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Full text of "The alumni register, v.4, no.4; June 1914"

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Vol. 4 

JUNE, 1914 

No. 4 

i^<?r Nort^ Dakota—To Unite the 
Alumni, to Serve the University 

Published by the Alumni Association 
of the University ofJNorth Dakota 

Twenty-fifth Commencement is Near 

Formal plans for the annua! com- 
mencement exercises at the university 
have been completed and invitations are 
now in the hands of most of the alumni. 
It is expected that an unusually large 
number of former graduates v^ill be in 
for the ceremonies v^^hich will be more 
elaborate than ever. 

The Model High School commence- 
ment exercises will be held Friiday 
evening, June I2, at 8 130 o'clock in 
the auditorium of Woodworth HalL 
One of the features of the program will 
be the oratorical contest. Four seniors 
have been selected to participate in this 
event, the preliminary contest being 
held at the institution Monday after- 
noon. The four contestants are Fred- 
erick Mann, Edith Olson, Eda Flem 
and Ralph Roy. 

Another special feature of the com- 
mencement exercises this year will be 
the installation of the new chapter of 
Phi Beta Kappa. The ceremony will 
take place Saturday, June 13. Prof. 
Grosvenor, head of the department of 
international law at Amherst college 
and head of the national organization 
of Phi Beta Kappa, will be here to help 
install the chapter. 

The annual baccalaureate sermon will 
be delivered at the university gymnas- 
ium at 10 130 o'clock, Sunday evening, 
June 14. The speaker will be the Rev. 
R. A. Beard of Fargo. 

The annual meeting of the boafd of 
trustees of the University will be' held 
at 10 o'clock Monday morning, June 
15. The senior pilgrimage will take 
place at 2 o'clock Monday afternoon. 
The class has decided to visit oniy a 
few of the main buildings again this 
year. The feature of the evening pro- 
gram Monday will be the class and 
other regular class day exercises. 

Dean Joseph Kennedy has been se- 
lected to deliver the university address, 

which will be given at 2 130 o'clock 
Tuesday afternoon June 16 in the Wood- 
ment dinner will take place from f? to 
worth Hall auditorium. The commence- 
8 o'clock the same evening in the Com- 
mons building. An elaborate toast pro- 
gram will be prepared for the occasion. 

Following the dinner the annual 
meeting of the alumni association will 
be held. Officers will be elected and 
other matters of importance attended 
to. The university band will give its 
usual concert on the campus at 8 o'clock. 
The alumni party will take place at 
9:30 o'clock Tuesday evening in the 
gymnasium. The president's reception 
will take place at the Commons before 
the commencement dinner instead of 
later in the evening. 

The graduation exercises proper will 
take place at the gymnasium at 9:45 
o'clock Wednesday morning, June 17. 
The commencement procession will 
form at 9 130 o'clock and will go di- 
rectly to the gymnasium. One of the 
features of the program will be the an- 
nual senior oratorical contest. Five 
speakers have been chosen for thiis 
event from the preliminary contest held 
last Monday. The winner will receive 
the beautiful Gansl medal. No money 
will be given this year, owing to the fact 
that the Sidney Clark prizes were with- 
drawn. The awarding of degrees to the 
various members of the graduating 
class will follow the contest. 

The following are the commencement 
orators : 

Ethel Halcrow — "Things Worth 

Avice Wright — "A Debtor to So- 

Lester Smith — "An Apostle of Pro- 

William Chittick— "A New Vision." 

Thomas Lineweaver — "American Lib- 




The Alumni Register 


The Alumni Association of the 

University of North Dakota 

Annual Subscription - - Fifty Cents 

Address all communications to The Alumni Association, 
University, North Dakota 

Entered as second class mail matter at the Post Office, 
University, N. D. 


In response to urgent requests from 
alumni and others the secretary has 
compiled a directory of alumni which 
forms the main part of this issue of 
the Register. Limited lunds prevent 
publishing a more elaborate directory. 
In many cases the information is mae- 
finite and some times entirely lacking. 
This condition can be remedied to a 
large extent by the heartiest co-opera- 
tion of the alumni. 

It will be considered a favor if those 
noting errors in the directory will notify 
the secretary at once. Also, any in- 
formation concerning those for whom 
no address is given will be gratefully 
received. We want the help of every 
alumnus in making the directory up-to- 
date and as useful as possible. 

In this connection we desire to make 
one more appeal to the many who have 
failed to send in their dollar for the 
year's dues. The association owes bills 
that it cannot pay and it is only be- 
cause of assistance from the university 
and the feeling that the work of the 
association must be kept up that this 
directory is published. You can help 
place the association on a firm financial 
basis if you will. 

Commencement time is the home com- 
ing time at the universities of the land 
and your Alma Mater will be glad to 
welcome back as many of you as can 
take the time from your work to re- 
new the pleasantest of associations and 
memories. The Phi Beta Kappa ini- 
tiatory exercises add peculiar interest to 
the occasion and a list of alumni who 
have been honored by election to this 
fraternity is published in this issue of 
the Register. 

With the installation of a chapter in 
the great national honorary fraternity 
of Phi Beta Kappa at the university 
during the commencement exercises, it 
is fitting that the Register give the 
names of alumni who have been elected 
as members. Phi Beta Kappa differs 
from other fraternities in that it recog- 
nizes scholastic merit. To belong to 
Phi Beta Kappa is a mark of efficiency 
as a student and the key which is its in- 
signia is highly prized. The following 
is a list of alumni who have been elected 
members of this organization: 

AcKER^ IvER A., 1910. 

Adair, Birdie, 1913. 

Allen, Dr. Frances M., 1889. 

Anderson, Lawrence J., 1913. 

Anderson, Mrs. Maxwell (Margaret 

Haskett), 1911. 
Bacon, Wm. C, 1913. 
Baker, Dr. Albert C., 1897. 
Baker, Mrs. A. C. (Mary E. Kings- 
Batten, Annabel H., 1912. 
Bisbee, Marcia G., 1898. 
Bronson, Harrison A., 1894. 
Burns, Myrtle E., 1911. 


Carkin, Mrs. John E. (Vida Turner), 

Christie, Roy E., 1911. 

CoGER, Albert E., 1896. 

Cooper, Harry H., 1907. 

Coulter, John L., 1904. 

Cans, Emma C, 1896. 

Dean, Cora, 1910. 

Cans, Mary B., 1890. 

Devaney, Mrs. Thomas (Maude San- 
ford), 1902. 

Dickson. Allie R., 1913. 

Elken, Mrs. G. L. (Agnes Skundberg), 

Flemington, Mary Belle, 1907. 

Ford, Don S., 1908. 

Eraser, Jean, 1910. 

Gilroy, Wm. T., 1910. 

Greenleaf, Wm. H., 1911. 

Crimson, G., 1904. 

Hancock, John M., 1903. 

Harvey, Gladys, 1913. 

Hawthorne, Warren C, 1895. 

Herigstad, Omon B., 1908. 

Holt, Blondie, 1909. 

IIonnett, Alma, 1909. 

Houghton, Theodosia, 1913. 

Howland, Garth, 1912. 

School of Civics & Philanthropy, 

Hydle, Lars L., 1911. 


Hydle, Mrs. S. (Nellie Johnson), 1901. 

Jackson, Rev. Bruce E., 1906. 

Jackson, Tessie, 1904. 

Johnson, Ellen, 1912. 

Johnson, J. B., 1913. 

Johnson, Sveinbjorn, 1906. 

Johnstone, Beatrice, 1891. 

JosLYN, Edna M., 1913. 

King, Mrs. Judson (Cora Smith), 1889. 

Kishpaugh, H. M., 1911. 

Lewis, Jennie Belle, 1911. 

Lokken, O. J., 1908. 

LoYNES, Hazel J., 1909. 

Lykken, Henry G., 1905. 

McAndrews, Mary F., 1902. 

MacIlraith, Annie L., 1912. » 

Marcley, Dr. Walter J., 1891. 

Massee, Mrs. F. C. (Mattie Glass) 

Matschek, Walter C, 1912. 
Mathews, Sadie, 1900. 
May, Ethel J., 191 1. 
Montgomery, John A., 1910. 
Montgomery, Robt., 1909. 
Newlander, Bertha, 1905. 
Neussle, Judge W. L., 1899. 
Oftedahl, Dr. Sverre, 1909. 

Olson, Beatrice M., 1909. 
Porter, Edward F., 1913. 
PoupoRE, Ethel M., 1911. 
Putnam, Mrs. Grace B., 1906. 
RiNDE, Dr. Hamilton, 1902. 
Ruud, Martin B., 1906. 
Rysgard, Prof. J. M., 1903. 
Selby, John R., 1904. 
Shanley, Helen, 1907. 
Skulason, B. J., 1895. 
Skulason, Mrs. S. G. (Edith John- 
son), 1901. 
Smith, Dr. Myron W., 1890. 
Strom, Otto C, 1906. 
Tanner, Prof. Jesse A., 1906. 
Thorsteinson, Elina, 1911. 
tinglestad, sophus, i913. 
Traynor, Hon. Fred J., 1904. 
Trotter, Winnifred, 1910. 
VoRACHEK, Pauline A., 1907. 
Webb, Mrs. Geo. F. (Flora McDon- 
Wenzel, Richard E., 1909. 
Wilcox, Lee L., 1905. 
Wright, Dr. Chas, B., 1898. 
Wright. Minnie C., 1898. 
Wyant, Maude, 1908. 

Alphabetical List of Alumni and Addresses 

Aakhus, Dan, A. B. 1907. 

1310 Jennie Ave., Grand Forks, N. D. 
Aas, Leif, H., M. a. 191 1. 

University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, 

Abbey, R. Percy, A. B. 1904. 

Augusta, Montana. 
Abbott, N. Carl, B. A. 1910. 

Havre, Montana. 
Abrahamson, Lida, B.A. 1911, 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
Acker, Iver A., B. A. 1910. 

Bismarck, N. D. 
Adair, Birdie, B. A. 1913. 

Lisbon, N. D. 
Adams, Cora M., A. B. 1897. 

1210 S. i6th St., Tacoma, Wash. 
Adams, Dr. E. F., LL.B. 1908. 

Meford, Ore. 
Albrecht, Edda, Normal 1908. 

Wahpeton, N. D. 
Allen, Dr. Frances M., A. B. 1889. 

1036 5th St., San Diego, Cal. 
Amklov, Christian W., LL.B. 1910. 

Cooperstown, N. D. 
Amb, Julia, Normal 1913. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
Anderson, Seymour E., B. A. 1913. 

