- 
delli, Joe Bane, Ed Boyle, Jack Elliott 
and Larry Gallagher. The boys got 
together at the Statler in January. 
At Quantico Marine Officer candi- 
dates are going down the home 
stretch. Among them are Paul Burns, 
Bill Philbrick, Walter Brady, Charlie 
Furbush and Harry Crovo (first bene- 
dict of '44). 

On the Army front: Sergt. Oliver Bow- 
man is plugging away at Chinese at 
Harvard; Paul White, Frank Sidlaus- 
kas, Jim Dowd and Paul Cuenin are 
in the A.S.T.P. at Georgetown study- 
ing Foreign Area subjects. 
At Tufts Med wearing Navy blue are: 
Midshipmen Paul Murphy, Walter 
Collins, John O'Grady, Paul Flynn 
and Jim Nolan. 

At Columbia Midshipment Bob Le 
Blonc and Bill Boundy are very close 
to Naval commissions. 
Steve Lopez and Walter Welch are 
in the Navy. 

Private John Duggan is digging in at 
Harvard Med looking fine in uniform. 
Bill Corkery is in the AAC at Cha- 
nute Field, Illinois. 

Overseas are Al O'Hare (Australia) 
and "Bud" Herlihy (England), while 
Frank Dwyer has a N. Y. A. P.O. Also 
somewhere "over there" is John Dul- 
lea in the Army. 

Si Faherty has gone to the South Pa- 
cific with a bomber squadron as an 
aerial photographer. 
"Legal Len" Collins is taking Catho- 
lic University Law School in stride. 
Steve Stavro and John Kavanaugh are 

chemical engineers at the Sylvania 
plant in Salem. 

A welcome letter from A-c Norm 
Pheeney at Arcadia, Fla., tells us he 
is fine. 

Joe Redding is in an Army camp in 
the South. 

Joe Minahan sends greetings from 
St. Petersburg. 

Jack Gallagher reported to the Coast 
Guard Academy this month. 
At St. John's Seminary are Bob Nav- 
ien, Paul Moriarty, Frank Gallagher 
and Bernie Keenan. 
Sergt. Harold Rubin was married in 
December to the former Miss Helen 
Mcintosh of Roslindale. He is in the 
A.S.T.P. at Ohio State. 
Also in the A.S.T.P. (University of 
Illinois) Is Charles Connolly. 
Bill Corkery is at Chanute Field, III. 
Tom Donelan is at the Air Field, 
Thermal, Calif. Home in Boston in 
January he said that Chris Flynn is 
in Australia. Walter DeGuglielmo 
has been with the Army in Italy. In 
January he was in Africa. Vincent 
Cox is an air cadet at the Army Tech- 
nical Training Command, Greensberg, 
North Carolina. 

Ensign James Sweeney, USNR, in De- 
cember was at Fisher Island, N. Y., 
waiting for further orders. John F. 
Murphy is with the Army in Italy. 
Lieut. Thomas S. Casey, AAC, was 
married in January to the former Miss 
Pegg Ann Flood of Longmeadow. He 
has been assigned to Blythe Field, 
Calif. -«j| 

The 1944 Sub Turri has been distrib- 
uted. If by chance you ordered one 
and have not received it, it may be 
obtained at the College. 
This reporter of yours is working at 
Fore River with the hope of studying 
at Harvard beginning in July. 
This column will be about the only 
means of learning about the class. 
Write in about yourself so that I may 
be able to pass the news along. 



45 Hastings Street, West Roxbury 
%C£ The Second Annual Reunion Din- 
ner of the Class was held December 
27, 1943, at the Hotel Gardner, 
Boston. The following members were 
able to attend: John Connery, Walter 
Fitzgerald, John Glennon, Robert 
Maher, Edward McCormack, John 
McMahon, Fred Murphy, John O'Con- 


nor, Charles Savage, William Dynan, 
Jack McGloin, and Joseph Scanned. 

