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Full text of "Ama-lémrane ama-fu ma o-rabbu de o-futia-ka-su Yísua Masia: Temne New Testament"

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Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

^e>v- (/-^^tyi Ai-e^ 

(rlAy^'^^ ^ fit en i 4 . 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 







18 68. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 




6!tr OF 

JO«N B. Sf^T8#N, Jr. 

Translator: Rev. C. F. Schlenker. Kirchheim u,/T. 

Printer: J. F. Steinkopf. Stuttgart. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


ma Atr'dfa tra ama-L^mrane ama-Pu. 

Am-66sra mo ama-Gbal ma M&tal. 

Am-B6sra mo ama-Gbal ma M4rkos. 

Am-B6sra mo ama-Gbal ma Lukas. 

Am-B6sra mo ama-Gbal ma Y6han. 

Ama-Yos ma an'-SOm. 

AA'-R6ka tr^ka an'-R6mi. 

An'-R6ka ana-Tr(}troko tr^ka an'-KorfntL 

Afi'-R6ka ana-R§ri tr^ka afi'-Korinti. 

Afi'-R^ka tr^ka aA'-Galdti. 

Afi'-R^ka tr^ka an'-Efesi. 

An'-R6ka tr^ka an'-Fillppi. 

Aili'-R^ka tr^ka an'-Eol6ssi. 

A6'-Reka ana-Tr(}troko tr^ka an-Tessal6niki. 

An*-Rika ana-Ran tr|ka an-Tessal6niki. 

An'-R6ka ana-Tr(}troko tr^ka Tim6teos. 

An'-R6ka afia-Rgn tr^ka Tim6teos. 

An'.Rika tr^ka Titos. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


An*-R6ka tr^ka Fil^mon. 

An'-R6ka tr^ka an'-H^bri. 

An'.R^ka fta Yakuba. 

Afi'-R6ka na P6t§r ana-Tr(5troko. 

An'-Rfea na P6tar aAa-Ra6. 

An'-R^ka na Y6han ana-Trdtroko. 

An'-R6ka na Yohan ana-Ran. 

An'-R6ka na Yohan aiia-Sas. 

An'-R6ka Aa Yehuda. 

Ak'^fa ka ama-Trel ma-I^aibi ka Y6han. 


Matthew 6, 13 read nas for n5s 

Mark 13, 14 read Daniel for Dauda 

Luke 1, 44 read ro-lans for ro-for 

Luke 8, 10 read nyan for nan 

Luke 15, 32 after ma-b(}ne» insert de tra ydsane; 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Am-B6sra tr^ka Yisua Masta, 
mo MArkos o-gbal-Ai. 

Ara-Bomp 1. 

1. Ka-trap ka ain-B6sra tr^ka Yisaa Masia, Qw'^n 
lia K*uru; 

2. Ma na potfi gbal ka ama-Gbal ma ai&'-N^bi ho: 
K^li, 1 sOm Q-maleika-ka-mi romi) rod'6r kadi, owq yi 
tra benene ar'6n'-da-mu romu rodi: 

3. R'im ra o-gb6Dto ra yi ro-wula, ow(^ pa ho y6: 
B^nene naft ar'6ii tr^ka Yeh6fa! T§nanfi naii as'6n- 
it*Qii tr§-b^Da! 

4. Y6han o yi o-b^ptis ro-wiila, o tr^m§s am- 
bdptis fia ka-tubi tr^ka ka-lSpar ka ma-trel Qia-l§s. 

5. Ka afi'-fom na an-tof da Yehudfa be, de an- 
dure be na ro-Yehisalem, laa wur na der roA(}6, ko 
b^ptis-na ka 'ra-bon' da Y6rdan, laa gMtane ama- 
trel-ma-nan ma-l§8. 

6. K^re Y6han o woA r'uma ra aft'-fon 6a a-yi^kome 
de a-d^pen na a-r^.ka 6a yi ro-fi-y'on ratr(}n; de o di 
e-Uma de ra-mal ra ro-kant. 

7. Ko gbal k§-wdndi, o p9 ho: Ow(i t^si-mi tr^ka 
a-fi^sa der ka-rdr§6-ka-mi, I be'-he tra s^nne tr^ka 
s^li ana-r^ka na e-k(^fta-y'o6. 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

4 M4rkos 1. 

8. Mine, 1 pon bSptisa-na m'antr, kite kon' o ira 
b^ptisa-nu o-Bdhu o-Sam. 

9. Ko pa ^i ka ama-r'^i ma-tsi, fo Yisua o y^fa 
ro-N^saret ka ro-Galilafa, de Y6han q b^ptis-ko ka 'ra- 
bon' da Y6rdaD. 

1 0. Kq \6ie lemp mo O pod wur ro-m'antr, q nafik^ 
fo ka-rantr ka gbafa, de fo O-Ruhu, mo ka-p^r§m, o* 

11. De r'im ra ^^fa ka ak'uru, ar^ pa ho: Mdno 
^i Qw'^n-ka-mi 0W0-b(}tar, tr^ka QVi^ I t^sa! 

12. Ko t6te o-Huhu o b^lar-ko ro-wiila. 

13. Ko yi ri ro-wula ma-rii tra-gba tra-rgii, S6- 
tani gbos-ko; de yi ka tra-^eiU) de a-maleika fta 

14. K^re ma Aa pon yentr Y6han r§-set na ma- 
tinkane, Yisua o der ro-6aliIaia, tr&mas am-B6sra 
Aa ara-bal ra K^dni, 

15. pfl ho: A6'-l(iko Aa poA l^sar, de ara-bal 
ra K'uru ra poA fatr: tdbi n§n, de l^ne naA am-B6sra. 

16. K^re mo kot ro-ban' da Galilaia, o nank 
Siman de Andrafls, o-wontr-k'oA, Aa fak ka-pel ro- 
baA; tsa Aa yi a-f§m 'a k§-l§m. 

17. Ko Yisua p9 ron^A: Der naA, na tram mi- 
naA, ke I tsi yo-nu na s^ke a-l§m Aa a-fam. 

18. Delate lemp Aa trel atra-pel-tra-AaA, AatraA-ko. 

19. Ko mo tas rl o-tan, o naAk Yakiiba, o^'^n 
ka S^bedi, de Y6han, o-wonlr-k'oA, Aa so Aa yi ro- 
bil, Aa b^mpa tra-pel-tra-AaA. 

20. Ko t6te lemp o ts61a-Aa; de Aa trel S^bedi, 
0-kas-ka-AaA, ro-bil re e-bol aA^ 'a yep, Aa der Aa 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

M&rkos 1. 5 

21. Ka na won ro-Kafarniham. De t^te lemp q 
iFfQh ro-set a-gb^nne ka aii'-Sdbbat, o t^k'sa-Aa. 

22. Ko p§ k($Dtofgli-M tr^ka ka-t^k'sa-k'oii; \h o 
t^k'sa-Aa mo w'iini ow^ b& a-f(^a, p§ yi-he mo an'-F6de. 

23. Ko w^uni o yi ka an'-set-'a-Aan a-gb^nne, QYfi 
l)fi o-krifi o-l§s, ow(^ w^ila, 

24. pd bo: A! ko tr'el tr'a sya raunoiQ 8§ bd-e, 
tnan* Yisua ka N^saret-e? Mg pon der tra dim-sa-i? 
I tr^ra-ma, k^ne m| yi-e, o-Sam ka K'uni. 

25. Ko Yisua o nal-ko, o p3 ho: Trahk, mg wur 

26. Ko o-krffi o-lgs o k^gs-ko, o vfihsi r'im ra- 
b^na, de o wur vQhih, 

27. Ko o-k(}ntofgli wop-iia be, hd na yiftane, 
na pa ho: Ko tr'el ats^-e? Ko ka-t^'sa ka-fu ak6-e? 
Tsa kiue aA'-krift a-las r' a-f(isa, de na tr^la-ko. 

28. De ka-rgm-k'oA ka gbdntane t6te ka an-tof be 
a6d gb^tro ro-Galilaia. 

29. Ka na wur t^te ka aft'-set a-gb^nne, na der 
ka an'-set laa Siman de Aa AndraQs, na de Yakuba 
de Y6han. 

30. K^re o-nftara ka Sfman o f^nta, ma-w6nane 
ma wop-ko. Ko t^te ina f(^far-ko tr^ka tr'on. 

31. Ko fitrgr, o y6kas-ko, o wop-ko ka-tr&; de 
4ma-w6nane ma tser-ko t6te, de o l^nki-na. 

32. K^re mo ara-foi ra poh bek, de mo ar'6tr ra 
po6 won, na k^ra TQh^h afia ts6 yenk ma-der be, de 
an^ bfi a-krifi. 

33. De a6'-fgm Aa ka-petr be Aa pon t6nklane rodf 
ka ka-rdre. 

34. Ko y^nkas a-lal an^ \se yenk ma-der ka ba 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

6 M^kos 1. 

tra-trQ tra-gbdnte, de O ivura a-krifi a-lai; o ts6 tser 
an'-kr(fi na fof, pak^sife na tr^ra-ko. 

35. Ko ka 'ra-bat, mo pa yi ras o-bi h&li, o y^- 
kane YtuT, Q kiine r§-d'er Q-yeiit, de ri-a o r^mne. 

36. Ko Siman, do a^^ yi foaBa na trail-ko leinp» 

37. Ka ma Aa fir-ko, na pa roi^liil: A]^'-f§m bo Aft 

38. Ko p& ron^n ho: Mail k(}ne naA ka tra-petr 
atrd Uili, k^ma ri-a so I gbai k§-windi ; tsa tr^ka atr'el 
ats6 I poA der. 

39. Ko gbal k§-w^ndi ka e-set-'e-nan e-gUinne 
ro-6alilaia bo, do O vviira a-kHfi. 

40. Ko w'dni k' a-rom o der vQii^ii, o n^mtene- 
ko, 8(}na-ko tra-wu, o pd roni^ii ho: Be ma s^lo^ 
ma t^na f^tar-mi. 

41. Ko Yisaa o ba i-n^i, o tinti ka-tra-k'on, o 
b6ra-ko, pa roni^n: I MIq; s§ko Q-ikral 

42. Ko mo pon gbo pa ats6, ah'-rom Aa y^fa 
ron(}n, de yi 0-f6ra. 

43. Ko mo Yisua o pon maii-ko o-b^k§r, o tser- 
ko t^te lomp k(}no. 

44. pa roni^il: S6bmo, t^6 k^ne w'uni 6 w'uni 
tr'el 6 Ir'el; k^re k(Jne, triirine ka o-k6han, de Klra 
ey'^tr tr§ka ka-f6t§r-mu, ey^ Mdsa o poA k^no tr§ka 
t'amas6re ron^n. 

45. K^re kon', mo o pon wur, o trap k§-tr^mgs- 
isi o-lal de k§-gb^nlane atr'ei; ha Yisua o gb^i-he so- 
won ra-petr o-gb^fal, kere o yi ra-d'er o-ye6n; de Aa 
y^fa ra-d'er 6 d'er tr^ka der roni^A. "" 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

M^kos 2. 7 

Ara-Bomp 2. 

1. Ka-riran ka ma-rii ma-lom o kal vtQii ro- 
Kafarnihum. Ka a-f§in 6a tral, fo yi ro-set. 

2. De i^te a-lai na t6nklane roMn, ha d'er o yi- 
he 80 rodi ka ka-rire; de f(}f§r-na ar'im. 

3. Ka a-f§in na der roni^n, an^ k^ra w'tini ma-kon^ 
a-f§m A'dnle ina gb^nne-ko. 

4. Ka ma na gb^li-he fatr-ko tr^ka 'ra bomp ra 
ar'unia, na gb^pari an-tek na an'-set, ro o yi; de ma 
na pon b^li ri, Aa t6ra ka-f§Dt'r, ' aki ow'dni ka ma* 
kon f^ntar. 

5. K^re mo Yisaa o n§nk ka-ldne-ka-nad, o pd ka 
ow'uni ka ma-kon ho: Wan, ina pen ts^ra-mu ama- 
trel-ma-mu ma-las! 

6. K^re a-lom na an'-F6de Aa y\ rl, and yira rl, 
de and ndne ka e-m6ra-'e-naia ho: 

7. Ko tr'el tr'a ow6 o fof s'im tr§-lg8 tr^ka K'dra 
yan-e? Kane t^na tser ma-trei ma-l§8 Umbe kin gbo 

8. Ko Yfsua, QYi^ trdra t^te ka am-m^ra-A'on, fo 
ina ndne yaA ka e-m^ra-'e-nan, o pd vQiiAh ho: Ko 
Ir'el Ir'a na ndne ma-trel ma-^iinoA ka e-m^ra-'e- 

9. Ko yi ta fol-tre!-e, tra pa ka ow'tini ka ma* 
kon ho: Na po£i ts6ra-mu ama-trei-ma-mu ma-l§8-e, 
talcum tra pa ho ; Y6kane, de y6ka ka-fant'r-ka-mu, m^ 

10. K^re kdma n§ trdra, fo 0^'dn ka Wuni o ha 
a-f(isa ka an-tof tra tser ma-trel ma-l§s, — o p^ ka 
ow'uni ka ma-kon ho: — 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

8 M4rkos 2. 

11. I k^ne-niu: Y6kane, de y6ka ka-f§Dtr'-ka-inu, 
ma k(Jne rQmu ro-set! 

12. Ko t6te lemp o yikane, o y6ka ka-fant'r-k'on, 
wur rodi-ka-Aa be; ha o-k(}DtQf§li o wop-ina be, Aa 
^kis K'dru, na pa bo; S§ ta poi^-he naAk tr'ei mo 
ats^ tab^na! 

13. Ko ^ur 80, k(^ne ka ka-baii; do ar'unia 
be ra der roni^n, do t^k^sa-na. 

1 4. Ko mo y^fa rl, o n§nk L^fi, ow'dn ka Alf^o, 
yfra ro-set na e-g6lur, ko o pd roni^n: Tram mi- 
naA! Ko y6kaDe, O tran-ko. 

15. Ko pa yi, mo Yisua o gbetgb^tno ka an'-set* 
in'on, a-G^sar do a-f§m a-l§s a-lal Aa gbetgb^tno so* 
Aa do Yisua do an*-kar^odi-A*on: tsa ha yi a-lal, ah& 

16. Ka an'-F6de do an'-F^risi, ma na nauk, fo 
diano a-fam a-lgs do a-Gdssar, Aa pd ka an'-kar^ndi- 
ik*Qh: Ko tr'ei tr'a o diano munano a-f§m a-l§$ do 

17. Kq mo Yisua o trgl ats6, o pa roA^n ho: AAi 
y^nki ma-der, na y6ma-ho o-r^mgr, k^ro aM tie yenk 
ma-dor : I der-ho tra mutsi an'-16mpi, k^ro a-f§m a-l§s 
tr^ka ka-tdbi. 

18. Ka an'-kar^ndi na Y6han do an'-F^risi na yi 
a-wop a-sQm. Ka na der, Aa pa roni^A ho: Ko tr'el 
tr'a an'-kar^ndi na Y6han do na aA'-Fto'si na wop a- 
«am-e, k^ro aAa-mu a-kar^ndi Aa tse wop a-sdm-e? 

19. Ko Yisua o pa ronin: P§ yi aii'-wut na an'- 
kdnko na o-b^ra Q-ihi ha gb^li wop a-sQm-i, mo o- 
rdni o-fal o yi roMn-i? Mo o-rdni o-fet o yi ras ro- 
ii&h, m gb^li-ho wop a-sum. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

M^kos 2. 9 

20. K^re ma-r^T ma tra der, ma Aa tr§ noTr-Aa o- 
ruDi o-fat; ka an'-lo iia-tsi na tra wop a-sQm ka ama- 
r^i ma-tsi. 

21. Wuni 6 w'uDi o ts6 sot a-r6mbo Aa k'ota k§- 
fu ra-r*dma ra-kur; k^re be pa yi-he yaii-e, afi'-r6mbo- 
na-tsi a-fa na pirn r'ika ka ar'uma ra-kur, de o-pfma 
bar gbo l^sa. 

22. De w'uni 6 w'uni o Xs6 botr ma-waln ma-fet 
ka e-sdsa e-kur; k^re be p§ yi-he yah-e, ama-wain 
ma-fet ma gbai e-s^sa, de ama-waln ma 16f)a, de e- 
s^sa e tra dfma; k^re Aa yi tra botr ma-waln ma-fet 
ka e-s^sa e-fu. 

23. Kq pi yi, fo las ka atr'(}r tra a-b6rru ka a- 
Sdbbat, de aii'-kar^ndi-ii'Qn na trap ka-pim§s tra-gb^saA, 
ma na yi a-kot. 

24. Ka a6'-F&risi na pS roni^A: K^li, ko tr'ei tr'a 
na yO ka an'-S^bbat, atr^ lomp-fe-e? 

25. Ko k(}no pfi vQh^ih ho: N§ poifi-be k^ran t^ii- 
kan-i, atr^ Dadda o yO-i, mo p^ni r'dka, de mo 
d'or ra wop kon' de an^ yi roA(in-i? 

26. Mo won ka an'-set na K'dra ka aA'-lO tia 
Abyalar, o-K6han owo-bAna-i, o di tra-bo tra ka-b^par, 
atr^ 16mpir-he w'uni 6 w'uni trgka di, tambe aA'-Kohan 
gbo-i, de mo yer-tsi so ka aM yi ro6(Jn-i? 

27. Ko p& TQMii: I^a botr aA'-Sdbbat tr^ka 'ra- 
bomp ra w'dni, p§ yi-he w'uni tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra an*- 

28. Tr4ka t§i Qw'^n ka WMni o yi so 0-Kas ka 

Digitized by LjOOQ iC 

10 M4rk08 3. 

Ara-Bomp 3. 

1. Ko kal WQil an'-set a-gb^nne. Kq w'uni o 
^i ri, QW(i bd k§-trA k§-fi. 

2. Ka na 8§t-kQ, be p§ yi q ko y^nk§8-ko ka an'- 
Sabbat, k^ma na gb^li na gb^ntir-ko. 

3. Kq q pd ka Qw'uni, QVf^ bd ka-trfi k§-ft ho: 
Y6kane» ma tr^ma ka ka-trgnl 

4. Kg pd ron^n hg: 16mpi tra yO tr'el trg- 
fino ka an'-S^bbat-i, tal(im tra yO tr'el tra-l§s-i, tra b^ne 
a]^'-n6s§m-i, tal(im tra dif-i? K^re nan na trank. 

5. Kq q k^Ii aA^ rap-kQ ma-ban, q ni^si nel tr^ka 
ka-bak-ka-nan tra-bomp, de Q pft ka gw'uni bg: T^nti 
ka-trd-ka-mu! Kq q t^nti-ki; de ka-tra-k'Qn ka kal so 
yenk, mQ aka-loni. 

6. Ka an'-F^risi da wur t^te, i^a kg n^nkang tr§ka 
tr'gn, i^a de ana >v6pane H^rod, kima na dif-kg. 

7. Kg Yisua g yih rl re an'-kardndi-i^'gn, g ki^ng 
ka ka-ban; de r'unia ra-bdna ra tran-kg, ha yiia ro- 
Galilaia, de ro-Yebudia, 

8. De ro-Yeriisalem, de ro-Edom, de ro-bon' da 
Ydrdan rol^nken: de and ^fra ka an-tof afid gb^trg 
Tiro de Sidon, r'dnia ra-bdna» afia pon tr§l ama-trei 
be, amd g poA yQ-e, na der rgili^n. 

9. Kg g kdne an'-kardndi-n'gn, kdma na b^nena-kg 
a-bil tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ar'unia, kdma na tse tinkane-kg. 

10. Tsa g pon y^Mas a-lal; bft na be and ba kg- 
siimpane ka-ban na fiimpgr-kg tr^ka b6ra-kg. 

11. De a-krifi a-lgs, ma 'a nan'-kg gbo, Aa gb§p 
s'er ro-tgf, na w^i^a, na pd bg: Miing yi Ow'dn ka 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

M4rk08 3. 11 

12. Ko nal-na o-lal, kdma na ts6 naibi-ko. 

13. Ko gbep ra-ron, g ts^la vQh^h ahk q y&ma; 
de na der roniJn. 

14. Ko tit tr*Qf^tr na-r§6, kdma na yi rtfA(i6» 
de k^ma g s6m'ra-na tr^ka gbal k§-w^nd], 

15. De k^ma Aa bft a-f(isa tr^ka y^hk§s tr§-tra, de 
Ira wura a-krifi. 

16. Siman, gwcj g tr^mar atf^s na P^lar; 

17. De Yakuba, gw'^n ka S^bedi, de Y6ban, g* 
ifvgntr ka Yakuba, an^ g tr§ingr an'^s Aa Boanerges, 
arA 'a ts^pg: A-wut 6a r*en; 

18. De AndraQs, de Filippos, de Bartolomaios, dg 
M^taT, de T6ma, de Yakuba, gw'^n ka Alf6o» de Tad- 
d^o, de Siman, g-Kinadni, 

19. De Yehuda Iskdriyot, QVii sgnd-kg. 

20. Ka na wgn' do-set. Ka r*unia ra tdiiklane sg 
rgkin, hd na gb^li-he di ka-bo. 

21. Ka ma an-tr§-kOm-n'gn na lr§l ats6, Aa yfur 
Ira wop-kg: tsa na pa hg: Am-m^ra-n'gia na pon 

22. De an'-F6de, an^ pon tor ro-Yerusalem, i^a 
pd hg: bd B^lsebul, de g wura a-krifi ka ka-trfi ka 
g-ra-bomp ka an'-krffi. 

23. Kg g ts^la na vQh^h, g fi}f§r Aa ka e-l6mg» 
g pa bg: Tro S^tani g gb^li wura S6lani-e? 

24. De be ma-pulane ma wgn ra-bal, ara-baT ra- 
tsi ra gb^li-be wgn. 

25. De be ma-piitane ma wgn a-set, aj^^-set 6a- 
tsi ha gb§1i-be tr^ma. 

26. De be S^tani g y6kar k(ing-k6ngne> de be g 
putane k(Jng-k$ngne> g gbp-he tr^ma, k^re g tra pon. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

12 Mdrkos 4. 

27. Wuni 6 w'uni o gbp-he luk ey'etr ya w'uni 
tish ku ka-wQil an'-set-n'gn, t^mbe o mot sek o^'uQi 
0-f(}8a; de ka-rdran-ka-isi o gb^li luk ey'^tr ya an*- 

28. 1 kane-nu tra-tsen, ho na tra Is^ra an'-wul 
Aa a-fam ma-trel ma-las be, bdli as'fm tr§-las tr|ka 
K'uru so, atr^ na tra fof: 

29. K^re w'dni 6 w'uni ow(} fof 0-l§8 tr^ka o- 
Rtihu o-Sam, o tse s6iQ ka-Upar t^nkan tab^na, kero 
Q fumpo k'^si ka ka-s($mpane ka-tab^na: 

30. Pak^sife Aa pd ho: bfi o-kHfi o-l§s. 

31. An*-l0 fia-tsi o-k^ra-k*oA de an'-wontr-n'on na 
der, da tr^ma rok^n, do na sOm ronon tr^ka ts61a-ko. 

32. De ar'unia ra yira i^a rap-ko. Ka na pd ro- 
niJn: K|li, o-k^ra-ka-mu de ah'-wontr-*a-mu Aa yi ro- 
fc^n, na ten-mu. 

33. Ko ISsia-na, o p^ ho: Kdne yi o-k^ra-ka- 
mi-e, de k^ne na yi aA'-wonlr-'a-mi-e? 

34. Ko k^H kal-kal ka and yira na rap-ko, Q p& 
ho: K^li ba o-k^ra-ka-mi de an'-wontr-'a-mi! 

35. Tsa w'uni 6 \?*uni, bw(J yO ama-leJo ma K'uru, 
k(Jno yi o-wontr-ka-mi o-runi, de o-wontr-ka-mi o- 
b^ra, de o-l^^ra-ka-mi. 

Ara-Bomp 4» 

1. Ko l^al tr§p ka-t^k'sa ro-ban' day^r; de r'tinia 
ra-bdna ra t6nklane roAi^n, hfi o won' do-bil» o yira rl 
ro-ban; de an'-fam be na yi ro-gban ro-ban' day^r. 

2. Ko t^k'sa-na ka e-l6mo e-lal, o p^ ronSA ka 
ka-t^k'sa-k'oii ho: 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

M4rkos 4. 13 

3. Sq na e-lans! K^i, w'uni sak g wur tr^ka sak. 

4. Kg pa yi, mo yi ka ka-sak, e-lom e fumpo 
ro-r'on* day^r, de e-bamp ya rok()in na der, na 

5. De e-Iom e fumpor a-tof a-gMlan, ro e bfi-be 
a-tof a-Iai; de t^te e li^ko, pak^ife e bd-be a-lQf a- 

6. K^re mo ar'^tr ra poii putr, e w6la: de p§ki- 
life e ba-be e-tank, e wos. 

7. De e-Iom e fiimpo Juairiii ka tra-baiik, de atra- 
bank tra ](iko, tra tr($kas-yi, de e tl6 wur ma-k6m]. 

8. De e-Iom e ftimpor a-tof a-ffno, e wur ma-k6mi, 
am^ bak, ma barne; de e-lom e wur am'iilo ma k§- 
gba tr'of^tr, e-lom am'dio ma tr§-gba tr§-sa8, de e* 
lorn am'i^lo ma k'^me k'in. 

9. Ko pd bo: Qyf6 ba e-lains tr^ka tr§l, tra o 

10. Ko mo yi ro-san, au^ rap-kg de an-tr'oKtr 
iia-ran Aa yif-ko trgka ah*-l6mo. 

11. Ko pfi ron^n bo: P§ yi nyan lia 8o6-tsi tra 
tr^ra am-murdre na ara-bal ra K'uru: k^re ka an^n; 
an^ yi rok^n, ma-trel be ma ydne ka e-l6mo. 

12. Kdma ka k^li na k^li, kere kdma i^a tse n§nk; 
de ksma ka tral na tral, k^re kdma na tse trSra ; tdni 
ra-so ra-lom e-m6ra-'e-]aan e s^ke, de na ts^ra-na 
ama-trel-ma-nan ma-las. 

13. Ko p3 roMn bo: Na tr'a-be an'-l6mo an6-i? 
Tro na gb^li to tr^ra e-16mo be-e? 

14. Ow'uni ow(i sak o sak ar'im. 

15. K^re a6^ na yi tsi, an^ yi ro-r'on' day^r, ro 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

14 M4rk09 4. 

6a sak ar'fm: be ha poA trgl-ri, S^tani o der t^te, o 
no! ar'im, ar^ na pon sak ka tra-but-tra-nah. 

16. Ye pa ^i SQ aA6 na ^i Xsi, ah& 'a sak rok(}m 
ka a-tof a-gb^Ian: be na tral ar'im, 6a m^lane-ri ma- 
b(Jne t^te; 

17. K^re 6a ba-he e-taAk rok6r-ka-nan, na tr^ma 
gbo a-ldko a-lom; ka-rdran-ka-tsi, be m*(}ne ma der, 
talcum be 6a bal-bal-6a tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ar'im, 6a 
ftla6 t^te. 

18. De a66 6a yi tsi, a6^ 'a sak katr(i6 ka tra- 
ba6k: 6a tral ar'fm; 

19. K^re a6'-s6li 6a ara-ra ar6, de am-baia 6a 
e-n^nla, de e-I<^Ia tr^ka ma-trel ma-lgm e won ro- 
m^ra, e tri^kar ar'fm, de ra ts6 wur ma-komi. 

20. De an6 na yi tsi, a6^ 6a pon sak rokgm ka 
a-tof a-ffno: 6a tral ar'im, 6a m^lane-ri, de 6a wur 
ma-k6in] ; a-lgm am'dio ma ka-gba tr'of^tr, a-tom am'i^lo 
ma tra-gba tra-sas, de a-lgm am'^Io ma k'^me k'in. 

21. Ko Q pa ro6^6: Pa yi 6a kSra ka-m6ta tr§ka 
botr-ki rordta ka ka-tunta-i, ta](im rordta ka ka-fant'r-i? 
Pa yi-he Ir^ka bolr-ki rok(}m ka o-tr^mar wa k*6nder-i? 

22. Tsa tr'el 6 tr'el tra-gb§par tra yi-he, t^mbe 
tr^ka gb^pari^si; de 6a mank-he tr'el 6 tr'el, tSmbe 
tr^ka wura-tsi o-gbSfat. 

23. Be w'uni 6 w'uni o ba e-l§6s tr^ka trgl» tra 
Q tr§l! 

24. Kq q pa ro6^6: Sobi n§6 tr^ka atr^ na tral! 
Ka-tunta ak^ na tunta, 6a tra tunta-nu; de nya6, a6^ 
tr^l, 6a tr§ bar so6-nu. 

25. Tsa w'uni 6 w'uni qw(} ba, 6a tra bar so6- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

M&rkos 4. 15 

ko: de w'dni 6 w'^ni, qw(J ts6 b&, tSia sq, atrd o 
bd, na tr§ nolr-ko-tsi. 

26. Ko pa ho: Pa yi tr^ka 'ra-ba1 ra K'dru mo 
bo ^'tini sak e-santr rok(}m ka a-tof, 

27. Do ka-riran-ka-t§i o dira, o j6kane» tratHik 
do ra-pA, de e-santr e li^ko, do e bak, mo k(Jno- 
k^Dono tr'a-ho-tsi. 

28. Tsa an-tof ifi^Aene Aa wur ma-k6mi; ka ka- 
miita tra-tamp, ka-r^raA-ka-tsi tra-gb^safi, do ka ka- 
l^pso am-b6rru atA mun m'antr, rok'6r ka tra-gb^saA. 

29. K^ro be ama-k6mi ma l^iikline, ow'dni o s6m*ra 
aii'-iv(Jrdo t^te; pak^ifo an'-lo ifia ka-rok 6a poA b6k. 

30. Ko pa ho* Ko r'dka sa ma b^la ara-bal ra 
K'uru-e, taliim ko a-l6mo sa ma ]6mo-ri-e? 

31. Ra yi mo a-luka na m*otsara, mk yi a-lol na 
tisi ma-liika bo ka an-tof » be Aa tsep-ni ka an-tof: 

32. K^re be Aa pon tsep-ni » Aa bak, fia s^ke a- 
b^na, Aa tSsi e-buma bo» do ina vrur tr§-ra tra-bSna; 
ha o-bamp ya rok(}m Aa gb^Ii yira rordta ka afi'-folr- 

33. Do f(}far-na ar'fm ka ^-l6mo e-la1 e-wunon, 
mo am'iilo ma Aa t^na tral-ri. 

34. K^ro f($far-ho-6a tdmbe ka e-l6mo: k^ro ro- 
san y^rki ma-trel bo ka aii'-kar^ndi-n*on. 

35. Ko ka aft'-r^i na-tsi, mo ara-fol ra poft bek, 
pa rondn ho: Ma f^si romori. 

36. Ka ma Aa pon tier ati'-fam tr^ka k(}ne, na 
y6kane-ko, mo yi ro-bil; k^re tra-bil tra-lom Ira yi 
80 roA({6. 

37. Ko k'4nkal ka-b^na ka yi^no, do e-munkal e 
fumpo rok'dr ka am-bil; ha na pon' to trap kg-ldsarno. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

16 M4rkos 5. 

38. De k(^no-k^nQne O yi rordran ka am-bil, q 
dfra rok(^m ka a-biitu. Ka i^a t^mi-ko, Aa p& roni^n 
ho: Pfi, Ira bft-he-mu tr'el-i, fo sa dtene-i? 

39. Kq yokane, o nal an'-fef, o pd ka ka-baA 
ho: Trank! Ti^fal! Ko an'-fef na y^Ake> de p§ ydne 
0-t(if§l betn. 

40. Ko pa ron^n: Ko Ir'el Ir'a d§ n^sa yaA-e? 
Tro pa yi-e n§ ba-he ka-lSne-e? 

41. Ka Aa n^sa ka-n^sa ka-b^na, Aa pa kMn ka 
0-lom hQ*' K^ne yi ton ow^-e? Tsa hili an'-fef de 
ka-ban na tr^Ia-ko! 

Ara-Bomp 5, 

1. Ka na f^si ka-ban roroiiriy iia der ka an-tof na 

2. Ko mo poft wur ro-bil, w'tini, ow(J wur ka 
tra-b6ma, o gb^nne-ko t^te, o ba o-krift o-l§s. 

3. Ow(J yira ka tra-b6ma, de w'uni 6 w*uni o Igna- 
he sek-ko, pa yi-hfi bSli ra-lr'or^nla, 

4. PakSsife laa pon s^ka-ko e-gb^tre de tr*or^nta 
e-l(iko e-lal, de O pou pi'mas atr'or^nta, de wotr 
e-gbetre; de w'uni 6 w'uni o t^na-he tr^nsa-ko. 

5. De l^ko 6 l(iko, tratr^k de ra-yan, o yi ka tra- 
b6ma de rok($m ka ama-ron, o w^na, o tr^p§sne ka 

6. Kere mo o D§nk Yisua o-biili po» o gbiike ro- 
fi^h, gb§p d'er ro-tof rodi-k^on. 

7. Ko w^na r'im ra-bSna, o pa ho: Ko tr'el tr'a 
syan, sya munon s§ ba-e, mun* Yisua, Qw'^n ka K'dru, 
OW(i yi Q-B6\i rok^m be-e? Gbin-tsi romf ka K'dru^ 
ho ma tl6 mi scJmpa! 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Mdrkos 5. 17 

8. (Tsa poA pfi roniJn: Wur ka ow'uni, mun' 
krifi o-las.) 

9. Ko yif-ko ho: Ko n'es n'a ma ba-e? Ko 
Wsi, Q pa ho: An'^s-'a-mi na ;5ri Legion; tsa sa yi 

to. Ko n^mlene-ko O-lal, kSma o tsfi bal-6a an- 
tof Aa-tli. 

11. Kere k'Qli ka Ira-sop k§-lal na Ira wont ro- 
ron' day^r. 

12. De an'-krifi be ua n^mtene-ko, na pa ho: 
S5m-su katriJn ka tra-sop, k4ma sa won-na. 

13. Ko Ylsua ls6ra-na-lsi t6le. Ka ma an*-krffi 
a-las na pon wur, na woA Ira-sop : do ak'uli na gb6nle 
ra-d*er o-sima rata ro-ban, (k^re na beka am'cjlo ma 
e-wul ye-ran;) do na m(Jtra ro-bai. 

14. K^re and Irol-na, na gbuke, Aa lr(}ri-lsi ro- 
petr de ro-tra-gboin. Ka Aa wur Ir^ka k^li, alri pofii 

16. Ka 6a der ka Yisua, de na nank ow'uni, ow(} 
ba a-krifi, mo pon yira, o won y'etr e-16pra, o ba 
k|-tsemp, kon* ow(J pon ba an'-L6gion; ka na n6sa. 

16. De ana poA nank-tsi, Aa lr(}ri-na, Iro Ira pon 
^foe ka ow(J pon ba a-krifi, de lr§ka tra-sop. 

17. Ka na tr§p ka-n^mtene-ko, kama o y^fa ka 

18. Ko mo won' do-bil, ow(J pon ba a-krifi o 
n^mtene-ko, kdma o tser-ko tra paia-ko. 

19. K^re Yfsna o tse ts6ra-ko-lsi, k^re pa ro- 
A(in: K(ine romu ro-set ka an'-na-nu, ma tr(iri-na, ko 
ma-trel ma-bdna m'a o-Rdbbu o pon yi^na^mu-e, de 
Iro pon ba-mu i-n6i-e. 

Mark. 2 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

18 M4rkos 6. 

20. Ko Wne, O trap kf-tr^mas ro-Dek^polis, ko 
ma-trei ma-b^na Yisua q y^na-kg-e; de a-f|m be na 

21. Ko mo Yfsua o pon so fgsi romcJri ro-bil, r'iinia 
ra-lai ra t6nklane rondn, de o ^i ro-ban' dayer. 

22. Ko k^li, k'in ka an-tra-bomp na an*-8el a- 
gb^nne, an'es-n'on Yalro, o der; de mo naak Yfsua, 
gbap d'er ro-tof ka atr'^lrak-tr'on : 

23. De n^mtene-ko o-lal o pa ho: Ow'^n-ka-mi 
O-bera o tr^ma tr|ka pon: j'dnden, der, ma ren-ko 
ama-tra-ma-mu, kama o yenk so ma-der, dekdma o 

24. Ko Yisua o paia-ko, de r'unia ra-lai ra Iran- 
ko, de na tr(^kas-ko. 

25. De w'uni bom o-lflm, ma-tsir ma wur-ko Ira- 
ren tr'oKtr Ira-ran, 

26. Ow^ pon sdmpane o-laT ka ka-tra ka a-fam 'a 
ka-r^mar a-lai, de owif pons ey'etr, ey^ o ba be, de 
tra ndfa-he-ko Ir'el 6 tr'el, kere ama-tr^ma-m'on ma 
bar gbo I^sa. 

27. Mo poii tra! trgka Yisua, o der rordrgn ka- 
trdn ka ar'unia, o b6ra am-bfIa-n*on. 

28. Tsa pa ho: Be I gbgli na gbo b6ra e-15pra- 
y'on, I tsi yenk na ma-der. 

29. Ko t^le lemp ara-for ra ama-tsir-m'on ma 
■w6s§r; de tr^lne ka *ma-der-m'on, fo ka-sompane- 
k'on ka-ban ka pon. 

30. Ko Yisua, mo o trglne l6te rok6r-k'on an*- 
f(}sa, an^ pon wur-ko, o s^ke ro ka ar'tinia, o pa ho: 
K^ne pon bora e-ldpra-'e-nai-e? 

31. Ka an'-kar^ndi-6'on iia pa roncin: M§ ng6k. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

M&rkos 5, 19 

ma a]&'-f§in ta tr^kas-mu, de ma pS ho: K^ne pon 

32. Kq q k^Ii kal-kal, tr^ka nahk kon', 0^(} pon 

33. K^re ow'uni bom, mo o tr^ra, atr4 pon y(Jne 
roniJn, o der ka nesa de ka yer, o gbap d'er ro-lgf 
rodi-k'Qn, o kSne-ko atra-tsen be. 

34. K^re k(Jno pa roncJh: Wan b^ra, ka-lane-ka- 
mu ka poA y^nkas-mu: k(Jne 0-l(}fal, ma yinki ma- 
der ka ka-s(^mpane-ka-mu ka-baA! 

35. Mo yi ras o-fof-e, a-fgm na aft'-set na o-ra- 
bomp ka an'-set a-gb^nne na der, na pa ho: Qyt'^n- 
ka-mu o-b^ra o pon fi, ko tr'el tr'a ma kira so 0- 
karmi^ko hdlisa-e? 

36. K^re Yisua, mo o Iral ar'im, ar^ na pon foC 
t6te lomp p9 ka o-ra-bomp ka an'-set a-gb^nne bo: 
Ts6 n^sa, line gbo! 

37. Ko tser-he w'uni 6 w'dni tra tran-ko, t^mbe 
P6t§r, do Yakuba, de Y6han, o->^ontr ka Yakdba. 

38. Ko der ka an'-set na o-ra-bomp ka an'-set 
a-gb^nne, o na6k ka-\?6na, de aM yi a-bok, de an& 
yi a-ki^lo. 

39. Ko mo pon won, o p3 ronSn: Ko ne na 
ma w6na, na bok-e? Qw'ah^t bera o tsfi fi, k^re o tra 
dfra gbo. 

40. Ka na sel-ko. K^re kon', mo o pon Mura-na 
be, y6kane o-kas ka ow'ah^t, de o-k^ra-k'on, de 
and yi roniin, o won ro ow'ah^l o f^nla. 

41. Ko mo pon wop ka-tra ka ow'ah^t, o pS 
roniin ho: Tdlila kumi: ard 'a ts^po: Wab^t b^ra, 
(I kdne-ma,) y6kane! 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

20 Mdrkoa 6. 

42. Kq t^le lemp ow'ah^t b^ra o ydkane, o kot; 
(tsa ba tra-ren Ir'of^tr lr§-ran.) Ko o-k(Jntofali o- 
bana o wop-na. 

43. Ko k^ne-na o-b^kar, kdma w'udi 6 w'uni q 
isB tsi tr^ra; de o k^ne-na tr^ka soA-ko r'fi ra-di. 

Ara-Boinp 6. 

1. Ko wur rl, o der ka ka-petr-k'o6 gben, de 
an'-kar^ndi-n'on na tran-ko. 

2. De mo an'-Scibbat na pon bek, q trap ka-t^k'sa 
ro-set a-gbdnne; de o k(^ntofali q wop a-lai, an^ tr§la- 
kOy na pa bo: R^ke ow'uni o^^ pon s^Xq ama-trei 
am6-e? De ko ka-tsemp kah, ak^ o ba-e, fo ma-yos 
ma-kab^ne ma-wunon ma yiine so ka ama-tra-m'on-e? 

3. 0-ky^mder kon' tdho ow6-i, ow'an ka Miriam-i» 
t)-wontr ka Yakuba, de ka Y6se&, de ka Yehuda, de 
ka Sfman-i? De p§ yi-he ah'-wontr-n'on a-bera na 
ji an(} kalr(Jn-ka-su-i? Ka ua 8(}karne Ir^ka tr'oA. 

4. K^re Yisua o pa ron^n : 'A sal-he o-N^bi, t^mbe 
TO-pelr-k'on gben, de katr(}n ka an-tr§-kom-n'Qn gben, 
de ka an'-set-n'ou gben. 

5. Ko gb§li-he yO n a-yos a-kab4ne, pa yi-he 
n'in, t^mbe fo ren a-f§m a-b6ma a-tan ama-tra-m'oi^, 
Q y^nkas-na. 

6. Ko kab^ne tr§ka ka-ts6-Une-ka-nail. Ko 
k(^ne ka tra-gbom, atr^ gb^tro rl, o tra t^k'sa. 

7. Ko ts^Ia an-tr'of^tr na-ran roni^D, o trap k§- 
s6m'ra-na na-r§ii na-r§n, de son-na a-fi^sa tr|ka a- 
krifi a-lgs. 

8. Ko k^ne-na, kima na tie k6rene r'ika 6 r'dka 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

M4rkos 6. 21 

ro-r'on, t^mbe ka-tr§k gbo sdn; pa yi-he a-gbdhfa, pa 
yi-he ka-bo, pa yi-he a-k^la a-kem ka an-d^pefi-'a-Aan. 

9. Kere k^ma na s£kn@ e-k(}fta-'e-nan, de kima 
Aa tsg won s'uma tra-rafi. 

10. Ko pa ron^n: D'er 6 d'er ro na poft woA 
ra-set, ri-a tr^ma nan, hfi na wur rl. 

11. De a-fam be an^ tse mMane-nu, de and tse 
tr^Ia-nu, be n§ wur ri, k6nkoA nan ka-bof, akd yi ka 
alr'dlrak-lra-nu rSta, tr^ka I'amas^re rondfi. 1 kdne- 
nu Ira-tsen, fo atr'ei tra Sodom de tra Gom6ra tra 
tra yi Ira-foMr'el ka an'-r^T na ka-rok e-t(Jnka Ira Idsi 
atr'ei tra ka-petr ka-tsi. 

12. Ka na wur, na gbal ka-wdndi, kdma na tubi. 

13. De na wura a-krffi a-la!, de na s6pa a-b6nia 
a-gbdti m'dro, na y^nkas-na. 

1 4. Ko H^rod, o-bal, o tral tr^ka tr'oA, (Isa aiVes- 
n'on na pon gbdntane,) de o pa ho: Y6han, o-B^ptista, 
pon y6kane ka ra-fi; Isia ba-Isi o yO ma-yos ma- 

15. K^re a-lom na pd ho: Eliya k(Jnon. K^re a- 
lom na pa ho: O-N^bi kcjnon, tal(}m mo k'in ka an'- 

16. K^re mo H^rod o tral-tsi, o pa ho: Yohan, 
ow^ mine pon gb^ta 'ra-bomp, k(}no yi tsi; k^no pon 
y6kane ka ra-fi. 

17. Tsa H^rod kdno-k^none pon sOm tr^ka batr 
Y6han, o trand-ko ra-set na ma-tmkane, tr§.ka 'ra- 
bomp ra Her6dia, o-rdni ka FiKppos, o-wontr-k'on; 
pakdsife pon ndntra-ko. 

18. Tsa Y6han o pon pa ka H^rod ho: 16mpir- 
be-mu tr^ka ba o-rdni ka o-wontr-ka-mu. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

22 M4rkos 6. 

19. K^re Her6dia o bdna-kg ma-t^ke, de q y^ma 
dif-ko; kere o gb^li-he yO-tsi. 

20. Tsa H6rod o n^sa Y6han, pak^sife o tr^ra, fo 
yi o-runi o-16mpi o-sam, deoWne-ko; de ka-rSraft 
ka mo pon tr^la-ko, yO ma-trel ina-lal, de l)(5t§r 

21. Ko mo a-r^T a-foMr'el na pon bek, mo H^rod 

benene a-tenta, ka ka-kus an'-r6i ha ka-kOm-ko, 
tr^ka an'-S5ntki-h'oh, de lr4ka ah'-K^lfa, de tr4ka an'- 
Yola ha Galilaia, 

22. De mo ow'^n b^ra ka Her6dia o poh woh, o 
t(Jmo, de mo am-m^ra ha H6rod, de ha ah^ pou gbet- 
gbetne re kon' ha tesa tr§ka tr'oh; o-bai o pa ka 
Ow'ahet b^ra ho: Yif-mi r'dka 6 r'aka ma y^ma, ke 

1 tsi soh-mu-ri. 

23. De gbih tr^ka Ir'oh ho: R'dka 6 r'dka, ar& 
ma ko yif-mi, I tsi soh-mu-ri, ha ka ratr(Jh ka ara- 

24. Ko ow'ah^t b^ra o wur, o pa ka o-k^ra-k'oh 
ho: Ko r'aka me yif-e? K^re k(}no pa ho: Ara-bomp 
ra Yohan, o-B6ptista. 

25. Ko woh tele ka o-bal, o tsimone, o yif-ko 
r'aka, o pa ho: 1 y^ma, kama ma soh-mi t^le ara- 
bomp ra Yohan, o-B^plista, ra-f^lma. 

26. Ko o-bal, kola o-ndsi-ne'i o-b^na o wop-ko, o 
y^ma-he kasir-ko-tsi tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra tra-gbih, de 
tr^ka ah^ gbelgb^tne re kon\ 

27. Ko l6le lemp o-bal o s6m*ra o-kiirgba, o k^ne, 
kdma ha kara ara-bomp-r'oh. 

28. K^re k6no k(}ne, gb^ta-ko 'ra-bomp ro-sel 
ha ma-tinkane, k^ra ara-bomp-r'oh r§-f^]ma, o 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

M4rk08 6. 23 

son-ri ka ow'ah^t b^ra; de ow'ah^l b^ra o sQii-ri ka 


29. Ka ma aA'-kar^ndi-n'oA Aa tr§l-tli, Aa der, tia 
^oka ka-bel-k^on, Aa bolr-ki ra ka-b6ina. 

30. Ka an'-SOm na tduklane ka Yisua, na tri^ri-ko 
ama-trel be, amd na pon yO-e^ de amd fia t^'sa-e. 

31. Ko Q pd TQMii ho: Der n§n, nyfi sOn, r§-d'er 
O-yenn, na f<Hane Q-tan. Tsa and der de and k(}ne 
na yi a-gbdti, ha na bfi-he ka-f^na^ p§ yi-he tr^ka di. 

32. Ka ha k(Jne ra-d*er o-yeAft ro-bil Aa sOn. 

33. Ka an'-fam na n|nk, fo Aa k(}ne, de a-Ial ua 
gbentas-ko, de na yefa ka tra-petr be» na gbuke n 
ka-bor kin ro-gbah, Aa m(ita-na b6k rl, de na gbdnne 

34. Kq mg Yisua q yfur, q n§nk r'dnia ra-lal, de 
i-D^i ha wop-kg tr^a trahhah ; pakdsife ha yi mo tra- 
li^me, and tse ba o-trQl. Kq q trap ka-t|k'sa-ha ma- 
trel ma-lal. 

35. Kq mQ a-l(}kQ a-lal ha 'ra-yah ha pon' to tas, 
ah'-kardndi-h'oh ha der rohijh, ha pa ho: Qd'er Qw6 
yi 0-ycnh» de a-l(}kQ a-lai ha 'ra-yah ha pon' to 
tas: "" 

36. Tser-ha, kdma ha k(}ne ka tra-gbom de ka 
tra-petr, atrd gb^tro, ha waiane tra-bO; tia ha ba-he 
r'dka 6 r'dka tr|ka di. 

37. K^re k(JnQ Idsi, o pa rohdh ho: Nyah, yer-ha 
ngh t'Sl ra-di. Ka ha pa roh^h: S§ ma kdne tra 
waT tra-bo tr^ka am'(}lo ma e-dfnar tr'^me Ira-rah-i, 
8§ sQh-tii rghdh tr^ka di? 

38. K^re k(}no pa rohdh: Tro na ba Ira-bO-e? 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

24 Mirkos 6. 

K(}ne naiiy na k^Ii. Ka ma na poii gb^lei)-tsi, na pft 
ho: Tr'am^t, de e-lop na-ran. 

39. Ko kSne-Aa, k^ma na yQ-iih be na gbetgb^tne 
e-kiki ka ak'^ren ka-n^sen. 

40. Ka na gbetgbetne fi-f&skera ^a k'^me k'in 
k'eme k'in, de ya tr§-gba tra-r§ft tr'of^tr Ira-gba Ira- 
r§n tr'of^lr. 

41. Kq y6ka tra-bo an-tr'am^t dee-lop ana-ran, 
k§li rokc^fn, o ruba tra-bo, o sitn-tsi, o son-tsi ka 
ah'-kar^ndi-n'on , kdma na botr-tsi rodi-ka-nafi; de e- 
lop ana-ran o yer-na katrdn-ka-na be. 

42. De na be Aa di, na n^m'ra. 

43. Ka na y6ka ma-gbdnti, ma beka tra-balai tr'o- 
f^tr tra-ran tra-l9, na yoka so ma-gb^nti ma e-lop. 

44. De and pon di tra-bo, na b^ka am'(}lo ma a- 
runi e-wul tr*amdl. 

45. Ko I6le fcJsar an'-kar6ndi-n*on Ira won* do- 
bil, de Ira mota-ko fgsi rom(}ri ro-Belsaida, mo tser 
ras ar'unia. 


46. Ko mo pon tser-ha, o k(}ne rokiJm ka an*- 
ron tr^ka r^mne. 

47. Ko mo ara-fol ra pon bek, am-bil na yi ro- 
ban' datrc^n, de kon' sOn o yi ro-gban. 

48. Ko n§nk, fo na toro ka ka-nas: tsa an'-fef 
na tr^ma na kadi. De ka ka-bumar ka tratr^k, akd 
b^ka tr*dnle, o der ronah ka kot ro-ban rok(im, de 
y^ma tSsne ronan. 

49. K^re nan, ma na n§n'-ko ka kot ro-bail ro- 
k(}m, na ndne, ho pa yi a-yfntali, de na sel e-ron. 

50. Tsa na be na nan'-ko, de na y^trne. Ko l^te 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

M&rkos 7. 25 

lemp fi^far-na, o pS ron^n: BSki naA tra-but, mine 
yi tsi; Is^ n§ n^sa! 

51. Ko gbep ron^n ro-bil, de an'-fef Aa liJflo. 
De pa kdntofali-na h&li h^li ka e-m^ra-'e-iian, de Aa 

52. Tsa na ts6 pon s6iQ ka-tSemp ka atr'ef tr|- 
kab^ne tra tra-bo; tsa na bd e-m^ra e-s^ram. 

53. Ka ma na pon f^si rom(}ri, i\a der ka an-tof 
Aa Gen^saret, de na so rl ro-gbah. 

54. Ka ma na pon wur ro-bil, a-fam Aa tMra-ko 

55. De na ghuke na tas ka an-tof Aa-tsi be a66 
gb^tro rl, fia tr§p ka-k^re and \s€ yeiik ma-der ro de 
ro rokdm ka Ira-fanl'r ro-d'er, tr^ka owiJ na poil tr|l, 
fo yi rl. 

50. De d'er 6 d'er ro o ^on ra tra-gbom, talijm 
r§ tr§-petr, ialiva ro o gbep ra-gban, na botr and trQ 
ro-d'er o-gbdf§t, na n(§mtene-ko> kdma o s6lo-na na 
b6ra, be p§ ^i gbo am'^se ma am-bila-n'on ; de ta 
be» and gb^H b6ra-ko, Aa s^Xq ka-yenk ma-der. 

Ara-Bomp 7. 

1. Ka aA'-Fdrisi de a-lom na an'-F6de, and po6 
tor ro-Yerusalem, na t6nklane roni^n. 

2. De ma na nahk, fo a-lom na an'-kardndi-n'oft 
Aa pon dia tra-bo ma-trfi ma-yih, mia ^^i ho, ma-tra 
ma-tse-}rak, i\a b^na-na ma-t^ri. 

3. Tsa ail'-Fdrisi de aA'-Y^hudi be na tse di, tdmbe 
na pon ^ak ama-tra-ma-nan, na gb(}sa-na ka-tra ka-mop, 
tr^ka ma ha wop e-man, ey^ am-Bdki na pon Idnklia-ha. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

26 M4rkos 7. 

4. De be na y^fa ra-d'er o-lfla, na ts6 di, l^mbe 
na y^kne. De ma-trel ma-lal ma-lgin ma yi, am^ na 
pon Mklia-na tra vrop: kg gb^sa 6-p6ti, de e-b^rba- 
rgn, de y'etr e-kem, de tra-fant'r. 

6. Ka an'-F^risi de an*-F6de na yif-ko ho: Ko tr'ef 
tr'a an'-kar^ndi-'a-mu ha paine e-mah, ey^ am-B^ki 
ha poh l^hklia-su-e, k^re ha dia ka-bo ma-tra ma-tse- 

6. K^re kcing \Asi, q pa roh^h. Tra 16inpi, atr^ 
Yesdya o poh nSbi tr^ka trdnnu, nya a-yOr, mg o gbal 
he : Ah'-fam ah6 ha k61o-mi ka e-r6ka ya tra-sah-tra- 
hah; k^re e-m^ra-'e-hah e bcilane-mi pg. 

7. K^re ha rSmne-mi ka-tsih, ma 'a t§k'sa ma-lrel, 
am^ yi e-mah ya a-fam. 

8. Tsa na trelr an-tgh ha K'uru, na wop e-mah, ey^ 
a-fam ha l^hklia-nu: ka-gb(Jsa e-b^rbargh, de e-p6li; 
de ma-lrel ma-lgm ma-lal, am^ b^lane am6 na tra yO. 

9. Kg g pa rgh^h: ^^^b^, na r^fi an-tgh ha K'dru, 
kima na gb^Ii wop e-mah, ey^ ha poh l^hklia-nu! 

10. Tsa Musa g pa hg: K6Io g-kas-ka-mu de 0- 
k^ra-ka-mu; de: Wuni 6 w'uni, gw(} nal g-kas tal(Jm 
Q-k^ra, Ira ha dif-kg. 

11. K^re nyah na pa hg: Be w'uni g p5 ka g-kas- 
k'gh tal6m ka g-k^ra-k'gh hg: R'aka 6 r'aka-ra-mi, ar6 
gb§Ii na ndfa-mu, K6rban hah, ria yi hg, s'^dka tr'a 
yi tsi, (g b^ki.) 

12. Ya na tsg tser-kg sg tra yO Ir'el 6 tr'el tr^ka 
0-kas-k'gh taldra tr^ka g-k^ra-k'gh. 

13. De na r^fi ar'fm ra K'dru ka e-mah-'e-nu, ey6 
na poh Uhklia-nu; de ma-trel ma-lal, am^ b^ane am6, 
n| tra yg. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

M&rkos 7. 27 

14. Ko mo pon ts^la ar'unia be roA(i6, o pa 
roA^n: Tr^Ia-mi n§n, nyd be» de si^to n§6 k§-t8einp. 

15. R'dka 6 r'dka ra yi-he rokSti ka ^'dni, ard 
gb^i yifas-ko, be ra won-ko; k^re ama-treT, am^ wur- 
kQ, mia yi tsi, am^ jrifas w'dni. 

16. Be >Y'uni 6 w'tini o ba e-lans tr^ka tr§l, tra 

17. Kq mo pon ^^fa ka ar'unia, do mo yfOti 
ro-set, an'-karSndi-n'on na yif-ko Ir^ka an'-)6mo. 

18. Ko pS ron^n: Ye pa yi, ho nyfi so, na bft- 
he ka-tsemp-i? Na tr'a-he-i, fo r'dka 6 r'aka, ar^ woA 
^'uni rok^n, ra gb^li-he yifas-ko-i? 

19. Tsa ra won-he ka ka-bul-k'oA, k^re ka ak'6r- 
k'on, de ra wur ro-set a-b(}ma, an^ gb^i y'etr e-di be- 

20. Kere pa ho: Alr^ wur ka w'uni, tJia yi tsi, 
alr& ylfas w'uni. 

21. Tsa rok6r ka a-fam, ka e-ni6ra-'e-nan, e-n^ne 
eye-las e wur: ra-pure, ka-rap, ka-dif ka-sas, 

22. Ra-kel, e-for e-y^mari, ma-las, ma-sol, e-for 
e-m^ra, ka-lnitr, ka-fdrgs, ka-b6ne-lr'eT, a-pank. 

23. Ama-trel ma-las am6 be ma wur rok6r ka w'uni, 
de ma yffas-ko. 

24. Ko y^fa rl, o k(}ne ka tra-n^nkra tra Tiro 
de Ira Sidon; de mo pon won ra-set, o y^ma-he, 
fo w'uni 6 w^uni o trdra-isi; k^re o tgna-he m^nkne. 

25. Tsa w'uni bom, ow'^n-k'on o-b^ra o ba o-krifi 
0-l§8, mo Ow6 pon Iral tr^ka tr'on, der o gbap 
d'er ro-tof ka air'dlrak-lr'on. 

26. K^re ow'tini bom o yi O-Yundni o-b^ra, ka 
am-b6na fta ah'-Sirofenissi ; de n^mlene-ko, kama 
wura o-krifi ka ow'^n-k'on o-b^ra. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

28 Mdrkos 7. 

27. K^re Yisua o pa rondn ho: Tra aii'-fet na 
miJta n^m'ra; tsa o lomp-fe fra noi ka-bo ka an'-fet 
tra fak-ki tr§ka e-tran. 

28. K^re kdno lasi, o pS rofi(Jn ho: Tra-tsen, Pa; 
k^re hdii e-tran rordta ka am-m^sa na di ka ama- 
gb^nti ma a&^-fet. 

29. Ko pa rondn: Tr^ka Va-bomp ra ar'im ar6 
kiJne; o-krifi o pon wur ka o^'^n-ka-mu o-b^ra. 

30. Ko mo pon k(Jne roniJn ro-set, o nank, fo 
O-krifi pon wur, de fo ow'^n-k'on o-b^ra o f4"l§r ka- 

31. Ko mo pon ^ur so ka tra-n§nkra tra Tfro 
de tra Sidon, o der ka ka-ban ka Galilala, o tas ka 
katron ka tra-n^nkra tra DekSpolis. 

32. Ka na k^ra rondn w'uni tr^na, o^^ ba tra- 
b^le, de na n^mlene-ko, kdma o ren-ko ka-lra-k'on. 

33. Ko mo pon y^fara-ko ka ar'unia ro-sdn, o 
botr ama-sal-m'on rok6r ka e-Ians-y'on, o tuf, o b6ra 

34. De k^li rok(Jm, o Ian, o pa roiiiJn ho: Effala, 
ria yi ho: Kantine! 

35. Ko t6te lemp e-lans-y'on e kantine, de ara- 
b^na ra *ra-mer-r'on ra s^le, de o W o-16mpi. 

36. Ko k^ne-na, kama na tse tsi trori ka w'uni 
6 w'uni: k^re mo o bar gbo gbina-na-tsi, ya na bar 
gbo tr^mas-lsi. 

37. Ko pa k(}nlofaIi-na o-b^na o-b^na, na pa ho: 
pon yo tr'el 6 tr'el o-rtno: o yO an-lr^iia na tr§I, 
de am-b6bo na fof. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

M4rkos 8. 29 

Ara-Bomp 8. 

1. Ea ama-rei ma-tsi, mo ar'unia ra yi ra-bSna 
hali, de ma iia ba-he r'dka 6 r'aka trgka di, Yfsua o 
ts^Ia an'-kardndi-non ron(Jn, q pa roMfi: 

2. ncisi-mi-n^i trgka ar'unia, pgk^sife na pon' 
to lr§ma nomi ma-r6i ma-sas, de ha ba-he r'aka 6 
r'aka tr^ka di; 

3. De be I tser-ha ha k(^ne roh^h ro-set, ha t^6 
di, ha tr| pika ro-r*oh; tsa a-lom ha tsi ha poh y^ta 
r§-r'on' da-b61ane. 

4. Ka ah'-karandi-h'eh ha l^sia-ko ho: R^ke w*uni 
gb§.Ii na n^m'sgra ah'-fam ah6 trg-bo anii no-d'er 

5. Ko yif-ha ho: Tro na ba trg-bo-e? I^a pa 
ho: Tr'am^l de rah. 

6. Eo k^ne ar'unia, kdma ha gbetgb^tne ro-tof. 
Ko y6ka tra-bo an-tr'am^t de rgh; de mo o poh 
mutli m'^mo, o sim-tsi, o soh-tsi ka ah'-kar^ndi-h'oh, 
kima ha botr-tsi rodi-ka-hah; ka ha botr-tsi rodi ka 

7. De ha ba e-Iop e-lol e-tan: ko mo o poh ruba- 
ha, k^ne, kama ha botr so ah6 rodi-ka-hah. 

8. K^re ha di, de ha nSm'ra; de ha yoka ama- 
gbSnti am^ tsia, ma b^ka tra-l^ke tr'am^t de rah. 

9. K^re ah^ poh di, ha b^ka am'iilo ma e->^ul 
jf'dnle: ko o tser-ha ha k({ne. 

10. Eo t^te lemp woh ro-bil re ah'-kardndi-n'oh, 
de der ka e-b^lah ya Dalmanuta. 

11. De ah'-F^risi ha ^ur, ha trap ka-putane-ko, ha 
;if-ko tr^ka tr'el trg-kab^ne ka ka-rantr, tr^ka m^mar-ko* 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

30 M^kos 8. 

12. Kq laA hi\\ ka am*ni6ra-A'on, q pa ho: Ko 
ne ara-k6m'ra ar6 ra yif Ir^ka Ir'el lr§-kaWne-e? I 
k^ne-nu trg-tsen: I^a tr§ SQh-h tr'eT tr§-kabdne ka 
ara-kom'ra ar6! 

13. Kq treT-Aa, o kal wqii ro-bil, q f^si rom(^ri. 

14. Ka an^-kar^ndi-h'ofi na pon p^ne tra y6kane 
tra-bd, de na ba-he r'^ka ron^n ro-bil timbe k§-bO 
k'in gbo. 

15. Kq kdne-na, o pSi ho: Bdlrar nan e-ra6ra, 
s6bine nati tr^ka e-gbit ya an'-F^risi, de trdka e-gbit 
ya H^rod. 

16. Ka na f(}farane, na pa ho: Pak^sife sa ba-he 
Ira-bo, tsia yi tsi. 

17. Ko mo Yisua o nank-tsi, o pa ron^n ho: Ko 
Ir'ei tr'a n§ f(}farane-e, pgk^sife na ba-he Ira-bO-e? 
Na ta trara-he i, n§ ta s({ to-be k§-tsemp-i? Ng ba ras 
e-m6ra e-s^r§ra-i? 

18. Na ba e-for, de na kdli-he-i? Na ba e-lafts, 
do na tral-he-i? De n§ nSne-he tr'ei-i? 

1 9. Me I sim atra-bo an-tr'amdt katri^n ka an'-rdni 
e-wul tr'amM, tro tra-balaf Ira-la Ira ma-gb^nti ng 
y6ka-i? I^fa pa ron(Jn: Tr'of^lr tra-ran. 

20. Kere me I sim an-(r*am^l de r§fi katri^n ka 
an'-runi e-wul y'dnle, Iro trg-l^ke tr§-la Ira ma-gb^nti 
na y6ka-i? Na pa ron^n: Tr'am^t de r§n. 

21. Ko pa rondn ho: Tro pa yi-e, ho na s(^to*he 

22. Kq Yisua o der ro-Betsaida. Ka na k^ra ro- 
n(^n w'uni fit, de na nemtene-ko, k^ma o b6ra-ko. 

23. Ko wop ka-tra ka ow'uni fit, o k^re-ko ro- 
kSn ka ka-gbom; de mo pon tufar e-for-y'on, q 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Markos 8. 31 

reu-kg ama-trd-rn'on, q yit-ko, be p§ yi hg q n§nk 

24. Eq mo pon l^kti e-for-y'on, o pa hg: I ii§nk 
a-fam ha tra kgl, mg hg ha yi y'inlr. 

25. Eg g kal reh ama-tra-m'gh ka e-fgr-}r*gh, dg 
yO-kg l^kli e-fgr-y'gh: kg g kal sg yehk ma-dgr, 
Dahk y'elr be gbdrah. 

26. Kg g som-kg ro-set-h'gh, g pa hg: Tsfi wgh 
ka ka-gbgm, dg tie kang-tsi ka w'uni 6 wuni ro-gbgm. 

27. Kg Yisua dg ah'-kardndi-h'gh ha y^fa rl» ha 
k(ine ka tra-gbgm tra Kals§ria Filfppi. Dq ro-r'oh g 
yif ah'-kar^ndi-h^gh, g pa rgh^h hg: Kdne a-fam ha 
ma pa hg ming yi-e? 

28. Na Usi hg: Y6han, g-B^ptista; dg a-lgm: Eliya; 
k^rg a-lgm: K'in ka ah'-N4bi. 

29. Kg g pa rghdh: Kgrg nyah, kdng na ma pa 
hg roing yi-e ? Eg P6t|r g l^si, g pa rgh(5h ; Mung yi 

30. Kg g hal-ha, kdma ha ts6 kdng atse tr^ka tr'gh 
ka ^'uni 6 Mr'iini. 

31. Kg g trap k§-tak'sa-ha, fg Ow*^n ka W'uni g 
yi tra si^mpang ma-lrel ma-Ial, dg fg am-Baki, dg an- 
tra-bomp ha ah'-Kohan, dg ah'-Fode ha yi tra k^si-kg, 
dg tra dif-kg, dg fg g yi tra ydkang sg ka-rarah ka 
ma-r^i ma-sas. 

32. Dg g fgf ar'fm ra-tsi gb^rah. Eg Pet§r g 
y6ka-kg ray^r, g trap ka-hal-kg. 

33. E^rg k(ing s^kg, g k^li ah'-karSndi-h'gh, g hal 
P^t§r, g pa hg: Y^fa mi rdr§h, mun* tr^mang; tsa m§ 
ba-hg a-m6ra tr^ka ama-lrei ma Kuru, k^rg tr^ka ama- 
trel ma a-fam. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


32 M4rkos 9. 

34. Ko mo pon ts^la ar*unia de ah'-kar^ndi-n'on 
roftdn, pa rondn: Wuni 6 w'uni, qw(} y6ma tram- 
mi, tra sal an'-n^sam-n'Qn gben, tra o y6ka o gb^nne 
ak'^nlr-k'on ka-p^nkine, de tra o tram-mi. 

35. Tsa w'dni 6 w^uni, ow(J y^ma fulia ah'-n6sam- 
A'on, tra dim-ni ; k^re w'uni 6 w'Qni, ow(5 dim an'- 
n^sam-n'on tr^ka 'ra-bomp-ra-mi, de tr^ka 'ra-bomp 
ra am-B6lra, o tr§ futia-ni. 

36. Tsa ko ma-k^hya Mr'uni o tra ba-e, be o s(^tQ 
Dau ara-ra be-e, de O dim an'-nisam-n'on gben-e? 

37. Ta]({m ko r'aka w'uni mo gb§li son mo a-k^la 
a-bania tr^ka an'-n6sam-n'on-e? 

38. Tsa w'uni 6 w'tini, owd mo lap tr^ka trdmmi, 
de Ir^ka as'fm-tra-mi kalriJn ka ara-kom'ra ra-rap ra- 
las are; Ow'^n ka W'uni o tra lap so trgka tr'on, be 
Q der ka an'-yiki na o-Kas-k'on re am-maleika ana-sam. 

Ara-Bomp 9. 

1. Ko pd roi^^n: I kSne-nu tra tsen, fo a-Iom 
na yi katri^n ka aM tr§ma anCi, aM gbgli-he nank 
ra-fi, ha na pon nank, fo ara-bal ra K'uru ra pon der 
r' a-f^sa. 

2. Ka ka-raran ka ma-rei tr'am^t ro kin Yisua o 
y6kane P^tar, de Yakuba, de Y6han, o k^re-na rok(^m 
ka a-roi& a-b^M na son; ka ara-b^lane-r'ofi ra s^ke rodi- 

3. De e-16pra-y'oh e s^ke e-gbenta e-f<Sra par mo 
a-sdiag; ha w'uni 6 w'uni ka-fetgs ka an-tof t^na- 
be s|ki-yi e-f^ra mo ey^. 

4. Kq Eltya de Musa na tr(^rine ron^i^; de na fi^far 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

M4rkos 9. S3 

5. Kg P^t|r o tr§p k§-fof, o pft ka Yisaa ho: 
MbbU ftno tra trassu tra yi sn^ ; 8§ tr§ yo trf -y^fa 
tri-sas; k'in ti^ka tr^mmu, de k'in tr^ka Mdaa, de 
k'in tr^ka Eliya. 

6. Tja tr*a-he, ko o yi tra pa-e; ila o-ninis q 

7. Ko a-bunt Aa yi^no> 6a gb4p§r-Aa; do r*iin ra 
wur ka am-buitt, ard pa ho: Ow6 o yi OWto-ka-mi 
Owo-b(H§r, Ur^la-ko D§n! 

8. Do X6ie lomp, ma da k^U o-k§l-k§l, fta n§iak-fe 
80 w'dni 6 w^dni ron^A, Umbe Yisua gbo sOn. 

9. K^ro ma na tor ka ai^'-roA, o k^oe-Aa, kdma 
Aa ts6 triiri w'uni 6 w'dni, atrd na pon n|nk, i&mbe 
ka-rdrgn ka mo Ow'^n ka Wuni o po& ydkane ka 

10. Ka Aa b^no ar'im ka o-m6ra-'e-Qa6» Aa yiftane, 
ko an'-ndno da ka-y6kanfi ka ad'-fi na yi-e. 

11. Ka na yif-ko» na pa ho: Ko tr'ei tr'a aA'-F6de 
na pa, ho Eliya o yi tra m(ita der-e? 

12. K^re k(}no Usi, pd roA^n: Eliya o tr§ miJta 
der tr§-tloQ» tra kal I6mp§s ma-trei bo: do ma na 
pon gbal tr^ka Qy/'kn ka W'uni» fo yi tra siimpano 
ma-trel tiia-lal» do fo na yi tra sal-ko; ya kiHio yi tra 

13. K^o I k^Do^nti, fo Eliya so o pon der, do 
Aa poA yO-ko tr'el 6 tr'el, atr^ na y^ma, ma na pon 
gbal-lsi tr|ka tr'on. 

14« Ko mo der ka an'-kar^ndi-n'on, o n§nk r'unia 
ra-lal, ar^ r{p*-na, de a-Fi^de^ hvA gb^lane-da. 

15. Do t^te lemp, mo ar'unia bo na nan'-ko, 0-- 
Kttk. 3 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

84 M^kot 9. 

ki^t0i|ll o-^b^nft Q ifvop-^, de 6ft gb6ke roniJA tin 

la. Ko yif aA^F6de ho: Ko tr'el Ir'a d^ gbMme- 
Aa-e ? 

17. Kq k'lD k| aA*-fgin g UiU Q pA hg: KanBiJko^ 
I poll k^ra ow'^n-ka-mi rgind, ow(J b& o-krffi g*b6bo: 

18. De d'er i d'er, ro g wop^kg, g n^pane-kg ro- 
tgfy k|-foir k| wur gw'aMt, g tri^iniie e^Sek, dg g 
n^nka; I pon f(}f§r an'-kardndi*'a*4iHt, kima Aa vitif^ 
kg; k^rg na t^na-hg-tli. 

19. K^rg kda(^ Usia-kg, g pa hg: ra-k6ni>a ra*- 
tte*ldng-tr'ei! Hft a-kMtg r^ke I mg mdyu-DQ-e? Kdra- 
kg nan rgmi. 

20* Ka Aa k6ra-kg rgil($u: Dg t^e^ rog g n^^k 
Yisua, g-krifi g k^ngs gw'ah^t, ha g fumpg ro-tgf, g 
bdlang, ka-fofr ka wur-kg. 

21. Kg Ylsua g ^if g-kaa-k'g/i kg: Tro a-h}kg Aa 
poA taa, k^bi ka atr'ei aisi tra d^rar-kg-e? p^ hg: 
K^bi ka Va-wah^t-r'gA. 

22. De e-l(Jkg g-tar g-kiifi g pod ffta-kg r§*n'antr 
dg ra-m'antr tr^ka dim-kg: k^i*g be in§ l^na tr'eT» 
mar-ail, dg ba-su i-nih 

23. K^rg Yisua g pa rg(i(^: Be ma t^na l^ng -^i 
tr'el 6 Ir'el Ira gbali-hg tas an'-f(Jsa na gw'uni gw4 Wne* 

24. Kg tele g-kaa ka gw'ah#t g ael a-rgA, g pdna 
m'^nfrar hg: 1 I^ne» PS; mar ka-tse-ttng-ka-tnit 

25. K^re mg Yisua g nank, fg ail'-fam Aa gbttf 
rgkin TQt^ti, g i^al g-krifi g-las, g pfl rgntfft: Mua'^ krifi 
g-b6bo g*lr^i^ I k^ng-mii hg: War rgtUlfn> dg tiie »0 

26. Kg mg g pon ¥r^na, dg mg g pon k^oat-kg 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Hdrkos 9. 85 

t-to, wir; de ow'ah^i o s^kc mo ho ^ 0-fl; 
bft a-tai Aa pa hcM Q pon fi. 

27. Kere Ylmia 9 if oHm^ kartm, l^ jikM-kt, dt 

9 y^kaae. 

28. Ko mo a wo« rg-set, aft'-kardndi-ifr'oA 6» yif- 
ko ra-son ho: Ko tr'el tr'a Jyfid aa tina-hft wAttr 

29. Ko pa TQhkt ho: Ka-tr§p aki (ka a-k«fft), 
m tjna-be wura^-ki ka tr'«l i tr'el, Uinhe ka rimoe 
dfi ka wop a-aam. 

dO. Ka na y^fo n, 6a taa ka Galilaia; de a y^na* 
he, fo w'tini 6 w'Qni Irdra-tsi. 

31. Tsa t^k'sa a4*-kar^ndi-ron, o pfi roAiA: I^a^ 
fea ko yentr Qw'^n ka W*6m ka ama-ua ma a-fam, 
do laa tr§ dif-ko; do ka-rirjA ka ma Aa pon dif-kor 
tr| ydkane so ka m'-rHi aM bika ma-sa&. 

32. K^re naA m to§l-hfi ar'im, do na niaa ir» 

33. Ko der ro-Kafarndhum. Ko mo &yi r»-6el» 
yif-na ho: Ko tr'el tr'a 09 gk^ane ro-r'o6-e? 

34. K^ro hat na trank. Tsa na pon gMbao WQi- 
r'on, kdne yi o-bima tfei be-e. 

3&. Ko mo poa yira, ts^la aa-tr'ofitr Aar.r§6^ 
pa TQMik ho: Be w'nni y^ma yi o-triJtroko, tif 
yi o-l^P'^O katr({n-ka-nu be, de a-bol tr^a tr^niiu be. 

36. Ko y6ka w'ah^t, tt^m^r-ko ka ka-tro4-ka- 
Aa6, m^mplane-ko, pa rondn: 

37. W'uni 6 Mr'uni, qyi^ m^ane k'iii k§ a-fet a- 
wdnon tr§ka 'ra*bomp ra an'^-'a-mi, miaan m^laoe; 
de w'ibi 6 w'to, owii milaoe minaA, p§ yi-be wineA 
Q m^lane, k^re kon' Qyf6 pon sOm-mi. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

66 M&rk08 9. 

38. Ko Y6han o I^sia-ko, q pd ho: P&, &§ n§Ak 
w'dni, QYf^ wura a-krifi ka an'^s-'a-mu, qw(} tid traft- 
8u; de 8§ bentr-ko-tsi, pfk^ife q traA-fe iy^n. 

39. K^re Yisua o pa ho: Ts6 n| bentr-ko-tii: tsa 
yf'Ani 6 w'uni o yi-he, OW(i yQ tr'eT tr§-kab^iio ka 
aA'68-*a-mi, do QVfi fof-mi qA^s X6ie. 

40. Tsa w'uni 6 w'uni, qyi^ tr^a-ho-su k§d<, o 
tr^ma-au ror&r§6. 

41. Tsa w'dni 6 w'uni, owii yer-nu a-p(iti 6a m'antr 
tra mun traka Va-bomp ra an'^s-'a-mi, pgk^sife na 
'w6pano Masia, I k6ne-na tr§-tseA, o gb^ti-ho dim aA'- 
ram-n'oil ko-ko. 

42. Do w'uni 6 w'dni, ow(i gbos k'in ka a&'-lol 
aA6, hii& l&ne-mi, pa tra f/sa-ko na6 q-IbJ, be na gbak 
naii a-aar a-gb(J]a ka ka*lim-k'on, na ffta-ko ro-ban. 

43. Do be ka-trd-ka-mu ka gbos-mu, gbak-ki: pg 
ffsa-mu tra woA ka aft'-A^sam, m§ ba ma-bat, 4r§ tas 
tra ba ma-tra ma-ran, ma k(}ne ro-Yahdnnama , ka 
an'^ntr ana-tJe-dfmse; 

44. Ro am-bilo-'a-nafi Aa ts6 fi, do an'^ntr na 
\M dimse. 

45. Do be ak'&trak-ka-mu ka gbos-mu, gbak-ki: 
pa ffsa-mu tra woA ka aii'-A^sam, m| tr^tko^ tr| tas 
tra ba tr'^trak tra-rati, i^a fita-mu ro-Yah^nnama, ka 
an'^ntr ana-ts6-dimSe; 

46. Ro am-bilo-'a-nafi Aa tS6 fi, do an'^ntr na 
ts6 dfmse. 

47. De be ara-for-ra-mu ra gbos-mu, k6ti ri: p§ 
ffsa-mu tra woii ka ara-bal ra K'uru, m§ ba ra-for r'in, 
tr§ tas tra ba e-for ye-r§6, na ffta-mu ka an'^ntr na 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

M&rkos 10. 87 

48. Ro am-bilo-'a-Aai^ jto tSe fi, de ao'dntr na 
Xse dfmse. 

49. Tsa yf'ini 6 Yf'im, Aa yk tra s^lk|ra-ko n'antr, 
de s'^dka 6 a'^dka, ta yi tra 8^Ik|ra-tli m'er. 

50. M'er ma yi r'fi ra-ffno: k^re be m'er ma r^n- 
tra, ko r'dka fta ma b(Jtgsa-na-e? Binane n§ft m'er^ 
de tra ma-ti}fal ma yi katri^n-ka-nu! 

Ara-Bomp 10. 

1 . Kq y6kan« q y^fa rl, q der ka tra-n^^kra tra 
Yehudia, (o taa) ka an-tof ina ro-Y6rdaii romiJri. De 
s'unia trg-lal Aa t^Aklane so roAiJn; de kal t^ksa- 
fta, mo tr^nne kg-yo. 

2. Dfi a-F^risi na Klrar, Aa yif-ko, be p§ yi o- 
16ropi trgka o-rdni tra tser o-i^ni-k'oA; tr^ka ton-ko 

3. K^re ki^no l^Si, f^ roMt: Ko Mdsa o poA 

4. I^a pa ho: Mdsa o pon tser-su, tra gbal a-r6ka 
Aa ka-s^kano, do tra tier-ko. 

5. Ko Yisua l^i, pd roA^A: Tr^ka *ra-bomp 
ra ka-bak-ka-nu tra-bomp o poA gbal an-foA aAi tr^ka 

6. K^re kSbi ka ka-trap ka 'ra-ra K'dru o tr^pi- 
Aa o-runi re o-b^ra. 

7. Tr^ka atr'ei ats6 w'uni o tra trel o-kas-k*oA do 
0-kira-k'oA, o tr§ gb^p'sa o-r^ni-k'oA ; 

8. De aAa-raA Aa tr§ yi ma-der m'in. Tlia ba-tsi 
Aa yi'fe so Aa-r§A» k^re ma-der m'in. 

9. Tr^ka tsi, ar^ K'uni o poA panlr rokfn, tra 
vv'dni ts€ n gbSski. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

S8 H&rkos 10. 

10. De »a Aa yi ro-set, a&^-kai^fidi-n'on Aa kal 
;ir-ko tr§ka atr'ei ats6. 

ft. Ko pft ToMh: Wlini 6 w'dni, owj tser q- 
r^ni-k'oA, de Qw^ niatri o-lon. 9 yO ^-^fP tr4ia tr'oA* 

12. De be i)-b^a o tser o-ifvo$-iL'eA» ie bMa ka 
O-lom, y9 ^-rap. 

13. Ka na k^ra a-f-et roA^, kdwa q b6ra-Aa; k^ 
a&'-kar^ndi Aa w^nar an^ k^ra-na. 

14. Kq nriQ Yisua o naAk-tii, q biA'sa, de Q pa 
ro6M: Tier naik aA'-fet i^a der rgmi, d« tie n^ bentr- 
fta; tJa a-wdno6 Aa bfi 'ra-bai ra K'dm. 

15. 1 k^ne-nu trf-fseA bo: Wdni 6 ir'dni, qw^ 
tl6 mSIane ara-bal ra K'dm mo w'ab^^e, q gb^U-hQ 
wqA rl ke^-kd. 

16. Ko mo po6 m^mplane-Aa, o reft-Aa ama* 
trft-m'oA, rdba-Aa. 

17. Ko mo wur tr|ka ko ro-r*oA, w'dni lom q 
gbiike TQuih, 8(ina-ko tra-wu, do yif-ko ho: Kar- 
mt^ko o-ffno, ko mo yO-e, kdma I siiQ aA'-A^sam a- 

18. KirQ Tfsoa o p^ ronton: Ko tr'el tr'a mf miitsi- 
mi o-ttno-e? W'doi 6 w'dni o yi-bo o-ltno, t^mbe k'in, 
K'dru k(}non. 

19. Ma trdra e-toA: Ts6 y5 ka-rap; t5« dif; Ise 
keia; tie sqA t'amas6re tra ra-yem; tie bd k§4ron8; 
kdlo o-kas-ka-mu do o-kdra-ka-mii. 

20. K^re kj^no Idii, o p^ TQiiiii bo: Kami^ko, 
ama-trel am6 bo I poA wop k^bi ka 'ra-fet-ramii. 

21. Ko Yisua o k§li-ko, b^tar-ko> do o pft roAiJn: 
Ma fAhi tr'ef tlin: ki^no, ma tCla r*dka 6 r'dka arA m| 
ba, ma yer-ri ka am-in(Jno; ko m§ tr§ ba o-b^no ro- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

H4rkos 10. 89 

ri^kma; de der, in| (ram-ira, mf y6ka iii§ gUnne 
ak'^ntr ka-p^i^kin^* 

22. Kfyte k^ao suma tr^ka ka^fof aki, dd o kiine 
ka aan a-mol; tia o ka y'etr e-Iaf. 

23« Kd Yisaa o k|iU k§l-k|l, q pa ka aft'-karindi- 
ft*Qft: Tro p§ yi o-Mki tr4ka aMi fea e^n^nla tra uroA 
ka 'ra-bai ra K*uru-e! 

24. K^e Q-k(KiiQf§li wop an'-karfindi-A'oA tr^ka 
as'fm4r'oa. K^re Yisua 6 kal Uk, q pa roAdifk: A- 
ifit-'a-mU tro p| yi o-biiki-e» (q aU saline ka e»oAnla» 
6a won ka *ra-bal ra K'dni-e! 

25. lA fDi-tr'el tr4ka a-j(^kome tra s6n\Q ka an'- 
fank na a-a^Di, de tr^ka w'dni a^rma tra won ka 'ra- 
bai ra K'uni! 

26. K^e AaA, p§ ki}nto%U-](ia o-b&na 0-b^na» 6a 
pa k'in ka o-lom ho: KSne gb^li to futi-e? 

27. K6rfi Yiaua o k^li-fta, o pa ho: A-f^ fta ba- 
be a-fifsa tr^ka tsi, k^e K'dra o ba a-foaa tr^ka tSi; 
tsa K'uni o ba a-f<$sa tr^ka tr'el 6 tr'el. 

28. Ko P*t§r tr|p kf-pa ron(Jh: K^li* iy& sa pofi. 
trel r'ika 6 r'ika» eg tram-nui. 

29. Yisua l^i, pa ho: I kfine-nu tr§-tieA, to 
w'iini 6 w'Aoi o yi-he, be o poA tral a-aet* tal<}m a- 
wonir a-runi, taWm a-wonlr a-b^ra, UWm o-kas, taliJin 
O-kAra, taliJm o-r^ni, taltfoi a-wut, taltfrn tr'or tr^ka 
'ra-bomp-ra-mi, do Ir^ka 'ra-botnp ra am-Bdlra; 

30. OwiJ 8(}to-he am'iilo ma e-set, de ma a-wontr 
a^niy de ma a-wontr a-b^ra. de ma a-k^ra, de ma 
tr'or e-l(Jko k'^me kin l^te ka an'-lO an6, ra tr§- 
siimpane; de an'^niagm a-tabAna ka ara-rQ ara ma 
der-e ! 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

40 M&rkos 10. 


31. K^re a-Ial, bM yi a-fr(^troko, tB tra yi a-l^p'so; 
de aM yi a-l^p'so, na tr| yi a-tr(}troko. 

32. Ka na yi ro-r'on tr^ka gbep ro-Yenjsalem. Ko 
Yisua tr^ma-na kadi; de pa k(}DtQfali-iia; de ma da 
yi ka ka-lran-ko, ra-n^s ra wop-iaa. Ko kd ydkane 
an-tr'ofttr iia-ra6» o tr§p ka-k^ne-iia ama-treT, am^ yi 
tra b^nane-ko. 

33. K^li, s§ tr§ gbep ro-Yer6salem; de Aa tr§ yentr 
Ow'^n ka Wdni ka an-tr§-boinp ika an'-Kdhan, de ka 
an'-F6de ; de i^a tr§ nap-ko tr^a fi, ka na tr| yeotr* 
ko ka an'-K^fri; 

34. De i^a tra sel-ko, na tr§ s^pa-ko k'etr, M tr§ 
tuf§r-ko, na tra dif-ko; de ka a6*-r6i afiA b6ka ma- 
sas Q tr§ y6kane sg. 

35. An'lO Aa-tsi Takdba de T6han, ain'-wiit fia 
S^bediy Aa der VQii^h, na pd ho: Karm((ko, sa yima^ 
bg m§ y(}na-su tr'ei 6 tr'ei atr^ 8| kg t6ia. 

36. K^re ki^ng pd rotkiki Ko n§ y^ma, hg I yi^na- 

37. I^a pfi TQik^h: Sgn-su, kima sa yira» gk'in ka 
ka-dig-ka-mu, de gwg-lgm ka ka-m^rg-ka-mu ka afi'- 

38. K^re Yisua g pa rgddja: N§ tr'a-he, atrA n; 
td^a. N§ t^na mun am-p(}ti, afi& mine me mun-i; de 
na t^na na Mptisa-nu am-b^ptis, aM 'a b^ptisa minaA-i? 

39. I^a pa rgnijn: Sa t^na-tsi. K^rg Yisua g p§ 
rgn^A: Am-p(}ti, ain^ mine me mun, na tr| mun tra- 
tlen, de 6a tr§ b^ptisa-nu am-b6ptis, aM 'a b^ptisa 

40. K^re ka-yira ka ka-dig-ka-mi de ka ka-m^rg- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Mirkos 10. 41 

ka^mi, atr'ef-tra-mi tibo tra son-tsi; Utnbe ka aMA, 
tr^a ahii na poA b^nene-tsi. 

41. Ka ma an-tr'o£&tr Aa tral atli, Aa tr§p k§- 
b^'8§r Yakdba de Y6ban. 

42. K^re Yfsua, mo o poA ts4U-Aa roA(iA, o pA 
roA^: Na tr^ra, fo aA^ y\ ao4r|-boinp Aa tr§-b6Da, 
Aa gb^kane-Aa; de aA'-fam-VAaA a-b6na Aa ^^lina-Aa 

43. K^re tra p§ Xs€ y\ jraA katri^A-ka-nu : k^re 
w'uni 6 w'dni, qw^ y^ma ^i o-b^na katriJA-ka-nu, tra 
yi a-bol-'a-nu. 

44. De ^f^dni 6 w*uni katr(iA*ka-nu, owij y^ma yi 
Q'iT^iTQkQy tra yi o-trar-ka-nu be* 

45. Th Ow'^n ka Wdoi so o der-he» kima Aa 
I^Aki-ko, k^re tr^ka I^Aki, de tr^a sqA aA'-A6s§in- 
A*qA mo a-k61a a-binia ti^ka a-lal. 

46. Ka Aa der ro-Y^riko. Kq mo o wur ro-Y^riko, 
kgn', de aA'-kardndi-A'oA, de r'linia ra-b6na, Bartimaioa 
0-fit, ow'^n ka Timaios, o yira ro-r'on' day^r, q tr§ 

47. Kq mo o tr§l, fo pa yi Yisua, o-Nasarini, o 
tr§p ka-lak a-roA, de ka-pd ho: Yisua, mun' Wan ka 
Dadda, bd-mi i-n6i! 

48. Ka a-lal Aa Aal-ko, kdma o IraAk. K^re k(ino 
bar gbo lak a-ron a-btoa ho: Mun' Wan ka Dauda, 
bfi-mt i-n6il 

49. Ko Yisua o tr^ma soAA, o kdne, kima Aa ts^la- 
ko. Ka Aa ts^la ow'dni fit, Aa pd roA(}A: B^ki ka-but, 
ydkane, ts^la-mul 

50. K^re k(}no bus o fok am-bfla-A'oA, o y6kane» 
der ka Yisua. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

48 Mirkos 11. 

51. Kq Yistia f^far^ko, o pi roik9A: Ko iii§ 
yimB, ho I yi^na-mu-e? Oiv'uni fit o pfi rt^n^A: Rab<*> 
b6iii, yma I kal s(}to ka-fc^ii^ka-mi ! 

52. Kite Yisua o pd roft(in: K^m; ka4JDe*ka-iBii 
ka po]^ y^Akas-ma! De t^te lemp q kal 8^19 ka^k^i- 
k'o&9 de traA-ko ro-w'oh. 

Ara-Bomp 11. 

1. Ka ma ioL Uir^t Yeruaalem ka ro*B^fagiy de 
ro^Betiflia, ka aii'-roA ii' e-Saitan, o sOm Aa»railk 6a 


2. Kq q pfi ro^dA: Kiine na6 kn ka-gbom, ak^ 
16inane-nu; de t^te, be Df VQin rl, n§ tra bap a-sdfali 
a-fet> 9yfi 'a k6tar, w'doi 6 w'dni q ta r^asa*be-ko 
tabdna; s^li-ko naA, n§ k^ra^ko. 

3. Kq be yf'nni q pfi rgnti bQ: Ko tr'el tr'a n| 
jO atM-e? pfi n§6 be: 0-Kas q y^ma-kQ; de Mte q 
tra sOm-ko anii. 

4. Ka i^a ki^ne, de i&a bap a-sdfall a-fet, fka po6 
k6tar-kQ roka^ ka ka-rdre ro-r'o6; de Aa s^li-kQ. 

5. Ka a-lQm ha aM U-^a tl, na pfi rqt&h: Ko 
na yo-e, hQ ng s^li aA'-s6fali an'-fet-e? 

6. K^re iiail na pfi rQhAh, me Yisua q poA k^oe** 
Aa; ka Aa ts£ra-Aa4si. 

7. Ka Aa k6re aA'-s6fali a-fet ka Yisua, Aa reu e*' 
bila-'e-AaA gbeA roki^m-k'Qn, de Q r6nsa-kQ. 

8. K^re a-lal Aa reus e-bila-'e-AaA gbeA ro-r'oA; 
a-lQm Aa gb^kas ma-rfi ka ey'intr, Aa rens-Aa ro-r'oA* 

9. De aA^ tr§ma k§di, de and traA, Aa gb^Akra, 
Aa pfi ho: Hosi^nua! Tra 'a ruba qw($ der ka aA*^s 
Aa Yeh6fa! 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Mirkos 11. 48 

Id. Tra 'a rdbfl ara-ba! ra DaMa, o-kas-ka-M, aii 
der ka an'^s Aa Yehofa! HosiAnna rok(}in! 

11. Ko Yisua Q won ro<>Yeru8al«Ri de ro^hikal; 
de mo poA k^li o-kfl-k§l ka ama^trel be> de mf 
aia-fol ra poA b6k, g war g k^nt ro-Bet^bla rg an- 
tr*oKtr Aa-ran. 

12. Kg ka ub'-rti a-Uindg, ma Aa war ro-BeUnia, 
d*or ra wop-kg. 

13. Kg mg g naAk k|-gb()Dg g-b(ili pg, M bi ^ 
btfpar, g kg rf, be p§ ji g gb^i b§p ri r'^ka: kg mg 
poii der rl, g b§p-fe rl r'ika 6 r'^ka Uimbe g-b4p§r 
gbo: ija ad'-lg Aa ama-g^iiog Aa ta poA-bg bek. 

14. Kg Yisua g f(^«r-ki ka pfi bg: Tra w'dni 6 
w'uni g tsS sg di a-k6mi 6 a-k6mi-'a-mu tabtaa! Dg 
an'-karAndi-6'g6 Aa tr|l-ai. 

15. Ka Aa der ro-Yenaaalem. Kg mg g poA wgA 
ro-h^kal, g trap ka-wi&ra nM tfla dg Bhi wal ro-hikal; 
de g l^fti e*m^sa ya aM siAkar a-kida a-f^ra, dg tra- 
waA tra aAi tfla trj-p^ram: 

16. Dg g tser-hg-tsi, fg w'uni 6 w'dni, gw^} k^rg 
r'ika, g yisa-ri ka aA'-bikid. 

17. Kg g t^k'sa-Aa, g pS rgAiA: P§ yi-^he Aa poA 
gbal bg: AA'*set<^'a-mi Aa yi tra t^la-Ai a-aet Aa k§« 
r^mng tr^ka e-bdna bg-i? K^rg nyan a§ poA s^ki-ni 
ka-y^Aka ka a-fam a-kel. 

18. Dg an-tra-bomp Aa aA'-K6ban dg aA'-F6de Aa 
trai-tii, dg Aa ten tro Aa gb^li dif-kg: tia Aa n^a* 
kg, pak^sife g-k(}ntgfali g wop aA'-f§m bg tr^ka ka- 

19. Kg mg ara-fgi ra poA bek, g war rokiA ka ka*" 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

44 M&rk08 11. 

20. Ko ka *ra-bat, ma tn tas, if^a naM, fg ka- 
gb(}DO ka-tsi ka Yi6si ha ka an-taAk-fia-tsi. 

21. Ko P6t§r ndne-tsiy de o pfi ron(iA: R^bU, 
k^H, ka-gb(}nQ, ak^ ma po6 r^Aka, ka w6s]. 

22. Ko Yfsua g I^i, o p& rgMA: B& n§ft k§-line 
ka K'uru! 

23. Tsa I k^ne-na tr§»t£eA, fg w'^ni 6 w'iini, Qvii 
mg pd ka aA'-rgA an^hg: lif^trang, m§ fftane ro-baA; 
dg be g Is6 sftg ka ain-m6ra-fi'gA, k^rg be g ldng» 
fg atr^ g pa, tr§ tr§ y(}ne; tr'el 6 tr*el» atr^ g pfi, 
tr§ tra y(ine tr|ka tr'gA. 

24. Tr^ka tsi I k^ng-nu hg: Tr'el 6 tr'eT, atri n§ 
t61a ka r^mng, l^ng d§6, hg na tr§ S(}tg-tsi, dg tr| tr§ 
y(}ng rgnu. 

25. Dg be na tr^ma tr^ka r^mng, tser n§A atr'el, 
atr^ naba tr^ka w'dni; kima g-Kas-ka-nu sg, gw(i yi 
ro-Ri^nna, g ts6ra-nu ama-trel-ma-nu ina-]§s. 

26. K^rg be ny^h n§ tser-he tr*eT, g-Kas-ka-nu sg, 
Qyf^yi ro-Ri^nna, g gb^li-hg tier ama-trei-ma-nu iDa-l§8. 

27. Ka na kal der ro-Yen^salem. Kg mg g kgt 
ro-h^ka1, an-tra-bomp na an'-Kdhan, dg aA'-F6de, dg 
am-B^ki Aa der rgn^A, 

28. Dg Aa pa rQh^ii: Ko a-f(isa ma yijoa ama-trel 
am6-e? Dg k^ng sgn-mu aA'-f(isa aAi tr^ka yQ ama* 
trel am6-e? 

29. K^rg Yisua g l^si, g pa rgMfi: Mfng sg I 
y^ma yif-nu tr'eT tsin, l^ia-mi n§ft; kg I tsi k^ng-ou, 
ko a-f(}8a I ^(ina ama-trel ami. 

30. Am-b^ptis Aa Ydhan, na y^fa ka ak'dni-i, tal(^m 
ka a-fam-i? L^sia-mi n|n. 

31. Ka na f^farang, na pa hg: Be s§ pa hg: Ka 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

M&rk08 12. 45 

ak'dru; q tr§ pS ho: Ko tr'ei ti^ne tr'a n| line-he- 

32. K^re be s§ p& ho: Ka a-f|in; — ifia nisa ar'dnia: 
tsa na be ina wop-tsi, ho Y6han q yi g-N^bi tr§-tse6. 

33. Ka iksi l^i, fta pfi ka Yfsua ho: Sa tr'a-he-t^i. 
Ko Yisua l^siy g pa ron^n: Mine so I kdne-he-nu^ 
ko a-f($sa 1 yiina ama-trel ami. 

Ara-Bomp 12. 

1. Kq tr§p ka-f(}far fia ka e-l6ino, o pd ho: W'dni 
tsep k'or k| e-tr6ne» O r^pa-ki a-kuAk, o bes r! tr^ka 
a-misara, o sal rl a-bdrag a-biim§ra, o yentr-ki ka a- 
baf tra ka-ram, ko o k(}ne ra-bfas. 

2. Ko mo an'-l(}ko na poi^ b6k, o som a-bot ka 
am-baf, kdma o s6iQ am-bem-n'on Aa ama-k6mi ma 
ak'i^r ka e-tr6ne ka-am baf* 

3. Kere naA Aa batr-ko, Aa sap-ko» de na tser-ko 
k(}ne, ba-he r'ika 6 r'aka. 

4. Ko kal sOm a-bol a-lom TQhAh; de kon' na 
fitar-ko ma-sar, na tr^pas-ko ro-bomp, de na tser-kg 
k(}ne ma-lap. 

5. Ko kal sOm a-lom; de kon' na dif. Ye p§ 
yi tr^ka e-lom e-lal; e-lom na sap, de e-lom na dif. 

6. Ko mo ba ras w'an diini k'in, Qv/i o b(}tar, 
-0 sOm so Ow6 roMn ka ka-l^p'so, pa ho: Na tr§ 

tr^ra ow'an-ka-mi r'ika. 

7. K^re am-baf iih-isi M pa k'in ka o-lom bo: 
Ow6 ko siiQ Sil'i; ^wa, man dif-ko n§n, ka syan 
8§ tr§ ba ak'^l 

8. Ka Aa b§tr, na dif-ko, na wiira-ko ka ak'(}r ka e-tr5ne. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

46 Hirkos 12. 

9. Ko o-kas ka ak'(ir ka f^trda^ f^ m9 jO t9A*e? 
tra der, o tr§ dim am-baf, de g tr§ yentr ak*dr ka 
e-tr^ ka a-baf a-l9«i U^ ka-ranu 

10. Nf ta k^ad-he am»-Gbal am^ bg: A&'-Ur, 
aA4 a&'-fam a-sal na Uisi, 6ia i^ pon s^ke ad'-aar Aa 

11. Yeh6fa o pon j# alfi6» df trf ji tr'ef tr|^ 
kab^ne ka e-fgr-'e-su-i? 

12. Ka ha ten tra wop-kg, k^rg na n6sa ar*uiiia: 
tia da tr^ra, fg g pon pd an'-l6ing an6 tr^ka tranMd. 
Ka da trd-kg, da k^g. 

13. Ka da s^oftar-kg a-lgm da ad'-Fliisi, dg da 
ad^ w6pang H6rod, kiina da 8iip§8-kg ka ka-fgf-k'gdu 

14. Ka ma an6 da^ pod der, da pd rgdtfd bg: Kar-^ 
m6^Qy aa tr^ra, fg ma ba tr§-tlgd, dg fg m§ tr'a-bg 
w'uni 6 w'usi r'dka; taa m§ ts6 k41i as'^ tra a-fam, 
k^rg ma t^k'sa ar'dn' da K'dni mg tr§-tsgd: l^txu^ 
tra sgd a-tsiaya ka g-Kaisar*i, tal^m. g lomp-fg-i? S§ 
ma sgd-ni-i, tal(}m sa ma ts6 sgd*di4? 

15. Kirg kgn', mg g ii|dk ka«yOr*ka-dad, g pa 
rgd^d: Ko tr*el tr'a d§ tgd-mi am-m^ra^? Kira-aii 
nan a-dinar, k^ma I k^li-ni. 

16. Ka da k^ra-di. Kg g pa rgd^d: K^ng ba ara- 
biilang ar^e, dg ama-gbal am^-e? ISa pa rgd^^d: 0" 

17. Kg Yisua g l^si, g pa rgd4d: Sgd ii§d ai»»- 
trel ma g-Kaisar ka g-Kaisar, dg ama-trel raa K'uni 
ka K'uru. Ka da kab^ng tr4ia tr'gd. 

18. Ka a-S^doki, ad^ pa hg k§-y6kang k| an'-fi 
k§ )^i-hg» da der rgn(}n; dg da yif-kg, da pa bg: 

19. Karm^kg^ Musa g pod gbal tra trUasu bg: Be 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Mirkos 12. 4T 

9-vrm^ ka o-THttJ 9 fl, de (^ tift onrAiii, de be 9 t^e 
tsia •♦fet; o-w^atr-k'oA yi trt n^otra o-rtoi-k'g^ 
de tra kom ra^kdm'ra tr^a g-wgolr^^k'oA. 

20. ^mbi, a-wi^r a^rdni tr'amit de rgft fia jri r!: 
de o4riiU'^ (^ ninlra ihk^ra; kg fi» tsia-he ra* 

21. Kq ow(} b6ka 6a-r§6 q n^ntra-ko, kg fi; de 
kon' so tsia-he ra-kdm'ra. Ye pf yi so tr^ 0W(^ 
b^a a-sas« 

22. Do an-tr'am^t na<*r|ik na nteira-kg, do na liia- 
ho ra»klSin'ra: ka ka^du-fi-ka-^6a bf o*b^ra kon' so 

23. ^M, ka ka-j^Akano ka aA'-fi, be Aa pan y6- 
kano; o*rdni ka kime ka«r^n»ka^Aaft tno ko ^ri-e? 
Tia aa-tr*amlit do rgn fta ba-ko mo o*r^»i-ka^naA. 

24. Ko Yism UlU pa roMn: P| yi-bo tgia 
ba-tsi D§ )^^to-i, pak^sife n§ tr*a-he ama-Gbal, pg yU 
bo a&'-f^a na K'^-1? 

26« Tsa ma na tra j6kaiio ka an'-fi^ na trf ii^iiira* 
he, do na tra b^la^ho; k^ro na yimo am^maleika ro* 

26. K^o tr^ka aA'-t, fo 6a ydkane, n§ poA-ho 
Urati tr^ka tii, ka ak'^fa ka Musa-i, ka a^'-^kant-i, mo 
K'ura ftifar-ko ka pa lio: iM^ yi Ok'dru ka Ibra- 
bkna, do Ok'dm ka U^ka^ do QVixu ka Yaktiba4? 

2T. K^ro yi-^ Qk'dru ka fln'-fi» k^ro Qk'ura 
ka afi'-k^li. Tr^ka tsi, n^a na yiiQ o-bdna. 

26. Ko k'io ka a&^Fide, ow<} poKk trgl, ma 6a 
gMlaoo, de 9yf6 pofi itgAk, f^ pon 16li^-Aa g-ldoipi^ 
der TQh^h, yif-ko bo: A-rikeyi an^ton an-tr^troko 
katr^ft-ka^H bo-f ? 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

48 M4rkos 12. 

29. K^re Yisua q Ulia-ko bo: An^ton aii-tr(itrokQ 
katr(iil-ka-tli be AiarAe: Sa e-lafts, mun' Yferael, 
Yeh6fa, Ok'dru-ka^su, q yi Yeb6fa k'in: 

30. De m§ yi tra b(it§ra Yebofa, Ok'dru-ka^mu, 
ka-but-ka-mu be, de aii'-ia^^in-'a-inu be, de am-in^ra- 
'a-mu be, de ai&'-fiisa-'a-inu be. I^ia-fi6 an-Um aa- 

31. De Bhk b6ka ye-r§n» 6a bdlane-ni: Mg yi tra 
bijt§r Q-fdtrane-ka-mu mo an'-n68§in-'a-mu gben. A-t<^a 
a-lom, aM Usi eyi, na yi-he. 

32. Kq o-F6de g pa reoiin: 16mpi, Karmi^kQ, 
in§ poh fgf mo tra-tsen; p§k^sife K'uru k'in o yi ri: 
de Q^Qin yi*he t&mbe k(}neA: 

33. De ka-b(it§ra-kQ ka-but be> de am-m^ra be» 
de ah'-nisam be, de ah'-fi^sa be, de ka-b(}t§r o-f^trane 
mo an'-nes§in-ii'en gben, kla Usi e-m^^raka de s*idka 

34. Kq Yisua, mo q n§nk, fo q poA Usia k§-tleinp, 
Q pa YQhih: M% biilane-be ara-bal ra K'dniw De w'uni 
6 w'dni minta-he sq Ira yif-ko tr§ka tr*el. 

35. Kq Yfsua q trap ka-fof, mo q yi Q-t^k'sa ro- 
h^kal, Q pa be: Tro an'-F6de Aa pa, ho o-Masia o yi 
w'an k§ Dauda-e? 

36. Tsa Dauda ki^DO-kj^iioiie pS ka o-Rubu o* 
Sgm bo; Yebdfa o p& ka o-R^bbu-ka-mi ho: Yira ka 
ka-dio-ka*mi, ha I yo Biik gb^a-mu a-gbet na atr'idrak- 

37. Tr^ka tli, Dauda k(ino-k§Done bontr-Ju) o- 
R^bu; tro p§ yi o yi ow'^H'k'oia'e? De ar'unia ra- 
b^na 6a bi^tgr kg-k^la-ko. 

38. Ko mo yi ka ka-t^k'sa, o pd roSin: Sdbine 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

M&rkos 13. 49 

nan tr4ka au'-Fode, slM biJtar ka-ki^ta e-bfla e-bi^li, 
de e-k6ri ro-d'er o-gb^f§t, 

39. De tra-wah tra-tr^troko ka e-set e-gb^nne, de 
od'^r o-triJlroko ka e-f^nta; 

40. Ah& di e-set ya a-b6ra a-b^ra, de an^ k^rne 
tr'ere bg ta r^mne tra-r^mne tra-b(}li; an6 na tr§ ta 
s^mpa-na ka-s(impa ka-b^na. 

41. Ko Yisua q yfra ]6mane o-b^ne 0-8|m, q 
tra k^lj, mg a-f§m na fak a-kSla a-kem ro-b^ne o-s§m. 
De a-fam a-sdrma a-gb^ti na fak rl o-lal. 

42. Kq o-b6ra o-b^ra o-ni(Jne Q-\Qm o der, o fak 
n e-ki^par e-lol ye-i'|n, eye b6ka a-k(^par ratriJn. 

43. Kq q ts^la ah'-kardndi-n'Qil VQU^h, q pfi rohafi: 
I k^ne-nu tra-tsen, fo Q-b6ra o-b^ra Q-miuQ ow6 o pon 
fak ri o-laT» t^si an^ pon fak r'aka ro-b^ne o-sgtn be: 

44. Th na be Aa poil fak rl r*^ka ka ka-gbaUka- 
naA; k^re qmt^, ka ka-pan-k'on, q pon fak ri ey^ Q 
ba be, ey'^tr ya aA'-n^sam-n'on be- 

Ara-Bomp 13. 

1. Ko mo wur ro-h6kal, k'in ka a&'-kar^ndi-n'oii 
pa rgniifi: Karm^ko, k^li, ko ma-sar de ko ma-sal 

2. Kq Yisua q ISsi, o pa vQiiih: M§ nank ama- 
sal ama-b^na am6-i? I^a tr§ trei-be a-sar fi'in rok(im 
ka a-sar a-loro, fia tra fak a-sar 6 a-sar. 

3. Kq mo o yfra ka afi'-ron fta e-SailQn, o I6mane 
an'-h^kal, P6l§r, de Yakuba, de Y6han, de AndraQs 
Aa yif-ko ro-sOn ka pa hg: 

4. K5ne-su, a-lo r6ke ama-trel am6 ma tra y(Jne- 

Mark. 4 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

50 M&rkos 13. 

e? De ko r*3ka ra yi an'-l6ina, ma ama-trei ain6 be 
ma y\ tra lasar-e? 

5. K^re Yisua o I^ia-na, de trap ka-pa ho: 
Sobine nan, kama Vuni 6 w'uni q tse nu y^tas. 

6. Tsa a-lal na tra der ka an'6s-*a-mi ka pa ho: 
Mine yi tsi; de ha tra y^tas a-lal. 

7. K^re be na Iral tr^ka tra-tsiro, de tr^ka tl'ib^ri 
tra tra-tsim, tse na y^trne; tsa ats6 tra ba Ira ycJne; 
kere ka-l^p'so ka ta b6'-he. 

8. Tsa a-b6na ha tra y6kar a-b<5na, do ra-bal ra 
tra ydkar ra-bai; do pa tra yi ka-b(}no k§ an-tof ro 
do ro, do pa tra yi d'or, do ma-gb6hklane. Ama-trei 
am^ ma yi gbo ka-trap ka m'dno- 

9. K^ro sobine nah: tsa ha tra sond-nu ka o-b^re 
ya ama-n|hkano-ma-hah; do na tra sdpa-nu k'o^r ka 
0-set e-gb^nne; de ha tr§ tr^m§r-nu rodf ka a-w^kil, 
de rodi ka a-bal tr^ka 'ra-bomp-ra-mi, tr|ka t'amasere 

to. De katrdh ka tra-b6Da be ha m^ta yi tra 
tr^mas am-B6sra. 


11. K^re be ha k^re-nu rl, tr^ka sond-nu, tsg na 
miJta sdli tr^ka atr^ n§ yi Ira pa-e, do Ise na tram- 
tr^mno Ir^ka tsi; k^re tr'ei 6 tr'el, atr6 ha soh-nu ka 
ah'-gb61eh ha-tsi, tsfa fof nah; tsa pa yi-he nyah, ahS 
ma fof» k^re o-Riihu o-Sam. 

12. K^re o-wontr o tr| sond o-wontr ka ra-fi, de 
0-kas ow'^n-k*oh: do a-wut ha tra y6kar aii^ kdm- ha, 
:ha tra som ha dif-ha. 

13* Ka a*r§m be ha tra gb^ha-nu tr^a 'ra^bomp 
ra-ah'^s- Vmi ; k^re 0W(} b^ar ka ka^4p*60» ow^ q tr§ 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Mdrkos 18. 51 

14. Kere be na n§nk atr'ei tra-gbena tra k§-diiii, 
tr^ka atrd Dauda, o-N^bi, o fgf, mo tra tr^a, ro tr§ 
tie mar tra tr^ma, (ow(J k^ran-tsi, tr' o b5tr§r-tsi am- 
m^ra); aiV-lO na-tsi aM ^^i ro-Yehudfa, tra na gbuke 
ka 'ma-roa: 

15. Kere ow^ yi ka an*-set rok(Jm, tr' q Isfi lor 
ka an'-set, de tr' o tl6 won rl tr^ka wura r'dka ka 

16. De ow(5 y\ ro-k'gr, Ir' o ts^ kal Ir^ka y6ka 

1 7. R^re m'ijne ka an^ bd tr'or, de ka a&^ mto§r 
a-fel ka ama-r6i ma-tsi! 

18. Kere r^mne n§n, kdma n§ ba-be tra gbtiike ka 


19. Tsa ama-re'i ma-tsi ma tra yi ma-r^i ma m'(Jne, 
ha a-y(^kQ-na-tsi, mo am6, na pon-he yi k^bi ka ka- 
lr§p ka ey'etr e-tr^pi, ey^ K'uru q poh tr^pi, ba l6le, 
de na tra yi-fe so. 

20. De be Yeb6fa q ts6 pon' nan gbutrgs ama-r^i 
ma-tsi, w'uni 6 w'uni o gbgli-he na fiiti: k^re tr§ka 
'ra-bomp ra an-tit^ an^ pon tit, o pon gbutras ama* 
r6i ma-tsi. 

21. Ka anMo na-(si, be w'uni 6 w'Qni o pa romi: 
K^i, e-Masia o y^ an(}; tal(}m, k^i» ro; tse na )dne-tsi. 

22. Tsa a-masia a-yem de a-n^i a-yem na tr§ 
y6kaiie, na tr§ yQ ma-trel ma-kab^ne de ma-yos ma- 
itb&Be, tr^ka ^r^tfs hiii an-tit, be p§ t^na na yi. 

23. K^re n^an, sdbine nan. K^li, 1 mgt pan k^e* 
nu ama-trei be* 

24. K^re ka ama-i*4i ma-tsi, ka-rirfid ka am'iiott 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

52 M&rkos 13. 

ma-tsi, ar'^tr ra tr§ bfsa, an6f ]&a tra SQn-fe sq o- 

25. De atr'iJs tra tr| fumpo ka ka-r§ntr, de as'^fa, 
atr^ ^i ka ka-rantr, tra tr§ ^fnktane. 

26. Ka hii-lQ na-tsi na tra nank Qw'^n ka Wuni 
0-der ka e-bunt r' a-f(}sa a-bdna de r' a-^fki. 

27. De ka an'-IO na-tsi q tra sdm am-malefka-il'oii, 
de trg tdnkia an-tit-n'on ka tra-b^I§n atr'inle, ka 
0-t^lane yfdL an-tof ha ka o-t^lane wa ak'uru. 

28. K^re t^kas n§n a>l6inQ ka ka-gb(}no. Be ama- 
ra-ma-tsi ma s^ke ma-r^kat, de be ma \vur e-b(}par, 
na tr^ra, fg ara-wok ra-fet ra f^tsi. 

29. Ye n^an sq, be na n§nk, fo ama-trel aro6 ma 
y(}ne, tr^ra nan, fo filsi, ball ro-rare. 

30. I k^ne-nu tra-tse6, fo ara-k6m'ra ar6 ra gb§li- 
fae tas, ba ama-trel am6 be ma pon ^({ne. 

31. Ak'uru de an-tof na tr§ tas; k^re as'fm-tra-mi 
tra gb^li-he tas. 

32. K^re tr^ka ah'-r^i na-tsi, de tr^ka aA*-gb^len 
ilia-tsi, w'tini 6 w'dni o tr'a-he ni, pa yi-he am-maleika,« 
an^ ^i ro-ri^nna, pa )^i-he Qw'dn; t^mbe o-Kas gbo. 

33. S6bine naa, tr6m]a nan, de r^mne nan! Tsa 
na ts6 trdra, a-lo r^ke am'6tr ma-tsi ma bek. 

34. Pa ^i tr^ka atr'ei ats6 mo pa j^i tr^ka w'dni, 
OW(J pon k(5ne r§-bias, ow(J trel au'-sel-n*on, de 
OW(J son a-f(j8a ka e-bol-^'o^, de ow^ son w'dni 6 
yi*&m ama-pant-m'o6, de 0W(} kdne o-tr6mla ka ro* 
rare, kama o s(}ko. 

35. Tr^ka tsi, tr6mla n§n; tsa n§ tr'a-he, a-lO 
r6ke o-kas ka an*-set o der-e: be p§ yi ka *ra-fol, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

M4rkos 14. 53 

tal(}m ka ka-ren' datr^n, tal(}n) ka an'-l^ko anS ka- 
tr^pi tram, tal(}m ka 'ra-bat. 

36. TSni, be o der kg-t^na, o b§p-nu ka dira. 

37. K^re a(r^ I kdne n^an, tsia I k^ne a-fgm be 
ho: Tr6in]a nafi! 

Ara-Bomp 14. 

1. Kere ka-rdran ka ina-r6i iiia-r§n am'^tr ma ka- 
Paine, de ma tra-bo tra-p^ni e-gbit ma yi; de an4r|- 
bgmp na an'-K6ban de afk'-F6de na ten, tro na gbgli 
batr-ko ma-sot, tr^ka dif-ko. 

2. K^ro na pa ho: Tra pa ts6 y\ ka am'^tr, kdma 
a-trotr6k na an'-fam na ts6 >'(}ne. 

3. Ko mo yi ro-Betania, ka afi'-set Aa Sfman, 
0W(5 ba a-rom, de mo o gbetgb^tne rl, w'uni bom q 
der, ba ka-t6tore ka ma-s6pa ma e-ndrdin r§m^A, 
amd ba m*^lo ma-bSki: ko mo pon sfm'tar ka-san 
ka ka-t6tore, o kusar-na roki^m ka 'ra-bomp-r*on. 

4. Kere a-lom na yi rl, and bdn'sa ka e-m^ra-'e-nan, 
]&a pa ho: Ko ne ka-pulki dma-s6pa ak^ ka y(Jne-e? 

5. Tsa na gb^li pon' na tila ama-s6pa ma-fdlfol 
am6 pa tas am'olo nia e-dfnar tr'^me tra-sas, fia gb^li 
na son-yi ka am-mc^ne; de na bdn'sar-ko. 

6. Kere Yisua o pa ho: Tser-ko nan gbol Ko Ir'ei 
tr*a na kfra-ko-e? pon y()na-mi ma-pant ma-fino. 

7. Tsa a-fam a-m(Jne ta yi ronu l^ko 6 Ic^ko, de 
be ng y^ma, na t^na yo-na tr'ei tra-fino; k^re mlofi^ 
tse yi ronu )^ko 6 l(Jko. 

8. Atrd ow6 t^na yO-e, o pon yO: tr^ma kadi 
tra sop ama-der-ma-mi tr^ka ka-mank-ka-tsi. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

d4 M4rkos 14. 

9. 1 k^ne-nu tra-tsen hg: D'er 6 cl*er ro na tra 
tramas am-B6sra an6 ka 'ra-rQ be, rl-a na Ira k^ne 
so, atr5 ow6 o pon yO tr^ka ka-n^ne-ko. 

10. Ko Yehuda Iskariyol, k'in ka an-tr'ofa(r na- 
ran, o k(Jne ka an-tra-bomp na an*-K6han, knma q 
yenlr-ko ron^n. 

11. Kere nan, ma na tral-tsi, fta b5 ma-bdne, de 
na fran-ko r'im tra son-ko a-k^la a-f^ra; kg ten, tro 
gb§li yentr-ko o-fol-tr'el. 

12. Kg ka au'-r6i ana-trdfrgko na tra-bo tra-p5ni 
e-gbit, ma na la fal ka-k^rnf ka ka-Paine, ah'-kar^ndi- 
ii'on ha pa rohdh ho: Reke ma y^ma ho sa k5ne, sa 
b^nene, kdma ma di ka-k^ruf ka ka-Pafne-e? 

13. Ko s6mVa ha-rah ha ah'-karSndi-h*oh, o p^ 
roh^h: K{Jne nan ka ka-petr, de w*uni o tra gb^nne- 
nu, ow^ gb^nne a-b^rbaroh ha m'antr: trah-ko nan. 

14. De d'er 6 d'er o woh, rf-a pa nan ka o-kas 
ka ah'-set ho: 0-Karm6ko pS ho: R^ke y\ ah'- 
k6hko, ro I gb§li di ka-k^ruf ka ka-Pafne re ah'- 

15. Ko kon' tra trdri-nu a-k6hko a-b^na rokiJm, 
ha botr rl ey'elr e-ma-r6kia; ri-a b^nene nah ka-di 
fra trSssu. 

16. Ka ah'-kardndi-h'oh ha wur, ha der ka ka- 
pelr, de ha bcap-lsi, mo poh k^ne-ha; de ha benene 
ka-k^ruf ka ka-Paine. 

17. Ko mo ara-fol ra poh b6k, o der re an-tr'of^tr 


18. Ka ma ha poh gbetgb^tne, de ma ha ma di-e, 
Yisua pA ho : I k^ne-nu tra-tseh, ho k'in katr6h-ka- 
nu, ow^ diane-mi, o tra sond-mi. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

M&rkos 14. 55 

19. Kere nan na trap ka-san a-mol, de ka-pa ronOn 
k'in k'in ho: Pci yi minan-i? De O-lom ho: Pa yi 
minan-i ? 

20. K^re kono Wsi, opSroA6n: K'in ka an-tr'of^lr 
na-ran, ow(J triJka ka-trd-k'on re mine ka am-bol. 

21. Ow'an ka Wuni o k(Jne, ma Aa pon gbal tr^ka 
tr'on: k^re m'lJne ka ow'iini ka-tsi, ow3 sond Ow'^n 
ka Wtini! Pa Ira fisa-ko nan, be na tse pon* na kOm 
gw'uni ka-tsi. 

22. Ka ma na yi ka ka-di, Yfsua o y6ka ka-bO; 
de mo poh ruba-ki, o sim-ki, o yenlr-ki ron^fi, o 
pd ho: Yoka nan, na di, atse Isia yi ama-der-ma-mi. 

23. Ko y6ka am-p^li; de mo o pon mutsi m'Smo, 
yentr-ni roMn: de na be na mun rl. 

24. Ko pa ron6n: Ats6 Isia yi ama-tsir-ma-mi 
ma ama-l^mVane ama-fu, ama na tra Ion 1r§ka a-lal. 

25. 1 kdne-nu tra-tsen, fo I gb§li-he so mun ka 
ama-k6mi am6 ma a-trdne, ha ka ah*-r^'i na-lsi, me I 
tsi mun-na mo k§-trap ka-fu ka ara-bai ra K'uru. 

26. Ka ma ha poh leh ah*-I(*h, ha wur, ha k6ne 
ka ah'-roh ha e-Saitan. 

27. Ro Yisua o pfi roh^h: Nya be na tra s(}karne 
tr^ka trdmmi t6noh tratrdk: tsa ha poh gbal ho: 1 ts^ 
«ap o-irol> de alra-l(}me ha Ira s^kane. 

28. Kere ka-rdrah ka ka-yokane-ka-mi, I tsi Ir^ma 
nu kadf ka ka-ko ro-Galilaia. 

29. K^re P6lar o pa roh(}h: Hali be pa yi ho ha 
be ha si^kame, mine 1 gb§li-he. 

30. Ko Yisua o pa roh(Jh: 1 k^ne-mu tra-lseh, ho 
tinoh tratrdk, p^la ka-tr^pi o poh tram ma-rah, ma 
tr§ poh p^nsa ma-sas, ho ma tr^ra-mi. 

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56 M4rko8 14. 

31. K^re k(Jno bar ka-pa o-lai o-lai ho: Be pa yi 
ho 1 ba na k§-fi re mdnon, 1 gb^Ii-he p^nsa, ho I 
tr^ra-mu. Ya m be so na pa. 

32. Ka ha der rg-d'er, ah'es-na-tsi Gels^mane, ko 
pa ka aiV-kar^ndi-n'on ho. Yira nan anO, me me 

33. Ko y6kane Petar, de Yakuba, de Yohan, Ilq 
0-k(Jntofali o-b^na o trap ka-wop-ko, de kg-tsfmne ro- 

34. Ko pa roMn: Am-m6ra-'a-mi ua ba a-mol 
a-b^na, hali ka ra-fi; tr^ma nan an(J, de siJko ngii. 

35. Ko tas rodi o-tan, o gbap d'er ro-tof, Q 
rdmne, kama, be pa t§na yi, aii'-gb^leh na paine-ko; 

36. Ko pa ho: Abba, Pa-ka-mi, tr'el 6 tr'ei trg 
gbdli-he las an'-f(Jsa-'a-mu! Tra am-p(Jii an6 na pafne- 
mh kere tra pa l5e yi atr^ mine y^ma, k^re atrd 
muno ^^ma! 

37. Ko der, de o bap-na na yi a-dira, ko o pa 
ka P6tar ho: Siman, ma ma dira-i? Ma l^na-he s(Jko 
a-gb61en n'in-i? 

38. SiJko nail, na r6mne, kama na \h won ra- 
tr'el tra-gbdsa: am-mera na kante de,°kere ama-der 
ma rantr. 

39. Ko kal k(}ne, o r6mne, o pa as'fm tra-tsi 

40. Ko mo k6Iane so, o kal bap-na na yi a- 
dira; (tsa ma-re ma bak e-for-'e-naii,) °de na tr'a-he, 
atr^ na Idsia-ko. 

41. Ko der ha b^ka ma-sas, de o pa roii^n: 
Dira nan gbo, de f6tane nan! pon! An*-gb61eu na 


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M4rkos 14. 57 

pon bgk. K§li, na tra sond O^'^n ka W'uni ka Etna- 
trd ma a-fam a-las. 

42. Yokane n§n! Man k()ne nan! K^li, ow(} mo 
8ond-mi, o f^tsi! 

43. Ko t6le, mo o yi rgs 0-fof-e, Yehuda IskJriyoU 
owe} yi k'in ka an-lr'oKtr iia-r§n, o tra der, de r'unia 
ra-bSna ra tran-ko, anS bd e-gb^to de tra-gb6ngben^ 
na yefa ka an-tra-bomp na an'-K6ban» de ka an'-F6de, 
de ka am-BSki. 

44. K^re Qyf6 sond-ko, o pon son-na a-16ma, o 
pd ho: Ow(} 1 tsi mumal, k(}no yi tsi; wop-ko naA, 
na k^re-ko o-b^kar. 

45. Ro mo pon der, t^te o f^rar Yisua, o pd 
ho: Rabbi, R^bbi! de mumal-ko. 

46. Kere nan na botr-ko ama-tra-ma-nan, na\vop-ko. 

47. Kere k'in k§ and tr^ma rl, o trdli an'-gbdto- 
n'on, trap am-boi na o-Kohan o^'0-bdna, o gb§k 

48. Ko Yisua o trap ka-fof, o pa rondn: Na pon 
wurar-roi, mo ho w'uni k§-luk, na ba e-gbdto de tra- 
gb^ngbefi tra wop-mi. 

49. A-r6i 6 a-r6Y I yi ronu ro-h6kal, I yi o-t^k'sa^ 
de na ls6 wop-mi: k^re ama-tre! am6 ma yiJne, k^ma 
ama-Gbal ma lasar. 

50. Ka Aa be na trel-ko, Aa gbuke* 

51. K^re o-ldnba o-lom o tran-ko, pon gb^para 
ama-der-m'oA ma-tsin k'ota ka-kdttan; de an'-ldngba 
Aa wop-ko: 

52. K^re k(}no trei ak'6ta kg-kdltan, o gbuke-na 

53. Ka na k^re Yisua ka o-K6han owo-bdna. De 

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58 Mdrkos 14. 

an-tra-bomp ha aii'-K6han, de am-Bdki, de ah*-F6de 
be ha tdhklane roh(}h. 

54. Ko P^ar o trah-ko o-b(Jli po, ha rok'dr ka 
ak*dma ka o-K6han Qwo-b^na: kg o yira e-bol ray^r, 
saia an'^ntr. 

65. K^re an-lra-bomp ha ah*-K6han deah'-S5nhedrin 
be ha ten t*amasere tr§ka Ylsua, kdma ha gbdii na dif- 
ko; de ha s^to-be. 

56. Tsa a-lal ha soh t'amas^re Ira ra-yem tr^ka 
tr*oh, k6re al*amas6re-tra-hah tra mdne-he. 

57. Ka a-lom ha y6kane, ha soh Tamas^re Ira 
ra-yem Ir^ka tr'oh, ha pa hg: 

58. Sya sa poh tral, mo o pa ho: Mine gb§li yeksi 
ah'-h^kal ahe, ahd 'a poh bempana ma-tra, de ka ma- 
rei ma-sas I Isi kal tr§mar a-lom a-tsfi-bempana ma-lra. 

59. Kere hali tr^ka alr*ei atse at'amasere-lra-hah 
tra tse m^ne. 

60. Ko o-K6han owo-b^na o yokane ka ka-troh, o 
yif Yisua ka pa ho: Ma w68a-he r*im 6 r*ira-i? Ko 
trel tr'a ah6 ha ma gb^ki tr§ka trammu-e? 

61. Kere kcjno trahk, o w(isa-he r'im 6 r*im. Ko 
0-K6han owo-b6na o kal yif-ko, pS roh(Jh: Pa yi 
muno yi o-Masia, Qw'dn ka ow6 'a ruba-i? 

62. Kere Yisua o pa ho: Mine yi tsi: de na tra 
nahk Ow'^n ka W'dni o-yira ka ka-dio ka ah*-f(Jsa, 
de o-der ka e-bunl ya ak'uru. 

63. Ko o-Kohan owo-bana o pim e-16pra-y*oh, o 
pa ho: Ko a-gbdki a-lom sa y^ma so-e? 

64. Na poh tral ka-fgf o-lgs tr^ka K'tini. Tro na 
n5ne-e? Kere ha be ha hap-ko, ha pa, ho b6ki 
tr^ka dif-ko. 

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Markos 15. 59 

65. Ka a-lom na trap ka-tufar-ko, de ka-gb^par 
ad'^r-r'on, de ka-trun-ko e-b(Jflar, de ka-pa ron(}n: 
Trdri, k^ne ^i tsi-e! De e-bol na gb^nta-ko ka e-kos- 

66. Ko mo P6tar o y\ ro-d'er o-r^ta wa ak'^ma, 
k*in ka ^-bol e-bera ya o-K6han owo-b^na o der: 

67. Kq mo nank Petar, ow6 saia an*^ntr, o k^li- 
ko, pS ho: Mun' so yi ka Yisua, o-Nasar6ni. 

68. Kere k(Jno pensa, o pa ho: I lr*a-he-ko, de 
I Iral-he atr6 ma pa-e. Ko wur ka ak'urkuru; de 
ka-tr^pi o tram. 

69. Ko mo am-boT a-bera ka-tsi o kal nank-ko, 
trap ka-pa ka afi^ tr^ma rl ho: Ow6 o yi k'in ka nan. 

70. Kere kdno kal pensa. Ko pa won-he, ma an^ 
tr^ma rl na kal pa ka P^lar ho: Ts^ntsene, muno yi 
k'in ka nan: tsa ma yi so o-G^lili* de ka-fof-ka-mu 
ka balane-tsi. 

71. K^re k(}no trap ka-r^nkane de ka-gbin, o pS 
ho: I tr*a-he ow'uni ow6, tr^ka ow^ na fof-e. 

72. Ko ka-tr^pi o tram na beka ma-ran. Ko Petar 
n^ne ar'im, ar^ Yisua o pon pa rondn ho: P6la ka- 
trgpi pon tram ma-rgn, ma tra pon p^nsa ma-sas, ho 
ma tr^ra-mi. Ko gbuke rokSn, o bok. 

Ara-Bomp 15. 

1. Ko t^te ka *ra-bat an-lra-bomp na an*-K6han 
re am-B^ki, de an'-Fode, de an*-S^nhedrin be na ko 
n^nkane, de na sek Yisua, na k6re-ko, na yentr-ko 
ka Pilatos. 

2 Ko Pilatos ,vif-ko ho: Pa yi ho muno yi 0-Bai 

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60 Mirkos 15. 

ka an'-Y^budi-i ? K^re k^no 16si, 9 pa roWn: M§ 

3. Ka an-tra-bomp na afi'-K6han na gbdntir-ko ma- 
trel ma-Ial. 

4. Ko Pil^tos kal yif-ko, pa ho: Ma wdsa-he r'im 
6 r'im-i? K^li, Iro ma-lrel ma-lai na ma gb^ntir-mu-e! 

5. K^re Yisua M6sa-he so r*im 6 r'im, ha PilS- 
tos kabSne. 

6. K^re ka m'etr 6 m'etr-o s^lia-fta o-k§-r^nka 
k'in, QYfi na t61a. 

7. K^re w'uni lom q ^rj, na bontr-ko BSrabbas, 6a 
pon trand-ko, kon' de afiS pon fak a-(rotr6k re kon', 
de anS pon dif >v'uni ka-^as ka an-trotr6k. 

8. De ar'Qnia ra wena, na trgp k§-t61a, k^ma 
^0» mo pon y^na-na Ic^kg 6 l(}ko. 

9. K^re Pilaios Wsia-na, pa ho: Na y6ma, ho 
I s^lia-nu o-Bai ka aA*-Y^hudi-i? 

10. Tsa trSra, fo an-tra-bomp na an'-K6han na 
pon yenlr-ko tr^ka ka-trulr. 

11. K^re an-tra-bomp na ah'-K6kan na par ar'unia, 
kama s§lia-na gbo Bdrabbas. 

1 2. Ko Pilatos kal ISsi, pa roMn : Ko na ^^ma 
ton, ho I yO kon', ow(J na bontr o-Bal ka aA*-Y6hudi-i? 

13. K^re nan na kal w^na ho: Tra na tran-ko rg- 
k'antr ka-p^nkinel 

14. Pilatos pa roMn: Ko ne-e? Ko tr'el tra- 
l§s tr'a pon ^0*e? K^re nan na bar gbo w^na ho: 
Tra iia tran-ko ra-k'antr ka-p^fikine! 

15. Ko Pildtos, mo ^6ma t^sas ar'dnia, s^lia- 
'ha BSrabbas; de mo pon sdpa Yisua k'etr, yentr- 
ko ron^n, kama na tran-ko ra-k'antr ka-p^nkine. 

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M4rkos 15. 61 

16. Ka afi'-kurgba na k^re na w(}na-ko ro-k'dma, 
ak^ ^i am-Pretorio; de na ts6Ia rokfn ak'6bali be- 

17. Ka na wons-ko a-bfia a-ffrfir, na rQs a-n^o Aa 
tra-bank, de na sStar-ko-ni, 

18. De Aa trap ka-k6ri-ko ho: K5ri-'u, mun' Bal 
ka aA'-Y6hudi! 

19- Ka na s^pa 'ra-bomp-r*on ka-t^nke, na tufar- 
kg, na s^na-ko tra-Mfu, na rdmne-ko. 

20. Ka ma na pofi sel-ko, na bus-ko am-bfla a- 
firfir, na wons-ko e-l^pra-^'gn gben; de na wura-ko 
tr^ka tran-ko ra-k'antr ka-p^hkine. 

21. Ka na f(^sar w'tini lorn, qy/^ tas rl, an'^s-n'oA 
Siman, Q-Kir6ni, Qyv^ y^fa ro-gban, (o yi 0-kas ka 
AleksSndar de ka Hufos,) kdma q ^6ka o gbdnne ak'§ntr- 
k'on k§-p4nkine. 

22. Ka fia kdra-kg ka od'^r iva Gdlgata, arS 'a 
ts^po: d'er y^a a-gb^nk|tr. 

23. Ka na sofi-ko ma->vaTn, am^ na poii kuluA r^ 
m'or, tr^ka mun, k^re k^no tJ6 y6kane-na. 

24. Ka ma na poh tran-ko ka ak'^ntr ka-p^Akine* 
na ^^rane e-I<^pra-^'on, Aa mank ma-sar tr^ka tsi, kSne 
yi tra s^iQ r'^ka-e. 

25. K^re p§ yi an'-gb6Ien and b^ka e-sas, ma Aa 
tran-ko ka ak'^ntr ka-p§nkine. 

26. He Aa pon gbal ama-gbal ma ak*dsi-k'on rokem- 
k'en bo: 0-Bai ka an'-Yehudi. 

27. Ka na traft so a-fam 'a ka-lukas Aa-rgA ra- 
tr'§ntr tra-p^nkine re kon', k'in ka ka-dio, de k'in ka 

28. De ama-Gbal ma lisar, amd pfi ho: Ka na 
l^mane-ko ka a-f§m a-las. 

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62 M&rkos 15. 

29. De an^ tas rl, i\a nal-ko, na jriilkta atra-bomp- 
tra-nan, na pa ho: YOO! mun* ow(J j^eksi au*-h^kal, 
de ow(} lr|mar-ni ka ma-r^i ma-sas; 

30. Ftitiane, de tor ka ak'^ntr k§-p|hkiDe! 

31. Ye p§ >i SQ an-trg-bomp na an'-K6han na sel- 
io kalrdn-ka-naii re afi'-Fode, ha pa ho: pon futia 
a-lom; ki^no-kgnone t^na-he futiane! 

32. Tra o-Masia, o-Bal ka Yisrael, o tor ton ka 
ak'§ntr ka-p^hkine, kania 8§ nahk-tsi» de kdma sa 
Idne! De ah^ 'a pon Iran ra-tr'§Dtr trg-p^hkine re 
kon', ha so ha sel-ko. 

33. De mo ah'-gb^Ieh ahd b^ka fr'am^t ro k'in ha 
poh bak, a-8Ufn ha d^rar an-tof be, hfi ka ah'-gb6leh 
ahd b^ka tr'amat ro h'anle. 

34. Ko ka ah'-gb^leh ah^ b^ka tr'am^t ro h'anle 
Yisua ts61a r*im ra-bdna, o. pd ho: Elohi! j^lohi! 
l^mma sabaktani? ard 'a tl^po: K'uru-ka-mi! K'uru-ka- 

imil ko tr'ei tr*a m§ poh trel-mi-e? 

35. Ka a-lom ha ah^ tr^ma rl, ha tral-tsi, de ha 
pa ho: K^i, ts^Ia £liya. 

36. Ko k*in kg hah o gbuke, lasgra a-spc^n^i 
ma-ber ma-pisak, o botr-hi ka ad*^r ra k§-t^hke> 
muDS-kOt pa ho: Trel-tsi n§h; mah k^li n§h, be pg 
yi Eliya o der trgka t6ra-ko. 

37. K^re Yisua, mo poh ts^la r'im ra-b^na, o 
tdrane ah'-h^sam. 

38. Ko ak'umaKleh ka ah'-h^al ka gbaia ratri^h, 
ka rok(}in-ka-tsi ba rordta-ka4si. 

39. K^re mo o-l^^l^a ka k'eme k'in, qjn^ ir^ma o 
Ji6mane-ko, o <ngAk, to o ti^rane ah'-h6sam ka t^^la 

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Markos 16. 63 

yah-e, o pa ho: Ts^ntscDe, ow'dni ow6 o y\ Qyf'An 
ka K'uru! 

40. K^re a-b^ra ha 3?i rl so, an6 k^li o-b(Jli po; — 
Mdriam ka M^gdala o yi so katr(}fi-ka-nan, de Miriam, 
0-kdra ka Yakuba Fet, de ka YAses, de Salome; 

41. — AM tran-ko so, mo o }^i ro-Galilaia, de an6 
l^fiki-ko; de a-lom a-lal, an^ pon paia-ko, mo o gbep 

42. Ko mo ara-foT ra pon' to bek, (p§k^sife Aa >'i 
aA'-rei na ka-b^nene, aAa tr§ma an*-Sdbbat k§df,) 

43. Yiisufu ka Arimatia, qy/^ yi o-gb6nli Q-\e\ s'^mbe, 
der, — ow(J kar so ara-bai ra K'dru k(^DO-ki)nooe, — 
luinta-isi tra won ka Pil^tos, o t61a ku-bel ka Yisua. 

44. K^re Pildtos o kab^ne, fo O pon' to fi: ko mo 
pan ts^la rQh^h o-k^]fa ka k'^me kin, o yif-ko, be 
pa vi a-l(Jko a-wi^ni, mo poi^ fi. 

45. Ko mo pon gb^len-tsi ka o-k^lfa ka k'^me 
k^in, son ka-bel ka Yiisufu. 

46. De k(Jno wai ka-k^ttan, q t5ra ka-bel, o kump-ki 
ka ka-k^ttan, ko o botr-ki rg-b6ma, ak^ 'a lol ka a-gb^lan, 
de b^nkli a-sar tra gbep-ni ro-w(}nar y/a ka-b6ma. 

47. K^re Miriam ka M6gdala, de Mdriam, o-kdra 
ka Ydses, laa k^li, ro Aa botr-ko. 

Ara-Bomp 16. 

1. Ko mo an'-S6bbat na pon tas, Miriam ka 
Mdgdala, de Mdriam, o-kdra ka Yakuba, de Salome 
^ ivais ma-iSel ma-:f(Jlfol, kima na der Aa sop-ko. 

2. De b§t bat ka an'-r^i ana-tr(}troko na an*-sobda 
Aa der ka ka-b6ma, mo ar'^lr ra tr^ma tr^ka putr. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

64 M^rkos 16. 

3. Ka lia pd k1n ka o-lom hg: Kdne ma 
su an'-sar na yefa ro-wiJnar wa ka-bdma-e? 

4. K^re ma f\a k|li rl, na nank, fo na pon b§inkli 
an'-sar na ^6fa n; tsa Aa ^i a-bdna hi\i. 

5. Ka ma na pon vfQii ka ka-b6ma, na nank o- 
]anba, ow^ yira ka ka-dio, o l<ipra a-bfla a-f^fera; kg 
O-kc^ntof^li wop-na. 

6. K^re kOno pa ron^n: Tse na Iser o-k(JnlofaIi 
wop-nu: na ten Yisua, o-Nasar6ni, ow(J *a tran ra- 
k'antr ka-p^nkine. pon ^vokane; yi-be an(J! K^li 
nan gd'^r, ro na botr-kg. 

7. K^re kiJne nafi, de pa nan ka an'-kar^ndi-n'oh 
de ka P^tar bg: tr^ma nu kadi ka kg ro-Galilaia, 
ri-an na tra nan'-kg, mg g pon k^ne-nu. 

8. Ka ma na poA wur lemp, na gbiike ka-b6ma 
— tsa kg-yer dg g-k(Jntgfali g wop-Aa; — de na tse 
kSne tr'el 6 tr'el ka iv'uni 6 w'uni; (sa ra-nSs ra 

9. K^rg mg Yisua g poA y6kane bat ka an'-r^i 
aha-tr(^lrgkg na afi*-sobua, g m(}ta trt^ring ka Mariam 
ka M^gdala, ka gw(} g poin wura a-krifi tr'amSt de ra6. 

10. Qyfi g k(Jne, g lr(Jri-tsi ka aM pon paia-kg, 
sM b6ra, de anS bok. 

11. De nan, ma na tral, fg g f\ g-k§li, de fg g 
pon nan'-kg, iih ts6 lane-tsi. 

12. Ka-raran-ka-tsi g 1r(^rine ka na-ran na tsi, 
ka ra-bSlane ra-lgm, ma na yi ka ka-kgt tr§ka k^ne 

13. De nan sg na kdne, na 1r(^ri4si ka and tsia; 
k^re ka aii6 sg na tse lane. 

14. Ka ka-l^p'sg g tri^rine ka an-tr'gKtr k'in, ma 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

M4rkos 16. 65 

na ma gbeigb^tne, ko o nal-na tr^ka ka-tse-]dne*ka-nan 
de tr§ka ka-bak ka e-m6ra-'e-nan, pak^sife na Idne-he 
ana pon nan'-ko ka-rdran ka mo o poQ ^okane. 

15. Kq pa rondn: Ki^ne nan ka 'ra-rQ be, de 
trdmas nan am-B6sra ka a-fam be. >V'uni 6 w'dni 
0w6 lane, de Ow6 'a b^plis, q tra futi; k^re w'dni 6 
w'uni Qyv^ tse Idne, na tra nap-ko. 

16. Kere ama-trei ma-kabdne, amd tr§ pafa nan 
an^ lane mia-m6: Na tr| wura a-krifi ka an'^s-'a-mi; 
iia tra fgf tr'antr tr§-fu; 

18. I^a tr§ ^6ka e-bok; de be 6a mun r'dka ar^ 
sOm ra-fi, ra gb§li-he yO-na o-baA; na tra ren a-b6ma 
ama-tra, de na tra yank ma-der. 

19. Kq o-R^bbu, ka-raran ka mo o po6 f(Jfar-na, na 
n^tra-kg rok(^m ro-ri^nna, o yirane ka ka-dio ka K'uru. 

20. K^re nan na wur, na trSmas am-B6^ra d'er 
6 d'er, de o-R^bbu o mar-na, o bSksar ar'fm ka ma- 
trel ma-kab^ne am^ paia-na. Amina. 

Mark. 5 

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Digitized by LjOOQ IC 











18 6 7. 

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Stuttgart: Priuted by J. F. Steinkopf. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Am-B6sra tr^ka Yisua Masia, 
mo Ltikas o gbal-ni. 

Ara-Bomp 1. 

1. Tr^ka ma a-lal fia pon m^m§r tra gbal ma-k^ne 
tr^ka ama-trel, amd s§ poA gb^len mo tr§-tS6n r§m^6 ; 

2. Ma aQ^n na pon Idnklia-su-na, aM pon k^lia- 
na e-for-'e-iiaii gbeA kSbi ka ka-trgp, de an^ pon yi 
fi-bol ya ar*im; 

3. Min' 80 p§ n^sa-mi o-fino, ka-r^r§n ka me I 
pon gb^leii-Aa be gbetr ka ka-m(}ta kekene, tra gbal- 
na tsin tsin tr^ka trdmmu, Te6filos sembe» 

4. Kdma ma tr^ra atra-tseh tr^ka ama-trel, am^ Aa 
pon t^k'sa-mu. 

5. Ka 'ma-r^i ma H6rod» o-bal ka an-tof iia Ye- 
badia, o-k<^han o-lom o yi rl, an'is-i^'oA Sakaria, ka 
'ma-gbdli ma Abia, de o-r^ni-k*on o yi ka ai&'-wut a- 
b^ra na Aron, ah'es-n*Q6 Elisabet. 

6. Ka Aa na-ran na yi a-16mpi rodi ka K*iiru, na 
kot mo e-ton do mo ama-gbak ma Yehdfa be o-p^ni- 

7. Ka na bd-he w'an, p§k^Sife Elisabet o yi 0* 
kiinfereA, de &a 6a-r§n 6a pon' to bak k§-bak ka- 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

4 Ltikas 1. 

8. K^re pa yi, mo o yi ka ka-yo ama-panl ma 
'ra-k6han rodi ka K'uru ka an*-lo na 'ma-gb^i-m'on, 

9. Mo ama-tr^nne ma 'ra-kohan, de mo afi'-mank 
na wop-ko tr^ka yo i-bontr i-Wlfol, won ro-h^kal 
na Yehofa. 

10. Ka ar*unia ra an'-fam be na fra r^mne rokSh 
ka an'-lo na ka-yo i-bonlr i-f(Jlfol. 

11. Ko o-maleika ka Yeh6fa o triJrine ronton, o 
tr^ma ka ka-dio ka am-m^sbak na am-bontr a-f^lfol. 

12. Ko mo Sakaria o nan'-ko, o y^trne, de ra-n^s 
ra wop-ko. 

13. K^re o-maleika o pd rQu^h: Ts6 n6$a, Sakaria; 
tsa na pon tral aka-r^mne-ka-mu, de EHsabel, o-r^ni- 
ka-mu, tra koma-mu w*ah^t riini, ko ma yi tra 
tr^mar-ko an'^s na Y6han. 

14. Ko tra yi-mu ma-b()ne de ma-s^Iane, de a- 
gb^ti na tra ba ma-b(^ne tr^ka ka-kom-ko. 

15. Tsa tra yi o-b^na rod'^r ka Yeh6fa kadf, 
gb^li-he mun ma-wain de ma-ber; de tra Idsane 
Q-Ruhu o-Sam, mo yi ras ka ak'6r ka o-k^ra-k'on. 

16. Ko tra s§ki e-m6ra ya a-gb^ti na an'-wut ila 
Yfsrael ka Yeh6fa, Ok*uru-ka-nan. 

17. Ko k(}n*-k6none tra tr^ma-ko kadf ka am- 
m^ra de ka an'-f(isa na Elfya, tr^ka s§ki e-mera ya 
an*-kas ka an'-wut, de an-tsg-tral-tr'el ka ka-tsemp ka 
afi'-16mpi, tra b^nene a-fam a-pai tr^ka Yeh6fa. 

18. Ko Sakaria o p9 ka o-maleika ho: Tro me 
Ir^ra atr'ei ats6-e? Tsa min' w*dni b^ki, de o-rdni- 
ka-mi o pon' to bak hdli. 

19. Ko o^nialeika o I^si, o pfi TQh^h: Mine yi 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Lukas 1. 5 

Gabriel, ow(J tr§ma rod*6r ka K*uru kadi, na sOm-mi 
tra Kfar-mu, de tra tr(}ri-mu ama-trel ame. 

20. Kq k^li, m§ tr§ yi o-bobo, ma tra gb^li-he 
fof ha ka an'-r^T, and 'ma-trel ami ma Ira yiine, p§- 
Usih ma tse pon Idne as'im-tra-mi, atrd ma Ifisar ka 

21. Ka ah'-fam na tr§ kar Sakaria, na kabdne trgka 
ka-won-k'on ro-h6kal. 

22. Ko mo wur, q gb§li-he Wfar-na, ka na nank 
fo pon nank ma-n§nk ro-bikal; ko ndkgr-na, de 
tsia o-bobo. 

23. Ko p§ yi, ma ama-r6'i ma ama-pant ma ra- 
k6han-r'on ma pon, o kdlane ro-set-n'on gben. 

24. K^re ka-rdran ka 'ma-rei ma-tsi filisabel, o- 
rdni-k'ouy yiJka k'or, ko mdhkne y'of tr'amdt, o 
pd ho: 

26. Ya Yehofa o yO-nai ka ama-ri*i, amd o k^li- 
mi, tr^ka noir-mi atr'ei-tra-mi tra ma-Iap katr(Jn ka 

26. K^re ka an'6f aAd beka tr'amdt ro k'in K'uru 
sOm Gabriel, o-maleika, ra ka-petr ro-Galilaia, an'is- 
na-lsi Ndsarel, 

27. Ka o-Kne, OW(J fat o-runi, ah'^s-n'on Yusufu, 
ka 'ra-k6m*ra ra Dauda; do ah'es na o-fdne na yi Mdriam. 

28. Ko mo o-malelka o won ron(5n, o p^i ho: K6ri 
'u, mun* ow(J pon 8(}to a-bc)na! Yeh6fa o yi re miinon,. 
'a ruba-mu pa tas a-fam a-bom be! 

29. Ko mo nan'-ko, o ydlrne trgka ka-fof-k'on, 
tramtrdmne-tsi, ko a-k6ri an6 na yi tsi-e. 

30. Ko o-maleika o p^ rondn: Tse nesa, Mfiriam; 
tsa ma pon &6^Q ka-mar-tr'ei ka K'uru. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

6 Lukas 1. 

31. Ko k^liy ma tra yikh k'or, in§ tra kom w'ab^t 
runi, de in§ yi Ira tr^mar-ko aft'6s ha Yisua. 

32. Ow6 Ira yi o-Wna, de na tra bontr-ko Ow'^n 
ka o\?($ yi o-B(JIi rok^^m be, de Yeb6fa K'urumasaba 
tr§ son-ko ka-^ian ka ara-bal ra Dadda, o-kas-k*on; 

33. Ko Q tra yi o-bal ka an'-set na Yakuba tab^na, 
de ara-bai-r*on ra gb4H-he poft. 

34. Ko Mdriam o pa ka o-maleika: Tro ats6 tra 
gb^li yi-e, tr^ka me 1 tse tr^ra o-wos-e? 

35. Ko o-maleika o i&si, o pd roAi^n: 0-Ruba o- 
S§m tra t6rar-mu, de an'-f(}sa na ow(J yi q-B^M 
rok(Jm be tra gb^par-ma: tsia bd-tsi ar'd ra-tsi ra- 
sam, ard ma tr§ kOm, Aa tr§ bontr-ri Qw'^n ka K'uru. 

36. Ko k^Ii, EUsabet, o-ra-kdm-ka-mu, kon' so q 
pon y6ka w'ab^t rdni ro-k'or ka *ra-b^ki-r'oA, de an'6f 
an6 na b6ka tr'amSt ro k'in ron6n, ow(} 'a bontr o* 

37. Tsa tr'el 6 tr'el tra gb^Ii-be t^s an*f($sa fta 

38. Ko Mdriam o p^ bo: K^li, am-bol a-b^ra Aa 
Yeb6fa minan: tra pa y(^ne romi mo ar'fm-ra-mu. Ko 
0-malefka o y^fa ro6(Jn. 

39. K^re Mdriam o yokane ka ama-r6i ma-tsi, o 
gbep ka an-tof a-ndtrane lemp lemp tr^ka k(Jne ra ka- 
petr ro-Yehudia, 

40. Ko y/Qh ka ah'-set na Sakaria, o k6ri Elf- 

41. Ko pa yi, mo Elisabet o tral aii*-k6ri na Md- 
nam, ow'ah^t o pals ro-k'or-k'on; de EHsabet o Idsane 
0-Ruhu o-Sam. 

42. Ko f(ifa r'im ra-b^na, o pd bo; A-ruba fia 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ltikas 1. 7 

wop-ma pa las a-bom-na be, de a-rdba na wop am- 
p(}ru na ak'6r-ka-inu. 

43. De Iro pa ^i atsi lr§ yiixQ romf-e, fo Q-k^ra 
ka o-R^bbu-ka-mi o der romi-e? 

44. Tsa k§li, mo ar*fm ra an'-kdri-'a-mu ra wQii 
ro-for-'e-mi, ow'ahet o pals ma-b(Jne ka ak'6r-ka-mi. 

45. De mun* m^ri-tr'el, ow($ poh Idne; tsa as'fm, 
atr^ Yehofa q pon k^ne-ko, tra tr§ Idsgr. 

46. Ko Mariam o pd ho: Am-m^ra-mi na bundga 

47. De an'ump§]-'a-ini na y^sane tr^ka K'uni, q- 
Futia-ka-mi ; 

48. Tsa pon k§li ka-t6rane-ka am-bQl-n*ofi a-b^ra 
O-ndsi-nei. Tsa k^li, k^bi ka an'-lo an6 atra-k6m'ra 
be na lr§ bontr-mi o-m^ritr'el. 

49. Tsa ow(J ba k§-t4na-tr'el o y(Jna-mi ma-trel 
ma-b^na, de an'es-n'oj^ na }^i a-sam; 

50. De anai-ne'i-n'on na yi ro ka an^ n^sa-ko ka 
tra-k6m'ra ha ka tra-k6m*ra. 

51. pon yo ma-yos ma-b^na ka ka-lra-k'on; o 
pon sak an^ yi a-b6ne-tr*ei ka e-n^ne ya e-ni6ra-*e-nan. 

52. pon t6ra an^ ba a-f(}sa ka tra-wan-tra-nan, 
pon n^tra aM y\ a-t6rane. 

53. An^ ba d*or, o pon ndm'8gra-6a y'etr e-ffno, 
de aM ba e-n^nla o poj^ tser-na na ba-be r'aka 6 r'dka. 

54. pon mar Yisrael, am-boi-n'on, tr^ka n^ne 

55. (Mo pon pa ka an'-kas-'a-su,) ka Ibr^bima, 
de ka ara-k6m'ra r'oh tdnkafi tab^na. 

56. Ko Mariam o Ir^ma roniJn am*(}lo ma y*of e- 
sas, ka-rdran-ka-tsi o kdlane so ro-set-h'on gben. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

8 Lukas 1. 

57. Ka an'-l()ko na ka-koin ka £Iisabet 6a pon b6k, 
de Q kom w'ah^t runi. 

58. Ka ah'-Btrane-n'oA de an-tra-koin-n'on na tral, 
fg Yehofa q pon lr(5ri-ko i-nei i-b^na, de na s^lane-ko 

59. Ko pa y\, ka ah'-r^i aM b^ka tr'am^t re sas 
na der tra gbak an*-l^mpe na ow'ah^t, ka na bontr-ko 
Sakarfa, mo an'es na o-kas-k'on. 

60. Kg o-k^ra-k'on o 14si, Q pd hg: Ye tahg, kgre 
na yi Ira bontr-kg Y6han. 

Gl. Ka na pa rgn(}h: Wuni 6 w'uni g yi-he ka- 
tr(5n ka ara-kom-ra-mu, gw(5 ba n'es a-wungn. 

62. Ka ha A^kar g-kas-k'gh, kama g tr6ri-tsi, kg 
h'6s h'a g y^ma-ha tra tr^mar-kg-e. 

63. Kg g yif-ha a-w^lka, g gbal, g pa hg: Aii'^s- 
n'gn ha yi Yohan. Ka ha be ha kab^ne. 

64. K^re t^te lemp ka-sah-k'gh ka kante, de ara- 
mer-r'gh ra s§le, kg g fgf, g t(5k§8 K'uru. 

65. Kg ka-nesa ka wop ah^ f^trane-ha be, de ka 
an-tgf a-hatrane ha Yehudia be ha fgf tr§ka ama-trei 
ame be. 

66. De ha be ah^ tral-tsi, ha botr-tsi ka e-ni6ra- 
*e-hah, ha pa hg: Kg gw'ah^l gwe g mg re yi-e? 
Tsa ka-tra ka Yeh6fa ka yi de kgn'. 

67. Kere Sakaria, g-kas-k'gh, g Idsane g-Rubu g- 
Sain, de g n^bi, g pa hg: 

68. Tra ha tiJkas Yehofa. Ok'uru ka Yferael, pak^- 
sife g poh k§Ii ah'-fam-h'gh i-n6i, g b^ni-ha. 

69. Kg g ydkas k§-len ka ka-futi Ira tr^ssu ka ah'- 
set ha Dauda, am-bgl-h'gh ; 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Lukas 2. 9 

70. Mg pon fof ka ka-san ka ah'-N^bi-n'on a- 
sam, an^ yi kSbi t^pah, 

71. Tra fulia-su ka an-t^rane-'a-su, de ka ka-tra 
ka and gbena-su be; 

72. Tra yo an'-kas-'a-su i-nei, de Ira ndne ama- 
I^m'rane-m'ort ma-sam, 

73. De afi'-gbih, and q gbin tr^ka Ibrdhima, g-kas- 

74. Tra sgh-su-tsi, kama na wura-su ka ka-tra ka 
an-l6rane-*a-su, sa Ignki-kg sa ba-he ra-n6s, 

75. Ka ma-sam de ka ma-16mpi rod'6r-k'gn kadi 
ama-r^i ma an'-nesam-*a-su be. 

76. De mun' w'ahet, na Ira bontr-mu g-Ndbi ka 
Ow^ yi g-B(51i rok^m be; tsa ma tr§ Ir^ma ad'6r ra 
Yehofa kadi, Irgka benene as'dn-tr'gn, 

77. De tr^ka sgn ka ah'-fam-n'gn ka-trdra ka kg- 
futi, ka ka-Mpar ama-trei-ma-nan ma-las, 

78. Tr§ka *ra-bomp ra anai-n6i a-bdna na Qk'uru- 
ka-su, ka and ara-sgk ra rok^m ra pon k§li-su, 

79. Traka sgn g-wan ka and yira ka a-sum de ka 
an'-fgir na ra-fi, tra trafia atr*dtrak-tra-8u ka ar*6n* 
da ma-t^fal. 

80 K^re gw'ahet g ts^na, g bar s(}tg ka-l§na ro- 
mera; de g yi ro-wijla, ha ka an*-rei* and g trgrine- 
at ka Yisrael. 

Ara-Bomp 2. 

1. Kg p§ }i ka ama-r6i' ma-tsi, fg Aogustos, g- 
Kaisar, g trdmas a-gbak tr^ka gbdlas am'6s ma an'- 
f§m lia ara bal-r'gn be. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


10 Lukas 2. 

2. (Ka-gb^I§s am'^s ma a-f§m ak6 ka }ri aka-tr(itroko» 
ka y(Jne mo Kir^nios o yi 0-W^kil ka ro-Slria). 

3. Ka a-f§m be na k(^ne tr^ka yO-na 'a gbSIas 
am*^s-ma-nan, w'uni 6 iv'uni o kone ka ka-petr-k'oi^ 

4. Ko Yusufu, kon' so y^fa ro-Galilafa, ka ka- 
petr ka NSsaret, o gbep ro-Yehudia, ka ka-petr ka 
Dauda, ak^ *a bontr B^ilehem; pgk^sife o yi ka ara- 
k6m*ra de ka ara-kom ra Daiida, 

5. Tr§ka yO-na *a gbal an'6s-n*ou, de ah'^s na Mi- 
riam, 0^^ pon fat mo o-r^ni-k'on, de Qy/i ba k*or. 

6. K^re pa y\, ma na yi rl, an'-lo na ka-kom-k'on 
na bek. 

7. Ko kOm ow*^n-k'oft o-runi owo-tr(Jlroko, de 
r^par-ko tr*6la tr§-rapara, o botr-ko ra-midwad; pa- 
k^sife d'er o yi-he tr^ka traAnSn ro-set a-yia. 

8. Ka a-f§m 'a ka-trol na yi ka an-tof na-tsi, na 
tr^a ro-lal, na bum§r ak'uU-ka-nan tratr^k-an. 

9. Ko k^H, o-maleika ka Yeh6fa o tr^mgrne ronSn 
ma-s^mbu, de ama-gb^nta ma Yeh6fa ma gb4tro-na; 
ka na n6sa kg-n€sa ka-b^na. 

10. Ko o-maleika o p^ ron^n: Tse nafi nesa; tsa 
k^li, 1 tr)^ri-na tr'el tra ma-b(}ne ma-b^na, atr^ ma yi 
tr^ka a-fam be; 

11. Tsa t6non na pon k6ma-nu ro-petr ka Dauda 
0-Futia, Qy/^ yi Masia, o-R^bbu. 

12. De an*-l6ma tr^ka tr^nnu nia-ne: na tra bap 
ka-lent, na r^par-ko tr'6ta tr§-r6p§ra, o f§nta ra- 

13. Ko t^le lemp r'unia ra ar'^fa ra ro-ri^nna ra 
b^par ka o-nialeika, na t(}kgs K*uru, na pa ho: 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Xukas 2. 11 

14. Tra K'uru rokdm o ba a-yfki, de Ira ma-1(5fal 
ma yi ka an-tof; ka-t^sa ka yi Ir^ka a-fam! 

15. Ko pa yi, ma am-maleika na poft yefa ron^n, 
de na pon natr ro-ri^nna, an'-fam 'a ka-trol na pa k'in 
ka Q-lom bo: Man k(^ne nan to ro-B^tlehem, (raka 
Dank atr'ei atse, atr^ pon ^M^ne, de atr^ Yehdfa o poh 

16. Ka na ts^mone tr^ka ko rl, ka na bap Miriam, 
de Yijsufu, de aka-lent, o f^'^ta ra-mldwad. 

1 7. Ka ma na pon nank-tsi, na tr^mas d'er 6 d'er 
atr'ei, atrS ha pon k^ne-ha tr§ka QYf'ah^i Qv/i. 

18. Ka na be an^ tral-tsi, na kab^ne tr^ka ama- 
trei, amd ah'-fam 'a ka-trol ha kdne-ha. 

19. K^re Mariam o b^ne ama-trel am6 be rok6r- 
k'on, k^li-tsi am-mera-h'oh. 

20. Ka ah'-fam 'a ka-lrol ha kdlane, ha yikis de 
ha ti^kas K'uru tr§ka ama-trel be, amd ha poh (ral, 
de amd ha nahk, ma ha poh kdne-ha. 

21. Ka ma ma-r^*i tr*amat re sas ma poh tas, ma 
ha yi tra gbak ahM^mpe ha ow'ah^l, ha Ir^mar-ko 
ah*^s ha Yisua, ahd o-maleika o tr^mar-ko, p^ta Mi- 
riam yoka ko ro-k'or. 

22. Ka ma ama-r^i ma ka-gb§Ii-ka-hah ma poh tas 
mo an-loh ha Mosa, ha gbipa-ko ro-Yerusalem, tr§ka 
tr§mar-ko rodi ka Yeh6fa, 

23. (Ma ha poh gbal ka an-toh ha Yehofa: Runi 
6 runi, ow<5 k^nti ka-fant'r ka am-pcjru, o tr§ yi o 
8gm tr4ka Yehdfa,) 

24. De tr^ka Mtra s'ddka, ma ha kSne-tsi ka an- 
lOh ha Yehofa ho: Tra-fop ha-rah, taliJra tra-p^ram 
tra-fel ha-rah. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

12 Lukas 2. 

25. Kq k^ii, w*uni o yi ro-Yeriisalem, aA'es n'on 
Simeon; ow*uni owe o yi o-16mpi de o-nesa K*uru- 
masSba, q tra kar ama-b^fat ma Yisrael, de o-Ruhu 
0-S§m yi rok^m-k' Qh. 

26. Kq Q-Ruha Q-Sam q pon naibi-ko-tsi, fo o 
gb§li-he ngnk ra-fi, bd q pon nank o-Masia ka Yebofa. 

27. Ko Ruhu tron-ko Ira der ro-hekal; de mo 
Yusufu de Mariam na w6na Ylsua, ow'ab^t, kdma na 
yO-ko mo ama-tr^nne ma an-ton, 

28. l^ne-ko. l(Jkas K'liru, o p2i ho: 

29. Rabbu, ake ton ma tser am-boi-'a-mu o fi ma- 
t(}fal mo ar'ira-ra-mu; 

30. Tsa e-for-*e-mi e pon n§nk ka-fuli-ka-mu, 

31. Ak^ ma pon b^nene rod'^r ka a-fam be, 

32. A-m6ta tr^ka m6lar e-b6na, de an'-yiki na 
Yisrael, ah'-fam-*a-mu. 

33. Ko Yusufu de o-k^ra-k'on na kabdne tr^ka 
ama-trel, am^ na fof tr§ka tr'on. 

34. Ko Simeon o ruba-na, de pd ka Mdriam, 
0-k^ra-k'on, ho: K^li» ow^ na pon botr-ko tr^ka k§- 
fumpo de trgka k§-}^6kane k' a-gb^ti katr(}n ka Yisrael, 
de tr^ka yi a-l6ma, and 'a tra p^nsa; 

35. (K^re muno munone so, a-gbMo na tra so 
ka-but-ka-mu gbeh;) kama e-n^ne ya e-m^ra e-gb^ti 
e fiaibe. 

36. Ko H^nna, o-n^bi o-b^ra, ow'^n b^ra ka Funnel, 
yi ri, ka am-b(inson 6a Aser; ow6 o ba k§-bak k§- 
b^na, de o pon yirane o-wos-k'on tra-ren tr'am^t de 
r§n ka-raran ka ara-Kne-r*on. 

37. Ko yi 0-b6ra o-b^ra ka tra-ren Ira-gba tr'dnle 
tr*anle rok(Jm, qvi^ tie yefa ro-h6kal, kere QYf6 Hnki 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Lukas 2. 13 

K'uru ra ka-wop a-sum de ra tra-r^mne ra-yan de 

38. Ow6 80 fair ka an'-gb61ei\ na-tsi gben, o 
t(}kas Yehofa, de Q fof tr§ka tr'on ka iia be anS y\ 
a-kar ka-bani ro-Yeriisalein. 

39. Ka ma na pon yO ama-tre! be mo an-toii iia 
Yehofa, na k^Iane so ro-Galilaia, ro-N^saret, ka-petr- 
ka-nau gben. 

40. K^re ow'ah^t q bak, q bar s(Jto ka-tdna ro- 
m^ra, o la ka-tsemp, de am-b(}na na K'uru na yi 

41. Ka ana kom-ko iiSL gbep ro-Yerusalem ka-ren 
6 ka-ren, ka am'etr ma ka-Paine. 

42. Ko mo pon bak tra-ren tr*of^tr tra-rafi, 6a 
gbep ro-Yeri^salem mo ama-tr^nne ma am'^tr. 

43. De ma ama-r6i ma pon, de ma na k^lane, 
Yisua, ow'an, o tsfa roraran ro-Yeriisalem, de Yiisafu 
de Mdriam na ts6 tr^ra-tsi. 

44. K^re ma na n^ne, fo yi kalriJn ka ka-bor 
ro-r*oft, 6a k(}ne a-kot na a-r6*i n'ifi; ka na tens-ko 
katri^n ka an-tra-k0m-'a-6a6 de katrdn ka an-tr^rane- 

45. Ka ma na ts6 ko fir, na kSlane so ro-Yerdsalem, 
na tens-ko rl. 

46. Ko pa yi, ka-rdran ka ma-ril ma-sas na fir- 
ko ro-b^kal, o yira katri^n ka an'-karmi^ko, sda-na 
e-lgns, de yffat-Aa. 

47. Ka fia be an^ tr^la-ko, pa k(Jnlofali-na Ir^ka 
ka-tr^ra-k*on, de Ir^ka e-w6sa-y*on. 

48. Ka ma 6a na6'-ko, pa ki^ntofali-na ; de o-kSra- 
k*o6 pa roniJn: Wan, ko Ir'el Ir'a ma yo-su ya6-e? 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

14 Lukas 2. 

K^li, o-kas-ka-mu de mine 8§ pon t^nsa-mu a-sdH 

49. Kq pa ronSn: Ko trVl tr*a na poii tens- 
mi-e? Na tr'a-he QaA, fo 1 ba tra ^i ka aA*-set ita 

50. K^re mh na tr'a-he am-mera 6a ar'im, ar^ 
pa ron^n. 

51. Kq tor re AaA, o der ro-N^saret, de s^nne 
ron^fi. Kq o-k^ra-k'on o b^iie ama-trel ame be ka 

52. Ko Yisua q bar s^Iq ka-tsemp, de ka-s^^, 
de k§-inar-tr'el ro ka K'uru de ro ka a-fam. 

Ara-Bomp 3. 

1. K^re ka ka-ren akd b6ka tr*of^tr tr'amdt ka 'ra- 
gb^ka ra Tib^rios, o-Kaisar, mo Pdntios Pildtos o ^i 
0-W6kil ka ro-Yehudfa, de mo H^rod o yi o-T6lrark 
ka ro-Galilaia, de Filfppos, o-wontr-k'oA, o yi o-T6trark 
ka ro-lturia de ka an-tof na Trak6nia, de mo Lis^nias 
yi o-T6lrark ka ro-Abil^na, 

2. Mo Hennas de K^yafa na yi a*-K6han ana-bana, 
ar'im ra K'uni ra d4r§r Yohan, Qyi*An ka Sakaria, ro- 

3. Ko der ro-gban be, an6 rap ara-bon' da Y6r- 
dan, tr^mgs am-b^ptis na k§-tubi tr§ka ka-ldp§r ka 
ma-trel ma-Ias. 


4. Ma Aa po6 gbal ka ak'^fa ka as'im tra Yesaya, 
0-NSbi, QYf6 pa ho: R'im ra o-gbonto ra yi ro-wuIa» 
ar^ pa ho y€: B^nene nan ar'6n tr^ka Yeh6fa! T§n- 
ane n§fi as*6n'-tr'on tr§-b^na! 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Lukas 3« 15 

5. I^a tra ]^s§r ka-gb6hkal 6 ka-gb6nkal, if^a tr§ 
t6ra a-ron 6 a-roi^ d§ ka-tsen 6 ka-tsen ; od'^r o-k^^a 
tr| 8§ke o-tr(Jlon, de od'^r o-gb6pe o tr§ s^e o- 

6. De a-fam be Aa tra n§nk ka-fdti ka K'uru. 

7. Ko pa ka ar'dnia, a Ad \7ur kima o bSplis- 
na: Nya ra-k6in'ra ra e-gb(Jro! Mne foh tr(Jri-nu 
tra gbdke ara-baii ard ma der-e? 

8. Wur n§A ton ma-k6mi, amd b^ki k§-tdbi! De 
Xse na trap ka-pa ka e-m^ra-'e-nu ho: S§ ba Ibrdhi- 
ma mo o-kas-ka-su; tsa 1 kdne-nu, fo K'uru o t^na 
^6kas a-\7ut tr^ka IbrSbima ka ama-sar ami. 

9. K^re na pon' to so botr ka-bap ka e-tank ^a 
ey'intr; tr^ka tsi n*antr 6 A'antr, hM tse wur ma- 
k6mi ma-fino, na tra trap-ni, ila fita-6i ro-n'antr. 

10. Ka an'-fam na yif-ko, Aa pa ho: Ko s§ ma 
yO ton-e? 

11. Ko Id^i, pa rondn ho: Qvfi ba s'uma tra- 
raA, tra o yer-tsi ka owcj tse ba r'dma, de ow(J ba 
y'etr e-di, tra o yO so atr'ef tra-tsi gben. 

12. An'-l0 na-tsi a-GSssar na der so, kima o bdptis- 
6a, de Aa pa roniJn: Karmi^ko, ko s| ma yO-e? 

13. Ko pa rondn: Tse na yif m'(^Io ma tas ami 
'a kdne-nu. 

14. Ka a-kurgba, nan so na yif-ko, na pa ho: 
De syan, ko sa ma y$-e? Kq o pa roMh: Ts6 na yO 
w'uni 6 w'dni k'dsra, tse na nolp w'dni 6 w'uni r'ika 
a-^d]^fa, de bdtr n§A e-m6ra-'e-nu tr^ka an'-ram-'a-nu. 

15. K^re ma aft'-fam na gbak e-mira-'e-nan , de 
ma na be Aa k^li e-mira-'e-naA trdka Y6han, be pa 
yi bo k(}D0 yi o-Masia; 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


16 Lukas 3. 

16. Y6ban o fdf§r-Aa, q pa ron^n be ho: Mine 1 
b^ptisa-nu m'aatr; k^re Qyf6 t^si-mi tr^ka a-f(^sa o der, 
1 b€'-h§ Ira s^lia-ko ana-r^ka na e-k(}fta-y'on; kon' o 
tra b^ptisa-nu o-Riihu o-Sam de n'antr. 

17. Afi'-fuha-n'on ha yi-ko ro-lrS, o tr§ gbal an'- 
gb^te-non gb^rafi, o tra t6nkla am-b6rru ro-fuhk-A'on; 
k^re e-gb^fta o tra tol-^i ka n'anlr an^ tsfi dirase. 

18. Ko m^na an'-f§m s'im tra-la! tra-lgm so, 
trdm§r-na ain-B6sra. 

19. K^re H6rod, o-T6lrark, mo Y6han o f(Jf§r-ko 
tr^ka Her6dia, o-r^ni ka Fillppos, o-wontr-k'ori, d© 
tr§ka ama-treT ma-Igs be, am^ H^rod o poh yO-e, 

20. bar so ats^ ka ama-trel be, fo botr Y6- 
ban ro-tinkane. 

21. K^re p§ }'i, mo Y6han q poh b^ptis an'-f§m 
be, de mo o pon so b^ptis Yisua, ow(J yi o-r^mne, 
ak'iiru ka kdntine, 

22. Ko o-Huhu o-S§m o t6rgr-ko, ba ma-der, 
am^ b^lane mo ka-p^ram, de r'im ra y^fa ka ak'uru» 
ar^ pa ho: Miino yi Qw'^n-ka-mi owo-b(Jtar, 1 t^sa 
tr§ka tr^mma! 

