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Rev. H. GUNDEBT, D. Ph. 





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r ?. 

B7 Registration under Act ZX7 of 1867. 

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The materioh for this work have been collected during more 
than twenty-five years' study of the language. The words have been 
taken from all available sources, from the lips of speakers of all ranks^ 
castes and occupations, from the letters and records of many different 
districts? and from the writers in prose and poetry of every age. A 
list necessarily imperfect of the literature which has been ransacked 
for contributions, will be subjoined under the head of Abbreviations. 
2. It has been found difficult to draw the line of demarcation 
between Malai/S2am and Tamil words. These two languages of old 
differed rather as dialects of the same member of the Dravidian family, 
than as separate languages; in consequence many Tamil words occur 
still in local usage (e. g. cswiy o, caos in some of its senses) or in time- 
honored phrases and formulas (e.g. (STdadaj<a>, cm^cboc^dhj o-jcoooi), 
which have long ceased to be used in colloquiaJ speech. A consider- 
able number of such have been received and marked as aM. (ancient 
Malayalam). They cannot be dispensed with, if the Dictionary is to 
give a true representation of the history of the language. This history 
commences for us (if we except a few inscriptions on copper and 
stone) with the Rama Charitam, in which we probably have the oldest 
Malayalam poem still in existence, composed as it was before the intro- 
duction of the Sanscrit alphabet and deserving of the particular 
attention of the scholar, as it exhibits the earliest phase of the language, 
perhaps centuries before the arrival of the Portuguese. For several 
antiquated words (such as <S)oy«a>5 (Stooo, il (g»abl) this poem is the only 
authority. The bulk of the other great poems, the Bhftratam, BamSya- 

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Mm, and the versions of the Pura^as were composed within the two 
or three last centuries. As these constitute the popular literature of 
all Malaj^lam readers, no Dramdian word found in them has been 
excluded. On the other hand there are many Malayalam composi- 
tions of later date, especially such as are current among the Vedantists, 
which evidently affect Tamil modes of expression. These have been 
excluded if not supported by other evidence. 

3. To determine the amount of Sanscrit words to be received 
into a MalaySjam Dictionary has been a task of even greater difficulty. 
As this Dictionary is not intended for the use of Sanscrit students^ the 
rule followed in compiling it has been to include only those words 
and meanings that were found in bond fide MalayaJam productions; to 
sift and reduce the enormous mass of mythological and botanical names 
and synonyms, many of which are confessedly very doubtful; to record 
merely the principal signification of words confined to poetical usage; 
and to devote particular attention only to those terms which are gene- 
rally accepted as fairly ^domiciled" in Malay alam and which have 
in the course of naturalization received various applications not to 
be met with in pure Sanscrit (e. g. (SYacgjooao, (SYdoJorucoo). 

4. The idioms and significations peculiar to Southern Kerala or 
Travancore^ have been carefully collected both from the productions 
of the Cottayam Press, and from the very valuable Dictionaries com- 
piled by the Portuguese and Italian Missionaries of Verapoli; works 
which, although completed in 1746, rest upon materials accumulated 
in the 17th, perhaps even 16th century, and rank as the oldest monu- 
ment extant of the study of Indian languages by Europeans. (They 
are marked in the Dictionary Vi. & Vs.). Still greater care has been 
bestowed upon the language of Northern Kerala or Malabar proper 
(with the Bekal Talook of Ganara); and explanations of the histori- 
cal names, castes and dynasties (comp. (SYac^jcaw)^, cgyas^Goo^os), (gioizao2)cYi, 
(SYogJci, (gY^ojGfooa)o, (5raorvi^c0«6)o^) and of the institutions, usages 
and traditions, by which this province differs so singularly from the 
surrounding countries (see for instance, (BYDsa^o, (sraslia, <3YDnd@ajo, ©tdoj 
(DOCJUo) have been drawn from every trustworthy source. Amongst 

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the sources for this kind of information I would particularly point 
out the old Tellieherry Records (TR,) as conveying a mass of instruc- 
tion in the best prose of the language. 

6- The object being to present a faithful picture of the whole 
Malayalam tongue, the writer has not felt at liberty to exclude the 
foreign wards which hare of necessity crept into the language. The 
Arabic, Persian, Hindustani, Portuguese and even English terms, 
which the commerce of centuries and the conquest of foreign creeds 
and arms with new laws and arts have introduced along this coast, 
cannot be proscribed, whatever regret their prevalence may excite 
in the purist. They do not, of course, claim the same minute investi- 
gation and treatment, which belong to words, whose birthright and 
position in the language are indisputable. (See for Ar. (Sraga, (9Yd2)o 
cnoj (StdcSA, (Stacn^Aj (Stoe^ojj for P. (8td®>o^5 (Sifd«W)oodl; for H. (SYdfiioA, 
(Sio£ci6, (8tocnj3(o); for Port. (StonoorxxYvy; for E. (5Ya<iBlrf>)# 

6. It is for the same reason, that provincialisms and vulgarisms 
have not been rejected, though they are pointed out as such (f.i. <stoo 
ofvxoo, (ai©ooQjoof\)o under (StooLiaxxoo, (SioaaajoQo). To discard coarse and 
even obscene modes of speech, has not been thought advisable, how- 
ever much their existence and currency may be regretted. They are 
marked **obsc.", as was done by the fathers of Verapoli in their day, 
that they may be avoided. Under all these heads (§ 2 — 6) the student 
will of course have room for candid allowance concerning omissions 
and superfluities. 

7. The writer has throughout endeavoured to trace the origin of 
each word; and particular attention has been paid to the comparison 
of the cognate Dravidian languages. He has not been successful in 
every instance (e.g. (Syo<ov5)oo); sometimes the unimportance of the 
word, as in the case of provincialisms, prevented him from prosecut- 
ing his search to the end. 

8. The arrangement chosen has been, to point out as far as possi- 
ble the root and origin of each word, to give first its primitive sense 
and to add the figurative and free senses in a rational order; lastly 
to illustrate them by examples taken from reliable authorities. The 

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different constructions in which the same word occurs (e.g. (8tD&wi> 
©lies*), its various applications (e.g. (StoseoQa)), allusions to the tra- 
ditions and superstitions of the people (^^rag, csexoem)^ standing phrases 
(otQScd^Oj (SYaQjauD) and proverbial expressions {<Si^%Oy onx^snjfSJol, (sra 
^oc/d, (gYaoio-i, (STacYuoiPo, (3tQo^^cn\^ cgt^a), these points have been es- 
pecially considered in selecting the illustrations. The Compounds 
and Derivatives are arranged under each leading word in alphabetical 
order, but are not treated at the length that appeared necessary in the 
case of the parent words. 

9. The orthography of each word is fixed at the head of the article 
which treats of it, but in the illustrations deviations are allowed, when 
they exhibit a current pronunciation (e.g. (SWSiSgj, cgiosaa), or are 
borne out by the constant usage of some locality or caste (^srdg^, oraa 
ctoorg), or when, as in the case of the numerous Tadbhavams, it is 
caused by the inequalities of the Sanscrit and Dravidian alphabets 
(e. g. (SYdmroo, (SYDcor^). 

10. It cannot be expected that the work should be compressed 
within the same compass as the Rev. Mr. Bailey's Dictionary. Not 
that the latter will always be found the more concise of the two. It 
is one of the chief defects of that, otherwise valuable, work, that it 
does not discriminate between Malaydlam and Sanscrit terms and 
leaves the student completely in the dark, both as regards the ety- 
mology and the proportional importance of words. For it concedes 
to unknown and useless words (e.g. (3Yaacg)oco)5 (gragsmoao) as well as 
to those that are comparatively unimportant (as ^(^ ^ more space, 
than to words of the genuine native stock that occur frequently in idi- 
oms of daily current use (e.g. (3Y2>§<0«on0, (srag^j). In consequence it 
will be fomid, that the Sanscrit part of the present work (see for 
instance the compounds with (SYDctd, (Stdoji, (SoSi) occupies less space 
than was the case in the former Dictionary, and this without any 
detriment to the subject matter. The pi-ogress made in the study 
of Sanscrit subsequent to the appearance of Dr. Wilson's Dictionary 
(on which the Sanscrit portion of Mr. Bailey's work is based) has 
enabled the writer to throw new light even on this part of his task. 

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On the other hand he has endeavored to condense the matter present- 
ed into the shortest possible space. What is obvious has been omitted, 
many secondary words are but slightly noticed and a liberal use has 
been made of abbreviations. By these means it is possible to publish 
the whole work in one portable volume; smaller than Botder's Tamil 
or Beeve's Canarese Dictionary. 

11. The student may at the beginning be embarassed by some of 
the abbreviations adopted (for instance NTfor root ;+ plus as in (ffracuoi, 
which is composed of <9Yo+(3Yda6; the figures (2) (3) which point to that 
signification of the parent word from which the derivative iB^deducible, 
(as (STOca><e(ji(ooo (3) to (3yoc0>o 3., the mind). Also the absence of the 
common signs s., adj. may startle him at first sight. They have been 
deliberately abandoned. What, for instance, is the use of calling cstoiu 
<Do an adj., which indeed it is in Sanscrit, when the example subjoined 
iUooiUcosTOOo shows that in Malayalam it is used as a noun? Or why 
should (SYD^ODo be called an adj. and (ara^^o a subst., whilst in S. 
both are equally adjectives and in Malay^m strictly speaking both 
are nouns, though poetical usage may treat them more or less as 
adjectives. Can the indefinite Numerals, such as (BtoocOifljo, (gYdOf\)0<oo 
be called adjectives, or have composition-cases like (3Yac0>C(aYa) a claim 
to that name? It seems to be of more moment to show by examples, 
how the words are applied, than to pretend to classify them by the 
utterly incongruous nomenclature of the grammar of European 
languages. Where doubts might arise, the gender, which in most 
cases is recognizable by the termination, will be found marked, as 
c5tdcnjGJQjo(Tol m.^ — onSlcolf.j (S»<f«a>a6m.,(Sta9^<i^f. But since Malayalam 
grammar acknowledges only the distinctions of Nouns, Verbs and In- 
declinables, the Verb seems to be the only part of speech which re- 
quires specifying marks. This has been amply done by the abbrevi- 
ations a. v.=active verb, n. v.=: neuter verb, CV.=Causal Verb, den V.= 
denominative Verb, defV.= defective Verb, (for instance aa^),adj. V.= 
adjectival Verb (as (Stacaj, &&), aux.V.= auxiliary Verb (f.i. S§<0>), as 
also by marking its parts (past, 1st and 2nd fut., inf., conditional, adj. 
and adv. participle, VN.= Verbal Noun, etc.). 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


12. An undertaking of this magnitude cannot lay claim to any- 
thing like perfection as regards either completeness or con-ectness. 
But the writer conceives, that a publication of the kind is a desider- 
atum in Malabar, and that this attempt at supplying it will be found 
serviceable to the cause of education in that province. Should it 
one day be superseded by a work approaching nearer to the standard 
he has had in view, he hopes that he will be found to have at least 
furnished a stock of valuable materials, that will under all circum- 
stances render to his successors a not unwelcome assistance in their 
toilsome task, in the same way that he in his has received aid from 
the accumulated labours of his predecessors. 

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1. The TranaMeraUan, adopted for 
Oo Umdmff wwdi spon Dr. Loptint't lyBtem, 
if mainly glToa to atBist Znropeati ttadonts 
of tto langmage, who inay feat tho noed of saoh 
a kalp. This tTStom foUowi the pronmioiaiion 
aad ia M\y axplainod mdar ilia head ^Traaa- 
mwatton". Foreign words are anally traiM- 
fiteratad in their original shape. 

3. SanserU JSooCv. it is neeessary to 
oMke a few remarks regarding the ferm of the 
Isaserit rooto sad words whioh ate flTea ia this 
DieHonary. Ia the Soath of India the Grammar 
of PSaini ia alone stodied, aad it is indeed the 
giaatoat work on Sanserit Grammar, hat roots 
aad weida are not always givea here in the forms 
whieh a student of Piylni would expeet. In 
•very graauwr it is neeessary to adopt some 
maTsatlonal way of iadksating the ohaages that 
msts and words formed from them undergo, and 
fer tUa purpose there is in FSninl's Grammar an 
•laberato apparatus of letters added to roots, and 
whieh are ealled annhandha, and eren letters 
vhieh torn part of the root itself are arbitrarily 
ebaaged. 80 we And in the Bhat a -pith a 
(or Ustof rooto) sfha for stha, and h|^n for 
hr. The Grammars of YopadoTa, saka* 
tayana ate. hare a totally different set of such 
fetters. Philologisto In Europe hare found that 
it is aa improreaMat to ehange the Indian sys- 
tem ia sooie respeeta, aad the authors of the St. 
Petersburg Dtctiottary* of Banscrit, which is by 
fer the best end most complete, have adopted this 
visw. Philolofisto have coma to the oonolusion 
that the Towela r, ^ aad 11 are not primltiTe, so 

* Senicrit WSrterboch ron BSbtliogk & Roth. 

in this Diottonary Dr. Chiadert geoeratty giyea 
words aeoordin'g to this ?iew aa adopted 
by the authors of the 84. Petersburg Dietio- 
nary. The rooto wUoh end in the aboTa towels 
will here be found ending in r, e.^. d|^ to givan 
as dar; dhr aa dhar; h( aa har. 80 alse 
the numerous nouns aignlfyiag an agant widoh 
and in i would here be glTsn as eadiag in ar ; 
e.ff. kartj^as kartar. 80 also diphtho^ES 
whioh terminate rooto in the dhitupafha are 
oottsMered aa secondary, and thus Instead of 
gai we Had ga; and si iastead of so. KaiiYei 
of ladin who oonaalt Dr. Gnndert*a work mast 
not be led away by the idea that the only 
right or possible ways of represeatiag Sana* 
orit rooto aad words are those whieh Indian 
Grammarians have found oouTeaftent.. A. little 
experience will oouTinoe them that the oontrary 
Is the ease. 

8. The I>raivid4an eiement in 
8€inscrit» A number of words apparently of 
daaaerit orlgia have, on otoser azaminatlon, tarn> 
ed out to be merely Sansorltiied DriTidlaa 
words. The author of this Diottonary, in a 
German paper on this subject, has pciated out * 
many such words e,ff. keyuram, putran, 
markadam, Tiralamfeto. Their reception 
and especially that of puttayam into Sans- 
crit may, as the anther observed, be ooasidered 
a strong proof of a once flonrishiag literary 
period In the Decoao, whenever that time may 
bare been. — SometimeB the words or rooto of 
both languages coincide, withoat however Justi* 

• Soe also an article by the Rey. F. Klttel in the 
Indian Antiqaary, Angnst 1872. p. 235. j 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 


fying the prima faeU oonclasion that the one 
has borrowed from the other. Further, words 
oommonlj^ taken as Dravidian, will be foand to 
hare been imported; doubts regarding the orig^in 
of others are still entertained . The study and 
oomparison of the Draridian tongues, though at 
present carried on by a very few only, will, it is 
hoped, result in throwing more light on this in* 
teresting nibjeot. 

4. In the €irranffemeni of the AU 
phctbet a slight bntrational deviation, affecting 
the sequence of 2 letters, has been found neoessary, 
▼la : a) dOfiti, bein g a compound letter (=? a»-t- tsa) 
and oonsequently akin to ^ etc., has been plae* 
ed under and at the end of ai. — 6) o follows 
half r (f), which partakes of the ro & o Bounds, 
oomp. Qai(b(i^(D)ia», QOKORinro^dQa, sajQancSldte. 

5. The long vowels e («) and 5 (s -* a) 
have been used oonsistentiy throughout the 
Dlotioaary in order to put an end to doobt and 
vagueness. 7keir general introduotioa Into 
writing and printing is highly desirable. 

6. Regarding the doubling ofcon^ 
sonants in Malayalam composition, some diffl- 
euUies were experienced. 

a) In Malayalam Compound Noun$^ as atule, 
the oonaonantU doubled after the long 
Towela a, T, 9, e, ei, palatal a, i, full u, 
the final eonsonante r, 1, 1,1, after m dropped 
In Hal. or Bansor. Nouns (ekDO(Qi9»ogj M», 
fiO^o^og S. and M.). It occurs often 
after short pure a, seldom after n, fluctuates 
with i, t.g, Oi&P^Ocde^ and aj&p^idȤ (Qcr>l 
fig-)(ae)9Jo, 93,)e45^(d>)(Od99 B. and H.) even 
after dropped m, e^g. an>(9vuia6, is often 
optional after final consonants, e.g» an^ 
anatab a^, (^cXsAuijs) etc., not obserTod in 

9€)AA>0Qjo etc 
h) In Compowiid9 of Nouns and Terbs, t,g» 
0«nak).43a»«>i O5>«>«)fm9y<o», reduplication 
is not required; it may however occur after 
Accusatives; with tome adverbial participles 

ase.^. <0MaBOftoafi09\|, i4DOcms>^9g^ eto. 
it cannot be spared. 
c) In Compounds of Verbs with Terbs redu- 
plication is neoessary after the Infinitive, e. g. 
oai^<£te(8,'0T9i^ and the past tense in i, t.g. 
<Oi^^wS^(^^ etc. In the caeeof (ai^dH the 
metre decides it, e»g, p. 127 fiaD^(Oij03di^4» 
w^QBjo, p. 158 fl^«fiDacBr)«>^aiD(s5d{ , oj) etc. 
These rules and their exceptions, as set forth 
by the author of this Diotionary in his Halaya- 
]am Grammar (see Baadhi § 87, Samisarupain 
§§162 — 168) and MnetionAd by the langnage, 
have, in all donhitfal oases, been the guides of 
the readers of the proofs who are aoquaiated 
with North & South Malayalam. 

7. ▲ oomplete list of Ahkreviotions of 
grammatieal and tcMhnioal terms, works of re- 
ferenoe, eto. i% giten separately. BMidea theaa 
reoourse hat been had to 4 nodes of shortening 
words in quotations, Tia> 

a) K fullstop after the firH syllable linpUes 
the wkoU word which, in thiaoase^ Is not 
aifected by affixes, Bandhi, ate., 9.g. ooj"^ 
0(23.(090), or).(sg4)AS^c»9nao^> oe.(<di9i))«e 
§asa, Qj9,(a2^)Qjlonbo, aL(b)aj)Q3ar)9ab, 
QLnX^^^aK Q^.((Qd9)SQV, Qj.((£l^)c»^ eto. 

h) An apostrophe (') after the first syllable 
points to the omission of one or more letters 
in the body of the word, e.^. «C99'(«Ba) 
A<oia, a0)'((a&])«s8cX)i (Qid*(gocro)2ijo, oSi 
{&^)ji^ochy Qj)'($)Qjoot, «aj'((bQjl§)(n)) 
§»), Qj^X®«K>e jd»)<n9Lonb eto. 

c) The daski — ) marks the omission of either 
the first member of a compound, 4.g, oui 
sntP : -^ cfiaos ss (uani»ld9an8, or of the last 
one, e,g. oasaj: OfiOJ — ss^aaukjoAieto. 

d) A dash ( — ), hyphen (-) or ellipsis (...) 
in a quotation shows that a word or words 
have been omitted* 

8. The Tiraa* ( ^ ) xndieates : 

a) That tho coBsoaant orer which it is piao- 
ed is to be pronounced without any vowel 

Digitized by ^OOyitr 



after it, e,g. ^sK, ^. It vA ased also 
to indicate an arbitrary divieion of words 
in a sentence which wonld otherwise be 
written continnously, e.g. (nrDfto p. 432 a_j 

reads: ajrDt^afl9.i]R)(36)So%nr7))^S)5)SJ(in03 
CEbl. This is done for the convenience of 
the reader. 
h) To show the real and accurate pronan- 
ciatton of the half a as a. It is nsed 
also where by the ordinary orthography 
this is improperly written as a, e.g. where 
OOQJ^ instead of (Bioaj<S8 is foand, we write 

9. The mark of qwoUxHon C ") either 
points to a literal meaning, /.t. p. 991 QQlJ(D>3 
onDo ''bather**, or to a word reoeifed into Eng* 
lish, /.». '^godown" fr. «b)s«i9 etc. 

1 0. The difTerent species of animals, plants 
eto. which come under the same genus in Hala- 
yilam are mostly to be found under the leading 
word, see/.». II. aoob, u^ooA,«»oil, ousnel, cu 
a\)f£^, etc. Some of these for linguistic or other 
reasons may appear under the qualifying word 
which forms the first member of the compound,/, t. 

FarU t)t plants etc. are enumerated under 
their respectiTC leading words, see/.t. oiosp, ^ 
ei9o etc., and are besides to be foand separately. 

Certain Compounds^ which are not to be 
found under the first word, should be looked for 
under the second, /.t. ayj]jl5>0({n^GBfS^ is to be 
found under Q0mlcas^, ^.^roirDoooo under tern 
(Docoo, gojojlflio under ollroo eto. — HoreoYer 
less common Sanscrit words compounded with 
one or more prefixes may be found under the 
simpler words: imoc^oopoDo under ^3a£)ro)o, (sio 
A^croosoao under oros^aoso, croojla^imo under 
Qjla^W>, cr^^Q^^cb under i9;^a»o6, eto. 

Again regarding a number of Sanscrit compounds, 
f.i. Qjl-(|j0o, QjV^-ajo€Qjo etc. additional in- 
formation may be gathered by referring to the 
simple word. 

11. It need scarcely be said that, in seeking 
for certain compounds under their leading words, 
care must be taken to find out the proper 
one,/.{. whether eno^ai belongs to 0co^, 
en, oreoDo, $>Qj6>eg^a2g&tos)aiegoor6>ajgfi, (Si^ 
^ABioooob to m^% or (8i^| etc. 

In fact every leading article should be read 
through whenerer the Dictionary is consalted. 
By doing this the student will soon be able to find 
each word in its appointed place, /. t. YK. QQJ^ 
and GT. s)QjgJ^cOfii under 6)ajda», the t. a a^ipl 
<ea and oioostfls under iOii£\zQa> and (BiDSc;y<0>, 
oSlooaft under cy^o etc., the ▼. n. a^o<ae under 
cnloo, oSlooq^cd) under cn\o etc. Matter, which 
may be omitted in the alphabetical list subjoined 
to leaders will be found under their definition. 
This way of using the Dictionary recommends 
itself also on other grounds. 

Hints thrown out here and there in the 
Dictionary are intended to foster a spirit of 

12. The Appendioo furnishes supple- 
mentary matter in alphabetical order. 

Though the Publisher as well as the Editor, 
the Rev. E. Diez, Palghaut, and their respective 
native assistants have spared no pains to 
render the book as correct as possible, yet on 
account of the complicated nature of the work, 
the typographical difficulties, the distance of the 
Editor from the Press, and the delay in obtaining 
information from the author, now in Germany, 
on doubtful points, a number of errors have 
crept into the print, which have also been noticed 
in the Appendix, for tho most part from notes 
famished by the author. 


Digitized by 



following LepBiat't SUndard Alphabet, 2iid Edition 1868, 2nd postaoript. 

a. Vowels. (8 § lo - S5)» ) 

(Sf^ a aB a in about 

(S^ a , a , far 

© i 1. i » pin 

ort)o 1 » > » police 

g U^> , u „ fall 

g'O fi 1, ^ fi rule 

g f Tocalized r 

g r do. ^ lengthened 

Gfd \i Tocalized 1 

6Y^ II do. 1 lengthened 

o^ 6 as ea in head 

Q^ d „ ea , swear 

€\(iq) ei| ai M. m ei in height 


8. as ai in kaiser 


as in collect 


„ n ▼ote 



„ on 9 house 



, um „ fulcrum 

(S^% ah, as Tooaliied h 

b. Consonants. (§§86-88) 
1. a. Initial.8) 



as ka in kalendar 



the same aspirated 



the same aspirated 



the true dental na 



as ga in gallon 




pa in paternal 



the same aspirated 



the same aspirated 



as ng in singing 




ba in balloon 



as oha in chapter 



the same aspirated 



the same aspirated 




ma in maternal 



as ja in Japan 




ya in yahoo (Qermau j> 



the same aspirated 




paUtal r 



as nya in banyan 




cerebral r (aerman r) 



the cerebral ta 




la in laborious 



the same aspirated 




Ya in Tariety (soft English ▼> 



the cerebral da 




palatal sh 



the same aspirated 




cerebral sh (English sh) 



the cerebral na 




sa in salute 



the true dental ta 




ha in harangue 



the same aspirated 




cerebral 1 



the true dental da 




cerebro-palatal 1 

l)The §§ refer to Dr. Qondert^s large Malayalam Grammar, Mangalore 1868. 

2) [u marks final half u in most Dravidian words, many foreign words A Tadbharas (difft. is 

e.g. CTOTit) § 17]. 

8) See the remarks on each letter, c — e refer ohiufly to the 6 Vargas A ^ s <m oj; the 

6th Yarga (o) is treated farther on. From a — e A Aistoto-iare pronounced as surd explosiToi. 

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b. Final 
dSb k enh 9 cvb & ca=o m coSy rbr (obl 6ol ^ Y^ 
c. Followed by a Consonant. 

cm gna crto gdha 
^h9i jna 9?7iu; ]]Iia 

r%L) ddlia c^ dhna 
(gry bra 
c^ ika eto. 
[SB4> yka (^ Ika ^ Ika (cgi n ^ !](» ^ l7f» ^ lV»)0 

d Doubled. 

'>d86i kka 689 nna 

^ dda €%^ j]a 6<oyq) nna 

§ tta ^ d4a gvj Wa 

roYS) tta § dda nnn nna k Mia^^ 

gH ppa ^^ bba (2C2 ' mma eto.^^ 

e. Following r (').^^ 

cdsk rka ^ 'Sa ^ '^ €$^ ija |nr^ r^a 

<oyn) rte 3 ida nrn rna gLj rpa 6y^ xba eto. 

2. Combined with Nasals. (§ § 88, 84)«) 

89> ftga (o6Li nkka) oC/) fi^ etsii n] (cfv^ n6ha) 
Gi^ nj 9^ ^4^ ^'Yxo ^fa n^ nda 

CQ nfa CYU mba oboj iiba o6iaj mba 

3. Between 2 Vowels. (§§8« — 48)^) 

<0) ya CO ga iu ]a (sa) 89 ja s 4^ cud da 

rs) 5a 3 da a^ ba em ba 

<g) w ^ gr 5 ir ® 6r 9 dr a^ br eriy bj 

1) For flnftl fee § § 83, 84, 85 ; for db A (»^ see fartlier on. 

S) Where a», ^, (0B^ gu) have orlgtaaM from eaphonx (§ 87), thej are represented u single 
letters, f.i. jkioiasOOB; eava-kay; (different is tsm^Oo etc.). 
8) For the difference of nna ft nna see farther on. 

4) Final ma (^ ) is often rendered s. 

5) These, under the inflnenee of r, are pronoanced somewhat harder than initials, yet the single 
eoosonant snfBoes for transeription. (Comp. Sanser. aioa> eto.; exceptions e. g. a»0(0i8n«> etc.). 

6) A .ai s «i oj are pronounced here as sonant exploslTcs ft : 

7) As frieaUvee. About the Dravidian n (c6) see foil. b. 

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4. Peculiarities. 

a. (A^ besides ezpressing final 1, serves also for Sanscrit (15) t, which in Malaja- 
lam is pronounced 1, f.i. in ^d>, nrvob^ (2Msb etc.; cCy^ Cg ^g^j garroooOo^ rO)DajbaJCS)o, 
.£UCb((ii<B>o<Ooy cn^Qoy etc. (These are in Sanscrit temat-k&ra, gadgadPa, etc.). 

b. 00 & ob. The Malayaiam has two different n, viz: the true dental 00 (4th 
Varga)andtheDravidian(dento-gingival) orb (6th Varga, page 523). The distinct 
pronunciation of both is still in use, but not nowadays, (as is the case with the Tamil), 
the consistent writing of the characters representing it. 

The denttd 00 ^n) occurring as initicd and combining with the Dentals (nd, nth, nd*, 
ndh) is unmarked; but dental cm (originating from orb+o, see 523, &or^) iB marked 
hy a grave accent (Mi), Both have dental pronunciation.^^ 

The Dravidian nb(ft), besides being /fnaZ (ft), combines with O in 6^aboiidL6 (Gen. 
Sing.), sometimes with a^ in Otbo-J (also written ooj) iiba, with (2 in (Plur.) OS^orb 
iunar (=ob(2iDrb), or it results from the phonetic change of ajb(^ & ro?) before ca 523, 
and, in contradistinction to n combining with Dentals, this n is markedhj a grave 
accent and pronounced dento-gingivally. 

As this Otb preponderates between vowels it has been left unmarked in transcrip- 
tion; all such n & nn {toithoxU the grave accent) point therefore to ob^ obob and 
are pronounced accordingly.^^ 

c. O (6th Varga) has three different pronunciations.^^ 

1. o doubled (oo) is marked ftfa (resembling tt in utter), 

2. combined with ob (obo) is marked ftJTa (resembling nd in binder), 

3. initial and medial O is marked h 

1) Bo the pres. (§ 204) and @, nm, mo past tenee (§§ 217 — 821) of Verbs (oolmo Abl. Sing. 
ft Plar.) and the corresponding adj. participles. 

2) So Dat. ft Ace. of cidoja) § 118 ff. 

8) <^he pronunciation of the letter o** in oo ft nbo ^^contains so little of the r-sonnd, thai 
*we now prefer, with Dr. Gandert, to g^ve to these new sounds a new diaoritioal sign, preserving 
<^the necessary basis of t ft d, and to write « ft d.'* (Lepsius, SIS), oo has semi-dental, abo dento- 
gingival pronunciation. 

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Bhadra Dipam, or Bhadra DTpa- 


AbUtiTe (oaaa). 


Bh. D. 



abridged. jj^^^ manner. 




the oaae abiolate, or in an 



Bbagayata Yyakhyanam. 


abetraot Nona. 




ancient Canareee. 

BB. (BalB.) 

Bala Ramiyanam. 


aooording to. 

Brhm P. 


AccasaiiTe (case). 


Buchanan J : a journey through 


Anno Domini (the ChrietUn era). 

Mysore, etc. London 1807, 3 Yol. 




Canarese (tongae). 

adj. P. 

do. Participle. 



adT., adTl. 

adyerb, adTerbial. 



adT. P. 

adrerbial Participle. 

Cal. KU. 

Calicut Kerala Utpatti. 





Adw. 8. 

Adwaita Shatakam. 


K(ina-,or Bama*Earnam|tam. 


Agnina Kntharam. (Ctottayam). 


KartaTiryarjuna Katha. 


alias, otherwise, elsewhere. 


Cateohismus romanns, Rome. 


aadent Malayalam. 



▲mara 8. (K.) Amara Blmham (Kosam). 


Cfftna Charitam. 

a. mad. 

ancient Medical Treatises in 



confers compare. 




C|ina C^tha. 







Chinese (tongne). 






Adhyatma Bamayanam. 

Chint R. (ChR.) Chintama^i Ratnam. 


Arabic (tongne). [y^n, 


Cliir. doc. 

Chiracal documents. 


Arbnthnot A. J., Selections. Cotta- 






Chalana Shastram. 


arithmetic, arithmetical. 


ChaturdaSa Yrttam. 


Aitanga H|dayam. 


Cochi Kerala Mahatmyam. 



Co. KN. 

Colattirl Kerala Batakam. 






ancient Tamil. 

coll. T. 

colloquial Tamil. 


auxiliary Yerb. 




Bailey B.:Hal..Bngl. Diet. 



compare, comparison. 

(A Scripture Transl.). 












Bengali (tongue). 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 










firequentatiTO Verb. 


Crsnarjana Yuddham. 


future tense. 


Cjsl Pattu (aboBk agrioaltur©). 


Greek (tongue). 


Kanaoka Saram. 


(HniU Bhattram. 


Carian G.: an Essay on the Hal. 


German (tongue). 

8yr. Church etc., Cottayam 1872. 




Causal Verb. [Madras 1863. 


Genitive (case). 


Day F, the Land of thePerumals, 


Genovefa (Rom. Cath. poem). 


Dakhani (tongue). 


Gerund (gram.). 


Dative (case). 




defeetive Terb. 


(a Dravidian language). 


denominatiYe Verb. 






Gu9a-pa|bam, Cottayam. 


desiderattre (yerb etc.) 


grammar, grammatical term. 




Hindustani (tongue). 




Hebrew (tongue). [pany. 


diminntive (noun). 

H. C. 

The Honorable East India. Ck»m- 




Harinama ETrtanam. 


Devi Mahatmyam. 


honorary, honoriflo. 


DamayantT Natakam. 


Hora Vyakhyaaam. 


document, documental. 


Hungarian (tongue). 






English; East (region). 


Hyder Ali. 


Ekadaii Mahatmyam. 


idem s the sam^. 


emphatic, emphatically. 

i. e. 

id est^that is. 


Eli Pa^tu (about oats & rate). 


imitative (sound). 


imp. (Impers.) impersonal. 










Esthonian (tongue). 








Europe, European. 






Instrumental (case). 


an expletive or expletiyely. 




feminine gender. 



f. i. 

for instance. 






id quod = the same as. 


Finnic (languages). 


Jerdott C. T.: the Birds of India 


flnito Verb. 

Calcutta 1868, 8 Vol. 



Jew. Doc. 

Jewish Docuraenta. 


French (tongue). 


judicial papers. 

Digitized by 




























Mo. Pra. 

Mpl. (Mapl.) 

MP. (Matsy.). 









Ho., KoM. 


Keivalya ITavanitam. 

Kerala Mahatmyam. 

Kerala Natakam. ^ki»8 Bam.). 

Kerala Y arma Bamay anam ( YalmT- 

Kerala Utpatti. 

Kamaraharana Katha. 

Latia (tongue). 


looal, local osage. 

Locative (case). 

Lazmi PanratT Bamwadam. 

Malayalam (toogae). 

maacttline gender. 

Mahrathi (tongue). 

Malabar (ooontry). 

Malapuram (place). 

Malayan (tongue). 

A collection of Mantrams. 


Mjga Charitam (Gottayam). 

medioal, medicinal. 


™"""y- [mams. 

Marmamany, old treatise on Mar- 



Mozadayaka Prakaranam. (Mox. 

Mappillas, Malabar Mohammedans. 

Matsya Puranam. (1866.) 

CoUat Ch., Malayalam Beader. 

Mannseript, Mannscripts. [tram). 

Mudrarazasam (Chanakya Sn- 

mythologj, mythological. 

Nala Charitam. 


Name^ Nonn, Korth. 

neuter gender; negatiTc. 


Negatire Verb. 

Nidanam, Cottayam. 

Name and sarname. 

North, North Malabar. 

Nom. NominatiTo (case). 

NS. Nyaya Shastram. 

obj. objectire. 

obi. oblique case. 

obs. obsolete. 

obsc. obscene. 

Onap. Ona Pa||u. 

Onomat. Onomatopcsia (Imitation of sound). 

opp. opposite. 

orig. originally. 

P« Persian (tongue). 

P*'g- Palghant (dUtriot). 

Palg. exh. do. exhibition 1867. 

r<^rt. participle. 

pass. passive. 

Pat B. Patala Bamayanam. 

Pay. Payanur Pattif . 

phil. philosophy. 

pl- plural (number). 

pleon. pleonastic. 

Plin. Pliny. 

po* poetic usage. 

Port. Portuguese (tongue). 

pes. positive (opp. negative; degree). 

p. p. participle of the perfect pas8ive(8.). 

PP. Puttan Pana, Cottayam 1844. 

PB. Prasna BIti. 

PrC. Prahlada Charitam. 

prec. preceding* 

prep. preposition. 

pres. present tense. 

prh. perhaps. 

prob. probably. 

proQ. pronoun. 

prov. proverbs, proverbial. 

PT. Panchatantram, in 2 versions. 

Ptol. Ptolomy. 

q. V. quod vide = which see. 

BamK. Bama Katha. 

BC. Bama Charitam. 

Rel. Part, Pron. Belative Participle, Pronoun. 

rev., Bev. revenue papers, revenue term. 

Digitized by ^QJOOQlC 



Rh. Bheede's hortnsmaUbaricuB, 1689. 

Rom.Cath. Boman Catholio. 

RS. Bamayana Saoklrtanani. 

8. Sanscrit; Soath (region). 

Sah. Sahadeya Yakyam. 

SahM. Bahya Hahatmyam. 

Sanor. Sankranti Mahatmyam. 

Sank. Aoh. ShankaraAcharya'shistoryCprose). 

Sor. Scriptural (Bible). 

SG. Santana Oopalam (2 yeruons). 

ShY. Shabari Yakyam. [etc.). 

810 =thaB (BO met with In Oranthams 

SidD. Siddhanta DIpika. 

SU. ShlliYati Patttt. [prefixes. 

simpl. simple,!. e. YerborNoun withoat 

sing. singular (number). 

SiPtt.(SP.) Shiva Paranam. 

SiB. Shiva-ratri Mahatmyam. 

SitYiJ. STta Yijayam. 

BitYjtt. STta Yrttam. 

Sk. Skandam Poranam. 

Soo. Social (case). 

So. Can. South Canara. 

So. ft SoH. South, South Malabar. 

Som. Somavara-Pattu. 

Som.Mah. Somavara Mahatmyam. 

SSh. Shilatamra Shasanangal. 

Stuti different Stutis of Cbds. 

Such. Mah. ShuchTndra Mahatmyam. 

Superl. Superlatiye. 

Buperst. superstition. 

St., Swarg. several Swargarohanam. 

SwargKaly. Swargarohana Ealyanam. 

Syr. Syrian (tongue). 

T. Tamil (tongue). 

t. tense. 

Talip. Taliparambu (district). 

Tantr. Tantra-Bangraham. 

Tatw. Tattwa-gnanam. 

Tdbh. Tadbhavam. 

Te. Telugn (tongue). 

Tell. Tellioherry (district). 

temp. temporal. 

Ti. Tippu Eatha. 

TP. Taoholi Pattu. 


Tellieherry Beeords 

(chiefly A. D. 1796-1799). 




Travaaoore (ooantry). 


Tiruwanantapura Panchangam. 


Tu^u (tongue). 


TnrkUh (tongue). 


Umesana Y|tUm. 


Uttara Bamayanam. 



V. a. 

active verb. 

v. i. 

intransitive verb. 

▼. int. 

intensive verb. 

v. iter. 

iterative verb. 

▼. n. 

neuter Torb. 

Y. part. 

Yerbal participle. 

T. t. 

transitive verb. 


Yerapoly dictionaries. 


the l8t part, Mai. & Port. 


the 2nd part, Port, ft Mai. 


Yeiragya Chandrodayam. 


the Yedic language. 


Yedanta Darsanam. 


Yedanta treatise. 

YetC. (YC.) 

Yetaja Charitam. [era). 


Yedayuddham (a poem about hunt- 


Yilva Puranam. 


Yivada Ratnakaram. 


Yerbal Noun. 


Yocative (case). 




Yyavahara Mala. 


Yyakarana Pravesam. 


Wilson's Yooabnlary of Indlaa 

terms; West (region). 




Wlnslow. Tami-Engl. Diet. (1862). 


the five Dravidlan languages: Ta- 

mil, Telugu, Canarese, Tu^u and 



four of id. (with the exception 

of the one given). 




repetition of the preceding word. 

Numbers after words refer to the pages of the 



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(SrZ) a. Fonnd in TdbVs before initial ^, qj, m 
(8id/D<aoib, fiorMSg;— passes easily into the 
sound of <^, as o^scBKib from ns, €KOi jiial = 
au8^« The final 010 has often the oharaoter of 
a palatal YOwel and oorresponds with T. 6)<^, 

C. oQ. f. i. (OkfiJ, (0»&3CBn(Qb, (OQQJdQa; QJO, QJ 

I. (Srd a 5. pron. That, yonder. (The corres- 
ponding pron. signifies this, as In 0)0(018, 
(8KM@).) Henoe : dnoojob) oskm j (SiOcSfifD, (Siogjoo, 
AOO^ooej (and «io@aajo6>ej). Before vowels 
(Bi9c2|oc)o that man, (Siocy^So that place. It is 
also osed for the second person as ono^goOo 
that person, you (comp. cmGoqy 

n. CSfO a 8. negative particle, before Towelsflionb 
(G. an — L. in — E. un-~ ) as (Sioooajo fruit- 
less, 0oad<OR»0o than which there is no better. 

CSfbo am 5. (obB.)=:(Bid, 0io@; hence 18IO6D9. 

a&tMdo amtam S. 1. Share, part. (^cmUA eA 
ffiOoodo -^ TB. (8iOooe(M@)o deed of partition. 
2. part of a Talook, formerly called 6>qD9 
ecS^y greater than a ono, henoe aiooodo 
enDaSVa»0(D^, mooooo oeocnoob MB. 8. ema- 
nation or incarnation of a god. (oxnoAS onoo 
OMBoaooA aocuAorMBScb oji)^ Bhg. 1. «e 
Quodbo «idooeo 8(^(000. King tJdaya Yarma 
is called Ai^A^oooso KM. (nDoosoaxoirofim 
iOBdo Bhr. 1. 4. lienoa glory. axQajaiV anoooe 

Ofonto^ QLi05noQa}0c^ ETJ. 0100001^(839006, 
0iOoo9c0fiO(D(i6 person of noble descent Yl. 
(8I00C/00 6)(d>§Qjab fallen from his rank Yl. 
oiOooeiajQ dignity Yl. 

c6rdoOddB)o amSa'yam s. (000090) The fourth 

part of a day. 6^08 rD0Odl=2l ar)9c)o=sad 01OO 
odd)}o TP. Hence a denom. Y. 0ioooa^(dn f. i. 
((£)aOo dcaj(2 roooalcdnejo 0ioood<Sb)<d8o TP. 

(Sr2)oOSl(d6^ainiLkka(0iOooao) To divide, portion. 
(Sr^o^ amSu 8. (0iooodo) Ray (po.) 0100^930 

fijo cLj(oono CG. 0100^0306 sun (po.) 
(Si^OfUo amsam 8. 1 . Shoulder ; 0iDocroao strong 


(iSo^ooroflV) amsaram Yu. =301001013^00 tr. 

(SirOoOOcr^ amliagSQ S. (L. ango) Anxiety, 

(throttler) sin =0100^0. 
(SfDdB) aifa (C. Tu. (SiQSKn) and 01OQJ Germ, bud, 

shoot; 0iO6>d)}(as to bud (T. to burst) f. 1. 

a grafted tree Yl. ao§ 6)aj§lav3(gb 0iO5)<d) 

^§0 — QUOJiJO 6>QJ§I qol^offlfc 0»«»jfij)so PT. 

0iO5an 6>Qj§)cB;(Kgb oiOQdSi^^o Bhr. 8. will 

bud again. 
I. (Sv^dBMayamS. (0io+<d)ojoy)Pain, Bln(po.) 
U. (6rt>d9)o ayam T. M. Te. (Tu. 01OO.) 1. Inside ; 

often adv. «)9S4d)o, Gicnemato in the jungle, 

heart (po.) — (sr^cD^roon^aib 0iOc^>o cusmo TB. 

within 1000 fjanam, less than. — 01d<8>qjo ojo 

Q^ 8(n9(0«(a» examine olosely. 2. abode, 

Digitized by ^OOQ IC 



house, room; henoe s>a>§(d)o, Qa)OCBnai(d>o, 
etc.— flioajls<smR» cBi5<d)Qjo ojroc^o qq^^ 
. a>tfneorabTa. 8. themlnd=£cX>- 4. holding 
(in names of trees, as £)ro)aua>o, s)jxkiii(0>o, 
Cpds: isioa><enrocbi (8ioa)<SA0my , flio«>cd«^ono (8) 
heart, mind. oidaicSerQQnmooo sxin^eioi^ Mad. 
i8io<a>Q<0o9§ citadel ; sscroabfii0a>Od9aog KB. 1. 
0Tda>a)9rQb sole of foot. 
(eiD<d)€)€>GBt> palm of hand. 
(8ioa)(0>9« , (no<s><m^(b, (SiOcdxnoib (8) heart, 
mind (po.) (Bioaxmsnelrob f^QoOanoQo RC. 

flid(d>(Oia>(=(Bioa>ol.) a. within, in thehonse. 
ajS)rDas)<d)<z@(n)nrB TB. firom within. 

b. measure of time figg-j® (n3^ai<0)(Z@ AR. 
esp. before noon (opp. ^rd^eioi^) cstQ^^atOi 

A(0S1, (BldQ^sl MR. 

c. whilst Qj)<f<n>i»)6>a6o (sm^c^ ©Aoml tu. 

(BlO<d)(ORQ0Q09<b, (OlO^i'ORDOJib, (BTO<d»aJT0)94>, 

Brahminiohis as keeping within their 

houses (2). 
(SioaxoiSionb, cb master, mistress of the house 

(SiaaxoiQtip) providing food (2). B. (stQ<Qi(a(onp\ 

(8T04d)qg|| jiAocTTKuA kindred (2). Yl. lower 
Sttdras, serving in Brahmin houses. 

fiio^xoiSB^. 1. Innermost. 2. house sur- 
rounded with hedge or wall. 3. palace or 
mansion, as of the 4 branches of theSamuri 
family Yl. ^gj^onbo (8ioa)(8i|2's (sroQS^ 
oaȤl ^1 TR. 

fBio<fMSgB§ajf^ca:i (or fl»@B<d)fiSBcnocB;A) a class 
of Kiyer, oonsidered as deeeendants of 
Samuri, also called a>Q^(Dlorxru)- 

§me1C^^ Qujlonniaj^ sons of Blaves, as la 
Kasrani houses Yl. 

f8iOd»>0.'OR»a| io^^) inwards. 

fiB<d>«iBR»9ab, Qi'oiAMJo 1. indoor servant Yl. 
2. (noa>cBRMa0d^ 

(Bioaioolaa (8) scorn. 

(Sioaigjoaobl venereal disease (mod.) 

oioaigLJO^ Y. 5. getting into, what is enclosed, 
f. i. in an account. — inside Yl. 

fl)0<d>^g-}^^ 1. to get into, be caught, f. i. <d) 
imldincob (B19. in a trap. <1KIP^^ (8T9^s)g-}§ 
U9^(ds)c)o Bhr. and gd^cSo (8»a)S)g_|S PT. 
offered itself to the eye ; ojQcn oimo snoob 
(8R>i)«5)guj^ Hal. 8. onsxibo 039(dil(aAi0}6)g_}S 
PT. returned to her caste; <d3^S)and8oa) 

6)a_j§ (§£\ TR. (=£cV)«aj§) a>aQjo <o^ 

0octf) (BiD<d)fi>^^d> KR. be seized in the 
very act. 2. to befall (Biora)^(bb an<^o too 
<D>5)gj^o evil will befall it;fl!0<onnr» cnlsn-) 
tiSA (BtOAAg_]|(S^ CG. this was a punish- 
ment for that. 

C. Yl. (mDa>6)g_j^a» (old) ojo^cwajOgj^rora) 

(QiQsiCh RG. 34. 2. vu. (9id<d)Og~j^(ZSgs«&> cause 

to be taken, catch, as a>5rT9iaQr9b- 8. csm 

<&>S)gL-j§aj^<da» inflict, o-irolsojo et^sse&nelS 

(BiD<d)5)gu]^:2^o Bhr. 8. O) ^6\^Kk> (SiD<d) 

e^Q-j^OLH:^ jud. 

(StOd>.056o§a> (2) dwell retired 09O'>0^9eQGB;o 

5)5 .'Sioa>0S6SBl £(Dld9acm (o^ MR. (of a 

Mussulman woman). 

(ST9(d)0Qj valley, ground surrounded by hills. 

(8io<d>0ai4> (=(Bioa>^3(b) heart (po.) 

iBioa)O0 (=(8iiod>aSB) (Bioauoslcgn<d>Q0 d9)5nrB 

CC. chiefly temporal co. cn^^^^z erolcdao 

a. med. cn9ipl5>a)d9sAO0 vu. 

(8i0(d>aii5^ (2) palace service, body-guard, e* 
^§Qjo ^ ^((m\ai&nsS (BiD<d»aiJ5^ Hal. 3. 
satellites. (Btoa>cnJ5^^^(d>i cnscas) the offlce 
of body-guards, to run with the king, 
attend on him. 

(DO^iaiislQacno hon. title of Kayers, especially 
at Calicut. (BiOtftcni^^ncnmWsa^aarcBrtno 
ADOub oQi^qsk ^K* lett&r of the faithfal 
followers (of the Pychi Raja). 

tM&Kns£i^o^as,9Cdcii general of bodiy-goard, 
head of Rfl^'s hooseliold. 

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cMdB>§ — <Md80Q 



m^Stoi^etAj as to rater, 
flft^frcr^foo outside and Intlde, aiDa»oi^oo (Oi) 
(61cB9aKKiin6 Yl. downiahf illbred, cs 

TS. s oompiete fool. s^oS^nA aod «K»a>cnj 
Oo&MKsg^o gDgy TB. DO anderhand deal- 
ings, no shaffliDg. 
8Da>aj^tij T. regulated price of grain — Mgbest 
price (60. and Palg.) 

(&((d>9 a^fa4ll (T. inside, deceit (Bioa>o) In (no 
A§ aji.d>§ C. Te. M. topsytarry croa>GjQjo 
aoa>% ojlASOtSfi) to. spoiled it all, also oio 

<Sfd<B>en%dd3o BTgas^^Vjflm 8. Free from thorns 
and vexations; fDon^o (9io<o>6nBi>>03Qgnrn\3 
Brhmd. st^tnch rooRjo (oiO(&>9ried)}0oc(£^ ojfolojo 
Qj^d9sni9 KR. without opposition. 

(Q)rC(d>fTSYc7l a'Ifatti PM. ('Siookt^) Sesbania 
grandiflora Rh. wfth edible leaves. jSk>o 
dtrsftl a med. Cassia. 

(TOdB>gg)<0> a'yattn'ya(=fl»a»oQ(£>.)Todist6nd. 
a>asA aiDaiMi sku^ stretch asunder. 

(GrDdOs^o aYathyam 8. (<d>LO) Ifot to be spoken 

^ibddiCfiji aTfanda T.=(o»QocTa) Pride. 
<6s^<6>a-jo a'yappam (isiod^) stalk of grass, 

rice VI. 

<8ir5ce>o_jOOrb a^ppan (T. C. fflwaig-i from cm 

^) Ladle Yl. 
<6r2<d>(Do ayaram (Tdbh. «ioco9rDo.) A Brahmin 

house, 80. 
<®Mb<lR©nO(tb ayarUQail S. Unmerciful <po.) 

<&i)<B>ashf(^ ayartayyam 8. impracticable, 

want of energy. 

(S^dMbdd>o aYarmaYam 8. without object, 

intransttiTe; m^A0^^^ Intr. rerb (gr.) 

<oiM>oq(d> aTfaftnya t. m. (trans. otwaAei^ 

1. To extend, open. 2. gen. to remore, put 
away (as oaoo^o, &oQfa>o). cn>aii<fli)o (no^cx^a) 
dissolre a eomiootlon. 
floaooldia C. Y. eanse to remove. 

4TOd9>fi3o ayalam 1. Breadth, width. 2. 
(6r&c0>^d8>,mrd ayalaya TM. (Tn. 0. Te. 

ndcoob) l.Tobeeome extended, distant. 2. 
to part, retire; ojl^rso 09^ (BiMn^scuOosntos 
«Da>a7)o4> UB. aHoK^eim m^&euitSkr»9smn 
a<8s6mo hrip ae of my diatreu; oumaaxm 
aio<sea<)o SR. (segj9.vR»> 
fBda>fij, (5ioa»oej Inf. far off, aside am^^es 

cn\%^, (m^ai Qouioovi (m)r^6P9 withdrew. 

rdocoodaiQfi. <noa>oaj «)ft«» Ch. B. «o«) 

Qfij 9Qj9onDaM)oo (ns(D)04fo Qjtfl:ai«ab proT. 
mb^dSi^ in regular d iat a n e o i. 
fiio«>^ Y. F. separation, dlstaaoe, reserve. 

010^^ s)0<9^S(no^ j&iosm^od tf)ajr6lQa> 

Q^sn^ Mud. much estranged. 
cSrZ)(d>(ab ayal T. M. 1. Roand earthen lamp. 

2. (?) anger Yl. 
(S^(6>rr^oasb ayasmal 8, (<o>a^o(9b whence) 
Without cause, unexpectedly, suddenly (po.) 

(SrOd8)D, (SY7)d8)3CQ^ ayftf ayiyi <(9iDift>o 2.)s 

(BTOtdxuocBn Inside of house, room ; tsiQ<&iWaj\ A 
scnoy Scdfiasmo fi>ajd9s(TrM£lQn6o m^A9^<A 
Ascno TR. 

(Bioa>3C(^@B®(Coch.)=i8ioa>(OiQ)00 a Kambutiri 
(STDdd^Dgo aYamyam S.(<d)90)Undesirable(po.) 
(Sf^<BiO(Oo ayaram 8. The sound or letter (B»- 

(OTO<&>orooa) alphabetical, a dictionary. 
(S^d9)0r06nr)o aYaraQam 1^. what is without 

cause; mQ&>9(Qsm2i:K£\s <0)^,h -^skt. (=(8foa> 

ofgooA) ieiO(9)9rD6m03c[^ 9ejc^6)gL-)S unpro- 


(9T0(O>9cgjo 8. not to be done. 
(®r2)<d)0aio aYilam 8. Untimely, oat of season. 

(OOAoaiSrQcmo, tmi^^oioxS^wA 0100^:^— tno 

AO9j03g) it Is now too late, «crveo oaaogj 

0O«S «uaa£) HE. 
(Grodeblanunonb aYUjanali s. HaTing nothing 

at all (po.) 

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(6Vt)deb)$ — (STMSb 

c^TMsor^Q _ (M0H6i9^o*o> 

<S^<fiSl§ ayi4u l.=«»a>§. a. Uddor (VI. 

also (Bioa>§) Q^aaaojjos (Bio^s «iDQas2 ^'b* 

sro<fibl§l(7]b qoj cno6j6n§. MC. 
.flTOc€blQ<e> ayihl'^ (C. agnru=:C. flwanw ) 

To roar, bellow, children to cry V. N. aodaSlii 

Palg. B. 

(Sr7)<£b|rd) a^pl TM. Ta. 1. (hence 8. tssMOi 
Hebr. ahalim) aloe wood, '^ag^nila" P. Aqnilaria 
Agallooha GP. 76. j^cbooo m^€h\(A Qseaal 

0fimo d£)&(m4a^(gb(OR»s^a)c)o BC. 50. oiodabl&j 
ern^Quo<b tgejcarocX), m^A\(A et^mo QjO(b5)a>o 
eaxoxb BO. 147. 102. ooiga flio^ak white 
oedarwood AWDfbVab GP. 75. black agallooha. 
■ajojnm (S»4S\<A a oedrelaoea. 2.=3(bio«Qc)o 
trench, Palg^. 

((OTdSbltf , <®f&(flbl5o a^ a-yil Bo. M. (T. C. 
ditch, from (siOcftip to dig.) Pam, earth-wall, 
fence Yl. 8. (SiOtfi^vp Q<d)oasd)}, ao^a) to en- 
trench oneself Va. 

(®f^d^rtrfo51 aylrti B. Want of fame. 

(Srz)cd3gL^oa'yarppam(ioc.)=(BR)a^(^o s. 

B. Ignoble KB. 

dSv^d^Odajo a-jfoialam s. iii-iuck(po.) 

(®fD<^Q-JDa)o ayuparam S.(iUimited)Ooean(po.) 
(Sft><^OS)o a'yf5amS. Undone (po.) (er^^m^o not 

to be done — wickedness, oig^o Ouxig^oo (Sio 

^r^o QQODOcfiblejo Nal. 4. 

<S^(g)(i^^ ayftrimam s. Kot factitioos, 

gennine, honest, conspicnous, lofty, VI. 
(S(^ei<Bi<Bei^ ayekka see ataai, 

(9fD6)(d>^OdaJo aTfanialam 8. Inexpertness, 
nnskilfnlnesB ; (BiooaxDoaaiGJdOfiifimo cn^auXD 
g:^o(proT.) a bad workman blames his tools. 

(StbddSi akka 6. Elder sistor (rare). 

(SrOdOS^ akkam Xdbh. ((Sioa&o 8. bat laC. Tn. 

(B10€>8Bb=8. flioaabo) 1. A numerical figure, tsm 

ano SD^<d> to count, tso. ^§a to add up. 

6)«}0g^o (Bid(0Bo ACugVa; ojft MC. 8. a stop 

in writing, mark. 











inoaBO«flfi§ a symbolical mode of writing* 
oidai^so a talisman B. 

fliOd9aQj^§o a figure used In 
mantras, thus: 

(BiOcdagj a waterplant VI. 
(Crdtdff^mo akkanam =(Bio<fi£na>o? or world? 

(in alph. songs) (BiOtasooaB^aib o<fis)^o &@g 

ana (0)cnjrD06>Gr). Anj. 
(®r0ce6^(0 akkara («o+a>fo) that shore, adv. 

(Bio«eB«ro beyond. «!oe9»rD6)<d>oool echo V2. 

(SY7)cd6irDo akkaram Xdbh. (anDdOfiKtK)) l . Letter, 
hence (nO(6»rDg^&p mistake, great fault, ill-luck. 
Q^OODOOS flidafi(0gjlsp QjoiD Oajscttpjo (in 
lamenting). 2. T. So. a disease, aphtha 

(COcdStd) akkal (Ar. aqal.) Sharp sense (HapU) 

(SrO(d6^(cb(d6^C2aj, osrOdSGtlrsbcdsto akkal- 

kkahiwai akkilkkatu A med. root, chewed 

for toothache (prh. Anthemis Pyrethrum 8. 

(S(^ddSiOCr)\ akkani (loo.) Palmyra toddy. 
(Stdce6^3(0o akkaram vl.=ao<eB)^o. 2.aphtli» 

(BiOcaASfD^e Bh. Drosera Ind. 
(Sr^dBsn aUd Tdbh. (Biocml. Fire, inflamed 

pimples VI. (Bio<flalanQn(D^=(Bioanloo09Q[^. 
C®rO<fift^akkalam(loc.) Armpit, tickUng Vl. 

(S(Q(^C2^akraxnamS. Disorder, irregularity — 
crime. croo099C2|CT) g^'s (Bio^eo cnsajQicms 
a?l$)an9)6rT>o MB. 
flioi^donno not passed (po.) 

(Q^^3<6l3carm€83akrariM&&a V8. Lodoioea 


(Cro^cQA) akriyam s.=cio)|^cBto f. i. (sr^a^a 
000 mo^^suo oQfcn OLioa^cno Nal. (opp. cnxob 
^ovo active). 

(St^D^tDCYO akr&ra^ S. Kot cruel, most cruel. 
fiiD^cooDg^ojnb <^(0<nsHSp <^ double entondre 
(may also be read Qjn(}^rDn6). 

(erd6)(^DasYd) akrottf (H. from s. oiMdaaiociD) 
M. C. Tu. WaUnut. 

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(fiyodBbaoQ— (OTDeafi^Vmo 


(OrOdOha^ aUam 8. (oo-nlns) 1. Bye, u In 
aseMttio. 8. mark on dice. 8. playing 
die. 4. axle treo («iD^). 5. a weight of 
871- Iknam <s«»^). 
ffDaai|^cu> gambling Y. C. (ttoafiaoecb ckuo 

aotfifiieoej neoUaoe of Elnocarpos seeds. 
(S/^kBSCierOo akia^am B. 8addenly;«o<fifti«m 


CS(C<Qt^a5)o9}ilBiBBk B. 1. Unhurt, nn- 
woonded; «ie<aaMiK93Ci2ltt rotfifialaxb CO. S. 
whole grain firied (po.) 8. pigment of rioe, 
saifiron and lime for the seotarial mark on the 

(SflkBiSC^ aUama S. Impatienoe; sroa&ieo 
nnable to bear, impatient. 

CSttkS&SOiJo aUajam S. imperishable oatflfitCBi 
£S\aiA KB. flOcflfiacBd) the eternal. 

<StO<BQ\(Oo aUaram 8. (nndeoaylng.) 1. A 
letter of the alphabet, syllable. 2. word i\ 
cnoaasAOBcfo ITal. pathetie words. Guoc^adttarD 
CBBcb ODRBdoQjilQJi CC. refosed; oio. ^£^ Qj9 
oSldto to spell; MO. oj^fo^.^), ojnerma^d)), ol^y 
«» slip of the pen; oQfiicbo «)e)«)CBuafisrDo tm 
€Km TB. my handwriting. 

Opds. ma<B6ansS\QSi a elerk (po.) 
ABdBfiaioajrDictooooo learning. 
flKKflfia(D0OQj the alphabet. 
«mifiCtaio<Sg^oa>o («> jiiog^) alphabetical song. 
«m«QfiaA0g9a\>o learning letters, etc. 
omdafioAdrDofio setting a ohild to learn. 

CTOdafiC^Orrtnl aUail5i 8.r=(TO<efti0 impatienoe, 
enry; oiOiefiaoaCDlODcib hasty, enyioas. 

CTOdQfd) aUi 8. s TOcfiftio 1. Eye. 2. trunk 
y 1. aficnWnD09^6)cn9/D<afia) oi^^ CO. tn^ssSi 
ax)dflid9<vnAkQBa6nr)oCO. OMfioledril (eye* 
baU) s(Qg) Mndr. 

(S^OdGb&i^VGVo aUitam s.=flidiefi}CBH> f. i. «» 

<fifiaU9Cq)Q09(aiB|96l6 PT. 

•mdUaWmo the same aDafiaWm9(3{):^oocBil 

ever liTing, «»«6fiQWn«iyBneiA0Q|fttQjA 


(StddebOc^eni) aUndnik S. Vot Uttle, an Sm- 
portant person Yl. 

CStMiBQ^ySo aUobham 8. Without agitation, 
ooostaney; oiM^iSgj ^ajoa>exAOo«ajacjo Kei. 

0io9d9A)Og|ab immoTable Bhr. Y. den; «» 
««afiaosi^ onl^ Yl. 

(gi^e^fjasaiiroadleno) akiauhii^ 8. ((8io<fifi&+ 
fioodlorSl.) Aoomplete army consisting of 21870 
elephants, as many chariots, 65610 horses, 
109360 infantry. (In the Bhirata war the 
Pandavas hare 7, their foes 11 aktauhinis. 
One elephant, 1 chariot, 8 horses and 5 fbot- 
men form a ocrocno^&io; this tripled {otbo, 
tripled (jxmo, tripled ojood^cn), ojtiKn, .aiQ 
«)o, fl»on)(£b1(nl, (D)§oQ ^2^rni(O)C09Anm(2<' <^ 
Q<efia<9QO^sml. Bhr.) 

akha^^liam S. Unbroken, whole; sKMUsmDO 
CDnor6^€Ju)«)Q(v (o^oojlgjoob ChB. oooKmul 
(maj<figp(a^cn3cm^ (in epistolary style) the 
most fortanate TB. 

(Sr2)6Lila)o akhilam S. Ail, whole (po.) mfisSi 
ai^^smcosmojo etc. anofiuioajoBob lord of all. 

(QV^COb agam 8. (not going) Tree, mountain (po.) 

(CrDCOerrSltaV) agaoifiam 8. Innumerat)le, also 
aioco«Q|CroAsmo KB. 

(&(>Cn(lf!lj aga5i 8. l. Being without means s 
duploingjo^, flnoct>(A^6)g^^a> fall into adverse 
eironmstanoes Yl. 0ioo>dn<ae (Sr^ib (moso 
who will help me in my poverty? 2. (= inoco 
sRzoch Yl.) poor, forlorn, unprotected one 
cocoPaK)) beggars. 
(BiooM^Qcxjcaso 0^9^ Mud. 
tmoxoAan^o poverty, stinginess Yl, 

C6rt)C/V3o agafam S. without disease — medi- 
cine (po.) 

C&bCnQUa agamam=(8iocoo. 8. oiooDg^ inac- 
cessible = cro Jinr^Vsvgyo.'BioiQJcX} ; siocogj ocoa 
ooo prohibited ioteroonrse Bhr. 

(Si^C/XO) agaro 8.s=aio<fib)(Qb (d»>aA9c/)ffla<Q0o 
Kal.s: AM^Asb). aD09(0.aKaor)o €^^am cy 
00, flKKooK^aiiAab ojfAefto KB. 

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OSr^dc^ — (S^89ao 

^&^Cncrs^ agagU fl. u^mmoxr^ch H. pr. 
A RUhi oelebrated for passiog the YindhyA 
noontaiiu an4 leadfatg the firahmans into the 
Deooao. 8. the star Ganopai. 8. Aiooxr^e 
rDo(=(Bioa)iml) mod. plant <bioco(T^^ QP. 65. 

CS<rdC/)3U;o agadliam S. Bottomless, deep, ob- 
struse = cn\ im^g^ix^toi, 

dSr^COorOo agaram S. House (po.) 
($i^^6nr>o agn^am S. Bad quaUty; iDsmo^ 
sm»sio^ (po.) (BIO^sttO illnatured (po.) 

CTO(SCO3nJ(0o ag5]aram S. Imperoeptlble, in- 
comprehensible (phil.) 

(Sf^cno(^ agotram S. Of no famtly. 

(Sr?)6^(/y»)d9>^ agauyasBTj S. (imoD-\-&o^i) 
Living on trees or hills (po.) 

(Sift)C/y51 agni S. (ignis L.) 1. Fire. 2. God 
offlre. 3. grief £g9aj«fifA istoot? oj^S^d^ 
6UK08cX)ces SiP. 8. — 4. digestWe powor; (Sia. 

Qjai?g-pd95), 5)a>^an GP. (BTOCmldQ* 6QJDJO §3^0 

Q(ma>3(b ITid. persons of weak digestion. 
Cpds. (Qiocmla>6nDo spark; mMjrS^^o^ (S) kind* 
ling the holy fire KB. 

(StocnSldSKsruDo (1) hole to receive the holy fire. 

flioai9laa>9smo(2) south-east; Ji)g(r&^(onol6)n6o 
(BiDcmlQ<fi)06n& Gan. 

(moan)<ds»90Q (preceding) BE. wind. 

(Biocm^enb (1) incendiary Bhr. 

i9)oaT)1(a_}OOLiOdo self-immolation (as of widows). 

(BncrnlfiQjQio (4) digestion. 

(S)DC/n)0Qz;o fiery. 

^locmlcaonb who sustains the holy fire; «BQUT)i 
09ab fiojo'ax^ocBXib AB. 1. 

fliocnr9l09<g^o and (Siocnilcrooeo indigestion Nid. 

tmcrni^Qi SE.=:0(oar)lQa>96mc. 

smcml^g Sk. Subrahmanya. 

iSMfni(jS\6ii flame y2. = nj9(u. 

iSTOC/TSl'Sd^odo (Qo^oeo) Agnize praise, a pe- 
culiar sacrifice KB. 1. 

anc/nla\>0d3fiala)o covenanted before Agni; oio 
ankix>Odafia)a>0oq2; cnx^o Oii)^ KR. 4. 

flAchnoDOdBcQcqigi ojon) Tdh. flie legal 
mauA9c09i^ burnt offeriag maintaining the 
holy fire. The Brahmao, who does It is 
called oAoiSlQaOOi^ Tdbh. imd^asnOffti. 

a5rD(C/>) agram S. (akros G.) 1. Point, top, 
front. 2. first, principal. 
onoi^coGmynb the chief (f. 1. cJOsacEbctnaofSVA 

Kei. N. 2.) 
(gia<^eonb, nb. co. 1. first-born, elder brother 

and sister. 2. Brahman (po.) 
(6100^^)0^0) honors paid to the principal persons. 

(TOi^aooCTOo heart (po.) 
my^fy/doeA a ylotuaHlng house, cooking plac« 

in temples. 
mbiQyut^QSQ^o a large measure Bo. 
(no^ocnoio land assigned to Brahmans, Tillage 

of (foreign) Br's ^vsnoo W^y^^ iBto%o 

ooorMBQ^fob Sil. 
(BTD^ooacno first meal, eeremony in temples 

(Tu. (smDvsi)mo=:<i4iamS\ AiplaR). 
oio^ocrooDo chief seat, as in Brahminioal 

crois, also of kings flioai6>abo (8iO(^ocnxno 

aJjly<£bl Hud. 
AnO(^cQ;n&, (smQidi first, elder brother (po.) 
(SioQ<^ (loc. of mi%Do) in the first place, before; 

(8io8(^a\>ronb forerunner, leader (also isa%f) 

conb etc.) 

<®f&(C/y)OJrrb agrivail 8. Neckless; (BTOijiJlaKno 
01^6)^008 a\yvS/Jlajn6 KR. 5. 

CSY^oeio agham S.(avos G. = (BI0oooi) Sin, evil. 
(BiO'>a0<d>ejo 03ccxoba-i(ml Bhr. 

(B!O^t^0C^b«nDo=:&O(d9a>, 0[g9(Y)0. 

C$r^)3aeloa)o agh5iam 8. (not firightfnl) Dread- 
ful; o-inol «ia(8'>aord0o^gcne the fever rages 
violently; tm^oGkows^^Oo fleroe battle. 

I. (®r2)9ax) angam 8. (\r (mom.) i. Lap, 
(also fliooBKuigjo, i8»989»aLjloo po.) tnocbcraaob 
bosom friend; ojVmd— ogfiion et^ODo oba 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

COID9990 — CSfOBMOo 

(6V083tOab — (OrOoCA) 

Qjonb 8iP. 2. nimnioftl flgare^ mark 
n. CSfiiSBio afigam 5. (Tdbli.of imooooo? anosbo 
flOoaBY2. to shield onaMlO 1. Fight, teUle. 
2. duel, ohallenge; aioaa»asni1onD QjlftldQa ¥2. 
tnosko oi^^ido to oombftt, wrestle; (nottio 
QajOA84)i to fight; soOrmos (Snotio QajO(Q 
on Tying with it; QQiQnsaios fl»abo svqo^ 
(801 (in^abcb • CO. =seiniilating. 8. dnel as 
the ordeal for Kayers, a royal privilege, 
for which each oombatant had to pay; 
sometimes foaght by hired champions; (Qioabo 
9d»>oaicroj|9aj(nononD KU. often floaabO^o 

Qjo ^89»Qjo Qjom) demanded troops and 

taxes (th.) 
Cpds: fliD8BBi6nftrD) place for duel. 
mt^m»^ti9(och a combatant. 
OiDBBb^abo royal taxes Y2, 
oosbOyoA pablio duel; 0»036OBi»^(ab (Sioab 

dwaabaoeji 1. a public square. 2. 5. pr. the 

old Syrian bishop's seat Tl. 
flBeEbQjnuk cook's tail B. 
(Gr&aSsOOo aflganam S. (I. flnobo 2.) Branding, 
aa of eriminals; (nosbcno unoocoflR^laMib KB. 5< 

(9re)8a>^3^ aJLgalaykka T.C.So.M.' Lament, 

griere B. 
(6rd890oailgain (P. hangam, season) and dnoasiO^ 
temporary appointment; oAabtk) ^ecryot^y 
«D8b9^ orgaiab MB. 
L (01^69)) aftgi TM. (Tdbh. anooco^a>) Drees 

tkat earera the Bmba, gown, jaoket; ^(S\<m 

tf or fliMb)aj9fi Yl. mailooat. 
a <9r08Bbl «kgi a.T.M.(Tdbh.(nocrn^.)Fireioio 

dRoajs eosQjl «cuoo&j BO. 88. ojABfinrxib 

flMb) aoftSAoeab BO. 67. 
oroablfOfo a&gi&aiii 8. {tmmcn^ Harked, apot- 

cmSMOo aftgnram 8, l. Shoot, genB(:a^). 

2.akSo(lofpUaiirid« 8.antilgnof ti.ttoaj 

rdssarotNdoao Had. symptoms of beginning 


«ioaak(^<no budded; mMk(S^o(^o^^o<WT^ 

«9»o (po.) 
Den. V. «naab<{^(0s to bad, chiefly metaphor 

of love, pride Bhr. o^^on c^nno^anoi)(ob flio 

aabfol^Benno COt. ( = Q«)3onD<Tio). 
C. y. (8ioabrD^gj^(dnaniTS1gj)(8» of shame, 

jealousy, etc. CG. 

(SfOBdiOdo aagoiain S. iron goad (Q(0)0§1). en 

CmOCGtil ^d980 (B108BhOdCB8cX> (pO.) 

(Sr?)(S^9^^ aftgolam B. TM. Alangium hexa- 
petalum (=s fliovplsaolcab), a oounter-poison. 
dB>ordOS>OQjo Alangium deoapctalam. 
iBio9a,9QiA6>(8Rid)o tantr. 
0io«a)9ej:fij9ool(7ib (BiOArD^ tantr. 

CQrS^gTl angri loo. (C.csio^) Pap, teAtz=d\^. 

CS^CA) aftgam S. (aryos) l. Member, part. 
2. body=ai>G^9ocoo, tmocoo j&iocqjjg^ to share 
aBaja VI. (moocoo (9i0S>«nD<ai> ((8iaocoAsn-)daa, 
«R>oco<»>«ma-l)to gird on * sword, qoiyer, etc. 
VI. 8. constituent part, branch; noDiuocoo 
0(Q OoJdAai dorOQ<edQS)o KB. of Bima and 
his 8 brothers. •a)9aicn} j^ojo & (Btoocosocdu^ 
Qj)(S9Co)(d9»«)g-}§@(Chiracal doc.) 5 branches := 
l^cUojg. cno&jocooss .a]Q(DeCOo. 

Cpds: (SioocoQuKaeo mutilation. 

i8aoGO03o bodily (poO (Sioocooab Kama. 
«8»ocn8o bracelet of the upper arms«oi9c)o 

QJA f. i. i8R>ocoea>sa>cQ8c)o KB. 
(81000300 well shaped woman (po.) 
(Bi0oO3on)0auo ceremony of touching the body, 
in Sakti worship. 

OOoCOgjs (8) distinct branch of aa army, 
or)o&)oco{ys<3^ Qiouoai^ AB. 6 (=sjii^ 


fBOooosoooo 1. mptore, loss of limbs. 2. 

(TO.) quite a member; <ir?l aHonftooj^oobo 

fSOocosocooocanroldaacB/orgL (epist.) 
fiidoCOfioco) beanty. 
«OoO90§(no mbbittg the Umbi, 

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(©BoC/JBTOo— (WOo^eJo 


<0r^MS:§^ — <6iZ)0^ 

aiDo<i«D(aas(Tdb]i.0oa)(M9» Yl.) i 

2. garment, Jacket. 
flnOoCO(D(KOo oosmatlcssrAo^^^. 
ffOooxuayob (Tu. (SiOflBt)oag^c6) a danger- 

OII8 swelling of the body (med.) ooVsvafeo 

Ag^ob Erysipelas sorophuloea. 
(SioocoQjlaiOfdo slight disorder (f. i. from 

pregnaney; iBidocnana>3(daBcb 6)ajocaal 

ooocpojlSdOfiaojo geBtionlation, also imooa) 

oDorDo VI. 
fflDocpcruocoo embrace; aid. s>«)09^ a>^|cQ3o 

OQjQyi AB. 
fliOooxTUoli^ (8) a partionlar oonjunction in 

astrol. eocrootttnoQc^eB aysjcro^ ecuiawA 

fisneodMrn (moooxY\^oi<a) aaQM»h Tr P. 
(StOooDodlorxib maimed. 

c0r5oCO6t'Yx,^cSr7)88>6noo an^u^am, aiiga^am 
S. Coart, yard, (also apartment £).id (Sa)9an 
Gjaxnai o^)(l5) flioocosmo Q.9n^? Tl.) 

(Sr7)bC09(Do aogaram 8. Live ooal, ooal, Aioooooro 

Qjsa>(8. fliOocoo(D(J090r)l) portable grates Tl. 

(8ido03orDi&nb the red planet, Hars. 

(Bioo039rDie30(Da)6)Oibo <&o^o a>osa> Bhr. do 

a collier's work, bnrn roots and branches. 

CS(DoC/5Vd^ afigirassi) S.(G.aYYe]08)Akind 
of demigods. 

c©Z)oC/fldB>(Oenr>o, — dfeyDoafi^lTfara^ain, — 

'yaram S. (isiooco yes) Consent, assent, ad- 

0ioooJl(d>r6^daA 1. to consent, assent, approTe. 
2.reoeiYe, f. i. into caste; mbc^xofo (SiOocol 
da)(D^<6n MB. recehre a complaint. 8. to 
embrace (saOfioco^iea) coocooa\)^e«K)o <o> 
coB^iob croosQjoux) a»oojl«x£)^ Nal. 

CS)r^Jg£Joaikj;illa]n 8. l. ringer, toe. 8. 
middle finger Tl. also thnmb (sioo^o&iQJ^tMA, 
(Btom^fMob thumb Yl.) 8. an inch (of 8 
GBOj); flTOo^ejo fiMhpgpnoooodOgoaBocn oorjlroo 
KB. 6. Bama's height; cno^^(aai%in£i^ e 
(oo^ej(Q-)0O6m0oo cn^stA Y. Ch, 

SAo^aD finger flAo^aeiW finger-iliig ^rm 
ooo^eikdi^asamo ^e<ORiW or)sqQ<^ 
a. med. (=sfl»o^eio.) 

aiao{^<^8. tharab,«»ogo<^g(2|*)0r>oc£)rednced 
to the size of an inch AB. 5. ojoeoo^^^Qjo 
g^Qorn) Bhr. resting on the toes (a tapas). 
(6ir0o(2;§jlanghliS. (flrooQ£stogo)Foot,root(po.) 

((Srd68«33S| aima4i 5 ((bidcob (Bioocoo+(sif^<8)) 

1. Shop, in Hal. rather cnooBo^gJls^a). 

2. market street, bazaar, town, Yillage(in many 
"S. pr. f. i. ojoftWoBO^, etc.) 

Cpds. (BiscQ80^(a»3(oab shopkeeper. 

(BiMOBO^^cOiSa or aj96rnlso merchandise; ei^ 

solo^Qao (S10. (proT.) 
(8io«SBO^®(QR&9aDcBK> being tricked in baying 

or selling (proY.) CG. 
(SioaB9^^9| the talk of the town; 9SiOsc£\<A 

fiojoeodo (moaB9S^gjos9CQ|cno (proY.) CG. 
(8100895) aaams drugs (opp. oj^ 0(Qdmo.) 

as^6S^ai36)g^30S^ aikjullapponiii} An 

aquatic plant (wanting tsiooooo or iss>o(q^) 
(Bio-fiBBls>nbo oojfb <£bl6)a(da (proY.) doing 
what is neither required nor possible. 

(Sv^QS^ aiin^ (T. (BiDsab from mno) 1. There, 
thither; eBiOfia§OQ_i9a2)9(ob = after death. 2. yon 

(opp. £60l§) dat. (BlOQCOBcda, IB»96DB(O|^«>«>(0» 

EU. your Highness* hand; 6iMoacX> mooBSiQp 
Od^'^QdanV^ TB. 
Cpds. anoeoBQOD, CAoelocn (mnsim) that way, 
thus; (sioaBSKT) <^cm sioa^o e>^9(m9cX> 
AB. 6. yes. Si^^^^^saasicn jU96ai9$(nD 
PT. 1. (BQQjQSMn) — fliD6aeor)9aa8» such. 
sioae^s there, ombb^^ob^s here and there. 
(Bioai§nnD(aS)mo) 1. thence, there; tnsQcoBgj 

Co the other side. 2. you there (hon.) aid 

a%cm eiMBMAO^ 4k^=^TB. yonr mi^eaty; 

aioe9§(ma9^£^ alBo his msjesty. 
•MBg^, «iMM»09 (£0$, e^) there; oMcnj 

(fi3l^«>a»9S^SMaB05C2|(n9<£)Ac)d AB. 
ooMBBSo (fiso) that plaos. 
AMasQBOJib, 0MaBO<b thioMy they. 
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(Sy^.ajeiBU -:- <Sibj^ 


CTOj^OO^— (STD^ 

(ojf ) thithflr. 0My»cb 
ftflmdnO:^ Snformad the king KIT. oio 

OaB3«6d98 OjOCBOOI/d^ TB. to JOUT Higlu 

nesB. (m4aB3|o o^oibbo^ aiod9asvQc»l TB. 
on both ildM. oooj^ji^dikm (bidmsoso 
caoJtgjnb Bhr. in returo I oano thoe. 

(Qr{).aJlt6 ijarun S. Hot moriag (in uU'Do^mo). 
<6rZ).ajajo ajalam B.ImmoTeftblo, moantain t U 

ouoo^o^ejo K. pr. the Western ehants. 

(TOJjtLjlTStrovo ajittam S. Without mind, dislnoU- 
natioB Tl. 

(Sf^JiSir^ja aJmSTam 8. Unimaginable; <d>m 


(firSLojV^ a]inm 8. Hot long. aio^a>oa]k soon 

(6rd(SAjanCY>o ajAanam 8. irrational, nnoon- 

^f^JUy (SCdj^ a]l}, Mq 8. A vowel (gram.) 
(SRJ^o aMam TM. (\rB»«Btt«>) Fear, dismay 


«iD^S4flao shyneea, modesty (€>0gg5b). 
<®fO-^ adia (r. a)06)d)coi9)) Mother; tm^ aicna 

OS t^ej (n«)^6mo YCh. 

flo^e|ci6 TM. (T. alsoino<onKib.G.Ta. flnos^ob) 

1. father, lord; naed chiefly hon. (sn^ 
onboojAo Hal 8. my father*s honse. 

2. title of males in royal fomiUes f. i. in 
PaUeida m^xnSUai^ch TB. the minister 
of Calient Bajah MBog^g^nb, of €k>ohin 
Qjo^flBi^cib, of Nayer ohiefiB <ftA<fla»9§ or>9 
eWb aiD,fi|C094b TB. (in Cnnimb.) of the 60 
heads of Ura|er (Cal.); even of monkeys A(0 
OB^iabFT. a»^on«y 900(0000 TP. oath. 

«D^ C. To. X,l. mother (=sfi»^ (Bio^ A 
6k»)«or) (oafiaW) (^a>orDo TB. 2. Nayer 
woman Yl. 8. female of animals eto. tmj^ 
ons the plantain stem surrounded by its 
effipring («kto). me^ «)s)^aj§^ ^Bhslci^jo 

(St^^o^ aSaizam T. M. Te. (0. Te. M>d^ ba 
indebted, pay money) Earnest money, advance 
given to ratify a bargain. tMksi^ (OsnoajWi 
ADdDSiOo 6XUdi| betrothed Ti. 
CSrD.^DO (P. achar) Pickles K0. 

®^.^ aMi 1. see under (to^. 2. Atoheen; 
hence m»j^<Q2aS^o or 0§ae(mlfo. 

CTO^IOW addinna l.^ooanolm Green figs 
VI. 2. very young beans, also «»,a^ 

C6tZ)^'>51 aMiri l. (Tdbh. (b«><5>^1) Worthless, 
insubstantial Yl. cio^rDloj&pl unlucky ways 

^t^&DJiO Y2. (BlOj^alrol Q^6n| = (gdUQJD§«im8lO 

OS. 2. (from (TO^o) c»^r&)oj6no«fl> to 
smile baehfuUy. (JAslg^r^l ainsanoAlcA 
Bhr. (TO5^(i)jjrif£l<a8(syo Bhg. sneer. 
(Sro^ a6di) 6.(Tdbh. (roaaio) i. Sign, type. 
2. mould, £98 QJoaeoD (siO:^ for bullets, 
oiOd^ Q«)0<qi!2<ft> TB. for coining, tsio^o «Kn 
g^o royal revenue. cnxati% ea^o jrof61ayo 
^aDo^dhojo s)a>o^({]Q KV. 8. qj^c»:£J 
axle tree, also (TO j51(fl*){0Bjsl. 4. weaver's 
reed or stay, c^oA «R>§^Q_|on«) (818^^. 5. a 
mistake (sQoaoq). (Bid(a&ro9ggoa)o o^og^g 
fliO:^ Q^og^d) (T^ogucBfo (po.) 6. a little 
snail (T. axoni, (TOjxiq). 

Cpds. (TO^sl (1) printing. «»^^<Oeg^jOQMQBc)o 
ohinties Hal 8. 
a»^^«asi 1. print, stamp. 2. to mould 

0B4ti^«asio(Dn6 printer. 
CBiDj^4k0Sl type-cutting. 
o^SAOfflb ramrod (and (Bn,gt^eioo^}* 
(TOi^^So printing-presB TrP. (=inoj^^ 


ao^anzDdl (3) axle-tree; 8t<^AOo a(^6nS)a>c)o 

<UMOo fiOOsj^^QQaMO^aSOftilA^o aor)6XD 

QcSl^ KB 8. 
CBiD:^(Oioft9i| axlc-tfec, axis. <B)[^^^ 
(DKnonbocBiD:^(na»r^90(O0ingdiAlejo 0000 
«auMDnMoco)(ol<mancaGi^ ^$<»fi>a)o. Bhg 5. 

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« (Sir^G^d — (Sfb 



690(3^3 addo (Too. of«A^^bP)Int•rj.ofBar- 
prise, psma(8iD^S)3. «o«£i9 Q4))c)o VO. hear 
oh friend, also moo^o TyM. 

(Sr^^rOX^ a]71l58ii S. (not (ailing) YiBhnu. 
(SiD^rn^ oonstanoy Yl. 

(SVt)ngo a5dham S. Dear, transparent, pare; 

<e8o Kei N 2. 

(0fOagnD addhaiL (=(Braj^nb modem) 1. 
Father, (stdjuidct oQicm &g^a>&ioQfiicmQj^ 
j^o 8G. (Bio^ Qa)ornlcoB5)co s)^9^ Q<o>6nD 
Ca. (a child when flogged). 2. mother's 
brother VI. S. Sir. 

(SiD^ j^ nb, ettij^ m father's parents (Cann.) 
(etQj^=(Sio^ mother, lady Yl. 

(SKi9Jia 9 =(8100^9 f. i. <31M^ 9 00)00^) S><d>9g|j 

aiDQaj9 MB. 

C®fDi2glnrY\)a66luimamS. UndiTided;(8WJt^1(m 
S<d^9£eQl(SO SIP 8. 

L 0Sfd8>&) ajam S. Unborn, (eionnb Brahma. 

n. (Q^seoajam f. (srosi (a^os, leaders. (Stogq a^U)) 
GK>at. jBioeac/?^o S. a boa=Qj(mcoo Bhg. (eioea 
(Sauxa'ocoo sacrifioe of goat MC. (Siosso-jOtiiab 
goat-herd. (TO)eaoDej9cTO)roo (prov.) difference 
between goat and elephant. 

(iS^S^CQ^o ajayam S. = (8iOQJncs;o Defeat. aj1§L|9 
§ a>96m9o eaai>cyo (sroeacsi/Qjo Bhr 7. 

(CirOMCOo ajaram 8. Kever getting old (po.) 

(erD«(Cr9o ajasram 8. Uninterruptedly; mt^ 

<gpo (9>906OBc)o (STOOdSajitSA ER. 

C®^6Q3(C^r^ ajagra5a 8. CareleBBness. 
(6^98loOo ajinam 8.(IIflnono)HidenBedaB8eat 

CSi^sflt^ ajiram 8. (running V^ (row) Yard f. 

i. of houses, battle-field, (Si^iS^c^o am£\:S^ m&) 


(SY^8q1(230S1 (P. azmaish) Examination, 
rough oalonlation (of produce). mti^a^<Q9 
A^nriD Oc/99CJOor) 5>jii^, s>$>Qj09ODl(d9o (monl 
eooeicdso Oojgaifm d9>9^cT\2Dna94) MB. 
cSirD8^|nno ajirnam 8. (not worn out) 
Indigestion, also (Sioeelj^ai). 

(STDSiflajnol ajlTaoi a. Death. mioiaW 
dead Yl. 

C®r2)(S89CQXYb ajfiyail 8. InTlnoible. QLi9(naja)9 
ejo (mo90acB>ab AB 6. 

(GV^^^nb ajnail 8. ignorant. (SiofltaKm igno- 
rance, «o. 9(xj9«9anor)9ab oiadBa^^asr^ CO. 
flioMDKo^ unknown, aneMRi9(a)aj9ax)o o»ifi^sn 
living incognito Bhr. 

iBiDSte9(T>o ignorance, chiefly religious. 

fiioste9ro) ignorant, pagan. 

(8io98taoKs;o not to be known (po.) 
(St^StBllo anjam X cup, small Tessel (med.) 
asr^gl&jaio anjalam 8.(V^ (StbeaS bend) End, 

border. eJ^QO-i9«ai«ej (po.)=«cn9ajln6 (smig) 

I. CSo^eYgursb anjal 5. (aC.todiTide=(Bi9ooeo) 
Orig. a stage, relay; now letter-post. mdsayA 
A9§a) to run post, aiosaufobi^ej) postage. (Sio 
6izu({bb)gi(D i>ost-offloe, (SiOfiOU^DrDnb post- 
runner. (Biofisurbb Qjtpl(d« 5>a)9^(inB»cD;^ a>a{Q|, 
(OidGiUQj^nib (8ido^(and9fi9(ib TB. 

II. dS^CYSilrsb Y. If. of (siosQ^id). 
($rz)6tsLnr7S\) an]i5am 8. (v^ tst^m) i. 

Honored, revered. istO6Bu)(U)09Q{|es ajomDro) ^ 
afls CG. 2. (as if from csto&at^O)) the feeling 
of awe. a^9Bi>c)o csr^ a^eaS^cS^ts^zsiatovis csK>ses^ 
(0)09(32^00. felt himself defeated. 3<ady. 
awfully. (SiocnjidicX) (Oi^czcA (STQsoul.tDo Aaj9&p)av 
5>gj9&plcB; BC. 88. 
(lS)t)6lOU anj^ M. (T. corruption of 6)Qg)Q2g, see 
6)0^) (St^aianiTnsa^o ojl&jcani 6ia9acn9 TP. 
remonstrated often enough. 
(9K>6>SBU§99.(d3c)o YyM. some persons. 
Cpds. (SiDfiOUsi a short (moral) song. 
(mosBUcmnb having 5 arrows, Kama, alsoisiofioi 

GjaKTUnb (pO.)(S10€BU9o fifth, (Bld6BU30nb,(B1D 

(8id6au9ooLjoo) measles, catarrh Yl. 

(81D6SU0O o^fD the 5th or additional room in ft 

native house, used for stores and as prison. 

(8T0emi9o cgrDc[D<uo<ds shut up in it, as ft 

woman suspected ; (Biottuoo a^roaTinib ais 


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<Sr(>«IB^«e> — <B>OS 


(6ir2)Sd86t — <Sf<^SddG^ 

mbemach a meMiire(P) SKngy MMDiQcnonib 

OMOilfiMMig Aigengo, IbrtUled by the English 

in 1694 TB. 
«iOfli^}QLJg[]}o N. pr. the aeat of the original 
Jewish oolony (Syr. Doc.) Pai. 
(6rt)ao4 S> anjaya TM. (isioeng 0. Tu. m^^ Te.) 
1. To fear, despair. ibimbP ao%o aj)Au>3 Bhr 7. 
aofiBttdSkOk aj.T» YetC. oame without fear. 
8.(po.)to eoneede superiority, ojofiifia^oa^jsnii 
<S\CQ. aj3aiei^oo09iflcB»o«>AYetC. ce>ooo«i04o 
9ajco909«)s Bhr. 
TH. masBUnA and (8io^o awe, fear q. y. aod 

(er2)Gi«8mo anjanun S. ((8»6i« anoint) Ointment, 
chiefly of eyes, lampblaok, antimony (ojgg^a 
ensacno brass oalx, rD<Siai06i«ono, c(f\ei (Bio. 
9qO0 aid. a med. O^tMAoaoBcno GP. etc) 
moemcnsa^ antimony sulphurate GP75. 
nsed med. and to disoover thefis or treasure; 
henoe siMivKno ojodOe or &Sia>^ (sto, eg^s 

0Ban(r)<0s)«^ a oonjuror. 
tfiMBciorxu^nb, ff»6Bi(naj^nb 0;ishj;ia, s «)0 
gSlgq[^ CO. 

(SrOfii^aTl aojali 8. The cavity formed by putt- 
ing the hollowed palms of both hands side by 
side (s<VA3;^>6>Aaft) chiefly for adoration, aio. 
<dftj^> ajga^96nnej^(po.)«nsmej^«iKiu}o Sijii 
c^ SMSiO^^ KB. 010. «.aMSfe or>0qg;|ro)d^ Bhr. 

Cm^ei^croo anjaai 8. (by way of gliding) 
Straightway (po.) 

CBr^ev9trQ)QcaXo=iiBiD(ny 90210 TB, 

(Sr^6rovG)D(f| (imofio = 6>aa)o) afiiiaU 6 irSrl, ll 
measures. aMBOos^<3{fo ajsjOQ^o a fee on feast 
days (TraT.) 

C0fO9rmm Q aMlhl 600. (Bie«ngooonb A sub- 
diTision of Kayers TB. (\n Iruwenadu). «io«Df 
oQAisA (and — oocBoA) Bomaa oouTerts from 
Tier, Fisher and similar castes (Ooehin). 

eSftS U^A 5. (V^Aio^ be contiguous, close) Whst 
I at a rest or bar. 1. a lamp. 2. a cake 

madeofeynnoOP. 8. alockVl. 4. Incuba- 
tion B. 

dpds. (BIOSdBsv^, (BYO^SO&l, (B10S9<fle3(Ob Yl. 

anril of goldsmiths. 

<S^Sdd&y (Sf^6)Sdde\(^vsi ) MO. Te. 1. betle- 
nut, Port. "Areca" (the tree <&q60§) .oOOO cm 
6)S6)(ds>c8n 0)0 ^^^ <^^ 1^^* (asseBsmcDt 
of 1798). prepared betlenuts a^^costSdi, 5)aj 
§s<dn. — (snS(9n (sr^<fiiScnJ3d> ss^csnoib s>aj 

(finDo (Opp. 6)^60890^30)1)) pr07. 2. (loo.) 


(®^SdB6^0a6t^CQ;nb ((Siosien Qj96mloWTb 
OOiib a med.) SphsBranthus Ind. GP. 61. 
kinds S)jiAo)o2; — 6>Qj^(ma) — Celoeia argentea 
Bh. 05100^ (S10. Conyza lod. Bh. 

050^5(66^0 T. SoM. Shelter, ono. Qd9>9§<fle 
grant, protection Yl. 

C&l>SddetOOJ Shelter; (roStflnOg^^dOfial the 
sparrow, fringilla domest. (a good omen); 
also a child may be called by its mother 010s 

d98l9|^JdofiS 1. 

kijannil (or (noSQJti»kB;ab ouioai, a»ss>aaMS) 

KOch GP. 60.) Asolepias annularia, med. in 


inos(a-^aab a oertain condiment B. 

0iDS0roo Terminalia Cadappa Bh. 

(SiosatP T. incessant rain (see onsobasp). 

oioseoo) 1. inequalities of ground (?) XB. 
298 (in doe. style). 2. any small bit of 
rieetleld, much used for rearing rieeplants 
(Palgh.)=s6>aLjooo, ajge^fiooovaib. 

fliDSOJi^ way between two hedges Yl. 

($rt)S(06^o a^aUEam Y. N. ((8ios«3^ A) i. Being 

obtained. iiQcm\aBSicr) a>QLnovs<fleo KU. thus 

says the tradition. ~ 2. (old) all, the whole. 

mo9(oo iBio5<0Ao i^^s^^, QjlroA anomoyo 

AfdeScsao ^s^6)g_}nb BC. j^rodan (nosdSao 6>a>9 

on^ Yl. purchased the whole of the goods. 

(Biem^Stfao (B!Oor)|Q^aj«)tooj/o (gnrn^oAfl (doc. 

alias onan^dBso) with the oonsent of all thenj 

Digitized by \^jOOQ IC 





liTing heirs. 8. poBMuion, eoJoyiiMiit; 0]% 

cEtH (doo.) «Bt^ (BVDC^OLicmoaA (S»«<080§o c 
oaB9§o (Biosanso® tn^dkmo TB. in cage of 
one branch dying out the other inherits, qj 
G0cn3SS<0Ao (nrodoiob TP. coossdBno croanorDl 
tfajdSe; o<d>o§QCBi imstiaeo s)^^ KU. took 
possession of the fort. 4. self-control, modesty, 
chastity VI. secrecy, acng^cmsdaeo VCh. 
(8iDS<aoo OjiiA^CYTioiA BO. the aastere Biehi; 
(BiDScSst^ea aabCBiffloii) Qcnu«r^QjcX>ces BO 117. 
STta the most chaste. 
imosdan<0ftorDnb proprietor. 

<B1DS<d8 Vl. = (810S<fiSO 4. 

($r^s6S«3(d) a4annn'ya 5. (>/"isio^) t. a. 1. To 

be pressed down, enclosed, contained. Qjiioo 
sobI is swallowed. QjorDlaS^dBfieglnib (siosob^cb; 
(g(^ Mad. enclosed by the sea. atSoal^aiixsiosaBl 
took shelter under, ^oj^ Area ai5<0nltf oios 
ai§«09. 2. to sabmit, yield, be possessed, 
ruled. aiOQjchfinosajQ) yielded. AaiMno^QEtn^aj 
<ea tmssioesna ^abo TB. (=(8msQsa>). oj^ 
Qjdi tfeajoDjan^Vob (SYOsm^ 9(uome TB. ojo 
aii56is§crnlgy does not yield. 8. be controlled, 
proportioned ; dkoSdSA moscBB^ov aisl (pror.) 
AQJOO^S)eJ<0fiSCDB9niO) (RDScanegj. proT. 4. 
be allayed, calmed. <^an«bk^a (TOSco^o a 
med. (=:e«)flce«o). (iol«Km (Alnmonboj^oe^js 
m%o T7B. ecBo (BioscQ^rm qaoqjo Xnd. 5. 
to rest, cease, be silent ; oe jsctoo Adsiaa) died. 
cnWos tOQjo 0^(^^5609^ oiWdaoab oO) 
nno^mgcrrfl^o KB. ooansm), fi^^roansofo; 
af\ QQCRnsaB^orSl^cne EB.whystandeet thoa 
silent, 9<0>§S6DB)0S6mo listen attentiTely. 010 
oSla^MDo QQj^scBB^ Q-io«BMad. live retired, ojl 
g|j 6>cu^saBlcB;9nb Bhr. gaTe np the Job. o^ 
Q^juiModn siosob) aicnS)d96mD Nal. mst from 
peace.QJ9ioSl(Db«Dos«») ^offlA^s^shaft gently. 
ODSflBlnf. (smesttao 2.) adsobq^^cbi BC. 
I to cease entirely^ 

tll0 whole WWlNlti {m «5 

siaaM) 2.)«»saMi ^08i» fbrmanestimate B. 
mosioBMaBi nimaaageable, diaobedieiit, eto. 
0. Y. flRdScoiSlae make to submit, eaolose Yl. 

(6'7)S<MdB), ddS\ 5. ▼. a. 1. T6 press down. 
aj(^T»^ej9<flel (Bios<eeo AB 6. swallow. 
2. snbdae, possese, enjoy as property, moss 
ffienm 9d>o^ TB. the actual Government. crU 
Qxiuoousdae to seeare, use the crops. Avm 
Qjo ojooojo 6>A9(0i£) MQSdaSkaf«Skn9(A a» 
s^(flecmajor>9(B^a8me lived hum cnltiration 
TB. (ao^ojacTOjo tms^ KU. usurped. Acru 
emPcBHaib (Biosae TBi, confiscate, ojemo aS^ 
(S^^Sd^ TB. (=(9106)5:^ .aiqsS^ 6>A9nr»o 
inosdBo)o«asiodt)«i KU. conquer and rule. 01^ 
oHtmo ffioSdOA^ OA9§dan KU. pay up all his 
salary. 8. control, repress, acog^aecuoab 
attf^Qj «)9«mo«a9 KB. could not contain 
themselves. uaVBfiArooe^ai«)6,aj9«DU(Q9lcB«ies)ft 
«». (o^osmoBAfl (Q396maj9am«^ «^(rieis<6an 
Bhg. by mortifloation. a>ae.tfKV), ^Qji\a*Sicn 
(81D- to subject demons by mantras. Q^aio ibios 
<Bin s>ajg^9n6 CO. correct an unmannered 
ohild. ^ql^s^ ORdSdBeQJOOlb AB 4. punish. 

ojgso 0ios9<en«mo cvf) C0. ajocBosae<0> Bhr. 
restrain, (rottisaeda (BiDS<0ail TB. suppress- 
ed our grievances. 4. to allay, quiet; orSlnaeo 
o^)§00o oiDsaeo UB. oo^orS^dSe Qj)oog^5>«s«mo 
cciJ9na9AoaA AB. must still my hunger with 
your flesh. ajOflnDSdBttlmonb AB 4. eomf6rted. 
CY. flnosdte^tiae f. i. Aoa ««>9^S(0ii^^ KU. 
caused the oountry to be ruled by an equal 

CSf^j^ see under onDsotia*. 
(Cr^SOOo a4aaiam 8. (V^flios ) Erring about (po.) 
cerdSrrO) a4aDdA T. M. a mode of beating time 
in music B. (see aiafilo) Bhg. 
<»OSjtJ wee «MSgj. 
(SroSj^ (GrDSj^ol) a4>kppim, B4*PIMih 5. 
(0. qDOjdqjo) 1. Betel purse, ohonam pouohs 
«»a9««>o, CQo)$an aj9Q)o} hence ons^ceM 

Digitized by ^OOyiC^ 

<9os(a9— cmsoj 


(m6)SdBA — (6>MS< 


4ftA KB. betel seiraBtk MflBSg^jygo a oonrt 
ektfge Tl. S. a etopper, oork B. (s(8BS 
^. 8. barber*Bdre8Btogoaee,al0O«ioaii§nb 

tSfi>saQcno w^BssmnBrn T.6oM.((8K»s)i.Pftim, 

mortage. 2. oaseocno (oxm (=inddS:^gaTe 
«dsm4, cfii^oij a^ambn, a4tmbii t.m. 

GoBTolToliie pee oapro or LagerBtroemia 
ngkaminfiMn) — Acugfi — Conv. flageUlf. Rh. 

ISI^SCQ^O^ a4a7alain 5. Mark, dgn. oioscsDoao 
S^A to mark. (noscB;3&6)g-j§(OiOKi2)<fle AB6. 
diemi— the enemy with some mark, a wound 
ete. N. cnooEAA doscs/oao the letter of Ifayer 
If . la aa followe. (Doao&o <0)gq^o <§si diogiorab 
SB. Joint letter of B. ft 0. (TB.) 

(0rDSC^;<fi>,$v«ni^a4a7ii'yaT.M.C. {mos) n. r. 
l.To be shot, ihat np. ^1^)8-10^00056109 Kid* 
QjorokViik AOSfiool^ would notflhut. Q^dsOss 
Q^Bhr.the ear is stunned. 2. to be enclosed, 
get into, oome into poesession. ag|Ool<de <0>5o, 
Qojaei eto. ffiosen^ aojooDl I baye reoelyed. 
(ssdKTB 9em9uS\:Q^, esp. of the oolleotion of 
tszea. OD^atVcnl 9orvo9cs»l cunmsci^o TB. 
coov^me (^crS^ecn) tMsatfOcafoi ajsmo ete. 
(sometimes serosco^at). 8. a. y. (T.) to obtain, 
(oseodoj 0Q0(oni9Qseeg coffio (smssa^o KB. 
ojVaid «M>aajo>ml 0OS6IO9 KB 2. 
ADSGB Inf. (sflnosoe) all. dDosov crooQO(£l:j^ 

Bhr. sea Qa_iO(CB<fo (Siosav 5)<d>09i§ Bbr. 
moGf»ei^ T. a H. (unsubmitting) enemies. 

MOSov&iMu) BO 84. (B»sa»ejrt»s<A 


V. H. <®fOSa4 T. M. C. (obtaining) 1. Begular 
eastom=sfli^^orDo. 2. buying daily a 
staled portion on monthly aooount. oon§|i, aj 
fy, oojgqj mosQj 6>49>o§<a». 8. money that 
has eoBM to hand; (a(iKT\)rg&) m, dM^^ to 
•OB 1^ •■ aeemmt B. 4. dexiarity, aoq«ire- 
msttL «»sa4*<fo Ad^kvoob Bhr. flBso^axX) 
&jWmp^ ha ftlled in exaodaitian. «0SQjQ«asi 

be perlset in any art Yl. «O9(U^<0s«yss 
a pezfeet thing Yl. 6. esp. inatnietUm in 
playing or feaoiag Yl»— den. Y. cnosoj^dae 
to buy the whole, f. i. of a ship's goods; 
obtain the monopoly of selling tobaooo eto. 
witliin a Bi^ territory Yl. 8. X.manner 

(er|)6)S(66^ JS^ a. y. 1. To shut, obstrnet, 
block np. aLiM^eis>s<Os, (fiMSj^c^g^ MB. 
no locked door. A^oop^oik flioos^ dbls<asoab 
MMMBadn^y TB. rioters leave us no night's 
rest. Qt^ cnos^^saeofPfiiDoainbaS. dead; 
a)j|^s<6A0SHA Qjoq^ looked into the son. a> 
jms^ ajl^o(£)<a» Nal. 4^^»&i (Bim>s^aa 
§1 qecBi)§^ TB. the houses of reaiteatsubjeots; 
qjoobH cno. 4B>ocB|o 010. etc. 2. to take in, reoeiYe, 
collect, put np. crS^Aion a^(on»A5<as, a>9^ 
(okBrVob enoASifie, oo^oobo ««>A>«aBi aQ^fOioaao 
aj6mo(BM>s.Bp§er^ TB. collected fior Oovem- 
ment. 8. to pay down (as an instalment), put 
into a bank. i^«iMib(8i06)5dM9cnJ9^ 01001990110 
yo (doc.); to conclude an account Yl. 4.Y.n. 
to be shut, rendered imperYiovs. emo^ «<ljo 
02; aisp)Q[yo (B»s,siP^ KB. the way which B. 
went is still open, I may kill thee as well as 
him. d^ (BiDAS^9aaoo Nld. A^ aiOQsae 
cnrvmlono eo^fi^oa) SiOYsH cnois a med. sku^ 
4>a>oar^ 6)jaiQjl oos^^q-jocu) stunned (sono 
so^a)). fil(g0UOBc)ddae ^j»xi!\ aiods^ Bhr. e 
(^nrfl<b (BAOs^ifm e6)Ad9ao a med. aioajoaeo 
c^ 0^«>o (QKvn^ (BiOQSdiy 6>a)0er^ CG. being 
shut up with Urn in the room. 0SP fl2fD)§6)S 
^ 6>4>>9on8 QJ((8ono and 9g(D)gs^<^<en be Ycry 
dark, be in the dark; e(D%s^i)a> <lmi oj 
ifl YOh. 

<SrD6VS.^ QJOOCSI A vessel into which 
water is strained firom the boiled rice. 

<S^Sj^OO\ (£<ooQ<d)) Lid of a pot serving 
as strainer (also (mosgj, flnsojodBio a&io), 

(6rd6^gJ, CGr^SgJ Y.N. 1. Obetraotion, 

Digitized by ^^JOOQlC 

CSr06^Sa-jl —. (SrOSOJl 


<Of©S0(Yin— <®fOsl 

2. whatefer stops, oorera, oloees » holo. oSo^ 
weixu ^qo o»lej6>«iosiB ons^ooBi® KR., lid 
or ooYer of a pot, jar. 8. ss oios^o 2 and 8. 

(®rt)6^Sa-p38© O.y. Cause to look or shut; 
Qjlo^Jo ©r61§SgJi;^ CO. aJ«mo oa)§aJ^:fiiSgj^ 

aadooddfil TR. (from anD«)s<fiB) 2.) 
<®rosroice>,nnra Yu. mr^. adaruTfa (C. to pounce, 

T. to grow thick Te. to shine— V^flm§) To 
burst, oraok, slit oif, fly open — (mosomDOrta 
«)a>oa3j Bhr. fiioscno SaiorDoos Bhr. a tree. 
9viwA (s»scm Oojoo^* azboovo (nosono oDsno 
from a wall, ojgy siosnno, ojoiQxmot^Qabo oi 
dan (Siosono, etc. 
onosib 1 .=i8ios(ab war. 2. a splioter, as of wood, 

bone, stone. 
(Si96dk ^* ^' splitting, a crack, a. y. miDSdas), 

ajg^ (old) <sios((^5)a>09i^ Oajocmoab co^iJ^ 

Qjcib ^ablrolsoecX) Bhr. tore off; tmscAoijsi 

aiaac)o, erooecX) BO 9. dkcmlob 6><fi)0§c95i 

csassicm^qQ AB 6. 
0ios<i]i2a> Yu. oioscqBP^ to split(«i^aD s^aiocnj 

a>6)a), tear off. (gr^lcoe amsasR^ MG. opened 

an oyster. 

(®f©S^ a4al T. M. (C. Te. terror) from (8*o§. 

1. Closing with oombat, fight. <d>s®&JDSS(7A aioa 

^o ero a>s<8&jo^ crueocodsdn Bhr. like a sea 

battling with a sea. Aiosrob «a^.oej9cnjo@ BC. 

fliDSfbbdsndO BC. (Sios^flo Bhr. battle-field; 

(Bi05»<pa)C[S2 qIW BC. 2. emulation (s 

ammto) isiocnlQcndSsaA 6>ajofQ9(ng^rgb gfrief 

comparable to. 8. incessant (of rain) 

If^o Bhr. 
(8iosfij&(b enemies. (8ios&o^a)oejab, (mosaio/D 

Q^ocOnafinoi^ d§<eeQjnb BC. 
I. (SrZ)SQj| a4ayi 8. Forest, Jnogle (C. Te. ono 
aoQj T. (8ios<b dose from <bids) edCDajosal^a 
Qj KB. thou consumer of the Asuras. 
(moSQjIai^rdo (or — ao^oojo) a Curcuma, 

n. (Sk^SOjI (= (BTOsaj 4. see (mosaga)) dexterity, 

M. interj. Calling p«rBoof of lower rank, better 

0059 etc. QJ(D)a>9S0 OC'S3«g^0. 

(®?)SDnriisl a4amba4i ((mosoiooajs^) Crderly, 
soocessively B. 

csrosl a^i T. M. C. Tn. (Te. (B»ciy^) \/^m^. 
What comes in contact. 1. bottom, base, 
beginning. ^(otaiSi&cho, 0fijQ{)OS oio^ foot. <no 
<inlonbo (Bio^cee oqj^® (jad.) put under it, 
OffMBB <§§1cB«<dn$>n6o AnsW (Jud.) under a 
heap of nuts, aisnso otds^ (Si^d) field to be 
well dried for sowing. aiosliJBsrD a(0s ojoem^ 
all from the commencement. anos^OcvoAo 
cormgy proY. 2. sole of foot, footstep, measure 
of a foot. (Bios) ojo^en^, eo^em^ sprained 
ankle, oiosl 9OD3(0n)(nSd9A follow footsteps* oio 
5^^sl9cD;9s)s(snrBb «iosl5>fi)0on9 Hud. was 
beaten from head to foot. (^cm£\ 009 0279^^^ 
^mo 0&J9 <d)o (gom^CB;9Q(D( AB 6 . Yamana. 
^«(U9<d>o ^oms^avod9olav8i(YiD CC. compassed 
the three worlds with 8 steps, (gomoo <bid€1 the 
Srd time or turn. 8. foot, metre in (8i06iu€^. 
4. foot as object of adoration (see 9 jaicu^, orTlao^ 
asQjs),) 9aj6nD0§s^<d>cX> the king of Yenadu, 
TraY. (BVDslcBHfgb ojleTvaismae) AB 6. and (on^ 

Mud. 5. blow, stroke. ojosjQ i]^fDrbb«>A09r^ 
,oa aio€l (Bio^^ TB. oq^sicm (sns\ ^S€a&, 
(Oi0S\(A (sns\ ^sl, fiTnoBcX) aitzS\<A (ooslayo 
cx^slcq^socdH came to blows. (Sios)5>a>9on9 was 
beaten. 6. sweeping the house (mo^loi^o <0i 
£\qs^o KTJ. 
Cpds. oiosl d9>&joenA(5) assault, oiDaMKV) «do. o a1 
^ assaulted him HB. 
(TOsl^&nsoQJ (I) first child Yl, 
(Siosldte^l (2) at each step, repeatedly (5) an>. 

Aip)(0si retaliate, blow for blow. 
(Biosl^rodsa (1) baUast Yl. 
ADS^iAiQiib (6) sweepings of a houM. 
(mo^mV^ (4) a olass of BrahmMiB, proBerters 
of the holy fire. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



<®f^sld9© — (Ci?)S|CB 

ooSmacAo ojnno PP. (i) lost hU steading 

«B^Vij(MB^(8)to walk(hoiuof Caym*Ui)Yl. 
OO^lgjSQj the bottom step, foondstion. 
ms^ocoxab a oertain game Vl. 
0O^^S^ (6) qnarrel. 
«dsV)2^(0i (1) to oome down, &11. (=iB»si 

Q[8<0>). Qjexiilej^«)g^ PT. 9. QD^AabotLJl 

0BS^6)ajs oi9(snKna6 RO. roared louder 

than thunder. 

«»^(Q^0D6mo (1) prior deed(f.i. oSlejOTiSl 

oabo 010. TR.)=<i^«p(Q^0o«mo. 
m5^S0(^ aiovoQa) (l) take ballast. 
«D^0ajA(4) hon. foot (BioslaaK^emRC. also 

«o^^^ Acfo ^ycunb (2) from head to foot (po.) 
oosl^or^ nnder-oloth. 

ooslcBKitor^ (2) 1 . a fixed interral of time, term, 
feast, stated oeremonies. (no. a>ipl«fl», ens 
fiC^aiTB, celebrate a marriage, feast (opp. 

QS<eaa>). <B10S)cBKnD(D38)(fiic}0 <0>tf)(fiA MR. 

cr)S9<fi«or^o (810. d49sQgo cnfijajgrno oDSnm 
TR. coronation etc. <8K)S^ca;a»fOo <d)ipl6ngi9rgb 
TR, after the feast, mos^cuaw^o a^uojoj 
(opp. ttcnao) extra expenses TR. 2. exi- 
genoj, urgent, indispensable; fio^oj^ 
eioaj<0)9uao (8iosV»cra)(oaocDJ1 <fl»lc)ocr)3c)o oos 
<no 01(03010 MR. undisputed, regularly, ^^ 
Qoygjonb (wos^caaoxoaoggmo TR. neces- 
sary. (B»osic»aD)m0ocal oQ^pfDH <0>§lJ^ TR. 

•osicao (4) present given at an audience, fee 
cm purchase of privileges. sfMACib ea^ojcn 
aa&cao^o Otfto^qg^ KR. 

«DsWx3j (1) checkmate (= oS) ^yonb a>^akll 
g)). AO^QKQcfin give checkmate Y2. 

«DS)<Booo (1) to the bottom, thoroughly, jiTlo 
m. OQj^fiOd^ aiftsn^ MR. 

«DsV»OCJOOrDo=3(BIO^^09ffT)e, «?)sPOCJOO(Oo. 

MO^^t^a* (1) to commence. 
mskflfOMB^ (2)8s«nD5\ufoasia>. 

«»^CBl^ai (4) leaf in which the king eats. 
(mB6)(S{|OQ^ firm basis (of undertakings). 
(BBs)qjo(Oo (1) foot of hill. 
(Bios'AQjaf)(2) walk slowly. 
isx)5)cruoocno, isios^asRiocno VI. foundation. 

<SrOS1<6® a^ikka T. Te. M. (aio^ 6) l. To beat, 
strike. ^axAsi^o^ <4)6Km (oanit (Bios)^ 
TR. (B)o^s1<0A, ojsmasliflB coin. «vooos)<s« 
to blow. (81^5 (8»s^ca» kill, (jnrn (sios^j^aojo 
dn 8 o'clock struck. Qoi-ina^iflnOg otovocSl 

. (msl<0s)aa(S only no fine I croofouyi ttotoao (i£i<S\ 
^s^^ AR 6. drove, —as v. n. cn)aicon)laB>(9b 
(Siosl;^ ojl^fbb KR. throw yourself on the 
ground. 2. M. Tu. to sweep the ground 
((810^ 6). 

y.N. (Bi05)^nb 1. beating. 2. ((8to^Q(^d9>) 
a trap. 

(0io€l^ 1. printing, stamping, coining. 2. what 

is beaten, as metoi, not oast. 
C.V. eaos)gjl<ao f. i. ojcmo have coined. 
rosns^g^ (019)0 two kinds of coins. 

(®fOsljylaJ0(t), (Stt)s|.^D(t) a4i66ibaray 
a4i^Miua The cotton of coooanut leaves, ooqj 

CSfiGiS (Vj06)aU9&), <010(18g^9(T}, Ad»>0£}OS, Ctc. 

used for straining (and perhaps sweeping (oio 
slidn 2), and torches. 

($irZ)s|(2 adima T. M. (m^ l) l. Slavery, 

(Bio^ediW (8io^5>g_j^a> captivity Yl. oio^e 

ajl9i§fi)a)0cto redeem Yl. (mo. A<i^gj(aPmo 

Bhr. to emancipate. 2. feudal dependency 

of a Niyer upon his patron. 8. slave, ^o^a 

dQfia|^CB;6>s>axg|«n^0 ^aJQanflaaoA KR. aid 

sl0CB>9j^a« 0(00^0 oQBKtdfi CO. we your 

(bought) bondsmen, also (oos^a o^doQ RC. 

in order to serve. (Sio. ojlslcee TR. rob slares 

(riotous Maplas) (sm£iQ^a% fSkq^ prov. 

Opds. (810^089000 1 . grant of land to an inferior 

with reversion to the grantor on fsilnxe of 

heirs to the grantee (Tell.) 2. also 

mortgage of land by a superior to a person 

of low caste W. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




«ia£)0cftMLjcn immanity grwited to ilavM by 
their masters B. 

I your serrant, in obi. oases mo^kaOiMOt TP. 
o^ooQfi HB. six of US. In po. similarly a» 

s^CBKOin^onlb <noauafi^o Gepor. I oanaot. 
2.=aio^axX) (4) No. tftooo^CBrtfanBi TP. 
oh my yoang Lordl (Too.) 

fi»slcD;on6 m.; — cD^ocb, ~ oaroaRO B. — auogl 
T. f. slaye, serrant (pi. (TOS^cbioA and ansl 
O)^). (Bi05l(s;oaf> «isWj.Tnl<e>5)ac;yo ^StSosnS^ 
TB. removed all the inhabitants, moon^ocv 
ieA9(M>nbo aids^(s;oaf> goQ croocafia^ MB. 
his dependant. 

(Bios^GVoA also 1. a low oaste*s wife. 2. low castes 
(opp. A^cQidft oaltiTators). 8. (i^m (sn& 
4.) landholders. ODS^cvonaoA a elass of 
lower Brahmans, serrants of Bhagarati. 

iBio^oa9ibo.J6rT>o an old tax, paid to Jenmis. 
(BID. (n(D9(0R» (fSka/wo an^asci^o (Okaso^ TB. 

(mDslOQB^o^0D(b a olass of Nayers, esp. in the 
OadattnTanadn aiS^Btoxnogs^Oavos), 010 
^QQBos^ ^(xmssS «MS oKDiroocnoQE^ po. 


(CTDslcQjcd), eostts^ a^ijiiTfa (csa£\ i) i. Fall 
to the ground, as rotten firait. amA «>a>S5)aa9 
aojocBi) spoiled by rain. «iorD«aA dbo^ftconsob 
dfcoej)«man)!# (n»5^g|{ ol^sm)^ e<D(n>9ib 
BC S5. feU at Bama's feet C2jW)€Wi9 (^ 
<8>dQ BS. 2. drift on shore, «fi>g-^ ffiftsW^ 
Yl. (Bid SHUos^ (o!)(DaiocyQS ciMms^aa^ (0^(^02 
Bhr. borne by the wares. ^Vib, «><fla, eto. ojan 
^OB^oame inshoahi. a^sejVsb fisoasnb nio^ 
cq|o<n)rD0OftiBS. beat. 3. A6nb cbb. the eye 
suffers from exoessire seerstion. MDS^oiy 
tnm^cm cncno a med. or})A5)cvflm(Bo jaionib 
a»s^Q%cm(2o med. 

(M^Ay § a^vya T. 0. To. obe. (mosn^ 
C. To. Tu.) 1. Come into oofttaet, ooma to be 
olose npon («ds<A eto.) 8. to oook (od^^bA). 

(BȤ(OA, qm T. M. 1. to oome nigh, approach, 
close, with Ace. ^^om (sn^i^Blh ^^* <bio 
C2J«rD9S ffo. Dat. ojg^^ o^ro^aa^ia Had. 
Gen. ojicn^a^s iBiD^aBcn^ono EB. j£io 

^«asiO)9fto Nid. (ao§C]Q5 treated as adverbial 
Koun) QjdOBdSMn oie^ass ®<^oA o-oigyo 
EB. in battle. ^v(B> (BB$(QB| Had. the time 
of departure. (8iO(T))0^gLj(on(m§aS2 0^3106 
Mud. cnlnbtn&j Sojooxoilan^asB ^ ^'^^ 
dangered. 2. to beseem, become, be pro- 
portionate to. (BiD^cdeo cugDo in becoming 
manner BO. S)ajg2a-jW>ead9eo (SiD^^o 
(Bt^^arDo EU. ordinances for Nayer women. 
0ioom^(dao cBiDonaa>rDajQ(DCC{|o f^£i TB. 
with the oonsent of the apparent heirs, 
(also iBiDan^ana) — HB.) (8»$(deo^(0)rbb fees, 
perquisites. (BiD§<daQj(2 rights retained by 
the original proprietor firom the purchaser. 
c^§asi9(0)^nT)^(Ci9) ^'ijl pay according to the 
work done. QjiS9Q5>ajc[09^99iS9(db AOBioni 
en (Bio^rsiOMii Q^^dBanrn 01^^ ^« ^^^ ^ 
to serye me at meals. daa^sROdan AiD^asm 
@ s>a>o§<fla(GBa(mo TP. better take a wife. 

l^eg. (8105901!^ impassable road Yl. 

(BBS0(an)(2 (Q^^q^^matldBA do what is wrong. 

Inf. (BiD^a<fla, (Bio^(fiiK9b 1. near. (Oklcaf^aojlafcor 
QjoaasRftl8b(Db flnd§fi><aa ooJ:^ Bhg. oj^s^om 
^flncob TP. (DoeAobo «nD^<fis <^4U ^^ 
8. soon, aRd§9dQn aj(3, TB. come soon. 

«»%9(aA treated as noun. m^J^ Aobo iBA^S^aa 
«asi9Q») oKOcno HB. 

Adj. part, ono^coioi 1. near, xfext. oo^oni 
(nsch, OD^AMMdo TB. next day. flw^sn 
aj)ooo ODOcbday alter tomorrow, mu^fon^ 
cn^who Anoicng^MvsEB. the next heir. 
2. beooming, so^mn ttojooei as ooayeaiaDt. 
OB^IBttsnb monthly sapport. 

Digitized by \^jOOQ IC 



(Brc§ — CSfbGcr^eS'l 

isao^Odto (with Gen. as imdtr «no$ 
^sn^qBI <<^^ eloicroo «0k9n daily for 12 
days; • mad. 

rnn^tanojchy — ^comoob 1. Relation, (Ch^nsn^s:!) 
gyoA flo^omidtQBo aTd<9o €0. even the 
next relatione oanDOt help. 2. iraeher- 
man, barber of each oaete, as necessary 
for many ceremonies. 

<6v^§d9ft Jl row, pile, layer. Aro^<de s>aj 
oo^^, Agra<d>cX)dan ® iBio^cOAodn^fini OJS 
ejaBc)9 Kid. hence 
a. Y. 8K)§(ded9>, cfinl T. M. C Te. to pack np, 

pile np, stow np. Qj1o(£^,§<ds) 6>oj<ds etc. 

CY. fliD^anltiasi. 

(®^§g^ 1. ((mo§<d>) Hearth, fireplace, ono 
%4^^ — aio§Q_}.m)^a> (LJOQ)^):!!!^ 2. close- 
ly woren cloth (also oiosIqj). 8. nearness, 
connection, proportion, (oo^^^ocorot ojifijoj 
OA offer too low a price. 
Y. N. ma^Q^ oroecBNODnQobo ono. nearness, 
cojcaosa^ imD^(QB«>sa^ ono. relation- 
C. Y. m^^tiasi bring near, eHQ^VAjmoBOfiXD 
^M^9o «fld'^ Nal. ordered to oome. SiSiA 
^5^ ^$8^:^ SiP.drew her closer. 9a>o 

m TB. (BB^^^ ^aio (2^ sonuniDg up 
the whole, ^cm B)DJcn>o mo!*^ for 8 days. 

(6r2)^de6^^ T. M. (Aio^^) Kitchen, oookroom. 

OMaidoo^rdovVibo^anQjCB^cob TP. . . 

ma^dSa^d^9(Qcr)y£\ PT. Bhlmasena became 
as>^<a»ft<de(61<fliri^ sparrow (perh. (Bio§c88)fto= 

«iOS<flnao,8o Yi.) 
aD^<aaaoQjgJ cooking, me. fiKUcdsnm osooo 

ooW>cm fi<afia«manancm3Qail qolcdeo EB5. 
AD^idBfl (^taJUo£gy, Aio^dsnfi aa9ca:io 1. men- 

straation. 2. forbidden intercourse of 


<l&&5\Sda» see under aosq^^. 

«>e^ anTiJ. an>3sofij i^|A». 
aoKnttsofiio honey-comb. 

(Sfb% aftA T. M. C. Tu. (V^(TO§, (TOsng to stick 
to) Leech. (sios)S(fii8 syuogdsefto prov. (nog oji 
s^d98), (BIO. 5><£h9^isRQ a mod. §<^naoft seooi 
oHab OiiicnoAeaor&gatck) CO. (in hell). It is 
considered as blind. (Bios)§(de Aern SiOt^ifmocA 
(proT). (Bio§gj^(ddio yanlt of leeches and 
worms (cnrse). 

CS^^ attam 5. (see tms) 1. What is across, 
transverse. — thwarting Yi. fliog^suo cross 
face Yi . (obs.) — 2. roof (also 8.) need as store- 
room, lumber, ibio§o sxi^aflloooorab (810^092 
proY. ~ (8i0S(dArDl soot. 8. scaffold on 4 poles. 
csiQ^^io Q-jlslcStt) to saluto by folding and 
opening the hands across the chest (^oias 

(8i0§aO9croo B. ((8iOi excesslYc) Yiolent laugh- 
ter, derision, defiance. .afW)fl.(nD oia^o oq^ 
(oi^gaoocroajo Sijoi^ Bhg. 6>q<o> 9m(S^^% 

a>o UB. AAxdi<A 63aj9QaiQ(aagQ09auo q. 

(^QAocs^ KB. (metaph. of Ganga.) 
Y. den. (Bid§aoauld9e, ojdAo fl»':^ KB. and 

cn)o(S9coft90^AcX> ae'oyo Bhr. 
onogoojo S. (=anoso 2.) npstairroom, turret 

6>CrOQUXro3(i]9g3aiO099ajrDo SIP 8. 

iBlDgoaj^s quay of river or seashore for bath- 
ing purposes (at ]>waraka). 

(6^§1 afti (C.Te. T.Tn. stoppage) T.M. A pile, 
lump (=(8ids) in 1. (BIO. s><o>§<d>, (Siog^^fisg)^ 
a> pile up, ram, pack close =(B)D^<0Al6)aj<sn. 
2. (BtDglOg-jQ complete purchase of a freehold, 
called (8io&p4»nQD;(8io§^<SgjQoo3&j or — (enfDsmo 
title-deeds of freehold property. (oiOilSg-jft 
or!1<b TB. (Biogl^ft cT)l(t&aa)09Qin aO)|f<o)^:^ 
fi>a>o««9nb HB. doc. ojoainonbo (Siog^daa 
cDsmo, QjooiJ (8m^Sg_p9CBf) orf1(b aj9«0Bl TB. 

(6r2)6no0S^cd> a^annuTfa (C. Te. Tu. stoop) 
TM. To shake s(nDor)fioi^a> Y.K. jgroemanoa 

jerk Yi. 

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(6rZ)enr>— csrt)6nr>fljb 


(Sroeno — (©rocnoVsy 

(®r©6rn a9a Q.T.U,{\r ta^sm^tm^) l. Sup- 
port, pillow, A»&jc(ram. 2. branoh of fig tree 
Ti. 8. dam, ^o ^o^oooocok (no«m$>4tegl 
oHlAggg^ oofiJo KB. also ohannel (F) AJueao 
QjoBajgtajoab tmscn Qa>gl«)S6nDo |a(. 4. yoke, 
pair (s:Q6m) (BiD«nDgjsaj, (no6Tr>Qj(inr^o uo- 
cot doable cloth, as of Brahmanfl. 6. mdsm 
c£^^Q}Q^ (see Amtrrxab and (8iooOT^«9a 2.) 
CS^GTOCQ^dd) C. T. M. To approach, arrive. 
With Ace. 9&o£h^Si(SU onDsmaa^ oa>9d>ajo 
KR. (Bioaj6>or) eiJiKwsmeai^ CG. (tnlnBazcr^ 
fliocmfiBi^cni^o a)Og2|(0ndrDnb TP. the miniB- 
ter close by the king. With Soc. 0ioajS<D95 
emm^ Mad. With Loc. 9AmQ.^a(6i\(A cmsm 
COD cnosoa^ KTJ. the 5 border coantriesPandi, 
Cooga, Wayanada, Talu, Punnadu. Aos) ono 
fimeiBi^ oj^s)^ CO. in war. <d>g-jc?b mtsmsBi^ 
near the shore; also temporal by Qo-inscoocb 
a^mysmm^ KU. erolg-jonb ca. onocb (8i06m 
enoMob a med. 

Inf. (BA6rTXD;S):fiinno BC. fli06mcaaS2 near, 
y. K. (no6rT)Qj arrival, closeness, 1oTe(=9jai 

ii) i8T&«mQj^rtA jxHcnS^a-jonb BO 8. 
a. ▼. (mo6)«m<d« T.O.lf . l. to bring into contact^ 
esp. embrace, hag. ^oeniODonflb^av t^ajoojRA 

_fa Bhr. QO^ c^r6a>aj)cX)aiiO)5 "sn^tak oH) 
6)6masj| BC 29. qOCT^o eag^prob (Bios)«m^, 
0OOQ6m:^ S)fO)3$A in reyereocing; S)0SSJ3^ 
6>0Qno (mo6)6rp^$>a)90ng. aaj6noff)aj qjoqcb/O 
SAfim:£i CG. pot the flote to the lips. (BrmOdSn 
awDsm OQJsls)aj^3ob ajofi>gj| TE. leyelled 
the gun. <d)5>rDa»sm:^caBt anchor. j3^r&rab(8io 
6>6n)c8n TP. give a beating. 2. whet, grind ; 

QJ0cte(BrO©6TT)j^. — ffllO©6mdB«aT>d9>gy ,Qjej«) 

whetting stone, board 6>ajr^(0a csmsism^si 
(see «)0a»)to take the civet Yi. 3. So. to 
pant Vi. 

V. N. flrosTD^rti, (Bi06)6m^ sharpening, pant- 
ing Vi. 
(&liernaib ft^al C.H.T. (also palate, see (srag^^o) 

Jaw, hinder part of month. eaQkOOsflD oj^Qobo 

ffi^^f^ (^) B^ grinder, donbU tooth (opp. fiiffl 

6109 Arb. also inosTTyBi^9i2jg-)§^ Y$, Sixtsm 
q£\(A aiD6mA»Sa-)§|j«)a>99i^(^Q[^ Nals. 
(from rage, whilst smiling with the front- 
(TOsmejl viper, and ffiDflmanivkajocqi Yl. 
(®r2)6no, (SCberoo a«a H. j^^ Bnpee. 
(tS^enol aqi T. M. C. (Vlnosna) l. Row, line of 
soldiers; (Sioorni ojAcSs) to set in array, ffiom^ 
CT?)^ stand in flies.- 2. decoration, jio^g^ 
(mosrol^s) S\^w ajls^^y^ KB. above the 
diadem. Q/oioMrnl^aKivdcX) Bhr. the breasts 
adorned with pearls, iBiDsn^Qcngtajanoiso, «o 
6n^aaq;nso BC. inoem^eajdxdaiPeDao^ BC. 
fine women. csiQsm\£iifi\Ad!i Bhr. painted eyes. 
oiosrrOi^ooo Kals. court decorated for a 
feast. (8id6rn)Qp.:sioxBB(>> $ss60b) CO. theatrical 
dance of serpent. (Bi06mlcD;Oi (8}0«rn^cB;aigJfO 
dressing-room of players. (Bi06n?cB;&io6>4^gl9QB; 
Om)QjrD9Qj prov. oiMrnlcB^ejQaaos a basket 
to hold the dresses of idols, etc. ffioarnWii^oDo 
jai6>0^ (c^JG^o A<o>09r^) CC. a grand bed. 
«i06m^Qj)rQai ring-finger (also Uttlo finger, 
little tde). 

(S(ber6^,^<B> T. M. To wear (jewels, 
arms), decorate oneself; fts^smlflaolraftom ai 
Qj^o BG. (^Q^^errKBnaiinfnlaMrnoe (^<x^ Nal. 
S)ajonm«n^6no900«>cX> Mod. «i^f^a>dLi(S<aB 
fi>a(Bi&fi)rTSlaaoaejoKR5. o«>oe(gi9)^(Di) isiDOTS^am 
qj^^qocX) KB. 03tii0361(ab on. Mad. a(Q)9Sdx3o 
a)9^ob (810. CG. (8iii9(D <^^.isra)6rT9l6i09 combat- 
ants. OQ_j95^s)<d>05nesrn)aai9Bhrii. moorning 
women, flnocucX) o&jos^ (Siosmleia^ a>96nB9rib 
Nal 8. (8iO(JO(^«5nrip&j06rnl«0ocosrnji}<>KB.(flg.) 
Y. N. fiosnSlGDxob f.i. (m^59iii9<^9dat>«mlcB/(ob 

(Q-)a)9ar>o (prov.) 
AiDsroloj) a0cnl<flst«m)cu9a£^ ^^^ ^^* 
C. Y. <Bi06rnlabl<e» to dress, adorn. (St^cn aio. 

dress oat an elephant for processions, ano} 

Qs^cibliu6rDldMV0onlA(oa«rn)Q(£^^ Nal a. 

esnS^e^iso m. Mud. 

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<®fO®nr5to— (SroenruJb 19 *®'^|fY?~"^®'^?n8^^ 

<0rz)enrSV2k a^ima 8. Pov»r of rednoiiig the body 

to an atom (oMnD). 
<Sfi>ern)f:sVo a^iyam T. M. (T. C. aio«nS) ftrst) 

Ship's bead, prow. (opp. (sne^te.) 

(©WnrJVsi^Daba^yikS. (arosm) More minute, 

«io«r»ana]^cn^(Tr>6TT?lcQ;3n6 eojonb ABe. 
(S^dsrt^ a^U 8. ]. Atom, aooording to CS. 
1 dost; A0^a)^ (B»6n&«a»a3'^ 

45158400' ^ 

6>SiW^ iOt^r^^so Nid. fflit>5n9(a_)0O6mo as small 
as possible. 2. a rery small fraction (21 (gro6no= 
1 ^esS\ CS.); 9. a rice-grain. 4. the rib of 
a plantain leaf, ajo&povGno Qoian enttlog a 
plantain string irithoat hurting the nape on 
wbieh it is laid. 6. small white fly. 

(©^Oerr© a^u Drat. V^=:flW§ (hence .'Bwcm etc.) 

CS(lierttddi<Bi^ dBbl a9U'ya'ya T. a M. To approach, 
6K)5noda^s><d>3sneoft pay. 

<Sf^>erai»^ a^ftniia A small flea (T. isiMnoA 
touch), see tmem 6. 

<Sfii6n% a94& (=(8»sP) l. A small lamp, d^MV 
A^(£) a bag of musk. 2. excrements of 
•lephant Yi. (^oji^nf^). 8. testicle (obso.) 

(Svd^nso aQ4ftm 1,=:(Ms^ Yi. 2. Tdbfa. (8R> 
smjuo world, (Biosneo ®ga)ausl BC. 

<S^^ns({) a94ft' T. M. (from preceding or oidsng 
^ T. C. Tu. Te. to resort, or iBiogm above) The 
Gods. (8i09r9A«(d>9a6 Nal 8. (SR>9r«Acr>9CB;d>nb 
Bhr. Indra. (Sid^rsojl^gj)^ A^ga[2^^^ Onap. 
divine bow? 

(S^DOnsI an^i (C. root, origin) Kernel, stone of 
mango etc., nnt; scrotum. 
a»9«^ca;o§o play with dice Y2. 

(Sf^errxjJo ai^dam 8. (see :9iosns) 1. Egg. 
2. =s ^o^snxuo world, (rnnsmudisooocoecb CO. 
the shells of the mundane tgg, 8. testicle, 
A(MBaU>n6o (SiMmuo PTi. (B«09mi>o ^loW£^ 
a0§«ea MC. to geld. «iO'smD.T)nQn6 o^ 5)^09^ 
•n^mu^asoooo serotbm. 
oKMrnueio oTiparoas. 
fliMiwcmafl) Cymbldlnm ovatum Bh. 
ffOsmuQJMfto swelling of testiole Yi. 

(GfZ>ffinQ a^]^ T. G. Upwards, above; henoo 
perhaps (no|p^qv9QBn cnsaQ)»nb BC S6. <n^ 
cB)9d9Al findBicninDab oeostgyoo BOti. (pros- 
trated so as to look upwards?) 
c®fdgnn(Yb T. M. Tu. C. 1. Bidet brother, (BIO 
sl«ai»oao nrxmgy irog^ooxrin proT. 2. Boyal 
predecessor, ancestor; «»)6>^S OieLDcB) (B». 
5>jijcSlcB» 010. OfOidajoin^nsi oio. TB. fSid^ 
naoft ^oajo am^cs; Aojonb TP. «fi^s^(gb tn^gfS 
003^ cnsom croDocn^sjoa aajo$)&i cnoo ens 
nrri^gj o^oQ^iA TB. 

^®'^SJy?**' (BTOfflDootesPalate, (BIO. (ei^olttojtKol 
mouth parched. (Bio&CD9d9s))9aj 9rmMiib (Biosascfiao 
Qaj3CD;0ejo prov. 9(aawn9<fis and <fi^$f|m9<S8 
Yi. The uvula is (BTOg^oasn^cibo Bi^sml (or 
ojiiQcnonj) (BTOgr^ajDca/fn (BTOgjo P'ov. 

(S^g^Ojb a^^al aT. aM. J. High, Ck)d, 
esp. Arhat. (ffiofmfob Oo^rd^o qljooj^ BC 28. 
(BIO. (O)a^ro^5>0ca 26. srtnidBoajedSiScOnern^cs^o 
(810. 58. (glory?) ^. squirrel. 

(®r7>6<Y;^0 a^J^a Looking upwards, m^gfp oq^cno 
AOi^o AS^:^ (in the native way of drinkin|^. 
(810SD9 Qd/rmo^ to gape, also (Biog[|j9aio 9000 
asai, ats^cfls and (sioasocdoo <scn3(fia. In po. 
gen. (BioflDoaionrSlmD 6)^D6nBoa»oodo scooaol^ 
CG. in prayer and expectation, (BiogDOcno a9i(no 
uiiQAro^o (to drink the moon's rays), a(n9aS2 
6)d)35ineflm9aio qjoc%o aji&aiD CG. 

cer^snoDs) a9Qa4i l^oM. (comp. (eagj^o, (no 
g£i) Cheek-bone cnlfixibo (810. (tng^ o-ioi^ 

(&.fi.C%o YU. also (B)O2[:)^95l6)CS;gj = (a>9^6)C0g{j. 

? (BjooDos) a^aenBonb <^sn9^ sojsns prov. 

Sciurus palmamm TC. squirrel. (9i0|f|^06)«9a9 
gmb aDnmoajooajGGDo proT. AB. (Biom9c0ftj|[][^ 
6)s aooooo 9^(ig)o GP. 
flioffiS9(baj9&p, fiiofiS9<ds)aDri6aja&p a tree and 

fruit, called monkey plantains Yi. 
e&icBwmonb, eojcBijrooAtfiAOgnb jungle squirrel, 

considered as chief planter of oardsanonu 

(ojAib) Sciurus maximos. 

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C®f©grvjOOj|--(S»t)rrf5teda)0 20 (SrZ)r5>)^--(SrO(rf5l(ajO 

(StOgrv^OJl a^^vi T. a M. («ftgpn6) Tutor, 
teacher, head of a oompany of acton; memo 

^^^^rv^ a^^i (see <n06rrKab)Ineide of the cheek, 
joint of jawb; (Biog^dTirgb flR&^taB^ to masti- 
cate as toothless persons. 

CSY^)r^8 aSah S. Hence (po.) 

(SrzxzjVfisr^ abayu&a (T. cstt)(o£\ hurry )=6QJ 

i^gjos . (8iO(O)d9i><(nGt2;03r) 80-1301^ It has been 

over harried. 
cSf^aT\<BG><B> a^akknya t.h. c,(=m>^<o»)To 

cram down, turn betel in the mouth Yi. 

(9m(mc8a(8or)9<fi6^ to lie in wait (P. ataoar, E. 
(SifOr^^ a&a&n T. H. ((Bt6@) Each, several; tm 

(Ot^ 5><fi)3^0 TR. 

(CirorQ^dBSsilrT^o a5arki5am s. Undoubted Vi. 

(S^rU^£Jk) abalam S. Bottomless, a hell Bhg. 

(^r^rO^fbl a5ali T. Noise, tumult Yi. 

<!&0(6)0 a5a ((St^) See that, behold there; (8io 

QJOb QJOT) (BTOrtDO (pO.) (010^0.2 = 010^0)^. 

(gt^rZDDQJ (A. ata^b'; exertion, fatigue, 
^ disappointment (8i^o8oajaj^«3B;oab ffliamoQj «)q_i 

s9q-)3o prov. 
L CSdiC^ a5i Tdbh. 1. ((8iOGf\S1) Sword, (BV>(f£\ 
cs^o 6&€rr6jijlajcqjo (Siocnjo RC iso. 2.=(SiouS^ 
(f.i. fflia<oJ1^oa>o etc.) 
II. C®ft)rzyil S. (V^isio) Beyond, too much, 
very, qcddoj (8io<»lcQ;oggjrao, (Birwrnlcaoo^etaB*, 
fii^dsa Kid. (BiO(Q)^cQ;9caA$)§3rQ) onoscroo TB. 
Q_irD)(0)9QLjo fliOfoncQ;3C^5nB Q^cn)(03 KB. egon) 
CQ;ocs^5>@39(a9 comocoso Bhr5. (eKMinacQ.-9ao 
e95)rd9 oro%)g^026aBcX) (Bioa9(^(So KB. fiiodHco; 
^05Mn Qj&Jaa^ (m\(S\:S^ CrArj. pressed be- 
yond endurance. 

(®rorin)<d>fZS6noo aiiifaranam s. Most kindly, 

AB. isio. Q-iocQjo Mud. 80 as to exoite pity. 

(SYZ)rs7|d8)3CQ;rrb a&iyayaii s. QUnt, a n pr. bc. 
(Si^r^<6>D^ a&i'yaram=«iDa3a)3.Do TB. 
(S^r^d93C23(0nrb adi'yumaraii s. Yery young, 

(isio< (BioiteoQ. Bhr.) 
(®rDrb^dB>D^a^ a5iYo4nppam(8io'o<Bn oojoib 

$)^^ Bhr. fiercely. 

(Grdt^r^C^D ailkramam 6. Exeeas, outrage, 
assault; excessive punishment. tfhQBna9<Q5>s 
oiMsl^eo aaool TB. 

esico^^&ssf go beyond. Aioejo mnt£\f^£^<B» 
KB. let a set time pass by. «>o§o cno^ 
QQ§y9o iflio. Nal. pass through. ojOcfinlsxT) 00. 
KB. transgress an order, so digjcn (8S>*^ 
cnsiSn TB. g^(a^<&>9(Do aio*j^ ons<d«em (D9 
t^^ were auoh yiolenoe is in vogue. «i^ 
oaos 010. TB. assault. 
CC^rm)^6noaJDoi) aM^n^ayiil KB. Ex- 
ceedingly gifted. 
(Sr7)rzr!l(SC^3cac>o aMghoiam 8. Yery load, 08 

89)00980 (ffN>(in)o:^9.^^ ad))cX><88aie Bhr 7. 
CSr?)r7^S«OJo a5i]ayam 8. Yery quick (po.) 

C6vZ)r^r9)(0Do a5i&anm S. Yet more, yery 

much (po.) [pity (po.) 

(6ir^)rO^rS^0Q_k) aUKbam 6. Great grief, deep 

(S^roTluSl a&ithi S. (V^ARxm wander) Guest. 
(Bio^Q^w, — coiaao, — ccrooj, — cro^oroo hoa- 
pitality. Q:£S\ (BioajdBn (8io<d))t£1cro%}g^9rDo SiJii^ 
KB. fflia^t^n^w «aj6mo YCh. 

(Srtr^/BCQ^DQ-KOob aSiffayibaraii s. Most 

bountiful AB5. [f,i. 0OOJ Bhg. 

CSfdaf\ti^^ aSiffiyyam 8. Most wonderful, 
(©^fcTlgtOo aSiffuram 8. Yery far. 
(0^(Tf)l;^rZDo a&if mtam S. Suddenly AB. 

(Srt)(7s7|(T>^ ^ a5malla5n 6)4»J95)g^«mo UR. 

The best. 
a5if?)r6nool(Q aSiniffra 8. Excessive sleep. 

(Srt)a^?VY51oBg(Daba&i]liitlllliailS. Most oruel 

(6rOar)]o^3r2no a5iba5ain 8. Letting pasa the 

proper time Yi. 
C0r^r^'Q-)DQ-^ aiibabam 8. Deadly sin, AioVin^ 

9»(d iQfi!n&£\^9i£\ KB. [a med. 

(Sr2)a^a^cd>j^asb aiibU'yadftal inflammation, 

CSC^(U)\{a^(2<SV0Cno aUpzaydgam 8. Many 
devioes. oio. fieeeotgob Mad. 

csri)rzn)(a^36rn(a;;^)csA> adipriu^apriyam s. 

Dearer than life (po.) 

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<6>Bnn)(a^ — CSlO(lS\(b 


(OTDfTnlQj — (OTrtn)rny[o 

crofO)VQ-|)anab afiipntei 0. Most contented 

(Grd^o^leajDnrxjuajab a5iKndliaYaii s. Moot 

doTOted AB6. 

(Sr^rbTlGia,;^ aSifinddU S. Being overwise, 
9Mi^en^^<eS m^q^vs^^ (proy.) 

bhBkti 8. Glnttony. r^ . 

CSrd(U))^^an a&ibhinita S. Cowardice, Cr. 

(6rZ)rc^V2UjrOo aSimadhnram 8. Very sweet; 
lieoncesa2(D§)ec^(0o. a mod. 

<&bai)\(^0({^ a5imatram 6. Over mnoh f.i. 
^tinl^ KR. 

CG7)rQ^a^30rdcaQCYb aSimanniaiL 8. Superhu- 
man f.i. ^oaajA Q^ooblec^ KU. (smaS^ao 
aa(fiia>S£9aj Bhr. performer of miroeles. 

{erOOJ^laDtg^ntl) aJimanyail 8. Most honor- 
able, ccQcn^ooOo m^Ts^zo^cQi^QOo oQcno (po.) 

(S<rDf?s7l6)6^(2(JjnOo aSimeitlinnam 8. Excess 

in Tenere md. 

CSrOrznVOLOab a5iiathaiL 8. Mighty champion 

on chariot KB. 

[(for women). 

(CrOrb^DCA) a&iiagam 8. Extreme passion 

CO^roTkD3(^ a5iratrain 8. Oyer night, the 
8rd day of Aswamedham KB. 

(STDofiVoUidy) a5iliktam 8. Excessive, be- 
yond (po) — (Bi&in1srD<d>o excess (po.) 

(Sr0(05Vada> a5irnYa T. a M. Fear, tremble, 
«Mn(b6>ajsl rocket, a bomb Vi. 

(Sft>Clf{% bHi M. Tn. (i8ids<6i C. Te. adjoin) 
Boundary, limit. or)9§<sn(bKU. frontier . ^t^i^ib 
landmark. £QO'(s=onoe^)aio.^d9n<d)<(gi(ea(YS)&io 
MB. doc. tmn£ii% ajoqa ^ TB. A 
Q(Dp^9§oa4SPaj36)<nKS{;o(sio<<^anrgb TR. on the 
boundary of C.aodP. ^dOesloinsdj (BiMnlasdS) 
a\iib q^<S\iO%(m .ajaatKSttWonaoib TB. ona^s tnb 
^<SUA OLj/f^iT^ai!^ AQj\€a^ oiasoiD TB. 
ancroach on the limits. 
Cpds. (BiMA^rD^ai to bound. 
flRNOk^jbanfij bonndMy, (noo§d^sp«(0a «nD*AQj 

<aa (nl^06iioa(9b TB. along the eaatem 
AM^fboiaeo MB. quarrel aboot the boundary. 
^)SneTS(S\cno (m2£^(A (bid. erf^ MB. 80. 
(Bior2)^i«md9e0§^ ojnrns BC so. 

(SrZ)rC>)aJ6nO(d6Vo a^irai^akkam C^reat humi- 
lity, 9QJ9nSi^ tm'9mJi9%o ^SiS. KB. 

(O^rinkUOdot aSiyaiail S. Exoessively ad- 
dicted AB. 

<Sfbai))(UOjsuddio aiiTajayam 8. Mere phrases. 

(®rOftS)(U0rroOO aiiyaflana 8. Fragrance; 
quick apprehension. 

(€r^)an|QJ|5CQ;o a5ividayam (B. (roinlancfis) 

a med. root, Acooitum feroz?OP75. 
COTfoTlOJIrr^ CQ^o aSiviBmayam 8. Tory won- 
derful KB. 

(6^r^oJl^(irba5ivirail 8. Mighty hero, ono. 
or)l Bhr 8. ironically. 

(®t)frf!lcy c^T aSivfSti 8. Excess of rain. 

(6tt>rm)(3aja^ a&ivdlam S. Unlimited ABs. 

(Sfl>af))^Wo a5iiayaia 8. l. Preeminence, un- 

commoo; a)l(m1(ab (SffMnloacB^Oo^QOo Bhgi. 

2. marvel, wonder; crvoaaMmJo 6>(9>o9ie (sm, ao 

^onb Nal. 

aiMJilcAci^can 1. to excel Ti. 2. to wonder, 
be surprised =(eif0^c«cQ/Ag_}^(0». 

ai9({n1ooDcs/or)o Superlatiye ((tnSo) gr. 

cS^fZy51(j^rO(M) abisuraii 8. Hero, «». (wcnldBa 

ODOnb 6)5)6010 KR. 

(®ri;af!lcro395So a&isanga4am 8. Bxoessiye 
distress, (Sto. ojoso MR. oQcnlcdn (Sio. crcosoj) 
^onb SiP4. 

c®r©frf51or\)D(0o a&isaram 8. (also very pithy) 
Diarrhoea, dysentery, (esp- (OcO<ato<tn)aro3roo). 

den. Y. eiMJilcrofoltian to suffer from it (=«» 
iin)ao9(Do o^§<0e) dcnDrDS6niooo(Bi9(in)cro^^ 
§^rob YCh. jard|pc6n OTOonicTU^^dae a med. 

(6v2>an1rrv2C8(09 aiisnndaram 8. Very fine. 

(6noanlrn|^oeat> aUEtambhail 8. Hardened f. i. 
A3^9&}08o oaioflni BrP S5. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

<®f?)rri?lfBv— <«rt)(uirojaA 22 csttasnjioerol—nsib^^o 

(6yT3<Sf)r9>o Ik6l5flail8. ((8^0010+ e<Q)o)<3K>ne by. 
(810. ajOQC^jomK QQ)g^=«)ipl6iaos— 'Aoajcontl 

Bhg. eleyated Above. [(po.) 

(Qir;)rG?l0J a5l7a S. ((Sto^-fS^) Ez6«eding1y 

(S^^ a&a 5. (mi) 1. It, that (with ^o tm^o 
and AYd@(2jo TR.) obi. case (oi&iii>lnb f. 1. (BW^nb 
offlDo thus. — (Dma<tn just that, yea; flnsaalocr) 
(0)5>nmc(D9g>j — (eiooro) (opp. fin>^) — (BTSOano t.= 
(8iMno lo ! 2. as for that, — indeed ! I now re- 
member. — (8iO(nl4Sajc({|o s)ron$ajcq^ msd9R not 
settle down to one*8 work. 8. it is alao used 
as adj. (Bta^^QiOQio, aiDOdiKa-^^drDo, (8iO(m3g{ £\ 
iBe^(A^ and in po. as a sort of article following 
the nonn; Qjcnjn09^O(d>^<sb (^cojcrvn^aio acixiA 
9Aoob 8G s. Indra is the first among the 
great. Also mere expletive (gojot^rse^ooP 
CG. (=fi0Dcan). 
(ST&^AcX) modern plural =(8ioaj. 

<Sft^<BSi>dd>j dde!\ aSokkuka T. So M. Sqaeeze 
(=^(g<de<d)) from y. n. imo^^ai Yi. 

(€<?)^fiJo a5nlam 8. Unequalled, cstt>^a^eieai 
fijob etc. 

(S^'ScgfarjTl aSytti So. M.=(B»(m1*. 

(Sr^Q^ abfpti S. Being unsatisfied. 

I. (S^rGYXTo attam (Tdbh. flnoa);)o) Evening, oio 

II. (®'^'WTio(Tdbh. oocr^o) 1. The 13th. constella- 
tion. Coma Berenices. (Bio. ooslg^j^one cDono 
KR. favourable for an expedition. 2. feast 
in HTnam and Chingam month, .'Sio.'oraio jiA0Q(uo 
a feast in Cochin, (with (Si^oo^ and 6)<0>O5)sca; 
oq). 'BYOroTOianasoQtn^ci^o (8ion)ii3ft«(&tooujQjo 
dcBsOojofto (dD(T>9 prov. 

(S^cs^(tio attaram (ro)fDo) thus (Btomjia>o ojo 
m^ TP. 
t6<r^<t^rT}^(^ (A. itar) Essence of roses. 

(SfbfC^aii attal (V^(8io<Bk, (Bn>gyfrf> for «wjJi,«*) 
Grief, horror; e)O(0i9)«ttoQ^§a@3roo0ffi3cX>a<m9 
Qo Bhr. horrified them all over. eoi^csecX) 
(BioanmobOQ-i^cnD eojfiTioeo ((OorSldBnovofab AR 6. 

oome to grief. (iiOdMMBb 4G^qy;cnA Qj^j[|j«n9^ 
RC 26. the gods were grieved, sioajcdt^vo^aio 
010. ojosaoaak O96a§a09 SPs. ono. a^«n| 
distressed, (8io. odKm^OGB; joyfully, 00. noai 
cn?(d>{9b a^Sg^ob RC. 

C0rda5Y9)3€o51 attaqi (T. throne) Porter's rest, 
IST3. <0)6ns |^ejldas)orD«>cn Qaj95>ei prov. 

(SYZ)raYU)ocQ71raro)ocan attayittayi stammered, 

confuse words Ti. 2. 

(^TiCCm^OO attat A bamboo mat. 

(6Y^arnn3^o attalam (\^ fflooi, «hwfio^<m9tato) 
Supper, (opp. Q(OTQ)du>o.) 00. a>tp)<0ay £«a^ to 
sup, (810*0 ^Qom^mo o^ogfioo cQcn^dtalajob 
PTa. (ga-ian)<dn (8io(m9)0&p«{S9eacDo oojg^oob 
Nal 4. (ffio'o 8 jiiooolrm (Bioro^ajscoel TP. (oo^ 
QD^cbb (BIOfDRDOSPo gtsr^ iflblscm Bhr 7. 

I. aS^<W) atti T. M. C. (Tu. (8A(0i9»)) and siom^ 
QutxA Ficus racemosa. (Siocora) £cota) (8iO(oai;3fok 
Qajroorob a^nrn/0)^nb (OfilA GPeS. Q(UCD;m1 
Fious oppositifolia — (Siocoroi^g^o ripe fig. 
i8iOosRQfi)B, (810^606 green figs or plantains Yi. 

II. (®fZ)a5Y?J^ 1. Tdbh. oon^ f.i. awosiiWajejl 
Elephant pepper. 2. Tdbh. (Siocn^ f.i. 6ID 
corOcq^oojo a med. (BiOvin^g-ink) s)^g(9) build 
a gibbet to preserve the ashes of the dead. 

(gyPiTO) attu =sg<:fi]B Mimosa Inga used in 
bathing, isiororA^^o <£hlgm(an^fbb (81O({J^09cbm A 
a^Q-jonb (Soj&^n TP. (810. «<o»dy ^sA^ea^ TP. 

(S^^2)(^r5v> alblia5am s. (=tBio<on(§(AoP) 1. 

Wonderful, a>a6>^ (Sio'eocdH^eg® MR. very 
strange. 2. wonder, admiration; (StdOJcwuQ 
(tnS.onD9S)S Q^3|£*^ ^^ 5. (8io<^(OK>g-)^ diooab 
Qoil^ KeiK. 

(S^^pr^o aSyandam S. {(mm\) Beyond the 
end, excessively, continually, (Bio. ^soi^^ jud. 
(8rorm.a9)3@oajo complete nonexistenoe (phil.) 

CSft^(SUo atyayam 8. Going beyond, danger, 

aSY7)^C610o atyarthaxn S. immoderately, ffo. 
0S)r7)g^o atyalpam 8. Yery 8m*U« 

Digitized by ^OOQ IC 




(pTBLDC^— (©^008 

^ ojsatAcb) MB. Violent abase. 

cro^o^oOb, ($rd^90d atyigiahaiDf 

— isa 8. Orerifreediness, fliD(9j9SK/d<6n (Siocn 
«Bi3o proT. den. Y. ^ooo mb<^y(/)QD^^^ 


<9'0gpQJ^jo atyiyaSram Tery nooeBsary, 
SID. Oojoooj 8^9n|rmajft TB. 

(©Z)^3rrOj9<2hl atyasakti S. Extreme fond- 
Bees or zeal. 

iSrti^prrormo atyasannam 8. Tery near, 
the approach of death. 

^Sft(^jdM)\ atynkti 8. Extravagant, anasaal 
apeeeb, aiz>* ak^ ad>§9nb dkuOQ^S^ Q«>Khajnb 
-^«. [best. 

(S(d<^yt5(iyiC2io atynttamamS.BaperlatiTe^yery 

(6i^Z>^j4^o atjninam 8. Very hot or pungent. 
L CSf^^ atra 8. («r>) Here (po.) 

n. (St^Hf^y old (STD-OYono) atra, attba ((oHfo) 

That maafl, to maeh; n»^(J^ Qg^ctgo ci^tfb 
cnaaaid eaa it be ooantedP (BO® aj^cb so many 
people. Qj fiQ^a» cy9idEhlron Adis^ceaom® ci^ 
ttiD a«q| jnd. 0iD99S)So Gton. so maeh space, 
•a fsr. ensedaoQjTDoo TB. so far^toyoar 
plaea, also a»9®95o, fliofS)O.Dn)oao. 
moi^fs^o all, wholly; eQQj«e((5)Qq)o, a^oMooi^ 
Acfo<aa6)Q>d8ao K. C. to all these elasses. 0(0 

C26y neither so maoh nor so little. 

MMS^QB^} <BD<3^QV^ moreover, besides. 

a»aO only, bat. 003® £e| that is all. ^o 
mWo OLiocqfcmQ ffionb KB. I speak bat 
ia lore. m9§l(ab (d^on jo cn^or)<aa)^ o^cnl 
*jHg|g) SIP 9. not thine, bat mine. ^€h^ 
mo ttoisiBO 0rf)(flee3® a mod. the patient 
is sore to die. cr^cuajr^^^) ^rD^cvmAab £ 
tt^^ KU* ^l^Me then are the K. Nayers. 

C&SLD atha 8. («») then, now, and (L. et) imo 
m cnM»^ (2)&jn)<atcb Hal f . ffifftoloDOio sijai 

snuoais 8. or also, otherwise (saDon^Qcv) 
e^o |CB. either — or in the other ease. 

(Srou^c^cSQj^ athar?a?efam s. The 4th 


(STDOOOo afanam 8. (V^Aroe edo) Bating, food 

(Sftif^d^dCno af arianam S. ITot seeing, dis- 
appearing. (Bi^echcr)2ii)(£\ he TanlBhed Vi. 

(St^QDai W (A. odalat) Court of justice, 
ciyil court. tstoQ^ei.wi (Bidoojoovo a oivil 
oase (Jud.) (Sioeoaxtig} (u5ns^(m(b the pundit 
of a court, (s». cr)a^r£l another law officer 
(SrD/3|r^ affi&i 8. (unboanded) infinity, personi- 
fied as mother of the Oods. eio^cnil skljoq 
6nsy£\ (T^cgjob Bhr. hence (st^eWnb. 

c®f2)@^ afffSya s.=Qcfen<flao5><m(po.) «og<2,o 


fliogc^o 8. 1. unseen. 2. fortune, luck tu. 

(Biormlc^o, (Biogc^oeo^no ill-luck, influence 

of the evil eye. 
ATO^c^QL^ip (0)9^ fd) behave meanly Yi. 
imooiinc^nb, (Siorolc^ian-io lucky Vi. 
(0iDg(^ 8. look of displeasure (po.) 

(©^©5; *^y* S. ((810 +e|Qj1) today (Biogjoojl even 
now (po.) _ rn 

(S^CXqI afri S. (stone) Mountain, oD^zoe\ oo 
CS^ajCOfo advayam S. Single, unio, er^txm^ 
QJ rn^<m^n6 (Bioe-iounb ChB. (8to. ^oq^m 
Bhr.=!8»ofijaj,u)o. [Vedantism. 

(Bioooe JinflEte9ar>o knowin g only one substance, 
«K>$)6)a j(O)(0a9rDCib a worshipper of Saktl. 
(Sio«>oej(nK/Mft«>o a Sanscrit treatise with 
oommentary A4w. S. 

CS^UJg adhah S. Below, down, heaoe. 

(8100000 8. lowest, low, mean (opp. £tasi9)0o) 
fem. (8io(jo0 and — &. (OiQCJOegj^nb (36mo) 
debtor YyM. 

iBiacuAK) 8. 1. lower (opp. ficoi^t^o) nwx>ci)dh 
(o)ti9a to lower. 2. under Up| Up also 

Digitized by ^OOQIC 

CSttHUOCbki — (GV^u5)dB> 

24 (ev^uSVkd^— (TOcjuV^d 

AACunajso fliDCOfOO^ oj^ood^ R8. from 
rage. tsMJor^oQiOM neotar of lipa (po.) (biduj 

<S\ Bhr. eto. 
aioa)tQ_Kncno downfall, rain; C2^9c)o oio* 

(OR^Icm «>3ejo oimD Bhr. KU. 
T. den. fliDanDGQxnuon.'oniMob (mocjotojiml:^ en 

oalcdQo Bhg. 
(Bioa)cQ^<fla to depress Yi. 
onoaxT^orgb below, underneath (po.) 
<SflUJa2io adharmam S. Lawlessness, injos- 
tice, ujzzoiJoe^saQdQ Bhr. 
«iocjO02nb, (Sioco^ (m. and f.) 01000321^ a)ob 
unrighteous, iBiocjo^<£gna3(b Bhr is. 
(S<Z)UJl adhi 8. Aboye, upon, oyer (many Compds. ) 
(Sr2)(JUlde>o adhiyam S. More, much, superior. 
In. comp. ssQjcnIejo (Bioa3^(d>(r)3GgrQao UB. 
superior to him. (ViOfa)^ajcjula)o 9Q_i9d)CEp^ TB. 
not beyond it. (QcnjWj^^'ORD jii9(oion(Tna51a>a9 
f£\ TR. amounted to more than. (8iorD(0s<b oio 
(inlaimlmo jiieav oft RC. preyailed. 
QBuSla)Ag^^a) to surpass, increase. 

(Gr^)<ju|<d>rD6nr>o adhiyara^am 8. The subject 

matter, reference (in gr. f.L cro0onDOuu)^(O 

ODo congruence). [office (mod.) 

(BiD(jula)ro)(da 1. to have power. 2. put into 

(BiDCJo)<d)0(Do 8. rale, authority, gOTemment, 

offlcial power. <bio. oqj:^ Hud. resigned his 

office. ODOslOiU (BTOu5)d9>orDa}ralorr>3<fl6lcB;QLj<b 

TR. chief minister (ODooroo^s.^n^tcdo <8ia 

uS^a^oroeodBiTl a>ft^^ jii^ TR.) ^rmiLDor) 

ORO. right of administering family-property. 

flRDoSl^orMA the same oojeMnnaodcds) (Sia 

(oilonf) ffio. fie^ cYSl6m(fin)g^(mu5^<d>o^Do 

Bhr 18. right, claim. 

flnDuSla>o(onb a title of barons, f.i. cf£^iflt>oei^ 

dMA (sm. EXT. 
(BidoSlaioff^ 1. officer, esp. magistrate; oioooso 
mo. (mod.) m. of parish, ajsoan cmuS^AQ 
(ol TR. 1796 the m. of 5. Hal. 9. owner, 
who has a claim, Is qualified for. OeSdOfia 
ccmsxoRk •«><X)Qj9ab (BiD*«>cb ^cnib Bhr is. 

alao fem. 6O0c6 QdHnrn ago mdoSIawS) 
«rn) «i8§y AR. 
AOuSlAogyo office of adoSI^otd) f. i. osssae 
(Bio*0oainrdl(0san croo^, also ojsOiM (2 
(0s^c(in(^ Q0aia5)<d>osj o)jo TR. 

(®rou51(B<3a^Q^ adhikifibam S. Blame, cen- 
sure, abuse, aiftoco tiio*09CB>aj9<fiaa>cb MB. 
«io<inl9dafiaaj«oeAoa»lrdid9aam Qj0J9aa)c3o TB. 
Cfonwoo fliouSl9<fifiaQ-iaj9<fi« ER. taunt. 

y. den. (BiocJolOdQeQaPdBa to censure, reylle, 
affront. cnrDojon) 9«»oajl^ im>*:e^ ^'^ 
(Bio*^ fi(snSldBiB Bhr. ssnaoft tno'^^^o KB. 
(if paid irregularly). 

(Srdu5]CO(2b adhi^amam 8. Obtaining. 

fiioaSlc/MDo acquired, fiofDOojoorosmo ovdOi 
omu5)o>o)0OQBn Bhr. happened to him. 

csrz^aJlganob adhida5aii 8. (Syr. RCath.) 

Archangel Vi. 

<S(iuj)^cua5) adliicr8ya5a s. Highest God, 

patron Ood. 
(6r7)U51nO!)LOobadhuiathail8. Lord oyer f. i. 
QsajocjoloDOLoab Indra. «fijo<0»9u5Vn3Q»«>nB9ft 

(®r7)u31o-jnb,~o.jro)l adhibaik,— baii 8. 
Lord, owner. 80cnS)«)c)odaS) flidCJulajQBiMaaajnb 

KR. fem. [ease Kid S6. 

(6rdu31(23oCt\>i adhixnimsani 8. Aneye-dis- 

(®rDUj|(r^CU9o() adUlfidban S. Ascended, on 
ODXAjiooipHf^oaO VCh. freside 

csr7)(julajorold86) adbivaaikka 8. To dwell on, 
<nou51aj3croo stay, abode, f. i. of a demon in a 
person. cn>gl|otolajoa\}0a(» jxicBorvmrw KR. 
(O)a8«rT^03<baj)§)nib (Bid, ei^^och ^ssMoaa 
gtj Tirun. Anj. Utc with harlots. 
CSTDUjIc^OOOo adhiitbaaam 8. 1. Residence, 
element in which one lives, practice. ttojoAcai 
dn^ (sai'^xu i^(wS\a^ Bhr. a>90S^9uxaa 
dbdSa AID* e(Q3^Q(Vo Bhg. 2. high station, 
iOTereignty Ti» 

<nDuS)<^(mnb fixed, incumbent, Lord Vi. 
(nDaS)(£gl(oio set up, tenanted, seat of God Ti. 
Digitized by ^OOyiC^ 

(©OuyimVj— (®O(^0(BQi 


(8rO(^0(TJia — <SfbCnG6% 

«S>duJ)rsv> ftdhiSam s. Read. 

«ea5Wib snooesafnl Btudent (po.) 

^muS\mo adhinam (mdc61) i. SabjMt to, 

depoadantsaQjMo. ttaorib cnDOxXxte oioaSVn 
(naoe) KB. a>»sB<oecb o^g^o (Do^^oRftCS^o 
A»3aicuocJW)0d<9ni KB. oommitted all to him. 
cTO-iocjJkno opp. cufDouficoo, aoo^ouSlcnas 
«• alienate. 2. power, dharge OQSCUOuJIoo 
iffBkdnb 8om. (=:6)e>aajQJooor9b) o(Dood-ireouJlcno 
«>a>099 KB. by destiny. iBtoo^caoaaQS OBU^ 
cnia£^Qi9^ Arb. (or crojO(jJico(OR&l(ob). 
flioaJWxQ) dependence. 

(SrocJlOdab adhiiaii 8. Lordi ojocaj^ftjuJ) 

MOb YyX. 
€6r2>ujr09 adhnift 8. Hov (po.) 

(GrDC^(£gab adll]i^ii 8. Modest, tnscyc^o 
fierce. (8io<Vj(tq>0(^:^cd;oo AOOtf^ KB 5. 

(€ri)($LU3COr5^ adllogaSi 8. (<9R>cjus) DeBcent, 
sinking. gnrrvoKm ma, cn^CflBics^o gontti^ o^ooA 
Ao4o09<g<oKid SQj1(d«o Kal 3. (SUdOLjorn (9io. oi 
(Ms hell. 

fii39a)osocno lower part. 
«»«009i9fijo looking dowK) dtwnciat^ to Mo 

QC09>u(^(Y)3a») P. T. of a hypocrite. 
«»«u)9«(uod^o,-~gajmo hen. 
0090)001908 wind from behind. 
(SrOf^^cdaOs^ afdhyaUam 8. TiBlble, dear to 
the eye. eocY>)fiM qqQ^c^ (nwi^afioob. 
ai»3^dfianb oyerseer, in charge of. uxno^ 

(fl&maoibKB. QdeA6mo(3^«etfisabMad. matter 

of the elephants, 
ona^eees tnperinteodenoe* aidaoelcaai «I9^ 

doaa i^cn>f6« Bhr. (also aio@^attai). 

(9fd(^^CQ;nOo affdhyayaiiam s. ((8»uS1+e) 

Beading, esp. of the Yedast one of the <aaa& 
A0ao KU. — also deny. anax^QvaSlaa and 
flD-a^csoSl^dSa Vy M. 

(6ro(i^/XJrro9CM addhyftYaiiyuii 8. mm 
reeolutioB, perfereranee. 

«mi^9(m2M«»9(v>o Mrahyiltmi^A&iam 8. 


m^(^Mp(0(Mi^(2MV€roo affdhyaltmataina- 

ya^am 8. The spiritual R. — AR. 

(Sr2)(i^3ajmo afdhyabanam 8. (cans, of 
mo'^cBrODo) Teaching, esp. the Yedas. KU. 
(StOr^^OCjyo Lesson, chapter, m) joa^oca«^ 
Qxn>o 20 days of the month, good for reading, 
ffioms^ocD; al. 10 inaospioioas for students 
(the 1, 8, 18—15 of the Innar fortnight). 

(€r?)r^0C8(D0a-yoafdIlfaiobam S. imputation 
(as calling a rope a snake, phil.) (s»'a^o9<8s 
Qjosiaiknoejp aoajojoentQcnQejo Kei N. 

(St^MJ^Oy cQr?)<tXJuab ad^dhfi, afdhvaft 
8. Boad, way. owtno Asno &9tSr ffRMSJUJooj 
Nal4.— «iviJDj<n) Loo. (^^laixndai^ o^wjjl 
conb CG. traveller, also onwajU-iOjSVnnb (po.) 

(6r2x%u ^fDo af dhyairaiQ 8. A esremony f. i. the 

«fi>cX) KB. ^ 

(ao.^JUJQ|y officiating priest KB. 
<®ro(3XJj3or>o addh?anam (in 8. the Ace. of 
(Bi9^x)jnb, in T. oorrnptP) Great exertion, 
fatigue. (aoix)jo(T)o ^sosmd easily. 
(Bioajouoanl So. diligent. 
V. den. (B»^juJO<T?^<a» to labour, work hard, 

exert oneself, cnscm «»(aujoo61^oab 9od 

coa^OojorDo MR. 

(Sf^my <Jscwn(Sojy (St^acn ana, anave, an6 

M.0.Te.Tu.=5oQm, Inf. of fl»n6=oaKT»«) in 
adv. Terminations aoiIqcqbct), cn)§m etc. j^ 
«fi»«cn,«ajo§(mcr)(iai, esp. after 1st adverbials 

(Sir?iro<fi5o anakam vu. i.=flioor)_iQOo. rnxn^o 

Qjs<fle oostfienw TP. 2.=(B»®ona>o TP. 
C®?)00<ieSo anaglam 8. innocent, po. 
tCr^OOG^cB) anannuyaCfBwajeug T. Te. C. Tu.) 
To move, shake. (BKOmaBOi&o) oljO(i^ immove- 
able (jud.) «»nr>6aB«gy quiet! TP. 
T. H. (SR>cr><05)o (C. (sramA watery) moving, 
shaking. ^a^^ocA (Sio. eg] (aoDiSisrtaarnloi 
CC. lieart not touched. 
^fbcntSQddiy <6£\ r. n. to shake, fan, 
esBOite. mMTkBeoORn eoYdBaog^ob a>ro)cfl»06>A 
emo CG. . 

Digitized by ^^OOQ IC 




(&^iCOcLJ — (roro^dBi 

(6rZ)nOoC/)ab aaAnj^ 8. (immaterUl) CSmft. 

made her love me. 

hence oncDooJlajrolan to love, oonsent <bat 
BiDOOoc/fldfeoroo from (BiOoc/$) — disoord) Vi. 

(6i^roe983<0o anafifJaTam 


CSV^rO.^ anaddas=«iom^{j Heat, see foU. (8». 
a.j^d9n to get wamu 

<CrD(Dff^<fl> anatta'ya (T. (s»cr)OQ<fi) from «n 

rrxob) To make warm or hot. ^g^ (aacnojinl Kid. 

The Y. n. (in T. ffloooo^) exists only in the past 

(Bioorxns — VN. (siooDgj. — CV. tncntmSiiau Vi. 

(SVZ)rO00DCY\> (American through Port. Ananas) 

pineapple =s 6m>4MI)^ A>. 
(®rdrnpRI)o aiiaii5ain 8. Bndless. (ndcrxroKib the 
serpent 'Sesha, henoe mttcnano-isoscnocooj 
So a neok-omament. (Bioor)ao)^s1 Vs. aacn 
QOQOS^ (a>oan^fij) a kind of earring, (formerly 
worn by men also TP.) (g^ (TOODctoo, rtflflaoj 
or)aQ>o»CBKr)o, (wooncroAj^o N. pr. Trerandram 
with the fkne of Yishfia resting on his serpent. 
anooaOHtsojo multi-form. 
(Sf^CnC(tMo ananSaram 8. Succeeding with- 
out interya]. 1. immediately after. cuoTMin 
Ofibo mDODororoo, aiftcmofoaoaooroo as soon as 
he had come. 8. succession, inheritance. (Bio. 
ocn§(9>, OL^Aa>; to inherit Yi. (BTDcnaoorDOjato 
odornQrob «ri§)GB® MB. also (BioaoaQ>rDgjogl(9b 
6^£i got by inheritance. 
(BiocnoQfDyos 1. inheritanco oio. oO^^ Vi. 
2. (BIO. cuo<d>, to bless and giro orders as 
a dying person. QQ5)CTO)0(9aO)rDg-)o§ ^*Sii^ 
TP. why such dying speeches, my Can^aP 
(Biocncroroof), (BioooamrDOJob next relation, suo- 
oesBor, heir, also (BiooQaoSlfoasoorD (^Si 
6><a«99i9 TB» oioooQ^QJcraoooDo snecession 
in a royal ^Q TR. 2. title of lower dig- 
nitaries (opp. ^w^arxnh) TR. 
(S^CDoroysb anaii5al t.8oM. Light sleep Ti. 

CStWyQji aaanyam S. l. identical, durected 
on no other object. etKr}CQ^j£\aio^w£\ oiriB 

cm so6aBc)o KB. fUly resolTed for one objeot. 
2. union c3$)o^^|<cA Ti. 

(6(7)OOQ.j^ob anabal^ak s. cuidiass. m 
CTKUt^Od oarnVBi^gy Bhr. ADcncuigyAJo 6>«>9 
or^ qjcdVoioqjo ABi. 

(SvZ)00(Lj(t)9(jOo anabariidham 8. Faultless, 

((SviimCSQ-Sda^nb anapSUa^ 8. Exempt from 
desire, as a TogL 

(Gr^OOCQ^ anay am 8. Injustice, orxaiocYXBicaada 

(6romci4lo anargham S. Priceless, iBOcnttba 

<Sfii(X)(XSl£io anartham 8. l. BettseleBS=(B»(n 
(oSodiio. 2. calamity, ruin, ottanoo (BAcnonoo 
proT. riches ruin. (BRKYXoSoOBcfo s^^^ commit 
outrages, (09^(BRh^8}>(bb e^tat oio'aacb m 
QdeaH:^ the land sustained great iiguriea 

(DOn)(SIQl vol' I^SOSMD e^®A»9\B(l£)(m TB. 

peaceably. o^ooauorxmoQ^o Bhg i5. dangers 
of (BtOiz&oo wealth. 00or)(mo$)g-)§o oQfm scvo 
6>(fi)0sn| BS. fearing they would be ruined. 

(6(7)noairYb analaik 8. (V^anon^ to breath, or 
(B»aio P) Fire Tdbh. tmcrxA fire, heat, — hence 
01000^, (BiDcn^ eto. (SiooDftjO^ grief C0. 

(Sv^onaju)3mo aaayadhiiiam 8. inadTer- 

tence Yi. 

(StZ)00OJUj) anavadhi S. Endless, innumer- 

(!St^>CnOMrS)o anayara&am 8. incessant, con- 

(!Sv7)roajrr\xOo anayaBaram 8. Wantof leisure. 

(6yocY)ajcroolarv» anaTaBthiiams. Unsettled 
sn'^oorxTOo po. 

(CromOdOOo anaianam 8. Abstinence, fast- 
ing sa^lafioldaa. 0». ^l<e£b):iy Bhr. 

(6rt)00crv? ananif 8. Cart(po.) 

cmcooDB^^Cdo anabaftgiram 8. Hodeety. 

(®rdr09(6>30do ana'yaiaffl 8. Dark. fivd<fi)9o»o 
a«Bn mbcnod^oubSiva!^ KB. (by arrowrain). 

(6VOrOOd6ftaioail&yillttnS.Unperpl«aed,quieUy . 
Digitized by ^OOyiC^ 

(SfOm3</>_ (TOOODQJ 


{eroTODOj— c»cnraA 

^mcn/ycnosio acnil^aSam 8. Kot yet oome. m 
(nxaaQjkjUttaidQLi FT. who prepares himself 

(SrdCr)aaJ9a^aiui^nm8. l. Bad habit. 2. ir- 
regnlaritj eetablished by law. oiyd> adcdoui&o 
oo •ACdA.onlfflk 9er^ OojAob KU. 

crorODSS) H. iaij Grain. aoq^ooIa^o mtt 
ODdei^ai^o (n§eqeD<es»l Ti. 

ABs.) 8. Kot oommanded. 

^f^cnoax^yoj analtmaTf 8. Not ipirit. o^ 
oeacugpon ^jui (d>osi0oo nDcnooiQOQji ChB. 
flU^aBacgo ad'qjo aiea^ejtt oseo cn|^<fl»oc/9o 

cror03LDo anatham 8. Unprotected, (do^o 

■D'eoQBi^ Oojoa^ BrPi9. kingleM, forlorn. 

nsWajloobo ojaaouo m9§o qj)§o Ctaam^cse 

to flD*09«fl TB. deflated. 

flDcnQiAab 9u — ID f. forloin, orphan, widow, 
ooo oDd ao(no«fiooi^ lays B. after hii 
father's death AB. fio«o(nou)ocrooooQB«ruo 
ejqB in this hmelj oat of the way plaee(Tii.) 

«mmod<Do anaf aram S. Disregard. 

den T. QcrnleldnMoedb ffocnoero^^ AB 6. (s(B» 
cmgigl) not minding. 

(OTTODdl anaffi 8. without beginning. sBmo 
i£UauS\^ MB. lying waste from times im- 

(CrdnOOo^ anapti 8. Not obtaining (po.) 

(erdrooOkQab anamayam s. Welfare, ^cm 

flm. flm§^ Bhr. you are well today Psqctoq 

<SfQrryywxr\^ anijasam 8. Without trouble. 
(O^rooiOrovi an&nJtam s.ssffKvxuioAaw 
croroxQoi) aoixjaft b. ignoUe (opp. o(^ 


ttromaeir^ aailaiyaais. Duigenoe. 

^Qi^hb aetire Yi. 
^nm/yClJMji> aili?atyain 8. Not neoessary. 

A XB. put himself forward without need. 

iSromoC^ c^n aa&Tritl 8.FailareofrahiKB. 
(Sr7)OODn^l(6>ab anaatiYaii 8. No Atheist KB. 

CSWOlrO^ am5a onoodOB (Syr.) Prayers for the 
dead, dirge. (mocv^tmoAOjeso Ys. holy water. 

(®fOro|j5)jo anityam 6. Temporary, inoonstant. 
jS^aoio m, (m(CB6rn)^c)o<9B Od9eQ{(o EB. 

(Sir2)00|oS1rOV> aiimcri5am L. Blameless. 

meiaiu 8. Not closing the eyes Nal s. anco^ 
£\(&^cnib the Oods. 


the moroing star Yi. 

<6rDrn)(BC^ao anirvdffam 8. Undanntedness, 
one of the 8 d)iDQejcnSl(ijJ)<fi»(D«agc)o KB 4. 

<0(t)OOla)CYb anilaii B. (\r mbch breathe) 1. 
Wind 2. = (s»cne]c6 f.i. mDorflajaidoiMorf^a* 
cncnQ^t&i &<ast^%o a med. 

(TOOrSIOdo aniiam S. without night, etemaL 

<!Str>Cn)lCfSMi)o aailteyam S. Uncertain. 

(QiTDrolc^o aniitam 8. Unpleasant, displea- 
m>cr!if^4^o(£\ offensiye person. 

(OroOOl^ anilam Tdbh. (sioadcftio a med. 
<S(dCtb^o the 17th constellation (Lupus and 
soorpion's head). 

(©ron^dQjo aniyaxn 8. (V^ironb) Face, front, 
army (po.) 

(Crdn^fznl aniSi 8. ss mooxvo injustice. 
cet^CrfloOab aniha& 8. Free from wishes, m. 


aSfUCfb anu 8. prep, and adT. After, along, 
following, agreeing, aneod Nal. after that, el 
Qj(n>0a9«ku9(CdS 8it Yij. day by day, so m» 
Ods^oDo etc. enceafiafimo ^ smocmo oQfjt 
BrP 7. every moment. 

cSfdcCdSicnj anayamba 8. Pity, soioob cba^mvo 
ASQomolWDtoaenno KB. asotdOdeKcSkato 
C0 QLjrD«0oejimo6 kind to his worshippers. 

(Sf^rfd<Bi(oerno aanyaraQam s. i. imi- 
tation. oMEyoQoaKMmo onomatopoeia, gram. 
8. mimicry, drollery. 

Digitized by V^OOQIC 

a5w*a<«jo — (Wr^TOcn 


<TOnid^— ^(anfdflwi 

den Y. (BiDadd>rd)cM n imitate, aerre, belp. 

{^^^as(S\<sS eTo'd9Qcm@ eacg^cBiCMl^ Bhr. m^ 

cLjcaiS^cmo'Sj\ ^siqI'q^ ^2Zq aQ<o)a)b (song). 

(S^ab<B>OQio ana-yamam S. According to wish. 

(0r7)nrdcd>3tOo anu'yaram S. (=(moada>^d9n) 

Imitation ; favor. — (QToadd9>0(D) imitating. 
(ISrZinrd^^^ anu'yulam (along the shore) 
1. Favorable as wind (Bioad^&Kuoc;^ (po.) ajgj 
Qjol jS (81i&*0ocd; 0dca;cT>o ^9«0(a^ KR. a soft 
bed. SDOJCib (Siooj^ (Vio. fit^atono, tsn,^ 
MB. is in their favor. 5>0'9^6)abo (Seajood^ 
aifiOBcX) Had. the divine favors which H. enjoys. 
oajsn^oQjgso (^oolg-j^^ (8T0. (9)i^<ani moso 
TR. 2. compliance, acting in concert, cstbtn^ 
cm (TO'aocai^ cn^mDODsaaTR. act with every 
conBideration for — (Braajs»nbo Qo\(n^(e>9(t»o 
(BID. (uofs^^ HR. speak as he dictates. 
8. SnoccBS, ease, contentment, (anog^rsbisio'^cafi 
% remorse Vs. aiocgjo «io. er^cdn sncceeded. 
(SiDOd^Qjan favor. inoad|^i»9QB)9S fiCDOui)^ 

Bhr. compliantly. 
(Siood^&iob favorer. ajl(o>aaj OjiKs^fonon (Bid' 

aix£\ QajiorDneoft KR. 
(8iD03^&jc/z>^ false friend. 
(Bioad^&is>^^d9) to favor, help towards, (bb. 

s>Q-]^cYTyo>g>j MR. 
denV. (B»a9^eT)(i39 f.i. (BTDaDorn enoa^Qjl 

:^ cn)^ MR. aid. croO(fifia)£)c)o (010(0^01) 

oQ^QBUio (Bio*^ Qjosn^ gave similar 


(Cir^Odo&^o anoktam 8. Unexpressed. 
(SYind(£)C2)o anukramam 8. Succession, 01OQB 
^0OfQ^ one after the other (po.) 
den V. (BKoao^alan f. i. mp a^iisla* — soqgj 
rt>n6 (o^edafiolsmo ©orn (bto — nr» Bhg 1. 
completes one revolution. 
(S^r^KYdCS^OOdo anukrosam 8. Compassion, e 
ggl^snsocail (bio. ER. 

(STDndCOob anugaii S. Follower. 

(Bioodcoscno following, cap. by dying after the 
fiSOQDs'. husband =(Bioaja8S>s (800303000 

$>09 cn§u Hnd, (Hifh^ I to die witti mj 
den Y. (saiad(/>&<Bst to follow, attend; with Aoo. 

A 800. CO(DQjr09cr)95 (BBGdCOal (00)5)^9 KR. 

(S^OrajgenOo ann^n^am 8. l. CJonfonnable. 
2. secondary qualities, described as fourfold 

(SftObi^QOo anngraham S. l. Favor, pro- 
pitiousnesB. (opp. cn^v^ooo) @<9-j9jrDocid(^nOo 
Ad) 097^ ^satosma® Mud. S. blessing, oooojo 
adi^jyooui^tdtch Bhr. able to bless and curse 
effectually. (Bioci8(^aoaj9d96 6)iiiogj^, anaxiae 
(8R>. Siay^m BrP26. a^onoo ojiSiSlcas nnnmd 
CD oQcm (810. fi>jiS^ KR. A blessing described 

^il d)i(DfiBacb (09^o6>Xljy (BiD.s>.aiQqitocb KR. 

den y. (8ioad(^Qd)(as 1. to grant ®6Qjou5^gj9o6 
(Bio*^ TXol 2. granted her to disoorer. ib» 
aa^8a> o^gjonb (bid. (Bio.'mlono 9eaj«>c)o (Bio* 
Si0a«mo KR. may the gods be propitious 
to it; to bless. oCflicm m^<Xd%Oo^^^^ 

(Siit)rvdiua>abm.(6l£ annjara^^i 8.FoUower 

(Bidoa ^(9009(0^090^ AR 1. with their train. 

(8ida34»yo)<s;9can(oldaa ca)qi|a9 KR. follow the 


den v. (B»ad^(£^(d8) to accompany, attend. 
(iStDOrd^rOV) aiia]i5am S. Unbecoming. (810* 

09CB; cmzaocoo Mud. an honor out of place. 
(Sift>nrdWCtO annjail 8. vu, (BiooSloanb, (biocyS^ow 

(16, fem. (8100003, — ^TStS\ after born, younger 

child, younger brother and sister. 

(B»C]969nacndQfiM@)o the 10th and 19th asterisms 
after the nn2(T)£fia((g)o Tr P. 
(6r{)nfdeif)aj| antl^vi S, Servant (po.) 
(SdxrdltSkifn aanjna S. Permitsion, mandate, 

(sm^manfs^o aioodMnitsyo KU. oio. fi)d&>9$n^Qaj9 

ozfonb Bhr. took leave. 

(BioaKHMib 0naaif»9(9m»£\ <Bio9CB;«a^un«4 
(/30)<damD KR. with his leave. 
(SfOCr^G^To^ aiLiliabama.Regrat,repentaiioe. 

e.Tna09c»s^ jiiia^^ (8)0. (Bioossi Bhr. 

den y. iBioad<D)aj)d9a to regret etc. 

Digitized by ^OOQ IC 

cGidnd^imn — CSWM 


ororydasYO)(2baauttaniam8. i. Basts £(or&90d 

O8I0O li eaodamacMl Bhg. S. M. ftlao bad. 