Our guests at the meeting were Father 
Kelley, Father Shea, John J. Drum- 
mey and "Bill" Collins, who was on 

One issue of the "Ledger," class bul- 
letin, went out during December. An- 
other issue is at the printer's and 
contains a full report of the reunion 
and a class list. 

Fred Murphy, complete with cigar and 
opinions on production at his Salem 
plant, is a typical business man. John 
J. Keefe is employed by Sylvania in 
the same town. Bill Dynan has put 
on a lot of weight since becoming as- 
sociated with Lever Bros.; he expects 
to be inducted shortly. 
Jim Sullivan has received an honor- 
able discharge from the Coast Guard 
and at last reports was considering 
a profession of teaching. 
Coast- Guardsman Marty McDonough 
got in touch with us during a short 
leave. He's still plowing the seas and 
as healthy as ever. 
Lieut. Howard Murray recuperating 
from his second accident at the Quan- 
tico Naval Hospital, Virginia, and is 
well on the way in spite of the seri- 
ous nature of his injuries. 
It would do us all good to read the 
letters sent in by Lieutenants (J.G. ) 
Dick Grainger and Ed McGrath from 
the West Coast on the occasion of 
the reunion. They accidentally met 
each other while attending Mass at 
a Submarine Base and held a B. C. 
reunion then and there. Thanks for 
the letters, fellows. 
Ed Deveney has also been made a 
lieutenant (j. g.) and is a supply of- 

Lieut. (J.G.) Ed McCormack has 
been transferred to the Portsmouth 
Navy Yard. 

Lieut. (J.G.) John Keane is stationed 
in Rhode Island. 

Lieut. (J.G.) Walter Fitzgerald was 
grounded by bad weather and able 
to make the dinner. He is tempo- 
rarily in this area. 

Ensign Bill Doonan operates out of 
New York. Sergt. John Mitchell 
has been at Seymour Johnson Field, 
North Carolina. Lieut. Joe McCar- 
ron is at Fort Custer, Michigan. Corp. 
Henry McConville is with a weather 
squadron with a New York A. P.O. 
Lieut. Tom McDonald is at Fort War- 
ren, Wyoming. Jim O'Connor is in 
the Army at Miami Beach. John 


Keeffe is with the Sylvania Company 
in Salem. 

Ensign Joe Dever is engaged to Miss 
Marie K. Gaudreau of North Quincy. 
Joe has been in the Pacific for the 
last year. 


*Y~r Lieut. James Connolly, USMC, 

was married in November to the for- 
mer Miss Lorraine Foley of West Rox- 

Ensign Edward Greenlaw, USNR, was 
married October 12 to the former 
Miss Grayce Dowd of Manchester, 
N. H. Ensign Savino Loscocco, US 
NR, was married December 27 to the 
former Miss Agnes Burckhart of 

Ed Smith, AAF, is engaged to Miss 
Elizabeth Burke of Dorchester. Ed 
is with the Arctic division of the 
Army Transport Command. 
Lieut. Andy Carnegie, USMC, is at 
New River, N. C. He married Pris- 
cilla Killoran, the sister of Lieut. Bob 
Killoran. Corp. Frank Murphy is at 
Camp Lee, Va.; Ensign Frank Mc- 
Cann is on a LST with a San Fran- 
cisco A. P.O.; Lieut. Tim Nevins, US 
MC, is at Camp Pendleton, Calif.; 
Private Dan O'Sullivan is at Camp 
Lee, Va.; Private Reade has a New 
York A. P.O.; Ensign John Reardon 
is on the U.S.S. Wharton; Private 
Frank Richards is at Hammer Field, 
Fresno, Calif.; Private Bill Sawyer is 
at Camp Robinson, Arkansas. 
Private Tom Sennott has a San Fran- 
cisco A. P.O.; Ray Sisk has been at 
the Navy Air Base, Pensacola, Fla.; 
James D. Sullivan is at Tucson, Ariz.; 
John Foynes is with the AAC at Max- 
well Field, Ala.; John Breen is in the 
AAC at Scott Field, III.; George Bray 
has a New York A. P.O.; Private 
Frank Brady is at Camp Rucker, Ala.; 
Frank Conroy is at Jefferson Bar- 
racks, Mo.; Sergt. Ed Doiley, USMC, 
is somewhere in the Pacific; Private 
Frank Farry reports from Fort Crock- 
ett, Galveston, Tex.; Vin Forte is 
Italy; Lieut. Jim Hogan, USMC, 
at New River, N. C; also there 
Lieut. Bob Killoran; Ensign Ed Line 
han is on the U.S.S. Bernadon. Bob 
Crowley is at the Army Finance School 
at Duke University; John Hayes is in 
England near Jim Kelly. 
Lieut. Thomas Tullie, USMC, was 
married January 29 to the former 
Miss Mary F. Brothers at San Luis 
Rey Mission, Oceanside, Calif. 