University, N. D. 

Anderson, Chas. H., A. B. 1899. 

Empire, Canal Zone, Panama. 
Anderson, John M., A. B. 1906. 

Fargo, N. D. 
Anderson, Maxwell, B. A. 1911. 

Leland Stanford, Cal. 
Anderson, Mrs. Maxwell (Margaret 

Haskett), B. a. 1911. 

Leland Stanford, Cal. 
Anderson, Peter, B.A. 1908. 

Minnewauken, N. D. 
Anderson, Mrs. Peter. 

Minnewauken, N. D. 
Anderson, Lawrence J., B.A. 1913. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
Andrews, R. M., LL.B. 1905. 

Beach, N. D. 
Arano, Mrs. P. A., Normal 1900 

Watsonville, Cal. 
Arnason, Sarah, Two-year 1913. 

Cavalier, N. D. 
Armstrong, Austin, LL.B. 1904. 
Auger, Berchmans, LL.B. 1904. 

Grangeville, Idaho. 
Arnegaard, Knute, A.B. 1897. 

69 Wall St., New York City, N. Y. 
Arnegaard, Ole, A. B. 1896. 

Hillsboro, N. D. 



AsLAKSON^ Ethel^ Normal 1909. 

Lansford, N. D. 
AusTiNsoN, Joseph B., LL.B. 1913. 

Ada, Minn. 
AusTiNSON^ Theodore G., LL.B. 1904. 

Ambrose, N. D. 
Aylmer, Albert L., LL.B. 1912. 

Jamestown, N. D. 
Bach, C. B., LL.B. 1904. 

Minot, N. D. 
Bacon, William C, B.A. 1913. 

Columbia University, New York City, 

N. Y. 
Bagan, Benjamin J., LL.B. 1910. 

Fort William, Ont., Can. 
Baker, Geo. E., E. M. 1905. 

Whitehall, Montana. 
Baker, Dr. Albert C, A. B. 1897. 

Eagle Building, Spokane, Wash. 
Baker, Mrs. A. C. A.B. 1897. 

2916 Mary St., Spokane, Wash. 
Baldwin, John G., B.A. 1910. 

Hatton, N. D. 
Bangs, Philip R., B.A. 1913. 

Grands Forks, N. D. 
Baptie, Maggie, Normal 1901. 

1921 3r Ave. W., Seattle, Wash. 
Baptie, May, Normal 1898. 

1921 3rd Ave. W., Seattle, Wash. 
Barnes, Paul M., C.E. 1911. 

Box 484, Emonton, Alta., Can. 
Bates, D. Proyer, LL.B. 1907. 

Larimore, N. D. 
Batten, Annabel H., B.A. 1912. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
Beauchamp, Exzelia, B.A. 1913. 

Cavalier, N. D. 
Beek, Clarence W., B.A. 1896. 

607 9th St., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Bell, Anthony J., E.M. 1908. 

Aberdeen, Wash. 
Bell, Mrs. E. J., A.B. 1900. 

(Margaret Cravath) 

Cravath Comers, Alta., Can. 
Bemis, Myrtle 

(Mrs. C. a. Porterville.) 

Finley, N. D. 
Bennett, Charles B., E.E. 1913. 

Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 
Bennett, Mrs. Leah Ames (Mrs. Emil 

Remfrey) LL.B. 1909. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
Bennington, Norman W., M.E. 1911. 

Park River, N. D. 
Benson, Asmunder, B.A. 1913. 

Law School, Grand Forks, N. D. 
Benson, Eugene A., LL.B. 1910. 
Berg, Dagny, Two-year 1913. 

Milton, N. D. 
Bergman, N. A., LL.B. 1903. 

280 Balmoral St., Winnipeg, Can. 

Besancon, Albert, LL.B. 1901. 

Missoula, Mont. 
Besse, J. R., A.B. 1905. 

2nd. Lieut. U. S. S. "Rush," Sansalito, 

Bickford, G. L., A.B. 1899. 

Bowbells, N. D. 
Bills, Glen S., LL.B. 1904. 

Judith Gap, Mont. 
Bisbee. Marcia G., B. A. 1898. 

Palm Springs, Cal. 
Bitzing, H. R., LL.B. 1905. 

Mandan, N. D. 
Bjerken, Fred N., B.A. 1913. 
Blades, Annie, Normal 1901. 

Grafton, N. D. 
Blanchard, H. J., LL.B. 1910. 

Dickinson, N. D. 
Blichfeldt, Henry W., LL.B. 1907. 

Tagus, N. D. 
Bliss, Jay J., E.M. 1910. 

Bismarck, N. D. 
Bliss, Emma M., B.A. 1912. 

Geneseo, N. D. 
Bliss, Vera M., Normal 1910. 

Lakota, N. D. 
Boe, Alfred S., LL.B. 1909. 

Carlye, Mont. 
BoGAN, Katherine, Normal 1907. 

(Mrs. Albert L. Austett) 

Fargo, N. D. 
Boise, Chas. W., E.M. 1908. 

Jamestown, N. D. 
Boise, David W., E.M. 1906. 

Chino Copper Co., Hurley, N. Mex. 
Boise, Howard S., B.A. 1911. 

Chino Copper Co., Hurley, N. Mex. 
BoNZER, Clarence A., E.M. 1910. 

Kermit, N. D. 
BosARD, Andrew K., A.B. 1903. 

1 120 University Ave., Grand Forks, 

N. D. 
BoTHE, Mrs. E. B. 

Hallock, Minn. 
Boyd, Mrs. Irene M., Normal 1889. 

Pingree, N. D. 
Braatelien, Harold W., LL.B. 1904. 

Williston, N. D. 
Bradley, H. C, LL.B. 1908. 

Bismarck, N. D. 
Bradshaw, Frederick H., M.E. 191 1. 

1227 New York Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Brandjord, Iver M., Normal 1901. 

Ronan, Mont. 
Brandjord, Mrs. Iver M., (Helga 

Swarstad) . 

Ronan, Mont. 
Brannon, George R., B.A. 191 1. 
Brannon, J. Marshall, A.B. 1907. 

University of Wisconsin, Madison, 



Brauer_, Gustav a., LL.B. 1907. 

Fessenden, N. D. 
Brennan, Dan V., A.B. 1908. 

Devils Lake, N. D. 
Brennan^ James J., E.M. 1911, M.S. 


Red River Power Co., Grand Forks, 

N. D. 
Brennan^ Mary R., M.A. 1906. 

(Mrs. Chas. Clapp) Care Canadian 

Geological Society, Ottawa, Ont. 
Brockhoff, Frederick J., B.A. 191 1, 

Yale University, LL.B. 1913. 

New Haven, Conn. 
Bronson_, Harrison A., A.M. 1895. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
Brown, Margaret, Normal 1903. 

(Mrs. a. G. Vickery) 

East Grand Forks, Minn. 
Brownlee, Clarence P., LL.B. 1910. 

Marmarth, N. D. 
Bruyere, Allan, E.M. 1911. 

Tampico, Tampaulipas, Mexico. 
Bryan, John E., LL.B. 1909. 

Grano, N. D. 
Bryson, Kate, Normal 1913. 

Fergus, N. D. 
Buck, Mrs. Helen M., B.S. 1890. 
Budge, Jessie, B.A. 1913. 

Buxton, N. D. 
Budge, Guy E., M.E. 1911. 

Care Bithulithic Paving Co., Regina, 

Sask., Can. 
Budge, Ernest J., C.E. 1913. 

Care Manitoba Hyrographic Survey, 

Keewatin, Ontario, Can. 
Budge, William E., E.M. 191 1. 

University, N. D. 
Bull, Daniel F., M.E. 1906. 

Box 1018, Pasadena, Cal. 
Burgett, Wilfred E., A.B. 1901. 

Flaxton, N. D. 
Burke, Edward W., LL.B. 1907. 

Stanley, N. D. 
Burke, T. H., LL.B. 1908. 

Minnewaukan, N. D. 
Burling, Edwin, B.A. 1912. 

Edmore, N. D. 
Burman, Clara, Normal 1913. 

Casselton, N. D. 
Burnett, R. A., LL.B. 1910. 

Cummings, N. D. 
BuRNHAM, Ella J. 

Moscow, Idaho. 
Burns, Arthur G., E.M. 1910. 

Santa Rita, N. Mex. 
Burns, Myrtle E., B.A. 191 1. 

Edmore, N. D. 
Burr, Elsie D., Normal 1900. 

Bottineau. N. D. 

Burtness, Olger B., LL.B. 1907. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
Byrne, Mathew, A.B. 1904. 

Flagstaff, Alta., Can. 
Byrne, Lulu E., Normal 1900. 

1753 W. 45th St., Los Angeles, Cal. 
Cameron, Stewart J., LL.B. 1908. 

New Rockford, N. D. 
Cameron, Scott, LL.B. 1908. 

Linton, N. D. 
Campbell, Bessie M., B.A. 1913. 

Gilby, N. D. 
Campbell, Annie L., Normal 1899. 

Wenatchee, Wash. 
Campbell, John D., Normal 1890. 

1109-11 National Building, Spokane, 

Campbell, Thomas D., M.E. 1904. 
Campbell, Victor W., B.A. 1910. 

Willmar, Minn. 
Capstan, Philana, B.A. 1909. 
Carkin, John E., LL.B. 1908. 

Medford, Ore. 
Carkin, Mrs. John E., (Vida Tur- 

Medford, Ore. 
Carkin, Theone, B.A. 191 1. 

Medford, Ore. 
Carl, L., LL.B. 1910. 

216 S. Third Street, Grand Forks, N. 

Carney, E. C, LL.B. 1904. 

Williston, N. D. 
Carothers, Wilhelmina E., A.B. 1896. 

Public Library, Portland, Ore. 
Carr, Andy M., B.A. 1913. 

Minot, N. D. 
Carr, John W., LL.B. 1901. 

Jamestown, N. D. 
Cashel, John L., LL.B. 1907. 

Grafton, N. D. 
Challoner, Geo. T., M.E. 191 1. 
Chance, Louis A., LL.B. 1908. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
Chandler, Newell E., B.A. 1912. 

General Electric Company, Pittsburgh, 

Chase, Russell D., LL.B. 1910. 

Jamestown, N. D. 
Chatfield, Marcus M., LL.B. 1905. 

Minot, N. D. 
Chisholm, Thomas, B.A. 1903. 