(BTDordaWv, csfw^fucroo aaiidliLBiii, — 

vamn 8. Dafly. 

«6ydordOOCBlda& ammaafikkas. To be oomfort- 

od. MDOiOftOa 0)(O*:i^ 9 jki9§y)cno(ib Bhr. kindly. 

(6r2)nrdrOQQJIo ammayamS. Consolation, respect- 
fol addmsfl. aiDadCTXB«a»oiM>s ouofioi^ Bhr. 
complaisantly. ad. Ojiiogy) (Oi6nogjl:iy KR. 
eoMolad, cng^ «o. Bhr. patience ia needed. 
0. T. to oomfort, pMrsoade. orxmocBi) auXMOoad 

(n<8n^^Qj<5lft ^BA^OgJ^siy Bhg 4. 

CSiZ>nrd(T)0Of\3Vfl5o ammasi'yam 8. Naaal, gram. 
<eidnrda-&C2oaiiaba]Uain 8. UnrWalled. (BBCidQ-i0 

/ocmo a^&fi^ Cr Arj. (snodoja Aa>os) KU. 

king's flag. O0Ciaoj0aj«is^ RC. 

(!6>dadQ-J3^^anuba5am S. Proportion, gauoad 
aj»ai6>d9}<3gB^Q0ejo Bhg 6. being equally pleased 
-with each other. 

(Srdnrda^OOOo anubanam S. Drinking after, 
Tehicle of medicine. 

(6rz)ordg^<d> annppnya T.a M.Canoa T.Te.C. 
to say, see tmcn) To send; in official style 
c<|yron oiocBg^or) i&ocejo a^nmocA TR. 

(eiii)ad6ajnru)o annfiandham 8. Connection, 

as of acts & consequences, soajoadentcnuo co 
(ol<eaCB}9<ab Hall. seeiDg the bent of her mind, 
den Y. «^aj«cw8ios (Bwaasmmfljyi^flfD oro 

cnmal KB. misfortane coming ont of 


(Sr^Od^QJeailllbliaTfUa 8. l. Kojoynent, ex- 
perience. (gajfg|«ftfti isioadftajo egg •(fi»o^9ib 
XB. the peons who see it daily. (r>R>a>aaa8ajo 
snfferiiig hell-punishment. 2. produoe, all 
advantagMarisiog from possession, o^Qvaio 
eio aDQaeoio f^^^^MmostSi^o^r^tK. as bis 
p o sse ssi on is proTed, q,^<fte9auo«<niu (Sio. 
QS^o^oTB^ the rioe hardest. d9iocQ;Q9fiajo the 
prodnee pf a tree (one of the i £Sqbw) ooej 
OBcfo ADOBsakOfiaQVo ajcm9(ab MB. when they 
bear leas. 0)0. c^tto QjocrniBttreein faU bearing. 

8. fhiit tree. dnoodsOifiBacfotiKUd^lfit. planted 
the parambn. 4. grant of a land at a pepper 
eora rent in reward of serYioe, also symbolical 
present of a betel or ooooanut at the time of 
executing a deed W, 

<BK>c»SQj)dBai 1. T.a. to enjoy or suffer, possess, 
(^ol 0^00(0) (^®(o^a)orDo (BiDOdSOjId^ MR/ 
how did you come by it? Q_i6moQ(i_i9ejo ^ 
g^ (8ioadsaj^g-)on6 crooco(mi ojorn^g^j TB. 
2. y. n. 0cgjoecB;oaP SKU^fipaanrrxm a<9»C(^o 
cnQ(d» (Sioadsaji:^ ojmo TR. enjoyed all 
the rights. 0ioa9SQj^g^9O9(dnl(O)9(O6moTR. 
put us into possession. cyiIscd^ocoo ojoail 
<eeom 0)or).m1mo ODoodsoGcX) c&nrBo (moodfi 
Qj^A» QDg^Bhr. ejlotod ^loio Qjamodsoj^ 
^^o ChR. 

C. Y. (nMoo* «cn}Qe^60Bc)o mDoaAQjl^:^ 
make to enjoy. ojfDO o .diQ^6Mi§^oo fODOiOOO 
oiDa3SQj)gy^<fiao KR. render to, arengeon 

C^r^nd^DQJo anubhavam 8. i. Symptom of 
mental states, (gajoa steocnocesoato ojasronj)) 
Nali. silenced his objections. 2.^(a^SQajo. 
aaooodsoaiob magnanimous, high dignitary. 

<Sfond(§(iS)\ aiinblin5i s.=fB»cid6aio f.i. ctoj 

^9aa<S(on Heavenly etyeymeut. s>«>aLkflag|0 
luaMB mw»fsmai9fa!^ PTs.ssinoQasan^aj 

(8ydnrd<8/S9Cno aanbhoj^am H. (from 8.) Enjoy- 
ment, nsufknot (ssflnocidCQjo) «MiJcia9lQi|{6)s 
flB*0S>gyoTR. itistheoompany'sown. (oo^oosro) 

Oa)0Cg9gi, ^SCB/Ag^O (81D(t»l6)nbo (BTO. (BT^AKm® 

TR. Qoyemmont has the usufruct. (BiocYdSfioco 
Qj^odeed of hereditary grant (=(8ioadeajo4), 
also (sidad(8soco«><0s)O^. 
(SVDCidQisooSlas) to enjoy (also of coitns.) 

<SflK^fdQm\ aniima5i 8. Consent, leaye. ssim£\ 
CE^s 0l&pl(d)^)ab dib (TO. fi)a>8(on^ Nal 2, an 
encouraging glance. 

(6rorYdi2MQ6rnQ amiinaza^un B-stnooaco^mo. 
OMnooji oo. o 4Mg| UR' Died with her husband. 

Digitized by ^OOQIC 

(©foroaa— (8»onraaj 



(SrPQfdQDOOo aanTnanam S. inference, g^ess. 
den T. (Biocid^dte f.i. (BiotnlAdbo QLj<D^0O6m 
0(00 (810090) (daoo (Hn, from this yon may find 
the amount. oQCTot aw£^cn^ cmod&^j^ 
RC46. compare. 

csfWdoaoc^y (Sf^)C(dOJycA) aniuna&y — yaii 

BO. Tdbh. Hanoman. 
(S(Wd(^OQo annmof am S. Approval, joy. (8M>. 

6>jii^ Bhr. 
(Sr^adCQ;3(m) anayatra S. s)jii^ Bhr s. Accom- 
pany for a short way. (BIO. «euo<d) Vs. (cr^ 
0000000^ S>a_i9moo QOJQlo dO§So (mOOdCBlO^ 

d^oTKSJgj^:^ KB. 

CSr^ndCSCOlOCA) annyogam S. Question, 
den Y. (Sio*oS1(a» to enquire Yi. 

(Sv^OdtDceOy) anniaktam S. Attached, troaia^rdb 
mMdnsmcnx£\ YetC. enamoared. 
(&tiCfMe(^liCO fondneee. mmssedi (bio. «i^ 
C. Y. (a^ndM)^ fliOQ9(D6i«1g;^(fleaio KB. gaina 

their loye. 
(6i^C)0fd^DC0b tender love. (Q0cS1(^ on. KB. 
(brothers) (d^n<d}d)<08 cnaSlrob «». Mud. are 
fond of as. ^smeaoth AsnaocA (saaS^cmmb^ 
ego ttajsmo YCh. desire for them. 
orxBOCidfOoco^^cX) Mud. the adherents of K. 

(CifOrird(^Q-Jo anVTUbam 6. Conformity, corres- 
ponding with. dhmociaOQjdoggredo QiQQio KB. 
mtM^^eiisli «ioadf3(Lj0oci£l§ (^sneoo croodOfiyi 
ago ojOflB^, ajoem^crn (oo'eocv Qj&p)(fl8 MB. 
C^ocidfSa-io Kal 2. adr. —hence et^ca^KXd 
^ojreoA Bhr. those like himself, asoenaocid 
i(^cLsch CG. 

(6rZ)ordC8aJaJo annlebam S. Ointment, rubbing 
with sandal powder etc ^^cocnuocidejlo^flb 
KB 6. rodd<a»0o^oo6a)CDpa98Qja4(nnb KB. 

(SfbC(d<^BXi(2ki anolomam S. Going with the 
hair or grain, fayorable. 

(SreodQJ^cdG) anuvacTikkaS. To permit, allow. 
(Bioa£)onoaP§ (s»'«ceMmo YetO. m^ oQcm 
«io*^ consented. (oo06>(n s2a8(no«)a)OcV>cuoab 
m^9diaamo KB. (occgrDonb ma^xio oja «o 

- cum (gX)Qdaj^:^(aom9r9b TB. grant. 

CSftKydQJO^ B. permission, leave. og^daS 
AdSaago (BID. PT. I give yon firee leave, qj alai 
cro90m 0)000010000 (tu.) (okS^a^ ai9ga%^ TB« 
Qfoaojonb (bid. QjaBa»Q))<6d» TB. cnlaBcXiaio ibid. 
e^Hblcbk KB. if you alto agree. (BAOJob AD. n 
orn^§o@> soaodn t^g^taot^ TB. o^ <^amQd*o 
^ TP. assent. 

c6rondQJ(ofo)<£>ni) annTartayai B. Follower, 
also (oo08«»OQ-i9ceaM)Ri^cvoo eidagpemob KBs. 
(BnadQj«hKr)o6> jkiggobBhr. Ishall obey . aB(nr^ 
(BKK»Qj(dRSl:i^ KB. submitted to the missile. 

(Sr2)nrdCSajeJo aaUYfilam S. Continually, no. 
QjlocDse):^ AB. 

(Sv^OdOdCQA) anUBayam 8. Begret, also (BM0 

(SfiiCfdC/dycr\5\im aantasikka 8. To advise, 

reprove gently. 
(SroodcBc^CA^ a&uiaoj^ 8. (cn}o09o)8xaiMB 


(Sr?)ordcagXY\) anQBthanam s. (cn^o) Perfor- 
manoe, esp. of rites. crxxn^oodcCgooDoscnxn^s 
<d>mo, Q^oc0<£9oa)oe1(O><)o «>j&i^ YOh. 
(B0ad(^(0a (p. part. fliDad<^(mo) perform, 

observe. fi)6mo^3uao^o aa)^05Qjo iBBaac^ 

ttdBAflmo KIT. spread, rooeiojo^o m^^j^^^ 

C. Y. Aoodc^gjlcea as (g^o 00. UmY. (the 

spiritual guide). 

(6rz)ordrromjJ300o annsandliaiiam B. Inveati- 
gation. (OKnjocida>xni)oono=^cij«mQjo ad 
flftDJincTOOoQjo aorKDQjo KeiK. 
(SfWdcroffioy — (06roo annsanm, — ra^am 
8« Following, obedience. (BiDOdcro^oo oa^sffiyo 
(oj^QDXiJo^o 6>d9)09l9o QjcoamSlejoaa) KB. by 
indnlgence. (BidadcrorD«mQJj>ior)o Kal s. con- 
ciliating word. (BiDmjOQveooao mb'em^wSi qj 
0609 MB. spoke for the plaintiff. 
(B»a9crorD^d8A to obey, aoqulDsce, imitate. ni9 
OBcb AcmanoViAbb tsio':^ TB. <8>ejcn«ajo 
Ofij (Bio*;j^ cv)^^ ^ subject. (BiDQJOcn (ba* 
:j^ 6)aKB(da«DoMnd. employ him according 
to his prayer. ciDuS^idsm) ojkxS^aiwto 

Digitized by ^OOyiC^ 

<W)Ofao39— <8«ortO)«a» 


(6vz)o?r6ro — (BirdnoyDo 

«D*dycn)^ TB. MqniMoe in the refdiot. 

cno «ool0RO9iBb (no'<flsm)|2 esa^^ XB- 
wink At it. (OKU cocn^Aoa ind'^9o6 6Qjejo 
fiMiioKB. enn I foUow, imitate thy flights? 

ABs. make to follow, 

<Bf^>fWrOD(Do (Loo.— M)M0Ofdingto. ^ 

a<D ffMi^Mgo ooaaoQd(roo(Min09a£) KB 5. 

Wt the amhnwidon go aa Jiutioe demands. 

omodcroor^ follower. 

<0idnrdrro.j3(tb aansyaram 8. The nasal sonnd 

represented by 0, gram. 
(BTOO^oa) aanbam a ((BR)<»+(8»aJ|) Watered 
land, moist country or climate. 

<Sr^>CQa5h anf5am S. (q«po) Untrue. 
(OrdCSrO and see (BRKD. 

(6RKSnO<0)o an&yam S. More than one, many. 
OMmakJOo, onodcna) qjIcdo manyfold. mb^cn 
«M> oMCQy 00 q]% ajanonb CGh. quite alone. 
OD^cnAocdHrdo Bhr. many thousands. <sio9cn 
«>o flnD4cn«K> roon9<flaoa9ib EU. culrDA <8io9cn 
aio aj9CB;9<b BC. 
plur. fliDQcna)^ many persons. 

(6r56)5)O0ajrb^ n. (S^6>6>oort^o aneiyari 

— ttnm T. a 0. a M. 80 many, all (='810^ 
Q^o) syr. doc. 
<!6rZ)orO)o anSam 8. 1. End, limit, tmcmsxaoi (^9 
oS^j^ CG. died, on'algyosxmoaa octood un- 
bounded. 0idrRD0^§y9eM»9(S cn)«am9:fii(Bi8»o(ab 
CO.immemeJoy. aKug^aTKTQdoQJA&fBRTiBhr. 
stopped. 2. T. Te. 0. Tu. (s jiioQo) beauty. 
ODooo 00)491 1. a fencing trlok. Jumping 
baek (f); to out asemmersetaiDcnDcgot^aajo 
flMcPso^ o^ojcAm sAffOasoflolan^TP. 
sign of joy, Tiotory <no. sol^nib; gymnastics 
on. ^rA«aeo<onb an aeeomplished gymnast. 
2. (Tdbh. (nDotOo P) to be enraged, lose control 
orer himsell 
<!6'On?5)c0>OtO ail5a)faft 8. Destroyer, Yama. 
«Kia«>9ejoo Hades. tfA^ONiWcvtos kill, po. 

(ODonMKmo ajoags^AcuoQBri tu. ADOanoaoo 
died suddenly (by Tama's spear P or 0000 
008^0 to the very end). 

(STdrroeroctb an5aQaii TM.(beautiftii,cooiP) 
A Brahman. (B»cni»«cmo.isn»0 SG. aneoofimnao 
(S\^ Qj)oejocroo 8i P 8. 

(CrooriDg, (OfonrcA an5ah| anSar s. (Bntos; 

intns) Inside, in oomp. f.i. tmomsy^ui&o AB. 

with inward grief. 

00cn»t«kOfimo 1. the inner organ, heart, 

mind (including 0<nifinij«AS) isiooOflbOfOo 

^(omo) a»'(Bni)nnD«iioc[^ <tv^ mo0o Tia. 

0cng^, GQ^ KfiiH. oo'eonSloA jiDcnSl 

^oab Hud. (na'mniW Qj(a(OR£)ai consider 

flA'confU an(aiQ00OQBi)| «acuoaS)f6ao TB. 

you will surely perceive (hon.) 2. fsYor. 

(= acn^) oxumh on}o{gaitb<a>ofi a»D. oj 

wSi^ OMirdsmo TB. 
MMQD t o^TDo women's appartment in palaee. 

<mo(Tg)tajr^(a>09ib females of the palace. 

(TOonsajfOcaBA^ onosjooroo KaU. fsith 

in women. 
(SCOcrCKOo anSaiam 8. 1. interior, interral. m 
OQXDo 6) AofiBoo Mud. that's the moment, dooo 
aQ»^<D whilst, also oj^fijoajldSao (B»aQ>«(0 as 
he wailed (po.) (2S<ii|0oaQ)O(O CO. whilst. 
2. difference. (aie£UA gu&skd anoomrdo, «»)sg90Qo 
«0^ooQo (OMB^ejeB (nocrawDo OS. ool<fi&i 
Q^Sycmdnorn aio'qjo egy TB. shall be pun- 
ished without fail. monoAcrn Ad. Qjro)<0» cgy 
Jnd. shall be surely done. im. <4^«q0 

c6r^)orO)(0oCA) aiiSaraii|;am 8. (moocoo) Mind, 

®rdrr?n(D3 aniaia(Instr.of(nMTtDib) inside. (n»aQ» 
(Doojcns 001006 meanwhile, svuoq^ fflkC(i9)aA «o 
cn»(D9 Q^onoBhr. 0<9cns QdBaWxn^fOo aj)sA 
finooob BO 88. in the nose. flOoOMDO oS^igojl 
^ Mnd.ssfl^gB)ab. 

(9r0rr^y)(t>3aR29 aii5araltma 8.Heart.(8A'Qjl(m 
d(rB fiSlcrmn ojtcioocfold^ £«i| 8iP4. you 
haTe a deep grief. ^^ ^ 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

^TOortwoD— . (©omnou 


iifi>nwija— (e*?)rnfiVfi>o 

(®r2)rrTJ^DCQA> anSaiijam B. Obstaote.— M. 

triok Vi. flj»cn»(ooa»<flft!K6(Tb erafty Vl. 
(lSt7)O7n(09go anbaralam S.IntennediftteBpftoe. 

0e(TQ>(Q9ft(aRO(^ £gg|Qjft KK. oMtos plAoed 
between the 4 original ones (aa oiocru&iajo 
Gwl etc.) 

£et7)nTr/0|d86t aaSazlkkB l. (intereo) To die f. i. 
Brahmans, to disappear, fail. — adookdWo 
dead. 3. to differ. ODOSSasrat fiyLjCOBdaaojo c@o 
(MOBfipnib (SiocRDfoi^ QCAcfiooOS. the difference 
between that som & this. 

(Sf^C(iS)(S\diSCio aii6arikiam S. Sky. (sn*(m^Qi 
dxm <4^cmo ajomDamnft oQ(T)DoQj)^iXD)d^Ti. 

cs(t>c(iuS\o-io aniaiibam 8. (=eikjo) island. 

(6a)rfO)(X(0, (Loo.) (S(bcci5^(^6<y^ anbart, 

— dQa 8. (Instr. of oioaQrDo q. ▼.) between. 

f&l>C(Uido(^ aniargabam s. i. Entered, 

hidden f. i. a ^ej«(0ocoo =: {Bid<fi>(nei)aio ajo 
AysodMA s^<^o OODOQj a mod. 9. mental, 

cS(Zi cvy^QoDo anSargfliam s.a eacm t a^foo 


c6^rrzs)€(^rOo anterjaaam a Brahminee 
(=^ (SiodKorctm) orxi]|^(o»l^c%fi)s fiDgy^oa oA> and 
cni>8i^3orxon»^rm flsoajroxjao fiar«ocB^ TB. 

(Sv^rr^uL^oOo aaSaidliaiiaiii s. Disappear- 
anee. (mocunb «»a»cjboor>eoQaJl Arb. t£\&x£\<A 
fiio^Qjos>jii^VilP. TanUh, aa Qods. 00. ^o 
oj)^ Brhmd. 

(6rorru)@Qj)de6^,anSarbliaYikka 8. Be included, 

interyene. ojIcfiM (SID. Bhr. will not enter, 
cSv?)cYU)@3COo aniaibhagam 8. loside. 
^&^CGS\d[^B^ an&anailda B. With inmoBt Joy 


<Sftca5)f:gfiO^ anSaryagatt ane'o^oioi esoal 

Bhr. Inward aacriflce. 
c&bcciT)^7(S\ anSaryami S. inner guMe, aonl 


(®rz)oro^rrfil, (CrZiofOKiLiasnl aaSarvaSi,— 

yatni S, Pregnant (po.) 

(Br&nc^QLiDrrobaaSarTaiams. Wting within, 

on»sio^) no9^ (910. Ood AB s. 
(Qv?>rro)rn^OcLJo anbastabam 8. Burning grief. 
(CroprTOOJorojcaJ) antaTaaayi 8. (ewdcroo) 

Barber po. 

(St^rrootfo, (Cr2)n?TOC£Mo a&KlaHi,— ayam 

1. The orosa pUnlc in a Jangada. 2. bar, aa 
before window. <8i». e§a» to lay bam a^rosa 
Vl. «. 
(Srorr^Ogo anSalam ((Bioau>oq. v.) Pride, high- 

mindedneSB. den T. — Ti. (BioCTCDoa^cda* 
(6ir?)rf^ an5i Tdbh. crom^, BTcning, often 
called QQjoc^; both joined mdOQ^ciSo 9Zoa£i 
csyo (8T5)a>ecaiocfe ajcDc£)flA (Biosoaesmo yu. 
9cnaio os{TOl«0oa»^Qa.o«Qjoa.o TP. — Qojocd 
cnocX) (HiocTO^cea Mud. (BTOcrolccwoao till ore, 
continually. oiDCTQlcD^ocBn it is late. aiocnaaAi(DO 
fljrai Q_i«nfloa)0«nB (BioawicwDanflss proT. do 
not continue the work beyond cto. 
CpdB. (TO(Ti»^:^cuaj red sky. (Bra'aLjoa»6>Q-io»f61cLn 
CG. A golden plough. 
OTOCTO^fljKftlfol the evening light. fliosi^<ma^<flao 

(TO»d9ao €SOSi ^^ OJcmlgy marks of a well 

ordered household, however poor. The 

ancestors require the light. 
(TOCti^aaj* (8. CTVXT^ofDxoo) Tuberosa or 

Polianthes; anDCRn^s&jroi perh. the same, 

or Hirabilis JalappaP Rh. 
fl»awi0aood3>oan6 KIT. a Paraderata. 
(Siont^QB^oQjggloinb a med. plant {aol'sicho ttaiA 

a. med.) 
(Bioa^Q^<fi8 nfghi^a rest. ag^4nn«flJie> (M(S\ 

aanQjk<«»)nr» •cryMow^ TP. 
(Sl^CfG)\S)oWkii:iflm 8. 1. (flnoiD) anH, oppo- 
site) Near eap. Loo<«»ciii)tta»,<n)sm<aa <noonS^ 
•«> Qjnm Ca.Biaa§9«a; o^oob «iofim«^»oeio 
MO(nD)«a> (prayer) may I draw night 
2. ((Bio(iQ>o) what reaohea to the end. (^osmo 
at£1^0OQ0 esmuo KB. paniahment that laala 
till death. AOcnOa^eo^o (8»ao>a)Ob CO. 
Digitized by ^OOyiC^ 



(©©nrrwjb— (©fcrrbo-^ 

flocni^eosadflRSIdho 1. ft 2. 
(SrMorTO(8no08.j(Dob antonfiiFaraii Kasr. 

po. Eternal Loid. 
etcc^ aaSjams. (ibrktqk)) Final, last, mag) 

ACBo Bhr. boning the oorpte. 

mM^sicb a low oaste. 
<®fZ)tC9)o aatiain S. (saiDcraKOo, O. enteron) 

Entrails, med. oommonly a^QSlo. 

(SyocscBo^ andolaiB s. m. (B^oamaao, fi>aa^ 

•cnsAoWhat swings, a litter, (bb. oa)6) ajo 
og-^ Kali. aioacBa^«<xjo(^aicaoA Bbg. 
the palanMn bearers. 
fnefiOQaftW S. swinging, agitated. fliD'caoGBn 

Bhr7. waxed donbtfiil. 
CTOnrXAJoandhamS. Blind, infataated. (BiDonD(D 
ttOLi^fisnaoittodi) CO. also (aD(nO(d>A> the bUnd. 
macnDAcn^LUcti — cnxu^ich Camsa, the prince 
of the blind CO.— ca^ffniMMOi oocnoood^orjo 
ji!)abSld^ Hnd. thnnderstniok.—(BiocTUM», mo 
ouwnjo blindness. [dHrA ©| Mnd. 

ADOUiAMDo 8. darkness. «iocnj}a>o(ixfla9r«o 
ODCTUMsag;^ 8. great darkness (po.) 
OKiUMnod^C^ (perfectly dark) a hell, (bid'^ 

000000090 A«rso Hud. 

ffocnoacf) (lee nDonafio) bewUdered, fool, 

henee aioaiooftiiouo, oocnoofiO^ soLJoai, 

CV. flRKTWof g^as to bewUder. siaawa^ 

gj bewilderment. [Pasture, food, po. 

<erdnrVJU^ aiuUuynfS.(aanthos, Soma plant) 

L (Sf^xrrio annam s. (tsioacno) i. Eaten, food, 

boiled rice, liTeKhood. mcmo^ocno meat and 

drink (po. also oBomrooroo). (9i0(maj(n^o food 

and raiment. cft]c)dS9coo oOicnoeB BDcmo gsSl 

,[^)«scmo TCh. support of king. 

flBomoj^i^ jrf^a Bhagavati. 

BoanaaA green yitriol. 

n. (SWrrh amuun (and mymcA?) Tdbh. qOo 

GOO A swan or goose, henee mo(waxmo. It is 

oelebrated for its walk ft as being able to 

separate milk mixed with water, ojoannib a>ej 

(ocmo Oojoofij CO. «>oa>nb ojocns oJcnA (8» 
omcoBcfo Oojoov Qj&p) «^9Aar)9yoQaj HE. 
I follow the great as orows the swan. 
(8)D<Tns><ee9s) the swan standard B. 
(Bio(mcns<0»o(Dm), (Sioamo g^^sao) sarms 
cBracX> BC 109. sooocrooooa^cnl. 

CSirOnfY^fsk annal (prh. = (BraaDo n.) A bird 
of stately walk, fljooTKabaoD* onsca/sxfeBhr. — 
crying Toice (SBcmSaj or^ oq^^ crocraxoo 94^ 
yens CO.— The 8 birds are distinguished in 
CO. 'BionmaBcX) Scuooai or)som(m)a)b oiWooaj 
(BiO(ms)ai^o«)&j <d-.(Ma9 oj^oom children imi- 
(ScucfYb annn H. (T. C. (sionbQ from tsa) That 
day, then ^MvOom. Bhri. ever since I saw. 
(Biomo 6)QjQ0(ifioo 1. the price it will then 
fetch (doc.) 2. a certain tenure. 
(SioanrnD day by day. isncmcm ojem^fi)^^ 
by daily work, ©aisrijcm ADifljialorn cm. 
<4^yffftl QLJ(^<8)(S^o QQjsmo TB. from time 
to time, mocm^-aa^ the production of that 
day. (Bio8(m9s &9^ (0)6>gjcnid9a CO. (qds) 
I shall at once be flogged. 

cSir^^otcL^, (STDcQ^ aiibi), ambi) T. M. (C. Te. 
(Bioab(d>, Tu* (8100^) 1. Love, affection, m 
dcai9$ oa)0$(siaDa(ob 0iog(s (proT.) (sioaiiooonib 
gKHiOQ if loye fails, the right fails also (of 
family connection, joint possession), hence tm 
oojo gicmo KU. (Qiocnjlgjotoia) 0CB<^aao ^xm\ 
g^ocaai a>ocB;ejo YyH. 2. also trust, deyotion. 
flwAojoso (B»«aajo§ aKn?§«flmnb VilP. (m 
ciuoo (Bl^sAanroii ^csbI EeiN. (biocqj&io ojcoa 
«». oojoiplaoi^ QjcnSl^^ CO. Aioainaib oOl^CESSB 
hence (SidQaijyoloTingaKiiim (80. (OKDjI BCsi. 

80&Qa)0nab«ajoVn eaxibBC. dear child. 
(BiDnbQjnb 1. lover, friend, (snoiu^nib (Sioaboj 

C0O QLjait(61(ob Qjoiiado Bhrs. 2. husband 

0&j0(fi)cbasnb(Lio6 BCiis. 
(GVT^rrba-jdd) (po.) to be fond of, connected 
with. cuaebcnlQjnbajom aj9ab68aaio.aior)ob the 
rery mercifal. ^g^OLHs^o^ a)6n6 9«iOfirr)09 

Digitized by V^jOOQ IC 

<6roQ|0 — (SfO^oco;* 



. (BtDonLjcaio 

ai;abaj(acQj CG. the arrow eonsisting in the 
glance. ^nPiA (OKibrmajo (8Dnbaja» 00 ^jxi'm 
a\S) CG. abide, dwelL Asoob^rDcoaoscmo oa 
s>rM)rD Anj. rending. ojWcs^gyMxn 0(0^00^ 

cn^cmoudfiytn oDsniQajoaf^ OG. qaiokly. tsa 
nba^cn9<b 039(095)^9 9QjQj<d)cX> CG. were en- 
gaged in. 

(Sromp anjam S. l. Other, chiefly in S. 
compos, bnt alio tmc^ AaBcunb MR.s0OOO9 
caojcib— aio(2|aa94b others, strangen, also 
(8»<2iai4b Vl. tmCQ^an diyersity. 2. descent 
(8»cn^oaS)ono aaJ9a),(BB. Qslojj^ the family 
to be extinct. (=andonus;o?) 
(e»onj099(^<0A9(onb of another caste. 
CBTOcnj© elsewhere (po.) 
(8ioq^LD9 otherwise (8iocnjUD9<mJo, (8iocn^L09idt 
(Qsmo change of mind, acting contrary to 
(8iDCniL03<a)Jo oijxi^mo qj(B9 KamK.= 

0OOOo.(8IQC2iLQ9(O)-ioajOa) tO rcfase. (SIOC^J 

ID9 sojldBftCS^^ is irrevocable (a curse)- jii^ 

gj(a)^<o)ab «6i6^cn(8racnjmoajae9a'n^S9 KRs. 

cannot be altered or avoided. 
(BR>C2)Ui9Qj«b((8»c2jLO0(Bb) of different nature — 

(8iomiL09B4gg@ another man^s. 
(8i0CQie9 at another time, sometimes. 
(SacQiBoct^o Nal3. servitade to another. 
(TOcnj e^ o = Q^coe^ o. 
(Sloa}i6)aJ^S83>d> distinguish (S(0^(G^^xi\cno 83 

ODOiora) fflK)cnjS)a_j§G®QJS (Tatw.) 
(B»on|fD9^(a»9<b MR. foreigners. 
(8jO(niQJ^09(^ to transfer. 

(QiooQioanDo for the sake of another. 

(©fW^iOCQA) anyayam s. i. injustice 'TOC2,9a»o 

«)8roolcr>9ft SiP 8. Brahmans demanding re- 
dress* (modem nsoally cn|9CB;rOQo)<a>o).(B0. en) 
fimdoa aicnai9croo Bhr. unlawful. 2. cause for 
complaint, soojan tmcQ^xwo QjsniK£\(A (Syr. 
doc.) 8. M. complaint, suit. oo. oouasy Qjii 

^, 6)ii)9%)j f.i. (Biduab orS^onbo 90rA «d. 
Q-aK^ (jnd.) ADOJcb eoeocn o^^ a(BflnrJ 
ag)6>nbo (BIO. 101^ aov ; aaa9£K0ia»)ab mo. ao):^, 
no. »Qj;2j ojocpj TB. the disputed land, ad 
Qja8«)s«0nk fixu^ (810. 6koifi0cBn^, 181^ croai) 
scmatlmD img^^dBa^^ab ono. •6Q]9u51gyl:m MR. (sr^ 
inoaj6Krood9a oriWciaoAav^ OAocj^oiib an. 
9(d>c)oajl(aBDo, ono. ojoqbisoTR. shall prosecute 
you. 4. (mod.) the plaintiffs tmc^vaiaRWuh 
f.i. 0100^ 9CB» A90ab the plaiatttf B. (norQ|9 
ovo ^o^^Kfo MR. 

(810(2) 9cs«)gy§ift=((B»02|9C»o 8.) to lodge a 
oomplaint. (809 Qj^aiigroldBacrngk^nri aio*§ 
sued fbr oonsideration of his claim. «io^§ 
Q-iOonj MR. the p. nnder litigation. <bio*§ 
(Bi09aj«BfiD)^ (pid.)(Bn(mlcv9GBM>£y§ordkKB. 

csr©<23^^® anylinam s. Not deficient. (B»(2i<n 
eo83nDo CG. unspotted, (socn^cnfaoiooa^osa^ 
Mud. most tenderly. 

(®f&(B(^ anyfi (8. from movQ^Oy or s 0^)011)001;) 
1 . Without (se>9mAo (sioocnj alone. 2. except 
0(smio (8ioO(^ 06)oo»<aajdi> t)gy PT. 8. = 
(Bioc^ other, besides. (8ioo)sDR»aik)(Qb(Bio«C2) A^ 

aiooo TR. 
<®f^<B^o<g^o anyonyam 8. ((Biocg,! (Bionn^o) 

1. One another, mutually. (8io8(n.9(niO^^QB»o 
mutual dependence. (BioQ(n^9onjajlod-i9auo 
TR. 2. friendship. (Sio. ajrts<{g(<h to be friend 
Ti. jaioajblcdAOft 43«@gr09Aro «io3cn^9(ny0scsS) 
OLjOg^j^ TR. lived on good terms with, oa 
010(0 (810. fiid«») gained over TR. 8. an at^ 
c%cj09g^oavo (s(9(^<sy(%oo) Yi. 

(81090^ oo^a<0s§ enmity Yi. (2). 
(61^2)00 JCCUo ailTayam B.(«io(»+fi)l. Lineage 
di(O(Di9(nj(s<(0iaklaBb(Qb ^sngtm (Don9«aK)D Bhr. 

2. logical oonnectkm of words (ssQ_k(OQ^j<ooroo 
QfiKnoo) AocnjcBOJO^o Tatw. the word with 
which it is constructed. 

denY. «noor)jaQ<adi to construe (gram.) oio 
fiLnaiflfto9cnoo9(CTj^ mi'^'Simi^ K«iN. in- 

Digitized by 


(TOmjocLi— (»oit-i<o 


(CroaJjU — (S't^a^fDd 

V^yog, eKplained m aaooniUry MienoeBf tLb. 
ovnno, edooo, (ae^ovcnoi (0i«(U0(i3d^(perli, 
«Dcr>jcB«aiao.) j^^^,^ 

(ettdro-joOo an7akaiii8.<«D08+«i03O8)Daiiy, 

CSrOOOJVzHo anvi&om S.(l•nQ0+s)Oo]meot- 
ed with — roa«aiocY>i)<Q^ bloody, etc. 
cSff^mSlcOQC, UlTlkBft 8.(fl2«en)PhUoflop]i7, 
also nocnjnd^ Ti. 
fiiDcni)(^ ft ffo«(Y)j(m)<iiio sought. 
(WKSTO jc&^ — tfiaimo B. ((siDoa + ©caa) 1 . 
looking ftftor, aeazeh oiDooooooScna^fiao «> jxigj^ 
KB 6. ataog <8e. iiiTeBtigation (Jud.) 2. eare 
mtKixri inMnlacurob 0o'6m0^ MR. does not 
mind it. oMourDooni ao^ (mo*09CBn ojonoocab TR. 
if the gOTornment thoold be eatrasted to the 

aD9(T)J:£aW 1. to seek, inqaire, investigate 
Tu« «o«o^(fi3)«ft. 2. to eare for (OPWAose 
ego crxmoQD^ Ao'^afiaib KR. cnoo an'caa 
cm alcfle TR. the eoantry under my charge. 

emo TR. 
C®f2)o-J aba 8, (a. apo — L.ab-) oif— , fre- 
quently confounded with (BSOj. — Privation, 
inferiority, South (opp. £<zi). 

csr^)<LJd8>So aba')(a4ain (S. better mDajAso) 

Mischief, adventure. r^ Mnd, 

<&OaJd9>'Oy6nOo abayaro^am 8.Withoutmer- 
C6y^k]uJd8»<£ho abayanam S. Detraction, deteri- 
oration, deny. — daifBsi to scorn Ti« 

(SKdaJd9>o(Oo aba)(aram & (d (nooj^pav po.) 

Harm, opp. g^oj^oroo; e.aja)oro3ii!iWm (9io. 
«9§(d> be ungrateful. CTOtdnoan 010. OJOSo TR. 
loss. fiQ^aiorocLna)ooo'S<s.9(g|Or)9o si^oab 010. 

(0>ai oOOQ) OoJOQ^VClb CCb. 
a»aji>>9fol injurious. — denY. — (ol<8e (Yi.) 

cTOQ-kid>)(<TrD)l9 (OrzkLj^orO)) ab»ylrti|— 

khy&U 8. Infamy. 
(Or2kL^C/>SV> abal^a&am S. (ooo) Departed cno 

eanSiOio AR5. boldly. 

Qjcooi s»ajco0)ai disappear, be lost Yi. 

(Qr^Q-lJUCQAB abajayam 8. Loss, (sid^u jfionolost. 
(SrOoJ n \y(0o abajaram 8. Mistake, a£Pront. 

(mci^.aj|<jBe(m abajikbmi s. & m. (eu^) 

8orophnlouB swelling (=ojy<Aeo{Oi^). 

(5r2)o-j89CQA) abajayazn 8. (better (skku— ) 
Defeat, rout, ^yuoftd® <oMBa^(iib (8)OQJ0MV8)g-] 
§ 196)0)10 aJOfDaoGoS^ Bhr 8. 0(8ioeiJ) (810. oa^o 
ffficSlsn^ MR. disappointment. 

(®r2)aJ§ abada 8. (<u%) Weakly, sick (po.) 

im>rLM}j> abatjam 8.((noa_))Offspring«60oab 
«ioaj(gj3anol Bhr. I wish for a oMld. 

lerOo-lLDo abatham 8. VlH>ng roadeaojitf 

OHP^ Y2. 

(SirOoJ^o abathyam 8. Not salutary, want 
of diet. (Bio<u(oraSlcBK> o jiKgo^ a med. «ido-kd^ 
e(flftj«mo fi)Jii^ Nid. [trick Yi, 

(S^Q^QQOdo abaf eiam 8. Pretence, disguise, 
(6<^Q-)rOC&;o abanayam 8. Removal; bad direc- 
tion, c^^uuo «ni*eiw£\ jiiasu^ Bhrs. (=(010 

«ua"o)- [Prevarication. 

(Sf^kiJic^yQJo abanyayam M. (sioojeiooavo 

CSt^a-A(a-jLO abapratha 8. Dishonor KR. 
(S^a^^OCOo abamanam 8. Disrespect, affront. 

09c£l orSlcflJUof^^ TR. I took your insult for 
an honor, oeoj^oaflsmaso (Biocu0ocr>9(S9^ 
qjOBSiO)! insalted. — denY. (gioaj0oorSl<efi. 

(SV7)Q^g^ abam|tya 8. Yiolent or sudden 

(S^o-irDo abaram s. (mo^o) 1. Latter, foibw- 
ing, other. (BiOo-irDalcno next day, (Bio^ojafiio 
the 2nd fortnight. (BtOQjrDOoQo afternoon (opp. 
a^(io). 2. hinder, west. [^^jq^hhed. 

(Sr&o-ia>D8^rmo abara$5am6.(aj(oo^(OK))Un. 
(Se^tLMyjOo dbaiUham 8. 1. Offonoe, guut. 

dhoiiaao^GQBfOS ^6^00 oio. et^^ TR. 
against the G. 2. eep. trespass that in^lies 
loss of oaste. oneajaiooesiailms cuqj»\ao mo 
(U(^wom\cm ^m in civU caaee pleadii^, 
inoriminal the ordeaL «nda98^(ncoRs)nns 
a4Q«^r^ Qg^jdnoobo •». ^919 TBi. she 

Digitized by %»jOOQ IC 

(erOQ.J(S) — (6K?ya.J3oCOo 


CSt^QjQ(^— <Bl^<2tUQ0Ch 

fell through P. H. Aiwiabo (B»0n>oano oo 
c)od9« TP.— (BiDaj(Doa>(a^ • fallen woman. 
denY. (8ioaj(09u5)(aB to offend, rain, debaaoh, 
with Aoo. 6i»9nb (oeaJOa fiio'^g^ TB. irith 
Dat. onozBan (inD*<eao90o proT. cnoooe^ 
cncx&cco €)Qcuux^o QjoTNoi flnoajtoouS^tda 
fSiOfA TB. as she tranBgreseed the rales of 

cSirdo^iKdlnnnnb abaridhixmai Bhg9. 

m9QLA(S\9js(d§^(6 8. AB3. Undefinable, inoom- 
(SYOaJ(6V2|fOV) abarilDiSain S. Unmeasured. 

(BiOQ-jrD)0)(O)Oor)csQj9rdluS^ SidD. [scaroe. 

(lS)^aJ(t^aJo abarabam 8. Honstroas, oddi 
cerDoijCSfDOdaba:^ abarokBam8. (aj«a>oififi3o) Not 

onperceptible. (sio^dOfiiAoocno knowledge of 

present or visible things EeiN. 
CSVZ)aJaJCbo abavargam 8. Final emanoipa- 

tion. (BiDajaj^cnS^@AJ^=3O0a<efiao Tatw. 
CST^Q^QJ03o abavaf am 8. Blame, oalnmny. 

(Biaojcuoel ealumniator Ti. 
CSv?)a^ajOa>6nr>o abaYaraQamS.Conoealment. 
(Sr^)o^Od6Y^o abaSabcTam 8. Solecism, (sal'ei 

^oswn ajo6)^§«)oaJl^ prov. 

(Stt)ajrro^jo abasavyam 8. Bight, not left; 

from the left to the right. [cgatai^. 

CSttlaJCY^OrOe abasnaiiam S.Fnneralbathlng, 

(®rt)a^rr^3(Do abaamaram 8. BeUriom, epi- 
lepsy Nid. £aj<d)9rDo (9iOcua^(£ld3fi) QQSigyaf^ 
<daejo KB. forget. pjia. febrifuge. 

(Gir^aJoOb ababam 8. Expelling. a-i(09a-jQOo 

(Sir2)ajQCy61de6^ ababarikka s. To rob, extort, 

purloin, QjnDa>cb, orSlejo ^cuoccz^^o^ajsm (Bid. 

MB. acquire by fraud. 0CT)^$)(r> (BIO. Bhr. 

steal the heart. 

(BiDojoOorDo 8. taking away, robbery. 
(®(t)aJQ0t)rr\X> ababasam 8. Derision. 0»'O(ora>o 

OS (gsoaolb 6>«>o§) Bhr. [^<Ba^. 

a&Do-JMio aba^fam S. Baw, indigestion, ojoai 
C&d<LJ0oOy> aban^am 8. ((TOoj) Outer corner 

of the eye. .ai6BueiO(UOo<06oco9Qjeil8ooS)c%'o 


CSil?)o-A3((Q)o abttferam S.Unworthy, unat recipient, 
uxno (B»ajo®(oiBil<«k Qdho^qj^ KB. 

(SrOa-iddOOOo abadiaam 8. BemoTal, ablatlTe 

(er^^o-ADCOab abiaaft S. («»Q-i+a«>n6)Ana8, 
wind from behind. [Ocean, po. 

(6r2)Q^3cnJ(^ abambaM 8. (tn^ water) 

(GrOa-iXQ^aba7amB.((BiDQj+e) l. Calamity, 
danger. mb^aadQQxnwA&tLAvafaadu Qcuemo; 
qjo(^uS^iiJiVdo AiocuoQBXTUOOcno FT 1. danger- 
ous place. 2. Ices, death. o^cSlcv OAauoaii 
ttasiaoo^o cuj^ojoea^ TB. fled with great loss. 

fell. Qoj^oaioffjf (00. ajons were shot. c%oo 
6>a (00. Qj(9(8Ri) TB. put to death. 
(®r&a.J9(ClDo abirtham 8. Senseiess. 
(8io*Qj)«oo<fi3o absurdity. 

(61^^0-71 abi 8. 1. a. Epla jbiosI, in oomp. 2. more- 
orer, also, and snoojl^, isioqj^ po. 

(GroaJKoocDo aUdbaaams. (aiDQjn)CoTering. 

($r^)Q-j ((0)rGUo abatratram 8. Being without a 
son. oQAojitgKuuo (sn'Oomos 65<de0Ogy9 Bhr. 

CS<r2)a^aJo abubam 8. Flour cake. 
(CdaJC^o abfLrvam 8. Unprecedented, rare, 

uncommon, tu. tmM^o, 
(6rQCSaJd6ba:^abekia 8. (aioaj+8)«!)<fi&) i.Look- 
Ing for, expectation. 2. M. desire, request, 
(QkOBajoab dkouaooloBi^ai cnoo (sio. Oj^io^nriDTB. 
I beg the H. 0. also cnooojcfifiao f. 1. CYSIaBcXxaa 
(BB0QJ<e&0am»9«)S oq^o^ TB. entreated you 
by letter. 

iB»«aJ<efiQ)(9n 1. to expect, fivrngj (BiD*^9(APTi. 
If you wait a little. 2. to entreat, beg, with 
Loc. ft Ace. also ojgjBb^nrn fioaoLiafial^^TB. 
cro<sno(S)<iib 0»'d^, ACDJsaelcvIaA ojff^r^ 
^ Qjon (BioOajdOfio^^oab TB. if the French 
should once beg for peace. (oicnD (Ddafialoan 
enBm^arn «D^<fi«cn» HB. 
(Sr?)(Sa-lDaOo abobam 8. («non-i+e'9QO) Ascer- 
tainment &OQO99aj0aO0fi)«)ft)aib jii^noQasi 
denV. (BioaQjOQ(S1<dR to judge rashly Yi. 

Digitized by ^OOyiC^ 

(SWiaJftm — 



(®rd6)a^3tp— <^c^^^^ 

<0iO6k»-FDaBC8<£QCQ;o abaiiraidyam s. Hot of 

luuiian origin. (BiD'cBMi»Jofl^ral((»)cnDBhr. (i«e. 

QQjeaado^). [after cboodo KB. 

aS^bQa^^CjjpQ^ aptoryiniam B. a ottremony 
(Sn>clA, (SyP o jiarpa, app^S. (pi. ei^oji) Water 

QD«dQai06rr9 (6ngJi(gba9(nD9«oa») KeiK. 
(6i7>a-j appa T. H. A common weed, Ageratnm (So. 

ACQMOcPguj:!^) OP 64. a>0ig_}GhP6S. Oeanothas 

e»ni1e» Bh. «>s&j^ eto. 
<OrZ)aJo appam T.M.C.Te. ((B0a^QLjo, eiog^f) 

Kried oake, bread. tsibJ^Od m^Qjonb (BiOg.) 

cBBcb cn^^ CO. «nogjo e^<Q:u^<A Si P. ajO(d> 

(ORftVob 6Kiiaa)g-]o QjocDKn)Qjo ono^dsocgo (qx5) 

gyemojo BB. (for parrots). 

0Og-]<8aorDnt> baker -> tnog-jta^^ oTen. 
(evOcL^s) appa4i T. (qjs^) Thus, Tatw. 
(fi^o-jOb appah T. M. C. Te. (Ta. mother) 

1. Father; also among Namburis, father's 
brother onei^s fi>aiicSlGB^a6 (ft oijloogujab) 
TB» ooLjgujgyab ft (loo.) oog^os^ father-in- 
law, ADgj-^ mother Vi. flng^ocBH &ther'a 
mother Yi. (BiDgjQjnb (loo.) grandfather. 

2. used honorif. f.i. a Sndra tribo. aiOg_)na9<b, 
Oods Atif)gLjoaii<oRi^o6 Siya (^daaotSloyfDg-jnb 
KU. Brahma. ~oiDg-]o63jlrorab thnmb. 8. need 
inteij. ssfln^om f.i* flio^cib soQjjfb moob tmosio 
▼n. cnciQjVxvoib 010. (=scd. cr^sm). — Voc. cm 
8J, «Ba_jo, «»aja-jO, (8»a-|So m^ (loc.) Inteij. 
of pain and surprise (oomp. cm^joa 9). 

(®r&a-]0(2S appa46 (qjos ) Thus CG. 
(0^a-I| appi (C. T. Te. tnogjai to dap od) 

1. Plastersstma)!^. 2. dirt, children's talk 

Yl. 8. urethra B. 

(6^gJ appa 1. S.sfllftaJ, (SlOg^. 2. H.=:(B0 

g^l. 00^ efi^c^(dl(0aQ2|o MM. (of a breast- 
woond). 8. If . affectionate appellation of boys 
f.i. fl^^oobo «o^A^ ft thus 4 Kpr. 
(GrOgJOo appi^amM. T. (ajoo) That side, be- 
yond. «0gj|OQjoaDgjoQjo^f^fln^«or)oae3«vm 
without hesitation. .oOO <o>3fijo «iogjoo TB. 
m»» ihaa 100 years ago. 

^^'^^HVS appoliita(po.)ft(Bio^ocX)T.M. 

(6KLJ9&P )That time, then. (BR)^9g-j9c)o at times. 
^Ojsrm^^vA (Sioo^oOiP ^§) 6ioca)d9aoo TB. 
as soon as he is better. (Bid6)gjo9&P ^sscoBflDo 
Anj. at once, opp. cT)96)fi. 
(6rD(^cd>30do apraTfasam S. Secret. ~-(g|0 
not to be manifested. [peerless acts KB. 

(!&0{Q^af!\<Bia2iyn apiaSiifaniiarq s. Doing 

(Qr2)(Q^^^(^^)l(d>D(g|oapia&i7(iryaiU B. Incurable, 

of ^(DOCDO PT. 
(6irZ)(o-^rG)kbo apra5imam S. incomparable. 

(6rt)(Q^r7riVoLQnt) apra&irathali s. Without an 

opponent Bhr. [ — et^^ disappear. 

(Srd(a-^^<fi^oapraiyakiams. imperceptible 

(SVl)(a-jUJ300o apradliaaam 8. Secondary, 

(Srt)m^Cb06rOo apramai)iam S. Of no conse- 
quence, falsehood. — (8io(Q^0osrr^<fi)nb liar. 

(SY?)(o-^(3(2CQ;o apramdyam B. Unfathomable. 
Old. (Q^soajo Bhr. «». ^80 Nal 4. 

(6i?)(a^CQ;(Qr)o aprayatnam s. Ea8y(8n'(8(on«m 
a\)ouS)<0so KB. so (Bio(a-)3voca>o. 

(6vt)(a^(Sca^8«roo aprayojanam s. Useless. 

c®fO^OJ<e<^^o apraTaktavyam s. Not to 

be uttered AB. 

(S^(Q-^rrUo</)o aprasan^am S. Unconnected. 

(6r?)(a-)rronrY>) aprasaimam S. Dispieftsed, (8». 
aSlci^ajoBrhmP. tsttt^SiOvi^ cns^<aa qq^o^w 
fBio(a^at)9do msicm m^Acm TB. regret much. 

(®rO^a-)06nr51 ap»ni S. Sickly, miserable (vu.) 

(S^(a-)Oa^o apiaptam S. 1. Unattained. (010(0-^9 
o^(O)oai<0)a9CB)ai^or)<BBc)oPT. illtimed— (9I0(q-)9 
Q^o Bhr. unattainable. 2. M. (8TO(a^9a^o6 
incapable. ODocj^ajo (810(0900^000 MB. imbecile. 

(S^(a-J|CQ;o apriyam S. l. Odloas. cry^<e% oj 
fiS)(D (BID. et^^icm TB. 2. dislike (bid. a>3|a>. 

C^c^^^(6)6oapBara88tl'yal8. Oandharwa 
women Bbg. and (8iD^rD(a^<fi)cX) Blir. 

(Qr2)(i.OfiJo aphalam 8. Unfruitful. (siDoceJODOov 
(T\^rDa_Mnl KB. (castrated?) chiefly of barren 
fruit trees, oj^aiooj troor^&Jo ool^ id>(^^ TB. 
deducting barren and young Jack trees. O(0)«a§, 

Digitized by ^^jOOQ IC 

C®r2)eaj(U>o — (Sr^/Sl 


(6ro^^— <sre<£b 

^^a^ eto. (moQoejaocfl^ OojocBn MB. beyond 

(tS^oiflosb E. Appeal (TO. d6moar^g^(0Atinoo 

u5\^(S\dd9 MR. 
(^Z eajrUUo afiaf dham 8. (unbound) l. Irrele- 

yant, mistake, misoondnct. (bio^sjo 6i»oab cn\ 

Onmsb (810. Q^o«n99Q.jOCGO SG. impertinently. 

oQcraS^mi) (Bid. a)0§1cD^ KU. 6)5i<d>(]v«aj/3jjo 

6>id>3«q| <f^ ojisldE^ by a Blip of the band, dm 

Gm@X)0O3£^ AQjga.ijnDl(ab a<9sa^ ojIshd MB. 

by mishap. 2. untruth, fUsehood. dnoajSKr) 

flio. QjOBajRin deceived. 
C®^60.Jrb afiar A. Character, respectability. 

(010. a2g>)3SR»:uab (MpL) 

c®f^)6aJala^)aBalail s. Weak, siUy. 

(Bioeoi&j woman, po. 

(®r^)6nJ3aJCYb aBalail 8. No more a child. «D 
olaj 5>(9>3sneain6 (sio.'moai® ER. 

C®r^)6Ky oaBjam 8. ((ooy ) Waterborn, lotus. 
(W05ni ab moon (po.) [,oon, year (po.) 

(Sf^eO^o aBcTam S. Waterglylng; cloud; mon- 

(SrZ)6Yljl aBdhi 8. Water-holdiog, sea. 

(tS^/§oCO| abhailgi What is unpleaslng, so 
oSld9«o (Bio*(£teo t^^ ssa90 &g@ FT 1. 

(Ct^^CO'o abhayam 8. l. 8ecurity. (sio. ^<9cn 
atemoB^cnlcno CCh. culaaD oio. e^voo ABi. 
2. promise of protection or pardon. (Bio. (tnroi 
oaxno ^o%)|^(ab QjWfirocro ABe* begged for 
quarter. aioojcDo oQcaecXxfis (ncmaacX) o^^aTiIro 
omcnA RC63. so (wo. ojotft, QJlyi.d), ojcftdO), 
^oe^rab (BIO. $>^nrio, oQSinm fO(i3i^(8(da6rr)o oQ 
on (810. (vjdaa AB. (8io*033D surrendered on 
discretion. (sioscD^eomo, (bio. 6)<d>o^(Bn to save 
and protect. 8. in Mai. a sign of protection 
which Bajas gave with the hand dipped in 
oil and saffron Yi. [f. unfortunate. 

(S(dSO(^ abha^am 8. Misery— (gynbm.—c^ 

(SY^ySOQJo abhavam 8. l. Absence. (nocnSWm 
soojdnoioob 000019 dh^OB^o Bhr. s. destruc- 
tion, death, nonexistence; negatiye, gram. 

(gv^ySdcl^Gnoo abhaiai^am 8. silence Vi. [for. 

(!S(^f£\ abbi 8.(G. amphifL. ob)Near, towards, 

<c»o«>(a)(aWBftabMhrainiklra8. Toatta0k(po.) 
(S(r>tS)^jyS\<m abUgamikka 8. To approach, 

go to (po.) 
CSTMlnnOo abUIanainS. Family, noble ances- 
tors, also iBM^smarmJo Bhr. 

«ioslna(mdb wellborn. 
(OrO/3l8f|<mm abhi^ttg S. Tictorioas; a aaori- 

floe, noon, zenith. (Bioftlei^cqQo Qjk«j0S)o«M 

cr»o QVO0O KB. 
(SiTDSln^ob abbgna^ 8. Ezperlenoed, oltrer. 

(oo099croajdsi«aBKOiJo PTi. 

(BiD^Mnocno information, recognition, mark. 

^6m9(A KB. 
yam 8. AppeUatioB, name. [Delight. 

(Sr^^sVooiStddG^ abbiiiaiifikka8.=:Bimpi.KB. 

C^tl^tS)m(SVo abbinayaia S. Pantomime, (0000 
(ORiVtik oDSOoassi aj)^dii«)orxsH> cn^:^ eo 


(Sr^dlroVSOJOdc abbimTfiiam 8. Earnest ap- 
plication, persistence. 9a»«xs?laujd)ftOCBim^ 
«)Q£orosicr)l8ajoa(mA(ybb KB. 
denY. (Bio*oold9fi, (Bios^a)ioj)d^o6. 

(Sit)^a^8« abbibaja S. BeTcrenoe. O0QLia> 
ft3(ob (BiOfi)o^0))'mnb UBzssimpl. 

(6rz)^Va-^3CQ;o abbipiayam8.(«o^+(o^+e) 

Aiming at, intention, meaning, wish, nooj 
cn^nA (Bio^'eocaHrD^as love him cordially, a^^ 
(OioilsMibo (810. import, g) (2 cna^s sno. TB. 
my adyioe. c^frn t^cn\<BS (Bio.'QeiQ MB. I 
would suggest, that. 

(S^^iVsQJo abhibbayam a.Oferpowering.Aio. 

ools>abo e<d>onD aLinsnno KB. 
(STD^skarZTV) abbiina6a]n S. Desired, chosen, cnl 
Sicho (8)0. o^dgad) state thy wish. 

(!StiitS\(h(;^firoo abbimaatravam 8.Betp6ak* 

ing blessing, enchantingr, esp. of arms. 

denY. (aTdc%coo«iOfi^0crr^*«t) bless or carte the 
weapon. cnoAocB;«nDO(nr\^o ^^(Oiai4Bio.*^aj9 
to»oicv^oab Bhr. (Bio.*^ a>ejoMQaaMtA inos) 
ttaai^jyoAKB. oonseoratedi 

Digitized by ^OOy It! 

cei^Stoo — (®fMteJ5 


(©ZjelOJD — (S(^(h:i 

46r0iiV29Pnb ftbkblliaaiD S. Emii feeling of 
hoaor, self-esteem, srrogmnoe. (WOfilaocnoDDcnl 
6MlAO«B9«f ABs* ooTered with ehame. a&id 
C^aoooo pride of birth. 

ftslsdcn^ (aioe)03cnai9ab Kala.) proud, 

haughty, ei»'<d>do ^ouoni^coab Bbr. 

»s)0X¥SWjo cmSMi «oak(61d^ Bhr. eelf- 

oonoeit, ambition. 
denV. dioelaoaSliSA 1. to make sometbiBg a 

point of honor, feel oneself, iai&wh oQnnn (sn* 

«£lQn«o6il0abBhr lo. 2. to emulate, fight. 

(BioajS(D35 iinio'g-}oab aQocRnooa a)0(Q6nr>o 

Bhr.=0(Brorol(fln. — 3. to honour, favour B. 

aBs^eom^QA^ curado yu. disgrace =QaDOQj^. 

<&^fi^.(^6Uo abhimukham B. Haying the faoe 

towards — «ro.*03(sn a-jOie> faoe to faoe. 
CSr^^VSj dOid^ob abhiy oktail S. (beset, inyolyed) 
Assaulting e^cdeajoob (BiQs^<Bmh (sic.) AB4. 
«BS>8l«B>o</3o onset — denV. (etQe^9cajoaS^<Qst to 

attack, press hard the enemy (=gDQc69a), 

{§Q<aaa») Vi. 
<0rD<3Vom)o abhiiaSam S. (roo) Delighted. 
ODs^^oao charming aHoejaeirooenb delighting 

eyery one. Qcn^oilroo^o Si P. delightful to 

the eyes. 
(0rdi^.ajl sbhirnji S. Belish for s^imsm 

«». aorn^eMdk ojiI§»jo AB$. 
C6)i7)6la)3caio abhilaiam S. Propensity, lust, 
wiah. jjlanat9s)ajo.^o own free will — also 
fern. 0i^ca^'3iJ^c2il(ak Aio'cfiQa^gacunb Bbg. 
ao.*<fla^)c)o cn^oo Bhr. SiQ$rekjft\cnS\(:ui%sna 
ai9.'c£aGq^(Bb KB. 
mi^£i&}9£Si desirous. 

a^s^QMteSian to long, ^osnaonb (Sio.'<dQaio KB. 
also oosiaj-^aBcno (ojo^o c^nacno) KB. 
floojfiO^^aioelfiJcmUfto £sniOd9> YetC. affection, 

iM*- [an Greeting. 

(GroatOJOSoOo abhivand'anam s. deny. - c£\ 

csr&sVufl&kSkes abbivaiiikka 8. Torainupon. 

«ft*,fiP$o Qe0^«aac)o) fRDi^aib «>9ft«0Qaio aid' 

esrd^QJDdo^ — dcr)o,~-.A|o abMfafam, 

— d^anaiDi— d^yam 8.Salutation,aooosting. 

Bhr 4. (09*^^0 ojmlo Jii9§ «> jii^ ajoogj^ KB. 
took farewell from his mother, oji/aoan^m 
OKiai^ flK>*acno q iu^ KB. (to one dead). 

(STD/slojosYoudlono adhivanihidam s. Wish 

Q^a^iloj. Bhr. 
(®rO«lfy (ix3\ abbivxff dhi S. Progress, thriy- 
ing. ^c^ CTxmoaTi «»• 6>^^=^ Arb. cmig 

(08 QUSngom 0000902.600^0 (BldS^cy'^CE^o (Oi 

OBSiQ. a)SO(fifi)o (msicm TB. all my prospects 
rest on your fayor. [ourse. 

(®rd<3|Od3Q_k> abhiiabam S. False accusation, 
(CY^^cQi^COo abhiSaiL^am S. Defeat, impre- 
cation Yi. 
(Srd^(So^ed)o abbiieyam B- Sprinkling with 
water, inauguration or consecration by pouring 
oil, ghee, rice, pearls, etc. on the head of idolS) 
kings, etc. oj^oslocfiriato ^ru£\Q:&y^o etc> 
(BVO. S) oJ^^ 05lcs;96)iD KB. get thyself crowned. 
^6ng (00^(GsS\mi9^iS^o tstQ, 5)^c^^ Mud. 
crowned him king oyer both countries. 
denV. (Bios^Q.mj3ji(dB, to crown. eiQ^^cb oQ 
onm (8W*^^D(b KB 4. — to be crowned ajaj 
006088.3^, rQ3633aj3CBn (oo^ch (BYOsia:finxj) 
g_joab «(®s>(ni§mo KB. 
(8iO(sl.^<0r9»n6 anointed, 
also (Siosl3:fi3anc0n (?) 6)m^rok aJ4p (Q10ls)(S &) 
<£bl^ the rice is blighted by insocts Ti. 

(Sro/s|c^n51 abhiSyanffi 8. (trickling) Oong- 
estiye i8iosi:^n9l^<B,>^rob GP 5S. (aibs\:f^aS\ 
db<fo Kid 16. 
(6r2)/3|rr09(iyo abbifiram S. Bendemrous.* 
(Bios^croo{f)ai a woman who keeps an assigna- 
tion. eMOSCB^tKob on'eoroocB^ or)o(61fii9<b CG. 
(BiDslcTOor^idxycBo Nal $, 

<&li(S\oC)a^ abbibaSam S. stricken, subdued. 
QQjfDoejo (BiD*cn3A3vnb Bhr. 

(Sy7>/^d9^oabbikii^am 8. (msi, disasmo) 

Continually (po.) [Fearless. 

(Sir^^r^cM), (ffyc(i](Oi abbi5ah, abbini s. 
(SrZ)^c^o abbStam 8. (ans) +&<&}) Wished 
for. ma, ctokju):^ the wi^h is obtained. 

Digitized by ^OOQIC 

<®r©(3/S/3o — (©^(go 


(6f7X2 — (SV^OMQ 

(&d<Sf^f^ abhfif am S. l. indifferent. Qojoft 
5)jiiQ^onb (SidQessocBi^ maintained an equal 
fight* 2. unchanged. aSlan^aib (BA'^ocd; sd^ 
AB 1. [impenetrable. 

(BioQsgi (tftoj^o) UB2. not to be split, 

(®rc^oC/)o, (ero^e*«51d96^ abhyaftgam, 

— iljlkka 8. Rubbing with oil. (BWS^ocon^^o 
(T)o=««D^«fi!a^ f.i. ecmoooggjcnosob (Sio'ao 
crnlaaj oocmcnogjijOwnocBJl CQ. (bad omen). 

cSfl^CCd^k^ abhyannJnas.Leave.crotgjWon 
6080.0^ (8iogCB«stta«ncnD(»iBrP2S. with their 
permiBsion. [iatemally. 

(®r^a^jyi>o abhyanbaram s. interval, — ««> 
(S(ti§jcrocnoy cSTDgjCruldB© abhyasanam, 

— asikka 8. (cmccS) To practise, exercise, 
study. (StdfTgssBdQ S)<fi>06^ (Bio':^ CG. (BR)(aj 
cru€QUCQio rDO0(il> (gcn'(»aBj(Bbao'nm (Sio*:^ KR. 
CV. (TO|jCnSlaj^«fl<» 1. to teach, instruct. 

2. to educate. (8©(n5oa(n5Qa^A6)a aj®€>CD 
(8id^^ Mud. (sio:ii(dn <mo. PT. 

(BroejCnSlQj VN. a lesson. 

(8Toe.ocroo 1. exercise, practice, study. (SiOdOfiA 
roo--(8r2)CX^CJOO-etc.6)jxJ<23^. — 2. ability, ac- 
quired thereby. ajsrnlcflaA ojlemoejo (8ioS|0 
oroo proY. a feat. 

(BiosiOcnTi a student, practiser. cn^t^o^^ocnSl 
,^T9)Cn©ca; oQ^cseo, (Siog^scnS) Aslaiobprov, 

cSr©§|0COrn^Ctb abbyagaSaii 8. Visitor. iBio<m^ 

iiSla>^o (Bio'cido YCh. 
csr^m)C300o abhyntthanam 8. Rising to 

salute a new comer. eiDfiitmi^ooood) cro^o(Do 

(STDgidCQ^ abhynf ayam 8. Rise, prosperity, 

happy progress. Qaaj<6)c)od9n (8)[o'anQnnm35)9g^o 

sn^o Q8ajo(^<&c)0(B8 QjImooatQicilomoo^gijOsrigo 

DM. crxQOO0s.80D;as(X) ARi. 
(Sc^tLjyWo abbynbayam 8. Means. £<d))an 

QQO)ej5nB (810. PTi. 
(6v^)(go abbram S. (G. aphros) l. Cloud, rapour. 
2. sky (8iote<sai9a>o Yi. flnoe^o&lcnoiplcdilaib @d 
ofiollsiejo KeiN. ooficyo tsioe9Bu^9csioiti^o q. 

gjio)^ AB,. S.sffDC^'o, talo, mica, said 

to fall from the sky, also called Q^cnioooo, 

med. in (o^oaoOo etc. ibid^oao a med. 
CSt^Qi ama T. M. a reed Saooharum aara (od(d). 

(mo0ttCLJ& med. GP. 
(Srt)(2oC/)aJo amft&^alam 8. InauspidouB. 
CStWiJ^fb amaddar T. aM. (sinoed^A) RO. 
(StUQx^ddi amatta'ya T. 8o. M. (s(mo0asia>) 

To repress, threaten. 

(TO0§ threat Vi. [ojroA bean. 

(®rdQt(D, asrd(2(DdB6) amara, — kka better mo 
I. (lSrQC2(Do amaram 8. l. immortal. (8100^0^ 

(8»0rt)aj* Nal. (8»0^©)cfe Bhr. the Gods (000(0 

<d)^&jd9» Bhr. heaven. ano0rDa>cX)ajAGB;6 RC. 

Asuras. (BR)0^^<X>Q-jronb Indra, (Siocrooajdn 

his residence. 2. the 8. dictionary of (8io0(ocro)o 

oonb also (svoarDQaiocfiso. 

(8io0aKO>-io divine nature (b»'<»-iQ^!o ojofino ov 

QjldBfion tO>g3[^n6; (80® (thedungofawhite 

ox) «croa!n«^oa» o^gyDo (Sio. ojcao Bhr. 

II.(SrZ)(2(0o amaram T. M.(\r(8»0<b) Thestem 

of a vessel, elephant^s hind part, abaft. (90. 

ainslifla to steer. 

(Srcarol, or (©fOCLMOl amari, ayariT.M. Indi- 
gofera tlnctoria (8. oflaH) prh. V^ mmh. 
2. a sort of slipper or sandal Vi. 

cS^2)Qjroj<e>, crcb amamifa 5. i. To subside, 

settle. (u@(8d9o QrD30fi»cb (Bio0^09Q (OiOajosi 
Bhg. stroked the deer. (8©0(Ort»eiJfi» b©** **»« 
ground even. 2. to be seated, rest on. voeaqgi^ 
cnoo (8100010 Bhr 7. Qjl0ocno(8io0aiocnlmoAR6. 
©jiieiA (8ifO0«crnyo (8)onijroo(Tb Anj. the God 
residing at Perinchellur. (g^dkcBR? (Bio. oower 
down. 3. to be allayed ( adoq, ikno), calmed, 
quiet. 6)aj5^s)aj(d9QJ9n6 (Sio. be subdued. 
(8»o0a7xunb grave, sedate person. 

(©^catDOjb VN. abating of wind, fire, peace. 

(Sroczyb (P'b- "^^^^^ oro0(Oo?) also (no^ 
ER. fight, baHle. 0lon«><0aso(O>0Ao^^OCh. 
(BioajQro950ib S)ji]^ Qjl^0l:i^ KR 6. 
(SiO0i9syfi.o battle-field. 
(BiO0<aB3<b warriors Vi. 

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(Sfb(^£^ — (6r7)(2^ 


COTcaDg)i — (S^(^ 68*5 

C9tt&^ YK. 1. Calmneis, self-^TernmeDt. 
«B. ajtfda> flDg^ TB. peace will not be restored. 
S. mbjeeftioii, sererity. ^igaciBaoA «». q^qbo 
, <ooM9QjWKn isD. ojtoscsBQjoab TB.pat 

GQo iL9«w)g| TB. «D0i)(B»c0 <s»^cn ctriot 
ordors, lerere tlire«t. aitt^of^sos fioje^ 

a. T. (!Sf^<^dk\y (^ 1. To press down. fl» 
e^ cxj)s^4fla gTBsp tightly. Qj9(xvlajl30idocq)o 
8iP4. swallow. fg^sKsv (BiO0(^ KU. rendered 
ini. 2. to snbdae. o^aojo (Beaaj^gg'rob Mad. 
■nppretaed. ojs &A95n^ Sih)cm (eiO0as> Mad. 
cufViaj»aor) ADeogBi TB. overcame. oo^<fi6»Qa 
Arb. Qej ooOAddTf c/799gX0BcX) Bhr. appease. 
CT. flDdf^A mod.=r8R>0aA f.i. (ft^qsi 

ajts^^eossO Jod. (robbers). 
CY. «D0asSaildaa. 

csr^CdCSrDASYcii , (S>fd(2<So:^ amaiettn, — 

iStta (Tdbh. fliogim) King's meal, tstoei^od^ 
a>!fWi9 the king baa dined. csiqz9(QQ^ ojoaeo 
atsflccgan^gy TP. see trogono. 
($(sars)jnb amartyaii s. immortal =r'8io0(«ft; 

ffD^^nOOaBc)^, (BIO0r^9e)<d)Cb KB. 

(€!r^(2k£bo amaitam 8. also (noscft} t^^as^oioBo 
Bbg. Impatience a»*9cB;3^ QjklQO© (O)^ Bhg. 
rage — henee: 
mo^AMmrtj «B0(ffi impatient, paasionato. 

«9ttdqd8>, cSI amahiYa To low (So.m. in i. 

8«»- «• B) [f. Voc. ASL, 

^TOOfiJOb amalfth S. Pore, saint. — siddQpj 
^SfdCbeS\ amali (T. dt 8. esneej) Lazmi, hence 


MMKit^a to abonndy remain In store Yi. 
(SidCZMab 1. Ar. amal. Collection of roTenne, 

aoaei oh Amildir, 8, H. amal. intoxication. 

dem Y. ODeaH^^dojad) Yi. 

csi^)Cbg\ amaii t.x. i. Bed (po. M.)(Bida>c8i 
cx,)<ai0aW9onab side^^Qjab BC 44. cngye 
flOat^eoA nDOfirngg^ A-iga^AAo^ BO 100. 
2. tuBnlt, affray; cry, wail. 
ao0ftl«a be troabled. CY. aiO0a^(fle Yi. 

(SfbO^O^cA amatyail 8. ((oioao at home) 
Minister, counsellor, also (stu^y^^idti Mud. 
cnsdj^^ft BC. — (8iD0o.'mj(D) Jo his office. 
(0iz>09(mjd9o9a>nb family adriser Yi. 


(©fWaorOfpro (Ar. amanat) 1. vu. (B»0WDo 
Deposit (BIO. SKU^ &Qg^<fl) TB. jjl&j qj^ 
asacb a<0s (810. Qoj^ & 6)(r>gj Qcno (010000000 
ctTl SKU^ o^^afio^gjoab TB. mn, s>a>o^<6n pay 
a deposit into coort, before commencing an 
action o^oolnm acn (a_)a>o(Oo (8io*0oa^6>ajd9si 
TB. 2. K pr. Mpl. 

(lS<r^)2)0a^oBc^ amannsam 8. Saperhuman oq^ 

CS^o (810. CYSlcnD6)S (^OojO^ifiio Nal 8. 

(CrZ)C2DnTno amanSam So. Confasion=(BiO0^; 
No. frustration <d)Ocgjo (Bio. (sr^tssl brought to 
nought, (8io09ao>S)^^ was confased (Act. 19, 
82 B.) (8iO0oau)oa^8Qjocal was disordered, 
(8iO0O(TO)(ds)9ronb mischievous. 

<Sf^QiO(b (P. amora) Mulberry tree. Morns Ind. 

(Srt)(2)3aJ3C^ amavasya 8. New moon (81000 

Qjooro^cnoOo Bhr. 
<SY^cSlde6^CQ;q amikkayimi (see mem) The tie 

of a ploughyoke (also (bjoxH — ) axmlonbo (Bio 

Qjlcuea^ ^^£^ (BioQoaa mb. [(sioijldan. 

(BIO0) d9fi 1 . to fasten the tie of a yoke Yi . 2. see 
(ISi^cSlr^ axni&am 8. Unmeasured, ooplous. 
CSrt)C2l(C0)o amitiam 8. Enemy. 

(Sf^x£)i^<B>y gr^ amilnYa T.aM.To8ink<s(Bio 

0Raa>), Oo^oruirbb 0100!^ AojIojlfoA BC 15. 
absorbed in. ahgrn^ei^flDaaiioc^ BC48* oon 
oolcB^oo QOO(Bia0^g|fgB afloj CQ, dwelling on. 
aj(9Kaio(o)(ab (8100^^01^ BC 64, threw them- 
seWes at his feet. 

a. T. (SrocSl^<d> To fix, set oioipatoib ^ 

(S\so (8io0^j£^ BC. put on. (oasnoBcb (St^^jgD 

gb; oa>osl0a>o KB 5. (^.m) (Bioelj^slcn a 

QJJ1I688CX) Bhr. [judge. 

(SfDC2?l0u (Ar. amin) Person in charge; native 

(Sll>(£)(b (Ar. amTr)Bmir «iD^O(iaoA grandees Ti. 

(6rt)c^fi8«|4jd> amiiiiftaifa T.M.C.(s«io0<»a>) 

Digitized by VjjOOQIC 

(Sft)(^ <B6] — (Sft^emoi 


(^dOax^amo — (S*OnaJ0rt>o 

To fiink, Bettle, be sqaeesed, as hand in hand. 

ACQ 010^608) ssjoSoaa^Qajoa^. 
a. T. CG^Cg dB3d8),(66^ To prete dowD,8qaeeze, 
knead, tarn food in the mouth. (Sio^cas) cnl 
6>Ocfidi Ya. to stuff YK'. (sio^iflAo. 
(8K>^dBnn6 a deep rogue. 
(Sr^t^cd^V^ amnkkiram GP 75. Ti. & m^^ 

d98mo TM. a Med, root, Physalis flexnoaa ((Sio 
oejCDcrxi) S.) a mod* against oough. 
(GrO(^((0) amntra 8. (opp, sgoo) In yonder life. 

(&dC^^<^y=<S(^(£\^ q. T. amnltta'ya (wsn 
OBcb (BioQj^cr) Qjl^gcfiasmfiOBcb KB. 

(Sfb(^^ji amulyam S. Inyaluable. 

(S^Q aSh am|5ain 8. 1. immortal (0. ambrotos) 
(B]Og(g)Oao<QoccO§ onlczso QeaiVabSil 8. 2. imbro- 
sia, Neotar (Bioabfikuo^ 6)a>o^(Tsinoaib (8iog<mo 
proT. a>iA oQftno the predous story Bhr. 8. differ- 
ent fluids, milk, water, eto. (BKOj^cb ojo^ug® 
Qa>osng (Snjodknm TP. 4. food of kings. (819 
gtmcorot ei^Aoio king is at meal Yi. mol'cmi 
cm a>odLio Q_i3(O)0OCEri dinner time, also (bio^a^ 
OgSi) q* ▼• 0iog@ S) Ji)^ B. 5. different plants, 
ohiefly jS^ooQitj^ Cocculus cordifolius, (Oiog^ 
Qobo onaio, (^croo GP. — oo-joBigrtDo Meni- 
spermum oordifol. 
mQQmi 8. immortality. 

(Sf^QQit^jD amdddhyam 8. Ifottobesacrlfioed, 
excrements vu. Tdbh. <b»©0^o dung of birds 
Vi. toowao^i'ORS^rtA «». es3«* YyM. 
(nMaS^^0)cBi9CELil ouV^cm Bhg. 

(SrD6)C2C(^dB>, smtQ^ ameyn'ya T. a m. To be 

subject, Yi. agree. 

YK. (Bios>S)0n») what is included @DGjiB>0Oor) 

<d><b (Biofi>0CBn(on OienQj^ ^<eS\ BG107. 

the whole town (=(Oios<fi»o 2). 
a. Y. i!Sf^6\QiddSi 1. To subject, join (groa) 
ajBc)d Si^hossiOdm Ottnib 0^.a)ScB;ol BC89. 
mounted the chariot to which the horses had 
been put. 5K2jeg)6)^9§a4)@fi^^cb (9iaAfi)0asso 
RGi85. silTcr spotted. ^6)OLiaDs)CQ;oso5>0txo)oA 
0OO<»Qi^ (Biooeoaa BC iie. 2. to rule, grant 
moQoeasni.fOfiD Syr* ^<m>- 

(®rD(2(23aek> amogliam 8. Unfoillng, effeetoalss 

(Si^DaxJ amba (T. oiooqj)) Thick, strong rope. 

(8iociiMB?i§ Qjan^A p«ll heavy loads, singing. 

4noau9gj9| rower's song (oomp. ^aii9 ft 010 

cnSi^ib G. Tu. boatmen). 

(S^cnJgCYO ambaftail Tdbh.(BiooGaj(^nb Barber. 

(S^au^ aiibaSn (sio^o) so. (Bio^TU5)asiQ)9ro<fifiu 
roo «33rt>Dm>onnb ojiFlfiKB; (9»eaiio§ e aia© HK- 

I. (S^orUrb^ (Biooiio A. anbar. Amber, med. 
OQ-joorncmA (alroou* Ambergris). 

n. (©rocnJtb or (®^cnJO ambar(ioc.) The whole. 
iBiocnj* AS^:^, amoo fi)cU:fi?§^^, «»aiioajo 
an also some (BR)cnjo6>a>D§.mt^, dnonrxjocnl 
^ofing cuocno tu. almost poured out. 

((Sr7)(nJtt)(d6t, (YVd ambarakka (aG. oioogqj 

fade) To be confounded, perplexed. (8»cniro 
cno cnl^o KeiN. 1. =030161019; 6>jiicTuaSvm^ 
(Sio'cTTD SojoAo Nal. will be ashamed, outdone 
in comparison with that lip. 
(moaiifOgj perplexity, fiianxifOg_j3§l5>nbo ©s 
cdHaib Ti. in the midst of the tumult. 

(Si^COJ^^ ambalam T. M. Tu. (perh. aidociii 
no Tdbh.) 1. A place devoted for public use, 
assemblies, etc. atip^cvauojo choultry (cn3fg>o 
8.) jQjooauejo temple court ((S0^^)Ud3ai 8.) (BA 
crucjdaAO^nb host, man in charge, chief of vill- 
age Yi. 2. a temple M. Tu.c=<3«fi3®o. moau 
£jo qliI^(bq)(6(8 Qjodngjaiifi) ajg_}Soprov. 0iocnj 
OJgJsl ^groaco; right of directing the oeremonies 
in a Pagoda, with the title to an elevated seat 
in it. 
(B0auaigju> Npr. of a temple in Trav. (S. 

(BK>o6ajro9ajc/>9aj(T>o PT $.) 
ooD&jaufijo MB. a square temple. 
(BiDauajQjocnS), f. — oo^orSl, oaste of temple- 

(C»?)aUtfb see (S»7)cnJDtfo 

C®f©orUOSl aniba4i (=«T^CQ/auos^cowpenCCh.) 
(Siocnjos) (Saioojleja^o TB. 8amorin*s palace. 

C6V?)cnJ3(0o (H, & P. anbar) Heapi cornstaok. 

Digitized by ^OOyitr 

<O«(nJ3(0)— . amoBOMo 


<8rt)o6ajceQ — (®roaa 

C0rOCTUO(£) (H. A. kmtitfj Howdfthon an elepbaat. 
«». «M9>|A (Royal priTilege). 

(6iZ)aU3tf^ k (erootutPo ambi^iun (0. Ta. oio 
ous B. a»o6aj<^o 6omp. onogo) Hogplum, 
Spondiafl nuuig!f0i» MKiiiasMN^fiKibo €>«>ocqi 
g»l ajl^,£jg^ prov. ft iroak support «iocajip 
a93a«eioocT)§y GP68. fiKU^om eDaiui>0i^o6 

ffltfiU aP65. AOSCOlS&Po. 
(6'Z)ai^ ainba 5. (3«Ba8cmbiidP)Arroir,por. 
eapine quill (oomp. aa)9Bio6). Qtmo^CQi Qi^j^ 
mnoaSiam siocv^ KB. eiOcvcnj <^^ Bhr. 
a treacherouB arroir. qqj^q(^o <8»cdjo 0««8 
a£^ TB. there was some flghtiog. 
Cpds. OBcixio arsenal, ojacdo 0(ift)A§)y^oo (br) 
aaJoaicX) Oojfimo Bhr is. dep6ts of arms, 
moemes^ oocaxib CG.=:cLJ68U€Qjo6ma6b 
flBcnSkibajo^ disUmoe of a bowshot, osrogjo^. 
mocxu^ (T. Aoo^oil) moon «a»*6)(Bni£^ 8il. 
its digit, (nocnj^aliflaai 9iLj9$)ej ^cni&9^mo 
SiP^- A9cnjl^«Qj)o6ruo fifilcaso KaU. 
(also a»'(8iD20o0o6 moon B.) 
oocnj^^, fliDosjnob^^, (mooojo quiver (soj 

onSl, (BiaQJcr)Oipl«&)). 
aooay09r£l arrowshower. 
(6r&oQ4<0> see c®r2)oba^. 
(Sir^ai^Q? ambnhi c^soaeQo oaiodtorD qds 
oailtab oKKPjQSdaA^o £6r^ TB. Vexation (Mpl.) 
<Sft)6i6iCCU ambai (S.(Sioo6qj) interj. of wonder 
and joy. mos^SKOi a<0)cX>aj)(ib Ah! 

(S^doGOJ amBa ((siDaa) & eiDo6Qj^<di Xother, 

(SrdD6aj(Cbainfiarain S. (what enTirons)l.Hori- 
aon, sky. ^tgscnoo (d>ln>cX) CB;oaajajoO909o 
Ao'MoornlfBb Qj)a60B^ CG. aal'9(W0i9Q,o ^^no 
Qon^ AB 6. OD^aufDinoilQs ojcrolgjaj^ BC. 
the Gods. (BiOo6mrD^orSl<d>cb Bhr. — (SiDoeajro 
eem^ABitavoich KB. of the solar dynasty. 
2. clothing. 
mooemcSl (celestial) title of Samorin^s queen 

MDoouttOMCb ooQx^nb KU. Npr. a Chetty, 
to whom ihebnikUngof CalioatJaaforibed. 

(SrdoGVUcag Cvb amBai^aft B. A certain tribe; 
barber & physician; elephanfteeper Mud. 

(Gr^6iaj Ae (S^do/S^^ amBu & ambhassf 
8. Water, ((BioqJi G. ombros). 
(8)oo6njno, fliooQfiono, (nooosscoooo lotus 

(in comp. ^Guoosiajmo etc.) 
0it>o6Qj8o, (B»a®soeo water-giYing, cloud. 
0it>o6Qju5), (BiooQsdCJO^ sca. 
(S1O20QQIO watery =(S)i^Qj}0 po. 

(JSf^Oi^ amma 5. (in Tu. father, 8. aooau) 1. 
Mother. Gen. fliomc({^s A ano2BQQj)o6 (po.) 
ainom, sQ^ctvza A jSiooez mother's sister. 
2. hon. goddess, esp. KaU (Bnm^ocryrDos^ A 
0iom<o)cpjmoab queen dowager, nooe^ojlglrbb fla 
ma\]ioomo (mosoKU. (8i02Bca;34b matron, Patter 
female. 8. interj. oQckd (SI02B I really don't 
know ! (SiDzaeas lamentation ft doubt or per- 
plexity, also (81080^ (like (OIOquJo). 
hence: (SiD0a<fl»tto (innate) sagacity ft roguery. 
(SiozBasyganb deep fellow Yi. 
e»7Eu^cb mother's father, aiP£B0B her 

(Bi9mc»d>o family bouse of a Brahman's wife, 
▼a. (BR)2Bo«(Bia QOBD^nb maternal grand- 
(Biomoab =010200006 Yi.; (ndmoonynb also 
igiO209QB;g-jab father in law, father's brother. 
(BA^oof^t flamoOkj) 1* maternal aunt. 2. uncle's 
wife (also «e2ao0a) Yi.) 8. mother in 
law (Can. ft Cal.) who is also called isiofflo 
ojlovea Yi. or momocBv m loc. 
(B]02B0QBn(;50(rT^o knowledge of old women, 

superstition lore. 
(BioeBoajnb, (siozBoenb, (sia9ezoc6 ft (noOfflo^ob 
1. maternal undo (8. 0O(g^n6) also isiofflo 
cBJ^db, dB>o(Q6majib. oo^nbo^mo^ ei^smXP. 
I swear it by my uncles, 2 . a BUdra distlno* 
tlon, 16 taDOffloaBolb direct the (mMlu)o 
g^ocroo of the 850,000 Golatlri Naycr KM. 
AnmoiiB ruled once over Goorg. 8. Uka 
aoQOjab uaod for eia2(0B)o msd. 

Digitized by fejOOQlC 

(6irdfiQ)(Do — (Gv^GCg 


(^(^XiC^Qth — (QVOCQidB^ 

CSfbQQiCOo ammuram Impadenoe, obscenity. m». 

(BTOZ0(Od989CDnb impadent fellow. 
denV. (Bidmc^dSs) Vi. 

(Sfoocty^ Ae cstDot^ooOp ammana (m) 

T. M. Game of throwing & catching handballs. 
BiO00ocr)a)cfe o0)oi6io^ or)s<e«(m cnofo^aaA KB. 
(Bio2e)oar)esAoaSl(0)c)o {gSAfissog^jo RCso. 
cnosE^ocnaB^ the same. Havana €)oo)ajoao 

ano20ocr>cB/o§a> f. i. (BiomooncB;o^o osooj KB 5. 

also CLngj5><&.O5nS209OO0O5) Kal2. (810203 

ooGB;o^.Tn eoDCuab CG. (on seeing Ragmini 
CY>(on&d))nb ^cnDS)5 (stoz2i^crxai^c£\), met.tsioQl 
<8>6)& oiQ)^an9)e09or)CD;3§QLinb ER. play balls 
with them ^@uii@rDocoo(Stz>003CT)9go@Q(o>i9 
el QLiSi^®(d»6moKXJ.~(8iom3cno^d})Ta. Va. 

(Gr^CODOdl Sr pr. A king or nation said to be 
overcome by Samorin EU. 

(Sft>Qi£\ ammi T. M. (see (Bioag) (Grinding stone. 


|AS eea'c^o prov. $>jjag 

<8eg9(b 0YO0ald9e^Q6O8oa8 9a)06m(qs CG. 
ai&0a1<0e§), (BYoealg^ea the oytindrie stone 

used to grind with, also cmaSldBespail ((sio 

0a^<d«sPanfiKsi 9ajoe>fii Hid.) 

(©^oalenjriSl ammiMi M. (C. Tu. (moeiagpl, 

T. (BidZBo) 1. ITipple, from eioaa; children cry 

m>2&eBm\<Oi9 CG. m6e£i$mS\(OiSicmo(Oi(oiS^ CCh. 

2. interj. of pain, as of a child. cnDa^sasPsca 

ejo at^coRftlejo a)Ofim«0a CG. oh mother look, 

what is on my body and neok. 

(6i02i^tirnl (C. Te. aflTeotionate appellation of 

mother) 1. So. affectionate appellation esp. 

of infants (cfr. T. (Bioeaomo), sometimes of 

mother & wife. 2. a female name. 

($rDi2Ql§o ammittam (T. cnsQ^ Te. C. mt>Q^%) 
The lower Up (comp. cnoag) in 010. <dis^i0nmark 
of displeasure, perplexity, etc. 

cS(t>c2C^ ammu t. x. (T. mKi^^^m^€9%^ be 
resenred, close) 1. So. Expression of tenderness 

applied to girls by parents, etc. («&9dor>«ajib) 
oQ^cho ona^da^ ojo. a< interj. of doabt, 
caation, eto. an&ezcrm fiojocBH to. 

Bo. M. Grandmothers (aioaa, £02, mg^)» 

(S(^(SaQiO^C^ ammoddaii (=m>oz2i90nb,(m 
moenb, see under (mozasainb A saoqj^). A 
slaog name for lion or tiger onoO09^nb cnl^ 

QJo orSl^«s prov. 
(9^(3(20^300 see 000000106 under onom. 
(®^^o amlam S. 8oar=cga^rDca>o med. 

(aiogia> tamarind. 

(810(00 better eT^(0o mango tree (po.) 
(S^W aya (T. (SK>S)®ji)) moving. 1. Clotfaline, 

also (BR)CB)<0A, (mocDKob; (giOGB;(Os(s;<b a rope of 

the loom. (Sidca/Ctj^egaS! any thing light Yi. 

2. T.M. rnmination fl»caKU<eeonr) wgo? MC. 

(SiocB/^Qjae^ No. (Bioco^eaeai, teiocs/edano Ys. 

(prh. fflioca'Qj q. T.4-iB»Q<fla<S) or ajc51<fle). 

<®fOcaio ayam 8. 1. (>/"«») He, po. 2. (v^») 

good fortune, po. 
cSfTKQjdds^^ (SfZ>&csvdd6\ aya(e)kka (T. mi> 

6)5) ji). C.Te. (mo«>oro to move) l.To send, for- 
ward (Si^oa (Biocb;^ Qjxioa)^ sent to ask. a 
cnAsm\ ^^cnmjivrk anoctv^^OKmoiATR. those 
sent by the HC. (B)rD(nr^o, (swm(S}<Q» Bhr. to 
shoot, let go, leave (SiociJ$6)s <d)f00o6Qj 

030 filDCBJ^(SaJ9, 6)6>^tOnR^ib (BIOGV jij9C4o Bhr. 

let her hand go. ^ro^, cq;|Q[^o (smcs;^ or ojl 
^ Mud. let it fall. (siog^9(md>anSiC(i>:2f)^<dx3^§^ 
FR. or they will not let in. tmocus)^ sdobcb) 
9<Qsismo leave her to me. cn)6ae6>fi. (mocB^^ni soo 
TR. (= ^Q? — ) will let you go. aDcnoTOo woaj 
^5)5 ®0ool^aA (Bioco;^ CG. allowed his mind 
to dwell OD (or 8. to be dissolved, absorbed 
in). 8. (=(sios>sr(d8^) to slacken, loosen as 

CD/'IQ^QrO) 9fD6YT>0. 

YN. i8i9CB;^(9b being loose, untied. 

(Oioccvgj sending, slackening, ei^gojo ojo^o 

iBiDCB^o (m^rfl^ai^ (Ai^.) prh. fencing 

postures P 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

(S(lKQ)(^— C&tZDjii 


c®fOcxyc4 — <iot(3cq;o«^ 

CY. «BC0{yid9a. 1. to nukke to send Ct^^ (no 

«». TB. Older Iwok. 2. to gei ODewlf dis- 
misted, toke leaTe iaocBi^<S^osi|o ih\if\ 

aiao»90D9S 8R>'^5)«>0«^ KB. 

cerQCOKC^dO) <«1bo (Sidap) 1. To •laoken. d>o 

9aSi ooaMn^ CO. girdle grewlooee. i^9a<&>o 

^WMBo eooDOVo BGsi. relaxod. mMMoo 

03crxnA(aa€»^«cnoQsBC 119. 2. to be watory. 

tm:a€a^ eaio 9aj9«> Kid. 

csciKSVoe^o ayakknra (T. (ma>o wfttor, mad) 

A oertoin flsli. 

(©foca^roo ayanams. (nT®) Qoing, way; the 

ooane of the sun, e)anas(03QB)6TnD northwards, 
eafiolfimocBXDo soathwards, each of 6 months; 
biogri^hj OLirD^rdoeacBicrpo KM. the story 
of PR. 
aiDCBor9)G||sn6 a meal before marriage B. 

(grZKfi^ab ayai^ T. M . (Tdbh. (oomob) Brahma. 
«BavcRft«flT>9S<Sku^^oft KB. told Br. (nooB/aoo 
oxBxib (oiab 6>^3§^GB^m)0asaio BG 88. 
«M»a0Q«kaio (8. a»ea90oe) Caraway seed. 
Carom Canri. 

(Sr^CQ^dBis^ayarkkaT. ILTo swoon; also feel es- 
tranged, disagree Yi. .aHQ^^atiJ^^'ir^oscBwiBiA 
ooldQaaoiocnoas) ^^<ono Oi&i^ Mad s. from 
abborrenee of Ch. ^tsicio mt^cai<q^ ajooBi^ 
BS. disgasted. «oa£^ o-ioaDocBKoran&^cnoib 
Bhg. spoke oontemptooosly. 
CY. 0O3i;^«9n to exasperate Y2. 
ADGBNoTl, aron^ T. Bo M. swoon, forgetful- 
ness, discord Yi. [Ije, i,. 

(Sf^KSVBA ayala T. M. a fish, Mackarel. Scom- 

I. CSCDKQJilib ayals=(6r2)CQ;§gjoob 

S gi^ytaoach oQ/Btasicn (8»ii«j)Qn»ab e ^0 proy. 

EL (^TDCQ^rob T. M. (ft 010 umA) Neighbourhood. 

proT. flosieio a^inlc^ «b61«» doo. 
fle»^o(Dob neighbour, also 0iO3i;^mo€l A mtb 
QBi«ai9«a«asM0Cib Arb. (= flioc0ftij<0s— ) — 

tm:ap\(£S\<o»oh MB. sooioav&ioosoMB. 

(BiOGDxobsacyso,— cr)3§ neighbouring country «a» 
anlorT>ca;r8bmo§ KTJ. cnaslorTx»(3bmD§ajo 
splcB^oo^ea a)0§9anb Mud 9. 

(8io:B;(3l>cucefiao, — ^<sno, — ej-i<S0)o neighbour- 

fliDCD;«ai3<fle(CS2 -^f^- 

(snKaM^9&i9iho A — 0£ii3(djft the neighbours. 
(Bioaivobgjoo the neighbourhood. 
(9i032;robaj3^ the ruler over (this and) the 
next lands. 

ce^ca;fi^ft Ae c®rt)ca;(gc8<j8bDQj|ajb n pr. 

One of the 5 Cshatriya dynasties near Che- 
Cfuva KIT. 
(Sr^CtDClj ayavi} YK. of (atocs^cs^td) (comp. (bio 
CD; 2) 1. (BR):B^0aja8(d) I7o. (BiDCD/ojlodSsai To 
chew the cud. 2. elasticity. aj)(Som aioejSis 
(BiocDXij QjrcBi'onBOtgl^ajb (^scnoOajoo MM. if it 
fail to make the wounded leg supple. 

(Cr2)CQ;cydor\^ ayaSassn s. ignominy. m>. & 

ensoo Bhri2. [magnet. 

CCi^CQ^C^ ayass^ 8.(L. (B8)Iron. (mocDx^^goaooo 
CRir^)CQ7| ayi B. intorj. Oh! tsib:£\ 0^(9 Qi s>-a)ogJ 

®ji\9(Bb Mud. 

(©f^xaJlrb^ (®r?>cQ31rtJo ayir(am) ((rooig^) iron 

dost, any ore qd^ci^^^ MB. odioct^o Q5r%o 
dBsnm oiosn^ (exhib.) (SioaP^ajgB smelting of 

^^^ B* [(9R>co(aiDo Mpl. 

C®^2)C27lrt)0<2;'OYO1 Ar. Ikyiranyat=flroaiaiwb, 

cerdcailrSl see e^a^Sl 

(Srt)CQg(did)o aynktam S. improper, unfit MB. 
(C^DCQ^ano ayndam B. a myriad, 10,000. (8T^ 
GB^fOo <dn^09y3irQ^((Ao OQj6nr>o YCh. 

(®rd(Sca/ aye B. intorj. Surprise, (moocu cro 

abstr. ST. (Si08cD;3(^<e) Impropriety. (moajOdo 
onoo ^^ eoB rD3^m^(D^9ab oqo ah 
(Bio«ai;D(g|(Oi ffi^ XB. it is next to impossi- 
ble for me. 

(6r?)<2cQ;3<^fiioOo ayoghanam 8.(<8io<Brt)Biaok- 

smith's big hammer Yi. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

(®rt)(wy3<^ — cc^'O 46 

«idOcBi30CDo of iron, Ironllke, po, 

dSrO(3CQ;D(^ ayScTdliya S. (sot to be oyeroome) 
OadOf Rama*8 residence Tdbh. (Sio8ca'9(man BC. 

(SftKQ^ ayyam M. (T. sioQ^o) t. Alms. (mo. 
g^rO(d» to beg. flno. oQQj|j^e4o o®^o Kei N. e 
c^o a>ft6ioo (BIO. (256Si9nm Nail. 2. doubt 
(po.) from (StDQB), 8. lamentation, grief, (tm 

®Cgj3) fllOga0«)O(^ (01009(^000 Cn^ po. (BIO 

QjcX) (Bioogjoana^ ^£i TP. Qjifiainnm Aojgg 
Gia&i (B)o. Qjl^ifismrTS, 0ag-|a (Bios^(d6CT» qq 
cm fliOQiob (810. 6)d)>o§c@ TR. also aiosj^jo 
Qjl^oj/o Q(d>s YQ. alarm. 

(Sirz)(gob ayyaii 5. (see 6>aa)CD)n6)ss(Bia^nbP 
Father, lord. (B10S19 sir I also Interj. of 

(Bio^nb, (Biosi^ob Hpr. the banting Deity. 
(Bioggjnbojsp) the most honorable of the 6 modes 
of hunting (= (ftol^^ODOoios). 

ctsr&c^nnnl ayyanni (sioQ?) A field that yields 
two crops in a year, chief harvest in Magara 

(= 0(d>rO<dASnBo). 

(S'^)c^DCSIiVoo ayyayiram 5000 (^ooi). 

(Saxs^Oy (^f^QSi^agfi ayydi ayyayyo 5. interj. 
of pain, grief, alas! (BK>99g|o €^fm\aasicn ^ 
^o <o^g)jo Ca. (BioQ9g|0 Qanocm 
0OQ po. Atos^oojoojo what a pityl — ^(g) 
ano*<^eaOL)obsach aoompassionate pejrsoni also 
(BiDScgj3S3aio eompassion. 

I. (SflXO ara 5. (V^ (BIOOD decrease) 1. Half. 
«iD(M>Qj6nz»niocn6)rD|poa>fim BC iss. an arrow 
shaped like a half moon. 2. the middle of 
the body, loins, waist (aggs, cn§) mxws^o 
(oiQXS^o 00010 fainted; fliocxodOo (fi?)cfo (oxfiseooi 
§>|. Bhr. fliorocdntsb or (Bi05)^ifi8 a>c»6)§ 6>d>>o 
or^(8QjQ<a^ Mud. led to exeoation. (siotocDiVA & 
•9 1 have it in the girdle. 
CpdB. (Biorocastorob ^. (BRKOflsMbb ODttplat ttojdejo 
not even 4 minutes. siD<0<flR9(t& ojeLHoe 1^ ^fo 

(BBfoaegyoovo, ~ ^§ short garment Yi. 
(BK>cD(d«SP(Qb small box used as purse. 

(STM — aSf^iMS^ 

«mM>d9af (2) 1. MBS. «iD(MMBes^ oemojo 
Hid. t. girdlo. — «0(M|goeo Bubo. 

mM^iOtMno half a moment, nio. cnl^ooo. 

(mo(Mfoo96n6 ohain worn round ibe waist o^ 
fiMOsBOOffmo TB. eiorooaooBmo OLKS^dSaQigo 
MM. symptom of delirium. 

(BiOfOfonioej) (2),— asml waist-oniaaont. 

ffOAyso (2) leather-girdle Yi. 

(BArogyemo half a fttnam. 

«WDa-jejo |- pound, in proT. AWOyeJo 9taiso^ 

«aJOAo, (BID. pgoSlBKlbo ASPdSS. 

8R>a>^§ (2) girdle with olasp Yi. 
(Bio(O0ong^oa(rl(D^das to boundeoidedireluotaak 
fliDroe(ib stunted oom (Palg.) 
aw^o 1. a f^aotion -j^^fAonaQifSiscuoAla^o 
em)— 2. a wooden bolt iBmoaci^ (myso. 

(BIO(O0O(T)oasfl|OrO 2. £5€RIQ)96nb «MKlbo «Du 

Sjiiasono TP. put on his waist. 
(BioroatKob (2) hips. (Bio.*iinaio skxjs^oaos^. 
B»rw9Q<j9s girdle.— «iO(0^«Bi^ Arb. girded 

himself for wrestling. 
(BioAQtvro (&Qgjla») TB. each half a Bupee. 
(BiodKO(0^ by halves, as medioines. 
(BiO(06ysKU^nb <prov.) a tolerable physlolan. 
n. (&C(0 or (Cr^COy {awojii) Boyal, in (BBA 
em eto. 

I. (Cr7)(Do aram T. M. C. (V^(BioaB) l. A file. 

(BIO(Oo«)ajOSl, (BIOfM^OJO^ filings. IBWOo 6»a>9 

dTf AOtfblogjosI:^ Bhr. 2. edge of rioeliusk 
eto. sharpness. «)aj(CBatif)iBQQaMBa (Bioroe^gj 
prov. 0iorD0^0lgy<oo Yi. 

II. (CrO(Oo 8. (V^(B»As=e.iiirtt)8wift. 2. wheel** 
spoke (po.) 

(St^iOkBiB^ araifallf ((SomcqiA)) Grinding stone. 

(Sv^rOcas^nb arakkaii t.m. (Tdbh. (oa&g^) 

1. A Baxasa (B»(Od9aA0OT9\ KB. Bivapa. 

2. a miser; a kind of ant MO. (prh. from 


(Sr&(OdB& arakki} T. M. C.(Tdbh. (oodBftid, eitdtttoo) 
1. Gumlao, seating-wax. «D(Otft«aiab aooooo 
CD(ola3j Qjo:fi30«mo eciJoo^o)cr) Qj^OQ^SMyoeoj 
(OdBAi A^^ KB. mountaineers. — «Moaa one 

Digitized by ^OOyiC^ 

(OT(0<j9a^ — (Sr?irt)»| 


iSfCOinJ — (®fO(0 cjnj o 

of the aejOB^QOfiajaecfo TB.— of two kindB 
aj^(M9a, «<ft9e)r0(8e QPis, the Utter also 

«B<D<88)§yo Bhr. the lao palace {tR^u^oOo S.) 
2. Ted'norD«B»ociu<Qbred Nymphaa flio.*(vS)oo 

CSVDiDdGhac^firOo MaWmain S. l. Not preaerr- 
ing AOoafioioxiiacD coamooj Bhr. 2. mda 
q. T.+dOCofimo half a nomoDt. 

(0rd(5d6ha:^rrob anUanun 8. (rikafi^g;^) afijoa>o 
0»'0OQB»%oKB. The irorld will be freed firom 

(6vM)cncYb an^aft (f) Eei MC. 

(erZ)(M9>| arail&aT.M. (Tdbh. fDocoo) 1. A stage, 

Boene, place for public exhibition (=:<d)fiflgjro, 

Aftrol) ^(moMMseoBJi Bhr. iBio§<a9fl<a;g^ ewo 

00913) proT. not in a comer, pablicly. (roro 

aqo cme^daaficsgo auoodca/i^ggajfb KU. oonviot- 

ed or BOBpeoted of breach of caste. 2. the 

doth with which pnppet-players coyer them- 

BelTee on. ojlslaa Yl. to fix that cloth ojl 

^ASiOQi (010. ^<asl for a marriage (po.) 

S. ft 0RXKOBO Srlrangam An\<B9 ^loisygb (BIO 

(o)»09ej TP. [adulteress. 

Cpds. ooroeoBSP^dOo to disgrace publicly f.i. an 

OKKMBB&pl^sya) to disgrace oneself. 

«BKMMaa)§^ to commence B. 

smoScoBQai to exhibit publicly. 

AOrD^flBOOo public exhibition, a play; «io. 

a)tf^4aa to open the stage with the farces 

of the buffoon. fiioajcSodas (bio. ^if\j^9oj 

emo TP. she may exhibit herself as an 

accomplished gymnast. 

OMDOCOBOQ a drama. siD'oolaio 2000 &Qgj) 

A a>tfl:^, (Bio. ODgtjQJgmo 8QaiO:fi^=^j d)Spl 


(S>0(DOS«3 <6> arannnifa T. M . ((BiDro<%a>) At. a. 
cerWO<e6id8>, fleen Brulsinggently.toremore 
the husk by rubbing. 
tiKKiHWBfl^ the socket on which a door tumsy 

also BBDfPIBOflb (tflQBAOol Yl. 

c$rt)(0jajob arojaii T. M. 0. Te. (^3«o) King, 
also 8R>roodnb KB. cnorocD/ob yu« o^nMych qjI 
emxA <Ljs9fS)9 prov. after checkmate. 
(Bioro .01010090, — 049ac)o Boyal family. 
(BBA jiioy 'BlOfOii^ 1. Boyalty mi^Jii^sn^ ^saSi 
Bhr. began to reign £ftGBMOoooqEQ§fi)0:a3 
a>o KB. co-regency. aiofD^aj Q^o^,s>ajc9tA 
Yl • give check. tBiOfo^ojaiO^ reign. 8. con- 
stitution cnoroxol^a), oiaaoBB^ ^ order, 
settle. (B». (Biosplaa^eiP^aa^to be without 
head or order Yi . 8. (Sioro^^ ^ (Sio(OCB;o<Qb, 
(BiO(009aj3aajo CCh. (hence o^Guro^oj Hibis- 
cus populnens). (BiO(^^^g^ a grass (S. 

(Srt^^roTQDM) arafixdl The buttress tree (?= 

(6r^(D^ aza4^ Wooden axletree (opp. oD^oiai) Yi. 

(6V?)(D^(d> see (Sf^(0^(Bi. 

(Srt<Oero ara^a T. M. Tu. The green house- 
lizard, Laoerta interpunctnla, said to be poi- 
sonous ((BIO. fivmogorsb g^ssxD zcusmo prov. ft 
forgetful ((Bio'aa eKm\) ; hence (bio'cs^6)s er^ 
(3Xjl(dAorDnb forgetful. «si^dng-}&p.xsRi»^omrDcma)cb 

&U3dJ6)QJ KB. 

CSrorOenol araoi S. Wood kindled by attrition, 
Premna spin. fig. ^asaj9aD(Dl(Oas>orr)9(Oco6rT9) 
O0^fiococ]Q[{o oal^ordcrni <a?lsp eocn.'mz^e^o 
Qsr^o dnrnl^aszBSlssneoGB^ oj^aicnBEtodonaanl 
CB/DoA oo^c^ob (^Uucnso Bhg. 
(BBro«rnl0roo=ui)aa KU. (BiDrooTSlcsyo anooni 

({C^WtvQjo KB. in sacrifice. 
(Siorofirn^cdedscno a med. 

CSto^DGnri) aia^ T. a M. Stronghold ((B^cofirg^oP) 
(Biorosrn^can to be perrerse; (8)0(Ofirplg-4 being 
impregnable Yi. — (SiOfosrnlcawjb AiiP«a«l(i6ajo 
(iDl^(ob BC IS. at the eastern gate of the fort. 

(CTD^et^^ aia^yam S. {mM>6tno far) Forest. 

C6i^(0rml aiaSi 8. (m) UneasinesB. 

(Sr^rDayvOio arattam (Tdbh. ahbao) Bed, an 
offering of chanam ft saffron. 9a)oej(D(9ioio (0> 
ifiea^ a med. (8ioco.'mo>cgo (SanaMnoroojo &6Tn«Bnl 
XH. (prh.zsflpoARi). 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

(©fWDornl — '®f?rt)OJo 


<®rzxoaj) — (®f^ 

iQio^-Dttng) T. M. Alpinia {^alanga, mod. root. 

^ajCTT)(8io. & jS\oo(Qtmoi Alpin. gal. minor. 

(©f^J^OJOl aratni B. (r^tooo) Cubit (to'csS anrni 

omo^aio Qsr^oj'i^ODaej KR. 
C^YtfOCYu arail Tdbh. aorDob Siva Otdiomi ^§ 

0ronb BG. (SiorDob toionb QjtOd^ajo&o oays^om <d)0 

a@ (O(fifia)(0a. Mantr. 

csrD(0(2OO aramana (ii(8iom)T.M.C.Tu.King'fl 
hoase, palace, oourt. (Bid(duU5)rdcro^rD)^a8 
ojl^CLionb iajiQ(S)0O0<o0 KB. [bolt. 

(S(Z}(tiQ(h aramma =0100)0 2. ((Sioro) Wooden 

(®rt)(OCQ;ob arayail (=(BTO(0^nb) 1. Hereditary 
chief of Haokn-was. (BiorDQB;C0S(Qo efDcSAonaooBo 
TB. 2. a Bonthem fisheroaste (AtVsxA (Sio ft 
a)Srbb (010.) a chief, called ^^^oo^sioirDCB/nb 
Q(6ftO§60Be\ A <d)oaj 6ymo0(m (ons^nssne®. chief 
of a>9CB>R)b (810* lb is $)^aaj1rbb (BiorDQQ;nb or s)^ 
caHaA ©ojrocnjob (8iO(0CB;A in Chertala, Trav. 
8. a tribe of mountaineers; — fern. (SiorDo^* 
Cpds. (BtorocBxmo ((^anaOocroo) rojal swan (bio. 
(SoLjooai 6)aj@.(i^ or)S)fD4x) KB. 
(6Toroo2.0(?ib ((8iO(0.aj) FicuB religiosa ((swjdAmLo 

B.) Q?«o^oab oio'anai OQ«ioai5)aj Bhr 4. 

(Bio'anai<d)c)o Qojaej^aj rgoaioo (8r^S(zibs)aj^o 

BhgT. — a>g^rDca>3(?A a wild kind of flgtree. 
(Biorocanrolf6»a\iQ90Do KIT. (T. aib(OjS\GBSiSi<s») 

royal dominion. 

(S^rocxydBj arayuya T.M.o.Tu.(v^(B»rts)To 

be brnised 8rm9(ot) (Bforosia^QQjoain (=:^rD6ia^, 

CQ. from fetters. 

VN. AioroQj grinding. (Siomojo ^jxlajg^SiOJcdsi 

add seasoning powder, 
a. T. CSf©6^tt)de® To grind to powder. (BJ0S>fO 
^(0) e^^ortjb (g6U(Zgai 5>«>cSl<fl«o Vi. (BTOorcf' 
(fi8»d)rdg_)acTb eiUiSSQo proy. (8i05)(0:^ (nt^oianb 
QjBjraao £sng (to prepare A administer physic). 
«i€lg^9ao)9Q(n &9ieoAo prov. (BioQ(0^ (ai(S\^ 
also to instigate; AncOBfiXOcBfi to ruminate. 
VN, (8I0(0qj powdering; herbs used to ©lean 
the head of oil Yi. 
CSr^QJo arayam S. 1. Koiseless T.H. serpent, 

also (Bioroo^, (8tO(^xi6rn)cti>rojxinb BG7. Siva as 
(xjnT)CO@«36mn6. 2. Tdbh. (DOjo loud noise. 
CSrorOoDCBoaraYinfamT. Lotus, (BiorooSkrao 
dafiiob lotos-eyed CCh. 

(Sr^^ see c&M^. 

(Sfm^dhj 6n^Gau3d9> araluya T. M. C.(V 
on rod) To shrink, also fitdcnfica-aaiorab aio^d^ 
Gal. — met. SMNaa(8ioro«^«ajoc») yu. (cause 
of being bent ft stunted), 
a. Y. (&M^S>^ §)(66^d9> 1* To frigrhten, 
alarm aioelor^lsaAto in3^fli0(0g) ODSomaab 
CG. — also (Qiorofil-^ «»ft<di GaL— 2. aiO(o^ 
^g) (huntg.) to start, rouse game, scare up. 
GY. ^Qjl<aao6>(D (mo5)gj^Q(a»fimo a^ono en 
6)nm (BiO(Sg)^ro)d98nro TB. had them 
brought together by threats. 
(Si^fO^ (willow B.) 1. Kerium, ^ojom flio. 
N. odorum >- s^cu^cmn oo. (see, tnoajfol). 2. loc. 
Plumieria acuminata. 
(S^^^ B. = s>aja80{Oo Galosanthes ind. 

(®^C038)dB)o azajayam B. 1. Kingless 00*09 
ovajroo roafialdSA Mud. (Sio^aocdnnmajso od^ 
^90. 2. anarchy (Bio(09n6xD)J9e^ tmcnaiD 
oecb. [anwol. 

(S^(03r^ aza5i S. (disfayor) Enemy (po.) also 

I. cS^CCOl aziB.l.=(no(09ivnf.i.(Sio(o)<BeabTamer 

of foes. 2. = oorol, Yishnu «iO(ol<3yo Aioroaoo 


(BioroloKonb Hanuman AB 6. Aioro^QJ^AA) mo^ 

(mft9(b AB 6. 
n. csrctol ari T.H. (T. (norol j£^ 0. oryza G. oiocSa)) 

1. Grain of rice, freed from chaff. cr>g^ qj(oW) 
gu <oia»9») (8io(otai/9(Sn) Bil. — met.5>cns>g^an Ooja 
6>eLj ^jyl^5>on95)ro«Km^a9or)gy^au9QBjav9 
<ani .ai6)0^ ^OB^Qimoi Kei K 2. (by instruction). 

2. rice giyen as payment, measure of rice 
(oaiOiatrDi 10 Edangalis, of (Biorol not of 6>CY)g|j). 
(Biorol (di1r09Qcr) 8c;a:fiS) ^gg TP. good for nothing 
but to draw pay. (8ior61cs^o Qjiiejojo &A9^ 
ajgl TP. to Kayers for war. (BiocuQabo (B]0(d1(%o 
angs)(Qao aa)(0R?^§^6y (or dasnO^) he has not 
yet eaten the last) did not die. tnorolo^s af\^o 

Digitized by ^OOy It! 

<std(6\ — (TO(61<3e6) 


($(Zm5)999 — ($r^(61cQ^ 

oak09« saao<D oiniD Ti. etoaped beeaaie 
their lifetime wm not yet spent. 8. any smalt 
grain: iJVMhdJiBKO^, a>di(ocBKo) eto. amed. 
Cpds. flrnlanoA (8) royal servants, also tso(S\ 
«fla»9rDOB9^ TR. s oo^o^ 
«Ml«»^9eo§ rioe iMsket, A (BKXO^ojs). 
tBAi^ocng^a* (8) Ciooa distioha. 
iB»ro)gji6n6 (8) OK^id) granulation of a sore, 

if not=flio<o^oayfln6. 
flB(dk)^95l rioe flour, also aoio^ooj . 
•Mlo^ttoi) handle of riee Ar. ib«kS\^sas 

qg^^ TB. (for an army.) 
MMO^doa tnrtledoTe MC. (sssiaiotoi^ f^x) 
m»(S^{^^kafo scarcity of grain. 
ma(S\asmtA (8) coarse sand. 
MDokvaoj (2) (O^cm TP. measnring oat the 

allowances to bodygaards, etc. 
aB(^<03Q OP 75. the 6 spices. Asa>gujoajqi>fS), 

amIcbHs QJ9^ c(»onation (by poaring cuy> 
qbk6) on the head). 
m.C6(l)(6)9 (SV^fOlo see 0id(Q. 

ttf, — 7(8, — 7(11 ((BTOfOj) Kear. 0feKaw61e<fl> 
gtOQj ajsm0^9d> fii»9CB;o pror. (s»xi6>n(>o tm 
£i^9S esiLi oQipti)) (Biocv^TB. to him. oxoe 
Qfl. «o<d)««.;]iB)dBs, (doAdOj^SKibo am(Ska>9&rno 
oxne TR. from the king. lOttmcSiSiqSj^ Qjtfi=^j 

ffMl^aioisp) way cloee by. 
L (GrO(DVa6)aBkkaTdbh.QO(^<saTodiTide.<ac8 
«icns>e>99«(^^2 Bhadr D. diyide by the 
annber of Satnm. 

U. CSi^(6\ddGi TM. (n. ankSI 8.) 1. To sift, cleanse 
rioe by washing, filter inoid) learol^orob a)gj 
«»&p)aKBng>) TP. 8. to gnaw as ▼emin, itch. 
8. AD^^ ODSdSe to creep as snakes, worms Vi. 
flmoldaimis (1) a strainer, funnel. 

00^^<da KB 8. most search after gold 

YN. (SiDolgj 1. sifting, straining tro. St^ak 
straining spoon, eio. ®«rn^ or (mo. qjo^o 

8. esp. gold wash (s> (Si^ aoK^rbb 
6)oj9amiQjer^, cBior6^gJQj9(DR») d> aj9.'aia)l 
AonW im)flieck> onrn^crs ojfocg onorolg-i 
fi)aj9(ibajsTn<8^d9«o aoj (rev.) 
8. American wild sage, Lantana aonleata. 
4. the webbed hash at the foot of a palm 
branch, (db (n9ragy9(d). 

(6)rd<61e&>(2oaj ariiigamala see mbnsoq 8. or 
moosP A precious necklace. r , 

(6r2)(Dl98b|003Clj aringinayu TP. ((ror©) A rare 

(®fWD]cYi^ arimbu (T.C (roracnj fr.miocw) Flower 
bud, first appearance of fruit, small shot. 
(BroroloiiDO & — 9ro V. wart m9ajl©n0ob (SS>rD) 
ouoro 00^6)0^ d>^ MC. 

(iSirZ)(6)o-Jo ((siora) 4 (SYt)(6V2 arippamy — ma 
Difficulty (=3(810080) f.i. a6^(0g_plar) (8iorolg_jo 
QQ<tBafi.9(gbBG. (BiDro)0Qi2.9^ 9aj9^om9avi oaig 
ftj§ Bhr. 
(8iocnnQ>rDo g2<c)(QQtf>^^o BS. to tell, this woald 

eyen embarrass A. 
adj. flnoroVs; rare, uocommon. (8i0(£)ca; ^tojo, 
Oaa9cfiao Bhr. sm(S^ fi)(^A, ojlfonb Mud. 
8R>. (D9enbKB. (0Br£l$KD;9a8 oofol CO. ma<Si 
9gb;90o BC. extraordinary sacrifice, (qo^ 
0CD;9ib superior men. 2. (=(sioa8<m9.ino)) 
<Bio61aj90D(^cB;mob9or)fi)ajaa8c)o BC. diffi- 
cult to know. 

(Sfii(S\Q)OC^ moSik (the preceding or mMo) I.) 
A deer Yi. 

ce»7)(61ca{<e> ariyu-ya t. m. c. {m(S\ u.?) 

1. To mow, reap, act gently, Q^r£)c09nb oumo 
MR. ^^roc0/oi(eior£laDi9S)d>9c>><d>aMed. 0D9aj 
(dlcDsfl^ajn&CG. cut off the toogue. ^s^qi;9§ 
^Sis ffiorDloa^ ASQjo Bhr. hair. a^tSim^ xSio 
Aaicfo aLt^(0R»9A^KR.>(. wings. osroasAodbesrob 
fiior&lmDS BC 85. ODrDieaorDWa^^ KB. mow- 
ing with the sword. 8. ^xmcsafO^QQA) (ft o jiscQ 
a>) to tap a palm tree. onorDlcs^jan onWib TP. 

Digitized by Vjf OOQIC 

<&ti(S)lObo — (©fMfcilj) 


($r2xQ6rO — (SiIXOJqlJO 

cmfDlojocfo 1. sickle, Boythe, (also (SiDradajdcX)). 

2. (loo.) hoe, spade. 
(rorolcuocbd) moil No.s^i^^dtaconP. 
(Sfi(S)Pdo, (®r?)t6)ijJo arikm, — jam Vi. (T. 

pepper) An^r. Va.Qjflsxd (noro^ooQjo Qd>o.ij 

QJo, «K). Qj)^^<SB^(SlO^ OK)^ prOT. m^£\<Jio 

ms^:^ sai^au^cno TP. he got angry. (BiDroliiio 
«>fl SB; RC. (sid. (OtftOBd)), 6)d^,^d), Yi. be appeas- 
ed. Maptas oppose (m(S\(jbo to aS^rS\ubo. 
C®^(61c^oariitam8. l. niluok, misery, pain. 
9rD0O33^<^o Tr p. (mo^tm «)9«moo Nid. to see 
things black. 2. 8. lying in chamber ofOoOQ 
aj(D(po.) 8. adj. eiDorgjOBOo i8ia<o)(^t&9o aro 
YCh. the last old age. — oiordlc^nb m. 
(8i0(£l(^a» irretohednesB. 
den v. (8i9rD)(^<0A dojaiooib (Sn^^ OojosTi y2. 
was disappointed. (S»*ji^9ns9^ gained by in- 
credible sacrifices or tronbles. 
I. (6*^(a, (S^faa4ani(vTl) T.M.C.Tu.(Te. 
QD 08 A) Brim, edge, margin, enctvnacij vale; 
the Loo. (BT3ra3anrbl>=(Siioro1d^(Qb. 
fliooaaid), «^ to diminish Yi. 
n. (©fix© 5. adj. V^(minute, UttleP) Rare, nn- 
osual, impossible. In comp. 
a»rD)9»)(T)9aj q. y., (moaBfiOLncno RC. (& isio^cai 

^cno) etc.; bef. yowels er^lb. 
<B)OCtB«i&j (ft (8iOQ(fiiu) cruel murder. 
<Bior£lcnjsCD proud flesh (see (8ioro)gLj5nb). 
(8iar^$>au9rQdc)o inmost meaning. 

Bhr. the arranger of the Yedas. 
aio(Qaj (T. inDrD^s)6)aj) floe woman. &dA (BioaB 

Qjocs;9§, (8io(Q6>5>ai09ft RC. pi. (mmojfwlb 

^QeS\crn\o€sS^ cl^<sqo Bhr. heaTcnly 

(mo(«daiaj& T. So. M. (not dear) foes* 
YN. CS(imC2i & (Sr2>(61(2 1. Importance, 
superiority, eiorononbo (010.0-10099^0. 2 .diffi- 
culty, ojo^rbb (mD(ts0QB>oo ft fioje ojooLKonnnr) 
cno. e^ Bhr. difficult to tell. 
(6irQ(ZBilJl am]! 8. No appetite Asht. (BMijiTl 

<St;0(l96^noCYb arn^ah 8. 1. Purple coloured. 2. 
sun's charioteer. cros)mg|(0a (mofTSfimcB^nQ £^ 
onoom 08lo8)rt>«fhrt)Aaj Mud. (Bi^irxno fiisctBsm 
<m a^9n^ 0<srm1 KR. red from shame. 
(Biomsmtox^dftojo Bhr. solar race. 
(BioassmouorDuSl A:Lifi[lAg_)sa8^aj9n6 ^0Q|^ 

Q9om RC' before dawn. 
mna^wnoefSfo dayspring. 
(noaaemocjOdD^ Bhr. woman with red lips, 
den Y. (bt^ ftoooo flmxasrn^j^ a)9snoo(at suaset). 
t®f^fro^ arnda T.M. (=(B»rDlca>.a neuter of 
n AiDrCB) Old (BiDrol® "irregular, awful** f I. 
dooosoajeasfg self-exaltation would bo wrong. 
A defect. Neg.Y. has been formed firom it, 
signifying 1. what ought not to be. (oi90cn)) 
cfidiaB(2 OojoorMmo CO. QD(moae0<i8^f crJW 
oob; of^os^ddscm m &^9^ ffiO(mtfnor9 KR. 80 with 
Nouns, InflnitiTOB ft Dat* of person. OMoscbfti 
08® Bhr. would bo wrong for us to do. coo 
Q^<d>re)95>rD eo^SliaiKtMMmtaeo Bhr. oTen A. 
must not consume the righteous. sdqjA a^ae 
cq{o cn>9jQfiAtd9Raa2 YyM . must not be taken 
for a witness. Rarely with 2 adTl. m^ ei<0a rni 
«aB(>)<8A903Joe)g^pVTnra9(S 'V'ilTP.— (Sib(9ah9:o» 
a)9g2jo a wrong, forbidden thing. — Past oS) 
ft^yoKakAOfln^RC.QjfDOBroiOflni^Tu. 2. impossi- 
bility; mostly with 2nd advl. QOg^dorxoBdnnts 
QugDo in a way ncTer to be forgotten. ^S(A 
AS^ocrxfkmosa^ KR. oould not pass, axxqq 
ncDng^anlQjAor) Bhr. — with Inf. ans^teOD 
(0)9^ (from wounds) XM . 6vm939(A (soo^ro 
<Qi90(m a med. — AonMnocRNiioab ei^jDoroo e 
g) proT. 

SRxaMAO^, — c|g 1. impropriety. 2. impossi* 
bility. amoasomo^ oS1or»oa>oc)(>ajAaai9g 
c»wA RC67. AocmraMho^Q^ C^<ai90do 
OG. you may howeter see him. 8. weak- 
ness, ^fiio sn):^tt<83<no^ FT. 
sioiOD^ oldYN. AporxDOQ^ Mod. malice. 
eza^dsroo^o^SOjA TR.SS ea<asa8oio» 
QJ& *the unshaken'*. 
(6Vd(0)g-j3rD (Cal.)s«to(^g^ 4. 

Digitized by ^OOQIC 

<6VMU2l3 — l6yD(^<tn 


(6r^(^a-Jo — (®fO0fc POo 

(m)ftB(2K>5) amina^ (I. srxo) Am pftrto of a 
rieefleld are mentioned: mmaS^coio glkocdjo m^ 
em\ (Roaseosl (or (S»Qdos)) ODi^c^o Odc^dH 
SQgo MB. (doe.) either *bank*' or superior 
plot used for naraerj. 

(ef^ahcriA anunba (onrolcnj) A labiate flower, 
kind of gcnj. 

<S(d((ROJ arnva T. M. Woman, see (mora n. 

(©roraojl, c®rZ)(6lQj| aru(i)7i T.M. (I.oiora) 
Waterfall, cascade, anoasaj^a^o coeic^o BC. 
oa)5)aj3^(S>o Aosrocm rol oj) a®s.o^o KB. mst. 
aia(flQjld>c)o a!|raaTlib (ST^i>) aej^<e8>3)aj KB s. 
i8m(T8QjlcD;x^ the same (Bio^Uimlanaftib (Biom 
ajlcs;95>o^(m QojOQej BC. (loc. (siorraajspl 

C®^(2RC^ aiUflSl} B. Woand, sore. 
giDfroaaeo woanding, sharp, po. 

(Sr2)({B5o am} T.M. ((Si0(QlI.) l.areee,fayoar. 
oncQBQjsloyQS oafOftoo £600/96^ KoiNs. aj 
Aoob (ai^(»aj(Qafin(n9S>^ BC ii8. Aocxmou^cn 
CQ&Mb aa)a»^9aJ0 cuuSlg^ Bhr. 8. deigningi 
oommand. eiD. o^^» aiorad^6>^q^ to order, 
■ay (hon.) £ro«>^ffl|<oi>)mD ^asoidsaotfi) oeaj 
A^o 0ioa8c>3 fi>^^ may the blessing of Gum 
A Oods enable me to relate (po.) (Oioosa'Qi^ 
^ataoA ''by the king's oommand*', heading of 
Boyal letters TB. 
4aDfOB^a>, £i 1. to deign, Touohsafe, grant 

Qjo oQno1<0BfO6r^Qjo (ffiDCQd&lcnonb KB. (ou 
cab^ojAioslaMDna^emo 8a2.Q€>^Qj^o 
6MA9;pQi^§QOJ9<anrQafiL^§aD siSis^io Bhrio. 
2. oonmiand, oOOBSKn sojoob onoos^cno 
oiooeacn (0)S>cm KB. 8. Anx. V. Qaigos 
do CG. please to hear, g^^o^t^ (doe.) 
■eated, residing, 
floosfi^d^ 1 . oommand of kings, etc. 2. oraole 
of Gods or demons through a possessed 
person. efflDlQ{|os s>0aQKfgb ajom — (BTO. 
QjOQ^^mo TP. uttered the oracle* 

<S^f(QO^ aift&a Rata, rae, a med. plant. 

(6^(<^o-io ariLbun S. Unformed, formless. 

(Bio^aj) ineorporeal, God. 
C6rd6)tD386^ see under (8iooQq/>0>. 
(S(^(2((iGnt<Bio ardi^a'jfam (Tdbh. QOO(Mno, <8(d 

snoa>) A bitter pungent grain GP76. 
C®^(8(D3Cr)ab arogaft S. Healthy, sound. 
cSifM(OOJiJ<B>o ar^a'yam8.Naa8ea(=r(Bnn9jJl), 

fever with Tondting Vi. 

(®rddebto arkam 8. (V^on^) t. The son. 8.a 

AiodAOtnnaunb Npr. a Colattiri B^ja KM. 
(Stb^^ ar^a)am 8. Obstacle, bar, bolt. 

flio^SMnb 8iP. king. 
(&t>Qi^ argham 8. (V^tTOob) Estimation, price. 
(8iDoflicn)g^[^o TrP. astrol. determination of 
cheap, dear ft middling months, 
(noobjoestinuible; honouring oblation (ojoaoe 
^o) to Gods ft Brahmans, chiefly water. 
(Bio<>g).xjog^<Q8cX) washing water oflisred to 
<6r0^1^d6^ar6ikka 8. (to shine) To praise, 
adore. on);)9<(S)6QBc)o6>d9>o«r^o cnocnotta^coB 

Qjos>ai39ri|o0io^^DM. floipimopart. pass. 

00 a}, (saiicn, aioijcno 8. worship (nM>ii<0a 
PP. oaajom aioao^s) sioi^or) o^Qy^orab 
BC96. cilajdijcno BiP4. ojbjkjoo tm^ 

^^-^l^Y^ ardim) S. Flame (po.) 
c€Vd0^, aD€$^ (Ar. ars) Petition, oiocuab 

CSfdB^-B^' aipkka 8. (VT «noflb G.'orego 
strive after) To acquire. (moasioaB^^^oob PT. 
part, isios^^o f. i. (Oioajcro98^(ai9eAOAo KB. 
TS, AiDB^oDo acquisition. 

<&^>^^crh ai]ima]tt8.(V^rDe3s(mo.o») White. 

Gf^ Bhr. to cover the world with their fkme 
as with snow. 

«)O0^coab N pr. the 8rd of the Pandavas. 
(Sio*aa^ KT7.ssan^^or>9CB)9| (see imo 

Digitized by (SoOgle 

(©cgVjoM — <eirc(%Ui> 


(gro^enoo — csr^ 

(V (soib flactuate) Sea, flood. 
{Bi9(8g^oeQo lotas. 

($r2)(cioo artham s. (v^ sK><b) i. Aim, toope. 
(9iO(Qioo<iao0ocdil for money's sake; adv. ajroo 
(oioo Nal. for others. (Da0d9>o9j98noo ftsmcni^ 
(Did96cno AB4. attends to B.'s business. (Bi^g) 
oDOdiiyeoadQ oinno ^%o Bhg4. the desired ob- 
jects. 2. gain, wealth, riches; ohiefly money. 
(Biomo GVLjQo iBiOQrorotQjlaj s>Q_ioabA96mo 
o<d>o^8]a TB. doc. S. meaning, sense, eio. 
Q_joa) to explain* oa,teoa9(n^3ffao^aMi>-i«>o»a(> 
Bhr. knowing the substantial meaning of Y. 
ft S. oid^dMOQcb aonoo cn^cto (S»*0D«inrn)§y 
TB. are not plain to me, not intelligible. 
Derivatives: (BAoaocn (1) begging, petition. 
cBi8(oiod9>o (in oomp.) having the meaning of — 
(Sio<duQdB wonb, fiioenoojonb rich Yi. 
(OOflix^^Octvocoo usury B. 
(BiO(0)Do cijd9AQJ3Q a receipt for money. 
(nD(mocrooeU| sum of money. 
(BR>anoa<££)QOo ooTetooBnees, (Bioanoooo. 
cBioaaa»bb abl. in fact, meaning, viz. 
onoasio) desirous, oo9aj«a9ce£D9(aiolcD;9a£^ KB. 

(Bioono^dSs (o^crooeo ojaaas^^ ^^* ^ satisfy 

a beggar. (BTO<o2ol(s»anoQjoflr)9QB!^ ojoao ABe. 

the beggar vrill become rich. 
denY. (SioonDltiBn to desire, beg, f.i. arm qqj9 

<d)a86>a 0QD9aiiejl«c09$ UB. 
part. (Bio«Qo)({»o begged. 
(BioangjO proper. 

CSf2)g)dB6) ard'ikka S. To trouble, hurt. 

(snglioio Tetanaa or hemiplegia (po.) 
(Sv^fUUb ftidham 8. Half, (smoo <o>onb mo&oo 

06)8010 prov. Nal. 

aioejU^<Q3n6 half-moon, crescent. 

4Bia(s]LXr)9^ Hermaphrodite. 

(giaei)ajtijic'3 half the customary interest TB. 

{9iae!u(^9aia6m(b KU. half Brahmans, oastes 
which are regarded as having sunk from 
Br. rank to a level with Xatrias (f.i. en 
aiDs), oojoggaiocX)) KN. 

(VOfijurDm^o S. tsmsuMV^ t«. midniglitssajo 
(olrDo. fli»gixoo^<0a <fts aJi^^gijldMo prov. 

(SKMBJOoeoo a quarter. 

denY. oioeiS^dM to divide in halves, ooaWkt) 
(sm@!ui:fii9(ob CS. Ghm. 

tsf^^suxq half-moon KB. (OQC^. 

(gyp^enoo arpa^am 8. (cans, of V^«5ib) i. 

Placing, f.i. Q-i9eo^6)mo putting the foot, q 
(^09^0 Qojoe^o (BIO. Q^oqflaJ Kal2. did not 
set his eyes on him. 2. entrusting, offering. 

S)^^ Nal 4. confided to each other. 

denY. iBK>^<fie=(8iog!j6Tno Q^co;, esp. to 

give to Gods & superiors, 
part. (BJOglptao, f.i. uinKg)99ljl.u)6S9cV) fine ob- 
(Srt)6r^3o arBncTam 8. A very high number, 
100 millions (in C8. 0QOO<8d)9s1) or 10000 
milliona (€8. 0oc«ofi^). .oOOO eiOfiDjeo ABe. 
2. different swellings, esp. cancer. 0iog!j«»o 
Qjo&Pd9s> Qqjo6>qj crn^roWo ifiiQjicX) cndom 
{Sfioa^OLjaBo a med. 
denY. (BiMqja)^ jiieonowab Nid. 

csrD8dB>(iib arbha'yaiL 8. (Yed. (smk^^tsinq^ 

Child, the young of animals. r^ye Yi. 

(GYt)at2b armam 8. (narrow?) A disease of the 
(Sr2)(^0rb arya& 8. ((Sio^) Devoted, an Arya. 

(8TDQej09aj (Yed. friend) sun (po.) 
(Sf^C^o arvam 8. ((BaA)) Baoer, horse (po.) 

m>q^OfA 8. hltherwards. 
(Sr?)09C^ arSassi} 8. Hoemorrhoids, yu. tsmga 

(IS^ qlOCYu arhail 8. Deserving, worthy, rdo^ 
(Wftlorn (BJOoonb Arb. fit to rule. 
tSK>ckvoi=9Zi;0(j^<ai f.i. (8iD. So-iooai o^AoS 
a>$>a S) nif^ TrP. 

I. (®fZ50 ahl T. M. C. Te. (V^flWQ) 1. A par- 
tition, room=i^o) f.i. £060900 Mud. ojQal 
GB^o royal sleeping closet. (BtoooDdb c^ms 
e^^ Mud. i8iooo(j98o(ini$)rd408oa-i9OcD«nioTP. 
don't run against waU & wainscot, take it 
quietly. 2. well aeoored rooms; magazines. 

Digitized by ^OOyiC^ 



(TOcStay— <e«)qd9> 

qneio TB. treMwy. fixx^Oimisonbo moo 
SoaT)S«QjK>ei proT. aj««o(o moo Aondilfixijo 
£i^ TB. p1ii]id«red the atoras. cna^s sioo 
G»)«Ki6o ^ooSicA ^y^^wA TB. land close to 
myTmats. «ocKQosoc«o(BiD5<fl^KU. forte & 
harbours. -JMl cnoMcn oJ^^ mooBntab 
ttt* ^^a^p:^) mKx£\cn aHip)^ TB. moo 
<%o (oiAQifo obIai KU. regulate the prisons; 
hence: a>§>)Oy 4Mr«o, orfiejovo. 
Opds. ODOiflBKA 1. at the palace. 9a»oipl«dBao§ 
00o<0Mai» Qj»is<m cft0<ai^(aiBionb TB. 2. 
9pr. palace of the Oannannr Blbi TB. 
0R>cs_)«fia) sparrow (=fl»9<dfiftdair^<^^). 
«»Oa^ei«> the door of Samorin*s sleeping 

room, in charge of Pafaaambi KU. 
fl»o^(0 eloset, treasury. 
flWoqcSloBKib burglar. 
AOOQjMftloA Ao$)S:^ aior^ Mad. doorof closct. 

n. (STDO Inf. of (BIDQtOi q. y. 
nL(S(t)0 $H T. M. Blow. MO mocm^ 
<»©Oo ahun T. aH. (V^rtroQ) Law=tomo; 
«o«>a»ocfo fi)O0(ale!n BC134. dntiful 8Tta. ao 
00 ti&on^ooksb edMma qjoojo 0oqo 60. oioo 
«Ba^6&MBoA 68.=ax!a^<^ib or ^aM^<h. 
loe. 0DOQ4O QjOQjo ®aigain6 impudent; but 
nDCLicn &A(SiooQjofl2§^QjoQjoe§^ he suffers 
no want (sstsfK^), 

<srDoayifi> aiayaYa T. c. a u.isTmo in.) 

l.To beat hard, f.i. monkeys ajooej<aa»0l &p m 
SQj\ o«>a»a>cte AnDoen^oee^ Ooikmoib BC15. 
etoDf^osaS oQi^on cleanse grain in harvest. 
(nOvO«ino0iX> pelting rain. 2. to beat drums, ae 
a]iail(Sor)3S6)onQeicSlon9ib BC28. Aan)dnB»o^o 
a§aaB(X» etc. 
CY. mto^A Yi. 

(SI^)CX1J| (Ar. arab) Arabia— arabic; also 
mtbOGO^ono <9>g-)a)b ojnno TB. 

(lSr^)OOo (Ar. haram) Unlawful. (Bwoocmlogj 
etc. whoreson. 

(9r^OQCQ^.0J6K]L]^ ftiiyiMavekka a cer- 
tain heathenish ceremony Yi. 

(6yOc5W(?)ank7a Kaekerel MC. 

(®f»c51cxyd9) afiynifa T. M. 0. Tu. (Te.aOlQ^) 
V^tTOQ 1. To know. «Biaoi«Kunb I know <8yr. 
doc.) part, emokiinb privy to a transaction 
(doc.) aj£umo aio61(2A Inf. notoriously, tstbo^ 
CBi98Ka» unobsenred, suddenly, unwillingly, an 
GMm.'DioisnDolauoQA ofWmoib KB. swooned. 
Bomethnes (like «)ajOQ6n) with the ObJ. in 
advl. part. (ia)fD^6noo)Q[^{<m1ogjora cno^o 
Bhr. cannot live without him. 2. v.n. tobe 
known a^aSleQecSlsBi^^so, (Bio6lGD)Q^0d)0don*t 
know, og)(n)<0e (Bioc^en^ I knew. 

^ ignorance. 
CY. (8ioo)aj)c6», (BTOoicBildBn to make known, qjI 
«oo:fi3o Qa)5>nm (BIO. also o^snmos , o®cnl<fie 
flio^iii(molcEtn(0o BG. to report, notify. 

YN. (BTOolcs^gLj notice. croanorSlQaj isioo^cangj 

2ndCY. ©(ftoajlejajCrtjTOxflft (Hiof?Qjla_j)^D©o, 
(tncascXxdn (Bfoolojlg^cOAonb ^sn^ etc. TB. 

(Biaol^OJo acquaintance, familiarity. oiD. Sisn^o 
(8e, aj(Q9(QQ2|«^ to contract acquaintance- 

0ioolajoAnb(=s 0ioo^ab)experienced, learned. 
(8»6kll9flib 0Q^f^ PP. 

YK". (Bioolaj knowledge, o^croog^oo (moolojat 
(b Mud. what tidingsP aj99«)avoGJ 6>a)0§ 
(un voolojo OKOBcJoaii ®g^ TB. we were 
not informed, that. ... 5) isJCQi® fiiM»(>»ceAo) 
Qj;7)| ^e are aware, that he did. flYdoloy 

flDOBAOO 6>^c^|«0o BB4. gratitude* 
«ioo)Qj«)9Aab skilful, knowing. 

(®f^d9), Oq lAu'^T.M.C.Te.l.Tobe sever, 
ed, cut off, break. OQaia.orob «)(f(Oi^aj (Biooq 
Bhr. in battle Qaj§6)a>09ieoQ OLj^Acno Mud. 
doj^Qo will be eradicated, @acnD (iittQQJonb 
KIT. d^9csS (OiooQajleno, q^ (TOoq. 2. to 
end, cease. co^cniKnl oiooQ^ajocii) the line is 
extinct. croo6aiau)o(Bio. the claims are at an end. 
^qg^ebo onQSojoao Bhg. 00 ov^oto (Biooilaio 
onooolAitno s)6)eai«0 Mud. mcncno oioool^o 

Digitized by ^OOQ IC 

<®fOQd9®-— (®rdq 


(fitdQ (0) — (erO0)Od98^ 

KB. will no more be bora, 8. to be finUhed, 

resolved. sMi^rDooDlataini^rob <naQQaion8a»6nD 

id« GS. caloalation by proportions, aiog^o fin 

oooJdikS^CBfocfin Yi. as good as settled. 

Inf. (fiDO 1. off, in jiioouo, eto. 2. entirely 

aiDo«aj (QoajQCT) inostdaoo ROss. aqsA 

(SioodSaQftg^ 50. «bRi3or)o aoofOdnrBOjoov 

cSlojonb ®^n^J%o Bhg. clearly. S.Uttle 

{nootBilg^ ^mDOOJ^tMib (loo.) not even the 


adj. part, niooo to which there is not. AO09 

dAsb «»QOOO(D9a>3ooo KB. a cleared sky. 

S(Y>(D00(e>9(TQS^ CG. inoomparable. ojogaoo 

a.T. (©fOQcee^, rt^ (▼u.<8iooaj»)l.To8eTer, 
cut off ^^«>5>ft TB. oQg^reap, Qa>ovl kill, 
a.CB;o pull as under, eroo saw. — met. (ajsm 
avo (BiOQ(!@ Mud. betrayed oar love. — ffiOQ 
(a(OtSi»^ the whole roof (f.i. A(0)«aalonbo(9iD.) 
2. to decide, 'SiOQiqD cuO(d> peremptorily, (QD 
oojnsKUoiee Y2. conditional promise, ojtfm 
(OR^onbo oiOQdRai aje!n:jft oQ^o® $>A9cX>aj9nb 
(doc.) flxod interest, ojlaj (Bio. detormine the 
CY. flnoQg^(38a. (^aiQaxDionlb ai^.-ma^Q^^ 

YN. woQ^l. severing, sawing. 2. harrest. 

QjlaQtiiaOOaB aKBr^QgujOOOCBn KB. 
(OWQQ^QJDcfe, «TOQ<fi8QJDcb (1) Yl. saw. 

(BiOQgj«io/Dnb sawyer, reaper. 

I. C®f^ 1^ (V^(TOQ«k)l. Seyering, cutting. 
oDoolm QjAfijdaa fliDQd)6»snB9o proT. torn 
part. 2. horrible (prh.rsll (snm) oiOQAai 
violent death, f.i. of kingsoj^Afii also mn 
o<ftej((ns>za(BiooAiu<0inn^«)gQ0)OcaBC0o Qq_io 

g^^oobMud 7. by executing them. — (Sioocu&j 
TP. <B»<^&j (tu.) intorj. murder 1 (soioOB 
am q. T.) 

(8i0Qqb.mi:^=^oqg^TSRnl^ (loo.) 
eiOQ0ip, etc. 

II. (S^C^ In comp. for iST]^ six. 

«»QC%Q 600; aoQagooab Npr. Hayers of 
Por}atiri's bodyguard KU. TB. 

ohoqqj^ 60, ffOQaj(cnloo»9r^ 00 years, ooQ 
Qj<mloo6B^ 60Xft- 

«ifDQaj(q|2(r)oeij 64, the Brahman colonist in 
Kera)a (64 Oramam), the singalar iastita- 
tions of the country (64 «iDor»jii&rDo), the 
number of rafters i^AcmwsBo ajGLanDoaiib m^ 

QJ&C%o prOT. (=si)^p8dBa9(9b)- 

aoQojasScnoejdo the 64th year (or oda>p§>^ 
ad(iT)(d'y when Tippa introduced cironmoision 
in Malabar). 
iBiOQ^ainb (=i:£d8n:§Aiab>Snbrahm«nya. 
ffOQQj^ 6. (8ioQajaiM)s o»dn okdIa^oA 8iP. 
oVfmA) moQajoA^o ay^ Bhg. 
(G^DQ dd> araya T. (M. a»Qa>) Agrostis linearis 

Yl. $>aj^Q<ft a herb, like rosemary Yi. 
<]Sll?)Qd96tasb i^okkftl T. So. M. (YN. tnoQ^aa) 

A niche, ditoh. 
(Sr2)QrO)l Bhl5i YN* (BiOQa», End. ojc^dbtan) 

aShii TB. at the utmost limit. mMVoS^cnlcaiavo 

Qjcoa«a2a» YyM. fix the boundaries. atK^ 

QMisss^ to finish. «m* s^a establish Yi. me. 

fi>aid8a fix the last torm. ineQdftlQ^aab decisiTo 


ffOQ(ono)Qj^dh to be extinguished AroMkaio me* 
§oBbr. 8SQ-isej0cvaiWj^09«»9ciiNal8. 
OY. om^iSQoa. ffOQ<g^fi)QJ9toia(2o Bhr. 

ffO<^aj(ola» to dose <u6>ai «m*cno Bhr. 
(6yt>QrOYa)fij BhittalasaiDQrQ))<g»aj q.v. ens 

^ cuso^ae fliOQSioiaicBnaib TB. 
(6r^Q(2DSl MB. 

cSTDqcYij a^nmba t. So. m.(V^(8»q) Dearth. 
(BTOQciurok little remains, stunted fruits. 

(Sft>eiOddet atekka M. (I. aidq) To loathe, dis- 
like, £r&03o ^aj^gicv Qojooaj oo^k)^ Ocus) 
^_ e^m^Qjooe) KB. aa)S)cm aj^aionbffo 
00^ Bhr. doonb s^Qj^as ®r61d8aA oogd md 
e>o<fie<d) fii^^ono TB. I shall not stop to it, 
I detest the whole proceeding. a»ejlQJO^ 9cuo 
<ai\ (Mpl.) I hare ehaoged my mind (a>ejbj). 

Digitized by ^OOyiC^ 

(evdcx>o— (Qxdfij 


(Sr5aj<fi3— (®tfiJ99) 

TH. AOOOgLJ qualm, arenion. ffio. S)fl>gajab 
Yi. daring, odo^o «m{^^uS)c({{o Aajro^at 
fionioggoao Bhr. 

or. (B»«)Ogyi(38ti to make to loathe. dmg^^oS) 
aiDo^^956mo Qj^uS^QXioo oQnriDOO:^ 
KR. teaok myeelf reeignatioii (^MiaKDOco^o). 

(G(QCX>o aftfam TK. =imoq,(m\ 1. Extremity, 
end. ««)D03OTflflrn (BJOooo ajrowmojoolgy FT. 
Q<iAg]y,ooo sgyEU. unbounded wealth. (Siooo 
S^g^yot crogj«nDo Bhr. (8R)oo0lg»joQ(U)Oflo 0,9^ 
cnc^Aeaodn Bhg. innumerable, cnl^eoo^ee 
jx^oo^cmwA C8. the circumference of a heap 
of rioe at its base. 00000 a>sr8 asjftijk thorough 
knowledge. 8. ady. ag far as <d)^aRoiooo <maj 
^s\ fi9^; Altpsan (sioiiPidnaio N. ojocruooojo 
MB. (doe.) 8. eyening (SioooeodH it is late. 
4. a feint or paBB isid. (Bios)c6ennD o^ocr)<d>a(>, 
Bm^caaUcA o^oo) escoa^ -oiq^, tfio'sasraidboo 

QJo QJOB QO-lOofl TP. 

Gpds. (of fliDOOo or adj. part. (8IOOO). 

(Bioooa>3aio death, Oenoy. 

ffooo^BnsP rainwater standing in pools. 

flBoo<9aooo end, loss, damage, ffiooim mo. 
ojmD SojocBn he is dead, (em.tnlsico (Sio* oj 
(SosSf A ^ injure, isio. ^so^vu) ro.ofio^dan; (Sid 
oo<fiaoocBe«>fi ocir>o<de(£h to remedy, mend 
things, em. QcnotB^A Tray, repair. 

«»oos<flno right of suooession to another 
branch of the family, when that has failed 
of descendants. 

floooeooo a>«fDQ«» Vs. to be in a furious 
(6)?)aj ala T. M. 0. Te. (Tn. curdles) 1. Waye, 

obs. V^tfisfij obs. hence Stcmoi hills ft wayes 

EU. compare er^. 2. TS, of onooejcM, 

lamentation od uQ^o Qoccyo. 
Cpda. snej Asoib po. the surging sea (Sioaj^ftSfiA 

ODsejo KB. 0K)(Q6mab Aio&jASfob m^QjloA aj 

tfa Bhr. sunset. 

a)0£j£>aj9(t8 A 1 . to fight eternally as the bellows 
•gainst the shore a^CLiQroos&Mxuoasoioab 
AiP^tfKS^g), cQfiKm €a2ysxuo(9:i^im you 

are a bore. 2. to vie Aeio&)ai8cB»o%o ffiofii 
6>ajD(0Mnl§o «ia^iii)§^d»)c)o KB. 
sroaKS;ospl BG.=(BiOtU^snjb. 

(®rt)aid9a alaya T. M. 0. Te. Tu. (v^flioe^) 
1. Lath, splint, palm or bamlioo leaf. egioaJA 
OJOtdP^tib MR. door of split bamboos, (SiOfiJA 
cnldj dosing an account on leayes {(9iDaj6)nbo 
(BIO. Qjorio 90-103^) his story is at an end), ojo 
QjooQorr) Aioaiift weaver's staff. i8iDii<fi)aia)0(sii^ 
6)Qj3^:^(morDl(d)5)aoQQ;^aja)aj(0)O<d»)RC. out 
in slices; anything long, flat dt thin. 2. blade 
of sword, knife, spear. — ehain of elephant Vi, 

(6r^aiG5«jdd> alafmaya T. 0. Te. Tu.tsaiooj A 
(Sidcr\asq£h; loc. tmoucoBOib Commotion, 
a. v. (&^e^dd6t>(Biy ddS\ To wash olothes, by 
beating (BiOfti<dalg^iplcsyd>, «iD&j(dni <d>6n(P ^ 
iSAi <Br^oolfi>idn9^a]B^ KU. 
CY. (B)OdJ<09»l(38a. 
(B»2kfia washing, oaj^Q^giQisnb (810. 09OOI a^o 

oa)(de OGuiooionb prov. 
(Bioaj(de«>ofoab washerman. ese^dB^QomoQabo 
(di^on 9Q-i96)aj prov. 

(SfbBSo alam 8. Enough, oioaieaio Bhr. (S(&(at9 
a\)o daioo (stoaio fi>i&i<jg^GC^$>§»jas9 Nal.= 0(O>) 
CB;9(ds) to let suffice, leave off. 

cer^) ^98)^01^96^ (to get ready) 1. To adorn, de- 
corate oneself, rmossrnlaofb (Tymocail ct^^^ 
oosmo KR. 2. to put on eoej stoajsiobo 
A^:m\<A (810':^, (St^fg.'BCismo sojonb (Bio*9dao 
emo Mud. QD$)^9dQft:qjo (Bio^^ cy^ ODdlcesKR. 
also with Instr. ^oca/^Sjo $)0QQy^(bb (mo'^RC. 
8. to adorn another. s^a^joMxsiO) au(riruoel 6)<8>9 
ra oio'dSn KR. 

CY. (8io&J8at)(oig^ti8e f. i. f^A&i «ioaj6)fi Aio*^ 
Bhr. decked her out. eojOi^QClD Qj(a^3^a» 
ft9(9b (BIO. KR. crog^ioocoo (bio*:^ Mud. made 
him to adorn himself all over. 

(BioaiSBir^fimo S. ornament. jsJQfiStnQ (B»ej8a>(Dfim 
cosaoejo EO. 

(BioejflborDo 8. decoration, embellishment, ele- 
gance, rhetorical figure. sniiaBbOfocnoeanai) 
6)nbo Oi8)Ogu|a>c)oTR. instruments for solemn 
ocoa8ions.-'0no2ittO(Doo9(nrj}o rhetoric. 

Digitized by ^OOQIC 

(Srcakfta^l— (Si^&XQi 


(Qv^fij^— <evDayaj 

(OTDfiLkfibagp ftlaUmi 8. Misfortane «m. <QnD 

coBcX) eo«Bi^ KB. (Bio.*a?<fiiajo (gdOSBo GPsi. 

spirit of melancholy. 
(!S(l>BS(A^jo alftk^yam 8. Undistinguisbable. 

ieio'03ts) Qj9(d« MR. unproved. 
(6^fiJ(39&>DaSo alangolam T.So.M.Confaslon 

(see (BidQjoergb) eioyenlineBB Yi. B. 
(CtPft^o mi Yi. see (Bidajoo(2ib; (Sioaj^rob from 

<Sr7aj|d8) alattaifST. M.CV^rsYoej) To importune 

(Sr^airmo(51 (?)ala(ari Preparation, articles re- 
quired. CU)5)gj(fls» (810&Na9^6>cb AcnDO flOg^= 
Q^Sgul (loc.) 
(G^fiJfTnl ftlaU So. M. Troublesome. (OTDaMnlajo 
id)o (or S909o) misery. (no£i(ona;9QBi1(D^(Sa to be 
tired with unpleasant work Yi. 2. 
(SiOQjgj confusion, stir, fright Yi.s. [(snei). 
(SiOLii^oQd)) Ys. to refresh oneself (comp. 
(Bio^J^o molestation, fatigue Yi. B. 
(eio«i]OQj trouble ojtiricD; (sn>. yu. 

(tnoajoijd^T. C.Te.M. (=(Bidaja2j)beagitated, 
tired. onoajcnjiQajo^ spill, asafnll plate. — 
shake clothes in water (Te.= (BToaj<6a<d)). 
(Bfoojaurobyexation, trouble (Sio. (SY^dSs to molest, 
tease — loc. (STaty00(ab uproar. 
(C^asGY^o alaBdham 8. Unobtainod. 
(8i9.>i§.o unobtainable, irrecoyerable. 

(&^ajo@0OJo alambhavam s. (enxno) i. The 
feeling "enough", contentment, also estb nooo^ 
(SjuI. 2. haying enough of it, vexation (=00 
aioucob) Yi. (SioajosoQJo fliocS)cB;3^ intempe- 

(Bioeieaca^ the same, naal^cfodat^^ieo n\^ 
(OiBtWaimait^ Kal 4. 

(GYZ)fijcxyd83 alayuya T.M.C.Te. (mraij) l.To 
fluctuate, be tossed. ^^Sjoooxai) ms<&sQaiJocX) 
iX>o^a<BttS^a£^csoQismiQKJBiA. 2. to roam, 
be wearied. aio^^SitnoQo tm uen^ cnsono KR. 
tiMxmacmocBfl ^aaaoajoDol^aiocrxQigB Bhgs. 
let me not thus pass thro* many births. 
CY. «ioaicBildaa (loc.)ssai6)ii]ifie. 

a. V. (Qrd6>fiJ(06kBi 1. To beat against, m 
waves OB the shore. 06n<»90-.iJOei4mKnab RC. 
(fh>m anger) ttmBmcid^SUA tsmsn}^ CO. (an 
infant, for milk) <«n^f|f)^o og^oolrakmiiij^g^ 
Q«><00t CG. A«>fi>a)9crv>0»ej,^^|eB (ooojsmab BC. 
Q^jtauo fi>«iqqj[ejd^ KB. 2. to beat the breaat in 
grief. 09O.tjai&)^o 6)x»Dtf1^o oSl^xiTlft^:^ 
<90QB^g6>ej,Af%o Bhr. qaa anDii^€^nr>9A 
fi)0Qgjl(ifc oO^fiOQoCG. 
anoai^fob vexation, mourning, 
oooajgj (see iBioa)g4) YN. mnej^acnos e 

A(A 0^0^082 KG !&• ^^^1^ vehemence. 
CY. «ios»a2gJ^<ae f.i. (gcuoo ODOajy^^ 0lo) 

;^ Bhgs. 
cev^ajft alar T.if.C.Te. (C.Tq. maxA) i. A 
blonom, opening flower sdaiA («naj^ ojlo) 
a^mo). 2. the sharp point that runs into a 
padlock Yi. 
m^&ihu^(och (1), (msnedi^sajMrnnb, tsidau&MO 

ciiiab CG. Cama. 
(SrdfiJTOl A flower, willow? (^ffiDrofiO). 
<ITO£D(2A(6), nrrd l. To open, as flowers. A 
fm6>5^ au0XJu)a^0a)9(O £^ip\<£\sm Qomo 
«cr)9d9ao KeiK2. (=:0aj(»O)). 2. to be hot 
& dry (T.Te. to shine as sun)=£iiia&A to 
yearn, long. (B»za (9iD&inrn <d>gD^m9>'7ib 0d9>6>ar) 
Qj)oai9^d^ KR. with longing eye tmucrnyA 
(BiM>20409 flBo-irdoaSlastoaao prov. 
YN. oiaei^ heat, lust cuoosanaosoji^ eovet- 

ousness — «mii)ii(38a9(oab=: (em^^Of^^oo) vo. 

(QrQejQ<0>^ 6\ aUhiya M. T. (T. cry from 
fear, (Bioaid^ C terrific) To roar^ bellow, cry, 
as elephant, tiger, woman in labour. g^Otfln cus 
Qjlgojolcnoib KR. OA&Jol^rolanc^oBhg. C^i|i. 
(ooafiaca>ab a-i9(0o (bio ucSl (sio^czs^ KR« (Siotig^ 
aida fin ijQcmj^ Oojoooj Bhr. 
CY. aio^o onoiK^l^ofi^osn^ <^<^^>^f ^^'« 
floaiiii (loc.) roaring, etc. see under on^^ 
(Sr^ai^ ? alal {^cs»m or (Bttg^) <nospraU>A9 
enetiiOfej^y^aaow CG. [boaster (loo.) 

CSTDaiOJob alavail T. M. C. Loquaeioos 

Digitized by ^OOyi(:^ 

(SrOfiJoro— (8fD^ 


(S(d^e(^ — c8(t>^o 

(Qr&aicroorb alasaii 8- Lasy. oiofijcnDe^v) 
ipoman with Iftogaiehing eye. ffidaidUdttf^ccy 
OS ecncnS) Nal s. 

(6v^>aJ^rorob, (6rd&308d) alasal, — Sal 5. 

(inoaKsg») AgitatioB, fatigue, dlsappoiiiiBiont. 

mKuch (BiD*ei9cBS^ he is worn out. 

T. N. ffioexryAl. to betirad. <o>g[^ dis^^Qj 
ouofiMkor^^o Bhg8. fOdfiicrooQim Quiioa^ 
:^ Bbg 1. nnweariedly, forthwith. 2. to 
miioarry. «aajai)ifl6iejcnS) coko GC. 

CY. coiso tmaionS^:^ «>ft<n9 (jnd.) caused 

oneicnSI^ peaeook's pride, a flower used for 

<lTOei3<06& Ar. halak, Bain. od&KhBaoaS) «qjo 
croeSI aH 8. (see ne^cte^) Pi^hnjuice Yi. 
CTOfiS), (eroeDcQ)3(b Ar. 'AJi. 
(OrOfiSkBSkOSVtn Ar. 4liqat. The upper earring 
of Mapiiehis. ftmooabo a>3(oi)QAi (noe^ascaBo 

ffoeiAKoa C9(S)«>^9«Q TR. 

<6r2)ejloC/>> alin^am 8. Without gender, gram. 

(SvdejVx^dd) aliynifa (C^m^oxs^^, oomp.(B» 
spQCg)n.T.To melt, di8BolTe(as salt, heart) «>gj 
<to etfgjoo Aidfijlsn^ Qjraaoaijpijo ojos^ GG. <no 

QJ(OM>S an(a^ai9Q-lo OdhgQjlo^ 08)fijai9.o XIR. 

0a6O«>dh(X> e(aa(%eejViv9aj jaJ^Q^od^^ KB. 
diaaoWing in moonlight. (mDej^am^nrvdaosm 
BC. asarxTOdsploDmejlfinooeeocB^Bhgs. eocn 

TS, onoejlse^fob, (8ioqj)qj melting, compassion 
flaDei)«ajo§(D Ojiic^ Bhr. Ca. kindly. 

a. Y. (Bttfij^cfla to melt cnftAMnmoQS dooocro 
0ej|g_jocnoQv^ oigo «uxm)as<mo KB 6. 

CY. oeeiWOiae the same. 

mdeS^^Agf^Mf\€noiQ^myo foul ulcer. 

(Si^aj ala 5. To shake. (Crtiaj (66)^ 0^ T. M. to 
be worn out, grow lean. 
Y7f. (ooej^ weariness; tiresomeness, isnej^oQ 
a» Yi.2. to rest (oomp. (ndaigj|). 

floeidOi^, «a1 Yi. to agitate. 

«noe^<fla 8oM. a fringe (f Ar. alaq liangfng). 
(8R)ejd9fiaj(B8 shudder. cySlcnoeo Od))s)§ ibid, q-j) 


(©f^^erxjOfbalubdhai s. Liberal. 

CS^^QJj ciOfi^CU Ar. haluwa, Arabian 
sweetmeat. [{(sa^- 

(Srt)£ijOJ.ljb alaval T. M. Bustle, business 

(®fD6)fiJd86^ see (BK)eJcqj<s>. [aenan. 

(Sr^^(2Q00l Germany, Allemagne, see cstoQ. 

(6YZi(|aJ6Lbalekham S. Blank leaf, unwritten 

(Semetlo^Cnc^ aleba^ S. indescribable, 
or all-peryading ajrD0O(O09Qj or Bflojcrb (Si^iAio 
ud^py^ck (610. AB4. 

(©rOCBfiJO^^ aloyyam (8. uncommon, im- 
proper) or V^fljToejP Trouble, disturbance. (BIO. 
Qjoa» offend. eajcn«9»orta6)S(8»«eiDag)OcroQD^ 
Qtt>D«raBlg (Chir. doc.) (8to«ejo<g^S)a_j§(i5S)«i to 
trouble, tease, — also ffl»«g»jo<flQca;o Yi. 
(BiOQaidcrorDo (C. (gioogjoejo) trouble, confusion. 
nno§i'i*QjaT) aro«£)DcrofOo TR. the distur- 
bances of war (=s eojflij^os , ASPdB^). 

<SvZ)6>ai^d6n<6>o alaU'yi'yam S. Not current, dis- 

(Stt)^^So alkl4am (T. (Sio^di from (Siorof*) 
Yulva=^Qgj(a^«ea»o also aa^cmo^^s 
ecB;o§ CG. dt (TOigj^(m0o«Jlor)«(O)(BR»so CG. jS\ 
6)(0b)3(9^So CG. 

(Sf^^o alpam S. i=mko) l. Little, small. 
(Bn>gj0o<fi)ono oQOT) &9QLj(fi&^^ TB. as too 
trifling. «BJOg-inaDfOocB5^rolcSeaTxu(b aidio roo«j 

cnSldSanmjg TB. low castes. 8. a measures 
Deriy. dt Comp. (BK)e-}<ft9cgjo a bagatelle. 
«i08jRejo=OjiiQor?)* Yi. 
(nog^Mncrb simpleton, unlearned AB. 
(BiOft^ littleness, meanness (Bio. (9)0§i (B10q-i 

rooa)o Q0CT»1mo KB. 
(8i0ftj6n,)aju)ad)cb men of few ideas. 
m>q:^SM^ch rarely happy. 
(moe^rDcro«aH(KDab soon pleased ft boob angry. 

Digitized by ^^OOgle 

(Qf^^rovo -^ <9^^ 



ffiOejqjasnSlcBioaf^ on a petty soale, in rednoed 

aiz>fiLjOjii0ooo making water (hon.) 

anoe:jOQ;^gfu shortUyed. 

«ioejO({nonb ((SY^aio on^^b VylL) poor. 

flBgi^c^o Superl. Tery little. 

(BiogJioB^ ft fliDg^oMOo Oompr. lees. 

(BioQ£j[(0)(Do macli. (0iD8g:)(aKD6nnab Bhr. know- 
ing muoh. 
<TOq^fg>) see fiiMA. 
(Sr^^OO) ahnani Syr. Beenlar, layman Yi. 

C6vZ)(9b al T. M . or <^^^ (T. defloienoy) Dark- 
ness, night (benoe cnoonzMob, «nD(0»aiPo) ^om 
^o Qjcno BC. 3 nights. oiog^aA oQcmoe^o ^ 
go EeiN2. find by night, cmoogyg^joo Oo-ioav 
ojrDcmQaf)(Oo OG. (fSimtda ond^cKn (dsosfloi^iA 

a^mp<di Tery blaok hair. (BOgylsaQom ^oov 

aibR0i42. (Biog^ocXxx^aab&peji Bhgs. also tm 

gysAo^aabtfei^ Bhg. 

(BȤuo (ng^o Qjoaoi^ grumbled, made a grieranee 
of it (loc.) 
I. C6vt)^ alia (T. (sno^siSKn^ Te. C. (sog^tSi) 

Tomolt, disturbance =(ma>oo^ ceog|0 Mpl. 

(see onog^fob). 
H. (St?)^ alia 5. Neg. yerb (prh. negation 

of pronoun (Bid, which in C. Te. exists also in 

the form dsiorab) 1. Is not that, not thus; neg. 

of an^Aa>, as oDgy o' £^ '^i- cn^Q>roiomoA) 

ER. no action whether good or the contrary 
will oyer cease to be (can be undone). (B06>§yo 
orn^fO^^QfiJo Bhg. if it be not the oase. m 
a9(8n^o<or9)(S ®scBBaaQ(m proT. (sib§i^99tans 
asm 6>ji)g)g^ what does not concern thee. After 
Inf. sgjo Q^Q^o Qcnxulafig) a med. do noti 
aoff^ Q(0)onmgy 0ocn«cro KB. let there be no 
enmity. — after Fut. fftearoiatloboofiJo ofWo 
0g^ YilyP* cannot be aroided. 2. is not that, 
but something else; iBio9Sio Gi^^on^ eocoSagy 
«^crM)S A^CB«)QZ> Bhri» not intentionally 
but io play, x^<a)g^ oogi Oojoft Bhr. oj^ 

8. not merely that, but acnDo ooej^^ej 
ai09ioKa;gyai<&<)b<8a cuorn^Q cnoubo^ Mud. mi 

QjejSo o^^ 80. 4. but ffiD^ floodb ojamo 

rob on the oontrary, if I oome. 

(BB^oon ady. part. 1. not thus acB^aooi 
Mud. not too slowly. ou^Wjcnuf^gjosMs 
g(Oca»rasWb «a)(nD«»Qcnome MB. 8. else. 
«mg|OQm csoooocmgy Kal4. nothing else. 
oaao6KXKmfi^06Mn ojaiogjorn^gy PT. none 
called it otherwise but dog. 8. on the 
other hand. <^fiirwA ojcxunb MDg^ytfKoiQj 
o^ciBOgSB ao&io KB. in that oase I shall 
tell, otherwise what^s the use. §d^aaooo 

OAglo^ti^SPd^ 0(ai39q|9(LJ9aT)^Qjlab aM> 

gyoQtO) a)9q| oroooej(DoadC9<^>o Q-amd a 
iy|9smc/S)fiWb ^(Skmo Sijai%^&^ Q,oicmQ(6m 
(Qdia 6hg6. 4. exoept. eMOomaao a>06mo 
(sn(^<0eacDJoc)D «»§^o«xo) AeanaoA aMQaojo 
o)§>^ except when they are unseen, ekno 
09cSlavgy9Q(O> OajOAsCB^gyTR. not till he be 
reooyered. In So. eyen with Aoo. eooMOto 
figy amaoj or^^ooTKB^sQoKBs. none 
besides thee. 

(nogya^fo^ i^ ''ot, or cn)<(£)Qd)gjab Aiogj^s^ 
oajo acuaxu^g-job AB. o<a>cX) (nogjo^o^ en 
(oa»<aac)o qooiboq^odo YCh. soonogj oQcmo 
^<A KaU (noogycns QjAla»lflA&khe oommcm 
Gond. AiDgyocRioonik* 

mogyOcvo 1. at the end of a sentence: isitnotf 
onx9boroo<oo Q«io«nig^|OGB;a cogjgi ounD Bhr. 
2. in the beginning before names (BiDgy9»o 
(DO0 AB. Bamal 

flie«gyo=(8»gyQQB;o 1. ao^<o^ or^ q-xq»)«<8s 
enia aoQO(fi3(n^au«gy3 ooanb Nal s. for I 
am but a woman. (Si^^gyo ^smo 9qlj9^ 
aoo(£)03i98 DN. confessedly. 

(B»9gy l.=3 010^9 f.l. axm«gy I came, you 
see. 2. do not! AjiiSjOgy. 

(S»g^ po.=fno9gyo f.i. saiDor>g>|g|p but surely 

not I? 

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(TOQj— <ma« 

WPRIMWi ft the other parti of the Verb are 
aimiUurly used. OoryD0(sll§ea ^oq^aiS^cm 

^Q^pcb eto. TB. imdasMngyoi^^tonQ HM. 
i!&d^(A aUal T.M. (T.Te.G.twiBttng) From 
mvA oorrow, griof, diflldenoe. mof^ejis ajej 
CD)«d« proT. dUlreued. flOOBsA ffiogyfiioaB), 

gMik aavoAoangyafcCG. melaaoholy feeling. 
MK1IQ0 Qjej)a0 «e§»)Qjo ojlmoKo ojls^^ (vn.) 
Tery dejeoted. 
deoT. «iogy^«> f.i. fi>jiio§y^cnoo6«iD8yGsjo jiio 

Q»ej94b oa)§^9«roo9o Oe. B«id to all the die- 

treued iromea. 

^^^ alii T.M. (G. twiet, also T. fio.M. m> 

gjoro) thin texture Yi.) 1. The perioarp of 

lotos with the snrroiuidiag filamentB. meg^ 

<onioA03S Ca. «iogj^coN»o4iflQi06mnb Cama. 

^0AcXMi»9cniab Bhg8. YSshna. mDoide (e» 
6^(mM^aaiK9b Bhr. line hair. 2. anthers, 
stamen, tf^ejovg^ palm blossom. ojUPtflas^ 
oabo meg) MG. also in the pith of eaoKfocno 
(MOBO there is «»g|) GPev. 8. lotas, exu 

ADfi^kBKib (T. stray elephant) female elephant 
iSVOfiJ^ MO ander oofy. 
<Si9^rbl^-pr- fiwidanee of the Pemmals at 

Oodangalnr, wHh the 4 mfS)^ also oalled <no 

L CGTMlI ava T.H. l. Plnral of m^ those 
things; also (Bioai<ftcX> (iBidaj«i9«>s MB.) in 
books oiOQJOQ obi. CMe, whloh Is now used 
ehiefly referring toanhnals Aloweastes. odoj 
oo On-iocv) those fellowB went. ^o^aSkh <^ 
cm nS^aumtw^ ajosai»o«K> omaxxSWaacfo quo 
iAA mocne TB. S.sffoAi bad, eep. the 
froit-like spront of Artooarpns. <sioaj s^a* 
to bod, as a Jaoktree In the 5th year aMxu 
sa%tafOi^ (as of palm trees dM)ekto§<oni9). 
T.i- (6V06)CLk06il-»MMM»«eToBproatao 
t. see fosKiwas. pes. 

n. (erOOJava a Down, off, in Tain, (seeffioai 

(Oo) Many Gpds. 
(®r^QJcd>So araifa^am S.Mlsehie^ danger, co 

(®roajcd)30do ava'yitam s. i. Spaoe^es, 

opportnnity, leisare. t^'^crtwiicm (BOajAOC^o 
fi^ Mnd. there is room for the first plan. 
Qjkicgoob (BIO. oooasion or oaase for doing. 
q{|€juo Aosraoob &i6g)oaia»i)oonb iBiDgyotfMft s 
oj^:^ Nal. I have no more any opportunity 
to BOO a war. oio. AAo§<fle, oiSioa eto. 3. 
title, olaim, right. 0(ii9(£W) (Bio. fl^g^ Hal. 
no Jost oanse for war. cn^<aS (Bio*^8egS9(BiB»9 
fi.0 cnoo eBidS(anlQLifi)^Mmo TB. hold what is 
mine. ffio. fiOgj^tde MB. confirm a claim. Q9 
^<oai)OfiJ Qj)u5) (BKi. OQ-iO«)aj TB* according 
to the stotates of MasBulman law. (go^soiasm 
(rir^<o»cX>^ tiSgj^on (sio. q^^ TB. 
ffioajaiooBQj^cjo) deciding on the title to 

property; settling about the poBseflsion 

before entering apon the merits of a suit. 
aioaia»ooMQil<b deed of purchasing any claim 

short of proprietary right to land. 
fiiDOJiftoooaj^o deed of conyeyance. 
(8iOQjAooofi)g^a> to be entitled to. 
noaidhooel owner, claimant, heir. (g0lcarcu<d>o 

odl<0x)o the landlords. 0o^j)fla{|«>s ono. 

MB. hiB heir. 
(6r^)Qj^aD aTa-yuli An arbitrary tax on rice 

(SO/o) ^<T» OOOeS (BlOOJ^an TB. fj^j^y^ 

(S^QjQid^% a7ayd4n T. M.Mi8fortanessiB»SQJ 
(Sr^QJ^OrO^ ayakhjaSi S. Blame, dishonor. 

e^^Aobo tf^(8Rinc({)o «nociie^Mn)Qyo CKiooiSi 

§y TB. also (StooS^CMAi oljo^) to. 
(SroOJCOnnl a7aj;a(i S. Enowledge. eg^ m 

s>g|9aB «»aj<aMan akuo(«i0O4£VBk BGes. if yoa 

know to wrestle. 

l81»aJO90)d9e = fliDol a>. 

(SYTiQjcooQOnOoava^ahanam 8. 
^QOJJgenOoaYajniqam 8. Bad nature, Tioe. 
(Sf^KXJflwvoaYajBjams. Dafcat ^^^n^^tdM 

Digitized by ^jOOQIC 


cerwxin^ — (evDQjroo 


(GrDCUno— c8rdaj(S(03 

(6rOQJ6f)r«Qft ayaj&a 8. Contempt. 

ffiocufl«oo(QK> doBpised. crojaj(Oo (nocuMRncv 
CBO(Dg>j Bhr. not despicable. 

district S. E. of Cadattayanida. 

cer^OiSo aYa4un s. Pit,Mad.=«ttp). 

(St7)aJ6nr)oa7a9amT.M. l.Awelghtor measare 
(T. of 20,000 betel-natB). 8. a mason's role 
or leyel (Cann.) [mSram, med. 

CSft)QJ(U\^£Q^ ayatantaram s. A kind of Apas. 
(6r^)Ojay^a)6rooaTa5ara]^am((gm. siMix^ ab.) 

«toaj(0)fSlas) 8. To descend, cn3(da(ib moi'ji^ AB. 

came down, chiefly God's appearing on earth. 

0ioaMAO(Do descent, incarnation (thro' hnman 
parents) cnocDaancodajitftoroaBfiorgb (0:afiA 
c^o ABe. eosooMDordo, rdoeooKnotoo etc. 

(BfoajonorSla) preface B. 
(Gr^QjrcnDgo avadalam S. Being out of time. 010. 

ajiomcsjjd) make a mistake. 
(6tt)Qj/33r5V) avaf a&am S. Clean, white. 
(Sr^)aj63r06nr)o avacTarai^am S. Bnrsting; hoe. 
(®r7)OJgC2 ayafurn Slander, see gq. 
(S^Qjmjo=(8R)6ru@JUo Tdbh. 
(6VDCU(JL)0OOo ayadhanam 8. Attention. 

(8io.'(nl(a8) to be attentive, learn by heart, 

(BtoojcooorSl well yersed in science, [mination. 

^sr^ajcooroenoo avadhara^am s. Exact deter- 
(Gr^ajuo) ayadbi 8. 1. Limit (sii>Qi^s(A cnoejo 
(8ioaia5^QB.DCS{/ea (SioqjcdI KB. 2. term, fixed 
time (yn. mti&£\ (Oi(S^A) oQ^^tnl (okth (St^am^ 
QCDOflo jnd. ojoscStt dft (Bid. cxu^Tl. armistice 
(BO. fi2$4»> determine the day, astrol. (Sio. sku 
«an, ojo^, qoIa fix a day. (S)o. aisplfln^, OA 
onVab eiDajoS) a>ip)^ oq/SKfn 9io\o^^ XB. 
term to pase. (BiOQJuS)6>g^4li Yl . to be pressed. 
(6r?)Oja^r0^ab ayadllfi5ah S. Free ft*om worldly 
ties, naked mendicant. onocucytmoajsanrDoodn 

Bhg 6. (BioaKj^rt>9CB^rD QouoQd) TB. K. pr. 
of a minister. 

<6rt)au^ab ayad^dhyah 8. Not to be killed. 

C&lXUCno ayanam 8. (O. te, L. ayeo) Fayonring. 
oiDOXnojo o^cgi Nal 2. protected, governed. 

^rMJOryoobayaaaia^ 8.(me)Bent,bomng 

down Bhr. 
(er{)QJOO) ayani 8. (rlyer) Earth, also worU 

ffoajorS) o^y <D9«)ado OTdcnaSlajon^ BC S6. 

meajcoloacfc, «ioaKiS)Q_i(Dn king. Nal. AB. 
(6lt2>aJrrO)V03883QJl 8. The king of Ujjayini, 

a title of the Bayar dynasty KU. 
(GrdOJori)^ t csfbojbo^ pL (fStt>Qjlb ayiby — 

I9 — r(loo. MDruej, aa^TP.)s«m+(nohbHe, 

that person. In many Comps* 0019.00015(901 

Qjob he of the washing place, Aoiog^orei^aeidA 

he of Tottam. 
(GV^KUnr^^ ayandliyam 8. Frnit bearing. 
(SctiQJ26QJVJOo ayaBod]iam8. insight m^caao 

Qj06mocx)o a)9<8<0eooa3^(aio 8iP s. 
(6rz)ajgLXkY^30no ayabbftasnanam s. The 

bath after sacrifloing. 
CSfDOJOm] ayama&i 8. Contempt. 

tmoieaOK^o contemptible. 

(ODajeocnoainoQjaocno disrespeet osdiKueo 
crxn blasphemy Yi. 
COfdQJCQJQJe ayayayam 8. Member axo^io 

emogjOJCBXXjo YiWP. aaqjcbkucioocoo oontaot 

with another bodys<Bi»o</xroocoo. 

mooLXBOjl body. iBie:iKBajQjo (B»ajqKii1<si^> 

fraotione ft unite Oan. (ocn^ Is (mnxnaojl, 

Q,£i^o (swS\<s^o (B»aj(&ajCBec>>, for 9 6>cn 

gylone aa. q,^ a. (bwS^.) 

cmoMy (S(iKXMt^d^ ayara 4b— kka T. M. c. 

Tn. Country bean. (BiDajrDQijo (rdcuoocoojo <& 

OO^g 0^ proy. iB»0(Og-pQ f3<dfiso GP. 
Kinds A^ujntaidxirocfln French beane. 

«>oscum DoUohoe yitosos Bh. 

«cLjO(iT)CiNd=Qaj9(moajWF Yl. 

fiKUflgajo DoUchoe Lablab. 

OiOAauotfe (A coe) DoUehos ensiformia. 
(Cr^OKtb ayaram 8. ((TOoj) Lower, hinder. 

flieajdo lowest. 

anooKdnabs imoadnab. 
(GrDQLKDl see (SfOChlSl 
CSfliOJ{QQ^ ayaiubam 8. Deformed. 

<6r^CLKS(0dU)o ayarodham a. 1. Biooking np; 

Digitized by ^OOyiC^ 

(©^QJCaOD-^ (TOQUCro 


(SVdQJcA)3 — (BroQjcruo 

liarem. mxuaoiooxQQOo «s»^qs^ ER. = (smcna 
ojpo also 48»aja^9UXY)o f.i. ajt^AMi^atdo 
oia^ AioajQroxJOorxQB^oBhr. women's apart- 
ments. 2. M. the ofBoe oteai£)tatoi£\£^w presi- 
dent of a Brahman ooanoa.aM>ajO(OocA)oaj<S8 
KU. is deputed as saoh, aoaiCfOOCJiSiiafi enter 
upon that offloe. TO3j«(oou?^da« to depate, 
also Qjoejag])i^9d9>3§cBS^aA qj§q(o mKXMOtQ 
cui^oidgt) TB. made a Pattsr Yeaier. 
mtKumn^cxxncncmi KU* title of some Half- 
Brahmans, whose anoestors are reputed to 
haTB been Baxapurushas. 

(CrZ)aj^(D3QOo ayarohamS. Descending. (Bi^ 
8rD9Q03ajO(OOaOcaec)o MC. (in singing.) 

<&dOJe^S^}(U)o ayazjKam 8. Unforbidden. 

(6r2>QJ|nr^ aTai^am 8. Blame, indistinct 

($irdQja)<£b£k^Gnoo avdaUanam inauspioioQs, 
nnbeeoming, ngly. cm'smnb m. (TO'smi f. 

(OTQjfiJoenJorjo avalamBanams. Depending 

on; embrace a system sev^^^a^tde f.i, (poo 
craoo|90o fliDajfijotiQjicea KN. (nca«co9aj(t]M)s 
ajQ^SQjoioBi «o.':^ Orishna acted the part 
of If.'s son. 
(firoojaib Md (SrdOjl^. (Biocxjei) pomfret (loc.) 
C®f2)QJ<SfiL33dBiOOo avaloyaQam 8. 8urveylng, 

«D:ijaejodaCi(OK> yiewed Bhg. 
iSfbOJC/bo ayaSam 8. l. independent, dis- 
obedient. orujQjooroocaAl^o (eioajcys<b (^qbDgjo 
2. no more controlling oneself^o-jroojoao f.i. 

qggsch Bhg. make helpless, miserable, anooj 
uoetQ^Yu undone. 

ffOQj&Ma QL^sn^ s>uxioonr)9()QKB* in an ecstasy 
of grief. 

cSRXiX/S\e^or^(SOd<Bc^ ayaSiitam,— Mam 

8. The rest, remnant. 
^StiXUM^> ayaSyam 8. Keeds, anyhow. 

<9^ajCt\X0o ayasaTam 8. l. Opportunity, 
leisure. Ojii^onb oio. d9i>a3MJ)^gj|3a8fnD Mad. 
w^ts anxiously lor an opportunity, ojaaajdob, 

Lo ojoglioab (ODajororooegj TB. could 
not. Often sooooan^ f.i. a>gj'g^cnb (Bio. gonio 
o£) TB. it was seasonable. 
(inoajcroa>9<0g»s incouTenience, unseasonable. 
2. necessary time, urgent occupation. (atooA 
orootdeMoob an occupied person, esp. peti- 
tioner KB.) often of oonrtbnsiness, audience. 

010. a)06na9(ib s>a>o^49a(msyQcBH), tm, Qjiia 
gjQcmsA aMQ)aj1ab<?ikisono cn^oflo^ KB. wait 
for audience at the palace gate. 

asroajoroDOOoayasanams. (& po. (biocuctooom) 

Bnd, conclusion. (BioaicroQcnaiOfiio death. 

denT. (BToajcroacn^dS^ T.n. 1. to end, cease. 

(BK>aj«>oodo ffio'd^ jud. the claim ceased. — 

also 2. T. a. «Mfiaa)(dao<at aosjo (0io*g-}oab 

^'iflcsyoMB. more commonly omajouocvSlg^ 

dte to bring to conclusion, f. i. crxxg^coni^Qrarob 

010. MB. decide the case by an oath. 

(9tdQJCr^(0o ayaBkaram8. To be concealed, 

f<BceS| priyy parts. 
(SrdQJCruQ ayastha 8. l. State, condition ; there 
are 3 flnoicTUooseao states of mind tuv^tfrn, 
cro-19^0, orgcfi3aJ^ Yednt. (Biocucroooi^qg^o 
medical properties (rDcroo the 6 tastes, ojlcgjo 
virtues, Qjlajo«»o s aftertastes, (o^soojo speci- 
fic). 2. circumstance, case mbaoSicn 010. these 
are the facts. (a-^(OiO(isnSl5>abo0i[o:LicTUo«cuo 
S)aj TB. according to the measure of your 
exertions. 0ios/5>:£jO(DQja\:tooaa>9rD AB 5.=:8 
09oaQ>Qco, QqjocX) 8. statement, contents of 
letters, ojoizn^ 010. 0(r)g^^o<d>Qq/o qjiIC^; 
sivn^SiZiXiAosnS gg^osno) 0io*a)cX> oQ^fo!^ TB. 
reported untrue particulars about me. .aKIB) 
(BiDO^ocuongo 0)d. TB. (heading of letters) what 
I write to Ch. is as follows. 4. 80 M. calamity 
mb^SiQj^A to be distressed. 
Dat. 0ioaj5>cmQ<fla 1. as for ojlaiocgjiidaggi^nm 
01D., 6)jiiQJajl6)nbo0id'd98o 0OQO; Qa)nr»eB 
010. <B)Ofinaonb TB. to oonsider about the 
question. 2. because c^<e^e9cv qad^cuo 
a^(Di(d«(m 0id3JSKroo<se 9. onbo 0ioajid»o 

Digitized by ^OOQ IC 

^TOQJcrooo— <®©ajlfn 


(OrOQjla^ _ (eir^)Qj)(p 

Moon «kS^^ eoiDo Qj)^a(£)g^oab ecy 
MB. ooofliderinf^ the liMt, seetng thAt. 

gthiU B. stay, abode. 

«r&aj<ro-j(Oo aramraram 8. trnmnBioai. wo jfo 
QQ0B8^oc(2;o AnoaioujiotDocsyo Q^O(0«(no KB. 

.(©©QJOjijI avaji l. 8. (flwajoc* downwards) 
South. 2.8.(Qj9<tt)dumb,BpeeohleB8. S.Ar. 
abasiFy afiiir aioQjo^a>c)o spioeBsemjoej. 

<®2>QJD^ ayadyam 8. Not fit to be spoken. 

^^^^^ajafl ayapti 8. Obtaining, f.L cumoajo 

CTOQJ^ajfZmn Ar. havalat, Charge, trust, 
security, (roajofiioasiai Qa)0§«dn, &Qgjl«>di>(dn 
0ACUSKY) (smojoaim) ei^csa) TB. 

<erZ)Qjl ayi l. 8. (L. ovis, a. 'ois) Sheep. (Hroajl 
cvo^sAiokivo^ small sheep. 2. M. A (snojl 
aiea^sdno^ q. r. henoe 
(BiOQj^iflR to yoke a bulIook=s«o£)«A. 

<®^^ojl<3d5>^ (®roajl^(Qb Bee (isit>ajlc^;<d>. 

<SirZ)aj|^0rtyi1 avikhyaSi 8. Infamy. 

(®r&aj|a^o ayighnam S. Unobstructed. 

<®f?)aj1.aJ0ajb ayijal (fr.Iblis?) A devil (TOxH 
jiioej^5>n6o cgsuo])^ otdo Q$)fl.d^ proT. 

(SfOQjICXS ayi4fi T.M.(flno+es) A CSr?)CLnSo 
1. There. oiOGu^QscnlaiD, flnDOu^^mD thence. 
0iooj^s8(ORt 0ocY)auo (BiDolai;ooai> TB. your(= 
tmaq), 2. house, home aQmbooj^Qs, ojgcQAS 
(mDaji9sa)ScT»a)Qjcno TB. oioaioabo cnojiss 
cfl8 9cuoccn MB. OQajgitanorDAcrbo firoojlsoB/Otan) 
TB. also with adj. part. o^^CBioiti 9^(S\<a%em 

Qjlos MB. 
(Sti)Qj)§o ayittam T.M.(8.f^aj')(£s)The«8rd 

aaterism, Delphinus. 
(6i^Cljld| ayid^ya 8. Ignoranee (ooeacro^cmo 
msicm (810. etl^^kcm^ EeiN. (haughtiness). 