Ensign Tom Murray has left Harvard 
and is at Norfolk, Va. 


79 Oakland St., Brighton 
i-» Fred Anderson, USNR, is a mid- 
shipman at Notre Dame after having 
completed his training at Columbia.. 
Jim Cotter and John "Tex" Lang like 
working for Haskins and Sells, Pub- 
lic Accountants. Joe Cunningham and '. 
John Geran, '45, are together in Italy. J 
Henry Brash is with the Army in 
England. And Private Joe Kelly is 
somewhere in Africa. Private Ray; 
"Dutch" Holland is studying engin- 
eering in the A.S.T.P. at the Uni- 
versity of South Dakota. John Fin- 
gan, our class farmer, now studies 
Japanese in the A.S.T.P. at George- 
town. Also at Georgetown is Ed Flynn. 
Charlie Jacobs is employed by Price, 
Waterhouse & Co. Pfc. Bob Murphy 
is stationed in the Finance Dept. at 
Miami Beach. Jim Kelleher and Ed 
Geary are in training with the Ma- 
rines at Parris Island. Private Bill 
Mclnnes is studying meteriology at 
M.I.T. Tom Joyce has been training 
as a midshipman at Columbia. 
Congratulations to our classmates 
who were commissioned ensigns re- 
cently. They are: Jerry Finnerty, 
Marty Coleman, Jack Connor, Bill 
Daly, Denny Donahue, Bill Dunn, Joe 
Hodapp, Bill Haley, Bill Kelley, Bob 
Larkin, Bob Lee, Charlie Manning, 
Ed O'Keefe, Jim Rooney, John F. 
Sheehan, Jim Russell, Art Tisdale, 
Jerry Wallace, John Walsh, and Leo 

Jim Rooney is on duty in the South 
Pacific. John Walsh is in Iowa. Paul^ 
Sheehan is a storekeeper 3-c aboarC 
one of the Navy ships. Frank Mc- 
Manus is serving well in the Coast 
Guard. When last heard from Harry 
McGrath was awaiting a transfer ir 
the Air Corps. Sergt. John Ogle [ 
at Camp Polk, La. Congratulation: 
to Ensign Bill Kelley on his recen j 
marriage. Lieut. Ed Conroy, USMC i 
is somewhere in the Pacific. Ensign: 
Bill Haley and John F. Sheehan art j 
stationed at Norfolk, Va. Pfe. PdjuH 
Garrity is studying aviation under th(*J] 
C.T.D. at North Carolina State Colffl. 
lege. Private George McLaughiir i 
has completed a course in Finance aw 
Indianapolis, Ind. 
Pfc. Tom Sennott, after completing 
a course in Administration at Hous- 