1630 Sawyer Ave., Chicago, III. 
Chittick, William, LL.B. 1910. 
Christie, Howard C, E.E. 1910. 

412 Rebecca Ave., Wulkinsburg, Pa. 
Christie, Roy E., B.A. 191 1. 

1821 W. Davis St., Chicago, 111. 
Clark, William H., A.B. 1909. 

Butte, Mont. 


Clawson, Gabriel J,, LL.B, 1909. 
Clifford^ Thos. F., LL.B. 1908. 

Mohall, N. D. 
Clouston, Daisy M., A.B. 1907. 

Northwood, N. D. 
Clouston, Caroline J., B.A. 1911. 

Hope, N. D. 
Clow, A. W., B.A. 1910. 

524 14th St., Des Moines, Iowa. 
CoGER, Albert E., A.B. 1896. 

Rugby, N. D. 
CoLBORN, Geo. O., LL.B., 1909. 

510 N. 4th St., Grand Forks, N. D. 
Collins,, Mrs. R. D., A.B. 1901. 

Ridgelawn, Mont. 
CoLLiNSON, Mary J., A.B. 1906. 

(Mrs. a. B. Hoskins.) 

Bismarck, N. D. 
Comfort, Arthur B., A.B. 1906. 

406 Perkins Bldg, Tacoma, Wash. 
Comings, Chas. L., LL.B. 1904. 

Brandon, Manitoba. 
CoNMY, Anne L., Normal 1903. 

Pembina, N. D. 
Conmy, Edward T., LL.B. 1909. 

Fargo, N. D. 
CoNMY, John P., LL.B., 1907. 

Pembina, N. D. 
Conmy, Lucy B., A.B. 1904. 

Pembina, N. D. 
CoNMY, Rose C, B.A. 1910. 

Pembina, N. D. 
Connolly, Louis H., LL.B., 1905. 

Mandan, N. D. 
Cooper, Harry H., A.B. 1907. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
Cooper, Lottie A., Normal 1898. 

(Mrs. Farnsworth.) 

Rathdrum, Idaho. 
Corey, Clair E., A.B. 1901. 

Cherryville, Oregon, 
CosGROVE, Dennis E., B.A. 1913. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
CouGHLiN, Mrs. J., Normal 1902. 

(Eda K. Thompson.) 

Maxbass, N. D. 
Coulter, John L., A.M. 1905. 

Care Census Bureau, Washington, D. 

Coulter, Leona M., Normal 1904. 

Sprague, Wash. 
Coventry, Chas., LL.B. 1907. 

Linton, N. D. 
Cowper, Dr. William L., B.S. 1904. 

Michigan, N. D. 
Cox, Edwin L., LL.B. 1901. 
Craig, Russell R., Normal 1904. 
Crafer, Thomas W.. B., A.B. 1906^ 

29 Seminary St., Middlebury, Conn. 
Crane, Emma B., B.A. 1896. 

Census Bureau, Washington, D. C. 

Crans, Mary B., B.S. 1890. 

Normal School, Manila, P. I. 
Crary, James Burton, B.A. 1913. 

Y. M. C. A., Grand Forks, N. D. 
Creswell, Harry H., A.B. 1897. 
Crewe, Percy S., LL.B., 1904. 

Mohall, N. D. 
Crippen, H. C, LL.B. 1901 

Billings, Mont. 
Crombie, W. Ransom, E.M. 1913. 
Crothers, Asa R. E., LL.B, 1907. 

419-22 Jamieson Bldg., Spokane, Wash. 
Crowley, Margaret, Normal 1913. 

914 2nd Ave., Fargo, N. D. 
Cryderman, Mrs. W. J., Normal 1905. 

(Muriel Gl a spell) 

Grafton, N. D. 
Gumming, Mrs. F. J., Normal 1903. 

(Edith Owen.) 

2628 Garfield Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 
Cunningham, Elizabeth, Normal 1902. 

308 Grand Ave., Grand Forks, N. D. 
Cunningham, Gertrude, B.A. 1913. 

Hatton, N. D. 
Currie, Rolla p., a. B. 1893. 

U. S. Department of Agriculture, 

Washington, D. C. 
Calder, W. L. a., LL.B. 1905. 

Laurel, Mont. 
Dahl, Thorvald, B.A. 1913. 

Grafton, N. D. 
Dahl, Mabel, Normal 1913, 

Conway, N. D. 
Daily, Mary A., LL.B. 1910. 

Portland, Ore. 
Daugherty, Thomas G., LL.B. 1913. 

Powers Lake, N. D. 
Davidson, Lillian E., Normal 1904, 

St. Thomas, N. D. 
Davies, Iorwerth C, LL.B. 1902. 

Bismarck, N. D. 
Davis, Forrest M., A.B. 1907. 

Goodrich, N. D. 
Davis, Mrs. Forrest M., 

(Ethel Crary.) 

Goodrich, N. D. 
Davis, J. Ellsworth, A.B. 1899. 

Goodrich, N. D. 
Dean, Cora, B.A. 1910. 

Park River, N. D. 
Dempsey, J. W., LL.B. 1910. 

Lansing, Iowa. 
De Groat, Clinton S., B.S. 1899. 

Shelby, Mon. 
DeMars, Mrs. Ralph A., Normal 1906. 

St. Thomas, N. D. 
Denholm, Frank A,, LL.B. 1909. 
DeNoyer, Charles, M.A. 1909. 
Devaney, Henry J., LL.B. 1905. 

Cambridge, Idaho. 


Devaney, Thomas^ A.B. 1901. 

Langdon, N. D. 
Devaney, Mrs. Thomas, A.B. 1902. 

(Maude Sanford.) 

Langdon, N. D. 
Dickinson, Marion E., B.A. 1912. 

Esmond, N. D. 
Dickson, Allie R., B.A. 1913. 

Langdon, N. D. 
Dickinson, Harry E., A.B. 1900, LL.B. 


McClusky, N. D. 
Diesem, H. R. S., A.B. 1900. 

LaMoure, N. D. 
Dolve, Nels O., LL.B, 1907. 

Velva, N. D. 
Dougherty, Irene, B.A. 1913. 

St. Thomas, N. D. 
Douglas, Elizabeth, Normal 1899. 

Chicago, 111. 
Douglas, Florence G., A.B. 1898. 

Whitworth College, Tacoma, Wash. 
Douglas, Frank J., A.B. 1896. 

711 White Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 
Douglas, Mrs. Frank J., A.B. 1896. 

Earlington, King Co., Wash. 
Douglas, James H., A.B. 1900. 

711 -714 White Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 
Dow, J. Neal, A.B. 1899. 

Care German-American Trust Co., 

Denver, Colo. 
Driesbach, R. H., LL.B. 1909. 
Dryden, Ray, LL.B. 1912. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
DuBois, Chas. F., B.A. 1913. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
Duffy, F. Clyde, LL.B. 1912. 

Leeds, N. D. 
Duggan, Fred S., LL.B. 1903. 

504 Hyde Bldg., Spokane, Wash. 
Duggan, Susan S., A.B. 1907. 

(Mrs. J. J. Obyrne.) 

DeGrass, Minn. 
Durocher, Edmund, A.B. 1909. 

Page, N. D. 
Eastman, Dan V., LL.B. 1913. 

Ottuma, la. 
Eastwold, Fordyce C, LL.B. 1910. 

Steele, N. D. 
EcKLEs, Ravenna P., Normal 1913 

Lakota, N. D. 
Edmunds, Oscar W., LL.B. 1910. 

801 Foster St., Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. 
Edwardson, Kasper E., LL.B. 1909. 

White Earth, N. D. 
Ego, Chas. S., LL.B. 1903. 

Lisbon, N. D. 
Elken, Clarence L., LL.B. 1913. 

Mayville, N. D. 

Elken, Mrs. G. L., A.B. 1903. 

(Agnes Skundberg.) 

Mayville, N. D. 
Ellertson, Inga, 1913. 

Michigan, N. D. 
Ellery, Clino R., LL.B. 1913. 

Plentywood, Mont. 
Ellison, Edward O., B.A. 1911. 

1609 University Ave., S.E., Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 
Ellison, Mrs. J. N., A.B. 1906. 

Minot, N. D. 
Esberg, Solomon, LL.B. 1912. 

Great Falls, Mont. 
EsTES, Mary Belle, A.B. 1909. 

319 S. Orange St., Medford, Ore. 
Evans, Amy Marsh, A.B. 1908. 

Lake Alfred, Fla. Home address, 

Minto, N. D. 
EvANSON, Mabel ,Normal 1913. 

Northwood, N. D. 
EvERSON, Emmett, E.M. 1910. 

Medicine Hat, Alta., Can. 
Eyford, Florence, Two-year 1913. 

Kalispell, Mont. 
Eyford, Grace, Two-year 1912. 

Rugby, N. D. 
Elvyn, Mrs. Eugene C, Normal 1895. 

913 Cypress Ave., Los Angeles, Cal. 
Elvick, Cora, 1913. 

Cummings, N. D. 
Elznic, William, B.A. 1912. 

Lankin, N. D. 
Emery, Mrs. C. S., B.S. 1889. 

(Mary A. Teel.) 

256 Ballard Ave., Ballard, Wash. 
Enge, R. S., LL.B. 1905. 
Erickson. Oscar, B.A. 1910. 

Hatton, N. D. 
Fairchild, C. Laverne, B.A. 1897. 

Crary, N. D. 
Farley, Emile J., LL.B. 1908. 

319-320 Poyton Block, Spokane, Wash. 
Farley, Edmund J., LL.B. 1908. 

26-27 Ziegler Block, Spokane, Wash. 
Farnham, Albert T., B.A. 1908. 

Arthur, N. D. 
Farrow, Freeman B., E.M. 1912, M.S. 


Oatman, Ariz. 
Farup, Irene. B.A. 1910. 

Larimore, N. D. 
Faust, Charles J., B.A. 1908. 
Fennel, Ida V., A.B. 1906. 

Wimbledon, N. D. 
Ferguson, Bertha, Normal 1899. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
Finch, Mrs. H. B., A.B. 1900. 

176 Reeves Ave., Grand Forks, N. D. 
Finlayson, H. Christine, B.A. 1912. 

Michigan, N. D. 


FiNLEY^ Orma, Normal, 1907. 

Lyle, Wash. 
FiSET, Dr. C. p., A.B. 1893. 

Amreican Bank Bldg., Seattle, Wash. 
FiSET, Dr. Louis O., B.S. 1890. 