CTOOjIcO ayidha Apology, exeose ojAoro aid 

Qjicju flLio«n9(Tu. Coch.) also=on>eaiSo (loc.) 

(|6^DQj|nOCQA} ayinayamS. Intemperanoe, pride. 

(0>?)aj)a-»fim^ ayibatti 8. (safety) A medidne 

me. oAo^iORi^i aj)9fe jiSlg^dto Hid is. • 
ifiVZKljkt^da) ayiyitya T.M.(G.Te.pnteloseto- 
, gather, suppurate) 1. To rot, spoil as fruits 
laid on a heap. 2. boil on fire, be digested 

OQjg|:|f)rDOQ0lqs)(TQKn BO. fig. exs£^^ cnocnaj) 

AOBOoons^ho Bhg. absorbed. 

(S&oS^^Btd a peouliar ourry (loe.) 

US, (noaji,fi|isbsaaocno. 

a. T. ffdOJ^^e A ffioc^cse 1. to produee rotting 
(as of fruits for distillation). 2. to boil, 
digest, destroy Vs. 
(6r^)QJl(t>^?^ aybaSam S.Unlntermpted. s>o«» 

tf)<ee9«rBajl(uno tsmsKKmsicy^ BO m. 
(fire)aj)aib ayil (a M.T.O.maMA) Bice bruised 

A dried. 

meojlai^ (see tmoS^d^) to boil half, cook 
partly, loo. 

Opds. fliecu^oai cmmgj^ a mod. 
oeoj^^oaol olosing dish of Tiyar marriage. 
0BQj1^(^ (Bh. flieaiAibocuoid, aL tnetf^l airoi) 

Ophioxylon, (asflO^COBl) .^QJCm, CKU^OKS 

(BK>. mod. 
ay>d9eQj^^S G^' lumps of ayil. 
(ijmraiQjIi^ TP. of new paddy=aaJQan£>|Qjlail 


(S^QjV^oib P. Bee qD — 
(Sr?)aj|CSaJde)o ayiy&yam 8. Indiscretion ao 

QSIOOOA (BIO* (e)9§l AB6. 

oQ^QS^o (BnajlsQj^^ PT 1. imprudent. 
(SrdOJlOd-Jo aviSyam S. Halfhearted s<B<Sif^ 
(Sjuoe^a>do Q^dafiQcaiicX) tm,^^v£^ AiiicgjOaira^ 
CVQ 8id D. 

(6r7)QjlOdJ3rrOo ayiivasam 8. Distrust. 
(8n>3j)oejda^o not to be relied on; also ei^ 

Qjoc6a OJAOCD meoJ^oD jocroaDdkfltt MB. 
MDOJ^cAUDcnS) uabelieyer. 

(StroajloOl^QV) ayihiSam 8. finproperMB. 
(SCb(lJ)itpeai> ayilaanfiam s. without delay. 

i)ajo(Q«i (SQJOob iBio. CC. 
(QrOQj)£)=(etd(^ ayili Tumult. Oodh. 
C$rZ)aj)(pa5)o amed.ssffiD:kj)aaKjjo, enaaa^o. 

Digitized by ^OUyiC^ 

<er5cJ^— (SrDOdOf>> 
<e©Qj]^Qjab aYlttnra^ a cute of ? 

like Ti7»r, in K. ICaUhor (42 in Taliparamba). 

(O^QjIob Ar. Afyiin, Opioau on. AroojldBM, 
OjeD^B ete. to eat, smoke opiom. 

<m)alVb Ar. ablr, floented oley for painting 
the Ikee. 

<0rOCy c^ %ipj$m 8. Kot Btlmolating OP. 

<S(KiQJiasi ayekka (T. c. oboj) Te. nDotoy 
knoek against) 1. t. a. To beatrioe Yi. mdro) 
ffD.=03i9^(38a also intr. m^ ooQajflooQ 
4kLja(09 not Bofficiently pounded. 2. (SiO 
ooj^Aojaa) a meeting to break up withoat 
effecting anything (Loo.) 8. see I. oooj. 

cro6)6)OJd)d8)o avaidiyam 8. Uneoriptaral, 
hereay. oo. o^ogji; (sai'^cno cnDajfijo€Qj):^ER. 

(^r^^^dSfdyi aYjaktam S. Kotdiatlnot, mysteri- 

^(IX^fOh aTyayamS. l. TTnchangeable, AB. 

8. indeelinable, gram. 
(Bfd^^QJCrop avyayafltlia 8. Ineoherenee, ojo 

^9Arn m, Nid. delirinm. 
m^^r0>9 a?yakr5am 8. Inezplieable. erf) 

<0>d^pB«» aTyijam 8. Unfeigned, (smc^on 
fltojgig o^iiQ^odb UBi. (BiD'sMajnr) «cnxu 
4i.AiQ|| Bal. ffB^a03«a/aKlb AB. truly devoted. 

^TO^gngo, (©fdcytPT, cerocylso etc. 

<0(t)Ged»<»»ab atakta^ 8. Weak. 


<®ft09nr51— <0^jC5J» 

flDoa^ie impracticable. o^iQ^agoMD. a^gBhr. 

«90C«89ey <ey2)Od3a?Vsv> aiaftganii — item 

a. Vaarlaaa. 
«TOOO$ 9h4xk T. M. Meanness. 

oooeegr) sweepings, dirt (loo.) 
<S(0O8rB^ ataU T.8oM.(0DO04kT.)DroiniBe8s, 


flBceq^aajo A y 1 . to forget oneself, (enemies. 
tffdC^dg)^ atatni MD\aj90Bu)aaono Bhr. Had no 
CSCMdCTh aaaaam 8. Eating, food. o^aS 

flm.'ex^^d9e(majQ KB. 

■acfedm iig 8. ^petito. 

denV. OBIK^^ to eat. part. (SRkAoio i 
CYi QjlAi«^3oc«igjl^<g Bhr 7. 
CC^OBOOl aSailia Thunderbolt. (TOOaucriWj 

(TOOartnrDi aiarm 8. incorporeal. mM(g\(Si 
QjOdSa 9a>g(20ajOQQjHB. ayoioe from heaTen, 
groundless report which cannot be traoed. ojl 
JfljWifSWm «ROc«r^(oWnDQs qjo^o Bhr. 

c6r?)ceW 860 (Sfoodcno. 

(Cv^OdbJo a&vam S. Vnlaoky. 

(Sfd^ aia l.(O.Te.<0iD<n$l)Thin,slender(loo.) 
2. Ar. haj, pilgrimage, Mecca. inst^ajW 
Atuoat EU. aB{^QJ^«b4ab in Mecca. 

C®rt)^iij1,(®Ti^riXJoaiTlji, — ffdkamS. Un- 
clean. (Sioy^@xj)^9:fiio poUntion EU. m^ 
jSi(0)mvsb^(£\<69cm jgcrfl KB. 

(^^^ asnbham S. Inauspiolous, eyll. 
(6rt)(S09caao aSdSam S. Perfectly, all. (rooja^o 

od€i(a(Ot (BioQoooaaQjo orDeeMn^cdnQiii^^ MB. do 

not allow at all. 

(BiOQc/d:fi3foi^§A be wholly destroyed Ti. 
<Sf^(SObO<B» aSoTfam S. (griefless) 1. Jonesia 

Asooa fiio9o90£^6>abo oaiocnj KB 6. GLH^atid 

BO. (bleeding heroes). 2. in 8o. Ind. prob. 
UTaria longtfolia an8'n5Rjl5>al>o ©qjA ojcnflrB 
ojaio a mod. 

(6tt>C^ ofc, (©roog OQJ aSmaii, — avij s. (G. ak- 
mon) 8tone. imocg^§<d>n09ft Kals. a kind 
of dcTotees. croacgcosoMi Asht. as if a stone 
was in the womb. 
tsaoj(S\ lithiasis s Agys^, oKi. es)a<aso a med. 

(Sfl){(/b^ aSram S. Comer, hence jiig^m^o, 

(S^{^/bi(VL} aSrad^dha 8. Neglect. 
cev^(^(2o aSTamam 8. Easy. (ia)0xm eacfiio en 
Qd9e (BIO. PatB. easily, (sio. Qtdiomo ABs. 

CS^IAS/^ aSli 8. (=«ioQC^) Edge of sword, eto. 

(Cd^C/^ afaa 8. (a. dakry)Tear.aid*<8»fim«Bcb 

ojoq^ AB. dropping tears, (ro^aacb oojo 

Digitized by \^jOOQ IC 

(Cii^oaLjo — 


<Ct©<flgl — (®t)oro(Otini 

^cos Bhr. imo^uxKOonaJo Kal. stream of 
tears. Qa^<aaKX> KB. tears of joy. 
(!S^ObJk> aSvam 8. (L. equus) Horse, esTalry. 
(9iDO9jid)0roa)n6 the chief of the horse Mad. 
aiooo-i(0)no=fl)OAC(v»tib Fiotis reUg^osa. 
(mooajojidn 1. lord of horses, a title Yi. 

2. 9a)oei(ORinfD) KU. (beoanse of the horse 

trade at Ga^nanur between Persia A the 

Bayar*s ooontry). 
(BOod-iouKJlafiA Bhr. knowledge of horses. 
floc/djojoainb groom. 
(Biooa-i80COo sacrifice of horses KB. proT. 

the most meritorious aot of a king. 
(8ioc/a-ifi>SKU§jo Teterinary art. 
iQiooa jcroorMiSQob Nal. oleyer aboat horses. 
(Bidc/9 Ji, (Qi[&CA^<d)cb the 2 charioteers of Indra 

celebrated as Gods of light A helpers. (Bid 

CYSlodcuredA) oinmo^ croouS^dato the disease 
is too desperate for earthly physicians. 

CSCtOb^GS)] aSvaSi Tdbh. (B»ooil(r^(seepreo.) 
The let oonstellakion, head of Aries. 

(isnDc&igo, (isro6)c£igq) a8(am, — aa s.(L.ooto) 


(BiOa^a^(6(iQ-J0^(f))A the guardians of the 8 

points, (8iO(^e^^8369Bc)o their 8 elephants. 

(SiO(^^a»od9s A disperse to the 4 winds (yu. 

010(^00 eighth. (aiO(^0Soajo, (si9<^0(O3aai 
^Q, (Bioc^eodoo^ a very dangerons time 

00(^0^ 8th lunar day, quarter of the moon, 
inauspicious (mo'QAOaolsrnlaoQocmj VetC. 
a feast in Chingam. 

1810(^0)^0 a medicine of 8 drugs, (^^o 
6)aj^ a9®ajljj (BJo'QJo e§ SG. 

(BiD<^cn)i:ijui the 8 miraculous attainments, as 
(8io6Y^0, 000^0 etc. 

(BiOc^oocoo 1. the 8 members, f.i. hands, feet, 
kneeS) elbows <?) (8iO(^ooco(a^^6mo0o, tm 
^oocoofliojoeo perfect prostration or adora- 
tion* 8. 8 parts f. i. (8io<^ooa)«CB;oo9o 8 

kinds of meritoriovis exercises, (ovao, m^ 

C00O, ei^crucDo, (d-^o6moav90o (Q-)<njOaoordo, 

coweom, c^ooDo, crosouS)). 
(8io<^ooO3Qp8e0o a famous medical work. no. 

Q^nm 6>AQjg|o; om'odlcnnaoft ^ A)(or\Sl«d«o 

^(eTioiToaziliob pror. 
(B»(^Q(fifi(i(Do the famous mantram ddocnoao 

(no(ooc0«moc»; (S»^(OiBi09(^o<fifiarDo mojl 

iBtt Bhge. (BiO(^9(fl£aro)6>Q0 0)Q^«aa, am<^ 

Ck}ff^9^en^o YiWP. 

(nOc^oeoda^fDosmo the 18 Puranas. 
(BiSc^OQj^nb Bhr. a humpbacked Bishi, proT. 

(BldS>5>d^O0 J^o = (QlOc^OrO^.'SAjl. 

(8io9(^9(on(^o (Mmo a>o^oKal.=i08. 

(St^cOgl aifi S. ((TOoacDo) Food. (Sjo. <d>&pid9n to 

(SYDcOgPfiJ aithlla S. im£§i kernel) ▲ hard 
tumor on the stomach. cn3(s)i0e sonofo (8ia:£||^ 
91 (Q^f^c^ai Q!n&K98^ Nid 18. 

CSYdoro^^ asakhyom S. l. Friendless; enmity 
Yl. 2. often for ojocn^og^o outrage, (Sid^lBu; 
fSet96i(0 (Biocro^oTB. the Tiolence of the war- 
riors. As^^vooaoarD (BioGro^0o<0»i, fOfj^rdCQo 
<Bidcn^S)gj$(mBDa8(3 TB. molest, trouble. jS\ 
ai (moouli^aacX) <d)96rT9(8A, cuspidBteg (socroi 
^m TB. insecurity of the road. <sid5>oe^ 
«>g_j^a> Yl. to be beside oneself from stupor or 
disgust (AiDOdi^o?) 

CSi^croo^^ asankhyain B. innumerable 
6>Qj3nr»o Qjsmojo AAo^coRftonb 00^0001^ Hud. 

(6«?)rrOoC/>ay)l aaail^iB. Causeless; accident. 
<nocrooco(d)^aB;9Qail^ea crooafio) MB. worthless 
cTidence. mKX\)o<jy«£^f3t>va!\ suddenly, fflocroo 
09«ho calamity (mo(0)a><o)o Qso^a^oom BC 8. 
mockery Yi. 

(SfbCf\J(l5^ asattl} 8. Kot good, pi. (SiOQruq||| 
d9ecb fem. (8iocn)(on unchaste. Ai9cn)(m^GB;9ocy9 

qjoqOo &jai^ KB. mistook thee for a good 
wife. — In comp. (siDcrua^ooOo egy AAcro 
(BiOoCAo eg^ KB. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

(»5cr\xni — (Srdcrv)omo 


csrz^orol— (Crocr^a 

MDOUigio ontrae, vntrath, breakiiig of an oath 

^oflgy KB. oanst not adyiae a perjury. 
mocTOigiQjaa) liar. 

(StbcrocThy <®f©rr\51d8© asananii asikka B. 

(Sn^ry^ asabhyam S. Vulgar, indecent «». 

ffiDcrogroi obscenity oocoBchas (no*0ocfi§da 

Qj9(6aa»cX>ajod)>c^oTB. need fonl language. 

(6iri)CY\X2b agaTnam S. Unequal, incomparable. 

C&6Ct\X2fSiJo asamayam S. UmeaBonabie. 

(OrOcr\X23Cr)o asama&am 8. Unequal; un- 
common, improper. 

cs>dcro(8(cnj<£b^cd)3f61rQUo asamprekiya- 

Tfintvam 8. Acting unoantioasly PT. 
<9r7>crU(at2r^ asammaii 8. Disagreeing. &jiS 

^^o egy (9ID. 17al8. no objection. 
(6r?)rroo08CQ;o asamiayam 8. Doubtless. 
^ftia\)QCyyXDo asahaTam 8. isolation, dfs 

Qjo6 ao<roQ09Q2;3cbb5)Qj(t8Qj<fl (r)5CTr)3(ob ChYr. 

(6rDcrO(^ aaahyam S. l. intolerable, ycx- 
ations etflojl.'UK^ocn.tnonacndBaocX) (810*090 8iP2. 
2. molestation, outrage, disgust. 
flBcroQDjfi)g_|^d9> to be troubled, disgusted, 

abhor (see oiDcro^o 2). 
ADOTOool^ impatient. oser^ocTOooWro) Asht. 

<0r&cro3aj asadha 8. Hot good, not YaUd.a)) 
fag^eg^ocroacj^ojoo YyM. (of documents). 

<0rtKrOD(^jo asaf dhyam 8. Impracticable, 
unattainable, incurable. (8iocro3<3^0e3jrooKid. 
9ojoxsbS\(A 'nd'aoggrno grow unmanageable. 

cmcrooQi^im^ asamanyam s. Unusual = aid 

()9^Z>rr03(Db aaaiam 8. l. Sapless, worthless, 
oisnb &S\j^ aasmaoi&cn foafia^dasoo aid cro o 
<n 03 o Bhr. eren a mean person. anocroofM>cr) 
«aj3S>£i ^scmiPQ^cm KB. like an imbecile. 
«ocro9^DqjDRil (Bioxicn sg>j KB. no meanness 
about him. 2. M. little, trifle. 'moaU3CO30 & 
g^; «oao9fDo 4abOQ0«009QEti^ TB. was some- 

what deranged, cusmo (TOcroorocroo^o qjoobI 
TB. by little=(TOcroor51ja. 
C®r^rr\31 ad 8. <L. ensis) Sword. 

(TOcnSlejonaj^o dM»i Mud. thcTlbrating sword. 
(Srt)a\SlroV) aaidam 8. Black. ma6\(Oi9<oMo 

Nal. black hair. 
CSrOcn^ asn 8. (\r«iocnS to be) Life, spirits; 
generally pi. «0Qjs)anocoa\j<0«<>), inoavdaRcX) 
Odsacq/o fDOjnb KB. he is our whole life. 
(S*OCY\J^ob 8.(inVed. lirlng, spiritual) A 
Demon, (SenA^o flioav^ift^o Bhg. — A 
name glyen to monsters, tyrants 9ji]ocr>a» 
oao<b fiArrgroQjoooo KU. flioorgcMib oiay TP. 
the fiendish baron. 

(O^oru CQ> S.(munnnring)EnTy, malice. o-itD 

{^OT^oA9mo(Qb(aoa]Mn(dilaA(monry3» OhVr. 

0)9. auJo«) to slander. o-iOGrruxijnadfdVok md 

o^oajroob u;o(on»rDo^ab Bhr. enyiouB 
against them. 

oioayQCKmo ^(ORilax^^ KB. enTy incarnate. 

denY. 6)aj(Q9g^^gg:unb ooinmsd^Dejo aao)^ 
<d8o KB 5. euYies. 
(Sr^xrv^cfibSaGnOo asokia^am 8. Disrespect. 
CS»dCYy<flt asfk 8. Blood. woo^cojODrt) stream 

of blood. 
(6rD6>rroq) asan 8. He. 

(6t06)0rv)fr)^ a8ailkh7am8.Unea8ineBS,want 
of health. &OtdstanS\cm (8ios>crooai|(n rest- 
lessness in sleep. 

c®ft)6>ft\)o)(2)icrv).j(Do asaamyasTaram 8. 

Dissonance, bad Toice Y2. 

I. (S^cn|^o astam S. (V^flWOU to be) Yed. 
1. Home, hence (8ioa);23 coa^an & (Bioai^0)<8n 
to go home, down, set. 2. eyening. (BiocT^jio 
&e^^ cOlt cnospla) roo^oBiocni^rDlcdao jud. 
ffio 019)0 ea^oyoao qcdoo amed. till evening. 

n. (erocnyjo astam 8. (V^atoctoooo) Thrown, 
flnislied; hiCompd8.(Sida\;)6l<^o AB. fearlessly. 
(nD(T^CTurra>oa-)o crojax^s/oaTi aoBajlcnocX} 
ABl. she was comforted • e^g^oo (8ioa)j^3<aa 
cajonb cnl CC 

(Gr^cn^ (2cq;q astamayam 8. (i.(s»a))o+v^et 
to go) ETening, (non);|0<sicro0av(onftl8aBaib AB. 

Digitized by V^iOOQ IC 

(Sirocngi zciTS) — (S^oroDVOo 


(©rorn^ cOgo— (SrooO^ 

(TOfTQaocno (fr. imon^Boo^mo) vu. nightfall. 

fliDfTa0j<fl» 8. (Bee I. flioa^p) to Bet (gnn); 
disappear, end; stand speechlesB. (mda\;)0) 
j^o(A KU. at sunset. firofTftal^ ® oios^a* 
roo6>£)g^®^i^^ TR. after sonset. (often 
saperflnoas <srQ <oi\<3^ «ion))0l^ (^o^ 
o6\ai a^iii<o>9ej0dai;Ogjx>3 TR.) <moa);|0^ 
Qjocib & ooovpia»a_j«>«aJ TR. before night- 
fall.— Aoaio (8»avi<^^^o PT. — met. so 

u)Qjo ooDoao ind*^o<o>9 Nal s. ojjiAJo oq 
mofiB GTOSb^ano Oojoe^o csio'^i^nno Nal i. 

(Bifta^0<fl«0a«cnj, (B»rTV|®0d^ TR. [tain. 

(S0(T|;|9^eJo CO. thefiotitiouB western monn- 

(groor^l asti B. (0. '©sti) is. wao^ajo ooon^ 

(B»a^«>Jo existence Vi. [ation. 

(SrtJcrglojo^OoaBtiv&ram T. C 8oM. Found- 

(®f©CrO astU 8.(0. *eBto) I.Beit 80, f.i.avs" 
0(TO, cnS03<^ etc. 2. m(^uv£\<icx^o<Qy to 
hecome a beggar, be reduced to nothing (prh . 

(efZ)^rOo aatram 8. ((moorocDo) MiBsile weapon, 
opp. 00(000, arrow «T0(nr^(nrg«8cfe AR. all 
sorts of arms. — 'moiJTgqja^ = «R>cnj0P^ 
arrowshower. — (810(0^ archer. 

(©ftJCTODl asthi 8. (O. 'osteon) Bone ; the human 
body is said to have 860 bones, weighing 65 
Qjejo Brhm P. (8TOcroQ^ca/ocan(8a_iDd&), (Bwcroo^a 
C0O emaciation. 

(BiacTMolcfteo^ KK. alowBudra caste, per- 
forming funoral ceremonies for Hayars, also 

(BtocTXiol^so skeleton. — (B©cniDl«jii wo marrow. 
(TOOfudlcroaajsmo or (oocra^ ay«ea oonunit 

the bones of the dead to the Oanges or 

the sea (in a etffUQ^&so). 
<8i50ruo^^dcuo, also (sn. &<ia<8(Mi, ts^. jo^'^ 

(BfOCroDVOo asthiram 8. Unsteady. (fS\^ I8ID 
cro£^(t>o Qi^^ HR. to oamtel the deoiaion. 

^®^^'^''' '®r?)oroSoa8paStam,a8pliti4aiii 

8. Indistinct. 

CSTDOTOd) asmal B. (O. hemon) Of us. (saa^ 
s^y£\ Tu. (B»n(jjanilonr caste. fli»n^9^<flaiaA 
rtjifiMtn vu. 

(Srz)rro jrm\Qd)o asyaSantram 8. Kot controll- 
ing oneself (8iacro-wiHQ5^ = Qjroijc;&ab Vi. xS^ 
m^wS^cm onocrojw^i^'W-io sojid^ AR2. his 
mind is come to a state of irresponsibility. 

(Sr^rro-K^oz^orb asyapnanmar s. (sleepless) 

The Oods. 
(i5rt)orv>-icniOrtn, (6«?>n\)-iacrvg^ asvas- 

tkada, aSYaSthyain 8. Feeling ill, indis- 
position MC. [Mpl. 
(©rOOf^fb At. aiara. lo «D3^*Q4=aj«iV>o^ 
(lSY7)Ca^a)b Ar. asal. Original, primary, first 
sort ((Biog))^§^ eto. a fine child cnDg)^9<d«dii 
do it quite well) o^a^^o (nD9[)^oaKB3na»W)9 
tiSni MR. original document =(8iDg^aixjooaK>. 

CSf^ioDo aham a. (O. 'egon) I. oMCQ^^ioOo Bhg. 

I am blessed! 

(OiDaOaaboroo 1. the feeling of self, self conscious- 
ness (phil.) 2. egotism, Tednt. 8. pride, 
selfconceit. — boisterousness, ^«ie9rn 
@@8 (8ioaO»5 3a>aoo[jcrojo Nal 4. the whole 
pomp of a king's appearance. [one. 

(8ioaoaabD(51, f. — (O^srnl. proud, presumptu- 
(Bioao©) (0)^6 elated gs?,^ (Bioioafc ^ojooaO 

COOCDo 6)XL)^ KU. 

denV. (BJOaO&ro^daa to be arrogant, pre- 
sumptuous. o^Oomos ond':^ flew oat 
against me. 
(SiaaDaO) selfishness, pride. 
(0iaaoo(33ajo=aioioaB93fDo, siaonb oQfm ssaio 
insolence, self confidence 6idon6 oiQ)omoO. o^ 

681^0 @5Q«083BjSiPu. 

denV. (8K)aOoSOTjijy<2)ao)o «»l0lfljraKiDak(5i 
^9(b Bhg 8. <8^dfia06mVAnb qk^9o6 aQOD 
oOossojl^j^ Hud 5. felt himself. 
(BioaO20<n^ selfconceit (Sio. aifiiu'cdso TR. they 
will become oYerbearing. 
CS^qOOM ahaSB^ 8. Day. ojforajoogpg 10 days, 
-TOaDg^oio daily. (8»^og§ AS^yonb SOMM 
tOao to live (to be hard up). 

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(moooo — (6^ 


CSf^ — (SrO^(Q^ 

ODooivaos daily moDOoocoQO&^^^tstifiiaiii 

o^9gj«cmci6 Bbr. day by day I reoUe. 
fl»aD{j^«ir>o a Oalidato, astr. 
ttOaOo-Mn), oooOg^^ Son. 
»DaO0^Aio morniog 

QODOCX) 4BIDQQ03rob<S)o QjWnle^9<dOCBn KB. 

far 6 fiiU days. 
cnoOoOsq^TiiBn daily sobaistenoe, lirellhood. 
ajoej6>a»99rv( (BID. ^(P^iAo MG. live upon 

™ilk- [KB. Bhr. 

<SrOQOQO fthahft 8. Interj. of pain ft Borrow 
(6yZ»Q0) fthi 8. (G. 'ophis, 'ecMe) Snake. 

axkkoVrMbQJS9aio mortal enmity as between 

icbneomon ft lerpeot. 
CBooisovo dread of insidiona persons. 
oiDsd) (gsnruj^a>nb asnakeplayer^s diiOvijnbiMad. 

(SirOaOVsCro fthimsa 6- Kot killing, the first 
law of Buddhism Bhg. — harmlessnese. 

(Ot^oOirOV ahi6aXD S. l. Unwelcome. (8iOno)<a> 
csros>Sf9rt8 63^ airoamo KB. 2. aiogios^oro 
doVmo ed9a aotssoo ChTr. wrongs. 

(®r0adV2>^0Ogl ahimaraSmi 8. San (haying 

not cold rays) (bio. (8ioajcn)o)QB; gsmajj^om 

«ajW)eJ KR. I^g^g. 

(fifOorflOOo ahinam S. Perfect B»QC)1m ^^am\ 

ce^do^ djo abff yam 8. Kot pleasant, med. GP. 

(SI^ZXSqD^ ahd(ll 8. Unreasonable, Qsrrwo o® 
tmo d\no oQnnoo ei9oo99(^9 (9ioOao<2<flaOo 
e<|i;p<an 0ios;aa TB. yain excases. (BiOSoO^gajo 
Qi>\ a-io«B9 Qjo)g^(0s TB take under false 
pretexts. ffiOSoosajoGBn^ $>ajgio)d9A3oaD TB. 
unproToked, — also accidentally. 

(Si^CSqO^ aho 1. 8. Interj. of surprise (SioOooa 
aS^A KB. fie. ffOOaOMriMn Bhg. alas! 2. see 

CS^Oom anha 8.scnDQDg]^;ffiDaCDX0 Soon, po. 

(STb^ ala T.lf.(C. abdomen, V^oiodo) Hole in 
trees, in the ground. (moSLcgsloBfOni, «idflL o®o 
tf^asEiWwab CiiJ^csyo ats^dSao proy. of snakes. 
MBAes hole of birds, rats Yt. 

esnaes <fi>gya 1. cave ayDi<9>§^c^(okT>la« 

jUOs' MB. 2. proy. = ^g^. 

)o alam T. M. Tu. Salt marsh, saltpan Yi. 

C®^dB)o a^Y^^ ^' (=(8iD&ia)) Curl of hair « 

Q<)onnirD, ringlet (8)oa«)fioo5^, or)lai8&i9ai9a«i 


(BiDa A9a^t^ Cubera*s town, proy. for a rich city. 

(BiDftO^oonb, «(oa«>0nmnb BC. Gubera. 
tSrZ)^(jB6^ a^akkar aT. (»(8»fto) Sea 0»ft«R 

ojji^ab Grisbna BG. 
($r^^d86t, nnrd alakka T. M. G. To. (Te. ejooj 
siae) V^iBBch To measure, (gi^ iBiDAcns QA9 
^qSk 1^- measured the ground, oa>oQfD^ QfiJ9 
«>o (Bioa.«nmoab GG. who measured, oompre- 
hended all worlds. o(|Aan mb^coo (KcnadSan 
measured, tried me. 

GY. (Bioag^idn get measured, skd^ «io. TB. 
YS, (Bidacoraio measurement. ^^^ euo^^ 

(8iOfl.<on»o <a>0n| TR. measured the pepper* 

(BKoatontaaarDob the measurer (paid by 5 ^jo 

in kind). 
YN. (e(Z)^Q.J l.Measure^capaoitycBnaojoo, 
ffioaojIgjocoRD, (Bio&Qj5>^§ unbounded, sioaqjq 
(qg ^59(0101 fi>A(rom)6n9c}Q Bhg. inaumerable. 
flKOftojI^a) to measure, define. (BioaQj9^9(iA 
measuring rod, weighing beam. eg^Qj, oQ 
Qjaoj so much, how much. — siOftQaj fblly, 
all CgdMli^Ctyo (B10ajrDQLl<d9lfi.6):3J OHQCEQajsnb 
KeiK. — «a^<i^'nia«iJoyo«3iDfiym§y9o GG. 
said too mach. 2. measure of time, oifmaa. 
QjioAas he comes* ajar>acijl89>(^ when he came. 
(8S>.2j&^ BG. that moment. 8. till, as far as 
cnlos^ jiiroajrolciLaajo BG 9. = dgfto. o^cgjodo 
jii(^ado egsaojo (doc.) as long as. 
(Srt)^C&06nnj|:e6\Qj^O^Dnb TB. (see <B»Qej 
0900^) The German chief (M. Brown Esq.) 

(^fZi^(t^<Bi ? alaruya (a G. fear, alarm) (BiDftr^ceao 
^(TTMrnnrn Qq^^£\ a^S(£>) mantr. 
(BiDadOa (= iBio&iQa) ?) to lament, ory Siajwsmoio 

QjfijQo (Bioatdno^jo PT. (beggary). 
YK. (Bioaiji bellowing, fBioa^ Yi shriek. 

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CSV^QJ — CSf^6\9Si.So 



(S^gOJob a^avaiL (see Awaaj aboTo) 1. Measu- 
rer Yi. 2. boaster, ezaggerator (oomp. onoaj 

I. (SrogI aji S. (Btinged) Bee (roalfyc^o Kal. 

n. (S(t)£\ SecreUon of eyelids, «»jf}^, aJfe. 
(Bioaioy^ T. M. (=3(sio5la{;, (Biaspl, (sioejl) to be 

OTerripe, decay <d>g[]|^6ioi^ (Bo-tOd^. 
a.T. aioaldao (=aiD3!n<8A). 
VN.tmoilja^A mellownesB, decay. f^^^Htsm. 

(Sr^OBo alincTam S. Terrace before palace 

(TO^CQ^ob aliyaii M. C. (Te. Bragjoy) S. cro^o 
fijob 1. Brother in law. <8CY)9ro omalcBKib TP. 
real br. in law, not husband of a oonsin. (^ 
<o(S\cm Q60§9nrr>Ao (sio. aj^5l9(Sfi6mo Acofh 
prOY. 2. hon. address f. i. of Paloyas amongst 
each other. 8. a showy bnt inferior rioegrain. 

((SY^^CC^dB) loo.saTdsplcq/^, (8ioyifta>, ji{)c^<0). 

ClSY^^(d>o aliyam 8. (opposite) Falsehood ; fore- 

(iSY?)^, (Sr^^cdfi^ aloi — kkn (V^oiocb) Small 
box of horn, cl^a {Bio^(fi«^aA (Si^an^ MC. 

(lSrZ)^(fi6&(6>^ dde] alakka'ya(T.O.Te. quakes 
(Siodib) To start, shrink, oramp of limbs ssta^o 

TS» ma^^tto Yi. awe, fear. 
cSr7)^cYijde>alnmba'ya SoM. 0. To bmise, 
squeeze; (loo.) to swallow bad food oo^-cnjifi} 

($r^6o a) aT. Narrowness, whence noa, onda 
Qj, 2. a T. sharpness =» OJCX). 8. T. M. G. Ta. 

termination of fern, (shortened from ei^). 
CS^^^oOfOl P. almeira, Wardrobe. 
I. (Syg) gfl> Ar. allab, Gk)d sioaBOsm, ocdojI 

oaosm Mpl. by Ood! (Sioea5>abo TB. 
U. (OTg g>, CQ;3CO?l(8aJDd9> (akkJo 2.) Become yery 

thin & sharp (s(9iD&ia)). 

(Bioggoob loo.=eg(Cizalcb^eanb. 
(Sypg^dS) a)laya T. To take up with the hollow 

hand M.=(STO^cnj(d),SoM. to claw, scratch. 

(BiDg^Qjnb the armadillo, Myrmeoophaga. 

IT. pr. The Rajah of NTleshyaram TB. hence : 
(BioggsqB (no§, tnoaeaonb ojoyom cno^ KU. 

C6«Wd% alayf T. M. Beaaty (aC. ano^ fond; 
oomp. flOtfrab) (SidiPaieB jiitanoilVA -a^dngj 
proY. e>0cg|&Pd9ies A0O(Dreo(b Mad. crysocSicn 

% Bhg. ffiD&P4l»0(A nicely, fairly. 

(Biotf a>ab m. — ^ f. 1 . handsome. 2. If. pr. of 

llaYars. [Vi. 

onovdiio a mark put by females on their hand 
def.Y. a)06nB0or)iPM>^g^ BC27. 
adj. <8iospi£lQB> fair (a^^/mlc;^^ «m^^<ai ojob 

OBE^OdO (stnti) cstQipa^w QjluS) ^7^* <nMP 

^(B) eioiW)a^oooa) (doo.) 
(Sr^(fca^d8> alayuyascndsuQi^A No. mupcBDA 
(bHa Dilated earda, istt. aor^ relaxed. 
CS^6)(fd66^ To loosen, alaoken, dissoWe (opp. 

(®r^K$v?fb ajal T. M. Te. (Ta. aif>ii=og^) 1. 

Heat, fire, heat of pepper. 2. brightneaa. 

Qcijffi3^aioauPAaiyoQj6jCDo qjWcob^ ^^' the 

moon shone most brightly. 8. inflammatioa, 

pimples caased bj heat AfffffcA^moifiiA j£^(oa^ 

4. grief m»ifi(A oJs^jy ajoc%o, fiefiSPfob Bbr. 

(SiOtf>fijd>, 010 1. to barn as a wound, the eye 

from pepper, be chafed; cucB)Otf>eja> a raed. 

(in o^MtaSiasaito). 2. to bom firom grief 05 

a>(moA flioiPaio Bhr. jiTirMDo fin. from envy 

acnggy>em cnorfiaxJo Bhg. 
YN. (SiDy>^ excesBiYe heat, inflammation (s dh 

(OTDirgb, oajroisxuofDlcrosoaor&o). 
CY. (8»jpoQ(e>, oolto barn, as with pepper; 

to afflict Yi. 

<Sft\f\ aU T.M.O. 1.3 (nov^QJ Expense QJ(o«aj 
oo0oc(go (BidiP^.ajas<98n<s^o KB. tmA(amp^, q. y. 
2. (T. Aifi) bar, rivermonth. 8. bars of 
bamboos, lattice, railing, trellis (B»!pIc(0^a>, 
(O^A TP. 

Cpds. (Sioipi AoS (1) putrid inflammation of the 
eye tno. flg6)fl.d9ao a mod. 
aiDip^cni^(l) despair (B».QL^ang o/oto^ ojWno 
Bhr. quite undone, qid. (ng^ the troops were 
broken, defeated. 

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(TOip — (Sroyxu 

ompt^ro (8) torrod plaee, prison. 
mup^mI (1) wMte, leirdneu, no. ibosrT^an 

So. to behftT* leivdly <Bid'dMO(oo6 prodigal, 

profligmte B. «lto ill breeding (loo.) 
onsfk^cuo (2) a seaport, riyer^harbonr, (18 in 

Kera)a EU.) ad'fSfe 9-aS<qm> to oome to tlie 

«DtfkBNB»o (Vu muikuo) site ol a habitation, 

a rain; a garden. 
oupVbiqljoso lowland oapable of irrigation W. 
(OrDtPWrnokob alinml T. M. Alanglam de- 
eapetalnm moMboeio. 

«S?>(fys^cd>ali7ayaT.M.O. l. To become loose, 
be untied as Qai«rn^» onbjl CO, AoODfto motfi 
cn^ Nal. «i90ayo QJ(nr^Q^ Mud. (in a scuffle) 
ojVo«cia(sba^nrn no^p^ao^ oDeno (a ring) Mud. 
— Aatgiplfiio^ Sojooin the connexion is seyered. 
oer^rDo, O09qOo aid. pollutio nooturna Yi. — 
the mind to become tender eocncroo, j^asoi^ 
tflenoej^oo^, «>o0<Beg^e9r£Viib (B». Bhr. anooj 
aVob AOOiOd 0or)0<pla>^aje9cai^ YetC. as he 
fell in lore with her. Aaataiwfisis^ crooig 
£\^ 00, c({Vd)o aa)§ flioaxaofo^ao^ UB. 
softened by music, ooiplao^ ojooo^ Bhr. spoke 
softened; begged pardon Yi. 2. to go off, 
be sold, spent, destroyed Qj6m0ipl€io9; o^ag 
CBaf)6B9 ^s<demD Bhr. lies in ruins, odojo 
QjWntf)«BO ADOUO^ the bones to which the 
eorpse is reduced. 6XiiaQ>if)€io9 (a palace). 
8i3K^GrDJ<yanzAabaas»^Qq{oTatw. the waiting 
state passes into the sleeping state. 8. to be 
«an«nt ^S\iScno£^ inDsfiflDO(Q^Aoro0§yo5xn 
TE. wspreeedented. cno^liab fliMp^a^jan esjoa 
KU. eurrent cuAtoms. mofusKho ojo^ cmif\ 
ogma Yi. deserres credit, passes for good. 
YH. «es^,2j(ab expense, waste, custom, de- 
mand for. Qj)«a|i0e ^j^ffio nos^ifijiab cgy, 
.AkD^cm «io. sg) dull, heavy market. 
(gVWVlJ 1- expense (esp. customary) osa 
^4)cb<0e MmAqjo «).aiejQjo m&mSi KU. «> 
iPAONttpkg KU. (for an ordeal) aosp^oD^^ 

Yi. to spend. 2. customary detraction, f. i. 
in paying for improTcments under Aiplifieo 
emo, when the Jenmi has not to pay for the 
10th plant. 8. tenderness m^if^9cxi^ atiosn^ 
PT. bitterly. oS^cmW aiplsoooroleio oQcn^dOe 
AASpbjlg^ BO 129. loTc. ocngi^nbo nosplo^ 
(sQ^gi) Yi. repentance. moajQODos mo. 
Aog) showed contrition, begged pardon, 
a. T. csr^ip^dec) l.To loose, tf)d9>g&pid9e to untie. 
«<8>9gc»tf)(fleBhr. to breach a fort. mwSi ono 
if\ji^ QQjae to put oif the marriage string. (9^ 
. <mo (BJO. KB I. to undo, soWe a yow. qjot? 
OQjg) flioiiplyonb MB. to cut up the hog. 
2. to waste, o^ejajsp^as to spend, q^c^diy 
S(S\:S^ «)0<BiBUpl^ Bhr. to destroy (as T.) 
CY. aiospig^(de get to untie or dissoWe. (^'OM) 

pensed a Brahmachiri from his tow. 

(61^9 (6rZ){pdea alll| Bjuyv (see aoyKii) 1. High 
wall of irregular stones around an orchard 
Ag^AOfiTB mo^ Am):i^ MB. also «>g^«i 
ME. (doc.) 2. (1oc.)sa1a mud wall. 

(SfO\f<B>j ^ alaifa T. Tn. 0. aM. To weep, cry 
flioyionroanoib BO. 

CStQ^fddiA^ cfibi aluyiya T. M. 0. 1. To rot, 
decay (sino^) MiAasooib mioif^ Oojocfl 
(of a leper). 2. ftre to grow low. (n^motpdBwm 
mo^fSft ootJflBa proT. oooking over a dying 

a. T. (Bio)p<flea>, dtol to putrify Yi. 
«i^p<de 1. dirt, filth (sio*®«n>i=s£yd9a. «»|p 

daeQifie to snufT a qandle. 2. «n)c(^s «i^p 

<0e embers, slight remains. 
flioycQ^, (O^aanA (loo.) filth. 

(OTyfOT) alutta T.M. (isioy depression, whence 
fli^y>o) Full of dregs, strong texture, pregnant 
speech Yi. 

IBIOyajffidtes: AOe^«£^«). 

<fi>Z)(pQJ aluTa (prh.ssaiiv) A sweUing at the 
mouth of the stomaoh Yi. 

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I. <!8«Q) a 5. l.sriro That, (sr^ roosaoxi that 
king, isi^ivocfo that penon,— bef. Verbs m^ 
ds^smKoi^Anbo ojIooa TR. after lying thus. 
8. interj. ahl ei^ oq^cn q^osbs^ KB. — (m:um9 
Qjocs^/ono (tu.) there he runs (=r(siOA»o) 
8. T. a M. iDterrogatiTe foftaoiyo ^gjo jpsneo 
are their Highnessea here? 

n. C5VQ a T. a H. (0. Te. sr^Qj) Cow, in in^ 
odocd;^ oowherd, al»o flt^cmA q. t. 

ni.OSVQ) as. Hither, towards, till; iil Cpds. as 
(Sr^&G^o gnl(fl« KB. up to the neok or throat 
(to eat one*8 fill) — csr^O'S^zimch UR. 

(SSfQ)<Bi aya Inf. & YN. of (sr^^^ (q. y.) Alto- 
gether, snm total, (8)[^(d)^b^ ft ^s)(a;9d>=@ 
<d>. f. i. (8if^^(df»Q(ma) Q0OOI Anj. blaok all over. 
<B^a)g-)OS=(ST^ai@a> sum total, f.I. oq^ 
<a(Q(A (Si^ A6mc6A (8ts»>d)g_]9S 6):U:j^ TR. 
the whole acoount. (81^1 ^^9^ Si^xMoq Qcno 
ani TR. the whole of the trees. (Si^A)g_j9| 
ajsmo TR. the whole sum. (Bisi<>^o3s 
tS(^<Q>^9C^)^ra^^ generally Vs. 
4S^<Bio ayam aH. (T. body, or s (811^0?) a«^ 
«»o ^h^ab(LjQjl&M)Bc)oRCii7. Splendid corals. 
<BVQ)cd>(Do aTfaram 8. (csr^ m. <0i«) Aocumnla- 
tion=3aS^ak(i>o, mine cnD-iffl[^oa>^o; (^(Oiaoii) 
roo pearUground. <d>cT)^9^ofi)rDcn^fiiaBft^ai 
cn^cm (SM^Q^tBai KB 2. 

<!8v^dB>grooOo aYar^anam 8. (4»>g^) Attend- 
ing to, hearing (po.) «r^<o>A po.=s«d9)§l§. 

^SVQ)(fi)G£b6nr)o a-yaria^am S. (<d>(fti) Attraction, 
the art of summoning by enchantment. 
denT. (Si^aiaolidB to attract, f. i. a God from 
afar by mantrams. 

(S^^cBi^o ayalpam 8. {a^^o) 1. To the end 
of a Galpa. 2. attiring, ornament (po.) 

0tl!^cn^<Bio aTfaimiYam ^.{tabA(T^9ak)iJn- 
foreseen. ojcnD eoooojoojo <gi^«>oi^Ai) <m 


49Q)d8)3 aya Neg. Y. (cbi^A * esp. HQ 1. Is not 
that. «iaa Qj^fmoAto is not in yaia. 8. ought 
not to be thus; oi^«»o«, 0i^a>ojiri adj. part. 
bad, laonb o^a)9ao«io<9b proT. Mi^Mi is it 
not goodP 

YK. (B)^di)0^ wiokednsss, 01^*9^ 6^90 
£9n| CrArj. I also shaU be ftrand fault 
with. ffid«>o^ a^isSi crvB QjasQB* •^^- 
8. is not serrioeabls. «Mmla«o in^Adgood 
for nothing. 4. cannot ^jo cnogW 4hst 
QBHfolgJsnb (31^6)8 proT. 

^S(9fBiOo(B&^ ayamkia 8. (aiootacb) Strong 
desire. ibiqi.«(S/9§ ^^cfii^^onib Anj.zealoasly. 

(!8t^dB>0(Do ayaram 8. (csi^,^) 1. The letter 
(ST^, (8i^<8>9(Qoai with initial cn^ (gram.) 
2. shape, figure; (in oomp.) = 0cb;o, orojoojo 
f.i. 0ocoai9d)O^ob the blessed, or of happy 

^S(Q<B>^Odo ayaSam 8. («>ood, light) Sky, air. 
(81^^9050 A&jg^fini^ (meJCEtnaib qjVo proy. 
(8ii^d9s9J503o03 milky way Bhg6. 
(8q}fi>9oo099^, (8i^^9oo(9|2QS going through 

the air ETJ. 
(Bi^d>9ooo(a)9608i a bird (ployerP). 
(Sq^atgcoajae^ a parasite, Cassytha filiformis 
or Henyanthes oristata. 

^sny^Ay coil ayaya T. M.a Ta.(T^.ft aC. 
also fflOdh, from proa. V^fii^). 

I. The Copula : to be that, o^ojl^s m^Acm ojoaa 
(IPS where does he liyePs: where is it that lie 
lives? to become that. Auxiliary Yerbs serre to 
distiagnishthe latter signifloation, f.i. ajaHsB 
ouasasescsfl «Qj9<fto TB. it will beoome a great 
grievanoe. aiflfiocv) •o-iooei m^^cm Mad. 
became like a thief. QoaQ)9«imD(Tn.(4K>A9em) 
what is itP Aglfia tnjgcmjWi KB. what has 
happened to the ohild? Aaii«Biip49B (09^o fli^ 
CBMhionbo «c»£3o TB. devolved upon the 
C. — (^9^ Qj»l9(ds etQisSi got separated. 

Digitized by ^OOyi(:^ 


Tut. ec^Ao^ isi^o, (SK^Qj it win bo thvs, jut 

AwoQjo et^ TR. Often with oonditioiial 
aa)^pitO a»<Brd98<flh^o Of^o TR. I msy write 
(or come in penon). 

ei^8ju9 I cannot tell, indeed? Tory possible 
«®«aj3<T)g«0S (£i(S\iafO HFK. — 

Inf. & VK. er^ai 1. so as to be (=T.) &o6\ 
CQ;oa> oOi^pfA^ 6) (9.9^00) TR.= ei^cdil; ^ 
aii9<0>, ^aiJ90<d> so as to be before, rooneo^ 
Qjoa>cn)9nb RC« cut in two. 17. croo dfiol^sio 
9A (doo.) in presence of witness K. 
2. being. (B(^^e>A)09ng, (BiSi^<&9^ since it 
is so, therefore. S. altogether (also (81^ 
e>dO TR.), eiog a9 (sr^oO (^B, (Oimn^z 
cnSl) (Bi^dt ojeocmoo ^nris Tatw. these three 
meanings or words, yis. it, thou, art. (see 

Opt. A^ftOg, (TQ. (Si^Ss) 1. be it thus, 
well, probably, re9ajl<9ej (Bi^iSiOS TR. be 
ft in the morning. (srQomsicn m^iS^ (Bio 
meaa^cn (er^aiOg 00. if thns, be it sol 
S. as for that (=8. oo^,®, A»aj)(8id 5>qj 
<oe9d3 01^ fi)^ KIT. now as for that em- 
peror, he — ©(Qgodo av«u09C»^§'<^<»3 <^ 
Qon fsi^at^s cnWn «ajo«>aj ^eaosocro 
ce^ib KR5.(=Qj^9>rm9ca/9 how mnohless). 
S. either, or cry^^odOitfg jii(^or)9d)>0g 

Ckmd. (Bi^^Ofal, fSY^fincribir it be. ei^cAbb (Sio 
^jgrno oQom 6)09spiaQ)9nb RC. *if so, be it 
so." tabt£^ Ame roeneofiOeioo TOh. there 
may be one or two (generally (a^finejo 


Coneeasiye (Bi^cftoejo «i^^^o though it be. 
Aomo^^ejo one at least, ^ajroo fh^ejo whoso- 
ever. croajmoflD^ofrndorotnato^s^o whether 
good or bad. 

«^Cottd. ftOone. (from T. (BiSyOv^ob if it be) 
0ooo<daon(> AR. to any one else, o^^cuonb 
wbaterer it be. aQ(m fi>ii)og^so«eoaj9ab 
CO. can one ever say? 

m^sdo (ssfsi^ei^ejo) f J. aa>o§ci£\«k o^fisaxxdo 
Bhr* somewhere about the fort, ein^^so 
0(0) «QjOQ0o«»)ab Qjrmdooo <iQ<Kmo<« cn\^ 
cB>o fioeneo^dBa CO. (sOKD^ihOK's^O^mD). 
An inoorreot adj. part, is formed from leii^nb 
f.i. a^cmosiVfaomanrh what sort of manP 

•dj. part. (Si^Anm, flr^ca; (po. (BT^sf^cn;), (8i^, 
(Sv^Qj 1. he who is «jft)ro09n65)<urs09ao 
dsmm roonoDj KU. the king C!hP. Thas 
many appositions (srauS^oucnotfOai) Qaojnb, 
c^^cnosO^gg Qj(Oi&)d>nb, ^fiurDon^jorDO^ 
roA, {^fi09oaj|mo, dnmoa the first, eto. 
2. ^'svQjnb he, that one, isi^it^gi rDoq§o 
those two. (ei^CBrax-xS^OMta^ Bhr. between 
them. (BiSi^B'QAd^ori therefore. B. after 
nouns they serre as a kind of definite article 
a>ej^4jcno03jn6 Bhr. the rogue Oali. §(^ 
or)d3^ajn6 the wioked; esp. the neuter en 

0^S (O^OSTDCDSfiOS^OlO 9aJ0S;9^9 CO. 

as for our life, that is already gone, oji 
(n&ajo nmorOsios^tgo re<^ai(D0b ER. Rama 
is to me f. db m. roonoojociz^ tmooidOnluBj 
net VC. the king is our Lord. 4. (siooi®, 
(ST^xH/g (before a sentence) is as follows 
f« 1- '^IfRfT^ «s>®T5 <»)O3j0oaj@ (heading of 
letters) Oannan is herewith addressed to 
the following purpose, 
ady. part, flr^jjl 1. forms adrerbs, as cnnmo 
dn well. 2. as, rDoacnDqgjjOsnonrB a»osnonmtn 
AdStttO^o KR s. all I see seems to me Rama, 
I see him everywhere. ffm>xt5>rD §ifiui<Q» 
maoroosO ^on^ Bhr. saw them grieved (so^ 
mo) oaje«)»n09S>rD cro8o:u9€nSl(d)ft93bi a 
e5^«daB6mo VyM. (=0^010, (Si^an), so as 
to be). oojeflBQA cr)9ai9sn qjaossb Bhr. 
«tQa)^cno:£\ ojg&pt^ CO. QuiiCQ|;(ifi9dn CTO 
0Zani^ MR. (= oQ^n), 8. during ojo^ 
e9nr\>093^i sfloj^^KR. flnauS^ato Q^ofyaa 
Ao:£\ cnsass^ms MR. 4. with (s=£0OQBi1 

f.i.filOClM>a «i^QE2^09lO a)9^) Cn09^ 00900 

oO <9>sniOyoaoTR. when we met. 5. be- 
eanse wm Aosiaos^ •3j8ms|4MMo^ 

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Oq-jocbA TB. 6. often mare expletive no) 
QA cnsyocnoof^ fii^AorTKn^^ (SQ^shdcobao 
(B)oaj oDQo CG. (oh that we were men!) 
(a)9fQ)9cnd59CBn§o eontottaio^o CO. 
With eaxiliftriei 1. (Sf&^^^et&£^ (bat roo 
gcplcarPCEGl^ «)^gy KB. in a cftossl senee) 

chiefly after DatiTOS (SioojoooQ^g^odn^ for 
II. The future has by itself the meaning otpouir 
btlUy, which is then transferred to the whole 
yerb. Siuiiogjoo I will do, may do. ei^o oQaablfob 
if possible, ei^egy cannot, et^dato «)aj9Q<fiA9 
Qjgy 6P.; fii^iflwajg}^, <Bi$<0iO<ni3QfiJ TB. 
(Bi^<fli8nrr)S®an9)oao, (Si^ajlsO:ont9&o as far as 
possible. — in the past: <B)Sda80<O)^cr)9ayaing>) 
BC. ooald not pass. 6&aBQjg)^o mQW^ smic^ 
&»odi Bhr. did somehow whaterer was possible. 
Ooj Qjos0«»lsior)9cX> (Bi2da2>ajg[]^o CG. — pros. 
cr^dJmmrtno^fob CG. if possible. — chiefly with 
Dat. & 2nd ady. part. cr)^s>aR§<fiAOo, we can 
take up, noaj6)(ds>^(flA9Qaioao, ajoj^Qjonb m^ 
9aiOib QD^i CG. none able to praise, Qoocftjo 
QiiioQiJonb ojlsorT) e(^o Bhr. ojoajronoDsdat 
0O0g^ Bhr. (but also Nom. fiioi^oo (Bioajid> 
9.0 Bhr.) 

cr^cy, (8)©QJ@ are esp. used with the signifi- 
cation of power. 6)Q-iggMQBQao9s cr^ODtan^ 
cmoo^ CG. you can but conquer women. 
oOKYnoaib (Si^aj(S 6)ui)(^ I tried my best. (Si^ 
aj6)<0)aQ^(Sg-}3<)opo. what more can be done, 
how can it be helped? (St^pJitnlgyoaoo 9ud 
cfi3o haying been foiled. (Si^cucn)^ t^cm 
€)ajd9o (8iOQ§y9 se^ TB. no remedy for it. 

^00 TB. I shall resist it as an intolerable 
state of things. fStQt£^cm sooecfoao (sr^aj 
(ml^Ogt^o TB* we can*t do anything to it. 

(8i^Qaj9(Tn=(QT^Qj(g f.i. eida8(aolcB;9Qajoom 
^ CG. not to be known by any one. 
m. to be the yery thing (hence neg. (Sr^^o). 

«jai909a£) the rice is what it ought to be, done, 

cooked (but o^oooqs£^ Qojaain the rice is eon- 


2nd fut. 01^^ it will be right, ought to be. 
(= CMh^QBroQj) §s,o9tsv Qjand9«9Qj proy. pull 
merely the eayes ! c^crnQtm ojocbiooj Mud. 
Q^ean ojooiro:^ it must be said, cannot 
bat be confessed. — chiefly with the 1st ady. 
part, of Terbs ojQcm (Sr^oj he must come, 
QLKmooij may he come, oh that he camel 
a)9^(0i9Qj Anj. Qjofnoa^ooiKne e>a>9.iA)^ 
CG. wished that he might oome^ also with 
Inf. cng) 0(ng^5)or) Q«)d)>Q(fla90(^a2;8Qj e 
QDfOcn^Scjo PP. may you! 
IV. It serres to form Compound Terbs: 

1.) with Nouns QVOf^QVoat to set out, Qsedoft 
to be healed etc. similar to the S. compounds 
with saHcaA (o jti^ is similarly used, oorree- 
ponding with 8. A^de). 

2.) with Terbs, 

a.) rarely in the form of the Terbal Konn 
ending in fliooib (rather T.) «>UQ o jiiogjoioo 
BC. onoo^fiiniS^seJdo PT. s2<^^9»^ao ^U* 
(only with «®o). 

b.) in the form of the old Inf. gn^ifiedcsO PT. 
came to est, aiocmoa) be able to see, be- 
come yisible (d>otfmocgmD, ^^dtt9sm9w£ 
A<8AQaj Bhr. (chiefly in a passiye sense, 
compare eocnoinaocoo^ob a^osmAgj^crnQo 
QaicXxdAOca^Qo 0^^ aostg^^omsio ABs . what 
is heard, can be heard) with Dat. cogyo 
oiaso Qa)(>>f8o9ain Bhr. Often in petitions 
fli^anb crocraiMino cnos^^Voiftcno Aji)Gg93a» 
smo, cr)0(Qj2(&i(fle9jgaiil9saT)o AB. may I 
be enabled to praise, worship. — in blessings 
0Ka!\d^Q^&6i of) Bhr. onlcDBcbiefi (Bbdoj 
ar&o^ncBndaaoggasoKU. 6>£)Dgj9gg(So Bhr. 
(= s)<d>9^ajDnb CTOoocxon camo). With poten- 
tial meaning. Qa)eabl(ob cunSvinotocBl^etannD TB. 
in that case It might haye been brought. 

gfiocftlcocne CG. I a^ght see this wish ac- 
complished if — 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


^6irQ)d6BfitBU| — (S(^ideio 

e.) in the form of the nodem Inf., etp. ftt the 
eloee of the sentenoe (mostly with ^o, «o 
OQ) etc.) AMBBcb (OlSicnn ^^ oQcm oj 
OA f8)i^3»(2 '^» ^^ oonleeaed they were 
the thieyee (sso^oi^) ojlrD^en^ OojOiftQ^o 

d.) after the different tensee it stMids with 
TariooBly modified meanings. atcncenoa^Q^o 

anxu^taun were sitting. — (mcrm^tiA en 
tmo^ CG. siAs^iOBbadiVab Kfi. (if you 
shall hare giTsnsif yon gire). d^DOBOOeo 
OtLJ9GBWi£)A)d9so he win hare strayed some- 
where. OOaiA QQJQg{QQjaQ»9(^S^ CO. qQ^ 

a^aecT)$co90Ooi«dsc^pjuo CO. a laughter 
that might shake the globe. ^MkaooEH 
(f^ae be in a dying state. (m(QaoAi(ob ete. 6& 

I haye told no nntmth. ggsaaia^aaaA ^ 
Wh^ SIQ) 00(^0 aKDi^)CBn§^oo(£)(iBcno the 
loss woold not hare been so great. 
With ITeg. ady. ojsmo ajlffkdiMMn <si^9| 
ens TB. it has beeome impossible to oolleot 
the reyenae. [in stead of <na8(TD3<fln(gb, (oxmo 
^(A etc. also the form of the part. Nonn 
ocoors in poetry 6>jisa%pe4o (^(^aiMnoAl 
^o KB. (=(n(o)4a!neio), rMonojo ^sn^vsH^ 

^aBc)oOd9e§^9o CO. e(D<nwoi9a)laib Ch]. 

tfSf^dX^Siy ddS\ Y. act. of preo. 1. To 
make to be that, moaioar) monoaio^ made 
him king, (in Bo. also cnWn rooRoajocDoasi 
Oojoon KK4.) e9cnS)»9faiil o^ssvoob ft so 
cnStorMi) oa^dsrvoob made her his seryant. 
OcnxnoojoiWdae^ «>aj^ ft aoaSVLj<Qi)oB)9aO§ 
SKXj^scib Bhr. msngo^ o-mbmq (generally <o 
9«oqb!) ojAfSfe)* O-aipg0O3dBa43» get one to do; 
with Heg. Qj)%^oQA m^daSi oajg-joob TB. pre* 
Tent the sale* fioje^jo ^S3«Mn A««O(0eW>a>o 
f«B, oontraeted Asn|<mBi CA^aeovvodamsTB. 
flKusKn aoo^o fi§^0Qo m^^Atcmo Bhr. 

alsoGg^OdBanmojlrDab BC. destroying. 2. to 
place, pnt, employ. (Bi^<68ila>§:^^ appointed. 
(ft6r^9g^ft:^d^)(BJOaj6)ODajfinr)l<fieO(dni, «)9^c>J3 
(0Ai Kal. banished. or) (Bi^aftl GiO^teS^ 
PTi. (n^aHaiOdtal, scoajsocr) ^.TnaKnailfiJadQe) 
Bhg. let Qod dwell in his mind' oaj^o Asojni^ 
aJooH ponred. 3. to do or^ o^aS (Bi^<flao TB. 
what can yon doP 4. Compoands with NoaDS, 
corresponding with those of (Bi^dk(d> f. i. gm 
oo) Qjiioorie (n)O<Q>cB/O(0AlsloD3nb CG. made to 
get ont. assaoaa, cncmoon to heal, mend. 
CY. (Bi^daA^Aicaase to make Yi. f.i. (msoj^rbk 

^'^' [AraB<X) CC.) 

(SV9<d36aulfG\) a'yTlii]i6axil S. Bent, cnrled (as 

09rQ)d83r7no ayoSam Tdbb. (S. (Si^^dDo) Inten- 
tion. (Bi^. QLiaa((jg(a> to gratify, o^odo^maso 
too ajnsqsiaionb AB. to disappoint thee. 

OSir^dO^aJo aifolam S.(faU) Confasion, perplex- 
ity, troable. jJ'ioRsoAaio ^ai2 BC. m^Afii 
®a=i^i2 c^)lQ>^ B^'* ^M frightened. «830 
anzinmi (Si^AeSlsQajo ojOBaiD Nal. ca^^eiS^ 
AB. no donbt. 

(!STQ)<^^G\> see (S^<^(6)o. 

C8yQ)^rO^ ayf&iB.=<m^d>3^o Form, likeness. 

d8VQ)<^c^o ayfitam 8. part, of (sr^did^as 
Attracted; — a conjecture Vi. 

<!BVQ)(2<d)3fij| see flT^^ODOoin, Pomphlet. 

(l8VQ)d96V) akkam T. H. (v^(8i^Ad)>m)i. What 

one pats ((6v^d9sa»2.), layer ^sneoano (=aj 
s 8, local: resting steps in wells), (^cmocdfto 
forwards Yi. 2. (T. prosperity) contentment, 
rest. (Bi^caaOa aj06mra9^<e> rule happily. <si^ 
<seo QojosWuab discontented, (moojoro oj 

^ TB. made oyer her jewels to the chiefi^ 
thus settling the case. 9. strength, persisten- 
cy, continuance; also relief, as through medi- 
oine. (Bi^iAeo 4^0009 qjWio Bhr. lost his balance 
ft fell. 81^(6010 met jS^o odig^ BC. strong 
dam. m^ODo ^S3«Mn or{l «.aiaQ (mmyob Bil. 
negligently, o^aso a>ejcnDoe(a^oog)^(q8| Mud. 
determinately. fiflao<^^R) >^o ^^^ purpose. 

Digitized by VlOiOOQle 

csvQcdftdB) — dSfQcjyoo 


(iSr^CO^ — (]8iQ)(Sg3>0£LV) 

4. perhaps (s: c8T^fl>) all, altog«fher. tfios^g.) 

g»jaio (SS(fi»QJo (Si^cdsK) ocnoiea^ BO. Tiewed 

her from the sole all oTer. 
(!S(Q)<BGiKB> Bee ander (S(^<^<Bi, 
(S(^'^CQo akranfam B. (fli^ni.) Weeping. 

(S(^ (gsml ^al8. 
CSf^(^Qio abamam 8. Aasault, inTarion ei^. 

croco(ona9ft si^^mo ER. 

denT. (St^^£\ddsi to attaek, enoroaoh, atarp 

EU. rooQ^di(gaRc)o Qjnmo^e^^^e Nal4. 
(inr^6>av, t^cuacro-wxom eto. to teise on, 
foroe. edanogo fi>S)aajo <m9(m (Bij^e^cda 
m{)^aioAo ER. fate stibdaes the irorld. 
Ad^ontfto seized. soiQQC^cnxnoi^oaQKDoqti^ 
Arb. (=sQjooab). 
C5<r9(S^0Odo aboSam 8. Crying against, er^ 

S^aoai^oc)^ SiP4. she lamented. 
Cy9dB:ac^D(D€ro akiara^a 8. imputation of 

?C8V^d6tmlakii Continuanoe of an evil ^'£ oq 
cn^^ «i^a£DlQK;oanrb)ijaAa§ Ti. let it remain 
as it is! 
CSV^CScdiQ^SkaJo akiebam 8. BUme, reproach, 
objection fiioai(gM)5 oaob sisr% $ymoQ^chcea 

6)^0^ (ST^QdafibQ-ie MB. 
denY. fSi^Otafiaajlcdn (part. cBi^fl^aj^o) to re- 
proTO) confate, impago, criticise <sio<mis)c6o 

aj^<0» MB. expose farther its inralidity. 
^Stf^enjsnrujaiob akha^^alaii 8. (breaker) 

Indra Ca. 
<]5r$6^ aklia8. (digger, V^ainb) Moaee, rat FT. 
(6Y^(S61iSo akhedam 8. Hunting (po.) 
CSTQ)^ akhya 8. ((O^ m. V^^o) Name; in 

comp. (ST^^nb named. 

«!^iw^oor)o l.ssflr^^. 2. story. 

denT. (m^^oooiiAe to relate. 

(Si^m^MDo the finite verb (gram«) 
CSVQCOOno a^am 8. (V^ooe) Arrired isi^. 

Qj«i^ 8k. come; (Q^coAOOOdBsoo Sk.ssQjas 

tm^coQU^o adrentitioiis, not original (as dia- 
6MM) Adcogg^a^n-irDo Ifid, (opp. orT^no, 

(iK^coggijAab one passing by, Kei]N i. 

<gv^co0cr)o arriral, approaching. 

denY. of) (Bt^coeloyoftojo &joei)«^(ib GG. 
till you retomed. 

OY. ffiSQjAcn ei^03a)g^<aB(mQar;^PT4.=Qj 

(Bi^COfiSo (8. arrival, news, doctrine) Yedaa ft 
8hastras. m^ooddaaofottisa^ cnoLonb Bhgg. 
Yishna, the marrow of aU knowledge. He 
is also called m&UMo mcnoos amacjW 
Oojo^ofln^oo^s^LjonbCG. (gn^oDdieaatniAiao 
o»tt(93^8QBjabYiTBi. A^coaMMaMOiBiaab 
Bhr. oKMt learned Brahman. 
iSTSO990i, fiigyCose^Ao fature. fSOM tadcooe) 

aio AB2. past ft fatore. 
fiy^cn^ offence, sin. (bOQ^Qoy^ Bhr. 
(6VQ)CO^ a^am 8.(=«id«x^Bee (Bid III) 
(ST^coao^roitnab eocno Q«iS9n| CO. Satiated 
with honour. 
C^QOY)CQJo a^Syam 8. (isiocnSI) R^erring 

to fire, the Agnipara^am. 
(gv^CC/^cQ^GTOo a^aya^am 8. {mo%oo)¥vnt' 

fhiit offering ; = tijiotard). 
(!8VQ)(C/)aOo a^ham 8. (seUtog) M. Eager- 
ness, wish. noola>(Bn<?)b m&^oooo ft«n^ ojdf^ 

m&iOooi desirous. 
denY. es&iQ)Q6\d^ to wish, desire. 
CY. ffla«A)o61aJtfla. [hnrt. 

CSv^ofii^fO^ aghi&am 8. (v^oonb) A Uow, 
^BV^CSc^Dca^o aghoiam 8. (V^ o^<ai) Noise 
of a crowd, din of feast m^^oQ^fi^a^^WiS a^<D 
(^OXiOoooionxuo Nal2. festival entrance, o^ 
<4l>acm ojoajdOdfl^ Onap. 
denY. (n^Soaocfi^dSa to feast, parade Yi. 
(BV^(Si)3GnOo ighnMADl 8. 8melU 

denY. (Bq^^ocrnlaa to smell. 
(SiQeBsd'Do T. M.=sinD(ioaidAo. 

08i9(Sa9>3ab see c6rd(3»>3£jo. 

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<0rQbC/$)d8bo — (SVQiLiOfDb 


a^jxj\(U)o — csf^s^ajo 

|By(M[]3)^9 Morement of the bodj, gesture, 
attitade—beok; ogling, eoquetHng. oi^. a*9^^ 
to beckon. 
48l^OT36oiJinalftd8)^€8^ (bon. plnr.oftst^ 
6n6) Brother, the term need by sisterB (oompere 
OQj«BB:>))(0(^aBa fOiSicm oj^ft);^ CG. she oalUd 
her br. <4)ab.OM0Ba9<3(0 TP. my brothers t 
(hoo. plnr.) 

^5V9.aj(03<fi)3£LV) ajandraTfalam S. (<8t^ ill). 

As loog M the moon exists, also m^ A>(Q3a dno, 
a(j^ji)(Q}<aorD<d>o Qjsip orf) AR. rale fts long 
as the world lasts- 

CS^r^jaJ^znOo ajamanam 8. (v^ ^0) Rinsing 

the month after meals m^. Sias^^o^ Bhr. 
mdjai0cno^cid<eQOcr)saBdii Bhr. 
deny.(Bidai(al<as)KR. (g^oo^smtb^scob^V'*^ 
isr^^£\:B^ {^€1)1 Qjra39.TjiO)6nB) qjobo KIT. 

CSf^juiaeryioj (Sv^nj^oldes) ajara^am s. 

To engage in aline ol eondaet, practise, per- 
form , obserye (Si^WnasKD (O^ AUo)cBfo<cn:uib M ad . 
disobedient, <aftX^QvaJVD(i8o ovg Air^^s^ 
cno^ AR6. presented arms (ssfly^iiiofDo 2). 

(S^^9cb CGt, used to war ft get himself caught. 
oxKUOor) Vfiyo^ 81^ jftifD^oob CO. to annihi- 

CSfQ^Jijy(Oo 8. (s walk) i. Usage, estabUshed 
enetom, chiefly of 6 kinds (3d jso -* , <^9ao — , 
«dBA)<5>o — , ca>so— , cro3g|0^o(Qo) ^eioiiio^oo 
oaste laws. — Brahminioal fin^ 6&cnJ2| (m fllg) 
0g^jeia> etc.) KM. — Royal ordinances, as the 
18 i8id-ai9a>oofPolanadn,obeerTed atColicodu 
(or^eoojs^ ligoqifti etc.) KU. — Od0(a^9iii9 
(Do written laws,opp.tooejoa»9iii9Ao practices 
BOW prcTailing. — AdAJMtagj OG. that will 
■ot do, fie! shame I «i^^oro9<fiA^ s>j^c^9(^ 

fl^O-KB SOJ^^ip^ S[R 6. — (8ld^0<Do<O)^fl»i3l3 

mojch mde Yi. 2. ciyility, tcTereoce. (sr^. 

O^al^ to bow. e^^porfloo 03^ A JilQ^ TP. (81^ 

o.iO«Dg TP. sainted. o^uaiMOo aoen^ (^^t 
«l^*aRiV^ ojtf^^ KU. Kayer fashions of 

saluting. (BTOojacn aicnjlg 01^ SiJti^ qjo 
«Bl(T>lms Mud. (in an audience). S. customary 
gift fi>QJ60BS>A CB®O90/0o oiJ>3§a-j3nb TR. to 
restore sister's dowry (Hpl.) <iai«n6o ©©axxbl 
cm m\d\<£\ (Si^. QJ0«§ii3.T6 TR. the taxes. 
— honorary acknowledgement such as is g^yen 
by the temples to those who pay a (a^9CD;agQLn 
OTBio TR. [trance Vi. 

(Bt® oioroajodnrab temple door, principal en- 
den V. (Bt^niDrolaj^ toobserre good manners Vi. 
(ST^jxiaSjnb (adeandus, or the man of obser- 
rances, the one who is to be imitated). 1. 
teacher, esp. of Yedas, Ghiru. 2. fencing- 
master, as «e36TT>DiiJ0QiTb. S. schoolmastcr, 
(T. M. Tdbh. (Si^ixJanb, (ST^'jaonb hence 
rgr^ iiiOQa|nruDoroo office of schoolmaster). 
4. carpenter, tu. (sr^alo(S\y (SV^osorDi. 
(jStQ)iij|fO\> aji6am 8. (V^ji?) Heaped up — a 
cartload (po.) [(Bt^^aoA CG. CC. 

(S*5)j^ a5di T. M. (flt^awTb) Cowherd-woman. 

CSr^^ adda (T.«r^^?«rd9B^«>) Fitting time, 
farorable direction or ciroumstanoeSt^faTor- 
able tide (= (memo) KoH. 
(BT^^a., ^ to lift, stretch, (s 0960961, 6)ajo 
d9e(&)) Vi. [proT. 

(S^j^(A 9cr)o<aS\(2:a) ^^ (al. f^jS^) o^gooj 
VN. flt^^ a throw, hurl Vi. 

(SvQ^ooel^ (BrQ)ard3donb adhacTanaxn s. 

(jiCdB) CoTering, concealment. ^^^OJiQoacno 

disguising a matter. 

tsr^jiOcmo covered (part.) [milk, etc. 

CSY^SQo ajam 8. ((STono)Whatcomes from goats, 

tsf^msio flock of goats (po.) 
dSr^WoaaenJD^ 8. ((era in.) Arms reaching 

the knee, a roomejdfbsmo. 
(15^5)891 a|i I. 8.(V^(TO«, G.agon) War. 

II. Ar. hajji, A pilgrim to Mecca TR. Qojeo 

avorDooO Mpl. 
(jSV^O^OJo ajiyam 8. UTelibood Yi. 

(BX^sncuondaQko (m^ HI.) tQ the end of life, 

I8k^. QCQloQjrDO RC, 

Digitized by S'OOgle 

08^9^^ — cst^sosk 


CBVQlSl — (BV^dB> 

(S(Q)B^ ajnaS. (fl^oo) Order, oommaiidCrdbb. 

cm TR. g^yernment. (ei^'d9fic)M>^| being under 

ordert, obeying. 

(BT^nsno^rDnb serTftnt rDoeQ9Vbnioa>rocn3QQ|96no 
Hud. first minister. oo8ba)o«n»0(d>rD<noc^ 
I7R. (m3aja)0«n»oa>orDla)(b ABa. thy obedi- 
ent serrante. 

fli^WsosojoDo (Si^flftaoojldao to order, eom- 
mand; with Soc. fliDOiOODo^, also isi^flfto 
QEJ^jeJlassmo cngy ciiipl<a» ogfiicm A.nj. 
(den y.) lead me aright. 

part. (ST^flftoorno, (sr^flRmoajlaiio (neg. (nocno 
«so9q^o AB.) ordered. 

(SY^SRsntoSoCOo disobedience Hud. 

(Bi®«»DaiQDn6, — Qjo»o6 (Bhr.) seryant. 

^^^ ajyam S. ((Si^+ffi06ra')0hee (for sac- 
rifice). jQ^, 

(8i^^3<on t= ojcojoVjO. — Q_ioaionj9s3ffij0e)(d>o 
<!St©6tn^ Port. A.njo, angel (8»^'<fi)cX) Oenoy. 

(Bt©6ra4(6i anjuya T. m. (C. Te. (8t3)Qd=fto 

cno, T. o^g^ oomp. «)i^^<ft) To bend for ex- 
ertion, spring forward, lift for throwing, try 
by shaking. qqjoA oQ^csrS csy^fiBu) (al. er^^) 
00)00300 jiios^ Bhr 7. 0a>6)an9i si^soin oiejl 
<dn — (Si3)68u)O(r)0d9al searching look. 

CSY^erotQ^all annali & CS(QsnTRS\BS\ SoM.s 

(BT^simaaildaBoaDrsb proT.sojlejoQjlnb dOsormrob. 

08rQ)5 ada T. H. ((Si^^a what moyes) Flowing 
garment, chiefly of women, children, idols 
(Si^s atoimoCC. ^ooos children's holiday 
garments. 6) uSQaiss cusplojo^ oajOv^QjonoTP. 
(for idols); see oj^ajos, Ocli^cd;3S etc. 

(iSvQ)S<d)o adayam Tdbh. i.=:0i^aipa)o. An oil 
measure, also m^so T. SoH. 2. = qdos^o 
gold (gi^Sid>o QAOs^rnlfiRiocnj KG. gilt arrow. 

C5v9sc?fiJ35d9>o a4ftlo4a'yam (T. isi^so<sro)os) 

Jasticia adhatoda or biyalyis, (Si^'o Ooi^, 010* 
(od^ch 9aj^ MH. med. in bilious feyers. tst^ 
aiocrooDdoocno GP. remoying cough. 
C$r^Sf0b a4al YN. {m&^^) T. M. a l. Shaking, 

trembling fli^. mMSfm^Bi^t^^tuoQQ} BhgT. 
<si^S(obO(u$o tremblcB Bhg. 2. agitation, 
grief (B19. o^onii <&>fiKm (po.) 0«>0«ms^cn9A 
o^S0fii9«>s CO. (Bi^soeJOf QOio o^a^cno 
^eid9t YCh. (nooiao ta^sak ftsniocBS OajMa) 
Mad. S. BoM . dancing (Si^sejo ajdse^o Ts. 

(!SYQ)5la4i T.M. (8. er^cfiioruDo) The month <a>i9n 
So; height of rainy season (BY^5^6>d9ao^9ea»o 
^ipSBbOanA imoaiQmB RO. roars like the clouds 

I. (!St®§ ad^ T. C. M. (Tu. o®ay) 1. Goat, sheep 
(lit. ftuky, from tB(^% a). 2. dewlap ( from its 
perpetual motion). «r^^ atrDcs^mo to bleat. 6)aj 
ffnos^SiOD Oas^:^ PT. 

Kinds a)9§9s tf . aej^vos So. ajrDCB;9S Palg. 
Ibex. O(0i3C>J95 ft oaiggos goat, ojeass 
(Ex. 12,5) ft 6)iii2BcPcD;os (0^0) sheep. 

(8tg)§0o§ cattle. [bracteata, 

(er^9<onnrr)9Q-ioej, eid^CMnssogjoai Arlstoloohia 

ffl®i^»#, A«»©8§ kid, lamb. 

«Tsi^»>gy beaoar V2. 

cr^ilnfeoj^ydsa goats* dung Yi. 

(Si^i^o^ mutton. 

(8i^^d»)0(on6 shepherd. 

(8i^§04)>oooab ram. 

(Sid|S)(d>osauo&i*a plant "ram's horn.'* 

II. (!6VQ)^=cno^ T. tf . (perhaps from «id#^> o' 
flio^a^) in SQjsmo^ Trayaneore, ^oa$ or ^^ 
cn7%y ajocB>o§<omo§ TE. 

Ta,^S(Q^<B>oaii see (Si^§<o> 2. 

esr^^dd), s|a4nYaT. M. O.Te.Tn. 1. To wave, 
swing, rook. fln^s^asascBB^onoab^ai^eflB^oCG. 
(Ohrshna with the £(9)— of ringing sound 
oojogi^o^om q^dSfivEUJcnl 00. 2. to shake, 
totter, sink as hand from a blow Aone oojooMib 
fixugl^o^, esftik 6&S^€mo9(?A fixmcBeDS^ proy. 
«ajajLQo»rf)(omoQi») «v^§«tO(gb! (g^scno Bhgi. 
8. to danoo sr^ayal^o^gjos^ ojodno Bhr 1. 
hence (m^ooBo^ai (=A4)>§^(a.'9§o) eto. act a 
play m^S9^o^9ibf proy. 4. different play- 
ful or regular moyements, f.i. a^foo$<&> bathe 
(often merely ef^^4h VC.) «^flno0O^«i visit 

Digitized by ^OOy It! 

(0rO(SS>Q^— <S9^ 


(!8VQ)CU>06OJ — <B«©e<^ 

holy baths (coococBro^ai Bhr.), ooocbio^a hunt, 
ov^^Vij^aB beckon, oaoMKibo oD)(og^(ob (by^ 
§A poar milk, oil, oow*s arino, ooooanat milk 
OB an idol. 

GY. m^s^on f.l. ajocQj1fi>cn ei^^:^ Mad. a 
juggler made the snake to dance, osaiQOD 
fli^s^d9si=63ai3S^O(fi3a>o (see fir^§<d> 4.) 
cjoza«)«>acufi>aia (Si^s)^ oatoeaoo SO. 
(a tow) theatrical play, oj^gi G^o^M a 
^96m03€l^oo6 A.B. celebrated marriage. 

Der. isi^so, e(^|, ffi^g^ etc. 

(8I^(SS3q_]o a4obam S. l. Being inflated, flata- 
lenoy GP 69. 9. ostentation, pride cnroajtcfHift) 

ojocn^ 0«K)oaj^<8Aaso Nal 2. 8. pomp og^ 
o4|Q<Dajo9S9Qjo Kal. adr. fiOJOnoSSoajo io£^ 

L C5Y9§ atfa T. obi. case of 6(^9^; (Sid§<0o 

on) A oow that caWes eyery year, d^gg^oor) 

(T)0()» yearly birthday. (Bii^§ajlQod:fi3o annual 

leaat BoM. B. [,„^^ q. ^.) 

n. C8I0§ A bitter gonrd av^scoB med. (s6i^ 

in.C5lQ)§ C. Mahr. ITo. see CCOy^. 

08V^§o attain 5. TV. of (B(^^<d>. Horing play, 
dance, comedy. a_io|o (Sn^gojo ®scbb^, eroo 
SQjo (nooncoaojo cf^ perfect silence, m^^o ^ 
gWscgb 6>«)9S(OioiS(ORft^fab prov. 

Cpds. ^dBaogo oil making. 
af\tto^ bathing, boating. 
A^aeMonb dancer, actor — N. pr. of a caste 
that play in temples. (17 in Taliparambn). 

^Sy^ a^ Y5. of m^A 1. Swinging (st^^ 
^S^«fc «!&§A. 2.= (BT^so dance, play (Bt^so 
£1 CC. 8. hooting foflnso^ O^cbdOaoo proT. 

cn^ drove him off by a sharp word. 4. banting 

si^^ODdCD dog for chase. <8i^|9a)§ tucrni pror. 

aet.V. ^SfQ^<B> (ffl®^«») I. To press oil (Bi®|(m 

Qjom «>or)CQonb Ai^ifiai proT. «y^§d9Mib a 

mQl B. 2. to hant efla gcoQi'on) odS^ YUtP. 

Ki^Uhi^Wib hunting name of Jackal. 

8. to hoot «iMfi>d9n09<fla drive off with abase 
or ^a>Q(Do, aQOOT) (Ois^il ajoanotoisal TB. 
4. to drive away aj^SktStt/OA flVdS^Aisa^caA, 
OojOOS^ QrQoyo (8l^gl«>^99r^ OojoobD TB. 
took oar cattle. 
CS(^CuJoeCkMo ajamBaram B. (dram from 
(8i5§d9») 1. Pride, pomp, show, elwoemrooojoo 
eoKoaaiAio Bhr. 6KD;*oQJOf>ocu>oeQjrDo €>ao«t| 
€)5)e3JO<OTa aS^<ee(51dy PT. 2. celebration, 
fisneocQjfQdo cro-ictvoajtoociDoautDo, crojQD;oQjro9 
cuDoGQjrDCTX^ocndSffi V*l- — parade ; retinae Vi, 
CSr^CUOdBx) a41ia'ya]n S. A. measare=4 ctS 
CBBO&p', a Harakal CS. 
(BT^aiP^ S. Cajanas indicas (sgcufo). 
(Bt^f^ob a41iyail 8. (\^ cm<Saf) Opalent, 
rich, fiQjeJoojjob powerful. 
(Bt^'V^naoA 1. the chiefs, f.l. in war. 
2. title of a class of Brahmans, chiefly the 
(BiOc^<pQO(fi«o*, leaders in the old aristo- 
cracy of Malabar. (8®r\£jf* cnq^(anro^<fla 

(Bt^eno a^a 5. (Tdbh. m^»n) l. Command. 
cms^s (8Ta6rpct«o fin^wsttoeo aiooflPj^, aou 
as& et^tsm rtn^dSafo^:^ TB. 2. oath, adjuration. 

(Ot/DOo TB. oojoilQWOCTT) pcrjury. 
(8t^5mdn§d> 1. to swear ajfiB^ocm oj^^^ , 

«»ajfi)nD ojls^jj (Bra«mc»^§A Vl. also 

with Ace. ^OK^Sicn e(&sm(£\^yi> swore 

CV. e(&say£\^<a^ to pat on oath. 
2. to adjure, also cite, arrest. Aousnol^OLjin 

iB)®6mcan| (0»§flii»m (Bio:uA |©S3<o«««x»TB. 

(BioojAnbo oerob (^(CBaj9«nx(0f (formula: 

em etc.) 8. by, f. L Agjjosm, joffS^wn^t 
a^cmotfm cnWdsm acnroo6aBQa TP. (OKmo 
fim smonb oo^nnoos s>^ nv^^errt m^ogos 
aaatesxSlaOdaaGvlgy CC. cnlcoeaosm, oslojob 
(nob ojoacamoemCG. (Ddeojoaosm coBAoenr) 
AB 2.— often shortened cn)cm9A«mar))<eg»l 
§y (po.) I swear by thee, I have it not 

Digitized by ^OOQIC 

^SfQ&y^ — 


d8VQ)9n8 — (Of^fSioLJo 

(gVQerOo a^am T. M. l. Broth, soap. Qd>otfl 
(B^osmo; ft disli of Maplas «^. SKiitflA. — 2. (C. 
ffii^fiml bant) at^. <fi^d> a field to barst by 
the heat of the san csoins' ^^qj^Qo^od)*. 

<B^6rOfff)Jo anatwam (m^srh q. ▼.) Manli- 
ness, also «t^6m.-on»oo tfpl. 

C5»5)6nr51 ai^i T. M. C. Te. (also 8. from (8ra5n6) 
Peg, nail. <b(Q. 02^ d) to strike it, toiSiOda^ to 
drive in. auarooernl, rdPro^^osml, ojlro^co^osml 
screw. Qj^nglcB'Ofirnl axlepin, dBiSQz^dsrnl nail 
with a head (opp. ajocuosni)); also = 00^,-01019 
srn^ style. 

2. what is like a nail or pin. sxijoomdfirni a 
sample to mark the eooQ Can S. (Si^ism) 
^wA irrigation channel Yi. ((er^«rn^ also 
bed for 4 plantain trees) — ataaajinnbniei^ 
6rn^(=a>^nb) the last bit of matter in a 
boU, ooDsidered as its seed. — tSY^fin^ 00 
fi>ejO(08) comedones. — (sr^finiiidngrDnb a fish 
Y8. — o^g^nb (QT^ernl head of bone. 
8. the peg on which all depends, prime mover, 

Bhr 8. (said of Earna) 

Stoa(£\ a>snBO(ob CQ, finest gold. 
iBi^6rn)(ei)(Do the choicest of any thing Yi. 
0i^firnlQaj& taproot. 

06VQK^ aqi 5. («i^«n9), angpr^nb?) Male. — old 
pi. (Si^fiBBcJo (q. ▼.) brother. — mod. pi. <m^ 
finocoB-ob f.i. Ai^snocBBck) et^^<fk ojocig^A 
AB6. (calling oat the foe) a^ m&smo ooj 
a»o flto^Mvm QojOAo a nondescript (abase). 

Comp. fiy^cnmo^ ram. 

(Bi^sn^gyo hoase of bridegroom (of castes 

below Kayers). 
fir^sm^fkjdBfioA bridegroom's relations. 
«®enBb)soaj boy, manly fellow. [child. 

isi^fiiaiA fli^a&l,<evd6n66V5>ajioiaA(song)male 
(Si^finbAtmlro horse, stallion. 
Ci^m9% 1. man's work. 2. male member Yi. 
tfj^sn&OLj^oomxtnb s m&snk man. 

M^snbAoidil etc. 

«t^srai^ male tree (so oi^snbAiMBa , fl^Q 
en, af^finbaj^oavo eto.) 

cn^en^ol the lower half of a ooooannt abell. 

abstr. If. l.(Sti^smR&Jo, manliness. tsn:xih oj 
anov (Si^sm-moko e(^^ TB. they took it 
mach amiss. (Bi^sm.mB»d9aorDnb a hero (th*) 
2. (BT^sna bravery. ai^snQo^fM)9voas cna 
cQ<5uab CO. 

L <0VQ>G<ng ia^a So. e(Q9%wA (prh. 01^506+ 
6>fi>^) Yoang bamboo shoot «i9CB^09«. a^. 
Qojdsai =s ^ QjrDlat of any strong shoots. 

n. CS(Q)9ri% adj part, of is(^^. 

^5«©6ns«v3(fr. (St^ingP)* <!SVQ)§€8Q(n.(ndS> 
"Wild encumber Y2. 

«8l^5ns| a94i T. M. C Bellgions mendioant, 
worshipper of Subramanya, aPandaram, also 
called ajtf>CT^cai9snB^ (a caste of Yogis Yi.) 
<8i^9vlcB^o§o a certain dance Yi. — hence xS^ 
aiau99iBli»'CX>. (Si^snB^Qys feasting Pandarams. 

flSr^snsj av4ijT.M.(T.cB;9sns'r«-"®^>*-^*^ 
prh. from <Bi^a> oomp. tiid^* Aid^^oe 
nocnoosa 865^ days. Can 8. «id^Gu«o, «|| 
©SHBoarJlcnoflfc (doc.) yearly. (8qj5Tg«n^<9>®«n©9 
oa aj®ab 1 year old, 8iPu 2. fltasneQ^n^ festival 
at the close ofayear.Der. aqjil.— 2. longer 
periods, a Jupiter cycle of 12 or 60 years fDSTBPo 
(8ii^5>9nB«a»rtJnA cn.m)(Bi5o (Si^sqg (Jew. doc.) 

(Sf^co^Bio aSangam s.((9t^m(OMou) 1. Pain, 
grief; Ood is aSl(00(mabnb Bhr. <nos>cai^c»»ak 
ffiSh a^an|<n^oaOo CO, 2. offence, hindrance 
aa>9^<&>cX> (6T^ sx^^ s^scoai CO. by crowing 
anexpectedly. ^o^m^nb cR^. tir^oQ Mud. 
proved a corse to the innocent. 
(grQ^rO^GtSUOOo S. What oaoaes to coagulate, 
whey (po.) 

dSr^fOonocaJl a&a5ayi s. (fir^dwoK) drawn bow) 

Threatening one's life, felon (=sajCQjSB»W)§ 


e9QK^a-So a&abam B.(V^iO)aj>8ttUiUneO(u9 
S^^gS^ flK^ ^& QuMDone ar9foa»9ai SiPn. 

Digitized by ^OOy It! 

<0vQianQ-) — (!8vq(oi23qJ 


(B>Q)^9(t>o — C8iiQdC/d» 

(ga^ Bhr. sabJMt to one's proteotioii (ss^^ 

fll^MlMIb iSftram B. (mrd) Fftre, freigbis«o>o 
^SKt(d)\ a6i 1. Dock (8. (BidraH Tnrdas). 2. Tdbh. 


eSTQ^onV^^ atitbyaia 8. (mo^nu]^) Hotpitaiity 

9ciiexs^ C(^jiuS\:S^ cot. — met. cn^'Xjch cn^ 
CtQ^znVD a6iia t. h. & rTilr^BOJ^roTko (S. ct^ 

69) The 6th Asterisni, star in Gemini. 

=ajmcLx«o — croanoQ-jcoeaoRib (Sr^S^o^g ^ 
smDSPmo 9Qi8^d9A SiPii4. 6*9nao^(WWv£\ CO. 

?(Brd^£| a5ali (T. m^rotoal) NoUe, bazz Yi. 

CSV^tGYlD atta 1. prob. Port. Anona sqaamosa 
ftretioalofla(from America, in Hayti language 
Anon) tBi^xnzK^ydSta, (Sl^.'srOKfle Caetardapple. 

tiSr^TSYTroattam S. ((BI^+ 8.^n9io) Taken, obtained; 
ehieflj in adr. (St^wMeioao Hud. oheerfolly 
m^mndojcoo asr^oooft C0. with all haste; 
m^Tsamyq^o deprired of pride. 

ToS^ftOTfO^fDo (=flT5®rt>oP T. craoitalroo Te. 
si^Q^ Necessity of engaging in a work Vi. 

C*5)T5rDV| atti prh. (m^<aiot\ or aejca/o.TJR?. 

<B'5K^<6> attnya (=«©^a) ajsPoaJlrtA c&oiSfi 
Od^oo^QSl^^nD TP. (sQlH^) 

O'QCSrOYij^OOo atto] (T. (Si^-oia, fli^-mokocb mo- 
ther) also (Si^^^TRc^aob,— ai20,— ajnaod) Kambt- 
tiri*B wife (explained =(8io<d>cciO)0a, cm^9(aai 
QKix)oX ^^ oaoji {SY^3.t>TOinaoA MB. (in ChaTa- 

ef^((5I^OOJ altmayi} 8. (V^tnonb, G. atmos, 
Athem in Geroiaii) 1. Breath, Ufe; soul, 
•pirit qjO09<B09Qlj the nniYeraal, 8{)ajo«m9 
Qj the indSvidusl tpirit. €(&txmcniSi9r^ a>oiB9 
ouxno mj^BoacM AB •. diiooTer in the soal 
throagh the soul the one Sonl of the world. 
•VBeoOMoaoauW) m^Sl^ pror. 2. heart, 

breast mjgomQ^aiOs^ omS^j^ fimoob Nal. 
fii^oieoajimbaiiDo aqu^, (6i^(OB9aj)$>or) otmo^ 
OKx^o «i.aK^ KU. 8. self, chiefly in oomp. 
henoe: Qi^ona^o (8) consisting in (=0cb/o) 
(no(p<»0)cu>Qt«U9(DBt&)eoo oeooo EelNs. 

crooaj(orvxoo(oaa>0ocBn(Dlg^. Bhg. 
fli^Rsennb (8) son, fiit^anan daaghter. 
tfi^oiesftnooDo, — - 9€KU9a)o (1) metaphysical 

m&oef^^oa\i (8) boasting (bi^ ensmooib 

(uiiDo Bhr 1. worse than death. 
m^ma(Odiea (8) preserving oneself, «^. o^om 

6M>Q9ii0& fi)jki^n6 KB 6. 
et^caeod^asfS f <Bi(^(oia«»nb (1) knowing the 

nniversal soul. 
(Bi^anaoocgy (8) snieide, tu. no^ooaion. 
fii^iOBooBDo (8) for one's own sake. 
P(3i^ana^«>CB;9at)^an ojon^ YCh. my own wife. 
ei^(sSUsifo own (po.) 
eidfOgjo personal «id<og|^3^3 BiPus. 
fll^ttaiasajQaoeo metaphysics, explanation of 

ai2^(oao, loocnMoeio & ojiomdbo, the 8 consti- 
tuents of existence (phil.) 

e6>Q>a^ ad^aram s. & OSi^amoj t. c. Te. 

1. Bespeot, regard for. z^MS\^.9Qa>£^Q^ SG. 
no fayor. isi^a/09aj9Os CC. honorably, er^a 
roojVab o^£ja)c)o<0a cn^ CG. kindly, ei^ro 
Qjo^ Anj. duly. 2. support, comfort c<dct>1 
«d» e<b 4Sii^a>ajigj=no protection. (Si^dnrDoj 
A))^<&)o Qjornl§^ BC. no consolation (confounded 
with (8i^c03(Oo). 

denV. «i^a(£ld9a 1. to regard, 6)^9arMn 
0i^8(DicB)9€Mn AB. not minding (sanDcns 
&^); QcmlalanBMOBsyfl. (eT^^(a;9syo> UB. 
Ol^fDl^a&asian honorably. 2. to support, 
console. aQalcs2)Gu6>r& (STg^. Arb. (Bi^ficol^ 
s)or)aj9(0Rii docslO oreoecno Oaj94)filcr>9ch 
CG. comforted the child. 
Part. (Si^goo honored (Sfj^^w^vs^Siai^c^on 
smh CG. 
C8^aC>do af aziam 8. Looking-glass. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

<!8V?3)<^^^^ — C8*5H3lgj 


CSf®(8©Od9 — 0S(^uJ\cr)o 

(SVQ^dOnOo afanam B. ( V^eo) Taking to oneself. 
tst^. 6>jii^ to reoeire. rooaoDdob naiuSlooB^os 
(ST^. QjaistAgjs @0^ BrhmP. reoeiyed from 
the sea. 

4Sn^d3Ca(o S. gain. e(Q^waie>^^ to be 
adranced. m^^^Dsri e6 0Q83QBiQJo odc^ 

m^QKit orSlaDrm^ ineome tax. 
CSr^al B. 1 . beginning, first — cno^s AorD 

dtedsck) TR. the transactions of this dynasty 
since the days of my ancestors. (Bi^aWoovlg 
eocxSl TB. changed again. lei^d^Qj^nib 
from beginning to end. 3. in comp. et cetera 
f.i. fl2(^oe), efing^oe^axX) (=Q(OkeJ0Q2>, QS 

hence: (Bi^«>o(D6mo original oanse. 
fBi^ <d>9cu.oflrst poem in schools (Bamayanam). 
(Br^^(Sdauob original Ood. 
fB)i^(S<i»a(> the first oo)§L}oel<&.c)oA»oel (s^nb 

(8B)flJff>o (n>(Oioioob KB 5. 
(Bi^a)on3aj 1. first king. 2. the Hapilla 

ruler of CannanfLr <d)gm (61(Qb (doro firnlaoH 

(Bi^soi; again (=«T^ai;9CBn|) m^ rDonfeoe 

«ono<fl«l^ TB. 

(8i^slaioji]d))o introduction (of a book) Yi. 

m^9u»<soch the serpent Ananta. 

(St^cmo 1. beginning ft end. Yishnu ffi^^OQ) 
Qj^auogglaoB^ KB. Ood Is m^o^cmtboD^ 
(nab, the Yedas are called (Si^om^nr). 
(OBc)o GG. 2. from first to last a>ofDfin)o 
6)Jki3^0Donb (St^ KB. 0«m(089aiiocX) (Sioo 
coo A^d9»o (81^. KB. from head to foot. 

ei^gjo first. — ady. at first, at once; as at 
first, again (=(Si^Qc(b) (81^90 ^kftJi^^^ 

m&Qpjcni9cno=cs(^ct0io f.i. Qjiav20(d(ORAl(ob 
«a9<^ (81^. cnsnnr?§^g>j MB. 

CBVQ/^^ob af ityan 8. (sioelitni) l. Bon of 
Aditi(7 or 12). 2. Sun. (Bi^ £^^QB;(l8(mffi^<^9 

&m ABi. isi^^OfaKuab BC. The oironinfer- 
enoe of the son is computed at 25,100,000 
Tojana, Bhg. e^£\m^QQa^sto a mantramABe. 
m^^Wbg^iak ar?l(bAy(0a») TP. (a ceremony 
in drawing water). 

C6rQ)GdOdQ afdSam S.(\rSos) 
mand. — 2. substitute (gram.) 
denY. si^oeoolcfla Yi. to oommand. 

081^^ af yam s. see <!8rQK3l. 

«YQ)(3Qj|d86^ adravilcka B. (q) Hasten towards, 
assaults (ST^oaotmo Yi. 

^y^LO^OOo adhanam S. (coo) Placing, deposit 
(Bl^. a)roljyl(olca» Yi. 

^t9U>3fDo adharam 8. (coib) l. Support, prop, 
base (Si^. ojlsl^n Yi. to take refuge. <d>tf^aj3ab 
<8V^ e§y TB. the country is too insecure. 
«6Qjou51g^g_|oab (BT^cJOoroo sg^ TB. we haye 
not the means to pay. 2. the € or 12 chief 
regions of the human body, '^location" of the 

eHojob Anj. 3. M. document, bond, deed 
(also iBT^cjao(fi«», (Q_j0O6mo, a>6nr>«<aaDei) o^ 
6K160 fixuift iQj (Bi^cjusrDf^Qojsm er^ainv MB. 
I proye my case altogether by documents. 
(flr71ip3(jC3rDo,(8iosloQ;ocj03rDo documcuts of former 
transfer of property. 

Ctaujl adhi S.(c^o)l. Care, anxiety, longing. 
cnsgoculcB^odn homesick. (8t^u5lQ(2{o;^ocju^a^ 
mental & bodily sufferings. 2. pawn YyM. 
(Bi^aS^(0>ob suffering mentally. 

^t©u31^ adhikyam 8. (TOuS) Ao)Oyerabttn- 
danoe; pre-eminence, authority, power. ^0) 
v£\(A flid'Q^o onSdanQjo cY))aecX>d9n9CBn(nl<6Bi 
9S, 4^ez€mdfitQi (sr^, 9oe<flAl^ajd9» KU. you 
haye the right to rule, they to sacrifice. 

^(^ojIq^^ adhibatyam s. (mcjoWidSl) 
Boyereignty, supreme authority SeajHJU^ 
(^o oibo^ceacno Kal. (to heroes). 

(»^cJlor>o adhlnam = (8»uJW f. i. (t>n^o ciy 

u5)(naiR9aibaS)(rnl§ mooTB. las subjeet of 5. 

Digitized by ^OOyii^ 



(8*©00 — <!8VQ)003CQ; 

0^/U^jmo idhmftnam S. (c^o) FUtnlenoe. 
L 1519m ioa C. Ta. H. (T. c»0CT)» Te. aQOd 
^ C ai^oa=(4sgSB toBapport) Elephant oi^ 

S2(au|Qa>y cn0qgQ/Dl^(fl» (in temples ). cps 
gxn tame elephant (opp. Aogooo) QitnodBe cueji 
^j3n6cn. OjianTR. Often in proY. et^ccUd^ 
0sm^ Aa>9s9« ete. 
o^cnAoif^, — ^O^ 0. M . Xnagnndi, residence 

of Cfshna Bayer KIT. 
myn^s^ children's play (ogf^9^*6\ en) 

nmxn dtaig^jfdPmD CG.) 
A^cn^Bttdra^aj medio, plant, so also 

Aj^CTVfltQgg^ojg^ a Hedysarnm etc. 
m^ctua^oaab elephant-keeper (8i^cr>c^6)S o^ 

osni Od- 82^<^^c^^ P'o^* cij^ideoib 

m^on^mvA an iosironent in maUng roads. 
ai2|cnd9»^9o elephantiasis. 
aiyniOaifl pit to eatoh elephants. 
fltynotfadgVak elephant's hoase. 
oqyrwMaascqj tusk, iyory. 
fliynfiaas^ elephant's trappings. 
fli^nr>9aa9(ab a measure of 4 kol=l 8sm^. 
fliyn^cnio oaii^ cnsifia stately walk. 
a;|cneii^9oWi6 diseased with a scab (fsi^OD 

•oaaonib, coAiD^ao). 
a[^ar)aiQieJ9o»9Ao o^JgQ «)f^9o (song) as much 

aa an elephant's head. 

flf^nrt^js, — 8^^5o elephant's pen, alsoesr^ 

mg^ocSl, — oesfiL 
fliiyng_|3:ii training an elephant — (Si^or)yo 

oudb ss0^orM99i9rDab. 
fli^nn^jVsrjl elephant's dung, 
fliyneej K. pr. of the jangle behind Falakada. 
a^cn^aio ooidaeTP. one of the 18 oij^qiax) 

aynaarTJ ^gfp^ *1>® prlTllege of employing 
aa altpliaat to oouTey earth, water (Byr. 

fl^cnov^loojAy 80. Ayn^^aisl (8. 000^0^9 
ao> Slephaatopnt seaber (med.) 

m^cryafs^QQSj^ the 5ih stage of growth in 
a ooooannt palm, the stomp 4 inches OTer- 
ground of the size of an elephant's foot a^ 
coovs) Qj)(^€io9, (8iS)cnsls)S);i»oia>c}o MR. 

(St^CDCBu^fajffliajl, — Qjltf^, — igcX) (Rh.) different 

(S)i^ooo9QB;g_)<efial (soosoiinb) fabulons bird, 
an elephant-lifter. rj^],^ 

(8Y^CT)aj6rr)60B) or — au«m(d») Casearia ovsta 
11. (B^OO aM. T. =«i^Qan(n, (8i^32> f. i. troojcnio 

caocoQ (oTioacgegs.inBftool EU. 
(BY^OOdBx) ana^am 8. Dram. ei^(Y>ai§a§sl 

o^Od CG. Crshna, son of Tasudeya. 

05«5)OOOOo ananam s. (v^fl»o6) Month, (st^cn 

m(C^riya) martial mien. 

<B*5i(ino3o anacTnam s. (v^cDoa) Joy, delight. 

There are 8 joys Qj^<£OQa;D— , (go^oao— , cuo 

6)s>aj<0)9 — , aste»3or)ocrxBo KeiK2. (phil.) 

(Sr^cnnaeoj^ejo VCh. = aojcTODo. 

(BT^cnngsruogg^o tears of joy. 

et^cncacno friendly reception Vi. 

denY. m^cnca^dBsi to rejoice, ocugeo (otmdg) 

(Si^. a Kayer custom, sprinkling eyery 

morning 7 times the water of their tank 

into the face. [bow. 

C5rQ)00(20noaaainaiiam 8. (ona) Reference, 

<S>Q)OOCQ;OOo iaayanam 8. (a^) Bringing. 

(O^ouooo fii^. 6)jai^ 8k. broaght, took. 

denY. (si^axB^cae l.=:Qj<»qB|a» (part, (Qt^ 

or^o) f.i. 03(0^0 0^cr)cct)^,g|l$(d> N«l2. 

to soWe, find. ACHS)(09oe)«»3(nimo Gan. 

found by the rule of three. 

C5VQ)C03CQ^o 8. Net ajaojloblaiib eQ^» 0^00 

cnl«{Br»)cn&& PT. 

cSvOKY^DcoTfi) inajah (m^ IL e^ h) Ck>w- 
herd mfyn99ta9(mib, — g^tt^t — «:S)fDl OG. 
tst&cnocH young cow, eidCDOOj^ooob calf 

<!SVQ^P09Cn;aSYD?\| KU. The docoment by 
which Brahmans appointed kings for a period 
of 12 years each, (derired from (Sr^oodat^ib, 

Digitized by UIjOOQIC 

(!5t5)OO0aOo — ^Sf9(^o 


(®^n-jC/) — <8*ftg_J 

Binoe the c^^ooslaoA, or cowherds are regarded 
as the aDcestoTB of the Kolikodn dynasty). 

CSV^OODoOo anaham S. (odqo) Constipation 

(med.) [ejocrTI etc. 

(J5fg)fi0| =(61^08^00^ in exuDomoor^, o-icro) 

C5YQ)ab<^^4)oaiia'ynlyam s. ((8ioa3^QJo)FaToar 

Sirob oQcdioaa^^o ooso^mD Nal. rules im- 

(0rQ)Ord(SaJD^ anolomyam S. Natural order 
(opp. (a_^o^l9eJ3^o unequal marriages, etc.) 

(l5Y^)n^a^o anubam 8. ((SlOCi^ojo) Marshy 

I. (Sf^nb an T. Soll.= (Bt^ Ox or cow, hence 
(BT^cnooj young cow. [^ q.j, 

n. (iSt^ob T.M.= ST^cnnnb Conditional of tst^A 

(S(IJ^C«5) an5a (T. owl) a. poisonous or unlucky 
animal ex^^c^cnn^Qpssiin i9T^CTO)Qqjo proY. (B.= 
chameleon Yu^m^Z). 

C8vQ)nTy>o an5am SoH. Spike to preserve fruit- 
trees from thieyes. 

(SVQ)CYG)a>o ia&aram 8. (isiidaQt) Interasl. e 

TB. the secret of the case. {Q^. e^^aanajjob 
superficial mind. (Si^ £6n| has courage, de- 
termination, resouroes. 

CSf^^C^Oj <Bfg)n^rban5lli» Fief under 
Calicut, from which are derived the (S(^^o 
cnocoKizolb potters also (Si^nj^nb KU. dn&io & 

(|8VQ^C^dB}Fire to hum & rise(sa«)@fii«>) Vi. 

CS(^\£^ antram 8. ((TOororoo a. 'enteron) 

1 . Entrails (gr3)®«cDDQj, — Otfto^c® » — Qjooa. 

2. M.=(Br^iQ5{y^, fit^cS)^<^*> • rupture, 
(8T^(KfloQji^(Oioi)(Se cnnnD a med. 

0St®C8CBO^dB> anffoliya 8. ((TOJJcbiA) Swing- 

log cot, litter s=s>.ti>9§^(Qb. 
(jSrg^rrujjo andhyam 8. (iswaD) Blindness. 

(!5r^(nrVUo andhram 8. Telugu (Andhrss gens, 

CSt^OQio anyam T. M. (Tdbh. (8t^Qaf^«a>o) A 

day*s work, day^s hire or wages ea^avtt^cni 

i9i^on^<svo (wSia* (tu.) 

(ST^cni gos daily meals given to Brahmans 
at the Mai. temples. 
(S*5)q-JC/) abaga S. ((Or^ajs ocean or (Siaojco) 

River. [«o«o3S^. 

(BY^Q^erOo aba^am 8. (ojsnb) Market, shop 

(SY^aJfO^OOo ababanam 8.(o_m») Failing on. 
denV. Q_j9ajo <8i5>Qj^d9eo CC. 

(jSr^ajrcro?^ 05^0)0-113^ abattf 8. (o^) 
Mishap, ruin, danger. (Si^aj(qi2<d>3^o opp. oro 
GfiicqQ prov. (BT^Q-Jfl® cuoao a^oQjo (sr^o-jStaia 
saj1^§ KB. (SiS)aui%)^9ai(ta;$ §^^ soroxTI 
(SKgp-inmo (part.) afflicted, affected by. 

C5l5)a_iD©.Qj CVJJo S. ((ST^ni) From head to foot 
ta^. (Si96rnl«ao (Si^s^snicoocb CC. 
(Srgoj 0800)1)^0 ocnoAo 17id. idem. 

C6V0)a.l3/3|:d6v abaf ikka 8. (oje) To obtain o^s 

<!SVOq-?)oOo abinam S. (oj^o) Udder, S)^9rQi 
ofTvafc po. 

C6V0)Q^o aptam 8. ((Sr^oj) part. Beached, ob- 
tained, attached, trustworthy. (8i^a^Qj9<fl« un- 
doubted declaration, as of Qods, authentic 
speech. (ST^a^0^Q^ confident. (0>c6^d9e6>ea9(Da 
aj,naDA VCh. gp.ajl^s st^aJj^^^S ®^ ^^tg 

$)a (B10CQ;d9A TB. CTd20cX><fi8 OiaAfD (Sl^O^ob 

(rsoSlcojCT^jnb). — crotSlojo (sr^oj^ojonb CC. 

came nigh. 

(Bi^o^S. 1. acquisition. (BTOsld^oaJ^aco/SitTy. 
to gain my wish. cn9^aai9d;9aJ^ci£^.'ob a»9 
gjjo e8gy(2Q0 Ca. what do I care about 
going to hoayen. S. trust Ti. 

(Sr^o^ appa Spoon, ladle Tl. (T. («5>0»^). 

(!5t5)g_J app^ T. M. C. 1. Wedge, plug, what 
stops a crerice. (8idg4o ^i^ d)QJ9So (iiD6>S:i^ 
(po.) bolted the door, ler^gj® ^aJ® ©9^ 
vu. — (hence saaiogJ, 09ODqj) 2. wad of gun, 
also (8T3)(yo Tl. 
(8rg)o-inb N. pr. of men. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

fSfQ^t^ja — <8VQ/3|.aJ3 


l8V9/3)983 — dSVQ^ A{>g) 

CS^t^jo apyam S. (on^ ) Watery, au^ajniajo 

avs^ea^ YCh. — aU drinkablM, which di- 
gested produce ^i5>o. Oi^Mio^ {^smch (mod.) 

(0V9c^ QJo aplayam S. (g^) Bathing. 

061^9-^^ ^> Offioer (sy^Qjoao coig^joovomio TR. 

(8iaajig]^^= office. 

OSYQaiTlajb, (SrCQ^rob MR. E. Appeal 
d5V^61QJ^3JL)o aBacTdham 8. (aimu) Boand to, 

conneoted— tia of yoke; t8(^9ay3jQ9^oacn9:sJ\ CO. 
^SfQ^eOjyji) aBadha 8. ((jqjoco) Segment of a 

triangle's base. Gan. 
(B»5)etQyV8>o aBJiyam B. ((sjoeqyo) Yearly — 

a Brahman ceremony csr^, a^ip^^dnb TB. 

CSr^ abha 8. (so) Ught, brightness, tsr^i A 
eirn rd<oncBBc)o Mud. dcBoOdauos Nal. 

019^0)6^00 abharanam 8. (s^) Decoration, 
omanents. Aasfosroemo, orvu cngyosrMrrMOBefo 
RC. originally they were forbidden in Kera|a; 
the most common are now: 9(9)0cX)ft bracelet, 
A&oio wrist-ring, ocnoolgy^o frontlet^ oslfiio 
0srn^ hairpin, atft^HcJor <ftsmDeJo or aanotO^ 
•ar-rlng, ^«t<ma^ nose-ring, aoej necklace, 2d 
ffild* finger-ring, oifi, ankle-ring. 

dSf^DcQi^GnOo ftbhaia^amS. (socaa) Address- 
ing. 09OD3oO^O (8Y^aClJ699:fi3 OC. told hls 


(Sv^^ooroo abhasam 8. (v^isocro splendour, 
deeeptiTe appearance). M. Low, ralgar croo 
emtB«Ka9^<95>S (Si^fiOODo Arb. corruption 
(= 0MBeaio) fii^. et&is} <l^ MR. mean building. 
onOdflfialaeoA lor^fioGnoradA MB. AfiJocflcncno 
Q99eBo^M«9cn>o6 adKon«n9«03 Bhr. oi^scro 
S^-aaiiwA nnrO^ KR. — In phil. the indi- 
Tidval soul Is tfr^soarueflajab. 

iStlifSiaJOtfh abUJiram B. (m^s^) Enchant- 
ment, soreery (ss03(D6m03Q;{|«)eB(MDO«ljii3roo 
(Si^jftVdldBe CO.) looking for omens to aceom- 
pUah a sinister aot. «i^^9rDo^A)<X> cnomo 
Qk) ojo^o jlojcroo Aif\^xn9(£\ Mud. 
«{^jai9<o«e0fOo6 toroerer. 

<j8>Q)3|893r0)io Noble birth Bhr. 6)ii>a^cal 
g9<sb m9i£\daS et^ oj.Tie, aj(rn)QgA ^ool^fii 
^oaiafiTDiSe (Sc^e^my^^oQ^ ojoio Anach. 
^SfQ^C^SUjo i.q. Simple (81^ fioojlgcij Hal. 
faced her. co^jl^soBimaiOfDos et^ Oo-ioejo 
Bhr. (si^*(S.TnBi9§ ^sooj crozaocnWc Mud. 
in presence. 

OSV^^rOab &bhirail l. An Sbhira, people near 
the Sindhn (aOphlr). 2. cowherd «(^JlrD0 
smufijo Q^^oo a^cbb) AR. 

^ (!8v9(SQ38900e abhojaiiam B. (gn) Water 
drunk by Brahmaas out of their hands Yi. 

aSfQQi ama T. H. C. (Tu. o^&z) Turtle of 3 
kinds (n9§90 (either dMDOVoe, <0>«oo0 or ooj 
ffio0, the latter in fresh water.) <&>og90, «) 

sei^®- [«a»o§o med.) 

(8)^eiO.?T9)99 tortoise shell ((0T9)(T)g^gjo tsr^^ 
(Si^a^gOojooei (pro?.) very soft. 
(BiSiS<^Ogj)d9si to fly a kite. 
(Bi^eyfijA) KU. seat of Brahmans, made of 
jt)0<n wood, in shape of a turtle ( ^eew&Jloo). 
iSi^aggsiBD bag for betebrat, etc. 
(0VQ)(2b amam 8. l.(a. 'omos) Raw, undressed, 
nndigested. cij|03ca(S;o stomach (opp. tuA^o 
osQBio). 9. sickness, chiefly slimy stools, m^ 
0e9-udo diarrhoea with fever. 8. M. stocks 
for hands ft feet m^qsk «>Ato«r^9ajodn fli^e 
(oniicA ^^ TB. (s«aioflLo). 

(S(Q(hGfrid^ amaQakkn T. tf. (& (bt^oj— 

Te. (BT^CUDo, C. (SiOQjc^ 8. er^&emjDo) Cas- 
tor oil plant (K^eCTnaa^ai, -<flA)n6«QjA a 

Kinds: jinooo—Bioinns communis (ihe best 

tfXufD^oai «i^* Ric. inermis- 

«>.oM^9 — or ojsdnfi aoTj^ Rio. afrioanas Rb. 

x^ajoT) m^* (whenoe lampoil). 

0fiKvo— Ric. Tanarus. 

(d>sai3, — «>«nsaio, — «)9§o Jatropha Cures s. 

6>d9}9sica9 — Tragia camelia. 

0Sf<^Ch^erno amantraQam 8. (0q$) Call, 

inyiting er^. e» jaic^ «Q>roW «)«(0ol Nal. bid 
farewell (with an inritation). 

Digitized byftoOOQlC 

(SS(QQiCQo — (fftg^ooJ^ 


(J5V^^ — <!SVQK^3rO^ 

denT. to inTite, Btmmion oyaojoonos 

^ esmo^cd-ioQjm.ijIcn^osvo Bhr. adTised 
him to exchange. 
<8VQ)(2)OBo amanfam s. (0aao)Blowl7(g^)(ei^. 

®aj3nrn)6i3§ Qjcm CO. by ft by she became a 

CSr^(2CQ;o amayam 8.((8T^0o2.)8iekDeB8, hurt. 
(S^T^a^B^Sio ImalaYain 8. l. PhyllanthuB em- 

blica, 6)cng^. 2. a temple frn^asAvnn^ 

Bab. SiZDo ^rD<mej30aj^eoQQ|<O3o Mod. as 

easily held as a s)co^<dB in the hand. 
C5rQ)t2)3S amada (also (m^ssos) — YenetiaD or 

Hoorish Zechin=Qj)^o^ Yi. ®.§>)3a3T9)Qj<^ 

(Sf^aOSd^jO 6)0^00100 proT. 

<Sf&£\ amiNoM.(sd9>5)sc;3Bh.) A light timber 
tree, used for making yokes, the coals serre 
for gunpowder (ssgroT^ Odina?) 

(jST^^flc^Qo amiBam 8. («i^0o) Flesh PT. 
<sr^£\c&iOt^ flesheater. 

<!SyQ^ob Ar. amin, Native polioe ofBcer BIB. 

(S(Q^cS\(lii Ar.am3,0ollector (01093)0^ (Si^^nsb. TB. 

csr^cgaJ3(a)o amalagram s. (csi^ ni.) From 

top to bottom Yi. 
aSfQQQiOSo amof am 8. (j^e) l. Joy. (ey^oeoel 

^ G0. cheerfally. 2. fragranoy elonoiz^aj 

oo QLjaT)o<82oao 6)nJQ%s cffl fli>onr)«fyo CG. 

smelled them ontP 
dSY^ am l.=:(6Y^<s»o(seefli^aifi>)ItwiUbe,al80 

in 8. interj. of agreeing. 01^0 o^moegQuft <}nP. 

those who can. 2. interj. of grief Yi. 

^S(Ui^O(SVo amnayam 8. (jgo) Tradition, holy 

soriptnre, po. 
(SV^cnJrob ambal T. M. {m^o T. wetness) A 

water-lily, which opens after sunset (bt^. clH 

<o)aoi^ocBn CG. on^auflA ^fl^ispag, med. (Bt^ctu 

ej)5)nbo (STdra^ GP. aG)nb^(ORfteoQS^gg3rooanj(^ 

CG. my mind seeks the moonlight of thy smiles. 


(D<efaoou(ab Nymphea Lotos. 

©aiefto— Nymph, alba. 

j^ooo — Nymph, stellata. 

o^Qu^ooo—Menyanthea oristeta. 

6)CTXiQaiib — Ken. Indies. 

dgoJ — Damasoniam lodioam. 
(ff(Q{Qo amiam 8. Mango tree, aooj . 
(SfQ)C^o amlam 8. (leiog) Tamarind tree, oj^. 

I. (i6tQ)ca)o ayam 8. ((6y^+ ^) income. 
(St^cQ^Qjo (^cb;QJo receipts & expenses (SI^D; 

£\ <8Q-iOS)eJ CG. reyennes. 
(Sf^TiSi^s T. Tu. CM. Bettlement of land, 
register of assessment W. 

II. OStg)ca;o M. 1. Either the prec. in qjodocbjo, 
eoHj^ocwo, f.i. eon^g-j^o oQi/SBesxr} ojcmxao 
Qa)cmol6ioi!51gy PT. how things will go with me 
(or from (sr^^, (Bi^cg V^flt^^«9>). — also in 
cnoroDCBJo, a>oejotfi>o q.v. 2. lightness (Bt^ 
Qja»(qS(d> alleyiate, tS(^ Qa>3^(fla make nimble 
Y1.2. (B. slackness, comp. (aiD«^). 

(jSQ)CQ;a^ aya&am S. (cs^e) Stretehed« long = 
of^srw. (s^:sLmei9Qai *mo«rTfl AB. «i^afc<o>aiiP^ 
q»oc)d Bhr. ac^soKOi oi^ro^o Gan. oblong. 
(Bi^oiafn^ 1. length =<8i&3i^a0o. 2. futurity et^ 
oum^cfi&i^ab YCh. looking to future use. 

CSrQCQ^.IJtrsto ayattam 8. (owab) Dependant, tra- 
otable=(wacjJlooo ; tst^^aiaseiieiQ^^ to be ready. 
(In 80. (8r®a\ic^a§ = »(Waiio§ Yi .). Kings are 
described as cro-ioa2;a5iaa\JllJU^«>c>)or crojaS^ajs 
<»{mo»cn5)^fi)<)o Mnd. acting on their own 
oonyiction or on that of a minister. 

CSr^CQ^ab ayail T. M.((8I92.) Cowherd, Yekhya 

f.cB®cBn or «T^ja^. — cB^awiawwSVol aJHocno 

CC. <8i^airnaod9scnouyi6CG.— isv9Q»M«>onbl. 

chief of cowherds CC. 2. Cfshna Bhr. 

(Br^OBNTUoA OoQoudsi, oocoids^ 1. oowfold, 

Tillage of herdsmen. 2. of Tamsri's 

palace, (Si^s^oiios) aa>03£^eia><Q iQicQ^dg) 

KU- chief lady in his establishment (see 


CS(Q)mcroo ayaaam 8. ('«»s;t) Of iron t.i.m^ 

tn^OHr^Q-io Bhr. iron frame. 
(SV^CQ^3nDo ay&6am 8. ((no) Happened = «id^ 
AM) f.i< (Bi]^3i0(0iM9OXro^liS) Nal. 

Digitized by ^OOyii:^ 

esiQcQidoruo ~- <0i^cQ>kS1 


48»©Q(yu)o— ««g>cxyj^ 

<BVQ)CQ;OCY\>a ayisam B,(<SKjXi) l. Exertion. (Si^ 
cQ;o:n>o en«o ^StiDBaa^ro^gj^nb 00. OC.OTer- 
work. 2. fstigne, tfoable. oD0or>9QB^ocroo8 
0o Qjrm.'OiDn OC. refreBhed tbemMlTes. tm^ 

CVOCTOo OojOdBo) CG.(s(8l^&]Cl^o)— et^ (SI^ 
0«I9(» M^nofVaei QJOQBf);^ OOJOftOofi SojoAao 

ooOdagiogyo9m CO. don't driToher into detpAir dt 
madness. 8. (oompare isv^^vo n, S.) nimble- 
n«08, (nog|oau<oiftini (eigcB/ooroo ai(t8.m) by 
fenoing obtained fall power of limbs; ~ oppor- 
tunity, djocg^. 
d5»®CQ31on| TM. ayini (T. (sr^ujlcnl core of 
tree)sflii^fiaoei) Artocarpus pabesoens or 
hirtata, a strong timber, aiosoJlajooj . 
ajflOcMCBOcn^ Weberaoorymbosa(ltB f^ait a>3 

48>^c^<n)gu)9S 1. a mode of donning, (prb. 
by sitting on a plank of Artoearpns wood, 
or from etQ^t*?) etQ^^MS qj^cqja to 
pay the expense of it. 2. meal giren to 
bridegroom by bride's mother on marriage 
day (=ajo«^OQ No.) 
<0VQKQ^^ ajiram T.M. (0.cro9:ijl(Do 8. ctoqo 

cpo) 1000. e(&sS\oo QoMaasi^o^ cosmaM\ 

G. (Bi^CEuWnnsig a>fijoeaBc)o AR. for ooro- 

nation. ojoo^^ ojea^aisaicD^oaso (sy^cBHrDOjo 

A9n| «i9cg^ TB. letter to the chief men about P. 

Qv^cai^rDaRgm) a dangerous ulcer. 

fit^oOfDakgi^nb thousand eyed. 

ef&£\<bamvA 05nru)QLjo hall of 1000 pillars, 
as at Knmbhakonam. 

0[^ati^(Dom9QXiao flr^OMnQgys^SBOjanbCG. thous- 
and tongued. 

mt&c£^(OQ;^cfmo candlestick with 1000 lights Yi. 

0(i^QvlrocQj(OR»i proY. thousand witted. 

0i^aQ9rD9o6 Lord OTcr 1000 Kayer, (BiDQaSdSTB! 
m^. KU. also m&sv^^nxnmigc^ cnxa^ib 1500. 

0t9CQ7h^Dc(U> ayiliTam <Tdbb. fir^sg^^o) 
The 9th asterism, forefeet of Leo, auspicious 
for Haga worship. 
0i|^c»)§jpaix> a* med. 

^STQCQ^UJo ftyildhani 6. (ccgoo) l. Weapon, 
arms (Qi^U(c^ei:fi3 jitDaj(a^acn)«oio»D^^(D 

<at<^taSfSi^<S^Sto£\A&i AB 6.) «91^cq}CJ0o 

aO^^cBe-oiBiffleaiATB. the adult males. i^ooAfim 
SiO} SiSn^wA^sr^, Qjy>6)aB«moEU. present arms. 
ei^cs^cO(0i0)96mKumK. by my bow! %, tool 
flT^. f^^asoA installation by a sword conferred 
on each suooessiye head of a family (also £. 


(8r^(X^a)d9A(0i^ Nayer's war-koife 6)5>d)(0n 

(STQ. 6>a)06n§ Qolsn^ TR. (oQOogfDdtovml 

mod. 0o^@g(d8»(OiQ)l.) 
(Si^Q^cOeOsioronb sword-bearer, soldier. 
(Bii^C(ycoOd9A9gj| armour, preparation for fight 

(Bi^'^^aos «Q-io<o> TP. 
(Bi^c;2jCJOQJ9firn^ 1. fighting man, 2. title of 

the 89000 armed Brahmans, who performed 

Cshatria duty in Kerala KU. 
<8i5)^CJUa^8} (=s 0001(094^) feast in honour of 

the tools, which procure one*B liyelihood 

(8th Kanni) TR. 

0i3ic;^cjooaoej arsenal. 

0l^(sycoo§j97Oo fencing exercise, taught by 
Panikkar (see «»Qgj). Of 18 kinds (.oQjGLil^ 
ojo^dSA TP.) tIz. 1. AOtoHrDo 2. <e>s«>o 8. xtX 

7. Qj)0l:s;o 8. Qjloa jQ^OoOOOo 9. ^S|S» smu 
GJo (fliosa^yoo^o) 10. coeca^oSfiuscooOJ^Do 
11. uofs^emi'suo 12. oai)<9S(3o 18. ojsaio 14. 
a^rD90iCQ;o 15. a>9a2'(^'^ 16. c/s^QioaJsmDo 
17. coBoudOf^o 18. onod.'orAdo. Popular 
names are (ggfccngi ^oS)aj ajq ji1ctq>o6>cxi^o 
Mna)<^a)ooaj^o ^oQyQbQoj^o etc. TP. 

dSiQC^Sg:^ ayiiM^ S. (fii^QRii V^ (810^9 ^' 
kion) 1. Life, long life orTtcDBS)^ «8T^^9g^3§ 
^SiS Oaj9«nr>o TR. I shall let you esoape 
with your Utss. ood^^gyOi-maiajA^o m\ , 
d^ «idQ%(fSOoaxb 0ilai)gj1e^ Bhr. «i^ a 
«6nr)a>ac%nm ssnagft KB. (Bi^. o^ae, a^dsS^ 
<6nAd») TR. to execute one. (R^cst^g^cnDauejo 
^•«9o,«igafWAmonr)(noa med. 2. lifetime. 

Digitized by ^OOQ IC 

(J5»©(JcQ^0<jO — <!8l©(06no 


d8>9<^(2k3^ 09QKOOCO 

fli^. Qje!i3^d9fli to liye losg, «xs^Q;{jf]:^afio •«!% 
piOT. (Bc^ &i6m£ld9di to termioate one'B life. 
Ti. cn\di csio&ovs^^ oaaio^^onioai Bhr. half 
thy destined lifetime er^. a(]^(ni9koa»9»ajr6 «morO 

^^36^0 ^0«> Sf^. YU. 

(St^Qq/rDCTQo death. (si^\xjRi»Vbb croj^o (a_)9Qjl^ 

KR. (SY^^^.-moioao Nal 4. 
(8T2)Qq^6aiajo strong constitution, 
(gr^csyeoojo (='8io:%0Soqjo.) [cine). 

(ST^cq^djeumo lengthening the life(f.i. medi- 
(8i^Q;yAa!ncnooQ<0)oajo death ((si^ (sr^cotmo AR.) 
(ST^QC^QQjeo medical science. 
(BT^cc^Q^:d3o rest of lifetime (SToajon cstQ^o 

(BT3). £»lB9«0)Ca;Dfljb PT. 

(8i^cq/a<^o0o celebration of life, a sacrifice KB. 
(8i^Q^<^onb (f. dg(ml) long lived — (Bi^Qq^c^aooo 
s> Bhr. a blessing. 

(B^C2cQ;o(joor)o ayodhanam s. (cs^uo) Battle. 

(Si^'ajR^lnnD Q^ogj^| Bhr. prepared to fight. 

C8T®Cg^5 SOSifs^ ajTfa T. M. C l. To select, cull 
(hence (m^fDoig^) gather, array ojlofh m^eaq 
AQJcOn heap up, aicsT^Q, Ogrobcsii^. coil up. «>q 
A cST^fiioi^ajcan put grass halms of equal 
length for a rite. 2.=(bio6b^^, to bend as 
for an exertion Yi. cj^oIoqio (St^aaq ARe. 
swung. Q^(b (Bf^sa^ (^s^d^ cos5)d)09ie&)^ 
Bhr. pulled up. ojoscuo escvcuA tmZB^rob 900 
6>rD (8i^^S(r)S)oan^ RC. oastmz^nA dcmoooe 
si^onb PT, lifting up the arm. Aojlacmnb 
<©3>^ Q-JO^ RC. fled eagerly. 
«•▼• «ra)<84, to swing (2) qjI^oooIj^ (W^foa^^ 
C(P<9k d96BB^ (mosliflQo YeT. 

dSY^tOo aram l. 8. (Erz 0e.) Brass, also m^ 
ro^So — (8t^ S. an awl. — (8r^ron6 S. Mars, 
G. args. 2. Tdbh. oDO^o string of pearls ; 0d 


<Sv^(OSo aradam NoM.srmoajo^ (prh. e^fS\ 
, So from fflOOB; ors48Xdq[9avo.) 
d5n2^(0§oarattam3. apart of the Panjib, 

famous for horses. 
CSV^^Oeronb ara^aacT. «l^«mo Yedam, prob. 
from S. (Bio(DCKnab stranger) Brahman, perhaps 

the name, by which they called themselTet 
when entering the poniAsola. et&ewtnii 4Mnru) 

rDsnb, c8id'06moaJ)cAcn9o ojon^dTi E.M. also 

hon. plur. (Bi^«rnajM> «iDQd<(^aOo cn^ CC. 
(jSy^(D(23 arama A Yenetian,s=6 Rupees Yi. 
?(0i^(nJoarainbam Kcaaoecn. (oi^ UI.) 

(O^^DOfU^oa^ Qj&aa^y 9ajooQa> fondly. 

(8i^^Doxi(ds>sO or (ST^fDCQio «>A)daa children to 
coax parents. 

(song) = (8iS)3rD3e<ai>. (8i^(^aud9«^ ete. 

CSr^fDo^ arambham B. (ns) XTudertaking, 
den Y. (S(&mos^<mi=»^saqet^ with Aoo. ojs cBi^ 

(Oogl:^ aPa^jy, (BK^r^os^ii Ma«»>> TR. 

oijQJaoorDo (ST^ MB. with Dat. i^^cani^ 

flt^ MR. took np the work. 
part. (Bi^rDeigjo begun, anajs^cncsBAOfii aid 

(St^g^o to be taken in hand (ndtog^aoocB'dffS 

fimosrrxpoOo CG. 
(Sf^oiossm alacrity Yi. 
(BT^roos^ diligent; clever workman Yi. 
CSY^rOoi aral T. M. (T. also fire) 1. An eel (8oM. 
flT^Qroonb) Clitoria ternatea. 2. (T. (Si^) 
Marsilea quadrifolia=cnlrD9rD(sb; c^jfiOcBfOfM^ 
Oxalis (in GP. nrjlfooor*, aja^owocxA). 

(jSt^fDOJo aravam ^SYQ)tDDOJo s. (rb) Cry, 

noise cc^^'^oroojo etc. 

(BT^roQjoroo T. M. Tu. clamorous multitude, 
(C (QT^rDOcijorDo retinue, train, prh. from 
(ST^raatftj) feastly pomp <8r^roQJoro«Q§.o cn31o 

aO(T)0Q«J8|.o Nal. QjlrOib ©cuoroiftS C81^ 

0if)i>>jy RC. warcry. 

cST5)mQJorb Bee <s^fffice>. 

C!5»5)fDD|d93, (!5^(T)DSld9© arattu^ No. (T. fii^ 
rz)35 =?contractlon of rtn3roo| Wlnslow) ai§^5)at; 
(sr^. To soothe or lull a child to sleep, see fli^ 
^^ & csi^ib UI. 

C6r^DUXY>o amdhaoaia S. (roxjo) l. Gain- 
ing, performing. 2. (cs «)i^9U)cn) worahip, 
esp. with flowers eaoJSKV v^ a jd^ t^gj) KaL 

Digitized by ^OOyiC^ 

OSIQ (0)t2o — 4l8>0((^CU9o 


cat©(»i>^^ — cB^ftA 

Ol^oaxrx)^^ ft ler^foocju^dsn to worship. 
0»aj5Kn (811^. 6>^^ CartV. (ooaab ajl§^ 
QOD fii^<docui:^ A&. (b«ftire aiing It). 
OSSQK^D^ aTimam 8. (/dc) PleMuro garden 

(a groTo.) 

OSIQKDOCg^, fi^VQ} irajYa T. M. C. Te. [Ta. 
to rake togetber,] (prob. «i^^ with Inf. et^) 
To seek, search, examine (Bt^osai Syr. doc. 
or)0(DocB;flm6Kn si^osKBMmo C0. ^mo (Si^ 
A36B9 ojnrnlQsemo Yet C. to get a turtle. <sii^ 
<M^oai9iB Bhr. oojeoocb aDonmgjinea/oaaDi^ 
sptne CG. ct&ooao^icnoasi to examine, — 
f «|^o%Sar)9so A certain dlTination Yi. 

^5l^3CBb izal 8. (Yed. distant) Near (Sf^. 



O8y3)aR<0>^ mrd arnya (T. Te. to abonnd, have 

richly, prh. firom V^trotQ) C. Te. T. Tu. chiefly 

the Inf. (01^ Richly, satisfactorily. 6>s>d»)gB|0 

(DQjsmcaa), a^sis^MHtno^p® RC. (with both 

hands) ixooooisxmcnDo cucivoo/o aJHsmo od^ 

BC. to Tnltares in battle — a belly-fall for 

their offspring, et&coojofy^&i fall breast, 

henoe «r;^fOQjoA)^CLKB/3c)o Bhr. (Si^^Doid^fii 

cngtjado BC. 

adj. part. past, dc^ojocb 0^0^5)5 RC. (=a^ 

^Hit fitt.)<^S3aT) ei^ CG. tall man. ^6m 

SdcmoMb the good. <80fQ<8cna)3abajob RC. 

as high as Mem. Qaoso m&Sion^o onfiJo 

the joy-giring fruit. ^Jiysmocm cruaua© 

orerflowing wealth, fli^mo (sic.) Ojiioomonb 

CG. decidedly. 

adj. part. fat. (no^eiooBo a<0)989i, 0)oip«>o(Qio 

cnlnEKii9i»i49>o RC. 

in«T. «ioaj9<BK> (81^.119 CC. they died (=(0^3 

▼. root in Comp. i=stBt^(i»o) morooAaoi^ Bhr. 
the Lotus-bom lady Lacshmi ajs^ajsA. qj^ 
§y BC. well shaped bow. 
IBI9^6*2)» iira^yain 8.s=flio(Qa6m(A, Of glow- 
ing auger (^aio m^ <^^ jueen^ CG. 
CBlQ^(<^CUAo fiara4ham S.(part. (»qo) 1. Asoend- 

ed. «iooej9^ai9o6 movnted. (Bi^<scuonao^ 
«i^C9cu0audacJuid»)c)o KelK. perfect philoso- 
phers. «)i^|C3ajP90999r9bNal.(a SQDfOH)). 2. Mai. 
a ruined house or family ==Q<8onj egg mo 


(!ST5)(8rDD^^ arogyam 8. (fliOiJrODCOo) Health, 
strength; also of trees d-y«e^fi)nbo «i®. «a_i3 


^y^Q^DoJo arobam 8. (r^^o cans.) Laying 

on, imputation, charge, also flt3)«(T)DQj«mo, 

denY. m^fttot^d^ss ji^eaqg^^^ to inflict; cro 

gjfimo (01^ YCb. to attribttte TiHues. 9eo 

(fiao (81^. to charge with faults. 

«r5)(8rD^Qi^'Bb aromal ((sraA = lawrta) 1 . Darling 
(Bl^(^90r7A 6>5)ci-uo)<A CG. 2. pleasantly, happi- 
ly (8t^ f»v«uljjij(Da©a«mo PT. (81^. Qjoacno 
6)^<^ etc. (po.) 

<0rQ^<SrO3QOo aroham 8. (m^n) Rising, ascent. 
aj^DOHOo (St^. «> iaKS^orib KB. went up into (see 

(evgSroooOfmo ascending (f.i. o\)jcLo — the 

death of kings KU.); rise in singing MC. 

denY. (Sigsrooadlcto to ascend r&LOo (bk^ BB. 

I. (fft^fb ar T.M. (=ai;oA) Who? pi. d^ indef. 
sing. jB*3 oOKip.Di^ (Bta®rt>® (A (Bt3)«rtJ®) TR. 
whose=3(8i3«B«)s — noDajrolflA <8tg)rt)D«8tf)S (tia 
s1«6m fS(^6ffi golfiWiD® MR. (repeated with 
distributire signifleation). fli^itso ®^ there 
is none, I ha^e no friend. (Si^oso eanso (=(8io 
aiaso)s^3d)iaiQjnbYi. left alone in the world. 
(ffi^-oDob (fr. (Si^nb, (BradJlnb see (si^Aono) (on^ 
^scido whosoerer, any ono} the next best, 
(Bi^tfinoodo QQjsniO none wants it; also de- 
clined fli^rDoswibo, (8i3)'©oamo§ KR. (8»^rt)»n6 
iBi^onb (0)8nm pror. the who is it remains 
a who is it. 
Old forms (m^««ooo (fr. oQcn^ciso) ft m^'$tt&^o 
(oQ^ej^ejo) (8T^9^ejo ojono atoneo^b^oaio OG. 
— (poooisidaoosajonb CC. whose can it 
n. (01^ 1. (T. sharpness) Chip, splinter, as of 
bamboos i^(a;9A. culfDejltTn (m5<a<o><X> ajD^al 

Digitized by ^OOQ IC 

<0v^— <!8vo<ora)o 


d^f^rvniKUo — OPQqgio 

droTe eplinters between finger & n»iL m^ 
ACTOfto, cn^n6Aa8»o ipeer of JLreoa wood; 
shaft of spear (sflroeidh) «i^r£l«flbord pointed 
stake, t. (T. splendour) «ri^<^o aojo t» G0. 
shining gold. (Comp. (O^ro^id)). 
III. CSiT^ 55(81008 (bef. Towels) (SidencEu)^ Bhr. 
The preoioos life, fli^spcsb i^roaaaQ Bhg 6. 
loTO- sickness; prh. (Sr^rosc/s (e^fij) Ti. con- 
tralto (P) 

Hud. tsi^xt^^o ^^oMch Slra crowned with 
C5rQ)<0ftdB>, 0^ arkn'ya T.]C.(T.aiso to fight 
oomp. II 0i^(b) 1. To cry alood, roar, shoat. 
(Si[2^(ig2<>-JO^ to Tociferate, ^orvcnlei (St^o^ (in 
solemnities). ffif^t^Aj^jfLT^cr^oib A£. shont of 
trinmph. 2. prh. to blase up, rise fgxQSidot 
(Slalom (BiDon^ (po.) or roaring fireP 
YN. (BTd<fie(gb, «Qj^ in (Si^ ailfiO<A», «tj^ 

^ai; also (Bis^ro^dOa to halloo. 
CY. fii^gljlcda 1. make to shout. 2. oo^o^ 

cn^ig!^^ Bhr. stirred up, raised dust. 

^5l^eSt9D9 arniioda {«Sf^lb T. Bauhinia tree, 
<8i5)Aoi30a>o§ its branch, symbol of the 9^9sp 
Riya)N. pr. The Ya)luTar dynasty, which had 
to celebrate the Mahamakham feast at Tiru- 
navai, until dispossessed by the Tamuri. 01^ 
«<BBo§crojfSajo KU. ai^«<BB3^oo(ae MB. 
by the A. measure. 

OSrQyeS^OOo arjftnam 8. (gn) Acquiring. 
deuY. oogj ^emaada (Si^s^s^desmo PT. 

05>^€$^QJo arjavam 8. (qa^) Straightness, 
sincerity, Justice. 

(St^rofo^o artam (od+e) P"^ Afflicted ts» 

Qlx)q mf^doKBiV^l CG. suifered (in childbirth). 

(Bi^anoKDdObi Kud. despairing. 

Oi^affBioDOdo shriek, groan, alarm, lament. 

(Q(S^asiBK)LiA3ca«mcn9C0 ar>9ADQ(wm(ib K. the help 
of the distressed. 

tSl^'m\ 8. 1. affiiction qj)«cb;9CO9(0R») Kal. (St^ 
ami d>fl(%nm onlcsiao KB. a saving water. — 
Tu. o^oRinQEblg) he is not poor. 2. Qhiefiy 

thirst end* o-i)^<dB p*nt after water, ein. 
8. (oomp. fiqien) crying out. 

dBlQATtevaJo irtavam 8. (g@) The menses. 
(81^ oasqao, ad<^^^J^^oo^)o Ifid. 

08^0)^0 uf ram 8. 1. Wet, moist QjD&]<d><b cBl^ 
ecoeftdof^ CG. by bathing, ^el <m^c»sc&l 
(by moonlight) refreshed. 48v^c/xnilsDBSift 
«>d9)09i9 (nsOtite Nal. 2. soft, melknr, fieeling 
ffnnojcnVti) ^(a^^aoesoaje saHdae^eo 81 Pus. 
are strangers pitied. Si<msm9sm^^%o AB. 
from compassion. 

(8T^^ compassion = (Bi^fioajo, oQnrBAS ^t 
fijo dMHiMlb (Bi[^<o) ftQj)AA»cmo KaL a 
g^or»o (Si^ fiSHBoo Bhr. CTen a stone would 

<B>Q)cSjo aryam 8.(010^ Yed. faithful, or y/mh 
ploughman) 1. Belonging to the Aryas, the 
conquerors of India, (opp. eci^ , (^Qnb) . (Si^Sj 
n09a8S)S ero)o Ao)<:hS)d9s)3^ Mud. the mountain 
prince embraced Hinduism (Si^^^coo^ ojOB 
(£Qo ^Qsngo QjoQi^ms Mud. a Brahman; but 
also Yeiahya, 401^^2^06= 6>ii)gl loo. 2. Sanscrit 
(BT^cejajOdSs pure Sanscrit, fir^cgj aa)^a]g| the 
modern Mai. alphabet, as used for 8. writing 
0i^g2j,indtl(7A e^asb^ejo «,|q[^35<d>vm1rok <^sb)^o 
Ana ^emdSe TR. 3. suiting an Arya, noble, 
respectable roo^aoc)o cn)o6ajcru)os>a)39iB cm 
onbo ajooao t^ooo (Sr^ogjeoo KR. will be 
highly ennobled. Qajoooicu (Si^r^co; tmosiaiTP. 
a noble parrot. flr^ogjarmiMnd. magnanimooa. 
hence : eigiogy ParTati flr^cBjACo; 901X1^1^)3 A CO. 
(81^92^(00^003^ KU.? 

QjSdte (8i^g2jCD3^ KU. the Tulu country. 
ai992^§^ ft (8id9yoQjg(b a kind of foreign 

A^g^s^aarak palaee entranoe — H, pr. the 

residenoe at (TanyaaOr s i8iDO<aa(ab KU. 
m&g^^nnb the (Jayal ox, mistaken for a deer. 
l8l^oQjac)o 1. a foreign medioine. 2. a royal 

attribute, <Bid'^o Q^^a4saK%o KU. 
m^^lfioj^ Cleome visoosa. a laed. 

Digitized by \^300Q IC 

48i9(£bo— «S>^ 



O(d3!f3xi(gs»o the gathering place of the Aryas; 

the ooantry between Himalaya & Tlndhya 

a^'D^sD:Dasb»a3o ojer^igdOTvusaj Si Pas. 

firom whence the Kerala Brahmans were 

introdnoed EU. 
fl^gSjaayaio Sanscrit langnage? S)S)xicB;9<d)ro 

crrxib aQsebltok 01^ on^tjas oQ^cq^o oa>os 

OBIQKfbo iziam 8. (3<^) What originates with 
Kiahla — what it rcTealed, plain (opp. aocid 
^&4> invented, artificial). 
^^dOaSYti arhatar S. (flR)o!h.m)Jaina8(po.) 
d5^ ahk T.M.C.Te.(Tu. isi^edl) VN. offlX) 
Q A 1 . WaysQjspi. cmaciOJOoS , (8J9)OQajo Vi . 
the erj by which the road is cleared before 
a nobleman. Hence «i^3o = oiiplsov f.i. Aiii 
^01900, €1.0102(930 after haTing done. 
«. manner s}qj9Q thus. «©g_jflRJnnno co^ usi^lb 
&^s <^^ fli^S)o^ji@ -oj§(3 well baked. — 
Eap. with adj. part. ®»DT»cm3jao Bhr. the 
way it appeara. fiis1^ajD6>o«J80cn Mud. how 
did yon getP (8<&§aj909(dnl^ TP. did as if he 
had not heard. ^<0MBcXxfl6 (md9aa)3Q Sab. 
aeeording to each one's sins. onafimal^Mnajo 
oooBSKT) CG. how did yon become so impn- 
dentP — Chiefly with fatore part. aroUjoooaJ^ 
was aboat to die. eocoejeoeooifsmo liyed 
h^piiy. «ia-jg^aDoaw)oyaaT)ee^ KU. retired 
for p e nan c es. AoatoBSizx^zoSiO Bhr. to quench 
the ftre of lore. — The form airsadoocail <^a8 
aboat to eome^' — is often contracted in okqo 
oxeT^; hence arises the semblance of an Inf. 
flKij^sis m&sm&^aicvD ^s<aA9o MR. there we 
aae to sleep; (occasionally also the form of an 
laf. a<dka>0O9a)«mo TR. may you be pleased 
to giTeX For particulars see grammar. — 
Many Cpds. ojaaojdo Si^osnt^o etc. explain- 
ed by phraasB like tstMoq 96Qi9c6^^aj9O0 

S. firer T.M.(Te.aclQ)<»aQaflQgjo,(ffl^6Vab 
gtAQjkijo proT. ro<0<8»o on^oaS) a^aH ITR. 

0.alok» OAO^Ad) AD^ODdio tB&Cl^>&i mOiTO 

KR. crossed rivers— (BJ^^o through the river 
(more in So M.; No. ajip.) 
4. (=(8iD(^)8ix T. M. C. Te. (To. (S(^^) (Sj^doo 
sixth (81^09006, — aajnb. (gr^ODaf^roo 6000. 
fii^oao «X6. & each 6. (Bt^Qo moejo 6 Shastras 
& 4 Yedas, or 6 cdcq;o ft -l gojooa/o. 
Cpds. «i^09§a> (3) V. n. to bathe CV. (8T^'s)«fl» 
f.1. an idol. 

VK. (8i^09| bath, esp. of idols with pro- 
cession, (eT^cncan^os)ra> (8i^r)o(j§a prov. 
^r6lQD909§ cattle-fkir. ecoaj.'oSls^obo 

«i>J9m Qjly»AB(2l^P- no blood to be shed 
on any account. 

ei^9|<ftao idol's bathing-taak. 

ar^OO^fnOs: 6)aJ5l«d9Bl9§. 

TK. c8i^93o bathing— met. (olgo o«>9 
9B9O0SO prov. =aj^ro9.o. 
(Bt^09o QjwS\ (i) the side near the ribs. 
(BiS)')oig (4) ceremony for finding out a hidden 

tWng fir^. oaid9» Vi. 2.= cnd^o oaidte. 
(8i^^9(i)b (i) 1. insects Gusrig. 2. like other 

names of the bee, the shrub atogjOT?. 

(ffl5>:^08a>rD=(8t3)Oolnf>ajvOo (8) bank of river. 

(BT^oolaatit^b (8) residence of Travancore 

(Si^OQa)9rob (8) river's channel. 

(Bi^oQ (0)^0802^ (3) regulation of streams. 

(Si^OQee (3) sacrificial grass saiod. 

(8i^OQ9ooooQ (Bojo^) (8) to be under a vow to 
bathe ft fast. <sig)^Q«cn30.T)«JG6)cn wjiirno 
Qjoog^ Kal. went my way governed by one 
single thought, unmindful of hunger, etc. 

(Sl^OQojOo (8) towards the river n»lrtSCU«8B9 
S90Qajoo ©jiimo TP. 

Bi^oQ QJi^a? Aioroo (3) Tr P. superintendence 
of timber, floated from the jungles. 

(BI^OQQj9CW (l) = (8raQ3J3QEt^. 

(n^cx)«>Qjgj MR. land formed by river^s sedi- 
ment; superior ground for fruit-trees (opp. 

0B»5)Q <fi>, c51 SJuya T.M. C.Te. (Tu. (Oi^a) 
V^ AdQ(d) T. n. 1 . To go off, be extinguished. 

Digitized t^^OOQ IC 

(isvQKxj (d> — csd^e^ 



Hid. <my<uo (Si^nm, (also (nooj'DRficrn <B)i^09 
ggcrn^ G0.) «)2^]^& (n^«0o Bhr. 2. esp. 
grow eool jiiooog^oo (m^oi^dODi^ CQ, dinner 
waiti. a>o0i'ORSl (or ^oeoojidil) <si$()09Q Bhr. 
to appease or satiafy the last. 9. to dry np 
((OidolcB;0(ob AfDejioA e§£) a mod.) as land, 
washed hair, wounds cgaDOoloirDl^. 4. to 
heal, be allayed, calmed §t6Uo (bi^=c«^c8s. 
(Bi^oo.inoi incurable. 

CV. (Big^oldae, o®:?l§«fl> (esp. of clothes Qfine 
«»aoqd9>, CX31 ▼. a. 1. To cool, allay, 
calm. mQOOOiasiWoi §1010 BC. inconsolable. 
2. to dry (neimoA fli^oo^; birds to trim 
their plnmage, q^r^ <nSQj^ <ndOQ<d) to smooth- 
en king's cloth with hands instead of iron. 
8. T. n. (P 55(0^(09 A or T. m&rho<A (Si^a>) 
to grow richly, thrire (meJcnoA (BT^ool Oojoat. 
TH. (Bi^oooA see foil. 
CT. (Bi^ocSlaB. 

05>^CX^affa 1. A small bird, decoy-bird, sparrow 
Yi. 2. darling et^oSiSiQjmahy (Bi^soo my 
dear! atssbian &(b (Si^oooanQg^o (=co@o) 
(Si^GEtn, &ib (Si^oodaflsosaj £a| TP. (see foil.) 
(!S(^Oaii YN. ((Br^OQ«» 3) 1. Growing; 
healthy, magnificent growth (Si^oooeiss ana 
0ax)o fionBOoO Bhr. a big girl, eggi^ (Si^oo 
QiiwzomyA Anj. filling the soal. 2. actiyity, 
carefnlly looking after. 8.=(BT^oo f.i. m^ 
oo(Qbd9ins9aj^5)cn CG. 

(|SVQ)OOo 1. Much ^AOAcS^ (Bl^ooo ojoson 
en9^ TP. donH fly too high. 2. (= aj3^S>o 
fr. cii9^ to thriTc) something, somewhat 
i^oTlsaio oajfiB^'^^^o (Bi^ooo Qj)(|p«09 lest 
he fall in fire or water (or any other danger) 
a^oDafi90oo^Qija««oTP. of) oq^oo Oojoocb/s 
TP. did yon perhaps goP 

0VQ)ej ala T. M. C. Tu. (Tdbh. of ti^&xato or 
oooai) Shed as for sngar-mill, workshop, cow- 
honse. «i^flj«8a(obcn1(T» ajMidhsl^Ofob proT. 
^|spoekhi(mo TP. the cows of 7 stables. 9cuad 

<fiB<X> (ndS)QJd9«ai90oc^ Qjaiorv CG. in the even- 
ing. ~ oil-mill 9A0(A ^O^et^QS^o .ol^to 
ecdsood^ proT. — workshop of blacksmith 

TB. (oi^ejdaaOroQd} Yi. go to shop or onoe. 
m<^ca;9ai pit or shed to catoh tigers. 
(SYQ^a^ alam S. 1. Broad. 2.poiBon6i^fii6>9«9 
rorDQcn siuymnn Bhg. poison swallowing 

BC. 8. M. (T. Dalbergia) a tree=9aj&i?, used 
to make mortars. (n^Qi(q2fD(iA cc^^sS^sichci 
AOBnriD, (Bi^»R»ifiiCBnrbb £§ a med. [Mpl. 
4. Ar. *alam. world, (St^o ojQSO^onb (OSia 
(8i^ej«089§ (8). 

d5v^aio60jono alamfianam 8. (\r fiioou) 

Depending on, snpport cn^dsS Aft (Bi^etofloj 
ODo eg^ ABe. (lamentation of widows). 
(BQBiosruo the same (s=(Bid^3i;o) 9eJ9d»aj8 
aul^cXxe* 01^* 096>QB/|fo ^aLn)9C[£^ C0. o^ 

Bhr 16. to stand on. 

denY. (BT^otiOildaa. 1. rest on 0fd«)dan9ciii9eJo 

6Qjij^cnl^nfiDKB5.toholdto. 2. to assume 

a form ((s^ajo (sr^.), religion (e^o) seiae 

QACcgyo <Bi^o6a*| AB. = s>6)a^aB99i(. 

dSV^fiJodo alambham 8. (ais) Seizing, killing; 

Tiolent death. 
CSV^aJCOb alayam 8. (ell) Dwelling honse, f.i. 

osajoejovo, (^o^oaicB/o eto. a)radcm3fiJ3»o 

merciful, eto. 

d5v^&iaj§o alavattABi t. h. c. Tc. (8. tss&^ 

oacioio from T. fsr&^A to moTe=(8ioai) I. A 
fan in shape of umbrella, made of peacock's 
feathers oigo Axnan^nm (BI^'qjo ODSfa^^o KB. 
.ojoQo jojsponl^o (ST^'oB^o (Royal insignia 
ft good omen). 2. a panka. 

C8rQ)aiGLJoak> alaYilam s.((no(obUl)WateriBg 
bed round trees (dnso). 

CSv^aJO^ai alaiilaM.(v^o^ei«»T.tomeTe) 
Disquietude, trouble, cares, cm^ omjorni^ 
how happy be is. eid'<dKX} £« (oogjtqgi soojI 
4^(9^ rDd^o.iini«e Aft m^'axh ^S0Q<n Asqi 

Digitized by ^OOy It! 

esr^aio^ -^ «»©(Saja-j 


dSr® (8aiDdB59 — OB^OOJeno) 

(0^sS\s» TB. ditturbanoes, rebellioiu at- 
tempts. aijl^(Qj^6)nbo QjoACQ)o Qjcno cnos & 
«qbks^ cn^^CBfocv cro0(B;tiQ TB. general oon- 

C5Q)fiJC^io alasyam 8. ((snaicro) l. WearinesB, 
fatigue. (OonoScnjocb (O^o^o a med, a 
symptom) (Sbsoet «is^<dA06).iiiQ)0fD9Qia^o TP. 
being knocked np. o^aicnD ^o® cno^a) o^ 

e!u^^ TB. his Higbness died. 2. idleness, 

ei^QXi^aioab slothfal Yi. 
CSf^i^O'^dbiy (tm\ alattaTfaTobawl, halloo 

Yi. (oomp. cBi^el^idn). 
CfQ^Bl^Q^ alabam 8. (qjoj) Talk, tmcn^^oso 

ojo 0019^0 YCh. let her not talk with 


denY. flt^ooj^cBs 1. (8i^orKi3€)6)sa)ajl etc. fDo 
coo 0i3|. to hum a tnne (Brahmans). 2. to 

•P^^* [(Sr^aiDvina Yi. Ho. 

<0iOai^C[^D alas Ar. lahis, X large cable, also 

CSiQ^eTI all T.M.C. ((si^ni) Lrrfli^aHg^vo 
Bain's fruit, hail. (Si^an^tfan^an (no(06nr> 
A^ OojseiAai KB. like the thanks of lizards 
for hail, also ei^Oissbs Yi . 2. oyster NoX. — 
8. Ar. (Kpl.) 

<0iQ|£Jld8Gt alikka aM. (T.^i^aLjej^antohiizBa) 
Gteneral shoat, as in war or feast Yi. 

0lQ>fij)sCOOno alingaaam 8. (fijloco) Embrace. 
61^ Oii)^to embrace. 

40Q)fijV£UB>^ ^^' 'alim. Learned men (Kpl.) 

09&Ikuft) ali4]iam 8. (ej^oo) Attitude of 
shooting (po.) 

<0>9aj(d>,nryd alaifa i.(T.m.c. to mores ato 

fii, spread =(n^oo<9b) T.n. (i\ et&^ccn The 
fire spresds Yi . r= <0i^ggsa>. 2. to be spent, go 
to end, No. a^Mm, Qjloa> eiQcm QajocBH, 6)00 
a£^fl(^9:oiaftQ!ilAd9aoBOonomical1amp. 8. <si$ 
ms sijtyocm^ C0.s(Bi^aiD (see tst^OBA). 
4. T.a. to heap np (past m^ Vi.) ^£i cm^ 
eja>, ^Q (St^ to make a straw stack (Cooh.) 

l8v^£Ja-inOo alfibanam 8. (aHoj) Paint, 
perfume «i^'cnoa^a>c)o «>a>99«ejab(£^;d^ T7B. 

dSV^CSfiJOdBx) aloyam 8. Ylew, interTiow. 
(8t^3ai3(d>cno looking at. 
et^'i&io ^ AB. haying seen. sioxiCOoaA (Bi^oeio 
•^nb CG. to be looked upon by him. 
dSV® 3fiJ0 jaJOO Investigation, reflection (T. con- 

denY. (sr^^aiOiiilcfiA to consider, co (SidojcW^ 
<0)<X) Ono3(dni (Si^QfiJOiJljyd)^^ MB. on 
considering these circumstances. 
dSV^CSfiJoaJo alolam 8. ((Seioai) shaky ts(^'^9 

CCin3QJ9(d) = 0(o)gJOOO(d) Ho. 

I. (1S(Q)(A al T.M.(Tu.eJ0)=YN.(ffl^Brr8b*Being 
there*', by, through, ^ojfijo^ob dmo Bhr. one 
of. cnosoejo q-jow^, ^imaiofijo o-jo-xnl TP. half 
of (see gram.) 

n. (!5»©ub T. C. M. ((er^«S>) Fious Indica 9eu 
fDorgb, ci^soS.The different kinds: ond.'DROcQiwbb 
Fie. glomerosa, (BiorDCfi;9(9bFlc. relig. flD(ORfia2;o(Qb 
Fie. Benjamina. a>9g9(ob Flo. citrifoL a»g>)0(Bb 
Fic.maisorensis (or Hibiscus populneoldes) jS\ 
ODD.'ob, ^ajnmcsi^ Fio. infeotoria((0>Qj)iO(9b 
black poplar tree Yi.) 
(QT^Qjip) its falling roots (Palg.) 
(Si^QjaatiOCoi , (Si^fiioiiiPo its fruit, 
(erstannbo-iooib its milk. 

et^rsoio €iS^^A to wall in a large banian 
tree mQf^&di (nosnilasme CG. a9<ftofi)ei 

in. (!SYQ)ajb (waving ssam^) a M. 1. Water Acrn) 
(WO (Si^dSao (8iouDa-iron KU. explanation of 
Tamuri's title a)(Tn&i(8d9fi900»n^^. 2.(s=(8io 
gjoA or ADifHob) trouble. csi^aDnib ojWnD, m^ 
smcafi (st&^o tstb^^e^Q ffi^gjo Ho. 

^8VQ)aJ6nOo ayai^ain T. (Tdbh. ai^(u«mo) 
Market, street. (?) 

(Big^ojemdaaea (Vi. — 6n>^ — ) a trough near 
a well ((a>aft)ajlsp)ai9Cib). 

(Bi^ojemg^^^ KU' Brahman*8 stool, ^^^o 
cTV)cno (see (Bt©0). 
0SfQ)OJG<D<QG> Bee (Sidsemtda in CO. (n^Qj^fim 

tf)(8o|m o^ (Si^sojofto oouojlan castor oil, 
<]5irQ)Qj€nrSl ava^i C.T.Te. (=^9ai«nr>o) 6th 
month, jiiloBo. 

Digitized by Qsf OOQIC 

CSi^KUOfil — dSv^QJ^io 


0B»5)aJOro| — Cji^QJOoD 

(Si^aj6rT9iQj§o KU. yearly ohftage of the 
Brahminioal string). 
<BTg)QJ/7J^ ava5i SoM. (s^y^oH) Breath, ya- 

pour. (81^ ffi§A = 08_icnyi(fl« Vi, 
CSfQjOJ^ Bee (Sf^^Sy II. (poseibility). 
CS^QJPOOiPl avanaU T.M. (T.also Bt^uoM. 

(Bt^ojcnDSpiai) Qaiver 8k.=@^6nTi. 
CSr^CLKOenOo avara^am S. (cuib) l. Screening 

(=(oJl(8ro3a;ocno Vi). 2. obstructing (By^u 

rDsmo QLn<8ia&a_jo gg'^ ^^ oaafO)l<d>^o HNE. 

(Tno0cro^6mo a ustd/silctvoQglrDlsiaqf^o KeiN. 

(namely (Si^QjrD6Tn'> A Qjl^dOfiaaJo negatire 

A poaitiye activity). 
(!8V^aj(CYn)o avartam S. ((^(URa) l. Whirlpool. 

er^smo satsnoo YCh. falling in love. — hair- 

carled csr^ouobt^ki^caacX) .oo &9ie)aj«)ood9» 

NaU. (horses) — the navel is compared to (si^. 

CQ. 2. gathering of men ((Si^sjoausreio). 

(Bi^XKOR?) retarning drosojasra^o^cno Nal. once 

more. (iBraQjajR? better.) [regularly. 

ai^3j(sioKno revolving, repeating, observing 

denY. oQgD (Si^XKaTa^:^ ihoo^smo med. again. 

(Si^':^ Qjo^ to repeat. m>m as^cm (O^u 

(m^a» cpo-inb VyM. to revise the decree. 

eS(9OJB^0(tf\ avalUi t. m. (So. - el & — vj\) 

1. Yexation (8i^*6)g-}^a> Vi. to be distressed. 

2, grumbling, complaint (Si^xilfijoini^ Oxa 
nmofdk FT. (Si^ajiaj»m^ ffiO«noocD«BcV> «<»cb 

(Si^ crosttscoecb o<d)| (tn^ao TR. 
(8i^:DAJ3!an(0siO(^ So. piaintiif, No. a vexer. 

dSV^Ojall avali S. Row, drove. 

0S(Q^OJdb aval l. (T. desire) hence (Si^ojojoto!)? 
2. a large bat So. (T. (SI^ojogjo) (Bt^aj^ m^ 
Qjdi Qjiraaom ojnmonfc prov. ~ flying fox =0^0 
oodob (loc.) 8. a medic, tree (purgat-) a»o 
Qjcob (9t^. 0aD&J35B&D KB 4. prh. = (ST^aji(eb. 

CSV^QJOI^ ayaiyam S. (otoaioa) 1. Neoesaity. 
coQ. £Qg^d)(d>c66> (81^. g^sneocBH vu. ogfiicm 
n^r£ld9s (T)l (ai^aKg)d»>6aeaVakBiPu8. in straits 
(word of a CK>d). m^ 9Qjoa«<0) Yi. to deliver. 

oroo OiT^^m^ ^cr)jifS^9ch. end* ^^^ <^8(S' 
OjrQSo Arb. all who were deemed necessary 
for the enquiry. 2. needful, requisite 0»ai 
an6o (8iS)Xi(^o (o^dtoroo ojoos^sroo MR. 
speak as he dictates. — It often serves for 
''must", either with the Nom. of the thing 
required ((0)§;}(r) curo^ih Qjfi.6>rD (B)i^aj<^o TR. 
also with the old Inf. (Sr^oz^ onoaaicX) oio.'f^cBr 
cr)^<98 Qj&or^ (Sr^. understand: fSi^iT^rD^aa 
mo) ; or with the Dat. or 2nd Adv. (^Q^njirre 
A5)d))(0n9(en (8T^ fi^neocEti^ TR. Ch. wanted 
coolies ajls^g_|9nb (Qt^. ®gy MR. Oo-ioouonb 
cn^<oS (61^. Qjmo TR.) or with the addition 
of Qaj6mo(in different forms: (BID 32/9 dOs 503 et^ 
Qj(^o gsg^l^- 6>a>9§6)(0n«mo c^mDgg.^ cn^ 
<dn (8tS>- @^ I don't want to give away. a_>o 
^cofirmaS (8i^*09aiaio MR.) 
(ST^aj'^cflfiorDab mod. = ^gsBQjnb- 
fli^ajc^«>g-)§<d> mod. to want, wish for=0:u 

(er^aj(^0oavi(=Qcu«ne^ for) a>ofi!na)ch<d«o aoj 

ggo AS^^OOdo (BT^. Asflg^ jL} aiflo MR. 

csr^Oicroldec) ayasikka s. (aicro) To rest on 

as a Qod on a person (gcmoojocroo) ; dwell in, 
sojourn for a time ojcmscob (Otd^g^fofWootTl AR. 
(Bi^ojoorooaooj 5)a)gt ^ffvoaa^ Bhre. tents of 

army. |gQj(CF)^cq/5)5 .aju>ejojo (0i^iJ9ca>oe9ej 

6>atgl ^(OiCLxi Mad 7. bivouacked. 
crogj«ai3^9^wr\>nb (po.) the Deity (panthe- 

istically viewed) as spread throughout the 

? CSV^CUD^dB), Sl avadnifA t. n. To be aired. 

(Bt5U0|«) V. a. to air Yi. (cr^xn). 
CSV^QJDqOOOo ayahftliam S. ( uao) invitation; 
quickening an idol, stealing the presence of a 
Ood for a newbuilt temple, co^ tsi^ajoool^ocak 
Qaj9^o 9801009^ curosoBhr. s(Q3Qcn ei^*^; 
gavronao^fflb (aa09«a:u©m tsav<o(ni^Aai«k 
aj3^^9e3jl6>cD; (8i^3J9aOcr)o 6>jii^8iPas. 
worshipped Brahmans as if they were incar- 
nations of the 2 Oods. ^&(/i:i^Siz» cn^ 
cu9Qol<ao KU. to make to come. (Bi^qjsqo^^ 

Digitized by ^OOy It! 

^B»aajl — CB»5>cyajTdn 


(SS(Q^70JOdo — dSr^Od 

s>eB9nB oajsnayajstob CO. on which he hsid 
inToked a Deity. 

denV. (Bi^ajDQ61d9« (tee prec.), (8i^UQol<fl», 
to enter, poaeesB, as a demon. 
(BT^KIjI T. M. C. Te. 1. Breath, life, a H. (st^ 
olH SMti£^Qcm4^cnoch BC. granted life, (ei^ojl 
Q9cb6>d9a35)«)QB>9(o)54> QjnnosisocBri BC. in the 
•onL <Bi^aj)«da (gciuo Aioajas o®@o omoo BC. 
iB&oSi 029 A to yawn, sigh ((SaiogoaTI see 

2. Yapoar, steam (Bi^ojlanfiio 1. ley of ashes 
(O^'astOfok Qd9aa) Ys. to soak clothes in 
Uy. (eomp. (Bi^oxm^.) 2. steamer B. 

S. T.M. tank (=«iaip)) (8raQfks»l«)b «»a0(o. 

4. =ai^:2jVbb. (Bi^'iildSaradnnD, (aidij)Q;g€)s qoj 
^«^«ka»9ei) jD(tno)0o OP. 

aidij^cB»99=a kind of goat(5>dkO(DlcB;99){8r^oj^ 

c»9§^ob ojprA figflf^Of SiS^CT) ^Qfijoo aiQ^ 8P. 

^SrOOjIdSGt aM. (T. Te. to gape) To desire 

Ti. (see ei^ajrsb). 

CfQOJilii Ml CcBsalplnia bondnoella at^'A 

nsmo aasoB oogi CO. (Si^aji«ais>.isR»oBji a med. 

(=«®an 4.) 
«5K1j1^ avia, (S(Q)Oj\% s. (=(8!^:unS) 

Manifbatly ei^oulAooxBo, «i^ijleqeo Bhg. 

«i^ajleaj)£n to eome to the light, appear 
AD® s> jiJ^oob 01^ orS)ab jiTi.^nQKOi^tQb Mad. 

part. tfK^QSltgdfto; ei^xilt^^o from (Bi^rij)(^ 
folan to manifest, declare pahlioly. fiioai 

fl5»®ajloqgo avii(am 8, ((S(^t(XKjS\&n q. t.) 

<B*8KLflrt>o ayizam M. Beng. (T. <8ia:ij)rt) C.) 
Casaiaanricnlata. oajaomoojl^o Cadsiaoooi- 
dentalia, (So. oajooDs^ajlrDab) €)aj9ano:)jl(D 
AoftS^^^amed. [^1^, 

fl8>f®Qj aVB 1.2nd fat. of (sr^aKd) q. ▼. 2. interj. 

^St^C^rOh a7f5am S. (m^u^wmo) Ooyered 
ca8c>aOd*94ns ist^'cnocBn cr^ai^^ KB. 

O^r^C^ .tjyzf) ay|tti S. ((maajsjbo) A turn, time 
^>oo4M>ain» <4MS^ ei^^QRi)^ <ftd.3i9o Oan. as 

many times as. Q_j^^ai9l6>abo (S(^ ^<Sicu 
(OiQ)0Q 0an. the doable of. 
C8YQ)(SOJOdo avSSam S. (qj1o») Entering, pene- 
tration, possession by spirits, ((Oi^saLJoM)^ 
^a> to be possessed, inspired) engagedness of 
mind Qj%<d>eZ60B&iai QioajcXsdSA (Bi^. cai^a) 
cft;o(8b PT. oSlomoafioacX) 0Dcnicnid9« eoBLnawmo 
Q5 (Bl^(Saioo0$]^o^ono ^s) CO. thy Tery 
names inspire her with lore. 
(3r^SQjc/9id»or&n6 demoniac. 
denY. ST^8Qjoal<jaa to enter, be ocoapied with 0o 

cnirtjb ©rgj'^® j^j^.israo a\!l5>'md9« Bhr, asnrp. 

flio§id9fi ofl«BcX)<fl« (Bi^*aL-jrd!^nmas@ ViWP. 
part. (eY^^jit^ol.posBessod, engrossed. 2.=(gT^ 

aojo&o; @d>3cnj (^z^^Q S)^<mdb (sr^oji 

c^aSRAoaib Bhr8. [sure. 

(jSr^QJc&gOOo aveitanam 8. («aj<^) Encio- 
®t5)(SQj3ej| avoli 8o. (8T3)«fi>aej^No.(8i5<8a»eji 
Yi. Pomfret; Stromateas P. 

6>QJ@g <si^ Sir. Candidas. 
«>oft cST^. 8tr. niger. 

08*8)03 aSa 8. 1. (V^(B»od reach) Quarter (=al 
d9a) o^gooe Qojo^oojjmo oiosoOocrooA jiJ^AB. 
Qj<oi8»»c^DOR»Qjo cnlo«r|g BhrmP 7. 2. «T3)'jag^ 
Yed.=s0i^oeocrv)). a.)hope aj«>oo9nnDo a)6)§o 
moo (Sf^oo Qjiso proT. (e>M»l(Tn erQi/o qjI§o TB. 
shall not hope for it. QDcm cnz^/SiS (St^Jt «n 
cno TB. I hayelost all hope. c>a>o§(iR««>QA<Bn 
(Bi^oecq^o QAosni Q6)(d>d9e dlrm^cq^o proT. cn>j 

(Do 8iPa. a hope hardly nourished in dreams. 

Or)9flC(go £9^30 <4iKiiD€)esorDOoaQO)09ej5reCO. 
donH noarisb the hope. {i^9q^0Qjd>»fiDld9sf(Bi^ 
06 Q-jOfln^ uik^g-joinb (siocoeocodnbKB. who 
deceires by raising false hopes, (st^ 0)a)9§ 
<SBaB@ proT. b.) desire, longing syuoomoc/d 

0^009, fi)ajg[J^0O9 etO. Qj)fOIB).mVob (Bl^ue 

ajoQ<e> OnP. orSlonooe <9>6nBls)g^3ra3ajaeo tro 
(ScgjoAnj. Alas none longs after thee, isr^oo cn\ 
cmcaio cnoc«o airodt^o — with Loo. (Bb^oIW 
(n^oe fixuj^ (also (ndi»)orn, (8».uoft9% — i^ 
^909 oaj(Q3aas{ -^nJ ) 
0(^fi)^9a> to coret, fall la Ioyo, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

<!8VQ)OabCro — (!5t^6)Odt).nJo 


(0rQ)C/511(^ — CSt^l^COb 

(SY^CAOojoodo a)0^i)), Qjo<d) to allure. 
(SYS)080Socoo disappointment. 
denV. (8»^oal<jB» to desire, hope. 

«f®adocro aSamsa 8.=(8»5)V8 2. 

denV. fli^oeocroltaai to wish Vi. 
(8^5)0998, aSanga B. (i;©®,) MUgiTing Vi. 

deny. (BT^c/as^oaoi to suspect. 
(BtQ^OBco;© asayam 8. {uS\) Receptacle, chiefly 

mind «eajocn (ffl^'.wa^rob SiiiG^ Bhr. (=c^3 

orS^=fi^) (8iaoa«<» ^(TCD^^ FT. 
(Bf^OB^Ofb aSarail S. (Toraoious) Baxasa eat^' 

cnvaJ) ojorflroosrig Qjcrol<ja» 8i Pu. 
(SYQ^Odanb aSaiL T. SoM. Schoolmaster (= <ei^ 

jxioQjnb q. V.) 

(8)1^093^ T. M. carpenter, (fern. ^st&u^9(S^jS^) 

said to be of Brahm. offspring, sculptor of 

idols, also of stone. (8i@ooDfoictg6)S «AJ<5b <bi^ 

elci^o A^Qjo cd>d^o proT. also sefijoco^or^TP. 
CS(QC/do£\ So. Qarden-cress, better (Sioxao^. 

I. C8YQ)CySl aii 8. Serpent's fang. 
(Bi^ja^ancGonaDA Bhr. serpents. 

II. (S(QOS\ Tdbh. = «iao8lg^S. (odocro) Prayer, 
blessing. 0ld9oooola)^o^o)cn^BC. (Si^OD^ctyo 
A^og^ Bhr. Qjo^ QG)ar)9ool Q-oiogj^ AB. 9a 
oali)>n6 oo^5>ODorDoc/9)c({{o 0^919 CO. £(mo»e 
cujiinr)6aBc)o (Bi^oa^^ol BG. 

(Si^uolg;^ ft ot^c^g^ 8. (aoojoftosood^gu oj 

ro^fiO<iO^:^ Bhr. 
cm^os^dioeo blessing (&(8i^ollcLjja}ODo)<ai^.rao 

Sj^oDos 61^. ajoaB)eda£tt^6m€)ji>^Bhri. 

cnsasQs^^AS tsi^. O6)<d>«)<ft»osrig KB. their 

thanks. (no«oDa>o(Bi^ullQJ3aoTB. (scrofijoo) 

(noaj^(ob etSi^iSioj^ (si^ 6)^9§yl YUtP. 
den y. (si^oaldielceo to bless, goasnixoo e(^*j^ 

6)iiioorr)QgLj9c)o Mud. Qcn) (Si^'^csfd^ KB. 
<0V^^ aia 8. (G. 'okos) 1. Qaickly, soon. (Si^ 
^SdjoccflsloDonb. 2.=:<3)i^^(Qj)ao) rice ripen- 
ing during the monsoon. ryCh 
(Bid^<9>o^ resolute; (ai^^<d> 0(^(0) jo Axiomo 
mo^i/yo swift (arrow 8k. wind) <81^^09«qj 

(SODOO Bhr. [Impurity, a^ei 

C8YQ)6)C/dq)jaJo aianjam 8. i^jSi) Ceremonial 

C8YQ)C^D(^o asdaryam 8. (jiMti) 1. Wonderful, 
strange, welldone! 
(Bi^CSBlcg^nb a marvellous person. 
2. wonder, admiration m^cm^^c^^va oboj 

g^ KB. astonishing. 
(8i®CffiUcg|Q^^<d) to wonder. 

CSV^i^Ck) aSramam 8. (^0) 1. Hermitage, 
ajg^c/dOfiJ f.i. a>o§irgb (Sl^ (mlag^ o-ioan. 2. the 
4 stages of Brahminioal life, Brahmaoari, 
0{hasta, yanaprastha, Sannyasi oi^ eWn^ 
<e» KU. to observe the rules of each (sr^. 

^8VQ)l^CQ^ aSrayam 8. (^) i. Support, to 
what one leans, refuge, (Si^ ^^vatOjiS ^q 
oduronb (or^ proT. Mud. (Si^. onoajdan <<|)gsg AB. 
how are they to help themseWesf 9t^9(£\y^ 
omcBBcX) oOig^ooolonDo ts^ t^ojch Bhg. the 
centre round which the stars reToWe, azisss 
AJHrDiceaoo^. 2. protection & reliance (09«9 
QJ oQonDgyDSMn 0OO (Si^ ottajanlg^ KB. they 
rely altogether on the king. (fbcmcnolcBnfA (Si^* 
090^ cn\^ TB. to stand under the GoTemmeDt 
of the EC. rDonsajtonbo 01^ aj)s):^ a^)o9e 
on>6BUr6^d9(8aio TR. to remain abroad under the 
B^a^B protection. a-iaiOBo Acnjoool m^ aSi 
&)^ aj(ia)ej)aA Qjnr» TB. resorted to the 
harbour under the HC.*s protection. 8. any 
dependence or relation, also adj. fss^ &zzo e 
(Ta>9^cD;09QC^ MM. tliat vital spot is near the 
teeth; most of the eaao are (nDOV^d^ei^^^cBi 
fiOBcX) etc. 6Qj99g8}Cid Amo^^cvo (0i3(m oe^ 
Bhr. the Cshatrias* business is action. 
denY. (Si^^csPcdn (part. (Stg^ib^:^ ft e^ 
^^ 1. to seek support, have recourse to 
cnlnbojoeo ^s(&^^ji^ AB. (mooao c«^qj (BT^^ jy^Q(D)9 Mud. has he join- 
ed the enemy? (8T^^a^=^g[^nmajab FTi. 
liviDg by service. 2. to trust, believe eoj'ao 
c^orfl 0(0)0 (gr^^^ Mad.adoptedBuddhaism. 
8. to have some connex ion with Oteoono o^ 
(^^ OOdoa^o <o>fta> AB. to expel grief 
through philosophy. g^(dil6)cr>(S)i^^cBiV^aj 
oeoi^hr.=:croo6Qxnj)^2^,A(S)j^; (ooescjomo 

Digitized by ^OOyiC^ 

^8«WJ/^Q-b— ^t^crooOo 


(!5»® cronnrv) — C8»acruoorOo 

oidCSpi^ c{l(^A anoW)^ Blur. BhiBhma 
explained about a king's dnties. 
pATt. oi^^iQinb dependant, client, believer 
Od^^oaKon^ejnb loTing his dependants 
(God, king) ad^c^WQj9<BTU|||0 Bhr. 

(OoaaA CG. make them feel secure, nourish 
their reliance. 

0Q>(£/^QJo aSrayam 8. (^ Promise. 

part. (Bf^i^iato promised. 

deny. fnd^9Qj)(0a to engage Yl. 
AOCS^cQcte ailfiiam 8. (^(fis) Embrace <ljo 

oeM^^ao OQjgiPi PT. untied. 

denY. (QMOBfti(gb m^ggcfisl^Bhr. osoovo (ST^ 

part. «i^g^(^o embraced. 

(D^^BOd jcc^Mo, <BVQ)OdJloOo aivaynjani 8. 

The month Acmi ((Siooajlcnl). 
0OOdJCr61<d6^ iSvaaikka 8. (osjcro) To 
breathe up, recoyer from a fit, be relieTcd, 
consoled, rest sojotoidiosn^ (oyaarnoosjou^^ 
AB. <^(moosjcro^^ CC. flattered herself. 
part. Qr^ooJoroVno, tet&u^JO^. 
CY. o^CAJOro^gJ^daa to refresh, comfort, 
■oothe. fSi^ooJcnSlg^nb oq^cm SiJtio^ orS) 

MJcnS)^an df\ AB. console my bereayed 
0(^00 JOODo 1. relief, comfort Hcno (socroofoo 
Ad- A^) ojocno 01^ Qjadtonil TB. — 
also tii^GBjO^^ 2. time for breathing, 
■action f^p^rnVtvooeusoDo 8rd chapter. 
^9iQK^3(UflB atejham 8. (m>:&iO(\j^ from croo 

(UDo) Month a)(0»sa)o or eli^coc 
45l9oro<d<d)nb isaktaifc S. (aoem) Cleaying 
lOy attached, dcTOted. 
tt^/cmSiSi attachment, seal. rDosoAab cm^ 

QAOfff rD0^^ OajscBD KB. 
fld^i^^c^ l.=flid<ro4e/iil. 2. uninterrupted. 
m^crocno asanam 8. (<si$cn>) i. Seat, stool 

adOia — , ouloooo — throne. 2. fundament 
m^oncTio t^£kuyA, ^m^A ojenb pror. o^q 
coi mf^:f}icnMicb <&!kpl(9boaj«n TB. (torture). 

part. (8r^cn})orxib seated. 

CSCQ^crormo asannam 8. (ova) Near. Ai^cro 

oma)3fiio impending death. 

i8i^cro3g|0 obtainable Yi. o-j9<m3ao Qi^crosgi 
CC. going to Hades. 
(SY^OrODCDo asaram 8. (a\}(b) Shower <Bld- ffiS 

CBB^s^cDoob aiocruojcib Bhr. Indra rained. 
(!6V^CY\2(Do asoram 8. (droovo)) Diabolioal, 

say age (as marrjing by purchase). 

(91^0^(6) 1. surgery. 2. the 9th aJ9<do of the 
human bodysfiiQj.TUQo YCh. 

^v^OQj»03lrsv>askaiiGri5ain8. (qj^cs) Gallop. 
(Sil^q^^iaacDo attack, assault. 

csvocn^roenooastaza^ams. (cT^(b) Spreading 

mat, carpet. (i^^o(T);|rD6m3^o AB. 
denY m&rrgifS\^^=iC^(S^a9 Yi. 

(l8<rOCY>|jp asti 5. (firom teioa^P) Property, 
substance, riches fn^n)J)a)c}o dOfiioBp^dan, at 
I9]u)g^d9e(doo.); ajSiStsS m^frg^Qj^TR, the 
financial means for war (opp. (Si^, QonMaa). 
(Bl^rT^ano(Dnb wealthy, 
(ei^nr^d^^nb B. (opp. or)oa^a)nb) l.belicTer in 
the reality of God ft world. 2. M.s<Bid 
n^<dfiO<onb, hence 

(Br^(T^^o 1. faith (BT^'80o$ 6>i>io%i (Bt^' 
Qttl ncr>o 6QJ9^a{Kni<08o Bhr. 2. M. 
(Bi^a)^,&|0. ngyo^ A^nemvA SiPus. 
from poTcrty. 
(0V^CSCY>|j aite P. ahiste, Gentiy, slowly. 
06Q)CruD astha 8. (cn^o) l. Begard for, care 
orxiaooaQKm^ejttocn^ocsvooaj CG. croo^oDdJxsa 
(O.-sRiilaib 61^ fiosieas^aib SiPu. if you mind the 
laws of good breeding. 2. longing for flij^crao 
QB^ocgmD QLjfiBinideOauocX) CG. if determined to 
cheat. (Bi^cn^ tnip^^ OJoaskKD^orob kindled the 
aflection afresh. 

fii^cn^Og^o^ So. disposition, provision for PP. 

hence (n^a\^09<eaa> to prepare for, get 

ready Yi. {^et&stimio) (BK^cn^cndoytt 

oS^rolGBUob CG. 

05YQ^cruO3OOo Assembly; hallof audience w^ 

cn^scnoiOGToiidicXiCG. ministers, oourtierS|eto. 

Digitized by ^OOQ IC 

(8VQ)rro do — dSvQ^aOD 


CSi^CSoOCCU) — (BVQf 60 

<8i3h a^<fl«Bhr. ei^*a«i^(A cn^^cmoi& ojoioCG. 

(Brahma Barpriaed); generally: 

(Si^ax^xnesnruxuo (also (si^cTUoocnaoairoo 
CG.) Royal hall KV. (8i^*(8a_j ^MjncnSlooOD 
cnxno (^ooji^ Bhr. (sr^. aj<dt SiO^eaq 
anBQjloosnb SiPa, (a oonqneror). 

(9i^a\^oor9 the same (Yi.coart-house). 

<J5«Q)rrv^/^ a8paffams.(Qjeo+(8is))8eat, piaoe 
(5= (TviD3CT)o) ca>oo»ca»tma)aT) (roejojo (S(^. © 
gyocmo) MB. exempt from the elighteei sas- 
picion. (Si^Qj.'mgilcmdQrx^uBhr. occasion for. — 
God is called oeotfifisda a>ra3«m9gr^o CG. 

CSYQ^O^^ aayam 8. (er^yS L. ob) Face, month 
(31^^ o (810.) 6)a>9cX>d9> to eaet in the face, knook 
against one Ti. 

CSVQ)Croj/dl^ asvacTikka 8. (oro-il()To taste 
^aoSlt^coa onab QoeJocai^'atnmSa-ioQfij Si Pa. ; 
met. (m^WK3vBhr. (nJomoaousb^aiiQKTX) <bi^ 
Anj. ciJ9(gaj^ ^ai, (SScdaocnj etc. AB. 

<!8t5)J^ as P. (flrg) i]j Vi.) Mill, (Big^tiQadi (m^ 

^(0st^ Yl.) pair of millstones. 
(l5VQQOr?JV> aha5am 8. (oonb) Beaten Vi. 

denY. 9S(S\ {Si^aon^<df) to strike dram Bhr. ^ 

cnl^onb CG. 
(!8YQ)QOr06t^Oo ahara^am 8. (ooft) Fetching. 

denY. (ST^aDroiaa to fetch. 
C6YQ)QD3tDo (takin g to one's self) Food ojleixiji 

rni^TR. <n^Q09rDflB^o®g>)Oolec;2/o egyER. 
no meals. 

denY. ocfiJijeiJo (Si^QOdi^^^ABe. llTodapon. 
eSYQKlOOJo ahavam 8.(^=nOJ3)CaUingoat, 
hattle, fight. Bhr. 

at^^Qo!^ 8. (^ saorifloe eoooi^ajiQ^iift^o 
Ojxs^ms Nal. oi^ (Si^aD to offer ap. qq 


pftrt. (Si^ggAHo sacrificed. 
e(&^9io called. 
^StrQaOo aha interj. (Bi^ooo dv»9SjRd^ a)(MB9 
o^oomoab 8G. 

(jSt^(SqOCQ;o ahSyam 8. ((sida^Sl) Snaklah m^ 
Qan3;QCva)CB.9s.9(>> Bhr. died from snakebite. 

C6YQ)arn|d8)o anhi'yam 8. ((SBaoab) What u 
done daily, in a day or by day (f. u aifflo), 
Tdbh. (BT^cgjo. 

CSTiQX^Oda ahlacTam 8. (c^oa) Gladness. 
C6rQ)QO-iDOOoahyaiiam s.(QOJ0>Can, 1 

(Bi^ «>uU^sailfind9A. [called ! 