Mortimer F. O'Connor, 1928 
1st Lieut., Army Air Corps 

April 28, 1943 

Francis J. Catenacci, 1939 
Private, USA 

September 27, 1943 

William C. Cagney, 1934 
Lieut., USNR 

November 23, 1943 

Samuel E. Cotter, 1920 

December 13, 1943 

Richard J. Lane, 1 897 

December 15, 1943 

John D. Marr, 1931 

December 24, 1943 

Joseph C. O'Kane, 1903 

December 28, 1943 

Rev. John P. Plevokas, 1 928 

December 31, 1943 

Joseph A. Mahoney, 1913 

January 2, 1944 

Dr. James E. Flanagan, 1933 
Lieut., USNR 

January 3, 1944 

Joseph J. Welsh, Intown, 1942 
Lieut., USA 

January 8, 1 944 

Dr. Francis H. Merrick, 1927 

January 1 7, 1 944 

Michael T. J. Minigan, 1902 

January 22, 1944 

Thomas P. Hession, 1901 

January 25, 1 944 

n, Tex., is with the Army Air Corps 
New Guinea. Warren Cox is also 
ere. Why not try to meet? Frank 
urn's, Danny Durant and Bob Camp- 
have been waiting for orders. 
(iey expect to go to Notre Dame 

"The Perfect Gift" 



^Miniature Reproduction of the 
ficial Boston College Class Ring 


8 Park Square Bldg., Boston 

or Northwestern. Ensign Bob Larkin 
is at Grosse lie, Mich. Corp. Bill 
Lawlor reports from the Army Air 
Base at Marysville, Calif. Private 
John Martin is at Fort Logan, Colo.; 
Victor Matthews is with the 44th 
Chemical Lab. Co., with a New York 
A. P.O. Corp. Bob Moore has been 
at Camp Lee, Va.; Cadet Joe Moul- 
ton has been at San Antonio, Tex. 
Private John Nash is at the Army Air 
Base at Kearns, Utah. Corp. Ed 
O'Brien of the Signal Corps holds the 
fort at Warrenton, Va. Corp. John 
O'Kane is with a bomber squadron, 
A. P.O. 9179, New York City. Lieut. 
Frank Riley is at Fort Leonard Wood, 
Mo. Ensign James Russell is at Hut- 
chinson, Kansas. Private John O'Con- 
nor is at Brookings, South Dakota. 
Ensign John Connor is at Ohumwa, 
Iowa. John Donovan is an air cadet 
at Chapel Hill, N. C. Phil Brooks at- 
tends the Army Finanie School at 
Wake Forest. Corp. Ralph Hilton is 
at Siott Field, III. Your reporter is 
working for Lybrand, Ross Bros, and 
Montgomery, Public Accoontants. 
The sympathy of the class is extended 
to James Russell, whose father died 
in December. 

Lt. Ed Duffey, Army Air Corps, was 
wounded in a mission over Germany. 
He will be in good health again in 
three months. Ed is stationed with 
the 8th Air Force in England. 


In December, Paul Toussaint, '42, 

was at Georgia Teachers' College 
awaiting transfer to some school in 
the A.S.T.P. 

Lieut. Oliver Sargent, '38, is engaged 
to Miss Katherine Orr of Brookline. 
He is in the AAF at Lockbourne Army 
Air Base, Columbus, O. 


For Every Occasion 


301 Harvard Street 
Dorchester, Mass. 


Phone GENeva 095 for Prompt 
Delivery in Boston and Suburbs 

Lieut. William F. Chishoim, '35, in 

November was assigned to the AAF 
Technical Training Command, Greens- 
boro, N. C. 

Sergt. Francis R. Coogon, '39, is in 

Corp. Anthony O'Malley, '40, of Clin- 
ton, was on his way to England in 

William C. Madden, '39, is an en- 
sign in the Navy. 

John Wynne, '35, is a lieutenant in 
the Army with service in North Af- 
rica, Sicily and Italy. He has been 
overseas for mine months. 


The graduates will be interested to 
learn of the marriage of Claire Jeanne 
Krohn to Sergt. William F. Malcolm, 
Jr., U. S. A., on January 8 at St. 
Agnes' Church, Arlington. 
Capt. John J. Mullin, '39, U. S. A., 
is engaged to Miss Kathryn Lynch 
(Emmanuel) of Woburn. John was 
one of the first to go to the Pacific 
and has seen action at Guadalcanal. 
Lieut. Joseph P. Trovers, '41, USMC,, 
is an aviator who got a Jap Zero in 
one raid and probably another at Ra- 
baul, according to a report coming 
out of New Georgia, Solomon Islands, 
on January 23. 


& SON 


36 Prospect Street 



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