23. Ko Yisua k(^DO-k$none ba am'i^Io ma tra-ren 
ka-gba fr'of^tr, mo trap (ka-t§k'sa), de .yi, ma 
Aa n^ne, o^'^n ka Yusufu, qyi^ yi ow*^n ka H6h', 

24. Ow(i yi oW^n ka M^itat, ow($ yi o^'^n ka 
L^fi, ow(J yi QYi'^n ka M^lki, ow(J yi ow'^n ka Y^ni, 
OW(J yi ow'^n ka Yusufu, 

25. Ow(J yi ow'^n ka Mattatia, ow(J yi o^'^n ka 
Imosy ow(J yi o^'^n ka Nihum, ow(J yi oW^n ka 
H^sli, Qyvi yi qvh'Au ka N^ggai, 

26. QYf6 yi ow'^n ka Mdbat, ow($ yi qw'^d ka Mat 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Lukas 3. 17 

tatfa, ow^ yi Qw'in ka Sfmi, ow(J yi ow'^n ka Yiisufu, 
Owo yi ow'^n ka Yehuda, 

27. Ow6 yi Qw'^n ka Yohan, ow(5 yi Qyr'&n ka 
Rese, ow(J yi Qw'^n ka Serubdbel, qw(J yi ow'^n ka 
Sealtiel, ow(J yi ow'^n ka N6ri, 

28. Ow^ yi Qw'^n ka M^lki, qw(} yi ow'^n ka 
Addi, ow(J yi ow'^d ka K6sain, ow(J yi ow'6n ka 
Almodan, ow(J yi Qw'^n ka Er, 

29. Ow(J yi ow'an ka Yose, ow(J yi ow'^n ka 
Eliesar, owtf yi Qw'^n ka Yoram, ow^ yi gw'^n ka 
MMtat, QYfi yi qw'^d ka L6fi, 

30. Ow^ yi QYi'&n ka Simeon, qw(J yi Qw'^n ka 
Yehuda, ow(J yi ow*6n ka Yiisufii, owcj yi ow'^n ka 
Ydnan, qy/6 yi ow*an ka Eliakim, 

31. Ow6 yi Qw'^n ka M%a, ow(J yi ow'^n ka 
M^nan, ow(J yi Qw'^n ka M^tlela, owcj yi ow'an ka 
Natan, QYi^ yi Qw'^n ka Dauda, 

32. Owd yi ow'an ka Ylsal, ow^ yi ow*an ka 
Obed, ow(i yi ow'^n ka B6a8, owcj yi ow'^n ka Sal- 
mon, ow(5 yi ow'^n ka NaWson, 

33. Ow^ yi QYf'&n ka Aminadab, ow^ yi ow'^n ka 
Aram, ow6 yi ow'^n ka H^sron, ow(J yi ow'^n ka Fares, 
owo yi QYi'ka ka Yehuda, 

34. Qyi6 yi Qw'^n ka Yakuba, qy/^ yi ow'^n ka 
Is^ka, QY/^ yi Qw'^n ka Ibr^hima, Qvt^ yi Qw'^n ka 
T6rah, ow(J yi ow'^n ka Nahor, 

35. OwiJ yi Ow*^n ka Senig, ow(J yi ow'an ka 
R^gu, QVfi yi Qw'^n ka P^lek, ow(i yi Qvi'kn ka fiber, 
0W({ yi ow'^n ka S^iah, 

36. Ow<^ yi Qw'^D ka K6nan, QWii yi ow'^n ka 

Luke. 2 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

18 Lukas 4. 

zArfaksad, ow(J yi ow'^n ka Sem, ow(J yi ow'^n ka 
Noah, ow(} yi QYi'An ka Lenaek, 

37. Owd yi ow'4n ka Metuselah, ow(} yi ow*^n 
ka H^Dok, owd yi ow'6n ka Y^red, ow(J yi oW^n ka 
Mah^laleel, ow^ yi oWfin ka K6nan, 

38. Ow(5 yi ow'^n ka 6nos, ow(} yi ow'^n ka Set, 
QW(} yi o>v'^n ka Adam, qy/^ yi Qw'^n ka K'uru. 

Ara-Bomp 4. 

1. Kere Yisua, ow(5 lis§r o-Huhu o-Sam, o k^lane 
y^fa ro-Y6rdan, de o-Ruhu o k6re-ko ro-wula, 

2. Ko S^tani q gbos-ko ma-rei tra-gba tra-r§n. 
Kg di-he r*dka 6 r'aka ka 'ma-r6i ma-tii, ka ma 
ma pon tas, d'or ra wop-ko. 

3. Ko S^tani o pfi roncjn: Be ma yi Qw'^n ka 
K'uru, kSne afi'-sar ah6, kama na s§ke k§-bO. 

4. Ko Yisua o ISsia-ko, o pd hg: Na pon gbal: 
Pa yi-he ka k§-bO sOd w'uni g k§li, k^re ka rim 6 
r'im ra K'uru. 

5. Ko S^tani g k^re-kg ka a-rgn a-b(^li rokc^m, o 
tr(Jri-kg atra-bal tra an-tgf be ka g-Igmp wa a-](}kg. 

6. Kg S^tani g pa rgnc^n: Ka miingn 1 tsi sgn 
aA'-f(Jsa an6 be» dg an'-yfki-na-tsi; tsa ka minan ha 
yentr-ni, de ka w'uni 6 w'dni, gw(J 1 y^ma, 1 sgh-hi. 

7. Be ma s(Jna-mi tg tra-wu, mung ma tr§ ba- 
h\ be. 

8. Kg Yisua g l^sia-kg, g pfi hg: Y^fa-mi rordr§h, 
mun' S^tani! tsa ha poh gbal bg: M§ yi tra sg tra- 
^u ka Yebofa, Ok'ura-ka-mu, de kgn' sOn m§ yi tra 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Lukas 4. 19 

9. Ko k^re-ko ro-Yerusalem, o tr4mar-ko roktfm 
ka an*-hekal, o pS rgndn; Be ma yi Qw'^n ka K'uru, 
filane rorata ka and; 

10. Tsa na pon gbal ho: tra k^ne am-maleika» 
n'on tr|ka Ir^mmn, kama ua bene-mn ra-tr'el, 

1 i\ De kama na kekar-mu ka 'ma-trd-ma-nan, Idni 
raa pat ak'^lrak-ka-mu ka i-sar. 

o To o 

12. Ko Yisua l^si, o pa ron(Jn: Na pon pa ho: 
Ts6 memar Yehofa, O^'uru-ka-mu. 

13. Ko mo S^tani o pon gb^nti ka-gbos be, 
yefa ron^h ha ka m'etr ma-Iom. 

14. Ko Yisua o k^lane ro-Galilaia ka ah'-f(Jsa na 
o-Ruhu, de ka-gbun tr^ka tr'o^^ ka gb^ntane ka an- 
tof be an^ gb4tro ri. 

15. Ko l§k'sa ka e-set-'e-nan e-gb^nne, de na 
be na tok-ko. 

16. Ko der ro-N^saret, ro *a pon b^kas-ko; de, 
mo ama-tr^nne-gri'on, o won ro-sel a-gb^nne ka an*- 
rei na afi*-S^bbal, ko yokane tr^ka k^ran. 

T7. Ka na \^ntra-ko ah'-reka na Yesdya, o-N^bi; 
ko mo pon kumpi an*-reka, o fir od'er, ro na pou 
gbal ho: 

18. 0-Ruhu ka o-H6bbu o yi rok^m-ka-mi; isia 
ba-tsi pon 86pa-mi m*^ro tr^ka Ir^raas am-B6sra ka 
am-m(}ne, pon sOm-mi Ira r^mgr an^ ba e-mera 
e-I^sa, tra iT^mas ka-s^li trdka an-tra-r^nka, de ka- 
kal-8(Jlo k§-n§nk tr§ka afi*-fit; tra tser an^ 'a yQ k'^sra 
na k(}DQ ra-wan-kdm, 

19. Tra tr^mgs ka-ren ka Yeh6fa ka-t^sa. 

20. Ko mo poii kump an'-r6ka, o yentr-ni ka 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

20 Lukas 4. 

am-bol, ;yira; de na be and ^yi ka an'-set a-gbdnne 
na y6ntras-kQ e-for. 

21. Kq trap ka-pd rondh: T^non ama-Gbal am6 
ma lasar rodi ka e-lahs-'e-nu. 

22. Ka na be na kolo-ko, na kabdne tr^a as'im 
tra-t6sa, atrd wur ka ka-san-k'oh, de Aa pa ho: Qw'dn 
ka Yusufu kon* laho owe-i? 

23. Kq pa rohdh: Ts^ntsene na tra pa am-pa 
a-trdnne ane roml ho: Rdmar, rdmarne! Ama-lrel 
ma-bdna, tr^ka ama sa pon tral, fo ma pon y^uQ ro- 
Kafarndhum, yO-na so an6 ka ka-petr-ka-mu gben. 

24. Kere o pa ho: I kane-nu tra-tlen: Q-Ndbi 6 
Nabi na tesa-he tr^ka tr'on ka an-tof-u'on gben. 

25. Kere 1 kane-nu mo tra-tsen: A-b6ra a-b^ra 
a-gbati na ^^i katr^n ka an'-fam na Yisrael ka 'ma-r6'i 
ma Eliya, ma na kanta ak'uru am'dlo ma lr§-ren Ira- 
sas de y'of tr'amat ro k'in, ma d'or ra-bdki ra d^rgr 
an-tof be; 

26. Kere na som-he Eli^a, pa yi-he ka k*in-ka- 
fian, tambe ka o-b6ra Q-bera ro-Sar^pta ka an-tof iia 

27. De a-fam n' e-rom a-gbati na yi katr^h ka 
afi'-fam na Yisrael ka an'-lo na Elisa, o-Nabi; kere na 
fetar-he pa yi-he k'in-k§-nan, tambe Ndeman, o-runi 
ka Siria. 

28. Ka ana yi ro-set a-gbdnne be na Idsane ma- 
ban, ma na tral ama-trel am6. 

29. Ka ha yokane, fta wura-ko ro-pelr, na k^re- 
ko ka Q-sima wa ah'-ron, ro ha pon sal ka-petr-ka- 
hah, kdma ha rtta-ko o trah k§-rut-rut. 

30. Kere kou* o tas ha ratrijh, o k(}ne. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Lukas 4. 21 

31. Kg tor ro-Kafarndhum, [ka-petr ro-Galilafa; 
de t^k'sa-ha ka an'-S^bbat. 

32. Ko pa k^nlofali-na tr^ka' ka-t^k'sa-k'on ; t5a 
ar'im-r'on ra ba a-fdsa. 

33. Ko w'uni ^'i ka an'-sel a-gb^nne, 0^(} bft 
Q-krifi o-las, de o w^na r*iin ra-b^na, 

34. pa ho: A! ko tr'el Ir'a s^^a munon sg ba-e, 
mun' Yisua ka N^saret-e? Ma pon der tra dim-su-i? 
I tr^ra-inu, k^ne ma yi-e, o-Sam ka K'uru. 

35. Kq Yisua o nal-ko, q pa ho: Trank, ra§ wur 
roiidn! Ko o-knfi o n^pane-ko katr^n-ka-nan, o wur 
ron^n, o yO-he-ko tr'ei A tr'el tra-ban. 

36. Ko O'kdotofali o ^op-ha be, de na fi^farane^ 
na pa ho: Ko r*im r*a re-e? tsa o k^ne an'-krifi a- 
las r' a-f6sa de ra ka-t§na, ka na ^ur. 

37. De k§-ram Irgka tr'on ka gb^ntane d'er 6 d*er 
wa an-tof an^ gb|tro rl. 

38. Ko y6kane O wur ro-set a-gb^nne, won 
ka an'-set na Siman. K^re nikara ka Siman ma- 
wonane ma-b^ki ma wop-ko, de na n^mtene-ko tr^a 

39. Ko Klrar-ko, nal ama-w6nane, de ma 
tser-ko; ko t6te lemp o yokane, o 16nki-na. 

40. K^re ma ar'^lr ra Ira won, 6a be, an^ ba a- 
fam a-trQ Ira-trQ trg-gb^nte, na k^ra-na ron(Jn; ko 
ren ama-lra-m*6n rokom ka w'uni 6 w'lini kalrdfi- 
ka-nan, o y^hkas-na. 

41. Hdh'sa a-kdfi na wur ka a-gb^ti, na weha, ha 
pa ho: Muno yi o-Masia, Ow*5n ka K'urul Ko nal- 
na, tse tser-na 'a fof ; pakSsife ha tr^ra, fo o-Masia 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

22 Lukas 5. 

42. K^re ma *ra-sok ra pofi bek, o y^fa rl, o k(Jne 
ra-d'er Q-yehh; ka an'-fam na lens-ko, na der ron(}n, 
de na k61i-ko, kmna o ls6 y^fa roMh. 

43. K^re o pS ron^n: 1 bd tra trSmas ain-B6sra 
na *ra-bal ra K'uru ka tra-petr alra-lom so; tla tr§ka 
alse na pgn sOm-mi. 

44. Ko gbal ka-w^ndi ka e-set e-gb^nne ya 

Ara-Bomp 5. 

1. Kere pa yi, ma ar'Gnia ra tihkar-ko tra Iral 
ar*im ra K*urii, o tr§ma ray^r ka ka-bah ka Gen^saret, 

2. Ko nank Ira-bil tra-ran, atr^ yi ro-ban day^r; 
kere an'-Iam ha pon wur rl, ha yak tra-pel-lra-hah. 

3. Ko won ka ah'in ha tra-bil, ah A Siman o bd, 
de nemlene ko, kama o troh am-bil ro-bah o-lan; 
ko mo poh yira, o t§k'sa ah'-fam o yi ro-bil. 

4. Ko mo poh trel ka-fof, o pa ka Siman: Wur 
ro-b^loh, na t6ra tra-pel-lra-nu tr^ka ka-lam. 

5. Ko Siman o l^si, o pa roh(5h: Pa, sa poh t(Jro 
gbes, de sa lam-he r'^ka 6 r'aka; kere Ir^ka Va-bomp 
ra ar'im-ra-mu I tsi f6ra ka-pei. 

6. Ka ma ha poh yO-tsi, ha lam ka-gbat ka-b^na 
ka e-lop; de ka-pel-kn-hah ka gbaia. 

7. Ka ha k^pane am-p6ntrane-*a-hah, ah^ yi ka 
am-bil aha-lom, kama ha der, ha mar-ha; ka ha der, 
na lasar tra-bil Ira-rah, ha tra trap ka-mdtra. 

8. K^re mo Siman Petar o nahk-lsi, o gh^p'sa ro- 
tof ka tra-wu tra Yisua, o pa hot R^bbu, wur nomi, 
tla min' w*uni las! 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Lukas 5. 23 

9. Tsa o-k6ntof§li o wop kon', de ahA yi roft(Jn be, 
tr§ka ka-lam e-lop, akS 'a pon lam, 

10. Ye pa ^i so tr^ka Yakuba de Yohan, an'-wut 
na S^bedi a-runi, an^ y\ a-p^otrane na Simaii. Kq 
Yfsua pa ka Siman: Ts6 n^sa; k^bi ka afi*-lo an6 
ni§ tra lam a-f§m. 

11. Ka ma na pon lin atra-bil ro-gban, na trei be, 
na trah-ko. 

12 Kq p§ yi, mQ Q yi ka k'ln ka tra-petr, k^i, 
w*uni yi ri, a-rom Aa gb^par ama-der-m'on be; ko 
mo 9 naiik Yisua, q gb§p ad'^r ro-lgf, q n^mtene-ko, 

pa ho: Pa, be m§ M\q, ma tgna mi f^tar! 

13. Ko t^Dti aka-tra-k'on, o b6ra-ko, o pa ho: 

1 selo, s^ke o-f<^ra! Ko t^te lemp an'-rom na t^er-ko. 

14. Ko k^ne-ko, kama o tse tr(}ri-tsi ka w*uni 
6 w*uni; k^re k(ine, m§ tr(irine ka o-k6han, ma f^tra 
as'^dka Ir^ka ka-f^t§r-mu, mo Musa o pon k^ne, Ir^ka 
Vamas^re ron^n. 

15. K^re ka-r§m lr§ka tr'on ka bar gbo gb^ntane; 
de r'tjoia ra-lai ra tdhklane, kdma na tr§la-ko, de 
kdma o v^fikas tra-trQ-tra-fian. 

16. Kere kon' o yefo n, o i^iJne ro-wula, o rdmne. 

17. Ko p§ yi fo a-rei a-lom o yi o-t^Ji^'sa, ka a- 
F^risi de a-karmdko na an-ton na yira rl, hhk pon 
y^fa ra ka-petr 6 k|-pelr ka ro-Galiiaia, de ka ro- 
Yehudia, de ro-Yerusalem; de an'-fiJsa na Yehofa na 
I4na Ira y6nkas-na. 

18. Ko kdli, a-runi na k^ra w'dni rok^m ka k§- 
f§nt'r, o>v^ ba ma-kon, de na lens Ira wona-ko, tra 
botr-ko rodf-k'on. 

19. Ka ma na Ise fir r'on, ro na gb^li las Ira w(Jna- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

24 LQkas 5. 

ko tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ar'unia, na gbep rokom ka an*- 
set, na Idra iia s<}ntos-ko ka ama-Hben re ka-fant'r^ 
ka ka-troh-ka-nan rodi ka Yisua. 

20. Kq mo Yisua o nank ka-]Sne-ka-Aa6, o pd 
ron^n: W'uni, *a pon ts6ra-mu ama-lrei-ma-mu ina-l§8! 

21. Ka an'-Fode de an*-F^risi na trap ka-traintr^mne, 
na pa ho: K^ne ^i Qyv^-e, qvs^ fof s*im tra-las fr^a 
K'uru-e? K^ne t§na tser ma-lrei ma-las-e, t^mbe K'uru 

22. K^re Yfsua, mo o tr^ra e-n^ne-*e-nan, o Wsi^ 
pd rgn^n: Ko na tramtr^mne ka e-m^ra-'e-nu-e? 

23. Ko yi la foi-lr'ei-e, tra pa hg: A pon ts6ra- 
mu ama-lrei-ma-mu ma-las-e, taldm tra pS ho: Y6kane> 
ma kot-e? 

24. K^re kama na tr^ra, fo Ow'^n ka W'uni o ba 
a-f^sa ka an-lof tra tser ma-trel ma-las, — o p«» ^a 
owd ba ma-kon ho; — I kilne-mu, yokane, de yoka 
ka-fgnt'r-ka-mu, m| kdne romu ro-sel! 

25. Ko t6le lemp o y6kane rodi-ka-na be, yoka 
ka-fanrr, akd o poA f|nt§r, o k(Jne ka ah*-8et-n*on 
gben, ^'ikls K'uru. 

26. Ko o-k(}ntof|li vvop-na be, de na yikis K'uru^ 
na lasane ra-nes, na pa hg : Sa pon nank ma-trel ma- 
kab^ne tenon! 

27. Ka ka-raran-ka-tsi o wur, o nank o-G6ssar» 
an*es-n'on L6fi, o yira ro-set ha e-g6sur, de o pa 
rondA: Tram-mi! 

28. Ko trel be, o yokane, o iraii-ko. 

29. Ko Lefi b^nene-ko a-f^nta a-b^na ro-setr> 
n'oh; de a-gbSnne a-lal ha a-G^ssar de ha a-fam a- 
Igm ha yi rl, ha gbetgbetne re hah. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Lukas 5. 25 

30. Ka an'-F^risi-'a-naA de an'-F6de na f^fane an*- 
k^r^ndi-n'gn, na pa ho: Ko tr'ei Ir'a na diane, n§ 
rounane a-G^ssar de a-f§m a-las-e? 

31. Ko Yfsua I^si, o pa ron^n ho: An^ ;y^nki 
ma-der na ^6ma-he o-r^niar, k^re and tse yenk ma- 
der ; 

32. I der-he tra mufsi ah'-lompi, k^re a-fam a-1§s 
trjka ka-tubi« 

33. K^re nan na pd TQii^h: Ko ne an*-kardndi na 
Yohan na \¥op a-sQm €-I(iko e-lal-e, na rdmne tr§- 
rdmne-e, yt? pa yi so Ir^ka ah'-kardndi na aA'-Fdrisi-e, 
k^re an'-na-mu na di, na mun-e? 

34. Ko pa rondn: P§ yi n§ gb^H yO an'-wut na 
an*-k6nko na o-b^ra o-fat i^a ^op a-sQm-i, mo o-riini 
0-fal yi r§8 rondn-i? 

35. K^re ama-r6i ma tra der, ma na tra nolr-na 
0-runi o-fat; ka an*-]o na-tsi na tra wop a-sQm ka 
*ma-rei ma-tsi. 

36. Ko pa 80 a-l6mo rondn: Wuni 6 w'uni o 
gbap-fe a-rdmbo na r'uma ra-fu ka r'uma ra-kur; be 
p§ yi-he yan-e, an'-rdmbo ana-fu ha yo o-p^'^a, do 
aii'-rombo na ar'uma ara-fu na b6kane-he ara-kur. 

37. Do w'uni 6 w'uni o botr-he ma-waIn ma-fet 
ka o-sdsa o-kur; k^re be pa yi-he yan-e, ama-nvafn 
ama-fet ma tr§ gbal e-sdsa, do ama-waln m^mene ma 
trg 16na, do e-sdsa e tra dima; 

38. K^re na yi tra botr ma-wain ma-fet ka e-sdsa 
e-fu, ka na tr§ bene eye-ran ya-t2i. 

39. Ko w'dni 6 w'uni o yi-he ow^ y^ma mun ma- 
wain ma-fet t^te lemp, mo poh mun ma-kur; tsa q 
pd ho: Ama-kur ma ta (esa. , 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

26 Lukas 6. 

Ara-Bomp 6. 

1. Ko pa yi ka an*-S6bbal ana-tr^troko, an6 b^ka 
ma-ran-e, o las ka atr*or Ira a-b6rru ; de an'-kar^ndi- 
n'on M pimas tra-gb^san tra am-bdrru, na n^la-tsi 
ama-tra, ha di-tsi. 

2. Ka a-Iom iia ah'-F^risi ha pa roh^h: Ko he 
na yQ tr*el alrA lomp-fe tra yO ka ma-S^bbal-e ? 

3. Kg Yisua o \&s\, q pa roh^h ho: Na poh-he 
so k^rah alr'el tra-tsi, alr^ Dauda o yO-i, nia d'or ra 
wop-ko, kon' de shA )ri ron(Jh-i? 

4. Mo won ka ah'-sel ha K*uru-i, q yoka Ira- 
bo Ira ka-b^par, o di-tsi, o yer-tsi so ka ah^ yi 
ron^h-i; atr^ i6mpir-he yf*um 6 w'dni tr^ka di, t^mbe 
an'-K6han gbo s5n-i? 

5. Ko pa roh^h: Ow'^n ka Wdni o yi so o-Kas 
ka ama-S^bbat. 

6. K^re pa yi so ka a-S^bbal a-lom, fo wgh 
ra-sel a-gbanne, t^k'sa. Ko w'uni g yi rl, ka-lra- 
k'oh aka-dio ka fi. 

7. K^re ah'-Fude de ah'-F^risi ha sat-ko, be pa yi 
nah ko y^nkas w'uni ka ah'-Sdbbat; kdma ha gbdli 
na fir tr'ei tr§ka gbSntir-ko. 

8. Kere kcjno tr^ra e-n6ne-*e-hah, de o pa ka 
ow'dni, QYid ba ka-tra ka-fi hg: Y6kane, m§ tr^ma 
sn^ ka ka-troh. Kq o yokane tr^ma. 

9. Ko Yisua pa roh^h: I y6ma yif-nu tr'el ho: 
Idmpi ka a-S^bbat Ira yO tr'el tra-ftno, lal(Jin tra 
yO Ir'el tra-las-i, tra b^ne a-hesam, ialim tra dim- 

10. Ko kali ah^ rap-ko be, pa ka ow*uni ho: 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Lukas 6. 27 

T^nti ka-lra-ka-mu! Ko o yO yan-e; de ka-lra-k'on 
ia kal so yenk mo aka-igm. 

11. K6re nan na lasane ra-bah, de na f^f§rane, 
ko na gb^li na yO Yisua. 

12. Ko pa yi ka ama-rei ma-tsi, fo o wur o gbep 
Ta-roii tr^ka r^mne, de o sdkg r^mne ka K'uru. 

13. K^re ma *ra-sok ra poh bek, o ts6la an'- 
kar^ndi-h'oh rofidn; o tit tr'of^tr na-r§n ka!r(Jn-ka- 
nan, an6 o bontr sq a-Som: 

1 4. Siman, owd o bontr so Pelar, de AndraQs, o- 
wontr-k'on; Yakuba de Yohan; Filippos de Bartolo- 
inaios ; 

15. M^tal de Toma; Yakuba, ow'^n ka Alf6o, de 
Siman, ow(5 'a bontr Sel6li; 

16. Yehuda, o-wontr ka Yakdba, de Y6huda Iska- 
riot, owd s(Jnda-ko so ma-sgt. 

17. Ko mo pon tor re nan, o tr^ma ra-d'er o- 
t^nane, de ka-gbal ka an*-kar6ndi-n'oh, de r'unia ra- 
Wna ra an'-fam, ahA pon y^fa ro-Yehudfa be de ro- 
Yerusalem, de ka an-lof ha Tiro de ha Sidon ro-ban' 
dayer, and poh der Ira lr|la-ko, de kama o r^mar 

18. De y^hkgs ah^ a-krifi a-las ha ky^ne. 

19. Ka ar'unia be ha memar tra b6ra-ko; Isa a- 
fiJsa ha wur-ko, ha y6hkas-ha be. 

20. Ko y^nlras e-for-y'oh ka ah'-kar^ndi-h'oh, 
pa ho: A-m6ri-tr'eI nyah, ah^ yi a-mdne; Isa nyah 
na ba ara-bal ra K*dru! 

21. A-m^ri-lr'ei nyah, ah^ d'or ra wop ton; tsa 
ha tra n^m'sar-nu! A-m^ri-lr'ei nyah, ah6 bok tgh; tsa 
n^ trg sel! 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

28 Lukas 6. 

22. A-m6ri-tr*eT nySih, be a-fam na gb^ha-nu, de 
be i\SL gb^ski-nu, ha Dal-nu, ha sal am'^sma-nu mo 
ma-las tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra Qw'^n ka W'dni! 

23. S^lane n§h ma-bdne ka ah'-r^i ha-tsi, de y^s- 
ane nan; tsa k^li, ah'-ram-'a-nu ha yi a-b^na ro- 
ri^nna! tsa ya ah'-kas-'a-hah ha ^0 so ah'-N^bi. 

24. Kere m'^ne ka n^^ah, ah^ ^i a-u^nla; tsa na 
poh s^to ama-b^fat-ma-nu! 

25. M*(5ne ka nyah, ah^ n^m'ra; Isa d'or ra tr§ 
wop-nu! M'line ka nySih, ah^ sel toh; tsa na tra bdra 
de na tr§ bok! 

26. M'c^ne ka nyAh, be a-f§m be ha fof-nu o-ffno; 
tsa ya ah'-kas-'a-hah ha yQ so ah'-n6bi a-yem! 

27. K^re nyah ahd tral, I k^ne-nu ho: B^t§r n§h 
an-t^raue-'a-nu; yo nah o-ffno ka ahS gb^ha-nu; 

28. Ruba nah ah^ r^hka-nu; n^mtene nah tr^ka 
ah^ yO-nu o-l§s. 

29. Ow6 gbSnta-mu ka a-kos h'in, l^hklia-ko so 
aha-lom; de ow<} nolr-mu ak'6ta-ka-mu ka-kumparne, 
tse bentr-ko so ar'uma. 

30. Wuni 6 w'Qni ow^ t61a romu, soh-ko; de ow(J 
noi ey*^tr-'e-mu, tse k6prar-yi so. 

31. De ma na y6ma, fo a-f§m ha yO nyah, nya so 
yO-ha n§h am'dlo-ma-tsi. 

32. De be na b(}tar ah^ bdtar nyah, ko a-ram r'a na 
tra ba-e? tsa hdli a-f§m a-l§s ha b^tar ah^ b^tar hah. 

33. De be na yO tr'el tr§-fino ka ah^ yO tr'el trg- 
fino ka nyah, ko a-ram r'a n§ tr§ ba-e? tsa bdli a- 
fam a-l§s ha yO atr'ei tra-tsi gbeh. 

34. De be n§ bo a-f|m y'etr, n§ n^ne tra stfto- 
yi so roh^h, ko a-ram r'a na tra ba-e? tsa hdli a-f§m 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ltikas 6. 29 

a-Ias na bo y'etr a-fam a-l§8, kama na s^iQ so a-ydko- 

35. Kere bolar nan an-t6rane-'a-nu, yO n§h tr'ei 
Ira-ffno, de bo n§n a-fam y'etr, n§ tse n^ne Ira s(5lo 
so r*aka 6 r*aka; ka an*-rain-'a-nu na lr§ yi a-b^na, 
de na Ira yi a-^ut a-runi na ow(} yi q-B^W roki^m be ; 
tsa kdnQ yi Q-tQt tr^ka an^ tse mutsi m'^mo de tr^ka 

36. Tr^ka tsi ba n§n i-n6i, mo o-Kas-ka-nu so 
ba i-n6i. 

37. De tse n§ yenk t^nka, ka na tra tse td6ka 
tr§ka tr^nnu; tse na Aap, ka na tr§ tie nap-nu; Up§r 
nan, ka ha tra l^par-nu; 

38. Son n§ti, ka na tra son ka nyan; k§-tunta ka- 
flDo, ka-tihkar, ka-yinkta de ka-gbdmpa na tr§ son'-nu 
ka e-I§hk-'e-nu; tsa ka-tunta ka-tii gbeh aka na tunta, 
na tr§ tunta so nySh. 

39. K^re pd a-l6mo rohM ho: P§ yi \v'tini fit 
gb^i tr^na o-fit ro-r'on-i? P§ yi-he ha ha-rah ha 
ma fumpo ro-fo-i? 

40. O-kar^ndi o tse tas o-karm^ko-k'oh ; k^re w'uni 
6 w*uni, owd pons ka-tr^ra tr'el, o tr§ yi mo o-karra^ko- 

41. K^re ko tr'el tr'a m§ nahk am-pol, an^ yi ka 
'ra-for ra o-wontr-ka-mu-e, k^re ma nahk-fe ka-gboh, 
akd yi ka 'ra-for-ra-rau gbeh-e? 

42. Tal(5m, tro m§ gb§li pa ka o-wontr-ka-mu ho: 
Wgntr, tser-mi I wura am-pol, ah^ yi ka *ra-for-ra- 

mu-e, mo muno-munone ma nahk-fe ka-gboh, ak^ yi 
ka Va-for-ra-mu-e ? Mun* yor! Mdta wura ka-gboh 
ka 'ra-for-ra-mu gbeh, ka-r^rah-ka-tsi ma gb^li nahk 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

30 Lukas 7. 

gb^ran tr^ka wi^ra am-pol, an^ ^i ka 'ra-fgr ra q- 

43. Tia n'§ntr a-fino na yi-he an^ wur ma-k6mt 
ma-las, ye pa }'i so n'anlr a-las na wur-he ma-komi 

44. Tsa n'anlr 6 n*antr na lr6ra-ni ka 'ma-k6mi- 
ma-tsi gben; iJa na gb§li-he l6nkla ma-gb<)no ka Ira- 
bank, ye p§ yi 8Q na gb|Ii-he plm§8 ma-lrone ka a- 
kant a-s^nak. 

45. W'uni ftno o wur alr^ yi Ira-fino ka e-b^ne 
e-fino ya atn-m6ra-n*on; de w'dni l§s o wur alrA yi 
Ira-las ka e-b^ne e-las ya am-m6ra-fi'on ; tJa pa yi 
ka ka-la ka am-m6ra, fo ka-sah-k'oii ka fof. 

46. De ko trVl tr'a na bonlr-mi Pa-e, Pa-e, de 
na yO-fe, atr6 I k^ne-nu-e? 

47. W'uni 6 w'uni ow^ der romi, o tral as'im-tra- 
ini, de o yO-tsi, I tsi tr^ri-nu, ko w'uni o b^laoe-e. 

48. b^Iane w'dni, qw^ sal a-set, qw^ bes o- 
b<)lon, Q tr^mar-ni rokdm ka d-gb^Ia6; ka ma ma- 
fgran ma der, ama-gb6ntonJ ma gbui^ane an'-set iia- 
Isi, kere ma t^na-he yinkta-ni; t^a fia poA tr^mar-ni 
rok<)m ka a-gb^Ian. 

49. K^re owii tral, o yO-fe-tsi, o b^lane w'uni, 
Owd sal a-set rok(}m ka an-tof, na ba-he o-tr^inar; 
an^ ama-gb6ntoni ma gbunane, ka fia fumpo t^te, de 
ka-y^sme ka an'-set ha-fli ka yi ka-b^na. 

Ara-Bomp 7. 

1. K^re mo O poh gb^nti ka-fof-k'on be rodf ka 
e-l§ns ya an'-f§m, o won ro-Kafarndhum. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Lukas 7. 31 

2. Ka a-boi na o-kelfa ka k'^me k'ln o-Iom, o^i^ 

kolo o-lal, tra, o tr^ma tr|ka fi. 

3. Kq mo 9 tr§l tr§ka Yisua, o s6mar-ko a-B^ki 
na an'-Y^hudi Ir^ka n^mlene-ko, karaa q der o }^nka» 

4. Ka ma iia der ka Yisua, na b6ra k§-n^mtene 
ko, na pa ho: beki, kdma ma ^^dna-ko alse; 

5. Tsa bdlar am-b<5na-'a-su, de pa yi kgn' Qy/i 
s^la-su ah'-set a-gbdnne. 

6. Ko Yisua paia-ha. K^re mo tie so lo b(Jl- 
ane ro-sel, o-kelfa ka k'eme k'in o sdra§r-ko a-y^tki 
tr§ka pa roni^n: Pa, tie kfrane; tsa I be'-he, kdma 
m§ won ka an'-set-*a-mi; 

7. Tsia ba-tsi so I po6-he n^ne, ho mina-mlnane 

1 b^ki tra der romu; k^re p^na-tsi gbo r'im, ka am- 
boi-'a-mi o tra yenk ma-der. 

8. Tsa min' so yi w'uni, ow(J 'a bolr ka a-f(Jsa 
rorata, de I ba a-kurgba, aM yi rorata-ka-mi ; de 1 
pa ka k'in: KiJne, ko k(}ne; de ka o-lom: Der, ko 

der; de ka am-bol-'a-mi: Yo atse, ko o yO-tsi. 

9. Ko mo Yisua tr§l jilse, o kab^e Ir^ka tr'on; 
ko s^ke, pa ka an'-f§m, an^ Iran-ko: I k^ne-nu, 

1 bap-fe k§-16ne ka-b^na k§-wunofi, pa yi-he katr(}n 
ka an'-f§ni na Yisraell 

10. Ka ma aM 'a pon sdm na pen k^lane so re- 
set, na bap am-bol, owtf pon trO, o-y6nki ma-der. 

11. Ko pa yi ka ah*-re*i an^ tr^ndo, k(}ne r§- 
pclr, ak^ 'a bonlr Nain, de a-gb6li na aii'-kar^ndi-n'on, 
de a-fam a-gb^ti na paia-ko; 

12. K^re rao O ftlr§r ro-w(}n§r wa ka-petr, k§li, 
na gb^nne na wura w'uni fi, nv'an ddni sOn gbo ka 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

32 Lukas 7. 

0-Wra-k'oh, de k^no yi o-b6ra o-b^ra, de a-fam a- 
gb^ti na ka-petr na paia-kQ. 

13. Ko mo o-R^bbu 9 nan-kg, i-n6i Aa wop-kg 
tr^ka lr*on, kg p5 rgn^h: Ts6 bok! 

14. Kg g f^trane, g gboh am-b^ntrg, — k^re ani 
gb^nne-kg na tr^ma soAn, — kg g pS hg: Linba, I 
kSng-mu: yokane! 

15. Kg gw6 pon' na fi g y6kang g yira, g trap 
ka-fgf; kg g yentr-kg ka g-k^ra-k*gn. 

16. Ka ra-nes ra >vop-na be, dg na yikis K'uru, 
na pa hg: 0-N6bi g-b^na g pon y6kane katr^n-ka-su, 
de K'Qru g pon k^Ii an'-fam-n*gn i-n^i. 

17. Kg ka-fgf ake tr§ka Ir'gn ka gbSntane ro- 
Yehudia be, de ka an-tgf be an^ gbatrg n. 

18. Ka an'-kar^ndi fta Y6han na trdri-kg ama-trel 
ame be. 

19. Kg Y6han g ts6la na-raii na ah'-kar6ndi-n*gn 
rgn^n, g sOm-na ka Yisua tr^ka pa hg: Pa yi mungn-i, 
gwd yi Ira der-i, tal^m sa ba tra kar g-lgm-i? 

20. Ka ma an'-runi ha der ka Yisua, na pa hg: 
Y6han, g-B^ptista, g pon sOm-sw rgmu tr^ka pa hg: 
Pa yi mungn-i, gw^ yi tra der-i, taWm sa ba tra kar 

21. Kere ka ah'-gb^Ieh na-tsi gbeh g r^mar a- 
gb^li, and ba tr§-tra, de and ba tra-sdmpane tra-ban, 
de and ba a-krifi a-las; de ka a-fit a-gbdti g sgA sg 

22. Kg Yisua g Idsi, g pa rgndn: K<}ne nan, n^ 
tr(iri Yohan ama-trel, am^ na pon nahk, de amd na 
pon tral: Ah'-fit na s^tg so ka-kgli-ka-ha6, an-tr§tke 
na kgt, and ba e-rom ha s§ke a-f^ra, an-trdha ha 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Lukas 7. 33 

tral, ah*-fi ha yokane, am-mdoe na tr^ni§r-iia am- 

23. De w'uni m^ri-lr'el wgh, ow(} ls6 si^karne 
lr§ka 'ra-bomp-ra-mi. 

24. Kere ma an-tetu ha Yohan ha poh k(}De, 
trap ka-pa ka ah'-f§m tr§ka Yohan hg: Ko tr'el Ir'a 
na wur ro-wula tr^ka k§li-e? Pa yi k§-Uhke, ak^ ah*- 
fef ha y^la-i? 

25. Kere ko tr'el tr'a na wur tr|ka k^li-e? Pa yi 
w'uni owd 16pra e-lopra e-n^fat-i? K§li, ah^ ba e- 
lopra e-wenke, de ah^ yo ma-b^ne, ha y\ ka atr'Sma 
tra a-bal. 

26. Kere ko tr*ei (r'a na wur lr|ka k^Ii-e? ?a yi 
g-n^bi-i? Tsenlst?ne, 1 k^ne-nu, o t^si o-n^bi. 

27. Owe yi tsi, tr^ka ow(J ha poh gbal ho ye: 
Kgli, I soin o-maleika-ka-mi rgmu ro-d*er kgdi, ow(J 
yi Ira beuene ar'6n'-da-mu fomii rodi. 

28. Tsa i k^ne-nu: Katr^h ka ah^ a-b§ra ha poh 
kom, o-N^bi q yi-he, ow6 yi o-b^na o t^si Yohan, 
o-BSptista; kere Qwd yi q-IqI ka/ra-bal ra K'uru, o 
yi Q-b^na o t^si-kg. 

29. Ka ah'-fam be ah^ Ir^la-ko, de ah*-G6ssar, ha 
SQh ma-m^ri ka K'tiru, de ha tser-ha 'a b^ptisa-ha 
am-b^ptis ha Yohan. 

30. K^re ah'-F^risi, de ah'-karmdkg ha an-lQh ha 
k^si ka-mah ka K'uru tr4ka trahh^h; ha tser-he-ko o 

31. Ko Q-K^bbu Q pa ho: Ka k^e me lomg tgh 
ah'-f§m ha ara-kom'ra are-e, de k^ne ha bSlane-e? 

32. Na bilane a-fel, aha yfra ka gd'^r g-tila, de 

Lake. 3 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

34 Lukas 7. 

an^ mutsi k'in ka o-lom, na pd ho: Sa pon f^na-nu 
lr*uleii, kere na tse pon l^mo; sa pon l^na-nu ma-Iefi 
ma ra-b6ra, k^re na ts6 pen bok. 

33. Tsa Yohan, o-B6ptista, o pon der, o di-he 
ka-bO, Q mun-he ma-waln; de na pa hg: ba o-krifi. 

34. OW^n ka Wuni o pon der, q di, o mun, de 
na pa ho: K^Ii, Vuni ow6 bdtar ka-di de ka-mun ma- 
wain, o-m^ne ka a-G^sJar de ka a-fam a-las-e. 

35. Kere ka-tsemp ka s6to ma-ra^ri ka an'-wut- 
Aa-tsi be. 

36. K^re k1n ka an'-F^risi o n^mtene-ko, kama q 
di ron(5n; ko o won ka ah*-set na o-Farisi, o gbet- 

37. Ko k^li, w'uni bom ka ka-petr, owd yi vv'uni 
las, mo tr^ra, fo gbetgbetne tr^ka di ka ah'-set 
na o-F^risi, o kdra ka-lolore ka ma-s6pa ma-f^lfol, 

38. Ko tr§ma roraran ro ka alr'5lrak-tr*on ka 
bok-an, de o trap ka-boisa alr'^lrak-tr'on m'^nlrar, o 
n^sia-tsi aiV-fon na 'ra-bomp-r'on, o mumal atr*atrak- 
lr*on, de o s6pa-tsi ama-s6pa. 

39. Kere mo o-F6risi, owd pon mutsi-ko, o nank- 
tsi, fof ka am-mera-n'oA ka pa ho: Owe, be o yi 
nan o-N^bi, o tr^ra nan, k^ne de ko w'uni bom owe 
^i tsi-e, ow^ b6ra-ko; tsa w'uni las won. 

40. Kq Yisua o l^si, o pd roiidn ho: Siman, I ba 
tr'el tr^ka k^ne-mu. K^re kon' o pa ho: Karmdko, 
pa-tsi ! 

41. A-runi na-raft na ba ka-ram o-ra-bel o-lom; 
ok'fn ba ka-ram e-dinar tr'^me tr'am^t, owo-Iom Ira- 
^ba tra-ran tr'oKlr. 

42. K^re ma na t^na-he ram, o tser ara-bel ra na 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Lukas 8. 35 

na-rah ka-tsin. Kdne-mi Ion, reke kalr^n-ka-nafi o 
tra ta b^tar-ko-e? 

43. Siman o l^si, q pa ho: I n§nane ho kon' qw^ 
ta ts^ra o-lal. Ko Yfsua o pa ron^n: Ma pon gbak 

44. Ko s§ke ka o-bera, o pa ka Siman ho: Ma 
nank o-b^ra owe-i? I wor^ ka an'-sel-'a-mii, ma son- 
fe-mi m'anlr Ir^ka atr*^tr^k-tra-mi ; k^re kgn' o pon 
boisa atr'^trak-!ra-mi m'^ntrar, de nasia-tsi an'-fon 
na ara-bomp-r*on. 

45. Ma mumal-he mi: k^re k^non, k^bi me I pon 
won, 9 treT-fe ka-miimal atr'alrak-lra-mi. 

46. Ma s6pa-he ara-bomp-ra-mi m'^ro; k^re kon' 
pon s6pa alr'^trak-tra-mi ma-s6pa. 

47. Tr^ka tsi 1 k^ne-mu, fo ama-trel-m'on ma-Ias 
ama-lai na pon ts6ra-ko-na, pak^sife o pon b^tgr o- 
lal; k^re Qyf6 'a ts6ra o-tan, o b(Jtar o-tan. 

48. Ko pa rondh: Na pon ts6ra-mu ama-lrel- 
ma-mu ma-las. 

49. Ka an^ gbelgbglne re kon' na trap ka-pa ka 
e-mera-*e-nan : K^ne vi owe-e, fo o Iser so ma-lrel 


50. K^re kon* o pa ka o-bera ho: Ka-l^ne-ka-mu 
ka pon fiitia-mu; k()ne O-tdfal! 

Ara-Bomp 8. 

1. Ko pa vi ka-r^ran-ka-tsi, fo las ka tra-petr 
do ka Ir^-gbom ka gbal ka-w^ndi de ka Ir^mas am- 
B6sra na 'ra-bal ra K*uru. de an-lr'of^tr na-ran na 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

36 Lukas 8. 

2. De a-bera a-lora, an^ o pon r^mar ka a-krifi 
a-las de ka tra-tru, Mariam, qw^ a bootr Magdalina, 
ka QYi^ a-krifi tr'am^t de ran na pon wur, 

3. De Yoh^nna, o-rdni ka Kusa, QYf^ bd 'ma-Ura 
ma e^i^'etr ya H6rod, de Susanna, de a-Iom a-gbMi, 
an^ m^ra-ko ey*6tr-'e-iiaii. 

4. Ka ma r'unia ra-lal ra pon t6nklane, de ma 
na ^^efa ka tra-pelr na der ronton, o W ka a-lomg, 
o pa ho: 

5. Wuni sak o wur trgka sak e-sanlr-y'on ; kg mo 
Q vi ka ka-sak, e-lom e fumpo ro-r'on' dayer, ka na 
nas-yi, de e-bamp ^a rok(^m na s(Jm§t-yi. 

6. De e-lom e fumpor a-tof a-gb^an, ke me e 
pon I^ko, e w6la, pgk^sife e ba-he k§-boisa. 

7. De e-Iom e fumpo katrcin ka tra-bank; de Ira- 
hank tra l^kone-vi, Ira Ircikas-^i. 

8. De e-lom e fiimpor a-lof a-fino, ke e l^ko, e 
Mur ma-komi am'olo ma k'eme k'in. Ko mo pon 
pa as'im atre, o tl^la laQau o pd ho: Oyf6 ba e-lans 
Ir^ka Iral, Ira o tral! "" 

9. K^re an*-kar5ndi-h*on Aa yif-ko, ko an'-ndne 
na an'-l6mo aiie m yi-e. 

10. Ko pa ho: P§ yi nan na son-tsi, Ira tr^ra 
e-murare ^a 'ra-bal ra K'uru, k^re ka ah'-lom na trori- 
^i ka e-]6mo; kama na tie nauk, hdii na k§li; de kama 
na tie tr^ra, hali na tral. 

11. Kere an'-n^ne na an'-l6mo nia-h6: E-santr 
ar'im ra K'uru rah. 

12. AM ro-r'on* dayer ha yi ah^ tral; ka-rarah- 
ka-tsi Setani o der, o wura ar*im ka e-m6ra-*e-han, 
t^ni ha Mne ha futi. ^ 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Lukas 8. 51 

13. Kere and ka an'-gbdlan na vi nan, ana malane 
artra ma-bdne, ma na Iral-ri; k^re ane na ba-he e- 
tank; na Idne a-Igko a-lgm, de ka an'-lo Aa ka-gbos 
na fdlan. 

14. De ey^ fumpo katrcjn ka tra-bank, e ^i nan, 
and tral, ka na kdne, de e-soli, de e-nanla, de ama- 
Irei ma-tesa ma an'-n^sam ma lr()kar-na, de na wur- 
he ma-k6mi ma-ldli. 

15. Kere ey^ fumpor an-lof a-ffno, e yi Aan, and 
b^ne ar'im, ard na pon tral, ka a-m^ra a-f^ra a-ffno, 
de and bdsar ka-^ur ma-komi. 

16. W'uni w'uni be o pon mot k*dnder, o gb§para- 
he-ki r'aka, tal^m o botr-he-ki rorata ka ka-fant'r; k^re 
botr-ki rokdm ka g-trdmar wa k'dnder, kama and 
wQn rT, na nank am-m6ta. 

17. Tsa Ir'el 6 Ir'el tra-gbapar tra }i-he, alrd na 
gb§li-he gb§pari; de tr'el 6 tr'el tra-mdnkne tra yi-he, 
atrd na gbgli-he nalbi, de atrd gb^li-he wur o-gbdfat. 

18. Tr^ka tsi b6trar nan e-mera, Iro na tral; tsa 
w'Qni 6 w'Qni QVid ba, na tra bar sgn-ko; de w'uni 
6 w'Qni QVid ts6 ba, tsia so, atrd o ndne tr^ka ba, 
na tra nolr-ko-tsi. 

19. Ah'-lo na-tsi o-kdra-k'on de an'-wgntr-n'on a- 
runi na der ron^A, de na gb^li-he b^kar-ko Ir^ka *ra- 
bomp ra ar'unia. 

20. Ka na tr(5ri-ko-tsi ka pa ho: O-Wra-ka-mu de 
aA'-wontr-'a-mu a-rdni na trdma rokdn, na y^ma nam- 

21. K^re kon* o Idsi, o p9 rondn ho: I'Jah na yi 
0-kdra-ka-mi de a-wontr-'a-mi a-rtini, and trgl ar'fm 
ra R'uru de and yO-ri. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

38 Lukas 8. 

22. Ko pa \i ra-so r'in, fo won ra-bil, kon* de 
an'-karSndi-n'oh, ko o pg ron^n: Ma f§si nan ka ka- 
ban rom(}ri. Ka na wur ro-ban. 

23. Ka ma na kot ro-bil, o ko ro-ma-r6; de k^n- 
kal ka t6rar ka-bah, de am-bil-'a-hah na lasane m'anJr, 
de baki-na. 

24. Ka na fd1rar-ko, na t§mi-ko, na pa ho: Ps, 
Pa, sa dinne! Ko ^'Okane, o nal an'-fef de ka-ban'sa 
ka am'^ntr; ka na y^nke, de pa }'(^ne O-^dfgl- 

25. K^re kon' o p9 ron^n: R6ke }'i ka-l^ne-ka- 
nu-e? Ka ra-n6s ra wop-na, na kabane, na pa k'in 
kdi o-lom: K^ne y\ Ion owe-e? Tsa o k^ne hdli e-fef 
de am'antr, de na Ir^la-ko! 

26. Ka na bekar an-tof na an'-Gadar^ni, ana 16- 
mane an-tof na Galilaia rom^ri. 

27. Ko mo so ro-gban, o-runi lom ka ka-pelr 
gb^nne-ko, OW(J ba a-krifi k^bi ka a-l^ko a-woni, 
tse won y*etr e-16pra, de o tse Isia ra-sel 6 a-set, 
k^re ka rra-b6ma. 

28. K^re mo o nank Yisua, o wena, o gbap d*er 
ro-lof rodi-k'on, de p^na r'im ra-b^na h*o: Ko tr'eT 
tr'a syan, s^a munon sa ba-e, mun' Yisua, Ow*an ka 
K'uru ow^-Bdli rokdm be-e? 1 nemlene-mu, tse mi 
sdmpa ! 

29. (Tsa pon k^ne o-krifi o-lgs, kama o wur ka 
iiw'uni. Tsa o pon batr-ko k^bi ka a-15ko a-wdni; ka 
na pon Iranda-ko tr'or^nta de e-gb6tre, na bumgr-ko; 
kere pim ana-s6ka, de o-krifi o tron-ko Ira k^ne 

30. Ko Ylsua o yif-ko, pa ho: Ko n'es n'a mg 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Lukas 8. 39 

ba-e? Ko o pa ho^ „L^gion", tsa a-krifi a-gbali fia 
poll won-ko. 

31. Ka na n^mtene-ko, kdma o tie k^ne*]^a Ira 
k(Jne ro-;)'aWnnaina. 

32. K^re k'uli ka tra-SQp Ira-laT ka ^\i ri, ana tra 
wont rokdm ka aiV-ron; de na nemlene-ko, kama o 
tser-ha na won-na, ko ts6ra-na-lsi. 

33 Ka an'-knfi na wur ka ow'uni, na won ka tra- 
80p; de ak'uti na gb6nte ra-d'er o-sirna rata ro-ban, 
na motra. 

34. Kere ma an^ trol-na na nank, atr^ pon ^dne, 
na gbuke, na trdri-tsi ka ka-petr de ka tra-gbom. 

35. Ka na wur lr§ka nank, alr^ pon ydne; ka na 
der ka Yisua, na bap ow*uni, ka ow(J an*-krffi na pon 
wur, ^ira ka atr*^lrak tra Yisua, o pon won y'etr 
e-16pra, de O ba ka-tsemp; ka na n^sa. 

36. Nan so, an^ pon nank-lsi, na triJri-na, Iro na 
r^mar ow(} ba aii'-krifi-e. 

37. De ar'unia be na an-tof na an'-Gadareni aM 
gb^tro rl na nemtene-ko, kama o ^efa ron^n; tJa ra- 
nes ra-b^na ra wop-na. Ko o won ro-bil, o kdlane sq. 

38. Ko o-runi, ka ow(J an'-krifi na pon wur, o 
nemtene-ko, kama o tser-ko tra paia-ko. K^re Yisua 
yO-ko k^ne, pa ho: 

39. K^lane romii ro-set, de kiine, ko ma-trel ma- 
bdna m'a K'tiru o pon }'(Jna-mu-e.* Ko k6ne, 
tr^mas ka ka-petr be» ko ma-trel ma-b^na m'a Yisua 
pon y()na-ko-e. 

40 Ko p§ yi mo Yisua o kalane, ar'unia ra m^lane- 
ko; tsa iia be na kar-ko. 

41. Kq k^li, o-runi o der, aiV6s-n'on Yairo, k(Jno 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

40 Lukas 8. 

yi o-ra-bomp ka an*-set a-gbSnne; de gbap d'er ro- 
tof ka atr'^lrak Ira Yisua, o n^mtene-ko tr^ka won ka 

42. Tsa ba w*an bera kon' son gbo ka am'dio 
ma tra-ren tr'ofalr tra-ra6, q\s6 tr§ma tr^ka fi. Kere 
mo 15 k(Jne, an*-fam na tihkane-ko. 

43. Ko w'uni bom, ma-tsir ma wur-ko k^bi ka tra> 
ren tr'oftlr tra-ran, qy/^ pons e/etr ^a an'-n^sam- 
n*on be tr^ka a-fara *a ka-r^mar, k^re w'uni o yi-he 
OwiJ t^na r6mar-ko, 

44. falrar-ko rorarah, o bora am'ese ma am- 
bila-n*on; ko t6te lemp ka-\\ur ka ma-lsir-m*on ka 

45. Ko Yisua o pS ho: K^ne pon b6ra-mi-e? Ka 
nia na be na p^nsa, P6tar do an^ y'\ rondn na pa ho: 
Pa, an'-fam ha tihkane na tr()kas-mu, do ma pa ho* 
Kane pon b6ra-mi-e? 

46. K^re Yisua o pa ho: Wuni o poA b6ra-mi; 
Isa I tr§lne, fo a-fdsa na pon wur-mi. 

47. Ko mo ow'uni bom o nahk, fo o gb^H-he 
m^hkne, O der ra ka-yer, o gbap d'er ro-tof rodf-k'oh, 
trdri-ko rodi ka ah'-fam-be, ko tr'el tr'a sOm-ko 
b6ra-ko, de tro o yehk ma-der t6te lemp. 

48. Ko Yisua o pa ron(Jn ho : Wan b^ra, baki ka- 
but; ka-ldne-ka-mu ka pon y^hkas-mu; k^ne O-t^fgH 

49. Mo yi ras o-fof-e, w'llni ka o-ra-bomp ka 
ah*-set a-gbanne o der, o pa ron^h: Ow'^n-ka-mu o- 
b^ra pp>^'^fi; Ise so kira o-karmdko. 

50. K^re mo Yisua o Ircjl atse, o 16sia-ko, o pa 
ho: Tse nesa; lane gbo, ko tra yenk ma-der. 

5 It Ko mo won* do-sel, o tser-he w'uni 6 w'uni 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Lukas 9. 41 

won, tambe Petar, de Yakuba, de Yohan, de o-ka» 
de Q-k^ra ka Qw'^n bera. 

52. Ka na be na bok, na kulo tr§ka tr*o/). K^re 
kon* pa ho: Tie na bok! o tsfi fi, kere tra dfra 

53. Ka na sel-ko, lr§ka ma na tr^ra, fo o poh fi, 

54. Kere kon', mo O poh wura-na be, o wop aka- 
Ira-k'oh, o ts^Ia ka pa ho: Wan b^ra, \6kane! 

55. Ka ah'-hesam-h*oh ha k^Iane, de o y6kane t^te 
lemp; ko Q k^ne, kdma ha soh-ko r'a ra-di. 

56. Ko o-k(Jnlofali o wop ahd kom-ko; k^re kon* 
k^ne-ha, kama ha tse tr(iri w'Qni 6 w'dni, atrS poh 

Ara-Bomp 9. 

1. Ko ts61a rokfn an-lr'oKlr ha-rah, o soh-ha 
k§-lana de a-fcJsa tr^ka a-krifi be, de tr^ka ^^hkas 


2. Ko sOm-ha tr^ka trdmas ara-ba! ra K'uru, de 
tra r^m§r aha-trO. 

9. Ko pd rohSh ho: Tse na k^rene r*aka 6 r'aka 
ro-r'oh, pa yi-he ka-trak, pa yi-he a-gb^hfa, pa vi-he 
ka-bo, pa yi-he a-k^la, pa ^i-he s'uma trg-rah trgka 
w'uni k'in. 

4. De a-set 6 a-set ah^ na woh, ri-a tr^ma nah» 
de ri-a n§ wur. 

5. De a-fam be ah^ ls6 malane-nu, be na wur ka 
ka-petr ka-tsi, k6hkoh n§h so ka-bof ka atr'^trak-tra- 
nu tr^ka I'amasere roh^h. 

6. Ka ha wur, ha tas ka tra-gbom, ha tr^mas am- 
Bosra. de ha vehkas and Ira d'er 6 d*er. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

42 Liikas 9. 

7. K^re H6rod, o-T6lrark, o tral Irel 6 tr'el, aivA 
pon yO; de ketane, pakasife a-lom na pa, fo Y6- 
han pon yokane ka 'ra-fi; 

8. K^re a-Iom na pa, fo Eliya o pon lr()rine; de 
a-lom, fo k'in ka an'-N^bi ana-b^ki o pon yokane so. 

9. Ko H^rod o pa ho: Yohan, mine poA gb^la-ko 
'ra-bomp; k^re k^ne vi owe-e, trgka owe} I Iral ma- 
trel ma-wunon-e^? Ko o .y^ma nan'-ko. 

10. Ka ma an'-Som na pofi kSIane, 6a k^ne-ko 
ama-trei ma-b^na, am^ na pon yQ-e; ko yokane- 
na, y^fa n kon' de na son, na ko ra-d'er o-yenn, 
Ow^ falsi ka-pelr, akS 'a bontr Betsaida. "1 

11. Kere ma an'-fam na Ir^ra-lsi, na tran-ko; ko 
o m^lane-na, o f5far-na tr§ka ara-bal ra K'uru, de o 
r^mar and y^ma ka-r^mar. 

o «/ o o 

12. K^re ar'6tr ra trap ka-l^nke; ka an-lr'of^tr na- 
ran na fatrane, na pa rondn: Tser ar'unia, kama ha 
k^ne ka Ira-petr de ka tra-gbom, atr^ gb§tro, Aa 
lensane e-yia, de kama ha sdlone y'etr e-di; lla ano 
sa yi ra-d*er o-yehh. 

13. Kere kon' o pa roh^h: Nyah, yer-ha naii r'a 
ra-di. Na pa ho: Sa ba gbo Ira-bO tr'amdt de e-Iop 
ha-rah; t^mbe sa k(Jne sa waTs y'etr e-di tr^ka ah'- 
fara ahe be. 

14. Tsa ah'-rtini ha beka am'cjlo ma e-wul tr'am^t. 
Ko pa ka ah'-kardndi-h'oh: Yo-ha nah ha gbetgbetne 
e-kiki ya tra-gba tra-rah tr'of^lr, tra-gba tra-r§h tr'of^lr. 

15. Ka ha yO yah, ha yO-ha be ha gbelgb^tne. 

16. Ah'-lO ha-tsi o yoka tra-bo an-tr'am^l de e- 
lop aha-rah, o k§Ii rokdm, o ruba-tsl, o sim-tsi, o soh- 
tsi ka ah'-kar^ndi lr§ka bolr-tsi rodi ka ar'unia. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Lukas 9. 43 

17. Ka na di, de na be na n^m*ra; ka na jroka 
ama-gb^nti, am6 na pon tsia, ma beka tra-balai Ir'oftlr 

o o 

18. Ko pa yi, mo o yi o-r^mne kon' son, fo an'- 
kar^ndi na yi de kon*; ko o yif-na, o pd Hq: KSne 
an'-fam na pa ho mine yi-e? 

19. Na \ks\, na pa ho: Yohan, o-B^ptisla; kere 
a-Iom na pa, ho ma yi Ellya; de a-lom, ho k'in k§ 
an'-NSbi ana-b^ki o pon yokane so. 

20. Ko pa ron^n: Kere nyan, k^ne na pa ho 
mine yi-e? Ko P^tar o l^si, pa ho: 0-Masia ka 

21. Kere kon' o nal-na, o kdne-na, kama na Ise 
tr(Jri w'uni 6 wuni atr*ei atse; 

22. pa ho: Ow'^n ka Wuni o yi tra sdmpane 
ma-trei ma-Ial, de am-Bdki, de an-lra-bomp na ah'- 
Kohan, de arV-Fode na yi tra k^si-ko, na yi tra dif- 
ko, <^e yi Ira yokane ka *ra-fi ka an'-re*i an^ beka 

23. Ko pa ron^n be ho: Be w'uni 6 w'Qni o 
y^ma tram-mi, tra o sal an'-nesam-n*on gben, tra o 
yoka gb^nne ak'^ntr-k'on ka-pdnkine a-rei 6 a-rei, 
de tra o tram-mi. 

24. Tsa w*uni 6 w*uni qw6 y(^ma fiitia arV-hesam- 
n'on, tra dim-iii; kere w'Qni 6 w'dni owd dim an'- 
nesam-n*on tr§ka *ra-bomp-ra-mi, owe o trg futia-ni. 

25. Tsa ko ma-k^nya w'iini o ba-e, be o s(Jto nafi 
ara-rQ be-e, kere o dinne, tal(Jm an*-nesam-n'on gben 
na dima-ko-e? 

26. Tsa w'uni 6 w*uni. owd mo lap tr^ka tr^mmi, 
de Ir^ka as'ira-lra-mi, trdka owe Ow'an ka Wuni o 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

44 Lukas 9. 

Ira lap so, be o der ka an'-yfki-n'on gben, de na 
O-Kas-k'on, de fta ara-maleika a-sam. 

27. K^re I k^ne-nu tra-lsen, fo a-lom na yi katr(^n 
ka an^ Irgma an^, an^ gb^li-he nank ra-fi, ha na nank 
ara-bai ra K'iiru. 

28. Ko pa yi am'cJlo ma raa-re'i tr'am^t re sas ka- 
raran ka tra-fof ats6, fo o yokane P^tar, de Y6han, 
de Yakuba, o gbep ka an'-ron tr^ka r^mne. 

29. Ko pa yi, mo yi o-r^mne, ama-k^li ma ad'6r- 
r'on ma s^ke, de e-16pra-y*on e s^ke e-f^ra o-gbenla. 

30. Ko kgli, a-runi na-ran fia f^far-ko, an6 yi Musa 
de Elfya; 

31. And trtjrine ra a-yfki, na fof tr^ka *ra-fi-r*on, 
ard yi na tra fi ro-Yerusalem. 

32. K^re P6tar de and yi ron(Jn, ma-re ma bak- 
na; ka ma na t4me lot, ha nank ah'-yfki-n'oh, de an*- 
runi na-ran, and Ir^ma rohcjn. 

33. Ko pa yi, ma ha yefa roh^h, P6tar o pa ka 
Ylsua: Pa, o fino tra trdssu tra yi and, de sa Ira yo 
and Ira-ydfa tra-sas, k'in Ir^ka trdmmu, k'in tr^ka Musa, 
de k'in tr^ka Eliya; o tr'a-he alrd o pa-e. 

34. K^re mo o fof as'im atr6, a-bunl ha der, ha 
gbdpar-ha; de ha n^sa, ma ah'-runi ha-tsi ha won ka 

35. Ko r*im ra wur ka am-bunt, ard pa ho: Ow6 
yi Ow'dn-ka-mi owo-bdtar, tr^la-ko nan! 

36. Ka ma ar'i'm ra poh trel ka-fof, ha nahk Yfsua 
kon* son. Ka ha trahk, de ka ama-r^i ma-tsi ha tse 
tr^ri w'uni 6 w'uni tr'el 6 tr'ei tra atrd ha poh nahk. 

37. Ko pa yi, fo ka ah'-r^i ahd trdndo, ma ha tor 
ka ah'-roh, r'unia ra-lal ra gbdnne-ko. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Lukas 9* 45- 

38. Kq k§li, o-runi katrdh ka ar'unia q lak a-ron, 
pa ho: KarmiJko, I nemtene-mu, k^li ow'Sn-ka-mi 
Q-D(^si-nei; tsa o yi gw'dn-ka-mi son gbo. 

39. Ko k^li, o-krifi o wop-ko, de l^le lemp o 
w^na, de q k§na8-ko, ha ka-foir ka wur-ko, de pa bak, 
mo Q yefa rgniSn, ka-raran ka mo pon gb§mar-kQ. 

40. De I pon nemtene ah'-karSndi-'a-mu, k^ma fia 
wura-ko, kere na tdna-he. 

41. Ko Yisua o l^si, o p5 ho: ra-kom'ra ra- 
tsg-l^ne-tr'el ra-Wfti-tr*el! Ha a-l^ko r6ke I ba tra ;yi 
ronu de tra muyu-nu-e? K^ra ow'^n-ka-mu anc}. 

42. K^re mo Qyi ras ka ka-f^lrane, o-krifi o n^pane- 
ko ro-lof, k^nas-ko o-ban. Kere Yfsua o nal o-krift 
0-las, r^mar ow'ah^t, ko ,yentr-ko ka o-kas-k'on. 

43. De p§ k(Jntof^li na be tr^ka an'-f(isa na K'iiru 
ana-b^na. Kere nia na be na kab^ne tr^ka ama-trei 
be, am^ Yisua o yO-e, o pfi ka afi'-kar^ndi-n'on ho: 

44. N^an, bolr nan e-mera-*e-nu ka as'im alr^: 
Ow'^n ka W'Qni, ha yi tra j^entr-ko ka ama-tra ma 

45. Kere na tr§l-he ka-fof ak6, ka m^hkne-ha, ha 
ha Ise nahk-ki; de ha n6sa tra yif-ko tr^ka ka-fof ake. 

46. Ah'-lo ha-tsi a-n^ne ha won ka e-mera-*e-hah, 
k^ne ^i na toh o-b^na katrdh-ka-hah o t^si be: 

47. Ko Yisua, mo O nahk ah'-n^ne ha e-mera- 
'e-hah, o wop w'ah^t, o tr^mar-ko rayer-k*oh, 

48. Ko pa rohdh: W'Qni 6 w'uni, ow^ mSlane 
Qw'ah^t ow6 tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ah'es-'a-mi, minah o 
m^Iane; de w'uni 6 w'uni, owd ra^lane minah, o m^l- 
ane kon' ow(J pen sOm-mi. Tsa kon' owd y\ qAqI 
katrc^h-ka-nu o t^si be, ow6 o tra yi o-bSna. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

46 Lukas 9. 

49. Ko Y6han o Wsi, o pa ho: Pa, sa nahk w*uni, 
Qwc5 wura a-krffi ka ah*es-*a-mu ; de sa bentr-ko-lsi, 
pak^sife Q (ran-fe-mu de syan. 

50. Ko Ylsua o pa rofidn: Tse na bentr-ko-lsi; 
tsa w'uni 6 w'dni Qy/6 tr§nia-he-su kadi, o tr^ma-su 

51. Kere pa ^i, ma ama-rei ma pon lasar lr§ka 
Mlra-ko rokdm, am-mera-n'on na Ir^ma kfrin tr^ka ko 

52. Ko sOm e-l6tu roh^h ro-d*er kadi; anS k(5ne, 
na won ra ka-gbom ka au'-Samari, tr^ka benene-ko 

53. De na tse m^lane-ko, pak^sife ad'^r-r'oii ra 
lomane trgka ko ro-Yerusalem. 

54. Kere mo Yaktiba de Yohan, an*-kar6ndi-n'on, 
na nank ats6, na pa ho: Pa, ma ^6ma-i, fo sa kSne, 
kdma n'antr na tor ka ak'uru tr^ka dim-fia-i, mo Elfja 
pon yO-i? 

55. K^re kon* s§ke, nal-Aa, o pS ho: N§ tse 
tr^ra-i, o-Ruhu o-r^ke o tron-nu-i? 

56. Tsa Ow*6n ka Wuni o der-he tra dim an'- 
h^sam ha a-f§m, k^re tra futia-ni. Ka na k()ne ra 
ka-gbom ka-lom. 

57. Ko pa yi, ma na yi ka ka-ko ro-r'oA, Vuni 
lom p^ roni^n ho: Pa, I tsi tram-mu, ro ma ko be. 

58. Ko Yisua o p5 roncjn: E-sSleb na ba tra- 
y^nka, de e-bamp ya rok(}m na ba e-set; k^re Qy/'An 
ka W'uni o ba-he d'er, ro o gb|li botr ara-bomp-r'on. 

59. De ka o-lom o pa ho: Tram-mi. K^re kon* 
pa ho: Pa, tser-mi I kone ras, 1 mank o-kas-ka-mi. 

60. K^re Yisua o pa ron^n: Tser an'-fi na mank 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Liikas 10. 47 

aA'-fi-Vnan; Kere munon, kdne, ma Ir^mas ara-bai ra 
K'uru d'er 6 d*er. 

61. 0-loin so pa ho: I tsi Iram-mu, Pa; kere 
Iser-mi ras Ira I^mne an^ yi romi ro-set. 

62. Kere Yisua o pa rondh. W'dni 6 w'dni, ow6 
pon bolr ka-lra-k'on ra-mlhrat, ko o k^li e;y'^tr, ey^ 
yi roraran-e, o tie bgk ara-bal ra R'uru. 

Ara-Bomp 10. 

1. Ka-raran ka ama-trel ame o-R^bbu o lit so a- 
kar^ndi tra-gba trcj-sas tr'oWtr a-lom, ko o sOm-Aa 
na-ran iia-ran ron^n ro-d'er kadf ra ka-petr 6 ka-petr 
de ra-d'er 6 d'er, ro kdno-konone y^ma ko-e. 

2. Ko pa ron^n: Ka-rok ka yi ka-lal, k^re an'- 
kump na ;yi a-lan; trgka tsi nemtene nan o-Kas ka 
ka-rok, kdma o s6m'ra a-kamp ka ka-rok-k'on. 

3. Kdne nan; k^li, 1 som'ra-nu mo tra-k^ruf ka 
ka-tron ka tra-tdlu. 

4. Ts6 na kere a-y^mbe, pa yi-he a-gb^nfa, pa yi- 
he e-kdfla; de Ise na kdrl w'uni 6 w'uni ro-r*on. 

5. K^re a-set 6 a-set an^ na won, mot nan pa ho: 
Tra ma-ti}fal ma yi ka a6'-set an6! 

6. De be w'an ka ma-ldfal o yi rl, ama-tdfal-ma- 
nu raa tra tsia rokdm-k'oA; k^re be pa lie yi yan-e, 
ma tra k^Iane ronu. 

7. Kere tr§ma nan ka an'-set iia-tsi, de di nan, 
na mun ey*^tr, ey^ na son-nu. Tsa o-kump o b^ki 
an'-ram-n'on: ts6 na lune ka a-set n'in ha ka a-set 

8. De ka-petr 6 kci-petr ak^ na won, be na m^lane- 
nu, di nail ey'etr, ey^ na bolr rodf-ka-nu. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

48 Lukas 10. 

9. Y^hkas nan anS IrQ rl, de pa nan ron^n ho: 
Ara-bal ra K'uru ra poh fttrar-nu. 

10. Kere k§-pelr 6 ka-petr ak^ na won, be na ts6 
mMane-nu, wur nan ka as'cJn-tra-tsi, de p^ nan: 

11. Hali ka-bof ka ka-petr-ka-nu, akS gb^p'sa-su, 
sa n^si-ki tr^ka trdnnu; k^re tr^ra nan ats6, fg ara- 
bal ra K'uru ra pon fMrar-nu. 

12. Kere 1 k^ne-nu, fo atr*el tra ka-petr ka Sodom 
tra Ira y\ Ira-foMr'eT ka aiVrei' na-lsi, tra t^si alr'ei 
tra ka-petr ka-tsi. 

13. M'l^ne romti, niun* Korasin! M'(Jne romii, mun* 
Belsaida! Tsa be ama-^os ma-kab^ne, am^ ^one katr(Jn- 
ka-nu, ma pon* na y^ne ro-Tiro de ro-Sidon,§ 
pon' na tiibi t§pan, na ;ylra ka k'ota ka-k^ksa de ka 

14. K^re atr*ei tra Tiro de tra Sidon Ira tr§ yi 
tra-foi-tr'el ka an'-rei na ka-rok e-t(Jnka, tra t^si atr'ei- 

15. De inun* Kafamahum, ak^ n^trane hd ka ak'ilra, 
ha tra t6ra-mu ha ro-krifi! 

16. Ow^ Ir^la nyah, minah o tr§la, de Qw^ sal 
nyah, minah o sal; k^re ow(J sal minah, o sal kon* 
0W(^ poh som-mi. 

1 7. Ka ah*-kar^ndi tra-gba tra-sas tr'otttr ha k^lane 
ma-b^ne, ha pa ho: Pa, hali a-kr(& ha s^nne rosu ka 

18. Kq pa rQh^h: I n§hk S^tani o fumpo ka 
ak'uru mo g-n^ktine. 

19. Kali, 1 sQh-nu ka-t§na trdka na rok(^m ka e-bok 
de rok(^m ka tr'uh's, de tr§ka an'-f^sa be ha g-terane; 
de tr*ei 6 tr'el tra gb§li-he-nu b^h'sa. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Liikas 10. 49 

20. K^re fs$ na s^Iaoe ma-b^ne, paU^ife a-krifi 
ha sdnne ronu; k^re s^Iane D§n ina-b(^ii6y p§kS^ife I'la 
poa gbal am'6s-ma-DU ro-Ridnna. 

21. Ka a^'-gb^len lia-tsi Yisua o ^^sane ro-m6ra, 
de pd ho: 1 tok-mu, Pa, o-R^bu ka ak'dru de ka 
ao-tof; pak^sife ma maok an-ts^mpi de an-trdra-tr'er 
aina-trei am6, ma naibi-na ka a-fel. Ts^utsene, Pa, 
tsa ^e p§ t^sane-mu! 

22. 0-Kas-ka-mi o pon y^n(ra-mi tr'ei 6 tr*el, de 
yi*&ni 6 w'dni o trVhe, kane ^i Ow*^n-e, tiimbe o- 
Kas; pa ^i-he k^ne ^i o-Kas-e, tSmbe Ow'dn, de ken' 
ka Qvi6 Ow'^D ^6ma laaibi-lsi. 

23. Kq s^ke ka a6'-kar^ndi-n'en, e pa ren^n Aa 
sOn ho: E-for e-n^ri-tr'el )ran, e^^ n§nk ama-trel, 
am^ nydn n§ naAk! 

24. Tsa I k^ne-nu, fo a-N^bi de a-Bai a<gbM Aa 
y&msL DgAk ama-trei, am^ n^an na k§li, kere na ts@ 
n§nk-na; de Ir^ka tr§l ama-treT, am^ nyan n§ tral, k^re 
Aa ts6 tr§l-Aa. 

25. Ko k^li, o-karm(}ko k§ an-toJi ^6kane, o 
in^ni§r-ko> pa bo: £arm(^ko» ko me yO-e, kama 1 
B^iQ an'-n^8§ni a-fab^na-e? 

26. K^re ken' o pa roAi^A hg: Ko na pon gbal 
ka an-ton-e? Tro ma k^ran ri-e? 

27. Ko Usi, pa ho : Ma ^i tra b(}t§ra o-Rdbbu» 
Ok'uru-ka-mu, ka-but-ka-mu be» de aA'-n68§m-'a-mu be» 
de aA*-f(^8a-Vmu be, de am-m6ra-Vmu be; de m§ yi 
Ira b(^t§r o-fitrane-ka-mii mo an'-n6s§m-'a-mu gbeA. 

28. Ko pa TQhih: M§ poA l^i Q-16mpi; yO ats6, 
ko m§ tra 8(^to aA'-A6a§m. 

LulM. 4 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

50 Lukas 10. 

29. K^re kon* o ^^ma f^larne, ko o pS ka Yisua 
ho: K^ne yi o-f^trane-ka-mi-e? 

30. Ko Yisua o l^si, o pa ho: W'iini lom, mo o 
tor ka Yerusalem tr^ka ko ro-Y6riko, o f6mpo ka 'ma- 
!ra ma a-fam 'a ka-luk, and bus-ko senk, fia trSpas- 
ko, na kdne, na lrel-ko mo ho 0-fi. 

3t. K^re pa b^fiane, ko o-K6han o-lom o lor ar'6n' 
da-tsi; ko mo nan'-ko, las ro-r'on' day^r. 

32. Ye pa y\ so Ir^ka o-Leffli, mo o bek ka od'er 
o-wa-tsi, Klrar, o k^ii-ko, ko tas ro-r'on' da.yer. 

32. K^re o-Sawi^ri o-lom, owd y\ ro-bfas, o b€k 
ro yi-e; ko mo nan'-ko, i-n6T Aa wop-ko Ir^ka 
tr'on , 

34. Ko fMrar rl, o f^kar ama-lrap-m'on, o kusar 
ri m'^ro de ma-waln; ko mo o poii ren-ko ka ah'- 
sem-n'on gbefi, o k^re-ko ka a-sel a-b£ra, o b6lrar- 
ko am-m6ra. 

35. Ko ka aft'-r^T a-trdndo, mo y^f^ rl, o wiira 
e-dinar ye-ran, o son-yi ka o-kas ka an'-sel a-b^ra, 
pa ron^h: B6trar-ko am-m^ra; de r'aka 6 r'^ka ar^ 
ma pons pa tas ey^, 1 Isi k^la-mu-ri ka ka*kal-ka-mi. 

36. Kane ton katr^Jh ka an'-sas an6 ma n^ne, ho 
pon yi o-f^lrane ka Qyv6 fumpo ka 'ma-trd ma an'- 
fam 'a ka-Iuk-e? 

o o 

37. pfi ho: Kon* o>v(5 1r(5ri-ko i-nii. Ko Yisua 
o pa ron()h: K($ne> mun' so> ma yO mo als^. 

38. K^re pa yi, ma na yi ro-bias o woA ra-gbom 
ka-lom; ko o-b^ra o-lom, an'^s-A'on Mdrta, o m^lane- 
io roniJn ro-sel. 

39. Ow^ ba 0-wonlr o-b^ra, ow(} *a bonlr Mi* 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Llikas 11, 51 

riam; kon' o yfrane ka atr'^trak tra Yisua, o sua ka- 
fof-k'on e-lans. 

40. K^re M^rta o soli tr§ka k§-l^nki ka-la. Kq 
f^lrane, p5 ho: Pa, tra ba-he mu Ir'eT-i, fo o- 
wonlr-ka-mi o-b^ra o trel-mi, min' sOn, Ir^ka l^fiki-i? 
K^ne-ko ton, k^ma o mar-mi. 

41. K^re Yisua o l^si, o pa ron^n; Mdrta, M^rfa, 
ma s6li de ma kfrane tr^ka y'etr e-laT; 

42. K^re Ir'el ts'in tra y\ qItA na y^ma. Mdriam 
pofi lit ka-ber aka-fino, ak^ ta gb^li-he nolr-ko. 

Ara-Bomp 11. 

1. Ko pa yi, fo tra r^mne ra-d'er o-lom; ko mo 
pon, k'in ka ah'-kar^ndi-n'on q pa ron(5n: Pa, l^k*sa- 
8U ka-r^mne, mo Y6han o pon so t^k'sa ah'-kardndi- 

2. Ko pa ron^A: Be na r^mne, pa nan ho: Pa- 
ka-su, owo yi ro-Ri5nna, tra an*^s-'a-mu na y\ a-sam; 
Ira ara-baT-ra-mu ra b6k; tra ama-s^lo-ma-mu ma ;ydne 
80 ka an-tof, ma ma y^ne ro-Riinna; 

3. Yer-su l(Jko A Idko ar'4-ra-su ra-dl, ar^ b6ki; 

4. De ts^ra-su ama-trel-ma-su ma-las, tsa syan so 
8§ tser w'uni 6 w'lini ov/6 bunne-su; de Ise su w(}na 
ka tr'fl tra-gb(}sa, k^re w6ra-su ka Ir'el tra-las. 

6. Ko pa rondh: Be pa yi ho k'in katrdn-ka-no 
ba o-y^lki, de o ko rondn ka-ren dalr(5n, o pa roAdfi : 
Y^tki, bo-rai tra-b5 tra-sas; 

6. Tsa o-yafki-ka-mi, owd yi ro-bias, o port deir 
romf, de I ba-he r'dka tr^ka botr-ri rodi-k'oA; 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

52 Ldkas 11. 

7. De be p§ yi, ho ow(} yi ka an'-set rok6r o W5i, 
pa ho: T5e kira-mi! Na pon* to traA ka-rdre, de 
an'-fet-'a-mi iia yi romf ro-fant'r; I gb^H-be y6kane 
trdka son-mu-tsi. 

8. I kdne-nu, bdli o tra y6kane'he tra aon-ko, p§- 
k^sife yi o-y^tki-k'on ; k^re tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ka- 
gb^ti-k'on tr| y6kane, o so^-ko atrd o y^nia be. 

9. De I k^ne-nu so: T61a n§n, ka na tra soifi-nu; 
ten nan, ka n§ tra fir; gbatr n§6, ka laa tra kdntia-nu. 

10. Tsa w'dni 6 w'dni ow(5 t61a, o 8(Jto; de Qyfi 
ten, fir; de Qy/6 gbatr, Aa tra kdntia-ko. 

1 1 . O-kas o-r^ke katr(^6-ka-nu o mo l^nkha ow'^n- 
k'on a-sar-e, be o t61ir-ko ka-bo-e? Ta1(^m, be q 
t61ir-ko ka-lop-e, o mo M6klia-ko a-bok ka ka-b^laA 
ka k§-lop-e? 

12. Ta]((m, be o t61ir-ko ra-raes-e, o mo lafiklia- 
ko k'ulis-e? 

13. Tr^ka tSi be nySi'i, a6d yi a-]§8, n§ tr^ra kg- 
son e-b6ya e-ffno ka a6'-wut-'a-nu; t^msine o-Kad, 
QYii yi ro-Ri^nna, o tr§ sQh o-Rdhu o-S§ni ka and 

1 4. Ko wdra o-krifi, ow(} yi o-b6bo. Ko pa yi, 
mo o-krifi o pon wur, ow'dni o*b6bo o toU de aA^-f§m 
Aa kab^ne. 

15. K^re a-lom iatri^n-ka-naA ha pa ho: Pg yi ka 
ka-tra ka B^lsebul, o-ra-bomp ka aA'-krffi, fo witira 

16. De a-lom Aa yif-ko tr^ka tr'el trg-kabAne ka 
ka-rgntr, tr^ka m^mgr-ko. 

17. K^re kon', mo trira e-n6ne-'e-6aA , o pi 
ro^iiA: Ra-bal 6 ra-bal, be ma-pAtane ma woA rl, ra 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Lukas 11. 55 

tra y^se; de a-set 6 a-set, be raa-putane ma yvQh rl, 
ika fumpo. 

18. Dq be S^tani so o putane ki^no-kfinone, tro 
ara-bai-r'on ra gb^H tr^ma-e? Tia na pa, hg I wura 
a-krifi ka ka-tr& ka B^lsebul. 

19. De be mine wura a-krffi ka ka-tra ka B^lsebul, 
an'-wul-'a-nu a-rdni ka kdne na wura-na-e? Tr^ka tsi 
Ba-ndoe na tra ri^ka-nu an-t(Jnka. 

20. K^re be I wura a-krifi ka an'-sal na K'uru, ara- 
bal ra K'dru ra pon der ronu. 

21. Be o-runi o-f(Jsa, ow(} poo won y'etr e-tsima, 

btimar an'-kunk-n'on, e^*6tr-y'on e yi e-l(Jfal; 

22. K^re be o-runi, ow(J lasko tr^ka a-f(}sa, o 
d6rar-ko, de o lam-ko, o bus-ko ey*^lr-y*on e-tsfma 
be, ka ey^ o saline, de o yer ey'^ir-y'Qh e-luk. 

23. 0^6 (r^ma-he-mi roraran, o tr§ma-mi kadi; 
de owd l6nkla-he re minan, o sak. 

24. Be o-krifi o-las o pon wur ka w*Qni, o tas ka 
tra-lof lra-w6si, o ten d*er o-f6lane ; de pak^sife o tse 
ir-ko, pd ho: I tsi kdlane so ka an'-set-'a-mi , ro 

1 pon wur. 

25. Ko be der, o bap-iii 'a gbal de 'a y^si-ni. 

26. Ah'-lO o k^ne, o yokane a-krifi tr'am^t 
de r§n a-lgm, aii^ yi a-las na tdsi-ko; ka na won, na 
yira rt; ka ama-yi ama-l^p'so ma ow'dni ka-tsi ma s§ke 
ma-las ma tdsi ama-tr(}troko. 

27. Ko pa yi, mo W ama-trel am6, w*Qni bom 
katr()n ka ar'unia o n^tra ar1m-r'o^, p3 roniJn: K'or 
ka-m^ri-tr'ei kan, ak^ k^rene-mu, de am'^sa, am^ pen 
m^sar-mu ! 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

54 Lukas 11. 

28. K^re kon' o pa ho: Ank6, tra-lsen, a-m^ri- 
tr'ei hah, and Iral ar*im ra K'dru, de and wop-ri! 

29. Ka ma ah'-faiu na bar t6hklane, o tr§p ka-pa 
bo: Ara-k6m*ra are ra ^^i ra-las; na ^if lr§ka Ir'el lr§- 
kabane; kere na tra soh-fe-na a-l6ma, (dmbe ah'-l6raa 
iia Yona, o-N^bi. 

oO. Tsa mo Yona o sgke a-l6ma (rdka ah'-fam iia 
ro-Ninfe, ye Ow*dn ka Wdni o Ira yi a-l6ma Irgka 
ara-komVa are. 

3t. 0-bai o-bera ka an-tof ha ka-dlo tra yokane 
ka ah'-rei ha ka-rok e-t^hka re ah'-runi ha 'ra-k6m*ra 
are, o tra hap-ha; lla o yefa ka o-ldlane wa an-tof 
traka Iral ka-tsemp ka Suleimdna; ko k§.li, r'a ra-bdna 
ra yi and, ard t^si Suleimana. 

;i2. Aii'-fara ha ro-Ninfe ha tra y6kane ka ah'-rei 
aa ka-rok e-l6hka re ara-kom'ra are, ha tr§ nap-ha; 
l^a ha tubi mo Yona o poh gbair-ha ka-wdndi; ko 
kdii, r*a ra-bdna ra yi an(^, ard tdsi Yona. 

33. W*uni 6 w'uni, be poh mot k*ander, o bolr- 
htj-ki ra-d'er o-mdhkne, pa yi-he roraia ka ka-tiinta, 
kere rokdm-ka o-li§in§r wa k'^nder, kama ahd won 
ri na nahk am-m6ta. 

34. Ara-for ra yi am-m6ta ha ama-der. Be ara- 
for-ra-mu ra yi ra-l&6mpi, ra mdlar ama-der-ma-mu 
be; keie be ra yi ra-]as, ra sumas so ama-der-ma-mu. 

35. Traka t^i bdlrar am-mera, kama am-m6ta, ahd 
yi rok*6r-ka-mu, ha tse yi a-sum. 

36. Be am-moia na pen' to m6t§r ama-der-ma-mu 
be, ha ma ba-he d'er 6 d'er o-sum, am-m6ta na lr§ 
mot rl be, mo ho am-mota ha m6tar-mu ka ama- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Lukas 11. 55 

37. Ka mo yi 0-fof-e, o-Farisi o-lgin o nemlene- 
ko, kama o di vQh^h ra-^an; ko won, o gbelgb^lne. 

38. Ko mo o-F^risi o nank-tsi, o kaMne, pgk^sife 
mot-fe yakne, p6ta o di ra-yan. 

39. K^re o-KAbbu o pa roWn: Tsenlsene, n;ya a- 
F^risi, na gbdsa am-pdli de am-bol romul; kere ro-k'6r- 
ka-nu na la }''elr e-luk de ma-las! 

40. ^ya a-pank! Pa vi-he fokyn', owo b^mpa ara 
yi roraut-i, o bempa so ar^ ^'i rok*6r-i? 

41. K^re son nan e-boya ka ey'^tr, ey6 yi rok'6r- 
ka-tsi; kg k§li, r'aka 6 r'aka ra yi ra-fera lr§ka Ir^nnu. 

42. K^re m'(5ne ronu, n^a a-F^risi! Pak^sife na 
son e-^^ka ^a e-nana, de ya e-s6dab, de \a e-buma 
be, de n§ paine ka-rok e-t(inka g-Idmpi de ka-bdlar 
K'uru: ama-lrei ame na mar Ira yQ, de ama-lrel ma- 
lom n§ Ise mar Ira treir. 

43. M'^ne romi, n^a a-F^risi! Pakdaife n§ bolar 
ka-wan aka-lr(ilroko ka e-sel e-gb^nne, de e-k6ri ro- 
d'er o-gb^f§t. 

44. M'iJne romi, nya a-Fode de a-Farisi, n^a a- 
yOr! Pak^sife na ^i mo Ira-boma Ira-mahkne, de a- 
fam, an^ kot rok^m-ka-tsi, na lr*a-he-lsi. 

45. An*-l0 na-tsi k'in ka an'-fcarm6ko na an-lon o 
14si, pa roniiA: Karmoko; ka ka-pa-ka-mu as'im aire 
ma nal so i^ah. 

46. Ko pa ho: M'dne ronu so; nya a-Karmdko 
na an-lon 1 P§k6sife n§ r^nas a-fam tr§-r^na Ira-lrul- 
r^na, de nya-n^ane na gb6na-he tra-r§na n'in ria ama- 

47. M*(Jne ronu! Pak^sife na sal Ira-boma Ira ah'- 
Mhl de an'-kas-'a-nu na foa dif-iia. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

66 Liikas 12. 

48. Ts^nlsene» na son t'amas^re fo nya so na t^sa 
tr^ka ama-}'Os ma ai^'-kas-'a-Du; fsa nan ha dif-ha, 
k^re n^afi d§ smI tra-bdma-tra-Aah. 

49. Tr^ka tsi ka-tsemp ka Ktiru ka poA pft bo: 
1 tsi sOm roh^fi a-Ndbi de a-SOm, de a-Ioni na tsi 
ha tr§ dif, de a-lom ha tra bal-bal; 

50. K^ma ha yif ara-k6m*ra ar^ tr^ka anna-tsir ma 
ah'-Ndbi be, amS ha poh !oh kSbi ka ka-tr^pi ara-rQ; 

51. Ka ama-fsir ma Hdbel ha ka 'ma-fsir ma Sa- 
karia, qy/^ dinne katr(^h ka am-m^sbak de katr(^h ka 
ah'-h^kal: ts^ntsene, I k^ne-hu, ha tr§ ^if ara-k6m'ra 
ar6 tr^ka Isil 

52. M'(5ne ronu, nyfi a-Karmdko ha an-toh! P§- 
k^sife n§ poh noT ah'-s^po ha ka-tr^ra; n^a-n^ane na 
woh-fe rl, de n§ bentr ai\A ma wQii H. 

53. Kq mo fof ama-trel am6 roh^h, ah'-F6de de 
ah'-Fdrisi ha trap ka-bfi-ko ma-teke, de ha gbos-ko 
tra fof tr^ka ma-trei ma-laf: 

54. Na s§t-ko, ha ten tra lesa tr'ei ka ka-^§h-k'oh 
gbeh, kima ha gb^li na gb^ntir-ko. 

^Ara-Bomp 12. 

1. Ma ama-trel am4 ma ^()ne, de ma e-Hu) c-laf 
ya a-fam ha tdhklane, ha ha n^sane, o mot tr§p ka- 
pfi ka ah'-kardndi-h'oh ho: B6trar n§h e-mi^ra tr^ka 
e-gbit 3a ah*-Fdri6i, eyi yi ka-yOr. 

2. K^re tr'el 6 Ir'ei tra-gb^par tra yi-he, alr^ ha 
gb§li-he gb^pari, de tr'ei 6 Ir'el tra-m^hkne trg yi-he, 
atrd ha gb^li-he haibi. 

3. Tr§ka tsi, atr^ na poh pd ka ah*-sum, ha tr^ 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Lukas 12. 57 

tral-tsi ka 'ra-^an; de alrS na pon f61fala ro-]§ns ka 
'ma-kdnko, na tra tram-tsi ka e-set rokom. 

4. K^re I k^ne-DU, n}^a a-y^tki-'a-mi: Ts6 na nesa 
nan, aM dif ama-der, de aA^ gb^H-he ^0 so tr'el ka- 

6. K^re 1 tsi tr(Jri-nu, k^ne na yi tra n6sa-e: N^sa 
n§n ki/n' ow($ ba so a-f^sa tra ffta ro-Yah^nnama, ka- 
rfirah ka mo o pon dif: ank6, I k^ne-nu, nisa ngh 

0. Pa 3^i-he na tfla e-gb^na tr'amM tr^ka e-k(}pgr 
ye-rajfi-i? K^re h^li k*in ka Aan K'uru o p^Jne-he-ko: 

7. Ts^ntsene, h&Vi an'-fon n^Aene Aa tra-bomp- 
tra-nu na pon Idmas-na be. Tie na n^sa tsene, na 
t^si e-gbSna e-gb^i. 

8. De I k^ne-nu : W''uni 6 w'llni qhv^ mo gbitane* 
mi Toii ka a-fam, Qw'^n ka W'dni o tra gMtane-ko 
80 rodi ka am-maleika fia K'dru. 

9. K^re ow(^ mo p^nsane-mi rodi ka a-fam, na tra 
pensane-ko rodi ka am-maleika na K'uru. 

10. De w'uni 6 w'dni ow(J mo fof r'im ra-las trpa 
Ow'^n ka Wuni, Aa tra lS6ra-ko-ri; k^re 0W(} mo fof 
r'im ra-las tr^ka o-K5hu o-Sam, na gb^ii-he ts^ra- 

11. K^re be na k^re-nu rodi ka e^bare ^a e-set 
e-gbdnne, de rodi ka a-tr§-bomp, de rodi ka am6 rok 
e-t(}nka, ts6 na s6li, Iro, talj^m ko na ma f(ifane» 
tal(im ko na ma pa-e: 

12. TSa o-R^hu o-S§m o tr§ t^k'sa-nu ka an'- 
gb(61en Aa-tSi gben, ko ng )ri tra pa-e. 

13. Ko yi*Ani lom katri^n ka ar'unia o psi ron^n: 
Karm^ko, k^ne o-wontr-ka-mi, kama o ver-ini ak'^. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

$8 LQkas 12. 

14. K^re kpo* Q pa ronda: W'uni, k^n@ pon botr- 
mi tr§ka vQk aii-t(^nka, tali^in tr§ka ^er ak'^ katriJh- 
ka-nu-e ? 

15. Kq pd ron^n: S6bine oan, de biim§rne naii 
lr§ka e-fgr e-y^mari; Isa ah'-n^sam na w'uni 6 w'iini 
na ^i-ffi ka ka-la ka ey*Qir-y'Qi\. 

16. Ko f(5f§r-na a-l6mo, o pa ho: Ak'(}r ka w'uni 
iQin o-n^nla ka pon konias o-laT. 

17. Ko Q f(ifame, o pa ho: Ko me .yO-e? Tsa 1 
ba-he d'er, ro 1 gb^li t6nkia ama-komi-ma-mi. 

18. Ko pa ho: 1 tsi yQ alse; 1 tsi yosi Ira-funk- 
tra-mi, 1 tsi sa] tra-b^na alra t^si atse; de rt-a 1 tsi 
t6iikla ama-komi-ma-mi do e^'^tr-'e-mi be. 

19. De 1 tsi pa ka am-mera-'a mi ho: M^ra, ma 
pon gbompa ^elr e-lai tr§ka tra-ren tra-lal; f6lane, 
ma di, ma mun, m§ yo ma-b(}ne! 

20. Kgre K'uru o pa roniJii: Mun* pank! Tenon 
tratr^k na tra j'if-mu Ir^ka an'-ues§m-*a-mu ; do ey'elr 
ya-tsi, ey^ m§ pon b^nene, kane yi tra ba-^i-e? 

21. Ye pa )ri tr§ka ow(J gbompane gbo e-b^ne, de 
0W(5 tse yi o-n^nla lr§ka ama-lrel ma K'uru. 

22. Ko pa ka an'-kar6ndi-n'on ho: Tr§ka tsi I 
k^ne-nu: Tse na soli tr^ka an'-n'esam-'a-nu, ko r'aka 
ii§ ma di-e; pa ^'i-he lr§ka 'ma-der-ma-nu, ko r'^ka n§ 
jna won-e. 

23. An'-nesam na l^si y'etr e-di, de ama-der ma 
Idsi ^etr e-16pra. 

24. Kg.ii ngil e-w^ndema; na ma sak-he, na ma 
rok-he, na ba-he d'er o-bene, pa yi-he a-funk; k^re 
K'uru w(}nta-na; t^msine n^an na tdsi e-bamp q- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Lukas 12. .59 

25. Wuni r^ke kalrgn-ka-nu q laaa bar a-louk 
n*in ka kas^iia-k'on-e, hali q soli tr§ka tsi-e? 

26. Tr^ka [si, be na tgna-he ^0 hdii tr'ei tra-lol 
alrd tas be, ko lr*el Ir'a n§ soli tr^ka ama-lrel ama- 

27. Kgli nan ama-s6san ma ro-lal, ma ma ma bak^ 
el Ma ^0-fe ma-pant, de ma s^ram-he; kere 1 k^ne- 
nu, hali Suieimana ka an'-^iki-h'on be o tse 16pra mo 
h'in na amel 

28. Kere be R'uru o I6sir yan ak'eren ro-lal, ak^ 
tr§ma tenon, de aninan na fita-ki r§-t^nnur; t^msine 
Ira losir nyan-i, o nya na k§-l^ne ka-lan-i? 

29. Nya so, tse n§ yif, ko na ma di-e, ta](}m ko 
na ma mun-e; de Ise na gbak e-mera-*e-nu tr^ka tsi. 

30. Tsa ey'elr ey6 be e-b6na ya ara-rQ na tens; 
k^re o-Kas-ka-nu o Irara. fg na y^ma ey*elr ey^. 

31. K^re tens ngn ara-bal ra K'uru, ka ha tra 
b^ra-nu ey eir eye be. 

32. Tse nesa, mun' k'dli aka-lol, tsa pa tisane 0- 
Kas-ka-nii tra sgh-nu ara-bai! 

33. Tila nan ey'elr-*e-nu, de sgn n§h e-b6ya. 
Sdtgne nan e-y^mbe, eye tse kura, e-bene, eye gb§li- 
he pon ro-Ri^nna, ro w'uni ra-kel g Mlrar-he, de ro 
a-teru g Idsar-he r'aka. 

34. Tsa ro e-b^ne-'e-nu e yi, ri-ah e-mera-'e-nu 
e lr§ yi sg. 

35. Tra n§ yi a-s6nne ralr(}h ro-fi, de tra atr'^n- 
der-tra-nu tra m^ra, 

36. De nya-nydne yi nan mg a-fam, an4 kar g- 
kas-ka-han, ka ah'-l(Jkg and g tra kMane g y^fa ka 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

60 Ldkas 12. 

aA'-fdnta a-n^ntrana; k^ma ha kdntia-ko lemp, be o 
der, gbatr. 

37. £-boT e-m^ri-tr'el hah, and o-kas q tra b§p 
a-S(Jko, be der-e: I kdne-no tra-tSeA, fo tr§ s^nne 
ratri^n, o tr| yQ-ha 'a gbetgb^tne, de o tr§ der tra 

38. De be o der ka ka-b!^m§r ka tratrdk akd b6ka 
tr§-r§n, de be q der ka ka-bi)m§r akd b6ka tra-sas, 
b§p-na yan-e, e-boi e-mdri-tr*el nan! 

39. K^re a\M d§ trdra, fo be o-kas ka a-set q 
trdra nan, a-gb£len a-r^ke o-kel o tr§ der na/i, q tr§ 
8(}ko nafi, gb^li-be na tser-na 'a b^Ii an'-set-n'oA. 

40. Tr^ka tli, n^& so ^i nan a-pal; p§kdsife O^'^n 
ka W'dni o tr§ der ka a-gb^len, and n§ ts6 ndne. 

41. Ko P^t§r pfi roA(^n; Pa, pa yi tra trdssu m§ 
fof an'-l6mo an^-i, taliJm tr^ka na be so-i? 

42. Ko o-Rdbbu pd bo: Kdne yi ton o-kira o- 
Idne o-ts^mpi, ow(J o-kas o tra ren rok(^m ka ka-bor- 
k*on, tr^ka son-na e-ni-'e-nan ya y'etr e-di ka an*- 

43. A-bol a-mdri-tr'el won, ow(J o-kas-k*on, be o 
der-e, o bgp o yO tno alsi! 

44. TS^ntsene I kdne-nu, o tra reA-ko rok(Jm ka 
ey'^ir-y'oA be. 

45. K^re be am-bol na-isi o pfi ka ara-m^ra-n'on: 
0-kas-ka-nni o won tr^ka der, ko trgp ka-sap e-boT 
e^runi 6, e-bol e-b^ra 6, de k§-di 6, k§-mun 6, k§- 
tsfsne 6; 

46. O'kas ka am-boi na-tsi o tra der ka a-r6i, 
s6d tie kar-ko» de ka a-gb^len, and o tie trdra. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ldkas 12. 61 

ko trg gb§k-ko ratrijn, o tr§ b6tra-ko ama-tr^ma- 
m'on ka ka-troA ka ana-ts6-1dne. 

47. Am-bol Aa-tsi qy/^ poA tr^ra aina-s6lo ma 9- 
kas-k'on, k^re ow^ ts6 b^nene, de q^6 tse yQ mo 
aina-s^Io-m*on, na tra sap-ko ma-sap ma-lal; 

48. K^re ow(^ tse tr^ra-na, de qyt^ poA yQ ma- 
trel, am^ b^ki ka-sap, na tr§ sap-ko ma>sap ma-tan. 
W*dni 6 w'uni Qvti 'a pon son o-lal, 11a trg ^if-ko 
0-lal; de Qyi6 a-fgm na pon mSnkgr o-Ial, na trg bar 
gbo yif-ko o-lal. 

49. I poA der tra fak n'antr ka an-tof; de ko I 
j^ma-e? Kdnko na m^ra nan! 

50. K^re na ^i tra b^ptisa-mi a-b^pfis; de tro I 
k^tane ba na poA-e! 

51. Na ndne, ho I pon dcr tra k^ra ma4(^fgl ka 
an-tof-i? I k^ne-nu: be, k^re ma-p6tane. 

52. Tsa kdbi ka an'-lo aA6 tr'am^t rg-set 6'in na 
trg ba ma-putane» a-sas Aa trg putane Aa-rgA, de na- 
rgii na trg putane a-sas. 

53. O-kas trg piitane w'an duni, de w'an ddni 
trg pdtane o*kas; o-k^ra trg pi&tane w'an b^ra, 
de w'an b^ra trg pdtane o-kira; o-nikara trg put- 
ane 0-w(^sgr-k'oA, de o-w(^sgr trg piitane o-nfkara- 

54. Ko pS so ka aA'-fgm bo: Be ng ngAk a-bui^ 
Aa natr ro-pil, ng ^dnki pa bo: K^Akgl kg trg der-e; 
de pg yiJne yaA, 

55. De be aA'-fef Aa ka-dio Aa trg soA, ng pa ho : 
Pg trg won; de pg JiJne. 

56. Nya a-yorf Ng trira Ag-t((Aka tr^ka ad'^ ra 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

62 Liikas 13. 

an-!of de ra ak'firu; tro pa y\ na gb^li-he t(}nka tr^ka 
anMo an6-e? 

57. De ko tr'el Ir'a nya-ny^ne na t(}nka-he, alr^ 
yl tra-16mpi-e? 

58. Tr^ka !si, be ma kdne re o-l(5nka8-ka-mu ka 
O-ra-bomp, m^mar ro-r'oA, k^ma o tser-mu ma k(5ne; 
t^ni lin-mu ka om6 rok e-t(Jnka, de Qin6 rok e- 
tdnka yenlr-mu ka ara-boT, de am-bol o bolr-mii 

59. I k^ne-mu, ma gb^li-he \vur rl ko-ko, ha ma 
poA 80 ram an'-k<Jpar a-lol ana-l^p'so. 

Ara-Bomp 13. 

1 . AiV-lo Aa-t.^i a^Iom na b^par, hM kdne-ko tr^ka 
dn*-G^Iili, ama-tsir-ma-nan Pil^tos o poii kulun re 

2. Ko Yisua o ]^si« pa ron^n: Na n^fiane, ho 
afi'-G^lili ane na y\ a-fam a-Ias na i&si afi'-G^lili be-i, 
pakdsife na pofi s^mpane ma-lrei ma-wdnon^i? 

3. I k5ne-nu: De; k^re be na idbf-he, nya be na 
tra dfnne so mo ats^. 

4. Taldm an-tr'ofi&tr tr'am6l re sas fia-isi, bM am- 
btirag ro-Siloa na fiimpor, na dif-na; na nanane, ho 
aA6 na yi a-fam a-)as na t^si a^'-fam be-i, anS yira 

5. I k^ne-nn: De; k^re be na tubi-he, nya be na 
tra dinne so mo atie. 

6. Ko pa an'-l6mo an6: W'dni lom o poA fsep 
ka-gb(}no ka ak'(^r^k*oA ka e-Mn^; de der o tens 
rl ma-k6mi, k^re ts6 fir. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Lukas 13. 6S 

7. Ko pS ka ow(5 b^mpa ak*<5r ka e-tr6ne: Kp, 
tr^ka tra-ren tra-sas I der tra tens ma-k6mi ka ka- 
gb(Jno ake, de I tse fir: Irap-ki; ko lr*eT Ir'a ka Irdkas 
an-lof-e ? 

8. K^re kon' o t^si, o pa rondA: Pa, tser-ki k§ 
tr^ma so ka-ren ak^, ha I b^sar I botr n e-y^h^ah; 

9. De be o kOm ma-k6mi, o rtno; k^re be o ts6 
kom, ma gb^U trap-ki ka-raran-ka-tsi. 

10. Ko Q yi o-l^k'sa ka n'in na e-sel e-gb^nne ka 

11. Ko k§li, w'Cini bom o ,yi rl, ow(J ba o-krifi k| 
ra-tru tra-ren tr'oWtr tr'am^t re sas, o niisine 0-laT, 
gb^Ii-he p^ntne ko-ko. 

12. Ko mo Yisua o nah-ko, o liela-ko roi)(}A, 
pa rontfn: W*dm* bom, *a poh s^li-mu ka 'ra-tra-ra- 

13. Ko reA-ko ama-lra-m'ou, ko t^te lemp o 
tr^ma trdlon, de o yfkis K'liru. 

1 4. Ko o-ra-bomp ka an'-set a-gb^nne, Ow6 bSn'sa, 
pakSsife Yisua o pon ^^nkas w'uni ka ah'-S^bbat, o trap 
ka-fof, pa ka ar'iinia ho: Ma-r^i tr'am^t ro k'in ma 
yi rl tr^ka ka-yo ma-panl; tr^ka Isi ka ama-r6i ma-tsi 
der nan lr§ka ka-y6nkas-nu, tra pa (se yi ka an'-r^i 
fta an'-Sdbbat. 

15. K^re O-R^bbu o Wsia-ko, pa ho": Mon' ^yOrl 
Pa yi-he w'uni 6 w'uni katr(Jn-ka-nu o sali o-na-k'on, 
ta)(}m ah'-s6fa1i-n'oA ka am-midwad ka an'-S^bhat-i, o 
k^re-ko tr^ka muns-ko-i? 

16. De ow6, QYf^ yi w'an b^ra ka Ibrdhima, de 
OWii S^tani o pon sek, k^li, alra-ren Ir'oWtr tr'am^t 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

64 Lilkas 13. 

re sas atJ^, t\a ^i-fe tra s^lia-ko ara-S6ka ar6 ka an'- 
rtii na an'-S^bbat-i ? 

17. Kq mo poA pS ama-trel ain6» and tr^ma-ko 
k§di be Aa won ma-lap, de ar'uDia be na ba ma-b(JnQ 
tr^ka ama-trel ma-kabdne, amd o yO-e. 

18. Ko pS ho: Ko r'^ka ara-bal ra K'dru ra 
b^Iane-e? De ko r'^ka me l6mo-ri-e? 

19. Ra bdlane a-Iiika na ra'(^tagra, and w'uni o 
^6ka, botr-ni ka ak'(}r-k'on, de na li^ko na s^ke 
il'§ntr a-bdna, de e-bamp ^a rok(Jm na ^ira ka tra- 

20. Ko kal pa ho: Ko r'&ka me lomo ara-bai 
ra K'uru-e? 

21. Ra bdlane e-gbit, eyi w'uni bom o y<^ka, o 
runkatr-^i re e-tilinta e-sas ya a-gb^ra, ha e-gbit e 
pon fukas ka-bot be. 

22. Ko tas ka tr§-petr de ka tr§-gbom, o tra 
t^k'sa, de O tr§ ko ro-Yerusalem. 

23. Ko w*uni lom o pa ronton ho: Rdbbu, aAd futi 
ha y\ a-tan-i? K^re kon' o p& rondn: 

24. T^imne n§fi tra won ka ka-rare aka-tfnkane, tsa 
I kdne-ou, a-gbati na tr§ ten tra wQt ri» de na tr§ t4na- 

25. Be o-kas ka aii'-set o tra poA y6kaDe, O poA 
traA ka-rire, de be n§ tr§ pon trap kg-tr§ma rokdn de 
k§-gbatr ka ka-rdre, ka pa ho: Pa, Pfi, kintia-su; q 
Irj \&su Q tr§ pa ronu: 1 tr'a-he-nu, rike n§ yefa-e. 

26. AA'-lO na-tsi n§ tra tr§p k§-pa ho: Sa poA di 
lie 8§ mun ro-d'er-ka-mu kgdf, de m§ poA t^k'sa ka 

27. K^re Q tr| pa ho: 1 kdne-nu, 1 tr'a-he-nu. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

LQkas 13. 65 

r6ke na yefa-e; y^fa naft romf, nyd be and yO ma- 
trel ina-las-e! 

28. Ri-a pa tr§ yi kg-kulo de k§-nak-hak e-sek, 
be na tra nank, fg Ibrdhima, de Isdka, de Yakuba, 
de aii'-Ndbi be na yi ka 'ra-bal ra K'uru, k^re fo nyS- 
nyane na poA wura-nu. 

29. De na tra y^fa ro-t(}roA, de ro-pil, de ka ka- 
m^ro, de ka ka-dio, na tra gbetgb^tne ka Va-bai ra 

30. Kg k^Ii, a-l§p'so na yi ri, and tra y\ a-tr(}troko; 
de a-tr(Jtroko Aa y\ rl, and tra yi a-l^p'sg. 

31. Ka an'-r6i ha-tsi a-Fdrisi a-lgm iia der, fia pa 
ron^n: Wur, m§ y^fa an^; tsa H^rod o y^ma dif-mu. 

32. Kq p^ rondn: K(Jne nan, na kdne aA'-sdleb 
na-tsi hg: K^li, I wura a-krifi, de 1 rdmar a-fam t^ngn 
de ninan; de ka an'-r^i and b6ka ina-sas I tsi pon. 

33. K^re I ba ka-tas kadi ro-bias-'a-mi t^ngn, de 
ninan, de ka an'-r6i and trdndg: tsa tra gb^li-he yU 
fg g-Ndbi g dinne tdmbe ro-Yerusalem. 

34. Yerusalem! Yenisalem! Mun* gw(} dif 
ah'-Ndbi, de Qyi6 fitar and 'a s6m§r-inu ma-sar; tro 
e-l(Jkg e-lal I y^raa t6iikla an*-wut-*a-mu, rag k§-betr 
g t6nkla an'-fet-n*gh ka e-kufna-y'gn rata, de na 
y*ma-he ! 

35. K^i, na tra tsia-nu an'-set-'a-nu a-yenn. 
Tsentsene» I kdne-nu, fg na gb^li-he mi sg n§nk, ha 
ai^'-lg na der, and na tr§. pa hg: Tra Aa ruba Qyvi 
der ka an'^s na Yehofa! 

Luke. 5 

Digitized by LjOOQ iC 

66 Ldkas 14. 

Ara-Bomp 14. 

1. Kq pg yi, mo der ka an'-set na k'in kg an- 
trg-bomp na aii'-Fdrisi ka a-Sdbbat tr^ka di k§-bO, na 

2. Ko k^li, w'uni iQin qw^ ba ma-boisa, o yi rodi- 

3. Ko Yisua trap ka-f(^fgr au'-karm()ko na an-ton 
do an'-F^risi, o pa ho: 16nipi tra y^nkgs w'uni ka 

4. K^re liafi na trank. Ko i/vop-ko, o rSmgr- 
ko, do tser-ko k(}ne.^ 

5. Ko bar f<ifar-na, o pd bo: Be a-86fali tal(Jin 
0-na k§ w'tini katr^h-ka-nu o fumpo ro-bi-e, o mo 
wura-he-ko t^te lemp ka an'-r^i na an'-S^bbat-i? 

6. Ka na t4na-he I^sia-ko so tr^ka tsi. 

7. Ko pd a-]6mo ka and 'a pon miitsi ka a£i'- 
fdnta, mo nank ma na titane od'er owo-tr^troko» 
pa rondn ho: 

8. Be w'tini o niutsi-mu ka a-fdnta a-ndntrana, tse 
gbotgb^tne ka od'^r o^O-tr^troko; tdni, be o pon mutsi 
w*uni k' Si-yiki ow^ tdsi-mu, 

9. Kon\ Qy>'^ pon mutsi muno do k(^non, o der, 
pa romu: Son od'6r ka ow6; de an'-lo na-tsi mg 
tra trap nan ka-ba od'^r o-l^P'so mg won ma-lap. 

10. K^re be na mutsi-mu, k^ne, mg gbetgb^tne 
ka od*6r owo-lgp'so, kSma, ow(i pon raulsi-mu, be o 
der, pa romu ho: Ydtki, ndtras; an Mo na-tsi ma trg 
ba a-yfki rodi ka aiid gbetgb^tne re munon. 

11. Tsa w'uni 6 w'dni o\si ndtrane ro-m^ra, na 
trg tora-ko; de ow^ t6rane ro-mera, na trg ndtra-ko. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Lukas 14. 67 

12. Kq Q pa 80 ka Qwd pon mutsi-kQ: Be in§ 
benene ka-di ka ra-yan lal^m ka-di k§ rg-fol, tse 
miilsi an*-^'^tki-'a-mu, pa yi-he an*-wonlr-'a-mu, p§ 
yi-he an-ira-kom-'a-mu, p§ ^i-he an'-f6trane-*a-inu a- 
D^ola; t^ni na sq fia mutsi-mu so, na k^Ia-mu-tsi. 

13: Kere be in§ b^nene a-Mnta, mutsi a-m()ne, a- 
fam 'a raa-bal, a-f§m a-lr^lke, do a-f§m a-fil: 

14. Ko raa lr§ yi o-in6ri-tr*eT, — pakSsife na ba- 
be r'dka tr^ka k^la-mu-tsi ; — tsa na tra k^a-mu-tsi 
ka ka-yokane ka an'-16mpi. 

15. Ko mo k'in ka an^ gbelgb^tne re kon' o tral 
als6, pa TQii^h : O-m^ri-tr'el won, ow(J trg di kg-b5 
ka ara-bal ra K'tiru! 

16. Ko pa ron^n ho: W'Qni lom o benene a- 
f^nta a-b^na, do mutsi a-fam a-gbSU: 

17. Ko 8dm am-boi-fi'on ka an'-lo na an'-Knla, 
tr^ka pa ka an^ 'a pon mutsi ho: Der nan, tsa ha 
pon' to benene ey'elr be! 

18. Kere ha be ha trap k|-kdtrane tr'^re a-mera 
n'in. Owo-lr<}troko pa rohcjh: I poh wal k'or, de 
1 ba tra Yiur tr^ka k|li-ki; 1 n^mtene-mu, k^tra-mi 

19. De o-lom o pS ho: I poh wal e-par tr'am^t 
ya tra-nd, de i k(^ue trgka m^mar-ha; 1 n^mtene-mu, 
k^tra-mi k*6re. 

20. De o-lom o pa ho: I poh ndntra o-b^ra, tsfa 
ba-tsi 1 gb^li-he der. 

21. Ko am-bol ha-tsi o der, o tr{Jri o-kas-k'oh 
ama-trel am6. Ah**l0 ha-tsi o-kas- ka ah'-set o b^h'sa, 
pa ka am-boi-h'oh: Wur lemp, m| k()ne ka as'6h 
atra-bdna de ka as'oh atra-tihkane tra ka-petr, ma 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

68 Lukas 14. 

wiJna an^ am-m(5ne, an'-fam 'a ma-bat, an'-fam ana- 
tr^lke, de an'-fam ana-fil. 

22. Ko am-bol o pa ho: Pa, pa pon y(Jne, mo ma 
pon p5, de d'er o-tsin o ta to yi ri. 

23. Ko O-kas pa l^a am-bol ho: Wur, ma kdne 
ka as*6n alra-b^na de ka e-kunk, ma fiJsar-na tra won, 
kdma an'-set-'a-mi na lasar, 

24. Tsa 1 k^ne-nu, fo w'tini 6 w'dni ka afi'-runi 
na-lsi, an^ 'a pon mutsi, o gb^li-he tam an'-Knta- 

25. Ka a-fam a-gb^ti na paia-ko; ko o 8§ke, o pa 
roMn ho: 

26. Be w'uni o der roml, de be o gb^fta-he 0- 
kas-k'on 6, o-k^ra-k'oft 6, o-r6ni-k*on 6, afi'-wut-n'on 
6, an'-wontr-n'on a-riini 6, an'-wontr-n'on a-b^ra 6, 
halisa ah*-n6sam-n'on gben so, t^na-he yi o-kar^ndi- 

27. De w'uni 6 w'uni owd gb^nne-he ak'§ntr-k'on 
ka-p§nkine, tram-mi, o t§na-he yi o-kar^ndi-ka-mi. 

28. Tsa k^ne katr^n-ka-nu, ow(J y^ma sal a-burag- 
e, mo mot-fe ytra, o lom am'dlo-ma-tsi, be pa yi 
ba ey'^lr Ir^ka pohs-ni-e? 

29. T^ni, be o pon botr o-tr^mar-wa-lsi, de be o 
t§na-he pons-ni, an^ nank-tsi be Aa trap ka-sel-ko, 

30. Ka pa ho: Ow'uni ow6 o trap k§-sal, de 
t^na-he pohs-ni. 

31. Taldm, o-bai o-reke, owe} wur tr^a tsim o- 
bal o-lom-e, o mo mol-fe yira, o tramtr^mne, be p§ 
f\ ho kon*, owd ba a-runi e-wul tr'of^lr, t§na gb^ns 
Ron', owd derar-ko ra a-rdni e-wul ka-gba-e? 

32. Be pa tse yi yan-e, o som'ra e-t6tu, mo owo-lom 

Digitized by LjOOQ iC 

Lukas 15. 69 

yi r§s Q-b(}li po, n^mtene-ko tr^a sek ma-16mrane 
ma ka-k6riane. 

33. Ye p§ yi so, w'tini 6 w'uni katr(5n-ka-nu, Qy/6 
Irel-fe r'aka 6 r'dka, ar6 o ba, tgna-he yi o-kar^ndi- 

34. M'er ma yi r'a ra-ffno; k^re be m'er ma pon 
i^ntra^ ko r'aka na ma b(it§8a-na-e? 

35. Ma D^fa-he tr'el, p§ yi-he tr^ka a-tof, pa yi- 
he tr§ka e-y^nyah; na fita-na rokSn. Ow<} ba e-lans 
tr§ka tr§l, tra q tral! 

Ara-Bomp 15. 

1. Ka a-G^ssar de a-f§m a-]§s be na f^tr§r-ko 
tr|ka tr§la-ko. 

2. Ka an'-F^risi de ah'-F6de na f(^fne, na pa ho: 
Ow6 m^iane a-f§m a-l§s, q diaue-na. 

3. Kq q f(if§r-na an'-16mQ an6, o pa ho: 

4. Wuni r^ke katr^n-ka-nu, ow(} bd lra-l(Jme k'^me 
k'in, be o pon dfma k'in ka nan-e, o mo Irel-fe atra- 
gba Ir'anle Ir'oKtr tr'ara^t ro n'dnle ro-kanl-e, o k(5ne 
Ir^ka ten owiJ SiJkar, ha o fir-ko-e? 

5. Ko be pon fir-ko, o botr-ko ka e-k^nkla-y'on^ 
ba ma-b(Jne. 

6. De be o poA der ro-set, o ts61a an'-y^lki-n'on 
de an'-f^trane-A'on rokin, o pa ron^n: S^lane mi nan 
ma-biine; tsa 1 pon fir ka-]()me-ka-mi, owd s<ikarl 

7. I kSne-nu, fo ye ma-b(}ne ma tra yi ro-Ri^nna 
tr^ka w'dni l§s k'in qy/^ tubi, pa tas a-fam a-I6mpi 
tr|.gba Ir'anle Ir'of^tr tr'am^t ro n'anle, an^ tie ba 
tra idbi. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

70 Lukas 15. 

8. Tal(}m, w'uni bom reke, owd ba e-dr^kma lr*o- 
Ktr, be o yet a-dr^kma h'in-e, o mo mot-fe k'ander-c, 
gbal ah'-set-e, o b6ra ka-tens, ha o fir-ni-e? 

9. De be o pon fir-ni, o ts^la afi'-y^tki-n'oh a- 
b^ra de an'-ftlrane-n'on a-b^ra rgkin, o pa hg: S^lan^ 
mi nan ma-b()ne, tsa I pofi fir a-drSkma, ai\& I pon yet. 

10. I kSne nu, ye nia-b(^ne ma yi rod'^r ka am- 
maleika na K'uru k§di tr^ka w'uni las k'in, ow(} tubi. 

11. Ko pa ho: Wdni lorn o ba a-wut a-riini 

12. Ko owo-fet ka nan o pa ka o-kas-k'gn: Pa, 
son-mi an'-ni Aa ey'6tr, eye l6inane-mi. Ko o y^ra- 
na ey'^tr-y'on. 

13. Ka ka-r^r§ft ka ma-r6i noa-tan QVf'&n ddni owo- 
fet t6hkla ey'^tr-y'on be, o k(Jne ka a-tof a-b(}H, 
de rf-an o tnifla an'-k^la-n'on a-il^s§m a-ts^rne. 

14. Ko mo pons ah'-k^Ia-n'on be, d'or ra-bSki 
ra d^rar an-tof na-tSi; ko o trap ka-pafi r'aka. 

15. Ko k(^ne, p^ntrane k'in ka an-dure na 
an-tof Aa-t§i; qw^ sOm-ko ka atr*(}r-tr'on tr^a bumar 

16. Ko y^ma lasar ak*6r-k*oii e-w6la ya tra-bei, 
ey^ tra-sop na tr§ som, de w'uni 6 w'uni o son-fe- 

17. K^re mo o kal ka 'ra-bomp-r'on, o p^ bo: 
Tro e-bol e-gb^ti, an^ o-kas-ka-mi o poft yep, na ba 
tr§-b5 tra-lal Ira t^sar-fia, de mine 1 dfnne tr§ka d*or-e! 

18. 1 tsi yokane, 1 tsi ko ka o-kas-ka-mi, del tsi 
pa rohdh ho: Pa, I pon yO 0-l|s ro ka ak'tiru de rodi- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Liikas 15. 71 

19. De I be' -he so, fo ma bonlr-mi ¥^'an-k§-mu; 
yO-mi mo k'in ka e-bol-'e-mu, and ma poA yep. 

20. Kq yokane, o ko ka o-kas-k'oA. K^re mo 
yi r§s o-b(}li po, o-kas-k'on o ngA'-ko, de i-n6i i^a 
wop-ko, gbuke, o ttmpor-ko ro-lim, o mum§l-ko. 

21. Ko ow'dn pa TQiiih ho: Pa, I poft yo Q-l§8 
ro ka ak'uru de rodf-ka-mu, I be'-he so» fo ma bonlr- 
mi \¥'an-ka-mu. 

22. K^re 0-kas o pa ka e-bol-y'on ho: Wura n§fi 
ar'dma ard ta tesa, na woAs-ko-ri; de s6ra-ko D§n 
i-su ka ka-tra-k'on, na sek e-k(^fta ka atr'dtrak-tr'on. 

23. De kdra nan o-na o-^et o^Q-bols, ng fal-ko> 
de man di nan, ma yO nan ma-b(Jne; 

24. Tsa oWdn-ka-mi ow^ o fi, de kal k^li; o 
sikar, de 6a pon fir-ko. Ka na trap ka-yO ma-b()ne. 

25. K^re ow'dn-k'on ow(J-bdki o yi ro-k'or. Ko 
mo der, de mo fi&trar an'-set, o tral ka-fer de 

26. Ko tS^la k'in k§ e-boi TQiiih, o yif-ko, ko 
tr'el tr'a Ise !rg yi-e. 

27. Kon' pa ron<in: 0-wQntr-ka-mu o pon der, 
de Q-kas-ka-mu o pon fai o-na o-fet o^O-bois, pakd- 
sife pon s(ilo-ko so o-y^nki ma-der. 

28. Ko bdh'sa, o y^ma-he won. Tr^a tli o- 
kas-k'on o wur, o n^mtene-ko. 

29. Ko Idsi, pa ka o-kas-k'on ho: K^Ii, tra- 
ren tra-la! ats6 I tsi tsim-mu ka-m^nde, de I bun-he 
tdnkan an-ton-'a-mu, de m§ tse son-mi tabdna w'ir o~ ' 
fet, kdma I gb^Ii na yO ma-bi^ne re an'-ydtkt-'a-mi. 

30. K^re mo ow'dn-ka-mu ow6 o poA gbo der-e. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

72 LtJkas 16. 

OW(J pon pulki ey'^tr-'e-iDu re a-b6ra 'a kg-rap, ni§ 
pon fal o-na g-fet owo-bols tr^ka tr'on. 

31. Ko Q pa TQh^h: Wan, muno yi romi l(}ko 6 
Wko, de e)^'6tr ey6 1 ba be, muno ba-yi. 

32. Wmpi nan tra yQ ma-b(}ne; Isa g-wontr-ka- 
mu gw^ g fi, de g kal k^Ii; g sdkar, de na pon fir-kg. 

Ara-Bomp 16. 

1. Kg g pa sg ka an'-kar^ndi-n'gn hg: W'uni sarma 
0-lgm g yi rl, gw(} ba g-kfra; gw6 'a gb^ntir rgniJn, 
fg g lr| Irufta ey'^lr-y'gn. 

2. Kg g ts^la-kg, g pa rg6(}n: Ko tr'ei tr'a ts6 
atr^ I tr§l trgka tr^mmu-e? W6sa tr^ka 'ma-kira-ma- 
mu; Isa m§ gbgli-he sg ba 'ma-ki'ra ma ey'^tr-'e-mi. 

3. Kg g-ki'ra g pa ka am-m^ra-n'gn: Ko me yO-e, 
pgk^sife g-kas-ka-rai g nolr-mi ama-kira-e? Igb^Ii-he 
beg, de I lap trgka t6Ia. 

4. I tr^ra, ko I ba kg-yg-e, kama na m^Iane-mi k^ 
e-set-'e-nan, be na wura-mi ka ara-kira. 

5. Kg g ts^la rgniJn w'uni 6 w'uni, gw(J ba kg- 
ram g-kas-k*gn, de g pa ka gwg-trdlrgkg: Tro mg ba 
kg-ram g-kas-ka-mi-e ? 

6. Kg g pa hg: E-k6fis k'^me k'in ya m'^ro. Kg 
g pa rgn^A: Yoka an'-r6ka na ara-bel-ra-mu, mg yfra 
lemp, mg gbal tra-gba trg-rgn tr'gfttr. 

7. Ka-rdrgn-ka-tsi g pa ka g-lgm hg: Mung, tro 
mg ba kg-ram-e? Kgn' g pa hg: E-kor k'^me k'in 
ya a-hinta. Kg g pa rgncin: Yoka an'-r6ka na ara- 
l)eT-ra-mu, mg gbal trg-gba Ir'dnle. 

8. Kg g-kas g k61o g-kira g-k^na, pak^sife g yo 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Lukas 16. 73 

ka-lsemp; tsa an'-wut fia ara-rQ ar^ na y\ a-Jsempi iia 
t^si an'-wut na am-m6la katr(}n ka ara-kom'ra-ra-i^an. 

9. De I k^ne-nu ho: S^tgne nai^ a-m^ne ka ain'Sm- 
mon ma ma-k§.na, kama na m^lane-nu ka 'ma-yira ma- 
tab^na, be ah'-n6s§m-'a-nu ua poA. 

10. Owii ba a-Une tr^ka o-tan, o ba so a-I^ne 
tr^ka o-Iai; de qy/^ ba ma-k^na tr^a o-(an> ba sq 
ma-kdna trdka o-Ial. 

11. Tr^ka tsi, be n| ba-he a-I^ne tr^ka am*^mmon 
ma ma-k^na, k^ne ma mSnkar-nu e-n^nla ysi tr§- 

12. De be na ba-he a-Mne tr^ka e^'^tr e-ya w'lini 
tsel, kfine ma son-nu ey'6lr e-ye-nu-e? 

13. A-bQi 6 a-boT o t^na-he tsim ka-m^nde ka 
a-kas ina-ran; tsa be pa yi yah-e o tr§ gb^na ok'in, 
de tra b^tar o^O-loni> ta](}m q tra gb^psa ok'fn, de 
Q tra f^nfaras o^O-lom. N| gb^ii-he l^nki K'uru de 

14. Ka an'-F^risi, aM b<itar a-k^Ia, na so na tr§I 
ama-trel am6 be> de na sel-ko. 

15. Ko pA ron^A: Nyd yi tsi, a6d w^hs'ne ma- 
16mpi rodi ka a-fam; k^re K'uru o Ir^ra e-m6ra-'e-nu; 
tsa atr^ a-fam na k61o, K'uru o gb^Aa-tsi. 

16. An4on de ai^'-N^bi na b6k ba ka Y6han; k^bi 
ka an'-lo Aa-tsi na tr^m§s ara-bal ra K'dru, de w'uni 
6 w'uni y(Jna-ri a-f(Jsa tr^a woA rl. 

17. K^re ta fol-tr'el, fo ak'uru de an-tof na 
dfDoe> de fo a-gbal a-lol na an-ton i&a t^pe. 

18. 0-wos 6 wos ow(J tser o-rdni-k'on, o n^ntra 
O-lom, yo ^-rgp> de o-runi 6 runi o^<^ nSntra Qyn^ 
Q-wos-k'on pon tser-e, o yO J^g-rfp. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

74 Ltikas 16. 

19. W'uni s^rma o-lgm o yi rl, ow(} 16psirne e- 
16pra ya ka-firfir de ya ka-b6sus, de QVi^ yO ma*b(Jne 
ma-bSna a-r6i 6 a-r^'i. 

20. Ko w'uni m^ne o-lom o yi rl, an'es-h'on li- 
saros, ow(J 'a botr ka ka-rdre-k'on, o l5 tra-sam, 

21. De y^ma n^m'sgrane ama-gb^nti, ami fumpo 
ka am-m^sa j^a ow'iini gwo-s^rma; halisa e-tr|n sq na 
der, na t^mas tra-sam-tr*Qn. 

22. Ko p§ y6ne, fo ow'uni owo-m(Jtie o fi, de fo 
am-maleika na k^re-ko ka an'-k§patr na Ibr^hima: kere 
gw'uni owo-s^rma kgn' so fi, na mahk-ko. 

23. Ko rao i^kti e-for-y'on ro-krifi ka tra-s(^mpane 
tr§-ban, o nank Ibr^hima o-b(}li po» de Lasaros ka 

24. Ko is^la, pd ho: Ibr^bima, Pa-ka-mi, bd- 
mi i-nei\ de sOm Lasaros, kama o ra§t ad'^r ra an'- 
s§l-n'on ro-m'antr, o toflas ara-mer-ra-mi; tsa I si^ni- 
pane o-ban ka an'^ntr na-m^ra an6! 

25. K^re Ibr^hima o pS ho: Wan, nSne, fo niuno 
pon 8(Jlo ey*^lr-'e-mu e-fino ka an'-nis§m-'a-mu' ro- 
ro, ye p§ yi so Lasaros o 8(5to ey'^lr e-las; k6re ak6 
idnon, na befat-ko> de mdnon, na s^mpa-mu o-ba6. 

26. Hdiisa, na pon botr o-kah o-b^na katr<in ka 
sydn de katr()n ka nydn; ha and y^ma na y^fa ang 
tr^ka f§si ronii ro-in(^ri, na gb^li-he, de na so and y^ma 
na y^fa roydn tr^ka f^si nosu no-m(^ri, na gb^li-he. 

27. Ko pa ho: Mo p§ yi yan-e, 1 n^mtene-mu 
ton, Pa, kama ma som-ko ka an'-set na o-kas-ka-mi; 

28. Tsa I ba a-wontr a-runi tr'amdt, kama o man- 
na O'lel, tdni na so na der ka od'^r qy/b wa k§- 
s^mpane ka-ban. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Lukas 17. 75 

29. Kq Ibr^hiina o pa vQh^h: I^a ba Musa de ah'- 
N^bi, tra ha tr^la ah^h. 

30. K^no pa ho: Ye tdho, Ibr^hima, Pa-ka-mi; 
k^re be k'in ka ah'-fi o ko na rgh^h, ha tr§ ttibi. 

31. K^re kon' o pa ho: Be ha tr§Ia-he Musa do 
ah'NSbi, ha gb^li-hg so t(^Dto-ha tra I^do, h^Ii k'in 
ka ah'-fi o tra yokano nah. 

Ara-Bomp 17. 

1. Ko pa ka ah'-kardndi-h'oh ho: P§ gb§]i-he 
yi fo ma-trel ma-gbdsa ma tse der; k^re m'(}ne ka 
0W(} 80m-ha. 

2. Pa tra ffsa-ko nah, be ha gbak nah a-sar a- 
gb(}la a-bana ka ka-lino-k'oh, ha fita-ko ro-bah, de fo 
b6lra k'in ka ah*-lol ahe tr'el Ira-gb^sa. 

3. B6tr§r nah e-m^ra. Be o-wontr-ka-mu o bunne- 
mu, hal-ko; ko be o tubi, tser-ko. 

4. De be o bunne-mu e-ldko tr'am^t de r§h ka a- 
rei h*in, de o k^Iane romt^ e-l^ko tr*ami^t de rah ka 
a-r^i h*in ka pa ho: I tubi; ma yi tra tl^ra-ko-tsi. 

5. Ka ah'-Som ha pa ka o-R^bbu: Bar ka-I^ne- 

6. Ko R^bbu pa ho: Be n§ ba nah k^-l^ne, 
be p§ yi gbo mo a-luka ha m'i^tsara, na gb§li na pa 
ka ah'-ts6maTs ahe: Tusine, ma ts^pne ro-bah; ka ha 
tr§ trdla-nu nah. 

7. K^re w'uni r6ke katr^h-ka-nu , be o ba a-bol, 
0W(} h^ras a-tof, taWm qy/^ wiJnta y'etr e-lrol, O tr§ 
pa rohdh, be o y^fa ro-k'or ho: Der ba t^te Jemp, 
ma gbetgb^tne-e? 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

76 Lukas 17. 

8. K^re pa yi-he Q tra pd TQU^n ho: B^nene arS 
1 yi tra di t^non ra-fgl, de s^nne ratri^n, mg l^nki- 
mi, hd I pon di, 1 mun; ka ka-rdr§n-ka-tsi mtiDQ yi 
tra di de tra mun-i? 

9. Pa yi ho mo mutsi am-bol na-tsi m'Smo-i, 
pgk^sife poll yo ama-trei amd na kSne-ko-i? 1 n^ne- 
he yan. 

10. Ya nySn sg, be na poA yO tr'ei 6 tr'el 6a 
kdne-nu, pa nan ho; Sya e-boi s§ ts6 ba k'es^te; 8§ 
poA yO gbo, alr6 sa yi na tra yO. 

11. Ko pa yi mo o ko ro-Yenisalem, o tas ka ka- 
iTQh ka SanQ&ria de ka Galilaia. 

12. Ko mo won r§ ka-gbom k§-lom, a-runi n' 
e-rom tr'of^tr na gb^nne-ko, an^ tr^rna Q-h^li po. 

13. Ka na iidtra as'im-tra-nan, na pa ho: Yisua^ 
Pa-ka-su, ba-su i-nii! 

14. Ko mo nank-na, o pd ho: K(}ne ngn, n§ 
tr(^rine ka an'-K6han. Ko pa yi, ma na yi ka ka- 
k(ine» Aa s^ke a-f6ra. 

15. Ko k'in ka Aan, mo n§iik, fo o poii ye&k 
ma-der, o k^iane, O yi'kis K'uru r'im ra-b^na, 

16. Ko ghgp d'er ro-tof ka atr'^trgk tra Yisua, 
mutSi-ko m'Smo; de k(Jno yi o-Samiri. 

17. Ko Yisua o I^si, o p& ho: P§ yi-he an-tr'of^tr 
na pon s^ke a-f<6ra-i? K^re an-tr'amSt ro n'anle r6ke 
na yi-e? 

18. !Na bap-fe a-lom, aAS k^lane tr^ka son a-yfki 
ka K'uru-i, tdmbe o-tsik ow^-i? 

19. Ko pd TQh^ti ho: Y6kane, ma k(}ne; ka- 
l^ne-ka-mu ka pon y^nk§s-mu! 

20. Ka ma an'-F^risi na yif-ko, a-l^ko r6ke ara- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ltikas 17. 77 

bal ra K'uru ra ma der-e, o l^sia-na, o pa ho: Ara- 
bal ra K'uru ra der-hg hd na gb^Ii k^li-ri: 

21. De na tra pd-he ho: K^li, ra \i an(^! tal^m, 
k^li, ra yi ro! Tsa k^li, ara-bal ra K'uru ra yi rok'6r- 

22. Ko p& ka ah'-kar^ndi-n'ofi ho: Ama-r^i ma 
tra der, ma n§ tra y^ma nank n'in na ama-r^'i ma 
Ow'^n ka W'uni, de na tra tse n§nk-hi. 

23. Do TiQ tra pa ronu ho: K^li an(}; tal()m, k§li 
ro: tse n§ k^ne, do ts6 na Iran. 

24. Tsa mo k|-ndktine ka-nak-nak ka mot ka am- 
b^l§ii an^in na ak'uru ror^ta ha ka am-b^Ian ana-lorn 
na ak'uru rorata; yo Ow'6n ka Wtini o tra yi so ka 

25. Kere o miJta yi Ira s(}mpane ma-trel ma-lal, 
de ara-kom'ra are ha y\ tra k^si-ko. 

26. De mo pa y\ ka ama-r6'i ma Noah, ye pa ma 
yi so ka ama-rei ma Ow'^n ka Wtini: 

27. Na tra di, ha tra mun, ha tra n Antra, ha tr§ 
bdla, ha ka ah-r^i, ahd Noah o ^Oh ka ak'uma, de 
ama-gb6ntoDi ma der, ma dim-ha be. 

28. De mo p§ yi so ka ama-rei ma Lot: ha tr| 
di, ha tra mun, ha tr§ wal, ha tra tila, ha tra tsep, 
ha tra sal; 

29. K^re ka ah'-r^T, ah6 Lot o wur ro-S6dom, 
k'oin k§ n'antr de k§ s'iilfar ka tor ka ak'uru, ka dim- 
ha be. 

30. Mo ats6 p§ tra yi ka ah'-re'i, mo Qvv'^n ka 
Wdni Ira trcjrine. 

31. Ka ah'-r6i ha-tsi, owiJ yi ka ah'-set rok(Jm, 
de ow(J ba ey'^tr-y'oh ka ah'-set rok'6r, tr' o tse tor 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

78 Ltikas 18. 

tr^ka ban-yi; ye pa y\ so tr|ka ow<} yi ro-k'or, tr* o 
tie k^lane ka ey'^tr, eyi yi rorSran. 

32. N^ne nafi g-r^ni ka Lot. 

33. W'iini 6 w'uni owd ten tra futia an'-n6s§m- 
n'on, tra dim-ni; de w'uni 6 w'uni qw(5 dim-ni, o 
tra b^ne-ni. 

34. 1 k^ne-nu: Ka-tratr^k ka-tsi a-rtini na-ran na 
tra yi r§ ka-fanl'r k'in; na tra y6kane ok'fn, de na tra 
Irei owo-lom. 

35. A-b^ra na-ran na tra yi a-gbol rokln; na tra. 
y6kane ok'fn, de na Ira trel owo-lom. 

36. Na-ran na tra yi ro-k'or; na tr§ yokane ok'fn, 
de fta tra trei owo-lom» 

37. Ka na l^si, na pa TQhih ho: R^ke, Pa-e? Ko 
pa rgn^n hg: Ro a-yifa na yi, rf-a e-yiba na ma 

Ara-Bomp 18. 

1. Ko pd so a-l6mo ron^n tr^ka tr6ri-na, fo a- 
fam na yi tra rl^mne I^ko 6 l(}ko> de fo na tse yi 
tra tser tra-bnt-tra-nan tra r^ntra; 

2. pa bo: 0-ka-rok e-t^nka o-lom o yi ra ka- 
petr ka-lom, owd ts6 n^sa K'uru, de owd tse tr^ra 
w'uni r'aka. 

3. Kere o-b6ra o-b^ra o-lom o yi ka ka-petr ka- 
tsi; owe o der rondn, o pa ho: Tr§ma mi roraraii 
tr§ka o-tdnkas-ka-mi. 

4. A-ldko a-wdni o selo-he; kere ka-raran-ka-tsi 
pa ka am-mera-n'oh ho: Hali 1 tse n^sa K'tiru, de 
pa tse yi 1 tr^ra w'uni r'aka; 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ltikas 18. 79 

5. K^re pakdsife o-b6ra o-b^ra ow6 o k^6ne-mi, 
I tsi r^ka-ko; kdma o ts6 der Idko 6 l(}ko o gb^tis-mi. 

6. Ko o-R6bbu pa ho: Tral nan alr^ o-ka-rgk 
e-t(Jnka ka ma-k^na o pd-e! 

7. De pa yi-he K'uni o mo r^ka an-lil-n'on-i, and 
s^1ar-ko e-ron ra-yan de tratr6k-an-i, de pa yi o mo 
won Ir^ka IraAfi^n-i? 

8. 1 kSne-nu, fo o Ira (simgne tra r^ka-Aa. K^re 
be Ow'dn ka W'uni o der-e, p§ y\ q mo bap k|- 
16ne ka an-tof-i? 

9. Ko fdf§r a-Iom, an^ l^nene, ho na ^i a-16mpi^ 
de aA^ sal a-lom, o pa an'-l6mo an6 ronAn ho: 

10. A-fam na-raii Aa gbep ro-h^kal tr§ka r^mne» 
Ok'in yi o-F^risi, de owo-lom o vi o-G^ssar. 

11. 0-F^risi tr^ma t6ko, rdmne mo atse: 
K'uru, I mutsi-mu m'^mo, fo I ts6 yi mo a-fam a-lom 
fia yi, mo a-fam 'a ka-luk, mo a-fam a-k^na, mo a- 
fam 'a ka-rap, taldm mo o-G^ssar o-nam ow6! 

12. 1 wop a-sum ma-ran a-sobua 6 sobua, de I 
wtira e-y^ka ya ar^ 1 ba be. 

13. Ko o-G6ssar o Ir^ma o-b(Jli po, m<nla-he 
Ira l^kti e-for-y*on rok(5m; k^re siitne an'-k^patr- 
A'on ka pa ho: K*uru, ba-mi i-n^i, min' w'uni 
l§8-e ! 

14. I k^ne-nu, fo w'uni ow6 o lor ka an'-set- 
n'on, na son-ko ma-mari pa las owo-Iom: tsa w'uni A 
w'uni o^(J n^trane ro-m^ra, na tra t6ra-ko; k^re owtf 
t6rane ro-mera, na Ira Mlra-ko. 

15. Ka na kdra tra-lent ron(Jn, kama o b6ra-na; 
k^re ma an'-kar^ndi-n'on na nank-tsi, na w^har-na. 

16. Kere Yisua o ts61a-na roncjn, o pa ho: Tser 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

80 Ltikas 18. 

nan aiV-fet na der romf, de tsfi na bentr-na; tsa a- 
wunoh na ba 'ra-bai ra K'uru. 

17. I k^ne-nu tra-lseh: W*uni 6 w'uni ow(J ts6 
m^Iane ara-bal ra K'uru mo w*ah^t-e, o gb^li-he woA 
n kg 6 kg. 

18. Kq o-ra-bomp o-lom o yif-ko, o pa ho: Kar- 
in(}ko o-fino, ko mo yO-e, kama I s<}to an'-n^sam a- 

19. Ko Yisua o pa roftcjn ho: Ko tr'el Ir'a ma 
mulsi-mi o-ttno-e? Wuni 6 w*uni o yi-he o-fino, 
t^mbe k'in, K'dru k^non; 

20. Ma Ir^ra e-lon: Tl6 yQ ka-rap; ts6 dif; tie 
keia; tse son I'amas^re lr§ ra-;yem; k6Io o-kas-ka-mu 
do o-k^ra-ka-mu. 

21. K^re kon' o pa ho: Ama-trel ame bo 1 pon 
wop kdbi ka 'ra-fet-ra-mi. 

22. Ko mo Yisua o tral atse, o pa ron^n ho: IM§ 
ta to p^ni tr'el ts'in: tfla r'aka 6 r'aka ar^ m§ ba, m§ 
yer-Ti katrdn ka am-mdno, ko ma tra ba o-b^ne ro- 
ri^nna; ka-rarah-ka-tsi der, ma tram-mi. 

23. Kere mo o tral alse, o won a-mol a-b6na; tsa 
ba e-n^nla o-gb^ti. 

24. Ko mo Yisua o nank, fo o pon won a-mol 
a-bdna, o pa ho: Tro pa yi o-b^ki tr^ka aM ba e- 
n^nla tra won ka 'ra-bai ra K*uru-e! 

25. Tsa ta foi-tr'el trdka a-y(Jkome tra s^nto ka 
a-fenk na a-s^ni, de tr§ka w*uni s^rma tra won ka 
'ra-bal ra K*uru. 

26. Ka aM tr|l ats6, na pa ho: K^no gb^li to 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Lukas 18. 81 

27. Kere kon' o pd ho: Ama-treT am^ Usi aA'-f(isa 
lia a-fam, ma tsfi tas ah'-fosa na K'uru. 

28. Kq Pet§r o pa bo : K^li, sy^ s§ pon trei r'aka 
6 r*aka, sa tram-mu! 

29. Ko pa ron^n ho: I k^ne-nu tr§-lsen, fo w'uni 
6 w'uni yi-he, he o pon Irel a-set, lal^m aM kom- 
ko, tal^m a-wontr, tal^m o-r^ni, taliJm a-wut tr^ka 
'ra-bomp ra**ra-hai ra K*uru, 

30. Ow(J kal-he s^Iq am'(Jlo-ma-tsi e-ldko e-lal ka 
an'-lO an^, de au'-n^s§in a-tah^na ka 'ra-ra ar^ ma 
der-e ! 

31. An'-lO na-tsi o y6kane an-tr'of^tr na-raii, o 
pa ron^ri: K§li, saira gbep ro-Yerusalem, de ama-trel 
bo, am^ an'-N^bi na pon gbal tr^ka Ow'^ ka W'uni, 
ma tra pon. 

32. Tsa na tra yenlr-ko ka an'-K^fri, do na tr§ 
sel-ko, na tra nal-ko^ na tra tuf§r-ko, 

33. Do be na pon s^pa-ko k'otr, ha tr§ dif-ko, do 
ka ah'-re'i aM b6ka ma-sas, o tr§ y6kano so ka ra-fi. 

34. K^ro nan ha tse tral tr'el 6 tr'el tra ama-trel 
am6, de ka-fof ake ka m^hkno-ha, ha \s^ tr^ra ama- 
trei, amd o pon pa-e. 

35. Ko p§ yu mo f^trar Y^riko, w'uni fit Q-lom 
yira ro-r'on' day^r, o tr§ t61a. 

36. Ko mo tral, fo r'unia ra tr§ tas, o yif> ko 
Ir'el tr'a tse tra yi-e. 

37. Ka ha k^ne-ko, fo Yisua, o-Nasar6ni, o tra tas* 

38. Ko sel a-roh, o pa ho: Yisua, mun' Wan 
ka Dauda, ba-mi i-n^i! 

39. Ka ah^ tr^ma k§di, ha hal-ko, kdma o trahk; 

Luke. 6 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

82 Ltikas 19; 

Ji^re kgn' q bar gbo sel a-VQii a-b^na bg: Mun' Wan 
ka Dauda, ba-mi i-n^i! 

40. Ko Ylsua o tr^ma soiin, o k^ne, kjma na 
kdra-ko rgn^n. Kq mo pon fatr-ko, Q yif-ko, 

41. pd bo: Ko in| ^6ma, ho I yiina-mu-e? Kq 
pa ho: Pd, kama 1 kal s^to ka-k^li-ka-mi! 

42. Ko Yisua o pd TQi\ii\ ho: Kal b^Xq ka-k^li- 
ka-mu; ka-I^ne-ka-mu ka pofi ^'^Akas-mu! 

43. Kq t^te lemp q kal s^lQ ka-k§li-k'Qii, de q 
tran-ko, q ^ikis K'liru: de a-fain be, aM n§Ak-tii, 
na t(}kas K*tiru. 

Ara-Bomp 19. 

1. Kq Yisua o won ro-Y^riko, o las rl. 

2. Kq k§li, o-runi q ^i ri, an'^s-n'on S^kkai, qw(} 
yi o-ra-bomp ka an'-G^ssar, de o yi o-s^rma. 

3. Kq ten tra n§Ak Yisua, k^ma o tr^ra, ko Mf'uDi 
won Q yi-e; de t^na-he tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ar'dnia, 
pak^sife ba k§-sSna kg-bur§p. 

4. Kq gbuke kadi, q gbep ka a-ts6mmaTs, kjma 
gb^li ngn'-ko; tsa q yi na tra las ar'6n' da-tsi. 

5. Kq mo Yisua o der ka od'^r o-wa-tsi, o k^i 
rok(}m, nan'-ko, ko q pa roni^n bo: S^kkal, tsimone 
tor; tsa t^non 1 ba tra tsia ka an'-set-'a-mu! 

6. Kq tsimone tor, o m^lane-ko ma-b(}ne. 

7. De aM na6k-tsi be na f(^fne, na pa ho: 
pon y/Qii ka w'uni las tr^ka yh VQhih. 

8. K^re Sdkkal o fdtrane, p& ka o-Rdbbu ho: 
R^bbu, k^li, ey'^tr-'e-mi ratr(}n 1 son ka am-m(}ne; 
de be I pon noir vr'uni 6 w'uni r'dka a-y^nfa, 1 k^la- 
ko am'(}lQ-ma-tsi m'^nle. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ltikas 19. 83 

9. Ko Yfsua o'pa roniJn ho: T^non ka-futi ka pon 
d^rar an'-set an^, Ir^ka mo kon' so y\ w*an ka IbrA- 

10. Tsa Ow'^n ka W'uni o der traka ten de trdka 
futia an^ pon s^kar. 

11. Ka roa na tral ama-treT ani6, o bar pfi a-l6mo» 
p§k^sife f^tsi ro-Yerusalem, de pak^sife ta n^ne, ho 
ara-bal ra K'dru ra yi na tra tr^rine t^le lemp. 

12. Tr§ka tsi o pa ho: W'dni y6la o-lom kdne 
ra-tof a-b^li po, tr^ka s^tone ra-bal, de Ira k^lane so 

13. Ko mo pon ts^la trV^tr ha am-bol-h'oh, q 
son-da e-pon tr'oftlr, o pa rondft ho: S^ki-yi na6, ha 
ke 1 k^lane. 

1 4. K^re an-dure ha ka-petr-k'oh ha gb^ha-ko, de 
ha 85m e-t6!u ka-rarah-k'oh ka pa ho: Sa y^ma-he^ 
fo ow6 yi o-bai-ka-su. 

15. Ko pa yi, mo poh kdlane, de mo o pon 
s^to ara-bal, o k^ne, kama ha ts6la am-bol ha-tsi 
roh^h, and o poh soh ah'-kdla, kama o trdra, ko ma- 
kdhya w'uni 6 M'uni o poh Si)to ka ka-sgkine-k'oh. 

16. Ko owo-tr(5lroko Klrane, o pS bo: Pa, am^ 
pon-'a-mu ha bdrne ha ha b^ka e-pon tr'of^tr. 

17. Ko pd rohdh: I6mpi, mun' bol a-ffno; 
pakdsife ma ba a-ldhe tr^ka r'a ra-tan, yi toh o-ra- 
bomp ka tra-petr tr'ofdlr. 

18. Ko ow(} b^ka ha-r§h o der, o p5 ho: Pa, am- 
pon-'a-mu ha bdrne ha ha b^ka e-pon tr'amdt. 

19. Ko pd so ka owi ho: Munoh, yi o-ra-bomp 
ka tra-petr tr'amdt. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

84 Lukas 19. 

20. Kq Q-lom der, o pa ho: Pd, k^li am-pon- 
'ii-mu and, an^ I b^ne r§-gb^sa; 

21. Tsa I nesa-mu, paysife ma y\ w'uoi b^ki ra- 
for; in§ y6ka ar^ m§ tsa poii botr, Aq m§ rok ar^ 
ma ts6 pon sak. 

22. Kq pa TQh6i\ ho: Ka ka-san-ka-ma gben I 
tsi tdnkas-mu, mun' bol a-Ias. Ma trara nan, fo I yi 
Yi'um baki ra-for, fo I yoka ara I tsfi pon botr, do 
fo 1 rok ard 1 ts6 pon sak, 

23. Ko tr'el toA tr'a ra§ tse yentr an'-k^la-'a-mi 
ka ana sfnkar a-kaia-e? Ko ka ka-kal-ka-mi I tsi pon* 
na 8(^to-ni r| ma-ka6ya. 

24. Ko pa ka aM tr4ma ray^r ho: Nolr-ko n^ 
am-pon, na son-ni ka ow^ ba e-pon tr'of^tr. 

25. (Ka na pa TQh^h ho: Pa, o ba e-pon tr'o- 


26. Tsa I k^ne-nu ho: W*uni 6 w'uni QYii ba, fia 
trg bar son-ko; k^ro QVf^ ti6 ba, na tra nolr-ko so 
ard ba. 

27. Kero an'-runi na-tJi ana gbena-nu, do ana 
tse y^ma, ho mine yi o-bai-ka-nan, kara-na n§n an(}, 
na dif-ila nod'^r-ka-mi kadi! 

28. Ko mo pon pa ats6, o k(}ne» o tr^ma k§di, 
gbep ro-Yerusalem. 

29. Ko pa yi, mo f^trar ro-B6lfagi de ro-Betinia, 
ka afi'-ron, ana 'a bontr aiV-ron n' e-SaitQn, o sOm 
na-ran na an'-kar6ndi-h*oii, 

30. Ko pa ho: K()ne nan ka ka-gbom, ak^ lomane- 
nu; de be n§ won rl, na tr§ b§p a-s6faU a-fet> ow(} 
'a k6lar, w'uni 6 w'uni o ta r^nsa-he-ko tab6na; s^U- 
ko nan, na k6ra-ko. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ltlkas 19. 85 

31. De be w'dni o yif-Du hg: Ko tr'el tr'a na 
s^li-kg-e? pa nan vQhih mo ats6: Pak^sife o-Kas o 

32. Ka AhA q sOm 6a kdne, na bap-tii, mo o poA 

33. Ka ma tn tra s^li aii'-sdfali a-fet, an^ ba-ko 
th pS TQMh: Ko tr'el tr'a na s^li a6'-d6fali a-fet-e? 

34. K^re nan fia pa ho: O-Kas o 3^6ma-ko. 

35. Ka Aa k^ra-ko ka Yisua, na refi e-bfla-'o-nan 
gbe6 rok(}m ka aA'-86fali a-fot, do na red Yisua rok(}m- 

36. Ko mo k(}nei na rens e-bfla-'e-nail ro-r'o6. 

37. Ko mo pon* to fatr ro-1^1me ka an'-roii A' 
e-Saitan, ar'unia ra aA'-kardndi-A'on be Aa trap ka* 
t((k§s K'dru r'im ra-bdna ra ma-b(}ne tr^a ama-yos 
ma-kab^ne, amd Aa poA n§Ak, 

38. Na pa ho: Tra Aa ruba o-Bal, qyi^ der ka 
aA*^s Aa Yeh6fal Tra ma-tdf§l ma ^i ro-ri^nna, de 
a-yfti rok(^mI 

39. Ka a-1om Aa aA'-P^risi katr(}A ka ar'Qnia Aa 
pft TQhitk ho: Karm(^ko, Aal aA'-kar^ndi-'a-mn. 

40. Ko l^si, pS roA^A ho: I kdoe-no, fo be 
aA6 Aa tr§ traAk naA, ma-sar ma tr§ l^kas e-roA. 

41. Ko mo poA fatr, de mo k^i ka-petr, o 

42. pd ho: Be m§ pon' na gbo tr^ra, haii md- 
noA, ama-trel am^ 16mane ama-t(Jfgl-ma-mu, be p§ ^i 
gbo ka aA'-r^i-'a-mu an^! — K^re ak6 ton ma mMkne 
rodf ka e-for-'e-mu. 

43. T2a ma-rii ma tra d^r§r-ma, ma an-tsimane* 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

86 Ldkas 20. 

'a-mu ha Irj rgpa-mu k§-bon, na Ira gb^tro-mu r'§fa, 
na tra gbSn'sane-mu d'er 6 d*er, 

44. l^a tr§ n^pane-mu ro-lof, de an'-wut-'a-mu, 
an^ yi rgmu rok'6r; na tra trei-fe a-sar n'in rok^m 
ka a-sar a-lom rgmu rok'6r; pak^sife ma tse pou bott 
am-mera ka an'-lo, mo K'uru o k^li-mo i-n6i. 

45. Kq mg q pon won ro-h6kal , o tr§p ka-wura 
aM tila do an^ wai ri, 

46. pd ronSn ho: I^a pon gbal ho: An'-set-'a- 
mi na yi a-set na ka-r^mno; k^ro n^ah na pon s^ki* 
ni ka-y^nka ka a-fam a-kei. 

47. Ko yi o-t^k'sa ro-h^kal a-r^i 6 a-re'i; kere 
)an-lr§-bomp ilia ah'-K6ban, de an'-Fode, do an-lr|- 
bomp na an'-fam na ten tra dif-ko; 

48. Ka na fir-bo » atr^ na yi tra yo; tsa an*-f|m 
bo iia gbdp'sa-ko, na tr^la-ko. 

Ara-Bomp 20. 

1 . Ko pa yi ka n'in xia ama-r6T ma-tsi, mo t^k'sa 
Bn'-f§m ro-hikal, do mo tr^mas am-B6sra, an-tra- 
bomp na an'-Kohan, do aA'-F6de re am-B^ki na fatr» 

2. Ka na f(^far-ko, 6a pa ho: K^ne-au, ko a-f(^sa 
ma yiina ama-trei am6-e, tal(}m k^no yi isi ow(^ pon 
6on-mu an'-f(}sa an6-e? 

3. Ko i^si, pd ron^n: Mine so I y^ma yif-na 
tr'ei tsib, do k6ne-mi-tsi nan: 

4. Am-b^plis Aa Yohan na y^fa ka ak'Qru-i, tal(}m 
ka a-fam-i? 


5. Ka na f(^farano, na pa bo: Be sa pa bo: Ka 
ak*uru» o tra pa ho: Ko tr'ei tsene tr'a n| pon-he 
14ne-ko-e ? 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Lukas 20; 8T 

6. K^re be s§ pft bo: Ka a-f§in, an'-fgm be hti 
tra dlfd-su ma-sar; t^a ha Une-tsi mg tr|-i^Gil, fo 
Yohan o y'l O-N^bi. 

7. Ka na l^i, fo na ts6 tr^ra, rike na y^fa-e. 

8. Ko Yisua o pd ron^n ho: Min' so I k^no-he- 
Du, ko a-f(Jsa I y^na ama-trel ami. 

9. Ko tr§p k|-f(}far aa'-fam a&'-lomo an6:.W*iiDi 
Ibm t^ep k*Qr k| e*tr6ne, o yentr-ki ka a-baf tr§ 
k§-ram9 ko o ko r§-bias a-l^ko a^wi^ni. 

10. Ka ma an'-l(}ko na pon bek, o sOm a-boi ka 
am-baf, kama ifia soA-ko ka 'ina-k6mi ma ak'or ka e- 
tr^Do; k^re am-baf fia sap-ko, na tier-ko o kiino, q 
ba-he r*dka 6 r'dka. 

11. Ko bar kg-sOm a-bol a-lgm: de kon' so Aft 
sap, na Mp§s-ko> na tser-ko o k(}ne, b&-ho r'dka 
6 r'ika. 

12. Ko bar k§-8dm qw(} beka a-sas: k^re to 
tr^pas so Qyfif na wura-ko. 

13. Ko o-kas ka ak'iir ka e-trdne p& ho: Ko 
me yO-e? 1 tsi sdm ow'^n-ka-mi owo-b(Jtar; Idnsa 
be Aa n§nk o^^, na tra tr^ra-ko r'dka. 

14. Kere ma am-baf 6a nan*-ko, na f(}farane, laa 
pa bo: Ow^ ko s^iQ A'i; ^wa, man dif-ko naiji, 
k^a l;ya bd ak'^. 

15. Ka na ivura-ko ka ak'(}r ka e-ir6ne, na dif- 
ko. Tr^ka tii ko Q-ksis ka ak'(^r ka e-tr5ne o mo 
yO-6a-e ? 

16. tr$ der, o tr§ dim am-baf Aa-tsi, de tr| 
yentr ak'iJr ka e-tr6ne ka a-lom tr§ ka-ram. Ma na 
tr§l ats4, na pa bo: S6ki-tsi! 

17. K^re kon' o k^li-na, o pa ho: Ko yi ton am* 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

S8 Ldkas 20. 

m^ra na atse, atr^ na pon gbal-e: Aii'-sar, an^ an'- 
l§m a' k§-sal Aa k^si, nian na pon s§ke an'-sar Ad 
an'-kon-e ? 

18* W'uni 6 Yf'Ani qy/^ furopor an'-sar an^^ na 
tra gb()si-kQ; k^re Mr'dni 6 w'uni owo^na fumpgr, na 
tra gbam-ko. 

19. Ka aD-tr§-bomp na aii'-Kdhan de an'-F6de &a 
ten tra botr-ko ama-tra-ma-ilaii ka an'-gb^len tSi-tsi, 
de 6a n^sa an'-f§ni: tsa na tr^ra, fo o poA pa an'-* 
kkao a66 tr^ka traAn^n. 

20. Ka na sat-ko, na sOm a-fam a-r^kar, and yi 
nsL tra }rOr mo ho na yi a-f^ a-ldmpi, kama na gbp 
na sSpasa-ko r'im, ha iia gb^li na yentr-ko ka 'ma-trfl 
ie ka ail'-f(^sa Aa o-Wdkil. 

21. Ka na yif-ko ho: Karmt^ko, sa trdra, fo ntf 
fof de fo ma t§k'sa o-l<^nipi, de fo ma wop-he ad'^r 
ra Mr'uni, k^ro fo ma t§k'j5a ar'da' da K'uru mo tra- 

22. 16mpir-8a tra soA a-tsfsya ka o-Kaisar*i, ta- 
l^m 16mpir-ho-su-i ? 

23. Kere kon' o D§Ak ama-sot-ma-iian, do o pft 
ronM ho: Ko tr'el tr'a n^« ten-mi am-m6ra-e? 

24. Ttin-mi naft a-dfoar. Ra-bdiane de ma-gbal 
ma kdne na ba-e? Na Idsi, na pa ho: Ma o-Kais§r. 

25. Ko psi rondn: Tr^ka tsi, son nan ton ama- 
trel ma o-Kaisar ka o-Kaisar^ de ama-trel ma K'uni 
ka K'tini. 

26. Ka na t§.na-he sdp§sa-ko r'im rodi ka an'-fam; 
de tkSL kabdne tr^ka an'-w6sa-6'on, ha trank. 

27. Ka a-lom na an'-Sdddaki na fair, — and p^nsa» 
fo k§-3f6kane ka an'-fi k§ yi, — de na yif-ko, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ldkas 20. 89 

28. I^a pa ho: Karmdko, Musa q poh gbal tra 
Ir^ssu ho: Be o-wonlr ka o-runi 6 rani, ow5 ha o- 
r^ni, fi, de be ow6 o Ise ba a-fel; o-wontr-k'on o- 
rdni ^i tra D^ntra o-r^Di-k'gn, de tra kOm ra-kom'ra 
Ir^ka o-wontr-k'on. 

29. ^mbky a-wontr a-runi tr'am^t de r§n na Ji rl: 
OWO-tr(5troko o n^nlra o-b^ra, ko o fi, o ba-he a-fet. 

30- Ko Qyt6 b^ka ha-rafi o n^ntra o*r^ni, kon' so 
fi, ba-he a-fet. 

31. Ko QYi^ b^ka a-sas o n^ntra-ko; ye pa y\ so 
tr^ka an-tr'am^t do ran; na tsia-he a-fet, ta fi. 

32. Ka ka-raran-ka-iia be o-bera kon' so o fi. 

33. 4^Hib^, ka ka-y6kane ka an'-fi, o-rdni ka k^ne 
katr^A-ka-nan o mo ji-e? Tsa an-tr'am^t de rati ika 
ba-ko mo o-r^ni-ka-nan. 

34. Ko Yisua o I^^, pa rofi^n ho: AA'-wut ha 
ara-ra ar6 ha n^ntra, de ha bdla; 

35. K^re aha 'a nahk mo a-fam a-biki tra y^rane 
ara-ru ara ma der-e, de ka-yokane ka ah'-fi, ha \se 
n^ntra, de ha ts6 b&h. 

36. Tsa ha gb^li-he so fi; t^a ha baiane mo a- 
maleika, de ha yi a-wut ha K'dru, pakasife ha yi a- 
wot ha ka-j6kaDe. 

37. K^re fo ah'-fi ha trg y6kane, Musa kon' so q 
trdri-tsi ka ah'-kant, mo o bontr Yehofa Qk'uru ka 
Ibr^hima, de Ok'uru ka IsSka, de Ok'uru ka Yakdba. 

38. K^re o yi-he K'uru ka aha yi a-fi, k^re ka 
ah^ yi a-k§li; tsa ha be ha k^li rodi-k'oh. 

39. Ka a-lom ha ah'-Fode ha l^si, ha pa ho: Kar- 
m(}ko, ma poh fof o*ldmpi. 

40. Ka ha m(nta-he so tra yif-ko tr^a tr'ei 6 tr'eT. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

90 Ldkas 21. 

41. Ko p9 TQMii hq: Tro 6a pd, hQ o-Masia o 
yi VaD k§ Dauda-e? 

42. De Dadda k(^no-k6none pa ka ak'^fa ka 'ma* 
S^lma ho: Yehofa q pd ka o-Kdbbu-ka-mi ho: Yira ka 
ka-dlQ-ka-mi , 

43. Ha ke I yO aM gb^Aa-mu a-gbet na atr'^tr§k- 
tra-mu ! 

44. Tr^ka tsi Dauda g bontr-ko o-R^bo, tro p| 
yi yi ow*6n-k'oii-e ? 

45. Ka ma an'-fam be iia su e-l§As, o pft ka a&'- 
kardndi-n'on bo: 

46. B6tr§r n§n e-m6ra tr^ka an'-P6de, an^ t^sa 
tr^ka k(^ta e-bfla e*b^li, de aA^ b^tar e-k6ri ro-d'er 
g-gb6fat, de tra-wai& tra-tr(}troko ka e-set e-gb^nne* 
de od'^r o-tr^lroko ka e-Wnla; 

47. And di e-set ya a-b6ra a-b^ra, de aM k&trne 
tr'^re ho na rdmne tra-rdmne trg-b(}li; a£i6 ina tra ta 
s^mpa-na k§-s(}mpa ka-bdna. 

Ara-Bomp 21. 

1. Ko mo Mkte, o naAk aA'-f§m ana-sdrma Aa 
fak e-b6ya-'e-Aan ro-b^ne o-sam. 

2. K^re o nank so o-b6ra o-b^ra o-m^ne O-lom, 
0W(} fak n e-k^par e-lol ye-ran. 

3. Ko p& ho: Tl^Dtsene I kdne-nu, fo o*b6ra 
0-bera Q-m^ne ow6 o pon fak rT o-laf, o tdsi-na be; 

4. Tsa Bhi be i&a pon fak r'dka ka e-b6ya ya K'uni 
ka ka-gbat-ka-iiaA; k^re Qvti, ka ka-pan-k'on, o po& 
fak ri ey'^tr ya an'-nesam be, ey^ o ba. 

5. Ka ma a-lom na fof tr§ka an'-h6kal, fo na y^sia- 
Ai ma-sar ma-fino de e-boya, o pa ho: 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Lukas 21. 91 

6. Ey'etr ey6, e^fe na kali, ina-r^'i ma tra der, m^ 
'a tra trei-fe a-sar n'in rok(Jm ka a-sar a-lQm, Aa lr| 
fak a-sar 6 a-sar. 

7. Ka na yif-ko, na pa ho: Karm^ko, a-lo r^ke 
ama-lrel ame tna tra yi-e? De ko r'dka ra yi hh^- 
loma, n)a ama-trel am6 ma yi Ira y(Jne-e? 

8. Kq pa ho: Sobi nan, kama na ts6 ^^tas-nu: 
tsa a-gb6ti na tra der ka aA'es-'a-mi ka pa ho: Mine 
yi Isi; de an'-l(}ko na poA fair; tr^ka tsi tie na Iran- 

9. Kere be n§ tral tr^ka Ira-tsim de Ir^ka e- 
trotr6k, ts6 na ^^trne; tsa ama-lrel ami ma yi tra 
in^la jdne; k^re ka-l^p'so ka tse bek l6le. 

10. An*-]o na-tsi o pa ron^n ho: A-b6na na tra 
yokar a-b6na, de ra-bal ra tra y6kar ra-bai. 

11. De p§ tra yi ka-bdne ka an-tof ka-bdna ro de 
ro, de d'or, de tra-lrQ tra-ts6par; Ira-ror tr§-nini8, de 
e-l6ma e-b^na e tra y0ne ka ka-rantr. 

12. Kere pela ama-lrei ame be ma ydne, na tr§ 
botr-nu ama-tra-ma-nafi , na tra bal-bal-nu, na tr§ 
jentr-nu ka e-bare ya e-s/^t e-gb^nne, de ka e-set 
ya ma-tinkane, Aa tra k6re-pu rodi ka a-bai de rodi 
ka a-w^kil tr§ka 'ra-bomp ra an'es-'a-mi. 

13. Kere ama-lrei ami ma tra b^nane-nu tr^ka 
son t'amasere. 

14. Tr^ka tsi bolr-tsi nan ro-mira, ha n§ tse mot 
tramlr^mne lr§ka atr^ na yi tra f^fane: 

15. Tsa minan I tsi son-nu k§-tr^ra ro-sail de ka- 
isemp, ak^ aM trgma nu kadi be na gb§li-be pensa, 
de ak^ na gb§li-he tr^mone. 

16. K^re hali aM kOm-nu, de a-i^ontr, de a-tra- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


92 Ldkas 21. 

kOm, de a-y^lki, na Ira yenlr-nu, iia tra dif a-lom 

17. De a-fam be na Ira gb^na-nu tr^ka 'ra-bomp 
ra ah'is-*a-roi. 

18. K^re ra-fon ra atra-bomp-tra-nu ra gb^li-he 

19. Ka ka-b^sar-ka-nu na tra b^ne an'-ft^sam-'a-nu. 

20. K^re be na tra nank Yerusaleni, fo na po£i 
r^pa-ki e-rdka ya s'^fa, at^Ao na-tsi tr^ra nan, fg ka- 
dim-ka-tsi ka pon fair. 

21. An'-lO na-tsi tra an^ yi ro-Yehudia Aa gbuke 
ro-ama-ron; de aM yi ka ka-troft-ka-tsi, tra na y6fa 
M; de aM yi ro-gbaA, tra Aa ts6 wo A n. 

22. Tsa ama-r^T ma-tsi ma yi ma-rii ma ka-k^la, 
kima ama-trel be, am^ Aa pon gbal, ma Idsar. 

23. K^re m'dne ka aA^ ba tr'or, de ka aA^ m^s§r 
a-fet ka ama-r^i ma-tsi! Tsa n'fmisa na-bdna na tr§ 
yi ka an-tof, de ra-baA tr^ka aA'-fam aA6. 

24. Ka Aa tra fumpo ka ama-w^Ai ma e-gb^to, de 
Aa tr§ k^re-Aa e-funti katriJA ka e-b<5nabe; de Yeru- 
salem ka tra yi ka-petr, ak^ aA'-K^fri Aa nas-nfis, hS 
e-1(}ko ya aA'-kAfri Aa poA. 

25. Kq pa tra yi e-l6ma ka ar'^tr, de ka aA'6f, 
de ka atr'iis; de a-soli katroA ka e-b6na, ra ma-k^tane 
tr^ka ka-ban'sa ka ka-baA de ka e-mAAkal. 

26. A-fam Aa tr§ ts^rne aA'-A6s§m tr^ka ra-n6s, 
de tr^ka ka-kar ka ama-trel, amd yi tra d6rar an-tof* 
tSa as'§fa tra ka-rantr tra tra yiAktane. 

27. Ka aA'-lO Aa-tsi Aa tra nank Ow'an ka Wuni 
Q-der ka a-bunt r§ a-f(}sa de ra a-y(ki a-b^na. 

28. K^re be ama-lrel am^ ma trap ka-y(Jne, b^ki 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

I^dkas 21. 93 

nan ka-but, de hAiva mh as'^r-tra-nu; tsa ka-futi-ka- 
nu ka ftlrar. 

29. Ko Q pa a-lomo ron^ii: K§li nan ka-gb^no, de 
ey'intr be : 

30. Be e pon war e-b(^p§r, nja-n^ane na tr^ra, 
be n§ nank atl6, fo ara-wok ra-fet ra f^tsi ton. 

31. Ye pa yi nvah so, be n§ nank ama-trei am6 
ma yone, trcira nan, fo ara-bai ra K'uru ra fdtsi. 

32. I k^ne-nu Ira-tsen: Ara-k6m*ra ar6 ra gb^li- 
he tas, ha ama-trei be ma pon y(^ne. 

33. Ak'uru de an-lof na tr§ tas; k^re as'im-tra- 
mi tra gb^li-he tas. 

34. Kere botrgr nan e-mera, t^ni ka-p<na, de ka- 
tsis, de a-s6li Ir^ka ey'^tr ya no-rQ ha filihkas e-mera- 
'e-nu, de ah'-rei* ha-tsi ha d6rar-nu ka-t^na: 

35. Tsa mo a-t61i ha tra d6r§r a-fam be, ah^ yira 
rok(^m ka ad'er ra an-tof be. 

36. Tr§ka tsi, (r6mla nah l^ko 6 l(}ko, de r^mne 
Dgh, kdma ha lom-nu mo bo a-fam a-b6ki tr^ka fdti 
ama-trei ame be> am^ tra ^iJne, de tr§ka tr§ma rodi 
ka Ow'an ka W'uni! 