814 Cobb Bldg, Seattle, Wash. 
Fisher, Edgar O., E.M. 1913. 

Ray Consolidated Mining Co., Ray, 

Fisher, Lawrence F., B.A. 191 i. 

Rush Medical College, Chicago, 111. 
Flannagan, Jas. J., A.B. 1901. 

Towner, N. D. 
Flasted, Martin W., LL.B. 

Ekalaka, Mont. 
Flemington, Clara N., Normal 1912. 

Beach, N. D. 
Flemington, Mary Belle, A.B. 1907. 

Ellendale, N. D. 
Flett, Chas. M., E.M. 191 1. 

Larimore, N. D. 
Foley, Wm. H., M.A. 1908. 

4200 Grand Bldv., Chicago, 111. 
Foot, LeRoy F., LL.B. 1906. 

137 Main St., Kalispel, Mont. 

Gaffney, Ella, Normal 1897. 

1220 S. Yakima, Tacoma, Wash. 
Garnas, Peter L., B.A. 1910. 

Stanley, N. D. 
Garvey, John E., LL.B. 1909. 

Cavalier, N. D. 
Germain, Edward G., LL.B. 1905. 

Chewelah, Mont. 
Gilbertson, Carl, Two-year 1910. 

Crosby, N. D. 
GiLROY, William T., B.A. 1910. 

Colfax, la. 
Gladen, Van W., B.A. 1910. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
Glaspel, Cyril J., B. A. 1913. 

Grafton, N. D. 
Glenn, Chas. A., A.B. 1906. 

Merricourt, N. D. 
GooDALL, Herbert, B.A. 1905. 

38 S. Main St., Helena, Mont. 
Goodman, Cecyl B., B.A. 1912. 

Whittier Hall, Columbia University, 

New York City, N. Y. 
Gordon, Mrs. R. Craig, A.B. 1904. 

(Josephine Nelson.) 

Foote, S. Ralph, LL..B,.i9i3, , ., , 113 Horace. St., Toledo, O. 
Bismarck, N. D.TJigillZea by the InteCaS! Bl^m\m, Two-year 1913. 


FORKNER, DONNA M., B.|^ j^^Jj^Qf^ COrg^^r^' ^ 

Wahpeton, N. D. 
Forrest, Ida M., A.B. 1908. 

Can do, N. D. 
FosNEss, Alfred K,, LL.B. 1910. 

Montevideo, Minn. 
Francis, D. Robert, A.B. and E.E. 1909. 

Cornell University, Ithaca, N, Y. 
Frazer, Jean, B.A. 1910. 

Grafton, N. D. 
Frazer, Mrs. Harold C. 

(Pearl Heath.) 
Frazier, Lynn J., A.B. 1909. 

Hoople, N. D. 
Frederick, Leslie, B.A. 1913. 

Gilby, N. D. 
Freede, H. J., LL.B. 1908. 
Freeburger, Benjamin F., LL.B. 1906. 

Anamoose, N. D. 
Frendberg, Fannie R., B.A. 1913. 

Hillsboro, N. D. 
Frendberg, Ira C, B.A. 1910. 

Columbia University, 524 W. 123rd 

St., New York City. 
Fried, Hildegarde E., B.A. 1913. 

University, N. D. 
Fried, Annetta, B.A. 1913. 

Dazey, N. D. 
FosMARK, Clara. 

Park River, N. D. 
Fuller, Stephen J., M.E. 1908. 

Jackson, Mich. 

iLTON P., B.A. 1913. 

Rush Medical College, Chicago, 111. 
Graham, John C, B.A. 1913. 

Carrington, N. D. 
Graham, Robert W., E.E. 1913. 

Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 
Graham, Fred J., LL.B. 1906. 

Ellendale, N. D. 
Grandy, Louis M., A.B. 1906. 

St. Thomas, N. D. LL.B. 1910 
Greenleaf, Wm. H., B.A. 191 1. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
Greer, Truax W., LL.B. 1906. 

Williston, N. D. 
Gretsinger, Laura C, A.B. 1906. 

Devils Lake, N. D. 
Griffin, Bernice M. 

Walhalla, N. D. 
Griffith, Paul B., A.B. 1908. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
Grim SON, Mrs. G., Normal 1904. 

(In A Sanford.) 

Langdon, N. D. 
Grimson, G., LL.B. 1906. 

Langdon, N. D. 
Grinnell, Faith E., B.A. 1910. 

(Mrs. Ed. T. Con my.) 

Fargo, N. D. 
Gronback, Josie, Two-year 1913. 

Willow City, N. D. 
GuLLiCKSON, Ole S., LL.B. 1907. 


GuLLiCKSON, Oscar S., B.A. 1912. 

Park River, N. D. 
GuLLicKSONj John A., LL.B. 1909. 

Great Falls, Mont. 
GuNDERSON, S. D., LL.B. 1910. 

Maxbass, N. D, 
GusTAFsoN, Theo. A., B.A. 191 1. 

Edmore, N. D. 
Haberlin, William, LL.B. 1910. 
Hagen, C. C., LL.B. 1905. 
Haagenson, Mrs. E. C., A.B. 1894. 

(Henrietta Paulson.) 

Hillsboro, N. D. 
Haggerty_, Frank, LL.B. 1904. 
Haig, Rena, B.A. 1913. 

Walhalla, N. D. 
Hall, Jacob B., LL.B. 1903. 
Halls, Carl B., LL.B. 1909. 

Seattle, Washington. 
Hallet, Mabel A., A.B. 1908. 

Bristol, California. 
Halldorson, p. E., LL.B. 1901. 

Cavalier, N. D. 
Halvorson, Orpheus N., B.A. 1911. 

Northwood, N. D. 
Halvorson, Halvor L., LL.B. 1902. 

Minot, N. D. 
Hamel, Chas. D., A.B. 1903. 

512 Custom House, San Francisco, 

Hamel, Josephine, A.B. 1909. 

Willow City, N. D. 
Hamilton, Helen M., LL.B., 1905. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
Hancock, John M., A.B. 1903. 

Cavite, Philippine Islands. 
Hansen, Emelia S., B.A. 1913. 
Hansen, Emelia S., Normal 1898. 

305 N. 5th St., Grand Forks, N. D. 
Hanson, Alice G., Normal 1903. 

Rolla, N. D. 
Hanson, Anna. 

Arthur, N. D. 
Hanson, Nellie B., Normal 1903. 

Gilby, N. D. 
Haroldson, Aleck, Normal 1900. 

Ryder, N. D. 
Haraldson, Aleck, Normal 1900. 

Lansford, N. D. 
Harris, Wilbur W., LL.B. 1913. 

Hurdsfield, N. D. 
Harris, Ethel, Normal 1913. 

Marmarth, N. D. 
Harstad, Laura C, Normal 1907. 

403 6th Ave., N., Jamestown, N. D. 
Hartzell. Seth L., LL.B. 1903. 
Harvey. Letlla, B.A. 191 1. 

Edmore, N. D. 
Harvey, Gladys, B.A. 1913. 

Lakota, N. D. 

Haugen, Martin O., LL.B. 1908. 

414 1st Ave., Grand Forks, N. D. 
Hawthorne, Warren C, A.B. 1895. 

Professor of Chemistry, College of P. 

& S, Chicago, 111. 
Hawver, Otto O., LL.B. 1907. 

Barnesville, Minn. 
Hayes, Helen L., Normal 1907. 

510 N. 3rd St., Grand Forks, N. D. 
Hayne, George R., LL.B. 1910. 

Akron, O. 
Healey, Elmer E., LL.B. 1909. 

Fergus Falls, Minn. 
Healy, Ralph L., E.M. 191 i. 

Juneau, Alaska. 
Hecker, Cora E., Normal 1906. 

Care City Hospital, Mineapolis, Minn. 
Heising, Raymond A., E.E. 1912. 

University of Wisconsin, Madison, 

Helmer, Beatrice, B.A. 191 1 ; M.A. 1912. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
Helmer, Myrtle, B.A. 1911. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
Hem MI, John U., Normal 1893. 

Jamestown, N. D. 
Hemp, Albert B., LL.B. 1913. 

Valley City,'N. D. 
Henry, Georgia, Normal 1912. 

Valley City, N. D. 
Henry, Mabel C, A.B. 1909. 

Hunter, N. D. 
Henry, William S., LL.B. 1904. 

Bow Island, Alta., Can. 
Herigstad, Omon B., LL.B. 1909. 

Minot, N. D. 
Hermann, Thorhallur, C.E. 1913. 

Care Dominion Bridge Co., Winnipeg, 

Man., Can. 
Hermann, Halldora, A.B. 1909. 

Rugby, N. D. 
Heyland, Thomas, B.A. 1891. 
HiLLBORN, Ernest C, A.B. 1905. 

Valley City, N. D. 
Hilleboe, Stella, Normal 1912. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
HiLLis, Arnetta, Normal 1903. 

Seattle, Wash. 
Hinds, Henry, A.B. 1906. 

U. S. Geological Survey, Washington, 

D. C. 
Hodgins. Stella E., B.A. 1912. 

Rugby, N. D. 
Hoff, Mrs. Oliver B., Normal 1907. 

Hannaford, N. D. 
Hoff, Mrs. Oscar F., Normal 1902. 

Cooperstown, N. D. 
Hoff, Bernard. 

Dwight, N. D. 
HoFTO, Jacob A., B.A. 1913. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 



Holmes^ Frank B., M.E. 1909. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
Holmes, Mildred, Normal 1912. 

Devils Lake, N. D. 
Holt, Blondie, B.A, 1912. 

DeSmet, S. D. 
HoLT^ Clara, B.A. 191 1. 

St. Thomas, N. D. 
HoNNETT, Alma, A.B. 1909. 

Bathgate, N. D. 
HosKiNs, Mrs, Oliver B. 

Bismarck, N. D. 
HousKA, Charles H., LL.B. 

Bisbee, N. D. 
HoovDA, Mrs. H.H., Normal 1904. 

Bottineau, N. D. 
Houghton, Theodosia^ B.A. 1913. 

Crookston, Minn. 


703 S. Pierce St., Kirksville, Mo. 
Howland, Garth A., B.A. 1912. 

School of Civics & Philanthropy, 

Chicago, 111. 
HuBER, Amanda, Two-year 1913. 

Bowbells, N. D. 
Hunt, Mrs. Charles, B.A. 1907. 

(Lois Robertson.) 

Valley City, N. D. 
Hunter, Mrs. H. A., Normal 1905. 