(Bi^no-iovo name. A909aOJ32;ab the persoo 

(ff^orOo alaaain 8. Post to which elephants 
are tied O;d)|«ioo1 ; (SQiatKnaixnoatrel HHK. 

I. CBTQ)^ a|i 8. l. = (8i^ufijl Row csid^6)A»s) 
mscae to march in procession. 2. 8. ( mi&d^f 
female firiend a<ia9!p1 pi. (81^09^ — flOcn 


n. CS(^£\ T. M. C. ((8i®^a>) Holder Q?gy9a^, 
9ro)ro9&), QLj5CD;3fi^, CTf)rD9sn etc. 

1. CSr^^cd), £\ aluya l^o. = a>99.d)> To cry oat, 
roar (C. (QT^ 80M. (8i^Gjl<dn). 
(Si^a^Qj (loo.) an explosion. 

n. dSr^^dB), 60% T.M.C. Tn. (Te. d«ej)l.To 
mle (BiOfDjaJoin^ @£60b) Pay. cnoso^o s^omb 
KB. Q_isa2>9Qsns9(b RC. officers; to tend a>9ejl 
a>c)o (8T®sng ODSvTTo Bhr. 
2. to possess, haTe^snD096nB=&eB; 6aifii09 
^0ajnb RC. aicnl^a^nm CG. graoioas oj 
8bcn)ai99i| cn^cLMnlcnD Swarg. to hold A 
show mercy. nGB'e9snB<a^a>; Qjiayo<D099« 
ER. extensiTe. aogjsilQBnia^ et^sn^ a^ TR. 
the rirer at Mahe. «>Qgi9«iBaj(ib he that 
has the power Yi. to^OBSi^ (St^vje^ch OG. 
their lorer (or Lord); with Aco. fl^o ^Qsm 
OBSA (Bi^cm a4@)nb CG. 
— CY. in a^gyo^aa f.i. (noojOBOS o-iaeak 

aaoygft^d^.PP. delivered ap to them. 
(Another modem isidv^ see ander (SQob in 

d9^6o a} T. M. 0. Ttt. (in Ta. ft Te. woman, 
hence the fern, term (gi^cb, 0iOcX>) comp. pree. 
1. A person, Qajj^9c)o a female, 0ifl»c)o (O 
««9do both sons, (819^0 (Si^Qiyuxsjo gpcoiA TB. 

Digitized by ^OOyiC^ 



— ^8VO{pd9) 

gftrritoned the forts. isq^fiiA «»<»«» to send. 
cnoo isq^fiiA (OOV^QJOOr) ajls^:iy TB. they 
leiaed my meaeenger. ^o ODo^ooao^ ,00 fi 
(QQgQo ^ Qm^o etg^o ^onioAcm (Si^ 
anocm TB. eKg^GLDej aigjoSlfii proy. 2. an 
Able penon tmoxii a^ocd) Iim beoome a 
man. oonb 0(^9q£1 ajoQg^<d> Vs. to under- 
take a responsibiUty. With Dat. ft 2]idadT. 
able, or!l (4(«Km (oafiS^^onb a^gy Lit. thoa 
art not the wife to nnrse me. cffi AjiIq^^ 
Qjoob (OfSi^ si^9ch Mad. I ghall do it. AOdto 
aaeocX) qualified for all. (bbq (TOoo^gjoab 019 
ftaaioS^g) TB. it will be intolerable. 
ai^&<0a to bring np well; to appoint to an 

office; to fit for. 
3. serraot, slaTe. isi^ €iAO^A to bay a slaye 
Ti. 4. measnre of a man o(OofOocX)OaJ6Bo» 
mansodn o^oo SKUflfio ^en^ MR. leij^cbajoo 
^A^cvoofl; ^Qjoc)o0«»o ajio!)ooQc}o9«»d 
Ckmip. ox^^a (3) YyM. slaTO. 
O^fikSaog^ money (mankiller). 
«»SKgj (2) capacity, Bo. 
OK^Qo the wall inrroanding a well. 
A^stftosi battlement of fort B. 
A^dBaogi a mockingbird (B. Job.shawkP) 
0(^c)oaedA (8) dependants aaavajmoBo (Don 

Qjm(9o fi|^d9A09(&0§ ^Sl (doC.), 6»OQa»0 

loob oi^oeoA QmeiscvoiA MB. hired 

A^cXm^o^sI a renetian Yi. (a kind of oi^os). 
«(2|cb^a6)Q»ab a bird in Trar. 
gs^vg^ (8) slayers hire. 
Ml^j^W (2) fitting a man; proportions of 

a person. [another person, 

fll^doajps^ (8) rent of a slaye lent oat to 
flilOdo09OOo disgaising the person, ct^ cS^^ 

the art of assaming any form. (Bi^'dod^ 

(or-*«Biaaej) eoen^ Oojoof^ TP. made 

herself inyisible. 
«g|(b®ajo image (of gold, sUtst) «istf)«e 

(l5yQ)6g9(51 ilmari Port.T=aROc)^3o) Almeira. 
C5V9^3rb al?ar & (B^O^aJDrb T. H. C. Te. 

("the mlers" or "the hamble") Title of the 

12 Tishna apostles, see fii^ajoab. . 
^Sf^\P<BS> alakb} (T.G. tsid^SfSs) •A' handfhla 

Oojoaa (prh. from 0»(o &ip<as) the |^ of a mo 

ipl=5 ^a>9CS. 

ajtf>6BBasp<as a half a|akka, -^ Nali. 
CSVQ^ ilam T. M. C. (V^ffioy in (S»^a%) Depth, 

deep place, e^. oonacaeai to sound a place, 

sift a person or matter. — met. (S(&ifi^sapLKh 

a deep man — c8i^ qJ9« Qfloeo CG. fli^VH^tt 

As^<as etc. proT. 

cn^Moil So. a class of Pagoda attendants. 

a(^oaQKbbSo.=ajfiJd»gjS|xnBignonia Indioa. 

^SfQ^ alji T. M. C.ifss^^^) 1. The deep, ocean 

et&£^^ £Qtf)csyo sea & land, cnoeja&p^ jo^oo^ 

ocnoA fio&p) KB. (8l^«>c)o the 4 oceans, (81^ 

jploov Assa^ G0. (ojofiio&p) etc.); tn^s^oi 

g^n6, <si$s^®cn<bcu^ab Cfshna, black as the 

sea. esii^^0oa))r61, (0^1^)09® Lazmi. «i^ 

aooo^om ooajoMii CO. (m^fi)g;jg[)jo^om a>9 

QLig^ab Lazmi's husband (ors^oonb). 

2. reserroir crfVoosp)a>c)o; ooLids^^os^oEf^flib 

S§ Bhr. in a tank. 

O^&pWoq Codungulur KU. 

8. roundness (from 1. lei^sp^fiMUOdaAOSne ffiOft 

6no9snS)s)(6)<da(m &w\ PT*) 01^ oSlg^j 

BC. round bow, 80. «(uO(D9!^= jii^disk, 

a>«maii9tf) ring. — - (S®sf\ So. funeral pile. 

4. 0id&P^a>onoQj KU. the "seeking", title of 
Arakkal, as ruler of the Lakkadlres (s si^ 
elrooAooj ft AU Bija). 

5. <BidsAc0asp^c8iio«nDo (prh.ssmo&ploj) a kind 
of mortgage W. 

08v^<B)^ Gnr{> alnya T. M. G. (Te. oejo^g) (V"(s» 
{^)T.n. Sinkrsrqidy^; tu. (81^9^ sank to the 
bottom. scKMsosofino ft eoroo oao9^ anosno 
Bhr 1. (Bt9gm3Qj9ocB)960Bado QjldxmooB cno 
fi) GG. (mark of pregnancy) (st^naaojwSi 
f£\<A etQgf^Aiscm CG. 9t6uarcQevxna\ab oSi 
smoeno Vil. 

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Si — ^<flft 


(l8»3){pQJ0— ©«*3 

Inf. (sr^^t (St&SiP deeply. caT^y>(0fi^(fis as for 
planting coooanats, (nof^oj^^aiosp t^o) 

YN. (81^^ T. U, (T. <Sbly>0 the same) 1. a Bon- 
Bet, weekday nS\ SbAOig etc. S. = 0rS)]£3J§o 
a week. dro3^Dj§an^(ob O(d>09ng9aj3rml§ 

im^^Q o daily or weekly dnty ; regular bath 
with oil on Wednesday A Sattkrday. 

(9!^^<di, (g/1 T. a. to sink, immerse o^anrv 

ca(S\(A Qd^gl (si^jg^Qjonb sooH:^ TR. a 


(iST^ajO(S6I&ur61 ((8t^<^3nb) K. pr. of a Brah- 

man Tillage, the head of which (sv^ (OMQajoaRcb 

is the leader of the o-iornloj^A^Q (near Tira- 

QaTay, io Adinatha) KU. 


GQ Found in Tdbh.*B: before initial ro, ai, s as 
sroocyT), ffioxuocoo, QDSids; — instead of g 
as esQJo; — inserted, as d»9(D)cB;o, oirolcfao. 
In DraYidian words it changes with g as in 
ens, ero^ — glides into ao^ before Cerebrals 
ft Liqnids, as eSo, o<])So; qcd, £06019, ®^ 
^ZfS) etc. 

^16. This, hence ©cunb, ©g. — The follow- 
ing Consonant is doubled : ^dasiOQio this time. 
a26):£jCQJiS (P^*) ^^^B thing done. QDarnlcBBcX) 
(po.) you here. — It stands for the first person : 
SDS^or)6SB6)a. ajoe!no<ds)«nDo(po.) preserve us. 

fiDQ^oOo I. 
^d9>ajb iyal T. M. (T. sa, C. gada* put down, 
destroy) Fight. (8TO«s§6>JikTnid9irob dhl^sojOSGo 

£a>^fio=:aoLjO(bd9Aao, inRC. ®<fb^aocLjA 

(Tooob S4 SD(0)^fl(m9)^(8s 67. (also Mpl. 
song ©a^ejlr* fixsjarag). [^cnjreosxD). 
g2id>oQid>P=(mod>oQa) (po. ^soio g^<d)OQ(m 
CaidSB), d^ T. aM. ©Aino) S909rDL£) RC. the 
conquering Rama. 
^dB0t ikka Ar.? Uncles <a>9ro6mQJ(b (Hpl.) 
g^dBft iklc^ aM. (g)A or gDQd96)=(erdaj.m, 
(0)S in RC. 03 d9tajlgys>Qjnr» said , there was no 
*roaMe. [cfi«)— also Vi. 

fi<ea§ T. C. Ta. straits, difBoalty (firom ®q 
fl2(8ftflOdto (T. aQ(0e) to draw in the stomach B. 
gS,ioM) y2,=:if^<B£\£\ tickling. 

£ (fifilcX) 8. q£$1 d9s (Ko. (^cesli) ft sQ lOnigo hiekup 
Vi. — e<ai^cX) ® (Q_jtS>Df0.wailaA Nid. 
^(Sd86^dl C. Ta. M. The residence of the Bednar 
Lingaite kings — qd 9d9»olcroocrQ09cno their 
kingdom — £ac9»ol^<mo, — cun>3QDnb their 

eDQanolcofonb the king, who subdued 
the North of Colanadu KU. 
gpdBbSQ^ ikia S. Sugarcane (Te. ^ssn^ from ©nb) 

ji}d9n)(0L (S10A6)gjS)§9^ g)<fifii}QaJ06)aj CO. 
6r)/^*WjO^ 5. First king of Ayodhya 

Brhm P. 
^98b|af]rro in^riB^ Ar. (from Inglese) English 

(KU.) ®q7I(£1cq/Q§ 6)<a)0gyo the Christian era, 

A. D. (T. R.) [spark) Firefly B. 

^oCOenOo ifl^anam aC. (©nb, «>6TT)o sweet 
^oC/51/75^ingi&ain 8. {^ocii to more) 1. Gesture, 

shrug, hint @ocolrin3d)9roae^o q^(£^c%o 00 

oisausmo VC. 2. intent, purpose (= oprg&coui 

fioojo). eDocoi(a>o oolono ojoon^ FTs. gave the 

proper explanation. ^^ s^oCfS)«>o Qaj9S>ei gn^ 

<aBS3CB;8m<^o Sil. 

£ooSl(0)«9anb 8k. knowing one*s thoughts, Ood. 

eooSlroiAnnaoA AR e. who know to take hints, 
^o^al iiL^cTi 8. a med. plant (Terminalia 

Catappa?)--e<>$^df0.ijra>iabcYS^spQMiil(«b Oi»i 

@05*J Ml} T. M. («o=@®) 1. In this direction, 

here. 2. to me, to ub. ^aqsieiovmaxck^ TR. 
Digitized by ^OOyii^ 

^j^\lS\ — ^cou 


gpCtBUlfd) — gps 

brines me them hen. <i^Q^ ^99meiCb Oojo 

RBoKB. {=QQfni^). 

a2®cBBCB0cfo» §ll9€9B9ct oar man. 

ccnom ((noocn), cm^scn l. that <s£d9o 
snrvae, qoiibm^) -> 09<^crooQoa<dasRi)nrn qq. 
oQcmlgy fihr. no rale as to how. 2. £698 
«or) tsoWoi (AQEf^^ Nal 8. jast (=6>ajQ6xo>) 
without any preparations. ^OBm^ssm each 
(gj. asp etc.) 

flQOB^AS, eeaals here, hither (po.) 

aDcagnno (cnloriD) 1 . from here, hence. 2. from 

me or as. — Often Abl. for Nom. gjfijgmo 

cn:>2Za£\tB» S)g) TR. we shall not agree. 

3. also the 2nd person, with whom the speaker 

identifies himself S2^^(Tr>(32;Q(da)6Tr>o osl 

<^<S\(A jS\QSSi(QQS^o AB. please send (from 

here your) disciples. ^^^ gU. to us. 

£9fle3d9ni (Qcr)3c6Al) hither. «Toa)§nrniacoB3d9nl 

e9fiB9| (<LJ^) 1. hither, this way. 2. the 

1st person qd 06993^ Qjiioe):^ TR. asked 

me. eo<n9O|Qj1oiQ9U)^<0)ao<B''CUftUB. my 

enemies. QD9<n999§@o eQja)ro)cB)9@ KB. 

(==(Y>^<Se). 8. the nearer of two parties 

^yA PTs. (Bio9<n99s (Biooj^^ a^cs^ 
Ag>jflb)ejo £Q6aB9§ eoje^j^aco ^S^OOo 
FT 2. Qjsmo Qdio^rontooib gscBro qdsob^s 
Qj1§ OMdoob MB. 

^J^\tS\ MzisggtaiBilrgl Very little. 
@rig idfiia 8. (VHccfa seek, wish) Wish, de- 

TB. e-<^QBM>iaS9s)PT4. Jumped losilly. 

C .d^ «»oroab, e^g oodcruMiSI BelfwiUed=Qcro j 
-i^«e»9rDn6. [one's wish. 

eu^ood^fijo, e-^0Od(@ajo agreeable to 

eu^gooj'^mjo diet aooordiog to the patient's 
liking (med.) [^^^^^ 

dttY. c-^'^as to derire, wish, wUl (part. 

e^ desirous (po.) 
@^ lir^ B. (V^<0«l)8aorifloe (po.) 
gP^fflU i^ft SoM. =0(00608, (BiMnoi, Acacia In- 

tii* (/" e«4 T. e A 0. Te. be eoaked, dry 

^)— SflBttd9t<0(nD 0? 66. 

fl^mS) T. M. green ginger. Amomum ZiBgiber 
(S. j^ffii9So? Zingibers: jaA^m^OaiA) — 
Qj^aail, sfimisS^maS^ or .ojdsa. noul 
fi>(dn»9e!n a med. — 
fl2«bD:fi)90 the juice of ginger. — 
li«aD<mlomajnbTery angry^ silly. — (kinds : 
a)0§^$BaD Zing. Zerumbet, eaiCBHsBftn 
Alpinia AUeghas). 
^eBuTlrab, g[e*^ajb Ar, ifijasEyangeliam, 
the New Testament (Hpl.) 

gQetnu^x-y in]i]ippn (loo.)Fear, awe, modes- 
ty. — go. ^gy9Tno)aKtb who toaches every 
thing, a bore, impudent. 

^S, o^S i4a 5. (\r®§) 1- Placeaflaso. 
hence flioxTlss, goojlss & the old Ijoo. Sicn 
eaS^^s oMiOiO^o VC. in the heart, sxua&plcs^j 
<ma!n<8S (po.) where it rained. 
2. interral, place between ojlconb ^QSg^daa^ 
qQ BS. rushed on. 9co^^ff^o ^c^9Si09(S\aS^ 
s 9^rD09n6cr)9$ EU. 949i9aio g^scoBl Qaj5m9 

0gOS^SQB^(Ol» KU. 0(DiOI9i^ab e^SofVob 0000^ 

(KB.) 0o^(BR»)ab QDSifle^^ PTs. at intervals 
along the road. qs^Qcvos ODS^azHssiBioejaabf^ 
^Mud. aio€)9a2>9$^^9cB;9S^sAnj. ^e)avu}9 
cnojo (SAOQ^eooing qQ)® s^s Oojoro^ TB. what 

8. interval of time-^oecaslon, leisure aoqb; 
e^ojcroQcBiQsis &9rmv£\ TB. o. eloicro.'oiandb 
fl^s (OMMo TB. m^vHcm QDScszJksb till then. 
cn9Qj09arD«3no)(fla qds qjocqb) MB. o. 09a\> 
(mSi<A cs>sd9a within 8 months, fl^tm^nrnlss 
«oO a)ajcro.'onhleid>(tQ within the last 10 days. 
C«oce09s somewhat before this. (B1DOsj<80cjo 
(OzQadAS stscf^mb cn^ocdi^ficfiaocao KB. after. 
(9»s^csuaQ>fOo atsplct^jomrmVob e«>S<ea TB. as 
long as the feast lasts. — e^^^sAcrti £s 
Qj(ao,£SS)A9%q|^, fiS<a>c)D9(U0oyCh. oppor- 
tunities wiU be lost. 

4. middle, waist. ^ what'sinteraalajSQEpe^o £ 
SGGti^ejo at home & abroad. CD s^^q qjs Q§o KU. 

5. measure, ehiefly weight. AOD^^s. a.) inter- 
stice of the siae of a grain, b.) weight of a rioe 

Digitized by ^mOOgle 




grain; so <^ie£^s^ <usm&S qjiq «>iP0ttl CS. 

CS>5c0a)s weight for weight, like for like (e^SiS 

«n)s 0OQA to barter goods Yi.) 09«aQOa)):sR0 

Qcnos)s6KB;9a]Q Qjlfi«a§o (gsEBs. 
OpdB. QDS<flsS (4) middling; alternately (2). 

esa)ajn8a> (2) t. n. to be mixed together, — 
T. a. to mix well. YN. g2Sa)ej^. 

ggsaBg) (5) equal weights. 

ets<en(ol ojli^:^ (a>9«o) oosdaa MB 915. an 
nnder-farm (P). 

ggScdeorbb (2) post of rails. 

eSdasdsf) (2) branoh of riyer Yi. 

flDS<fl«nss= repeatedly, often. 

CStaasVtvoob, cs<de3«m<eao(«ib an under- 

CS^§<d> (2). t. n. to mix with, intermingle, 
grow dense or fdll. elone^o espcflaOQocxxTn) 
s^sl Nal 8. Mrooecb GSf^^ AB 6. saxng 
«aioa»o fl^Sf^i^ cnsomoib GC oajgigcaQOao 
s csfd^ (Doo^an SQ. spbbioooo ojonlsi^ 
so ChB. is not to be fully obtained. aiS^eio 
S^s^sicn (§q) ChYr. encompassed by. 

flDS|^§ai to oooasion QauouS^gjonb s^osom 
s)0 OenoT.=3auoa>n) qjoboq^* 

eSO<8eg(4) a.) girdle sa»(M)<fls^. b.) en- 
closed passage B. 

£S9aB§ (8) unnecessary, indiiferent. 

eS6>aaoyainb (2) under-tenant B. 

CS^os^ (2) a bit of gold between beads B. 

esOjii(i»a>(2) T.n. to Join, unite — T.a. cs 
Q^as to reconcile — cs9^^ agreement. 

£59^<o) N. pr. barony in Oadaitunadu TP. q 

CS^aedD (2) to fill up oloaely. 

£Sam»§ (8) theft B. 

SSanaiAo (4) middling, inferior a2ScoiQMO«(on) 

OBsOxmlaB — 
flgS(OiakO<fleo(Mib of the common sort of men. 
. C250<BOD9« (4) e. qjW>0:^ «>jiiO(moch KBs. 

fiscnsi^ (2) passage between two rooms B. 
£50^(0 (2) a partitioOf middle wall. 

CS(ri)^ (2) to be bail for one Yi. 

CSaftoH (loc.)=sj^goej. 

CSCKDsoS (4) (po.) heart. 

fiSOoryDo (8) the afternoon. 

92Sajo«> (8) to speak for one, intercede, ooj 
6n6 Q<0>g^onf) flaSQJO<d> match making Yi.2. 

^SQ-UPda»o Ko.sAOo a.iSPdaao slight ac- 
quaintance. So. experience. 

CSOLJ^A), esooj^A (2) to be iuTolTed in 
an aifair, fall in with. (Oi^ AooBycmatlaraab a 
(TBo csqj§(2o onogy TB. did not meddle 

with. 0010^000® AODOfiDUOS^SOoJ^ BGsi. 

happened to strike. (BOOjfiKO oojdcOMn a 
ipl^onb e^ssksLJsa oQg;^^ BC i25. all he 
undertook. — csy^ljocrooc/xn^ ssajg ouoOd 
a£)dBaoowill help in war. — <d>9s|o ttS«^ 
g SMKurDo e<||g^o^ejo (po.) anger on ac- 
count of business. Ojiioooos o^ocnas o^ 
soJS^Sffi e^dBea^^oai aiaoad>cb TB. 
Q2Saj9S, fiSQJOs 1. business, aifair, trana- 
aotion. 6>«i9saOdaao§<fls csoia^o ei^ 
dSaon QvLd,) he trades also. 4Mm<aa)s 
Qjo^aj^as settling accounts. 2. quarrel, 
contention. fl^SQ-to^axb ojoen^ink^ 
TB. tLAsmosi4k9n cnoajadeooO csojd 
s £Q9«9 TB. 8. intercourse, acquaint- 
ance, Ko. 4. final adjuBtnent of a price 
or business Yi. 
CSQjdf 4i>9(onb a dealer, quarreller. 
C2S«QjOd9a (2) acquaintance, experience B. 
a2S«QLJ0(Qa4i> (2) to be distant, of suffioient 
iridth. «>30JQjo esSojoAa (8) the time is 
too short. Mud. 
^St^i (▼»• od9so|)sfl2saisj^ai. 
CS(90^QB>9ttio(2.) uninterruptedly, ^(^ca^^i&i 

^S^(SU99m 9aMA TrP. 
nscvfliBfta&Po the first night of newly married 

fl^scvdctgcoo gear, aaiote^oabo S2Scvoq^|ca> 


fl25CftM3o (2. 4) a middle person, intaveessor 
aiMii)a» ADoob a(0 cscvocfo oiMig) TB. 

Digitized by ^OOy It! 




flBSavogo (8) So. doubt, alao cscEv^ftaM. 

CSoP^A, fl^sooJidB (3) to disooDtinne — (2) 
to leaTO ftn intentioe. 
CS(»i9S (8) again ft again, repeatedlj. 

QD59QV9S, f4)9S9^ potgberd pnt between the 
rioepot ft the hearth. 

22sajrDciii narrow ft low ridge in rioeilelda. 

a^sojtf^ (2) midway, byway, lane, ditoh be- 
tween two walls. QjlgWibo 6xa»9dae ssoi 

csaj)f a> (2. 8) to be interrupted, stop, inter- 
mit. (BX^Q^jcoo oQi^miiciiib «»aao esojl^o 
KU. give op. — csoj^soana, es €u£\(afo9m 
ineeeaantly. — ssoS^so^ oontinnatioo. 

^SM(S\ Yi. fl^scro^D^ regular ehange, as of 
beads ft gold. tisrn\Acn^o ^saxi(S\ a^ai 
cnDgB 09QJ Kud. (also called ggsesir^). 

^So, oftSo, o^So i4am 5.(V^fi$)l.Place, 
spot- f.i. qljo(d1so, oonlso. eso oa>o§cea to 
giTO room. — fln^soBQiVtA there, oOKniis 
m£i(A in, with me. cy)1«ki6o i^so «>ipi^5)d9>oc)D 
Blind thy station^ duty, fiw^ cnoo efo^sao 
a£) BC77. (=Qj9qs)o). 
8. houses mansion of rassals, HaduTalis. t^ 

SQJo 09SQJO (£il!^ ETJ. dRSQJAOO <&>flS>6RIO0 

<o)so (D<flte^i O as m o Bhr. preserre a house by 
the saerifloe of one person, ojonaob ss^jsno) 
e^l^^dSscno TP. to build a mansion. Qa)Sami^ 
cms) Hayer house (loo. oQ^qQiausi}. Also 
said of supposed mansions of ghosts etc. s (Dooe^ 
f. S. cnsejoo GSo (=iS(mQ(a^oe1a>cfo) oaioojl 
^ nnnmodae) c>Qj(flfi to undo otII iniluenees 

8. measure, portion, also of time. aio6)ajogB 
saamaAo TB. as fsr as he knows. fliO(S1«snoso 

(LJOGVOoKud. MOQjlso A§ Q_l<Dg;jVob OJOOOBMYno 

Bhri. on this head I must enlarge, ^cno ^ 
ooVsk aib ^so «i!pl^=-|. cnbnboso «>tfi 
as pass thy days, fl^oj^so d^v^sno^ omooo 
TB. (s=Q2S). Asp)«anB5o di>m Kud. the former 
part of the story (opp. oj^^cmso &= SnainaS^m^ 
•CBSusoXud.) — ajajyo6)m a»96vno6Mik5o«ka>o 

9« TB. during all the (iither's absence, ficom 
<oo e<||as2^50anaafi.0(BraKde TB. till an answer 
arrlTes ojornlsaSi TB. c^ocrnlscQS (~Qaj9c)o). 
— QLjoeB9 cri^^oob e^So G§y 1^* 

4. left side=csa|2<V)<^9 — ^9090. ~- esaneiig 
cnoQj OJGJmls^g)^ did no more speak, g^s 
(orct^^Qoijoa) ti. when meeting a dog, woman 
(superst.) fl2SO(Sioio§ cxgicxD MB. 

5. width, breadth. cs^OBIS spacious ens 
9a)oaA orflftojo ^ oatocab ttSQjo e* 9<d>9aA axn 
Qjo CS. e^so oQ^o 09^so BC26. broad chest. 
escTOAo e6nb a&A BC im. broad sea. 

Opds. fl^SAsoA (4) left foot. 

fl2S6>a>s rer J bad, as qjsp^, ai9<8e Palg. 

C2SO tf>«>s^jab (1) inconsistent — (5) narrow- 

fl^son^ T. SoM. inconsisteney — contrariety, 
harm.-~c. «>9|a to oppose. 

CSQAA, csoo 6>oa> (4) the left hand. — 

cSttoroib £9^ TB. two factions, chiefly of 
Tamil low oastes. nss)6>a>8a»o!) oioo^oqvo 
TB. the complaint of the left hand caste. — 
fl2Sat>QJo(»o also QSa><b Chaliyars, that 
worship only Bhagavati (opp. Qjej8B>ib.) 

QDSomiei left side, omosini fl^scom&J 6xoKyS) 
went to the left. 

e^somob left handed Yv also n5A«>aBb<fls9 
(wh, a256>Q8kaj960Qfi8i^(i^ q;^seicnsi^<aa 

a2 spasms B^eU ^• 

QS<8iQS (4) left side. — the wife, as being 
the left hand of the husband. — opposition, 
what is inadmissible. — heresy Yi. fiS 
ta^^ A9§) 05(fiea> to confute Ys. 

SS(Si2B§^9^ heretics (Nasr.) 

fiSQoooOo oajg) KB. the left arm. 

SSgLj<8iio (2) meal of king*s attendants B. 

fis^oo left side 010019.05 fl25gJO«B| ^^ 
ms KB. 

Gsoa:[9«>(5)tobew]de. a)6nbns«)g^S(20(T» 
«(n0d9ii) BO 56. (or fl2Soa^«>f see under 

Digitized by ^OOQIC 

^S<0»— .^568*^ 


^scg^— ^scsy 

broad eyes. 
QDS(o-)|g (2) a petty prinoe, of whom the 

KM.oounteiioo in Kerala (S. ajlrooi) also 

glSQjatf) EU. 
®s^Sft (5) diffloalty of speech from joy or 

grief B. 
(Dscmlr^l (4. a^rol) a shell with the spiral 

turning from left to right. — also =93 s 

fl2Saj<d> 1. the prinoipality of an qs(0-)S 

f.i. ^vpGj) OX) j^qljo, 9co6x;^§<6fi2Z€X> the 

2 chief TaBsals of Colatiri with 12 a>9.tno 

land, 800 Nayer, 18,000 fanam yearly io« 

oome KU. J3jy>ej) ggsoja^ctD^xo «0>o^o 

KU. 2. jurisdiotlon Yi. parish (Nasr.) 
fl^SQjaio (4) both sides, noighbonrhood, gos 

S»sajfiio 6>^o^«d8o(^a>(MDo TB. aooording 
to the taxes paid all aroond. — (also sepa- 
rated), fisaasi oiej^nai (nup)«no «sp)c8A0<mo 
TB. the tenure as obserTod in the country. 
(OM)n6oe2SaQo^^O8209<s'^ OcLjoojonbTP. 
to go with friends. (ovSKibo ^seom^o qjgj.'Oio 
^000^ TP. with shield ft sword. — adj. es 
Qjoio (Do^coe&lcobTB. 

£saj9v)=£S((i^, who has ggsojojg EXT. 
e.SQj)rO)0OOo (1) space, air Yi. 

I. ^5(66) i4akka Tdbh.(au><da) A double drum 
eDS<fle03fto £^(fieo9o(iUQ^o EB. 

n. ^SdB©, (^ aT. aM. To dig, split ©s 
00)01 (no9CD«)o ^§0 ^5 ssQgQBCTO. (said 
of arms). 

in. egScBe^j ddS\ (®So 5) To widen a place Yi. 

^SG5«3 i4t&&9 C. T. Strait (=es). 

ns«flB3o (fiscro) ft fl^sooBo q. t.— difficulty, 
contrariety, oppression, want. Oiiiolov a^o 
SjCtnoDorn eoeoor) fi^scoeoo «[^<fla)GD;9(?A 
TB. raise such diffioalties about it. 

ODOt^) a measure, 2^ cSiwA deep, 5^ 
broad, holding 4 Kali, or 57.600 grains 
of <o>tf 2fi)cng^ (its mark cd.). The smaller 
kind Oiiifiiaj^soiBSp) is used in houses, the 
Qj8§)s<aB!^, larger by 10 or 20 pet. serTcs 
to pay the ojogo.- ojanav a2S039Spld9a 
0^ Sicn^ TB. ,0000 ssoBdiP^ AcnsyWn 
eo fiO^^ oHej a»9n| TB. (in 1798). 

fl2S9CBBO cQDSCOBOO q. T.— (B. flj^SaObS ?) — fi 

(OTOMOo e5QaBoi§y93(in A^eof^ob qaio^ori 
atidto TB. without harassing delays, cn^m 
Ao-i(Q.m flDSOOBC^sni, cnomos flDS06oe 
ooiaei TB. treated us harsUy. oQ^d9£)s 
oosaQ aai^ BCed. o^onoak adsmsq 
6nB0o CG. p,^ ^^^ ^^^ difficulty. 

^sc^<fi>j idanStt-jfa 9oscm\ cnsast (gos 2) 
^Sq-Jo see ^SQJo. 

^SQ«jg^00fnj|CQ;3rB?l^ N. pr. The chief 
of the 86,000 armed Brahmans, residing near 
Parur, endowed with Parasu Bama*B sword 

^scYi^dB) i4ambn'ya MG. i,=^sg^dh 2. To 
stumble, knock against, oppose. 
S^soiiiiib contrariety B. 

^scQ^ctt) i4a7ab (m. ^s^ f.) T. u. (^s 4) 

The middle caste of shepherds ft cowherds, 
rather foreigners in Mai. 5>ai9^eGJd9ao<Dab 
oQscB/nb fDoanb TB. 

^50^(6), e^Vf^ viBJUil^ T. M. Te. (£s 2) 
1. To hit against, press against (fi>ejajo 4BkSQjo 
tfMoafli'gb e2seB9 Yi. (oiOiplea^ 9(ro^s^ 
90ssa^ oajgao CC. onscailajb fisc^o acoi o-is 
a)^5)S 9:^0^0.^20 Kal a . 2. to fall out, quarrel, 
compete. aa^Mno fl^stsi oosQl&^G 83« quioker 
than the wind. qjocX) Siscno ^>g[);}9cX> BG 60. 
£sl ggt5<»iorT) e>Aio(9b BG6S. — aieajJb ttajso 
fi)^99r9 QDSfiioi^ disputed about religion EU. 
tf»i£^<A ^sea^ Qajooail (Tu.)£sco/oafl) peace- 
ably. 8. toconyerse Yi. s2S«Do6)ak=sajrD) 
^aQdte Y2. (neojoooas fiSODQlgj h«d no 
interoourse with him Ys. 

Digitized by 


^sA— ^s) 


@sld9j— ^sldQ» 

TSr. e.s^^ 1. qaarrel cnouj oasormoodeocfi 

QjonnajOrDd^ fiDS^^ 6>^^3nb BCss. to 

war. 2. fomily dUoord, Beparation £S 

^rgb (S\(Qsi to reanite. S. intercourse Yi. 

CY. gDSO0l«att to disonite, separate, also gD5)S(dB. 

@S^ i4ar T.M. C. Te. (V^Cf) 1. Impediment, 
hindranoe gosib &*Jp\<S) unhindered, unchecked 
AB5. 8. trouble, grief (po.) ano^cnooib gos 
RBOOsibBhri. were troubled. Aaji.O)cX) gos 
ttoo^ QJOOT^ ajfoil^ (SitYij.) fiOJdtanoilQco 
0256 Oajoanlcno.ibBC S2. C- Q§) Bhg. perfeot- 
ly eatUfled. 
^SQdB), c51 i^ahl'ya T. M.C. (and SDS(Qd»> 
B.? Bee prec.) 1. To stumble, trip, cnsomdiordb 
flDSQo (proY.) 2. to falter, hesitate, goscfl 
§<m ajo<ftjQjo YyM. (dHrBaaong^ go'o TP. 
to wayar, doubt. 8. to quarrel Yi. 
TK. flDsii 1* stumbling. 0o^^<OBcbO(8n(So £ 
S^ OVDd SDg_]086aacX)9d9aa CG. 2. hesita- 
tion, blundering. «(T)0d98o oj^cnojo £S 
^^S9«Mn <0)ong. 3. quarrel (^(oxob Oiiso 
6^ esii YyM. disputes about money, an 

snsv£\ TB.- 9DS^ (tn^dSs) to pacify Yi. 
esoQ stammering from grief? eegoetosplggQ 

6)fl^ajt BG78; 
gpS^ idala (e^) A wood, burning rery quickly 

flDSeJ jQjS5>ejj90)3a)9(prOT.) 

^SOJo ida7amT.X.Tdbh.(gdafio)l.Taurn8. 

2 .sODSaj«no9ajO the 2nd month (May — June) . 

g^SOKUdiin KIT. beginning of the monsoon, 
general armistice till (2qj9q_ic[Q|. 

flDSQja»o(8. g^Qso> the horn of the Himalaya 
bullock - a med. root, [o^^^nfe BC 41. 

flDSOjnb Tdbh. gfistgnb a hero. gosQJODdo A 
T^SOJO* i4aTal A butterfly Yi. 
^S\ i4i T. M. C. Te-OTe^) 1. A stroke, blow, 

■hock. A«92<fiHX) 02^^^^ (po* o' animals) 

Qjfla cs), (f.i.-in road making). 2. bnUs- 

iag, pounding, o^^oojos^q^o (o^^iO^Do (po.) 

8. thunderbolt ^s)e)aj^| c^afiso 3(u9isSl dcuo 
oi^MB. so g2S^«)Q-i9|^, <flitf)O(0fi, SDS^^&paaal 
it thundered CC. g2S^A<^9§<^90D Yi. sudden- 
ly, es^s^ad^^ ^^* ^ happen suddenly, ^s^ 
^SCTT) A^Ofbb BC83. 
SS^^e? (8) a betel pestle. 
fl2^ ASPfbb (2) a b«tel mortar, used by toothless 

P«"OM- [GPes. 

flDS^^<8fi (2) young jaokfruit hashed ft fried 
eos^vuitn (8) flaeh of lightning, 
e2s)«)aj9^GB;9dBni reduced to dust-, of Airious 

oombat, ruthless destruction* 
%is^^(^ (1) a rammer, gnnrod. 
a2^^W)(0(> (8) flMh of lightning. 
fl2S^tf ^9 W thunder, s^^MfoeS) BC S8. 
St^CBi^ balls or cakes of fl2^<9'ni). 
Q2siciygf^ a kind of cake (also fl2S^cg|an^). 
Sts^cgiarn) a kind of TermicelU. 
O^^q^jtmA mortar for husking riee, also a 

eDs)aj9cX> (S) fork of lightning. 
C5)aj9fto (8) the lump of gold, supposed to 

be contained in the thunderbolt, and found 

when it strikes into cowduog. 
gDslsKug (8) clap of thunder. 
gDS^Sjj^ & gD^oojib S)aj9^<di the stone of a 

fruit to burst & emit roots. 
^Sld8>, etWt^ i4ilfa T. M. C Te. (fiosi) 1. To 
crumble, fall to pieces, be split as Z(£\ii^j jS\ 
o, (0>sfiJ^s>nbo Qjl^-cnj — ^S^ gos^an^ of a 
cocoanut plant growing. — met. 6)cr)6BU<d>o ^ 
^eaiS^s\sia^ Bhr. 2. to be powdered. ercB 
nrnlb^a^nrn^gj (med.) 8. to fall, be reduced, as 
price (qjIqj gDS^^""^) degraded — gDslfimd 699 
m\ rather a low caste. 
69S|dB6^ T.a. 1. To beat, bruise (SiDroigQs) 
(6a to pound rice Yi. 9a:Ba*iaQ&i flDS^dBso PT 2. 
(Bios^dSucq^o cmcoa^lrbb (^|6)d>95nBlb)aAC(^o 00^ 
^(^o (po.) 2. to demolish, break down. 
«blfi«)<d)9coiBi) gosldoa MB. QJ9A»)aib s^:^ ^ 
oono (robbers) TB. 8. to humble. fisi^Q-i 
oa> (poO^^ot'lg^P ojoA to abuse. 4. T.n. 
of palpitation ocomi gos^aao a med. Kid. 

Digitized by ^OOQ IC 

^sVs)— @§<e> 


^^(dd — opgno 

YH. I. flDS^^(A 1. demolition, rains Tl. 2. de- 
jection. fl20jj o09gb;qj<so dcdnoq/o sb^^mb 
oi^oO Ti. (tinoe Tippu's death). 

m. SD^Qj demolition, despondency, degradft- 

tion. — (with «l^d> ft (Sl^^ae). 
gpsto <^ piece of wood, to beftt the ground, 
or to stop a passage, 
gpsliyi (fem. of gDsVB;nb) inc^^^aai. 
@sleron£W) i4iMil T. 8oM . Small earthen 

lamp Ts. 
^S|cii;ab i^iyab (t^^lcfi*) a Oanarese caste 
<BmQj)<7ib gDsliflerm |^§(b. 

@§<d)9 ^ i^n^a T.H.C.Te. 1. Topnt, place, 
plant, wear, d^ai^o ^^ Had. put on, so 
(Bt^rDsmo etc. — qqjooIqjoaos^, ojefi^aO^ 
planted MB. — QD|fi>a)§ai to lay up. £ Ag^ 
Q4i9n^ he trades withont stock Yi. S. to 
cast, throw. gD§d»>ftai f.i. atscjlnib to throw 
away TB. cns^g^ « jiiool^d) to giTo. 9D|qjI§«> 
to disoharge, flD«g<fls (fi)cU(S8d>) to abandon. 8. 
action in general ofWne «)CDo)| ^encno joiddojob 
Pay. oanoGj^g ajsg^CDBcfo leather instraments. 
aja^§a)todiTide, (8i^fimcB(n^a) to swear. (b»cu 
6>a GucB;ej)(8b 9D| (oids^ TB. (=e>Qj^, o^cnD). 
4. anx.T. denoting a completed action. (Sojooi!^ 
^ has gone; giving also actiye signification 
to a T.n. as (Bi^cf^^dk. — The part, eg 
strengthens the 1 st adTerbial, by emphasiziog 
the power of the past tense. oQfiKm (Oisojl^ 
£g)g Q. 0oav>(ORnaiib oiodiaa^Raaio TB. it 
is nearly 2 months that I hare been placed 
in arrest; stands before KegatiTCS AiiKs^g^ 
gjand snd fatnres oato^onanog gg^ ; also with 
cansal power CQJ^S ^scno ^j^^ a>OQGy 
Qjo £§^og^o TB.; QjosniP§ ool^onb goso 92 
§y TP. cannot stop for conTersation; becomes 
meaningless 6i^c(£lg=iBi^. 
OT. go^Qjldas, fi^ae to make to put etc., also 
e§(Ba«> (old) f.i. QQjol^oQ BOSS. 
Cpds. QD^dkos bnrying plaoe. 
C^ Asp^ a graTe which sinks, supposed to coyer 

a wicked person. — a trap-doorway B. 
C^ojs) a gateway. 

^§<dfi i4llkkq T.K.C.(Te.a29i99 o<«9« 90S^ 
CSib) 1. Narrow passage fl^fdaeanp) the 
space between two fingers Yi. 2. straitneM, 
difficulty, poverty, also c$<flso. 8. claws 
of lobster. 

^§GS«| Si T. n. To be straitened, contracted, 
pinched. «>g]^Qo6o QojaA c§«ob)g9QXi6 with 
swollen eyelids. 

fl^§<Bea>, (fifil ▼. a. to confine, press, pinch 
(as a crab). 

^§ itta Tdbh. Qj)<^in ^a^g Xnens of bom. 

^§0 it^m Tdbh. sDd^o, perhaps, hence: 
gogtDiiiab Ya. and g^c^^ ^nb checkmate. 

^§0 iftahl (e§) No. Wooden block with a 
notch, nsed by carpenters to wedge in planks 
etc, in order to work them. [cake. 

^§ail ittali T.M.(Te. C. aigjgsm) k kind of 

^§a)b ittal eggjoo, e,socMb The terrace 
around the houseyard. — also compound aoj 
&a4« — &g(ak ODg^rDltiBecnD (loc.)— cs^o^on 
ecQB 090^0 aoeo^arSlcno TB. also flp^aaMi^ 

g)^ itti T. M. C. Tn. (Tdbh. c»(^) 1. Stick, 
spear QoiejAiOo, QDg1d>cb Kud. iaroe^g) BCss. 
AORno Qo)^' QD^lcvodaeaafi (proT.) 2. a 
Brahman girl B. 8. N. pr. of men Bo. ft Palg. 
^§l(8<e©0CTajlcQ;.^Crb N. pr. The Baja 
of PalakaduTB. (fl^g^QasOGOJ^ ecmajobPT.) — 
In a Palakadu inscription of Oollam 480 he 
is called the nephew of cgiyaaoWj^sab. 

@§Ve> ip^-Jfi Tdbh. g^(^«> Brick. 
flDg)a)(ae§^ laterite. 

resenred transfer of landed property KU* 


@OjJ ila 8. A @i Praiseof Gods-«arth(po.) 

^6noi^T.K.(C.Te. oQfim) l.F^, couple. 

2. clothesin one woof.— AOfiiWn, Ag^oni 

MiMnsm (po.) o^emoojoo oooOflMb KB. 

twin brother* tt^maavaos AonknsA^ya 

Digitized by ^OUyii^ 

^croaes.— g©nrj«B<| 


CoerrvBft — ^roo 

<4^q|| TP. 8. maWy eonpMiira, vaIob £ 
«rrN»)g) S^nrxB^ (to.) etm ioiCBki ojIcoIoli 
fliVA (Mpl. womg) loren' partiBg. earn Adsn 
MO^Mfiadmo Qj)ro)QB;90(n YC. not leaying his 
MAie for a ttoment. Qtfnrxv^gyft.'sniajacna^ 

Cpds. ncmaikirnai to pair, aa birdi XO., be 

(^^ojflBio cnoo^ Or Arj. if two aome together. 
QDcm aJHiD^ai to be wparated scm aIil«S)s>o 

«M» (nsme auagiiamab KB. 
QDcmfiisoDo Blight difference in aeoouts Yi. 
^suTKon^en to matoh. 

^enocecbfa^akkaniT. H. (sDsmco^d)) i.Ckm- 

cord, peace, anion. QgaBcu6)rDC(yo gDsm<aso cu 
<9i&S\ reunited them TB. oj^smiOtto eg») g^ 
«nDa»o £9^ Xnd. QD smdtoo ojocniC^^o crozMi 
dOaasMH Ti. rejected his proposals for peace. 
S. tabnissloo, tameness. tiO^au^dfVgk 0»oru9(Do 
flucmceao eeq^ T&. hia a^ad is soaiewhat 
brakaa, w ea l ^e a ed. 

g>enf>dagf l. Agreevaiii, 8. certificates 
gfren bj proprietor to B<»tf agee. ojagcoR^ 

e«mdiaAc)e «9f o XB. certiiicato from owner 
to lesaee, that he haa iet his estoto mjsm<0% 
(^ — dead of notice of aale to a 8rd paftj — 
aathority to lessee to tranalar Ills interest in 
Ae piopartj e«TMM uJ)§ W. — also ooanter- 
dooamesit giTan bj eoeapant to tiie proprietor 
aanouMing his haviag trenslbrred his iater- 
eato in the property. a»96mo ojacsa) o^isio etfl 
sof ncm^ <aa9«» (aPalg. 6&^Q,)i^)— 
Csmaaoj^^ajogm^onaaiocdQ -- fl^ondsa 
«&b ofiiD^j dA«^0B|-~l^» transfer of the 
IjanUy awoid to the heir apparent (loo. =019 

Sperry^S^A U To agree *g^<«n fl^sm 
flflo AsanS) Ca. pleasing to tha e/es, crymo 
wWiojWi a»sVeb fi^eaaib Mod. were not 
oreteaotontad ^th the new jroler. ^if)^^ 
Comoro fiotfa CG. sleep so dear to the ^yes. 

£tt^ nsiTNaA^cnnb oo^ene ttcnocdam <!G^. 
8. to make peaoe, stand well with one <tM»oajo 
C ePfmeooQ cemMA II. taaShk aa^ncnB^ -~ 
foenrMDBottn aj)mMa9) ^S9 proT. cosit^a 
eamMacaaiWxrf) YC. S. to grow tslld or 
tame Yi. 

@6nr>(0ft<e>^ aci) T.a. 1. To pacifj, recon- 
cile, tame aajoocn ^oiQ^^oa^scnos csiTMa^ 
^Qjoob Mod. (fiis^^d) QD6vnd)a<a» TP. 8. to 
rehearse, teach a dvamA «^ e^mtOin^aiaKO 
srn^d^ Yi. 

gpcnoflra Belattonship, thoae of the same 
casto. stcmcBalfA ««>eDajld^ TB. complalDcd to 
thecasto. oaomo (0>g) e«m«9o eg^jMio^o PT. 
to lose casto. tnoMcn sQcrmoB^tm 0^199 oai 
flOn to soHiend (tor athne) tern casto prirUages. 

^6nr)ay<6), erBvaj i^ayn^K^ (fioem) 1. To 
agree well, snit. rsoeerrflcft^crnencb QsenDflsn^ 
GO. 8. to subsides Q95)ft«B», as rata Yi, 
C06\&y^ddGt y, a. 1. To noito, conple. (Dcrf 
AO£Qao&i «m£itA fiDsm^scrnl^Mv &a«oa») 
EII4. (tor a sacred parposc^. eDOsni^a^<9e, 
«)d)^i0> eto. 8. s9€>ffm^/d^<dA to be eqaal Yi. 

g06<^rfa i]>ar (T. flower bnnch) Fish-spawn 
(«x£><sSfiB go. roe. m(olciQ§yo<on» &. milt) 
gpy^ (T. garland, 0. clot) A swarm* oj 

(Bio«fi>cnJS^0STP CO-. — 

gD6nec[D§A to be thronged. 

fl^^cnrSlrDl uproar ond^o Qj1ft)5)A9sne A(b gosni 
mi(S\ TP. fi)jiii9«anBi9aotfu)>90r^ q^. etc. 

ssneti (ft sar«4> n^ob^en orxBrmosdb B€ 19.) 
Tczation, sorrow. 92^^<9k>aja8(U)0c»)(^aj 
OBo gOLDcEuicgb Q^^aA KG 15. fisnse^ a^«q| 
^e«a^ OG. wereaffri^Lted* e^^wbcn^o 
(po.) might make jealous. gDsnaok Aar^oAo 
orx^cSaPTl* we shall roe it. 
@|v:^6^QJ^^9^d^(loo.)Topointatone . 

with the middle finger bent (obsc) 
^rmoiiama. (e to go) Oone, reached (po.) 

8» Tdbh. odW fit, pleasant nroKoniW auoa 

Digitized by U*jOOgle 

^fl5>8— gptTTOi 


go (CtptltD --» gQ rOb 

«(mnb(po.) willingly. eMeioaiaBltn^ttOJ-ai 
ODD Mad. a)D0nrnXm0oa£)KR. s^imo ATlg^aKmib 
BO. well fitted ohariot. fiQ0)od^.mt§ fl2<^o 
Qnr)9<dsmoTP. tried whether the sword woold 
fit him. eoi Aans) &Q^ a suitable blade TP. 

^rO)g i&as B. (oDSo) & (^rOf^ns Henoe (po.) 
£4ntajiDo GC. thereafter. 

CQGTi i(a (T. new oaltiTation) 1. Sproat, shoot. 
2. a small fenoe Yi. 
£SMOidto, to sproat. irdsqj^ CSMn^fl^o =3 Bhr 5 . 

^(OyOo i5arain 8. (pron.) other, different, as 
in eaaaoKDo quickly (po.)c(aKdn9d>) lowoaste. 

^rSKlJ iiavi; aM. T.ssgDtnoS. PleassntneBS 
0g)9(D)<sal<nQj^ocno$Qei9<B cnocroo TO. — 
adj. fl2iincinav aioejodo BO is. weU appointed 

^rtJ)6o 154 T. grtntp, (®fO(zntf (B. eao?) 

jriower leaf, OTaria of fish, (moooigj ojlone oj 

(©Icnwflrt)© aa«»c)o Bhg 5. <»oafl>c£)flncX) flojooeJ 

Qjk«OfiJ0Oo Q«io0aLorxBrorMBBcX> KB 4. 
^rO>0 i5a (T. g^Ooo from eiS) Behold here. 

(S\ fi/no QjOdBscno PT i. (also e^ a>oajra 

(flanb PP.) 
grrfJl i6i B. (pron. e) Thus. In quotations = 

oOlcnD — ©flft^ S-i^fl»lcBH»(ag)o thus ends the 2nd 


earm^oDOCTOo (gaion+oo+fl^cro thus it happen- 
ed) legend, tradition, history Soosisor^mo 
Qa<^o09croo Bhr 1. 

^g^ i(a ^(Z^ 5. (m) This thing. S2(S^®^ 
hitherto, plnr. flocu, also eg^c&ida (^u.) 

^OSfO) ittft (loc.) Slayer =so(Oo(W». 
^(BrmfDo ittaram (awdo) This kind, thus — © 
(mno Qjooa^ PT. ©rtrnwoo ojDdBa TP. (often 

^05^0)1 itti girOTcSlcWajb T. M. l. Wared 
leared fig-tree, Fious Yenosa. edsdn^cmaofak 
eksni^o a med. fSiO(mo^ ^<m^ (8id(0csioejo Oo-irDo 
e^o KB 4. 2. a parasitical plant e^^oBsg)^ 
Loranthus ooriaoeas (so^mnrn^)* kinds: 

oifliincB; ffi. Lor. longlfloras. 
ooj^toiBt QD. Lor. elasticns. 
Acnejioaok e. Lor. gioboras (Bh.); see a 

gp OTOvlfl) itiiza (93, (a)(0)ao much, mod. s.lS^ 
o^CRDlcnl^ ojAom ajo<%nn> GnP. £t5)<4)^gj 
0OC0) so easily. 

Qcn(Do emoo 6Xkjoa8«nW)S«mo Bhr. 
gp OWfl^Q ittil 1. Oyster shells, used as lima, 

▼n. ficoiailcX). qj§S g^m^ocstfl cndQ^i Hid. 

2. Opds. 

eD(Oi^c)oO(ae3^ ft cflnStodaeo^ Epidendron 
tesseloid- g^tn^i^^'BtSo, SQ.(Q9<^So the 
same or another parasite (comp. eaanatl). 

a2'no}^c>xxj(m) (1) an armadillo MC. [taoh. 

gprznpo ittham s.=a2<^ ^^^ (po-) s.<3ioo ^^mo 

^^ itja 8.B9aj0CBn YetO. (83). 

^^3/^ityad!i 8. (qdaO, m^fi^), £^9e)^9x3o 

^((V) itra (fiomilrD) 80 much, so many, fi^ 
Q^9o ajoMMm«0o ABs. oil efiHS>fnD oo 
cro^o qljosr^ o^«b)(iib YyK. only so much. 
€D|Q> fl4)cmgy innumerable, o^oaocn cnoo cufi. 
ni^l4gKiV9Qc»(m®o eoAoshO Si Pus. — it isde- 
dtfiied Anrn)s>c6oc@)c»0(?A A<m OS- a fraction 
of one by so much. Q2<S>9<nR)ia&o vntil this 
time eLi5>8((Ra95Qjo TB. ^iQ each, 

repeated : A8«a>3a7i^rgk gDmlttS) (jad.) bo much 

@r9)J(61 itTari 8. (c to go) Unehaste woman. 

@8o if am 8. This (po.) £800)^0 now (po.) 

^riXJo ifdham 8. {^dS) Kindled, ^i^sxxxo 

«(T»3tflao Nal8. ady. with flaming joy (po.) 
ffitino 8. small sticks for fael (po.) 
^Cn iiia No. ^OOl So. Wing of building SM 
dBoVnojro, Al&P<0e^(nlcE£W MB. (perhaps only 
a formation syllable as in o jiigipcn etc.) cus 

^OOo illam T. a M . 1. Olass of animals ^<9 aj(^ 
<^^ SLODo Yi. ajea^cncBBcdo BOss. a»^ocS) 
ODo BO 38. 2.=:flct9« swarm, aj«nfia)9(90 


Digitized by 


^onob — ^^ob 


^(OglCQJb— ^fYY? 

^OOOtbiikahB. (V^eflbiirenaoaB>Lord^6an 

(po.) ttorMkeiAMMpo-Kiaofb KR. 
g)f03o Ar. (in'im) Gift, present, grant; also 

ttor)O0(oiBi)(nD 9cu9n£i MB. 

^OOladT. M. (\r§o, Tn. = ©mD) Henceforth, 
hereafter, yet, etill, more, (with fatnre) oQfig^ 
cnod&flDcr))o^oaaoPT3. eori^SD^TB. there 
18 no more (to be giren). QDonl oaogj^ — e 
orSl fi«9r«o rflojl^ril^onb CojOAflneKR.— 
ficni &(S\dda(A oDoe more. gocoWoitnai (Si^jg 
next week.— e(i^<^o. 1. again. Oobcflao axna 
09000 enolcQo «6njoa5^ifl»oo TB. — ©oS^ 
c^^ajsxoftxj^ TB. the names of the others. 
S. not yet tg^DltSa Oojocvamb go. aKmi§>) Bhr. 

^nolfio©^ Udkk^=oa)(TOaa. 

^OOtayiMya (5. ©nb sweet) fficT?ca; oexu 
cQJORi, ecn)c0O^o(bkn9a»)«ai BC. g^oS^i-nacn 
QKtb Sweet son. qd cnW ojs Bhr. fine army. ^ 
iieoter ea»moa;^ BO 117. 
fl^n^o (s:Q2n6aLJo) ai^vorob e&r^toao^o ecrf) 
gjQjo BC 37.— also aaofSla (wdoorro ad«>s 

gnrSlpr^ mJBBf (Ar. «fla%8",ano^gg)Kind, 

g[<^ mtn Tdbh.(crDlone.) [ouxuo.) 

fiCSad 'MlEsalt from Siade (med.=CM>oru 

eQ2n9ai)(asoib = Hindns. 

Cai|aUD9or)o QjOiBmkA TB.ssHindnataiii. 
@0^ inffiia 8. » ojd^. ^ CCBlroefinxDo 

Aob Yiahnn (po.) 

@0[^QJ(Do infflTOnun 8. Bine lotns (po.) © 

alkxjMKttsafim Kal 4. 
@0^ ind^B 8. Moon. 

f^o^atAoedo moon^rays C!0. 

flDO^UMDob 8k. BhlTa. 

CC^'^AMOobBhira. — 5. pr. king of Bo. Hal. 

^(0306 blTnui 8. (acorvib) 1. The kiog 

of the Gods oaOojiQ^; SDig^ofiml his wife, 

eigfluoy CD^cueo his sorereignty. — s^lQB 

wind Yi. 2. lord (0)OQjQaxHQ3<ib the gi!^t 

doTotee, a)O9«HQ3n09& PT. ete. 

©(ggnoeio "Indra's net.**— soroery, snperior 
jaggling. e|9noek9noeidaao(Dab oON^Q^o 
BaU. ncoesB «eoai5^«ao aoooiQgnoeiQjo 
KB. (the grand deeeption of worldly lost.) 

eaouxeflfg, eC3Qj1e5 rainbow. [phi,e. 

gotn^erileKn^ooRakob KomK. sky-blne, sap- 

eD(ggo&io«>o ((a^oaj):^) the heaven of the 
Gods ft hefoee. r^rooaojaD. 

efQ^ajefi) Cissus pedata, used in Hal, for 

QD(^oal<dxX>, etQ^oa^ajaido etc. KIT. 
^(OglcQ^o 8. (©(3306) 1. Male power, 
semen. 0ocncroetiP^m goi^cQ^croejcno ojcm 
6QJOGJC0 Bhr i.=©(^cq;o Qj)y<0> (tu. ofDoemo 
Qjisno TP.) emissio seminis. 2. organ, sense, 
a.) sAnaoQODiQ^lavosO^oq^ (ajd9(> jikeaj ^ 
oDA (Qa)36mo, their objects (Qjlcft)GQ;o)o86r^ q^ 
®Q-i (Dcro GXTU>o. b.) <d»900(^cBioorgans of 
action ojodBd ajosnfS) OLiOBo [^ac^ ^eo, their 
objects Qjjixno eocno coscno (bi^txqo qDoto 
^o. o.)in Tedanta 4 oooQKf^iQskvo (000 1 

e^fQ^icQX^oao 6)cail(0a AB e. to snbdne the whole 
of the senses and organs, ctQ^ovncsvo, ct9 


S»(SlpcBieQWi6, QDig^QVQjoecortb sensnal. 

EIQjIaiKyaJKO (1) carnality Vi. — 

^mjoooo indhanam 8.(inflaming)ss£@jno. 
also met. g(8b(8)«grxs;9«^6KB»orDVnu<r)o GG. 

g)flV> iidlA T. M. (C. fl^oQ) from £) pron. This, 
such, ©cm (Doc)a £(m eoon^o date A menth 
as may be the case. — It is chiefly nsed for 
the indefinite what: sas^oado SOD e^<ealaA 
fl^nrxxi c^onDo (notonVob (^o^coecb con a^ 
(fialoA enmoi c^k^tbo Qa)§()Oo oiooscb fi>Jii^ 
Bhr. £(m OcrxMXOiasoiDo Qcmau^roos o^ccto 
ggianQjg^o Qoifimo aagmgaa Bhr. (she does 
not care when, with whom, how, eto.) 

^rrn isaxq T. M. 0. Tn. (et) This day. ^ 
ooDcBa ojcQ AojcroascBn it's jost 10 days MB. 

Digitized b^*ljOOgle 

ggnmjflBio — gpsojjs 


^OOJlell — ^QQISj 

e.^crrN9« ^cmoo a^ajcrvo ^g«noaBfag. eon 
syno§ etornloosb Bhr i . henoeforth, tor erer. — 
e^^cm^mn o.fiifidijimo FT i. ftnr today's bmI. 
isv^ 9 ifiuo eo(si8i»bb fDOcmso a\^QidM>§^ Bhr s. 
the present time. et^mKiva^orxDQ^ KU. till 
now. — Alaosr^oTi) henoeforth o^sMmiMak e 

ConOfiJ (0. Te. oSlon) yesterday coDOeian 

(emph.) TE. 
fll^omo 'here'* (calling co«i to feed, eto.) 

@nnm)893o itihatlgftm T. M. (T. ermrobsgo 
snecd)) Yexation, trouble. <£^.OQgi«JR»^orn Q3.<mo8Ebo 
6)Qj(fin3A(a) a)6ne TB. without obfltruotiog. 
Sonmoaai0ocai§lfoldt)<8CTro NaU. are with diffi- 
culty kept under ooatrol. r^^ 

^rmobo innaj (on&cX>) i.^ecrn. 2. The past 

^nnnl iiiM=:i. gonol f.i.QjfD0§<8c^cT91ab am 
^rafc SD orn^cs^o <d>assmc(ng>jQcD;3 KB s . 2.= (^ 
mfl f.i. Qjos0lonTl«ca/ EC. 

^Ctbo-io ihbam 6. (gocnlcti) Pleasure, delight 
(chiefly of 2 kinds jaTlocSlcnjo short pleasures, 
«Qjr61cnjo bliss, po.) $>^aj)d9o flDomoajo<fiH Vi. 

^cn^dbxBibo inyayaYal Tdbh. gDej_i<fi» s. s 

stars in the head of Orion. 
^Q-jsl ippadi T. M. (q_js1) Thus ©ajsld9« 

(BiDolcsgo aootdEfia) (doc.) also in letters sdojsI 

d95) N. N.r=aQ)aTV^<9)0^o=I am yours etc. 
^Q-jl ippi So. (jaPftJ) eaj)<%o onoaiamojo 

a med. 

go^aJ§icab A pearl oyster Vi. 

^jj-JOo ippuram T. M. (ajoo) l. This side. 
2. temporal gD(a^d3>9rDo cuflgj gD ^s^CBr^eoGdn 
cro9ajcoocn0O(0A)cB;(on5)a6o gogjoo Q_js9«sn3 
a^a>cte ©ilcn^o gogj TE. never since the 
last peace. ojajQi 6>(d>og^Q(0(oi eDgJO^gg jiia 
(»fflnflcrn* ME. 

^CSa-J96)^ AiiMno ojcmMflb TE. = @q@ «ajos>&i. 

^(Ba-jo6o ippoj (aajOiP)Kow, just, soon (yu. 
e^ad°) @D<Sg-j9«iro oQcn Qjiio^:^ CO. and 
how are you now? 

^eOJO'S/DYO? At, 'ibidat. Serrloe (of God) oj 

i (nkQi2S(0o M pi. 

^eojkj)^ Ar. iUlB Be^, rogu^w Hpl. 
^<3o ibham 8. Heueehold. — elephant (in a 


^Sjdb wealthy penon (po.) 
^(2 ima T. M. a C. (& jaS)a) Syelask. ^ floa 

Qixxi A a M. Gods flQ0<Bpaiib Q-)<oiCBiQja(> KG 2&« — 

flg0(S)9^a> to wink Yi. 

fiD0cn1^fiLn«t smartness B. 

g20a<fle to blink, twinkle ^(Sl^ idigj^ofiL^o 

altfloosym Bhr. fioadBsagnb EC. «>g|^^oe 

(6«<m Qoaii KE. e.«0g^QjW in a 

moment Yl. [FarvstL 

gQQo ixaam Tdbh. (oolso) gDeeei^ab EG. 

^(2^dB> imaniYa (T. to sound, C. to e^faporate) 

Of acute pain, toothache, ete. (loo.) 

TS, goai. 
gDCaoCfb Ar. see orooaoob, Faith, honor. 
^(YU3 imba A hunting oall i^o) fious B 

CTUO (huntg.) 
^QiS{ immi T.M. a fraotlon,=5^i^ A^m (oo 

®"°) ®' 494802 ®' TlToToO ^• 

eetal^m) No. erer so little =seioii£)(ul e^E^Un) 

ojr^Q^ Pay. 
^CQ; iya aT. aM. (=T. e«W)jii) To agree, 
meet ecB«>aoiplaod> EC lU. «oi8&n eca«nt 
EC. were defeated. tBAslon^ eca^n^ was 
well beaten EC. 
squca^ak T.M. (0. oocro^) ^ more steMlily. 

In grammatloal usage t i. 4hgb«b 8.^0.0x01) 

cvcoigcm® — fi)cQ&^ja^co w y m ai(t (po.)= 

£CBKm<oi T. aM. sound aOKnvo ttorn^caiosj) 

cnoob EC 5. he said. 
^CQ;a^ <e), nm) T. a M. To agree, go fairly, 
be proper =^^d>, «jisaaa). — ojiios(jVs«ao 
fanoui CG. ooss^ra, Ajgaio moAHtnft^^eVA fi 
cDKTio PT. 01^90080 ^Qvaioai KE. joyfully, 
j^ewaio Q3(a/eioQ«i YCk. «a9<aMBBcX> cm«B^a» 
ei9«a GnP. &uo gcei^AOqjoA ChYr. those 
who fear. 

dkounb BO. the far Cuned Hr. 2. what is 

Digitized by ^OOyiC 

gpCflWOV — gp RW>IWDl 


^(og — ^mac^ 

proper. corA «D($kwMi BC ?< oj&axio g^ 

ecvoQai to eamso, indaoe. 0ii|^nrxBo fieaW 

infliet. eQi98rrma0fi sk39oc>)=^oc0oo9^;^ 
G0. Qoioooo sQfoo aj§^o BO 4. como 
i^^flrn^oav eea'Aivoooogy BC«o. do Imt 
what 18 lawfiil. 
^CQM^ iyfttta 8. Bo mook (po.) 
@c|^CS2>Vnb (e+CS8) Before this. 
L ^rOiiaT.M.CTe. 1. Foodof birdB,niftkeB, 
infn&te, met» of ftme. oeaiocn e(aca»o<6nl PT s. 
ftte him. oMmW fl^^oa® (aKTS)<0olrd (proy.) 
pny. Qjodo«B)(OQB^o«ol Bhr. aS^fB^cn^n^an^o 
PT. oMocolo.'Dao e<b flDrocD/oanl BO si. 
2. liTelikood. c^Q<o»^ dMkm (Lia»e^o «iipl 
6^9 (Tir. Aiyw) 8. bait) womB, AscArides 
etc. gDrDQEtll^^ to biiifc. oieS^oifQDr&sajMiiob* 
ttrDQtf<aoo hoiminlbiiiele (mod.) 4. see fi 
6M«ae n. 
U* fO(b 8.(sffiaDre£re8hBioBl) ftlioopeeoli* — 

T. flound, whence e2fiXd<sa« 
^(Dce6k8>^ mrd irakknya T. M. To be;, e 
(Qcnaane^ Pty. s^mid (nsaotoMkalm; with 
Boo. (DO^o cn^^onoSfflOMMiieflr^ Bhr.; aleo 
Am- oSlfikm Oftoob ojornlahdaaie KB. ocnay 
A)<d«ai8flmab K&>. to beg hard. o^fcaAH) e<Dmo 
CC. oalled ont. 

YS. 9Qf^ 1- begging. 431^ OaossKftliDyi^. 
l^g^rly e^<0>»9|o. S. bit of bridle 
(loo.) 8. oeo e4X^«B»- 
e^^ad^' i^^^ad^ beggar c^fOgjoftlcsio 

<sii9(A 0QOoaK^ PTs. 
£'^^^°i'<*^o»~ftWjo aiendioiiy4 ero 
^anstcno «Qaoa>QBil§y <proT.) 

@aKS89>0(ob irangol and ^(DCSSaiDmb Large 
•tick (as of beggareP), ohib, dtotiactfrom j^ 
loob tfAonk eibc<^foaa>OR*aj^ XB. 2. pole of 
boataeii. e^^Mb^ii «mQ^ <loo.) 

@<D^(9b ys> of eck9die. 

anolooaioAi) amed. sfOoncPeioefiJib BO lie. 

, fi'<%o ikKBCVK^o ^cS)6o TP. for bnrniiig a 

^^'P^*- [cm a>o(A fij^o (proT.) 

^(b^ddy ixa^BfS (aesQ«»>T» otomble CDS 
@(D§ izftttft 7. K. (S^(o«r«, Q2(a»> 1. Doable, 
flgrog 6)QjQa>9 e<0S ^tg^A^ iwine. gl'I's^ 
fij grlndorBMO. ^(^ ajoc)^ two edged Yi. 
<Do efOgOiiOQBn OQ. fi<DSGB)Sdto 8 botolnnts 
grown together. ^ fifOgiORi&ij^ the paradise 
flyeatohefKC. (ttfi>«>oo«eiO(ORft1)-*ffi(Dganet 
eK»(i6 ojMii a oertaia riper. 2. odd (= o^ 
cao)aooQc(M>creg«(BioTi. efogo^s® €fran. 
^<D§| doable, twioe as mach. (with Dat.) 
tfiMn^orn moaSVog^ 4 times as rnooh. (with 
Loo. etd (D9oskB»V(A e^gWocai) (Ha.) — oj 
CBU^^ Q_io(oUifta£^(b6>aj^a>cX><0o)fo^ OAocb 
qjHOC}.— ady. ^oarfkul^Ofd ffirog^itcno 
<d> amed. 

Q9iogl«a T. a. ft n. to double^ maltiply (^9n£\ 
CKr> flDAg^jn cnoflj Qaa. ttcra OAs^osiAoai 
gDfDg^^o eaosfiio (po.) ofnM9e tntA earog^ 
^ (Oicm TB. paid tour times the amount 
(=i<ft>«n|). [MR, 

inf. srDgt^ f. i. s».fl]&)3j fi(Ds^g;jo«d ojoso 
£(Di^ecj(^r»o eiyeerrhisa glabra, [teal. 

^fD6n3iia94ft @<06insa^<£h&S] Wild duck, 
^(tXUk) irrtaxn Tdbh. (ooroo Herearx. fiaxno 

<3dae&P6isu amed. 

^<0aij<6> iramlmyft (n. goro) To blnstor, be 

load Ooc.) — [breathing Vi. 

^(tauak the roar of the sea, dSfiloalty of 

^(DOJrO^ iravaSi Tdbh. QrocutoH The 27th 

aetorism. go. au§ fiacno KU. a eeremony. 
I. ^(OCIJ irarq T.](.O.Te. (^roan) A thing 
lent. fl2<^ Q^OMaa to borrow, crooj qjooo) 
(loo.) of olothes, ornaments, eto. ^wx^fOt^KO/O 
c8A loo. to endanger one's head. 
i^rsQLNA T. So. Palg. s2* cuociB^^ (n^(MnDo 
YyM . borrowed. 
IL @A>aj T. X. Ta. ooTa. ca» 0. sroc)o (c 
no II.) Right SJ24DS, o». In po. g^AO^euMb = 
rj>9g^«>({i PT6. [Pay. 

S^DdO^I atatl Tdbh«<Moe)f.Loa6eko9oiVdoQ, 

Digitized by \^300Q IC 

^rtttoj <e>— ^(oVtij 


g>(ota^ — gpdn 

^(61aftd9>, ^(wmrd iiikku')fa (\rert» T. 
M . 0. Te.) 1 . To ait, rexnain, be in a place. £08 

rol<njo SMmMple^o e^^ 6)d)»^o(proT.) being 
unoeoapied. — e^^f^Qxrnaxfo maldserrant. 
£(o)aeaT>«iDm0o(»AS oiwcn^ OojooaiCproY.) 
nneteady, — cccB^nm oeorr^o c^dBcne Oojoccin 
90)9 KR. are the 6 Sliaitrae aboUehed ? — Keg. 
eocSlcBiOtttO) A flDfoaMi (po.) 2. Aoz. Y. 
Q0<i8<n^^(nD wag flitting; often eontr. colon? 
a9=?(nl(ml(anr»,«a_iooandaanr» ete. 4^ni(S^an 
oai cnxyo aisr^ei (^)cmoQ[£^ eren whilst look- 
ing at. — 

Inf. & YK. flD(oldae 1. being (cng^(&l<0e eto.) 
9D(£l«eaf)§laik a ooach. 03r£l<fiftlsossflD(Dlg^ 
So — e^DldaeanoKPOQj calloflity of the poeteri- 
ora, as of moQkeyB KG. 2. s^<fiAOaj,— 
««SM there being, whilst there is. 
YN.fiffilg^ 1. sitting, residence, position, esej 
«)g^§)Qi^fgb anoojogiaA ei^gj^ni MB. ^(S\ 
gj aj6noloa>o9r«W(on»l(9b orSlffl^^ KB. a 
seat in the boat. 2. balanoescnl^, s 
ro^gj QiOKok, fifolgjaas. 8. (loo.) eoocTO 
onstlnb fl2<^gj^)x>> flakes (B. Job 41.) 
£rD^g^So residence, lodging. (firom2nd rel. 
partfut. cirSl60Bc)DQQi(oi9gjs«BS(TB. where 
yon are) uiJ^fOccnscrosxndaai Gi<6)gJ)so 
Oojoo KB. flgtCDl^so o49)s)qc» proy. mo 
onoo (8i^aj(0i^nrn)fDlg^5o Bhg. 

A Brahman Gramam Ko. of Calient TB. KU. 
^(OIgy^o iri^am 8. Desert, salt-soil ffirolom 

^f6lQu-j=^r»g-j, efiftig-iaj GP67. 

^(Oloijf , ^(Oicnl iifanbi} (©(bH.) t. m. c. 
Tu. (Te. 90Od^) Iron. -^ obi. oase in £rDls)gLj 
ipfi>a> (o^oovooD^ Bhg 6. BG. iron club. — 
etioknioai blaoksmith'e shop. — 
fl^rSlcnja>o an iron — wood (Hopea. Bnoh.) — 
fll2(61cai8b)c»leS\|o ^ioSi TP. hanging the 

bod J of a criminal in chains ft letting it 
rot therein without barial—a seTcre 
punishment in former days. 

£(^cQjei(eaQ;||0dC0lBO 84. a peetles:^)(n)GJo. — 

flD(D)a3j0(Oo a Sideroxylon. — 

Q2'^CQ^o(£_ri (anchors .aikvS)). 

^(Dlc^{d8>, 605% iriyn'ya T. M. l. To creep, 
«2ej)aAcolorrt Ocaaxs^o sro^a^jaio orawling sen- 
sation.— Ko. oJocnj^MKb, 9.okos, QQcnj e* 
=5 22SP<sy A. 2. (T. stQ) to wrench off, twist off, 
pluck (as firuits, branches) eoeJQi^aBV «)ftd>, 
AooA^ai (a single plantain from the bunoh) 
jiicdn ^o^^ -oja. £foWn^. — fl2^fl"9 QJ%cffi 
onDQO) CG. (the mother, her infiMit from the 

*>'<««*)• [picked. 

flDi£)«9s9Ci2{o dhScflfiOQ^ fruit purloined or 

TN. Qoro^^fob l.priekling sensation. 2.pluok- 
^(61<£alaoft DN. Tdbh. gcOSl l^' 

!• ^(0^^ ^<S\ irn o(Qb(b before TOwels, T. K. 

0. Tn. (Te. cos) Two, whence 82^^i <^^ • — 

enK3Lj4» two persons, iufflil(QKuib 12. — many 

Compounds, as:^ 

S^flB^MO both shores. 

^<m^%d^9<mo FT 8. both parties. 

C<Q<Aia(ob ploughing twioe. 

C<i8cn9an(aA)yogo ^^two measures out of four*' 
equal division of the crop between proprie- 
tor ft tenaat W. 

e(QQ§Q 200. ^ CRBC%OQas9<b in Cooh. B. 

£a80Lj]D 20. [Cath. deeeendants of slares. 

a]>ftBajrd)<ficM(2)o, fl^'iBeoCOdOeo^ HB. 
cnBajo§4»>o6 both parties. 
QDOSajOo both sides. 
e.<a)a«)rn)oajQtiaB B. gleaning. 

sneezer) two-pointed, two-edged. 

enBOJOoA ^oasttob Nnmidian crane (8. avOto^). 

flDOsajs^nDO^, s^fBMKiicndS K, pr. the district 

8E.of Tellicherry once goTerned by Kam- 

byar under Colattiri TB. 
U. ^r^B To be dark. 

Digitized by 


flggftfO?) — @^^ 


^5)(0dd6k — ^O 

TH« fl^iDQJ, mo Bight. 

&<Vi$Y n^§ T- If^* darkness, sfl2<Qdo. (^(ft 

^(a(g>l? iniSi («i(oiiB»)Ixi the phrase cn^dSsoDO 
£kA m.(^^ oajOQ(Di)QBi9(8£) (Ot(o)«k TB. allow 
me to reside unmolested. 
gptTOroyg^o SittiDg, staying. cnscDRDeooKv^ 
ha is settled there, also sDnansiof. 
QD (Bosnfi 1 . a seat, benoh . 2. = g^rDldOsoDOKb 

a maid g^^^oo^® 001,2^ QajM)ej(prOT.) 

S.rsg^ju^ (med.) 
C]p(0iig)g)c6> CY. (of SD roldSa) 1 . To seat, place, 
detain, settle, a^aasi^ CDon^(ZS2 tmsion @d racmoi) 
(deOfiA^Qjoob TB. (=sorD)g^9O9<0an)indaoensto 
remain, oonoooj S2^<Q2^9^ K^< uxdo qj 
<a(aianc09ejo eL^<Qi|C2J9nb ojsrni KB. difflcnlt 
to keep riches acquired, si^cmf^ostonil EU. 
presented, gare. 2. t. n. to sink or settle as 
a load (loo,) — to walk (hon. loe.) 
flDOBoiKfeldan 2nd CTV. to eaose to seat, present o^ 

or) 000m fiiaconild^ s>at0flB0o8G. (ss tow 

to a temple). dMA laooflmb sosanoi)^ TP. 

QORmrvBb iniimal t.m. c. (n ©ob) char- 

eoal of blacksmiths (sor^olQaxLHcBenm dMS\). 

tt<QMm^MD(ib collier Ts. 
^OBg-j inippa T. H. (C. Te. cg^) Bassia lati- 

folia with an oilfrnit Q2<^Oa:JS>s o^cu^nboSloo 

KB 8. flD(^g_)6>QBijq[^ GP. see £e!ng_j. 
gpraOJl irnvi A dmg (T. panicum). 
@iQ»Qjl6o iravQ to. SCScb DalbergU Sisn, 

red timber. 

e<3a^ a large spider. 
^^(JQjrol,— ajl iravfiri t. m. (Tdbh. ^ 

Oqj(0?) Andropogon mnrioatom, med* root and 
perfume; prh. *<double rooted." c^^cuan 
QSkvS AD^^ jiXBCno Kid. GP 76. 

@<z»ax)3<Bb, ^(Dlcrood) (Ar. inal) Bemit- 
tanee. cfoaudrab AdOBidas, <£biP^6no stOBcruoaib 

^(Ol5o in4 5. (n. £(») Darkness, blackness. 
S<octocnVx> brown (loo.) — g^^c^o-oSMMbb no 
cnaH, a^(^A«rnW»fii9()dBC. blaok haired. — 

fiOdbOOtfao dnsk. — obi. case crsf (» 


a^(Q(^, erf to grow dark. crosm^dKAoKB. 
e(9^ cloady weather s:0«oBraL — «i6n6 

flD(TB§«>, to darken, obscure (loc.) 

C(aflL6 *Hhe black" a caste of jungle dwellers; 

also agrestic slares. 
C<Q9ft9o6 Ti. a sparrow-hawk, see c^^nb. 
L @6)a>d96) irokka T. K. (n. stro) To pant, 
snore, bluster, roar as sea QusfoluS^^o goAm 
^A<de«>aj ^Qio^m Bhr5. (before a storm). 
^(H^A 1. noise as of sea, bowels, hum, buss, 
murmuring, also ctSHB^ • 2« the appea- 
rance of cracked, uneyen wood (loc.) 
H* gp 6KD.^ e)«>f «» No. 1. To bind twocoooanuts 
together (loo.=:g3(D)4»>?) e>jiiA(S\ q2(0^ on 
6aa^<ob OiftglcBiorab a<b e<09ORiCDB9. 2. co- 
ition of dogs. 

^O iH T. K. (V^goQ) 1. The eaTes of a 

house, also SDO^iioej) Ts. eooeooo Ti. -- 
Qjlsltdicx^s (no«)qg2onf) sDocD;aa2 Qjism (jud.) 
«n&pd(Bii fl^ocivm fiOBcns MB. ^o ojoo^ 
OAcXxflemc an eaTcs-dropper, g^o oujoo]^ col 
ODOib Mud. c^o (SiorD^jdi) (after thatching). 
3. CO =«no taxes, tribute (old). 8. a certain 
fee for land-4ennre B. 
Opds. cO(0Bg^ , £OQ»(ab entrance stair. 
S9oanorD06rn (8) freehold B. lands held by a 
small acknowledgement of superiority to 
a higher lord. fl^otBAMDosna^ODsai W. 
fl^o^S(j^>^<^ begin to thatch. 
fl2ocB>tf)>o, QDOCVo Tcranda ddkoejddi. 
eoou 6>jiSQ0A a low caste near Palakadu 
(allowed to draw near houses up to their 

••^•■)' [serrices Bo. 

Qoocacjl (8) grant, as of gardens for certain 
£00^(001(00, sDOOoqgpo the beam resting on 

the pillars of the Tcranda. 
Coojrot 1. line of the eares. 2. (8) royal 

taxes So. W. 
eodjoroo Tcranda Ti. 

QDOtiKUeSo GuV^n) Cn^aio 09(^ ffiDQjaiOOeo £ 

g^ MB. fl^oocutto oOiQ^cno cro^eo pro?. 

Digitized by ^OOQIC 

^OdS — @0^ 


^O^ — ^X2«M 

^0<fl? tta-y^ T. Te. M. 1. "Winy, «•« i>i^o 
dfo. Q^rtbofiOA dslamf •ajK»i (ftff. my 
protection is goae). S. Tray. <me flap of the 
blndings<ga^«Manil«>06o mag. 

^OG8^(6> ttaailTrjfa T. M. (C. Te. to bow) 
VN. To desoend, go down (a^s&Hr* floo<oi§ 
Qjotilb PTi.), disembark, be swallowed. «xugg 
(•oojoslflnS aaoOTB^ TR. ©ga(®of>ior» ajOflsnO 
o«8^ MR. left the house. (nrfJeirwalaA) soo«8q^ 
cnsa-joob rtiHO»Qjgfgo tsr^d£\ immollR. permitted 
to cultiTate a rioe-field. (Oicnlafi^ocoe^cB^oaA 
proY. when eaten, ojodb q_ispo or^ft ^o«S90^ 
cnD<3() (po. when dying). irosffliS^flA ©oioaVn; 
(09^ 0an.=s|. 0or)g^o«»o<a wJ«otancy V«. 
VN. ^OcBOo 1. Deseending, slope, abate- 
ment, ebb (s=9(uai) qqocSqo). go. qjmQiO) to 
ebb. e^oDo ffiOcBfto oojd^ he is getting better. 
ecng^Vob c^ano shaking of a resolqtion, 2. a 
disease beginning with headache A endiag in 
boUs etc. 

YK. giodBe Ho. — acno (oon| fiocfla fixufifio a 
swallow of water. 

1. a. T. ^Oc6a<e), dte^To putdowtt, unlade 
( j^aS , <si&^)t to expel (fixug^^^cn), to swal- 
low (Qjlcfiio) or^A) SDOd9a6i a med. eojoexAOo-jo 
SO(flA)^5o (proT.) Q2OO(0»9r« ciU0CBK> as long 
as I Uto. eiTDo Qo^^ a^p(£\(A q2^()99^i ^^ 
eaat>30(D ooj^oai^ .ajAo e^oQcflsflmo TB. 
(drive down), WMSisicn aio^ ggtOcasl PTs. 
let it down. cn^ejOB^iaib ojloiaio ojIfiLQ^ £(^ 
anlMR. planted. (Boaiocn s^OcaOceaaaDi^ dis- 
possessed the tenant. onKiioa. e20«an) (SWOffS^ 
Aaaoh. send oat of the hoose. AaefiSajGai^ob 
eoODCTOo gD 0(Sa)moob Bhr 3. became Misorbed 
in. QAaojo GOdaakBi® God's gifts. (ga)a£^(9b 
fiOdasA YO. (a dying man. snperst.) 

2nd. CY. gDoaa^daa f.i. ojlft eod9al^ MS. 
n. ^o<fla<e>, orra Urakku'ya T. i. To die — 
M. to become lean, cncmx&cxm ^olXXsS^ (loo.) 

2. to burst, as flower, ooooanmt bnnch, breaking 
foffth oat of the spatha.sQj^(9a>. 

@0^1 iiadfi T. M. Te. (ca>, in Te also 

CO) Flesh, meat (s. |^*). noji^^t «a-io 

«c(Mn6, co^ aAnBSQ«9 (P^t.) [of Kpl. 
^OC^^OOb Ar. Bamaian, the fating month 
@OCYlJ ttUBlniseDO EaTes> brow <tt hai, 

odge. AojeB^ai^onbo eoouldib eaftono iLrb. 

close to the tank. 
^Oon^dB) itembn'yA l. To blaster s^qa 

cfiadt — SQOaivob panting Ti. 2. gooaojl A^ 

cfin to suck, sip (loc— also S2Q<^^) 
^OCQ^OOsb i^ajal Port. Real, a dollar, (gsm^ 

ooz/orabSpanish dollar, also QOig^l £rdCQ>0(abMB. 

^cx£y<e> Urayuya (TC. to sprinkle, \f aa<v) 

ets>o<d8t To bale oat. m^^ (msicm atfOASBDorak 
^ifii^S^^ <^<a§o 03fii0a2)Qo^QLj(ib KB 4. 
g^ooLj (=ggio<flAo) watershed, 
goocunb, eDOOjafiiA^ hilltribe of basket-makens. 

g^oojcSA^ KIT. (ssAOQjan^). 
S^ocg^oftnb a hawk (also oQcSlooigsosab 
& gggosob) Tu. sofi.nbMG. 
^OOot), OX^ iHA (T. goocBK* king from 

{DO 2.) Sire, ased in answering princes. 
^ODd)6>aJgfeo=^06>QJgao PWT. 
^Qce>, OQ iruya T. M. C Te. 1. To drip, 
drop. goocJloQ ajVsxTfT)^'® ^S8^* ^'*'' 
(8R)ajcrnloc?OQ «jiioro ojasfm Bhr. in drops. 
2. of splitting pain. €)jiiQj) ojoroo CQcm® 
Nidsi. jajsng fOisngo fiDQorni| fi)cr>»ggi «fi?VSl 
yid 34. 

^Oc51i9® (I) a, V. To dribble. 
^CJd9ad9), d9b| ihiya-ya T. a Te. sd<^cbb)o&j9 
a> M. To become tight, close. 
gDQaB5>Sgj[ sadden darkness. 
gpQ o66V) tightness (=cgQdaao), coretousness. 
^qd9© l.=gDO<fl«o2.crab*s claws=gD§ifls. 
aoQtfiaajorob, sDQ(aR<s»ofA 1. crab's claw MC2. 
2. a lobster. 

CQan3Q<fins(A a oleft stick for colleotiag 

the bones of a burnt corpse. — loc. also 

a stick bent into the shape of ft used 

as ilre-tongs. 

^q<6ft<e>, dee»1 1. To tie tight, oatoh as a 

erab, e>a)0^<9b o^s9vf e<^daaa>. j^«n| aa3 

SnSi OOB 030000 fiQeai) CMkdtfif •ouM^A SiPu. 

Digitized by ^OOyiC^ 

^QOIJ — @aiOT«IDl 



$4B KB 8. si6tA^<^aSisusti9dti3t to be close 

MedYt. S.theriTertohaTeftDAiTOwbedTi. 

eQ«B)<a» deoY. of QQ(aeo=oiooo61<fl9 q. y. 
@qcQJ ihimbf M. C. T. An mat, we fiQcnj, 

oa — a9<^<n7)QCQj (= ^ipc^cm) TP. 
@Qac^dB» ihuDma'ya i. ojf^o^gaiTo gnash 

«Mlk, also eocDM^ Yi. 8. to shiTor B. 

@cx51dto flee ^Q<e>. 

@OC2 ittR 1. Past of 9DQA q. t. S a parti- 
ala (eiihar from fQnk+^ or ea8)f.i. oo 

ojmI A^r^TR. half of the a ee owi ed prodnoe. 

@fii Sa T. K. G. Tn. 00^(0 (perhaps fr. £ft) 
1. Leaf of trees, plants^iUgj. the leaf that 
■srres te a plate. (In ]£alabar the plantain 
leal). nftM||oQJftiq)oaK£)<0»TP. preparation 
for meal eejQB»)«§sqD ononocmojnb (S. CK>q^o 
(rXhncb who eats whereTer he finds a meal, 
wilhoat eaate semples). 8. the betel leaf 
ceia»00Kn. eeivgaMqBoakOg^oriDYi. the 
Uag ebews betel. 8. spoke of wheel jn^ 
aAib fifii (tee c§^). 4.:= (M&ia blade f. i. 
AffiSkigos eei jnd. Ko. [eating off. 

Cftk8a9r«o a piece of a plantain leaf ased for 
fiftkaeo) oorry of green Togetablee. [pi^nt. 
CP i ft i att ) Bo.s4Qnaii<a»flB) the milk-hedge 
ceitflisWioVob a hermitage, 
eei^icn signet ring B. 
§Dei^^ a sprig B. 
CaiQft^ the airplant (loe.) 
seiajMrnWib, — ^ green-grocer B. 

@e3dai<fi> QftYiryft T. all. To shine, twinkle. 

gaifiMnr>, flftkka^aoi Tdbh. ei«&6mo i. 

Bjmpiom ADmlcm cektocmo og^tbesooojo 

amad. 8. the hi^r grammatical dialect (loo.) 
Saic6iVa;ob OAkUyaA a tow caste 

that Mag plantain leaTcs for platea into the 


Kimnsops elengi (S. 6QjaAo). fl;^eiflBo)aJ, 
aa'dBerts GP. mod. 

^ainrO) ilanift T. M. C. Zisyphns jnjaba (8. 
a)(a>(n{f) cnro)c£)aicTQ> a plant Yi. 

^aiOJo, @^0J ilftyam T. H . C. The silk- 
cotton tree, Bombax pentandra (= n >fl). -. (^ 
fiB^aioi , A9Bl&jpj species of the same. — e 
OiiLiaijaDQi its cotton. 

@ejQjes% ilaTaMam (Tdbh. ajuocoof) 

Wild cinnamon, Lanms Cassia SDaiOMSBCDis, 
aaieaetfica a wA (a med.) its bark QP. 
@aJ9<d6^ ilakfa} Tdhh« eio<8a,fiJafiM>Aim 6qjo 
ejiaasQiyrDgi^o QDOiodtoDC^sab KB. 

@fiJ0Q4ee> i]A1liya=>fia>9Qj<9>,Totakeawalk 

^^Si^Q^qStstcmBioQ^nm^ TP. . 
^aSl ili (T. nonexistence) T-rhv «* ^^ 

need for a reis ( ^^^ Rap.) or oSimKf^d^ (aatr.) 

0g|o KB5. 

^^ Ar. "ilm Boienoe ©^o ^odo *dbor)Qjo a 

.(snS^S ^0^3''^ ^* M clever ft religions as 

^0* a 5. (\r=acte,tobeinaplaoe) 1. House, 

spot, in many Compounds as QAOCfiiVbb, qj9 

(oHaA. 2. Loe. Q6(<ml(obinme,Cond.o^^|j^ 

in case of doing. j^^^d. against poison). 

Cpds. floajSo wof, — ©gygai>(D^T.M. C. soot 

fl^Oo=<paOCC^o. QDg»)048eol = eg>)g(dgirDl. 
©^? ^q)aj iUa T.M.C.(Tn.tt8teU^, 
Te. OGJ) neg. fat. of c<4. Does not exist, 
there is not.— no, not. flD^9<saam QjlrDnbBC. 
destroying hero. — past gDgydea^. adyl. £^o 
9^ without. £g)0(n9ae to annihilate. — rel. 
part. egkj9(f.i. e§>|M)^9(Qb aspersion, denial 
ocuao egjo^ldse FTi.sBfl2g^90)), ffi§yMA (with 
OJgf^j OJtfl etc.) csyoanai. 1. which is not. 
fl2gjoaR^at3d98«>cX>, (BioajcruQd))c)d, ffi^oom^ § 
mwsvaoAi ffioo^aj)^ TR. fslse insinuations. 
G^OvinQ) ^eoBdo £9«9,fl£1 (t£)<as TB. created 
wantonly new diyisions. 8. in which there 
Is not 6oj€iS1eg)9(a0)«aaOo. 

82fiy9CB;o, o(Doai9c09 (question) l.inooa- 

Dig-itized by 

Boafeying t 



^ojcth— .@fl^o 

blame etc. 2. in Biirprike: 9a>glgy«cByo e 

Qjonb Mud. oaghtyoanot haye heard PI orfl 

(roc?lajlej«ca;3 PT. 
®§<J®g^^ orDoajsgjo ((Bi0^+O9) !• strong 

negation. 2. negation implying regrei, 

blame, etc. a^ajm?laiag>joKir.whatapity 

yon did not then oome. 
fi^^ ((mogy+o^o)=fl3gjdcQ)o2: ^^gn)Ci^ 

QS^ GG. Barely be cannot hare run a 

thorn Into bis foot. 

0090 <u^y>i^«^ Itiid. oIh we hATe done 
no wrong. 
Vlf. fi(yo(m, yga^^ flo§>|Og» onot exiatenee, 
poTcrty, want (f.i. Sfl^e^Mfi^» «O[^aO0l 

^aje illaSL T. M. (ac(8^ Houe, Oajg]^§>^o 
bride*8hoiu6.B6y^<»^B^QJo^P« l.Brahodn- 
ioal hoa«e» (na^(Dlc(^(S>5 Gfyp i9»$>5^ si^^ 
jk^s TR. 926^0 ojrsmcnocai^ aj«a^aii^<aA PT5. 

2. title of a Slidra diatinotioB, the ^ro^cfi;«a 
cnocK^ (941 in Kerala) or cnoaioo ojl^ (^e<b. 

3. any of the 10 Pulayar olaesee. 4* 2Cakka- 
Tas are cnoej^teao^. 

Cpds. egy^o W. figy^oo)«ei ai«. TR. 

piiTate property of a Raja (opp. en? j®gLj<,^^), 

which on hie promotion be asilgna to hie heir. 

flDgyrm^o oQfmQ dhoe^o aiAojo ^egaj^dEto 
aaj9^ (pi^v*) * ceremony in the month 
of Cancer, to prepare for a tich hanreot. 

B6^%^ lamily-name. 

e§^3Ji^Afto4> distant relations, 

£gy^O(b do. (3) cn^ofiOKHDo Q^ A(S £g>J 

(fiftoAi Jad. not exactly a relatton* only of 
the same lineage. Hpl. 
^ap illi (T. a leaf, prb. from jS^^) 1. Bam- 
boo, ohlefly its small branches; the bamboos 
in shape of rays, which bear the roof of an 
umbrella; the spokes of weayer's wheel, fi^ 

^S ^KUfg^A OojOafil (8Id(8A=^&lCr)300o. 2. 

Sacchamm sara uac^ S. 3. a Ctoddess repre- 
sented in the play of Malayers. gpg ylajfr.atea 
^o Qa>g)<aa (med. for ii)mcu(x^). 

Cpds. (1) fl9g^(a3§(7SR»Vvb AOB flDfylo^saaA ctai 

S'^'^' [clnster Vi. 

80gy1aj§>flA=»©gyl^§o, e§^««ii9§ bamboo 

fll6p^9<^i fl2gy^aj9fonigb yeneUan blinds Yi. 
^OJOb iya& m. 60 f. {9 ai<b pi. {@) proa. dem. 


flooj pi. B« (obi. oase ffiojoo ; of this a Talgar 
Plaral is formed: fiDajOQ49KX>i (maicx)4»<b 
So. ofDooolcoBcX), (BR^dOooioKfo Ko. Mpt 
said of low oaaftes ft cattle); also ▼«. ej^ 


SDOd^So, eoj^Qd (flE^So, tos) 1. hem siii)05 
m hither, £ajl(SsaS1a^ , AOjl^im henoe. 
2. alio tenponal (ioso 3) fl^oS^se Aip^swoi 
^ojAoe TR. 
eOb^g^Of fl2g^»o («id<^), ffiQjip) thasb 
@0J iy% 8. As (ni^o Q2QJ aealike (pa.) 
^Od<9b ital aM. <T. fiaMk) Resistance Ti. = 

• e<)(«(fia (=l|cv) T. He., aM. to join, as 

planks Yl. [«iiio^^ Ti. 

^OdOCDlStO) (Ar. isharat) Sign. fijaiOfO«RM«Q^ 

aitflotoaj Bhr. ^oiaoojo S^^V^ agfnOnP. 

"he is bat a low Brahmin aiQatoDcoil^**. 

also emph.ssmany, mioh (loo«) {caBc)o). 

^oQiik) iiuil 8. Antamo c/siMb (encrniaaisewoo 
^ca% iifl 8. (V^flDcftf throw, G. 'loe) Artow. 

aacfljoSl quiyer.— 
^tsSlai reed (po.) 
^c^dB) iitaya 8. (v^otveS) Brick, also ^^§1 

«. e(^«xb ajdQfia)(Q39^^ .Ai6>Q^(KR. for 
^<d^o ]ita]ll8.(part.ofe2:^towUh)l.Wlsh. 
ed, acceptable, dear. ci«^n6 m. fid^ f. 2. wish, 
desire, loye. e<^o fi^sy^o oAon^ifia cnoeia 
^fDQQo DK. •«- £d^o OLIO A to speak in order to 
pleaae: -^ G<^fl99a» to Hatter, be obaeqniMn. 

on! oa);s)a{jo Q2(^o AT^^nt) 9f^20(ib Bkg. to 
iiid(i]ge,tnioieie. £c^^oi)y||f dMaog«iai§^oo 

Digitized by ^OOyiC^ 




^o ojay^ to gain 0Be*s ftffeotioaB Yi. (tu. 

OpdB. ed^<fiB8Anb Agreeable frieiid. 
(Dc^rites dUploMure. qqi* cu(a»(Qa«) to iiegust. 
S<^(a;^8ab vho graate your wish, 
fic^onrfif^o liked ft duliked^ g^:^9(T>l«^-a-)3 
aj^^ 9^n6 equal to good ft bud fortane. 
fid^dCBSOJo merrimeiU Vs. 
S^ooacroo^do aooordlag to with. 
fi^OQDo the desired object. 

^cSgl ii^ 8. (ovn ). Seorifloe. (n9§i«ej o^c^ 

er^tfoe^aoinai isri)<BecrT^ «s.iko^0§^ t!>90 

ern^^ ^ooo^^o dB)flajl(lb Bbg. [to iron. 

5y)/or\j[) (H. istri) flmoothiBg iron. go. »ai^ 

gQg>3eJDo (Ar. islim) 1. Islam, sggejoo 09 

^mVA Sffi 0C2j9e TR. 3. the Mneenlmana. 

St9smo TE. a^^ g^ftiozBoA TR. oonrerts 

(ehieilj from ibe Maltkavaii). ^ 

gQoO iha 8. Here. soOSGLioiko, £aOd>9aio, 

fik^iol^to, g2<>Oo this world (opp. ojroo) g^oO 

Q.j<DaBa^^ in both worlds. 
I. gp ^ ija 8.=g2CU0Earth. g2&CB)9C|[^06io^AflB9 

(6)ao6Bhri. (BhgB. 

gS.ftoqj'Dio the oentral continent (see cuiao) 
U. ^g i)a 5. (Te. oQ&k 6)fiJ, To. gDal) adj. V^ 

To be tender, yoang, weak. — also noan in £ft 

TK. gDfl^osIightnesB, worthlessness, disgrace, 
flg. ojodi to abuse. (T)0«to)As-)o @<8&J9o £ 
91} ME. (=sejaq|iftjo, ohd^ Qj6>s<ae)&^o 
Qjmo Bhr. ro(^<de oimnm flCtA^^o ojgj^qj 
qjoTE. my reputation.— g^gjasroft^fobbftsely. 

W. gE^dol.yoath, tender age. 2. junior Raja, 
oo-regent. QogiecsinrobcolcnD a)^^(=£aca 
g^jgo, flDfl^()), a\}'0)Acn ea0c(vo(6n KEs. 
g3ja0(fle9^<ob aoB croog^i &&0<ro9^aj 
^9»do TE. junior officer, assistant. 

^nV. g^el^ Qj^a> to grow again as a half 
broken branch (Iqc.) — o^^g^ c*4^^<^3^ 

a med. » SAsno^ qjocSI the med. oil has lost 
Its Tirtne Ko. ft So. 
adj. part. eAovainb young, younger. goj&cB* 
a. 1. 09.uab aq^teS oQ^^viim younger 
than I. SD&<o>9an Bhg. Bhr. 2. lower 
class of Brahmaas, who aot as kings* cooks, 
Purdhitas for Sadrasetc, pi. gt^rm9CB94b 
y 1 . S. the 2ad minister of state at Calicut. 

Opds. ^flAi^ioa^ft 1. to sprout, o^crmmsi 0^)06 

ECUS. 2. ssgDftAad^^tobe worsted. 0)0 
Qjflm^Qj QDfl«)^0S|o flio^ajlaacncBKns, A 
(t8dn<anftl«)i0>&9v eA«>4»99if)9 ^oaa»i q 

OQJ93 RO. 
ttflaMR^d) young ears. fi&o>9^ «te< 

aia»>y>(ft <^9^ KC 18. 

Cfi.Sb90Q lephyr. 

aaaafcftiA 6>a>oab EC. i^^^ «cm«)o<*. 

eaq^Qj9^ the dignity of the snd prince, 

eacaso^s lukewarm, 

£jaa?ieio bluish. 

eaoQ^ib shipwrights (Pay.) 

SaaooifiJ the thin end, as of timber, oa^an 
(opp. ^tnsi (O'.ai). 

flgta9cTa)C0B9 QP 69. s* ^olcefi9B)9 proT. 

eDftorn) A unripe coooanut. ggi. A5l<0e. 92ft<^^ 
AtfCQj, gta^n^ib (mffD^oolrob A^ae amed. 
S2a<n!lft ooWfto 0^0 GP. 

QQftQ^^a) to be brought low, be worsted, 
disgraced. croaittzjQ oji^o^^ooA a^^^^ 
9^9ob 9QAOq^o SP. fl2a6>^§ CT^jiima 
{grD)a>FTi. [8hiTa.Bhr. 

g2aaan^ young moon goastu)! anosrn^snDQJAi 

'gOAjoug fresh honey, Hud. 

®aa9vTb dksajo1ca;9 (prov.) 

gsacaian bivaWe shell, Mytilus. 92acnJ<aa 

Oi'm0)9gi(0b Cn&GB? <D>GBfOl (proT.) 

eacoiCTS^=fir?^^>* al^K^* feTer, feyerish feeling. 
g2acni9a>o 1. the upper part of something 

fried. 2. = 6>0yQLj9id)o. 
fiftcn^ aocnlflnS ®<^o Nali. ftesh grass. 

Digitized by \^jOOQ IC 


©4g-jo— ^^004 

eftOGLjoaiK) tender «ge, also of trees. 
QDAo6QjQjul, cftecngg flcUeness. 
dftmcBoOooroo imperceptible smile Kal. 
e:fta»^nb,—^nb other's yoaoger broiher, 

younger aunt's husband. 
^acBiJ^ n6 A^osmo Lerirate marriage (loo.) 
CAOvm the wife of the aboye, younger aunt. 

oQAobo oa)S)&m«>rD 0^ab (Mpl.) 
^ftcvOKA oo-regent. ffiociMKn @ftca>rDOdOGB!^§ 

GAQt^tfi): ocDfDo fl2« fBi^ASaiaao almost noon 
eAOiabdhocf young ftmit, chiefly pumpkin. 
eacusg^sejAQB^ab Mpl. 
efiojlani f.i. eMhfi.'OKTn^Aaj^aiQ ERs. 
eASKugyidA opp. a>$oAajcBlaA* 
aift^(Uom)<ib Laxma^a RO S5. (dB.0a{|o ojctsj^ 
fio^o eej<flB6mnb). [the monsoon. 

eftOQJib fi>aLj9§a> fresh roots shooting oat in 

^^d%d8>, dGbl Uayaifa (T. to grow soft, ea) 
n. T. To moT6, shake, fluctuate. soaAomcq^o 
QDAa>ocmzft(syo Q(T»nA(]jrD9jii(Do). oxszkSI 
^AA to haye a motion (mod.) opeoiio QDft4bfi> 
to be touched, feel inclined, ajs es.^ 0^ 
fled Mud. qcbkA goaASaiJOcb proy. to start 
ojcml QDA^ ^s)ai;9(bb (huntg.) be roused. 
Ylf. fl2&<^o !• shaking, fluctuation, irreso- 
lution. £fi.«toO Cf^OiOIOl (0^6)9090 90.10 

AQj BidD. e&dtaiTSRioejl a necklace TB. 
2. flux 9^9(0 9Dft<aAo TB. 8. infringement 
Si^SiCOddH SDA(0n0)g>) Bhri. 
a. y. ^^dBfidB), cds!) 1. To moye, shake, stir. 

emso QDfl«a»9ani/fld9a Nal. to keep quiet, (siooi 
«)a Afi>AC[yo e2ft<anl TB. let go. ODomotsil 
ojoen^ eong^asn Nal. touched her. (sk^q 
cnoBJo Odho<9r^ ®fT^ gaaasn KU. persuaded. 
Aoe^^sxani (uocoji eta.<en^ TR. seduced him. 
«a»os ea.^ forced the fort. Qj«mo QDadoe^si 
to take out the purse. ffioatCQJsinco.'aiontsb ea 
<aAa»n9.najA TB. *<the unshaken", title of 
faithful yassals. ojsaan a^oimS ca«toa8(0k9 
9(01 a>9i»xub, eo cr)9§1(9b Qga(Oaoo^6>gj§.ijA 

TR. ohief inhabitants. 2. to diaiarb, intermpt 

fliozB OAlooTMi) fl2ft<tea8(2 Bhri. disobey a»9 
smo A(ni)ftai)O.T}iB» 9aj9So Hals, not iotar- 
rnpted by any gift. — also to oast out: ffoaj 
€A QQ(vS^<Ost9:a(o^ XTmY. for caste-oifeneea. 
8. y. n. to stir. ^v& ^saS^aS^^ oojoa 
oms Mnd. {euoceS) fl9a<6a9aii9cV> aisUao 
(proy.); eyen of plants (tiUm&i f^eSi proy. 
CY. fiftdOftlcaa to get into motion, set on f.i. 
a dog QjcDfO eaan):^ ordered a pnrgatiye, 
fiaf)^ fl2&d9ii)«>^o$(fiao RC as. 

@ga-jo i]appam YK. l. Of ga q. y. 2. of 
fifl.<fia turn aMnDft^o ojoeng 5 times Go®*) 

^£QJ ilavy Yir. of ODsAtaa Remission, holi- 
day B. AvAstaismo fiftoSgyomi PP. on- 

g)^ (T.O.atta« fitf)) Contemptuous grin. 
S2fifid9), eng to first, as children cfiOoaooooo 
fiiPcTA (T))9crnnb Bhg4. (words of a boy) to be 

in rage. No. ; ^ii£ii^<A a»sio<d>oa|A» nr))(8U 

QBlo (po.) 

£fiOa»nb — a>^cBn(9b 92* AojcaBcb oj^slciLnb 

proy. No.=(0)A'OoaA9(onb a cross person. 
YN. eoal^rbb to be roused, as a lion. 
^^d96^, .^ 1. To grin, as dogs, monkeys. 
03anr)93]!^^ Bhr. ^'SJOcno^PfiO:^ Si^ovi 
(^qQ|U9ab a^ ajrD9 YG. go^^ a>9§ a to show 
the teeth MO. 2.= £A^<o>. 
efln:2iaj9GBKTb(l) monkeylike, insolent, foolflD 

Sn^aj9<3VOr) 010^0 ^§i(tt 9aj96>eJ (proy.) 
YN. efiO^ grinning, neighing, nonsensioal 

^^srCY^d) qin&il A certain tree (A^<b 

gQ^lgio ilibhyam = gpa^ftj; inYi. fioa^aJ^<»o 

An affront, ojoroo gDfl)gi09A(rnVm (<i)gj9 xxeao 
Bhg 4. all will mock. ^£\^o ^ei9cn^yrh Bhg 8. 
was offended, ©fipg^o d.ejcno a^arrxDjaTl cn\ 
cm oj^^z£\ Bhg. a cross child = go ^^. 
Qotflfi^nb a fool=:£fiPjj:u9CB>ab. 
Cp ^CTl^ Unmba Fissure <d>g^s)nbo e^crga^ch, 
.ajajroW>n6o e^ouVvb fir^gj MC. the centi- 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



@$%<0(kB»^^ ilaklniya t. m. o. ca^ oTa 

ft) 1. T. a* To sUoken, tabeide, Abat« ««»9ajo, 
ikno; pQfOPnxdk ^igja onaiiajo flgcAdaao 

to dwindle, cn^^oj^ocb noaacflo^v, «ac}o 
ojaob a^o^^oiDnb eoaataMi Mad. be not 
nmm, tfied with. aUokh ^nrxoo soa^so 
<Mi ft»tfi0oq|gCTn 9(mM^9(QMnl^ KeiK.' 
2. T. e. to renH, meke to rest. StaOo flQ^a^ 
Medi. qaenohed it, abo: bore it. fio<08iW 
A* to keep down the sleep, m in Ti^ila. 
CMDl» noa^oob ileokened Bhr. «»so fi^tt:^ 
AA99a» to remit, aoqj ojoojinmao OLQA:^ 
BCu. forgATe. S- q^ flg^ttAi to wind up 
thTMd (T. c«MP«ae). [flgj^Qj q. ^. 

TV. sa^^ weeriiMM, C2dftJ9QA to rest Yi. 

gIP ih T. M. G.(flDy todraw) A single thread 
Qgfultf , long hair Aib nsp^sl TP. — plat of 
grass or straw, the line of a wound Ti. e&p 
MiMlk knitting needle. 
Cifgtjsrri) trelUs work. 
IKjrqf*, en^ 1. to trail, ereep, orawl ibsot 
oAbI QjWnS)tfcq|o A«»o€)^^ Bhr. n&MD9 

Oe. iafsnts. oMJajyob cn3oC^,[ti)tfeng 

KR. he does not drawl. 2. to draw together, 

rah aa two braaehes Yi. 
mffm^ reptiles (siS^ogmD). 
^Sl»d»y ^ T. M. C. 1. Todrag, pall ami 
(6aaig) tsfiop^^cm YC. (oiaiqsI aj)&^,^W^ 
AvnorMHiWiMainSiPai. <oOOO a>9oio f^^oxf 
•MAI9O0 gDCivcMaa9ai(P>0T.) make diffloalt- 
isi abeat. 2. to patch, mendssoip^ ^^ 

«>, as elothesy planks, fiosp^ w^ea to braee. 

8. arooeo n6uP:^ <^^ ^2. (s6>«»ocV)ac{^<b 


YN. gDSP^yiA oreeping. 

Yir. espg^j propelling foree of earrent ete. 

CY. •099<3aaQao<d>o«r^ uiids nASP^r^^soj 

^(Pdd6V)ilakkain T. X. (evo^ to lose) Loss in 

egJ^iP(6aio InadTortanoe. 

90iP<A YI. remissness, defeet. 
^tfVfi>, ensvoj iliya T. M. C. To descends aHsp^ 

cs^A. dks eia^a»dn«ioo%)9c)o (jud.) gei^ 

a.T. glplbe®, ^ To lower, ^ro<fla »• 
Pay. to land. flDtf^:^ SiOJjj^ took down a pot 
ftrom fire eto. 
^(p<d>, dBTl ila^fa (T. flD)piijsQ0V»9) l. To 
danb, rab. ooaoj^oan^f^hl BO145. A^0 

90 ^aao Bhr. 2. to soilaSQDpOfA; oQCvS^ 
cr)\aSi^A\w Qjonxno corD)<J8ecnD Kal. 8. = n 
i^A to fall, sink. Mso^d) ^glf> flDSPOjQS 
^iP<d> ilaya the longer planks of a cot (loo.) 

^\fddet^ (^ ilnkka T.M.C.o(do(9, o(D(4 Te. 
fl2^— To draw, take off clothes, see aiu^i fi 

^{pas^<d> iloMaya ny>dh 2. Qj(rQ^ cyoe^ 
9au9<s0 (^^fiiiflng) Be soiled. 
ggydBftdB), dd^ 1 • T.a. of s|p«» To solder B., 
make dirty No. Stf as, vn. C'MBs dirty clothes. 
2. QOVfiio 9Qiy<aA)a)aeng UB. ayoided, warded 
S;f dOao rabbing, polish B. 


0(^1 l.T.1[.C.Te. = QDThi8. oroocB^ocfothisper- 
•oa. ooeaoiroaQJo acrxoo KU. still. 2. T.s 
^no^ fly In orooovonisoo moth. 8. interj. 
ofpahi. oroo ^ims Oiiiogj^nmoib gof^CB/omo 


CQ^. — met. of disgust, isr^sx^stano^ o(Do c^) 
one ojoo^^gy tu. 

o(Doat A s ^spWBsat. 

Digitized by 


e(XhS£AerOo — r ofitb^ 


o(0«^A «— olCbiOVO^ 

<i(Oo<BSl^€rrh lUmva S.(o(OQdaBi)0e6la;,e7e. 
o<Do(aak6VT^«>n(> sew, fartoaeteller (6)fiieaj 

oa>0(fifiQi<no Been (po.)pftrt, 

oaV)eS«3 ia&« T.M. (nou So. uJlm) Mimosa 
lags, Int«ia, the Urk of whioh ia need in 
bathing (also (STdosi) ofDoaegjooAatosni otm 
=^ S^- l^ TP, being aeiled. 

o(0o^ idda (T. o(Qo, Te. otoooo) Fly. <fl»o^^ gad- 
fly. cn«ie)jgL) ^o.=sav6ml^. ^aAaojoa^cB^ocifl 
gop)^afiQ«cru3ao GnP. 
orDo^9.Tm))3(ob the fibres of a reed, broaght 

baok from feasts in jungle temples. 
oroo^aroo No. a jangle-tree (the oi^snlea of 
which when bursting are said to 4iBoharg^ 

flies. — 0^0. fikxJ0§lswTB03Ll^d9«o proY. 

accounting for swarms of flies), 
o^^ 14^ 5.(VN.offi%d>)Plaoiog,henceajlnrnl 

^. 1. stability, durability, strong, close texture. 

oa>o^gg3(D) Qj3«a93Qj EU. (opp. 9d>^eg^. 

2. pawn, equivalent. o(Qo§^^ ajrrnlAii; Si d>9 

^(ZS2 So. barter. 8. what is equal, matches. 

4. So. bank, natural or artifloial. 
Cpds. ofDos^dOA (3. 1) two parties to close, cno 
02)009^ OKTi^s^asiB IT. 

ordosoo (06m^d»)cX> KB.) incomparable. 

o(OosoraaA>(l)tobesolid, strong, fine. oroosoA 
ojS9(aa3gj BO. Qj^ax^ e/Dosxno <S\i»^ 
ofOoSDOT) c^ocjocn po. o(Oosocno (DinioeB 
eDfij 00. capital story. r^^^ Y|^ 

oroo^^d) (S) to fight as with fists, elbows, 

on>o^«»A99As> (2) to pawn, compensate. 

ori>o^Oa>oaBa> (4) to throw up a bank* 

o/Do^s>jiigumo (1) to be durable as o^soli Yi. 

o/Do^nr?^ ( i)tobedurable,(2) stand security B. 

oa>o^ei9% (i) a bank B. 

o^o^^f i^'^) resistanoe, meeting of equal 
forces, encounter. <aa£i<A o(Do'g9»i qojo 
CBv^ they fell out. oAo'gsoBi^f oojs^adJsI^ 
(as last resource). oAo'go<flsa> to drlTS into 
a corner. tnmejW ^tn on>o^^£\ TP. 
they closed. 

e<Oo^ajgj trewory sf sistD in Oooliia. 
oooAsao^ (1) to last, 
oAosisyo«s9an f.i. ttftsaimfkieipo 
OQajOKsb Ca. 2' sompsfable. ncn*ajAo 

dbeaSQAi 1. to last. 2. to tw happy. 

oAo^Sooo (everUstiBg bliss T.) t2^9§ 

ojosldQsflncBsQnmoaso o(Do.:u9^o«Kn^eo 
09619 (or : for ever) Bam, 

e(^^d8>, sl l^lSllfa (T. ofOosnsih to Join fr. @ 

«n6) aux ▼. 1. t. n. To be «ogye!ls^ dds^cnoA 

BO.afi^iescv^, o^^- 0aDaj<din^SKr)»A9onxno 

00. =s ftea, ^nacoils^ooflime OB. = xdCBcnsm 

me. 2. T. a. to act. (m3flTiiDnr9b®o^id»aid^ ® 

scQB^ 00, to do 6) zi)i^s^or)3ab a fi> jiicqtanb (po.) 

ofOogoT. M . collection (= e^ «A<^> <dl^ ^ 

heap up cooioaliy. Ogg^jjo QjAjui^orA aio 

cs{( msonocT) cn9.i)c;{^QS a^sttuoi <mdn6 oj 

ftiOQigidnb oioogo ^f ^cojsdk Kid. Movnn- 


o(Do§l itti 5. (Tdbh. (Bk^P) Staff of spew — 

a pike. 8kfinuSlajsejaBc)b oAo^aicb WYy. 

(oomp. QD§); o/DotO)- 

eiD9C\jj|rO\> ifitam 8.(ofOoCiD, «^(b)Pralsed, po. 

pIDoCnOo fl^am l.=CC3^®o v«*— 2«B0r A singing 

noise, also o(OocmA)o. 8. regularity B. (s 


oO^orml l&i S. Public eaUmity (6, amV^^ 

(ro.T>9(^c£^ Qtt)a>o oeaifio ^*o 99gMn^r>o). 

^j^ l5a soj^ao in q^(f\i eto. at the rata 

of 100. 
L o^^CYQ) itte 80. ojQoonKok (oAog^ T. Te. o<oo 
jAirob O.Tn.) Phoenix dactilifera. [proT. 

oTDooB^^odate OP. oTDosa^ipo aj)pasOoii9(X> 
oroooOg^iPo Yi.sofDoiDiDtgj^o. 
oa>oaa)g-)CT) B. a species of date-palm. 

^ocfloQ) Boswellia thurifera (Qro S.) 
o(0onQ>fab=:orDo.'9ai, kinds: [<LJjyd9»5»l OP. 
.Ailocflam'ob Phoenix fariniler*. ^'eSoobo 
Aog^oQKob Elate syWestris Bh. 
oroogg} (Tu. CJ^') a Cyoas (Todda Pana of 
Bh.)oAoaQ»«o83ac^oQP. o(Doa^abajg It^ 

Digitized by ^OOyii^ 

otfMMl) -* o^Q^^okZAo 


o(thib — o(0bO» 

frott ito trmtf food ef the poor. 

kiBdi: Ad^tsB, eoKsuW [cxjkxow^s^o Kid. 
H-MoOPOi 80. Brittle, *toos'ank(s3aifliSPnbYi.) 
o^Dbtyg) Xttn G. ofDoA^, fiiMvB* o«Docft3of prh. 

eyq^ TAe polo w olMft of » plo«^ Ko.= 

olDD@GQto iSjfiaai 8. Ctea+d^) 8n*li (po.) 
olQon")0£2ornl]^fti]Dilii(ecnoor otficnof) Moftn, 


tftOCnoo ^ftttA,. olDB«mD olMOs), o<DoCn»d a^^ 

oAoof^Oa ^oji^l Bo* an oril spirit. 

ttAirrO) otD. feo«(o»a)vm. 

«aW^ ipm 8. (dMid. of fli^aj) Dodve. 

©•)jyWpart.d6oirod. [Atflw^o^win Mpl. 
oA)b(2Xn> mill Ar. Faith, credit «ioaj5>ribo sol's. 
•(Dom^<d> imbvya (see fldoooj^ T. e^ 

eveetaoK O. ofDocn^ drink) To taok,.Uek, eip. 

iUU 0MB, c^ej^ Djlid(bbete«). ojei^ soecpjo <sio 

««1 OKn^Odaeeab^oA pror. anythlag Tory at- 


e«&i)=3«fiJ9^ miaer. 

CY. flDqaajldde. 
eltbCS2^ lyain T. M. (Tdbli. orxD^o^o) Leadsefho 

(JW), oajafWo being pewter. <dt9<^oaio s)xt 

S'QBK) o^^ffHiiORHiDo KR. AQ.'OIOI o(O.>C0o <0)gnSiflntt 

o<oocg|S«aBi»ab lead pencil. 
oAoCQ;3mJOOO lyampatta (0^0 2.) Moth, 

^nged termite; also grasshopper, [^^j^ px 2. 

oCDocBNab (T. ordoji)/ob) winged termite, oroooa^ 
cA)bCfi[iVSS iyi4d (see ggs 3) Qaite lately. 
o<0a(0 liai. flosl^ojoo. 2. Cyporas IriaRh. 

o(t)o(Ob T. M. 1. Dirt, moisture, also oroooo. 

2. So. urinary paasago o^o(0^3§. 

o<oo(OQfi)3g^, o^o(00QaB»9£y) T. H. Washerman. 

o(Do<D)<fia to grow damp Ys. 

o(Do(D6)aie>33Lo T. Palg. (B. small red onions) ft 

pCe^si^ T. Palg. (Bk onion) esor^o&egl No. 
alliom eepa^ 
o^OD^nk Inl T. M. (Tdbh.,«v^) Uver. 
oAbCOVoVo tlitua S. (MDfHb) Emittedi aa word, po. 

L oCDorb If T. M. C.Te. Two^^caa. o^orD6nfQo 

Bhr. 1000, o(Oofo«r^ by twos, o(Do(doc0^(Oo 

2000, orOfXOdQ 6, o(Do(09cX> 2 persons* depth, 

o«Do(61u>(iyaio^ doable threaded etc. oiOoro 

^cn;Dc»aaD Anj. [ort)oiiajocX). 

II. o^erb Splitting, sawing T. M. oroodjocb sawa 

orooosai 1. to saw, split, p. orooaio f. i. oroecm 

6MxiK>l5xibo <6)9iB^ C8. (8Mu^(TnVDl<eaan 

doonPTi. half sawn, ot^tmcm cuoeb Q(0)0 

ong 5>0QGy)aiiOBla8^(ni9<3o C0. In hell. 2. p. 

ofDoro) (0. oroojQj to domb out nits) to oomb 

hair Ti. oidOs to card MC. cnoA to comb 

ooooannt fibres — C Y. orDoroicflA. 

VW. orooii sawing oroo^ ®saT0 PT. r»rn^ 

ofDo£^(0B)orDnb sawyer, ocoo'casooso e^anooso 

oroo^oojosi sawdust. 

oroo^Guocfo saw. 

nt. o<bo!b 1^. H. C. Te. (also o(5o^ C. Te. ft oola> 

C. )Nit ofDotb o(j)^S).'ora!)6ab)(bbOQ-in6 ^aj)9cQ;3 proy. 

orD0S)(6s)3g^, orooAojbSj), Qa^cr^lAajGj) a small 


oCOocei^Vsb trldl T. M. (T. orooas, Qj)<9« straw 
for picking teeth, Te. oroor6)d))0j bits) also 
oa)o£^rbb, oa>od9f)cX>, ofOo<:b No. o(t>ofi.(8d9QOc}o Bo. 
Stalk of coooanut leaf, mid&rib of a^y palm 
leaf, used moij aj€>ajorTb. (^©a jo(^«JK»^rtib oroo. 
a>5(2{^d) a torture. oa>o. ^9lj1:fiJ^^s>cB; aty 

ordaasHein ^ do^^, broom (loo.) 
ot0o^3 irmaxn l. S. ((sio^g^) Wound. 

2. M. ft ocooa^ch (omorDo) damp doth oibomo 
09ooo5yn 0.vj9(iainD TP. without changing 
the cloth m which she bathed ofoozasmos 
(ttO^^S) 9aj9<d> (in Qosiki^cQ;) -- also oroo 

o^imj ixiya B. (e^cT^ tobeangry, If. lra)Si)Ty, 
ntaliee^ tnoiinrn Qa)9nm39ea o^o(^> sd«B|Ls>5 

. 9on»m <«mai«tafi o^oodg^'O) KB. 
oroodg^A^jf A toeayy. 

eiOoOo fiom (T. H. o(be(bo) h Xoisture, damp- 
ness. 2. dirty aa clothes oDooaodaa to soil 
(opnp, (XDodBt). S.a=o(Oooab weteloth, ocoo. 
29QA to change it alter bathing. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

otDbQ — o(QbOOb 


o^D»aj — o^DooauD 

oAoOob wet oloth orxYMBDOjmM s9CX¥S)|yo 

=o«oaaal). [glate pal»d.) 

o(OoociiinD Oar70toure!ifl(ormarahj date tree, 
or^ociuoni a oold fit, oAanjroo. 
e(0oC2 Ihl (T. end, fir. eQ) 1. So. o/doo Anger, 
fury, firom j£k^A or o<Do<^ (whioh in Yi. 
U written orooo^^ aH.) o(OoQ«>ogA to be 
spitefal, in rage Yi. 2. splitting pais (▼. n. 
£Qa> 2). 3. ruin Yi. 
oAoQd»), ordooiogjoas to be angry. 
YIS, omocxiA f.i. i^rpanakfaa Oiiionf))ooai9 

tfiSAXBl^s):^ KB 8. 
o(Doo^ai> 1 . to rage, be in a hniT Ys. 2. rice, 

plantations etc. to grow weakly Yi. 
CY. o(Doo^d9a to proToke Y«. 
orDo6>oai So. (fr. oAoo) to be angry. 
o(DoOOo 1. ITo. diBpIeagnre. 2. So. womb of 

o(OoCX^ iflTa 1. (flDQ<fls, G. oTDoflB to pallss 
02^^) Stinginess. 2. a miser. 

o(DoooO«)orDnb the aTarioions Koran. 

o(Dooonb, o(Dooo0O(s>ab miser, also a_i6m 
dtaotonb o(Doo<XBKib oQtcro proy. 
8. So. A reed, o(Ooood9AO§ a jangle of sttob, 

also ofdoocxBi^ — orDoood98&p(bb a reed need 

as pipe. 
denY. o(oooo)<oe to keep tanaoioasly, lay up. 

cxooooi^ Ocn^o uxno Anj. ocdo'^o @q 

dao^^o (cQiwA) fisneoien pror. 
Q(t>oOOo iftfam (from orDoad<o> T. C. Te. to bring 
forth) The womb of animals. 
oCDooo^fij So.=orooOQajej B. 
orDooogjejl OojoAQJ Qjaaarvn oQ^ (Cochin, 

HC.) like a tiger with young (see foil.) 
e(DoOC2 T. H. 1. Bringing forth o(DoOolmD 
OQjen|nm«>ajgq^aBcX>Sa. 2. the infant, young 

of animals. [jOrflocOmo (elephants). 

oAooolcno (2) BC. herd of young animals «» 

ofDoO(S)gyo (1) the hut built near the house 

for lying In tmai^ai&i SiSt^snKuch fi«D. ft 

9«o<0A 8G^. also oAooq^)qOo ojaa* oao 

oqc«9AKiQ(A Q^dOs id. (So. or^oOQa^m). 

o(DoOQ«»M^ So. nurse to a womaa la oUldbed. 

o(0ocx)9ar)0Qj (1) pafais of ehildUrlh, henoe 
o(doOQQij)flly o(DooQ«aje.'n. 

o(^ooqquI9ciu sa ^igov^itib QojMtKnQiO^ascm OJS 
au; oOoOQQjfij) s «kLJOQ«b1s<0s(m 04. 
(eomp. o(DoOOe)<to ezemplify fsroefanisiieBs). 

ofOoOQajei unoleanness after ehildblrth o(Do' 
QBrVab Mftcaio sg^ TP. (a Biyer law). 

o(DooQetQ^ eofiaiacijsrno SO. 

o(DoOQQjM£)r9b OS uteri (ft oroooo — ). 

o(Oo6ioo§<Ba 1. 80. to be In labour B. 8.BBid- 
wifery, the work of «qlioo) KU. oAoqoo 
^onb erog qqjoq pror. (said of phy- 
sicians infected with the disease of their 

orooooo§4fian(Tiajc)o Bo. s o(OoOQa>ofo). 
o(Do^ Ha-sSig) often in po. ft yu. 
otOoOdob liail 8. (oAooo to possess, rule) 1. 

Lord. 2. Qod; SItu. 8. able ei^ft «)S^o.i6 

£<9oe(nocBn OGh. 

o^o09a(6ai3fin6 <}an. l.r3o(Doos90D^QJ KB. 8. 

an angle (opp. cn^^«£)o<aB06n6) in geome- 
try. Gtan. 

orDoooocnnb (part.) ruler — o^Doooscn^ei the 

BE. point, guarded by Siya. 
0(0000^(0), oroocAnJo supremacy, f.i. ov^iooe 

(0)Jo the rule oyer the Gods. 
oroouoi^oaj ruler (pa) 
o(Oo03_j(t>ftb 1. Potent, go jjcD^symfiiDo oj 
aaajgiajonb o(Doob jronb Nal 2. (able = esi^cfo). 
2. Lord, 6h>d; often inter j. oroooojronb t^Snm 
A Ais^DJgi CG. I can but say : it*s God's doing. 
<o>osni9CB^6)g_j^ea oroo'neoA the Brahmans. 
Often of idols ofDo'naoorD «>6ne9r9b EU. when 
Tisiting temples. 8. esp. Siya=09aocoj 
nek; otoooojfDnaofixo (o^uHcf^:^ KIT. built 
and restored temples. [Q^»g fayour, 

hence: q(douojL(6e»so£Ba<imvA ncall:^ TB. by 
oroood jrDojr^tBfia 6) ji3dQg]6moPT 1 . get eyidenoe 

from God, ordeal. [new idoU. 

o(DooBjrOf^^)rcni(^Asfl(eii TB. consecration of 
oAoMJA(a^ocaiocn prayer. oQ^m cnoxj^dsnOn 

o(0o. 6»jiscj|ciiO)09«)<fi(6eais TB, 

Digitized by ^OOQ IC 

•^(iotOofA — ^ 


oidoM.iA9{y (Bo. e^DoMJA^ej)) Helicteres 

•Aocoj/Mouaj diTine (or 8iTa*t) worah^ a 
o^eiA«Bor>W Ami o«>99^tfaicq(o 0OQO 

^^(MOocAjAORXNvatglTR. byGod'sblessiBg 
or order, proTid«niiAUy. 

ofDoc* j<D^ Goddem, Sili ocDooo jfo^taorDoov 08 
Qja»09A CG. 

oOoc«j9(OdQjo(ro(Y>o worsliip of Qod. 
•fliocavj* ual 8. 1. Tory Uttlo. ooxxaaigb o/do 
(ftsoft bj little A little, o(Oo<ftiQgj^o lokewarm, 
0«0<fi3ag9«30 peocadiIlo.~aD3Q09(D9<^CBBc)D 
<0e o<Do'4«eo Bhg. days & nights nearly equal. 
poo^aa^oaxii Vi. stingy. 2. M. doubt, dis- 
pleMnre (oomp. fl^ipnb) ono<^itA e^^wa 
lUtey. oiDo. Qjknd YItB. a^»m>Bi)m))<&MA 
fi^ KB6. [Bhg, ^^^^^ ^^j,^ 

deny. a^HBo ocn!lfi3^jj^oam)ab n^^a 
ofl^klD Tha 8. Longing, in cn\(Siooc6. 
part. oCDooolaao attempted, wished. 
•Ab^ !}a 8. l.aiMDocu) Praise. 2. T. 80M. 

part o€»o&W praised. 

o<^ lli 8. 1. A Turkish sword (C. a siokle) 
2. a cudgel; burnisher (loo.) 

£<9ftlcn9(D4l>QjaS)&PooorO^O KB 4. 

o^^^ C8aJ3dB> (oroocbs^orooafilrgb) f.i. Siftn 
OSB etc. To shoot up ft be slender No. 

o(DoaKSde®Dd) flakkol 80. (=B. oroooso) Shaft 
of plough Yi. also oa>oifi\^ oartpole. 

otDoiPo nam T. M. (Tdbh. of P5li STha|a=8im- 
hala, jiTlaB&o) Ceylon. o(DoiPoa)6nBCu<b SDgyo 

^TSTDA 8)gkj prOY. 

orooipojcib, f . o(Doipaj«'SRO(old o(OoQ&pom^)K. pr. 
a caste immigrated from Ceylon, whence 
they are said to haye introduced the cocoa- 
nut tree (=<ailajA, (8jii<e>ajA) KIT. 

o(^oit>fasi(S^a^ a red sugarcane. 

o<QoiPSim>i€aQ a ooooanut tree with orange- 
coloured fruits. 

ofdotfs^oqj (Tu. e<90&pcm Yi.) a large yam. 

oroo&pQg^(»09(X» Yi. a sorereign said to have 
come from Ceylon. 
L o«>^<6>, (ds!! ilknifar5ajy<ae«i 1. To put 

off clothes Qj)j^4)>. 2. to soil clothes otDcxee. 
n. otOo^dB),^ = ^{poSft C. H. To drag. <mej 

^s)ajl^^ aifiji ^ g^o ocoo^is^o, cooii^crofi 

^mgcA Bhr. 

Fo«ad in Tdbh*s before n>, aj, as ^qam gcaaio, 
aei9Aofiekk,also^0i,fiQ0l. Initial £ is some- 
timea lost, as aojwj, oiDcy; aejocydB», ejoajfi>. 
Before Cerebrals ft Liquids, which are Ibllow- 
ed by ffo, it glides into a, as ojscu podara, 

2 aT. aC. Tu. A demonstratiTe V^, correlatiye 
witk m ft s (1. the middle between two. 
2. what ia aboTO. 8. that, yonder). Perhaps 
sardviag in the adj. part* ftit. fixaayaj®, (BJ^ 
q^S, Ohi^m ft in the poet, forms of the Unite 
Vorb Qjcno^fl) oame, Oiiig^aioaioanaib BC. 
Henee fto. 


^<6>a)(Do nyamaram (Bnienia speolosa) Careya 
arborea, ojlej. [^,„^ ^^ 

0ai(syd) s8. iSi^dBAiosoold diet. Aleurites mola- 

g<fi>o nyam aX. T. = 0^030 World Yi. 

g<fi>ort>o nyiram 1. The letter a. 2.=an),QC 
inter j. aiasaminniDdiorDo ^oaio-io crying hu, 
<P~^-> [the nail Yi. 

£<«bVb n'yir T. Te. 0. To. Nail, the flesh near 

gee© nkka H. Ar. hukka. a pipe. 

g«ee»o nkkam T. M. (\ra=fn§) 1. Middle, 

hip. &<d8»6)roiO)§(SB)SG. to carry a child. fi<ee(qi2 
QjgffiacLicid proT. 2. side (sr^oonbo gtiSeajQi 
QjOdto sit under one*s Jutting roof. j 

Digitized b^^V^OOglC 

gdSS^^ — £(^ 


g88i— g^o 

fi(dn6)ji43oi (1) oarbanolo boil. ^^ helpleift. 
&(fl»ooajab 1. hip-ehot (thro' debauchery). 
Sanoo^ro) (6«( loo.) to bU resting on the haonohes 

(also gcfiai^rdldOB). 
&cOsKob=&(9s)o T. M. 1. sifSst(A (0)9na<ab (a\£\ 

ejlrob 5>aj9§la2^ stalks springing up from 

ft near the root of some kinds of rioe-plants 

ft forming a «>5ne. [^jght patrol Vi. 

gd86)^o nkkalam T. Te. aH. Adyanced guard, 

gdBC^yagj akkalatt!) (£) Women's neok-orna- 

ment, goldoolUrYi. also &6)(6a^ SoH. g(dn 

«n30croo po. 
gldBAuUm (C. Te. steel, strength=£QtBe, &(£lda«) 

Qan9d9« ajmoTB. (letter of Codagn raja) Ammu- 
nitions P 

g<dAd8>, dOeTl nkkaya (O. Tu. to boil up. T. 

£A to Call) 1. To start, lean to one side as 

one falling ajmo! oQi &«£) Oajtxs^ (loo.) 

8. Yi. to rot in water as wood T. C. Tn. 
6fd9dS| Ilkka4i (fi) Veranda or outside oomer 

of a house. gt'cGt^flA ojoio to liye homeloas on 

the bounty of others. 
gd&OV) nktam 8. (part, ai jS ) Baid, a saying. — 

^ssmo §^pj\cno(A ^afOtcnocB) roosnb Brhm P. 

addressed, spoken to. — 

QjOfQ'word, «>^mQ(9JLXia9as€>s fi«Mi^ qjWkXT. 
the B. were defeated in argument. 

AfUaOi^^ £<9ji!la)9ab po. haring said. 

g«U>o a Yedio sentence. 
§)(Bt^ nkiam 8. ft gdBbS&oaj BnU. 

fidBeolraio sprinkled cda/afORSlcnaai fj^duS^ta^oota 

^,a^o KB. the 2nd day of AsYamedham. 
^6U ukha 8. Pot, saucepan. — also fi/DoA. 
g(C/> Ugram S. (&nsajs>) l. Vehement, 

passionate, as qj9iQ%, ^ Q%oi<^ terrible. 

2. heat of sun or pepper. 

(DdcnTi £((/)o a complaint of the nose Vi. 

QXOfOt 1. Tehemence. 2. intensity of heat, etc. 

SL%jyh Sira. 

QXDi^J^ a certain colic, ft'«)ekBt ej^aeafimo 
ogsO (m§9cnj9c)o (4|90 Ooodai a mod. 

il^Mmo 1. loftiness, pride Yi. &^9mi^a§t 
denV. (B. ffi^osmo crying from anger). 
2. T. G. Te. Ta. storehouse, granary. Qom\ 
oBo AC0Mn-X9i£)rnDo (Qoe^j pror. fbremott 
in the matter of proveader. 
^89) nngn So. = fio<0e Strength (C. Te. gtdSa). 

^8896^^0 Qllga^tm 8. sfirbbAsmoBug, louse. 
^05^ nnni}=aj€a§ Bauhinia yariegata, yields 

^.ojVtTV) nJiSam 8. (part, gjii, wont, suiting) 

1. Proper, suitable fi^toKU^o (m^scuab 5al 2. 

o^car^VMsno fiis^g_]9n(> Q,jS\(mrh deserring to 

get. anOB&i asiOQ&itQ^jSiatca^i^ oot(^<bBhr. 

£jaD(nd9«§^ fine, strong child. 2. M. manly 

feeling of honour. 

£jij)(OK> 04»>gQjob a reprobate. 

fijijVm«to9(dc6 a man of honour Yi. 

fij^Vmo Qjai^ to retaliate g. cr)S.^sR>i99<mKU. 

fijo^OD^fiB or)0CD^ scm aoneo egy '^* <>^ 

£0(1^(0)0 A>0^ (tu.) £^(IDml(Tn^S)ft,aIk>S3 

ej (Anj.) 
g^ tld5a H. 1. (8. g^o) Top. &:Si^a^ dsif 

cq^o EXJ. (=s ^) fi^cmej crown of the head Vi . 

gA^gn see £^. 2. height of sun, noon 

£6>:£}9caa3(0iB»a^9Q s>JU(6» TP. to cook dinner. 

fiO^daadveg^ forenoon (St^Siiqg^ ^s\ SL. exactly 
at noon. ^^foHrolfiioii^ afternoon. — also 
height of age, £^GB>XBn he is aboye 60 years. 

ft^0fii(o) Pentapetes phoeaioea, its flower 



ftO^sil a plant, also es):^fii) ^Qj^eSi^cb 

«ii>9(ab a^spla) TP. a home remedy. 
&^0a&nb (0aO9^9anb) a ParadoTata. 
g.^ TI661} (G. purging, Te. goa^ 1. In fi^ 
aj)sl(9s) also si<SSl <^s)(da to become mouldy 
or slippery as after rain B. 2. Palg. = fi^ 

ool, aoQj^. 8. iro,=6Qj'aul-ufo^— a. oSi 

€1:2^ajab, Q^ch a crack-brained man. 
g^o nd6am 8. (aajb+oiDasu) High, height, 

Digitized by ^OOyiC^ 

g^ emjjo— gsflooo 


gtffe^coJI— gs»% 

AS, MQith or meHdlftB. Bap. of aoiindt s»^ 

fi. jolr^d^ Bkr. &^or)oe«dBc>) Brbm. @^ 
eM^ieB ooao^^to loiid.-^e^cTf)iia<mja89.o 
KaI. njM 4 downs. 
ft:A}(DiJo (opp. orfl-oMAJo) rising, snperiority. 

^^emjjo udda^fam 8. (eoAjDsmjDo) s*8h. 

g^CQAS nddayam S. (^) Collecting, knot of 
gown a>6m9b6||^ 
den Y. o^jg^cDB^o fi^CBll^ GO. 

g^(5)dB6^ udSarikka S. (^a») g^ofDGYnoo 
To ntter, prononnoe, as 0(Q^ fi^^foloBiOQ^n 
Bhr. So. oaLi«80^9<o«mo, cno909, eto. 
fijyMOo exorementB (po.) 

in kononr of Bhadeyi^smenstr nation on HsYsra 
Sankranti (end of Jan.); similar to tke febroa- 
tions of the Romans, ft. ovoeng col ^ to keep its 
8 days of rest by abstinanee from all work except 
konting. fi^0(9b evoiog ojlajQi^^^dcain snperst. 
(enrse resting on work done during tkese days) 
tt^oiQ ajV)0(m9<)o oiOQdeajo aai^<sa MR. ovo 
AoidOB &^9(»^ ojsmo (o>RB«caJ0<)o doo. (as 
on Qaarter days). [spirits. 

^J^OSCOo 1ltti4axiam S. (^s) EzpeUing OTil 

^J^ nddi T. M. 0. Te.a£^ 1. The crown 
of the head e^«flc^^cs2|o KB. ecmdScQcnJocfo 
ft^ ai6no<deo KB. g^ £QOdOii B. to pour oil 
on the head of children. fi6>,ej|m to. oil poured 
on the head. 

fti^W flowerlike ornament for the crown of 
the head. s^3£)(9b (BIOStpIq^o aj^o Pay. 

g6)6^^8 nSdeifl S. (adr. instr. pi. fi^o) Aload, 
also C6>s>j(yn))rDo lender. 

grs^c^o Tiaflliitain 8. (oel:fi3) Leayings of 
meal fitftfVSoecfla03as4>eB(Q &. ER. 

g^a»6uaio nddbfokhakm 8. iTnfettered. 

g^CQ/o nddluajam 8. <^) Rising, height. 
Btj^sTVoto high. 

gaajoronOo nfiShvasanam, ga0-jorroo 
B. Breathing np, sigh Qd^toajajo a'ojo Qoj 
evo KB. (rage.) 

gSi)mo 1ljilUUO»gaJ8^aXOo, 

^€%^CQ7Vy51 tlSayinl 8. (nil) Capital 
of Ayanti, G. OiSnS, Yioramaditya's restdenoe. 

gS%^J^de«^ n|)Talikka S. (Sijoi) To flame 
np, shine forth fis^JOJOjlsjaDo^f^ ojayme 
Mnd. brilliant oonrage. es^jeD^ 6)^9£y) 
Bbr. broke forth In rage, ^^^^^o ojlQCVdcoD 
</T)> Kal. [break out. 

OY. ensa^cm 8«>»uo fi^g^eM Mnd. to let 

g8V9uSlrSV» njjMfiam 8. (part. g0»8a;=fi(iA+ 

ooo) Left, forsaken. ft0ai9aJi<m0O6ns8)eaQ(D9cr) 
mo CG. 

I* §S n4a T. M. (s§) 1. Belonging to; hence 
fids postpos. of Genltite. o^^cnoQS or oomss 
CD; mine (see fisco;). 2. (C. fts^ctt;) cloth, 
dancer's pantaloons, esp. (nl(Q^s royal or 
idoPs garment. 

fiScsBos royal dress ajej^Odnaooib 2*^9.0 SiPo. 
<i»)a8QjscB;os joioog^A) daily dressing of 
idol KU. 
£SCU3c)o royal sword (prh. from fts<ab). 
ftsa>eja90o «(0>4b RC 89. ( ^ajo T.sstu^gttmyo) 

ornamented or ornamental? 
£5a!lao full height of a person, whole length 
of a house, beam, etc. 
n. gs 1. Groin, Qja^(o-)Q8CAo (C. Te. fis^ laps 
esl) sQSdM Ml:^^ QAo^an. 2. B. testicle 
of oxen. 
m. gSagSdj Breaking, oastration. 

gS€5«| Il4^^^ C^' ^^* '^' ^ ^ compressed). 

£5<6a 1. catch, latching, notch, (mocnj^ob fi. 
ineision in the arrow. 2. obstruction, dis- 
pute, dunning, quarrel. (sSQJ'axS)^, cn^ 
fi4|cm)c) ft. a>o§(d> Yi. to insist on. ft. 
tf) A95ng £^so you may wring it from him. fts 
iBvoioif^ «.AMqjft ^<6»9«@KIT. (in ordeals). 
Ko. fts^ia'BioKOo <Lioa»s<0)QfOiej<uod9). 8. 
obstinacy, war. ftSasHcnoiflr^g s>4B>§ acn 
isoocnjlomo^ BO. with a mind intent upon 
reyenge. [mC. harpoon. 

ftSdSe^ bearded dart. ft'.OKnj, ft'.^MOia iddg) 

ftSdSedb troublesome^ daring Y2. 

eS(et«», «£) te oateh hold of, resist, wrestle. 
(0»9S)gLj(ib o^)one9^Mau»^ M^ RO. who 

Digitized b^W^OOQlC 

gS89o — ^SCb 


gscnj— gsccy 

will dmre meP firo A4iS{g9n6 £5dBanm(2 RC. 
tried to reUto. aaJoa8S<da)§a» c^flan9% 
li^s^aj KB. £SC0snb «»(rT^ ftScetil ^igjf^ 
«or)D5)s CC. [gjan^ ,^,^^ KK 

^S89o n^BjUn 8. Hermitage, €ugiffjb9Qi ft. cnl 
gSsyrrrO^Gni) a4<!^nna9 (C. Te. odyanim) Oold 
chain round the loios (fir. gs or ftsrab)s(gs<b. 
gSOb 1l4a& 5.(&9) 1. Together with. 2. at 
once, forthwith ODOoboslflrn fia§|9coo ftsob 
l^scnDanb CG. ftsnb anoan Qjijaioroi^ TB. (st^ 
ftSOooMB. at that verj moment. flmsicvcnD^Qo 
ASploDoomb ftS9cr> TB. immediately after.— 
with ady. part. OjiAc^sr6, ft adj. part. Aiiio^ 

ftSCiasnb again ft again. 
Gpde. £500^ So. at once. 

&S68U9QJ, fiSOOts' (or £S8bg) (4|Qd»> widOW to 

be bnmed with her husband. fisaotD ^s 
ojoob ArcdAOfUgocX) YGh. 
&s«)oai$(d> to agree SoM. T. 

fiScni^ 6. agreement, oontraet t^d&avfi&lfSno 

nao s. (a^d)9(Do oDscno Arb. 
fisna Yi. firiendship; see £50. 
gSoJo udappam So. (^s I) Belation, oonnexion, 
friendship fiSgjo o^efl^o (BOOJOBeoail Bhr. •* 
ftSg;jO096)S 1. properly ssftse^cvoos. 2. (prb. 
fr. gsd99<d>) strongly. e^Qtfintfmo oQcm £S 

gj«>0o^ Qjosn^OgJ^daj Bhr i. contended that 
he must be killed. 

gSo^Og^ Il4appttapp^ (T. esnbaM. ^sak) 
Uterine brothers (fiSgjlocmojnb) ft sisters, q, 
s^ocmoj^yfla cugtif^ogsi BC. also fisgjiooj) 
B. brotherhood. [Moslems, 

eg^fijoo fiS^o^ TB. the brotherhood of 

gS(2ii4ama5.(ftSl)l.Property,jewels. 2. rela- 
tion, friendship (aftsna). 8. propriety, a 
soj^ fiS0«CB;os oO^^aiB Mnd. tfoiQsavsjA 
fi'ac»a$ 9eu3n8Qj)ab Bhr. quit only I 4. simi- 
larity. Gulroocnos &. am^ojoob «»fi)(a-^9CBH> 
Mad. wish to be like a hero, 
hence: es0«a»aiD(ib 1. proprietor, owner, a€1 
ftseanofoob MB. 2. natural protector, next 
relation, o^ Qajg|^cooos ftSCMaoib TB. 

fi6a(oniecY)o (cruoxno) Ti. relationship. 

fiSdctoonb owner, as of house, etc. ojocnjWnbo 
£., aiflo ft. MB. 
gScrij 1l4amb9T.M.(»ftsiab) l.Body. ftsoxi 

OjaiolcBKuab Yi. of small stature, ftsooj^cno 

9ra«9a MM. itt^rmajscQjSQisax^ BO. 2. aniis 

ft. a^ooQ ojnm the rectum. 

ftscruo B. closet. 

deoY. ftScoj^dSa (1oo.)=:(roJ<[9aj)an. «oO Q-i 

(smp ft'^ laid up. [^sob PT. »ftn. 

gSCO; a4aya 5. (£S I) Possessing aa^scoi a 

ft5C0onb Lord, in ftSCBidftojea^ a medieiual 
creeper (a med.) = istj^^dQaiD' 

ftSCBKUob 1. owner. With Vom. cncBwoBcb m^ 
()o ft. KB. who has acquired the 6 K. (^ 
OTAQS 9(Lj(Qds«CB^oa30aaAl Mud. With Aeo. 
6iBC9BS)ft(8iidAftS9cQ>9AAB. whoistoproteot 
us, since fether is dead P 2. elder relations 
(see ftsoooft) with Gen. s>a_i|m)'S>nbo fts 
CBajnbs:£S0d9a9a>o6. ao^cn^fSa ^ajsio eos 
ft*^ §26y TB. no protector, ft. ems aifo 
00090^ &0i\ (opp. ema\|}). S. God, also ft 
SCBWDa3j(09n6. — ftSQovoA title of MaisSr ft 
Godagu kings TB. 

ftSS/® 1. possessed cA mstcm cn^&S ftsov 
(g TB. art mine. 2. possessing, owner, 
lord; with Aoc. (er^ft oofixm ftsc(i@, oJI 
onm (Si^ft ftsi oQfiicrn ftSCBWioocf^ Brhm. 
no father I (n)«Bc)o ^s<suQ <tncm^9Q(r> TP. 
I have thee only, Ck>d, to look to; with 
Dative cnz^s ^bmtsi^moo oeo^attm^crno 
ftSCB^tn99pj^<d) TB. share my lot. 

ftSCQ^dtoO^nb Ko. owner AirD(0n^6)rrbo, oj^ij) 

onbo ft. TB. 

ftSCD/^oaio (aajo) Lordship Ys. 

gscp^ fB>, 5tT5Yii^ ii4Ayirya t. m. To. (G. Tu. as 

comp. a^) 1. To break as pottery, nuts, eto. 
ftSQsiao9(Qa jalgl 81 Pu. a^<b ftStiOti&P^flng Oj) 
sno AB.; to be breached, OAo§ ftsengTi.; to 
be broken as enemy dh^cai^cOfOB) o0^Qaii9cb 
ftSfiioi^ ojs (di)fl9^flng 0^ KB. 2. to break 
as sea. a>S(9b ftscnolcai ajfoanift 8aj9oai oj 
SOK^^O^KB. QQdMft. to become untwisted, 

Digitized by ^OOy It! 



g^dBeb — geinofl^ 

Miftoo £. emMiated. ftoo,^^ ^^^^'^ fi*^^ 
«iV|o fiscn^ Oojoo KB. broken mind, fig a 
«o fiSQS^ will fall to pieces. 
▼H. fiSQj (rare).»ni£S. 
a. ▼. oe^ddSi 1. To break in pieoee. xS\ai§ oOl 
■Dejo fiosstoesmo proT. qsqoz; 6)a>o§l gos 
^9db Bhr. 9^0^ fi. SitYij. to breach, ^mob 
(Tyafia^^5>ajs^ (a^S)S:^TB. chest was barst 
open. 2. met. eonDcrum^ab «>96)o2)0 e<o> 
fiAS04d»6mo CQ. 8. So. to castrate. eS)S^ 

MC. capon, 
gsajo ii4alazilaM.=£S<gb. £saM99c)oOda>£LMaBaio 
o), Qjfiiseio (4)«aigo 0i(^^sm2odtaicn3abBC. 
ftSob T.M.C. Te. (YN. £§d>) 1. body, also trnnk. 

Mad. on the tortured body, fisoibajsiajo 
aos^5da>^o fiscB; ^nb Bhr. &soai9§ 
O^cmsA jiiVncdilaib Bhr. a Sati. 2. life. 
£S^cnooDo QjtoMMn Bhg. fiooao q^^ fts 
e^ Sgy th. neither influence nor security. 
8. texture of olothes. 4. gsoA oJlooriDeg 
QxX) Bhr. prh.= fisab (see fiSgj^ogj). 

I* g$ u4a =:£QV Star? a kind of fish. 

n. g^ (old V^to have on, hence £S, fi5(9b). 
A92^ clothes £*^o AS^<j8a(m OQJBa«'''<'^ 

fi^ajscu woman's garment. fi^oSA &$a4S TP. 
••▼•g^ddfi, ( TO) T.M. To dress (also as t. n. 
«Dj^oar> Oojociei A^cfiaoonob GG.) put oo, 
chiefly the lower garment moQ^ceai in the 
closer, Qj^^^Ai in the looser way. o^a^oo oj 
^T^ocMa»3sn| Q. 9aj<o>^o ft$«QKal4. ffiSoonzB 
aiflbnakad. Aoa Oajg^cns esg-ionb $>A9§'ont 
cnoGV^ ft9S:J^ o^^o^tflacirxxjob temporary 
husband, (ftflnaonb Aata^tfaomojab the uncle), 
ft^yooborotfs s»xh TP. may I marry yon? 
YK. e^ dressing; olothes. 

^' S9ft|^«M (old fi$<VIA ^1*) i* to dress 
another. S. to marry «><e>§l ft^aj^s^ s>ao 
ari| QirS)a» Ko. 
2$<ft(9b n4ttYal a M. A tima, torn U& nvAdw^ 

]ysa«kij994aa9cny prh. crash, oomp. £scqj«)) 

cnvA £. 4 times. ojejQj^dixgb Yi.2.=3^q«s. 

g9:fi0^ a4llltka T.M. (4 S§<6A CTu.) A tabor, 

resembling an hourglass =^5^. 0§fto e§<M 

fiO««3 YCh. 
g^a-jl, a?fcj (gCUjOLj)uaiipiT.M.C.Tu. Temple ft 000 in Canara. 
g^cn^ a4^^^ ^' ^* Iffu^ui*) Lacerta Monitor, 

used for wounds jikooi ^^cojiAnbo 0-19130 

MM. ft. ajO!0»aj)imaao^o GP. A«)«9<Ba cn§^§ 

cm^acraDOoA £§ oa§1 KB. gloTcs? fi^osj (noaj 

medicinal against scorbuto. — Two kinds: a)0 

a> — (80. agjj, — aejcsg— ) & ©qjooio — (80. 

^OQ — ). 3. the inner wooden bolt ((0>ys, 


denY. s§cnjid9a horripilation (loc.) 
^6)SdBe\ udekka v. a. of ^S<^S» q. T. 
^§0 o^%ddei nttftm (Te. sm C. ^ong bubble, 

Beng. &b to rise up) The water to come up, 

as in well watered fields. 
gSK^ nttOI^tt? AH the articles in a house 

(prh. fi| = £sa, arts^f). 
^CU^olJo nfubam S. Baft, crescent. 

gajg star, fiOVoj^ moon AB. [giomerata. 

gcujo6aja)bnSiimfiaramS. (ft 39... .) Pious 

gC^j^rOo udiinam S. (cuS) Plying, soaring. 

g6nOfl5«JdB) u^aJLJllI^ T. M. Tu. C. (Te. &^) 

To dry, fade, heal as wound; also metaph. 

when shall I get oyer it! fismaslcB;, &«m«so 
m (BiDSdSa TB. betelnut dry ft fresh. 
YK. 1. ficmcoersb in fiomcoBavo) rice not boiled 
in the husk (also fi«mdaefijf^=aj^(^ opp. 

2. fiemdtoo dryness fsi^ ^rc,£]<ok a>ar«o(A fi«m 
(fiB0^o fixuog) QjMk OKQdo TP. dry wood 
would be moTcd to tears. 

8. fi«mc0qi dryness fism<0i)eain«>sp«^ a mod. 
A90o.m fi«m«a»)ej &jodBtOaiJd«&i TP.— 
fismtsa^nb (opp. oj^elnb). \q^ (jud.) 

CY. asmm^cee to heal ^o) aemcoB^a-joab q jjj 

Digitized by ^OOQ IC 

gCTOrtB-— g^ng 


g^rsQ— g«n| 

a. T. sfiirMa«a>, «a£l T. H. to pot to dry, air, 
dry (01(0^0, 0(91^ o, ooai eto.) 

Qern^Siy nrvd nnuraya t. m. (C. eerr^ to 

«ome forth) 1 . To awake fioaao fitimmDOojso 
{DRBOjlod Bhr. will be distarbed. ^eomSyo 
6)ai gemcno oionlssemo Brhia. be reeaioi- 
tated, (/o6q|]o ffismcno broke fortb. 2. to watoh, 
care (QO0a>3^94noo £6nr>cn?ifD)<ea AR. to be 
ap for R. QilorrKnoc^siDomsnb o^ogy^monb 
KR. having oolleotod himMlf. 8. to be 
eongeious, percelTo. Qod is (OKm^eiTmonb asm 
AOT)^oo(QanDo £\&m Bhr. 
YN. 1. Sismi^ watohfolneiB. 
2. fi6nr>g(j intolUgence, imartneee ftemoq^tfo 
RC. liTely (monkey). ecX>d0ii3cnjVzib ffi«mO(^ 
ooo ^snQ Bhg. sfifio cngjsmg^oefloA so 
gjonao AR. 

a. ▼. gemd^i)! 1. to awaken, roase v>9^^ 
clessib ojeai fismoRBl KR. £o«bo ^snrxGVd) 
Bhg. o®onos«KT) o^e £smaB2^9(ib KR. 
2. to inform emMmtaiQn^OaTyib KR. oq^ 
Aroa ojodsiS) ^cmcmon CG. hinted that, q^ 
6)aTxX>cxioo6 (eidOjQcnos ffiemconSl KR. ex- 
horted. rni(TC£)n8ajsid9Q daiD6n^«m(^cT» 
KR. with Dat. or Soc. 

CV. ^smicmifSti to inform a enperior, with 
doable Aeo.; also Dat. q^^'^sq^J''''^^^ &• 
£g>j TR. The heading of letters from sub- 
jects to ministers: "S, ^STrxoRfeisastcingo tab 
Qjcroo TR. 

gfiTOi'Ob noil (see C. fistr^ in preo.) Eraption, 
resiole as of iteh. — also = oasmVab. &. Sicr>9 
§(d), Aqsii&i to sqaeese it. 
denT. ^srnlej^^ Qjr&ld»> a resiole to form. 

(prob. eg)^) 1^. pr. A caste of Ambalayasis 
(82 in Taliparamba). 

^<sn% UT^I^ 5. (ae(a9«? C. Te. Tn. also ^ 
«n|) Ball, globe, elot, ballet, ft. fiaMgemo 
TP. make balls. Q§;j<Aab «nad0nB CG. globale of 
nectar, fi^vo^o eaaonoo oaig^^j^KU. (for war). 
£er«Q«Oeocb gansbot-woand. 
^vwc%A good thread. 

fi^Vgjo^fiik diftanoe of ganshot. 

fiSHB ^o)iflis ssi<fti to make biiUeto TP. 

ftsnsojai small fishing net. cnoo^fS^m ^cn£^ 
ad &. prOY. 

ftsnBOjlgu pellet bow. 

fisne 6>xi<0S(d> to coagalate. 
^Sf^CJ r^ see ander agffi<d>* 
geni\<B> k ^en£\dd> xa^^f^^ H. ha9di i. BiU 

of exchange. 2. stamp, ft. A<q|ft4)> to stamp Ti. 

ft6ne)ai(8n&Jo (Coch.) money bags sent to 
Collectors =s ^s)^. 

ftsneld^xdnojooo So. treasare-box. 

ft6nBl<d}g_j$mo So. money deposited. 

g^^TtQdn5.(oldfat.offtc)^) l.Thereis,existe 
(opp.SL)^). 2. is presimt QQj6noorrMJ»)(TB floonb 
ftsng CO. (mfon^sf^ ft 6^8 it is written. 8. as 
aaxTerb: a.) with TK. Qjr^at ft9i8 ^ *^*^^ 
come. a>o96rr>sr^<d) ftsn^ Bhr. we mast see. 
09ic^nb(8i^»q|oft9ngheis. — also part. Noons 
Qjofioo^o s)jk3(sy^^o ftsn^ I certoinly said ft 
did. Oajco9rob QjrTBnm®9i8 ^^^ TetC. adoj 
ACT) aHglat^ofob Ago ojotdBOAO) «>d»9^(ms»c(»d9a 
om^o ftsn^ TR. we shall. oTV^ugv^ CO. I 
shall fall. jaJ^ocDl^iSOsieo CG. will he re- 
member. ^Qjoert^sng ^oonr)9cqs 6i»aob Kal. t 
hare not seen — <0>ifl9<An9nBQ9^ TR. — with 
YN. in (8«>(bb. «ioajs>m a>96m<efc ftStfrigo TB. are 
you in the habit of seeing himf Aojg^ (gOidnG^o 
Q®^(ds)OQo fteng. MR. b.) with finite Yerb, 
often adrerbially inserted ojA^oob m^/ub 
£^ea^^ ft«ieoAnr» eh. emoer^ Qiii9g||me, 
ft^ig ajfCBrm Mad. he comes already, ^msn^ 
«ajsn8 KU. 9«io<^$)ca; ft«rt8 ajls^<Be( is 
the fowls they seise, a^im aaidxvjerii oftodb, 
oa)nno09ieo a«>t>m? CG. did yon really fancy? 
QoOdJOn^nriDtf^vo (n^o^dOeSaiOgjg AR. In the 
past chiefly with c|: e«a»9ai ^cumS^^oi^ 
Bhr. 4. by a sort of ellipsis it stands in some 
phrases for the Copula; so in measnring dia- 
tanees : cn\(S\<s^s O'onnrvmjo .oOO ocvoetcn ftoi^ 
KR. ojoenoQ « ji3 ij ftA sngtg)a9o Kal. ; esp. after 
(3sm ete. mooiab {4)cnid9s ^sm ften8; saxn^ 
i^^9r^ fl»9flb, o<Do<«j(oab oroiosQVo fto^V eto^ 

Digitized by ^OOyii^ 



— g(G) 

T. D. fl>9«MBiai| coil to oome Into exlstonoe, exist 
CMS QajMkg) fi«nioa£) TR. wm born, 
rikixib A9V0O Bhg, Tbe other oomUnfttions 
M in ftOTf f.i. (BoajfiKY) ai86nD^ (odm) & 
9riB3a£)roKTT?g^ MB. Qjiiej:2j^'no (owoe^ff^o 
QonasmD TB. nsed to grant an allowanoe. 
^999wS edSad^o s^srsocon TB. has hap- 
pened (ft is no more to be changed). 

T. a. fisrsodftia), ea^ to bring into existonoe, 
creato, make. 

CT. fi9iBMadi^<aa to get made, bring about A 
oucmilan o^Snmo^ 9e jccao £9r%od»l^ TB. 

O^gV>C0 6)a>09ri| OJQ_jSo £9nB9(dslj^ ^ 

sVnnok Anaeh. 
£|^3<d6^ 1U^9&klq So. (ficX>)3 0n^9<0e. 

•o ai^o^ Qj)ooa«o CO. a &c)oon9^. 
2gnf? Hl^fli 1. T. M. C. Ttt. (figga, eator) 
Tick oneows, dogt (<Y>3C^jg|fp). ojOJOig^ large 
tSok. aj9fijgp^ piapleg on the ftu)e of infants. 
tta.i»OR»)anaok ef{p«>^^g| pror. 8. snok- 
ling ,70iug, infant. ^, ^a 0id«^gp|jlc»93£^|o 

tf^mDjID^ Mm of one day's connexion (tq.) 
mncng^ aQftwado annual Tegetables (opp. 
ODdcu MKBtfciJo), for oTory day's eonsump- 

gtfg^^^^m ^^AMh. [darlings. 

fig]^4dJi^soaBcX) sto^aqcm 9cn(^qQ CG-. the 
fig^^VeaaoiDCOCDjWsA KIT. the first mioister 

QfColikodu. [Parappanadu. 

emWiii9.ib(&Acao^<m.«..} a prince ti. in 
ttgD^3aiOi9n^ = So. ftPalg.=QLi9&p«n9cnj No. oja 

ftffiT'^^^' to assume the appearance of a 

babe. ^Moa a|^ i<oS1^aD9 the blossom has 

dereloped a firuit. cuocob ^mSl aflrolsn^ milk 

spoiled (s«Q.i(Q«ta). 
ftjU^edOB young mango, 
(o^db) fig^WMMuaOfiJ endearing call. 
ftf^oA 1. Brahman beya. 8. a olass of 

Kayer in TraTaooore or "AmhalaTasis" 

(Coch.) 8. yolk of eggs. [j^. inf^oy. 
▲betr. 5. fig^«uifl9Q£l a^^o^o maAAsAJo 

fiOjID^teenb (s g^.aid9aab) a weak slender man. 

»<e>, ©n^ uwnya T. M. 0. Tu. (ado) i. 
To eato_iSAA,^ej £gj(d>Ca. to suck, (sr^cvona 
Osocoo fi6a^(tib KelK. enjoy. 2. ohiefly to eat 
rioOf ft9« £g^ e9s)<ae^aso proy. ft9« oD 
gt(ob etc (see ai«r^o^f a). fieni«^90o)<tib ^ 
^^a^ do not render eril for good. Mftai 
oobo ttjaiK^eq^Sojoodr) I am once indebted 
to him. a>eBDlaip(aagyn)a pror. to make a 
meal on Caoji. 100 Cojaamocnoc^ Hnd. 
YN. fiotinbf ffi<D§ (old £6n6 in £6n^(aa> 

Pay.) eating, meal. 
CY. S|m)(6a, £Q§a). 

goneoffn) **end of enjoyment** deed of acquit- 
tance. fi^r^Qftnl (Si^CJOOfDoKB. a mortgage, 
in which the mortgagee occupies the estate * 
at a fixed rent, out of which be pays the 
amount of the interest on his loan, ft such 
proportion of the principal, as shall liqui- 
date it In a specified number of years W. 
fioVQcm^ojogo or Ascmo a lease of gronnda, 
paying the rent for all the years agreed 
to in adTance. 

&9«Q(i£lajsnrxB;o deed assigning a property 
for a certain time, to enable the lender of 
money to pay himself the prinoipal ft inter- 
est from the usufruct. 

^era tupia T. H. (£c)o) Beallty, truth, coicn 
s>s u)^a<onft)cib stsrBOKSf atosnascndoin CO. to try 
the reality of thy justice. fiflnaOcwoos (XxS^tSn 
Bhr .to belieye firmly, caioejceoib o iai96>gy§^9o ft 
flns32;9Q0 Qjorn^so CO. o^coecX) s>d»9(iA)(fianrTV(A 
g)6racD;9Qj CC. be realized. &. aiasejQ|49) Yi. 
to extract the truth. 

g(860f2Drb tupior (part.fnt.offtgfa>)fi'«(oso 

^^P'*'^- [ful question). 

!• ^rO a(a S. (&»&«) And, also; erP (doubt- 
n. grZ5) T. M. 0. a kick, rebound. 

^mzfiSi Yi. fifiKOMaa to kiek, rebonnd, offsnd| 
oheat Yi. 

Yir« A<l»g4 Yi. striking against an offence. 

Digitized by ^OOQ IC 

gfOVo — groTkzB 


^(S)Vb — gOWDCb 

^rCV> niam Tdbb. eeo. Water o^9an£Vilb fi^ 
aA«99<)o j]jo^0g^^ Qji19(d)6>qliQ^ BC. like 
springB. — 6icuoQXid<mo Ao«n^^cn9c6 Muds. 
s=fi<d« (or 00(0)0?) 

grty)ceB<fi>, <£bl nfta-yUYa 6. l. To eerre, be at 
hand ft of use, help, condaoe o^cY>)(S« QfOiA 
<n?gy Vi. does not suit. cnsg^odOkato.'OiMD 
o^SB Bhr. ^SfiLio aJH^onb oocu^on figaai^ ft 
(OtaDsssni CrArj. fi<a)«»)oc»QDab proteotor. £<m 
(9^003:^ Aol<j8tto KU. 2. (C. Te. 6&aaj) to 
prosper, thrire 0or)cn}^av<aJ(^«fiblnD <d>fi.(S)oPT. 
YK. I. Qjmdaato help £^49n(tsni)(Tn (9iocD/9d9A«mo, 

II. gtimoji id. ajQS^atnb&tovojlfi) j:i)^Mpl. Q,m 

QjiaiOo 6>jal^ SidD. 
m. (Bioea asxwajo^ (mem Ood helped (Mpl.) 

grO)C2<d>^ 61 nSahlYa 5. l. To be in hurry 
or confosion ftfoto^ojOA Yl.=s(0)Gf)gj3^. 2. 
to Bhake off imsicB^cofcmo^csyo stougcno Oojo 
qO KB. (a straggling cow dragged away). 

gf^o uftalain Cerbera odoUam, with round 
poisonous fruit cr\^fiu§t6Lioe)d»)d> ooj^osionrob 
QDS ft(nAaB9aj9tf)&J prov. (always turning). 
firmfiO (alsoftdna)^) bladder finnniQjtg^^ft 

(oift) Oojooai Nid. = ojct^ Y2. 
denY. gen^an to be inflated^ pnffed np. 

^(lf\ a5i better €^ Odina pinnata, planted 
near pagodas. 
fidA^ceo So. (=&<9>2?) to hiss, as snakes. 

YN. a(ond9«(8b= jS\o<A Y». 

^aj?lfOjd8>, crrd uSiruya t. m. c. Tu. (Te. ao 

.oj) To fall, drop as fruits, leayes, monlt as 

feathers, drip through a siere. a-iaid>c)o q<£\ 

cnoOojoo YGh. efii^slaTt^orfinriDanlrQo «)qj9 

s)«>cX> KeiK. 

YliT. ftOklii, {Qji£\m B.) 

Q«£ieEdefn\ grain dropped c6Um^o &. QajQd9in 
Qa>osq| ^(0R») a>tf)d^ Bhr. 

a. T. fttondSn 1. to canse to drop (indajc)o<si QLjgt| 
(^qQ BC. oeojcLjoeajcoacb a^0aJ4> firjp 
<na)^ Bhg. qdo^ cOIS^so fflflgp ®«>99rt| 

a med. (of a boUed fowl). 2. to ahed 
tears T. Qt^ott ^saSicnod^ m^oxh jm 

OY. dB)flD9a£)fO(na)e4o fiitn^^;^ ojm^ B8. 

^(rf!)(b a6il(=aKO)^(bTe.e3rDl low ridge) Little 
heaps of ground for planting rioe in marshea. 

g^(Do 1l5iram Tdbh. (QaS^a>o Blood, g. a€) 
Q^orlb TP. goS^roo Asmsi<m ^£i(S\<s^o (D«ai 
Ac^o, fliOim^mo Q Aom) ftuSlroo £)fl.a> a med. 
to bleed. [^th blood offerings 

£(0)1(0 A Oft) a Maya worshipped by Nayers 
£(d)l(Oo Qjo^ bloody flux. 
£(inlrDd99ol9^SoEn. aoertaininooneof Bi^jaa. 

g6^(7J)<je© see ^(ts) n. [_^ £8^— )• 

^oAij gd Till ud S. up, ont(see s^ — , ^-^k 

fi(9ba)o 8. longing for* 

firsbaso S. ezoessiye, raging, e'aoov 9aj0&p, 
— Atkxjo, ft*mM2f sxrxunb CO. 

£aiiba>5gr} 8. regretting (with raised neok) £'d 
QjlQcnoficnoonoo Mud. to mitigate the grief 
of separation. 

£flA<8id3ao8. excellence £• QjnBqaa> to aggran- 
dise Yi. KQ9a^9j'^^9sm9^Uittd, 
denY. gRAaw^iAo to exoel Ys. 
£(9b^(^o eminent (T\}3(^xbb^c^a29<b od 

£'0902^5 Qj)jii3ro)(dsi Arb. 
£(ab^0o irregularity. 
£r9b9d8fi)a-}fimo 8. throwing up. 
(3{(9baj9<u)o 8. dag up, eradioated. 
^(Auxmo 8. come up. 
£^fiO<0A 8. to drop forth. ^iiDOQmo qj^^ 

(OijPoAanl mo Brhm i . [lot, 

£(gbco9(a)9aj priest that sings the Sama Yeda 

^rOY^y^oCrUo UttamBam S. Head ornaiheat a 
9aj9(0i8)ocroc6 Mud. first of a tribe. 

9eo(OOoOaru AB. (Yoo. fern.) 

^(tmTiOio Tlltamam 8.(snperl. of £e)Hlglieat, 
best, chief (opp. «nDCJOek>); rirtnons. 
£(0iiiaa4(tB£iab 1. excellent man. £'«^£osamo 
cro^Mino AB. 2. first person (granu) 

Digitized by ^OOyiC^ 


gasy9)(0 — g(?jbQ-j 

ftonei^ (Qsmo) ondltor YylC. 

ftOMeoflMo best of the bMt. 

^<lSiO)(tb Qttaram 8. (oomp. of ^e) l. Higher. 
2. left, northern. 8. later, subsequent. 4. 
•Bnror=^^)(».<OBMDo f.i. oOKn? fi. o^yxml 
TP. wrote back. fiflvoKOOjo (a^Qt^io proT. 

5. mmmand, letter. flnocBiyoaQ>d9Aajg|^o £. 
QjmD, ftlio OQj'aiS) fionotroo, *ejm &. TB. 

6. roeompense, reyencpe. snd'onob gasmroo Qjlg 
ojonb PP. also adr. ondOBdatoRMDo crogEinrxia 
cn^o Hatr. po. 7. preponderance ^onaeooe 
€no aoottouMswoo, 0^00 Qcod^o^crooojiairDo, 
«KX>do ei3j«cmocoiairDo Bbr. 8. additional 
flMt^MMkDo OMioNaU =108. 9. beam, chiefly 
that which snpporis the lower roof (see gq, 
j^ajA, QJ3§). 10.=j»<@)o. 

Cpds. £aaM>aii§3 (9) the stones which bear 
the roof. (Sj^Wibo) &(nBMO<OBaB^(Bi^(ob (9) 

ftOKM^^W (8) obsequies =s9o»cfiH£p3i;. 

ftasMMuarwo (9) the land from Camba}am to 
ColTsTara riyer KM. [smo. 

ftaoTDcacoo (8) opp. o^gEjisocoo; (8) edafio^an 

ftowoiga) (2) North country, Tulu etc. KM. 

fiSKKDo o^^ (4. 6) 1. to answer for, make 
aaends for, pay penalty, give satisfaction. 
9Q39^9a9±QimSkrn £. fi> jki^ PP. to atone 
for. 2. reyenge. odiooTMA^onn e. Qjiiogo 
nb &9aj^o^99«l(£)<ds«cniO(>) TB. aj§^or)9<)o 
Moojdb fifoi^cm ft. Ojki^«>a>oe9o KB. 

ftORMOo tf ^ofildM id. Q^cnJ £(a^(fi)9rDo si^niO 
oarab odzAA OMkm ft. tfjiioa^gjoooAmo 
tnt. used to fight it out among themselres. 

ftOBioaiaeo (4) responsibility, security. 
ftOMDOioe) 1. defendant. 2. answerable 
for Stem^cno (a^^a>o e'tfedcnonb, 

ft. «d^^^^ ASPkQarmngj MB. 
ftflRMdatafiaudooil cns^St (doe.) be re- 
sponsible for. 
ftOSMDOj C. T. (4. 5) command, leare. 

ftORKDOcvfimo (8) sun's progress towards north ; 

the former half of the year (opp. eafbl 


ftamKDocMm ojdafiSls jis^ojoAto. 
eanQirD)dtoyi.s=£(3jL)r£^(Snft ecDRM^oOjiS^TB. 
ftanaM^ksu (1) upper garment fi'aecb cA<qSI 

«fiS0lcno TCh. 
ft(na»«(O0(inaAo (1) more ft more. 
g^oy?n(D6noo nttara^am s.(<o>(b)PasringoTdr. 

part. ft(oi%;o crossed. [a^nSl a med. 

ganQ>Od<06b Tdbh. (laeo^ftfiao fJ. fi'(Biai)«KTbo 

g'OYO)OCY>o attiatm 8. (mch), Lying on the 
back, 2. met. M. £(aaiocn<saj'aiS)<d>^^«snio 
Qjiaai«»Qjo PT. suphie, shall ow*brained. 

^(ISrOiOBSo nttilam 8. (onoaio) Eminent, quick. 

£(mO>3fao1lttimaTdbh. l.T.sftcDnuDQj Leave. 
2.sft(ai)Mdo debt, chiefly without interest, oj 
omo ft. QQj^ (0i9<Mmo, ft. s>a»99<to TB. to 
adrance a sum. &. da)O§^<0A demand it back. 
8. 0. Tu. land giTcn by Gort. at a faTorable 

gayroJVdl nttixi {s^^^<afS\<S^ Vi, 

go^oCAi nttnii^am 8. High, uu. 

go&oocno nthiaam 6. (avu3o) Bising. e. 6>^ 

^ Nal. (from bed), to get up (for fight), to 

pay respect to superiors. 

ficaicoojcno raising. 

ftcncooo^ AB. haviDg raised. 

fi<02ci(mo part, riseo. fifmaVow Saooecyojo AB. 

^m&cSQ (Imperative) arise! 
g(<0)o ntrami ft ^(Ufii))ffk (Tdbh. ^taoto ao 

Qicn\) 12th asterism, tail of Leo. ft<S)^^ ^ 

(fifid^o 6> AoervQj^ QjlaidoOo o iii^UB 1 . fimR»1 
• ncnastiii^motUA s> iii^dOn qj)qj9ooo KB* oufg^o 

So (8. fttooKDO^aooiP) 21st asterism, shoulder of 

8agittarius. [^ead of Andromeda. 

fill5)S0«J»^ (8. A(ma»rocoen.ieo) 86th asterism, 

gd>o-)an1de6» nlpatikka 8. {<u^) To fly up, 
leap up, as monkeys KB. omt^o (mtste-e 
«(0i8iofl.o ft'^ AB. rose to the sky. 

Qak(L^irsro!\ nlpatti 8. (oje) 1. Birtb, origin. 
2. history s^iMaoiyoKS^* 9. M. rioelands 

Digitized by ^pOQlC 

g^ajp— gaj»\)€^ 


gojnxxjo— gaccuo 

TP. (B1DQJ4b£*(3yoQjOa^o 0<8» OnS<d»(%o fi>jil 

^010 TB. they ooltivate low ft highgroandB. 
&. aoJff^aajsAo qj^aqi^o Bhr i. oion^asS £. 
cnsd9a)99^QVonib TB. there being no oaltiTaiion. 
£• fiSOBOjob lADdlord Ti. 
fifsbojomo (part.) arisen frvm, prodiioed c^ 
crf^cA fi'ab st^^J^ Bhr* my child. A§jnm 
aesaonoaO joyful. £AkQj(ms)90«MM»»ii^ 
C0. tho* she wae wide awake. 
denY. £r9bajorD^<flN to Impregnate Ti. 
g^aJonlpalam 8. Lotoaaojaiaa^Vinib d^ 
609 ; in oomp. ft^ei0<6>€)o Bhg, c= 0^<be0»<;)o 
Lazmi, fi^airS^aj^ftfii^iHtcRSl Bhr.aacroosajo 
oeo f^^aioafiA^ blue eyed AB. 
g^9r^ nlpa&am S. (Ae^«B») Jamp, prodigy^ 

portent 6iA^9cvn ft. doofooom ojono COt. 
ggj9do alpUTam S. (Aobojcoidn) Birth. 
enkaofiOD^ procreating o^Ht&^^ttamQ, 
ftrbbojofil^aa ▼. a. 1. to engender 0c9B5)a. oj^d 
(rrui<fiifirVsb firbbojoal^sob Bhr. 2. v. a. to 
be born c/^sojo ^'^ Bhr. (of conception). 
GY. ftrobo^aalgJiaB to engender ojijcpsMO e9«(oo 
ar^A £^3a)^^ ojgig^ainiajnb 00. 
grgba^gc6)3oCA) -A.B. =0^^(6)0 q. t. 
^(iii(i{a^<B&^ alprdUa S. A simile, 
gd)^ (l5)o nlplniam S. Orerflowing fi'oaio 

gOTfSSOrb alblia4ab 0. Exceileot o^f^mt rodOd^ 
gaivsajo olbhaTam 8.(3) Coming into existence, 

birth. «d>(D^o(oeajo KXJ.s^rabojtRatl 2. 

denY. ft(DB^«Ba to be conceived or born. 

(part. fi(g«)o bom, fi(Sg<QM»0Qci)l SlPa.) 

CY. fiioexil^ifle to engender. o^QpArD Bhr. 
crojd^<0(i auASo £. PT. 
gOSvClrorjj? ulbhittf 8. (sla) 8pximt. 
g(2330r^ nlbhranU B.«e«oaal Bhr. 
^ar^\>oCOo Tilgftn^am 8, Lap cn^WMv cuo^ao 

flrOotfCO Q.akQ2 KU* ft'>^^ 94M^ C0. 

gar^)0^d86^1ll8arjikka8. To dismiss, aban- 
don. £(91^(^0|«i9|0« 

graODOJo nlBayam 0. (beginning) Feast d*j, 

also OKDJCDOA.-lbo £. ODOctoTP. fi. •^S^«flM 

Bhr. to celebrate a feast. 0(Di^CBBc)Mae £. 

Oi^«B«mo (by an innnndation). oBojocn g^ 

o^roo (9Krnl(9b fi. fli^aol 00. = killed him. 

or>s>«cn9(ai\)ajo, «>9g^o<sn>ajo etc. OOh. 
gOT^dGOOo nlflaf anam 8. Clearing oat, ojo 

OocDonxdoecno ojoaajQIid) PT. to destroy. 
£(6^3QDoal8aham8. 1. Energy £. @s>6nBflBbl(ak 

(noinoDOSPo fifflsoo pro v. 2. strenuous exertion 

CT)SQd9«9^o i&)09Bj.iST^nno ft. ftflpesAo TB. 

fiLOn\)OQol sealouB, persevering. 

denY. ftanuoooldtetoendeaTOnr; to exert one- 
self fi(8r\)Oaol(08QaiiocX> A3SJ0J0 ooxiS^^sao 
KB 4. 

CY. fionuooiO^g^^ to excite, encourage Asgio 

firoo (sic.) KB. 
^CQAJ S>o nlsil'yain S. (s= firab«»o) AnzlooB about. 
^(Sconjcdx) nlsCYam S. Flowing OTcr, arrogance, 
gdcdb ncTak {^.S-^-tn^m) Upwards, north. 

g/dd8)o1lf ayam 8. (V^&« to flow, wet) 1. Water 
Q^aiKOiQjo^ joiSCBXib BO. Siva. 2. obsequies 9jai9 
rDGaHajb aasim^adQ^o gDoocn^ Mud. I shall 
perform. 8.=cn^(b freehold a<efia(is}iaranki'i) £. 
OiiiQ^ cnlojo TB. made OTcr. 
fiedsBdcno 1. giving water to trayellers. 2.= 
£aa>^cB; obsequies. 3. eaoanrflA KM. (see 
aa)3<d>3ea>o). [cDiBhr. 

£a£)Qj^6mjDo=£*a3mo. 0iox)d9«ad>Qjn<fnru;4BGcb 
a)i^^ Bhr. funeral ceremony for relations. 
^d(^o nf agram 8. (oa^^) Prominent ^bq) 
^oZfiSBL (o^^Abdi «>j^^ KB. 

gduJl nf adhi 8. (ft8oafie«>o) 8ea. 
£/30T;)o uf an5am 8. (to the end) Beportsqj 

(omooQio f.i. (8io«9^9fii3e(n»o Bhg. story of A, 

£• (^ooi^'xA CO. 

g^CCUs 1l(ta7aia8. (e) Rise, as of stars 4b sun, 
of recollections or thoughts; getting on. jS\ 
cvS^^ AOSMBbOo «»oodeAa^^ Mod. meditated 

Digitized by ^OOyi(:^ 

^d(Qb— gdocrjl 




fta»ajmab tko first C^itiri Bi^ 

te y. fta^dSi (part. eeVmo) to rlie. tm^cm 

e)(noee)^KB. 0130006, jkiiggabeto. 0(a> 

oobo i^ojo ^»>gf^W &A^ cftme op. eocn 

ooMkii ^<n» fie^Ml® BO. aS)o6 «»«» 

CT. fie)gjld9a r.i. en^mcBo es^^g^ BO. 
WMte joy. (tjoeo^ioao oomoQg)<gb g^^ 
a^cib Bhg. eaJled up the inage of. 
gOAo nffanm S. 1. Bdlj. 2. ntems (henoe 

onMoDaeAob). 8. dropsy. &'ioiBntf)abo fiOig 

Qjo 5id. = dSooserDo. 

tatMAxoo diMMo of tho atomaeh (ft ft. 8). 

tOfO^^ei a med., a eolio. 

§0O9uHi digMtfro pow«rs0KXDxm^. 

^DOOob aJTiaab 8. ((monb) One of the 8, 5 or 
10 Mrs, Qjooy. 

gayObvIiramB. Bxoellent (fie +010 A); gene- 
imu, liberal, fteomtb. -ftSBiigb tiMn^on^sm^D 
SOHino fia3<e^9({na (prayer), ^ adv. ^toH 
eii)Qj|89roo GCh. 

fiesTMi 1. ezoellency, eep. generosity, unniii- 
eenee. 2. M. negligenoe (sfieoa^kryn) 
•-ra. fi'a<fls%. fie3/D(m^soQ(Oi Vs. dili- 
gently. Qjfijkv geoitMndtoomnb most eare- 
lesi. ojernl £'qv3<0si ft fieorDaxDiod9eor» to. 
neglects his work. 

gSDCLMrhno nd^Tartam 8. Obstmction of 

flnids, a clan of diseases; also fiedoidaicno 

l^omSlonnb ncFisIna^ 8. ((si^.) sitting 

sside, naeoneerned, neutral cA^alo^oeocnSl 

<VMeao esy Bhri. (in God). 

taNnAcnai nentraUty, carelessness, inat- 
tsatton. nna^A^s^s £. SiSt9sn^ cnesnsiosyin 
AfoWs^saa XB. by the owners indiffer- 

^doocroenoo nf ahan^am 8. niastratioa, 


£09(^)00 mentioned. — 

denT. 9t6Uo fidooo^d^ OOh. related. 
£el(OV> nd^ttem 8. 1. part, of oj^, Spoken. 

2. fie+fi sse gecBfo, edda. 
^(S\.^ja ncTldyam S. (^edtt) Northerly. 

^dij^odoh KB, the KorthemerB. 
^(S](S\a5)o ndlrifiam 8. (V^ofOo^) Spoken, oj^ 

SKm Q^g^ilfMmo Kal. why talk morel 

ft^l^o ezoited fiJl|^a>o«Q-icr) CO. 
g§o6aJ(Do (old)« gCUioSQJrtte (mod.) 8. 

Fions glom. 

^g^nrux^b addan4aft 8. Whose stick is raised, 
tyrant fi*rDocq/gfi moe33(0ecX>. 

g^a-ioOo uddlbanam 8. Exoiting. 

^Q^Odo nddeiam S. 1. Pointing oat, intention, 
aim. 2. £. aa&eidOfiso 8o.s^«i«ao»o. 
deny. £a§oel<0A to point or aim at, haTe in 

view, fi*^ ojoen^ hinted at, allnded to 

(part. fi§)(%o). 
^(IJUrinob nddhatah S. (qOc6) Arrogant, mde 
FT. also of Orshna fi'(nooBn§ Ctgiauo @s«oel 
ODMbCO.— [gjCC. 