37. Kere ka 'ra-;yah o la yi o-tgk'sa ro-hekal, de 
ka tratr^k o wur, o s(}ko ka ah'-roh, ah^ 'a bontr ah'- 
roh h' e-SailQn. 

38^ De ah'-fam be ha der vQuiti bat ro-hekal, 
tr^ka tr^Ia-ko. 

Ara-Bomp 22. 

1. Kere am'6tr ma tra-bo atra-pdhi e*gbit, ama 'a 
bontr (am'6tr ma) ka-Paine, ma fdtrar. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

94 Ldkas 22. 

2. De an-fr§-boinp na an'-K6han, de an'-F6de i^a 
ten, fro na gb^li dif-ko; tsa na n^sa an'-f§m. 

3. Kq S^tani o won Yehuda, QYf^ 'a bontr Iskdriot, 
de ow(5 yi k'in ka o-Iom wa an-tr'oKfr fia-ran. 

4. Kq k($ne, o t^f^v an-tr|-bomp fla an'-K6baD 
de an'-K^Ifa Aa an'-hekal, fro o gb^H sond-ko VQMii, 

5. Kq pa b(ine-na, de ha l^m'rane tra son-ko a- 
kSla a-f^ra: 

6. Ko woA-tsi, ten a-l(5ko a-fol-tr'ef Ira sond- 
ko ron^n, pa ^i-he r§ ma-gb6nktane. 

7. Kq a6'-r^i Aa tra-bo atra-p^ni e-gbit na bek, ma 
6a bd ka-fal ka-k^ruf ka (am'^tr ina) ka-Pafne. 

8. Ko 86m'ra P^lgr de Y6han, o pa ho: K(5ne 
D§A, na b^nene-su (ka-k^ruf ka) ka-Paine» k^ma sa 

9. Ka na pa rQii^n: R^ke ma ;^ma sa b^nene- 

10. Ko pa ron^n: K^H, be n§ wqA ka ka-petr, 
w'uni tra gb^nne-nu, qw^ gb^nne a-b^rbaron na 
m'antr: tran-ko n§n ka an'-set, an^ ro o mo won. 

11. De pa nan ka o-kas ka an'-set: 0-Karm(iko 
pa romu ho: R6ke yi an'-k6hko-e, ro I gb|li di 
(ka-kSruf ka) ka-Paine re an*-kar6ndi-'a-mi-e? 

12. Ko kon' tra tr(}n-nu a-k6nko a-bSna rok^m, 
6a botr rl ej^'^lr e-ma-rekia ; rl-a b^nene nan ka-di. 

13. Ka na k()ne, na bap-tsi mo o poh k^ne-na* 
de na benene (ka-karuf ka) ka-Paine. 

14. Ka ma an'-gb^len na pon bek, o gbetgb^tne, 
de an'-Som tr*oKtr na-ran re kon*. 

15. Ko pa ron^n: A-b6sne a-b^na na poA wop- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ldkas 22. 95 

mi tra di ka-k^ruf ak^ ka ka-Pafne re nyan, p^ta I 
8(impane 1 

16. Tsa I kSne-nu, fo I gb^li-he sq di-ko ke 6 
kg, ha hsi tra pon lasar ka ara-bal ra K'dru. 

17. Kq ^6ka a-p(^ti, q mdtsi m'^mo, q pa bo: 
Y6ka-ni nan, na y^rane-ni; 

18. Tsa I k^ne-nu, fo I gb^li-he so mun ka ama* 
k6mi ma an-tr6ne, ha ara-bal ra K'tiru ra poA der. 

19. Ko y6ka ka-bo, de mo o poil miitsi m'Smo, 
sim-ki, o yentr-ki ron^A ka pa ho: Ats^ tsla yi 
ama-der-ma-mi, amA ina Ira yenlr tr^ka tr^nnu; yO 
nan ats6 tr^ka ka-n^ne-mi. 

20. Ye p§ yi so tr^ka am-p(iti ka-r^ran ka ka-di, 
pa ho : Am-p()ti an6 nia y\ ama-l^m'rane ama-fu ka 
ama-tsir-ma-mi, am^ na tra Ion tr^ka tr^nnu. 

21. K^re k^li, ka-tra ka qyi^ ko sond-mi ka y\ re 
minan rok()m ka am-m^sa. 

22. Do Qw'^n ka ^'uni o k()ne, ma na pon gbak- 
t£i; k^re m'()no ka ow'uni ka-tsi, ow(i sond-ko! 

23. Ka na tr§p ka-yiftano, kSne gb^H^na yi tsi 
katr($n-ka-nan, ow() tra \0 nan atr*ei ats^. 

24. Ka a-gbal na pon so yi katr(in-ka-nan, tr^ka 
k^no katr(^h-ka*nan na yi tra naAk mo ho o-b^na q 
t^i be. 

25. K^re kon' o p^ ro6^n ho: Am-bal i^a tra-b6na 
na gb^kane-na, de aA^ ba a-fc^sa tr^ka tranndA, Aa 
bontr-na a-fam a-b6ya-tr'eT. 

26. K^re tra pa tse yi yan katr6n-ka-nu; k^re 
OW(i yi o-b^na katr(in-ka-nu, tr* o s^ke mo O-lol; de^ 
QYfi yi o-ra-bomp, (r' o s^ke mo a-boi. 

27. Tsa k^ne ta yi o-b^oa-e? Ow(^ gbetgb^tne-i> 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

t)6 Ltikas 22. 

lal(5m Qw6 leAki? P§ yi-^e kon' ow^ gbetgb^lne-i? 
Kere mine yi ka ka-lron-ka-nu mo w'uni, ow^ leiikL 

28. K^re nya yi tsi, an^ pon b^sar ka-lsia rgmi 
ka *ma-trel-ma-mi ma-s(}mpane: 

29. Tr^ka tsi 1 yer-nu ra-bal, mo o-Kas-ka-mi g 
pon yer-mi-ri, 

30. Kama na di, de k^ma na mun ka am-ra^sa- 
'a-mi ka ara-bal-ra-mi , de kama na yira ka tra-wan, 
na rok an-t(5nka na e-b^nson tr^oKtr ye-ran ya Yferael. 

° .31. Kg R^bbu o pa hg: Siman, Siman, kali, 
S^tani pon y6ma ba-nu, kama g faik-nu rog a-b6mi ; 

32. K^re mine I pon rAmne tr^ka Ir^mmu, kama 
ka-l^ne-ka-mu ka tJg l^pe; de be ra-sg ra-lgm am- 
in6ra-'a-mu fia tr§ pen s^e, b^k'sar e-m^ra ya an'- 

33. Kg g pa rgA(Jn: Pa, I pal tr^ka paia-mu ka 
a-set na ma-lihkane de ka ra-fi. 

34. Kg g pa hg: I k^ne-mu, P^lgr, ka-tr^pi g 
gb^li-he tram t6ngn, p6ta m§ pon p^nsa ma-sas, hg 
ma tr^ranni. 

35. Kg g pa rgn^n hg: Me 1 som'ra-nu, na ba-he 
a-y^mbe, pa yi-he a-gbdnfa, p§ yi-he e-kdfla, na pon 
pan r'^ka-i? Na pa hg: Sa ts6 pan r'aka 6 r'aka. 

36. Tr^ka tsi g pa rgn^n: K^re ak6 tgn, gw(J ba 
a-y6mbe, Ir' g y6ka-ni, ye pa yi sg lr§ka a-gbdAfa; 
de gw^ tse ba a-gb^tg, tr' g tila am-bila-n'gn, de tr' 
g waiane a-gbStg. 

37. Tsa 1 kdne-nu, fo ats6 sg, Birk fta pon gbal, 
tra yi ras tra pon tr^ka tr^mmi, tsia yi hg ye: Ka na 
l(imane-kg ka a-f§m a-las; tsa ama-trel so, am^ na poii 
gbal tr§ka trSmmi, ma tr| pon. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ldkas 22. 97 

38. Ka na pd ho: P&, k§]i, e-gbMo ^6-r§n e yi 
and. Kg q pa rg^llh: beki. 

39. Ko Q \vur, k(Jne ka an'-roii n' e-Saitan, mo 
ir^DDO ka-}fO, do an'-kar^ndi-n'oil na traA-ko. 

40. Ko mo pon bgk ka od'er, Q pfl roMA ho: 
R^mne nan, kdma na tse ^on r§-tr'el tr§-gb(}sa. 

41. Ko y^fa roA^n ka-b(^lane ka k§-l§m i-sar, 
so tra-wu, rSmne, 

42. pd ho: Pd, be m§ s^lo, fo am-p(}ti ahi na 
paine-mi; — k^re tra pa tie y'l, fo am-ma-mi ma-s^lo 
ma y(}ne, kere am-ma-mu ma-selo! 

43. Ko o-maleika, QVfi yefa ka ak'uru, o (ri^rine 
ronton, o b^kas-ko am-m^ra. 

44. Ka ma ka-tsimne ro-mera k§ wop-ko, ta 
b5ra ka-r^mne. Do ama-r^ne-m'on ma b^lane ma- 
p^tas ma ma-tsir, am^ fumpo ro-tof. 

45. Ko mo pon yokano ka ka-rSmne, do mo o 
poh der ka aii'-karSndi-n'on, o b§p-na a-dira tr^ka 

46. Ko pa ro^^n ho: Ko tr'ei tr'a n§ ma dira-e? 
Yokane nan, n§ r^mne» kama n| tsa YfQt r§-tr'el tra- 

47. Mo yi r§8 0-fof-e, ^^h r'dnia, de k'in ka ' 
an-lr'of6lr na-r§n, ow^ 'a bonlr Yehuda, o tr^a-iia 
kadi, f^tr§r Yisua tr§ka mum§l-ko. 

48. Ko Yisua o pa roniJn: Yehuda, in§ sond Qyi'An 
ka W'uni ka mum§l-ko-i? 

49. K^re ma an^ fStli-ko na nank, atr^ ma ko y(}ne, 
lia pa roA(Jn ho: Pa, sa ma tr^pa an'-gb^to-i? 

50. Ko k*in-k§-nan o trap am-boT na o-K6han owo- 
b^na, gbak an'-l§n8-n'on ana-dig. 

Luke. 7 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

96 LQkas 22. 

51. K^e Yisua o Ir^p k§-fof, o pa ho; Tra else 
Ira b^ki ton! Kq q- b6ra an*-lahs-n'on, Q r^m§r-ni. 

52. Ko Yisua q pa ka an-lra-borap na aA'-Kohan, 
de ka an^k^lfa na a&'-h^kal, d& ka am-Baki, aii^ pon 
d^rar-kQ: N§ pon ^urar-mi mg ho w'uni luk, na ba 
e-gbSto de tra-gb6ngben. 

53. Me I yi roou ka ah'-h^kal a-rei 6 a-r6*i, na 
tSnti-he ma-tra tr^ka wop-mi. Kere ane ma fi aiV- 
gb6IeA-'a-DU, de ahNfosa na ah'-sum. 

54. Ka ma na pon b§tf-ko, na kere*ko, na \v(^na- 
ko ka an'-set na g-Kohan QWQ-b^na. Kg Petar g tran 
0-b(Jli po. 

55. Ka ma na pon trgi n'antr ro-k*^iqa ratr(^n, de 
ma na pon .>irane rgkin, Petar g ;yirane katr(Jn-ka-han. 

56. Kg a-bgl a-bera a-lgm, mg g ngnVkg g-^ira 
ro-n'anlr, g k§li-kg Iranii, g pa hg: Owe sg g vv6pane- 
kg. ^ 

57. Kere o p^nsa hg g lr6ra-kg, g pa hg. W'uni 
bom, 1 tr'a-he-kg. 

58. Kg pa wgn-he kaHpar§n-ka-lsi rag g-lgm g naiV- 
kg, g pa hg: Mun* sg m% y\ k'in-ka-nan. Kgrg Peiar 
g pa hg: W'uni, min' lahg. 

59. Ka ka-riran ka am'(Hg ma a^gb^len n'in, w'uni 
Igm g bak'sar-lsi, g pa hg: Tsenlsene, gwe sg q 
w6pane-kg; tsa g yi sg g-G^Hli. 

60. Kire Pi§l§r g pa hg: W'uni, i Ir'a-he alrd ma 
pa-e. Kg I6le lemp, mg g }'i ras grfgf, ka-tr§pi q 

61. Kg g.R^bbii g s§ke, g k^li Petar; kg Petar q 
nine ar'fm ra g-Ribbu, mo pa roh^h hg: Peia ka- 
tr^pi g tram, ma Ira pensa ma-sas hg ma Irira-mi. 

62. Kg P6tar g wur rokan, g bok g-ban. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ldkas 23. 99 

63. Ka an'-runi, ana ^vop Yi^oaf, na seJ-kd, fia 

64. Ka ma na pon gb^par-ko e-for, /ia gbanfa-ko 
ro-d'er. na yif-ko, fta pa ho: Trdri-sii, k^ne ^^i tli-e, 
ow(3 pon gb^nta-ma-e? 

65. De e-nal e-lal e-lom na fof trpa tr'oA. 

66. Ka ma ara-sok ra pon bgk, am-B^ki na ah'- 
fam, an-lra-bomp Aa aiV-K6hao, de aft*-F6de, Aa USnk- 
]ane. de ha gbepo-ko rodi ka ah'-Sdnhedrin-'a-hah, 

67. Na pa ho : Be ma yi o-Masfa, kSne-su-tsi. Ko 
pd rohdh: Be I k^ne-nu4li nan, na tra Idne-he-tSt 
nah kg 6 ke: 

68. De be I fsi yif-nu nah tr'ef, na tra Wsia-he- 
mi nan ke 6 kg, na Ira s^H-he-mi nah. 

69. K^re kdbi ka ah'-lo ah^ Ow'^n ka W'uni o 
tra yira ka ka-dfo ka ah'-f^sa ha K'dru. 

70. Ka ha be ha pa ho: M§ yi tsene Ow'^n ka 
K'urumasliba-i? Ko o pd roh^h ho: Na pa^si, tsa 
mine yi tsi. 

71. Ka ha pa ho: Ko t'amas^re tra^lom sa y^ma 
so-e? Tsa sya-sydne sa poh tral-tsi ka ka-sah-k'oh 

Ara-Bomp 23. 

be ha yokane, ha k^re- 

-ko, ha pa ho: Sa poh 

ih'-fam-'a-su, o bentr-ha 

pa ho kon'-konone o 

pa ho : Pa yi ho mflno 

° 7* 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


100 Ldkas 23. 

y\ o-bai ka an'-Y^budi-i ? Usia-ko, Q pd hg: Ma 

4. Ko Pilatos pft ka an-fr§-bomp fia an'-K6han de 
ka an'-f§m ho: I fIr-he k'Ssi 6 k'^si tr^ka o\v*uni owe. 

5. K^re nan i\a bSsar ka-gbSntir-ko, na pd ho: 
gb6nktas a6'-f§m ka t§k'sa ro-Yehudia be, tr^pgr 
ro-6alilafa ha ka od'^r owe. 

6. Mo Pil^tos tr§] aii'^s Aa Galilaia, q ^if, be 
pa yi ow'tini o yi O-G^HU. 

7. Ko mo tr^ra, fo o y^fa ka ara-gb^ka ra 
H^rod, sOm-ko ka H6rod, ow(J yi so ro-Yerusalem 
ka ama-r6i ma-tsi. 

8. K^re mo H^rod o n§6k Yisua, p§ b(^ne-ko hdii; 
tsa y^ma D§n'-ko kSbi ka a-l()ko a-w()ni, pak^sife o 
pon tr§l ma-trel ma-lai tr§ka tr'on; de o nSne, ho o 
tra yo nan tr'el tr^-kab^ne tr§-]om, kdma o gb^H 

9. Ko y<f§t-ko s'im tr§-gb^ti; k^re kon' o l^sia- 
he-ko r'im 6 r'im. 

10. De an-tra-bomp na an'-Kohan de an'-Fode na 
tr^ma, na gb^ntir-ko o-bah. 

11. K^re H^rod de an'-kelfa na ar*^fa-r'on na sai- 
ko, na sel-ko; de ma na pon wons-ko a-bi'la a-wi§nu. 
sOm-ko 80 ka Pildtos. 

12. Ka an'-r^i na-tsi Pildtos de H^rod na kal m^ne 
so: tsa 1§pan ma-gb^na ma yi katrdn-ka-nan. 

13. Ko mo Pildtos o pofi ts61a rokfn an-tra-bomp 
na an'-K6han de an-tra-bomp 6a an'-fam, 

14. pa ron^n ho: Na pon k^ra ow*Qni owe romi 
mo ho w'doi, ow(i y^tas an'-fam; ko k^li, me 1 gbcn- 
gben-ko rodi-ka-nu, I fir-he k'^si 6 k*^si tr|ka ama- 
trel, ami na gbdntir-ko: 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ldkas 23. 101 

15. Hdii H^rod kgn' so o fir-he V&si; tsa I pon 
s6m-nu roniJn; kg k^li, o ts6 yo tr'el 6 Ir'ei, alra 
beki ra-fi. 

16. Trpa tsi, be I pon sap-ko, I tsi 8|Ii-ko 

1 7. (Tsa ba Ira s^lia-na k*in ka m'elr 6 m'elr.) 

18. Ka ar'Qnia be na w^Aa yiwin-an, ha pd Hq: 
Dim Qw^! K^re s§lia-su B^rabbas! 

19. (Ow(J ha pon botr ro-tihkane tr^ka ka-fak a- 
trotr6k a-lonn ro-petr, de tr§ka ka-dif \v'uni ka-sas.) 

20. Tsiah Pildtos, tr§ka mo o y^ma s^li Yisua, o 
f(ifar-ha so. 

21. K^re hah ha vi^ha, ha pa ho: Trah-ko ra- 
k'antr k§-p^hkine! Trah-ko ra-k*§nlr k§-p4hkine! 

22. Kon' pS roh^h ha beka ma-sas ho: Ko tfei 
tr§-1as ts^ne O^e poh yO-e? I poh-he fir k'iisi 6 
k'^si ka ra-fi tr^ka tr^oh; tr^ka tsi, be I poh sap-ko, 
I tsi s^li-ko. 

23. K^re hah ha kUine-ko, ha t6]a s'im tra-b^na, 
k^ma ha trah-ko ra-k'antr ka-pghkine; de as'ini-lra- 
hah de as'fm tra an-tra-bomp ha ah'-K6han tra t§na. 

24. Ah'-lO ha-tsi Pildtos o gbak-tsi, kama tra y^ne 
atr^ ha y^ma; 

25. Ko s^Ii ow(i ha poh botr ro-tfhkane tr§ka 
ka-fak a-trotr6k de tr^ka ka-dif ka-sas, QYf^ ha poh 
tdla; kere O sond Yisua mo ama-)'6ma-ma-han. 

26. Ka ma ha k^re-ko, ha wop o-runi o-Kireni 
0-lom, ah'es-h'oh Siman, qw(5 yMa ro-gbah, de ha 
botr ak'^ntr k§-p4hkine rok(^m-k'oh, kdma o gb^nne-ki 
rorarah ka Yisua. 

27. De r'dnia ra-b^na ra a-fam de ra a-b^ra ha 
trah-ko, ahS bok de aha kulir-ko. 

28. Ko Yisua g s|ke rghSh, o pa ho: N^a a-wut 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

102 Ltikas 23; 

a-b^ra na Yerusalem, Ise na bok tr^ka tr^mmi^ kere 
bok nan tr|ka nya-n^^Sne, de traka an'-wut-'a-nn ! 

29. Tsa kali, ma-re*i ma ma der-e, ma na tra pa 
ho: A-b^ra a-m4ri-trel nan, ana yi a-kdnferen, de 
tr*or tra-mdri-tr'et tran, afr^ tsfi kom, de m'^sa ma- 
m^ri-lr*ei man, am6 tse m^sar a-fet! 

30. An*-l0 na-lsi da tra trap ka-pa ka ama-ron hot 
Fiimpor-BU nan! de ka fra-tsen: Gb^p'sar-su nan! 

31. Tia be na y6 n'anlr a-traftk yafi-e, n*anlr a- 
wosi, ko ma der-ni-e? 

32. Ka na k^re so a-fam a-lom na-rafi re kon', 
an^ pon yO ma-las, traka dif-fia. 

33. Ka ma na pon bek ka gd'er, ow6 'a bontr d'er 
wa e-gb^nkatr, na Iran-ko ri ka ak'^ntr ka-pankine, 
kgn' de an'-fam na manias, ok*in ka ka-dio-k*oh, de 
QWQ-lom ka ka-mero-k*on. 

34. Ko Yfsua o p5 ho: Ps, ts4ra-na-tsi; tsa na tse 
tr^ra atra na ma yo-e ! Ka Aa y^rane e-16pra-;y*on, na 
mank e-mank trdka tsi. 

35. De ah*-fam na tr^ma, na tra k^li-tJi; kere an- 
tra-bomp so na k6]unane-n^ (r|ka sel-ko, na pS ho: 
pon fiitia a-lom; tr* o futiane, be o yi g-Masla, 
owd K'tiru pon tit. 

36. De an'-kurgba na so Aa sel-ko, na fdtrar, na 
kara-ko ma- wain ma-pisak, 

37. Na pa ho: Be ma yi o-bal ka an'-Y^hudi, 
futiane I 

38. Ka na pou so gbal rokdm k'ofii mfei-gbal, na 
gbala-na ma-gbal ma aiV-Yunsni, de ma an*-R6mi, de 
ma an'-H^bri, mia y\ ho ye: 0-fiaT ka an'-Yehudi 
kdnowe. * 

39. Pe k'in kti an'-fam na ma-las, owd na pon 

.,y,,..uoy Google 

Lukas 23. 108 

gbak, nal-ko, Q pd bo: Be ma ^'i o-Masia, futia 
mun*-munone de sySih. 

40. K^re owo-lgm o Usi, o nal-ko, Q pa ho: Mun' 
SQ ma nesa-he K'uru-i, ow<^ sgnipane ka*s(^mpaD^-ka- 
tJi gben-i? 

41. De sya 8§ beki tra sdmpane; Isa sa sc^Iq an*- 
ram, an^ beki ama-^ros-ma-su ; k^re ow^ o t^^ poh vo 
tr'el 6 lr*ei Ira-las. 

o o 

42. Kq p^ ka Yisua hg: Rdbbu, nane-mi, be ma 
pon ^oh ka ara-bai-ra-mu. 

43. Kq Yisua o pa ron^Jn hg: i k^ne-mu Ira-lsen: 
T^noo ma tra yi romi ro-Firdaus! 

44. Ko pa ^i am'^lo ma an'-gbelea &hA beka tr'amjlil 
ro k'in, ma a-sum na d^rar an-lgf be,- ha ka an'-gbelea 
aii^ beka tr'amat ro n'anle; 

45. Ar'6tr ra bia, de ak'umaf^len ka aiV-hekal ka 
gbaia ratrdn. 

46. Ko Yisua o tsela rim ra-b^na, o pa ho^ Pa, 
ka ama-tra-ma-mu 1 yenlr an'umpal-'a-mi! Ko mo 
pon pa atse, o I6rane an'-nesam. 

47. Kg mg o-kelfa ka k'eme k'in o ngnk atr^ poh 
>gne, ^I'kis K'uru, o pa ho: Tsenlsene, gvv'uni owe 
g y[ g-l6mpi! 

48. De ah'-f§m be» ah^ poh l6QkIane rgkin ka 
ama-k§li ma-t§i, ma ha k§li ama-trel, am^ poh jdne, 
ha suing e-k^palr-'e-han, ha k^lane. 

49. K^re an-tr^rane-h'gh be ha Ir^ma g-bdli po, 
de am-bera, mi poh Irah-kg, mg g yefa ro-GalikIa, 
ha kali ama-trel am6. 

50. Ko k^li, g-runi, ah'es-n'gh Yusufu, g\^(J ^i k'in 
ka ama-n§hk8ne ma-b6na, de gwd yi w*uni fino g-16mpi, 

54. (0\v6 g t6e wgh tr§ka ka-mah de tr^ka ka- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

104 Lukas 24. 

yO-ka-r»an;) o ^^fa ro-Arimatia, ka-petr ka an*-Y6hudi, 
de kar so ara-bal ra K'Qru kon*-k(Jnone: 

52. Ow6 kg ka Pilaios, g I6la ka-bel ka Yisua. 

53. Kg mg g pon t6ra-ki. g kump-ki r§ ka-kSttan 
g botr-ki ra-ka-b6ma, ak^ na poh lol ka a-gbSian, Aa 
la poiVhe boir rl w'dni 6 w'tini t^pan. 

54. Kg pa yi an*-r6i na ka-b^nene, de an'-S^bbal 
ha tra fStrar. 

55. De am-b^ra, an^ pon paia-kg, mg g y^fa ro- 
Galilaia na tran, na k^Ii ka-b5ma, de tro na boir ka- 

56. Ka ma na pon kSlane, na benene ma-tsel ma- 
f(}lfgl de m'^ro ma-s6pa; ka na f5tane ka an'-SSbbat 
mg an4g6. 

Ara-Bomp 24. 

1. K^re ka an*-rei ana-tr(itrgkg na an'-sobua, mg 
pa tr§ma tr^ka sgk, na der ka ka-b6ma, na kSrane ama- 
Isel ma-f(;i]fgl, amS na pon benene; de a-b^ra a-lgm 
na .yi rgn^fi. 

2. Ka na fir, fg na pon b^nkll an'-sar na y^fa ka 

3. Ka ma na pon won ri, na bap-he ka-bel ka 
Yisua, g-Rdbbu. 

4. Kg pa yi, ma na k^tane g-)ai tr^ka tli, k§li, 
a-runi na-ran na tr^ma rgn^n ka e-16pra e-w6nu. 

5. Kg mg g-ninis g wop-Aa, de ma na san as'er- 
tra-nan ro-tgf, an'-runi na pa rgnSn hg: Ko (r'el fr'a 
na ten gw(J yi g-k^li kalrcJh ka an'-fi-e? 

6. yi-he an^, k^re g pon yokane. N^ne-lsi 
naft, mg g poA pa rgnu, mg g yi ras ro-Galilaia, 

7. Ka pa hg: Na yi Ira sgnd Qw'^n ka Wuni ka 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Lukas 24. 105 

ama-trS ma a-fam a-Ias, fia ^i tra tran-ko ra-k'gn(r 
ka-p^nkine, de ka an'-r^i ah^ bekn ma-sas q ^i Ira 
y6kane so. 

8. Ka Aa n^ne as'im-tr'on. 

9. Ka ma fia poh k^Iane ka ^^fa ka kd-b6roa, fia 
tr^ri ama-trel am^ be ka an-tr'ottlr k'in, de ka an*- 
lom be. 

10. K^re pa ^i Mariam ka MSgdala, de Yoh^nna, 
de Man'am, o-kSra ka Yakuba, de a-b^ra a*lom re nan, 
ana k^ne ama-trei am^ ka an'-Som. 

1 1 . K^re as'lm-tra-nan tra n§naa-na mo ho k§-fof 
ka-^ai, de na tse l^ne-na. 

12. K^re P^t§r o ^6kane, o gbuke ka ka-b6ma; 
ko mo s^nne tr^ka k41i rl, o n§Ak alr'ola tra-k^ttan 
tra f^nta ri tsia sOn; ko k(}ne» kab^ne ro-m^ra- 
iVou tr^ka atr^ pon y($ne. 

13. Ko k|li, Aa-r§n kalr(in-ka-iian na k^ne an'-r^i 
na-tsi ra-ka-gbom, ak^ b(}lane ro-Yen^salem am'i^lo ma 
e-g^lwa tra-gba tra-sas, an*is-na-t2i Emmaos. 

14. De na pfis pas tr^ka ama-trel am^ be, ami 
pon yiJne. 

15. Ko pa yi, ma na ma pas pas, de ma na gb^I- 
ane, Yisua k^no-k^ngne f^trar, o k(^tane-na. 

16. K^re iiH wop e-for-'e-nan, ha na ls6 tr^ra-ko. 

17. Ko pd ron^n ho: Ko k§-fof ak^, ak^ na 
f()f§rane, ma na ma kot-e? De ko tr'el tr'a na san 
armol-e ? 

18. Ko k'in ka nan, an'6s-h'on Kl^ofas, q Msi, o 
pa TQh^h: P§ yi man' sOn m§ yi o-tlik ro-Yerusalem, 
Ow(^ tr'a-he ama-tref, am^ pofi yiJne ri ka ama-r^i ame-i? 

19. Ko pd ron^n: Ko ma-trel-e? Ka na pa ro- 


Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

106 Ldkas 24. 

non: Ama-trel tr§ka Yisua, o-Nasar^ni, ow(i ^i o-N^bi, 
de QW() bfi ka-f^na-tr'el tr^ka ma-yos de tr^ka s'im 
rodi ka K'iiru de rodi ka an'-fam be: 

20. Mo an-tra-bomp Aa an'-Kohao de aii-tr§-bomp- 
'a-su na sond-ko, kama na Aap-ko tr^ka fi, de ma 6a 
traii-ko ra-k'antr k|-p^nkine. 

21. Kere sya sa n^ne, ho k(}no yi Isi, ow(} yi na 
tra bSni Yfsrael; k^re ka-r^r§n ka ama-trel ami be 
tinon pa yi an'-ri§i ahk bika ma-saa, k^bi ka ama- 
trel ami ma pon y(ine. 

22. H^lisa a-b^ra a-lgm so katr(in-ka-8U, ha po6 
k^ntofali-su; ani na pon yi ka ka-b6m8 b§t; 

23. De ma Aa ts6 bap ka-bel-k'o^, na der, na Uine, 
ho jfia pon na6k ma-nank ma a-maleika, ahi pd, ho q 
yi o-k^H. 

24. Kq a-Iom na arV-na-su na k(}ne ka ka-b6ma, 
de na bap-tsi gbo ma am-b^ra so na poA pfi-e; k^re 
kon* na n§m-fe-ko. 

25. An'-lo na-fli o pd ron^n ho. nyd, and bft 
ka*tse4rdra-tr'el, de aM bd e-mera e^fi> Ir^ka Idne 
ama-trel be, amS ah'-NSbi na pon pa-e! 

26. Pa yi-he o^Masia o yi na tra si^mpane ama- 
trel ami, de tra won ka an'-yfti-A*oA-i? 

27. Ko y^rkia-Aa ama-treT, amd Aa gbal tr^ka 
Ir'oA ka ama-Gbal be, tr^par ka Mdsa de ka ah'- 
NSbi be. 

28. Ka ma na fdtrar ka-gbom, ro Aa ko-e, kon' o 
yek tra y^ma tas rodi. 

29. Ka Aa fosar-ko, Aa pa ho: Tr^ma rgsu; tia 
ara-fol ra y6ma bek, de ar'^tr ra poA 14Ak«. Ko q 
yfQii trdka tr^ma roA^A. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Lukas 24- 107 

30. Ko pa ^i, mQ o pon gbetgb^tne re nan, q 
^oka ka-bo, o ruba-ki, de mo poi^ ki sim, q yentr- 
ki ronSn. 

31. Aii'-lo na-tsi e-for-'e-nan e kante, de Aa tr^ra- 
ko; ko dinne rodi ka e-for-'e-nan. 

32. Ka na pd ok'in ka owo-lom ho: Pa ^i-he ka- 
but-ka-8u ka y\ ka-m^ra rak6r-ka-su-i, mo o f(^f§r-su 
ro-r*ofi-i, de mo o y^rkia-su ama-Gbal-i? 

33. Ka Aa y6kane an'-gb^len na-tsi gbeii, ha kalao^ 
ro-Yenisalem, de ha b§p an-tr'of^tr k'in, de ah^ yi 
roh^h, ha poh gb^one rokin, 

34. AM pa ho; O-Kas o poh yokane tr§-tseh, de 
poh tri^rine ka Siipan! 

35. Ka hah ha k^ne ama-trei, am^ poh yi^ne ro- 
r'oh, de ma ha trap ka-tr^ra-ko ka ka-8im ka-bo. 

30. Ka ma ha ma fof ama-trei am^, Yisaa ki^no- 
kdnone tr^ma ka katr(}h-ka-hah , de pA roh^h: 
Ma-t()fal roDu! 

37. K^re ha y^troe, de o-oinis o wop-ha, ha 
n^hane ho, ha oahk a-m^gbula. 

38. Ko pa rohiih ho: Ko tr'ei tr'a n§ ySlrae-e? 
De ko tr'ei tr'a e-n^ne e*8ike e hatr ka e-m^ra-'e- 

39. K^U n§h ama-trd-ma-roi de atr'^1r§k-tra-mi, fo 
pa yi mf na-mioane : gbohs-mi nah, de k^i nah; tsa 
a-m^gbula ha ba-he o-^em de tra-bant, ma na o§hk 
fo mine ba. 

40. Ko mo poh pa at26, o trori-ha ama-tra-m'oh 
de atr'^tr§k-tr'oh. 

41. K^re ma ha ta to gb§ii-he l^ne tr^ka ma-b(}ne> 
de ma ha kab^ne, pa roh^h ho: N§ ba r'a ra-di ra- 
lom an(i-i? 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

108 Liikas 24, 

42. Ka Aa soh-ko a-bem Aa ka-Iop k§-tgTs, de a- 
bem ff'\Q\ na n-r^ka ni-inai. 

43. Kq yoka q di-ni rodi-ka-han. 

44. Ko pfl ron^n ho: Ats^ tra ^i as'im, atr^ I 
fdfar-nii, me I ^i ras TQnii, fo aroa-trei be ma yi tra 
Idsar, am^ ina poA gbal tr^ka tr^mmi ka an-toA iia 
Musa, de ka ama-gbal ma a6*-N^bi, de ka ama-S^lma. 

45. An*-lo ila-tsi o sdkas e-m^ra-'e-na1i, hd na 
tr^ra ama-6bal. 

46. Ko pd roA^n: Ya na pon gbal, de ^0 0- 
Masia o y\ na tra 8(}mpane, de tra yokane ka an*-fi 
ka an'-r^i an^ b^ka ma-sas; 

47. De hn yi tra tr^mas ka-tdbi de k§-l^pfr ka 
ma-trel ma-Ias ka ail'^s-A'oA katron ka tra-bdna be ka 
tr^par ro-Yeriisalem. 

48. N^dn na y\ a-gb^ki tr^ka ama-trei am6. 

49. Ko k^li, minaA 1 tsi s6m'ra-nu atrVi, tr§ka atr^ 
9-Kas-ka-mi o poA tran r'im: k^re n^dii, ^ira n§fi ka 
ka-petr ka Yerusalem, hd Aa pon \voAs-nu a-tisa 6a 

50. Ko k^re-na rok^A ha ro-Betfinia, ko A^tra 
ama-tra-m'on, o ruba-Aa. 

51. Ko pa yi, mo yi ka ka-ruba-na, na gb^ski- 
ko ron^h, de na ndtra-ko rok($m ro-riilnna. 

52. K^re nan na r^mne-ko, na k^lane ro-Yerusalem 
ma-bdne ma-b^na; 

53. De na yi ro-h6kal l()ko 6 li^ko, na bund§9 de 
Aa t^kas K'uru. Amfna. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 










18 6 7. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Stuttgart: Printed hy J* F. Stelnkopf. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

Am-B6sra tr^ka Yisua Masia, 
mo Y6han, o-Som, o gbal-Ai. 

Ara-Bomp 1. 

1. Ka ka-tr§p Ar'im ra yi, de Ar'im ra yi ro ka 
K'dru, de Ar'im ra yi K'dm. 

2. At6 ra yi ka ka-tr^p ro ka K'iini. 

3. Ria b^mpa r'^ka 6 r'^ka; dfi Aa bi§nipa-he r'ika 
6 r'ika ari yi, p§ yi-he hiii r'in, timbe ka ka-trfi ka 
Ar'im avL 

4. A-n^sgm na yi ka Ar'im ar6; de an'-6i8§m Aa 
yi am-m5ta na a-f§m. 

5. De am-m5ta na mot ka an'-sam, de an' -sum na 

6. K'uru Q sOm w'uni, an'^s-A'oft Y6han. 

7. Ow6 Q der tr^ka son i'amas^re, kdma o sqA 
t^amas^re tr^ka am-miSta, kima a-f§m be na Une ka 

8. K(}no-ki^none o yi-be am-m5ta, k^re o der kima 
son t'amas6re tr^ka am-m5ta. 

9. Am-m5ta ana-tr§tsen, au^ m5t§r w*dm 6 w'tbi, 
fia yi ka der ro-rO. 

10. iia yi ro-rQ, de nia b^mpa ara-rO; k^ ara- 
ra ra tse tr^ra-ko. 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

4 Yohan 1. 

11. der ka an'-fam-n'oi& gbe6, de aA'-n'aA na 
tse m^Iane-ko. 

12. K^re ka na be ana m^Iane-ko o son a-f(}sa 
tra s^ke a-wut na K'uru, pa y\ ka aM l^ne ka aA'^s- 

13. AM 'a kom pa yi-he ka ma-tsir, pa yi-he ka 
aii'-f<^la na ma-der, pa ^i-he ka ama-s^lo ma o-runi, 
kere ka K'uru. 

14. De Ar*im ra ^6ka ma-der, de ra ^ira katr(}n- 
ka-su, de s§ k^li an'-^iki-n'on, mo a-yiki ha Qw'dn 
ka o-Kas, ow(} o k5m gbo son, de QVfi Id ma-b$na 
de Ira-lsen. 

15. Y6han o son t'amas^e tr^ka tr'oA, o l^^la 
laaaa ka pd Iro: 0^^ ji tsi, tr^ka ow(} I pa hg: 
Ow<i der ka*r^r§A-ka-mJ q pon tr^ma mi kad(, tsa q 
mtita mi ^i/ 

16. De ka ka-Id-k'on sySi be s§ poh si\Q a-b^hi, 
hill a-h^ivsi rok<^ ka a-bo^a. 

17. Tsa Musa o son-su an-toif^, k^re Yfsaa Mask 
s<}tQna-8U ma-b6Aa de Ira-lieA, 

18. Woni 6 w'uni o ta poA-he n§nk K'dni tabdna; 
Ow'^n ka K'dru, ow<J o kOm gbo sOii, de ow<J yi ka 
aA'-k^p§tr na o-Kas, k<}no po6 Aaibia-sa-tSi. 

19. Tifa-t£6 ai'amas^re tra Y6faan, ma an'-Y^bndi 
na ro-Yeriisalem Aa sOm a-K6han de a-Lefiti tr^ka 
jif-ko ho: K^ne mdnon-e? 

20. Ko gbitane, tse p^nsa, i gbftane ho: 0- 
Masta roin' Uho. 

21. Ka Aa yif-ko ho: K^e munon ts^ne-e? Elijra 
mdnoA-i? Ko p& bo* Mine yt-fe tsi. 0-N6bi ka-tsi 
mdnoA-i: Ko l^si bo: De. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Y6kaii 1. 5 

22. Ka ikB pft fQtiii bo: K^ne munoil-e? kima 
Ba gb^li Usia and pon sdm-su; ko ma p& tr^ka mdng- 


23. pfl bo: Mine ^i r'im ra o-gb6nto ro-^iila, 
QYf^ pfl bo: T^nane nan ar'6n' da Yeb6fa, mo Yesdya, 
Q-N6bi, pon pS. 

24. De and 'a poA sOm, na y4fa ka aft'-Fdrisi. 

25. Ka Aa yif-ko, na pd ron(}A: Ko tr'el ts^ne 
tr'a m§ bdptis-e, be ma ts6 yi o-Masfa, p§ yi-be Eli^a, 
pg yi-be o-N<bi ka-tli-e? 

26. Y6han o Idsia-Aa, o pA bo: Minan, I bdptisa 
m'antr; k^re Q tr^ma ka ka-troft-ka-nu, ow(} nyd ts6 

27. K(Jno yi tSt, 0W<} der ka-rdr§A-ka-mi, qvi^ 
tr^ma mi k§di, do mtne be'-be tra s^Ha-ko ara-b^na 
ra afi'-k(}fta-fi'oA. 

28. Aroa-trel am6 ma y(}ne ro-Betdbara, ro-Y6rdan 
rom(}ri, ro Y6ban o yi 0-bdptis. 

29. Ka afi'-r6T aAa-trdndo Y6ban o nai^k Yisua ka 
der TQhitf ko o pS bo: K^K, ka-Kdrnf ka Pdni, ow(j 
sitB ama-trel ma-las ma 'ra-ra! 

30. Ow6 yi tli, tr^ka Qvfi I pa bo: Ka-rdraA- 
ka-m! o-rdni o der, qyi^ tr§ma mi kadi; tsa o mi^ta 
mi yi. 

31. De mine tse trdra-ko; k^re kdma aA'-f§m fta 
Yferael ila trdra-ko, tlia bd-tsi mine der tra bdptisa 

' 32; De Y6ban o son t'amas^re, o pS bo: I n§Ak- 
tSi iiiif^ X)^Rdbu o-S§m o tor ka ak'dru mo ka-p^rgm, 
tsia rok(}m-k'on. 

3fik 'De d^ine ts6 trdra ko; k^re o^ii som-mi tr^ka 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

6 T6han 1. 

b^ptisa m'antr, k(}no pd TQmi ho: Rok(^in ka ow(j m§ 
n§Ak o-Ruhu o tra tor, o t5ia rok(}in-k'on ; k(Jno yi 
tsi, owQ b^ptisa o-Rdhu o-Sam. 

34. De mine pon tli n§iik, d^ I gbiki-t3i, fo ow6 
yi Ovi'Au ka K'uru. 

35. Ka an'-r^i ana-tr^ndg Y6haii q tr^ma 80, de 
na-r§a na an'-kardndi-A'on; 

36. Kq mo k41i Yfsua, ow(J yi ka kol, o pfi ho: 
K§]i, ka-K6ruf ka K'uru! 

37. Do ah'-kar^ndi ana-ran iia Ir^la-ko o-fof, de na 
tran Yisua. 

38. Kere Yfsua o s^ke, do mo n^k, fo na traA- 
ko, pd rOMn: Ko na ten-e? 

39. K^re naA na pa ronijn: H^bbi, — ar6 a ts^po: 
Karmiiko, — re m§ yfa-e? 

40. pa ron^n: Der nan, n§ k^li-tsi! l^fa der, na 
k4Ii-tsi; ka na yia roniJn an'-r6l na-tii, K^re p§ yi 
am'(}lo ma an'-gb^Ien an^ b6ka tr'oKtr. 

41. K'in ka ana-rgn, ah& pon tr§la Y6haD, de an^ 
tran Yfsua, o yi AndraQs, o-wontr ka Siman P^tar. 

42. 0^^ niiita b§p Sfman, o-^ontr-k'on gben, 
kQ pd TQhit: S§ pon bap o-Masfa, — ar^ 'a ti^po: 

43. Ko k^re-ko ka Yfsua. Ko mo Yfsua o k§li- 
kOy pa ko: Muno yi Sfman, ow'^n ka Ydna, na tra 
bontr-mu K^fas, — ard 'a ts^po: A-Gb^lan* 

44. Ka an'-rd'i ana-tr^ndo Yfsua o y^ma k(}ne ro- 
fialilafa, ko o bgp FiUppos, de o pa roAi^n: Tram-mi! 

45. K^re Filippos o y^fa ka Betsd'ida, ka ka-petr 
ka AndraQs de ka Pdtar. 

46. Fih'ppos bgp Natdnael, ko pa roniin ho: 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

T6han 2. 7 

Tr^a ow(J Mdsa q pon gbal ka an-toA de aA'-N^bi, 
kon' 8§ po6 b§p, Yisua ka NAsaret, Qw'to ka Y68ufa. 

47. Ko Nalinael o pa roniJn ho: Tr'cl 6 tr'cltr§- 
ffaio tra gb^i wur ka N&saret-i? FiUppos o p9i TQuiii: 
Der, m§ kp! 

48. Yisua o n§M Natdnael ka der vQiiih, ko q pSi 
tr^ka tr'oA ho: K^li^ w'an ka Yferael ts^Dtsene, 0W(} 
ba-he a-j^Afa! 

49. Nataoael o pa roti^h : Tro p§ yi t^i in§ tr^ra- 
mi-e? Yisna o I^si» pa roiniJA: P^ta FiHppos o 
l24la-ma, mo in§ yi ka ka-gb(JDO rdta, I D§iii-inu. 

50. Natdnad o Usi, o pa ho: R^bbi, mdno yi 
Onv'to ka K'liru, miiiio yi Q-Bal ka Yisrael! 

51. Yisua U^i, pa roA^^A; P§kdSife I pa romA 
tio: I nam-inu ka ka-gb^no rordta, in§ line-i? M§ tr§ 
fi|Ak ma^trel ma-b^na am6 t^si am^. 

52. Ko pa roA(jA: I kino-nu tr§-tSeA, tr§-tSeA: 
K^bi ka aA'-lo Bh^ n§ tra n§6k ak'dru ka kinte, do 
am-maletka fta K'dru ka Aatr do ka tor rok(jm ka 
Ow'^n ka K'um. 

Ara-Bomp 2. 

1. K^ro ka an'-r6i aM b^ka ma-sas a-ftota a- 
oMrana Aa yi ro-Kina ka ro-6aHlaia de o-k^ra ka 
Yfsua yi rt. 

2. K^re Aa mutsi so Yisua do aA'-kardndi-A'on ka 
aA'-ftota a-n^nirana. 

3. Ka ma ama-wafn ma pen, o-k^ra ka Yisua o 
pa roni^A: Na ba-he so ma-waln. 

4. Yisua pa TQt^t: W'uni bom, ko tr'el tr'a sya 
mlboti s§ ba-e? AA'-gb61eA-'a-mi Aa ts6 ta poA bek. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

9 Y6han 2. 

5. 0-k6ra-k'oA o pa ka c-bol bo: Tr'ei 6 lr*0l 
atrd k^ne-nn, yO-t^i n§A. 

6. K^re na pon botr rl e-b^rbaron e-ma-sar tr'am^t 
ro k'in tr^ka m'antr tra ka-gb^li ka aA'-Y^hudi, a^ 
b^rbaron ii'in a-b^rbar'on n'in na wop e-tiiota ye-r§A 
tal(im e-sa8. 

7. Yisua pd roMh bo: Ii8§r d§A e-Mrbaro& 
m'antr. Ka M lis§r-yi pal. 

8. Kq pa TQh&h: Kut-na nan ton> n§ k^re ka 
QVf^ ba 'ma-kira ma an'-f^nta. Ka na k^ro-Aa. 

9. K^ro mo o-kira ka an'-fdnta o tarn am'totr, amii 
pon a^ke ma-nvain, — do o tr'a-he, re ma y^fa-e^ 
k^re 6-bol> ana pon kut am'^tr, ha trara-tii, — g 
kira o ts^la o-rdni o-fat, 

10. Ko pa TQniik bo: W'uni o w'uni q mot botr 
ama-wain ama-fino rodi ka a-fam, de be ha foii mun 
0-Ial, ha botr ama tse ;i ma-ffno; muno pon b^ne 
ama-wain ama-flno ha t^te. 

11. Atr'ei tr^-kabine tra-tr(}troko at^^ Yisua o 36 
ro-Kina ka ro-Galilaia de o tr(}ri a6'-yfki-ii'on; do aA'- 
karandi-6'on ha Une-ko. 

12. Ka-rdra6 ka atr'ei a\l^ o tor ro-Kafarndhum, 
kon' do o-kara-k'oiQ» do an'-\vontr-ii'on, de aA%karandi- 
h'Qh; k^re ha won-bo rl ma-r6i ma-gbati. 

13. Ko am'^tr ma ka-Paine ma an*-Y^budi ma Uih, 
jdfi Yisua o gbep ro-Yerusalem. 

Y 14. Ko b§p ro-h^kal ana tfla tr§-na, do tr§- 
ivo^y do tr§-p^r§m, do ana sfnkar a-kaia a-f<Bra, ma 
ha yira rl. 

15. Ko mo pon b^mpana k'otr na-b£na, o bal- 
^abe ro-h^kaly de atra-l(}me, de atra-na; o sak§t ai^'- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

T6han 2. 9 

k^la a-f6ra a-lol iia aM sinkar a-k^la, o l^fti e-meaa- 

16. Ko p9i ka aA^ tfla atra-p§r§m bo: Y6ka n§A 
e^'^tr ey^ aoii; tse n§ s^ki aft'-set ta o-Kaa-ka-mi 
a-set a-tfla. 

17. K^re an'-kar^ndi-n'on &a n^ne-tsi, fo lia poft 
gbal ho: Ka-trutr tr§ka an'-set-'a-mu ka ai^mat-mi. 

18. Aii*'\Q na-tii aA'-Y^hadi ta tr§p k§-fof, de Aa 
pSi ro6(}ii ho: Ko a-l6ma n'a m§ tri^ri-su-e, pgk&iif^ 
m§ ^0 ama-trel am6-e? 

19. Yiaua o lAai> pft roMh bo: Y^kai aA'-b6kal 
ahi, do I tsi tr^mar-ni ka ma-r^i ma-sas. 

20. An'-Io da-tsi a^'-Y^hudi na pft ho: Tr§*reD 
tra-gbft tr§-r§n tr'am^i ro kin na pon yi ka ka-sal 
aft'-bikal an^, do mdno y^ma tr^mgr-jii ka ma-r^i 
ma-saa-i ? 

21. K^re kon' o fof tr^ka aifi'-h^kal fta ama-der- 

22. Ko HiQ pon ^kane ka ra-fi, afi'-kardndi-A'on 
ika n^no-tai, fo poA pfi ats4; ka na l^ne ama-Gbal 
de ir'^m^ ar^ Yiaua o po6 pa-e. 

23. K^re mo o ^i ro-Yerusalem ka am'^tr ma ka* 
Pafne, a-gb^ti ha lane ka a6'6a-n'on, ma ha k^li ama- 
trel roa-kab^ne> am^ o yO-e. 

24. K^re Yisua k(}no-k(^non6 o (s6 niAkgrne roAAA, 
p§k^2ife tr^ra-Aa be, 

25. De pak^life ts6 y^ma, fo w'dni 6 w'uni o sQh 
famasire tr^ka w'uni: taa kdno-k^none ti^ra atr^ yi 
ka w'dni rok'5r. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

10 T6han 3. 

Ara-Bomp 3. 

1. K^re ^'dni o yi rl katri^fi ka aA'-F^risi, an'^s- 
ib'oA Nikodimos, o-ra-bomp ka aA'-Y^hodi. 

2. Ow6 der ka Yfsua tratr^k, o pa TQh^h ho: 
R^bbi, 8§ tr^ra, fo ma yi o-Kann(}ko, ow($ yita ka 
E'dra; tia \v'uni 6 w'dni o t^na-he yO ama-trel ma- 
kab^oe am6, am^ muDO yO-e» t^mbe K'uni o yi de 

3. Yisua I^si, o pfi ron<i6: I k<ne-ma tr§-tSeA 
U§-t2e&: t^mbe Aa kal iom ¥^'uni, o gb^li-be n§nk 
ara-bal ra K'uru. 

4. Nikodimos o pa rQii^h ho: Tro na gb^li kom 
vr'dni, be o poA bak-e? P§ yi o gb^i so woA ka 
ak'5r ka o-k^ra-k'oA tr§ka kal kdm-ko-i? 

5. Yisua ]^^i ho: 1 k^ne-mu tra-tsen tr§-t8e6: 
Umbe fia k6m Mr'dni ka m'antr de ka o-Rdhu, o gb^li- 
be won ka ara-bal ra K'uru. 

6. R'a ra-kom ka ama-der, ma-der mail; de r'a 
ra-kOm ka o-Rdhu, o-Rdhu won. 

7. Tse kab^ne, fo 1 poA pa romd ho: Na 71 tra 
kal ktoi-mi. 

8. AA'-fef na soA ro na y^ma, de m| tral ar'im-ra- 
tsi; k^re m§ tr'a-he, re na y^fo-e, tal(}m re na ko-e. 
Ye PI yi tr^a w'dni 6 w'dni, Q^i *a kOm ka 0- 

9. Nikodimos \&sU p& Ton^h ho: Tro ama-trel 
am6 ma gb§li yi-e? 

10. Yisua l^si, pd rQu^h: Mdno y\ o-karm(}ko 
ka an'-f§m na Yfsrael, de m§ tr'a-be ama-trel am6-i? 

11. 1 k^ne-mu tr§-tsen tr§-tsen: atr^ s§ tr^ra, s§ 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

T6han 3. 11 

fot, de sa soil t'amasere tr^ka atrS sa pon naiik; de 
na is€ ^op at'amas^re-tra-su. 

12. Na l^ne-he, be 1 f^far-nu ir^ka ina-treT raa 
nQ-rO; tro na ma l^ne-e, be 1 f(}far-nu tr§ka ma-trel 
ma ak'uru-e? 

13. De w'lini 6 w'dni o Ise poA natr rok<}m ro- 
rianna, i^inbe kgn' ow(J tar ka ri^nna, k^no yi hg 
Ow'^n ka W'tini, gwd yi ro-ri6nna. 

14. De mo Musa o n^tra am-bok ro-wiila, ya fta 
yi tra n^lra Qw'^n ka W'uni; 

15. Kama yf*i&m 6 w^tini ow(J I^ne-ko o t66 dfnne, 
k^re kima q s^^to a-fi6sam a-tab^na. 

16. Tsa yo K'dru o pon b(}tar ara-rQ, hd q sond 
Ow'^n-k'oh kom gbo s5n, karaa w'uni 6 w'dni, ow(} 
I^ne-ko, \sB dinne; k^re kdma o s(^tQ a-fi6sam a- 

17. Tsa K'dru q pon-he s6m Ow'^n-k'gn ro-ra 
tr^ka nap ara-iH; k^re tr^ka ftitia ara-ra ka ka-trd- 

18. O^iJ Wne-ko, na tra lie Aap-kQ; k^re ow(J ts6 
l^ne. na pon ko to nap, pak^sife o pon-he Mne ka 
an'^ Aa 0^'^n ka K'uru owd o kom gbo sOn. 

19. K^re atrd sOm ka-Aap tsia-tle, fo am-m6ta na 
pen der ka 'ra-rd, de a-f§m Aa b(}1§r aii'-sum pa las 
am-m6ta, tsa ama-yos-ma-Aan ma yi ma-las. 

20. Tsa w'dni 6 w'dni ow(J yO ma-trei ma-las, o 
gb^na am-mQta, de der-he ka am-m6ta, tAni ama- 
yos-m'on ma naibe. 

21. K^re ow(} yO tr^-tsen, o der ka am-m6ta, 
k&ma ama-yos-m'oA ma trc^rine, tsa o pon yO-na ka 
an*-f(Jsa na K'dru. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

li T6haii 3. 

22. Ka-rdraii ka ama-trel am6 Yisua de an'-kar^ndi- 
n'on oa der ka an-tof na Yehudia, de ri-a q won re 
AaA, de b^ptis. 

23. Kere Y6han kgn' so o tr§ bdptis ro-^non, aki 
f^tsi ro-Salim, pak^sife m'antr ma-lal ma yi rl; de ar 
f§in Aa der rl, de b^ptis-i(ia: 

24. Tsa na tse ta pon botr Y6han ro-ti6kane. 

25. Ao'-lo^na-tsi a-gbal Aa tr^pne katr(}n ka a-lom 
laa an'-kardndi na Ydhan de katr(}n ka a-Y6hudi tr^ka 

26. Ka na der ka Yofaan, na pa roni^i^: R^bi, 
QVii yi rgmu ro-Y6rdan rol^nken, tr^ka QYti m§ poA 
son t'amas^re, k^li, QWi6 o tra b^piis, de ina be 6a 
der roAijn. 

27. Yoban o l^si, o pd ho: W'ani o gb41i-he y6- 
kane tr'el 6 tr'el, t^mbe o s(}to-tsi ka ak'tiru. 

28. N^d-nyane n§ yi a-gb^ki tr^ka tr^mnii, fo I 
pd ho: O-Masia min' idho, k^re na pen sOm-mi rod'^r- 
k'oil kadf. 

29. Ovi^ ba o-b^C9 o-fat» k(}no ^i 0-rdni a-tni: 
k^re o-y^tki ka o-rdni o-fat, qyi^ tr§nia, de Qy/6 tr^la- 
ko 9 ba nia-b(}ne ma-b^na tr^ka ar'fm ra o-runi o- 
fat. Ama-bi^De-ina-ini am^ ma pon' to Idsar. 

30. K^uQ yi Ira s^^e o-bAna, kere mine jfi tra 
s^ke o-loK 

31. Qyi6 ^^fa ka rok(}m, o ^i rok(^m be. Ovf6 
tr^pne ka an-tof, o ^^fa ka an-tof, de fof mo 0W(^ 
j^fa ka an-tof; kgn' o>v(} yefa ka ak'uru, o yi rok(jm be. 

32. De atr^ o pon n§nk, de atr^ o tr§l, tr^ka ats6 
SQh t'amas^re: de at'amas^re-tr'on w'uni 6 w'dni o 
tie wop-tsi. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

¥6han 4. IS 

33. Ow(} pon wop at'amasere-lr'on, o poA b^k'sar- 
Isj, fo K'dni ^i lr§-tsen. 

34. Tsa kon* owd K'uru o pon s5m, q fgf as'lui 
tra K'uru; tsa K'ura q sgA-fe-ko o-Ruhu mo a-tiinta. 

35. 0-Kas b(Jt§r Qw'^n, de pon yenlr tr'e! 
6 Ir'eT ka ka-lra-k*on. 

36. Qwd l^ne Qyi'^n, q ba a-A^sam a-tab^na: k^re 
QYii tig Une OW^n, o gb§li-he n|nk a-fi6s§m; k^re 
ara-ban' da K'uru ra liia rok(Jm-k*on. 

Ara-Bomp 4. 

1. Ko niQ o-R^bbn q tr^ra, fo an'-PSrisi Aa poA 
tral, fo Yisua q s^ki de fQ o b^ptis a-kar^ndi a-gb^ti 
pa tas Yohan, 

2. (K6ta Yisna ki^no-konone o ts6 b^ptis, k^re aA- 
kar6ndi-A'oA gbo), 

3. y^fa ro-Yehudia, o kiJne so ro-Galilaia. - 

4. K^re Q yi na tra tas ka Samdria. 

5. Ko der ra-petr ka Samaria, ak^ 'a bontr Sikar, 
ak^ f^tsi aA'-lal, aA^ Yakuba o son ka Yusufa, ow'^d- 

6. K^re ka-lamp ka Yakdba ka yi rl. Ko Yisua^ 
mo ma-161i ma wop-ko tr^ka am-bias, o yirane gbo 
ka ka-Iamp ray^r: pa y\ am'c^Io ma aA'-gb^leA aM 
b6ka tr'am^ ro k'in. 

7. Ko w'uni bom ka Samaria o der tr^ka kut m'antr. 
Yisua pd TQii^ti ho: Yer-mi I mun. 

8. Tsa aA*-kar^di-A*oA Aa poA k(}ne ro-pelr, tr^ki 
waT y'etr e-di. 

9. Ko o-bera o-Samari o pS roA(}A ho: Tro p§ yi 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

14 Yohan 4. 

ho mdnon, owd ;yi o^Y^hudi, tna t61a k§-mun ka mfnan, 
OW(J yi o-bera o-Sam^ri-e? Tsa an*-Yehudi de an'- 
Samdri na k(}t§rane-he. 

10. Yisua Idsi, o pd ronc^n: Be ma tr^ra naA 
am-boya na K'uru-e, de k^ne yi tsi ow(J pa rgmu: 
Yer-mi mun : miinon ma tra pon* na tdla ka kgn', de 
ken' tra pon' na so6-mu m'antr ma-n^s§m. 

11. 0-b^ra Q pd roni^n bo: Ps, ma ba-he r'a ra^ 
k6ta, de ka-l§mp ka yi k§-b(}lQn; r^ke m§ siUy toa 
am'^ntr ama-n6s|m-e? 

12. Pa yi ma yi o-b^na m| t^si Yakuba, o-kas- 
ka-su-i, ow(5 soh-su ka-lamp-i, de ow<J mun rl k(Jno- 
k^none, de an*-wut-n*on, de ey'elr-y'on e-lrgl-i? 

13. Yisua l^i, pa roncjn ho: W'tini 6 w*uni 
QYfi mun am'^ntr am6, ra-mun ra tr| wop-ko so; 

14. K^re w'uni 6 iiv'Qni Qy/^ mun ka s»n'^ntr, am^ 
mine tsi sgn-kg, ra-mun ra gb^-he ko so woji 
tab4na: kere am'^ntr am^ mine tsi son-kg, ma tra 
s^ke ra-fgr ra m'antr rok'dr-k'on, am^ gbukte ha ka 
an'-!^6s§m a-tab^na. 

15. O-b^ra o pa roni^n hg: Pa, sgh-mi am'^ntr 
am6, kdma ra-mun ra gb^i-he mi so wop, de kima 
I ba-he so tra der anii tr^ka kut. 

16. Yisua pa TQii^h: K(^ne, m§ ts^la o-wos-ka- 
mu, m§ der an(}. 

17. 0-b^ra o l^si, g pa hg: I tse ba g-wos. Yisua 
pa roii(in: Ma poh pa 0'l<Smpi ho: 1 tse ba o-wos: 

18. Tsa ma pon ba a-wos tr'am^t, de owd m§ ba 
ka ak6, o tse yi o-wos-ka-mu; m| pon pa tra-tsen 
tr^ka atr'ei ats6. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Y6han 4. 15 

19. O-bera o pS roni^n bo: Pd, I n§6k, fo ni§ yi 

20. An'-kas-'a-8U Aa pon rdmne roki^m ka aA'-roJi 
an6, de nydn n^ pa, fo od'^r, ro a-f§in Aa yi tra 
T&muQp yi ro-Yerusalem. 

21. Yisua pft roA(}n ho: W'uni bom, line-mi, 
fo aft'-I(}ko Aa tr§ der, ma ha tr§ rimne O-Kas p| yi-^ 
ho rok(}m ka a&'-roA an^ p§ yi-ho ro-Yen&salem. 

22. Nydn n§ r^mne ari n§ tse trira; syllA •§ 
rimno ari s§trira: tsa k§-futi k§ y^fa ka aA'-Y^hudi* 

23. K^ro aA'-l(}ko na tra der, do ha yi t£te, ma 
ani rimne mo Ira-tsen na tr§ rdmne o-Kas r' e-m6ra 
do r§ tr§-tseA; tia o^Kas o y^a so aAi r6mno-k9 
mo ats6. 

24. K'uru yi O-Rtihu; de afii rtone-ko Aa yi 
tra rimne-ko r' e-m^ra de rf tr|-tseA. 

25. O'bera o pSi rofii^A: I trira, fo o-Masfa o tr9 
der, (ow(i 'a bentr Kriatos); be ow6 o poA der, o tr§ 
tr(}ri-su ma-trei be.' 

26. Yfsaa opfi roni^A ho: Mine yi tsi, owfi f(}f§r-mu» 

27. An'-lO na-tii aft'-karindi-n'on Aa der, de na 
kab^ne, pakisife o f($f§r o-b^ra: k^re Mr'iini 6 w'did 
yi*he katri^A-ka-fian, Qyf6 pfi bo: Ko mf ten-e? 
talfim: Ko m§ f(if§r-ko-e? 

28. Ko o-b^ra o trel am-b^rbaroA^A'oA* k<ine 
ro-petr, de pa ka an'-fam ho: 

29. Der n§n, n§ k^li w'uni, owf} kine*mi tr*el 6 
tr'el, atri I pon yO-e; p§ yi ho o-Masta k(Jno-we-i? 

30. Ka na wur ro-petr, Aa der vQik^h. 

31. An'-Io na-tsi an'-kardndi-A'oA ha n^mtene-koy 
ha pa ho; Ribbi, dil 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

16 T6han 4. 

32. K^re k^uQ pa ronM ho: Mine bd r'd ra-di 
tr^ka di, ard n^ran n§ tr'a-he. 

33. Ka an'-kar^ndi Aa pft k'in ka o-lom ho: P§ ^i 
ho vr'uDi loin pon k^ra-ko r'dka tr^ka di-i? 

34. Yfsua pa ron^il ho: E-wont e-ye-mi e yt 
tr^ka yO ama-s6lo ma ow(^ poA sOm-mi, do tr^ka poAs 

36. P§ yi-he nya pa, ho ka-rir§A ka y'of y'inle 
ka-rok ka b6k-i? K^li, I k^ne-nu: L^kti n§A e-for-'e- 
na» de k^li n§n atr'i^r, fo tra pon' to s|ko tr§-f6ra 
tr^a k§-rok. 

36. Do ow6 rok o Siito a-ram, de o t6Ak]a ma- 
k6ini Ir^ka an'-ii^s§m a-tab^oa; kdma kon' so QVfi sak 
de Qyi6 rok na ha ma-b$}ne iwin-an. 

37. De tr^ atr'ei ats6 am-pa 6a yi tr§-tseA^ an^ 
pa ho: K'in o sak, Q^lom o rok. 

38. Mfne poil..8dni-nu tra rok, tr^ka ara nya tS6 
po6 yO ina*pant; a-lom na poA yo ma-pant, de nyfi 
po6 trando-na ka ama-pant-ma-nan. 

39. Kf^re aA'-Samari a-gbati 6a ro*petr ka4si 6a 
lane-ko tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ka-pa ka o-b^ra, Qyii gbaki 
ka pa ho: kane-mi tr'el 6 tr'el atra I poA yo-e. 

40. Ka ma an'^Samdri na der roA(^6, 6a n^mtene* 
ko tr^ka trgma ro6a6; ko tr^ma r! roa-r^i ma-r§6. 

41. De a-f|m a-lom a-gbati 6a tasi an-tr(^troko 6a 
lane tr^ka ka-pa-k'on gbe6, 

42. De 6ai pa ka o-b^ra ho: P§ yi-he so tr^ka 
'ra-bomp ra ka-fof a*ka-ma, To 8§ lane; tsa Jya-sydne 
8§ po6 tr§l, de 8§ trara, fo owe o yi o-Masia tr§- 
tlen, o-Fdtia ka 'ra-ra. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Y6han 4. 17 

43. K^re ka-r^rail ka ama-rei ama-ran o y^fa ri, 
Q k(}ne ro-6aliIaia. 

44. Tsa Yfsua kdng-konone gbSki, (q na tse trSra 
0-N4bi r'^ka ka ka-petr-k'on gbeft. 

45. Ko mo tier ro-Galilaia, an'-G^lili na mSlane- 
ko, ma na pon nafik ama-trel be, amd o pon yO ro- 
Yerusalem ka am'^lr: tsa nan so na pon der ka am'^tr. 

46. Ko Yfsua o der so ro-Kdna ka ro-Galilaia, ro 
pon yO am'dnlr ma s^ke ma-waln. Ko a-kdpar a- 
lom na o-bal o yi rl, ow*dn-k'o6 trO ro-Kafarndhum. 

47. Ow6, mo po6 tral, fo Yfsua o pon y^fa ro- 
Yehudfa, de fo pon der ro-Galilala, q k(}no ron(in» 
n^mtene-ko, kdma o tor tr^a rdmar Qw'dn-k'on, 
tsa tr^ma tr^ka fi. 

48. Ko Yfsua o pS VQh^h ho: Be na nank-fe 
ma-trei ma-kabdne de ma-yos ma-kabdne, na gb§li-he 

49. AiV-kdpar na o-bai o pft roni^n: Pa, tor, p6ta 
Ow'^n-ka-mi o fi. 

50. Yfsua pd roniin: Ki^ne, ow'dn-ka-mu o k^li! 
Ko ow'dni Idne ar'im, ard Yfsua o poil pd-e, de a 

51. Mo yi ka ka-tor, e-bol-y'oA na gbdnne-ko, 
Aa kdra-ko r'im ka pa Hq: Qw'dn-ka-mu o k^Ii. 

52. Ko yif na tr^ka ail'-gb^len, and pa ffsa-ko, 
de na pa roti^h ho: Dis, ka an'-gb^leA and b^ka tr'amdt 
de rail ama-w6nane ma tser-ko. 

53. An'-lo iia-tJi o-kas o trdra, fo pg yi ka an'- 
gb^len ila-tsi, and Yfsua o pfi fQti^n: Qw'dn-ka-mu o 
k^Ii! Ko Idne k^Jno-k^none de an*-set-n'oii be. 

John. 2 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

18 Yohan 5. 

54. Atr'ei tr§-kab^ne ats6 atrd b^ka ma-ran Yisua 
yO so, mo ,yefa ro-Yehudia Ir^ka ko ro-Galilaia. 

Ara-Bomp 5. 

1. Ka-raran ka ama-lrel am6 m'etr ma an'-Y^hudi 
ma yi rl, de Yfsua o gbep ro-Yerusalem. 

2. K^re a-bunt na yi ro-Yenisalem ka ka-rdre ka 
lr§-l(Jme ray^r, na bontr-ni ka alr'^nlr Ira an'-H6bri 
Bet^sda, 6a ba e-gb|ntan tr'am^t. 

3. Ka e'gb§ntan eye ka-Ia ka-b^na ka a-fam na 
f^nta, a-b6ma 6, a-fit 6, a-tr^tke 6, a-n^nka 6, an^ 
kar ka-kirane ka am'^ntr. 

4. Tsa o-maleika o tor e-ldko e-lom ka am-bunt, 
kira am'^nlr; ko w'dni 6 w'uni ow(} m(Jla rl won 
ka rdran ka ka-kfra am'^ntr, o ye6k ma-der ka ra-lrQ 
6 ra-trO ar^ wop-ko. 

5. K^re w'uni lom o yi rl, ra-trQ ra wop-ko Ira- 
ren ka-gba tr'oKtr tr'am^t re sas. 

6. Ko mo Yisua o nan'-ko 0-f§nta, de mo tr^ra, 
fo w(5ni Ion ra-lru ra wop-ko, pa roii(}n ho: Ma 
y^ma yenk ma-der-i? 

7. Ko ow'uni o-b6ma o l^si ho : Pa, I ba-he w'uni, 
kdma botr-mi ka am-bunt, be na pon kira am'^ntr: 
kere me I yi ka ka-der, o-lom o m^la mi tor rl. 

8. Yisua pa ron(Jn ho: Y6kane, ma yoka ka- 
fant'r-ka-mu, ma kot! 

9. Ko t^te lemp ow'uni o yenk ma-der, o y6ka 
ka-fant'r-4'on, o kot. Kere ah'-r6*i na-tsi na yi a- 

10. Tr^ka tsi an'-Y6hudi ha pa ka ow(J Yisua o 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

T6han 5. 19 

pon r^mar ho: Pa y\ a-S^bbat, tra I6mpir-he-mu tra 
k6re ka-faol'r. 

11. Usia-6a ho: Ow(i po6 y^nk§s-ini, Il^uq pa 
TQini ho: Yoka ka-f§ni'r-ka-ma, in§ kot. 

12. Ka na yif-ko: K^ne yi ow'uni, ow(5 poft pa 
romu ho: Yoka ka-f§nt'r-ka-mu, ma kot-e? 

13. K^re ow(J 'a po6 r^m§r o tr'a-he, k6ne yi 
tsi-e: tsa Yisua o pon y^fa rl, pak^sife a-f§m a-gb^ti 
na yi ka Qd'^r ka-tsi. 

14. Ka-r^ran-ka-tsi Yfsua o bap-ko ro-h6kaI, do 
pa ronton ho: K^Ii» ma pon yenk ma-der; isB so 
yO 0-l§8, kdma tr'el Ira-las, atrd t6si atra-tr(}lroko, Ira 

15. Ow'dni k^ne, O tr^ri-tsi ka an'-Y6hudi, fo 
p§ yi Yisua, ow(5 poA y6nkas-ko. 

16. Tsia bd-tsi an'-Y^hudi na bal-bal Yisua, na 
ten tra dif-ko, p§k^sife pon yo ama-trel am6 ka 

17. K^re Yisua o I^sia-na ho: O-Kas-ka-mi o yO 
ma-pani ha t^te, do min' so yO ma-pant. 

18. Tr^ka atr'ei ats6 an'-Y^budi na bar gbo ten 
tra dif-ko; pa yi-he. gbo pak^sife pon l^sar an'- 
S^bbat, k^re pak^sife pa so, fo K'uru o yi 0-Kas- 
k'on gben, do fo kon' do K'tiru na t^nane. 

19. Ko Yisua l^si, o pa roMn: 1 k^ne-nu tra- 
tsen tr§-tsen: Qw'dn o gb^li-he yO tr'ei 6 tr'el mo 
am-m6ra-n'on gben, timbe atr^ o n§nk fo o-Kas o y0; 
t^a ama-trei am^ k(5no yO-e, am6 Ow'6n o yO S9 mo 
am'(^lo ma-tsi. 

20. Tsa o-Kas o b(JI§r Ow'^n, do o Irdri-ko ama- 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

20 Yohan 5. 

trel be, am6 k(Jno-kfinone yO-c, de tr§ tr(Jri-ko 
ma-^QS ma-b^na am^ t^si am6, ha n§ tra kab^ne. 

21. Tsa mo 0-Kas o yokas an'-B, o k^lis-na; yo 
Ow'^n SQ k§lis an^ q y^ma. 

22. Tsa o-Kas o Wiikas-be w'dni 6 w'tini, k^re 
ka-rok e-t(}iika be pon yentr ka Ow*6n, 

23. Kama a-fam be na k61o Qw'dn, ma na k61o 
O-Kas. Ow(5 k61o-he Ow'^n, o k61o-he o-Kas, ow^ 
pon sOm-ko. 

24. 1 kane-nu tra-lseft tra-tseft: Ow(5 tral ar'fm- 
ra-mi, de Qyf6 I^ne ow^ poil som-mi, o ba a-n6s§m 
a-tab^na, de na tra tse nap-ko; k^re pon tas ka ra-fi 
tr§ka s^iQ an'-n6sam. 

25. I k6ne-nu tra-lse6 tra-tsen: An'-l(5ko na ma 
der, de na pon' to bek, ma an'-fi na tra tral ar'im 
ra Ow'^n ka K'uru, de and poil tral-ri, na tra k^li. 

26. Tsa mo o-Kas o ba a-n^sam rok6r ka k^no- 
k^none, yo O pon so son-tsi ka Qw'dn tr^ka bd a- 
A^sam rok6r ka ki^no-kgnone ; 

27. De pon so son-ko a-f(}sa tr§ka ka-rok e- 
t^nka ya a-fam, pakdsife yi Ow'dn ka W'uni. 

28. Tse na kabdne tr^ka ats6: tsa an'-l(iko 6a ma 
der, ma na be, and yi ka tra-b6ma, na tra tral ar'im- 

29. De na tra wur; and pon yo ma-trel ma-flno, 
Aa tra yokane kama na s^iQ a-A^sam; kere and poA 
yO ma-trel ma-las, na tra y6kane Kama na nap-fia. 

30. Mine gb^li-he yO tr'el 6 tr'ei mo am-m6ra- 
mi gben: me I tral, ye I rok a-t(}6ka; de ka-rok-ka- 
mi a-t<Jnka ka yi ka-16mpi; tsa I ten-he ama-s6lo a- 
ma-mi, k^re ama-s6lo ma o-Kas, Qyf^ pon sOm-mi. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Y6haii 5. 21 

31. Be I sgn t'amasere tr^ka mina-mfnane, at'ama- 
s6re-lra-mi Ira tsfi y\ tra-lsen. 

32. O-lom ^i rl, qw(} sqd famas^re tr^a tr^m- 
mi; de I trdra, fo ai'amas^re, atr^ q son tr§ka tr^m- 
miy tra yi tr§-lsen. 

33. N^& poD sOm ka Yoban, de pon son t'ama- 
s^re tr^ka atra-tsen. 

34. K^re mine, I y^ma-he t'amas^re tra w-uni; 
k^re ama-trel ami I pd, kdma na futi. 

35. K^no yi ak'^nder, AA m^ra de bU mot: k^re 
n^^a n§ silo Ira y^sane ma-bi^ne ka am-m6ta-i^'Qn a- 
l(Jko a-burap. 

36. K^re mine, I ba t'amasire atr^ yi tra-b^na tra 
t^si at'amasire tra Yoban; tsa ama-)^os, am^ o-Kas o 
po6 son-mi, kdma I pons-na, ama-yos ami m^menOt 
amd I yQ-e, ma son t'amasire tr^ka tr^mmi, fo o-Kas 
pon som-mi. 

37. De o-Kas kiJno-kfinone, 0W(} pon som-mi, o 
pon son t'amasire tr^ka trdmmi. Na tse poii trgl 
ar'im-r'on tab^na, de n§ tse pon n§nk ama-k^H-m'on. 

38. De ar'fm-r'on n§ ba-he-ri ra-lsfa ka e-mira- 
'e-nu; tsa kon', qyi^ q pon sOm, na Une-he. 

39. N§ tens ka ama-Gbal, pak^sife n§ nine tra 
Si^to a-nis§m a-tab^na rok6r-ka-tsi : de mia y\ tsi am6 
son t*amasire tr§ka trdmmi. 

40. K^re n§ tJe y^ma der romi tr^ka S(}to a- 

41. I y^ma-he a-ylki na a-f§m. 

42. K^re I trira-nu, Isa ama-b(}t§r ma K'dru ma 
yi-he ka e-mira-*e-nu. 

43. I pon der ka aii'is na o-Kas-ka-mi, de n§ 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

22 Yohan 6. 

ts^ m^Iane-mi : be o-lom q der ka an'^s-n'oA gbeii, 
kon' na tr§ m^lane. 

44. Tro na gb^ l^ne-e, hia n§ ^^ma s(^to a-^iki 
k'in ka Q-iom-e, de an'-yiki, SiM y^fa ka o\v(J yi K'ura 
kon' son, n§ ls6 len-e? 

45. Ts6 n§ n^ne, ho mine tsi gb^ntir-nu ka o-Kas; 
Qw^ mo gb^utir-nu, Mdsa k(inon, ow(^ na saline. 

46. Tsa be n§ Une nafi Mdsa, na tra Idne so nan 
minan; tsa k(ino poA gbal tr^ka trdmmi. 

47. K^re be n§ lAne-he am-m'oi^ ma-gbal, tro n§ 
gb^li l^ne an-tra-mi s'im-e? 

Ara-Bomp 6. 

1. Ka-rdr§n ka ama-trei ami Yfsua o ^^i ka-ba6 
ka Galilaia, ak^ \i ka-ban ka Tiberias. 

2. De r'dnia ra-b^na ra tran-ko, pak^sife na naAk 
ama-trel ma-kf<b^no, am^ o }0 ka an^ ba tra-trQ. 

3. K^re Yisua o gbep ra-ron, de ri-a o yira kon' 
de a6'-kardndi-A'on. 

4. K^re ka-Paine, am'^lr ma ah'-Y6hudi, ka ftitsi. 

5. Ko mo Yisua o poh Wkli e-for-y'on, de mo 
nank, fo r'unia ra-bana ra der TQhitj o pd ka Filip- 
pos ho: R6ke sa gb^ii wal tra-bo, k^ma an6 na gb^li 

6. (K^re ats6 o pd tr^ka ten-ko am-m6ra: tSa 
k(ino-k$Qone Ir^ra, atr^ o 3^ma yO-e.) 

7. Filippos 16sia-ko ho: Tra-bO tra am'(Jlo ma 
e-dlnar tr'^me tra-rgn tra be*-he-Da, kSma w'dni 6 
•w'uni kalr(Jh-ka-nan o s(Jlo a-bem a-lol. 

8. De Andraas, k'in k§ an'-kar6ndi-n'on, ow(J yi 
0-wontr ka Siman Pet§r, o p& roni^ii ho: 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Yohan 6. 23 

9. Wan duni q yi an^, ow(} bd tra-bo tra-s^ir 
tfaindt, de e-lop e-lgl ha-r§A: k^re ey'^lr ey^, ko e 
yi Isi Ir^ka r'iinia mo ar6-e? 

10. Kq Yisua q pa ho: Yo nan fo aA'-fam na gbet- 
gb^tne. De k'^ren k§-laT k§ yi ka od'^r ka-lJi. Ka 
an'-fam a-rdni na gbetgb^tDe; na b^ka am'iilo ma 6- 
wul tr'am^t. 

11. Ko Yisua y6ka tra-bo ; de mo O pon mutsi 
m'too, y^r|8-tsi ka an'-karSndi, de ah'-kar^ndi iia 
y^r§s-tsi ka anii pon gbetgb^tne; ye p§ yi so tr^ka 
e-iop e-lol, mo Bm'^\Q am^ na y^ma. 

12. Ka ma na pon n^m'ra, o p^ ^d an'-kar^ndi- 
n'on ho: T6nkla n§n ama-gbdnti am^ isia, k^ma r'dka 
6 r'dka ra dfnne-he. 

13. Ka M t6nkla-na, de na ISsar Ira-balai tr'otetr 
lr§-r§n re ama-gb^nli ma tra-bO lr§-sffir tr'am^l, am^ 
liian na tsia, an^ pon di. 

14. Ka an'-f§m, an^ pon nank atr^ei tra-kab^ne, 
atrA Yisua o poA yO-e, na pa ho: Ts^nlJene, owe o 
yi o-N^bi ka-tsi, ow(J yi Ira der ro-rO. 

15. Tr^ka tsi, Yisua, mo naAk, fo Aa ma ko der, 
Aa ts^mbi-ko tr§ka pdlo-ko 0-bal, o yefa ri, o gbep 
60 ka an'-ron kon' sOn. 

16. K^re mo ara-foi ra pon bek, an'-kar^ndi-h'oKi 
na tor ka ka-ban, 

17. De net won' do-bil, na fdsi ka-ban tr^ka ko 
ro-Kafarnabum. De pa pon' to bia, de Yisua o ta 
poA-he der roMn. 

18. De ka-ban ka wufte o-ban, pak^sife a-fef a-^ 
b^ki na tra soA. 

19. Ka ma na pon nas am'i^lo ma e-g^lwa ka-gba 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

24 Yohan 6. 

tr'am^t, \a]^m k§-gba tr'of^tr, ta n§Dk Yisua, mo Q 
uiQ kQt roki^m ka ka-ban, de mo o mo fi^tr§r am-bil; 
de ra-nes ra wop-na. 

20. K^re k(}no pS ron^n ho: Mino yi isi, \se na 

21. An'-lo na-tsi na s6lo tr^ka mdlane-ko ro-bil; 
ko t^te lemp am-bil na bek ro-gban, ro na ma ko-e. 

22. Ka an'-r^i ana-tr^ndo, an*-fam, an^ pou b^s§r 
ka-tr^ma ka ka-ban rom(}n, ma na pon nank, fo a-bil 
a-iom na tse pon ^i ri, t^mbe aii'in, ro an'-kar^ndi- 
n'on ha pen won, de fo Yisua o tse pon won ro-bil 
re an'-kar^ndi-u'on, k^re fo an'-kar^ndi-n'on ila sOn 
na pon k(Jne; 

23. K^re fo Ira-bil tr§-lom tr§ ^^fa ro-Tib6rias, 
tr§ fair od'er, ro na pon di ka-bo, ka-rargn ka mo 0- 
R^bbu pon mutsi m'dmo. 

24. Tr^ka tsi, ma an'-fam na n§nk, to Yisua o tl6 
y\ rl, p§ ^i>he an'-kar^ndi-n'on, na-iiane so na woii 
ka tra-bil tra-tsi, na k(ine ro-Kafarnahum, na ten Yisua. 

25. Ka ma na poA fir-ko romi^ri ka ka-baii, 6a pa 
rouon ho: K^bbi, a-lo reke m§ pon der an(}-e? 

26. Yisua o l^sia-na, o pa bo: I k^ne-nu tra-tsea 
Ira-tsen: Na len-mi, pa yi-he pakdsife na poii n§nk 
ma-trel ma-kab^ne, k^re pakasife n§ pon di ka tra- 
bd, de pakasife na pon nam'ra. 

27. Tse na ten r'a ra-di ar^ dinne, kere ten nan 
r'd ra-di ard wbn ha ka an'-nes§m a-tabdna, btA Ow'^n 
ka W'tini o tr§ son-nu: tsa ow6 o-Kas, k(}no ^i ho 
K'liru, pon I6mar. 

28. Ka na pa rondn ho : Ko sa ma ^0-e, kdma 8§ 
jO ama-yos ma K'uru-e? 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Yohan 6. 25 

29. Yisua o l^si, q pd ron^n ho: Aii'-^os m K'uni 
nia-ne, hg na Une ka qw^ k^no pon sOm. 

30. Ka na pa TQh^h ho: Ko tr'el tfa-kab^De m§ 
yQ ton-e, k^ma s§ nank-tsi, de kama s§ I^ne-mu-e? 
Ko ni§ ^0-e? 

31. An'-kas-'a-su na di am'^nna ro-\ivuIa, ma na 
pon gbal ho: son-na k§-bO ka roki^m tr^ka di. 

32. Ko Yisua o pd rou^n: I k^ne-nu tr§-tseil tra- 
tsen: P§ ^'i-he Mtisa o^^ son-nu ka-bo ka-tsi ka 
rok(}m; k^re p§ ^i o-Kas-ka-mi qyi'^ son-nu ka-bo 
ka rok(}m aka-tr§tl^n. 

33. Tsa ka-bo 4a K'uru kian, ak^ tor ka ak'uru^ 
de ak^ son a-n^s§m ka 'ra-ra. 

34. Ka na pa vQh^h ho: Pa, son-su ka-bo ka-t§i 
li^ko 6 l^ko! 

35. K^re Yisua o pa roMA ho: Mine fi ka-bo ka 
an'-n^sam; QYi^ der ka mina6, d'or ra gb^li-be wop* 
ko k6-6-ke; de QVi^ i^ne minan, ra mun ra gb^li-be 
wop-ko tab^na. 

36. K^re I pon kiine-nu-tsi, fo hdli n§ pon ml 
n§nk, n§ l^ne-he. 

37. Wuni 6 w'Qni ow(} o-Kas o son-mi, o Ira der 
rgmi; de kon', QVii der romf, I gb^li-be ba1-ko rok^n 

38. Tsa I pon tor ka ak'uru, p§ ^i-he tr§ka yQ 
ama-s6lo a-ma-mi, k^re ama-s6lo ma qyi^ pon sOm-mi. 

39. K^re ama-s6lo ma o-Kas, QVi^ pon som-mi, 
mia-me, fo 1 tie yet r'aka 6 r'dka ka ar^ o poii son- 
mi be, k^re fo I kal y6kas-ri ka an'-r6i ana-l^p'so. 

40. Tsa ama-s6io ma qyi^ pon sOm-mi mia-me, 
fo w'uni 6 w'uni ow(^ n|nk Ow'^o, de 0>v(i l^ue-ko> 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

26 Yoban 6. 

8(}to a-h^sam a-tab^na ; de mine tsi ^6kas-kQ ka au'- 
r6i ana-l§p'so. 

41. An'-Fo Aa-lsi an'-Y^hudi na nimtane tr^ka Ir'on, 
p§kdsife pd bo: Mine vi ka-bo, ak^ tor ka ak'uru. 

42. Ka ija pa bo : Kon' idho Yisua, ow'6n ka Yu- 
sufu, sa Ir^ra o-ka8-k*oii do o-kara-k'ou-i? Tro pa yi 
ton 0^'^ pS bo: 1 pon tor ka ak'uru-e? 

43. Ko Yisua o l^^i, V^ rondn: Tse na nfmtane 

44. W'uni 6 w'dni o gb^li-be der romi, tdmbe o- 
Kas, 0^^ pon s()m-nii, o lin-ko; de mine tsi y6kas- 
ko ka a^'-r^'i ana-l§p'so. 

45. Na pon gbal ka ama-gbal ma aft*-N6bi bo: De 
K'uru tra t^k'sa-na be. Wuni 6 w'uni, qw6 poA 
tral, de ow^ pon t^kas ka o-Kas, o der romf. 

46. Pa yi-be bo w'uni 6 w'uni o pon nank o-Kas, 
t6mbe kon' ow^ yi ka K'uru, kdno pon nank o-Kas. 

47. I k^ne-nu tra-tJen tra-lsen: Kon* ow(} l^ne 
minan, o ba a-n^sam a-tab^na. 

48. Mine yi ka-bo ka ah'-n^sam. 

49. An'-kas-'a-nu na pon di am'anna ro-\vuIa, d^ 
6a fi. 

50. Ak^ kia yi ka-bo, ak^ tor ka ak'uru, kama 
w'uni 6 w'uni, owd di rl, o tse fi. 

51. Mine yi ka-bo ka an'-ii6sam, ak^ pon tor ka 
ak'Qru; be w'dni o ^i ka ka-bd ak6, o tra k§li tabdna: 
de ka-bo, akd mine tsi son, ama-der-ma-mi man, am^ 

1 tli send tr^ka an'-n^sam na 'ra-ra. 

52. An'-lo iia-isi ah'-Y^hudi Aa gb^lane, na pd ho: 
Tro ow6 t§na soin-su ama-der-m'on tr§ka di-e? 

53. Ko Yisua o pa ron^n bo: I k^ne-nu tra-tse6 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Yohan 6. 27 

tra-!sen: Be n§ di-he ama-der ma Qyf'An ka Wuni, 
de be n§ muo-he ama-tlir-m'on, n§ bd-he a-nesam 

54. Ow^ di ama-dtjr-ma-mi, de ow(} mun ama-tsir- 
ma-nii, o ba a-nesam a-tab^na; de mine tii y6kas-ko 
ka an'-rei ana-l^p'sg. 

65. Tsa ama-der-ma-mi ma y\ r'ft ra-di tr§-tseA, 
de ama-tsir-ma-mi ma ^i ka-niun tra-tsen. 

56. Oyi6 di ama-der-ma-mi, de Qy/6 mun ama-tsir- 
ma-mi, o tsia rok6r-ka-mi, de mine Uia rok6r-k'on. 

57. Mq o-Kas, qw^ pon sOm-mi, o k^li, de me 
mine k^li tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra o-Kas; yo kon' so, ow(J 
w(}ntne-mi, o tra kgli tr§ka Va-bomp ra minafi. 

58. Ak6 kia ^i ka-bo, akd pon tor ka ak'uru: k§ 
^i-he mo am'^nna ma-tsi, am^ ^an'-kas-'a-nu na di, de 
na fi. Ow(i di ka-bo ak^, o tra k^li tab^na. 

5d. Ama-trel am6 o pS ka an'-set a-gb^nne» mo 
y\ o-t^k'sa ro-Kafarndhum. 

60. An'-lo fia-tsi a-gbati na aA'-kar^ndi-n'on, ma 
fia pon tral ats6, Aa pa ho: Ka-fof ake ka tse t^sa, 
k^ne gb^li tr§l-ki-e? 

61. K^re mo Yisua o trSra ka am-m6ra-n*on, fo 
aA'-kar^ndi-n'oA Aa nimtane tr^ka atl6, op&rou^i^ho: 
Tr'eT tr§-siini tr^ka tr^nnu tsia-tse-i? 

62. Tro pa ma yi-e, be na n§nk Qw'^n ka W'Qni 
ftalr ka od'^r, ro o yi t^pan-e? 

63. P§ yi o-Riihu QYi^ son a-A6s§m, ama-der ma 
D^fa-he tr'el 6 tr*eT: as'im, atr^ I poi^ f(ifar nu, tra 
yi o-rdhu de a-A^sam. ^ 

64. K^re a-lom na yi katr(}A-ka-nu, aM Une-he. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

28 Yohan 7. 

(Tsa Ytsua q tr^ra k^bi ka ka-in(ita, k^ne na ^i tsi, 
aM ]^ne-he, de k^ne yi tsi, qw^ ino ko sond-ko). 

65. Kq pa ho: Tsia ba-tsi I pon pa rgnii, fo 
yi'Aui 6 w'uni o gb§li-he der rami, t^mbe o-Kas-ka- 
mi sQn-ko-fsi. 

66. K^bi ka an'-lo na-tsi a-gb^ti na a6'-kardndi- 
ii'Qti M y^fa TQu^h, ha paia-he-ko so. 

67. Ko Yisua o pa ka an-tr*ofj6tr na-r§n ho: P§ 
yi D}^a so n§ 3^ma k^ne-i? 

68. Siman P^t§r o lasia-ko ho: Pd, ka k^ne 8§ ma 
ko-e? Muno ba s'im tr' a-n^s§in a-tab^na. 

69. De s^^a sa liine, de s§ tr^ra, fo muno ^i 0- 
Masia, Qyv'in ka Qk'dru o^'vo-k^li. 

70. Yisua lasia-na ho: P§ ^i-ho mine poi^ tit 
n^a an-tr*or^tr na-r§n-]? De k'in katri^n-ka-nu o yi 
^'an k§ S^tani. 

71. K^re fof tr^ka Yehuda Iskari^ot, ow'^n ka 
Siman; tsa k^no ^i tsi, QWi ko sond-ko ka-rirgn-ka- 
tsi, ^'i k'in ka an-tr'oKlr na-raA. 

Ara-Bomp 7. 

1. Ka-rargn ka ama-trei am^ Yisua o kot-kot ro- 
Galilaia: tsa o j6ma-he kot-kot ro-Yehudia, pgk^ife 
an'-Y^budi na ten tra dif-ko- 

2. K^re m'etr ma an'-Y^budi, am'^tr ma tr§-^^fa, 
ma Ktli. 

3. Ka an'-^ontr-n'on a-rdni na pa vQhiii: Yefa 
an(i, m§ ki^ne ro-Yehudia, kdma an'-kar^ndi-'a-mu^ 
Cahk yi ri), na so 6a nank ama-^os, am^ m§ ^^o-^. 

4. Tsa w'uni 6 w'uni o }0-he tr'el 6 tr'el ro- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Yohan 7. 29 

mdnkne, de k^no-k6none ten tra lr(Jrine ro-g 
Be ma yo ma-lrel ma-wunon, fiaibine ka ara-rQ. 

5. Tsa an'-wontr-n*oii a-runi na so na l^ne-be-ko. 

6. Ko Yisua q pa ron^n ho: An'-I^ko a-na-mi 6a 
tse ta b6k ; k^re aiiMi^ko a-na-nu, a-](^ko 6 a-l^ko na 

7. Nyan, ara-rQ ra gb^H-he gb^na-nu; k^ro minah, 
ra gb^na-mi, paysife mine son t'amasere tr^ka tsi, fo 
ama-yos-ma-tsi ma yi ma-las. 

8. Nyaii, gbep nai& ka am'^tr ma-fsi; minan, I tie 
ta gbep ka am'^tr ma-tsi; tsa aA'-l^ko a-na-mi na ta 
poA-he Idsar. 

9. Mo pon pa as'im ats6 roti^n, o tsia ro- 

10. K^re ma an'-wontr-n'o^ a-riini i^a poil gbep, 
an'-Io na-tsi kon' so gbep ka am'^tr, pa yi-he o-gb^fat, 
k^re pa yi mo ho o-soi. 

11. Ka an'-Y^hudi na ten-ko ka am'^tr, fia pa ho: 
0-nam ka-tsi kon*-a? 

12. De ka-fdlfala ka-lal ka yi rl tr^ka tr*on katri^n 
ka an'-fam. A-lom iia pa ho: yi o-ftno; a-lom na 
pa ho: De, k^re Q y^t§8 ar'unia. 

13. K^re w'uni 6 w'uni o yi-he, ow^ fof o-minta- 
Ir'el Ira tr'on, tr^ka ma ara-nes ra an'-Y6hudi ra 

14. K^re ma an'-l(iko na am'^tr ratr(^6 na poti 
b6k, Yisua o gbep ro-h^kal, de o t^k'sa. 

15. De an'-Y^hudi na kab^ne, na pa ho: Tro p| 
yi ow6 tr^ra ama-Gbal-e, mo pon-he t§k§s-6a-e? 

16. Yisua l^sia-na, o paho: Ama-trel a-ma-mi ma- 
t^k'sa ma y^fa-he ka minan, k^re ka Qy/6 pofi sOm-mi. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

30 Y6han 7. 

17. Be w'uni o y^ma yQ ama-s6lo-m'on, o tra tr^ra 
tr^ka ama-trei ma-t^k'sa am6, be pa vi ho ma y^ta ka 
K'dru, tali^m be pa ^^i ho mine fof atrd wur ka am- 
m^ra-mi gbefi. 

18. Owd fof atr^ wur ka am-m6ra-n'on gbefi, o 
ten an'-yfki-h'on gben; k^re ow^ ten an'-yiki na ow<J 
pen sOm-ko, o^^ bd tra-tsen, do ma-k^na ma yi- 
he rok6r-k'oA. 

19. Pa yi-he Musa o son-nu an-ton-i? De w'Qni 
6 i/v'uni yi-he katr(^6-ka-nu, ow^ wop an-ton. Ko 
tr'el tr'a na ten Ira dif-mi-e? 

20. An'-fam na l^si, na pd ho: M§ ba o-krifi: k^oe 
ten tra dif-mu-e? 

21. Yisua l^si, o p5 ron^fi: A-yos n'in I poA 
yO» de nyd be na kab^ne tr^ka tsi. 

22. Musa son-nu an-to6 na k§-gbak e-16mpe, 
(pa yi-be ho na yefa ka Musa, kere ka an'-kas), do 
n§ gbak an'-l^mpe na w'uni ka a-S^bbat. 

23. Be na gbak an'-16mpe na w'uni ka a-Sdbbat, 
kama na l§sar-he an-ton fia Mdsa; na b^n'sar minan-i, 
pak^sife I pon r^mar ow'Qni be ka a-S^bbat-i? 

24. Tse na tdnka mo ad'^r ra w'uni, k^re t(5nka 
nan ka-tdnka ka-]5mpi. 

25. An'-lo na-tsi a-lom ha ah^ yira ro-Yenisalefm 
ha p5 ho: Ow^ ha ten Ira dif, kon' taho owe-i? 

26. K^ii, ^0^ o-minta-tr'el, de ha pa-he tr'e! 6 
tr'ei rohdh. Pa yi an-tra bomp-'a-su ha tr^ra toh ka 
Ira-tseh, fo Ow6 o yi O-Masia tra-t§eh-i? 

27. Kere owe, sa tr^ra re o y^fa-e; k^re o-Masia, 
be kdno der, w'tini 6 w'uni o tr'a-he re o y^fa-e. 

28. Ah'-16 ha-tsi Yfsua o h^tra ar'im-r'oh ro-h6kal. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Yohan 7. 31 

mo yi o-tgk'sa, o pa hg: Na tr^ra-mi, de na trara 
so > re I y^fa-e, de I pon-he der ka ah'6s-*a-mi gben ; 
halisa owo pon som-mi o ba tra-tsen, ow(J nya ts§ 

29. Kere mine tr^ra-ko; tsa I y^fa roniJn, de kcjno 
pon sOm-ini. 

30. An*-IO na-tsi na ten tra batr-ko; k^re w'uni 
6 w*uni bolr-he-ko ama-tra-m*Qn , Isa ah'-gb^len- 
n'on ha ta pon-he bek. 

31. Kere a-gb^ti kair^h ka aA'-fam na Mne-ko, de 
na pa ho: Pa yi ho o-Masfa, mo o tra pon der-i, o 
mo yO ma-trei ma-kab^ne ma-lai ma t^si am^ k(^no 
pon yO-i? 

32. An'-F^risi na tral, fo an'-fam na f61fala ma- 
trei ma-wunon tr§ka tr'on: ka an'-F^risi de an-tra- 
bomp na an'-K6han 6a s6m'ra e-bol tr^ka balr-ko. 

33. Ko Yisua o pa ron^n ho: A-ldko a-burap gbo 
I tsi yi ras ronu, de ka-raran-ka-tsi 1 kdne ka Qv/i 
pon s<5m-mi. 

34. Na tra ten-mi, k^re n§ tra lie fir-mi; de ro 
mine yi, nya gbali-he der ri. 

35. Ka an'-Y6hudi na p5 k'in ka o-lom ho: R^ke 
Ow6 y^ma ko-e, kama sya gb^li-he fir-ko-e? Pa 
yi ho y^ma ko ka an^ s^kane katron ka an'-Yunddi, 
y6ma t^k'sa an'-Yunani? 

36. Ko ka-fof ak6, akd o pd ho: Na tra ten-mi, 
k^re na tra tse fir-mi; de ro mine yi, nya gb^li-he 
der-i ? 

37. K^re ka an'-r^i na ain'^tr ana-l^p'so ana-b^na, 
Yisua tr§ma, o n^tra ar'im-r'on, o pa ho: Be ra- 
mun ra lyop w'uni, tra o der ka minan, o mun. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

32 Yohan 7. 

38. Owd Wne minan, (pa yi tr^ka lr*o6) mo ama- 
€bal ma pofi pa hg : Tra-boA tra m'antr ma a-n6sam 
tr| trg wur ka ak'6r-k'on. 

39. (K^re ats6 o pa tr^ka Q-Ruhu, Qy/6 nai^ Aa 
yi na tra sdto, an6 16ne-ko: tsa fia ta pon-he son 
0-Ruhu o-Sgm; pak^sife Yisua o ta s(Jto-he a-yfki). 

40. AiV-IO Aa-lsi a-gb^li na aiV-fam, ma 6a Iral 
ar'fm ar6, na pa ho: Ow6 o yi 0-N^bi ka-tsi tr|-tsen. 

41. A-Iom na pa ho: 0-Masia k(^noifi. K^re a-lom 
ix9i pa ho' Pa yi o-Masia o ^ur ro-Galilaia-i? 

42. Pa yi-he ama-Gbal ma pa, ho o-Masia o mo 
y^fa ka 'ra-kom'ra ra Dauda-i, do ka ka-petr ka B^tle- 
hem, ro Dadda o yira-i? 

43. Ka an'-fam i^a s^kane ro-m^ra tr^ka 'ra bomp- 

44. Do a-lom kalr(}n-ka-6an na y^ma batr-ko; kere 
w'dni 6 w'dni o botr-he-ko ama-tra-m'on. 

45. Ke e-boi hSL der ka an-tra-bomp i^a an'-K6han 
do ka an'-F^risi; de an6 na pa rou^n ho: Ko tr*el 
tr'a na k^ra-he-ko-e? 

46. E-boi na Msi ho: Wuni 6 w'uni o ts6 ta pofi 
fof yan tab^na, mo ow'uni ow6. 

47. Ka an'-F^risi na l^sia-na ho: Pa yi nya so na 
pon y^tas-i? 

48. P§ yi ho w'uni 6 w'uni o yi katroA ka an-tr§- 
bomp, ta](}m katr(}A ka an'-F^risi, ow(} pon s^ko o- 

49. K^re ar'unia ra-tsi, aM tr'a-he an-ton, a-r^nka 
Aa wop-iia. 

50. Nikodimos, ow(} pon der ka Yisua tratr^k, do 
0W(} yi k'in katr(J6-ka-iian, o p5 ron^n ho: 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Y6han 8- 33 

51. P§ yi an-ton-'a-su ila nap w'uni, p6ta na tr^a 
ko, na tr^ra atr^ q pon yO-i? 

52. Na l^si Aa pa roniiA ho: P| ^i mun' so ni| 
y^fa ro-6alilaia? Gb^le6-tsi, de k^li, fo o-N6bi q tie 
poA ydkane ro-6aIilaia. 

53. Kq w'uni 6 w'dni q k(}ne ka aA'-set-n'oA gbeA. 

Ara-Bomp 8. 

1. Kere Yisua q k(}ne ka aft'-ron 6' e-Saitan. 

2. Ko ka 'ra-SQk o der so ka aA'-h6kal, do an*- 
f§ni be na der roui^n; ko mo pon yira, o t^k'sa-na. 

3. Ka a]^'-F6de do aii'-F^risi na k^ra TQh^ik o-bera» 
QYii da pon bap ka ka-yo ^-r§p; de ma na poA 
tr4m§r-ko ratri^n, 

4. Na pa rondn ho: Karmc^ko, o-bera o^^» na 
)arane-ko mo yi ka ka-yO k§-r§p k^kene. 

5. ^n^bd, Musa kdne-su ka an-ton tr^ka difa a- 
fam a-wunoii ma-sar. Munoii, ko ma pa ton-e? 

6. K^re ats6 na pa tr^ka won-ko am-m^ra, kama 
na s(}to tr'el tr§ka gb^ntir-ko. K^re mo Yisua o pon 
fl^nne, gb^a a-sal-n'oii ka an-tof. 

7. De ma na b^s§r k§-yif-ko> o p^tne, p^ rou^n 
ho: 0^6 tse ba lr*ei 6 tr'el tr§-l|s katr(}il-ka-nu, Ir* 
mot l§m§r-ko an'-sar. 

8. Ko s^nne so> gbal ka an-tof. 

9. K^re tiahy ma ila pon tr§l ats6, de tr^a mo 
e-m6ra-'e-AaA e tr(}ri-iia ama-t^ri-ma-nan, na wur ro- 
k^n k'in k'in, am-B^ki na miJta tr§p ka-wur, ha ka 
an^ l^p'so; Aa tsia Yisua kon' son, de o^b^ra, Qwi 
tr^ma ka ka-tron. 

John. 3 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

34 Yohan 8. 

10. Kq Yisua q kal p^ntne, demo o D§nk-fe iir'uni 
6 w'uni, t^mbe o-b^ra, q pa ron6n ho: Wuni bom, 
an'-fam na-tsi> an6 gbdntir-mu, r^ke na yi-e? Wuni 
6 w'uni ts6 pon nap-rau-i? 

11. p5 ho: W*uni 6 w'uni o nap-fe-mi, Pa! 
Ko Yfsua pa TQh^iii Min' so I nap-fe-mu; kiJne, de 
tse so yo tr'el Ira-las. 

12. Ko Yisua o kal f(Jfar-na, o pa ho: Mine yi 
am-m6ta na 'ra-rQ; ow(J tram minan, o gb^li-he kot 
ka a-sum, k^re o tra ba ani-ni6ta na an'-nesam. 

13. Ka an'-F^risj na pa roni^n ho: Muno son t'a- 

mas^re tr§ka muno-tnonono ; at'amas6re-tra-mu tra yi- 
he Ira-tseii. 

14. Yfsua Wsi, o pa ron^A ho: K6ta mine son 
t'amasere Ir^ka mina-minane, al'amas6re-tra-mi Ira yi 
tra-tsen: Isa I Irdra, reke I y^fa-e, de r^ke I ko-e; 
k^re nyan na tr'a-he, r6ke I y^fa-e, de reke I ko-e. 

15. Nyah, na tdnka mo ama-der; minan, I tse 
t^nka yan tr^ka w'uni 6 w'uni. 

16. K^re be mine Idnka, ka-tdnka-ka-mi ka yi tra- 
tsen; pakdsife pa yi-he min* son, k^re mine de o-Kas 
owd pon som-mi. 

17. K^re na pon so gbal ka an-ton-'a-nu, fo at'ama- 
s^re tra a-fam iia-ran tra yi tra-tsen. 

18. Mine yi tsi, oy/^ son t'amas^re tr^ka mina- 
minane, de o-Kas, owd pon som-mi, o son t'amasere 
tr^ta tr^mmi. 

19. An'-lO Aa-tsi iia pa rondn ho: O-Kas-ka-mu, 
kon'-a? Yisua o Wsi ho: Na tr'a-he minan, pa yi-he 
Q-Kas-ka-mi: be na tr^ra naft minan, na tr^ra so nan 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Yoban 8. 35 

20. As'im als^ o pS ka od'^r wa e-b^ne e-sam, 
mo yi 0-tgk'sa ro-h6kal; de w'uni 6 w'uni o ts6 
b§tr-ko, tsa an'-gb^len-A*on na' ta pon-he bek. 

21. Kq Yisua q kal pd rgn^n ho: Minan, I tsi k6ne, 
de na Ira ten-mi, de na tr§ fi ka ama-trei-ma-nu ma- 
las: Ro mine ko-e, nya t^na-he der rl. 

22. An'-lo na-lsi an'-Y6budi na pS ho: Pa yi ho 
y^msi difne-i, pak^sife o pS ho: Ro mine ko-e, nya 
tgna-he der-i? 

23. Ko pa ron^n : NySn, na yefa rordla ; minan, 
I y^fa rok(^m; nyan, na y^fa ka 'ra-rQ are; minaii, I 
tse y^fa ka 'ra-rQ ar6. 

24. Tsia ba tsi I k^ne-nu, ho na tra fi ka ama- 
trel-ma-nu ma-las: Isa be na tse Wne, ho mine yi Isi, 
na tra fi ka ama-trel-ma-nu ma-las. 

25. Ka na pa roWnho: K^ne munon-e? Ko Yisua 
pa ron^n: Ar^ I pon k^ne-nu k^bi ka ka-trap. 

26. I ba tra pa de tra I6nka ma-treT ma-lai tr^ka 
tr^nnu: k^re ow(J pon som-mi o ba tra-tsen; de min* 
80, alr^ I pon tral roniJn, tsia I pa ka *ra-rQ. 

27. Na tse tr^ra, fo o f(Jfar-na tr§ka o-Kas. 

28. Tr^ka tsi Yisua o pa ron^n ho • Ma na tra pon 
n^tra Qy/'An ka Wuni, an'-IO na-tsi na tra tr^ra, fo 
mine yi tsi, de fo I tse yO tr'el 6 tr'ei mo am-mera- 
mi gben; k^re mo o-Kas-ka-mi o pon t^k'sa-mi, ye I 
fof ama-trei ame. 

29. De ow(J pon som-mi, o yi re minan: o-Kas 
tse tsia-mi sCn, p|k^sife I yO ama-trel amd t6sa 
roniin li^ko 6 Idko. 

30. Mo fof ama-trel am^, a-gbdti iia l§ne-ko. 

31. Ko Yisua o pS ka an'-Y6hudi, aM pon s^ke 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

36 Y6han 8. 

a-l^ne-ko ho: Be na Msar ka ar'fm a-ra-mi, na yi 
a-kar^ndi-'a-mi Ira-tsen; 

32. De na tr| tr^i'a atra-tsen, de atra-tsen tra tra 
s^ki-nu a-\van-kOm. 

33. Na l^sia-kg hg: Sa yi ra-k6in'ra ra Ibrahima, 
de 8§ Ise pon yi a-trar Aa w'uni d w'uni tabana: tro 
m§ pa bo: Na tra s^ke a-wan-kom-e ? 

34. Yisua g l^sia-Aa ho: I k^ne-nu tr§-tso]^ tra- 
tseii, fo w*uni 6 w'uni, ow(} yO ma-trel ma-las, o yi 
g-trar ka ma-trel ma-las. 

*• o o 

35. Kere o-trar o ts6 tlia ro-set l^ko 6 likQ, gw'^n 
g tsia rl ](}kg 6 l(^kg. 

36. Tr4ka tsi, be Qyf*An g s^ki-nu a-wan-kdm, n§ 
tr§ yi a-wan-kdm tra-tsen. 

37. 1 trdra, fg n§ yi ra-kom'ra ra Ibrahima: kgrg 
na ten tra dif-mi, pak^sife ar*im a-ra-mi ra tse ndfa 
ka e-m6ra-*e-nu. 

38. Minan, I fgf atr^ I pon n§nk ka g-Kas g-ka- 
mi; tr^ka (si nya sg na yO atr^ na pon naiik ka g- 
kas g-ka-nu. 

39. Na Msi, na pd TQii^h hg: Ibrahima g yi g-kas- 
ka-su. Yisua g pa rgn^n: Be na yi nan a-wut na 
Ibrahima, na tr| yO nan sg ama-ygs ma Ibrahima. 

40. K^re mg pa yi ake na ten tgn tra dif-mi, 
w*uni, gwiJ pon k^ne-nu atra-tsen, atr^ I pon trgl ka 
K'uru. Ibr^bima g ts6 yO mg ats^. 

41. Nyd yO ama-ygs ma g-kas-ka-nu. Ka na pa 
TQh^h hg; Syan, na tie kom-su ka k§-rap: sg ba g- 
kas k'in, kino yi hg K'uru. 

42. Kg Yisua g pa rgndn hg: Be K'uru g yi nan 
g-Kas-ka-nu, ng tr§ b(itar-mi nan: tsa mine y^fa ka 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Yohan 8. 37 

K'uru, de I poA der; tsa I po][i-he der ino am-m6ra- 
mi gben; k^re ki^ng poft sOm-mi. 

43. Ko ne na tse tr^ra ka-fof a-ka-mi-e ? P§k^sife 
na gb^li-he tral ar'fm a-ra-mi. 

44. Nyfin, na y^fa ka 'ra-kas ra S6lani, de n§ y6ma 
yO e-f<fela ya o-kas-ka-nu. Kdno yi Q-ka-dif a-fam k^bi 
ka ka-trap, de ts6 b^s§r ka atra-tseA, pak^sife tra- 
tsen tra yi-he rok6r-k*Qn. Be o fof ra-yem, o fof 
atr^ wur ka am-m^ra-n'on gben; tsa o yi o-ra-yem, 
de o-kas-ka-tsi. 

45. K^re minan, pak^sife I pfl tra -tsen, na tse 

46. W'uni r6ke kalr(Jft-ka-nu o t^na trdri tsi, ho 
I ba tr*el tra-las-e? K^re be I pa tra-tJen, ko ne na 
Wne-he-mi-e ? 

47. Ow(J y^fa ka K'uru, o tral as'fm tra K'uru. 
Tsia ba-tsi nyan na tral-he, pakSsife na y^fa-he ka 

48. Ka an'-Y^hudi na Idsi, na pa rofidn ho: Pa 
yi-he sa pa o-I6mpi, fo o-Saroari mungn-i, de fo nD§ 
ba o-krifi? 

49. Yisua Q l^si ho: Minig tsg ba o-krifi; k^re I 
k61o o-Kas-ka-mi, de nyan na sdmbos-mi. 

50. K^re mlnaA, I ts6 ten an'-yfki-'a-mi gbeu: QVfi 
ten-i^i, de Qyf6 rok an-t(^nka tr^ka tsi o yi n. 

51. I k^ne-nu tra-tseA tra-tseA: Be w'uni o wop 
ar'<m-ra-mi, o gb^li-he nank ra-fi tab^na. 

52. An'-lO na-lsi aA'-Y^budi na pa roncJA bo: Ak6 
toft sa tr^ra, fo ma ba o-krffi: IbrShima o fi> de an'- 
N^bi; de muno pa ho: Be w'dni o wop ar*im-ra-ini, 
gbdli-he nank ra-fi tabdna. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

38 Yohan 9. 

53. Pa 3^i ho mtino yi o-Mna ma tdsi Ibr^hima, o- 
kas-ka-su-i, owo fi? De an'-N^bi na fi; ko ma s|kine-e? 

54. Yfsua Usi ho: Be mine yikisno, an'-yfki-'a- 
mi na yi ka-lsin; k^re pa yi o-Kas-ka-mi, ow(J yikis- 
mi, lr§ka owcf na pa, ho o yi Ok'uru-ka-nu. 

55. Kere uy^ti, n| tse tr^ra-ko; k^re minah, I 
Ir^ra-ko: do be I pa nan, ho I ts6 trdra-ko, I tsi yi 
nafi w'uni ra-yem mo nyah; k^re I tr^ra-ko, de I wop 

56. Ibr^hima, o-kas-ka-nu, o yasane ma-biJne, fo 
yi na Ira n§hk ah*-rei a-na-mi; de o nahk-ni^ de 
pa biJne-ko. 

57. An'-lo ha- tsi an*-Y6hudi na pa rohdh ho: Ma 
ta ba-he tra-ren trg-gba tra-r§h tr'oKtr, de ma poft 
nank Ibr^hima-i? 

58. Yfsua pa rofi^n ho: I k^ne-nu tra-lseft Ira- 
tsen: P^ta Ibrdhima o trap ka-yi, mine yi. 

59. Ah'-lo na-lsi na y6ka ma-sar tr^ka ]§mar-ko- 
na; k^re Yisua o mankne, o wur ro-hekal, o tas ka 
ka-troh-ka-han, de yo k(Jne. 

Ara-Bomp 9. 

1 . Ko mo tas rl, o nank w'uni, qw(} fit k^bi ma 
na kom-ko. 

2. De an'-karandi-n*oh na yif-ko, na pa ho: R6bbi, 
k^ne ponyo tr'el tra-las-e ? Ow6-afi-i, taldm aM k(Jra- 
ko-i, ha ha komane-ko o-fit-i? 

3. Yisua l^si ho: Ow6 o poh-he yO tr*el tr^- 
^s» pa yi-he ah^ kom-ko; kere kima ama-yos ma 
K'uru ma trdrine rohdh. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Y6han 9. 39 

4. Mine ba ka-yo ama-yos ma Qwd pon-som-mi, 
mo p§ yi ras ra-ya6-e; fratrdk ka der, mo w'uni 6 
w'uni gb^H-he yO ma-pant. 

5. Mo I yi ras ro-ru, I yi am-m6ta na 'ra-ru. 

6. Mo poA pa als6, o luf ro-tof, yO e-y(Jfta r© 
am'^ntas, do o sop o-for ya ow*uni fit e-yiJfla, 

7. Ko pa roni^n ho: Kiine, ma y^nne ka am- 
bunt Aa Siloa, (ar^ 'a ts^po: 0-Som). Tr^ka tsi o 
k(^ne, y^nne, ko o kalane 0-k^lL 

8. Ka an'-f^trano, do an^ pon n§n'-ko t^pan, fo 
yi O-fit, 6a pa ho: Ow(} yira tr§ka ka-tol kon* laho 

9. A-lom na pa ho: Kc^no yi tsi: K^ro a-lom na 
pa ho: b^lane-ko. K(ino-kj^none o pa ho: Mine 
yi tsi. 

10. Ka na pa roncJn: Tro e-for-'e-mu e kSnte-e? 

11. Kon' l^si, pa ho: W'uni, ow^ 'a bontr 
Yisua, yO e-y(}fta, o sop e-for-'e-mi, o pSi romi ho: 
K(^ne ka am-bunt Aa Siloa, m§ ydnne ri. Ke me 1 
pen ki^ne, de me I pon y^nne, 1 s^ke o-k^li. 

12. Ka na pa roncJn ho: Kon'-a? pa ho: I tsfi 

13. AnMo na-tsi na k^re kon', ow(J yi o-fit t§pap 
ka an'-F^risi. 

14. Kere p§ yi a-Sdbbat, mo Yisua o yO e-y(Jfta, . 
de mo kdnti e-for-y'oA. 

15. Ka aA'-F^rJsi, na so Aa kal yif-ko, tro o s^ke 
naii o-k^li-e. Ko pa ron^n ho: botr e-y(Jfla ro- 
k^m ka e-for-'e-mi, ke 1 y^nne^yi, de I k^Ii. 

16. An'-lO Aa-tii a-lom na an'-F^risi na pa ho: 
Ow'dni ow6 o Ise y^fa ka K'uru, pakdsife wop-he 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

40 Y6han 9. 

an'-S^bbat. A-lgm Aa pa ho: Tro w^uni, Qwd bd tr'ei 
tra-las-e, g gb^H yO ma-trel ma-kabdne ma-wunon-e? 
De ina-s^kane ma ro-m^ra ma yi katr^n-ka-i^aii. 

17. Ka na kal pd ka Qw'uni o-fit ho: Munoi^, ko ma 
pa tr^ka tr'oA-e, pak^sifje o poA kdnti e-for-'e-mu-e ? 
Kdno pd ho: yi O-N^bi. 

18. Tr^ka tsi an'-Y^hudi na Idne-he tr^ka troA, fo 
pon yi o-fit, do fo o pon s^ke o-k§Ii, hd na ts^la 
nan, bM kom qy/^ pon s§ke 0-k§li; 

19. Ka Aa yif-na, na pa ho: O^'^n-ka-nu ki^no 
Yi^'i, tr§ka qy/^ n§ pa, ho d§ pon komane-ko o-fit-i? 
Tro pa yi ts^ne yi 0-k§li ak6 ton-e? 

20. An^ kom-ko na l^sia-na, na pa ho: S§ tr^ra, 
fo ow6 yi o^'^n-ka-su, do fo sa pon k6mane-ko 

21. Kere tro pa yi o-k^li ak6 toA-e, sa tse trara- 
tsi, tal(}m k^ne poA kanli e-for-y*on-e, sya tr'a-he-tsi: 
ki}no-k((Done pon tlona ra-l^nba, yif-ko nan; k(}no* 
k()nono gb^li f^fang. 

22. As'fm ats6 and kom-ko na pa-e, p§kisife ra- 
nes ra M^op-na tr§ka an'-Y^hudi: tsa ail'-Y^hudi Aa 
pon' to gbak-tsi, ho be w'uni o gbilane, fo o-Masla 
k(}non, Aa yi tra bal-ko an'-set a-gbdnno. 

23. Tsia ba-tsi and kdm-ko na pa ho: pon ts^na 
ra-ldnba, yif-ko n§ii. 

24. An'-lO na-tsi na kal ts^la Qw'dni, qy/^ pon yi 
0-fit, de na pa roniJn ho: Son K'uru a-ylki: syan, sa 
trdra, fo o>'v'uni qy/^ q ba tr'e! trg-lgs. 

25. K^uQ Idsi, pa ho: Be p§ yi o ba tr'ei tra- 
las-e, I tse trdra-tsi: tr*el tsin I trdra, fo I pon yi 0- 
iit, do fo ak6 ton I tsi k^Ii. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Y6han 9. 41 

26. Ka na kal pa roh^n ho: Ko o yO romii-e? 
Tro kdnti e-for-*e-mu-e ? 

27. Wsia-na ho: I pon' to Wne-nu-tsi, de na 
ts6 pon tral-tsi; ko tr*ei Ir'a na y^ma tral-tii so-e? 
P§ yi ho nya 80 n§ y^ma s^ke a-kar^ndi-ii'on-i? 

28. Ka Aa nal-ko, na pa ho: Muno yi o-kar^ndi 
ka kon', kere sya yi a-kardndi na Mtisa. 

29. Sa tr^ra, fo K'Qru o «f§r Musa; k^re ow'uni 
ka-tsi, sa tse trara, r6ke o y^fa-e. 

30. Ow'uni Msi, o pa ron^n bo: Tr^ka alr*ei 
als*, pa yi tr*el tra-kab^ne Ira^sen, fo nya tse tr^ra, 
r^ke y^fa-e, do o pon k^nti e-for-'e-ml! 

31. K^re sa tr^ra, fo K'uru o Ir^la-he a-fam, aM 
ba ma-trei ma-las-e, k^re be w'lini o n^sa K'uru, de 
be yO ama-selo-m'on, k(Jnon o tr^la. 

32. K^bi ka ara-rQ ra tr^ma, fta tral-fe-tsi, fo w'uni 
pon kanti e-for ya w'uni, ow(J *a k6mano 0-fit-e. 

33. Be ow^ y^fa-he nan ka K*uru-e, o gb^Ii-he 
na yO tr'el dutr'el. 

34. Ka na Wsi, na pa ro6(Jn ho: MunoA, na kdm- 
mu ka ma-lrel ma-las t^rap? De muno y^ma tgk'sa 
syaA-i? Ka ft a wiira-ko rokdn. 

35. Yisua tral, fo 6a pon wura-ko rok^h; ko mo 

b§p-ko, pa roniJh: Ma l^ne ka Qw'^n ka K*uru-i? 

36. K(}no Wsi, o pa ho: K^ne yi Isi-e, Pa, kama 

1 Une-ko-e? 

37. Yisua o pa roniJn ho: Ma pon naft'-ko. de 
0W(} f(}f§r-mu, kiJno yi Isi. 

38. K(inQ pa ho: 1 Wne, Pa! Ko o gb^p'sa ro-lof, 

39. Ko Yfsua o pa ho: 1 pon der ka 'ra-rQ trgka 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

42 Y6han 10. 

kg-t(}nka, kdma an^ tse k§li, da s^ke a-k§li; de kama 
and k§li, na sdke a-fit. 

40. De a-lom na ah'-Fdrisi, and b^par ron(Jn, na 
tr§l als6, de 6a pa rgndA: Pa yi sya so yi a-fit-i? 

41. Yisua pa roMn ho: Be na yi naA a-fil-e, 
na ba-he nan tr*ei lr§-la8; k^re ma na pa ho: Sa k^l?, 
tsia ba-tsi alr*ei-lra-nu Ira-las tra tsia. 

Ara-Bomp 10. 

1. I kdne-nu tr|-tsen tra-tsen bo: 0^<i ts6 won 
r§-w(Jre ka tra-liJme ka ka-rare, k^re owiJ gbep rl ra- 
d'er o-lom, Ow6 o yi w'uni ka-kefa de w'uni ka-luk. 

2. K^re ow(J won ka ka-rare, k(Jno yi o-trol ka 

3. Tr^ka tr'on o-lr6mla ka ro-rare o kdnli ; de atra- 
.llJme na lr§l ar'fm-r'on; de Is^la alra-l(Jme-tr'o6 gbeft 

mo am'^s-ma-nan, o k^re-na rokdn. 

4. Ko mo pon wura atra-l(}me-tr'on, o tr^ma 6a 
k|df, de atra-ldme Aa tran-ko ; pakdsife fta trdra ar'fm- 

6. I^a tra ts6 Iran w'uni Isel, k^re na tra gbuke- 
ko; pakdsife na ts6 trdra ar'fm ra a-fam a-tsel. 

6. AA'-l6mQ an6 Yisua o p^ ro6dh; k^re na6 na 
tr*a-he, ko ma-trel ma yi tsi-e, amd o kdne-na. 

7. Tr^ka tsi Yisua o kal pa ronaA ho: 1 kdne-nu 
tra-tsen tr§-tsen ho: Mine yi ka-rdre tr^ka atra-l(}me. 

8. I^a be and mi^ta mi poil der, na yi a-fam a-kel 
de a-f§m 'a ka-luk ; k^re atra-l(^me 6a ts6 pon tr^la-Aa. 

9. Mine yi aka-rdre: be w'uni o won ka miaa6, o 
tra fdli ; o Ira won, o tra wur, de tra fir d'er o-wont. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Yohan 10. 4S 

10. Wuni kel o der gho tr^ka kef a, de tr^ka fai, 
de tr^ka dim tr§-ldme. Mine poA der, kdma na bA 
a-A^sam, de kama na ba ka-la k' e-wont. 

11. Mine yi o-lrol ka-lsi owo-rtno. O-lrol ka-tsi 
owo-fino sond an'-n^sam-n'Qfi tr^ka tra-ldme: 

12. K^re w*uni owd 'a yep, ow(} yi-he o-lrol, de 
OYf^ atra-li^me na l6mane-he, be o nank ka-t61u o mo 
der-e, o Irel atra-l(}me, gbuke; ko ka-l61u o ts^mbi- 
i^a, sak atra-Ii^me. 

13. Ow(J 'a yep o gbuke, pfk^sife fta yep-ko gbo, 
de tra tie ba-ko tr'el tr§ka alra-l(inie. 

14. Mine yi o-trol owo-iino; I tr^ra an*-na-mi, de 
aii'-fta-mi na tr^ra-ini, 

15. Mq o-Kas Q tr^ra minafi, de mine tr^ra o-Kas; 
de 1 send ai^'-n^sam-'a-mi tr^ka tra-](Jme. 

16. De 1 ba so tra-ldme tra-lom, aH tse y^fa ka 
ka-w(}re ak6 : na so I ba tra k^ra, de na tra trgl ar'fm-* 
ra-mi; de pa tra yi k'uti k'in de o-trol k*in. 

17* Tsia ba-tsi o-Kas-ka-mi o b(}tar-mi, pak^sife 
I sond an'-A6s|ni-'a-mi, kiina I kal yoka-ui. 

18. Wuni 6 w'tini o gb^li-he nolr-mi-fti, k^re I 
sond-Ai mo am-m6ra-mi gbeu: I ba a-f(isa tra sond- 
ni, de 1 ba a-f(isa tra kal yoka-ni. Am-man an6 I 
pen s(}to ka o-Kas-ka-mi. 

1 9. Ka ma-s^kane ma ro-m^ra ma y(ine so katrdn 
ka aia'-Y^budi tr^ka as'im atl6. 

20. K^re a-gb^ti katron-ka-nah na pa ho: ba o- 
krffi, ma-k(}nton ma wop-ko, ko tr'el tr'a na tr^la-ko-e? 

21. A-lom na pa ho: As'jm ats6 tra tse yi as'im 
tra w'dni ow(J ba o-krffi: pa yi o-krifi o t^na k^nti 
e-for ya a-fam a-fit-i? 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

44 Yohan 10. 

22. Kere am'^tr ma ka-s^§s aA'-h^kal ma y\ ro- 
Yenisalem, de p§ >'i ra-r§A. 

23. Kg Ylsua q kot-kot ro-b^kal ka an'-gb^ntgj^ na 

24. AA*-lo na-lsi an'-Y^hudi iia r§p-ko, 6a pft 
TQii^ii hg: Hd a-](JkQ r^ke ma yQ e-m^ra-'e-su e 
gMsa-e? Be muno ^i o-Masia, k^ne-su-tsi o-mfnta- 

25. Yisua l^sia-6a ho: I k^ne-nu-tlr, de na Idne- 
he: ama-ygs amd mine yo ka an'^s na o-Kas-ka-mi, 
mia son t'amas^re tr^ka tr^mmi. 

26. K^re nyaii, n§ Une-be, tsa n§ yi-he ka tra- 
l(^me a-tra-mi, me I pon kdne-nu. 

27. Alra-l(Jme a-lra-mi na tr§l ar'fm-ra-mi, de I 
trdra-fia, de 6a tram-mi: 

28. De I son-na an'-n^sam a-tab^na, de Aa gb^li- 
be dinne t^nkaA, de \?'uni 6 yf'ini o gb^li-he kdti-Aa 
ka ka-tra-ka-mi. 

29. O-Kas-ka-mi, owd poA soft-fta romf, o yi 0- 
b^na tSsi be; de m^^udi 6 w'uni o gb^ii-he kdti-6a 
ka ka-tra ka o-Kas-ka-mi. 

30. Mine re o-Kas sa yi win-aii. 

31. AnMo 6a-tsi an'-Y^hudi Aa kal k^ra ma-sar, 
tr^ka dffa-ko ma-sar. 

32. Yisua o trap k§-pa roA^n ho: Ma-yos ma-fino 
ma-lai ma o-Kas-ka-mi 1 poA tr(}ri-Du: tr^ka a-yos a- 
r6ke Aa-tsi n§ ma ko dffa-mi ma-sar-e? 

33. AA'-Y^hudi Aa Usia-ko, Aa pS-ho: Tr^ka a- 
yos a-fino 8§ ma ts6 ko difa-mu ma-sar; k^re tr^ka 
ka-fof K'dru o-l§s, de pak^^ife mdnoA, ow^ yi m^*uo1, 
m§ s^kine K'uru. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Yohan 11. 45 

34. Yisua Usia-na ho: Pa yi-he Aa pon gbal 
ka an-ton-'a-nu-i : Mine pon pa ho: Na y\ tr*uru-i? 

35. Be bontr hah tr'Qru, ka a6d ar'fm ra K'dru 
ra der-e, de na gb§li-he r^fi ama-Gbal: 

36. Tro p§ yi tofi-e, ho nya pa ka kon', ow(} o- 
Kas pon s^mis, de ow(} o pon som ka 'ra-ra ho: 
M| fof K*uru o-l§s; p§k^sife I pa ho: Mine yi Qw'^n 
ka K'uru-e? 

37. Be 1 yo-fe ama-yos ma o-Kas-ka-mi, ts6 na 

38. K^re be 1 yO-ha, \&ne n^h ama-yos, be na tsS 
y^ma-Mne minaA; kdma na tr^ra, de kima na l^ne, 
fo o-Kas yi rok6r-ka-mi» de fo mine yi rok6r-k'Qn. 

39. Ah'-lo na-tsi j^a kal ten tra batr-ko; k^re o 
k^te ka 'ma-tra-ma-naA. 

40. Ko kal k(}ne ro-Y6rdan romc^ri ka od'^r, ro 
Y6han o mi^ta yi o-b^ptis, de tr^ma rl. 

41. De a-fam a-gb^ti ha der TQh^h, ha pa ho: Yo- 
han, yo-fe tr'el 6 tr'el tra-kab^ne; k^re ama-trel be, 
am^ Y6han q pa tr^ka ow^, ma yi tra-tseii. 

42. De a-gb^ti na l^ne-ko ri. 

Ara-Bomp 11. 

1. K^re w'uni lom o tru, an'es-A'on Ldsaros, ro- 
Betdnia, ka ka-gbom ka Mdriam de ka M^rta, o-wontr- 
k'on o-bera. 

2. (Pa yi o-Mdriam ka-tsi, QYf^ pon sop o-B^bbu 
ma-s6pa ma-f(}lfol, de ow(i n^sia atr'^trak-tr'on ah*- 
fon-n'oi^, o-wontr-k*oA, Lisaros o trQ.) 

3. Tr^ka tsi an'-wontr-h'on a-bera ha sOm ka Yisua 
ka pa ho: Pa, k^li, ow(} ma b(}tar, o trQ. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

46 Y6han 11. 

4. K^re mo Yisua o tral atse, o pa bo: Ara-trQ 
ar6 ra ^^i-be tr^ka k§-fi, k^re tr§ka an'-^^iki na K'uru, 
k^ma O^'^n ka K'Uru o s^iQ a-.yiki ka ara-trQ are. 

5. K^re Yisua o bi^tar M^rta, Be Q-wontr-k'oA q- 
b^ra, de Lasaros. 

6. Ko mo pon tral, fo o trQ, o tr^ma r§s ma- 
rei ma-ran ka od'er, ro o 3^i-e. 

7. Ka-r^r§n-ka-tsi o p^ ka an'-kar^ndi-n'on ho: 
Man kiJne n§n so ro-Yehudia. 

8. An'-kar^ndi na pa roni^n: R^bbi, o ta won-ho 
ah'-Y^dudi ha ten tra difa-mu ma-sar, de ma ^^ma 
ko rl 80-i? 

9. Yisua Wsi bo : Pa ^i-be ra-yah ra ba e-gb^leh 
tr'otelr .ye-ran-i? Be w'uni o kot ra-yan-e, o gb^li-he 
p§t, pak^sife o nahk am-m6ta na 'ra-ra ar6. 

10. K^re be w'uni o kot tratr6k-e, o tr§ pat, 
pakdiife am-m6ta na yi-he rok6r-k*oh. 

11. Ama-trei ame mia o p^; de ka-rdran-ka-tsi o 
pa roMh bo: Usaros, o-y^tki-ka-su q poh ko dira: 
k^re I k(}oe, k^ma I t^mi-ko. 

12. Ka ah'-kar^ndi-h'ou ha pa bo: Pa, be o poh 
ko dira, o tr§ yehk so ma-der. 

13. K^re Yisua o poh fof traka 'ra-fi-r'oh: de hah 
ha n^ne, fo fof tr^ka ka-f6tane ka ma-re. 

14. Ah'-Io ha-tsi Yisua o k^ne-ha gb^rahbo: Ld- 
saros poh fi. 

15. De p§ b(Jne-mi Ir^ka *ra-bomp-ra-nu, fo I yi- 
he rl, kdma na lane: k^re mah kdne n§h rohi^h. 

16. Ah*-lo ha-tsi Toma, ow(} 'a bontr Ka-B^ri, q 
pa ka ah'-k^rahane-h'oh ho: Sya so, mah k({ne n§h, 
kdma s§ ii re k(}noh. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Yohan 11. ' 47 

17. Ko mo Yisua o bek, q bap-ko. pon' to yi 
ka ka-b6ma ma-re'i m'anle. 

18. Kere Betania ka Wtsi ro-Yenisalein, ka-bol- 
ka-tsi ka beka am'^lo ma e-g^lwa tr'of^tr tr'am^t. 

19* Do a-gb^ti ha an*-Y6hudi na poii der ka M^rta 
de ka Mariam, kama ha befat-ha tr§ka o-^ontr-ka-hah 

20. Ko M^rta, mo o poh gbo tral, fo Yisua o yi 
ka der, o ko gbahs-ko: kere Mariam o ^ira ro-set. 

21. Ko M^rta o pa ka Yisua ho: Pd> be m§ poD' 
na yi and-e, o-wontr-ka-mi o gb^li-he na poh fi: 

22. K^re ake Ion so I tr^ra, fo tr*el 6 tr'el atr^ 
ma ko t61ir gbo K'uru, K'uru o tr§ soh-mu-tsi. 

23. Yisua o p^ roh(ih: 0-wontr-ka-mu o Ira yo- 
kaoe SQ. 

24. M^rta o pa rohoh ho: 1 tr^ra, fo o tra yokane 
so ka ka-y6kane ka ah'-r6i ana-lap *so. 

25. Yisua o p9 roh^h : Mine yi ka-yokane, de ah*- 
h^sam; owd lane minah, kota o fi, tr§ k^li. 

26. De w'lini 6 w'uni Qyy^ k^li, de ow(5 lane minah, 
gb^li-he fi tab^na. Ma lane atse-i? 

27. pS roh(Sn: .A.hk6, Pa, I poh lane, fo muno 
yi Q-Masia, Ow*^n ka K'uru, ow6 yi na tra der ka 

28. Ko mo poh pa atse, o kc^ne, o ts^la Mariam, 
0-wQnlr-k*oh o-bera sol, o pa ho: 0-Karmdko poh 
b6k, de ts^la-mu. 

29. K(}non, mo poh gbo tral-tsi, o yokane lemp, 
der rohi^h. 

30. K^re Yisua o tse ta poh woh ka ka-gbom, k^re 
yi ka od'^r, ro M^rta o gb^nne-ko. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

48 Y6han 11. 

31. An'-lO 6a-tsi aA*-V^hudi, bM yi vQhih ro-set, 
lie an^ b^f§t-ko, ma 'a o§nk, fg Miriam q y6kaDe 
lemp, de fo o wur, lia tran-ko, na pa ho: ki^ne 
ka ka-k6ma tr^ka bok rl. 

32. Ko Mdriam, mo o der ro Yfsua o yi-e, de 
mo n§n'-ko, o gbap'sa ro-tof ka atr'dtrak-tr'on, o 
pd TQh^h: Pa, be ma pon' na y\ an^-e, o-y^OQtr-ka- 
mi gb^H-he na pon fi. 

33. Ko Yisua, mo o nahk, fo o ^'i 0-bok, de fo 
an*-Y^hudi, and pen der re k(}non, na yi so a-bok, o 
bdn'sa ro-m^ra, de kon'-k(}none o k<rane, 

34. Ko pa ho: R^ke ng pon bolr-ko-e? Sa pa 
ron(}n: Pa, der, m| k^Ii! 

35. Ko m'dntrar ma gbdro Yisua e-for. 

36. Ka an*-Y^hudi na pa bo: K^U, mo pon 

37. K^re a-lom katr^n-ka-6an 6a pa ho: Pa yi- 
he ow6, ow(J kioti e-for ya ow'iini o-fil, t^na pon* 
na yQ'i, fo Qyv^ so tse pon' na fi-i? 

38. Ko Yisua o kal bdn'sa ro-m6ra, ko der ka 
ka-b6ma. K^re pa yi ka-ydnka, de a-sar na yi ka 
ka-san-ka-tsi rodi. 

39. Yisua o pa ho: Y6ka n§n aii-sar. Mdrta, o- 
¥^Ontr o-b^ra ka qw(( poii fi, o pa roni^n: Pa, o bup 
ioii; tsa pa b6ka ma-r^'i m'inle kdbi mo o poA fi. 

40. Yisua pa roni^n: Pa yi-he I kdne-mu naft-i, 
fo be ma Idne nan, ma tra n§nk nan an'-yiki Aa 

41. I^a yoka ton an'-sar ka od'^r, ro ow(} poft fi 
f^nta. K^re Yisua o l^kti e-for-y'on roki^m, o pa 
ho: Pa, I mutsi-mu m'dmo, fo ma pofi tr^la-mi! 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Yohan 11. 49 

42. K^re minan, I trdra, fo m§ tr§la-nii l(}ko 6 l(}ko ; 
kere tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra aiV-fam, an^ tr§ma na r§p-mi, 
I pa-tsi, k^ma na lane, fo muno pon sOm-mi. 

43. Kg mo q pon pa atse, o ts^Ia r'im ra-bdna 
hg: Lisaros, wur rokdn! 

44. Ko Qyf6 pon fi o ^ur, na pon s^ka atr'^tr§k- 
Ir'gn de ama-lra-m*oii fi-r({hko e-b^ne, de na pon 
r^para ad*6r-r'on a-gb^sa. Yisua o pd ron^n: S§li-ko 
nan, de tser-ko n§A o k(}ne. 

45. An'-lo na-tsi a-gb^ti na an'-Yehudi, an^ pon 
der ka Mariam, de an^ pon nank, atrd Yisua o ^0-e, 
ha lane ko. 

46. Kere a-lom katr(ih-ka-iiah ha k(}ne ka ah'- 
F^risi, ha k^ne-ha, atr^ Yisua q poh yO-e. 

47. Ka an-tra-bomp ha ah'-K6han de ah'-FArisi ha 
t5hkla ah'-S^nhedrin rokin de ha pa ho: Ko sa ma 
yO-e? Tsa ow*uni qw6 o yO ma-lrel ma-kab^ne ma-lai. 

48. Be s§ tser-ko yO yah-e, a-fam be ha tr§ 
lane-ko, de ah'-R6mi ha tra der, ha tra k^ti od'^r- 
ka-su de am-b6Da-'a-su. 

49. Kere k'in katr(^h-ka-hah, ah'es-h'oh K^yafa, 
0W(^ yi o-K6han owo-b^na ka ka-ren ka-tsi, o pd ro- 
Mh: Nyah, n§ tr'a-he tr'el 6 tr'ei, 

50. De na n&ne-he, ho pa fKsa-su, fo w'uni kin 
fi tr^ka ah'-fam, kama am-b6na be ha dinne-be. 

51. Ki§re ats6 o pa-he mo am-mera-h'oh gbeh, 
k^re pak^ife yi o-K6han owo-b^na ka ka-ren ka- 
tsi, n^bi tsi, fo Yisua o mo ko fi tr§ka am-b6na; 

52. De p§ yi-he tr^ka am-b6na ha-tsi gbo, k^re 
kdma t^hkla so rokfn ah'-wut ha K'uru, ah^ sSkane. 

John. 4 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

50 Y6han 12. 

53. Tr^ka tsi ybi ka afk'-r6i na-tsi na n^nkaoe 
tr^ka dif-ko. 

54. Tsia ba-tsi Yisua o tse so kot o-gb%t katrdfi 
ka ah'-Y6hudi; k^re o y^fa rl, o k(Sne ka am-belan, 
an^ fttsi ro-wula, ra ka-petr, ak^ 'a bontr Efrayim, 
de ri-a o tr^ma re an'-kar^ndi-n*oA. 

55. K6re ain'^tr ma ka-Pafne ka an*-Y6hudi ma 
f^tsi, de a-fam a-gb^ti Aa am-belan na-tsi na gbep 
ro-Yerusralem, ak*^ am'^tr ma ka-Paine ma mcjta bek, 
kama na gb^line. 

56. Ka na ten Yisua, de na pa k'in ka o-lom, ma 
na tr^ma ro-h6kal hg: Ko na nane-e? Na n^ne, ^0 
gb^li-he der ka am*6lr-i? 

57. Kere au-tfci-bomp na an'-Kohan de an'-F^risi 
iia pon so tram a-gb^ka, fo, be w'uni o trdra, ro o 
^i-e, Irori-lsi, kama na gb^li na batr-ko- 

Ara-Bomp 12. 

1. Ma-r6i tr'am^t ro k'in ak*^ am'6!r ma ka-Paine 
ma m(}ta bek, Yisua o der ro-Betania, ro L^saros o yU 
QYf^ pon fi, de ow(^ o pon y6kas ka an'-fi. 

2. Ri-an na b^nene-ko a-f^nta, de M^rta o tr§ 
lenki; k^re Lasaros o ^i k'in ka an^ gbetgb^tne re 

3. Ko Mariam q ^6ka a-pon n'in na ma-s6pa ma 
e-n^rdio r§m^n, am^ ba ui'^Iq ma-bdki, o sop atr*^trak 
tra Yisua, de n^sia atr'^trak-tr'on an*-fon-h*on. Kere 
an' -set na lasar am-bontr na ama-sopa. 

4. Ko k'in k§ an'-kar^ndi-n'on, an'^s-n'on Yehuda 
Iskari^ot, ow'^n ka Siman, owiJ sond-ko ka-rdran-ka- 
tli, pd bo: 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Y6han 12. 51 

5. Ko tr'ei tr'a na ti1a-he ama-s6pa ma-folfol ame 
tr§ka am'iJlo ma e-dfnar tr'^me tra-sas-e, na son-yi 
ka am-m(5ne-e? 

6. Aisi p5, Pg yi-he pak^sife tra ba ko tr'ei 
tr§ka am-m(Jne; kere pakdsife o yi w'llni kef, de pa- 
k^sife ba an'-ydmbe, de o k^re ar^ 'a bolr rl. 

7. Ko Yisua o pfi bo: Tser-ko ton; o pon b^ne- 
Aa tr^ka an'-r6'i na ka-mank-mi. 

8. Tsa a-fam a-m(}ne na ^^i ronu liJko 6 Idko ; kere 
mine tse yi ronu l(5ko 6 l(Sko. 

9. Ko r'unia ra-b^na ra an'-Y^hudi na tral, fo o 
yi ri; de na der, p§ yi-he gbo tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra 
Ylsua, k^re kdma na gb§li so n§nk Ldsaros, o^d Q 
pon yokas ka an'-fi. 

10. Kere an-trg-bomp na an'-K6han na n^nkane, 
kdma na dif so Ldsaros; 

11. Tsa tr§ka 'ra-bomp-r'on a-gb6ti na ah'-Y6hudi 
na k(}ne rl, de na Idne Yisua. 

12. Ka a6'-r6i an^ trdndo r'unia ra-b^na, dfiA pofi 
der ka am*6lr, ma na lr§l, fo Yfsua o yi ka der ro- 

13. Na y6ka tra-r(inko tr' e-komp, de na wur tra 
ko gbans-ko, na gb^nkra ho: Hosidnna! Tra 'a ruba 
OW(J der ka an'6s na Yehofa, o-Bal ka Yisrael! 

14. K^re Yfsua, mo o pon 8^\q a-s6fa]i a-fet, o 
r^nsa-ko, ma na pon gbal ho: 

15. Tse n^sa, mun' w'an b^ra ka Sion; k^li o-Bal- 
ka-mu der romii, o r6nsa ka a-s6fali a-fet! 

16. K^re an'-kar^ndi-j^'on na ts6 trdra ama-trel ame 
ka ka-m(}ta; k^re mo Yfsua o pon s^iQ a-yfki, aii'-lO 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

52 T6han 12. 

na-tsi na n^oe-tsi, fo na poA gbal ama-trei am^ tr^ka 
ir'on, de fo na poA ^^O ama-trel ain6 roiii^n. 

17. Ka ar'iinia, arA 3^1 vQh^ti, na son t'amas^re, fo 
poA tsela Lasaros tr§ka wur ka ka-b6ma, do tQ 
pon y6kas-ko ka ah'-fi. 

18. Tsia ba-tsl so ar'unia ra ko gbahs-ko, pak^sife 
ua trgi, fo pon yQ atr'ei tr^-kab^ne atl^. 

19. Ka an'-F^risi na pa k'in ka o-lom ho; N§ 
n§nk-i, fo n§ t^na-he yO tr'el 6 tr'ei-i? K^li, ara-rQ 
be ra tran-ko. 

20. K^re a-Yun^ni a-lom ha ^i katri^ii ka aM pon 
gbep tr§ka r^mne ka dm*^tr. 

21. Ane ha der ka FiHppos, qy/^ y^fa ka Betsiida 
ro-Galilaia, de na n^mtene-ko ka pa ho : Pa, sa y^ma 
n§nk Yisua. 

22. Fih'ppos der k^ne-tsi ka AndraQs, ko An- 
draQs de Fihppos na k^ne-tli ka Yfsua. 

23. K^re Yisua l^sia-na, pd ho: Aii'-gb^leia 
na pon bek, fo na ^ikis O^'^o ka Wdni. 

24. I k6ne-nu tr§-lsen lr§-tsen: Be ka-kos k§ a- 
b6rru ka fumpo-he ka an-tof rok6r, de be k§ tel-be, 
ka tsia ri kia son; k^re be k§ tel, kg \vur ma-komi 

25. 0^/6 b(}tar an^-n^sam-n'oii, tr§ dim-ni; de 
0W(^ gb^na an'-nesgm-n'on ka ara-ra ar6, tr§ bene- 
ni tr^ka an'-n6sam a-tab^na. 

26. Be w'uni y6ma l^nki mi, tr' tram-mi; de 
ro mine yU ri-a, ow(J l^nki-mi, tra yi so: be w*uni 
lenki-mi, o-Kas-ka-mi tr§ kolo-ko* 

27. Ak6 am-m6ra-mi na kfrane, de ko me pS-e? 
(I tsi pa ho:) Pd, wura-mi ka ah'-gb^len an6-i? 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Y6han 12. 53 

K^re tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra atr*ei ats6 I poh won ka an'- 
gb^len ane. 

28. Pa, yikis an'^s-'a-mu! An'-lo ha-tsi r'iin ra 
y^fa ka ak'tiru, ar^ pa hg: I pon yikis-ni, de I Isi 
kal yikis-ni! 

29. Ka an'-fam, an^ tr^ma rl, de an^ tral-tsi, na 
pa, ho r'en da pen gben. A-lom na pa ho: 0-maleika 
pon f(5far-ko. 

30. Yisua I^si, o pa ho: Ar'iin ar6 ra y(}ne-he 
tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra minan, kere tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra nYdn. 

31. Ake ka-rok an-t(Jnka na ra-ra are ka pon bek; 
ak6 fta tr§ wiira o-ra-bomp ka 'ra-rQ ar6 rok^n. 

32. Do minan, ma na tra pon Mtra-mi ka an-tof 
rok^m, I tsl Ifnane-na be romi. 

33. K^re atse o pa tr§ka Irdri, ko ra-fi r'a o mo 
ko fi-e. 

34. An'-fam na l^sia-ko ho: S^a pon tral ka an- 
ion, fo o-Masia tsia tab^na; tro pa }ri ho muno pa 
ho: Na yi tra nMra Qw'^n ka W*uni-e? K6ne yi 
Ow'^n ka Wuni owe-e? 

35. Ko Yfsua o pa ron^n ho: A-l(}ko a-burap am- 
m6ta ina yi ras katr(Jn-ka-nu. Kot nan, ma na ba ras 
dm-m6ta, kama a-sum na d^rgr-he-nu. Ov^(^ kot ka 
a-sum, Ir'a-he, r^ke o ko-e. 

36. Ma n§ ba r§s am-m6ta, l^ne nan ka am-m6ta, 
k^ma n§ s^e a-wut na am-m6ta. Ama-trei ame Yisua 
pa; ka-rdran-ka-tsi o k(}ne, Q m^nkne-na. 

37. K^re k6ta o pon yQ ma-trei ma-kab^ne ma-lai 
mo am6 rod'6r-ka-na kadi, Aa Idne-he-ko; 

38. KSma ar'im ra Yesiya, o-N^bi, ra lasar, ar^ 
fof ka pa ho: R^bbu, k^ne pon lane ka ka-gbai-ka- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

54 Y6han 12. 

su k§-\¥^ndi-e? De an'-Ionk na Yeb6fa, ka kdne na 

39. TiJa ba-tsi na gb^H-he Idne, pak^sife Yesd^a 

kal pa ho: 

40. pon filas e-for-'e-nan, de o pon b^kas atra- 
bomp-tra-nan: kama na tse n§ftk ka e-for-'e-nan, ha 
ts6 trdra ka e-ni6ra-'e-hah, ha ts6 s^ke ka K'uru, de 

1 Ise r^mar-ha. 


41. Ama-trel am6 Yesdya o pa, mo q nahk ah'- 
yiki-h'oh, de mo o fof tr§ka tr'oh. 

42. K^re k6la pa yi yah-e, a-gb6ti ha an-lr§-bomp 
so ha lane-ko; k^re tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ah'-F^risi ha 
gbilane-he-tsi, kdma ha bal-he-ha ah'-sel a-gbdnne. 

43. Tsa ha b(}tar ah'-^^iki ha a-f§in pa tas ah'-^iki 
ha K'dru. 

44. Kere Yisua o ts61a laaaQ o pa ho: OwiJ lane 
minah, o lane-he minah, k^re kon' ow(J poh som-mi. 

45. De QYi6 nahk minan, o nahk kon' Qwi poh 

46. I poh der ka 'ra-ra mo a-m6ta, kama ¥^'uni 
6 w'uni owtf lane minah, o tsia-he ka a-sum. 

47. De be w'Qni o tral as'im-tra-mi, de be o ls6 
Idne, pa yi-he minah owd hap-ko; tsa I der-he tra hap 
ara-rQ, k^re tr§ka fdlia ara-rO. 

48. Owd kdsi minah, de owd ts6 mSlane as'im- 
tra-mi, o ba Q'w^ hap-ko: ar'im ar^ I poh fof, ria 
ra tr§ hap-ko ka ah'-r6i aha-l^p'so. 

49. Tsa I poh-he foi mo am-m6ra-'a-mi gbeh; k^re 
0-Kas, owd poh sOm-mi, kdno poh k^ne-mi, alr^ I yi 
Ira pa, de atr^ I y\ tra fof-e. 

50. De I Ir^ra, fo am-mah-h'oA na yi a-h6sam 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Yohan 13. 55 

a-taMna. Tr^ka tsi, Ir'el 6 Ir'el alr^ I fgf, 1 foMsi, 
mo o-Kas pon kdne-mi. 

Ara-Bomp 13. 

1. K^re ak'^ am'^tr ma ka-Paine ma miJta pon bek, 
mo Yisua o tr^ra, fo an'-gbelen na pon der, kdma q 
y^fa aoQ-ru trdka ko ka o-Kas, p§k^sife o b(}tar an'- 
nan, an^ ^^i ro-ra, o b(}tar-na ha ka ka-l^p'so. 

2. Do ma na ^i ka ka-di, (mo S6tani o pon* to 
botr-t^i ka am-m6ra na Yehuda Iskdri^ot, ow'^n ka 
Siman, tr§ka sond-ko,) 

3. Yisua, kota o tr^ra, fo o-Kas o pon ^^ntra-ko 
tr'el 6 tr'el ka ama-trS-m'on, fo pon ^^^fa ka K'uru, 
de fo mo kcJne ka K'uru; 

4. y6kane ka ka-di, o bolr am-WIa-h*on rayer, 
}'6ka k'6ta k§-n^sia, o s6nne-ki ratri^n. 

5. Ka-rdran-ka-tsi o l^nkli m'antr ka am-bol, do 
ir§p k§-^ak atr'^tr§k tra an'-kar^ndi do ka-n^sia-tsi 
ak'cta ka-n^sia, ak^ o pon s6nne ratr(}n. 

6. Ko der ka Siman Petar; ko k(}no pa ron(Ju: 
Pa, muuo ma yak atr'Mrak-tra-mi-i? 

7. Yisua l^si, o pa rondn: Alr^ mine me yO-e, 
muno tr'a-he-tsi ka ak6; k^re ma tra tr^ra-tsi ka- 

8. Petar o pa TQh^h: M§ gb^li-he yak atr'^trak- 
tra-mi tab^na. Yisua o l^sia-ko ho: Be I yak-fe-mu, 
ma ba-he a-bem romf. 

9. siman Petar o pa VQh^h: Pa, tra p§ ts6 yi 
atr'atrak-tra-mi gbo, k^re ama-tra-ma-mi so de ara- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

56 Yohan 13. 

10. Yisua pft TQh^h: Qwd pcfh bukone, o ba 
gbo Ira yak atr'^trak-tr'on, tsa o yi Q-f^ra be ; de nya 
so n§ yi a-Kra, k^re nya be tSho. 

11. Tsa trdra QYi6 mo ko sond-ko: tsia ba-tsi 
pa ho: Nya be taho yi a-ttra ko-ko. 

12. Ko mo pon yak atr'^trak-tra-nan, de mo 
pon y6ka am-bfla-d'oA, o kal gbetgb^tne, de pA 
roMn: Na tr^ra-i, atr^ I pon yO roni^-i? 

13. N§ bontr-mi Karm(}ko de Pa, de na pa o- 
16mpi; tsa mine yi tsi. 

14. Tr^ka tsi, be mfne, o-Kas de o-Karm^ko-ka- 
nu, I pon yak atr'^tr§k-tra-nu ; nya so n§ mar tra 
yak'sane alr'^trgk-lra-nu. 

15. Tsa I poA triJri-nu a-b^Iane, kdma nya so n§ 
yO, me mine pon yO romi. 

16. 1 k^ne-nu tr§-tsen tra-lsen, a-boi tse yi a- 
bana o tas o-kas-k'on, pa yi-he o-Som o yi 0-b^na o 
tas QYf^ pon som-ko. 

17. Be na tr6ra ama-trel ame, nya a-m6ri-tr*ei, be 
n§ yo-na. 

18. I fof-be tr^ka nya be; mine trdra an^ I pon 
tit: k^re kdma ama-gbal ma li8§r, (am^ pa ho:) Qyi^ 
di ka-bo re minan, o pon ndiikine ara-b^tka-r'on tr^ka 

19. K^bi ka ah*-lO an6 1 k6nenu-lsi, p6ta tra ytfne; 
kama be tra ydne, n§ line, ho mine yi tsi. 

20. I k^ne-nu tra-tsen tr§-tsen ho: Ow(J mAlane 
^'dni, QYii I tsi sOm, o m^lane minan; de 0^*6 m^- 
Jane minan, o mdlane kon' QVfi pon som-mi. 

21. Mo Yisua o pon pa atl6, o kirane ro-m6ra. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Yohan 13. 57 

de son t'amasere, o pd ho: I k^ne-nu tra-tsen tr§- 
t§en, fo k'in ka-tr(^h-ka-nu o tr§ sond-mi. 

22. Ka an'-kar^ndi na k^liane, pakSsife na ts6 tr^ra» 
Ir^ka ow(J fof-e. 

23. K^re k'in katr(in ka an'-kar^ndi-n*on, ow(J Yisua 
Q iKitar, gbetgb^tne ka an'-k^patr na Yisua. 

24. Tr^ka tsi Siman Petar o k^pane qy/^, kama o 
gHIen-tsi, k^ne yi tsi, tr^ka ow(} o fof-e. 

25. K^uQ saline ka an*-k^patr na Yisua, o pd 
ron(}n: Pa, k^ne yi tsi-e? 

26. Yisua o Idsi ho: Kdno yi tsi, ka Q\?d I tsi son 
afli-bem, ka-rarah ka me I pon mat-ni. Kq o mat am- 
bem, son-ni ka Yehuda Iskariyot, o^'^n ka Siman. 

27. Ko ka-rargn ka mo o poh y6ka am-bera, S^lani 
won-ko. Ko Yisua o pa roniJh: Atr^ ma y6ma yO-e, 
yO-tsi t6le. 

28. K^re w'uni 6 w'dni o yi-he kalriJh ka an6 
gbetgbetne, ow(J tr^ra, ko tr'ei Ir'a ba-lsi, o p5 atse 

29. Tsa a-1om na n^ne, fo, pak^sife Yehuda o bd 
an'-)^^mb6, Yisua o pa roniJn: Wal ey'^tr eye sa y^ma 
tr^ka am'^tr, tal(}m kama o son r'dka ka am-m(}ne. 

30. Ko kon', mo o pon sHq am-bem, o wur rokdn 
t6le; kere p§ yi tralr^k. 

' 31. Ko mo pon wur rok^6, Yisua o pa bo: Ak6 
ton Ow*6n ka W'uni o poA s(Jto a-yiki, de K'uru o 
pon siiQ a-yiki ka kon'. 

32. Be K'Qru o pon s^iQ a-yiki ka kon', K'uru o 
tr§ yikis-ko so ka k(ino-k$none, de o tra yfkls-ko 

33. A-fet-*a-mi, a-l(Jko a-burap gbo 1 tsi yi ras 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


58 Yohan 14. 

rQDU. Na tra ten-mi; de me I pon pS ka an*-Yehudi 
ho : Ro mine ko-e, n^a t^na-he der, ;ye I pd so ronu 

34. I son-nu a-man a-fu, fo na b(itarane; k^ma, 
me mine poh bdtar-nu, nya so na b(Ji§rane. 

36. Ka alr'ei alse a-fam be na tra tr^ra, fo na yi 
a-kar^ndi a-na-mi, be na b(Jtarane. 

36. Siman P^tar o pa ron(}n: Pa, re man ko-e? 
Yisua 16sia-ko ho: Ro I ko-e, ma t§na-he tram-mi 
ka ake, k^re ka-raran-ka-tsi ma tra tram-mi. 

37. Pet§r pa rondn: Pa, ko tr'el tr'a I t4na-be 
tram-mu ka ak6-e? I tsi sond ah'-n6sam-'a-mi trdka 

38. Yisua o Wsia-ko ho: M§ y6ma sond an'-n^sam- 
'a-mu tr^ka Ir^mmi? I k^ne-mu !ra-tsen tra-tsen, fo 
ka-tr^pi o gb§Ii-he tram, ha ma pon p^nsa ma-sas, ho 
ma trdra-mi. 

Ara-Bonip 14. 

1. Tra pa tie yi e-m^ra-'e-nu e kirane: lane nan 
ka K'uru, de lane romf. 

2. Ma-yira ma-lal ma yi ka an'-sel na o-Kas-ka- 
mi: be pa ts6 yi na yan-e, I tsi pon' na k^ne-nu-tsi. 
1 k(Jne tr^ka b^nene d'er traka trannu. 

3. De ka-raran ka me I pon kone, de I pon b^nene 
d'er tr^ka trannu, I tsi kal der, I tsi yokane-nu romf ; 
kima, ro mine yi, nya so na yi. 

4. De ro mine ko-e, na tr^ra-tsi, de na Ir^ra ar'oh. 

5. T6ma o pa rondn ho: Pa, sa tr'a-he, ro ma 
ko-e, de tro sa l^na tr^ra ar'6n-e? 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Yohan 14. 59 

6. Yisua pa ron(Jn: Mine yi ar'on, de alra-tsen, 
de an'-n^sam: w*uoi 6 w'uni q t^na-he der ka Q-Kas, 
t^mbe ka ka-tra-ka-mi. 

7. Be na pon' na tr^ra-mi, na tra pon' na trdra 
SQ o-Kas-ka-mi: de kSbl ka an'-lo an6 na trara-ko, 
de na pon nan'-ko. 

8. FiKppos pa ron^n : Pa, trdri-su o-Kas, de tr§ 

9. Yisua pa vQh^h ho: Filippos, an*-l(5ko a-wiini 
an^ be I pofi yi ronii, de ma tr'a-he-ini-i ? Ow(} poh 
nank minan, o pon nank o-Kas: tro p§ yi-e, m§ pa 
ho: Tr(}ri-su o-Kas-e? 

10. Ma tse line, ho mine yi ka o-Kas rok6r-i, de 
fo Q-Kas yi rok6r ka minan-i? As'fm, atr6 I f(Jfar- 
nu, I ts6 fof rao am-mera a-na-mi gbeh: k^re Q-Kas, 
ow(J tsia rok6r-ka-mi, k(Jno yO ama-yos. 

11. Lane-tsi nan, ho mine yi ka o-Kas rok6r, de 
fo o-Kas yi rokdr ka niinan : k^re be pa yi-he yah-e, 
lane-mi nan tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ama-yos mia-miane. 

12. I k^ne-nu tra-tsen Ira-tsen, ow(J lane minan, 
Ira yO so ama-yos, am^ mine yO k(Jno-k6none; de 
Q tr§ yO ma-yos ma-b^na ma t^si am6; tSa mine k(}ne 
ka o-Kas-ka-mi. 

13. De Ir'el 6 tr*ei atr^ na ma t61a gbo ka an'6s-'a- 
mi, ats6 I tsi yO ; k^ma o-Kas o s6tQ a-yiki ka Qw'an. 

14. Be n§ t61a tr'el 6 tr'ei ka an'^s-'a-mi, mine tsi 

15. Be na b(}t§r*mi, wop n§(i ama-gb^ka a-ma-mi. 

16. De mine, I tsi n^mtene o-Kas, ko o tra sQif^- 
nu o-ka-San o-Iom, kama o tsia ronu tankan tabdna. 

17. O-Rrihu .ka Ira-tsen, owd ara-rQ ra gb§li-hfi ' 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

60 Yihan U. 

s((to, paySife ra nank-fe-ko, de ra tr'a-he-kg: k^re 
nySih, n§ tr^ra-ko, p§k^sife tsfa ronu, de o tr| yi 

18. I gb^li-he tsla-Du mo a-p^ni o-kas, I tsi der 

19. A-1(}ko a-bur§p na tsia gbo r§8, ka ara-rQ ra 
ir| ts6 mi sq n§nk; k^re nvan, na tra n§nk-mi: isa I 
\s\ k|Ii, de n.yd so o§ tr§ k^li. 

20. Ka ah'-r6i na-tsi n^a d§ tra tr^ra, fo mine yi 
ka o-Kas-ka-mi rok6r, de fo n^a yi rok6r ka minad, 
de fo mine yi rokdr ka nyfin. 

21. 0^6 ba ama-gb^ka-ma-mi, de Qyf6 wop-na» 
k(^no yi tsi, QVf^ bi}t§r-mi : kere ow<) b(^t§r mlnah, owi6 
0-Kas-ka-mi o tr§ b^t§r, de mine tsi b((tar-ko, de I 
tsi natbine roni^n. 

22. Yehuda, p§ yi-he IskSriyot, o pa roniJA: Pa, 
tro pa yi-e, bo ma y^roa Aaibine ka syah-e, p§ yi-he 
ka ara-rQ-e? 

23. Yisua o I^si, o pa roniJn: Be ^'tini o b(^t§r- 
mi, tra wop ar'im-ra ini; de o-Kas-ka-mi o tra bi^tar- 
ko» de 8§ tr§ der ron(}n, sa tr§ yira roni^n. 

24. Ow$ b(}t§r-he-mi, o tse wop as'im-tra-mi: de 
ar'im, ar^ na tral, ra yi-he ar'ira a-ra-mi, k^re ar'im 
ra o-Kas, qw(} pon sOm-mi. 

25. Aroa-trel am6 I pen kdne*nu, me me tsia ronu. 

26. KiSre o-kg-S§n, o-Ruhu o-Sam, ow(J o-Kas o 
tr§ s6m'ra ka an'^s-'a-mi, ow6 o tr| tdk'sa-nu ma-trel 
be» de tr§ n^nena-nu ama-trel be, am^ I pon k^ne- 

27.- Ma4(}fal 1 tsia-nu, ama-t((fal a-ma-mi I son- 
Mine, 1 son-fe-nu mo ara-rO ra son. Tra pa 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

T6han 15» 61 

ts6 yi e-m^ra-'e-na e Wrane, de tra p§ t56 ^i e won 

28. N§ poA tral, fo I pa ronu ho: I k(ine, de I 
kal der ronti. Be na b($tar-mi nan, n§ tra ba nan 
nia-b(ine, fo I pa ho: I k^ne ka o-Kas; tsa o-Kas o 
yi o-b^na tas-mi. 

29. De ak6 ton I pon kdne-nu-tsi» p6ta tra ^($ne, 
kdma, be tra pon ^(ine> na lane. 

30. I gb4U-he 80 f(5far-nu ma-trei ma-lal; tSa o- 
ra-bomp ka 'ra-ra o der, de o tr| t§6 fir tr'el 6 tr'el 
tr^ka trdmmi. 

31. K^re kdma ara-ra ra trdra, fo I b(it§r o-Kas, 
de fo» mo o-Kas o po6 kdne-mi, ^e me yQ: Ydkane 
nan, ma ^^fa ahi\ 

Ara-Bomp 15. 

1. Mine yi dn4r6ne ana-tr§tsen, de o-Kas-ka-mi 
yi 0-baf. 

2. A-rd 6 a-ra romi, and tse wur ma-k6mi, o gb§k- 
ni; de a-ra 6 a-ra and wur ma-k6mi, o b^mpa-ni, kama 
na bar wur ma-k6mi. 

3. Nyan, n§ yi ton a-fera tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ar'fm, 
ard I pon fi^far-nu. 

4. Tsia n§n rok6r-ka-mi, de mine tsi tsia rok6r- 
ka-nu. Mo an'-ra na t§na-he wur ma-k6mi ka an'- 
f(isa-na-tsi gben, be fia tsia-he ka an-tr6ne; ye nya 
so n§ t^na-he, be na tsia-he rok6r-ka-mi. 

5. Mine yi an4r6ne, nya yi ama-ra. Ovf^ tsia 
rokor-ka-mi de rokdr ka ow(i mine tsia, ow6 o wur 
ina-k6mi ma-lal; tsa na t^na-he yO tr'eT 6 tr'el, tdmbe 
ka mtnan. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

62 Y6han 15. 

6. Be >)v'uni q ts6 tsia rok6r-ka-mi, na fita-ko 
rokSA, mo an-ra, de Aa \^os; ka na t6nkla-ni, na 
fita-ni ra-n'antr, na toi-ni. 

7. Be na tsia rok6r-ka-mi, de be as'im-tra-mi tra 
tsia rok6r-ka-nu, na gb^Ii t6]a tr'el 6 tr'el, atrd n§ 
y^ina, de Ira tra ^(Jne rgnu. 

8. Ka atr'ei ats^ o-Kas-ia-mi o 8^iQ a-yiki, be n§ 
^ur ma-komi ma-lal; de yB na tr§ y\ a-karSndi a- 

9. Mq o-Kas po6 b(}tar-mi, ye mine so 1 pen 
b(itar-nu; tsia nan ka ama-bbtar-ma-mi. 

10. Be n§ wop ama-gb^ka-ma-mi , na tr^ tsia ka 
ama-b(}lar-ma-mi ; me mine pon wop ama-gb§ka ma 
O-Kas-ka-mi, de 1 tsia ka ama-bdtar-m'on. 

11. Ama-trel am6 I pon fi^far-nu, kama ama-bdne 
a-ma-mi ma tsia rok6r-ka-nu, de kima ama-biJne a- 
ma-nu ma s^ke ma-gb^ntis. 

12. An'-gb§ka-*a-mi nia-oe, fo n§ biJt§rane, me 
mine pon bi^tar nysfi. 

13. W'Qni 6 w'uni o bS-he ma-b(}t§r, am^ tas k|- 
sond an'-n^sam-n'on trgka aii'-y^tki-n'on. 

14. Nya yi a-y^tki-'a-mi, be na yO tr'el 6 tr'el, 
atr^ I k^ne-nu. 

15. I miitsi-he nu so e-boi. pakSiife a-bol tse 
tr^ra alr^ o-kas-k'on o yO-e; k^re nydn, 1 pon mutsi 
nu a-y^lki, pak^sife tr'el 6 tr'el, atr^ I pon tral ka 
Q-Kas-ka-mi, I pon tr(Jri-nu. 

1 6. Pa ts6 yi nyah aM pon tit minan, k^re pa yi 
minan, qyi^ pon tit nydn; de I pon botr-nu, k^ma n| 
kdne n§ wur ma-k6mi, de kama ama-k6mi-ma-nu ma 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Y6han 15. 65 

tsia; ha kama o-Kas o sgn-nu Ir'el 6 Ir'ei alr^ na 
tolir-ko ka an*es-'a-mi. 

17. Alse 1 kSne-nu, kama na b(}tarane. 

18. Be ara-ru ra gbena-nu, Ir^ra n§n, fo ra pon 
gb^na minan, pela ra gbena nyan. 

19. Be na Ir^nane nan ara-ru, ara-rO ra Ira biJtar 
nan atr*ei-tra-tsi gbeh; kere tr|ka ma n§ tse Ir^hane 
ara-ru, de pak^sife mine pon tit-nu ka >a-rQ, tsia ba- 
tsi ara-rQ ra gb^na-nu. 

20. Wne nan ar'im, ar^ I pon kSne-nu ho: A-bgl 
tie yi a-b^na o tas o-kas-k*Qh. Be na pon bal-bal 
minan, na tra bal-bal sq nyan: be na pon wop ar'im 
a-ra-mi, na Ira wop so an'-ra-nu. 

21. K^re ama-trel am6 be na tra }ro ronu tr^ka 
■ra-bomp ra an'es-'a-mi, pak^sife na tr'a-he kon*, ow(^ 
pon sOm-mi. 

22. Be I pon-he na der, de be I pofi-he na 
f(ifar-na, na tse ba na tr'el tra-las: kere akg ton Aa 
gb^i-he k^lrane tr'^re tr§ka atr'ei-tra-nan tra-las. 

23. Owd gb^na minan, o gb^na so o-Kas-ka-mi. 

24. Be I pon-he na ^^0 ama-}ros katr^n-ka-nan, 
amS w'dni 6 w'uni o-lom o tse pon yo-e, na tse ba 
naA tr'el tra-las; k^re ak6 ton na pon nahk-na, de 
na pon gb^na minan de o-Kas-ka-mi. 

25. K^re (ats6 tra ycJne) kama ar'im ra lasar, ar^ 
na pon gbal ka an-ton-'a-han ho: Na gbena-mi k|- 

26. K^re be o-ka-San o pon der, owq mine tsi 
somar-nu ka o-Kas-ka-mi, o-Ruhu ka Ira-tsen, owiJ 
y^fa ka o-Kas, ow6 o tra son I'amasere tr^ka Ir^mmi. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

€4 Y6han 16. 

27. Kere nya so na tr§ son t'amas^re, pak^sife na 
poh ^i romi k^bi ka ka-trap. 

Ara-Bomp 16. 

1. Ama-trel ame I pon f(}far-nu, kama n§ sd- 

2. Na trabal-nu e-sel e-gb^nne; aiikd, an'-l(}ko ha. 
tra der, mo w'uni 6 w'uni, ow(} dif-nu, o trg. n^ne, 
ho mo )^(ina K'uru s'ddka tra-t^sa. 

3. De ama-treT am6 na tra ^ro-nu, pak^sife na poh- 
he tr^ra o-Kas, pa ^i-he minan. 

4. K^re aina-trei ame I poh f^f§r-nu, kama, be 
ah'-ldko ha der, na n^ne-ha, de ho mine poh k^ne- 
nu-tsi. K^re ama-trei ame I Ise k^ne-nu ka ka-trap, 
pakdsife I vi ronu. 

5. Kere ake toh I k(^ne ka QVf^ poh sdm-mi; de 
w'dni 6 Vuni o yi-he kalriJh-ka-nu, ow^ yif-mi ho: 
Re mah ko-e? 

6. K^re p§kdsife I poh k^ne-nu ama-tre! am6, e- 
m6ra-'e-nu e la a-mol. 

7. K^re I kSne-nu tr§-tseh: fi^o tra trSnnu, fo 
I k(}ne. Tsa be I tse k(^ne, Q-ka-S§h o gb^li-he der 
ronu; kere be I poh k(ine> I tsi sdm-ko ronii. 

8. De be kijno poh der, o Ira tr(^ri ara-rQ ama- 
t^ri-ma-hah tr^ka atr'ef tr§-las, de tr^ka ama-16mpi, 
de tr^ka ka-rok e-t(Jhka. 