192 Reeves Ave., Grand Forks, N. D. 
Husband, William C, LL.B. 1907. 

Harlowton, Mont. 
Hutchinson, W. H. LL.B. 1907. 

LaMoure, N. D. 
Hydle, Lars L., B.A. 1912. 

Balfour, N. D. 
Hydle, Mrs. Seward. 

(Nellie Johnson.) 

Williston, N. D. 
Hyland, Thorstein, LL.B. 1908. 

Stanton, N. D. 
Hyslop, Christine, B.A. 1903. 

1617 Belmont Ave., Seattle, Wash. 
Hyslop, Clara R., B.A. 1912. 

Willow City, N. D. 
Hyslop, Kenneth, B.A. 1906. 

Paris, France. 
Igawa, Takeo, E.M. 1913. 

Ray Consolidated Mining Co., Ray, 

Iland, Dr. Minnie, Normal 1896. 

Vallejo, California. 
Inberg, John E., M.E. 1907. 

Care Niagara Electro-Chemical Co., 

Niagara Falls, N. Y. 
Ingram, Joseph A., E.M. 1911. 

County Surveyor, Grand Forks, N. D. 
Irwin, Temple, B.A. 1913. 

University of Wisconsin, Madison, 


Jackman, William L., LL.B. 1912. 

Burnstad, N. D. 
Jackson, Rev. Bruce E., B.A. 1906. 

Bismarck, N. D. 
Jackson, Leroy F., A.B. 1902. 

4 Story St., Cambridge, Mass. 
Jackson, Tessie, A.B. 1904. 

Langdon, N. D. 
Jahr, Simon^ A.B. 1897. 

Wilton, N. D. 
Jasonius, Fred^ LL.B. 1904. 

Bowdon, N. D. 
Jennings, Dr. George M., A.B. 1903. 

Missoula, Mont. 
Jesten, Ingleiv, Normal 1907. 

(Mrs. C. T. Swenson.) 

East Scobey, Mont. 
Jewell, Thomas, A.B. 1902. 

335 Clay Street, Los Angeles, Cal. 
Johnson,, Lillian, B.A. 1911. 

Northwood, N. D. 
Johnson, Edward S., LL.B. 1908. 

Hope, N. D. 
Johnson, Peter, B.S. 1913. 
Johnson, John B., B.S. 1913. 

University, N. D. 
Johnson, Gilbert I., B.A. 1911. 

Nekoma, N. D. 
Johnson, John A., B.A. 1906. 

Harlowton,. Mont. 
Johnson, Ellen, B.A. 1912. 

Westhope, N. D. 
Johnson, John G., LL.B. 1903. 
Johnson, Morris, A.B. 1906. 

Valley City, N. D. 
Johnson, Peter G., LL.B. 1901. 

Langdon, N. D. 
Johnson, Rosella L., Normal 1904. 

Noonan, N. D. 
Johnson, Sveinbjorn, A.M. 1907. 

University, N. D. 
Johnson, Thomas G., A.B. 1909, LL.B. 


Manning, N. D. 
Johnson Viggo H., LL.B. 1906. 

Cheyenne Wells, Colorado. 
Johnson^ Clara, 

Jamestown, N. D. 
Johnstone, Beatrice, B.S. 1891. 

621 S. 5th St., Grand Forks, N. D. 
Jones, Nancy E., Normal 1894. 

711 E. Union St., Seattle, Wash. 
Jorgenson, John A., LL.B. 1912. 

Jamestown, N. D. 
Joslyn, Edna, B.A. 1913. 

Hatton, N. D. 
Kankel, Dr. Otto W., A.B. 1896. 

Upland, California. 
Kaufman, Ethel, Two-year 191 3. 

Marion, N. D. 



Keating, Peter L., LL.B. 1907. 

Bismarck, N. D. 
Keeley, W. E., LL.B. 1908. 
Keime, Alvin M., LL.B. 1912. 

New Rockford, N. D. 
Kellogg, Frances,, Normal (Two-year) 


Schaefer, N. D. 
Kellogg, Mrs. H. Clay, Normal 1893. 

122 Orange Ave., Santa Anna, Cal. 
Kennedy, James P., C.E. 1912. 

Hotel Martinique, Vancouver, B. C. 
KiLDAHL, N. Johanna, A. M. 1900. 

5742 Jackson Ave., Chicago, 111. 
King, Mrs. Judson. 

(Dr. Cora Smith.) 

1609 E. Union S.t, Seattle, Wash. 
King, Kathryn, Two-year 1913. 

Fordville, N. D. 
King, Harry B., LL.B. 1910. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
Kingsbury, Hattie L,, Two-year 1912. 

Milton, N. D. 
KiNGSLAND, Herbert L., A.B. 1896. 

Care, S. E. Carr Dry Goods Co., Spo- 
kane, Wash. 
Kirk, Edith W., B.A. 1912. 

Churches Ferry, N. D. 
Kirk, Ida B., A.B. 1907. 

Washburn, N. D. 
KisHPAUGH, Arthur W., E.E. 1912. 
KisHPAUGH, B. M., B.A. 191 1. 

Oberon, N. D. 
Knain, Joseph, Two-year 1912. 

Cleveland, N. D. 
Knapp, Harry G., B.A. 1910. 

Lisbon, N. D. 
Kneeshaw, Stanley, B.A. 1913. 

Rush Medical College, Chicago, 111. 
Kneeshaw, Pauline, B.A. 1910. 

(Mrs. H. E. Treichler.) 

Morevei, Ariz. 
Knudson, Inga, B.A. 1912. 

(Mrs. John A. Johnson.) 

Petersburg, N. D. 
Knudson, Ingvald L., LL.B. 1907. 

Leeds, N. D. 
Kolars, Alice Two-year 1913. 

St. Thomas, N. D. 
Krtstinson, Arni, Normal 1905. 

Elfrod, Sask., Can. 
Kristjanson, Dr. H. T. B.A. 1903. 
Kurtz, Emile C, LL.B. 1906, 

Russell, N. D. 
Kvello, Ingvar, E.M. 1910. 

Care Highland Mine, Haines, Ore. 
Kyllo, Henry L., LL.B. 1909. 

Towner, N. D. 
Lampert, Margaret, B.A. 1913. 

Lymore, Nebraska. 

Langer, William, LL.B. 1906. 

Mandan, N. D. 
Langer, Frank, B.A. 1911. 

7 Story Street, Cambridge, Mass. 
Lankin, Gertrude ,Two-year 1912. 

Grafton, N. D. 
Larsen, F. H., LL.B. 1905. 

Phoenix, Ore. 
Larson, Anna, Normal 1903. 

Kulm, N. D. 
Larson, Mrs. Lars G. 

Thief River Falls, Minn. 
Leake, Mrs. Byran, Normal 1907. 

(Bertha Templeton.) 

Crookston, Minnesota. 
Leake, Mary M., Normal 1904. 
Learn, James, A.B. 1908. 
Lee, Charles O., B.A. 1909, LL.B. 1910. 

Sherwood, N. D. 
Lee, William M. J., LL.B. 1910. 

Great Falls, Mont. 
Leine, Anna H., B.A. 1911. 

Westhope, N. D. 
Lemke, Henry E., LL.B. 1904. 

Cando, N. D. 
Lempke, William F., A.B. 1902. 

Fargo, N. D. 
Leonard, Frank A., LL.B. 1908. 

Crosby, N. D. 
Leveson, Oliver, LL.B. 1905. 

New Salem, N. D. 
Lewis, Hebert, LL.B. 1904. 

Reeder, N. D. 
Lewis, Jennie Belle, B.A. 1911. 

Towner, N. D. 
LiNDSTEDT, Edwin, LL.B. 1910. 

412-413 Abington Building, Portland, 

Lindstrom, C. L., LL.B. 1901. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
Lindstrom, Effie, B.A. 1910. 

(Mrs. T. H. Burke.) 

Minnewaukan, N. D. 
Linwell, Wendell H., LL.B. 1909. 

Ray, N. D. 

LiSTENFELT, HaTTIE, M.A. 1 912. 

Lohn, Leon, B.A. 1913. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
Lokken, Ole J., A.B. 1908. 
Louden, Earl J., B.A. 1913. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
Lovell, Harry B., M.E. 1910. 

Beach, N. D. 
LovELL, Mark L., M.E. 1906. 

Beach, N. D. 
LovETT, Laura G., Normal 1907. 

Hingham, Mont. 
Lowe, Eleanor E., (Mrs. G. A. Trz- 

ciNSKi), B.A. 1910. 

Kenmare, N. D. 



Laynes^ Hazel J., A.B. 1909. 

Forrest Grove, Ore. 
LuNDj Mabel E., Normal 1906. 

(Mrs. J. P. Bruckhauser.) 

Kalispell, Mont. 
LuND^ Irvin_, E.M. 191 1. 

Minot, N. D. 
Lykken, Carl G., E.M. 1910. 

Concha, Deo, -de/ Rosario, Sinaloa, 


Grand Forks, N. D. 
Lykken, Cora M., Normal 1906. 

Hannaford, N. D. 
Lykken^ Henry G., E.M. 1906. 
Lynn_, Harry C, LL.B. 1910. 

Linton, N. Dak. 
Lyon, Mr. & Mrs. Fred, Irving, LL.B. 

Cedarville, Cal. 
Lyons, Mrs. J. W. 

(Maude Duggan.) 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
Lyons, Nora, 

Peterson, N. D. 
McAndrews, Mary F., B.A. 1902. 

Williston, N. D. 
McCurdy, Fred E., LL.B. 1907. 

Bismarck, N. D. 
McClintock, Gertrude, Normal 1905. 

(Mrs. Fred B. Bogardus.) 

Eureka, Mont. 
McCurdy, Mrs. Fred E. 

(Elsie Finley.) 

Bismarck, N. D. 
McCanna, S. M., LL.B. 1910. 

2036 Third Ave., South, Minneapolis 

McDermott, Annie C, B.A. 1913. 

Valier, Mont. 
McDonald, Archibald L., A.B. 1901. 

407 Fidelity Bldg., Duluth, Minn. 
McDonald, D. B., LL.B. 1913. 
McDonald, Alex C, B.A. 1912. 

Rush Medical College, Chicago, 111. 
McDonald, Harry L., E.M. 1906. 

Seven Parsons, Alta, Can. 
McDonald, Geo. A,, LL.B. 1905. 

Forest River, N. D. 
McEachern, Ida, Normal 1912. 
Macdonald, Niel C, A.M. 1908. 

Valley City, N. D. 
Macdonald, Mrs. N. C. A.M. 1906. 