0l^<0sob oQonsoesooBjfaoAixmjo cDs^aano 
gruj(61<38e» nddhaiikka 8. (qoA) g«U(twnoo 
1. To take oat, get oat oeO^otaJU^Mmo o^c^ 
AB. palled the arrow oat. 2. to reseoe, save, 
eztrioate. &<ao4Mnioanoo Nal. in order to 
deliTsr. (Qic0)ei(n)tf)(Bf o^one9JO(^«an<m90 
C&, (from a forced marriage) — part. Qtsx^ <m» 
OY. g^3JU(6)g^<fl» to effect the reooTory, de- 

liToranoe etc. ajey^ddQAa^o q!^^ Brhm. 

get Parasa Bama to restore the invndated 

Gooarna. (Sioajoa &*^ Bhr. broaght safely 

• ft(ajiXD6rr9i a smaU ladle. 1. of mn(fr>i9o09^. 

8. ia sakti worship. [twjiomo. — 

fiQj09(Do 1.3S£«u(Mmo. 2. a loan, see fi 
£€J09<9smo=fiOJj(Dsmo f.i. igQ|9QAfm«t &• 

<ft6>o<a» EXJ. fsiled to protest dniy the 

Brahman ooUmisa. 

Digitized b|^OOglC 

£(tx>ajo— gajoo 


g(8ajCA>— gnrrb 

g(iXjaJo addhaYtm 8. (^q) i. Feast 8. &'ab 
IX. pr, a YadaTa£(Dia0'O9C^/fi>gBO(QSJOaj4H ft'ib 
rtn<8omo§ {^s\ cn^^ojl^ OG, 8. inflaeatial, 
rich man Ti. 

^(^X^ODo tlddhniam 8. (cy) 8haken np, fanned 

UB. ^'eaoOaB g(^ A|t. 
^^Ono ndyaSam 8. i<aS) BaUed; ready, 

egjeos=£(m)9ooo; c;y«.^i)8gjeo a)9^ AB. 
^^d) ndyal 8. (^eliSA) The rising sun. ggjoA 

(o^nocoroo AB. rising with the sun. 
g^OCOo ndyanam 8. (cq;o) Going forth; 

park. e^9onsocooKB5. destroying the royal 

garden, gajocnojluol eto. 

g^ddid^no ndyaktai^ S. {<^m) Endeavonring 

Qoiofto oia^o g). AB. trying to adyise. 0(0 

a6Yn9e.afaina9<09a£^ KB. resolred to die. 

gogjocoo 1. 8. exertion, industry onocB^oglorn 

£« Qscmoob CO. ffiMft^nrn aA £• oiftcnD 

Hud. £. £(sne9Q2;9rob onDOiaovo ffijmoo pror. 

2. H. T. office, employment eaa &. s>^^ 

TB. to hold an office, g^. (Bi^(Sai (o»(£^<9> to 

appoint to an office. crogStouS^a^ogjansib 

Q^^wxtx^ch (mod«) officer of Goremment. 
&«g9co^ also fiQgjOCOoeoQJ^ Genor. actiye, 



denV. £QgjOCDl(0A to be strenuous, to en- 

CY. g)^oo9^(dBi to rouse, instigate. 
g<^OrG)o ndyofiam 8. (better &(8§9ro)o) 

Brightness. Q9^vaM(S\nch AB. 
gQo adram 8. (&ao) Otter, onaViodn. 
^dJorv3)<fi6) ndrasikka 8.(QjcrS) To change 


CY. £eja^g^(an see (o^crooeo 8. — cneq^ga 
rdojo e^jiKs^ &*:fij AB. dislodged, killed. 
gdJoOnb ndvahail 8. (ajoo) Carrying on 

(the family), descendant ou^aiDajoOcnoAo 

au)cn{^(fi3fimnb Mud. 

denY. geuoolcae to marry. 

fidJOaoo marriage =000). 

£<BdJCA> QdV^^ 8. (oAn) Sxoil«maiit, 
perplexity, oare. — &d iVnab part. 

^C(15)\ mi&i T. aM. (see foil.) BaTel £(ni)<sSVBb 
aOyoQ>«Mn§yoo (hnotg.) 

g(^<d> untaya T. M. Ta. (compare ^im) 1 . t. n. 
To protrude, as proud flesh, ruptures, ^cni^ 
^^> ojgy "^l* prominent. 2. t* a. to push, 
thrust, shove firrQ»)«)Qvoolc»0(bk prov. ojotsViA 
fiatD^djls^dM to press against. ^uiIqqv fioni) 
(BioaiOQ CG. jisoRD^ fig}o.;maic6 ficnsi ens 
d9ao prOT. 

YK. l.(eidaLi&ai0[fl<bbficn»eio(o»flBejoad^^i^ 

2. gggQ a push, shore eydBwrn OaA96m)<0A &h 
egg^ proT. ^gg^o (cng^o fiSHBodH TB. e^ 
«)&]fiai9«> B. to be muddy. 

CY. £cnni(0B to eause to push. 
gO^(lB anfnra 8. Mouse =«0ejl. 
gnnrvmo nnnatam 8. {^e+mS) Bierated, 

high. fi. s>Qj(o)c0<^eJo BC. enmoA9CBpnBdA 

KB. giants. ficmftMroJSdcuoflni (gsS^d^ ojkrf) 

(OKr)9CB!^8iPn. g^(m(Qi09CBn QatsnoKB. (~&^ 


ftomcn) 1. height &. Oojoroosn^ CG. not being 
tall enough. £• S)d9>| ara)9cx^^cnonb Bhg. 
QpmaS^ei^rmtoio 8k. the very highest. 2. ad- 
Tancemcnt £orTM»ld9e9Q(t>)§ (^CB;<ono o^os^ 
FT. (opp. (Bio«U)9CO(gil Nal.) 

giomeidan to bowsor)0)<eA. 
I. gmno nnnam (Te. ficm^i Tdbh. siq^o) 

Stoffing, the cotton of Qon QAld98 or o^aa»o 

CD»)o608te (silk-cotton), 
n. grroo (T. thoaght) 80. Hark, butt. 

£moa> T. M. (C. ^(qQ, Tu ftC^esl) 1 . To think 
o^DOBg^ BC. (0)cml.'«b ftornl^a* sg^S or>l 
Gmavo Bhg 4. 2. to aim at, have in tIcw. 
(Da7il<Lj9^ to consider steadily. 

Freq. £(n?(do l.afionc«);oocnoos qjcdj^v £ 
(Tn1d^Qat9sri| Qaj9QO<aft6m6>0 CG. pardon 
me for(ssQjijii9A)^). fit<n^ V OAoaaf^S 
0<mQj«or>BC. 2. to presume, doubt. m^9Cb 
ficrniidaaiDOG. I fancy, I may compare. 
(o&^oeh ficrnl^saMft)or9 CC. £^0 so* 

Digitized by ^OOyii^ 

grnnte© -^-^ gouJ 


gQ-3cd> ^OJiLJD 

ob) fion)^ o iuosi^) 00. 8. ss fi«cn)«B to 
riM into exUtonoe acDdBnojnjVab enrnl^ 
laomoflhi^ SiPii. (sgeW, &«r«o«>). 
gmnlQo Tmnidxam 8. Sieepiess. ^oi^ecno 

000 PrO. aei9a»& o^fyoo ^'naoroooS) oaoj 

^ftdOSfOio nnmattam B. (ee ) l.Xad, deranged; 

•ho fiCB^O Yi . = 6Qj^dnft<edK>. 8. (tu. fi 

fflOBto) Dfttora. 

ficeeo, ftoaoeo msdnetB, extraTaguiee, pre- 
snmpiaonanesB. ficaao ojsn^gg ooAcao!^ 
09<b GO. ladies in the height of passion, 
enaoso Q-ioA Ti. talk madly, proadly. 

deny. eiciae)(8B«cBi9 801906 Nat. 

SP^^^^^^^^ nnmaaassf 8. Excited. aojoohiSI 
(nDoaong^ocfQ CO. (s^fAdko). 

§CCS\Bycr)o nnmHaaani 8. (jlA) The opening 
of eyes .akafi)<DBri{ki)«>4iioauqQl n^d^cq^o AB. 
gO^cfto UBinn'yam S. Firebrand, g. stjiioji 
AftW «>s<aenm2 oojoaqi Blir. &e%2jej)<deo 
ft. Qjiioj^ ojAOcmo CG. 
g0^6Llo immilkhAm 8. Looking np,espeoting. 
gagfiJfOo nnmfllftnain 8. Bndieation. 
ftogfijo unrooted. SKiaaroflBiQMKaiBi stng&ior>9 
ceo^ KeiK. acjo ^qgaicnooso qjcq 
(q2«» AB* Bhr* 
gjSctdfSc^ namSiain 8. (0)<^) i. Opening of 
eyes, twinJcUng. a^nadaoaQaeceacoBcX), ojsab 
nn6 omoos a* CG. (opp^ croasbouiio). 
2. cheer fatness 3= (a-)crooao f.i.of bright pro- 
spects. mmSicm &• 92^ the business does 
not look up. ^^^t£\<A &. 4106109 Bhr. bad 
omen. aj9tdsAA99« fittcntiVob &• oojoma^^o 
chCQ, gladdened her. 

denY. ^c£i:eS\<am f.i. Qj^<D9c)Qo409n6 cna^s 
^iBfaMmSi(A Qc£^<sS^ ^%<>ojgff> Bhg. to 
expand, shoot vp. 
mod. fiSnacfiQ^ias f.i. oQfsxno (OKrn^Aai a^v^ 
9ra^^fiS^ fi6nD9Q»o CO. are my feelings 
of old tnithP [ete. as Aaj«>LO episode, 
go.) nba 8. (O. npo, L. sab) Towards, under, 

gaJdd>(D6nr>o Ilbakaiai^un8. implements. &' 
aad^ djlog^ Bhr. all the accessories, oroaiei 
CBfoac/^BQ-i'CDBcJo KB. materials, tools. (Ooono 
cu<0»(Mmo royal insignia. 
AojdkfDidBA 1. to fsToar, benefit. aw^<d>omo 
&.oxqj^vA q^jBX c^m oj^^or^dsso TB. shall 
oonsider it as a fayonr. oaaananb aQ(0)9Qido 
e'^<dnnb(d;^^(B;«>^gyo«yinEB. not re- 
warding for obligations conferred. — With 
Dat. 6)ajoQQJA(oioi)cB» (BiO€>m£A fi'ajonb 
KB. to serye his mother (^^tu^^no a jii 
^. 2. to be benefitted. o^cmorBb &*g-}9n6 
(cnmo QJonlgj KB. conld draw no profit 
from me (= ^oj^orDesai). 
CY. (co<rn^(»(OTaW)) £ajAfoi^«ee MC. to 

make to serve, use it for. — 
AQ-iA9fDo seryioe, benefit, favour (opp. Aioaj 
a>9rDo) A* fl&gyo^'o^ giOStOn proT. useless, o 
crntaiDo &. g^fiy of no use. a9)<oeQfi. o^o 
one d(b £• QD^oeMn Oo-ioctb) TB. was left 
without any assistance from you. 
£Qja)0(OflEtoob grateful. 
£QjA0(Dn^^6)mo ingratitude. 
AaaAOfD^ benefactor. 
gtoj^ocBI t<>J^ tont, AjSdBas) Yi. 

(cnlcno PT. 

goJI^CZb ubakramam 8. Taking in hand, 
setting about. x^<2S)A991B g». 6>Jii9y^(fle Nal. 
stratagem, plan. 

gQ_jCO(2o ubagamam S. Acceding to. 

^a^((/)jQio nbagiamam 8. Sobarb. 

^^ \ ft \cou Tibajayftm Accumulation — (part. 
gio-ijiD(Oko collected). 

^Q^jiMOo nbajaram 8. (Tdbh. oooe9a>o) 1. 

Drawing nigh, civility, salutation. ®<fi39ajD«CA0 
ojjiiorMoedo Q«o>09ri| Q^si^anDM. 16 modes 
of honoring ft worshipping. — Aajjaia^oojOcda 
complimeat,thanks.— oe)«4S9Qj^o(MDacX> Amoo 
AMnog^ono OoogiaiOidean^g^Hal. 8.praotioe, 
Bsage.— present, grmt. 
denY. fioj^iuo^Ai to honor, serre mncxmcn 

Digitized by ^OOQ IC 

§IilJBS\— gfUS 



oSi^e^Aax^ajM^jS^skntidfi PT. treated 
her gneet well. «i^WjaBo9c609ajjiial,£|8<ob 
ChYr. have oourteoot tnterooorge. 
^a-)8^QjoOo nbajiTaaam s. (ya. ooookno) 
1. IiiTelihood,sttbsifteDce. &.«ftipi(eAtOBapport 
life. 2. food £aj8Shxnai(nr^ ocmmuo TyM. 
(olaims of 0Oor)ad»)(oajA). o^oomoajsllajcno 
CTXTOroo KaL after a bath ft a meal. ^qjbSI 
mo €aj«%o^, fiojejkno «R>(Qd(Q)0CMik £(oia» 
amed. no appetite, ggfi (9iOA^<d>o99ne golkno 
6>ajg-)onbHpl. aong. 
£aj8$laj) llying upon. 

deny. ^a_j6flQjl<0» 1 . T. n. to Babsist on. 2. t. a. 
to take food. (B»osMnoanoo ^'^oob cnoOg^o 
Qsp gojoflojldoorn^ amed. faave no appe- 
tite, onaio &*-^ Bhr. ate. 

^Q_^oC/do Qbad'amsftm S. Condiment, udo^oio 

Q_j'o CCh. 
^<lA<2S0J(U) nbad'evaSa l. Subordinate Deity. 

^Q-&(S/30do nbad^dSam s. i. AdTice,fi>^(^cr) 
§yQ-jQec/9o PT. @^cuej)Anbo g. (oHrDlj^ Ad^o^ 

0601^ showed him the seoret & use of the 
oontriyance. Q^agcEflA&J &.; .oXO £. a)9(dP 
«ej «jiio^ prov. flro«(m«>o g. afingoaJl «coo 
Qj(rT^d98 FT 1. she hit on a plan. 2. instruo- 
tion, doctrine WmodODOajQeoao etc. 
denY. £QjQecA)as> 1. toadyise, oio^SiorDoad 

eoscrn £. amed. to prescribe. 2. to inform, 

teaoh. QjajQjo (qioojOcdo^ g*^ Hud. ; with 

Dat. oQcnicOe 00^0 g. !fal. 
gaje^(^o part. ro)OQ-jOCY)oaje)<^09o 0|Q^ 

SiPu. gO(OiOQ-ie)(^o. 
^ojQe<^9QLi teacher, also eaj9ec/ei (mod. 

Christ, usage No. £nj9ec^9aj=8o.Qjg<0n9 

(Qct ordained minister ; gtojQec/o) cateohist, 


gouJiBOJoubadraTamS. (tg) 1. Calamity, op- 
pressioo, «i^Q»9na9<eni &. 9^^^ TB. ^icaoao 
<»tf)S g.TB. nuisaneeofrobberi. e« 0ooq«> 
to remedy it. 2. (m. &q-H8o, eoeo Yi,) s tecu 

Oooojecuo posseMieftby aTil spirits. sojorSV) 

08o<ftio a mad. 

fiQj@aj«BOOo6y fio^eoj) molester, oppressor. 

denY, fiajean<fla» ▼^ — eWte molest, annoy, 
perseonte— (part. Qfxjqfato)» 
gQ^(jL)300o nbadhaaaiQ 8. Pillow, o^x^'o 

KB. (0iO^ejo AAQfiiane^o a^aj'toacb VaL — 

aojoH f^aod (po.) [•a»os Vt. 

gQ.jrocrKOo Qbanagaram s. Sabnrbssso^o 
ga-)OOCQ>mo ubanayanani 8. (bringing to 

the teacher) Inyestitiire with theBrahm. string 
(8th — 16th year); also fiojcnoBNi ti. orm^s 
4banE»1«98 ae-flib ftojcnoBfOBiWiv (sic.) Q^^mo 
cnlqaKcinjyi(^<eenno TB. 
denY. aQjcncaJlcea, yu. AcuorSl<ae (nrflV^) to 

iuTest fio-iciSl^ytg^ anMSKib AdtxMKn Blif^« 

gio-jcnl^l2 flOJO^KiaasM AB. 
(£aja!la>ab part.) 
C Y. fiojorSlg^^ f . i. £Qja)Vs;9m fig^^U)c0 e«Lj 

cr^^an KU. royal custom of paying for 

the iuTestitore of poor youths. 
gQ-io61(ju| nbanidhi s. Deposit. 
go-)n6V:aa(CV9) ubttniiattf s. (ax>e , sitting at 

the feet of another) 1. Ssotarioal doctrine Q0O 
^dkcb fi'iaaiOdbQvoai Bhr. secret. 2. expla- 
natiottB of Yedas Qg^f]Q^cn|Q.j(n)iuq2« Tatw. 

^g )a )(tf)\ abapa5i S. Paramour. 
SO-iQjanSl concubine. 

go.Ja-l<tTO)l nbapatti 8. (aj£ ) (doming to pasa, 
eonrenience. ggajiosdta ^. to^Stcm^ c^odOo 

Oan. mathem. demonstration. [Yenial nn. 
go-)aJonndB)o^ — o-)0q-3o nbapUayam 6. 

gdJ^ OJo nbaplavam 8. (g^) Assault, calami- 
ty (as eclipse) — cnl(Q»QLjg^pjnb (}od COh, 
£aj9^c^o capital of Matsyas; Bhr. 

ga_){2 nbama 8. (09) Besemblance, compari- 
son, simile. — In Compounds (nD0«fOOQj«lb 
godUke, etc. fgj^aiD YetO. to compare. 

£aj0ocno, fiaj£)(on the same. fiojAn) oxS\ 
denY. fiojeW to compare (part. fSioaaajAoto 
YetC. incomparable). 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



g<U(OTj»— gQ-JDu31 

fiojaaoBo oompanble. 
ga-kadnnoQJ llbamA6a?n S. Wetnune. 

go-&(ScQ;oCOo nbayogain s. i<s^&) Adhibition, 
use. fiMBfipoj^aeidsS ^'aocdil MB. serred for 
proring. Qjl6>ati9o fSVdoaitto&<^^<B>oc/)«)g^ 
MB. was used for, 

denY. s^&j^^ooo^^ 1* ▼.a. to be lerTieeable 

(^cnjl^aioj ajlaomajoolaii(9b £'<fl«o 0mi. tbe 

fonner speoies are of use in the later. fiMn 

ftljjlofijdto fi'daeang) HB. helped to sat- 

tain tbe plea. 8. ▼.a.=(8ioa3S.ijl(as> f.i. 

cn^esejo ^'^ KB. (= qctoojI^) drank. 

goJ^On) nbanii 6. {ai£)CeBMt\on (also qcu 

AOflo). £. (^QjaOMMDe^os oaiodjo KeiN. 


gaJ(DanXIJ nbazijav^ 0. Yloeroy. 
go-i^ubaiiB. (ar.7per,L. 8nper)0rer,ab0Te 

=sQaA; crS)o6iD9 aiocnaiA fiojr^l ax>^(Q»o Bhr. 

Aoaeoajro) OjiKi)^ oeojix^o AB. sworn by B. 

fiajro) aO^otftd futurity (sseoojl). 

&a-j(o)^aD3<9(gno EM. modus coeandi, also 
fiajf^CTOoOfi^coo Anach. 
gaJ(SfD9UJ3 nbarodham 8. (oscu ) Obstruction 

Qj&ploBnflA fit- ci^orn)«® OajOA AB5. £. fi)^ 

cq|9n6 UB. forced the virgin. 
goJfiJo nbalam .8. Stone. 
gcLJQJPOo ubaTaiiam S. arore, park. 

g<uQJorv3W nbavaaikka 8. To fast, also 
AQcLjadBa)<a8» (V^Qjcru). (8»§^cno gojoicnTi 
:(i|Bhg. flttejoa03fDCT)ocs&l fi'^g^Nal. (8»£)®ca3 
a»m)nnD or!) g)nrn &*ti>«8dMmo KB. 
CT. ^RaojajaiaO^^ KB. 
ficuGadOOo fastiag, of 2 kinds eo^opQaJCUO 
000,09100^*0 — aTljtg^oojaiMcnxn oeooo 
fiSoDdOfialg-iab AB. 

gaJQjl, ^DdJl llbavi Yi.a. Lore ftojoj^dte 
to lore Yi. (see ftOMa). 

gajQjIono vbaTiiainS. <v^(^o)aa^cmqg(ob. 

2o-JCyd(2rr>o nbalamamun S. Patting to rest. 
Partio. ftojosAino f.i. A&io «iOflu)fiJo fiouc/o 
aUas^ Kal. extingniahed the raoe. 
ftjajosaoal) aUeviatioat antidote, monS^cai fioj 

os9ac^«>csd«iB(b OBSsbbI TB. to oonoteraot 
the n»o><9»QnfiJo. 

^QLJd^rcS) 1lbaini6i 8. A word accepted as 
omen, oogy S^'aKXxSdtgofijo a^ooo^o {^saoKU. 
«><^0OG%'aj<|C^ro)) SAglQ a-jaini)(Oo Bhg. 

ga^oro.TSY^n nbasattf 8. (ooe ) A part of the 
jyotistoma sacrifice g'.-iirononr) eiji\<m Bhr is. 

gQ-jrroo<^fZJ?l PT.sscruofigro^l. 

^Q-SCrocbonbasar^mS. Preposition, as (o.), 
£aj etc. (gram.) 

^a-)cn^(06tT)o nbastaraqam 8. Sprinkling, 

strewing; oondiments as ghee. 
denY. ^cbodqjo 6)(d>t)^fi]Q flDajc^rob ^o-icr^ 
(S\^ KU. gave ourry .and ghee. 

ga^rruoo ubastham 8. (lap) Padenda. £. e 
&pl3(d> &cQ\AQa9cno proT. 

go^cruolrGV) iiba8tM5am 8. (ouoo) Standing 

near. <d>oQjo gi'eoc&n. 
goJoOorOo nbaharam 8. Offering to superiors 

(=s (i^GQoe^o) also QQ^ogitno Y2. 
gQ^0(d>(2Qk) nbakannam S. Preparation for 

Yedio study. £. <Sd)(t&cORQ<?)b gogy. 

^oJD^ooOo nbakbyanam 8. ((er^^^ooDo) 

Episode Bhr. 

^aJ0C/)(2o uba^amam k — (2C>^ 8. Access. 

^Q^OoCOb nbangam 8. 1. Appendix to (SiDo 
coo. — ffnooQco9aj9oco«sBc}o. goJOoOD oooduoa) 
<o>c)o Bhri. 2. sectarial mark. 

^Q^O^OOOo nbadanam 8. 1. Appropriating 
a handful of rice given in charity (6Q}0a25mn& 
£. qQ^osSS Arb. 2. cause <d>06m5>g_)§)(^cdenm 
ajeo(Qio6SBcbd98 soogg £. Adw. 8. (=a>906mo). 

gQ-J3u31 ubadhi S. (=aQ-iaS1)l. Fraud, con- 
dition, supposition, gocoaocn £. ojosod) (0-^00 
ffmoofijaado (BRKOKnocd^^^ d»>g^cOAOo Gan. ac- 
cording to the case put. — Aoc. to Yedantists 

Qj9u51 QDO'jsjrdob KelK. 2. Kiya, disguise 
of spirit, body Acnjlomoo-iouji aojoovotab eil 
ojob (Bi^oaoajlflA 9ja<9o KeiN. 
God Is cr^<T8QJ3CjJ^a>nb CO. cn>«Qg|oaLiou9 AB. 
denY. (^cn» aJ9f^m^(A fi'^AOLj^ tBcyjooa>9 
«n| o^iil<0a Bhg. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

gaJ3(^3— g(8aJda^ 136 

g(Sa^r9Vo — g^ 

goj^f^OCQ^ab nbadhyijail 8. XeMhar q^ 

(ajoODOo si» KB. ( = ajQrooa(Slai)o6) (henoe Oio 
(BrO (T) barber of Hawers. TraT.) 

goUOOOV) nbanbam B. Margin, near; also & 
Qjonxiloa»cnlnno FT. near. 

fiojoo^o last but one &• moa^mMi mo^ 
(sm ^fiHospg} Oan. 

^o^OCO^o nbayam S. By what one reaohefl his 
aim, expedient, means, artifice. c^ojoaMBBcb a>o 
smoaH^OBcro AB. found no plan. oSlq^mlcead 
dn d& c^. (a^ml;^ XB. tried a shift to 
remedy his ease. QjQoa>cX> SLo^wv^^tu^m 
«iDQ-iaO(£^aa, 8tOLja3a2;or) ooatajos09d9a) HB. 
cunningly. e& s^. Qjo«aD9«<as«mo TP. Chiefly 
the 4 arts of dealing with enemies (ososaxn 

fitojoQBioad^ab, fiajOQ£) artful, schemer. 
Qajwafcno coming near; gift cnocndoj^ttcoo 

aJOOBfCncOBOo «>D!|g6>aJ:i^ AB. 

^aJDCronO ubiBftna S. Bitting near, waiting 

on, serf ice; chiefly Qasojoajoauor) worship. 

gtojocnxnoid. nflg(oifia>9.os g>. oajSg^ooDM. 

denY. fiojacnSldOn = QcroojIdM f.i. ^cn^o^o 
AB. (uroeoioaoaoo fiOLjocnS^Q^ob Bhg. cro 
(ng|Q%o fi'^ KB. engaged in devotional 

^Qjoo^ob one to be served etc. 

£aLj9cnS)(mnb part, attended npon, served, etc. 
^QcLJtB£i^ nbdda 6. (oaxMO&f) Overlooking, 

disregard, neglect' o^d^m(d&6)m.mlai»(9b q, 

So-kacasfiojjo Kal. remissness. crodOno^ «>osj 

<£\cm A. curQiinataBfOi a^tcno TB. not to delay 
satisfying GK)v's demands. I8ioadcn3(o)(0enrmni 
cm fi. Qjr£^a>Q(ii^§y shall not bestow in com- 
plying. «)0Q2jo o<o)^Q4 6>a»o§^on6 £. Ojiic^ 
neglected to prove. ^ fiOouidafriooeo^f^aeBSo 
KU. a certain source of royal income, 
deny. fiOojefioloe 1. to disregard 0IMk fi*^ 
OAul^oab Hid. to spread, being neglected. 
8. to reject, forsake, renonooe oioajQA oa 
s)§ii(m)sKr) fi. XB. to divorce her. 
part. &aQj<afiaWi6 Mod. fondKCii. 

^^ Mad. made the Ml. to dimiss him. 

g(SoJrO)o nbrtam 6. (£<mo) Gome near, for- 

nished with. cuomMojfliob etc. 
g(Sa.J(n3nb llbSndra^S.(sabordinateoflndra) 

Yishna, N. pr of Brahmans. [cudooo. 

^<ScLJ0<Q^6rr)o uboiai^am 8. Fasting =fiaj 

denY. &Qaj9<fi3)d9ess«on9^. 
g*^Bl« 'iptMB 8. part, (ajoj) Sown. [(Mpl.) 
gg-jD uppa (Ar.abtP) Father (g(n8»(%j9nncld, 

28:J ^PP9 5» (V^ £^ *^ ■'^®^') ^' ^"^^ sa4 
ojfiO^jfiJo prov. ojl^^ JkYS^nrn 0gSa:jo ^ 
§ugjo e §4ii to treat each In his way. Eight salts 
GP. etc. 1. atgj^rocksalt, also .oiciJfOgj and 
SSD&j 8indh salt. 8. Q?fta^, (uaoiya^ 
fel vitri. 8. {^cu^fiJ fi. 4. ASfij^* ^* &cu 

OBgJ. 6. dkDCQgJ, 009^. 7. OeOBgJ. 8.fiKU 

s^Q^ or AQj9^Q[y^.(inYogak%ttamai 

ejci^gj.) 2. saltness, one of the 6 tastes <d 
croo. 8. condiment, food m^OMcho figjo oaj 

Aciiwn»)Anbo e^onaaA OcnAooO oDS^aob 

TB. be faithful to the C.'s salt. 

henoe: s^nb 80. snakebivd (j!ii9«>orDo). eg_} 

onbo aignQajooei red. 
qq^o saltmarsh. 
e^o§l K. pr. of Nayer women. m9^9^^ gi 

a_j9§^A^o TP. servants? [fem. (prov.) 
e^oftnb saltmaker. «^o egjooa e^og^dSs 
S^(6A to be salty. 
fi^^a* to salt. (BiDajSKr) e^jl9o(threat)»kiIl 

ft eat; also s^aHgisprov. 
£^«nfS1iee9QBn C. pickles (O^^tS, 
q^OjS^ saltmeat. 
ffia^gyogujigio. disusing salt, 
fi^diasnil, eg^ai Avioennia tomentoss, ilie 

leaves preserve salt firom damp, 
fi^dasoainb a Tami| thieving oastesoakoom 

fijQ(Sl<ftab, o«»9iP^d9Pflfinlb. 
fig^^kool a salt messure; the hee!, also q^ 

00) Yi.&saj)aiO(ob 0500^. 

Digitized by ^OOQIC 

— ga) 


gaV})— gai 

2^6>a>ooonb living upon 8*lt manafaotare, = 

«ai§ajnb; (So. mlt-merohaDt); also V. pr. of 

a famoofl low caste sage. 
e^-MAORh B. salt-eat. 
egjorm^ (egj6jlcQKT&=£. GHnfiOovnb) RaelUa 

ringens, purifier of salt Bh. ggj $)ra)fincB;nb 

orfVoVab a mod. 
e^oocKMiB, ^ oong^dteo, — 0008 piokles. 
fi^Qjsom saltmarsliy saltpan, 
e^easnil, — acsi^o, — elnb saltfisb. 
fi^ qj^q;{|<b» salt to crystallize. &,, oj^^d^ 

to manofactare salt. 
fiO^LJiD) a curry of fruits fried in salt s g:gj«>cS). 

fia^-y^)g_pflbl Capsicum grossum, 

gj^-j)fel nppi]i (e^ja* T. C. a^Qj ^ v^^^h V^£ 
oj) Cuticle of snakes. £. ^\f^<sn to slough it off. 

^/SCQJb nbhayun 8. (V^^s to connect) 1. Both 
fifiCBXxjcelAcX) cnxaE^tfiemD MB. both parties 
agree — AficwoDZBtmo B. oorenant. 2. So. (as 
liar as Kuttanadu towards the Ko.) ricefiddss 
g^^nsni), consisting of scTeral &9nso Yi. gis 
azMBoafl cr)&aizSlQ(fi»9iBa&^cnD o^QScSecb TB. 

«).aM>ei^ fiscBK) «oO a>6niQjo MB. 8. Ho. the 
4 fruit trees 6kCMa§, a>Qj6(S9, oj^aiocg, ojgal 
(oa>95^ the 5tb)r=(nooafiaio f.L &sQB«»ck> 

flUCXDJ^fil aSl<£bW^ TB.— Q0^A8CBK>=:e(Z>Q£^ 

cMoado. Qj)g)Qaj fi0ej*o (ffiostdel, 6)0ej*o o&p^^ 

QA A OcnodBel uaSoag^ATB. fruit trees excepted. 
L gO) uaa 8. Pirrati; her representatiTO in 

iakti worship. — &09qJ(1A^ SiTa. 
n. g<a 8o.=A^ Cough. (<^) Yi, 

£0Qi||A to breathe heaTily (ooo^ii &.ssa>9Q 
^(^(O mnari T. M. Salicornia <prh.sfiajf61). 
gQlO^ Ar. JODta Lilitinie oQ^nbo &• sn9cseo 

•Mtfiol^J^ril Ti. 

gd) vmi 6. (what Ss spit out?) Husk, ohaff, 
bran. g. ms|A prov. [tooth-powder. 

fte^aMo) burnt husks used for ojsouaj^o ft 
ft^QgA, on^ T. Te. M. (Tu. fitiiQjlsgsPgj) 

to spit out, ^S^sfK^aA^, Qj^^<a§o ojison 
<%o £0l«rfl§o Bhg. f into ^ater (euperat.) 

fie)<ea id. siogj^aMob fi^ano^o YCh. to spit 

^£i old, fi^ip spittle; &£ia^lb id. 

£0^^, g» to spit, emit g^elflsSi&iorol BC. aj 
cryak fi^^^^'^ weeping eye. c^^o^olip 
ajd>&^«)c)o RC. fiery darts.— Of the Syaman- 
taka jewel, which daily prodnoed gold, sxuo 

£CSVb nmir (loc.) The hair of the body. 

g(^(2daJD(b P. tlBUnedvar Expectant (ef offlceX 
candidate, Tolanteer MB. 

go T. M. aO. (C. Tu. ao, Te. a&) V^a Above; 
also, and (also 8. interrog. interj.) anoajodo 
Qjcm he also, he even, (BiDniodo oodCBo he ft 
I. fD9q§«)|TOo both eyes, ^dastda qjces^o ^^^ ^^ 
10 sons. e«S)or)3^o Nal. all those many days. 
eonBtlrDOorvoQjo TP. ojomoooQ^o, ojomoejo, cu 
<^49hlejo though. It marks also the finite Verb 
of a sentence oinnDQajoaxi^o o^(^, aA<^ o iai 
%^^o OQJfimo. Barely with Adj. participles: 

In set phrases the 2nd qo is often left out 

(from Qulgjo jiiroQjo). 
g(nJ(b nmbar T. M. (T. place between, height 
V^a) Oods acnijb oOf^soBo ss^Min^dA Bhr. 
aooitf^DO^ Bhg. 
aaii<bo«»onb Xndra. a^o^sg^^^ Oojoa) C&. to 

die. a* €itLM^ct AB. Angada; also ^aa 

<S\(A Qouab Bhr. ao^tbajroQab etc. a^^^ 

aau&itns^cn) AB. Ganga. 
aaii<bOD9§ aj<0(i Bhr. went to heaven. 
aouAoj/Do id. SQQ^oan a« QjlorDOQ^seo 

<0eo aortsffftl, anu^Tnobool&J^voDo sno^agfe 

«>(a>o(fo BC. 
!• gOt^ Ar. nnuna l. Mother d<Q a^ aAcb 
MB. son of the same mother; also Syr. PP. 
a^(M>abo a^ ^I^* grandmother. 2. a Mappi- 
Uaoci, generally a^^:^ Mpl. a^B 9Q-ioo<S)av 
QdlXtt^prOT. aonbQi2B^(di«>a TP. a^9:^<d)cto 
TB. (TOO. a^^)* 8* tl^d Can^aalirBTbi. 

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^coJlru^o — ^(b 

II. ^qQl nmma Bo. Kiss (=:^oflQj 8. fiOQ C.) 
^m<0sio a^§d) Ko. to kiBS. 

gCZC^-GYO) Xr, nmmat People, ovarxnonbo gm 
(ORh^^cX) Hpl. thoBO of the prophet's re1i{pOQ. 

eBQcb Ca.) 

^£2t2o, ^C2i^15^ nmmatti} (Tdbh. &na.inaio) 
1. Datara meteU Q,2^(atS\cib3>ys^ thorn-apple 
(8. 0d®QJ whence Metel). Kinds atro) — ft orfl 
Qj gmonoio Dat. fastaoea ft AojomDzarorao Dai. 
ferox. 2. golden fringe or tassel ojlsm^ 
({3)gjSQ||o ^ezassiQ^o Bhr. 

^(a^fOo, g^2Cko(Do nmmaram m.c. (aisoS. £o«m 

(Oo from £+0rDo threshold or oioroo?) Fore- 
port; esp. doorway, eastside, Torandah in front 
of the house, gmoo^ dblsaa MB. Qd^oojlfob 
Q,<^2ioa>(x^ cr)o£\ TB. 
g»2BrDg_jsl threshold. 

ezaroa_ig»j foretooth (=^auej T2.) a. OAOflng 
A0^9aj iiTl^ao Nals. also ^(gfis^ (^sr^ 

&m(^^ 83)00^ garden before the palace. g*:ijl<sb 
eft (ST^&i:a;o roTlo^ Bhr. a lodge in park. 

gOC^OOo TUnmal (loo.) Some days ago, s g^nmocX) 
(NTa pron.) 

£QCil§o onmiittani (O. Xa.ubbe — ) Difficult 
breathing, oQ^&sto Q^o^onzA^g am§oa>oan§e> 
proT. — £. ^sa> also sobbing of children = a. 
Q^^cAn, eeia)gg^9§sQjl0Qai~see ge 2. 

gaalenol mnmiqi (V^a, eo) 1. No. Much, 
opp. ®0^srn). 2. So. little (B. has also 010 
ezosrri\ ft oezosm^ bit) compare (ftsnafin^. 

gcQ;c^d9) uyaii5uya (loc.) To belch (aiP-). 

gcQ;(ad9>, md uyaru-ya t.ji. (\r a i^igr^) 

1. To rise, as kite, birds, aoao anao a^crr?) 
sloDOOb^^ggobBhr.; to raise oneself <ftnmo 0^ 
§qg^Q»aTi3o6 AR. 2 . to be hi gh, eminent, a<3z; 
OT) tall ^ Inf. ac(V(0, a^^ociaj also aloud, ouoa 
Q^aaiODi acB^Qro Ra^a»Q[^o PrC. 8. to be 
lostsQQjOidno f.i. aaj3(09f ^QS 0^6019 

ava» crexmocnojo Bhgi. 

YN. I, acB/Ao (Tu. QO(d>(Do) height, tallnens, 

pride Yi. 
II. Qcuh elevation, qjoqq^ ^^asio^Bfrtilcnl.nrv 

^O^fim c^dt^ijGBOdko MB. leyel raised 

through irrigation, 
a. T. I. a® an rare, (c^aio acQ/A^oi^'inoi^iJob 

BC. Q^on^o acMq^ ojlsiaao as Pay. 
II. mod. acD'dBft^ ^ raise, lift up, exalt. 
CY. Qanroi'ob s>a>9sl0tt>o ac(v^oi^^9^ KR« 
accvaiTlaio (2) elevated ground (opp. (m^sni). 
gCOJloyio Tn.=^llj|fO>o Bravery. 
gCOTlces^ nyikka (T. a<3^ to keep, see foil.) a» 
aj5>cn a^^a^jsoooccTi BC 82. 

gcoJVb nyir T. M. (acrol<b, a\pdJl* C. Tu. To. 
from a^^- to live, subsist, escape — vu. £d 
od)A). Life, breath. acB^d'^o? Quo^^ssi KC. 
killed, actf^^ooonb' died. o^^mOD rmcnoaf^^ ^o 
aiHQatofin^ OG. ac£^A 6><e>09r«onb Anj. killed. 
jiMftlj^aflib oavosnelg CYS^sxmoq^o Bhr. killed 
thee. — acQJ)<dn§^o a wiry oonstitution. 
ac£)<9s) to live, revive, suryive. Q<£iia»<a^ 
(Bi^oaccOgj BC. (8idaj<nlQ£l<9b e^dasKKuanA 
(Si^ft a^QAno)9^ ajocnnmA a<i^^ fi>a»3c)o 
Qjonb BC. fled for life. 
YS, aoB^^ Hfe, reanimation. 
CY. ac(^8^(fiA to quicken, raise to life. 

I. ^ro ILia T. M. C. <Te. ao) Bubbing, a stroke 
MOjeglci^o dQ_io.Tioo aro (StocSloaiob Pay. toach 
of metals. — a^^^'gUf a^m^^ touch-stone. — 
KDZ^W a^ocn^^ to resist, fight it out. 

V. n. Qm(%A>^ mq T. M. C. Tu. to rub, as eows 
against a tree, wear by friction. Q5> Aiecgms 

gjo a^6ia9 e)aj9gld»9^ MB. 
a^oQj YN. rubbing; touch (a*<^6|4)* 
a«)i5«0» V. a. — q. V. 

II. gfO T. M. G. (prh. from preo. articulation) 
1. Expression, word. 09^cn)a{|«^ aro^Por^osej 
BC. by his command. 2. prose eiplanattoa 
Yi . 8. fame, ^a>CiQ^oe9^^=&jii9&§^'!^4^ to be 
celebrated. aro9(»Qo Qouoib, afM)QJ0O, g^o 


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fi(DQjii^ to Qtier, speak, uy; also fi«r&<6A 
q. T. — Qjioaoonoo 0<8»8aLi ^oq^^ Nal. 

I. g(0o niam T. M. C. Ta. (=s£o^, fiodds) 
Strenglh, flrmneM. ^>^<aaA(moo e^MO. oj 
IP fi. ctahesmDYl. swells. ojlcnMOo Yi. rear- 
goard. fi(D3amo9 Qj)ftl^o<«b OAdMOao aload. 
fiioo OaS^ to stand flrm, flgbt Ti. 
denY. fi<5ds see below. 

U. g(Do Tdbh. g<OC^ S. Breast. £(Dan»)fi)vnbo a 

fiSCKyaaos^^lS BO. &(fi9amo% 0.106109 amob 

£kA Bhr. ran fiercely breast against breast. 

fif^c^ei — Qei93io§ ^ajdDsQvl^ Qodoo a med. 
g(0dd6», (^ nrakkaT. H. (groo I.) 1. To be 

strong. ^rf^RDOBch ^(Qqst YilyP. prevailed. 

adj. ^(^(aaaui^e} coarse, ^rDcoiaiQjIg^ Bhr. strong. 
^rD.-omd'ganb a confirmed rogue. fi(D(9ig) 0.19 
cnjlom ^rdrmoi qjsI pror. 

erDORBKib (groajiBiajab) a strong man. 

2.=£fi)a><a» n. to speak Qpoj^iscBfo^rDaiiatonb 
^cxio oQ^oo KB. £rO(Oio>9c)Q Bhr. 
^(DCA) nra^am 8. (£a>o n.) Reptile, serpent 

e/Q^5kur»09«)fl, 6>0.tsrs) '8t^(0q) CC. Ananta. 
gOKSads^rob nrangol =SDrD... Pole of boatmen 

(aroo I.). 
g(t)6vnOo nra^un S. (ajA>) Bam, — £(0 sheep. 
g(D a^ Cn) uappaiL Currycomb (aS)rD<d»)=fiii 


g(lK2)3CY)o nramanam (^(o l.) Bnbbing. ^roeo 
(no «jkkobil§ea fiooGVo a word that appears 
harmless, but rubs ft tries deeply. 

^M^fB> nramma'ya 1. ss &rocnj<d> (^ro) To 

gmmble, roar, ajeji erocryorn MC. also £Q 
(Qja) Ys. q. ▼. 2. £<uMQa» to rnb against, 
grase, also firMQ^A Yi. 

grDca^<d> eee ^ L 

g(0^ oral T. M. C. (Te. «09e4 from £(&) Wooden 
mortar for beating rioe, also 6> .a^co^wA — ]g. dalH 
spVabfioafmofii d»i«8K>^oe|o proT. fir^^onarob 
(fiiQjW^) ^s^B"^ 1^« * drowned person. 
ftiM^aatf^ TP. ser?aBt*s room, ft(mbgjn>. 
ft(Mk<oaoo) piTot, liinge, ojo^oiiVQb £• smok^o) 
<fiams TP. to vnhinge the closed door. 

g<Dor\j <d> Tuaraya T. H. C. Tu. (&ro) 1. To mb, 
oome in contaot. firocnSloajoaisAiascra. j)cm 
mo firocnSl (s:6yo>3|) TP. 2. to contend, a 
(ocrol oa-tacae) pressed against each other, g 
CUlj(xMii9fS:oe fif^ov^s^) AR.; to Tie CUOd^) 
0(no§(d<n>%o aj^a>o KB. d6Tn)o«>o^«>c)o 
£rea\;o (r>ai09ej«tdo C0. 3. t. a« to form 
into a pill. 

YN. g^outob friction, contest. a>o^(Oiai £(Dax> 
fiioa^ (8aj9c£^ TR. disturbances. 

g(D^ uaasi} 8. (&(0o n. fr. &a&) Breast gro 
cnT) 5)5)crojQjj9onS^ CC. standing on the con- 
quered foe. 
afomasmo breastplate. 

^(S\ nri T. H. 1. Skin. 2. half a NaH, or 2 £ip 
aa f.i. «iQ(9ni a(D^ca'99cnJ9c)D qjoobI HM. & 
i^CB)9U><ea I Nail. 8. (T. belonging to) word 

a^o^c^ja), sn^ 1. T.n. tobe stripped, skinned, 

chafed. 2. t. a. to strip off. 
^<S\^ ▼. a. to flay, skin a jaekfirnit, cocoaant 

Qj9a3j«0)9rQk firo^^ etc. east olf the slough. 

YH. ftcSgJt — ifiifl* fl»yinif; stripping. 
ft(^cD;9§a> to utter, speaks iis^s^^ to giye a 

eound, fi($kv9S99«i (Te. a«(£^di>)=0isr«o 

CM»4>tfCiWn«Misve<4l4(m95 e(£Va>o§BC. 

aa)CT(»)S a(£VB;950«n TP. o^CTMS fiOm 

(Do firDicB;9S<Q9S> Bhr. a(O^Q»96>SOS0 etc. 
hunting calls to gams. 

YN. I. £)(6^CB/9go talk. fi(£)GB;o§o £g^ not on 
speaking terms. o09om9S eoieo cgfi^^ 
(oloMgo (8)008^ BG. arD)cB.93ajo a)9iS9s 
Qjo proT. — QongQjo fi(DicB'9SQ4o (huatg.) 
hnnters slang. 

II. afdlca/(^ id. «ofii9cottaRS9C(^g g. td&9 TB. 

S^!H ^ S^Sri ^PP9 Hopea deoandra, 
strong timber (a^^= &(®i0s?)ss£rD)aii 
<0)o Cal. 

^(Dlca;ab nriyaii aM. T. (si(ol8.)=(a»<0oajoib. 

f. i. or)&as{|Qj9nb aroicB/scng 0Di9nb BC, am I the 

proper person? 
^(S\ nrl S.r=a)ooo9l, &(o^ Assent. 

Digitized b^aGOOgle 

£^ — g<Qd8s 


^<Q€8*| — S<B(CV\2 

I. g(ZSliniB.(ajib, Gr.'e7T7s)Wido,large;Comp. 
£fQ).QkrDo, Superl. g^i'Cd'tna-'OiQajoaQjejo AR. gcs 
QJ9QII s>09&p) 6><d>9tfn| (^l«^ CO. aastflBOBcm 
901)995 Mud. (scijanca/). 

II. ^<0^y g(lBQ4 Tdbh. (3q_io l.Form fiigecQ 
(090(661090$ SC. YiBlina. 8. sabBtonoe, arti- 
cle, piece as of cattle (==>oa)gDo) cq|A ^m 
q_m£1qco§ in all 18 numbera. 0(Q5)a)nnAnbo 
fia8(a^<a)9rDo tenor. 8. time ojejajfta repeated- 
ly. leiafio^rQia^ocmD^^ sanagcDo oaao^ Bhr. 
4. TCBselB of aay metal, chiefly Qaj6n»ejQj9® 
CQB(>s 5. vessel, ship goaBOjaBo dmi eaBojlctib 
OqjoqiQ TB. cnz^s gLOBdaacfo ojcmotA TB. 
hence: £aad9fi!^<8n (8). B. to repeat 
finsffiooronb (5) sailor. 

gns^§<fi) (2) to collect, amass cfiocJoojeo ec^ 

£nB^§) Bhr. the bee gathered honey. 

CTOosorooBcbgrQ^slFT. packed together. 
^mmMio (2) component parts. 
^aBasmilro^fd) (1) t. n. to form itself. Acateao 

c^ouS^CD/odn £08(01^(09^ fioj^dBao KB. sin 

shapes itself into disease. 
£(CB{mci)aicq;<d} (4 & 2) t. n. vessels ft avticles to 

be complete for sacrifice etc, 
&as(Oii^(D)cqj<d) T. n. to be shaped | as child in 

womb, become distinguishable, t. a. son 

(OioHr^tfia VK. fia8(Oi9i^(o)aj. -*• 
fiosys^ (2) articles. 
fiABQuspisn^ Qauioof^ disappeared. 
j»rQQj9(d6<fi) (1) ▼. a. to form. 
fiaaQjl^«> (8) T. a. to repeat, rehearse. 
CY. ^fQQjl^QjIdeie to impress on the mind. 

^(Qajl&XTVAsrfiftBQJdA f.i. aj«>^sr||a39aj) 

aion^cn OB)ajnb Anj. assumed a form. 
£(Q9QQj(qQ<d> to assume a shape ocng^oA gas 

OOKQiditoaJoar) an impression fixed in the 

£(a9cu9go (5) sailing. 

g(lSd9a(d>^ <By\ uni'ya'ya T. M. (C. Te. Tu. gro) 
heat) To melt, dissoWe, be softened enog^ , 
ArDcfofi.EB. — impers. qcy)^ ^oloooj e^ootoa 

YK. AOidao 1. melting ^^(OMaosffOCTOD) 
iS^Kuth 8. anguish 80|R8aao f.i* a* ^ 
g) jAiqD. 

a.T. ft(«<0td)», ^ to melt &<)Maaoa^AMi3 
.aloOAiQ^ AB. don't uttman me. 

YS. fiflBdBa 1. what is melted. fit(Q4B80cna»l 
liquified butter. e&MKUgao 9aj9eji82aB<aa 
tiOYwi QjiftcnSl TP. 2. fased metal. ^tma% 
oojocrn bullion. groBdaaacnfUaMs^fiJ ear« 
ring of cast gold. 8. T. M. C. Tn. steel ^ 
d9a(Dl«Ba9oproT, fi(£l<deq§^ steel to strike fire. 
g(?BW|(6> nraAftn'ya (Q<b) To rub, graae fi(^ 

e(n«aeioaj9C^ the ball just touched in passing. 

^(7B^ TirattV ^* ^* ^* (&(0^) 1* What is round. 
2. fraud strQogotfionDlgy d^QOice Bhr. ^aa^ 
Qjiroso proT. 
£(U)§ab deoeiTcr. 

aa»g A T.a. 1 . to roll. Asga^sKn gos^l gomaiiBn 
TP.fiOSg) QjlalcdA to awaken by tossing. ^roi 
gl<Tinmo(d> to eat rice. g(^d)^ ginsg^Qiyo ^ 
(^«'C)oxijaBg)c^oYCb. so: <d)|rBa8gl,(SiDdQm^ 
acflrnl &. Mad. Qajego grasai an art practis- 
ed by Bishis' wives, cno£\9a*(^Sim:i ©. Tr P. 
a ceremony on Yishu. 2. to cheat Yi. 
^(U)6no) nrn^i Pan of bone (&mc)o). ^wi^ st(9 

STrSldilrobcnlcnD o.'ooo) dislocated, sprained. 
^(a^(lfi\ xmii (Tdbh. rAon)aj9d9a(QM^ Elegant 

words Yi. 
^(ZBGX) S> UlUlimil'yft =: fifM^ai 1 . To rub, touch 
Nid. 6^09^9% 6>0ggo ficoaa^ ^^^^ ^^* fi> Aomj 
s^A99nRdbaS\(iid^cm\d^ ffifQeA CG. a play- 
ful gaseU «0(«MBBcb aneSUA ^<9eSi%9aut&i 
&9«9ggo(D 05)fiU(D8cm1 Bhr. 2.s=stp)a){^, 
a)S9(fifialids f.i. Asotonlbsi^tisn^m^e^smoCQ^ 
8.tovie^(Q30aTU)ej8(Oia9§rQ0^$(vn roasoaos 
^(ZBQJo nniTain Tdbh. t^ojo (=s fifflBOj) T. fiM>0 
«n)ejl^a]iQj(taaioBC.Form. e((8ajoQ-j«>(nDPay. 
gfOSCrxj <6> TinUfiyass£rDavda> M. C Tu. 1, To 
wear off, diminish; croe^ gOBcnSloiajda^) came 
off poorly. 2. to glide down, fsil o3Co jfc<a 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

^(q6o — ^O 



AOonDiA 1. taanilty qnaneL 2. foUw e ongy 
&.(aiQcm(Bi^«mDTR.aUincoofiision (see 

g^6o oral T. X. C. Ta. (£(Qf ) 1. Oirenlar & 
(Qcb fis BG. fitnMO^&io KB. ^akha^ log. 

«4.o8icnMBc)oQa:cb<ai9oEB. 8. rolling miTe. 

&iQaobai§^a»99r« flioyAasRflMB. bowldtrs, 

^(a^A, 91 1U1. to roU (M ««)o«ml), toss, 
ferolve. ajffi9dB»& olWrnoeio (oer^io^o 
proT. dklsovoBViidA CO. playing boya. gas 
ens Ooaoofi rolled in the dut. g^(Ci9q| ojlro 
erf oojooO aiAa) Ts* to fly for life, tumble 
off anyhow* aacncBacmonoafl olWra 
e^conb AB. TTrP 

wy. part. ^(Qffv round, a(a«nBcnoflfl«d>rDo 

Inf. fioaa 1. eo ai to reroWe. ^(OAq^u^ intor- 
estfiom interest; also £ra9c)9QjeTlGd TyM. 
S. a ball, morsel djuiooQasa Hud. cnocQ^o 
a6\Ada<a9 CD. SL* ^-alOQ PT. 

^^' eL(9^ rolling, roundness e'cwo^oenoaiD 
looks insecure (as promises). 

fiioa^ ealdron to boil 4-5 measures of rice, 
pan ^tfielaicX) g^cofiOaxX) ITaL fiL^oaa^co^ialt 
C§ ojQCI^ amed. og)g)^(%(i8fln ao^^^isiQio 
doSi TP« (for ordeal) — Qjoe^rsfiO l«dle for 

a. ▼. fi<iB§«i q. T. 
L ^jSUMe^ nrakka 5. (fi^) l. To mb, grate, 

polish, grind. 2. to try, assay metaL 
n* g6MDd06kssg(Ode6) 2. (&(D 11.) To speak, say. 

fic^Aoenso(D(Sn say to oneself. ooiviiOCQiO) ojo 

ata^cX) e33ro3arMMO<flBi; oQmMKD^ eacno Bhr. 
gC^rO niYUa Fertile «4l. [cruamirfil^ HaU. 
^1 nxri B. (^(m t) Earth &(;^aKaea^ 
£0 Hia T. K. C. Tu. (fiQ that which holds) 

U SiMftth, case of pillows, thimble* cnocB/at 

QjsAVnooa^ Anach. oioefo ftcxgr^ Mud. drew 

sword« — tfKngyo measure of 20 Pa^a. fiM>a>Qyo 

glom. Ao^io stookiBg. (makers ^S5Kw6. 

ftoajsd^Boyal sword Yi. fioaioftab soabbard- 

8. T. X. C.Te. power, sharpness; enrd, what 
ourdles a>o,^Vr) ojoejlflA go Qj^^od a 

n* ▼• fiO|^<d>, «i!lfD)a», ojlSdan milk to ourdle. 

««oo GP. 
a. ▼. fio^^dh, £OQj)^a>, aadidBa), eto. 
T. n. ^OCC^ d6> 1. T. To be firm in, to stey . 

aio BO. share death's abode. (poocoecX) daiKxyo 
«iDfii<e|plcn<TnocBl|oaDiiPr5^d9afno KB. 2. to 

be possessed OQj^dey^>8bl§^^^' &<^^">0^^ 
Demoniacs. (Bioajd> fioein^ they got into a 
strange spirit, behayed madly. 
VN. ^o,QjfA 1. congelation. 2. deTil's dance, 
frantic bebaviour, inexplicable obstinacy. 
oQcnidoao £. (mg) I was under the same 
T.n. QGiOddSi To be firm, fixed, settled, skd 
so^o^aBODoe^o j^crd c^an)9av 9aoj) KB. be 
of good cheer I dOQionsai ojocBxn ^sn^O:^ TP. 
understood the contents. Q^oa>o £>« (AO((T^oe) 
a>c>a ojooo 6>^^o^(2 got by heart Bhr. (o^ 
im)ayfi)5O0(9b Aooo £QO^ charge is proTcd 
against. Oajoajscib 0cng]^(gb£OO:^ Mud. it is 
decided, t^chawmo ftoo,^^® CGh. aQor»A(D 
ti8a KB. belicTC me. a^cTiDtf^o^oA & o^oarKijae 
oo^ CCh. eoon^gy ^ta^oihk GrxTT)OQ»)go^ 
roldasmo KB. — eon^ejo ^ocvaA «cy)(obcX> OP. 
— gLfi>o^^fol<ae to aspirate (as aj, .oQ eto.) 
Inf. A09an (=&Ojy) strongly, firmly, aloud 
&oaaa Qj)^j^, (81^ Q,o9iaa^9s\9^9a^ 
KB. £oaii a!lgsB9aii9(X> swam boldly. (Sio 
QjQor) «>a»glor)oA &o«8n9aj firmly. 
YN. fiogj. 1. firmness wwsaSMi £• acuo(Oo 
not strong enovgh. oo§^ fio^s^miftOQS «>«) 
gi (MpL) 6QjfiAS)(6aog^§yo«ya TB. too plia- 
ble. ODQaa fi^ «(LJO<Do IdonH renture. «io 
<£ ieiDcn|0CBi«9CoQaiaaB £. XB. it speaks 
for the plaintiff. 8. stay, support Qjefildda 
0^0(00 ajloflBaaogjfmxiSl 114.^ 

Digitized by ^OOQ IC 

^Od^ — ^OW^ 


gOd^ft — gQd9> 

svaoee. oJlfDl:^ ojoikm fiOgji «)OsmM>.t» 
TB. without a sure prospect of realising 
the coUeotions. (Sioaj^ ^s ^sn^ i^exmsoB 
Ogj Bhr. the eomfortiag belief. cQ;#209cn 
naoaro aogj «aj6mo, croog ojooao ftOgj 
<8)cX>, aaDoj gog^ Q^^ipfml onmoTB. promieoB. 
CV. £OaJlce»=aoajoda» I. to seise, hold 
firmly, make fast jiioojo <6>^<BR)%9b a., 
agosoDo a'^ QiOoOcoBcb ^§)A(fln§)get 
ready Kal. (ga)Acs> q!^ KU. made firm. 
cuaj«®, gos.TJrS £. KIT. army to form on 
the right. (T|^gy6Qjlo«6nj «OD(S)o q_*^ Bhg. 
fixed, ©ojaodoin^oelih^o Qj30o«jjimioaj^ 
:^Bhr.Q_jol^Ogjl^ Si Pa. cnomaca?) q,Oq^ 
^1^(0) ChYr. to remain firmly seated. 2. to 
resolve ^(suo cnl®ajl^ogji^ Kal. j^ai 
«rt)D§ ojoan^o. Mud. 8. to assure, con- 
vince Q(3)nr>oog_jl^Dn6, Artoo ao. ME. proTe. 
cr\)Ocefiolrfh©a ao., oaoflw^ogjl^ croaooafl 
(a>cX> MB. to persaade, seduce. 

gO«fl©, (TTd nJakka (Te. a^leak, see a'OQ<d>) 
To spring, ooze out (a§o) «0>gfT^f3b ao<Tn5>Qj 
eB6)09^ Mud. with tears, ^iplcnilrab a. crfl* 
Mpl. ojooflmo ctjal©^afl» SKuego ao<flao a 
med. ©Qj^o oamo fiiuogpslrob ©aj^o ao«)<m 
yoQjo«»l«A{TO(8yo«>)CG. mouth to water. (§£\ 
aomilgy not satarated by the rains. 
VN. aoQj 1. foantain, spring aoaj So. T. 

8. superfluous water, a. ^cin|<0> to remoTc 

it from ricefields. 3. originality (TOS^octo 

0gy a- (m€)nm. 

aoajnb<8) genius. 

goW|<e> uhriiinya t. m. (Tu. c.Te.tofaii, 

die) To sleep V^ aQ. — ao«B)(8ajoaiJ) fell 

asleep. Nal. 

TN. I. aod98 Bleep aotf9Bnnr» ojoceu) Ooj^nBO 
proT. a)g[^QdOd9s ojooW acnroo TP. fast 
asleep a- AiP^cqi<d> to awake, watch. 
aoAvio bedroom TP. a* onorniGLuaBAci^dBa 

n. ao«no sleep. ao«»(m&i' in sleep, a* ffi^tA 
cQA, ouocSldaa to keep awake, fioifikse^ a* 

ctjan 90d;0» Bhr. (opp . 0(msn<d>)« a* @4t4)» 
to doea. 

a. T. aodaed), aS^ 1. to put to sleep o^ocm 
Qgo ao^ob ao<0a^ a»)5.iaBi) nrfl Nal 4. S . to 
rook asleep, turn as the capstan Yi. 
gOdAl^niakkllttf Worm eaten, as aodSaoQ 

eci eroo Ys. from: 

aoeab (sao«6ti?) what ooses out, duet of de- 
caying tree, also ao«>^9S^. 

aogjy wood'Worm (So. moth). 

aooij^dd) Ya. =s AcqgiajIs^idBi to be worm eaten. 
gOQj tthbV^ 1. ft gOQJ Bee aoan. S. T. 

aM. Nearness, relatiooBhip, YN. of aQ (S 

acDKuQcmss aodJ^oor) onDQanoQ BC 9.) 

aoojnb 1. Bee under ao<fia* 2. (from aocn^) 
a weevil B. 
go5o nzal (—Q.cyAf) Spark, a* f^i^ «>aai 

to snuff a candle, clear a torch (loo.) 

gol uM 5. (V^aQ) !• Network for Buspending 
p0ts=3(g^d9aol; aO^QB^^ ^ao OOldSB, a<^c%o 
^r^daeo proT. ^(SsloooDgjo^inaaSWW o Aima 
CO, 2. a ronning knot, loop, doobc. aoloj 
fii a kind of net Yi. [=©o<njds> Ho. 

gcSlfiffi^ <B> niUJU'ya So. (T. q6\<s^ To sip, sack 
gQ Htu Ar. rutf , Spirit, Ufe (Mpl) 
gq<e>5 Oq uhlYa 6. l. To be firm (sa^nra 
A)). 2. to be joined. (BiooIqjqo <B»(Ojiiab BC. 
aQ<ftefl Vl. 2. Tcnomous spider (0. a<d«)ei>* 
YN. aQ'^ flrmncBs; ^'a^dn ^cSknonb KG. 
encouraged, comforted (a=aogj). aO^^^ 
®ajQo (Mpl. Bong), aQ't'^^^nsbVY) Anj. 
aQ()9<(^lutt fortifies) 1. amulet =r&(afi3. S. 
hollow gold or silTcr ornament round the 
waist, containing amuleta. (8iDroc£)aA €%^^^ 
on fi>ai^(S{/Q<fi8TB. <4{aig^<es, eto. 
aog-) {SiStQji bag) 1. large bag ohieftj for 
clothes. cu^^Ginoab ojlglob sosyabW 
Q«rn)Q(^Q^GaiVak ttojKmo pror. aO^jQ^^ 
atgao aj<da proT. 2. testioles a()6)s-)<fl« 
ttousm. aOQ^jAiAi^- ^ YCh.fvo <^ma 
OflaoOBQ^itnai the womb, 
ao^ 1. the broaat with the shoalders. e.Q 

Digitized by ^OOy It! 



gaj— gfijdy 

a^jStfM seisiiig ronnd tlie ahimldert. t. a 
lioftTj timber nore durable than teak« Hopea 

gQ<t^<fr Qhlttaya T.M.(C.&Q:ijfiO)Tochare, 
twriff by lleroe look B. [^^^ PT 

^C2D7lb P. inmali Handkerchief, head^Ioth. 
^ClQOCn) A. numnaik, Pomegranate @.Q09aii 
sro. sQeoo^fij) MO. tarantala. 

gQ^Ar.inillli. Byzantine fi.Q0l roaeaajj V2. 
Saltan of Turkey. 2. damascene blade <m 

TP. a».isidej a. ^aiRiiaj ei§<0a«T) (play), 
gcjcaj nhimlnj=QaQcnj Ant. aQourolajB., a 

Qaqjaycmo Ora>3a»«> Nid. Priokly feeling. 
Bads: d»§ — ,AOf>1a»n6;6>or^ — ,00^08 (a?l 

cAOjott^rmlag — MC. also (Suiiodmnb red ant. 
£Qa^A<n6 M G. eyes as of moles. 
£Q(mKJVn1 flycatcher. 

gQa4<e> nhunbnya (=£fDa3jA i). 

eOoiMi roar of tiger Va. (aQcg T. Te.) 
g6)OdB9 1. see ^O. 2. Bo. to pour gently B. 
gOOBb Itffal (seeprec.fteQd»>) A drop, ^o* 


Ai verb skoifiDfioo a?^A a o <S) csaft sn^ a med. 

fiLo61<fla to dribble ssflgocSldte. 
goq ttffu part of aQ«. q.T, flacnla_|0oa»l a 

«®«m4 ftcX5Dnb RC. Began to speak. (biooIqj 

OQ cn^^aieooi^ ChB. grew. 

•df- part, near, closely. Ojy «<9>§oo§ajia»lsl 
Bhr.a. ocnDdBs, SdiKXtcea; eoQAft(nlQ<daMnai 
.auaaadi). — in Compds. dSwlyoQ -c^oq 
o^«anaao CO. cringe ft fawn around them. 

•dj. part, aoo 1. close, dear, aooajflspab PT. 
&. epob Bhg. faTonriie. met stoooiSMD jiio 
oqftO0»»0r^ 00. aseembled his relations. 
ft9oo9(8Bo fi5aa»9(Oo mo%qB^ 8a. &oo 
(^MBo asoB^OMBo cg|9anz» Yi. orphan, (m 
o^QJoocxkb Ttt. aoquaintaDces. 9*ssafia 
^ po- «Dobjoo ammadsi, ajcnuoo<o>o0abt 

ga3 Ida T. M. 0. Tu. (\r £fi4 T. to agitate) 

1. Furnace in forge, aeja^rob ^| «»lfi)ca,r51csyo 
ODoroOiiio KB. fi)«>ogy«)obo a^^as -aiQjl§i 
Ooj^^ TB, 2. the bellows a^«>aJ9aml 
^S«> Yi. also a^9Tsnoo.7A. 8. broth, gravy 
No.; asJdQogj currybroth Yi. 

gajcft ula-yij t. M.= aei^o, <8fijo,d>o i. world. 

(7<80fij. 7a?ly.) — ort)o«rt)yejflhlfrao orooo&nb. 

2. earth aeJ^TI&pl^a) KU.=aio.U(D>fo)<ft>. a^ 
<fi^S3 on the earth. 

gaj<ee> nlakka T. M. c. (Te. otoodBoej) fr. ar?) 

<B^i 8* fi^tiufiio) Pestle for pouudiog rice, mostly 
of Qjl§l, also ©r51cnjejdB»=!^crofiJo(«®cnfi>c)o 
@*<sat9§o <B»§<qBft Brhm.), a* s>^96n^ ax. fit^ 
Q&Q%o (d>^ TR. a^(aaOQ»ofiLo atotoMi proy. 
measure of thickness. 
Q.QimSki} MC. pike. 
gai(jBd<d>, ddcH nlakknya (T. aej<fio to become 

reduced) To shrink up Yi. 
gaKQ^<^, rjo^ ulayUYa T.M. O.Te. (see a 
fij) 1. To be agitated, moye, shake s«iejay<8) 
f.i. e^DfiivcX) a>ftooloooab &. DN. a^<fto aqj 
6iD^ai3^o, oo-jMobiEij a^KBi BO. eoaj9ajw>ai 
aaiccyQomocai ajs^aoGoil Mud. flexible, ^m^o^ 
jiios^a^orab a^32>oanBiig KU. a palm old enough 
not to be shaken by a monkey, aaa o a^KCM) 
cnl^ai^oEeiK. 2. to beoome loose, slack, 
tired QuH^ej. CCh. ^flKmaoiSiospWii^^fiMoi^NaL 
d^&ptsiD^fiJaoi^ dSblipleoi^aSlQjiaiiawoBhr.her 
garment gave way. (^sl^^oMib QjWnofiioao 
ifi\<s^o KB. SKUcif^tgb oQOQejfiai^, (oAcmBiaiH^ 
Oa. ^sr^eMOi^ QojOQBn became crumpled cno 
S e., fiM><d> ac^*^!* to be imporerishedi ruined. 
▼. a. £S>ei(dad9>, ^^ 1. to agitate, bend, soften, 
crumple paper, clothes, etc. «oi9«nr^ ro^m!)^ 
6>ejaB0Qi^ KB. without foil. 2. to destroy 

. Sl&l:^<d)ftCBf§ya9:fi^g^(0aO§y9'-ai8M>C0 

YK. I. aaiifiysb 1. flexibility a* 6>ajoo<0»ajl 
Qjl(Dn6 BO. agile. 2. agitation, discontent, 
ruin a. 82^ roott^awJU DN. [onghaken. 

n. also fitaiaj— ftfii3jlg|Mi» esoiMMmoBO. 

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gaun — gQJdSn 



III. &ejgu| (So. fiACLigj afpitation) aofteBinfp. 

£fiiS)gLjgm king's bathing oil roanoaiflL. jx)3(0ibi1 

KU. &. Oiosaa^ «.'»Q^o TP.Ta. dejlogjg^];^. 

ga^(lBce>j Onra TilarU'yaT.M.(p£ej)n.T.Todry 

QJOQ^o jijIolcEgo ^aiODo A(0)99V QJO^o TyK. 

|p4»> Kid. 

YN. fifij^ dryness. 

a.T. &&J(ijgtA (B. also ^ajasa)) to dry, airs 

omQ Bhr. to reduce on the fire to proper 

^aiOOjcd) nlaynya T. K. (T. ^aio process- 
ion) T. n. 1. To take a walk cg6)g(0Q &. a hen 
to seek where to lay. tt^snooQeJOGgom ojljaD 
a>cX> CGt. xnajestio ware, ojoraaejaaj^m orflfoes 
Qjejl CG-. oloads passing over earth (Ko. also 
wrongly &aJoaja^a» f. i. ^Vib SKUgs^^) &*<on) 
nbOo-tooBp th. has taken a walk). 2. to attain 
j^cno a>orH3aiaaj), ^(csaioojo aei, aionsais 
OLHcr) ^ocBrab RO. (=£ea). [eto. 

▼. a. ^eiodSSB^ ^ t*^® ^o' * ^^^^ ^* i* children, 

gfijOJ nlnva Ar. halba. Fenagreek, Trigo- 
nellafoennm griec. gejOKf^ncej a med. ojo 
ejejaj^tooflfttfh 8. f^^ ajo<B,cfl« Mpl. 

g^OJOob nlnyah Ar. Inban Frankincense 

gfi^dBso Uluyam B. (L. ulnla) Owl PT. 

^fi^euajo iilnkhalam Q,=:^axA cc. 
g6^^— see g^c^{ — 
S^ Tllya 8. Meteor, firebrand. 

[for the other a^ — fi^ — £ej »oo art* — ] 

g^o^^roo Tillanghanam 8. (&(A) Orer- 

Stepping <n30(^9gjoa£AOr>o 6)i&)^ UB. 

g^ OOTOo 8. Exaltation, a*<BB^o 09€) 03 
0^jgj CrArJ. his spirits forsook him. agydo^o 
o JU6 cmxiiA EC. gay; so : . [oheerfal. — 
fi^ocrooeoej) 8iPa. a§yxnx«oej)or)) fern. Nal. 
denY. agjcrolcan to be delighted, expand, 
part. fig)aiS)<Qo. 

gCS^D&Jo 8. 8arge, ware. 

gOJdB©, nrtd uvakka 5.(V"a.) i. To jump 
up, exult a4i>| sd^cnVuib aojgit BC. 2. to 

lore fO«BB(X> aojtiKmoAd 0<fi>oe3jab GO. ad 
coBdo aajomojnt, ononm aajono^egoib o^ 
^9080 QporrxDdsn CO. his friends. «»»> oancn 
^caS^(wb aoicmanb BG. helped; with Aoo. & 
Loo. flDOjabiOb aokm «>«i9tt» GO. o^cxm acu 

YK. a^UgJI gladness, lore B. 

a. mal. Q,aX3j^ (Yi. a<^-^ 4« ▼•) : <4fiaadfiSt^ <& 

nrnleio a. .ojoscDBo, aojoj' c^meseiVob e^y 

BG. inclination. 

gojrb nvar (=aft4) ^a. €^9h T. M. (G. Te. To. 

acoib) 8alt taste, braokishness. 

aoK^ sea aoj^cBnejSB an^roaoei BG. 

aojflsaj OP.=agj8^. 

aaj<b£>9ejl buffalo-cows that prefer to lie in 
salt water — a9c8n9eLn5>cna£^ di^da. 

acii^bor^^aio brackish, barren soil, ^^i^^ 

acLJ<b06n{> soil impregnated with salt, urina, 

aoj^cueao salt water aoibSKueaconS^oobo 

n-i9fiJ (0)§i MB. in rioefieldS| also aohbo 

asA^alcD^gcab cr)s<m9(gb MB. when infected 

by brackish water. [0190^ fall mooau 

gQJD nva T. Fullness, M. aaJOQJ Vl.2. mod. 

gey UTVa 80. (Te. a'9 nmph, well V^aO 'rw, 

yea=rNo. tm^an f.i. (9iDajifi)S a^^vs — &!^ 

(opp. ®gy). 

gOdOOC^ nSanaS 8. sukra, planet Yeniu. 
^C/S](Oo niiram 8.£=r&90^oCusousgrass qjuS\ 

raoei Cakucno YetC. 
goSa nia, 4e gcQaj^^ 8. (V"ac^ ;Ii.uro) Dawn. 

adu s dSiseJosi}, a<^cnSl in the morning. 

deuY. QjSkGa<Qst to dawn a®dU<'9a9cDJ3c)Oy a 
s>3Q3(dso Qjl5)CJOo Bhr. as)J^(8e Ti. 

gcaalm>oUiidam8.(aicnj )Fixed s cnlcfiUciteTi. 

^{^o idtrUD B. Camel (Yed. bulIX 

a^ Sku'9d9)nrTU^Qao» . of a people. 
gr^o ni^am S. (acfi?burn) 1. Heat. 2. hot a^ 

^nb oQfiS^ ag^ d)»rDcn93f)R8nm9ejo Arb. heatmg. 

agpf^(r)9sfla> see maj^Sd^aio. 

denY. ag^<de to be hot. a^d^ Si/tiocmxh oSi 
cncBTo ^s9Qan Mud. a*:i^ o^on oddonxno 


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flmoCe. Bhr. 
£t(ft Vlayg & g^QJ A ohlef puMFd, prime 
in a(S|QBU>ag^8ca>oTi. wwding off a blow, e 

adk tilKUS^CBtoOO A6«M> «KUS) proT. 

gj^CQiA lllBJliy»( suffer a dragging pain 

— innsL) QJ9IP (^nrnUi ffiftcv^ooobo BO. 

JHekf dB»l. (aT. touidiiig, writhing) a^a 

•iisaiol fte)f^aii)qBI BC. 8. to play at 

tenuis Yi. 

gftqta>, c51 (4 cad) nlahiYa T. M. Babbie, 

iadjatlnet noise, as in stomaoli. [oAib, 

^fOJnlaTf i.=sfia«b 8. Tir. offtcbseAnb, 

gSl ll]i 5.(>r£cbfentering)Clii8el, burin (see 

ftSdSs^) a^ggin broad eh., la^rQAeO seoop, jS\ 

2|a^ plane. fiA^QAMHI oj^i &^ea^Ao<)o Yi. 

fffiOa^^, en^ ocnodSeA So. to stoop, peepYi. 

No. ^a^)6mjS) ete. Od^oaio co^ol^Qjib £'609 

«nr>MBam» (saienbd^iplite); ojocnPob ^xuo 

aSkA ete. 
ftftWoA (T. fitfl3K>sairosl) oajr^at»:ft)n6 

K. pr. a fanM>QS low easts sage oalled £&) 

g^cO^fff^ ojakka (T. to writhe, Te. to Btart)To 
start, be nnaerred fi^CB}«(Lj9A; ft^osa <<'>® 

ft^^ 1. s h a mef aoedness; ft. Qdi$(qg{«>scno 

smooa».; ft^gj^jOTsnt impudent (£= ft ^411 

0)gp. 8. feeling; ft. «>a>|9aj3CBil beeome 

caliooB. — ft'aas^ loss of 1 A 8. 

ftl^asoft T. V. C. Tn. a sprain. 

ft^iBB* Ai) (T.) to be dislooated, m^^jdn^ 

^000 ^aixjej|0 a^en|9.aRl oer^Voojo YotO. 

ft^^aeUu^Ai to set a dislocated Joint. 

ftj^as(T.)4kft«(0»oKo. =ft^<ee(2i. [„oth. 

^Aoij l4llBlbl| (T. ft^ wood-worm) Ko. A grain* 

giSo xH 5. (V"ftO To be within, be there, exist, 

wbenoe fta>f q. t ; ftft| 8nd fnt. f.i. (noajcfo 

Skuoqai dusgCjOC^anb Bhr. from her was 

bonS.; Often with ^. — 9a>^«c0 ftft| <d>^ 

£^ Bhr. it is but a report, jisooism ftfi^ I 

•hall melj die. <»«)03%|^ ftfllTP. AeboOAosni 

^lu) aj(tMqB|9A fti^KIT. must, ocnoteflovom 

ftjg^ I only looked. cnla6<&>cn)Qajco<dn fije^lTal. 

a^. part, ftoa (old aft f. i. 4inQiQ[{|ftajQ4ai| BG.) 

1 . existing, true, real, fteaoj^mo aeoording 

to truth. ftfiB6MA9onDo fteB<mgy — fteannlms 

ODOCA^g^ ~ fteB<8ni^«>^0 ftfiaW ftS>6nB0(9 

8Bflto«>(Bi9(Qfia{ft phil. fflflag ojosnoMik 
proT.ftga((» sg^omodaaoBhr. ftoamso, ftOgfi 
S9.'oni3fto thro* life. 8. in which, to which 
there is. «Qj(aj6)c[|)flB sensible* (U(Dtt8os«Q 
ea (sojoojasmib, aj^<9ancfo<flseB «>so, aonoj 
m «ibai«»ooe<9eB ooos aioqb;^ Bhr. to give 
it np to those, who haxe a claim on it. 
8. often auxiliary. q^9C»)(0o Q^Qaxh 0AO 
«aeB .oa^o KB. crooBKon sg^dso^eB cn> 
ooDoojo, o^og>jQ(gsg Am Bhr. OKcaaii&sl^ 

^amarsbftSBOJcnxk^uooeiUud. sswhen 

a mother has. died. 
ffiftOaioob fut. part, as: ^^snrxvo ftftocuonb 

CfaYr. those in whom lore arises, 
fttt^^jnb 1. relation, AoiMmojob. 8. rich ft' 

oobo QoLjoabA^oab dg^d^noKusxibo q-imo 

«aismp proT. 
YK. ftftoj 1. coming into existence, ftftojoai 

(also ftftoD9tf»>, ftA(09a> Bhr.) to be bom. 

noajoiDftQjdcB^g^ a ORDoorrilslgy. ftftojocan 

S3ft«r«9c0n; QJ^CAJCBBcb oftg^Oo ftftOJOcan) 

(^omo CO. 8. tier, turn, ^sij^ajftajlflib then 
Y2. ftftojo ojOQjo (as fto^ wool) stones laid 
orossway abore each other. 

gft& qUq ftcb 6. 1. Inside (Tu. 0. ecb Te. OfiJo), 
whatoTer is inside. fteBoejes^3^Jgf})<9eft Q<OKQb 
A«»s§<qg^ TB. as much as they had . (Ob uae 
ggoain|0B9 <C£)aD^ids(Qi® TB. iumost thought . 
ft6>eBd&pi<0snT)ADj. fascinating. ftcbS^ASo a>o 
Qa>naoAG4}« dear to the heart, ftooaioocn ft 
e£^ (Si^tee) Bhg. made his heart God's abode, 
set it on him. 8. it serres as Loo. ooIaj SM>dk 
Q^ ^^aoH BO. •a!9«>SfSettl(iA a>«ol. mo 
68^ ^QjcnximiViA ftgaxob within (s(ma»o) (no 

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ggfel— g«*a 

fitto (A gtfia«>o) 1. inside &*ajo ojoojo aSi 
rolfin^ orSlmo TP. turned rin^t & left. 2. 
mind, esp. in^roiojaeo kinfp's heert. &* 
05at\(A oQ^^ or qjoqa» thought to rise, 
think. e.*{0RS\7A oOK^Q ^> ^ conyey a thought, 
Cpdt. st^emooDo CG. deep»8eated last* 

qSSl^>o see under oioaio. 

ftiflfiSbMBb sole, £fiaooab palm. 

fiMO closet, diTision in a box. 

ftgfioloj inward knowledge. 

fitt^^ Yi. roar of bear &* M^^. 

figaosob a hunter tribe at the base of the 
Cochin Ghauts, g*. «Aior>dnbo ooojcn^ 
proT. hence fiacxsijtfiosab a bird Scolopax. 

figfioaob 1 . a caste of rice-measurers in Calicut, 
auail^soaoib. 2.=:£gg|9snb. 

£Q|<Qd9aodeT0uring grief. fi*amOnr» jiSl^blonu 
Sg^ proT. (=&Sfi(^nb, e<)ojU9 Bhr.) 

fltfi^ea soojo Bhg. sincerity. B. soft inner skin. 

£c)d(ea6n(>eye of mind ^cfodBaoiakosnoaoQ Kei5. 

&cbc0ncno courage =&cb(aea&<|2> fi* <^^ ^ 

(0609 Bhr. 
ficbdOarDcb Mud. £c)a<anO€m, (ft S)cX>aBOCQj ) q, 

c)oai0ejo, Bhr. mind. 
£cfo(6nosmo Yi. itcX>8<fl»9U> B. bribe. 
&c>>(68(09ono, £c)dv'{n9)fl1(b mind. 
fi,<:)o5)A(ao help. a. 6>iho§<qQ a^egsiODor^QUidn 

C(V9(9b TB. lent assistance. 
Ac^^aoch^) to put on, hare, aadeo, sovo, oacjo 

Sjo £cbs)(dd»09ag. 
fidO|fil<ini aSlQcrkQeoyo Bbg« triok, feint. 
ftc)o^(d) miscliieyous Joy. 
ficXxxjA) grudge, resentment. 
SL&ici^AA to enter ojiglfok ftcfoajifia PT. 
&<)oa^ mind ftcb^Qj^oib oj^aeoiixiab Bhr. 
SLC^QfigJ^A 5. i=s«»ASi^^^) to get into, 

meddle with, partake in oiMklb iL*S ncn 

«OB(b TB. adherents. <8>Qji^abVA &. was 

concerned in, 09l<6fiACBilAi &. IIR, beoame 

liable. *A6 €vilej00mid9edi)OQj§ MR. s« 
(gal cna^s dhfijocndaa ^cboo-igs TB. 
belongs to. a9^(c»)c»iflib &c>BQaj§ ojcno 
■ubjeot to taxsation. snDQjsKibo As^foecb 
ddBaQS^ CtQjlos fi'okOAone TB. fidoo^s, 
&<)ogj«5 inehuiToly (doe.) QtoMob &c)q2j95 
including a sum. 

ft<)oOsJ9aSI* to <^VM to be in uS^^iae^UA 
&*(DicionbHB. «iDaj6Mi>odlodefistfi»adoaaj§ 
(OiAsntdaaQfrnflOajIgyJud. subject to punish- 
ment. flioojCKr) ^€1 (noajatooei o^^ob oo 
et^j^ S^&aSiQ^:fȣi<Sicm TB. managed 
the property with him. 

ficX^o^sl o^sn^ Ca. alarmed. 

e.cX)fi)gyoaacb hidden meaning. 

&cb(8gj3<b grudge ssfidwu A. 

fi^cX)3iQjou>o consciousness ; conviction. 

fi.cX)«)3j| deceit. 

£g^nlU5. (nT&Oo) 1. Onion, on>o(mttl(ft ^ 
OS. Yi.) also uailoQeB^, cr)3| — ; garlic 6>aj 
e|^ Allium sativum. Other kinds cnood ft.; 
0smg^osad=cY!laaefi) onion; dii9§^, Ascm 
COB £. Pancratium ceylanionm. 2. a sand- 

gtf nk T. 1. Place esp. about a king (yTo!^^) 
2. a«>Qjq.v. [royalty. 

&<p<d>Qio Yi. Insignia ft paraphernalia of 
gi&f 0130^'?^ B. gate. 
ffi.ipe9nb porcine deer=(^jja;3mo diet. 

g^o olam 8o.(£^) Hill-land, onltiTated,or ft&pqg|. 

£tf je&, mz) olakka T. M. To be wearied; des- 
pair og){@)cr)ocX> fli0ipg;j3^(ab ajlaTrxBi9U>d9acna 
Q«n60BcX>CG. a>9r«9ejo oa)caBc)d &*cn^.cDesKn 
etc. (see fi.Otf a» ft ftiPfiidt). 
YN. asPgtJsnBoaxsflgy no trouble. 

g(fcdA T4akkl| T. M. ^ Naii, or 2 (S|^&P<0e; ^ 
<p(da=S Q,, la boiling fi.&p<Aaosc>(an3ca») KH. 
&ipc0Qy<no a mod. prh. from: 
^^fiS^ Yi. 2. Bmpty oocoanut, husk of ooeoa- 
nut; box made from cocoanat shell. 
ft(i>d9fin{>aLia Yi. striped bracelet =ajl^<»olb. 

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^(fWim-— £(pdB^ 

^(njifi^l4aillbttyag|p^<6»<10e.) Ibhatten, 

^P^fBy «}A7«)(A (ftspBfitfCg labor T.f> To 
labor eoA^iok fitfogo Qcn^cosmflBdoBGiii. 
tovtfldiT. 1. to work btfd, labor. A^OLMMOoaj 

imnaA RC. 2. to roll on the grwoA (=s 
ftiPrab). 8. to bo inolinod to Tomit 0(n 

Vlf. fisPgJ 1. labour. 2. nausea. 
gtfqdB>, 61 nkhiya (€l)Tobeinhurry 
OJMhV^fc aspol {jgodM 8iPa. (Si^ftSo fivoocglnb 
Bhg. all qniet ! £.ipo)5)^cnD Bhr. Ti. £y>o) 
«Mm:>j)ab BC. £y>oWjOd9) to ntter rapidly. 
Q^ob S)ii)3j^^aa<fo fl29g_)0cV) enrn^oriKPQnno Bhr. 
itoh for eomething. 

VN. fispOQ hasto, agitation =3 6qj@ju^o§, £tf 

oooo^ ^6)5 iBio^mtaioab AB. Q,(ix)(S\^is> 

fiSpaZAgj^dSi Vi. to hurry. [«ooo5)S Bhr. 

fiVOQA 1. B. to urge on. 2. T.=: a&peSldOa. 

gif^<e>, nnra nlalnifa T.M. Tu. i. (=j^itxA) 
To rore, ramble, err about. Scus^^irnmco^o 
ttso^o qjOot) Ifal. scm0Oo 9«9«rn) nr^oraSl§ 
fitfeinm^ KB. gcos>39i oflftanQ^fMRi^spaio 
Bhr. jSUmoio @,vcrrMm^ KelK. 6»^3§^av<)Q£ 
spme 9ajoo TOh. wandering. 8. to be fotiguod, 
perplexed (sgsTdae) q«ion«Bcb eaOono^ nr^ 
ft'on^ TP. nnrse indefatigably. MneAoenBonb 
axA^deB^&pnno Nal. (noxtdo eocrxroo £.<j> 
ovoSlcno GO. Uke a leaf in the breeae. ^onfl 
tS^ch AMMiDo a^K^BS^^n^oabOO. asked hhnself 
doabtingly. ^(Qbojo^o ganB Qfl)mDO<D;»SMi & 
tfejo e^mssdojo Kel K. definition of <roooecB; 
fispei olroular flaw In timber. [soajcn. 

TV.^ f.i. &*«eo(D(i6 B. Tagaboad. 
CT. fltsp^de to rex o^fiMm a^ipeD^o^ Brhm. 

^fi(H aae ^. 

^ nU tT. side, estate) 1. Olronmstanoes, in 
fts^ «koeno A to inquire from the astrologer =(a-) 
^o ooj^e. 2. thin rafter of bamboos A 
Kalungm between the larger wood- 4k Tennu- 
ffaftsrs ft|Aa]{o OJOSQi^o«i». 3. fslling 
roots of flg tree B» ^flQQ^v) Palg« 

^\snm qIU^ T. H.8 ^i^aw^, Used for 
Sofna saorifioes; Cissus pedata, Cardlospennum 
halicaoabam or Sapiodns lauriloUus (see qj 
«<ae9) Bh. fi'otesosl, Q,*9Ciih a mod. 

2^6ir9V2Drob l4Mal yi.= &'96mKgbi.A swing; 
also fttf^«BOMib. 2. swinging bed = 6Mii9gl<ii ; 
compared with earrings 6)Qj9aiDSpl«no9(ak sxmo 
yo Asmjpeio, oa.jocns\p)«B09a»eAo <d)|^ao^(Tn 
j2o GC. 

I. giflcq|Sde)nli711'yaT.M.l.Torub,stroke,em- 
brocato. ojCBfQSplat KIT. Tamnri's shampooing, 
2. to sorape; polish round bodies; oi^, Qj^§uspl 
a> KU. the work of Ambuoollan. 8. to pitss 
rioe A other articles oyer the chest ft throw 
it with the sins transferred to it into the 
ARS/on (superst.) fitf^opoo^^t &tf^6a9 jkSo^ 
OoiiOcX) s>ojQ«4Bn»« proT. sSjrDo aJieSi fttfl 
6090001^^^006 Mud. 900904.^0 ft. ca- 
se remedy. This ceremony is fi^pl^fli met. 
soanb aig^splen^I have foresworn noTer to do 
eto. 4. to touch slightly, as wind, regard* 
6>^(n)90fo^Qjsp)«BOoeio Md^f «>aaocxx) 
Bhr. Amotfio^eMib cn)(nD^a8e)tfW)inBMi o«>o 
«q8, ^0(10(8^ Acnoi^Qovsmo «ndnbaQ.jo9 CO. 
a>6rcg(nQ«)oen|tf)6a9 CG.=3«>s9!fieQldae. 
CT. 8t^C(ii^«es£^«6« ojl^gJldSa. 

n. ^[f)^<Bi=: ^(S)ffH<Bi (ftftOjlcQA), Afi^das 

tploq^ai To spit out after rinsing the month md 
o^0QSP^eB9 TP. 

gy(d>9 ^ nlvyaT. H. (O. t«. ^a, et) Topiough, 

^r£lajl5)«>99n9 «>iP(TSlQEnAi e^pQ C0. £|PBiB 
ncno &u>9S>(m KB. &96n29oro co<g)o ayoinso 
«»9«m9o proT, cn^aio &y(inl$a»Q[{|o o/n^ TB. 
culft £|f(B«)ft6a9 MB. ploughed up the growing 
rice; metoph. 09O9ai9o Stsn^o QS\im90Jsa^ 

S Aoj. [qjoiOaQVo TP. 

CT. £yaj^c0n (tu. fiipVsf^idn) a>8r«o ft&fWoyo 

TN. I. fl^ in e>i>e»gj9fi0 ftirrow, &!M)|y9A^a£)$ 

«> to plough Tji.8.— Ho. also Atf^oroks 

n. fijipoQ in fiSPoxAso. 

m. £u>Qj 1. tillage, also fiU'S ^i« 

Digitized b^iGOOgle 




g^V0(teomtb Ts. fumer. Also fiiMKudb 
YyK.ealtiTator (opp.&SQ»ajnb landlord). 
&tPQjoa> to be ploughed, 
^iPOjOidn, diPOiSA to prepare land for towing. 

2. a piece of ground assigned fbr temporary 
uBe(Q-iocnj8years, Aoniolyear). The owner 
reserves to himself the right of planting the 
4 slscb;o, leaving the SL&PQ^a>o(oab to make 

tbabest of Hby aowing graitti ft flnmsg^jjW^ 
fiMach. The owner's share is called &»qj9 
(06 A oonsiBts in ^ of the rice crop (c^^gMm) 
ft some seleet fraitB(«ino§ceaei). 

^nrvd idimnii (T. ayosi ^' ^«* ^« fi|) ^"i^*- 

seolns radiatns, kidney bean, used for qj^ 
so. &\pcnb Qj^ftoSV^ MB. gymsojcvft GP. — 
«}0||^ms Phae. mazimns, Bh. med. root OP. 
Be glfC^{<d>. 

g<0dd>3^ UTfaram 8. The sound ft letter fio 
(aiasanat^aidAXMOo ^nB<mjoproT. see &A0(0o) 
inS.interj. [c*. see fiosp. 

gflOd86)D(onb fikkaraii Ko. <fto^ sxua^dBsnmaj 

^fl)<fift fUtitf T. M. (T. Tu. 0. height, f^. V^g) 
s=&8k 1* Strength, exertion fin>d9e(S1ci^06Mn ^ 
ea^ts^iKQb proT. £i99(deo§0en9or», fi<99f0AQo roo 
dBAKTOob AB. fi«MBeea anrrxibBhr. cB/seajnao 
(oi(9b (tncn^dSeWxT) ao^I OG. used his foroe 
against the Y. &<0d9e 6><uos^«>aooo(tt ojln^o 
CO. A(Q)aa^(m, QcTidi6»)fflD QSPdSa ujoacno £ 
(OCnSl TP. 2. iron point of a top Yi. 
g^Qdeo id. Oaj^Cq^S &Od9tO«»Q9ri9 a49»og & 

fi«daaab strong flOJcngcaaaAdaaodb £9. CG. 
Kama. fiiMBaA oj&p^cvooqjoq BO. so as 
not to be blamed by the brave. 

^<0<B&y (^ ^kka (T. C. &A«Bn 8. ficdfia) 1. To 
spill, shed Qocoal a>Al^aQBhg. an elephant. 
Chiefly of blood in battle ajcr^oQ BC. ndcu 
(S/ojoacX) (e»0(^d98cm 0jiio(o Ofij^^dkcrB Bhr. 
S. to perform the mominglibation, vn. £<9d9c>tf^ 
(09); fromlnf. £<0<flnasi^0ai2wnrM)nbod9i£lQ({{o &<9 

cn^ oQQnrno(8iaiQLjnb £'9gjoc6 neio «a)0(^, fiogu] 
(0^01)30^0919 949)or^ Bhr. -^ met. of the breese 
fi)a-i9^cAtib ta&canA oic6 a^«>ciu9^ fiQiqQCG. 
8. to vomit 09idai9aS)0^9€) &Qd9a«]SiS«»)(no<b 
Q9fm ^jiHoc^o CG. 


Haviog said PT. [a^^fs^o &^^9^o (song). 
^93^ Idd^ Ko.sQsnr), jiicaB9<on — enoooo 
^fOeaSdoii Snjal T. M. Te. soooomA YS. (= ftiP 

«BO0(db) A swing, £Q«Bii(bb«>g\gb swinging oot. 

£n>Giaooaieft) Acacia digitata Bh. 

fiQfiOuaib (8i9§«> to swing, old &qgbxA (T. ao 

Qjvfl fl2aA(T» jSiodk BC. with Ace. fl»s 
^^0 £<o'§o MDa)aiKr>nb BC. 

g^§ 1411 T. M. (ffi9«ffi)c)o) 1. Inside. e«so) 

0«Bo dofiJ aj9c;0<fiaiOQjYi. the drift. fi.QS03»^ cu 

o«), 9onod9n, aa>Oo«a to oommnnioate a teoret, 

watoh, listen oarioasly. fivsoof^, gt^s^ ojsp^ 

QVOCi^ having a previoas understanding. 

2. place between, through. (ODOi^by thatway, 

there; ^M9o all over. 8. time, turn, (beng^ 

twice. [oyo Qjoajo. 

Henoe: fios T. K. the woof, eross thread £«s 

fioQS adr. 1. inside. e«as omoo tf>«>0^ KB. 

oQcnDQsqjo o(Do(ftMib QLjcmoonooLjo fivvo 

obH Bhg. in my heart. so(8s (cQrMOV Bhr. 

to seek closely (or all over). Qsqjocjoo cq^crn^ 

OCB) uxn« fio95 ojcS^a* YCh. secretly. 

2.through. (St^VJb^^^^fS^ms EU. through 

the air. fiioasdojoa) to pass through the 

house. «iog9S(uoQBrooprov.a 09(gmVaft£9 

ttSQ^jo 9 ^00 OKTIS Kid. ft««SQjlQ^dB»AB. all 

over, thoroughly; «ftooocDa|es eai ^if\ 

Digitized by ^OOyiC^ 


g«)fu^— gq)00^ 

<0«ao cn^dOdifyoo Bhr. w« ean pass these 
rings orar <mr bodies, or the bodies through 
them, 8. time (oe^S^c^^ Bhr. ojem 
9S YS. £«9S fiQ9S a>«qB^|o Bhr. agftin ft 

eesoloj real, thorough knowledge. [Ag^in. 

fi«S9^a> to pass throagh, as wind, waves ; be 
loose, flabby. fl)|^§so%o Aosa(d>o (BOtD^nb 
&a mosoaio pror. (maj6>n6o Qjl§\ab sqso 
sa<oaKiin6 anaeqnainted with him. 

ADOC^S — a draught ; to be airy, [insight. 

W. £QSO§o passing through, frequenting, 

£<3S9«m) B. loose nail. 

fio^cnsdas to pierce, 6ifiio«maBcX> RC. 

&Q§a-i9^ 1. through (nosQjao a>aj^Q5 cn§9aj 
gififintProidSeo. £<3^aj3§ d)>06m3o a med. 
S. all over etQcn or!lAajRftl£)(D^^ajo053 
oro:e^c/di Bhg. croo^oocoo £«9. d(Q93aj9«>ai 
uniformly stout. 8. knowledge, praotioe. 

fio^ajMA So. ft Palg. fio^Qjipl K. (£O^9a-)0 
d9s) cross path, intricate bypath. 
Si"^ flttV T.K.C. (gf96n6) 1. Giving rice, esp. 

to Brahmans go. 04d>§ aj§ft proT. £(Dg)(no 

Mod. a high officer's duty. gog^jcoBcy) ttmoQo 
(nson fio§ie4o sl^ ojorotdM Bhr. Htc on 
eharity. 2. welding iron, degree of ignition 
required for steel; metaph. (8!0ajn(> mg»j fio 
gW Anlono bom most auspiciously. 
ftQ|«>o4> oooks. 

fio^ajr^ place where Brahmans are fed for 
9 days etc. Qj§nB9^ £«9. onoocesl «>gq;qo TP. 
£«s>aQjaflau-to fund set apart for that charity. 
£Qsai, §1 T' V . 1. to feed, fesst Gods ft Brah- 
mans; with Dat. o^olACB^o^odxdso fio§iTP. 
2. to temper iron Yi.^g<dai>>; 8. No. to 
steel tools m^'^<x>€9BSi^ £«9§qj)o6 ChYr. 
for war. 
CY. fl^^^aecmojob the feast giver; ftogl^oob 

Qj(£^a» feast at first menstruation. 
YH. fiMnb i&gj^) food, boiled rice, meal, 
fiosneo fto<oeo asp^ai to leave off; met. 
Qjsd^^^smo^A Bhr. (sfi<o). 

f^i1c||finb a feast of Brahmans when elosln g 
investigation into a breach of caste 089 
flB3o dtf)^«)9cb3J0ab ^. EN. 
jaSo<^«ms^cvaQfDo first meal of an infant (jud. ) 
fiioenQko^Dab, &Q6rni great eater, £'9svnla«c)od9e 
nsmo o^cn saiganb Bhr. 
go)rUte 941iM& S. (part, ojoo) 1. Carried. In 
adv. eoo^aeoeo, eoapa&jeo AB. joyfolly, 
mournfully. fiooiDOSo 0^cnso<Bi§o CG. gorupo 
QLj09on0ocB> 014^)0)0 Bhr. a reproach. 
2. married, &<aaip ft wife. 
g(OfG)ajb a6al (C Te. ^Kna^^'tcnD) Wooden 
posts in a hedge for the passage of men fio 
(fM^ a>Sido prov. 
^0(d)\ &5i a. (V^(Sioxi) Enjoyment, exertion, cro 
o^acQ^o (oxmlibb &<»ai^a>cfo o i^^dg^og-jfBhgr. 

gn)^dB», rcTl fibaya 5. (Te. To. Also fiqraa) 1. 
To blow as fire, wind instrument £'390 Atffbb 
flute, 0^0^ e<9., 0C!^iU<, 0a(i^j»^ffi<d> to blow 
away diseases, hiss (QjVAian^(roffi<0) •to.) 
(saper8t.)—£0T£)<fls(p^ite to refine, as tfisbjNal. 
ffi<»on AiS\i09a^flcaM:^^ 0OOQ CS. <=«'AoaS) 
«Ba); also efQ(deQajespa{{o oji'Oinodaso gt^<VT) 
ti^vmsi j^^Qj TB. to melt bullion. Slch ftogai 
(with m^dwwsb by blowing pellets ft small 
arrows). 2* to puff, be puffed up, iw«U« 
ft<9Sd>g^ T. = 09OQfia SKueB^ silver- of the 

purest kind (Bs.80 are said to eoiitain 

Bs.29 ft«9.) 
fiotaoabo Ano a swelling of children's bodies. 
CY. ^oajntds (0Q^:i^4Al<0n etc.) 
YN. fi«qg^ 1. blowing fiocqu^aMPrak pipe, tube 

(cn^ASP(ak), blowpipe. fio.'OoDav cuDcdil. 

2. hissing. ^^mSkm ojo^s^ovob hunting 

name of snakes. 8. swelling greatness 

£0. A4i>§aajoif^ he is dishonored. ftocQ 

QLKVOob potbelly. 
ffiQcomaaajl^aa bladder fts i^(qg). [g^. 2. filth. 
g<v>tiv0) Qtia T. K. 1. Fishing season (see ftoob) 

ftOionKift a small fish Yi. 
g^UJ^ QdhaiSV 8. (G. 'ofithsr) Vdder fiQ 
C]Ug^cnMvb9J<ok0oa£) KB. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

^«)CfJo — g'ftVWA 


g<Dg-J^ — .g'lK^ 

g<900o fbiam 8,1. loBaffloleiit ^(aiaS{Si fi<D 
<neoc(^ Oojoiin AnJ. 2. want, defect eocn 
CBBcX> OKmooA fiojacBMOBch 0cu«mo proT. £q 
mo aOKn^Accu aj(99o PT. withoat fUl. Ado^j 
(onfti(m e<9. ^sosMD TB. without iajary to 
the oause. cr}lcoec)o<d« aA^q. ajrDl(O>G(0t§>) shall 
not Boifer by it. 9ai9Q^*&i fiocneoggono AB. 
defences ornmbling nnder the aiege. ^CTOcno 
au&MOBch &<om0O3i^ sandOe 8k. destroyed. 
3. flaw as In timber, oloth, eto. 
fiooDju^ B. offeasiye lan^age. 
ft<Dorvoi maim, bnrt, blemish, also fiocndocno. 

ffiocnnb maimed, lame. 

fiocn»g_j§«) to be hurt, soanb encLiDojooBio 
(0>)nrn £<o(T)«)g_}^ 0<f^.tfd3eo CO. wounded 
by a joke. [tB. blinded her. 

ftoooo Qj(afm«) to hart, destroy. ^>ttS fio. nsR») 

ftocnojloosunl (L. nndoTiginti) 19. <po.) 
g«900lc66^ fUlikkftsfionlceaS. To arise, shoot, 

appear jaSMm^ceo MXi^Q^^a^cido iotcoaaVab 

fiocnl^^ ^MKXuoo Mad. 
g<Onb lil (T. Te. all kind of flesh) 1. Onms 

ft«CY>)nr» o^qoaa aj§^ proT. fioob A^QQA 

toothache. fiL<!)aaMk <9tf>ftA) A<a OojoQajCG. 

Ufce a gvmboU. 8. proad flesh B., roots of 

nails T. M. 

g<t)rm)<6) fflAu-jfa Te. if. (T. a«3nbQ To.C. £«d 
rts) VfiQ. 1. To be flxed, firm •aj®nnS^ 
e/D)<0» well rooted. ft<9arn) 0or>o<0e«i, 9«>d)da«i 
nftOQYa. «^&M9gm7iQa><0nto plant bulbs, ro9 
0(T)lni eoD^rmo KB. Ioto him alone. 2. to 
lean, rest, rely upon j»<oornlAa«9ctoa»; <eiyQcSnorak 
tt«ml Aqg^«) (boatmen),cD^a^aMD ftQar)la^ 
^:^i aniBC^^Mib fiooYi) «Qj»a> walk on tiptoe, 
eornla* ftwrnVn ojoeaecAa C0. ^oornl odscba 
to walk with a stick, or carefully. -.Yishnu's 
«>l(O0og2pAib fiomoo oolrDddoon BO. 8Tta. ^^ 
<Tni ou3Q(vt«as, oio^to ftomsai to spell through, 
read laboriously, eonrnl or^lfoojcn Yi. contem- 
plation. fl»ab ajoMia«>a ttdi»49fto^<4 Q^^cm) 
cin)nno 00. meditated. 

Inf. fi«m a)«8S|«), QjQlb«as eto. to press hard 
with a style etca^wm). [buildings). 

YV. ^onrnnib prop, stay. fi<9. 6>a)0§49e (to treea, 

CY. fioaniddA f. i. oMk^QciMb ^wAdj\<6(A &« 
oni:^ 00. put firmly. 

£QrnD support, prop. (mofiidBn fiomeo Q^to^OQ 
Bhr. fiQnriD d9is>eidaac£)g) pror. ^fiiA'^^cmta, 
seidMoecfo 9<m)flrioo a«9(m9C»W>cnocD0ei.ib 
BO. (Bima) £6vm9nioo fi<9cm9^a<8B(S2 &C. 
ftQcnotdtOfont) B. boatman. 
^^moAwk^ — dkoo) a flxed post, stake. 
fiomeOAOcab staff, stilts, orutohes. 

g<t)g-J nppn (T. e«D=a'Dnb) Flesh, the 18 pieoea 
into which sportsmen divide their game ajtif) 
d>msgj| huntg. 6)S)rfhQygj, «>o^., Q(no*« ojlcn^ 
foreleg, hindleg, eto. £<3ysacBB oj^sl:^ seined 
by the chest, disarmed. [children) 8o. 

giooji^ d))05«) Yi. to firighten, threaten (as 
fiOgLj B. a Tcry small flsh; £ipyun»l<c) B. a 

g^(2nb nmah T. K. O. l. Dumb, stupids 
fiXLjo§nb. &o0fD)(A6>AD6ioii»ribca)^nnab pror. 
— also £00, which is likewise fem., as aoe 
^. 2. (=^0n6,Q«)ab) owl. 8. ^oaob a 
ejft parched rice, fto. Qjld^ofi^iok QP. 

g^aij(d> 9mbll'ya=sfl2«ocnij<a) To suok, eat 

Bhr. — loo. coitus. 

fiooiKob a certain pollen or dust on fading 
flowers, £0. £oani»l§ ^^orij^ ecB/o^rm mt^ 
cojfsl) CO. of^cnisaj nrf^ o^cRiVnocQjejOflng 
(gscae^ contract at daybreak? 
A(T)QQ;(7jt) Qyal=3£<9€8uaib BO. 
gflOCQ^ fiyi interj. of pain 5>ajs)fi)d)>mr ftooA 
^OB ojoen^ MB. fiooQ (BidOQ^ei TP. 
£i9a2»)A9/Do, eooBiOTDo loud noise, conftised 
gftXO Ixia (8. a^Doa?) Hinder part of thigh, 
buttooks, ham. ft«gJo aotdq^ ^T)^ (huntg.) 

ai;9opror. oo»«uAAios0»O(Qbft«Mr)oq««»&fl|. 

Digitized by ^OOyiC^ 

gn)(Oo — g'Oig'Bk 


gq)(i) — gqXtJUJo 

ftoo Aion) qjV* "^s* anivial* to &U on their 

fi9(M>a»a^«a Yi. joint of thighbone. 
ftQfOCKddWjafia^rs A2ti9ftQj^ lapwing. 
^flXQo, Iram gfOrOOb, ^fO(t^<Bio (looeeningf 
V^ ftQ<»«>) 1. Several KaWaceae, So. an) 
^o,osp.lTrenaBinimtaBh. o^Qc^t^o Keloohia 
ehorifolia, «)3srDo Sida cordifoUa, ojsroo Sida 
rhomboideft; Qajaga>ab Sida populifolla, <d)9| 
ooi. Hibisens Titifolius. 2. 6>ajega>o 72. a 
tdi,e«rapa5. [(fr. ©.DaBa.). 

g'OetX^ fvaU Looee rails, fiorDOfirn^ B. loose nail 
jg<>KDl !• tee (v$1|SfD). 2. 8.=ioooafl eoneent 

2^!Mft Iba 8. Thigh, loins fi<9<ta<d)95rru3<0B^o. 
ftWDC^r*, &<MtB«iab the Valsya, bom of 
BimhaMo's thigh. 
ftoaBfa^QcBiOGOo sodomj. 
ftooBn^j^oSo IniMBess, AO(Qa)oaiio » mod. 

L ^<0(IBce», mrd vnya T. aM. To oreep ag 
•oake Yi. ride. moOMSfiO^ ftocnoo oj^Dmeo 
•QjaangBC. Yi8hnn.£«D(Qm) ngo^dEircb Yednt. 
reptiles. £WDlg_j (T. &<»ucn) reptHes Yi. 

H. g'OfWA, (61 1. T. M. To gUde down, slip, 
erawl &aiS^d3aatfo6\QtbO(A aofD^QojorQo pror. 
2«d1 Qjlynm ^qjcqjKB. 6)^rD)^r£l9o_jOdio 
drop off. 2. (T. C. £08) to draw off or oat, 
uMkeafke ojocb fiocgeil JLB. OB(d^/D^ qjIs^:^ 
AB. K9cnr)o oj^s^d^iol KU. to take the leaves 
ont of the string. 9^o(£ino oSiaH^tS^-a^s TP. 
slipped on. ooLjQjnm ajSMxen &o(»aT) <»y 
OdBMoA <Br^3tsvo proT. 8. (s ftfo, arSl) to strip 
off; flaj, polish, cua £or^ aa)9(aA, ojs) aoradcm 

cQCJuedaa) Bhr. 

TB. ft«MA ~ also friotlon (=3 ^ro). 

ftoiie^Do B. Palg. a sort of rake drawn by 

oxen, ftoii ojIbW to level the rloefield. 

Aoi^g-jeidH a similar implement. 
ft^^soQjsp) narrow path through jangle^ 
gfO^A fHl (prh. ft. ftoTDo) ▲ med. leaf 
ft«G^ ^^ «»^|tt9<aSBiOB9«e (o^me 6P si. 
(ors AQ<n«ncb if rabbedf) 

^<9rb Ir 5. (V^&QoriDOr SQ^dk) 1. Yillage, town, 

alsoa^30o (in. «»g|^a^ jS^o<^ib eto.) 

2. parish (» ono) ^wqo <c990Q^o stato ft ohnroh. 

&oro(2 (3§B>(ok (in title-deeds) of the parish M. 

ftoft (noolsnoQJScn eoai oiDaintiBeoaj prov. 

fiO(09a.A patrons or founders of tomples («! 

C^)« proprietors or managers of fanes (i -— 

8), representatires of village seojoro-io 

fiorooanb MB. figo(Q9cX> ^jig ^a&ooA oigoQ 

prov. £QrD3a A <S8xicro-io a temple belonging 

to a village (Ck>oh.) 

fin)foosnB, a^roo:]^ their ofioO) 0((ft)eia»as2 £^* 
0^0009 $>a>xX>aj9nb TB. duty of a Brahman 
Tangal, oaxia-O-i.^Sfiian &<9^o;gaaor?)^ 
qj CT)cq^<on(^0oft (Si^d^bono TB. ojfialci^AS 
&QrD3C|^ Yi. ownership of a church. 

Aoa>9sD} f. &<3<t>8ft)^ TP. 1 . lower Sudra casto 
(a(BRa09n6, a>og|(olcT)oca.& Bo.) their work 
agnjsrnl, «fi>£j6ml. e«3«)oan«a« Qjipl(ofrif61,a4 
g^ Qouoaai prov. 2. a forest tribe W. 
8.=awos^ predial slaves W. 

£orD)9Qj cLji^^aa lower elass of Brahmans in 
rDoaismcno^ who serve Snbrahmanya KU. 
(Bee ^3ga). 

SLQ^ndlaHrab sparrow. 

aiD^orr^ tame pig. 

£<3ad^ privileged building for the hunters 
of a parish (a^'dDob QjoT^Aajsaio MB.) 
to divide their game, goo (0)Oai3§l«fc go. 
CT\^3cn9X)<d>3oao £9i| hereditary guardian- 
Bhip of the same. cnl«o6)a aQAoj^Qjcnfl 

TP. in your hunting district. 

S'Df^SlV^ ai3i6am s. (a9cb^=a, 'orgao) 

Yigorous a'!Wte^«w®QLjn6 CG. 

^O^pr^ ll9Bm S. (NTojib) Wool. 

fi^<9gip)9iSo also figgfp)9sl Bhg. spider. 

g'Ortijjourdhvams. (cycju) i. High, tending 
upwards, as aoiabjcocDil; aoaoucrottiSo Bal. 
eooooALQo fto'09«^jdQfl(en SiL too high 
(sQaadflaeo). 2. net. beyond reaok, snooess- 

Digitized by ^OOQ IC 



g«)CX>o— g«)<fig3QJ 

l«f8 £«(ljU-i09ain 09^ayo(no FT. fioftujas 
c£)9y9Qi^^KDQAo. [head BrhmP. 

a'3gx>J<iJ(gnyo perpendioaUr mark on fore- 
£Q(SjO-iai9C[g,— oo jocroolast breath, f.i. £<9(9jUJ 

oejo. QjVaftScb fi^«9(SjUJ9fiJ0i)»o c/)0^aa KB. 

also &<9ajL)Jo Qjej^dM PT. to expire. fiQ 

(iJiXDo (Slo.) QKT1D Qj)a«o OODrDo Stati. 
£Q«jD joeJ9«>o hearen. fi«*ai (^o<^ ®^« going 

to beayen. 

gOD^ fbrp^ (aoA or aogj, aOgLjf) Claim, right 
fio. fi>i»)0^9<flAsnKLiiib the chief person at a 
marriage, hnnt. 

^fodSi nimi S. (ojtb to roil) Waye orfltb «0«ej 
£•901^ A fingerring. 

gq)Qce>, c51 nhi^ i. t, k. c. Te. aooj, To 

epring, oose QJ9t» fiOQ^t the month to water 
sfiOdSA. 2. (G. Te. Ta. fiodlj) to sink into, 
penetrate 099ejQt2^^9(^Qo 09Q, cui9^(0^9(^Qo 
fi)«)9a> CG. 8. (V^ftO) tosink to the bottom, 
sabslde, settle ^cugi(9b fiocSl <£blsd9eaiD, oaj 
QBo fioo) C(o^«n9s Tl. let It settle. 
Qtyo tanning matter fiooodBa^^a* (Ifo. ^oo 

d9al§^) A &QO e. to ten. 
fi«>«b sediment, lees, dregs, precipiteto aj<gn) 

0(iA 10 oonseontiTe sterches, as of ojorak 

Qoikfie ete. med. 
fi'90%),9^, £<90(ea95) 1. H. mn(S\ dhyanon oai 

ffi/oiai^aaifiigodibsAgsll. q.T.(4to9^injp 

«9innd9a9ft AS^dSeo). 2. 8o.s0d>9SSo., 

^d9a Palg., ^daa9cr>o No. 
ftOQ, fiooQ sediment eto. 

fi<9O0CQjej1 tarantula B. [tressed. 

AQQ o«>s Oojocdn he is unsettled, dis- 

T. a. fiooQdi to ponr out oarefally, strain, 
filter. 9iD9(^. to take the water fVom the 
cooked rice. 

fioooi j^flnB9(fla to make ster oh, arrowroot, eto.; 

fiocxSl oQ^et^ to take batter out of buttermilk, 
oil from the water In wbloh dlMeds were 

boiled. 09ocroo a^oA fiooc^a oQ^dHcm 
AooDOicru Kid. 

gfOOOo nft'am T.M. (&i9nbQ=»&'9^) ^ • Strength, 
power dfcDOcfl«abo fia T«. gust of wind fto' 
09CB; Oafii9£3o EB. load, — ajj^om^aao hard 
struggle, — s)cn9aiiaio SQ. , — oeW KB. fiooo 
aro9coo Aig. £i9*^«>eg9n8 6)aj(^ab90Q KB. 
&«9OO09aiil oj^ooiflb) YCh. &o*(ORiW odfir^^; 
also adr. &0000 oojoflaaAnj. to eat plenty. 
fiQOOoaj1^^o4»»^3^oBhr. fiooom^C^OflBS 
a& Qqj<ajU8ai9ej9aOfiJo SiPu. ^oooo qjo«i to 
boast, threaten, aioov 8i05ic||Ooo ^^^^ T&. 
they feel themseWes stronger, firmer. a.QCX>o 
$)ajaa'Oiei, &«. oojoo, fio'ee^po BC. mighty. 
Henoe: fiooocnao ooaaaaab KB 5. mighty. 
&QOOc0n9roabid. fii900daeo(oso dfldljgA Arcb Cr. 

Arj. fi<90oae9A FT. the noble A wise, fi« 

oodBa9masnn a oloTer lady. 
fiooO(m JO (loo. Q^oocioemo) great power, spaoi- 

fic attribute of a Paradeyate. 

§mj{A uval 4e gq)tfrob £^<8> To whistle (loe.) 

g^OdnbuU&(prb.fiOuJ^»(ryi»il) 1. One who 
has a sparing beard. 2. simpleton. 

eooeavoa»^«fiaA 8o.sor9lg))9Acn9faB, ODosnr^l 

fi<9oegaQos^ short beard, aa OAaaidgtcnD KC. 
ft«oeocn»9s'<fia9Aloe. the French. 

g<t)c&^ tiarn, g<Or^(tyo S. (et&f ) Sallne sofl 
* &<9£a(t9ca)xJ9(r) Qj9aj1as) Anj.sfi^ajofn^eiCQ 
Qj^fixncBa a foolish attempt. 
ftQ£^r^Qafic^(^o YiWP. a kind of temples to 
which higher efflcaoy is ascribed than to 
g<»)caartJ)-io see g[")tfctb. 

£q)c&g3ajliimaYf4E^^c&gB.(Ad^) l.Heat 
fiQA<^(0a crfliaeo Qj(»Q.'si9i9§y9 Bhg. 2. fto 
<^9(6a<>d the sibilante (gram.) ca, (fii, oo, aO. 
Hence: ^06>nbo uJlimo fiQ<^aogg^m CO. 
ft«^ttO«»S9f CG. 
fio^cb ardent or)ft(i6'fi«. Val. 

Digitized by ^OOQ IC 

^'DoOb — geroft 



g<9Q0b fihun 8. (V^l. to puBh. 2. to observe) 

Onaes, ooigeotare. aib &o. QojoQfiJ qjoq^oio 

KB. I merelj snggeflt. 

fiQaoOT) OiQ»ocnDa> Ti. to eiupect. 

denT. fiooo^Ai to gnoM, infer. [able. 

fioodlono part, goeeeed; &oqO|0 Kad. gaess- 

CY. aD2Q«)09r« ~ ^|)aiQ)Q6^g^^odo TetC. by 
thai ugn she indieated, led to infer. 
gtO^ Qa 1. T. K. C. (0oa^, ia^) To howl £<ofl 

oQ^ai. 2. T. So. rottennees, muens. S. bristle 

=a*JW*. [wind. 

SL^nb T. So. jaekal, fioa&ooQ cold blowing 

?9:ai9cn\ aeg^s &QOfl<dao Kid 43. to bend? 

fiLOftl (^§<fiA yi.=d9^ howl ofdog, jack- 
al, chatter of monkey. a>(p(0Qa) oOl^ajfiBI 
ooj^ ^cne Qjlft)(fla(hantg.) — aJ^pcBH^ isi^ 
m fio^QEHg Yl. Ko. swam under water 
<=^(f^; orfl^anOGj) 9cLiQAf q<eaa e$a>). 

^^ 111 (T.rsayoRbb destiny, old usage; C. Ta. 
Te.8erTioe)fi.oip c0noronb Underteker of a lottery. 
— &QSP Q.>ocajoaii1 ^TiScdacnD MB. (=3<om^^). 
fiospol. experlenee flDoajsrnlien (Bioaioo £<9SPo 

a*!! Vi. 2. torn of duty, a«P0^ olm^Oo PT. 

by tarns. 8. term. odOdcoisnonosPocucnD PT. 

hlstnmeame. Ao)6>aigLpd9aom a<KPo. a^ipo 
09Q«>to change tarns. ©«d ftospioiAjA cdo 
sm\&o QSi(S\€a^ ojfCBcml^ TB. (= cocuj). o 
OiPtORft^cob 6)a>og)0o Mad. once, oq^ fiospo 
how often, a>9fu>o Vi. (=pLi§o, a»ol). 

fiosPo dkqsk^i ffiLQtffonM^) Ko. see ^spo. 

iLQSPob in So. M. chiefly serrant of kings 
(doomed slare? fool?) aQu>n>odn o^mo 09 
(oi9Qjio6 coe(on»)(Qb qg6>y>ogyo cnoo CG. 

a<D£:Mn-io (s:fi.QU>^jo) foUy, sbame. a^ajl6)C(v 

aQtf>(9b Vi. dirt as of a plate (T. filth). 

a«tfej^§a>ssaqaHgb to whistle. 

aoipl (T. lifetime; aspl place) T. M. 1, earth 

^9^^ QODfDo aO^CJu) fiJfi)^ AB. (nntfll^i y a j 

ae\tsiQ\f\ a>&M3alBhr. a'as/^oooaosabSiPas. 
thoa moonlike man!=:@£1d9fi jiJ(Q9(a-)o 
Qtw*. 2. world aos^ o® vlejo co)«oora& BC. 
8.=asP^2 rafters of ^^ & <8>^6sb placed 
between the stronger ones (loo.) aosployo 

aoipkB»oT.8oM.Ta.C.(Te.ft«DajDla»o) service. 
aos^CB^daso^obT. So M. Pa1g.=(SCLjaj<an3rDnb. 


Q In S. Tdbh. replaced by §Dm, ^(S\ as oilas 

(DRftly cBbl'DlcBK) ((y<ORft^, (QqOo)\ or dropped QDS 

ojo, uiMSBfiJ (g.-fi3So, (^oaiej). InM. ac^qg^ 
(Xymo!\ for 0c^(£l8|B, ctSIquisO; (soa9oqsi= 

Qcea ykkq, Q.QJ S. Verse (NTffliaiiJ'.) 

8«cojeo the 1st Yeda. 
g(£b^ |kiam S. (G. 4rktos) 1. Bear, Ursa 

minor. 2. oonsteilation in general nna<aQio) 

mo Bhg. 
QSJ tja S. Straight, whence (Si^e^aio; gfgi 

Mooo Bhr. ^(9^^^<BQa^o Qt^fUiAo oQfcrf!^ 

oj KB. uprightness. fg^^ ^5, p^^. 

@0i^^Oo f^ain 8. (L. reus) Debt ajltfmo ^§Qejo 

3smd»0)Dai creditor. 
g6mO09jaicno payment of debte. 
grO\> j6am S. (L. ratus) Bight, truth. 6) jiKS^i 
smo cgolajo«BiSl ©oj^oinb q<o)o VyM.= croa^o 
to swear. 
Q^ S. 1. season, esp. of 2 months g@ rdo 

nc^ spring, ao^ojia ^° ^11 seasons AB. 

2. menstruation. g@cu9CB> ^Q-iOS ft girl of 

age. (Bioojcto q^x>2Zo (q^ooj)^ Bhr. 
glgouja)^ influence of the different seasons 

.on one's health. 
3Q<m besides, except. (ng(S^ Bbg. without him. 
8<uj-jld* (V"fiD«) pi. hon. g(0)j^(fi8c)o KB. ft 

Q<mjldBaax)o Bhg. family-priest. 

Digitized byg^^OOglC 




Q(VS\ ;ddhi S. (oooo) Prosperiij, wealth. 
^ |bhu 8. (clever) 3 deified artists, 
^d^^ fsabham S. = (^:^so l . Bali, Tauras. 
2. med. root sSlojAc&saBcX) OP. (= £sajB>o). 

gc£ia) |ii 8. (3 ^P) Singer, sa^. In 4 classes 
Sexic&l asNarada, (go^oiac^, /Dondol, 0oO(^. 

Ursa migor is ouoj^rD^daD A>c)o Bhg 7. a^dc^ajnb 

(2 Bhg 8. 

8fi3)Q'a^3(diai3 an old saying. 

8(^ofc^0o AB. hermitage. 


are no Kal. letters. In alphabetical songs: 
gOsocfianb HKE. contemptible fool. 

6V3 LI & 6Ya Li 

enn^oal HNK. mantras such as lisma. 
o^aisoo UKK. a mantram. 


E (YE) 

Is found in Tdbh*s for m (oQenb), changes with 
initial c & &(<4)QCQjy QQQcnj, AQcnj), rarely 
with mt (qO^oo, (ai99cr)). 

o^ ye 5. Interr. pron. ognasoaio Yi. WhenP oq 
^sl howP Q^Qyoso, oQ^jgrno etc. 

ag)d8)(Do yeyaram^gavfDo Height (tu.) C Te. 

ci^dBblcj yeryihl T. M. (oa<»lQ). 1. Tooth, 
fang 6)d»>o^(ij6>§yailQ RC. ^tqi^ (^9aatMOOo 
GiQJ^qSi cuft6a^$>fla3«>rDaDQ(fr.cX>, ajgasnidcn 
s>QB>anQcnoe4 KR. Qjcnjl:^cnlmo Qjfl.«>«R'o<^Q 
CG. hence ai^rD6>aj^oab RC. 2. B. wing. 

a^cd6V> ekkam T. Te. (to ascend) 1. Best time 
for buying, hitting ={0>d9eo;(4Mq}QjlfijnDc§lrob 
(^as)o OojoAGJ TB. Qa)(Ss>(a^d)drDo=(BidcTr}nno 
ea QLnai'a^<d)oroo. o^^dSBiimlrob 01909^) in the 
Tery nick of time. qq. ocnstoal Qxisi^oj^fi^; 
qQ). 6>aj:^Ti . last stage of disease. 2. turning 
for fight. qQi0so gD^^ to turn to charge again, 
as cooks Vi. 

afl)<fl6ll§, a^oe©|6o see foil. 

o^<BG><B>f (66)1 ekknya 1. T. 80. To come up, 
stand on tiptoe. 2. T.M. to contract the stomach. 
QUQWQo oQan) (9)0§1 TP. showodan empty sto- 
mach. Q_j^ oQ(an)a>ft6a9 will not give milk. 
8. M. 0. Te. T. to card cotton ojasroizSl oO<de 
on Qj)§U bow for cleaning cotton, also ^aa 

oS^g^ MB. 4. (C. Te. «^yg) £0^, Skh 141 
^9(U90Btn begin to smell. 
TN. Q0)(fia(gb (sand cast ashore by rirers W. T.) 
OQ40B irregularly globular; sand ¥1.= 

Qa)<dM9b. [doubt. 

oQid^^d^o 4b — cd8 T. K. confusion, 
a^d8®g1d9© To hiccough. 
(^(dfiicX). Qg)<dnig 1. hiccough (M. Te. ao^ai 
8.) o®6BI§d>CSyo 909ao)i9nCX^o oa)<8s)i <^^aft 

(3^0 MM. oQdasis 9L)§ Ammt^oe^o Ai^. 
sobbing. 2.=a3<S8)o last breath qjoqi^o 
9^^ <q^$AftiCTno (^(0a)§c;^o YCh. 
a^9eb|(^ eilgil Cond. of QQck. 
ag^^S^bo ennal T.M.=6n<98c)D,0ur, we. Chiefly 

in obi. cases <^ifiintr)€SB&i^<i o^tnoTiDaiB AR. a 

onlaj36)5r®68Bc)o CHjgfcso aS\<ati CGh.; also Nom. 

oQOBdQ 9p.6KrrMaB5)cn croa>so rnlasmD CO. 
ag)65^ ebsa^ T. M. (V^oO^ oorreL £699, md 

a^) WhereP 

agfioqo anywhere, cTerywhere. «nnmaflflak 
t^fis^o orfl ojorn^g^ TP. on none of those days. 

<4)«aoado anywhere (nooDvW oQcaaoodo aoi 
croofiJo fiM^^dSn TR. cnog^ob i^^obxbo 
eos oeoaoMud. cno^ Asan ^|«Boab«Qj9 
da^cns TP. — mod. a^. o(|caB9S>«r«oaB qj)^ 

<4ll«)e«OD((Bio9cn)howf also rel. iigtaascnaftdib 

Digitized by ^OOy It! 

Ofl)AJo— Oft9««© 



agi^A MMMa»m» «D(a^a»9rDo cnsomook 
TB. if 700 do E8 I adTise. ^lOBQcnoyo 
howerer, at all evants. 

t^fia^cnicrOf i^a^an whenoe? 

(4(<a9aj^ oQ9CBB9^ whither P 

t^9«sa9(6=s oQaaexoKucb t, i. (Boai^ oa)^cBBo6 
Bhr. where at home? 

a^^o edtem (T. remaiiider, y/^oQsai)^, Ex- 

efements of lizards, fliei. ^j^mWi^y ^2. 

(^^QJ9S; anas Yi. 

flOs^Vak T. M. (C. t^«(«»A Te. aQo(^(A) re- 
BiainB & refoM of rictaals. 0^. ^^<Q <& 
ftlan to restore purity after meals, o^. qq^ 
gL^^s^^ (fiiSxS^ QucOBosROBhr. oo^aj9J9a<d> 
to poll ate by oontact with the mouth, as hand 
eta. ^^rab «ji19Q ojoa^d}) KIT. duty of 
Panaii. «aiabaa«>fi>«Tn^ej9C(ygaQ^g^oGO. 
the refoae of bees serres for idol worship. 
oOlj^e^o A^Q^o 92^ TB. gaye the meanest 
food, o^nbo oDglfii QQ.<flig_)<3y0O(an we are 
rednoed to g^reatest poverty. 

^jylejSRBaiddsnm oj^TP. thecow with whose 
dung I daub the floor after meals. 

<^ jyVaUfisfiacnoa med. plant, og). CfAij^siMH. 

^^^^<AcruBit^ eater of reftise (abuse). 

oO^<Z!i^Q-J9§ ft song after meals. 

<^^)^ e66a (C 6>aO:j^=9a-i(I]i2) in oO):^^^ 
^o Yi. Increased pay. 

a^«(2onoab yejamanaii Tdbh. cb — in ;ijl6>§ 
nedmnb Houselord. 

0^5 o^So, a^SQJo, (C. Tu.Te.)— see ^. 

^S3 e^a (C. 00)^9, T. (B10S9 ft oo^sa friend !) 
Hey! addressing male inferiors (also oia)®^s) 
contr. Qjdsocome, fellow! f. o^A oq4\, tu. 
aj9si, 0Q_t9S^. >- oqSso hon. for both genders 
OKD^QatOSO po. o^SMibo^so TB, my friend! 
also lor pi. A«fAA8(}os>«iOS9 on^OBch Hal. 

a09ce6», (^ e^nkka T.M.(O.Te. qo«82)i.To 
raise, lift, take ap. ooigao o^^qB a>anil(qst 
^ ojaeio «aMBI dk&^ TP. to take. «i^qi^ 

coo ^S99im KU. not taking arms. ^^(Oioi 
«LJOo)<MV 0o«>(eaog>)o proT. the midwife, oio 
C0)<ckY))<nD Qj)timo(ob c^§(0QS9 cannot be re- 
traeted. ajodHrsb ^ to mention ; Tomit. cr)9$)0j 
§(6A to speak. Often to raise, build a house. 
Q!k>s^<qBS TB. in plttoresk phrases nearly 
superfluous <^^(aiQ%A to put down, cn^a 
5)CBB§(aRii^a§nb Bhr. <4)§aSB ooj^jyatMob 0sa»l 
Qjoeo896yQ) KB. not stepping baok an inch, o® 
^fiSS d>a)0§d9a KU. to hand oyer arms with a 
blessing (work of cuocb o«>9gyn()). qjosS ojsmo 
aO}§d9s)6)d9»o§da» prov. «>s>d>csyo a>oe^ ^§<SI 
cry^<an to work with hands ft feet. 
2. to assume, undertake, bear. mQ9ni^<do»| uija 
^ etc. Qjsrn) ad), to do work, ajoceofinrujl 
0(0)0 Q^^cm^slaroab YCh. held heretical 
yiews. rotfi^ifla cnloacb JXavf^uje^Siatat <4d 
§c{^ EB. according to Cshatria fashion. 
8. to take out, choose, buy. ojoofii qQ). to ao- 
quire a garden, ojoooj ojloS o^^ooirdo^ 
«d>Q^o «)jim TB. resumed. oolaTicdn qq^ 
aando«n| (=s«>a)a9r^) OojocnD toooUeot taxes. 
G^(anA crooauD9cn9(on»ida 0^902 TB. con- 
4. y.n. to become raised, yisible, prominent; 
often imper8.O3r^roi3R^Qn0(Qb a^g»j c^]^. looks 
bony. cnobicnfDcnjo o^^cdssaj EB. oeofiio 
oQ^dSenno (= 0)9ib fi)aj<eemD). (0)ai o^^^toems 
to come to a head. Oojourab og). it is very hot. 
6) jxi^dOs (^. to become like gills, burst, etc. 

0^. to suflbr from. 

YK. I. old. oQ^ in Q^§5)aj§d3i to be taken. 

II. nQi^Qj 1 . raising, taking up. aa)^g^coc)o cn\ 
crn^oaS^ BC. litter. i«ioaj^n6o (^. o^^cqSB 
QQj03iri all that is portable of him she is 
dead. S. hanrest, produce. croanorD^SeJdaai 
oQ^SidAorijam ^/o)6)a)§gj TB. reyenue. g^o 
^MM>abo oQ. gain. 3. time, turn qd(Y)^ 
csyo d^ qq. (t?) (Bioajfi>ar) (8i^O9£^0d9a 
siDo PT. onee more. 

CY. oQ^^^tiOs 1. to get to take up. c^^^^^ 

Digitized bfdtjOOQlC 



a0)8rv|) — ag^CG) 

CB^^ixob MB. if you send me by palankin. 
oQ^jS^Si^t£\B^o ojccBo TR. oTda if not able 
to walk. Qj^ddn c^*:^ Od>o9n9 ttuooft 
6mo lei yourself be borne slowly, ojocb oO). 
=^aB$)o^a2n(bbcT)lnno isi^q^cjdo oa^^sa. 
2. to make to fioiBh, get built, set to work. 

emo aa)':^Mad. got up deoorations. 8. to 

collect reyenue, asOoTt. aj«nr>oag). T£. e^ 

6ascb6)^gl c^'iancx^o j^^oih VCh. princes. 

a^§rg]g)aUS| Ta. Nayer-house, see qdso, o^So. 

c^steyo^ ettiyail=6)jii§loQ/onb; ^©.wttglcswo 

<^§ ett9 ^-^-C^* qQ^^ f^m 00)^=5) Eight. 
oa)§05>&jonno ^. ro)§9nb symogorob (^. proT. 
oQssisoab a fabulous animal of the Himalaya 

(Qa)§^gO3«08c)o Nal.) qQ^ 00)6^90 Qjgasro»l(ob 

folonovpcno CG. 
ogygoo, oQ)g30nb eighth. oQsoooQ^.ino) eoojl 

c0ai Anj. (d3ocn«0ocn9ro93V6Yr)3CD;). 
(^§l^6>(UOO 6)oj9§n6 born in the 7th month, 

supposed to be perfect in body (oQglsoj 

a£\ai9ai^o YGh.), but deficient in mind. 
Q^^<0)oaio6 spider. o^'6)nbo es, cuai T2. also 

QQ^6)(0n9nriD(^g_]O rate of tax leTiedinTravan- 
core (3 in 10 out of riceland & 1 in 8 upon 
produce of gardenland) W. 

oOif a^cfle = fflioc^e^ifls. [© ad^o® KU. 

oQ^ojonlcnoQo offerings to Gods Qaaiddn c^j. 

Q^snbaxanrob 8 spoonsful, amed. 

(4|Q5i^96n6 octangular. 

o^^mv^oa (6^09) the 8 points. Bhg. qQSt^ji) 

(S^o anr)9d9n) BG. looked everywhere for 


oa)g);99b 8X4- QQsrr^cm 8X8* 

o^ODOsOroo 8000. 

oogjjOipl 8 N511. oo^afgQ 800, 

Qa)||:]pa>9nB9cx^rDo 16000 (Azg.) 

o0^S eighty Q0)gTj(OiBnr^a«si9rab a^ proT. 

oQgneMi 8 palam (amed.) 

oQSfM 8 persons. oQcnB^bOcDdcoo the Beyal 
oonnoil inColanadu, 7 persons with the Bija. 

a0)6ry{) 89 K. T. Number; thought. c^^snQ 
6>Qj9as Q-jrD0onrxiao B8. rery high. 

o^g^ e99a T. H. C. Tu. (og^ sxTxaTi) i. 
Besam oil, gen. nr)S)^g^; aa)@eieiea <>^^ ^ 
6Tr>3a» (SaoOCBBSiS figglejeglod-irDob Aig. 
2. oil. e^. (9>0^a), 0^<d8a>. 

oig)|man<o a tree. (Ko.) 

Qfllgjj'^^si a oake Vi. 

oajB^iiS^ frying pan. 

Q^gm^om) Tcssel for anointing the siek. 

oO^flDg-jOcanob (o-ioodl) Botala rertidllaris. Bh. 

ci^6|nno e^ll^am YN. of foil. l. Number, coun- 
ting, a^. QODOcdeat to count, qQ. ti&g^aa to 
settle an account. a^.flDgyo3<o)9a.o, o^eidoo CO. 
innumerable, oj^s^ qQ. 9etj^Ac£\§^ stunted 
fruits are not counted. 2. number, piece, 
article, even of persons. gDfo)aj(qsi'009«gDo 
cnvsjcvioib TP. goocdn^es o^. o^oma^sns^^ 
TB. proffered calumnies, ofl^croo e.5nBoaj3n6 
(mcBAQJODo €^ib (^ODaecb siftsob cnsme Oqj9 
s>cBinno TB. as if I had committed any thing 
to displease you. Q^ocgjsne og^aed) duty. 
n^^gny^igmo pdrtioular account. 

Q^)gmda> eiH^nya 5.(Te.Q0)nr»V^oQ6nb) l.To 
count, number (<Dgf]^QOgf)p AQaKmltmacq^gigo 
OnP. 2. to esteem. Qa>g[][J^>^§^^ influential 
persons. a^gO}S)gj§ <Bi^«xX> TB. (opp. crooqf 
ifla)c)o). oOlfifQ^fb enemies (po.) 8. to recount, 
relate aa)aDlajoa) to speak diffusely. aQgfgnn^ 
(2 j»)Q-J£Jo QDone a<fr§9fl)b CCh. this sad tale. 
oQffiDidSn 1. CV. to get counted. 2. TS. e^ 
flrnld9s>OA3^as> to account for, ^ Qcnddos 
d9> to take a list Yi.<T. G.) 

o^^enaenol e9iDWji=ag)6o(2ienol. 

Qfl)en2A, Qqfify^cnd see a^^. 

A®^ e(a (G. Te. 0^ to lie orer against, ready 
for) 1. Boundary, limit c4fiMitB»^t^ or)^<^o, 
Qj6«a (^(tn^QD/aAQjo MB. S. end, criaia t^ 
6KOM9a Qjai<fin = <0KO>; oax&eMcstat QaKQ»<%o Ti. 

Digitized by ^OOyii^ 

a^(9b — o0)^ 


aqfi^A — O0X9) 

aq^as)o eSam Fo. ft So. =0^2. s, o^dato s. s. 

o^ftnVb eSir (V^o^ see a^^) 1. Opposite, 
AdTorae. 2. mftteh, oomparftble ^cnldBasA 
<^i^A QOnnD«iitoe^^ KB. fisob 00ft8Qj^flm 
^A ^^^& RC. like Hera. Aocvocu^ob efijft 
oSlAOoifOOSai^ A Sqj^oAocvo Bhfp. to Tie with. 
Hanee: (^^(Da^ opponent, riral; alto o^^ro). 
v^miiS^S eqaiTnleat, oopy. 
fiOOk^ro^a> to oppose, resist. 
i^«n«(M)ai id. a>rQ(Q)ai9<oa5 <4i^Q(0Qo BC. 
i^oiilarD^ to ndTonce to meet, oppose. 
^^Qacdrak spike B. 
oi^Q^ofinoc^ to oome agninst MDcxg «incn\si^» 

rs)Q>ft06>9«a(QD ^crxoo B8. 
i4)Anl(ofBifiJ enemy. 
^^6 (QM^4») to meet in battle a^^ft (oio 

9(LJ9Siia[^m9SKl}Cm BC. ry^^ 

oQ/t£ihSHiJi^A to meet, oppose; to be opposed 
<4)<ail4bQajDa8A to fight (Roojocnos oQrmlA 

Oaja(t8(2 Bhr. 
^[^ib^Qio = c^^aiHdnO) ajoo Yi . 
^^AQe§ breastbone. 

o^4»)ibai9<0BQjoe)a)Og^, oOK^A^'^-J^)^^-^* 
<i^rO)|(ncd>^ (TTd (old) «ajo<Doonl«md)AM<A) 
(C9arnlaja6 ogfcnSi KB. — Inf. ofl)<tnla)«Qj, o^ 
laTi^fD 1. Against. ai»d)l5)orvcO(Sro auasajab (sn 
^asm eloDo Bhr. (=■ ooDOro) 2. early q^|k<'^Q(0 
<s^o fliO(n)^<flao c4^(p{S<8>, oQrmlrDOaj 8cnxi?<fl6» 
a med. erery morning (=sa^&i(b«>o«fiJ Tl.) 
^^im, OBK 1. to attack (^DroHaiBt sooodo 
ojikne KB. ogtJOcQsxsi^qQsnb Mad. 2. to 
fisoe, resist (4^<i]^(SooO(6an^SO. — adr. o® 
olOflSBi straight, entirely. c4D4n)9(BiBi oj^ 
ooV>o Tl. quite green. 
▼K. o^^^ opposition; wlmt erosses one*s 
way, phantom, bad omen Yi. 
00)^ e5a (see o^^) Limit? or endf (n^ oj&p) 
mdBm QJOOB^ og)Q an«oa^oa>o9q| ojkno (jod.) 
befog too ezlumsted to reaeh home. 

o^l^d^ Ottltya (T. Ad^B, 0. T. Q^, Te. 
^iB» V"oda) 1* ^o stretoh as far as, reaoh, 
arrire Qjl^fi>«»a» o0)<gR)!^, with Dat. mdSc^ 
9ej(fla or oiDslan oQiOzi) MB. dived to the 
bottom. M^GjIonarbbcnVm c^Dtoialocnoian) TB. 
peeped over. c^toioaaiEi eascm prov. not to be 
found, sajfi)^ aj^jojo^oo Qyainb o^oQcdKang) 
TB. will notbeaooompUshed. m»c£^cr!i 0^0109 
<^^ Bhr. if I fail to fulfil the vow. fit^gjoob 
QQ(qi^09 (TV^^dto^aOffn KB. only a yirtnous 
man can rule such a land (= ^§<a>). ^q^A 
0D6)gjcrBO^Ofb Bhg. we shall not conquer, o^ 
cn)<d»(nD.-u6>nr)6)a^99r« a^qsi»(£\g^ no profit. 
(s ^|d»>). oQCORitlsS 6kU9^0rDfimo 8G. (= aj(Dl 
a>). 2. T. a. to reaoh, obtoin. oiDOJOft Qgn-woH 
Q^g^ CBKB)grDn<0so Bhri. could not oome up 
with her. cnls>nm eDSMaBasrznlcBMAk^djrDoadic^ 
qOo Bhg. providentially I met thee. (au)«>«)A 
a^(SR»l ajls)«>Q-i§ Mud. (generally with 800.) 
(^Qnr 9S Q0)«SJ}a>CBil§^ Bhr. shall not overtoke 

YK. I. oQOioio reaoh, length. 
n.QQ(ORMbk,c^di2l*'®*obiDg. ^qBi$>aj§acixj9 
c)o8ah. when within reaoh. Qg)<qB^n9^ 
«>d9)99^ qjWhd jud. fell before I could reaoh. 
A(9 f^ajQojo^o GgySo. thare is no getting 
at him, 2. halting. 
GY. L ^oionaa i.tomake to reaoh. oi^siftdBO 
6Vb;9rA cnceniojTcnaMSifMk oQiaiSitB^o TB. 
shall send up. ODcSW^ ojonofob c<)<oiandaa9o 
report, ojs o^ to gather a host. oosqggofOo 
9cn^ oQ. to perform, ojsmo^. to spend. 
2. freq. Aoaib oQmii<Bsi to walk with diffi- 
culty, halt, QQ(BiO)):;[y cnsdaa, oa^asnA^iftM* 

(=: aQCt9i(dt)m 

IL a9{0R»)^«9a id. f^*«<ae4«riisas£ (^'ae9o 
TB. jAkOcea cooya>aa£\<A ^. to transport to. 

iiflXffi) •*'% «w og)awnVo (aa+rm^^) what 

quantity P how mnoh, how manyf a^N9)tfii» ^d 
fiMiem^ (distributtTe) howmuohto eachP o^n^ 
^ OtiaOAo what measureP cO^QiOs Ibr how 

Digitized by ^OOQ IC 

ofljoo— ftftmnl 



miioh? 00)0® 3So, <ig)(@)Q,iiRiiaao bow farf o^ 
o®o§ orromo HR. how far do yoa Tontare! 

oQ^oqjo how maohsooTer, Tory mach ag)(S)Q;yo 
Q^ooo «)ai3^S)^ocQ9 o^nb OG. long de- 
sired. ogi^^^SKOio croaBbSOton99S)S a>rOfinooejo 

ft^no Bee n. (i^nrY^. 

ag)00l often =^00i 

a0}CYb eh T. K. Tu. aC. (=ci2>ab) Obi. case of 

cttioob, 6©onb T. Qfl)onr)36m I swear by myself 

(Dat. Q(])cnld9o & o^ootdQ). 

ag)nbcga)onb 1. my Lord. 2. Qa)(cnjonbaclasB 
of sacrificing Brahmans at Klleswaram etc. 
og^njosxibo QjlatdRCSgg Qjor£lcQ/«)n6o f8iOQi9>o 
ipo proT. soeaiTn^ aa)(CQ:)oaiDi(Dl TR. 

Q^nb 6)ojra303nb B. a low Brahman class. 

A^C^ en&n T. K. Te. C. (00)0+®) ^hatP 
also = 0^00^010 whyP QQS)na)aso astonb t^sm 
ism QjoaecTiD PT. oQSXKDmo, oQcnfl^ why? 
6)A)^3mj9nb oQQom Bbr. why not doP oQcmo 
azH Qjoio TP. why did yon oomeP (Bro5vai«>s>cra) 
wbat for? Yi. cnlcsl^OflA 00)000) o^aio Bhr. 
«Bi90g^O(b aa)CRD)aio QuJOCiSono better leave it 
undesoribed. — 

oiQ)@aj9o6 gs(iDAaiB9(Q «^ PT. 

oQCR&itl^o, oQ^CCOlOOj o0ORI>(Y)o, oQfmSlino'f aQCRDl 

roo & QO)oro>CT>o 09^ tu. Ko. Qg)(n»g-j(T)99iil 
Cott. — used for the name of something 
unknown, nnremembered etc. et^ o^cr^f^ 
A^osni QJ9 that Hhing" there — oO)a^ro 
(OttnTsm loo. ss what hare yon come forP 

n^nnnl enni, a^nnrf|<Scai, a^Gng^ (fir. 

iBioloO), or 90 on)) 1. Without, j^ctoqcb; 
oog) KR. (=SQ§y93<m). SA^g-j.'onrmoo arp«e/aftl 
a^^arTl Bhg. ^ssLioem^OcB; Bhr. 2. except 
(=:aiDgjo9(0>) dftsojA noo5>ajnrn1 oojsneo HNK. 
nothing required but one^s tongoa. dBAm^ 
CB/r^(ob oQfCrn^ aoQea-u/diai Qgj Bhr.*~AB 
oonjnnetion with Inf. enaodo o^tOOi^^m^ cn\ 
coedo fi>A}9(m2 0«x)MBa6KBrm^ Bhr. or with 

finite Terb. d(ml,^(61a«fiKmrm)oa» cio^ifla 
c£\e^ fiooob KB. «»ajO(D OKJoio^an^^ov ^ 
a»o crvfiU0)§^ KB. Abiolate: t^^crnioxa) ooxn 
(SjonaoA Amoooorii KU. on the other haad, if 
— ieioojisotsiB) cm^cz79no%o oQcm^ocBi ^n 
rodnoancBoOrDo^o TR. (=:9o»:ficiQfiB). 
a4)nrn)ocB;o ognnriD Qiiioa);^ anj thing beaidaaf 

I. a^iCn ^idai (0. T. oaabQ V" oq) wiiat 

dayP when? 6I»9Ct6 d^^oioo <4|<nD <b»919 AIL 
ogfm^cn^ d>o6noono Bhr. o^^omOojonib ^Mvocumo 

00)0100, Q0)Qcmd98o always, c^fiicmcmo ojr^ai 
Qttngy, ano9J9cn>03CBn cr^^nmoi oooon 
OomcSao oomoTR. for ever and oyer. 

II. ti^nnrd T. M. C. (G. Te. Tn. irocB, see ffo 
Qcn) past tense of def.Y. oQOd 1. To Bound, 
say, think. WH o0)(m9^ they called it a cheat. 
Qq-19 oQcmo&i etc. the present obsolete; fat. 
aO)rig. 2. auxT.= fii^at, to sound thus, appear 
thus, be such. 

ady. part, oq^cm 1.=sso^»9D^^^O} oO^^o 8* — 9a_i 
dl^o crfl orfl rn) (^cvid cnl(Bi:^ Bhr. abued 
him, saying : thou I; so : og^cm aj06n^ 9A^, 
d9(i^, Q^gmomD ft other Verbs of speaking, 
showing ((0»9 oO)oid i^9r«) Hud.) or percep- 
tion A resolution. — also before Nouns: 
iD^cS^A 00)000 (nOcm 9ajft (8»axXyds Bhr. 
crolrm o4D$KTTXT»6)5 00900 KR. cng^ ojobo 
aO)or« ar)^CB»o, og^cn crol'SJUo, crozBono, e^ 
(^Aobo amo, (LJtBSao etc. jiicgji Oajso eQ 
mo CHDakSo SO. fi/olc0n c^oriD (Doaoobo 
€>jii9§^m9rgb et^nrs KR. 
Often with sDOBOcr), etc. og^ag^cr^ o^ 
Oflmojo, oO)<m^.si£o. Also c()|(lO(snSVQb erSlcSa 
oQcm (0)906 09Qd9ae)ft e^an cQm 01906 
ojfi&o flQQ rosnio 6Mplfi)«B09a8 uxao Sg| 

2.=oOKn)9ab or f.i. oj^Al^ttsb aOKT» an>ocn>9 
rol^grob Oaidxflsan© g^o jad. 
Comp. with Verbs fliofy f. i. oQ^m OAom aogy 
moreoTer; n^* f.i. egy oojoQn) «0cino«i 

Digitized by ^OOyiC^ 




CBKXob fthere being no hope of pardon. oS^ejo 
ffoojoobo fiM^asOK/ooaoma^ MB. declared 
it to be his. oQfiicm u^ficixm9dii!\ PT. oiog^ 
jqi20o§»|nm9<6eajonb adft^^^ ^^' vl^o ^^"^ *^^^ 
itP 8fii9d>coBcb flLS>9^nrvK> s^iB'^o (Si^^cm 
120 &iJon6 SiPo. thou makesi worlds & des- 
trojest them* 

— *&$A f'i' (iQaT^§ considering that, in 
ooBseqnence thereof AOQ2j0«>g^)(Tn^§«flLjdQfial^ 
Nal. seeing its nselessness, he dropped it. <^ 
onWo nevertheless. 

— e<ol<0e f .1. oQf® oqfrn^(S\eti\Q^o in whatever 
measnre. oQoi )^/D)dae9au)cX> when it happens, 
that — ; also: <4)an)^^^^><^d^ di<dn^(9b, oq 
an)<i)«d9e under snch oirenmstances. 

— Cg^ &^ ^« <• (8iOft»«vnnrn)§>) Bhr. I can- 
not say: no. Qjcod^xmnnDQsneo, 90j«mo o^^cm^gj. 
SOD ea»TJn (^orn^gy ooogsoroajcno $)^<s^9(ob 
Si Pa. it matters not of what caste yon are. 
©omgi ©.ays^soQj oQorn^^ouiaajib BiPu. 
unconcerned about any law. 

QJ4b AO^naoib o^ono otcne KR. their sending 
a monkey proves that — (tv«>^'^ &§y c^j^ane 
ojOBo, <^oo6o (^^(ono cnl^ejo <^ono cu'Dns 
S it mast not tarn out vain labour, o^xjoggj 
Qjoob <^nrD QjfiBcmon^aLionb s^Oitao cng^ Kal. 
is this the way to prove your coarageP aqj 
QnrhlfiLiajQ ds^s^^mo ojm.m) 5>«)euo Bhr. 
God brought it about, that we must. 

— SKUdaa f.i. 9(^nb oQcm. Sioj^ Si^ocm (= 

TP. I shall no more dub you N. oxi^oib o^cno 
fiKxi^orgb cntagos dos (a^.'0ioil<dno(9or)9<simo 
TB. aa for the K. he is but my servant (=:(^ 
anxA). croT^iiAO^ ^9^on t^^cno oai^atab 
cnao ajrD^(8>cq|o AiiiogjooTB. Often with rela- 
tives Si^cn (^Q (^(8>orDo QjGsum oQcm ooj 

^9^ SlO^nboiggo 0^^ ODS«98»9o TB. 

— «.xifimo f.i. 9oO(9$>aioaQKne ocusmoogyo 
KU. you wish to hear, why. 

— 93Li«q| f.i. arD^^oob vQftcm 9aj9i| Bhr. 
it mast be said at last ; he died, ^c^nb oQfiicm 
0019^ truly a badmaol qQchd Qojsnio '^io 

With Kouns : <^nrT) ojlooDifiaoa cnar^svo^sso 
oroSoU Bhr. indeed well done I o^Snrr) a\^€n 
6>0, oa^^Som A(%90 etc. that's a joy I what 
a grief t aQOom ^«mo oji^ Mud. thus only can 
you be saved. Q®<san (px^ £@S PT. 
Cond. ciQ9bi/ab, Qg)iT)oaA 1. ifso, theQ = (8id 
CB^»ab, (Si^dTloib f. i. orSl§uar)is>gjaDlrobsi99nb SiOto 
atom^sng KB. if you are for flght'iDg. Qaooo 
gof^ (^Sblcob (^ao90 Qojsnao Bhr. c^sblmb 
Qjfo)a> well then come! aQ)(TiD9<bb (Si9aj«)m oj 
(CBasssatYetC. — o^iioe^^ aQOalQaJd wbatif you 
did ask ? perhaps you should ask» — Amplified 
(dnosQjgfio eo>g^nm9d>nrgb, (^cno Qjasnmofin.'bb 
Bhr. siB<6!\ fifi>9vaD93^b^<tib AB. oQ^nm aicm 
SQj9CB;9(bb Mud. if unfortunately . — 2. oQcmicdii 
ft t^?£\(dL stand often in the beginning of 
treatises (4)aB9^(9bs<d)|6>^9^d), oQ9^1sai9 QiO> 
goe^o Bhr. hear then I (096a93jajd>.c)o(de ou 
eJ9o aQonMob TR. what 1 have to say is as 
follows (heading of letters). Also at the close 
before the date aQnm9(^ s)fi)9gyo ci^o)0 etc. 
<*BO done in the year etc." 3. Q^)om9ro6 is often 
connected with Interrog. pronouns et^zy^ offtoa) 
Si^'Oiisngcmoafi MB. the reason for this is as 
follows. oQi(5) 06rn)o3saj.'O9n6 <e>|yor) QQom9rol> 
euros J TR. at the hour you wish. 4. in that 
case, but. q^<^CTUDl(cnlcrooa09rD9eli>'c)o 5)i^9 
gj^ ^2(0)1 dsaso (^nnD3(obaiosa^^c09Ggcm^s9 
YilvP. I might attempt to praise, bat it could 
hardly be called praising. 5. viz. that is 
to say or (£\^ ogin-isrob roPsm^scob, cnoo isiooj 
aao^ ojgaa $>d>9§<dn9o, aiC[]S($)e^ oigls^tgi 
0^. s)i>)9fl^<m(g fiRisnb ^sn^, ojOBi'CRftl t^jfrnocih 
c^a^dty jod. No. 

Goncessionals : aQongajo, oOBbi^jo oven if so, 
although. a>6r^ (^)aTi9eAo ^.^s>aost^ Qaj9 
a>o^gjPT. thoagh I should find something. 
(^oj^QS aQOb^ejo wheresoever. KSMiDOble^o 

Digitized by ^OOQ IC 



o^g^OD — Q0)<6) 

this time at leaat. inog^<ob c^omoeijo 49^^ o 
KeiK. oTen at night. 90xmo oQifi^Q^o 
GurDo® howerer maoh wanted. Amplified 
o^Dono^ejo, <^mD oiomaejo etc. doable: isi^ 
snocoacX) oo^afleio fixugq^coecX) oQS^ejo (9^ 
Q(DC(^ cro2acO^€)S9gyo (ftDsnoQjonb KB. 
permit neither men nor women. aQ6xm cQ 
cmo^e^o oQmDQS QauoafDob ((n«>rm oQomo 
«^Q4o eogsB S0$)<9n cr^ DK. eat either me or 
my brother, 
adj. part. oQcnOf aQcmes (fat. ogf^ sach, that 
ooonb Qa)nrT) soajo the thought of I, of self. 

Q^iQ)nb &6neos>a2;onDea aroQaQOreaanOioa^ KB. 
the joy of having a son. o^cm^o-ioAai in 
like manner as, oQcm Qcnroo, c^nm^scX) 
(4)(mai05>o whereapon. o^^naso, oQrr»s>0 
So BC. when he said. 0^)9009^0 Ujl^nb CG. 
so bold as to say. 
part. Noans a., raoa oQcmajcib Bhr.= oarcB 
cnozozS the person called Barn. (Bi02 oQ 
cms Q-Konb Tatw. the word "it" signifies 
God. aKrr?tt><08fmajA oQnmQjftt^ccyo o^Dgj 
003 KB. does one also kill suppliants? qao 
g^cm eQQ^tSfiAa si<Oiog^Si^cm9(ai qj^ Bhr. 
dangerous beasts are of course killed, b., qq 

nb Nal. consequently I drank, o^^crr^ Ocuo 
roo YCh. and what is more. o^(maA)6)nbo 
QOdoBno after that etc. 
adT. part. fat. oQnaorib (rare) <Bior®<0) , oqcbo 
cir)as)c)o 6) ji)^ Bhr. (= oQm). Si^og^o oQiCXdo 
ado @Dgy KB. nor does it follow that, te^ 
ja3orD0«)§»)n09ab oa)®^eJo CG. rDsn^ OdOAi 

dsmrr^ Gan. the reason why both figures 
are equal. 
Inf. oQ^=s(Si09cn 1. forms many Adverbs jSt 
AdBaor), Qj^ODi 6>iiiQOf08Cn etc. 2. it 
serres for hypothetical affirmation, moojcib 
SDO^ocb £G>9ie8aDc9ti (m&iQQj9«(s;3ar) it 
would have cost him his head. (ra. qjo 

with past part, a kiod of Imper. ojan^ak 
^pwrncn TP. opea ! 
ag)^Oo eppuhm What side? (o^) Ti. 

a9)CSa-J^o eppQnun (q®) Eyery one, o^^O^jS)^ 
grg^o, oQS^rD)r?ib 6)qj§^o of whatcTcr descrip- 
tion, all included (doc.) iiiaaoneocroodaiafiryoa 
9Q^(m9ei Mad. 

OL^^CS^O^o eppol ((Sojoip) What time, when? 

also oQa^9Q«^(fl6, o^)Q^9^p^ ; with s.o always. 
a^CZkCn) ema& Tdbh. <ai^ch t i. fiCB;a>a>cn96M09 

QfD0S)an^t)«>fii KB. 

A^(cnj30rb embiaii see o^cibajioonb. [po. 
ft^j(ay DO/30ft Port. Emperador, emperor. Naar. 
ag)(2QtCYbdGblSDQj (aa)mcX) = cn2B(X>) 
nister of Colattiri. 

a^C^dBj, Cg^T eySuya T. aM. To get, obtain 

(=00)093^ 2.) oQQS^i^do fl3&JeBb03(r>O3fDo, 0^ 

(d)^o oQQE^p (performed) BC. 

'^^^^y ^ «yyttY» T.M. (C. Te. o®, a«^, 
ogi^iij) To shoot an arrow, 6iuo6moo<fi>D9« 
f8iOQLM>or)Qa)(^, d>>^iOTQil(gbo0^9n6Brhm.; also 
with doable Aoc. q^O03^(^ oooo c^j^oob ^ 
(indnmQcr) UB. fig. a>fiYr9(n«)(oiatg^$>a>99r^ c^mbl 
cnWnocXj SiPu- — 

CV. oQgHl«a». [to practise archery Vi. 

VK. q^cq; shooting, also oqQV cljqdoqa 

oQSjnb (C. Te. o^q) porcupine, hedgehog HG. 

ag)Ggj(njnrn) — its quills Qa)9BjnQgg. 
a(])^(T3jg^ see Q^roeto. 

(ig)r51d8A erikk^ T. M. (Tdbh. (TOcOoo, or oQ^ 
foil.) Calotropls gigantea. s>aj5)eg(^c08 white 
flowered swallow wort, Sira's flower, Anj. oQ^i 
fs£\Qi a modf oQ^D^cdiOnba^ GP. Q^roi<da09ej 
wreath of Sira. 

a^(S\ eri & 6\erO)(S\ T. H. Te. (C. Tu. &(S\) Heat, 
burning, pungency, ajroo QGK^€>Aigm<(flcnD 
Bhr. oqcd) Anro>oicr)0^tfl BC. 
og^(S\<Qa^iP€o% green ginger £«bu). 
Qa)<^®^9aoea) firebrand. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

ft^yStay — o^yiRjg 


oftfOC^ — «ffiOQ 

(^K^vsn baroing flAme. 

oQrsia^ hot curry with battermilk. 

qQ'o)o)qj9 S\ extreme heat of body oQ^ ^^smoo 
Nid. oQ). crcasu3rDo ojlblaA med. 

aaK^d<Oo=QQ^o>ddtt9eg[), aUo wood which 
ifpiites easily. 

a^eln6 a fish Yi. 

o^a)lay<0> T.n. To born oaKO^oq/doiS^ KR. 

fiooi^s^odb c^fDloEj/asa PT. 0^)^61 sn^Sajxcui^ it 

u coDsiiined; too pungent, fig. av>^'ijl^aO 

nsaisrab 00)^0^110 0ct>o KB. 

VK. I. (4)^aj(Qg)fOQTa.) 1. pungency, c^a) 
crn og^ aoj^ ripe for pickles. 3. seal, qq 
(o)Q^d»>9fDn6 Tehement, zealous Yi. 
II. og^^^ id, of eyes, month burning from 
pepper. a(])r^^a>c) (vo. oQ^9^<S^) a very 
hot curry. 

a^)<0l:d6i T. a. 1. To kindle fire, as smith; 

ignite iron. 2. to bum QgJ^do aQfol^ojob 

Biva. cnoja* atsifl^ oBlsblab qQ(^3^ w£\ 

QB'Saj PT. 3. to hiss as rocket, snake, c^fo^^ 

Aq^&i to go ofT like wet gunpowder. 

YN. c^'^^gj Yi. flame; torch. 

CY. Q^^dOa Yi. 

a^rgdesmo (o^rolaj) smell as of pepper, ob- 
serrod in some soils, unfayourable to cocoa- 
nut planting. 

o^roVa erima a^a^a^ t. m. c. tc. (Tu. Q^a» 

m., oQP^ fern.) Buffalo, obiefly the cows«>3ej) 
(m. Oojd^). cQ^aa^^vA (8».TA^^a8o^iAfto 
mxxdo <^Booajo GP. 
0aiO(3BAr£l0 1. jungle buffalo. 2. med. moon* 

plant on Himalaya (0^^01.11^ S.) 
o^OMifOs^ a milkplant Srioyne Yi. also <^ 

meima^ Bh. 
og^ose^edrDnb buffalo driver or keeper. 
<^rTJ909ab (prh. o^ns bullook ?) N. pr. a caste 

of masons (298$ in the Ta^iparambu Taluk 

o^^^ eraftf T. M. C. Te. (Tn. og^dSi like prec.) 
1. Bullook, oxsor)§ydk9A, ^(£^, chiefly as 

beast of burden croodaooo ag^aa«nti>abo ojo 
q^ ^zi)o6\ TR. 6) xi6)gaa»^a6 cg@Qd9>o) AR. 
fig. oQOd^ sofoOBJo jx^zcrn^^o ajlsnm atossm 
^SoQiin (8i05^a86>aT>(TC)^nno KR. a(D(T8<Q)0<flA to 
geld; to unman. 80. 2. red? (aT. Te. aa)08 = 
oQi(S\) oQasQO) So. early in the morning. 
<^a89<fio9rdab bullook driyer. 
(^(QdanzftitTi bullook house (from obi. or compos, 
case i4|)(Q3d82). 

A^f^C^ ezon&a T. M. & o^oTlc^ Bhellfish in 
riTers ^. (D)gj|Qcnj3c)o colai $xo)Ooi MR. 

(i^(S^3a.i Port. Eoiope in N. pr. of plants oO)' 

6)«>£ia», oai^«a&ciii, cia)*^a; ftiso 0®. ^rd(?A 

weayer's reed TR. 
a^O Bee fly)Q> 

o^cSl eH T. H. A throws o^^ f. i. ado^cBil^<0»; 

(iap^i0»g|}nib frowning, coquetting. 

oQcOoi^A) to throw, fling mo<S^ o®o)cai»9fab 

«oOCO A9<fin prov. QjdcX) «)(d)Osre AAomoi 

ea^ Bhr. with Aoo. of the person hit qljoo 

Si^osrS cQ. cnlrolsei (o^Si&i <m9cm GG. en 

Ca. abandon. i^j^olsni^aLjoat Yi. to talk as 
if throwin g stones at once. A§ d9A6)g][^«09 
aonotaei Bhg. an angry Raxasa. — 
VN. dQQ q. V. [hawk. 

oa)o)(»(ob> ^2. aa^o^AOJeaosnbsseoQjttoanb 

GY. Q^)oic(Oa», as jJloiolA^o^aO^dnb Mud. 

ft^6l£6^ ehkka T. M. 1. (No.) To protrude. 
2. B. to8hinea8 8nn(=oQ^?). 8. toremore 
the bark from timber, rough hew for sawing 
Yi. Qo)(dflinnD aroo <^o^d9acno jtl^CLKb KR. 

cig)Qcnj ehxmbu T. M. (C. goQj, seeflD— &ft 
- ) Ant. 
aa)Q6>a3J9<^<e»(ab line of hair on the belly (loo.) 

o^Oq eUtu T. M. (from q^qI, a®Q; C. Te. q®%) 

1. A blow, chiefly beating clothes = (BTOOJuan. 

2. sprinkling of wat^r (AOjgao (Q)&)<fi8)) a cere- 
mony performed by o-icponb Srd day after birth, 
7th day after death ; & followed by change of 
raiment ag)OQo 09OQO KU. 9. trap, snare 
aa)0()s>ajd9ift Y2. (see aO^OQ 4). 

Digitized by KjOOQIC 

ag)oq<e>— o^^ 



ag)OQ<d> 1. To throw, as with slSng^ftlUp, 
propel, spirt (ss As<3^a>) uya 6)fi>^6)<d>osnB oO) 
oolooDobBhr. a>Ag^s).'oiotoo^C[yo(m§^Q^o Anj. 

a>9n9^5o KB. 2. to beat hard B. 

ag)fiJ96ig^d8) eimnya To be agitated as wator 

in ahalf filled YesBel((Sv^«im o>),al6o e9floflim<fr. 
ag)fijl eli 5. (C. (DaH) Bat, mouse; d)35)^pj) = 

6)aj(^^o<p), jx^Sisr^eSi small mouse. 

<HI^<a»(0i9)1(£l, aQan(88»cn^ rat-trap (of iron). 

(^aDddkroc!^ guawing of mouse. 

Qg^ejldMogo («>oc^o) used med. MM. 

c^^eD^Qj^ a perfume, c^3<ofl|(n&io. 

(^gjIa^qjI (=:^.^aMu^)ETolTulu8 emar* 
giaatus or SalTinia oucuUaris Bh. 

(^^(onts^ PothoB pertusa Bh. [roof. 

oQaHoDsaKb, (^ejlo^aoob, oQan^jos parts of 

Qa)e%iAJ Tantr. a plant. [arsenic. 

oQej^acaaiMmo, — soBnno, — aj);^o ratsbane, 

oQejlesBU, (^ejlgL^toiAocD/o rat-trap (of wood). 

o^aDds rat-hole, also (^ei^gjotnofto. 

o^a^i^ Spinifex squamosns Bh. 
a^fiDojICYUQ^Od see gQaiojlnbojcA med. 
ag)ej(2|^ elomidda T.Pa1g.Lemontree,med. 
o^ej Olj elnmb^ T. M. C (C. Te. ag^ dh) Bone. 

oQguo o^ejcnjo ajos)^^rDl^nm Terr lean, 

cn^ajej^cnj spine. 

oQejoui* small bone. [3ii«mo Bhr. 

ag)§U Tu. M. bone cnlfiMibo oQAgygjoo adQ^a> 

o4)§u6>ocDj, — lO.&pcnj marrow =:(8idn^^cn>oroo. 

o^ey^dSo •keleton Vj. (whites. 

o^ra»(0s)o, a^rodasnoiaii^ gonorrhoea, the 
o^^ elk (So. oa)%gT. M. C. Te. Limits oQm. 

oQ^Q^d»doSiQji%q^ai to ciroumsoribe (diet.) 

oQftl^i od)Sy^o i^9' o'aa)A)) nnbonnded, all. 
adj. noun, ady. a0)§yooQ obi. also og)§^9 
CB>V|oeAQB«TP.youngestsoa^aoo^e4o. — 
01^ Q^lgydo who all? (^^QOR&^oo ^o^aoj 
^ KU. Q^9os>a>05n|o anyhow. 

pers. n. oQg^oajOdo, — (Ao. 

oQ^9 (ajl)SQjo everywhere. (daily. 

oQgjD(Bq2\oyo (old oog^o^o^o Vi.) always, 

a^Wo T. aM. you aU (Pay.) \^^ tE. 
A4j)(B^3 eU0s:«»<Sgy3 Is it not? c<Dnifto oi^^g^^o 
a^QJoCOfij|3CQ;oOtb Syr. Gospel Vi. 
ag)Qj|s^, o^OjISS evide (oQ) Where? 
Dat. oa)ijlsS(ds, — 5«:n9)<fl8 whither? 
qQQjIoso^o anywhere. [Bhr. 

Q^xns0.tini3n6(Tu. Q®anf9.Tir9)3n6)=: 04^000306 
oQQjIso what place, passage? r^dzatsLMsmTratlfo^ 

oO^^I'so d9tU) cngA KU. 
(iQ.2Jlg[So how? 

oQf^ifi CG. whither? [aoa^acsj/o CQ. 

ci^QOdOS afefa Tdbb. CD^^Sc^se f.i. <n3Ci3O0 

o^Om elan6a, a^^OftJ) a plank Vi. 

I- ^i\ e|i So.Lolnssdsl; fi^^a^QBH^iA n^ 

(9A^ Bo.=£§ae; ooidl esla> break the 

baolc Yi. (=thin part). 

II. (1^^ T. M. (comp. SA) To be light, slight. 

adj. <<j)a^QBrajnb in proT. opp. to ajfij^oBiojnb; 

or)3§^(ab Q(])^QavorQo Qjfij)ac(i;9(»o oj^KmoDias 

TP. high & low came to woo me. Oajs^^/alk 

(i4)fincQ^So QjiSQQoo proT. what is mean; aqf£ka: 

9?>3QO0Agjnn)(0a KB. not a small desire. 

Neuter qq^^ 1. mean, slight (msob e«>s^4n9 

GOforob proT. (Bio.xi5)nbo ov^rmo (^<m§^ Kal. 

no small lack. (8VDina){?A, 90oao qq. KB. 

2. easy ftjoejJgjfii^orje, nDnm3<e«aiDnb Asae 

a^an§»|, aiO{tninrri oQ^fgonl^sajt^drabMud. 

So often with Dat. S(9<2^A^os)sngoip)finqi 

VN. oq^a lowliness. [doob^o EC. 

<^^Qg_]^<d) to humble oneeelf Yi. aa)^0A^^vp 

c4DAl0<e»3/onb humble. 

YK. oQtyo (<^^o oM)^ '^l') 1* fMittty, 
brerity; easy. oOl^^aii^Ak Aktoo easily. 
oQcm (nDolaj9aa9\9 jS\qi od^sjo Gan. 4^ 
s>^| Qj(m)^x»o oQ^Q^o o^gjeoo FT. 
8. also =00^0 f.i. Aglatch tt^oj^cn 
oOl^^ oHfiOd^ TP. joked at K. 
o^^ el 5. (what isslight) Sesam. o^jg^o qjc» 

Qo aQo)<o> to sow, s)Qj^a» to reap, ojocnjlts^ 

oQfl^9ie9ti8n) MB. odcXyv^ojWtffob fifir^ cnwS\ 

6)'d>«9a dg-jo Qjro9^cB>9^ Prahl. 

Digitized by ^OOQIC 




laAo ficy not a bit. ^^^ is pro?., for 
•Tery thing slight o^jq^ 9t^9(facm^f o^ 
«Sg9a.o oSWnarab, oG^o Sfi^o proT. 

<^|snB«n)(a-)3aio <s| of ocnoa«in^ nnalleBt 
awMnre oorMnaftMA «ioqj«>oo ^'00^ 
AK.=:aaQ<ein (also (4iK)o{o-^d9<vno). 

a4)0ft^^A offering of Sesnm to the desd. 

cm^siSBgS = <v^^)Sy^ Besam oil. 

Kinds: j^WxxX), the oil used for the body. 
a>MMDdb for eommon oil. 
OAUSoudCKBig^ white Tariety. 
AOASe^ wild Sesam. 
eofWieJcb a tree yielding no oil. 

^ ^^W ^^ C^' of foil.) T. M. 1. Height 
•dfipVAgb o^^aSin OojOoA RC. rising waye. 
S. promineaee ^^nne cogy o^^pojon^ Yl. 
right sine. ^^^o^SiOtoch well made. 8. by- 
galBs Yl . prodaee B. 4. = oQ^A elnb cy@)ab 
fOfS^o^^^Simo^qSi Bhg. Anoio gDroW)g^«bl 
oiooMib ajs RC. 

^* ^^^XP^^tP ^^®''' aO^P^A "^ persons, a^ 
A^r^ 7X2 see (nooiorSI. oo^ ^nra 7X8. oQ^ 
Q-J970. g>gy9.wii^ aQyQjanoi6B^o«)«)§o proT. 
i^ym)eje95o house of 7 stories. 
<^gifC%oor^9h Rom. Catholics from Kayer 

a^)^d8^ mro ^nya t. m. c. (Tq. q^td, ^kea 
Te. <^dBe, Afij) 1. To rise rcsosm dhsvcmBiViA 
e^ycm oj^ft, d^cm ^oaR^cno ^^cvorob proT. 

m» CO. 0mr> uib 9a_i0^aiib anyone airfi^^Titob 
Bhr. Oq.j9^ o^rm^roldBao a med. (in leprosy). 
Inf« 'v^«0rn\fA99m oa^spaQisaei CO. «M»fip 
tfiutf :ijVr>aj) RC. asked clearly. 2. to come. 
(^lyrRJt forest fire, spontaneous. Qjanionaorob 
,4^)pnm ^moo^ a med . (£=@e) ^ . oj^ifls ojsmo 
<^y>xiylb ^9^ Yl. (hon.) 8. to be high oQ^ 
oensyo ojrxu «OLjo«>ei RC. tall big bird. As \ 
hoo. auzil. in A iUM)g^o eelebrated Qjo6>«myo, ; 
^ooo <mycm ojloD CO. oueogj9(9flOQ£^ j 
j^H^mm^^ "^il- ^Vntt asp)fiMnft)po cnoroocv I 
«mcb (lCatsJ.)afieB- 

ag)^f)a3j<bb (8) large grass B. oQ^ca^^kA AflO 

YN. (T. oQi^j^) aj(ona^9&o onrVDo oq^^ 
«>0O£j| KR.s rising, also 00)^0 RC. 

o^dfe elnyu^o^ 4. q. V. 

ft^^<6> elnfttfya T. M. (fr. prec.sjsJOCBfo 
<ftCttr5Qfl») 1. To paint jiSl®«9cte oG^yirf^ca; 
islim^ YCh. Qfio«)^>@a) a torture. ASPauodQe) 
dgrr^rob oO). MM. <0^e>CB;od9A> ^ajyoejlfflb o0, 
a med. (into the eyes). 

2. to write; a natiye book is to be written 
RccordiDg to the rale o^oee^s, 6>cn§^s, oojsyo, 
d)mgy) leaving a sesam width between the 
letters, a rioe grain's distance between the 
lines, making the left hole of the leares square, 
the right round. With Dat. Auocv OKmsiaoar) 
.7310)^ on? <4Kf^ wrote to me about his haying 
gone. Double Dat. tst^ (noajsKYX^dSa QcnooA 
c4i^r£\ TR. wrote to me about it. SKDOOm 
siB-^sfft sDgtjo.'oo) unoajcrooaxX) croooroooootBni) 
(8Qj<6a oOM^ (81000:^ reported falsely about 


me. (01^ a>9^o fi)(aog oQ, 

o^^^ fSWSxBn, an§«» to write to one. «oe 

c£do (80010X30 Qa)V^C||S(0i\Bb CI^AOID 

TR. in the letter sent. 

a^)^p(on<0s.m^av|g sfneMMBiyoQ. 

c^^^&amQ^aa to giye on lower tenures TR. 
ec^^ons aoi'aga TR. obtained money 
by mortgaging, so cnSQ^cm o^ 

.^Q ^ f trnicntea^A (s ooydi^daa) to take land on 
lower tenures ^^a»9em«mSicm o^^aS^ 
MR. but also o^Oonnd^ a^^^m^ aj96ge)Jud. 
took down my deposition. 

aq^(6^:ufS^A to be written. oQcrniocBeog qq* 
mo TR. they wrote to me that. (BAOj^^nm 
Q^'om (a^a>o<oo as I hear from thence. 

aa)y(0))fi>aidBa to write deliberately, sign «io 

(£^cn cnBs^as AiAogjo^ rno^v oO)':^ TR. 

8. to learn. aa^ycoHiaaMB/ol Qjcmsai ooming home 

from iobool* 
CY. oo^^tfa 1. tocause to paint or write, teaoh 

(8»f^cDl(A <4^. Ant lesson. 2. to obtain a 

Digitized by V^e)Ogle 



o^mn— ftg)jpcnTj 

dooament. &rj6\Qaio<Qi c^j^*^ Odhosrsoob TB. 
purchased the house od Offi tenare. cuiioi 
^ cnlaio qQ). tortured him till he gaye up 
the field. cstQZZo:xssicn Ad>osns (DfioafiOB^o 
ajO(rgdȤo o^cho ov^dOTMiB^o ^jiaqooio 
aisf^rab aOD's^ TR. made him to sign away 
my property etc. QQy(Bfl«>d9*o§njra) ^^SSk<* 
Qq^^>m\jj^ 6)^3sne 6)0^o (8iocS1q;^o au3<eftn 
oQ^(^ 1. picture, painting. <diS>firn^a^ po. 
2. writ, letter. (=(st^GBa(0Oy ^aismcno) og)^ 
(H^o i&qs^o fi)<d)3§rmacB;(a» proT. ojost.Tnoi^ 
02^ the address. S. learning, a)'nT)os)cr> 
Q^^iTST^mo^^^to take as pupil. tiQ^ci^o 
udOfT^o^o qj6^«6« (proT.) 
Hence: oQ^.'Sid^nb schoolmaster, teacher =oQ) 

oq^^mfich 1. writer = aa»tf{qBB<0)oronb, dofij <d>a 
Ospoonb (^^.-oratob proT. 2. adj. painted, 
fi)aLj35)nmy ajRAvibs jiifij, SiSiASiOOf, etc. CG. 

ag^^.Tna>ofirni style, iron pen. oq. s>a>9^ti9o to 
raise to the dignity of Menon. 
cia)*Q<iuo6 poisonous snake in houses, with 

white rings (= 5)ajgfli5)<flB§ I). 
aQ*cu3Qjnb the Qjjjo) snake (hontg.) 
(2(zns) ornamental style. 

ag)ya{S$(dioi, oQ. Qo) letter = Jails. 

Qqi^€^(i^^, Tu. o^^nnjggl school. 

oQ^a^ojlir, Q^' Ojli^ writing fault. 

^S^^SjIs)' elunHka (old) «iffitf^nnr?l§ij^ 

prob. =oa>¥'fT»^'^^'^» pa»t oOJ^cnloQ (RC. qq 
ycnIaiD) og>y«cn-)Q Mud. & So.; yu. o^smls, 
oasml^crczcBJo MR. To stand up, rise, gjsm 
6)omycrnloQ Bhr. return to life. — ^(s^Si(ml^ 
orf)^ to rise from the dead — Christ. 
yy. oQ^nrflgi. rising. aaTioxatayorf Igj resur- 
rection — Christ. 
. CY. oQipcnl^ces) to raise; also with short go; 
o-jlsio^yorflejl^flaflnalooDibKR. arol jycu 

rd^rabcnlom oq. to raise ap from the dead — 

ei^nfY>(a^<e> elimnanitaYa t. m. (ow^) 

gen. a®tpsKTne9A(alreadyRC.)Togoor oome, 
proceed (hon. of Gods ft kinga). ooytm^ 
cDocb CG. in Bhr. Qj^3.u«>§oBn o^^rm^ 
moch ft oQ^cmrtSfifl (ciQy«)rtr-cteaj»fib KR,) o^ 
{^AODg^CQ; ^cmosi^ » aicm TP. came before 
the king. 

Qayftnmgglaaaso the presence of the king, the 
king, His Majesty = <m^rQ»^cnj. n^*9.TRA u^ 
TR. property of your Majesty. aQ*.m@cm 
(aR&i(8<flAepri^o(8idxja\>Dletterto HM. Qg)*9.i»ft 
dss 6)(d)3^(l^. The Abl. is hon. used as Nom. 
Q^) ojj^rnlaio (d^g^;^ (doc.) the king com- 
manded. aQ)^(Z^cTio23Q[^'@g >i:^^g2jfia9cX> our 
concerns with the Raja, ^tnl^igj^ Caj>3i 
Qfl)*.-0Rr7lrrra ^folcftjj«cnJ3cX) TR. in the time 
of the late Raja 1 Other forms a(])^pnmaasP 

Om^sasB^nolme TR. (hoo. amplified). 

oQy>6)aDg^^>9CD;5(m9)aaD^, TU. c4)fil3CD;S.tll9i 

nd3(b Brahman class at Taliparambu. 
.ia)^fTr)^a.S2Sl) aQi^SiCXT)^(QS^ 1. procession. 
ajr^aiocn^nmo oq. o^s Bhr. oQS>aa^ 
€)arkegG^ UR. whither do you go? 2. 
king. d9rn(p9d9nsfi)coi94ps>nmeg!^o m3sa«3 
08 J ^si TR. Q^^ftoDga.'oraJ »^fOo (flTitfi 
ionn.Dfinrrb TP. come with me. a(j)*®.Tm9^ 
^6>s TR. with the king. c^. ajwSjgj^flrni 
gy TR. the Raja will not sot out. 
CV. oQipnmealdaft, — anmgglua to carry in 
procession, as an idol <o?lscnj, Aioo6a)o>QB.', 
a sword. jDC^al oQi* ^oSi^osn^ «a_iortafm TP. 
(ST^mgjc^anzD (^. also on oar or Brahman*s 
shoulder. ^g^^ oa'QR/oaS3i/Qj(bRC. 

00)^(2 eloma T. M. (VX. of oQ^^) Height oli 

Q^ffcr^tBi elmnbuYa t. SoM.»Qa»y><& only in 

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I. <^ ft 5. A iMirtiele, whleh 1 . forms local adTerbs 
•Mei, fkJ^^nm; «Dng|69co3eQ^mo 5«1.— 
temporal adT. (gocoj etc. others ^g«0, en 
9nm, «nrysa> truly, aysuoa. 2- sarree for 
eeapotitioii qofijisej n^gjo first chapter, 90 
eDoej Qjl«oa(a3«B(>> Bhr.; hence the Geo. i^ 
Onboete. S. emphatic. «(^9ej90 clkdo Bhg. 
bj nooe wfaaterer. oQ^^oaae Hud. Gnjsei 
ON* e«BaQQ}a0 so. and a^n9QjC(Ko KB. aao 
g;}«fl SQjdb Bhr. Inter j. A^soja^dc m%)^aMin9 
«o onau) Bhr. Agldaa a^arndScQ} MR. 4. res- 
trietire Q-i>a_i30 <d>3^6rno CG. sin is the only 
eaose, s^»9aj fi)ji)3§^3o KB. batsomaoh.stiii 
q^jaiailaej already in infancy. 6>.^m sfi>sne 
sb^oei QjrcBo TR. Esp. with 2nd futures rDOsne 

Qj KV. Qs^<ea)9ai Od>. oojo (oH^^ GG. 5. com- 
manding Q.ai9S)«nr>90 (also prayer) Q^Qgjro) 
ftv, OAiSiSgyt «8i^r^,2l^S0gyo(ScD; Kal. 6. 
interrogatiTe after Keg*. (SioOgj is it not? oj 
TQ^Os cannot? cn^6rn<A8 mosmo 93 8gy Bhr. 

n. Q^ 5. interrog. proa. (= oq) What? t^oj 
jTjo TP. how? (=QG>ai5go) oO)® q.T. 

0^^ ftyain 8. One; single, vnie, united, a^ 
A^eae^ <<)9g:j<^^g:J^@" (doc) all& each pro- 
perty, oQ 0900 jointly; singly. — fern. (^ » f.i. 
«^d>49&5)aj(£)<0fiaejo, (also ^a^^<tf)« 6)ajrco 

^•^ ^^^ [animous. 

«4o>An;99iflb thinking only ooe thing; un- 

oQ^.ja^a^^ etc. see .ntd!@)o.etc. 

«9aMQi, ^ o.<oi Jo oneness =s AoQ*^ •. 

a9A<0i9cr>n6, ^'iSor^c^Ti) haring the mind 
fixed on one object. 

oQe® in one place, <^^^3 ouce. 

9^&9BUbo ooe side of a thing; about, almost. 
Iftoo ^*eix£\ 9^^ indistinctly. ^*a|^(6fti 
ex»^ TB. snflleiently aocnrate. <4{'Qjo 


ono KB. orflo^c^ aD(n^<mJsn»^orrl oOt^^'ORo 

& ja)flQioab Mud. do something corresponding 

to the friendship shown, [in bazar (med.) 

^ator>ocD/d^n6 monarch, o^'o medic, root sold 

<^(0>GLjafnl only one wife; faithful wife. oQnno 

QQCTSldd9egaDSP^g_}3nb ^s<a§909 KB. 
^aisoojo (me-mindedness 44}. aaji,£p9ai o^) 
9om9^ AB. (4{. d^^ SiPu. 

0Dcncrur&O3in Bhr. («ajn6 Nal. 

(^(9>rD9^o one day <^. o<&)»«q9 «>a>9«igQa-i3 
<^o<iSM\cno the singular (gram.) 
(^0Qjffl3oofone colour or caste — oO'|^^ 

r^<sa denY. 
o®a>aj(nruo haring only one cloth. oatAiQJ(n)} 

ojorjb said of Nala, his wife offifljajjTgjcws 

i^ihoaacrooo sole rule, monarchy as of a oOK 
44)^)90 a certain confectionary from foreign 

materials t^. (.xt^(960i9id> Vi. 
aO«)0£^ alone, hermit «Q^9o SiOjS^mnif ov) 

(ntCn3lQ^atQ^CB;9Qll§>)9CM» G^^Mt^OJcn^^^' 

c£\q^ <^cro ^aiA KeiN. — fem. (4{^3u'i 
0^0 oiSjUQiyeosQ/MB. inpo. (^d>9(fiKlcniUR. 

^4tiVSO^ aiming at one point, exclusiyely de- 
TOted; simplicity, singleness of heart jajl 
asnio ^'094Bnl Bhg. — ^Of^f^ps^^ etc. 

<^f».o«oi9 satin, sillc Yi. (S. <4{Aoocoo one 
member?) [esp. by women. 

^'Q^TQirS) 11th lunar day, oQ^Oonocnj obaerved 

(^a>oao>o 1. solitude. 2. exolusiTeness <^^o 
cmsdMii (£=0^0104^). erf) c^s>obo oiofl^ 
rm ^a>9ag)(Ss3e3cn09^aao AB. sole aim. 
8. independent position ^dOclQ)ajO^ Vi. 

44{d)>oQIKDo direction towards ooe. 
aQOkOOKnoocmab s <^«»^aiM)o6. 

oQAo^o see ODOjasodkio. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

a^d9>6V^ — Q^«6eo 


0^(66^ — a0)So 

oQ(fl^d9)^<08) to unite. anasSiak o^'m beoame 

o^^ifi^soHdM to become one. oQ*^ cro^ooo to 
be absorbed or>orDOG»€mcio^(ob oQ*^ isi^coes 
Bhr. — CV. «eaj«aajnb ansicmci^o aical^ 

a9<fi?)8Qj)g^=^ Bhr. 

a05)®A(&iO (a9(8>, oQa>o) eaohfliogly as eo9(0o 
0(t>3 M. oQ5>fi)(d>«)Ogoooitl(do AB. a 100000 
in each direction. 0aje«a95)a o^'eocsal qj 
AS® Bbr. (=s cua>Qj«)(o»^rDl^). 