9. Tr^ka atr'ei tra-las, pakSsife ha lane-he minah: 

10. Kere tr^ka ama-16mp], pak^sife I k(ine ka q- 
Kas-ka-mi, de pak^sife na tse mi so nahk: 

11. Kere tr§ka ka-rok e-i(^hka, p§k^sife ha poh 
hap o-ra-bomp ka 'ra-ru are. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Y6han 16- 65 

12. I bd r§s tra pa ma-trel ma-lal ronii, k^re na 
li-he sdra-na ka ak^. 

13. K^re be o-Ruhu ka-tsi ka tra-tsen o pon der, 
owe tra tr^na-nu rok6r ka tra-lsen be. Tsa o gb^li- 
he fof mo am-inera-A'on gbeii; kere tr'ei u tr'ei atr^ 
pen Iral o Ira fof; de aina-trel am6 ma der-e o tra 

14. Owe tra yikis-mi; tsa o tra 8(ilo-tsi ka am- 
ma-mi, tr^ka lr(Jri-nu-tsi. 

15. Tr*el 6 tr'el atra o-Kas o ba-e, mine ba-tsi: 
tsia ba-tsi ho I pon pa, fo o s^to-t§i ka am- ma-mi, 
tr^ka tr($ri-nu-tsi. 

16. A-l(^ko a-burap, ka n§ tra tse mi nank; de 
a-ldko a-burap so, ka na tra nafik-mi, pak^sife I k(^ne 
ka Q-Kas. 

17. Ko a-lom na ah'-kardndi-ii'on na pa k*in ka 
0-Iom ho: Ko yi atse-e, atrd o pa rosu ho: A-l(iko 
a-burap, ka ng tra tse mi nank-e, de a-l(}ko a-burap 
so, ka na tra nank-mi-e, de: pak^sife I ki^ne ka q- 

18. Tr^ka tsi lia pa ho: Ko yi ats6-e, atr^ o pa 
ho: A-l(Jko a-burap-e? S§ tie tr^ra, atr^ o pa-e. 

19. Ko Yisua o nank, fo Aa y6ma yif-ko, de o 
pa ron^n ho: Trgka atr'ei ats6 na yiftane-i, p§k^sife 
1 pa ho: A-l(Jko a-biirap, ka n§ tra tse mi nank, de 
a-foko a-bur§p so, ka na tr§ n§nk-mi? 

20. I kSne-nu tr§-tsen tra-tien, ho nyail, na tra 
bok, de na tr§ kulo; k^re ara-ra ra tr§ ba ma-b^ne. 
Nyan, na tra san a-mol; k^re am-mol-'a-nu na tra 
s^ke ma-bdne. 

21. 0-bera, be o yi ka ka-kom, o ba a-mol, pakd- 

John. 5 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

66 Yohan 16. 

sife an'-I(^ko-]n'oii na pon b6k; k^re be o pon kdm 
Qw'ah^t-e, n^be-he-sQ ka-si^mpane tr^ka 'ra-bomp 
ra ama-b(ine, fo pon kom ^'uni ro-rQ. 

22i Nyd so n| sail ton a-mol ka ak^; k^re I tsi 
kal nu n§nk, de e-ni^ra-'e-nu e tr§ ba iua-b(^ne» de 
w'uni 6 w'uni o gb^H-he noTr-nu ama-bdne-ma-nu. 

23. De ka aiV-r6'i na-tsi n§ Ira ts6 yif-mi tr§ka 
tr*el 6 tr'el. I k^ne-nu tra-tseA lr§-tsen, ho Ir'ei 6 
tr'el atr^ n§ tr§ t61ir o-Kas ka an'^s-'a-mi, o tr§ son- 

24. Ha ak6 d§ ts6 pon t61a tr'el 6 tr'el ka an'^s- 
'a-mi: t61a ngn, do n§ tra s^iQ, kdma ama-b($Do-ma- 
nu ma ^i ma-gb6ntis. 

25. Ama-trel am6 I poft f(ifar-na ka e-l6nio; k^ro 
an'-Idko na der, mo I tsi tse so fijf§r-nu ka o-l6mo, 
k^re mo I t§i tr(^ri-nu ama-trel tr^ka o-Kas gb^rah. 

26. Ka an'-r^i na-tsi na tr§ t61a ka an'^s-'a-mi; 
do I pa-ho ronu, ho mfno tsi n^mteno o-Kas tr§ka 
tr^nnu : 

27. Tsa o-Kas k(ino-k6none b(it§r-nu, pak^sife 
nySi b(it§r minaA, do p§k^sife na po6 l&ne, ho mine 
y^fa ka K'uru. 

28. I pon y^fa ka o-Kas, do I pon der ro-ra: I 
kal trel ara-ra, do I k()no ka o-Kas. 

29. Aii'-kar^ndi-n'on na pd ho: K^li, ak6 ton m§ 
fof o-gb^raft, m§ tse pa a-l6mo. 

30. Ak6 toft s§ trdra, fo m| tr^ra tr'ei 6 tr'el, do 
fo m§ y6ma-he, fo w'uni o yif-mu: tsia ba-tsi sa Idne, 
ho m§ pon y6fa ka K'uru. 

31. Yfsua Wsia-na ho: Ak6 ton n| Idne-i? 

32. K^li, aft'-liiko na der, do na pon' to bek, ma 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Yohan 17. 6T 

ii§ Ira s^kane, w'uni 6 w'Qni ka od'^r-w'on gben, de 
ma na tra tsia-mi min' sOn; k^re 1 \sB y\ sOn, tsa 
Q-Kas Q yi romi. 

33. Ama-trel am6 I pon f(^far-nu, kama na bfi ma- 
ti^fal ka minan. Ka 'ra-rQ n§ tra ba m'l^ne; kerg bSki 
nan tra-but; mine pon tam ara-ra. 

Ara-Bomp 17. 

1. Ama-lrei am6 Yfsua q fof, de Wkli e-fgr- 
y*Qh rok(^m, q pa ho: Pa, an'-gb^len na pon bek: 
yikis 0^'^n-ka-mu, kdma QW^n-ka-mu q yikls sq 
munon : 

2. Tr§ka ma ma pon son-kg a-fdsa tr§ka a-fam be, 
kama o son a-n6sam a-tab^na ka anS ma son-ko be. 

3. Kere an'-n^s|m a-tab^na nia-n€, fo na tr^ra 
munQn, Qk'uru owo-tr§ts^n son, de Yisua Masla, oyf(t 
m§ poA sOm. 

4. Mine pon yikis munon ka an-tof; I pon ama- 
pant, amd ma poii son-mi, kama I ^O-na. 

5. De ak6 ton muno, Ps, ^ikis minan ro ka miino- 
manone ka an'-^^fki, an^ I ba romu, peta ara-ra ra yi. 

6. I poifi iiaibi an'6s-'a-mu ka an'-fam, ana ma pofi 
son mi ka 'ra-ra. Muno ba-na, de ma ^ot son-na 
roml, de na pon wop ar'fm-ra-mu. 

7. Ak6 na tr^ra, fo tr'el 6 tr'el, atr^ ma pon son- 
mi, tra y^fa ka munon. 

8. Tsa as'fm, atr^ m§ pon soA ka minan, I poA 
son ka 6an; de iia m^lane-tsi, ta ItAtb tra-tsen, fo 
I y^fa ka munon, de iia lane, fo mdno pon s6m-mi. 

9. Pa yi Ir^ka tranMn I n^mlene-mu; p| yi-he 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

68 ' Y6han 17. 

ka ara-ra I n^mtene-mu, k^re tr^ka an^n, aM m§ 
pon son-mi, pak^sife muno bd-na. 

10. De tr'el 6 Irei, alr^ mine ba, miino ba-tsi, de 
alr^ muno ba, mine ba-tsi; de nan na ^ikis-mi. 

11. De mine tse so i\ ro-ro; k^re an6 na yi 
ro-rQ, de mine der ka munoii. Pa sam, bene-na ka 
an'^s-'a-mu, aA^ ma pori son-mi, kdma na yi iwin-an, 
ma sya yi. 

12. Me I yi ron^n ro-rO, mine b^ne-na ka an*fe- 
•a-mu: an^ ma pon son-mi, I poA b6mar, de w'uni 6 
w'uni ts6 yi kalr(Jn-ka-nan ow(J dinne, t^mbe ow'dn 
ka ka-dinne, kdma ama-Gbal ma lasar. 

13. Kere ak6 I der ka munon; de I fof ama-lrei 
am^ ro-rO, kSma Aa ba ama-bdne a-ma-mi rok6r-ka- 
naA o-gb^ntis. 

14. I pon soA-iia ar'fm-ra-mu, de ara-rQ ra gbena- 
na, p§kasife na tse Ir^hane ara-rQ, me mine tse tr^nane 

15. 1 ts6 nemtene-mu tra wura-na ka 'ra-rO, k^re 
kama m§ b^ne-na ra-tr'ei tra-las. 

16. Na tie tr^nane ara-rQ, me mine tse tr^nane 

17. S4ma8-ila ka tra-tsen-tra-mu ; ar'im a-ra-mu 
ra yi tra-tsen. 

18. Mo muno pon som minaA ka ara-rQ, ye mine 
so I pon sOm naii ka ara-rQ. 

19. De lr|ka trann^n mine s4m|sne, kama na so 
na yi a-s§m ka tra-tsen. 

20. Kere p§ yi-he tr^ka ah6 gbo son I nemtene- 
mu; kere tr^ka an^ft so, and tra Idne-mi ka ar'ira- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Y6han 17. 18. 6^ 

21. Ksma na be na y\ iwin-an, mo muno. Pa, ma 
yi rok6r ka minan, de mine yl rok6r ka munoA; k^ma 
jia so hSL yi i\vin-an rok6r ka sydn; kama ara-ra ra 
l^ne, ho muDO poA som-mi. 

22. De aji'-j^fki, aii^ ma pon son ka minan, I pon 
son ka nan, k^ma lia y\ iwin-an, ma sySi y\ iwin-an. 

23. Mine rok6r ka rian, de miino rok6r ka minan :^ 
kdma na yi i\i'fn-an t^rap; de k^ma ara-ra ra trSra, 
fo muno pon sOm-mi, de fo ma pofi b(}t§r rian, mo 
ma pon bi^tar minah. 

24. Pa, 1 y^ma, fo, ro mine yi, iia so na yi romf, 
and ma pon soin-mi; kama na k^li an'-yiki-'a-mi, and 
ma pon son-mi; pakdsife ma pon b(^tar-mi, p^ta Aa 
fak o-tr^mar wa ara-ra. 

25. Pa 16mpi, ara-ra ra ts€ poA trdra-mu; kere 
mine pon trdra-mu; de an6 ha pon trdra, fo muno 
pon sOm-mi. 

26. De I pon haibi-ha an'6s-*a-mu, de I Isi 
naibi-na-ni; kdma ama-bdtar, amd muno pon b(^tara 
minah, ma yi rok6r ka hah, de kama mine so yi 

Ara-Bomp 18. 

1. Mo Yisua pon pa ama-trel am6, o ^ur, kon' 
de ah'-kardndi-h'oh, o f^si ka ka-bat ka Kldron romdri, 
ro ka-tsel ka yi, akd o woh, kon' de ah'-kardndi-h*oh. 

2. K^re Yehuda, ow<} sond-ko, kon' so Irdra 
od'^r; pakdsife Yisua de ah'-kardndi-h'oh ha gbdnne 
ri e-I()ko e-lai. 

3. Ko Yehuda, mo poh sdto ak'obali de e-bol 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

70 Yohan 18. 

ka an-tra-bomp na an'-K6han de ka anT^risi, q der 
rl ra tr'iile de r* e-lamp de ra y'elr e-tsi'ma. 

4. Ko Yisua, mo o Ir^ra Ir'el ^6 Ir'el, alr^ d6rar- 
ko, wur, pd roii^n ho: K^ne na ma ten-e? 

5. Na Usia-ko ho : Yfsua, o-NSisareni. Yisua q pa 
ron^n: Mine yi tsi. K^re Yehuda, qyi^ sond-ko, kon' 
so tr^ma ron^n. 

6. Ko mo pS ron^n: Mine ^i tsi; na tri^nne 
roraran, na fiimpo ro-tof. 

7. Ko kal ;yif-na ho: K^ne n§ ma ten-e? K^re 
Aan na pa ho: Yisua, o-Nasar6ni. 

8. Yisua Wsi ho: 1 pon k^ne-nu, fo mine yi tsi; 
trgka tsi, be pa yi minan na ten-e, tser n§n an6 na 

9. Kama ar'im ra Idsar, ar^ o pSi ho: AiiA m§ pen 
son-mi, I ts€ pon dim w'uni 6 w'uni katrdn-ka-nan. 

10. Ko Siman P^tar, owd ba a-gb^to, Irdli-ni, 
^ trap am-boi na o-K6han owo-b^na, o gbak an'-lans- 
n'on ana-dio. K^re an'6s na am-boi 6a yi M^lkos. 

1 1. Ko Yisua pa ka P^tar: Tr%r an'-gb^to-'a-mu 
ka am-bom-na-tsi! Pa yi I yi-he tra mun am-p(}ti, 
au^ 0-Kas o pon son-mi? 

12. Ko ak'obah, de o-ra-bomp-ka-nan, de e-bol ya 
an*-Y6hudi na batr Yisua, na sek-ko. 

13. Ka na mot k6re-ko ka Hennas; tsa o yi 0- 
nikas ka K^yafa, ow(^ yi o-K6han owo-b^na ka ka-ren 

14. K^re pa yi K^yafa, owd soA am-man ka an'- 
Y^hudi, fo pa fisa nan, ho w*uni k'in o dinne tr^ka 

15. Kere Sfman P6tar o tran Yisua, de o-kar^ndi 

Digitized by CjOOQ IC 

Yohan 18. 71 

0-lom. Kere Q-kar^ndi ka-lsi o yi o-lr^rane ka o- 
KohaD Qwo-b^na, de q won ro-k'^ma ka o-Kdhan 
owo-b^na re Yisua. 

16. K^re P6tar o lr§ma ka ka-rare rok^n. Ko 
Q-kar^ndi owo-lom, ow(} yi o-lr^rane ka o-K6han owo- 
Mna, wur, o W^f o-lr6inla o-b^ra ka ro-rdre, de 
o Yfiha Pilar. 

17. An*-lo iia-tsi am-boT a-b^ra, ow<} !r6mla ro- 
rSre, q pa ka Pilar hg: P§ yi-he mun' so ma yi k'in 
ka an'-kardndi m ow'dni owi-i? KiJno pa ho: I yi- 
fe tii. 

18. K^re an'-l^nki de e-bol na tr^ma ray^r ka 
n'anlr na na-ken, and i)ia pen troI> pakdsife trank; 
de na saia an*dnlr. Kg Pilar o Ir^ma roil^A, saia 

1 9. Ko Q-K6han owo-b^na o yifal Yisua Ir^ka an'- 
kardDdi-n'o6, de Ir^ka ama-trel-m'on ma-l^k'sa. 

20. Yisua Idsia-ko ho: I pen pa ka ara-ra ro- 
gbMal; l(}ko 6 l^ko I pon l^k'sa ka e-sel e-gbdnne, 
de ro-hikal, ro an'-Y^hudi na l6ilklane liiko 6 liJko; 
de I poii-he pa tr'el 6 tr'el ro-mdiikne. 

21. Ko Ir'el tr'a ma ytfat minan-e? Yffalftan, aM 
poii Iral, alrd I pon pa rondn : k^li, aili iia Irdra, alrd 
mine pon pa. 

22. Kere mo o pon pa alSe, k*in k§ e-bol, Ow6 
tr^ma rayer, o gbdnta Yisua ka a-kos, o pa ho: P§ 
yi yan-i, ma Idsia o-K6han owo-bdna-i? 

23. Yisua Idsia-ko ho : Be I pon fof o-l§s-e, 
gbdki Ir^ka alr'ei lr§-las; k^re be I pon fof o-ffno, ko 
tr'el tr'a ma gbdnta-mi-e? 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

72 Y6han 18. 

24. Ko Hennas o sOm-kg ka K^yafa, o-K6han qvvq- 
Mna, ria pon sek-ko. 

25. K^re Sitnan P^tar q tr^ma, o saia an'^ntr, Ka 
na pa roni^n: Pa yi-he mun* so in§ yi k'in kg aft'- 
kar^ndi-in'oA-i ? KiuQ p^Dsa-tsi, o pfi bo: I yi-fe tsi. 

26. K'lD k§ e-bol ya o-Kohan o^o-b^na, qyi^ y\ 
0-ra-kOm ka qyi^ P^t§r o poii gb§k a6'-lgns, o p& bo: 
P| yi"he mine ngm-mu roncJn ka ka-t^eM? 

27. Ko Peiar o kal p^nsa; de l^te ka-lrgpi o Iram. 

28. Ka na y^tara Yisua ka Kdyafa, na k^ro-ko ro- 
Pret6rio; k^re p§ b§t. De nan na tse won ro-Prel6rio, 
kama na tse ^^ifasne; k^re kdma na gb^H di ka-kdruf 
ka ka-Pafne. 

29. Tr^ka tsi Pilatos o wur ron^n, o pa bo: Ko 
Ir'ei tr'a yi tsi alr6 n§ gb^ntir ow'uni ow6-e? 

30. Na Idsi, na pa roniin: Be ow6 o 3^i-be nan 
w'uni k§ ma-lgSy s§ gb§li-be pon' na yentr-ko ka 

31. Ko Pilatos pa roA^n: Nyan, y6ka-ko n§ft, 
na toi^kas-ko mo an-toA-'a-nu. Ka an'-Y^budi na pa 
roni^n: SyaA, na tser-be-su tra dif w'Qni 6 w'uni. 

32. Kdma ar'im ra Yisaa ra lasar, ara o pa, tr^ka 
trtfri, ko ra-fi r'a o mo ko fi. ' 

33. An'-lo na-tsi Pilatos o kal woA ro-Pret6rio, q 
ts^la Yisua, o pa roni^n: Pa yi bo muno yi 0-baT ka 

34. Yisua o l^sia-ko bo: Pa yi ma pa ats6 mo 
am-m6ra a-fta-mu gbeii-i, tal(}m pa yi a-lom na poh 
f(ifar-mu tr^ka trdmmi? 

35. Pilatos l^si bo: 0-Y^budi minan-i? Am- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Yohan 18. 19. 73 

b6na a-fia-mu, de an-tra-bomp na an'-K6han iia pon 
yentr-mu romi', Ko ma pon yO-e? 

3G. Yisua o Idsi ho: Ara-bal a-ra-mi ra yi-he ra- 
bai ra ara-ra ar6. Be ara-bal a-ra-ini ra yi nan ra- 
bal ra ara-ra are, e-boT-'e-mi na tra tsim nari, kama 
na gbdli-he na yenlr-mi ka an'-Y^hudi: k^re mo pa 
yi ak6 ara-bai a-ra-mi ra tse yi ra-bal ra ara-rQ are. 

37. Kq Pilatos o pa rondn ho: Mo pa yi yan, 
muno yi o-baT-i? Yisua o l^si ho: Ma pfi-lsi; min& 
yi o-bal. Tr^ka alr'ei ats6 na pon kom-mi, de tr^ka 
atr'ef aiU I pon der ka 'ra-rfl, kama I son I'amas^re 
tr^ka alra-lsen. Wuhi 6 w'uni ow(i yi w'uni ka Ira- 
tsen, Iral ar*im-ra-mi. 

38. Pilatos pa rondn: Ko yi tra-tsen-e? Ko mc^ 
pon pa als6, o kal wur ka an'-Y6hudi, o pa roMn 
ho: Minan, 1 gb^li-he nank fo o fumpo k'dsi 6 k*dsi. 

39. K^re na ba ma-tr^nne, fo I s^lia-nu kin ka 
am'^tr ma ka-Paino. Na y^ma ton-i, ho I s^lia-nu 
0-bai ka an'-Y6hudi? 

40. An'-Io na-tsi na be na kal w^na, na pa ho: 
Ow6 tdho, kere BSrabbas! K^ro Bdrabbas o yi ^'uni 

Ara-Bomp 19. 

1. An'-lO na-tsi Pilatos o yoka Yisua, o s^pa-ko 

2. Do an'-kurgba na rfls a-n^o na tra-bank, na 
s5tar-ko-ni ro-bomp, na wons-ko a-biia a-firfir. 

3. Ka na pa ho: K6ri *u, mun' bal ka an'-Y^hudi! 
Do na gbdnta-ko ka e-kos. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

74 Yohan 19. 

4. Ko Pilaios kal wur roWA, q pa ron^n: K^li, 
I w6ra-ko ronii, k^ma na tr^ra, fo I gb^li-he naAk q 
Mmpo k'^si 6 k*^si. 

5. Yan Yisua o wur rok^n, o s^ra an'-n^o na tr§- 
bank, de o woh am-bfla a-fi'rfir. Kg o pa TQh&h ho: 
K^li ow'iini! 

6. Ka ma an-tra-bomp na aA'-K6han deTe-bol na 
n§n*-ko, na w^na ka pa ho: Tran-kg ra-kanlr ka- 
p^nkine! Tran-ko r§-k^anlr ka-p§nkine! Pildlos o pa 
rgn^n: N^a6, y6ka-ko nan, na traA-ko ra-k*antr ka- 
p^nkine; tsa mine, I ts6.fir k'^si lr|ka tr°oil.° 

7. An'-Y^hudi na W2ia-ko ho: Sya ba a-lon, de 
mo an-ton-*a-8u o mar tra fi, pak^sife o pon s^kine 
Ow'^n ka K'uru. 

8. Ko mo Pilatos o tral ar'fm ar6, o bar nesa. 

9. Ko won so ro-Prel6rio, o p5 ka Yfsua ho: 
Re m§ y^fa-e? K^re Yisua o Wsia-he-ko. 

10. Ko Pilalos pa rondn ho: Ma ts6 y6ma f(Jfar 
minan-i? Ma lie tr^ra-i, ho I ba a-fosa tr§ka traA- 
mu r§-k'antr ka-p^hkine, de fo I ba a-fcisa tr^ka s§li- 

11. Yisua Wsi ho: Ma ts6 ba nan a-fiJsa tr^ka 
tr^mmi ko-ko, be ma pofi-he na 8(ito-ni ka rokdm. 
Tsia ba-tsi ho Qw6 poii sond-rai romu, o ba tr'el Ira- 
las tra-b^na pa tas munon. 

12. Km ka an'-lo na-!si Pilitos o ten Ira s^H-ko. 
K^re ah'-Y6hudi na w^na, na pa ho: Be ma s^li owe, 
ma tse yi o-na6ne ka o-Kaisar. W'uni 6 w'dni owiJ 
s§kine o-bal, o p^nSa o-Kais|r. 

13. Ko Pilitos, mo o tral as'im ats6, o wura 
Yisua rokdn, de o yira ka ka-wau ka ka-rok e-tiJnka, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Yohan 19. 75 

ka od'^r, qy/^ 'a bontr o-BdIat, k^re ka atr'^ntr tra 
an'-H^bri: G^bbata. 

14. (K^re pa )^i an'-rei na ka-b^nene ka am'^tr 
ma ka-Paine, de am*(ilg ma an'-gb^len an^ b6ka tr'a- 
m^t ro k'in.) Ko o pa ka an^-Y^budi ho: Kdli o-baT* 

15. K^re nan na \v^na, na pa ho: Dim-ko! Dim- 
ko! Traii-ko ra-k'antr ka-p^nkine! Pildtos o pa ronM: 
Pa yi I ba tra Iran g-bal-ka-nu ra-k'antr ka-p^nkine-i? 
An-tra-bomp na an'-K6han na Usi ho: Sa ts6 ba o-bat 
l^mbe o-Kafsar. 

16. An'-lo ria-lsi o yentr-ko ron^6, kama na traft- 
ko r§-k'gntr kg-p^nkine. Ka na yoka Yisua, na k^re-ko. 

17. Ko gb^nne ak'^ntr-k'on ka-p§nkine, o wur 
ka od'^r, ow(J 'a bontr od'^r wa e-gb^nkgtr» de OW(J 
'a bontr ka atr'gntr tra an'-H6bri: G61gata, 

18. Rt-a na tran-ko ka ak'^ntr kg-p^nkine, de na- 
ran a-lom re kon', k'in ka ka-dio-k'on, de k'in ka ka- 
m^ro-k'on, k^re Yisua ratriJn. 

19. K^re Pilatos o gbal so ma-gbal, o botr-na ro- 
k(im ka ak'^ntr ka-p^nkine; kere na pon gbal ho: 
Yisua o-Nasareni, o-Bai ka au'-Y6hudi. 

20. Ka a-gbati na an'-Y^budi na k^ran ama-gbal 
am6; pakSsife od'^r, ro na tran Yisua ka ak'§ntr k§- 
p§nkine, f^tsi ro-petr; de na pon gbal-fta ka atr'^ntr 
tra an'-H6bri, de tra an'-Yunani, de tra an'-R6mi. 

21. Ka an-tr§-bomp na dn'-K6han katri^n ka an'- 
Y^hudi na pa ka Pilatos ho: Tse gbal ho: O-bai ka 
an'-Y^hudi; k^re fo k<}no pa ho: 0-bal ka aii'-Y6hudi 

22. Pildtos l^si ho: Atr^ I pon gbal, I pon gbal. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

76 Y6han 19. 

23. Ka an'-kurgba, ka-rdran ka ma na pon trail 
Yisua ka ak'|ntr k|-p^nkine, na yoka e-16pra-^'on, na 
yer-yi e-ni y'Snle, a-ni-h*in tr^ka o-kurgba kin, a-ni 
n'in tr^ka o-kurgba k'in; na y6ka sq ar'uma-r'on. 
K^re ar'uma-r'on na ts6 sQt-ri, ta ra-ri ka ro-kom- 
ka-tsi ha ro-rdta-ka-tsi. 

24. Ka na f(ifarane ho: Man tse naA pim-ri, k^re 
mam raafik e-mank tr^ka tsi, k^ne yi tra bs-ri: kdma 
ama-Gbal ma Idsar, amd pfi hg: Na y^rane e-l<^pra- 
'e-mi, de na raank e-mank tr^ka ar*uma-ra-mi. Tr|ka 
Isi an'-kurgba na yO ama-trel am6. 

25. Kere o-kdra ka Yfsua, de Mdriam, o-wgntr o- 
b^ra ka o-k^ra-k'gn, qw(J yi o-r^ni ka Kl^ofas, de 
Mdriam ka M^gdala, na tr^ma ka ak'^ntr ka-p^nkine 
ka Yfsua. 

26. Kq mo Yisua o nank o-k^ra-k'on, de Q-kardndi\ 
owd b(Jt§r o-tr^ma ray^r-k'oft, pa ka o-k^ra-k'on 
ho: Wdni bom, k^li, ow'^n-ka-mu! 

27. Ka-rdran-ka-tsi o pa ka o-kar^ndi ho: K^i 
0-k^ra-ka-mu ! Ko k^bi ka an*-l0 na-tsi o-kar^ndi q 
y6ka-ko rontfn ro-set. 

28. Ka-rdrafi ka atr'ef ats6, mo Yisua o trdra, fo, 
ama-trel be ma pon ton, kama ama-Gbal ma Idsar 
t^rap, pa ko: Ra-mun ra ba-mi! 

29. Ka na pon botr rl a-sarf, na la ma-ber ma- 
pfsak. Ka na Idsar a-sp6nsi ma-ber ma-pfsak, na 
botr-ni rok(}m ka k'antr k' a-sQfa, na fdtra-ni ka ka- 

30. Ko mo Yisua o pon s^Iq ama-ber ma-pfsak, 
pa ho: pon! Ko san ara-bomp-r*on, o yenlr 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Y6han 19. 77 

31. K^re aft*-Y£hudi, kama aina-der ma tsia-he 
ka atr'^ntr tra-p^nkine ka an'-S^bbat, p§k^sife na ^i 
an'-r6i iia ka-beneDe> (tsa an'-rei na an'-S^bbat na- 
tsi na yi a-b^na,) na nemtene Pildtos, kama na sim 
atr'^lrak-ira-nan, de kama na t6ra-na. 

32. Tr^ka tsi an'-kurgba na der, na sim atr'^trak 
Ira owo-tT(Jlroko, de Ira owo-lom, ow(J iia poh tran 
r§-k'antr k§-p§nkine re kon* iwfn-an. 

33. K6re ma fta der ka Yisua, de ma na n§iik, 
fo pon' to fi, na tse sim ^atr'^trak-tr'ofi. 

34. K^re k'in k§ an'-ktirgba o so a-fut§l-n'Qn a- 
sor, de t^te ma-tsir de m'antr ma wur. 

35. De QY/^ pon nank ats6, o pon son t'amas^re 
tr^ka tsi, de al'amas6re-lr'on Ira yi tra-tsen : de k(Jno 
tr^ra, fo pa tra-tsen, kama nya so na lane. 

36. Tsa ama-trei am6 ma y6^^, kama ama-Gbal 
ma ld§§r, (am^ pa hoO I^a gb^li-he sima-ko ka-bant. 

37. De ma-Gbal ma-lom so ma pa bo : Na tra k^li 
ow^ na pon so. 

38. Ka-rdran ka ama-trei am6 Yusufu ka ro- 
Arimi^tia, q\\^ yi o-kar^ndi ka Yisua, (k^re ro-m^nkne, 
pak^sife ra-nes ra wop-ko tr^ka aft'-Y6hudi,) o n^m- 
tene Pilatos, kdma o tser-ko tra tora ka-bel ka Yisua. 
Ko Pilatos ts^ra-ko-tsi. Tr^ka tsi o der, o t6ra ka- 
bel ka Yisua. 

39. K^re Nikodimos kon* so der, owtf der ka 
Yisua tratr^k t^pan, o k^ra o-kulunane wa m'or de 
wa a-gaod, am'^lo ma e-pon k'^me k'in. 

40. Ka na y6ka ka-bel ka Yisua, na rdp§r-ki ra- 
lr*6ta trg-kdltan, re ama-tsel ma-f(Jlfol, ma an'-Y6hudi 
ha tr^nne ka-mahk. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

78 Y6han 20. 

41. K^re ka-tsd k§ yi ka od'er, ro lia pon Iran- 
ko ra-k'antr ka-p^nkine ; de ka-b6ma ka-fu ka yi ka 
ka-lsel, na la pon-he bolr-ri w'uni 6 w'uni tab^na. 

42. Ri-a na bolr ton Ylsua, tr§ka 'ra-borap ra 
an'-ri§i na ka-b^nene ka an'-Y^hudi; p§k6sife ka- 
b6ma ka f^tli rl. 

Ara-Bomp 20. 

1. K^re ka ah'-rii a-tr(Jtroko na an'-sobua Mariam 
ka M^gdala o der ka ka-b6ma b§t, mo p§ yi ras o-bi, 
ko nank, fo na pofi tr(}na an'-sar ka ka-b6ma. 

2. Ko gbuke, o der ka Siinan Pilar, de ka o- 
kar^ndi owo-lom ka-tsi, ow(J Yisua o b(Jl§r, o pa rondn 
ho: l^fa pon wiira o-Kas ka ka-b6ma, de sa Isg Ir^ra, 
ro na pon bolr-ko. 

3. Ko Petar o wur, de o-kar^ndi owo-lom ka-lsi, 
na k()ne ka ka-b6ma. 

4. K^re ana-ran na gbuke iwfn-an, de o-kar^ndi 
owo-lom ka-lsi o gbiike lemp o fas Pi§lar, de miJta 
der ka ka-b6ma. 

5. Ko mo s^nne, n|nk alr'6ta tr|-k6ttan tra 
f^nta rl; k^re o Ise won ri. 

6. An'-lo na-tsi Siman P6l§r, ow^J tran-ko, o der, 
won ka ka-b6ma, de k^li alr'ota tr§-kdtlan atr^ 
f^nta ri; 

7. De an'-gbdsa, and 'a pon rdpar ro-bomp-r*oA, 
fia tse f§nta ka alr'ola tra-kdltan, kere na pon kump- 
ill, na botr-ni ra-d*er o-lom tdko. 

8. An'-lo 6a-lsi o-kardndi owo-lom ka-tsi, ow(J pon 
m(5ta der ka ka-b6ma, kon* so won rl, ko ngnk, 
de l^ne. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Y6han 20. 79 

9. Tsa na tse ta tr^ra ama-Gbal, f o o yi na tra 
y6kane ka an'-fi. 

10. Ka aiV-kar^ndi na k(^ne so roiikh ro-set. 

11. K^re Msriam o tr§ma ka ka-b6ma rok^n ka 
bok-an. Ko mo yi ka ka-bok, o s^nne lr§ka k^li 
ka ka-b6ina rok'6r. 

12. De ii§M a-inaleika na-ran ka e-16pra e-f^ra, 
k'in yira ro-tra-bomp, do o-lom ro-tr'dtrak ka od'^r, 
ro ama-der ma Yisua ma pon f^nta. 

13. An6 na pa ron(5n ho: W*uni bora, ko Ir'ei 
tr'a ma bok-e? pa ron^n ho: Na pon yoka o-Kas- 
ka-mi, do I tr'a-he, ro na poii botr-ko. 

14. Ko mo pon pa^ ats6, o s^ke ror^ran, ko 
nank Yisua o-tr^ma, do tie tr^ra, fo p§ yi Yisua. 

15. Ko Yisua o pf roncjn: W'Qni bom, ko tr'el 
tr'a ma bdk-e? K^ne ma ma ton-e? K^no n^ne, ho 
pa yi o-l^Aba Qm^ b^mpa ka-tsol, de pSi vQfx^h: Pa, 
be muno poA k^re-ko-p, k^nt?-mi, d'er o-r^ke ma pon 
botr-ko-e, de I tsi yoka-ko. 

16. Yisua pd roi^dn ho: Miriam! K(}no 8§ke, o 
pa roni^in: Rabb6ni! (ar^ 'a ts^po: Karmi^ko). 

17. Yisua pa roniJn: Tse mi gbon: tsa I ta pon- 
he Aatr ka o-Kas-ka-mi; k^re k($ne ka a6'-wontr-'a- 
mi, de k^ne-na ho: I natr ka o-Kas o-ka-mi, de ka 
O-Kas o-ka-nu; de ka Ok'uru o-ka-mi, de ka Qk'uru 

18. Mdriam ka M^gdala o der, o tr^ri-tsi ka an'- 
kardndi, fo o poft nank o-Kas, de fo pon f(}far-ko 
ama-trel am6. 

19. Ko mo ara-fol ra an'-r6i na-tsi ana-tr(Jtroko 
iia aid'-sobua ra pon bek, de mo atra-rare tra od'er* 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


80 Yohan 20, 

ro an'-kar^ndi na pon gb^nne, tra Iran, pakasife ra- 
nes ra wop-na lr§ka an'-Y6hudi, Ylsua o der, o Ir^ma 
na ratr^n, Q pd ron^n: Md-t()fal ronu! 

20. Kg mo poA pa atse, o tri^ri-na ama-tra- 
in*ofi, de an'-futal-uon. Ka an'-kar^ndi na bd ma- 
biine, ina na nank o-Kas. 

21. Kq Yisua o kal pa roMh: Ma-t(}f|l roni^! Mo 
1}-Kas pon sOm minan, ye mine so I som nyan. 

22. Ko mo pon pd atse, o nesmar-na, o p^ 
ron6n: S(Jlo nan o-Ruhu o-Sgm. 

23. Be na ts^ra w'uni 6 w'uni ma-trel ma-las, fia 
pon ts^ra-kg-na; de be na isB ls6ra w'uni 6 w'uni 
ma-trel ma-las, na tse pon ts6ra-ko-na. 

24. K^re Toma, k'in ka an-lr'of^lr na-ran, ow6 'a 
bonlr Ka-B5ri, o ls6 yi ron^n, mo Yisua o der. 

25. Ka an'-kar^ndi ana-lom fia pa ronton: Sa pon 
nahk o-Kas. Kere ki^uo pa rondn ho: Ta 1 pon nafik 
e-l6ma ya ama-r(Jntma ka ama-tra-m'on, de 1 botr 
an'-sal-Vmi rok6r ka e-l6ma ya ama-rdutma, de 1 
botr ka-lra-ka-mi rok6r ka an*-fulal-n'on, I gb^li-he 

26. Ko ka-raran ka ma-rei tr'am^t re sas an*- 
kar^ndi-h'on na yi so rok6r ka an'-set, de Toma o 
yi roMii. Ko Yisua o der, mo alra-rare Ira Iran, o 
tr^ma na ratr^n, o pd ho: Sla-t(ifal ronii! 

27. Ka-r^r§n-ka-tsi o pd ka Toma ho: F^tra an*- 
sal-*a-mu an(), de k^Ii ama-tra-ma-mi ; de f^tra ka- 
tra-ka-mu, ma botr-ki rok6r ka ah'-futal-'a-mi ; de ls6 
yi w'Qni Ise-lane, kere yi w'uni Idne. 

28. T6ma o l^si, o pd ronton ho: O-R^bbu-ka-mi 
de Ok'uru-ka-mi ! 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Y6han 20. 21. 81 

29. Yisua pa roA(^A: T6ma, paUiife ma pofi 
n§6k-mi, ma pofi line; a-m^ri-trel nan, an^ tse Da6k, 
de Aa l^ne. 

30. Ko Yisua q ^0 so ma-trel ma-kab^ne ma-lom 
ma-lal rod'^r ka an'-kar^Ddi-il'oif) kadf, am^ na ts6 
pon gbal ka ak'^fa ak6. 

31. K^re ami ta pon gbal, k^ma na l^ne, fo 
Yiaua o ^i o-Masia, Qw^^n ka K'tiru; de krima ka 
ka-ldne na ba a-A68§m ka aA'is-n'on. 

Ara-Bomp 21. 

1. Ka-raraid ka ama-trel ami Yfsua o kal Xr^TinQ 
ka an'-kar^ndi ka ka-bafi ka Tibirias. Kere tri^rino 
mo atSi: 

2. Siman Pilar, de T6ma, ow(J 'a bontr Ka-Bari, 
de Natanael ka K^na ro-Galilaia, de an'-Tvut a-runi 
ha S6bedi, de na-rgft a-lom na aii*-kardndi-6'Qn na yi 

3. Siman Pet§r o pa ron^n ho; I tsi k(}ne tr^ka 
l^m. I^a pa rondn: S;ya so sa k(}ne re mdnon. I^a 
^ur, i^a won' do-bil t^fe; de ka tratr^k ka-tsi 6a gbip- 
h r'^ka 6 r'aka. 

4. K^re mo ara-bgt ra pon' to bek, Yisua o tr^ma 
ro-gbail ; k^re an'-kar^ndi 6a ts6 tr^ra, fo pa ^i Yisua. 

5. Ko Yisua o pa ronM: A-fet-'a-mi, na ba-h6 
r'a ra-di? Sfa lfi3ia-ko ho: De. 

6. K^re k^no pa TQh^h: Fak ng6 ka-Umo ka ka- 
dio ka am-bil, de n§ tra scjto. Ka fia fak-ki, de na 
gb^li-he so li6-ki tr§ka ka-gbat ka e-lop. 

John. Q 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


82 Yohan 21. 

7. An'-IO na-tsi o-kar^ndi ka-tii, ow(i Yisua q 
b(^t§r, pd ka P6tar bo: Q-Kas k(}non. Ko P^tjr, 
mo tral, fo p| ^i o-Kas, o s^nne am-bfla-n'on ra* 
ir^ik, (tsa yi o-tsin») de o fltane ro-ban. 

8. K^re an'-kar^Ddi ana-loin na der ro-bil; (tia 
na b(}lane-he ro-gban, k^re am'iiio ma ma-loilk tr'^me 
tr§-ran,) de na Vih ka-timo re e-lop. 

9. Ka ma na pon gbep ro-gbaA, fta naftk rl n'antr 
na na-ken, Aq k§-lop k§ f§nta rok(^m-ka-tsi , de k§- 

10. Yisua pft TQMh hq: K^ra nai& ka e-lop, aM 
n§ poii gbip t£te. 

It. Siman Pilar o won' do-bil, o lin ka-Umo ro- 
gban » ka la e-lop e-b^na, am'i^lQ ma k'^me k'in tr§- 
gba tra-ran tr'of^tr a-sas; de k6ta e-lop na yi e-gb^ti 
mo an6, ka-timo ka tse gbaia. 

12. Yisua pa roA^n; Der n|ti, n| di. K^re 
¥^'uni 6 w'dni o yi-be katr(}ii ka aA'-kar^ndi, qyt^ 
minta tra yif-ko bo: K^ne mtinofi-e? pakdsife na tr4ra» 
fo p§ yi o-Kas. 

13. Ko Yisua o der, o y6ka ka-bo, o son-ki roniiA, 
ye p§ yi so tr^ka ka-lop. 

14. An'-li^ko afti na bika toii ma-sas, fo Yisut Q 
trdrine ka aA'-kar^ndi-n'on» ka-rdr§ii ka mo o pon 
y6kane ka an'-fi. 

15. Ka ma Aa poil di, Yisua o p& ka Siman Pilar 
ho: Siman, w'an ka Y6na, mg b(^l§r-mi p§ las afti4? 
p& TQh^h: 4>nk6, Pd, m§ tr^ra, fo I b(^l§r-mu. 
p& roiiiSn: Yfinia Ira-k^ruMra-mi! 

16. kal pa ron(^n, na beka ma-r§n ho: Siman» 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

y6han 21. 83 

w'an ka Y6na, m§ b^t§r-ini? p5 roncSft: ^hk6. Pa, 
m§ tr^ra, fQ I b^tar-ma. pa TQh^h: Wc^nta tra- 
l(Hne-ira-ini ! 

17. pft vQtk^hf na b^ka ma-saa ho: Sfman, w'an 
ka Y6na, in§ b(itar-mi? Pilar q san a-mol, pak^Sife 
pa TQii^ii, fia bika ma-sas ho: M§ b(it§r-nii? de 
pa ronton: Pa, m§ tr^ra tr'ei 6 tr'el, ma tr^ra, ho I 
bdtar-mu. Yisua o p^ roni^n: W(^nta tra-l(ime-tra-mi! 

18. I k^ne-mu tr§-tst$n tr§-tsen ho: Mo ma yi o- 

fet-e, muDO-mQnoDO ma s^nne ratrt^u, m§ kot, ro m| 
;^ma; kgro be mg poifi bak, ro§ tr§ t^Qti ama-tra-ma- 
mu, do o-lom tr§ sek-rou ratr(^n, o ^^ k^re-mu, ro 
m§ tse ^^ma. 

19. K^ro atsi o pd tr^ka tr(}ri, ko ra-fi r'a o mo 
ko yi^is K'uru. Ko mo poft p& atS6, o p^ ro^iiii: 
Traro-minaA ! 

20. K^re mo P6t§r o s^ko, o ngiik Q-kar^Ddi, 
QYfi Yisua b(itar, mo o yi 0-tran; QYfi gbotgb^tDo 
80 ka an'-k^patr ^a Yisua ka ka-di, o pd ho : Pd» k^no 
yi tsi, QYf^ mo sond-mu-e ? 

21. Mo P^tar o ngiik ow6, o pS ka Yisua ho: P&> 
k^re ko mo der owi-e? 

22. Yisua o pd ronton: Be I yema, ho 0^6 o 
tsia, ha ko I der, muno tr§ bd tr'ei-i? Mdno, tram 

23. Ka-fof aki ka gb^ntano to& katr^A ka an'- 
wontr ho: Q-kar^ndi ka-tsi o fi-he. K^re Yisua o 
tse pd roniiii ho: fi-he; k^re: Be I y^ma, ho 
tsia, ha ke I der, muno tr§ ba tr'el-i? 

24. Ow6 yi o-kar^ndi ka-tSi, o^(i SQik t'amas^re 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

84 Y6lian 21. 

Ir^ka ama-trel am^, de owd pon gbal ama-trel ami^; 
de s§ tr^ra, fo afamas^re-lr'on tr§ yi lr§-tseA. 

25. K^re ma-trel ma-lom ma-lal ma ^i n so, ani6 
Yisua pon yO-e^ de 1 n^ne, ho, be 6a yi na tra 
gbal-6a tsin tsin, ara-ru r^rone ra gb^H-ho na wop 
atr'^fa, atr^ na yi na tra gbal. Amina. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 










18 6 7. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Stuttgart: Priuted by J. F. Steinkopf. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos ma An'-Som. 

Ara-Bomp 1. 

1. Ak'dfa aka-tr^troko 1 poii tr^pi, Te6iilos-k§-mi» 
trgka ama-trel be, amd Yisua o lr§p ka-yO de ka- 

2. Ha ka an'-r^'i, and 'a ndtra-ko roki^m, ka-rar§h 
fca mo poh son e-man ka ka-tra ka o-Huhu o-Sam 
ka an'-Som, and o pon tit, 

3. Ka and o tri^nno so 0-k^H ka-rdr§n ka ka- 
8(Jmpane-k*on re I'amasere tra-gbdti, tr§ka mo trcjr- 
ine rondfi am'iJlo ma ma-r6i tra-gba Ira-rgfi, o flifgr- 
na tr^ka 'ra-bai ra K'uru. 

4. Ko mo yi ro-gbdnno-'a-nan, o kdne-na, kdma 
na ts6 y^fa ro-Yerusalem, kore kdma na kar ar*im ra 
0-Kas ard o tran-6a, do ard (o pa) na pon tral romi. 

5. Tsa Yohan o pon bdplisa m'antr; k^re nyan, 
iia Irg bdpUsa-nu o-Ruhu 0-Sam, p| won-he ka-rar§n 
ka ama-r^i am6. 

6. K^ro and pon gbdnno rokin, na yif-ko ka pa ho: 
Pa^ m§ ko kdla so ara-bai ka Yisrael an'-lo ane-i? 

7. Kere kdno pa ro6dn: Pa yi-he a-tr*ei a-lra-nu 
tra trdra ah'-l(Jko, tal(}m am*6tr, arad o-Kas o pon 
botr ka an'-f(^sa-iVon gbeu. 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

4 Ama-Yos 1. 

8. Kere na tra siJlo a-fgsa, ka-raran ka mo o- 
Ruhu o-Sam q Ira pon d6rar-nu; de na Ira y\ a- 
gb^ki Irgka Ir^mmi ro-Yeriisalem, de ro-Yehudta be, 
de ro-Samdria, de ha ka o-l^lane wa an-tof. 

9. Ko mo pon pa ats6, de ma na bo k^li, ria 
ndtra-ko rokiJm; de a-bunl na stfto na ydka-ko rodf 
ka e-for-'e-nan. 

10. De ma na bo k^li trann rokdm, mo o yi ka 
ka-k(Jne, k^li, a-ldnba na-r§n na tr^ma ron^n, na won 
e-16pra e-f^ra; 

11. An^ pa 80 ho: Nya a-I^ilba na ro-Galilaia, ko 
tr'el Ir'a na Ir^raa na k^li rok(Jm-e ? 0-Yisua owe, ow(J 
'a noTr-nu na n^lra-ko rok(Jm ro-ri^nna, ma na pon 
-n§fi'-ko ko ro-ri^nna, yo tra der so. 

12. An*-lo na-lsi na k^lane ro-Yer6salem, na y^fa 
ka an'-roi), an^ 'a bontr an'-ron fia e-SaitQn, an^ f^tsi 
ro-Yerusalem, pa b(^lane rl ar'6n' da a-Sabbat. 

13. Ka ma na won rl, na gbep ka an'-k6Ako aM 
roki^m, ro P^tar, de Yakuba, de Y6han, de AndraOs, 
Fihppos, de T6ma, Bartolomaios, de M^tal, Yakuba, 
ow'^n ka A1f6o, de Siman, o-Sel6t], de Yehuda, o- 
wontr ka Yakuba na yira. 

14. An6 be na bds§r ka-r^mne de ka-nemtene a- 
m6ra ft'in, re an'-fam a-bom, de Mariam, o-k^ra ka 
Yisua, de an'-wonlr-n'oii. 

15. Ko ka ama-r6T ma-tsi P^tar o y6kane ka ka- 
tron ka aii'-kar^ndi, o p3 ho: (kere ar'unia ra afi'-fam, 
afk^ yi rokin, na b^ka am'(}lo ma k'eme k*in ka-gba): 

16. Nya a-wontr, ama-Gbal ma-tsi, am^ o-Ruhu 
0-S§m pa l^pan ka ka-sain ka Dauda tr^ka Yehuda, 
QW(} tri^ri ar*6n ka and batr Yisua, ma ba ka-lasar. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 1. 5 

17. Tsa na pon Idmane-ko rgsii, de o pon sdto 
ka-ber ka ka-m^nde ak6. 

18. (Owe sOtn aa waia k*or au'-ram na ma-las; 
dfi mQ fumpo ka tran ka-rut-rut o putra ral^^n, de 
aD'umpa-n'on be na wur. 

19. Detra gb^ntane katr^n kaan^ yira ro-Yeriisalem 
be, ha na bontr ak'i^r ka-tsi ka atr'|ntr-tra-iian gbe^ 
ho: H^^ldama, ria yi ho: ak*^r ka ma-tsir.) 

20. Tsa na pon gbal ka ak'^fa ka 'ina-S^lma ho: 
Tra o-yira-won o s^ke o-yenn, de tra w'uni 6 w'uni 
Q ts6 yira ril De: Ka-m^nde-k'on, tra w'dni lorn q 

21. Tr^ka Isi o ni^ri, fo k'in ka an'-f§m a-runi, 
an^ pon paia-su aiV>l(^ko be ah^ Yisua, g-R^bbu-ka- 
su, won wur katr6il-ka-su, 

22. Kdbi mo Y6han o b^ptis-ko, hd ka an'-r^i ma 
na yokar-su-ko 6a A^tra-ko rok^m, — o .yi 0-gb^ki re 
syan tr^ka ka-y6kane-k*oA. 

23. Ka na tr^mar na-rah, Yusufu, QVi^ 'a bontr 
B^rsabas, ow^ 'a bontr so Yiistos, de Mattia. 

24. Ka na rdmne, na pa ho: Muno, o Rdbbu, 
ow^ tr^ra e-m6ra ya a-fam be, tri^ri, r6ke ma pon 
tit katri^A ka ana-ran an^, 

25. Kama o s(}to ka-ber ka ka-m^nde ak6 de ka 
ara-sOm, ar^ Yehuda o trel tr^ka kiJne ka od'^r-w'ofi 

26. Ka na mank e-maiik-'e-nan; de an'-mank na 
wop Mattia; ka 'a l($mane-ko katr^A ka aA'-SOm tr'o- 
fttr k*in. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

6 Ama-Yos 2. 

Ara-Bomp 2. 

1. Ko mo an'-r6l na aft'-K^msun na pon b^k, na 
be na y\ rgkfn a-m^ra n'in. 

2. Kq o-r4"^i y^fa ka ak'uru ma-s^mbu, mo ho 
ka-gb6nte k'a-fef a-b^ki na gbdnle, de o l^sar an'-set 
be, ro na yi a-yira. 

3. De na-mer na-y^r§s, an^ b^lane mo n'antr, na 
Irdrine ron^n, de r'in r*in ra-tsi ra yirane rokiJm ka 
w'uni 6 w'tini kalr^A-ka-nan. 

4. Ka na be Aa lds|rane o-Ruhu o-Sam, de na 
trap ka-fdfa tr'antr Ira-lsel, mo o-Ruhu o so6-na fra 

5. K^re a-Y6hudi na yira ro-Yenisalem, a-fam a- 
runi, an^ n^sa K'uru, ka tra-b6na be ror^ta ka ak'Qru. 

6. Ko mo ar*fm ra-tsi ra y^uQ, ar'unia ra f6nklane, 
de na k^tane; tsa w'uni 6 w'dni (katrdn-ka-nan) q 
tral, fo na fdfa atr'^ntr-tr'on gben. 

7. K^re pa k^ntofali-na be, de na kab^ne, na pa 
k'in ka o-lom bo: K§li/ an6 be, and ma fof-e, pa ^i- 
he na yi a-Gdlili-i? 

8. Tro pa yi toii-e s^a tr^la-na, w'uni 6 w*uni kalr^n- 
ka-su, ka atr*gntr-tra>su gben, atrd 'a k6mane-su-e? 

9. — Sya aha yi a-Pdrli, de a-M6di, de a-Y61ami, 
de and yira ro-Mesopotdmia, de ro-Yehudfa, de ro- 
Kappad6kia, ro-P6nto de ro-Asia, 

10. Ro-Frigia, de ro-Pamillia, ro-Mfsra, de ka e- 
b61§n ya Libia, ey6 Wtsi ro-Kir^ne, de a-tsik a-R6mi, 
a-Y6hudi, de a-Girs, 

11. A-Kr^ti de a-Ldrab; — sa tr^la-na a-fof ama- 
\0s ma-kabdne ma K*uru ka atr*§nlr-tra-su ! 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 2. 7 

12. K^re pa kiJntofali-na be, na t6nton, de na p5 
Vin ka o-lom ho: Ko atr'ei ats6 tra gb^li yi-e? 

13. K^re a-lom na sel, fta pa ho: l^Ja la ma-waln 

14. An'-lo ua-tsi P6t§r o y6kane re an-tr*of^tr k'in, 
ftatra ar'fm-r'on, o f(Jfar-na ho yfi: Nya a-Y6hudi, 
do nya be aM yira ro-Yerusalem, Ir^ra nan als6, de 
sua nan as'im-tra-mi e-lans: 

15°. Tsa an6 lia tse yi a-tsis, raa na n§nane: tsa 
p§ yi gbo an'-gb61en na aA*-rei an^ b6ka e-sas. 

1 6. Kere ats6 tra yi atr6 Aa pon pa ka ka-san ka 
Y6el, o-mbi, ho: 

17. Ko pa tra ydne ka ama-i^i ama-l^p'so, (K'dru 
Q pa,) fo 1 tsi kusar o-Ruhu-ka-mi ka a-fam be; de 
an*-wut-*a-nu a-runi, de an'-wut-*a-nu a-bera na tr§ 
n^bi, de an'-l^nba-'a-nu na tra nank ma-nank, de am- 
B^ki-'a-nu na tr§ w(Jrap ma-w(}rap; 

18. De ka e-boi-'e-mi e-runi so, de ka e-boi-'e- 
mi e-b^ra I tsi kusar o-Ruhu-ka-mi ka ama-r6i raa- 
tli; de na tra n^bi. 

19. Ke I tli tri^ri ma-trel ma-kab^ne roki^m ka 
aVuru, de e-l6ma ka an-tof; ina-tsir, de n'antr, de 
a-bunt na k'lma. 

20. Ar'^tr ra tra s^ke a-sum, de an*6f ma-lsir, 
p6la ah'-rft' na Yehofa ana-b^na ana-gbuni na der. 

21. Ko pa Ira yi, fo >v'uni 6 w'uni, ow(J r^mne 
aft'^s na Yeh6fa, o tra futi. 

22. Nya a-Yisra*li, trjl nan as'im alU: Yfsua, o- 
Nasar^ni, o-runi, ow(J K'uru o pon l6mi katr(Jh-ka-nu 
ka ma-yos ma-kabSne> de ka ma-trel ma-kab^ne, de 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

8 Ama-Tos 2. 

ka e-l6ma, eyi K'uru o yQ katri^n-ka-nu ka ka-trS- 
k'on, ma nyd-n^dne so na tr^ra; 

23. Ow6, tr^ka mo K'uru o sond-ko ronu, mo 
ama-selo-m'on ma-bolr, do nio an'-gb^ka-n'on, n§ poik 
3^6ka, o§ tran-ko ra-k'autr kf-p^nkine ka ma-tra ma 
a-fam a-las, n§ dif-ko. 

24. Ow(^ K'uru q poa t^mi, ka-r^ran ka mo Q 
pon sdli ana-b^na na ra-fi; tr^ka mo pa t^na-he yi, 
fo ria gb^li wop-ko. 

25. Tsa Dauda o pS tr^ka tr'on ho: I pen na6k 
Yehofa rodi-ka-mi 16ko 6 Ic^ko, tia o yi ka ka-dio- 
ka-mi, kama I ts6 y^tano. 

26. Tsia ba-tsi am-m^ra-mi fia s^lane, de ara- 
mer-ra-mi ra yasane; hdlisa ama-der-ma-mi soma iv^ 
f6tane ra a-rMsa. 

27. Tsa ma gb^Ii-ho trel an'umpal-'a-mi ro-krifi, 
dg ma gb^li-he tser, fo o-Sam-ka-mu q nank ka-tel. 

28. Ma pen lr(iri-mi as'6n fra aA'-6is§m; ma tra 
lasar-mi ma-b(}ne ro-d'er-ka>mu kadf. 

29. Nya a-runi, a-wonlr-'a-mi, tser-mi I f(Jfar-nu 
ka-mfnta tr^ka Dauda, o-kas-ka-su o-bom: fo fi» de 
fo na b^ne-ko» do ka-b5ma-k'on ka yi rosu ha t^non; 

30. Ko tr^ka mo yi 0-N^bi, de tr^ka mo tr^ra, 
fo K'uru pon gbin-lsi roniJn, tra y6kas o-Masia, mo 
ama-der, ka ara-k6m'ra-r'on , k^ma o yira ka ka-wan- 
k'on ka 'ra-bal; 

31. Mo m^ta nahk ats6, o poA fof tr^ka ka- 
yokane ka o-Masfa, fo na IsC pon Irel an'ump§l-n*on 
ro-knfi, de fo ama-der-m'oQ ma tse nafik ka-tel. 

32. O-Yfsua ow6 K'dru o pon t^mi, 5ya be sa yi 
a-gb^ki tr§ka tsi. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Araa-Tos 2. 9 

33. Tr^ka ma na poft gb6p§ra-ko ton ka ka-dfo 
ka K*dru, de mo pon s^to o-Ruhu o-S§ra, tr^ka 
OW(i 0-Kas Q pon tran-ko r'im, o pou kusar ats^, atM 
na nank, de atrS n§ tral ton. 

34. Tsa Dauda o natr-he ro-riSnna rok(im; k^re 
ki^no-k^none p& ho: Yeh6fa o pA ka o-HAbbu-ka- 
mi: Yira ka ka-dio-ka-mi , 

35. Ha I ^0 an^ gb^na-mu a-gbet na atr'^trak* 

36. Tr^ka tsi, tra an'-set na Yisrael be na tr^ra 
ka tra-fsen, fo K'uru o pon s^ki o-Yisua ow6, qw(J 
na pon Iran ra-k'antr ka-p^nkine, o-R^bbu de o-Masla. 

37. K^re ma na tral ats6, tr§ so-na ro tra-but- 
tra-nan, de na pa ka P^tar, de ka an*-Som aha-lom 
ho: N^a a-runi, a-wonlr-*a-su, ko sa ma yO-e? 

38. K^re Petar^o pa ron^ii: Tubi nan, de tra na 
b^ptis-nu, i/v'uni 6 w'dni katr(in-ka-nu, ka an'^s na 
YisuaifRlasfa tr^ka kg-l^par ka ma-tre! ma-Ias, ka n| 
tra s(jio am-b6ya na o-RQhu o-Sam. 

39. Tsa ar'fm ra-trafi ar6 ra yi trgka tr^nnu, de 
tr^ka an'-wut-'a-nu, de tr^ka ahS b^^lane be» hdli tr^ka 
na be, aAd o-R^bbu, Qk'uru-ka-su, o tra ts^la. 

40. De ka s*im tra-lom tra-lal o son t'amas6re, 
de man-ha, o pd bo; Futiane nan (na gbaskine) ka 
ara-k6m*ra ra-k§na ar6! 

41. An*-lo na-tsi an^ m^lane ar'fm-r*on ma-biJne 
na yQ'tkB *a b^ptis-na, de an'-r^'i na-tsi am'^^lo ma a- 
fam e-^ul e-sas Aa b^rne roMn. 

42. K^re na b^sgr ka ama-trei ma-t^k'sa ma an*- 
Som, de ka ka-k(Jt§rane, de ka ka-sim ka-bd, de ka 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

10 Ama-Yos 2. 3. 

43. De ra-nes ra wop w'dni 6 w'uni, de ina-trei 
ma-kab^ne, de 6-I6ma e-laT e ydne ka ama-tra ma 

44. K^re an^ Une be Aa y\ tqUu, de y'etr be e 
;i tr^ka na be. 

45. De Aa tfla tra-fus-tra-naA de ey'^tr-'e-6an, 6a 
yer-)^i ka na be, mo am*^]Q ma ka-pann akd wop w'dni 
6 w'uni. 

46. De Aa b^sar ka-yi ro-hekal a-m6ra n'in a-r6! 
6 a-r^i, 6a sim ka-bo ka e-set ro de ro, fta ^6kane 
e-di-'e-nan ra ma-b<ine de ra a-mi^ra f6ra. 

47. Na t(ikgs K'uru, de Aa s(^to ka-mar-tr'el ka 
an'-fam be. K^re o-Rabbu o bar aAS fdti ka aA'- 
gbSnne a-r6i 6 a-r6T. 

Ara-Boinp 3^ 

1 . K^re P6l§r de Ydhan na gbep ro-hikal iwin-aA, 
ka an*gb^len na ka-rSmne aM b^ka tr'am^t ro n'anle. 

2. Ka na k^re w'dni lorn, QW(i ^^i o-tr^(ke k^bi 
mo wur ka ak'6r ka o-k^ra-k'on, na botr-ko a-r^T 
6 a-r6'i ka ka-r^re ka aft'-h^kal, ak^ 'a bontr aka-b(iti- 
k^Ii, kdma o tdia a-b6ya ka buA wqA ro-h^kal. 

3. Kon', mo nank, fo P6tar de Ydhan na y^ma 
won ro-hekaJ, o t61ir-na a-b6ya. 

4. K^re P^tar de Yohan na k^li-ko trann, na pfi 
ho: K^li-su! 

5. K^re k(ino k^li-na trann, o kar tra s(^to r'dka 

6. K^re P^tar o pd bo: Ma-silwgr de ma-b^HO I 
bs-he; k^re arS I ba, ria I soA-mu: Ka a6'6s na Yf- 
sua Masia, o-Nasareni, y6kane ma kot! 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 3. 11 

7. Ko wop-ko ka-tra ka-dfo, o yokas-kg: ko t^te 
lemp alr'atrak-tr'on de tra-gb(Jlkontr-tr*on Ira s(Jto k§. 

8. Ko pal, tr^ma, o kg! ; de Q paia-fia k*a wgft 
ro-h^kal, q pals de q tdkas K'uru. 

9. De an'-fam be na nan-ko ka kgt de ka t^ka» 

10. De Aa tr^ra, fo pa yi kgn', owd la yira ka 
ka-rdre aka-bdti-k^li ka afi*-h^kal Ir^ka sdto e-b6ya; 
de na lasane ka-kab^ne de o-k^ntofali tr^ka atr^ poii 

11. K^re mo o-tr^lke, owd na pon rfimar, o gb^p'sa 
Petar de Yohan, an'-fam be na gbuke rokfn ron^n ka 
an'-gb^ntan, and 'a bontr an'-gb§ntan 6a Suleimdna^ 
na kaMne o-laT. 

12. Kere mo P^lar o nank-lsi, o Wfar afl'-fam ho 
ye: Nya a-Yisra^H, ko Ir'el Ir'a na kabdne tr^ka atr'ei 
ats6-e? Taldm ko tr'el tr'a na k^li sya trann-e, mo 
ho sa pon* na yO ow6 o kot ka an'-fdsa a-na-su gben, 
taldm ka ama-trei a-ma-su ma-fino-e? 

13. Ok'uru ka Ibrdhima, de ka Isdka, de ka Ya- 
kuba, Ok*dru ka an*-kas-*a-su, o pon yikas Yfsua, 
Ow*6n-k'on; pw^ nyan na poii yenir, na p^nla-ko . 
rodi ka Pildtos, ka-rdrafi ka mo kdno pon kitine tra 

14. K^re nyan na pon p^nsa o-Sam de o-Ldmpf, 
na tola, kdma na boya-nu >v'uni ka-dif. 

15. K^re O-Tr^pi ka aiV-n^sam na pon dif, ow6 
K'uru y6kas ka aA'-fi; sya yi a-gb^ki tr^ka tsi. 

16. De afi*6s-n*on, ka ka-ldne an'^s-n'on, na poft 
son a-f(Jsa ka ow'uni owe, owd na nank de ow(J na 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

12 Ama-Yos 3. 

tr^ra; de ka-lane, akS yi ka ka-tra-k'oo, ka pon son- 
ko ka-yenk ma-der ak6 rodi-ka-nu be. 

17. Kere, a-wgntr-'a-mi, 1 ir^ra, fo na pon yO-tsi 
ra k^tse-lrilra, ma an-lra-Bomp-*a-nu lia yQ so. 

18. Kere yo K'uru q pon Ms§r ama-lrel, amA o 
pon IriJri tgpan ka Ira-san tra ah'-N6bi-n*oA be, fo 
0-Masia o yi Ira scJmpane. 

19. Tr^ka tsi, tdbi nan, de s^ke n§n, kama na 
n^si ama-lrel-ma-nu ma-Ias, kama am*6lr roa ka-f6lane 
ma der ka ka-tra ka o-R^bbu; 

20. De kdma o som Yisua, o-Masia, owcJ lia pon 
bolr tra tr^nnu t^pan: 

21. Owd ari^nna o ba k§-s(ilo, ha ka an'-lo, ma 
na Ira gb^ntis ama-trel be, am6 K'uru o pon fof ka 
tra-san tra ah'-N^bi-n'on a-sam be, k^bi ka ka-lr§p ka 

22. Tsa Musa o pa ka ah'-kas ho: Yehofa, Qk'Qru- 
ka-nu, tra y6kasa-na o-Mbi katrcJA ka an*-wonlr-'a- 
nu, mo minan; k(}non n§ yi Ira lr§la tr^ka tr'el 6 tr'el 
atrd k^ne-nu. 

23. De p§ tra yi, fo w'uni 6 w'uni, ow(J Ise tr^la 
0-N^bi ka-tsi, na tra dim na tra wtira-ko katriJn ka 

24. K^re an'-N^bi be so kdbi ka Samuel, de an6 
tr^ndo-ko, iia be an^ pon fof, na pon so tr(5ri ama- 
r^'i am6. 

25. Ny^ yi an*-wut na ah'-N^bi, de na ama- 
lem'rane, am^ K'uru o s^kar an'-kas-'a-su , mo pa 
ka Ibr^hima ho: Ka ara-kom'ra-ra-mu lra-b6na tra an- 
iof be na tra s^to a-ruba. 

26. Ka n^ah K'uru o mcJta pon som Yisua, Ow'^n- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 4. 13 

k'on, ka-r^r§n ka mo o pon ^^dkas-kg, tr§ka ruba-nu, 
kama w'Qni 6 i\,*uni o ^h ka ama-tre!-m*on ma-las. 

Ara-Bomp 4. 

1. K^re ma fia yi ka ka-f(Jfar an'-fam, an'-K6han, 
de o-k^lfa ka an'-h^kal, de ah'-S^dduki, na d^rar-ha, 

2. AM Mh'sa, pak^sife na t^k'sa an'-f§ra, na 
tr^mas ka-y6kane ka an*-fi ka Yfsua. 

3. De na botr-na ama-tra-ma-Aan, na botr-na ro- 
tinkane ha ka an*-rii ana-tr^ndQ: tsa 'ra-foi ra pon' 
to bek. 

4. K^re a-gbati na anS pon tral ar'/m, na Idne; de 
0-lom wa ah'-runi Aa b6ka am'dlo ma e-wul tr*am^t. 

5. K^re mo ara-bat ra pen b^k, an-tra-Bomp- 
'a-nan, de ara-Bfti, de an'-F6de, na t66klane ro- 

6. De Hennas, o-K6han o^O-bdna, de K^yafa, de 
Y6faan, de Aleks^nd§r, de shA y\ ka ara-kom ra o- 
K6han' o^O-b^na be. 

7. De ma na pen Ir^mar-na ka ka-tro6, na ^'if-na 
ho: Kg a-f^sa, tal(im ko n'es na pen y^nsi atsi-e? 

8. An'-lo na-tsi P^tar, ow(5 la o-R<ihu o-Sam, o 
pa ron^n ho: N^a a-tra-Bomp na an'-fam, de nya a- 
BSki na Yfsrael, 

9. Be na gb^ngbeA-su t^non tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra 
atr'ei tra-ffno, alr^ sa yo oi'v'uni o-b6ma, ko som 
QVfi s^lo ka-^'chk ma-der, 

10. Tr^ra-tli' nan nya be, de an'-f§m Aa Yfsrael 
be, fo ka an'^s ha Yisua Masia, o-Nasar^ni, ow(J 
nya pon traA ra-k*antr ka-p^nkine, de OW(J K'dru o 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

14 Ama-Yos 4. 

^dkas ka an*-fi, ka a^'es na-tii qw6 q tr§nia Q-^6uki 
ma-der an(i rodi-ka-ou. 

11. Ow6 )ri an'-sar, and nyd an'-fam a-sal na 
k&sU de and pon s^ke an'-sar na aifi'-koA. 

12. De ka-futi ka ^i-he ka ka-tra ka i/v'uni 6 w'uni 
O-lom: tsa n'es a-lom na ^i-he ror&ta ka ak'iiru, aha 
'a son ka a-fam, ka and sa ^i tra futi. 

1 3. Kere ma na kgli ka-minta-tr'el ka P6t§r de ka 
Yohan, de ma fia pon nauk, fo ha yi a-fam a-tse- 
trdra-tr'ei, de a-rdni ha ar'uoia gbo, ha kabdne; de 
ha gb^leh-ha so, fg ha poh w6pane Yisua. 

14. Ka ma ha oahk gi/v'uni, QW(i ha poh y6hk§s 
0-tr§ma ha ra,y^r, ha gb^i-he pd tr*el 6 tr'el tr^ka tsi. 

15. Ka ma ha poh kdne, kdma ha^ur ka ah'- 
Sdnhedrin, ha n^hkane, 

16. I^a pa he: Ko sa ma yO ah'-f§m ahi§-e? Tsa 
fo tr'el tra-kabdne tra-gbarah trg poh ^(^ne ka ama- 
tra-ma-hah, pa n^nsa ka ahd ytra ro-Yerusalem be, 
de s§ gbgii-he p^nsa-tsi. 

17. K^re kdma tra bar-he gbdntane katrc^h ka an'- 
fgm, tra $§ gbind-ha o-bah, kama ha ts€ sq f(Jf§r 
w'uoi 6 w'uni tr^ka ah'es ha-tsi. 

18. Ka ma ha poh ts^la-ha; ha kdne-ha, kdma ha 
tse fof, de kama ha tie t^k'sa ke-6-ke ka ah'^s ha 

19. K^re P6t§r de Y6han ha Idsi, ha pa rohdh 
ho: Be pa ;yi o-16mpi rodi ka K'uru, tr^ka tr§la nyah 
pa tas K'uru, gbak-tsi nah. 

20. Tsa s^ah, &§ gb^li-he trei kg-fof tr^ka ama- 
tref, amd sa poh n§hk, de atnd s§ poh tral. 

21. K^re hah, ma ha poh bar gbind-ha, ha tser- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 4. 15 

na 'a ki^ne, pgk^ife na fir-he tr'el tr^ka s^Jmpa-Aa, 
tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra an'-f§m; tsa na be na ^ik§s K'uru 
tr^ka atr^ pon ^({ne. 

22. Tsa Qw'uni, qv/^ ha rdmgr ka atr'ei tr§-kab^ue 
, aiM, Q pon bak pa las tra-ren tr§-gba trg-r§n. 

23. K^re ma na pon tser-ha, na der ka an'-nan, 
de na tr(iri-na ama-trel-be, am^ an-tr§-bomp Aa an'- 
K6hao, de am-B^ki na pen pa rgnan. 

24. Ka ma ah6 m pon tr§l ats6, na A^tra as'im- 
tra-nan ka K'uru a-m6ra A'in, na pa ho: R^bbu, mung 
yi Qk'uru, Qyi6 pon b^mpa ak'uru, de an-tof, de ka- 
haA, de r'aka 6 r'aka ar^ yi rl; 

25. Muno, owd poA pa ka ka-s§A ka Dadda, am- 
bol-'a-mu ho: Ko tr'el Ir'a an'-k^fri ha w6Aa-e, de 
tra-b6na ha tramtr^mne tr^ka ma-lrel ma-^^al-e? 

26. Am-bai ha an-tof ha lr§in§rne, de an-tra- 
Bomp ha tdhklane rokin tr^ka Yeh6fa, de tr^ka o- 

27. Ts^ntsene, ha poh tdhklane tr^ka Yisua, 
Ow'^D-ka-mu o-s§m, owiJ m§ poh sop m'^ro, H^rod, 
de P6nUo8 Pildtos re ah*-K^fri, de ah'-fam ha Yisrael, 

28. Tr§ka ^0 ama-lrei be,"am6 ka-lra-ka-mu de 
ama-s^lo-ma-mu ma poh botr t^pah, kdma ma yiJne. 

29. Tr§ka \s\, R^bbu» k§li toh ama-gbind-ma-hah ; 
de 80h e-boT-'e-mu, kama ha f(Jfa ar'im-ra-mu ka- 
minta-Ur'el be, 

30. Ka ka-t^nti ka-tra-ka-mu tr^ka kg-rSmar; de 
kdma e-l6ma, de ma-trel ma-kab^ne ma ^^ne ka ah'^s 
ha Yisua, Qw'^n-ka-mu o-s§m! 

31. Ka ma ha poh r^moe, od'er, ro ha poh gb^nne. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

16 Ama-Yos 4. 5. 

.y^tane, de Aa be na lasarane o-Rubu o-Sam, de 
na f(ifa ar'im ra K'liru ka-minta-tr'el. 

32. K^re ar'unia ra an^ pon s^ke a-lane na ba 
ka-but k'in de a-m^ra h'in; de w'uni 6 w*uni o yi-he 
kalr(}h-ka-nan, ow^ pa tr^ka r'aka 6 r'aka ra ey'^tr, 
ey^ ba, fg ra yi r'a-r'on gbeft; kere y'etr be e yi 
tr^ka ha be. 

33. De ah'-Sdm Aa sQh t'amas^re r' a-fc^sa a-b^oa 
tr^ka ka-y6kane ka Yisua, o-R^bbu; de a-b6na a-b^na 
Aa yi rok(iin-ka-Aa be. 

34. Tsa w'uni 6 w'uni o yi-he katriJn-ka-AaA, ow<J 
p^hi r'aka; tsa na be ah^ bd tr'or, tal(itn e-set, Aa 
tila-yi, Aa kdra am'^lo ma ey'^tr, ey6 na pon tfla, 

35. De ha botr-ha ka atr'^trak tra ah'-Soro; ka ha 
yer-ha ka w'dni 6 w'lini, mo am'(JIo ma ka-pah-k'oh. 

36. K^re Ydses, ow(J ah'-Som ha bonlr so Barna- 
bas, (ar^ 'a tl^po : Wan ka ma-b^fat,) o-JLefiti, ka an- 
tof ha Kipro, 

37. ba k'or, de tila-ki, o k^ra ah'-k^Ia, q 
bolr-hi ka alr'^tr§k tra ah'-Som. 

Ara-Bomp 5. 

1. K^re w'uni lorn, ah'6s-h'oh Hananiya, re Saffira, 
0-r^ni-k'oh, q tfla ka-fus, 

2. De b^ne a-bem na am'c^lo tr^ka ki^no-k^none, 
O-r^ni-k'oh o trdra-tsi so, ko k^ra a-bem a-lom, q 
botr-hi ka atr*^trak tra ah'-SOm. 

3. K^re P^tar o pa ho: Hananiya, ko tr'el tr'a 
S^tani pon l^sar ka-but-ka-mu tr^ka y^gr o-Ruhu 
0-Sam, de tra b^ne a-bem ha am'(}lo ma ak'(}r-e? 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 5. 17 

4.. Ma k§ tsfa, pa ^i-he ka tsia tr^ka tr^mmu-i? 
De ka-raran ka ma ma pon tila-ki, pg yi-he am'cJlo- 
ma-tsi ma ,yi ka an'-f(j8a-*a-mu gben-i? Ko tr'el tr*a 
ma pon kiline ka am-m6ra-'a-mu Ira yO alr'ei ats6-e? 
P§ yi-he a-fam ma pon y^mar, k^re K'uru! 

5. Kere mo Hananiya o Iral as'im als6, o fumpo, 
ts^rne ah'-nesam. Ko ra-nes ra-b^na ra wop-na 
be, an^ tral ama-trel am6. 

6. De an*-lSnba na ^okane, na kump-ko, cle na 
wura ha bene-ko. 

7. Ko p§ yi ka-rar§n ka am'dlo ma e-gb6len e-sas, 
0-r^ni-k'on o won so, owe} tie tr^ra alr^ pon ycjne. 

8. Ko P^tar o f(^far-ko ka pa ho: K^ne-mi, pa yi 
tr§ka m'^]Q ma-wiinon na pon tila ak'6r-i? Ko o pA 
ho: Anko, tr^ka m^dlo ma-wunon. 

9. Ko Peiar o pS ron(5n: Tro pa yi ho na ba r*im 
r'jn tr§ka m^mar o-Rubu ka Yeb6fa-e? K^Ii, atr'^lrak 
ira an^ pon b^ne o-wos-ka-mu tra yi ro-rare, de tra 
Ira k6re-mu rok^n. 

10. Ko fumpo ka atr'Strak-tr'oh vakdn, o ts^rne 
an'-h'esam: de ah'-Uhba ha won, ha bap-ko 0-fi. de 
ha k6re-ko rok^n, ha bene-ko ka o-wos-k'oh rayer. 

11. Ko ra-n6s ra-b^na ra wop ah'-gb^nne be, de 
ha be and tral ama-trei ame. 

12. De e-l6ma de ma-trei ma-kab^ne ma-lai ma 
y(Jne katrc^h ka ah'-f§m ka ama-tra ma ah'-SOm, de 
ha be ha yi rokfn a-m6ra h'in ka ah'-gb^ntgn ha Su- 

13. Kere w'uni 6 w'Qni ka ah'-fgm a-lom o minta^ 
he tra pSntrane-ha; k^re an'-fam ha k51o-ha. 

Acts. 2 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

18 Ama-Yos 5. 

14. (De an^ Idne o-R^bbu fia bar gbo gbat, r'unia 
ra a-fam a-runi tie ra a-fam a-bom.). 

15. Ha na wura am-b6ma ka as'6n, fia botr-ha 
rokcjm ka tra-fant'r de rok^m ka e-b£ntro, k^ma ka 
ka-tas ka Petar be pa y\ gbo an'umpal-n'oh na gb^par 
k'in ka nan. 


16. K^re r'dnia ka tra-pelr alr^ gb§tro ri na tonk- 
lane so ro-Yeriisalem , na k^ra a-fam a-b6ma> de ah^ 
a-krifi a-Jas na ky^ne; de na ^^hkas-na be. 

17. K^re o-K6han owo-b^na o ^6kane, de an^ 
w6pane-ko be, (an^ y\ a-kar^ndi na an'-SSdduki,) na 

|rane ra-ban. 

18. Ka na botr an'-Som ama-tra-ma-nan, na bolr- 
na ka an'-set na nia-tinkaoe ana-gb^fat. 

19. Kere o-maleika ka o-Rabbu q kanti aira-rare 
tra an'-set na ma-tinkane tr'atrak, ko o wura-na o 
pa bo: 

20. Kdne nan, na tr§marne na f(Jfar an'-fam ro- 
faekal as'im be tra an'-nesam an6. 

21. Ka ma na pon tral atse, na wQh ro-fa6kal mo 
pa y^ma sok, de na tdk'sa. K^re Q-K6han owo-bSna 
der, de an^ w6pane-kQ, na mutsi an'-S^nhedrin 
rokin, de am-Bdki na an'-wut Aa Yisrael be, na sOm 
ka an'-set na ma-tfnkane tr^ka kSra-Aa. 

22. K^re mo e-bol na der, na bap-fe-na ro-set na 
ma-tihkane, ka na k^lane na trdri-tsi, 

23. Na pa ho: Sa bap an'-set na nia-tinkane na 
pon tran-ni o-b^kar, de am-bumar ua tr§ma rokSh ka 
tra'-rare: k^re ma sa pon kanti, sa bap-fe w'uni 6 
w'uni rok'6r. 

24. Ko mo o-K6han owo-b^na, de o-Kelfa ka ah*- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 5. 19 

hekal, de an-tra-bomp na an*-K6han na tral as'im atse, 
na s^kane Ir^ka trann^n, ko alr'ei atse tra gb^li na 
to yi-e. 

25. Ko w*uni lom o der, o kane-na ho: K§li, afi'- 
runi, an^ na pon boir ka an'-set na ma-lifikane, na 
yi ro-h6kaJ, na tr^ma na t|k'sa an'-fam. 

26. An'-lo na-tsi o-kelfa o k(Jne re e-bol, g k^ra- 
na, pa yi-he r' a-f(Jsa; tsa na nesa afi'-fam, t^ni na 
fitar-ha ma-sar. 

27. Ka ma na poh k^ra-na, na tr|mar-na rodi ka 
ah'-S^nhedrin: de o-K6han owg-b^na o yif-na, 

28. pa ho: Pa yi-he sa pon k^ne-nu o-b^kcjr, 
kima na tse t^k'sa Iraka ah is ane-i? Ko k§li, na 
poh lasar Yerusalem ama-trel-ma-nu ina-t^k'sa, de na 
;y6ina reh-su aina-lsir nna ow'uni owe. 

29. Ko Petar de ah'-Sdm a-lom ha I^si, ha pa ho: 
Sa ba k§-ti^la K'uru pa las a-fam. 

30. Ok'uru ka ah^kas-'a-su, o poh yokas Yfsua ka 
ah'-fi, owii n^'ah na poh dif ka gbak-ko ra-k*antr. 

31. Owe K'uru o poh gb^para mo o-ra-Bomp, de 
mo o-Fulia ka ka-lra-k'oh aka-dio, tr^ka soh ka-tubi 
ka Yisrael, de ka-l^par ka ma-lrel ma-las. 

32. De sjra yi ah'-gb^ki-h'oh ir^ka as'i'm alse; 
h^lisa o-Ruhu o-Sam so, owd K'uru o poh soh ka 
ah^ tr^Ia-ko. 

33. K^re hah, ma ha poh tral alle, tra gbak-ha 
ro tra-bul-lra-hah, de ha n^hkane tr^ka dif-ha. 

34. K^re o-F^risi o-lom, ah'es-h'oh Gamaliel, o- 
Fode, ow(J a-fam be ha kolo, o yokane ka ka-troh ka 
ah'-S4nhedrin, o k^ne, kama ha yo ah'-Som ha wur 
ri o-tan. 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

20 Ama-Yos 5. 6. 

35. Ko pa roMn ho: Nya a-Yisra^li, b6trar naii 
e-mera tr§ka au'-fam ane, ko na ma ko yO-e. 

36. Tsa ka ama-r^T amA yi am6 kadi, Tuda o yo- 
kane> pa ho k(jDO yi w'uni bana: de o-lom wa a- 
runi, an^ b^ka am'(^lo ma tr'^me tr'aAle. na p^ntrane- 
ko; k(inon na dif, de na be, aM trah-ko, na s^kane, 
de na wur yal. 

37. Ka-riran ka ow6 Yehuda, o-G^lili, o yokane 
ka ama-rei ma-tsi ma na gbSlas am'^s ma a-fam, de 
linane a-fam a-gbSti tr§ka tran-ko: kon' so dinnet 
de na be, an^ ^trau-ko, na s^kane. 

38. Tr^ka tsi, I k^ne-nu ton ho: Trel nan an'-fam 
ane, de tser-fia nan: tsa be pa yi ho ka-man ak6, 
tali^m ka-m^mgr ak6 ka y^h ka a-fam, ka tra tapiane: 

39. K^re be ka yita ka K'uru, na t§na-he l^pis- 
\\; t^ni a-f§m na k^Ii-nu mo ho aM \s\m K'Qru. 

40. Ka na mdlane as'im-tr'on : de ma na pon ts^la 
ah'-Som, de ma na poii sSpa-Aa k'etr, na kane-na, 
kdma na \s6 fof tr^ka ao'^s ha Yfsua, de ha tser-ha 
ha kone. 

41. Kere hah ha vefa ro-d'er ka ah'-SSnhedrin, ha 
ba ma-b(^ne; pak^sife ha wop-ha mo a-fam a-m^ri tra 
^Oh ma-lap tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ah'6s-h'oh. 

42. De ha trei-fe ka-t§k'8a de ka-tr^mas am-B6sra 
lr|ka Yisua, o-Masia, a-r6i 6 a-r^'i ro-h6kal, de ka 
e-set ro de ro. 

Ara-Bomp 6. 

1. K^re ka ama-r6i ma-Isi, ma ah'-kardudi ha b^rne, 
ah'-Hellenisti ha f(Jfane ah'-H6bri, pcjk^sife ha f^hfaras 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 6. 21 

ain-b6ra-*a-nan a-b^ra ka ka-^6ras e-l)6}'a a-r^i 6 a- 

2. Ka an-tr'of^tr na-ran iia Isela ar'unia ra an'- 
kar^ndi rokfn, de na pa ho: lomp-he, fo sy^ Irei 
ar'fm ra K'uru, tr^ka lenki ka e-m^sa. 

3. Trgka Isi, a-wonlr-*a-su, ten nan a-fam a-runi 
tr'am^t de ran katrdn-ka-nu, an^ ba n*es a-rtno, de 
and la o-Ruhu o-S§in de ka-tseinp, ah^ sa gb^li botr 
tr^ka ama-pant am^. 

4. K^re syan, sa tra basar ka-rdmne, de ka-tsim 
ka-m^nde ka ar*im. 

5. De ka-fof ake ka tesa ka ar'unia be: de na tit 
St^fanos, o-runi qy/^ la ka-lane de o-Ruhu o-Sam, 
de Filfppos, de Pr6koros, de Nikanor, de Timon, de 
Pdrmenas, de Nikolas, o-Girs ka ro-Antiyok. 

6. An6 Aa tr§mar rodi ka an*-SOm; de ma na poft 
rdmne, na ren-na ama-tra-ma-fian. 

7. Ko ar'fm ra K'uru ra bdrne; de am'ijlo nia aiV- 
karfindi ma s^ke ma-bdna hali ro-Yerusalem: de r'unia 
ra an'-Koban ra-bdna na wop so an'-lane. 

8. Kere St^fanos, ow^ la ka-lane de ka-t§na, o 
yO ma-trel ma-kabdne de e-l6ma e-bdna katr(Jn ka 

9. Ka a-lom fia an'-set a-gbdnne, and 'a bontr 
ah'-sel a-gbdnne na an'-Libertini , de na an'-Kir^ni, 
de na aiV-Aleksdndri, de na and yifa ro-Kilikia de 
ro-Asia, na v6kane, na gbdlane St^fanos. 

10. De na t-^na-he Ir^mane ka-lsemp, de o-Ruhu, 
OY/6 h( ka ka-san-k'on. 

11. Ka na ten a-runi sol, and pa ho: S§ pon tr^la- 
ko 0-fo^ s*im tra-las trgka Musa, de tr^ka K*dru. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

22 Ama-Yos 6. 7. 

1 2. Ka na par ah'-fam, de am-B^ki, de an'-F6de, 
ka na d6rar-ko, na bcnlr-kg, na k^re-kg rodi ka an'- 

13. Ka na tr§mar a-gb^ki Aa ra-^rem, an^ pa ho: 
Ow*uni owe o tr*el-fe ka-fpf s'ira tra-Ias tr^ka od't^r 
0-saiD ow6, de trgka an-ton. 

14. Tsa sa pon tr^la-ko ka pa, ho o-Yfsua owe, 
O-Nasar^ni, o tra dira od'^r ow6, de tra sinkar aina- 
yos, ama Miisa o pon y6ntra-su. 

15. De na be and >ira ka an'-Sdnhedrin na k^li- 
ko Irahn, de na nank ad'6r-r'on, mo ho ra y\ ad'^r 
ra o-maleika. 

Ara-Bomp 7. 

1. Ko Q-K6han owo-bdna o p^ ho: Ama-trel am^, 
ya ma yi-i? 

2. Kere kdno p5 ho: A-wontr-'a-mi, de a-kas-'a- 
mi, sQ nan e-lans: Qk'dru ka au'-yiki o trdrine ka 
Ibrdhima, o-kas-ka-su, mo yi ro-Mesopotamia, p^lah 

* }^ira ro-Haran; 

3. Ko pa roWn: Wur ka an-lof-'a-mu, de ka 
ara-kom-ra-mu, de der ra-lof, a66 I tsi Irdri-mu. 

4. An'-lO na-lsi o wur ka an-tof na an'-Kdldi, o 
}ira ro-Haran. De rovan, ka-raran ka mo o-kas-k'on 
pon fi, y6fara-ko, o yls-ko ka an-tof ane, ro n^a 
yira e-suma ye. 

5. Ko 8on-fe-ko rl ka-fus, pa yi-he hdli ka-bgl 
ka a-ni n'in na ak'dlrak; kgre lran-ko r'im tra son- 
ni ronon mo ka-fus, de ka ara-k6m*ra-r'on ka-raran 
k'on, mo tse la ba w'an. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 7. 23 

6. Ko R'liru pa mo alse: Ara-kom'ra-r'on ra tra 
^i a-lsik ra-lof a-b^ra; de na Ira w(Jna-na ra-lrar, na 
Ira yO-na o-l§8 Ira-ren tr'^me tr'anle. 

7. De am-b6na, ah4 w(Jna-6a ra-trar, mine tsi 
s(Jmpa-fia, K'uru g pa; de ka-raran-ka-lsi na tr§ wur 
ri, na Ira l^nki-mi ka od'^r owe. 

8. Ko son-ko ama-16m'rane ma ka-gbak e-16mpe. 
Ko yo Ibr^hima o kora Is^ka, de gbak-ko an*-l^mpe 
ka an'-r^i ah^ beka tr'am^t re sas, de Is^ka o kdm 
Yakuba, de Yakiiba o kom an-lr§-bomp iia e-bonson 
Ir'of^tr iia-r§n. 

9. Ka an-tra-bomp na e-bdnson, pak^sife na ba 
ka-lrulr tr^ka Yusufu, lia tila-ko, na k6re-ko ro-Misra; 
kere K'uru o yi re ton'. 

10. Ko wura-ko ka atra-sdmpane-tr'on be, de 
^Q-ko 8(}lo ma-boha de ka-tsemp rodi ka Farao, o- 
bai ka ro-Misra; owiJ botr-ko o-ra-bomp ka an-tof na 
Misra, de ka an'-set-n'on be. 

1 1 . Ko d'or ra d^rar an-tof na Mfsra de na Kanaan 
be, de ka-s(Jmpane ka-b6na: de an'-kas-'a-su na s(Jto- 
he e-wont. 

12. Ko mo Yakuba o trgl, fo a-borru na yi ro- 
Misra, s5m ah'-kas-'a-su an'-l(Jko ana-lrdlroko- 

13. De ah'-l(Jko an^ beka ye-ran Yusufu o naibine 
ka an'-wontr-n'on; de ara-kdm ra Yusufu ra nalbe ka 

14. Ko Yusufu 86m tra mutsi Yakdba, o-kas- 
k*on, de ara-kdm-r'on be, a-fam Ira-gba tra-sas tr'of^tr 

15. Ko Yakuba o tor ro-Misra, ko fi, kon* de 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

24 Ama-Yos 7. 

16. Ka ha kere-ha ro-S6kem, ha botr-ha ka ka- 
b6ina, akd Ibr^hima o poh i/vaia m'()]o ma a-kdia a- 
f^ra ka ah'-wut ha Hdmor, o-kas ka S6kem. 

17. K^re mo ah'-I(}ko ha atr'ei, tr^ka atrS K'dru 
poh trah r'im ka Ibr^hima, de trdka atrd o gbih 
TQhiii, ha f^trar, ah'-fam ha fui, de ha b^rne ro- 
Misra , 

18. Ha o-bai o-tsel o ^6kane, Qy/i tse tr^ra Yu- 

19. Ow6 Q y^na am-b6na-'a-su ma-sol, ^0 aA'- 
kas-'a-su o-l§s, hs ha bs ka-Mura tra-lent-tra-hah, kdma 
ha bene-he-ha a-k^li. 

20. Ka ah'-lO ha-tsi ha kom Mdsa, ow(J ,yi w'ahel 
fino hdli, de ha rusam-ko y'oi e-sas ka ah'-set ha 

21. Ka ma ha ¥^ura-ko, o^'^n bera ka Farao o 
^6ka-ko, rusam-ko mo w'an k'o^ gbeh. 

22. Ka ha l§k*sa Musa ka ka-tsemp be ka am- 
JMisri, de ba ka-t^na-tr'eT tr^ka s'im de tr§ka ma- 


23. Ko mo poh bak lr§-ren Ira-gba tr§-r§h, Ira 
woh-ko ro-mera Ira r^kar ah*-wontr-h'oA, ah'-wut ha 

24. Ko mo n§hk, fo ha ^0 k'in k§ hah o-l§s, 
Ir^ma ko rordrah, o k^la o-Misri atr'ei trg-Ias, alrd 
poh yO ow'uni ka-tsi, o dif-ko. 

25. Ko n^ne, ho ah'->vontr-h'oh ha Ira nahk 
nah, fo K'uru o tra fu(ia-ha ka ka4rd-k'oh; k^re ha 
ts6 n§hk-t^i. 

26. De ka ah*-r6'i aha-tr^ndo lr(Jrine roWh, ma 
na ^i ka ka-t&im, de o mah-ha, kama ua won so ma* 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 7- 25 

m^ne, pa ho: NyS a-runi, na yi a-wontr; ko 6e na 
yO 0-J§s k'in ka g-Igm-e? 

27. K^re kon* owd 30 o-las ka o-f^trane-k'on, 
tron-ko ran, pa hg: Kdne pon botr-mu o-ra-bomp 
de o-k§-rok e-t^hka Ira tr^ssu-e? 

28. Ma yema dif-mi, mg ma pon dif g-Mfsri dis-i? 

29. Kg IMusa g gbuke tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ka-fgf ake,, 
de s^ke g-tlik ka an*tgf na Midian, ro g kdm a-wut 
a-runi na-rgn. 

30. Kg mg Ira-ren tra-gba Ira-ran Ira pon tas, g- 
maleika ka Yehofa g tr(}rine-kg ro-wula na an'-rgn na 
Sina ka u'antr na-mSra na a-kant. 

31. Kg mg Musa g'nank-tsi, g kabiue tr^ka ama- 
nank. Kere mg g fair ri tr^ka k§li-tsi, r'im ra Yeh6fa 
ra ydne rgn^h, 

32. Ar^ pa bg: Mine y\ Ok'uru ka an*-kas-'a-mu, 
Ok'iiru ka Ibr^bima, de Ok'dru ka IsSka, de Qk'ura 
ka Yakuba. K^re Mdsa g tr§p ka-yer, de minta- 
he tra k§li rl. 

33. Kg Yeh6fa g pS rgndn: S^li* ma bus e-k6fta 
ya atr'^tr§k-tra-mu; tsa gd'6r, ro m§ tr^ma, g y\ a- 
tgf a-sam. 

34. I pon n§nk gb^ran ka-s(}mpane ka an'-fam-'a- 
mi ro-JMfsra, 1 pon tral ka-lan-ka-nan, de 1 tor tra 
fdtia-na: tr^ka tsi der tgn, I Isi sOm-mu ro-Misra. 

35. 0-Musa g>v6, gw(} na p^nsa ka pa hg: K^ne 
pon botr-mu g-ra-bomp de g-ka-rgk e-tdnka-e? gwe 
K'uru g pon sOm mg g-ra-bomp de nig g-futia ka ka- 
tra ka g-maleika, QVfi trdrine-kg ka an'-kant. 

36. Owe g wiira-na, g yO ma-lrei ma-kab^ne de 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

26 Ama-Ygs 7. 

^-loma ka an-tof na Misra, de ka ka-bah ka-yim, de 
ro-wula tra-ren tra-gba tra-ran. 

37. K^DQ yi o-Musa ka-tsi, Qwi pS ka an'-\vut na 
Yisrael ho: Yehofa, Ok'uru-ka-nu, o tra ^6kasa-nu o- 
N^bi katrcJn ka ah'-wonlr-'a-nu, me minan; k(}noh na 
fi Ira tr§la. 

38. K(Jno yi Isi, ow^ yi ka an'-gbdnne ro-wula re 
0-maleika, Qvt^ f^far-ko, de re an'-kas-'a-su, ka an'- 
ron 6a Sina rokQm, owd s(Jlo s'im tra an'-n6sara tra 

39. Ov^'i^ ah'-kas-'a-su ha }'^ma-he tr^la, k^re ha 
troh-ko rah, de e-m6ra-'e-hah e s^ke so ro-Misra, 

40. Na pa ka Aron ho: B^mpa-su tr'uru, alr^ 
tr§ma su kadi; tsa o-Musa ka-tsi, qw^ poh wura-su 
ka an-lof ha Misra, sa Ir'a-he, ko tr*el tra y(Jne-ko. 

41. De ha b^mpa o-na o-fet ka ama-r6i ma-tsi, de 
ha f^tra s'^dka ka ah'-roh, de na yO ma-b(^ne tr§ka 
ama-pant ma 'ma-trfi-ma-hah. 

42. Kere K'uni o s§ke, de o sond-ha tr^ka lehki 
ar'^fa ra ka-rantr; ma ha poh gbal ka ak'^fa ka ah'- 
N^bi ho: NyS a-wul ha ah'-set ha Yfsrael, n§ poh 
f^tra-mi s'Sdka de e-boya ro-wiila tr^a ah'-](^ko ha 
tra-ren tra-gba tra-rah-i? 

43. K^re na yoka na gb^nne ka-ydfa ka M6lok, de 
ak'c^s ka R^mfan, ak'uru-ka-nu, e-roh ey^ na poh 
b^mpa tr^ka r^mne-yi: tsia ba-tsi I tsi k4re-nu tra 
jira ro-B^bilon roiehken. 

44. Ka-yafa ka al'amasere ka yi katri^h ka ah'-kas- 
'a-su ro-wula, mo kdno poh k^ne-tsi, owiJ fdf§r Mdsa, 
Sq yi tra bempa-ki mo ara-b^lane, ar^ o poh nahk. 

45. Ak^ ah*-kas-'a-su, ka-rarah ka ma ha poh s^to- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 7. 27 

ki, na w()na so re Yosua ka antof na aiV-K^fri, ah^ 
K'uru bal rodi ka an'-kas-'a-su, ha ka ama-rei ma 

46. Ow(J s(Jto ka-inar-lr'el ka K'uru, de ow(J yif 
lr§ka ara-bOna tra b^inpa o-ylra tr^ka Ok'uru ka Ya- 

47. Kere Suleimana o s6tR-ko a-set. 

48. K^re owd }i o-B(ili rok(^m be o tsfi }1ra ka 
e-h6kal, ey^ *a bempana ma-tra; mo o N^bi o pa bo: 

49. Ak'uru ka yi ka-wah-ka-mi, de an-tof Aa yi 
an'-gbet na alr'd!rak-lra-mi: ko a-sel h'a na ^^^ma 
s^ta-mi-e, Yeh6fa o pa? tal(Jm o-ri^ke yi od'6r wa ka- 

50. Pa yi-he ka-tra-ka-mi ka pen b^mpa e/6lr ey^ 
be-i? ° • 

51. Nya a-b^ki tra-bomp de an^ *a tse gbak e- 
l^mpe ya tra-but-tra-han de ya e-lahs-'e-nanl Nya6, 
16ko 6 l(}ko n§ tr^mane o-Robu o-Sam; ma an'-kas- 
'a-nu na yO, y» nyaii na yO so! 

52. 0-reke katr(^n ka aA'-N^bi an'-kas-'a-nu na 
pon-he bal-bal-e? de na pen dif aM pen tri^ri t^pan 
ka-der ka o-L6mpi; QVii nya pen' to yentr na dif-ko. 

53. Na pen s<^to an-ton ka ka-m^nde ka a-maleika, 
de na ts6 po6 wop-nil 

54. Ka ma na tral ats6, tra gbak na ro tra-but- 
tra-nan, de na n^ndane e-^ek-*e-Aan tr^ka tr'on. 

55. K^re mo o Is o-Ruhu o-S§m, o k|li roki^m 
trgnn, de nafik an*-yiki iia K'uru, de Yisua mo 
tr^ma ka ka-dio ka K'uru; 

5G. Ko pd bo: K^ii, 1 nank ak'uru ka-kante, de 
Qyy'^n ka W*dni mo (r§ma ka ka-dio ka K'dru! 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

28 Ama-Yos 7. 8. 

57. Ka Aa wena r'im ra-bSna, fta tran e-]ans-*e- 
nan, de na b6mpne-ko iwfn-an, 

58. Na wura-ko ka ka-petr rok^n, na difa-ko ma- 
sar. De an*-gb^ki na botr e-Mpra-'e-nan ka atr*dtrak 
tra o-l^nba, qyi^ 'a bonlr SaQl. 

59. Ka na difa St^fanos ma-sar, qw^ r^mne ka pa 
ho: R^bbu Yisua, s^iQ an'umpal-'a-mi ! 

60. Kg mo pon so tra-wu, o ts6Ia r'im ra-bSna 
ho: R^bbu, ts6 ren-ua atr'ei tra-Ias ats^! Ko mo o 
pon pa alse, o ko ro-ma-re. 

Ara-Bomp 8. 
t. Kere Saol o tesa tr^ka ka-dif-ko. Ko ka an'- 
rei na-tsi ka-bal-bal ka-ban ka d^rar ah'-gb^nne an5 
;^i»ro-YerusaIem: ka na be na s^kane ka e-belan ya 
Yebudia, do ya Samaria, tSmbe an'-Som. 

2. Ka a-fam a-rdni, aM n6sa K'uru, na mank 
Stefanos, de na b6ra ra-b6ra ra-b^na Iraka Ir'on. 

3. K^re Saol o dim an'-gbdnne. trdka mo o ^on 
ka e-sel ro de ro, o Hn a-fam a-rdni 6 a-fgm a-bom 
6, 1^nkli-na tr^ka botr-na ra-set ha ma-tfhkane. 

4. Ka aM pon s^kane, na tas ua tas, ha tr^m|s 

5. K^re Fillppos o tor ra-ka-petr ka Samaria, o 
tr^mas o-Masia roh^h. 

6. De ah'-fam be ha b6trar e-m^ra ka ama-trel 
am^ FiHppos pd, ma ha tral, de ma ha nahk e- 
loma, ey^ yO-e. 

7. Tsa a-krifi a-]§s ha wur ka a-gbati aha 'a wop, 
na \¥^ha r'im ra-bana; de y^hkas a-gbati aha ba 
ma-kgn, de aha yi a-tr^tke. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 8. 29 

8. De ma-b(}ne ma-bdna ma >i kaka-petr ka-tSi. 

9. K^re w'lini lom o yi ri, an'^s-n'on Siman, ow5 
yO ra-ser ka ka-pelr ka-lsi t^pan, de ow(J yo o-k(Jnlof§li 
Q ^op an'-fam na ro-Samdria, tr^ka mo o pa, bo k^no 
yi w'uni lom o-b^na. 

10. Ka Qwi na be ha b6trar e-ip^ra, a-fam a-bana 
6 a-fam a-lol 6, ha pa ho: 0^6 o yi ah*-f(isa ha K'uru 

11. Ka ha botrar-ko e-mera, pak^sife o-ki^ntofali 
poh i;v'op-ha kabi ka a-l(}ko a-w(}ni tr^a ama-trel- 
m'oh ma ra-ser. 

12. K^re ma ha lane FiHppos, Qyii ir^mar-ha ama> 
trel tr^ka *ra-bal ra K'uru, de tr^ka ah'^s ha Yisua 
Masia, a-fam a-runi 6 a-fam a-bom 6 ha yO-na 'a 

13. K^re l§iman k(^no-ki)none o l^ne so; de mo o 
poh yO'ha 'a b^ptis-ko, o gb^p'sa Filippos, de 0- 
k(}ntof§li wop-ko, mo o nahk e-l6ma de ama-yos 
ma-kab^ne ma-b^na, am^ yi^ne. 

14. Ka ma ah'-Som ro-Yerusalem ha poh tral, fo 
ah'-f§m ha ro-Samaria ha poh mAlane ar'im ra K'uru, 
na 86m§r-ha Pilar de Y6ban. 

15. Ma ah6 ha poh lor, ha r^mne tr§ka trahhdh, 
kama ha solo 0-Rubu o-Sam. 

16. Tsa ta poh-be d^rar w'uni 6 w'uni katr(}h- 
ka-hah; ha poh ha baptis gbo ka ah'6s ha o-H^bbu 

17. Ah'-Io ha-tsi ha reh-ha ama-tra-ma-hah, de 
ha 8^iQ o-Rubu o-Sam. 

18. Kere mo Siman o nahk, fo a-fam ha s(}to o- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

30 Ama-Yos 8. 

Ruhu o-Sam ka ka-reh-ha ama-tra ma aA'-Som, q 
k^ra-na a-k^la a-f6ra, 

19. pd hg: Son n§n an'-fi^sa ai^e ka minafi so» 
kdma w'uni 6 w'uni qw^ 1 ren ama-trd, o scJto q- 
Ruhu o-Sam. 

20. K^re Pelar o pS ron^n: Tra an'-k^la-'a-mu 
a-f6ra na dinne re munoh, p§k^sife m§ ndne, ho ma 
gb^li s^to am-b6.ya na K'uru ka a-k^Ia a-f6ra! 

21. Ma ba-he a-bem, pa vi-he a-ni na atr'eiats6; 
tsa am-mera-'a-mu na yi-he a-tr61on rodi ka K^uru. 

22. Tr§ka tsi, tubi, ma f^le ka ama-las-ma-mu 
am6; de n^mtene K'uru, be pa ^i na ts6ra-mu an'- 
n^ne a-l§s na am-m^ra-*a-mu. 

23. Tsa I nank, fo ma .yi a-gb61bolr a-r6nkat, de 
a-Iik na ma-Ias. 

24. Ko Sfman o Wsi, o pSi ho: Nya», nemlene 
n§fi o-R^hbu tr^ka trdmmi, kama tr'el 6 tr'ei. tra air^ 
na pon fof-e, tr§ Ise d6rar-mi! 

25. Kere nan, ma ha pon gb^ki, de ma ha poh 
fof ar'im ra o-H^bbu, ha kdlane so ro-Yerusalem , iia 
tr^mas am-B6sra ra-lra-gbom Ira-gbdli Ira ah'-Samari. 

26. Ko o-maleika ka Yehofa o W%t Filippos, o 
pa ho: Yokane, ma k(}ne ro ka ka-dio ka ar'oh, ar^ 
y^fa ro-Yerusalem ra tor ro-G^sa, ak^ y\ ka-gb6ngbeh. 

27. Ko yokane kdne. Ko k^Ii, o-nini ka an- 
tof ha Etiopia, o-kdsi, o-s^ntki o-b^na ka K^ndake, 
O-bal o-b^ra ka ah'-£ti6pi, o^^ ba ama-kira ma e- 
b^ne-y'oh be, de OW(J poh der ro-Yenisalem tr^ka 

28. yi so ka ka-k^lane, de o r^nsa am-mSrkab- 
h'oh, k^rah ama-gbal ma Yesaya, o-N^bi. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 8. 31 

29. Ko o-Ruhu pa ka FiHppos ho: Fatr ri, ma 
gbSp'sa am-mdrkab an6! 

30. Kq mo Filfppos o fatr-rl, o tral, fo q tra k^rafi 
ama-gbal ma Yesdiya, o-N^bi, ko o pa ho: Ma tr^ra 
so, atr^ ma ma k^rah-i? 

31. K^re kdno pa ho: Tro me gb§li tr^ra-lsi, be 
w'uni tr(Jri-he-mi-tsi-e? Ko nemtene Filfppos, 
kama per o yirane-ko ra^^r. 

32. K^re as'im tra ama-gbal, amd o k^ran, tsia- 
tsS: JMo ka-k^ruf, Qwi 'a k^re tr^ka ka-fal, de mo 
k§-l^me, 0W(} trahk rodi kn ow(J fon-ko, ;^0 Isft 
kanti ka-s§n-k'on ka ka-t6rane-k'on. 

33. Na ^^fara-ko ka ka-s(Jmpane-k'on : k^re ara- 
k6m'ra-r*on, k^ne gb^li kdne-ri-e? Tsa na pon nof 
an'-nesam-h'oh ka an-lof. 

34. Ko o-kSsi l^sia Filippos, o pd ho: I nemtene- 
mu, k^ne-mi, tr§ka k^no o-N^bi o mo fof ats6-e? Tr^ka 
k^O-k^none-i, taldm tr^ka w'uni 1om-i? 

35. An'-lO na-fli FiHppos o kdnti ka-saA-k'ou tr^ka 
fof, trap ka ama-gbal am6, de o trdmar-ko am-B6sra 
tr^ka Yisua. 

36. Ka ma na tas rodi ka ar'6n'-da-nan, fia der 
ra-ni*antr ma-lom; ko o-k^si o pa ho: K^li, m'antr 
ma yi an(}! Ko tr'ei Ira-bentra trg yi tr|ka b^ptis- 

37. Ko Filippos o pa ho: Be ma lane re am- 
m6ra-'a-mu be, tra gb§li }^i. Ko o l^si, o pa ho: I 
line, ho Yisua Masia o yi Ow*6n ka K'uru. 

38. Ko k^oe, kdma na tr|msar am-m§rkab sonn; 
de na na-ran na tor ka am'^ntr, Filippos de o-k^i, 
de b^ptis-ko. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

32 Ama-Yos 8. 9. 

39. Ka ma na pon wur ka am'^tr, o-Ruhu ka 
Yehofa q ts^mbi Filippos, de o k^si o nan'-fe-ko so: 
k^re tas rodi ka ar'6n'-d'on ma-b(}ne. 

40. K^re na bap Filippos ro-Asdod; ko q tas rod!, 
tr^mas am-Bdsra ka tra-petr be, ha o bek ro- 

Ara-Bomp 9. 

1. Kere SaQl nesam ras ma-gbind de ka-difat 
tr^ka an'-kar^ndi na o-R^bbu, de kg ka o-K6han 

2. yif-ko e-r6ka tr§ka e*set e-gbdnne ro-Dam^sko, 
kama be pa y\ o bap rl a-lom, aM wop ar 6n ar6, a- 
fam a-rdni 6 a-fam a-bom &, q gb§]i na sek o k^ra- 
na ro-Yerusalem. 

3. Ko mo yi ro-blas, de mo Q f^tr^r Dam^sko, 
a-m6la, and ^^fa ka ak'uru ma-s^mbu, na gb^nta na 

4. Ko fumpo ro-tof, Iral r*im, ard pa TQh^h: 
SaQl, SaQl, ko Ir'el tr'a ma bal-bal-mi-e ? 

5. Ko pa bo: Kdne munon, Pa-e? Ko R^bu 
pa ho: Mine y\ Yisua, ow(J ma bal-bal: pa Ira bak- 
mu tra won k'dtr§k ro ka e-sos. 

6. Ko yer, o-k5nlofali o wop-ko, o pa ho: 
KSbbu, ko ma ^^ma bo I yO-e? Ko o-R^bbu o pa 
ron<^n: Yokane, ma won ro-petr, de na Ira kdne-mu, 
ko ma yi tra yO-e. 

7. Kere an'-runi, ahA k(}tane-ko, na tr^ma na 
jdlrne, trgka ma na tr^l ar*im, k^re na nank-he w'uni 
6 w'uni. 

8. Ko Saul >6kane ka an-tgf; kere mo kanti 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 9. S3 

€-for-^*on, nank-fe w'oni 6 Vdni; ka na wop-ko 
ka-lra, na kere iia w5Aa-ko ro-Dam^sko. 

9, Ko gb^li-he nank r*aka 6 r'dka ma-r6i ma-sas, 
de di-be, mun-fe. 

10. Kere o-kar6ndi g-lom o ^i ro-Dam^sko, an'es- 
n'on Hananiya; de o-R^bbu o pa roacin ka ma-nahk 
ho: Hananiya! Kq o pd ho: kdli, mine y\ ang, R^bbu! 

It. Ko o-R^bbu Q pa rondn: Yokane, ma kone 
ka ar'dn, ar^ 'a bontr ara-Tr6iofi, de yif ka aiV-set 
iia Yehuda Ir^ka w'uni, aii'es-n'on Saal ka T^rso; tsa 
k§h*, Ira r6mne. 

12. De pon nank Q-runi ka ma-nank, an'es-n'on 
Hananiya, owd won, o ren-ko ka-tra, kama o kal s(Jto 

13. Kere Hanani^a o l^si ho: R^bbu, 1 pon tral 
ka a-faro a-gb^ti tr§ka o-rdni owe, tro ma-trel ma-las 
ma-laT o pon yO ka an'-sam-'a-mu ro-Yerusalem-e: 

14. De an^ o ba a-f^sa ka an-tra-bomp na ah'- 
Kohan tra sek ha be, ah^ r^mne ah'es-*a-mu. 

15. K^re o-Rabbu o p5 roh(Jh: Kdne, Isa kdno vi 
mi r'a ra-y()na ra-Ut, Ir^ka k^re ah*es-'a-mi rodi ka ah'- 
Kafri, de rodi ka a-bal, de rodi ka ah'-wut ha Yisrael. 

16. Tsa 1 tsi tr(}ri-ko, tro ma-trel ma-lai o yi tra 
siimpane tr4ka Va-bomp ra an'^s-'a-mi-e. 

17. Ko Hananiya o kiJne, won ro-set; o reh-ko 
ama-trd-m'oh, o pd ho: SaQl, wontr-ka-mi, o-R^bbu, 
Yisua, ow^ pon lr(Jrine-mu ka ar'6h, ma ma der-e, 
poh som-mi, kdma ma kal s^iQ ka-k§Ii-ka-mu, de 
kdma ma lasarane o-Ruhu Qwo-Sam. 

18. Ko t^le lemp e-ka e fumpo ka e-for-y'on, mp 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

34 Ama-Yos 9. 

bo e yi e-rgp; ko o kal si^to ka-k^li-k'on ^ak6n: ko 
y6kane, o yO-na 'a biptis-ko. 

19. Ko mo poA y6kaue r'fi ra-di, o bak sg ma- 
der. Ko vi ka an'-kar^ndi ro-DamMo ma-r^i ma- 

20. Ko t^te trdmas Masia ka e-set e-gb^nne, o 
ir()ri, fo ki^oo yi Ow'^n ka K'dru. 

21. Ko o-k^ntofali o wop-na be, ah^ tr^la-ko, ua 
pd bo: Kon* taho ow6-i, o^o pon dim an^ rdmne 
ah'^s an6 ro-Yerusalem-i, de Qy/6 poii so der an^ 
tr^ka atr*ei ats^, kama o sek o k^re-na ka an-tra- 
bomp na an'-K6baD-i? 

22. K^re SaQl o bar gbo 8(}(o ka-t4na, de keta 
an'-Y6hudr, bM ^ira ro-Dam^ko, tr^ka mo gb^ntas- 
Isi, fo ow6 yi -Masia. 

23. Ko ka-raran ka ma ma-rei ma-lai ma pon tas, 
an'-Y^hudi tm ko n^nkane tr§ka dif-ko. 

24. K^re na tri^ri SaQl, fo na poi^ won ^dhfa tr§ka 
tr*on. Ka na bumar so atra-rdre ra-yan de tratr^k- 
an, tr^ka dif-ko. 

25. Ka an'-kar^ndi na ^6ka-ko tratr^k, na botr-ko 
ra-ka-balai, na s(}ntos-kQ ka an-t^ta, na t6rd-ko. 

26. Ko mo SaQl o der ro-Yerusalem, o m^m§r Ira 
pdntrane an'-kar^ndi; k^re na be na n^sa ivAka tr'on, 
na l^ne-be, bo yi o-k^randi. 

27. Ko Barnabas o y6kane-ko, k^re-ko ka aA'- 
Sdm; k^ne-na, tro SaQl o pon n§nk o-R^bbu ro- 
r'oh, fo pon f(Jfar-ko, de Iro o fof o-minla-tr*ei ka 
an'es na Yisua ro-Dam^sko. 

28. Ko yi ron^n ro-Yerusalem, o won o wur; 
de fof o-minta-tr'el ka ah'^s na o-H^bbu Yisua. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 9. 35 

29. Ko Q fc^far ile Q gbSlane so ah'-Hellenisti; k^re 
nan ha ten tra d[f-ko. 

30. Ma ah'-wontr ha tral-tsi, ha l6ra-ko ro-Kaisar6a, 
iia 8om-ko ro-Tdrso. 

31. Ko pa l(Jfla ah'-gb^nne ha ro-Yehudia, de ro- 
Galilaia de ro-Samaria be, e-ni6ra-'e-hah e n^fa, de 
na kot mg ara-nes ra Yehofa, de ha b^rne ka ama- 
b^f§t ma o-Rubu owo-Sam. 

32. Kq pa yi, mo P^tar o tas ka tra-petr be, 
tor so ka ah'-sam ah^ ,yira ro-Lfdda. 

33. Ko bap rl w'uni Igm, ah'^s-h*oh Ain^as, 
OW(J f^nla ro-fanl'r-k*oh kdbi ka Ira-ren tr'am^l re sas, 
ma-kon ma wop-ko. 

34. Ko Pelar o pS rohdh : Ain6as, Yisua, o-Masia, 
^ehkas-mu ma-der! Yokane, ma ^^hkiane ka-fant'r- 
ka-mu! Ko t^te o yokane. 

35. Ka ha be aha yira ro-Lfdda de ro-Sdron ha 
nan-ko, de ha s§ke ka o-R^bbu. 

36. Kere o-kar6ndi o-b^ra o-lom o yi ro-Y6ppa, 
ah'^s-h'oh Tabita, ard 'a ts^po: Ddrkas. Owe o la 
ma-yos ma-fino de e-boya, eye o yO-e. 

37. Ko pa b^hane ka ama-rei ma-tsi, fo sap ra- 
tru, fi: ka ma ha poh ko buko, ha botr-ko ka ah'- 
k6hko ha rok(}m. 

38. K^re tr^ka mo Lidda ka fdtsi ro-Y6ppd, de ma 
an'-kar^ndi ha poh tral, fo P6lar o yi rl, ha somar- 
ko a-I^hba ha-rah, ha n^mtene-ko, kama o tie Hhsa 
tra der roh^h. 

39. Ko P^tar o y6kane, o paia-ha. Ko mo o poh 
bek, ha gb^pa-ko ka ah'-k6hko harokiJm; de am-b6ra 
a-bera be ha trgma ko ray^r ka bok-ah, ha lr6ri-ko 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

36 Ama-Yos 9. 10. 

s'dma de ma-v^mbo, am^ D6rkas q b^mpa, mo q \i 

40. K^re nio P6tar o poh wura-iia be, o so tra- 
wu, r^mne; de mo o poiV s^ke ka ka-bel, o p8 bo: 
T^bita, vokane! Ko kanti e-for-^*on; de mo naiik 
Petar, o ii^trane o yira. 

41. Ko )f^nlra-ko ka-tra-k'oA, o yokas-ko: de 
mo pon ts61a aA*-fam de am-b6ra a-bera, o tr^mar- 
Kq rodi-ka-na6 o-k^Ii. 

42. Ko atr'el atse tra gbdntane ro-Y6ppa be; de 
a-gb^ti ha s§ke a-ldne o-R^bbu. 

43. Ko p§ yi, fo tr^ma ro-Y6ppa ma-r6i ma-lal 
ro ka Siman o-lom, o-kar^hke. 

Ara-Bomp 10. 

1. Ko o-riini o-lom o yi ro-Kaisarea, ah'^s-h'ou 
Korn^lios, o-k^lfa ka ak'dbali, ak^ 'a bontr ak'obali ka 

2. Ow^ ba ma-lrel ma-ftno, de OW(J n^sa K'dni 
re ah'-sel-h'oh be, 0W() yer e-boya e-lal ka aA'-fam, 
de ow6 r^mne K*uru loko 6 Idko. 

3. Ow^ nank o-maleika ka K'Qru ka ma-nahk 
gb^ran, ka aiV-gb6leh ha 'ra-yah ah^ b^ka Ir'am^t ro 
h'^nle, ow(J won rohi^h, de owi} pa roh()h: Korn^lios! 

4. Kere kon', mo o k^li-ko, o-ninis o wop-ko, 
pa ho: Ko yi Isi-e, Pa-e? Ko o-maleika o pa roh(Jh: 
Tra-rdmne-tra-mu de e-boya-'e-niu e poh hatr rok^m 
rodi ka K'uru, ha o ndne-tsi. 

5. Tr^ka Xsi, som'ra ton a-fam a-runi ro-Y6ppa, 
tr^ka ts^la Siman o-lom, ow(^ 'a bontr so P^tar: 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 10. 37 

6. Ow6 yia ka Siman o-lom, o-kar^nkc^ an'-sel- 
n'on na ^i ro-ban' dayer: owe o Ira k^ne-mu alr^ ma 

U ka-^0. 

7. Ko mo o-maleika, ow(J f()far-ko, o pon k()ne, 
ts^la na-rah na e-bol ya an'-set-n'on, de o-kurgba 
k'in ka an^ gb^psa-ko l(Jko 6 16ko, 0w6 n^sa K'uru. 

8. De mo pon k^ne-na ama-trel be, som-na 

9. Kere ka aiV-r6i ana-lrando, ma an*-fam a-runi 
na-tsi Aa yi ka ar*6n'-da-nan, de ma na f^trar ka-pelr, 
Petar o gbep ka an'-sel rokom, tr^ka r^mne, ka an*- 
gb^len an^ b^ka tr'am^l ro k'in. 

to. Ko d'or ra trap ka-wop-ko, de )'6ma r*aka 
tr§ka di. K^re ma na vi ka ka-b^nena-ko r'a ra-di, 
ma-re ma wop-ko. 

11. Ko nank ak'uru ka kante, de a-sarf a-lom 
na tor rondh, an^ b^lane k'6la ka-r^na ka-b^na, na 
pon kol-ki ka e-kon-ya-tsi y'anle, de na I6ra-ri ro-tof. 

12. Rok6r-ka-lsi Ira-sem tra tra-lrap be tra an- 
lof, aM ba Ir'^lrak tr'anle, na yi, de Ira-sem tra ro- 
kant, de y'etr e-w6rka, de e-bamp ya rok(}m. 

13. Ko r'im ra der rondn ka pa ho: Yokane P^tar; 
fai, ma di! 

u! K^re P^tar o pa ho: Ye taho, R^bbu! tsa I 
ta di-he tabana r'aka 6 r'aka ra-tse-sam, talijm r'aka 

15. Ko r'im ra pa so rondn ha beka ma-rah ho: 
R'aka 6 r'aka ar^ K'liru o pon f^lar, tse ma Is61a-ri 
ra-tse-sam ! 


16. Atr'ef ats6 tra y^ne ma-sas: de na halra so 
afi'-sarf rokom ka ak'uru. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

38 Ama-Yos 10. 

17. K^re mo P6l§r o sdkane ka am-mera-h'on, ko 
ah'-nAne na ama-nank, am^ o pon nank, tia gbali-na 
yi-e, k^Ii, an'-runi, ahA Korn^lios o pon sOm, na pon 
vif tr§ka afi*-se( na Siman, na tr|ma ro-r^re. 

18. De na ts61a na yif, be pa y\ ho Siinan, ov^O 
*a bonir so P^lar, o yia rl. 

19. Ko mo P^lar o yi ka ka-tramtr^mno tr^ka ama- 
nank, O'Ruhu pd ron6n: K^Ii, a-runi a-sas na (en- 

20. Y6kane, ma tor, ma paia-fia, de ts6 t6ntoA; 
tsa mfne pon s5m-na. 

21. An'-lO na-tsi Petar o tor ka aiV-runi, ah^ 
Korn^lios o poA s5m ron6n, o p^ ho: K^H, mine yi 
tsi, Qy/6 na ten; ko tr'ei Ir'a ba-tsi, fo na pon der-e? 

22. Ka na pa ho: Korn^Uos, o-k^lfa ka k'eme k'in, 
0-runi o-Wmpi, ow^ n^sa K'Qru, de ow^ bd n'es a- 
flno katrcjn ka am-b6na na an'-Y6hudi be, — o-malelka 
0-sam pon man-ko, kdma o is61a-mu tra der ka an*- 
sel-h'on, de kama o tral s'im ka ka-san-ka-mu. 

23. Ko mutsi-na tr^ka won ro-set, de yfa-na. 
Ka an'-rei ana-tr^ndo P^tar o wur re Aan, de a-lom 
fia an'-wontr na ro-Y6ppa iia paia-ko. 

24. Ko ka an'-r6i ana-trSndo na won ro-Kaisar6a. 
Ko Korn^lios o yi ka kar-Aa, o pofi ts^la rokfn an- 
lra-k5m-n'on de an*->itki-h*on a-line. 

25. Ko mo P^tar o won, Korn^lios o gbafis-ko, 
gbap d*er ro-lof ka atr'Mrak-tr'on, o r6mne-ko. 

26. Kere P^l§r o yokas-ko ka pa ho: Yokane, 
mina-minane so I yi w'uni. 

27. Ko mo yi ka ka-fdfar-ko, wo6, de bap 
a-gb^ti ahS pon gb^nne rokin. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Y08 10. 39 

28. Ko Q pS rQn^ii: Na trara, ho o 16mpir-he, 
Q-Y6hudi, tra kulunane) tal^in tra der ka v^'uni ka a- 
b6na a-tsel; kere K'uru o pon tr(Jri-ini, ho I Ise yi 
tra k^li w'Qni 6 w*uni mo w*uni tsS-sam, tal^in mo 
w*uni ^ifa. 

29. Tsia ba tsi I Ise linsa tra der, ma na ts^la- 
mi trgka der. I ,yif-nu ton ho: Ko Ir'el tr'a ba-tJi, 
ho n§ pofi Is61a-mi tr^ka der-e? 

30. Ko Korn6lios o pa ho. K^bi ka ma-rei m'anle, 
ha ka ah'-gb^len an6, 1 y\ ka wop a-sam; de ka an'- 
gb^len aM b^ka tr'am^t ro n'^nle 1 r^mne ka ah'-set- 
'a-mi: ko k^li, o-l^nba o tr^ma rodi-ka-mi ka e-lopra 

31. Ko pa ho: Korn^lios, na pon tral ka-r^mne- 
ka-mu, do na pon n^ne e-bo^a-'e-mu rodi ka K'uni. 

32. Tr^ka Isi, 85m ton ro-Y6ppa, de tra na ts^la 
Siman, ow^ 'a bonlr so P^lar; o yia ka an'-set na 
Siman, o-kar^nke, ro-ban' dayer: ow6, be o pon der, 
Ira f(ifar-mu. 

33. Ko t^le lemp 1 som romu; do ma pon yO 0- 
lompi, ho ma pon der. Tr§ka tsi, s^a be sa b|p§f ton 
an6 rodi ka K'uru, tr^ka tral ama-trel be, am^ K'Qru 
pon k^ne-mu. 

34. An'-lo na-tii Pelar o kdnti ka-san-k'on, o pa 
ho: 1 nank-tsi ka tra-tsen, ho K*uru o tie wop ad'er 
ra w'uni; 

35. Kere fo pa t^sane-ko tr^ka w*uni 6 w'uni, 
kalr(Jn ka lra-b6na be, OW(J nesa-ko, de ow^ yQ 0- 

36. Ar'im, ar^ K'uru o pon sOm ka an'-wut na 
Yisrael, Ir^ka mo o jO-na 'a tramas ma-tofal ka ka- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

40 Ama-Yos 10. 

8an ka Yisua Masia, (owe q ^i o-R^bbu ka a-fam be)» 
nyd tr^ra-rj. 

37. Atr'ei alr6 ^(}ne ro-Yehudia be, Ira trap ro- 
Galilaia, ka-raran ka am-b^ptis, aM Yohan q tr^mas. 

38. (Na trdra tr^ka) Yisua ka N^saret, mo K'ura 
pon s6pa-ko o-Ruhu o-Sam de ka-t^na-tr'ei ; qv/^ 
kot-kot ka ^0 a-fain ma-trei ma-fioo, de ka r^mar-na 
be, ana y\ ka an'-f^sa na S^tani; tsa K'uni o y\ re 

39. De sya ^i a-gb^ki tr§ka ama-trei be, am^ g 
pon yo ka an-tof na an'-Y6hudi, de ro-Yerusalem ; 
Qwo na pon so dif ka gbak-ko ra-k'antr. 

40. Owe K'uru o pon ^'Okas ka ah'-reY ana beka 
ma-sas, de o yO-ko q trc^rine gb^fat; 

41. Pa yi-he ka an*-fam be, kere ka a-gb^ki, ana 
K'uru pon mi^ta tit, ka sydn, an^ pon diane de aha 
pon munane-ko, ka-raran ka mo o pon yokane ka 

42. Ko pon k^ne-su tra tramas-tsi ka ah'-fam, 
de tra gbSki-tsi, fo k^no yi tsi, Qy/i K'uru o pon botr 
tr^ka ka-rok e-t^hka ya ah'-k^li de ya ah'-fi. 

43. Trdka Qv/k ah'-N^bi be ha son Vamasere, fo 
w'uni 6 w'uoi, owd Idne-ko, tra S(}to ka-l^p§r ka 
ma-trel ma-las ka ah'es-h'on. 

44. Ko mo P^tar o yi ras ka ka-fof as'im atse, 
o-Ruhu owo-Sam o d^rar-ha be, ah6 tral ai*ira. 

45. Ko o-k6ntofali o wop ah*-lane and wop ka- 
katan, and poh der re Petar, p§kdsife ha kusar am- 
hoya ha o-Huhu owo-Sam ka ah*-Kdfri so. 

46. Tsa ha tral, fo ha ^^i a-fdfa tr*^ntr tra-tSel, ha 
bundas K'uru. AhMo ha-tsi Peiar o pa ho: 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 11. 41 

47. Wuni 6 w'uni o gb§li benlr ka-yra m*antr-i^ 
Uma na b^ptis-he ane, an^ pon solo O-Ruhu owo- 
Sam, mo syah so-i? 

48. Ko k^ne, kama na baptis-na ka an*^s na o- 
Kabbu. Ka-rarah-ka-tsi na n^mtene-ko, tr^ka tr^ma 
ron^n ma-rei ma-lom. 

Ara-Bomp 11. 

1. Ko an'-SOm de an'-wontr, ana y\ ro-Yehudla, 
na lr§l, fo an*-K^fri so na pon m^lane ar'im ra K'uru. 

2. Ko mo P^tar o gbep ro-Yerusalem, nan an4 
wop ka-k^tan na gb^lane-ko, 

3. Na pa ho: Ma pon won ka a-runi, ana ba e- 
lempe, de ma pon diane-na. 

4. Kere Pelar o trap ka-k^ne-na ama-lrel be ts*m 
ts*in, pa ho: 

5. 1 ^i ka r^mne ro-pelr ka Yoppa; de mo ma-re 
ma wop-mi, 1 nank ma-nank; a-sarf a-lom na tor, ana 
b^lane k'ota ka-r6na ka-b^na, na kot-ki ka e-koii-p- 
tsi y'anle. na t6ra-ki ka ak'uru; de na bek ha ka minah. 

6. De me 1 kali rok'6r-ka-lsi, 1 nahk ri Ira-sem 
Ira Ir'alrak tr'anle tra an-lof, de tr§-sem tra ro-kanl, 
tie y'etr e-wdrka, de e-bamp ya rok^m. 

7. Ke 1 Iral r'im, ara pa romi ho: Yokane, Pelar; 
hi, ma di! 

8. Kere mine pa ho: Ye taho, R^bbu! tsa r*aka 
6 r*dka ra-tse-sam, talom r'aka ra-^'ifa, ra la won-he 
tab^na ka ka-san-ka-mi. 


9. Ko rim, ar^ y^fa ka ak'iiru, ra lasia-mi na b^ka 
ma-ran ho: R'aka 6 r*aka, ar^ K'liru o pon f^tar, tse 
ma ls6la-ri r'aka ra-t^e-sam! 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

42 Ama-Yos 11. 

10. Kere ats^ Ira v6ne ina-IokQ ma-sas; de na 
n^lra so e^'elr be rok^m ka ek'uru. 

11. Ko k§li, ah'-gb^len na-tsi gben a-runi a-sas 
na tr^ma rodi ka aii'-set, ro 1 ^i, an^ *a pon som 
romi, na yefa ro-Kaisar6a. 

12. Ko o-Buhu k^ne-mi tra Iran-na, de tra ts6 
t6ntoiK Halisa an'-wontr tr'am^t ro k'in an6 na pata- 
rai, de sa won ka an*-sel na o-runi ka-lsi. 

13. Ko tr^ri-su, mo pon nafik o-malelka, o^^ 
tr§ma ka ah*-sel-h'on, de ow^ pfi ron^n: Som'ra a- 
runi ro-Y6ppa Irgka ts^la Siman, ow6 *a bontr so 
P^tar, kama q der; 

14. Owe tra f^far-mu s'im, alr^ ma gb§li fdtia 
munon de an'-sel-'a-mu be. 

15. Ke me I pon trap ka-fof, o-Ruhu owo-Sam o 
d6rar-na, mo o d^rar so sy^h ka ka-trap. 

16. Ah*-lo na-tsi I D^ne ar'im ra o-R^bbu, mo Q 
pa ho: Y6han o Mptisa m'antr; k^re nyan na tr§ 
b^ptisa-nu o-Ruhu owo-S§m. 

17. Tr^ka Isi, be K'liru o pon son-na am-b6}^a na- 
tsi gben, aM o son s^an, ma sa pon s§ke a-ldne ka 
0-R^bbu Yfsua Masia : kSne mfnafi-e, tr§ka t§na beotr 

18. Ma na tral ats6, na trank, na ^fkis K'dru, na 
pa ho: Mo pa ^i j^an-e, K'uru o poifi son an'-KSfri 
so ka-tdbi tr^ka an'-n6sam. 

19. Kere an^ pon sSkane tr§ka 'ra-bomp ra ka- 
s^mpane, ak^ y^n^ tr^ka St^fanos, na tas na tas, hd 
ro-Foinikia, de ro-Kipro, de ro-Anti^ok, 6a fof-he 
ar'im ka w'uni 6 w*uni, t^mbe ka an'-Y6hudi gbo. 

20. Kere a-Iom katr6h-ka-nan na ^i a-runi na Kipro, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 11. 43 

•de ha Kirene; ma aiie na poh won ro-Antiyok, ha 
f(Jfar ah^-Yundni, ha tr^mas am-B6sra lr§ka o-R^bbu 

21. Ko ka-lra ka o-Mbbu ka yi de hah; de O-lom 
^-b^na wa a-fam, aM lane, ha s^ke ka g-R^bbu. 

22. K^re ah'-gb^nne ha ro-Yerusalem ha Iral ak'i- 
b^ri traka trahhah; ka ha som'ra Barnabas, kdma o k^ne 
ha ro-Anti^ok. 

23. Ko owe, mo poh bek, de mo o nahk am- 
boha ha K'uni, pa bdne-ko : de mah-na be tra basar 
ka-gb^p'sa o-R^bbu a-m^ra b^kar. 

24. Tsa y'\ 0-runi o-floo, de o la o-Ruhu owo- 
Sam de ka-lane. Ko r'tinia ra-b^na ra bdrne ka o- 

25. Ko Barnabas o wur (r§ka ko ro-T^rso, Ira lens 
SaQl. Ko mo poh bap-ko, k6re-ko ro-Anti^'ok. 

26. Ko pa ^i, fo ha l6hklane ro-gb^nne ka-ren 
k*in bar, de fo na t^k'sa a-fam a-gb^ti, de fo ha m^la 
bonir ah'-kar^ndi a-N5sari ro-Anliyok. 

27. Ka ama-r6i ma-lsi a-Ndbi ha tor ha y^h ro- 
Yerusalem, tra k(}ne ro-Anliyok. 

28. Ko k'in katr(Jh-ka-hah, ah*6s-h*on Agabos, o 
y6kane, O trdri ka ka-sah ka o-Buhu, fo d'or ra-b^ki 
ra tra d^rar an-tof be; ara y^ne so ka ah*-l0 ha Klau- 
dios, O'Kaisar. 

29. Ko w'iini 6 w^uni katri^h ka ah'-kar^ndi o kitine 
tra s5m r'aka, mo ka-t|na-k*oh, tr^ka ka-mar ah*-wontr, 
ahk yira ro-Yehudia. 

30. Atr^ ha yO-so, ha sOm-ri ka am-B^ki ka ka- 
tra ka Barnabas de ka SaQl. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

44 Ama-Yos 12. 

Ara-Bomp 12. 

1. Ka ah'-lo na-tsi H^rod, o-baT, o botr ania-trd- 
m'on ka a-lom ha an'-gb^nne, tr|ka yQ-ta tr'ei tra-Ias. 

2. Ko dif Yakuba, o-wgntr ka Yohan, r* a-gb^to. 

3. Kq mo oai^k, fo an'-Y^hudi na tisa tr|ka Isi, 
bar ka-b§tr so P^lar. (K^re am'^lr ma tra-bo atra- 
p^fii e-gbit ma ^i a6'-IO na-tsi). 

4. Ko mo pon batr-ko, botr-ko ra-set na ma- 
tinkane, o l^nkli-ko ka e-r6ba ^a a-kurgba y'dnle tra 
bumar-ko; (r^ka mo o y^ma wura-ko rodi ka aiV-fam 
ka-rar§n ka am'^tr ma ka-Paine. 

5. Ya na bumar P^lar ro-sel fia ma-tinkane; kere 
an*-gb^nne na r^mne K'uru ka-r^mne ka-lel tr^ka 

6. Ko ka tratr^k ka-tsi, akd tr§ma k§di ka an'-r6], 
ah^ H6rod o v^ma wura-ko, P^lgr o .vi 0-dira ka a- 
kurgba na-rah ratr^n, na pon tr^nda-ko trorenta tra- 
r§n; de am-bumar rodi ka ka-rare na bumar an'-set 
na ma-tinkane. 

7. Ko k^li, o-maleika ka Yeh6fa o tr^marne ron^A 
ma-s^mbu; de a-m6ta na gb^nta ka an'-set na ma- 
tinkane; ko o-maleika o gb^nta P6tgr ra-futal-n'on, o 
tdmi-ko, pS ho: Yokane lemp! De atr'orenta-tr'on 
tra fumpo ka ama-tra-m'oi^. 

8. Ko o-maleika q pa TQh^h: S^nne rair^h, ma 
k6tar e-k(}fta-e-rau. Ko O yO yan. Ko O pS rondA: 
Won am-bila-'a-mu, de tram-mi. 

9. Ko wur, tran-ko; tr'a-he, fo tr'ei tra 
tra-tsen tran, atr^ y^ne ka ka-tra ka o-nf)aleika; k^re 
nane, ho nank ma-nank. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 12. 45 

10. Kere ma na pon tas am-bumar fia ka-bumar 
aka-lr(Jtroko, de na ka-bumar aka-ran, na der ka ka- 
rdre aka-falr, aka k^re ro-petr, de ak^ kantine ron^ii 
k^kene: ka ma na pon wur, na tas kadf r'on* d'in, de 
t^te lemp o-malefka o yefa rofi^n. 

It. Ko mo Pilar o kal ka *ra-bomp-r'on, o pa ho: 
Ka ak6 1 tr^ra-tsi gben, fo Yeh6fa o pon sOm o- 
maleika-k'on, o wura-mi ka ka-tra ka H^rod, de ka 
trVl 6 Ir'ei alr^ arV-ftam ha an'-Y6hudi na tra kar. 

12. Ko mo pon naiik atse, o der rodi ka an*-set 
na Miriam, o-k^ra ka Y6han, o^^ 'a bontr so M^rkos; 
ro a-gb^ti na pon gb^nne na r^mne. 

13. Ko mo Pilar o gbalr ka ka-rare ka aA'-s^nde, 
a-boi a-bera o der lr§ka Iral, w'uni rike Qy/6 yi ri, 
an'is-n'on Roda. 

14. Kq mo pon gb^tei)-lsi, fo pa y\ ar*im 
ra Pilar, o ls6 kanli ka-rdre lr6ka ma-b(ine; kere o 
y/Qii ka gbuke, lr(}ri-tsi, fo Pilar o lr|ma rodi ka 

15. K^re Aah Aa pa ron^n: Ma-k(}nlofi ma wop- 
mu! Kere k^no pa, ho ye ira yi Is^nlsene. Ka na 
pa ho: 0-maleika-k'oA wo6. 

16. K^re Pilar o b^sar ka-gbatr; ka ma na pon 
kanli ka-rare, na nan-ko, de o-k(}nlofaIi o ^op-na. 

17. K^re k^pane-na ka-lra, kdma na trank, de 
k^ne-iia, tro o-R^bbu o pon wura-ko ka an'-sel na 
ma-lihkaoe, o pa ho: Tr(Jri nan ama-trel ami ka Ya- 
^iiba, de ka an'-wonlr. Ko o wur ka ka-pelr, o k<^ne 
rg-d'er o-lom. 

18. K^re mo *ra-8ok ra pon bek, ka-y^lrane ka- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

46 Ama-Yos 12. 13. 

b^na k§ vi katr^n ka an'-kurgba tr§ka P6tar, ko poi^ 

19. Kere H^rod, mo o pon ^if tr^ka tr'on, d@ ma 
na ts6 fir-ko, o gb^ngbeD am-bumar, de o kSne, kdma 
na k6re-na fr§ka ka-dif-na. Ko o y^fa ro-Yehudfa o 
tor ro-Kaisgr^a, o yira ri. 

20. Ko b^n'8§r an'-Sidoni de an'-Tir6ni o-b^na. 
K^re na der roh^h a-m^ra n'in, de na t^nto BUstos^ 
0^0 'a reti roli(}m ka an*-k6nko a-dfra na o-bai, na 
t61a ma-m^ne; pak^sife an-tof-*a-nan na sdlo feir e-di 
ka an-tof na o-bal. 

2!. K^re ka a-rei a-botr H^rod, mo pon won 
am-bila na 'ra-bai, o yira ka ka-wan-k*on, ko f(Jfar- 

22. De afi'-fam na gb^nkra ho ye: Ar'fm ra k'uni 
ran, ar*im ra w*uni l^ho! 

23. Ko t^te lemp o-nialeika k§ Yehofa o sap-ko 
ra-lrfl, pak^sife o 8on-fe an*-yfki ka K'uru: de e-bilo 
na s6mat-ko, de Is^rne an'-n^sam. 

24. Kere ar'im ra K'uru ra b^me de ra fiii. 

25. Ko Barnabas de Saal na y^fa ro-Yerusalem na 
k^lane so. ka-rdran ka ma na pon ka-m^nde-ka-nah; 
na yokano so Yohan, QVfd 'a bontr so M^rkos. 

Ara-Bomp 13. 

1 . K^re a-n^bi de a-karm^ko a-lom na yi ka an'- 
gb^nne, ana yi ro-Antiyok; am'es-ma-nan: Barnabas, 
de Simeon, ow(} 'a bontr Niger, de Lukios ka Kirene, 
de Man^ken, ow(} b^kane H^rod, o-T6lrark, de SaQl. 

2. Ka ma na yi ka ka-l^nki o-B^bbu, de ma na 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 13. 47 

yi ka ka-wop a-sQm, o-Riihu owo-Sam o pa ho: Tifa- 
mi nai^ Iqi^ Barnabas de SaQl tra ama-pant, tr§ka am^ 
I poh Is^la-na. 

3. Ka ma na pon wop a-sQm, de ma na pon r^mnCt 
na ren-na ama-tra, na tser-na 'a k(Jne. 

4. Ko nan, mo o-Ruhu owo-Sam o pon s6m'ra-na, 
na tor ro-Seleikia; de rl-a na b^ka ra-bil tr^ka kdne 

5. Ka ma na b^k ro-Sal^mis, na tr^mas ar*im ra 
K'uru ka e-set e-gb^nno ya an'-Y^hudi: na bd so 
Y6han traka lenki-na. 

6. Ka ma na tas ka an*-yel ha ro-Pafos, na bap 
o-ser o-lom, owd yi o-n^bi a-yem, o-Y6hudi, an*^8- 
n*on Bar-Yisua: 

7. Ow6 yi ka S^rgios Patilos, o-Wali, o-runi o- 
ts^mpi. Ow^, mo o pon ts^la Barnabas de Saal tra 
der ron^n, o y6ma Iral ar'im ra K'uru. 

8. Kere Elimas, o-ser, (tsa ya na ts6po an'es-h*on) 
tr^mone ha, o ten tra f^li o-Wali ka ka-lane. 

9. K^re Saul, (owd 'a bontr so Paulos,) de owo 
la o-Hiihu o^O-Sam, o k§li-ko trahh. 

10. pa ho: mun', ow^ la a-ydhfa be de m'ulku- 
m'^lka be, mun* w'an ka S^tani, mun' ow^ gbeha ma- 
I6mpi be, ma ma trel-fe ka-k§nas as'oii tra Yehofa 

11. Ko ak6, k^li, ka-tra ka Yehofa ka d^rar-mu, 
de ma tr§ yi o-fit, ma gb^li-he nank ar'^lr ha ka m'etr 
ma-lom! Ko o-lemp o-wa-tsi gben ka-bi de a-sum na 
d6rar-ko; de o kot-kot, o ten a-fam trdka tr^na-ko 

12. Ko mo o-Wali o nank alr^ pon ycJne, o spe 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

48 Ama-Yos 13. 

0-lsne, pak^sife kdntofali o wop-ko Ir^ka ama-lref 
ma-tdk'sa ma o-Rdbbu. 

13. Kere mg Padlos de an^ paia-ko na pon y^fa 
ro-Pfifos ra-bil, na der ro-P6rga ka ro-Pamfflia. Kere 
Y6han o y^fa roMh, o kdlane so ro-Yerusalem. 

14. K^re Aafi na y^fa ro-P6rga na tas kadi, de na 
der ro-Antiyok ka ro-Pisidia: na won ka an*-8et a- 
gb^nne ka ah*-r6i na an'-S^bbal, na ylrane. 

15. Ko ka-raraii ka ma na pon k^ran an-Toii de 
(ama-Gbal-ma) ah*-N/ibi, an-tra-bomp na an'-sel a-gb^nne 
i\a sOm ro^^n ka ps ho: A-wontr-'a-su, be pa yl ho 
na bA r'im ra ka-man tr^ka an'-fam, fof nan! 

16. An'-lo fia-tsi Paiilos o y6kane, o kdpane ka- 
tra, pS ho: NyS a-Yisraeli, de nya, and n^sa K'uru, 
Iral nan: 

o o 

17. Ok*Qru ka an'-fam an^ o poft til an'-kas-'a-su, 
de ndtra an'-fam, ma na yi a-tsik ka an-(of na 
Misra, de O wura-na rl ra ka-trA ka-ndnkine. 

18. Ko muyu ama-yos-ma-nah am*6lo ma tra-ren 
tra-gba tra-ran ro-wiila. 

19. De mo o port dim tra-bona tr'amdt de ran ka 
an-lof na Kanaan, o yer an-tof-*a-nah rondn mo k'e. 

20. Ko ka-rdran-ka-tsi o son-Aa a-tra-rok e-i^nka 
am*^io ma tra-ren tr'eme tr'inle tra-gba tra-ran tr'o- 
Klr, ha ka Samuel. o-N^bi. 

21. Kdbi ka aiV-lO na-tsi na yema o-bal; ko K'uru 
son-na Saal, ow'dn ka Kis, o-runi ka am-b(}nlon 
na B^nyamin, tr4ka am'i^lo ma tra-ren tra-gba tra- 


22. Ko mo pon trona-ko, y6kasa-na Dauda 
tra yi o-baT-ka-fian; tr^ka ow(J o son t'amas^re, o pa 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 18. 49 

ho : I pon b;p Dauda, oV^n ka Yfsai, o-rdni mo am- 
m€ra-mi gben, ow(J Irg yo ama-s6lo-ma-mi be. 

23. Ka ara-komVa ra Qv/i K'uru o poh yokas Yf- 
sua, mo o-Futia tr§ka an'-f§m na Yisrael, mo o pon 
tran r'im. 

24. Ka-raran ka roo Y6ban o m(Jta pon tr^m§s 
am-b^ptis na ka-ttibi ka ah*-fam na Yisrael be, p^ta 
Yisua MTur gb^f§t. 

25. Kq mo Y6ban o yi ka ka-po^s ka-m^nde-k'on, 
pA ho: K^oe n§ ndne ho mine yi-e? Mine yi-fe 
tsi. K^re k^li, ka-rdr§n-ka-mi k(Jno der, I be'-he tra 
8^Ua-ko e-kiJfla ya alr'6lrak-tr*o6. 

26. Nya a-wonlr-'a-8u, a-wul na ara-kom ra Ibr^- 
hima, de nya katr^n-ka-nu, an^ n6sa K'uru, ka nyan 
na poh sOm ar'im ra ka-futi akL 

27. Tsa aM yira ro-Yeri)salem, de an-lra-bomp- 
'a-hah, tr^ka ma ha tse tr^ra ow6, pa yi-he as'im tra 
ah'-N^bi, atrd 'a k^rah a-S^bbat 6 a-S^bbat, ha poh 
ld$|r-tsi ka hap-ko. 

28. De hdli ha fir-he k'^si 6 k'4si tr§ka tr'oh tra 
dif-ko> ha n^mtene Pildtos tr^ka dim-ko. 

* 29. Ka ma ha poh ama-trel be, am^ ha gbal tr^ka 
tr'oh, ha t6ra-ko ka ak'§iitr, ha botr-ko ra-ka-b6ma. 

30. K^re K'uru o y6kas-ko ka ah'-fi. 

31. Ko triJrine ma-r6T ma-lal ka ah^ poh paia- 
ko, mo yefa ro-6alilaia trdka gbep ro-Yenisalem, 
ah^ yi ah'-gb^ki-h'oh tr^ka ah'-f§m. 

32. De sya so s§ tr^m§r-nu ar'im ra-tsi, ar^ na 
poh trah ah'-kas-'a-su. 

33. Fo K'dru o poh lds§r-ri tr^ka sydh, ahd yi 

Acts. 4 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

60 Ama-Yos Id. 

an'-wul-'a-naii, Iraka mo pon yokas Yfsua: ma na 
pon so gbal ka an'-S^lma ana-ran ho: Qw'^n-ka-mi 
munon; tenon I pon kom-mu! 

34. Do fo pon yokas-ko ka an'-fi, tr^ka tse so 
kalane ra-ka-lel, o pon fof Irgka tsi mo ats6: I tsi 
son-nu e-boya ya Dauda eye-trats^n. 

35. Tsia ba-tsi o pa so ra-d'er o-jom ho: Ma 
gb§li-he tser, fo o-Sam-ka-mu o nank ka-tel. 

36* Tsa Dauda, ka-r^raA ka mo pon yo ama- 
selo ma K'uru ka an'-lo na ara-k6m'ra-r*on gbefi, o 
pon ko ro-ma-r6, do na botr-ko ka an'^kas-h'on rayer, 
nahk ka-tel. 

37. K^re kon', ow(J K'uru o pon ydkas, o ts6 
nahk k§-tei. 

38. Tr^ka tsi, nya a-runi de a-wontr-*a-8u, tr^ra- 
tsi nan, fo ka ka-tra ka owe ha tr^mar-nu ka-l^par 
ka ma-trei ma-las : 

39. De fo ka ka-lra-k'oh w'dni 6 w'dni, ow(J lane, 
s(Jlo ma-m^ri tra ama-lrel be, tr^ka am^ na t^na- 
h^ sc^to ma-m^ri ka an-toh ha Musa. 

40. Tr^ka tsi, sdbi nan, k^ma tra tse d^r§r-no, 
^tr^ ah*-N^bi ha pon fof ka pa ho: ' 

41. Kdli nah, nya a-f§m 'a kg-f^rki, kab^ne nan, 
de dinne nah; tsa 1 yO ka-yo ka ama-r^i-ma-nu, ka- 
yo, ak^ na tse lane nah ke 6 ke, be Mf'uni o tr§ k^ne- 
nu-ki nan. 

42. Ka ma ha wur ka ah'-set a-gb^nhe ha ah'- 
Yehudi, ah*-K^fri ha n^mtene-ha, karaa ha f(Jf§r-ha 
as'im atse ka ah'-S^bbat aha trindo. 

43. Ka ma ah'-gbdnne ha s^kane, a-gb^ti ha ah'- 
Y6hudi de ha ah'-GIrs, an^ nesa K'uru, ha trah Piiiilos 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 13. 51 

de Barnabas; an^ f(ifar-na, de bM t(}nlQ-na, tra b^sar 
ka am-bdna na K'uru. 

44. Kq ka an'-S^bbat afia-tr^ndo, pa tsia gbo o- 
tan ka-petr be ka t6nklaDe» tr^ka tral ar*im ra K'uru. 

45. Kere ma an'-Y^hudi ha n§nk as'unia, ha Insane 
ka-trutr, de ha p^nsa alr^ Paulos q pa-e, ha Ira pensa, 
de ha tr§ fof q-1§s. 

46. Ah*-l0 ha-lsi Paulos de Bdrnabas ha fgf o- 
miota-tr'ei, ha pa ho: m^ri nah, fo s§ mi^ta fgf 
ar'im ra K'uru ka n^ah; kere tr^ka ma d§ k^si-ri, de 
n^ n^ne, ho u^a-n^ane na b6*-he tra s6iQ ah'-h6sgm 
a-tab^na: k^i, sa s^ke ka ah'-K^fri. 

47. Tsa ^0 o-H^bbu o poh k^ne-su ka pa ho: I 
pen botr-mu tra ^i a-m6ta tr^ka ah'-K^fri, kama ma 
^i Q-Futia ha ka o-t^lane wa an-tof! 

48. Ka ma ah'-K^fri ha tral atse, pa b(}ne-ha, de 
ha ^ikis ar'fm ra Yeh6fa; de ha s§ke a-lane, ha be 
ah^ yi tra s6iQ ah'-h^s§m a-tab^na. 

49. Ko ar'iin ra o-R^bbu ra gbSntane ka an-tof 
ha-lsi be. 

50. K^re ah'-Y6hudi ha par am-b^ra aha nesa 
K'uru de aha ba k§-lel s'embe, de an-tra-bomp ha 
ka-petr, ha fak ka-bai-bal tr^ka Paulos de Barnabas, 
de ha bal-ha ka lra-n§hkra-tra-hah. 

51. K^re hah ha kohkoh ka-bof ka atr'^trak-tra- 
hah tr§ka trahhih, de ha der ro-lkonia. 

52. Ka ah'-kar^ndi ha lasane ma-bdne de o-Buhu 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


52 Ama-Yos 14. 

Ara-Bomp 14. 

1. Ko p§ b^nane ro-Ik6nia, fg Aa ^on iwia-aft ka 
ai^'-set a-gb^nne na aA'-Y^hudi, de fo ta fgf yah, h& 
r'unia ra-b^na ra aA'-Y^hudi de ra aA'-Yundni so na 
s^ke a-ldne. 

2. Kere an'-Y^hudi, ana-tse-line, 6a p§r de na 
gbukti e-m^ra ya afi'-K^fri tr^ka an'-wontr. 

3. Ka na tr^ma rl a-l^^kg a-boli, 6a fof Q-mfnta- 
tr'ei tr^ka o-R^bbu, Qy/i sQt t'amas^re tr^ka ar'im ra 
ain-b6na-n'o6 ; de oyv6 son, k^ma e-l6ma de ma-trel 
ma-kab^ne ma ^(^ne ka ama-trd-ma-iian. 

4. K^re ar'dnia ra ka-petr ra gb^skine; a-Iotn na 
vr6pane aii'-Y^hudi, de a-Iom Aa w6pane ah'-Som. 

5. Ka ma an'-K^fri, de an'-Y^budi, de an-tr§- 
bomp-'a-6aA Aa ba a-m6ra tra nal-na, de tra fftar-Aa 

6. Na nank-tsi, de iia gbuke ka tra-petr tra Lika6- 
nia, ro-Lfstra, de ro-D^rbe, de ka an-tof aAA gb|tro ri. 

7. De ri-a na tr^mgs am-B6sra. 

8. Ko o-runi o-lom ro-Ustra, kg-gb^ba ka wop 
atr'^trak-tr'oA, o yira, o yi o-tr^tke k^bi mo >^ur 
ka ak'6r ka o-k^ra-k'oii, de ow(} ta poA-he gb^li kot 

9. Ow6 tr^la Padlos o-fo^; 0W(} k^li-ko trgnA; 
de mo n§nk, fo o ba k|-l^ne txa si^to ka-yenk ma- 

10. pana r'im ra-b^na bo: Tr^ma ka atr'^trak- 
tra-mu tr61o6! Ko o pai kot. 

11. Ka ma an'-fam na n§6k, atrd Paulos o pon 
yQ-e, na n^tra as'fm-tra-nao, ua pa ka atr'^ntr tra 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 14. 53 

an'-Lika6Di ho: Atr'uru Aa pon won ara-b^lane ra 
a-fgm, na pon tor rosu. 

12. Ka na bontr Barnabas Most^ri, de Paulos Ota- 
rid; p§k^sifo k(ino tr^ma k§di ka ka-fot 

13. Ko o-k6han ka Mostari, ow^} yi ka ka-pelr- 
ka-nah rodf, o k^ra Ira-na de e-n^o rodi ka tra-rSre, 
9 y^ma wura s'Sdka, kon' re an'-fam. 

14. K^re Barnabas de Paulos, an'-Som, ma Aa tral 
atsi, na pim e-WIa-'e-nan, na wur rok^n lemp, na 
k(^ne ka an'-f§m ratri^n, na ts^la laQaa, 

15. De na pa ho: N^a a-runi, ko ne n§ ma yO 
ama-trel am^-e? §ya so yi a-fgm a-wunon ma ny^h, 
sM tr^mar-nu am-B6sra, kama na f^le ka ama-trel 
ma-yal ami, n§.s§ke ka Ok*uni owo-k^H, 0W(} pon 
b^mpa ak'uru, de an-tof, de ka-ban, de r'aka 6 r'dka 
ar^ y\ rl. 

16. Oyv6 tser tra-bona be na kot ka as'6A-tra-nan 
gben ka e-l<$ko eyi pon tas. 

17. HiSli tse pon trel-na 'a p6ni t'amasere trgka 
kdno-k^none, tr^ka mo yO-na o-ttno, o yO fo k'oni 
ka tor ka ak'uru rosii, de fo y'etr e Ic^ko ka am'^tr- 
ma-tsi, l^sar tra-but-tra-su e-wont de ma-b^ne. 

18. Ka ma na pon pa aisi, pa bak-na tra bentr 
an'-fam, k^ma Aa is€ wiira-na s'^dka. 

19. K^re a-Y6hudi, an^ y^fa ro-Anliyok de ro- 
lk6nia, Aa der rl, an^ t(^nto an'-fam, de na fftar Pau- 
los ma-sar, Aa lin na wura-ko ka ka-petr, na n^ne» 
ho pon fi. 

20. K^re ma an'-kar^ndl na rap-ko, o y6kane, 
yfQti ka ka-petr: de ka aft'-rii ana-trdndo o wur rl re 
Bdrnabas, i^a kiJne ro-D^rbe. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

54 Ama-Yos 14. 15. 

' 21. Ka ma na pon trSmas am-B6sra ka ka-petr 
ka-tsi, de ma na poh s^ki a-gb^ti a-kar^ndi, ha k^lane 
80 ro-Lislra, de ro-lkonia, de ro-Anfiyok. 

22. !Na bak'sar e-mera ya an'-kar^ndi, na man-na 
tra b^sar ka ka-lane, de na k^ne-na, fo sa yi tra won 
ka 'ra-bal ra K'dru ka tra-s(5mpane tra-lal. 

23. Ka ma na pon tita-na a-baki ka a-gbanne 6 
a-gb^nne; na r^mne ka wop a-sQm, de na m^nkar-na 
ka Q-RSbbu, qy/^ na Isne. 

24. Ka ma na pon tas ka Pisidia, na der ro- 

25. De ma na pon fof ar'im ro-P6rga, na tor ro- 

26. De ri-a m b^ka ra-bil tr§ka kdne ro-Antiyok, 
ro na pon m^nkar-na ka am-bdna Aa K'dru tr^ka ama- 
panl ma-tsi, amd na pon gb^nti. 

27. Ka ma ha poh b6k ri, ha tdhkla ah'-gb^nne 
rokfn, ha trdri-ha ama-lrel be, am^ K'uru o poh yO 
ka ama-trd-ma-hah, de fQ Q poh kantia ah*-K^fri ka- 
rare ka ka-lane. 

28. Ka ha tr^ma ri ka ah'-kar^ndi a-I5ko a-bdli. 

Ara-Borap 15. 

1. Kere a-lom ha lor ha yefa ro-Yehudia, ha t^k'sa 
ah'-wontr, ha pa ho: Be ha gbak-he-nu e-l6mpe mo 
ama-tr^nne ma Mdsa, na gb|li-he fdli. 

2. Ko mo ma-p6lane ma-b^na de a-gbal a-bSna 
iia ydne katrou ka Padlos re Barnabas de kalr^h-ka- 
nah, ha gbak, fo Padlos de Barnabas, de a-rdni a-Iora 
kalr(Ja-ka-hah, ha yi tra gbep ka ah*-Som de ka am- 
B^ki ro-Yerusalem tr^ka air' el tra-gb5lar atse. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 15» 56 

3. Ko nan, ma an'-gb^nne ha pon paia-na o-tan 
ro-r'on, na tas ka Foinikia de ka Samaria, Aa tr^^ri 
ka-s§ke ka e-mera ya an'-K6fri; de na yo aA'-wgntr 
be ma-b^ne ma-b^na. 

4. Ka ma na bek ro-Yerusalem, an'-gbdnne, de 
an'-Som, de am-B^ki na m^lane-ina, de na tr(Jri-na 
ama-trel be, ama K'uru q pon yO ka ama-tra-ma-nan. 

5. An'-Io na-tsi a-lom na an'-kar^ndi na an'-F^risi, 
aM pon s^ke a-Iane, na ydkane, na pa bg: Na ba 
ka-gbak-na e-l^nipe, de ka-k^ne-na tra wop an-ton na 

6. Kq an'-Som de am-B^ki na gb^nne rokfn, tr^ka 
k^li atr'ei ats6. 

7. Ka ma na pon gb^lane Q-w^jni, P6t§r q y6kane, 
pa roMn: Nya a-wontr-'a-mi , n§ tr^ra, fo pg won 
mo K'uru q pon tit-mi kalr(^n-ka-su, fo an'-Kafri na 
yi tra tral ar'im ra am-B6sra ka ka-s§n-ka-mi, de tra 
s§ke a-ldne. 

8. De K'dru, ow(i tr^ra e-m6ra, o soA t'amasere 
tr§ka tradnSn, tr^ka mo o son-na o-Ruhu owo-Sam, 
mo son-ko so ka l^afi; 

9. De botr-he o-gbdske katrdn ka syan de katriJii 
ka nan, tr^ka mo f^tar e-mera-*e-nan ka ka-lane. 

10. Ko tr'el tr'a na m^mar ton K'uru-e, tr^ka botr 
ka-nir rok^^m ka ka-lim ka an'-karSndi, ak^ an'-kas-'a- 
su na t^na-he r^na, p§ yi-he s^aii-e? 

11. K^re sa lane, fo &§ tra s^Jto ka-futi ka am- 
bona na o-Hdbbu Yisua Masia, ma nan so. 

12. An -lo na-tsi ar'unia be oa trauk, ua sQ e-laiis 
ka Paulos de ka Barnabas, an^ kane-na e-l6ma dg 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

56 Ama-Yos 15. 

ama-trcl ma-kab^ne be, am^ K'tira o pon yo katr(}6 
la an'-K^fri ka ama-tra-ma-iian. 

13. Ko ka-raran ka ma Aa pon trank, Yakuba q 
trap ka-fof, o pa ho: Nya a-wontr-'a-mi , ada-mi naft 

14. Sfman o pon k^ne-su, mo K'uru o mdta k^li 
an'-K6fri i-n^i, tra tftane a-fam katrdn-ka-iiaA tr|ka 
trgm§r-na aA'^s-A'o^. 

15. De as'fm Ira an'-N^bi tra m^ne re atr'ef ats6; 
ma na pon gbal ho: 

16. Ka-raran-ka-tsi I tsi k^lane, 1 tsi kal tr^mar 
ka-y^fa ka Dadda, ak4 pon y^kse; de I t^i kal b^mpa 
e-kinto-ya-tsi, de I tsi kal tr^mar-ki: 

17. Kdma an'-fam an^ tsia Aa ten Yeh6fa, de tra- 
b6na be, an^ 'a tr^mar an*68-'a-mi: Yeh6fa o pa, ow6 
yo ama-lrel ami be. 

18. K'uru tr^ra ama-yos-m'on be k^bi t^pan 

19. Tr§ka tsi aA*-n^ne-'a-mi nfa-ne, fo sa tse ky^ne 
naA, an6 pon 8§ke ka K'uru katr(}n ka aA'-KWri. 

20. Kere fo s§ s6mar-Aa r'im, k^ma na n^ne ey'^tr 
e-yifa ya e-ron, de ka-rap, de 0-sem o-dif ka trokar 
am-b6Io, de ma-tsir. 

21. Tsa Musa o ba bM Ir^mas-ko ra-ka-petr d 
ka-petr k^bi t^pan, Ir^ka ma na k^ran ama-gbaI-m*on 
ka e-set e-gb^nne a-Sdbbal 6 a-S^bbat. 

22. An*-Io na-tsi pa n§n8a o-fino ka an'-Som, de 
ka am-B^ki, de ka an'-gbanne be, tra tit a-runi katr^jn- 
ka-nan, de tra sOm-na ro-Antiyok re Patilos de Bar- 
nabas; am'es-ma-nan: Yehuda, ow(} 'a bontr so Bar- 
nabas, de Silas, an^ yi a-tra-bomp na an'-wontr: 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 15. 57 

23. Ka na sOm a-reka ka ama-tra-ma-nan mo ats6: 
Ah'-Som, de am-B^ki, de an'-wgntr na sOm e-k6ri ka 
an'-wonlr, aM yi katr(}n ka an'-K^fri ro-Antiyok, de 
ro-Siria, de ro-Kilikia. 

24. Tr^ka ma s§ pon tr§l, fo a-lom, and y^fa rosu^ 
na kira-nu ra s'hn, na s(ikane t^-m^ra-'e-nu, ka pa ho 
na ba tra gb§k-nu e-l^mpe, de fo na ba tra wop an* 
ton; ana sa kdne-he r'im 6 r'im. 

25. Pa pon n§nsa-su o-fino, ma sa poA gbdnne 
rokin a-m^ra n'in, tra tit a-runi, de tra sOm-na ronii 
re Barnabas de Paulos, a-ydtki-'a-su a-bdtar, 

26. A-fam aM pon Idnkli ah'-nesam-'a-nan tr§ka 
an'es na Yisua Masia, o-R^bbu-ka-su. 

27. De sa pon som'ra Yehuda de Silas, and tra 
triJri-nu so ama-trel ma-tJi gbeft ka tra-san-tra-nah. 

28. Tsa pa tisane ka o-Riihu o^vo-Sam, de ka 
syan, tra ts6 ren-nu ka-rdna ka-lom, tdmbe ama-trel 
ma-mdri ame: 

29. Ho na n^ne 0-sem wa s'ddka tr' e-ron, de 
ma-tsir, de o-sem o-dif ka tr()k§r am-b61o, de ka- 
rap: be na sobine tr^ka ama-trel am6, na tra b^nane 
0-fino. Yen* na ma-der-o! 

30. Ka nan, ma na pon tser-na 'a kdne, na der 
Fo-Antiyok; de ma na pon t6nkla ar'unia, na Idnkli 
an'-r^ka rondn, 

3t. Ka ma na pon kdran-ni, pa b^ne-na tr^ka 

32. K^re Yehuda de Silas, and yi so a-Ndbi na- 
Aine, na mdna an'-wontr s'ini tra-Iai, na bdk'sar-Aa. 

1&^ Ka ma na pon tr^ma rl a-l(iko a-lom, an'-wontr 
na t§er-Aa 'a k(Jne o-tdf§l, tr^ka kdlane ka an'-Som. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

58 Ama-Yos 15. 16. 

34. K^re pa tisane Silas tra tr^ma n ras. 

35. Kq Paulos de Barnabas iia tr^nia ro-Antiyok, 
na t^k'sa, de na trSmas ar'im ra o-R^bbu re a-lom 
a-gbdli SQ. 

36. Kere ka-raran ka ma-r^i ma-lom Paulos o pd 
ka Barnabas hg: Man kMane sq toil tr§ka k6ri an'- 
wontr-'a-su ra-ka-petr 6 ka-petr, ro sa pon tr^m§8 
ar'fm ra o-R^bbu, kama sa k^H, tro pa yi na-e. 

37. Kq Barnabas q y^ma y6kane so Yoban, QY/i 
^a bontr so Markos, kdroa o paia-Aa. 

38. K^re Padlos o n^ne-tsi o-16mpi, Ira tse yokane 
kon', owd ^'^fa ron^n ro-Pamfilia, dg qy/^ tse paia-iia 
ka ama-pant. 

39. Ko a-gbal a-ban na yi katrdA-ka-nan, ha na 
sSkane, ok'in ka owo-loin: de Barnabas o y6kane Mdr- 
kos, b^ka ra-bil tr^ka k()ne ro-Kipro. 

40. K^re Paulos o titane Silas, ko ^nr, ka-raran 
ka ma an'-wontr na pon m^nkar-ko ka am-bona na 

41. Kq tas ka Siria de ka Kilikia, o b^k'sar e^ 

Ara-Bomp 16. 

1. Ko der ro-D^rbe de ro-Lfstra. Ko k§li, O' 
kar^ndi o-lom o yi rl, an'is-n'oA Tim6teos, ow'^n ka 
0-Y6hudi o-b^ra^ ow(J ^i o-lsne, k^re o-kas-k'oA Q yi 

2. Ow(J ba ii'es a-ftno katr^jn ka an'-wontr ro- 
Listra de ro-lk6nia. 

3. Ow6 Paulos y^ma, fo paia-ko; de y6ka- 
ko, gbak-ko an'-I^mpe tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra an'-Y6hudi, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 16. 59 

ana yi ka Qi'6r o-wa-tsi: tsa na be na tr^ra Irgka 
0-kas-k'on, fo yi o-Yundni. 

4. Ka ma na tas ka tra-petr, na l^hk1ia-na ama- 
gb^ka Ira wop-na, aind au'-Som de am-B^ki, an^ yi 
FO-Yenisalem, na poA gbak. 

5. Ya ka-lane ka e-gb6nne ka sdto ka-b6kar, de 
O-lom-'o-han o b^rne a-r^i 6 a-rei. 

6. Ka ma na pon tas ka an-tof na Frfgia de na 
Galatia, o-Ruhu owo-Sara o benlr-na tra fgf ar'im ro- 
Asia. ' 

7. Ka ma na der ka an'-gbap na an-tof na Misia, 
na memar Ira k5ne ka an'-gbap na an-tof na Bitinia; 
kere o-Ruhu o tse ts6ra-na-tsi. 

8. Ka na tas ka Misia, ha tor ro-Troas. 

9. Ko Patilos nahk ma-nahk tratrak: o-I^nba o- 
lom ka Makedonia o trgma o ngmlene-ko, o p5 hg: 
Fasi Fomori ro-Makedonia, ma mar-su! 

10. Ko mo pon nank ama-nahk, t^le lemp sa 
memar tra ko ro-Makedonia, tr§ka ma sa pon gbentas- 
tsi, fo o-H^bbu pon tseia-su tra tramar ha am-B6sra. 

11. Tr^ka tsi sa yefa ro-Tr6as ra-bil, sa der ro- 
Samotr^kia ra-r'on' da-lroloh, de ka ah'-rei aha-tr^ndo 

12. De ri-a sa yefa sa der ro-Filippo, ak^ yi ka- 
pelr aka-trdtroko ka ah'-belah ha-tsi ha Makedonia, 
de ak^ yi a-Koldnia. Ka ka-petr ake sa irgma ma-r^T 

13. Ko ka ah'-r6Y ha ah'-S^bbal sa wur rok^h ka 
ka-petr; sa kgne ro-bon' day^r, ro ha tr^nne ka-r^mne; 
ri-a sa yira, sa fdfar am-b^ra, ah^ pon gb^nne ri 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

60 Ama-Yos 16. 

14. Ko o-b^ra o-lora, an'^s-n'oA Lidia, ka ka-petr 
ka Tiatefra, ow^} tfla e-Mla e-firfir, de owd n^sa K'tini, 
yi O-lrjl; ka ow6 o-R^bbu o kanti ka-bul-k'ofi, kSma 
9 b6(rar am-m^ra ka ama-trel, am^ Padlos o fof-e. 

15. Ka ma i^a pon b^ptis-ko k({no-kiJnone, de aii'- 
£§m lia an'-set-n'on , q ii^inlt?ne-8u, q pa ho: Be n§ 
n^ne, ho I fi Q-Mne ka o-R^bbu tra-tseA, won nan 
ka ail'-set-'a-mi, de ^ia na n. Ko o f(}sar-8u o-lai. 

16. Ko p§ yi, ma 8§ kdne traka r^mne, a-bol a- 
b^ra a-lom o gb4nne-su, ow^J ba o-krifi ka-tupas, de 
OW(J 8(Jtona an'-kaa-n'on ma-k^nya ma-lai ka ka-tupas- 

17. Owi traA Patilos de sySn, o wena, o pa 
ho: An'-f§m a66 ha yi e-bol ya Qk'uru owo-BdIi 
rok(Jm be, aA^ trdri-nu ar*6n' da ka-fdti. 

18. De yo O yO ma-r6i ma-Ial. K^re Paolos o 
b^n'8a tr^ka Isi, ko 84ke, o pa ka o-krffi ho: I 
kSne-mu ka afi'^8 ha Yisua Masia tr§ka wur rohiJh! 
Ko wur ah'-gb^leh ha-tsi gbeh. 

19. Ka ma ah'-ka8-h'oA ha nahk, fo ha gb^li-he 
80 r^tsa tra 8(Jto ma-k^hya, ha batr Paulo8 de Silas, 
ha lih-ha ro-bdre rodf ka an-tra-bomp. 

20. Na k^re-ha rodi ka ama-rok e-tdhka, ha pa 
ho: Ah'-fam ah6 ha gb6hkfas ka-petr-ka-su, tr§ka ma 
ha yi a-Y^hudi, 

21. De ha trSmas ma-yos, am^ ha ts^ra-he-8U tra 
m^lane, tal^jm tra wop, pak^sife sa yi a-R6mi 

22. Ko ah'-fam ha y6kar-ha iwin-ah; de mo ama- 
rok e-ti}hka ha poh yO *a bus-ha e-16pra-'e-nah, ha 
k^ne, kgma ha 8^pa-ha tra-sete. 

23. Ka ma ha poh sap-ha ma-8ap ma-gbdti, ha 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 16. 61 

botr-na r§-9et 6a ma-tfokane, na k^ne o-bumar ka 
an'-set Aa ma-tf/ikane tra buin§r-na o-b^k§r. 

24. Kon^ ma na poA k^ne-ko ar'{m ar6, o botr-na 
rokdr ka a6'-set na ma-tfnkane, q b^k's§r atr'^trak- 
tra-uah ka tra-r^nka. 

26. Ka ka-ren' datrdA Padlos de Silas Aa rSmne, 
ina linsir K'iini; de an-tr§-r§nka na tr^la-na. 

26. Ko k|-b(ine ka an-tof k§-b^na ka ydne ma- 
l6mbu, ha o-tr^mgr wa an'-set Aa ma-tfnkane o 
y^tane; de t6te lemp tra-rfire be tra kdntine, de 
atr'or^nta tra w'uni 6 vr'uni tra s^le. 