Valley City, N. Dak. 
McGauvran, Gordon, A.B. 1907. 

327 Northern Bank Trust Bldg., Seat- 
tle, Wash. 
McFadden, Earl, B.A. 1912. 

Neche, N. D. 
McGlinch, Anna A., Normal 1901. 

Summit School, Seattle, Wash. 
McGrath, Cecelia, Normal 1912. 

McGuire, Daniel C, E.E. 1912. 

General Electric Co., Schenectady, N 

McGuiRE, Helen, F.C 1910. \ 

Grafton, N. Dak. 
MacIlraith, Annie L., B.A. 1912. 

Leeds, N. D. 
MacIlraith, Evan J., M.E. 1907. 

Seattle, Wash. 
McIntosh, Ross, LL.B. 1913. 

Cavalier, N. D. 
McIntosh, J. A., Normal 1903. 

Bonner, Mont. 
McKay, Guy R., E.M. 1909. 

Park City, Utah. 
MacKay, Jas. S., Normal 1903. 

Vallejo, Alta., Can. 
MacKay, Mrs. J. S., Normal 1901. 

Valleo, Alta., Can. 
McKechney Bertha K., B.A. 1912. 

Walhalla, N. Dak. 
McKinnon, Steve D., LL.B. 1907. 

Miles City, Mont. 
McKnight, John H., E.M. 1913. 

Ray Consolidated Mining Co., Ray, 

McLain, Joseph F., A.B. 1899. 

Hood River, Ore. 
McLean, Agnes, A.B. 1909. 

Langdon, N. D. 
McLean, Annie, Normal 1905. 

Langdon, N. D. 
McLean, John A., E.M. 1905. 

(Elsie McFarland), A.B. 1907. 

Klamath Falls, Ore. 
McLean, Mrs. John A., 

Klamath Falls, Ore. 
McLennan, Duncan J., LL.B. 1903. 

Rollette, N. D. 
McLeod, Jessie, Normal 1913. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
McMillan, Mrs. Arthur, Normal 1907. 

Helen Ratcliff.) 
Fordville, N. D. 
McMullen, Nellie, Normal 1913- 

Cavalier, N. D. 
McMullen, Chas. J., LL.B. 1907. 

Arbuckle, Cal. 
McMurray, Evelyn, Normal 1900. 
Macnie, Dr. John S., A.B. 1893. 

506 Donaldson Bldg., Minneapolis, 

McNulty, Lav^rence, LL.B. 1909. 

Ambrose, N. D. 
Mackoff, Herbert A., LL.B. 1912. 

Belfield, N. D. 
Madson, Ida, Normal 1913. 

Robinson, N. D. 
Maker, Howard, LL.B. 1913. 
Devils Lake, N. D. 



Mahon, Cecil, B.A. 1908; E.M. 1909. 

Tabar, Alberta. 
Maloney, Wm., LL.B. 1906. 

Wheelock, N. D. 
Marcley, Dr. Walter J., B.S. 1892. 

Reed Corner, Nicollet & Nint hSts., 

Minneapolis, Minn. 
Markell, Minnie, Normal 1913. 

Rolla, N. D. 
Marguette, John J., LL.B. 1907. 

New York City, N. Y. 
Martineau, Joseph L., B.A. 191 1. 

311 Marshfield Ave. S., Chicago, 111. 
Martineau, L. L., LL.B, 1905. 

St. John, N. D. 
Mattson, Evelyn, T.C. 1910. 

(Mrs. Ralph Naylor.) 
Massee, Mrs. F. C, A.B. 1893. 

East Grand Forks, Minn. 
Mathews, Sadie P., A.B. 1900. 

Larimore, N. D. 
Matscheck, Walter C, B.A. 1912. 

211 N. Murray St., Madison, Wis. 
Maxfield, Homer J., LL.B. 1905, 

Wadena, Minn. 
May, Ethel J., B.A. 191 1, M.A. 1912. 

Dickinson, N. D. 
Meagher, J. R., LL.B. 1908. 

Velva, N. D. 
Melstad, Waldimar J., E.M. 1908. 
Merrifield, Dr. Webster, Ph.D. 1909. 

Lock Box 1018, Pasadena, Cal. 
Metzger, Mabel, Normal 1906. 

Williston, N. D. 
Miller, James M., LL.B. 1908. 

LaMoure, N. D. 
Miller, Lyman N., LL.B. 1907, 

McHenry, N. D. 
Moe, Charlotte R., Normal 191 2. 
Moen, Henry, LL.B. 1907. 

Hettinger, N. D. 
MoNsoN, L. P., LL.B. 1908. 
Montgomery, Mrs. E. R., A.B. 1903. 

402 Walnut St., Grand Forks, N. D. 
Montgomery, John A., B.C. 1910. 

Okauagan College, West Summerland, 

British Columbia. 
Montgomery, Robt. H., A.B. 1909. 

48 Brattle St., Cambridge, Mass. 
Morgans, Mrs. Thos, Normal, 1889. 

Howard, S. Dak. 
Morrison, Andrew E., A.B. 1900. 

1838 Polk St., N. E., Minneapolis, 

Morrison, Mrs. A. E. 

1838 Polk St., N. E., Minneapolis, 

MosBY, Samuel, LL.B. 1906. 

Finley. N. Dak. 
MouN, Erick, LL.B. 1907. 

Bottineau, N. D. 

Mavins, Herbert J., B.A. 1911. 

311 Marshfield Ave S., Chicago, 111. 
Muir, Mrs. Robert F., 

Sarles, N. Dak. 
MuRCHiE, Mayme H., A.B. 1909. 

Cooperstown, N. D. 
Murphy, Ella, B.A. 191 2. 

Bathgate, N. D. 
Murphy, Louis F., LL.B. 1913. 

Grand Forks, N. D 
Murphy, R. B. LL.B. 1906. 

Michigan, N. D. 
Murray, J. K., LL.B. 1907. 

Mott, N. D. 
Murray, Annie, Normal 1913. 

Forest River, N. D. 
Myers, Frances, Normal 1913. 

Hamilton, N. D. 
Naplin, O. a., LL.B. 1910. 

Thief River Falls, Minn. 
Nash, Dudley L., LL.B. 1904. 

Minot, N. D. 
Nash, Emily B., B.A. 1911. 

503 S. 5th St., Grand Forks, N. D. 
Nash, Robt. F., LL.B. 1908. 

Flasher, N. D. 
Nason, Stephen, Normal 1902. 

Niagara, N. D. 
Nefsy, Daniel W., LL.B. i90_. 

Box 136, Los Angeles, Cal. 
Neilson, Hazel B., B.A. 1911. 

Valley City, N. Dak. 
Nelson, Hale, B.A. 1913. 

Beach, N. D. 
Nelson, Alfred O., LL.B. 1909. 

Manning, N. D. 
Nelson, Norris M., A.B. 1909; LL.B. 


Munich, N. D. 
Nesdahl, Eilert, M.E. 1911. 

282 Normal Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 
Nesdahl, Elsie, B.A. 1909. 

New Rockford, N. D. 
Nestos, Peter A., B.A. 191 2. 

Rush Medical College, Chcago, 111. 
Nestos, Anna G., B.A. 1912. 

Berthold, N. D. 
Nestos, Ragnvald A., LL. B. 1904 

Minot, N. D. 
Netcher, Arthur L., A.B. 1909 LL.B. 


Grand Forks, N. D. 
Newlander, Bertha, A.B. 1905. 

Grafton, N. D. 
Newlander, Nanna E., Normal 1903. 

Williston, N. D. 
Noble, N. J., LL.B. 1907. 

Hettinger, N. D. 
Nomland, J. O., E.M. 1910. 

Cle Elum, Wash. 



NoRHEiM_, Robert, LL.B. 1904. 

Alexander, N. D. 
Norman, Gertrude, Normal 1913. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
NoRRDiN, Anna, Normal 1913. 

Plaza, N. D. 
Norton, P. D., A.B. 1897. 

Washington, D. C. 
NuEssLE, Mrs. L. W., Normal 1899. 

(Emma Weiss.) 

Washburn, N. D. 
NuEssLE, W. L., LL.B. 1901. 

Washburn, N. D. 
O'Connor, Stella, Normal 1912. 

Rugby, N. D. 
O'Connor, J. F. T., LL.B. 1908. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
O'Connor, Wm. V., A.B. 1896. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
Odney, Stella, Normal 1903. 

2414 Hoyt Ave., Everett, Wash. 
Oeschger, Gretchen, B.A. 1913. 

Crary, N. D. 
Oftedal, Dr. Svere, A.B. 1909. 

Climax, Minn. 
Ogaard, Mrs. Louis A. 

International Falls, Minn. 
O'Keefe, Henry J., LL.B. 1908. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
Olgeirson, Gunnar, LL.B. 1904. 

Washburn, N. D. 
Olgeirson, Mrs. Gunnar. 

Washburn, N. D. 
Olsburg, H. a., LL.B. 1902. 
Olsen, Dagny, Normal 1905. 

Valley City, N. D. 
Olson, Aletta G., B.A. 1908. 

(Mrs. Frank Deacon.) 

St. Thomas, N. D. 
Olson, Beatrice M., A.B. 1909. 

Fargo, N. D. 
Olson, Mabel, B.A. 191 1. 

Rolla, N. D. 
Opheim, Odd V., B.A. 1912. 
Otteson, Lena, Normal i^. 
Padden, W. H., LL.B. 1906. 

Towner, N. D. 
Page, Blanche, Normal 1912. 

Neche, N. D. 
Page, Hollis E., B.A. 1910. 

Hamilton, N. D. 
Parizek, W. J., B.A. 1913. 

Lidgerwood, N. D. 
Parizek, Rena L., B.A. 1912. 

(Mrs. Ira Plummer.) 

Inkster, N. D. 
Parizek, Ella C, A.B. 1909. 

Lidgerwood, N. D. 
Parker, Rose. Normal 1913. 

Crary, N. D. 

Parker, Frank W., A.B. 1896. 

R.F.D. Grand Forks, N. D. 
Parsons, Cleve M., LL.B. 1903. 

Hettinger, N. D. 
Patmore, Maude, B.A. 1913. 

Drayton, N. D. 
Patterson, Orville D., E.M. 1912. 
Perry, Monta M., B.A. 1913. 

University, N. D. 
Peterson, Christina, Normal 1913. 

Plaza, N. D. 
Pierson, Thos. G., A.B. 1905. 

Wilbaux, Mont. 
PiFER, Edna M. 