Q®«(0>OOTean^ TraT. = oflj^flsijl j^, 6yrnldy. 

<^9A>oaa)o (see ^e^o) 1. giving the water 
only onoe, not tbrice (a form of tenure 
below 02030^ A). 2. fireehold granted to a 
company. Oa^rofto is oQ. of the 64 Gra- 
mams KU. indiTiaible property. 

<^3<d>oajle8a T. M. to be united, agree. 
oQ8dvo<uo a oompromiee. 
o^<d>6ro| gyai^ Pleasing but deceitful words. 

oQ. oljoa, oQa)«rn)gj Yi .(fir. 44} Aa^, oQ^ocn^). 

a^c63d8>, <£\ eyaya (T.C.Te. to go, accomplish) 

1. To glTe, bestow 6<aBiismo o^i^^cno PT. 

yields food, flionb^ajsmo o^nb scncrol HKK. 

(= oO^adtbTno?) 2. (T. 0^04 command) to 

say, command oious cr>Sd980dQ (^(^9(mo^ RG. 

fDor^ Qj9Qa»Aaj9nb tfoxnoo ojo Yil. maa^ 

9m9QS€h^ Mud. (oHan oQ<fiiriQj)^<eo to call 

out, so as to show the position of each hunter 

(hnntg.) — to reproye Yi. S. (C.) to get e 

asajQcDos dr»aiob mnao qQAo eosooioo YyM. 

when one buys a freehold. 

YN. Q^dxcb 1. command (8K>9 Qjofia.ii9nb a®. 

^agy^o ^A5><fiAd^c)od98 C0. no permission. 

2. blessing. <8ioee6)nbnc{^o 6)or)ajis)nboc(^o 

Q(Q)ej)6)aboc({jo {^(^MSi) qQ. A<d09n§ TB. — 

hence destiny, luck. og)onDA5 <&>$ioQej .oio^ 

c^rmlfiBBam ^nr)9z acnBlcu«cn<o»«jb CG. 

<4^ e§y0^^9^ o®UO^C(^^gj prOT. (=£9 

cg^o, oPcoi). 
A^d86b dkkam T. M. (compare aa)<fi»^c)o) Hard 
breathing, asthma, dyspnoe; ^. AfhO^coRAlgf 
gmgo ai9ca§49i proT. 

Also oQ(a»(gb f.i. <4{d9B9aK/9J9cn>mimD orxm. 

a med. oQtiOnooo in <^<teoocoRftlmD cnsAi 

5nB3 proT. — YN. of: 
o^€9%6> to breathe with difficulty, breathe 

audibly (as tiger); sigh, growl QooQaKX) 

t^so^cny^ iij5>0<flfian(S{o e^^^Bao a med. 

^ss^cm fliom prof . 
YN. oQCOBoib— oo^'ejo jaj0CS{[o Kid. a med. 
o^OQch asthmatic Y2. 

Q^cdS^ dkk^ l.(aQ<fta>2.)Sharpword8Yi. — 2. 
(oi®<e«A> 3.) carding cotton (4|;d9saj^gu MB. 

Q^dBAdd). .^ ekkaya (T. o«qa^a>, see a«^) 
1. To join so as to fit, to patch. 2. B. to 
deceiye T. 
YN. (^gj a joint, juncture, patch. st&A ^^4 

joined hands o^g^sXT) oQ^eJoan) Ya. set 

a bone. 
GY. 44{gJ)cd« to get fitted together. — 

a^(S8a>36t^oe6^ dngoqikka (aa)«n6, <sa>3si6) 

M. oQ*^S)aj(en To place different articles so 
as to offer many angles. oQ*:^^5<a» to lie 
with hands and feet drawn in. qqIacX> <^*^ 
rol<fia) Yi. not to pull together. oD^ etc. t^*j^ 
Qg^jocdn =r 0go A.^ocSl^ angles, walla being 
(1^68^ <6) see o^d96^. 
o^i^<B> dja^fa aM. = oQ^di. 

YK. og^j^ 1. Tie, connection. oQ:e^ ^f ^ ^ 
entaDgle«o®^oQaj^og2g^9(0iB»aLiabYi. non- 
sensical. 2. bail. oQ). ^spIA), oSl^a), nldfi 
to terminate the bail. 
^jQprob (t^di^o) a med. leaf rubbed on the 
cut spatha of palms to preyent the wound 
from closing (also aifflamo). 
o^S dda Stunted or maimed (og^cuxibF) t^jus 

o^So d4^^ = Sl2Sc 1. Place dQross^o any- 
where. dS^so Bhr. eome part. sts^S^sn^ « a 
§)9Qi/So oj^ s>.ii3§»io proy. whereyer. ID««« 
SQJo fi>^m5 CG. 2. time C(£)<fl89flm6l8| 
whilst, cnlonboso innij^«>s «)2p)<ea KU. thy 
lifetime; also measure c^^cBSo Q^iiogJkTMab 

Digitized by ^OOyii^ 

oftSo^ — ft^enol 


a^6rY{) — n^njfij)Odd& 

KC. he nid ao mneh. 3. bre«dth a^s-anio^ 
axnkni LAzni ca. 4. manaion, palace en 

Q»eo TB. fixed pataee-expenditare. aQ^oo i^. 
flAm Q^^o^snb 16000 aicn^aidss)^ <fi>8rDOol 
GO, Ttb story. Harem (rsi^^^pcn^eiaoso) or 
mlkar aatrolo^ieally 7th sign (aee oQ&poo). 
5. king ooyAomaBlocBrSo, also ajsP^oinnn 

yics) TB. wrote to the Baja of Pjohi, theo at 
Psria. Q9:oni5o as^^ 9>a9qBr5«).'aiot (nD<o1c»i| 
Qj9v)^ KU. <=Raja). 

Q^SO^So Q^iYa^am M. T. (C. Te. (^S99d>9 
S)OppoBitioB, perTersanesB fl»Qa-itin(Qt m^^o 
Qi^B^ t^HfoM'-^A oQS»0<d>oso proY. ^. ^ 
^A lo zaiae a matlny. ^. Aosoionb S93jl^ 
showed a rehellioas spirit. (D9n|<zg2 ■'^^ a®' 
OBdo cnsoBaioab TR. to organise resistance 
to CtoTemmeiit. 

oSSo^SdOsMDob promoter of strife, rebel. 

Q^ e4f 7- ^- (C!* oQS plantain leaf) 1. Palm- 
leaf fldyi(»d.isia i^^. 2. leaf of books, book 
o^^Vgk a»snB9<9^ 9Q-joro9 ^9§t SiO^smemo pror. 
add practice to theory. <^^ 0(S)^ Omocaa turn 
the leayes. 8. flowerleaf oQseJ4>c/9(t>n& Bhg< 
"■■•• [to strengthen (=<^s^^f), 

a^9<fi>, S)fi4ll'ya Vi. To join by sewing in order 

o^ dtta 1. Tdbh. a^-^ Goddess of distress, 
a8^lb= «^(^nb. 2. (oo^sno) a kind of sheat 
Bsh, with dangerons spines. -oj^Ocs^g. 

Q^CXAXdto ddayam 8. (Tu. oQ^^'Ord^) Ram. 

Q^CVOob dda^ S. (see prec. & C. Te. od^block- 
head) Deaf. 

aeierryo «Qam 8. l. Deer, fawn.oQsml f. hind. 

o^arnottob moon. Anj. o^smoaaifinj^osaj^Qjl 


2. aM. T. steadfsstness oQcmo etrn^ OKOnrMMA 

cn^^gyRC. 8.beanty,Pa1g.So.seeoQor)o. 

a^«nrS) dqi 5. (Tdbh. c^^sn^f) l. Ladder, 

bamboo need as ladder. ^. 6»J:^ ^hcaol, ^. 

proT. 2. (T. boundary) ajtf)<es9akan 6»A ofli. 
£»<^^9s9§ may he meet with opposition. 
(i^eno ft^^ (T. firmness) C. M. Edge,.ohiefiy 
the 3 edges of the coooannt (T. Qjiifiml). ^ 

oQsns eu^sxot 9ro)«ae a ooooannt of 8 months* 

a^aS)d)d5alS. (neuter of qCB fi3)This. oQ/m^dSAJ 
now, (^^na^i^ meanwhile, (^tnao) now(po.) 

o^r^-ob d&il a T. Neighbourhood (aQ9);henoe 
oQm&iib (T. (4{^fiJ0(b) enemies (4^aiS)Q ojscX) 
(e6?)roQ(b3(itel RC. 

I. o^^ Tdbh. = (2Qr)^. 

n. o^a 66^ T. M. C. (II o®.) What, which? 
oQg.uo^ ® 08010 how long? ag)Sai>{g^ cngj^ 
Bhr. a®Srra>@aj3nb oqctv ooaaT):^ 8i Pu. o^syo) 
6)00)859 flT^^QaOo CC. — adj. o^.^ ajgemo 
what town? o^Otd^ <m5)Od9n (sr^Acro 9eaio 
uS\tSi/0(mQ TR. name the several parishes that 
are discontented. — also for (4jajfi6 f.i. «Tal 
«32.9§ «<tt9«l^ Qjfisnm As'aa/onb o^tnodiinno 
MR. which of the parties. — o®fO)loo9ab in 
what proportion. 

oC^HiOOdo some, any o^^rmoooo g^s)5nea^^ (bk^ 

^^9030 ^Sr^ prOT. 0^)0)9030 jailfLI^ SOme 

few. d%s'vS;9n09(b a(S^9Cido, Q^monb qjo^cb;o 
TR. some troops. (Bior^cruoao o(3^9nb (Ot^ciy 
a}<0fi9ra9o etc. — mod. adj. ag)rm9^ ; (inomi9 
Qa/fl9«5fonb o® o>9xi5nsn6 (loo.) what sort of 
aQ.2o any. (4|.n)i<aata;{jo a.j9^o pror. anywhere. 
Q^^modo some, any a®. gonglnriD «)j»j9g|j:u9n6 
(S9.ij)idanr» CG. 
(i^rGYJDo ettam M. Te. (=oQooo) 1. A machine 
to draw water o^. rmg^^, — QjeJI^<d>{g.<£b MR. 
in order to prevent irrigation. o4{(OR»S)(0s9§ 
wooden bnoket of the same. =3 @fiJ3$)(0s9§ 
2. painful mode of getting up & down, a school- 
punishment CQ(i o^aoosYaK) fl2slQE^a^9(b 0^ 
Sicm Anj. 

a^rCYU)0dSG»6o dtt&kkftl (fromT.oQvl^yN. of 
QQHtntft to praise, worship ft T. plar. of (Si^dosa 
(8i$s axV), TO. M. m^ds^) Praisers, singers B. 

Digitized by ^OOQIC 

o^i'lW^Og-J — (^i(S\ 


<i4^(b — o4i<3<^ 

(i^njvZDO^ Sttapp^ (8o.)BreMt-oloth of women. 
a^<u51ana ddhibam 8.(0^00) Grown, thriring. 
ci^COo §nain SoM. Beadinegs, fitness (o^^ii^) 
o^.(8rQ d« to be neat, fit ; o^, (Si^dM to prepare B. 
a^OOg\D enas 8. (®nb \^) Sin (po ) 
I. 04) nb dllrscvoab, odonb T.M. C. in mn^ 

9:sich, 5)^3§d9s3aT)xl6. etc. 

n. ri4pOrb=Qa)^^'* * Cond. of oi®t6 f.i. a^'ian 

030, Q^aasQOdo (=(81^16). [gojnb flonnl Pay. 

ni.ft^ob T. aM.C. What? (=03)3®) oQi'^ «^ 

o^C^dB) en^n'ya T. M. (C. m^^) 1. To take 

up, wield. a^fiJo ag)a^lAd»)9^ took from Are. 

.a^y^£^ s)S)!d>30(^ c^. KR. aicnDfiOBcV) og^nmi 

cij^bl^ Mud. 5)aj6rE^aa)aTnicB; rooenb Parasn 

Rama, aUo called ^egjeyoajQ^ Qcn) RC. <d>a>o 

o^viroioo ojlsm RC. 2. to rise ^a?ca;«al|ai»l 

«)mDr©DT)ono CO, sweetly perspiring, aajnrol 

«>d>3a.jx/nl oQOQ^ eajej^(dn GhYr. ss^Qm-). 
3. (o^itlBS^) to reach, stretch arms or legs 
o^rt£\ qQ9<^ took with diffioaliy, o^^cvffi oQ 
rR^6)cfia33ng msdsa with eyident pain. 
VN. o^awdty aiOQ^3<b Q^gs^ lameness. 

Q^s^nZbo dntram Tdbb. ^(Q^o 1. Machine euro 
0Oi)aio3^(Q^cnljkJC(Uo KR. o^tQ^gLjaajo draw- 
bridge. 3. aQ(Q^cDBcX> bulwarks KR. 9. de- 
ceit. Q9(Q^g_j«rnid9o9rDnb cunning. 
o®iiO)rDo, ag)(Tn>rO(fiasP(ob M. necklaoe, amulet. 

o^g-J eppn, see Q^<66^de>. 

o^(2)D^ ttnili coll. T., 80. Palg. (prh. of T.c^ 
e,on to be pussled, bewildered) Beggar, silly 

a^rnJ.'sb fimbal (T. 09^0) Belch. qCB. s^d) 
also aQ)onj^9 SD§<d> amed. (symptom in cnoil 
(^ej) SoM. o^outdAo g2§ihyi.2. Kid. eruct- 
ation, j 

0^(0(630 firayam S. a grass of the seashore 
used for arrows (oQcgjcnj^, said to be grown | 
out of iron dust. (4{'o^^«moBhr. a(B^-^&^gy 

CO. ca. I 

(^(O^nojjb ttaQdam S.Bieinu8C. oij^xisnr><0e. I 
<>^(Dl6ri (T. tank. C. bank of tank) 1. Stakes 

to support banking work; bank. t. 

B. a. No. a kind of flsh. 4. No. = OoQrol in 

a^(b 6i T. M. C. Te. (Tu. a^AB^ aQna®, oa»(90) 
1. A yoke of oxen. 2. plough with draoifht 
oxen. ^fD^^ a^s^(8o. ^^a^.) to yoke to 
the plough. Oisr^cq/AS <^A»»iA pole of oart. 
^OcOoQAdioei) 6)d>^ a^£i TP. ploughed with. 

Q'TQH, ^odStoaH o&3aR») (SAQOSI MR. TP. 

cut off the team to prerent ploughing, a^^m 

'.^ ploughing apparatus. 
^* ^tQ ^^ =:aa)<^ T. Tu. BuUook; henoe: 

<4{^99i a9>^or>3^ the prOTinee of Calioat, with 
the original chief place Aor>sla2i^(o^(Jew. 
Syr. doo.)(4{r>0|'0>0^, oQom9§i»>(D<fia9^ o® 
oar)8^(0>9ri>C[^ga 09gJ^ea^9A I'R* oQO(r>9^o 

oQO9sl0oft(inS. Ker. Mah. called acn'jojdaJA 
cowherds) the family of the Calicut rulers, 
their palace called (Si^n/cruosi KU. the 
5th ft 6th prince of the dynasty are called 

<^:^.;|30(Sn[^9nb 8amuri*s secretary with 5000 

Kayers KU. 
^roo&nb (T. hero) in ^. AtacSi a war knife, 
also QQ.')3sab at^Wl & o4{r)3gro<j9A3i2rt( aee 
(Bi^i^cjOo) inhabitant of the a9Q9a.nD3§; ^ 
O3c)o^3^ rDocaaoj of Samuri^s family 
(oO^oscX) 1^6:^3^ the junior Raja Va.) 
II. o^iQ T. M. (VN. Q^rJlagA) A throw, oast. 
€i(fhisn^SiA^9Ti a<BQAat9^aQ^ (mark of eon- 
tempt). oQf^o Qoua^o OAnmoJEjg} qj-itid prOT. 
hit most inopportunely. <d><8|mQ (og^Sojosi 
superst. (= 3.-^93333:10). QrmscDBQ ooooanut- 
day. SutoSfiiQ rustling of leaves (huntg.) S09 

oQrTi^a) B. to oast up. 

o^^Qdd), Ol fihlYa T. M.C. (C. also 0^% fh» 
i^y) 1. To rite, inoreaaet be mooh. cv))4kW 
^olojoriD, ^(MJB oQcSl 9^^901:9 TR. too Ugh. 

Digitized by ^OOyii^ 




4hsV»9nB9AVab aa^aaeoib aQO^ojov TR. — 

o^QoQcu^PT. 0id'jo»3VQooeoodd>c)o Veto. 

^Qo Bhr.whioli party has more ohariotMrBP 
2.IO ajiM=^a)aB ekiafly in the hon. expreMiooB 
o) cao,!flaaiil(9by AQgJlab (^(^aiDtokDOw,leani. 
S. t(» Moend (mod. <dkQ(0Q6), a^BiQ<di) csMcno 
0^.^ CO. cnS^aoocnxno Bhr. Otoasvn) KB.; 
ebiefly to aMmnt cocoaiiat trees. o^Qom qjA 
1^ s QtotfaB oQQan ojocqj, ^qod crodOQCDo 

(sS>i>.39rS<3^0 «>T)rdllayo). 

Inf. o^o, ^9o 1. much, more, too mach. ^ 
9oae9ej093n for a long time. dOnmo A^ 
^ CO. to do it once more. a.alajcn)o ^o 
aojra^ Qjmo 9Q-i3<xn TR. 2 days more. oQ 

proT. too far* 2. beyond boiosmo &,9^m 
o Gjejlqci RC. 
a^r><d90 1. diiferenoe, more or less. syrnloTBo 
o^-^^o <flioq^o ojrDos)^ cnsml^ TR. so 
that all got their dae. aQOd9«oaz> dh^v 
a^a^cX) many people, og^odsso aisng ^(tn 
(7tod93in| Qo-toctn took nearly all the pro- 
perty* «hm> aiOdSA^nm oQOd3«o Qj<Taa|S^d) go 
fkj TR. <s^ig|9ca)o). ajD^aJOJ^Anbo (Si^ 
ssHs ^o<dso (S{^o Si ^^ fojight several 
times with T^s. troops. 2. assault. (Sr^(8a9 
S ^*O^Q^ TR. (=0iD.inl^0l^) ojsoao 
'oj.'nD aiKT3j/D3on» oQ. Ojiigno will attack 
the Raja ; also with Aoo. QajenbaJ^egeo 
SKD qQ. OjiIQU ill-treated. 

^odasoaj id. 1. citR^^nmDoros oQ. cunmorob in 
failure thereof. OjaJ^OTMn^cm a(^ oQ. <a>0 
snDi>c%o flggj nothing shall be wanting. 
'^j^uA a9*aj)§y iD(0)9i{g> Q-i^09<(noo TR. no 
exaggerations or sTasions. 2. Qjg>j oQO 
eaeooj Qjiio^MlkTR. assault. ajg9A<as99(Da 
s em (4|. a>os)rn^d9e to offer resistance. 

^odBe0o 8o.,oQo<dsocft Ko. id. o®. ^ (SXd^ 
aboat 10 men. [<tf^ etc. 

^cSkv adj. part. wiDh, away. ^^ aiaxroea 

TV. ^ooo l.fias* iawMM; adT. araoh. e^xoo 

QJo (ao€)d^ (opp. aoQj). 2. rising, ascent, 
tfoieiittavooo high water (opp. eoc9ao). 
^. A«>^4>> to fasten a string to creepers. 
8.=:aQOQ climbing pahn trees. There are 2 
ways of drawing the toddy : cnsi^rysj^ooo 
(& — OQ) from KudakkadaTu northwards 
& from Cliavakkadu southwards -*- the <Si£li 
being washed, aisla^ooo (&•— oq) bet- 
ween Ku^AlckadaYu ft ChaTakkado, the 
A91 beingsoraped . 4. pulling up=a(B "^^^ 
f.i. oQOOQdas9§.(Bioocu^fi)nD6ka9$g^9ab cai^ 

dOlOao o®. 6>^^ KB. 5. d9lQ^(Bk o®*Q 

flB^^ o4|ooo ^oneoaa to be intimate with 
a prince (^qa a). 6. what is too much. 
^or>0o^ you did too much. ojaStdeooo 
excess in words. Qjo^eioeioooYyH.abusiTe 
language. — 7. assault o^'oBdo d9>afirn)^9rab 
TR. (Sid^os , cr)9i)(Qb o^ fi) jii^ doTastated 
the country. <^oo<ftoool(R. €)oa)aQ(bOOo ,»mlt^eo: oq. qaiq^oti et^z^ujo 
offensiTC weapon Yi. d^9Qj9&^*6aB^(a^ 
(^.tmOcda TR. to act on the offidnsiye against 
T. oQ.6>a)9g^d> to be offended, attacked. 
8. embarkationsa^QfDooo f> i. o^c^oe.^ Yl. 
dues for embarking (So. (^^(^0^). 

(^o<^l.=^ooo8. mounting palm trees, ^oq 
a>9A t^ose who climb up.Qg)OQ<a)a»9sil (So.Q jii 
OQatojRftl; also <flieidtevmi, oA^Dan^oR^) toddy 
drawer's knife. oa^OQS)o>(D)palm tree tapped 
ssTcral times. 2. (=^ooo 2.) a^ocSlo 
dSoo ebb ft flow of tide; up ft down spot. 
8. (= o^ooo 8) ^oolo«a« jajaauo qjo65q1 TB. 
4.=i^oq4. snare o®OQajo<m)(3bY2. trap- 
door. 5. adT. part, of oQ^a>. 

ooOQa> a. T. T. M. 1. to raise ajOgo a^oolocyo 
«i6>o^o to increase ft lower. 2. to put 
on, 4k9mo c^* to fix the blade into the spear. 
(Biaajoor) (MDisR^(Sna(gb o^^oU>a»099 KR. 

a. to inform, suggest, b. to talk, speak 
(hon.) 4. to embark i^A<£h o^^.oQaionb 
cnH, ^(Od9» oQcx^^cii/o noiflaQto TR. 

Digitized by ^^OQIC 

o^aj0 — a^e^<B> 


^Sfc— ^<^^ 

6. to maltiply SkuiQaj06)A oj^fliCBnaik oOjcxS) 
(neac09(tib ^<pld9AG8.raIe of three, dofiiojo 

A«(DOo)ca;9(bb YyM. 

I. o^fiJo Qlam 5. 8. Cardamoms (bt^ eojcdniob 
Qjlftoq^om a®, (gaioo Arm (rev.) jajmionnnjl 
(Oiotrgb aQej0Qej(ds 3<u9i») a>cmlcsgo e^rdojo 
&ea oQ. <0)0<g^a> TP. joTlooofiJo a mod. 
oQfii^rD(d6 the prodace ^&iai£\(Acn\cm an§(m 

oQ. TB. 
a^Bi^Oio ^1^:^ TB.s^eiaej. [taria). 
aQfii{Qioir6^ Card, seed (hence the name EleC« 
oQ&jg^§(ob, — ^£^(A Card. pods, 
i^aiajsej S. bark of Feronia, mod. 
^Qj9Qj(@)o a Kiga oQ. 0(0)01^ Bhr. 

n. o^fiJosCSfiJ^^ Port. Leilam; anotion. 

ci^ai^ das, Q^fiJT^ (=fa)9SP) A waist 
ornament, containing silver coins (gQcda) also 
oeiejgg f. 1. 6)ajeg)jijgio^nb a®.— o^ai^aa, d> 
ycORoifab s>d>§aDoQ. (Mpl.)«)Qjeaias^sro)9narob 
(d* oQ. MB. Kinds : QSOt^&ig;^ , d) iiSS^r^eig]^ . 

Q^fiJO 8la 5. (= oQSoP) Cry to encourage one 
another in hard work. 
• og^<A A T. H. 1. Possibility, reach aQjiejAsneaBb^rob 
6>cu&i AQjftes 0^9608. 2. preparation, re- 
sponsibility. a9&J9a^ nicely done, o^ejo ojo^o 
Qj^ArD fi)Qjg (Bioaj6)or) OLifi.aRan to. 8. comfort 

oO^OolfdQ (Dg^ oQ^g^i a99eJ95)S (Bff>gy96yi». 

0Q64 «>a)§1^^(do to be uncomfortable. 
oQQej§<d> (T. C. Te. Ta. 80 M. o^n^^^) en- 
gage in, be responsible for. TN. oQg^o§. 

ae^e^<B>, crrtiT.U. 1. To suit, fit i^(S\(S\ 
^§040 gDg-)9a»3fi.o Ca. oai3(d>«dS oQfijnm 01^ 
ojojgs, sejodxdt oQfijo 0or9b ca. (sojOQa)). 

2. pO.=:g5nB9<9) to haYO (BlDCDaOfitUeio o^^o 

(^roob BC. 09«nejo «)g^, — dlsplaoib; uiso 

(^aicB;9cb Bhr. eto. 

oQfijo old Concess. (s^aQUQjiejo) €)S>A»gJts^g_j9 
OD9(3V98r^ejo $) iiSgu9CTU9cb CG. any One = 

^%j^^ OQ 1. To hit, take effeot. aoBcm 
o4)OQ has worked. I^eg. a^eio o-imaao s(2 Bhr. 
(=:onej)(fia9S{); ttojok ea^g^oj^crn <^aJ904a 
Mad. — Qo^d>c)o, AJfg* oeoojo o^Q o^cnidBa 
Bhr. ffK>€)s>Qj§<d>c)d o^eieio Fid. ^Wjo a»d 

QOOOQ QqJOCbD CQ. 0Si>(%O 00090 A90Q0 dOJ 

cbI^gsjo oqoq Bhr. cneiaddQJOdMoecfo (4|. Brhm. 
8. to meet in battle. mzS^fA (^oq fell out. 
l^cnjW 9aj9a^ <4)€db6y cj^^^T) aj9Spi<ab Qmi 
^§y to engage, attack. flDajOA9S oQOQ 9at9 
oqKB. (09C(v9<oo§ (US ^o<Vt moajOMii c4|^o 
09ooo{nl§y KU. o®OQ 0(Dld9ift, ^ei9fiMii cnlmo 
«>a)9c^ Mad. 8. to receive, take in charge 
cp^^ewsuQ o®OQ Qjoco^Ai, esp. siSiA 0^%^ q.T. 
a4^cro^9(Do aQe:)9ab accept my serriceft. m^ 
vn\£h\(£^ ammatch oQOQ TB. uadertodk to 
advance it, ^oQOJOfirnlso selling for another, 
petty merchandise. <^OQa_i9^A to sing with 
or aftor. 4. to admit, confess. 089:mo <^oq 
ojodh to acknowledge the fault. ^00 gcooirDo 
saying yes, cn)9dafial oQ. to attost. 5. to maltiply 
6)qjqqj9&9aA ajleBACB; oO^OQ C8. multiplyiag 
the second torm with the first (as«)ajaBdaa). 

TN. <^gi f.i. jiiltfl^SMSiu^ (4|. fiorf effect 
(sdoeio) — oQgi«)aj^ a volley Ti.s. 

OT. oQ^^A in all significations 1. Qol ^. 
to wound. 6ru96moaj9a^a4«[g)«>cr>aQ*^AB. 
2. cnacc^ACT) oO^g?:^ anA^taa to make a 
dog to attack or seize. 3. 0&jcn9^ 9a 
Qaj(Q3S)cn oQ*^ KIT. oommittod to Indra. 
craoaio 0015)0 (Bi^sift 1^':^ ODS(0R»)g3]3ab 
MB. So esp. srDQ0e^d9Q, no A qQ. to make 
over to, entrust with. 4. a>LD oQ. to toll a 
story, deliver a speech. 5. oQol^fino^^dBa 
a.=: ^kcmo fi>d»)9^(qQ| A:o(&<as^pTor. to come 
to grief thro* one's own faalt, carelessness, 
eto. b. =ai)9nb ASpl^ttn^oA (0)9nb<A9ab prov. 

Q^QJ dra 8. Thus; indeed. 
oQOJo thus (po.)=so^|^mD. 

A^^cunt) «7«h T. M. (a« n.) f. q^qj6o, pi. 

Digitized by ^OOyiC^ 

Q^dj — Q^oEbeno) 


(l^odl — Q^ 

cnoGM aQaj(i6C0. which of these two is my 
real lelff ajsocoBOOyeBQ^ib i^aift CO.— 
aQCuado erery one, ^qj(«o ftlL 
ft^Oj evi hotter o^ Shooting. 
QQ^Od eta (Ar. Ilia) First nightwatoh, prayer 

after twiUght. 

Q^^^dB) fituTfa (old i^^a> q. ▼. T. o®^ To 

nnlte, At, meet, take effect (sqjoq«), a®^ 

a») QjdoeoBch fl2<9 «e(n^as>os a^^Ocaiodo GG. 

come in contact, (smoinb oeaS^^CDottSoslcnocib 

Qjoaj4B»n6 80(QMcuo6>scm aau06)ai fight, msm 

fi^ o^B^K^^ftl i>o iotercourse, 9^oa<aBcfo a® 

^m) QjooecoBcb aa)oo3gt|9ob CG. (^{oeW^gy 

proT. 8ma)«omo§o <4|oeo helps nothing, goj 

ejukvViA (4^3(0i8» inoonoeiTable. (4)oeoASK> 

cnWrkBftVmVok KB. (sqj/do). 

T5. (4)^ q. ▼. also ^^ in rd9no<0aoao«<OQS 

oQ^^Qo-jg oa>oe|a> KU. to meet in war, 

attack. «£\(9cnocLi«a^(A SiSxn&ivA ^^ 

QjnB<oiDil KXJ, (sQxvencbb — oQuS^t^ or oc 

fijo Qj(aQ(gROP) 

o^c&^fiiaS. (m.of ^B(OKgb)Thl8oneoQ(fi3eo9abpo. 

oe^t&^eroo Sia^am S.(\re<^)Seeking,wish. 

ing. o4):ft3sm ojooecoacX) AdBskOoj qisttidI:^ Bhr. 

QOojcfisemc KeiN. oQcfi3«nrxS)CB;cDe^o Bhg. am 

Qjlg|OQjodaiiei)<Bt okoiondaeo sflcunb 6>^c^o (^ 

qjcoBi) ^om Qjicoo (oQcfissmo, aaoi, (o^^^qj^o 

oocbsoo) KeiK. 

oQ^ rally To. o®A delhme, C. Ta. oQcnSla) 
dUgast) Backbiting, talebearing oQ. ^§<9>, 
(a_)ac2rooS)(0» FT. 1^. «^ Fal. heard his 
exaggerating tale. oQil'daii A(Qociiig ^eqoiaaoA 

'•*•- [as5irada. 

aQ«Mrn^(0ao<Doboalamniator; set on mischief, 

den Y. ^'<fi:i6rnldas Ya. to breed discord. 

o^qOI dhi 8. («)id+e imp.) Come, ooool^a 

Bhg. come to me. 
ci^^rmo fiii&am T. SoM. (Tdbh. «qo&i, sai 

fij) Contempt, mockery; also ^^mjo ojOA 

to sneer. (Calic.) 
(^^<0>, ^ elaya C. M. (oQ^a) To rise, need 

hon. of Raja*8 moYingso^yQcme^a), bat 

applied to lower dignities. oO(m)9(D^A to 

meet Yi. 8. 

^^sOoovsconnBOft a class of Brahmans at Tali- 
parambn; (4(Oas(i82 9Av£^Qi4^^ m&^ 
oeofoiD ftiiW)gj§ i^^o (Oicnj<^on6 TB. (o^ 
QA0=f4t^cu) of Cotteaiattn mlers. 

0(Bia»oAQ^ KIT. 
^^ in Sifi^m^ q. ▼. 
o^^aa Y2. to walk with arms akimbo. 
Q^(P ^ (a^y) Vine, penalty, exacting presents, 

o^SPCSyo 9A»0SPCI^o EU. Yi. 
Q^^ $ (qQ^) N. pr. Honnt eli (Heili of Haroo 
polo, d*Eli) cn3Q^s>«)oeejo in KM. rather *the 

oQ&p^s>g-)aB09cX> K. pr. a Colattiri king KIT. 
Q^^ ftl^ T. H. (C. Ta. f4t^ To. o^^ov; VN. of 
o^yd») height, growth) Sefcn; the 7th day 
after death (o^^ono Oojoat a ceremony) o^y 
dxof^f^pj^^d^ TP. entering her teens, 
o^^spoo 7th, a®, eoa^at Yi.=o^^cn^aiaoi)A 

a tower, fort. ^. o^so the 7th sign of the 

Zodiac firom that of one*s natlTity; one*s 

wife (astrol.) 
oa^&pifiJCYUOfij the 7 leaved milkplant Bohites 

scholaris, ft Jatropha manihot KB, c^' 

9om9(A MH. 





EI (Ai) 

S)og) changes often -with maoat^ f.i. §Djitg^9&i9A^o 
ER. = s)6>({g). 6)fi)<o)d> CG.& (inof^^ QA<o» ft a> 
G^; passes into oq as «nm^, rmAfiJdSs (from 
T. termination in Ao^, in M. palatinal mto\ 
or into (010 as, OoOKvu® — (moooj®; (Bi^cBKruosI, 

I. 6)a^ eif ai S. etc. interj. Aye, heyl 

U. 6lA^ 5.=«mo€ioi|^ (T. s>oQQ£ Ta. Oao^aa C. Te. 

AoOQ) ii^ s>aa^ajib, also $)qqo in (Sioao^Q 500 etc. 

(ai^cs£^ros>»(Siaicaoo 1005th (doo.) 

S)ag)8B>o^o district of 5 Cos. ft $>QQ«8aMno QcSfiO 
(Oio oQmo Gusmul^ KU. 

Aoa)a5l the 5 tribes of Cammalar, also called 

6)0^)®^^^ ^ cornered. 

©oQOOoa 6X4. 

S)a^aQ>aj cnocoo YCh. 5 headed serpent (Oi^roi 

qO GioQ^^mfto^ ^f^a^cdaaio pro?. ER. 
€)aQcnj@ 50 (=:(8ioau@) 6)QQaii@o dcnao qjo^ 

<8n AxU' learn the letters. 
OQa)6)cnJO<T>o 5 chief metals, [gg also Qa^ai). 
5)aa>^ej cow with 5 teats (claimed by Bajas, 
e^oQCQJS^ 6 feet. ^^ rii))rSl6nid 6)a^. ctosqelo 

aboat 8 P.M. 
Aoa)svo9r^, (810^19^ ^ years. ' 
Ao^^ocoilf^o, anDCgjooOrDo 5000. 
OQQoOrooneacDnnnbsaoo^QKib Bam. 
Aog)3j)rDr9b Bicinus o.asajswoo^eJo. 
?6)ag)<6>3r0b d^fal An ant that makes a nest 

Vl. (6toa)e>orbbP) 
&aqyBi(2i^j9 ei'flmSktjBm B. (oQi^ata^) Una- 
nimity, (TU. e)aa^909(T);| o Yl.) «)aO. 0OmilW)5O 


gy Nal. our friendship. 
6)c^«i0^S)g_]| KU. of one aocord. 

6^a^cdGa} eikkala or CSVOcoJlddS'ai (Syr.?) 

NaTC of oharch Yi. 
6yvg)^jo eikyam 8. ((4{d>o) Unity, anion, goo 

a>^ Oojib (B»QC2|30gjO QoO). fi>«>09«9A KB. 

felt partienlariy drawn together. «>(^^o eon) 
ejo @Dgtjoron(61daao (sy^RseaQj ChB. the disen- 
gaged spirit. 

etoQ^Oft id. tOi0S\(A Sio^ s§y ^^ harmony. 
(9Y^(oei3^jl(Tn donloono^o A(^. flogj o^ii 
OQo ChR. remains perfectly nniafliieiioed. 

6)ci^(G7|cg;o aiSihyam S. (S(m)aO) Traditional 
or Parana lore. 

eyi^CTODSIQJDOOOflfl Bk. Siva, see «roA, 

eyi^CSCY^Dgo einiolain Tdbh. (ma^naaao Mar- 
riage Utter s><^ o®o^mocX> Nal. 

6)0^(030 aincTram 8. Belonging to Indra Oo^ 

Indra's place ft dignity. f«»®ajaK)tt KailT. 
A(^(Q3n3e!na>n6 Juggler. Aoq.* Q0«>5 qj^q^^^ 
6^n^cnJ3Sl=C8t©CQ;oaiDS| C5C. CG. 

6)a^6)cnJr{Ka)D6oeim-pera]Bal(QQa). t. c. To. 

=(8Tan lord) in old diet. =:«eaiaio6 Hasband's 
e^fi^COlo eyyam (AoO). I. crying oat) = fflmgao 
1. Alms 6)qq. SDroomojft Anj. 2. donbt, grief 
$)oi^QB;0Ooairrf) GK>d (Anj.) 6)0^). aTSd>o:^ ms 
C©($^qOo od^o Aiy. 

g^o^CQ^crb eiyaii=(BmGgjnbGod. sioQ, ARatsmnb 
Brahma (SidD.) 6)00). Qa)'^@8 aja.'ai3i^o')n6o 


fi)oiG)Cft)ajn6=(8W3iigjtb, fnoca-D^ tufo«8U w KU. 
5)Q^CQ:(b T. M. Gods, Brahmans. 
6^a^f5o eiram =SiSi:u<to (loc.) Noise. 
6Vi^(036^no| eiia^i (T. C. Tu. from S. o^Q^-Dd 
a)6rni:=®(Q39sn)i) Aplant, d).Tj>al; also=rd>9 
SAOhrm Trichilia spioosa; alsor=<&i dSojlgcoiOs. 
«)og)ro3firT^^§,— d9»s,— ®da»D§N. pr.agramam 
once representing one of the 4 Brahmanioal 
diTisions (see a)tfa)o) KU. 

6)A^^3QJ(7no eiiaTaSam S.(SD(Ooajfob refresh- 
ing) Indra*s elephant. 
OoO^ooaiai) N. pr. of riTcr, lightning (po.) 

Digitized by ^OOyiC^ 

eyagyS) — 6M06kD> 


6ia^C/S\<Bjo — 6)ag)gQj| 

6)a^yDl eiri Hayrick, aj6)«>g^r61 Ho. (^(OBcnj 

80.) straw BtMk. 
6V>^yb oir stisiocbIIa iron ore* 
6teig)ei eila=:<8R>canei A fish. 
CVigjQJrb eivar T. M. C. Tu. (n. s>q®) Fire per- 

Mms AaQ^jtbajrooeoKm EXT. (ig)6>abo Aio^cqffi 

9clm 5>(4)C1jA AnJ. (5 sins). 
6ieiqfi/do eitam S. (orooco) Lordly, belonging 

to 8iTa. SioQUdZoo Qaum^ Bhg. 

Q<^'X9cno (ofDooaocDo) adj. K. eastern. 

Oo^l^j^ l.ssoAooojmoAjo. 2. glory, enper- 
nataral power. (^)^6)§09j^ajo («io«ml0, 

0<^0, co(^0, fiiAfi»i0, o(^caVoijo, ajoAo) jo 
(o^oeij^, (a-)9dl»90|O or ^oaxxA^o KB. tm 
fiml09gjQ6)<^oa jgj oukaju^ KelN. 8. gran- 
deur, wealth. 
ac^DOOJCgiajoab ohiefly wealthy. 

6)ag)O^<£)0 eiSiyam 8. (92^^) ^oo)* 010(0^0 

Reed -arrow AR. Bhr. 

6Vig)aOld95o eihiyam s. (©oo) Of this world, 

of this life (opp. a-i9^;(^d)o) 6)oQ, Q0o.ioi:^ 
VCh. 6)(^. (Oionlaib rr\jQjl^ Anj. 

6Vi^qJ|^ eUavili S. (soa) Cabera &og^^ 

ait Boneiimet ohanged into g (aa 6MkO^ S&^Bf, 
QSCQ49») and Tice rersa ; now A then =s oj, as 

6) inter j. Oh! 

6k8fi okk^ B. Palg. Hip, loin8;afi(6M). 

Q<dd^^ o rg) okknya 5. (whence aono, dOB) 
1. To be the same, one; be like, tally, mgg^ 
^B*^ oO§y9o ddseo da»o oaiag^osQ Bhr. cr\>o 
OMA^fi^asooR^ 8(Ljo«>ej ojoai Kal. in keeping 
with the circnmstaneee. 2. to be together. 
AiBQJib 6M>anoc|2 ^^ CG. nooo &qs^ ^®€D» 
cmo ready for help. A(q^ crotfnnodaD:^ Hud. 
8. to pleaae cv^fimOdQAOSaiRnsaas Bhg. where 
yon like. ojoaoM c^)(nld9A dcoRftlgy did not 
•eem aooeptable. 4. to agree. AMoaaVab qlj 
OQcnoofliB came to an agreement, eoTcnanted. 
e^i^csyo Q_Mnlas0aciO &fi)^3(q^ Mad. 5. to 
be fulfilled, oooojo AAgoq^ oiov Bhr. SiJdo 
errm s^s»^t^ <4^(an €MqBk KB. oame topass. 
6.T. a. to oompare,promiae 6>ajgf^Gai6)(m9ii»on 
§ ^MToWim QjQaHfijoodaa9§y GO. miatakiog it 
lor baiter.~(«Maaj9nbti95),fi^j|o ae^aniabPay. 1 
grant it at laat. dfquoaioa^ai to admit, oj 
<mo eiB promised money. «>aj6n6 <&«• to 
diapoae of a daughter in marriage Ti. 
W. aaart espODiala Ys. 

Inf. A<fl» (Te. one) 1. together ; <^fiicho OQdan 
efiB^<bi (^tf^obo A<Oaa2)iB(cnlcx:yob often 
AdBo^QS, AdaBg^09S, A<dO(Bni(Sfi 008(0101 

ab TB. one of my people, a^^^aioi^s O 

edOaOQj, Ad9A9ajcsgo the whole, et^ e«fia 
£6nB9C(0(Qdoro MB. do^roofixmoctecc^o a^^^ 
applied every imaginable means. — Often 
adv. AasQC^o {^cmaaodn^ ^d^aASo he 
woald do all for me. gDon) a<6aC(2jo TR. 
moreoTor in eyery thing etc. — SometimeB 
rather meaningless, ^ej oj^dBacb d«9B 
TB. certain property, jj^ako) OifiaCf^o (= 

AD§L^o OfOd). 

A<fiaoo^, — eg oqjO(g| discord. 
edBaofimo Vl. promised gift, also ddSaofto, d 

<ed»oa)<fle (old). fright. 

aam adj. part, equal, consistent, agreeable, 
AcflAAemtfla a closed, oorreot aocount. 
oanaiQAA a praotised hand for measuring 

€Mma.s4Mhi equal share. 
tiMnatauo common measure (dooO 
eoiRM^oaaj, acowugi^ acoording to. o^^y^o 

cfAsmdaS &:anajgfft qjido Mud. aocording 

to your wish. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




&^s^s> — ej^ 

€Mto»fA\^ A oorrefponding paper, reoeipt, writ 

of oomplianoe. 
Asmoud C.T. help Yi. 
e(ORoifoi<dn to be in one line, coneiBtent, oorreot. 
ea]|^3or)o<d6<d> to oompare, examine, contrast, 

«&5)(maoaB0 nnion. 
fut. part. 6&^qjA>, &g-}ft equals Yi. dAg_jOfZB 

emo CG. (see a?ora>€)s>i0>). 
6)a^o YN. 1 . Equality, harmony fi)g_}o oitDO^ 
Prahl. to remain behind, nnlike a. c$a>, (S^ 
<68<e> to equalize, smooth. ^em\ crojg^i^^rbb 
OLjl^aOcdstogj 6)<8)06ne o. ojOBassonmoNal- — 
ady. alike ^smcmoj^cnos dg-)o (^ao^<dv, «» 
QjQ^os Ag-)o Q<£l<d8nnD@ Oca)oco^0g>j Bhr. 
fiymlfixmscm A. ag^<Sttonb AR. met each arrow 
with one. A. ojomoorbb qjIs)^ 6mcni}1^ 
OojOo Si Pa. if yon speak again thus. — 
doable 6)g_)o 6&gjo s>d))0§a]|2 CTV0loq3)d9a AB. 
d6)g-}3g_]o distribating alike og^gyoojaso e^ 
Q^o (sic.) u^fS^^^ MB. 2. being together 
6^0 o^ag^nno MO. to orertake, keep up with — 
S(oiB»3(8aj9S ayo aooob ^si OojofSo Bhr. (oi 
(nj^09a8o(cr)arS)<d8o(iDOQj3S a^o(doc.) — adv. 
(9ioaj«>nbo Aq-]o egg (si^d>cX>, a)Q(ai9)os a. 

6>QJ:fi^ TR. 

6iaJrt>o id. 1. 0Of>«)gfg&gj(^ ©gyocBia nod^ dis- 
united. 2. Q^abo 6&^<9o 0oc2>;^ TR. 
with me. ~ Even with Instr. 6iMOBfi.oaib e. 
aiogloA <4^6)aneBi TR. 

dgytKo) comparison, e. ojoa) to flatter, defend, 
praise and lament the dead Yi. 

YN. Ogji (5.) 1. conformity, Ag^ojiiOAo con- 
federaoy Yi. 6ag^gk)0(Dia» incomparable, A 
Q^iP(fisoinadYertanoe (= (o^aoeo). 2. signa- 
ture, agreement, e. AaQt«>, s^di) to sign, 
eofijoslaib (OM>om 6>a)9«ne dgj)%aj^^ MR. 
made to sign. 

e^Aoemo fee giren to Janmi on signature 
of documents (4 fanam). 

6&gjQo) agreement, 6K)g-j§ grant Yi. ooag 

^ Aoc^smo TR. the Riga does not sign 
in mourning time. 
CY. AgJi<flA 1. to equalize, og^o aldOan^o CM8 
QQ-jos)aj s^j^ j&i9<^a> TR. to assees 
equally* <o>€nMJ» A. Ya. to mimick — also to 
compare. 2. to adjust a^gy Qgejlocns^ae 
(in building). a>a3J 6>^<or») Sifeosoandae A 
guj^^§ Arb. fitted the handle to the axe. 
<0)9e^o <d>ro€DB^o Agji^ oa)§^ Bhr. 8. to 
please, persuade 0cn^ a. to satisfy Yi. 
Qaio9(O0O^A6>fl.o^gj3or)9CD^ AR. todeoelTO 
simpletons. 4. to prove ^cm oitOiasmo 
a>o^ 6^, a>90o&o(rr^6os6>A ^oi^ ^^ad^ 
Qjnb Nal. to proye by praxis. udOfcr^ a>9 
gi A. to demonstrate ftrom the Shastraa. 
5. to settle 6&aJ):^aJnyoab AtfloooleyMR. 
oome to a settled agreement, o^^odb 

<BIOQjleJo <B1D9q09 fftS^ODO OCTOO^o GO. 

closed the sum of past joys. a»flrr)«i(aaa;gj) 
^ajfOicmo KU. deliTer OTer. esmjuoroo oQigjfo 
&Q^ :^o<a)9§ (QBt Mud.gaTe oyer the treasure 
exactly. ^aoOO ouismo a. EU. to pay a 
tribute of. a>roo, a>g^, Ocn^^ O. to pay in 
full, fulfill eg^:^ai(8A9i§om oo^^iml TR. 

Neg. Y. dgj9 1. is not like, et^ 9q_i9A eojs 
ej)orvi^aic;y@JU(ORi^(m6^9 AR. ecaitmAi 
ojcnD^aTirab e^gOtm oicno ^%o 00. 2. oaa- 
not. d^ocora>=$jikrD9(OR». 

6&^9Qg discord. 

n. AdOAdd), dOf) okkoyacTu.todigjG.totread 
out) To indent cnoovl a^s^^ €Uo£isa^sB^ 
oooQ0o a)^Q^9<oal. 

6^.^ (kida ssoood 1. Sound, noise, yoioe oQcns 

6>S e^lACV QoJOQ&i Qj)(^^Qj06 KR. A^Q^ 

9a> to be loud, audible AjyOg-jsoQ^ o^joeuq 
oolme OG. Qoia! d^A^s^g-j^AKsyo MM. a breast- 
wound. fi:fii(<n^i^<4)g^9^o Aj^oAiag^ocijmo 
aaisno, «>9ei)daa|^(oi8Sl«ai cnaa6rnloc»9«e|Qgo 
oaicfoanooSl OG. c^ o<B)§a (huitftg.) to tie 
a bell (^ejcry) to dog\ neck. ALfijcBiosgj 
hoarseness, d^QVSdBao MM. from wound in 

Digitized by ^OOyiC^ 

6iSl— 6isVflei 


©§ — ©§0 

throaty A jyc0)^a> to make noise. Oqlj^(U(»03 
Q o^A9§) GenoT. (in hantg.) A^odtOggl 
^ B8. made a Une noise. 2. name, fame o-i 

Bkr. e^Og^sojob famoaB Yi. A^6)^^anBi) 

6^ odi (s&s II.C.Te.) 1. 0roin cuc0oo^«>obo 
eslssQjej) the 3 lines or folds on tlie abdo- 
men. loiSk^fii^KX) A€)or>^ojo ffios^a&icQo Nal. 
?. side <4^s>o6o a€), aiocB;6>Qi9si q. v., ancQjroo 
Qobodsli'oaMKm OJDtf TP. to be foroarite. 
dUefly ineoe of c^onttd,=:a^Qj; <0>5nB6aB^o 
ojooQja^o <fl>36>s3sia)^o TR. dlTision or 
range of ricefields. ajslfiiaooao ds^CGliVzib 90 
oej 4Mnio XR. (s&joso) — what is A^<0ao 
cbocrsa)^ kit. (lifetime?). 8. sorcery, to 
bfeak the enemy (in Madagascar **odi" witoh- 
eralt) asW^ouaa to use & es^tintda to connter- 
aet enchantment. 4. a hunter's hut (also dflD) 

es^iaadfonb (2) the comrade mo^BJAeJos^aso 
neb ft Qj^ogj9S^(fl8»3^Dnb (huntg.). 

dsWoiy — 0^090 (1) bubo, rupture. 

ds)<atspl B. (4) draught of priry. 

AS^fd (4) priyy, (8) charms buried to maim 
him thai passes orer them Yi. 

as^ddSo (4) hat. 

06Wi6 (8) sorcerer, esp. of low castes as Na- 
yidi, Parayan. — A90Qio€lc»nb lame (loc.) 

eelojlg^ (3) witchcraft. 
QSk^ da> T. M. C. (s= fiSQ^a)) To break. (Si^ 
eiVto^seiii e^ongsploBnoA olkno KB. d 
s^«aoon§ broicen back. g^^iTiflA diiooejosi 
08^90.190 MM. aioej (D9f o a^sbo ^sm 
8aa m^ a med. 

AsVaoflBifS * bracelet of one piece. 

YH. osVii. a breach, brake. 
AsW^-tt* l«To break, as oar,shaft Q?§kj)ocn 
*a(9ko«i09ii es^^oobKB. orDoaa^rakoagBl 
a., m^ a. Yi. qxbx¥ a. beggars to exhibit 
aa esq^ stomach. oSlom^ a. to plough 
aflsr sowing. 8. to use witohorafk KU.— 

GY. asig^<8A to cause 1. ft 2. y. a. 
e§ oda T. G. Tu. po. M. (=asl 2. Bide) 1. With 

an(9aj^5>009§, short o=£snb, aa^. 2. place 

fliosxaea^SMDeo^vcm Bhr. AB. 
^§(d)04n'ya(obB. V^of es^, a§«a§) To come 

to an end. YN. e§Qj end. af<fli Yi.=sdsi 

1. groin. 2. a timber tree; a^<dnQEggJ. 

^§6S^d8> O^nnnaya T. M. To. Tu. (see prec.) 

1. To come to an end ensosmo a^oBoona o^«rni 
UB. oiocnj a*9(oi9» (Si^ucnos^tO) KB. ojo 
finoscbk a^ca^sao Bhr. too long to relate. 
Qjiioo a^o^a^au Mud. «oa QruoOMnvxoo 
OAo^rs d^eo^cm cb)9coo Bhr. sorixno a^coeo 
fiVtAonmstdTicB; o»in interminable. 2. to die, 
esp. of smallpox. 

YK. a^<0so 1. endssa^Qj; m^(A mtaKm 
QLiodrrflsoo a^ags Prahl. at last. 2. adT. 
finally 0(?)bo-i9a(S(Oia)o§Qiijrooo a§<0oo (Y>)snr> 
6)<SaQS0 Prahl. 
a. T. ^§<6ftdd), ddS\ 1. To finish, destroy, on 
mio a. Anj. to spend. «>(O>95)aT)0§idsl, (RD 

(T\^(D0e6)3)R» <BI05<Sal a^dtel GQ. adtoO^o 

«>a>9(0i8i^ a. TP. 2. B. to pay taxes. 
^§cd)o Ottayam T. IC. (G. Te. Tu. e^Sin) Gamel 
^e^Sfi q^rfifijOBcb a'aM»)arD)c^o Nal. 
a§a>gj(flfial ostrich, 
ag^^ea^donb giraifelCG. 
6^§rb O^ar, ^§|CQ;rb 5. Orissa people, £CIJd) 
CD^o, acuS)cB;o, chiefly of the tank*digger's caste. 
^§0 Oftam T. M. 1. What holds together (as 
picture-frame Yi.), 8t<^ a leak. 2. wager, 
stake at play. a. «>fl)§a>, AOian, ojOA) to bet. 
agatsRDSflo (^(q^a>CBi)§y he will not reach 
the lists, the natural term of life. 
a§A> T. H. Tu. G. 1. to adhere, stick. 

&^A adhesion. 

agfiioib (T. a§9ib) enemies BG. -- 

GY. a§)<do to paste, glue ojoBoJDmgl a. 

2. to giro in, be lean (agl opp. cn^eji^ 110.) 

€^<Sf QJ^^^aOo oJc^O^o C)6)ai6)(as9«n| PT. 

cosmiMOBcto ag^^s^ YetG. my cheeks have 
become hollow; so Aojldo^euo, «> akdu (see 

Digitized by ^OOQIC 

'6d§l5V|D3— 6^^cd6b 


^^<ss^ — ftnrw 

Ad9««9» n.); to be wrinkled (like es^) <£^ o 
ccQ, ^ai Agl ®«09^. 

egfob flAW in wood Ti. 

aieiO(nj(3i> Ottolia or DamaBoniiiia lod. Bh. 

Og) a kind of cake. 

es 1. glue Vi. 2. bruiae, impreis tfiMnifflk 
etb A. A§6aa) gljooI. S. C. T. Te. union, 
the whole (=AOO) As3<0s, A|(08>o<e6», A§i 
§<ei to sum up. A§<sq in all 6i9fl89.o (Sl^^ 
ojOBo ^5^ «^<0a Q.0) (8id^a>^o (jud.), aIbo 
Md9ao. — d§90<9>, A^(qQia> sum total. 
4. Keg. aso 93^ not at all, not the least, not 
for a moment *, hence pos. d§ a little, some 
ds eQ(D — G^ 9CTV0O, ogcnocX) dtsploo® 
(jQjxX) CG. e«sso a Uttle way. 6&o§9§ 
ODSdteooxBiorgbTB. as soon as I can walk 
a little. oart>o A| a\j<flgp0oo Gan. the versed 
sine will be pretty accurate (math.) d^^cd^o 
72. about so much. a§0S6ObI, A(S§o(8gj3 
cm oJnodSacD/orgb CG. A|4infiJ4> Sq_)Ocb;o4> 
OS jaTiaiib 6^^1b^(Do^ Mud. 4. No. olamp 
of a door etc. ojoonfijInriD Ag <o)6)Odaak 

©§le*?DO«^, ©^tooenrfc oftiya^ (Ta. C. Te. 
from £SfiRiid9tin6) Gataneous eruption on the 
loins. €&. atf^oqjo med. 

S^en^ Ol^da No.=^(Qda89«o Filled with water 
for oos)cn«^ooo— O9f«c;yo AocTlcqjo a^cqg^ 
(SB(^ayai9ab Qajoa>mo (loo.), see 6><d)0sne. 

6^60(2 Oi;f]na T. aH. (YK. of Ocfo) Beauty, 
splendour osnbatsrok, 6Mn6iii(Oo, €&$iaa»lr&finD 
8B»c)o, esnBQS^oo, osnbajonab oj»io(£1(iq)96 BC. 

erbS) odafiin^ Odijia. 

6^^e8yjda> oiunnvya T. M. (Te. C. a(qft=a 
OQ^) 1. To give way, step aside, shrink, yield. 
(SOcS\^(A €bi^sa& cn^cm KB. stood humbly 
before his father. en» ttAosmVsb a. &^.99t% 
FT. hid himself. QfiiBicm O0«32|os d. BC. 
2. to be oontained, adjusted. <8K>ajAo6o oi^ 
Oi-S) mcs^iaS A^9aasna^ he ought to suooeed 
to the deoeased*s property <jud.) 
VN. g^^dSgVo 1. Being settled & compressed. 
og^ooolcnDo tfioav a. *9fasflBl matters 

are somewhat smoothed down. ^ifjUm A. 
SigO no elastieity, yielding quality, soft toneh 
(ssi^Qdcroo, ojtno). 2. subjection, oontents 

(Vl.= «IOSd9eo). 
A|gd9Q shelter; stairs Vi. 
a. v. ft^dOftriBj, cflel To compress, restrain 
((er9)nr^6)C£2^), subdue (= ffl!OS<fla«» V2.). a^T^jg^ 
e. to humbleVi. ds^^rgb A. to enclose. aJ3A> Oo 
^S)0aa^ O^daal TP. to soften by bathing. iDo^o 
a^dB,^ (d)gjo ^fdoo TB. give up the land to 
Tippn. ^ocgyo qG)^9o A* -^fb. to settle. 

6ia5Y?r adj. part, of AdSn I. q. v. 

6i.t^d9) Ottnya To jump, skip, dance os®mi 
ea^o HNK. frog, ouRjlcnStda MO. onakea. 
(geil AQ^aqzoo &JSiot\ Qji^<ftiC(go Bhr. fencara. 
^srnlnno A0(S§y e.'ORnl omo ji)Qji§1 Bbr. oaA 
(Oi^nA A., ^g^^5>a «>«i06n$ s)0gy«aj oaaft 
0oocq;oukJ^ auRhl CG. whilst playing on the 
flute indicate the tact by moving the eyebrows. 
amc»ocB;o, a.TJTSiOtjQ; a play with cudgels, wrest- 
ling. A. 0-jdl«flsi,-Q-jls^da», <l-)CB^OQ«> Vi. 

6iromDOrb Ottail, ©orNJOOrb (Ar. hajjimf) A 
Mappllla barber (ft circumotsor) i0>9d^ — imas^ 

amra oWla (T. anbQ C. Te. Ta. V^ ©) 1. One, 
neutr. of eos. also for mase. AslcosacetdSKD A 
cnoo (d)96noarng^, 6i®6qbc^ 6»nnBfla<noo TB. as 
long as one of us is alive. 2. adv. AorMpms, 
Anrns^^, oq^Sicm atio ocooadMsmQaete. once. 
8. something (emph.)(9iDa}6Kr)cij^>s^^ Q4bo«r^ 
Qj(ooo aioQ§yeBbiai A. ABOddaj)^ ojaooTB. 
the* it may cost us something (our lives), ^cm 
ctfki^o AAttoKido aiAQgo Annelfy mm» ainso KB. 
willbe destroyed. Emphatieally repeated. A«am 
Aos cnacB^ro (d)9ng, AQom6MB aiMsa ojo^flno 
as)6moTP. 4. a part. <nM>ai9nnD a quarter. 
Acno forms also participial nouns f.L cnso^s 
cnossmsg-)®, as oQSicasiOcm^a^iMom a>xBo. 
AoryDcuosnb, Aanrooso every other day. A'nb 

ojcni tertian fever. 
Acma^ to be united, joined, A(mo«a> alto- 
gether, Acimo flftt, Aonoacib m. — eotf * 

Digitized by ^OOyi(:^ 

acnj^ — agj<0> 


©{a-J^ — ^(» 

onm33p segnriDTP. jumped down at onoe. 

€imnr£\ qj^^«oi§i« ICC. avoo daDosHg 

ffiOftSfi^j)^^ 9f^<X>(a«i9^«>d>09^ TB. as 

they got no deoiaire answer from the king. 

A'ml&ct^)^ (TvrB<Sl09«a>9§ «tfiO^ Aqj. quite 
one with them. 

AornVm &rmx£\ o^oai to leave no point un- 
answered, oon^skmocrntgy (a^I^aAA^j. o 
(rnlnn Aornl^dasisi eeoso diaoordant. Aorni 
mfi eanseBaa) to make more weight (by 
taking from one ft adding to the other.) 
Anrn^ofs sauoot to make water (opp. rovslono.) 
dori9<9b in one case. e. — oio^cvo^/^ BC. e 
m^9eJ9 — (Bioio^ og|3bl(ob TR. — also €srrn\ 

ro^iblrok ojooQj CTOzacnl^ fi)a)9^(a8»9o TR. 
mod. oond. AonoaTlaib csyiSi}o 35609^) Oa_i9 
(anra«xo>aBblQfiJo orxmoggcmtio^a) UR. also: 

dm^casl^sk — (BiM)§yBb)rok TP. 

€^m s>dt99r^o (Qajao>c(£^gy) on no acoonnt. 

MnmADrtilJ. [^^ocjulo^o) VCh. 

a6)(mo<qQ(aj«£)«) to oome together (as (SiduSloc^o 

denY. dnrri)(a» to join, unite, agree eoni^onb 

ea Qj9^033n Amii,^ Qjcmo^ Mud. come 
in contact. — 

adv. part. 6icrn^^ together (=ertS0l^) f.l. 
<^^^S 6&^^o Oojorol^TP. with Boc. 
ft Gen. mfM£\sicho e. d(TB atosi^ siocbxosi, 
«Knj3s>nbo a. Oo-joctfi TB. ^snS^Si g^<9 <d> 
gjcD A. (Sioco'd^ MB. along with. 
CY. Oflfnlgjl<aB = Ort80lgjl(dBVi. 
30QJ^ ohbaSl} T. M. G. Ta. (Te. 5>rm9o fr.e^/nocX)) 
Nine, one before ten. dnrnW d. o_j06BI9, ^^^^^ 
g>) A. QiiJCg TP. not one offence only but many. 
Qa^m oppana Mpl. (T. e^s>5)nn adorning) 
aajCT> Q|ai, qjo^a in ag_jana-jD|, sung by 
Maplichis at (oHrD^d^Odmo etc. 
©a-jo, ©gJ see &dd&. 

Qj^c0> oppa'ya To touch softly Yi., sponge, wipe 
(a wound); clean rice by taking up the grains 
with a a^^ etc.; dgjo<d)sm9(|^' ft dgjcfla. 
blottiD«*paper (mod.) 

YS, d^<Qb. sponging. 
©(aJ^^ opnrfmna, 6ia-jq^fl!JYi.(Syr.) 
Blessing. ^oiji&JSana) A. confirmation; a^dOa 
9.1519) A. extreme unction. Kasr. Bom. Oat. 
©(0) orn 5. (V^A) 1. One, the same Aos (smm 
$)Q-jooajft. 2. Ko. Indef. Kum. = d9iS>o some 
Aoa ^ai ojoldtooodcn^ tu. S. Indef. Article. 
aj9nBA(b(Bi^ajO6iadOaLj06)ajproY. 4.(inpo.) 
Def. Art. (Bi9«oe3)OD S2^s^9^ c/oabf09jiioqgjo6 
KU. «5QjD<jL)0^^9S>'ora»95>ro«nm Yil.— E?en with 
pi. 06>oo9rDB Qjrol Aia)cX>Bhr. j^u^ ^.y^^ 

m. dfcacunb. Of^tSTZQab, f. Ar^ron^, ocodojcb, 
AOScSAod), Yu. A^cdnoib once. [rim). 

6^as6>^nrn^(6saQ^ headache on one side (meg- 
Af096)^CLncQ;crf) a med. plant. 
Arcsm) 1. f. one woman. 2. one ft the same 
place 6199080 (BD^JOdo A'cs^oA (smgt) ojoas 
cmjg MR. S. any place aig^jon* A'oDdsk (oi 
sio^j ^sioo9mv(S\<£^(A croa>so ajOQj9€ido 
QD^TB. a)§gn09d9o Ar^iSRQonoo(abl.)<d>encP 
6)u@go 5)aj:fia fi>a)g§a]|^ — also AOsasiaicGin 
^o (d)9«noaT)l^TP. (BiD(0>6>coRft9aBnno)ca!^(Qk cn^ 
mo «QLj9can KU, 
Ana 009^0 gDg^ ncTor. 

A^ CT^eJ, ACIS 6)5)^). 

AfQ99aj95)aJ 1. alike (po. AT»9a_l9S)Qj) QrV)(TT? 
co9oo'oi9neQ)Qej(0a(a-)n<dtc)oaa)gy9o AaBQaLj9 
5)aj er^Acn MB. 2. as sure as possible 
AonigD 5)a<9g^o o^nrvcds) a. Anj. 

Aas0cn09iOrD);af> 1. to be of one mind. 2. to 
be determined, fally resolved. 

YN. Arose 1. union (SioxiOcn9S A*Qctz;9^ qjo 
^mo Mud. 2. harmony Atna gifi>9Tia9)(isk 
proY. (sia^oib A*9a2.9^ at^rigMud. saw it tally 
with. A. (dteJciT) fisrob Aig. well proportioned. 

ArQ(^9§ i .=> AfTSOQJO^ f. i. QaJ9a)9nb <mOgLJ9 

S 6^ TP. got ready for starting. 2. agreeing. 
denY. AcselcSaT. M.Te. 1. to join A«9n OJcm 

A(f»&^^ AB. ^(OlVv^aBbfOb An80i(BQ(Tn 

OQj05)ei HNK. 
— adY. part. A(O90):^s:A<Tn)«i^ together jS\ 

m6\ Oaj9«ioM)<DB9rm0)^ i^g) KB. with 

Digitized bykuOOQlC 




2. to be reooaoiled 0ioa\}(9<o>Qaos a(isa)<0» 
Bhg.=cn)a)d9s; 0q^ foono^ojos artai^j^^ 
cuonb iBiDajcro(Do ojodQcno Mad. 8. to be re- 
BoWed, prepared aa» ^ftOGgjcorennmoq^ e*^ajab 
KR. OojOdBo e. Bhr. 

OV. fig^cs^o or^A>oo9Qjo easa)^:^ Bhr. 
mixed earth and sky. (BiocustrD Oaj9<ds) A* 
g^^^o Bhr. persuaded to join. ajcRo^o^ai 
d*g^^cR^cBMa§vS2>(DhOQB/on6 Bhg. Yishna as 
tortoise lifted it altogether. 
AaB5)aaj§a> 1. to join, agree, be confederate. 
2. to resoWe, prepare. 5>aj6n6 e*goai i^cJd 
oaotm^cqa^sproY. ^arnxutonnnrn a. Had. 
QOjQgdasYilT. to go banting. 
GV. Aas5>ciij§(aa Yu^^qs^a* to get ready. 
YK. eosaiios 1. concord, d'sotfis to appease. 
2. preparation, starting «auor) e. ^gi aj 
o6)g-j§ KB. (=cro(moQOo). (0)ACTn ocrocn 
ACS) Q.jOGioocidoro(Dl^ a'^sneoan) s>a)0§(qi2 
$>5)UXgjajo KB. gave a fresh impalse. 
008 Qja>CD;ocBilrol<Sft to be something indescrib- 
Aosajnb, — (b, — lb (hoh.) one person. 
6&9rosaijo, — ng^o anywhere. 
6^({B€Bv}dd) oroMn^ T. M. <Te. C. a^ 1. To 
be ready* ojemo arsoslcBngy etc. 2. to 
yield, be settled (se§6a§d>) <8>oq2(o dcaaofo 
will right itself, get ordered, 
a. T. 6i^<flftce> 1. To prepare, get ready, 
asoncoo oajg^onb e^Qj)o6 Nal. Q<e>ogji&)()D 
d. KB. Q^fSJUosR&^mo, aS\ch e. 2. to settle. 
e<e»Q;{jo e>(9>o(8Rin ectscdal TP. finished them 
off (=sa$<fi£^). 

YK. dosano 1. preparation; or{l(dd|(LjeB)<ea 
e. ^§^ TP. prepared the bath, ojemo 
o'^g^o^CB'oaib MB. cash not being ready. 
2. order. (B10®o drSlc0n0gj (oooojagj BO. 
it is not right, et^ onkar)QjcvS)«>or)(n»)(^g_) 
(0) a(»aB«0o BO. oj^finooooQu^isb a. a 
(Q9(aa) TP. arrange the room. 
a(«(0e id. s^tB% 9a>^ q^pqa ^* dissension? 
6»n8<aa09(no B. articles. 

acogj (ssa(iB0, a(QMao) l. croo^oiaiaotA 
doisr^cma. atflaoqio ojSfMmoTB. ordering. 
2. a. ojaBfonil reconciled (scrS^ro^). 

eCS^DSSldd) Port. Telogio. Watch, clock. 
6^CXD Of^a T. M.(amD, aofeQ) l. One, single. 
a*g-)0mo a single fanam. rmr aoosxs a 
fine mA (hontg.) two boars. 2. Tn. M . a certain 
cake as)oodto fieian dd^odtoortb Qa-i9QcD;3nb 
proY. S. odd. aooavVoso^o a>^d8o with dice. 
aoo«)g_j§ega)or)o aja8£:3(QjnGD;9d9io YCh. (= 
aonrooool opp. G({jcea>ouo^. 4. fencing postare 
Q_i(n1ocr)§o aooQ^jocLjcsifoolQBKijnbproY. aooo 
<d«o a>a8 06Kn<0aoor)SOnrr)O^oKII. see A<macn, 
aooc8ag[}jnb one-eyed. 

aooanoejlflib cn^qj^ a tapas. [year. 

aoO(fla»o^® a cocoa-palm in its 8th — 10th 
aoo«>fi><fifiCBn(gb cQ§9aii9<)o 0Qoos>s>daa AenS^ 

I aa>y>o CO. [of boar, cattle. 

aood)(fltt9aiin6 (cBi^or)) MB. single tasked ; also 
aoog^SdJcrb one-hooded snake. 
aoo8g_)0d9aab last scion of a family. 
aoo0(D(onO(bb AC^Gjq prov. 
6&oo(^sngo £%aQ^ KB. for battle. 
aoo^fiJ^ (Bong) said of a Paraderata. 
^OOak O^al 1. Ket of pack-thread, basket fat 
holding pots; wed. 2. fishing with weela 
(T. a^a> braid net), 
aoonb Yi. spy; PP. traitor. From: 
^OCJ PriTate intelligence; treachery, secret 
information, .aloAcGinrgk oJiOicfl&j &s>9Wfn 
a. fiL«ni9C(£^ (jud.) a. (Bidoi<d> to spy out, a. 
«d)cX)aB» to OYcrhear. (SAOJib sarsb a. new 
proofs against them. 
(aooocX)) aoQdO>0(Qn6 spy, secret emissary. 

a»eB.Aio3or» ojislgjonb 6^ MB. 
^OQdd) (to be single?) 1. to step aside, 
retire, cringe. 

aooidasQ a hide-&-seek play. 

aool^<aftfiD(aa l^o- ^ act the spy. 

aoo) QiSPCQ^a) Yi. to conspire. 

6^o^ Qjspae)a» Yi. to draw into conspiracy. 

— as ▼. a. oQSKm aook» osq PP. my 

Digitized by ^OOy It! 

6aa)oro)— 6^ 


6iajcn4— 6ijY^ooaorb 

b0Umj«r . 2.toiiiAk»roomforMioft]ier.d 
o6)«»ajAi to mortgage T. M. (0. Ta. 
Aons Te. 6^}. 
c^ool T. IC a pawn. 

eoo^osmo a teium in wUoh the Janmi 
jields to the tenant all the produce of the 
field in Uea of interest for his advanoes 

(aoo)9GB9&icas<M»mo, ocxSVidoa q^H^ 

fikaad^osBftonb doc.) 
eocS)oa»99rBajnb a mortgagee. 
QO^hQi^o eocS^ a higher teaore whieh leayes 

to the Jaami merely nominal rights. 
ttooVfleo QjoQeoqifiB AOfimo a still higher 

tenure hy whieh the ^£Uai9ch aoqnires eyen 

^ of the Janmi rights, also eooldBsciiKDo. 
acxiVaaiP^aeaemo a mortgage in which either 

the oeeopant has to relinqnieh or the owner 

to retain the estate W. [mortgage W. 
aooi e^o money advanced on nsofmotnary 
CT. iftoolan to eaose to spy Yi. [So. 

Aooksponb mngle elephant, leader of the herd 
SS&yv^ Olantei ascvn Holland, Dutch. EU. Yi. 
QaM20(61 okmui (Fort, almadia) A kind of 
ship ^ «ig_jiA dOJQJl^fflmctgo KU. 

6jftxijVab=:6a^Tca;rdb q.y.-f.i.ioKiv&xn«4. 

■ceMtom QjgffoniodtiTP. 
Qfiil oli T. K. (0. Tn. fifiil) Bonnd. eMSiwstiP 

flOfiJolRC. AMl^ejocaisejloajocasSQj GCh. 

ft«Mftoej)A(X> KB. noise of wheels, 6i»otf)«m9 

^ e96Kx>9ej) etc. 

deaT. Aeildae 1. to soond, as mnoing water. 
—ring bell Yi. 2. (Te. €^a^=ie^A) 
to low, ran as water, blood of wonnds a> 
fffc^ aantaeSdJ or afpA«u KB. oay 
* a*^ ajoiBi Oojoc^ Mod. 6>ajos) eej) 
^ 0qp Bhg. aiSQft)ab ^s^ afUb e. 8. to 
foal miudjaaA> jiicq^ rMMKnA^9>^(A d 
«• OAiliflams AB. [looseness of bowels. 

eu^ flowing oeOgijk* a^kOov <mcSl proY.; 

AeAoqi* ld« MRKunb SiDMo de!nsa^a>09i§ 

tl.aaSVsjMQujflfio ninning water ;ftntnt«in 

Yi. dfijlojtt o^bcSlcm. «»^<9Ajl «}§y 
OY. eang^taan as rots/ato e. B. to bleed. oojgfS 
(oecb «ig]j(Yf)(b doj)^^ Qjoroo SG. FT. 
KB. shed tears. 

^fijorij ohmbn (Port, plnmbo) Plnmmet. 

^^(YljdB) oltunbn^ (T. e^ C. olyida, see 
gfiiccya>) To move from side to side. Qj(nroqQ 
6>fi. e. to wash clothes by shaking them in 
the water. ee^cnji(a8»a<fl> to rab, shake off, as 
rice sticking to the hand. <ao&) Qrm^fij (S)aj e 
ejo^ TP. cleansed ihe head. 

6iai (d> oUn-ya T. M. G. Te. To consent, lore — 
to be fit, possible. — Only in Neg. o§^o=Qjg^9 
mast not, ought not (in prayers, rules, pror.) 

«>JilS>S|3§^0 & flQO^O^ODSXmOgyO, CG. GTOQaO 

cTOo 5>jU$>^ogy, Saj9S)(d>o^ ajgiQcQ; Bhr.— 
past Qouoi^ Oajofi)a>cgyoaa^ GG. onght not 
to have separated. — adj. part. 6&§^oan3» un- 
becoming. (aa?(9A d*(mlcrn o^o ^0)s)(fldiogj 
Anj. indecent, bad. dg>jO(m Mzssad^ UB. 6a§yo 
(OxonoBOcn 6>jii9gyMya) cnl^ OG.— [(mantr.) 
YK. ag^o(g=2iiB0rc9(O)9cg, also dgjO(jg^ ^^o 
Ag^ Te. G. Tu. M. sheet, ooTer 5 yds. by 8,=aJ 

(0)^ f.i. dgy^ofW Q(O>0OO@ Qa)96m)c(0(3k 

og|§(0A proT. 6i»9nb ojexm^ggg a. «)«8)0 
9i§ oQQom S)a>§i TB. a^ oa)nm o^qj^ 
Qj(nrgo (vu.) 0D{K»1 6ig»jmo(o^a£lobaS1(m) 
0oej a)^o^^a]|2 TP. 
ti^CBKsb Boyal cloth, = &soB)QS Yi. aj$)i9§^ 
CBKiA silk gown. a. oojooe Bijas to marry 
Sudra women, take concubines; Qa>ospl9(B»o 
^ i^aj^m e- «>aj9<ai>6mo KU. (ya.6&ej 


AGLDarro> Ar. awat. Sorrow,t= aojeojo (Mpl.) 
®^D OTVa l.Neg.of ddOea), q.T.2.=a^ Yi. 
^OS)cno oSlnam Tdbh. gQ^nflaxno q.T. 

6&c'o1cY>9<0so(Qb iron crow-bar, ojDr^, in thie?es' 


denY. aoAcnIae to lire on, eat. 
6^0^ Ar. TMir, Yiiier. 
er^rovo^ Ar. Taiiyat. Testament, gn^MQ^^* 
A^Onaoeb 0B8&k see orgmonb (Mpl.) 

Digitized tijLjOOQlC 



6^<d) Ti. we gftdk Baok stroke (fenoing). | 

I. ealoJiT.M.CC. To. Te.acfe=£c)o)l. Conceal, j 
ment; secret dealings. 2. ambnsh, hunter's { 
hat. 6^ 5>a>§4»>, also dfipg^gfil, — 00, — die 
^iak; 6&alg-)sa' noQj(n9CB)o§a)9d98 (huntg.) 
Hence: a^daoaOfob a0orr>9ajos)&j $>aj^ Ocljo 
ocSl EXT. (Gol.) like a bird in a cage. 
6&als>a-i^d&) to hide itself. 0/D^<o>(dng>^^nb o 

^Qj dflD6)o-i§o (cnla86>s>0QodOfi Bhr.=oon- 
oede superiority. ^„jjj„ 

o^ajfl8:fi3ab No. (aala^<B;nb Tu.) a para- 

e^6Qj<ajUoamoar. ca^eaiomuaudSbordnbapara- 

d^cBKnj arrow-shot from ambush. A'«>aiiQaL 
QaisonrKcn ar^Qsna^s/o KB. 
eAWnjab a Paradevata. 

oiiu^^wcno forbidden coitas, also afin«CTOcu 
adultery etc. 

€^A T.M. to be hidden Yi. 0asmo«>£>O5ne 
oa^sn^ Sojooso TP. oome off unscathed 
from ordeal (= asplooi^P). 

VN. 6&a^Qjl. ambush Yi. 2. hiding, eg^^u 
(Qgg Qul^onrob SiPu. 

ti&sPdaA (C. ac^ Te. d^o) 1. y. n. to hide one- 
self. Q-j3c^cTad&lajiz^(S eloaojojiz^^ejo BC. 
fugitives, fikoonb €b£\:S^ QojOAcmQjnng^ TB. 
abscond. &d)^ ^osloajdcdil escaped, e' 
prolan, 6i^o^&i, OfiO,^ ojcB^oolajk &sneo 
4910 OQj^^ojg^ SX^Qo proY. dfi)^ oa)^ 
(0)jo Si Pa. disappeared. (biooc/xobcX) oiooco 

ojl^ocfo KB. 2. Y. a. fifl)^«>aifii) to 

conceal, suppress. 
GY. fi^^d9A to conceal. (meLi^s^a^aA i&*^ 

TP. ooYcred him with her hair. 
II. ^£[ (ac>a = a^nb T. C. beautiful, good. Te. 
aaHoj =S)aK)o) Splendid, bright; the light, aj) 
A<sel6>(moal Oajos)ai croo<xnj)<8>o KeiN. 
e&l0ak0aib beauties (Mpl.) 

e&l0(Do (loe.)r3|^)(^0(Oo. 

eflpelomai and eltmoejofiO KB. 

YN. Aalaj 1. brightness, also Aa^a. — a£i 

shining brightly. A4»l(t>aj6Kn3A)aj «aS<qso 

aiaa>afiia?ab BO. eA^^cus^ ^^s cnsnm 

Bhr. 2. ambush {€b£\ I.) 

Atf^dBft olakki} = &tfd9e'(a. 6)jiso&a«.d5ne ana 

a)9cnDrto(TQ)o d^spld9eo mosotix^ mmaodn CO.) 

^(PlcQ^dd) oUyn'ya 1. (=6&ya>) To run df as 

water. aja>rD9«yQb (TSld>o^Mk Oi8)9rD9Aoi asp^ 

0^0 proY. 2. T. If. (C. Te. q£\, Tu. B(S\) to be 

oif, leaYC oif , be free from, empty. cruDscoo a^ 

6ioii»lrol<d9cr» vacant, unoccupied. {8io<S^A39i| 

ajg^ aip^ct^o MM. will heal. <d>5nbc^3cul a 

spldgo a med. 

Inf. aiplQdd) except, eoonb atfi(fl> (po.) Q^iy^^ 

Qj^ciid) fliesceao TB. as they die off, the 
others. —With Aoc. 0(^s>(O aspVuttoi acx^ 
fiS (SintfDScfo KB. — 
adY. part, besides, except, crfl as^oooo^^cBNt e 
filial. ocnibasp^a6Rio|S!o<2^1^^- nothing 
but truth. &^CBo«ds aiplfioona^^ YCb. to 
none but men. — With Aco. 90daft>oasR> a 
if^sa^eSL<^ oQ^ooHY. all gifts short ol — 
With Inf. aj§o qa^a 6k uS\o(pS^ 9ojom 
ud£\as^^ Mad. adY. part, s^osicno » 
sp^snid a. Otutod^cag^ Bhr. 3. y. a. to gife 

up. rOiOCTOOOb aS>g8i^SO0)§o fiOiOH^dQaQa 

with some sacrifices; hence aAgasplcBrdOo 
without any exception, altogether. agg&P' 
atf^sn^ «>(di9§<9eo TB. evaooate ft eede M. 
to the French. AMoecXxtio a^o ai^^en^ a 
(GOtfxoi TB. making no allowanoe or de- 
duction, cn^eio naSi^ Ctep^sn^ 6a&»)Qol 
aaio^OQ MB. 
YK. I. atfl^(ab vacancy, freedom, means, ex- 
cuse. ((])(n)(fis a. fififi^acXsArb. when dla- 
engaged, in leisure hours. 

II. asploj 1 . water-ooarseojofiMx^o^snoaab aspt 
Qjl^fiipioY. 2.sasp^,Ai<Qk.9CaAJ3i^cmesp) 
Qj«<cfooja)cx^9a<aMino^KB. no escapes, 
a. Q-io^ subterfuge. 3. (from asP^S.) 
gifing up. ^Sfafoch BiCBwS\d» aspljM 


Digitized by 





6)iP)d90» 1. To pour. «»g]^ab dfaon tt.*, to 
▼cdd, M ^9gK> e. 8. to giye up. ojiP a^oob 
esp^d^ or)^ KB. let him pMS. w^tusA A. 
ditmhMd, fonook« ds^^«ajo«o>, «^^4»), Aa)0 
§Ai to return groundB held under «i05vno ; 
^Oeioo Oi^^ I0KD9O TB. to Taoate. 8. to 
quit. rodRjo a. to emlg^to. c4^oataBo<&o^o 
e&fl:^«au3av), aj^QQo A^QQo a. Oaj0CDr\ A. 
Qid«B)ajMqJ2 TR. in war, 4. to eeeape. (Bio 
OMkO A'^OajscnDTB. got awayfron tliem. loH 
<^aB9oe<S)«Bi^etflAl^KB. ayoided arrows. 
QjSfOffVO) a^<9»99eo Bhr. Aaig A. to parry 
•bknr. c^oon A«i),^8>a>0(X>AB. defend thytelf. 
6. to erade aaajai§Lp(0k) A. Bkr. (Y)(^0oci^ 
•q-ioomi a. Bbr. to prerent ruin, 6. to make 
to oeaee, driye away. QjodQenA ttAOooo A. PP. 
OQjA^oyo ^don ^u> A. amed. «)So a. CS. 
to pay debts. 7. to free mbOMcn (Bn(/n)(^«Qj 
oofOni^Aorn A. Mud. prevented his saioide. oa 
oJ)gj6MMip)iyro9^4») Bhr. to prevent. 8. y. n. 
to give way (from 8.) «oajAAtf):i^ atocae^t flio 
iD^ojOoiSkYS) A. Bhr. to retreat. M|y<0ecX> Oaj 
&)^ Asp)^ SiPa. &jS Atf):^ (SojocnD KU. 
«^ gi fli^o >BS<io A oWf AS>gos^<fl«C(9o Mad. 
CY. Aip^gjl^ta 1. ehiefly to dispossess sxuoo 
aatAoWrap Aipiy^ysob KU. e«Miospig^ 
aaeor« TR. must not be vacated. 8. to 
make to retire. ojoftcBK) AiP^ii^KU. drove 
book. (n)g^KAS^«iOAoA«^^^ft«iDaj6)m 
aBaS)<0>9(O<TnEilannf) A. Mad. (even merely 

ASP^^) dismissed the mlnistor. 8. to get 

beek (gazoos A'^ «^§aj9nb MB. 
VN. A«^^ discharge eto. [remedy. 

Henoe: a$p)«>&p1qj expedient, eseape, excuse, 
aip^i^q) deed of giving back ctSWissbcX) as^ 

cvonao6)<oo^o^ A'^ ec2|0fi(a-^A)9n>o a. 

cuMoal MB. [a«nBO«flftTB. 

A&p)oraoaio unooeupied land A'(Oioi fisocBBcb 

^pdfe<fi>, (fiblolnytiyaT. M. C. (Te. Aej to flow, 

C. Te &6\^ to leak) To flow, ran down or off 

(= Aej^d9fi) of blood, wator (S^nb A*nm ou^jas; 

of ships 6&)paiom «'O>06rr?<s» A<b egg^ prov. 

(U<0s)sg^ Ay^d^AaiOsn^ cuasnnD TR. drives by 

stress of weather* «?W)^d)§oy£0 $>^^o. 

Aytoxob YN. flowing, being adrift 

Ay A So. side of wall, boundary. 

AyojOTDo So. side-room. 

Aycds 1. carreut, stream. a>s4ei9ao m^^ 
SKibo 6k ge^; A^oajflfio running wator, to 
be drunk by all eastos* 2. (T. Ayco^ order) 
natural, smooth, plain A^idnob ajsrn), O^ 
dannb ajfi. eto. A*0O9(s^«n. 

At^dBao 1. running, floating. Aogo^ A^AiQjo 
<»g^^ KU. regulated all about shipping 
ft timber floating. 8. plainness («ft|p<s98 2). 

Atfogd) T. to keep within bounds. AyoBOiani 
6:^0 unbounded wealth (or A^CBearoiO)?). 

a. V. A^dBtdit 1. to pour ^^fls^ Q-«o QJgo Ak 
MM. 8 . to inundato. 8. to set afloat, float 
s>aj^6)32; o^o^rbb Ay<an^c(|^one TP. Acts 


d9 O T. M. C. Te. Chiefly intenogative particle 
1. in simple qaestionysooab «oxi«(no am I he? 
Oftoa with negative power «ifriMoe«or) ojAsan 
mat9 PT. that is impossible. Imperative <^% 
qB^Qja toke it at once. 2. in disjunctive 
qoMtloB eM^a^oosqis MaoQa»o«eqio av^ 
sf) oMno BBK. flM«o <n|^y ct^o^s c^r^MS* 

d9»Q«(onio 001^0(01010 av) j^qjOodo Kal. 8. in 
disj. afflrmatioa AOcmo <d99bs one or two. a 
A(aiQt)9Qio d)n«nr>oo^«ai9 qjWv) ^9<fto; with 
Condit.Q)/(aoo(^CDB»^«aia gtm. (nicDK0o oy 
<24jofg^flDooanQ&iog^croo(»aBwPT. 4. with 
adversatire power 0009^(0) ^ cRMJ^oobo ffi.cBi 
(O«0o 9Q»90aor> QQOOcfrlfOo Bhg. as for ito height. 

Digitized by ^OOQ IC 

aoo — 6ao»3<fl> 


6^0.aJ— A9S)CQ?1 

Qaxbcfldioo f4Kn^<£l(adi)9fii9 o^ogyoo KB. bat if. 
c4)(moaei9 €i999cn9 s^A^g^oo Bhr. «aOj29ajo 
floonb QjoocBismo i4K^«>g)«6y9 AB. 6. em- 
phatioal 09QcnM&lg) d»g]|an3(D9CG.; often with 
interrog. (gfirQ|0 ea^cmottnmo 89(g|0 ^«i»9 
EeiK. what a wonderfol laokl Quite ioterj. 
io iBid«D>o, 009^1^ oqfi^<ai9 eto. 

Tee! henoe d98bO(Do the syllable om, greeting 
ft oonoluding Ameo! 2.= do f.i. (^ggQOaioo 
<4ft<^§ (po) whaterer it be, yet. 
6^9(6) dya^ QdflOSt (O. ecooy, (gg^ Awn, beard 
of some grains =(|c^a>o. 

^3cfi) ^t ^JCI^ (, prh. f^om e^) 1. Flood- 
gate, sloiee, drain PT. S.sdo^ f.i. aoa^i 
g>)o.i)Ri ocngyf, eoAffi ooo^y CS. 

6^9^86)3000 okkanun T. if. O. Te. Beng. (docn^ 
A) fietching, nansea, qaalm. Ao*Q^ Ji0§ia{)o 
med. as. ojocmnb (OMXTn amed.-^flg. AOcdso 
or)o&Q9r«a»iajk ojtkMajfimo GG^.if indifferent 
or sqaeamiah about it. 

deny. A3dBa9(vSlan reteh, feel nawea ao'^ 
joitsti a»<ee9ciS)^ 44)§y9(9o aos)«BlsflaB) 
a)9ibO0. 2. to Tomit ao*d9t«aii90Ai 8il. 

6^30^10 ogham 8.(QjQi$)Fkx>d; ma88croj«)gq:)<o 
QOio eto. CQ. 

A38B>3mo onguam 8. (eoo q. t.) The syllable 
aoo — Yi . aooBOfOo songs or ories to driye ont 
demons (prh. from foil.) 

MGS%(Bi bttrVflk T. M. (NTfiOJ l^ig)^) 1. To 
lift np, as hand, ojs), 6kJfl(T\jj)g^«nimD ajoc)oBhg. 
AAOfif) uxDi9.'on»oaa) BC. ouoAilaA «>cBr(iQ 
6M>«> aoesB^ OojoaTVob Ai^. 2. to threaten 
with finger, prepare to strike, aim at. ^SKvn 
€^ossi\ <o«|)g)g); «>6>o§^aj9nb ascagacmroo 
Bhr. to attaok. oc^eic^o CM> AaOeidof) a)9Qgi|j^ 
Acn aooel OO. — toappear reeoWed to moojocd 
an^gLj9nb a9., ««d»)pajonb a9ai|9cQj9cto CQ. 
being about to weep. 0a>;^a> aooe^ aj9e(giBiVA 
(Bios^rfleci^ 8k. aimed at. 
Yir. a9ae(A threat eto. 

^^•QJ oja mod. aove Ys. BC. 

^OJ^fb oMar (T. a EaU worshipper O. 
aiminb Beng. aouu snake-catoher) A elaaa of 
ICaran 8ndras, who beat the dmm in temples 
(0§ao Qd)»9sn^ <fli^rnb oj^&l An) fr. aa^iiF T. 
adjyrbb to driye away. 

6^3.^ XOo oi&liain (No.) BeTorenoe; the 
hunble answer a9 giToa to Ghmi with the 
proper gestures. 

denY. ao^9a)l^ ^ttb* ^*^ff' ^ stand or rise 
before seniors ft superiors. 

ea89eo]am8« Unequal, odd moQ^craosorMSBch 
or agatoviOooDo Omn. aooctg^ptm^nrn ad. oa 
am OouA (opp. Q^icao), ^om OScbOq^jmi <^9A 

6^389^ ^aa 8. (am) Yigour, xitaUty 9nm 
^o a9ng^09<iP Nal. jj^ 

6^30fklj)dB6^, eren ^3CQj)(6«B^aJ8nQjW8a 

6)3S 54* 1. T. aM. Water-eourse (a99») Yi. 

2. a large reed ffio^ a»9«9<iik a9S^ft ao^ds^ 

fixuiso ojOBo TP. oTon a bamboo would be 

touched to tears. 8. see a95c9s!Mib 2. 

a9S<esiPflA 1. flute of oowherds a9. ojltfl^Bs 

CG. 2. pipe of goldsmiths a90sauaaidaa 

to fuse. Q^^oti^cnMbb QDiQanaai asas^au 

s>QJ^9<n^ Ao. aQjiaeQaQ>9Qo e90Qaxb 

^ol«A96noo Nasr. po. [yamHB^ KU. 

a9scn99=a9^a)09 f.i. a9sar>o^tfMMMi? oa 

A3So o4am 5. {B9^a) 1. Boat, ferryboat tiftss 
oiSkA oaoP^ ai^ejW <4^aio TB. ao-ao 
SO^ «a-19ai«CIU9C)0 proT. ojea^OQVDSo YI. — 
wearer's shuttle ^9ei)aiiQabo a9. Oojsaej 
proT. a9. jii9^A to weave. 2.=6&aAo tern, 
caQp9So,flQ|^i8i»oseso far. 8.(Port.horlof 
garden a9saiRi\ob TB. also ojCDej^D^o as^ 
«i^o TB. Togetable gardens. 

S3Sd>o4al(8o. a9S)Med. root(sco{oa)Termi- 
nalla eat.) aasafiJjf)} Aoasnooons aj^j/^BF, 

6^3S3a2Jrob o4ainbal (a99«))Bolt, barYi. Ko. 

S3S3CQJ) o4ayi (T. alC-^oil) A kind of 
oarpenters, ship builders (aoso) assooOacn 
^£^ ajmS\ Qsae^ TP. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



6^ — Qd^v'Oo 

8)5) oji 1. (eo$«») A large BeabMt, long ft 
narrow ehiofly from the LnooediTM Aij^nrn 
eh dd^Gvko^ ju^D<et«Kb 6»9^)ol<9b «»a»oo) 

OiynSQCMs) the lergent kind, lirig<Caan.) 

^nboos^MJH, Oojoorv TP. 
6^ ofn 1. (es^og^) Potsherd, tile, 6M>oa<eA99 
small flat tile. uAl^o^ id. withoat a point; 
aoos99, ajoaiiDn«c»09 hollow tile, (id&ioqvo^ 
■kail, eas s^^, ddosgai to tile. 6&a^<s><p)«0e No. 
s^noB uiS)(ds<BVBbooVnD aios<qi^a). 2. shell 
m&a9caf9^; rindof fraits ajycoe) ed^ dhif^j^ 
AA4») a mod. 8. M. bellmetal (8|- parts lino, 
10 copper) eo^ojotdft ete. Qoi^fiBO^ a»99rDo§. 
eo$aB<Sft)GB;^ooor£loc» ttoLjooai proy. 4. T.M. 
(e^) being alongside, with ^Qama^ 5)<d>§l 

TP.;=sa(9AS f.i. fi.SQB' 00^9(010)995 01032;:^ 

TR. through the riceflelds. a»s9ejo$ Oojaoil; 
in ilzing bonndaries: X &o% Y 6&o§ Z eos 
GSaf^tt cr)0$ KIT.; in oomp. aoaQai9(09§ 
ooW^F a»s9e)9S €&aB ^qljo po.^a Loc. 
cnsQMroosm oq^^a enocu^ to the K. o^^ao 
siBo m»c^9fai oDa^so oaMf^s>^i4 TB.— 
ady. AMsas a\^Qj«aa9s, — 9aja»o9s happily. 
Henoe: A9^or)9§, asscr)9$ the 9th or 
16th 009$, Ko. of «Qjsnr)a^ with the capital 
a>90B;ahao, allotted to the QjisoooS) crojf^ 
Qjo Syr. doo. KU. 
aoas, aos^ (l) pancake. 
ea§a>fijQ, — ojoqi^o (8) yessel of bellmetal. 
ao|a.jflrnldB»aAc6 (3)=s^Ge9r61. 
ao|<g<o (1) tiled roof (opp. a9fi^(9). 

By^S>, §\ ofnya 6. (Beng. to fly) 1. To ran 

as men, animals, roots, etc.; ships to sail. 

2. to flow easily, meet with no impediment 

oaMibo Qjo dBJi flaojcm €»09<m)§>). 

CY. aas^as 1. to driye, ohase aosVamnoA aa 

cfBo adS^^sioMA admoo Bhr. who fled, who 

pwiaad.^tfMna^o«Bi ^^^ ass^taik^cob 

Wd, olWiaaao cusSi^^^srm €^o£i^9ch 

HaL 8. to fteer, asflgals tfigLjfiA as. 

8d OY. ao5)gj)dBs id. «a>Masaa «(n8aa«>o 
sns as^^ AiJ. against ns. cuplgjojlam 
oos^dBsQ^ o^ggo TB. we shall beat 

CY. aofa> rare, oemtfisaa aoa^dtaaaD^v ^o 
noa^idfial ^sQj^tfxn cMg^adaeoe^ Arb. 
ehased. or)0|nnD aoilanaoDaSI KB. 

YN. aogo T. M. G. Tn. 1. a ooorse, ran, m) 
A9QV0go raoe, ^^d®^^^ nayigation; oj 
srriW ao. «ajsmo Yi. haste. 8. qnick 
apprehension eoj^as aa. a^ -^J- 

aogdOsOfDnb shipowner a9*an Qj9goa^<Q9d9> 

ad^gSBflB^M^ a kind of ballet. 

aogoaob ranaer, messenger, spy; certain 
huntsmen aagoaQan <fli(QRin^^ (huntg.) 
dOi, 6)30 Otta T. H. 0. Tu. (Te. to split, 

a^<S94k) l.Craek, leak, hole. fi.B.dnllness. 

a9ga»eio leaky yessels, prov. 

a&flapoavob (2.) half witted. 

aftgaaifle empty lumdedi squandering. 

6M§9'onionrf)Q»)<9b ayd9s«> to try ft get rid 
of one. 

aogo^f ^ to be perforated oa5>ft)A)0o a9s 
a^9a> a mod* ^ojS^^o a9'^ proy. — 
4hsnSi a9ss)gj§ioion a. y. 

a9gQ6) porous soil; Halayalam country. 
^y£\ otti (a9go, aofai) Ship's captain Yi. 
6)33l<66» ottikka(a99. 8.) SheU. 

aog^^Sojoa) to feel empty, nauseous, oon- 
oelye ayersion. 
6)36)§rDlt2> ottorima (aanaa) A kind of bug. 
^36rOo o^am T. M. (Tdbh. ^o:xjtfir>o) 1. The 

22nd constellation, Aqulla, see (n^Ufinfi. 2. 

the national feast on new moon of Sept. 

lasting 10 days, when Parasurama is still 

said to yisit Kerala^ aoem0§(Bni .oioejicvnb, 

4^dsmo Qjkx^o aa. a9g[])«imo proy. 

aocmdtoo^ Yi. some old fees and taxes nna 

aasmoxdnaiDo Qj\<B^QS^<mo orxmgej o-Mmo 
aiov ^^9^:1^; aoAmm^moo Qji<fi)Qj)mDo 
«mA oarosmo c^cns nnem^Acb ^:^TB. 

Digitized by ^OOQIC 

^0€«'nO§— eOiJWJ^ 



eosni^mag^asAggtdflbfiO. » nutie game of 

eD«T)4j3§ a Bong. Ibridegrooms. 

dosmg-isaj feast-oloth, giyen to teferiors, to 
AoamgJ ImpaUens aieD^sv^L Utifolia, 6)^ 

6\sb — I. Bh«adii, <£^bi — I. Balaaarina. 
A3«mxn§>j f.i. O9(so oj^oss^ AA Ao. (Pay.) 

cno§ q. T. [fljcnjroonb. 

AosmajQAajOBeoda a 8amaiita=s<&oc»abftci2 

^0(Q>» o5amT. M. Beog. 1. Dampaess in rainy 
Boaion A^^vKi^SB cn^aioMC. 2. B. hernia (T.) 

GOOyi] o(i Share, part (loo.) = aiAth)f 

6i3fZ5>lrDo o6iram (Tdbh. of aojeuo) l. Prime 
(pass in fencing— 6. ^^bo; see ei^Q({jCJD9g9cn:o 
18) plain out, eo. Aajg^csfOAO £& AAOjgl prov. 
Vi.fto.«)a.§^0oi«> TP. (in Aarol). 2. B. play 
at Bammerset. 8. a^oss^cue^^^ i>^ ^S&o|g)o. 

©0^ 68n B. (flio^uP) Cat. (po.) 

©O^eej 58nya T. M. C. Tu. l. To reoite, read 
as (SOLieo, (aojfije ASionodanasni Mpl., whisper 
as Mantrams. ooojo AotlH eo^lg^^ TP. «a_i9 

SnSI9l9§ OX>eo A3(als;»Qb prOY. 09*0)^(9^ 

S)a>ocX>(e> Anj. to learn. esvtS^^od^ to expel 
poison by formalae, ^^^^((hfttdQfi etc. ci9<d>^aj 
jiicnsaedn ©wninolmioA CCh. 2. to say (po.) 
sound <d)3aDgo AMjTimoft GO. 
CY. d9(<^<ai> to teaob, = (Bio3^9ajcr)o mngcnl 
0os)rDQC{jo e3tjn:^3cij9rO)om oDoo^fiunb CO. 

— part. fttt. A9rD)lQdEteonb teacher, chiefly of 
Kambutiris e9§o @5«a§Omn9n6 eaonQtSso 
<Y^ftie? CO. 

YK. 030® 1 . reading, chiefly of Bcripturoi. A3 

aj61yon6MB. (Mpl.) 2. using formulas 
d3((@or{l4b consecrated water (ssoji::^ «)(d)D 
%.Tno)@). See also jia1«oo9«]Q ^ro^idach. 
e9.'ao)na3& l.Teda Brahmans, the instructors 
of their caste. 2. students at TimoaTai, 
T|siTaperar, etc. 

AOaJYD^ otti (see as«i) Open gutter, dram as 
coailcG^aA ojUhd (jnd.) esm^staj^ PT. 

eoaroo oJDuum s. (&«) Pap, food as. cuVi 

cnrky)3c)& CO. 

e^TonysS] da&j t. soM. woU vi. mc. 

©OCg onSlJ (T. C. <MCR0) 1. Chameleon. S.the 
bkmdsoeker, laoerta eristata KC. esanQiqfto 
«jiAo^ qjWbs TP. (dttriag 0(^09^ >• ex & 
sneoftib o^ocD A^<Mo fuperat. — ojMooga = 
«nA>D8i£lr£l (diet.) - [hai^ 

esocRWOol, ooeaofi»oml = (9-^^^k»c* a 

6)3aJnobiy 6iDQjlsaaaJQJ^(seeaQLj<e»)Ii»TaVi. 

©Do-jo oppam, 6iD8-J M. C. Tu. (A8(Qja») 
Smoothing. ©9a-j<e»gS=acM«§g flg. ojmW 
fl^a^isKTb 03a_j«e«»§a95KSWrtB «j»iw&^ajd CO. 
Oogj^§«> to polish. — 

6)0(2 omft B. Base of pillar. 

S^OQio dmam 5.(=9aD92o)8isono«>:s;S0MMteo. 
<ftag>Tffa>firnl tu. Omum- water. 

6)0^00 omaaa (^ajdOAordocnjA^) 1. Fondness, 
tenderness with children; darling. e3*c»?sxDf9 
rDi2«)e>aii«Kok Stuti; often asenm CO. 2. nicety, 
beauty e30crys'9csv a»(MOB()o BN. Hence: 
OO0cr><ea9<ttnb playftil with children. 
d9d(ns)i98)05^<32Kib hunting name of eiTetcat 

a90avwB^^®» ©a0cnfi>5)a-j<!iwA, ooomaJ ©oe, 
A9eKr>aj9(obAc)o doem) CO. [palace KfJ, 
doecn cg(iinc0Qd9)OCBnfij<0>o TraTaneere 

e90Cn5)g-}a9 (QJSYT^d9aOd>) proT. 

deuY. A9aon)<eA (Ys. fiajacrilffia^eiaf <as) 
to fondle, caress «Aoefl«Kr> AosnMouddd 
d9ecYSl,^)§aj9ab ^ftnocnsao^ CO. 

6)3C&iSb 1. Fondness=d9fiKr), darling doeeis 

OawQjoais5)5)3^(OMACO. 2. neatness. S.ady. 

nicely, gently (whence m^^n^etA) eadsej Oi 

<S^, diiACB eoaoai Bhr. 

Aoank esicB^ctb hunting name of a«)&p (huatg.) 

A90^&p) a dimple in the loins A3*daa JR^m 
Q^oem^oMBB^AS «a^dqBI MM. 
6)D(2)d86) «lBikka Yi.ssfiojeldaa. 

6^0(^CQJb Fiae spasehes 0»A«BI QJftoittda 

Qocvo QjddQi ^>cmo OAgl ojosn^ TL tried 

to explain moat plsntibly. 

Digitized by ^OOQIC 



«0OQda> — eDfiJ 

d9(njda> omboya T.]C.(Ta. e^, C. oya, Spa) 
1. To stroke, M in embraoing, blessing Aeno 

TP. (09s) 09. to oaress. lAfiiQS^ axnj)od>gd) 
to BBOOthen. 2. to oherish, telEe care of. 

33(0 on B. A tree io marshes (I. daA). 

e^iOb dram T.M. C. Te. Beng. Ifargin, brim, side 

=QLk9ef.i. Q^9oo(O0ac;{|5>flBO(i8£5n6GG. rnt&i 
mVgk OMD^^yg^ VyM. aa^Do (oiz^S^nk Q«>9cX> 
a», do. Q-i9^ to run against each other as 
■en, boats, as^oo AA9<iBI<d>»3^o^9QB'o S. 
AMDosM). 1. s= oordo (loe.) 2. imperceptible 
joining of 2 boards, stones, etc. aorDO^b®^ 
<»ai ,— «><0e§,— g^sm) . (oommissare, rabbet. ) 

MS\ m (Te.=eDO») l.T. Howler, jackal, ono 
(S^ j]ii<qBtS(i) asrolcofOQ^oftnTB GnP. (in Vs. 
aavo), Yi.eej^ ^<£«nr)e, ^mc^cm) 2. howl, 
7ell(awD) e9<d>). adrolcdngooib 0/D6mo saperst. 
eo^D^csa a small biralTO shell. 

I- S^yb or 8altnes8(=£ajft q.y.) Asasgg oSlaj 
oefiOoib 09fol 6)Q-jg^nm !Saj9S>ej PT. 

AaftA§9sa6, 6&9'0(mos)(32;n6 etc. loo. kinds of 

paddy grown in brackish soil. [r^oainrDo. 

n.6iyb T.ll.C. = af», bef. Vowels aoroosnjjftD 

a9fD95nB)d)> the first anniversary of a death, 

Nasr. Vi. 
A9rdl&J(S. ajLO<d(>.i-i|^) Hemionites cordifolia. 
fiMO^ej 310)90/0 Viola 8 affraticosa, mod. root 

A9ro^ej i^<0a ConyoWnlns palmata Bh. 

O98f09, 093^93/09 eaoh one, e95>f09mD, O98(09 
(QlRSinb etc. a93/09^<fla(9b e33^93^9 OJ^CUo 

9^ 1fR.(=e93t«9). 

ni. Qoft T. M. = (810 jj4>; also a title, Lord (loe.) 
&yAij (t^ orka (C.T. d9as A))To think, remem- 
ber, ezpeet ^^ a9i)i8igj a^ftbD^tg) Bhr. not 
intentionally. fiKiiggt3Qj9o (^Som9s>(on»9(a^!on 
Bhr. a9ro9^(d))(TO af\ don't hope. fiOdOao a9 
MBl93M9«D9(||>rdo £g^<Y9odBa9|a0 Mod. OJ 

9i^g»)3o;otii 3aj&KK» A ikicqOciii9c)o onaaiaao a9 
Mai«mo OG. lei him ponder, eoinoiftab (po. 

explet.) weU considered! eo<ooa(A3ai9ariDo mo 
AB^cmcnoo Anj. will explain itself. 
VN. 1. 09 ij rare ; A^ t^os^ ^^(QB^Oj^ Bhg. one 
thought, eo^ a(ba9iA &^ hope. cn^coecX) 
o^moea^o oQrnDgB.i»Qila& £Q9r«9i^ CG. re- 
gard for you. 
II. a9ea 1. thought. 2. recollection, memory oq^ 
orSldBA egaa 3ift9.'nDnrn^§^ MB. I don't re- 
member. «A>g<m a9^ca^§^3cB)9? et^ orooo) 
(cn^ oQcnlcee Ao iz £9^. 8. inter j. attention, 
take carel 
eoaao^Ba^ inattention, forgetfoliiess. c^me oj 
oeoM e9!s9AcnD MB. slip of the tongue. 
ao2B«g_]^<iBI^ ^ P^^ ^ mind. 
a9za Qj^§9aj93v) forgot. 
deoV. d92ial(fla to remember <Bi^:»s 6ia9nb 
(Lji«Km 690^^ TB. 
6)DOQc0> ofPQ'ya The act of the civet cat in 

yielding civet sxaos d9.0Qnno. 
I. ^DfiJ ola=seg)9, g;53«)B3QJ CC. etc. 
n. 6)oaiT.M.C.Tu.(Port.olla) 1. A leaf of palms 
or grasses e9ai(i{Q{^Ggo «)Sa3jo. QCY)^6)nbo 
a9. Vi. 09aJ5>aji) MB. from trees. Stages of 
growth: an^9cs;9ai, aias3aiTn9)9Qj, ojQ^oai, qj 
|f>3(0ia9ei. — ajcoiD).'ibA3QJ^s)a)g^:^ TB. 
for thatching. 2. writing leaf (5)ajOgg9ai un- 
written), writ, eoft a3ai o^^.^nzno^, d9&j^s.Qi;9 
3inoi9nb or)9^ d>acsyo prov. CT>cnjli2;9j)(D <o>cgj9.'ob 
A9ei TB. heading of letters. 6)ji)9cTU3ai, oj 
3S9ai etc. 3. steel spring, «)aj93nrT)9ai gold 
leaf as earomament etc. 
Hence: e9&J(6aflD) single palm leaf. 
ooaid9fiffl3)g_}9cnj(fi><0>35n| 3ajs)g-pan) prov. 
e9£Jd9s(06nr)o a document. 
e9ejo<eA§ thatch to cover boats (prov.) 
e9&i3(dB$ aSiisi partial reparation of thatch 

(=£S0cD;9&j cDeji(0ed»)). 
e9ejS)^aLna2;ab huntg. name of hare. 
d9QJ^(0 thatched house. e9'(fleo O9^a4}«)roi6eo 
cniD9or>o a-no prov. [sideways B. 

a9ejgjoo 0o)cq|a> to tumble heels over head 
A9&iS)g-)^ box to keep documents 09. aj9 
qg)«BB^o Mnd. 

Digitized by2>LjOOQlC 




doai05(ab palm branch. 
&oQsem^o Bwordflsh MC. — > Aooj^ob Yi. 
OoeieosissaiosroA weaYer«bird. (Cooh.) 
AOAJ^olcvob a bird, kind of ^axRainb. 
OoaiAc»y>.TSRiirTb Yi. seoretary. 
AD&Jo olam 1. aT. aM. {€MSi)Crj for help. qXd 
^6).»a AOQJd^^oma 9sh^ BO. 8. (Aoej A) a 
kind of seasoning broth; dOAiib &Qg-)ro) (es 
•fiioatnb B. Ko.) carry strongly sailed. S.= 
oeioeio, tub^o (loo.) 

&^^dd&o dlakkam (T.C.Te.Tu.dnrbar, assem- 
bly of kings db states, AtKnb C. to meet. oomp. 
acb) Splendoar, majesty. 6^. <d>osmǤ cno'oa 
avsm Stuti. do. (Si^^^ia ajlflii<909»l, ^ auo 

opldoib CO. Anj. 
^3aJ9B3o 5langam (doe4«>)OilBeasare in shape 
of a spoon made of Q.iA<0Boam»09^y holding 
from J — f aiooi. 

6^3^1(23(61 see olamirl 

AOe^as^eSl dlaya ( s Aailcdfi) To flow, ooae. ua 
QXo &o, Nid. CT^lorDOOjo ^cm^CQ. (after ba- 
thing), eseiom atdrBor^tb Bhr. Esp. Oo^nbAo 
^o, Q_jo9£Li9e^o, ^^^oejo 6)a9SP^s;3c)o Bhr. qj 
aouofiio ojosrnlaoib CO. — 
laf. doai in drops 099&J9&J afi^om <d^g|3(T)^ft. 
A9£ji 1. collection of oozing water, temporary 
well. 2. see e&oro). 

6)0<SajrD| 5ldri Place for flying a kite? KU. d3 

Q&jfD^ajo^fob races of Nayers EU. 
^3(S^3(06to olokkam (^qj) Blacksmith's forge 

do. 0O(S^o ^^^ SKS-JOSH^ TR. 

^Orob 5l=(8ioaj(b, dotb, in cuoy(Snn^OiDb, (jSinz^oaib. 
^3aJ3 5va (=aooP) Sire! eooio oj^oqj aQ5>nbo 

roKnjrt>o(2T^ TP. 
6^i)08 ola T.H. (T. alsoeo^, do^; Te. droi) 

Soand, noise, =o^, hence (ST^3/ttoo8 (grg)* III.) 

tfbioDoQjWv eouscs^o 5)a>^ proT. dOLooyPgysosrat 

cn96rnicsjo counterfeit coin. 

aooo<flBO(oo6, — ©yiojnb famous Yi. 

Ooc/ad9stf>^ large pipe Yi. [ooronatioo. 

AoooQOJ^o^o oiij^:^ KU. guns fired at a 
Q30d3(Do diaram Tdbh. gtoA Aioroo If ark of atten- , 

tion, complimentary gift. oi^cnAdtgi Ao.(op|i. 
iikocejo or a>«nr>da). fif|f 9cnioc)o do. ^BtSA (&^ 
ae.m «|||aioroo fl2g)), flB§^o«"00(9k do. cgj 
proT. «i2|jiiorDQ^ doooo^oojo KU. [Xatsy. 

AOcQaUJl oiadU 8. Annual plant, mad. hnrb. 
d9(fiioJ)udCib moon. 

tf^OoOg o oi(lliai 8. up (upper — flnaicraoe opp. 
ffiDoxoo) d3<^9CBBc)o 0Od^ cnlcm^o e ow g Dc fa 
CO. do'o^ Afomai^o Qo^sn^ojWvSiPa. (from 
leprosy), doi^ggr^nmljgtwo, doc^jcroog^ 
«.tnB»09 Bhr. lipa opening. 
do:^ o labial, (gram.) 

6^0aO(Dt ohari (P. bahn, Y2. has ^olj^mdI, Yi. 

dOArot) Share, part, portion* ^(oaS^cho do 

ciCy(S\a^ Si:iiji^ (robbers dlTldlng the spoil). 

Quooij^^ d]bliP9<de do. MB. oQcTvQS do.,nr)3(ilk 

d9*GD;O0E0 qjIacdj) Bhr. — 

dooO^cfisofDnb partner. 
©DCSqDD oho interj. Oh! 
AO^ olam (aC. dc)o=>dif49i)l. Ware, turf, do 

a>9&)o3) CG. — do. 6>Qj06a§nnD, (^§<demo, do. 
(BiDAS^ ^a-jocoin rough, boisterous sea. asPdBeo 

Q«)d>OSrB d3&«0BcX) QO-iOCOB^ SiPo. dOfto <^ fl 

§0 (a-^ctvoofiajcjui Hatsy. ~ flg. (BI02 a^o^ito 
OcmocX) d9. (^^<9eano<iA t^HnDgg^ra^, ds. ^ 
osjono 0ocncro.TSioi^(ok CG. 
2.sd0Sothe term until (also doftminrB, d) 
fi.Q(or»<03) a., with Nouns a-igsrr)9 Qi9i9fi.o as Csr 
as. (^OaA6YPQrooa.o ZnCMH^o fl^g^oa^Qta Bhr. 
as great as they. ag^Somd&o cjuogi^^g^ CG. 
a_j^QfD90«DB3aofl.o GLKftacrgio^iyaBcX); c^<^ £ 
QojAacpjafl^o oaj'sne^ajnao TB. as much as. 
«jMm(gcmaao ojoejo A4^ocX>^ a mod. ro^ 0o 
(roOAnoAaocBil MB. — with Loo. o^^^ojoikm 
onomlsajaao (SfiOJouSlgJ^^ TB. paid up to 
the 971st year. aioBicnog^ doAo Oo-ioai^.— 
b., with a<U.part. «i®sr«aao as fto as risible; 
the more one looks, moiuab doMQio&o t^^ 
<mo i^f\achf ^aoodi^^Q^o oufijJ^^ oitoio a»o 
00 Bhr. tt«»ClS9fto 9«ic)oaLion6 Aoiocnso Bhg. 
ftaafltUi^^oao ocnoo a mad. at oTory meal. 

Digitized by ^OUyii^ 

®D6089>o— ©flworro 


6J0^ — ©")< 

A^soiaao, QjftaoojoAo eto. (asnuSl^dinocno 
fto ^ejl <g!n§o Ti.) -- with the additioo of Qon 

Ao f.i oOfiJ^Sg^Ofto OcnrOo (J^CBKBOo QjiJCDjo 

KB. ,oOOO QLKoruoo <onA>9aj9ao a)9fijo Bhr. 
8. d9fto «>en«9», Aofio @^(d> to lire in plea- 
ive or grand style (see Asaicfiso, doatXBso). 

Qdg3393o 5langam B. (eofto s., aofijdsao) Vo- 

InptoousnoBs, haaghtiness. So. 
6^0^ 5]i l.^eo^, aoajl, gt^oa Howl, doa^c^ 

§di T2. 2. No. of Payyanidn term of respect, 

at the end of oonTerBation with princes, as 
A3aj9 at the beginning, aofip (mcnjrD9(Bcn TP. 
(moO^osD fiooob OajOdHmD. 8. So., 
(rr^Qsocoi salacious man. 
©360, 6)Dg 5) = (mD.Xicb She, wife. (BioaJ6)ribo 
Odd, are9.T)R»6)nbo «>(d>§lcB; Aoa TB. QDOinb 09 
tf)ft a^fORklgig^ Tn. he is still unmarried. 

©D|p(d> 5la'2fa (6&9ej,d^(ei<d>)Toflow. or^arogifo 
rmo cg(fla5n6 Anj. A9^o Q^gfol BC. 
d9yajn6 Y2. foot of a mountain. 

6)^d6ba:^dB>o ankgayam 8.(£Lia&in6) Herd of oxen. 

ftfO^g^ aojityam S. (a jiTlfw) Propriety, fit- 
ness. Ao*fi999i|ga QojeJdxX) CG. ao^09CB/Orm 
®^<S ©§ Mud. [«aa)c/8-iio ©a KB. 

6)'*)8«J^o aajTalyam S.(eiBteJfii) Splendour 

A'Oarrxj^o anlmikyam S.(g(Qii9«))Zeal, anxi- 
ety. tS\xi\Q^crn .Hal. «flB»9cn<0R|i(tb AnxBi^ 
^S93jo oxne KeiN. 

A^d<d>o and'a'yam s. (fie«»o) e<9*09«>cB^9{a9 oj) 
6mDajo a»zaQjo CO. [liberality. 

Q^SD(^ anf aryam S. (£e9a>) Manlfloence, 
^oBourt liberal. 

«'!)§o6nj(06 H5K. = g§o6Qjmp. 

A<!XUUr^jo aaddliatyam S. (^tajiym) Arrogance. 

ft'onnng^ aimnatyam S. (a<n>») Height. 

6i'D(gjo aunyam 8. (aocno) Disaster Vi. 

Qn?a.J3|0 aubamyam S. (^oje) Equality. (BIO 
OKbae^^riso 6»co.'aizAle>rab Ao. KB. 

^^Q^OCOTtdddo aubayi^am S. (gajgcs;) Fit, just. 

e'D^rrooi) aoraaail S. (grogig) Legitimate 
child, lawfully begotten A'9'n29ro9o aj4S)CU9 
Shc^ Q^ftn^ 9aj9S>&J DM. 


6)^'?aJD^ aulobl} ((Sioojicgb) A kind of rice- 
a'93aj9.t^9i3 a cake Vi. 

6)^04 auvn aH. Swelling? CT^^n6 (eiO(joid> 

e<9.u swelling of the stomach, disease of jungle- 
dwellers (loc.)=Qjca;oc?J«aj cY?l(bap§l. 

©'oojgnoo auvanijam, es'OQjono, 6i")ajtfl 

etc.= (8ro(^ — in alphabetical songs. 
6)QDOJOO|d96^S ailYanikka4a Brahman 
family KB. 

ft^oaonnroo ansanaBam s. {^mcnaS ) Belong- 
ing to Sakra. €^^ao(s^s^ cucno KB. 

^fOOS](bo anairam s. (siui\a>)=(oo^J^o etc. 

A^c^enOo auia^am S. (e^<BMm pepper) Pun- 

e^Oc&^UJb anBadbam S. (A9da3cjul) th. «ioqj) 
cAjfOiOf 0ioajitf(mo Medicine, drug oocfiacoa 
iQ^6BBfl.9di (oafiaa^cX) Sijii(^ Bhr. 
e<9fi3cu) id. go 19 6).ai9nT) (BioatliPitA^ aauQj^^ 
jojldh^cab.'ORir^fds a med. 

^^<Sc^io anfa^yatti s. (sg^) Heat. 


follows in alph. songs on Sanscrit models, f.1. 


Digitized b; 



In alph. Bongs affcer Sanscrit fashion as well as 
in those, which follow Tamil precedents ; the 
13th Towely an aspiration represented by doable 

(T. a) ah 

consonants, fJ. «iDdte(m)<oajob, isiOteBSpab; q 
gijoft etc. 

dd> ka represents in Tdbh. the other gutturals 
(jii& fr. odoQjo, ^roidvo fr. (^ooo, a>(no fr. 
QOIODo; 9A0O, ojddno fr. (8:fifii0o, Q_id&ao; qj 
(oo^ch aH. fr. OK^OoOcib). a> in the middle of 
words slides into cB) ((BiOf^a>a@, (BiorDlcQ;a|g(), 
QJ ((8iod>, fliOQj), qO (fSf&SioD, Qjoo TR.) Or dis- 
appears (ajaD.«3<d)omo — cg(Qd(£a9(0o, (st^ao — 

<fix) kam 8. Well, wonderfully. —water (po.) 

<Bx>CrOo kamsam S. (C. Te.Ta. ^ea^) Bellmetal, 
d3§. — ^ocronb N. pr. Grshna^s uncle & mortal 
enemy ; proT. tyrant, Herod, also <o>6Bunb CO. 

dB)8kas8. (quis) Who? in <d>CffliDrob etc. 

<6>d%r9b, (Bid^Qo ka'yadams.(L.ouimen)Buirs 
hump, Q^sm. [Terminalia. 

axftso caoumen, top ; = a^cSa. fOiASfR^ CCh. 

d9)c^6^ kakka (dt^ocolPTa. <6>j&1(Sa) Shell, coc- 
kle =90 an:^cb. (d.«9o QJorol qjIoqAdj. — 
<d)d9oaL)esi (see <&.9eas)). 

<6>de6yo kakkam=:A^o T. M. Sediment of oil 
eQj«>cn9g^(0)(eaQjg^o d)<0a0ocan6>d9ot3cX)d>MM. 

dB>dB6^S kakkada (loc.) A dagger SuBnS Stem 
6Ba^o po. 

dB>dB6\3S a>o/osmgu]3f ((d)(Q&-<6a9§) The 
Punatur Baja, of Kambidi caste, by whom 
ChaTakadu was ceded to the Tamuri. 

dB>d9A kakka 1. Gizzard, a>d9ao ^9^§.o vu. 
2.sArD)<d« what is young. S. the fruit of 
«)ti9a)Qjea^, seed used in med. and for play. 
4. see axBea) I. vomit ; stammer. No. 
dl>«0a(^ T. 60H. <d>(d»ir61 Ko. (S. a>ansl) Caonmis 


sativass^faaboaiggrD^ Bh.; the fruit a>dto 

t£^d9n3 GP. 

I. SiddQxBiy ddi] kakka^ 5. 1. To Tomit, esp. 

animals octsrn) aidaolcn Qji.«c3o KR. also of 

men fD<e/a»Qjo a^anlcDonb KB. gpro^aij Asi^ 

6)ajeao «)d98909 prov. 2. No. to stammer 

id>d9nnb stammerer. 
aidBsojoa^ cackling mouth. 
«>d9al<fla 1. Y. n> to TOmit. 2.=sQd)3»o«pdMiT. 
freq. 8. CY. to make to regorge. 
U. (d)<6edB>, (d>6o<6e<6>, § T. G.Tu.To steal 
(fr* a>c)o)fut. <0>g_j9nb ft «>d9oQJ9ob. a>gQj9cr>o$ 
«&>§3(Qb, aicflsaionb ojo^^ocob proY. cQ^tm^ ^ 
®Q.iOCBn was stolen. <BianrB aig ataoj^^iflbo 
ffioajoruoTB. theft committed. a^dBao^ Bhg. 
refraining from theft. a/dQaoamt (oincEWib prov. 
<&>^aon9<daoGG. look stealthily, wistfully. — 
flg. fl4)mo6)s^ a)9acDl$)CB; a><dao CG. deprWe of= 
surpass. ^qU 

dB)^g>Oro Dutch kakhuis. A priyy. 

Si(2(Be\oB^(B>o kakkdlayam s. A perfume=«B 

O(0K9aio. [flank. 

dd^da^dokakiam S. Hiding place, armpit; side, 

t&iddea^ M. 1. opposite side or party. 2. peril 

a. aJjIsmsR)!^ was endangered <d^, er^^^s 

dSxfifialanOfDOb 1. party — ^Sous) S> jaSCQi <d>^fiol 
dBo9A(jud.).fl2fn<^<Ofi^<fl»o^oMB. a^^h at. 
the opponent. 2. a cunning, dangerous man. 

idxe^ 1. girdle, enclosure. 2.saHa»|0^ 
(^^a Aa^carW aiscris KB. 

Digitized by ^OOyi(:! 

€0)89)0 •>• dB).^^ 


d93M^(Do — ddiQjo^O 

B^e 8. wall ft the oourt eneloaed ^[/lxqqO 

M^Aobo eiitaVsy a>\vQiW KB. ai^ a». 

«5=>^"=^^^ ^^ I®aj(*, •rpow. 

A8dao kang MD S. Heron, 4^9t(U&o=sai^£\ch 

<fl>S)6nr>o kanga^am 8. Bing, bracelet <fi>a^6mo 

j|9srMm«BBcX> Mad. airDcnJlaorfi^aabsmoBcfo 

a.Al^ (nD<D(SBl(Bb ^obloTn^oyo ualOOJBt CGh. 
dB99d>fO>Bkanga5am8. Comb jiDaKOo cnaDOdSao 

4JWe»3o a.. KB. [i^cLjnPay. ^aaftnbSiya. 
<M93d^kaagalam8. Skeleton 6>&aflL<sajfmo,— 
dBb6)88»3S = 6>oa>OiflB9§ Hoe. 
<fi)6)8B>0rOV7nl=AabQ^dml Stonecutter. 
Si9^ kan|^ 8. Panioam, (oPcn. 
dMS3yero\ kaimani {^edb, (a>o«ml) A present, 

first IraitB of the harvest given to fanes 6>4»)Ogyo 

^^' [quarrel B. 

AOBasrnkaB 1. to entrusts a^eizBi. Ti, 2. to 

dBbOTg dB> kan&liya To be singed, bum in cooking ; 
to be orerdfMie eo ^^uoob <d>6BB^®Qj03£l. . 

TV.I.d»«B^ 1. being burned. 2. darkness Yi. 
S. casting net Ti. [^^8^1 y^^ 

n. Atmo oj^sian rice to adhere to the cooking 

AOBOcnoYi. cooking pan. ^^^ qq^ 

dBioJo kajam 8. Hair of the head (0)aja> jiS<&3or) 

<ft>3j ka6te Tdbh. ^*<b^ (C. Te. Tu. ^^^ to 

bind) 1. Hem of the garment tucked into the 

vaist-band «iO>o<i]|^<d»3§«mo <d). prov. — Q<0>3 

CQ cueji^ ^. nnwillingness to giye — a)^ 

QjsaA oJilsk^BS. 2. girdle, waist-belt. ^j^(%o 

mm/UA €i^o Q(d>gl KIT. got ready for fight- 

iDg-.aj54a^A)cb Nal. a<. .o|OQa> Ys. 8. long 

eloih, coarse ek>th~Aajeaa». the finer sort— 

^kaj^srnl a>. also esnocss^ of Mipliehis, 5)1)) 

a»nb A), (from ssm^d^). 4.= «i>)0«mo loc. 

OSQJOBlVnD «k. £§g^<0eo Jud. 

Hence: A^dOsismdSs bill of sale of cloth (8). 

A^aatOK) girth of elephant (2) = <0t<fij^. 

ai^lio^s a)^d9s to begin the art of fencing in 

^tAtS\, or)3£i5>m <d)^ «><8>s^(fienno Yi. (the 

king) orders 4 Kayers to derote themselres 

to death (old) ; to teach the nse of weapons 


a>jjygjoo (2) royal girdle or aone. 

a)^ajSo (8) commerce in clothes T., trade in 
general a>9^95o fi)y»i^; a>^Qj5(flao^nb 
merchant; <d)^Qj5g-j9^ commercial con- 

at^fij war-girdle (O)00^(ab fi>aj§lo<doogjlgj3nb 
d)). Q<8)gi KIT. (diAroicdnnDO ^. jqjooI 6>o_io 
^, Q-)9S)QJ332/o <d). TP. (see d9)^). 
ed>^^ ka5daram 8. (d»>e-jij(^o) Dirty. j&i6i^ 

ci^o a)^o<s{jo proT. No. sweepings, offal. 
c6>j^ (0§= 6^6>ed>^ (0§ KB. 
<d)^03CQ?lrzjb MB. 58. A row of shops (f.i. £ 

ee>^Oftb ka66a2l ^. a)0OQ (T. the 8W. wind) 
The long-shore wind blowing in Jan. &Febr. 
from KNW. (Yi. «.o^Dn6 the hot N. wind). 

ee>^T kadfi (C. Te. <sica>, co^.) 1. Straw, 
stubble, mbbish. <8>^c;^o (^)6maiB^o PT. for 
kindling fire (also d>^ej)(ab e)a)oesi 6i:ii:QX 
FT.) 2. preseryed mango- juice (better of <8)^ 
bitter q. t-) 

a)^cds^i>fsb a neck-ornament. 
I. e6>.^ni)l) kaadil S. (d>>e-^0b) InterrogatiTC 

particle (L. num). 
n. <Bij:^\(^B^(Oe]\PeS% a med.=:a)«^9fiio. 
^^(A a-jgsmo N. pr. former emporium to the 
K. of oQ^iPefij; <fl?)(onn0lQd»)«)^^o a),2pdb 
aj§lflA Pay. (Cayay?) 

dB)j^*^| s €)6>(d)j^'n^ 

(6>j^ kaMi) po. M. 1. Tape, bodice to confine 

the breast. a>^sm)o»oe>, Qei(e»:^a»ou)S(8b m> 

&p)«A CO. — «>9^ejoC3Gica;oc)oBhr. A«,g|nA^&j 

&Si(aaicBi<A Bhg. woman with well girded breast. 

2. a., past tense of 6>6)a)«n to be bitter.; b., 

in aooB^A^ sun-dried mango- juice; «)^ 

«>d»>§1cBKXjab a sloyen s 9 jkiQO«»^ai;Qjab. 

d^Qj^ (61 katohri H. a public office — «.. nDcnjl 

a class of palaoe-oMcers in Galleut, the lowest 

dignity in Cnmmbanadn TB. 

«>. ooocvib oil-merchants, QJ9«rn^QB;A. 
(BiQj^O kaddo (or ^^f) The figs of ArayalP 

a>«^o cnoflBormodinejo gn)dB«o arm ajdoeal 


Digitized by VjOOQIC 

d9>(S^3mo — «di6«m^ 



dB>(S^3(Do kaddSram gp. (S. (&^a>o)and «> 

O^oaio CuroamA zArumbet or Koampferia 
galanga. (d>^rDd9A)iPa§<d)iptiimamed.— variouB 
kinds: a^o|(fli., ©^Qd*., qj^cbbj., ftojeraa*. 

<A>A0o kafliam S. shore, — (d).a(daj3t nrtle PT. 

<BiQ^ kadhfL S. itch, scab. 

^^^^ kajjalam S.Lamp-blaok, asedas ooUy- 
rium. «»). (8)®5>5ng3rt8 a^ggcnl*. CQ. 

c036!nuOfb ka^aiir=<£).ocn;(i6, also Asmmnoib 

^^— [rambu. 

<di«BUorDn6 A class of silTersmiths, at Talipa- 

ce>6!nuoC4 kanjav^ t. m. (S. uxm^^) Hemp 

Cannabis satiya; the bang prepared from it_a). 
bT2jixj)d9« ODono GP. id). QjaHids^i to smoke hemp. 
^GmoQ<QsiOni a med. Ooimum, Rh. 

<6)6iny <Bio kanju-yam S. Armour, tight gMTment, 
slough. (d)6ia^a^608f o asooxsjo, fig. 9(O3096su 
03fi>cB>9aa a*. CG. 
<0>fis^<fih) attendant on women, eunuch, po. 

cdsfiv^o kanjam 8. Lotus (waterbom). 
<d)6n9ae&j0dafia), aiocnocnib ^oSl AB. 
AiGmndho^ a)60OAo an Oeimum (r^caiaioaj)} 
5)Qj6n6 «>. and ecrn) <d). kinds. 

dB>6«rma)d> kannal (loo*)Badl3r cooked Hoe, fron 
foil, (or (fi)fiBB(gb?) 

d6>6<?rr&l kanid (C. Te. Tu. Dakh. ganji) 1. Ganji, 
rice-gruel a>. ai^eoPnb oi^Ao TP. — «>. 6)aj 
<6n to prepare it, <d). As^cto to breakfast, ai'<%o 
OjoaoQo ajoodKqftaiD TP. his meals, a>. a sfl 
60^ having eaten, ^tsaii^Bli Qgyootm o^crn^ 
^s<MmD TB. are starTlng. — ojaM «>OT(pi, 
aioc»aa., akttxvdaa. GP. ojipfii., (oioj^g <0). 
ete. Yi. «»9&ldaB«ioD) or oJliDtiBa. half fer- 
mented rioe-water, food in searoity. 
2. stareh. «>. fiSQJ(auo, «». oJijp^Qya) eto. 
Hence : «>aiioooo) a sort of braaa dish on whieh 
XipplUfui put their pUitea. 
a>«Rio)<0s&io 1. pot to keep oanji. 8. a girl at 
her first menstruation (a>c2|f )« a* fitro^^Sa to 
serre her during that tima« 
«>miP^<d£Vgk sage, Balyia. 
lol^oo glue from starch. 

«>aqp8y 9((g[2 polype (of gelatine oouistenej) 
or axxM^. q. T. ^^f 0ej3£leBBl 

4d>en»lQ§ (anda»an)Qg) aBeitamineum, sort 
d^sm^SiOj^o 5>a>9^«fla TB. to giye food. 

dd>s*<7rrC2j|nQ|^ «t5>6iDG^, better aiaQii»nrnk, A 
^crn\ (T. <e)/d^Qj<e^crnl) Eclipta proatrsta 
(a med. OAtdxo^nboi, fi)fi)id)5>(si-m>)). 

<d>S ka4a 5. (ST^^) l.What is ultimate. a»r£^ 
ciii\d> aisoyo (meJC({/o ^Sis (S(^^9cnl9^9 GP. 
(= ^cb% foot of tree f. 1. sMMoelonbo a. /^oao). 
§DSti9aS ojo^, 4)i€1<39s alternately, continually. 
2. way Aie^^eglou SiS a^q^g q^o proT. — 
90^5, ^rH y:s transactions of this year and 
the last. 8.T. market, tSisaurDaj^moo eaixtfo 
0^0790 <d)5a>cX) Aojg^as) KB. — SoM. ahop, 
arrack shop. ji}nfD)a)c)o (d^Ste^^o KB. 4. aee 

Hence: <d>Sceb'i|rs 5. a., outer comer of the eye. 
d))S(dn96RB>36irr0oej9 ^aAicrnm)<»(i;G^gg oa>3 
6nTl0QJ3 Kid. ^S(6s)aB ^y>oo1 KR. (^asis^m 
^ fi> jxiOQ^ajoio Bhr. (in anger), b., fHendly 
glance = <d>S9(afiio. 


3)lastfruit-sUlk of clusters. 

d>5f0a9neo = ®fl,cn)D^ thinner end. 
iO>5<flA9(^rib So. shop-man. 
<d>s<8noc9b, a)5ab9(abQ^a>(obBO.)=«)«meBbd(?A2. 
id>5(de§l (opp. Qnb-) the chicken which laat 

chips the shell. 
«>Sfi>d»>§Qj(ib B. (2) worthless (or «»^). 
«>S|£^Vi« «>s,e|W last comb of a plantain 

banoh (opp. QobjiJl^). pTantr. 

ai&mfii beginning and end. a>. aoo^gj^:^ 

a)Sg^9rt T. (Palg. to Cal.) orowbar s e<^a^ 

Qjofo No. 
«>saicB.'Q lower stomach (opp. QOrbb oj. Ya.) 

tfhSQJtpl = d9)58CE£i^ q. ▼. 

a>scijeSo a boat^s partition at the stem. 

aisojoaf) corner of the mouth or)9J9cS)d9)99^ d>5 
ajsaulrbb Q(mo(^«) Yy V. mark of perplexity. 
I. tBiSo ka4am S. Elephants temples, 
n. <jB>So 5* ( <£>. s«s>) 1 . Debt, obligation ; also ^sob 

TB. «i. SixdsSS> ^^ B*^^^ debts, «». o^a^ to 

borrow, Aa>o%d9g» to lead, e^A^ «kxj9Q«a 

Digitized by ^OOyiC^ 



debS<Bdd&3 — da>sab 

to remit, a^^ oJ^a* to pay debt C8. a>. 
oflsWarA conoo pror. 2. aso ajo«» to tell 
riddles, Qj%ai to solve them. 
H«oe: ASiasjwx* 1. debtor ^ajsm. iji»li>o6o 
ASifls9romoQ»). 2. creditor, ftUo a^SdOnsfdl; 
AS«»3<b aicr»Q_iecul<6d» to dan. 
Asciei capital a. aarosldaso VyM. 
Aso aci^ T2. to bind oneself. 
*SOcnj§AtoWlintodebt. A'ojyslflSlaa (oSl 

oacbcas e«KS)<d«) to owe. 
*so«es)ifla to borrow, <maj«cT)o^ fl^^cSlcaoj 

«no a>. «a^^ TE. so da>&o qjmob) eso 

A.asgKM proT. 
ASooia^ borrowing^, ai. flij^pAo bond for 

loan ^Ten bejond the amount advanoed for 

obtaining a lease a. ojooelcu Qj«mo MB. 
<&S<ebQ ka4aym S. l . Bracelet, ring ai. oift tu.; 
brow of hill, encampment a>. <BRM»i<abcnlcno 03 
a^^jsobKad. toleaye the army, a>. a>oa|g( 6>(dio 
<^to defend it. 2. a feint in fencing (striking be- 
low the waist?) aoinlrDo a>sa)Q^ i8iDa«B3§o e 

i Mo a y ^'^ 6>.UglcT)3A 8iPa. o^vliSnSaio 
oUb^ Qjai^€>s> 6>Qjgl6>ti8B)9nno TP. ^ooneo oo 
QS(9s ak.Bhr.; also <0>sa>n6(8ios^<fiATP. a feint 
or pass. 3.= Aoeo astr. d»>sdi fOooalcxin^EB. 

ASd80^ mrd k«4aU[a 5. (Xe. c^od) I.To pass 
over Qoio^o a^4»>^o jiiosl ai. STal. ann^aib 
Asgs OAiomoib BO. 0QAcmlnrv AscmvA 
(haBtg.)of game. (oiej<aasoi?rdn«BO. begged 
with ontateatohed head. 2. to enter (oo^cx^Vob 
«S*Aab aiscns ^aajcns TB. broke into — 
ttUMMMo a«an9fyocfo KB. 8. to pass oat cno 
9 ASoB aa-i»3n, also simply d9is^<dicX> (4)0(^s 
(n»«cu»l X& deserted the ooantry. a>s 
fiai3|y ^^nbo qjj^iodo Bhr. ouP^spajd^oonei 
*S«KB^| KB, tranagress — fig. 6i»9cr)9QBn§ 
ASasQSo on)^3aj)«aQi8o o/usyflmfl TB. aot 
or dsrise any thing by mjielf. 4. tosorpass 
A9ooW) sajco j«4bosn| ««Qjaint> BC. oo^o 
ttv<MmBMi||o (a>s^o etc. 
CY. ^.sq^a* T. M. 1. to make to pass «r»DOT9) 
*s(VI<m AOttaJMol) Bhr. aooopoidoj) 

<B0<8<n9Qe'«>iora» ^. Bhg. (a^a»oft 4t>o 

«>&orX1TB. transported, removed; cno^A. 

to banish; <a>s.T]Ril ojoa to insult. 2. to in- 
sert, introduce. 

2nd CV. a.STOll(6« f.i. fl»(51^s «.s:oRjl^cij 
(»mo TB. to get transported -- Qjlbla»<a»<ab 
a)SajRO^ (Ot^cmdSsi MB. 

VW. I. a)saj]^ transporting, conyeying. a)Sfla 
a>orDnb boatman, a>sag2^^ freight (= ^ 

11. ASgLjl. passage. 4nD6Bi9^^«B9o a>5y)gy9eB9 

8k. no passage or opening in the opposed 

wmy. 2. passing the boaads of propriety, 

transgression jiio«m<g|Oo6o ASgjaxX) o 

f o oajoQcfla(203 Mad. — <d)Sgj <d»oas9gkj a> 

v^Q^^qeoifiacucb Bhr. don't despair, a), cuo 

(8a hanh, insulting words. 8. ASajaioroob 
Yl. debtor (a)So). 

in. ^S(0RMA ssflnofojli^ao f. i. QjlgBi0O3y$)CBf A. 
n(f)<ds) Bhg. encroachment. 

(fl>S<8:ec>DSl kadakkd4i B. Fishermen (T. a,s 

cai.T6 lowest class, or a>s^ aos^). 

a)SOa»os) acgjoe No. custom of fishers (Law). 
<fi>SG5^3<snr51 kadaiinap (<fi>s2.+ a>Mml)M. A 

large-meshed rope-net set between 2 boats to 

drive fish into a twine-net attached to it. 

<e>s.^«* ka4addal YN.of <9,s«^a). 

<fi>S.y1 ka4a6di (f. of «>so) Heifer, young cow, 
calf. «ft. ^fol6>t» d«9s)C%o (BWQGjBg TB. a>SdiP 
6)02; 6>a>gl9qnso aj(^ O-oiguo, a>.^96ma»o 
prov. — a>. cnoA B. » ^loaNO) ooeics^os cDdtb. 

(d>S cnTTifOd^) atsrsiod^ old. a>5(qi2^i a>50S2 
oj&pl cno^ TP. The district of the QjoySonoib 
from Mahe to Wadagara, given by Colattiri 
to the 6>cuooAMAlrD) of the A4iyodi caste, or 
taken from him by the latter A. D. 1564 (8 
Gadam, 8000 Nayer, capital Aoolgjoo) KU. 
ai's^f^fc CD.0OO cn93i;(i8o (3* 9a)0CBnej<d^.aQ2@B 

00X0(009080 (& Or>COfO(^ffi a>9^3Sdas9rDfQ3o (0) 

oaj9^a>9(D(QBo ai^cB/onaoib o^^g^oajoso TB. 
<0>sot) ka4aii = a>so q. v. ^ o^ B. Soleria 

Digitized by VjOOQIS 

(AiSCCO — d8>Sfob 


<e>SfiJD— ee>SQJD 

<BiSCC(5) kft4ftn&ft ((0)S) Thorny branch as of 

dB)Snnni74) ka4annftl C. M. So. d>§omrbb Wasp, 
hornet. a>. i^^cno ^o^^snot oQcS^a). pror. 
a wasp's nest. [loom. 

(6>Sa-J6Yno kadappai;^ ( <d>Sgj) Post of weaver's 

cejSQoob kadamaii M.C.Te.T.(<fl»s-0on6)Eik, 
fallow deer MC. Sambre, Basa aristotelis? 

dddSCQJ ka4aniba (atsausQflSo.^^saj^) Stile, 
gate barffnaiionb •disoou QQ)sn3i^GEtn;ol(fi8or« TB. 
a>SAaiJ<ea oDdceo prov. 

dbScYUOrb ka^ambail (akSgj) TJnraiy T. Ti. 

(B>Sca^ ka^amb^ l.:=8. diaosmo, Nanolea 
Cadamba, or^cdososj Oe. (OOCJO^OBogj <0>scnj 
(tn^nacgbCCh. 3. Eugenia raoemota (^dOsscoj 
QDsl^ oj^ip^fioo (T!l<b amed. (^aitsaaj a»5cnj 
«>c}o KB. a{)ejidB». Phyllanthns Maderasp. ocu 
6raa>. a variety. S. (== ^s) ends and bits of olas 
cnt for writing, of pounded rice etc. (see aoail.) 

<BiS<^Sy ka4ayuya T. M.Tu. C. l. To chum 
©cniQ, <»csiJ^(b ^.; ojocnlAsofiroia^Kj^ Sk. 
produced fire for sacrifice. 2. to turn, lathe, 
polish. (BT^cjyaoo a>S6ioi^ 6)aJtad^<fl»KU. aQ 
z£\ai.TP, to whet; AS^ jjjosm MB. (taxed) — 
to masturbate Yb. 8. acute pain. ^^ <d). to 
smart. i&>^(qQs ^sem^ ojlcoe^ MM. (d)56ni9 qj1 
sn^cm^ a disease ; <d>odi dtssn^from walking. 
CY. a.§ofOo AScaJ^:^ TP. 
YN. I. a)S churning in AS««e«o«Jb churning 
sticic GCh. and (d)S<d>CD;(b KB. [^oib 2. 
n. .fliS:ai(f.i. «0rti AS«)ijd9a amed.) = «a>s 
in.«S)Sii(A l.turnlng. <o>s^e4fiO turning chisel; 
a>s^^oi>fTb TB. a)S:fijQi,Qa-]nb V2. a>s^ 
aafoldBscX), a)S:fii6><fij)0gjn6 KIT. furbisher, who 
has to give the arms with his blessing ((Si^iy 
coo QQ§ajSB©«svo§(aB). -* a)Sij«*aj6rn^ turner's 
work. 2. pains, as osWoLiOttniflfi. rheumatism, 
a.0^ etc. 
<e>saA kadal 5. (ASd9») i.Sea— (sa^. outer 
sea. oo%j^s«eJO^ «q_i acajoA Pay. by sea. 2. in 
oomp. what comes from foreign parts. 8. what 
is spread out, reaches far. ASob5>fi).isn», as 

<^cu,£^ stage in the growth of jack trees 

and palms. [^^^ ^^ ^^q^ Arb. 

Hence : a>sej M.T. Bengal gram , Cicer arietiniim . 

i8)S&J0^a> to bathe in the sea (prov.) 

(ftsaiosi Achyranthes aspera, mod. root. OP. 

Qjejiaz; <d». <s^o $>^o^cb< ^. (S^o amed. MM. 

(the latter Ach. prostrata Bh.) d>§A. 9q03 

0l<0s a beremony to counteract eharma (in 

a>saJO0, a>saioaj6m(0a see im^ — 
«)5^9aJ03o B. Aristolochia Indica. 
cd>sej^ sea salt OP. 


boisterous Bea=6>ajro)a>5fBb. 

a>s«GJs^ Mapl. =5 <o>Sfeimfl. 
<0>5QfiiOgo navigation. 
AS^cml CG. Laxmi, crg'Pat)®. 
AS%j„ro seashore, =a>Sgjoo, «)S«eio(Oo. 
<d)5^9d8a sea-gnlU 
iftsig^ooci, <0)S«fl«ooQ sea breeze. 
^5(fi|U^ sturgeon, MC. Silorus. 
«a>S(ab(8(6R0si = a>s«<eao5^ q. v. 
AS^^O(flfi goods imported by sea. 
a)5(^).^3R»ajft polype (loc.) [^^) Lodoieea. 
«£hs(^)«'0K»«B3 the Seychelles oocoanut (ao 
«a>s»^«OvaaGP. <S)S^oaj amed. ^sflAcidro cuttle 

fishbone, os sepiae (S. i8»«^«»ai^o). 
a^se^ocaJ^ seal MC. 
tftSfeimii porpoise, Platanista gangetiea (as 

fijocr), ASigJa'^'^ ®*®' whales, etc.) 
AS(flA)a-jOory a sea-snake, — serpent. 
ASfyoodI, — a-i03iK?A sea weed. 
ASgiOo coast fl»s(a_)oaftml (Oi9e^<39tA<b MB. 

along the coast. 
«*s(rA)a4 ja Ho. a small fish. 
AS^^al MO. ood. 
a>S(bk0a}c)D sea-maid or Laxmi «i. oj^o e 

6n^ciJ|mor>3ic Bhr 16. 
ASnboi^nb Cphna Oa. 
Asau^ by sea. 
ce>Sei3a>^ ka4alal (Yt. a^v^^jS^T, Ar.kartas, 

L. oharta) Paper, letter. 
d&>sajD(7S>Vob ka4«^il i^o^sakf) A bat. 

Digitized by ^OOy It! 



dB)S3QJ— <e>sVB) 

L (6>SQ4 \a4Kf^ TV. (a>S(fl*) l.BeMh, iMid- 
ift; plaoe, wharf (ss«)»s, H. oois). 9ai9sin) «> 

Qj^QcmlfB. to ferry over — «aaftsajTP. steps 
deieending to a tank or rlyer, henoe d>sanr^ 
dto, «tsaj^o«BBrA to go to stool and wash after it. 
S. resort, traek of wild beasts, goftaoob ^s 

finals (hnntg.) — a(o»9dBaa>oft AsojlrosoriD g 
coo a)SC2j^(9b SiojgMiik 6>:li€) Qaj<0ao MC. ^q 
(Qo ASQjo aJi)<ol«)a£)gy TP. I don*t know the 
plaoe and its ways. 
Henoe: a>SQj«»9(oab forry-man. s^sa^fManaem^ 
■ ferry-boat. dDSOJOB Atxot^ MR. 
dsisajo.'oo wharf a* cb8^<^ 0(Oo «»c»oq«» MC. 

n. dBiSOj fat.ofdefeetiTeYerb: T.aM.Q<fl»9(ab 
ajgOBdA a))^<ea(anSQjA TB. (inB^pti<>A> 
Collam 490) Q<fi>9^<eiQjo oa>t>dB<^o (0>sa)^bMB. 
(doo.) may they I 

<BiSOdMo kadaSiram (Yi. a.Sii)9(l>o) impedi- 
ment, tfonblesome basiness. A- 6&<aa orf)(fia). 

AS3 ka4a T. (««$aLja6 = A^vnb) see €l^so, 

ASDdBiSD oO^nno KB. Soand of basars. 

<6>53dGba[V> kadakiam 8. (=:a»s<d»gg) l. Side- 
look. Aftlsj^ idi'aBcX) SiPa. of a growing girl; 
eying with kindness, atssafiaojldafiasmo oaio 
vS ffiOxiSKO flioadamsa^g^d^ KB. S. favor, 
proteetion, often aavo^sodafiM (doc.) 
der. Y. «»S0dQfial<flai 1. to look kindly. ^ffPSSl 
9cn9<B£^ d>. Nal. coqnettishly. 2. to favor 

^':S^ SC<^^o^oo c%^ Qojcdean® TB. 
Oorenunent being pleased to place me in 
this position. 9iO>c)oa.)9o6 ASoasS^^iSmsmo 
PatB. grant that I may hear. 
dBbSXQ^ ka4a7i ((e>s3Jif))»a)Saii q.r. Style, 
entrance of rice fields, inaccessible to cattle. 

«ai <no(^ prov. [oooupatlon. 

d6^3<^ ka4inmaa>sod9rDo,«>g^9AoBxcessiTe 
«iS9<Mb So. libidinoosy Ko.s3 a»ls«oc6. 

d8^3aj<d> ka4&T«ya T.aM.c.s«»ssojA- 

cn^^ono^ Oajoib «>S9aj) qjoid, orT'fycnlAftjnw 

6>(0«^oft iiS)iU8<09§ o^oofikSdOjl BC. Pursuing . 
SiSTQJGTO ka4a?a9a (C. To. to — pomp) 

Wholesale account of Rajas, mod. «>ciaio<fi3ai9 

o (fr. <&s 8.) 
dB»S3aOb ka4aliam S. Large boiler or pan, £\ 

Sdoj, ^S9<oo. — «o smpaisoooo cn^ae^Bhg. 

the shell of the mundane egg. 

I. <BiS\ ka4i 8. <L aiso) Loins. a>sl^9aci>o, 
a)s\o»so (po.) — 

a)bl(T)}(S^ and <o»^V(y(Q)o Nal. girdle. 

II. (0»s| T. M. C. Te. (srdii^) Extreme, sharp. 
«>sl 4^ a0(no ojOA to speak harshly. 
a>s)cB; adj. hard, seyere, big. asUu ^qj^ov^ 

a mighty Bhagayati. 
di>s^QB;ab m., a^si^ f. So. M. a certain caste, 
m. <d>sl T. M. C. Te. (Tn. blow) A bUe, biting; 
(loo.) a cheat. Qota&naeS^cm ^is^cQo AS^ogeg 
q£1 a good feed, ara ^^ ct^ a mouthful. 
Hence: &>s\asiv:£\ fruit picked by birds. 
a>sl|§|d9> to bite. a)9§ OLj9ainoor) cnacmdi) 

oj^Q^MJb ^f 90 <e>s)Q;{(o ChYr. 
6)^6iD96nbbit, bridle. <d). gDg)9(Oioi ^MJi^ropror. 

also d9>s)QBi9«rr>o, a)S^9«rn^ Yi.2. 
«)S^6)aj§a> 1. teeth to be set. ojgu (d>9«9Oc09 

iO>5Wj§ 9cLJ9QQn YCh. (in death). 2. 89® 

anoooaAa>5^Aaj§@ GP. sugarcane touched 

by animals, bitten. 
a»s^fi>aj§dQA Bhr. to bite. 
(d>s^cB/ab a dog, that bites, (see under <d>&l n.) 
<d>s^aj9aBl 6>a>9§(en to set the dog at. 
daft5\u9Q{ii^ place of a bite. 
a)S^cu9a.o bit, yu. a>^aj9Ao. 
<fi>s|d96^ T. M. (Te. <diOxij G. Tn. e^jt^,) y. a. 
1. to bite, ohew. a>siA^agsbA to be mor- 
daoious(dogs or fig. men).£>sl^9nb o^^o^ to 
eat.— Asiidacqo As)(dnCK^o 6)j^9Sjsr« (gi^ 
a glutton. 2. to smart, pain, cheat. 

CY. ^S^g^an f.i. -alS^, ^rD§ A J^xildM «». 

torture by pinching theear. No.flDQdSsg^an. 

S>S\(B> kafiya (T. bolt) Peg tied to the well- 
rope to preyent its slipping flrom the bucket. 

Digitized bJ^^jOOQlC 

ASls«TJ»Tn — Si'^ 



<d>S|$vmm ^ ka^i^fltQ {As\ n+ ^^oA) First- 
born of man and beasts, (see (d>9ai9eB) a>. oj 

dB>s|c^{e6> kaijiyn'ya l. T. ▼. n. To be pained, 
broken. As\saq SouocBn was wearied. <9>sl 
60^ <a>sp)^ Bhr. got tfaroagh with dlfOcnlty. 
2. T. a. B. to olear bamboos from thorns (o-tAsai 
A.Palg.)f to separate the good from the bad. 

I. dB>§ kadn 5. Extreme, exoeesiTe (heooe <fts), 
fierce, impetaons. — Inf. ^^4ks 6> jiiocmonb ( ^ 
^ojiaajo ^o)KB. — ad j. a>s^Q»< «9»sl II.), nentr. 

Bhr. swore a fearftil oath, e^ a^^^o fliQ 
9a>^ TP. formidable (£(02) (d>§<moQBiasa»§gJtt). 
di.§(mo^ajaT) TCh. painfolly red. 
n. <e>§8. pungent ®^<o,§,QtfB§s»«^a-jefl,^4b, 

^<0e GP. 

^%Ao S. id. (d>lyGjVafl|Mmo ^d»>fl9cs0^ KR. 

d)Ȥfi>Qjo<^o harsh KB. 
A$A mnstard, also a)^ 9 jkioaBcmf^^ d^iosnoo, 

a^^aTioi a^OQgjo proY. A§49blna6rp^ ^o^g^ 

6i^9(ai9Q9eByo Bhr. <d>$6)(0>g|J J»)aOOajaOo 

GP. — Kinds: <fi)(Dl8Bb$« Sinapis nigra, o a) 

A^dM(09aOfirnl MM. dds^Srooodlsml S. (to. 
d))§^(0(a6Tn^) Helleborus niger. 

d»i§aia), «fD T. M. t. n. to hasten. — Inf. «.^a> 
qnlokly «>. ag-)05)9Q^9(>3(d> Bhr. 

d9>^d8o a large shellfish in the sea. 

«>§dBfi, tfQJS ▼. n. to grow iiard, sharp, worse (as 
pain). — Inf. dJ)§d> qolceco a^fob AB. 
sharply, qaiokly.d)§<fl«9onOaj3ccu^CG. <d)§ 
crn^cn asngooNid. — <a»§'3Kft strong, tight as 
cloth, paper. ih^^^noiocTB.isrsxooKR. sharp. a> 
§^9) qj-oiiaI^cX) (£).9S<fi) to lead an awful life. 

«)^(fl6»nb ear-ring of men. 

a>§<ea3(xn, a.§d8« the inknnt, Terminalia Che- 
buta; ^^d9s^3CB;o its die. Kinds d9>ccBail§kj9 
(ds). or 0<ao^dafi* or Qj9(aJb)«Q»- & ^* 

A§<fi>CD(ob Qaj96)^ Ji^xtcm A^ KB. 

«>^aft3a-io great anger, and a>^8<a)9QLjo, «i^ 
•eaojl ChYr. [|1^ chVr. 

at^demorD aislda PT. modi blood a>. j^q 

^^ (loc.) disease S3 QjOMnio. 
«i9«R)§<a>^s)cn Piiy. with awfol MlBe 

(see (»1§). 
ai^omei T. Ya. at^oiiki (mod.) aword with 

winding edge QjAai^ oJona'A a^. pror. 

(opp. u«^«>), ai. Qj^o ajejloea]|o KU. 
ai^oo^ti^ qnioUy =s «>§daBttnr>. 

A. «so<Mb a speedy person Yi. 
A^gg^ a kind of drum, attribute of SIta. BIK 
*9QSB<B»o preoipioe; steep. 
A^mwib MC.=3«isaT)(9b waap. 
^^Q^ pungency, harshness, brayery, strangtli 

of toddy,. Tiaegar, eto. a»* «0oas 0^0009 

Bhr. resolutely, ai'^tt Od^QCA^ fl*« 

steel. a». atoglcBwOtaioaB •ajflof) oA KB. 

ertelty. «». ^§«> tobeoome exeiied — av. 

<^oqv9^ KumK. don't scold. A- 6hLJ9Q<da 

Mud. to brook, 
ai^gji id. a>$^§^ austerity, 
at^^g^ a caste of embalers and carriers (= 

A^caiib), beluw Ya^ijar; also sehool- 

masters (loo.) 
a^^e (=<^^8:Jo) -aiosm^onbo a>. tyranny. 

Qjiiicno (9iO(mia:§0OQB;9as Mud. cruel. a». 

gDg^joroia) aniTlr^ YyM. spiritless, a*, gt^l^ak 

6>a>9^^0T9iQQ;fd9fi TR. to send sharp, qaiokly. 

a>^0^orDn6 resolute, seyere. 
a)f 0onb a kind of deer. 
a>§CTiia)CQ;3^ KR. decided enemy. 
a>§aua>(ob broad-day. 
a)§cnj)rD^aiai(b ((Sioc^idao) proT. 
at^cnJIgg the strongest child, firstborn. 
a>§cnj (loc.) stump of a broom, 
at^oinb Yi. male of cats, pigs, etc. 
a>%QjQgj B. perfuming (to take away bad 

a)§ajD^o insolent, cruel word. 
a>§aj9an '^erce mouth" tiger a>9SO ojai 

a»* C0)(Bb ^9«Qjob Anj. 
at^oQOLKi^rob powerful sun. 

A^ (bef. Yowels) as aogQocg black ant a^. 
oj^^ t8i2|cnDorKDiBi)8ib)^W fi>:iM9a prey. 

Digitized by ^OOyiC^ 

<6»§— d9>^ 


4^030)0— dMTO 

Ag kafta T. X. (C. O^*. 09^ fr. coov •tout, 
thiek). 1. Lamp, auMf, 9^9<o^s eoftgalftked 
blood. «>&03j<6»» aj's^daii to oMioreto as i^oO A 

•ag olod, Bod. gt(Q§ av., s>&jgUn. (for build- 

iag). 8. elog, «igo^(^^Palg,a«)0aiV»^. 

Henoe: «>§<ei9/D a thorny plant. 

Agiftidcmo 1. the right of breaking the 
ground ss@oe)aftO«mo, «)a>oy (nDaj(d>oooo. 
S. a tenure of rioefleMs unftiTorable to the 
onltiTfttor, henee called ax^iteocmo. 

6»§49ii)s3Qj newbem infant (9ick «>. adoO ^<^ 
CBiojjfWodo CG. «0(MvnTV8i. AuoAfti B8. 
(tee «^9f&daeflioi^). 

A§Q«Q»3<ob instmment for breaking the elods 
afker sowing, consisting of the handle, ai 
il, and the bleek, «>gd99§i, d>«soso. 

AfiOBo 80. tie on the neok of oxen. 

Ag^da> a wooden spade. . 

A>§o (ais<fto) rost, «>• aj)^<di» to met. 
deb§9(6eg|kattikntti (a>| r= 6)<d)§ireg.) 1 . Loose 

things, moreables, ehattels, honsehold-stuff. 

Ti.=^QO<rooS9(do. S.loTeintrigneoMvaaVob 

A. aff«9a£) TB. 

Ago^ Ti. node of proceeding. 
<ft§3<^>,<asg3i6lH. kafir Dagger A. SQ(61 

Aq^oionb ambbI TR. 
<flti§)falttiT.M.( l.What 

is condensed, solid, ingot ssojofto. 8. syrnp, 

sngar .asaacoass^; a. ^£i<afvA Aoaic^ «>ji) 

g^o proT. 8. lamp used as weight, es«sai. 

4. solid aoqoirements. flooiab a»g)dBa9rDc6. 
dte Lsai^. 8.pastef«)«ft(A^). 8. T.Te. 
C. To. =s6iA§ Tie, -bnndle; sedlssent, dregs 
(So.) — Inf. aiMQ«a Yl. to bind tight. 

^ai (^*|, jpnib) bedstead, cot. <fr§)«ceisk 
tfbls4ia NId. a>. AAiQSHai»)«io A^ak <& 
9aj«nr>oproT. -* ^gWruoocnoBo. property 
given by a Kayer to wife and eUldren. 

aigWi (formed like a^^ai, d>9anlej)>8o. A^iA 
(Vi. «»sa T.) doer*fffaae. «.akO0on6 avgl 
ftiKU. a gste in the Ya|»rpat9av fort. <d> 

Qoia^oqi side-post of door. s>i\eMoemi 
the bag worn by Lemmiais on the shoulder. 
So. heel of cook. 
dM>s^<n CI. public oliice A9ji^t£\nk a>os 
em oilcaiQvl^ oj«ml o^^cvh a»AS^cr) 
(BideosK), A^naioj TB. 
6)3Sgj=3di>g«)jj^, 1. coagulation. 8. seed- 
ing as bamboo. 
«»«goso 1. see «>ga«aso(tib. 9. trough «». are 
Odsaog «o»Mn^Q;{(o Bhr. — di>9§oso jaAocom 
ob, also d>§ fiS^odb a bird (Oooulusf) 
ditOytSh kathanUD see «>so^o, a»gor£^ Dagger. 
d6kOlPOoka(hinamS. («>€lnr)» s>S<a>; and «»gl) 
Hard, solid, 8eTere,difaoQlt. Ao^cn Oi^ei high 
price. oQfitcho qoosxd e»* aoobl QoDddSacno keeps 
me at a distance. — <d)61cn op832/o,-crojA0jjo 
hardheartedness — abstr.N. a>6)orMn, «>0(P(n|O« 
de)(SO9(0o katboMQI S. l.^ASicne, AQfte. 
8.=:d9)§oQaj:di1(sb Olare.— - Q^iauai^oofMiiJo 
DM.«>ga<d»Q03r!Km JO PT.(opp. ajoag^eoc^sjo). 
L S^ero ka^a T. M. C. Tu. (^eno T. C. Te. 
knot, joint) 1. M. Tu. Small bamboo branch; 
bamboo; <6>roitt)finD an almost solid bamboo; 
Q i&iftfiip (6> jiMBBsm), 6R»o<aBtfm different reeds 
2.(0. Te. (O— ) small stick (f. i. cuosPdOesmsee 
Qj3y>), shaft, hilt, handle (Qj9^6Tn)<d>«mQoi 
ooo atCBilrob prov. aicm(%o ^cncq^o KU. old 
institutions, perhaps a>. the redhot iron of 
ordeals. 8. M. T. C. arrow adroAobo ojak 
6iT> aocSloib (OkO^ OO. AsnrMhOo «>aj9SP^cnxY), 
04»>3i»r^sei\3b o^o^fton BC. 4. roUer of 
mills, the cylindrical wood of an oilpress jis 
dBe(fl»«m Yl. 5. (s«)«nD knuckle) in 4d>fim 
Q»o&pl etc. 

Hence : ^em<ati9(A So, and «)6nDe}0nik 1. ancle, 
fetlock (T. d»>«nD«Moaib) 8. calf of leg, shin- 
bone (T. a)AQfiin<fleMib). 
<di6maBt»tf(ob Kid. Asmoevnib CO. id. anauich 
ggsrn) compared to ^>fpff^ 4MmcDetf <ab CO. 
«>«mflMtt (^* a>«md9i(qB) the end of the 
cloth tucked in so, as to hold the whole 
together (sorfhS^ S.) A96BSi ^ot^ ^• 

Digitized \JfiL3iyOg\C 

«fi>©ro— <ftero«6a 


dMnOoJo — dBjcrol 

a>6iT)5>5)aa> 1. wrist (T. aiSHDOOcte). 2. fore-arm 

(T. <d>5>A6Tr>S>0<8n) <fi>«m6MaBd9« «^9tfSo 

AQ:^5)0an^<s>or>o(C9 02ao &an| MM. 
40)6m^(ob (loo.) maBhroom. 
aisme/oo (loo.)=g^ogs{. 
Afimcwob a kind of millet. 
AcmoDOSpi a foot ornament (0»(6)ajaak^o tm^ 

0<0acm<aotf) KB. 
II. d8>6vnoS.Long pepper A«m«>aiig|^^el(^oGP. 

dB>6«^Oo kftll^am 8. 1. Grain «B)6meJcS2;o 0P.= 
(t^^ej) ft a)9§ (tnl^&n (see a>6m); atom. 
QjocX><fl»«mo point of sword Vi. ssaid^smo 
drop, g<^(fl»al(iilor9lmrxmli0>6ma8cfe 6)«nol 
si^ KB. anything minute (oomp. <a)nrnc(i;g;^ ). 
2. T. Tdbh.= cosmo a body of persons, ass- 
embly, circle; also=dafii6nr>o 2. — «>. gordidSo 
the armed Brahmans to assemble in a Brahma- 
nioal temple with worship of Ganapati to con- 
sult on Goyt. aifairs a(Q9 rruooaio d)>6m^rD^i08>, 
(d>snr>coRO(rncJO^AorDiih<)o KIT. Asi-Ogjoo the 
place of sitting for such purpose KU. 

dB>6^nOd86^ a med. = <e>cn(00 (foocdngj dyism-aoi 
ii£\(m 0nd(T)o). 

d8)6tnO(£ft kai^akki} t. m. (axmo, (nm\fmo) 
1. Computation, aecount. <d>. ai06)Stia», &q^j^ 
9«)c)oaj)ti9a Nasr. po. id). A<fiai yotcm m\iQasmo 
TP. to settle accounts, ai. ojo A, aoDooTI^ 
d9aTB. to giro account. (j9>. m^^ OiS^o^iBn, <d). 
^sd) to add up. aH^smiSa fractions. a>6mcda 
o £QB.(ib)0roi^(Sb BG. unmeasurably high. Asm 
da£\(A 02^^ to charge an account. 2. es- 
timation, manner, way,«ndoocn€)nr7>mD A6m<a^ 
a)9ie^rDlg-)® BO. ojgy Asm^o^o on any ac- 
count, anyhow. «»«n6md9s thus, cngy <d)6Tn 
ibS^cA inos)^ Anj. soundly. ~ «)6md9fi)rgb qjo 
dh 1 . to speak exhaustingly on. 2 . to abnse. — 
ora dSiQ-nidtt^flib, — da^ocn perhaps, cnoos 

GC. like the sky seen in water. — With Aoo. 

ci^o<mdBa«m9d9a Bhr. flMfl.oMKy> Aem«Ai 
AB. like M. — adj. part. <^mi a>«nr)««a An j. 
as. 8. right way. lO^cmas?^ ^CBwno ojii 
^odb TB. to make the proper exertions. s» 
emd^tA <4(o OQ_i9<9n)a§a mg/lctnogd Hid. 
unusually. e»6m«8ftX») «qj9<», — ^019 a to be 
settled, cleared ; to die flooMKn ««ndBaki9ab) 
Arb. killed. A9cb|o d»>sm(da^fi)3<fla) aehieTed, 
ordered. a?%peio a)«nf>«aicn1 Sojaihlejo st 
my^aSicA Bhr. both the same to me. cnjiSi 
eoae 4»>tfm<aag) CG. does not please them. 
ie>9V|B| a»«rr>dto§^ FT. don't go by mere sight. 
oQor^<6» (^gyoo <d). Bhr. content with all. 
Hence: <e>«m<flAuS)a)OfOo work on Arithmetic. 
«>«mA)(JU^ift9(oi aooountant. 
AODcflaOor), AsmdaSi^cn (2) like, as. £\^o a^ 
fim<8n9or) Qdnorrn^dSao, c^^Ckm A6mia»9cn, 
Qjorr) <d>. KB. jiiiggo ee^^o «>. Bhg. 
4d>tim<fl»o6 1. accountant Afim<ai^^j^, Acm 
apg^ea^nb TB. or)9§u51«>9rol etsfrna^ 
g^flfiKU. Pudushery Hambi in Kolanadu. 
— an East-Indian (mod.) 2. a olaas of alayes 
akODdBafixibo alflno) AsidQaooim proY. aicm 
aeonbo 9sosfi3o6; also «>«maftO,2jQ0fl6- 
a>6nDi6ao «>ospjo (cnsdaaa^lg) TB.) deepatek 
of publio business, alao 100:110060 »qf> 
(0>sm<a9ao a)dneM)o on inspecting hia olBoe. 
<d>6Tr>(d«cro9(0o a mathematioal treatise of 
Nilacantha, [^.'aiow* MB. 

aifimotian^qO office of aooonntaiit. «ooo»o 
<d>6m9<aa3ai aooounts« 
d8>6«^Q.Jo kft^abam S. spear. Bhr le. 
bBseno^ kft^app^ 80. Bight angle, Acm^e 

go square (id>on4fla). 
ce>6O0(n4 ka9ai&b^ a fish, muUet Yi. 
(6>6noajnb kaQftvaii T. M. Husband. (d>«i7i, 
a>«vr6) a>*na9nK>s qs)q^ BC. 0^06 «^ Nal. 
dB>cnoaf)(t)b kftQftTiraiii t. m. c. t^. (S. «xa 

Qj)(eo) Nerium odorum. 
dMrrS) ka^ {a*6rh) U Sight, spectacle. 190:11 
i% cn^ernitSf^sX-m CG. Esp. ominous sight, 
what is seen at the birth of a child (slgiisin 

Digitized by ^OOy It! 

<«iOrv)V>ao— (fterrb 


hMTen eto.) or first sight on peoaliar days 

(Qj\a3<asfirr?); or signifleatiTe presents, atfirnl 

Q Aio^ to explain sacii. 2.(T. 0. Ta. <8>g]^) 

string in form of an eye, snaro, gin, Ocusnb 

*srn)«K3j^ 4ii0aaj9ODoPT. 8.= <0>6rn)QB;9c6. 

Hanoe : AsnQ A36nD«) aasploioos sights to appear, 

to seesaeh. «cojrDon6aS)jairBba>'6moajjaTP. 

A6nf>t«sT. a. 1 . to lay a snare. oQ^aeaS^AiBn, 

Ti. 2. to malte the framework of an 


TK. a>6rn)gj (Asm 5) artioalation of limbs. 
«>. (inlocnj^, MTB^d), gDA<ftid) Yi. to 
be disjointed. 
^m^jiXo Yi. aoooant taken at a guess, 
aiornka^ (8) astrologer's hoose, <d)fim)^(0 

(1) theatre ereoted on Yishu (ojlcfia). 
a>6nrS)(s;g (2) a kind of leeoh. 
a>firnlcB;9ab (T. actor) 1. low tribe of astrolo- 
gers & nmbrelia makers, banished to 24 
steps distance from Brahmans. «>. Aoei 
Ocnoifln)^ «ai6mo ojoojonb KIT. — also «> 
smirch (hon.) as ojocgcb <8»srn)a)do 
of a low easts sage. —TSfo, e»smkAab,f. — 
ceoRBi), — ai/ogi, — av3S^^. 
^aMrp)cB;o<DAQgj or ojcrnlaftA a rank among 

Ka^iyar, their barber, etc. 
a>enfSWKiia» (2) aj(n^eif^^ a>sm)<3^o aoj^ 
o-i9cqQ( Nal. laid the oloth as snare. 
dBhOnrSlOdo kftQflam 8. Ear of oom ( <d.smo), ^ 

€mAemkao Bhr. 
dft>0nri), (dd)«n^ kaQT.M.aTn.(Te.d»»me;Ohin. 
kiuui) 1. The eye a»^o9ei «)9^ TP. snooi 
CKD ^B»mVA a>osn09adogQ§yTB. not to be foand. 
o^^Anbo ^>Jf^ o^oj^o ^§§y I take no part 
IB it. Sfsn^yiA s>6rb A^^^smo Bhr. sapersti- 
tion In ease of bad omens, ^ff^^ 9^0(b(£\ 
g^omot Agynb TP. pitiless, ^^^gf^ soj^ci^o 
proT. 2. what is eyelike, nipple of breast, 
holeof eoeoannt, star inpeaooek's tail, head of 
boll (mMCfjatHnfilnrio <0»6n6 &9«9a»o amed.) 
embryo of seed, bad (oM^OBSiS «>6n6, hence 
a>cmo^ mesh of net (hnntg. name ibr net) ; 
jolBt or knot in eane (4i>sm, ^>^)9 Aroh of 

bridge, opening of onlvert. 8. rank in state. 

6>a)0^(qiQ KU. different offtoes similar to the 

members of the body. («ijwmo CG. 

Hence: ai6iaEba^ ogling «d>'cB;M>cQioa8 o^oiosi; 

ditSBtO^A to nod, beckon. «>6r2ai9Smld9A Yi. to 

superintend (see <fi>aB9arnlias}. 

dl>6i«^ojg eyesight. 
aiGOiaB boil on eyelid, Aeaati£\ socket eye.(<d> 

Qffla) a>6iai&plcBKtb,a bad sort of small-pox. 
«»6nb^Qjl Yi. reward for floding. 
ASiGtats blindfolding, hoodwinking, ai. o^ 

9cm QjrcBo proY. dSt'ajlg^ legerdemain. 
a)Oeraa>^ Yi. bad sight. 
«)6)0rsb9^d9e to look on. ^nuacnDainao^eio a* 

S35XO) oopwn'jf^ CG. 
*d>A6i«>9:zji^ green whipsnake* 
aiOfiia^O:^^ B. to dazzle, grow dim. 
a)6n6ii)o§o intense look. 
AgDS spectacles. (d>'gj|efil a mark in cattle. 
^Sffi^ 1. distinguished by eyes. CDoe^d^f^^i^nb 

a dog with 2 excrescences above the eye. 

2. Crshna, N. pr. m. dMm$>ribo a>g[p^rgb A 

9iS6yT»g^9o Atismosim Scuoo toiq^^smo GGh. 

8. a fish. a)'C0o «.fDlabdo PT. (=auf&ofBb). 

a)*aj9sp a kind of plantain. 
^SCDSBuiosQj hammer-beaded shark. 
<9>aixi!^ft K. pr. also <^gl9(Be, <£>>5m9ro9fiio TB. 

^Q. crDoQj(OT\)f©o flo«o roofgjo /(fi>aTO«fl«or&o6 

(Biosafl the adi Raja or BTbi of Arakkal. 

<d>'8a)9g OLjoaSbideeg^ pror. |^ red. 

<0>fimg_}nbQr£l see <^$CDS —cattle speckled white 
(dafirnost G. Tu.M.T. mirror, glass. <0). ooi 

nm aiQjic)oinaso CG. — AV-maso Bo. the 

hipbone, a>*g|joo Palg. buttock of cattle. 

«>$ro90aiiO(;s^d)^ blind-manVbuif, a play. 

^emoctvo thinness. a)^0O(S^es® ^2. very fine 
cloth. ry^^ 

a>gD3fDo a oertain snake (called blind by Port.) 

«>g^OQ B. (mwo?) stork. 

a>gm9fl0 coquetting, lecher. 

dB)Anr5) 1. haying fine eyes as S)oa>aQ^ etc. 

^Sf^^^^ 2. link of chain, mesh of net 

Digitized by ^OOQ IC 



wWJ* W^-~ dwl^^^O 

(a>«ml). OK Aifia^ehmin Co lireak, to die; lines 
of the hand marking ^he Jolnftg (aiens) OLHrd 
ei^^. 8. shoot of belel Tmes. Afpgidam^mf, 
®9 ^8))^ QLjoalavgg stoges in the growth of 
betel, also a. atsr^cb^Bo. — also palm leares. 
©oajcSBjjjl single leaf, ooejoyas <e>. «aj61 
gora6 dflfiO«c&3ej ojool; a»g^nDDAits <3>ro. «<« 
«»0(d»9|^ fruit-stalk; ^abg^, ^s«»gf}^ first 
ft last fruit-stalks on a bnnoh of ooooannts. a> 
g^0o«» yonng mango. 4. salt pan ss s^, 
plot of laod for salt manufacture, about 10* by 
6« W. 

'^fm ^^^ both eyes. 

<»j|^0 eyelid. <&). ^§^ca>lg»j could not sleep. 

showed sleepiness? 
«>g]^(b tears. a>. d^^Tl KB. also .^a^, 
eej^ddn, Qajo>pl(d>y qjoo^ UB. — often a>flqs 
orf)^ Ajiio^sn^KB. @S:fijBhg. dh'/dooej 6>jkio 
nmonb KB. with tears. ^QTflA<fi»9a>9GB;f qUKfi 
oinb Aig. near death-beds. [enyions. 

aijTOAS^an l.=fi>A)3c9)^<Qb o^iBft. 2. to be 
iO>ass)a>§ (Qd)§<e>) not to be taken in bj 

the eye. a>, Sicn^ anoocAsb £6n| TP. 
(dtfinMQp pupil of eye. 
4^flnMng^ ogling, = a>9flnDQ, also a>gnns>a>9 

superst.) [pleasure, 

a^mos^d) KU. to roll the eyes, manifest dis- 
a)6D^aid»s) TB. to covet. 
<o»g»6>$>Qjg|nb, — jin<fifri(BTU<0)nb oculist. 
a'6)gs(q^a> the eye to take in. atAas'cnakOidt 

fto proT.- unbounded lake. «)5)as(mgio u) cno 

^ proy. far away. 
SiSigf^^qSk. BiPo* anointing the eyes with 

ooUyrium. [^^^ ^^^tPH^' 

^*9aD%^= gc^oaomo OTil eye* so. aiOSDol 
aiO|f][j9(aso, — go glaaoe, gaitag at 
<e>9«mo<f}s first yisit to a mourning hovse, Palg. 

Yi. a>. ai95noi». alao a>^<M o^^a to 

bring pretents to the surrlTors (f. U 1000 

plantains, 600 oooo^ats, etc.) 

<»g^&pajo)A y». to be bliaded. 
a»jn^ rheam of the eye. 
«)Og)j9ejl6B09ctb CO. fall asleep. 

dMnosm) (aifina^if)) eyeball, flg. orNDojtttae 

a>en^ yalnation from goese. A'uvsaO o^<d 

<d»snBQB)af.t(0)*0acBi^oaab KB. as dear to me 
as the eye. 

a>6nBcaaeo drowsiness. [through paesioa. 

a^enBol^rob rolling of the eyes in a swoon, or 

^eravsto juggling, fascination. «>. ^sa en 
a009$ AB. <d>'^QeB39cn CO. fasoinatlng. 
<a>6na9QD/ajl^ Stnti(«e(Q3as9eio). 

a)«n^cnss(d>saT.a» outer oomer of the ^ye ft 
its look meoj^b a'cb^ssi 6a39€iTMDad)aOO<^ 
©acalrabjjos^ CO. aierrgor^ajwg^ (=aiS3 
^fietio). [ago 1^ ned. 

aisnbcyyouj) eye-disease ^ na«n(i{fea dte. Atfi 

dB^tf^ka94* ^' "^^ <^< c^- ^ «<ao) 1. Bulbous 
root as of lotus, plantain, ^:^ a^cQj; Atng 
(%o ojifq^o prov. (a>9«cEtil(iAcn)flm i^a^o oS) 
(Q^o 8^9«9A->>. 2. the point where branches 
ft bunches grow out of the stem of a palm=s 
ikftda. — a<. dixno Aooasg), A. £<9d9a9^. net. 
a>9«^9<ioD3Jnb steady, stubborn, perrerse; 
or)^5>nbo (d>9rwnooold9eAQ^o I shall break 
your neok. [bulb, 

atsntcBT^oo, a>«ii^jVD^ aoeir of plaalalB- 

d8)50So ka94c^ Tdbh. su^muo 1 . Pleoe, fragment 
«»9rttQjo a^niajo proT. ^oOO A.floteJA^plaBtata 
leaTOS for plates (^g^ej^g^). Ao)dM 9q-io 
roouiBi^ ^* O0Q<aefiy proT. out up, 2. piece 
of doth qq^o^cbi Qjlai a»^«a9tto TB. a dearer 
pleoe of fine cloth. a>9«».isiok fli^avaKib oj^ 
smD.'ORi^.'rBo CO. the pieoa taken by the heir 
from the wrappings of a oorpee. 3. piaoe of 
land, the 4 dlTiskms of aaeiast Kerala KU,t — 
asp. rioefleld (sajQ»Aiii)f «tfi«Hea» (lowar), a 
(OdBa. (higher), aj«ud9a.| aA<o«>., «Km)au ate. 
e<ae9«ooaiOvt»ai^ (doo.), a>. atpajuaieAMM^ a 
9r«Qjo ^i^c^ --flg. see eip«^ 4. Tdhh. «> 
^^ neck, tfi^Wknaa^ XB» 

Digitized by ^OOQIC 

<fi>9ng<0}o — ^ant^ 


<Bi6t^2<B>^ dM9rmOf^o 

: «i««»§^o Afi^a^Q^ brokMi sIoiim. 
*««oaS)aio rieefleU e»'cBQA)aib QjofMKng) 

ete. TB. 
«»9«{g-|0$ difttanee of a rioefield q.a. gO(D 

Qojoai) QjWno 0<S)^ TB. (CaHout. 

AOVOtttVob ODMVdb KU. a ieoowned officer in 
«fe9«o^ari| oloth to sleep on a. oj^rol^ TP. 
«»9«caa»o raw aogar in lompe (tee A6n£\), 
Ami A» (= fiusmp) «•) T. a. 1. to dlTide, cut in 

piepee A9ie)^5«e i^^ogft TP. ^^^ 0sr«l 

:^ Oe. defimted. 2. to hate Yi. 

dBbOnSd8)o ka94ck'yain S. l. a thorn. oQ-^OfA, 

ChVr . ?. dangeroas . (I&i9d9)®avd)>9r9 d»nb UB. 
Birana also called ttejja>sni«>n6 AB. the 
floonrge of the Gods. <fl>9ns<fivftQJoBO. tboBiza- 
saa. S. a most inaospioioas time 4>.*ami<m 
ai9§)«b Oojos^smo (also 6i5nsa>udcn^ (also- 

{^▼Q.); OOO&1390SO, qQ)«J^9Q0So, QJQlO^O^flSo). 

Ba>0[^9(no (8) washing in sach seasons. 

h9(S\jx^'srs or A. Qj^^Hmim Solanam Jao- 
qnini, one of the o.aX)Q_i6ai(^fijo GP. «<>. 
QjTiP^qg^ diet. 
a»9qB8a»9re So. the thorny Webera tetrandra. 
^t^^eaHooeio the jaokfrait treessojlaiooj. 

ce>6n8dEbld9>QgL_'d8)6o Nal. A kind of cloth, 
prh. A9r«8Bb) (T. a>9«98a^) cheqaered clothes, 
•ee Sii9n£\dattch. 

<e>onern) ka94ft^ ^« ^« ^n- XC. oosninb, see « 
«nr>ajn6) The male, etp. of oat <»>6nea^^, a 
ffVg^jnb; N. pr. of men. 

<6»9n8£Jo ka^^^Jam aM. (^^enb, (tnaio) Orb of 
the eye? AffvaJOBftoraib cnio«iDD 9o99a>(S09i)5, 
OosMinW) aaejn a>*Q0gB9nb BC. pitying. 

^Bb^ns^ ka94al l.<=^«ne)Whatisbulb-like, 
half ripe jackf rait ft other green fraits <d«*ejo 
4Mlago ojoi^ TP. young fruit. — 2. Bhizo- 
phora oandel s 0^Q«>0rwi Bh. Kinds : e^iS^ 
nthvA *., d»(D«». Bh. Laurus glanceseensP, 
ax^Uaa. (EM<. cylindrica), oJ^noaa. Jatropha 
Xa^hoft, a4Ai.Bhlwph. aaaglaor Aegioeras 
mi^lns, o uMBb^ Bhla. oaodaUurla, aaiVoA.=: 

SDJiPCKynb. QeneiallyoDOf «>9ni(Bb(also s^tssS) 

<O)6na0d8)6jnQab see <^— . 

d8>6n3l kaq^i 1.0.Ttt.M.(C.Te.aIseco4'«)fr0B 
Asneu) Gap In a hedge or fence, breach in a 
vail. mVo €hsn£ks^o ^£\^f> MbWjoco^ oyer 
ditoh ft wall. Av^ etolOtaa Mlrak tSM<^B(S 
pron (KTOCLj ^«iari(8§ dO . eocoe^sa. — <>)» 
sni^ <8i9<aa4toto opea a way for the wator into 
riceOelda. *. ^mM^ An^ttft proy. — a piece 
of high ground ^a AaTBlgjocnjo TB, — a 
mountain pass <»5nBl,^ Si^-antA aiCBimo^ TP. 
2. a Inmp, oonoration; cet^sne) sugareaody. 
8. a weight of MO lbs. (MO at Bombay) Candy 
(Port. Candil ^snSifAYi.^sifO — ^ Tnlam. 
cru.igqi)<BB(X> ai^nB^ancmiaalrgb cn^^ Mud. in 
immense masses. 4. a stiok of 4 yards length, 
measure of ground; also enUo measure of 1 
Col crJIfto, 1 Col g^So, 1 Col Stcno; o(OoaV) 
Aml(Dn(>o «»sr^aj(tMgBt<& ^S* to find the cubic 
measure of timber (2i 4*' square, W.). 6. one 
or more plants, <d»9nB)8ajft is one of the aai 
aiK»caj6SBc)o.— In pcssunsnil Yallisneria, 
the green coToring of standing waters, often 
ai(S\m>9n£i<BBiPeS^ fihg. A(S^9h9n£\ona»>jii&o 
roo KB. cvflaicOs^asre^oBfoocvooB ^cwiiCQ, 
of floe dark hair, a^ o^m 6><aioenft}S^ CG. 
so a>oi«lo(6f>09r«(ak B& black eloud. 
Henoe: (fi»^ieBO(bA&prBb, «is>«)ajoib4ktfej^a>c)o 
Bhr. Mud. (5) = av«aK>sVYSl. 
An^^iPss^ (5) a long yank, Dioseorea. 
A9^^rzi (1) a pass, 18 in Kerala KU. jsj 
foam»ln& ^'q^oskA cd.0 ei^sA diisayob cnl 
ft?^TB. ^Egypt). 

a>«aBnfi)ajgjj (2) myrrh GP. (B. 0^^900; from 
d>9«lajoA<fli^cX> (5) long braided hair. 