27. Kg mo o-bum§r ka a&'-set Aa ma-tfnkane Q 
t&me ka ama-re-m'on, de mo o n§Ak, fo tra-rdre tra 
aii'-set 6a ma-tfhkane tra kdnte, trdli a-gbSto> 
y^ma dffne, pak^ife n^ne> ho an-tr§-r§nka na pon 

28. K^re Paulos o ts^la r'im ra-b^na, o pd ho: 
Tse y(Jne tr'cl 6 tr'el tra-ban; tsa Syd be sa yi an(J! 

29. Ko yif tr^ka k§-m6ta, de vtqA ka gbuke, 
k§-yer ka wop-ko> O gbap ad'^r ro-tof rodf ka Paulos 
de ka SHas. 

30. wura-na rok^6, o pd ho: Pft-Aa, ko me 
yO-e, kSma I fuli-e? 

31. Ko nan 6a pd ho: line ka o-R^bbu Yisua 
Masia, de m§ tr§ futi, munon de ka-bor-ka-mu. 

32. Ka 6a fof ar'fm ra o-R^bbu ka kon', de ka 
na be a6d yi ka an'-8et-6'o6. 

33. Ko y6kane-na ka a6'-gb^Ie6 6a-tli 6a tra- 
tr^k, y^k§sa-6a tra-sam-tra-6a6: de t^te 6a bdptis- 
ko, kon' de ka-bor-k'on be. 

34. Ko k^re-6a ka an'-set-6'o6, o botr y'etr 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

62 Ama-Yos 16. 17. 

e-di rodi-ka-nan, o y^sane, kon' de ka-bor-k'on be; 
pak^sife Q pon s^ke q-Uuq ka K'urii. 

35. Ko mo ara-sQk ra pon bek, ama-rok e-t^nka 
na sOm e-bgl-'e-nan Ira pa ho: Tser aia'-f§rh na-tsi 
iia k(}ne? 

36. Ko bumar ka an'-set na ma-ti6kane o tr(Jri 
as'im ats6 ka Paulos, o pa ho: Ama-rok e-t(Jnka na 
pon som, kdma I tser-nu n§ ki^ne: tr^ka tsi wur nan 
ton, n§ k(Jno o-t(^fal! 

37. Kere Paulos o p3 ron^n; Na pon yO 'a sap- 
su o-gbMat, hali na tse pon nap-su, &M }ri a-R6mj, 
do na botr-su ra-set na ma-linkane; do ak6 iia y^ma 
wura-su o-m^nkne-i? Ye taho; k^re tra na der na- 
Aane tr^ka wura-su, 

38. Ko e-boi na tr(}ri as'im alse ka ama-rok e- 
t(}nka; de ra-nes ra wop-na, ma na tral, fo na yi a- 

39. Ka na der, na t(Jnto-na, na wura-na, de na 
nemtene-na tra wur ka ka-pelr. 

40. Ka na wur ka an'-set na ma-tinkane, na v/Qh 
ka an'-set na Lidia; ka ma iia pon naiik aii'-wontr, 
na man-na, iia wur ka ka-petr. 

Ara-Bomp 17. 

1. Ka ma na tas ka Amfipolis de ka ApoHonia, na 
der ro-Tessal6nika , ro a-set a-gbanne na aii*-Y6hudi 
Aa yi. 

2. Ko Paulos, mo o tr^nne k§-yO» won roii^ii, 
de Wfar-na tr§ka ama-Gbal ka e-S(§bbat e-sas, 

3. y6rki-na ron^n, de tr(}ri, fo o-Masia o yi 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 17. 63 

na tra scJmpdne, de tra ;6kane ka ah'-fi; de fo 0* 
Yfsua ow6, gw(J (o pa) I tr^mar-nu, o yi o-Masia. 

4. De a-lom katr(^n-ka-nan na Idoe, de na gbAp'sa 
Paulos de Silas; hdlisa kg-Ia k§-b^Da ka aii'-YuDdnt 
afi^ nesa K'uru, de a-gbSti na an'-y6la a-bera. 

5. K^re an'-Y6hudi, anS fse lane, fta ba ka-trutr, 
de na ^okane a-runi a-yai na ar'dnia ra ro-d'er g-lila, 
na t6nkla k'6bali, na fak ma-gb6hkta ro-petr, na trura 
an'-set na Ydson, na ten tra k6re-na rodi ka ah'- 
gb^nne na an'-fam. 

6. Ka ma na fir-he-na, na lin Y^son de a-wgnlr 
a-lom roAi ka an-tr§-boinp na ka-petr, na w^Aa ho: 
Ane, an^ pon gbdnktas an-tof be, na pon so der aniJ. 

7. An6 Yason o .>Ta; de na be na yo ma-trel, ano^ 
peskiane re ama-gb^ka ma o-Kaisar, tr^ka ma iia pa» 
fo o-lom yi 0-bal, au'^s-ii'on Ylsua. 

8. Ka na kira an'-f§m de an-tr§-bomp na ka-petr, 
an^ tral ats6. 

9. Ka ma na pon s^^to ma-seke ka Y^son, de ka 
ana-lom, na tser-na 'a kdne. 

10. Ko t^te an'-wontr na s6m'ra Paulos de Silas 
ro-Ber6a. Ka ma na pon bek ri, na k(}ne ka an'-set 
a-gb^nne na an'-Y6hudi. 

1 1 . Ane na ba e-mera e-fino na las aM yi ro- 
Tessalonika, na m^lane ar'im r* e-n^era e-selo, Irpa 
ma na gbelen arpa-Gbal a-re'i 6 a-rei, be pg yi ho 
ama-lrel am6 ma yi yau. 

12. Tr§ka Isi a-gbdti katrdn-ka-nan na s§ke a- 
lane; bdlisa a-gb^ti na an'-Yunani afia-yola, a-b^ra de 

13. Kere ma aiV-Y6hudi na ro-Tes8al6nika na Iral, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

64 Ama-Yos 17. 

fo Padlos trim§8 so ar'fm ra K'dru ro-Ber&a, tfia 
der, de ri-a so na kfra aA'-f§in. 

1 4. An'-lo 6a-tsi aA'-wontr 6a sdm'ra Padlos t^te, 
k^ma k(}ne ka ka-bau. K^re Silas de Timoteos Aa 
tsia n. 

15. Do bM tr^a Padlos ro-r'oA, Aa k^re-ko ha 
ro-Alina: de ma Aa pon s^iQ r'im tr^ka Silas de Ti- 
mdteos, tra der vQiiit t^te lemp, tA y^h rl. 

16. K^ro mo Padlos o yi ka ka-kar-Aa ro-Atina, 
am-m^ra-A'on ta b^h'sa rok'6r k'oi^f mo na&k, fo 
ka-petr ka la e-roA. 

17. Ko fdfar aA'-Y^hadi, de aA'-f§m aia^ ii6sa 
K'dru ro-set a-gb^nne, de an^ o bonane ro-d'er o- 
tfla a-rii 6 a-r^i. 

18. K^re a-Filos6fi a-lom 6a afi'-Epfkuri, de na 
an'-Stdiki, 6a gb^lane-ko. De a-Iom Aa pa ho: Ko 
ow'dni ka-t^lma ow6 o y^ma pa-e? A-lom 6a pa 
ho : Pa n^nsa, ho yi o-tr^mas tr'dru tr§-tsel : p§k^- 
«ife tr^mar-6a am-B6sra 6a Yisua de 6a ka-y6kane 
ka an'-fi. 

19. Ka 6a wop-ko ka-tra, 6a k^re-ko- rok(}m ka 
a6'-Are6pago, 6a pa ho: P§ yi s§ gb^li to tr^ra-i, 
ko ama-trel ma-t^k'sa ama-fu am6 ma yi-e, am^ m§ 

20. Tsa ma kira ma-trel ma-truMr'eT ma-nam rodi 
ka e-l§6s-'e-su : s§ y6ma to tr^ra, ko ama-trel am6 
ma yi-e. 

21. Tsa a6'-AtiDi be, de an-tsik 6a ro-petr, 6a 
ba-he ka-f^na tr^ka tr'e! 6 tr'el, timbe tra pa, taldm 
tra tr§l tra-fa. 

22. Ko Padlos o tr^ma ka a6'-Are6pago ratr(J6, o 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 17. 65 

pa ho: N^ya a-runi iia Atlna! I naftk, fg Ir^ka tr*ei d 
tr'el na tdsi ka ka-r^mne ka Ir'dru. 

23. Tsa me 1 las ka ka-petr, de me I k^li ey'etr- 
'e-nu e-r^mne, I bap so a-mSsbak, ro na pon gbal 
ho: Trdka Ok'uru owo-ls6-tr^ra! Trdka Isi, kon', QVfi 
na r^mne ka tse tr^ra-ko, Ow6 mine trainar-nu. 

24. Ok'uru, ow6 pon b^mpa ara-rQ, de r'aka 6 
r'aka ar^ )^i ri, kdno ts6 yita ka e-h6kal e-b^mpana 
ma-tra, trdka mo yi o-R^bbu ka ak'dru de ka an- 


25. De pa ^i-he ma-lra ma a-fam ama lenki-ko, 
mo ho y^ma r'aka 6 r'aka; pak^sife lino son \v'Qni 
6 w'uni ka-kgli, de a-n^sani, de r*aka 6 r'akn. 

2G. De pon bempana tra-b6na tra a-fam be ma- 
Isir m'in, trgka yira rok()m ka ad'^r ra an-tof be, de 
pon b6tra-na m'elr, de tra-n^nkra Ira o-yira-'o-nan. 

27. Kdma na tens o-R6bbu, be pa yi ho fta gboh's, 
na fir-ko; hali o tse b^jlane w'uni 6 w'uni kalr(}u-ka-8u. 

28. Tsa pa yi ka n'on a-fdsa, fo sa k^Ii, sa tronne, 
sa yi; mo a-lom so na an-tr§pi na ma-len katrdn-ka- 
nu na pon pa ho: Tsa sya so yi ra-kom'ra-r'oA. 

29. Tr§ka ma sa yi ton ra-kom'ra ra K'dru, sa yi- 
he tra n^ne, fo K'dru o b^lane ma-bOi^o, talcum m'a- 
sflwar, talijm a-sar, ma-pant ma-gb^si ma ra-trol de 
ma ka-wura k§ w'uni. 

30. E-l(iko ya ka-ts6-trdra K'uru q po6 pdine ; k^re 
ak6 k^ne a-fam be d'er 6 d'er tr§ka tdbi; 

31: Pgk^sife pon botr a-r6*i, mo tra riJka e- 
tdinka ya an-tof be ma-16mpi, ka ka-tra ka o-runi, Qvti 
poll botr; tr^ka mo o botr ka-Iane rodi ka w'uni 6 
w'uni ka ka-y6kas-ko ka an'-fi. 

Acts. 5 

. Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

66 Araa-Yos 17. 18. 

32. Ka ma na lr§l tr^ka ka-yokane ka an'-fi, a-lom 
iia sel; k^re a-lgm na pa hp: Sa y^ma tr^la-mu so 
tr^ka atr'ei ats6 a-ldko a-lom. 

33. Yo ^Paulos o yi^^ ka ka-tron-ka-nan. 

34. K^re a-runi a-lom na w6pane-ko, de na s§ke 
a-lane. Dionisios, k'in ka an'-Are6pagi, de o-bera o- 
loni, ah'es-n'on Dam^ris, na y\ kalr^n-ka-nan , de a- 
lom so re nan. 

Ara-Bomp 18. 

1. Ka-rdran-ka-tsi Paulos o >^fa ro-Atina, o der 

2. Ko bap o-Y^hudi o-lom, an'e^-ii'on Akwila, 
ka am-b<Sna na am-P6nti, owd y^fa ro-lldlia, pa la won- 
he, re Priskflla, o-r^ni-k'on; (p§kasife Klaudios o pon 
k5ne an'-Y6hudi be, kama na yefa ro-Rom); de o der 

' 3. De tr^ka mo kon' de Akwila na ba ma-panl m'in, 
jia ron^n,' de o yO ma-panl ron^n ; k^re ama-panl- 
ma-nan ma yi Ira yo tra-yifa. 

4. Ko ^of ro-sel a-gb^nne a-S^bbal 6 a-S^bbat, 
ten Ira Idnlo ah*-Y6hiidi de an'-Yunani Ira lane. 

5. Ko mo Silas de Timoleos na bgk ka yefa ro- 
Makedonia, o-Rubu o Iron Paulos Ira gb^ki-tsi ka an'- 
Y6hudi, fo Yisua o yi Q-Masia. 

6. K^re ma na lr§mone-ko, de ma na fof 0-l§s, 
won e-l<ipra-y'on, o pa ron^n ho: Tra ama-lsir-ma- 
nu ma der rokom ka tra-bomp-lra-nu gben! Mine, I 
fera, k^bi ka an*-lQ ane I Isi k(5ne ka ah*-K^fri. 

7. Ko y^fa rl, o won ka an'-set na o-rtini o- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 18. 67 

lom, an'es-n'on Yiistos, ow(J nesa K'uru; an'-set-A'on 
na gb^rane an'-set a-gbSnne. 

8. De Krispos, o-ra-bomp ka ah'-set a-gb^nne, o 
s^ke o-l^ne o-R^bbu re ka-bor-k'on be; de a-gbali na 
an'-Konnti, ai\A su e-lans, na s^ke a-lane, de na ^0 
'a b^ptis-na. 

9. Kq o-R^bbu pd ka Paulos ka ma-nafkk tratrak 
ho: Tse nesa, k^re fof, de tse Irank: 

10. Tsa mine ^i re munoh, de w'uni 6 w'uni o 
gb^li-he triira-mu tra yo-mu o-ban: tsa I ba a-fam 
a-gb^ti ka ka-petr ak6. 

11. Ko yira ri ka-ren k'in de y'of Ir'am^t ro 
k'in, t§k'sa-na ar'im ra K'uru. 

12. K^re mo Gallic o ^'i 0-Suba ka o-K6nsul ro- 
Akaia, an*-Y6hudi na yokar Paulos a-mera ii'in, na 
k^re-ko rodi ka ka-wan ka k§-rok e-tdnka, 

13. Na pa ho: Owe o t(Jnlo a-fam Ira r^mne K'uru 
mo ma-tr^nne am^ p^ski an-ton-'a-su. 

14. Kere mo Paulos o y^ma kanli ka-san-k'on, 
GSllio pd ka an'-Y^hudi ho: Be pa yi na tr'el tra- 
t6ri tr§-lom, laldm a-yos a-las na ka-sas, nya a- 
Y^hudi, p§ tra 16mpir-mi nan tra sua-nu e-lans r* a- 
muyu : 

15. K^re tr^ka ma pa yi tr'el tra-gb^lar tr§ka ma- 
trei ma-t^k'sa, de Ir^ka m'es, dp tr^ka an-lon-'a-nu, 
k§li-tsi nan nya-nydne: tsa mine Ise y^ma yi o-ka- 
rok e-tonka tr^ka araa-trel ame. 

16. Ko bal-na ka ka-wan ka ka-rok e-tdnka. 

17. An'-lo na-lsi an'-Yunani be na batr Sdstenes, 
O-ra-bomp ka an'-set a-gb^nne, Aa sut-ko rodi ka ka- 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

68 Ama-Yos 18. 

wafi ka ka-rok e-tdnka: de G^ilio tra tsg ba-ko tr'ei 
6 tr'el tr^ka tsi. 

18. Kq Paulos trgma r! ras ma-r^T ma-laf; de 
ka-rargn-ka-t^i o l^mne an'-wontr, q bSka ra-bil tr§ka 
ko ro-Stria, de PriskiUa de Akwila fia paia-ko, ka- 
rargn ka mg o pon gb^kas an'-fon na 'ra-bomp-r'on 
ro-K^nkria; t^a o poh s^karne. 

19. Kq der ro-£fe5o, de nan o tsfa-na rl: k^re 
ki^DQ y^Qii ka an'-set a-gb^nne, f(}far aA'-Y^hudi. 

20. Ka ma iia nemtene-kg tra yira ras ron^n, o 
ts6 w6sa. 

21. K^re l^mne-na, o pa ho: I b& tra kus am'^tr 
am^ ma der-e ro-Yerusalem ko-kO; k^re I tsi k^lane 
80 ronu, be K'llru o s6lo. Kq o y^fa ro-Efeso ra-bil. 

22. Kq mo q pon so ro-gban ro-Kaisaria, o gbep, 
k6ri an'-gbdnne» de o tor ro-Anti^rok. 

23. Kq mo o pon tr§ma rl ma-r6T ma-lom, o ^ur 
rl, tas ka an-tof na Galatia de na Frigia k'in k'in, 
Q b^k'sar ai^'-karSndi be. 

24. Ko o-Y6hudi o-lom o der ro-Efeso, an'6s-A'oA 
Ap611os, Aa kom-ko ro-Aleks^ndria, o^d trSra ro-sa6, 
<l6 Qyi6 t§na tr^ka ama-Gbai. 

25. Ow6 6a pon t^k'sa ka ar'6n* da Yehofa; de 
a-f6la a-ban na wop am-m6ra-n'on tra fof de tra t^ksa 
ama-trei tr^ka o-R^bbu gbetr; k^re trSra gbo am- 
bSptis na Y6ban. 

26. Ow6 tr§p ka-fof o-minta-tr'al ro-set a-gbSnne: 
ko mo Akwila de Priskflia na pon tr§la-ko, na ^okane- 
ko, na ta y6rkia-ko ar'6n' da K'dru gbetr. 

27. Ko mo ^^ma k(Jne ro-Akaia, ai^'-wontr Aa 
ti^nto-ko tra k(Jne, de na gb^lar an'-wontr, kama na 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 19. 69 

mSlane-ko. Ko mo pon bek ri, o ^i k'esete ka-lal 
tr^ka an^ pon s^ke a-ldne ka ka-trfi ka am-b6na. 

28. Tsa trdri ah'- Y^hudi r' a-f^sa lra-y6la-tra- 
nah ro-gMfat, o gb^ntas-tsi ka as'fm tra ama-Gbal, fo 
Yisua yi o-Masia. 

Ara-Bomp 19. 

1. Ko pa yi roo Ap6llos o yi ro-Korint, fo Paulos, 
ka-rgrah ka mo pon las ka tra-tof atra-hStrane, 
der ro-Efeso. De mo bap ri a-kar^ndi a-lom, 

2. pS ToMti ho: Na pon sdto' o-Ruhu owo- 
Sam-i, ma na pon s^ke a-lane-i? Ka na pa ron(5h: 
De, sa poh-he so tral tab^na, fo ha poh son o-Ruhu 

3. Ko pd ho: Ko a-b^ptis hah* aha 'a baptisa- 
nu-e? Na pa ho: Am-b^ptis ha Yohan. 

4. Ko Paulos pS ho: Yohan o b^ptisa a-fam am- 
b^plfs ha ka-lubi, o k^ne ah'-fam, fo ha yi Ira Isne 
QVfi der ka-rarah-k'on, ah'es-h'on Yisua, o-Masfa. 

5. Ka ma ha tral alse, ha yo 'a b^ptis-ha ka ah'^s 
ha o-R^bbu Yisua. 

6. Ko mo Paulos o reh-ha ama-tra-m'on , o-Ruhu 
Owo-Sam d6rar-ha; de ha f()fa Ir'anlr Ira-tsel, ha 
tra n6bi. 

7. De ah'-runi be ha beka am'^lo ma tr'of^tr ha-rah. 

8. Ko won ro-set a-gb^nne, o yO ka-minta, q 
f(Jfar-ha y'of e-sas, de t(Jnlo-ha tra lane ama-lrel 
tr^ka ara-bai ra K'dru. 

9. Kere ma a-lom ha ba tra-bomp tra-bSki, de ma 
ha }'^ma-he l^ne, de ma ha fof o-las tr§ka ar'6n* da- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

70 Ama-Yos 19. 

tsi rodi ka ar'itnia, o .y^^a ronSn, o gb^ski an'-kar^ndi, 
de fof a-roi 6 a-re'i ka ai^'-set a-k^ran na o-rdni 
o-lQin, aiV^s-n'oii Tir^nnos. 

10. De atse ira y(5ne am'cjlo ma tra-ren Ira-ran; 
ha an^ yira ro-Asia be na Iral ar'fin ra o-R^bbu Yi^ 
sua, an*-Y6hudi de an'-YunSni. 

11. Ko K'uru yQ ma-yos ma-b^na ka ama-trd 
ma Paulos: 

12. Ha i^a gb^par so e-gb^sa ta)()m e-s6ka ^a ama- 
der-m'oh ka am-boma, de tra-lrQ tra tser-na, de an*- 
krifl a-las na wur. 

13. Here a-Iom ha ah'-Y^hudi ah^ kot kot, de ah^ 
wura a-krifi ka gbih, ha memar Ira bontr ah'es ha o- 
K^bbu Yisua tr^ka ah^ ba a-krifi a-lgs, ka pa ho: Sa 
k^ne-nu ka ah'es ha o-Yisua, owd Paulos o tr^mas, 
(kama na wur.) 

14. (Kere pa y\ a-wul a-rdni Ir'am^t de rah ha 
o-Y'^hudi o-lom, o-K6ban owo-b^na, ah'es-h'oh Sk^fa, 
aM .\0 yah). 

15. Ko o-kHfi o-las o ISsi, o pa bo: I tr^ra Yisua, 
de 1 tr^ra Paulos: k^re nyah, k^ne na yi-e? 

1 6. Ko ow'uni, ow(J ba o-krifi o-las, o fumpor-ha, 
t§na-ha, de tam-ha; ha ha gbuke ha wur ka ah'- 
set ha-tsi, ha yi a-tsih, de ha ba tra-sam. 

17. Ko atr^ef ats6 tra gb^ntane katr(Jh ka ah'- 
Y^budi de ah*-Yunani be, ah^ yira ro-Efeso; de ra- 
nes ra wop-iia be, de na bundas aifi'^s ta o-RSbbu 

18. De a-gb^ti ha ah^ poh s§ke a-Une, ha der, ha 
gbftane de ha triJri ama-yos-ma-han. 

19. De a-gb^ti ha ah^ poh yO ra-ser, hak^ra alr'^fa- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 19. 71 

Ira-nan rok'in, na lol-tsi ro-d'er ka an'-fam be kadi: 
de na Idmas am'dlo-ma-tsi rok'in, de na fir, fo ma 
beka e-dirhem e-wul Ira-gba tra-ran' Ir'of^tr. 

20. Ya ar'fm ra o-R^bbu ra b^rne r' a-fdsa, de ra 
s6to ka-b^kar. 

21. Ka ma ama-lrel ame ma pon, am-mera na 
Paulos na trAma Ir^ka tas ka Makedonia de ka Akaia, 
de Ira kdne ro-Yerusalem, o pa ho: Ka-rdrafi ka me 
I pon yi n, 1 ba so ka-nank Rom. 

22. Ko som na-ran na an^ ma lenki-ko ro- 
Makedonia, am*^8-ma-nan: Timoieos de Er^stos; kere 
kdno-k5none Ir^ma ras a-ldko a-lom ro-Asia. 

23. K^re an'-lo na-tsi ma-gb6nklane ma-b6na ma 
ydne iraka 'ra-bomp ra ar'on' da-lsi. 

24. Tsa o-runi o-lom, o-k^bi ka ma-pant ma ma- 
silwar, ah'6s-n'oA Demetrios, owd bempa e-h6kal ya 
Didna e-ma-sflwar, o yer ma-k^nya ma-bAna ka an'- 
fam a-lrol. 

25. An6 re BAk ba ma-pant m'in o tdnkla rok'in, 
pa rohAtii Nya a-runi, na Ir^ra, fo ka ama-pant am6 
sa sdlo e-n^nla-'e-su : 

26. De na nank, de na tral, fp, pa yi-he gbo ro- 
Efeso, k^re pa tsia gbo o-tan ro-Asia be 80» o-Paiilds 
owe tdnlo lin a-fam a-gb^ti ray^r, ka pa ho: Tr'uru 
taho naft, an^ 'a b^mpana ma-tra. 

27. K6re pa ls6 yi gbo fo ama-panl-ma-su memene 
ma katar tra s|ke ma-15pas; kere pa yi so fo na tra 
ko l(}mas aiV-hikal na Diana, ak*uru ka-bera aka-b^na, 
mo ho r'a ra-yai, de ara-b^na-ra-tsi so ra tr§ dinne, 
ak^ Asia be de an-tof na r^mne. 

28. Ka ma na tral atse, na Jasane ma-ban, de na 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

72 Ama-Yos 19. 

Dvena na pd ho: Di^na, ak'uni ka-b^ra ka an'-EfesU 
ka yi ka-bana! 

29. De ma-gb6nktane ma ^on ro-petr be: ka na 
gb6nte iwfn-aii ka an-Teitar, na Hi^ane G^^ros de 
Arist^rkos, a-Maked6ni, a-k()tane na Paulos. 

30. Ko mo Paulos o y6ma won katrjJA ka ail'-f|m^ 
aiV-kar^ndi iia ts6ra-he-ko-tsi. 

31. Hdlisa a-lom na an-tra-bomp na Isia, an^ yi 
a-vMi-n'on, na som roniin, i^a n^mtene-ko, kama o 
ts6 minla Ira ko ro-Teitar. 

32. Ka a-lom na w^na mo ats6, a-lom mo ats^; 
tsa an'-gb^nne na s()kane, de ar'unia ra ts6 tr^ra, ko 
tr'el tr'a na pon gb^nne rok'in. 

33. Ka a-lom na an'-f§m na wura AleksSndgr, an'- 
Y^hudi na tron-ko kadi. Ko Aleks^ndar o k^pane ka- 
tra, y6ma f(Jfa an'-f§m-n'on rodi ka ar'unia. 

34. K^re ma na n§nk, fo o yi o-Y^hudi, ha be 
fta w^na r'im r'in am'iJlo ma e-gb^len ye-rah hg: 
Diana, ak'uru ka-b^ra ka ah'-Efesi, ka yi k|-b^na! 

35. Ko mo o-F6de ka ka-pelr o pon tafias ah'- 
f§m, pa bo: Nya a-runi ha Efeso, w'uni r^ke o yi 
rl-e, ow(J tr'a-he, fo ka-petr ka ah'-Efesi ka pon 
s^ndne ka ka-r^mne Di^na, ak'uru ka-b^ra aka-bSna-e, 
de ah'-roh, ah^ fumpo ka ak'uru-e? 

36. Tr§ka tsi, ma ha gb^li-he pensa ama-lrel am^, 
na mar tra yi a-tjjfgl, de tra yenk-he yO tr'el 6 tr'ei: 

37. Tsa na pon k^ra ah'-rdni ah6 and, ah6 yi-he 
a-fam 'a ka-liikas ey'^tr ya e-h^kal, de ah^ fof-be 0- 
las trgka ak'uru-ka-nu ka-btra. 

38. Tr^ka tsi, be Dem^trios, de ah'-fgm a-trol ah^ 
y6pane-ko, ha ba Ir'eT Ir^ka w'uni 6 w'uni, ma-r6i 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 19. 20. 73 

tr^ka ka-rok e-t^nka ma y\ rl, de a-suba na o-K6n8uf 
na vi rl; tra na gbantirane. 

39. Kere be na 3^6ma ^if tr'el 6 tr'el lr§ka ma- 
trel ma-lom, Ira na gbak-tsi ka an'-gb^nne aha-m^ri. 

40. Tsa sa katar, fo na ko gb^nlir-su a-trotr6k 
tr§ka 'ra-bomp ra tenon; de ir*ei tra ji-he ha sa gb§li 
kMrne tr'ere tr^ka ka-tdnklane ka-s(}nko ake. 

41. Ko mQ pon pa atse, o tser an'-gb^nne na 

Ara-Bomp 20. 

1. Ko ka-raran ka ma an-trotr6k na pon, Paulos 
ts^la an'-kar^ndi rondn; ko mo pon 16mne-na ka 
m^mplane-na, o >^'ur ri tr^ka k(Jne ro-Makedonia. 

2. Ko mo pon tas ka e-beian ya-tsi, de mo q 
pon maA-iia ra s'im tra-lal, o der ro-Yundnia: 

3. Ko tr^ma rl y'of e-sas: de tr^ka mo an'- 
Y^budi na sat-ko, mo y^ma kdne ro-Siria ra-bil, 
am-mi§ra-n'on na tr^ma tr§ka k^lane so ka tas ka 

4. De an^ paia-ko ha ro-lsia na yi Sopdtar, qw^ 
y^fa ro-Beroa; Arist^rkos de Sekdndos, an6 yefa ro- 
Tessal6nika; de Gdyos, ow(J yefa ro-Derbe, de Timo- 
teos; Tikikos de Trofimos, an4 yefa ro-Asia. 

5. An6 na tr^ma kgdi, na kar-su ro-Troas. 

6. K^re syS sa y^fa ro-Fih'ppo ra-bil ka-raran ka 
ama-r^i ma tra-bo atra-p^ni e-gbit, de sa der ron^h 
ro-Troas ka an'-rei an^ beka tr*am^t; de sa tr^ma ri 
ma-re'i Ir'am^t de ran. 

7. Ko ka an*-r^i ana-mdta na an'-Sobua, ma aiV- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

74 Ama-Yos 20. 

karandi na pon gb^nne rok'in tr§ka sim tra-bo, PaQlos 
f^far-na, lr§ka mo o y6ina v^fa ri ka an'-r^i aha- 
tr6ndo: de b^sar ka-fof-k'on ha ka ka-ren' datr^n. 

8. De tra-m6la tra-lal tra yi ka afi'-k6hko na ro- 
kdm, ro na poA gbSnne rok'fn. 

9. K^re 0-14nba o-lom, an'es-n'oh Ydtikos, owd 
jira ka a-wunder, o won' do-ma-r6 ma-b^na; de mo 
Paulos ^Of 0-wdni, ma-r6 ma t6sar-ko, de o fumpo 
ka an-tek an^ b^ka ma-sas ro-tof, de na ^6ka-ko 

10. Ko Paulos tor, o fumpor-ko, m^mplane- 
ko, pd bo: Tse na kirane; tsa an'-nesam-n'on na 
^i rok*6r-k'on. 

11. Ko mo poh gbep, o sim ka-bo, q di; de 
mo pon fdfar-na o-woni, ha 'ra-sok ra bek, o yefa ri. 

12. Ka fia k^ra o-l^Aba, o yi 0-k§Ii, de na si}lo 
ma-b^fal ma-b^na. 

13. K^re sy^ sa b^ka ro-bil, sa tr§ma kadi ka 
kdne ro-Assos; rl-a sa y^ma y6kane Paulos; tsa yo 
o pon k^ne-tsi, tr^ka mo kdno-k(^none y^ma tas 
ro-gbaii. * 

14. Ka ma sa bap-ko ro-Assos, sa yokane-ko, de 
sa der ro-Mililene. 


15. Ri-a sa yefa ro-bil; de ka an'-r6i ana-tr^ndo 
s§ der I6mane Kios: de ka ah'-r6i ana-tr^ndo sa bek 
ro-Samos, de sa tr^ma ro-Trogfllio ; de ka an'-r6i ana- 
tr^ndo sa der ro-Mil6lo. 

16. Tsa Paulos o pon bolr tra tas" ka Efeso ro- 
bil, kama o ba-he ka-won ro-Asia: tsa o tsfmone tra 
yi ro-Yerusalem ka an'-rei na an'-K^msun, be pa yi 
t^na yO-tsi. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 20. 75 

17. K^re ro-Mileio o sdm ro-Efeso, trdka (s61a 
am-Bdki na an -gb^nne. 

18. Ka ma na der rgndn, o pS ron^n ho: Na tr^ra, 
me I pon }i ronu an*-ldko be^ k^bi ka an'-r^'i ana- 
trdiroko, afi^ 1 der ro-Asia, 

19. Me 1 l^nki o-R^bbu r* a-mera l6rane be, de 
ra m'^nlrar ma-Iaf, de ra ma-lrel ina-s^mpane , am^ 
b^nane-nii ka ka-p^mple ka an'-Y^hudi: 

20. De me 1 mahk-he-nu Ir'el 6 Ir'el Ira ama-trei, 

o ' 

am^ gb^H n^fas-nu, k^re 1 poil Irdri-nu-ha, de I poA 
t^k'sa-nu ro-gb^fat, de ka e-sel ro de ro. 

21. De 1 pon gb^ki-tsi ka a-Y^hadi, de ka a- 
Yunani, fg na ^^i tra tub) ro ka K'dru, de tra lane 
Yisua Masia, o-^R^bbu-ka-su. 

22. De ake, k^li, am-mera-'a-mi na tron-mi tr^ka 
k(}ne ro-Yerusalem, 1 ts6 tr^ra ama-trel, am§ ma 
b^Aane-mi rl. 

23. K^re tr'el Is'in I Ir^ra, fo o-Ruhu Qwo-Sam o 
gb^ki ra-ka-pelr 6 ka-pelr, o pa, ho na-s^ka de tra- 
s(}mpane tra kar-mi. 

24. K^re tr'ei 6 tr'el tra ba-he-mi tr'el, de an'- 
n6sam-'a-mi so nenene na ba-he m'(}lQ tr^ka trSmmi; 
kdma I pons ar*6n'-da-mi ra-gb^kane ma-b^ne, de 
araa-pant, amd I pon s^to ka Q-Rdbba Yisua, tra soa 
l'amas6re tr§ka am-B6sra na am-b6na na K'uru. 

25. De ak^, k^li, 1 trSra, fo n^a be, ka ka-tr6ii 
ka 9tik 1 pon las ka tr^mas ara-bal ra K'dru, na tra 
nam-fe so ad*6r-ra-mi. 

26. Tr§ka tli I gb^ki-tsi rgnu tenon, fo mine I 
fera tr^ka ama-tsir ma.a-fam be. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

76 Ama-Y08 20. 

27. Tsa I tse pon mank-nu Ir'el 6 Ir'ei, k^re I 
pon tr(}ri-nu ama-s6io ma K'uru be. 

28. Tr^ka tsi, b6trar nan e-mera tr^ka n.yS-nyane, 
de tr^ka ak'uti be» ka ka4r()ii ka anS Q-Rubu qwo- 
Sam 9 pon botr-nu tra ba 'ma-kira-ma-nan, tr§ka w^^nta 
an'-gb^nne na K'liru, and o pon s(}tQne ka ama-tsir- 
ro'on gben. 

29. Tsa ats6 I trdra, fo ka-raran ka ka-k^ne-ka- 
mi tra-t61u trg-ban na tr§ YiQh katr(Jn-ka-nu, and Ira 
tie ba i-n6'i tr^ka ak'uti. 

30. De ka ka-tron ka nya-ny^ne so a-runi na tra 
y6kane, and (of ma-trel ma-k^na, tr§ka lii^ane an*- 
kardndi, kdma na tran-na. 

31. Tr^ka tsi tr6mla nan, de ndne-tsi n§n, fo am'(Jlo 
ma Ira-ren tra-sas I ls6 Ire! kg-man w*uni 6 w'uni ra 
m'dnlrar ra-yan de tralrdk-aft. 

32. De ak6, a-wontr-'a-mi, I mdnkar-nu ka K'uru, 
de ka ar'fm ra am-b6na-n'on, owd ba ka-t§na tra ndfas 
e-mera-'e-nu, de tra son-nu tr'e katr(Jh ka na be and 
'a pon 8§mas. 

33. A-f6la na ma-silwar, tal^m na ma-b5iia, laldm 
iia e-Wpra ya w'uni 6 w'lini na tie pon wop-mi. 

34. N^ra-n^'^ne na trdra, fo ama-tra-ma-mi am^ ma 
pon s(}tona-mi e.y'^tr, ey^ minan, de aAd y\ VQmi sa 

35. Ka ama-trel am^ be 1 pon tr(}ri-i)u, fo ya sa 
y\ tra yQ ma-pant, de tra mar and b6ma, de tra ndne 
as'im tra o-Hdbbu Yisua; tsa k(^no-konone pon pa 
ho: A-ruba na wop ka-son p§ tas k§-s(Jto. 

36. Ko mo pon pa ats6, o so tra-wu, de rdmne 
Ye na be. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 21. 77 

37. Ko ka-bok ka-bSna ka yi kalrcjn-ka-na be, de 
na fumpor Paulos ro-lim, na mumal-ko. 

38. Atr^ sOm fia ta b& a-mol a-bSna tra yi ar'im, 
ar^ pon pfi, fo na tra nam-fe so ad'^r-r^oil. Ka 
na paia-kg ba ro-bil. 

Ara-Bomp 21. 

1. Ko mo pa ^(Jn^, fo sa y^fa rl ro-bil, ka-raraA 
ka ma sa pon gb^skino-iia , 8| der ka kor r'on da- 
tr61on ro-Kos, de ka an*-rei aba-trando ro-R6do, ri-a 
sg y^fa sa der ro-P6lara. 

2. Ka ma sa b§p rl a-bil aM f^si ro-Foinikia, sa 
won rl, de sa k(}ne. 

3. Ka ma sa naAk Kfpro, sa tsia-ni ka ka-mero, 
8§ k(Jne ro-Siria, de sa gbep ro-gban ro-Tiro : Isa ri-a 
am-bil 6a yi tra bSki ka-bak-ka-tsi. 

4. De ma sa pon bap an'-karSndi, sa tr^ma rl ma- 
r^i tr'am^t de raii. Ao6 na k^ne Paulos ka o-Riibu, 
kdma ts6 gbep ro-Yerusalem. 

5. Ko PI yi mo ama-rei ma-tsi ma pon, sa iivur 
tr^ka tas rodi ka am-btas-'a-su; de hei be Aa.paia-sa 
re ah'-r^ni-'a-fta6, de aii'-wul-*a-naii, ba ka ka-petr 
rok^i^; de r{-a ro-ban' day^r s§ so tra-wu, sa rdmne. 

6. Ka ma sa pon l^mne-na ka mumalane , sa gbep 
ro-bil; k^re nan na kSlane so ron^A ro-set. 

7. De sydn s§ ko po6s am-btas-'a-su ro-bil ka y^fa 
ro-Tfro, de s§ der ro-Petolemaia, sa kori an*-wontr 
an^ yi rl, de S| tr^ma roMA a-rei n'in. 

8. Ko ka an'-r6i ana-trSndo s§ y^fa rl, sg der 
ro-Kals§ria, de sa won ka ail'-set na FiHppos, qy/^ 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

78 Ama-Yos 21. 

tr^mgs am-B6sra, qy,^ y\ k'in k§ an-tr'amdt de ran; 
de sa tr§ma roii()n. 

9. Ow^ ba a-wul a-bera n'anle, a-f^ne, an^ 
gb§li D^bi. 

10. Ka ma sa yi rl ma-rei ma-Ial, o-nabi o-lom, 
an'^s-n'on Agabos, o tor o yefa ro-Yehadia. 

11. Ko mo der rosii, o yoka an-d^pen na Pau- 
los, sek ama-lra-m'on de air'alrak-lr'on gben, o pa 
ho: Yo o-Riihu owo-Sara o pS ho: 0-runi, ow(J ba an- 
d^pen ahe, ya au'-Y^hudi na Ira sek-ko ro-Yerusalem, 
na tra sond-ko ka ama-tra raa an'-K^fri. 

12. Ka ma sa tral atse, s;ya de an^ yi ka oder 
C-wa-tsi sa nemlene-ko, kama o Ise gbep ro-Y6rusalem. 

13. K^re Padlos o l^si ho: Ko na y6ma yO-e, ho 
na ma bok-e, na ma r^ntras ka-but-ka-mi-e ? Tsa 
mine I pal, pa yi-he gbo kama na sek-mi, kere tra 
fi so ro-Yerusalem trgka 'ra-bomp ra an'^s na o- 
Mbbu Yisua. 

14. Ka ma sa gb^li-he iiniQ-kQ, s§ rot, sa pa 
ho: Tra ama-selo ma o-R^bbu ma y^ne! 

15. Ko ka-raran ka ama-rei ma-tsi sa tr^p's§r 
ey*6tr-'e-su, sa gbep ro-Yerusalem. 

16. De a-Iom ha ah'-kar^ndi ha ro-KaTs§ria ha 
paia-su, tr§ka k6re-su ka o-rQni o-lom, ah'es-h'oh 
MenSson, o-Kipri, ow(^ ^i o-kar^ndi k^bi t^pah, ka 
owd sa ^i tra yia. 

17. Ka ma s§ deir ro-Yerusalem, ah'-wQntr ha 
m^lane-su ma-bone. 

18. Ko ka ah'-rei aha-lr^ndo Padlos de s^ah s§ 
v/Qii ka Yakuba, de am-B^ki be ha der rl. 

19. Ko mo poh k6ri-ha, o k^ne-ha lr*el 6 tr'ei. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 21. 79 

ts'in ts'in, aW K'uru o pofi yo kalrgh ka ah'-KSfri 
ka ka-mende-k'on. 

20. Ka ma na tral ats^, na yikis o-R^bbu, na pa 
ronon hg: Wonlr-ka-su, ma nank, tro e-wul e-lai ya 
ah'-Y6hudi na yi, aM pon 8§ke a-Iane; de a-fela a- 
ban na wop-na be Irdka an-ton. 

21. De na pon Iral trdka Ir^mmu, fo ma t^k'sa 
an*-Y6hudi be kalrdn ka an'-K^fri tra fale ka an-ton 
na Musa, ka pa, ho na ba-he tra gbak e-I^mpe ya 
an'-fet-'a-nau, pa yi-he tra kol mo ama-yos ma an- 

22. Ko sa yi tra yo ton-e? Ar'unia ra tra I6nklane 
ko-ko: tsa na tra tral, fo m§ pon der. 

23. Tr§ka Isi yo aira s§ k^ne-mu: A-runi n'anle 
na yi katr^n-ka-su, ah^ bolr ma-sekarane. 

24. Yokane ane, ma som 'a fetarne, muno de nyaii, 
de rama-na an'-k^la-na-tsi, kdma na gbp gb§kas ah'- 
fon ha tra-bomp-tra-hah ; de kama ha be ha tr^ra, fo 
ama-trel, am^ ha poh tral Ir^ka tr^mmu, ma-trei ma 

ra-yem man; de fo muno-munone so ma kot o-16mpi 
ka wop an-toh. 

25. Kere traka ah'-K^fri, and poh s^ke a-lane, sa 
poh gbdlar-ha, de sa poh gbak-tsi, fo ha tse ba ka- 
wop tr*ei 6 tr'ei tra-wdnoh; tdmbe fo ha sobine trdka 
0-sem wa s'^dka tr' e-roh, de tr^ka ma-tsir, de tr^ka 
0-sem o-dif ka trdkar am-b61o, de traka ka-rap. 

26. Ah'-lo ha-tsi Paulos o yokane ah'-runi, de ka 
ah'-r6*i aha-trdndo som 'a f^tar kon' de hah, o 
woh ro-h^kal, o trdri-ha ah'-ldko, ah6 ama-r6T ma 
ka-f6tarne-ka-hah ma poh, ha ha kdra as'ddka tr^ka 
w'uni 6 w'uni kalr(jh-ka-hah. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

80 Ama-Yos 21. 

27. Kere ma ama-reT tr'am^t de ran ma y^ina 
pon, an'-Y^hudi, anS yeh ro-Asia, na nan'-ko ro- 
h^kal, de Aa par an'-fam be, i^a botr-ko ama-tra-ma- 

28. Na y/ihH ho: N^Si a-runi na Yisrael, mar na6! 
Ow6 yi ow'uni, ow(} t^k'sa a-fam be d'er 6 d'er 
ma-trel ma-las tr^ka an'-fam-'a-sa, de tr§ka an-ton, 
de tr^ka Qd*^r 9w6: halisa q poh y/6ha so a-Yundni 
ro-h6kal, o poA ^ifas Qd'^r o-sam qw6! 

29. Tsa na po6 nahk Tr6fimos ka Efeso TQh^h 
ro-petr t^pai^, de ha nSne, fo Paulos o poh wi^ha-ko 

30. Ka ma-gb6nktane ma wqA ro-petr be, de ah'- 
f§m Aa gbuke rQk*in, ha batr Padlos, ha lih ha wura- 
kg ro-h^kal; de t^te ha trah alra-rare. 

31. Ka ma ha ten tra dif-ko, o-ra-bomp ka ak'6- 
ball tral, fg a-trotr6k ha poh wgh ro-pelr ka Yeru- 
salem be* 

32. Ow6 t^te lemp o yokane a-kurgba, de a-k^lfa 
ha k'^me k'in, g gbuke o tor rghdn. Ka ma ha nahk 
C-ra-bomp ka ak'6bali de ah'-khrgba, ha trel ka-gb^nta 

33. Kg g-ra-bomp g fatr, g b§tr-kg, g k^ne, k&ma 
ha tr^nda-kg tr'or^ota tra-rah; g yif, k^ne g ^i-e, de 
ko tr'el g poh >o-e. 

34. De a-lgm katr^^h ka ar'unia ha ii^eha tr'ei ts'in, 
a-lgm tr'el tr§-]gm. Kg mg g t§na-he gb^leh atra- 
l^eh tr^ka /ra-bomp ra ka-w6ha, g k^ne» kama ha 
fc^re-kg ro-raka. 

35. K^re mg Paulos g bek ro-gb6p§r, ah'-kurgba 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 21. 22. 81 

na bd ka-gbanne-kg tr§ka 'ra-bomp ra ak'Snsui^ ka 

36. Tsa ar'unia ra an'-fam ra Iran, na w^na hg: 

37. Ka ma na ^v^ma kere Padlos ro-r^ka, o pS ka 
Q-ra-bomp ka ak'6bali hg: Pa y\ ma tser-mi (r^ka pa 
tr'el romu-i? Kdng pa hg: Ma tr^ra ka^fof atr'^nlr 
tra- Yundni ? 

38. Mun' taho o-Misri ka-lsi, ow(J pon fak a-lrotr6k 
ka ama-rei am^ tr^ma am6 kadi, dg ow(J i/vura a-runi 
'a ka-difat e-wul y'^nle ro-wula-i? 

39. Kere Padlos o,p5 hg: Mine yi w'uni Y6hudi, 
0W(} y^fa ro-T^rso, o-dure ka ka-petr ka-gbuni ro- 
Kilikia: I nenilene-mu, tser-mi tra fdfar an'-fam. 

40. Ko mo ts6ra-ko-tsi, Padlos q tr^ma ro-gb^par, 
kdpane an*-fam ka-trS; de mo g-trank g-b6na g yi 
rl, g fdfar-ha ka atr'^nlr lra-H6bri, g pa hg: 

Ara-Bomp 22. 

1 . Nya a-wgnlr-'a-mi, de a-kas-'a-mi, Iral naii tgA 
ka-f(ifane-ka-mi rgnu. 

2. (Ka ma na tral, fg g f(Jfar-na ka alr*§nlr tra- 
H^bri, na bar trank. Kg g pa hg.) 

3. Mine yi w*uni Y^hudi, fta kom-mi ro-T^rso 
ka ro-Kilikia, de na poi\s-mi ro-pelr ake ka atr*Mrak 
tra Gamaliel, na t§k'sa-mi mg an-tgn na an*-kas-'a-su 
gbetr, de a-f(&la a-ban na wop-mi tr|ka an-tgn na 
K'uru, ma Aa wop nya be l^ngn. 

4. De I pon bal-bal and wop ar'dA are ha ka ka- 

Acto. 6 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


. 82 Ama-Yos 22. 

dif-]^a, tr^kd ine 1 sek a-rfini de a-b^ra, 1 yentr-na 
(tr§ka botr-na) Va-set na ma-tfnkane. 

5. Mo o-K6han o^O-b^na so, de am-B^ki be, na 
gb^H son t'amasere tr§ka tr^mmi; ka anS I s^to so 
e-r6ka tr^ka an*-wonlr, de I k(Jne ro-Dam^sko, tr§ka 
sek 80 nan, an^ )ri r1, de tra k^re-na ro-Yerusalem, 
kama na s(impa-na. 

6. Ko pa }^(Jne, me 1 vi ro-bias, de me 1 Btr§r 
Dam^sko, fo ka 'ra-)ran a-m6(a a-b^na, ah^ ^^fa ka 
ak'uru ma-s^mbu, na gbenta na gb^tro-mi. 

7. Ke 1 fumpo ro-tof, 1 tral r'im, ar^ pd romi ho : 
Saal, SaQl, ko tr'el tr*a mg ba]-bal-mj-e ? 

8. Ke mine Msi ho: K^ne munon, Pfi-e? Ko 
pd romi ho: Mine ^i Yisua, o-Nasar^ni, qyi^ ma bal- 

9. De and ^i romi na ngnk am-mdta, de o-ninis 
wop-na; k^re na ts6 lr§l ar*im ra ew(J f(Jfar-mi. 

10. Re I pd bo: Ko me yO-e, Rdbbu-e? Ko o- 
Rdbbu pd romf ho: Yukane, m§ kc^ne ro-Damdsko; 
ri-a na tra fdfar-mu trpa ama-trel be^ amd na pon 
b<Stra-mu Ira ^0-e. 

11. Ke ine 1 gb§]i-he k§Ii tr^ka ama-gb^nla ma 
am-m6ta ma-tsi, and yi romf na k6re-mi. ka-tra, de I 
der ro-Damdsko. 

12. De o-runi o-lom, afi'^s-n'on Hananiya, ow(J 
nesa K'uru mo an-ton, de Qy/6 ba h'es a-fino katrc^n 
ka an'-Y6hudi be, and yira ri, 

13. der romi, o tr^ma mi o-fdtsi, o pa ho: 
Saul, wontr-ka-mi, kal s^iQ ka-k^li-ka-mu! Ko an'- 
gb^Ieh na-tsi gben 1 k^i-ko. 

14. Ko pS ho: Ok'uru ka an*-kas-'a-8u o pon 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 22. 8? 

1rit-mu, tra tr^ra ama-s6lo-in'on, tra k§ii o-L6mpi, de 
Ira Iral r'im ka ka-s§n-k'on. 

15. Tsa ma Ira yi o-gb^ki Ira tr*on ka a-fara be 
tr§ka ama-trel, am^ ma pon nank, de ama ma pon 

16. De ak6 Ion, ko Ir'el Ir'a ma Wnsa-e? Yokane, 
ma ^0 'a b^ptis-mu, na n^si ama-trel-ma-mu ma-las, 
de r^mne an'^s na o-K^bbu! 

17. Ko pa yi, me 1 pon kSIane ro-Yerusalem, de 
me I y\ ka ka-r^mne ro-h6kal, ma-re ma wop-mi: 

18. De I nafi*-ko, mo pa romi ho: Tsfmone, de 
YfUT ro-Yerusaiem lemp; pakdsife na tra ts6 m^lane 
at'amas6re-tra-mu tr^ka trdmmi. 

19. Ke mine pa ho: R^bbu, na-ndne na Ir^ra, fo 
I l^nkli nan, ah^ lane-mu, tr§ka bolr-na ra-set na ma- 
tlnkane, de fo 1 sap-na ka e-sel e-gb^nne ro de ro. 

20. De ma na Ion ama-tsir ma St6fanos, o-gb^ki- 
ka-mu, mine so I tr^ma ra^er, de I t^sa tr^ka ka-dif- 
ko, I bum§r e-l<^pra ya and dif-ko. 

21. Ko pa romf ho: K^ne, tsa 1 tli sOm-mu o- 
b(}Ii po katri^h ka an'-Kdfri. 

22. Ka na sua-ko e-lans ha ka ar'fm are; ka-rarafi- 
ka-tsi na Idkas e-ron-'e-nan, na pa ho: Tra na no! q- 
ivunon ka an-lof; tsa o mar-he tra ba a-hesam. 

23. Ka ma na y/^ha, de ma na bus e-bfla-'e-han^ 
de ma na Idkas ka-bof rok(^m, 

24. 0-ra-bomp ka ak'6bali o kdne, kama na w(^na- 
ko ro-rdka, o pa, ho na ,yi tra gb^ngben-ko ka sdpa- 
ko k'elr; kSma o gb§li gb^len-tsi, ko tr'ei tr'a ba-tsi-e^ 
ho tia w'en§r-ko yafi-e. 

25. K^re ma Aa tdnti-ko tr^ka ana-r^ka, Paulos 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

84 Ama-Yos 22. 23. 

pa ka o-kelfa, ow(J Ir^ma ra^rer ho: Pa yi ha ts^ra* 
nu-lsi tra s6pa w'uni k'etr-i, ow(} yi o-R6mi, de OW(J 
ha ts6 poh hap-i? 

26. Kq mo o-k^ifa o (r§l ats6, o k(}ne Q trdri-tsi 
ka o-ra-bomp ka ak'6bali, o pd ho: Ko ma }'6ma 
jO-e? Tsa o^'uni ow6 o ^i o-R6mi! 

27. Ah'-lo ha-lsi o-ra-bomp o der, o pa rQh^h 
ho: KSne-roi, pa y\ rauno ^i o-R6mi? K^uq pa ho: 

28. Ko o-ra-bomp o l^si ho: Mine poh sdtone 
ara-dure ar^ tr^ka m'dlo ma-b^na. Ko Paiilos o pS 
ho: Kere minah, ha k6mane-mi so yah. 

29. Tsia ba-tsi ahd }fi tra gb^hgboh-ko ka s^pa- 
ko K*etr ha yefa rohdh tele: de o-ra-bomp o n6sa, 
ka-rarah ka mo poh gb^leh-tsi, fo yi o-R6mi, 
pak^sife poh yO 'a sek-ko. 

30. Ka ah'-r6*i aha-tr^ndo, Ir^ka mo Q y^ma gb^leh 
alra-lseh, ko Ir'el tra y\ tsi-e, atra ah'-Y6hudi ha 
gb^ntir-ko, trdndi-ko» k^De, kdma aD-tr§-bomp 
ha ah'-K6han, de ah'-S^nhedrin-*a-hah be, ha gb^nne 
rok'in, de o t6ra Paulos, o Ir^mar-ko rodi-ka-hah. 

Ara-Bomp 23. 

1. Ko mo Paulos o poh k^li ah'-S^nhedrin trahh, 
pa ho: A-wontr-*a-mi, 1 poh b6trne mo a-mera fino 
be rodi ka K'uru ha tenoh. 

2. Ko Hanani}ra, o-K6han owo-b^na, o k^ne ahd 
lr§ma-ko rayer, kama ha gbdnta-ko ro-sah, 

3. Ah*-lo ha-tsi Padlos o pa rohiJh ho: K'uru o 
lr§ gbanta-mu, mun* gbihgbih a-tetar! M§ yira tra 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 23. 85 

tqI an-t(Jnka-'a-mi mo an-ton, de ma yne tra gbAnta- 
mi, atr^ ts6 yi mo an-toii-i? 

4. Ka an^ tr^ma-ko rayer, na pa ho: Ma nal o- 
K6han owo-b^na ka K'uru-i? 

6. Ko Paulos pS ho: A-wontr-'a-mi, I tr*a-he-tsf 
nan, fo o yi o-K6han owo-b^na: tsa na pon gbal ho: 
Tse fof o-Ias tr^ka o-ra-bomp ka am-b6na-'a-mu. 

6. K^re mo Paulos o trara, fo am-bem an'in Aa 
an*-gb^nne na yi a-S^dduki, de am-bem ana-lom na 
yi a-F^risi, o ts^Ia laaaa kalrdn ka an'-S^nhedrin ho : 
A-wontr-*a-mi, mine "yi o-F^risi, ow'^n ka o-F6risi: 
traka 'ra-bomp ra an'-ratsa na an'-fi de tr^ka ka- 
y6kane-ka-iian na t^nkas-mi! 

7. Ko mo pon pa atse, ma-putane nia tr^pne- 
kalr(5n ka an'-F6risi, de kalrdn ka ah'-S^dduki; de 
ar'unia ra gb^skine. 

8. Tsa aA'-S^dduki na p5 ho ka-y6kane ka yi-he, 
pa yi-he a-maleika, pa yi-he e-mdgbula: kere an'- 
F^risi na w6sa mia ma-ran. 

9. Ko ka-w^na ka-b^na kaydne: de an*-F6de, aii^ 
wdpane an'-F^risi, na y6kane, na gbal, na pa ho: Sa 
fir-he tr'el 6 tr'el tra-las traka ow'uni QVi^: k^re be 
a-m<Jgbu!a, lal^m o-maleika o pen fdfar-ko: — man 
ts6 tsim K'uru. 

10. K^re mo a-trotrdk a-b^na liaydne, o-ra-bomp 
ka ak'dbali o n6sa, ho na tra ko pfm'sane Paulos, de o 
k^ne, kama an'-kiirgba na tor, na k^ti-ko ka ka-tron- 
ka-nah, na k^re-ko ro-r^ka. 

11. Ko ka Iralr^k aka-lr^ndo o-R^bbu o tr|mame 
TQMh, pa ho: B^ki ka-bdt, Paulos! Tsa mo ma pon 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

86 Ama-Yos 23. 

son t'amasere trdka tr^mmi ro-Yerusalein, yo m§ yi 
so tra son t'amasere ro-Rom. 

12. Ko mo ara-sok ra bek, a-Iom na ai(i'-Y6hudi 
na wiJnaoe d'im r'in, na s^kgrane ka r^nkane, na pft, 
ho na gb^U-he di, Aa gb^U-ho mun, hfi ka na pon dif 

13. De an^ pen w(^nane d'im r'in yai^-e, Aa tas 
am'()Io ma a-rdni tra-gba tr§-ran. 

14. An6 na k(}ne ka an-tra-bomp na an'-Kohan, 
de ka ara-B^ki, na pa ho: Sa pen r^iikane a-rdnka 
a-bSki, tra di-ho r'dka 6 r'aka, ha ka s§ pon dif 

15. Tr^ka tsi n^a de an'-Sanhedrin kSne nan-tsi 
iQh ka o-ra-bomp ka ak'6bali, kama o t6ra-ko ronu 
ninafi, mo ho n§ ta y^ma gbengben ama4reT tr§ka 
Iron l^rap: de syi sa pal tra dif-ko, p6ta o fair. 

16. Kere mo ow'^n duni ka o-^onlr o-b^ra ka 
Padlos tral Irgka ka-pemple ak6, o der o won ro- 
r^ka, tr(}ri-tsi ka Padlos. 

17. An'-lo na-tsi Padlos q ts^Ia k*in ka an'-k^lfa 
roni^n, o pa ho: K6re o-l^nba ow^ ka o-ra-bomp; tsa 
<j ba tra tr(Jri-ko Ir'el. 

18. Ko o-k^lfa ydkane ko, o k6re-ko ka o-ra- 
hornp, pa ho: Padlos, o-ka-r^nka ka-tsi, o pon ts^la- 
mi TQii^n, nemtene-mi tra k^re o-l^nba owe romii, 
0W(} ba tra k^ne-mu tr*el. 

19. Ko o-ra-bomp o wop-ko ka-tra, o y6fgra-ko 
ro-sOn, yif-ko ho: Ko yi atr*ei-e, alr^ ma ba Ira 

20. pa ho: An'-Y^hadi na pon w(}nane d'im r'in 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 23. 87 

ira nemtene-mu, kama iha I6ra Paulos ninafi rodf ka 
an'-S^nhedrin, mo ho na ta yema gbengben-ko t^rap. 

21. Kere munon, ts6 tser-ha 'a Idnlo-mu: Isa a- 
rdni, na tas am'dlo ma tra-gba Ira-ran, na yi kalrdn- 
ka-nan, anS p^mple-ko, de and pon rdnkane tra di- 
he» de tra mun-he, ha ka na poA dif-ko: de ake na 
pal, na kar ho ma tran-na r*im tr^ka tli. 

22. Ah*-lo na-tsi o-ra-bomp o Iser o-l^ngba o kdne, 
de k4ne-ko, kama o trdri-he-tsi ka w'uni 6 w'uni, 
fo pon fiaibi ama-trei ame roncJn. 

23. Ko ls61a na-ran na an'-k^lfa rondii, o pa 
ho: B^nene nan a-kurgba Ir'^me tra-ran, kama na 
kdne ro-Kalsaria, de a-runi tra-gba lr§-sa8 Ir'of^lr and 
r^nsa tra-soT, de a-rdni Ir'eme tra-r§n and ba e-sor, 
trgka an'-gb6len ua tratrdk and beka e-sas. 

24. De b^nene n§n so tra-sem, kama na ren Pau- 
los rok(}m-ka-nan, de kdma na k^re-ko o-t(}fal ka F6Iiks, 

25. Ko gbal a-r^ka mo as*fm atse ho: 

26. Kiaudios Lisias o k6ri F^liks, o-Wdkil o-sembe. 

27. O-runi ow6, ^w^ an'-Y6hudi iia pon batr, de 
OW(J na tr^ma Ir^ka dif, I pon wura ka ama-tra-ma- 
nafi, tr^ka me I der re an'-kurgba, ka-rdran ka me I 
pon Irgl, fo yi o-H6mi. 

28. De me I y^ma trdra atr'ei, tr^ka atrd na gbSntir- 
ko, 1 t6ra-ko rodf ka an-Sdnhedrin-'a-nan. 

29. De I nahk, fo na gbdntir-ko gbo tr^ka ma-trel 
fna-gbdl§r ma an-ton-'a-nan, k^re fo na tie ren-ko 
tr'el 6 trel tr§ka atrd o beki tra s^mpane ra-fi, \n\6m 
tra trand-ko. 

30. Ka ma na Irtfri-mi, fo aA'-Y^hudi na tr§ pemple 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

88 Ama-Yos 23. 24. 

O-rQDJ owe, t6te lemp 1 s6in'ra-ko roind, de 1 k^ne so 
and gbdntir-ko» kdma na pa ama-trel, amd na bdna- 
ko, rodf-ka-mu. Yenk ma-der-6! 

31. Ka an'-kurgba, ma tia pon kdne-na, iia yoka 
Paulos, na k^re-ko tralrdk ro-Antipatria. 

32. Kere ka an'-r6i ana-trdndo na tser an'-rdni and 
r^nsa tr§-soT na paia-ko, de na kalane so ro-rdka. 

33. Andn, ma na der ro-Kalsaria, na Idnkli an'- 
reka ka o-W^kil, na tr§mar so Paulos rodi-k'on. 

34. Ko mo o-Wdkil o pon kdran an'-r6ka, o yit, 
a-tof a-r^ke o yefa-e. Do mo pon tr§l, fo o ^efa 
ro-Kilikia ; 

35. pa ho: I tsi tral atr*ei-tra-rou tdr§p, be and 
gbdntir-mu na pon so der. Ko kdno tra bum§r-ko 
ro-k*dma ka H6rod. 

Ara-Bomp 24. 

1. Ka ka-raran ka ma-r6'i tr'amdt Hananiya, o* 
K6han owo-bdna, o tor re am-Bdki, do o-runi o-Iom, 
owd trdra ro-san, an*es-n'on T^rtullos: ka na tri^rino 
rodi ka o-Wdkii tr^a Paulos. 

2. Ka ma na pon mutsi-ko, T^rtullos o trgp k§- 
gbdntjr-ko, pa ho: 

3. Fo s§ ba ma-t(}fal ma-bana ka ka-tra-ka-mu, de 
fo ma pon ndfas ma-^os ma-fino tr§ka 8m*b6na an^ 
ka ka-tsemp-ka-mu, mun' Feliks s^mbe, a\M s§ mdlane- 
t^i Idko 6 ](iko de d'er 6 d'er, sa mutsi-mu m*dmo 
ma-lal tr^ka-tsi. 

4. K^re kama I kdli-he-mu so, 1 n^mtene-mu (ra 
lr§la-su 0-gbutr, mo ara-tdfai-ra-mu. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 24. 89 

5. T«a s§ pon fir, fo o-runi owe o yi w*Qni lr*ev 
de fo fak a-trotr6k katri^h ka an'-Yehudi be ka an- 
lof, de fo yi 0-ra-bomp ka an'-firkat ua an'-Nasar6ni. 

6. Owd pon so ten tra yifas ah'-h6kal; de Qyf6 s§ 
pon batr, sa y^ma t(^nkas-ko mo an-ton-'a-su. 

7. Kere Lisias, o-ra-bomp ka ak'6bali, o der, o^ 
k6re wura-ko ka ama-tra-ina-su ra-k'^nsun ka-b^na* 

8. De k^ne aM gbSntir-ko tra der romu; ka 
Qyv6 muno-manone, be ma gb^hgben-ko, ma gb§li 
gb^len ama-trel am6 be, trdka am^ sa gb^nlir-ko. 

9. De an'-Yehudi so na w6sa, na pa, ho ya ama- 
trel ma yi. 

to. An'-lo na-tsi Paulos, ka-raran ka mo o-^V^kil 
poii k^pane-ko tra fof, o l^si ho: Traka me I tr^ra,. 
fo ma rok e-tdnka ya am-bdna an6 k^bi ka Ira-ren 
tra-lai, I tsi fdfane ma-bdne tr§ka ama-trel amS 16- 
mane-mi : 

11. Tsa ma gb^li gbelen-tsi, fo ma-re! tr*of^lr ma- 
ran ma pon gbo tas, kkhi me I gbep ro-Yerusalem 
tr§ka r^mne ri. 

12. De fta pon-he bap-mi ro-b6kal ka fdfar w'unf 
6 w*uni, tal(5m ka fak ma-gbdnklane ma a-fam, pa yi- 
he ka e-set e-gb^nne, pa yi-he ro-petr. 

13. De na t^na-he gb^ki ama-trel, amd na gb^ntir- 
mi ton. 

14. K^re ats6 1 gbftane romu, fo mo ar*dh, ar^ 
na bontr a-ffrkat, ;^e I l^nki Ok'uru ka an*-kas-'a-mi, 
ha I line ama-trel be, am5 na pon gbal ka an-!on, 
de ka ama-gbal ma an'-NAbi. 

15. De I ba a-r^tia ro ka K'liru, — an^ na-nane 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

90 Ama-Yos 24. 

SQ fia wosa, ho ka-,y6kane ka an'-fi k§ tra )ri, ka- 
yokane ka an'-fino de ka an*-lgs. 

16. Tsfa ba-tsi so 1 m^mar Ira ba a-mera a-pMi- 
tr'ei rodf ka K'uru, do rodi ka a-fam Idko 6 Idko. 

17. Kere ka-raran ka tra-ren Ira-lai I poA der Ira 
kdra Q'boya tr^ka am-b6na-'a-mi, de tra wura s'Mka. 

18. Ka ka-}'© ama-trel ame a-Y^hudi a-lom, aM 
jefa ro-Asia. na b§p-mi ro-h^kal, me I f6l|rne, p| 
ji-he r§-r'unia, pa ^ri-he ra-lrotrdk. 

19. AM mar na tra tr^rine rodf-ka-mu Ira gbiintir- 
mi, be pg }ri naii na bana-mi ir'el. 

20. Taldm tra ahe ha-nane na pa-tsi, be pa yi na 
pen fir tr'ei 6 Irel tra.las tr§ka trdmmi, me Ilr^ma 
rodi ka ah'-S^nhedrin, 

21. T^mbe be pa ;yi tr^ka ar'im ar'in ar6, ar^ I 
ts6la laoaa, me 1 lr§raa kalr(Jn-ka-nan ho: Tr§ka 'ra- 
bomp ra ka-y6kane ka an'-fi na tdnkas-mi l^non. 

22. Ko mo Feliks o pen tra! ama-trei am6, o k^li 
^tr'ei-tra-iian, pak^sife o pon sdlo ka-tr^ra ka-gb^nlis 
tr^ka ama-trel ma ar'6n' da-tsi, o pa ho: Be Lisias, 
O-ra-bomp ka ak'dbali, o tor, I tSi gb^ngben araa-lrel 
tr^ka Irdnnu t^rap. 

23. Ko kane o-k^lfa tra bumar Paulos, de tra 
j6si-ko, de tra tie benlr w'uni 6 w'uni k§ an-tr^rane- 
n'oii tra l^nki-ko, taldm tra der ron^h. 

24. Ka-raran ka ma-re*i ma-lora Feliks o der re 
Drusilla, o-r^ni-k'on, owd yi o-Y^hudi o-bera, de 
som tra kdra Paulos, kg o tr^la-ko tr^ka ka-ldne 

25. Kere mo o W tr§ka ma-16mpi, de trAka ma- 
lap, de trgka ka-rok e-tdnka akS ma der-e, o-ninis q 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 24. 25. 91 

wop Feliks, de o pa^ho: Kijne Ion: be I solo a-ldko 
a-foMr'el, I tsi som tra tsela-mu. 

26. Halisa o n^ne so, fo Paulos o tra soii-^O na6 
a-k^la, kama o s^li-ko: tsia ba-lsi o sOin e-loko e-laT 
tra ls61a-ko, de o f6far-ko. 

27. Kere ka-raran ka raa tra-ren tra-rau tr§ pon 
tas, Porkios F6sto8°o k^ntame Feliks. De tr^ka mo 
Feliks y6ma t^s^s ah'-Y6hucU, o tsia PaQlos o-kg- 

Ara-Bonip 25. 

1. Ko mo F6stos pon der ka an-tof, ka-rar§n ka 
raa ma-rei ma-sas ma poii tas, o y^fa ro-Kaisaria, o 
gbep ro-Yerusalem. 

2. An*-10 na-tsi an-tra-bomp na an'-Kohan, de an'- 
yola na aii*-Y6hudi ha tnJrine rodi-k'oh trdka Paulos, 

na nemtene-ko, 

3. De ha t6lir-ko am-bOha tr^ka tr'oh, kama o 
som tra k^ra-ko ro-Yerusalem; tr§ka ma ha y^ma 
p6mple-ko, do tra dif-ko ro-r'oh. 

4. Kere F^stos o W5i, ho ha tr§ bumar Paulos 
ro-Kaisaria, de fo kiino-konone tra-yehk ko rl so. 

5. fr§ka tsi (o pa) tra aha ba a-f(Jsa katrdh-ka-nu 
ha tor re minah, ha gb^ntir o-rQni ka-tsi, bo p§ yi 
ho tr'el tra yi rohoh. 

6. Ko mo poh tr^raa roh^h p§ tas- he amOiO 
raa ma-rei Ir'amat re sas, o tor ro-Kals§ria: de ka 
ah'-rei ah^ tr^ndo yirane ka ka-wah ka k§-rok e- 
t(}hka, k^ne, kama ha k^ra Paulos. 

7. Ko mo poh der, ah'-Yehudi, ah^ poh tor 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

92 Ama-Yos 25, 

Aa yitsi ro-Yenisalem, na Irgma na r§p Paulos, de 
na gbjlntir-ko ma-trei ma-lal ma-bdki, amS na t^na-he 

8. Mq k(Jno f(}fane ho: 1 pon-he bunne an-ton na 
an'-Y6hudi, pa yi-he o-Kaisar ko-ko. 

9. Ko F^stos, mo o y^ma t^sas an'-Y6hudi, o Idlia 
Paulos, pS ho: Ma y^ma gbep ro-Yerusalem-i, k^ma 
ri-a na tcJnkas-mu tr^ka ama-trel am6 rodf-ka-mi? 

10. K^re Paulos o pa ho: 1 tr^ma ro-tcJnka ka o- 
Kaisar rodi, ro na bs Ira rok an-tdnka*-a-mi : I ls6 
pon yO an'-Y6hudi lr*el 6 Ir'el tra-las, mo mun* so 
ma tr^ra-tsj t^rap. 

11. Tsa be 1 pon yO o-las, de be 1 pon y^ tr'ei 
6 tr'ei tr^ka atrS I b^ki sdmpane ra-fi, 1 tse p^nsane 
Ir^ka ka-fi: k^re be tr'el 6 tr'el, atr^ Aa gb^ntir-mi» 
Irg yi-he rorof, w'uni 6 w'uni o gb^H-he sond-mi ron^n 
tr^ka t6sas-na. I lankli atr'ei-trami ka ka-tra ka o- 

12. An*-lo na-tsi F^slos, ka-raran ka mo opon fdfar 
an*-gb6nli-n'on, o l^si ho: Ma pon liSnkli atr'ei-lra-mu 
ka ka-tra ka o-Kais§r-i? Ma (ra k(Jne ka o-Kaisar. 

13. K^re ma ma-r6i ma-lom ma pon tas Agrippas, 
o-bal, de Bernfke na der ro-Kalsaria, tr^ka kdri F^stos. 

14. Ka ma na tr§ma rl ma-rei ma-lal, F^stos o 
l(Jma O'baT atr'ei tra Paulos, o pa ho: Feliks o tsia 
O-ka-r^nka o-lom; 

15. Tr^ka qy/^ an-tra-bomp na an'-Kohan, de am- 
B^ki na an'-Y^hudi 6a trorine rodf-ka-mi, me I yi ro- 
Yerusalem, Aa yif-mi tra rok an-t^nka-ii'on. 

16. Aii^ I Idsia, ho pa tse yi ama-trSnne ma a6'^ 
Romi Ira sond w'uni ka ra-fi tr§ka t^sas a-lom, p^ta 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 25. 93 

Qwd 'a gb^ntir de aM gb^ntir-ko na pon k^Hane, de 
p^ta pon 8^iQ ka-f^na tra fc^fane tr^ka atr^ na 

17. Tr§ka \s\, ma i&a pon t6nklane rok'in an<}, I 
tse kdli alr'ei; k^re ka an'-r6i ieina-tr^ndo I ytrane ka 
ka-wa6 ka ka-rgk e-t(inka, de I k^ne, kama na kSra 
0-runi ka-lsi. 

18. Ka ma anS gb^ntir-ko na tr^marne, na t§3 
gb^ntir-ko tr'el 6 tr*e! tr| ama-trei ma-tsi, am^ I n^ne. 

19. K^re na bana-ko gbo ma-trel ma-gb^lar ma- 
nam tr^ka ar'6n' da ka-rSmne-ka-nan gben, de tr§ka 
w'uni nam, owcJ fi, a6'6s-6*on Yisua, Ir^ka owd Paulos 
pft, ho yi O-k^li. 

20. Ke me I tonlon tr^ka alr'ei atse, I yif-ko, be 
pa yi ^^ma k(Jne ro-Yerusalem, kama ri-a na t^ukas- 
ko tr^ka ama-trei am6. 

21. K^re mo PaQlos q j6ma, fo na bumar-ko, bfi 
Q-Kaisar o tr§ rQk an-t(}nka-&'Qn, I k^ne, kdma na 
bumar-ko, ha 1 tsi gb§li som-ko ka o-Kais§r. 

22. Ko Agrippas o pa ka F^slos bo: Min' so, I 
^^ma na lr§la ow'uni ow^ mina-mfnane. K(^nQ pa 
bo: Ma tra tr^la-ko nina6. 

23. Ka a&'-rei aiia-trSndo Agdppas de Bernike na 
der ra-s'^mbe tra-b^na, na yfQt ro-t(^nka, re an-tr§- 
bomp na ar'^fa, de an'-yola na ro-petr; de mo F^stos 
poA kane-isi» na k^ra Paulos. 

2L Ko F^stos pd ho: Mun' Agrfppas, o-baf, de 
nya a-runi be, aM b^par an^ re sydn, n§ nafik anc^ 
0-rdni qv/^, tr^ka ow(J ar'unia be ra afi'-Y^hudi na 
f(}f§r-mi ro-Yerusalem, de an(} so, tr^ka QVii na w^Aa, 
ho mar-he tra k^li so. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

94 Ama-Yos 25. 26. 

25. K^re mine, me I naM, fo q poA-he yO tr'ei 
6 tr'ei, tr^ka atr^ o b^ki s^mpane ra-H; de mo kdng- 
kOnone Q pon l^nkli atr'ei-tr'gn ka ka-trS ka o-Kais§r^ 
I pon gbak tra sOm-ko. 

26. Tr^ka owcJ 1 ba-he Ir'ei tra tra-lsen Ira gbdlar 
0-Kaisar: tsia ba-tsi I pon yO 'a kSra-ko rodf-ka-na, 
pa la gb^ti rodi ka munon, mun* Agrippas, Q-bal^ 
kama, ka-r&r§h ka ka-gb^ngben-ko, I ba tr'ei tra gbal. 

27. Tsa pa n^nsa-mi, fo tr*e1 tra-pank Iran, Ira sOm 
0-ka-r§nka, de tra trdri-he ama-trel, am^ ha gbdntir-kQ. 

Ara-Bomp 26. 

1. Ko Agrippas o pd ka Paulos ho: I^a tser-mu 
Ira fcJfane. Afi'-lo na-lsi Paulos q tinli ka-tra-k'on, 
de f(ifane ka pa ho: 

2. I k^iine mo w'uni m^ri-tr'el, miin' Agrfppas, o- 
bal, fo I )ri tra f^fane t^non rodi-ka-mu tr^ka ama- 
trei be, amS ah'-Y^hudi ta gb^ntir-mi. 

3. Pa ta gb^ti pak^sife ma tr^ra ama-yos, de ama* 
trel ma-gb^]ar be ma ah'-Y^hudi : tr^ka tsi I n^mtene* 
mu tra 8ua-mi e-Ians r' a-mu}ru. 

4. Ka-botrn^-ka ah'-hesam-'a-mi k^bi ka 'ra-fet- 
ra-mi, ak^ 1 b6trne k^bi ka ka-trap katr()h ka am- 
b6na-'a-mi ro-Yerusalem, an*-Y6hudi be ha tr^ra-ki; 

5. Tr^ka ma ha tr^ra-mi k^bi ka ka-tr§p, be ha 
^6ma soh t'amas^re tr^ka tsi, fo I poh k^li mo o- 
FSrisi mo ah'-f(rkat, aha tSsi e-lom be tr^ka ara-gbetr 
ra ka-r^mne-ka-su. 

6. De ak6 1 tr^ma, ha t(}hkas-mi tr^ka 'ra-bomp 
ra ah^r^tsa ha ar'im, ard K'uru o poh tract ka ah'- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yos 26. 95 

7. Ard e-b(Jnson Ir'ofttr ye-rail ya aifL'-f§m-'a-8u 
na n^ne tra s^Iq, tr^ka ma iia b6ra ka-lenki K'ura 
ra-^an de tratrak-aii. Tr4ka an'-r^tsa afie, mun' Agrip- 
pas, Q-bal, an'-Y^budi na gb^ntir-mi. 

8. Tro pa yi-e? N§ n^ne-tsi ho tr'el tra-trul-laner 
fg K*uru o yokas ah'-fi-i? 

9. Tsentsene, mina-minane I n^ne, ho I mar tra 
yQ ma-trei nia-lal, ama t^ri an*es na Yisua, Q-Nasareni. 

10. Alr^ I pon yO so ro-Yerusalem, ro I boir a- 
gbdli na an'-sam ra-ma-tinkane, ka-rgran ka me I pon 
Si^to a-f(^sa tr§ka tsi ka an-tra-bomp na ah'-K6han; de 
ma na dif-na, I ^6sa trgka tsi. 

11. De I s(^mpa-na e-l()ko e-lai ka e-set e-gbdnne 
be» I f(}sar-na tra fof o-lgs trdka an'es iia Yisua; de 
tr^ka mo am-m6ra-mi na Id ra-ban ra-bdna hdli tr^ka 
trannSn, I bal-bal-ua hali ha ka tra-pelr atra-b^ra. 

12. Me 1 )^i ka ka-jO araa-trei am^ 1 kdne so ro- 
Dam^sko, ma an-tr§-bomp na an'-Kohan na pon son- 
mi a-f(isa tr^ka tsi, de ma na ts6ra-mi-tsi. 

13. De ro-r*on, mun* bai, ka 'ra-yan ka-k6ntreh^ 
1 ngnk a-m6ta, anS yeh ka ak'uru» na tas ama-gb^nta 
ma ar'^tr, de an^ gbenta iia gb^tro minan de ah^ 

14. De ma sya be s§ pon fumpo ro-lof» I tral r*im 
arii f(Jfar-mi, de ar^ pa ka atr'^ntr tra-H6bri ho: SaOU 
SaQl, ko tr'el tr'a ma bal-bal-mi-e ? Pa tra bak-mu 
tra ^on k'^tr§k ro ka e-sos. 

16. K^re mine pgi ho: K^ne munon, Pa-e? Ko o 
pa ho: Mine yi Yisua, o>vd ma baUbal. 

16. Kere y6kane, ma Ir^ma ka alr*^trak-fra-mu! 
Tsa tr^ka alr*ei ats6 I poii tr(}rine-mu, tra tit-mu. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

96 Ama-Yos 26. 

idma ma yi a-bol de o-gb^ki ka ama-trei, am^ ma 
port Dgnk, de k| ama-trel, tr^ka ami I tsi tr^rioe-mu. 

17. De I tsi >vura-mu ka ka-trfi ka an'-fam iia 
«n'-Y£hudi, de ka aA'-K^fri, ka ka-tron-ka-na 1 tsi 
8dm-rou ton. 

18. Tr^ka kanti e-for-'e-nah, ha na f§le ka an'- 
«um de ka an'-fiJsa na S^tani, tr^ka s^e ka am-m6ta 
de ka K'uru; k&ma iia s^iQ ka-ldpar ka ma-trei ma- 
las, de tr'e katriin ka ahA 'a port s^mas, ka ka-l^ne 

19. Tr§ka tsi, man' Agrfppas, Q*baT, 1 ts6 p^nsane 
trgka ka-trai ar'im ra ama-nank ma ak'uru: 

20. K^re I m(^ta man and y\ ro-DamMo» de ro- 
Yerusalem, de ka an-tof na Yebudia be, de an*-Kdfri 
SQ, kama na tdbi, de kama na s§ke ka K'uru, de kama 
ta yo ma-yos, ami& b6ki k§-tubi. 

21. Tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra atr'ei ats^ aA'-Y^hudi ha 
b§tr-mi ro-h6kal, ha ten tra dif-mi. 

22. K^re tr^ka mo K'uru o poh mar-mi, I tr^ma 
ha tenon, I son t'amas^re rodi ka ah'-iol, de rodf ka 
am-bSna, I tse pa tr*el 6 tr'el, tdmbe ama-trel amd 
^h'-N^bi de Musa ha poh pa, ho ma ba tra y(Jne: 

23. Tsia yi ho o-Masfa o ^i tra s(impane, fo, niQ 
owo-tr(}(roko ka ka-)^6kane ka ah'-fi, o yi tra trdmgs 
a-m6ta ka ah'-fam de ka ah*Kdfri. 

24. Ko mo f^fane ^ah-e, F^stos o p^na rim 
ra-bSna ho: Paulos, ma-k^ntoh ma wop-mu! Ka-trdra^ 
tr'ei ka-bdna k§ w(}ha-mu ma-k()ntohl 

25. K^re k(^no pa ho: Ma-kdntoh ma tse wop-mi, 
mun' F^stos s^mbe; k^re 1 fof s'im tra tra-tseh de 
tr| k§-tsemp. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-Yo8 26, 27. 97 

26. Tsa Q-bal o bd k§-tr^ra tr^ka ama-trei am6, 
ka Qwd I fgf k§-m{nta: tsa 1 Idne-he, ho tr'el 6 tr'el 
tra ama-trei am^ tra mSAkne-ko: tSa atr'et atl6 tra 
tse y(Jne ra-kon. 

27. Mun' Agrippas, Q-bai, mg Idne a^'-N^bi-i? 1 
trSra, hg ma Idnel 

28. Kq Agnppas o pa ka Paulos ho: P§ tsfa gbo 
0-lao in§ bun ti^nto-mi tra s^ke Q-Ndsari! 

29. Ko Paulos o pa ho: KSAko K'Qru, be pg ^i 
pg tsia o-tan tal^m o-lal, fo pg yi-he muo' son, Mre 
na be so, aM tr^Ia-mi t^non, na s^ke a-wunoA, me 
mine yU t^mbe atr'or^nta atse! 

30. Ko mo pon pa ats^, o-bal o y6kane, de a- 
W^kil, de Bernfke, de aM ^rtra ron^n; 

31. Na k(}ne ro-sOn, Aa fi^farane, na pa ho: O^'uoi 
owe yO-he tr'el 6 tr'ei, tr^ka atr6 o b6ki tra s(impane 
ra-fi tal(im tra trand-ko. 

32. Ko Agrippas o pa ka F^stos ho: Na gb^li pon' 
na sgli ow'dni ow^, be o tse pon' na Idnkli atr'ei-tr'on 
ka ka-tra ka o-Kaisgr. 

Ara-Bomp 27. 

1. Ka ma na pon gbgk-tsi, fo sg yi tra k(}ne ro- 
Italia rg-bii, na laAkli Padlos, de a-trg«'r4nka a-lom ka 
0-k^Ifa o-lom ka ak'6bali ka Augustos, aii^s-ti'Qh Ydlios. 

2. Ka ma sg pon woA rg-bil, ana ^e^a ro-Adramiltia, 
de aAa yi tra tas ka e-b^lgii ya ro-bafi ka Asia rayer» 
sg wur ro-ban: Arisiarkos, o-Maked6ni, ow(J y6fa ro- 
Tessaldnika, o yi rosu. 

Acta. 7 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

98 Ama-Yos 27. 

3. Ka Bii'-rii ana-trdndo sa so ro-gbaA ro-Sldon. 
Kq Ydlios yo Patilos ra-fain, o ller-ko Ira k(Jii6 ka 
am-m^ne-A'oA, kdma ha b6trar-ko e-m^ra. 

4. Hi-a sa yefa sa las ro-Ki'pro rayer, pak^Jife e- 
fef e tr^ma su kadi. 

5. Ka ma sa poA tas ka ka-baA ka ro-Kilfkia de 
ro-Pamfilia, sa der ro-Mira, ka-petr ka Lisia. 

6. Rl-a Q-k^lfa o bap a-bil, bM yi^fa ro-Aleks^ndria, 
de aM k(^De ro-ltdlia; kd o w^na-su rl. 

7. Ka ma am-bil na pon kgt soT ma-re'i ma-lal, de 
mg pa bak-su tra Idmane ro-Knido, pakdiife an'-fef na 
Iser-he-su tra kg kadf, sa tas ro-Kr6ta ray^r, sa lomane 

8. De pa bak-su tra tas ri ray^r; ka-rdran-ka-tii 
sa bek r|-d'er o-Igm, QVfi 'a bontr Ka-BSke ka-fino; 
de ka-petr ka Las6a ka f^tsi rl. 

9. Kg mg a-I(}kg a-Iai na pon tas, de mg pa yi 
tgfi g-b^ki tra kgt ra-bil, pak^ife afi'-lo Aa an'-sQm 
f)« pon' tg sg tas, Paulos g f^far-na, 

10. O pd hg: Nyd a-runi, 1 nank, fg ka ka-kgt- 
ka-su ro-bil sa tra sap m'6ne de a-k6sar a-laT, pa yi- 
he gbo trgka ka-bak de tr^ka am-bil, k^re tr^ka e- 
n6sam-'e-8u sg. 

11. K^re g-kelfa ka k'^me k'in g lane gw'uni ka- 
kor, de g-kas ka am-bil, pa tas atrS Paolos g poii p&. 

12. Kg mg ka-bdke ka lomp-he tr4ka tr§ma rl ka 
aA'-IO ft' g-trank, a-gb^ti na man tra y^fa sg ri-aft, be 
p§ yi na t^na b^k ro-Fofniks, tr^ka trgma rl ka an'- 
iQ ii* g-trank, akS y\ ka-b^ke ka ro-Kr^ta, de ak^ 
l6mane an'-fef na ka-dig de fta ka-m^rg. 

13. Kg mg aft'-fef na ka-dig na sgn g-ti}f§l, na 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ama-T(r8 27. ^ 

Q^ne, ho Aa gb^H ndfas ama-s^lo-ma-inaA; de tmh Aa 
pon lin aA'-fatr, na las ro-gban na-Kr£ta ray^r. 

14. Kere p§ won-he ka-rargn-ka-tsi ma a-fef a- 
b^ki, an^ 'a bontr Eir6klidon, na wnr am-bil rodi. 

15. Ka ma an'-fef na gbip am-bil, de ma am-bil 
Aa t^na-he I6mane an'-fef, 8§ sond-i^i, de aA'-fef na 
tron-su k§di. 

1 6. Ka ma s§ fatr a-yel a-lol, &ii& 'a bontr Kla^da, 
p§ bak-su tra wop am-bil a-lol: 

1 7. Ka ma na pon ndtra-ni, na y(ina y'etr e-m^ra, 
na sek am-bil roraia. Ka ma M n^sa, ho na trg 
yirar a-sgnt, Aa t6ra ka-tuli, de ya an'-fef ta tro6- 
na kadi. 

18. De mo ak'^nkal ka s^pat-su o-b^na, na fita 
ka-bak ka am-bil ro-ban ka an'-r^T ana-tr^ndo. 

19. Ko ka an'-rei and b6ka ma-sas sa wtira s§ ffta 
ama-r^kia ma am-bil ka ama-tra-roa-su gbei^. 

20. Ka ma ar'^tr ra tse pon tri^rine, p§ yi-be 
atr'iis, kdbi ka ma-r^i ma-gbdti, de ma k'§nkgl k§- 
bdna ka pon d£r§r-su, sa gb^li-he so ndne tra fdii 

21. De ka-r^ran ka ma na pon-he y6kane r'a ra- 
di o-^^ni, Paulos o trdmgrne ka ka-trot-ka-nan, o pa 
ho: Nyd a-runi, n§ mar na tra tr§l ar'lm-ra-mi tra 
ts^ y^fa ro-Kri^ta, ka s§ tr§ pon' na n^ne am'^ne am6, 
de an'-k68§r an6 na ey'etr. 

22. De ak^ I man-nu tra yi a-bdki tra-but: tsa 
an'-n6sam na w'uni 6 w'uni katron-ka-nu na gb^li-he 
dinne, tdmbe am-bil gbo. 

23. Tsa na tratrdk ^o-maleika k§ K'dru, Qvii ba- 
mi, de ow(^ I l^nki, o tr^ma mi ray^r, 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

100 Ama*To8 27. 

24. pfi ho: Tse n6sa, Paulos! M§ yi tra tr^ma 
rodi ka o-Kaisar: ko, k^li, K*dru o pon b6^a-mu na 
be an^ k^tane-ina ro-bil. 

25. Tr^ka tsi, b^ki nan tra-bat, nyS a-runi: tsa 
I Idne ka K'dru, ho pa tr| yi mo port k^ne-mi. 

26. K^re 8§ yi tra yirar a-sgnl ra-^el a-lom. 

27. K^re mo ka-tratrSk akd b^ka tr*of^tr tr'dnle 
ka pon bek, ma s§ tra kot ro de ro ka ka-bafi ka 
Adria, ka ka-ren' dalr(^n, an'-s^lar fia n^ne, ho lia 
ma fStrar a-gbaA a-lom. 

28. Ka ma fia t6ra an-tsumba, na fir ka-bol ka 
e-fdnkali k§-gba: do ma Aa pofi tas rodi o-tan, de 
ma na kal t6ra an-tsumbu, ha fir e-f^nkali tr'of^tr 

29. Ka ma iia n^sa, ho ta tra yirar d'er o-gb^lan, 
Aa fak e-fatr y'ainle ro-rirafi ka am-bil, na yima, ho 
'ra-8ok ra bek. 

30. Ka ma an'-s^I|r na m^mar tra gbiike de tra 
wur ka am-bil, de ma na t6ra am-bil a-lol ro-baA, de 
ma na yek tra fak e-fatr rodi ka am-bil, 

31. Padlos pfi ka o-k^lfa ka k'^me k'in, de ka 
afi'-kurgba ho: Be ahi na tsfa-he ro-bil, na gb^Ii-be 

32. An'-Io na-tsi an'-kurgba na gbak ana-pol na 
am-bil a-lol, na tser-iii na fumpo. 

33. Ko mo pa tr^ma tr^ka sok, Paulos o mafi-fia 
be tra y6kane r*a ra-di, o pfl ho: T^non pa yi an'- 
r^i an^ b^ka tr'of^tr m'anle, k^bi ma na kar, na tse 
di, na tse y6kane r'aka 6 r*aka ra-di. 

34. Tr^ka tsi I man-na tra yokane r'd ra-di; tsa 
ats^ tra mar tr^ka ka-fati-ka-nu : tsa ra-fon 6 ra-fon 

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Ama-Yos 27. lOl 

ra w'ldni 6 w'uni katr^n-ka-nu ra gb^li-be fumpo ka 

35. Ko mo pon pd ats6, q y6kane ka-bo, q 
matsi K'uru m'dmo rodi-ka-na be; de mo q pon sim- 
ki, 9 trap ka-di. 

36. An'-lO na-tsi na be na s6to k§-bak tra-but, 
de na so na y6kane r'd ra-di. 

37. K^re an'-fam be, and y\ ro-bil, ifia b^ka Bm'i\Q 
ma tr'^me tr|-raft tra-gba tra-sas lr*oK(r tr'amdl ro 

38. Ka ma na pon ndm*ra, Aa fgnfas am-bil, na 
ffta am-b6rn] ro-ban. 

39. Ko mo 'ra-sok ra pon b6k, na tsC trdra an-tof 
na-tsi; k^re na naAk a-b^nkia a-Iom, and bd a-gban; 
ka afi6 na y^ma tron am-bil, be pa y\ na t^na yO-tsi. 

40. Ka na gbak ana-poI na e-fatr, fia tser-yi e 
fumpo ro-ban, hdlisa na s^li so ana-b^ha na e-k6ra, 
na yfsa am-bela roii ka am-bil tr^ka gbip an'-fef ana 
son, de ha I6mane am-bil ro-gbafi. 

41. K^re mo pa b^nane, ho na fumpor d'er, ro 
ma-gb^ntsi ma-ran ma gbdnne, na yo am-bil na yirar 
a-sant: de rodf na bdkar nai, na ts6 ydtane; kere ro- 
rdran na y^kse ka an'-f(^sa na e*munkal. 

42. Ka an'-kurgba na y^ma dif an-tra-r^nka , tdni 
w'dni 6 yf*6m katr(iA-ka-Aan o Adntr§n, o futi ka 

43. K^re o-k^lfa ka k'^me k'in o benlr-fia tra yO 
ama-S6lo-ma-ftaA, pgkdsife y^ma b^ne aA'-nesam na 
Paulos; ko kdne, fo naA, and gb^H nant, na m^ta 
fftane ro-m'antr, tr^ka fdti ro-gban. 

44. De and t|ia, (g yo na fQli) a-lom rok(5m ka 

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102 Ama-Tos 28. 

e-beA, de a-iom rok((in ka e-gb^nto e-Iom ya am*bil. 
De ya p§ y(5ne, fo na be na fdli ro-gban. 

Ara-Bomp 28 

1. Ka ma 8§ pod fdti, 8§ tral, fo an'^s iia aA'-yel 
ina y\ Melita. 

2. De an-tsik tn yO-su ra-f§m ra-b^oa: tsa na trol 
n'antr, na m^lane-su be tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ak'(Jm, bU 
pon d6rar-sa, de Ir^ka 'ra-bomp ra o-yel. 

3. Kq mo Paulos o pon tdnkla a-map na tra- 
y^nkila, de mo botr-tsi ro-n'anlr, a-gb(Jro wur rl 
tr^ka o*f§i, gbdkne ka ka-trd-k'on. 

4. Ka ma an-tsil na n§nk o-sem o gb^sa ka ka- 
tra-k'on, iiB pd k'in ka o-Iom bo: Ts^ntsene, oWuni 
owe w'uni ka-dif ow(Jn, ow(J al'^ke Ira tser-he tra 
k^li, ka-r^ran ka mo o pon futi ka-ban. 

5 K^re k(ino won o-sem ro-n'antr, de o tl6 tr§lne 
tr'el 6 tr'ei tra-ban. 

6. K^re nan na n^ne, ho ka-trd-k'on ka tr§ b6ya 
nan, talcum ho o tra fumpo nan o*fi yak66. K^re ma 
na pon kar o-w^ni, de ma ha nank, fo tr'ei 6 Ir'el 
tra-]§s tra tse y(5ne-ko, na sihkar e-m6ra-'e-han, ha 
pa, ho yi k'uru. 

7. Ko ro-gb^ntane ha od*^r o-wa-tsi o-ra-bomp 
ka ah*-yel, ah'^s-h'oh Publics, o ba tr'or. Ow6 o 
m^Iane-su, de o yfa-su ra-f§m ma-r6i ma-sas. 

8. Ko p§ b^hane, fo 0-kas ka Publios o f^ota, 
ma-w6nane de a-ranfr ha wop-ko. Ko Padlos o woh 
roh(Jh, r^mne, o reh-ko ama-tra-m*oh , o r^mar-ko. 

9. Ko mo atr'ei ats6 tra pon ydne, aha-lom so, 

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Ama-Tos 28. 103 

ai\A ba tra-trQ ka an'-yel, da der roA^Jn, de y^nkas- 

10. An6 na b6tras-su a-yiki a-b^na; de ma sa yefa 
rl so ra-bil, na r^nsar-su ey'^tr e-ma-r6kia. 

11. Ko ka-raran ka y'of e-sas sa yela ri ra-bil, 
an^ y^fa ro-Aleks^ndria, an^ pon tr^ma ro-yel ka au'- 
lO n' o-trank, de an^ ba an'-l6ma na KSstor de P61- 

12. Ka ma sa sg ro-gban ro-Sirakusa, sa tr^ma ri 
ma-r6i ma-sas. 

13. Ri-a sa yijfa sa gb^p'sa ro-gbaA, de sa der 
ro-R^gio; de ka-rdran ka a-r6i n'in, mo an'-fef na 
ka-dio na wur, sa der ro-Pul6olo ka an'-r^'i ana- 

14. Ri-a s§ bap a-wontr, de na n^mtene-su tra 
tr|ma ron^n ma-rei tr'amdt de ran. De ya sa der 

15. Ka ma an'-wontr, an^ yi rl, Aa pon Iral r'im 
tr^ka trSssu, na ^nr rT, na der ha ro-Appi-F6rum, de 
ha ro-Tres-Tab^rne tra gban's-su. Ko mo Paulos o 
D§Ak-na, mutsi K'uru m'Smo, de o s(}to k§-bak 

16. Ka ma s§ pon b6k ro-Rom, o-k^lfa ka k'^me 
k'in l^nkli an-tra-r^nka ka o-ra-bomp ka an'-s6rati 
na o-Kaisar: k^re na tier Paulos tra yira t6ko re 0- 
ki^rgba Qyv^ bumar-ko. 

17. Ko pa yi, ka-rdran ka ma-r6'i ma-sas Paulos 
sOm tra ts^la an-tr§-bomp na an'-Y^hudi rok'in: 
ka ma na poA gb^nne rok'in, o pa ron^n ho: Nya 
a-wontr-'a-mi, h^li I yO-he tr'ei 6 tr'el tra-las lr§ka 
aA'-fgm-'a-su, pa yi-he tr^ka ama-yos ma an'-kas, Aa 

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104 Ama-Tos 28. 

pon trand-mi ro-Yerusalem , na ISnkli-mi ka aitia-trd 
ma an'-R6ini, 

18. An^ ^^ma s^li-mi, ka-rdr|A ka ma na poA 
gb^hgbefi-mi, p§k^sife tr'el 6 tr'el atr^ b^ki ra-fi» tr§ 
yi-he romi. 

19. K^re ma an'-Y^hudi na p^nsane, na f(isar-mi 
tra l^hkli atr'ei-tra-mi ka ka-tra ka o-Kaisar; pa ^i- 
he mQ ho I ba tr'el 6 tr'el tr^ka gb^ntir am-b6na- 

20. Tsia bd-tsi 1 pofi som tra ts£la-nu rgk'in, kama 
I gbgli nu n§fik, de kima I f(}fgr-nu: tsa tr^ka 'ra- 
borop ra an'-r^tsd na Yisrael, na pon tr^nda-mi ak'o- 
r^nta ak6. 

21. Ka na pa rohiii ho: S§ pon-he s^to e-r^ka 
ro-Yehudia tr^ka tr^mmu, p§ ^i-he w'uni 6 w'uni ka 
afi'-wonlr o poii der, ow(J pon IriJri, lal(Jm ow(J pon 
k6ne Ir'el 6 tr'el tra-Ias Ir^ka trammu. 

22. K^re sa y^ma tral ka ka-san-ka-mu ama-trel, 
amd m§ nane: tsa tr^ka an'-siat ane sa tr^ra, fo na 
p^nsane-na d'er 6 d*er. 

23. Ka ma na pon b6tra-ko a-rei, a-gbati na der 
rondn ka an'-yia-n'on ; de ^Mia-na ara-bai ra 
K'uru, Q son-na t'amasere tr^ka tsi, o ten tra i^ntQ- 
Aa tra lane ama-trel tr^ka Yisua, mo un-tgn Aa Musa, 
de mo ama-gbal ma afi'-Ndbi, ka 'ra-b§t ba ka 'ra-foi. 

24. Ka a-Iom na lane ama-trei am^ o pon pa; 
k^re a-lom na tse lane. 

25. Ka ma na tse gb^nne ro-mera, na yiia ri, ka- 
rdr§n ka mo Paulos o pon pa r'im r'in ho: 16mpi, 
atr^ 0-Ruhu owo-Sam o pon f(}fgr an'-kas-*a-su ka ka- 
$^ti ka Yesdya. o-N6bi, 

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Ama-Yos 28. 105 

26. Ka pa ho: K(}ne ka an'-fam an6, ma pa ho: 
Ka su e-lans na tra tr|l de, k^re na gb^li-be s(}tQ 
ka-tsemp: ka k^li n§ tra k^li de, kgre ng gb^Ii-be 
nank-tsi : 

27. Tsa e-m6ra ya an*-fam an6 e fi, na Iran e- 
lahs-'e-nan, na miJpas e-for-'e-nan: t6ni ra-so ra-Iom 
Aa nank ka e-for-'e-nan, na tral ka e-lgns-'e-nan, na 
tr^ra ka e-m^ra-'e-nan, na s§ke ka K'uru, de I 

28. Tr^ka tsi, tr^ra nan, fo na po6 sOm ka-fdtt 
ka K'uru ka an'-K^fri, nan na tra tral-ki sq. 

29. Ka ma na pon tr§l as'im atsi, an'-Y^hudi na 
y^fa rl, a-gbal a-Iai na y\ katr(}n-ka-nan. 

30. Kq Paulos tsia tra-ren tra-r§n b§r ka an'- 
yia-h'Qu gben, ah^ o pon yep tr^ka ka-ram, o m^Iane 
na be an^ won rgniin. 

31. trdm§s ara-bal ra K'uru, o t^ksa ama-trei 
trpa Yisua Masia, o-RSbbu, ka-minla, w'uni 6 w'uni 
tse bentr-ko. 

Acts. 7 ♦* 

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18 6 7. 

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Stuttgart: Priuted by J. F. Steinkopt 

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Ati'-R^ka tB, Patilos, o-Som, a6i o gbilar 

Ara-Bomp 1. 

1. Paulos, a-bol ha Yisua Masfa, QYfi 'a \l&\a trd 
yi o-SOm, qyt^ 'a tit tr^ka am-B68ra na K'uru, 

2. (Tr§ka an^ o pon traii r'im t^pan ka ka-8§n ka 
aii'-N^bi-n'on ka aina-Gbal ama-sam,) 

3. Tr^ka Ow'^n-k'gn Yisaa Masia, g-RSbbu-ka-su, 
Qwi y^fa ka ara-k6m'ra ra Dauda mo ama-der-in*on; 

4. Qvii na pon I6mi mg Qw'Sn ka K'uru r' a- 
fi^sa, mo o-Rubu ka ma-s§m, ka ka-y6kane ka ra-fi: 

5. Ka ka-tra-k'on s§ pon s^iQ a-b6na de ara-som, 
kdma tra-bdna be na v^op an'-iaoe> tr^ka an'^s-h'on: 

6. Ka ka-trou-ka-nan nja so n§ yi, an^ Yisua 
Masfa pon ts^la: 

7. Ka ^a bo ana yi ro-Rdm, ka am-b(Jt§r na K'uru, 
do ka an^ 'a ts^la tra yi a-s§m: Tra a-bgna na yi re 
nyan do ma-tiif§l am^ y^fa ka K'uru, o-Kas-ka-su» do 
ka o-R^bbu-ka-su Yisua Masia. 

8. 1 m(^ta mdisi m'^mo ka Ok'dru-ka-mi ka Yisua 
Masia tr^a nyd be> p§k^sifo na tr^m§s ka-lane-ka- 
nu ro-rQ bo. 


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4 An'-Romi 1. 

9. Tsa K*uru, QVfd I lenki re am-mera-'a-rai ka 
am-B6sra na Ow'dn-k'o6, o ^i Q-gb^ki-ka-mi, fo I 
trel-fe ka-n^ne-nu; 

10. Trdka me I nemtene K'dru l(Jko 6 I(^ko ka 
tra-r^mne-tra-mi, be pa yi ho t^nkan ra-sQ ra-lom 
(y mo n^fas ar'dn'-da-mi tra der tquA, mo ama-selo- 

11. Tsa a-b68De na wop-mi tra nan'-nu, k^ma I 
gbdli yer-nu a-boya a-Iom na o-Ruha, tr|ka bSk'sar-nu; 

12. Tsia yi: kdma mine de nydA s§ s(Jto ka-bak 
tra-but ka ka-trS ka ka-lane» ak^ nya de akd mfne ba. 

13. K^re I y^ma-he na ts6 Irara-tsi, nya a-wonlr- 
'a-mi, ho ara-m6ra-'a-mi fia tr^ma e*ldko e-lai tra der 
ron6, — k^re tr'el tra benlr-mi ha t^te, — ksma I 
8($to ma-k6mi ma-lom ka ka-tron ka nyS so, mo pa 
yi ka ka-lron ka aA'-k^fri aAa-Iom. 

14. I kdtarne ka afi'-Yunani, de ka am-Barbari; 
ka ana-ls^mpi, de ka aAa-ts6-tsemp. 

15. Tr|ka tsi, minaA, am-m^ra-mi na M\q tra 
trSmas am-B6sra ka nyd so, aiil^ yi ro-ROm. 

1 6. Tsa I tse l^par am-B6sra iia Yisua : tsa na yi 
a-l(58a na K'dra Irgka fdtia w'dni 6 w'Qni, ow(5 line; 
an'-Y6hudi ka ka-m(^ta, de aA'-Yunani so. 

17. Tsa na pon naibi rl ama-I6mpi ma K'uru ka 
ka-ldne tr^ka ka-lane, ma 6a pon gbal ho: Ow(}- 
16mpi ti*| k^li ka ka-lane-k'on. 

18. Tia ara-ban' da K'urn ra nafbe ka y^fa ka 
ak'uru tr^ka ama-l§s be de tr^ka ama-k|na ma a-f§m, 
aM k^Aka atra-t§en ra ma-k^na; 

19. Pak^sife atr^ Aa gb^li tr^ra tr^ka K'urn tra 
Aaibe katrc^n-ka-nan; tsa K'dru o poA naibi-tsi ronSA. 

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An'-Eomi 1. 5 

20. Tsa na gb^Ii nank gb^ran ama-trel ama-tse- 
nank Ir^ka lr*on k^bi ka ka-tr^pi ara-rQ, be na train- 
tr^mne tr^ka ama-yos-m'on , mfa yi ho: an'-f^sa-n'on 
ana-tab^na, de ara-k'uru-r'gi ; ha i^a gb^li-he kdtrne 

21. Pak^sife b^li na tr^ra K'uru, na pon-he yikis- 
ko mg K'uru, na mutsi-he-ko m'^mo; k^re Aa s^ko 
a-Ufli-tr'el ka ka-n^ne-ka-nan, de e-m^ra-'e-naA, eye 
p^ni ka-tsemp, e bfa. 

22. Ma ha pd, ho na yi a-ts^mpi, na s^ke a-pafik. 

23. De ha pen sihkar ah'-yfki ha K'iiru, ow(J isQ 
tel, trdka ra-b^Iane ra a-roh ha w'lini, QVf^ tei, de 
ha e-bamp/ de ha tr§-sem tr§ tr'^tr§k tr'dnle» de ha 
y'etr e-w(}rka. 

24. Tsia ba-tsi K'uru o poh so sond-ha ka ka- 
traiane, mo e-f<^la ya e-n)6ra-'e-hah, ha ha l^pas ama- 
der-ma-hah gbeh katr^h-ka-hah gbeh: 

25. AM poh jSihkar atra-tseh tra K'uru tr^ka ra- 
yem, de ah^ poh rSmne» de ah^ poh lehki ar'a ra- 
tr^pi p§ tas kon' QVf^ tr§pi-ri, Qy^i 'a t(}k§s t^hkah 
tab^na. Aminal 

2G. Tr^ka tsi K'uru o poh sond-ha ka e-f^la ya 
ma-lap: tsa am-b^ra-'a-hah so ha sihkar ka-l^kane 
akd yi mo ama-tabiat tr^ka ka-l^kane ak^ ti6-yi mo 

27. Ye p§ yi so tr^ka ah'-rdni; tr^ka ma ha trel 
ka-lek o-bera mo ama-tabiat, e-f^la-'e-hah e m^ra 
katriih-ka-hah , k'iu' ro ka o-lom; tr^ka ma a-runi ha 
yO tr'el tr§-Up§s rg a-runi; de ha poh s^^to ah*-ram, 
ah^ b^ki ka-y^ta-ka-hah, ka araa-der-ma-hah gbeh. 

28. De ma ha bi^tar-he tra tr^ra K'uru, K'uru o 

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6 Aft'-R6mi 1. 2. 

sond-na ka e-m^ra e-k^na, tra yO ma-trel amd \s€ 

29. Xh& l^sar ina-k^na, k§-r§p, ma-las, ka-jr^marl, 
ma-t^ke; bM la k§-trotr, ka-dif ka-sas, ka-gbal-tr'eT, 
kg-lron's-tr'el, ma-kar ma-las; 

30. AM ba kg-f61fala ro-lgAs, an^ b& k|-for, aM 
gb^Aa K'dru, hM bd ka-b6ne-tr'eT, aAd bft a-m^ra b^na, 
ai^^ ba e-toisne, aA^ iivura ma-trel ma-l§8, add t§6 tral 
ar'im ra aM kOm-Aa, 

31. A Ad bfi-be ka-tsemp, aAd bS-he a-l^ne, add 
ba e-for e-w6si, and ba a-paia, and ba-he i-n^'i: 

32* AhA yO'tfi gbo ama-treT ma-tSi, k^re and t^a 
60 tr^ka airld yO-Aa; hdii na trdra an-toA na K'dru, fo, 
and ;0 ma-trel ma-wunon, na b^ki s()mpane ra-fi. 

Ara-Bomp 2. 

1 . Tr^ka tsi mon' w'uni, w'uni 6 w'uni ow(} ba ka- 
nap-lr'ei, m§ gbp-he katr k'^re! Tsa tr^ka atr'eT, tr^ka 
atrd ma nap o-lom, mg ndpne mdno-mflnone; tsa mdno, 
OW(J ba ka-nap-lr'el, m§ yO ama-trei ma-lsi gbe6. 

2. Here sa trdra, fo ka-rok an-1(}6ka ka K'dru ka 
yi mo tr§-tieA trdka and ma yO ma-treT ma-wdnoA. 

3. Tal(5m mun' w'uni, ow(J nap and yQ ma-trel 
ma-wunon, de owe} yo ama-trel ma-tsi gben, ma ndne, 
bo ma ma foti ka-rok an-t^nka ka K*dru-i? 

4. Tal(}m pa yi ho ma f§nf§ra$ ka-la ka 'ma-tot- 
m'oA, ka am-muya-n'oA, de ka am-m6ra-n'on a-b(Jll-i? 
Ma tr'a-he, fo ama-tot ma K'dru ma ten tra yO-mu 
m§ tdbi-i? 

5. K^re mo ka-bak-ka-mu *ra-bomp, de mo am- 

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Atf-R6mi 2. 7 

mira-'a-ma aAa-tsS-tubi ma gb6mpane tr^ka tr^mma 
a-gb6inpa na ra-ban tr^ka an*-r^i 6a *ra-baA de na 
ka-Aaibe ka ka-rok e-toilka aka-16mpi ka K'uru; 

6. Ow(J trg ram w'dni 6 w'iini mo ama-yos-m*o6. 

7. Ka ad^A, an^ ten a-yiki, de ra-lel, de ka-tse- 
lel ka b^§r k§-;0 ma-yos ma-flno, q tra son a-66sam 
a-tab^na : 

8' K^re ain^A, ani b& k§-gbal-tr'eT, de aM tse wop 
atra-tsen, k^re a^^ wop ma-k^na, k§-yek8e de ra-ban 
ra tr§ d6r§r-Da. 

9. Ma-sibo de ma-k^tane ma tr§ d^r§r w'dni d 
w'uni, ow(J yo Ir'el tr§-l^s, an'-Y^hudi ka ka-m()ta» 
de an'-Yunini bq. 

10. K^re a-yiki, de ra-lel, de ma-t({fal ma tr§ d^r§r 
w'dni 6 w'dni, ow(J yo Ir'ei tr§-fino, an'-Y6hudi ka 
ka-m(}ta, de an'-Yunani sq. 

11. Tsa K'uru o ts6 k^li ad*^r ra w'uni. 

12. Tsa na be, ai^^ pon yo Q-las ka tse ba a-ton, 
Aa tra dfnne sq ka isB ba a-tgn; de na be, aM poii 
yO Q-las ka ba an-toi^, na tr§ nap-na mo an-toh; 

13. (Tsa p§ yi-he an^ tral an-tgn na ba ma-mSri 
rodf ka K'uru; kere p§ yi and yO an-tgn iia tr§ s()tQ 

14. Tsa tr^ka ma a-kdfri, and ts6 ba a-to6, na yO 
ama-trel ma an-toh mo e-mera-*e-ftan e-k6mane, an6, 
and tse ba a-toh, ha yi a-toh tr§ka ha-hdne; 

15. And triiri, fo ha poh gbal ama-yos ma an-toh 
rok6r ka e-m^ra-'e-hah, tr§ka ma ka-trarane-ka-hah so 
ka soh t'amas^re tr^ka tsi, hdlisa e-ndne-'e-hah ey^ 
gbdntirane, tal(Jm eye kdlrane so tr'ereO 

16. Ka ah'-rei, and K'uru o tra tdhka ama-trei ma 

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9 AA'.B6mi 2. 

a-f|m ama-minkne ka ka-trs ka Yfsaa Masia, mo am- 

1 7. K^li, Aa boDtr-ma o-Y^hodi, de iii| saline an- 
ion, do ma k61on6 tr§ka K'uru: 

18. Do m§ Ir^ra ama-s6lo-m'o6, do m§ gb^li ttfnka 
tjr^ka ama-trei am^ gbisko, p§k^sifo na pon i^k'sa-mu 
ka an-too; 

19. Do m§ Ijno, ho mdno-manono ma yi o-trMa 
k| aM fit, do a-mdla iia ahk yi r|-8um, 

20. Do o-t^k'sa ka an^ ts6 ba k|-tsemp, do 0- 
karmi^ko k§ a-fel, ow(J ba am-mol na ka-tr^ra do Aa 
tr§-tloA ka an-ton. 

21. Tr^ka tsi munon, ow(J t^k'sa o-lom, ma t^k'sane- 

hfi muno-manone-i? Munon, ow(J gbal ka-w^ndi, ho 6a 
yi-he tra keia, ma keia-i? 

22. Munon, ow(J pa, ho 6a yi-he Ira yO ra-pure, 
m§ yO ra-pure-i? Mdno6, ow(J gbena o-ron, ma luk 
ey'^tr ya an'-h^kal-i? 

23. Muno6, owd k6Ione Ir^ka an-toft, ma Wpas 
K'drn ka ka-paine an-toA-i? 

24. Tsa Irgka 'ra-bomp ra nySA 6a fof aft'is na 
K'uru o-l§s katr(J6 ka a6'-k4fri, ma 6a pon gbal-tsi. 

25. Tsa ka-gbgk an*-16mpe ka n^fa tr'eT, be ma 
yO an-lon: k^re be ma paine an-loA, ka-tse-ba-ka-ma 
a-l^mpe ka po6 s^ke ka-ba a-l^mpe. 

26. Tr^ka tsi, be ow(J ba a-]6mpe o wop ama- 
gb§ka ma an-to6, pa yi-he 6a tra lom ka-ba-k'o6 a- 
l^mpe mo ho ka-tsfi-ba a-16mpe-i? 

27. De pa yi-he fo a6^ ba e-16mpe mo ama-tabfat- 
ma-nan, de a6^ yO an-ton, 6a tra nap muno6-i, ow^ 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

AA'.R6mi 2. 3. 9 

yi Q-paine an-ton-i, k6ta ma bfi atna-gbal ma an4o& 
de k6ta ma ts6 bfi a-l^mpe-i? 

28. Tsa o-Y^hudi kgn' laho, ow(J y\ gbo o-Y6hudl 
roru ; de k§-gbak a-l^mpe ki' tabo, ak^ y()ne gbo rortiy. 
ka ama-der; 

29. K^re kdno yi o-Y^budi, qw(J yi tsi ro-mdnkner 
de ka-gbak a-]6mpe k§ ^i ka-gbak aA'-l^mpe na ka<- 
bat, ro-m6ra, p§ j^i-he ak^ yi^ne mo ama-gbal. Ka* 
k61o Qw'uni ow6 ka y^a-he ka a-f§m, k^re ka Puni* 

Ara-Bomp 3. 

1. Ko jri ton an'-ntfa bM o-Y^hadi o bd-e? TaI(Ji» 
ko ^i ak'es^te ka ka-gb§k an'-l^mpe-e? 

2. Ma-trel ma-gb^ti k6 6 k6. Atr'ei atra-triJtroka 
tra yi, fo Aa pon minkar-Aa as'im tra K'uru. 

3. Tsa tra ba tr'el-i, be a-lom na ts6 line-i? Pf 
y\ bo ka-ts6-ldne-ka-nan ka gb^li t^pis atra-tlen tr» 

4. S^ki-tsi! Tra K'uru o ba tr§-tsen, k^re tra Vtini 
6 w'uni ba ra-yem; ma iia pon gbal bo: Kdma m§ 
s^iQ ma-m^ri ka as'im-tra-ma, de kdma m§ 8(Jto ka- 
tarn, be Aa t()nka8-mu. 

5. K^re be ama-k^na-ma-su ma gb^ntas ama-Idmpi 
ma K'dru, ko s§ ma pft-e? P§ y'\ ho K'iiru o tSe b& 
ma-16mpi, owcj yQ ra-bati ra d^rar-so-i? I fof mo w'dni, 

6. S^ki-tsi! Tsa be p§ yi na yan-e, tro K'dru q 
gb^Ii tcjfikas ara-ra-e? 

7. Tla be atra-tsen tra K'uru tra bar stfto a-yiki 
ka ara-yem-ra-mi, ko tr'el tr'a Aa tonkas- so r§8 minai^ 
mo 'w'uni las-e? 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

10 AA'-Rdmi 3. 

8. Tr^ka tsi tra sa lie yO ma-treT ma-las, kama 
ma-trel ma-flno ma wur rl, (ma iia fof tr§ka tr^ssa 
ka for-ail, de ma a-1om Aa k^ne, fo sySi pa yan-e;) 
fca-nap-Aa ka yi ka-16mpi. 

9. Tro pa yi toA-e? Sg t^si-na-i? Ye tdho kg 6 
\Q. Tsa sa pon so6 k'^si ka an'-Y6budi de ka aft'- 
Yan^Di ka tr^ri rok(Jm, fo da be na yi ka an'-f(^s8 
i^ ma-trei ma-las rata; 

10. Ma na pon gbal ho: Wiini 16mpi o yi-he f% 
p§ yi-he hdli k'in. 

11. W*uni ts^mpi o yi-be rl; w'uni ow(J ten K'uru 
a yi-he rl. 

12. S^a be Aa pon f§l@ ro-r'on, 6a pon s4ke a-las 
Iwfn-an. Wuni ow(J yo tr'el tra-ftno o yi-he ri, p§ 
ji-be bill k'in. 

13. E-b61o-'e-nan e yi tra-b<ima tra-kdnte; fta y(Jna 
a-y^Afa ka tra-mer-tra-nan ; ma-kon ma e-ken ma yi 
ka e-r^ka ya tra-sgA-tra-nau rata. 

14. Tra-san-tra-nan tra la ka-r^Aka de s'im tra- 

15. Atr'^tr§k-tra-nan tra tsimone tra Ion ma-tsin 

16. Ka-dfnne de m'6ne ma yi ka as'dn-tra-nan. 

17. De ar'6n' da ma-t(}fal na tr'a-he-ri. 

18. Ra-nes ra K'uru ra yi-he rodi ka e-for-'e-Aan. 

19. K^re sa trSra, fo tr'el 6 tr'el atri an-toA f\B 
pa-e, iia k^ne-tsi ka an^ yi ka an'-fdsa na an-toA rata; 
kama na gb^pgr k|-san 6 k§-san, de k'ama ara-rQ be 
ra ba W&si rodi ka K'uru. 

20. Pak^ife ka ama-yos ma an-ton vi\um 6 nv'uni 
O gb§li-he s^iQ ma-mdri rodi ka K'uru: tsa ka an-toAi 
sa ba ka-tr^ra ka ma-Ire! ma-Ias. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

An'-R6mi 3. 11 

21. K^re ak6 na pon naibi ania-16mpi ma K'dra 
am^ p^ni an-ton; tr^ka am^ an-ton de an'-NSbi fia 
poii SQi\ I'amasere; 

22. Mia yi hg ama-l^mpi ma K'uru ka ka-line 
Yisua Masia, am^ yi tr^ka a-fam be, de rok^m ka Aa 
be anii l^ne: Isa o-gb^e O >'i-he rl: 

23. Tsa a-fam be na pon yo O-Ias, de iia p6m 
aA'-yfki Aa K'dru; 

24. AhA s(^to ma-ro^ii ka-tlin tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra 
am-b^Aa-n'on ka ka-bsni, ak^ Yisua Masia o pons: 

25. Ow(J K'tira pofi tr^mar gbdfat mo ka-waii 
k§ i-n^T ka ka-Idne ama-tsir-m'on, tra tr^ri ama-l6mpi- 
m'gn, tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ka-paine ka ama-trel ma-las, 
am^ y^uQ t^pan, mo K'dru o ba a-mdyu; 

26. Tra iT^ri ama-]6mpi-m'on ka an'-lo aA6 ; kima 
yi o-ldmpi k(}Do-k^none, de QVfi son ma-niAri ka 
OW(J line Yisua. 

27. Ka-k61one, r^ke ka yi toft-e? lifa k6t5i-ki. Ka 
a-ton a-r6ke? Ka an-ton 6a ma-yos-i? De, kere ka 
an-tgfi iia ka-ldne. 

28. Tr^ka tSi sa gbak, fo w'dni o s(}tQ ma-mSri 
ka ka-Idttt? pa yi-he ka ama-yos ma an-ton. 

29. Tal^m pa yi ho K'uru o yi gbo Ok'uru ka 
an'-Y^hudi-i? yi-he so Ok'uru ka aii'-k^fri-i? Ydo, 
Q yi 80 Qk'iiru ka aA'-k^fri: 

30. Tr^ka mo p§ yi Ok'uru ka-tsi gbeii, ow(J tra 
soil tna-m^ri ka ai^^ 1s6 ba e-l^mpe ka ka-Idne, de 
ka aA^ ba e-l^mpe ka ka-lane. 

31. Pa yi toA fo sa r^fi an-ton ka ka-lane-i? Sdki- 
tsi; k^re s§ raf gbo an-ton. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

12 An'-R6mi 4. 

Ara-Bomp 4. 

1. Ko s§ ma pd ton-e trdka Ibr^hima, o-kas-ka-su,^ 
fo pon 8(Jlo mo o-sem-e? 

2. Tsa be Ibr^hima o pod s^{q ma-ro^ri ka mar 
y/Qs, Q bd tr'el tr^ka kdlone ; k^re rodi ka K'dni taho. 

3. Tsa ko ama-Gbal ma pa-e? IbrShima q Idne 
K'uro, de l(}ma-ko4si mo ho ma-I6mpi. 

4. K^re ow(} yO ma-pant, Aa l(^ma-be-ko an'-ram- 
fQh mo ho a-b($na, k^ro mo ho ra-bel. 

5. K^re Qy/^ tse yQ ma-pant, k^ro ow(^ l^ne kon' 
QW() son ma-mSri ka Qy/^ yi o-las, th l(}ma-ko ka- 
l^ne-k'oil mo ho roa-16mpi. 

6. Mo Dauda so fQ^ tr^ka ka-mar-tr'ei ka ow'tinl, 
CW(^ K'uru li^ma ma-16mpi am^ p^ni ma-yos* 

7. (Mo pa ho.) A-f§m a-m^ri-tr'el ftad, aW *a 
pon ts^ra ama-j^os-ma-nan ma-las, de afid 'a foik 
gb^para ama-trel-ma-nan ma-las! 

8. W*uni m^ri-tr'ei won, owi} Yeh6fa o tr§ tse 
I(}ma tr'el tra-l§s! 

9. 4^mb^, ka-mar-tr'el ak4, pa y\ ho ka l^mane gbo 
aM tse ba e-l^mpe-i, talcum aMn so aii^ ba o-l^mpe-i? 
Tsa sa p&, ho na li^ma Ibr^hima ka-lfine-k'o& mo ho 

10. Tro na ](}ma-ko-ki toA-e? Mo ts6 ba a- 
l^pe-e, tal^m mo ba a-l^mpe-e? P§ ^i-he mo 
ts6 ba a-16mpe, k^re mo ba a-l^mpct 

11. De ^6iQ an'-l6ma na ka-gbak a5*-l^njpe mo a- 
kitam na 'ma-lompi ma ka-l^ne, akA o ba, mo o t^a r§9 
a-lempe, kama o ^i 0-kas ka na be aM l4ne, ma Aa ba 
ras e-l^mpe, kama na gb^i lom ama-lompi ka an^ so. 

Digitized by LjOOQ iC 

An'.Rdmi 4. 13 

12. De kdma o yi o-ias ka an^ tse ba e-I^mpe 
tr§ka anSn, an^ tse y\ gbo a-fam a-pSni e-l^mpe, k^re 
ana trSnane so ama-ni ma ka-lane ka Ibr^hima, g-kas- 
ka-sa, akd o ba, mo o ba ras a-I^mpe. 

13. Tsa pa yi-he ka ka-tra ka an-ton, fo na tran 
ar'fm ka Ibr^hima, talcum ka ara-k6m'ra-r'on, fo yi 
tra s^to ak'^ ka ara-rO; k^re pa yi ka ka-tra ka ama- 
Idmpi ma ka-ldne. 

14. Tsa be an^ ivop an-ton na s^to tr'e, ka-lane 
ka yi ka-yai, do ar*im, ar^ na po6 tran, ra tra ba-he 
so a-f()8a: 

15. T^ an-ton fia sOm ra-bad: tsa ro an-toA Aa 
yi-he, ka*paino ka an-toA ka gbp-be so yi. 

16. Tr^ka tsi ka y^fa ka ka-ldne, kdma ka yi 
mo a-bdna; kama ar^im, ara na pon trai^, ra yi ra- 
b^kar tr^ka ara-k6m'ra be, pa yi-he gbo tr^ka anS ba 
an-ton, k^re tr^ka anSn so, nM ba ka-lane ka Ibr^- 
hima, ow(^ yi o-kas ka sya be, 

17. (Ma na pon gbal ho: TpoA botr-rou o-kas k§ 
tra-b6na tra-gb^ti,) rodi ka K'tini ovf^ o Idne, 0^^ 
k^lis ah'-fi, de ow(J tsela ey'^tr ey6 tse yi, kama e yi. 

18. Kon* ow6 Idne ka ratsa, hdii tr'el tr' a-r^tJa, 
tra yi-he rf, fo o yi tra sgke o-kas ka tra-b6na tra- 
gb^U, mo as'im atr^ Aa pa ho: Mo ats6 ara-k6m'ra- 
ra-mu ra tra yi. 

19. De mo tSe ba k§-]dne ka-rantr, o k^U-he 
ama-der-m'oA gbefi, ama-rdni-ma-tsi ma pon^ to % 
tr^ka mo poA bak am'c^lo ma tra-ren k'^me k'in, 
p§ yi-he ama-rantr ma ka-fantr' ka a-p(Jra ka Sdra: 

20. K^re tse ^fke tr^ka ar'fm, ar^ K'dru o poA 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

14 An'-Romi 4. 5. 

tran-ko, ka tsg lane; k^re o ^i o-b^k§r ka ka-ldne» 
Q son K*uru a-yiki; 

21. De poii gbelen-tsi mo tr§-tsen rfimdn, {q 
tr^ka atr^ K'uru o pon Iran r'im, o ba so k§-t4iia tra 

22. Tsian na l()ma-ko-tli mo ho ma-16mpi. 

23. Kero na gbal-he-tsi tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra kon' son 
gbo, fo na poA l(Jma-ko-1si; 

24. Kore tr§ka 'ra-bomp ra sya so, ka &h& Aa yi 
tra lom-tsi, ana lane kon', Qvii ^ot y6kas Yisua, o* 
R^bbu-ka-su, ka ra-fi; 

25. O^ii 'a pon sond tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ama«treT- 
ma-su ma-l§s, de qyi^ 'a yokas tr^ka son-su ma-mari» 

Arai-Bomp 5. 

1. Tr^ka ma 8§ pon' to s()tQ ma-miri ka Idne, s§ 
ba ma-t(ifal ka K'uru ka ka-tra ka o-R^bbu-ka-sa, 
Yisua Masia: 

2. Ka ka-tra-k'on s§ pon so s^iQ r'on ro ka am- 
bona an6, ka slM sa tr^ma, ka ka-lano, do sa k61onfi 
tr^ka an'-rdtsa ta an'-yiki ha K'uru. 

3. K^re p§ yi-be gbo ats^ son, kere s§ k61ono so 
tr^ka tr|-s(impano ; tr^ka ma s§ trira, fo k§-s(}mpano 
kg wur a-mu^u; 

4. Kero am-mdyu ha viur ma-fino ma-mom§r; k^ro 
ama-fino ma-m^m§r ma ii?ur a-rStla. 

5. Kore ah'-r^tsa ha ts@ w(Jha-su ma-lap: tsa laa 
pon kal ama-b(}tar ma K'uru ka tra-but-tra-su ka o- 
Rubu owo-S§m, ow(i ha pou soh-su« 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Aft'-R6mi 6. 15 

6. Tsa ma sg p^ni ras a-f(isa, Masia o fi tr^kft 
aA'-Ias ka an'-lo ana-botr. 

7. Pa trui w'uni tr'ei tra fi tr^ka w'dni 16inpi: (tsa 
tr^ka w'uni ffno l^nsa w'uni lorn o infDta tra fi.) 

8. K^re K'uru o k61ona-sa ama-b(itgr-m'oft gbe6» 
pgk^ife Masia o pon fi tra tr^ssu, ka an'-lo aM 8| 
yi r§8 a-fam a-l§8. 

9. Tr^ka tsi, t^msine sg trg fdti ara-baQ'-d*oi^ ka 
ka-trfi-k'on» ma sg pon' to s^iQ ma-miiri ka ama-tsir* 

10. Tsa be K'ura q yQ fo kon' de syftfi sg kal 
m^ne ka ara-fi ra Qw'^D-k'on, ma sg yi a-gb^na-ko^ 
Umsine sg trg futi ka an'-n^sgm 6'on» mo koa' de 
iySih sg pon kal m^ne. 

11. K^ro pg yi-he gbo ats6 sOn, k^re sg k6Ionfr 
so trgka K'dru, ka o-R^bbu-ka-su, Yisua Masia, ka 
i)yii sg pon' to s(ito ka-kal-m^no. 

12. Tr^ka tsi, mo atr'ei atra-lgs tra viQh ro-ra ka 
ka-tra ka \?'uni k'in, de ra*fi ka atr'ei atra-Igs, de ya 
ra-fi ra tas ka a-fgm be, trgka ma na be na yo ma- 
trel ma-lgs. — 

13. Tsa Ir'el trg-lgs trg yi-he ro-rQ hfi ka ai^'-li^ 
Aa an-ton. Kere na ts6 l(^ma w'uai tr'ei trg-lgs, ro 
Aa ba-he a-ton. 

14. K^re ra-fi ra gbgka ka Idam ha ka Musa ro» 
k(Jm ka an^n so, an^ ts€ pon yO tr'ei trg-lgs ka paine 
mo aka-paine ka Adam, QVf^ yi ra-b^lane ra qy/^ yi 
tra der. 

15. K^re am-b6^a na tse yi mo am'^lo ma ka- 
paine. Tsa be ka ka-paine ka ok'in a-gb6ti na ba 
kg-fi; t^msino am-b6na na K'uru, de am-b6ya na am- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

€1 AA'.R6mi 6. 6. 

l)($na, aA^ y^fa ka o^v'Qni Qk'iu, Yfsua Masia, na pon 
la tr^ka a-gbSti. 

1 6. De ain-b6ya na ts6 yi mo am'i^lo ma ka-paine 
ka i^'uni k'in, qvi^ yQ tr'el tr|-Ia8. Tsa ka-rok an- 
t(Jnka ka yitsi ka ka-paine ka w'dni k'in tr^ka k§ Aap- 
i^o; k^re am-b6ya 6a yik ka ka-paine ka a-f§m a- 
gb^ti tr^ka k|-8Q6-Aa ma-mSri. 

17. Tsa be ka ka-paine ka w'uni k'in ra-fi ra gb§ka 
-ka ka4rfi ka okin ka-t^i; timsine Aan, an^ pon s^to 
ka-la ka am-b6na de ka am-b6ya ha ama-16mpi, na 
tr§ gb^ka ka aA'-h6sam ka ka-trd ka gk'in, Yisua 
Masia. — 

18. Tr^ka tsi, mo ka ka*trfi ka ka-paine ka ok'fn 
ka-pain6 ka d^rar a-fam bo tr§ka k§-hap-ha, ya ka ka- 
irfi ka ama-16mpi ma ok'in ma-16mpi ma d6rar a-fam 
l>0 tr^ka k§-80h-ha ama-m^ri ma ah'-h6sam. 

19. Tsa mo ka ka-tse-lral-tr'ei ka w'lini k'in a- 
^b^ti 6a poA a^ko a-fam a-lgs, ya ka ka-tr§l-tr*ei ka 
4'in a-gb^ti Aa tr§ 8§ko a-16mpi. 

20. Hdlisa an-toA na ni^on, kdma ka-paino ka fnl. 
K^re ro atr'ei tr§-Ia8 tra poh ful, am*b5na na poA 
liar gbo s^ke a-lal bitli: 

21. Kima mo atr'ei atra-l§s tra ba ara-gb4ka ka 
ka-tra ka ra-fi, ya am-bona 80 iia ba ara-gb|ka ka 
ka-trft ka ma-16mpi tr^ka a-h6s§m a-tab^na ka ka-tra 
4a Yisua Masia, o-R^bbu-ka-su. 

Ara-Bomp 6. 

1. Ko sa ma pfi ton-e? S§ ma b^8§r k§-yO tr*ti 
tr§*l§8-i, kima am-bdha na fui-i? 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

An'-Bimi 6. IT 

2. SikMsil Syfi, aM pon fi tr^ka ma-trel ma-l§8^ 
tro sa gb§li r§s k|li rl-i? 

3. Taliiin n§ tse tr^ra-i, fg na be katr(}n-ka-su, 
ani 'a pon bdptis ka an'es na Yisua Masia, na pon 
l)^ptis-iia tr^ka 'ra-fi-r'on. : 

4. Tr^ka tsi na pon mank-su re kgn' ka am-b^ptia 
fta-tii tr§ka ra-fi-r'on, kdma ma jaa ^6ka$ Masla ^a ra-fi 
ka aA'-yiki na o-Kas, ya 8jfi sq s§ n^s§m a-fieaam a-f^.. 

5. Tsa be sa pon ^(Jnane roniJn ha sa s^ke k'in 
mo ara-bMane ra 'rarfi-r'on, s§ tra $^e sq k'in mo 
ara-b^lane ra ka-^6kane-k'Qn. 

6. Tr^a ma s§ trara atSe, fo na pon tran ara- 
Vuni-ra-su ara-kur ro-k'^tr-k'on k§-p4nkine re kpn', 
kama ama-der ma ma-trel ma-Ias ma dfnne, k^ma s| 
tse 80 yi fi-boi ya ma-trel ma-l§s. 

7. Tsa ow(} pon fi, o yi o-^era tr^a ma-trei ma-l§s. 

8. K^re be sa pon fl re Masia, sa lane, fo s§ irg 
k|li so re kon'; 

9. Tr§ka ma sa tr^ra, fo ka-rar§n ka ma 'a po& 
ydkas Masia ka ra-fi, o gb^H-he so fi; ra-fi ra bfi-he 
so a*f(}sa tr^ka tr'on. 

10. Tsa ka ka-fi-k'on o pon fi tr4ka ma-trel ma- 
1^ 'win-an; k^re ka ka-k^li-k'on o k§li tr^ka K'ura« 

11. Ya nya so k^ine n|n, ho n§ yi a-fi tr^ka ma- 
Irel ma-l§s, k^e ho na yi A-k§li tr^ka K'uru ka ka- 
tra ka Yisua Masia, o-R^bbu-ka-su. 

1 2. Tr^ka tsi, tse na tser ton atrei atra-las tra ba 
'ra-gb^a rokor ka ama-der-ma-nu, am^ ba ka-fi, ha 
n§ tr^ ar*im-ra-tsi mo e-fela ya ama-der. 

13. De tie n§ send e-bem ya ama-der-ma-nu mo 
y*etr e-y(ina ma-k|na tr^a ma-tre^ ina-lgs; k^re sikidoQ 

Romans. 2 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

18 An'.R6mi 6. 

ii|A ka K'Qra, rag an^ k^li so ka ka-pon wur ka aii'- 
fly de sgnd n§n e-bem ^a ama-der-ma-nu mo y'etr 
e-5(Jna ina-16mpi tr^ka K'dru. 

14. Tsa ma-trel ma-las ma gb^li-he bd a-f(^a tr^ka 
tr^DDu; tsa n§ tse ^i an-toii rorata, k^re rordta ka 

15. Tro pa yi ton-e? Sa ma yQ Q-las-i, p|k^sifQ 
8g ts6 yi an-toi^ rorata, k^re rordta ka am-b^Aa-i? 

16. N§ tr'a-he-i» fo, ka qw(J ii| si^ndne mo a-trar 
tr^ka tral ar'fm-r'oA, n§ yi a-trar Aa kgn' ar'fm-r'oA 
na tr§l; be pg yi a-trar ha ma-trel ma-las tr^ka ra- 
fi-6, be p§ yi a-trar laa k§-tr§l-tr'el tr§ka ma-16mpi-d-i? 

17. K^ro mutji nan K'dru m'^mo, fo na poii yi 
a-trar M ma-trel ma-las, k^re fo na pon' to s^ko 
a-tral-tr'el ka o-m^ra-'g-na tr^ka am-mol na ama-trei 
ma-t^k'sa, ka an^ 'a po6 Unkli-nu. 

18. Tsa ma na pon' to ^wura-nu ka ara-trar ra ma* 
trel ma-las, n§ po6 s^ko a-trar iia ma-16mpi. 

19. I tot mo w'tini tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ama-rantr 
ma o-som-'o-DU. Tsa ma na poA sond e-bem ya 
ama-der-ma-nu mo a-trar ina ka-traiano de Aa ma-lgs 
tr^ka (yO) ma-las, yo sond naA toA e-bem ya ama- 
der-ma-nu mo a-trar Aa ma-I6mpi tr^ka (si^to) ma-sam. 

20. Tsa ma n| yi a-trar Aa ma-trei ma-las, n§ 
p^Ai ma-16mpi. 

21. j^mM, ko ma-k6mi m'a n| ba aA*-l0 Aa-tli-e? 
Ma-trel, tr^ka am^ na ba toA ma-lap; tsa ka-lgp'so- 
ka-tsi ka yi ra-fi. 

22. K^re ak6, ma Aa poA wura-nu ka ara-trar ra 
ma-trei ma-las, do ma ng poA s^ko a-trar Aa K'urii, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

An'-R6mi 7. 19 

na ba ama-k6ini-ma-nu tr^ka (s^Iq) ma-sam, de ka- 
l^p'sQ-ka-tsi ka yi a-A6s§m a-tabSna. 

23. Tsa an' -ram na ina-trel ma-las na y\ ra-fi; k^re 
am-bo^a na K'iiru na yi a-n^sam a-tab^na ka Yisua 
Masia, o-R^bbu-ka-su. 

Ara-Bomp 7. 

1. Taldm n§ tr'a-he-i, nyS a-wgntr-'a-mi, — tsa I 
f(}far an^ tr^ra an-ton, — (q an-ton laa ba a-fgsa tr^ka 
w*uni mo yi ras o-k^li-i? 

2. Tsa o-r6ni, ow^ yi o-wos rordla, an-toA i^a 
s^kar-ko ka o-wos, mo yi Q-k^li; k^re mo 0-wos 
pon fi, yi-he so an-ton iia o-wos rordta. 

3. Tr^ka tsi, be o b^la ka o-runi o-lom, mo 0* 
wos-k'on yi ras o-k^Ii, na tr| bontr-ko 0-bera ka- 
rap; k6re be o-wos k*o6 o pon fi, o yi-he so an-toA 
ina-tsi rordta; ha o t§6 yi Q-b^ra ka-rap, be o bSla 
ka Q'Vuni o-lom. 

4. Tr^ka tsi, a-wontr-'a-mi,'nya so na fi trdka an- 
ion ka ama-der ma Masia, bd o-lom o ba-mu, kgn' 
0W($ na pon y6kas ka ra-fi , kdma sa wur ma-komi 
tr^ka K'uru. 

5. Tsa ma sa yi ka o-som, e-f^la ya ma-trel ma- 
las, eyi an-to6 Aa som, e tra yiJsne ka e-bem yd 
ama-dor-ma-so, tra wur ma-k6mi ir^ka ra-fi. 

6. K^re ak^ sa' ts6 so yi an-ton rordta, tr^ka ma 
s§ pon fi tr^ka an^ wop-su; ha sa yi a-trar na a- 
m6ra a-fu, p| yi-he na a-gbal a-kur. 

7. Ko sa ma pa toii-e? Fo an-ton tia yi tr'ei 
tr§-]as-i? S^ki-tsi! K^ro I ts€ tr^ra nad tr'ei tra-las, 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

20 An'-Romi 7. 

liimbe ka ka-tra ka an-tgn. T^a au'-f^la n^oene sq 
I tse pon' na tr^ra, be an-ton na tse poii' na pa hg: 
Tse ba a-fela. 

8. Kere mo atr*ei atra-Ias tra 8^iQ k§-f6na, tra wur 
a-f61a 6 a-fela rok5r-ka-ini ka ka-tra ka aa'-gb^ka na-tii. 
Tsa be a-ton ha yi-he, alr'ei atra-las Ira ^i tra-fl. 

9. K^re mine k^li t^paa I pahi a-toh. K^re mQ 
an'-gb^ka ha-tsi na der, atr'ei atra-l§s tra kal k|li. 

10. K^re mine fi; de pa n^Dsa, {q ah'-gb^ka ha- 
isi, ahk yi na tra wur-mi a-h^s§in, ha wur-mi ra-fi. 

11. Tsa atr*ei atra-las, tr§ka ma tra s^iQ ka-f^na 
ka ah'-gb§ka ha-tsi, tra troh's-mi, de tra dif-mi ka- 

12. Tr^ka tli an-tQh ha yi a-s§m, de ah'-gb§ka ha 
yi a-sam, de a-I6mpi, de a-ffno. 

13. ^'^ba, p§ yi ho atra yi tr§-fiDO tr§ poh s§.ke 
ra-fi tr^ka trammi-i? Saki-tsi! K^re atr'ei atra-l§s, 
kdma tra tr^^rine mo tr'el tr§-l|s, tra wur-mi ra-fi ka 
atra yi tra-ffno; kdma atr'ei atra-Ias tra s^ke tr§-las 
0-bana hali ka ka-tra ka an-toh. 

14. Tsa s§ trara, fo an-toh ha Idmane am-m6ra; 
kere mine e-f^la ya o-sem e wop-mi » de I poh s^e 
0-trar ka atr'ei alra-las. 

15. Tsa atra I yO, I tr'a-he: tsa I iU yO, atra I 
y^ma; k^re atra I gb^ha, tsia I yQ. 

16. K^re be I yo, atra I \sQ y^ma, I y/Qt, Iq an- 
ton ha yi a-fino. 

17. Tr^ka tsi, p§ tse so yi mioah ow(J yO-tsi, 
k^re atr'ei atra-l§s, atra yira rok6r-ka-mi. 

18. Tsa I trara, fo rok6r-ka-mi, tsia yi bo ka q- 
sem-'o-mi, tr'el tr§-fino tra tse yira rl; tsa ka-s6lQ 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

An'-R6mi 7. 8. &1 

ka yi rl; k^re ka-yO alr'ei tra-ffno I solo-he (ka-l^na 
tr^ka tsi), 

19. Tsa I Ise yO alr'ef Ira-fino, alrd I y^ma; k^r© 
atr'el tra-I§», atrd I t26 y^ma, tsfa I yO. 

20. K^re be I yO, alrd I ts6 y^ma, pa ts6 so yi 
minati ow(J yO-tsi, kore alr'ei atra-Ias, alr^ yira rok6r- 

21. Tr^ka tSi I naAk an-loili romi, fo, be I y^ma 
yO tr'ef Ira-ffno, tr'ei tra-las Ira ftlsi-mi. 

22. Tsa I t^sa tr^ka an-toA i^a K'uru mo am- 

23. K^re I nank a-toA a-lom ka e-bem ya ama- 
der-ma-mi, siA tsim an-toA Aa am-m6ra-mi, do a64 
i/<r(JAa-mi 'ra-funti ra an-lon na atr'ei alra-las, an^ yi 
ka e-bem ya ama-der-ma-mi. 

24. W'uni m^ne minan! Kdne ma fdlia-mi ka ama- 
der am^ ma ra-fi-e? 

25. I mutsi K'uru m'Smo ka ka-tra ka Yisua Masia^ 
O-Mbbu-ka-su! Tr^ka tsi mfna-mfnane I I^Aki an-toft 
Aa K'dru re am-m6ra-'a-mi , k^re re o-sem-'o-mi i 
I^Aki an-toA lia atr'ef atra-las. 

Ara-Bomp 8. 

1. Tr^ka Isi Aa gbdli-he to laap Bhk yi ka Yisua 
Masla, bM ts6 kot mo o-sem, k^re mo am-m^ra. 

2. Tsa an-toA ta o^Riihu ka afL'-il^68§m ka Yfsiia 
Masfa Aa poA s^li-mi ka an-to^ da atr'ei atra-las de 
na ra-fi. 

3. Tsa atrS t^si aA'-f(^sa Aa an-toA, pakSsife Aa 
yi a-rantr ka ka-trd ka o-lem, ilia K'dru o yO» tr^ka 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

22 An'-R6ini 8. 

mo s5m Qw'^n-k'oA gbeA ka ara-Mlane ra o-sem wa 
ma-trei roa-I§s, de, mo s'^dka tr^ka ma-trel ma-l§s» q 
Aap atr'ei atra-Ias ka Q-sem-w*on. 

4. Kdma ama-16mpi ma an-ton ma Iis§r ka lydA^ 
ai^^ tie kQt mo o-sem, k^re mo am-m6ra. 

5. Tsa aM ba a-ro6ra Aa o-sem, 6a b6trar e-m6ra 
ka ama-trel ma o-sem ; k^re bM ba a-m6ra fia Q-RuhU| 
fia b6tr§r e-m6ra ka ama-trel ma o-Rubu. 

6. T§a ka-b6tr§r am-m6ra ka ama-trel ma Q-§em 
ka wur ra-fi; k^re ka-b6tr§r am-m6ra ka. ama-trel ma 
0-Ruhu ka wur a-66s§m de ma-t(^fal. 

7. Pak^sife ka-b6tr§r am-mira ka ama-treT ma o- 
Sem ka yi ma-gb^6a tr^ka K'uru; tsa ka tse s^noe ka 
an-ton lia K'uru, tia ka t^na-he so (^0 yan). 

8. K^re aM ba a-m6ra htk o-sem, K*uru o t^na* 
be tesa tr^ka tranMil. 

9. K^ro n^an d§ tse ba a-m6ra fia o-sem, k^re 
am-m6ra Aa o-Rubu, be p§ yi ho 0-Rubu ka K'uni 
yira rok6r-ka-DU. K^re* be w'uni 6 ^'uni o tie ba 
0-Ruhu ka Masia, o-k'oA kon* tibo. 

10. K^re be Masia o yi rok6r-ka-Du» ama-der ma 
yi ma-fi tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ma-trel ma-I§s; k^re am- 
m6ra ha yi a-iiis§m tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ma-16mpi. 

11. K^re be o-Rubu ka qy/^ pon y6kas Yisua ka 
ra-fl yira rok6r-ka-nu, kon', Qyvi y6kas Masia ka 
ra-fi, tr§ k^lis so ama-dor-ma-nu, am^ ba k§-fi, tr^ka 
'ra-bomp ra o-Rohu-k'on, owtf yira rok6r-ka-nu. 

12. Tr§ka tsi, a-wontr-'a-mi, s§ k6t§rne, pa yi-he 
ka Q'hin tr§ka k^U mo o-lom. 

13. Tsa be n§ k^i mo o-sem, na ba tra fi; k^re 
be na fis ama-yos ma ama-dor ka o-Ruhu, n§ tr§ k|li. 

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An'-Romi 8. 23 

14. Tsa na be aM o-Rubu ka K'uru o tr^i^a, aii6 
Aa yi a-wut na K'uru. 

15. T§a D§ t^e pon s(^tQ a-m^ra 6a ra-ti'ar, trdka 
ba so ra-n^.s; k^re fia pon s(}tQ a-m^ra na ra-wab^t, 
ka bM sa gb^li tl^la bg: Abba, Pa! 

16. 0-Ruhu kt^ng-k^none g sgn famas^re tr^ka 
6-mira-'g-su, fg sa yi a-wut na K'uru. 

17. K^rg be s§ yi a-wut, sa 8(Jlg sg tr'g, atr'6 
tra K'uru, sa s^tg tr'g rg Masia, be p§ yi hg s§ 
si^napang rg kgn', kdma s§ 8(^tg sg a-yiki rg kgn*. 

18. Tsa 1 n^ng, bg 6a gb^li-bg l6ing atra-s({inpane 
tra am'etr am6 rg an'-yiki an^ ma der-e, dg an& yi 
tra naibg tra tr^ssu. 

19. Tsa am-b6sng a-ban na ara-ra 6a kar ka-naibQ 
ka an'-wut na K'uru. 

20. Tsa na botr ara-ra ka an'-f^sa na ra-y^l rdta^ 
p§ yi-bg rag ama-s6lg-roa-tsi gbeA, k^rg tr^ka 'ra* 
bomp ra gw^} pon botr-ri rorita ka an'-f(}sa-na-tsi, r§ 

21. Tsa na tr§ sg ara-ra r^rgng ts^ra ana-b^6a 
na ra-trar ra k§-teT tr^a ara-wan-kom ra an'-yfki na 
an'-wut na K'uru. 

22. Tsa s§ tr^ra, fg ara-ra bg ra la6 iwfn-an, dg 
fg ra k§n§sng iwin-an ha t^te. 

23. Kgrg p§ yi-bg ria gbo s5n, k^rg syfi-sydnQ 
sg, an^ ba am-bgm ana-m(}ta na g-Kuhu, sya-sydng 
sg s| la6 ka g-m6ra-'g-su, tr§ka ma s§ kar ama-tr^ma 
ma ara-wab^t, tsia yi hg ka-futi ka ama-dgr-ma-su. 

24. Tsa s§ pon s^tg ka-futi ka an'-r^tsa; k^rg a* 
rdtsd, an^ sa n§nk, a-r^isd tahg; tsa atr^ w'uni g n§nk» 
tro g gb^li sg r^tsa tr§ka tsi-e? 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

24 AA'-Rdnri g. 

25* K^re be 8a r^fi tr^ka atr^ sa ts6 nank, sa 
kar-tsi r' a-md^u. 

26. Yg o-Rdhu so mar-^u ka ama-rantr-ma-stt. 
Jsa sa tsS tr^ra tr^ka atr^ 8§ yi tra r^mne mo pa ji 
O-m^ri; kere o-Rdbu kdno-k^^none n^mteno tra tr^sso 
r§ tra-laft atr^ tral pfl. 

27. Kore ken' ow^ gb^loft o-m6ra, o tr^, ko am* 
mera na o-RGhu ina yi-e; tSa o nomtone tr^ka aii'-saro, 
mo p§ t^san^ K'ufu. 

28. K^ro s§ tr^ra, fo ama-trel be ma mar tp^ka 
Q-ffno wa aM b6t§r K'uru, do and 'a pod mutSi mo 

29. Tsa and o pon trdra t§pafi, o poifi so botr 
f^pah ir^ka bdlano afi'-roA iia Qw'dn-k'oi^, kima k^ino 
ji o-Bfkar katr(5n ka a-wonlr a-gbdli. 

« 30* K^re and o pon botr t^paA, an6 o P'oiii so 
mtiXli; do aAd o poA mdtsi, ka aA6 o pon so son 
l»a-mdri; k^re ka a6d o pon soiii ma-mdri, ka a&6 q 
foh so son a-yjki. 

31. Ko sa ma pa ton tr^ka ama-trel am^-o? Be 
K'ura tr§ma sn rordran-e, kdno ma gb^li tr^ma sa 

32. Ow(} tSe ba w'dn-k'on gbefi i-n6T, kere Ow(J 
pon sond-ko tra trdssu bo» tro o gb^U-he so boya-sa 
ama-trel be re k(Jnoft-e? 

33. Kdne ma gb§li gbdntir an-tit na K'dni tr'el*e? 
P§ yi K'dru, Qy^i sori-fta ma-mdri I 

34. Kdne ma gb^Ii Aap-Aa-e? Pa yi Masia, Qyii 
pon fi, ank6, pa tas atse, ow^ na ydkas so ka ra-fi, 
0\v($ yi so ka ka-dio ka K'dru, ow(} n^mtene so tra 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

AA'-R6mi 8. 9. 2& 

35. Kdne ma gb^i gb^ski-su ka aina-b(5tar ma 
Masia-e? P§ yi ma-sibo-i, tal(Jm pa yi ma-k^tane*i,^ 
tal(}m pa yi ka-bal-bal-i, talcum pa y\ d'or-i, tal({m p§ 
yi ra-tsiA-i, tal(Jm pa yi tr'el tra-ban-i, lal6m pa yi 

36. Ma na pon gbal bg: Tr§ka 'ra-bomp ra mdno^ 
Aa lr§ dif-8u a-r6! 6 a-r6i; Aa lom-su mo ho tr|-l(Jm& 
tr^ka ka-fal. 

37. K^ro tr§ka ama-tre! am6 be sa yi a-tdmi sa 
ttisi yi ka ka-tra ka ow(} poin bi^tar-su. 

38. Tsa I Irara-lsi mo tra-tlen, fo p§ yi-be ra-ff, 
pa yi-he a-d^sam, pa yi-he a-maleika, p§ yi-he Irg- 
bomp, pa yi-he e-t^sa. pa yi-he ma-lrci am^ yi e- 
suma y6, pa yi-he ma-trel amd ma der-e, 

39. Pa yi-he o-ft^lrane, p§ yi-he o-b(JloA, p§ yi- 
he f^ka 6 r'aka ra-trapi ra-lom, ar^ gb^H gbdski-su 
ka ama-b()tar ma K'uru, amS yi ka Yisua Masta, o- 

Ara-Bomp 9. 

1. I p& tra-tSen ka Masia, I pa-he ra-yem, tr^ka 
ma am-m6ra-'a-mi na son so t'amas^re tr^ka tr^mmi 
ka o-R(iha owo-Sam, 

2. Fo I ba a-mol a-b^na de a-baii a-b^sar ka am^^^ 

3. Tsa I gb§li na y^ma, ho an'-ranka fia Masia 
6a wop-mi mina-mlnane tr§ka 'ra-bomp ra aft'-wontr- 
*a-mi, ftfia yi an-tra-kOm-'a-mi mo O-^om: 

4. An^ yi a-Yisraeli, bM bft ama-tr§ma ma ra- 
"wah^t, de an'-yiki, de ama l^m'rane, de an-toii-, Aq 
ka-rdmne ka K'uru^ de as'fm atr^ na pon imt; 

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26 Aii'-B6mi 9. 

5. AM aA'-kas 6a lomane, de ka aji^ o-Masia o 
j^fa mo o-sero, Qyf6 yi roki^m be, Ok'uru qy/^ 'a 
li}k§s t^6kan 6 t^dkan. Amina. 

6. K^re p§ yi-he mo ho ar'im ra K'uru ra po& 
"wur yal. Tsa pa XsB yi ho na be, anii yih ka Yisrael, 
&a yi so a-Yisra6li. 

7. De p§ Ise yi fo Aa be na yi a-wul, p§k^sif6 
Aa yi ara-k6m'ra ra Ibr^hima; k^re na gbal bo: Ka 
Is^ka ara-k6m'ra-ra-mu ra tra s^lo i^'^s. 

8. Tsfa yi bo, an*-wul 6a o-sem 6a tdho yi a-wut 
6a K'uru; k^re p§ yi an'-ivut tr^ka an^ 'a po6 tra6 
ar'im 6a tr§ lorn mo bo ra-k6m'ra. 

9. Tsa ar*fm ar^ 'a po6 Iran ria-re: Mo am'^tr 
ame I tsi der, de Sdra o tr§ ba w'ab^t runi. 

10. K^re p§ yi-he gbo ats6; k^re RMa so, mo o 
pon y6ka k'or ka o-runi k'in, ka Isdka, o-kas-ka-su; 

11. (Tsa mo Rfbka o ts6 ta po6 kom an'-fet, de 
ma 6a tse ta pon yO tr'el tra-ffoo p§ yi-be tr'ei tr§- 
las, — kdma ama-s^lo ma K'uru mo dka4it-k'o6 ma 
tr^ma, pa ts6 yi ka ma-yos, k^re ka o^^ mutsi;) 

12. I^a pfi TQfiih ho: Qwo-b^ki o tra yi rorita 
ka an'-f(^sa 6a o^O-fet. 

13. Ma 6a po6 gbal ho: I po6 b(H§r Yakoba, k^re 
I po6 gb^6a i^sau. 

14. Ko s§ ma pa ton-e? P§ yi ho K'dru o ba ma* 
k^a-i? S^i-lsi! 

15. Tsa pd ka Musa bo: I tsi b56a qy/^ I bdna 
gbo, de I tsi bS i-n^'i tr§ka ow^ I ba gbo i-n6i. 

16. Tr^ka tsi, p§ yi-he ka ka-tra ka Qyvi y^ma» 
P§ yi-he ka ka-tra ka q\v^ gbul^e, k^re p§ yi ka ka« 
tra ka K'uru, qyi^ tr^ri a-b66a. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

M'-Romi 9* 27 

17. Tsa ama-Gbal ma pa ka Firao ho: Tr^ka atr'ef 
ats6 gheh I poA ^6kas-mu, kdma I gb^li triJri a]fi'-f(^sa- 
'a-roi rOmu, Aq kama na tr^mas an'6s-'a-mi ka an- 
tot be. 

18. Tr^ka tsi, o ba i-De'i, tr^ka qv/^ q y^ma bft 
i-D^I, de Q bdkgs ara-bomp ra qv/^ q y^ma, 

1 9. Ma tra pa ton romi ho : Ko Ae o bina-su r§8 
ma-t^ri-e? Tsa k^ne ma t^na tr^mono ama-silo- 
m*on-e ? 

20. K^re mun' Mr'uni, kane munon-e, fo mg gbdl* 
ane K'dra-e? Pg yi ar'a ra-sal ra gb^li pa ka ow(^ 
foh sal-ri ho: Ko tr'ei tr'a ma pon yO-mi yah-el 

21. TaliJm pa yi ho oVuni ka-sal o ba-ho a-f(i8a 
tr^ka e-yiifta-i, tra y^na ka-bot ka-tJi gben a-sarf iVia 
aM 'a k61o, de a-sarf a-lom an^ 'a ts6 k61o-i? 

22. K^ro mo K'dru o y^ma tr(Jri ara-ban'-d'o6, de 
tra Aaibi ka-t^na-tr'el-k'on, o pon muyu e-sarf ya ara- 
ban, ey6 na pou b^nene tr^ka ka-dinne r* a-m6ra a- 
b(^li a-b^li: 

23. De k^ma o naibi ka-la ka an'-yfki-fi'oA tr^ka 
fi-sarf ya ailai-n^'i-n'on, eye o poA benene tgpan tr^ka 

24* Mo a-wunon o pon so mutsi syan, pg yi-hQ 
gbo katr^n ka an'-Y^hudi, kere katr(^fi ka aA'-K^fri so* 

25. Mo pa so ka Hos6a, o-N6bi, ho: I t^i bontr 
iihii a-fam-'a-mi, an^ tie yi a-fgm-'a-mi; de (I tsi 
bontr kon') oi^O-biitgr, qyi^ tse yi owo-b(}tgr. 

26. De pg tra yi, ho ka od'er ro na pa TQh&h bo; 
A-fgm-'a-mi nya tdho» ri-an Aa trg bontr-na a-wut Aa 
Ok'dru owo-k^li. 

27. K^re Yesdya o ^<Sna trgka Yfsrael ho: Be o-* 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

£8 An'-R6mi 9. 10. 

lom wa an'-wul na Yfsrael o yrnaA mo ka-sant ro- 
ban' daj^r, an^ ilia gbo na tra fdti. 

28. Tsa pons alr'ei, o gbulras-tSi ra ina-I6mpi; 
pak^sife Yeh6fa o tr§ yO tr'el Ira-gbulr ka an-lot 

29. De mo Yes^ya o pofi pa t^paA ho: Be Yeh6fa 
Sebaot o poA-he na tsia-su a-tan, sa pon' na s^ko mo 
86dom, de sa pon' na bSlane mo 6om6ra. 

30. Ko sa ma pS ton'e? Fo an'-K^fri, aM iSd 
Isfmne tra s(Jto ma-16mpi, na poA s(Jto ma-l^mpi, — 
k^re ama-]6mpr, am^ i/vnr ka ka-)^ne. 

31. K^re Yfsrad, aA^ tsfmno tra s^iQ an-ton fia 
ama-I6mpi, Aa be'-he ka an-toA Aa ama^l6mpi. 

32. Ko ne-e? Pak^sife Aa ten tra s^lo-ni pa yi- 
he ka ka-ldne, k^re mo ho ka ama-yos ma an-toA. 
Tsa na p§t aA'-sar Aa ka-pat; 

33. Ma Aa poA gbal bo: K§li, I botr a-sar Aa ka- 
pat, de a-gb^laA Aa ka-fumpo ka Sion; de w'dni 6 
tf'Qni, ow(5 lane-ko, o gb^K-he won ma-Iap. 

Ara-Bomp 10. 

1. A-wontr-'a-mi, ama-y^ma ma am-m^ra-mi, d© 
ka-r^mne-ka-mi ro ka K'dru tr^ka Yfsrael ka yi, ho 
Aa fdti. 

2. Tsa I soA t'amas^re tr^ka traAAaA, ho Aa b& 
a-f^la a-baA trgka K'dru, k^re pa yi-he mo ka-lr6ra. 

3. Tsa tr^ka ma Aa tie trAra ama-16mpi ma K'dra, 
de ma Aa ten tra trgmar ama-Idmpi-ma-AaA gbeA, Aa 
tl6 poA s^nne ka ama-)6mpi ma K'dra. 

4. Tsa ka-I^p'sa ka an-toA Masia kdnoA trgka ama^* 
l^ropi ma w'dni 6 w'uni qw^ Idne-ko. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

An'-Romi 10. 29 

5. Tsa Musa o gbal tr^ka aina-ldmpi am^ wur ka 
an-tQn mo alse: Ow'uni, ow(5 yQ ama-lrel ami, o tr§ 
K^ii ka ka-trd-ka-tsi. 

6. K^re ama-lompi am^ y/m ka ka-Idne ma pa mo 
ats6: Ts6 pd ka am-m6ra-'a-mu ho: Kdne ma gb^li 
natr rok^im ro-ri^ona-e? Tsia yi ho, tr^ka t6ra Masia. 

7. Tal^m, k^ne ma tor ro-b(Jlon-eV Tsia yi ho, 
tr4ka gb^pa Maata ka an'-fi. 

S. KivQ ko ma pa-e? Ar'im ra fdtsi-mu, ka ka- 
san-ka-mu, do ka am-mera-'a>mu: tsia ^i ho, ar'im ra 
ka-line, ar^ s§ tr^mas. 

9. Tsa be m§ gbitano Yisua mo o-R^bbu ka ka* 
agi^-ka-mu, do be ma lano ka am-m6ra-'a-mu, fo K'drii 
pon y6kas-ko ka ra-fi, ma tra futi. 

10* Tsa w'dni o l^no ka am-mera tr^ka ma-16mpi, 
do gMiane ka ka-s§n tr^ka k§-futi. 

11. Tsa ama-Gbal ma pa ho: W'uni 6 w'uni, owi^ 
lino-ko, gb§li-ho won ma-lap. 

12. Tsa o-gb^sko yi-hQ katr(}n ka o-Y^budi do 
katr(^n ka o-Yunani: tsa ok'in ka-tsi gben o yi 0- 
Rdbbu ka na bo, Qyvi ba e-n^nla tr§ka na bo, an^ 

13. Tsa w'uni 6 w'uni, ow(} r^mne aii'^s iia Ye- 
b6fa, tr§ futi. 

14. Tro na gb^li to r^moo kon', qv/^ iia Idno-ho- 
e? K^ro tro lia gb^li Idno kon', tr^ka QYi^ i&a pofi-ho 
tr§l tr'ei-e? K^ro tro na gb^H tral, be w'uni k§-gbal 
k§-w6ndi ji-he-e? 

15. K^ro tro na gb^li gbal k§-wilndi» be Aa sdm- 
bo*]^a-e? Ma Aa po& gbal ho: Tro tr^-t^sa atr'4tr§k 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

30 An'-Romi 10. 11. 

tra hfia tr^m§8 ain-B6sra fia ina-t6f§l tra yi-e, ani 
trdmas am-B6sra na nia-tr'el ma-ffno-e! 

16. K^re na be tiho tr§l ar'im ra ain-B6sra. Tsa 
Yesdya o pa ho: Yeh6fa, kdne poA Idne ka-wdndi- 

17. Tr^ka tsi ka-ldne ka wur r§ ka-i;v^ndi, k^re 
ka-wdndi ka y^ne ka ka-tra ka ar'fm ra K'dru. 

18. K^re I pa ho: Pa yi ho na po6-ho tr§l-ri-i? 
^nk6, tra-tseA, ar'{m-ra-6aii ra gbSntane ka ara-rfl be» 
de as'fm-tra-fiaQ ha ka o-tdlaoe wa an-tof. 

19. K^re I pa ho: P§ yi ho Yferael o tr'a-he- 
tsi? Mdsa o yi owo-triJlroko, OW(J pa ho: I tsi yO 
n§ ba k§-tnitr trpa nan, aM tse yi a-f§m-'a-mi; do 
I tsi yO na bdn'sgr a-f§m a-ts€-tserop. 

20. K^ro Yesdya o mfnta, o pd ho: 1 soA 6a6, 
and ts6 ten-mi, tra fir-mi; de 1 tr^^rine Aan, aini ts^ 
yif tr^ka trdmmi. 

21. K^re tr^ka Yfsrael o pfi ho: An' -re! be I poA 
tdnti ama-tra-ma-roi ro ka a-fam, aM Xs€ tr§l fim, 
de aM p^Dsa. 

Ara-Bomp 11. 

1. 1 pa ton ho: Pa yi ho K'tiru o poA k5§i an'- 
f|m-n'o6-i? S6ki-tsi! Tsa min' so yi o-Yferaeli, ka 
ara-k6m'ra ra IbrShima, ka am-b(^nsoi^ na B^nyamin. 

2. K'uru tse pon k^si aiU'-fam-n'on, aM o pod 
trdra t^pad. Talom n§ tr'a-he-i, atrd ama-Gbal ma pa 
trgka Elfya-i, mo f(5far K'uru trdka Yfsrael-i? 

3. Ka pa ho: Yehofa, na pon dif an'-Ndbi-'a-mu, 
de i&a po6 y^ksi e-mSsbak-'e-mu; de min^ 85n 1 tsfa 
gbo, de na ten ara-bomp-ra-mi. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

An'-Eomi 11. ^ 31 

4. K^re ko an'-w6sa na K'uru i&a pa ron(Jn-e? I 
pon yO a-rtini e-wul tr'am^t de ran na Isfa tr^ka 
tr^mmi, aM isQ poh so tra-\vu-tra-nan rodi ka ati'-rQu 
Aa BJal. 

5. Ya e-stima ye so a-lom na pon tsfa mo aka- 
tit ka am-b^Aa. 

6. K^ro be p§ yi ka a-b($Aa, p§ tse so yi ka ma* 
yos; be pa yi-he ya6-e, am-b6na 6a yi-he so a-bdfiia. 
K^re be pg yi ka ma-yos, pa tse so yi ka a-b^Aa; be 
pa yi-he ya6-e, aA'-yos na yi-he so a-yos. 

7. Tro pa yi ton-e? Alr^ Yferael 6a Ira ten, ats6 
Aa tse pen s(^to; k^re an-tit na poA Si}to-tsi, k^re 
an^ tsia, Aa ba tra-borap tra-bdki: 

8. Ma Aa pen gbal ho: K'uru o poA soA-na e- 
m6ra ya ma-re, e-for, kima Aa tie n§nk, de fi-laAs, 
kdma Aa tse tral ha t6noA. 

9. Ko Dadda o pa ho: Tra am-m^sa-'a-AaA Aa 
s^ke a-t^Ii, de a-gbatr, de tr'ei tr§ kg-fumpo, de t'eki 
roA^A : 

10. Tra e-for-*e-AaA e bia, ha Aa gb^li-be naAk, 
de ha Aa saA tra-mut-tra-Aan \6^ 6 l(^ko! 

11. I pa toA ho: Pa yi ho Aa pat-i, kdma na 
fumpo-i? SSki-tIi! K^re ka ka-fAmpo-ka-AaA aA'-K^fri 
Aa s^to ka-futi, tr^ka yO-na 'a ba ka-trutr. 

12. K^re be ka-Mmpo-ka-AaA ka yi aA'-n^fa Aa 
ara-ra, de o-lom-'o-AaA o-tan o yi aA'-n^fa Aa aA*- 
KMri; tdmsine ka-la-ka-AaA ! 

13. Tsa pg yi nya a-K^fri I k^ne ats6; tr^ka me' 
I yi o-Sem ka aA'-K^fri, I tsi k6Io ka m^nde-ka-mi: 

14. Be pa yi ho I gb^li yO aA*-ko-b6na-*a-mi Aa 
ba kg-ts/mne, de be pg yi I gbgli fdtia a-lom Aa tsh 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

32 An'-R6mi 11. 

15* Tsa be ka-tle-nUlane-na ka ^i ka-kal-in^qe ka 
«ra-ra, ko yi ka-m^ane-na, Umbe ka-yokaae ka an'-fi! 

16. Kere be am-bem ana-m(}ta na yi a-sam, ka-bol 
ka yi so ka-sam; de be an-tank na yi a-sam, araa-rd 
caa -yi &o ma-s§m. 

17. Kere be na sim na wura ma-lom ma araa-rSi 
4e be na t^ain muaon katr^n-ka-tsi, qw^ yi a-rd na 
fHsaitan na ro-kant, de be ma y^rane an-tadk de 
^un'^ro ma au'-saitun; 

18. Tie kdlone tr^ka ama-ra. Kere be ma kdlone, 
<m§ yi tra tr^ra,) fo pa yi-he mungn, ow(^ s^ra an- 
t§nk, k^re fo an-tank na s^a munon. 

19. M§ tra pa to^ ho: Na pon sim ama-ra, kama 
Ba gh^H t^am minan ka tra-b^l§n-tra-tsi. 

20. ^mb^; an6, tr§ka 'ra-bomp ra ka-tse-lane-ka- 
nan, na pen sim-ha, ker^ mdnoA m§ tr^ma ka ka- 
line* Tie n^trano ro-mara, k^re n6sa: 

21. Tia be K'Qru o tse b& i-n^T tr§ka ama-ra ama- 
k6mane, (b6trar am-mera,) tM o tie so bfi i-nei tr§ka 

22. Tr§ka tsi, kp ama-tot do ka-bak o-for ka K'Qru; 
ka-bak-k'oi& e-for ro ka an^n, an^ fumpo; k^e ama-tot- 
;m'oi^ ro ka munon, be ma basar ka ama-tot-m'on: be 
p§ is€ yi ya&-e, na tra gb§k na tr§ i/<rura so munon. 

23. Bo an^n, be na b^§r-ho ka ka-tse-lane-ka-nan, 
na tr§ tilam-iia so; tia K'uru o t^na t^m-na so. 

24. Tsa be na gbak na wura munon ka an'-saitan 
*Ba ro-kant mo an-tabiat-fia-tli, de be na t^am-mu ka 

a-saitan a-ffno, atr^ t^ri an-tabiat-'a-mu; t^msine 6a 
tr§ taam ame ka an'-saitan-na-tsi gben, am^ m.^ri an- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

AiV-Eomi 11. 3a 

25. Tla I tie y^ma, nya a-wotilr-*a-mi, ho na tie 
tr^ra am-inurdre an6, (kama na k§line-Iie mo a-ts^mpi ;) 
fo ka-bak ra-bomp ka pon d6r§r a-lom iia an*-Yisraeli, 
hd ka an'-lo an^ ka-la ka an'-K^fri ka pon won. 

26. De ya Yisrael be na Ira fdii; ma na pon gbal 
ho: Ka Sion o-Bdni o tra y/m, do tra f|li ma-las 
ka Yakuba: 

27. De am6 ma yi ama-I^n'rane-ma-mi tr^ka tra&- 
ndn, me I tsi ts6ra-na ama-trel-ma-ftan ma-Ias. 

28. Mo am-B6sra na yi a-gb^na tr^a 'ra-bomp 
ra nyaii; kere mo aka-tit na yi a-b^l§r trdka *ra-bomp 
ra aA'-kas. 

29. Tga K'dru o l^na-he sihkar am-m^ra-A'on tr^a 
€-b6ya-y'on do tr^a ka-mutsi-k'on. 

30. Tsa ma nya so na pon-ho tral ar'fm ra K'dru 
t4pan, k^re na pon' to sdto i-n^'i ka ka-ts6-tral-tr'el 
ka an6, 

31. Ya an6 so ina tral-bo to r'im, kama ka anair 
D^T, aM nyfin na pon s(Jto, na so na sdto i-n6'i. 

32. Tsa K'dru o tier aQ'-f§m be na s(}ndne ka' 
ka-tse-tral-tr'el, kama^ o gb^li ba i-n6'i tr§.ka na be. 

33. 0, ko o-bdlon wa e-n^nla, de wa ka-tsemp^ 
de wa ka-tr^ra ka K'uru wo-w6-e! Tro ma-tniT-gbelea 
ama-gb^a-itt'oA ma yi*e, de tro tr§-trul-lr^nane as'6h- 
tr'on tra yi-el , 

34. Tsa kdne poA trdra am-mera iia Yebdfa-e? 
Tdim, kine pofi man-ko kg-tnaA-e? 

35v Tallin, kdne pon m(}ta son-ko r*aka-e, de iia 
tra k^la-ko-ri so-e? 

36. Tla ey'^^tr be e y^fo ka kon', de e yi ka ka- 

Bomaiwi 3 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

34 Au'.R6mi 12. 

trs-k'ofi, de tr^ka tr'on. Tra k(^no b& ah'-yiki t^nkailk 
6 t^nkan. Amina! 

Ara-Bomp 12. 