Larimore, N. D. 
Pinkham, Ray C, LL.B. 1912. 

Fargo, N. D. 
Plante, J. O., LL.B. 1910. 

Cavalier, N. D. 
Points, Harold R., LL.B. 1904. 

Crosby, N. D. 
Porter, Edward F., B.A. 1913. 

University of Oxford, Oxford, Eng. 
Potterud, Agnes. 

Willow City, N. D. 
Poupore, Ethel M., B.A. 1911. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
Powers, Esther, Normal 1912. 

Boybells^ N. D. 
Prindeville, Helen, Normal 1901. 

1710 Stevens Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 
PuLLiN, Geo. M., B.A. 1911. 

Zelandia, Sask., Can. 
Purcell, Abby, Normal 1904. 

1401 Girard Ave. N., Minneapolis, 

Putnam, Mrs. Grace Brown, A.B. 1904. 

New Rockford, N. D. 
Putnam, Marguerite E., Normal 1912 
Peterson, Anna, Normal 1897. 

Bottineau, N. D. 
Peterson, Mrs. O. F., Normal 1904. 

Hettinger, N. D. 
Peterson, Mrs. W. F. Normal 1906. 

(Annie Nicholson.) 

Lewiston, Idaho, R.F.D. No. i. 
Pfeffer. John G., LL.B. 1908. 
PippY, Wm., A.m. 1908. 

Fargo. N. D. 
QuiRKE, Terrence T., E.M. 1912; M.E. 

University of Chicago, Chicago, 111. 
Rackliff, Mrs. E. R., Normal 1891. 

(Nora E. Niles.) 

R.F.D. No. 2, Santa Rosa, Cal. 
Radcliff, Samuel J., A.B. 1895. 

Larimore, N. D. 
Ray, Walter J., LL.B. 1912. 

Dickinson, N. D. 
Ray, Mrs. Edward, Normal 1903. 

Surrey, N. D. 



Ray^ Esther B., Normal 1904. 

Nob Hill, North Yakima, Wash. 
Ray, Dr. R. H., A.B. 1897. 

Garrison, N. D. 
Read, Kenneth E., E. M.1913. 

Westinghouse Electric Co., East Pitts- 
burg, Pa. 
Reading, A. K., A.B. 1909. 

10 Hilliard St., Cambridge, Mass. 
Record, Clarence. 

Shafer, N. D. 
Rees, Timothy A., LL.B. 1901. 

1018 Walnut St., Grand Forks, N. D. 
Renwick, Ethel, Normal 1913. 

Cavalier, N. D. 
Resler, Homer, LL.D. 1902. 

Starkweather, N. D. 
Rex, Jeannette M., B.A. 1912. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
Rex, Helen M., B.A. 1910. 

Portal, N. D. 
Richards, Raymond, E.M. 1906. 

Denver, Colo. 
Richardson, Anna B., A.B. 1908. 

Ontario, Cal. 
Richardson, Wayne E., LL.B. 1909. 

Thief River Falls, Minn. 
Rightly, Thos., E.M. 1911. 

Prairie City, Ore. 
Rinde, D. Hamilton, A.B. 1902. 

Care State Hostpital, Middletown, 

RiORDAN, Gertrude B., Normal 1904. 

Devils Lake, N. D. 
Ritchie, Allen V., A.B. 1909; E.M. 


Y. M. C. A., Portland, Ore. 
Roberts, Mrs. F. J., Normal 1899. 

(Ruby Rutledge.) 

Cando, N. D. 
Roberts, Clarence L., B.A. 1911. 

Hebron, N. D. 
Robertson, Clarence W., B.A. 191 1. 

Rush Medical College, Chicago, 111. 
Robertson, Ella M., A.B. 1904. 

Bathgate, N. D. 
Robertson, Geo. F., B.S. 1891. 

29 Harvard Ave., Winnipeg, Can. 
Robinson, Thomas F., LL.B. 1912." 

Verona, N. D. 
Robinson, W. H., M.E. 1905. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
Rockne, Ludvig M., A.B. 1904. 

Mohall, N. D. 
Rodsater, Geo. J., LL.B. 1909. 

Mohall, N. D. 
RoRKE, T. W., LL.B. 1908. 

Edmonton, Alta., Can. 
Rogers, Chas. Earl, E.M. 1908. 
Rose, Cherry J., M.E. 1908. 

917 Burtch Ave., Waterloo, Iowa. 

RowE, Etta, B.A. 1913. 

Portal, N. D. 
Rudolph, Elmer C, LL.B. 1906. 
Ruby, Wesley R., C.E. 191 i. 

Balfour, N. D. 
RuDSER, R. J., Normal 1900. 

Bagley, Minn. 
RuKKE, Guy V., Normal 1900. 

Jefferson Barracks, Mo. 
RusHFELDT, Helen D., Normal 1912. 
Russell, Ben C, E.E. 1911. 
RuuD, Dr. Magnus B., A.B. 1907. 

Lowry, Minn. 
RuuD, Martin B., M.A. 1907. 

University of Chicago, Chicago, 111. 
Rysgaard, Jens M., A.B. 1903. 

University of Wisconsin, Madison. 

Rystad, O. H., A.B. 1904. 

Chicago, 111. 
Sagen, Geo. A., B.A. 1913. 
Salzer, John E., LL.B. 1910. 

331 Oak Grove, Minneapolis, Minn. 
Sanderson, A. D., M.E. 1908. 
SAtHRE, P. O., L.L.B. 1910. 

Finley, N. D. 
Saunders, C. A., L.L.B. 1906. 
Samson, C. J.. LL.B. 1910. 

Lakota, N. D. 
Sand, Guri, Normal 1907. 

Fordville, N. D. 
Sandlie, Bernhart p., LL.B. 1909. 

Fargo, N. D. 
Sarles, Lynn R., A.B. 1908. 

Hillsboro, N. D. 
ScHELL, Helen M., Normal 1900. 

Rolla, N. D. 
ScHLossER, Anna Mae, B.A. 1913. 

Mayville, N. D. 
ScHLossER, Walter H., B.A. 1913. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
ScHERER, John D., LL.B. 1905. 

Willow City, N. D. 
ScHMiD, Edward J., E.M. 191 11. 

Minnewaukan, N. D. 
Schmidt, Karl C, C.E. 1913. 

University, N. D. 
Schmidt, Grover C, L.LB. 1905. 

Fort Beontn, Mont. 
Schneringer, Fred N., LL.B. 1909. 
ScHULTZ, Max F., E.M. 1913. 

Devils Lake, N. D. 
Scram STAD, Martin, LL.B. 1903. 

Wyndmere, N. D. 
Selby, Albert E., LL.D. 1909. 

(Hazel Barrington.) 

Harrison, Idaho. 
Selby, Mrs. Albert E. 

Harrison, N. D. 
Selby, John R., LL.B. 1904. 

704 Market St., San Francisco, Cal. 



Severaid Ephriam^ LL.B. 1910. 

Kenyon, Minn. 
Shafer_, George F., LL.B. 1912. 

Shafer, N. D. 
Shanley, Helen S., A.B. 1907. 

Cando, N. D. 
Sharp, Peter, B.Sc. 1890. 

Ada, Minn, 
Shaw, Mrs. Robert, A.B. 1889. 

(May Travis.) 

Agricultural College P. O., Mich. 
Shea, Margaret, Normal 1903. 

730 I St St., N., Fargo, N. D. 
Shideler, Caroline, B.A. 1913. 

Pembina, N. D. 
Shouse, Mrs. H. M., Normal 1902. 

Parksville, Ky. R.R. No. i 
Shubeck, Franz E., LL.B. 1907. 

Ashley, N. D. 
Sinclair, Mrs. Andrew, Normal 1899. 

Cooperstown, N. D. 
Skulason, Bardi G., A.B. 1895. 

1224 Yeon Bldg., Portland, Ore. 
Skulason, Skuli G., LL.B. 1903. 

Lakota, N. D. 
Skulason, Mrs. S. G. 

(Edith Johnson.) 

Lakota, N. D. 
Skulstad, John E., LL.B. 1906. 

Maddock, N. D. 
Slingsby, Emma, B.A, 1911. 

Langdon, N, D, 
Slyfield, Frederick A., B.A. 1910. 
Smale, J. A., LL.B. 1906. 

Chicago, 111. 
Smith, Earl A,, LL.B. 1903. 

Spokane, Wash. 
Smith, Eleanor O., A.B. 1903. 

Box 1041 Vancouver, B. C. 
Smith, Lieut. Fred E., B.S. 1894. 

Manila, P. I. 
Smith, Dr. Myron W., B.Sc. 1890. 

Rew Wing, Min. 
Smith, Norman L., B.A. 1911. 

Steele, N. D. 
Smith, Tillman, LL.B. 1906. 

Upham, N. D. 
Smith, Jay W., E.M. 1908. 

Minto, N. D. 
Smith, Mrs. Wells E. 

(Evelyn Wardrope.) 

Bissbee, N. D. 
Snell, Frank F., E.M. 1909. 

Chino Copper Co., Santa Rita, N. M. 
Snyder, N. F., LL.B. 1905. 

Schaffer, N. D. 
Sonderal, Jacob, A.B. 1898. 

Hettinger, N. D. 
Sprague, Gilbert M,, A.B. 1905. 

Sampson, Ore, 

Sprague, Clara E., Normal 1906, 

Brownesville, Ore. 
Sprague, Cena L., B.A, 1913. 

Grafton, N. D. 
Sprague, Goldwin S., A.B. 1893. 

20 Arlington St., Newton, Mass. 
Sprague, Maud C, A.B. 1909. 

Devils Lake, N. D, 
Squires, Mrs. Vernon P,, Normal 1901. 

(Ethel Wood.) 

525 Belmont Ave., Grand Forks, N. D. 
St. Armour, Jas. A., A.B. 1909. 
Stafne, a. J., LL.B. 1905. 

Williston, N. D. 
Stambaugh, Lynn U., LL.B. 1912. 

Fargo, N. D. 
Stee, Clarence O., E.M. 191 1. 

Ceno De Pasco, Peru. 
Stee, Rueben M., M.E. 191 i. 

512 Spruce St., Winnipeg, Man. 
Steenerson, Steener, E.M. 1908. 

Crookston, Minn. 
Steinbar, Minnie, Normal 1913. 

Bartlett, N. D. 
Stenmo, Albert, A.B. 1898. 

R.F.D. No. I, Grand Forks, N. D, 
Stenmo, Mrs. Albert. 