(d>«ng);d6toi) kft^jikhh («>«i^ 5) cioth of 

a dark green colour. ^^iW^tiaaob^ ^isfti a^cqb, 
a>((i^(^daft9r«^<iienb GG. 

<fl»®^ bk94f *• iw»* o' «>ofir»A, q- ▼. — «. 

K«9do of men. 
SiQS^')<Q^o (or fiuP) HareUp. Sid «4. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

«a>Gngo— (d><Q)Vb 


dMi\idisi — d8»<msn 

<d>6v^o kantluun 8. Neok, throat a. ojiro^^ 

a>sfi^9ab CQ. killing a child. AfigfMQBcto ai 

OTU^iSA etc. 

«>€g>9ui£deo Nal. cutting the throat. 

a^^grxjo jor>o (^ooexibo) PT. ss ^dafio, tnoAiij. 

a>ogXT)9fto throat dOtymVA dh^r^cnaAan^oabo 
(091^0^0082^0 KM. «>*fiL03JCj61 ajmgJ^s^SiPa. 

^GgoeofiJ 1. neoklaoe. 2. sorofala roand the 
neok; oommon earse & abase. 

«>«goayQS>o the napUal neoklaoe (Tali). 

aio^ojfjaooo & <o>9«G[f}— bathing without im- 
mereing the head. 

4h6^9S(os(no SiPn. women's neok-omament. 

dMgfi^ociJo PT. lion (rDQjo sound). 

4M|^ o guttural (gram.) 
d^errxj^ ka^du 8. ItohingsAiisoo). 
AgnrJl, dBsgnrg see dB>6inr|). 
dB>6nojoi) Oft^vaii 8. K. pr. a Rishi, foster- 
father of Sakuntala (Bhr.) 
d8>(0V> ka&am T. aM. (Tdbh. ioano whsteeaaes 

soon) Wrath A. OAiOsWojnb BC. 
<0>rO)<6x) kaSftyam S. » Qtoiooacnjfdoib med . 
de>fC^dte kaSayq T. M. C. & <fi>rZWl^ (perh.= 

ats) Door, doorleayes, oorner of a door ity.^ 

cnitdk a^ae, «>tsQjo<nos>s,^o YCh. 

aMACUOCBn (8o. 4i»saj33»)) oorner of the mouth. 
9j^9(D Sii^ocS^em^ ^. 6&ej)dQAQ{^ KR. from 
a Raxasa's mouth. ^, ^aai^ saliTa flowing 
daring night out of an infantas mouth. 
«>. or><fiea> YyM. 
d6>rO)Q dB>, c51 katahllfa T. aM. To roar, lament 

49»eiasb)or) A9g[^osai<d>oftd9Brmo^<B»ogl BO. 
dStO^ ka5a)i l. Tdbh. <&efiO. S.^sQaO^oa 

6ml or iQOSax) (loo.) S. Melastoma Malaba- 

thrieum, «»o§^. Mel. asperum, 6>iUQA. Os- 

beokia yirgata. 
dB^rzfi) kafii 8. (as) L« quot; How many? «> 

(A0t L. quotus ; who, dMOKOt which of two? 

aMoH ail<ab, axrnlo-icve some (po.) 
<Biaf)\rO ka&ina (Yi. axokcn) A kind of gan 

used in temples. A, «>ai^. 
S>(lf)(b kaUl T. M. 0. Tu. (M G. Tu. to shake) 

1. An ear, spike of com Mil(Dom^Q|f(mais 
(^«»cu9on|o; aMondi»?^ awn, beard of oomYi. 
8. raj e«ia3Mona>c)o eid^^^ e^nicBfo aiaP 
9(03ab BC. S. spindle (6). 

Henoe : <d>(inirDo 1. beauty, radianoe A. a>mWa) 

fiL«sl Tis. mMBMfi\(^€9ad9 <9<ae<P«ei99 o-oi 

mso^onfl^ajaob Anj. prayersP Terses? 

seals f 8. «Kiii)/&eM9a») &<miflt«» to out 

meat open for salting. 
^rQ>lroaj(ib sun. ^'os crogodob Bhg. aiobl^oa 

ocnddoier^ fi>s>d)t^^QcQJ9cb TP. (king at 

«>(oriA^CTQ» tmi^ fixmo^ojQ BC. so as to 

glitteV; henoe aMm)ftaj)g|} BC. 
a>(Qi^fti (T. 4d>{2846n) ^^^ instrnment to 

burn the breast of atrophic children, med. 

(also n^^^^ocA). 
dB>ro7|d^ 1. to shoot into ears(Ta. aioV»l 
^aaj9«d)). «)(o>lo^ cnl^SKmanB 6>cn§^ (dtVx>l 
CCh. 2. to shoot rays or looks, to be radiant 
A«nl(8TB)(8»o6QiCJLX0o YCh. Q«aTWjn<A oQOOo 
d»Mdnaa2 ^^* looked more fleroe. 3. QJ3f£)uSl 
A(^yB^o Bhr. =mm^<^£^^o attack. ai^SKn 
d9>9r^ A^cqUg Qjii41:£i 6)(9<99qgQa-i9as3jlrib CO. 
to fight. a>9eab ojcno ^.(^^^'^saS^cnorh A9 
&cn\(i(ai9% CG. 
YN. I. awtnlm sharpness dh^ojo cuoMnlm ttoj) 

Afii (Mpl. song); beaming, 
n. duinla^ 1. resUtaoce, fight Yi. 8. B. part 

of the blossom of palm trees. 
<B>€\(tDddei ka5ekka Yi. To be weary. 
(BiOmS) katta yi. Drinking cup. a>uni«a9rDo6 

e6><arn)Ctb kattail Tdbh. axnao. 1. ^<tococLj 
§6m(qi9 <d).'OiaA sarolcsenm oiotoam TB. Lord. 

2. «)v'Oioicr»A (hon.) headman of Maplas ; Syrian 
priest, also '^Cassanar**; the pi. a>'0iaiiB8cX>Nasr. 
(their wives were called SitmwaiS^^^ La 
Cross & Simno^siSiKai^ Kasr.) 

<ja»(mjr| katti 5. (8. axmoKno) l. Koife; Uads 

fi— ; raior, aword 0(di)&ia)qDcnlcns A. «*) 
$^«aTB. (for o<doosj(e«(n)aj). aiyA(MM«B 

Digitized by ^OOy It! 




«MiQ AcX> fi9«3«Q£)^ TB. a Biga for prMentB 

to hit Ibllowera. 8. what is like a knilb, 

pod of leguBM (Ko. Qjodc^, paiatia^ of Ikce. 
: AjgAaikVwh U toddy^rawerCafS Unde 
uA«»«ig^«,.). 2.(hiintiiif)he,tliat 

««ta the gaiae ap with {Nrayer ete. 

*«S^a-pT)o taxon toddy knfTee (d*. cri\^U£\ : 
Mai^aiM) 9 foB. for toddy-drawliig, 
ft i i fi a m i O a B ail 6 fui. for tagar-aiakiag. 

*«»yW«k (a^aa)^^ So.) the oaee, which 
hoU. the toddy kaife. [^-^ Hal. 

AOoWpj doable-edged sword «>. 0^999 

A<anWw»yajHM«nJ knifo with iron pen. 

Aanbjs* worfcnife ai'd^o^ «ji108^^SO 
Ao$ aisPiaa«» proT. «»MV»Mfooa>399 a 
«^, «RMB9 arb^^ XB. bUl-hook. 

•«Skasfcua> MB. tax on artificers' imple- 
ants. — aKon^Msldtooft persons subject 
^ ^*" [Scissors, shears. 

a^to5Vd1 kattiri, ee)((5)l<fl> 5. (g. ^«i,^) 

A'a^l sticks tiedin form of shears. a>mS^(S\ 
(Bi^§oooOQ_i9(n(l TP. jomped to the cross- 
beams of the roof, f^^ 

d«iV. Afs^^ae to shear, clip = a>. s^9sn^ en 
AcOg Ar. xatt A letter, order «>. SJojoftlj^TP. 

<9eBsd. 2. loc. No. cards, axq^a^A^ pleying 

at cards. 

Aflgjdk kattixya m. c. (o. Tc. To. «>a| fr. 

Acnoi) To kindle, bam, a>.m)QcB;;oi5ap (^ooo 
KB. flTMOBcfo «>.T»»)<8e9flB9 scorched by the 
•tt. — to be pangent. ^.wS\%o asm^acB^cai 
emoKB.; flg. a^oetadH i>>aiRil(qB|s<a9^ Ca. 
TV. dkasrak homing, heat, appetite a*. a»s 

A to breakfiMts(Q^>iB(ob. 
CT. Am)«9s to set on fire, bam. 

<AQy3err>, kfttau^aa (Ar.qatrin Pert.) Tw. 

<ftUb kafthio 8. (At) HowP «it£M^U, «>iA 

MOT) snyhew, with difllcalty. 

^T. A4£t«« to teU the how, to narrate. 

SAJi Btory, relation. a»iiKB»§y Bhr. reality. 
«2<m)«De9ar) mh CCh. that^s my story ; talk. 
oSijSig^mtichBhr, telling fine etories. (siooj 
onbo a)io «>sp)^ killed him. s^tesujooSl^Qg 
KB. enooj^ of this ! Air^axX) fl^fiMDomsQe 9j»i 
(CMojoom^ ChVr. these doings. 
«Oiui4kgO drama; d>Lfi£)Ai(aftoft actors. 
«>i£Kv{kwo worthy of relating. 
«»!£«> diiuiqv imp. oh tell ! 
Aioocnroo Yi. stories; coarse of talk. 
<d)tjoo(a^cn>oo9o topic of oonyersation, its tenor 

& aooideBtal aBasions. 
0iUi9^imo Bhr. pleasant story. 
a)Uio3ca:a3ol.sarriTing only in story ^mxikd) 

(o^eaio ^*ead^Qj9cb ChYr. to destroy. 

8. the remainder of the story. Bhr. 
«)Ui9(n>oroo a ohoiee story; gist or purport. 
«)LqW (part.) told; <n>Lg|e fit to be toU. 

<fl>©kaffB.(«)tL.quidP)=A,in a>es|o Miserly; 
<e>aj8nb speaking ill. 

S>SoeaS> 8.= <fi>sai4. [KB. of Causalya. 
<6>/3(0lkaf ari 8. o>&si (we ^), ei^och a). a»oaO 
SiS(C^ kaflTartf C. KoM. Shaking (see AfoTltb) 

era <d). sgk) not easily frightened. 
<d>S^kafaIiS. jfosa saplentam <0>. oioiPsesoj 

gj GP. <0)co)a»eilaj3&Pd9e9g_)v J aP. <e)e^ 

(mot^ compared to 95, Anj. kinds «)^a9}., 

Acroa). etc. 
^dO kftfa S. When? (L. qaando) (d>8!>iki(r), ^ 

&9jS^ sometimes, perhaps. ((Mel.) 

<^iS0(ari5!\rrb (3aJD<e> Ar. qo^ To go to stool 
^ kadra 6. Tawny. 
ceaOOo kaaam Tdbh. oa^no 1. Compact, hard, 

weight aiflaborvs a^5noe<0Ag|iCG. Q2<ft*<Y)o oj 

9m Qjic/ Aiy . this whole world. 2. strength, 

solidity ^hcno (QtaoBo <iigff> atcno qS^oxij^ BC. 

strongly. g^dodSecno Bhr. 0or)«d>cr)o snv^^^ab 

BC. shall hnmble him. 

denY. a»cna», (QB ^ become solid, hard, heavy, 
feel heaY7. (o^ a>o)id9om((n)o&<flao a med. 
axrxqj^g^soB^CO. grewhearier. Qa»sa) 
rrkaecns nooldBe becomes onmbroos. AorxDRi 

Digitized #^OOgle 

d9)00<d)o — <e>rofljb 


«0)Or>o»— d9>nnno 

«>(r>(ija •^T^^^ amed. a>or)OTa Qaieoib with 

■olid breaete. mwAao a»oOBiifl§ajon6 Mud. 

(fpow rich. — Inf. «»(Dd9o mttoh, very. «». 

roDOj^tfei very early. <fl». « aoqj):^ TE. a». 

Qjl«i§o amed. a>. (^tli^d^ AB. loudly. «n 

g_jo a>. moBoAnJ. richly. a5^or><ea Aorxfl* 

©^Qgjo cnoilflATP. when yon were Tery 

young. a»cn«s»«aj cy9^o«b^KE. densely. 

a>(Y><s»ab^aAV2. ftill pepper grain, also a> 

(Txudb. [ChVr. 

6>a>«<SA§ degradation SU., <n)6rD<dt ^. (w^ 

ACTkfliOQj lightness, want of solldlty=fljQm 

VN. f. i. (mejaxngj V«. heaTinees of the head. 

Qj06mo<>> SiPn. nourished. 
<BiCr)<B>o kanayain S. Gold; sereral plants. 
«><na»d9»jjj^r5^ B. a kind of small-pox. 
aKna»i]|^o, — «yos^ gold dust KU. also a 

maKnltbcAiooaJn^ KU. (in Kera|a). 
Acnaig-joeJ Baphanus satlrus. 
Acn<d)(aeiai>o^0o N. pr. of a sanotnary above 

the ahats TB. 
aicnaiQ^^ golden diadem. 
aKHACUOSP (ajc51»^(51«B©ofl6) a pUnt KB. 
dMT)a»oc)9£3aK> to pour gold on a person, as 

kings do to persons, whom they wish to 

honor Vi. [instrnmentsP 

(d)rndd»(^gJlcd)6o KE.<with 0§Ao <ft.) Musical 

(BiCnaib kanal T. M. (d>c@a>, fincrydb) l. Live 
coals, fire-, (^dMorxA ai\<tat^ YetC. 6>crygb 
£\(mo ^sp) Bhg. QjUOkcnrab fi^g^ ^s^ BO. 
2.=Mars 6) i&iogj; dDcnak aj3^ oDfinDS said of 
coooanuts hurt by the fall; dhcrytA ojocnjVi. 
waste land (prh. a^oovobf). S. (astr.)=£^, 
standing in the lenith rg)«casi axrvA (bnrflcq; 
9cma>o. (astr.) 
a>or)^§ ((gnJi^avVQb) Bhr. live ooals et^oAob 

a^nr» a>'d)Kb Qj)^o Qjj|[]jo AB . &iiUi»i)<A 

cn\cn «d). jai9§o Q^g^o Bhg. 
a»or)(iib(0)9a3ob= A)r^<aa9Wtib (see ^vwA), 

Acn^iP lava stream? 0>9e9(rir^03^cn aw OCh. 
dd)003o kanam Ti. Bamboo faatened to a buoket 

for drawing water. 
ddiOO) kani T. M. l. Bipe fruit jn^ojom ojSMnl 
A^o BC. «»or)l0(Oo fruit-tree. 2. a rarity 
09<8B«Qecn) extraordinary mango. Acn^s^acb 
(Mpl. song) darlings. 
denY. Aicnlcs^A T. M. 1. to glow, be ripe. S. to 

beeome mellow, liquid, oompaasionate. Agj 

ornftajoiqg|<0>a^6O9Hal. melted in tears; 

Acnlfin^ ojoen^ kindly. 8. o^^ aicnWf 

OajiooO oosed through. 
YK. L a>oni^rgb oozing, porosity, 
n. «>on)Qj 1. sweetness, tenderness .o^c%o A 

(SQjo, <d»cnla4o KU. 2. T. M. (T. Te. jii 

OdQj, C. Tu. «»cnlift(D) pity, Undneae «»a9 

Qj)(gb, axn)9aj9«s po* 
<£»O^CQXY\D kani7a88.(m. daxvftcvonb younger). 
a)«rnl<^ superl. of a>8mo, least. 
a>aS)(^ little finger, youngest rister. 
d9>6)rOdd$^ kanekka So. l. T. To sound, low as 
oxen Yi. 2. to burn as charcoal {^>aydk) B. 
8. rancidity (C. Te.) 4. Qjlg|j <9)6>cnd9e = AOfiJ 
ao Yi. 
YN. ifl>6>cr)^ lowing Yi.= jga»io. 

<BiC^ kanS^ Yi. Membrnm muliebre (obse.) 
d8>caD kantha 8. (T. a>s>s>0RD rags) 1. Patched 

cloth OQjoaecmo. 2. privy. [^no Bhg. 

dhCQo kaacTam 8. Bulb (a>6ne) aKTa^eKoedd (o!^ 
d8>03(Do kancTaram 8. Olen, cave. 09OOO9ej) 

Sia^osn^ a>a3rdcu9a)<oaii9 CG. 
<d>a3aliab kancTarpaii 8. cima. 
d9>CBDCQ;o kanffayam 5. (=oxijy) a space of 

4 months, term for paying taxes. ^a>cn»oa0 

anS^cm ooioabo a>^9af^ Qa>9^9o6 TB. 
<d>0^ kancTu 8. Pan. — a»o§a>o ball. 

d8>nrLO(0 kandhaia s. Keck (a>s^o). 

dO^nrrio kannam i.Tdbh. a>^o Ear. 2.0.T«. 
M. perforation of a wall by thieves, a*, ocuaa. 
8. T.M. (0. a>ecQj, Te. ai^) obeek, Jaw. a». 
0a>§^<u06n9 Ti. spoke plausibly. 4. prh. a 
axmrbb in a>. oo-iomo dOflBMnb BO. aiorv^o oi 
srrwofo £\iPkaiodfi (or eye compared to earf) 
Digitized by ^OOyiC^ 

ddiCrnSo — dBftfYtO 


da>6innncx31— d9iQ-iSo 

Aonflb B. « barlMrian (high cheeked?) 
AonaMoab (S) dee«Etfia (Mpl.) 
Aan9d9»04i (S) iron-crow of thiercB. 
AonawDo, «Kni«0os)<flii9<M6loc.Glii]iiS7, mde. 
AnmoBio^ 0)sp)QB3db PT. Aonocn^ngq^ BC. 

of large eyes (4.1). 
Aom^oj So. (8. <9>g^C)<mgSo) ear-ornament. 
AmxuDdae So. barbarous langoage. 
AmrkSo kannadain Tdbh. d)|^9sa»o. — a>nrr>s 
«i»sei9gu Ad>, (&>(msna9«^fiajeiJoTB. Oana- 
reeo. aKmsV»OQBi) ojofin^ in CJanareee TB. 

dBsrm§o kumAttam B. Place for drying fmtt 

ArrrvA kaonal T.M.Tc. (a>6no)l. Sugarcane 

mV^j. 9, angar. po. Amvtb «>y|^e^9A AB. ai 

cirMotocnA^sAabocfo Bhr. 

AiorTMb^qB, — ojo^ a play performed by 

PnlluTa women, eep. fn case of pregnancy. 

P»J- [(Tdbh, Aooroo). 

da>nnn3Cvb kannah T. SoM. Braiier, f . ~ coal 

d)bnm3(Do kamuurani (T. CTu. «M9bcnoib stone- 

throad) AebcetaBymed. influxes, QajaB<8n.M]i. 

Arml kamii Tdbh. a»on|9 l. virgin dhnrn^sio 
do Be. Aon^edA AB. 2. the sign Virgo, «» 
iwnWooue). 8. the month Septembor, «>nrn^9 
Acin)a>8^ So. to bear fhiit the flrat time. 
dbemi^o^A a hot September. 
Acm^aftvvo ft AcrnWaxxib ^snio fields which 

annnally yield one crop, in Sept. (aMn^oj^ft 

T&.)ss axoAkSvo — 
Anrn)aeaA«aj9oeja^6iA«B tothrive like cattle 

in Sepi., to be overfsd. 
*nrnl|g^& a small oajttS:J<2K^* 
AcnO^Q So. the first calf. 
^crn^^ irw. mss^Anbo a«orn^«Mei TP. 

(others: 8W.) [erop of Sept. 

«Mrn^9oab ^eio TB. (a*, o^coob) cardamom 

Stmt kaiin M. To. Tu. (T. a>nbQG. a>09 ft a» 

n fr. 0. To. AOd to bring forth, see a>oQ) 

I. The yovBg of cattle, So. esp. bnllalo-calf. 

4Mm^^e^ to go to plough, also a». o^gl oH 
QflBj^MB. fli^cnaeanltfaafok BC. indorxodtcm) 
fiKT) Oojioai cnsnrv KB. a>a(mooQuj(^ loo. a* 
cow with calf. 2. young plantain trees around 
the mother plant, cxjQSP<an(nD. 
Hence: acms^ So. tending cattle. [£\ tb. 
axmatoeS), axmdfij) cattle. aicnDoaioejla^oei^ 
a»(nD«OseancX> CYi^Ofin^ 00. cattle multiplied. 
a»nnBQ-i9ak Vi. bulfaIoe*s milk. 
<fi>6)nnno61 kanneM (QAa>6>ooool) "S, pr. of 

town ft rlTer, No. of s>tO)0g»)o, the southern 
boundary of middle Kerala. a)6>mr)Oo)(0ASQJ 
KU. <d>«Kmool ajgjojsfimo G^touA Anaoh. 
<d>rt2^anVoi> kaiunaSil T.M. Stone wail, ao^ 
nb diCBiaWocMb TP. (at^, as in a^omorDo). 
a>aaeo ''stone Jaicc*' Bitumen, or granulated 
gypsum from Arabia (=3 0olfiio89j3 ^*)' 
fiymo^oaiAo Styrax BenBoin(«iocg<g£^oS.). 
a>rB9So stone bailding. 

<B>C(Z^fSc^ kaxunaiam (S. a^a^^o) Dirt, foulness, 
dross; sin. a»n0:£daDO^cV>, Qjl6nacB;09A(s;9(i8 
qj)a CO. — adj. a)na<fi3C09CB) Qok^ GP. 
denV. ^aioaio o^^oo axiatfisl^^o ffi^ocXy 
Bhg. be corruptod. 

d9)rQj kanya <B)(^S> S. (a)0(^c»gg, see a> 
mo) 1. Virgin, girl; pi. aim^soib, aim^oanoaoib. 
a>mj9aAcX) also = axisolanaio girl at her first 
menstruation. — Tdbh. a>onflq.v. 2. a Vene- 
tian gold coin W. [Durga tomple KV. 
a>cn)oai09(£) Cape Comorin, named from a 
a>cnj0A6O.i o K. pr. Canoje. Bhr. 
aiooyoatjo, axnj osoojo Tirginlty, also iB>cn^^ 

fos^asmv^ ^s\ oeojcrooq^orDeaB^ Anaoh. 
aicn^oaocno, a>m)a)9 — giying a daughter in 

marriage, chiefly without the customary 

a>02)9<M^o S^'Ib' room. a>*(ma»)(ob eos 9Mwh 

fiioaxqQt ojaaoob CCh. 
aiOOjOa&D^cuoogons Brhmd. as wooer. 
dB>a-lSo kaba^ftm S. (agj Te. T. to coTcr) D»- 
ceit, trick, sham, e^ aje4'0)OCBn§ a*. og^i£^ 
c»cBf^l2TB. lie.— 
Tdbh. ato^ as axiooso^sa aiosottn VCh. 

Digitized b'?*5jjOOgle 

/A>/i lAl*) 


dB>gj3CQJl— dfcerunrujo 

a>a_is<finomib deoeiver, rogae (loo. «9»(Ljsab, ^ 

QLjsi) (dMusQjodSa oto. 
aMLjS(9e = <9>aB^e counterfeit. 
Aajs9a&9af)c«cib, (d)xjs9ajAicnoQEbl crocauol 
^ Mad. trftToUod in dUgoise. 
<j9>a^eaO(61d86t kabalirikka (No.) To ohunam 

the floor, a flat root ss woeaS^%^, 
dB>aJ3eJo kabUam S. Shell, dlah ; tkall, as with 
holy beggars Si<^fa>o ai^mShk o(BOQo ®^9 
aa^o P»y- [aio a mod. 

axuoaiaK^o Y2. Bourf (0>fijgj^; a>Qj9aiadau 
<d)Qj9fi!n wearing skulls; Siva; adiasoluto fellow, 
vagabond, (vu.) 

<d>oJl kabi 8. Monkey. 

^yijl v7}r o=sQj)^3(b0rDo. 

<d>Q^fiio (dt aio-'Hcyao) monkey-coloured, tawny 
=«»Qjl§CYfloo GP. [philosophy. 

a)a^GJn6 N. pr. the founder of the Sankhya 
<0>a-flrOo TOO 6^<0>n)Q_Jlono. [SiPu.AR. 

(d}(SQ^0fO^ kabo(am S. Dove, pigeon; f. — ^ 
<d>(8aJ0a)o kabolamS.(a>ajlOo)CheekiQio(paio<b 

A' coecb RC. 
<6>a^o kappam T. M. C. Te. (also Aq^o, whence 

Tdbh.) 1. Tribute in token of vassalage, d)). 

Ao^s^ to declare oneself vassal Yi. a>. 6)<d>s 

a) to give tribute, aicnicn^ CTOtfinocds cdoo Sfiojo 

TB. (Raja of Coorg 24,000 Rs. per annum). 

2. taxes A, oj^rD^^oob TR. to coUeot taxes. 

8. a>. 5>ajan to bribe. 
<d>jLjs, dh^ero kappa^a (Mb) Piace for 

cutting atones. loo.=3a»(ea««). 
<d>^asb kappal T.M.(Malay: kapal; £r. Aqaa?) 

1 . Ship a).6)ajg^danKn. to build A start vessels, 

a). Qj«vn) (in^cnp TP. built, oQCi<d} to embark, 

03 oda» to launch, cy!l(d«a> to start, aof a> to sail. 

8. what is imported, Amerioan ( = a>S(Ob, ojo 

t£\) As: 

a)g_)fi>9r«l oashew-nat. 

a>gLjQai9so navigation. 

<d)^^9rDnb shipowner; sailor. 

<d)y((ab) cdAl^<a§(2)sweet potato, GonvolvuluB 
batatas Rh. aio^ «». Sanseviera lanvginoM. 

4h^(mb) 9«aa(H^siaMR)«aeospl. 

^>aJ('^)«fi^<^ Aaanaas«M>aMm^daa. 

<d)g^id(M98 cargo, Imported goods. 

<0>9j(ail) .fi^Mob track of ship a>*^Qs «i.iycnD 
Matsy. — channel. 

«ig_)(obOjii(Q)o shipwreck. 

a>y<skgjS Tt. battle at sea. 

a^(fiA)^acB!^ ship*s sail. 

<&9^aA)0oqj Rh. AsitLjoqg^MarjS Anmcar 
dium oocidentale. 

a.g-j(nb)i3ftai chilly, Oapsicnm annuum. 

^£yao(loo.)papaw Carioa pappaya, ^msioanS. 
<6>(^9CQ7| kappayi («>€>«>) Rude glove, to rub 

down horses A cattle. 
(03a-j3(DW kapparikka(Port. capir) To geld; 

also (d^gujOim fl^^dte, <e>gjMii^^i»> Tt. (capado, 

d9>a^ kapplT.M. l.(Ar. qabb) Pulley. ^ qj 

ej^dM to draw water. 2. coarse part of rice Ti . 
(d>a^<66v y. C. of axes q. v. 
<d>g-ri(OY7D3ni)Port. OapitaS; Captain, [gra^. 
dB>Q^^j)CQ^3rb kappiyir Sexton Ts. fr. Syr. 4»>ajA 
dd>gJI kappt} l.=«)«><9>gj| Bitterness, bile of ani- 
mals. 2. a die used to blacken grey hairs 

Yi. 8. T. M. ( s <e,jj4b) bifurcated branoh Ti. 

dB>^ee> kappnya l. T. To. C. To oversprewl, 

cover (also aoqa). 2. (T. aqjA, C. Ta. cocsu 

to gulp) to snap at, eat as a dog or mad man. 

«igjlcBK)ajo<0) Vi.tolie, aig;jka<eBO(DabliarYi. 
dd>(Sa-JO§ Engl. Cupboard. 
dB3(a-^ kapra T. ^^^^ Beggar's porringer Yi. 
<B>CLDo kapham S. Phlegm (2 mo^p) in the bu- 

SUA body. Tatw.) «». ^k^<B£\ aje?<e» to have 

a sore throat. «>. oa>^«) phlegm to accumulate. 

a>Qol, aKiA9ro9(/>) subject to colds, etc. 

«»(ioc^ocui pulmonary disease. 
d9>(SaX)0Gro) kaphoqi S. Elbow. 
<B)eOJcruJo kabandham S. Headless trunk, 

said to dance on battle-fields «». |B^^ asoj 

auKpasOo Bhr. a>«rucnD^q2 B8. 

d9»«QjmDab AR. a Baxasa, whose arms are 
lofped QtL 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

dB»GQJ(6)— <d9(^(ft 


dBftOQJ— <A>aiD 

SiSOLxSi kafiari bettor <d>aMS1 8. BmM of 

hair Aoqji^Woo aj^£),^V>sP:^ ChYr. 
dBb6QJfto kafialun 8. l.]lo«tiifiil,iMnel(c=£ 

OiDo^o SiPn. dAoeit, fraud. 

ai6Qitf)^^ CO. (Oh Cphna,) rendered eatable. 

A6EU^(ae (pari. — tf).mo) to oiake into balli, 
gulp; deeeiye. aisoja^oaOtfl) to hint slylj, 
while the real meaning is suppreeeed; ai 
6Qj^^ «6>fl<d}=:6)^o§la9«. [nbSo. 

CY. also flRK^ajlg»)07noiaj6>a> aisiift^g^gjo 
<d>6yXjVsaxr^, <fi>aj|ajVxycv>? a gun for 

feitiyalt, 4h. £§ 6)ajslAaig_|an6 TB. 

<0>(2>Ob kamatham s. Turtle (^o). 

ai^smuaj 8* water-pot of devoteea {=>a^snS\) 
ookte cn\ a). KB. 

dB>(2rOo kamanam s. x&S^ Lustful 

(f. d»i0^or9 B8. A0cnl«>cX>CC.), desirable, a>d 
crfWo. AerDo lustftil. (po.) 

SiQidisiy os^ kamarka SoM. (C.Te. a>0<b=«» 

crWb, «)fiKn<eB) t. n. To hare astringent taste. 

dB^(2fiJo kamalain 8. (=a>&Do) Lotas=Qu»)a>. 
sAiikmo»d.— «>0fii Laxmi. 

<0>£2)3Orb P. kaman (bow) also (d>(2300o Arch, 
▼aalt. ai. Qj6>a.(fio=ajftQj6)a>§a) toyault.— 
AeoengJ^s^ guard of sword's hilt, [spread. 

dSft^alcsy dB> kamiyn'ya see at^jlo^a) y. n. To oyer- 
d8>(£)d86k=a)0i^, ^<^^^ ▼• <^- ^o upset, 
a^K^aaeio «>aW a med. <0>o-i9eio «>0)6)^o^ 
aajo6 not^oDorob cnac/so ojcodo (onsoDdio Pay. 
wovda of a holy beggar. 
4BiQq2d9>id. «aMrn) a^cooiIobi StkiafiJOaiKB ; 
better aso a>0l^/l ooj^Bo ojakcno proy. 
(see a>a?iP). [^^jp BO. 

4»>0\^aiy gf =3a>ajW, y. n. to be upset £sab 

da>£]nrro , <£hQ(S\cryS Port. Camiso, Ar. qamis, 
Shirt. — also 4h Arc — 

StO^ddi kamvy^ t. m. *qcbi§ KB. «»ci^><09, <0> 
|p68i^ iTo. a»«n9)8. |M*<>* ^^^ betalnat-tree, 
Anea Catechu, one of the 4 fimw. cn)ft^ 
M^A^<^ KB, 'Kinds: Oi^at^ca^s^n 
OLiMorna IndioaP aftjfl^ Bynploo. raoemosa. 

<6>cnJ kamba (T. what holds together) 1. No. 
Cable, strong rope; (So. acqisQ^ T.4haiJS6>o) 
a»S^^gWorab «>aii<3^ o jii^o proy. S. 8o. T. 
the wooden peg, which goes through a natiye 
book; the boaids which hold it(Ko. a)a3|)Yi. 
^* %%^ to flsish reading a book. 

L ddxnJo kambam 8. l. TremWing, tremulous 
motion of the head, jS^j mind, dhcmm^wm 
OMORioaib BiPu. his intrepidity. (§«)C»jo, 6S\m 
A, etc. «^nb Qjork-KOniims <». ^aa Anj. 
shake the dominion of sin. Aciuaoaf) ogmao 
ChYr. trembles. 2. doubt. 4^ *&«) po. 
*auor)o id. — donY. Aaoi^a* (P*r*> ^>ccSkiho: 
axQiWoei^VoctMNBl Mud. a woman) f. i. 90o 
eamooA sm»d9«q^o atooj^^ CO. 

n. dBKYXJo T. M. (C. <o»o«o Tdbh. of (if^oP) 
1. A pillar, mast, post Amimicnsaa^oei A^i 
CO. the ohUd, seeiog its imago in a polished 
pillar. The QouooMaio in Cama's house is 
compared to thighs CO. 8. polo used by 
tumblers aoi^rdt tft^^s or>%8b. tt(Biatl<6a(aBn 
fio^os KeiN. a>aiJUR&Vak «»c»o) ^000aj)g| 
atocrnl^oe^o proy. 8. a grain €i.^aaS\cn 

(T. AOQJ). 

Hence: <d>. 6)<O)S<0>Yi. to make afire-tree. «>. 
6)a)S constructing fireworks; wrestling, jump- 
ing of a dog. uii)(ol^ a>. 6>^glc;^ ^ro6m«Bch 
rtiKDl^ Bbr. [9f^2wA aifip. 

a>ciiian^ rope dancing, different from soosml 
a>ciii(aflift^das9<b Arb. tumblers Y9. 
«>CQJdB»oaA (T)og^oa»gl Arb. fixed their pole. 
dicnJOOJS^ KU. costly fireworks on a high 
pole (called d)au<fis9(9b). 

(BicnJOO^ kambav^ 80. =r aicoi l. 

<BiCru\ kambi 5. (fr. dt>cnji<d(» I) 1. Wire of lute 
^. Q-jWmcoe^ got out of tune. 2. 60. T. bar of 
iron. 8. stripe in the border of a cloth c^cfln 
aaj^gjSQJ etc. three-striped. 4. infatuation •Ots 
5B« «i. CT^CEn = (TOsmeiJo. [deceiyed. 

Hence: Acnjla)fl[l(8B, Qj!ilsrr}C%49) to be ensnared, 
«xiiji(onkOcaK) 80. playing at dice =s o^dab^s. 
a>cnj)gj9Qi med. plant, Cassia escuienta. 
aMOLHcBf^ plate for drawing wire, cloth stamp. 

Digitized by ^OOQ IC 

d8»Cnj)d86i — (6>^ 


SU2t^(G^ — dB>CQJb 

<fi>cYi!ndaGka]nbikkfti.see(dxnjoi. 2.(«>aiioiL 

or da><nj)=:n»oilaft To be inflated, as the 
abdomen from indigestion ojcdq sxm^^9eLJ9 
(d>=sajVq|^ aifDcm^; tm^oDOooo ¥2. 8. So. 
to remain on hand from want of sale. 

cfl)cnj|£l kambiji t. m. c. Tn. (8. ^enuQo^^ 
airDicQjso) Woollen cloth, blanket. Port. Cam- 
bolim. dMQj)^(as94ni9 ^o proy. 
a>cQjlft)«>«9A|, — eooo^ traveller's handle. 
aicru^g^o (loo.) mnlberry. 
<ftcn!nfiOajy 80. caterpillar. (T. «>0fui1^jal). 

<6)cnj kambi; T.M. 1. (=«>6m, oomp. <B»6no) 
Knot, joint of reeds, bamboo axnjlgysMn a>ocBN9k 
YyM. ai/diaiDmo a. ceodBtio proT. d>. (mglcsa 
Aa> to plane the ontside of a bamboo or 
perforate its cells. A. qojoso QDfif^Adxa/OaJO 
S)fiJ EnmE. S. (T. (d)aJ),~<ftj|:g?) gtsin half 
grovnd, residne of pounded rice, OdM, Q3Q 
dBaro). 8. rod, stick saciu 2. 
Hence: ^<aKS\ Holoas spicatns. 

^CYljcdso kambUTfam (loe.) Breastplate (£)2!9 

d» or AosQi). [cmi>>ao) Bazar. (Bo.) 

(03(ScnJO^ kambolam (Yi. axruaifto, Va. <d> 

de)o6vxj^ kamBalam 8. (see .6)011)^1.) Atn a>' 

(ORAirab 6)3j;^ 6)(d)§l Mad. uiii{(g)a). oa>39n| coo 


dB)o6Ylj kamSn 8. Ck>nohso9oQj f.i. ie>oar^ 
Q-)0Q((9 saejo Sia>osns£^9cGQAo Si Pa. a>o6aj 
ooodo etc. 

Aoeo^^yQ^ Bhr. «>o6Qj(C^ajab one whose neck 
is marked with spiral lines, like a shell 

SiQO^ kammn 1. 8. = (d>o. 3.Tdbh.=s6Liei^BC. 
8. T.Tdbh. = «)dao; hence: 
<0)2?§o No. <0)^§o B. (T. «)aii§o) coinage, 

mint a), anosicdn Ys. a>ge<en. (Sia^dan YyM. 
ataegl (see «}Z0odA) a tree growing near 

the waterside, med. for procarlng abortion, 

Excscaria camettia, Bh. ojiiq s*. Ptero- 

carpus relig. 
«»mslajgfi^ Bohites oaryophjU. 

S>Qt^OS*l^ kanuoat (T. Stcmmi ) Leakage, oonng 
plaoe in digging a well. «>. <4)§(ea(nB a straaa 
of water barsts forth, atmiq^ Aften^ CLVMg 
Yi. bowl out the water. Prob. firoos Port. 
Ctanote, wooden bowl in boats, leakage. 

<B>at^a5fd)\j <BiQ(£\(6fli^ Te. C. A caste of £sr- 
mersP AaQ)0gjr5o eoaxudanmdjnn TB.~(or 

dhOthcAi kammaJi 1. (az^ S.) Worker, warrior 
a>0aasfi>s eogipsaiRSI^ m^ B8. (in battle). 
0iO(8B2Bfi>nbo aflojodo Oojocb^.^ CO. eald of 
an Asara. (m^T)(8BmnB98(D (DO(flftiav>«fD B8. 
(call of Hannman) you men of elephant strength! 
2. loc. =5 A^ikninb a reddish poor soil found 
here A there under the sand of the coast. 

(6>at26o, dhof^cfhyb kammal (80. a»(gcb) 1. 

strong, heroic persons (=4h2ca^). 2. Sudra 
Lords, as of Palaway, Neriottu c^(qB| Q^on 
^oolcob a>0Bctocrooo(no TB. 8. call of low 
castes toNayers, applying a., toall(Kania- 
branadu) b., to lower Kayer-castes only (Ka- 

<fi>a(20grb kammalar T. M. The artiflcers OoQ 
8kS^a>. goldsmiths, braiiers, carpenters, black- 
smiths (in Te. C. Tu. Amoro s Maa^MD 8.) 
A especially coppersmiths Ho. (or maaooa). 
(No. (Si^oBorotf^osof^), <oi&on6,fi)aj<^Oflb8§yn6b 
Oiii9ctiJ9§') f. aizaagi. 
a»fiBorDnb (8. lOkesaoroob smith) N. pr. 
SiZ^wS^ sailors of the lowest caste T. Yi. 

tB>Q£\ P. H. kami Defloiency(opp. norr^)« 
am>\<A oot'Oiooao a»fl£)o.AN^, «acrn sO ^ 
eiS^BixpS^ &9«9a£) MB. 

dhOCh^y dhQi£\o6 B. To commit MB. 

SiOa^Si kammn'ya t. i.=:«)^a To ooTer. 2. 

to be hoarse Yi. 
dftagdteo ostentation Yi» 
dh{Qo kamram 8.= <d>0cno LoTsly. A<B^9o OTM 
cnSl«> Bhr. SHQ9cny>ci) etc. pfij, 

d9>CQ)o kayam T. M. Tu. (Tc. paddyfleld). 1. 
Depth ajs^fVA Ol^^ttl ^^AB *. Arb. deep 

Digitized by ^OOyi(:! 

<d>CQ>(d6^ — Si^SVQ 


<B><SD(A — <d)(0 

hole. A. SMiUsuoaasi fitthomleas (tee a>spo). 
8. T. low oonditioo, honoe Si^Acwib. 8. (d). 
g^«> to spit nucli, disoharge mAtterVi. 

<fi)cn;d80y ^ kayakka i.Ko.=<fi)09g^TotiiriTe, 

bring fniit. enxm^stcho ^a>efo acsv^® (notft) 
onbo tfiiliPQjVo prov- 6&oo6)SP^orab (doe.) 
vbea the troes boar the first time. 2. So. to 
qoarrel, abase (see aK»as)). 
TS. 4bo»^^ Ti., a>c0auo B. eonteotion. 

MSVth l.=:a>&p0 q.T. 2. Ar. xaima, Tent. 

dB^CQ/dSi^ kayarka (Te. a>crvA anger, C. unripe 
ssQoatdte 8. axfi)). 1. To start ap in anger, 
lefolt, qnarrel. onmo^SDo OODOcoal QjocSaifab 

^o Acof^iusnaQ cnmVob why talk, better flghtl 
AQB;<aSe»isoQJoeto. 2. (= <9>CB;Qa)) to grow high. 
«BQi0ai oicMMOBUP^aa) EXT. 8. y . a. to reproTo, 
punish o^^ndAcb anSKm acb^rj^ cnlorni^ sooosb 

4d>CQ;Q kayaif T. Ta. M. (Te.«aiiQ)Ck>ir, rope, 
eord. In po. acb>^ AQ»0(wsS^eS\^ Mud. bound 
a malefactor, rosvooft aJls^^ dos a>cB.oo^ 
•nosb OAg) TB. a>. oj^r^ldan, ^§^ Vi. a>o 
suo AOttoodil settled (sGoxnul^, OjiicnD). (Si^ 

ajkAAOB KB. proT. 

Ao>oQ«>Ao€) betel plant, trained on a rope. 
AQVOQOjfiJ, AcvoQoJDsQ rope-net,-mat. 
eKBOQaj3sm)so EU. prh.=: a>oQaio>rn^so. 
^8>cQ;QdB>,61kayahryasc4»Q4D, d>(D*sM)<0>r.n. 

1. To inerease, rise. cruDOcnajQl ^avolcnVno TB. 
ndsed himself to royal rank, oo^ycmi A<af6\ TP. 
haying done with writing. ojcnS^ a>QB)Q6) 
to rise from labour. 2. to ascend, olimb np, 
embark. a^^<0i., ai^ ^9% AGBQa<aj3«)aj 
proT. Qj)g\ab at'avo) <=«d)Sari»,opp. ansplsn^, 
a>C0okMi»)9nMba)W iflb)sf)(S{|a> to giro in), qj 
oeoMQ tfKaioi o«)§) rnDSdOnlTB. took pos- 
seeston. (also fgmo AfSoSi of demoniacal pos- 
session). d»»fla»l«t a>QBrolodB»9cb«k to go home. 
AQfeocb K. pr. a Paradevata. 

aKS;ooo increase, stoop ascent; attack, assault. 

0<Doa>cBooo EU. climbing palm trees. 
atCB'OQ a a^cx) f. i. «a>oQaitn9«n^ loaded boat. 
a>QB;OQ«) T.a. 1. to increase, raise. agocS^om 

(ORfimo a axBooi «»uS)a>o o^^^g^^. 2. to 
put up, put on, ship. Qa^abo O(n§>jo ^^ 
ooi AOOi^onbTB. to send by boat. Ol^nD^ 

OOIQ aiQBXxfi TP. SH9iaS^9CBXA (fSh^CD «). 

TB. flio<n^(abea8a^A(B;oolHB. erected. 
— to fold up sleeves, a woman to marry or 
admit a loTcr, eto. jiiocwo, Guocnxn eto. oa> 
OQ<fl) VyM. to impart. 

fA^aii kayal i. t. m. string, as of ^wAi^ 

sng, •o>CK9^ <=6>a>QQjlcno); umbilical cord, 
intestineB = aiovQ. 2. shoot or branch growing 
from the root. 8. a fish, Cyprinus; hence: 
a»cB@]^^ Bhr. (fi>Q»ejl BC. fine-eyed woman, 

'^*^^kflFB^* Qo QStiBel BC. 
a>QD;ej what remains unbrokeo, clumsy, f.i. in 

powdering (=rd»)(Ofi.). 

6i6)<B>Cg^lSrci see 6>6^<e>a-j|CQ;(CTb?. 

d9><^<7SbcdA(tB GP68. A medic, seed. 

d9>q^s 6)6)<d> Hand q. t. as «)9g^96mo, a)^s^, 
«>SH5) eto.s6)oa)<de., oodsig^ eto. 
dB)C2jnnn) see «i«norml (GP64. dMBvm^oSo. 
a>cgig^T. s>Q£>(U9aQ«>rD) Solipta prostrata; 
6>aj9orn)oo a>. also ®q.^. the gold coloured 
Verbesina calenduiarla. 
<d>(^asb M. Tu. 'Handfurs space'' ladle, 
spoon a0ya>. cY^liQo a med. <a>cGy^ana» (ndsa 
«>«m proT. 

d8>(D kara 5. (AOi T. Te. C. irregular surface, 
hillock) 1. Shore, riTcrside (in QJS(d>rD, 0flEb 
(D eto.) (TOcde., s<eB., aQa>rD «>96maflB9 KB. 
(also metaph. of § 1 6ucn>9</a<i>o eto.) any margin 
e(Q«>(o«crooaj9or>o fl20fin§ajo<ib KB. AcnoQor) 
(d>ro«00b axsvoQono TP. out of a well, ai&pla^ 
OS a>ro MB. a)6>rO(fln«rDQK{{a> pror. gaa ^mxo 
(da ansdSanno TB. ships lying unused. 2. land 
(opp. sea), east, lee (opp. ojoo) QJS<0>fO N£<., 
also 9^aAd9a(0 in fisher language; fiMii«»D«9A9 

Digitized by ^OOQIC 



MXh — d8>(0§ 

OQ or QjoSdOtKd BB. 8. a parish (TraT.), Notion 
of (6^(019^ (8 Qol). <dwDain§«»yi. to dWide 
lands. i.oolonrod border of a oloth aj^kyd 
a>ro(X2iea oJVnsodOMo KB.; the skin of a jaok- 
frait kernel (loe.) eto. 5. general term for 
place, side, henee form of LooatiTe ^^dasooil 
tfa<Mv)(nD Qjnno, (9<0sorab «»tfMD<fle Q.akT» Onap. 
6. see oaiff)<0a'^ = s^cwato No. ^^^^^ 

Henoe : Aro^o^tfieajnb ( 1 ) thoroughly Tersed = ojo 
d)ro<finoA (S) headmen of parish. [Sid, 

axoassoQ (2) land wind, eaetwind. <0). i^^ 
airdAcqfidi) (4) to embroider. a»rDd9siaR3i A9%a 

(1) to sail or row to the shore. 
«ifDe)<d«§ (4) tassel Vi. 

a>{0^fi,o (S) land-customs. 

ai<Daj^ axT>9CB>o§ towards the land, upwards. 

A. AfiO<fis> ^* ojWno eto. 
«XDaLjOQ«>, 6QjCTU)^dBa to land Yi. 
«)(Dg-)Ocnj (l)low fhiitfal garden. «a(d* <d>9iBi 

<ft». TP. ^000 A5nB^Aa<Da_J3§o prov. 
(d>aig-}9^ inland, (dx^ogloi in the interior. 
«t'Daj)^(fla 1. «>'q^9^a to sail olose to the 

shore. S. 8o. soil to form on shore. 
^(wamS^sm a bank at the western side of 

the honse for seolnded females. 
dxMiKib striped eloth (4). 
dMo«cBiQ As= d>cBiQa> f. i. croflbsojflksnboKib a> 

Qdjoob G0. 


OQOJonb Yily. mi&on^ot^ Qj^rMxn 4)rfO 
•cs>cx? Hud. [aSjyajfiL 

«><oaifii a oasting*net, for fishing on shores 

dMKueDj^ A'jjg^^^TB. brought the ship on 

AOKUSpl by land «». dojoraits^ «l^^. 

a^rbSKU^ plantation on high ground Y. (opp. 

aiAcraoxno (8) the dignity of a><D«»oA. 

d9)(0b kftnuil B. 1. (doing) The hand; elephant's 
trunk. 2. (pouring, see ^ocmo) ray; taxea, 
tribute «*.a>%p; «»^^ AtrDAOfttiagj^^jscMQ. 
Henoe: d»>iM>6)«90oeio sUH in handicraft. 
a»(MMOo household-stuff Yi. 
«xo(maio palm of the hand oaieMvo «i<Moiei 
(0<ino M ud.= tfKOCTUOo. r^M p||^ |^^ 

a>(Mi40<b, — (inoib id. ooojAcn aKOAMoloA o<i$ 

a>rDg(^o praotioally known. 

axoojso the hands joined for saluting. 

4^(t>o dtfloj Bo. freedom from taxes. 

di>(Daj§yfio language by signs. 

axDcoMu finger. 

a>(Da\^o in hand, seonred; possession SMVo «k 

obtain eto. gained, took MB. 
a»oo|y«mo Yi. giying of hands to complete a 


dM>S>o karayam s. i. Goggiet = ^en£^ f . i. e 

rcdor)9ej6)aj9cm^nb a, KB. S. pomegranate 
a>*asRtol6>(TQ)9ej) gss^^rnlA MH. (orsOfte^P). 

I. d9>(0<6ftd9>,nnrdkarakkn'ya5.(d>to)Tom6it, 
disBoWe. gtealrabtaArDoroasoib, ^&i<a»(ixm9&^o:Ljo 
BG. spread. cn^cdo^rodQiQAA-oiQSBff^ Ak^ogg^ 
OJdODrOib BC. 

n. dd>tOdBAd8> No. = <0>a)^a» To mine, bore as 
mioe; make incisions, as in meat for salting 
S\rh ax^orn ^gj 9<Adae. 

<d)(099o karajam 8. (finger nail)=cga§, sdao* 

d83rOS(d}ab kan^aiffiii B. (d>n>5o eleplumfs 

cheek) Name of a sly fox (PT.), prorerbial for 

<B>(l)sl ka«l4i T. M.C.Tu.Bear, also ^Mol^dis 

(OCB^B.; aj<ii?i(j9sAsi ]>. Melursns lyUooa. 

axo^aJOQwhiteante* hilUstandingUkeabear. 

<0)(D9kan49l^-^-<^'>^«*('^^><«> LWhatisrott^h, 
nneTon, hard knot in wood (=:a>rDa). ocnem^ 
0009 a)(05«gj(po.) hardhearted. 2. umpare, 
impertinent matter, mote ffDC^cui6o akg^^ei 
di>. «cn9das(Qfl{ proT. a)§yo a*m%o good* bad 
stones (doo.) S. the original of aoopy. 4. what 
cannot be got over, grudge, 
aifosnb aojo^^ a i 

Digitized by 


dM)6no — S/Ot^ 


<d>(Dcsyo — dMy^ 

AASCX) thoroagbly pleAsing coBAOr) a.qjo 

Anodaaknodo i^xBaoocn KB. 
«M0§o Qro^ roagfa surfiMe. 
(d>(DGnr> kaza^a T. 8oH.Eiiotof sngftroaiMTi. 
de^(06nOokBXaQam8.(a»ft) l. Noting. 8. organ, 
ioilniiiieiit (alto the instram. OMe) . inocrai t axo 
smoacX) the 4 faooltiee of the mind eoD^ 
60^^, ^oxBto, «0oOflab9(0o, and 20 cojoolqg) 
(Mmo (phil.)* axMmoBcfo (oiAano Bhg. 8. the 
ll.eonsteUations of the lunar fortnight as, aj 
y — , Qjcrnl — , ci^cncftKOfimo f.L (Oilu9c%o 
(gdikaMaado Qio<Dcma>(MmQjo Bhr. 4. deed, 
document ^XMcmaS^cnb «^cn)Q »odB»^o^ proT. 
«»«n<no ai.^ ioia(Dfimo, eraa aKDcvns^a^ 
TR. chiefly referring to the 6 tonures: As»^ 
(fti9ano (of ^ fiomjo), atoono ( j[^ oojejo), Ovoo^ 
(^ auaio), eoc^aeosjoo (| fioieto), nnpy 
cmoM) ({), nnao. 
Hence: d9>rdcnrx5)96mo head (po.) 
ai(Mrr^tf fine on unstamped deeds. 
«>^D«nr>o 0cS)c(ya>, j^t^a to turn heels orer 

head,sajicm0cSl(sy(ft Ti. 
tfKDcnfkBK) proper to he done, ogfmvi^ a>- o^ 

gg{ KB. what must I do? 
<B/(iSn^iB>o katdJ^driflm T. M. Chunam box of 
betel ohewers fixue^lafi. (Az^S;^ Kal. 
6>^9«=a>3Q03Qj Carissa oarandas, an acid 

jungle fruit Vi. [Vi. 2.= Acfi3««^. 

Stnn^ T. 8oM. Te. a spoon. at(bniaaoiQKSOch 
AKDff^ a>, axt^eqei o^dSa No. to scrape the inside 

of metal-Teasels (with a grating noise).— 
*<Dsmi» 8. basket. l(ifl»rt^a» q.T.) 

Si^o^i({vy> karabatram s. (a»Ao) k saw. 

ATDojoeio a sword (po.) 

<6ba>g^ab karappa^ T.M. (axo(d») Bmptions, 
scurf esp. on children's head; i^«aieg_)ob ery- 
sipelas; o^sbfogjnb inflamed gums; ftcS^AKo 
gjob, 6>A3ttl^dMD^nb B. different kinds. 

<A/McU^yBS!^ kaiapokkf B. a khid of coloured 

d9)(D^ karabham 8. The middle of the hand. 

dB>(DCQ;okarayaia KoM. a tree, a 49x0 6.-kinds oQ 

da>(DCQ;9<n^ karayambfi So. = «)ooDsor^. 
dMKQ^ <&} karayUTfa (T. C. to call, Tu. to lament) 

1. To cry, lament. oOlOano^ ^sxosn^ Oojoofl I 

could not help weeping. 2. noises of animals, 

to neigh, caw, oater-waul, di>Qa«»rDeR)9eB QooiofD 

orOfDoeo Mud. 4MS\Q^$is je^yajojo cn^om s^m 

fs^cm aj)^c»oa>a)cX> KB. 

VN. ^(0 jjjfob f . i. Asnonb ddxtxsyo s*(^^(A a 
9r% TP. QJO(one!n«>nbo a), creaking of a door. 

CV. aiACDHiea f.i. siSiS»tiioSisi<a> oojr^A axo 
a£)«]m BC. fi>jii9§yi axoofl^ KB. 
dd>(0(8CQK3<j9> see <j9)<D. 
d8>a>aA karals a*^ 4. (Port, cairel) Border ocmo 

aj^oyos a>/0(iib Y2. 
<6>(0QJ9go karayalam & (aiftxuoaio) also a^ 

Qjocb 8word BC. Aaa>Qjo atroojo^o VCh. 49>rd 

Qjo^eodf), SDiafiirDQjoAoenr) Mud. 

axoojVoo S,s=a)smQjl(Oo Nerium odorum. 
dB>rDCruOo 8. see dd>(Oo. 
A(0^ kara|a=a>rD§, <o>QarfiJ 1. Knotty pieces 

a>(Ofi.daa0aocB;o (opp. soryDloa;) gross. 2. dried 

fruit Vi. 
d9)^^d9>, sr^ kara|a'ya(n. 4fta>d9e) 1. To gnaw 

pick, nibble, bore Q:fi3^a>nb axo^i^ Qsiteamo 

Bhr. a><t>9SDa>sai (2s>a.d9e(nDPT. a>rD0n|oaj:^ 

bit half through. 2. 80. to mumble. 

YN. a>(D^ gnawing, mumbling. 
<d9>tl>Oo kara| (d)>rts, d)>as{S(d>) 1. Lungs and 

heart, liver (0. Tu. bowels) 49)rDA)sQi(^{ab d(a 

cn^9uS^ FT. also bowels aifOcX) ajoaag ^^^ 

jud.sASAA. 2. heart, mind a>/Da)aA 49)AS(in9 

CMn Bhr. fidxae^Diintsb c^^ atoasmMud. os^en 

a»(Oftl<Bb cnlcniCB;o £0n| KB. [oroooajrwggy. 

«»rD^a>o, a>(0AOcu(d>o Aristoloohia Indica= 
S)(byb Ar. qarar, Agreement, engagement a 

rDooo^pcdn MB. «)rD909CJUorDo etc. 

axoonfnoao P. written agreement a>'(8RSl(ab fiflfi 
^«»MDo, oJD^an«>nbo *• TB. terms of 

P«*<»- [formidable. 

dMO^ kaialam 8. Gaping, as a Baxasa's mouth; 

Digitized byl«LjOOQlC 

<B»(S\ — (d>(5l3B) 


<d!>(6l8d» — dB)(DVYO) 

I. d8>(5) kari 8. (d»>(0o) Blephaat. axD^i^ajeadH 
ojioon Ganapati. — pl.hon. at^olovoA, f. di>(S\ 

<9>ch CartV.A. 

II. (B^(S\y' ddj(61aj|, old dQ)<?»ajl t. m. (Te. 

«>Q ploaghfhare) 1. Tool, plough Aojoori^nb 
a>rDlQji6>a)09^^p|2 CQt. 2. tennre of riMfields 
(:s$)d9>9y) AajQa>i^ rent of snoh, payable in 
kind. SQ5<fiAro^ ajl^«n to sublet. atoT) QDO 
ss%^ to enter on rieefleldB. 8. waste land, 
long grass in rioefields (Bo. T. ainBoo^fiJo 
barren soil). 4. ss jkioob eleft or rivalet in the 
same: eaisBbtQ, 0SPflBb(Q MC. 5. a weapon 
(a»(Q9) M»oaB«ob<0>rSl(xso oQ^qgi aj^,^ a>n 
(ORiiW CrArj. 
m. d9)r61=d9>(», d9)Drb 5. («. «>oft,Tark. kara) 
1. Black, dark. 2. oharooal, also axoldtas 
f. i. «». OQj«iAi(aM>0o proT.; soot. 
Hence: Aonntie^o axSWoovi KB. she is barnt. 

<d>r61<d>ai3agul kari'jfalii^i b. ▲ bird(yi. dh 

fol«»Vob a black bird). 

<d>(OtC8d8!>!>aie karilEolam(I.)Treasareof Travan- 
core Raja (also dhroasojejo q. ▼.) 

dBstOlcdC) karikka (IIL) To scorch, singe Skfd 
^sd>ro)^(tortare) — to bum OJom^^iB <d>rDl:^ 
proY. axS^^Qj^ ojA^o^g^o ajarrxBA^QOi^all 
jttDgle lands & all ploaghing ground. 
airolsidBaorn hurriedly i^qo1^P§o tOicD^stdBanm 
OAch AE. [fivoja^a, KU. (U, 1. 6.) 

ce^TDlcee^eJo kazikkalam svao^Qjonb a M. = oiocte 

dB>(0l(d6td) karikkal (T. Oia^fOsKdi) Dnsk. A. en) 
idcofo twilight. [•flajKDob. 

dB3(Dl(3Bffoa>CYb kankkara^ (ii, 2) So.=(9>Mm 

<d>(0)ce& karikkf i. (a>ro(fisP, Ta. axoaa soft) 
An unripe cocoannt. «i. goQom the nut begins 
to form. oaiaij^cBB ^(O^aeoa^, o-KxauoRftlmo 
A. ojoi;^ TB, a-xnaab.,6)AM)ooxaB^gh. a med. 
of other palm fruits. 2. (a «)a8««) edge of teeth, 
axD^idRO^ mastioationy a>(o)da»osl p. t. ate(hon.) 

«d>(6VSdBQ3r9b kazikkol iiit\.)=zo(Oo(m. 

^B>(6l8956no (HI., «>5m.) No.=de>(61fl8»3oeSl. 

dB^88)6m kanngawi? (m.)Gnttaserena a>. 

QAi9!O0onflP9 TP. (in the exettementof battle). 
«»rDlflBbg[j[^n& one with an evil eye. 
d9>fDl9&)£Jo .(III.):=06n6 ejo opp. 6).ij0ia»eio. 

ee>(Dl38)^ karingaQn (m.) Granite <0>r61st>ej 
ern\ built of granite. a)fo^aa90D)&i(Ya.) stone Idol. 

<e>(tl»jo^ (in.) d9>rDl6fflUDajmrrb, dB>'6kQ^ 

rGV^rvb K. pr. A Paraderataf Qoisoajo of 
Sira. — (se& «>(»0a»nb). 

d9)r6l9&30^nt> karingalah (m.) A curry. 
d9>(o)8e?r51c€Sl'?jb karingnri'yil (in.) Wagtail. 

(63(61(SB)0^ karingoli (in.) Black fowl, highly 
Pf*«^- [Centipede. 

<e)rDlG8*3o6nr51 kariftna^ M.-G5*|pnl so. 

<6>r6)«r3oaj1 kariftnali T. M. C. (IIL) l. Black- 
wood, Mimosa catechu GP. sualroo ; kinds: o^ 
8Bb., S)aj6ia> Mimosa alba. 
A^aSDej)^^ a kind of bamboo Vi . Palg. (with 
black root) = 6)fDlei}Sm. 

<d>rDl6^QS^3g B.& — 6>6yoE>9§So.-kariMotta 

A tree with medio, oil fruit, Samaderalndica. 
<Bi(6\j^0nii kariddal (II.) Ploughed furrow. 

dBsroleioiia^^ karizijappatta (Ui.) Conflaent 

small-poz B. 
d8)r6l6i©j) N. pr. of Tiyattis etc. 

<e)r6l€tiaJlrDce>o (ni.)8ees^fDd9)o. 

dBjfOletmifO karinjura (in.) A kind of riceVi. 

dBifDlein^'sb, dBifolo^BYcSl^ kari^jul (m.)Vi. 

Bastard a)ro)oigi^:us(9& (sic.) bastard's son. 
d9>(6l6nol karini 8. (axo^ I.) Female elephant. 

ee>(D|no)cd6>rvb karinikkai^ (in.) One, who baa 
an CTil tongue, (similar «>o^flabjmab). 

ee>(DlnoDC/)o kariaagaiE (nL)=:3«><o)aho)8Bio^^ 

tLich A hooded mountain-«nake 12 - U* toag. 
jdd)(0lon3§l kannatti (III.)io ^qSI^a TrasM- 

planted paddy taking root, as it assanet a dark 

green colour. -- eomp. ArSlaiO^ 
<e>f51oOD(Od96WR (HI.) A kind of heron (cnw>X 
ddi(6)o^d> karinnl (in.)Oarpenter!s line Ti. 

d8>r61rro^<d>0^ kar]]l5ayi]i (m.)A Solanna or 
Psyohotria herbacea (a med. A. aip^b^). 

Digitized by ^OOy It! 



d9>(D)(nJ3— (ftitftcaoo 

dBb(Dk^S kuin&1l4a (m.)*. Cdsn^o qjW)^ 

IP. In bftUIe. 


A^ticanyA klrinMOi (la)TlieBkmofaQnpe 

900A OIBgi^ «>*CVo ajl«in oJOObSOJo CD. 01^ 

Ml eoo^ogo 0)ox'a»3(«aBa9csif) MB. 
(ftr6kj§l kai^palti (t. Axn^Lj^ks^ fr. a>rD^ 

d^) CoMre palmyrft-eugar. 

^^§d ^^'^^^^'^^^ Kl(- '^ pftlaM of 
CoUtiri( AM^cnj qj% q. t.) near Paynnlr, niso 

A(61a-jD§o karippattam(n)Rentofrio«fleldi. 

(6)(6Wj)s) kuippi$ MC. A oarp. 

«ftl61^ k«ripp9 (VN. AfSiiSm) l. Jnogleonlti- 
vatioa (see a^ooo) by tnuming. 2. dnsk (= 
aAoMfc) MMOpArQ^mD ojcnD Yi. 8. the 
4th MTtof Madnl-wood, knotty pieoea used for 

<ft^ kariaia (UL) Blaoknoes Yi. 
A^Va&^AktfimadaKlILof «»(Qf)Rindof jaok- 

fimita, with «xdl^.q.T. 
AtAaOb (in.) aee QWOI^. 
dB>(DV2D0rb karimi^ (m.) Blaokdeer. 

AAsSlobkadmi^ (iiL=4k^a^s>)Afl8h,the 

aA%§) kaiimat^ (in.) Hair bnmed Bttok; 

abnee: bteokgoaH; f. a>^^s^^. 

jtetiag* pwrtB of the ekin of oostard^pplea, 

jaek-fhiita, etc. (^«aQ{)os <»^®(b oontr.). 
S£\fax^ kanmblMa <in.) Dark ^reen; A. 

Axai an naripe fmit. 
AOlnuSo kftiinilM4ua (UI.)B<D.cnjlA I>»k 

Uaakot, alao «>f»)aijQS<0e, — CQ^s<fi» loo.; 

carpetaofkinga. [black ox. 

A^koJob kinmbt^ MIMew; grey oolonred; 
<ftl6knim (UDBoraianB flabeUilbmiia.(<Ljcr)). 
<ftibktU)0 kuimlNte (in.) Blaok rook. 
Mlnu:)^ kuimbilA (lU.) The green Spatha 

of the Areea-palm iteeped in ult water 4 nsed 

to bttM cattla. hio. Ho. 

d6b(DVnJ3ai(b Gaate of jungle dweUera A 
slaves (1112 in Talipa^ambn) KU. 

d6)(D|ai4 fauJmb^ 5. l. Dark oolonrf grey, colour 
of riponesa. wn^ tfiTDVoJOsH is ripe, axSlau^ 
s» not quite ripe. 2. sugarcane, Sacoharum 
olfioinanunKinda: o(Dotf «b«, «>o§^., cnlaidOa., 
(n30«Qa., cnoqg^., a,)6iTUX$l6>(8B.» Oojdaa. Sac- 
ohar. Bpontan., ^laa., ecnocXxae., Qaiga<a». 
GP. a med. etc. oddq^. cs^;^ ajliplooo cr^ib 
a med. ahCDloiHob Qcuib MM. crflaiaixDlcQjlAabo 
uaasQ Bhr. Mad. — ajcnaiab dhrDlcnjaj^ob CGt, 
Cama*s bow* a>. «i^a» to express the juice. 
ifi>(O^ci3j0o&n So. ground on which sugarcane 

is planted. 
<d>rD)a3jaj)§ KM. the palace of Colatiri*s queen 
at Taliparambu. see dhr^g-j^Qg* Imicm, 

<Bi(S\ca^ Oi kaiimbuhun (m.) Buffalo; also <ox^ 

d9)(DVBoaJDg So. Caladium oyatum. 
d9>(61cQ;DrOYO^nt> KU.= dB5fl»(2<63nb. 
(e>(OlCQ^aj kariyila So. Dry leaf (fallen). 

dddt^csca'oai kaiiyola (Ui.) om sooty wnt. 

c6)(61cS^ cd> kariyU'ya ▼. n. To be scorched, singed, 

onA Ar^nzftQjsSGJO^ RC — flg. (rooiod jS^ 

(Oizao, eoojo ^(^ao^ Bhr. 

YN. i^(S^04 also drying, as of wound ^rfi^lai 
(>>cde ^.r^Qj 9aiimo ainno YyM. 
d9>(6l0J3§ karivadt} in <0). <4^^ Transplanted 

paddy to be past drying up (cng^g fixafll^). 

Oomp. ax^ooogl. 
dB»(0lQj|^3Oir)) So. Smilaz aspera. 
<By(S)pj)QJ^ (II.) or cfiblif 6B«| Bryonia um- 

beUata; the fruit is called jii(8B(d)i. aJiUpaB 

rOs^ <m^c(0<Bb Ab^an a med.) 

^3§d>rD)aji a Juatlcia, Bh. 
(d3(0)6)OJj86^ (U, 2.) & da>(61 ^Od86kS>8o. To 

put a mortgagee in possession of rioefields* 
(d}(6V>dCnokariiiail8ini.= a>cknr. 2. Ardour, 

effloacy of medicines, words. [«Qjnb BO. 

(j8>(D|6os d8»1^6o Heart ^rolcb aorolgB^^^ ^>A 
S^iOOo kaniam S. Dried oowdung. «>. 9i4b9sn^ 

imloaao^iOiA PT, 

Digitized «K^OOgIe 

d6MQ — ^^^ 


dMy^CfOi — dMAQi 

n. dB>(n 1 . Figaro, mould ie>. ojISidR to be fonned. 
QJ95)iP<0e a>. cr!ld98a> to mark the plaoes for 
planting plantains. iit^rooCoaxQandoolieesmen. 
2. embryo, yolk (see axno) «>. eg modo eon- 
oeption. a>. Qj^^* a>nsQjsplQj abortion, ooj 
oo^g^ (8Y^si9>(Q6)Qj9<T»o Pay. A. <^§(ae, orfl 
d9e^ to geld, take oat the oraries. 8. the 
best, inmost (hence a>nx>3) aiasajocsOsescm 
aQ(g-'Cn)nb0o<S)0 A(GBaj9(anHKK. 4.=;«>a8 

Qji tool (aifd^ n.) Qa-IOA fi^oJOSo d9)a86)QJ§y0^o 

e9ioos)Qj^ BC. weapon, (g^rolcflam Yi. gan- 
worm (to anload). 
(Bi(t^<B>((^<Beiy (^ karnyarakka (i, 2.) To be 

harsh, sharp, rough, irritating Yi. A(S\A\aa, 
— of grating sensation in the eyes ecnrxob ojl 

dh((Add6ioii karnkkal i. id. <d>ffi£^(TiD (dtrflasrab 
2.= a>rD)(flaf9b dusk So. (from (dxoBAift). 

<0>(0)(6ft karnkk^ T. M. C Te. Irregular surface, 
teeth of a saw or file, thorns of a palmyra branch. 
aiOBdMQjsm^ embossed work Ys. 
dB>rQ)6«T> kanui^ S. (airodBnP) Tenderness, pity, 
mercy a>asfimoe3(De3(0»(>> fihr. 
— adT. (QMi)) Aflssmo ojoq^o, ^(memo ojlei 

oj^^Bhg. piteously, (B)Oaj«»(?86mo oilsl:^ 

ms£i Hud. mercilessly. 
~ adj. A pers. K. (dtoaatfrnlaiob, ACQfimdArDob 

(, aismomnb tu.) atHssmoodOGin 

Bhr. axcDfimooSkjo^, aicodemoofin^uSl eto. 

most merdfol. 
a>a8fimog^ea) town in TraTanoore. 
dBjCaetnol kamiai T. alC. = ajro^err? Female ele- 
phant saajorDsmcoB^o ssaabasfinSlaoaBo RG. 
di>(096nr9la)T.aM. germen qj(CBo Qjle&JajSbn 

a)(»6irrilQ<o>(ds9«i&jo BC. 


Sid^^ kazuSn YLsauoHA Eared corn (Qj6ja> 

dB>r?»^ee) karuSuya t. m. (a>as n, 8) i. To 

conceive, think, meditate Q-j(oe(no66)nbo a>9<8b 
«)a8(m)«stfmo YCh. oeo^nio ja)»sie>m axTM^ 
M. often «)(OflO(gb «>amV, 2. taaimat, ejo 

dB«a>.; oQcm aiaadiloctt^ BC. oooob «»aB9 
cmo TB. my aim. Wi) <a>. planning. Mad. 
8. to attend to. aucMJil QOJdBs to keep in mind. 
di>asi»W>iae9 be on year gnard! MQdBttfift *(» 
a£) 6>«)0cXhi> to gnard against. 4. to provide 
for, prepare 9di>9gjaKb 4iiatQ9Si gg^ TB. oj 
cmo di>.rsCM>«)dtofi]9«a» Ta. abi aiABiai^ Mad. 
prepared for exeeation ; «oqj ojosm^ dhonQo 
(Si^oq^o YCJh. holding. mt^sA «»(CMa) Bhr. 

a>(CB<o>ei<b not honoring, enemies (po.) 
CY. «»(QMiil(ae to animate Yi. 
YN. I. axQMMib care, regard, proTiding. 
II. di>(aa|2 T. H. l.=sdi>(T8«Mbb. 2. highminded- 
ness, ooarage. a>. Aai^ taxMn^ KB. soldiers 
wept like children. di>(QM(OfBisas aotiTeiy, 
diligently, aiaaoasmyo (OdafiaonS) (X3h. 4M» 
(BiAoQ()jfia (oon9<6Hc)o KB. bold. 8. «»(aactB 
SSL cnlajo (atoa II, 8P) fat soU. 
«ia8(BiBinb (II, 2) resolute, sr^c^roob; Adsflsi 
cnoo Qatcnxo) PT. eoMmiQdo axodflmoBo 
^aasi (810089, a»(aMoiM>or>aLj^^9aB6nr>o(for 
support) proT. 

d8b({Boro)ea karonSala («>(» n. 2) G«neraiioB 
(Ys. a>r£)ao>ei elan) moeioo ^K cna^ prov. 
(0)OQJ9^ oql 49)'ocB;9ao dOfiaaf^aaag. — M^pfllM 
say of oouTerts c^&poo «i. oJOoeicKOcv^. 

<Bi(^Qi karuma T. H.(I.«>(Q) l.BlaoknaaaVi. 
2. hardness, sharpness of sword, strengtli of a 
mansa>§e; orfl 6) jiio^ «»rcde«)€bBhr. exploita. 

cd>(0)(2kd>rYb kamma'yaih KU.«u6ig<eBn8ea»c6 

A huntingParadeyata with blue beard, pesMoiA* 
feather and bow. (see ax^SboaD). 
aosm(onS)(nD «?lsp £(eog-}<fi»ei9CKO eooodaao 
a»(iB0Qno<B«o cnsocmo^o KU. oeVunb a. es&j 
(a»<6n(n a>flOA^ ei^ cnscBao CartY. A. afi 

0.aKQl a)(Q0(T> oQgjOo Bhr. QDQJCBSCBr A'axb 

aiD<qg(ak> Kal. <» a>(Qi0 2.) 2. a»<i8acn«K9o 

^o^ft oTorbearing maonenu S. 80. «•- 

lamtty, peril. [Dlo^yro*. 

<d><Q|C2^ (*(« 1.) Shorea robasia, also ebony. 

Digitized by ^OOyiC^ 





Amaocii ksmaik l.»a><^eaaSi. 2.(80. <e> 
flBQjddb) pr]i.=s«im<0>oAab, a>ma<o<ib Blaok- 
smith of low oMte; f. — ami; bis house «»<Q 



[GrSmaou KU. 

A<S03cnjsp toathern boondary of* the first 10 

^i>ajM0GS\ po.=dBt>(acaro. 

AmcSltP) kwilIl!]K(a>n» I.) Eyeball 9a.oefl<SA 
ffBelspl<fl»3gygq:)ab YCh. Yishnii. 

iDSMOo Bhr. 
dBhfOIC:g6o=<0>mV%5o;(Aa8Qajnb person pitted 

vitk mallpoz Yi.) Araoiob (loo.) Measles. 
dBb^QJIPej karnvalala a large jungU-snake 

vithred eyes, blaek oomb (T. king of serpents). 
<fii«t»QJf^kiani7a]liKo.The best kind of pepper- 

'i-* (ajfiil). [Port. V2. 

dMRQJD^ kani?i4n T.8oV.8alt-fish,oraTado 
aaeOOJoab also TB.=idMB(2Dnl) 2. 
AOIQJM kftniTiia also <0><{BQJ3Oq (loo.) 

Wart, dark raised spots on the body. 
cftOMXI^^W kaniTi]ikkl To be Uaok, as 

fffomanB, fire, blood Yeaseis from pressore; to be 

heated with passion. aiggd>*^<^te Asht. = 

i^xu9cn&mt oaak i^§^9o a*^(^Wo a med. 

QAio A. MM. (from ro«<anJi(Oiao). 

YV. AAaajsfiOgtj *<uming blaok. 
dBMOiajl kaiUTi (aid^ n.) Th. 0. ^elu iron. 

(fr. AOB I, S.) Tool, ploagh. 
dBMMSQjaio (*<o I.) 1. Aoaeia arabioa s ^^gpf^ai 

eW KB. «»(aMaue^S med. 2.3sArDl«d»»o 

oio f.L AdBOdiejgjro, a><zMQjaiqBI ODoovoao 

dBbO^sdBs^CklSo, dB^lSo f.i« aKoa^o odAigg} 

BC. ^4nikA fiMQJAo a^eq| DIT. fic]t>«9n(T]u)o 


dBb(MQd8bssdM)(SCS2;qdd» q.T. AdaJC^ ^^J^no 

oeiQ»)ab «i«ooWn?i Mnd< 

YH.«ft«DoooCi. JVno «»'0oa£l grows worse. 

*«DOQ«» T.a. to raise, ship s «>g»oq«> 2. 
A<W»^8<MK8€Q;^ («i(d) Upwards. 

d8>dds^So kMrkft4MP> db^Sd&io (ft AsS^SAo 
AE.) 8. (a>(Q I, 2). 1. Crab. 2. a, (ooosI 
Canoer. ^8. the 4th month, proT. as the worst 
season through famine, disease A demoniao 
inflaeaees ^HdesoBDaooW ojglsml^^stm® 
proT. a><8osa»4»*eBnb aojoqq^ sadden swell 
of waters in July. [a>rtaAt»). 

<0>d^(Oo kazkarftxn 8. Hard; limestone (see 
AtdsiUio B. roogh, bard, harsh («>ra9 I. 2). a* 

olso Kal. a>*0O3i; cuod^^o KR. 

a>f8S)O0rB3A CG>= A^g_j<en9(b. 

d9>i8s)00<s«oron() Yi. avariciouB. 

A<flftO»onocnri<a>n6 Vi. big nosed, 
dd)^ Ar. xaiji P. Xaro, Expenses 6) j^aiQ^ 
(dsSfOol^an^am S. 1. Bar f. 1. of an elephant A^j^ 

^ C0. SQJoQcns^ atOgj^ ojoas TIB. 2. rudder. 
8. diagonal line, ens a)|^Q(DfiU QJSKOgj Gan. 
also hypotentt8e,cnD(aa>^0ociv Q(fi£M5>o a square. 
Henoe: aigj^fltaanb whisperer, calumniator A 
a>9gq;^0aaj<b ChYr. whisperers, syoophants. a* 
naoae ^ana»o oato^sasoai 81 Pu. a>*naoib&5»o 
dBacm QJ9<8a)a» ^>g|^o oaio^daaaOgj Nal. 
«)g^cjoo(t>nb (2) helmsman, 
atg^ob N. pr. prince of Anga, half-brother 

of the Pandayas, proTorbial for munificence 

ft loreof praise a>. oojgorob ajscB^gj proT. 
a>flm0fiJo=sQjiiaj^Ao<^ ear-wax. 
Agffl^os^ss jiX9^srw\ K. pr. 
aigm9(d9coo Nid. ear-disease. 
a)6mcu§fi^ Nid. =: Q^oo>g;^ cochlea. 
aig^QQjcCo perforation of the ears, one of the 

sufferings of childhood YGh. 
a^i^tc^ej 1. earache «>g^:^(^ej3(So ^08 oj-ascno 

O<0>§ AR. 2. pain at hearin g bad news, etc. 
(dig^ogtmo a feast to the ears. 

<e)gSnDSo karvidam d8>groos<e)o s. («>«»+ 

000$ black soil) The table-land of the Canarese. 
A. 0)00 «»o«so Qioyrm (DoovAKU.(=<8>rrr>so). 
«)jq^og^ Canarese. e<b (Sr^oB^rDo d9>. o^o TB. 
Canarese troops. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

— dBsgllfOo 



karqiya 8. («)^) i. Bar-rmg. 

2. pericarp of the lotus (= flaj)n3d>ogoo) a> 
gq^<a>9(o>n6 ^^o Qji&6o§o e&Koecfo CG. a>d 
fijantSVob a). aoooQaaa Bhg. 
rf>>gq^a>0Ao PteroBpermam aoerifoUttm; ^g^ 

<Bi(urmmo kartanaxn s. i. Catting. 2. spin- 

^(fm(S\ Boissors, knife (= <d>(Oioil^). 
Sidshsx^ kartavyam 8. (<&*, ^) i. What 

can or oaght to be done = a>og2Jo. «di. aQ)g^ 
SaodasQcsiiA'cno Bhr. (SiouA sf^ojl:^ QdiOchojo 
ab CY^ianocsb em <&). (sr^osysr^ er. 2. strength, 
ability, anthoritys: A(Oiot.i>j<o) f.i. (eiOroTiorv en 

d9>(7rfTnDaj kartar^ S. l. Agent; KomiDative, 
subject (gram.) ; author, f. (d>^^. — (Sioajrooco 

(ds)aaoft MR. began the quarrel. 2. owner, 
lord, possessor. akSpld9A06ma>(OT9)3Qj MR. etc. 
<0)(trg) Aanstooj Lord of lords. 8. (also axonftob, 
<o.(maKDoA) a rank, chiefly of SD5(a_ja- 
dB>r0^r^Jo kartftvam 8. The state of a <di 
(siaooj, rule, authority, lordship. mco^r^Qo; 
A(oj^ro)jo UR. (moame^oo^moi^Anbo ^o«&nnno 
axT:|^^rDld9a (a-)096m09a2; a. &o^, 6)6>a)a>9 
Si<^- ^g^o^'OYO) (n^dtcb MR. unfit to manage 
property. m\^(9i\<BS dR8 a>. ® g^o.'G)i9)MR. who 
have nothing to do with the payment of taxes. 

(d}rGrojo karlsnyam 8. i^(m) The whole se 

oooai a). aj)6maa9 ojqjsio^ FT. 
(d)^(2o kardamaxn s. Mire «>. (siofirn^sni^gs so^o 

ag2<d>cX) Nal. 
dOioL^So karpadam 8. (axo^+o-iso) Rags. 

<6:aLl(0o karparam 8. Skull, shield of turtle. 
dB>aLl ^ karparam 8. <«)Og^+ ^oorsb) Camphor 

from Lauras camphora (g^^g/nl 0^00020 rodo a) 

^ro^lojo Oojoa&i Bhg. oj^ ai. erade C. 0P. 

j3^saba>. camphor from oiimamom. 

a^roffiftox? a Salvia? [a»c3)<ft> 8i Pu. 

A^/OQjgfil LaTandula oarnosa at'disffi^QB'do 

A^(OQja€m) fine speaUng woman a. C[{fo * 
^rd^oajsnriaso CO. 
ce>6aj(0o karblimm S. (a>o?) YaHegafed, 
speckled. dMQjfooe^axX), Bhr. Ateo^fsm^graih 
AR. Ralasas. 

d83(2Qk) karmam S. (a>d), wheDoe, L. earmea) 
l.Aot, aotion. The AoooaatiTe; McaonokW ^cai 
the passive oonstruetion (gram.). Moojodbo 
a>. 0iooQ9ajO(ail Y. he is dead. 2. moral ft r«- 
ligious act. cn^A. daily serTioas. 8. moiza 
e<dAQ;^o mxTU))^ orv>9uxr>o aizao GnP. aotiom 
of this A former Uvea (of 8 kinds a4srg^a>., 
ojooja)., ^<|C9a>.); ohiefly bad actions * thor 
consequences. 4. fate, destiny o^rh AZdo oQ 
oidCG. (exclamation). a> unlneky. a 

Arb. his luck (as determined by the actiona of 
past Uves). «ae»Of> a». or^©«Ba«SD BiPiu 
Hence: A5E Anfcooj 1 . agent A at the same time 
dbject of the action (as one who kills him- 
self) gram. — «T5eV»,abft^dBa«auocte«flJ8artW 

t0>7E>)<0)3srru}o (2) system of eatabUshed eere- 

at^Aoeemb practical person. 
a>0a9:fljM®o (8); s^nmo a).Bhg6. GoP. the 

land of the migratien of the sool. 
t0>a?co(on (8); Qim^om A'odasaoxzKUjp^ Bhr. 

according to their deserts or fates. 
Si2Z9e9Aio sin A its fruit, ai'tnoisaik mlaokily; 

so a>0aaoaio, — osooao; MZigJ^ aliens «» 

flifl<b d^(6fi Bhr. to repent or lament ono^a 

fiate. a>mcnooso oiOMBl^ ^^^^ ^ ■eoore 

final emancipation. 
40)02oj&o»o the chain of actions & cooseqaeaAea 

«»6B«ufijuoa9a> opp. to wsaocncDieSknriuS^Aie 

(S^ tamo 0nP. 
«)026Qj)89o (90A<a» — Qjog^^aeAAk GbP. 
Matge) KIT. Malayalam (opp. to «tt9(/i|9el 

as well aa «aiocn<s^) where 

Digitized by 


<a>(WiDrro — d&>o 


S>OddS^ — 


ft OMte diatiiiotioiis are to be obflerred rigid- 
ly (tee «»2aadaai®o). 

Azaoiaoocn (3) oonaeqaenoes of sin. a. c^ 
090 SamK. retribution. [dieeaeee. 

A2aQj)aj3«>o (3) a treatise on the oaoaes of 

A^asaoiab^oy — ciji<^o whateTer hinders or 
inpairs the merits of a sacriflee KR. 

*ffl(/bjab practical; laborlons, addicted to 
saoriilesa, etc. [^,yj ^^ 

AfflcnSl^jul, a>2iaoad(^8or)o performance of 

Afflscsso basioess; a>d2ocnD^«>ab labourer 9^0 
gjAcX) A'A d<ae8aj ^£i KB. 

A2B93J doer; in comp. ^matmocgKB. etc. 

Affi^ 1. working of>lqg)O0<fi>2al Bhr. 2. a 
Sakti worshipper. 8. (loo.) = As^cX) f. i. in 
Curunbranidn aj(oil«Kr>sA 4^2£\ax>i KU. 

Aza^daa (1. 8) to act, deserre. (dta^^ajgmo ai 
ano, a»z;£l^fiMA^ao okqbo Bhr. ( = according 

^ ^^^' [voice, genitals, anus. 

ai«22^SK> the 5 organs of action, hand, foot, 
A6)Q^4B»cn33dafia^(Simab the Omniscient. Bhr. 
^Maoorro Ar. xannoB (P. xarbuza melon) = 

Qjyaofto, Carica papaya. 

AC!^^^ kazianaxa 1. S. (^) what makes 

ksn. 2.11. (=<6)^od(noq.Y.,a)a8=d^) what 

is TwUnt, harsh; energy; e»<Sste^o a>c^aDajo 

OOttlg oupt oab Ti.; ^s^cno a'£\^ has lost 

itt pungency. ^'^^egaigQ strong toddy=«>§g_|o. 

4«nV. Ac^cfin 1. to grow lean, Aoelrtiioocorrf) a 

•leoder body (po.) 2. to be impetuous, 

unfeeling. Vi. 

<fix^i^e<^^karia9am 8. 1. Pulling, dragging. 
deoY. ^KftldBa to draw, attract, influence. 

«. ploughing i^feSt). 
AA»1. a weight of gold or silver, = (^dBn2P6B^ 

w I Qjejo CS. (ISO— 280 grains troy). 

2. alio pnlling ^flx^crociQOQjo PT. 8. <0>. 

9y(qBI«»^.gb Ch. anger? 
**»An6 ploughman d>»'rB9ib aiAi-oi^cA qd 

tftlO Q^T^ CO-. 

Aciolkarhi 8.(At) When; iftxioliJVob sometimes. 
*^k^T.M.C.Te.(a)Q) l.Blackneu., 

blot, rust, di>ooLjOQa»» aj¥^d9n«)gj^<ft> to be 

stained, ffioxioro A<aacq|o iftej9(qRiio«s ^o oj 

oc%(m oa^ao^oiD ER.why eall the whole sex 

a stain (rather let her be a stain on her sex, 

a Afikoao). 8. blood, esp. menstrual a>o qj) 

u>9«iO)Q[2jo oiOBo Hid. 4. sap issuing from 

trees, gum. 6. <d>o 6>a)9g)<a»a)dBeVi. a play 
of bowls. 

a>O(0e«nBn6 (<d>69r>o) Sira with the throat 
blakened by poison, (d>o<fle9«<b ft (d>o<fl«(o 
fiijtnb RC. 

<d)Oas2srn) defiled cloth. 

<d>ocQil^O(U)Qjck>RC. spotless, also aioca-Q 5>ajo 
y@ RC. = ^(So. ^fl^3^ fOiMi^joajo. 

<8>oajoi^ (4) exndation from trees, (8) bloody 

<^Oc66^, crr^ kidrakka (ao 4) T. m. 1. Milk 

to flow oat. 2. to milk, give milk Qg)ns0S)CB) 
«9»oa«ra® (law). (8Ta§io>n6o oljooA a>Ofno Sil. 
ajej)5)i>>£) «0)Ofno (Ayappan). cnocnosp^ d3>o 
(SenrT) daioru^ TP. a cow giving 4 Nali milk. 

TR. 0* gDs«BDipl <afialroo a acnroajo Aoornl 
^nm (ScoOdOsicb TR. atocm jo^QSfi^s «isl<da 
fresh from the cow. — With Aoc. of object cio 
q^o^o (oaaa&ys^ Qajsn^rmr^ atoono Bhg. (from 
Kamadhenu). 8. to blow the nose ^d9a a>o 

CY- «>o^^<aA said of men ft of cows 4^. §o_ 
gy oO^niDaxTno'obPT. if it will not be milked. 
VN. «iOQj milking, Sicmo <ft»oQjoproT. a>OQjea 
ojjj^VyM. a»oQ,iga(ga^anQjoolrtn^onoTP. 
a>OQjo cofiiinQCoajo e^yo^oioj^ PT. <d>o 
Qjdi>osrr>o interest of pawned milch cows. 
<BiOes%dd^ karaniinya T. 80M. (C. Te. Tu. 

cnro) To turn round, whirl, 
cftoenol^e© kahflikka (denV. of ^mem, a> 
(D^?) atOQgjo ojoen^ a)'^aajocdn Y 1 . The trans- 
action ended in a dispnto. 

<^05n^ ka]ba^4n = de>CD5n^ C*'^) ^t. 

<^Og_j kahippii it <d>C2g4 (a>o 4) Opium a> 

ce>0^, <fi>qQ_j,d9>Qaj(Ar. qarfah, Hero- 
dotus karphea, whence ^>^(Oi>j fr. (d>o 4P) 

Digitized by ^OOQ IC 



dB)C^dw>— — d9>00 

Laurnf CfamamomaiD. fiJOJ AQ^TSiaioa*, So. «>q 
Qj9g^|§. — a>:>g_js)5>>'Biaejo oil of CinnAmoii. 
a>ocB;oa^, aiooosj (So. ^(ti >- ) oIotm, Eage- 
nia oftryophyllata ; A9^ a>. Jussioa filloea; 
orfliba). JobsUmi repens, Bh. (6i»9ayBb). 

<d)Oaj kahlVi} l. T.M.tee dhO<aa. 2. aM. (T. 
«>QC2j from ^Ki n.) Rage &^gncm a>o«:u9S 
Qa)tf>nr«, a>oQjoQ cnsmo, i^Q^fiblcn <fto8aj9$ 
ji)o§o ©ajrtA BO. [<fl>Q«>os1. 

d&sOOSl kaiB4^ So. Aclat8ofBrahniaDt,p(h.=: 

(d>03(2^nYCl? Ar. kaiamat, Generosity. 

<B>0\ kaH T. H. G. (<d>Q n.) Hot condiments; 
meats, vegetables. Kinds cliiefly 4: QQ(^^a>., 
gguttO)., ajftlab., ecyrDcdAol; then oj^ai. of 
Tegetables,Q-iQ0OQ«>. pulse-ourry. — (SiorDlcdao 
Aolaso fi>a>d^.^}i9t9roli KU. to Brahmans; <fi>. 9aj 
CLHcea to oook it, ^s^ to eat it (witli rice). 
axSldBaOlo ^^d\^^ 9ji19Q Si Pa. 
atolanoov' plantains for oari. [traj Yi. 

a>oldaeO(9b brass support for plates to eat from, 
Aolsdteogj ingredients = a>o^cr09U3cno, So. 

a>oi®(ORMaB, — Qftd9i, — ^an annaal contri- 
butions from the tenant to the Janmi's 

ax^oojgj a tree with aromatio leaTOs ( d)>'g^aj) 
used for oari, as of a>oiAd9aos) etc. — 

a)cSl(^Gi a disease ^^ZDo6\<di> ojOfP^teo 9ajo 
Si&i £5n93o a med. 
I. (d)C2 ks^ T. M.= <d>rQ 1. Black <£h9<ds)Q rnlo 

;orOcb;BC. cloud-black (0)Q«>Qr> AQd9a (sky) 

turning pitob-blaok. [hard, 

n. c6)q T. H. Te. C.=I. axod 2. ft a>^, Rough, 
cd>q<j9> kfthiya M. c. (T. (toqa) «>Qa>xjgj 

Agrostis linearis S. gg^, a grass used for the 

funeral ceremonies & Sicu^ of Sudras <d). oj 

olQ_jon6 asqg TP. (for aJH-smuo). 

ooiosa^a) (Qo9_iro)gg[|) with a «risP6a§. 

a)Qa)ODcnjlsl lower Brahmans, who eat a 
Sudra*B sraddham KU. KM. 

ax^aiojip a river between Aoo^^oo ft ojgo 
en!n. <0>gy^Qd9A95nb a>QnnD>o^ a>Qa> o^ 
onlf)aB9 (proT.) 

<fi>Qd9>(?0 kahl'yaie l. (<0)Q IL) Fleroaly, in- 
tensely; imit. of gnashing ft biting noiaes 

ete. (S. a>Q I. q. t. very blaok). 

denY. dM)dM)d9», aQfe to rage, be besidea one- 
sdf <0). (OiftiiQQio md. restiesaneea. «>Qa> 
QOdtame 6)«)a>aj«rTS^Qg2$xD3mion6 RC. 

YN. dM^aiQg^ Q(B(m3o6 aifiOo^sbVsb TP. if 
yon do not moderate yoorself. 

<d)Qd86^, (U^ kahlkka l. (a>Q I.) To grow or 
to be blaok. GD;§Q_Ktn) (^Oio e^cro atQuidn^rns 
CrArj. from anger; ^&i CO. in pregnaney. 
«(d)9Qjo c^^dso 9^<^o <diQa82 1^^« 9a)9&io oe 
fijieo^ <0>Q(i828om. from grief. a>QiSR» ajdm» 
dark lunar fortnight. 2. (6>q n.) to rage AC( 
(QS o^oomdnbRC. «>Q'sreis9ajQ0D5S(ak o^ 
^, a>Qfoioi S9aj9«inot95>s<ona6o (nooioanmKR. 
CY. a)Q^(fti to blacken, lie grossly. 
YN. «x^ (O.Te. a>gj) 1. blackness; dark 
mood figgilnib a>. a^^cDonb, a>. eooDttao cu 
(QCLjonb (^03) KB. 2.=£a>o dofllemant. 
8.=a>Ogj opium. 4. (a>Q n.) roughness 
ojt>vO«}(on»^Qj 9ajM)&J <0). md. 5. the ellmb- 
ing perch (ssojoDSauo)). 
a>Qd9a8(r>, «)Qomoor) adv. very blaok. 
«>Qdaenb5>ajQg) grey, inferior silyer. 
^tQaecnjft) an acid fruit (Garoinia, T. 6)a»9Q 


(6>QQ^CYb kahippaiii <d>Qcnjnb a black 

man, person, animal, f. a>Qcnj). 

<6»Qaijee>kahunbnYaB. To eat as cows with 
the low teeth. 

dBjCJQJO ks^Ya So. = <6>Og-J. 

I. dbiOO kaffa (a>Q I.) Black, in Ar>o«flcspRft 
etfrn)cs;9cX>, <d>:?oxi9Ad9itf6jl woman with rich 
blaok hair (or = sheaf P). a>oo^s9ai»»ft mrh 
euoemoiosm CG. by Siva. 

n. dB)CX^ (s= a>§ 8.) 1. Bundle as of grass, straw 
dc» A. a>6Bii9aLi a handful. 2. sheaf of com 
axinlA<fi)00*, a>3anfijea «». TB. the sheaves 
in threshing. 8. (= d»>§dae^S9dj ) a boy, calf 
^oo(0filsdoij see aiOQ. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

ceKXXtb— ed>fii 



Lo a floor, vhora theaToe sro laid by 

**?•"■ [leopard. 

dBbCXXtbo^eS) kilff^pnli (<9,oq) ▲ smaU 
aooid) B. rioe not aalBoioiitly boiled. 
aooMm) B. a vedge. 
AOQ kMa 1. Obi. eaee of AnneT.X.q.T. 
MQ^OstMMfo 00. oalTea. ^^ Bhr. 

AOQdBiacQjid. ai'oulaej skusbo ibim^ qjI 
AOQi^ej) So. ploaghing hire. 
AOQOjosmW trade in oatUe. 
t. *OQ, pMt of Si^T. 0. Ta. «a learn (Te. 
Ao to teaoh). oocmMmacv^aaiOQ (^oqo a>aB 
ftAcnVnoSValOnP. a>OQajo^, «>OQajd)c6a 
to iovant a atory, study a part, make oat 
viihoat a toMher. aooo^oti Qj)g|«o»asl(fln 

AOQOAg Hb. an iuTented itory.sAQjVoi 
•ooscg, AOQcns, d^oQajlg, So. deceit, 

*ooQj<b the learned odombq^o Oeuoib A 
•ooaA i^obeQ^A^o BO. 

AOOQJ3SJ* kaffarila Ae <6>ooybQJ0tf W. 
(T. «kOOMps«iaifm9!P) Aloe Vera QajgDQ{|o 
*ooGua»an<so ^«>5 a mod. 

^ Aai faOa (V^aiflA to mix) 1. C. Tu. M. ▲ 
•wk ae of tmall-poz; scar oajcroAfij; mole 
Aus^lAflarsb 0O.J)§nrT) atoia^o OrArj. <9)ej 
•Asla^f^Ai to wear scars of woands. aiai oo 
Q^A sears to disappear. 2. T. M. stag, buck 
(slso=aajs03ab) dkea^o (ijejl<0)^o &£i^ 
CrAij. akfiKsgo (mejiododo KB. 
Aftiftftaa^ antler oDro^oa a>*a\)o oqctcdI KB. 
*eiajV«»0)toformina scab; tbe cheeks of 
old people tnming blaok ; (met.) to lose one's 

tt <ftei fl. 1. A particle (=1. aqj l.f), esp j^ 
^ the sKMm*s diameter MAlataKflxA) ojurSI 
^nssoMMD^igma BO. — a dlTision of timessS 
•wwdi, » flA ^\ AOc£Q Bbg. 2. (vT^eU) 
ttt, sdence (nocnsaiejaKb (^ac^:^ Bhr. aifij 
*(>> QjejQjcStflBo ^ra KeiK. esp. 64. (nookunb 
AAiq^) ngevjo dhQl92?^s^o KB. 

d9>fiJo kftlun T. M. Te. (Tn. <9»d) 1. A pot, 
Teesel, (06n6— , «)Q_iDnb — , Ci.aycr^^) eei 
9000^ €kdi>9arii ai. o^oloi^sgy pror. (lj9((3)qjo 
«»ejajo, .oigtogo ai., a>. A^ceaogo etc. 2. skip 
^tbddeteio Pay. 8. a measure (in T. 12 maraoil) 
9000 <0>Qlo cu^ KU. 
Hence: <e)fiJ.Tn9ig-)o pancake. 
«afcj§ 80. =fto1. j^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^ 

<d>e^3^ measure of rioeflelds ^a. a>. s.scbk), 
<d>ejs>aii9fiOc0ab disorderly person 6>(u6aBS>A 
(n^a)ai6)aii9a^GQ; (abuse). 

d9>fiJW5d9> kalannu^ T. M. C. Te. (V^dbisk) 
To be mixed, agitated, turbid as water, em- 
barrassed, coko 6). abortion, orfl^ a. euph. to 
piss, 6Qj'3Ju)a». confusion. ^*as a>6n^o a>&i 
a£\ Bhr. from fear, anger. €m£\em a^Oh}^ 
a>'Q(mcRDlmo KB. a>eMoe^ SMnfticq^orr^ ongu 
proT. a good fight makes better friends. 
YK. <e)ai60BaA turbidity; a^h A&Moecb. (euph.) 
<B>ej<BQ><B>y dde) a. t. To mix, esp. with water 
cvfiookob qjAo d). KU. s>a_jro1id>^9sma)o a 
QicafloB; AQjego KB. (BioaicX) ga/oo d»>ai(SAl 
cnacbBhr. procured abortion. ojorgbtO). Yi.s 
di>SQ(ya>; (BiociisxT) a>aj(fin^a>aflP9 confounded 

YN. <0>aiaao turbidness, concision, quarrel mo 

«>§d9a db. 00^(^0 proT. 
a>ej<fia muddy water, [q^^^ ^«^ tB. 
OY. (TOaj^ft aisnolA^axb (a)Onm (coeo) <o> 
dB>ajll^cd> kalaju^fft aM. To be disturbed Yi. 

(d>ajrml kalaSi (T. confusion ^^sao?) Cere- 
mony on the 4th day after marriage. 

<d>aj^ kalappa T. Te. SoH. (a>&k>) Plough 
A what belongs to it, see <o>rfi)daaejo, aitrso?. 

<d>£LAgl4 kalappi} (T. mixture or aq\o 3) The 
whole, sum. ^os^^kA (^f aa to take without 
distinction. — (d>&jQ0m^ id. 

ddi^m^iBi kalambuya (\^ ^^) i. To get 
confhsed, aiouo (d>£Knj1 &5adsa6 mKO^cm .oi 
ouaxb Q«i9ej(m eS^&idicb Oe. of forked light- 
ning. 2.qaarrela>ejaiJ»ab«9ajoftar^, Qiiicno j 

Digitized bv\^jOOQ IC 

dd>aK^— <d>eK>a9 


dd^aiGO— <0>ej9Q^ 

q£) etc. 8. 9a(A atejcojai (T. «»aJ^ mustmre 
of perfunee) to anoint the body with perfnmeg 
Yi. see a>aao. 4. Afiiccydi> di>aiciiio6 09fiicsyo 
KU. two old tazeg (from ai. 2. or 8). 
YV. I. a>aiaiiRA uproar, quarrel tm£^ 6KUS^ 
0^0 id)*fij09a£^, A. fi«r«9<fia^ TB. oroated a 
dlBtnrbanoe. d)». a>9«m)(eao look refract- 
ory, cno^ «}. Qjono 9ajD«}6)A39r^ TB. thro* 
the confuBlon of war-timei. 
n. AQicm id. anzSid^ Afiioiijo ajls)c;ya9C(P; 

fDd^cq^ga «>ajcnja>c)o TB. re?oUB. 
freqY. a)a)cm1<a»; a>eJcnj)^ ajoa> etc. 

dB>ajCS|jd9> kalayaya T. aM. t. n. To disperee 
as a mob Yi. 
aifijaDiee to driye away birds. 

<d>aArQda>; crcd kalaraTfa (C. Tn. Aoai, Te. 

a>Qj^C. ^8<b) 1. T. n. To be mixed, united cnoa 

etc. a).,=(ij9rf , Q-oxno; iroajnb (ooiiORsaDo^ 
a»ejmD CG.=^si; qjAot) ojcnS^gjonb 0or>o a) 

OT) Qj9d9ea^ KB. a egg. 2. Y. a. to mix, 
mingle, eep. what is dry (for fluids d>QJd9«a)). 
^SAQKOiAi to blend (see qs). 
a)fija«a), q^ Yi. ft a>aia][2a», (m\ id. 
YN. a>fij^ mixture; also a)fi^ 9jii<fis) to 

ddafi.\fi.W kalalam S. (n. «>&) l.) Embryo oosogo 
aiejaieso YGh. (=roceio>^^inQn5>abo OjiiiiO. 

<d>aAQJO kalaydn {^mof ano) Btorehouse, 
a)aiaiOifln9^ab storekeeper, butler, treasurer. 

<fi>a^CLn83)o kalavi&gamS. Sparrow aiOJoJilai) 
cer^(0OOD3n (sio.) AB 6. 

dd>aiOdo kakiam S. i^oxo) l. Pot, oenser Jii9 
Q9«^(6a A. «>aiae to aaorifice for injuring 
enemies. a>. d9)&^^<ea EU. to parity temples. 
aj6iQl«i., ^i^^d9^ pnriflcation by pouring 
water. 2. cover of breast Ajti^&K»^'m\(A 
mpAo Hal. 8. a ft>^ Odina pinnota, Bh. a>9 

^A. Horinga pinnoto, ouuaa B. oojasft BmerA 
serrata. [Qjem Mud. 

a>aiL« large resstl flO(maaei:«o£)ali aA9»y 
Hence:. a>aKie<gaso waterpot ib temples. 
di>aic/9gj9or^ a pitcher. 
a)BiM099«» to anoint, with Aee. c^Q^ocn 

«)'^s^(T)ol» KB. at ooronotion: (AaBQs)a») 

«ai ^'sku 0a^u5^|«o ecu onoMMa^ 

oiMm'sn^ KB 
a)aj;«08ia»€to OlaJP^dob Bhr. in blsMlug a 

fosterehild (see preoed.). 
Afijueosgp, atejOooo^uS) ooean (po.) 

da>aK>daibkalaial u.o.iA^jai£h)ucomtukm. 

2. quarrel <^»elo»%^ soqjI^ MB. a>. 1^*9!, 019 
Cfiii^ quarrelled, ov^ooooof^o ACDJao^cBPOGB^ 
|o a). fl»«q| TB. war. ajtf^^Waj^MCi^o «cdj 
cmPa^AOoflg MDCTOdiDo d^aJOUrok fi,«r«»3»), CM 

fl|^qE| ai. A^a»oai09^ TB. disturbanoe» war. 
d^gjQj^«Kibo ojoAcsK) Qjme (dd^o ai'aida»1 TB. 
disturbed, alarmed the whole oountry. 8. ex- 
oessiTeness, danger cto^obOo ^aiAAaniW 
a^o a>aioodb«kLJg KU. Ano at'eiaa^ral 
grew alarming, oritioal. 

(d>airr\2<d> kalaiu-ya^ <e»ejnro'gb id. Aexs& 

Qajocsn Quarrelled, etc. 

ee>ajQOb kalaham 8. (see a>ajaeo & ^^gmmA) 
Uproar, quarrel. a>eja>o Qy>qB ^ffH .o^ajflfs 
TP. in fight. 

a>eiQOd9»o(oab turbulent person. 
avfiiaO(a^Q»nb Narada, also a>eiaO(Dcrota><ib 

Qo^loi^nb jiDrol^^nnD CrArj. (on the 

deuY. a>ai^d9a to moke a disturbance, ft^t. 
CV. a>ajaD^Q^<Oa to spur to. riadder 

d9>aiD€imD kalax^ji, <B>BSoensnS\ Yi. ship's 
dd>aido5)u5) kalinidlu (a»ej n.) Moob, aite 

riftiPVPa V) kalabiia 8.(a>ain.+«dQa) 1. Brid- 
le; zone; peaooek*s tail, quiver . 2. asoeabbige, 
totality cn>a>ei0aci)ifla a»ai9aiejo(uQ^ mmoi 
OD^ KB. a>'mVd cidaa^ were anbdned. 
8. M.sAftiooo quarrel, oonfusion 1 
Digitized by ^OOyii^ 

dB(»a3XQ7)— dMild86t 


<e>eSlo<A)— d9>^o 


(lOAaMMioajl (TQ.) newly oauilsdMit. 

iA»aJXQi!) Ar. qnalft i, Port. Calslm, ttnning of 

vMMls, alio A^aqjC^a*. 

4hej9^o(oc6 tin*m»ii. rfFrp^ 

A£JdaA H. kalal Anaok ftfm aiejMA cnstQo^ 
ABIX^ kalatam (4h^, Ar. xalau) Conda- 

akm, esp. in mnaiosAnoAmlAnbo in^gj. at. 

QMMQI^ d>eS3c«^dBai to bring to oonelaBion,s 

GRDdaajlaa; alto a>ejog{)9(») Oojocif) is lost, 

dBifiJ9C^^<0>£33^Ar. H. )ealABi Sailor, esl 

erew. oa>30Qo (dtejogno ezpenseB of a Teseel. 
AfittggaeoiMb a lasear. 
d&aj) kftli S. 1. (Afij n, 1.) A die, perBOnifled 
•«l9<oor)3o «>fiS) Sal. 8. the 4tb or iron age 
4Bi^Aoa]o; its eharaoter aieStcomo; c^ooo 
ODoejlfiUo mfuatej^Qigcoo 0nP. qq «>ejl2eio 
ftisVibk cuoooggonb Bbr. 8. the eplrii of thie 
age, itrife(a aiAioOo). 4. a jear of the Call- 
yaga, vhieh begao on the 16th Vebraary 1902 
bef. Ohriat; a date. 
*u)aqiiq«>, fiOQ^^)! to be poeeeeeed. 
Aejls»od9ea>s«M)eaj«o»ftLjeajo ctiia%4^, 
a>ejVg0os«ioorn) Termiaalla. 
MDojemo (Trar.) ^ Rvpee, or s 4 Chaeram . 
A^n(m<BMdo6 deiwm; qvarreller. 
Aifijkvob 1. Bomething noBBtrona, ae high 

wave. >• = «»eS)Qjfimo. 8. otU day d9). 

(n>,»^ficn») the iBt day of Caaoer month, 

Mj)^ore^ OTRJ) the let of the following 

Boirth (aetrol.) 
<ftaSW kalikka i. 8. To dri^, hold «»ftjliao=s 
AfiiOTH as AiuVoi^eoXiid* Joyfally. — obBorTo 
ett)«>ejCBKDonab ChYr. (Imp.) 2. <0. Te. to 
■fz)M. le haTe a distaste, heart-bom ticnmq 
SttSi^mszaggip(mo Asht. to be raneid, stale 
flagjo,acn») StsSij^ «ojb») Yi. (adMKnaR 8) 
8.S A<y)kl|^ 8b It. MM throai^ 

YN; I. s^^iti^ da»filj)gj porority. 
n. «i^^ distaste, eoppertaste. 
<0>ejV>CA) kalitj^Ua 8. Telinga, Telngn ooantry 
(Oalinga proxfaai mari, Plin.) 

<fii>aIlro)o kali&am, partio. of 0>tSiaa i. 
<ft>aSkij, <d>ejaj Ar.qalb, Miod ^^^ o 

9tm 90-100)0 ^seTioj^iob orSlooojo oaj«mo pror.; 
also meroys=«>cn^aj (Mpl.) 

dB>^ ^ OaO(b Ar.xsllfi CaliphB; a cIbbs of 
If appil|a jngglets. 

<0>ajr&o kalniam 8. TarbidneB8(<&.fiM9i9), im- 
parity, sin iBioajoabo «>. Aaeoiyo soao^niWab 
(roadttCLn<6ii 3tB. [gin on thee, 

cniabejo AB^fBiim 9.oi^9ch 8iPa. to bring 


d8>rBb kal i. V^of 4»>fiMi§, Si&iai, atejosu, «>ei 
(Q, AfiJoOo eto. 2. see «>g^. 9»=SiO(A in 
Loc. 6yoiae(bk, sc/>aj38eb(Qb. 

<^^, (BiOCi kalka defY. To learn (see A 
OQ 2.) AQl II, 2. 

<d)^j^o kalkam 8. l. (=:a>aidaao, a)ft bo) Sedi- 
ment, dregs; medicinal paste oO^ait'ORDrol a>tf6B^ 
etc. fliot ^^^§ Qfltgp^ajQgD MM. 2.= a 
ej^fiio sin. 8. tarkey MC. (formerly called 
Calient fowl) a)^ D. 

^^ the 10th Ayatara of YlBhoa, expected to 
pat an end to Call. 

dd>^o kalpam 8. l . Proper; order, rite, precept, 
oecgd)). As^<eeoQ0o eoo^^mooibKB.; prescrip- 
tion, panacea as of Yogis qgb^oc/s.'OrO.tb a. Qcro 
QjliOB. 2. a day of Brahma, period of 4 (or 
even 100) Tagas,s 420,000,000 years (astr.) jis 

ens aig^o Q^nno QcuA esn^CS. mogjeoo (do^ 
<aafi)a<9oftjo QQ«mo<i^ c^jld o YOh. 8. a Tory 
high number, = 10 millions of millions CS. ei^ 
GsHmo Si^OBdQ AR. 09a>gjo 100 milUons of 
millions CS. 4. aM. vigour (soa^gj?) «»a:| 
A§cda, opp. «>ej9(ea^, — a&c»o Yi. 
Henoe: A^ Ao, a>gj)foi(Q, <0)ejq^(Otto (1 ) a hearen- 
ly tree, that yields every wish. «oqjc6 o^c^ 


Digitized b^»MjOOglC 




«>^0(nDo (8) end of the world, ^o^cvo; «i'a>3 
ejm)ai>nik oajgynr) 0SP«ajO6>ej Bhr. a»*Q0 

0)0 Brhm.«— «)§joaQ>fDo(8)e Celpa period. 
de>^PO kalpana B. l. Plen, fabricetloD. 2. M. 
oommand, order ^aj ai^cn^^o ^9^€aB%Q 
coa§^(9b CY>S(0R»1 TR. introduoed a new order 
of things. Q(jfiicho », my fate! Vi. — Aciucnifl 
^. <as)<il(gk o^i^oT) Asiavoraoft TB. faith- 
ful subjeots. — <&^s>(n(de aeoording to order. 
d9>osj<ac»orDab a)'d9e by order of the minister, 

^BMlMniP «>'d9e OMKnXVQgjO Cnso (D9^0 Qjl 

^D^aeoTvmoAcno TB. I gOTom under the 
Company, (nobcbb orb at*(S^o Qonaasod o-i^srm 
ChVr. he has always been a self-willed boy. 
8. leave, permission ecTs e9cro9.'0i9 ai. Qajcmo ; 
a). Aif\sa^ leave has expired. 4. Qoyern- 
ment=9d))!Kg f.i. eoid cr>9§lr9b ^cm cnoejd*. 
(Big^ocsb; 0)9^ ({{^ aicrusnol ^, ona a. gvo 
c£^§ cnsyoob TB. sole OoTornment. 
Hence: A^cnd^qsil letter of a superior, also 
a>gjcnQB;oc(£^ ojon (dtogSB TB. 
a>§^ooa»9sjo duties oo^dBsga ^'(010^010 TB. 
ajg^oo cnsdsa TB. to be obeyed. 
Afijcng^STDo an old tax. N. Qj)§Vob Q«>0QBAai 

a>(qgB QA0§Od9A8r^o a>. (DOr^o (doo.). (D0S20 

QjVno ojoauajs^cnlmo oa^o^iqgs 6i£)9«n|Qj 

on <0>'(mznA0bo (owoAftcb TB. 
^^OTK^oai to be granted, sent a^qsu e^cmcpn 

TB. •OisnianoOcTB ^*(W9(ob if an allowanoe 

be made. 0&iai^oftO.'QnB(0e oaoftcvo A'fin<8(0 

fimo; ooa Ag^jsmlgruejo ^5^ a'«)0«« a) 

sn§ TB. if troops be not sent. 
a>ej(TK09(ee to grant, aascno d>^cr)qBi9daal m 

(£^ai TB. to give gunpowder. 
a»£jor)a£^gy3(oraB unauthorized, onlawfal qj§^ 

a>. (d>3Q2|0 QjllQ^OfOb TB. 

dd>g^nOo kalpanam S. The ordering; alflos 
preo. cro9^Qj<0>9Q5 <d>'(onto(9b TB. 
d8>^Jld66) 1. 8. To get in order, fix, make, 
doTise ffiomgyob <^fm o^SMn a^*^ Bhr. suppos- 
ed. ajdj0iteftDioaj)6)or) jiii^ig^go^ocrxnD «0>§p 

,a|)^kno&Miid. took for. 8.]f.toeonMiid,bid, 
ittstmot, superiors to say or determine cn-dOOOO 

(£^ deigned to write. G9cd83§ a'^siqv^ TR. 
sent here. — With Dat. of the objeet m»An 
cnicm\uo9cnaaS^<Acn\cm a*^vA TR. order 
oonoernlng it. a^^j^ f&%^ to fix on a oouree 
to be pursued. *'^ ^g)«>«a9eii9 A^9( to do 
intentionally or in spite of one. S. (math.) to 
put, draw 9a>(^ani^ftnnD d* (^»arvo(2!baadb 
a>fi^gj aan. ft let there be 4 radii from the 

«)ft^o (part.) doTised; command. 9aaja)|L^ 
(mo destiny; a*, (^cn^an^eo RS. it is my fate 
(ssQAaajo, Qjaajo).q^(^a)el^(a»o]fnd. etc. 

d^^j> kalyam S. Healthy, ready msa&icroQXA) 

a>^o KR. ability to kill. 

a>^<n health, readiness, S(yo||[ Q^gonbA. 
saioejcno CG. Q)(ao(oi(nMk ai. a^ni^af^ 
KR. power. 

ai^osmo 1. fine, looky. 8. happiae«, cq 
aa»g8<iA ai. ojeoo, a»^OQm<a^o giviag 
prosperity Bhr. 8. marriage; oereiBMmy 
before engagements, when a Brahman ties 
the nuptial string to Budra girls, ai. aasp^as. 

ai^oam>y6n6 bride. 

at^osmfSojob handsome. 

a>^o«moJWib goodnatured. 

a»^osrn) ezoellent; fem. at^aevnknltfa afl 
cbkiq) oQcn OqljA Hal. 
<Bi^ kallt}, cdKob T. X. C. Tn. 1. Stone, reek 

a>§^VA Bg a>o(bb proT. disappointment. a>9e? 

cm oaa a>gyo ^g^o (tnoO:^ tu. <ai&JaSkA ai^ 

ft<fi0o(S>9 is he crazy? <ft§|jQQjae to becosM 

hard. tmnMcn ^^gjjSiOj^ 9ajoa»e>sasbe baried. 

8. preoious stone; weights «fteM^(o)a»§j)<m 

ccL s^oo TR. aieioa<DeiVnoQBaMaai9Gy Mod. 

gem of I 
Hence: a)d9esJl,a»6>aftg,atm>9(Do, ainasnVabets. 

^^**^ sugareandy, ai^««o GP. 

aio^otnan, StomocaeH stone-outter. 

^fisidfto, aNonao stone pnTeaent, 

Digitized by ^OOQIC 



AQ^ogl ft Bione-troagh. 

a»f^ aiys fligM of 8tone-8te|M in tanks* 

«>^sl OAglov d)D«nDQ YjM. [Y^^ 

«>^fim^dBai9<oob mason, also «>§ynb, «>ai ^nb 

«»ft^«> a slate. 

«ftO§jorS) H. pr. chief island of tlie LaocadiTes. 

Mbes, «><obaj6m (see aig-pn) qoarry. 

A(^o see «»CBeo. 

«»§») 1. glass beads A£^^(Q, ooanteifeit gems. 

(loc.) 8.=cnog3t,§y. 

e^Sg^ grayel «ncg(61. 

Afyslttaaosnb apeak of the Western Ghauts 
near Mnndur, see «»Qa>a^. 

Agjqb 1. mason. 8. strong man. 8. hard- 
hearted «>§^Qjoy TP.--«»§^i^ a 
strong hamboo. 

A^yef) good riee Qanoipl«>.9^99o SQjor^ TP. 

«i(»)oeaTehewninarook, tomb «>. culms im^ 
Q|CJD8dQs9gj TP. Tanlt, magaiine. 

A(yy stone-trail a>. ocuoao MB. (see fl»y>). 

AfyMo T. X. Damasoninm. 

«>(»)Ooeo(d) mason. 

d«nT. «»§yl«s to beeome like stone. 

TH. diȤyigj (med.)an induration as in nlons ; 
also in bread (opp. ojnoto). [tt^b. 

«>(^S0dQe900ab (aoonbP)hnntg. name of q 
«>Cy)59QJ Yl. (B. a^g^somfl) oaye. 
«»gj)«na(aib)d9A9Q£) shrimps (to. A^2lZdsatw£^,) 
Agprokoj pig-iron (d>'cnj)(n9etfB fiVugdraEB. 
^»Ma,)fta4 (flocgofia^) Bachnera Asiatioa. 
*§jgj salt in lamps; also rooksaltso^QS^* 
A^QjsiP(Wa7an£dn)=:0akUDipawild plantain. 
«i§u^ ston6-eatter*s ehisel. 
AAi(£) a riTor «>.<aaSQJ Bhr. . 
aiei ibOMPD^ a reed, mod. against grsTel, ool 

fin^m (4i>'6bn aP.) 
ACkg^cnaoBNb KU. K. pr. of a prinoe. 
*a§^ stone's throw, «ia§ytb gAo. 
«iftaiS^t «>«a|BS^ B. riTer-flshee. 

<d)^XQj) kallii Tlnker,tinning;Bee <fi>ei9(»). 
<6>(S^3a3o kallSlam 8. (M+Oeio^o) Ware. 

em iknoBdfi o^en 00. 

deny. aitfg^OGjWoBftoo iaMi9aio^ODCDet)QKal. 

(6>ai^ Me dd>aSl(ij. 

dd>aj kava (C. Te. conple) T. Son. Tn. Forked 
branch, space between the legs. 
«>ai«»oaKib bandy-legged. 8o. 
denY. AQOian to stand astride. a>Qj^ Asoio 
Qajodn as OTer a ehild lying on the groond. 


dMJxUo kayajam 8. (A^a>Y) U Armonr, 
mail, given at king's coronation a>. o^^ni 
Bhg. s><o>§)(s; a), a^ocb (nDtf^dason^gy Bhr. fi 
(Q^ob ar)9(DO(B«nDdi'cdt^cn9(ob (D^BaWnoGttoob 
Bhg. — met. Ciolaja>ajjUo SiPu. patting on 
8iTa. q. T. 2. fig. an amulet, mantram 
cr)o^9Q06ma>'A(oio ^ojoeool;^ Bhg. 

d9>QJS| kayadi T. H. 0. Tn. aqj\& Bo. 1. A 
cowry, small shell need for oonnting & for 
coin, Oyprea moneta (Beng, at^) (nodnoBsmuo 
a). Q(0)(?A cro^cro J oorMmo QJ9(DYyll. 8. jump- 
ing play of children 4h. a^o^ai, A. cuoQ^dS), 
B. 8. pitch-fork (=a>curoo) Yi. 
a>Qjls)d9o6m(68 calculation with cowries on 

the decimal system, 
dhojlslg-jr&iok MM. cowries. 

SiOjern kaya^a t. o. m. a de^ojleno (a)ai) 

Sling; Sow to throw stones aigjo <d)Qjl6mQiyo 
Bhr. KR. <d)QjffmoraQo aj9d:j95mo BrhmP. 
<e>aJ6nr51 kavafli T. 8oM., dBiOJlenrSl NoM., 
6^d83«)6nr51 Yi.2. Muslin, fine cloth to cover 
the head. <8r^o t^^ Qsne^gjoo^ ^^d>cX> <d)Qjl 
srT9i<d>cX) Kal. or^eLiaAQj^emlcq/o jiDoooso^o 
<>o»P- [Mpl. song. 

dB>GL]mo kayanam t. m. Oare a>. sg^ojat 
a^Qjrniddit to be diligent Yi. (=AQjib4.) 

<d)CLKCD kayaram 8. l. Hairplalt, AaM6). 8. aci- 
dity (= jiXxiA). a. M. (T. axxiib, see aqj) 
biforcated branch or shoot si^twukKto «>e 
oo MO. prong of a piteh-lwrk Yi. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

d8t>cub— <eia%o 



axxiA^nr^ woman in her flnit pragdiaey. 

a>cxirD^§^ So. a gran. 

axiKoi 8. woman with fine hair. 

<d)QJ(b kavar l. s«)aM)o 8. S. So. (C. Te. Ta. 
Aoj^, <oQg) OffdnsiTo im^ of the body, also 
6>«)<9^ 8. Ar. qabr, S jr. a>Q^o grave, tomb. 
4. Ar. >cabr — attention, reoolleotion ^<& c^^oe 
9cn Qscn 'O^fiicmcn^ a>. egy ^K* (ss<J09<o 
fim). (ois^toS don 4k. cgyo^vm ttQuosi^ stood 
aghast. db'oi»l3 0cng^gyocBll. 

<d>ajrck8> kavarn'ya t.h.(C. a^emfttopoanoe 

npon, overwhelm, see «o>aj)Qi)|A) To plunder, 
rob (A^o «>Qj(nDo), esp. in war Qj^Q<ave4d>cX) 
oa»cs{/o axiicm»«)09n| qojoa TR. emajmos 
6)co6iBl(8)o ansicm a)a»A<d>99i| aiojoio CG. In 
eomparisons QjV30(a^S9 a>ajn9(Tn latocoroo KB. 
aQ-is09nb0lspi«>cvdBaQjcno RG. earried Sita off. 
TS, «)Qj£} robbery, plunder aj(Dc£lrbb A. (jud.) 

CT. 4kcu(S\ddn f.i. (8iO((&Do AisrendBaiairSl:^«)4)>o 
«n|9Qjdme Had. 
<d)OJO kayite T. M. (C. cooj^co) a tribe 

trading with glass bracelets, baskets, etc. 
ad>ajq kaVB^ T. SoM. l. Die <d»aJOQi)^9, 

dStOJOQ A>||^ Ts. 2. spindle of weaTor^s wheel. 

dB^OJaJ kayala T. C. M. l. (aqj) Place where 
two roads meet ooo^ojai aup); also ^Qano 
ejQgjasQjsp), cn90^oej«)g_)aaQj&pl KB. also 
«»0ei. 2. perplexity ACUfiJ ajMO^ Oojocb)^ 
stnnned as before a serpent, o^^ ^eaiOBio 
dl\^ 9m9cm\ looked all confused, perplexing. 
dBbQJgo kayalam i.=<o>6q«o (see aKu^cX)) * 
QJACJI2 ^^^ 8i. 2. in lakti worship, a ball of 
boiled rioe (fisrrMB&u^l) given by the Toglnl 
to each worshipper; «). ^(^^ao^cfle to eat it. 
a>aj^4i>, fS) to gargle, swallow, aioj^ 9^^ 

to rinse the month, ^MR ^*^^^KSk ^^^^ 

a med. gargarlsm. 

axuflO o.i04»» flee «»6QjflO- 
denV. AQJ8n«0» flee 4MQ4i}B». 
aiajan>oa^ MC. a starling. 
aiQjagjoo a petty prtnoipallty, once 

Csmons for Isaraed man. -— ^. cnano^ the 
Baron of K. (near 'Waniyankn|am). 
dMLj£\ kaTa|iKo]l.sdkQirdo8. (oomp. «»ajfiJ 1.) 
(fi>aJ3So ka?a4un 8. (also «>q_i9So; or tnm 

dMuP) Folding door. 
(BiOJyXS^ Ar. qaTald Drill, military ezereiae, 

A. ojn^an to drin. 
ddiOj) kati 8. 1. Wise; a poet a>a!najrMi> Bhr. 

excellent sage or poet. 2. M. T. poem akOj) 

Adfi AAs omo<0a^; c^BbOj) Qjoidgyoinb Pay. 

an old story. 8. «)Qj1 «d(KTg or QfiB^ *>m 

Tnln king of Calysjsapnram. 
Hence: a»Qj)e80Dcril Hal. Saraswatt. 

AQj^m 1. poetry =a>9:^o. «»ajVo»aiftl(AflmtQ 
Qji(CMAc6 Val. dasa>. o* ojoeo qj o^odho 
proT. Yl. 2. flotion a. ajo«i; «». tiMSa^ 
poetical composition, fisbrioation. 

dboj^toijo poetry fiOJOd ^. fien| Ti. 

aiQj)c0S4aao tradition a2«Mm «>. KU. ojm^ 
O0D§ d))'cgo Qj)gyC(Ko KH. 

a>QLi^akfi»Ainib Ti. poetieal oompositioB. 

A(u1aA>QO0reQ IT. pr. a Tola king to wkom 
OheramanPeramal gave Aeoonatry bet w oe a 
Qooarna & Pemmpnla, & the <awtodiiMa| 
craD9cnoOTerthe5(a^«ecbofT«)a: Leu 
esftft or ojiMUA (Handavara), 2« flibflSkiA 
(KalU), 8. cnxinsA(Mtdabidri>, oroodmi 
4>, j»)90(Ta»A(Karka|a), 50avi(see (Ooj^ 8.) 

dd>aj|«Bul kavUiJi Sov. a whip. 

<ejajlsl, <e>aj\enr>, dBjOjlenrSl see ffljQj. 
<6>Qj)c{i^ab kaviyaAi Son. (a>oulQ(S4k) Ai 

per, pilloweaae. 

AQjVsi^a) So. to wrap, ooTer with leaveas 
(d>QjVs^dd> kaviytrya T.M.o.Te.(flN« a^«» 

gjtoeoTer)alBo S)£k^0i Bo.i. ▼.n.Tobaovar- 
flown. ^go<iib«>QS)fla^O(U9Qp). 2.t. a. to over- 
flow. QjQOo a>. to run over. flBoQseuSknsi^ 
a>Qj)fla^ diroBorn^acoio Hal. «A]^|cijtt»a»o^ £^ 
gtxA «»Asndl]i 6k. ( a£^ sie.) invndaiod — fig. 
^moeJAAto^o criloflo^ «iQ?fla^ KeifiT. S. to 
surpass, exceed, msarp. n.^ AaSlcavwok cd^ 

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«9SMOdnQw^— iwKlJuc 

TE. » or St tb« ntBMtt 80. mm)<oU a. to 

TO. AQjtjyid^ «ie)^2|Qb invBdatioii, eooroooh- 

dBkOlVSo kavU Okeek (B. Ato^o? or T. <ooj 
yiss ftWikfli fir, Aa^. ojVwBb ^ ai. gi«A 
aaffifl proT. aKijlAanS Ys. boffet. mnso^ 
eo AQjl^QS cn^Odj Ofton^ i2ft«"9^V9o a mod. 

Hmmo: «iQjlftgq^ gUlo of fish (=9iitt). 
AQj^ftob Ti. blabbor-oheeked. 
^oj^n jS^ (S. ffDfijfi)) oonotraOMnuotipjao. 
aq3^*, *ajkteai9e|a»aAa4A, .aj^«0>o. 
«kQi)c)M^aao mftiio. 
^Qjkloqftso (4 «>aj)j^So) oheek. *|)}9si 

«fo CO. a». Oaj9§0oo€)^ BS. 
^gjlcteuo^ Nid. & 9iii3rDaj9^ eaaoer. 

iftQjV<B», gn^ kftTilu'ya T. M . 4 dO)(£)^ 
(no *Qj)QBd>) To bo OTortoniedy aptot, 
vboteed. aiQj)g|j QjWfeU oa tho iioe; «>. 
dSiS'Bm to Ue witb tho fSftoo to tho gromid, fSim 
aio oKinkA M^gqj osM&naib OG. (inAuiti). 
Aa3|e^ 8o. tho projoottiig stonto on tho top 

of awalL 
CY. akQaj£^«» A ^^igig^^ (aJbM 6aA4o) to 
vpootv OTMrthrov, lay flat (opp. fiMU^a>) 
>n OQJiBo cLjtfKno praT..4S»^ 

iAO^<A kaynl Ar.qabfa Eogagoment, «oowl." 
aiaj)ej9ggnrnVS)dat(nD TB. ao«opted torms, 
vanmidmnd, jp^pt oto. (mod. O(0>0(X>). 

a»Qj^94bW, d»aj^qii|TB. aohartor, pau- 

ASKUddei MO (d>oj. 

dBb(SQJo^o karai^ain 8. (axu^ai) Slight 

warmth, lukewarm. 
A€^ kaTTa Bo. (T. 4kaj) Ooneern, needful. 

di^Q^ysS\ kftTTii (also a>gg9Qfi, s>d9ioaj9c»l) 
5. pr. of a Tillage with an English foetory 1749, 
Froaeh fort 1750. TB. 

dBvOO bfe 8. 1. Whip, iMcuDcnaiod Ya. 2. Ko. 

apartof a fowUooo^js, oikLDdMCDon). S.8o. 
qaarrol. a)C«^9*. 

SiOdSiOb katakaia i. (C. Tn. a^crois^cro P. 

)ea8)Cao) Foppy, Paparer Mmnlferam. 8. imlta- 

tlTo ioand of sour aetringont taitee, elaetio 

fSeeling (ss ajl^Hejo). 

a>oeaah aS^ 1. T. SolC. to oromblo, i^eoie 

in hand. 2.:s eodSk^ii. ^j^^^ 

d8)Od0^d8>3(Dob Ar.qafab Batohera «>g^ 

&icoogj<d»oAo6 biteher^bird M C. 
<B)Oi\Od Syr. qai3a pl.-c/»oa9A, Preebytor. 

<£>^d%^ katnyola (^4k^) ImitatlTOMond. 

a). <^fm ajoa» to whisper. 
d8)^(2^ kaiomav^ (Port, .ft BrasiL Caja) 

CaBtariom or Anaoardiam oooidentalo. 

dh^^oaa cashew-nat. 

ai^OMSo an arraok made from it. 

<d>OSUOO katdaoay SiOlsSicA 8. (m) Someone. 

ACjjQk> S. foalneis, wiokednets. 

^.c^fijob naaty, Tillain. 
dBsOd^VOo If. pr. Cashmere (see <ft9Cg)roo.) 

a>*OD0cq/fla o^qg^damnb Xad. [sAoe9<;bab. 
(0>^jo kafyam 8. (^ pesarring tobe whipped 

dB>caQ6nr>d kata^am l . 8. Babbing (aufiio tonoh- 
stone). S.M. abit,irfeco, fragment (So. also 

^<^<>)* [to toil = aid^'ldBo. 

denY. atcaMrn^ao 1. to ont in piooes. 8. So. 
aidEQsnf^ (a>iPo«^ Ys.) baldness. a»'aso(Mb» 
a>*ajRieiqBKib bald. 

<0>ca:^aCQJb kaKjam 8. l. Astringent joioe. 
8. deoootion, InfosiDn, extract ; chiefly of 6 
kinds: I. ocroA.=ns^:i^ oJAft tu n iflfl CTiljb, 
2. dd>%j^a>.s= (8iO(0|^ aiauaa^QV orSU, S. ^a»a>. 
sstdnaaoi oay^ <bCM9e)aif(2, 4. iS^A.^tl 
£ij^ oojoaf^q^sraocflelcsviBi, 5. (B3srTU>a).s ai 
(^(oni)s^^ oaiaaoRAA Afikaa^vsiK mod, 
Atfooo»«9s^ red orpimont, o^otoaji. 
a»<639CBKU(cmo aSanyasi's cloth, dyed reddiih 
y«Uow. [CC. 

atcfiiOQEuWo reddened 9<^o<mA<£ei9^a\aiOddSDrb 

<B>rQci9 kaifam S. l. Hard, bad, palnfal.8.hard- 

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<0>rr^3(ob— de>gM9o 

ship, trouble, toU. ejiiq||s 4h(^^9^ AnJ. it's 
a shame; often ioterj. a. «>. 0nP. what a 
pity! (8io3QB|oa). AdJ. alas I fie I woe! aQQono 
(Q «>. Bhr. «i. oaiite So. to laj the fore- 
finger npon the nose in expression of snrprise 
or sorrow. 
Henoe: ax^Aoejo misfortune, e^^xibo ai. aSi 
aBCTT) croaovo ojosons TB. a better time is 
a)(^(0) labour, trouble, calamity, qjasho a>. & 

snBxs^ TB. was very miserable. 
«><^nb dangerous, troublesome. ax^cnoQSg 

Site YCh. aid^oeaocQ) ng^dancfo KEU a) 
(^(Ooc0 eactlajoQJA) KumK. 
d9>c^5>g_|§a> 1. to suffer. 2. to toil. 

all his seTerity. — mod. ai(^S)g_j^d:s(a>. 

<o>(^ai9M improper langoage. 
deuY. (dtc^dsa 1. to be straitened, scanty 
burdened. <a»(i^:iij a>(pl(6a (opp* ou^ojor) 
a)(pii0si) to have a hard life. dSx^^^ ^^^ 
4htflccycn>ajnb OC. hardly, with difficulty. 
«»gl:^ OKnoMab at the utmost, tu. 2. to 
toil hard. 
6>(^ajl<^ So. scantily, =s ^<^ja, 
dd>rro Ar. qisa? ^e*inA tale (Mpl.) 
d9)(Y\3(b Ar. qasar Defect, customary detraction 
in delivering certain measures (as of toddj). 
<B>a\>eQJ Ar. qaiaba Metropolis, town. 
dd>rroCLj (Syr. kasafP silTer) SilTcr thread; 
silTcr ft gold lace, as in the border of natiTo 
cloths. d9)croQja><o, — acS^, atcroaj^vjsrnl em* 
broidery. — aio^cu^^A Ys. to lace. 6>djonbB» 
tfoj (sic.) Yi. gold-thread. [Chair. 

<0>(Srroa> So., <d><8rroaj Ko. Port, oadaira; 

(6>(rotO) (G. castor?) S.Musk, CIP. proverb, as 
the most costly drug <0). isi^a^ovocfi etc. also 
a>|^rDlA S. 
^<S[^^a^Sfi)~~0c^omuskdeer; also civetoat. | 

Aft^<S\ami9dii Curcuma ledoaria, *9g*. 
-Hibiscus Abelmoscbus, Rh. [why? 

dd>rr^ ydi kasmal S. (abl. of «it, a\o) Whenoe, 
d9)CY\^0Cai] Ar. qawi Butcher saK/eo^ q.T. 
<QiQD^ kahvam S. Crane soaiodaa. 
dB>g kala T.M. G.Te. Tares, weed. a>AQjo1«B, 

Qjs>od9a to weed. [sowing. 

a^aeoooo So. ploughing the 8rd day after 

(BiOti8aftcyA> eadOjoT) or)9iDn6 Anj. K. pr. of a 
Si?a temple. 
<Bi^<Bi^ ka}a'yala S. ( atOJ) Confused noise, buis, 

din. a)a(9»ft«a^9d°oo Qai6m ootem 9^ai949Qjo 

KB. oTOQaBooB <o>. ooocnmeMf^ PT. (of ^ei 

Qf3j RS.) d)Aa)flL scBiSkroo qob^c^o oajocna^c^Ko 

I. d8>^ kalam S. (hoarse, sobbing) Pleasing 

low sound, dkasojofl, aififOQJo f. I of dore. 

«A0Qj6nDcrojcno CC. 

Aft6)09SP^, a)ftcu96m) woman with soft speeoh, 
also a>ftO0ni>6)jki9g)9()o BC.(fr. «0afcX * 


n. ddi^o T.lf.G.Te. Beng. Hind. 1. Threahing 
floor, place ieTolled to spread grains, eto. for 
drying; bam (in m^daa&o, Qoid^daaao, oaj 
OBAO) etc.). atflo 6) jiiosft^ proT. a»oo q^I^cq 
aAm^Ajb Aajg-}9(Tb TB. a>fta)iBn&u«a to reap 
Y«. A^cOBiW o^f ajS^ MB. ^i^mHsiC^ 
9^901^ TB. (of a barn). 2. battle-field 
OojOdMo, so A(QlfiaAo=sA(qM(dfi(H9K> GG. 
8. painting a human figure with ojGaiojjg^o 
for 0<Q[^aj99o, SO «>. od^^^d), Q^a*, 00)^09 

^, AO^cSA. 

Henoe : a>fi^9§ 1. Ko. sojlfl^ga). 2. = a>A 
^0) granary; a kind of dwelling house. 
a)flfi)ani9ej^ (loo.) dismissing reapers. 

(fi>Jb89>o kalangam S. Spot, stain, = 0Q Bhr^ 
blemish (Bio:oiaocu9§)a>(7ib a), cg^ oQ^no 99119 
too Qjra.waf) KIT. «jiirt8«aj9cmgj cnicb atai^A 
ai8i><oac)o Nal. <o>. £^9.isrn innocent, acnaa. 

<d)g6v«8o kalabjam S. Tobacco 0P. e^^osmo 

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c0)2(Oirml — <B%(S\ 



fB%asni!\ ktlatti AiOaiit, siJdm. B, 
(d>S(rQ)o kalfttna S. (a>ajo) WUSb. s>^is^^ 
Bhr. mftrfyiog — ^hSJ^^act b«i/b«iid. 
A8.|SpQj)$ hottM of a Hay«r*8 mistreM a. oi 
(n)iai» esBiQ proT. alao»ajis^<o>^o 
ono Anioh. 
^Qb^ ka}abliam.8« l. Toang elephant, a. 
OajoQfijMqQmsnriDKB. atftsoDde^oSl ChYr. 
2- (aiejcmcdi 3.) aixtare of pevfomes, as jtics 
cno ^>^<S^, the mod of holy waters for marking 
the forehead oaxm^^ at. (8i9§a> KtJ. A, ao 
^caaadnb «i06m)«a^, do^coe^o a>*9o ^<flin 
(Y)9ft ilB. also cY)§y <sia(Bado a>(ni§r^C[^o TP. 

<fi)iCbo kalamam S. a kind of rice growing in 

deep water s <fi>\p0. 

a)fl0^tf Oodatari (po.) 
<fi)^6iaJo kalamSam 8. stalk (a)iPoaj), arrow 

<d>|CQ^(d3 kalaynya t.m.c.^Tu. (a>a to weed 

T.) 1. To pat off, lose, get rid of, abolish OD 
e^s 01(0^0 AQ,sa^ SajosTI t. n. Kal. eoSis 
orodojsfiio A, Hal. (0>&Kr)3^ a), to shave. Qcd 
0)0 d»ifl.av38T» losing no time, a>ofijo a^ftcB^roa 
12 Bhr. aa>o§ ai.KU. (se^g^an)to take a 
fort. a>3^ a>cBOoo oQnrwfiB cnj^ aioojae <d> 
£009 (ponoiofiiaoarbk TB. if that idea be not 
effeetoall J driten oat. of their heads. 2. to 
sabtraot CB. 8. ansY. oa>o(nD «ifta>, 0roi 
:^a>. to oonaiit suicide; conTOjing the sense 
of entirely, forcibly, away, off. o:iie)cse. cat 
effete. msiQiam d<a m^ Aa>o«ri|o idiAang Bhr. 
getting, of eoairse, knocked on the head. — 
ooDtraetad ^o^sfooa KB. 
CY. «AQBu^<ae f.i. oioaMko (o^Mnryib afUo£\ 

«»'jy TB. had them exeonted. ojej)^ o^ 

«n AAc^^ KU. 
Id €Y. Qj)oegj asooo da»aaPgL^^ B8. 

<H^ la4ui T. M. (T. Te.C. oorDoiS)) l.aa> 
Ao f.i. MDfSkv •kjodMA) ajdaeoab BC. so (810 
s%yB<tl BC. fl. fencing sehool of 4t< length 

ODdgLjaKOros^cnaoocno, 109 in Kerala KU. fis 
reaft ei^QitcjuogjOoroo 6> ^igyvn Aftifi KB. they 
are presided by a «iA<6^gu|nCoaMs, worship- 
ped in the NW. corner. -^ &g. «>9fiM)n6o <ftft 
rokivoccii^ oS^fiio^ooo KB. a>. ®gsm TP. oath 
d8>|^(lj kalayi) Yir.ofa>^a>, a><de<0). 1. Theft 
AeanCCgo (ftflLOj «aLj93til TB. was stolen. A. 
9a_t0CB; ^f0)rbk MB. stg_i(d>. 6) iii^jad. emuggled. 
2. lie, cheat. a>. (fl)OSa) Yi. of idle laboarers. 
a>gmcnlft a>3g^0D oSlob a>AQj C0. thy hypo- 
crisy in weeping. 
a>AGun6 (1) thief ai'cnlfob eiDfi^oa^ YetC. 

d^ocij kal&Yi; T. M. (ft a>a9iuo=&a>9CD;9Qj) 
fiXLj/olsb. Carissa carandas. 

I. Si£\ kali T.M.(see«>anft<e)ftQj)Play, game* 
jest(d)alQ[^ jJIff^oyo) — orxj^ofb d(i» aift^ & 
9«9asl rinVq^ dosrooocpo Qooooxi^&laQcns aift^ 
g^fSamo TB. a drama. Aai«s;o «)9(ol9G»9 oj 
oc(^(m(2 "^r (=3sa>9cg^o) joke or serioasly meant? 
a)A)cB;9aa<d> to ridioale. Hence: 
a»fln(dA9(dab player, idler. [shaa. 

a>a)^So KTJ. an old priTilege of Baxipam- 
«>alA<ae9§gjau^das KU. beating mosio. 
49)AU>a»9g)(9b BiPo. a booth for playing. 
AftteaiD^ ^i«ythi]lgs, stage-dresses, etc. 
aiSOaaeiiSiPa. stage, *fiP<qB|oid.iiear temples. 
at^gLjn BiPa. children's imitation of holy 

aiftloB/^nb play master Y2. 
diA^CBOso reUgioas play, aiftksio^ f.i. (Asu 
(ooq^Velojcro^aB «t^o»9Sslc0aQyoo KB. 

fl2^fl)<S.9S^ 3001)0 CC. 

««)Q»iflnr>(aea) to rehearse a play Yi. 

«)fiOaj«uo«s to make certain flgnres with rice 
ete. Yi. 

*aVu3M joke. 

desY.taiA^Ail. to plaj, sport (4^4^^, 
Mud. 4htf ^ 010009 Yi. jestini^y. cagorn 
acmg^g^idaScnjac}^ Mod. where these 8 
<liiaUtieiareeqimlly developpiiig themseltes 
(ssoS^aidouo). (BQ^ «u, ^^ #>. etc. CO. 

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— dB>6o 


2. easy action, ai of Qods cro(^'Sei3d>Qjo cro 

^fffh 0or)^a& d9>a)<dao GiiP.filli the miod. 
YN. atfll^ f.i. 0ai3^o dhfip^a^ ojis^Qvia) 

Qmo KB. to amase herself by my searoh 
after her. 

n. <B)£\ T. M. G. Tu. (Te. Beng. a>an from Afii) 

1 . Thick pap or paste, water in which Arecas 
have been boiled, water boiled with lime ft 
tarmerio (Bidsrn^Qi^o edSiaist/aftgD^^ BC. 

2. a lasting cement whence Siojfirsb^eoso. 
d»>^(&9^Z93^o fine chonam. 

id^a^cnloo dark colour Yi. 

<d)fln8Lj3(Se, a^a)cB;S(da boiled Arecas a)a)ai;s 
dSocs^o QjQ(qQ amed. 

Aolags potter's clay red earth. 
dB^^^^fob kali65al (<d)£l(da) So. A line tied 

across a river to which are suspended bits 

of plantain-stalk to entice fish, 
(ds^cnj kalimbn T. SoM. (II. as^fif)) Yerdlgris. 
<B)£|C2 ka}mi aT. aH. Male of the elephant a 

Qjoro^aoBiDsio OQ_>0S>filB0. 

Si^fBi^ kalu'yala imlt. sound (= a^a) ^ai^^o 
^dB«o d»<^(d>acBirDiggBBC. out off rashly, entirely. 

iBi^dde^t^Cn ka}akka2l0 see prec, Descriptive 
of bursting s>. 6>o_j05o. 

<&>%(B9><&>y ddi!] kalnkka^fa So. ==£^(68 To 

•P'^in- [aa»o. 

dB>^893o ka}angani (loc.) Turbid, see d»>Qj, a> 
ce>'S^60J(Oo ka}dBftram 8. (^ejo?) Body. 
<e)6oo nftVi kalphalam 6.=<0»^!P, AcnjicX). 

dB)6o ka| ft <B>gjb T. M. C. (Tu. d^ggi, Te. (d>gj 
V^«)cX>dao4»)P)~ Palm-wine, toddy <9)g^a)5ns 
oroo£} prov. atg^o «)aj$iaajo ai&)(da (merely 
double sound) — different kinds : eAcB» -* , 
c^ro— (or jai<0»(oa».), «I5><0)^ — , (^(on^\ 
6tcXxd«b)cBKib 1. a drunkard, rascal (^<&oa>(0s 

slovnb vu. aig^Asiunb aoa (nscB;^ TP. 

a rogue of Nayer. 2. dkfi^sWob, ^e^foH 

<n^ polecat. 

<6<c)o)g-)3a vessel to take down toddy, df^sft 
(oaSh»ad C9gj9fl..tjntg[][iA> prov. 

atfiS^o Ys. bread of rleefiopr ft toddy. 

a>eB9in a class of mountaineerB ft slaTea, 
conjurors ft low oaste priests (who perform 
AA>§^3K9§o KtJ.}; (d>iB9s)^.-an»ab a 0^mo 
oonjured for Ab) q.T. — of flsJier- 
men, etc. 

dB>g^o kaUam T. M. C. Tu. (Te. «igy) l. Theft 
s=id>fl.Qj; untruth dSi. ajoa» to lie. <&». a»2 
GBi^ CG. without coquetry. 2. false, fcvged, 
smuggled. d»>gfiaBft9Ci^@a ass^om^go^ C0. 
thievish cats. 8. (= 4^>s^di 8 P ) brawn of the 
arm qu>6)5)cob<jB8 90Oaiso Ya. 
Hence: £)fis<jaR9^3So smuggling. 
^aadaerDtimo forged document. 
dy.efitfiAOj) sycophant 5).A)cuic(£^(sb giojSa'j^^ 

<£\ad <fi>*«>c)o 1810000(^0 ChYr. 
a»eaan9§ impracticable jungle «i. Q-j<D<n»PP. 

roguishness Yi. 
a>gad960o1 1. a false aioo). 2. bad debts- 
aigBdOetp) a hole covered up slightly. 
aj^a^tSa^ (ai^ib) plague of thieves, a». ygy 

(9>eaQti9A9nA false balances «». (d>@gOg_}(«orM 

ip\<s^o (d)fiaaD9Vpl (»ea8^99)0o s.uaf)§y 

^aa)«>fiOejo Bhr. DK. 
^>gg^r0(fi8 contraband. 
atgaonoM^ deceit, artifice <0)- oa^o;^ .aLaa 

(9^ 8Si!n:j^ PT. feigned to be dead. 
a>eB(0iBi9an string tied by certain eaates on 

the neok of a female relative, to prevent 

her being married without consent. 
(Q^ea^iSRO f. of a>eftnb f . i. s>^ oot^gJSd prov. 
^ggo.'ORio&pVsb false, cunning businesa. 
^^cnssrn^so counterfeit coin {= — ^jono). 
a>^ab (f. <d>ea.'DR»l ft po. a^aa)) i. thief, liar, 

rogue. (»eeaa03v1(0o 1000 for thieves, prov. 
SiCQ^Ao (o^msos aigfinbCG. who ran away 
with her. (s»:iXicn a^. ca^tflsl^ajnb Mud. 
shall represent him as rogue. aǤB<^ <^^ 
CB/osi vu. <d>tt^^<Q& ojOdSaso KU. a 
former souroe of revenue. a>i ao nr> a^ftcga 

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ooMQt maUblook, a^tt^ODd^ <M»a>^s«§y 
(wftrning). Aigst^ aj6\9j^^smoTP, oook 
the gun. — trap-board, glider ajfija>90<Qb 
au on^^tesoiD TP. <8>. fiWAoo^3^xi£) TP. 
snapped, fell. — latch of look o^gloabo tm 
Acm *• 8*=AeBo f.i. ojtfm^oiaiVgb a 
eanb £0^mo prov. m^aubsmo a>* c^^mo 
O^Kio YjM. 

^>^%v^9smo (ft — Q^ — ) «»o^a> to dieeima- 

late, nee trioks, play the truant, 
^ttgjs Ti. war by stratagems. 
^ttg-)Sa), — QjsQul Yi. piratical Tessel. 
ai^B^srno ooonterfeit money (= — en osnflfio). 
ateg^^jsmt indolent work; knaTish work. 
^eBg_}6ml(f)fi3^ab an idle man ; a cheat. 
a«fiauj§y 1. M. C. artificial teeth. 2. swelling 

of gams in teething. Ko. 
^flS^§ secret lock. 

d»eftO, a>eBCB;o secret drawer. [one's self. 
<o>fifigj^o perjury. d>. «)ji)^. to perjare 
«>gBg^3cflfial false witness. 
d)«>§go^ forged signature. 
^ 9Sb ] kal]i 1. f. of dgaA ^ea'^ajnoiannPT. 
t.ssA^o Square space, square holes for plant- 
ing, garden bed. ^. &@a AajgA>oY2. box with 
partitions, aro) a^. ajfi>ro^MR. opened a col umn 
for separate entries, ai. 5>di>.9aT!r) cn)d>(q|2^ 
§qaares of chessboard. a». ^§1 to have no more 
a plaoe to stand on, to be beaten. oQAcibo a> 
^<£\(A on my side or party. — (loc.) a stable; 
space between the ribs of a boat. 8. T. M.G. 
Te. (atOo) milkhedge plant. 
nads: gDfij^a. Eapborbia nerlefol., a^^ZtSn, 
q. T., Qa>9^., ^^iDidB. Eaph. antiquorum, 
(dn<Q(ai)<0a. Enph. tortllls TirnealU, qjgX^) 
dte. Cactus fleas Ind., eejas. Cotyledon ambllic. 
«>efl^a ^q^ QdiODToi^ i8iO'mlQna(o& Q^9P ^cm.jjs 

ojlsfisno nrfiA amed. a>gB)g_}3/Qb 6)a>9sne(nD 
avg^^ tt^dMo CO. (in hell). 
a^ftV^a'A 8o. a kind of hedgehog, worst 
i of null-poK. 

atfl^^dOiFo. a shrab, when oot, the face ft 
even the body of some persons will swell (lasting 
for 1 — 8 days). 

tOi^ jBjp see c9>OoI w>Di fljp jqJ ^^^ dj)9&o» 

dO>(P kala T. SoM. 1. Bamboo, pole for carrying 
burthens, (see a»tfsaP, stile Yi.) 8. shak- 
ing, aohlng. atoauisOBOft atspcf)^ oAOdSai 
ogoTTB. desoriptlon of hell-torment, see a» 

d8>^ kalam (ft a)CVo) l. Depth ojonotdch ojoo a. 
fifinfTa. oqfi^^o a>sp^eg| ^^ojoPT. 2. body 
of water, tank £\ch ^%o ai. doc. fae». mcrnhii 
cn^cn FT. cn^aaupo deep spot in a rlTer. 
AifiCTw£\ =3 A^cr>w£\ otter. 

(6}^<d>o kala.'yam (T. = a»ftr£)) i. A temple, 
chiefly considered in its poUtieal bearings a* 
cogfiOc^gfi (sojoaiasmaso <moajo§a)9(Qo TR. a> 
ipaiiisiaspiaj KU. expense of a temple-ceremony, 
ordeal, eto. 2. a temple sertiee. (8ioaLi^o)S 
a». ais^sn^ MR. offering of flowers etc. 8. 
title of 4 chief temples of the ancient aristo- 
cracy, Parappur, Perinohelliir, Panniar, Chen- 
ganyur, which afterwards had the right of 
electing the king KU. 4. administration, au- 
thority. o^K^toa N. «afiQ|5)asi^V7A a^'eoai 
oa)09n|HR.^-8o. prosperity; a>!pai({n9i9a> to 

a)tfa>aa9CBjo=s a>spa>o 4. administration of tem- 
ple property, generally oonflded to 4 at^^o 
fi^ or a>!pa>«aa9A f.i. «dfi)<[3>(0RQ9CLi aisp 
a)(0as<^ Qi(Ko)c»4> MR, — also atipa. 
atspaD (huntg.) N« pr. a BhagavatL 

db>\9J^ kfllaMt KoM. better s^tPo6\ Rh. (T. 
a>&MA C. (/y%^) CHiilandina bondacella aisp 
.^Vebae<Q»ms «0o<i)Ab ojycoal amed.— oj asp 
oo) Rh. Gallaadina axillaris. 
a^ipstt^ 8o. s a>ip^ f. 1. a>s»sH»n<de<Q9^0o«m 

(SrSVs^ MO. a . Q^s €k<fSicr» OP. -« a>&p«aD 

•aaofob see foil. 
«>SP€a^ T.M. a drachm, weight of 18 Oojonb 

(u«nno or 8 sIlTer fttnam (at 10 gold Iknam 

(38. a I ojQje Yi. ; as Apothecaries* weight 

Digitized I^^^jOOQIC 




s= 12^ ojfimo C8.). 2^ C9g^ As= «o aspsbq. 
Yu. a>sraB^«)9(Qb soales. 

(dsVCnl kalft&i T. X. Xe. (a)SPo) mire T. — Good 
rioefield cd^^ ^^cu^A^(£\ogi^S9%9^ Bah. o? 
A<3{jo <fi>si>cn)QQjo«b Bhg. «>. OooQo BO. flgu- 
ratiTely: <noo6QUD0OQ» iO>. cai^rtib BO. 

<e»lfg^ kl4^PP^ 1- ^^- o^ ACMPae, Spasm A 
(P9g-)Q(m B)<39en(bb Kid. 2. = crooig limb, joint 
a>«mano(3b 9QtA sscal^ 9c^§fiB ^s«^«h^ 
groisngroisni 9«)C$)§o Hid. in cholMra ss dHob 
ojo^osb; A>vp^ cro(n|^^<>3 (oaobo Kid. 

<B>\PC2i kalama l. (8. ajg^o) An exoelldnt rice 
reaped in Gannl after 6 months' growth <a>V0 
a>oo YyM. 2. rs a>(pd»)«an3QBo. 

dB>(p<ia4 kalamb^ 6. a^aosojo, Ko. a>ocny i. 
stalk of Yogetablee, potherbs in fl^ek9»ol. 
2. So. pnip of trait, pith, essence Yi. 0M)ch 
cno(D<OB<s{(5>s s>. 0u^ OP. ai. c^nsioioaA 6vno 
fin^proT. 8. B. importance (s3a>sr0, a>u>a>o4.). 

d^^fVob kalal T. M. l. Foot (otnb a>. crflQCY):^, 
(^dte. sxmd^pg (po.) «>. ^gj A> Ti. to reverence 
kings; «>(pnib<Lja>no, a)<i>(t^(oreio^^laib (mo^moiy 
O:uoib Anj. of the presence of Oods. ^iP%^ 
aicnj)| GC. 2. ^mdonipcbb aja^a£^(9b €i&^at 
Nal. shaft, pole. Qjsn()c(^s «». axis, ojsmfo 
coranonbo a)tfcj^sd))g6)s Mad. between the 
stidcs of the cage. 8. So. a d9>&p, also sliding 
door of eow-hottse, piece of sngaroane. (m\f\ 
ansPRifcyi. steps of a stile. 
«>spej«», cm 1. T. So. to slip. 2. ^tvmDOojo 

«> to swell, get stout, Ko. 
A&poQ<fi> a. T. 1. to slip off, i^t 4iff»' ^crn) A 

^o omA s>jU^BCi83. (asinT.) took off. 

2. to protffade? jiideiQicvcsnQ «»&poot, (^^a^Q 

a>spoc!lg (DOiaeftaYMQaM KB. 
4MPQ1 1. T. M. a swelling, chiefly in the groin. 

AtfGL^^Yi* erysipelas. 2. (O.Te. (oe^ej) 

groin aispaidBaoib, ai&pejy oskBb^cnoa> Nid. 

ooaoAo a med« aispai Ae^^ae a rupture, id> 
tf^aSaro Yi. 8. aM. seleotion. ai&p qj 

«igj^ to be ehosen; MPei^»§ elaotioa; 
ai.A^9«S2Aaajio)dfti Yi.s. 

dB>tP3CQ7| kalay <fi>(fOJ9CQJ1 Yi. (a>sp) Gap or 
breach in fences, banks or mad-walls; opening 
in embankments of fields to drain off the watar 
(9ifto^di. channel cut in the corner of id.); 
stile, gateway = AScnj. [^KM. 

dB>(POCQA) amed. = dd>c&:^DCQ^o; onoe^ a. ooj 

d8>(Pl kaU T. M. 1. Sea-arm, ebbing brook. W^ 
esasieo, s>fi>«)<jS«srBopaddyfields in salt marshes. 
s>ifi<S^ Y] . muddy hole. (d><p)on3G(2n B. = A 
^onodn. 2. T. So. staff of hoe, pin of yoke 
(So. a3<0)6)5>a9)), bamboo tube. a^ipleajMmo Yi. 
rocket with a stick. 3. = a^iploj — cnlq^iMm 
Qioso «)Sp)ajrDo Nal. 6^d»ejo aisf^ojcDo KB. 
(= »5>a)aj(D3) — (Biood<Q^aoo 6>a>9Qsne a^spkoj 
© Yil. 

dB3lPlcp^<d) kaUyn^ T. M. l. (C. Ta. ai^) To 
become loose, undone = atspe^. 2. (C. a^O 
Ta. iQi(€\. Te. a>ej, (oov) to pass, be spent, 
be over. q^clH a)&p^cs)9aj GuBi^;£i| Bhr. drew 
the bowstring beyond the ear (=f8i^dag^ 
CTQ)oajb); (0>sp)6Ri^9ou3c£) is past; died, fell in 
battle TB. a>(^6iaq» a)OQjo past tense, aisflaaoa 
9qg TB. last year, o^^ aioaio a>&plaaoMbTB. 
after 8 years, idioejo (BiD9(r)a>o a^splGn^ d»9B 
6Qj9Qja>ae95>ro an^ancnanb AB. last seen so 
long ago. 0«)9S>g-)9dasi a^^sia^^sl squander- 
ed (Tu.) 8. (C. 6i6ia*Qi9^ Tu. OAa>, Te. o^i^) 
to be possible, able emso <0>ipia^9^5>ai9e>«) 
§g^ TP. not ss if they were too poor, o^ 
QQjonb o^rn^ifle, o^^ocm fi><0)osv^, a^rmocbb *^ 
d))(svi|y; cDzaonl sgojouS^qlj^^ <S)&p^cq{o» €n 
es^wA enneo oostml «>spl(d>a£lg^; oSlcg^ owoW 
a>iflcsyo <4)9Bb)<«b TB. a\)3afia)6>fi.o<Q& ojooiMb 
^Siiflfinqilglgj, teHg) d>!P^s;a^ MB. o;^ dof^ 
ctvoannaid} those, who cannot do it. — freqaently 
also r= must (with «q or ^^) €wSi nOcm a 
^0^0 TB. must giTo rioe. ie»ad(mrS)4aa9SMi 
A9r^ Asf\4i»(£ig^ mast be complied with, oi 
(Q96BOMdk di3ikPa»qng|) TB. he must oome. 4. 
to Uto ODogVob e^GOs a^ftumwriMilcns TB. 

Digitized by ^OOyiC^ 




flooado Aipiq^o ojAgffi XP» f Mm wliAt we 
lire, a^s^flo^ W^ao^o £§») eanoot Bulvlst. 

YH. Atfki^ 1. eaeaye, renedj. 0qooo(Q a>. 
C2g| ao o^liw way. Acnaooo^cno ooon qj) 

6ort. miiBt deylmi^ remedy. ^ff\o^ ojodh 
Vi. to ezooM oneself, oe^ «»tfUKii9Si9Q4 
YyV. 4»). o^^»O6>A«»0§fl» Yi. to pay 
a dm. 2. posrtlMllty^ ability, aa»&p)auA^ 
«», 3. peet. Wkg cu«nv> depmoiated 
base eoin TR. 
d8>(P|^86t a. ▼. 1. C. Ta. to wleoee, anties 

OBV^ffle M* «g^30Bto d»>. MB* 0ldtf «k. to 

open aloek Yi. 2. to remove (C. AfiO, Ta. 
AA=(9>Ac;9A)* fi^o aja^o^o a. a med. 
avoid in diet aam^ ai£\^ e^o OojottfiJ 
KB. with tbe braoehee lopped off— <a«m 
^iUA 4iiSpV^ nrn^aa to remit, abate. qj)oo 
^AV^^HB. dedaottoi^ what is eold. noj 
acnaiiAo^ ffidfe^vB* «>sp)^(^')(doo«) 
dedaotioDS. 8» to make to pees oSif^ oiejl^iij 
d9>ipl«^ KB. .(beyond the ear) — to bring 
to pass, peHbrm, as ^oooo, B^A^t (W&(A 
ooKOo, fflpos, 4^, s>a>oc|io ^Q^o^y aoj 
oaoeo, flASnxicfiMmo. ete. 4MnS\f5^ Saio 
Qo dsitf)y9ab dMMmdaao. MB. (from siek- 
nese). fim) aispi^ <maaM purified. 4. to 
pan time, Hto n«mr6o 'oj^^ too^oijo 
Atf^^oxTift'Oo KB. e^oroo a». to snp- 
port life. — oSUoBOft ^jiauis^A99^ eoeocn 
«itf)^ ^^<VD manage to subsist. $^m (o^ 

XB. a^ipla^a^onob aa)«(ip aos ajsplcBi^gy 
eto. 5. to die ^9^aa&P Aif)^n6 3br. — 
to kill aojo&maasxo ajaoOdoA (S^dasAi^, 

YH. I. a4(^^(ob(i)Uifellbood dMao^<ftg)a)c)Q<0e 

<12 oatadvxpoao st^ TB. 
n. «>ip^(2) what is snbtraoted, xejeetod. fiyo) 
loeVob ^00 «)« fi§y &<> nseleeo pari. «o.n 

9 Qoak'BRiionbo 4k. or!W) «9ais^ ajs§» 
«>0n| TB. tiie nsaal dedaottons from eaoh 
, CY. s»if\Q^^a9 (esp. of 8.) (^oQOobo (Sios^Ocai 
idiS>mn <?»tf^ftJjMl^§Qinb KB. «aj6n|oQjj[jjo 
a>iplgJI^$)fi)30ea5moTR. belp to celebrate 
the feast. 

(Biff kalu 1. £ag1e, vnltare QoO <o>y<ds)^ KU. 

a>{p proY. 2. stake for empaling malefactors 
a>^Qj)(Tb i^d)cX) a^ool YyM. a;eBoaos)r9 «)iho 

a7y>«0al> ^§<d) TP. 
Hence: <0)^<0> l.= (d)^ 1. also (d)^d))n6; 2.=s 

a^y 2. a)y£bl(Snargb oAOQajlribMud. (the stake 

seems to have been named from the likeness 

of an eagle). 

a>yQ(do9fob rafter of roof (a>. (0)3|£^ do^ 6)a> 
§1 eto. kinds: (geJcSo. or Oa^os^as)., aigl 
(Ss. or ojoQai., sooidn. a^Qtiasofol) onos^.) 
stick or plank resting on 2 pillars; long 
pole of boatmen, (hence : measure of about 
3 fathoms). [in the look. 

A^asiO^d^wtii Qa)Qd) So. key to become fast 

A^cno(£\j atS^ocsTi otter MG. Yi. (ft a^i£\). 

d»)y«>cnoo) bald head Yi. 

Si^Q^u^ojS (abuse =<e>^ajo)). 

4kyQcX> T. M. ft Siatn^di (G. &&>nQ^) a tree, 
whose fibres serye as strings ai^egid)nbo 

a><pajlronib middle finger. 

d)yQaj6^ (ft «)yQa>o)) one, who deserves 
empaling or is empaled <0)OsnBonb ajtmojob 
^' P"<>^« [calling (ftysiif?. 

d)>^f«cuoa«> to empale Mod.; to abuse by 

(0>|pdKd9>, <b!\ k^lufrvpb T. M. (To. atOJ^) 
t« To wash, eleanse as 90«>, Qoto; rerely of 
clothes A^dBeom aicroono «iy <d»QVOQA NaL 3. tq 
wash off 9^9a> eifp^ ^^fteo^ TB. AB. 
OY. Qi){2^fiKft «)0(Bk <d»)^<o»l^ gsi^gji^ SiPn. 

boa of tl^e thiekaesB of an Ac«tfa taeK yioUiog 
aoi inferior fat. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

de>(pra) — dS^ocost 



<6>^m) kaluSa T. M. C. Ta. (Te. cn9CuS)a>) Ass 

a«> YyM. (a wicked Brahman), at. «8>a>Q[yat 
to bray. a>^vmgjejl HC. hyena. A»^piO)g^ HM.. 
medioinal. <d)9^ <d>^f>n» wild ass, word of abase. 
aiytmiflnDejo aJHs^ddn prOT. 
^^.^ kalutt^ T. M. (G. d»)a]Bfe) Keck of men, 
animals ((BT^cn;dA^,tSR^rob ojrmcno AR.), plants 
(see (d>ea)), Tcssels etc. — fig. a*^kwS^qioqoo 
<d>6)g_j^ Bhg. in extreme peril. 
(d^on^oroo or — o.TSioifOo occiput Yi. also collar, 

necklace Y2. 
a>y(ORitlai neck-ornament; explained by forms 

like Asa^ <d>g1d)^$)5 <fi)0<onQfii dSt^dinQsej 

(g ajcfljy QjloQ TR. 
<d>{f>0(ora)^^ 1. a long neck. 2. determination; 

proud bearing. 
at^oriD (T. extremity of pestle) in ojl^^fcno 

Bhg. notched extremity of abow = uxid 

OCgJDS^ Y2. 

<d)6^(PdB6v kalekka 1 . No. = axst^dM q. T. 2. Bo. 

(a)SP) to shake, shiyer Yi.2; to ache, pain 

(B^iA A(dn ^. Yi. pain all OTcr. <d)9<?)b a>e)SPgji 

weariness. <d>&p^a89ig a>avQ<fi), Q^<£hlrsb A^ 

ASHfiOsi^s^o Nid. of spasms (see a)y>gj). 
dB>D ka l. = <d)03i; q. y. 2. dE^.ooj in ^oaisnso 

= «0)oajs^, 8. 8. (<fl>8)=QajDLJc)o. 

a>9aj) some woman CC. 
dB>3(d3Ctb kayail S. Crow (fem. d))9^ & <0)9A 

6)g_gm FT.) «>oa)tf)CTbo «>ynn^(9b eisrr^ Qd>§l 


a)9£>a-i(d&o the sidelocks suffered to grow in 
Cshatriya children OoiiQA^e. 

a>0(d)oafia)(nj03to singleness of parpose, the 
orow bein g supposed to see only with one eye, 

ddsDdBsasnxOob 8. ^y»i(OrtJ)C^ T. Descendant 

of Eakntetha,ssBama RC. 
dB>3(Bd9>9^ kaYOlam 8.(raYen) A black poison. 

AQogft 6i»oob Hal. « 

J* <0>9(06» kakka T. M. Orow, CorYUS splendens 
sFd^paiob, f. a>9d9A^. kinds: cv$)«si9«e dt a) 

s^O(0»Oormoran, 8hag(or!)aR0«iab), «»9| a»o. 
blue Jay, Cevaoiaa. aeubOdBa «>io«noMb c^OBfne 
Qj(i8o proT. «iD<XQ)a»9«a Corma ovlminatns. D. 
a>o«oaang[g seeing with one eye; B.tqninii&g. 
a»Oiflad9aoQjo6 (f. — oasnR) a low eaate eating 

erows. ooia^Qs nnaafi «>0daeG»9ib 4hej 

(0Bil(9b (Cor. pittu). 
ai9daetf>d»9S^ («iaj((8ni) Eehiles naorophylla, 

Rh.; aj§a>9dSa6>aeo*3l Aselepias Yolnbilis. 
a>9aa<onicQjroonb Yi. a>o*g) B. the king crow, 

Dicrarns, oalled also tlie Catwal of the erowa. 
a)9«aaiiO))ornlg_]CTS^^ ft «iO«Bg-]onl^ Diot- 

pyroB tomentosa. 
ai9<0e(qftS(di 8eopolia aonleata. 
^o^timg^aiiA (oaioent «ndacg5><0)s^3V9aA proY.) 

crow's feather. 
d9)9<0e^ Torenia aaiatica. 
«>o«BeS)g^9(nD talk, gold leaf.^sinaieaM. 
a>o<aaQSy Pedalinm murez, Rh. ^^^ 

SiOAn^d^ Cosalpinia or Gailandina paniealata, 
a»0(enQJfia^ (ft a»«sii) Kegretia gigantea. qoj 

(ao — Bntada eeandens, Rh. 
AOdaaojlftdBt an iron lamp. 
U. <B>OiBG^j d^OdieOC^ (P. kaka paternal nnele, 
kako mat. onole) Mother's brother s«>df06in 
Qjnb (Mpl.) oQfiicho AOdto TR. a>9daae99A9§ 
Oj&scnD croB>Sa ojoen^ TR. eomplained to the 
chief Sfappillas. 

<0>3d96irD)d8«k kakkaiikka 1. To elnek, gaggle 

Yi. 2.S a»0MD)«s«. 

(d>3d96i9aiCtt) klkkilail (f. — omisi^) A oertain 
gipsy caste Ys.; jugglers 1). 

<B>yBS><Bi kSkkaya 5.1. To keep, defend, wateh. 
Acng| 4))9(0arm ci^ TR. £nrnie^iB0(D9QKC1^ ao 
(^onifi^® MR. preserYO. ^9t^^a>9daSiASKm 
Bhr. fii^(£Wn)6)fi)g_j'0i«)e] dtg^droo^a GO. 

6nr)6>0D a>9tfS2 A^d^ Mad. {^aoemo fisa^jsob 
Vasr. po. obserre tiie law. «€09Tj<Daj94AWb ^9 
(onSlf m)oo9^rD(bPatR. guarding, t. to wait, 
expect. A.a.'ORS^foldBi, «»o«|Brn)^. — 
dhodQB'^ (to^) * oortaln play. 

Digitized by ^OOQ IC 

<0)398>1 — dd>OJ^<Bi 


ddiOJ^li — dhy6ns((S)(0o 

YH. «»9^ ktepiiif . 1. enelMure, gwe^eok. o^ 

FMerroir for oatohing flah. elobAa^, a>9. 

iLj)s)iaiChir.=:fi>«»glcB; a^; the beat fish 
oftoglit i» preiented to the Janmi aa ^^ 
£ict; heaoe «.9^ the right of Ashing in 
tanks etc. 8. amnlet, eharm, esp. of bride 
or bridegroom* «>cn|a»cT$ln)9&^<fiBa^06>g^ 
in marriage. aiOQ^d^ Pfty. (an ornament). 
Palg. «>«>a>4aa9g4, a>»gb4ii3^silTer bangles. 
A9gLj<xj')^(da to gather herbs with prayers 
or bleasingt. 

«»a^ys So. 1. to give a oalfinto one's keeping 
to be paid for by the first produce. 

GY. «»3g^d9a to oaose to watoh, protect, eto. 
dObSaebl kiogi (T. «io«) Bi«e or dark oioth as 

of fisherwomen & Ilawattis aiQraoi a>o. MC. 

<0)3Ma^ kailUa S.(desid.of a»0)Desire,wish. 
denY. «»9odEtt3«e to desire (part. A9o<asa^ 
f.i. ^ann^ a-i aoififioW) o^^cno Bhr. what is year 
wish?);nQ»«»3o(ate)«)c)oKB. wishing for yiotory. 

dB^SAJTOo kijaoam S. Snolosnre, string to tie 
papers. «»9. a.oooii od^fQei^QcaiCG. painting 
the ring round the other eye. 
A9Anb perhaps the same? tie, string. Qeiae 
^ A9n3iA ffiufiaao C0. (see «>^). 

d&loJo kijam 8. l. aiass, crystal. 2. eye-dis- 
ease, Gutta Serena, of d or 12 kinds. Nid. 
«i9.aM)^^ & Aaool — retort or other glass- 
Teesel used in chemistry (T. <8>ocB;Ag^). 

d8»0ilJDaj T. see dd^O^SiWl^* 

SiXaj\'A kajil 8. fem. of A(SA(A Some one. 

d0>3^da> kittaTia (T. <e>9j| Te. 0. «»9av from 
«»»3^). 1. To warm, boil. s>ajsao ato^odb 
TB. «)»^ia» nrfliAab Muoj^^fti a mod. «>a^ar) 
0iQiofiMai99^ a^i^YCh. aic)oa>x to distil, c^ 

0<Qnm MM. As^Aq^^ (see «»1^^). — a>9 

^93ti9 Q.j^.'QniOiiia ripening or ripeP(8o. «)0^ 
green paddy B.) 2. to oautorise. 9a»s^nns 
4Di<fl»aj9(^«io. (in cancer). oajtt^o«noab«>«>air^ 
«>9. a med. aQ(o)aQjfi>Aa9ri| a>9^ (a snake-bito). 

— (loc.) to flog. 

YK. a»9^rDb 1. heat. «>9. o«»o«»e^cSlc» aiig) 
g>6m«8) TB. draught. 2. a still, As^, 

^Oj^lub kiMil A small yam, Diceeorea alata. 

— kinds: a>a§Ao. Diosc. bulbifera, cucrnicfiso. 
a large yam, o^^diio. a large kind, Qjo&p^no., 

<d>3^ iiMq l.= *9^ab2. 2. Dyeing, beating 
So. 8. T. C.= Aasg^ Catechu. 4 . adr. part, of 


aio^oaiiglg B. a certain sore on legs. 
ak9^ajSQj, a>9. ^en^ painted cloth. 
<B>^Ci\ A. qaii 4 <A>3d| Judge, A9Rlci09ftTB. 
ddiOStmSCno k&f^mani S. Oold (4 yellow flowers) 
«>9auoD09aj Mud. 
a>36aKY)^ Bauhinia tomentoea. 
dd)3aBu| kU^ 8. 1. Woman's girdle, i^ekte:^ 
«)o^9§Pft4A^ AosBi^ qcSlflo^CO. ^aQ^oa>o. 
CS2/0 (gq^ftl CG. 2.r3a»96ai)a^o, N. pr. the 
capital of theChoiiyan, oneof the7 holy cities. 
8. So. triggers Afifiob. 4. Trewia nndifloraBh. 
A9finDdd) f. i. a minister's gold chain. A(ir)«» 
^TDaj^2ajm^a>9. Mod. 
(d>06)6inux5) ka^joH Vu ▲ nettle. 
<^3ev«8l<;d)o kUjiyam (^mboI) Sour gruel. 
(B)0€r?rrQ^ kiifitiTaTn (T. AosaSif^, C. a.D<nSl 
(D) Strychnoe nnx Tomioa. S. aiMMggno, pro- 
Tcrbial for bitterness; the fruit — a<9j -* ano 
oO med« 

0P. kinds: OjkSQ«»9. Coocnlus radiatus, o jijq 
Qjtt^dSad. Daphne monostachya, «»9§ajeBl 
£•9. or 909»i£l^dDao. Stryohnoe oolubrina, 
oJ^noolidaa. or ilabcr)9.i^daao. a Steroulia? 
a>9CfQ«>VMaBi9§, «>9eo»i9(D9§H. pr. Casiragudi. 
a>9aoolO(09g|Q^n6 Shiva,— gip) the river 
Payaavini, northern boundary of Colaaidu 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

<ftDOTn5K8gujo— <e>D9 



MC. J^ny fl»k, polyp. 
<fi>OS ki4a T.M. Qaail, Tetrss Cotaniix. 8. oi 

a>9S(q|2STT^ a coarse oloth. 

dB>DSl ka$ 1. T. M. C. (Te. <o>e!n fr. *)§) Water 
in which rice has been washed, kept till it 
ferments. — so«r .gr«el, ▼inegar (loo.) &. coo 

<2)oee. f.i. as^tfrno asrB9^<?i ao. oj^jg^T^O'^^o 

<hds» MM. a)9S^or$V^(?A enoAfD:^ a med. «oo 

ogo Q^ As^dBA pfoT. 4010^0^ alWs^o 4m)ms 

aicgjob proT. = fiOdOsos'. — fig. aio^soiodb — 
00 a)9(TQ>cr)g<O)09o SB. 4. (No.)s=ojoaj§. 
<fl)D§ ki49 T.M.C.Ta. (Te. «>dq) V5. of <e>^ 
LWiMemess, wood, jungle (in Q_idei(0a99, 
9a>o«Be89 oto. — opp. cno^) — aio^oajse^oi «>o 
sodil^ea ^9^0 a>9^ d»)ftfln^ ooosodto) TR. 
(after wars). aioso^gpSdOA to lie waste— ^ fig. 
«>9$o Afiio;^ 4MVQA to -work kard. — (0^9^ «> 
GBX)a> to retire into the jnngle, flee from ene- 
mies, betake oneself to austerities or to re- 
bellion ft robbery as. ^^sx^^ oqth oni^ciji 
:^; '^A«)(9o — ai«no^akgl a)9. dMB^cTl Qo-Jddn; 
so also CLt^dJ^jOtf).^ <9»9. Q jaicno <ij>s1:^ ojoi 
^ alauGTOo aiiplisn, or9q!]9ckOo sgjo^ SiAovr^ 

«>9. Q?Oe JO^dSA TR. of) a»9§^(7lb (SI^^S^O 

Veto, will be dethroned (so orOsmdSe ujooo ® 
«m).a4gifli9(0ntoexpft«rlale,b*nish. 2. waste 
gronad for barning corpses = usjsajfasg^ f.i. 

a>99 QJ9 QJ9 Q^ OojO OqJ9 o^OIS ajO(S{|(m 

a>9ejo death time. 8. number of faults ^9§ ^ 
soQoi ajt«09cBalAnj. ^o i£oaifii»^(A oAo^ 
«>9., (Bi^oDTda aS>^9r6 ai9., ^cv^mssa ^9. 
Tu. oQAmoso A9S0C») QjUdgjcu^ C&. relate 
someirliiii eonftiBedly. — sIb It oaUed A(d)9^B>9 
%; tOigfldSads co^^ orTifojAu^j^ Bhr. O what 
a crime! roadafiocroA ao£UA o^s^q^ s,(qsk 
an (D90oc/f7) R8. 4. of moD; a way 
of oalUog dogs. 

Hence: a>93nb- 1. Jungle -d welter (opp. cnascib) 
K. pr. of a jungle-^aste ^9Sfl8o ojei o^i^ 
8iR.*9S^ daKS>^C0(b TP. 2. wild ho^ ^a. 
0092(0 blaok dog; «)9. o^^ ACMDocb efi»s^ 
Ai^. torn-oat; male tiger Ti. (sAiercob). 
a!9Sn6(i^g^ Boleria Lithospermia 
«> 9^0)9^0 a tax on lands bordering on waals 

In lieu of any asseesment on traots that may 

be oultfraM within it W. 
A9«S9st jungle-roamer, sarage, also «»8S<^t 

f. a>9§9Tntn B. a>9§(i8o * cuea 6>dto§l SIPb. 
«>9s:9i^lC. an (mwS^ (in WinsLssBavkinia 

tomentosa; B.* Banh. parriflora). 
a>9§g^ 1. Ceanothus ossndeus. 8.=±q-^9q»o. 
a)9§99 see (6ir^§; — ^9§9(n wild elepluuit. 
a>9§9&nb f»reBterssa>fsnb, also dh^s^uch. in 

14 castes, of whom Q_i6m)<s}ft mn ealled 

Hke highest, to wliMi «>o^»j£lf ascribed. 

— (9>o§ganb <usf\ (huntg.) kilBng game 

firom ambush as^ ojcrn^ <»A9gj«i. f. 


cio£i (T: a)9§9 jungle-cow) Bos oayifroBS, 
bison. <e>9^<d>c)o «>ros)d>d>TCh.; also (loc) 

d))9^d9>(nD, a)9S>g(t&0. [ 890188 CnJOo)L 

«>9§^tB8i«r« &— nsRi9« a fragrant graaa (8. 
ak9§Qdi9ipld9s9««9 cfooT^d^o cn^^omPoiD 

a)9^^<dft Rh. = <fiiSCQJ. 

<o>9§0)QS22 wild animal («>9|oa9(dnB. wild pig). 
a}9|(rf) forest fire ajO(i^}«»tflMA ^»o. Q9ini)| 

«»«i^«ad9d;i TR. [<j>«>9s»^ TR, 

«i9§ald9d Jungle land, t^&pai9ai) «>9*a»9* 
£>9|cn9Qs;^ a rebel TB. 
«>9^^9SP Canaa lodiea. 
^9§fiS^ Brythroalum lBdicuma«»9<iQMBd mfld. 

against hesmerrholds «>ft. OajMAPanermduai 

4MSi%(9^ l. = d>i9^. 2. Euphorbia. <di)tQ«aa 

fl^, the milk of which is compared to wild 
- bufBalo milk. 
«»9§a9S(^ or)a^<€)Qj9^ (8. aLKn(a^3n)98^9 

QAi6mab)ir. pr. the fkmily of the flrst 

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<6>3§o— <fi)36nOo 


Aoenoob— <fl!>Denr51 

■agleia&of Ho. Kerala^ who by G«n*pftti- 

honaiii hM to defend the ooantry againBt 

ghofte KM. [beak. 

AaesospobftAOVEiab Yi. a bird with doable 

DttMand for cno^O(^g0ift)cnD Od^ogo Qjoar% 
»Vbb proT. (Taliie=s«»o«mo). 
d^<6>kit;tll1fA T. H. (=4k9fln6(qBa)) t. a. 1. To 
make to Me» ahow, point oat; with double Aoo. 
oeiiaBOA «>ajaBaisp^ «»o9§«mo AR. also Dat. of 
pen.; «>oglQae09aa to show bow to do a thing, 
betraj, ooieBo ^»o. to water cattle, cyojo ato. 
to bam Ineeue, o^e* 4ko. to amoke frofts to 
ripen them. S. to exhibit, eommit, perform a 
oMBOO(oaj)«ajdi»o «>os) AB. was guilty of 
some felly, aqjso d)kO.Had. played false, eogfa 
acBigyMiiai «»9QB|o «io. TB. aeted openly against 
the law. ficaaam <fi)0§) ooob^fob KU. behave, 
oofil «»o«rn)(aaa9o aicnj ojodDoyo Ao^tm 
TB. ssQ^AKQione. 
«»9s\gb, 49)9slejo Cond. (s «)OcX>) T. M. even if 

yon show, = compared with, rather than ea 

ODcoajAaBMOadgW cngij/gt gaf) Hal. 
aiogl 1. showing; a bird «>3. m^Ao^QSo pror. 

O^caass) LobiTanellas goensis J. 2. see 

ander «»a§. 
CY. a»8g)aa to make to show. [seTcrity. 

cftDO^^^ kafhinyain B.=ai6\crym Hardness, 
^3GnOo kaQam T.M.C. (a>osnoa)2.) 1. Pos- 
session, goods aio. 6>«>3(dn(Os, a>9. seaainb rich. 
^9sm«B^ oo^cunb d^smtioecX) ojlscmQca/o 
CG. a>Mm<ascX) ojWno OojoaGvaft CO. bank- 
rapts. di>36rDo gQ§d)to take possession of. (SA 

ajaml TB. pnrohasing a Janmam; so AoJonb 
d»o«moo^<o^aa2 paid the price. aS^caoi d)>9smo 
Yi. the real yalue of some piece of workman- 
ship. S. mortgage, loan of money as eqai- 
Talent for a mortgage, ralaable consideration; 
ased of Tarioas tenares ft fees, as aoolflireo, 
oflA— , «aJ"*» ^^'^y cr)§a»o«mo etc. a 
cS^9iai9% A9. jisdoml cudaekBr m^xwoo VR. 

01^ cn^ejo a>9fim909 Qa§g-p<flatads OnP. aio 
cmo (81^009(00 a kind of deed : the tenant pays 
a certain rent (0-1950) after dedaoting the in- 
terest on the adTanoe. cn^ajoaiim o^cniiB^ 
«oOOO Q-ismo dtgsmojo e§ ooolsi9fi> c^j^pani 
(0KT» TB. <o»9«mo suf^sa^ aaj9^o the lease 
will be taken firom him. ^^osmo submort- 
gage. 8. the weight of 8 <8}U>60i^orss i^ oj 
emo OB. s>^<do €M» aiosmo a med. 4. So. 
T. hcwsegram. «yLJ(Qa»9OTxGlyciiiedebilis or 
Qomphriea globosa. 
Hence: <d)96m<0n9rDnb the mortgagee. 
Ao€m«<sa9S 80. mortgage tenure, amonnt of 

mortgage money =Ko. ojogo. 
a)95m«n00cBjoa (BiocJ^ctgcmoj* nmplres, as- 
sessors of rent. [gjeS^oo. 

d9>9SnDa-|9SO l. = «)95m5><0»9S; 2. = A96m 

A9wr>o o«)99r«ajnb tenant. 

Aosmo aj6mcB;a-j9io deed of mortgage. 

A9«moQ-j9So leasehold tenure on payment 

of a rent equal to | of the produce. 
a>96m9Qja>9ooo (jad.) A a)96rr)QjA909o MB. 

a mortgage claim csi^ Q-iOaiHsnaA 9oj^ 

Q?mO «9>9. £«TS, a)O'09a»i o®y<»i QJ9«9^et0. 
<0)96nD9CO9rOo MR. 

A96m3rD^=<fi>95m«6n9roab TB. MB, 
cfijOetnoobka^ah S.(=dJ>06m9?) One-eyed, blind. 
dB>06nol ka^i T. M. 1. Spectator, eyewitness, 
guest at a feast a>9«rnia)cX) ojoo^ono, a«9. a»cX) 
oOgyoaidJao (TO(^mo KB. 2. something to 
be seen, gift (= d^96rT?<fi») ^osm^ exn^wi 
dafti«ml«»9o YyM. - mark as on gun's barrel; 
back stitch a»9«rnl<fl8flasi; water-mark ;=s land- 
mark in of>9§«o>9fflfni near Malaparam. ' 8. a 
fraction of timeor space ^^^ OS., ^*j (Tu.C.), ^^ 
(No.); ^^96rnl=-J; «N*)ig9Qj,=:ij^|^^CB. - 
ADsrriXflftiemo, A9«n^®cy)^o orflcmgrtk; s>o& 
^6M»§>)9Q0 «>9«rnl Aoca;96><mon%p CO. <d>o 

€rTSl*U9<gb QJ)p(m99(m KB. ^9. <SQV9ftO OLA 

a>9SMft Mpl. 4. aM. ,»^ of an estate^ «>o 
em^cvoaob, <D>9«T51da»9(ftab Vi. one wlio has 
some olalm on mi ettate. 