1. I inan*nu tgft, nyA a-wgntr-'a-mi^ ka anai-nii 
fta K'dru, kdma n§ fdtra ama-der-ma-nu mo s'^dka 
tri-kp, tr§-8§in, tr§-t£8a ka K'dru; tsa at2£ tra ^i 
ka-r^mne-ka-nu aka-is^mpi. 

2. De tie n§ w(^Asne adi'-fdsne Aa ara-ra ar6; k^re 
s^kine n§A ka s^iQ e-m^ra e-fo, ha n§ gb^U tiinka 
tr^ka atrd y\ ama-s^Io tna K'dru anfia-fino» ama-t6sa^ 

3. Tsa I k^ne ^'dni 6 w'dni katr^i^-ka-DU ka ka- 
tra ka am-b^ilia, bM I poA s^iQy fo o tie yi tra n^ne 
tr^ka ki}nQ-k$none» pa tas atr^ m^ri-kg tran^ne; k^re 
fo yi tra n^ne tr^ka kt^no-k^none mo k§-tsemp» mo 
K'dru pon yer w'dni 6 w'dni a-ttota ha ka-ldne. 

4. Tsa ma s§ ba e-bem e-gb^ti ka ma-der m'in^ 
kore o-bem be e ba-he ama-paut ma-tii gbeA: 

5. Ya syaA, an^ yi a-gb^ti, s| yi ma-der m'in ka 
Masia, k^re k'in k'in 8§ yi e-bem katr^in-ka-su, k'in 
tr|ka o-lom. 

6. De s§ ba e-bdya e-gbSnte mo am-b^Aa, and 8§; 
po6 8(^to; be p§ yi k§-ndbiy tra 8| n^i mo am'iilo 
fba ka-ldne; 

7. Be pa yi k§-m^ode» tra 8§ tlim ka-m^nde; ha 
w'dni ba kg-t§k'8a» tra o b6tr|r am-mira ka ka- 
t^k'sa ; 

8. Be w'dni bfi ka-4nan» tra o bdtrgr am-m^ra 
ka ka-mad; be w'dni o ba ka-yer e-b6ya, tra o yO- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

An*-R6ini 12. 35 

til a-m6ra fira; be w*uni o ba ra-bomp, Ira o vo-t5i 
ma-^as-yas; be w'uni q lr(5ri i-n6i, tra q yO-lsi ma- 

9. Tra ama-b(^tar ma pSiii a-y^nfa. Gb^Aa n§ii 
atr^ yi tra-l§8; gbSp'sa n§n atr^ yi tra-ftno. 

10. B^tarane nafi mo a-wontr na b(}tarane. Mi^tane 
Dgfi ka k6IoDe. 

11. Ts6 na y6se tr^ka ma-yas-yas; tra a-f^Ia a- 
bafi na ^op e-mira-'e-nu; l^nki nan g-Kdbbu. 

12* Sel n§n ma-b(}n6 ka aii'-rdtsfi-a-nu; ba nan 
a-mtiya ka ka-s(Jmpane-ka-nu; yi nan a-bdsar ka ka- 

13. Y^rane n§A ka-paA ka an'-sam; bdtar nan ka* 
fiftnta a-tsik. 

14. Ruba n§n an^ bal-bal-nu; rQba nan, de ts6 na 
r^Aka (wuni). 

15. Sel n§A ma-b(^ne re and sel ma-b(^ne, de bok 
nan re and b5k. 

16. Tra a-ro^ra fi'in'fia yi katr^in-ka-nu. TsS n§ 
ndne tr^ka ma-trel ma-bdna, k^re w6pane n§A and yi 
a-t6rane; tse n§ k41ine ma a-tsempi. 

17. Ts6 n§ kdla w'uni 6 w'uni tr'el Ira-las tr^ka 
tr'el tr§-l§8. B6fr§r n§6 e-m6ra tr^ka ma-trel ma- 
16mpi rodi ka a-f§m be. 

18. Be pa t^na yi, mo am'iilo amd I6mane ny&A^ 
yi nan a-t(ifal-tr'el ro ka a-f§m be. 

1 9. Nya a-b(Jt§r-'a-mi, tse n§ teft k§-kdla tr'el tr^ka 
nyS-nydne, k^re soA nan k|-f^na tr^ka ara-baA: tia 
6a pan ghal bg: Ka-kdia, atr'ei a-tra-mi tran; mine 
t|i kdla, Yebdfa o p&-e. 

20. Tr^ka tsi, be d'or ra viOf OYti gb^Aa-mu, yer-> 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

36 An'-Romi 13. 

ko r'a ra-di; be ra-mun ra wop-ko, yer-ko mun: tsa 
be m§ yO yan-e, ma tra gb6mpa na-ken roki^m ka 

21. Tse tser tr'el tra-las tra tam-mu, k^re tam 
tr*el Ira-las ka tr*ei tra-fino. 

Ara-Bomp 13. 

1. Tra w'lini 6 w'uni o s^nne ka e-f(isa ey^ tasi. 
Tsa a-f(Jsa na yi-be, t^mbe ka K'dru; k^re an'-f(isa 
an^ yi, K'dru o pou bolr-ni. 

2. Tr^ka tsi, ow(5 tr§inQne an'-f(5sa, o tr^mone 
an'-gb^ka na K'dru; k^re an^ tr^mon^-M, Aa tr§ sap 

3. Tsa an-tr§-borap na yi-be o-ninis wa anoa-ygs 
ama-^no, k^re wa ama-Ias. K^re be m§ tse y^ma bft 
ra-nes Ir^a an'-fiisa, yo alrd yi lr§-fino, de na tr§ 

4. Tsa na yi am-bol na K'uru tr4ka o-flDo-'0'<mu. 
K^re be in§ yO tr'ei lr^-l§8, tra ra-n6s ra wop-mu; 
tsa ts6 ba an'-gb^to ka-tsin: tsa o yi am-bol Aa 
K*Qru, tr^ka k^Ia ra-ban ka qv/^ yO tr*ei tr§-]§s. 

5. Tr§ka tsi n§ bd ka-s^ne, p§ yi-he gbo tr§ka 
'ra-bomp ra ara-ban, k^re tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ka-trdrane- 
ka-nu so. 

6. Tsa tr^ka atr'ei ats^ n§ ram sq a-tsisya. Tsa 
na yi e-boi ya K'uru, an^ b6trar e-m6ra ka atr'ef tra- 
tsi gben li^ko 6 \^Iq. 

7. Tr^ka tsi, sQn n§A w'uni 6 w'uni atr^ n§ bfi 
k§-ram-ko; a-tsisya ka QYfi m^ri tra siito a-tSisya; 
a-tlibdya ka QVi^ mari tra s^iQ a-tsibiya; ra-lel ka 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

An'-R6mi 13. 14. 37 

OW(J m^ri tra sdto ra-lel; a-yiki ka owd m^ri tra sdto 

8. Tse na M ra-bei 6 ra-bel ra w*uni 6 w'uni, 
t^mbe ho na biJtarane; tsa Qv/d bdtar w'uni lom o 
pon I^sar an-tgn. 

9. Tsa ats6 so atrd na pa ho: Ts6 yO k§-rap; tse 
dif; Ise kela; tse son t'amas^re tra ra-yein; tse ba 
a-f^la tr§ka r'dka 6 r'dka; de be a-gbdka 6 a-gb^ka 
a-lom na yi, ar*lm ar^ ra wop-tsi be, ar'im rfa-rer: 
Ma yi tra bcJtar o-ttlrane-ka-mu mo an*-n6sam-*a-rau 

10. Ama-b(}tar ma yo-fe o-f^trane tr*el tra-las. 
Tr^a tsi, ka-l^sar an-toif^, ama-bdtar mafi. 

11. De ats6, Ira sa yO-tsi, pak^sifo s§ tr^ra am'^lr: 
fo an'-ldko na pon* to bek tra y6kane ka ama-re: Isa 
ak6 ka-futl ka ta fdtsi-su, pa tas akS sa s^ke a-ldne. 

12. Ka-tratr^k ka y^ma pon, ara-sok ra pon fttrar: 
tr|ka tsi, tra sa bus ama-yos ma an*-sum, de tra sa 
won'e-tsfma ya am-m6ta. 

13. Tra sa kot o-m^ri mo ka 'ra-yan, pa yi-he ra 
ka-fer de ra ka-tsis, pa yi-he ra ka-f^ntone de r§ k§- 
traiane, pa yi-he ra ka-gbal de ra ka-trutr. 

14. K^re ^on nan Yisua Masfa, o-R^bbu, de tse 
na b6trar e-m6ra ka ama-der ha e-f^la e wop-na. 

Ara-Bomp 14. 

1. M^lane nan ow(J rantr ka ka-l^ne-k'oti, pa yi- 
he tra ti^nka tr^ka ma-trel ma-gbdlar. 

2. Wiini k'in o lane, fo gb^Ii di r'aka 6 r'aka; 
w'uni lom, ow(J yi o-rantr, o di e-buma. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

38 An'.R6ini 14. 

3. Tra kon', QYf^ di, o \s€ ftrki QVf^ tse di; de 
tra kon*, ow(J ts6 di, o tsS nap qy/^ di: Isa K'dru o 
po6 m^Iane-ko. 

4. K^ne mdnon-e, ho in§ Aap am-boi 6a w'uni 
lom-e? Ir^ma taliJin o fumpo Ir^ka o-kas-k'on gben: 
k^re tr| tr^ma; tsa K'dru o t^na tr^m^r-ko. 

5. Wdni k'in o n^ne, ho a-r^i fi'in lia l^si a-r6i' 
B-lona: k^re w'uni lom o n6ne, ho a-r^i 6 a-rii na 
yi gbo w'in. Tra w'uni 6 w'dni q s<Jto atra-lseri Ira- 
gb^ntis ka am-in6ra-n'oft gbefi. 

6. Ow(J wop a-r6i, o wop-6i tr§ka o-R^bbu; de 
0W(} Ise wop a-rei, o Ise wop-ni tr§Ka o-R^bbu. 0^6 
di, di tr^ka o-R^bbu, tsa o mutsi K'uru rn'^mo; do 
0W(i tse di, ts6 di trgka o-R^bbu, de mutsi K'dru 

7. Tsa w'uni 6 w'Qni kalri}il-ka-8U o k^li-he trAka 
kiino-k^none, de w'uni 6 w'Qni o fi-he tr§ka k(}no- 

8. Tsa be sa k^li, sa k^li tr^ka o-R^bbu ; de be sa 
fi, s§ fi tr^ka o-R^bbu. Tr§ka tsi, be pa yi sa k^li 6, 
be pa yi s§ fi 6, 8§ yi ka ka-tra ka o*R^bbu. 

9. Tsa tr^ka atr'ei atse Masia o fi> de y6kane, 
de kal s^ke 0-k^li, kdma o yi o-6b§ka ka ah'-fi de 
ka ah'-k^li. 

10. K^re rauno6, ko tr'ei tr'a ma nap o-wonlr- 
ka-mu-e? TaliJm mun* so, ko Ir'el tr'a ma f^rki o- 
wonlr-ka-mu-e? Tsa syS be sa lr§ tr^ma rodi ka ka- 
wan ka ka-rok e-t(inka ka Masia. 

11. Tsa na poA gbal ho: Me 1 yi 0-k^li, (Yebdfa 
pfi-e,) ka-wu 6 kg-wu k| tra s^uq romi, de ra-mer 
6 ra-raer ra lr§ lok K'uru. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

An'-Rumi 14. 39 

12. /Hfi w*uni 6 Mi'uni katri^n-ka-su q tra >v6sa ka 
K'uru tr^ka kiJoQ-k^nooe. 

13. Tr^ka t^i, tra sa is^ sq siinane ma-t^ri; k^re 
kUine n§n gbo tr^ka atr'ei atse, ho w'uni 6 ^*uni q 
b6tra-be o-WQntr-k'on tr'el tr§ kg-p§t talQin tr'el tr§ 

14. Tsa I tr^ra, de I pon gb^leii-tsi mo tr§-ts6i& 
ka o-R^bbu Yisua, (q r*aka 6 r'dka r^rene ra yi-he 
ra-^ifa; t^mbe tr^ka tr'gn, ow(i uAuq, bo r'dka ra yi 
ra-yifa, tr^ka kon' ra yi ra-yifa. 

15. K^re be a-mol na wop o-wontr-ka-mu tr^ka 
'ra-bomp ra r'a ra-di, ma kol-he so mo ma-b(Jtar. 
Tie yO kon' q iinuQ ka ar'a-ra-mu ra-di, tr^a gwi^ 
Masia pon fi. 

1 6. Tr^ka tsi, ts6 n| sOm na fof o-Ias tr^ka atr'el- 
Ira-nu atra-ffno. 

17. Tsa ara-bal ra K'uru ra tie yi ka-di de k§- 
mun; k^re ma-16mpi, de ma-t(if§l, de ma-bi^ne ka o~ 
Kubu owo-Sgm. 

18. Tsa QVi^ l^nki Masia ka ama-trei am6, K'uru 
t^sa tr^ka tr'on, de a-fam na k61o-ko. 

19. Tr^ka tsi tra sa tens ton ama-trei am^ sOm 
ma-t(}f§l, de ama-trel am^ yO k'in o n^fas am-mera 
na o-lom. 

20. Tse dim ama-pant ma K'uru tr^ka 'ra-bomp 
ra r'a ra-di. R'dka 6 r'dka ra yi ra-ffera; k^re ra yi 
tr'el trg-las tr^ka o^'uui, q\\^ di-ri ka b5tra o-lom 
tr'ei tr§ kg-pat. 

21. fino; tra ts6 di o-lem, de tra ts6 mun ma* 
wain, de tra tse yO tr'ei 6 tr'el, alr^ yO o-wonlr-ka- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

40 An'-R6mi 14. 15. 

mu pat, ta](^m atr^ yO-ko fiimpo, tal^m atr^ 

22. Be ma bd ka-ldne, b^ne-ki tr^ka muoo-inQnone 
rod! ka K'urn. Wdoi m^ri-tr'ei won, ow(J tse 6^pne 
ka atr'ei, alr4 o-lom mo ho Ir'ei tr§-16mpi. 

23. K^re Qyf6 sike, be o di> ndpne; pak^sife 
tra wur-he ka ka-ldne. K^re tr'el 6 Ir'el, atr^ wur- 
he ka ka-ldne, lr§ yi Ir'el lra-l§s. 

Ara-Bomp 15. 

1 . K^re sy^hj an^ yi a-t^na-tr'eT, sa mar tra mQyu 
ama-rantr ma ana-tse-t^na-tr'ef, de tra ts6 t^s§sne. 

2. Tra w'uni 6 w*dni katri^n-ka-su o tesa ka o- 
f^tranfi-k'on tra o-ffno-w'on, de tr^ka an'-n^fa na am- 

3. Tsa o-Masia so q tse t^sasne; k^re, ma na pen 
gbal ho: £-nal ya an^ nal-mu e pofk fiimpor minan. 

4. Tsa tr*el 6 tr'el atrd na pon gbal t^pafi, na 
pon gbal-tsi l^pan trdka ka-t^k'sa-su, kama sa gb§li 
ba an'-r^tsa ka am-muyu de ka ama-bef§t ma ama- 

5. K^re tra Qk'uru ka am-mtjyu de ka ama-b^fat 
son-tsi, kama a-mera n*in na yi katrdn-ka-nu mo 
Yisua Masfa: 

6. Kdma na gb§Ii yikis K'urn, o-Kas ka Yisua Ma- 
sia, o-H^bbu-ka-su, r' a-mera n'in de ra ka-sail k'in. 

7. Tr^ka tsi m^lane nan k'in o-lom, mo Masia so 
pon m^lane-nu tr^ka an'-yiki Aa K'uru. 

8. K^re I pd ats6, ho Yisua Masia q pon s^ke 
a-boi na an^ tse ba e-l^mpe tra *ra-bomp ra atra- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

An'-Romi 15. 41 

tien tra K'uru, tr§ka b^k'sar as'im atr^ na pon tra& 
ka dh'-kas: 

9. De kdma an'-K^fri na yikis K'uru Ir^a 'ra- 
bomp ra anai-nei-n'on ; ma na pon gbal ho: Tr^ka 
fsi I tsi t(ikgs-inu katri^n ka an'-Kdfri, de I tsi \6hsir 

10. De kal P& bo: Y^ane nan, nya a-K^fri, ro^ 

11. Do kal pd bo: Bundas nai^ Yeb6fa, nya a- 
Kdfri be, de tc^kas-ko naA, nya tr§-b6na be. 

12. De Yesdya o kal pd ho: An-taAk na Yisai na 
tra yi rl, de ow(5 yokane tra yi o-ra-bomp ka ah'- 
Kafri ; de ka kon' ah'-Kdfri na tra r^tid. 

13. K^re tra Qk'uru ka aiV-r^tsa o lds§r-nu ma-- 
bi^ne de ma-t(^f§l be ka ka-ldne, kdma ah'-rdtsa ha 
lair-nu, ka ah'-fjsa ha o-Ruhu o^O-Sam. 

14. K^re mina-mfnane so I poh gb^leh-tsi mo 
tra-tseh tr^ka trdnnu, nya a-wontr-*a-mi, fo nya-nyane 
80 n§ la ma-tot, fo na Idsar. k§-trdra be, de fo n§ 
t^na m^hane. 

15. K^re k6fa pa yi yah-e, I ta poh yi^na ka-mfnta 
kp gl)dlar-na, nya a-wontr-*a-mi, tra n^nena-nu, tr^ka 
'ra-bomp ra am-b6ha, and K'uru o poh soh-mi: 

16. Fo 1 ba kg-yi a-bol ha Yisua Masia tr^ka ah'- 
Kdfri, tra tsim ka-mende ka-sam ka am-B6sra ha K'uru; 
kama as'ddka tra ah'-Rdfri tra yi tr§-t^8a, ka S(}to ma- 
8§m ka o-Ruhu o^vo-Sgm. 

17. Traka tsi 1 ba tr'ei tra k61one ka Yisua Masia^ 
tr^ka ama-trel amS Idmane K'tiru. 

18. Tsa I gb§li-he mfnta tra fof tr^ka tr'el 6 tr'ei 
tra ama-trel ma-t^i, amd Masia o poh-he yO ka l^a- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

^ M'-R6mi 15. 

tra-ka-mi, tr^ka s^ki an'-K^fri a-tr§l-tr'e!, ka s'im de 
ka ma-yos: 

19. Ka aA'-fi^sa i^a ma-trel ma-kab^ne de na ma- 
J08 ma-kab^ne, ka an'-fiJsa Aa o-Ruhu ka K'dru; bift 
i pon tr^m§s am-B6sra ha Masia ka Yerusalem, de 
ka an-tof an^ gb^tro-ri, ha ro-llliriko. 

20. Ye I poh tsfmne g-Iar tra tr^mas am-BdSra, 
p§ tie yi ro fia pon bontr an'^s Aa Masia, kama 1 
-tse sal Tokim ka Q-tr§mar M^a vf'Ani tsel: 

21. K^re ma na pon gbal ho: Ka »nk 'a tse po6 
l^ne tr'el 6 tr'eT tr^ka tr'on, Aa tr§ k^li-ko; de a^^ 
4s€ pon tr§l (tsi), 6a tra n§Ak (tsi). 

22. Tsia ba-t5i tr'el tra benlr-mi e-l(}ko e-gb^ti tm 
-der ronti. 

23. K^re ak6, me I ba-he so k§-f^na ka e-b^l|& 
^yi, k^re ma a-b6sne lia >vop*mi tra der ronu, k^bi 
ta tra-ren tr§-gb^ti; 

24. I tli der ronu, be I kiine ro-Sepdnia; tsa I 
n^ne, ho I gb^li n^nSnu, me I tas rT, de bo nya^ 
oa paia-mi rT, ka-rar§n ka me I tsi miJfa pon tesfsne 
i)-tan tr^ka tr^nnu. 

25. K^re ak6 I k(hie ro-Yerusalem tr^ka yer q- 
b6ya ka afi'-s§m. 

26. Tsa p§ tisane an^ yi ro-Maked6nia dfe ro- 
Akala, tra sot e-b6ya e-lom tr4ka am-m(}ne katri^ft 
4a an'-s§m ro-Yerusalem. 

27. ^nk6 pg t^sane-na; bilisa nan ta ba tra-bel- 
tra-Aan. Tsa be aft'-KMri na y6rane ama-trel-ma-nan 
ma-rdhu, na k6tarne tra m^ra-na so ey'^tr ya ama- 

28. Tr§ka tsi, be I pons atl^, de be 1 poh Uhklifi- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

A6'-R6mi 15. 16. 43 

Aa ail'-k6mi an6, I tsi kdne ro-Sepdoia ka Usne 

29. K^re I tr^ra, fo, me I der ronu, I tsi der ra 
ia-ld ka an'-ruba Aa am-B6sra na Masia. 

30. K^re I man-nu, nyd a-wontr-'a-mi, ka ka-tra 
ka o-R^bbu-ka-su, Yisua Masia, de ka ama-b(}t§r ma 
O-Kohu, ho n§ tsimne re minan ka tra-r^mne-tra-nu 
ro ka K'iiru tr§ka mioan; 

31. Kdma I futi ana-tie-ldne-tr'el ro-Yehudia, de 
kdma ka-yer-ka-mi e-b6ya ro-Yerusalem ka yi kg-t^sa 
ka an'-sam; 

32. Kdma I gb^U der rgnu ma-b(}ne ka ama-s6lQ 
ma K'uru, de kdma I b^k§sne re ny^h. 

33. K^re tra Qk'uru ka ama-t(ifal q yi re nya 
be ! Amina. 

Ara-Bomp 16. 

1. K^re I k61o Foibe, o-wontr-ka-su o-b^ra, ronu, 
OW(i yi a-boi a-b^ra na an'-gb^nne an^ yi ro-Kenkria. 

2. Kama ng m^Iane-ko ka Q-Mbbu, mo pa 15mpir 
aii'-sgm, de kjma na mar-ko tr§ka tr'el 6 tr'el, tr^ka 
atr^ y^ma-nu. Tsa kon' so o pon yi o-mar tr^ 
a-gb^ti, de tr^ka minaminane so. 

3. K6ri uati Priskilla de Akwila, an'-jaa-su a-kump 
ka Ytsua Masfa. 

4. Aix§i pon sond tra-lim-tra-nafi gben tr§ka ah'- 
n6sam-Vmi; ana I mutsi m'^mo, p| yi-he min' sOn» 
k^re e-gbSnne ya an'-K^fri be so. 

5. K6ri nan so au*-gb^nne, aW yi ka ah*-sel-'a- 
Aan. K6ri nai& Epalnetos, owo-b^tgr-ka-mi, QVii yi 
O-triitroko tr^ka Masia katriin ka an^ yi ro-Akaia. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

44 An'-R6mi 16. 

6. Kori naft Msriam, ow^ pon ydna-su raa-trel 

7. K6ri nan Andr6nikos de Ydnia, an-tra-kOm-'a- 
mi, de am-p^n1rane-'a-mi ro ma-tihkane, an^ ba h'Bh 
a-gbufii katrdn ka an'-SOm, ana mdta mi so ^i ka 

8. K6ri nan Amplias, owo-bdtar-ka-mi ka o-R^bbu. 

9. K6ri nafi Urbanos, o-na-su o-kump ka Masia, 
de Sal^kus, owo-bdlar-ka-mi. 

10. K6ri nafi Ap^llis, owd y\ o-m^mar ka Masia. 
K6ri nan ka-bor ka Arist6bulos. 

11. K6ri nan Her6dion, o-ra-kom-ka-mi. K6ri nafi 

o ' - • o 

ka-bor ka Narkfssos, an^ y\ ka o-R^bbu. 

12. Kori nan Trifaina de Trifosa, an4 pon yO ma- 
pant ka o-R^bba. Kori nan P^rsis, gwo-b^tar, ow^ 
pen yo ma-pant ma-lai ka o-R^bbu. 

13. K6ri nan Rufos, ow'O-tit ka o-R^bbu, de Q- 
k'gn de o-ka-mi o-k^ra. 

14. K6ri nan Asfnkrilos, Flagon, H^rmas, P^tro- 
bas, Hermes, de an'-wgntr, aM yh rondn. 

15. K6ri nan Fil61ogos, de Yulia, N^reos, de 
wonlr-k'on g-b^ra, de Olimpas, de an'-sam be, aiii 
yi rofi^n. 

16. Koriane naA ra ka-mumal ka-sam. E-gb^nne 
ya Masia na k6ri-nu. 

17. K^re I man-nu, ny5 a-wontr-'a-mi , ho na 
I6mar ari^ som ma-putane de ma-lrel ma-gbdsa, am4 
t6ri ama-trel ma-l^k'sa, am^ na pon t^kas; de n^ne- 
M nan. 


18. Tsa a-wunon fia lie l^hki o-R^bbn-ka-su, Yisua 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Aii'-Rdmi 16. 45 

Masia, kere ak'6r-ka-nan gben; de ra s'im tra-tesa 
de ra ka-sah ka-b^ti na Irons e-mera ya a-fam a- 

19. Tsa ka-tral-tr*el-ka-nu ka pon gb^ntane kalr(}ii 
ka a-fain be. Tr§ka tsi pa bdne-mi tr^ka trdnnu; kgre 
I y6ma, ho na yi a-ls^mpi tr§ka alr^ yi Ira-fino, de 
a-p^ui-tr*eT tr^ka alr^ yi tra-las. 

20. K^re Ok'uru ka 'ma-tdfal o Ira gb§mar S^tani 
lemp ka atr*5trak-lra-nu rata. Tra am-bona na q- 
R^bbu-ka-su, Yisua Masia, na yi re nyah! Amfna. 

21. Timoteos, o-ka-jsu o-kump, de Lukios, de Y^- 
son, de Sosipater, an-lra-kom-*a-mi, na k6ri-nu. 

22. Mine, T6rtios, ow(5 pon gbal an'-reka ane, I 
k6ri-nu ka o-Rabbu. 

23. Gayos, ow(} yia minan de an'-gb^nne be, 
k6ri-nu. Er^stos, o-k^sin ka e-bene ya ka-petr, de 
Kw^rtos, o-wontr, na k5ri-nu. 

24. Tra am-bona na o-R^bbu-ka-su, Yisua Masia, 
na yi re nya be! Ainina. 

25. K^re Ira kon', ow(5 i^na b^k'sar-nu mo am- 
B6sra-'a-mi, de mo ka-gba! ka-w^ndi tr^ka Yisua Masia, 
mo ka-naibe ka am-murare, an^ m^nkne k^bi ka e-l(ikQ 
e-tab^na ; 

26. Kere an^ 'a pon naibi ak6 ka ka-tra ka ama- 
Gbal ma an'-Nabi, de an^ 'a gb^nte katr(}n ka tra- 
b6na be, mo ar'im ra Ok'uru Qi¥Q-tab^na, k^ma na 
^op ar'fm ra ka-lane: 

27. Tra Ok'uru owo-ls^mpi s6n o ba an'-yfti, ka 
Yisua Masia, t^nkan 6 t^^kan! Amina. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

^ - 1. 











18 6 7. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Stuttgart: Printed by J. P. Stelukopf. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

An'-R6ka ana-Tr(itrokQ na Padlos, o-Som, 
a6i gbilar an'-Korinti. 

Ara-Bomp 1. 

1. Paulos, QYii 'a mutsi tra yi Q-SOm ka Yfsua 
Masfa ka ka-tra ka aina-s6lQ ma K'dni, de S6stene8» 

2. Ka aA'-gb^nne 6a K'dru, ah^ yi ro-Korint, ka 
9ih& 'a s4m§s ka Yisua Masia, an^ 'a mutsi tra yi a- 
8§in, re na be a6^ r^mofi an'^s Aa Q-R^bbu-ka-su 
Yisua Maaia d'er 6 d'er, ro-d'er ka Aah de ro-d'er 
ka sydn. 

3. Tra a-b6iila na yi re nydA, de ma-t(if§l, 9imk yih 
ka K'dru, o-Kas-ka-su, de ka o-R^bbn Yisua Masia! 

4. I mutsi m*^mo ka Qk'dru-ka-mi 4i}ko 6 l^kq tra 
tr^ODu, tr^ka am-bdna iia K'uru, aM 'a poA sqA-du 
ka Yisua Masia. 

5. P§k^sife Aa pofi n^nlas-nu tr^ka tr'ei 6 tr'el ka 
ken', tr^ka ma-trel ma-t^k'sa be, de tr^ka k§-tr^ra- 
tr'el be; 

6. Ma na pon b^k§r at'amas^re tr^ka Masia katriin- 
ka-Du : 

7. Ha n§ ts6 paj^ a-b6ya 6 a-bdya, ma n§ yi a- 
kar ka-tr(irine ka Q-Rdbbu-ka-su Yisua Masia: 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

4 1 Korfnti 1. 

8. Oyf6 tra bdkar-nu so hd ka ka-l^p'sQ, hd n§ 
yi a-p6ni-tr'eT ka an'-rft* na o-R^bbu-ka-su Yisua Masia. 

9. K'uru bs tr|-tsen, QVf^ pofi miitsi-nu ka ka- 
y^rane Ow*6n-k'on Yisua Masia, o-R^bbu-ka-su. 

10. K^re I nian-nu, nya a-wontr*-a-mi, ka an'^s 
na o-H^bbu-ka-sa Yisua Masia, k^ma n.yd be n§ fgf 
atr'ei tra-tsi gben, de kdma ma-sdkane ma ro-m6ra 
ma ts6 y\ katr(}n-ka-nu; k^re kdma na yi a-gb^ntis ka 
am-m6ra na-tsi gben de ka an'-n^ne na-tsi gbefi. 

11. Tsa an'-fam na K166 na poA k^ne-mi tr^a 
Ir^nnu, nya a-wontr-'a-mi, fg e-gbal e yi katr(}n-ka-nu. 

12. K^re I fof tr^ka atS^, fo k'in katr^^A-ka-nu o 
pa ho: Mine w6pane Paulos; o-lom hg: Mine w6pan© 
Ap6llos; o-lom ho: Mine wdpaue K6fas; o-lom ho: 
Mine iiv6pane Masia. 

13. P§ yi ho iiB poA gbMi Masia-i? P§ yi na 
pen Irafi Patilos ra-k'anir ka-p^nkine tr^ka trifinnu-i? 
Tal(^m p§ yi na poii b^ptis-nu ka an'^s Aa Paulos-i? 

1 4. I mt^tsi K*iiru m'^mo, fo I tse pon b^ptis ^'lini 
6 w'dni katr(in-ka-nu, tSmbe Krfspos de Gdyos; 

15. K^ma w'dni 6 ^'dni o ts6 gb^H pfi, ho I poin 
Mptis w'uni ka an'6s-'a-mi gben. 

16. Kere I pon so b^pVis afk'-fam ta aili'-set fta 
St^fanas; k^re 1 tr'a-he, be p§ yi I pon b^ptis \?'t]ni 
6 w'uni o-lom. 

17. Tsa Masia o tse pon som-mi tr^ka ka-b^ptis, 
k^re tr^ka ka-tr^mas am-B6sra; pa tse yi ra k§-fof 
ka-ts^mpi, kdma ak'^ntr ka-p^nkine ka tie yfur yai. 

18. Tsa ar'ira a-ra ak'^ntr k§-p^nkine ra yi a-paftk 
iF^ka shA dinne; k^re tr^ka tr^ssu, an^ fdti, ra yi a- 
S6ssi 6a K'dru. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

1 Korinti 1. 5 

19. Tsa na pon gbal ho: I tsi dim ka-tsemp ka 
an-t$6mpi, de I tsi tdpis ka-trdra-tr'ei ka an-tr^ra^tr'ei. 

20. 0-ts6mpi, kon'-a? O-Fode, kon'-a? 0-gbfilane 
ka ara-rQ ar6, kon'-a? Pa yi-he K'uru o poQ s§ki 
ka-tsemp ka ara-ra ar6 a-pank-i? 

21. Tsa tr^ka ma ara-ra ka ka-tsemp ka K'uru ra 
ise tr^ra K'dru ka ka-tra ka ka-tsemp, pa tisane 
K'uru ka ka-tra ka ka-gbal ka-wdndi ka-p§nk tra futia 
an^ Idne. 

22. P§k^sif6 an'-Y6hudi na yit tr^ka ma-trel ma- 
kabdne, de afi'-Yunani na tens ka-tsemp: 

23. K^re syan s§ trdmas Masia qv/^ na tran ra- 
k'§Qtr ka-p^nkine, ow(J yi tr'ei tra ka-pat tr^ka an*- 
Y6hudi, de a-pank tr§ka an'-Yundni: 

24. K^re tr§ka nan, au^ 'a pon mutsi, tr^ka a^'- 
Y6hudi de tr^ka an'-Yudini, Masia o yi a-f(^sa na 
K'uru, de k§-tsemp ka K'uru. 

25. Am-pank na K'uru M yi a-ts^mpi na tdsi ka- 
tsemp ka a-fam; de ama-rantr ma K'dru ma yi ma- 
f^sa ma tdsi an'-f^sa na a-fam. 

26. Tsa k^li n§n ka-mt^tsi-nu, nyS a-woatr-'a-mi, 
fo pa yi-he a-ts6mpi a-gbdti mo o-sem, p§ yi-he 
a-t^na-tr'el a-gbdti, p§ yi-he a-y6la a-gb^ti, slM *a 
pon mt^tsi: 

27. K^re K'uru q pon tit ama-trel ma 'ra^rO ama- 
p§nk, tr^ka Idpas an-ts6mpi; de K'uru o pon tit ama- 
trel ma 'ra-ra ama-rantr, tr^ka ldp§s ama-trel ama- 

28. De ama-trel ma 'ra-rQ ama-yai, de ama-trei 
ama-fdrke, K'uru o pofi tit, de ama-trel ama-ts^-yi, 
kSma yals ama-trel ama-yi: 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

6 1 Korinti 1. 2. 

29. Kgma w'uni 6 Yf'uni o tie kdlone rodf ka 

30. K^re ka k'on ka-trd nya so na y\ ka Yisaa 
Masia, Qyv^ poft s^ke ka-tsemp tra trdssu rodf ka 
K'uru, de ina-16inpi, de iDa-8§in, de ma-bani: 

31. K^ma p§ y6ne, ma 6a pon gbal ho: Ow(^ 
^^ina k61one, tr* o k6]one tr^ka Yeh6fa. 

Ara-Bomp 2. 

1. Min' 80 > mo 1 der ron^, nyd a-wontr-'a-mi , I 
\s€ der ra s'im trg ma-t^si tali^m tra k§-tsemp, tra 
trdin§r-nu at'amas^re tra K'uru. 

2. Tsa 1 kftine tra \sB tr^ra tr'el 6 tr'el katriin- 
ka-nu, tdmbe Yisua Masia, kon' owiJ 'a traA ra-k^antr 

3. Do ma-rantr, do rft-n€s, do k§-yer kg-lal ka 
wop-mi, me 1 ^i ronu. 

4. De 1 fof-be, 1 gbal-he k|ryrdndi r§ s'im tr§- 
t<}nto tr§ k§-t2emp k' a-fgm, k^re r§ k§-tr(}rine k| o- 
Rubu de k§ a-f<{sa. 

5. Kdma ka-line-ka-nu ka s^line-be ka ka-tsemp 
ka a-f§m, k^re ka aA'-fi^sa na K'uni. 

6. K^re 8§ fof k§-tsemp katr^n ka aifi'-gb^ntis : 
k^re p§ yi-be ka-tsemp ka ara-^ra ar6, p§ yi-be ka 
an-tr§-bomp 6a ara-ra ar6, aA^ tr§ dinne: 

7. K^re sa fof ka-tiemp ka iTdru, ak^ yi a-mur4re, 
akii m^Akne, ak^ K'uru o po6 botr t§pan, p^ta ara- 
ra ra tr^poy tr^ka an'-pli-'a-su : 

8. AU o-ra-bomp 6 ra-bomp ka ara-ra ar6 o pon- 
he tr^ra: (tsa be 6a pon' na tr^ra-ki, 6a tr§ ts€ pen' 
na tra6 o-R^bbu ka an'-^iki r|-k'§ntr k§-p^nkine). 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

1 Korfnti 2. 3. 7 

9. ^iik6, sa fof tr^ka atr^ na pon gbal bo: Ma- 
trel am^ ra-for ra poA-he n§nk, de ama a-laAs 6a 
poA-be tr§l, de am^ pon-be won ro-mira na w'uni,. 
mia K'tini o poA b^nene tr^ka ai^^ b(}t|r-ko. 

10. K^re ka sydn K'uru o pon naibi-na ka o- 
Rdbu-k'on: tsa g-Rdbu o gb^leil ma-trel be, b^li ama- 
trel ma K'dru ama-b^lpn. 

11« Tsa w'uni r6ke o tr^ra ama-trel ma nv'uni^ 
Umbe am-mira ha ow'Qni, aM yi rok'6r-k'on-e? Yfr 
PI yi 80 tr^ka ama-trel ma K'uru, w'uni 6 w'dni o 
tr'a-he-na, t^mbe o-Rubu ka K'uru. 

12. K^re sySA sa pon-be s^to am-m6ra Aa ara>ra 
ar^, k^re o-Rubu qyi^ y^fa ka K'uru; kama .sa gb^li 
tr^ra ama-trei, am^ K'dru o po6 b6ya-su. 

13. Amd 8§ pa so, pa tse yi r§ s'im, atr^ ka- 
tiemp ka a-f§m ka t^k'sa, k^re r§ s'im, atrd o-Rubu 
t^k'sa; de 8§ l6mo ma-trel ma o-Ruhu re ma-trel 
ma o-Rubu. 

14. K^re w'dni qyt^ ba gbo a-n^sam o tse m^lane 
ama-trel ma o-Rubn ka K'uru; tla ma yi roni^ii mo 
a-p§Ak; de t^na-^e tr^ra-na, p§kdsife na t(^nka-i(ia 
ka o-Rubu. 

15. K^re ow'uni, qyt^ bd o-Rubu, o gb^li t^nka 
ma-treT be; k^re k(Jno-kiJnone w'uni 6 w'uni o gb^H- 
be t({nka tr^ka tr'oA. 

16. Tsa k^ne pon tr^ra am-m6ra ina Yeb6fa-e? 
Tali^m kdne gb^i 4k'sa-ko-e? K^re s^a b& am-m6ra 
i^a Masta. 

Ara-Bomp 3. 
1. Min' so, nya a-wontr-'a-mi, I t^na-be f(if§r-nu 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

8 1 Korinti 3. 

mQ a-f§m a-rdhu, kirQ mo a-f§in a-sein, iuq tr§-lent 
ka Masia. 

2. I pon w^nta-nu ma-n(^nQ, pa ^i-he e-di ^-b^ki: 
tsa D§ ta t^na-be tr^ka tsi, de bdli ak^ n§ ta t^na-he 
4r§ka tsi. 

3. Tsa na ^i r|s a-f§in a-sem: tia tr^ka ma k§- 
trutr» de a-gba]» de ma-putane ma yi katr^6-ka-nu, p§ 
yi-he n§ yi a-f|m a-sem-i, n§ kot mo ama-tr^one ma 
a-f§m-i ? 

4. Tsa mo kin o pd bo: Mfoe w6paQo Paiilos; 
do o-lom bo: Mfne ^6pan6 Ap611os; p| yi-bo na yi 
a-f§m a-sem-i? 

5. K^ne yi ton Patilos-e? K^ne yi Ap611os-e? 
A-sdmmas nan, ka ka-trd-ka-naA na pon s^ko a-ldne, 
mo o-R^bbu pon son-tsi ka w'uni 6 w'dni. 

6. Mine po^ tsep, de Ap61Ios o pon tr^i&k§s; k^re 
K'uru yO e bumba. 

7. Tr^ka tSi, ow(J tsep yi-be r'dka 6 r'dka, p§ 
ji-be QYii tr^nk§s; k^re K'dru qyi^ yo q biimba. 

8. K^ro Qyi6 tsep do QVf^ tr^nk§s, Aa yi gbo win; 
k^ro w'uni 6 w'uni o tr§ s(}to aA'-ram-A'oA gbet, mo 
ama-pant-m'on gben. 

9. Tsa sya yi a-p^ntrane 6a ama-pant ma K'uru; 
nya yi ak'^r ka K'uru, nya yi an'-set na K'dru. 

10. Mo am-bOna fia K*dru, an^ o soA-mi, 1 poA 
botr O'tr^mfr mo w'uni k§-sal o-ts^mpi, k^ro o-lom 
O sal rok(}m-ka-tsi. K^re tra w'dni 6 w'dni o sdbine, 
tro sal rok^m-ka-lsi. 

11. (Tsa o-tr^m§r o-lom w*dni 6 w'dni o gb^li-be 
botr, tdmbe owtf 'a pon bolr, ow(} yi Yfsua Masia). 

12. K^ro be w'dni 6 nv'dni o sal rok()m ka o- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

1 Eorinti 3. 9 

ir4in§r qw6 fna-b6no, ma-sflwar, ma-sar ma-bdki 
in'(Jlo, tr'§ntr, k'6reA k§-w6si, e-f6ro; 

13. Ama-pant ma w'uni 6 w'uni ma tr§ nafbe: 
tSa aa'-rei na-tsi na tr§ tr(^ri-iia, p§kdsife an'dntr aa 
tr§ naibi-na; de ama-pant ma w'uni 6 w'dni, ko ma- 
pant ma ^i tsi-e, an'^ntr na tr§ m^m§r-na. 

14. Be ama-pant ma w'uni 6 w'dni, amd q pon 
sai rok(^m-ka-tsi, ma Isia, q tra s(Jlo a-ram. 

15. K^re be ama-pant ma w'uni 6 w*uni ma tr^ 
f§i, Q tra dim an'-ram-n'on : k^re k(ino-k^nQne 9 tr§ 
futi; k^re yan, mo ho ka ka-tra ka n'antr. 

16. Na tse tr^ra-i, fo n§ yi a-h^kai na K'uru, do 
fo o-Ruhu ka K'uru o yira rok'6r-ka-nu-i? 

17. Be w'uni 6 w'uni o dim an'-h^kal na K'dra, 
K*uru tra dim-ko; tsa an'-h6kal fia K'dru na yi a- 
8§m, an'-h^kal an^, nyan. 

18. Tra w'uni 6 w'uni o ts6 tr({nsne. Be w'dni 
6 ^'dni katr(}il-ka-nu o n^ne, ho yi 0-ts6mpi ka 
ara-ra ar6, tr' o s^ke o-p§nk, k&ma q s^ke o-ts6mpi. 

19. Tsa ka-tsemp ka ara-ru ar6 ka yi a-pank rodf 
ka K'uru. Tsa na pon gbal ho: wop an-ts6mpi ka 
ama-sot-ma-nan gben. 

20. Do fia gbal so ho: Yehdfa o tr^ra e-n^ne ya 
an-ts6mpi» fo e yi e-yai. 

21. Tr^ka tsi tra w'uni 6 w'dni o ts6 k6ione tr^ka 
a-fam: tsa ma-trel be nyd ba-na; 

22. Be p§ yi Padlos, tal(im Ap611os, tali^m K6fas, 
isiiim ara-ra, ta](^m a-n6s§m, ta](}m ra-fi, tal^m ma- 
trei am^ yi o-suma ye, Xdlim ma-trel am^i ma der-e; 
ma-trel bo nya ba-na. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

10 1 Korfnti 4. 

23. K^e n\aA, Masia q ba-nu; de Masia, K'dni 


Ara-Bomp 4. 

1. Ya tra w'uni 6 yi/'Am o lom-su, mQ e-bol ya 
Masia, de mo a-kfra Aa e-murire ya K'Qni. 

2. K^re atr^ Aa y^ma, bo aA'-kfra na bd, tra yi, 
ho w'uni w'uni o ba tr§-tseA. 

3. KivQ minaA, tr§ bs-mi gbo tr'el tr§-tan, ho 
nya t(}nka tr^ka tr^nnmi, tal^m a-f§in Aa r§-bdre; §Ak6» 

1 t(iAka-he hdii tr^ka mina-mfnane. 

4. Tsa I tse tr^rano Ir'el 6 tr'el ro-mira-mi; k^re 
tr^ka afs6 I \s& sHq roa-in^ri : ow(i t(}Aka trgka tr^mmi, 
O-Rdbbu k^noA. 

5. Tr^ka tsi tsd n§ t^Aka tr'e! 6 tr'ei, p6ta aA'- 
](iko Aa poA bek, ha o>R^bbu o der, owe} tr§ wura 
gb%t ama-trel ma aA'-sum ama-m^Akne, do ow^ trg 
Aaibi e-n^ne ya e-m^ra: de aA'-lO Aa-t§i K'dru o tra 
k61o w'uni 6 w'dni. 

6. Ama-trel am^, nyS a-wontr-'a-mi, I poA fof I 
b^kas-Aa tr^ka trdmmi do tr^k^a Apdilos tr^a 'ra-bomp 
ra nyaA; kima n§ t^kfs ka syaA tra ts6 ndne tr^ka 
a-fam, pa tas atrd Aa pon gbal, kima w*uni 6 w'dni 
ii& A^trane ro-m^ra ro ka o-lom tr^ka 'ra-borop ra 

7. Tsa kdno yO-mu ma gb^ske-e? Talcum ko m| 
ba-e, atrd m§ poA-ho s(^to-e? K^re be ma poA 8(}to- 
\i\, ko tr'el tr'a ro§ ma k61one-e, roo ho m§ tJe pon' 
na s({to-tsi-e? 

8. Na pon' to n^m'ra, n§ pon' to s^ke a-n^nla, n§ 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

1 Korlnti 4. 11 

pon gb^ka mo a-bal na ;y^ma-be-su : de k^nko na 
gb^ka oan mo a-baT, kama syd so sa gb^li gb^ka re 

9. Tsa pa n^nsa-mi, fo K'uru o pon botr sy^ii^ 
an'-sOm, ira y\ a-l^p'sa, mo an^ 'a pon nap tr^ka fi; 
paUSife sa poA s4ke a-fef tr^ka ara-ra, de tr|ka a- 
maleika, do tr^ka a-fam. 

10. Sya yi a-p§nk tr§ka 'ra-bomp ra Masia, nya 
yi a-ts6mpi ka Masia; syd yi a-rantr, n^a yi a-f(isa; 
nya ba a-yfki, sya ba k§-f^rke. 

11. Ha ka aA'-gb61eA an^ d'or de ra-mun ra y/oip- 
8u, sa yi a-tsin, na Irun-su e-b(Jftar, de sa ba-he 
0-yira o-b^kar; 

12. De s§ y^na ma-pant ama-tra-ma-su gben: na 
^M§s-8u e-lol, de sa ruba-na; na bal-bal-sa, de sa 
muyu-tsi : 

13. ISsi fof-su o-las, de s| n^mtene-na. S§ pon 
s^e mo an'^ko na ara-rQ, de mo e-ka ya a-fam be 
ba t6te. 

14. 1 ts€ gbal ama-trel ami^ tra nvi^ina-nu ma-lap^ 
k^re 1 man-nu mo a-y^ut-'a-mi a-b({t§r. 

15. Tsa bill be pa ^^i nah ho ng ba a-karm^ko 
e-vul tr*ofi6tr, na ba-be a-kas a-gbdti: tsa mine poii 
kom-na ka Yisaa Masia, ka ka-tra ka am-Bosra. 

16. Tr^ka tsi I man-nu tra tr^nsane miuan. 

17. Tsia ba-tsi I poft s6m§r-nu Tim6teos, ow^ y\ 
i¥'an-k§-mi o-bi)t§r o-tr§t2^6 ka o-R^bbu, qy/^ tra 
ndnena-nu as^6A-tra-mi, atrd .yi ka Masia, me I t^'sa 
d'er 6 d'er ka e-gbdnne be. 

18. K^re a-lom 6a batrane ro-roera, mo bo 1 tsi 
ts6 der ronu. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

12 1 Korinti 4. 5. 

19. K^re I tsi der rgnu t6te, be o-R6bbu o s^io» 
do 1 tsi tr^ra, p§ yi-he ka-fof ka an^ n^trane ro- 
in6ra, Mre aa -f^sa-'a-nan. 

20. T^a ara-bai ra K'uru ra ts6 yi ka ka-fgf, k^re 
ka a-f(isa. 

21. Ko ng y6ina-e? Ho I der ronu ra ka-s^te-i» 
tali^m r§ ma-b^tir, de r' a-in6ra a-t(if§l-i? 

Ara-Bomp 5. 

1. K'ib^ri ka pon gb^ntane d'er 6 d'er, fo k|-rap 
k§ yi katr()Q-ka-DU, de k§-rap ka-wdnon, hili an'6s- 
na-tsi na bontr-he-ni katr(}& ka afi'-Kdfri, ha w'doi 
loin ba o-r^ni ka o-kas-k'on. 

2. De nyaft n§ n^trane ro-in6ra-i, n§ pon-he sai& 
a-mol, ma d| mar tra yO-i» kdma fia wiira qyi^ poA 
^0 a6'-yQs an6 ka ka-tron-ka-nu-i? 

3. Tsa mfaaA, qw(^ b^p§r-he mo ama-der, k^e 
0W(^ b^p§r mo am-m6ra, I pon' to k<tiDe» mo bo I 
HP§r» tr|ka kon' QVfi pon yO atr'ef atli yan-e, 

4. Ka ah'^ Aa o-R^bbu-ka-su Yisua Masia, ka- 
rdran ka ma nyftfi, de am-mera-mi, s§ pon gbdnne 
fOkm, re an'-f(}sa i^a o-R^bbu-ka-su Yisua Masfa^ 

5. Tra sond ow'uni ka-tsi ka S^tani tr^ka ka-dfnne 
ka ama-der, kdma ail'ump§l na fdti ka a6'-r6'i ha o- 
R^bbu Yisua. 

6. Ka-k6lone-ka-nu ka yi-he k§-ffno. N§ tse tr^ra-i, 
fo e-gbit e-tan e fuk§s ka-bot be-i? 

7. Tr^ka tsi wura n§n e-gbit eye-kur tar§p, k&ma 
na yi k§-bot k§-fu, ma na yi a-p&ni e-gbit. Tsa 6a 
poh so fax o-ka-su k§-karuf ka ka-Paine tra tr^ssu, 
Masia k(^no yi tsi. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

1 Korfnti 5. 6. 13 

8. Tr^ka tii Ira sa kus am'^tr, p§ yi-he r* e-gbil 
e-kur, p§ yi-he r' e-gbit ya ma-l^ke de ya ma-las; 
k^re ra tra-bo trg-p^ni e-gbil ya a-raira f6ra de ya 

9. I pon gbal-nu ka an'-reka, bo na ise yi tra 
kuluAane a-fam 'a ka-rgp; 

10. K^re pa tse yi an'-fam 'a ka-r§p na ara-ra 
ar^ be, \B\im an^ ba e-for e-y^mari, tal()in a-f§m 'a 
kg-luk, tal(im a-f§in and rdmne e-roA; te pa yi na 
yan-e, na ba nail tra wur ka ara-rO ar^. 

11. K^re I po6 gbdiar-nu aXsi, fo na t§e yi tra 
k^luAane w'dni 6 w'dni, ow(J 'a bontr o-wonlr, be o 
ba ka-rap, tal(}m ow^ ba e-for e-ydmari, ia](^m gwi^ 
rdmne e-ron, ta1(}m ow^ ba k§-nal, tal^m Qvt^ ba ka- 
Isis, lal^m ow(J ba k§-luk: w'uni wunoA n§ yi-fe so 
tra diane-ko. 

12. Tsa ko tr'el trg ba-mi tr^ka rok 8q am-pa Aa 
sM yi rokdn-e? NyaA n§ rok-he am-pa fta bM yi 

13. K^re am-pa fta aM yi rokdn K'tini o tra rok- 
Ai. Wi^ra naA gw'uni o-las ka ka-trgA-ka-na. 

Ara-Bomp 6. 

1. Pa yi ho w'dni 6 w'uni katr(}6-ka-nu, be o b§ 
trel tr§ka o-lom, o mfnta tra t({]^ka-ki rodi ka an'- 
k^na-i, p§ yi-he rodi ka ai&'-sam-i? 

2. Na ts€ trdra-i, fo an'-sam fta tra-rok e-ttfnka ya 
ara-ra-i ? De be tB tr§ rgk e-t(}nka ya ara-rO ka ka- 
tra-ka-nu, p§ yi bo ng yi-he a-b^ki tra rok e-t(}ilka 
ya m'(}lo ma-tan-i? 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

14 1 Eorinti 6. 

3. N{ tie tr^ra-i, (q s§ tr§ rok e-t(^ka ya a-maleika- 
i? T^mSine e-t(}Dka tr^ka e^'^tr ya afi'-n^sam an^-i? 

4. Tr^ka tsi be n§ b& e-t(^i^ka tr^ka y'etr ya an'- 
^^8§in aA^, botr n|n nati, aiiA yi a-f^rke ka an'gbdnne» 
tra rQk e-tiinka. 

5. Ats6 I pS tr^ka l^p§s-nu. Ye p§ yi-i, bo w'uni 
ti^iupi yi-hfi kalr^n-ka-nu, p§ yi-he hdli k'm-i, Qyri 
t^na na rok e-pa katriin ka ah'-wontr-n'tfii-i? 

6. K6re*o-wontr k'in o k^e o-wontr qAqol ro- 
bare, de atS6 ir§ yi rodi ka aha-ts^-ldne. 

7. Tr^ka be p§ yi iQt tr'el tr§-t^ri tr^ka tr^nnu, 
(q n§ bd e-t(^nka katri^A-ka-nu. Ko ne na tser-he-iaa 
gbo na yO-nu tr'el tr§-l§s-e? Ko lae na tser-he-Aa 
gbo na tr*o6'8-nu-e ? 

8. K^re nyd yO ir'el tr|-]§s, de nya trgns a-f§ni, 
de ats6 n§ yo ka an*-wonlr-'a-nu. 

9. Tal3m n§ tie tr^ra-i, fo a-f§m a-k^na na gb^H- 
he s6iQ ak'6 ka ara-bal ra K'dru-i? Tse n§ tier-Aa 'a 
y^tas-nu! Pa yi-he aM ba ka-r§p, p§ yi-he Sihi r^mne 
e-rgn, pg yi-he a6^ yO ra-piire, p§ yi-he a-mfiban, p§ 
yi-he aM f^ntgne a-rtini, 

10. Pa yi-he an^ ba ra-kel, p§ yi-he aM ba e-for 
e-y^mari, pa yi-he an^ ba ka-tsis, p§ yi-he aM ba 
ka-nal, pa yi-he an^ ba ka-lukas, ana tra s^iQ ak*i ka 
ara-bal ra K'uru. 

11. De a-f§m a-wtinon a-lgm katr(}n-ka-nu Aa poi^ 
yi: kere na pon y^kgs-nu; k^re iia pon s^mgs-nu; k^re 
na pon son-nu ma-m^ri ka an'6s na g-Rdbbu Yisua, 
de ka o-Riihu ka Ok'uru-ka-su. 

12. Tr'el 6 tr'ei trg 16mpir-ini» kere tr'ei 6 tr'ei 
tra yi-he tr§-ndfa; tr'el 6 tr'el tr§ 15mpir-mi, k^re 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

1 Korfnti 6. 7. 16 

minan 1 tsi woA-he tra yi rorata ka an'-f(^$a 6a tr'ei 
6 tr'el. 

13. E-wont e y\ tr§ka ak'6r, d© ak'6r tr^ka e-wQnt; 
k^re K'uru o tr§ dim ak6 de ey^. Kere ama-der ma 
\s€ y\ tr^ka k§-r§p, k^re tr^ka o-R^bbu; de o-R^bbu 
tr^ka ama-der. 

14. Kere K^uru o pon yokas o-Rdbbu, de q tr§ 
yokas so syfin ka an'-f(Jsa-n'oh. 

15. N§ tse tr^ra-i, fo ama-dt^r-ma-nu ma yi e-bem 
ya Masia-i? P§ yi ho 1 me y6ka ton e-bem ya Masia, 
1 8^ki-yi 6-bem ya o-bera k§-rap-i? S^ki-tsi! 

16. Taliim n| tie tr^ra-i» fg o^(i gbap'sa g-b^ra 
k§-r§p, yi ma-der m'in re kgn'-i? Tsa o pa b©: 
Ana-r§n na tr§ yi ma-der m'in. 

17. K^re QW(} gbdp*sa o-R^bbu, o yi a-m6ra 6'in 
re ken'. 

18. Gbuke nat k§-r§p. Tr'el 6 tr'el tr|.ias, atrd 
w*uni yO-e, tra y\ roi&h ka ama-der; kere OW(J yO 
kg-r§p, yO tr'el tr§-la8 ro ka ama-der-m'Qn gben. 

19. Tal(}m ng tig tr^ra-i, (q ama-der-ma-nu ma 
yi a-hekal na o-Ruhu QWQ-S§m, ow(} yi rok6r-ka-nu-i, 
ow^ n§ pon 8(^tQ ka K'uru, de fo na tie ba a-f(^sa 
tr^ka nya-nyane-i? 

20. TIa na poft waia-nu m'l^lg : tr^ka tli yikis n§ii 
K'uru ka ama-der-ma-nu, de ka e-m6ra-'e-nu, tr^ka 
«y^ K'uru o ba an'-f(}sa. 

Ara-Bomp 7. 

1. K^re tra ama-trel, tr^ka am^ ng pon gb^lgr-mi, 
<I pa ho): flno tr^ka w'uni tra tie b5ra o-b^ra. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


16 1 Korinti 7. 

2. K^re ir^ka Va-bomp ra ka-r^p tra o-rdni 6 rdni 
bs o-r^ni-k'on gben, de tra o-b^ra 6 b^ra o ba o- 
nvos-k'Qn gbein. 

3. Tra o-wos o. yO ama-yO-m'ofi ma-n^ntrana ro 
ka o-r^Di; kere tra o-r^ni so o yO am*(JlQ roa-tsi gbe6. 

4. 0-rdni o tse ba a-f(}sa tr^ka ama-der-m'on gbeA, 
k^re o->vos; k^re ye pa yi so tr^ka o-wos, o ts6 bd 
a-f(}sa tr4ka aina-der-ni*on gben, k^re o-r^ni. 

5. Ts6 n§ b^ntrane ama-yo-ma-nu ma-n^otrana, 
t^mbe Aa Aa-r§ii ta y^Qti-isi tr^ka a-l(}ko a-lom, kima 
D§ ba k§-f6na tr^ka k§-wop a-sflm, de tr^ka k§-rdiiine; 
de p^ntrane n§6 so rokin, kima S^tani o tse gbos-nu 
tr^ka ka-tse-l^na wop e-f^la ya ama-der-ma-nu. 

6. K^re ats6 I pa tra ts6ra-nu-f si , 1 pa-he-tsi mo 

7. Tsa I y6ma, ho a-fam be na yi me mine yi mfna- 
minane: k^re y^'uni 6 w'uni o pon si^to a-b6ya-6'on 
gben ka K'uru, k'in mo ats6, de o-lom mo a\U. 

8. K^re I pa ka an^ tS6 ba a-rdni, de ka am-b6ra 
a-b^ra ho: fine tr§ka traAn^A, be na tsia me minan. 

9. K^re be na gb^i-he wop e-f^la, tra na ndntrane: 
tsa pa ffsa na ndntrane, pa tas ta ba e-f^la e-ba6. 

10. K^re aixA pon ndntrane, I k^ne, k^re mio' 
tibo, k^re o-R^bbu, fo 0-r^ni o yi-be tra gb^skine ka 
0-wos-k'on ; 

11. (K^re be o pon gbdskine, tra o tse b^la, tal(^m 
tra kal m^ne re o-wos-k'oii:) de fo o-wos o yi-he tra 
tser o-r6ni-k'ofi. 

12. K^re ka ana-lom mine pa, o-R^bbu tdho: Be 
0-wontr 6 wontr o ba o-r^ni o-ts6-line, de be o-r^ni 
s6lo tra yira roA^n, tra o tsg tier o-r^ni-k*on. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

1 Korinti 7. 17 

13. De Q-r^ni, owd ba o-wos Q4s6-lane, de be q- 
wos selo Ira yira ron^n, tra o tse Irel o-wo8-k*on. 

14. Tsa o-wos Qwo-tse-ldne o s^to ma-sam ka o- 
r6ni, de o-r^i owo-tse-lan@ o s6\o ma-sam ka o-wos; 
be pa tse yi na y an-e, an'-fet-'a-nu na yi naini a-yifa ; 
k^re ak4 na yi a-sam. 

15. Kore be Qy/6 tse lane q gbAskine, tra o gbds- 
kine. O-wontr o-i*6ni, laliJm o-wontr o-b^ra o ts6 
k6tarn6 tr§ka ama-trel ma-wunoi^: k^re K'dru q pon 
mutli-su tr^ka ma-t^fal. 

16. Tsa tro ma tr^ra, man' rdni, be pa yi ho ni§ 
gb^li fdiia o-wos-ka-mu-e? Tal^m tro ma tr^ra, mun 
wos, be pa yi ho ma gb^H Mtia o-rdni-ka-mu-e ? 

17. K^re mo K*uru o pon yer w'uni 6 w'uni, de 
mo o-R^bbu pon mi&tsi w'uni 6 w'uni, yo tra o kot: 
de ye I k^ne-tsi ka e-gbdnne be. 

18. Be na pon mutsi w*uni 6 w'uni ow^ 'a pon 
gbak an'-16mpe, tr' o tie so linane a-]6mpe; be na 
pon mulsi w'uni 6 w'uni ow^ bs a-l^mpe, tr' *a ts6 
gbak ah'-16mpe-n'on. 

19. Ka-gbak aA'-I^mpe ka ba-he tr'el, de ka-ba 
a-l^mpe ka ba-he tr'el, k^re ka-wop ama-gb^ka ma 

20. W'uni 6 w'dni tra o tr^ma ka ama-tr^ma ma- 
ts! gbeh, ka am^ 'a poA mutsi-ko. 

21. Be na pon miitsi-mu mo o-trar, tra tra tse 
ba-mu tr'ei: kere be ma gb^H s^to ra-wan-kom, tra 
ma ta tit-tsi. 


22. Tsa Qyf6 'a pon mdtii mo o-trar ka o-A^bba» 
yi o-wan-kom ka o-B^bbu: ye pa yi so ow^ 'a 
pon mdtsi mo o-wan-kOm, o yi Q-trar ka Masia. 

1 Corinthians. 2 

Digitized by LaOOQ IC 

18 1 Korlnti 7. 

23. Na pofi tvafa-nu m'i^lQ; tsg na s^lie a-trar ha 

24. Nya a-wontr-'a-mi, tra w'lini 6 w'uni o Ir^ma 
ka ama-tr^ma ma-tsi gben rodi ka K'uru, tr§ka amd 
'a pon miitsi-ko. 

25. K^re trdka an'-f^ne I ba-he a-gb§ka na o- 
R^bbu; k^re I bolr rT ar'fm-ra-mi, mo w'uni ow() poA 
s({to i-n^i ka o-R^bbu, tr^ka bd tra-tseA. 

26. 1 n^ne toA, ats^ tra yi trj-fino tr^ka 'ra-bomp 
ra am'i^ne ma e-suma y6; (I pfi, 1 n^ne,) (q o-ffoo 
tr^ka i/v'uni tra tsia mo o yi. 

27. Be m§ k6t§me ka o-r^ni, tse ten tras^le; be 
ma s^le ka o-r^ni, \s€ ten o-r^ni- 

28. K^re be ma pon ndntra, ma tse po£i yQ tr'ei 
tra-l§8; de be Q-f§ne o pon b^la, o ts€ pon yo tr'el 
tra-las: kere m*(Jne mo ama-der ma tra wop a-wunoA; 
kere mfnan I ba-nu i-n^i. 

29. K^re ats6 I pa, ny5 a-wontr-*a-mi, ho ara'^lr, 
amd tsia, ma yi roa-biirap; kdma aM ba a-rdni, na yi 
mo bo na tse ba; 

30. De and b6k, mo bo Aa ts6 bok; de and bd 
ma-bi)ne, mo ho na ts6 ba ma-b(ine; de and wai y'etr, 
mo ho na tse ba y'etr; 

31. De and y({na ara-ra ari, mo ho na ts6 yiJna- 
n: tsa ama-k^li ma ara-ra ar^ ma tr§ tas. 

32. K^re I y^ma, ho a-s6li Aa ts6 wop-na. Ow(^ 
ts6 ba o-rdni, o b6trar am-m^ra ka ama-trel ma o- 
Rdbbu, tro o gb^li t6sa ka o-Rdbbu-e. 

33. K^re ow^ ba o-rdni, o b6trgr am-mera ia 
ama-trel ma ara-ra, tro o gb^U t^sa ka o-rdni-k'oA-e* 

34. O-gbaske o yi rl so katriin ka Q-Tini de katr(}A 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

1 Korinti 7. 8. 19^ 

ka o-ftne. Ow(J Ise bs o-wos, o b6lrar am-m^ra ka 
ama-trel ma o-R^bbu, kama o yi Q-sam ka ama-der 
de ka am-m^ra: k^re owd bfi o-wos o b6trar am-mera 
Ka ama-lrei ma ara-ru, Iro o gb^l* tesa ka o-wos- 

35. K^re atse I pa tr^ka o-^no o-wQ-nu gben; pa 
yi-he tr^ka b6tra-nu a-wul, kere kama na gb^li gb^p'sa 
0-R^bbu ra ma-m^ri de ra ma-b^sar o-pahi a-s6li. 

36. K^re be w'uni 6 w'uni o n^ne, ho yO Ir'et 
tra-tiri Ir^ka ow*^n-k'on o-f^ne, be Ira-ren tra ara- 
Kne-r'on tra pon tas, de be Ira ba tra y(ine yan, tra 
Q yO alr^ o y^ma, o tsfi yO lr*el tra-las; tra iia n^n- 

37. K^re w'uni 6 w*uni, be am-mera-n'on na lr§ma 
Q-bSk§r, Irgka ma ama-trel ma lie f6sar-ko, de Qyf6 
bs a-f^sa tr^ka ama-s6lo-m'on gbeh, de ow(J pon kiUne^ 
ats6 ka am-m^ra-n'on gben, tra b^ne ow'Sn-k'on gben 
0-Kne, yO o-fino. 

38. Tr^ka tsi ow(J son-ko r§-b6la, o yO Q-fino] de 
Owd Ise SQil-kQ ra-bala, q ta yO o-fino. 

39. O-rSoi k6larne ka an-ton, mo o-^os-k*oii 
Q yi r§8 o-k^li; k^re be o-wos-k'on o pon fi, o ba 
a-f(Jsa tra bdla ka o^d y^ma; be p§ ydne gbo ka 

40. K^re O ta yi o-mdri-tr*ei, be o tsia yan-e, mo 
am-m6ra a-Aa-mi; k^re I nSne, fo min' so I bd o-Ruhu 
ka K'uru. 

Ara-Bomp 8. 

1. K^re tr^ka Q-sem wa as'ddka tra e-ron, sa trdra, 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

20 1 Korlnti 8. 

fo iy^ l>e s§ i)& k|-tr^ra. (Ka-tr^ra ka A&tra am-iii6ra, 
k^re ama-b(^tar ma n^fas am-m6ra. 

2. K^re be w'uni 6 w'uni o nSne, ho o tr6ra tr'el, 
tse ta tr^ra tr'el 6 tr'el, mo q mar tra tr^ra. 

3. K^re be w'uni 6 w'uni o b(Jtar K'uru, ow6 K'ura 

4. ^'i^b^, tr^ka ka-di Q-s&n wa as'Mka tra e-rQti 
8§ lr6ra, fo a-roA na }^i-he tr'el 6 tr'ei ro-rQ, de fo 
K'dru Q'\Qm is€ ^i rl, Umbe ok'in. 

5. Tsa bin a-gb^ti na yi, aM 'a bontr tr'uru, be 
p§ yi ka ak'uru 6, be pg yi ka an-tof 6, (mo tr'ura 
tra-gb^ti, do a-s^yid a-gbdti Aa vi rl tra-tse&O 

6. K^re sy^h. sa ba gbo R'uru k'in, o-Kas, ka owf} 
r'aka 6 r'aka ra j^fa, do syS ^^i tr^ka tr'on; do o- 
R^bbu k'in, Yisua Masia, ka ka-tra-k'o6 raka 6 r'ika 
ra y\, do syS yi ka ka-tra-k*o6. 

7. K^re w'uni o Vdni o ba-he ka-tr^ra ak6: k^re 
a-Iom, re ka-tr^rane ka an'-ron, ha ak6 na di-ko mo 
0-som wa s'ddka tra e-ron; de na Ufta ka-trSrane- 
Jia-na6, pak^sife ka yi ka-rantr. 

8. K^re y'etr e-di e ts6 k6Io-8a rodf ka K'uru : tsa 
<pa yi-he ho sa la yi a-rtno, be sa di; pa yi-be 8§ ta 
yi a-las» be sa ts6 di. 

9. K^re sobine nan, kama an'-f^sa-'a-mu an6 na 
s§ke-he tr'el tra ka-pat tr^ka an^ yi a-rantr. 

10. Tsa be w'dni 6 w'dni o nank mdnon, owd bfi 
ka-tr^ra, fo ma gbetgbelne ra-hi§kal na a-roA, pa yi- 
he fo ka-tr^rane-k'on, pak^sife yi o-rantr, ka tra 
s(}to ka-minla trgka di o-lem wa as'^dka tra e-ron-i? 

11. De o-wontr owo-rantr o tra dinne tr^ka ka- 
trilra a-ka-mu, tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ow^ Masia o pon fi. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

1 Korfnti 8. 9. 21 

1 2. K^re be na bun ka a6'-wonlr yan-e, de be na 
trap ka-tr^rane-ka-nan k§-rantr, n§ buD ka Masia. 

13. Tr^ka tsi, be ^^'elr e-di e s§ke tr'el tra k§- 
fi^mpo tr§ka o-i¥ontr-ka-mi, I gb^Ii-be di o-sein t^nkaiii 
tab^na, kdma I s^ke-he tr'el tra ka-fumpo tr^ka o- 

Ara-Bomp 9. 

1. Min' tiho o-Som-i? Min* laho o-wan-kom-i? 
Min' tabo poi^ nank Yisua Masfa o-R^bbu-ka-su-i ? 
Nya tabo y\ ama-pant-ma-mi ka o-R^bbu-i? 

2. Be I yi-he o-S6m trgka a-lgm, I y'\ tsi Ir^ka 
tr^nnu tr§rtsen; tsa an'-kAtam na ara-Som-ra-mi nya 
yi tsi ka Q-R^bbu. 

3. Ka-f(ifane-ka-mi ro ka adiA gb^ngben-mi kia-kg. 

4. Sa ba-he a-f^sa tra di de tra miin-i? 

5. Sa ba-be a-f^sa tra k^rene o-Mrontr o-b^ra, mo^ 
0-rSni, ma aft'-S6m ana-lgra so Aa yO-i, de an'-wontr 
a-runi na o-R^bbu, de K6fas-i? 

6. Talifm pa yi ho min' sOn gbo de Barnabas sg. 
ba-he a-f()sa tra trel ka-yO ma-pant-i? 

7. K^ne k(Jne f6ma tra tsim tr^ka an'-ram-n'on 
gben-e? K6ne tsep k*or ka e-tr6ne-e, de di-he ka 
ania-k6mi-ma-tsi-e? TaliJm k^ne trol k'uli, de di-he 
ka ama-n^no ma ak'uti-e? 

8. Pa yi.ho I pa ama-trel ain^ mo ama-tr^nne ma 
a-fam-i, tal()m pa yi-he ho an-ton so na pa ama-trel 
ma-tsi gben-i? 

9. Tsa fia pon gbal ka an-toi& laa Musa ho: M§ 
ts^ yi tra f()kfr ka-sgn ka o-na, QYfi sap a-bdrru. 
Trg ba K'dru tr'ei tr^ka tr|-na gbo-i? 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

22 1 Korfnti 9. 

10. Tal(5in pa yi-he fo pa-tsi ke 6 kg Ir^ka 'ra- 
bomp ra syfiA-i? Tsentsene, tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra sjfdn 
na pon gbal-tsi, fo Qyf6 b^ras o y\ tra h^ras trakd 
an'-r^lsa na ma-k6mi; de ow() sap a-b6rru o yi tra 
sap-ili tr§ka ah'-r^tsd, fQ q tr§ yitanQ am^ o r^tsa. 

11. Be sy^ pon sak ama-trel ma>rubu rok6r>ka- 
nu, tr'el tr|-b^na Iran-i, be sya yi Ira rok ey'^tr-'e- 
nu e-.ya ama-der-i? 

12. Be a-Iom na y^rane an'-fdsa tr^ka tr^nnu, pa 
yi'he tyrosine s^an-i? K^re sa Ise y^na ah'-f^sa an6; 
k^re sa inuyu ma-trel be, kama sa tie botr tr'el tra- 
b^ntra tra-lgm tr§ka am-B6sra na Masia. 

13. Na Ise lr6ra-i, fo afi^ yQ ma-pant ro-b6kaI, 
iia w(^ntn6 ka ey*elr ya an'-hekal-i? De fg ahk 
gbSp'sa ama-tref ma am-m^sbak, na y^rane e^'^tr ^a 
am-m^sbak-i ? 

14. De yO o-R^bbu so o pon pa, fo afi^ tr^mas 
am-B6sra, na yi tra wiJntne ka am-B6sra. 

15. K^re minan I tsfi pon y(5na Ir'el 6 tr'ei tra 
ama-trel am6: de I pon-be gbal ama-trei am6, kama 
pa y^ne yan ka minan; tsa pa fisa-mi naii 1 fi, p| 
tas ho w'uni 6 w'dni o tSpis atr'ei tra ka-k61one-ka-mi. 

16. Tsa hali 1 tr^mas dm-B6sra, I tse ba tr'ei 
tr§ka kdione: tsa I ba tra yO-tsi; tsa m'dne ma tra 
wop-mi, be I tse tr^mas am-B6sra. 

17. Tsa be I yO-tsi mo ama-s6lo-ma-mi gbefi, I 
6(}to a-ram: k^re be 1 tse }0-tsi mo ama-s6lo-ma-mi 
gben, na pon m^nkar-mi ka-m^nde ka am-B6sra. 

18. Ko yi ton an'-ram-'a-mi-e? Fo, <ne I Ir^mas 
am-B6sra, I yQ am-B6sra na Masfa Aa tse ba w'dni 
m'^lo, fo 1 y^na-he an'-fdsa-'a-mi tr§ka am-B6sra. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

1 Korlnti 9. 23 

19. Tsa hdli I )'i-be ka an*-fdsa na w'uni 6 w'iini 
rdta, I pon s^kine o-trar ka na be, k^ma 1 bar lin 

20. De I s§ke mo ho Q-Y^hudi tr^ka an'-Y^hudi, 
kama I lin a-Y^hudi; tr^ka aM yi ka an-ton rata, I 
s^ke mo ho w'uni, owd yi ka an-toii rdta, kdma 1 liii 
and yi ka an-ton rdta; 

21. Tr4ka ana tile bd a-ton, I s^ke mo ho w'lini, 
0W(J ts6 ba a-ton, (hili I tse yi o-p^ni a-ton rodi ka 
K'uru, kere rorata ka an-ton ro ka Masia,) kama 1 lin 
anS ts6 ba a-top. 

22. Tr^a ana yi a-rantr, I s^ke mo ho w'uni, Qyv^ 
yi o-rantr, k^ma I lin and yi a-rantr. I potl s^ke 
tr'el 6 tr'ei tr^ka w'uni o ^'uni, kama I fdlla a-lom 
ke 6 U. 

23. K^re alse I yO tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra am-B6sra, 
kdma I y6rane-ni. 

24. N§ ts6 trdra-i, fo and gbdkane ka gbiike ra- 
r'on' da-gbdkane na be na gbiiike, kore k'in o s^to 
an'-n6o'i? Gbuke n§n yan, kama n§ s(Jto-ni. 

25. Kere o-s(}tone 6 o-s(itone o Mine tr^ka tr'ei 
6 tr'ei; nan (na yO-lsi), kama na s^iQ a-n^o and l^Bd, 
k^re sydn (kdma s§ s(}Iq) a-ni§o and tie l^sa. 

26. Tr§ka tsi rainah, 1 gbuke yan, mo w'uni QVii 
gbuke-he ya 6 ya; I tsim yan, mo w'uni ow() son-fe 
ail'-hawa e-b(iftar: 

27. K^re I sah ama-der-ma-mi, de I yO-na mo o- 
Irar; tdni, ka-rargn ka me 1 poii gbalr a-f§m a-lotn 
ka-wdndi, na kdsi-mi mina-mioane. 

Digitized by LjOOQ iC 

24 1 Korinti 10. 

Ara-Bomp 10. 

1. K^re I y^nia-he ho nu \s€ tr6ra-lsi, nya a-wgnlr- 
'a-ini, fo an'-kas-'a-8U be na po6 yi rorfita ka am- 
bunt, de io lia be ifia pou tas ka ka-tron ka ka-ban; 

2. De na be na pon ^0 'a b^ptis-Aa tr§ka Mdsa 
ka am-bunt de ka ka-ban; 

3. De ila be Aa pon di e-wont yu-isi gben e-ruhu. 

4. De Aa be na pon mun ka-mun ka-tsi gben ka-* 
ruhu; (tsa na mun ka a-gbillaA a-rdhu, ahA tr^nane* 
na; kere aiV-Gb^lan na-tsi Masia kdnon). 

5. K^re tr|ka an'-gbilti katr(}n-ka-nan K'dru o tse 
t^sa: tsa na s^kat-na a-fi ro-wiila. 

6. K^re ama-trel am6 ma pon y(ine mo e-mol tra 
tr^ssu, kdma s§ tse ba e-f^la ya ma-trel ma-Ias, ma 
ifiah SQ fta ba e-f^^la. 

7. De tse na s^ke a-rSmne e-ron, ma a-Iom katr^A- 
ka-naft ta yi; ma na pon gbal ho: An'-fam na gbet- 
gb^tne trdka di de tr^ka man, de ha ^^dkane tr^ka iivol. 

8. De tra aa tie yQ k|-r§p, ma a-loin katr()A-ka- 
iiati Aa yO ka-rap, de ka a-r^i A'in a-f§m e-wul ka- 
gba e-sas na fumpo. 

9. De tra sa ts6 m^mar Masia, ma a-lom katr(in^ 
ka-nafi so ha m^mar-ko^ de e-bok na dim-na. 

10. De ts@ na f(Jfne, ma a-lom katrdn-ka-naA so 
na f(ifne, de na dfnne ka ka-tra ka o-ka-dim. 

11. K^re ama-trei am6 be ma b^nane an^n mo 
e-mol; de ha poA gbal-na fr^ka sobis sy^h, aM am'^tr 
ama-I^p'sa ma ara-ra ma pon d^rar. 

12. Tr^ka tsi, qy;^ n^ne ho tr^ma, tr' o s6bine 
kdma o tse fumpo. 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

1 Korinti 10. 25 

13. Tr*ei 6 tr'el tra-gbiJsa Ira pofi-he wop-nu^ 
Umbe atra y^h ka w'uni: k^re K'uru o ba tra-tsen» 
0W(} ts6 tser-fli 'a gbgs-nu pa tas ka-t^na-ka-nu; kere 
OWiJ Ira )r(ina-nu so o-wurar, be na gbos-nu, ha na 
t4na s^ra-tli. 

14. Tr^ka tsi, n^a a-b()t§r-'a-ini, gbuke nan ka- 
r^mne e-ron. 

15. I f(if§r a-fgin a-wunon, aM ba kg-tlemp; gbak 
n§n atr^ I pa. 

16. Am-p(iti na an'-ruba, slM sa ruba, ni' tdho 
k§-y^rane ama-tsir ma Masia-i ? Ka-bO ak^ sa sim, kf 
tabg k§-^^rane ama-der ma Masia-i? 

17. Tr^ka ma ka-bo ka-tsi ka ^i k'in, sydn an'- 
gb^ti sa y\ ma-der m'in; tsa sy& be sa y^rane ka-bo 
ka-tsi ak'io. 

18. K§li nan Yisrael mo ama-der: p§ yi-he ho 
aik& di as'^dka, i^a y6rane ama-trel ma am-m^sbak-i? 

19. Ko me pa to6-e? Fo a-ron n^nene Aa yt 
tr*ei 6 tr*el-i, tal(Jm fo s'6dka tr^ka a-ron tra yi tr'el 
6 tr'el-i? De. 

20. Kere I p&, ho eyi aA'-K^fn na vftra mo s'Sdka^ 
6a wura-yi mo s'^dka tr§ka a-kdfi a-lgs, pa tie yi tr^ka 
K'uru; k^re I y^ma-he, ho na s^ke a-p^ntran^ na aA'- 
krlfi a-l§s. 

21. N§ gb§li-he mun ka am-p()ti na o-R^bbu, de 
ka am-pi^ti na a-krifi a-l§s; d§ gb^li-he y^rane ey'^tr 
;a am-m^sa na o-R^bbu, de ey'^ir ya am-m^sa na 
a-kdft a-I§s. 

22. Tal(^m sa ma p§r o-R^bba tra ba k§-trutr-i? 
P§ yi ho sa ba a-fi^sa p§ tas-ko-i? 

23. I ba a-f(Jsa trdka tr'ei 6 Ir'el, k^re tr'el 6 tr'el 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

26 1 Korinti 10. 

lr§ yi-he tr§-foT-tr'el: I ba a-f(Jsa tr^ka Ir'ei & tr'ei, 
k^re Ir'ei 6 Ir'ei tra n^fas-he am-m6ra. 

24. Tra w'dni 6 w'uni o tie ten atr'ei a-tr'on gbefi, 
kite tra w'uni 6 w'uni q ten atr'ei a-tra owo-lona. 

25. Di nan r'aka 6 r'aka, ar^ ila tfla ka od'^r ro 
^a tfla o-sem» de Ise na ^'ifat tr^ka t^i tra 'ra-bomp 
ra ka-trArane: 

26. Tsa Yeh6fa q ba an-lof, de ka-la-ka-tsi. 

27. K^re be w'uni 6 w'uni ka afid tie Idne 
intitsi-nu, de na s61q tr^ka k(Jne; di nan r'^ka 6 r'dka, 
aril 'a botr rodf-ka-nii; ts6 na yif^i tr^ka tsi tra 'ra- 
bomp ra ka-trSrane. 

28. K^re be w'dni 6 w'uni o pa ronii hg: 0-sem 
wa s'Mka tr§ e-roh k(}no-we; ts6 na di-ko tr^ka 'ra- 
bomp ra kgn' qw^ poh tr(}ri-ts], de tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra 
ka-tr^rane: tsa Yebofa q ba an-tof, de ka-la-ka-tli. 

29. I pa, tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ka-tr^rane, kere an'- 
ka-mu gben tdhg, k^re ka-tr^rane ka Qwo-lom: tsa 
ko Ae ka-tr^rane ka w'uni iQm ka ma t(}nka an'-fiisa- 
'a-mi-e ? 

30. Be I y^rane r'dka ra ka-iniitii ni'dmo, ko 
tr'el Ir'a Aa fof-mi o-las Ira ar'd ra-lsi, tr^ka ar^ I 
mutsi m'Smo-e? 

31. Tr|ka tsi, be pa y\ na di 6, tal(Jm be p§ yl 
ii§ mun 6, tal(}m be pa yi na yO tr'el 6 tr'el 6, yQ 
n§n tr'el 6 tr'el tr^ka aft'-yfki na K'dru. 

32. Ts6 ng s^ke Ir'el tra k§-p§t tr^ka a-Y6hudi, 
pa yi-he tr^ka a-Yunani, pa yi-he Ir^ka an'-gb^nne 
na K'dru. 

33. Me mine so I m^raar tra tisa a-fam be tr^ka 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

1 Korinti 11. 27 

tr'el 6 tr'ei, tr§ka rae I ten-he an'-n^fa na mina- 
mlnane, kere an'-nSfa na a^'-gbati, kdma ha futi. 

Ara-Bomp 11. 

1: Yi nan a-lr^nsane-'a-mi, me min*so yi o-tr^nsane 
ka Masia. 


2. Kere I k61o-nu, n^a a-wontr-'a-mi, ho na n^ne- 
mi Ir^ka tr'el 6 tr'ei, de ho na wop e-man, me I pon 

3. Kere I }^6ma na tr^ra, ho o-ra-bomp ra o-wos 
6 vfos Masia k(^noh; de o-ra-bomp ka o-r^ni 6 r^ni 
0-W08 ktjnoh; de o-ra-bomp ka Masia K'uru kdnoh. 

4. 0-runi 6 runi ow(J r^mne taltfm ow(J n^bi, be 
ba a-gb^para rok(^m ka ara-bomp-r'oh» o l^pas ara- 

5. K^re o-b^ra 6 bera ow^ r^mne taidm qyt^ n^bi, 
be tse ba a-gb§para rok(Jm ka ara-bomp-r'oh, o 
l^pas ara-bomp-r'on gben: tsa kon* de Qyf6 'a fdnasa 
ara-bomp-r'oh ha yi gbo win. 

6. Tr^ka Isi, be o-bera o ;y^rna-he gb§parne, Ira 
ha gb^kgsa-ko so ah'-fon-h'oh. Kere tr^ka mo pa yi 
tr*e! tr§-l^pas lr§ka o-b^ra Ira gb^kas lal(Jm tra f6n§s 
ah'-fon-h*oh, tr' o gh^Pgrne. 

7. Tsa o-riini o ts6 mar Ira gb§par ara-bomp-r'on, 
tr^ka mo o yi a-roh de a-yiki ha K'uru: kere O-bera 
yi a-yiki ha o-runi. 

8. Tsa o-runi o tse yefa ka o-bera; k^re o-b^ra 
y^fa ka o-runi. 

9. De ha tse tr^pi o-runi lr§ka *ra-bomp ra o-bera; 
kere o-bera lr§ka 'ra-bomp ra o-runi. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

28 1 Korlnti 11. 

10. Tsia bfi-tsi o-b^ra o mar tra ba a-f()sa rokiJm 
ka ara-bomp-r'oii* tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra am-maleika. 

11. K^re o-runi o yi-be ka o-Wbbu t^mbe re o- 
b^ra, p§ yi-he o-b^ra t^mbe re o-runi. 

12. Tsa mo o-b^ra q ^ur ka o-runi, yo o-runi sq 
y^fa ka O'b^ra; k^re auia-tFei be ma y^fa ka K'uru. 

13. Gbak-tsi ngn katr()n ka nyfi-nydne: Tra mM 
0-b^ra tra r^mne K'dru ra ra-bomp ra-tSin-i? 

14. Tal(}m p§ yi-be bo e-m^ra-'e-nu e-k6mane 
y^yene e t^k'sa-nu-i, fo pa yi trVl tr§-l^pa8 tr^ka o- 
nini, be o bft a-foii a-b^^li-i? 

15. K^re fo pa yi a-yiki tr^ka o-b^ra, be o bfi 
a-fon a-b(ili-i? Tsa fia 8oA*ko an*-fon ana-b()]i ka ka- 
b^l§n ka a-gb^para. 

16. K^re be w'tini 6 w'uni o n6ne-tii ho Ir'ei tra- 
ffno tr^ka gb^I§r ats6, sydh s§ tse ba ma-tr^nno ma- 
w^non, pa yi-he e-gb^nne ya K'dni. 

17. K^re me 1 tsi k^ne-nu ats^, I ts6 k61o-nu, fo 
na gbilnne-fae tr^ka o-fino, k^re tr^ka o-l§s. 

18. Tsa atr*ei atra-tr(}trokQ tra yi, be na td^klane 
ro-gb^nne, I tral, bo ma-s^kane ma e-m6ra ma yi 
katr(Jn-ka-nu ; de I l^ne ma-trel ma-lofn ma tsi. 

19. Tsa e-f^rkat e ba so tra yi kalr(}n-ka-nu, k^ma 
afi^ yi a-m^mar na tri^rine katr(}n-ka-nu. 

20. Tr§ka tsi be n§ toj&klane rokin, pa t&6 yi ka- 
di an'-f^nta M o-R^bbu. 

21. Tsa ka ka-di ^'dni 6 w'dni o ni()ta y6kane 
aft'-f^nta-A'on gben ; de k'in o ba d'or, de o-lom o yi 

22. Na ba-he e-set Ir^ka k§-di de tr^ka ka-mnn-i? 
Tal(Jm pa yi ho na f§nfgras aft'-gb^nne iia K'uru-i, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

1 Eorinti 11. 29 

HI ^0 aM 1^6 bfi r'ika na won ma-lap-i? Ko me pft 
ronu-e? I tsi k61o-nu-i? Tr^ka atr'ef atS6 1 gb^li-he 

23. Tsa atr^ I poA l^nklia-nu, I pon s^lQ ka q- 
li^bbu, fo o-Rdbbu Yisua ka-tratrdk ka-tii, ka ak^ na 
sond-ko, yoka ka-bO: 

24. Kq mo pon mtitsi m'^mo, o sim-ki, q pa 
ho: Y6ka nan, na di: Ats6 tsia y\ ama-der-ma-mi, 
am^ na ma kg sim tr§ka tr^nnu; yQ nan ats6 tr^ka 

25. Yo y6ka so am-pdli ka-rdran ka an'-fSnta, 
Q pa ho: Am-p^ti an6 na yi ama-I6m*rane ama-fu ka 
ama-tsir-ma-mi: yQ nail ats6 ](^ko 6 l(^ko, an^ n§ mua 
ri tr^ka ka-n^ne-mi. 

26. Tsa ]^kQ 6 I(Jko, an^ na di ka-bo ak^, do na 
mun ka am-p^ti shi, na tr(^ri ara-fl ra o-R^ibbu, ha 
ko der. 

27. Tr^ka tiSi, w'dni 6 w'uni ow^ di ka-bo ak^, 
talcum QYi^ mun ka am-p(}ti Aa o-R^bbu, do o tie bft 
ma-b^ki, o tra fumpo k'^si tr^ka ama-der do tr§ka 
ama-tsir ma o-R^bbu. 

28. K^ro tra w'uni o gboAgbenne, do ka-rir§n- 
fca-tsi tr' di ka ka-bO, q mun ka am-poti. 

29. Tsa kon' ow^ di de ow(J mun o-p^ni ma-b^ki, 
di do mun ka-si^mpano tr^ka k(ino-k<}none; pgk^^ 
sifo gb^ski-he ama-der ma o-R^bbu. 

30. Tifa bfi-tJi a-gb^li katr(Jii-ka-nu 6a yi a-rantr 
de a-b6ma, de a-gb^ti iia pon ko ro ma-r6. 

31. Tsa be sa gb^Agbenne nan, na tr| tSd a^^mpa- 
su nan. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

30 1 Korfnti 11. 12. 

32. K^re be na s(^mpa-su, o-R^bbu o maA-su, kdma 
na tie nap-su re ara-rQ. 

33. Tr^ka tsi, ny^ a-wgntr-'a-mi, be na tdnklane 
rokin tr^ka di, kar n§h k*jii tr^ka o-lom. 

34. De be d'or ra wop w'uni 6 w'uni, tr' o di 
ro-set-n'on; kama n§ tie tdnklaoe tr§ka r^nne ka- 
8()mpane. K^re ama-trel ama-lom I tsi Idmpas-na, 
be 1 der. 

Ara-Bomp 12. 

1. K^re Ir^ka e-b6^a ^a o-Ruhu, n^a a-wonlr-'a- 
mi, I tie y6ma, fo d§ ba-be-ka-tr^ra. 

2. N§ trSra, fo, ma ng ^i a-KSfri, na tser-na 'a 
k^re-nu ka e-ron eye-bobo, ma na k^re-nu. 

3. Tr^ka tsi I tr(}ri-nu, fo w'uni 6 w'uni, qvi^ tot 
ka Q-Ruhu ka K'uru, o gb§Ii-he b^ka Yisua a-r^nka; 
do fo w'uni 6 w'lini o gb^li-ho pS, bo Ylsua o yi 0- 
R^bbu, t^mbe ka o-Rubu owQ-Sam. 

4. K^re o-gb^nto wa e-b6ya o ^i rl, k^ro pa ^i 
0-Ruhu ka-tsi gben. 

5. De o-gb^nle wa tra-mende o yi rl, k^re pg yi 
0-R^bbu ka-tsi gben. 

6. Do o-gb^nte wa ma-yos o yi rl, k^re pg yi 
Ok'uru ka-tsi gbeA, qyi^ yO ama-trel be rokdr ka 
w'uni 6 w'uni. 

7. K^re ka w'uni 6 w'uni na pon son tra Aaibi 
0-Ruhu trgka an'-ndfa na a-lom. 

8. Tsa ka k'in ha poh son ar'fm ra kg-tsemp ka 
ka-tra ka o-Rubu; ka o-lom ar'fm ra kg-tr^ra mo 0- 
Rufau ka-tsi gben. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

1 Korinti 12. 31 

9. De ka o-lom ka-Idne ka o-Ruhu ka-fsi gben; ka 
Q-lom e-b6}^a ya ka-r^mar ka o-Ruhu ka-tsi gben. 

10. Ka o-lom an'-f^sa fia ma-ygs ma-kab^ne; ka 
O-lgm am-bd^^a na ka-n^bi; ka o-lom ka-gbMi a-ruhu; 
ka o-lom Ira-trap tra-gb^nle Ira tr*anlr; ka o-lom kg- 
ls6po Ir'anlr. 

1 1 . K^re ama-trei am^ be o-Rubu ka-tsi gbeii ok'fit 
yO, tr§ka mo yer w'uni 6 w'uni alr'el-tr'on gben^ 
mo s^lo. 

12. Tsa mo ama-der ma yi m'in, do ma ba o-bem 
e-gb^li, kere e-bem be ya ama-der ma-lsi, haii e yi 
e-gb^ti, e yi gbo ma-der m'in ; yo Masia so o yi (gbo 

13. Tsa Aa pon so b^ptis syd be ka ka-tra ka o- 
Rubu k'jn tr^ka ma-der m*in» be pa yi sa yi a-Y^hudi 
tali^m a-Yunani, be p§ yi sa )fi a-trar ta](}m a->van> 
kom; de na yQ sya be sa mun tr^ka o-Hohu k^in. 

14. Tsa ama-der so ma yi-be a-bem fi'in, k^re 

15. Be ak'atr§k ka pa nan bo: P§kasife I yi-h& 
kg-tra, 1 tse y\ a-bem na ama-der; pa yi ho tr^ka 
alr'ei ats6 ka yi-he a-bem na ama-der-i? 

16. De be afi'-lans na pa nan bo: Pgk^sife I yi- 
he ra-for, I tse yi a-bem na ama-der; pg yi ho tr^ka 
atr'ei ats^ fta yi-he a-bem na ama-der-i? 

17. Be ama-der be ma yi nan ra-for, r6ke yi nan 
ka-trgl-e? Be ama-der be ma yi nan ka-trgl, rike yi 
naft ka-mumgl-e? 

18. K^re mo pg yi, K'uru o pon bolr e-bem, ft'in 
6 n'in na Isi, ka ama-der, mo o y^ma. 

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82 1 KorinU 12. 

19. K^re be e-bem be e yi naA a-bem n'in, r^ke 
ji naii ama-der-e? 

20. K6re mo p§ yi, e-bem e yi e-gb^li, kere ma- 
der m'in gbo. 

21. De ara-for ra t^na-he p& ka ka-lrs ho: I y^roa- 
he-mu: ye p§ yi sq ara-bomp ra t^na-he pd ka atr'^- 
tr§k ho: 1 y^ma-he-nu. 

22. K^re e-bem ya ama-der, ey^ n^nsa tra ta yi 
e-rantr, sa ta y^ma o-lal. 

23. De e-bem ya ama-der, ey6 s§ n^ne mo e-p^ui 
a-yiki, 8§ ta botr-yi a-yiki a-lal; de e-bem-'e-su, ey6 
ba k§-ts6-t4sa, e ta ba ka-t6sa ka-lal. 

24. K^re e-bem-'e-8u, eye ba ka-i6sa, e y^ma-he 
tii. K^re K'uru o pon gb^ptrane ama-der, o bar soil 
a-yiki a-b^na ka am-bem, aM p^Ai a-yiki: 

25. Kama ma-sakane ma tie yi ka ama-der; k^re 
kama e-bem be e k^liane n'in tr^ka a-Iom iwin-aii. 

26. De be pa yi ho a-bem h'ia na 8<}mpane, e- 
bem be na sompane iiivin-aii; be pa yi ho na yikis 
a-bem n'in, e-bem be na ba ma-b(^ne iwin-an. 

27. K^re nyan na yi ama-der ma Masia, de e-bem 
i/v'uni 6 w'uni katr(}A-ka-nu. 

28. De K'dru o pon botr e-lom ka aii'-gb^nne; ka 
od'er o^O-tr(^troko a-Som, ka od'^r qy/^ b^ka ma-r|A 
a-N^bi, ka od*er qyi^ b6ka ma-sas a-karm6ko, ka- 
rdr§n-ka-tsi an^ yo ma-yos ma-kab^ne, ka-rjr§ili-ka-tsi 
and ba e-b6ya ya kg-rdmar, a-fam 'a ka-mar, a-tra* 
bomp, aiid f^h tr'antr tra tra4r§p tra-gbdnte. 

29. Pa yi ho na be Aa yi a-SOm-i? Pa yi ho na 
be na yi a-N^bi? Pa yi ho na be na yi a-kann(}ko-i? 
Pa yi ho na be 6a yO ma-yos ma-kab6ne-i ? 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

I Korinti 13. 33 

30. Pa yi ho na be na ba e-bo^a ya ka-r^mar-i? 
Pa yi ho na be na fofa tr'anlr-i? Pa yi ho iia b« na 
ts^po tr'anlr-i? 

31. K6re m^mar n§n Ira sdto e-boya, Qy^ la yi 
e-fino; de 1 ko lr(Jri-nu ras r'oh ar^ l^si. 

Ara-Bomp 13. 

1. Be I fdfa alr'4ntr tra an'-fam de Ira am-maleika, 
kere I ba-he ma-b(Jtar, 1 y\ mo a-kem a-r§mi, lal(Jin 
mo a->v6hko-wdnka aM wur k§-r§m. 

2. De be I ba ka-n^bi, de be I tr^ra e-murare be, 
de be I ba ka-tr^ra be, de be I ba ka-Iane be, ha 1 
t^na ts^pa ma-ron, k^re I ba-he ma-bdlar, 1 tse yi 
Ir'el 6 Ir'eT. 

3. De-be I yer ey'^lr-*e-mi be, de be I sond ama- 
der-ma-ini, kama na toi-na, kere I ba-he ma-b^^tar, tra 
n^fa-he-mi Ir'el 6 tr'el. 

4. Ama-b(Jtar ma ba a-m6ra a-bdli, ma ba ma-tot; 
ama-b(Jlar ma ba-he ka-trulr; ama-bi5tar ma ba-he e- 
k^Ine, raa ba-he a-m^ra Mlrane. 

5. Ma yO-he tr'el tra-t^ri, ma ten-he araa-trei- 
roa-tsi gben, ma ban'sa-he, ma li^ma-he w'udI atr'ei 

6. Ma ba-he ma-bdne tr^ka ma-k^na, k^re ma ba 
ma-bi^ne tr^ka atra-tsen; 

7. Ma s^ra ma-trei be, ma lane ma-lrei be, ma 
r^lsa ma-trel be, ma muyu ma-lrel be. 

8. Ama-b(it§r ma gbdli-he tdpiane tab^na: k^re ka- 
nabi, na tra rafi-ki; de tr'antr, tra tra pen; de k§- 
Ir^ra, na tra r^fi-ki. 

1 Corinthians. 3 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

34 1 Korinti 13. 14. 

9. Tsa sa tr^ra ts'in ts'in, Aq s§ nSbi ts'in ts'in. 

10. K^re ma ama-gb6ntis ma tra pon der, aA'-l^ 
Aa-tsi ka-tr^ra ts'in ts'in ka tr§ pofi. 

11. Ak'^ I yi w'ahiJt-e, I fgf mo w'ah^t, I ba e-n^ne 
mo w'ah^t, I gbak mQ w'ati^t: k^re ka-rdran ka me 
1 pon s^ke o-l^nba, I trel ama4rel ma 'ra-wah^t. 

12. Tsa ak6 sa D§nk ma-trel ka ka-tra ka a-memne, 
ka a-!6gas, k^re an'-lo na-tsi d'er ra Ira l6mane d'er; 
dk6 I tr^ra ts'in ts'in, k^re an'-lo na-tsi I tsi trara, 
ma na trdra minaA. 

13. Kere ak6 iQfi ka-ldne, a-r^t§fi, ma-bi^tar, ama- 
sas am6 ma tsia; k^re ama-b^t§r ma ta ^'i ma-bana 

Ara-Bomp 14. 

1. Tsfmne naft tra s^lo ama-b(5tar; k^re memar 
ngn tra s(}to e-b6ya ya o-Rubu, k^re pa la gb^ti, kama 
n§ gb^ii n^bi. 

2. Tsa ow6 fdfa k'antr ka-tsel, o fof-he tr^ka a- 
f§m, kere tr§ka K'liru: tsa w'dni 6 w'uni o ts6 Iral- 
tsi; k^re o fo^ e-murSre ka o-Ruhu. 

3. K^re owd n^bi, o fof s'im tr* a-n^fa Aa e-m6ra, 
-de tr' a-raan, de tr§ ma-b^f§t tr^ka a-fam. 

4. Oyf6 f(Jfa k'antr ka-fsel, o n^fas am-m^ra-A'ofi 
gben; k^re Qy^6 n^bi, o n^fas e-m6ra .ya aA'-gb^nne. 

6. K^re 1 y6ma nan, ho nya be na gb^Ii f(ifa tr'§ntr 
tra-tsel, kgre I ta v^ma, hg na gb|li n^bi: tsa ow6 
n^bi, yi 0-b^na o t^si oy/6 fcjfa tr'§ntr tra-tsel, 
t^mbe gb^li ts^po-tsi, kdma e-m6ra ya ah'-gb^nne 
^ sdto a-n^fa. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

1 Korinti 14. 35 

6. K^re mo pa yi ak6, ny5 a-wontr-'a-mi, be 1 
der nan ronu, I f(Jfa nan Ir'antr Ira-tsel, ko n'^fa n'a 
me wur-nu-e, be I f(Jfar-he-nu ka naibi ma-lrei, tal()m 
ka trdra ma-trei, tal(Jm ka n^bi ma-treT, talcum ka t^^'sa 

7. Tsa hali y'elr e-ts6-ba a-ni^sam, ey^ wur s'im, 
be pa yi k'ulen tal(}m be pa yi a-p6nkal, be e wur-he 
sMm Ira-gb^ske, Iro na gb^li tr^ra, ma fta fen k'lilen, 
lal(}m ma na fer a-p6nk§l-e? 

8. Tsa ka-t^ma so, be q -wur ka-ram ka-lse-gb5ran, 
k^ne ma benene tr^ka ka-lsim-e? 

9. Ya nya so, be na fof-he s'im tra-gbSran ka ka> 
Ira ka ara-mer, Iro na gb|li Ir^ra alr^ na fof-e? Tsa 
n§ tra yi mo a-fam, aM f(^far an'-h^wa. 

10. Tsa k§li, Ira-trap Ira-gb^ti tra tr'antr tra-tsel 
lr§ y\ ro-ra, de k'in ka tsi ka yi-he, ak^ ba-he a- 

11. K^re be 1 Ir'a-he am-mi^ra na ak'gntr, ow(J 
fof lr§ lom-mi mo 0-tsik, de mine tsi lorn ow() fof 
mo o-tsik. 

12. Ya nya so, Irgka ma na m^mar Ira sdlo e- 
b6ya ya o-Rubu, ten nan, kama na tisi ka n^fas e- 
m^ra ya aii'-gbdnne. 

13. Tr^ka tsi tra owd f()fa k'antr ka-lsel o r^mne, 
k^ma gb^H ts4po-tsi. 

14. Tsa be I r^mne ra k'antr ka-tsel, o-ruhu-ka-mi 
r^mne, k^re am-m6ra-'a-mi na wur-he ma-k6mi. 

15. Tro pg yi lofi-e? 1 tSi r^mne re o-ruhu-ka-mi, 
k^re 1 tsi rfimne so re am-mera-'a-mi: 1 tsi leh ma- 
sdlma re o-ruhu-ka-mi, k^re 1 tsi loi\ so ma-siilma re 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

36 1 Korfnti 14. 

16. Tsa be mg mutsi m'^mo re o-ruhu, kgn' ow(} 
wop od'er wa an-lse-tr^ra-tr*el, Iro o t^na pa Amina 
ka-rdrafi ka ma ma pon miilsi m*^mo-e, lr§ka mo 
IrVhe, alr^ ma pa-e? 

17. Tsa munon ma mutsi m'^mo o-ttno, kere am- 
m^ra na owo-lgm na s(Jlo-he a-n^fa. 

18. I mutsi m'^mo ka Ok'uru-ka-mi, fo I ta fofa 
tr'gnlr Ira-tsel I t6si-nu be. 

19. K^re ra-gb^nne I la ^yima fof s'im Ir'am^t re 
am-mera-'a-mi, kama I l§k*sa so a-lgm, de s'im e-wul 
tr'of^lr r§ k*anlr ka-lsel. 

20. Nya a-wonlr-'a-mi, tie n§ s§ke a-fet tr§ka ka- 
tsemp; kere yi n§n a-fet tr§ka ma-l§s, kere tr^ka ka- 
Isemp sgke nan a-gb^ntis. 

21. Na pon gbal ka an-ton ho: 1 Isi f(Jfara an'- 
fam ane tr'anlr tra-tsel de tr§-s§fi tra-tsel; de ya so 
na tra tse sua-mi e-lans, Yeh6fa o pa. 

22. Tr§ka Isi atr*§nlr tra-tsel Ira yi a-l6ma, p§ 
yi-he tr^ka an^ lane, kere tr^ka an^ tse lane: k^re 
ka-n^bi ka yi-he tr§ka aM ts6 lane, k^re tr^ka an^ 

23. Tr^ka Isi be an'-gb^nne be na t6nklane na& 
rokin, de be na be na fdfa nan tr'gntr tra-tsel, k^re 
a-fam a-tse-tr5ra-tr*eT, talcjm a-fam a-tse-lane na won 
rl nan, pa yi-he na tra pa naA, ho ma-kdnton ma 

24. K^re be na be na n^bi nail, de w'uni ts^- 
lane, tal^m w'dni tse-tr^ra-tr'el o ^on ri nan, ha be 
ha tra tr^ri-ko ama-tdri-m'oh, ha be ha tr§ hap-ko. 

25. De ya ama-trel ma am-m^ra-h'oh ama-m^hkne 
ma trg haibe; de yo o tra gbap ad'6r ro-tof, trg 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

1 Korinti 14. 37 

r^mne K'uru, o tra gbilane, fo K'uru q y\ kalrdn-ka- 
nu ts^nlsene. 

26. Tro pa yi Ign-e, ny§ a-wonlr-*a-mi-e? Be na 
t6fik]ane rokin, w'uni 6 w'uni katrdn-ka-nu o gb^li 
len a-s^lma, taldm o gb^li t^k'sa Ir'el, taldm o gb^H 
fdfa k'antr ka-tsel, laldm o gb^Ii naibi tr'ei, taldm o 
gbgli ts6po tr'el: — Ira tr'ei 6 tr'ei Ira ydne tr§ka 
ka-nSfas e-mera! 

27. Be pa yi ho w'uni 6 w'Qni o fdfa k'antr ka- 
tsel, Ira Aa-ran na-rah, tal()m be na yi a-gbiili, tra 
a-sas a-sas na fof, k'in t6ko k*in t6ko; de tra k*in o 

28. K6re be w'uni ts6po o yi-he n, tra o trank 
ro-gb^nne; k6re tr* o fgf tr§ka kdng-kdnone, de tr^ka 

29. K^re a-n5bi, tra na-ran taldm a-sas na tsi na 
fof, de tra ana-lom na gbak tr^ka (si. 

30. K^re be na pon naibi tr*el 6 tr'el ka w'uni 
lom, owd yira rl, tra owo-trdtrgko o trank. 

31. Tsa nya be na gb^li n^bi, k'in k'in, kama w'uni 
6 w'uni t^kas tr'ei, de kSma \v*uni 6 w'uni o sdto 

32. De an*-ruhu na an*-n6bi na s^nne ka an'-n^bi. 

33. Tsa K'uru o tse yi K'uru ka ma-pulke, k^re 
ka ma-tdfal, ma pa yi ka e-gb^nne be ya an'-sam. 

34. Tra an'-r6ni-*a-nu na trank ka e-gb^nne: tsa 
na tse ts6ra-na-tsi tr^ka fof, k^re tr^ka s^nne, ma 
an-ton so Aa pa. 

35. De be na yima t^kas tr'el 6 tr'eT, tra na yif 
aA'-wos-'a-ftaA gbeh ron^n ro-set. Tsa tra yi tr'el 
lra-t6ri tr^ka an'-r^ni tra fof ra-gb6nne. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

38 1 Korinti 14. 15. 

36. Tal(^m p§ ^i ho ar*im ra K'uru ra pon ,y^fa 
ka n^afi-i? Tal(}m pa yi ho ra pon der gbo ka n^a 

37. Kere be w*uni 6 w*dni o n^ne, ho o yi 0- 
n^bi, tal(Jm ho o ba o-ruhu, Ir* o tr^ra, fo atr^ 1 
gbdlar-nu tra y\ ma-gbgka nia o-R^bbu. 

38. K^re be w'uni 6 w'Qni o y^ma yi o-tsfi-lr^ra- 
tr'el, tra o y\ o-tse-lr^ra-tr'el. 

39. Tr^ka tsi, n^^a a-wonlr-'a-mi, m^m§r nan, kdina 
na gb§ii n^bi, de tie na bentr ka-f(ifa tr'|ntr tra-tsel. 

40. K^re Ira Ir'el 6 tr*el tra y^ne o-m^ri de o- 

Ara-Bomp 15. 

1 . Kere nya a-wonlr-*a-mi, 1 n^nena-nu ain-B6sra, 
zM 1 pon tr^mar-nu, an^ na pon so m^lane, de ka 
and na tr^ma; 

2. Ka ka-lra-ka-tsi n§ futi so, be n§ wop as'im 
0-b^kar, alra I pon Irdmar-nu; tdmbe p§ yi ho n§ 
pon s^ke a-lane ka-tsih. 

3. Tsa 1 pon l^nklia-nu-tsi katr(}n ka aroa-trel ma- 
t^k'sa ama-triJtroko, atrd I pon so s^lo, fo Masia q 
pon fi tr^ka ama-lrei-ma-su ina-las, mo ama-Gbal; 

4. De fo iia pon mank-ko, de fo poA yokane 
ka an'-r6i and beka ma-sas, mo ama-Gbal: 

5. De fo poll tri^rine ka K6fas, ka-raran-ka-tsi 
ka an-lr'ofdtr Aa-rail: 

6. Ka-r^ran-ka-tsi o pon triJrine ka a-wontr na 
tdsi am'iJlo ma ir'eme tr'amdl iwin-an; an*-gbdli na 
tsi na tsia rgs ha tenon, k^re a-lom na tsi na pon 
ko ro ma-re. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

1 Korinti 15. 39 

7. Ka-raran-ka-tsi q Ir^ring ka Yakuba; ka-raraii- 
ka-tsi ka an'-SOm be. 

8. R^re ka-rar§n ka na be Q trorine so ka minan, 
mo oWuni, ow^ 'a pon )^enk koni. 

9. Tsa mine vi owo-lol katrdn ka an'-Som, de 1 
tse yi o-beki, fo na bontr-mi o-Sdm, pak^sife 1 poA 
b^Ubal an'-gb^nne na K'uru. 

10. Kere ka am-b6na na K'uru 1 ;yi, ard I yi; de 
am-b6na-n'on ro ka minan na Ise pon wur yal; kere 
1 pon yQ ma-pant ma-lai I l^si-ua be: kere min' taho, 
k^re am-bDna na K'uru, and yl re minati. 

41. Tr^ka Isi be pa y\ minan 6, tal(Jm be p| yi 
nan 6, ya sa gbai ka-wdndi, de ya n§ pon lane. 

12. Kere be na gbal ka-wdndi tr^ka Masia, fo 
pon yokane ka an'-fi; tro pa yi ho a-lom katr(in-ka- 
nu na pa, bo ka-yokane ka aiV-fi ka yi-be-e? 

13. K^re be ka-yokane ka an'-fi ka yi-he, Masia 
so pon-he yokane: 

14. De be Masia o pon-he yokane, ka-gbai-ka-su 
ka-wdndi ka yi ka-tsin, de ka-lane-ka-nu ka yi so 

15. Kere sya yi so a-gbdki na K'Qru a-yem; p§- 
fcdsife sa pon son t'amas^re tr^ka K'uru, fo o pon 
y6kas Masia, ow(} o tie poii y6kas, be pa yi ho an'-fi 
na yokane-he. 

16. Kere be an'-fi na y6kane-he, Masia so o pon- 
he y6kane: 

17. K^re be Masia o pon-he yokane, ka-lane-ka- 
nu ka yi ka-yal, n§ yi r§s ka ama-trel-ma-nu ma-las. 

18. De na so, and pon ko ro ma-re ka Yisua, na 
pon dinne. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

40 1 Korfnti 15. 

19. Be sa bfi a-rdtsfi kn Yfsua tr^ka afi'-n^sam na 
ara-ra ar6 gbo, sa ^i a-n(^si-n6i sa t^si a-fam be. 

20. Kere mo pa yi ak6, Masfa o pon y6kane ka 
an'-fi, Q po6 sdke owo-lrcjtroko ka and pon ko ro 

21. Tia ma ka ka-trft ka w'dni ra-fi ra y\, ya ka- 
y6kane ka an'-fi k§ y\ so ka ka-trd ka vi'um, 

22. Tsa ma a-fam be na fi ka Adam, ya na tra 
k^lis so a-fam be ka Masia. 

23. R^re iiv'tini 6 w'uni mo ama-gbdli-m'oifk gben: 
Masia o ^i owo-tr(}trQko ; ka-rdran-ka-tii lian, and yi 
an'-fam na Masia, ka ka-der-k'on. 

24. Ka-rdran-ka-fsi ka-Mp'so ka tr§ y\, mo tra 
pon yentr ara-bal ka R'uru, o-Kas, mo o tra pen dim 
'ra-bomp be, de a-f(}sa be, de k§-t4na be. 

25. Tsa J^i tra gb^ka, ha ka an'-lo and R'uru q 
pen botr an'-gb^na-n'on be ka atr'dtrgk-tr'on r^ta. 

20. 0-gb^na owo-l^p'so Ow6 na tra dim, ra-li 

27. Tsa (R'uru) o pon botr r'dka 6 r'dka ka atr'd- 
tr§k-tr*on rata. Kere mo o pa, fo r'dka 6 r*dka ra 
sdnne rondn, O ndnsa, fo na kdtsi n kon' owd poii 
sdna-ko r'aka 6 r'aka. 

28. R^re be r'dka 6 r'^ka ra tra sdnne ronton,, 
an'-lo na-tsi Ow'dn so kdno-k^none tra sdnne ka 
0W(^ poA sdna-ko r'dka 6 r'aka, kama R'uru o yi tr'el 
6 tr*el rok6r-ka-na be. 

29. Tsa be pa yi-he yan, ko ndfa n'a nan na ma 
. s(5lo-e, aftd yQ 'a bdptis-iia tr^ka an*-fi-e? Be afi'-fl 

na yokane-he ke 6 ke, ko tr'el ts^ne tr'a iiR yQ 'a 
i)dpt1s-na tr^ka an'-fi-e? 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

1 Korinti 15. 41 

30. Sya so, ko tr*eT Ir'a sa ma minta a-katar a- 
gb61en 6 a-gb61en-e? 

3t. I gbin ka ama-bdne, am^ I ba tr§ka tr^nnu ka 
Yisua Masia, o-R6bbu-ka-su, fo 1 tsi fi a-rei 6 a-r6*i. 

32. Be I pon tsim tra-sem tra-ban ro-Efeso mo 
ama-trdnne ma a-fam, ko n^fa n'a me sdlg-e? Be 
an'-fi fia yokane-he, tra sa di de tra sa mun, tsa 
ninan sa ko fi. 

33. Tse na tser na y^tas-nu: Ka-p5s-pas ka-las k^ 
l^sar ma-kar ma-fino. 

34. Kal nan tsemp o-16mpi, de tse na yO 0-las; 
tsa a-lgm na ba ka-lse-tr^ra ka K'uru. Tr^ka ka- 
l^pas-nu I pa-tsi. 

36. K^re w*uni o tra pa ho: Tro an'-fi na ma 
y6kane-e? De ko ma-der man, re am6 na ma wur-e? 

36. Mun' pank, ka-kos, ak^ ma tsep, ka s^io-be 
a-n^sam, t6mbe ka pon fi. 

37. De ak^ ma tsep, — ma ts6 Isep ama-der ma- 
ts! memene, am^ tra yi, k^re ka-koS ka-lsin gbo, Wnsa 
ka-kgs ka ma-hinfa, taldm n'in na ama-tser ama-lom» 

38. K^re K*uru o son-ki ma-der, mo pa tesane- 
ko, de ka n'in 6 n'in na ama-tser o son ama-der- 
ma-tsi gbeh. 

39. O-sem 6 o-sem o-sem w'in tdho: k^re o-sem 
yfu a-fam o yi 0-gb6ske, o-sem wa tra-sein o yi 0- 
gb^ske, o-sein wa e-lop o yi o-gb^ske, o-sem wa e- 
bamp yi o-gb^ske. 

40. De ma-der ma ak'dru ma yi rl, de ma-der ma 
an-tof ma yi rl; kere an'-ylki iia ama-der ma ak'urii 
fk yi a-gbSske, de an'-yiki na ama-der ma an-tof na 
yi a-gb^ske. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

42 1 Korinti 15. 

41. Ar'^tr ra bA ma-gb^nta ma-gb^ske, de ah'df 
na bd ma-gb^nta ma-gb^ske, de atr*(^s Ira bs ma- 
^b^nta ma-gb^ske; tsa k'os k'in k§ las k§-lom tr^ka 

42. Ye p§ yi so tr^ka ka-^6kane ka an'-fi. ]Va 
tiep-na r§ ka-lei, ma tr§ }6kane ra k§-tse-tel: 

43. Na tsep-na ra ra-yal, ma tr§ ^okane r*a-^iki; 
na tsep-na r§ ma-raDtr, ma tr§ y6kane r* a-f(}sa: 

44. I^a tsep ma-der ma-n^6§m, ma-der ma-r6ba 
ma Irg ^6kane. Ma-der ma-n^s§m ma j'i ri, de ma- 
der ma-ruhu ma ^^i rl. 

45. Ya na pon so gbal ho: Adam, ow'dni owq- 
triJtroko, pon sgke r'd ra-n^s§m: o-Adam owo-l^P'sO 
poi^ s^ke o-ruhu, qy/^ son a-n^sgm. 

46. K^re ama-der ama-riibu ma ^i-he ama-lrcjtroko, 
k^re ama-der ama-nes§m; ka-raran-ka-lsi ama-ruhu. 

47. Ow'uni owo-lr(}lroko .yi e-tof, yefa ka 
an-tof; ow'um* ow(J b6ka na-r§A o ^i o-R6bbu, owd 
j^fa ka ak'uru. 

48. Mo ow(} yi e-tof yi, va nan so na yi, an6 
^i e-tof; de mo ow(J ^efa ka ak'uru Q yi, ys^ nan so 
na y\, and ^^fa ka ak'uru. 

49. De ma 8§ pon won an*-rofi na ow^ yi e-lof» 
^a s§ tr§ yiQt so an'-roii ha Qy^'6 y^h ka ak'uru. 

50. Kere ats6 I kSne-nu, n^ft a-wfontr-'a-mi» fo 
O'Sem de ma-tsir ma t^na-he s^iQ ara-bal ra K'uru, 
de ar*^, ard ba k§-tel, ra t^na-he si^to ka-lse-teT. 

51. K§li, I k^ne-nu a-murdre: S^a be sa tr§ ts6 
ko ro ma-r6, k^re s^a be sa tra s^ke, 

52. Ka o-leinp vra a-ldko, ka k§-gbSlap k§ e-fgt 
yfin, ma ha fen ka-t^ma aka-l^p'so. Tsa ha tr§ fen 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

1 KoriQti 15. 16. 43 

k§-tema, de ah'-fi ha tra yokane a-tse-tei, de syan s§ 
Ira s^ke.^ 

53. Tsa ar'a ar^, ar^ ba ka-tel, ra yi Ira won ka- 
tse-lel; de ar*a ar^, ar^ ba ka-fi, ra yi tra won ka- 

54. K^re be ar'a are, ard ba ka-leT, ra pon y/Qti 
ka-lse-tef, de be ar'a ar^, ar^ ba ka-fi, ra poh won 
k§-lse-fi, ah*-l0 na-tsi ar'im ra tra lasar, ar^ ha poh 
gbal ho: Na poh mer ra-fi Iraka ka-lam. 

55. Reke ^i ah'-sos-'a-mu, mun* ra ^-e'i R^ke yi 
ka-tam-ka-mu, mun' ro-krifi-e? 

56. Kere ah'-sos ha ra-fi, atr'ef alra-las Irah; de 
ah'-f(}8a ha atr'el atra-las, an-loh hah. 

57. K^re Ira s§ mutsi K'uru m'^mo, ow(J poh soh- 
su ka-tam ka ka-tra ka o-R^bbu-ka-su Yisaa Masia! 

58. Tr^ka Isi, n^a a-wonlr-Vmi a-b(Jlar, trgina naft 
O-Mkar, tse na ;y^tane, ten nah tra y\ a-t^si ka ama- 
pant ma o-R^bbu l^kQ 6 Idko, tr^ka ma na tr^ra, fo 
aman-t(Jro-ma-nu ma Ise yi ma-tsih ka o-R^bbu. 

Ara-Bomp 16. 

1. K^re Ir^ka e-boya, eye 'a t6hkla tr§ka ah'-sam, 
— roe 1 k6ne e-gb^nne ro-Galaiia, n^a so yO nah mo 

2. Ka ah'-r^'i aha-tr(}troko ha a-sobua 6 a-sobiia 
tra w'uni 6 w'uni katr(Jh-ka-nu o botr r'aka ray^r 
roh(ih ro-set, mo am'cJlo ma ah'-nafa-noh, de tra o 
gb6mpa-ri, kdma ha tie ba ka-t6hkla e-boya ah'-lQ 'na 
rae der. 

3. K^re be 1 poh bek, 1 (si som'ra hah, aha na 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

44 1 Korlnti 16. 

k^H mo a-f§m a-b6ki, r' e-r^ka ,« tr^ka k^ra am-bona- 
'a-nu ro-Yerusalem. 

4. De be p§ yi o-16mpi, fo min' so k(jDe» na gb^ii 

5. K^re 1 tsi der ronu, be 1 pon tas ka Makedo- 
nia. (Tsa I tii tas ka Maked6Dia.) 

6. De l^nsa I gb§li tr^ma ronu, taldm I gb^H so 
tsia ronu ka an*-l0 n' o-trahk, kama na paia-ini d'er 
6 d*er I k(Jne. 

7. Tsa 1 ts6 y^ma nu n§nk ak6, me 1 tas ronu; 
tsa I r^tsa tra tr^ma ronu sA^Iq a-lom, be o-R^bbu 

8. K^re I (si tr^ma ro-Efeso ba ka am'^tr ma aii'- 

9. Tsa na pon kdntia-mi ka-rdre ka-b^na, ro ma- 
pant ma-Ial ma yi, de an^ tr^ma mi kadina yi a- 

10. K^re be Tim6teo8 o der ronu, b6tr§r naA e- 
m^ra, kama o yi ronu o-p^ni ra-nes: tsa o tsim ka- 
m^nde ka o-R^bbu, mo min* so yO. 

11. Tr^ka tsi, tra w'uni 6 w'uni o tse sal-ko; k^re 
pafa-ko nan o-t(}fal, kama o der romi; tsa I kar-ko re 

12. K^re tr§ka Ap61Io8, o-wontr, 1 pon l(Jnto-ko 
e-l(5ko e-laT tra der ronu re an'-wonlr: kere s6lo- 
be kg 6 ke tra der roni^ ak6; k^re tra der, be o 
ba ka-f6na ka-fol-tr'el. 

13. Tr6mla nan, tr§ma n§A o-kirih ka ka-lane, 
tr(}rine nan ma a-runi, b^kar nan! 

14. Tra ama-trel-raa-nu be ma y(5ne ka ma-b(Jtar. 

15. K^re I mafi-nu, n^a a-wonlr-'a-mi; na tr^ra 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

1 Korlnti 16. 45 

an'-f§m na ah'-set na Sl^fanas, fo na yi ana-trdtroko 
ro-Akaia, de fo na sdndne ka ka-l^oki an*-Sain. 

16. Kama na s^nne ka a-wunoh, de ka w'uni 6 
w'uni ow(} pdntrane-su ka ka-yO ma-pant, de ow(} 

17. Pa b6ne-mi tr§ka ka-der ka Sl^fanas, de ka 
Fortundtos, de ka Akaikos; pak^sife ane na pon yi 
a-kdntar Ir^ka ka-lse-b|par-ka-nu. 

18. Tsa na poh b^kas am-m^ra na minan de na 
nyan. Tr§ka tsi k6lo nan a-wungn. 

19. E-gb^nne .ya ro-lsia na k6ri-nu. Akwila, de 
Priskilla, de an*-gb^nne an^ y\ ro-set-'a-nafi, hSL k6ri- 
nu Q-la? ka o-Rabbu. 

20. An'-wonlr be na k6ri-nu. K6riane nan r§ ka- 
mum§l ka-sam. 

21. Mine, Paulos, I bar an'-k6ri a-na-mi ka ka- 
trd-ka-mi gbefi. 

22. Be w'uni 6 w'uni o b6lgr-he Yisua Masia, o- 
R^bbu, tra o yi An^tema. Mdran dla. 

23. Tra am-b6na na Yisua Masia, o-Rabbu, na yi 
re nySn. 

24. Ama-b(}tar-ma-.ini ma yi re uya be ka Yisua 
Masia. Amina. 

Digitized by LjOOQ iC 


An'-K6ka ana-Kan ha Paulos, o-Som^ 
and gbdlar an'-Korinti. 

Ara-Bomp 1. 

1. Paulos, o-Som ka Yisua Masfa ka ama-s^lo ma 
R'uru, de Tim6leo8, o-wonlr, ka an'-gbdnne na K'uru, 
aM yi ro-Korint, re an'-sam be, ah6 yi ro-Akafa be: 

2. Tra a-bgna ha ;yi re nyah de ma-tdfal, am^ y6fa 
ka K'dru, o-Kas-ka-su, de ka Q-R^bbu Yisua Masfa! 

3. Tra ha t^kas K'uru, o-Kas ka o-R^bbu-ka-sa 
Yisua Masia» D-Kas ka i-n^i, de Ok'dru ka ma-b^fat 

4. Ow(5 b^fat-su ka am'(Jne-ma-sU be, kdma s^a 
so sa t^na b^fat aM m'c^ne be ina wop, ka ama-b^fat 
ma-tsi, ka am^ K'uru o b^fat-su sya-sySne. 

5. Tsa ma ama-s(Jmpane ma Masia ma lair-sa, ya 
ama-b^fat ma lair-su sq ka ka-tra ka Masia. 

6. Kere be p§ yi ha sdmpa-su, pa yi tr^ka ka- 
b^fat de tr§ka ka-futi ka nyah; be ptj yi ha b^fal-su, 
pa y'l tr§ka ka-b^fat ka ny^h, akS t^nas-nu tra muyu 
ama-s^mpane ma-tsi gbeh, amS syd so sdmpane. 

7. De ah*-r^ls5-'a-su tr^ka tr^nnu ha yi a-bSkar; 
tsa sa tr^ra, fo ma na y6rane ama-sompane, ya na 
tra y^rane so ama-b6f§l. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

2 Korinti 1. 47 

8. Tsa sa y6ma-he, nya a-wonlr-*a-su, ho na ba- 
he ka-tr^ra tr^ka am'iJne, ain^ d6rar-su ro-Asia, fo 
bdki-su o-Ial hdii pa las an'-fdsa-'a-su, ha sa trel so 
ka-ba a-r^tsa Ira b6ne an*-n6sam-'a-su. 

9. J^n\i6, sya-syane sa ba an'-gb^ka ha ra-fi rok6r- 
ka-su, kama sa ts6 seiine ka s^a-s^^ane, k^r^ ka K'uru, 
Qy/6 yokas an*-fi. 

10. Ow6 pon wura-su ka ra-fi ra-b6na ra-wdngn, 
de ow6 yi o-wura-su; ka owd sa r^tsa, ho o tra wiira- 
8U halisa. 

11. Trgka ma nya so na mar-su iwin-an ka ka- 
r^mne tra tr^ssu, kama a-fam a-gb6ti 6a miitsi m'^mo 
Ira 'ra-bomp ra syan, tr^ka am-b6na, an^ s^a pon sdto 
ka a-fam a-gb^ti. 

12. Tsa alr'ei tr§ka atr^ sa k6]one tsia-tse: Al'a- 
iiias^re tra e-mera-'e-su , fo sa pon b6lrne ano-rQ r* 
a-m^ra f^ra de ra ka-pan-lr'el rod! ka K'uru, pa yi- 
ho ra ka-tsemp ka a-fam, k^re ka am-bona na K*dru 
ano-rQ, pa la gb^ti ro ka nyan. 

13. Tsa sa ts6 gb^Iar-nu tr'el 6 tr'el tra-lom, t^mbe 
atr^ na k^ran talcum atr^ na trSra so. K^re 1 r^tsa, 
bo na tr§ tr^ra-su ba ka ka-]§p'so, 

14. Ma a-Iom katr(Jh-ka-nu na pon so tr^ra-su, fo 
sya yi ama-b(}ne ma nyah, ma nya so yi ama-b(Jne 
ma syan ka an'-re*i na o-R^bbu Yisua. 

15. De ka ka-s^line ak6 am-m6ra-'a-mi na tr^ma 
tra der ronu t^pan, kama na gb§ii na s^lo a-bona 
an^ b6ka ma-r§n; 

16. De tra tas ka ka-tron-ka-nu ro-Makeddnia, do 
tra der so ronu, be 1 y^fa ro-Maked6nia, kdma n§ 
paia-mi ro-Yehudfa. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


48 2 Korinti 1. 2. 

17. Tr^ka Isi ma ara-m6ra-*a-ini na trgma tra yQ 
^an-e, p§ ^i 1 ^(}na-lsi a-m^ra s^ke-s§ke-i? Taldm 
PI yi ho alr6 1 y^ma yQ, I y^ma yO-Xsi mo e-fela ya 
0-sem-i, ha ara-Ydo ra y\ yio romi, de ara-De ra yi 

18. K^re K'uru o ha lr§-tsen, ar'im-ra-su ronu 'ra 
ts6 poA yi Ydo re De. 

1 9. Tsa Ow'^n ka K'uru, Yfeua Masf a, owe} s§ pon 
tr^mas katr^h-ka-uu, ka ka-san-ka-mi de ka ka-s§n ka 
Silfdnos de ka Timoteos, o ls6 yi Ydo re De, kere 
ra poA s^ke Y&o ka kon'. 

20. Tsa tr^a as'im be, atr^ K'uru o pon tran, 
ara-Yao ra yi ka kon', de ara-Amina ra yi ka kon', 
tr^ka an'-yfki na K'uru ka ka-tra-ka-su. 

21. K^re ow(} b^k's§r syan de nydn ka Masia, de 
0W() pon s6pa-su m'dro, K'uru ki^noia; 

22. Ow(i pon so k^tam-su, de ow(J pon son-su 
ama-s^ke ma o-Ruhu rok6r ka tra-but-tra-su. 

23. K^re I fs^la K'uru mo o-gb^ki tr^ka tr^mmi, 
fo 1 der-he so ro-Korint, p§kAsife I y6ma ba-nu i-n6*i. 

24. Pa yi-he mo ho s§ yi a-gb§ka na ka-ldne-ka- 
nu, k^re sa yi a-mar na ama-b(jne-ma-DU ; tsa na 
tr^ma ka ka-lane. 

Ara-Bomp 2. 

1. Kere I pon gb§k-tsi ka am-m4ra-'a-mi, tra tse 
der so ronu r' a-mol. 

2. TSa be I yo na san e-mol, k^ne yi tsi-e, qy/^ mo 
t^s§s-mi am-mera-e, t^mbe Qwi I yO san a-mol-e? 

3. De I pon gb^]§r-nu atr'ef tra-tsi gben, kdma be 
I der, I ba-he tra san a mol tr^ka trann^A, an^ mar 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

2 EoriDti 2. 49 

tra son-mi ma-b^ne; paylife I ba ka-seline tr^ka ny^ 
be, fo am-ma-mi ma-bdne ma y\ ama-bone ma nya be. 

4. Tsa 1 gb^lar-nu katr(Jri ka m'dne ma-Ial de ka 
a-soli a-lal na am-m^ra-'a-mi, r§ m'^nlrar ma-gb^ti; 
pa yi-he kama na san e-mol, k^re kama na Irdra 
ama-b^tar, amS I ba pa ta gb6ti tr^ka tr^nnu. 

5. K^re be w'dni o pon yo tr'ei Ir' a-mol, pa yi- 
he ka mfnan o pon son a-mol, k^re mo m'cjlo ma- 
lom, (kama I ts6 r^nsar-ko,) ka nya be. 

6. Ka-sdmpa ka-isi, akd an'-gb^ti katr(jn-ka-nu na 
s(}mpa-ko, ka b^ki tr^ka w'uni wungil; 

7. Ha pa ffea \qA na ts6ra-ko-tsi, na b^fat-ko, tani 
a-mol a-b^na aM t^s§r-ko na tam w'uni wQnon. 

8. Tr^ka tsi I man-nu tr^ka b^k'sar ama-bdtar-ma- 
nu tr^ka tr'gn. 

9. Tsa tr^ka atr'ei ats6 I pon so gbdlar-nu, kSma 
ka ka-m^mar-nu, I gb^H tr^ra, be pa y\ na tral ar'im- 
ra-mi tr§ka lr*ei 6 tr'ei. 

10. K^re ka w*uni 6 w'uni owe} nya Iser Ir'ei, min* 
so I ts6ra-ko-tsi; Isa min* so, be I pon tser tr'ei 6 
tr'ei, ka ow(J I pon tser-tsi, 1 pon ts6ra-ko-tsi tr^ka 
'ra-bomp ra nyftn rod^r ka Masfa kadi; 

11. Kama S^tani o ts6 trons-su: tsa e-nSne-^'oit 
e tse mdnkne-su. 

12. K^re me I der ro-Tr6as, lr§ka trdmas am- 
Bdsra M Masia, de ma ka-rare ka k^nte tr§ka trdmmi 
ka Q-Rdbbu, 

13. Am-m6ra-'a-mi i\a gb^H-he so f^nla; pakfisife 
I bap-he Titos, o-wontr-ka-mi; k^re I l^mne-na, de 
I Yiur tr^ka ko ro-Makedonia. 

1 4. K^re f ra K'dru o sc^to m'dmo, oyvi yQ sa gb^Ii 

2 Corinthians. 4 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

50 2 Korinti 2. 3. 

y^sane tr^ka ka-tam ](JkQ 6 l(JkQ ka Masfa, de Qsvi 
taihi ain-bontr na ka-trara-k'on d*er 6 d'er; 

15. Tsa sa yi i-bontr i-f(^lfol na Masfa tr§ka K'uni, 
ka and futi, de ka and dinne. 

16. Tr^ka afi^ sa yi a-bgntr fia ra-fi tr^ka ra-fi; 
k^re tr§ka a^a-lgm a-bontr Aa a-n^sam tr^ka a-n6sam. 
De kdne yi o-b6ki tr§ka ama-trel am6-e? 

17. Tsa s§ yi-he ma an'-gbdti, and l^sfr ar*im ra 
K*dru tra s(JIq a-t(^no: k^re 8| fof mo ho r* a-mera 
f^ra, mo ho ka an'-fdsa na K'uru, rod'6r ka K'uru 
kadi, trgka Masfa. 

Ara-Bomp 3. 

1. Pa yi ho sa kal trap ka-k6]one-i? Tal(^m pa 
yi ho s§ y^ma e-r^ka tr^ka k6Io-su rgnu-i, ma a-Iom 
iia y^ma, ta1(im e-r^ka ya ama-trd-ma-nu trgka k6Io- 

2. An'-r^ka-'a-su nydn, na gbal-6i ka tra-but-tra- 
su, a-fam be na trdra de na kdran-ui. 

3. Tr^ka mo pa n^nsa, fo na yi a-r^ka na Masfa, 
and sa b^nene ka ka-trd-ka-su , aiid 'a gbal pg yi-he 
r§ d'uba, kere re o-Ruhu ka Qk'uru o^o-k^i, pg yi- 
he ka e-^'d1ka e-ma-sar, k^re ka e-^'dlka ya tra-but 
tr' o-sem. 

4. K^re kg-s^line kg-wunoA ka K'tiru sg bd ka ka- 
tra ka Masfa: 

5. Pa yi-he hg sg yi a-b^ki ka an'-f(}sa na sya- 
ly^ne tra ndne tr*el 6 tr'el, mo ho trg wur ka aya- 
sydne; k^re ama-b6ki-ma-su ma y^fa ka K'uru; 

6. Qyf^ pon so b4kas-su tra yi a-sdmmas na ma- 

Digitized by L30C)Q IC 

2 Korinti 3. 51 

16m*rane ama-fu, pa yi-he ya an*-gbal, k^re ya o-Rubu; 
tsa ah'-gbal na sOm ra-fi, kere o-Rdhu q sou a-nesam. 

7. Kere be ara-s^mmas ra ra-fi, ara na gb^si ka 
ma-sar ra ma-gbal, ra ba a->iki, ha ah'-wut na Yisrael 
na t^na-he k§li ad'6r ra Musa, tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ama- 
gb^nta ma ad*6r-r*oh, am^ tas: 

8. Pa yi-he t^msine ara-sammas ra o-Ruhu ra Ira 
ba a.>(ki-i? 

9. Tsa be ara-s^mmas, ar^ son ma-t6ri, ra ba a- 
yfki, tSmsine ara-s^mmas, ar^ son ma-m^ri, ra tM 
tr^ka a-yiki. 

1 0. Tsa ball nian, an^ ba a-}rfki, na p^ni a-yiki, be 
s§ l6mo-yi, lr§ka ra-bomp ra an'-ylki ana-l6si. 

11. Tsa be an^ tas na ba a-yfki, t^msine an^ tsia 
Aa ba a-}iki. 

12. Tr§ka ma s§ ba ton a-r^tsa a-^^tinon, sa yona 
ka-minta k§-lai: 

13. De sa tie yO mo Musa, ow(J gb^para ad'6r- 
r'on k'umaf^len, kdma an*-wut na Yisrael na t§na-h& 
k^H ka-l§p'so ka an^ tas. 

14. K^re e-m6ra-*e-nan e s^ram: isa ha tenon 
ak'umaf^len ka-tsi gben ka tsia ka ka-k^ran ka ama- 
l^m'rano ama-kur; na tse nol-ki, pgk^sife na nol-ki 
ka Masia. 

15. Kere ba tenon, be iia k^ran ama-gbal ma Musa^ 
ak'umaf^len ka fdnta roki^m ka e-m^ra-'e-nah. 

16. Kere me e-m6ra-*e-nan e tra pon s|ke ka o- 
R^bbu, na trg no! ak'umaf^ten. 

17. K^re o-R^bbu o ;yi o-Rubu: k^re ro o-Ruhu 
ka o-R^bbu yi, rf-a ra-wan-k^m ra yi. 

18. K^re syd be s§ kdli an'-yiki-na o-R^bbu ra 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

52 2 Korinti 4. 

d'er ra-gb^p§rj, mo ho ka a-iTiemne» de na s§ki-su ha 
sa b^lane ail'-roa-na-lsi gben ka s^lQ a-^fki rok(hn ka 
A'yiki, mo ho ka Q-R^bbu, o-Ruhu. 

Ara->Bomp 4. 

1. Tr^ka tsi ma s§ ba ara-s^mmfis ar^, de tr^ka 
sua sa pon 8(Jlo i-n^f, e-m6ra-*e-su e l5e r^ntra. 

2. K^re sa pon p^nsa ama-trei ma-mdnkno ma 
ma-lap, 8§ kot-he ka ma-sot, de sa Igsgr-he ar'im ra 
K*uru; k^re ka ka-i^afbi atra-tsen s§ kdlone ka e-m^ra 
^a a-fam be ro-d'er ka R*uru kadf. 

3. K^re be am-B5sra-'a-sa na gb^par, na gb^par 
iatr(^h ka ntA dfnne: 

4. Katr(}6 ka and ok'uru ka ara-rQ ar6 o poA fitas 
«-m^ra ^^a aM tie lane, kdma am-m6ta lia am-B6sra 
na an'-}iki na Masfa, qyi^ yi aA'-ron 6a K'uru, na 
ise gb^nta rondfi. 

5. Tsa sa ise trdmas sya-s^ine, k^re Yisua Masfa 
mo o-R6bbu, de sySi-syin^ mo e-boi-*e-nu tr^ka 'ra- 
homp ra Yisua; 

6. Pakasife Ok'iiru, qy/^ kdne, kdma a-m6ta Aa 
^UT ka a-sum Ir^ka gbenta, k^no y\ tii, qy/^ 
pon gb^nta ka e-m^ra-'e-su, Ira yev am-m6ta 6a 
ka-trdra ka an'-^yiki na K'uru ka ad'^r ra Yisua 

7. K^re ^ ba e-b^ne e.y6 ka e-sarf ya e-y(}fta, 
kama pa n^nsa, fo ama-tSsi ma a-f(^sa ma y^fa ka 
R'dru, pa yi-he ka syan. 

8. Sg s(impane d'er 6 d*er, k^re sa tie k^lane; 
a-s6li na wop-su, k^re sa tse paA a-rdtia; 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

2 Korinti 4. 53 

9. Na bal-bal-su, kere na Ise Irel-su; na n^pane- 
su ro-tof, kere sa ts6 dinne; 

1 0. L^kQ 6 l^ko sa k^rene ka-ii ka o-Ribbu Yisua 
ka ama-der-ma-sci d'er 6 d'er, kama an'-A^sam na 
Yisua SQ ta trdrine ka ama-der-ma-su. 

11. Tia syan, aM k§li, na sond-su Idko 6 Idko 
ka ra-fi tr|ka 'ra-bomp ra Yisaa, kdma an'-n6sam fia 
Yisua so na trdrine ka ama-der-ma-su amd ba ka-fi. 

12. Tr^ka tsi ra-li ra ydsne rokdr ka SySin, k^re 
a-n(^sam rokdr ka nyan. 

13. K^re pak^sife sa bs am-m^ra fia-tsi gben aa 
ka-ldne, ma na pon gbal: I pon lane, tsia ba-tsi I 
pcMfi fof; ya sya so lane, tsfa ba-tsi so sa fof. 

14. Pak^sife sa tr^ra, fo kon', owd pon y6kas o- 
R^bbu Yisua, o tra yokas so syan ka ka-lra ka Yisua, 
Ira tr^mar-su rodi-k*on re nyan. 

15. Tsa ama-trei be ma y^ne Ir^ka 'ra-bomp ra 
nyan, kama am-bona ana-lai, tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ka- 
mutli m'^mo ka ka-san ka an'-gbiiti, na la tr^ka an'- 
yfti na K'uru. 

16. Tsia ba-tsi e-mera-'e-su e tse r^ntra; k^re hdli 
rok^n ama-der-ma-su ma dinne, rokdr e-m6ra-'e-su e 
bar s(Jto ra-fu a-r6'i 6 a-r6i. 

17. Tsa ka-8(}mpane-ka-su, akd fanf, de akd tas 
]emp, ka wura-su ma-lel ma a-yiki ma-tab^na ma-lal 
ma-lal hiii; 

18. Tr|ka ma sa Ise k^i ey'^tr eye-naAk, k^re 
ey'6tr eye-tse-nank. Tsa ey'6lr eye-n§fik, e won a* 
l(Jko burap; k^re ey'elr eye-tse-nank, e won tab^na* 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


54 2 Eorinti 5. 

Ara-Bomp 5. 

1. Tsa 8§ tr6ra, fo be aA'-set na ka-ydfa-ka-su 
ano-ra na ^^se, s§ s^\q a-rSmba ka K'dru, a-set a- 
ts6-b^mpana ma-trd, aAA won tab^na ro-ri^nna. 

2. Tsa rok6r ka ak^ so sa lafi, pakasife s§ b6sne 
tra vfQh an'-r^mba-'a-su, afid y^fa ka ak'dru, rok(}m 
ka-tsi : 

3. Be p§ y\ bo sa I6pra so, na b§p-fe-8U a-tsiA. 

4. Tsa sya so ma sa y'l ras ka ka-ydfa aki s§ Ian, 
b^ki-su; tr^ka ma sa y6ma-be bus an'-set Aa ka- 
y&h ak6, k^re sa y^ma won an'-rdmba-'a-su, and y^ta 
ka ak'dru, rok(^m-ka-tsi, kdma an'-n^s§m na mer ard 
ba k§-fi. 

5. K^re Qyi6 poA b^nene-su tr^ka atr'ei tra-tsi 
gben, K'dru k^uQhy ow(i pon so soA-su ama-s^ke ma 

6. Tr^ka tii sa bdki tra-but I^Iq 6 X^Iq, de s§ 
tr^ra, fo ma s§ ytra ka ama-der, s§ ts6 b§par ka o- 

7. (Tsa s§ kol r§ *§-lane, pa yi-he ra ka-k^li.) 

8. Kore sa b^ki tra-but, do sa ta jr^ma tra tse 
b^par ka ama-der, de tra b^par ka o-R^bbu. 

9. Tsia ba-tsi so sg tsimne tra t^sa rondi^, be pa 
yi sa b^par, tal(Jm be p§ jri sa tse b^par ron(Jn. 

10. Tsa sya be sa y\ tra tr(Jrine rodf ka ka-wan 
ka ka-rok e-tbnka ka Masia; kdma w'dni 6 w'dni o 
s(^to a-ram mo am'(}lo ma ama-trel, amd o pon yQ ka 
ama-der-m'on, be p§ y\ tr'el tr§-ffno 6, be p§ yi ir'el 
tra-las 6. ^ ^ 

11. Tr^ka tsi ma sa trdra o-ninis wa o-R^bbu, sa 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

2 Korlnti 5. 55 

t^nlo a-fam ; k^re sa naibe rod! ka K*dru. K^re 1 
r^tsa, (q sa naibe so ka e-mera-'e-nu. 

12. Tsa sa k61o-be so s^ra-sydne rgnu, kere sa 
sQn-nu ka-f^na Ira kolone Irjka Va-bomp-ra-su, kdma 
n§ ba tr'el tra pa tr§ka an^ kdlone tr§ka ad'6r^ pa 
ji-he lr§ka am-mera. 

13. Tsa be pa ^i sa ba a-m^ra k|Qa, pa yi trgka 
K'uru; be pa yi sa ba a-inera ts^mpi, pa yi Irgka 

14. Tsa ama-bdtar ma Masia ma tron-su; Ir^ka ma 
sa pon gbak mo atse, fo be k'in q pon fi traka a-fam 
he, na be na pon fi: 

15. De pon fi tr^ka na be, kama and k|li na 
k^li-he so tr^ka na-ndne, kere tr^ka kQu\ owd pon 
fi, de Qyf6 pon ydkane sq. 

16. Tr§ka tsi kabi ak6 sa tr'a-he so w'uni 6 w*uni 
mo ama-der: k^re hdii sa pon trdra Masta mo ama- 
der, ak6 sa Ir'a-he-ko so. 

17. Tr^ka Isi be w'dni 6 w'uni g yi ka Masia, o 
yi r'a ra-lr^pi ra-fu: ama-trel ama-kur ma pon las; 
k^li, ama-trel be ma pon s^ke ma-fu. 

18. Kere ama-trel am6 be ma y^fa ka K'uru, qw^ 
poft yo fo sya de. k(}non sa kal mdne ka ka-tra ka 
Yisua Masfa, de 0>v(} pon son-su ara-sdmmas ra ka- 

19. Tsa pa yi K'uru, ow^ yO ara-rQ de kiJnon na 
kal mdne ka Masia, trdka mo o tse lom ama-trel-ma- 
Aan ma-las roQ^n ; de o pon mdnkar-su ar'im ra ka- 

20. Tr^ka tSi sa ^i e-t£tu ka ka-belan ka Masia, 
mo ho K'uru o man-nu ka ka-s§h-ka-su: sa n^mtene- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

56 2 Korinti 6. 

nu ka ka-Mlg6 ka Masia, tra n^a de K*uru n§ kal 

21. Tsa pon s^ki kon* tr'ei tra-)as tra trassu, 
QYi^ tie trAra tr'ei 6 IrV.i tr§-las; kama s^d s^ke ma- 
16mpi ma K'uru ka kon'. 

Ara-Bomp 6. 

1. K^re sy^ti, ma and yi a-p6ntrane-n'on ka ama- 
pant, s§ mafi-nu so, k^ma ng s(^tQ-be am-bgna na K'uru 

2. (Tsa pa ho: Ka a-l(}ko a-mdri-lr'el 1 pon 
tr^Ia-mu, de ka a-r6i f\a k§-futi 1 pon mar-mu. K§li, 
ak^ a-](}ko a-mdri-tr'el na ^i; k^i, ak^ a-ri'i na k§T 
futi na y\\) 

3. Sya and b6lra-he w'uni 6 w'uni Ir'el tr§ k§-p§t 
tr^ka tr'ei 6 tr*ei, kdma na ter-he ara-sdmmds-ra-su. 

4. K^re and tr()rine mo a-sdmmds na K'uru tr^ka 
tr*el 6 tr'el, r' a-mu^u a-lal, ka ma-s(^mpane» ka m*(^ne» 
ka ma-k^tane, 

5. Ka ma-sap, ka e-set ya ma-tinkane, ka e-trotr6k» 
ka man-t(Jro, ka k§-s(}ko, ka kg- wop a-sQm; 

6. Ka ra-f6ra, ka kg-trdra, ka a-m6ra a-b(ili, ka ma- 
tot, ka o-Riibu o^O-Sgm, ka ma-b(}tar ma-1s6-^0r, 

7. Ka ar*im ra trg-tsen, ka an'-f^sa na K'uru, ka 
ka-tra ka e-tsima ya ma-l6mpi ka ka-dio de ka ka-m^ro, 

8. Ka a-^iki de ka ma-lap, ka h*Qs a-fino de ka 
n'es a-lgs; ma a-fam a-trons-lr'ei, k^re and yi a-lr§ts6n; 

9. Ma a-fam and 'a tse trdra, kere and 'a trdra; 
ma a-fam and ma fi, de kgli, sg bd e-n^sgm; ma a- 
fgm and *a sdmpa, kere and 'a ts6 dif; 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

2 Korinti 6. 5T 

10. Ma a-fam an^ sah e-mol, k^re anS ba ma- 
bdne \6^Q 6 Idko; ma afam a-m()ne, kere an^ n^nlas 
a-gb^ti; ma a-f§m and bd-he r'aka 6 r*aka, k^re ani 
ba y'elr be. 

11. Tra-san-tra-su Ira kanle trgka trinnu, nya a- 
Korinti, tra-but-tra-su tra bunda! 

12. N§ tinkane-he rok(}r ka Jyfin, k^re na tinkane 
rok6r ka tra-but-tra-nu gben. 

13. (I f(if§r-nu mo a-fet), kdla-mi n§n atr*ei tra^ 
ill gben ka bund§s sq an-tra-nu tra-but. 

1 4. Tse na sake a-fam, ana lin ka-nir ka-f si gbeft 
re and tse Idne; tsa ko ka-pdntrane ka yi katr(^fi ka 
iDa-16mpi de katri^h ka ma-las-e? TaliJm, ko k|-y6rane 
k§ yi katr(}n ka a-m6ta de katr(}n ka a-sum-e? 

1 5. De ko ma-mdne ma y\ katrc^n ka Masia de 
katri^n ka Beliydal-e? Tal(im, ko a-ni n'a qw^ I^ne 
ba re ow(5 Isfi lane-e? 

1 6. Ko ma-mdne ma y\ kalT^h ka a-h^kal na K'iiru 
de katr^ii ka e-ron-e? Tsa n^S yi a-h6kal na Qk'uru 
owg-k^li, mo K'uru o pon pa ho: I tsi yira de 1 tsi 
kot katr(in-ka-nan; de I tsi yi Qk'uru-ka-nah, de nan 
na trg }i a-fgm-Vmi. 

17. Tr^ka tsi wur ngn ka ka-tron-ka-iian, de 
gbdskine-na ngn, Yehofa o pa, de tse na gbon r*aka 
ra-yifa; de mine tsi mdlane-nu. 

18. De I tsi yi o-Kas-ka-nu, de n^^afi ng Irg yi a- 
^ut-'a-mi a-runi de a-wut-'a-mi a-b^ra, Yehofa owo^ 
T^na tr'el 6 Ir'el o pa. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

bS 2 Korfnti 7. 

Ara-Boinp 7. 

1. Tr^ka ma sa ba ton as'fin 1r§-tran ats6, nyfi 
a-b(itar-'a-mi, tra sa f^tarne tr^ka ra-n()ko be ra ama- 
•der de ra am-m^ra, ka gb^ntis ma-sam ka 'ra-nes ra 

2. Son-su nan d*er ka tra-but-tra-nu! Sa tse pon 
jO w'uni 6 w'uni o-l§s, s§ ts6 pon l^sar >v*uni 6 w'uni, 
«a ts6 pon trghs w'uni 6 w'iini tr|ka Si^to raa-kSnya. 

3. 1 pa-he ats6 tr^ka nap-nu: tsa I pon pa rokdnn, 
Iq na yi ka tra-but-tra-su tr^ka fi de tr^ka k^li re nyCin 

4. 1 ba k§-s^Iine ka-b^na tr^ka tr^nnu, I k6IoQe 
0-la! tr^ka tr^nnu; I I^sar ma-b^fat, I ba ma-bdne 
ma-b^na ma-bdna ka am'dne-ma-su be. 

5. Tsa ka-rdran ka ma sa pon der ro-Makedonia, 
ama-der-ma-su ma ba-he ka-f6tane, k^re sa sdmpane 
<l*er 6 d'er; rok^fi e-gbal, rokdr ka-n^sa ka-lal. 

6. K^re K'uru, qv/^ b^fat and ba e-m6ra e-rantr, 
fc(}no b^fal-su ka ka*der ka Ti'los; 

7. K^re pa yi-he gbo ka ka-der-k'on, k^re pa yi 
$0 ka ama-b^fat, ka amd na b^fal-kg, mg o trdri-su, 
am-b6sne-'a-nu , am-mol-'a-nu , an*-fela-*a-nu a-ban 
Ir^ka trdmmi; ha I ta ba ma-bdne. 

8. Tsa hdli I pon yO na san e-mgl ka aii'-r6ka, 
I ts6 tub! tr^ka tsi, hdli I pon tubi tr^ka fsi; — tsa 
1 nank, fo an'-r6ka na-tsi na poft yO na sari ennol, 
be pa yi so gbo aA^ko a-burap; — 

9. Pa b(}ne-mi ton, pa yi-he pakdsife I pon yO 
n§ san e-mol, k^re p§kdsife am-mol-*a-nu ha som ka- 
«^ke ka e-mera-*e-nu; tsa na ba e-mol mo pa tesane 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

2 Korinti 7. 59 

K'uru, ha na 8(5lo-he a-d^rar ka ka-lr5-ka-su lr§ka 
tr*eT 6 tr'ei. 

10. Tsa am-mol, am^ tisane K'uru, ma wur ka- 
s|ke ka am-mera tr§ka ka-futi, trgka ak^ w'uni o 
gb^U-hc lubi; kere am-mol na 'ra-rO na wur ra-fi. 

11. Tsa kgli, alr'ei tra-tsi gben, fo na san e-mol 
mo pa l6sane K'uru, ko ma-yas-yas ma-b^na tra pon 
wur Iraka tr^nnu-e! ^hko, ko ka-f(Jfane, ank6, ko ma- 
ban-e, ank6, ko ka-n^sa-e, ahko, ko a-b6sne, ank6, ko 
ka-y6nkso-e, ank6, ko ka-s^mpa-ko-e! Na poft triJri 
ka Ir'el 6 tr'el, fo na }'i a-pdni-tr*ei tr^ka aka-trak 

12. Traka tsi, hdli I pon gb^lar-nu, I gbaUhe Ir^ka 
'ra-bomp ra kon', ow6 vQ atr'ei tra-las, pa yi-he tr^ka 
'ra-bomp ra kon', owcj 'a pon yo o-lgs, kere kama afi'- 
soli 'a-su traka trdnnu rodi ka K'uru na naibe ronu. 

13. Traka tsi sa pon s^lo ma-bMal ka ama-befal 
a-ma-nu: kere sa ta s^lo ma-b(}no ma-b^na lr§ka 'ra- 
bomp ra ama-b(5ne ma Tflos, pakdsife nya be na pon 
b^kgs am-mera-n'on. 

14. Tsa be pa yi I pon k61one tr§ka Ir'el 6 tr'el 
ron6n tr§ka 'ra-bomp-ra-nu, 1 tse pon won ma-lap; 
k^re ma sa pon pa tr'ei 6 tr'el ronu mo atra-tsen, 
^'a ka-k61one-ka-su so ro ka Ti'los ka pon sdke tra- 

15. De am-m6ra-n'on na l^Ake ronu 0-laI, Ir^ka 
mo wiirne-lsi, ma n^a be* n§ pon tral ar'im-r'on, 
de ma na pon mdlane-ko ra ka-nesa de ra ka-yer. 

16. Pa bdne-mi, fo I gb§li ba ka-seline ronu tr|ka 
tr'el 6 tr'el. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

60 2 Korinti 8. 

Ara-Bomp 8. 

1. K^re 8§ tr(}ri-nu, ii;ya a-wontr-'a-su, am-b^na 
na K'uru, an^ e-gb^nne ya ro-Makedonia ha poh s^iQ; 

2. Fo katri^fk ka ma-s^nipane, artid m^mar-ha o- 
lai, ka-Ia ka ama-bj)ne-mu-hah de ka-paA-ka-haii aka- 
b^na ka la tr^ka ka-b6;ya-tr'el-ka-han aka-lal. 

3. Tsa mo ka-t^ua-ka-han, (I gb^ki-tii,) de mo p§ tas 
ka-t^na-ka-hah, mo e-mdra-'e-hah gbeh, nas^lo trasQh; 

4. Tr^ka ma ha n^mtene-su r§ ka-t(into ka-lal 
tr^ka am-b6ha ha ka-y^rane ka-mar ah'-s§m. 

5. De ha tse yO gbo ma sa r^tsd, k^re ha roiJta 
siiod ha-h^ne ka o-R^bbu de ka syah, mo ama-s6li> 
ma K'uru; 

6. Ha sa man Titos, k^ma, mo o poh trap t^pah, 
yo pohs so am-bOha ah6 katrdh ka nyah. 

7. K^re ma na tdsi tr§ka tr'ei 6 tr*el, ir^a ka- 
line, de tr§ka ma-trel ma-t§k*sd, de tr§ka k§-tr^ra-^ 
lr*eJ, de tr§ka ma-yas-yas be, de tr^ka ama-b(Jtar-ma- 
nu tra tr^ssu, memar nan, kima ng t^si so tr^ka am- 
bdha ah^. 

8. I pa-he-lsi mo a-gbaka, k^re I pa-tsi Ir^ka 
m^mar ara-fera ra ama-bdlar ma nyah ka ama-yas- 
yas ma a-lom. 

9. Tsa na Irara am-bgha ha o-R^bbu-ka-su Ylsua 
Masia, fo^ ball o yi 0-s6rma, o poh 8§ke o-p^hi r'aka 
6 r'aka tr^ka 'ra-bomp i^ nydh, kama nya yi a-s^rma 
ka ka-pah ka kon\ 

to. De 1 soh-DU a-mah traka alr*ei alse: tsa ats6 
tra 16mpir-nu, ahA poh trap t^pah, pa yi-he gbo ka- 
yO, kere ka-selo so den dis. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

2 Korinti 8. 61 

11. K^re ak6 ton pons nan ka-}0-tii, kama, mo 
e-mera-*e-nu e l§nke lr§ka ka-J6lo, ^a ka-pons-tsi ka 
^i 80 mo am'iJlo ma ey'^lr Qyi na bd. 

12. Tsa be am-m6ra a-s6lo ua yi ri, na l^sa, 
mo am'i^lo am^ w*UDi o bd, pa ^'i-he mo am'(}lo am^ 
ts6 ba. 

13. Tia 1 ts6 y^ma, kama o fol a-lom, de kdma 
bdki n^aA; 

14. K^re kama, mo ka-t^nane, ka am'^tr am6 ka- 
la ka nyan ka mar ka>paii ka an^n, kdma ka-U ka 
anM so ka mar ka-paA ka nyan; kama ka-t§nane 

15. Ma na pon gbal ho: O^d pon t6nkia ma-laT, 
r'^ka 6 r'aka ra tse tsfane ron()n; do 0W'(^ t6nk]a ma- 
tan, tse pan r*^ka 6 r*dka. 

16. K^re tra K'dru o sdto m'^mo, QVfi botr ama- 
jas-^as ma-(si ka am-m6ra na Titos. 

17. Tsa mdlane am-mafi-'a-su; kero pak^sife o 
ta ba ma-}as-^as, o k(ine ronu mo am-m^ra-n'ofi gbeh. 

18. K^re sa pon yO o-wontr, ow(} e-gbSnne be na 
k61o tr^ka ma-trel ma am-B6srd, o paia-ko. 

19. K^re pa yi-be gbo tr^ka atl6, k^re e*gb^nne 
na tit-ko so tra y\ o-k(}tane-ka-su re am-bOna ah6, 
and sa ko yer, tr^ka aA'-yfki na o-R^bbu k(5no-kOnone, 
de tr^ka k|-tr(Jri ama-s^lo-ma-nu: 

20. Tr§ka n^ne ats6, k^ma w'dni 6 w'dni o ts6 
su ter tr^ka ka-ia ak^, akd sa ko yen 

21. Tsa sa b6lrar e-m6ra tr^ka ma-tret ma-mSru 
p§ yi-he gbo rodi ka o-R^bbu, kire rodf ka a-fam so. 

22. De sg pofi som re nan o-wontr-ka-su, qy/^ sa 
pon m^nrrar ka ma-trei ma-lal e-i(iko e-)al mo w'iini^ 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

62 2 Eorinti 8. 9. 

0W(5 bft ina-yas-yas, k^re Q^'6 ta ba ma-yas-yas ma- 
la! ak^, Ir^ka ka-s^line k§-laT, ak^ o bd ronu. 

23. Tr§ka Titos, o yi o-k()(ane-ka-ini de o-pdnlrane- 
ka-mi ka ama-panl katri^n-ka-nu ; trdka a-^ontr-'a-su, 
na yi e-t^tu ya e*gb^nne, a-yiki na Masia. 

24. Tr^Ti nan ton ama-b(it§r-ma-nu, de ka-kolone- 
ka-su tr^ka tr^nnu rgn^n, de ro-d'er ka e-gbdnne kadi. 

Ara-Bomp 9. 
1. Tsa tra ka-m^nde tr^ka an'-s§in I ba-he Ira 


2. Tsa 1 Ir^ra e-m6ra-*e-nu e-s6lo, tr^ka eyi i 
kdlone tra tr^nnu ka am-IMaked6ni, fo anS ro-Akaia 
na pai den dis; de ama-yas-yas ma nydn ma pon par 

3. K^re 1 pon sOm ah'-wontr, kama ka-k6Ione-k»* 
su tr^ka trdnnu ka wur-he yal ka atr*ei a1s6; kdmiu 
me 1 pa, n§ yi a-pal: 

4. Tdni, be a-lMaked6ni na der re minaii, de ha 
nank, fo nya ts6 yi a-pai, syS — kama sa pa-he nya 
— won ma-Iap trpa ka-seline ak6 ka ka-k61one. 

5. Tr^ka t^i I ndne, ho I mar tra man ail'-wgntr, 
kama na tr§ma kadi ka k6ne ronu, tr§ka mi^la b^nene 
e-bdya-*e-nu, tr§ka eye na pon pa t^pan, kama ey^ 
e yi e-pal mo y'etr ya ka-b6ya-lr'ei, pa yi-he mo y*eUr 
ya ra-dlr. 

6. Kere 1 pft ats6: Ron' Qvt^ sak e-tan, o tr§ rgk 
so e-tan; de ow(i sak e-lal, o tr§ rok so e-lai. 

7. Tra \v'uni o ^'uni o soA mo am-mira-ia'oii to 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

2 Korinti 9. 10. 63 

j; tra pa ts6 yi ra kg-sdma, lal(}ra r* a-fdsa: tsa 
K'uru b^tar ow(J son ra ma-bgne. 

8. K^re K*dru o ba ka-l^na tra yQ a-b6na be 6a 
lair-nu; ksma /etr be e beki-nu t^rgp l(Jko 6 l^ko, de 
kama na ba ka-la k§-b^na tr§.ka a-yos 6 a-;yo8 a-fino. 

9. (Ma na pon gbal hg: pon s^kat, o pon son 
ka aM pini r*aka; ama-16inpi-in'oi'i ma \von tab^na. 

10. K^re kon' gw^ son e-8§nlr ka ovv(J sak, de 
k§-bo tr^ka e-wont, o tra sgn de o Ira fuis eye na 
poQ sak, de tra b^kas ama-k6mi ma ama-lompi- 

11. Kama na s§ke a-n^n1a tra r'aka 6 r'aka tr^ka 
k|-b6ya4r'el be» ak^ wur k§-mii!itsi K*dru m'^mo ka 

12. Tsa ka-yer e-buya ey6 ka b6*-he gbo ka-paft 
ka an'-s§m, k^re ka la sg tr^ka an*-yfki na K'dru ka 
ka-s0tg-k'gn m'^mo ka a-fgm a-gbdti, 

13. Tr^ka ma Aa yfkis K'uru ka ka-s(itg ka-mar 
ak^ tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ka-s^nne-ka-nu ka am-B6sra na 
Masia, akd n§ gbftane, de tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ka-la ka 
e-boya e-t6nkla tr^ka trannan, de tr^ka a-fgm be; 

14. De na rdmne tra tr^nnu, tr^ka ma na bi^tar- 
nu g-lai tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra am-b^na Aa K'dru a-bdna 
a-bana tra tr^nnu. 

15. K^re tra K'dru g s(5tg m'6mo tr^ka am-bdya- 
ii'Qh aAa-trul-k^ne ! 

Ara-Bomp 10. 

1. K^re mine, Padlos, mina-mfnane, I n^mtene* 
nu ka ara-t(ifal de ka ka-y6se ka Masla, mine owg ba 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


64 2 Korinti 10. 

a-m^ra rantr, me I b^pgr katr(^fi-ka-nu, Mre ow(i ba 
ka-minta tr^ka tr^nnu, me 1 ts6 bgpar. 

2. K^re 1 n^mtene-nu, kama I tie ba tra yi^na ka- 
tnfnta me I b§p§r, re ka-s^iine, re akS I nSne tra 
y(}na k§-miDta tr^ka a-lon), an^ lom-su mo a-fam, bM 
kot mo o-sem. 

3. Tsa hitli sa kot ka o-sem, s| tie tsim mo o-sem. 

4. Tsa e-tsfma ya ka-tsim-ka-su e ts6 yi e-tsima 
ya yf'Atiif k^re e yi e-t^na ka K'dru Ira y^ksi e- 

6. De 8§ y^ksi e-tramtrdmne, de tr'el 6 tr'el tra- 
AMraDe, atr^ A^trane tr^ka ka-tr^ra K'dru; de sa wona 
a-ndne 6 a-n^ne ra-Mnti ha ha sAntiQ tra tral ar'fm ra 

6. De sa pal tra S(}mpa ka-tle-tral-tr'ei be, be ka- 
tral-tr'el-ka-nu ka poft lasar. 

7. Pa yi n§ kp ama-trei amd yi rodi ka e-for-i? 
Be w'uni 6 w'uni o saline ka k(}nQ-k5Done, fo yi 
a-boT na Masia, tra k($DO-k$none tramtr^mne sq 
lr4ka atse, fo, mo k(Jno yi a-boi ha Masfa, ya syS yi 
so e-bol ya Masia. 

8. Tsa be I tsi ta bar nan k61one tr^ka afi'-f^sa- 
'a-su, aiiA o-Babbu o pon soft-su, tr^ka ka-ndfas e- 
m6ra-'e-nu, p§ tse yi tr^ka ka-dim-nu, I tSi tie na 
vfQh ma-lap. 

9. (Ats6 I pa), kdma 1 tie n^nsa, mo ho I y^ma 
t§ntnas-nu ka e-r6ka. 

10. — Tsa e-r6ka, Aa pa, e yi e-b^ki, de e ba 
a-f(Jsa tra-tien; k^re ama-der-m'oA, be o b^pjr, ma 
yi ma-rantr, de ka-fof-k*on ka yi ka-saine. — 

If. Tra w'uni iivdnon o n^ne ali6, fo ma sa yi ka 

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2 Korinti 10. 11. 66 

as'iin tra e-r^ka-*e-su, be sa tse b^par, ya sa y\ so 
ka ka-yo be sa b^par. 

12. Tsa sa minta-he tra Idmane, tal(}in tra l6moDe 
ka a-fam a-lom, an^ k61o na-ndne; k^re nan, tr^ka 
ma na tuntarane ka Aa-ndne, de tr^ka ma na l6mQne 
ka na-ndne, na bd-he ka-tsemp. 

13. K^re s;yd sa ;y^ma-he k61one pa las an4unta, 
kere mo an-tunta na ama-gbas, am^ K'tiru o pon 
gb^sa-su, a-tunta tra b6k sg ha ka nydn. 

14. Tsa sa t^ntine-he pa tas an-tunta, mo ho sa 
b6'-he ha ka nyan; tsa sa pen der hdli ha ka nyafi 
ka ka-tr^mas am-B6sra na IVlasia. 

15. De sa tse k61one pa tas an-tunta, tr^ka ma- 
pant ma a-fam a-lom; k^re sa ba a-r^tsa, fo, be ka- 
Idne-ka-nu ka fuT rok6r-ka-nu, sa tr§ si^to k§-bunda 
ka-lal mo ama-gbas-ma-su ; 

16. Ha sa gb§li tr^mas am-B6sra ka tra-tof, atr^ 
yi rodi-ka-nu, pa tse yi tra kolone tr^ka ah^-gbas ha 
^r'tini lom, tr^ka ma-trel am^ na pen b^nene. 

17. K^re kon' ow(J k6lone, Ir' o k6lone tr^ka 

18. Tsa pa tse yi kgn', ow(J k61o k(Jno-k(fnone, 
fta m^lane; k^re kon* qy/^ Yehofa o k61o. 

Ara-Bomp 11. 

1. K^hko na miiya-mi o-tan tr^ka am-pahk-'a-mi! 
De ts^ntsene na muyu-mi; 

2. Tsa I ba ka-trutr tr^ka tr^nnu ra ka-trutr k§ 
K'uru: tsa I pen fat-nu ka o-rdni k'in, tra tr^§r-nu 
mo o-f^ne 0-fet rod! ka M6sia. 

2 Corinthians. 5 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

66 2 Eorfnti 11. 

3. K^re I n^sa, fo, ma am-bok o tron's H^fa ka 
ama-sQt-in'Qh , ye e-m^ra-'e-nu e l^a e (^h ka ka- 
paii-tr'el ro ka Masia. 

4. Tsa be kon', QYt^ der, ronu o tr^mas o-Yisua o- 
lorn, QW(} 8§ t^g poA trSmgs, ta](im be na s^iQ o-Rubu 
Q-lom, ow(} na ts6 pon s^lQ, tal(jm a-B6sra a-lgm, 
aiiA ng ts6 pon mtiane, na trg muyu-tsi o-16mpi. 

5. Tia 1 n^ne» ho 1 ts6 yi rordta ka an'-Som aha- 
b^na ko ko. 

6. Kere b^li 1 tabt^ba kg-fgf, I iU tabt^ba ka- 
trira; kere li^kg 6 \^kQ s§ pon 6aibe katr(}n-ka-nu 
Ir^ka tr'el 6 tr'el. 

7. Tal(}m pa yi ho 1 poA ^0 tr^ei tr§-l§s ka ka- 
t6ra mina-ininane, kdma na fi^tra nyan-i, tr§ka me 1 
poid tr^m§r-nu am-B6sra fufafu-i? 

8. I pofi luk e-gb^nne e-lom ka ka-j^dka a-ram 
TQh&h, tr^ka ka-lenki nyaii. 

9. De me 1 bgp§r rgnu, de ma ka-pan ka wop- 
mi, I gb6li-he w'uni 6 w'tini; tsa an'-wgntr, ail^ ^^fa 
ro-Makedonia, na Idsar e^'^tr e^e I p^ni: de I pon 
b^nene, ba I tse r^nsar-nu, de I tsi b^nene yBh. 

10. Mo atra-tsen tra Masia tra yi rok5r-ka-mi, i^a 
gb^li-he bentr ka-k61one ak6 tr^ka tr^mmi ka e-b^lan 
ya Akaia! 

11. Ko ne-e? P§k^sife I b(}tgr-he-nu-i? K'uru o 

12. K^re atr^ 1 ^0-e, I tsi yO so, k^ma I bentr 
ka-f^na ka anS ^^ma ka-f^na; kdma, tr^ka atr6 na 
k61one, i^a y\ ma s^a so ^i. 

13. Tsa a-fam a-wunoA lia yi a-sOm a-^em, a- 
kump a-tro^s-tr'ef, a&^ s^pne a-sOm dia Masia. 

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2 Eorfnti 11. 67 

14. De tr'el tra-kab^ne tdho: tsa S^tani k(}no- 
k{}none s§pne o-maleika ka a-in6ta. 

15. Tr^ka Isi tr'el tra-Mna laho, be e-boT-^'on so 
na 8§pne mo e-boi ya ma-16mpi; ka-l^p'so-ka-iian ka 
Ira yi mo ama-yos-ma-nan. 

16. I kal pa ho: Tra w'uni 6 w'lini o tse n^ne, 
ho I yi w'uni pank: be pa ts6 yi yaii-e, mdlane-mi 
n§A be pa yi gbo mo yi'uni pank, kama min' so I 
gb§]i k61one o-tan. 

17. Atr5 I pa, I tse pa tsi mo o-R^bbu, kere mo 
ho r' a-pank, ka ka-s^line ka ka-k61one ak6. 

18. Tr^ka ma a-gb^ti na kolone mo o-sem, min' 
80 I tsi k61one. 

19. Tsa na muya a-fam a-p§nk rama-bdne, tr^ka 
ma nya yi a-ts^mpi. 

20. Tsa na mtiyu-tsi, be w'uni o wona-nu ra-lrar, 
be yi'Ani o som-na, be w'uni o y6ka r'dka ronu, be 
w'Qni n^trane, be w'uni o gb^nta-nu ro-d'er. 

21. Ats6 I pa tr^ka ma-lap, mo ho sya pen yi a- 
rantr; k^re tr^ka tr'el 6 tr'ei, tr^ka atr^ w'uni 6 w'uni 
ba ka-minta, — I fof a-pank, — min* so I ba ka- 

22. Pa yi na yi]^a-H6bri? Ye min' so. Pa yi na 
yi a-Yisra61i? Ye min' so. P§ yi na yi ra-kom'ra ra 
Ibr^hima-i? Ye min' so. 