R.F.D. No. I, Grand Forks, N. D, 
Stevens, Floyd J., M,E, 1908, 

University, N, D, 
Stinson, Adella F., Normal 1912, 

Jamestown, N, D, 
Stokes, Mrs. F.F., A.B. 1895. 

6 Reeves Ave., Grand Forks, N. D. 
Stoudt, Karl H., LL.B. 1913. 

Kenmare, N. D. 
Stoughton, Adeline, Normal 19 13. 

Columbus, Ward Co., N. D. 
Strom, Otto C, A.B. 1906. 

Washington, D. C. 

Sec'y to Senator A. J. Gronna. 
Stuart, T. S., 

Crosby, N. D. 
Sullivan, Helen J., A.B. 1906. 

Langdon, N. D. 
Sutherland, Leslie R., E.M. 191 1. 

Hebron, N. D. 
Sutton, Lois M., B.A. 1911. 
SwENSEiD, Theodore, B.A. 191 1. 

Harlem, Mont. 
SwENSON, John, LL.B. 1910. 

Mohall, N. D. 
Sylvester, Cora. 

Rolette, N. D. 
Tassel, Ethel, Normal 1906. 

1320 Penn Ave. N., Minneapolis, 

Tanner, Jesse A., A.M. 1906. 

State Normal, San Diego, Cal. 
Taylor, Ernest M., E.M. 1909. 

Portland, N. D. 



Taylor, Glenn O., A.B. 1908. 

Med ford, Ore. 
Telken, Lydia M,, B.A. 1910. 

Cavalier, N. D. 
Temple, Frank J., LL.B. 1908. 

McClusky, N. D. 
Templeton, Maude R., B.A. 191 1. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
Terrett, Fannie R., B.A. 191 1. 

Michigan, N. D. 
Thacker, Robert, A.B. 1907. 

Thompson, N. D. 
Thexton, Mrs. H. A., Normal 1900. 

(Clara Wallace.) 

3655 Pleasant Ave., Minneapolis, 

Thomas, E. C, LL.B. 1907. 

Hettinger, N. D. 
Thompson, Alma, A.B. 1903. 
Thompson, Anton M., LL.B. 1907. 

Minot, N. D. 
Thompson, Burke E., LL.B. 1910. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
Thompson, Henry B., LL.B. 1904. 

Milnor, N. D. 
Thompson, M. O. LL.B. 1910. 

LaMoure, N. D. 
Thompson, Thor. A., LL.B. 1907. 

Kalispel, Mont. 
Thompson, Severina, Normal 1900. 

(Mrs. Louis A. Ogaard.) 
Thordarson, Franklin, Normal 1903. 

Mayville, N. D. 
Thorpe, John C, LL.B. 1910. 

Towner, N. D. 
Tharsteinson, Elina, T.C. 1909; B.A. 

B.A. 1911; M.A. 1913. 

Bismarck, N. D. 
Thrall, J. B. Jr., LL.B. 1910. 

Care Nichols & Kressel, Andrews 

Bldg., Minneapolis, Minn. 
TiGHE, W. J., LL.B. 1909. 

Great Falls, Mont. 


Pisek, N. D. 
Tombs, Hazel K., B.A. 1911. 

Devils Lake, N. D. 
Tompkins, Mrs. F. 

Central Point, Ore. 
ToRGERSON, W. R., LL.B. 1913. 

Ray, N. D. 
ToRGEsoN, Theodore A., B.A. 1910; 

LL.B. 1911. 

Estevan, Sask., Can. 
ToRVEND, C.S., B.A. 1910. 

Webster, N. D. 
ToTTEN, Edward P., LL.B. 1905. 

Bowman, N. D. 
Trageton, O. O., B.A. 191 1; LL.B. 1912. 

Northwood. N. D. 

Trask, Rev. John A., B.A. 1891. 

Bemidji, N. D. 
Traynor, Fred J., LL.B. 1904, 

Devils Lake, N. D. 
Treichler, Herbert E., E.M. 1910. 

Morevei, Ariz. 
Trotter, Winnifred, B.A. 1910. 

Grafton, N. D. 
TuFTE, H. E., B.A. 1910. 

Care Commercial Cement Co., Traders 

Bank Bldg., Winnipeg, Man., Can. 
TuFTE, Mrs. Benj., Normal 1899. 

Cooperstown, N. D. 
TuFTE, Engebret T., M.A. 1911. 
TuFTON, Benj., LL.B. 1908. 

Wilton, N. D. 
TuRCOTTE, Frank, LL.B. 1908. 

McClusky, N. D. 
Turner, Echo E., B.A. 1910. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
Turner, J. H., M.E. 1909. 

East Grand Forks, Minn. 
Twenge, W. p., A.B. 1909; LL.B. 1910. 

Y. M. C. A., Minneapolis, Minn. 
TwETo, Alma C., B.A. 1911. 

Abercrombie, N. D. 
Twiford, G. W., LL.B. 1908. 

Minot, N. D. 
Ueland, Anna, A.B. 1907. 

Plentywood, Mont. 
Ueland, Alice M., B.A. 1910. 

Roseburg, Ore. 
Ulness, C. O., LL.B. 1906. 

Wilton, N. D. 
Ulsaker, Althea M., B.A. 1910. 

Wahpeton, N. D. 
Ulsrud, J. H., LL.B. 1910. 

Towner, N. D. 
Ulve, Henry, A.B. 1899. 

Forman, N. D. 
Upson, Maxwell M., A.B. 1896. 

140 Cedar St., New York City. 
Urdahl, Hans, A.B. 1896. 

Madison, N. D. 
Vale, Mrs. Frank R. 

(Lena Wilkinson.) 

Care U. S. Immigration Office, Win- 
nipeg, Man., Can. 
Van Camp, Elsie, Normal 1913. 

Fordville, N. D. 
Van Cleif, Mrs. Maxime, Normal 1900. 

5317 Michigan Beach, Chicago, 111. 
Van Donat, Dorothy, Normal 1913. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
Van Ornum, Harry, E.E. 1913. 

Box 85, West Lynn, Mass. 
Veitch, Mildred L., B.A. 1912. 

Better Farming Association, Fargo, 

N. D. 



Veitch, Bernice, B.A. 191 i. 

Normal School of Gymnastics, Mus- 
kogee, Okla. 
Vetleson_, Martin^ LL.B. 1907. 

Three Forks, Mont. 
ViAux^ Victor, LL.B. 1905. 

ID Brimmer St., Boston, Mass. 
ViCK, Henry G., A.B. 1893. 

Pembina, N. D. 
ViNGE, Arne, LL.B. 1913. 

Steele, N. D. 
VoiGHT, Mrs. Edwin A., Normal 1905. 

Roeder, N. D. 
Vorachek, Pauline A., A.B. 1907. 

Fessenden, N. Dak. 
Walker, Gertrude, Normal 1913. 

Neche, N. D. 
Wambeim, Mrs. Lars^ B.A. 1912. 

Tioga, N. D. 
Watne, Carl A., B.A. 1912. 

University, N. D, 
Wagar, Frances M., Normal 1906. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
Wagner, Rose C., Normal 1906. 

Hettinger, N. D. 
Walker, Dr. Jas. D., A.B. 1906. 

Wyckoff, Minn. 
Walker, R. W., LL.B. 1904. 

403 7st St., Portland, Ore. 
Walstad, John G., A.B. 1898. 

Lansford, N. D. 
Ward, Cecil C, A.B. 1907. 

Head of English Dept. in High 

School, Glendive, Mont. 
Ward, Innis W., E.M. 1905. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
Wardrope, Victor, LL.B. 1905. 

Leeds, N. D. 
Ware, Thos. A., A.M. 1907. 

Mt. Vernon, Iowa. 
Warmer, Benj. F., LL.B. 1907. 

Drake, N. D. 
Warmer, Rev. Geo. A., A.B. 1909. 

Frazee, Minn, 
Webb, Arthur W., M.E. 1907. 

Merricourt, N. D. 
Webb, Mrs. Geo. F., A.B. 1899. 

Ellendale, N. D. 
Wegner, Nels, LL.B. 1901. 

Great Falls, Mont. 
Wehe, Delia L., A.B. 1902. 

217 Walnut St., Grand Forks, N. D. 
Wehe, Laureas J., LL.B. 1902. 

Devils Lake, N. D. 
Wells, Edgar H., E.M. 1909. 

Eureka, Utah. 
Wells, Theodore B., C.E. 1912. 

Grand Forks, N. D. 
Wenzel, Richard E., B.A. 1909; LL.B. 

191 o. 

Rugby, N. D. 

Wenzel, Mrs. Richard E. 

(Elizabeth Coger.) 

Rugby, N. D. 
Weiss, Anna B., Normal 1904. 

Crystal, N. D. 
Werner, Ruth, Normal 1913. 

Dawson, N. D. 
Westergard, Harold W., A.B. 1909; 

LL.B. 1910. 

Red Lodge, Mont. 
Westergard, W. C, A.B. 1906 

1210 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, Cal. 
Wharbon, Mrs. E. R., A.B. 1896. 

Alstead, N. H. 
Whipple, A. O., E.M. 1910. 

Lisbon, N. D. 
Whipple, B. F., LL.B. 1904. 

Fessenden, N. D. 
White, Harold E., B.A. 1910 

Baldwin College, Bangalore, India. 
White, Mrs. Harold E. 

(Fannie Fowler.) 

Baldwin College, Bangalore, India. 
White, Harold F., B.A. 1910. 

Fargo, N. D. 
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Port Angeks, Wash. 
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Greene, N. D. 
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(Francis Sanderson.) 

Ridgeville, Man. 
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Marion, N. D. 
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Salmon, Idaho. 
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Agricultural College, Fargo, N. D. 
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Gilbert, Minn. 
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Gilbert, Minn. 
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54 St. James Place, Winnipeg, Man., 

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Rock Lake, N. D. 
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Minot, N. D. 
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The Dalles, Ore. 
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Santa Rita, N. Mex. 
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Turtle Lake, N. D. 
Wilson, Mrs. S. F. 

(May Dudley.) 

Park Riiver, N. D. 
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Kensal, N. D. 



Wilson, Mrs. W. L., Normal 1905. 

East Grand Forks, Minn. 
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Bridgeport, Wash. 
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McClusky, N. D. 
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(Mrs. Myron Jackson.) 

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636 Syndicate Bldg., Minneapolis, 

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629 Merchants Trust Co., Los Ange- 
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Richardton, N. D. 
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^ Iowa City, la. 
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