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see 4Btfirn3(8fij A^. a>oQsre9Ao till you lee, 
a>9sn2tm1cTnigy oannot be found. crOfioacfodBtt 
soonb AABojocB^o Afinf^ KB. foand a way for 
. yoa. asrosois atsnaQp a^ig^o (to.) atorlee. 
Qjlo^a^soBB ^9iB(B ^^- ^^^ resttU of the 
iiiTeetigatioii.— tomeet(cv)lae9.e9cdn aiaanaonb, 
«)xikTO <0>9r|g OajonBQjoab to Tiait TB.) to look, 
ttd»)c)o(fina£^gy o^Dcmofob of) «>Q9nia if you do 
not obey, look to yoanelf. — ^^ Oojotfian 
g|o d)9^ a)9^ Hud. (repeatedly). 2. t. n. 
a., to be seen, seem, appear a)Qqi2 ^9n% 
looked black. a)gDar» ^v^m Aascqjo, a)CO| 

OQjaa£l9ajoajb aaitiOBlaiab ^92sms{no CG. ox) jo 
q&BB^Simoi ^OD^ <d>9<>mQaj ^--agi KelN. d9> 
fiPB^^g^ oQ^cm soaio a)9snomo cnl6m<o»^3^ac)o 
Bhr. yon look, as if you had never seen me. — « 

ooaacodooo Mud. disappeared. a)96mas(a)0(a) Aai 
(m^=:d))«n|^S9a& Mud. — b., to appear the 
▼ery thing, be sufficient ^oswo exsi^ae&i 
«fi«1^o PP. enongh. (Sl^ «)ajgi oQ^&iQeudo & 
(3fiJ3o d)96nDoTB. may amount to. asrocia^ earol 
Aobo Qz^gb atosnoo ajlsi6)a)<SQo arOi-ORfticnoo 
(Jud.) the distance may be. eoog^Sddaajonb a> 
^Qj (ftosmoon^ KB. (= Oajs^oan^). 8. auz. 
V. oiQrn>£o Aocq^ «>36n6 of) CG. consider, 
alBO(BioaeQcr)0^^ a)0Q6msmoKU. do stated- 
ly, regularly. Qoruaj^:^ a) osnasob onaficugmo a) 
^^KU. ajocnoOLigDDo dnriDo cr)5(r» a)6nB(So 
SgjTB. none of the promises haYO been kept. 

Hence: 4k9m a^. part. (2) any a)«iB 6KrxBBcX> 
B digpjA; a»9«QJ4b : 1. ^ a>o«rn)a»cfo eyeirit- 
nessea. a>9iiQjA at^voiA qj^o^o »s>a>4><0a9 
6n% YetC. as many as saw It. 2. atsntojae 
Aa>9^daa Mad. to g ive to the next beet. — A9m 
a^aalcgb o.akno s^acn oes^aa SiPn. s a>ssnB 
SQjo anywhere, aisv sa^csecfo whatever 
of Tlotaala can be got. a»snB a>9snadib aaj9«>ej 
KB. ain^ob atolaaaa^d prOT. not OTory. a> 
«« i^okA TB. ail the proferty. 

(6ian^ adv. part. (8) 1. At the ratoof. gq 
(x>)a^ CD. ojsmo aisni a7la>Vi£^flaicA aioaicxS^ 
TB. raised the taxes by 8 pet. ojmWi Old 
Q ai9t| (OiOAano six in tea. c&cm^ov cna^ 
^«n9 QftA (mOcmoSAfimo TB. 4 timea aa maeh 
pepper (sannaa or)9ei^(Os)^ amno). ^rokXBo 
oQO a>0n| jU9(8iz{) asaesaed somewhat hig-lier. 
oecroaroo a». ateiomi* aer^aoBp, oiftOtMBa^ 
ttQjMfl<%aor>o, myoBOl aj^ajatono «rWb 
ojMk) a». QjaiqiiTB* ncu si»(o moQ^jBto ai^ 
flioarod^, fl^oj a»sMa£ ooo(09r|| a>.(d^a aied. 
2. so as, esp. with nog. adv. d§o o«)aja.a»m 
a»o^ KB. fligMi» e^aAO^o ftioofiikao'Sat 4»9q| 
PH. a»Mnr)aMi a»9f, o^s|o«» akaqp Ym.s 
«>j»Ma9^> 82A|9^aKn)a(ATB.if that bo not 
the case (also Mnd. Aiqft Si»9^d^n e^ 
609s€>aiofiao«(oi aisn^). of) ^)or))9c» ao^ 
ei^coao <(Oo6)«aafini9 SiFa. l known 

a>or^a>rak>g|(m'«SlasaT)ajab one hatdly 
aior^aio^ a present to snpariors. 
a)^ a>9c2|o heading of letters, orders, title- 
deeds, f. i. 093vn6 a), a^o. ag)(m9nA <or ei^ 
aj(3)M.,at aeeiag this, is required to do as 
Mlowa TB. j^ 

a)on|«b)g(d> to be found, so a>Qnsd>A^s cnSlsi 
a)9'ig^:fi3l GK)Yernmont agriculture. W. 

^^^S9(g{ (a)9r^S9^) 1. dimness of ejea. 

2. = ai9«m(03^. 
a)sngAa>s sequestration. W. 
AG^Si^^^ to surrey, make a list a>*§)sr 

ojogo TB. the produce surveyed, ^^le o!) 

gliob a>*gr»9prov.= confiscate, sequester, 

a>9^«)a>9cfo to observe a rule throughout, a 

fiQB<8cn a>. always at this rate, Gan. £<& 

o^l^9 arooszOmDo ai. CS. the same holds 

good of all timber accounts. 
a>on|aj6Wio Yi. imitation, example. 
a»«nsQjoa) to accost, address, 
akf^o^jlialaa to discover; seixe. 
a>99ft9aj)«a to imitate Y2.9 also A«n^ qj^^. 

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dSbO^i^BD^ — d9>9r0Vob 

to meet, fUl in wUh cro^cQe&i 
n0O6M» A'ojanb aj«rnl UB. 

^9dm«g-}9a9 to be eeen, ^rfglble «oai<d>aQfl|o 

«»9<m5)gjS9 Teatr. 
di>96nrM09^ ((roaa :K0io<a9) not endorlag mie*B 

eilflit, nwlice fixuaabl cuoago jS^Biib did. 

cBittiik Mttd. 
a»06moa> to be seen, appear, ooojom «i9«l§ 

«»»*«i9cniodbTP. bATing eeen ft reoogniaed 

him. <0>ofimoQqyf <4|)g|90e every thing Tlsible ; 

& witk Aoe. 6Q)0AiB)Qcn aioernDflgonD G0. 

law tbe child. at^o^qv^cA avosmocvl on) 

aiosmaoaewA So. deeelt. 

(<>^96in9g-]ooo learning bj rote ( AosmoAoi o^o 

§»iai to repeat from memory). 
A06n6 Imp. & A06KB> beboldf 6>3Ljg[][j «)0sn6 

ai96iibAB. (seMobofijo). 

AMnSlcaB 1. T. M. C. Te. Tu. an offering, 
preientsAȣ f.i. AMm^dSe oajO^mb cro 
«>ej axvMBB^oKB. FP. 2. oy.=sa>o|a> 
to show, make to appear, display. j^^o-kSfia 
a>o. TB. to exhibit. 6iMBc)od9a Aoonl:^ ft 
Aoo.a\>Q^09O(D 6»ocrn^daeocM>TB. withoat 
introdaeing hims3«) jua» «i{wnDa3oa«B03(ou 
«i3ernl^A9$«B <Aoe.) to betray; (Dat.) 
to take revenge (vn.) 

a>3^ (Cond.= a»MrnW) ft «>o^o, also dkog^ffib 
*'in comparison with*^ imQ(vn<a»dc)o QoinQaj 
Oajsd) CO. to go even sooner. With Loc. (no 
«kl^39.o ^^o AB. cAflapoA<fifii C9(n>l<saj 
^aas^o cr)s9aa«no YetC. better than 
hitherto — also (diasOob: ouaio sojo^cmQo 
ro^aA^oorxasoftl^bb Had., ft eyen a»9QBn(ok 
Mad.— In If pi. usage the Inf. a^o^em f.i. 
of) fl^Skm<fle9«5m (u&pc «Bgj Ti. 

YK. I. a*9jg (T. a>9|p) 1. eyesight, poreep- 
Cioo, penetratfon. S. offering «i9. ocuan to 
present a gift (<ol(QQ(Xi<9A0jjg> to Qods ft 
kings; also merely fiKii^ a»sr^ KU. «>:ij 

^ AQ«r« Q^tikospoaj; to a new king cnsfojo 
ifis^o (Qc^croocBonBo <d>9^ aiv^aa TB. 
8. show, spectacle, ao^^oo) indnstrial 
exhibitioa; «»9§gg-)S sham fight, a»aj)6m 
<ijils^:^eB a»o'g-jS«>9Lo Bhr.; a>o .«cuei an 
exhibition, <o>o. (ftMOft also of Tislons. 
H. a>o!g<fto^*, — a»9igoab=a»osrBonb. 

de>dOriso0COokSa»4^rS^^ Hind.; Beog. coo 
smusroo, Bhinooeros HO. Vs. 
a>99iBO0rDo timber foand nnder water. 

caSGrrLOokaQdamB. (sa>t>cnj) l. stem, sUlk 
giDOS a>3'aiS()o Ca. 2. knot, joint; ohaptor, 
book, f.i. S in Amara Simha, 6 in Bamaya- 
nam g.Tfinmsimaio^ ^si 0) a>9'09ai^ KB.; all 
science isdiTided into MaooD^o. ft ihcsaato. the- 
oretical ft practical knowledge. Tatw. 

da>oerYi see dfcDooJ 2. 

dd)Of^ kaSam (C. Te. Tu. co:>3JSo) A Cob8,=:4 
mo(p)a> or 4 ^Oj^ OS. about 6 English miles. 
Some take it to be=9QV90acn, 08. others =s^ 
Qa2;983or>. The distance from Gooarna to Kanya- 
komari qg^ooQcLj.^ a>9(Q)o cno§ KU. (d>Mik> 
msnno e>0dn m^cm TP. haying walked a 
good bit. (sr^di^fOdtaoioio m9iP(qgg ^99m9^ 

<BiOOTi(Oo ka&aram 6. (dxmroo) Kot knowing 
which of two, perplexed 6>0(0)<o«qj'SjuI = Jil 
o-i&i, cLjfOQjoe. 

4MioM«nb Q^Kmo^ejo VCh. coward, 
deny. atiMnroi^sicnonb PT. was troabled. 
abstrK. «»ft0)^ood)Qj^| 00. 9axS)«»»o>^o 
a>sr^ Bhr. 

ce>or{nr9b ka(al (fr. ato^rgb, T. a)Ov , 0. T. a^ocis 
indnrated) 1. Oore, heart of tree, opp. oajgg. — 
In palms the <0>9. is the on tor part, in exogent 
the inner part. ^eidanSofi^dAo aio, <£b)§o prov. 
2. essence, pith, snbstance i^otms^tamdA^^ 
a>Ob &«neo«oprov. (noaicid a>9. 129^=0%^ 
roob. (Bi^oodaiotoMib Bhr.sOajedroo(o<K aoob 
6rn^«eomaei GO. O graoions OodI ^onrxftMano 
imfiisQiMaoaouBhr. «>o«&joagAfiai><9 o««)^ 
Qjo Oa. a happy triok. 

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<6>0^ — i)B>3rr)8a>3 


dBjOOOlWrl — d6>DCtir!1 

d8»3^ ka5n (amoa) l. The ear, more m member, 
than as organ of hearing (o jasojl). ttegj^og, 
^^o®j ^^^^ O0»m^a>o upper earring. 
A6iBoiA§^c(Mro a>a(So a)|^(q|2o ^hS^j^ qjIoq 
TB. atojgo ^h^qQo ojo^^ oa>09q| Oojonno, 
alBO «iOQo at^dQ^mDo ojoldte TR. (robbers). 

spent the last penny for it. Aomoo ojcm) 

proY. — (Si^cai^fDo fioJOaoDo «iM)^Qai a^oodo 

ejo KB. 2. handle of vessel srocm^osos «>o.; 

oj§mt(Dld(0M9a a <0>o.; eye of needle, d>»DKX) 

oy^ccyo ^s) ojcdoq (in death). 

d^9i£icA **what is worn in the ear'*, women's 

earring (similar a>|^(ORpfii) it»aajadtoofl£lfij 

ojaiaSlcoo Nal. 0tfrn1tiaaoiai)ai qd^ «> Yi. 

fl»or)«cTODsl Aoo^Qj. [tnted for earring. 

a>3<inl(gb AseJ, a>9«noai a oadjan leaf snbstl- 

aiOfi^AOQ^ boring the ears, in Kerala only 

<fi^<^o. in the 5-7th year; 90QJ,|O. costom 

of other countries, also of Kappil|as (henoe 

a»9fl>nb a oonvert to Islam), <d)0.249iaB2^ 

auocmo (BK)s)c(vaa>^o MB. 

dO^OtOT) kattu i.No. «»ooQ, ai9^, T. a>o^ 

The dried Areoa juice, Catechu (=a>oaiMA, 

ODorooP). 2.=sa)9^tiaayam bulbs, growing 

abore ground, also a^ooinnzSi (s= dMnS\d^^€m^ 

Qobo a>93i>l). — past of a>o«9a q. t. 

AomitchYi, doubled beaked birdsAaAgo&Pob* 

<£>3d^ kaf alam S. (a»a^) Plantain a>9. «eo 

a««> 00. [Spirits. 

<d>3ao6YiJ(0l kafamfiori S. (^eo6aio)se^o, 

dB)0/^ Ar. qadir, The Almighty. 
<d>3/il Ar. qaii dd>0^y ddiOai!)ffihib Caiy, 
judge. a>o'ea> ojefii a mosk under a Casy TB. 

(d>300<dx> kiaa^fam 8. (aKY)<d>) i. ooiden. 
2.= a>xnoT. a>ocT)a>ar)oo^ BS.soodMn^ or 
(ooojgji (a>9. 0«Tr).x»oi8<o)OOo CO.). 

cd>300o kiaam (=S(d>Qavno) l. aT. all. Jungle, 
aid^. 2. 1000 millions of milUont G8. 
0oai9(no 10000 millions of millions (38. 

dB>0rO89>39 N. pr. Kear Palaeidu Ascttib ei^cn 
0ej (fiiavo) (0>xr>(SRilak dk^iplen^ KU, 

dBOOOtimn kiaat (Ar. nikiht) lUrrlage en) 

cr^oroo orodteMmi omacm ooe^ 4b9Q§fln(Bio.) 

Q(U)ejoQ0 iO>mcaa()d TB. 
(0>yr>mo kananam b. Jongie (^aiocno, prh. 

Aonb hard, see a>MMi). 

«»9CT)(Y)Q^^aK3o exiles. Bhr. 

ce>Dor>o(8cooan * cejonryjcnDQjl p. qaalsp 

gO-i (a»9G^nb) ACanongo, administratiTa olB- 
oer, formerlyssTahsildar TB. 
de>3(r)(ob kinal T. M. l.Heat, glare oS^^ 
dobo aiocn^os Q6io9f aime TP. 2. mirage, 
also «»ocn«aio, QUX^^', also sandy barren 
land ^ocn^o^ Yi. Tery dry jangle, ^ocnsj 
ocnj Ys. desert. 8.=sa»9cno all. «ftA9$&a 

cnanmb 0fDor9<o Qo)flnoscno BO. 
dft»0Or?Vb = <©)DC^}(Vb ( AWB«»). 
<d)30^oi) Ar. qanuiia. kanon, ft d6»X>^^ 

Oanon, regulation aix^ok (d»a^cnaich MB. 

(d)D6)OOca[je2»3(Dl k 6L13— P. khiaaFiuiiiiri, 
Computation of inhabitants, oensus e<3 ado 
cdcoejiVob a)9. (o-^^oao /sqjcoo ootg^o^ ojoo 
^cru^oodo fisn^ TB. a^ enrn^nrv A9. a^a^ 
smo ^si (9) Q-ifiiDogo qaio^osi TB. list of 
population; also — daon a) MB. 

ddiymsh kandam 8. part, (m) Desired, at- 
traeted;s«iMvq[g9oa>o loadstone f.i. Aoma 
e^nb 0iO(S«AisrTU}«BOft«g-j9O&i KelK. 
a>oaQMib husband , bridegroom ogKn^^^S dka. Kal. 
«>9aQ> wife, mistress. 

(dsOrrO^^o kanda} T. H. Oloriosa snperba e.9' 
^o o4>fia§o orS^ofin^diTt 00. in the rains 
(now tteQasmocrnl). 

a>9(inaB=a>o§ea), Lily. [Tamun. 

^9aoajoa3j, a>9cra)9oa3j KU. a residenoe of 

d8>0r^3ft)b ka&daram 8. Thick forest = aiscn 
ooo, d9>90Do. fgent chilly. 

dBjOCfrorbV^ ftdfe, & <e)0nTy)dBjD(61 a small pan- 

SiOCj^iBi kiadnya T.So.Tobehot, pung«at= 

YN. a>saQKA. heat, pungenoy. 
d0>9rr^ kiadi («»9cra^) LoTeliness, baaaty as 
tQAnaooBOS a>9.oo Aosm^ousdo 00, 

Digitized by ^OOyiC^ 




AOtL^ Jcaba^am B. («»uSo) DeoeltfdbieM 
AeDoqjAS «>a.Nal. 4^0, eg) PT. 

«a>9o-)LIV> Hhfttham 8. (m) Bi^ roMl dka^onS) 
Oft cnlfion Qjlekeaoqii KR, 
A9oga8:ftKi6 wretoh, cowud (po.) 

<ftD(8cucQAi kibfiyam 8. (aqS^) m dko«aj(» 

fioajo atflcn^ AB. Monkey natore. 

<ftdaj iS!pp9k Syr. Ootward Testment of a ITat- 
rifi priMt. 

(A3^>D) At. kiir Kogro; also «>9oc) A infldel, 

80. «ioaj^cb heathen (Hasr.) 

AD^^OOJo 1.<s»o«aacwo. 2. 80. aoqj, 
ArDo Confeeaion; «>»^4)>MMb penitent (Nair.) 

A9(2k) kamam S. («»£) Desire, <&n§3,tnBMn^(7A 
«>3. (SY^oulida ^ajo OhYr. lore; personified: 
AD0db Aflior, or «>o09eaj(ib. oj^toib ^s^ a>9 
00 fl»03fiaj^aB KB. to spend even the day in 
pleasore. In oomp. i^aOAoonbt Qjoo^aonbeto. 
Bhr. liking to stay at hone, toroTe in the forest. 

Heoee : ai9e4k(9(1oe.) eomedones. 
4a>o0coo going whereone likea «>a^ei3C» (tu» KB. 
AO0iii9/Do walking aeeording to one*s own 
wish. A90jaia^«rni«^ f. pi. Bhr. from 


4Mamo arising ttom last. 

«i9aeo granting what is desired. 

«»90q^ 4bo0aaxi» a oow from whieb all 

wishes can be milked. 
AsecnxAOOob AB. Siya. 
tfiseckjOAjSj^dfiinb GC. Cjsh^a. 
a»9eK[3ajo Q^«^ AB. in any shape he chooses. 

4b»0|9aj^ 1 . handsome. 8. assnmingany form 
at pleasure «»9*«)Aoo ojaorydcaoib KB. 
*9dei janndloe, also ADe^fij. 
«»9eej3Co obtaining the wish 4b9*«3<t) s^jiicn 

AB. went gratiiied. 
«»Mos9(rT^o aj6),^l«S9ej9 8iPa. ars amaadi. 
a>9ecroWn id. «»90aula^oix> AB. that his 

desire be falffiled. 

4b909(n^ as far as wished a»o. sonrMSBdo a jU 

a^*- [oiYlous. 

a»90), f.-cri) lorer 909(fifis«>9AaK)o AB.; las- 
den Y. dB»od)«9e to wish, lore. «tejo a>D0^:^ Bhr. 
desiring progeny. ftCBVOOio (2S6af Xi9(i6 a>9 
£i^ Mod. s a>9oafiA)iaB. 
a>odiej Tdbh. ^oeei 1. jaundice (Lil0i8i«>9., 
«MS«»o., 0cniKaeo.Nid. 2. No. porblindsess, 
white iUm over the eye. [Tions. 

«>9fa9ACib lover. (oooo99«>9. 8iTa) f.-«^ lasoi- 
a>9g^o desirable, totely a>9'09Qyfia £« Q^io 
. CO. [leader. 

(BiOCbOm, (B>OCbC((f!\ (B. oommandP) Master, 
<BiO(Mo kamaram (a>9<Bb0.) Frame for sawing 
timber 01^12/(01000030^00 ato. AQJd^ FT. 4l»9. 
a)CB/OQdi> MC. also Q.-rnsngla), a»s. 
(d)02>D§l kam&tti 0. Te. Bricklayer, pioneer qj 
ifi cncmoa^QJOch ^00 a>o. TB. (in Maisar). 

d8>3(£V9b Ar. kimil Perfection dto9^ai9caoB9Q6)«ii 
Ti. a real martyr.. 

? «ej0cnJfijajdB)3Odo MB. p. 192 what.? 

cB)3CYlj kamb^ 1. T. M. (So. dMPCQj) Te. A9Q 
G. Ta. a»9Qj Stem, stalk ; stick of umbrella Yi. 
(prob. «i9o6aj fr. a>9(9k, a»iMi). (st^cnAafig 
a^O CU91PdQS9CQJO osrD^9c(V9 proT. 2. A3<^ 
<T. a>9SP ^, see ^iOmA) pith^ palp, inner sob- 
stance <opp. chuoa) a>9a^oo^aa oamobs, Gift 
aflroloej A9. ^'ont9(iA; aj^a)9tfQi{|fi)S ftj|[|^<6a9. 
eatable part; mo(S\d^9. well cleaned rioe grain; 
SkOH^Anbo a>a. at<mcBil^§l§y rioe not yet qaite 
ripe.— eonsas96m,(9iDa>as9., ^ara»a>9. inmost 
mind. Q(d»g}]<b aj9e«BcX> £c)Mas9gip(ob ai^aan 
Q<fle9cX> CG. meditation. $. E« oamp. (XiD^ 
QjlAnbo «>9. TB. 

dB)3o(S6iaJD8?e kimfiojain 8. A land ft people 
in the NW., its langaage and prodnoe. 

I. (BiO^SVo kayam 8. <V^.aJ^) Body a>9«B;(D 
QJ9 jU9 0CY>ca)9 fisS^tfla AB. — what ooneems 
the royal person (ssfiscob). 
a>9G0(eeaasP (BioettoqQ a>&pl6B^ KU. king's 
meal (also » aigoa-gj^m!). [TraTaaoore. 
«>eQ»9s)(m<ooii9Qj KM. the second Bi^ah of 

Digitized by \^300Q IC 

<fi)DGab— <e>xs^<0b 


t6>9CcS— .(0)0(0 

a»ocBicnaDabx>f tho writer Mftt« in BMgM. Mud. 
II. d9>DCa^ T. M. (<0)aQ^a>) 1. WhM is pangeat, 
chiefly MMfcetida, 6>ajra»a>o<!»o, the better 
sort cngya>dQB>o, also «»o^<8»oc0o amed. «)aj 
fibDoaro q. ▼., ooosecooel A9CBW. So. — 6»«>OB(ano 

*^P~^- (etc. 

AOQBJg^ftl a oondiment of •Bsafostlda, pepper, 

UI.SiOWo l.Tdbh. a)0O8o(alf. aT.= (8»5)<fl,M»o) 
Bky. <ft03i;.w0s^«cw9§ «»»SrtA ©ojOS^cb; Pay. 
2. Tdbh. d))3jiSo f.i. gjojo oajflflJcq^o ^fcacOyOLJo 
(Sojoo amed. 8. T. SoM. a woand. (0. Te. 
Tu. ofiioai/o). go@ OT^g^oieo ADcaMjralmoo cncno 
MM. Vi. 

S>o<sv2Qi^ Oaye&onlani d^oowaatija ^jffi^ ^ 

cnjr&snb TP. (also <8)3CD;6>a9^o). 

<fi>DCQ;ajbk8yalT.M.c.(VK.of<ftDQj^.o>) i.-what 

ie warm* a^octr^eiaol warm canji. «>93i;aj3^ 
s<s» to hare feTer^tsaio^rob. 2. (a>3Vo) T. 
SoM. backwater, lagoon. A^tgeg «»oc0ejo O(O)0 
§0 ffAOmJe^^ 0(81^0 PT. — aiocvani&pcQi^ 
bulbona root of water*Boldier ; a>9S)^rD<Be 
petty merohandiee; a>MB^9So wet land. B. 
8. bamboo; aiacK^ov stalk ft roots of bamboo 
remainiDg in the ground, a)XBi(e|jL§o olaster 
of bamboos, ^acB>fiiro^ bamboo seed (med. io en 
o'a-job) — e9S<a»9CBxbb = aos'^go, essctea^. 

<fi>0Ca;DQ4 kayayi} CP.aojUoqj) The blue flower- 
ed Memeoylon tiDotorImn (also a^ftooj, a>9(Ao, 
ft «i9oe9Qj), oxi^B Ao, med. in ophthalmia, A(^ 
ObdQvoQj another kind. «>D^9a^nr)looe9.tnn 
Anj. «iOQ(t>o3uilab a^6Kii9(8ia a>9Aaj^ab Ca. 
«)93i;9a^Qjg^n6 CC. Crshna. 

cB)0CQ^<6)o kayiTfam S.(a>9Q2ioI.) Bodily. av£\ 
«o»orc9dJ^ 09cnao3&ia3ijo Bhr. 

(dsOCOTlrCIo P.H.kftghai^ Paper, also .d>9<fil^.;jn!f; 
(mod. a)«82) ^^f<cn)6)(0fi9^.'Bia O6)a»«BA0i0(0ke 
letter, ,oOOOOajaT)(DR»)nnn oAa(iTM>«A09q| OQa» 
dte9. oo^^f^ cuaael TB. writ. [id>9^o. 

<d>3Canasb Mod., Ko., <BiysS)^o MR.=:ai9cX), 

<d»OC{^dB) kaynya T.M.C.Te.To. y.n.l.Tobe 
hot, heated, ripe, feverish ; tf^Qjfigo a>9e0^^aj9, 

a>9<no adgVak oojoio tustcm pror* 2. toahina. 
cn)ej93j a>9(3^«ciiiodo Arb. 8. to grow dry 
amo <9»9eBi^«(u9c»1. to be ttvuted e^etfttsn 
oodc^ib 00^6^90 «>o«ii9Qo_i9a»); d>a«agaja<Ba» 
to grow np under want ft hardship. 4. iiA<as9 
0^ to warm oneself. 

TN. a>9s;(A ft Aoffi) heat, dryness -^ (Cam. «»9 
jy^ q. T. ft «>S^). 
dB)3CQ) kay 5. (often shortened as ^MnObOsO. 9n 
«ae) pi. «>9^cfo 1. Uaripe or ripening firvit, 
ohiefly plantain. a>99cv9§ ajvcoesifl. «>«»9«^ 
cunm Bhr. 2. -what is fmitlike, callosity, 
oertain, entrail (reiosP) a>d9eo d3>9^^o tu. 
8. apiece, Nro.s90a9; piece of ohess. QSou 
ocn9(0n^cBxnlnb «oO d)>9Q») oQd^eia ^o«dsoxi9 
a£l§ ojoen^ ^ai^ TB. ten more or leas. 
akOQ^crfi fruit, rare fmit. ai9<n<ee89fll»loaa3Aei 

a)9. to^aib a»9g)<A KB. 
«i9^o) Tegetables. OK'noos «ia^ok oaj;^ 

5)A99«a<b CG-. 
(0»o<J^) -^ kaykka T. M. o. (A9<s»ai) i. To 
bear fmit, ripen. «»9^e(Do opp. ^9^9.1109 
barren. aaj9^«!»W ^dteOaj<61anaej> *9^o 
proT. «)9q3^flmaj^eJ90jTB. ^o^a ^ tk jack tree 
12 years old. a>9^<flfi9aO ripe froit. coo.'OAo 
^9£f> Q^m^ ^(S^^m KU. m9caA A9j^ 
Q(Og^ai Qjlyo proT. — also met. oacoioaj^nb Q 
fij Qa»s><m9a>9oaQ09o Qjiqn* ojlsno «.aiocnS^ 9 
Qfi.^ 8o-i9C(£) n»(£>09o (^aafiBtaatVak o^q^ 
a>9^u)$o a>^QOftio SidD. 2. aM.s^s^^i 
f. i. Q^wA 6>9cd^ «>ai8^ab OC. d9i9^ 0^9^ 
CG. 8. to be callous (den. from «>»»). 
a»9(cB!))orflA hot water, med. 
TK. ^ojQi bearing fruit (So. inferior iron). 
GY. «»9^(de to bring to maturity. QjlsnBG»e9 

CBf oDAd^aH a)aaifiMB99^Qa <dt9^g^3or» 

CG. (ssshe succeeded). 
dB)3Cg^6tY>9 kaypaqiaill (see a)9ajn6) Monej 

settled by a MappiUa on his daughter at 

d9>3(D kara T.M.(C.Te,09Mfrofli^i»eft8.) l.A 

Digitized by ^OOyiC^ 



dSs'o^oni) — <B>Mo^(b 

tboniy prioUj alinib. a»o<o^§ jSin (goAdan 

«ejproT.(M> Iflu). Kindt: ^tsnvh £bO. Coathinm 
parTiflorui,«»jiiiQ«>9.B]i. Cftnth. amarum, d»i 
§^•3. with lODg thorns, ak^Aoro Calophyllam 
fl«Tetoai8(eBiet.),<QiAl(a»9> Bh., SMna^ano. or ^ 
s«)dBM3. UTtfia?, ecnVvkAo— ft acnSlfij».o. 
Mimoaopa disMota<from lUnilla), efiiao. Yan- 
rneriaapinoaa, QQja»3. GrifBthia fragrant, 
tkjo^moib q.T. 2. a sharp eraption on the skin 
(C. coM»)sa^5rnl 8.ailshyi. i.adish 
lor ■nking hread, also A9(&»yA99(t9(A, «»o 

H«dm: A9(0<fla a dried date frnit. a>o. 9ai«n| 

«bki 09(00 oa»d9«9 C0. a»Moaa9<sg5>s <bio«» 

«anc9a(CB a med. (C. a)9<ol(6»). 

A Xft dBaa g a thorny Jwigle; N. pr. of a plaoe a>o 

<0«a9aeBf <d>9(O«gMito0a a eertain low- 
easte poetess. 

«i9QOd>3f a kind of cricket, played with a 
aiarDQLis) a crooked staff, also ^.Moecrn) 
«kaa3§ Ys. (see ocug]^). 

d>9<Oi^<3o thorn. 

AMM»ajg>)o B. Ifomordiea ojoajroL 
L cAyOb kanm 8. (/^aA) Making, as(mofi>9 

(do what sounds a; Ao&oido etc. 
n. <d>o(Ob Tdhh. aftdroo, ojsfDo Caostic ; different 

salts; pungency, as ofpepper (= pQrC^aj). 
A3fOd&o kuwyun 8. (=«)9(Do I) Doing, agent, 

action ; (ro)oa0«»M>4i>o making one a lion. 
<fi)D<06nr>o kin^un 8. (cans, of dh<b) Cause, 

aotiTa, origin. (^^s^cmoiQ ^x aiO(09gg9o6 Bhr. 

flftaWibo «i9(Dcmo KU. the reason whereof 

is as follows, for. "^shnu is called «>oro«rr) 

asoAiab, — aj(Q:fiio6 AS. Ca. 

AS(0«nr>gi, A9(D€nrya»-io eausaliry. 

««0annb 1. author, originator, Yishnu 00. 
Q^^ffiiWib «»9(Mmnb AR.; f. onovoaidro 
m\ AB. 2. man of authority, title of 
barons. 4»yD€nrxD9Qqjfi)iao<M(MmAo9g^9(tto 
CO.— ^ydsmj^os Y2.a disinterested teach- 
er, opp. a>9Qn^(a an interested one.— 
Q sas r aUy A9nm>yxt U head of fSwnily, 

hereditary predecessor. «>9^«5monB3<b (n9 
fiOoA ss<sb1 TR. since the time of my ances- 
tors. 2. the maternal uncle. (nD2Z9Xin6. 
S. a title A9<MmajnfUQ9<no f.i. 890 aoco 
smojft EU., in Corumbranadu : at) gDSoj 
Acalfflfc ^a «»9/o«mv(b KU. ajspcT>9sa>9 
(O««m9n095)(O «ocnatfi(oai<b TE. the next 
in dignity after the chief administrators 
of a temple. 

a'9ro«rn^a)(i6 Yi. investigating closely. 
«)9(o«rTfl(§ana6 who is the cause (sa)9(06yn 

AD(D«6TnDQ_i9CJul KcCT. See ao_ioaS^. 
(BjDfOftb kmii 8. (d.arDo I.) Doer, who has to 

do with, as (8/oj9§«a«DfDnb, (Bi^m^dRor^iTb, cnos 

d. 9.-0(16. — fern. — i>.9(0»TJRSl A — ^9(d1. 
<B>o(licr^(tio karaskaram S.strychnoB(a)36iai>l 

(Do) <0)o\TjR»'(T6Aria aj9ejJejl§9.'ob a>5eJ3ara)«o 

0)fi)i)tgj Od£\Q^99r\iO CC. 

AO(OD kara 8. Prison ^sna ©jjsmo <ftD(09<p 
QOxn^(A <ot9cm sojnb Bhr. (9ioajS)cn <fl)9(09<^ 
QO.tnftl.^ ojlsi^ 6)d9>§lor)9A SiPu. 
«j9(D9o)Qjsl cartridge box (loc.) rgjj 

«>9(003«d>9«o N. pr. Nayer !n Curambranadu 

<B>0(t>0^d) karalar (T. ploughmen. <Q.oib=^o^o) 
Workers, agents. I. temple-seryants, goner- 
ally 4, placed by TJralar managers of temple- 
lands for the endower ®a.u:r\jjTjKh)'ob <D.9(i>9a 
cr)93i;«>oj3gaLJ95)a £«9(ooan6 oa)(m oa)y<m) MR. 
2. tenants, who hold the land for a long seri- 
es of years W. 3. 80. possessors of a ftree- 
hold. Syr. doc. 

<ft9(Oo^, ^Mroofg. 1, the office of a iS)9(T>9an6. 
2. freeh<rfd Vi. ifl>d(00(g<»m§o (or «cnso) 
80. purchased priyate property. a>o(d9J^ 
Si^osn^ ^Sdoemo he has the title to the 
estate. 8. Terbal agreement between Jan- 
mi ft Codiyan about their respectire rights 
to inhabit mortgaged grounds. a»9(d9NmQD;9 
00^(0) <fi;arm o(Do uo(S\(Qo (Siocn^fmio EU. (opp. 
et^mbQ^ which is compared to &«9(ooqq; 
sacred ft full property). 

^o(09(|g«x£l a leave under whieh tiie tenant 

Digitized by ^OOQIC 



<£>9d6(f|<d9 — de>3gL\ 

iB not to be dispossetied m long as he 
pajf the root (loo.) 

d9>3(D| kali 1. 8. (^WDob) Doing, ab ojoajakOfo). 
2. H.ssa>oaKoni^ f. of a>3.'^. 8. a wood- 
peoker (Ko. a>9(Oosab^d(BB»n6). 4. a fish 
Silornt D. 6. (T.=3«>&pi) brackiBh groond. 
6. T.M.<«i(0», SiOh) Sfiiaio. a banting deity; 
QjQBMOQ^ atorDis/oA oto. SiTamArtiB, a>9rDlcj|A. 

dB)3(Dlc&to kaziiam (atorolca^o) OTioe of heredi- 
tary magistrate in Colanida. CoLKU. 

S>y(^ karo 8. JLrtifioer, poet (po.) 

cB)D(ndd>^mrdkani^ l. T.M.C.Te. To hawk, 

spit out as ohewed betel, force up phlegm, 

Tomit. — freq. a)0d9n)dBA No., atOdSA^dM, a>oai> 

ej)dQs, a>9g!jl(fi» Y2. (Port, oarcaregar). a>9d9ni 

^Ijgjejo prof. — 

2. to gnaw, bite by degrees (bidctuo^ a>€ld^ 
«>3cnD PT. (henoe dB»9(^ 8.) — met. to fasci- 
nate 0aDg^s)cn a>9. 
<B>0((^6f^j> karn^yam B.ssAOsmn. Com- 
passion, pity AooBcn^Qjooao^ qjIu^^^oacb 

%[)qDO(A Kal. 
<BiO(b kar T.lf.C.Te. (aC. also «>ou>aa>9flLo) 

TN. of aiOB 1. Darkness, bUok. 2. clouds 

a>oQ. 8. rough = a>a8, ^. 
Hence: a)0A«7^(ab black Agallochum. 

4S>9fD^ club, stick (orsAorDQj&i). 

aiOAosabAiosnaiab^oco^S. (prh. from 
«>o(Qa> 2). 2. ayillain «>9. cn^ojosn^ proT. 

«»9rD0d land tortoise XC. 

d9i9rD9aiJ(^ B. black cow. 

4b9(o^(o)cna (8) steel, or simply iron. Bhg. 

a>9<£lalb fih. Yitex lenoozylon. 

a>9<^o lead. 

4bO(Q9^ black salt eP78. 

AOOTDfii 8eBamam Indienm. 

«>o«(Qa Plooeus baya, the weaTor-Urd wUeh 
hangs its nest on ooooannt branohes (croo 

a»99rDoaj oommon Ola. 

4boa(09ai earthen pot ordish8s4borD4. 

AOdsQcnrn plaoe of much trade or Interoonrte. 

atoanoejo (8) the ra<ny season CB. 
«>9aev<ab, — ^oq)/!* black hair. 
dB»9«an9ei^ 8erratala anthetmintiea (^aftoe 
<Bai 8.) also a)9Att<d)9^3bVob 0P74. ^ohok^ 

ai99y9<ft{Dic«iT. Psoralea oorylifolia) eren 

«>oAay9(eA&vo) Klf . 
atwqQiaJsi a medio. 8ida. 
«»o^«n(bb, a>9Aadaaio black clond. 
«>9d]tf^ black beetle GG. 
a>9di^ab Orshna, also d9>9SMd9^ajg^[)nb Aj^ 

esp«9a9^dafticBbajjp)o6 Bhg. ete. 
«>93GU«rn^ black hair. 
dB)3dri5n^B6) see <d>3rQ)dB). 
d8>3(^^3 karkaiyam 8. Harshness, rs^iaca 
(0), A96)onjo. — 

<fi>ySdeisyoS(d>rtb kirko4ftyi2^ (S- f«>m AaBoso) 

1. A serpent, vu. ssSjaM. 2. a Tillain, rasosl; 

also <9>9Asaj9sn6, ai99ooSinb = 4h9(d9sdb. 
<fi)0rtyfD)Qjlc8Jf^ S' (^'wajkanb) 5. pr. Prince 

of Mahishmati, son of Crtavlrya, who fought 

against the Brahmans A was slain by Para^ 

Burama, a>9aslaftaDs|98^or)n6 KM. Brhm. 

4>9(8iaicrojrDo (fine sounding) gold ^otaacnj 
ro(Q^Os Nal. 
dB>0^^rhs9|(d) kartilfa S. (<^^sa^^) The 8d eonstel- 

lation, the Pleiades; the 8rd day of the lunar 


4b9mlAo=:(^CBina»o Oct. —Not. «>MiBna»* 
s^sni09(9k espdf)§>j pror. 

a>9(0R0Ag^jttl N. pr. of a town KIT. 

«>9(BR»l9a»KBiab 8ubramanya KB. so oalled be- 
cause nursed by the 6 ^m)a», or beeanss 
wars begin in the abofe month. 

a>9(0^ 900^0)1 Kali a>9. a^^oem osMatoaaeidy 
«annb CG. 

<fi>3ar^.o karLmyain (^o^^o) Entuwnesa. 
<Bi'>^ef^ kazpa^Tam (^ouism) Niggardli' 

nass, one of the 7 ost^ AB. 
de>o^9oroo karpaaam 8.=^9(roo Cotum. 
<d>3gLp<d6t karpikka i. = «>9^dte Ti . s. s 

«>o(Qaa> f.L a>9g!ji:^ Ogj** 
^OfU karpf (T. sharpness) Fork (loe.). 
Digitized by ^OOyii^ 

<B>oaaerr>o — ce^Dcjyo 


d9)D<^^ — <^0Q 

<fi)Dal&6noo karma^am 8. i^zeich) Hagio. j 
<^3(Z^(fi>o karmuYam s. (^:^<d>o) Bow. ' 

<^D(Sjo karyam s.(^4>)ai8ocd)3(olcQ;o i. What 

is to be done = ^/^o, expedient, right. {Sioaj 
<T)3i^ cni5m<da Q^B^Qa a) a. @^ AR. thou 
hast nothings more to do with him. ^fQ&uS 
oQCTAirnl <d>3g2jo Mud. what is the use of tears, 
Q-iOft€Boaaj (d>3. of further talk. <d>3^03^gss 
QjftSa^ CQ. good adrice. <d>3. oQnT) dsog^ P^* 
thought it reasonable. a>9. (OXSom it is a fact, 
something momentous. Ao^zozyjScm ojnsnmS.^a 
Ofi)8aj«a Mud. will it turnout real? (= anaio) 
Quo«ao3ob ^y^zo^o oiros Bhr. <d>3:sj^«')§^<^ 
^Sajfifio^^ Kal. as useless. aidOQ^ orflonls^ 
ejo ata. QD3g»|So GQ. no use to watch, rpoj 
(OLioSidiOsr^ a>3. sOL^gyoolSdOfiSo UR. I don't 
oare for a crown. 2. business, work, datj 
d)9. flidolsiooxiA OjiJ9g^A«fia3§9<fl8)smo Mud. 
A9.<(n9ar) ojosnos^ ggg only business, matters 
of fact. id>9. coscfiATR. business to be done. — 
office, chiefly secular (the <oi{T^o in temples 
belongs to Brahmans, the a>3^a to armed 
Brahmans EM.) nig Aoa>9smor^o^ SjQfia>Q)d>9 
ogjuRS^rriDo OD3sa>3Sj^nno3 ^s) msg|-j309 
«iT»TR. have the administration of the temple 
property & the olvil Government of the country. 
8. matter. ^e?Qy5>5 ^^Mcna <d;§^<38o TR. 
to give orders about. ^^d>3cgjisraod^ 0fO^<8a 
Mud. to die on account of a friend. — Aoa (ft 
&i Ao^:a(^<A MR. murder case. 
A9^dte9§ N. pr. the place (in Chola?) from 

which Yellalar officers were introduced KU. 
A9n2jd)9(o«m9seo EumK. distinction between 

creator ft creatures. 
dtoogudandrDob agent, officer, minister ; of such 

Cheraman P. had 12, Perimpadappu 72, 

TamlLri 4 ((Sioiirdnb, jct^co^, Qjem^iteib, 

^3S^3<flai§, ^9;Sjj98oaj fault, disappointment. 

(OiO-aWs^dA^-d'Cb s>jki30T)^ CQ. recital of 

losses — ».»3y>daoaj^xiab VyM. who has 

«)OSjxjaB£kiab minister ^.o^Si(n ^Ssnss cuosajj^ 

a» Mud. = 0Q^. 
a)3^3ir}j3CJOo discernment, cleverness in 

settling affairs ^o. ^^oano) OdnadQASfDcDnO 

MR., so (djoggj'jslajo ^gy3ano) (nro) MR. 
a>3^03<d«^ to execute (Sioiunb s)^3(Tns ^3nb 

A3'<8*fi«5moCG.(8io oi^acn <s^o'd9«l Va.ratified. 
tf))3cgjoQ_joc(^nrr).unb agent. (fi)QQ<Qa3^ <&3'6 

TR. Cnrnngottu*s guardian. 
^3g2Jcro3^o, — o^ixji success. There are 3 

ff^nb Qjroonivo, (mocr^OQhiao KR« 4. a^o^sj 
cro'.Sjui gsn^ YyM. he has gained the case. 

atscgicrooab officer, employer ; attorney, advo- 

a>3g2j3d9>ocBjo fact & fiction ; good & bad. 

a}3cg^3al duties (S)oaxiaj.uia»l(3ai a>o(Si3a^<d>o)a 
ocnotdsl QjCQcm a>3CQjcroDn& MR. ODocrooo 
ODSRftlrob Q-iaj a)9Sj3e1a)f.o aj)^3(o1<0A TR. 

a)9Sj3anoo adv. for business' sake. 

«ej3CM3alo)Qi;3canajciT» cnronb VyM. petitioner. 

a)3sj3aj So. prop, support, butt. 
^3^jo kaiSyam^oqod, Leanness a)3. oj 

f^ ^^- [croj®Qjnb Nal. 

d^Dcmio kari^yam S. (^g^) Blackness, a>3oaa 

<B)0O kara T. M. Collar of gold or silver worn by 
Mapliobis ft fisher women ; in Palg. a kind of 
silver or gold neck-ring worn by boys of higher 
castes. <d>30(d>cnj), <d>30d>3£y«nil Pay. as)^) 
<ds)3o bracelet V2. 

cd>DQ ka^ Te. C. M.=3a)3<b 1. Darkness A3 
S03^ Qaj03j 06Tii)>d>c)o aaLj33)aj CG. lose their 
splendour like gems taken out of darkness. 
2. cloud a>3.$)^3c^, aG)^(^'>) 0iPcds)3(b Ax><dsetc. 
z^cme^o 0y><fin3Qo Nal. <ft3Qo a>Q^o, a>3C^caj 
oSana»$)ajcaiVab prov. <d>3$>03^T:itaj^af> Ci-ishna 
CC. Qtiuo a)3. Q^>§^aj^si^ ojocDlcdnizib cloud 
on the face. 
«)3QA3(ob Vi. a certain bird, also «>3(^ajoci6, 

dh903nb MC 49. Aedolius malabaricus. Jerd. 

s>xi@a(dA3. pagoda sterling. D. 
a>0i)O0S(a) (loo.) to bandy. 
4i)oao3snba3 (d)3(S<an9S4hnb t. 

Digitized by 


dB>oqd9)— ce>Daio 



<B>oq<B>y 61 kahl^ T. M. l. To grow stale, 
rancid (=r«>A, a>cr>) a)0Qnm2j «^fmDflA Sicn 
en^ 6>an<fi«o; 6>cn9^5>sa>3oob(Yy.) a>&pid9seto. 
(0>fii a)9Qa> a kind of ojidi^fob. 2. to haye 
a distaste, to retoh, spit. = «)oas<fi>. t&oo) g> 
^d> YyM. to hawk phlegm, to spit at ooe. 
fivmosng a>8. asthmatic respiration. 

<B>oq CUoq H. p. kirbir (s dh9Sfs<oo) Business, 
oQor9d9a aaoa^ a>o. how much trouble! also 

^^^ Ti. ^fr^„ ^3Q^^ 

^06K^cd6^ kiieka So. Unripe frait,==d))ro1d9s 

<d>90C2 kit^ T. H. (=<a>D&) from a>0(obT. Te. 
C. wind) 1. JLir, wind di>o. oa>9en| ODSias, 
<9>9. c^^ to take an airing. Qjo<m8^oo3) a)9. 

ciQ^9^rD)<0« med. <fl)9. (9ldS)d9fi, Qj){^ai (C^ 

9.(0) Yi.) wind to blow, oo^liSs, <(n&a8a>, (bios 
6a§d> to abate. «)90oaR»)§<ft to air, winnow 
(=:rg[OQd)>). d)90Qo espcs^o bad weather, AaoQo 
Aaftojo a heavy sea. — met. fflgtfgaj aS^ 
^oooo^mo CG.inflamed still more her grf ef . — 
faTorable time a)0. cnoomflanai «>guo ojoaeo 
proT. 8. breath, life Ao^ooogo ^s A^^ 
Ca. out of Putana*s breast. — a spirit tnooj 
cri\ak i9}9. ^si is possessed, tnoojod a^a. q,s^ 
isorazy. S.ssd9>9a]|^ a>9^Cateohu. £](|te. 
Hence: «)doo9^ whatmoyes in the wind, paper* 
a>oooinad>nb Bhr. Bhlmasena. 
a>ooQf«c0i»o fair wind. 
i0>9OQQj9^ , A9S>ooov^Qj Current of wind. 
a»99oo9fij 1. fire-fan, winnowing fan. 2. oo- 
coanut branches laid oyer a grass roof to 
secure it against the wind. 

<BiOB^ kala Yi. Heckle for dressing flax. 

d8>3aJo kllam S. (T. a>oah 4.) 1. Time, season 
(ojdiaAOfiJo opp. 9ajor?Wa>9&Jo) — a)963.'ora)93Qi 
009050 proy. in process of time. <d)9ai(igBt early- 
A9. 9>'0t9firn) a>saj:m9i qG)((89|0) ^93aj^<P6D09'Qb 
proy. «)9ai(ig2 ^^^ 6KLj9SQ(nj9ch 00.19^)90 
TB. morning gun. a9)9aja]j(2 Qj9C09^s>a)9sr^ 
eis)dBa96Bi9 Nal. not in time. QcodcBs^o en nai 
(8>^o A9fijag^ OojQo Bhr. at the right time. 
— ady. (819 a)9ejo then. (no2 a)9aio, c(2e>9 

aiosono^^ocX), eosg-jocX) Mud. m^ cnleio <^ 
s>nbo a>9rD9«m9na9^a9)9ejo mnao TB. ei^o^ 
A9Qaj QjiiQ^^ ^90^0 d>9fiJo «)9fim9t> proy. 
2. year. dro9 (d>9ais.TJia> mooasojo yearly re- 
yenue. (^(dtf)9ajo, rosqg ^mo id>3&j09aKk o-jgoaA 
(omo doc. a>9. 9<a9Qo ggg (nosicvaoMoe^aiOx^o 
TR. ak9fiJTsn»9^ yearly. 8. tense, as @iaA) 
Gio, Qj(aiat09cn., so^, 4.= A9ainb time, per- 
sonified as fate & death. 

Hence : d)9aJ3(dȤ unseasonableness, misfortue. 

a>9. Qjom croac&o TB.;=({^aOQjlip (superst) 

^901^00 course of time (also A^eAum^ ^9 
&i^«06m eroemo proy. 

(&>3fiJB£na2;o waste of time Yi. 

a>9fiiQ(afiKLjo spending time, delay. e^jWkS 
o^n6o a>9. cnstfiao shall stay here. cn>^9 
£j3dQfi)a_io being well occupied — A9. ^ 
aasicn a>ip)(fiemo jud. liyelihood. (also ojs 
6n))so Ajiicj^ «>9Qjo a>sp)^ Xud.) 

Ao^uy£^ lAo, Q«>9sng aeaja>cX) Sojgejo ctxa) 
«oao Bhg. course of time. 

«>3&ie9cno offering to ward off death. 

<6>3aj3e3:£bo misfortune.or)0^sak9. 6>a>999iB9 
TR. qQchdas d)9. Nal. (exclamation) fiate. 

a>9ajcx>0ao (^3Qj)l(ae Bhr. to die. 

a»9ajnb 1. death personified, Tama deeoribed 
as (^6mDCT)9i(A <d>rD9AaLna>scn9qBp qjIoco 
&x^^cr)^:£^ AB. a>90o ai9&ia6 proy, as 
ejQgA coal^ KB. a)9fiJnQjrDl aj«a Hod. 
died. <d>9fijad cn^ CG. killed. 2. destroyer 
^sfii^ «i9ejrdOQ;{joea9(ts cn^<aBc)o KR. (^ 
Qobo a>9aiab deadly enemy, in^ fioioabo 
a>9. CO. who killed him? (a lion).ajooeiA 
<0>9eina9A, §6^(T>a>9^ab Bhr. 

a)9QJaj3ooo the noose of death ; a>3akuxe9GB 
O3(o>n6dead. [©ad^ •*^ 

Agajg-jaHoe Yylf . yearly interest; 10 ^aei 

a)9a]^y>(dno lapse of time, antiquity. 

a)9fiiQS3o change of seasons, fayorable or nnl 
season. <d)9. odissni ojifio^ioto ojone TB. 

6)9ai094h to be ready, also *oai9C»^ ~ «9iu 
0ad9a to prepare, also «»o&i9«A. 
Digitized by ^OOyiC^ 

<e>3^3CQJb — <a>3ej <e> 





ai3ejo«»«rBajnb experienced Yi. 

«i3&io<d»&pi<d) to die. ^rolajoso a>o'fiiooo(ob TyM. 

aioaj^ajQrD49)3'sa^TB. when both had died. 

AO&Joo^^ to die (f.i. bishops Yi.) 

A9&i.uo9cn3^ to die. Brhm. d)9&j|uosa3(o>nb 
Bhr. dead. 

«»oej:ij)^9f9o (fhs^cBs arbitratioii among Brah- 

maiia In ease of adaltery etc. 
AseKTOo^ date. «i9. AOJtiaaMMh MB. 
Aoe^xoroemc QjrQa<oRil ]fR.s<o>Macroo. 
dB»aai9^MeJiBaefo good 4 bad tfanee. 
4»aei9cnei(a^oKB. blaring like Kama's <4) fire. 
«>eej9a»d9>ab=A9ain6 1. 40»9eJoaQ)Oa)OcLjen6 

Mad. Soezorable. 
4^9Aii9cmno lapse of a period, another time. 
«iaeJo:2ju5^ term, instalment aQyjn^ (oxm £>o. 

«>99ej (Loe.), <0»9ej30 in time, early (= aogj 
qft) Ao«ai Qj)4D9Alcflal«b YetC. if one 
oonstder betimes. 
a)9ajyo da7break,sa(fi3g§ po. 
ddCBX>CQ)o kilijun («>orbb)1.8wiftne880ffoot. 
aio. o^Qom ateeidOog-jSA^o Bhr. S.exaot 
maasitre of height or depth, aio. d))9r«aic6 an 
aeeurate, subtle obserrer. 
«)9eJdi£) 1. place of stubbles. ako'cBnojDzaoQ 
&ji^cm oajQdteioD ocn^sml Bhr. a)9&i9 
c^lrab ojoidan to glean after reaping or 
cropping. 4i>9fij9»^Q(aA (So. also oJisi 
obioOd «ia-iQan) gleaning after reaping. — 
Qj3«Pd9a9. place where plantains stood. 2. se- 
cond cnltiTation of a rice-field, ^oajdjoioo, 
A}9*jjj^fiJo opp. oioffl^cn^ejo JLrb. 
L ^3£J1 kali T.M.(0.^9aifr. a>9.i9b) l.Oow, 
cattle. aiorva>9ej) — a_iQj<d}9ejla>c)o 90,^ CC. 
^9. OAg^ «>ocno Brhm. a>9aDQjgl MB. plough- 
ed. 09aofiK»9mo fiai£)fgks)aj§ a>9ajl«>^o BC. 
2. she-boifalo ^9ei1.Tiiftc»^^ — oondn, — gb;9 
ei etc. (see aojA.) [yacant, as office. 

II. d9)3a7| Ar. khali Empty; without employ; 
dBsOe^dS), Crrb kalnya T.SoM. To vomit (s<o>9 

<aa>, «>9Q«>) Qj^^tfO^dkCQo <d)9ej4»iCS^o MO. — 

YV. a>a^ Tomiting, also oosing out. 

(d)3£jc^ kalniyam 8. Turbidttes8=a)ejcfi3 
fi9ajo, esp. irritation. a>9QgjoQ_iocq/(8cnj9c>) a>9. 

ajO<31/3g^ prOY. A)9*^5)gfi9(Q§saj09CBn| (mfii 

ajii9o)6a9 a9)om9nb CG. 
<d>Dajb kal 5. (*fi>iProb) l. Foot, leg. a)9e4 rDenB9 
(%9ea9<b Bhr. bipeds. a>9aj3(8ai ojcmainb ai9 
fDcmajob prov. on foot, ^cm^^oi aio^i^o oji 
ornl^ai ^9^^o Nal. (of a horse). 0onDajnE99$)(O 
<o>or»6)S a>9d9«QA9(fial Bhr. subjected, coloaoa 
<e)9^aiib CLKbosnK^ TB. wait on you. a)9ejooo 
onsdiA Y2. on tiptoe. a>9ejo qqjqjo ^ya* 
euphemist. = aodo jxJo. 2. stem ( <d>9a>j) pillar, 
(ei^3DrD<9s)9(sb 06rn)0ai05mi}ajo KumK. coOQO 
■ ^9^Qjee^CBb)s (in planting pepper) prop — 
cause. ■— cross-beams, ribs of ship — water- 
channel Qj9(2g^9rab. Q/m9c9fil5>nbo ^^vA fi>(d>9 
sn^ A(m\ TB. buttend. 8. quarter, hence 

place in general, hence Loc. (etduneaooi^, onoaj 
aboA. — esp. site diflsiao crooaio ^vA anoon 
No. «>9ejo <B>£Qjo Qajsi^9i9sn in hanrest. a 9 
ejo 0(0)9640 KU. two old Boyal prerogatives 
(s^wA a temple-tax?). 4. time (=:«>9QJo) esp. 
aasdanyob, d'oldOnfob once; CB;9«)(0)9rol(flA9(ob AB. 
wherever; daS(d8»9ejo gogj Bhr. neyer. 

Hence : <0>9ai^ sole of foot (g>gBfla}9aib), footstep 

009&jai^ A9. AOJ:^ flOiikm^msnn CG. Qi A9. 

Q9<TU9S 6)ji)an SiPu. 

4h9ejQ(0o to castrate, = «)9(ob a<d>s^. 

A9QJ9ffrnl ankle; corn on a toe. 

^9ai9c)o foot soldier (also <0>9aj9ri6, (e)9ej9a^ Yi.) 
a)9ai9c)oaLjan^ Bhr. infantry. ^9*^s Mud. 

A96j^«m both feet. 

«>9e^orTn the demarcation of a parambu, includ- 
ing beyond its limits half of the surround- 
ing paths or lanes ajga^^oouSv-om a>9^ 
cn^0cB^9fto TB. doc. 

d»9^yyoca?o, ^9<bb^g trousers. 

<d)9(^(inQKob ^Sdteto lie with the feet drawn up. 

<0)9(ob6>^g) Qjlsf^aa to trip one up. 49)9(9b5)akgi 
cb; (^(S\ Y2. gelded (No. contr. «)90(da§lcB'). 

«>9^^6mo the fraction of a moment KB. 

Digitized by 


<6)0aJ§— dB>OQjd) 


dd>oaj^— .(d)3aj 

<0>3^&j9cnjooo CQt. tinkling of foot-trinkets. 
a)3(rQb)^u^ footstep ^g^^nbo a9)0. tsr^oea^ 

a>9rBfef)^oo wobfoot; cere MC. 
^Ofi^fi. foot-fetter or ornament. 
aiZ^£\^y <diO0^9^ foot (hon.) 
«)96JS 1. a) 9. cDfOsil going on foot. a>9. o^'?^ 

ODStiSdl CG. OqflJOo 6) ASg^OTT) OulS^ a>9. CD;9cqj 
eaSo KB. 2. (|3^ aio^s 80 mnoh cattle 
(hence ^oel^), 8. diarrhoea soioinlcroo 
roo V2. 

Ao^sbo-jcnn^ the step of a climber (as in wells). 

^9rbkojls)(aa a client to prostrate himself at 
a superior's feet, ^9g2JTnd7imD a)^f(0><£te9^ 
aj).proY. (ST^nsAS tf»)9*9d9A9r^ SdrDodtoaoo^) 
Si Pa. Q^nbo ^o^dd^smo TR. beg pardon. 
cgtnmooA (q<bbs)A a^oejo oJlsl;^ croGJao 
hnmble greeting to you (= i>>9^rbb ajl^d>). 

i£>i9rBb5>ajaa09OOo walking d:9. Qdts. 

a)9robas<0f)o to ease nature, sssrxioagio. 

d»)9^xllro(ii toe. 
(6>0QJ§ kavatta T. M. a fragrant grass, Andro- 

pogon Schoenanthus, also a^gojlg^^ Yi. 
d9)DQjro7| see d9)DOj|rc7| under dB>OQJ. 
d&)OQJ(Tgg (loo.)=<&>9({a2 2. a large jam. iSY^ 

Qjct^o ^9aj(ZSS}o dki)3(Sc^ ^trH prov. 

dd^OOJCYOP. kabin; Marriage settlement,(regi8- 
tration of a Mappilla marriage ^90106 oQ 

dBiDQuib Ar. qafir, see d))9g^ro^ Infidel. 

dB^dCU'sbkayal 5. (VIC. of a»9d9aa>) Custody, 
guard, prison AoajejVifb igr^dai^ (or (n^g^s^) oTi 
nr);|/Dlan TR. criminals — tmoojA «>9ajQJ9ctD TP. 
watched. e9a\:s>^ a>9aLiej09<9in CG. set to 
watch. QjlrMXO a>9. fi>aj^, aboj^^ A9. fittiS 
KR. jSloas^ «d>o. dablsono MR. guarded the 
tank, so Ao. cn^q^ ▼«.; atooj^cnoej ojcxqQio 
(8i^ft9cdsa> Mud. [man. 

a>oxifiJ9Al, «)9^^9fOob guard, Tillage watoh- 
Aoajgjs^ temple of Kali, Ayappan, etc. (s 

a>90j 2.) 
d.9aj^/o watoh-hottsei «>9ai^9A proT. 

a>oaiej aio l. remuneration for proteetkm of 

land, claimed by the chief inhabluots. 
2. share of watchman (in grain). 
A9aMike9ai«> watch-tower Ys. 

dBiDOJ^ kaYalam Stercnlia Balangnat Bh. 

<6>DQj1 lam 5. (A9QJ 3.) Red ochre, alao «»» 
Qjleg[gGP.0«ft«:>jl Indian reddle.s*t:fiaoa«. 
«>9Q!ndBag»j Anueniaa bolns .aMOODo Ao'f^olDI. 

6)9ajlaj(rT^o a mendieaat's red dyed doth. 

dBsDClj ka?l} (T. <0)9b fir. «»9dMd>) 1. Inoloaiire, 
garden. a^a>9Q^, grove a^0rDa»9QJ f.i. Asng 
<di3aja9)cX> 0«)9Qo Bhr. 2. inferior faao, holy 
enclosure fliogyg-)n6 ojgj «>9Qj«ifiO(«fc mDccUi 
cx>S)^rhnnig.), (RD^aiiMKD ^£\ ®ft<n)Wb as 
Qj »&§)«• TP. temporary fane. <0>9a^§ as 
Gneoab Oq^ks^ TP. A3<niv|2ft a>9a?fi* ^^ms 
cg|(6dio6 TR. 8. T. C. black epot on forehead 
(*what preserres**) 6>d0<0>9Qjo^tf^^9c>> RC. 
4. a Brahman girl of 8 years B. CL split 
bamboo with ropes suspended from eaeh end 
for carrying burthens. q-i8Q^o>>^1^ burdens, 
as measure. 

Hence: a>9ajs^ 6.(T.alBoa>9Qj.Tjraisl>=a>93tj5., 
esp. a more or less adorned pole of a peculiar 
description with offer logs dedicated to Snbrah- 
manya f.i. 9d»>0iP^ — , Q_i9(tib — , elokatdOLib); 
also religious mendicants pole taken from 
house to house. 

A9aisi<Se9(onb Cowri cooly; men that bring 
contributions to temple feasts (So. a»9aj 

flrno loo.) 

ak9Qja>, Qjl T. M. to carry on a pole, also a» 
OJ^dOa, a)9aj)d^ «)«»99i$9aj9A; henco 0a 
ojcm ^sftsa>9xis^«a9^ 

«)9:ijl(o^ (T. seryant = ojIujI «0»9dHanxtn6) also 
a>9aj^, <0>9Qj.u)lcB;ab barber, esp. ofTTyar. 
f. A9aj(mt^ TR.~(c^(3at9ajain higher class 
(40 in Taliparambu), Qj^Mulcsmb (275 in 
Talip.), (oncQ;<ds)9Jj^ (121 in Talip.), m^ 
cda9Q^ (13 in 7a|ip-)* CY)9Qj«AlaMlb (500 in 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Aocsajrol— <6>Dfla^o 


-— <e>Djo 

ASMftaioaa earrkm orow If C. 
dBbOCSCLKOl kaYtti 8. (T. alio 6>3:2ji(ol, from 

prae. ft ^foi or floro)) K. pr. a rirer. 

fl^HBadOoK^ (ft (0)ei<ai9ajl(ol) its saorod soiuroa 
4iSA aaoo9afi9e)o m. aiood^dMooao TB. 

4k39:xj<o)gLj§«mo an old emporium at 
the rhrer*s month. Paj. 
dBkdm^o kaTjam 8. (d).ijl) l. Poetry; a shorter 

poem. B^ ^ «i9*A(mBi ajo«fad)(8S6rno PT. utter 

an oraole. 2. So. heathenism; also a>9aum; 

«»a:^A (f. a>9:^Tsn»)) the heathens a>oajft. 
dBkOOdo kaSam (T. a»9 jiis = ^o'stoaj q. y.) «>9 

cegj ^mi Oojooej avoj^ Qaj^ag^Oojoo KB. 

«tf«L«o CO. 
dBbDOa) kiai 8. ( A909 to shine) K. pr. of a trihe 
and of its elty, Benares AOoelrD3S0oej(OQ-)sj 
aB»o (09»|O AcmefoiPfiogcasSgyd (Si^Acno TB. 
a>xe)^9^A:un6 A9o»W 9oj9«a>9« prov. 
*9oe^4egj) ra.s=«ia.aMi|2J^. 

A3^ kiSa T. M. (Te. G. AncrS) 1. Gold (dh9 
am T. to shine =4b9oo 8.) «|^aai9^ Syr. 
doe. a eola, Tenetiaa Ti.s. Qj^QJ,|9^9 cu^9? 
Sai9{j| a duoat Ts. 2. the smallest oopper 
eoia OjiKnjA9(^ also o^oocvidso^A ^l- A<^ 
Ao. A^ CG. e(na»o(^QjVAQ^p<d)09ias90(tii 
•oi a single oash. aj6mo «>9^ oJlA^aaflmQ^ 
fter^ TB. monsy is ooUeeted by driblets. ai9 
cx^dieia^ cn^j^ 8iPn. 

^of^Stxmiah (see ^90106, «>o{g«mo) money 
settled by a Xappi^a on his wife. 

*9(^ni9ej) neoklaoe, esp. of Brahm. women 

03ej^o Q^diX'ssancqjo SiPn. 
AT^Zoei necklace of gold coins. 

A30g^^ kaimalyam 8. Wickedness, soiooa 

OS a>9Cg^d>9&ia ^sploa^ Nal. misfortune. 
A30^(^> OiSmiram S. (<o>c|)^o) N. pr. The 

eoantry of shawls; atscAl^cnaionb Mud. 
da>3^^a.Job Oaiyabab 8. K. pr. One of the 

7 BishU. BrhmP. 

ai9(2|au^ earth. Bhg. 
dBk>£k^XQA> kaiayam 8. (exmimo) A Sanyasi^s 

eolowed eloth «»su uxD^i^»9Qj). 

cSsOoBg kaifba 8. Orbit, station, measure of time 
(^ajS (Bsid^9(Q A)9(^qs^o Bh^i.); re^on 

<d>Ooago kaitham 8. l. Wood, stick (=Ȥ?). 

a>9(^:Li9ao obstinacy Vi. 2. M. also Aooo 

dung, excrements; a>9:^ajo jisv^icijio proY. 

sweepings, see ^9§o, hence: 

denY. Agfg^ten to go to stool cngcg^ 6>9:fjg^ 
a-jy* ^§0 proY. 
dB)3CY>Jo kasam 8. Cough, ^gouo onQng) 6)j»19 

nm9ab VetC. without hesitation. [g cough. 

49>9crOQ^o ft 49)9crocn9'jeoDo OP. what remoYes 
dB)0CrO3(lV9 kaiaramS. Pond a>9cro9ft>AaLieaoBS. 
d8>Drr\flrrgb kasuam 8. Sulphate of iron «»9 

onn.Tua)OSBUorHoa^<n)0;g<aB9.o AB. (prb.a 

dd>0QO^ kaha|am S. Trumpet <9)0. A»m)ar)9^ 

— Tu. ai9Ao Tdbh. Cama «(d)9«»)aKr)9e09o 

Aafto culflp^Lp;^ CO.; Game's Qaitt)<0ft9eio 

£232(01810, (ndaltj)^^^^^^ cT)9e<8au96)ej CO. 

(cook's orow). $»^9^o cnsa]B|o A&rgpa)49>96Qjo 

ViWP. — met. (touJIoto ao. aajji^foidaecno he is 

quite prepared for, bent upon. 

<d>D2 kila T. M. («)a^a> 2) Bull, bullock a>9. 
^&a» to plough. <di9A £Q9ne<a99Q9o oojoq 
CO. .oPfti a>9ft^o«a2 cn3909m«)e(}oAa>9^ 

aQJ9CB>) TB. 

4)>9adMaSo bull Oalf a>9'«IBC)0 £9930 PT. 

a.9ft(aa^ l.bnllflght Yi.s.(49i9ft tdifii^doa) 

2. idling about a>9fia>Aldto9{Dnb B. 
«>9ft(eAls9Qj bull calf. 

A9flAflk9cnj«)A99r^flg AQyjdo KB. bulVs hom. 
A9Agj^ (perhaps aiofto q. t.) «>«99fi|<Tng^ 
6)9r«9aa «)9ag^ajis>cn PT. cow. 
I. dB>D^o kalftm 8. Black (=«)9^, C,s>w) <»9 
ftO0aaio, hence: 

A9a^5^n6 the blaok-neoked SiYa. 
d»>9&nb 1. a demon 0aO9d».9ftnb. 2. a kind 

of OUrry (a>9^A 1.), Q09d9»9. 

a>9AOnQ0<fla heary gun KIT., mortar Ti. 
A^A^So a poison 9j»i9oo^nb a>9. $)«>9%a8| ^^l* 
«>9A<D9|sfl last night, flie end of time. 

Digitized by ^OOQIC 

<Bi^ — dBblo . 


(£b|(j86)^ — <£b)s 

tfrOftojocsP T. So. BtoTOi farnaoe; (loo*) briok- 
A lime-kiln, aroh of bridge. 

a>9Ai A form of Darga ^9i) jS^(S\j^ <fi)96mo 
Acna AR. bad omen. — pL ajlod9^oal<d>9^ 
<0>cb (^£\u:)sn^o Brhm 8. — 6>9fticcyo ^£^ 

tusk, formidable tootli V«. r,^ qq^ 

«)9a^0 blsokoess Q^^o a»fiJs>nV)9a8 aio. qj 
aio^ovrrt) black serpent CC. 

U. dd>D^ 1. see <d)9aOdo. 2. fishing hook to 
catch alligators Y2. A Noll. ^o. tftojan tolaj 
baits for alligators. 

dO>3gs| (loo.) soap, broth as of fowls. 

ce>32D6imD kalanji l.T.lf.C.Te. (<9»9fto trum- 
pet) A large spittooo, ojlsl:^ Sto, KB. as. 
(iQg^(fi» 8k. 6>90cid 6ku9na(s;0scq^ «»9. nf^ 
dj^s) jij 9qj9A^ C(}. (oomp. to ojosejo flower) 
6>aj9ab«)9., ouealdted. KU. 2. gold or slWer 
tassel in trumpet fdrm. 

(d33^3t^60So kal&maiQi^^^ B- Plantain stem. 

<6)^03| ki}inf i S. Yamuna, springing Arom 
Calinda mountain. 

dd)3^cB)9^k&|!rya l. (T.A9<i>,Te. ^oej to be 
sharp) To burn, flame a>o9.oajQCD) CO. axmzO 
dBos^cm <£h3§i^KamK. cuaioo)nr»«)9^nrBof 
hanger. «)9^om eooOojnfVQcnaari PT. 2. Ko. 
to bawl, orj=s<st^^<0>. A Ifa&tram is presoribed 
omejolcfiAa^nmonlcrn o^.tnl«>a»§A (mantr.) 
TN. «>9a^ 1 * high flame, love-feTer. 2. bawling 
a>o'ejo Qjlft^Q^ (Sisfi^Jud.siai^c^oAo'ejo 
o^l MB. (=s«>»aLi<«o). 

cnr. rdny)5io)^oaA«aj «>9a)^ r0. 

S>0^ lci| 1. (fr. preo.) <fi)pc)o oonno ^glcnoib 
sojo&iihraoA cried C0. 2.s<0)3sm^aA; a)9fo 
see <d^9snDd)>. 

<6>0tf*' kal T. see d8>0rt5^'cfc, dBjOcn^. 

<6)0g, d9>Dgonb see <6>D«nri><fl,. 

dBslo Urn 8. (neutr. of a>s) What? f.i. «fl^o «>(SfO0 
0|O AB. what shall I do. 
^flBofOob (doing any thing) senrant. 

AB. people, who make light of debts, mo- 
ments, small things, Qod. dHoafiasmnaoai 

Qjlat g«r994l>Clli^gy AR. 

<fibloaje(TCDl **what do they say?" a rnmonr 
=(52^^ f.i. si»on6 esKmoAB dsOoajaannago 
Qa)Osab Bhr. 

daiHo^^o^Q-iaiooo (ceTio^aiooloo KB. red^ 

(£b|dB6^^ kikkattl} (aC aH^^^fr. <fibl<b=Ajs^ 
^|) N. pr. district south of Codagu TB. 

debldd^n^ kikki)i Tickling, titillation. aH. ^| 
(0>., dkosaai, also den Y. ^i^isi^iOat to tickle. 

dG^9B3(Onb Uilgarail 8. (see aHo) Servant. 

dBnaOblenol kingini 8. & deblflS^enrJI (t.a^ 

oablwnlfrom tS^snoeBg) Little belU, ornaments 
made of such. Acno* €h\QSB^sm^ cufl.d)^ Aqj. 

cBwnl <fl^. 8G. aTi. uftSKmoejl sxxjmob CO. 
from infants playing, ifibl. ^e^ss^cm Yi. 

demises kingl} (onomatop.)Infiants* babble, inter- 
preted as demand for Canji; a pap, mixtar« 
of rice & sugar. 

dSh\j^dh\3J kittaU^ T. Beng. X. Chirp 

aH^sl a kind of ourry (Beng. qj^^q^^. 
a;^fl0^a>C. Te.M.t08qaeak,beg(&eeti)A»6m«>). 

cfibWmU kioja S. (<fl^o+i»s) Horeorer. 

^smcn, ^souW somewhat (po.) f.L «n 
6nr)(bbMB»tn^oopp. cnoq^iMmnJo; ^A^suWb 
ansoulnsb by little * Uttle. Brhmd. 

(fbWs^o kinjalkam S. Faaments of iotas 
(=(Biog^) aj(aad^Wdg)t|Cro0o AB. 

d^ls ki4a T. M. 1. (an§=<ftn§) Approach, 
match, Equality; kind, class. oioajQadS fi 
Qjch (sn5(a;9<d)<s^gy; (Sr^ (fiTiscsOiA isi^/Qo ^a 
sno iHcfi^ none like him. QjaSQanscBf^oib among 
the young, o AiQ<fibis a>3^9So petty merchan- 
dise. 2. (T. couch) layer, bank, mound, ojsp 
^aUA ansAiAsgi Palg. a temporary dam aenMS 
a riyer during the hot months. Also what 
lies, remains, ^^jglsthe balance of the laat ft 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 



<fiblscsy — (fiblslejo 

deblSdB6t,rrTd T. M. 1. To lie, rest, dwell 

A)sd9ao proT. oajegi-noilttlk (fins<e«nmajd> Bhg. 
fiBh. d>t^mt\(A asHsom eyuonaofij Had. <0>(o 
tmSiiA «0. «)flb«moBiPa. worn. <fibi5<aA<SS let 
it be, nerer miod. ajsaoeaias^ -o^^ atsnio 
«b)5nr«OQ_i9(B;(STB. were left nnoaltlTated. 8^ 
cDsniVA dHsae MB. 2. mxY. to be sare, 
to be left aOH^dasisifleorK steiide written. diMn^ 
cm o^^<oes)A m^cSok <flh)s<0t(Ti5 Bhr. we ftre 
eberged to. <m(m ^. is given orer. £0 fioj 
e^JCDBdb (mDoafio?^ daOscnoOojocB^onib TB. if 
•neh ezoesMs be left nnredreteed. cgglieels 
ScrmOB ob;o03S)(Oib» (OdOttlyoab AB. interrupted; 
Pftlg.=Cl^«9«<nD f.i. 0(U99gpSd9eoriD etc. 
^s«aai bed, bedding d3bl. c0^<bb sos^mdi) TP. 
«ns4aiig-]9a£), — gj a; «Os<aai^A(o^^afii 
CT. I. «b)sw A to Uy down, pat to sleep, (^ 
s^tfQ dSblsosidi) fiosA'Oi^naaA BC. laid pros- 
trate. oS^aio dhlscaiS^dM^ta^ TB. forbid 
enltiTatiOn. flmfi A fixmof ojke^toi or^aioaxa) 
^S(dBi) TyV. 
n. ^smtcee f.i. aJ1siOAd98 AAosri^Qjmo ^ 
ScoiBi^^CJad.) bad tbe wounded person laid 
down. ajSiOiAlcAsk ^. TP. 
TH. L A^.'Oioio plaoe ft time of lying o^fkio 

cn^oCU tfb). KB. 
n. «»^gLj 1. lying, sitnation. dsOsyoof) eon* 
fined to bed. <U9cq}3j)oabo Jlcmn^(gb ^s 
^&ix£\ MB. dro.tmOoabo moaw aaosp^ 
60^ «^S^ea 0c(^(gbcu1ej^«xX> Arb. 2. re* 
nainder, on band, mdodmoo oustdo Jt^g^o 
Aooki^rak ^Sfij^ ™* ^ 'till dne. ,oOOO 
c^cn^onbo ^Sgj «)tfr«o tbe remaining 
rioeflelds (or foil.). 8. left nncoltlTated 
cnieio oDsoyo «»ls9gj9 MB. a>9ieo(finsgj 
OMokie9gg(T8aLJdvib ouooedvo TB. ajscm«K3o 
^Sg-jdaO TB. disused, negleoted. 

dBblSOI^I ki4sfmi} T.M. 1. Trencb, ditob 9^0 
gi^s^sa^^oQ 8itTij.,Bbr. aTi. aKX>cn) 
o 39^ Br bm. — rampart, stonewall; eoart(s 

(a^oa>3rDo), ubOj<B£^S€0i% bnrial ground. 2. (C. 
Te. cn\^o<£\) prison, outhouse, •Godown" 
(Port, gudam). 8. Coroniila acaleata Bb. 

d^scxy d8> kidayuya T. M. (^5) 1. To knock 

against, quarrel (C. ocos^.cry); to be found 
or obtained (srosfob ^oscnDrDdQAOj^rDA BO. 
2. sound of water, falling into a dying man's 
tbroat. No. 

TS. «b)s^/ob meeting, quarrelling. 
taOosas T. Bo M. to be obtained; engage in 
(RDSaib ^$)5.tRat9nb (810000906 o^cojeoaH 
azin% BC— Q^^dSa aH^s^ Palg.=^ 
§1 — (loc.)«^satD(ae to get, 

^b)S3(Do Iri ja Ta m (T. <0>S9(Do, B. 6»s»qOo) Cal- 
dron, boiler 6>ji)CQj«bl39rocDQa)(9b <dns.t»f)§ 
(£^£\ cn)«(m9<b CG. (in bell). A)s9(onni^aib 
6^ oiQdQeo Stuti. 

d^3(Dab ki4irail KoM. Workman in leather 
(64 in Talip.) = <ft»!>5>^9§yn6. 

deblsoCL^ ki4&VU T. M. (better a>S9 T. C. fr. 
«>§) 1. Male of cattle, young & rigorous (fern. 
AS^) (ST^^sbisocsa^o <8>9&(0aris9«aa^o PT. 
— an unborn gazel co@n\iQar)9ai; d]Sls9aj Bhg. 
2. child, young person, pi. aOsocdAcX) & — 69bcX>. 
f. «^, hon. masc. ans9^na>n&. (Si^c^^so 
«0B5)fl. $)d)9nno CG. Aa-j6iak)s9Qj Bhr. simjbcX) 
<fib)s9«9B&9a)5)i>>99ri|TB. minors of Brshman 
caste. 8. (hon.) title of families & castes, con- 
sidered as children of the king. ^soaBc)o3 
(Bios):B;caBcX)we, your children. 
«!n59anJo boyhood. ^\is(Oi\<A ojo^Sancmo. 

deblsDO^dB) ft-cfiace> ld4aynYa (T. C. aiso, 
Tu, co^ag^9) 1. To drire in, as a nail. 2. to 
drive on, as a carriage Omib ^so^^cmojch MkA 
Q W^^^slor)9nb KB. a(a<b«»l59Qj^oa>9«n| Bhr. 
(see «>S9Q^). 

i£\s\ ki^i & c6^ 8. Wild bog (»«bl9e?) aI 
sla>do (iJ^s^a>s)A aJ)s)^ o^ Bhr. 

<£b)s1^ see das§<66!V 

<£bls|^Jo Ujllam (=:«bl^<0Ao) Tremor ^. a^ 
<ein(ol«et ^' m^ojSicn <0)g^ (po.) 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

dSlsVub— <flSl§<©> 



<ensl7sb ki4il Ko.,<£bl§dQ38o. Ta.Coo<miittt leares j 
carefully matted for Bcreem, fans, thatchei ' 
«bl. 05609 TP. 

tfS^s^sRwnb So. (A— ?) deep basket. 
dEbl^dBbls kidn'yida (onomatop.) Shiyering 4Sbl. 
Qj)fi)0^ Arb., SlPo. 

(dTif dhl^cfln T. H. to sbiyer, tremble Oo-is^^i^ 

ojoroo ^OBcaa^ fib)^<fiQ§(ZS3Bhg. (in agony). 

<»gpgnolA Afi!n<0ncs^o aisnrxoai qjI^ce^o q, 

^rob ^'(08)C({)o Bhr. 

tfQ$C09<d>, ^%(Q%A 1. id. 2. sound of veftselB 

knocking against each other. 
^§<fl»Ocn lie. suddenly. 
<fl^^(ft (see «Dslr9b) floodgate Ti. 
as^^^Etolfirn^gyo&i Ascleplas rosea (& d>^Q — ). 
dEblgoJlslkidnbi^iT. M. (C. Tu. o^ajD^fiojlcuol) 
Tabor; see <firnsc(yi»>. 

dB^§cnja»«<rf^§6ogAf.i. ojgj «flbl§aa? Nid ss. 
^ZBxh 8o. a bolt. — 4b)«s^ So. a oork. 
c6b|6)Sd96) see cfiblsCQjdB). 
debl§o kittam T. H. 0. (& aH.tmso from ^?) 
8. 1. Dross, scoria «GjoaOtflblso=^^So; ©rol 
coj«ein§o med. also oj/oosmfi^so, 2. excre- 
ments, a»lg9ooao Nid. the part of food, which 
is secreted {^Qi^(fS>^v£\ 9a-ioAcm^) opp. croa 
<DOocAo chyle. 8. met. tfl^geoQtti eojosmo 
KB. (of Cama)=i«aiSOo. 
£\^<Bi kiftnya T. M. Te. C. (col|) 1. To come 
to hand, be obtained, reach y. n. & act. og) 
cnlifia tfl^§l & (TOOjacn aH^iaiDaA TR. if we 
can catch him ; even impers. cnlcr>5><dnS)<m ^ 
f aKi^gy AR. dfcosraonb «n§^QaJ1^ CC. was not 
to be seen. ^cy>o ^£\ MC. (saJHsl^). 6ioi 
Qj^ c8io6)(B;33in ^§0 proT. (ndOJAobo Cicn^ 
^gi found him out. d3n§oj9«oo)3inei9d9» to 
bestow money, from whence it will not return. 
Qjsp1d9a 49bl§icB; (81^ Jud. met on the way. 
2. auxV. oajsioaj:^^ ^iW o-jcrnl MB. et^ 
or) Asf^Q»)(Qb Qjlsno ^f 05 ^nr» aj<flao olHi 
aDgl (jud.) are remitted. «)sn§ rf^S^ oa)<Tn^ 
(D^dsanrr) 0<^n6 Nat. a man you nerer saw. 
V5. ^§(A f. i. OLismo aH. a«n| to have a great 

4S\£i T. C. SoM. torture by presnng the 
hand between 2 sticks, ^'SiflsoroL 

A\^ piece, class (=^s) dtTB^goA, mzSkk 
A:q <&n§9^S(fl« one minded. 
dBblenrVo kiigiam S. Scar (= a»ei) I3;j«in«tc^«r? 

^6m'^^o(^o CC. 

dGbWnocQjce> ki^ayuya So. (Tu. ^snuaat c. 

Te. ^cn\ anger) To quarrel = <9ns<3Va». 
<d»letnOQ ki^a^ T. H. WelL (see 90>mi) tu. 

9i^m% TP. AlemQo Aftojo; tfblimoo^c* a«. 

«>^«nQ Vi. cflSl. AqQd), ASP^aa to dig, 

oas^ TB. to build it. d^smooVbb qjW» 0a) 

jiia§o TB. ^afim.oo^fl* ojmfl KU. (belongs 
to Baja). 

aHCTDOQajro house or shed near a well. 
<£\eno<£\ern kujU-jpiLa Tinkling X. H. (see 
«n«8lsnSl), = <flble4; hence «0«no«9a> * «^r» 
<fi*At, <fla^ to tinkle. 
(fibkni^dS©, fO^ kiqinkka SoM. To become rttmt, 
thick, stiff. [cofpulcDoe. 

TIT. A)5no«fl«o ft aJltfrngj; alw* *f^«T>^So "^i- 
<e>le<^tfl> M^^ttlf* T. SoM. To stir a pap, t» 
dig (<fi^a). [da»)j[]}9«mo So. 

,ftlsrB<bb pumping a person, also ^^r^ago, 
^*«ab T. M. (C. c/51«n8) stout doth, double 
threaded stuff. [oompr«aaed). 

ansrngjob So. stout, robust (C. Te. Tu. oS^go 
t^sr^o M. mischief, mUtake, disappointment, 
daTi. ojlwDCSa A to beiuTolTed in trouble, a^' 
(Oit»lQi9d9al brought me into a flnemesa. ^ 
ai^AS ailsHBOBcX) the arts of women. 
dSn^nil kii^di (T. ^^g^, C. Tu. colsnel, 8. 
CTTuS^fli) 1. Goblet, water-Ycseel with a i 
used also to colleot money on feast-daya<iiDa9a 
«?©«ioagfm aTi. 5>i>.Df (Bamnb Anj. 2. sword- 
blade Vi. (T. coTcr of sword-hilt). 

jo T. M. (So. <£blg})ab) 1. metal plate 
OQjjot^nb ^mjirfeiii Mud. o^oiMia* 
ojgf^ ^*aijo mfiDACcyo (81^ o> a>axm TB. 
all the household stuff, also ^g))o a£iA 

Digitized by ^OOyiC^ 

<£blrS)aj— <€bV2oJ1 


«£bVt)6nr>,— .<eblc51 

«i • med. 8. gong^, 4to). C^^^ to proolidm. 

*)j|]^08rr)o B. = «»)9ttOSo. 

dB^rOKUOO kiiaTai e. Gambler, rogaB ^<m 
ajM^dkcb AS. 

(6!l6K?nd99ki6e1±aKo. (better «bW(8a)T«>paiit. 
YN. dSitaamAy aIcma^ {Muitiiig. 

d6^V0Y?r)Dni>Ar.katill(Heb.ketoa) LineD, canTAS 
ete.;«i).t)Bionr)fQ«m)eto., «ndiBioongu)9ain sail. 

(envr0)36aj Ar. Utab. Book, Coran. 

(flH^cd) khtnya KoM. (T. ^gg^ai) i. aH 
aKi)«iilaRS) cnsdOn To stand or walk on the 
tip-toes. 2. to hop about on one leg, as 
bojs in plaj, also «>1an^;^ mstfla. S.sq 

fiS* Mpl- [lobster. 

*l0iBn6)<de96Biab Ho.; tq. ^ibltonDOQcoeMaiab a 

rfbinODOJ IdnaTll (T. aodo, C. «)orxTV,Ta. «>«m, 
Te. «)fij fr. a)6n6? aodoP) Dream eoaiaxeel 
cnodaftDsnoo, saso ^cnodasosnoo proT. dream 
of palaees. Oojoaiansi dShlcnoaj^Ob^ob a>09«ab 
KB. tfMuiso eig^ daSlcnoojlejo PT. [^o. — 
(flbV^ Undu S. (^o) Bat. — 49S)(ScBaic6 see 
AWroob (^oorxMib) a demigod, heaTonly 

musician, f. <fb)aTKD)«i€)A ttojoofij coxno 

Oiki^ Nal. 4^cm(DrBoa^9§ 0000900^ ojo 

S9J Tantr. Hence: 
aWdo T.M. Te. a lute or fiddle. «ft^aTyD6>^ 

gl music box, piano, eto. aHarxJl cno^fWao 

QAi «»VnvD0O«miij) KB. «bi. «kOKSldan Yi. 

to play it. Qa_iMnBtl6Kibo o^oj^g^ d£\» 

aioaO<fla proT. (Heb. kinnor). 
AVrntot C. H. K. a lute made from gourds Yi. 

(fibkboJ) kimaU s. i4Slo)^£ieoSi<A f.i. 4b). 
cncdS^miaio AB. Ko fiBar whaterer. Also «blq 
ojcxQmD what shall I say? 

^ttVoaiASAo howP 49»)o^9aio being whatf 
«»)ooofiJo fruitless aj>)ogjO tf^. (Bi^v) ASp) 

wovA TyK. 
A^ooio orP or- 
A^o^Ao (parrotlike)— red flowered Bntea 

frondosa. aj^<md9blo^A|2^cA(^(ocn9Q») 
T7B. wounded all o?er. <fb1«ig^^o a^mraioPeio 
oSkys^o BC. 
a»lcB;(OiA , da^ovrob how much? L. quot? 
«^QB>na9(Q)o very little. 

dBbVOG^rOb kiza^aIn 8. (^ to scatter) Ray. 
4tolrosm09ej) bud. crooo^^rosmnaoib AB. 
suns. [TB. 

dEbVOrn^ 30Z^3(b Port. Okrista^. Boman Catholics 

(d>VD3r{nnb kiiadak N. pr. Tribe of mountain- 
eers. oeaxflblmormraoA Bhr. 

cl6^3rb7| Port, grade; Lattice, harrow. 

dS)fOyak Ural (T. a^mA q. t.) Brown. a\. cn^ 
00, 4^. oj^ ft <0n(O9ejl'-(em<^). <s^(Ooaj)gj 
g^ylficn Aa)§i TP. 

d^VolcOXokiriyam (Tdbh. ig^o) 1 . House, prog- 
eny. 2. 4bV6)cBKana)(bb ononib the higher class 
of Sudras. moej an(o)cB;(A»oA at Calicut =(9* a>9 
Sj<aBO&.— aj«n$>(n3.'no^<o)^oKU. 11 families 
of Ifayers below the (moQJ9§A>9A. 

dQ^(6kQ;oa^ Oriyat T. H. Justloia paniouUta. 

dB?VDk/g>y dEbVolnj] Malay. kziSf Creese, dagger. 

(tu.s^:^ Mpl.) 
dBdWlSo kill^am 8. Crown, diadem. QgQ ^i. 

Acu^ QjoOsmo^A KU. rule for 100 geoer- 

ations (so^oaio). 0^<&dd ^cnfl^o 06n9) 

aa^(S\so Bhr. 

49»)r^sa-vcni independent prince. 

«»)(j)si crowned (Indra) S2<^(T)3CBn a(^oS^o 
4Sbl. (KumK.) 
deb|(?Kdeb)(D kinikira (Onomatop.) 1. Bustling, 

rattling noise. 8. ^«a<^rD Qo) sensation 

of parched throat. 

denY. d]inas<flh)(«a<df>, qg^. to rustle, rattle. 
dOJloenrSl, dGbVBfOet-rSl amed.= (</jQD6^. 

«ftl«rD«rn)9aLj0d8e. tu. 
desloc^; (d> kiteyUYa (Tu. to gnash the teeth) To 

creak as a door Yi. 2. to insist on, resist. 4^o 

eoi^ ajMO§a> to force it firom one. [ing. 

YK. <fl»lo^rtA also daOoQj coTcting, importun- 
dS\6\ UH Comer of the mouth Yi. (alsoobsc.) 

^6is(fii B. tickling. 

Digitized b^f^OOQlC 



d£)or^ (OYm — deQ^dBbv 

•ee deCl^dB}) — . 

I. dSblqaeo, (S^ kiiukka T.M.TobeinBoleiit, 
(=3«rio) generally s>^q«or; s^^'oni^^ ^QOQiTP. 
(fl^QS^ So. <£blQQj No. insolence. 

II. dBblqcdC^, (66^ T.C.Ta.M. (henoe «a)Q) To 
erase, strike oat. 

«nQ^Q<da 1. creaking, noise of writing on 
Olas. ^QdSbtf!! t^-m 9ai9(^ ascno (ra.) 
8. to become embroiled. 
dOblfiJ kila S., L. qnidem; probably = aojo^. 
<je^£JOrrV)o kilasam S. Seab, leprosy. 
ddn^dB^fijUllllplad. (also 8.) Tinkling, ratt- 
ling, load laughter, monk<3y's babble, ajrocu 

uiOcA «bl. c96r^o SiJiyt^ AB. (in despair). 

dtolejdnejdas, q^ to rattle, ring. ^geooH <£bl* 
andns^cno^k KB. (monkeys) — 

axijlai^os ^ej4sQfijl(ino 9A^ Si Pa. 

dB^CkjtfOejoj a slirab=s<mcnDfii'0)^ Yi. 

d9)^ej(0t a rattle, (flblejasocm^fab T.M. Orota- 
laria labarnifolia, with rattling pod. 

<fible4d9e(d), da£\ to wear foot-trinkets (=<fi^snD). 

«^ej«o§di ringiog of bells. 
dGl>|>'sb Idl (Loo. of VK. aQ9birgb, (srag^a^rbb) 

transferred to one Koan: dTVifiTli^ q. t. 
(£b]^nc£bo UlBiiam S. GaUt, sin. <fibl|ijip:a39o 

(/^99(Q aj(ml(S»cBng^ Nal. 
<£\^ Ar. qUlh H. Fort. .flOgyeoib, P. <finU|e3^ 

Ti., ^A&ieoonb TR. commandant of a fort, 
cfibl^ killl} (T.C. c/SleSls^slaio) Doabt. ^ 

gy^gj ff>a>9guo PT. donbtless. aTig^foIlnrn^fy 6voi 

1^0 Bhr. «rig>jOQ o<d>^3iai9o TB. hear & learn 

for sure. A<d>pguajOv'Tb d9bl§^^9.Tnoiaiab SiPu. 
d£\(K/dy(OC^ yaiimh S. Colt; lad, minor — a 

ooooanut tree with 10 branches, 2 years old. 
d^o^nruu kiskindha 8. Bairs residence In 

Orissa KB. 
cfib)c^ kiika 8. Forearm, eabit. 

^eblcroaicQjio kiflalayam s. Sproat, shooting 
leaf. «^cn)ai»4]iai<n^ejl<ir)C09CBil AB. 

^EbV*^ At. (pMt Instalment, term. ^«moo <fl^ 
o^Wibp fuoDo ajl(61g;^^ TB. (scoov) — 

o* e9<n>«inai ^^ (nnl^Acmtas TB. the settle- 
ment of one term of reyenae (kistbandi). 
(d>lrr^arrO) Ar. khidmat, Serrioe. 
(fibla kila 1. (T.= «Sl«r^) Digging, digged place, 
madwall. mUA ^Ia«>sp)^MB. <ijnrn^csS6>5 «») 
a <d>9^ (of a hog). 2. (see a\^) bad, sprout Ti . 
deny. ^]ncifi.d9a^ to dig np, work with epede, 
raise mad or earth. ajscmAdo AU)a^ en 
an9<fl»l TB. ojooaj ^. to fence in. a^sMf 
dsD. to dig oat. d^^fiai^^ <£biQao£)9 
CJBB (treaiore baried). Am ^^s^j^a^i^ 
TB. fortified it. 
CY. ^fl^tfle f.i. oison^eio leHA^a^ Ov-ns 
eS\ Mud. had it dag aboat. ojooQjtfO. TR. 
haTc the madwall repaired (also ojosb^ 
*^)* [bear a grudge Ti. 

dBbl^CYljdS) kUambnifa T. K. (ail^) To rise; 
^a<b T. splendour. ifl^A^ms^ BC. 
<fl^n8a> T. M. (aC. 6>d>9.aa Te. C. oa^ro^) t. 
n. 1. to rise, grow high. &>S(A ^ftcibeic^a 
Oaj35>aiBC. «naaio6>a-j9«0Bl5i(ncysn Bhr. 
Aa^^bla cTa>aj&^ j^^bso BC. do^aoie Qooj 
fDo Qg£\ a>ocn39(mooo CC. gdddte^(:&<in 
(oluxio 6>(D)9snefi)«nr)gs&BC. 2. to burst, as 
a floor not smeared with cowdung. 
YK. (fiTla^ rising, as of sxuos). 

<eb^&a2Q^a> t. a. to raise, make high ausngfo a). 

to break ap by first ploaghing. 
<£bl&Q<d>, oi Y. n. to rise as dust (T. to stir) ^da 

aaro^rob ^a.(^s)m')9(is Q^.o^ojcn Mad. 
<£b]{bc£i5^; t^ ki}arka l. To be corroded (C. Ta. 
aHejcnj). 2. T. to shine (see <£\&fbh 
<d>^Ag|4i <fl^fi.90ij Terdigris. 
denY. csnaacb^^; ^a^l ^3QfT» Yi. 
ifib)ao^(9b Yi. corrosion, absorptfion ojfiaBl 

ft9£}ejeB cn\mo Ys. 
^ft9a|4 1^0. slight appearance, faint eolear- 

ing. 9jx)9rD<dgPfl9^ marks of blood, in 

honting, in spitting (med.) No. 4hk. i^|fitf 

A^oQjNoM. dSh). ocnoaal qj^ Ai to pall aboat 
OTcr long waTcs or a long sea. ojfoa^ ftl 
ftoQjo short & long sea (fisher-language). 

Digitized by ^OOyiC^ 

wklgi"— dB>|(rd9D9 


cfibtMS^ — dSblt^c^; 

dS\£\ kqi T. M. (O. To. Tb. t/5tf , (jS^sm\.) 
'oUrplag'* C. 1. Parrot, Palnorpls. ^^ oj 

Qjmtajfpf^eS^^oiotSis*. 8. other birds fixmo 
yWlft) Ys.; oai|(eiitf looost. 
Homo: AlaWanD seissors to out betelnntYi., 
Pi»lf.»«»S«»»AcoRn Ko. 
*)a^9 a oago SiPtt. 
«»)a)gjo^ a MBg at told hj a parrot. 
tfOftk^dBa parrot's beak, Roman noeo, an Ola 

book mark. 
«blAl:u9oi)<bb a window. 

«n^9SMfiKMM»l or «iVai eSQ, Ojlf^«IDO(2 

ted atago of the ooooannt-paln, spreading 
ita branohss like wings, also «n^9si;o&i 
ojoo^^uoidol ax o«m KB. tfOaloQuoAi ^ 
niafns 8rd stage, whon the branches rise 
abore the pit (see «^tf>). 
deQ^i^Olb UliMal So. a bad, fr. <b?^. 

tf^laWD (T.-«uU) a shellflah. Arb. 

<}^£\€aii(A 8o. a tree (see Sft^oooU). 

c£b\^(d6s 0^ kUnkka So. (henoe ih\^ib) To 
grow «p, ajW«ic)o «))^<^ ▼yM.; to sprout. — 
4h^trmiT. «r^a)ashoot «blf nrnxv u^rofi GP69. 
«l»)f aa, (qjn to shoot, bad again Yi. a^omao 

(oj^cBi) Al^ae«enj9cb, Aomscn aD^aem) 

a^o PT. 

CY, «hl^^«a to make to sproat, help a tree 
to shoot bj laying open its roots (= ^ 
flftl cncTDftAed)), ^^^;:(y cnoooi^ aAcoiBid 

dBrte^<0> klllnya T. K. (C. Te^ co^gj;oomp. o^ 
fl^A) To nip, pinoh, plnek «!nfl^«>«sa^<de 
glTo by little 4 little, an db)e|, «Ott<ob as 
aitteh aa is taken up between 8 fingers, a 
pinoh c^rOBfl^). [temple. 

«inia^4Bao^^0aOa«aaj Sil. of a Sira 

(flbtovee kUikkf T. X. (C. Mia^D beh>w fr. 

^^) The lowland of the Tamil eovntry, east 
(opp. 90aA); front, face (=3 ^ooj) 4to).. s»3u9.(de 
cm it dawna Yu; m^m&j^BtKOiA IB. 
«Ap«eci6 1. a man from the east d^&pdasA 
Miitsfliri KR. 2. in eomp. eaalom «^vp 

dasq^cxSlacLJ (domsoj Yi. the king of Anga- 
maU*-<b>)sp<den6 ji)a>40e«>cfo TR. (f.i. «bl 
spaenb ajtmgj XR.) wares from Tamil or 
Mysftr eonntry, a\, a»0OQ eto. 
«nip«si)cn ( — <6incY^ Bo.) east wing of a 

s^ip9iB&^i A\sfi9dst^9^ eastward. 
dSllfWI YStBddVH (\r^y) T. M. (Tn. ®a>rt>o{o 
0. Te. coo^ 1. Balb as <o>a-)^2i>^ etc. 
8. Yam Dioseorea aoaleata; ^entl^. a Diose. 
that climbs op Jack trees; (9(€X>)<6»). Dioso. 
sativa; «»9|^. Dioso. bnlbifsra, also GootoI- 
TQlas Malab.; nf)»«)cdan. one deeply rooted, 
taken ap in tiie 8rd year; 0^^(60^. Scirpas 
kysoon; uJ^cnasH. 4 emasl. Convolmlns Bat- 
atas; OialQ^. eto. 

«n&Ma§i>>o<fio6 1. a baker, «iocBaj^d»>t. 2. who 
hides a matter within his hearts dOtf coenb. 

dEbVpea kQama T.(<flb)^)=(Bi^£Dayofthew«ek. 
tfhispQLiab 'going down** old man, tu. ^^oiob. 
f. dOtpoj^ A — (oto^ Arb. 

cfibllKQfo nmed. Tdbh. dG^CQA). 

dSbllfl UU H. T. (T. scratch, torn piece) 1. A 
piece of cloth, containing a prise or present 
^ifi^ej, «b)ipifi)(dssa). Often = sealed money 
Yi. ^o) «0(p)cB;9<sQ ouAoai KIT. different pre- 
sents to Brahmans in cloth knots, ^if\<ott9 
r^nb Yi. oashkeeper. «bl&p)s>aj(ds present of 
rice dE money, ^i^qjo oaj-^cn^q^rDtae ChYr. 
2. a pooltioe wherewith diseased memberb 
are gently beaten ^Otflaio^ Aajd9i>, A«S|«>, 
An^OBcnj^. Henoe n. d^if\d», 

dEbl^pk^ce) UUyaYa (T. H. ^sl\tr, a^tp) i.To 
desoend, <fl^ tu. oome down I; to leare hoose or 
ship (go«Sft «i^s^Qq{(mm)aie OoJS^d^TB.ojA 
^otqQcnlniD ^Qspleoi^ ttojocBi^ from roof. £qj1 
^mo ans^<e>c»l§y shall not leaye (= 6Up)<eii) ; 
af)aeic/»j<MQ'n» ^^eni^ cnsrma^A Jnd. 
setting out, starting ; also to risk oneself a)oor>9 
Oj^cjumoncns Aiip\sa^ TB. joined the inent reo* 
tion. 2. to be sobtraoted, low, degraded. QjtMD^ 

Digitized by «l!iOOgle 

<£b)^<d6^— d^iU<d)o 



Kad. humbly. Aiifisa^ a)o<0«a)c)oa3(B<a>ChTr. 
to sue for peaoe. 8. B. (=3A5P^ • aore to 
form into • holo. 

I.a.T. <£i>)^cd6^ 1. To make to deBC6iid,take 
down afy qq& (^(£\ dSblspi^ 6>a>D«^9QjOG(Q 
TR. Qjoo9a!D(obcnl(m idDspl^ dismissed. aD 
jpld98nmcs{jo Qd9>OQnmcigo ji}(QS%Ad^ TR. 
boiog landed, tto^ob ^ipl^ aifieai^ (a 
snake). 8. to diride coa@»«>CT)(n§BQB/oAom 
oqi£^(A 4f^if\^vA 15| G8. so in Arithm.; 
in oommon use to subtraot ,0000 Qkmob 
a»snB0(9b fiiO(Qi)<bb (gsKmoono aIsp),^ TR. (= 
atiT^^. 8. to hnmble §tQi^(OM>cn «b)ip)j^ 
ojoa) Anj. .to jeer. 
VK. «n^^ refuse, leaTiogs, subtraction A 
em<aS^<A 4^. discount 72. [rend, 

n. (fin^dBfi^ (<ftlip)=i^nQ) T. SolC. To iaoerato, 
<£b\p kiln =z^w (C.T.Te. dhlcno) Below, «^y 
csns MR.=<fl^ <8bS. Chiefly Dat. «Qy>d9e down- 
wards, In (fl^^dast}Q@(A»o precipice, ^yaso 
au9^ headloog. — dS^yaiOfiKngp & «8)l(i>o5Kn§jl 
Phyllanthns nlruri (o^q^H. Ph. urinaria) — 
a>)y (e«iai leaf put under others when used as 
plates (for Rajas, eto.) 
d6bl(pce6^(d>, <b£\ Ulnkku'ya So. = Q0§<6> No. <C. 
d^ to humble) To knock on the head — 
€^^dS^ a caff. 
<£\\f(S^ VlxLttq 8o.(antfld9on.)Ahole, leak. 
<£^\fi(Bei kilekka («^tfoldageP)Topant9ajo 
<S\(A (T)^d9ifiA0os eos^(dfi^iP(dAC(2{o, a)aaasraiib 
^iT^roidSenris Bhr. (tu. d^Skoxas No.) also 
ailiPQi^^f.i. aa>€no daDiPaatMPsn^Bhr. women 

VN. d9^6)sp^ panting, palpitation. 
4fl^s>sp<fin3CEt<^ (^y) yAm growing on the stom 
of another B. 
d^(d>rrOo kiyasam B. (ribs) Bone. 

dBSliUdBso k^a-yam S. Hollow bamboo whistling 
in the wind. 

n>^^ (a?l^«)ob aprinoe,the 
son of Kekaya. 

«n.aiaa NoK. (T. ^uiMioooontr.of «n.iiiA 
ab(9e«>oWinsl.fir.^^e>o68.) «n.«»9sm) 
Ai to behaTe or act shaaolesslj. ^n^etn 
^^ad49B0(Mb 6q>«ii^<0aAeB9a(BOj^A 

d6?)So kl4am 8. 1. Worm, cn^ch d»S9iiQK> fiAg^j 

WbUA cu9cnrQia!ns0oggnr»^^0QOoPatB. a worm 

of a monkey (as 0<g|^y)9 words of Hanamiw. 

^SOiSgdOo AR. wormlike.^go eedi- 

ments of oil, dross of iron, tartar of teeth, 

also ^snb 8o. 

^QSdob B. a kind of yam. 
<sS]QdSk klcTf k & dsS\QOdo 8. («^z= aHo) What 

like? «a%c«ojiS)aaSWo Mnd. 

4iS1or)90snb poor; ploughman. 
dB?)l2Ar.klXQiya| Alohymy (Gr. ehSmia) d\t^ 

emi The art of making gold. 
dsS)fOo kiram 8. Parrot =«0a^. 

«n(pnb 1. id. ^(DOOBosJlovoo coJc^oTetC. a girl 
of pleasaatspeech. dS?)(Ma\sa Ooc.)=^haBa3 
.gjO.Tsm jo^, 2. a small fish. 

aHtooBBHr^ crickets ja!)(fl. 
<£S)fS\ klli T. H. Mungoose, l^Terra or Herpes- 

tes Ind. (C. «?1(Q to squeak) ojooqjWkt) a»V&t ^ 

cS)d9sacm9S>ej TP. tfiSlroloaB 4Mrm ojdaajOoja 

6)61, «»1<^C;^ ^fiUGBO «QJ9S>aj «(l[|^o proT. — 

Kinds 6>.ai8ab)'D^ (see d^nrDlanfinb) which is also 
applied to o^SauoajQ, eeiain^ larger. 
«^(olda»enb the red eye of the mungooae dSi 

oQcm 9QLjos>ej ja^qum Nid. 6)^BfV£)4aej[| 

eyes as of an opium smoker. 
4Ao^dOn1&Ma§ the ichneumon plant, perh.Oph)- 

orrhisa Mungusa cnA9ei(^ 8. 
«D(f)g_]gu a small tooth (loc.) 
«in(olgj|oa3j B. worm bred In the body, 
d^grno kin^am 8. (<fiiria>6mo) strewn, spflt f§ 

Q/DfinO d9?1^0OO CJO(2^^S0Ao SiPu. 

d^fOfn^rOo kirtaiiain 8. (Yed. «)(bV^) Announ- 
cing, praise 6)s>oecuajrD0sm6).'anft «»). o^isq^ 
Qj3ab SiPu. 
4S\m^ 8. praise, renown. d\, oaig^'^sktW 

cbHoA ons^ 0(dW KomK.; A AajMB^dig 

AR., o4(M»^ Bhr. spread his 

Digitized by ^OOyi(:! 

d^ — cflSltf 



«naieila«ii^9«oo Bhr. IffDOiBliiy — Ta. 4S\(S\ ' 

j S^ ^ h^ TP. dUhoBoiir, slumo. 

aic6 4ei»y^Qdl(nad09q^ Bhr. 
dMiY. <0ncoiA<dB to prsiie ^uofiioa) ^g\ei£i 

iloooAOG.— (pftrt. dAoRkVoio)— 
CT. 022 ^^<ao!\am ^ai8n^<dB EB. 
dBfkj kiri| T. M. <C. Te. Tn. oftj fr. e^HQ) A 
rag, stripe, thred. 
«klQA 1. to Boratoh, draw lines (G. Te. ojl^ 

cn^ejoB <fi^a) TrP. 2. t. n. to be elit, torn 

OeoOQjoBhr. (oomp. dfclipl); id>9aA ^af). 3. 
T. a. tot ear, rend, e^oocjOB «?)(Slaf)g qjIoa 
TB. split. OKOC) ^]^a> to dissect. 

CV. axBiO(2 <fl»VSlgjl j^ PT. 

TK. aflocob a tear «?l'ej1nnD ogsp €^9^A to dam 
it. <^o<^«m),— ^ocbH torn clothes, mat. 

iSboQgl wood, which will not split ;a hard Job. 

«?loQ T. M. (C. Te. of\^) fragment, piece. ^ 
ooo$<tt (huntg.) of hog, rD«r^<fl?loo)mDo 
cn^aSVob PT. of a half cloTen tree. 

tfS)oolQi=QI2Qj)fii (opp. cnsdSNiflj). 

^OQcr>90o (Brhffl. ) s &(8jU Jajmmo. 
«?)«oo9ei one half of an Ola, also eoai^oQ 

(so So. eoCOBtdnloQ, OaAOBidnloQ). 

dDSLM kllam 8. Wedge, bolt, nail(=a^cV) PT.) 
^cjW Csstoned, palUsaded. adi»oej(xn (^ 
oexY) 4^ejcno«»^Q^ SiPa. transfixed. 
dSS\(A 5. H. (Ar.qlr) l.Pitoh. <rfU0(Oofir 
trees. 2. ^«inflAa>)(n» ifi»W f^osi^ (loo.) 
polyp. =sB(A, ^. 

dBnai3eJe kHilam 8. Sweet fluid, water 4^9 
fiiuSl sea (po.) 

dSnoa^dSnrrv) H. Uuflit ▲ pocket. 

dBHtf ka cfi?)6o T. K. a Ta. (Te. A'l)a4b1y 
1. Plaoe below. .A)d^(sk oifij ^iHvoo) ^as^ 
(fa hell); omo90c^ oei «!>)ipaQin qjVo Bhg. 
ajvUeaon oai^ntfoaSlKB. «n^aMiajQ»80M) 

gloe^cnoAOa. (mai4f)^oaxiosoaii) headlong 
(Dat.) 2. adT. under, beneath, dowo. ojcoiaj) 
o^o Qgojob dispUA EB. snbjeot to me. srocn 
oobo 4]S)&p)(ob fiCD^dabaStgyofOo KB. none likes 
to be under Bh. (pojoaocKD ooVmeis ^Apo 
a»l QQJd^ Hud. subdued. «»oejan8i^<8naaka9 
flTB «?y)o<Be1m9(lb Brhm. S. what is old, 
past, former (^tfojcb). «i>VeBCiJ4b T2.=a^ 
qEinaoA, «S\ipl(bb oQ^osni ^wA TB. former 
eolleettons. (eHspVob aiv^dooiSo seaiW airoi 
cm^ Tu. e«i!)<bb ^SUpVob AB. heretofore.— 

A oQgDl CG. counted the hours until the 
promised tomorrow. 
Heooe: dain&Psca^A to submit, d]SWsdaaa», d\ 

spoauA to subdue. 
«nsP0 inferiority Yi. 
«niPQflii to undermine. oj^aeAA atoi^^ oj^ 

fixmcqio daSltfOQ o^Ai^oOg^ CG. (of bees). 
d\i»9sn% (S) last year. 
(^sPKUOfMBBdo MR. former documents. 
<ApofiKngj1 ft <fi?lspo<booDg^ niyllanthas (see 

A^^p— ). TP. 

aflspoooS^ or aH^pift a name of Kadattuwanadu 
dS^iPi&i a subordinate. 
dBnsPd(nLQ the 8d part of the rent under *&p^ 

dB»o«rr)o,the tenant^s share; whilst the Janmi 

has 1^ or «e&i3(gLQ. 
djiHspoonsBnao the right to the tower kinds of 

parambu produce, when the higher (o* £ 

ficvo) belong to another (loo.). 
<fl^§ below. «b)tflglrol<dn to sit on the ground. 
4a»)yd»K. pr. of the temple near the ford of t^o 

0{^(d); «?)yibajsp old boundary of "S. A S. 

Kalabar 1, PutupatnariTsr ; 8, Chandragiri 

river EU. Anach. 
4S)9» under, below. 4abl«tf(2 €ten. the lower. 
^ffiS the old way; ^jL^ cns^mo ojlamo 

cjuaoobl oosan (doc.) to manage differently 

from old custom. — rest of old acoounte. 

^jy^SQ^itt ^aei^Kb <oiA9o XB. arrears. 

Digitized by ^OOQ IC 




•^o fit)^<0> TB. the Bam gtill dae on 
aoooimt of the 969th jmt. — ifl^^s (O-^ 
«>M0o, ^^s aiviooo (8»ajcTua«K>» TR. 
former traneactlont — <d»)^s«9i«m^ last 
year's aeoount. 

«n^fim<ee /reotione (^jSi^md^), ecm) 
on6o <d?))^>ea oT>o^«>d(i ^. CS. ^'a£\<(k 
moooARBsQ balanee in fraotions whloheannot 
be resolTed CS. 

<fl^^A<X> soft heart, <fl^jp nxA tender ToioeYi. 

<^^o«mo a labmortgage title- (of a gun. 
JL^ 08.; (SHA9«»l«>(ibo «a bntt end 


<fln&p>5g^ Yi. balanee. 

^^o6\ id. .ocxx) aogy^A cns^s tu^atA 

aH. fier^g TB. a balanee of 1000 Be. is still 

due from me. 
^n^§o an nnder-offloe, held bj 4i^0(}^ 
ifi^Q lower Baja «^^ft oioyom SAosf^ 

moA EU. 
^nipRoin^ lower oaste. «n. d(Qii ao-iju^^Wkt) 

AQi:^ TB. Ured with a woman of 1. e. 
<^iP(R8weo inferior sort. 
.^^Watf^oibin time past. ^ «»&p)cae«aiiaofiJ, 

4S\, Si^:S^ cnsmikai i^^ono TB. 
tflin^'^fii one of the 6 flv^cooiDo f . i. iSl. (okytiI 

(obAjiJmo 90«fiMn)(A «aj9(Qo ajtoom. 
«^sp ffnaioaO or^^crnl® si^MoeoQjSldD. (^ 

jg^fij see nnder 1.) ^yi. 

ds^spoj^obedienoe. d^s^ajs)«AO(»nb a Hsotor 
^tpojoo oa)nrn 6^08 st^o (^^t^otT^Oovo^o 

fixsLjnBQjir&^aio^o cn^ojrDG^flA) MM. 
<fi?)«>^| (ft <fl?l3tpo|). downwards. (Siorosr^oa 

oos ^. ®ocbb1 oaoj^ UB. ^S\€ig^^ «(uo 

«cv9(a nr)9(i) ses^cyf <kLJ06oa) C0. des- 

oription of a hnmpbaoked. 9. ady* p. of 

d9?)5)^^a) to submit. 
^^ 0<m)cBK) Palg.sQ iiiOQajsi, a wood faeten- 

ed to the door-sill to reeeiye the pilots of 

^!g«B|98 former oustom. 
^agaeoul a title of lords. 
«^sg(A 1.' upside down. ^Si cf^ fo upset. 

<0n. aoleo^ oioscm ioi^(0«k)b BIPu. billowa. 

9. €hl oaofo aSloeB9 Anj. eTerywhete. 

8. afV^erob or!^«Kn4e KB. what la past 

A future. 
«b)ipaaj9«»o hell, ojocm^ao. 
tflHip Qjav4> abdomen tfSl'ooW £9Beo a mad. 
ifl^oeoan) office of lower Brahmansy oookSMg 

etc. (opp. 9&fk/bwaS\), 

I. dd» kn 8. (=sa>t, a^o) l.iaterrog. What Fa 
(Oil whence? 9. earth (in aRo eto.) 
At[9Qjo what a shape t ugly. 
ACTOi^ojob rog^sh minister, Mud. 
^aififiotfiDo FT.=§^(6a36mo. 

A\^^d^ ChVr. illnatured. 

II. dOd 5. termination of Dative (H. Beng. A^a) 
signifying direction towards, as in eca^, tm 
019, Qjsae. (often ^, f.i. artSiOidam), 

ddi^ecTio krvfij^tm S. An eye-disease, Nid25. 
d%(0ftd9>^ cdeTl kokkUYa To be hot, (low) A(fle 

on 6>ajggo> 

VK. Aqj heat. 

da»<dftSo knkkn^am 8. CJock (L. ouonrire) ^ 
<d>a)eD9 CC. — ai(6e5cLjfl9)saa)>ospl9d9a9^ KIC. 
dadcd^rOo kukkuram S. Dog, old Aasroo. 

dd»cd^ knkii S. (9A>9a&o) Belly. A. a^(o)A 
Bah. to All it. AdQfioloerol a glutton. A^fi^A 
<a&)«nlo Oii)^ Nal. to support oneself. 
d^<J2%o kn^al^km 8.(better(ai<^ao)An open- 
ing flowerbud. A. A<^^ Qj^^SauioOfiJ CG. 
d696ei<d) kongnifa T. To sink low, d^CS^ddi M. 
to be elated with Joy, lust, sport. 
AfBiCh 1. H. pr. of men, Af£\ ft ASb^a of 
women. 9. (eomp.) numanageable. 
ASioboLjornl a mytliioal wild hog, Amoairns 

Qflfi9<9 A. TP. 

AObOba^fqj an almost inoorable oleer e« 

aioej^oT) ad a, TP. cn^smd^fl A*ano ojoa 

Obob ^>ggo doD^o enrse. 

d8s88ft(2V> knwgnniain 8.. 1. Saffron, Oroena sativas 

OP 78. d^pim «)ooiQi)|«09 A. proT. db. .^A<eeo 

03§«o QnP. It is used by women for eBaarisg 

in winter, .^caono in sommer 00. o Aoft«)ab 

Digitized by ^OOyiC^ 

cfiseeiaS)— deacouoai^ 


cMOuVdio— cfliS 

fl2)P^»^o A Bhr. 2. • oriasoa eompocition 
for marking the forehoAd. 

<nl(QO0a^ BC. 
Aflka^, — fi^gujas^t — ^§ pftrts of the pUnt. 
Aflkas^g^ddil KU. an <dd tax 
dMSifiUcoxo kongaliyam T. BoH. Paig.sA 

aalejo, Sijaism^9 Dammar resin. 
dBs^Uo kljam S.(Aj^ to oontraet) Female breast 
sigai. In po. aamioSo CC. «ij»)«»aiod0(^rok 
syAo AftSo Kal. OQ-iO(bb«MSV(OB(X> RO. 
Aa}3((^ nipple. 
^iljdQbiL^ 5. Whisper, see A^A(^. 
d8i(3.aJ^^ knjodyam B. (a I.) l. Derision, 

fraud. 2. K. improper question. 
dkJ^ hMn T. C. Tn. (sAQ, ^4j), henoe 
1. T. M. A tassel, ohip, strip, pieoe of straw* 
QjiflSdBe^ chaff of flax. 2. To. M. brash, 
esp. of toddy-drawers. 90M»9d9e^ thepromi- 
BSttt web of a eoooannt. 
A^Aohat. 4h. (OKm^iA A^onsCG. A'adoH^ 

AMnxoBAO^oaoiab CO. dark room. 
A^ (obso.) penis. 

4k^<ds9$ i^j^ 2)s=4hcx))<aB0^ grass jangle, 
brnahwood. jnd. 
dQd8«o kiqain B.(Al.)Earthborn; tree; ICars 

A0iajd9o Had. on Taesday. 
(ftcmUo knijaai T. SolLsA^^^Ttasri, brash. 
ojcmlifle. bristles of swine. 
Aeoli^ 1. spree. MklrMkeotH horse hair Yi. 
.Qjcn^^flaenn bristles (loo. 4 T.) 2.T.K.(C. 
AOflb) napo of neok c4)Sa»'oaioo^<Qa A 
snildsa <m93ip s>a3(0rQ jad. 4ksaSis^if\ 
hoUow abore it. 8.s=dMB^ youog mxn 
Q^BI «cLJ9§ajab sooob ^MDA^asycoRtdsm 
Coratti P. daMttn(O3a(T)93V09nno GnP. faney 
themselTeo yoong Bamas, go wooing. 
dMOkUM^ knjijtfatt^ & Sfi08(D7^ Qnaerat 

KU. (Tdbh. of ^8te^)- 
cftOOLUOlj ka^limbu Fine ohanam(loo.)s«i 

dQ)€aiIld&)o knnjiyaiii 4h. <4)SKm9^ ezbo ^iIHsp 

de&OOlIVQIo knijilun 8.(a<ii ) Crooked. mbuI 
ffW(()lajab Bhr. snake. ^MOtDAO^ejoAaio YCh. 

d^Gtm^ (6) knflja'ya So. (T. Te. C. aio^) To stoop, 

bow. (see Anr^l, aq etc.) 

4Ma;) T. ft Asn^ M. (C. ^oy) young, small 
AflO^^So bodyguard in Trar. 6Mgo 4Mb^ 
§d9ai9«>rD aik)a]Bft Arb. soldiers. «)ji3oicBr a 
€Bi^§d9ai9ib TraT. policemen. 
dBa6VC8o kn^am 8. Bower. 

«i6iBQ(DoS. 1. elephant, AcaS^recnlfDAcb BC. 
Q^(akfi3Afii«(TKib, ^oj) Asm/bob AB.^ most 
eminent of men, monkeys, etc. 2. K. pr. 
AsivtrD<§ajrado 6>(O)9S}«rn0mr)R»o Bhr.=4k 

da9)YQVQ} kun^tl (aAfiBQ; C. Te. ^nm short, 

young) pi. AOBOOBcX) A young, infant mi^BOk 

M90 Oajfiia^en^o Arb. (of birds). [war). 

ASKfo^cb elder brother or nnole (Tier, Mucku- 

AcnooQj Yi. short dart. [Muckuwar). 

Aoooffl matron, lady B.; elder sister (Tier, 

Aooonb boy; also endearingly of girls TP. 

Often QjftArD Aoooooo Ag^o^ &5n^ nnm- 

erons family. 4kawxbo Si£^9fsn^o ^s, a 

snoQOo Aglooir (oafiTi^, Acnooao Ag^cEu^ 

6>nboQ{;o Si xiiQJOi^ TB. — (n^Qos aiooocoecb 

(of Baja.)=:<o)a3adnao4b~(in N. pr. f.L a 

snoosj m., ASD09^ f.) 

A6oio9<flifiRiiol<oi^ better i^-— q. ▼. 

Aan»9f lamb. Asnoo^^ to jump aboat, AoBoa 

go f^iskiness, as of ealres Ya, 
Asniil l.s=A«B9, A6ai»ab f.i. loioajsg^mflB 
Aent»)AS^a>Qa ro^fiol^onb TB. AoRCpoiVok 
aj6)|Al^ AipUosOG^g^ proT. in childhood. 
2.glrl-~(l.ft f.i. AfinolOcflaa 
<oab, m., A«nol09cnt) 
«MD«»l«aAii»B^o a oake(2). 
Acn^Ag^ax)!}, daMRigglaxX) family. 
AODqaiORft^ai small door Yi. 
0e»S kll4<^ T. K. C. Tu. (Te. «)099Ci\^ fir. A^) 
1. Umbrella; kinds: oooi— ,aj§ — , ^on — ,^ 

Digitized by ^OOQ IC 

desSo— iflaSft 



t^ass (old ^kgfj^dMS), the iMt used by klogt; 
generally m&ua^s (or SMnag^tfes) ft ^o^s. 
KiogB giTe ocns^cv as as emblem of rank. 
^9Aat cn^s Vil. ojsc^rab fiSsvo as, as 
oJt^stg^an proT. oojOBajipl cnscseom «i^9.a 
Oao^ ASojls^dOnTB. to iUtreat traTeUers; elae 
AS OLjls^aa to bear an umbr. as aa^a to 
make an ombr. asqi)^ qjs^q^o c^^^cqh cnsae to 
go oat. ASQ{{o OiftQiyo 6)aj^^ TB. ponUhed a 
Brahmani with Iom of oaste. 2. top of nail, 
•orew, etc. 8. met. proteotion AsaeliP aojei 
GBfOcae^KU. Baja appointed, enlisted. 
Asaaorob ambrella*B handle; ASAtdobOQA 

jaoktree of timilar siie. 
AS^ei^ B. rent of house (A^F) 
AStf)^aj)cBKib elephant (huntg.) 
A5g-]cn Corypha nmbraonlifera. 
ASCB>9$ml nail with flat head. 

(fidSo ka4am &. (see a^<a» eto.) 1. WAterpot 
«Bid(D(Baso (Bdcojo (opp. or^odBtso), ajslaeaifc 
A. s>§s>S(fla proT. ASOB^o e>A§) ASanl(2 
jiilejibEB. eroesed by swimming with pots. 
2. (loo.) testicles. 

ASo oJDro^enoQ i'^^ o^SoaSi. or oojflfio 0O 
6^00(2) 4th stage of a palm-tree's growth. 
ASo i^ftg-iab Ys. a oertain fish. 
ASoa^oo Ys. a play. 
Asaf)^ water standing in pots AA^nso a. 

(opp. dkAcrfla)) EeiN. 
ASOKSvonb potbellied, Ghuuipati. 

dOsSde^ ka4a'y^ t. m. (C. Tu. oaoojd^ prh. 

from OA»$ steep. T. ASAswest ft identical 
with Qa>06a§) N. pr. of Oodaga or Goorg ooon- 
try fi) Aos A^oaj ajoafij^aj)^MOo«89(^ fissovoA 
TB. letter of Coorg BaJa; often OAO^eoaiida 

6)uiJg»Jd>> TB. 

ASAOb 1. a O>org man — f. «> AOSOiiOni^ TP. 
(a Goorg f) 2. the Coorg Baja. 8.= asa 
g_]9ei f.i. ASAob cnnriD QQjt>t5^(ea GP. 

ASAo I.ssASA; ASAOikieJ.tnn^Qb ao^i^) 
Qj^S^A^s Bhg. 2. Hydroootyle Asiatioa 
Bh. (So. ASoarak B.) 

ASAyoei 8. ASAo Echites pnbeeeeDs; ike 

seed ASA^dftKBir^ MX. 
ASgjMOMsb Pistia stratiodes. 
AS^gy Jasminnm rosevm (on moontaiat). 
AsosjfiO Oambogia garoiola. 

^snm kii4uina see ©ADsom. 

dd»Sa-]oi> kn4appaiL in ojKP^s^jfh MC. 

Plantain flower. 
d^SCS^dB) ka4aytl'||« H. Tn. G. To throw oat, 

fling away, shake extremitlea, 6)0A ASfl^ 

TP. after eating. AS«n9 oajMoalcndfib Bhr. 

out of riTer. ODxoli) ASODoofsl <n>^o (saper- 

stition), AggAQA <4[f§<OK Asonif^o Bhf. 

afUb, juosmAo a. to sprinkle- oo AAiadl A 

FT. a playfol infant. 

Yir. AS^(A shaking off. 

d6iS(b lni4ar| ft <i^S(A t. x. i. BoweU a 

CrDOOtJA, £5KdAl, so^cgfA eto. Asoi oieS 
Oflvoonn usiAi proT. Often ASAbeoei f.L AsA 
esfii(B(SlAi<%oBhr. ofwonnded. jiiWeiASiy) 
fiiA<^Qa)9{onMrnieD9BS. in battle. 2.PlaMs- 
ta, prolapsoB ani eto. [qj^x, ^^'^ m 

Aseinb m., — eil fern, sojqpoob potbellied; «» 
A58exx>o spasms in the bowela* 
A6(ob Jija8e£) a med. plant. 
AsoAdnAssAsnikesej f.i« ASolbailtOA^os a 

««(ONn(A a Karmam KIC. 
ASAOJOOAo Ya. oolio. 

(fiisojob kii4ayaiL i. Yt. = ASAcib. 2.Prsii- 

al slaTe Aseob W. 
dOftSOdBA kll4akkf (T. ^S0(6a, H. ^cudo^ 8. 
. ^cuDo) Tobaoeo ball smoked in a hooka. 

I. de9SlkTl4iT.H.G.(alsoS.)\r«k9 1. Hbois, 
hut, dwelling. 2. inmates, family (ojoroaso A 
^cdeoffnanOKbTn.); also A^A»3ib; AslAdss 
(o-jnAcX) subjects. 8. wife (loo.) qa^S 
first wife Yi. (Ho. also ^tm A.; eacv A 
yonnger, or nsnt^o a. second wife). 4. tribs, 
nation orfloeo jaUOib tmch as^40»o«>q» BC. = Aei 
<deo; A€)<0a ajsJcmoiAaH. colonists; craat 
Aslifis «ii)a(n^90A 5)A9flr«9ftPay. Jews, Syri- 
ans, Mknloheans, eto. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 




^£i fi(oi«B to settle, dwell aeMb9A(oniViA qj 
cm Ask(£)aaa« TB. 

AsldnrDlgj 1. dwelling dh*^cm o^osn^ 
pnrchased to lire in, cnooBfOfO A*gLp(b& (& 
OBfnDoatOsr^TB. lodged in the N.'s manor. 
2. fees paid by the tenant for hie house on 
09am & Yisha. 8. lease of ground for 
building. 4. a tenure : 2 Hsnams given by 
the tenant to the proprietor of the land, on 
whieh his house is built. 

AstcKlascjgBd) to make to inhabit 1. oause 
to settle, oolonise dspt^^ Qojo^cB/So a. KB. 
A6>daj6>(ora 4h. by study or devotion. 2. to 
retain in a plaoe. 60CDB6)ft cnog^aA A\isian 
rDififiDg_)onb a)^cTX(ifo9(ft«mo treat us so, as 
not to drire us out of the land. fiidOBOft 
A'anaio^ok ajsmoRtW 00^0 ^gl^aoA TR. 
failing to secure peace. 8 . to restore a patri- 
mony, to re-admit a dishonored vassal to 
his former honors by a ceremony Ti. a€\ 

, canaaajj^xidnb a^oo^^ TB. 

4^5) dspltae to abandon an abode. nfB. 

^ksldOaSo family debt, cnlaiTSi^QO0/ab A. £9^ 
«isiaA9(on6 MB. owner of a house. 
As^^§ai to settle (^dOeipo^o^ <ft'^ Anj.; coi 

ocibo 000^ A^ ^. resolves TP. 
Asi^^di 1. to cause the manes of ancestors 

to live in the house. 2. slaves to marry. 

80. 8. 0CT)^(gb A'^cm TP. determines. 
4ksi Qd>§<ae to destroy a house or nation, dab' 

dBaz^nmo BC. (Bavanan). ^^ marry. 

A£^A^A 1. to build a house. 2. slaves 
4BisW»A9cb to dwell. A^06>9cb ag^aoda met 

ecnandg^Viib clktid CQ. (prayer). 
Ast|£^6yo tax on houses ft shops =3 a^ ct?) »\ 

o), A& QjkufOfisosi) AS^ eorn^orn fl2@)ad 

A^a^aiob an ascetic, half aSanyasi. KeiK2. 
«^«e3ac9hoasebreaker; oppressor of subjects. 
4ksVn^^ss AsW<^«» to submit to taxation 

eto. OMBBcb «>'^rm9o egy TB. (o^aioa 

tt£kT9Q»Ornil«Md«lMpeople(af«»r war). 

AsioLMOi^ (pU — dBK)o,— QB^oA) inhabitants, free- 
men. «)os)aMO<nai}o a'skvo^o (D<e^^KU. 
db. AcX> cn^dSa c^'^iS^zt) AofiiTB. ehief 
inhabitants. [awo^o fl^ MB. 

disiajs^ abode o« odov^a croilojo a*§o a9 

Aslajo«c= (fts^QBHrfldSa. 

<ft5la^(d>rgb ceremony on entering new housess 
(^00(^901000 ; from (ftsla^Aa) f.i. SLflfi^^ 

QJQQ d%s)gJd9«6)a)05ngl5)aA9(aS fi)5>QjfOo RC. 

cno:ijVob (ftsia^dOe ojoro^ian AnJ. 

Asla^n id. see AshixA. 

AS^^A hereditary enmity, 4k. oaid9a,(Tendet- 
ta). Qjooonnn <ft. the serpent is said to 
revenge itself on the relations of an offender. 
cn.cQ. A^^ oQODtiSs TP« feuds. A. ^emsa^ 
a> TP. to make friends again. — <ftslgjA 
cvobYi. mezsi^ dab^tansronb TP. 

As)Q^9a)(ob=Asio^«>rgb (loc.) 

(fts^a 1. the body of landholders. 2. tenant- 
ry 0iosi0c;2|o a>. (S^o coafialaa KU. as^q 
cnlib see <fli^0. 

daislcQ/ftb slaves f. i. in Coorg. 

d9i^QDig-|n6 ((osnsoo a.) step-father y2. 

d9i5)cBfrab=AS)a^d)(?)ib, also a^sltSCQiO^ (=49)51 

®Qj949)(iA) — d3)Sl9a2;9a3^^(29(on»o TR. as^ 
cbmA ^^d>, the ceremony of ojodtds^o,^ 
<ft^^§<0) No. 

4kslc09nb inhabitant, subject, tenant (opp. R 
oai or (Biss^cs/dob). dats^cs/o^Q the right of 
a tenant to enjoy for a time the produce 
of the trees he planted; cultivator's share 
of crop. As1av9^ So. residence. 

dabs^CB>lrD)gj9§ house ft compound inhabited 
by owner or tenant. 

asld^nBiagjo^ a deed by which the proprie- 
tor transfers any payments made by tfae 
tenant to a third party, W. 

A&laiA any house ss Ab^<u9§. 

ASkuMa%A^ 4k. ASP^<de f . i. jo^Aiib A'as^tfy » 
t£\ left their homes TB. 

AS^aiMOo oultiTator's share. A. vn\^ TB. 
dadootlBg it (in pepper eto.) 

Digitized by fejOOQlC 



d88^(Do — cfeSg-J 

«^Q^Bi 1. So. QoTerDineiit prlee paid for mono- 
poly articles. 8. common ooontrj price. 

AsWuan settle.sA^ ^(Uidfst^ 2*^ 
take a wife^ chiefly so as to leave the bride in 
her hoose, Qou|mi6)or> 6iA£\ <ai*<06a) aos 
0(SA(OiO)9cv<enO(9e 0^98 Anacb. (i!iocus>a A* 
^ A<fi)9cb^ PT. 8. to place ft consecrate 
an idol, (o^jon^c^ 

A^Qooooxn search of hoase. 

a£^6> So. arrears, amount due. 
II. da»s]kll4i T.M. Drinking, water drank after 

meals (fr. d9i§<fli§); soaking. 

<fii5^<fia l.T.H.O.Te. (ft Te.5)^9ej)to drink; 
different modes of drinking : (8iO|{i^9nno, qoo 

^ giro^ jM to be drowned. 2. (C. Te. ^^d9i) to 

swallow. (SlOCrDQJo 6)aJggQJo aiSicSd) TU. 

CY. d9is^^(BA to giTe to drink, as axfooovo; 

to soak (gsrnl (^aalAslg^^ooQai amed. 

Qjy^A*nr7?gyBhr. not allow the calf to drink. 
A^(v!la> Infosion (=:«)(fi:i9QB;o). 
AS^C^rab soaked thread, for famigatlon etc. 
^5^080 intoxication Yi. <fts^0(i@ ajioa> to 

talk like a drunken man. 
aisi^ooiovrg weaned. -^ AS^aooQ^ to wean. 
dabS^CBKib drankard. 
<ftS^aiOQ(9> So.=aj9(bbQj. (of cows). 
d%sl6nrriDl<0b kn^inzdl (C.Ta.(aisiauif9b,T.Te. 
<dis)cro)Hut, thatch; So. dhslsoo place where 
young calves are tied. ^odSeslsRssTifob tent. 
^. Aim^Z(0iOj\ Mud. — Qjeg)<d95^fiRJ!i»la)b natu- 
ral bower formed by creepers, jungle-hut. 
<ftslrsb. T. M. (<fli§ + ^(A) hut, out-house near 

palaces for menials, ajga^cdaslajdaio Nal.= 

AS^sBoVsb. Qpajant0raiojlcT)4h.Kud.Boyal 

tent in war, A&(A Sioj^ast Y2. to quarter 

deaSl^Jo kll4ilam S. (s AauW) Crooked, tortu- 
ous. «islej<fi»2||j9cb BC, ooQB/aoo <gAs^»6)a 
6)a)99n9 «islfii09G(Q ^tijul:^ YCh., <ft^ai0l(pl 
BitYij. girl with rolling eyes. As)ftiiiil.'0iftna9 
OQo^ ckioojocnooil o«»«&^a||0 KB. 

49ft^ejab deceitful, talebearer. ong^ocnS) as) 
£LKib (^nno pror.' 
d^€\(0o ka4iram s. (=:as^<A) Hut. &AA*a£i 

8b3ejd98) oa)VAom8fifi6mo Mud. 
I- d63§ lni4n 0. Te. Small, narrow, encloaed. 
n. dQ3§<^S 5. (^§) Onomatop. descriptiTO of 

guggling, rumbling noise. <&. oaDdBso o.aisr9 

ChYr. OjiJ9(£1 a. assiin^rDceAib BC. dk^ASs 

<j9«^d^ Bhr. OikiorD (8ioq5)Q;8o d9i§A^£oam a 

^^ Arb. (fli§AS oolfijojlai^ Aoai9cX> Bhr. 

•— noise in smoking a hooka, emptying a bottle; 

rattling noise. a^asIoo .aio|g) Pay. — a^a 

$g-j3cnj MG. rattlesnake. 

<ft^^, A^Qj T.NoM. small Teasel. 

A^dte T.M. 1. shells, as of j^<qg3Q oaed aa 
vessels. — «ajo2<fle. KIT. ciTet bag. — afl 
<d8. Ys. bombshell. 2. small cooking vessel, 
with narrow mouth AOD^g^^ao. Y2, 

A^dSoo 1. fitting, as of a ring in the finger. 
2. entanglement. A. ajo6\ MC was ob- 

A^aa 1. narrowness, tightness, also <ft^{mf.L 
A. anl(dn to release out of danger. 2. loop, 
noose, trap ; button, sxnm^abdhai oa>§an 
(£\crn d9^a>cX) A. a)(&9cd»l (Sios)rd<da SiA£i 
GD;gg jud. <ft§(0sl&J3(0fil entrapped. 

A^cds) (loo.) a window, a. Qjs^utkib shutter. 

v.a. a>^d9e(d>, (dfil entangle, entrap, fix. ^ 
(^S)w ^ts£\ 6iiQy£i tied fast, ais^ aj9«».^ 
CS(Q(di> A%<Q&\6i^osn^ Qojodn TB. ^k^iflsloj 
qD:^ (tnlroosQ oajocbajgab GG. to get one out 
of the well. Asnii a, to stop the entrance 
of water. 2. to embarrass, endanger, en- 
tice oQArm aQ^aj1cjo.T»!Qe4o A^9a»smo MB. 

T.n. <ft^6Di9(d) 1. to be entangled, hooked in, 
got in. uaisOa^lcribdk^dOQi^^scBn stuck fast. 
6>s)6»Sdas9glai ti&<b e^i^ A^coal aTl^ the 
hoe brought up a bone, ojojcailf^ A. (huntg.) 
2. to shake, make noise (loc.)= 4^^(019. 
<£b§an| ka4xL5i Yi. Pieces of wood to fiU up 

crevices in boats. 
<^%^ kn4uppa Ho. see Ai^ai (as) I). 

Digitized by ^OOyiC^ 

(fii§a» — cftg 


(d)3<£to — . (fiftCUjoGOJo 

<ft§ak fal4Qma & dad§ao (T. — 0^ 1. Narrow 
point, bird's crest, pivot of door used as hinge 
(«2^— a^jH^y, tendon let into a mortise (a 
^atofi- mortise); qj1§^o6 4h. Bhr.; helmet's 
erest ft^dBa^ea; p)^cBil(ob A^eo^o A«>a>d8a 
nD§||^ainab9(aioejo e|«>a>g^ KB. 2. the look 
of hair worn as oaste distinction qcnDrbb 
«u c»03n(S)daa(majA TB. as Kayers. AOi^o 
<A A. proT. A, AOJd^ jiilro^ MC. punish- 
ment of rogues, ^s^ diaa ji^Aro^ @) a. s)xi 
^av<da TTmV. «)§0 JsjoolgLjlsij^ (O)^ Mud. 
seized by the lock. d9i^S)0d9a dliStU) ezao gog^ 
proT. — Kinds, chiefly cga^., aJlsb^s. 
A^acnlib (& ai^0 — ) a tenure almost equal 
to a freehold, by which all the body of 
property rights ( ^8) is gained without the 
crowning dignity (the right of transferring 
the property to another); a payment not 
exceeding 2 fanams is annually made to the 
possessor of the title, who can no more 
redeem the land. 9BajcrV)jo 6anao (Sl^ <lj 
ooQj «isi0cnl(b Oj^^ TB. 
AS^esQoao W. holding land on a quitrent. 
A^a^ (T.= «i§0) A§0^Q^§) a caste, which 
prepares dSi^a^CBK^rob rice beaten Tery thio. 
A^oQj) (loo.) the top of a handle aboye the 

iron of axe, hoe, etc. 
A^ZB^omotob crested bird of prey. 
dBs§cnJrb Embalers & carriers of loads 

d%^mj cd> Ko M. kadnmbii'ya (comp. dai^ofiP^ 
Oojaaj, «a»§a3ja.)Torot, putrify,f.i.aj^«>n6o 

dOi§o60Jo lni4lunfiAIil S. = <sia\;o6mo. 
dOs^C^ ka4lin9 (1oo.)=d9i§<0a Closeness. 
ddi% katta (T. short, thickset, f^. a^) 1. No. 
A knotty logadk^Mm; heaTy taak. 2. So. 
Jackal (AQ«nab); a sow. 
A§(n9§ K. pr. the lowland of Ambalapn^a. 
AS9Snbocn§^ (ssAgrnasob) a rioe growing 
in saltraanhes, planted in April, reaped 
in January; (kinds eoA — , •jiioq^ ). 

A§nb l.aboy^lambfCalf. ^<ol<d6§aa9Qa> efi^ 
TB. bulls ready for the yoke. 2. B.Jaok- 
als:<ft§. 8. a kind of fish. 

Asyo6 Ko. fr* precssAlsTQ^nb So. q.T. 
d0^dB)o kottaQfam (k ^ao) Oaldron, large 

vessel (narrow mouth), esp. for treasure, a. 

£(SS^«io«q| etJiicrt PT. AQAGsodQ Kal. 

A%cno 8. hammering, pounding (from A§«>). 

d63§l ku^ (see AS, Agnb) » Asn^ 1 . The young 

of any animal ; child, ehieiy girl ; a Patfar boy. 

(Inoomp.^§^, ojog^g), ooM9§> 

s=<Doa(Bag^). 2. small A moreabie, as pupU 

of eye, «iozal«fis§l, AgDaesl etc. [head. 

Ag^d9a^o«mo AogSfeA 8o. to tumble heels orec 

A§)d9s)fQaanok Jaok-ralter. 

A^^o^ozmb K. pr. a jungle Deity. 

A§^:^OLkA B. wall in ruins. 

A^09^o (Bom.) baptism. 

Ag^ciO^ A 1, to bring forth young. 2. to oork, 
stop a leak. 

AS^Ggoib A AsnoQ^srib first meal of a ohild 
in the 6th month. y^^^ 

Agl<ryo» (A^^oaj KO.) a sloth, aea Qanoio 

AsV«jroo(=A§^^ai<b) B. ruins. 
de^§lrn| kuftUli S- (& ^gon^) ▲ bawd. f. 
dQB3l(2k> kattixDam S. ▲paTemeiit(froRiA§ar)o) 

(«a|c0> knttaya C. To. Tu. To pound. T. So X. 
to ouffsNo. dMqotA (S. Agcno). 
A^ajQA 8o.sA«B|QJQa. 
(«aO0(0o kuthanai So. Axe»ey>. 
AOj^o^aJb ka^umBun (8.Afo60Jo«i.A5^) 
1. Family, household a. e§^9*^)nt ooone^ 
cno 0e%£aO^S(&^K- unmarried. 2. kindred 
8. the 4th of an I4«ngali (sODSsf)). 
Aauo6m«eaoab l. householder. 2. a kinsman. 
AQjyoSQK(i:>ai^<£9 l.=Asl<i$§A. 2. So. to 

found a fsmily. 
AOjyofiQjl a householder, (;pQOcraonb; uxn^rooo 
A. dkcX)daa eo^ooBagjoOAn oqaicoo flogy NaL 
Ao^^oeojlcn^ l.wife. 2. heiress aooordiag to 
easte rule, laheritiBg sister. 

Digitized b^StoOOQlC 

ddiOsjja — (£^9^^ 


cftengo — daasnoGno) 

dBsC^^ ka^jram 8. Wall. po. 

d836t^a-3o kni^abam a. corpse dh'0o^s<6«cm 
Q ^0^19 Mod. 

d^Gn^<B9t kiu^nkh; H.T.i. Swagger. cn^cndBs 
«noaB>o§o flD|gacvo(no YetC. a woman's strut. 
2.T. a lotas-like earring; nosering. 8. Asnocea 
cndQ^), dBbfinoda«06mo l?o. loo. sweaty smell, 
smell of one perspiring or of soiled linen 
steeped in water. ofkDMdsfinotfs, of dkaib. 
^Mnodaso Yi.s Ae4<0Bk>. 
A6nDa§«> H. C. Tn. to wag, swagger, dwrn 
€ae\ cnsao KO. 0»on6 daKHDO^o cn5a)c)o 

dOs^n^ kTli;^4^ T. M . (Te. ^sne, C. A«m, Ta. 
AS) 1. What is hollow A deep, low. av^ 

00X3)^0 aifingei e<os ^ojo PT. A9^or{lAQjo 
CS. depth ft diameter of an Idangali. 2. hole, 
pit. dhv^o Aip\<s^o,^stO(Oid^9n^ of 3 kinds 
jji^OicQi, square, cugcde. round, (noaal<de. 
oblon g. aj(m)<8e9{f o^flnl the weayer put his feet 
into the aio^sp <dssns. — tfmVttolWno 00. 
A'sns 1. "So, the oonneoted roots k stems of 
plantains planted in one pit, Qjo<p<089ie, 

^O^SnB, f.i. & AVte ClJOVP OaJ:^ MB. (8f^ 
Af^SCB^nl) QJOSP <0lS)QJ<dB fi^ prOY. 2.8o. 

stack of straw, dos dkovgjgy, o^^. hay- 
rick. 8. slaTe Yi.S., dir^ woman; fish- 
hasket B. 

A9reA(09nso "Sal. a certain flowerbnsh. 

A9v<dso 09«(0Bo mstStto 8o. to trodge along. 

Asns«m^, Affvodirv) 8o. backbiting dhoni 
snsuS^^ch (sic.) mofoenb SiPo. 

Asrsnb Ta. 0. Te. M. 1. cripple (8. «isgr>ab) 

YOh. iuTalid. 2. a young, weak, bad 
workman. 8. (comp.) deep. — also H. pr. 

«i9«cno5l<d» to cripple? or to cnslaTe? outrie. 
tfvmosne^SKBi a*^ or)ln6aj9cdn 8tuti. qq^ 
^ Aysos^oflgj^o eo»9cro^n6 E8. 

AsnegijOT)^ low, mean work. 

«is>r«gu|(7& Oholoris barbata. 

AineosA^, Asmuo small pit. omAaia 

(o!^rD«>(«)S A9iem^r?ibHX.pit of stomaoh. 
aj!l<0s. Yi.sAsmpo. 

A9«o cellar, dungeon, flnauyoielopcroexn 
090 A. (OKrn)(?i 9^^§A Had. 

Asneejl Palg. T. = 0lsoaS. 

A9TB9^«) see A9«(n0S^(S9S. 

Ainil T.M.O.T0. 1. posteriors, anus; bottom 
of a TCBsel. cucm^cs^s Asne^c^o Asejo oj 
£i(A 6>aj9(n)sn^ ^os^^o^ Qcu^ TP. 
penis. — A^nglcaasn} (obsc.) Sodomj. — a 
6ns^3D§a> to break, tear in the middlo (as 
clothes, Tessels). — AsngloBjagl loo.s^gA 
CD^o^ajdQfiol. 2. A9clan3Qi^ Oashew flrait 
without the nut & other analogies (kidneys). 
s<o)a8c;^6)S Asns) opp. oeo-TxtO. 
(di&nf^o kni^tham 8. (=rAsnsab) Lame, dejected, 

blunt. A5g>Sroocju)cB;9o (dtg^norflib Hal. Asg^o^ 

raju^QCB; <fi>Aeo9 YCh. to rouse oneself. — a^ 

(Otjo 6>ai&)aa9 Bhg. indolence. 

Asg^l^mo (part.) backwardness; sadness. 2 
egloib A. Sisn^ CO. I grieye. 

(^erruJo kai^dam 8. i. Pot=Aso. 2. pit, 
round basin, esp. cayity on an altar, mbuni Ab, 
(£\(Q^9nao Yl. (=AS>^). 

AsmunbS. son of anadultress. A*nB9(DOOQj9 
6nu}aKi034k Bhr. idle fellows Yi. 
(&efY\jJa^o kn^falam S.(AsrTU}oorA6nD(eeS.) 
1. Man's earring a. ste^^^'O)^^^^ ^fis^g^jfixi) 
(Do^rob KB. proy. 2. a stop in natiye books 
(^ or (D]^) "finis" Ca. etc. 
AsmDfil' 8. serpent, „ 

da»GfnjJ)da> kuQdiY^ S.saIstbI, also Baaia. 

(fisennjJlOOo kuqfu^Un 8. K. pr. Oapltal of 

Yidarbha AsnuSkno^oejAODOGB ojWib CO. 

^Snr^ kn^Qa (A 0c£)rDAg[}j) Membnm ylrile 

daBeoaenril ku^ma^i (Am9, Ada, a» ?) a 

small grain, yery little A. Oejoejo AoaBotgo 
^0090 Bhr 7. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

flBftfO) — dBafoTl 


dBifri^ — dBinnto 

Arm knta T.]C.(C.Te. fetter, tight) 1. Loop, 
m «f bowstring, aai» ojrmlgy not qnite satigfled 
2. aotoh of bow or arrow, stepi of well or 
Inddar, noteh or step in a log of wood or rongh 
ladder need fSor elimbiag (ssojs), (mosmAUk 
cigai^flB ^^ F**^-; incision to join beame. 

I to make a notch ajd9>roo dab. or dBMyoi;^ 
Also ^kA a. Vi. to monld Btonee. 
AOto 1. So. leaps m). 2. Ko. notoh, tight- 
DSM, alaetieity 4k. SiAosf^ ^o^o 4h!0^a> 

Bhr8. qOCB0OC6 e.fD<OB»A. 0<8>09^Jil3S^ 

cnoob KB. o-i^eaa^sma&i 4^<e£\ db. Ofl)0 
or^o.airm Bhr. (bird). 9ai3«m1(Ba 4h. g^9^ 
Ti . strong, tight ; sacnsixTiDcnajo Amtaxai\ 
Qjoso ChYr. 4^9^yfSgShio A. e.^ that can be 
helped. Aosjoecb dtiso ongtj 4h. (siogyTB. 
things are ont of Joint. ojcm^QcBios a^oa. 

(M pi. song) no joke, no possibility. (aaS^(A 

Oft^xidcb A. SLtfr^Yi. they salt each other. 

dBsfOPOb kntanam Te. qaos Bemainder; grated 

ooooannt from which the milk is expressed, 

oAo, &j)9rcl (loo.) refuse. 

dB^nno-Jo kn5abam S. (a>) Noon time. 

d{hnnOI(0> kuSaiUlfa aM. (C. Tu. Qa>M)§ bore) 

I To stab, pierce esGis)rQ<d9/mm^s, 

ejSKOBi 4k, BC. (nD(mjanzftoaA a. a^oejI^cX) 4k 

«»J<aeflim^ftj§yl CG. [5^^ CC^ 

Afmaa id. AoeoA.'0R^tds(0>(8so As^iSfioejicno 

cftraxjc0> kaSahllfaM.T. l.Toshakeoff(sAS 

so^aiaA); AdBcSldagnsdasYi. to lie restless in 

bed. 2. to resist, quarrel 00)^90^9^0 aa 


AG5)(A Intal Yi. Moistare, see ArontQA. — 

dB^/lfn kaU (C.Ta. boiling up, bubbling)!. Leap, 

gallop. Aian6>A99«906=AA)Q<m8l)PGnD BC. 

2. 80. T. (C. Te. {oa^) heel, also Arm^Aooib. — 
B. 4MBnAMib6Kii§t docelrer, traitor. 
M9<flB 1. to boil, bubble up. Y2. 2. to jump, 
aUp. OAMSeVskiS^nrv AdD^itlo^ FT. leapt 
down. •A.ttKn Aon^^fiio^kums BB. 

OM^jSi a Utile bird c/»(naDQo6o oajooo ^mS) 

j^<flesnBO«0o KB. 
dd^rcDrb Icu&ir HoH. (see dwoHrcB a) Small mounds 
of earth in rloeflelds, on wUeh the rioe Is 
sown and after it is grown suffioienfly, is 
transplanted with a hoe. 
desftrSVo ka&in T.H.C.Tu,(Te.«>coooo,S. 9^010 
s, Malay, kuda) 1. Horse, fh>m 4kv!^. -^ 4kf9^ 
AtuH;^ (b9r%rm AdHroAdoKB. AA^A-oftyoA 
iihVo BO. A^«)(»<ee 6)A9a3js>A09.'oni9(iib pror. 
2. oaralry Atm^rDO^o qj9A(SK1Jo TB. oaralry k 
infantry (in B. (BiDoejo), also the knight in 
the chess. [neck. — 

A!n)a>A»y(OiaDob (A^oik) wared like a horse^s 
A(ml(0«eoano 80. gram, ^aSin* 
A(on/Dda»MOo6 1. horsekeeper, also A^dHA^a 

«yT^ B. 2. trooper, rider. rDm^A^o (n§y 

A'tooao KB. 
A^(Mi0fiOgj|, — ^aauo horsetrappings. 
Aoil<09^Aajab trooper, a'o(0 €^^ Bhr. 
Ad»U^S=A(0i^rD2. caTalry. cuocs^ A. Ado 

^*^ [A«OfoejocBo So. 

4kimi(^Q^cv£i 1. line of horses. 2. stable, also 
AiunrDgJocqa on horseback. aa^^Oqjoo 00^ 

cqjA to tumble heels OTor head. 
AQpro^suo B. shtaibone. A. (ku Ai TP. a kind 

of (Bidoscosgioavo. 
ARA^rDQs) manew j int . 

AA^iMovooo riding, a'<biis)(A mwSi.oiQ(och 
A(ift)(oejacMvno«io6) A YCh. to be expert about 

^^■••* [J'iy^' «ader Tamuri. 

AA)rDajfi<vyv)9V^ ^* pr« * baron over 5000 
Acb^fooj^ spasms; pulling like a horse, a. 

Ao^A Yi. to be in a hurry. [oic^, 

4k(fSiaai9eS^(A B. a iwnioum, Ho. AtpD<tai9 
A(on(Doorx!b a portion of Tenmala between TrI- 

ehSr ft Wadaekanohery. 

ddi(ff!\(0^dd> kniirn'ya 60. 1. To grow damp, be 

soaked Yi . AoHfOQi^^ A to soak. 2. « aaob 

A f. i. dM^pcr»S(Ok ASOtdR^S^:^ Bhg 4. 03(Q 

«iKi,}4SKlb AjSioMajoms KB 6, 77. (prh.sA 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

ti9Bg)d9)o — flteOTftdO? 



— A^m^ai) to soak y2.ss6)ajMnl<ai>. 

VN. «fli«o!li, AdJlia (No. o^foda) aUo (loo.) 

«b|szb ooooannfc oil. 
da3^(0)o ko&nyani S. EagemetB, see A^ooejo. 
0CT)cnSl ai. e^g^^Slss ojo^onb Bh. «i(so»cn 
Had. — AaiaO<fl!i@^ CC. Harada. 
c63^daa(7f) ka5ll'yil5a (4ki£^)Oiiomatop., a ram- 
bling noise, mark of haste. 
A(2d9ad> 1. to take a spring in order to leap 

e.-TB «i.2(as) 0Q«»orD ^d^oxib.BSio. prh. 

= Acq^ai loo. sliSaaicX) cn^o^o (^dOaiaa 

(SaolfBaipl^^ AsnuMBBcb 8k. dig? 
da^aaejddBlg-jafiol the lapwing. Ihnrry. 

(ajSSLS(sOrgb) A@<fltfijaGyo Hpl. of boisterous 
c6a(^ knSfL 8. Leathern oil-bottle, ^RSvm^. 

cea^ooaio knSnlialam s. (iMo) Corioaity, 

dB3rGY2T)d8) kntta^ T. M. (G. Ta. Te. H. ^tsib)) 
Farm, oontraot, as for liquor, honey, wax; 
monopoly (also dab(ia3|0n>^q.T.). js)9<O3CB;(0t. still 
ft arraokshop. 0(Od9a<oia«>iaft6m(fia*TB. timber 
contract. a>SQj aol^asiisxd) <4^0Q cnscfiacne MR. 
an under-farmer (opp. aa^osioifixafiDmib the 

da&(^d9> knttuifa l.T.M.Ta.aC.(Beng.^im) 
To pierce, stab, sting, a>9® AwS^^ Qd9sllrBb 
rosn^ isocoo A.m1q/o(jud.)bore. jij^<Q)g-]6rnl a. 
to embroider Ya. A<^ d9i. to dig. cucnfii qjou> 
6)C0 AitRDi1<0Baan9 rooted up. A<i]|^ajon6 oirco 

(TT) 9(LJ0<^ prOT. €R90n6 ewOOQI AOQ^O A(URa) 

Mud. ^Oftion akfifiscnTl a. DM. (Aco. or Instr. 
of weapon). «o>o6nS) A. to push a boat with 
poles, ajloiooj^aj A. eto. to stitoh a leaf into 
a spoon. ^odanssiA^-o Aomi^ Mud. planted 
the atandards* (^e A. to stamp paper, letters, 
eto. — T. n. of piereing pain <nej, aj§^ a. — Inf. 
A(moi^o§ aTi . to fly straight as an arrow, spirt 
. out. j^9CBi)^9go AQdSici roM>aT)0<s;o slantiBg or 
perpendioolarP 4k{m^9(a> ouaovo QjsrrMOBi 
ChYr. 2. (T. C.Te. Tu. A|, Te. ^As^, G. 
Tu* (o4)ito ouiT, beat in a mortar (oorSlA.). 62 
(OA 3RMik is half work, i^cno A(ORMob (BuoDo tu. 

A0ai)«)aLi:0j Qai9.(on) a jikOQ (naBona CG. CkYr. 
8. to priok in an Ola, write, make a dot, aigu. 
A«md9a dab. Ys. to east an aooount, AiaA^^4^ 
to erase. 4. (0. Tu. Te. T. Aggg, A^ ) am) e 
fdlcaa to squat, sit on one's heels; aiei Aanf^ 
O^oA head to sink; 6M> a Aixdn ODSdaa to walk 
on all fours. ^^^^ 

AiBRp C?^ to plttok fruits with polea, plant 
AsnoH e$A» 8o.=AOQ9<aB. 
AanaEl oa)^<fie to take up OA AeiooosMOiei A^^B 

AAcoealejoaal GartY.A. 
AasBf) eejlaa water to rush down. 
Aasnt^dSaOLiaaA housebreaking. Mud. ^o^dos 

a'ctt) a^<0a GG. A^A^tcborSlnriD A'^onDosn^ 

AojoA, Qj% d9i. TB. (also merely 00b 

QjO(a!^ejo Ami). 
Ai'tR^dtooS bored ear a. daBQJc)o^ KB. 
ArnicdafiJ assassination -^ aosi^qaio^ mur- 
derer — aojrO^o A suicide. 
A(mzS^5)d9n§A, AOJrS) (S10A5<6fi to stop Up a 

breach, sew up a wound. 
A(OR&)5)c6»9§(0R to calumniate (steb in secret, 

odtfrncB/nb a.) 
A(ora)1^6xm<da to beat up, as gold omamenta. 
AvmlasY9i1as<iS^A to correct, as a writing. TyK. 
Adst^ cn^Sioast to ram, cram in. [taant 

AroRA^^oA (^Qjag2) ^ speak pointedly, to 
A(QROg^s^daa to press down, hold flsat. 
Aanz^6)gJ0§l(s9s to open boils, to gouge eyea. 
Aa3r:»is>g^9^(0fi(Qj»m)fbb) to force open a door, 

ajro — to break' into a house TR. 
AfTTon 05)O<6a to shelter. 
AoiRftlAQjcSfi to Taocinate (see also 2). 
With Nouns Q^o AtatQ QjWno fell on his fisoe, 

^5 AoggiA to kneel, eto. 
GY. A.m^Ai f.i. AQjtK2)o A. to get mada by a 

tailor. AORDo OAo^ost ATSOiW^^aaiy prov. 

Al«mQ ATSRS^At MB. (OOflCKlbo Qfi^Aoa^sl 

^ eoaiQE^S AfiJifiarab Aasni^^ TB. made 
to sign. (Si$cn5>Ao«q| A.wi)^ OAd^las 
Mud. a mode of ezeoution. 

Digitized by ^OOQIC 



«fl&({5>— dfecnVfiao 

Tir. (pert.) in ^aHa* asioileKX) the 

eette of Urilar in Oalieat. KU. (diggers). 

TN. <at(gyg) l.Aetabiprfok. AqBtoA^^oqjo 

pcoT. ^kqSio QAoogioo^aiosrf XB. got stabbed 

AslMhed; gore, tbrnst oriVtnbo a8S2^<0>o 

ft Aig. 2. stroke, dot, stop. «>0)^iiS2 momo- 

rsndiim, literal translation. 8. pain (otfijifia 

CQ ete. 4. a blow., beat acQ^o a)§^o 6) aI 

O9«dQspr0T.AcqB^^fi^ pounding hire. 5.pieoe 

of oloth, lengtii of 4 (^ol f.i. A. aj§ TB. 

(ne eiopgceaag). a(Q9 a. ^onldae m) ojcmo 

Qjlai fi^«r^ TB. 

Henee: Aimat) moth-eaten (B. Job 18, 28.) 

AJKKp)<ds to nnsewVi. [^ Mpi. landed. 

AoMioA to go Straight in ft'Oiosm) Aomo^^o 

A^DRb^Qi plantain leaf stitobed so as to form a 

▼enel; so Asntlcv aj^GJoojlfij serTing as a 

•P<»n. [nian, eto. 

Aqi«>9(Mib goring ox, boatman, tailor, spear- 

aiaaitmb (So. A(m<AB9(bb) a small post or 

supporter, kingpost Ho.; a farce B. 

Aiq2Odi»0^ 1. to be pieroed (1). 2. to be 

eoffed (4) 4M^ si4b^o cgoo dh'sBOsnoooib 

P^OT. [gjlyer thread. 

dM|i|Q_i«rnt needlework, chiefly with gold & 

A(q2<^oa (Bo. also A§^ ) Tessel made of the 

film of Areoa trees. 
a«Ba(on =: AUBia) license to sell any particular 
article Yi. AqQgtHO., 4k. dBadinnb licensed 
dealer Ya. «>sQJ9caRft a. 6)a>99g^ab TB. 
^ag^6\^»9g^JtR. a case of woonding. 
tfMqM^'syo AQtbaejo ^99!^ Qjo^aKnoA 1^ 
Qon o -aiej^^Qf (•<»?) 'oU breasts. — acQBK 
(^fii^ woBMn with Aill breasts (opp. SMad 

adft— )• 

4Mtt|Si0M») cntiinf langoage. 

^Qj^^o resistanoe (as of cattle). 
I Qj)ftd9s lamp with long handle, Brahma- 
AqUi Aoaio (S) leap year Yi.t , 
AOOBMcn psrpandiealarly (see Inf. Acoia 1.) 

d8a(m) katra 8. (a) Where? 4^9 ^^^ AnJ.sAa 

(fiftOrrunOo knlflttnam S. (sutut asking: whenoe?) 
Abuse, rcTiling. «i:onxv)aiOj9e Bhr. Aonu^flM 
rcTiled, contemptible cn3^0OQa;S3(n§y a^ 
A(3i>SWr)aq[9 Bhr. A(8nSVn90»^nb Knd. 
denY. «(onS):^ «i;am^iy oorooo Bhr. 
d^LDo kutham S. Yanegated cloth, as for eleph- 
ant*B housings AU^coe^o aNBnd9>oou8m)o KB. 
• ALOo<0)«narob on the carpet. [prayed. 

de8d3 P. khaf a Ood. aieoaDaoDo^ 9rmsl Hpl. 
bBsgoaSo kuddUam 8. Hoe. (AasBAi). 
des^U^o kudhram 8. Earthholder, mountain. 
(£^nil kaM T. K. ( ASl^) a) l. Semicircle, onrre 
dab(nl^g^c»oc)oBC. (»na<o<9b aicr)lBO. 2. small 
gaiTden in the midst of rioeflelds AO^^ocnj, 
a>sr«o da^nlcB^oianl MB. AaS)a0)(A ^oft of 

AoSl^^oj the bine jay. 
Aor^O^f^ an asylnm for adulterers ft 
thicTcs in Ye)lappanidu a. Qoa)onW>ej(fla 
^tOf^ac^tOMo Anach. 
AcnlcqjA T. M. C. Te. to bow, stoop, bend 
(9§«kX> AiTsnilidaorSlaai^TP. a dog. •d'gqgcT?)^ 
aiong^ Aonlm)aBorB Nal. OAomg AcrSlfioo 
OojOAOJ Q_iosiDO(g (jnd.) a wounded person. 
Aor^<0s» 1 . to make a our tc ( Anolgj in writin g 
B in (Q», 4k', ACY))^ Qiej)«A (j,^ in ff^, q||). 
aoSIj^ nola^A toeanee to stand stooping, 
a torture (ft .o^aQtan). 8. <pDn»o a< to 
dance. .^aiA cnso Acn^OgLjOib, mosaio a 
ofQanMob BO.; also to jump aoftoob flOidfilsm 
oo^'sb Acn^^ eio^<dso TP. 
Acv^dSanbojOQ earth thrown np by worms 
So. (see Ai^ag). [proT., also a. £Qcnj. 
ACTS)(B;nb a large ant a. es^^oejo ^(SgoAo 
Acnlcaaanb a class of predial slaTcs W. 
da30oV:^o kimittam (O. Te. deformed, impedi- 
ment, T. Yi. Aor)(^ sanciness) Bislike, male- 
▼olence. Acn^d^ ojoa (B. Acn^if^P) to speak 
censoriously, to find fisalt with. 
Aa?d|^AiM0c6 Yi. Utigions. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

deiad<£ft— <£dC^(tB 


(flannnl — Aorrd 

dQ9nrd(d)(SOOkTUiaY1IIld(0. Te. ^oona aq) Very 
small, little. — prh. waying, oarliDg(=«iCY)i) 

AC@isSlgJ«>c>j KB. 
ddiCClTh knndam B. (L. contns, also T. Ta. C. 
Te. 4hCY)=QC0 point, V^Aqpt^) ^''^^^f ■P^*' 
jii9S«». jaTelln. a<iii9daa^aaargb4h. bayonet, a 
cnoQ^ o^rtoI^aJjlsls^QjonD Mad. 
4h(nDdi)0ft spearmen. 
AOQ^o^ob prop» kingpost in a roof Yi. Palg. 

Aa»«8««8b,— o««fls, — ojsl parts of a spear. 
4aMnDgjQB'OQ spear exercise. 
«KK»g-)9$ a song at marriages (loo.) alsosm 

AoaoCTpl 1. T.So, 0. mortar for beating t>addy. 

2. handspike, lerer Vs. 
4km^ (T. «icre)o&), Palg. aoMo) pUkaxe 

YyH. orsA^oaio. 
aO(iQ»Q thrnst of spear, playirith spears Va. 

t^carr^ kondalam 8. (ss^owsb) Hair of the 

head A. (St&Sisrmoosi ^aio CO. .oyoxA A, etc. — 

AoneiAib a fish Ti. 
dasOrri)! kimdi S. of a tribe. — the mother 

of the Pandaras-Bhr.— M. in jaiDana> A 

oil ball, cracnAoi^ (C.-jooal) resi- 
dence of Bayar KU. 
da3C^<e> konduya X. Bo. To be lifted up (C. 

Te. Ta. to shrivel ap); to walk on tiptoe. 

AOQ^an freq. 1. id. (go^oaflfirQ^o od9)09i| A 
aSi^i Aoi^j^ (go^aiBdajo 9^^ oQ^ 
^ai<bOP. S. to prance, stnmble, tripTs. 

VK. ACTO^ftj gallop Va. 

Agg^Aw^ tiptoe. Acm^ TN. 

Agsdos Ti. the eye starting oat of the socket 
(alsoAcns— ). 
d^C^<a^fBsio kaiidiurakkAm(8.dBio|»Acgr9<d>o) 

AaQ)^rD^AK> MM. Frankincense, resin of Bos- 


ACBo 8. Jasminom moltifloram (AOBfim^) A 
(BciStA Qxno ttCDj^^o ecBfl^Wo, A:ac9£ich 

ACBob a Penima| CoL KU^ so called 
from his residence at Accnhj9A9da»vu\Bi 
«M> near CannefA. (better Acmob). 
dd^rm\ koidd T. M. (8. {oem) 1. Abras preea- 
torias; the speckled seed dbcn^daeCQ is used 
as weight A(mlag|«9*0} ~ (^^oomo, — obls, = 
^tV t^^^ ors4 Sicn^j ^ 06BU9sk. Aorn) 
<fiaaB Ag^isb Q2S9^ e)(mo proT. Aonkofi 
oa^^ TP. of Abras pattern. AnrniagMao 
<T009CT)o aTlgo (opp. dMonafto fikLjaene). Sjnda 
£(olaQj4b(rnl a tree, OAiaabcm) B., SKUsoMrn) 
a glycyrrhiza oajfiraaMm^OOiOao a med. 2. the 
apper part of the ear (hilMike) Acrn^csgas 
OojA qd&<0a a school panishment. 4bnrnW9s 
uajli'os As^^At TP. to make a dog to howt 
8. cartilage of ear. 
Acm^Q^ a paste of goldsmiths. 
d9iaT^3d9) (see A^Bcb). 
ddiCCro kuilJI^ (T. Acixi, 4hQ, Te. o«>a0rB, C. Te. 
Ta. ^§> from ACT), see 4aicra)o. l.HUl, moan- 
tain (in ajfiflcSeaiD, O6)0ejftmD). AomcSlcAas 
on an£) hantg. ojcml AcmOTK^o, «icn» a 
QVQo proT. goes to his lair. Acm ^s^d^ bog 
to root up, dig up. 4knrnlnbajoo brow of hilL 
A3cm9fto OQjo.-nD OAOf an prov. 2. conieal 
heap. 8. fort, hillfort at) AcnA&i dSbU^flLs^o 
gj^s^; A, A\si2.^ easQ^ OAdaoDfiiQjo «S)q^ 
or)^^(nD TB. fortifies his position. 
Hence: Anms^^ to oaUitate hQl- or jungle- 

Acmch 1. mountaineer; ignorant. 2. walking 
on tiptoe (V^A^A) S. a kind of plantain 
A. QJOU> Vl. 
AnrTH^«»l "pressing hUlsdown" •mod.laal 
Acmo aM. (aT. Anboo) monntain aaoUBacm 
(n»za, ouiiQ4hcmo (o^.-onil TB. Avbos^ 
spnb mountain splitter, a title. Jew. Doe. 
AameMdaeMib (ttDei) Lord over hiUs ft wrmvss, 

Tamfiri; also AarAons 9A9cn9tSi<S^ KTJ. 
4knrnlaB 1. to pile up, heap up. mwSi dhcm)^ 
dblsaeone Yi. oojtt^d^ Acm^d^ ^^ TCk. 
8. Acm^ii^s^aacaAcnftW Yi. 

Digitized by ^OOQ IC 

<ftnzb — <3feg-jl 


AoJIenol— dBiajtf 

AnnDoj^plaxfo monDtaineer tribes, as ajsOco^nb 
ete. = Aasaa*. [haDterB. 

AmDo^gQXi3!g hantg. eustom or usa^ of 
d^nTOSo kllilinam Tdbh. ^reo, also Ar^o6. 
d%aJV?Tinb knUBah 8. ProToked, angry (see 

dBa^ kappa T. M. C. Te. (atz C. Te., A-n^ 
T. Te., ^<nj T. C. Te. Tn. heap) Heap of dirt, 
sweepings, refase fiids^^ <ft., oa);2^ejo Aq^csqo 
on the 9. side of the house A^dSanrD, <flbg_jd9«tfl. 

snDo, (nosW>0^ dai. etc. Ag-plrsb (sr^dBsojonb oO) 

9cm OttsnnBo BiL food only fit for nfaoure. 

AgujAcfo *)Qa«» a low serriee. Qa>5>(m6><flA0 

9i| Agj 4)nagji9d9a9«9 met. m. doQ*t pro- 
voke Bse. 

AQ^Bmni<am'ifi€a^ a large yam. 

Agjj^Vo Amarantas pelystaehys. 

digjeaso depreciating name of one*B home, in 
speaking to kings Ti.=<ftg_^os No. 

Ag_ja0cn) Aealypha Indica. 

a^^jsai^, — «aj& Tinea parviflora. 
dOto-jOCQAa kuppiyaan T. H. Tn. (C Te. A^ 

00,8. ^aijljxroo) Jacket, gown, robe, o^^^^ 

Qjfijl^ A. 90^yA prov. A*(aai\ai, §d^ Qem\ PT. 

a^9»(a8^d9a button. a>QnT9i <&^oivd9fiO(b ar- 


Elnds 00^(91. or Qoias- an nnder-jaoket. 

«»9raldaa. trowsers. — 6>QJSrTS <fli. Mpl. jacket. 

a?lo9Ad9»^93ZH> TraT. state-robe, see cnlrooao. 

Ag^9i2;g_jroQ^ Ko. s= corasoDob — 
<flig,J3rgbQJflgri 6. Echites caryophyllata. 

<Oiajl kuppi T. M. C. H. (8. Agajp) 1. Vial, 
bottle, ekiefly of crystal. (fliyi(&c)o Nal. Aq^ 

jilQQi Qjlftdnl CO. (chandelier?). AgJ)9cQ;9^o 
«ajsA Aof^asnm a>6g>o 8tati. 2. the brass 
knob worn on the tips of ballooks* horns. Palg. 
A^^mtA amethyst. 
Agij^^jo««(tba.ajoa6 HO, salmon. 

(fli^^ Webera corymbosa Rh. 

Agj^e^wrn^ ( — gjfosrnl) glazed jar. 
d^o^errSl E. Company esp. of soldiers (see 

aicmsRioi) ens a. tst^si&QQio trndca':^ TR. cx^a 

c£lei A, peons to preTent tobacco smuggling. 
^S=i ^^PP? ^^^9 ed)Q^d8Gt See c&(63dB>. 
d^c^j> kapyam S. l. Irasoendum. 2. any base 

metal (po.) 

ce^cseojronb knEeraii s. The Ood of riches, 

«aai^aj«mab. [f. ^^ CC.=^rnl. 

d^eriyOfb kuBJah S. (NTa^m*) Hump backed, 
dfea koma l.T.M.(C.^ — ) Bruising, beating 

Aafi>a>ocX>A to get stripes. A^ ^o^^cm jaTlaj 

AfO orf) CG. flog some. 4h0g_]9cu SiPu.=c»;Q^ 

a-j90j, plajing-puppets? 2. So. (T. AS>5>aj, 

<ftQj) heaping np. 

AS^GiiBa 1. T. a. to beat, bruise. 85m]9S><d>95r^ 

ASiZji^ B8. &o9(t>o fncr)68i9c)o m>oj&(^ a 

6)0(aAc;go Mad. oromflfD^fab uiisrSl^ a. MH. 

2. to heap up. [^n, §ii«ftn. 

<QiChaf!\ kamaSi S. (ai) Ill-dlsposed, see 0^0 

ced£2^ kamaSn A timber tree (Ko.) 

d%t2g ktunala & d&i^g Bubble. <&. 9Q-19AQJ 

6)aj9«a§o Kid. = 9aj9a; also (dixift Ys. 

A0«>&daa to babble up. So. 
c&t2)DfOCTb komarail S. (easily dying, infant. Ted.; 

O. kouros) Boy, son, yoath; heir apparent. 

Subrahmanya (in cpd. K. pr.)~aiso Aa9(0 

a>nB9(b CO. 

A09(O9QO(Min<d)LD the story of the reoovery 
of 10 dead children (KamK«s:croaQi9CT) 
«039aj9fiio). [CJomorin, T. also Aarol. 

AAwS^ 8. daughter, virgin -, Dnrga, as at Cape 

A^9(&A B. id.=s6ai9anA 00., CO. 
d^(S\ knrni T. M. C. Te. (see AZ n., <8iij)) Heap, 

as of rioe, stack, pile Ti. 2. 

Adloisai So. T. n. to be heaped together. 

4ai0l<aa So. t. a. to heap up =s<flimi)caa f. i. ,^000 
OtKDOdOo A^^i Arb. 
daKS)(2<6) see ddiC^ — 

dO^iP^ <^(S\bo knmil T. M. l. So. Anything 
globular, knob, pommel. a><a&d)Ad)>9^ 41, 

Digitized by Vgf OOQIC 

(jQ^c^So — (filaUiP 


(£^(nj) — <diQCt£{ 

ojoaI^So. to inlay* 2. ]!(o.(=r^^ So.) mash- 
room (C. S)cpi)fl.)» Bftid to spring ap, where light- 
ning enters in to damp ground. Kinds: €0(S\a^, 
eatable, cng^di)., Qj§aa,,aj(ni^d9a., e^cmvbA, 
poisonous, erodSaeto. different fangi; also Si:ul^ 
anai aqcX) fis^d^ amed. 8. a tree, Gmelina 
Asiatioa, also d9ia3jlcX>. KindsiAjnasba^sf Rh. 
Aeginetia Ind. cnlaidSaal&p oaj(b Vs. raiz de 
madre de DeoB.«>Qjaa8k^^ Gmelina tomentosa, 
ai0)&p So. the round stone at the end of the 

watering machine, 
aiilfl. No. (T. <fli0lfi.^) a golden eye or egg^ 
as 6>or>ocSl^sconAl9ai 6>aj9.i6A0)a Col. 

^G^Qo knmacTam (how cheering t) Hymphea 
esculenta s= (St^cmcok. 
4ai*6Qjoau)ajnb Mud. the moon. 

d8a^Qd9> knmnhiya l. To be hot, close (T. az 
cx^jai). 2. T. aM. thundering sound. OLjsa> 
«DBcX> 4h^c9 BC. 4h£ioA£io 4k^AS^cn Pay. 
AQOoi Ko.sOGucni(ab oppressiTc heat. 

d^cnJ kmnba Tdbh., aoso l. Belly(low). 9i^o 
CDa>nb AcaiAQ^<a£^jS^asicm TP. Aouoai^ a 
drunkard, glutton. dMU^TP.nameofacow. 
d9iiaiicB;nb potbellied. 2. N. pr. f. TF. 

dQicaJfiYTjYIDl E. Oompanyi chiefly sQjgQeacnogj 
g <ft. TB. The Honorable Company^ A, ajsneo 
roo the Comp's OoYernment (TrP. has aicanoo)}. 

d&tcrUOjb knmbftl (Agj, 4h^Qa>) inward heat. 

daaoxicrOD^^ — rroD^Oo "ee ^taxxiucroo. 

da&orugo trnnbajjaia t. m. g. (Tu. acois, Bang, 
dbeop fr. B* ^cgosmuo) Ouoarbita pepo. ~ a 
coiftcoB pumpkin. ^)cq^s «>ym^(Qb ^i. 9^)9 
qOt 0*3^ TB. (to shame the thief)* ttftojnb 
AoittCTB a gourd used against poison. — a 
cnj)A(oni9^,— csisi^ajmed. OP. kinds: cnraojob 
dk., j^i^aa. or 6Mion4M. 
dbCQift.'maDdejl a neok-omameut. 

tieacrutf Onmbolay ft daaou^ i. ir. pr. of a 

Tu)uBaja*sresidenoe. <ftau<:P«DQ(oa(«0<D^<b), 
Aousa «io2B<oofn93j, Acnj^a<%D ojlgejajo 
TB. <ftaiiOA A90(n»onv^9«9aj (doc.) 2. A 
cott Bh. a plant (BeninoasaP) 

dedorul knmbi l. (T. heat saiaiM^)lCiragey also 

aKnSIco), So. AonDoA. 2. No. penis (obae.) 

(ftcnll^o kninbil (ao^) l. Temporary Toatel 

made of a stitched plantain leaf (So. &G7cm), 

Tl. 8<d)9(0Cid tfiaaj)&)(bb aioool prov. ^ojWs 

(TOco^AcnjI^o Atm^0J9<niAT^. as in a paper 

bag. 2.=4h0lc)o. S,Aai^9Qji%QQAQji3iP, 

(one ofaj€izi]^ejo)«icnj%o j^au9«>ajo Hals. 

cfiaaij koiob^ T. Closing, oontraotion. 

d%(YU)§<6) T. M. C. Tu. (ft A03§a>)n. t.To bow 

down, prostrate oneself, worship. Ae£i^ qj) 

^A to fall on the face. «»csri9«^ £9vaai 

Asi^ AcaD^ tfblsdaa amed. «q^nr)o a 

cDjlg Qjlqgt QJ090 Qa>§Bhr. bowed the head. 

a. T. ACDjl^cdS f.i. QJf^^SSS^o ACDJ^^OQBhg 6. 

were ashamed. s>SiAAaoSi^qBi cii9<QBA in 
order to take a handful. 
a.y. AaQj^§e;s2^=^>c^j£Qv^ ^'^' Q^v^ a 

ddiofBo knmbhain S. l. Jar, pitoher. aossmS^ 
onbo Q^oQa aLjAi6>om9a8 oioocgu So-idoei 
KumE. (Tain promises). Often oompar. of 
breasts AuOAosoed) etc. A decoration of 
towers «099(ij(D9((^9CO9(BR» Aosoed) aiocma 
^mc Kal. 6)aj9a0firnid9a. etc. 8. Aqoariua, 
«iofi(D903l. 8. the 11th month «iaii09auo 
also Aosfiao90cSlaA (doc.), AcoioBoocxSldBao 
S)ajc(v)ejo 6)a>99^ TP. (AauQoiaiiVab is con- 
sidered as peculiarly dangerous). 4. frontal 
globe of an elephant. 6. other protrusions, 
swellings, pregnancy. 
Hence : aiofiAjj^nb K. pr. brother of Barana KB. 
Ao&Ao£\eA (S.— a)9a&j) a kind of jaundioe 
or dropsy Kid 16«, high degree of aj) jjraiAs 
alfij, (So. ACTuoai). AoSA^&Qidi^o YCh. 
aiofiifi)9(on6 potter. 

Aos^ (4) elephant. ^i^n^ g^^^ 

Aod^Q^oAo (contents of a jar) K. pr. a certain 

(fiaQQceQ P. kmnak, Assistance. £tt)<o^g^ocT) 
A^atflBOCET' ajaaml, Q-j9fici2N> aizekda ^gl Ti. 
<fli. 6)^^ to ally. 

<Qiac^£\ knmmatti (T.oAdmglfir.oiftambaU, 

Digitized by ^OOyii^ 



cfeCQ^cnJ— (flacoeno 

melon) Cacumis ooloojnthas, also $)aj^00§i, 
bitter apple 6P70. — €ijii9kzz£\ CuoamiB 

^QCbef^ E. Oommander, A'&m amocno 
giren by Tippa to the oireamoised Codaga 
king. Ti. e(03 AmaO)3Cido ^s\ TR. a com- 
mandant, [new. 

c^^rgb knmmal No.=<flicnjaABultrineBB,muBti- 

(fiaCcaD§l kanunatti (5)^)020, s)d)02Bo§o q. t.) 
Feast of Bhadrakali, Palg. (sT. oojotoB^) 
efr. 4kZ 2. 

cdi^Og kmnmattq So. <&. ojdTlcdA To insert 
the amount of a bond in figures, vhen signing 

d^a^VQJo kxmmiayam T. M. Tn. (atz^) Lime, 
ehnnam, ohiefly for building, (kinds: a)egl<d6. 
«i(Ofttfie., 6>aiesd99., (d>r9b(da.) d»»(r3b)<dQ. cement 
of Band ft mnd. a. c^^), Otman to plaster, 
whitewash. A2Bocb;o sd§ oioooO^ ojDglj^a^ 
TB. a torture. 
4k2^ozD<s»asa!^ a trowel. 
Azascvaag^ 1. Palg. limestone. 2. No. brickie 
granite (AZ^ocB^gLjOO.) 

(0)(2£] knmxni T. SoM. (aa^ Clapping hands, 
a play of women. [aalfitnl) Very little. 

d^Q£\srn\ ktunmioi Bo. (=(ftsnz!«m^, see q, 

(diQ(^ kniDini} 1. 0. Te. T. To beat in a mortar, 
or gently. 2. ^taiKob, AZBoib descriptiTe of 
heat. As)20moea 40>cn(bb5)^9^c;2jo Qooib BO. 
eyes like live coals. 

(ftCQXUob see d^OdOJC^. 

(fiaCoTM knyil T. M. (C. (ft<fibl(ob 8. oa^o^&jD 
fr. dBi=^) 1. The Indian cuckoo, Cuculus or 
Eudynamys orientalis ^Ocsncs^o datcszHejo Oisao 
proT. rDomatoar^fob M C. blackbird. QDas^cBn^ejo 
^ CO., said to consist in aj6iB10(Doc/3o CO. 
2. a fish, a small crab. 8. the steel of the 

AoPfij Ho. a Tory black person. 
dkaOeisnonb Cucnius roelanoleucus (loc.) 
Ac^^90S»re9sp)cB»g<)o woman of pleasant Toice, 
SIta. BO. 

(ftCQjcnJj^ knyninba-pl (8. aiavofio)Cartha- 

mns tinctorins, safflower. 
(flac^jm^ knTumbn, ceaCoTlonj = cfe o^ onj . 
cfiac^^ knyyal Ao^oib (prh. Atflsfcgb) Spoon, 

small spoon, Tu. Afiiro. 
d^(0 kora T. M. (C. S)da>orD) Disagreeable sound, 

cough, barking. (SioojAobo AfO s>a-j9Q^<s<08i 

6mo(Tu.) silence the dog! kill him. ajd'tni-aiBBOiiA 

£ga 4hrD = Qjo^j^a a mod. Sidi9(iOei)a^(^ 

hooping cough. 

a>s)rodQa T. M. to cough, bark, hem. cr)5)rd-^ 
<flt6)rD^ Bhr. grew old ft asthmatic. dSioro 
^§(m ojgl eosono^o d))s)<0sc&n^ KumK. 
d^fDoCOo karangam 8. Deer.