23. Pa yi ha yi a-s^mmas ha Masia-i? — I fof 
mo w'uni ma-k(5ntoh — mine t^si-ha; (I t^si-ha) tr§ka 
ka-yo ma-pant ma-laT, tr§ka ma-sap ma-gb^ti ma-gb^ti, 
tr§ka ka->i ra-set ha ma-tihkane e-ltfko e-lal, tr§ka 
e-katar ya ra-fi e-l^ko e-lai, 


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68 2 Korinti 11. 

24. E-l(}ko tr'am^t an*-Y^hudi na sap-mi ma-sap 
tra-gba tra-r§n pa tsia gbo n'in. 

25. E-l(}ko e-sas na s^pa-mi tra-sete, a-loko hin 
na ff tar-mi ma-sar, ^A^kQ e-sas 1 lono ra-bil, gbes 
pali I pon y\ ro-b(}lon; 

26. 1 pon y\ ra-bias e-l(iko e-lal, e-kitar e pon 
wop-mi rg tr§-boh, e-katar e wop-mi katr(in ka a-fam 
'a ka-luk§s, e-katar e wop-mi kalrcJn ka an*-ko-b6na- 
'a-mi, e-kdtar e wop-mi katrcJn ka an'-K^fri, e-katar 
e wop-mi r§ tra-petr, e-kdtar e wop-mi ro-wiila, e- 
katar e wop-mi ro-baii, e-kdtar e wop-mi katr^n ka 
a-wonlr a-yem; 

27. Ma-panl ma-lel de man-t(Jro ma pon wop-mi, 
ka-8(}ko kg wop-mi e-Mko e-lai, d'or de ra-mun ra 
wop-mi, I pon wop a-sQm e-l^ko e-lai, Q-yel de ra- 
tsin ra wop-mi. 

28. Rok(}m ka ma-trei ma-lom am^ y(}ne, mia yi 
ho: ah'-fgm a-gb^li an^ der rcJmi a-rei o a-rei, au*- 
soli tr^ka e-gb^nne be. 

29. K^ne yi o-rantr-e, de mine yi-he o-ranlr-e? 
K^ne na pon y^tas-e, de mine ba-he ma-ban-e? 

30. Be I ba tra k6Ione, I tsi k61one tr^ka ama- 
Irei, ama lomane ama-ranlr-ma-mi. 

31. Ok'uru, o-Kas ka o-R^bbu-ka-su, Ylsua Masia, 
owd *a l(5ka8 linkah fabana, o trara, fo I y^ma-he. 

32. Ro-Dam^sko o-Wali ka Aretas, o-bal, q bumar 
ka-petr ka an^Dam^ski, trgka mo o y^ma batr-mi: 

33. De na scjntos-mi ka a-wiinder rg ka-balai, na 
t6ra-mi ka s^ntQS-mi ka an-t^ta, de 1 fflti ama-lra- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

2 Korlnti 1^. 69 

Ara-Bomp 12. 

1. Ka-k6lone ka n^a-he-mi tra-tsen; kere I tsi bek 
ka ma-nank de ka ma-trel ma-naibi ma Q-R^bbu. 

2. I Irto w'lini ka Masia, m'dlo ma Ira-ren Ir'of^tr 
tr'anle tra pon' lo las, (be pa yi o yi ka ama-der, I 
lr*a-he-lsi; be pa yi o tse yi ka ama-der, 1 tr'a-he- 
tsi; K'uru o tr^ra-lsi;) owd 'a tsembi ha ro-rianna 
owd beka ma-sas. 

3. De I tr^ra w*uni wunon, (be pa yi o yi ka ama- 
der, laldm be pa yi o tie yi ka ama-der, 1 Ir'a-he-tsi; 
K'uru tr^ra-lsi;) 

4. Fo 'a ts6mbi-ko ha ro-Firdaus, de Iral sMm 
tra-lrul-k^ne, atr^ na tse tier w'uni Ira pa. 

5. Tr§ka o-wunon I tsi k61one: kere tr^ka mina- 
minane I gb^i-he k61one, t^mbe tr^ka ama-trel ma 

6. Tsa be I tsi y^ma na kolone, 1 tsi tse yi na 
o-pank; tsa 1 tsi pa nan Ira-lsen; kere I trel-tsi, tani 
w*uoi 6 w'uni o gbak tr§ka trSmmi pa tas atr^ o k§li 
romi, tal^m atra o tral ka ka-san-ka-mi. 

7. De kama I tse gb^ti ka-n^trane tr§ka ama-tSsi 
ma ama-trel ma-naibi, na botr ka-bank ka ama-der 
ma-mi, o-maleika ka S^lani, Ir^ka trun-mi e-boftar, 
kama 1 gb6li-he ka-n^trane. 

8. Tr^ka alr'ei als6 I pon n^mlene o-R^bbu ma- 
sas, kama yefa rgmi. 

9. Ko pa romi ho : Am-b6na-'a-mi na beki-mu ; tsa 
an'-fdsa-'a-mi na lr§ las|r ka ma-ranlr. Trdka tsi ra ma- 
bdne ma-bSna I tsi k6lone gbo tr^ka ama-trel ma ama- 
rantr-ma-mi, kama an'-fdsa ha Masia ha yira rokdm-ka-mi. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

70 Q Eorinti 12. 

10. Tr^ka tsi I t^sa tr^ka ma-trel ma ma-rantr, 
tr^ka e-nal, tr^ka m*dne, tr§ka kg-bal-bal, tr^ka ma- 
kelane tr^ka 'ra-borap ra Masia: Isa aA*-lo *na me yi 
O-ranlr, nfaA me yi o-t^na-tr'el. 

11. I pon s^ke w'uni paiik tr^ka k§-k61one; nyS 
pon f^sar-mi: tSa nyd mar na tra k61o minan; tsa 1 
tie yi rorSta ka aiV-SOm aAa-b^na tr^ka tr*el 6 Ir'el, 
hdli I tse yi r'dka 6 r'^ka. 

1 2. Ts^ntsene na pon yo e-l6ma ya o-Som katriJn- 
ka-nu r* a-muyu be, ka e-16ma, ka ma-trei ma-kab^ne, 
de ka ma-yos ma-kab^ne. 

13. Tsa ko yi tsi-e, tr^ka alr^ n§ yi rordta ka e- 
gbdnne eye-lom-e, t^mbe pa yi ho mine pon-he r^nsar- 
nu-e? Ts6ra-mi nan alr'ei tra-l§8 ats6* 

1 4. K^li, 1 pal tra der ronu fia b6ka ma-sas, de 1 
tsi ts6 r§n8ar-nu; tsa I ten-he ey'6lr-'e-na, k^re nyan. 
Tsa pa yi-he an*-wut an^ yi tra gb6mpa e-b^ne lr§ka 
an^ kom-na, k^re an^ kdm-na tr^ka an'-wat-'a-nan. 

15. K^re minaA I tsi pons ey'6lr-'e-mi ra ma-b(^ne 
ma-b^na, de 1 tsi \&iM\ an'-A6sam-'a-mi tr^ku trl^nnu; 
hali me I tsi ta gbo b^tar-nu-e, nya na tra bar mi 
gbo b()tar o-tan. 

16. K^re tra pa yi yaft; mine poA-he r§nsar-nu: 
kere me I ba ma-sot, 1 pon s^pas-nu r' a-baia. 

17. Pa yi ho I pon y^ma sdto ma-kSnya ronu ka 
ka-tra ka w'uni 6 w'uni katrdn ka afi^n, aM I pon 
sOm ronu-i? 

18. 1 nemtene Titos, de 1 pon sOm o-wontr re 
kon': pa yi ho Tftos o pon y^ma S(^to ma-k^nya 
ronu-i? Pa yi-he sa kgt mo a-mira n*in-i? Pa yi-he 
sa kot ka ama-ni ma-tsi gben-i? 

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2 Korlnti 12. 13. 71 

19. Hfilisa, na n^ne, ho sa k^trne tr'^re ronu-i? 
Sa fof rodi ka K'uru ka Masia; k^re tr'ei 6 tr'ei sa 
fof Ir^ka ka-ndfas e-m^ra e-^e-nu, n^a a-b(}tar-'a-sa. 

20. Tsa 1 n^sa, fg, be I der, I fir-he nyan tra ^i 
a-wunon, me I y^ma, de fo na fir mfnaft tra yi o- 
wdngii, ma na y6ma-he: (I n^sa,) fo ma-pulane, ka- 
Irulr, ma-ban, e-gbal, a-y^nfa, ma-for ma-m^nkne, ka- 
n^trane ro-m^ra, ma-p«lke ma yi katr(}n-ka-nu : 

21. (1 n^sa,), fo, be I der so ronu, Ok'uru-ka-mi 
tr§ t6ra-mj ro-m6ra tr^ka tr^nnu, de fo I bd tra 
bok tr^ka a-gb^ti na ana pon yQ tr'ei tra-las t^pafi, 
de an^ pon-he tdbi tr^ka ka-tratane, de tr§ka ka-rap, 
de tr^ka ka-w^te, ak^ na pon yQ, 

Ara-Bomp 13. 

1. An'-l(}ko ah6 na b^ka ma-sas ho I der ronu. 
Ka ka-sgn ka a-gb^ki na-rah Val^m a-sas fia tra bak*s§r 
tr'el 6 tr'el. 

2. 1 pon miita k^ne-nu, de I mi^ta k^ne-nu, mo 
bo I b§par na b^ka ma-ran; de tr^ka me 1 tie b^par 
ak6, 1 gb%r an^ pon yO tr'el tr§-las t^pan, de ana- 
lorn be, fo, be I der so, I gb§li-he ba i-n^i: 

3. Tr^ka ma na ten t'amas6re tr^ka Masia Qyf^ fof 
rok6r-ka-mi, QVf^ tse yi o-rantr tr^ka tr^nnu, k^re 
OW(J yi o-t§na-tr'eT katr(}h-ka-nu. 

4. Tsa hdli ila trah-ko ra-k'§ntr ka-p^nkine tr^ka 
ma-rantr, o k^Ii ka an'-f(}sa na K'uru: de sya yi so 
a-rantr rok6r-k'on, k^re sa tra k^li re kon' ka an'-fdsa 
na K'ura tr^ka tr^nnu. 

5. M^m§rne n§n, be pa yi n§ tr^ma ka ka-ldne; 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

72 2 Korfnti 13. 

t^nsne na6 e-m^ra-'e-nu! Talcjm pci jfi hp na tse 
tr^ra n^a-nyane, fo Yisua Masia o yi rok5r-ka-nu-i? 
T6mbe pa yi ho na yl a-fain a-k6si. 

6. K^re I r^tsd, ho na tra tr^ra, fo syfi tse yi a- 
fam a-k^si. 

7. K^re I r^mne ka K'uru, k^ma na ts6 yO tr*eT 
6 tr'el tr^-las; p§ yi-he kama sya tr(}rine mo a-fam 
a-m^lane, k^re kdma nya yO atr^ yi tra-ffno, de kdma 
sya yi mo ho a-fam a-k^si. 

8. Tsa 8§ l^na-he yO tr'el 6 Ir'el alr^ t^ri atra- 
ihti, k^re atr^ m^ri atra-tsen. 

9. Tsa pa b(}ne-su, be sya yi a-rantr, de be nya 
yi a-t^na-tr*ei; de Ir^ka ats6 8§ rdmne,so» Isia yi ho 

10. Tsia ba-lsi I gbal ama-lrel am6, me 1 tsfi 
b^par; kdma, be I b^par, I ba-he tra yO:nu o-han, 
mo ah'-f(isa, an^ o-R^bbu o pon soA-mi tr^ka ka- 
n^fas e-m6ra-'e-nu, pa tse yi tr§ka ka-dim-na. 

11. Ka ka-l^pso, nya a-wonlr-'a-mi, ba nan ma- 
b(}ne, 8§ke ngii a-gb6ntis, s(Jlo nan ma-b^fat, ba naii 
a-m6ra n'in, Ira ma-t6fal ma yi kalrdn-ka-na : de 
Ok'uru ka ama-b(}lar de ka ama-l(Jfal o tra yi re 

12. K6riane nan ra ka-mumal ka-sam. An'-sam 
be na k6ri-nu. 

13. Tra am-b6na na o-R6bbu Yisua Masia, de 
ama-b(Jlar ma K'uni, de ka-y6rane o-Ruhu owo-Sam, 
ka yi re nya be. Amina! 

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18 6 7. 

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Stuttgart: Printed by J. F. Steiukopf. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

An'-R6ka na Paulos, o-Som, ani o 
gbdlar an'-GaUti. 

Ara-Bomp 1, 

1. Paulos, o-Som, (pa yi-he ka a-fara, de pa ;yi- 
he ka ka-trd ka w'uni, kere ka ka-trd ka Yisua Masfa, 
de ka K*uru, o-Kas, ow(J pon yokas-kg ka an'-fi;) 

2. De ah'-wgnlr be, anA \i rgmi, ka e-gb^nne ya 

3. Tra a-b^ha na y\ re ny^h de ma-t(Jfal, am6 
^efa ka K'uru, g-Kas, de ka o-R^bbu-ka-su Yi$ua Masia, 

4. Owtf pon l^nkli an*-nes§m-n'on tr§ka ama-trel- 
ma-su ma-las, kama q wura-su ka ka-tra ka ara-ra 
ra-las ar6, ar^ yi e-suma ye, mg ama-s6lg ma K'uru, 

5. Ow(J yi Ira siJlg an'-yiki Unkah tab^aa. Amina! 

6. K§-kab^De kg wop-mi, fg na pon ;yenk f§le yah 
ka gw(i pon mutsi-nu ka am-b6ua-h'gh tra wop a- 
b6sra a-tsel; 

7. An^ tse yi a-lgm; k^re a-fam a-nam na yi, and 
kira-nu, de and y^ma Idfti am-B6sra ha Masla. 

8. K^re hall sydh, talcum g-maleika ka ak'uru, g 
tra Irdmar-nu nan a-b5sra a-lsel, pa yi-he ahd sya 
poh Irdmar-nu, Ira a-rdhka ha wop-kg! 


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4 An'-Gal^ti 1. 

9. Ma sa pon pa rok(Jm, ye I pa so ak6 ho: Be 
w'dni 6 w'Qni o tr^mar-nu a-b6sra a-tsel pa yi-he sM 
n| pon 8(ito, tra a-rSnka na wop-ko! 

10. Tsa pa yi ho 1 l(Jnlo ton a-f§m-i, tal(Jm K*iiru-i? 
Tal(Jm pa y\ ho I ten tra Insane a-fam-i? Tsa be I ten 
nan r§s tra tisane a-f§m, I tse yi nan ara-boi na Masia. 

It. K^re I k6ne-nu, nya a-wonlr-'a-mi, fo am- 
B6sra, and mine pon trdmar-nu, na 'ts6 yefa ka a-fam. 

12. Tsa 1 ts6 pon s(}lo-ni ka w'uni, de w'uni o 
ts6 pon tgk*8a-mi-ni ; kere Yisua Masia o pon naibi- 
ni romi. 

13. Tsa n§ pon tral tr^ka ama-b6lras-ma-mi t^pan 
tr§ka arna-lrel ma 'ra-Y6hudi, fo I bal-bal an'-gb^nne 
na K'tiru o-lal ha)i, de 1 dim-Aa: 

14. De I bar S(}to ka-trdra ka ama-trel ma ara- 
Y^hudi, I tasi a-gbdti na an-t^nane-'a-mi tr^ka ka-bak 
kalrdn ka am-b6na-'a-mi, tr^ka me I tasi-na tra ka- 
ba a-fela a-baA tr^ka e*man, ey^ an'-kas-'a-mi na pon 

15. Kere an'-lo 'na pa ifeane K'uru, ow^ pon 
gbdski-mi, me I yi ras ka ak'or ka o-kdra-ka-mi, de 
Ow^ pon mutsi-mi ka am-bona-n'on, 

16. Tra naibi Ow'dn-k'on rok6r-ka-mi, kama I 
trdmas-ko katro^ ka an'-Rdfri: t^te lemp (I k^ne) I 
tse yif o-sem de ma-t§ir tr^ka a-man : 

17. De I k(}ne-he ro-Yeriisalem ka and mcJta mi 
yi a-Som; k^re I k(Jne ro-Lardbia, de I kdlane so ro- 

18. Ka-rara6-ka-tsi, ma tra-ren tra-sas tra pon tas, 
I gbep ro-Yerusalem, tr^ka nank P6tar, de 1 trama 
TQhih ma-rei* tr'ofdtr tr'amdt. 

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An'-Gal^ti 1. 2. 5 

19. K^re o-lom kalriJh ka an'-Sora I tse nank, 
t^mbe Yakuba, o-wontr ka o-R^bbu. 

20. K^re ama-trel am^ I gb^Iar-nu, k^li, I pa-tsi 
ro-d'er ka K'uru k|df, fo I tse y^ma. 

21. Ka-r^r§n-ka-tii I kdne ka e-b^lan ^a Siria de 
ya Kilikia. 

22. Kere e-gb^nne ya Masia, eye yi ro^Yehudia, 
fia tse pon nafik ad'^r-ra-mi. 

23. Kere na pon gbo tral: Kon', qw(J bal-bal-su 
f^pan, Q trSmas ton ka-Idne, ak^ o dim t|.pah. 

24. Ka na t(}k§s K'uru tr^ka tr^mmi. 

Ara-Bomp 2. 

1. Ka-rdr§n-ka-tsi, ma tra-ren tr'oWtr tr'^nle tr§ 
pon las, I kal gbep ro-Yerusalem re Biirnabas, de 1 
yokane so Titos. 

2. K^re 1 gbep mo r'im ar^ 'a Aaibi romi, de I 
tr(^ri-na am-B5sra, aM 1 tr^mas katri^n ka an'-K/ifri; 
I tr(iri-na-ni ro-son ka an^ 'a lorn mo ho a-fam a- 
b^na, be pg yi ho 1 gbuke, tali^m ho I pon gbuke 

3. K^re hdli Titos, ow(J yi romi, de 0W(} yi o- 
Yunani, na f(}8ar-he-ko tra yO 'a gb§k an'-16mpe-n'on : 

4. K^re ats6 tra y^Jne tr§ka 'ra-bomp ra an'-wonlr 
aha-yem, afiS 'a w(Jna sol, an^ won sol, tr^ka r^kar 
ara-w^nkOm-ra-su, ar^ sa ba ka Yisua Masia, kama 
na w(ina-su ra-trar. 

5. De sa woA-fe Ir^ka s^nne ro6^n, p§ yi-he hdli 
a-gb^len u'in; kama atra-tsen tra am-B6sra tra tsia 

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6 An'-Galiti 2. 

6. K^re tr^Ka aA^n, siiA 'a lorn mo ho a-fam a- 
b^na, ko a-fam na ^^i tsi t^pan-e, tra ts6 bs-mi tr'el: 
K'Qra is^ k^li ad'^r ra Mr'uni: tsa nan, a6^ 'a lom 
mo ho a-f§m a-bana, na ts6 bdra-mi tr'el 6 tr*eT: 

7. De, k^re ma lia nank, fo Aa poA m^nkar-mi 
am-B6sra tr^ka ah'-fam n' e-l^mpe, ma na m^nkar 
P^lar am-B6sra tr^ka an'-fam ana-p^ni e-l^mpe; 

8. (Tsa kon*, ow(J pon y(}sne tra P6tar tr^ka ara- 
som katri^A ka ah'-fgm ana-p^ni e-l^mpe, o pon y(}sne 
so tr§ka tr^mmi katr^n ka ail'-K^fri); 

9. De ma na nank am-b5na, SiM I pon s(Jto, Ya- 
kuba, de K6fas, de Y6han, an^ 'a lom mo ho ma-kar, 
ina yentr ka-trd aka-dfo ka ra-tok ka minan de ka 
Barnabas; kama syS ki^ne katr(}n ka aA'-K^fri, kere 
nan katr^n ka an'-fam ana-p^ni e-l^mpe. 

10. Na n^mtene-su gbo, kSma sa n^ne an'-fam 
a-m(}ne; atr'ei tra-tsi gben alr6 1 \6nksone so ka-yO. 

11. K^re mo P^tar o der ro-Anliyok, I l6mane I 
tr§mone-ko, pak^sife b6ki tra son-ko ma-t^ri. 

12. Tsa p6ta a-fam a-lom na y^fa ka Yakuba, o 
diane an'-Kafri; kere ma na pon der, o k^lar, o gb^s- 
kine, pakdsife n6sa an'-fam ana-p^fii e-l^mpe. 

1 3. De an'-Y6hudi ana-Iom na so na yOr re kon', 
ha na y^las so Barnabas ka ka-^or-ka-nan. 

1 4. K^re me I nank, fo na tie kot troloft mo atra- 
tsen tra am-B6sra, I pa ka P6tar rodf ka na be ho 
ye: Be munofi, ow^ yi o-Y6hudi, ma k|li mo ama- 
vos ma an'-Kafri, de pa Ise yi mo ama-yos ma an'- 
Y^hudi, ko tr'el tr'a ma fiJsar ah'-K6fri tra k^Ii mo 
an'-Y6hudi na yO-e? 

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An'-Galati 2. 3. 7 

15. S^d yi a-Y^hudi mo ama-tsauhar, de s§ ts6 
yi a-fam a-l§s na ah'-Kafri; 

16. K^re tr^ka ma sa tr^ra, fo \v*uni o s(ito-he 
ma-m^ri ka ma-yos ma an-toil, k^re ka ka-lane Yisua, 
sya so s§ pon Idne Yisua Masia, kdma sa si^to ma- 
mdri ka ka-l^ne Yisua, pa ts^ yi ka ma-;yos ma an- 
ion: pak^sife ka ma-}^os ma an-ton w'iini 6 w'uni q 
gb^li-he s(}to ma-m^ri. 

17. K^re be na bap-su sy5-sy^ne so mo a-fam 
a-las, ma sa-ten tra s^Iq ma-m^ri ku Masia, pa yi 
ho Masia o yi o-sSmmas ka ma-trel ma-Ias-i? S^ki- 

18. Tsa be I kal tr^mar ama 1 poh y^ksi, mina- 
minane I tr(}rine mo w'tini paine an-lon. 

19. Tsa mine pofi fi tr§ka an-ton ka ka-tra ka an- 
ion, kdma 1 k^li Ir^ka K'uru. 

20. Na poh trah-mi ro-k'anlr ka-p§hkine re Masia: 
k^re 1 yi 0-k^Ii; k^re pa yi-he so minan; k^re Masia 
k^li rok6r-ka-mi; do ah'-h6s§m, bM I hesam ak6 
ka ama-der, 1 h^sam ka ka-l^ne 0^'^n ka K'tiru, q\\6 
poft b(Jlar-mi, de ow(5 pon Idnkli an'-nes§m-n'on lr§ka 

21. I ts6 t^pis am-boha ha K'uru: tsa be ma- 
15mpi ma wur ka an-toh, Masia o poh fi k§-tsih. 

Ara-Bomp 3. 

1. nya a-GaUli a-pahk! K^ne poh yO-nu ra- 
ser-e, kdma n§ \sB wop atra-tseh, rodi ka e-for-'e-hah 
ha poh I6mi Yisua Masia gb^rah, mo Qyi6 'a trah ra- 
k'antr ka-p§hkino katr(ih-ka-nu-e? 

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8 Afi'-Galati 3. 

2. Ats6 gbo I ^^ma na tr(^ri-mi: P§ yi ho na poA 
s^iQ o-Rdhu ka ina-yos ma an-ton-i, tal(}m ka ama- 
trel ma-t^k'sa ma ka-lane-i? 

3. Pa y\ n§ ^i a-pank ^an-i? Ka-rdran ka ma na 
pon trap ka o-Ruhu, na ko poAs ka o-sem-i? 

4. Pa y\ na pon s()mpane ama-trel ma-lal am6 ka- 
tsih-i? be p§ yi so yan gben, ho tra y()ne ka-tsin. 

5. Arabd, kon* ow(J son-nu o-Ruhu, de OW(J yQ 
ma-yos ma-kab6ne kalrdn-ka-nu, o yO-tsi ka ma-yos 
ma au-ton-i, tal(}m ka ama-trei ma-t^k'sa ma ka- 

6. Mq Ibrdhima so Idne K'uru, de l^ma-ko-tsi 
mo ho ma-16mpi. 

7. Tr^ka tsi tr^ra n§n, fo Aan, an^ bd k§-ldne, an^ 
na y\ a-wut na Ibr^hima. 

8. K^re tr§ka ma ama-Gbal ma ngAk-tsi t^pan, fo 
K'tiru tr§ son ma-m^ri ka au'-Kdfri ka ka-Ian6> ma 
tramas am-B6lra t^pah ka Ibrdhima, ka pd bo: Tra- 
b6na be na tr| s^Xq a-ruba ka munon. 

9. Tr^ka tsi nan, and bd ka-Iane, na ba a-ruba re 
Ibrdhima owo-lsne. 

10. Tsa na be and saline ka ma-yos ma an-ton» 
a-rdhka na r^nsa-Aa: tia na pon gbal bo: A-rdhka na 
wop w'uni 6 w'uni, ow(^ bdsar-he ka ama-trel be, amd 
'a pon gbal ka ak'dfa ka an-ton, tr§ka ;yO-na! 

11. K^re fo w'uni 6 w'dni o gb§li-he siJto ma- 
mdri rodf ka K'uru ka an-ton, o n^nsa; tsa: Owo- 
lompi tr§ k^li ka ka-Mne-k'on. 

12. K^re an-ton na fof-be trdka ka-lane; k^re: 
Ow'uni ow() yO-na, o tra k^li ka ama-trel ma-tsi. 

13. Masia o pon bdni-su ka aA'-rdhka na an-ton» 

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An'-Galati 3. 9 

lr4ka mo o s§ike a-r^hka tra Ir^ssu : (tsa na poA gbal 
ho: A-r^hka na wop w'uni 6 w'uni, owd gMsa ra- 

14. Kdma an'-ruba na Ibr^hima laa d^rar an'-Kafri 
ka Ylsua Masia; kdma ka ka-ldne sa s6to o-Huhu, tr^ka 
ow^ pofi Iran r'im. 

15. A-wontr-'a-mi, 1 fof mo w'uni: A-wasiyat, an^ 
'a pon bSksar, bali pa y\ gbo a-wasiyat na w'uni, 
w'uni 6 w'uni o r^fi-he-ni, de bar-he Ir'eT rok(Jm- 

1 6. K^re as'im atrd 'a traA na traA-tsi ka Ibrdbima 
de ka o-ra-kom'ra-k'on. p5-he ho: »iDe ka an-lra- 
kom'ra"; mo ho fof Ir^ka a-gb^ti, k^re mo ho tr^ka 
k'in: „De ka o-ka-mu ra-kom'ra", ow(J yi Masia. 

17. Kere I pa ats6: Ma-16m'rane, am^ K'uru o 
pon b^k'sar t^pafi tr^ka Masia, an-ton, an^ 'a raf ka- 
rarah ka tra-ren tr'^me tr'^nle ka-gba tr'of^tr, na 
gb^li-he r^fi ama-l^m'rane ma-tsi> ha ha t^pis ar'im 

18. Tsa be sa 8(Jlo ak'^ ka an-loh, sa sdto-he-ki 
so ka ar'fm ra-lran; k^re K'uru o pon soh-ki ka Ibr6- 
hima ka ar'im ra-trah. 

19. Ko Ir'el tsene an-ton na yi rl-e? Na bar-ni 
Ir^ka 'ra-bomp ra ama-trel ma-las, (ha ka ah'-lo aM 
0-ra-k6m'ra ka-tsi o der, ow(5 'a pon trah ar'fm,) ha 
tr^mas-hi ka ka-m^nde ka a-maleika ka ka-tra ka o- 

20. K^re o-k^sa o yi-he o-k^sa ka w'uni k'in: 
k^re K'uru o yi k'in. 

21. ^'"b^, p§ yi ho an-loh ha Irdmone as'im Ira 
K'uru tra-lrah kadf-i? S^ki-lsi! Tsa be ha pon' na 

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10 Ah'-Galati 3. 4. 

sofi a-tQii, an^ t^na soft a-fi£s§m, ama-16mpi ma wur 
nan ka an-toii tra-fsen. 

22. K^re ama-6bal ma pon sond tra-b6na be ka 
ma-trei ma-las, kama ftan, and l^ne, na s^iQ ar'im ra- 
tran ka ka-ldne Yisua Masia. 

23. K^re p6la ka-ljlne ka der, fia bumar-su ka an- 
iQti ror^ta, na safi-su ka ka-ldne, akd 6a yi tra naibi. 

24. Trgka tsi an-ton na pon s^ke o-karm(Jko-ka- 
su tra k^re-su ka Masia, kama s§ s^to ma-mdri ka 

25. K^re ka-rar§ft ka ma ka-]dne ka poii der, sa 
tse so ^i ka o-karm^ko rorita. 

26. Tsa njra be na yi a-wut na K'uru ka ka-lane 
Yisua Masia. 

27. Tsa na be katr(^n-ka-nu, bM 'a pon bdptis ka 
au'^s na Masia, na pon ^on Masia. 

28. 0-Y6hudi o yi-he, pa yi-he o-Yunani; o-trar 
yi-be, pa yi-he o-w^nkom; o-runi o yi-he, p§ yi- 
he o-b^ra : tsa nya be na yi k'in ka Yisua Masia. 

29. K^re be na yi a-fam na Masia, n§ yi ra-k6m'ra 
ra Ibrdhima, de mo ar'im ra-tran n§ s(Jlo tr'en. 

Ara-Bomp 4. 

1. K^re I pa, mo ow(J s^iQ ak'e yi ras o-fet-e, 
0-gbdske tse yi katr(}n-k'on de katr^n ka o-trar, k6td 
yi o-kas ka ey'^tr be; 

2. K^re o yi ka a-wdsi de ka a-kira rordta, ha ka 
an'-lo and o-kas-k'on o pon botr. 

3. Ya sya so, ma sa yi ras a-fet-e, sa yi a-trar 
jfia e-s6ruh ya ara-rQ. 


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An'-Galati 4. 11 

4. K^re ma an'-lo ana-lasar na pon bek, K'uru o 
s6m*ra Ow'dn-k'gn, owq o-b^ra o kOm, na kom-ko ka 
afi'-lo na an-tofi; 

5. Kama o bdni naf), anS yi ka an-ton rata, kdma 
sa sdto ama-tr4ma ma ra-wah^t. 

6. Kqtq tr^ka ma na yi a-wut, K'liru o pon sCm 
0-Ruhu ka OW^n-k'on rok6r ka Ira-but-tra-nu , ow(J 
ts^Ia bo: Abba, Pa-ka-mil 

7. Tr§ka tsi ma Is6 so yi 0-trar, kere w'an: k^re 
be ma yi w'an, ma sdto so k'e ka K'uru ka ka-tra 
ka Masia. 

8. K^re ka an'-lO 'na na tr'a-he K'uru, na y\ a-trar 
na an^n, an^ ts6 yi tr'uru mo ama-tsauhar-ma-nan. 

9. K^re ak6, ka-rdrah ka ma na poA Irdra K'uru, 
ank6, pa tas atse ka-rdran ka mo K*uru o pon tr^ra- 
nu, Iro pa yi-e, ho na kal s^ko so ka e-s6ruh eye- 
rantr eye-yal, a-trar-na-tsi na y^ma so yi-e, ma na 
yi ka ka-m(Jla-e? 

10. Na wop ma-r^'i, de y'of, de m'elr, de tra-ren. 

11. A-soli na wop-mi tr^ka trdnnu, bo I pon yO 
ma-pant ka-tsin katr(^Q-ka-nu. 

12. S^ke nan me minan, tsa min' so yi mo nyafi, 
nya a-wontr-'a-mi, I n^mlene-nu; na Ise pon yO-mi 
Ir'el 6 Ir'el tra-las. 

o o 

13. Na Ir^ra, fo r§ ra-ranlr ra ama-der I poA 
tr^mar-nu am-B6sra ka ka-m^ta. 

14. De na sai-he, na sem-be ka-s^mpane-ka-mi, 
akd wop ama-der-ma-mi; k^re na pon m^lane-mi mo 
0-maleika k§ K'Qru, mo Yisua Masia. 

15. K^ne yi tsi na lon-e, trjka ow^ na k^line a- 
ni6ri-ir*el-e? Tsa I son t'amasere trgka tr^nnu, fo, be 

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12 Ah*-Galdti 4. 

p§ pon' na t^na yi, ng tra pon* na k6ti e-for-'e-nu 
gben, na pon' na son-vi ka minan. 

16. Pa y\ ho I pon s§ke o-gbena-ka-nu-i, pak^sife 
I k^ne-nu atra-tsen-i? 

17. Na tse Isimne o-fino tr^ka ama-b(}l§r-ma-nu; 
k^re na y6ina kStsi-nu, kaina na^tsimne tr§ka am-m'an 

18. K^re fino, be a-f6la na atrd yi tr§-fhio na 
'wop-nu li^kg 6 \6^q, pa yi-h^ gbo an'-lo *na me b^par 

19. A-fet-'a-mi, tr^ka and I kal bd ma-ban ka ka- 
kom-na, ha Masia q s^Xq a-f6sne rok6r-ka-nu: 

20. Ak6 1 .y^ma na b§par ronu, do tra sinkar 
ar'fm-ra-mi; p§kdsife I k^tane tr§ka trdnnu. 

21. Kdne-mi nan, nyd and y^ma y'\ ka an-ton r^ta, 
pa yi na traUhe an-ton-i? 

22. Tsa na pon gbal ho: Ibrdhima o ba a-wut a- 
runi na-ran, k'in o s^lo ka o-trar o-b^ra, de k'in o 
s^iQ ka o-bera owo-wdnkdm. 

23. K^re kon' ow(5 o scjlo ka o-trar o-b^ra, ha 
k5m-ko mo o-sem; k^re kon' qw(J o s(Jto ka o-bera 
Owo-wdnkOm, na kom-ko ka ar'im ra-tran. 

24. As'im alse tra ba a-mera a-m^nkne: tsa ana- 
ran ane na yi ama-l^m'rane ama-ran ; ii'in fta yefa ka 
an'-ron na Sfna, and kcm a-wut tr^a ra-trar, ftia-iig 

25. Tsa ar'im ra HSgar ra yi an'-ron Aa Sina ro- 
Larabia, ra b6ki Yerusalem, akd yi e-soma ye, de akd 
pon won ra-lrar re an'-wut-na-lsi. 

26t Kere Yerusalem, akd yi rok^m, ka yi kg-wdn- 
kOm, akd yi o-kdra ka sya be. 

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An'-Galdti 4. 5. 15 


27. Tsa na pon gbal ho: Y^sane, mun' kdnferen^ 
0W(} kom-he ; gb^nkra, de ts^la laQaQ, mun' owd yira« 
he ak'g.ntr ka ra-kom: tsa qyi^ y\ o-s5n o ha a-wut 
a-gb^ti, tdsi owd ba o-wos. 

28. K^re syan, nya a-wontr-'a-ini, sa y\ a-wut h» 
ar'im ra-tran, mo Isdka o yi. 

29. K^re mo aA'-lo fia-tsi kon' owcj 'a k5m mo 
0-sem bal-bal kon' ow^ 'a kom mo o-Ruhu, ye pa 
yi so e-suma ye. 

30. K^re ko ama-Gbal ma pa ho-e? Wura o-trar 
O-b^ra de ow'^n-k'on o-runi: tsa ow'^n ka o-trar o- 
b^ra gb|li-he scjto k'e re ow'^n ka o-b^ra owo-w5n« 

31. Tr^ka Isi, nya a-wontr-'a-mi, sa yi-he a-wut 
na o-trar o-b^ra, k^re lia o^b^ra owo-w^nkOm. 

Ara-Bomp 5. 

1. Tr^ka tsi b^sar n§A ka ara-w^nkom, ard Masia 
poh b^nia-su, de tse na tser 'a kal s^pas-nu ka 
ka-nir ka ra-trar. 

2. K^li, mine, Patilos, 1 kdne-nu, fo be na yo 'a 
gbak-nu e-16mpe, Masia o gbdli-he yi-nu k'es^te ko-ko. 

3. K^re I kal gb^ki-tsi ka w'uni 6 w'dni ow(J 'a 
gbak an'-lempe, fo o k6larne tra wop an-ion be. 

4. Na gb^skine Masia, w'uni 6 w'uni katr(^n-ka-nu, 
Qw^ y^ma s^Xq ma-m^ri ka an-ton, na pon fdlan ka 

5. Tsa sya ka o-R&hu sa kar ah'-r^tsa na ma-16mpi 
ka ka-l4ne. 

6. Tsa ka Yisua Masia ka-gbak a-l^mpe ka n^fa-he 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

14 Ah'-Galati 5. 

tr'el 6 tr'ei, pa yi-he ka-ba a-16rape; k^re ka-l^ne, 
ak^ yiJsne ka ma-b()t§r. 

7. N§ gbuke nan o-ftno ; k^ne ma bentr-nu tra tse 
-wop atra-tsen-e? 

8. Ka-t(^ntQ ak6 ka tse yefa ka qv/^ poA mutii-nu. 

9. £-gbit e-tan e fukas ka-bot be. 

10. 1 saline ronu ka o-R^bbu, fo na tie n^ne tr*ei 
6 tr'er tr§4Qm: k^re kon' qyi^ kira-nu, ka-si^mpane 
ka tra r6nsa-ko, w'doi 6 w'tini ow(J ^yi tsi. 

11. K6re niinan, nya a-woalr-'a-mi, be I tr^mas 
r|s ka-gbak e-I^mpe, ko (r*ei tr'a Aa bi^-bal-mi ras-e? 
Be pa yi yan-e, atr*ei tra ka-p§t tra ak'§ntr k§^-p|nkine 
tra !s6 yi rl sq. 

12. K^nko, nan so i^a dfnne, and gbonktas-nu! 

13. Tsa, nya a-wontr-'a-mi, na poh rautli-nu tra 
s(^iO ra-wdnkom; k^re tse na ^(}na ara-wdnkOm-ra-nu 
trdka son ka-f^na ka o-sem, k^re ka ma-b(^tar lehki 
naA k'in o-lom. 

14. Tsa an-ton be na lasgr ka r*im r'in, ria yi ho: 
Ma yi tra b(Jt§r o-Wtrane-ka-inu, mo an'-nes§m-'a-mu 

15. Kgre be na hdn'sane, de be na s(}m*tdne, sobi 
nan, kdma na tse dimane. 

16. Kere 1 pa ho: Kot nan ka o-Rohu, de na Ira 
Ise pons e-f6la ya o-sem. 

17. Tsa o-sem o ba a-f6la tr§ka atra tr^mone q- 
Ruhu kadi, de o-Rohu o ba a-fela tr4ka atrd tr§mone 
O-sem kadi: e,y6 e trgmone kadi, an'in ana-lom; kama 
na ts6 yo ama-trei, sunk na yema. 

18. K^re be na tser o-Ruhu o trdna-nu, na Ise yi 
ka an-ton rata. 

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Aii'-Galati 5. 6. 15 

19. K^re ama-yos ma o-sem ma n^nsa, ma yi: 
ra-pure, ka-rap, ka-traiane, kg-w5te, 

20. Ka-rSmne e-ron, ra-ser, ma gb^na, ma-putane, 
ka-tsimne, ma-bah, e-gbal, ma-s^kane ro-m6ra, e-siat, 
k|-trutr, ka-clif§t ka-sas, 

21. Ka-tsis, kg-fdntane ka->v6na, de ama-trel ma- 
lom am^ bSlane am6; tr^ka am^ I mi^ta k^ne-nu, me 1 
pon pd ronu t^pan, fo naia, and yO ma-trel ma-wunon, 
na gb§li-he s^iQ ak'^ ka ara-buT ra K'uru. 

22. Kere ama-k6mi ma Q-Ruhu ma y\: ma-b^tar, 
ma-b(Jne, ma-t(Jf|l, a-miiyu, ma-lQt, ma-b6na, Ira-tseft, 
a-m^ra t(}fal, kg-wop e-f^la: 

23. Traka ma-trei ma-wuDgn a-ton na ts6 yi. 

24. Kere and yi a-fam na Masia, na pon Iran o- 
sem-'o-naft ra-k'antr ka-p^nkioe re ama-y^ma-ma-tsi 
ma-las de e-fela-ya-lsi. 

25. Be sa k^li ka o-Rubir, tra sa kot sq mo 0- 

26. Tra sa lie bd a-fela na a-yiU a-tsin, ka y^k- 
siane, de ka bd ka-trutr k*in Ir^ka Q-lom. 

Ara-Bomp 6. 

1. A-wontr-'a-mi, be w'uni o sap ka-y^to 6 ka- 
yeto, nyan, and ba o-Kubu, kal b^mpa n§n w'uni 
wunon r' a-m^ra Wfgl: de b6trar am-m6ra, tdni man* 
8Q ma won' do-tr'el Ira-gb^sa. 

2. K^na nat k'in ka-r^na ka w'uni lom, de ya Idsgr 
nan an-lon na Masia. 

3. Tsa be w'uni o ndne, ho yi w'Qni bdna, mo 
tse yi Ir'el 6 Ir'ei, q trc^nsne. 

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16 An'-Galdti 6. 

4. Kere tra w'uni 6 w*uni o m^mar ama-pant-m'oQ 
gben, de an*-lo na-tii q trg ba tr*ei tr§ka k61one tr^ka 
k()QO-kgnone gbo, pa ^^i-he tr§ka w*uni lom. 

5. Tsa w'uni 6 w'uni o tr§ r^na ka-r^oa-k'on gben. 

6. Kere tra kgn*, ow(J 'a t^k'sa ka ar'im, o yer 
y'etr e-fino be ka ow(J t^k'sa-ko. 

7. Tse D§ Iser 'a yetas-nu, K'uni o k^si ma-sel. 
Tsa ard w'uni o sak, ria o tra pirn so. 

8. Tsa kon* ow^ sak ka o-sem-w'on, o tr§ pirn 
k§-dinDe ka o-sem-w'on; k^re kon' QVfi sak ka o- 
Rubu, Q tra pirn a-n6s§m a-lab^na ka o-Kuhu. 

9. K^re tra s| lol-he ka ka-yO Q-ftno; tsa kalam'^tr- 
ma-tsi s§ tra pirn, ina-l(^li ma gb§li-be su wop. 

10. Tr§ka tsi. ma sa ba ton ka-fena, tra sa yO 
O-fino ka a-f§m be, k^re pa ta gb^ti ka aD-tr§-kom 
'a ka-ldne. 

11. K^li n§n, tro a-r^ka a-b(ili I pen gb^lar-nu 
ka ka-tra-ka-mi gbeh-e. 

12. Na be an^ ^^^ma t^sa mo o-^em, an^ na f()sar- 
nu tra yO 'a gbak-nn e-l^mpe; pa y\ gbo kama na tse 
bal-bal-na tr^ka ak'§ntr ka-pdnkine ka Masia. 

13. Tsa ua-ndne so, an^ 'a poii gbak e-Iempe, na 
Ise wop an-ton; k^re na y^ma ho na ;yO 'a gbtjk-nu 
^-lempe, k^ma na gb^Ii k61one trdka o-sem-'o-nu. 

14. Kere mlnan, s^ki-tsi, fo 1 k61one, t^mbe tr^ka 
ak'§Dtr ka-p^nkine ka o-R^bbu-ka-su Yisua Masia, ka 
akjl na pon trah ara-ra r§-k'§ntr kg-p^hkine (r§ka 
tr^mmi, de ka ak^ na pon tran mlnan ra-kantr ka- 
p^nkine tr^ka ara-ru. 

15. Tsa ka Yisua Masia ka-gb§k a-l^mpe k§ n^fa- 

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Ah'-Galati 6. 17 

he Ir'el 6 Ir'el, pa yi-he ka-tse-ba a-16mpe, k^re r'a 
ra-lr^pi ra-fu. 

16. De na be, aha kot mo ah'-kdnOn ah6, ma- 
t(}fal de i-n6*i Aa Ira^ d^rar-ha, na yi ho an'-Yisra^li 
ha K'iiru. 

17. K^bi ka ah'-lo ah6 tra w'uni 6 w'uni o tse 
ky^ne-mi; tsa 1 k^rene e-16ma ya o-Wbbu Yisua ka 

18. A-wQntr'-a-mi, tra am-b6ha ha o-R^bbu-ka-su 
Yfsua Masia ha yi re e-na6ra-'e-nu ! Amfna. 

Galatians — Hebrews. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


AA'-R6ka na Paulos, o-Som, ani o 
gbdlar an'-Efesi. 

Ara-Bomp 1. 

1. Paulos, o-Som k§ Yisua Masia ka ama-s6lo ma 
K'uru, ka an'-sam aM yi ro-Efeso, de ka an'-lane ka 
Yisua Masia: 

2. Tra a-b6na na yi re nyafi, de ma-t(}fal am^ 
y^fa ka K'uru, o-Kas-ka-su, de ka o-R^bbu Yisua Masia. 

3. Tra ha tdkas Ok'uru, o-Kas ka o-R^bbu-ka-su 
Yisua Masia, ow6 pon ruba-su r' e-ruba e-ruhu be 
ya ma-lrel ma ak'uru^ka Masia: 

4. Mo pon tit-su ka kon' p6ta na fak o-lr§mar 
wa ara-ra, kima sa yi a-sam de a-p5ni-tr*ei rodi-k'oh : 

5. Tr§ka mo ka ma-b(Jtar o pon bolr-su tdpah Ira 
s(5to ama-lr^ma ma ra-w'ah^t roh(Jn ka ka-tra ka Yisua 
Masia, mo ama-t6sa ma ama-s6lo-m'Qh : 

6. Kdma ha t(5kas ah'-yiki ha am-b5ha-h'oh , ka 
ah^ yO-su a-t6sa ka ka-tra ka ow(J yi owo-Bdtar. 

7. Ka Qw6 sa s^lo ka-b^ni ka ka-lra ka ama-tsir- 
m'oh, ka-l^par ka ama-trel ma-las, mo ka-la ka am- 

8. Ahfi pon yo ha lalr-su ra ka-tsemp be de ra 
''•■^l^ra-lr'el be; 

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An'-Efesi 1. 19 

9. Tr^ka mo o pon Irdri-su am-raurare na ama- 
selQ-m*on, mo ama-tesa m'on, amii am-m6ra-n'on na 
tr^ma tr§ka ^'O: 

10. Tra b^nene ka-lasar ka am'^tr, k^ma o tdfikla 
so rokin ey^tr be tr^ka k^no-k^none ka Masia rata, 
ef^Xi eye yi ka ak*uru, de eye yi ka an-tof: 

11. Ka kon*, ka owd sa pen so s^Iq tr'e, ah^ o 
pon botr t^pah tr^ka tsi rao ka-kitine ka am-mera na 
kon\ ow(J yos ama-trel be mo an'-gb§ka na ama-seJo- 
m'on gbeh: 

12. Kama sa yi tr§ka ka-k61o an'-yiki-n'on, an^ 
pon rdtsa t§pan ka Masia. 

13. Ka ow(^ nyd so lane, ka-rdr§n ka ma na pon 
tral ar'fm ra atra-!sen, ria yi ho am-B6sra na ka-futi- 
ka-nu, ka qy/^, ka-rarah ka ma na pon s§ke a-lane, 
na pon so kMam-nu re o-Ruhu owo-S§m, tr§ka ow(J 
'a pon Iran r'im, 

14. Qwd yi ama-seke ma ak'e-ka-su, Ir^ka ka-bani 
ka-fus-k'on, tr§ka ka-k61o an'-yiki-n*on. 

15. Tr^ka tsi min' so, ka-raran ka me I pon tral 
tr^ka ka-lane-ka-nii ka o-R^bfau Yisua, de tr^ka ama- 
bi5lar-ma-nu ro ka aii'-sam be, 

16. I tr'el-fe kg-mutsi m'amo tr^ka tr^nnu, de I 
n^ne-nu ka tra-rdmne-tra-mi; 

17. Kdma Ok'Qru ka o-Rabbu-ka-su Yfsua iMasia, 
0-Kas ka an'-yiki, o son-nu o-Ruhu ka ka-tsemp de 
ka k§-naibi ma-trel tr^ka ka-tr^ra-kb, 

18. De kama o sdkat e-for ya e-mera-'e-nu, kama 
na tr^ra, ko an'-r^lsa ha ka-mutsi-k'oA na yi-e, de 
ko e-ndnla ya ah'-yfki na ak'^-k'on tr^ka an'-sam e 


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20 Aii'.Efesi 1. 2. 

19. De Ilo ara-b^Da ra an'-fiJsa-n'oA ara-t^si tr^ka 
s^dA, and lane, mo la-yos ka an'-f(}sa na ka-t^na- 
lr*ei-k'on ra yj-e, 

20. Ka akd o ^i^sne ka Masia, mo y6kas-ko ka 
an'-fi, de mo o yO-ko,0 yira ka ka-dio-k'on gbeA ro- 

21. Rok(}m ka ra-bomp 6 ra-bomp be, de ka a- 
f(}sa 6 a-f(}sa, de ka kf-t^na 6 ka-t^na, de ka ra-gb^ka 
6 ra-gb^a, de ka n'es 6 h'^s, aM 'a gb^i bontr, p§ 
^i-he gbo ka ara-rO ar6, k^re p§ yi so ka ara-rQ ar^ 
ma der-e: 

22. De pon botr r'dka 6 r'dka ka atr'dtr§k-lr'on 
rdia, de o pon son-ko tra ^'i o-ra-bomp ka e^'^tr be 
tr^ka an'-gbdnne, 

23. And ^i ama-der-m'on , ka-lfi ka owt^ Idsar be 
rok6r-ka-na be. 

Ara-Bomp 2. 

1. Nyd so pofi k^lis, and yi a-fi tr^ka 'ra-bomp 
ra tra-y6lo-lra-nu de tr^ka ama-trel-ma-nu ma-las, 

2. Ka amd na kot t^pan mo ama-trdnne ma ara- 
rQ ar6, mo o-ra-bomp ka an'-f(isa na ro-hdwa, na o- 
ruhu, QYfi ycjsne e-stima ye rok6r ka aA'-wut fia ka- 

3. Ratr(}n-ka-nan syd be so s§ kot t^pan ka e-f<6la 
ya o-sem-'o-su, tr§ka ma sa yO ama-s6lo ma o-sem 
de ma e-ndne-'e-su ; de sa yi nan a-wut na ra-ban 
mo ama-tabiat, ma aAa-lom so Aa yi. 

4. K^re K'dru, ow^ ba i-n^i i-lal. tr^ka 'ra-bomp 
ra ama-b(^tar-m'on ma-bdna, amd o pon biJtgr-su, 

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An'-Efesi 2. 21 

5. Sya so, an^ yi a-fi tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ama-trei 
ma-las, o pon kjlis re Masia, (ka a-bdna na pon futi;) 

6. De pon yokas-su re kon*, de o pon yis-su 
ro-ridnna re kon' ka ka-tra ka Ylsua Masia: 

7. Kdma o IriJri ka-la ka am-b6na-n*on aka-l^si 
ka am'^tr amd ma der-e^ka ama-tgUm'on tr§ka tr^ssu 
ka Yisua Masia. 

8. Tsa pa yi ka am-bdna na pon futi ka ka-ldne; 
de als6 tra yi-he ka na-nu a-f^sa: am-b6ya na K'uru 

9. Pa yi-he ka ma-yos, kdma w'uni 6 w'uni q 
gb§li-he k6Ione. 

10. Tsa sa yi am-m'Qn ma-pant, kdno pon tr§pi-su 
ka Yisua Masia tr§ka ma-yos ma-Ano, amd K'uru o 
pon b^nene t^pan, kama s§ kot ka ama-yos ma-fino 

11. Tr§ka tsi n^ne-tsi nan, fo nyan, an^ yi t§pan 
an'-K^fri mo o-sem, (an^ nan, an^ 'a gbak e-l^mpe 
ka o-sem re ka-lra, na bontr a-fam n* e-l^mpe,) 

12. Fo an*-l0 na-tsi na p^hi Masia, na Ise y^rane 
ara-dure ra Yfsrael, na yi a-lsik na ama-16m*rane lr§ka 

. am^ na pon tran r'im, n§ ba-he a-ratsa, de na p^hi 
K'uru ka ara-rQ ar6: 

13. K^re ak6 ton ka ka-tra ka Yisua Masfa nyan, 
and yi a-b(Jlane po t^pan, na pon kdra-nu o-f^tsi ka 
ka-tra ka ama-tsir ma Masia. 

14. Tsa k(Jno yi ama-t^fal-ma-su, ow(J pon yo na 
na-rgh k'in, de ow(J pon y^ksi an*-gbingbin and yi 
ratrc^n ira gbdski-na; 

15. Ow(J nol ama-gb^na ka o-sem-w'o^, mia yi ho 
an-ton na ama-gbgka re e-man-ya-tii ; kama o bempa 

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22 Aii^Efesi 2. 3. 

ana-r§u w'llni k'in q-(u ka k(Jno-k6none, de kdma o 
;yO ma-l(}fal; 

16. De k^ma o ^0 ana-ran na kal m^ne re K'uru 
ka ma-der m'in ka ka-trd ka ak'^ntr ka-p^nkine, trdka 
mo dim ama-gb^na ka ak'^ntr ka-p§okine ka-tsi: 

17. De pon der tra tr^mas ma-t^fal ka nySih, 
an^ pon ^i a-b()lane po, de ka an^n, and 'a kdra o- 

18. Tsa ka kon' s^a ana-ran sa gb§li fdtr§r o-Kas 
ka o-Ruhu k'in. 

19. Tr§ka tsi n§ yi-ie so a-fam a-bdra de a-fam 
a-fsik, k^re na ^i a-dure re an'-sam de k§-bor ka 

20. AM 'a pon sal rok(}m ka o-tr^mar wa an'-Som 
de wa afi'-N6bi, de Yfsua Masfa k^no-k^none yi 
an'-sar na aiV-kon; 

21. Rok(im-ka-tsi ama-sal be ma gb^ptrane ma 
bdrne tr^ka a-h^kal a-sam ka o-R^bbu: 

22. Rok(^m-ka-tsi na pon so sal nySn re ana-lom 
tr^ka o-,yira wa K'uru ka o-Ruhu. 

Ara-Bomp 3. 

1. Tr^ka Isi mine, Paulos, o-ka-r|nka ka Yisua 
Masia tr§ka nyafi ah'-Kdfri, 

2. Tr§ka ma na pon tral tr^ka ama-kira ma am- 
bdna ha K'uru, am^ 'a pon sofi-mi tr^ka frdnnu: 

3. Fo pon tr(Jri-mi am-murdre ka nafbi-ni rgmi; 
(me I pon gbal t^paii ra s'im tra-tan; 

4. Ka atrd, be na karaA-tM, na gb^li n§nk, ka- 
tr^*^^4§pmi tr^ka am-murdre na Masia, 

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Ah'-Efesi 3. 23 

5. And 'a tse pon Iri^ri ka au'-f§m ka am'^tr amd 
yi t^pan, ma aa poh nalbi-hi ak6 ka an'-SOm-n'on 
ana-s§in de ka an'-N^bi ka o-Ruhu; 

6. Fq an'-Kdfri ha yi tra yi a-pdntrane na ak'^ 
ka-tsi gben, de a-pdntrane lia ama-der ma-tsi gben, 
Aq a-pdnlrane na ar*icn ra-tsi gbeh, ard K'dru o trail 
ka Masia, ka ka-tra ka am-B6sra: 

7. 0-sdmmas-ka-tsi 1 pon s^ke, mQ am*b6ya na 
am-b6na na K'uru, aM 'a pon son-mi mo ka-yos ka 

8. Ka minan, qy/^ yi o-lol Q tSsi be katr(}n ka 
an'-sam be, na pon son am-b^Aa an6, tra trdmas e- 
D^nla ya Masta eye-trui-trdhane ka an'-KSfri; 

9. De tra yO a-f§m be na n§nk, ko ama-b6trgs 
ma am-murdre ma yi-e, and pon yi a-mdnkne kdbi ka 
ka-tr§p ka ara-ra rok6r ka K'uru, Qyf^ pon trgpi r*dka 
6 r*dka ka ka-tra ka Yfsua Masia: 

10. Kama ak6 atra-bomp de e-f(}sa ka ak'ura na 
s^iQ ka-trdra ka ka-tsemp ka K'uru aka-gbdnte 0-lal 
ka ka-tra ka an'-gbdnne» 

11. Mq ama-s6lo ama-tabdna, amd q pon yO ka 
Yfsua Masia, o-Rdbbu-ka-su; 

12. Ka QYi^ 8§ ba ka-minta, de ka ow(i 8§ gb^li 
fair ra ka-s^line ka ka-ldne-kg. 

13. Tr^ka tii 1 n^mtene-nu, kflma e-mera-'e-nu e 
ts6 rdntra tr|ka ama-8(}mpane-ma^4iii tra trdnnu, amd 
yi a-yiki tr^a trdnnu. 

14. Tr^ka atr'ei ats6 I so tra-wu-tra-mi ka o-Kas 
ka o-Rdbbu-ka-su Yisua Masia, 

15. Ka Qwi ra-kom 6 ra-kdm ka ak'uru de ka an-^ 
tof ra s(Jto n'es, 

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24 Ah'-Efesi 3. 4. 

16. K^ma o son-nu, mo e-n^nla ya an'-jr<ki-n'on, 
tra b^k§ro6 r' a-fi^sa ka ka-tra ka o-Ruhu-k'on ka e- 

17. Kima Masia q jira ka tra-but-tra-nu ka ka-Idne; 

18. Kdma, ma ama-b(it§r-ma-nu ma bs e-tank de 
O-tr^mar, n§ t^na tr^ra re a6'-s§m be, ko an'-kin, de 
ka-bol, de ka-b(iloA» de ka-bgl rok(}m ka yi-e; 

1 9. De tra tr^ra ama-b(}tar ma Masia, amS tSsi ka- 
tr^ra, k^ma n§ l^sar ka-Ia ka K'uru be. 

20. K^re Ira kgn*, ow(J t^na yO pa tas o-lal tr'el 
6 tr'el, atr^ sa t61a ia](}m air^ s§ trSra, mo an'-fdsa 
and y^sne rok6r*ka-8u, 

21. Tra kono ba an'-yfki ka aA'-gbdnne ka Yisua 
Masia, ba ka tra-k6m'ra be t^Akan tabdna! Amina. 

Ara-Bomp 4. 

1. Tr^ka tli 1 n^mtene-nu, mine, o-ka-r^nka ka 
0-Rdbbu, k^ma n§ kot, mo pa b^kane ka-mutsi, ka 
akd 'a pon mutsi-nu, 

2. Ra a-m6ra t5rane be de ra ra-fi}fal, ka ba a- 
muyu k'in tr^ka o-lom r' a-m6ra b(}li ka ma-b(itar; 

3. Ka tlimne tra b^ne ara-kin ra o-Rubu ka ara- 
b^na ra ama-t(}fal; 

4. Kama n§ yi ma-der m'in, de o-Ruhu k'in, ma 'a 
pon so mtitsi-nu ti^ka a-r^la &'in na ka-mutsi-ka-nu ; 

5. Tsa p§ yi o-Rdbbu k'in, a-lane ti'in, a-bdptis 

6. K'tiru k'in, o-Kas-ka-su be, owd yi rok6m-ka- 
su be, de o^*^ ^(isne ka ka-tra-ka-su be, de Qyf^ yi 
rok6r-ka-su be. 

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An'-Efesi 4. 25 

?• K^re ka w'uni 6 w'uni katr^n-ka-so na pon sqA 
am-bOna mo am'^lo ma am-b6^a ha Masia. 

8. Tr^ka tsi o pd ho: Mo poh Aatr rok^m, o 
k6re a-tra-r^hka mo e-funti, do o poh sQh 6-b6ya ka 


9. Kere ka-pa „0 poh hatr rok(Jm", ko yi tsi-e, 
t^mbe fo mdta so tor ka e-b^Iah ya an-tof eye- 

10. Ow(i poh tor rordta, k(}no yi tsi so o^^ poh 
hatr rok(}m ka atr'dru be, kdma o Issar ey'^tr be. 

11. De k($DQ-k^none poh botr a-lom tra yi a- 
sCm, a-lom tra yi a-ndbi, a-lom tra tr^mas am-B6sra, 
a-lom tra yi a-irol de a-karm^ko; 

12. Tra ka-gb^ntis ah'-sam tr^ka ama-pant ma ara- 
l^mmSs, tr§ka ah'-n^fa ha ama-der ma Masia: 

13. Ha sya be sa b^kar ka ara-kin ra ka-lane de 
ra ka-tr^ra ka Qw'^n ka K'uru, ka ra-Mhba ra-gb6ntis, 
ka am'i^lo ma ka-s4ha ka ka-la ka Masia : 

14. Kdma 8§ yi-fe so a-fet, ah^ tser a-fef be ha 
ma-trel ma-t§k'sa ha sutas-ha, ha k^re-na ro de ro^ 
ka ah'-y^hfa ha ah'-fam, ka am-baia ha ka-trap ka-sot 
tra yetas a-lom; 

15. K^re kinia ka wop atra-tseh ka ma-b(Jtar sa 
bak ka tr'el 6 tr'ei rok6r k'oh, ow(J yi ara-bomp, kdno 
yi ho Masia: 

16. Ka QY/^ ama-der be, amd gb^p'trane de amd 
kuluhane ka ka-mar ka a-k(}isir 6 a-k^tsir, mo ka- 
yos, ak^ b^kane a-bem 6 a-bem, ma s^to ka-bSme ka 
ama-der tr^ka ah'-nSfa-ha-tsi gbeh ka ma-b^tar. 

17. Ats6 I p& toh, de I gb^ki-tsi ka ah'^s ha o 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

26 Ah'-Efesi 4. 

R^bbu, fo na t^e so ^i tra kot, ma ah'-K^fri ana-loin 
na kot, ka 'ra-yal ra e-m^ra-'e-nan, 

18. And bd e-m^ra e-sum, de and b^lane an'-n^sam 
Aa K'uru Ir^ka 'ra-bomp ra ka-lsg-trdra, akd yi rok6r- 
ka-nan, tr§ka ka-bak-ka-na tra-bomp: 

19. De ir^ka ma na pdni ka-tr^lne na pon s^ndne 
ka e-for e-m6ra, Ir^ka yo ka-lrafane be r' e-for e- 

20. Kere nyan na \s€ pofi t^kas Masia mo ats6. 

21. Tr^ka ma n§ poil tr^a-ko, de M pon tgk'sa^ 
nu tr^ka Ir'ofi, mo atra-tseii tra y'\ ka Yfsua: 

22. Fo, Ir^ka ama-bdtras-ma-nu l^pan, na yi tra 
bus ara-\vuni ara-kur, arS l^sarne tr|ka 'ra-bomp ra 
am-bafa na e-f^la; 

23. De fo n§ yi tra s(}to e-m6ra e-fu rok6r ka an'- 

24. He tra won ara-w'uni ara-fu, ard na po6 tr§pi 
mo K'dru ka ma-16mpi de ka ma-sam ma4r§ts^A. 

25. Tr^ka tsi, bus nan ra-yem, pd nan tra-tsen, 
w'uni 6 w'uni ka o-f^trane-k'on ; pakdsife sa yi e-bem 
katr(in-ka-su k'in tr^ka o-lom. 

26. Bdn'sa nan, de Ise na yo 0-las; tra na ts6 tser 
ar'^tr ra won rok^m ka ara-baA-ra-nu: 

27. De ts6 na son ka-f£na ka S^tani. 

28. Kon' ow(J kef a, Ir' o tse so kefa; k^re tr' q 
y^na gbo ma-pant ama-trS-^m^on, ka yO ma-pant ama 
yi ma-fino, kdma o ba y'elr tra yer r'aka ka ow(} ka* 
pan ka wop. 

29. Tra r1m 6 r'im ra-las ra tse wur ka tra-san- 
tra-nu, k^re r'im 6 r1m ard yi ra-fino tr^ka ka-ndfas 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

AiV-Efesi 4. 5. 27 

€-m6ra, me e ^^ma-tsi, kdma ra son a-boha ka and 
yi a-lral. 

30. De Ise na yQ o-Buhu owo-Sam ka K'tiru o 
san a-iDQl, re owd 'a pon kdtam-nu tr^a an'-r^'i na 

31. Tra a-m6ra r6nkal be, de ka-y^kse, de ra-ban, 
de ka-w^na, de ka-fof o-l§s, de ma-l^ke be, ma 
bdlane-nu ; 

32. Kere bd na ma-tot k1n tr^ka o-Iom, bd na 
i-nei, Mparane nan, mo K'uru so o pon Idpar nydn 
tr§ka 'ra-bomp ra Masia. 

Ara-Bomp 5. 

1. Tr^ka tsi trdnsane nan K'uru, ma a-fet a-b(Jtar; 

2. De kot nan ka ma-b^tar, mo Masia so poii 
b(}t§r lydn, o pon Mhkline tra trdssu mo a-boya de 
mo s*ddka ka K'uru tr4ka i-bontr i4(ilfol. 

3. Kere kg-rgp, de ka4rafane be, tal(Jm e-for e- 
ydmari, tra p§ tse yi na bontr gbo am*^s-ma-tsi katr^n- 
ka-nu, mo o mdri a-sam; 

4. Pa yi-he ma-trel ma-t^ri, pa yi-he ka-fof kg- 
pank, tal^m kg-gbatsi, amd ls6 mar-nu; k^re k§-miitsi 
m'amo gbo. 

5. Tsa ats6 na trdra, fo w'uni 6 w*uni k§-rap, 
tal(Jm w'uni ka-traiane, tal(Jm w*uni k' e-for e-ydmari, 
OW(J yi w'uni k§-rdmne e-ron, o gb^li-he s(}to k'e ka 
ara-bai ra Masia de ra K'uru. 

6. Tra w'lini 6 w'uni o ts6 trons-nu r§ s'im tra- 
tsin: tsa tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ama-trei am^ ara-ban' da 
K*uru ra d^rar ah'-wut na ka-ts6-tral-tr*eT. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

28 An'-foesi 5. 

7. Tr^ka tsi ts6 na p^ntrane-na. 

8. Tsa na ^i a-sum t^pan, k^re ak6 na yi a-m(Jta 
ka o-il^bbu: kot n§n ma a-wut na ani-m6la; 

9. (Tsa ania-k6mi roa o-Rubu ma yi ma-fino be, 
de ma-16mpi, de Ira-tsen;) 

10. Ma BhA m^mar, kp tr'el tra yi tra-tisa ka q- 

1 1 . De tie na p^ntrane-na ka ama-yos ma a^'-sum 
ama-tse-kom; k^re ffsa n§ tn^ri-na so ama-t^ri-ma-tsi. 

12. Tsa tr'el tr§-l4pas tran tra fof gbo tr^ka ama- 
IreT, amd na ;yO ro-m^hkne; 

13. K^re ama-lrel am6 be ma naibe, tr§ka ma 
am-m6ta na tr^ri ama-t^ri-ma-tsi: tsa Ir'el 6 tr'ei, 
atr^ naibi tr'el, a-m6la nan. 

14. Tsia bd-tsi o pd bo: T^me, mun* q\\6 y\ o- 
dira, m§ yokane ka aifi'-fi, de Masia o tra m6tar-mu. 

15. Tr^ka Isi bi^lrar nan e-m^ra, kama na kot r* 
a-s6bi, p§ yi-he ma a-fam a-pank, kere ma a-fam a- 

16. An^ yi^nane ka-f^na, pak^sife ama-r^i ma yi 

17. Tr^ka fsi tse na pah ka-tsemp, k^re s^to nan 
ka-trSra (tra nahk), ko ama-s^lo ma o-R^bbu ma yi-e. 

18. De tie na Isfsasne ka ma-\valn, atr^ wur ma- 
kar ma-ts^rne; k^re 8§ke n§h a-la o-Ruhu; 

19. De fdfrane nan ka ma-sdlma, de ka ma-leh 
ma-l^nsira, de ka ma-Ieh ma-rtihu, ka leh de ka fer 
trgka Q-R^bbu ka e-mera-*e-nu; 

20. De miitsi nan m'^mo liJkp 6 l(iko tr^ka tr'el 
6 tr'ei ka K'nru, o-Kas, ka ah'es ila o-R^bbu-ka-su 
Yisua Masia: 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

An'-Efesi 5. 29 

21. De sSnne nati k'in ka o-lom ka ra-n€s ra K'uru. 

22. N^a a-rani, s^nne nan ka an'-wos-Vnu gben, 
mo ka o-RSbbu. 

23. Tsa o-wos o y'\ o-ra-bomp ka o-rdni, mo Masia 
so y^ O-ra-bomp ka an'-gbSnne; de k^Jno yi o-Futia 
ka ama-der. 

24. K^re ma an'-gb^nne na s^nne ka Masia, ^a 
ah'-rdni so na yi tra s^nne ka an'-wos-'a-nan gbeA 
tr^ka lr*el 6 Ir'ei. 

25. Nya a-wos, b(Jtar nan an'-r^ni-'a-nu, mo Masia 
80 pon bdtar an'-gb^nno, o l^nkline tr^ka tsi; 

26. Ksma o s^mgs-ni, do k^ma o f^tar-ni ka ka- 
buko-ni ro-m'antr ka ar'im, 

27. Kama o trdmar-ni rodf ka k6no-k{)none mo a- 
gbSnne ana ba a-;yiki, anS ba-he a-Ma, tali^m a- 
D^k'rane, laliJm Ir'el 6 Ir'el Ira-wQnon; kere kdma ha 
yi a-8|m de a-p5hi-lr'ei. 

28. Ya an'-wos ha yi tra bcJlar ah*-r6ni-'a-hah mo 
ama-der-ma-hah gbeh. Kon*, qv/^ bdtar o-rani-k'oh, 
b(}t§rne k(^DO-k(}none. 

29. Tsa w'uni 6 w'uni o ta poh-he gb^ha ama- 
der-m'oh gbeh tab^na: k^re o w^ntar-ha de o bcJtrar- 
ha am-m^ra, mo 0-R^bbu so b6trar am-mera ka ah'- 
gb^nne : 

30. Tsa s§ yi e-bem ya ama-der-m*oh, ya o-sem- 
w*oh, de ya tra-banl-lr'oh. 

31. Tr^ka atr'ei atse w'iini o tra Irei o-kas-k*oh 
de o-k^ra-k'oh, o tra gb^p'sa o r^ni-k'oh, de aha-r§h 
ha Ira yi o-sem o-w'in. 

32. Am-murare ah6 ha yi a-bana; kere I fof tr^ka 
Masia de tr^ka ah'-gbanne-h'oh. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

so An'-Efesi 6. 

33. K^re ny^ so, w'uni 6 w'uni fcalr(}n-ka-nu, yg 
It* q b(}t§r o-r^Di-k'on mo bi^fgrne ki^no-k^none ; 
k^re tra o-r^ni o n^sa o-^os-k'oA. 

Ara-Bomp 6. 

1. Nyfi a-HUt, tr§l nan ar'im ra an4 kom-nu ka 
0-R^bbu: tsa ats^ tra yi lra-16mpi. 

2. K61o o-kas-ka-mu de o-kara-ka-mu; an^ ji an'- 
gb^ka ana-tr()trokOf tr^ka an^ 'a traifi r'im; 

3. Kama m§ tr§ma Q-ttno, do kflma ni§ bol ah'- 
}ara-*a-mu ka ao-tof. 

4. De, n^'fi a-kas, tse na h^n'sgs an'-wut-Vnu; 
k^re rusam-Aa nan ka ama-trel ma-t^k'sa de ka e-mafi 
}ra o-R^bbu. 

5. N}ra e-boi, Iral nan ar*fm ra an*-kas-'a-nu mo 
ama-der, ra ra-n6s de ra ka-jfer, r' a-m6ra fera, mo 
bo n§ l^nki o-R^bbu; 

6. Tra pg ts6 vi r§ ka-l^iiki rodi ka e-for, ma afiS 
v^ma t^sa ka a-fam; k^re me e-boI ya Masia, an^ ^0 
ama-s^Io ma K'uru r' e-m6ra; 

7. AhA I^uki r' a-m^ra I^nke, mo ho ka o-R^bbu, 
pa ^i-he mo ho ka a-fam: 

8. Tr^a ma na Ir^ra, fo tr*el 6 Ir'e! tra-fino alr^ 
w*uni 6 w'uni o ^0, als6 o trg s^to ka o-R^bbu, be 
pa yi yi 0-trar, tal(Jm be pa yi o yi 0-w^nkom. 

9. De, nya a-kas, yO nail ama-trel ina-tsi gben 
ka nail, de trel nan ka-gbind-ha: fr§ka ma ng tr^ra, 
fo o-nan de o-ka-nu o-Kas o yi ro-ri^nna; de tse 
wop ad'^r ra w'uni. 

10. Ka ka-l^p'so, nya a-wontr-'a-mi, 3(Sto nan 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

An'-Efesi 6. 31 

k§-b^kdr ka o-R^bbu, de ka ah'-f(}sa na ka-t^na-tr^ei' 

11. Won nan ey'^lr e-tsfma ya K'dru be, kama 
na t^na tr^mone e-bafa ya S6lani. 

1 2. Tsa sa ba-he Ira tsim Q-sem de ma-tsir, k^re 
alra-bomp, e-f(Jsa, an'-gb§ka na an'-sum na ara-rQ ar^, 
an'-rdhu ila ma-las ka ak'uru roki^m. 

13. Tr^ka tsi }r6kane n§u e.y*^tr e-tsima ya K'uru 
be, kama na l^na tr^mone-na ka an'-r^i aiia-l§s, de 
kdma n§ t^na tr^ma o-b^kar, ka-rdr§ii ka ma na pon 
tam be. 

14. Trgraa nan ton, na s^nne ralrdn ro-fi-'e-nu ra 
tra-lsen, de won nan ar'uma ra-falr ra ma-16mpi; 

15. De s^kne nan e-k6fta ka alr*5trak-tra-nu ra 
ma-yas-yas ma am-B6sra na ama-t(5fal 

16. Kere rok(^m-ka-fsi be yoka nan ka-binta ka 
ka-lane, ka akS na tra t^na dfmsi ama-s^no be ama- 
mSra ma owo-Las. 

17. De y6ka nan an'-kad na ka-futi, de an*-gbdto 
na o-Huhu, aM yi ar'im ra K'dru. 

18. De rSmne nan l^ko 6 l^ko r' e-m6ra r§ ka- 
r^mne be de ra ka-n^mtene, de tr6m]a nan tr§ka 
atr'ef ats6 ra ma-b^sar be de ra ka-n^mtene tr|ka 
ah*-sam be; 

19. De tr^ka minan, kama na son-mi r'im ka ka- 
kdnti ka-san-ka-mi, tra trSmas am-murare na am-B6sra 

O ' o 

ra kci-mfnla, 

20. Tr^ka ati I yi a-t^tu ka tr*orenta; kdma I fof 
ka-mfnta tr^ka tsi, mo m^ri-mi tra fof. 

21. K^re kdma na trara so ama-trel tr^ka tr^mmi, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

32 Ah'-Efesi 6. 

de alrA I yQ-e, Tikikos, o-wontr owo-b(}tar, de o- 
idmmds Qwo-Une ka o-Rdbbu, o tra k^ne-nu ama-trel 

22. Qvf^ I poA sOm rQDu, tr^ka atr'ef ats6 gbeA, 
k^ma na tr^ra ama-trel Ir^ka tr^ssu, de k^ma o b^fat 

23. Tra ina-t(}f§l ma yi ka aft'-wontr, de ma-bi)t§r 
r§ k§-liDe, ka K'dra, o-Kas, de ka o-R^bbu Yisua 

24. Tra am-bdna hn yi re ta be, aA^ b(}tar o* 
RSbbuka-su Yfsua Masia r' a-m^ra f^ra. Amina. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


An'-Reka na Paulos, o-Som, and o 
gbdlar ah'-Pilippi. 

Ara-Bomp 1. 

1. Paulos de Timoteos, e-bgl ya Yisua Masia, ka 
an'-sam be ka Yisua Masfa, an^ ji ro-Filippo, re am- 
Bisop de afi'-S^mmas: 

2. Tra a-bgha na }ri re nySn, de ma-l(}fal, ara^ 
yefa ka K'uru, o-Kas-ka-su, de ka o-R^bbu Yisua Masia. 

3. 1 mutsi Qk'uru-ka-mi m'^mo ]()ko' 6 lokg ah^ 
1 nSne-nu, 

4. Mko 6 l(Jko ka ka-neratene-ka-mi be tra trSnnu 
be I n^mtene ka-nemlene ra ma-bdne, 

5. TrAka 'ra-bomp ra ka-^erane-ka-nu am-B6sra kSbi 
ka an'-r^i' ana-lrcJlrgko ha ake; 

6. Tr§ka me I Irara-lsi mo lr§-lsen, fo kon', ow(J 
poo trap ma-pant ma-iino rok6r-ka-nu, q Ira pons-na 
ha ka an'-r^i na Yisua Masia: 

7. Mo pa 16mpir-mi tra ndne atse tr^ka tr^nnu be, 
pgk^sife ng y\ rokdr ka am-m6ra-Vmi, ka atr'orenta- 
tra-mi, de ka ka-f^fane-ka-mi, de ka ka-bSk'sar am- 
B6sra; p§k^sife nja be na yi a-p^ntrane-'a-mi tia am- 

8. Tsa K'uru o ^^i o-gb^ki-ka-mi, me I bdsne tr§ka 
tr^nnu be re ama-b(itar ma-ban ma Yisua Masia. 

Galatians — Hebrews. 3 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

34 An'-Filippi 1. 

9. De tr4ka ats^ I r^mne, kdma ama-b(}t§r-ma-na 
ma ta bar gbo la tr§ka ka-tr^ra de tr§ka ka-tsemp be ; 

10. Kama na gb^H gbak tr^ka ama-trel amS gbSske; 
kima na ba e-m^ra e-f6ra de ka-pan-lr'e! Ir^ka an'-r6i 
na Masia; 

11. De kdma na U ma-k6mi ma ma-16mpi, am^ 
wur ka ka-lra ka Yisua Masia, Ir^ka an'-}riki na K'dru 
de tr§ka ka-k61o-kQ. 

12. K^re I y^ma ho na IrAra, nya a-wontr-*a-mi, 
ho ama-trei tr^ka irSmmi ma pon gbo mar tra n^fas 
am-B6sra ; 

13. Ha atr'or^nta-tra-mi tr^ka Masia tra pon naibe 
ro-k'ama ka Q-Kafsar be, de ka ai^a-lom be; 

14. De a-gb^li na an'-wontr ka o-R^bbu na bar 
si^to kg-minta k|-b^na tra fof ar'im o-p^ni ra-nes, tr^ka 
ma na pon siiQ ka-bak tra-but ka ana-s^ka-na-mi. 

15. A-lom ila trSmas Masia tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ka- 
trutr de tr§ka a-gbal; k^re a-lom so tr^ka a-m^ra ffno: 

16. Ahih na trSmas Masia trgka k§-tsfmne» pa yi- 
he r' a-m^ra f^ra; na n^ne, ho na gbgli bar sO k§- 
s(}mpane ka ana-s^ka-na-mi. 

17. K^re an6 tr^ka ma-b(}tdr; pak^sife na tr^ra, 
fo na botr-mi (aniJ) tr§ka ka-f(^fa am-B6ira. 

18. Ko tr'ei tra ba-e? Be na tr^mas gbo Masia 
mo kg-trap 6 ka-lrap, be pa yi na yOr-lsi gbo, be pa 
yi na yQ'isi trg-tseo; tr^ka atr'ei ats6 so I ba ma- 
biJne, §nk6, I tsi ba so ma-b(}ne. 

19. Tla I trSra, fo ats6 tra trg mar tr^ka ka-futi- 
ka-mi ka ka-n^mtene-ka-nu, de ka ka-mar ka o-Buhu 
ka Yisua Masia, 

20. Mo am-bdsne-'a-mi a-ban de mo an'-rdtsa-'a- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

An'^Filippi 1. 35 

mi, fo I tsi woA-he ma-lap tr^ka Ir'el 6 tr'el, k^re 
fo ra ka-minla be, mo pa yi 16ko 6 loko, ya ake so 
Masia o Ira sdto a-ylki ka ama-der-ma-mi, be pa yi 
ka an'-h^sam-'a-mi 6, be pa yi ka 'ra-fi-ra-mi 6. 

21. Tsa tr^ka tr^mmi ka-k^li Masia kdnon, de ka-fi 
ma-kSnya man. ^^ 

22. K^re be an'-n6sam-'a-mi ^hi na ba k'esete 
Ir^ka ma-pant, — de alr6 I yi tra lit I ts6 tr^ra-tsi. 

23. Tsa I k^tane tr^ka ama-rah am^, trpa me I 
ba a-f6la tra ts^rne no-rQ, de Ira'yi ka Masfa; tsa 
ats6 tra ta fino o-laT. 

24. K^re ka-tsia ka ama-der ka ta yi Q-m^ri tr^ka 
'ra-bomp ra nydn. 

25. De ats6 I trSra mo tra-tsen, fo I tsi tsia de 
fo 1 tsi tr^ma ronu be, Ir^ka an*-n^fa-'a-nu de tr|ka 
ama-b^ne ma ka-lane-ka-nu; 

26. Kama ama-b^ne-ma-nu ma la ka Yisua Masia 
tr^ka trSmmi ka'ka-kai-der-ka-mi ronu. 

27. Kot nan gbo mo pa bekane am-B6sra ha Ma- 
sia: kdma, be pa yi I der I nan'-nu 6, be pa yi I tse 
b§pdr rom^ 6, 1 gb^li tral ama-trel tr§ka tr^nnu, fo 
na tr^ma o-b^kar ka o-riibu k'in, de fo t* a-m6ra h1n 
na tsima ka-idne ka am-B6sra iwfn-ah ; 

28. D& fo na ts6 t^er an-tr^mone-'a-nu ha ninisne- 
nu tr^ka tr'eT 6 tr'ei: atr6 yi a-l6ma ha ka-dfnne tr^ka 
trahhSh, k^re tr§ka trSnnu a-l6ma ha ka-futi; de ats6 
tra y^fa ka K'uru. 

29. Tsa ha poh soh-nu am-b^ha tr^ka atr'ei tra 
Masia, p§ yi-he gbo tra Idne-ko, k^re tra sc^mpane so 
tr^ka tr'oh; 

30. Tr^ka ma n§ tsim ka-tsim ka-tsi gbeh, ak^ na 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

36 Ah'-Filippi 2. 

poll Dank ka minah, de tr^ka ak^ na tral ton fo ka 

Ara-Bomp 2. 

1. Tr^ka tsi be ka-inan k| y\ ka Masia, be ma- 
b^f§t ma ma-b(}t§r ma yi, be ka-^^rane o-rubu (k'in) 
ka yU be ma-b^tar ma-ban de i-n^i na yi, 

2. Lis§r n§n ama-b^ne-ma-mi, kama n§ ba a-mera 
n'in, n§ ba ama-b(}tar raa-tsi gben, d§ gb^nne ro- 
m6ra, na n^ne atr'ei tra-tsi gben. 

3. Tse n§ yQ lr*el 6 tr'eT r' a-gbal de r' a-fela na 
a-^iki a-tsiu; k^re r' a-m^ra t6rane tra w'uni 6 w'uni 
nane o-lom mo ho w'dni rtno pa tas-ko k^no- 

4. Tra w'Qni 6 w'iini o ls6 kgli ama-lrel-m'on 
gben, k^re tra Vuni 6 \v'uni o k^li so ama-trel ma 

5. Tra am-m6ra na-lsi na y\ rok6r-ka-nu, aM yi 
Tok6r ka Yisua Masia: 

6. Ow(i lom-he tsi mo ho r'a ra-luk tra t^nane 
K'uru, hdli o ba ra-b^lane ra K'uru: 

7. Kere ow^ busne, ow(J y6kane ra-b^lane ra a- 
1)01, de OW(J won a-f6sne na w'lIni: 

8. De na bap-ko mo w'uni mo ama-k§.]i-m'on, de 
t6rane, s^ke o-tral-tr'el ha ka ra-fi, hdli ha ka 
ra-fi ra-k'antr ka-p§.nkine. 

9. Tsla ba-tsi K'uru o pon so gb6para-ko o-b^li 
rokdm, de sQh-ko n'es ah^ \Asi n'es 6 iVes: 

10. Kama ka an'es na Yisua na be, sM yi ka 
ak'iiru, de ka an-lof, de ka an-tof rorata, na so tra-. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

An'-Fillppi 2. 37 

1 1. De kama ra-mer 6 ra-mer ra gWtane, fo Yisua 
Masia q y\ o-R^bbu tr§ka an'-yiki fia K'uru, o-Kas. 

12. Tr^ka tsi, ny5 a-b(Jlar-'a-mi , ma na poh tral 
ar*im-ra-mi Idko 6 Idko, yo yQs nan tra pons ka-fuli- 
ka-nu gben ra ra-nes de ra ka-yer, p§ yi-he gbo me 
1 b§par ron6, k^re pa ta gb^ti ak6 o-Iai me I tse 
b§par ronu. 

13. Tsa pa ^^i K'dru, owd ydsne rok6r-ka-nu, kama 
na s^lo de kama na t^na ^'O tr'eT, tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra 

14. Yo nan tr'el 6 tr'ei ra ka-tse-nimtane de ra 
k§-tse-gbal : 

15. Kama na yi a-p6ni-lr'ei de a-f6ra ro-m^ra, ma 
a-wul na K'uru a-pani ma-t6ri, ka ka-troh ka ra- 
kom'ra ra-k^na ra-Wfti-lr'el, katr6n-ka-nan na gb^nla 
mo e-m6la ro-rQ; 

16. Ka wop ar'im ra an*-n6sam lr§ka ama-b^ne- 
ma-mi ka ah'-r6i na Masia, fo I poh-he gbuke ka-tsin, 
de fo I poh-he yO ma-pant ka-tsin. 

17. K^re be pa yi so ho I ba nan Ira Ion ama- 
tsir-ma-mi trgka as'Sdka de tr^ka ka-mende ka ka- 
lane-ka-nu, pa b^ne-mi, de I ba ma-bdne re nya be. 

18. K^re Ir^ka alr'ei tra-tsi gben nya so na yi Ira 
ba ma-b(}ne, de na yi tra ba ma-bdne re mfnan. . 

19. K^re I rStsa ka o-R^bbu Yfsua, fo i gb^li sOm 
Timdteos ronu lemp, kdma min' so 1 bak ka-but, be 
I tr^ra ama-trcT trgka trdnnu. 

20. Tsa I ba-he w'iini 6 w'uni owd ba am-mera 
na-tsi gben me mine ba, ov/^ tra bdtrar am-m^ra ka 
ama-trel lr§ka tr^nnu r' a-mera f6ra. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

38 AA'-FiHppi 2. 

21. Tsa na h€ na ten ama-lrei-ma-han gben, p§ 
ts6 yi ama-trel ma Yisua Masia. 

22. K4re na tr^ra ama-fino-m'on ma-m^mar, (q q 
pofi Ifinki re minan ka ama-pant ma am-B6sra, mo 
w'an Q lenki 0'kas-k*on. 

23. Ow^ ton I r^tla tra sdm t^le, me I Isi n§Qk 
gbo ka-1^p'so ka ama-trel-ma-mi. 

24. K^re I seline ka o-R^bbu, ho mfna-mfnane sq 
I tsi yehk der. 

25. Kere 1 n^ne ho I mar tra sOm ronu Epafro- 
ditos, o-wontr-ka-mi, o-pantrane-ka-mi ka ama-pant do 
ka ka-tsim, kere Qyf6 y^ an-t^tu-*a-nu, de a-bol na 

26. Tr|ka mo o b6sne tra nyd be, de a-s6ii a- 
b^na na wop-ko, pgk^sife n| pon trgl, fo ra-tru ra 
poh wop-ko. 

27. Tsa ra-tru ra pon i/vop-ko tr§-tsen ha o bun 
fi: k^re K'uru o ba i-n6i tr^ka tr'oii; k^re p§ yi-he 
gbo tr§ka tr'on son, kere tr§ka Ir^mmi so, kama I 
S(Jto-he a-mol rok(Jm ka a-mol. 

28. Tr§ka tsi I ta pon tsimone tra sOm-ko, kama, 
be na nau'-ko so, na ba ma-b(ine, de kama an'-na-roi 
a-mol na gb^nke so. 

29. Tr§ka tsi m^Iane-ko nan ka o-H^bbu ra ma- 
b(^ne be; de botr nan a-fam a-wdnon a-^^iki: 

30. Tsa tr§ka 'ra-bomp ra ama-pant ma Masia o 
f^tsi ra-fi, mo minla an'-n6sam-n'on, kama o yi 0- 
k§ntar tr§ka ka-ts6-b§par ka nyan ka ka-m^nde traka 


Digitized by LjOOQ iC 

A6'.Filippi 3. 39 

Ara-Bomp 3. 

1. Halisa, nya a-wonlr-'a-mi, ba nan ma4)(5ne ka 
O-RSbbu. Fq I gbdI§r-Du ama-trel ma-tsi gben, pa tsg 
l^la-mi, k^re n^afi tra mar tra bSk'sar-nu. 

2. S6bine n§h tr^ka e-tr§n, sobine nan tr^ka an'- 
kump ana-las, sobine nan tr§ka an^ 'a gb§k o-lem. 

3. Tsa sya ^i an'-fam ana-p^ni e-16mpe, an^ l^fiki 
K'Qru r' e-m^ra, de and k6Ione tr§ka Yisua Masia, de 
an^ $eline-he ka g-sem: 

4. Kota 1 gb^li sq na saline ka o-sem. Be w*uni 
6 w'uni Q-lom o n^ne, ho o gb§li seline ka o-sem, 
mine tasi-ko tr§ka tsi: 

5. Ow(J 'a gbak an'-I^mpe ka an'-rei an^ beka 
tr'amSt re sas, qv/^ yih ka am-b6na na Yisrael, ka 
am-b(Jnsou na B^n;jramin, ow(} yi g-H6bri ka an'-H^bri; 
mo an-ton I yi o-F^risi; 

6. Mo an'-feia a-ban an^ \('op-nii tr^ka an-tgn I 
bal-bal aiV-gb^nne; mo ma-16mpi, am^ iivur ka an-ton, 
I yi o-p^ni-tr'el. 

7. Kere Ir'ei 6 tr'el atr^ n^fa-mi, I lom-tsi mo ho 
a-k6sar tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra Masia. 

8. ^nko, tsenlsene, 1 lom so Ir'el 6 tr'el mo ho 
a-k6sar Ir^ka 'ra-bomp ra ama-Usi ma ka-tr6ra ka 
Yisua Masia, o-R6bbu-ka-rai, 'tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ow(} 
I pon k6s|r ama-trei be, de I Igm-na gbo mo ho e- 
y^nyan, kdma 1 si^to Masia. 

9. De kama na bap-mi rok6r-k'Qn, I ba-he ma- 
16mpi-ma-mi, am^ y^fa ka an-lon, k^re amdh, am5 
yefa ka ka-lane Masia, ama-lompi am^ yefa ka K'uru 
ka ka-lane: 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

40 AA'-Filfppi 3. 

10. Kima 1 tr^ra kgn', de a6'-f(}sa na ka-^okane 
k'on, de ka-y^rane ama-s^mpane-m'Qn , ka b^Iane-ko 
ka ara-fi-r'on; 

11. Be pa yi ho I b6k§r ka-y6kane ka an'-fi. 

12. P| yi'hQ ho I pon' to s^to-tsi, tal^m ho I 
pon' to yi o-gb^ntis: k^re 1 tsimne tr^ka tsi, be pa 
yi I gb^i so ^'op tr^ka atr^ Yisua Masia o pon' so 

1 3. A-wontr-'a-mi, I ts6 k^line mlna-miDane mo ho 
I pon wop-tsi: k^re tr'el ts'in I yQ, I p^lne ama-trei 
amS yi rordran, I y^ntrane tr^ka ama-trel am^ y\ kadi, 

14. I tsfmne tra b6k§r an'-l6ma tra s(}to an'-ram 
na ka-tam ka ka-mutsi ka K'uru, ak^ y^h rok(}m ka 
ka-tra ka Yisua Masia. 

15. Tr^ka tii tra na be katr(in-ka-su, an^ yi a- 
gb^ntis, na nine tr^ka ats6; de be na ts6 nine ino 
ats6 tr^ka tr'ei 6 tr'el, K'uru o tr| naibi-nu so ats6. 

16. K^re tr^ka atrd sa pon' to siiQ, tra sa kot 
gbo mo an'-kdnan na-tsi gben, tra sa nine atr'ei tra- 
tsi gben. 

17. A-wontr-'a-mi, trinsane n§n minan, de k^li 
nail anin, ani kot yan, ma na ba syfin mo a-mol. 

18. (Tsa a-gbiti fia [tsej kot [mo ats^], trgka ani 
I pon f(}f§r-nu e-l(}ko.e-laT, kere ak^ I pa-tsi so ra 
m'intrar, fo ua y\ an'-gb^na ha ak'^ntr ka-p|nkine ka 
Masia : 

19. Ka-l^p'sa-ka-nan ka-dinne kan, ok'dru-ka-6an 
ak'6r-ka-nan kan, de ah'-yiki-Vnan ma b6tras-ma-nan 
ma-lapas man, ani b6trar e-mera-*e-nan ka ey'^lr ya 

20. Tsa an'-ra-su ra-dure ra yi ro-riinna; sa kar 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

An'-Filippi 4. 41 

so fo ri-a o-R4ibbu Yisua Masia o y^fa, mo o-Futia- 

2t, Ow(J tra s§ki ara-b^Iane ra ama-der-ma-su ma 
ka-t6rane, ha ma s6to ra-b^1ane ra ama-der-m'ou ma 
an'-yiki, mo an'-f<}sa-n'on, ka an^ o t^na so saa 
ey'elr be rondh. 

Ara-Bomp 4. 

1. Tr^ka tsi, nyS a-wonlr-'a-mi, an^ I bcjtar de 
tr^ka an^ I b6sne, ma-b(}De-ma-mi de a-n^o-*a-mi^ 
tr|ma nan o-b^kar yan ka o-H^bbu, nyd a-b<}tar-'a-mi! 

2. I man Eu6dia, de I man Sintika, kdma na ba 
a-m^a n1n. 

3. De I n^mtene so mdnon, mun' p^ntrane-ka-mi 
0-trats^n, mar am-b^ra na-tsi, aud pon tsim re minah 
trgka am-B6sra, re Kl^mens so, de am-pdntrane-'a-mi 
ana-lom ka ama-pant, am'6s-ma-nan ma yi ka ak'^fa 
ka an'-n6sam. 

4. Ba nan ma-b(}ne ka o-R^bbu l(}ko 6 Idko: de 
I kal pa ho: Ba nan ma-b(}ne. 

5. Tra a-fam be na trdra ara-t(}fal-ra*nu. 0-Rdbbu 
yi o-Klsi. 

6. Ts6 na s6li tr§ka tr'ei 6 tr'el; k^re tr^ka tr'ei 
6 tr'el tra K'uru o tr^ra atr^ na y6ma ka r^mne de 
ka n^mtene ra k§-miitsi m'amo. 

7. De ama-t(}f|l ma K'uru, am^ t^si ka-tr^ra be, 
ma ir§ b^ne e-m^ra-'e-nu de e-n^ne-'e-nu ka Yfsua 

8. Hdlisa, nya a-wonlr-'a-mi , tr'ei 6 tr'el atrA ba 
tr§-lsen, Ir'el 6 tr'ei atr6 ba ra-lel, tr'ei 6 tr'ei alr^ 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

42 AA'-FUippi 4. 

^i lr§-16mpi, Ir'cl 6 tr'el alr^ y'l lr§-fera, tr'ei 6 Ir'eT 
atr^ yi tra-t6sa, tr'el 6 Ir'el atr^ son n'es a-flDO, be 
tr'el 6 tr'el lr§-fino tr§ >i, de be tr'el 6 tr'el lr§-b(5ti 
k61o tr§ yU n^ne ugu trgka ama-trei ame; 

9. Am^ n§ pon so t4k§s, de am^ na pon s^Iq, Aq 
amd n§ pon tral, de amd na pon nahk romi; yQ nan 
ama-trel am6; ko Qk'uru ka ina-t(ifal o (r§ yi re n^dn. 

10. K^re I bd ma-b<}ne ma-b^na ka o-R^bbu, fo 
na pon kai ^6hksone tra b6tr§r e-m6ra-'e-nu trgka 
tr^mmi; ma na poa so b6tr§r e-m^ra t^pau, k^re na 
bS-he k§-f6na. 

11. P§ tse yi mo ho I fof tr^ka ka-pau: tsa I pon 
t|k§s tra bofr am-m^ra-'a-mi Ir^ka e^'elr, Qy^ 1 ba. 

12. I tr^ra tra yi o-t6rane, de I tr^ra so tra ba 
k§-ld; d'er 6 d'er de trgka tr'e! 6 tr'el na t^k'sa-mi 
tra n^m'ra de tra ba d'or, tra ba ka-la de tra pan 

13. I t|na tr'el 6 tr'el ka ka-tra ka Masia, ow(J 

14. K^re Dg pon jO o-fino, fo ng pon yirane ka- 

15. K^re, njd a-Filippi, n§ trdra so> fo ka ka- 
trap ka-tr^mas am-B6sra, me I y^fa ro-MakedOnia, a- 
gUinne 6 a-gb^nne na is€ yer-mi r'aka mo am'dio nia 
kg-son de ma ka-s^to, t^mbe nya son. 

1 6. Tsa me I yi ro-Tf ssaldnika na pon so s6m§r- 
mi r'aka w'in de an^ b^ka ma-r^h tr^ka ka-pan-ka-mi. 

17. Pa yi-he pak^sife I ten am-boya; k^re I ten 
ama-k6mi, am^ b^rne tr^ka ama-Iom a-ma-nu. 

18. K^re 1 pon s(Jto ey'etr be, de I ba kg-la, y'elr 
e lair-mi; ka-rdrah ka me 1 pon s(ito ey'etr, eye ng 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

An'-Filippi 4. ^ 43 

pon sDmVa-mi ka ka-trd ka Epafroditos, i-bontr i-f(ilfol, 
s'^dka tr§-b6ti mSlane, tr§ka atr^ K'dru o t^sa. * 

19. Kere Ok'uru-ka-mi o tra lasar ka-pan-ka-nu 
be mo e-nanla-y'on r' a-^iki ka ka-tra ka Yisua Masia. 

20. K^re Ira K'uru, o-Kas-ka-su, o ba an'-yiki tifi- 
kah tab^na! Amina. 

21. Kori nan ah'-sain be ka Yisua Masia. An'- 
wonlr, an^ yi romi, fia k6ri-nu. 

22. An'-sam be na k6ri-nu, pa ta gb^ti nan, aM 
yi kalr(}6 ka ka-bor ka o-Kafsar. 

23. Tra am-bona na o-R^bbu-ka-su Yisua Masia 
na yi re nyS be! Amina. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


An'-R^ka na Paulos, o-Som, and, 9 
gbdl§r an'-Kol6ssi. 

Ara-Bomp 1. 

1. Paulos, o-Som ka Yisua Masia ka ama-S^Io ma 
K'uru, de Timdteos, o-wontr-ka-su; 

2. Ka aA'-sam an^ ^i ro-KoI6sse, de ka aA'-wQntr 
aAa-ldne ka Masia. Tra a-b5na na y\ re n^an, de 
ma-t(^f§l, am^ yih ka K'uru, o-Kas-ka-su, de ka 0- 
R^bbu Yisua Masia. 

3. Sa mutsi m'^mo ka K'dru, o-Kas ka o-R^bbu- 
ka-su Yisua Masia, l(}kQ 6 l(iko, de sa r^nine tr^ka 

4. Ka-rdran ka ma sa poh tral tr^ka ka-lane-ka-nu 
ka Yisua Masia, de tr§ka ama-b^tar-ma-ou ro ka ah'- 
sam be, 

5. Tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ah'-rdtsd, ahA 'a b^ne tr^ka 
tr^nnu ro-ri^nna, tr|ka an^ na pon tral t^pah ka ar'im 
ra atra-t£eh tra am-B6sra; 

6. And b^par katri^h ka n^fih, ma ha b^par so ka 
ara-ra be; de ha kom ma-k6mi, mo p§ .yi so katriJh 
ka n^ah, kdbi ka ah'-r^i and na poh tral, de ahd na 
poh trdra am-b6ha ha K'uru ka tra-tseh: 

7. Ma na poh so tral ka Epafras, o-ha-su a-boi 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

AiV.Kol6ssi 1. 45 

OWQ-bdtar, Qwd ^i o-^^mmas-ka Masia Q-ldne. tr^ka 

8. Ow(J pon so tr(5ri-su ama-b(Jtar-ma-nu ka o- 

9. Tsia ba-lsi syS so, k^bi ka an'-rei aM sa pon 
tral-tsi, sa Ise Irel ka-r^mne de ka-nemtene trgka 
tr^Dnu, kama na lasar ka-nank ka ama-S6lo-m'oA ra 
ka-tsemp de ra k§-tr^ra ka-ruhu be; 

10. Kama na kot mo pa bekane o-R^bbu, ha na 
t^sa TQtiih be» de kama na ^'i a-korai tr§ka a-^os 6 
a-ygs a-fino, de k^ma n§ b^rne ka ka-tr^ra K'uru; 

11. Kama na t^nas-nu ra ka-t^na be, mo an'-fdsa 
na an'-}riki-n'on, tr^ka a-muyu de tr^ka a-mera a-b(}li 
be ra ma-b(Jne; 

12. Kama na miitsi ra'^mo ka o-Kas, Qv/i pon 
b^kgs-su tra y6rane ak'^ ka an'-sam ka am-m6td: 

13. Ow(5 pon wura-su ka an'-f(}8a na an*-sum, o 
ts6pQ-su ka ara-ba! ra Ow'^n-k*Qn owo-bdtar: 

1 4. Ka Qwi sa pon S(}tQ ka-bani ka ka-lra ka ama- 
tsir-ra'on, tsia yi ho ka-i^p^r ka ama-trel ma-las: 

15. Ow(} y\ 'ra-b^lane ra Ok*uru gwo-lse-nank, o- 
Bikar ka .y'elr e-lrgpi be: 

16. Tsa k^nQ b^mpa r'aka 6 r'aka, ar^ y\ ka ak'uru 
de ar6 yi ka an-tof, e^'^tr de ey'^tr eye- 
ls6-nank, be pa y\ e 3^i Irg-wah tra tr§-bai 6, be p§ 
y\ e yi Irg-gb^ka 6, be pa y\ e }'i Ira-bomp 6, be pa 
yi e yi e-fdsa 6; na pon bempa r'aka 6 r'aka ka ka- 
tra-k'on, de lr§ka Ir'on: 

17. De k(}nQ-kSnone tr^ma ey'^ir be kadi, de 
ka k'on' r'aka 6 r'aka ra yi. 

18. De k(^no yi ara-bomp ra ama-der, mia yi ho 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

46 AiV-Kol6ssi 1. 

ra an'-gb^Doe: 0W(} ^i ka-lrap, o-Bikar ka ah'-fi; kdma 
yi owo-tr(Jlroko lr§ka r'aka 6 r*aka. 

19. Pak^sife pa tisane 0-Kas kama ka-l5 be ka 
yfra rok6r-k'on; 

20. De k^ma ka ka-trfi-k*oA ey'^lr be e kal m^ne 
re kon*, Ir^ka mo sOm ma-l6f§l ka ka-lra ka ama-tsir 
ma ak'§Dtr-k'on ka-p^nkine; ka ka-lra-k'on (I pa), be pa 
yi e yi y'etr ka an-tof 6, be pa yi e yi y'etr ka ak'uru 6. 

21. De nya so, an^ b^lane-ko t^pafi, de ah^ gb^fi- 
a-ko re e-mira-'e-nu ka ama-yos ama-l§s, 

22. Ak6 poft yO na kal m^ne re kon* ka ama-der 
ma o-lem-w'oii ka ka-lra ka 'ra-fi-r'o^, Ira tr^mar-nu 
a-sam de a-f6ra de a-pini-tr'el ro-d'er-k*on kadi: 

23. Be pg yi ho na b^sar ka ka-lane ka ba o- 
Ir^mar, be na Ir^ma o-b^kar, de be na lie fdle ka 
an'-ritsa na ara-Bdsra, an6 na pon Iral, de an6 'a pen 
tr^mas ka a-fam be, anA yi ka ak;Qru rordla; tr^ka 
anS mine, Patilos, I pen s^ke o-s^ramas- 

24. AU ton I ba ma-b^ne tr^ka ama-sdmpane-ma- 
mi tr^ka tr^nnu, de I bikas ama-s^mpane ma Masia, 
amA tsia, ka o-sem-'o-mi lr§ka ama-der-m'on, amA yi 
an'-gb^nne : 

25. Tr^ka bM I pon s^ke o-s^mmas, mo ama- 
kira ma K'uru, am6 'a pon m6okar-mi Ir^ka tr6nnu, 
tra tr^mas ar'iiS ra R'dru d*er 6 d*er; 

26. Ria yi ho am-murSre, mA pon yi a-m^nkne 
k^bi ka ka-trap ka ara-rQ, de k^bi ka Ira-kom'ra (tra 
a-fam); kere ak6 na pon nalbi-ni ka an'-s§m-n'on : 

°27. Ka aM K'iiru o y^ma trcJri, ko e-n^nla ya an'- 
yfki na am-murdre an6 katr(Jn ka an'-K6fri e yi; ey^ 
yi Masfa katr(Jft-ka-nu, aA'-rAtia fia aA*-yiki: 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

An'-Kol6ssi 2. 47 

28. Ow^ sya tr^mas, tr|ka ma sa maA w'dni 6 
w'uni, sa l^k'sa w'uni 6 w'uni ra ka-tsemp be; kama 
sa Irdmar w'uni 6 w'uni o-gb6ntis ka Yisua Masia: 

29. Tr^ka alr^ 1 yQ so ma-pant, I Isfmne mo ka- 
yos-k'on, ak^ y(Jsne rok6r-ka-mi r' a-f(5sa. 

Ara-Bomp 2. 

1. Tsa I ^y^ma ho na tr^ra, ko ka-tsim ka-b^na I 
tsim Ir^ka tr^nnu, de Ir^ka an^ y\ ro-Laodikia, de 
tr^ka fta be an^ poft-he nank ad'ir-ra-mi mo ama- 

2. Kama e-m^ra-'e-nan e sdto ma-b^fat, de kdma 
e gb^ptrane ka ma-bi^tar, de tr^ka ka-la be ka atra- 
tsen atra-gb6ntis tra ka-tr^ra, trgka ka-nank am-murare 
na K'uru, o-Kas, de Aa Masia; 

3. Ka aM e*bene be ^a ka-tsemp de ^a ka-trdra 
e m^Akne. 

4. K^re ats6 I pa, kdma w'uni 6 w'dni o tse trons- 
nu ka s'im tra-t(^ntona. 

5. Tsa k6ta 1 b^par-he rona mo ama-der, 1 b^par 
ronu mo am-m^ra, de I ba ma-b(}ne ka k^H ama- 
b6tr§s-ma-nu roa-fino de ka-b^kar ka ka-ldne-ka-nu 
ka Masfa. 

6. Tr^ka tSi ma n§ poA sc^to Yisua Masia, o- 
R^bbu, ^0 kot n§n ka kon': 

7. Ma an^ si^to e-tank de an^ 'a poft sal roki^m 
k'on, de an^ yi a-b^k§r ka ka-Iane, ma 'a poii t^k'sa- 
nu, ha ka laTr-nu ra ka-mutsi m'^mo. 

8. S6bine n§n, k^ma w'uni 6 w'uni o isQ k^re-ou 
mo y'etr e-luk ka ka-trd ka an'-filosofia de ka a-bafa 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


48 An'.Kol6ssi 2. 

fia k§-tsib, mo ama-trei ma-t^k'sa ma a-f§m, mo e- 
£6ruh ya ara-rQ, p§ ^i-he mo Masia! 

9. Tsa rok6r ka kon' ka-lfl be ka ara-k'uru ka yira 

10. Do n| ^i a-gb^Dtis ka kon', Qvii yi ara-bomp 
ra ra-gb^ka de ra a-f(}sa be: 

11. Ka ow(i na pon so k^tan-nu ra k§-kMan, aka 
na ts6 y(}na ma-trS, ka ka-bus ama-der ma ama-tre! 
ma-las ma o-sem, re an'-k^tan na Masia: 

12. Tr^ka ma na pon mank-nu re kon' ka am- 
b^ptis, fca QYfi n§ pon so ^^okane re kon' ka ka-ldne 
ka an'-f(}sa a-t§na na K*uru, Qwi pon ^6kas-ko ka 

13. De n^a so, an^ .yi a-fi tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ama- 
trel-raa-nu ma-las de tr^ka e-l^mpe ya o-sem-'o-QQ, 
pon k§lis re kon', tr^ka mo ts^ra-nu ama^trei 
ma-las be; 

14. De nasi aroa-gbal ma ama-gb^ka, am^ t^ri- 
su, amS tr§ma su k§di, de wura-na ka ka-tron, o 
trah-na ro-k*antr-k*on ka-p^ukine; 

15. Tr^ka mo bus atra-bomp de e-fosa, o wura- 
na o-gb^fat, de y^sane tr^ka ka-tam-na ro-k'§ntr 

16. Tr§ka tsi Ira w'uni 6 w'dni o tse nap-nu Irgka 
r*d ra-di, talom tr^ka r'd ra-mun, tal(^m Ir^ka m*etr, 
tal(5m tr§ka ^'o£ e-fel, lal(Jm tr§ka ma-s6bbat: 

17. Ama-trel ame ma yi h'umpai na ama-trel am^ 
ma der-e; kere ama-der ma ^'i atr'ei tra Masia. 

18. Tra w'uni 6 w'uni o ls6 trons-nu tr^ka an'- 
ram-'a-Du, ow(5 b(}lgr ka-lorane ro-m6ra de k§-r6mne 
am^maleika, qv/^ won rokdr ka ma-trel, am^ o pon-he 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ah'-Kol6ssi 2. 3. 49 

nank, ow^ Mtrane ro-mera ka-tsin ka am-mera na 

19. De Qw^ w6pne-he ara-Bomp, ka ar^ ama-der 
be raa tra bak ama-bak ina K'uru ka ka-tra ka e-kdtsir 
de ka na-b6na, ey^ m^rane, de e;^'e gbepcjlr-na. 

20. Tr^ka tsi, be na pon fi re Masia tr^ka e-s6ruh 
ya ara-rQ, ko tr'ei tr'a na s^nne ka e-man, mo ho 
na ma k|Ii ka ara-rQ-e, 

21. (Yia ^'i ho; Tse bdra-ri; ts6 lam-ri; de ts6 
gbons-ri ; 

22. E;y'^tr eye be e ko dinne ka ka-ycjna-yi;) mo 
ama-gb^ka de mo ama-trei ma-t^k'sa ma an'-fam-e? 

23. Am^ ba n'68 na ka-tsemp Ira-tsen trdka 'ra- 
bomp ra ka-r^mne mo ama-selo-ma-nan gbeh, de fr|ka 
a-mera l6rane, de Irgka ka-tse-ba i-n^'i Ira ama-der; 
(kere) na ba-he m'dlo ko ko, ma mar (gbo) tra n^m'sar 

Ara-Bomp 3. 

1 . Be na pon* lo yokane re Masfa, ten nan ey'etr 
^-ya rokdm, ro Masia o yi O-yira ka ka-dio ka K'uru. 

2. B6lrar nan e-m6ra-'e-nu ka ey'^lr ey^ yi ro- 
k<}m, pa yi-he ka ey6 yi ka an-tof. 

3. Tsa na pon fi, de an*-n6sam-'a-nu ua mdnkne 
re Masfa ka K'uru. 

4. Mo Masta, owd yi an*-ftesam-'a-su, o Ira tr(}rlne, 
an'-lo na-tsi nya so na tra lr<}rine re kon' r' a-yfki. 

5. Tr^ka tsi fis nan e-bem ya ama-der-ma-nu eye 
yi ka an-lof, ka-rap, ka-lraiane, a-f6la a-las, a-y6ma 
a-las, de e-for e-y^mari, eye yi ka-r^mne e-ron: 

Galatians — Hebrew^s. 4 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

50 Afi'.Kol688i 3. 

6. Tr^a 'ra-bomp ra ama-trei am^ ara-baii' da 
K'dru ra d^rgr an'-wut na ka-lse-tral-lr*ei: 

7. Ka am^ nya so d§ pofi kot t^pan, ma n^ k^li 
mo ama-trel ma-tsi. 

8. K^re ak6 nyfi so bus n0 aroa-trel am6 be, ra- 
ba6, k§-^y^k8e, roa-las, ka-f6fiya, k|-fof k§-t^ri ka tra- 

9. Ts6 n§ yemarane, tr^ka ma n§ poH bus ara- 
Yiini ara-kur re ama-yos-ma-tsi; 

10. De na pon wo A ara-fu, ar^ s^ke ra-fii tr^ka 
k|-tr^ra mo ara-b^lane ra kon', QYf^ tr^pi-ri: 

11. Ro o-Yunani o yi-he, p| yi-he o-Y6hudi, pa 
yi-he Qyf6 p^ni a-l^mpe, pa yi-he Qyf6 ba a-l^mpe, 
p§ yi-he o-B^rbari, p§ yi-he o-Skiti, p§ yi-be o-trar, 
pa yi-he o-w^nkOm; k^re Masia o yi be de rok6r-ka- 
Aa be. 

12. Trgka tsi, ma and yi a-tit na K'uru, a-sam de 
a-b^tar« woA nan i-n^i i-baA, ma-lot, a-m6ra a-t6rane, 
a-m6ra a-t(ifal, a-mera a-b(}ll; 

13. Ka ba a-muyu k'in tr^ka o-loni» ka Idparane, 
be k'in q ba tr*eT tr^ka o-lom; mo Masia so pon 
ldp§r nydn, nya so yO nan mo ats6. 

14. K^re rok(}m ka ama-trel am6 be won n§A ama- 
b(}t§r, amd yi ra-s^ka ra ma-gb^ntis. 

15. De tra ama-t(}fal ma K'uru ma ba ara-gb^ka 
rok<Sr ka e-mira-'e-nu, tr^ka amd na pon so mutsi-nu 
ka ma-der m'in, de mutsi n§fi m'dmo. 

16. Tra ar'fm ra Masia ra yira katr^n-ka-nu o-lai 
ra ka-tsemp be, ka t4k'sane de ka mdnane r§ ma- 
sdlma, de rg ma-len ma-l^nsira, de r§ ma-len ma-ruhu, 
de len nan o-t^sa rok6r ka e-m^ra-'e-nu tr^ka o-R^bbu. 

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Ah'-Kol6ssi 3. 4. 51 

17. De Ir'el 6 trVi atrS n§ yQ, be pa yi ra s'im 
6, be pa y\ ra ma-^^os 6, yO nan tr'ei 6 tr'ei ka au'^s 
na o-R^bbu Yisiia^ d& mutsi naA m'^mo ka K'uru, o- 
Kas, ka kgn'. 

18. Nya a-r^ni, s^nne nan ka an'-wos-'a-nu gben, 
mo pa yi o-16mpi ka o-R^bbu. 

19. Nya a-wos, biJtar nan an'-r^ni-'a-nu, de tse 
na y\ a-r<)6kat tr^ka trajfin^n. 

20. Nyd a-fet, tral nan ar'im ra an^ kOm-nu tr^ka 
Ir'el 6 Ir'el: tsa ats6 tra yi tra-lesa rodi ka o-R^bbu. 

21. Nya a-kas, Ise na b^n'sas an'-fel-'a-nu, kama 
tra-but-tra-nan tra tse r^ntra. 

22. Nya e-boT, tral nan ar'i'm ra an'-kas-'a-nu mo 
ama-der tr^ka tr*ei 6 tr'ei; tra pa tse yi ra ka-I^nki 
rodf ka e-for, ma aM y^ma tesa ka a-fam, kere r' 
a-m6ra f^ra ka nesa K'uni. 

23. De tr'ei 6 tr'el a(r^ na y6, yO tsi nan r' e- 
m^ra, mo ho trdka o-R^bbu, pa yi-he tr^ka a-fam; 

24. Trgka ma na tr^ra, fo pa yi o-R^bbu, ka Qyv^ 
na tra b^Iq ah'-ram na ak*e; tsa na lenki o-Ri^bbu 

25. K^re 0W(5 y6 Ir'ei tra-las, o tra s<5to mo am'dlo 
ma alr'ei tra-las,' atra pon yQ: de ka-k^li d'er ra 
w'uni ka ts6 y\ rl. 

Ara-Bomp 4. 

1. Nya a-kas, yO n§n e-bol-'e-nu ma-16mpi de ma- 
tgnane; tr^ka ma n§ tr^ra, fo n^a so ba o-kas ro-ri^nna. 

2. B^sar nan ka ka-ramne, de trdmla nan tr^ka tsi 
ra ka-mutsi m'^mo; 


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52 Ah'-Kol6ssi 4. 

3. De r^tnne nan sg tr§ka s^dn iwfn-an, kdma 
K'uru kdntia-su ka-rdre tr^ka ar'im, tfa fof am-murdre 
na Masfa, tr^ka 'ra-bomp-ra-tsi na pon trfind-mi: 

4. Kama 1 haibi-fii, me 1 mar tra fof. 

5. KqI nan ra ka-tsemp roAi ka and ^i rokdh, ka 
}(Jnane ka-fena. 

6. Tra ka-fof-ka-nu ka bd ka-tesa l(}ko 6 l(Jko, de 
^dhkia-ki nan m'er, kama na tr^ra, tro na ba tra \As\a 
w'uni 6 w'QnJ. 

7. Ama-lrel be lr§ka trdmmi Tfkikos o lr§ Iriiri- 
nu, ow(5 yi o-wonlr owo-b(}lar, de o-s^mmas o-lane, 
de o-na-su a-bol ka o-R4bbu; 

8. Ow(J I poA sOm ronii fr^ka atr'ei alsft gben, 
kama trdra ama-trei tr^ka trdnnu, de kdma o befat 

9. Re On^simos, o-wgnlr owo-line owo-b(}lar, ow(} 
^i k'in k§ an'-na-nu: Ir'ei 6 tr*eT, alr6 poh y^uQ aniJ, 
na Ira Ir^ri-nu-tsi. 

10. Arisldrkos, o-iia-su o-ka-r^nka, o kori-nu, de 
Mdrkos, QYf*&n duni ka o-wontr o-b^ra ka Barnabas, 
(traka ow(J n§ pon s^Iq e-man: be o der ronu, mdlane- 
ko nan;) 

11. De Ylsua, ow(5 'a bontr Yustos, and yi kalv^h 
ka and pdni e-l^mpe. Aue gbo son na ^i a-pdntrane- 
'a-mi ka ama-pant tr|ka ara-bai ra K'uru, de an6 ha 
poh ^i mi ma-befat. 

12. Epafras o k6ri-nu> ow(} }i k'in ka ah'-ha-nn, 
a-boT ha Masia, owi tsimne tr^ka trdnnu l(^ko 6 l(}ko 
ka tra-rdmne-lr'oh, kama na lr§ma a-gb6ntis de a-lds§r 
tr§ka ama-s6io ma K'uru be. 

13. Tsa 1 son I'amasere tr§ka tr'oh, fo ba ma- 

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An'-Kol6ssi 4. 53 

yas-,yas ma-b^na Ir^ka Ir^nnu, de lr§ka ana ^i ro- 
Laodikla, de tr^ka an^ yi ro-Hier^poIis. 

14. Lukas, o-r^mar owo-b(5tar, de D^mas na k6ri- 

15. K6ri nan an'-wgnlr ro-Laodikia, de Nimfas, de 
ah*-gb^nne an^ ^i ka an'-sel-n'on. 

16. De be na pon k^ran an'-reka ahe kalrdh-ka- 
nu, ^0 nan, kdina na k^ran-ni so ka an'-gbanne na 
an'-La6diki; de kama nyd so na k^ran an'-reka tr§ka 

17. De Wne nan Arkippos ho: B6trar am-mera 
ka ara-s^mmas, ar^ ma pen s(^to ka o-R^bbu, kgma 
ma lasar-ri. 

18. Mine, Paulos, I bar an'-k6ri a-ha-mi ka ka- 
trd-ka-mi gben. N^ne nan alr'orenta-tra-mi. Tra am- 
b6na na j^i re n^^ah. Amina. 

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An'-R6ka an4-Tr(Jtroko na Paolos, o-Som, 
and gbilar an-Tessal6niki. 

Ara-Bomp 1. 

f. Paulos, de SilfdDos, de Timoteos, ka ah'-gbinne 
na an-Tessal6niki, ahS )^i ka K'uru, o-Kas, de ka o- 
Rdbbu Yisua Masia: tra a-bOna na ^i re nyan, de ma- 
t(^f§i, am^ y^fa ka K'uru, o-Kas-ka-su, de ka o-Rdbbu 
Yisua Masia. 

2. Sa mutsi K'uru m*^mo 16ko 6 Ic^ko tr§ka nj^d 
be, de sa n^ne-nu ka tra-r^mne-tra-su ; 

3. Tr^ka ma sa trel-fe ka-n^ne ama-pant-ma-nu 
ma ka-ldne, de amaD-tdro-ma-nu ma ama-b^tar, de 
am-mu.yu-'a-nu na an'-r^tsa ka o-R^bbu-ka-su, Yisua 
Masia, rodi ka K*uru, o-Kas-ka-su: 

4. Tsa s§ tr^ra, nyS a-wonlr-'a-su, an^ K'uru o 
bdtar, fo na pon tit-nu. 

5. Pgk^sife am-B65ra-'a-su na poii-he d6rar-nu ra 
s*im gbo, k^re na der so r* a-f^sa, de ka o-Ruhu 
Owo-Sam, de ra Ira-lsen tra-laT; ma na tr^ra, ko d- 
fam sa poii ^i katr()n-ka-nu Irgka 'ra-bomp-ra-nu: 

6. De pak^sife na spe a-lr^nsane na iySn, de na 
0-Riibbu, tr§ka ma na mSlane ar'im katr^^n ka ka- 
sompane ka-lal, ra ma-b(Jne ma o-Ruhu owo-Sara: 


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1 Tessaloniki 1. 2. 55 

7. Ha na s§ke e-mol tr^ka jna be an^ lane ro- 
Mdkedonia de ro-Akaia. 

8. Tsa ka nyan ar'im ra o-R^bbu ra gb^nlane, pa 
yi-he gbo ro-Makedonia de ro-Akaia, kere d*er 6 d'er 
so ka-Mne-ka-nu ka K'dru ka pon gb^ntane; ha sa ts^ 
ba Ira pa tr'el 6 tr'el: 

9. Tsa ha-nane na tr(Jri lr§ka Ir^ssu, ko ka-won 
sa ba nan kalrdn-ka-nu, de Iro na s^ke ka K'uru ka 
f^e ka e-ron, Ira l^nki Ok'uru owo-k|li owo-lrats^h; 

10. De Ira kar OW^n-k'on, ow^ yi Ira y^fa ka ak'uru, 
Ow6 pon yokas ka ah*-fi, Yisua, ow(J fulia-su ka 
ara-ban ar^ ma der-e. 

Ara-Bomp 2. 

1. Tsa, nya a-wonlr-*a-su, nya-nyane na tr^ra, fo 
ka-won-ka-su katrdn-ka-nu ka tse pon yi ka-tsin: 

2. K^re ka-raran ka ma sa m^la pon sdmpane, de 
na pon nal-su, ma n| Ir^ra, ro-Fiiippe, sa ba ka-minta 
ka Ok*uru-ka-su tra Wfar-nu am-B6sra na K'uru katrdn 
ka ka-tsim ka-lal. 

3. Tsa ka-maA-ka-8u ka wur-he ka ka-y^lo, pa yi- 
he ka a-m6ra a-ts6-f6ra, pa yi-he ra ma-sot. 

4. K^re mo K'uru o pon kp-su mo ho a-fam a- 
b6ki Ira m^nkar-su am-B6sra, ya sa fof ; pa yi-he tr§ka 
t^sa ka a-fam, k^re ka K'uru, ow(J ten e-m6ra-'e-su. 

5. Tsa sa pon-he yiJna s'im Ira kg-san ka-b^li 
tab^na, ma na Ir^ra-tsi, pa yi-he ka-katr tr'^re Ir^ka 
e-for e-y^mari; K'uru o yi o-gb^ki tr^ka tsi: 

6. De sa ten-he tra s(Jlo a-yfki ka a-fam, pa yi-he 
ka nyan 6, pa yi-he ka a-lom 6; kola, ma sa yi a- 
Som na Masia, s§ pon' na gb^Ii r^nsar-nu; 

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56 1 TessalOniki 2. 

7. K^re sa yi nafi a-t^fal katr(}n-ka-nu: mo o-mSsar 
riisam a6*-fet-n*on gben, 

8. Ya s§ bd ina-b(Jtar ma-ban tr§ka tr^nnu, de sa 
s6lo Ira yer-nu, pa yi-he gbo am-B6sra na K'uru, k^re 
e-n^sam-'e-su gbeh so, pak^ife sa b(it§r-nu. 

9. Tsa, nyS a-wonlr-'a-su, na n^ne ama-pant-ma- 
8u ma-lel de aman-t(^ro-ma-su ; Isa tratr^k de ra-.yan 
8g tra yo ma-pant, kSma sa tse r^nsar w'uni 6 w'uni 
katr(^n-ka-nu, de sa tr^mar-nu am-B6sra na K'uru. 

10. Nya yi a-gb^ki, de K'uru so, Iro a-s§m de 
a-l6mpi de a-p^ni-tr'ei s§ pon yi katr(^n-ka-nu, an^ 
lane : 

11. Trgka ma na tr^ra, fo sa man de fo sa tonto- 
nu, w'uni 6 w'uni katr^n-ka-nu, mo 0-kas o yO tr^ka 
ah'-fel-n'on , 

12. De fo s§ gb^trar-nu o-lel, Ira kot mo pt2 bekane 
K'uru, ow(} pen mutsi-nu ka ara-bal-r'on de ka an'- 

13. Tr^ka tsi sya $o s§ trel-fe ka-mutsi K'uru 
m'^mo, pak^life, ma n§ s(^to ar'im ra K'uru, arS n§ 
tral ka tra-s§n-tra-su, na m^Iane-ri pa yi-he mo ho 
r'im ra a-fam, k^re mo ho r'im ra K'uru, ar^ yi tsi 
Ira-tsen, ar6 y(Jsne so kalr(5n-ka-nu ana lane. 

1 4. Tsa, nya a-wonlr-'a-su, na pen s^ke a-tr^nsane 
na e-gb^nne ya K'uru, ey^ yi ro-Yehudia, (ey^ yi) ka 
Yisua Masia; pak^sife nyd so na pon s(^mpane ama- 
Irei ma-tsi gben ka an'-ko-b6na-'a-nu gben, ma na so 
pon sijmpane ka ah'-Y6hudi: 

15. An^ pon so dif o-H^bbu Yisua, de an'-N^bi- 
'a-nan gben, de and pon bal-bal sySn na wijra-su; de 
and t^sane-be K'uru, de aM gb^na a-fam be: 

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1 Tessaloniki 2. 3. 57 

1 6. An^ bentr-su tra fofar an'-K^fri, kama na futi, 
tr^ka lasar ama-lrel-ma-nan ma-las Idkg 6 Idko: k^re 
ara-ban ra pon d^rar-na ka ka-l^p'so. 

17. K^re syan, ny^ a-wontr-*a-su, ka-rar§n ka ma 
sa pon pah-nu a-16ko a-biirap mo as'6r-tra-su, pa yi- 
he mo e-m6ra-*e-su, sa tsimne o-lai o-lal Ira nank 
as*er-tra-nu r' a-b6sne a-b^na. 

18. Tsia ba-lsi sa y6ma der ronu, mine, Paulos^ 
w'in de ana beka ma-ran; k^re S^tani o bentr-su. 

19. Tsa ko yi $n*-r^tsa-*a-su-e, tal(Jm ama-b^ne- 
raa-su-e, taldm an'-n6o na ka-kdlone-ka-su-e? Pa yi- 
he nya so na y\ tsi ro-d'er ka o-R^bbu-ka-su Ylsua 
Masia kadi ka ka-der k'on-i? 

20. Tsa nya yi an*-yfki-'a-su de ama-bdne-ma-su. 

Ara-Bomp 3. 

1. Tr^ka Isi ma sa gb§li-he so Mine, sa U\q tra 
Isfa ro-Alina sya son; 

2. De s§ sOm Timoleos, o-^ontr-ka-su, de Q- 
sfimmas ka K'uru, de o-pantrane-ka-su ka ama-pant 
ka am-B6sra na Masia, tra b^k'sar-nu, de tra maii-nu 
tr^ka ka-lane-ka-nu: 

3. Kama w'uni 6 w'uni o tse y^tane trgka ama- 
s(5mpane ame: tsa nya-nyane na tr^ra, fo na pon botr- 
su tr§ka tsi. 

4. Tsa ah'-lO ha-tsi so ma sa b§par ronu, sa mcjta 
k^ne-nu-tsi, fo sa tra ba Ira s^mpane; mo pa ydne 
so, de ma na tr^ra. 

5. Tr^ka alr'ei ats6, min' so, me I gb^h*-he so 
D^lne, I pon sOm tr^ka tr^ra ka-lane-ka-nu, be pa 

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58 1 Tessal6niki 3. 4. 

yi-he ho ow(i gbos (a-fam) o pon gbos-nu, de ama- 
pant-nia-su ma wur yah 

G. Kere ak6, mo Tim6teos o pon y^fa ronu, o der 
rosu, do mo o k^ra-su rim ra-flno trgka ka-Iane-ka- 
nu do'tr^ka ama-b(ifar-ma-nu, de fO na n^ne-su o-fino 
l(^ko 6 I^ko, de fo n§ bdsne tra nank-su, ma syd sg 
y^ma nank nyan: 

7. Tr^ka alr'ei ats6 sa s(}to ma-b^fal, nya a-wontr- 
'a-su, tr^ka tr^nnu ka ka-s(^mpane-ka-su be de ka 
am'dne-ma-su tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ka-l^ne-ka-nu: 

8. Tsa ak^ sa k^li, be na tr^ma kiriii ka o-R^bbu. 

9. Tsa ko m'^ino m*a sa gb^li mtiisi ka K'Qru tra 
tr^nnu, trgka ama-b0ne be, am^ sa bd tr^ka 'ra-bomp 
ra nyan rodi ka Ok*uru-ka-su-e? 

10. Tr^ka ma sa n^mtene (K'uru) o-lal o-lai tratrak 
de ra-yaii, kama sa gb^Ii nank as'^r-tra-nu, de tra lasgr 
ama-trei, am^ ka-Idne-ka-nu ka pani. 

11. K^re tra K'uru k(Jno-kiJnone, o-Kas-ka-su, de 
0-R6bbu-ka-su Yisua Masia o I6mpas ar'6n'-da-su (tra 
der) ronii. 

12. K^re nyan, tra o-R^bbu oyO, k^ma na bSrne 
de k^ma na la tr^ka ma-b^tar k'in ro ka o-Iom, de 
ro ka a-fam be, ma sya so yi ro ka nyan: 

13. K^ma o b^k'sar e-m6ra-*e-nu, ba e yi e-p^ni- 
tr'el ka ma-s§m rodi ka K'uru, o-Kas-ka-su, ka ka-der 
ka o-R^bbu-ka-su Yisua Masia re an'-sam-h'on be. 

Ara-Bbmp 4. 

1. Haiisa, nya a-wontr-'a-su, sa n^ratene-nu ton, 
de sa man-nu ka o-R^bbu Yisua, fo, ma na pon 

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1 TessalOniki 4. 59 

s(ito-tsi rosu, tro n§ yi tra kgt de ira t^sa ka K'uru, 
jra na la bar la (tr^ka alr'ei atse). 

2. Tsa na tr^ra, ko e-man ^'a sa pon son-nu ka 
ka-tra ka o-R^bbu Yisua. 

3. Tsa ats6 tra yi aina-seio ina K'uru, ama-sam- 
ma-nu, kama na n^ne ka-rap: 

4. Kama w*uni 6 w'uni katr(in-ka-nu o trSra tra 
b^ne an*-sarf-n*on gben ka ma-sam de ka a-yiki; 

5. Pa yi-he ka a-f6la a-las na o-sem, ina an*-K^fri 
(na yo), an^ trVhe K'Qru: 

6. Kama w'uni 6 w'uni o tse paine ma-m^ri, de 
kdma !se Irons o-wonlr-k'on tr§ka tr'el 6 tr'ei: pak^- 
iife o-Rdbbu o tr§ s(impa a-fam tr^ka ama-trel ame be, 
ma sa pon so k^ne-nu t§pan, de ma sa pon gbSki-tsi. 

7. Tsa K*iiru o tsg pon mutsi-su Ir^ka ka-traiane, 
k^re tr§ka ma-sam. 

8. Tr^ka tsi kon' Qvii sal (ama-trel am6), o sal-he 
w'tini, k^re K'uni, ow(J pon so son-su o-Huhu-k'on 
wo "Sara. 

9. Kere tr^ka ka-b(^tar a-wontr sa ts6 bd tra gbdlar- 
nu: tsa K'uru kdno-konone pon fgk'sa-nu tra b^tarane. 

10. Tsa na yO-tsi so tr§ka an'-wonlr be, an^ yi 
ro-Maked6nia be. K^re sa man-nu, nya a-wontr-'a- 
su, kama na ta bar la tr^ka tsi; 

11. De kama na tsimne tra yi a-t(Jfal, de tra tsim 
ak'iti-ka-nu gben, de tra y(^na ma-pant ama-tra-ma-nu 
gben, ma sa pon kdne-nu; 

12. Kama na kot o-ra^ri rodi ka ani yi rok^n, de 
k^ma na tse pan r*aka 6 r'aka. 

13. Kere, nya a-wontr-'a-mi, I y^ma-he, fo na 

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60 1 Tessal6niki 4. 5. 

tie ba ka-trdra tr^ka ah^ poh ko ro ma-re, kama na 
tie san e-mo1, ma ana-lom, ah^ ba-he a-rMsa. 

14. Tsa be sa lane, fo Yisua o pon fi, de fo 
pon yok^ne, ya ha so, and poii ko ro ma-re ka Yisua, 
K'uru tra kdra-na re kon*. 

15. Tsa ats6 sa kdne-nu mo r'im ra o-R^bbu, fo 
s^an, bM k^Ii, and tsia ka ka-der ka o-Rdbbu, sa 
gb§li-be tr|ma i^an kadi, and pon ko ro ma-re. 

1 6. Tsa o-Hdbbu k(Joo-kdnone tra tor ka ak'tini 
r§ kg-gb^nkra, ra r'im ra o-ra-bomp ka a-maleika, de 
r§ k§-su ka K'uru; de an'-fi ka Masia na tr§ m6ta 
yokane : 

17. Ka-raran-ka-tsi na tr§ ts^mbi s^an, and kgli» 
and tsia, re nan iwin-an, na tra ndtra-su ka e*bunt, 
tra gbaus o-Rdbbu ro-hdwa: de ^^a sa tra yi ka o- 
Rdbbu Idko 6 liJko- 

18. Tr^ka tsi b^ftane nan ka as'im atse. 

Ara-Bomp 5. 

1. Kere tr^ka e-l(Jko de tr^ka am'^tr, nya a-wontr- 
'a-mj, I tse ba tra gbdiar-nu. 

2. Tsa nya-nyane na trdra-tsi gbetr, fo ya an*-r6i 
fia o-Rdbbu na tra der, mo w'uni ra-kel o der tratrdk. 

3. Tsa ma na tra pa ho: nMa-t(^fal ma yi ri, de 
a-kaiar na yi-he ri," an*-lo na-tsi ka-dfnne ka tra 
d6rar-na ka-t^na, mo ma-ban ma wop o-b^ra, qwq ba 
k'or; de na gb^li-he futi. 

4. K^re nyan, nya a-wontr-'a-mi, na tse yi ka 
a-sum, ha an'-re'i na-tsi na gb^H na wop-nu mo w'uni 

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1 Tessal6niki 5. 61 

5. N^a be na yi a-wul na am-in^ta, de a-wut na 
'ra-yan; sa yi-he a-wul M ka-lratr^k, pa yi-he na 

6. Tr^ka tsi tra sa tse dfra, ma ana-lorn ha yO; 
kere Ira sa tr6mla de tra sa ba ka-tsemp. 

7. Tsa ah^ dira ha dira tratr^k, de ah^ tsis ha tsis 

8. Kere syan, aha yi a-wul ha *ra-yah, tra s§ ba 
ka-tsemp, de tra sa woh ar'uma ra-fatr ra ka-lane de 
ra ma-bdtar; de tra sa r^hne mo a-kQd ah*-r6tsa ha 

9. Tsa K'uru o tse poh botr-su Ir^ka ra-bah, k^re 
tr§ka s^iQ ka-ftiti Ka ka-tra ka o-Mbbu-ka-su Yfsua 
Masia , 

10. Owd fi tra tr^ssu, kama* be pa yi sa tame 6, 
be pa yi sa dira 6, sa k^li re kon' iwin-ah. 

11. Tr§ka tsi beftane nah, de n^fasane nah e- 
m6ra-'e-nu, ma n§ yO so. 

12. K^re sa n^mtene-nu, nya a-wonlr-'a-su, tra 
trto hah r*aka, ah^ yO ma-pant katr(^h-ka-nu, de ahd 
ba nu ra-bomp ka o-R^bbu, de ah^ mah-nu, 

13. De tra k61o-ha o-lal rg ma-b(Jlar tr^ka 'ra- 
bomp ra ama-pant-ma-hah. Tra ma-t(^fa) ma yi kalroh- 

14. Kere sa n^mtene-nu, nya a-wontr-'a-su, mah 
nah ah^ tse b6trne o-mari, b^kas nah tra-but tra ah^ 
ba e-m^ra e-rantr, b6trar nah e-mera ka ahd yi a- 
rantr, ba nah a-mera a-b()li tr§ka a-fam be. 

15. S6bi nah, kama w'uni 6 w'uni o tse kMa tr'el 
tra-las trdka tr'ei tra-ias ka w'uni 6 w'uni; kere tsimne 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


62 1 Tessal6mki 5. 

nan l(Jko 6 l(5ko trgka atr^ yi tra-ffno, k'in tr§ka o- 
lom, de Ir^ka a-fam be. 

16. Bd nan ina-b(^ne I^ko 6 l^ko. 

17. T5e na Irel kg-rSmne. 

18. Mut^i nan m'Smo tr^ka r'dka 6 r'dka; tia ats6 
tra yi ama-s6lo ma K'uru trgka tr^nnu. 

19. Tse n§ nal o-R6bu. 

20. Ts6 n§ sal kg-n^bi. 

21. K^re n]^m§r n§n Ir'ei 6 tr'ei; de wop nan 
0-bSk§r alr^ fi Ira-rtno. 

22. N^ne nan tr'ei 6 tr*el atr^ bd ina-k^li ma-las. 

23. K^re tra Qk'dru ka ma-t(ifal ki^no-kdnQne o 
s^mgs-nu t^rap, de kdnkQ K'uru, kama 'a bene an'- 
ruhu-'a-nu be, de e-n^sam-*e-nu be, de ama-der-ma- 
nu be o-p^ni-tr'eT trgka ka-der ka o-R^bbu-ka-su Yisua 

24. Ow(J poti mutsi-nu o ba tra-tsen, owi} tra yQ- 
tsi so. 

25. Nya a^wgntr-'a-su, r^mne n§h tra tr^ssu. 

26. K6ri n§n ah'-wontr be ra ka-mumal k§-sam. 

27. I yO-nu na gbinar o-R^bbu, kama na karan 
an'-r6ka ah6 rodf ka an'-wonlr ana-sam be. 

28. Tra am-b6na na o-Rdbbu-ka-su Yisua Masia 
na yi re nyan. Amina. 

Digitized by LjOOQ iC 


Ad'-R^ka ana-Ran na Paulos, o-Som, 
aAd gbilar an-Tessal6niki. 

Ara-Bomp 1. 

1. Patiios, de Silfdnos, de Timoteos, ka an'-gb^nne 
na an-Tessaioniki ka K'uru, o-Kas-ka-8u, de ka q- 
R^bbu Yisua Masia: 

2. Tra a-bgna na y\ re n;yan, de ma-t(ifal, ani^ yefa 
ka K*uru, o-Kas-ka-su, de ka o-R^bbu Yisua Masia. 

3. Sa bA tra mutsi K'uru m'Smo Ic^ko 6 l(Jko trgka 
trSnnu, nya a-wontr-*a-su, mo pa yi o-m^ri, pgk^sife 
ka-ldne-ka-nu ka bumba o-Ial, de pak^sife aina-b(^tar 
ma w'uni 6 w'uni katrc^n-ka-nu be, k'in tr^ka o-lom, 
ma b^rne; 

4. Ha sya-syane sa k61one tr^ka tr^nnu ka ka4ron 
ka e-gbanne ya K'uru tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra am-mu.yu-*a- 
nu de trgka ka-lane-ka-nu katriJh ka ama-sdmpane-ma- 
nu be de ka ama-trel ma-b^ki-ma-nu be, am^ na miiyu: 

5. AM yi a-l6ma na ka-rgk Q-X^iAa aka-16mpi ka 
K'uru, kdma na lom-nu mo ho a>fam a-m^ri tr^ka ara- 
bai ra K'uru, tr^ka ar^ na s^mpane so: 

6. Tr^ka mo pa yi Ir'ei tra-16mpi rodi ka K'uru, 
tra k^ia ma-treT ma-b^ki ka an^ yQ-nu ma-trei ma-b^ki ; 

t. De ka nyan, an^ *a yO ma-trel ma-b^ki, ka- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

64 2 Tessaloniki 1. 2. 

f6tane re sydn, mo Q-R^bbu Yisua o tra naibine ka 
yefa ka ak'uru re am-maleika na an'-f(^sa-n'on, 

8. R§ n'anfr na-m^ra, tra s(Jmpa nan ^ and tr'a-he 
K'uru, de an6 tral-he ar'im ra am-B6sra na o-R^bbu- 
ka-su Yisua Masia: 

9. An^ tr§ s^ropane k§-s(^mpane, ka-dinne kg- 
tabSna, ka biplane ad'^r ra o-R^bbu de an'-yiki na 

to. Mo Ira der, kama o s(Jlo a-yi'ki tr§ka *ra- 
bomp ra an'-sam n'on, de k^ma na kab^ne-ko tr§ka 
'ra-bomp ra ha be, ah^ poh lane, (pak^sife na ISne 
at*amas6re-tra-su kalr(Jh-ka-nu,) ka ah'-rei ha-tsi. 

11. Tr^ka atr^ sa r^mne so 16ko 6 \iko tra 
tr^nnu, kdma Qk'uru-ka-su o lom-nu mo bo a-fam a- 
mSri tr^ka ka-mutsi*nu, de kama o lasar ama-selo-m*on 
ma-fino be ma ama-tQt-m'oh, de ama-pant ma ka-lane 
r* a-f^sa: 

12. Kama ah'^s ha o-R^bbu-ka-su Yisua Masia ha 
s^iQ a-yiki ka nyah, de nydh ka kdnoh, mo am-b^ha 
ha Ok*iiru-ka-su de ha o-R^bbu Yisua Masia. 

Ara-Bomp 2. 

t. K^re Scj n^mtene-nu, nya a-wontr-'a-su, tr§ka 
ka-der ka o-R^bbu-ka-sn Yisua Masia, de tr§ka ka- 
t6hklane-ka-su rohiJh, 

2. Kama na tse yehk Iser-ha 'a kfra e-m^ra-'e-nu, 
tal(Jm 'a y^lras-nu, pa yi-be ka o-ruhu, pa yi-he ka 
r'im, pa yi-be ka a-reka mo ho ha yefa ka sySh, mo 
ho ah'-rei ha o-R^bbu ha Wtsi. 

3. Tra w'dni 6 w'uni o ls6 yetas-nu ka H-'el 6 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

2 Tessaloniki 2. 65 

tr'ei: ih ah'-r6*i ua-tsi na gb^li-he der, l^mbe ka-Klan 
ka radla poh der, de ow'uni ka alr'el alra-las o poft 
naibe, ow'^n ka ka-dinne; 

4. Ow(J Ir^mone K'uru, de owcj Mtrane rok(5m ka 
r'aka 6 r'aka ar6 'a bonlr K'uru, tal(5m ar^ 'a r^mne; 
ha kono-kQuone o yirane ka aii'-hekal na K*uru mo 
K'uru, ka tr6ri-tsi o-gb%t, fo k6no yi K'dru. 

5. Na tse nane-i, Fq, me I ^i r§s ronu, I k^oe- 
nu ama-trei am6-i? 

6. De ake, atr^ bentr-kg, na tr^ra-tsi, kama q 
naibe ka am'^tr-m'on gben. 

7. Tsa am-murare na ma-Ias na ,ydsne Ion : pa yi 
gbo kon* ow(J bentr-ni ake, o tra benlr-ni, ha ha Ira 
wura-ko ka ka-tron. 

8. Ko an'-lo na-tsi ow'iini ka-tsi owo-las o lr§ naibe, 
owtf 0-R^bbu tra dim re ah'-h6sam ha ka-sah-k*oh, 
de OW(J tra poh ka ama-gb^nta ma ka-der-k'oh: 

9. Kon', ka-der-k'oh ka ^i mo ka-t^na ka S^tani 
r' a-f(Jsa be, de r' e-loma be, de ra ma-lrei ma-kab^ne 
be ma ra-yem, 

10. De r' a-baia be ha ma-k^na tr^ka and dfnne; 
pak^sife ha m^lane-he ama-b(^tar ma atra-tseh, kdma 
ha futi. 

11. De tr^ka alr'ei Ms6 K'dru o tra 86m§r-ha ma- 
trel ma-;y^tasa ma-t§na, ha ha lane ra-yem: 

12. K^ma ha hap ha be, ah^ poh-be lane atra- 
tseh, kere ah^ poh tesa tr§ka ama-k^na. 

1 3. K^re s^a ba tra mutsi K'uru m'^mo Idko <i l^ko 
tr§ka tr^nnu, nya a-wontr-'a-su, aha o-H^bbu o bc^tgr, 
pak^sife K'dru o poh tit-nu kdbi ka ka-tr§p tr^ka ka- 
fdti.. ka ka-sgm§8 ka o-Rdhu de ka ka-lane atra-tJehr 

Galatians — Hebreyrs. 5 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


66 2 Tes8al6mki 2. 3. 

14. Tr^ka atr^ o poh mutsi-nu ka ka-tra ka am- 
B6sra-'a-su, tr4ka 8(Jto an'-yfki Aa o-R^bbu-ka-su Yisua 

15. Tr^ka tsi, njft a-wontr-'a-mi, tr^ma nafi o-kirin, 
de ivop nail e-maii, eyi na poii t4k'sa-Du, be pa ^i 
ka r*iin 6, be pa y\ ka a-reka-'a-su 6. 

16. K^re tra o-R^bbu-ka-su Yisua Masia k6no- 
k^Done, de K'uru, o-Kas-ka-su, QVfi pon b^tar-su, 
de Qyi6 pon son-su ma-befat ma-tab^na de a-r^tsa a- 
ftno ka ka-tra ka am-bOna-n'oA, 

17. b6f§l e-m6ra-'e-no, de tra o b6k's§r-nu tr^ka 
r^im 6 r'im ra-fino de tr^ka A-yQS 6 n-yQS a-ffno. 

Ara-Bomp 3. 

1. Ka ka-I^p'so, nya a-wonlr-'a-su, r^mne n§n tra 
tr^ssu, kdma ar'im ra o-R^bbu ra gb^ntane lemp, de 
kdma ra s(Jlo a-^<ki, mo pa y\ ka nyan: 

2. De k^ma sa fdti an'-fam ana-trul-tr'el ana-las: 
tsa a-f§m be if^a ba-be ka-l^ne. 

3. K^re Q-R^bbu o ba lr§-tsen, qw^ tra b^k'sar- 
nu, de ow(J tr§ b^ne-nu ra-tr'el tr§-l§s. 

4. K^re s§ saline ka o-R^bbu tr^ka trdnnu, fo n| 
jO de fo na tra ko yO ama-trel, am^ sa k^ne-Qu. 

5. K^re tra o-R^bbu o tr^na e-m^ra-'e-nu ka ama- 
b(^tar ma K'uru, de ka am-mu^u na Masia. 

6. K^re 8§ kAne-nu, nyd a-wontr-'a-su, ka an'^s 
iia o-R^bbu-ka-su Yisua Masia, kdma n§ n^ne o-^'ontr 
6 "wontr, OYf^ \sQ kot o-m^ri* p§ ^i-be mo am-man, 
and pon s^\q rosu. 

7. Tsa n^a-nydne na trfira, tro n§ yi tra trdnsane- 
su: tsa sa ts6 pon b6trne o-t^ri katr(Jfi-ka-nu ; 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

2 Tessaloniki 3. 67 

8 De sa pon-he di kg-bo ka w*uni 6 w'lini ka- 
tsin; kere sa poh yo ma-pant Iratr^k de ra-yan ka 
ma-pant ma-lel,de ka man-tdro, kdma sa tse ransar 
w'uni 6 w*Qni katr^n-ka-nn : 

9. P§ yi-h^ mo ho sa ba-he a-fdsa lr§ka tsi, kere 
kama sa bolr s^a-s^ans? mo e-mgl Ir^ka tr^nnu, trdka 

10. Tsa an'-lo na-fsi so ma sa ;yi ronu, sa k^ne- 
nu ats^, fo, be w'uni 6 w'uni o y^ma-he yO ma-panl, 
^'i-he so Ira di. 

11. Tsa sa Iral, fo a-lom katr(5n-ka-nu na kot-he 
0-m^ri, fo na ^'O-be ma-panl k5 ko, k^re fo na k^trne 
Ir^ka raa-trei ma a-fam a-lom. 

12. K^re a-fam a-\vunon sa k^ne, de sa man-na 
ka ah'es ha o-R^bbu-ka-su Yisua Masfa, kama ha ;yo 
ma-pant o-soi, de kama ha di ka-bo-ka-hah gbeh. 

13. K^re n^ah, nya a-wonlr-'a-su, tie na lol ka 
yO 0-ffno. 

14. K^re be w'uni 6 w'uni o tral-he ar'im-ra-su ka 
ah'-r6ka ahe, I6mar nan o-wunoh, de tse na kuluhane- 
ko, kama o won ma-lap. 

16. K^re tse na lom-ko mo ho o-gb^ha, kere mah- 
ko nah mo o-wontr. 

Ij6. K^re tra o-R^bbu ka ma-t^f§I kcJno-konone o 
son-nu ama-t(Jfal l(5ko 6 l^ko ka Ir'ei 6 tr'el! Tra o- 
R^bbu ;yi re nya be! 

17. Mine, Panics, I bar ah*-k6ri a-ha-mi ka ka-tra- 
ka-mi gbeh, aM y\ a-l6ma ka a-r6ka 6 a-r6ka; ye 1 gbal. 

18. Tra am-boha ha o-R^bbu-ka-su Yisua Masia ha 
y\ re nya be! Amina. 


Digitized by LjOO^ IC 


An'-K6kff aha-Tr(Jtroko na Paulos, o-Som, 
ahi gbilar Tiin6teos. 

Ara-Bomp 1. 

1. Paulos, Q-Som k§ Masia mo an'-gb^ka na K'dru, 
O-Fiitia-ka-su, de na g-R^bbu Yisua Masia, Qw(t y\ ah'- 

2. Ka Timdteos, gw'^n-ka-mi Q-gb6n-gben ka ka- 
Idne: Tra a-b6na de i-n^i na ^i re mdnon, de ma- 
t(ifal, am^ ^^fa ka K'dru, g-Kas-ka-su, de ka Yisua 
Masia, o-R^bbu-ka-su. 

3. Me 1 pon n^mtene-mu tra tsia ro-Efeso, me 1 
k(ine ro-Maked6nia, kdma ma man a-f|m a-lom tra tie 
t§k'sa ma-trel ma-t^k'sa ma-tsel, 

4. De kama na ts6 b6trar e-m6ra ka m'ump de ka 
e-reka ya tr§-k6m*ra, ey^ tse ba o-t^laoe, eyi sOm 
gbo ma-lrei ma-gb^ar, pa yi-he ka-ndfas e-meca ka 
K'uru, ak^ y(}ne ka ka-l^ne; (ye 1 n^mtene-mu sq ak6.) 

5. Tsa ka-l^p'sQ ka an-ton ka yi ma-b(}t§r, am^ 
wur ka a-m6ra a-f6ra, de ka k§-tr^rane k§-fino, de 
ka k§-lane k§-lse-yOr: 

6. Ka am^ a-lem na pon yeto, na f^le na s^ke 
ka ka-fof ka-tsin; 

7. Na y6ma y\ a-karm(iko fia an-ton, de na tr'a- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

1 Timoteos 1. 69 

he atr^ hsi fof-e, pa ^i-he tr^ka atr^ na pd fo ye 

p§ yj- 

8. K^re sa trara, fg an-lgh na yi a-ffno, be w'uni 
y(Jna-ni mo an-lon; 

9. Tr§ka ma sa tr^ra ats6, fo na tse pon raf a- 
ion tr^ka w'uni 16mpi, k^re tr§ka a-fam a-k^na de 
a-fam a-tse-lral-tr'ei. lr|ka a-fam a-tse-n^sa K'uru de 
a-fam a-las, tr§ka a-fam a-ts€-sam de a-fam a-gb6rka, 
ir§ka and dif an'-kas-'a-nan de an^ dif aiV-k^ra-'a<naA, 
tr^ka an^ dif a-fam, 

10. Tr^ka a-fam 'a ka-rap, tr^ka and f^ntone a- 
runi, ir^ka and keia a-fam, tr^ka a-fam 'a tra-yem, 
tr^ka a-fam and gbin ra-yem, de tr^ka tr'el 6 tr'el 
tra-lom atrd I6ri ama-trel ma-t^k'sa ma-lratsen; 

It. Mg am-B6sra Aa an'-;yiki ha Ok'uru owo-mdri- 
tr'ei, and 'a pen mahkar-mi. 

12. De 1 mutsi m'dmo ka Yisua Masia, o-Rdbbu- 
ka-su, gwiJ pon sgh mi a-fdsa, fo pofi k^li-mi mo 
OW(J bs tra-tsen, de fo O pon botr-mi tr^ka 'ra-sdmmas; 

13. Mlnafi, ow(J y'\ t^pan w'uni ka-f6fiva, de w*uni 
ka-bdl-bal, de w'dni ka-b6ne-lr'eT : k^re 1 s^to i-n6i, 
pakdsife I yO-tsi ra ka-lse-lrdra, me I pdfii ka-ldne. 

14. Kere am-boha ha o-Rdbbu-ka-su ha Id hali 
tr^ka ka-lane de Ir^ka ma-b^tar, amd ^i ka Yisua Masia. 

15. Ka-pfi ka-trats^n kah, de ka b^ki Ira mdlane- 
ki be, fo Yisua Masia o pon der ka ara-rfl tra futia 
a-fam a-las; owo-lr(Jlroko kalrdh-ka-hah minah. 

16. K^re tsia ba-tsi I sdto i-n^i, kima ka minah, 
owo-tr(jlroko, Yisua Masia o tr(5ri am-m^ra-h'oh a-b(Jli 
be, tr^ka a-mol ha ahd ma ko Idne-ko Ir^ka a-h^sam 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

70 1 Timoteos 1. 2. 

17. Kere tra o-Bal owo-laMna, o\vo-tse-fi, owo- 
ts^-nank, Ok'uru gwo-ts^mpi s5n, o ba ra-lel de a- 
yii\ t^nkan tab^na! Amina. 

18. Am-maA ah6 I mSnkar-mu, mun' w'an-ka-mi, 
Tim6teos, mo as'im atr^ na pon trai^ tr^ka tr^mmu 
t^pan, kama mo as'fm tra-tsi ma tsim ka-tsim aka- 

19- Ka wop ka-lane de kg-tr^rane ka-fino; ak^ 
a-lom na pon sem, de am-bil na ka-ldne-ka-nan na 
pon l6no: 

20. Himen6os de Aleks^ndar ha ^i katr(}il-ka-naiV; 
ana I pon l^hkli ka S^tani, kama na t^kas tra tse so 
fof o-l§8. 

Ara-Bomp 2. 

1. Tr§ka tSi I mai^-mu, fo, ka ka-m^ta ka ir'ei 6 
tr'el, ha Klra tra-r^mne, de tra-y6ma, de tra-n^mtene, 
de ka-mu^si m'dmo tr^ka a-fam be, 

2. Tr^ka a-baT, de trdka na be and ba a-f({sa; kama 
sa inesam a-hesam a-soi a-t(^f§l r§ ka-n6sa R'uru be de 
ra ra-lel be. 

3. Tsa ats6 tra ^i tra-ffno de tra-t^sa rodi ka 
K'iiru, o-Fotia-ka-8u; 

4. Qw^ y^tuB, fo a-fam be ha futi, de fo na s(}to 
ka-tr^ra ka atra-tleh. 

5. Tsa K'uru k'in o yi ri, de o-KAsa k'in katr^Jn 
ka K'uru de katrc^h ka a-fam, ow'uni Yfsua Masia; 

6. Ow(^ pon s(}ndne mo a-kala a-b^nia tr^ka a-fam 
be, alr^ ^^i afamas^re tr^ka am*6tr-ma-tsi gbeh. 

7. Tr^ka alr^ ha pon bolr minah mo o-gb6nto, de 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

1 Tim6teos 2. 3. 71 

mo o-sOm, (1 pa lr§-lsen ka Masia, 1 tse pa ra-yem ;) 
mo o-karm(}ko ka an'-KSfri r' a-lane de ra tra-tsen, 

8. Tr^ka tsi I s6lo, fo an'-runi ha r^mne d'er 6 
d*er, fo ha Mtra ma-tra ma-s§in, ha tse ba ra-bah de 

9. Ye pa yi so, fo am-b^ra ha y^siang * e-16pra 
e-m^ri, ra ma-lap de ra ka-lsemp; pa yi-he ra a-fon 
a-rOs, tal(Jm ra ma-bOno, tal(Jm ra ma-lulu, tal^m r' 
e-16pra ^a tn*^\Q ma-bSki; 

10. K^re (mo pa mar am-b^ra ah^ gbitane ka-n6sa 
K'uru) ra ma-yos ma-fino. 

11. Tra o-b^ra o t^kas sol r§ ka-s^nno bo. 

12. K^re I Ise Iser o-b^ra tra t§k'sa, pa yi-he 
tra ba a-fdsa tr^ka o-runi, k^re tra yi o-soi. 

13. Tsa ha m(Jta sal Adam, ka-rirah-ka-tsi H^fa. 

14. De Adam o Iser-he-ha *a trohs-ko, kere 0- 
b^ra tser-ha 'a trohs-ko, de fumpo k'dsi. 

15. K^re tra fiiti ka ka-kdm a-fet, be. ha bSsar 
ka k§-lane, de ka ma-b(}tar, de ka ma-sam ra ka- 

Ara-Bomp 3. 

1. Ka-pa k|-tr|tseh kia-k6: Be w'uoi o ten tra 
sdto ra-Bisop, o y6ma ma-pant ma-ffno. 

2. K^re tra o-Bisop o yi o-p6hi-tr'eT, de tra o yi 
0-wos ka o-r^ni k'in, ow(J ba ka-tr6mla, ow(J ba ka- 
tsemp, QYf^ ba ma-b6tras ma-fino, qw^ b()t§r ka-fSnta 
a-tsik, QVii tr^ra ki-t^k'sa; 

3. Ow(i tse ba ka-tsis, ow$^ tse yehk pal tra sut, 
OW(J tse ten ma-k^hya ma-l^pas; kere owiJ ba ka-y6se, 
QVi^ tse ba ka-gbal, qw^ ts6 ba e-for e-y^mari; 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

72 1 Timoteos 3. 

4. Qyfi gb^ka an'-set-fi'on gbefi Q-f1no, owd triira 
k§-san aA'-\vut-n'o6 ra ra-lel be; 

5. (Tsa be w'dni o tr'a-he kg-gb^ka afi'-set-n'oh 
gben, tro o gb§li bdtr§r ain-m^ra ka arl'-gbSone na 

6. P§ ^i-he o^(^ s^ke gbo ka ka-lane o-fu, tani q 
n^trane ro-m^ra, de ka-s()mpane ka S^taoi ka wop-ko. 

7. K^re ^i so tra bfi iV^s a-fino ka ana ^i rok^n; 
t^ni S^tani o ^0 'a nal-kg, q gb^tra-ko a-t^li. 

8- Ye PI yi so a-s6mraas Aa yi tra ba ra-lel, an^ 
ts6 ba tra-s§n tr§-ran, Sih& ts6 sondne ka ma-wam 
ma-lal, slM ts6 ten roa-k^nya ma-l^pas; 

9. K^re an^ b^ne am-murare na ka-lane ra ka- 
tr^rane ka-f^ra. 

10. De tra na in(}ta so mem§r an^; ka-rarah-ka- 
tsi na gb^li ^op ara-sSminas, be na y\ a-p^ni-tr'ei. 

11. Ye p§ yi so an'-r^ni-'a-nan na yi tra ba ra- 
lel, an^ tl6 ba ka-f6ras, an^ ba k§-tseinp, and ba a- 
lane tr^ka tr'el 6 tr'el. 

12. Tra an'-sdmmas na yi a-wosvfia Q-rAni k'in, 
and gb^ka an'-wul-'a-nan de e-set-'e-nan gben o-ttno. 

13. Tsa and pon l^fiki o-ffno, na stjlone o-gb^par 
o-^no, de k§-mfnla ka-lal ka ka-lane, akd j^i ka Yisua 

14. Ama-trei dme I gbdlar-mu, k^re I rdtsa tra 
der r^mu t6le: 

15. K^re be p| yi I won tra der, (1 gbal ama-trei 
am^,) kama n)g trdra, tro ma yi tra b6trne ka aft' -set 
na K'dru, and yi an'-gbdnne na Ok*uru owo-k^li. 

16. Am-murare na ka-nesa K'dru Aa y\ a-k§r do 
o-lr§nfigr wa atra-t^en, de a-fam be na w6sa-tsi, fo 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

1 Timoteos 4. 73 

iia y\ lr*el tra-b^na: K'uru o pon nafbe ka o-sem, o 
s^lQ ma-m^ri ka o-Ruhu, o tr(^rin@ ka a-maleika, na 
tr^mas-ko ka an'-RSfri, na lane-ko ro-rQ, ta n^tra-ko 
rok^m tr^ka an'-^iki. 

Ara-Bomp 4. 

1. K^re Q-Riibu o pd-tsi ra sIm tra-gb^ran, fo ka 
am'^tr ama*]^p'sQ a-lom na tra f^laA ka ka-l^ne, ka 
b6trar e-ra^ra-*e-nah ka a-ruhn a-^^tas, de ka ina-trei 
ma-t^k'sa ma a-krifi a-las; 

2. Ka ka-yor ka a-fam bM pa ra-yem, at\A pon 
lomar ka-tr^rane-ka-nan gben r* a-fatr a-safik; 

3. An^ bentr a-fam Ira n^ntrane, de and kdne tra 
nene y*etr e-di, e^^ K'uru o pon Ir^pi, kama and 
lane de and trdra atra-tsen na ^6rane-^i ra ka-mi^tsi" 

4. Tsa r'aka 6 r'aka, ara K'uru o pon tr§pi, ra yi 
ra-fino, de na yi-he tra sem r'aka 6 r'aka, be na s6to- 
ri ra la-mutsi m'dmo: 

6. Tsa na sgm§s-ri ka ar'fm ra K'uru de ka ka- 

6. Be ma ndnena an'-wontr ama-trel ame, ma tra 
yi o-sdmmas ka Yisua Masia o-rtno, qw(J 'a rus'ma 
as'im tra ka-l^ne de tra ma-trel ma-l^k'sa ma-ffno, 
ama ma pon trdnane. 

7. K^re p^nsa am'ump ama-tse-sam ama-pank; de 
trdnsane trgka ka-n^sa K'uru. 

8. Tsa ka-lrdnsa ama-der ka ndfa gbo tr^ka ma- 
trel ma-tan; k^re ka-n6sa K'uru ka ndfa tra ama-trei 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

74 1 Tim6teo8 4. 5. 

be, tr^ka ma ka bfi r'im ra-fran tr^ka an*-n^sam na 
e-s(ima y6, de tr^a an^ ma der-e. 

9. K§-pa ka-trats^n kan, de ka beki tra m^lane- 
ki be: 

10. Tsa tr§ka atr>i ats6 sa yo ma-pant de na 
nal-su, pfk^iife sa pon rlltsa ka Qk'uru owo-k^li, 
QYi^ ^i o-Futia k§ a-fgm be, pa la gb^i ka an^ l4ne. 

11. K6oe-6a ama-trel am6 de t^k'sa-Aa. 

12. Tra w*uni 6 w'uni o tsfi f^nfaras ara-fet-ra- 
mu; kere ^i a-mol na and lane ka ar'im, ka ka- 
b6trne, ka ama-b(^(§r, ka am-m6ra, ka ka-lane, ka 

13. Hfi ke 1 der, 8(}ndne ka ka-kdran, ka ken-mad, 
ka ka-t^k'sa. 

14. Tse bdta am-b6ya and y\ rokor-ka-na, and 'a 
pou sQil-mu ka ar'fin ra k§-ndbi, re ka-ren ama-trd 
ma am-Bdki. 

15. Tramtrdmne ama-trel am^; s(}ndne ka ama-trel 
am6 tdrgp; kdma ka-bdrne-ka-mu ka trdrine ka a- 
fam be. 

16. B6trar am-m6ra ka muno-manone, de ka ama- 
trel ma-t^k'sa; bdsar rl: tsa be ma yo van-e, ma tra 

futia muno-mQnone, de nan and tr^la-mu. 

Ara-Bomp 5. 

1. Ts6 w^nar w'uni bdki, k^re man-ko mo o-kas; 
de a-f§m a-fet mg a-wontr a-rdni; 

2. A-b^ra a-bdki mg a-kdra; a-b^ra a-fet mo a- 
wontr a-bera, rg ra-f^ra be. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

1 Tim6teos 5. 75 

3. L61as a-b6ra a-bera, aiU yi a-b6ra a-b^ra tra- 

4. k^re be o-b6ra o-b^ra o bd a-wut tal(}in a-rok, 
tra na m(Jta yo ama-\0-nia-nan ro ka an'-set-'a-naii 
gben, de tra na k^la atrd and kom-na 'a pon yO-na; 
Isa alse tra ^i Ira-ttno de lra-l6sa rodi ka K'uru. 

5. Kere ow6 yi o-b6ra o-b^ra tra-lsen, de ow(J 
tsia o-sOn, o seline ka K'uru, de q bdsar ka-n^m!ene 
de ka-rdmne Iralrdk de ra-yah. 

6. Kere kgn*, ow^ yo ma-bdne, q fi mo yi O-k^li. 

7. Kdne-na ama-trel am6, kama na yi a-pdni-tr'eu 

8. Kere be w*uni o b6lrar-he am-mera ka ah'-nan 
gben, pa ta gb6li ka ka-bor-k'on, o poh petisa ka- 
lane, de o yi o-l§8 o l^si owd tse lane. 

9. Tra na tse til o-b6ra o-bera, owq ta pon-he 
bak tra-ren Ira-gba tra-sas, ow(J pon yi o-r^ni ka q- 
wos k'in; 

10. Ow(J bfi n*es a-fino Ir^ka ma-yos ma-fino; be 
poii rusam a-fet, be o pon malane a-lsik, be o poft 
3^dkas atr'dtrak tra a-sam, be o pon mar and y\ ro- 
gb^kane, be o pen sondne ka a-yos 6 a-yos a-ffno. 

11. K^re p^nsa a-b6ra a-b^ra a-fet: tsa be na pon 
tser a-fela na o-sem na wop-na, aird t6ri ama-s^lo 
ma Masia, ha v^ma bdia; 

12. De na rehne ka-si^mpa, pakdsife ha poh Igsar 
ka-lane-ka-hah aka-tr(5troko. 

13. Hdlisa ha t^kas tra tr^ma ka-tsih, de tra kot- 
kot ka a-set h'in ha ka a-set a-lom; k^re ha tr^ma- 
he gbo kg-!sih, k^re ha yi so a-telma, de ha kdtrne 
tr^ka ama-trel ma a-fjm a-lom, ha fof ma-trel amk 
ts6 mar. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

76 1 Timiteos 5. 

14. Tr^ka tsi I yema, fp a-b6ra a-b^ra a-fet na 
b^la, ha kom a-fet, fo ha ba 'ma-kfra ma ama-trel 
ma ah'-set, fo ha soh-fe kg-f^na ka ow(J tr^mone 
tr^ka ka-nal. 

15. Tsa a-lom ha poo' to f^le ray^r, ha trah S^tani. 

16. Be o-r6ni 6 runi tal^m o-b^ra 6 b^ra, ow6 
Une, ba a-b6ra a-b^ra, tr' o mar-Aa, tr* o (se r^nsar 
ah'-gb^nne; k^ma ha gb^li mar ah^ ^i a-b6ra a-b^ra 

17. Am-fi^ki, ah^ gb^ka o-fino, tr' 'a lom-ha mo 
ho a-f§m a-m^ri tra s^Iq ra-lel ma-r§h, pa ta gb^ti 
ahd }0 ama-pant ma ar'im de ma ama-trel ma-t^k'sa. 

IS. Tsa ama-Gbal ma pa ho: Tse f(^kar ka-sah ka 
0-na, ow(5 sap a-b6rru. De: 0-kump o mari tra sdlo 

19. Tie m^lane a-gb^ntir tr^ka o-B^ki, tSmbe a- 
gb^ki ha-rah ta](}m a-sas ha son t'amas^re tr§ka tsi. 

20. AM yo tr'el tra-l§s, nal-ha ro-d'er ka na be 
kadf, k^ma aha-lom so Aa ba ra-nes. 

21. I maA-mu o-lel rodi ka K'uru, de ka o-R^bbo 
Yfsua Masia, de ka am-maleika ana-tit, kama ma wop 
ama-treT am^ m§ tse bd a-gbaT, bfi ma tie yo tr*ei 6 
tr*eT r' a-m^ra a-l^hke ka w'uni. 

22. Tie }ehk reh w'uni 6 w*uni ma-tra, de tig 
y6rane ma-trel ma-)as ma a-fam a-lom: b^nene o- 

23. Tie so mun m'antr, k^re mun ma-wain ma- 
tan, tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ak'atnak^ta-ka-mu, de trgka 
'ra-bomp ra ara-rantr-ra-mu ara-katr-katr. 

24. Ama-treT ma-las ma a-fam a-lom ma n§nsa 
gb^rah, de ma tr^ma ha kadi tr^ka ka-hap-ha; k^re 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

1 Timoteoa 6. 77 

ama-trei ma-l§s ma a-fam a-lom ma tran-na so ro- 

25. Ya ama-^QS ama-fino so ma a-fam a-lom ma 
n§nsa gbSran; de am^ tse ^i ^aii-e, ma gbdli-he 

Ara-Bomp 6. 

1. Tra a-trar be, an^ y\ ka ka-nir rordta, na Igm 
an'-kas-'a-nafi gben mo ho an^ m^ri tra 8(}tQ ra-lel 
be, kama na tie fof o-las tr4ka an*68 na K'dru de 
tr§ka ama-trel ma-t^k'sa. 

2. K^re ah^ bd a-kas a-Une, tr' 'a tse f§nf§ra&- 
na, pgk^sife na yi a-wonlr; kere Ir* 'a ta gbo tsim 
ka-m^nde-ka-nan, pakasife ina yi a-lane de a-b(}tar, 
aM ^'^rane Q-(ino, T^k'sa ama-trel am6 de kdne-na 

3. Be w'uni 6 w'uni o t^k'sa ma-trel ma-tsel, de 
be m^Iane-he as'im ram^n tra o-R^bbu-ka-su Yisua 
Masia, de ama-trel ma-t^k'sa, am^ b6ki ka-n^sa K'uru; 

4. ba a-mera a-b^na, de o tr*a-he tr'ei 6 tr'el, 
kere O gb6ti k^-b(itar ma-trel ma-gbSlar de ka-gbal 
tr^ka s'im, am^ wur ka-trutr, ma-putane, ka-fof kg- 
Igs, e-nSne e-like 6*las, 

5. Ma-s^kane ro-m6ra ma-ban ma a-fam na e-mera 
e-k^na, de an^ p^ni atra-tseii, au^ n^ne ho ka-n^sa K'uru 
ka mar tra s(^to ma-k^nya. Nene a-fam a-wdnon. 

6. K^re ka-n6sa K'uru r' a-m^ra a-f§nta ka mar tra 
s(ito ma-k^n^^a ma-b^na. 

7. Tsa sa poh-he^(ina r'ika 6 r*dka ka ara-ra 
are, (tr^ka tsi) o n^nsa, fo s§ t|na-he so \vura r*dka 
6 r'dka. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

78 1 TimOteos 6. 

8. K^re be sa bd yetr e-di de y^etr e-l6pra, tra 
sa botr e-nfiera-'e-su Ir^ka e^'^lr eye. 

9. K^re nan, an^ y^ma siJtg e-n6nla, na won ra- 
tr'el tr§-gb(}sa, de ka ma-t^li, de ka e-f^la e-Ial e-pank 
e-bah, an^ m(}tras aiV-f§n[i na-(sl ka a-h^laki de ka 

10. Tsa ka-b(^tar a-k^Ia ka yi a-tank na ma-trel 
ina-l§s be : a-f^la-na-tsi na poh wop a-lom, de na poh 
j^to ka ka-lfine, na s(^ne ma-baA ma-lal. 

11. R^re munon, o w'uni ka K'uru, gbuke ama- 
trel am^: k^re tsfmne tra si\Q ma-16inpi, ka-n6sa 
K'iiru, ka-l^ne, ma-b(Jlar, a-mdyu, ra-t(5fal. 

12. Tsim ka-tsim aka-ffno ka ka-ldne, wop aiV- 
A^s§m aha4ab^na, tr^ka mk 'a pon mutsi-nou, de ma 
pon gbflane ka-gMtane aka-fino ro-d'er ka a-gb^ki a- 
gb^ti k§df. 

13. I maii-mu rod'er ka K'dru kadi, qw(^ k§lis 
r'aka 6 r'aka, de ro-d'er ka Yfsua Masia kadi, ow6 
poA gbftane ka-gbitane aka-fino rodf ka Pdotios Pilaios; 

14. Kdma m§ wop an'-gb^ka ane o-p^ni ma-t^ri 
de Q-p^ni-tr'el, ha ka ka-trdrine ka Q-H^bbu-ka-su 
Yisua Masia: 

1 5. Aka owo-T^na-tfei s5n owg-foMr'ei, Q-Bal ka 
am-bal, de o*S^yid ka ah'-s^yid o tra tri^ri ka am*^tr- 
m'oii gben. 

16. Owi ba k|-ts6-fi son, qw^ yira ka a-m6ta a- 
Iral-fatr; ow(5 w'uni o w'tini o pon-he nafik, de owcJ 
w'uni 6 w'iini o gb^li-he nank: Qv/d yi tra ba ra-lel 
de a-f(}sa a-tab^na. Amina. 

17. K^ne nan, ah^ ba e-n^nla ka ara-rQ ar6, kdma 
na ts6 n6trane ro-m^ra, de kdma na tse seline ka e- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

1 Timoteos 6. 79 

D^nla e-tse-trats^n, k^re ka Ok'uru owo-k^li, ow^ son- 
8U y'etr be o-lal tra yiJna-yi ra ina-b(^ne; 

18. Kama na yo o-rtno, kama na h tr§ka ma-yos 
ma-ffno, kama na y\ a-boya-lr'ei de a-yer-tr'el; 

1 9. K^ma na gbdmpane e-bene mo o-tr^mar Q-ffno 
tr^ka an'-](}ko ah^ ma der-e; kdma na gbgli vioip aiV- 
nesam ana-tab^na» 

20. Timoieos, bumar ar'd, ar^ 'a m^nkar-mu, 
ma nene ka-l^lma ka-ya! ka-t^e-sam, de ma-trel ma- 
t^k'sa ma-p^skiane ma ka-tr^ra, akS 'a bontr yafi ka- 

21. Ak^ a-lom na pon gbftane, de na y^lo tr^ka 
ka-lane. Tra am-b5na na yi re munon. Amina. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


An'-£6ka aAa-£§n na Patilos, o-Som, 
ani gbilar Tim6teos. 

Ara-Bomp 1. 

1 . Paulos, g-SOm ka Yisua Masia ka ama-s6lo ma 
K'uru, tr^ka (k§-tr^in§s) ar*im ra-tran ra aA*-n^8§m, 
an^ yi ka Yisua Masia, 

2. Ka Timdteos, ow'^n-ka-mi o-b(Jl§r: Tra a-b6na 
de i-n^T na yi re munon, de ma-t(}fal, am^ y^fa ka 
K'iiru, o-Kas, de ka Yisua Masia, o-R^bbu-ka-su. 

3. 1 mulsi m'^mo ka K'uru, owiJ I lenki kSbi ka 
an'-kas-'a-mi a-boin r§ ka-tr^rane ka-f6ra, p§k^sife 1 
tie trel ka-n^ne-mu ka tra-r^mne-tra-mi tratrdk de 

4. De I b6sne o-lal tra nam-mu, trgka me I n^ne 
am'antrar-ma-mu, kdma I Idsar ma-bi^ne; 

5. Me 1 n^ne ka-lane-ka-mu aka-ls^-yOr, ak^ m^Xa 
yira rokdr ka Lois, o-kdra-ka-mu o-bom, de rokdr ka 
Yunike, o-kara-ka-mu; de 1 Iriira-lsi mo tra-tsen fo 
ka yira sq rok6r ka munon. 

6. Tr§ka tsil n^nena-mu tral^par am-bo^aftaK'uru, 
an^ ^i rok6r-ka-mu ka ka-ren-mu ama-tra-ma-mi. 

7. Tsa K'uru g tse pon sgn-su a-mera na ra-nes, 
k^re na a-f(}sa, de na ma-b(itar, de na ka-tsemp. 

8. Tr^ka Isi Ise lap Ir^ka al'amas6re tra o-R4bbu- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

2 Timdteos 1. 81 

ka-su, PI yi-he tr^ka minan, o-kg-r^nka-k'on ; k^re 
y^rane ka-si^mpane trgka ani-B6sra, mo an'-fi^sa na 

9. Ow(J poA futia-su, de (jw^ pon mutsi-su r§ ka- 
mutsi kg-8|m, pa yi-he mo ama-yos-ma-su, k^re mo 
ama-s6lo-in'on gben, de mo am-b^na, and 'a poA soA- 
su ka Yisua Masia p^(a ara-ra ra ir^pne; 

10. K^re and *a pen naibi ak6 ka ka-tri^rine ka 
0-Fulia-ka-su, Yfsua Masia, qyi^ poA dim ra-fi, de 
Qyfi pon M^ura gbdf|t a-n^sam de kg-tse-fi ka ka-tra 
ka am-B6sra: 

11. Tr^ka and 'a pon botr-mi o-gb6nto, de o-Som» 
de o-kdrmoko k§ an'-Kdfri. 

12. Tr^ka 'ra-bomp-ra-lsi 1 si^mpane so ama-trel 
am6: k^re 1 tse lap Ir^ka tsi; tsa 1 irdra kon', ka 
owe I poA saline 9 de 1 trdra-tsi mo tr§-lseA, fo 
t^na bumar ar'a, ard 1 pon mdnkgr-ko ha ka aA'-r^i 

1 3. Wop am-mol Aa ma-trel ma-t^k'sa ma-tr§ts^d» 
amd mg pon trgl ka minan, ka ka-ldne de ka ma- 
bi^tar, amd yi ka Yisua Masia. 

1 4. Bumgr ar'a ra-tsi ara-ffno, ard 'a pon mdAkgr- 
rou ka o-Rubu owo-Sgm, qy/^ yira rok6r-ka-su. 

15. Mg trdra-tsi, fo na be» a6d yi ro-Asia, Aa pon 
f^le romf; Fig^Uos de Herm6genes Aa yi katr(}fi-ka- 

1 6. Tra o-Rdbbu o soA i-nii ka a6'-set na Onesi- 
f6ros; Isa o pon bdkas ama-der-ma-mi katr-katr, d^ 
tse Idpgr ak'or^nta-ka-mi : 

17. K^re mo o yi ro-ROm, o y^Aksoue kg-ten-ml, 
de fir-mi. 

Galfttians — Hebrews. 6 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

82 2 Timoteos 2. 

18. K^Ako Q-R^bbu o 8o6-kQ-tsi, kdma q s^to 
UnUi ka Q-R^bbu ka an'-r^'i na-tsi! De tro q pon 
l^jiki-mi tr^ka ma-trel ma-Ial ro-Efeso, munQn ma ta 
tr^ra-tsi o-rtno. 

Ara-Bomp 2. 

1. Tr^ka tsi, mun* w'an-ka-mi, sdlo ka-b^kar ka 
am-b^na, an^ yi ka Yisua Masia: 

2. De ama-trel, am^ ma pon tral ka ka-san-ka-mi 
Toii ka a-gb^ki a-gb^(i, m^nkar-na ka a-fam a-Idne, 
Bi\^ tr§ yi a-b^ki tra t§k'sa so a-lom. 

3. Tr^ka tsi, munon, s(impane ma-trel ina-las, mo 
0-kurgba Q-fino ka Yisua Masia. 

4. W'Qni 6 w'uni, ow(5 tr§ tsim, o tse r§ftano ka 
ama-trel ma an'-nesam an6; kama o t^sa ka ow(J pon 
gb(Jki-ko Ira ^i o-kurgba. 

5. Kere be w'uni o tsi'mne so, na sdtar-he-ko a- 
n^0> tSmbe o tsimne mo an-ton. 

6. 0-baf, ow(J yO ma-pant, o m(ita yi tra y^rano 

7. Tramtr^mne aroa-lrel ara6 1 pa-e; Ira o-R^bbu 
son-mu ka-tr6ra tr^ka ma-trei be. 

8. N^ne Yisua Masia ka ara-kom'ra ra Dauda, QVfd 
'a y6kas ka an'-fi, mo am-B6sra-'a-mi. 

9. Trgka 'ra-bomp-ra-tsi I siJmpane ma-trel ma-las 
ha ka na-s^ka, mo w'uni ow(J pon yO tr'el Ira-las; 
k^re ar'im ra K'uru ra tie sek. 

10. Tr^ka alr'ei a(s6 I muyu ma-trel be lr§ka 'ra- 
bomp ra an-tit, kdma na so i^a si^to ka-futi, ak^ yi ka 
Yisua Masia r' a-yiki a-tab^na. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

2 Timdteos 2. 83 

It. Ka-pa ka-trats^n kia-ke: Be sa pon fire kgn', 
sa tni k^Ii so re kon*: 

12. Be sa mu^u, sa tra gb§ka so re kon*: be sa 
p^nsa-ko, kon' so o tra pensa syhn: 

13. Be sa yi-he a-lane, k^no tsia o-lane; tsa k(}no- 
kjinone gbdii-he p^n^ane. 

14. N^nena-na ama-lrel ame, de mafi-na o-lel rodi 
ka o-R^bbu, kdma na tse gb^Iar s'im, atr^ tse n^fa 
tr'el 6 Ir'ei, t^mbe tra k^Qfs e-m^ra )^a an^ tral. 

15. Tsimne, kama ma trdmame rodi ka K*uru mo 
O-m^mar, mo o-kump, ow^ gb^U-he won ma-lap, ow(J 
yer ar'im ra atra-tsen o-l<5mpi. 

16. Kere nene ka-tehna ka-yal ka-tse-sam; tsa na 
tra b^rne gbo ma-las; 

17. De ar'im-ra-nafi ra tra som mo a-som-s(5ma: 
Himenaios de Fil^tos na yi katr(in-ka-nan; 

18. Ana pon y^to tr§ka atra-tsen, tr§ka ma na pa, 
ho ka-yokane ka pon' to tas; de na I^fti ka-lane ka 
a-fam a-lom. 

19. K^re an-tr^mal na K'uru na tr^ma b^kar, na 
ba an'-k^lam an6: „Yeh6fa o tr^ra arV-n'an." De: 
„Tra w'uni 6 w'uni, ow^ bontr an'es na Masia, o fgle 
ka ma-lgs." 

20. Kere ka a-sel a-b^na na ba-he gbo y'etr ya 
ma-b^no de ya ma-sflwar, k^re ya k'anir so de ya 
e-ydfta; de e-lom na k61o, de e-lom na tse kolo. 

21. Tr§ka tsi be w'uni o pon gb^line tr^ka ane, 
tra yi a-sarf an^ *a k61o, de an^ 'a pon s§mas, de 
an^ ba o-kas k'es^te k§-b^na, de an^ 'a pon benene 
tr§ka a-yo8 6 a-yos a-flno. 

22. K^re gbuke e-f^la ya ra-fet: kere tsirane Ira 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

84 2 Tim6teos 2. 3. 

stflo ma-16mpi, ka-line, ma-b(}lar, ma-tofal re an^ 
r^mne o-R^bbu r* a-m6ra Kra. 

23. K^re n^ne ma-lrel ma-gbMar ma-pank ma-yaT, 
tsa raa tr^ra, (q Aa wur e-gbal. 

24. K^re a-bol na o-R^bbu o yi-he tra gbal; kgre 
ba Ira yi o-l(Jf§l ro ka a-fgm be, de Ira tr^ra ka- 
t^k'sa, de Ira mdyu ma-trei ma-las; 

25. De Ira t^k'sa an^ tr^raa kgdf r| ra-t(Jfal; be 
p§ ;yi ho K'liru o s^ki e-in6ra-'e-na6 Ir^ka kg-trara 

26. De kima 6a kal tJemp (fta wur) ka an-t^li na 
S^tani, ow(} pon 8dp§s-Aa Ir^ka ama-s6!o-m'(m. 

Ara-Bomp 3. 

1. Kere tr^ra ats6, fo ka ama-r6i ama-l§p'80 ni'elr 
ma-b^ki ma tr§ der. 

2. Tsa a-fam na tra yi a-bOtgrne na-nSne, a-b(Jtar 
a-k^la, a-ba e-lofsne, a-ba e-m6ra e-b^na, a-ba k§-fof 
0-las, a-tse-tr§l ar'fm ra an^ kOm-fia, a-ts6-mulsi 
m'^mo, a*ts6-sam, 

3. A-tse-ba ma-b(}tar, a-ts6-y^ma won ma-mane, 
a-ba ka-f6r§s, a-tse-wop e-f^la, a-ba ma-ba6, a-ts€- 
b(Jtar ma-ffno, 

4. A-yentr a-fgm a-sot, a-y^nki yo tr'el, a-ft^lrane 
ro-m6ra, a-b(Jlgr kg-yo ma-b(}ne pg tas K'uru. 

5. AM ba a-f6sne na ka-n^sa K'uru, k^re aM 
p^nsa an'-fiJsa-Aa-tsi. F^Ie ka a-fgm a-wunon. 

6. Tsa a-fgm a-wiinoii Aa fi 6a6, aM woft e-set 
SOI tra gbip e-m6ra ya a-b^ra, aM r^na ma-trel ma- 
Igs, aM tser e-f6la e-gb^nle e tr^na-ha; 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

2 Timoteos 3. 85 

7. An^ t^kas l^ko 6 l(Jko, de aft^ I4na-he s^Xq 
ka-tr^ra ka atra-tsen tab^na. 

8. K^re mo Y^nnis de Y^mbris na tr§mone Musa, 
^a ah^ so na tr§mQDe atra-t^e6: ha yi a-fam na 6- 
ni6ra e-k|na, an^ yi a-ts6-bek trgka ka-lane. 

J9. K^re na tra tse so n^fa: tsa am-p§nk-'a-nan 
na tra n^sa gb^rah ka a-f§m be, ma pa yi so tr§ka 
am-pank na andn. 

10. Kere munon, ma pon tr^nane-mi ka ama-tre! 
ma-t^k'sa, ka ama-b6tras, ka ama-selo, kaka-l&ne» ka 
am-m^ra a-b$}lj, ka ama-b$}tar, ka am-muyu, 

11. Ka tra-bal-bal, ka ama-8(Jmpane, am^ d6rar-mi 
ro-Antiyok, ro-lk6nia, ro-Uslra; tra-bal-bal ats6 I 
rouyu, de o-R^bbu o pon wura-mi ka Ira-bal-bal Ira- 
tsi be. 

12. K^re na tr§ bal-bal so na be, aA^ y&tna k^li 
mo ka-n^sa K'liru ka Yisua Masia. 

13. K^re a-fam a-las de a-fam a-lrons-tr'el na tr§ 
bar gbo s^ke a-las, na y^tas a-lom, de na tser 'a 
yet§8 iia-nane. 

14. K^re miinoA, b^sar ka ama-treT, am^ ma pon 
t4k§5, de tr^ka am^ m§ tr^ra, fo^ma yi tr§-tsen; pak^- 
sife ma tr^ra, ka k^ne m§ pon t^kas-na; 

15. De fo ma tr^ra ama-Gbal ama-sam k^bi ka 
ara-fet-ra-mu, am^ t^na ts^mpas-mu tr^ka k§-futi ka 
ka-tra ka ka-l^ne, ak^ yi ka Yisua Masia. 

16. Ama-Gbal be ma y^fa ka o-Kubu ka K'uru, de 
ma n^fa tr^ka ma-trel ma-t^k'sa, 1r§ka ka-tr^ri ma-t^ri, 
tr^ka k§-16mpas ama-botras, tr^ka kg-t^k'sakama-l^mpi: 

17. Kamao^'uni ka K'uru o yi 0-gb^ntis, o b6ki 
Ir^ka a-yos 6 a-yos a-fino. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

86 2 Tim6teos 4. 

Ara-Bomp 4. 

1. Tr§ka tsi I maA-mu o-lel rodi ka K'uni, de 
rodi ka o-K^bbu Yisua Masia, ow(} roo ko rok e-t(Jnka 
^a an'-k^Ii de ya an'-fi ka ka-tr^rine-k'gn de ka ara- 
bal-r'on : 

2. Tr^m§s afim; b^s§r tr4ka Xsi ka a-1(}ko a-foT- 
Ir'el de ka a-l(}ko a-tse-fol-tr'el; triJri-na ma-t^ri, nal- 
6a, maA-Aa r' a-m^ra a-b(JIi be de ra ka-tdk'sa be. 

3. Tsa m'etr ma tra der, ma na Ira tse mtiyu ma- 
trel ma-t^ksa ma-lra(s^n; k^re na tra gb6mpane a- 
karm^ko mo e-f^la-'e-Aan gben, tr§ka mg o ndti-na 

4. De na Ira f^li e-lans-'e-nan ka alra-l5en, na 
tra s§ke ka am'ump. 

5. K^re muDoA trdmia tr§ka ma-trel be, s(}mpane 
ma-lrel ma-las, yO ama-pant ma o-B6sra, yO ama-pant 
ma ara-s^mmas-ra-mu t^rap. 

6. Tsa minan I pal ton tra l^nkli an'-n^sam-'a-mi 
mo s*Sdka, de am'6tr ma ka-tl^rne-ka-mi no-ra ma 

7. I pon tsim ka-tsim aka-fino, • I pon ar'6n'-da-mi 
ra-gb^kane, I pon b^ne ka-lane: 

8. K^bi ka ak6 fia pon b6tra-mi ray^r an'-n6o Aa 
ama-16mpl, an^ o-R^bbu, o-ka-rok e-t^nka owo-16inpi, 
tra son-mi ka an'-r6i na-tsi: k^re pa yi-he gbo ka 
minan son, kere ka ha be so, ah6 b6tar ka-tr(}rme-k*Qh. 

9. Tsfmone tra der romf lemp: 

10. Tsa D6mas o pon trei-mi, pakSsife pon b(Jtar 
ara-ru ra e-suma ye, de o pon k(5ne ro-Tessal6nika; 
Kr^skes o kiJne ro-Galaiia, Tilos ro-Dalmaiia. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

2 Timdteos 4. 87 

1 1 . Lukas kon' s5n gbo o \i romi. Yokane M^r- 
kos, ma k^rane-ko; tsa q ba-ini k'es^te ka-b^na tr^ka 

12. Tikikos I pon sOm-ko ro-Efeso. 

13. Ak'6ta ka-kumparne, ak^ I pon trei ka KSrpos 
ro-Tr6as, k^rane-ki, be m§ der, de atr'Sfa, p§ ta gb6ti 

14. Aleks^nd§r, o-gban, q pon yQ-tni ma-trel ma- 
las ma-lai: tra o-R^bbu o k^Ia-ko mg ama-^os-m'on: 

15. Mun' so s6bine tr^ka tr*on; tsa o pon tr^marne 
as'jm-tra-su o-b^na. 

16. Ka ka-fi^fane-ka-mi aka-tr(J(rokQ w'uoi 6 w'unl 
Q tr^ma-he mi rorar§n, k^re na be na trel-mi: k^nko 
K'uru tse lom-tsi ron^n! 

1 7. Kere o-K^bbu g tr^ma mi rorar§n, de b^k§s- 
mi am-m^ra; kdma I gb§Ii b^k'sar atra-tle^ tra ka- 
tramas am-B6sra, de kdnia an'-K^fri be na tral-ni; Aq 
Q fulia-mi ka ka-san ka an'-sonala. 

18. De o-H^bbu o tra futia-mi ka a-^os 6 a-yos 
a-las, de Ira bene-mi Ir^ka ara-bal-r*on ro-rianna: 
tra k(ino bd an'->iki tSnkah tab^nal Amina. 

19. K6n Prfska de Akwila, de an'-f§m im Onesi- 

20. Er^slos tsia ro-Korlnl: k^re Trofimos 1 tsia 
O-lrQ ro-Mileto. 

21. Tsimone tra der ah'-lo n' o-trank na md^la bgk. 
Eibulos, de Pudes, de Linos, de Klaudia, de an'-wontr 
be na kori-mu. 

22. Tra o-R6bbu Yisua Masia o yi re am-m6ra- 
'a-miil Tra am-bgna na yi re nyah! Amina. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


AA'-R^ka Aa Paulos, o-Som, and q 
gbilar Titos. 

Ara-Bomp 1. 

1. Paiilos. a-bol Aa K'ura, o-SOm ka Yfsaa Masia, 
tr^ka ka-l^ne ka an-tit Aa K'uru, de tr^ka ka-trdra ka 
atra-tSei^» ak^ wur ka-nisa K'dru; 

2. Tr^ka aA'-r^tsa na a-A^sam a-taUna, tr§ka afid 
K'dru, QVfi t^na-he pa ra-yem, o pon tra6 r'im p^fa 
ara-ra ra tr^pne; 

3. K^re ow^ poA ftafbi ar'im-r'oft ka am'^(r-ma-tsi 
gben ka ka-tr^mas-ri , ak^ 'a poA m^nkar-mi mo an'- 
gb^ka Aa K'dru, o-Fulia-ka-su: 

4. Ka Titos, ow'^n-ka-mi o-gb6n-gbefi, mo ka-l9ne 
8§ ba, iya k^noA : Tra a-b5na de i-nft' na yi re munon, 
de ma-t(ifal, am^ y^fa ka K'uru, g-Kas, de ka o-R^bbu 
Yisua Masia, o-Futia-ka-su! 

5. Tr^ka atr'ef ats6 I tsia-mu ro-Krita, kima m§ 
16mp§s ama-trel am^ tsia, de kama ma botr a-B^ki 
r§ ka-pelr 6 ka-petr, me I pon k^ne-ma: 

6. Be w'uni 6 w'uni Q yi Q p^ni-tr'el, o-wos ka 
Q-r^ni k'in, qvi^ ba a-wut a-ldne, an^ 'a tie gb^ntir 
tr^ka ma-kar ma-tl^rne taJ(}m tr§ka ka-ts^-s^nne. 

7. Tsa o-Bisop q ba tra yi o-p^ni-tr'el, mg o-kfra 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Titos 1. 89 

ka K'uru, ow(J Ise yi o-b6ne-tr'eT, owd Ise yeiik bdns'a, 
ow^ tse ba ka-tsis, owd tse yenk pal ka-sut, owo tse 
ten ma-kdnya ma-I^pas; 

8. K^re owd bdtar ka-fdnta a-tsik, ow^ bdlar ma- 
ttno, ow^ ba ka-tsemp, owd ba ma-16mpi, gwd ba ma- 
sam, Qwd t^na wop e-f^Ia-y'on;' 

9. Ow^ wop ar'im ara-tratsen, ma 'a poll t^k'sa- 
ko, kama o t^na man a-lom ka ama-trel ma-t§k'sa 
ma-trats^n, de ira trc^ri ma-t^ri ka and p^nsa. 

10. Tsa a-fam a-tsg-sdnne a-gbdti na yi n, bM 
ba ka-tilma ka-yai, de a-fam a-trons-tr*eT, pa ta gb^ti 
nafi, and yi ka ana pdni e-l^mpe: 

11. AM 'a ba tra gbetar tra-san-tra-nan, and Idfti 
e-sel e-16lok, tr§ka ma na l^k'sa ma-lrel, amd tse mar, 
tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ma-kdnya ma-ldpas. 

12. K'in katron-ka-nan, o-ndbi-ka-na gbefi, q pa 
ho: „An'-Kr6ti na sa yi a-fam 'a ra-yem, trtj-sem tra- 
las, tr'or tra-tdkle." 

1 3. Ai'amas^re ats6 tra yi tra-lsen. Tr^ka tsi Aal- 
na Q-ban, kama na yi a-yenki ka ka-Iane; 

14. Kama na ts§ b6trar e-mi§ra-'e-nan ka m'ump 
ma an'-Y^hudi, de ka ma-gbdka ma a-fam, and f§lt 
ka atra-tsen. 

15. Ka an*-f6ra y'elr be e yi e-f^ra: k^re ka afidn^ 
and yi a-Idfta, de ka and tie lane, r*aka 6 r'aka ra 
yi-he ra-fera; kere e-m^ra-'e-nan de ka-lrarane-ka-nau 
ka yi ka-Idfta. 

16. Na gbftane tra trdra K'uru; k^re ka ama-yos- 
ma-nan M p^nsa-ko, tr§ka ma na yi a-fam a-gbens 
a-ts6-tr§l-tr'el, de a-lse-bek tr§ka a-yos 6 a-yos a- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

-90 Titos 2. 

Ara-Bomp 2. 

1. K^re munoA, (of ma-trel am^ b^ki ama-trei ma- 
t^k*5a ama-tratseA : 

2. (Man) an'-runi a-b^ki, kdina na ;yi a-tr6mla, kdma 
6a ba ra-lel, kama na ^i a-ts^mpi, a-y^fiki ka ka-Iane, 
ka ama-b()t§r, de ka am-niuvu. 

3. Mo am'(}lo ma-tsi ani-b^ra a-b^ki, kama na 
b6trne mo p§ mar a6'-s§m, kama na ba-he ka-f6ras, 
k^ma na si^ndne-be ka ma->vain ma-lal, kama na yi 
a-karm(}kQ liia atr^ ^i Ira-fino; 

. 4. Kama Aa gb^ii tgk'sa am-b^ra a£ia-fet tra ^i a- 
ts^mpi, tra b(Jl§r an'-wos-'a-nan, de tra b(Jt§r an'-wut- 

5. Tra ba ka-tsemp, tra ba ma-lap, tra tr^ma ronan 
ro-sel, tra ba ma-tot» tra tral ar'im ra an'-wos-'a-nan 
Sben, kdma na tse fof o-las tr§ka ar*fm ra K'dru. 

6. Mo am'i^lo ma-tsi man so an'-l^nba a-fet, tra 
yi a-ts^mpi. 

7. Tr§ka ma-trei be muno-monone tr(Jrine mo a- 
mol na ma-yos ma-ffno: ka ka-t^k'sa tr(}ri ka-tse-]§sa, 
ra-lel, ra-f^ra, 

8. Ka-fof ka-y^nki, ak^ t^e bd ma-t^ri; kama o- 
Ir^mone won ma-lap, be o ba-he tr'ei 6 tr'el tra- 
igs tra pa tr§ka tr^nnu. 

9. An-trar, maA-iia, kdma na sSnne ka an'-kas-'a- 
if^an gbefi, kama na t^sane-na tr§ka ma-trel be, kama 
na tse gbet-gbet, 

10. Kdma na tse w6nkla r'akadr'^ka; k^re kama 
fta trdri a-lSne a-fino be; kama na y^si ama-trei ma- 
t^k'sa ma K'dru, o-Foiia-ka-su, lr§ka ma-trel be. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Titos 2. 3. 91 

11. Jh dm-b6na na K'uru, an^ gb^li futia a-fam 
be, na pon triJrine, 

12. Na t§k*sa-su, kama sa p^nsa ma-las de e-f^la 
ya ara-rQ, de kdma sa k§li mo ka-lsemp, de mo ma- 
16mpi, de mo k§-n^sa K'uru ka ara-rQ ra e-sdma yQ; 

13. De tra kar an'-ralsa ana-m^ri-tr'ei, de ka- 
trdrine ka-gb^nta ka Qk'uru owQ-bSna de ka o-Futia- 
ka-su Yisua Masia; 

14. Ow(J po6 s(}ndne Ira Ir^ssu, kdma o bani-su 
ka ma-las be, de kama o gb^H a-fam na ka-fus tr^ka 
k^no-k^none, an6 y6nksone ka yQ ma-yos ma-fino. 

IS.'Fof ama-trel am6, de man-na, de ir(}ri-na ma- 
t6ri r* a-f(Jsa be. Tra w'uni 6 w'uni o ts6 f§nfaras- 

Ara-Bomp 3. 

1. N^nena-lsi, kiima na sdnne ka a-tra-bomp de 
ka aM ba a-f(Jsa, kama na tral ar'im ra a-gb^ka, de 
kfima na pal tr^ka a-yos 6 a-yos a-fino, 

2. Kama na ts6 f6fiya w'uni 6 w'uni, kima na ts6 
ba ka-gbal, kama na ba ka-}'6se, kama na 1r(Jri ra- 
t<}fgl be ro ka a-fam be. 

3. Tsa sySi-syine so sa y\ t^pan a-ts6-ts^mpi, a- 
tse-tral-tr'el, a-yeto, a-lenki e-fela de lra-y6ma Irg- 
t^sa tra-gb^Dte, sa kot ka ma-las de ka ka-trutr, s| 
yi a-f§m a-gbens, sa gbenane. 

4. K^re ma ama-tot de ama-bdtar ma K'dru, q- 
Fdtia-ka-su, ma tr^rine, 

5. poii fdlia-su, pa tse yi tr^ka *ra-bomp ra ma- 
yQS ma ma-16mpi, am^ sa pon yo, kere mo anai-n^i- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

92 Titos 3. 

A'qA, ka ka-buko ka ka-kal-kOm-su, de ka o-Ruha 
OWQ-Sam, QVf^ s^ki-su a-fu; 

6. Qvfi Q pon kusar rok^m-ka-sa o-lal ka ka-tra 
ka Yisua Masia, o-Futia-ka-su; 

7. KJma, ka-rdr§u ka ma sa pon B^iQ ma-m^ri ka 
am-bona-n'on, 8§ s6\Q ak'^ ka a-nisam a-tab^na mo 

8. Ka-pS ka-trats^n ka6, de tr^ka aroa-trei ami 
I ^^ma, ho ma b^k'sar-na l(}ko 6 I(Jko, kama nan, 
bM pon s^ke a-line ka K'uru, na b6trar e-mira tra 
j^nksone ka ^0 ma-^gs ma-ffno. Ama-trei ami ma 
yi ma-ffno do ma n^fa a-fam. 

9. K^re nene ma-trel ma-gb^lar ma-pai\k, do 0- 
rika ysL ir§-k6m*ra, do ma-piitane, do o-gbal tr^a 
an-tgn; tsa ma yi ma-ts6-ndfa-tr'e! do m^-yal. 

10. P^nsa w'uni hardtikat, ka-raran ka ma m§ poA 
man-ko w'in de ma-ran; 

tl. Ma ma tr^ra, fo w'uni wtinoii ^i o-l^fti-lr'ei, 
do to Q yO 0-las, tr^ka mg k^no-k^nono po6 n^pne. 

12. Me I Isi sOm Artemas romu, tal(Jm Tikikos, 
tsimono Ira der romi ro-Nik6polis: tsa rf-a I pon kftine 
tra lr§ma ka an*-lo n' o-lrank. 

13. Senas, o-karm(iko ka an-tgn, do Ap611os, ^^nk- 
sgno tra SQfi-na ^'otr ya am-bias, kama na tse paA 
r'aka 6 r'aka. 

14. Kero tra an'-f§m a-na-su so na t§kas tra y^nkso 
ka ^'O ma-^'os ma-fino Irgka ka-b6kas ey'^lr eyo-p^ni, 
be na y^ma-yi, kama na tse yi a-p^ni ma-kdmi. 

15. Na bo an^ yi rgmi na k6ri-mu. K6ri anii b(^t§r- 
5u ka ka-lane. Tra am-bona na y\ re n^^d bo! Amina. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


An'-R6ka Aa Paulos, o-Som, and o 
gbdlar FiUmon. 

Ara-Bomp 1. 

1. Paulas, o-ka-r^nka ka Yisua Masia, de Timoteos, 
0-wonlr, ka Fil^mon, owo-bdtar-ka-su, de 0-ua-su o- 

2. De ka Appia, o^O-bdtar-ka-su, de ka Arkippos, 
Q-na-su o-kurgba, de ka an'-gbdnne an^ yi ka an'-set^ 

3. Tra a-b6ha lua ^i re n^an, de ma-tdfal, amA 
y^fsi ka K'urn, o-Kas-ka-su, de ka o-R^bbu Yisua Masia. 

4. I mutsi Ok'uru-ka-mi m'amo Idko 6 I^ko, de I 
n^ne-inu ka (ra-r^mne-tra-mi, 

5. Pak^sife I iral tr§ka ka-Iane-ka-mu, ak^ ma ba 
ka o-RSbbu Yisua, de trgka ama-b(^tar-nia-mu ro ka 
an'-sam be; 

6. Kama ka-^^^rane-ka-mu ka-line, ak^ sa bd, syd 
inunon, ka ydsne ka ka-tr^ra ka tr'el 6 tr'ei tra-fino, 
alr^ yi rok6r-ka-nu tr§ka Yisua Masia. 

7. Tsa s§ ba ma-bdne ma-b^na de ma-b^fat tr^ka 
ama-b^t§r-ma-mu, pak^sife tra-but tra ah'-sain Ira pon 
8(}to ka-bak ka munen, mun' wontr-ka-su. 

8. Tr§ka tsi, hali I ba ka-minta ka-b^ua ka Masia 
Ira k^ne-mu, alr^ yi lr§-m4ri, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

94 Filemou. 

9. Kere tr^ka 'ra-borap ra ama-bolar I neintene-mu 
gbo. Tr^ka me I ^i w'uni wunon, mo Padlos owq- 
b^ki, de ak^ so o-ka>r§nka ka Ylsua Masfa; 

10. I n^mtene-mu tr§ka ow'^n-ka-mi, qv/6 I pon 
kOm ka ana-s^ka-na-mi, tr^ka On^simos: 

11. Ow(J Ise ba-mu k'es^te t§pah, kere ow(J ba 
ton k'es^te ka-bana tr^ka tr^mmu de tr§ka trSmmi; 
Qy^^ I kal pon sOm rgmu. 

12. K^re munoj^ m^lane-*ko mo ho ka-but-ka-mi 

13. Qvi^ I y^ma k&M romi, kama o l^nki-mi ka 
ana-s^ka na am-B6sra ka ka-b^Ian a-ka-mu. 

14. K^re 1 y6ma-he yO Ir'el 6 tr'ei, t^mbe ma 
-won-lsi; k^a alr*ei-tra-mu tra-ffno Ira yi-he mo ho 
ka a-f(Jsa, kere mo am-mera-'a-ma gben. 

15. Tsa l^nsa tsia ba-tsi o 3^efa romu a-l(Jko a- 
burap, kdma ma s(ito-ko so tabana; 

16. Pa vi-he so mo 0-trar, kere pa tas o-lrar, mo 
0-wonlr o-bdtar, pa ta gb6li trgka minah, t^msine 
tr^ka munon, mo o-^em, de ka o-R^bbu! 

17. Tr§ka tsi, be ma k^li-mi lo6 mo O-p^ntrane- 
ka-mu, m^lane-ko mo ho mina-minane. 

18. K^re be o pon d^rar-mu, laliJm be o ba ka- 
ram-mu r'dka, l(^mane-tsi ka an'-ram a-na-mi. 

19. Mine, Paulos, I pon gbal-!si re ka-lra-ka-mi 

gben, mine tsi ram-tsi; kota 1 ts6 pa romu, ho ma 
,11 ^ ° 

ba so ara-bel ra muno-manone romi rok(im-ka-tsi. 

20. J^iikdy wgnlr-ka-mi, tr' e ba ma-b^ne tr^ka 
tr^mmu ka o-R^bbu: b^kas ka-buUka-mi ka o-Rabbu. 

21. Tr^ka me 1 seline ka ka-tral-tr'el-ka-mu, 1 pon 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Fileraon. 95- 

gb^lar-mu; de I tr^ra, fo ma tra ;yO so pa tas atrd 
I p5-e. 

22. Hdlisa b^nene-mi so a-^ia; tsa I r^tsa, fo hat 
tra boya-mi ronu ka tra-rSmne-tra-nu. 

23. Epafras, o-na-su Q-ka-r§]^ka ka Yisua Masia^. 
Q k6ri-mu; 

24. (Ye pa y\ so) M^rkos, Arist^rkos, D6mas^ 
Lukas, an'-na-su a-kump. 

25. Tra ain-bOna na o-R^bbu-ka-su Yfsua Masia 
na vi re e-m^ra-*e-nu! Amina. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Afi*-Seka na Paulos, o-Som, aAsi q 

gh&l^T an'-H6bri. 

Ara-Bomp 1. 

1. Ka-rarafi ka mo K'uru o poA f(}far ah'-kas t^paii 
ka ka-saA ka an'-Ndbi ka e-l^ko e-lai de ka tra-trap 

2. pon f((far-su ka arna-r^i ama-I^p'so ame ka 
la-saii ka Qw'dn-k'on, ow^ o pon botr tra ba ak'e ka 
e/^tr be> ka ka-trd ka qw^ q poA so b^mpa alra-rQ; 

3. Ov/6 yi ama-gbenta ma an'-yfki-n'on, de an'- 
roi^ Aa an-tsauhar-n'on, de QVf^ sotr ey'^tr be ka 
ar'fm ra an'-fiJsa-A'on, de ow(J poA yira ka ka-dio ka 
ara-B^na rok(im, ka-r^ran ka mo pon gbgli-5u tr^ka 
^ma-lrel-ma-su ma-las; 

4. Qyf^ t^si am-maleika Q-lai, mo am'i^lo ma an'6s, 
^n^ pon s^iQ, an^ t^si an'^s a-na-nan o-lal. 

5. Tsa ka k^ne katrdu ka am-malejka o p^ foma 
ho: Ow'^n-ka-mi munon, t^nou I pon kom-mu-e? De 
hdlisa (0 pa ho): Minah 1 tsi yi ko o-Kas, de k(inon 
g lr§ yi mi W'an-e? 

6. Kere mo o tra kal yf^ha o-Bikar ro-rQ, o pa 
ho: De tra am-maleika na K'uru be na rSmne-ko. 

7. De tr4ka am-maletka o pd ho: Ow(i s§ki am- 
4naIeika-n'on e-fef, de e-boi-^^'on n'antr na-m^ra. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Hebri 1. 2. 9t 

8. K^re tr^ka Qw'^n o pa bo: Ka->van-ka-mu, o 
K'tiru, ka won t^nkao tab^na: ka-lrak ka ara-bal-ra- 
mu ka4rak ka ma-16mpi kan. 

9. M§ pon b(Jt§r ma-16inpi, de ing poD gbena ma- 
las; tsia ba-tsi K'uru, Ok*uru-ka-mu, o pon sop-mu 
m'^ro ma ma-y^sane, pa tas am-p^ntrane-'a-mu. 

10. De: Mun' R^bbu, ka ka-trap ma poA botr o- 
Ir^mar wa an-lof ; de alr'uru Ira yi ama-panl ma ama- 

n. Tsian tra tra dfnne; k^re miinQn ma ir^ma; 
de tlia be tra tra s^ke tra-kur mo a-bila; 

12. De ma tra kump-tsi mo k*6ta k§-kump§rn6» 
detra tra sinkarne: k^re munon ma tra yi mo m§ 
yi, de tra-ren-tra-mu tra gb^H-he l^piane. 

13. K^re tr§ka kdne katri^n ka am-maleika o pon 
pa foma ho: Munon, yira ka ka-dio-ka-mi, ha ke I 
yO an^ gb^na-mu a-gbet na atr'atrak-tra-mu-e ? 

14. Pa yi-he ho na be na yi a-ruhu a-l^nki, aM 
'a som'ra tr^ka ka-mar nan, an^ yi tra si^to ka-futi? 

Ara-Bomp 2. 

1. Tr^ka Isi sa mar tra ta b6trar e-mera o-ial ka 
ama-trel, am^ sa pon tr§l, t^ni ra-so ra-lom s| tser- 
na ma paine-su. 

2. Tsa be ar'im, ar^ 'a fof ka ka-san ka a-maleika» 
ra yi ra-b^kar, de be ka-paine 6 k§-paine-ri de k§- 
lie-tral 6 kg-tse-tr§l-ri k§ sc^to ka-s^mpane k|-16mpl; 

3. Tro sya gb^li futi-e, be 8§ bdta kg-futi ka-bana 
mo ak6-e? Tr^ka akd o-R^bbu o niQta pon trgp tra 

GaUtUns — Hebrews. 7 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

98 Hebri 2. 

fof, de ak^ hah, an^ pon tr^Ia-ko, na Mk'sar tra 

4. Tr§ka mo K'uru o sgn t*amas6re tr^ka trann^n 
iwio-an ka e-16ma, de ka roa-trel ma-kab^ne, dg ka 
ina-^08 ma-kab^ne roa-gb^nte, de ka ka-yer o-Ruhu 
Qwo-Sam, mo ama-selo-m'on gben. 

5. Tsa a-maleika taho ka an^ o sah ara-ru ar^ 
ma der-e, tr^ka ar^ sa fof. 

6. K^re w'uni nam o son Vamas^re ra-d'er o*lQni 
ka pa ho: Ko yi w*uni-e, fo ma n^ne-ko-e, talom vf^'an 
kg w*uni-e, fo m§ n§nka-ko-e? 

7. Ma pon t6ra-ko pa tas a-maleika o-tan; ma pen 
^'^sia-ko a-^iki de ra-lel, de ma pen reh-ko rok(Jm 
ka ama-pant ma ama-lra-ma-mu: 

8. M§ pen botr e^'elr be ka alr'^trak-tr'on rata. 
Tsa ka ka-san e^'^tr be roniJh, o tse tsia r'aka 6 
r'aka, ara tse sdnne rgniin. Kere ake s§ tse ta nank, 
fo r'aka 6 r*aka ra sSnne ronijn. 

9. Kere sa nank Yisua, ow(J 'a t6ra pa tas a- 
maleika o-tan, tr^ka mo o pon siJmpane ara-fi, mo 
0W(} 'a ^^sia a-yiki de ra-lel; kama ka am-bOna na 
K'uru tam ra-fi Irgka >v*uni 6 w'uni. 

10. Tsa m^ri kon', Ir^ka *ra-bomp ra owd ey*etr 
be e yi, de ka ka-tra ka ow(J ey'etr be e yU mo Owq 
w(Jna a-wut a-runi a-gbdli ka a-yiki, Ira gb^ntis o-ra- 
Bomp ka ka-futi-ka-nah ka ka-tra ka ma-sdmpane. 

11. Tsa QYi^ s§mas de an^ 'a sgmas, na be na 
yefa ka k'in: tsia ba-tsi o lap-he tra bontr-na a-wonlr, 

12. Ka pa ho; „l Isi tramas an*es-'a-mu ka an'- 
>vontr-*a-mi, ka ka-lroii ka an'-gbdnne 1 tsi 16nsir-mu." 

13. De halisa (o pa hoj: „I tsi seline-ko." De 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Hebri 2. 3. 99 

halisa (0 pa ho): „K4li, mine de an'-fet, an^ K'uru 
pon son-mi." 

1 4. Trgka ma ah'-fel na y^rane ton o-sem de ma- 
Isir, kdno-kgnone so o pen ;y6rane-yi mo am*^lo ma- 
Isi; kama ka ka-ira ka ara-fi-r*oii dim kon', owd ba 
an'-f(Jsa lia ra-fi, k(}no yi ho S^tani; 

15. De kama o s^li ha be, and pen won ra-trar 
tr§ka ka-nesa ra-fi ama-re'i ma an'-nesam-'a-hau be. 

16. Tsa a-maleika laho Ira-tseh, aha o mar; k^re 
mar ara-kom'ra ra Ibrdhima. 

17. Tsia ba-tsi q mdri-ko Ira baiane ah'-wonlr- 
n'oh tr§ka Ir'eT 6 Ir'ei, kama o s^ke o-K6han o-bdna, 
0\v(} ba i-nei de owd ba a-lane ka ama-lrel, amd 
lomane K'uru, tra son a-n^mlene Ir^ka ama-lrel ma- 
las ma ah'-fam. 

18. Tsa lr§ka mo kdno-kongne o poh sompane ka 
m^mar-ko, o l§na mar hah, aiiA 'a memar. 

Ara-Bomp 3. 

1. Trgka Isi, nySi a-wonlr a-sam, a-j^^rane ha ka- 
miilsi aka )^^fa ka ak'tiru, k§Ii nah o-Som de o-K6han 
owo-bdna, owd sa gbitane, Yisua Masia; 

2. Ow(} ba a-lane lr§ka kon\ ow(} botr-ko, mo 
Musa so (o ba a-lane) ka ah'-sel-h*oh be. 

3. Tsa ow6 ha lom-ko mo ho o-mari tra solo a- 
yiki a-bdna, pa las Musa, mo am'dlo ma ra-lel ra- 
bana, ara kono ba, owo poh sal a-sel, pa las ah'-set 

4. Tsa a-set 6 a-sel w'uni lom o b^mpa-hi; k^re 
Ow(J bempa e^'elr be K'uru kiJugh. 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

100 Hebri 3. 

5. De Mu8a o bft a-laoe tra-tsen ka an'-set-n'on 
be 9 ing a-boi, tr§ka t'amas^re tra ama-trei, am^ na 
yi tra tr^mas ka-rdr§D-ka-tsi; 

6. Kere xMasia, mo Ow'^o, rok(}in ka an'-set-n'on 
gben; ah'-set-n*on syan, be pa yi ho sa wop o-b^kar 
ka-selioe <ie aina-b(Jne ma an'-r^tJa ha ka ka-l^p'so. 

7. Tr^ka Isi, mo 0-Ruhu owo-S§m o pa ho: T6non, 
be na .y^ma tr§( ar'im-r'on, 

8. Ts6 n§ b^kas alra-bomp-tra-Du, mo ka ka-b^h'sas 
(mi), ka an'-r6T na ka-m^m§r (mi) ro-wula; 

9. Ro an'-kas-'a-nu na memar-mi, na won-mi ro-m6ra, 
k6ta na nank ama-^os-ma-mi tra-ren tra-gba tra-ran. 

10. Tsla bd-tsi 1 b^n'sar ara-k6m*ra ra-tsi, de I pd 
ho: „Li5ko 6 l(Jko na .yelo re e-m6ra-'e-nan;" kere 
nan na tie trSra as'on-tra-mi; 

11. Ha 1 gbin ka ara-ban'-da-mi ho : TIentsene, 
na gb^li-he won ka ka-f6tane-ka-mi. 

12. Sobine nan, nya a-wontr-'a-mi, t^ni a-mera 
a-l§s na ka-tse-Iane na ^i rok6r ka w'uni 6 w'uni 
katr(}n-ka-nu, na f^lah ka Qk'uru owo-kgli; 

13. K^re mntk nan k*in o-lom a-ri§'i 6 a-r6i, baa 
ma pa ^^i T6non; kdma w*uni 6 w'uni katr(}n-ka-nu o 
tSe s^to ra-bomp ra-b^ki ka am-bala na atr'ei atra-las. 

14. Tsa s§ pon s^ke a-^6rane na Masia, be pa ^i 
ho sa wop o-b^k§r ka-trap ka ka-s^line ha ka ka-]§p'so. 

15. Ma 'a pa ho: „T6non, be na ;y6ma Iral ar'i'm- 
r'on," — Ise na b^kas atra-bomp-lra-nu, mo ka ka- 
b^n'sas (mi)! 

16. — Tsa k^ne na ^i tsi-e, an^ b^n'sas-ko-e, ka- 
rdrgn ka ma na pon lr§l (ar'fm-r'on)-e? Na be taho-i, 
an^ pon wur ro-Misra ka ka-tra ka Mdsa-i? 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

H^bri 3. 4. 101 

17. K^ne 6a yi tsi-e, an^ o b^iVsar tra-ren tra- 
gba tra-ran-e? l^a labo-i, an^ pon j'O Ir'el Ira-Ias-i, 
tra-bel-lra-nan Ira yOle ro-wula-i? 

18. Kere Wne nn yi Isi-e, Irgka an^ o gbih, fo 
Aa gb§lj-be yvQfi ka ka-f6tane-k'oii, l^mbe tr§ka nan, 
an^ Isg pon lane-e? 

19. De s§ nank, fo na t^na-he won Ir^ka *ra-bomp 
ra ka-ts6-lane. 

Ara-Bomp 4. 

1. Tr^ka tsi, mo r'im ra-lran tra won ka ka-f6tane- 
k'on ra tsfa (tra Ir^ssu), Ira sa nfea, kdma w'lini 6 
w'uni katr(}n-ka-nu o ts6 n§nsa labSna tra t^pi-ki. 

2. Tsa ka syan so na pon tr^mas am-B6sra, ma 
(Aa tr4m§s-fii) ka aMh; k^re ar'ira, arS na tral, ra 
n^fa-he-ha, pak^sife nan, an^ trgl-ri, ha runkatr-he-ri 
re ka-l^ne. 

3. Tsa syan, ana poA lane, sa woA ka ka-f6tane, 
mo ar*im, ar^ o pd ho: „Ha I gbin ka ara-ban'-da-mi: 
Ts^nlsene na gb^li-be won ka ka-fdlane-ka-mi:" — hdli 
ama-pant ma poii kSbi ma 'a fak o-tr^mar wa ara-rQ. 

4. Tsa ra-d'er o-lom o fof tr^ka an'-r^i at\A b^ka 
tr'am^t de ran mo als6: „Ko K'dru o f6lane ka an*-r^i 
an^ b^ka tr'am^l de ran tr^ka ama-pant-m'on be:'* 

5. De ka od'^r ow6 o kal pd ho: ^Na gb^li-he won 
ka ka-f6tane-ka-mi/* 

6. Trpa tsi, mo pa tsia r§s, fo a-lom na won ru 
de nan, ka bM 'a m(^ta tr^mas am-B6sra, na ts6 pon 
won ri tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ka-ts€-ldne; 

7. kal botr a-rii a-lom „T6non", Ir^ka mo 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

102 mhri 4. 

pfi ka ka-s§n ka Dauda ka-rar§6 ka a-1dko a-^rdn! a- 
mOngn, ma 'a pd rok(^m ho: ^T^non, be na ^^ma tral 
ar'im-r'on, Isfi na Mkas atra-borop-tra-nu.'' 

8. Tsa be Yehdsua o pon' na w(^na-na ka ka- 
f6tane, Ira tse pon' na fgf tr§ka a-reT a-lom ka- 

9. Tr^ka tsi a-sSbbat na ka-f6tane na tsfa ras 
tr^ka an'-fam na K'uru. 

10. Tsa kon*, ow6 pon won ka ka-f6tane-k'on, o 
f6lane so lr§ka anna-pant-in'on, mo K'uru (o folane) 
tr§ka ama-pant-ro'on gbeh. 

11. Tr^ka tsi tra sa tsimne tra won ka ka-f6tane 
ka-isi, kama w'uni 6 w'uni o ts6 fumpo mo am-mol 
na-tsi na ka-tse-tral. 

12. Tsa ar*im ra K'uru ra yi ra-n^sam, de ra- 
t§na-tr>T, de ra-w(}ni ra t^si a-gb^to 6 a-gb^to ma- 
w(Jni ma-ran, de ra-so ha ka ka-gb^ski a-n^sam de 
0-ruhu, e-k(}tsir de ma-fit, de ra yi ra-tr^ra ka-gbak 
lr§ka e-n^ne de lr§ka e-tramlr^mne ya am-m6ra; 

13. De r'dka 6 r'aka ra-tr^pi ra Ise m^hkne-ko: 
k^re ey*6tr be e y\ e-lsin de e-gb§pari rodi ka e-for 
ya kon*, ow(} bS alr'eT-lra-su. 

1 4. Tr|ka ma sa ba ton o-Koban o-b^na, qw^ pou 
tas ka atr*uru, Yisua, Qw'Sn ka K*uru, tra sa wop ka- 
gbitane-ka-su o-bAkar. 

15. Tsa sa ba-he o-K6han o-b^na^, ow(J t§na-he 
mulsi-su s^ke tr^ka ama-rantr-ma-su; kere o-wunon, 
OW(J 'a pon m^mar tr^ka tr'eT 6 tr'el ma syS-syane, 
k^re p^ni tr'ei Ira-Las. 

1G. Trgka tsi tra sa f^lr ka-wan ka am-bOua ra 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

H^bri 5. 103 

ka-mfnla, kama sa scjlo i-n^i, de kama s§ fir a-b^na 
tr^ka ka-mar ka ain'^lr-ma-tsi. 

Ara-Bomp 5. 

1. Tsa Q-K6ban o-bdna 6 K6han o-bSna, ow(J 'a 
til katr($n ka a-fam, na botr-ko tr^ka a-fam tra ama- 
irel BvaA l6mane K'uru, k^ma o fStra e-b6ya de s'Sdka 
tr§ka ma-trel ma-las; 

2. Ow(} t^a ba a-m^ra ti^fal tr^ka anS isQ trSra 
tr'ei, de tr^ka an^ yiiQ', tr^ka mo kc^no-k^ngno so 
ba ra-ranlr. 

3. De tsia ba-tsi fo, mo o ba tra f&tra s'^dka tr§ka 
'ra-borop ra an'-fam, yg (o ba tra fi^tra s'adka) tr§ka 
'ra-bomp ra k(^nQ-k6none so trgka ma-trel ma-lgs; 

4. De w'dni 6 w'uni o }'6kane-he ara-lel ar6 trgka 
}((Jno-konone, k^re kon' ow(J K'uru o mutsi, mo pa yi 
so tr^ka Aharon. 

5. Yo 0-Masfa so pon-he yikisne k(Jno-konone 
tra s^ke o-K6han o-b^na; kere kon' ow(J pon p§ 
TQit^h ho: „Ow'^n-ka-mi munon, t6non I pofi kom- 

6. Mo pa so ra-dVr o-lom ho: „Muno yi o- 
K6han tSnkan tab^na mo ka-trap ka MMki-S^dek/' 

7. Ow'U f^tra Ira-r^mne de ka-nemlene ka ama- 
rii, am^ o pon y6kane ma-der, ka kon', ow(J t^na fulia- 
ko ka ra-fi, rg ka-sel a-ron a-b^kar de ra m'^nlrgr, 
de ow(J 'a trgia trgka atrA ra-nes ra wop-ko; 

8. De k6ta o yi Wan, o tgkas ka-tral-tr*ei ka ama- 
trel, am^ o s(Jmpane; 

9. De ka-raran ka ma 'a pon gb^ntis-ko, sgke 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

104 mhri 5. 6. 

alr'ef tra k§-futi k§-tabSna tr^ka th be, a6^ trgi ar'im- 

10. 0^6 K'iini bontr o-K6han o-b^na mo ka- 
lr§p ka M^lki-S^dek. 

11. Tr§ka ow(} s§ ba tra pa ma -1r el ma-lal de ma- 
trul ^^rki, p§kSsife n§ pon s^ke a-s^ram tr^ka ka-tral. 

12. Tsa tr^ka ma na mar y\ a-karmc^ko mo an'- 
l(}ko and po6 tas, n§ yema so, ho na t^k'sa-nu, ko e- 
sdruh e-tr(Jtroko ya as'im tra K'ura e ^i-e; de na pon 
^ke a-f§m, and y^ma ma-n(}no, p§ ts6 yi e-wont e-bdki. 

13. Tsa w'dni 6 w'uni, ow(} ^oka ma-n(}no» 
labtdba tr^ka ar'im ra ma-I6mpi; tsa o ^i ka-lent. 

14. K^re e-wont e-bdki o yi tr^ka and pofi ts^na, 
Ir^ka fian, and poA trdnsa afi*f(}sa na e-m^ra-'e-Aaia 
ka ma-trdnne, tr^ka gbdski atrd y\ tra-fino de atrd ^i 

Ara-Bomp 6. 

1. Tr4ka tsi tra sa trei ama-trei ma-t^k'sa ama- 
tri^troko tr^ka Masfa, s§ tas rodi ka ama-gb^ntis, sa 
tie kal botr a-1r^mat na ka-tubi tr§ka raa-yos ma-fi 
de tr^ka ka-lane ka K'uru, 

2. Tr^ka ma-trel ma-t^k'sa ma e-bdptis, de lr§ka 
kg-ren ma-tra, tr^ka ka-)r6kane ka an'-fi, de tr§ka ka- 
rok e-t(}nka k§-tabdna. 

3. De als6 s§ tra yQ, be pa y\ ho K'uru o tser-tsi. 

4. Tsa pg t^na-he ^i tr^ka nan, e-m^ra .ya and 
'a pon wdngs t^pan, de add pon trglne am-boj^a na 
ak*uru, de and pon j'^rane 0-Ruhu owo-Sgm, 

6. De aAd pon trglne ar'fm ra K'uru ara-ffno, de 
e-f^sB ya ara-ra ard ma der-e, 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Hebri 6. 105^ 

6. De an^ poh Klan, Ira kal s^ki e-mera-V-fiaft 
tr^ka ka-lQbi; nan, an^ kal trah Ow'^n ka K'uru ra- 
k'antr ka-p^nkine tr^ka na-nane, de ah^ w(}na-ko a- 
fef o-gbdfat. 

7. Tsa a-tof, an^ pon mun ak'cjm, ak^ t(5rar-ni 
e-l(Jko e-lai, de an^ wur e-biima, ey^ n^fa nan, tr^ka 
'ra-bomp ra an^ *a kula-ni, na ^6rane a-ruba na 

8. K^re be na wur tra-bank de tra-senddgu, na 
kdsi-nl, de pa gb^li-be won a-r^nka na lr§ wop-nip 
de ka-l^p'so-ka-tsi ka yi tr^ka ka-loT-ni. 

9. Kere tr|ka tr^nnu, n^'S a-bdlar-'a-su, sa b5 ka- 
saline tr^ka ma-trel ma-fisa, de tr^ka ma-lrei am^ 
lomane ka ka-futi, k6ta sa fof yan. 

10. Tsa K'uru o tse ba ma-k^na, Ira p^lne ama- 
pant-ma-nu de aman-t(5ro ma ama-bdtar-ma-nu, ain^ 
na pon tr^ri tra an'es-n'gn, tr^ka ma na poh l^hki 
an'-sam, de tr§ka ma na lehki-na halisa. 

11. Kere sa y^ma, fo w*uni 6 w'llni katr(Ju-ka-nir 
Ircjri ama-yas-^'as ma-tsi gben Ir^ka ka-seline ka- 
b&k^T ka an'-rdtsa ha ka ka-I^p'sg: 

12. Kama na tse s§ke a-l^kle, k^re a-lr^nsane na 
nan, bM s6\q as'im tra-trah ka k§-lane de ka a-muyu» 

13. Tsa mo K'uru o trah Ibr^hima r'im, pak^sife 
t§na-he gbih ka ow(} yi o-b^na o t^si-ko, gbin 
ka k^no-konone, 

14. pa ho: 1 tsi ruba-mu Ira-tseh, de 1 tsi 
fuls-mu tra-tseh. 

15. De yo, ka-rar§h ka mo o poh ba a-mu^u, q 
s^to ar*im ra-trah. 

16. Tsa a-fam na gbih ka o^O yi 0-bSna o t^si- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

106 H6bri 6. 7. 

Aa Ira-tleA; de a-gbin tr^ka b^k'sar Ir'e! na l§pas ma- 
putane be katr(^h-ka-fiah. 

17. Tr^ka tsi K'uru, ino ta y6ma trcjri-tsi o-lal 
ka nan, and y\ Ira s(Jlo ar'fm ra-lraA, fo o t4na-he 
iitkar ania-s6lo-m'on, o kdsa ralr(}n r' a-gbiu: 

18. Kama ka ka-tra ka ma-trel ma-r§A ama-ts6 
ifftkane, tr§ka amd K'ura o l^na-he pa ra-yem, sa ba 
tna-b^fal ma-f(Jsa, syaft, aM pon tr6Akar tra wop g- 
l)dkar ah'-rdtsa, and 'a pon bolr rodf-ka-su: 

19. AAd s^ ba mo a-mfrsat na e-nr)6ra-*e-su, bM 
ji a-l&g-lr(}nne de a-bdkar, de and won ka od*6r, ow«5 
yi rordrah ka ak'umaf^len; 

20. Ro Yfsua, mo ow(J tr^ma su kadf, o pon won 
tra trdssu, Qy/^ pon sgke o-K6han o-bdna tdfikan tabana 
cno ka-trap ka Mdlki-S^dek. 

Ara-Bomp 7. 

1. Tsa o-Mdlki-S6dek ow6 o yi 0-baT ka Salem, 
^-K6han ka Ok'uru owo-B(5li rok^m be, Ow(J k6ne 
tra gbans Ibrahima, mo kdlane y^fa ka ka-tam 
«m-baT, de ow(5 rdba-ko; 

2. Ka ow(J Ibrdhima so soft e-ydka ya ey'elr be. 
An*^s-fi*oft fta m(}la ts6po-ni: o-Bal ka ma-16mpi, ka- 
rdrtin-ka-tsi yi so: O-Bal ka Sdlem, ria yi ho: o-Bal 
ka ma-l(Jfgl; 

3. Ow(5 ba-he o-kas, o ba-he o-kdra, o ba-he a- 
ndsab, o ba-be ka-lrap ka ama-r6T-m'o6» pa yi-be 0- 
Idlane wa an'-n^sam-h'on; k^re OW(J 'a 16mo Ow'dn 
ka K*uru, de tsia o-K6hau li^ko 6 Icjko. 

4. K^re k|li nan, ko w'uni bdna o^e yi, ka 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Hebri 7. 107 

Ow6 Ibrahima so, o-P^lriark, o sou e-y^ka ka ey'^tr 
eye-fino ya ey'^tr e-luk. 

5. Nan vso katrdn ka an'-wut a-runi na L6fi, anS 
sdto ara-kohan, na ba a-gb§ka tra yoka e-y^ka ka an'- 
fam mo an-ton, tsia yi ho ka an'-wontr-'a-fian, k6ta 
6a pon wur ka e-lgnk ya Ibrahima: 

6. Kere kon', owd tie yefa ka lra-k6m*ra-tra-nan, 
pon s6to e-y^ka ka Ibrahima, de ruba kon*, ow(J 
ba ar'im ra-tran. 

7. Kere ma-put ane ma yi-he tr^ka isi, fo owo-lol 
sdto a-ruba ka owo-b^na. 

8. De and a-fam an^ ko fi na sdlo e-y^ka; kere 
rl-a k^no (s(Jto-yi), tr^ka owd *a pon sgn I'amasere, 
fo k§ii. 

9. De, ma sa gbali pa, yo L6fi so, owd sdto e- 
y^ka, pon son e-yaka ka ka-lra ka Ibrahima. 

10. Tsa yi ras rok6r ka e-l§nk ya o-kas-k'oii, 
mg M^lki-Sedek o ko gbans-ko. 

11. Tr^ka tsi be ma-gb^ntis ma yi nafi ka ka-tra 
ka ara-kohan ra an'-wul na Lefi, — tsa ka aiV-lo-na- 
tsi an'-fam na sdto an-lon, — ko tr*el tr'a na y^ma 
so, fo 0-K6han o-tsel o y6kane mo ka-trap ka M^lki- 
Sedek-e, na tse tit-ko mo ka-trap ka Aharon-e? 

12. Tia be na sihkar ara-kchan, na bd so tra 
iihkar an-ton. 

13. Tsa kon', trgka owd 'a pa ama-lrel am6, o 
yefa ka am-bdnsgn a-lsel, kalrdn ka an^ w'uni 6 w'uni 
O tse pon gb^p'sa ka ama-trel ma am-mSsbah tab^na. 

14. Tsa n^nsa, fo o-R^bbu-ka-su o yefa ka am- 
b(}nson na Yehuda; trgka aa^ Musa o ts6 pon pa tr*el 
6 tr'ei Ir^ka ra-kohan. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

108 Hebri 7. 

15. De tra ta n^nsa o-lal, fo o-K6han o-tsel o 
j6kaDe mo ara-b^lane ra MSlki-S^dek, 

16. 0^6 ts^ pofi s^ke o-K6baD mo an-ton na a- 
gb^ka fla o-sem, kere mo an'-fc^sa na a-h^sam an^ 
bfi-be O't^lane. 

17. Tsa na sQh al'amas6re tr^ka tr*on bo: „Mudo 
y\ o-Kohan t^nkan tab^oa mo ka-trap ka M^lki-S^dek.'' 

18. Tsa Aa r^fi an'-gb^ka, au^ y\ t^pan, traka 'ra- 
bomp ra ara-rantr-ra-tsi de tr^ka ka-ts6-n^fa-ka-1si, 

19. — Tsa ao-ton na ts6 gb^ntis tr'el 6 tr'eT, — 
kere ka-w6na a-rStsa an^ ta ^i a-ffno, ka afi^ s§ 
f&trane K'uru. 

20. De mo ats^ Ira ^'(ine-he o-p^ni a-gbin, — tsa 
tm na pon s§ke a-K6han o-p^ni a-gbih; 

21. K^re ow^ r§ a-gbiA ha kQi\\ qv^^ p§ roniJi^ 
ho: ^Yeh6fa o pon gbin, de gb|li-be sinkar am- 
m^ra-ii'oh tr^ka tsi: Muno ^^i o-K6han t^nkan tabdna 
mo ka-trap ka MAlki-S^dek:" — 

22. Mo am'i^lo ma-tsi Yisua o poA s^ke o-s^karne 
ka ma-l^mVane am^ ta ^i ma-ffno. 

23. De nan, bM s§ke a-Koban, na yi a-gb^ti, 
pak^iife ra-fi ra bentr-na tra tsia: 

24. K^re o^'^» p§k^sife o tsia tab^na, o ba ra- 
k6han, arS ts€ ts^par w'uni lom. 

25. Tsia ba-tsi o t§na so futia t^r§p nan, an^ 
f^trane K'uru ka kon\ tr^ka mo k^li I^Ihq 6 l(}ko» 
tra k^sa-su ratr(}A. 

26. Tsa o-K6han o-b^na o-wunon o biki-su, ow(> 
^i 0-s^m, o-p^ni-tr'el, o-p6ni a-l^fta, ow(J yi o-gb^ske 
ka a-f§m a-]as, de 0^^ *a poA gb6p§ra o-b(Jli p§ las 
atr'uru ; 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Hebri 7. 8. 109 

27. Ow(} ls6 ba tra f^lra s'^dka a-rei* 6 a-rei, ma 
ah*-K6han ana-b^na na-tsi, ka ka-motn tr§ka ama-trei- 
m'on ma-las gbeii, de ka-rarah-ka-isi Iraka ama-lrei 
ma-las ma an'-fam: tsa alse o pon }fo win-an, mo 
Ktra an*-uesam-n'on gben. 

28. Tsa an-tgn na boir a-fam (mo) a-K6han a- 
b^na, bM ba ra-rantr; kere ar*im ra an'-gbin, ar^ 
ydne ka-r^ran ka an-tgn, ra botr Ow'^n, ow^ yi o- 
gb^ntis Unkan tab^Da. 

Ara-Bomp 8. 

1. K^re atr*ei atra-bSna tra ama-trel, am^ sa pon 
pa tsia-lse: Sa ba o-K6han o-b6na o-wuoon, qwq pon 
yirane ka ka-dig ka ka-wan ka ara-B^na ro-ri^nna; 

2. Mo o-s^mmas ka gd'er gwg-sam, de ka ka- 
y^fa aka-lrals^ii, ak6 g-R^bbu g pon tr^mar, pa yi-he 

3. Tsa g-K6han o-bdna 6 Kohan g-b^na na botr 
tra fatra e-boya de s'^dka: tr^ka tsi gw^ sg g yi tra 
ba r'dka tra fatra-ri. 

4. Tsa be g yi nan ka an-tgf, g tse yi nan g- 
K6han ko-ko, pakasife a-K6han na yi rf, ana fatra 
e-b6ya mg an-tgii: 

5. Ana l^hki a-mgl de n'umpal na ma-trel ma ro- 
rj^nna, mg K'uru g man Musa, mg g mg kg b^mpa 
ka-yafa; tsa: „B6lrar am-mera," g pa, „kama ma yO 
r'dka 6 r'dka mg am-mgl, ana *a pon tr(^ri-mu rokc^m 
ka an'-rgn." 

6. Kere ak6 g poii 8(Jtg ra-s6mmas, ara ta yi ra- 
t^si g-lal, mg am*(Jlg ma ama-tasi ma ama-l^mr'ane. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

110 Hebri 8. 

0-k^sa-ka-tsi q pon s^ke, ainS *a ^ek ra s*i(n Ira-tran 
atr^ ta ^i tra-t^si. 

7. Tsa be an'-l^m'rane ana-tr(Jtroko ha-tsi na poD* 
na yi a-p^hi-lr'el, na Ira Ise pon* na ten d'er Ir^a 
an^ b^ka ma-ran. 

8. Tsa mo g bdna-na ma-t^ri, o pd ho: K^i, ma- 
re'i ma ma der, Yehofa o p^> ke 1 tsi s^k§r ah'-set 
na Yisrael de ah'-sel ha Yehuda ma-]6m'rane ma-fu: 

9. Pa 1^6 y\ mo ama-l^m'rane, amS 1 s^kar an'- 
kas-'a-hah ka ah'-rei\ an^ 1 wop-na ka-tra, tra \?ura- 
fia ka an-tof na Misra; tsa hau ha b^sar-he ka ama- 
16m*rane-ma-mi, de mine so tra ba-he-mi Ir'ei Ir^ka 
trahh^h, Yehofa o pa-e. 

10. Tsa hia-he ah'-l^m'rane, ah^ 1 tsi s6kar ah'- 
set ha Yisrael ka-rdrah ka ama-rei ma-tsi, Yehofa o 
pa-e: 1 tsi bolr e-toh-*e-mi ka e-m6ra-'e-hah, de 1 
tsi gbal-yi rok6r ka Ira-bul-lra-hah : de I Isi yi ha 
K*uru, de hah ha tra ^i mi a-fam: 

11. De ha tra gbgli-he so l§k*sa w*uai 6 w'uni 
0-fcilrane-k*on, de w'uni 6 w'uni o-wontr-k'oh, ka pa 
ho: T^kas tra Ir^ra Yehofa! Tsa ha be ha tr§ tr^ra- 
mi, ka o^O-lol katr(}u-ka-hah ha ka owo-bSna katroh- 

12. Tsa 1 tsi ba i-n^T Irgka ama-trel-ma-hah ma- 
k^na, de 1 tsi tse so nane ama-trel-ma-hah ma-ias de 
ama-trel trgka ama ha bun an-toh-'a-mi. 

13. Mo pa bo: A-16m'rane a-fu, o poh s^ki 
aha-trotroko a-kur. Kere ara poh won, de ard kura, 
ka-dinne ka-tsi ka f^tsi. 


Digitized by LjOOQ iC 

H^bri 9. Ill 

Ara-Bomp 9. 

1. Tr^a tM ah'-I^m^raoe ana-trc^trokQ na bd sq- 
ma-gb^ka trgka ka-r^mne K*uru» de gd'^r Q-s§m tr^ka 
ara-ra ar6. 

2. Tia na b^rapa ka-^y^fa ak^ yi rodi, ro o-tr^mar 
wa ak'dnder o yi, de am-mesa, de Ira-bo tra ka-b§par;. 
ak^ 'a bontr d'er o-sam. 

3. K^re rordr§n ka ak*umaf^leh ak^ b6ka trg-raa 
k§-}^fa ka y'l, ak^ 'a bonlr od'er qv/q ta ^^i Q-s§m; 

4. Ro a-m^sbah 'a ma-bDng Irgka yQ i-bonlr i- 
fiilfgl na ^i, de ak*uma ka ama-IemVane, aka 'a lonta 
ma-beno d'er 6 d'er, ro-k*«r-ka-tsi a-b^rbargn 'a ma- 
bduQ na y[, an^ wop am'^na, de ka-tr§k ka Abaron^ 
ak^ poh w.ur e-p(Jsi, de e-w^lka ^a ama-lem*rane ; 

5. Kere rok(}m-ka-lsi a-K6rub ha a-^iki ha y'\, aha 
gb^par ka-wah ka i-nei; tr§ka e^'^tr ^a-tsi sa gb§li- 
he to fgf r'in r'in. 

6. Ma ha pon bempa ey'elr eye, au'-K6han ha 
YiQh ka ka-yMa akd yi rodi l(Jko 6 l(}ko, tra yO ama- 
pant ma K'uru. 

7. K^re ka ak^ beka Ira-rah o-K6han gwo-b^na/ 
kon' sOn gbo o wph win-ah kg-ren 6 ka-ren, q tie 
pah ma-tsir, ania q f^tra tr^ka k(JnQ-kgnoney de tr^ka 
tra-yeto Ira ah'-fam: 

8. Tr^ka mo 0-Huhu owg-Sam o tr(5ri, fo ar'on* 
da ro-d'er, ow(} la yi o-sgm, ra ta poh-he haibe, ma 
ka-y^fa aka-lrgtroko ka Ir^ma ras: 

9. Ak6 yi a-l6mg Ir^ka am'6lr ma e-siima y6, ka 
ah^ 'a f^lra e-boya de s'^dka, alra !se l§na gb6nli&. 
kgn', gw(} Klra s'^dka tr^ka ka-lr^rane-k*gu; 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

112 Hcbri 9. 

10. R§ .v'elr e-di, de v'elr e-mun, de ra tra-gbaline 
tr§-gb^nte, de ra ma-gbaka tr§ka o-sem, Hm& 'a pon 
r^Ds§r-ha gbo ha ka am'^lr ma ka-16mpas-na. 

11. Kere mo Masia o pon der mg o-K6baD o-b^na 
ka ma-trei ma-fino, am^ ma der-e, ka ka-trd ka ka- 
y^U^ ak^ tas trdka ka-biioda de tr^ka ma-gb^ntis, ak^ 
^a ts6 bempana ma-irfi, tsia j^i ho ak^ 'a ts6 ^0 mo 
ama-bempa ame; 

12. De pa ^i-he ka ka-trS ka ma-lsir ma Ira-yank 
tra-wir de ma tra-nS Ira-fet, k^re ka ama-tsir-m'on 
gben po£i y^Qti ro-d'er o^d ta yi o-sam win-an, 
ka-r^ran ka mo o pon sdto ka-bdni ka-tabSna (tra 
tr6«su). • 

13. Tsa be ama-t^ir ma tra-nd Ira-runi de ma Ira- 
jank Ira-wir, de ar*68 ra o-na o-b^ra o-fet, ar6 'a 
y^kar ka ana-ts6-f6ra , ra s^mas-iia tr^ka *ra-fera ra 
^-sem-'o-Aan : 

14. Tdmline ama-tsir ma Masia, q\^^ fatrane kono- 
kgngne ka ka-lrd ka o-Ruhu o-tab^na g-p^ni a-b6nka 
ka K*uru, ma tra gb4ii ka-tr^rane-ka-nu tr§ka ma-yos 
lua-fi, tra lenki Qk'uru owo-k^li. 

15. De tsia bd-tsi o yi o-K^sa ka a-wasiyat a-fu, 
kdma, ma ra-fi ra pon y^ne tr^ka ka-bdni-su ka tra- 
paine, alr^ y(}ne ka an'-lo na an*-wasiyat ana-trdlrgko, 
nan, an^ .'a pon mutsi, na sdto ar'im ra-tran ra ak'e 

] 6. Tsa ro a-wasiyat na yi, na ba tra gb^ki ara-fi 
ra ow(J poll yo an'-\^asiyat. 

17. Tsa a-wasiyat na ba a-fosa, ka-raran ka ma 
a-fam na pon fi: be p§ ts6 yi yan-e, na tse ba a- 
f(Jsa tab^na, mo ow(J yO ah'-wasiyat o yi ras o-i^4H. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

H^bri 9. 113 

18. Tr|ka tsi an'-wasi^al ana-tr(Jtroko so na \s6 
8^mas-ni o-pSni ina-tsir. 

19. Tsa ka-rarah ka mo Musa o poh pa a-gb^ka 
6 a-gb^ka ka aiV-fam be mo an-ton, o ^oka ama-tsir 
ma lra-na Ira-fet de ma lra-;yahk Ira-wir, ra m'antr, 
de m'ulfu ma-kirmisi, de a-sufa, de s^kar-na ka 
ak*^fa kekene, de ka ah'-fam be, 

20. pa ho: „Mia-me ama-tsir ma aiV-waslyat, 
aM K'dru o pon ^0 Ir^ka trannu.^ 

21. K^re o sakar so ka-j^afa de ey'etr be ya ka» 
ramne K*uru ama-tsir mo am*61o ma-tsi. 

22. De pa tsfa gbo o-tan ha gb§li ey*etr be ka 
ma-tsir mo an-toh; de la{)ar ma ma-trei ma-las ma 
yi-he, t^mbe ka Ion ma-tsir. 

23. Tr^ka tsi 6a ba tra gb^li e-mol ya ama-trel 
ama yi ro-rianna ka ama-trel am6; k^re ama-trei ma 
ro-rianna memeoe ka s'adka tra-ffno atra tasi ats6. 

24. Tsa Masia o poh-he wo A ra-d*er o-sam, ow(J 
'a bempana ma-tra, ow(J yi am-mol ha owo-tr§tseh; 
kere ro-rianna kiJno-kdnone, tra IrcJrine ak6 ro-d*er 
ka K'iiru kadi tra trassu: 

25. Pa yi-he kSma o Klrane kcJno-kdnone e-liJko 
e-lal, mo o-K6han owo-bana o won ro-d'er ow(J ta yi 
o-sam ka-ren 6 ka-ren ra ma-tsir ma-tsel; 

» o o o o ' 

26. Be pa yi yah-e o tra pon* na ba tra 8(}mpane 
^-Idko e-Ial kabi ka ka-fak o-tr§mar wa ara-rO. Kere 
ak^, ka ka-poh ka am*6tr ma ara-rQ, o poh triirine win- 
ah traka rafi ma-trel ma-l§s ka as'adka tra kdno-k^none. 

27. De ma ka-fi ka kar a-fam win-ah, k^re ka- 
?irah-ka-lsi ka-rok e-t(}hka-*e-hah: 

28. Yo Masia so, ka-rdrah ka mo poh fatrane 

Oalatians — Hebrews. 8 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

114 H^bri 10. 

k(}no-k6nune win-ai^ mo s'^dka, tra s(}mpane tr^ka 

ama-trel ma-las ma a-gb^ti, o tr§ triJrine fta bika 

ma-r§n o-p^ni tr'el tr§-las ka afiSn, aM kar-ko tr^a 

Ara-Bomp 10. 

1. Tsa an-toA, lr§ka ma na ^i n'umpal na ama- 
trel ama-ffno am^ ma der-e, p§ tse y\ an'-ron na 
ama-trel n^nene, na t|oa-he gb^ntis tab^oa nan, aM 
f^trane re as*^dka tra-tsi gben, atr^ na f^lra 1(ikQ 6 
l(Jko ka-ren 6 k§-ren. 

2. Tsa be pa tJe yi na yan-e na tr§ pon' na trei 
ka-f^tra s*^dka, pak^sife nan, aiA Mtra s'^dka, ka- 
rar§n ka ma 'a pon gbali-na win-an, na tra tse so 
pen' na ba ka-tr^rane ka ma-trel ma-l§s. 

3. K^re ka as*adka tra-tsi k§-n^ne ka ma-trel ma- 
las ka y^ne ka-ren 6 ka-ren. 

4. Tsa lr§ t^na-he yi, fo ma-tsir ma tra-na tr§- 
runi de ma Ira-yank trti-wir ma nol ma-trel ma-las. 

5. Tr^ka Isi, mo o won ka ara-rO, o pSi bo: „S*fidka 
de e-boya ma tse y^raa, k^re m§ pon bempa ma-der 
tr§ka tr^mmi. 

6. E-m6hrakal de s'^dka tr§ ma-trel ma-las m§ 
tse t^sa tr^ka tsi. 

7. An'-lO 6a-tsi I pa ho: K^li, I der — ka anV 
r^ka na ak'^fa na pon* gbal tr^ka tr^mmi — tra yO 
ama-s6lo-ma-mu, o K'uru." 

8. Mo pS rokiJm ho: „S*^dka de a-bdja do e- 
m6hrakat de s'^dka tr^ka ma-trel ma-las ma tse y6ma, 
de ma tse t^sa tr§ka tsi;" — atr^ 'a ft tra mo an-ton; 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Hebri 10. 115 

9. An'-lO na-tsi o pS ho: ^K^li, I der tra }0 ama- 
s6lo-ma-mu, o K'uru." r^fi atra-tr(}troko, tr^ka raf 
atr^ beka Ira-ran. 

o o 

10. Ka aina-selo am^ sa poA s(}lo ma-sam ka ka- 
f^tra ama-der ma Yisua Masia win-au. 

11. De o-K6han 6 Kuhan o tr^ma a-rei 6 a-r6'i, 
^0 ama-pant mal K'uru, de o f^ira as'^dka tra-tsi 
gben e-l(iko e-lal, alr^ l§na-he nol ma-lrel ma-las 

12. Kere 0w^, ka-raran ka mg o poft f^tra s*^dka 
ts'in tr^ka ma-trel ma-I§s, q poh yirane ka ka-diQ ka 
K'uru 1r§ka t^fikan tab^na; 

13. De kar ka ake, ha na pon botr and gbeha- 
ko mo a-gbet na alr*dtrak-tr*on. 

14. Tsa ka ka-f^(ra s'^dka t.s*in o pon gb^ntis 
tr^ka t/thkan labdna and pon s(}io ma-sam. 

1 5. K^re O-Riihu owo-Sam kon' so son t*amasere 
tra trdssu. Tsa ka-rdran ka mo o pon p0 t^pan ho: 

16. „Nia-ne ah'-lem'rane, and I tsi s6kar-na ka- 
riran ka ama-rei ma-lsi", Yehufa o pa-e: „I tsi bolr 
e-lon-'fi-mi ka tra-bul-lra-nan, de I tsi gbal-^'i rokom 
ka e-m6ra-*e-nan; 

17. De I tsi tse so ndne ama-trei-ma-nan ma-las 
de ama-trel-ma-nan tr^ka amd na bun an-ton-*a-mi." 

18. K^re ro 'a pon lapar ama-lrei am^, na tse so 
fdtra 8*ddka traka ma-lrel ma-las. 

o o 

19. Tr§ka tsi, n;ya a-wontr-*a-mi, ma sa ba Ion 
ka-mfnta tr^ka ka-won ro-d'er, ow(} ta yi o-sam, ka 
ama-tsir ma Yisua, 

20. Akd pon sgmas tra trdssu mo r'on ra-fu de 
ra-h^sam ka ak'umaf^len, kia ^i ho ka o-sem-w*on; 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

116 H4bri 10. 

21. De ma sa bd o-Kohan o-bSna rokom ka atV- 
set ha K'Qru; 

22. Tra sa fetrane r* a-in6ra a-trat5^n ra ka-seline 
k§-]Asar ka ka-lane, ma hah, atra-bul-tra-hah 'a poh 
8^k§r tr§ka ka-tr^rane ka-Ias, de araa-der-ma-hah 'a 
poh .ySk'sa m'antr ma-gb^rah. 

23. Tra 8§ wop o-b^kar ka-gbftane ka ah'-r^tsa- 
'a-su, sa tse s4ke-s§ke; — Isa kon', ow^ poh trah 
ar'fm, o ba Ira-tseh; — 

24. De tra s§ bdtrar e-m^ra, k'in ka o-lom, tra 
p^rane tr^ka ma-b(}tar de tr^ka ma-yQ^ ma-ffno; 

25. Tra sa trei-fe ka-gb^nne-ka-su rokin, ma a- 
lom ha (rdnne ka-yO-e; k^re tra sa m^hane, de tra 
sa }0-tsi o-lai, mg am'(}lo am^ na nahk ah'-r^i ha-tsi 
ha tra Mtrar. 

26. Tsa be sa ^0 tr'ei Ira-Ias ka-sas, ka-rarah ka 
ma sa poh s^Iq ka-tr^ra ka atra-tseh, s'adka tra tsia- 
he so tr^ka ma-trel ma-las, 

27. Kere ka-kar ka-ninis ka-lom ka ka-rok e-t^hka 
de ka ra-bah ra n'antr, ana ma ko somas an-tr§mone. 

28. Wuni owd poh sal an-toh ha Musa, o fi mo 
ka-sah ku a-gb^ki ha-rah taldm a-sas, ha tse ba-ko 
i-nei : 

29. T^msine, na n^hane, ha tra lom kon' mg 
w'uni beki tra s(}mpane k§-85mpaDe ka-Ias ak^ t^si o- 
lal, ow(J poh nas Ow'an ka K'uru-i, de ow(J poh n^ne 
ama-tsir ma ama-l^m'rane, ka am^ 'a poh sgmas-ko, 
mo r*a ra-tse-sam-i, de ow(J poh nal o-Ruhu ka am* 

30. Tsa sa tr^ra kon', qw^ poh pd ho: „Ka-k^la, 
atr'el a-lra-mi trah, mine tsi kala, Yehdfa o pa-e.** 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Hebri 10. 11. 117 

De halisa (o pa ho): „Yeh6fa o tra Idnkas an'-fam- 

31. Tr*el tra-Dlnis Iran tra fuinpo ka ama-trS ma 
K'uru owo-k^li. 

32. K^re nSne nan ama-r^'i am^ yi t§pan, ka am^ 
n§ muyu ka-tsim ka nju-sc^mpane ka-b^na, ka-rarafi 
ka ma 'a pofi w^h^s e-m6ra-'e-nu; 

33. Ma-lom ma tli n§ mdyu tr^ka ma n§ pon won 
a-fef ka e-nal de ka ma-lrel ma-b^ki; ma-lom ma tsi 
tr^ka ma na pon 8§ke a-pdntrane na aM 'a ^^0 y^ti. 

34. Tsa n§ pon mu1^'-mi s^ke trgka atr'orenta- 
tra-mi, de na pon muyu ka-luk ey*etr-*e-nu ma-b(ine, 
tr§ka ma na tr^ra, fo ka-fus ka yi Ir^ka (r^nnu ro- 
rianna ak^ t^si de ak^ tsla. 

35. Tr^ka tsi ts^ na fita ka-s^line-ka-nu, akA ba 
a-ram a-b^na. 

36. Tsa na yema a-mdyu, kama n§ s^to ar'iin ra- 
tran, ka-rdran ka ma na pon ,yO ama-s^lo ma K'uru. 

37. Tsa a-l(}ko a-bur§p a-bur§p na tsia gbo ras, 
de ow^ }'\ o-der o tra der, o Irg tse won. 

38. K^re owo-16mpi o lr§ k^li ka ka-lane-k*on ; de 
be k^lar, am-m4ra-'a-mi na gb|li-he t^sa tr§ka tr*on. 

39. Kere syan s§ yi-he katr(}n ka an^n, ai\^ kdlar 
tr^ka ka-dfnne: k^re kalriin ka anSh, an^ lane tr^ka 
k§-futia e-n^sam-'e-nan. 

Ara-Bomp 11. 

1. Kere ka-]ane ka yi ka-s^]ine kg-b^kgr ka ma-* 
trel tr^ka am^ sa ba a-rStsa, ka-ba tr§-tsen tr§ka ma- 
ire! am^ sa gb^li-he nank. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


118 H^bri 11. 

2. Tsa tr§ka ka-^vdnoA am-b^ki na s^to n*6s a- 

3. Ka dh'-f(isa i^a ka-1Jne 8§ nahk, fo na poA 
b^mpa alra-rQ ka ar'fm ra K'uni, ha ey'^tr, eye sa 
ngAk, e lie pon yiJne ka e>'^lr ey^ triJrine. 

4. Ka aA'-f(}sa Aa ka-ldne Hdbel o f^tra K'uru 
s'^dka tra-b^na tra t^si as'^dka tra KAyin, ka akd q 
s(}to at'amas^re, fo o yi w'uni lompi, tr^ka mo K'uru 
soft I'amasere Ir^ka e-b6ya-y'on; de ka akfe o yi 
rgs Q'fofy haii pofl il. 

5. Ka ah'-f(}sa na ka-1d«ie Aa ts^po H^nok, kdma 
tse nank ra-fi; de Aa fir-he-ko, pak^sife K'uru o 
pen (s^po-ko; tia p6ta ka-ts^po-ko pon s^iQ at'ama- 
s6re, fo K'uru o pon tesa tr^ka tr'oA. 

6. K^re w'uni 6 w'uni ow(} p6hi ka-lane o t§na- 
he t^sa ka K'uru; (sa kon', ow(} fair K'dru, o bs tra 
line, fo yi> de fo O tra ko ram nan ana tens-ko. 

7. Ka an'-f^sa na ka-ldne N6ah, ka-raraA ka mo 
K*dru porl man-ko tr§ka ama-lrel, am^ 'a ta gb^li- 
he nank, tr^ka mo nesa K'uru, o b^mpa ak'uma 
trgka ka-fu(ia an'-set-A'oA; ka ak^ o Aap ara-rQ, de 
ka akd o s()to ak'^ ka ama-16mpi, amd yi mo ka-line. 

8. Ka an'-f^sa na ka-lane IbrShima, ma 'a ts^Ia-ko 
Ira wur tra kone ka od'er, ow(J o yi tra scjlo mo k'e, 
tral ar'im; de wur, o tsfi tr^ra, re o mo ko-e. 

9. Ka an'-f(isa na ka-lane yi o-lsik ka an lof, 
tr^ka an^ 'a pon trah-ko rim, mo ra-tof a-b^ra, o ytra 
ra tra-y^fa, kon' de Is^ka de Yakuba, an^ yi a-p^ntrane 
na ar'i'm ra-lran ra-isi gbefi: 

10. Tsa kar ka-pelr, »k& ba e-lr^mal, o-sal-ka- 
\6\ do o-b6mpa-ka-tsi K'uru k^Jnon. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Hebri 11. 119 

11. Ka an'-f^sa na ka-lane Sara sq kdno-kdnQne 
s^lo a-fdsa tra yoka k'or, de kom w'ahet, mo 
ka-bak-ka-tsi ka pon tas, pak^sif^ o lorn kon', qw6 
pon tran-ko r'im, mo owd ba Ira-lsen. 

12. Tr^ka tsi ra-k6m*ra ra y^fa so ka k'in, de ow6 
y\ mo ho Q-fi, (a-gb^li,) mo alr'cjs Ira ka-rantr tr^ka 
ka-ld, do mo ka-sant, ak^ yi ro-ban' day^r, akd tasi 

13. AM bo na fi ka ka-lane, na tsg s^\q as'icn 
tra-tran; k^ro na pon nank-tsi Q-b^M po, do na pon 
Idne-tsi mo tra-tsen, do na m^mplano-tsi, do na gbi- 
tano, fo na y'l a-tsik do a-fam n' a-bdra ka an-tof. 

14. Tsa nan, an^ p5 ma-trel ma-wunon, ha trori- 
tsi gb^rah, fo ha tens a-tof a-k6mar. 

15. De be ha pon' na b6lrar e-mera-'e-hah ka an- 
tof ha-tsi, ro ha pon wur, ha tra pon* na bd ka-fena 
tr§ka k^lane so. 

16. K^re ak^ a-b6sne ha wop-ha tr^ka (a-tof) and 
la yi a-fino, hia y\ ho a-tof ro-ri^nna. Tsia ba-tsi 
K'uru I»p-he>ha, fo ha bontr-ko Qk'dru-ka-hah; tsa 
Q poh benene-ha ka-pelr. 

17. Ka ah'-fdsa ha ka-ldne Ibrdhnna o f^tra IsSka 
mo s'ddka, mo K'uru o memar-ko: de kon', ow^ poa 
s(5lo as*fm Ira-trah, o f^tra ow'An-k'oh o-runi o kOm 
gbo son mo s'ddka, 

18. Kon', ka ow(J 'a poh pa ho: Ka Is^ka ara- 
kom'ra-ra-mu ra tra sdlo h'es; 

19. Tr^ka mo o n^ne, fo K'uru o t§na yokas-ko 
80 ka ah'-fi, ro o s^lo-ko so ka a-l6mo. 

20. Ka ah*-f(}sa ha ka-Idne iS^ka o ruba Yakuba 
de Esau trgka ma-tr.el am^ ma der-e. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


120 H6bri 11. 

2t. Ka an'-f^sa 6a ka-lane Yakuba, mo o tr§ma 
tr4ka fi, ruba afk*-i!vut a-rdni na Yusufu ana-ran; de 
r^mne, s^nne ka ad*^r ra ka-tr§k-k'on. 

22. Ka an'-f(^sa na ka-ldne Yusufu, mo tr^ma 
tr§ka fi, fof lr4ka ka-wur ka an'-wut na Yisrael; de 
son-na a-man tr^ka tra-banl-tr*on. 

23. Ka afi*-f(}sa na ka-I^ne aM kOm Milsa n% mank* 
ko y*of e-^^» ka-rdr§ii ka ka-kom-ko, pakasife na 
D§nk, fo o>v*ah^t o yi o-f<^nge; de Aa nesahe an'- 
gb^ka na o-bai. 

24. Ka an*-f(i8a joa ka-ldne MQsa, mo o pon ts^iia 
ra-l^nba, o p^sane tra ka-bontr-ko ow'^n duni ka 
ow'^n b^ra ka F^rao; 

25. Tr^ka mo ta tit tra sijmpane ma-trel ma- 
b^ki re an*-fam na K'uru, pa las tra bd ama-tesa ma 
ma-trel ma-]§s tr§ka a-l(^ko a-bur§p; 

26. lom e-nal tr§ka 'ra-bomp ra Masia mo ho 
e-n^nla e-b^na, ey^ tisi e-b^ne ya ro-Mfsra: tsa o 
k^li ka ka-s(Jto ah'-ram. 

27. Ka ah'-f^sa na ka-lane yefa ka an-tof na Misra^ 
nesa-he ara-ban ra o-bal: tsa o tra b^sar, mo ho Q 
n§nk kgn', ow(i 'a gb§li-be n§nk. 

28. Ka an'-f(isa na ka-lane o kus am'^tr ma ka- 
Paine de ka-s^kar ama-tsir, kama kon', Qy\6 dim am- 
Mkar be, tse b6ra-iia; 

29. Ka an*-f(}sa na ka-lane na las ka ka-Ban aka- 
Yim mo ka a-gban a-wosi, atra am-Misri na m^m§r 
Ira yQ, ka na mc^tra. 

30. Ka an'-f(}sa na ka-Idne e-t^(a ya Yeriko e 
fumpo, ka-rdran ka ma *a pon gb^trg-ki am'iJIo ma 
ma-r^i tr'amfit de raft. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Hebri 11. 121. 

31. Ka ah'-f(^sa fia ka-lane Rdhab, o-bgra ka ka- 
r§p, dinne-he re nan snA ts6 tral lr*el, pak^sife o 
poh m^Iane an'-rakar Q-tiifal. 

32. De ko me bar sq pa-e? Tsa I tsi pan ns^ 
ah'A^kQ tra kdne ama-trei tr^ka Gideon, de tr^ka 
Bdrak, de trdka Siinson, de tr^ka Yfftah, de tr^ka 
Dauda, de tr§ka Samuel, de tr^ka an'-N^bi: 

33. An^ tam tra-bal ka ka-ldne, an^ yO ma-16mpiy 
an^ si^to s'im tra-tran, an^ tran tra-s§n tra e-s5|iaia,. 

34. An^ dimli an'-f(}sa 6a n'antr, an^ futi ama- 
w(}ni ma e-gbito, an^ soto a-f(Jsa ka ra-ranlr, ah^ 
s^ke a-baki Ira-but ka ka-tsim, an^ y^ksi as'§fa tm 

35. A-bera na kal s(Jto an*-fi-'a-nan ka ka-^pkane; 
k^re a-lgm na gassab-na, na tse m^lane ka-s^Ie; kdma 
Aa s(}tQ ka-^6kane ak^ ta ;yi ka-fino: 

36. A-lom na siJmpane ma-sel de ma-sap ma ka- 
sdko, de rok(im-ka-tsi na-seka de ma-ti^kane: 

37. Na difa-na ma-sar, na sera-ha ralron, u» 
memgr-na, na difa-na a-gb^tg; na kot-k(}ta e-r^ka ya 
lra-l(Jme de e-r^ka ^a ts'ir; na p^ni y'etr, na y'\ ro- 
gbekane, na S(}mpane ma-trel ma-b^ki: 

38. Nan, atiA ara-ru ra mar-he tra ba, na s(}kar 
ka e-wula, de rok(}m ka raa-rgn, de ra tr§-^^nka, de 
rg tra-bi Ira an-lgf. 

39. De ane be, an^ pon sdto n'es a-ffno ka ka-*^ 
lane, na tse s^Iq ar'im ra-trah: 

40. Tr§ka mo K'uru o pon b^nene r'aka Ira tr^ssiir 
ara ta .yi ra-fino, kama ha tse s^to ma-gb^ntis ka 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


122 H^bri 12. 

Ara-Bomp 12. 

1. Tr§ka tsi sy& so, ma a-bunt a-b^na a-wunon 
Aa a-gb^ki na rap-su, tra sa bus ma-lel 6 ma-lel, de 
alr'el lra-l§s alr^ y^nki gb^tro-su, de Ira sg gbuke 
^f6n' da-gb^kane, ar/i yi rodi-ka-su ra ma-b^sar, 

2. De tra sa k|li ka Yisua, o-Tr§pi de o-Gb^ntis 
ka ka-l^ne-ka-su, ow(J siJmpane (ara-fi) ra-k'an(r ka- 
p^fikine tr§ka ama-b(ine amd ^^i rodi-k*Qii, o sal ma- 
lap, de yfrane ka ka-dio ka ka-waA ka K'uru. 

3. Tsa kdli n§fi kgn', qyi^ poA md^ru ka-p^nsa ka- 
iwdnon ka afl'-fam a-las tr^ka ki^no-kgnooe, kama n§ 
Xs6 \q], de kdma e-mera-'e-nu e tse r^ntra. 

4. Tsa na ts6 ta tr^mone ha ka ma-tsir ka ka- 
Isim-ka-nu atr'ei atra-Ias; 

5. De na pon p^lne ka-mau, akd f($f§r-nu mo a- 
fet, ka pa bo: „W'an-ka-mi, ts6 f^nfaras ka-s()mpa ka 
Yeh6fa, de lie tser am-mera-'a-mu ha r^ntra, be o 
man-mu : 

6. Tsa kon', ow(5 Yeh6fa o b^tar, q sompa, kere 
s^pa k'etr >\'*an duni 6 w'an duni, ow(} o m^lane-** 

7. Be na muyu ka-sdmpane, K'dru o yO-nu mo 
a-wul a-runi; tsa rike yi w'an duni-e, ow(J o-kas o 
mo 8(Jmpa-he-e? 

8. K^re be na pahi k§-s(}mpane> ak^ ha be ha 
poh y^rane, na yi ra-k6m*ra ra ra-pure, na Isg yi 
a-wut a-runi. 

9. H^Iisa sa ba ah'-kas ha o-sem-'o-su and siJmpa- 
su, de sa 1^1as-ha; — pa yi-he tdmsine 6§ ma sdnne 
ka o-Kas ka ah'-ruhn-i, sa ma ba e-nesam-i? 

10. Tsa hah ha s(impa-su ma-rei ma-tan mo am*(}lo 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

H6bri 12. 123 

am^ na n^ne ho ma-I6mpi; k^re kgn* tr§ka an'-n6fa- 
*a-su, kama sa y^rane ama-sam-m'on. 

11. Kore ka-sdmpane 6 ka-s(^mpane ka ah'-lo-na- 
tsi sa ts6 naoe-ki mo ho tr'el Ira ma-b(}ne', kere mo 
ho tr'el tr' a-mo1: k^re ka-rdran-ka-tsi ka wiir ma- 
k6mi ma-l^f las-lr*el ma ma-16mpi Irdka ftah, an6 pon 
Ir^nne Ir^ka tsi ka ka-tra-ka-tsi. 

12. Trgka tsi f^sas nan so ama-trd ama-rantr de 
tra->vu atra-gbeba; 

13. De ^0 ngn s'on tra-tr61oA Ir^ka atr'^(rak-lra- 
nu, kdma am-bem ana-tr^tke na ts6 f^le rayer, k^rg 
kima na yenk gbo. 

14. Tsfmne nan tra ba ma-tcjfal ra a-fam be de 
ma-sam, w'uni 6 w'uni, owe} pSni-na, o gb^li-he nank 

15. De kgli-tsi nan, kama w'uni 6 w'uni o IsS 
tipi am-bona fia K'uru, kama a-tahk na ka-r6nkla a- 
lom na 1s6 l(}ko, na sOm ma-gbonktane, de a-gb^li 
na s^ke a-ldf(a ka ka-trfi-ka-tsi; 

16. K^ma w'Qni 6 w'Qni o tse yi w*uni ka-rap, 
lal^m w'lini gb6rka, mo Esau. ow(} sond ara-b^ki-r*on 
tr^ka ka-di k'in: 

17. Tsa na trara, fo ka-raran-ka-l5i so, mo y^ma 
B^iQ ak*^ ka an'-ruba, na kSsi-ko; tsa o tie s(ito ka- 
f^na tr§ka ka-s^ki am-m^ra-n*on, h^ii o tens-ki ra 

18. Tsa na tse pon fatr ra-r'on, an^ 'a gb^li gbons, 
de ra-n*antr an/i m^ra, pa ^i-he ra-bunl a-bi, de ra- 
sum, de ra-k§fikal, 

19. De ra-r§mi \*a ka-tema, de ra-r^mi wa s'im, 
an-lral-iia-tsi fia nemlene, kama na tse so bar f(Jfar-na. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

124 H^bri 12. 

20. Tsa na t^na-he mu^u as'im atr^ na yne-na 
ho: nBp P§ yi gbo a-sem qv/6 gboh an'-ron, na ^i 
Ira difa-ko ma-sar, tal(Jm na y\ Ira r^fa-ko a-sor.** 

21. De mo ra'(}lo ma-wunon ama-k^li ma yi ma- 
ninis, ha Musa o pd ho: ^Ki-yatrne de kg-^er k| 

22. Kere na pon der ka aQ'-ron hfk Sion, de ka 
ka-petr ka K'uru o^O-k^li, ka Yerusalem ka ro-ri^nna, 
de ka ah'-kiki a-^^sane na e-\vul e-lai }a am-maleika, 

23. De ka an'-gb^nne na am-Mkar, am'es-ma-nan 
'a pon gbal ro-riSnna, de ka K*uru, o-T(}iikas ka a-fam 
be, de ka aiV-rdhu ha ah'-16mpi aha-gb^ntis, 

24. De ka Yisua, o-K^sa ka ma-l^m'rane ma-fu, 
de ka ama-tsir ma-8^k§ra, am^ fof ma-trel ma-ffoo, 
ma tasi ama-trel ma ama-tsir ma Hdbel. 

25. Sobine nan, kdma na t&6 k^si ow(J f(Jf§r-nu; 
tsa be hah, ah^ k^si kon* qy/^ fof s*im tra K*dni ka 
an-tof, ha futi-he» t^msine iy&ti, be s§ f§le ka kon', 
OW(J f(Jfar-su s'im atr^ yefa ka ak'dru: 

26. Ar'im-r'oh ra }fhkta an-lof ah*-lO ha-tsi: k^re 
ake pon trah r'im, o pd ho: „I tsi yihkla so ta^in 
pa,p-he an-tof gbo sOn, k^re ak'dru so." 

27. Kere as'fm: „So lawfn," Ira tr(}ri ka-rdfi ey'^tr, 
e}^ *a t^na ^ihkta, mo j^'etr, eve 'a pon bempa; kama 
ey'^lr, e}^ 'a l^na-he yfhkta, e isia. 

28. Tr§ka tsi ma sa poh s^\q ra-bal, ar^ 'a t^na-^ 
he yihkla, tra s^ bd a-b^ha, ka aM sa gb^H l^hki 
K'dru mo pa l6sane-ko rg ra-lel de r§ ra-nes: 

29. Tsa Ok'dru-ka-su o ^i n'antr na-dim trg-tseh* 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Hebri 13. 125 

Ara-Bomp 13. 

1. Tra ka-b(Jtar a-wontr ka tsia (kalron-ka-nu). 

2. Tse na p^lne ka-f^nta a-tsik: tsa ka ka-tra-ka- 
tsi a-lom na pon b^ra a-maleika, na tse tr^ra-tsi. 

3. N^ne nan an-tra-r§nka, mo ho a-pantrane na 
ana-seka-na-nau; de nan aha siimpane m*(Jne, mo nan, 
ahk yi SQ ras ka ma-der ha-hane. 

4. Tra ama-yi ma ka-n^ntrane ma ba ra-Iel lr|ka 
Ir'el 6 Ir'eT, de Ira ka-fant*r ka ka-n^ntrane ka yi ka- 
tse-l^fta; kere a-fam 'a ka-rap de a-fam *a tra-bal 
K'tiru tra tohkas-Aa. 

5. Tra ama-botras-ma-nu ma tse ba e-for e->amari; 
de botr nan e-mera-*e-nu lr§ka ey'^tr e^e na ba: tsa 
kiJno-kgnone poh pa ho: „I gb^li-he paine-mu k5- 
kO, de I gb^li-he trel-mu kO-kO;" 

6. Ha 8a gbgli pa ra ka-minta ho: „Yeh6fa o ^i mi 
0-Mar, de ra-nes ra gb§li-he mi Mop: ko w'dni mo 
t^na mi \0-p?" 

7. Nane nan nan, ana ba nu *ra-bomp, ah^ poh 
tr^mar-nu ar'i'm ra K'uru; k§li nan ka-l§p'so ka ama- 
bdtras ma aiV-hestjm-'a-hah Irahh, de tr^nsane nah 

8. Ylsua Masia o yi ok'in ka-tsi gbeh dis, de 
t6noh, de tahkah tabana. 

9. TsB na tser ma-trel ma-t^k'sa ma-gbanle ma- 
tsel ma sulas-nu: tsa Ir'el Ira-ffno Irah, fo am-mera 
ha s^ke a-ki'rih-kirih ka a-bgha, pa .yi-he ka \*elr ^-dl, 
eye ls6 poh n6fa hah, ah^ poh kgl mo ama-trel ame. 

10. Sa ba a-m^sbah, ka ah^ hah, ahd lehki ka- 
yi^fa, ha tse ba a-fosa tra di. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


126 H6bri 13. 

11. Tsa ama-der ma Ira-sem atr^u, araa-tsir-ma- 
nan o-Kuhan QviQ-bAna q wofta ro-d*er o-sgm lr§ka 
ma-trei ma-lgs, na tol-na rok^fi ka an'-r^ka. 

12. Tr^ka tsi Ylsua so, kdma o s^mas dn'-f§m ka 
ama-tsir-m'Qfi gbeu, pon s(}mpane rok^n ka an'- 

13. Tr^ka tsi Ira 8§ wurar-kg rokSn ka aik'-r^ka, 
sa s^ra e-nal-y*o»- 

14. Tia an(^ sa ts6 bd ka-peir ka-tr^ma, kere sa 
tens ak^ ma der-e. 

15. Tr^ka tsi ka k'on ka-lrd tra s§ f^tra s'^dka 
Ira ka-l(Jkas R'uru l(JkQ 6 loko, tsia ^i hg, ma-k6mi 
ma Ira-sah-tra-su, atr^ mutsi m'^mo ka an'es-n'on. 

16. Kere tse n§ p^lne ka-ba ka-bona-tr'el de ka- 
yer >'etr; Isa Irgka s'^dka Irg-wunon K'uru o l^sa. 

17. Tral nan ar'im ra ana ba nu 'ra-bomp, de 
s^nne nan ron^h: tsa na tr6mla tr^ka an'-rdbu-'a-nu, 
mo nan, an^ ba tra \\6sa tr^ka (si; kama na gb^li 
^0-l^i ra ma-b(}ne, p§ yi-he ra tra-lan; tsa atse tra 
tse n^fa-nu. 

lb. Ramne nan tra Ir^ssu; tsa sa tr6ra-tsi mo Ira- 
tsen, fo sa ba kcj-tr^rane ka-fino, tr^ka ma sa tsfmne 
tra botrne o-ftno tr^ka tr'el 6 tr'el. 

19. Kere 1 ta man-nu o-lai tra yQ atr'el ats^, kama 
na la yeiik kala-mi so ronii. 

20. Kere Ok'uru ka ma-t(}fal, ow(J pon gbepo o- 
R^bbu-ka-su Yisua, o-TroI ka lra-l(}me owo-bdna, ka 
an*-fi, ka ama-tsir ma ma-16m*rane ma-tab^na, 

21. Tra kono gb6ntis-nu tr§ka a-yos 6 a-;yos a-fino, 
tra }o ama-selQ-m*on, ka ka-yo rok6r-ka-nii alr^ yi 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

H^bri 13. 12T 

tra-liJsa rodi-k'gn ka ka-tra ka Yisua Masia; owd yl 
tra sqIq an'-yiki l^nkan tab^na! Amioa. 

22. Kere I mah-nu, nya a-wontr-'a-ml, milyu nan 
ar'im ra ka-mafi: tsa I poh gb^lar-nu ra-s'im Ira^ 

23. Tr^ra naft, fg na poh s§li Timoteos, o-wonlr^ 
ka-su; re Qw^ I tsi nan'-nu, be o yenk der. 

24. K6ri nan n^a be, aha ba nu 'ra-bomp, d& 
ah'-sam be. Nan, ah^ yefa ro-ltalia, ha k6ri-nu. 

25. Tra am-bgha ha }i re nya be! Amina. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 







18 6 8. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Stuttgart: Printed by J. F. Steiukopf. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

A&'-R6ka lia YakAba afia-Kat61ika. 

Ara-Bomp 1. 

1. Yakuba, a-boT na K'uru de na o-R^bbu Yisua 
Masfa, k6ri e-b(}nsQ/i an-tr'ofMr ye-raA, an^ sSkane. 

2. A-wQntr-'a-mi, lom-tsi n§A mo tr'ei tra ina-b(}ne 
r|(n^Q, be ma-trel ma-m^ni§ra ma-gbSnte ma wop-nu; 

3. Tr^ka ma d§ trSra, fo ka-m^mar ka-line-ka-nu 
ka wur a-muyu. 

4. K^re tra am-muyu na bs ma-pant ma-gb^ntis, 
kdma na ^i a-gb^ntis de a-p^ni-tr'el, ha na ts6 pail 
tr'ei 6 tVel. 

5. Kere be w'dni 6 w'uni katr(}n-ka-nu o p^6i k§- 
tseiiip, tr' t61ir K'tiru tr§ka tsi, QVf^ son ka a-fgm 
be ra ka-b6ya-tr'eT, de Qvi^ tse nal w'uni; ko q lr§ 

6. K^re tr' q t61a ra k§-line» tr' q ts6 sike; t§a 
kon' oyf6 sike Q bSlane mo a-mtii^kal iia ka-bau, and 
a^'-fef 6a gbukti iia siitas-ni. 

7. T§a tra Qw'uni ka-tii q tS6 nSne, ho q tra s(}to 
r'ika 6 r'dka ka Q-RSbbu. 

8. W'tini k' a-m6ra s^ke-s^ke ba kg-tsfi-kiriA- 
kfrin tr^ka tr'ei 6 tr'ei atrd o yO* 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

4 YakQba 1. 

9. K^re tra o-wontr, qw^ t6rane, k61one tr§ka 

10. K^re tra kon', owd sSrma, q k6Ione tr^ka ka- 
t6rane-k'oA; tsa idq a-16ni na ak^^ren o tra tas. 

11. Tsa be ar'^tr ra pon gbo putr re aA*-fef afta- 
f§i, ra w68§s ak'^reA, de an'-l^Di-6a-tsi na fumpo, de 
ara-ffno ra ama-k^li-ma-tsi ra dfnne: yo kon' so, ow(} 
s^rma, g tr§ \v6la ka ds'66-tr'Qn. 

12. W*uni mSri-lr'el won, ow(J muyu ma-trei ma- 
m^mara: tsa be ha m^Iane-ko, o tr§ s^Iq an-n^o na 
afi'-fi^sam, tr^ka aM o-BSbbu o poA tran r'lm ka haiiy 
an^ bdtar-ko. 

13. Tra w'dni o w'uni, ow(J *a wiJna r§-lr'el tr§- 
gbdsa, ts6 pfi bo: P§ yi K'dru ow6 w^da-mi r§- 
tr'el tr§-gb(}sa: tia na t^oa-ho w(}na K'uru r§-tr*el 
tr§-gb(}sa tr^ka ma-tre! ma-l§8, de k(}no-ki)none o ts§ 
w^na w'llni 6 w'iini ra-lr'eT tr§-gb(}sa: 

14. Kere w'uni 6 w'uni o won ra-tr*el tra-gbc^sa^ 
be ah'-fela-n'oi^ gben 6a lin-ko rayer, na gbok-ko. 

15. Ka-rdr§ft-ka-tsi, be an'-f^la na pon y6ka k'or, 
ha kOm tr'el tr§-]g8: k^re air'ei ira-las, be na pon- 
t^i, tra koin ra-fi. 

16. Ts6 n§ tser 'a y^tgs-nu, nya a-wontr-'a-mi 

17. A-b6ya 6 a-b6ya a-flno de a-biya 6 a-b6ya 
a-gb^nlis na y^fa roki^m, ha tor ka o-Kas ka e-n)6ta» 
ka QVf^ ka-sfnkane 6 k§-sfnkane k§ tie yi, p§ yi-he 
]ai'ump§l 6 n'umpgl na k§-s4ke. 

18. pon kom-su mo ama-s6lo-m'on ka ar'im ra 
tra-tsen, kama s§ yi kg-tr§p k' a-tr(itroko ha ey'^tr- 
y*Qh e-lr^pi. 

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Takdba 1. 2. 5 

1 9. Tr^ka tsi, nya a-wontr-'a-mi a-b(it§r, tra w'Qoi 
6 w*uni ba ma-yas-yas tr^ka k§-tr§l, k^re ra-t^kle 
tr^a ka-fof, ra-Uikle tr^ka k^-bdn'sa: 

20. Tsa ra-ban ra w'uni ra yO-he ama-16mpi ma 

21. Tr^ka tsi bus nan ra-n(}ko be de ma-l§s be 
amd t^s§r, de m^lane nan ar'fm, ar^ 'a pon tSam 
rok6r-ka-nu, r' a-m6ra t(}f§l, ar^ t^na futia an'-ruhu- 

22. K^re yi n§n a-yo i^a ar'im, pa yi-he gbo a- 
tr§l, an^ tri^Asne. 

23. Tsa be w'uni 6 w'uni o yi gbo Q-tral i\a ar'im, 
p§ yi-he 0-yO-ka-tsi, Qwi o b^lane mo w'uni, ow(J 
k^U ad'^r-r'o/i ra-k6mane r§-m^mne: 

24. Tsa Q k^line, de k(}ne> de o p^lne t^te, ko 
w'tini yi nan-e. 

25. K^re w'uni 6 Mr'uni ow(} k^li ka an-to6 ana- 
gb^ntis, aM yi an-tgn na ra-wankom, de QW(} bSsar 
ri, de ow(J yi-he o-tral Q-p^ne-tr'eT, k^re o-yO k| 
ama-pant, ow6 o Ira yi o-mdri-tr'el ka ka-yO-k'on. 

26. Be w*uni d w'uni katr(}n-ka-nu q n^ne, ho o 
l^tiki K'uru, de o nal-he ara-mer-r'on, k^re o trous 
am-m6ra-n'Q6 gben; ka-leAki K'uru ka ow'uni qw^ ka 
yi k|-yaT. 

27. K§-]^nki K'uru ka-f6ra kg-tse-Mfta rodi ka kgn', 
OW(J yi Ok'uru de o-Kas-ka-su, kfa-ke: Tra k6ri a-ySUm 
de a-b6ra a-b^ra ka am'^ne-ma-nan, de tra bumgrne o- 
p^ni-tr'ei tr^ka ara-rO. 

Ara-Bomp 2. 
1. A-wgnlr-'a-mi , tie n| wop ka-idne Q-Rabbu- 

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6 Takdba 2. 

ka-8u Yisua Masia, o-R6bbu ka a6'-^i, hfi ii| k^i 
as'^r Ira a-f§in. 

2. Tsa be o-runi o won ka an'-gb^nne-'a-ou, Qvii 
bfi a-su 6a ma-b^do r' e-16pra e-n^i^sfr, k^re o-ruoi 
Q-m^uey Qy/6 ba e-]6pra e-n(}ko, q wqd sq; 

3. De n§ k^li ad*^r ra kon' ow() wo6 e-l<3pra e- 
D4ns§r, de n§ pd roh^n ho: Muno» yira an(} ra-d'er 
0-ffno; de ka ow(} in()ne d$ pd bo: Mtino, tr^ma ro, 
laldm ^ftra an(} ka an'-gbet na atr'^trak-tra-mi rata: 

4. P§ ^i-he n§ yo o-gb^ske ka e-m^ra-'e-nn-i, og 
poh s^ke a-rok e-t(}fika mo e-n^no e-l§s-i? 

5. Sa nan e-)§A8, ojra a-ivontr-'a-mi a-b(}tar: P§ 
^i-he K'uru o pon tit am-in(Hte ta ara-ra ar^, an^ ^i 
a-s^rma tr^ka k§-l^ne» de an^ s(}to ak'e ka ara-bal, 
tr^ka arS o pon tran r'im ka nan afi^ b^tar-ko-i? 

6. K^re n^ran na f§nfar§s owo-m(^ne* An'-s^rma 
na tfiho-i, aM k^nsun-nu-i? I^a tdho-i, aA^ k^re-nu 
ro-bire-i ? 

7. Na taho-i, an^ f6fiya an'^s ana-ftno, an^ 'a po6 

8. K^re be n§ lasgr an-toi& aM tas be, mo ama- 
Gbal, (am^ pa ho:) Ma y\ tra b(}l§r o-f^trane-ka-mu 
mo an'-iiisgm-'a-rau gben, — n§ yO 0-ftno. 

9. K^re be na k^Ii ad'^r ra w*uni, ng yO tr'el tra- 
las, de an-ton na gb^ki-tli, fo n§ y\ a-paine i^a an- 

10. Tsa w'uni 6 v^'uni ow(} wop an-to6 be, k^re 
bun tr^ka n'in, o pon fumpo k'i^si tr§ka e-to& be. 

11. Tsa kon' ow(J pon pa ho: wTsfi yQ k§-rap**, 
pd SO: »Tse dif."* Tr§ka tsi be ma tse yQ k§-r§p» 
k^re be m§ dif, m§ pon s^ke o-paine ka an-toA. 

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Yakdba 2. 7 

12. Yg fof nan, de ^0 }'$ nan, ma bM 'a tra ko 
t($hkas ka an-ton na ra-w^nkOm. 

13. TSa ka-rgk e-tdnka ka tra ts€ ba i-n6i tr^ka 
kgn', Qw6 tse pon tr(}fi i-n^i; de i-n^i na k6Ione tr^ka 
ka-rgk e-t($Aka. 

14. Ko a-n^fa fta6-e, n^a a-wgntr-'a-mi, be w*iini 
g pa, hg g ba ka-ling, k^re g bfi-hg ma-ygs-e? Pa 
yi ka-lane ka t^na fdtia-kg-i? 

15. K^rg be g-wgnlr g-runi tal(Jm g-wgnlr g-b^ra 
g yi nain g-lsifi, de be g yi nan g-p6ni y*elr e-di ya 
a-r6i 6 a-r^i, 

16. De be k'ln kalr^n-ka-nu g pa naA rgnSh bg: 
Kline nan g-t(}fa1, wdnsne na6 de nam'sarne nafi ; k^re 
n§ sgn-fe-na ey'^lr e-nia-r^kia ya aina-der; ko a-n6fa 

17. Ye pa yi sg tr^ka ka-l^ne, be ka p^ni ma- 
ygs, kia-kiane ka yi ka-fi. 

18. K^re w'uni Igm g Ira pa hg: Mdng ba ka- 
lane, de mine ba ma-ygs: tr(}ri-mi ka-lane-ka-mu akd 
p^6i ama-ygs, de niin' sg 1 tsi tr()ri-mu ka-Une-ka-mi 
ka ama-ygs-ma-mi. 

19. M§ l^ne, fg K*dru k'in g yi rl; mayo g-ffno: 
an'-krifi sg a-]§s iia tra Idne-tii, de ha tr§ yer. 

20. K^re mg y6ma tr^ra-tsi, g raun' w'dni yal, fg 
ka-Une, alA p^tii ama-ygs, ka yi k§-fi-i? 

21. IbrShima, g-kas-ka-su, p§ tse yi g s^iQ ma- 
indri ka ma-ygs-i, mg g botr l^Ska, gw'^n-k'gn, mg 
s'^dka roki^m ka am-M^sbah-i? 

22. M§ n§6k, fg ka-ldne ka yi^sne re ama-ygs-m'gn, 
de ka ama-ygs ka-l^ne ka s(}tg ma-gb^ntis. 

23. De ya ama-Gbal ma lss§r, am^ pa hg: „lbr^- 

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a Yakuba 2. 3. 

hima q lane K'uru, de o ](}ma-kg-tsi mo ho ma- 
16inpi^; de 'a bontr-ko o-tok ka K'uru. 

24. Tr^ka \ii n§ gb^li n§Qk, fo w'uDi o s^iQ ma- 
m^ri ka ma-ygs, p§ yi-he ka ka-ldne gbo sOn. 

25. Ye p§ ^i so tr|ka Rdhab, o-b^ra ka ka-rap, 
p§ yi-he sHq ma-m^ri ka ma-jos-i, mo mdlane 
e-l6lu, :yO-Aa 'a ki^ne ka r'on' da-tsel-i? 

26. Tsa mo ama-der, am^ p^Ai o-rubu, ma yi ma- 
fi» ya ka-ldne so, ak^ p^ni ama-yos, ka y\ k§-fi. 

Ara-Bomp 3. 

1. N^rg a-i/vontr-'a-mi, tie ng s^ke a-karm(}ko a- 
gbdti, tr^ka ma n§ tr^ra, fo na tr§ ta s(}mpa-sa k§- 
S(}mpa kg-bSna. 

2. Tsa iyfi be s§ bun Ir^ka ma-trei ma-lal. Be 
\iv'uni 6 w'uni q bun-fe tr^ka r'im, k^uQ yi w'uni 
gb^ntis, Qyn^ l^i^a SQ nal ama-der-m'on be. 

3. KgH, sg botr e-kSrafe ka tra-sgn tra trg-sol, kima 
6a Iran ar'fm-ra-su; de s§ 16mpg8 ama-der-ma-nan be. 

4. Kgli, trg-sip so, k6ta trg yi trg-bana trg-wunon» 
de e-fef e-b^ki e trou-tsi kgdi, Aa 16mpgsa-tsi a-k6ra 
a-loU d'er 6 d'er ro ama-s^lo ma ow() kor-tsi ma y6ma. 

5. Ya ara-mer so ra yi a-bem a-lol, de ra k61one 
tr^ka ma-trei ma-b^na. Kali, ko a-map a-bdna na e- 
XqIl n'antr na-tan na gb^li tr(ilgr-e! 

6. Ara-mer so n'antr nan, ara-rQ ra ma-lgs. Ya 
ara-mer ra yi tsi kalr(}i^ ka e-bem ya ama-der-ma-8U» 
ard Idfla ama-der be» de arS tri^Igr an'-gStsala 6a 
an'-n6sam, de ria-riane 'a tr^lara-ri an'dntr na ro- 

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Yakdba 3. 9 

7. Tsa na t^na tr^n'sa de na pon trdn'sa ^-tr§p 
6 kg-tr§p kg tra-sem trg-baA, de ka e-bamp, de k§ 
yelr 6-wdrka, de k§ y'etr e-n^sam ^a ro-baA, ka ka- 
tra ka a-fam: 

8. K^re ara-mer w'dni 6 w'uni q t^na-he trSn'sa- 
ri; r'a ra-las ran, ar^ truT nal, ra la ma-kon amd sOm 

9. Ka ka-tra-ka-tii sg rdba K'uru, o-Kas; de ka 
ka-tra-ka-tsi sa rSnka afi'-fgm, and 'a pon b^mpa mo 
ara-bdlane ra K'uru. 

10. Ka ka-sgn-ka-tsi gben kg-rdba de ka-rSnka ka 
^ur. N^a a-wontr-'a-mi, ama-trel am6 ma isB mar 
tra yi mo ats6. 

11. Pg )^i ho ra-for ra-manlr ra wur m'antr ma- 
b^ii de m'antr ma-r6nkgt ka afi'-feAk jQia-tsi gbeA-i? 

12. N^a a-wontr-'a-mi, pa yi ho ka-gb(Jno kg l^na 
kOm ma-saitQo-i, tal(}m a-tr6ne ma-gb(}no-i? Ya ra- 
for ra-mantr 6 ra-for ra-manlr ra t^na-he wur m'antr 
ma-pak de m'antr ma-b(}ti. 

13. Kdne yi o-ts^mpi de o-trdra-tr'el katr(}6-ka- 
nu-e? Tr' o tr(}ri ama-^os-m'on ka ama-b6trg8 ama- 
fino r' a-m6ra t()fal na kg-tsemp. 

14. K^re be ng ba kg-trutr kg-bafi de kg-gbal-tr'el 
ka e-m^ra-'e-nu, tie ng k61one, de tse ng ^^ma tr^ka 

15. Ki' tdho ka-tsemp akd y^fa rok(}m, k^re ak^ 
^^fa no-rQ, ka an'-n^sgm, ka aA'-krifi a-lgs. 

16. Tsa ro kg-trutr de kg-gbal-tr*el kg yi, rl-a 
ma-pi^lke de tr'el 6 tr'el trg-lgs trg yi. 

17. K^re ka-tsemp aU y^fa roki^m ka mi^ta y\ kg- 
8gm, ka-rfir§n-ka-lsi ka ba ka-t^fal-tr'ef, ka ba kg-y6se» 

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10 Takdba 4. 

ka fol-t()nto, ka Ifi i-n^i de ma-k6ini ma-ffno, ka tl^ 
ba a-gbal, de ka ts6 ba k§-yOr. 

18. K^re ina-k6iiii ma ma-ldmpi iiah na sak-na ka 
ina-l(Jf§l, bM yi a-t(jri§8-lr'el. 

Ara-Bomp 4. 

1. R^ke tr§-tsiin de r^ke tra-s(}nka katr^n-ka-nu 
lr§ y6fa-e? P§ yi-he Ira y6fa ka e-tela-*e-nu, ey4 
tsim rok6r ka e-bem ^a ama-der-ma-nu-i? 

2. E-f^la e i/vop-nu, de na tie 8(}to; na dif, de 
ii§ bfi kg-lrulr, de na t^a-he s^to; d§ s(}nka de ti§ 
tsim, de na ts6 bfi, pak^sife n§ t6ia-he. 

3. N§ t61a, de ii| tie s6iQ, p§kd5ife na t6la ka- 
tri^mpo, yma n§ gb^li pofis-yi ka e-f^Ia-'e-nu. 

4. Nya a-runi 'a ra-pure, de nya a-b^ra 'a ra-p6re, 
n§ ts6 tr^ra-i, fo ama-m^ne ma ara-ru ma yi ma-gb^Aa 
ma K'uru-i? Tr^ka tsi w'lini 6 w'uni Qy/6 y6ma ^^i o- 
mi^ne k§ ara-ra q yi o-gb^na ka K'Qru. 

5. Tali^m n§ ndne, fo ama-Gbal ma pd ka-tliA hg: 
A-dth na ka-trutr Aa wop o-Rubu, ow(} yira roktSr- 

6. K^re Q ta son a-b5Aa a-b^na. Tr^ka tsi o pa 
ho: „K'dru o tr^ma ana ba e-m^ra e-b6ne-tr'el k§df, 
k^re ka and ba e-m6ra e-t6rane son a-b^na." 

7. Tr^ka ih sSnne n§n ka K'uru: k^re tr^mone 
nai^ Setdni, de tra gbuke-nu. 

8. Fdtrar naA K'Qru, de tra fMrgr uyS^t. 6b§li 
n§n ama-tra-ma-nu, nya a-fam a-las; de f^tar naA tra- 
but-tra-nu, nyd a-f§m a-s^ke-s^ke! 

9. Tra m'^ne ma wop-nu, de b6ra nafi, de bok 

Digitized by LaOOQ IC 

Yakuba 4. 5. 11 

n§n! Tra ama-sel-nia-nu ma s^ke ra-l>6ra, de tra ama- 
b^ne-ma-nu ma s^ke a-mQl. 

10. Tdrane nah rodi ka o-R^bbu, ko tr§ in^tra-nu» 

11. Tse n§ f6fi)rane, nya a-wonlr-'a-mi. Kon', qy/^ 
fdflya o-wonlr-k'on, de OW(J ti^nkas o-wonlr-k'on, o f6fi^a 
an-ton, de O t(}nka an-ton: k^re be m§ t(}nka an-ton» 
ma yi-he 0-)^0 k§ an-ton, k^re o-t(}nka-k§-tsi. 

12. K'in yi ri ow(J raf e-ton, de ow(J rgk e- 
ti^nka, kon' Qvii t4^a futia de ow(} t^na dim. K^ne 
munon-e, QVfi l()nkas o-Iom-e? 

13. AwViy n^an, an^ pa ho: T6non tali^m ninan 8§ 
tra k(}ne ra-petr ka-nam, de s§ tra tr^ma rl k§-ren 
k'in, de sa tra s§kine ri, de sa tr§ s(}to ma-k^nya. 

14. — Nyan, and 1^6 tr^ra, ko ma-trei ma tr^ 
y^TiQ aninan-e. Tsa ko yi an'-n68§m-'a-nu-e? K§-ffra 
gbo kan, ak^ tr(}rine a-l(iko a-btirap, ka-riran-ka-tsi 
k§ tas. 

15. Ka ka-b^lan-ka«-ts] n§ mar tra pa ho: Be o- 
R^bbn s^lo> s§ tra ba e-ri^8§m, de s§ tr§ yO ats6 
ta1($m atr^6. 

16. Kere ak6 na k61one tr^ka e-y6nka-'e-nu: k§- 
kdlone k§-\i'iinon be k§ }^i ka-l§s. 

17. Tr^ka .tsi ow(J tr^ra tra yO tr'el tra-ffno, de 
tse yO-tSi, Ir'el tra-las Iran tr^a Ir'oft. 

Ara-Bomp 5. 

1. Awa, nya a-n^nla, bok n^it de ktilo n§A tr^ka 
am'(}ne-ma-DU, amd tra d^r§r-nu! 

2. £-n^nIa-'e-nu e pon l^aa, de e-l^pra-'e-nu ma* 
f^ru iia poin som-som-yi. 

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12 Yakuba 5. 

3. Ama-b^Ao-ma-nu de aroa-8ilw§r-ina-nu ma bi 
ma-gbak; de ama-gbak-ina-tsi ma tr§ w6pa-Du t'ama- 
sire, de ma tr§ som o*sem-'o-nu mo ho n'antr. N§ 
pon gb6mpane e-b^ne ka ama-r6i ama-ldp'sQ. 

4. K§U, aA'-ram ta an'-kump, an^ pon rok ama- 
k6mi ma atr'6r-tra-nu, add n§ b^ntrae a-^dAfa, Aa sel 
a-roA: de ka-sel e-rQil ya aA'-rok ka pon woA ka e- 
i{A8 ja Yeh6fa Seb^ot 

5. N§ pon yO ma-b(}ne ka an-tot de n§ pon ndm's§r 
e-f^'la-'e-nu ya y'etr ya ma-trak; n§ po& bols tra-bui- 
tra-nu mo ka ah'-r6i na k§-fal. * 

G. N§ poA 6ap» n| pen dif owQ-16mpi; o ts6 tr^m- 

7. Tr^ka tsi, nyi a-\?ODtr-'a-mi, bfi n§n a-muyu 
hft ka ka-der ka Q-R6bbu. K§U, o-baf o kar tr^ka 
ama-k6mi ma an-tof ama-bdki m'l^lo, q ba a-mdyu 
tr^ka tsi, ha ak'i^m aka-tr(}trokQ de aka-l^p'sQ ka pon 

8. Nyfi 80, bfi n§6 a-muyu; bdk'8§r n§A e-m^ra- 
'e-nu: tsa ka-der ka o-R^bbu ka poiQi fair. 

9. A-^ootr-'a-mi, ts6 n§ nfmtane k'in tr^ka o-lom» 
kdma na tse nap-nul K§li, ow(i rok e-t(inka o-tr^ma 
rodi ka ka-rjre. 

10. Nya a-wontr-'a-mi, y6kane n§6 an'-N^bi, aM 
poik fof ka an'^8 6a o-R^bbu, mo a-bdlane na k§- 
8(}mpane ma-trei ma-l§s de na a-muyu. 

11. K§H, 8§ bonlr nan a-mdri-tr'el, and bfi a-muyu. 
N§ po6 tr§l ir^ka am-mdyu ha Hfyob, de k^li n§& ka- 
]^p'80 ka o-Rdbbu: tia o-Rdbbu o bfi i-n6i i-bdna, de 
k§-no8-n^T k§ wop-ko (tr^ka a-f§m). 

1 2. K^re p§ bak ke 6 ke tse n| gbiA, nyfi a-wootr- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Yakdba 5. 13 

'a-mi, pa j'i-he ka ak'uru, pa yi-he ka an-tof, pa yi-he 
ka a-gbin 6 a-gbin a-lgm: k^re tra an'-^^o-'a-nu nai 
^i ^do; de tra an-de-'a-nu na )ri de; k^ma tia tl& 
fumpo k'Ssi na Aap-nu. 

13. Be m'lJne ma wop w'tini 6 w'dni kalr(JA-ka- 
nu, Ir' rSmne; be w'uni 6 w*uni o ba ma-bdne, Ir' 
len ma-sSIma. 

14. Be ra-tra ra wop w'uni 6 w'uni katr^n-ka-nu, 
tr* ts^la am-bSki na an'-gbSnne Ira der roni^n, de 
tr' 'a r^inne Ir^ka tr'oft, Ir' 'a s6pa-ko ma-sailQn ka 
an'^8 na o-RSbbu: 

15. De ka-ramne ka ka-ldne ka tr§ y6nkas qwq- 
trQ, de Q-RSbbu o tr§ yokas-kg; de be q pen yO ma- 
trel ma-las, na tra ts^ra-ko-na. 

O ' o * 

16. Gbitane nan ama-trel-ma-nu ma-las k'in ka q- 
l0in» de rSmne nan k'in tr^ka o-lom, kdma n§ s^to 
ka-yenk ma-der. Ka-rSmne ka w*uni Idmpi, ak^ ydsne, 
ka bd a-f(}sa a-b^na. 

17. Eliya o yi w'tini rantr, ma sya yi, de r^mne 
k§-rdmne, k^ma k'om k§ tse tor: de k'om ka tie tdrar 
an-tgf tra-ren tra-sas de y*of tr'am^t ro k'in. 

18. Kq kal r^mne, de ak'dru ka tora k'om, de 
an-tof na wur ama-k6mi-ma-tsi. 

19. Nya a-wontr-'a-mi, be w'dni 6 w'tini katr^n- 
ka-nu y^lo ka tra-tseii, de w'uni Igm g yo-kg g 
s^ke sg; 

20. Tra k(}ng tr^ra, fg kgn', gw(J f^H w'dni l§s ka 
ka-yetg ka ar*6n'-d*gn, g Ira futia g-ruhu ka ra-6, de 
Q tra gb4p's§r ka-la ka ma-trel ma-l§s. 

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Ai^*-B^ka i\a P^t^r aAa-Eat61ika 

Ara-Bomp 1. 

1. P^tar, o-Som ka Yisua Masia, ka an-tsik ana- 
tit» an^ s^kane ro-Pdnto, ro-Gal^tia, ro-Kappad6kia, 
ro-lsia, de ro-Bitioia, 

2. Mo ka-m(}ta-tr^ra ka K'uru, o-Kas, ka ka-s^mas 
ka o-Rdhu, tr^ka ka-tr§l ar'im-r'on de tr§ka ka-s^k§ra- 
ik9i ama-tSir ma Yfsua Masia: Tra a-b^na de ma-t^fal 
ma bar gbo lair-DU. 

3. Tr' 'a t(}ka8 K'uru, o-Kas ka o-R^bbu-la-sa 
Yisua Masia, Qiv(i pon kal kOm>su mo aAai-n^T-A'on 
afta-bana tr^ka a-r^tla a-n6sam ka ka-y6kaQe ka Yisua 
Masia ka an*-fi, 

4. Tr^ka k'e ka-tse-lel, ka-tse-Wfta, ka-tse-wela, 
ak^ 'a b^ne tra triinnu ro-ri^nna, 

5. AM 'a bumgr ka an'-f(}sa Aa K'uru ka ka-ldne 
tr^ka k§-futi, ak4 'a pon b^nene tr^ka naibi-ki ka 
am'^tr ama-l^p'so. 

6. Tr^ka ak^ n§ ^^sane, k6ta ak6, tr^ka a-l()kQ 
a-burap, be tra ba tra yi, na jQ na sah e-mol ka 
ma-trel ma-m^mara ma-gb^nte: 

7. K^ma ua b§p ka-m^mar ka ka-Iane-ka-nu k|- 
b^ki m*^\Q, pa tas ma-b^no am^ dfone* k6ta na m^m§ra- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

1 P^t§r 1. 15 

na n'antr, ir^ka k§-k6]o, de tr^ka ra-Iel, de tir^ka a- 
^iki ka ka-6aibine ka Yisaa Masia: 

8. Qy/i na b^t§r, b^li na ts6 pon n§n'-ko; ka qy/^ 
n§ IJne, hdli ak6 na 1s6 nan'-ko, de tr§ka ovii n| 
y^sane ma^b^t^ ma-trui-k^ne m^-ba a-yfki: 

9. Tr^ka ma na s^iQ ka-]4p'so ka ka-]dne-ka-nu» 
kia yi ho ka-futi ka an'-rrdhu-'a-nu. 

10. Ka-futi ka-isi, tr^ka ak^ a6'-N^bi, tkU poii n^bi 
ir^ka am-b6iia HhA yi tra d6rar-nu, Aa poA tens, na 

11. Tr^ka ma Aa gb^leA-tsi, ko m'etr, de tro 
m'etr ma yi tli, am^ o-Rubu ka Masia, ow(J yi rok6r- 
ka-nan, o l6m], qy/^ sqA t^amas^re t^paii tr^ka ama- 
8(Jinpane, am^ yi tra d^rgr Masia, de tr§ka an'-yiki 

1 2. Ka and 'a AaiU-tsi, fo p§ yi-fae tr^ka Aa-nane, 
k^re tr§ka sydn na l^nki tr^ka ama-trel, amd 'a poA 
trori-nu aki ka ka-s§A ka andn, and pon trdmar-nu am* 
B6sra ka ka-tra ka o-Ruhu owo-Sam, Qyai 'a pon sOm 
tor ro-rianna; ma-trel, amd am-maleika na y^ma 

13. Tr§ka tsi s^nne n§A ratr(Jn ro-fi ya e-ni^ra- 
'e-na, ba o§n ka-tsemp, de rdtsa n§n ka am-b6na 
tdrap, and 'a kdra-nu ka ka-naibine ka Yisua Masia. 

14. Ma a-wut a-tr§]-tr'el ts6 n§ w(Jnsne a-f6sne 
mo e-f6la-*e-nu t^pan ka (ah'-lo na) ka-t5e-trdra-lr*el- 

15. Kere mo kon', Qvii pon mutsi-nu, o ba ma-s§m» 
nya 80 ba n§ ma-sgm ka ama-b6tras-ma-nu be: 

16. Tsa Aa pon gbai ho: „Ba n§A ma-s§m; t§a 
mine ba ma-s§m.'' 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

16 1 P6tar 1. 2. 

17. De be Df rtoine mo o^Kas kgn', Qwi rok e- 
Hhka ka tse k^H ad'^r ra w'dni mo ama-pant roa 
w'dni 6 w'dni, b^tnie ngn ra ra-nes ka ail'-lo na 'ra- 

18. Tr^ka ma d§ tr^ra, fo M b^ni-be-na ra /etr 
e-14sa, r§ ma-snw§r tai(}m r§ ma-b(^Q, ka ama-b6tras- 
ma-nu ma-)raT, am^ n§ poA s(}tQ ka aA'-kas-'a-nu; 

19. K^re re ama-tsir ama-b^ki m'^lQ ma Masia 
mo k§-k^raf k§-lse-bfi a-b6nka k;-ts6-ba a-l^fta. 

20. Ow(} 'a pod botr t§pan, p6ta na fak o-tr^mgr 
yfH ara-ra, k^re ow(} po6 triJrine ka c-l(}ko eye-l§p'so 
ey^ tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra nySiik, 

21. AA^ line ka ka-trd-k'on ka K'dra, ow(J pod 
j6kas-ko ka an'-fi, de Qyi6 pon sod-ko a-yfki; kama 
ka-line-ka-nu de an'-r^tla-'a-nu na yi ka K'dru. 

22. Tr^ka isi ma n§ pod f6(§r aA'-rdhu-'a-nu ka 
ka-tr§I ar'im ra atra-tsen ka ka-lrfi ka o-Rdhu tr^ka 
k§-b(}t§r a-wontr o-p^ni k|-^Or, bdra nan k§-b(}taraDe 
t' a-m6ra f^ra; 

23. Ma haiiy auA 'a pon kal kOm, p§ )ri-he ka ma- 
kdmane am^ dfnne, k^re ka amd tse dfnne, mia yi bo ka 
ka-trs ka ar'im ra K'dru ara-n68§m de ar^ tsia tab^na. 

2i. Tsa o-sem be O yi mo k'ired, de a-yfki be 
na w'dni (na yi) mo a-16ni na k'ired. Ak'6reA ka 
¥r6la, de ad'-16ni-na-tsi da fumpo: 

25. K^re ar'im ra Yehdfa ra tsia tab^na. De ria 
yi ar'im, ar^ 'a trimar-nu ka am-B6lra. 

Ara-Bomp 2. 
1. Tr^a tsi bus n§n ma-1§s be, de a-yinfa be» 
de ka-yor, de k§-trutr, de k§-for be; 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

I Pet§r 2. 17 

2. De mo tr§-lent, and 'a poi\ kom t^te gbo, tra 
a-f^Ia fia am'dsa r§mdn ma ar'fm na wop-na, kdma 
na bak ka ka-tra-ka-tsi : 

3. Be pg, ^i ho n§ pon tain, fo o-R^bbu o ^i 0-tOt. 

4. Ka ow(} ng der, mo ka a-sar a-ii6s§m, aM a- 
fam fia pon kdsi tr§-tsen, k^ro and K'uru o pon tit* 
de and ba m'^lo ma-bdki rodi k'on. 

5. Ny& 60, ma ma-sar ma-ifi^sam, s^ke n|n a-aet 
a-riibu, ra-k6han ra-8§m, tra fdtra s'ddka tr§-ruha, 
Ir^ka atrd K'uru o t^sa ka ka-tra ka Yisua Masia. 

6. Tsfa ba-tii na pon so gbal ka ama-Gbal ho: 
„KaH, I botr a-sar a-tit a-bdki m'lJlo na a-kon ka Sion, 
de kon' ow(} Idne-ko o gb^H-he won ma-lap.'* 

7. Nyd ton and Idne na ba ara-lel-ra-tsi: k^re tr^ka 
and ts6 tral-tr'ei, an'-sar and ari'-fam a-sal na pon kdsi, 
nian na pon s^ke an'-sar na an'-kon, 

8. De a-sar na kg-pat, de a-gbdian na k§-fiimpg, 
tr^ka nan and pat-ni, pgkdsife na tr§l-he ar'im; tr^ka 
atrd na pon so botr-na. 

9. K^re nyk ^i ra-k6m'ra ra-tit, ra-kokan ra a-bal, 
a-b6na a-sgm, a-f§m Aa k§-fus; kama ng trdm§s ama- 
trei ma-fino ma kon', ow(} pon mutJi o wura-nu ka 
a-sam, (o kdra-nu) ka am-m6ta-n'on ana-kabdne: 

10. N^an and tl6 yi a-f§m t^pan, kere and yi toik 
a-fam na K'dru ; and tse pon s(}to i*n^i\ k^re aAd pon* 
to »6iQ i-n6]. 

11. Nya a-b(}tgr'-a-mi, I man-nu mo a-tSik de a- 
f§m n' a-bdra, nene n§il e-fela ya o-sem, ey6 tsin 
0-ruhu ; 

12. Ha n§ b6tme 0-tino katr(}6 ka an'-Kdfri; kdma 
trgka atr'el tra-f^i gbeA, tr^ka atrd Aa fdfiya-na mt 

General Epititles. 2 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

18 1 P*t§r 2. 

a-fam aiiA yO o-l;s, Aa ^fkis K'dru ka a6'-r6T ta ka- 
r^k^r tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ama-yos-ma-nu ama-ffno, be 
iiB poA n§nk-na. 

13. Tr4ka t^i s^nne ngA ka a-gb^ka 6 a-gb^ka na 
¥^'iiD] tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra o-R^bbu: be p| yi ka o-baf 
6, mo ow(} t^si be; 

14. Be p§ yi ka an'-sfiba 6, mo ka a646, a6^ o 
80m tra s()mpa a-fam an^ yQ o-lgs, k^re tra k61o a- 
f;m Bi\tk yQ o-ffno. 

15. Tsa at26 tra y\ ama-i6lo ma K*uni, fo na 
f(}k§r ka-saA ka ka-ti6-trdra ka a-f§m a-p§nk ka ^0 

16. Ma a-f§m a-\?6nkOm, pa tse y\ ma a-f§m anil 
^(}na ara-wSnkOm-ra-Aail mo a-gb|para ta ma-1§s, k^re 
mo e-boi ^a K'dru. 

17. K6lo n§n a-fgm be; b(}t§rn§6 a6'-ifvontr; n6sa 
n§n K'dru; k61o n§fi o-bai. 

18. N)^a e-boT, siinne n§n ka a6'-kas-'a-na r§ ra- 
n6s be; tra p§ Ise ^i gbo ka nail a6^ >i a-tot de a- 
t(}f§1, k^re ka nai^ so anii y\ a-k^na. 

19. Tsa BiU tra ^i tr'el Irf-l^sa, be w'uni o siira 
m'(Jne tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ka-tr^rane ro ka K'dru, be o 
siimpane mo ma-]6mpi tabo. 

20. Tsa ko a-;fki Aa6-e, be 6a sap-nu ka-r^r§n 
ka ma n§ pon ^0 tr'ef tr§-l§s-e, de n§ md^u-tsi-e? 
K^re be na s(}mpane lr*eT, ka-raran ka ma na po6 yO 
0-fino, de na mdyu-tsi, ats6 tra yi tr'el trg-t^sa rodi 
ka K'dru. 

21. Tsa tr§ka atr'ei ats^ Aa pon mdtsi-nu; pakii- 
jife Masia so o poi^ s(}mpane tr^ka tri&nnu, o tsta-nu 
a-mol k^ma ng trddane ama-ni-m'oA: 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

1 P6t§r 2. 8. 19 

22. Ow(J ts6 poA }0 tr'ei Ira-las, de na bap-he 
a-y^nfa ka ka-san-k'on: 

23. Qyvi kal-he nal, ma 'a nal-ko; mo s^mpane, 
gbind-he; k^re o m66kar alr'el-lr'on ka kon', ow(J 
rgk e-t(^nka o-]6mpi: 

24. Ow(J pon gb^pa ama-trei-ma-su ma-las kdno- 
kftnone ka ama-der-m'on gben ro-k'anlr k§-p^nkine, 
kdma sa fi tr^ka ama-trel ma-las, sa k§ii tr^ka ama- 
16mpi; ka e-b§nlfar-y*on na s6lo k§-yehk ma-der. 

25. TSa na y\ nan mo tra-l^me, an^ poA y^to; 
k^re na pon' to s§ke ka o-Trol de ka o^Bfsop ka afi'- 

Ara-Bomp 3. 

1. Mo am'(}lo ma-tsi, n}'a a-r^ni, sSnne nan ka 
an'-wos-'a-nu gben; kdma, be pa y\ so a-lom na ts6 
tral ar'im, na gb^li Hnane-ua ka ama-b6tras ma an'- 
rdni o-p^ni r*im; 

2. Be na k^li ama-b6tras-ma-nu ma ma-lap ra ra- 

3. Tr* e\\6sine-*e-nu e Ise y\ rokdn ra ka-rQs a- 
fon, de ra ka-gban y'elr ya ma-b6no, taliJm ra ka-wo^ 
v'elr e-16pra; 

4. K^re Ir' e }l ow'uni owo-m^hkne ka ka-bul, 
r' e-y^sine eye-lse-l^sa ya a-m6ra a-tcjfal a-soi, cj'fi 
ba ni'6\Q ma-b^ki ro-d'er ka K'dru kadi. 

5. Tsa ya t^pafi so am-b^ra ana-sam, an^ r^lsa ka 
K'dru, na pon v^sine, Aa s^nne ka an'->vos-'a-nan gben: 

6. Mo Sira q trgl ar'fm ra Ibr^hima, o bontr-ko 
pa: a-wut-n'oA na pon s^ke, be na jO 0-flno, de be 
na n6sa-he Ir^ka tr'ei 6 Ir'el tra-ninis. 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

20 1 Hi^T 3. 

7. Mo ain*(Jlo ma-tsi; nyfl a-wos, ^frane nan an'- 
r^ni-'a-nu mo ka-tr6ra, mo e-sarf eyi la yi ts-rantr, 
de botr-na n§n a-yiki, mo nan and ^^i so a-pdntrane 
ha ak'^ ka am-bOna 6a an'-n^s§m: kama atr'ei ats^ 
tra ts6 bentr tra-rdmne-tra-nn. 

8. K^re ka ka-l§pso tra n;ya be n§ ba a-mera n'in, 
rautiiane n§h s^ke, b^tgrane n§h ma a-wontr, ba ngA 
i-n^i, bfi nan ra-fgm; 

9. Ts6 na kdla tr'ei tra-1§s tr§ka tr'el tr§-lg8» 
ta](}m a-nal tr§ka a-nal; de, kere ruba-ha ngh; trgka 
ma n§ trdra, fo ha poh mutM-nu tr§ka atr'ei atie, 
kama na s^\q a-ruba. 

10. „Tsa kon', ow(} y^ma tesa Ir^ka ah'-hesam-h'oh, 
de 0W(5 y6ma nahk ma-r^l ma-foi-tr'el, tr' o yO ara- 
mer-r'oh ra trahk tr§ka tr'el tr§-Igs, de tra-sah-tr'oh 
kdma tra {s6 fof a-y^hfa: 

11. Tr' f§Ie ka atrd yi tra-lgs, de tr' o >0 atri 
yi trg-rtno; tr' o ten ma-t(}fg], de tr' o tsimne tr§ka tsi. 

12. Tsa Yeh6fa o gbah ah'-16mpi e-for-y'oh, de 
sda ka-rdmne-ka-han e-lahs-y'oh; k^re ad'6r ra Yehofa 
ra yi rok^m ka and yO ma-trel ma-Igs."" 

13. De kdne yi Isi-e, ow(J gb§li yO-nu o-lgs-e, be 
na s^ke a-trdnsane ha atrd yi Ira-ffno-e? 

14. K^re be pa yi nan so ho n§ ba tra s^mpane 
tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ma-16mpi, n§ yi a-mdri-tr'el: k^re 
tse ng n^sa tr^ka o-ninis-'o-hah, de ts6 na ydtrne; 

-> 15. K^re s§mas ngh Yehofa K'drumasaba ka tra- 
lut-tra-nu. De yi nan a-pal l(^ko 6 l^ko trgka k§- 
fiifane tra w'uni d w'dni, QYii yif-nu tra w6sa trgka 
ah'-rdtsa, ahd yi rok6r-ka-nu, r' a-m^ra a-t(ifgl de r§ 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

1 Petar 3. 4. 21 

16. Ma an^A, ao^ bd ka-trdrane ka-ffno; kdma, 
Ira atr'ef, tr^ka atr6 na f6fiv»-nu ma a-fam and yO 
0-las, nan, a Ad gbdntir-nu a-^dnfa tr^ka aiT)a-b6tras- 
ma-nn ma-fino ka Masfa, na wQh nna-lap. 

17. Tsa p§ ffsa, fo na s^mpane Ir^ka ka-yo 0- 
rtno, be pa yi ho K'dru o selo-tsi yan-e, pa las trdka 
k§.yO O-lgs. 

18. Tsa Masfa so o pon s^Jmpane w'in Ir^ka ma- 
trel nna-las, w'dni 16mpi ka ka-b^Ian ka a-fam a-tse- 
lomp, kdma o fdtra-su ka K'uru, tr^ka ma Aa dif-ko mo 
ama-der, kere na kal kdlis-ko mo o-r(ihu: 

19. Ka ow(J k(Jne so, trdmas am-B6sra ka an*- 
ruhu ro-tinkane; 

20. And lr§l-he ar'fm t^paA, mo am-m^ra a-bdli na 
K'uru na kar ka ama-r^'i ma N6ah, mo yi o-b^nene 
ak'uma, ro a-lan, i\a yi ho a-fam Ir'amdt re sas, Aa 
fdli ka ka-tra ka am'dntr. 

21. Amd futia so sydn ak6, mo am-bdlane-na-tsi, 
fiia yi ho am-bdptis, pa yi-he ka-bus an*(Jko na ama- 
der, k^re a-b6sDe tr^ka ka-trdrane ka-ffno ro ka K'uru, 
ka ka-tra ka ka-y6kane ka Yfsua Masfa: 

22. Qyii yi ka ka-dio ka K'uru, ka-raran ka mo 
pon ki^ne ro-ridnna; ro a-maleika, de and ba a-f(}sa, 
de aAd ba ka-t§oa Aa pon sdnne roA^n. 

Ara-Bomp 4. 

1. Tr^ka mo Masia o pon' to s(^mpane tra trdssu 
ka o-sem-w'oA, nya so wijAsne ngA am-m^ra na-tsi 
gbeA: (sa kon*, ow(J poA si^mpane ka o-sem-w'oA, o 
pon Irei k§-yO tr'el tra-las; 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

2» 1 P^|r 4. 

2. K^ma n§ \i€ so k§li mo e-f^la ya a-fgm, k^ro 
mo ama-silo ma K'uru, ka ah'-lo (na aA'-n6sgm-'a-nu) 
aM tsia ka sma-der. 

3. Tsa ah'-1(Jko Aa an'-n^sam-'a-su, afi^ pon tas» 
Aa b6ki-su tra poA yO ama-s6lo ma aA'-IUfri, ma sa 
kot ka ra-Mf^te, ka e-f^la e-l§s, ka kg-lsis, ka k§- 
Mntane k§-w6Aa, ka ka-muns rokfn, de ka k|-r^mDe 
e-ron ka-gbeAs: 

4. Tr^ka alr'ei atS6 Aa lom-tsi mo ho tr'ei tra* 
truT-tr'el, fo ng gbuko-be re AaA ka ama-gb^ti ma-tsi 
gbeA ma ma-kar ma*ts6rne, Aa fof-nu o*las, 

5. AA^ bd tra w6$a tr^ka Isi ka koo', Qv^i )^i 0- 
pal tra t(}nkas aiV-k^H de aA'-ft. 

6. Tsa tr^ka atr'ei atl6 Aa poA so trdm§s am-B6sra 
ka an'-fi, k^ma Aa gb§li t(}Akas-Aa mo a-f|m ka o-seoi» 
k^re k^ma Aa k^li mo K'uru ka am-m6ra. 

7. Kere ka-l^p'so ka ey'^tr be ka poA tttrgis; 
tr^ka tsi bs n§A ka-tsemp, de tr6mla nan tr^ka tra- 

8. K^re p§ bak k6 6 ke ba naA ma-b(^tar ma-baA 
k'in tr^ka o-Iom; tsa ma-b(Jtar ma tra gb^'sar ka-la 
k§ ma-trel ma-las. 

9. B()tar naA k§-f^ntane rg k§-tse-nfmtaoe. 

10. Tra w'uni 6 w'dni o I^Aki o-f^trane-k'oA mo 
am'dlo ma am-b6ya, an^ o poA S(}tQ, mo a-kira a-ffno 
Aa am-b^Aa Aa K'dru ana-gbSnte. 

11. Be Vuni 6 w'uni o fof tr'el, Ir' o fof-tsl mo 
8*im trg K'ura; be w'dni 6 w'Qni o ba ra-s^mmas, 
tr' yO ama-pant-ma-tsi mo ka-t^na, akA K'uru o son: 
kdma K'uru o s(}to a-)rfki tr^ka tr'el 6 tr'ei ka ka-tra 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

1 Pitar 4. 28 

ka Yfsua Masia, q\v(J bd aA'-yfki de afi'-f(isa t^nkan 
6 t^nkaii. Amina. 

12. Nyd a-b(it§r-'a-in], tsS n§ k^li ka-s()mpane ka- 
Lan, akd ^i katri^i^-ka-nu, akA y^ne-nu tra in^mar-ny» 
mo tr'ei tr§-lrul-tr*el, mo ho tr'el Ira-lrul-tr'el lr§ 

13. K^re ba ii|Q ma-b(Jne mo am'iJlo am^ n§ ^^rano 
ama-s(Jmpaiie ma Masla; kdma n§ gb^li so ba ma-b(ino 
ka y^sano, ma ao'-ylki-n'oii na Ira naibe. 

14. Be na nal-nu tr^ka an'^s na Masia, n§ yi a- 
m^ri-tr*el; p§k^sifo o-Ruhu ka an'-yiki do ka K'uru o 
fdtane rok(Jm-ka-nu : nan na fof-ko o-las tr§-tlei^» k^re 
oySn n§ y(kis-ko. 

15. K^re tra w'uni 6 w'uni katr()n-ka-nu o tsd 
s^mpane mo w'uni k§-dif, tal(}m mo w'uni ra-kel, 
tal()m mo w'uni Qyi6 yO 0-lgs, tal(im mo w'dni QVii 
kdtrne tr^ka ma-trel ma a-f§m a-Iom. 

16. K^re be w'uni 6 w'uni o s(Jmpane> pgk^sife 
yi o-N^sari, tr' o tse lap; k^re Ir' o yikis K'uru 
tr||ka atr'ei ats6. 

17. P§k^ife am'^lr ma pon bek, kdma ka-s(}mpa 
ka tr4p§r ka afi'-set ha K'um: k^re be ka m(}ta tr^pgr 
ka syd6-e, ko ma yi ka-l§p'so ka anin, an^ \s6 tral 
ar'fm ra am-B6sra 6a K'uni-e? 

18. Do be p§ bak owo-16mpi tra fdti, r6ke owo- 
tse-n^sa K'dni de o w'uni o-l§s mo tr(}rine-e? 

19. Tr^ka tsi tra iiat so, an^ 8(}mpane mo ama- 
l6lo ma K'dru, Aa ma6k aA'-ruhu-'a-6an ka kon', mg 
0-Tr^pi o-l^no, ka yO ma-yos ma-fino. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

24 1 P^tar 5. 

Ara-Bomp 5. 

1. Tr^ka t^i I ma6 am-btti bM yi kair(}A-ka-nu, 
inine» Qyf6 yi ao o-b^ki, de o-gb^ki ka aroa-s()inpane 
ma Masia, de Qyf6 yi so o*pdntrane ka afi'-yiki aikA 
yi tra fiaibe: 

2. WiJiita n;A ak'Qti ka K'dru, ak^ ji katr(^n-ka- 
Du, ka k^li-ki, tra pa tse yi ka fi^sar-na tr^a tsi^ 
k^re re ama-s^lo-ma-nu gbe6; tra p§ ts6 yi tr4ka ma* 
k^nya ina-]^p§8, k^re r* a-m6ra a-l^ke; 

3. De tra p§ tie yi ma hM gb^ka ka ak'^ ka K'dni 
r§ k'^osan, k^re ma an^ yi e-mol ya ak'dti. 

4. De be owo-Trol owo-b^na o tr(^rine, d| tr§ 
8(}to an-D^o na a6'-yiki ana-ts6-w6ia. 

5. Mo am'^lo ma-tsi, nyd a-fet, s^nne n§A ka am^^ 
b^ki. K^re nyd be s^nne nan k'in ka o-lom, de 16p- 
sirne n§n a-m6ra a-(6rane: tsa R'dra o tr§mone bM 
bfi a-m6ra a-bdaa, k^re o son a-bi}na ka bM ba a-m6ra 

6. Tr^ka tsi t6rane n§n ror^ta ka ka-tra ka K'dm 
aka-f(}sa, kama o A^tra-nu ka am'6tr-ma-tsi : 

7. De reA nan an'-s6li-'a-nu be ka kon'; tsa k(}no, 
tra ba ko tr'e! tr^a tr^nnu. 

8. Ba nan k§-tsemp, de tr6m]a nan; p§k^iife o- 
tr^mone-ka-nu , S^tani, o kot-kot mo a-s6Aa1a a-bok, 
ten ko yf'uni o gb^H mer-e: 

9. Tr^mone-ko n§h o-b^k§r ka ka-lane, de trSra 
n^, fo ama-8(}mpane ma-tsi gben ma yi^ne an'-wontr- 
'a-nn, bM yi ro-rO. 

10. Kere Ok'uru ka a-bona be, owd pon miitsi-nu 
ka an'-yfki-n'oA aua-tab^na ka Yisua Masia, ka-rdrai^ 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

1 P^tar 5. 2S 

ka ma na pon siJmpane a-Idko a-burap, k(^no-k6none 

tra gb^Dtis-nu, o tra b^k'sar-nu, o tra f(}s§s-nu, o 
tra ^0 na tr^ma o-kfrin. 

11. Tra k(}no bd an'-)rfki de an'-fc^sa X&iAsiii d 
t^MaA. AmiDa. 

12. Ka ka-lra ka SilKnos, o-wontr owo-l^ne, me 

1 n^ne-ko, I poll gbSlar-nu s'im tr|-tan, tra maA nu, 
de tra gb^ki-tsi, fo nia yi am-b6na Aa K*uru a^a- 
trgts^n, ka an^ na tr^ma. 

13. Afi*-gbdnne bM y\ ro-B^bilon, bM 'a poA tit 
re nyafi, de Mdrkos, ow'6n-ka-mi, na k6ri-nu. 

14. K6riane nan ra ka-miimal kg ma-bdtar. Tra 
ma-t(}f§l ma y\ re njra be and y\ ka Ytsua Masia» 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


AA*-R6ka Aa P6t§r ana-Kat61ika ana-B§6. 

Ara-Bomp 1. 

1. Sfman P6l§r, a^bol de g-Sdm k§ Yisua Masia, 
ka ikBii, at& poA s(}lo ka-l^ne ka-tsi gbei(i ka m'i\Q 
ma-Mki re sySih, ka ama-lompi ma Qk'uru-ka-su de 
ma Yisua Masia, o-Futia-ka-su: 

2. Tra a-b^Aa de ma-t(}fal ma bar gbo lalr-nu ka 
ka-lr^ra K'dru de Yisua, o-R^bbu-ka-su. 

3. Tr^ka mo K'dru ka aA'-f(}sa-ii'QA o pon b6;a- 
«u ama-trel be, am^ l6mane a-fi6s§m de ka-n^sa 
K'dru, ka ka-tr^ra kgn', Qv/i pon mutsi-su ka an'- 
^ki-A'oA de ka ama-tol-m'oii : 

4. Ka am^ o po6 b6ya-su as*im tra-lra6 atra-'b^oa 
tra m'^\Q ma-bdki hili hdii; kdma ka ka-trd-ka-tsi n§ 
gb41i s^ke a-p^otrane Aa ama-tabiat ma K'dru, ka- 
rir§A ka ma na poA fdti ka-dfnne» ak^ yi ro-ra ir^ka 
>a-bomp ra e-f^la. 

5. Tr^ka atr'ei ats6 gbeA y(}na d§A sq ma-yais-yas 
be, de ka ka-Une-ka-nu bar n§n k§-bak ka-but; de 
ka ka-bak ka-bul k§-tr^ra; 

6. De ka ka-tr^ra k§-wop e^-f^ia; de ka ka-wop 
e-f^la a-mdyu; de ka am-mdyu k§-n6sa K'dru; 

7. De ka ka-n^sa K'dru k§-b^tar a*wontr; de ka 
ka-b(}tar a-wontr ma-b(}t§r ro ka a-f§m be. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

2 Pet§r 1. 27 

8. Tsa be na ba ama-trel ami, de be ma lalr-nu, 
ma gb^li-he yO n§ y\ a-ldkle pg yi-he a-k6hferen Ir^ka 
ka-tr^ra y-Rdbbu-ka-su Yisua Masia, 

9. Tsa kon', ow(J ts6 ba ama-lrei am6, o y\ 0-fit, 
dg Q bfi e-for e-pffri, de o poA p^lne, fo 'a poti 
gb^li-ko tr§ka ama-trei-m'on ma-l§s t^pan. 

10. Tr4ka Isi, nya a-wonlr-'a-mi, bar gbo nan 
tsfmne tra b^k*sar ka-mulsi-ka-nu de ka-tit-ka-nu: tsa 
be na yO araa-lrel am6, na gb^li-he pal lab^na ko kO: 

11. Tsa (be n| yQ) yan, na tra b^ra-nu o-wdn§r 
C-lai ka ara-baT ara-tabdna ra o-R^bbu-ka-su, o-Fdtia 
Yisua Masfa. 

12. Tr^ka tsi I gb4li-he trei-tsi, tra n^nena-nu 
tr^ka ama-trel ami l^ko 6 ](}ko, k6ta na tr^ra-na, de 
k6la n§ yi a-b^kgr ka atra-tsen, atr^ b4p§r rgnu. 

13. Kere I lom-tsi mo tr*el tr§-]6mpi, han me I 
yi ka ka-^^dfa aki, tra par-nu ka n^nena-nu tr§ka tsi; 

14. Pgk^sife I tr^ra, fo ka-bus ka-}^^fa-ka-mi ka 
tra yenk yiuQ, mo o-R^bbu-ka-su Yisua Masia o pon 
80 tr(}ri-mi-tsi. 

15. Halisa I tsi m^mar, kama n^ ba tr'e! l^ko 6 
l(Jko tra n^nena-nu tr^ka ama-trel ami. ka.rdran ka 
ka-ts6me-ka-mi no-rQ. 

16. Tsa sa tr^6ane-he am'ump am^ 'a ^6ra r| 
ma-8ot, ma sa tr^m§r-nu an'-f(}sa de ka-der ka o- 
R^bbu-ka-su Yisua Masia, k^re s^a-sy^ne s§ pod k^U 

17. Tsa s(}to ka K'dru, o-Kas, ra-lel de a-yiki, 
tr^ka ma r*im ra d6r§r-ko ka an'-yiki ana-gb^nta ma 
atsi: „Owi o yi Ow'^o-ka-mi owo-b(}t§r, tr^ka Qvii 
I tisa." 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

is 2 P^tgr 1. 2. 

18. De ar'fm ar6, ar^ tor ka ak'dra, sySi pon tral- 
ri, ma sa yi tQh^fi rok()m ka aA'-ron ana-sam. 

19. De 8§ ba ar'fm ra an'-N^bi arfi la y\ ra- 
b^kar; de na yQ o-fino, be na b6trar-ri e-m^ra, mo 
ka a-m6ta, aA^ gb^nta rg-d'er o-snm, ba 're^-yah ra 
bek, de ak'(^ ka 'ra-sok ra putr ka tra-bot-tra-nu: 

20. Ka m(}la n^De atsi^, fo r'im 6 r*im ra an'-N^bi 
ra is€ y\ tr'cl tra ka-ts^po ka w'dni. 

21. Tsa r'im A r'im ra aA'-N5bi ra tie wor ka 
ama-i^lo ma w'iini tabSna: k^re an'-rdni aAa-sam 6a 
K'dru ta poA fot mo o-Rubu owo-Sam o tron-ha. 

Ara-Bomp 2. 

1. K^re a-n^bi a-yem 6a ^i ri so katr(JA ka afi'- 
fam, ma a-karro(Jko a-yem na tra y\ so katr(Jil ka 
n^an, aAS tra vf^ixa ma-har&tikat ma ka-dinne 0- 
mSilkne, aM pen^a o-R^bbu, ov^^ waT-Aa, de aM 
k^ra ka-dfnne ka-)rak6n rok(}m ka lia-ndne. 

2. De a-gbdti da tra tran as'6n-tra-na(i tra-tieme; 
tr^ka 'ra-bomp-ra-na6 i\a tra f6fiva ar'6n' da atra-tsen. 

3. De pak^Sife iia ba e-for e-y^mari na tra Irons- 
na ra s'im tr§ ma-sot tra s^to ma-k^n^a; ka-s^mpa- 
Aa ka tie Ifnsa k^bi t^paA, de ka-dfnne-ka-rian ka tie 

4. Tia be K'dru o ba-be i-n^'i tr^ka am-maleika, 
afi^ pon ^0 tr'ei tra-las, kere be o ffta-Aa ro- 
Yah^nnama, o l^nkli-Aa ka tr'orenta tr' o-biti, tra 
bine-ha tr^ka ka-8(impa-fia; 

5. De be ba-be i-n^i tr^ka ara-ro ara-knr, k^re 
be b^oe gbo N6ab, o-gb6nto ka ma-16mpi, re a-fam 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

2 P6t§r 2. 29 

tr'amSt de rah a-Iom, mo o k^ra ama-gb6ntoQi ama- 
b^na rok^m ka ara-rQ ra a-f§iii a-las; 

6. De be o tois tra-petr tra Sodom de Gom6ra, 
ha tra s^ke r'os, mo O hap-tsi tr^ka dim-tsi, ka botr- 
is\ mo a-b^Iane tr^ka nan, aiU tr§ ^i a-las ka-rdran- 

7. De be o futia Lot owo-16mpi, ow^ an'-f§m a- 
las ha s(}mpa ka ama-b6tras-ma-fiah ma-traiane: 

8. (Tsa ka nahk de ka tral Qw'dni owQ-lompi, mo 
^Ira katroh-ka-han^ g^ssap o-rdhu-k'oh o-16mpi a-rei 
6 a-rei, tra 'ra-bomp ra ama-,YOs-ma-hah ma k'ali;) 

9. 0-R^bbu tr^ra tra wura and n^sa K'liru ka 
ma-trel ma-m^mara, de tra bene a-fam a-tse-lomp 
tr§ka ah'-r^i ha ka-rok e-t(Jhka tra sc)mpa-ua: 

10. K^re pa ta gb^ti hah, and trdnane o-sem ka 
ah'-f^la ha ka-ldftane, de and f^nf§ras ahd ba ra- 
gb^ka. Ahd gb^ti tr^ka ba ka-mfnta-tr*el, ahd ba k§- 
b6ne-lr'e!, and tse ver tra id^ya ahd ba a-yiki. 

1 1 . K^re a-maleika, ahd ^^i a-bdna ha (dsi-ha tr^ka 
k§-t^na de tr§k' a-f(isa, ha kdra-he a-gbdntir a-f6fi^a 
tr§ka trahhdh rodi ka Yeh6fa. 

12. K^re ahi, mo tr^-sem tra-pdhi e-nf)6ra» ahd 
trdhane e-f6la-e-hah gbeh e)^e-k6mane, ahd 'a kom 
gbo tra gbip de tra dim-ha, ha tra dinne ka ama- 
l§s-ma-hah gbeh, ^akdsife ha fof 0-lgs trgka ma-trel, 
amd ha trdra-he; 

13. De ha tra siJto ah*-ram ha ma-k^na. Na k^lj 
ka-yO ma-b(}ne ka a-r^i h'in mo ho tr*ei tr§-t^sa; ha 
yi ma-Idfta de ma-b6hka, ha hes§m a-h6s§m ha ma- 
bine ka e-baia-'e-hah, ma ha fdntane-nu. 

14. Na ba e-for e}^e la tr^ka o-b^ra k§-rgp, eyi 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


80 2 Petar 2. 

gb^li-he trel k§-yO tr'el trg-lgs; Aa fak e-bafa tr^ka 
a-rdhu a-tSe-kiriA; Aa bs tr§-but, atr^ tr^nne ma-trei 
ma e-for e-y^mari; Aa yi a-wut Aa a-r^Aka. 

15. Ka-r^rgA ka ma Aa poA trel ar'6D' da4r61oA, 
Aa poA yi\Q, Aa traA ar'6n' da Bfleam» o^'^n ka B6sor, 
OW(J b(Jtgr aA'-ram Aa ma-k§na; 

16. K^re Aa Aal-ko tr^ka ama-l§8-m'oA gbeA; t§a 
a-86fali a-b6bo o W^ r'im ra ¥f*dni, o bentr am-paAk 
Aa o-ndbi. 

17. AA6 An y\ tra-lgmp trg-p^Ai m'antr, de e-bniit» 
eyi k'^Akgl k§ troA kadf; tr^ka aA^ 'a poA b^De 0- 
blti wa aA'-sam UinkaA 6 tdnkaA. 

18. T2a be Aa fof a'im ir' e-j6Aka ^a ka-tliA, ka 
e-f^la ya o-^em, de ka ma-kar ma-ls£rne, Aa gbok 
AaA, aA6 poA fdti trg-tseA Aan, aA^ kot ka ka-y^to. 

19. Ma Aa traA-Aa r'im tr^ka ra-v^dnkOm, Afi-ndne 
Aa y\ a-trar Aa ma-l§8: tia atr'ei atr£ tarn yi*6ni, tsfa 
^i}Aa-ko so ra-trar. 

20. T§a be Aa poA fdli ama-trel ma-Ma ma ara- 
ra ka ka-ir^ra o-R^bbu de o-Fdtia Yisua Masia, de 
be Aa kal rgftane-Aa, de Aa tJer-Aa ma tam-Aa; ama- 
yi-ma-Aau ama-I^p'ao ma poA s§ke ma-las, ma Usi 

21. Tsa pa ir§ poo' na fisa-Aa, be Aa poA-he na 
tr^ra ar'6ii' da ama-16mpi, pg tas ira f^Ie ka an'-gb^ka 
aAa-sgm, aA^ 'a poA l^Aklia-Aa, ka-rdraA ka ma Aa pon 

22. K^re trg poA y(}ne-Aa, atr£ am-pa a-trdnne 
aAa-trgti^A Aa pft: An-trgn o pon k^Iane ka ar£ k(jDO- 
kOnone o poA Aantr; de: AA'-sop, QYii 'a poA buko> 
ro-b61ane wa e-pat. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

2 P^tgr 3. 31 

Ara-Bomp 3. 

1 . An'-ri^ka bd^, anS I gb^lar-nu \Qik, nySi a-b($t§r- 
'a-mi, na b^ka ye-ran, ka ey(J I par e-m6ra-'e-nu e* 
f6ra ka n^Dena-nu (air^ na trSra:) 

2. Kdma na nSne as*fm, atri a^'-NSbi ana-sam fiet 
pon pd i^pan, de an'-gb^ka na sySn, an'-Som na q- 
RSbbu de O-Fdtia: 

3. Ka miJta nSne ats6, fo ka ama-r^i ama-l^p'so 
a-fam a-i£I-tr'el ua tra der, afiA kot mo e-f^la-'e-nan 

4. De Bh& pa ho: R^ke }i av'im arS o trafi tr^ka 
ka-der-k'on-e ? Tsa k^bi ka an'-kas na pon ko ro ma- 
re, e.>'^tr be e tr^ma me e pon yi k^bi ka ka-lr^pi-yi. 

5. Tsa tra mShkne-na, pakSsife na y^ma-tsi yan, 
fo kSbi t^pan ir'uru tra y\, de a-tof, a6S ;yi ka uvur 
ka m'antr de ka ka-tra ka m*antr, ka ar*im ra K'uru; 

6. Ka ka-tra-ka-tii ara-rO, arS ^^i ah'-lo na-tsi, ra 
dinne, tr^ka ma m*antr ma m{^tras-ri: 

7. K^re atr'dru de an-tof, eyi yi ka ak6, na-tsia 
ka ar'fm ra-tsi gben, na b^ne-yi tr^ka n'antr ka e^ii'- 
via ilia ka-rok e-t(}nka de na ka-dinne ka an'-fam 

8. K^re tra atr'ef ats'fn ats6 tra ts6 minkne-nu, 
nya a-b(}tar-'a-mi, fo a-r^'i n'in rodf ka o-HSbbu Aa y\ 
mo tra-ren a-wul n'in, de tra-ren a-wul n'in mo a^ 
rtfi n'in. 

9. 0-R^bbu tse won (r^ka ar'im ra-tran, ma a- 
lom ha k^li-tsi mo ka-won; k^re ba a-m6ra a-b(}li 
Ira tr^ssu, p§k^sife s6lo-be, fo ^'uni 6 w'uni 
dinne, k^re fo a-fam be na s^ke ka k§-ti]bi. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

82 2 Petgr 3. 

10. K^re an'-r6i 6a o-R^bbu Aa tra der mo w'uni 
kel ka tratr^k; ka a AS atr'dru tra tra tas ra k§-kgrS 
k^-Moa, k^re e-g6n8ur e tr§ tSoke tr^ka o-fgi, de Aa 
tr§ toTs an-tof de e/^tr e-b^mpa eyi y'\ ri. 

11. Tr^ka tli me e/^tr e^^ be e tr§ Unke, ko 
a-f§ra D§ mar tra yi ka ma-b6tr§s ma-s§m de ka ka- 
nisa K'uru-e? 

12. Ma nan, anS kar de anS tsfmone ka-der ka 
an'-rii na K'uru, tr^ka 'ra-bomp-ra-tsi atr'uru tra tr§ 
fai» tra trg ^^se, de e-g6nsur e tr§ tShke tr§ka Q-f§i. 

13. K^re syiSitiy mo ar*im-r'on ra-tran, sa kar tr'dru 
tr§-fu de a-tof a-fu, ro ma-16mpi ma yira. 

14. Tr§ka Xsi, n)^a a-b(it§r-'a-mi, ma n§ kar ey'^tr 
eyif tsimne nan, kama o b§p-nu a-pSni a-lSfta de a- 
pSni-tr'el ka ma-tof§l. 

15. De loin D§n am-m^ra a-b(ili na o-R^bbu-ka-8U 
mo k§-fuU; mo Pauios so* o-wontr-ka-su owo-biit§r, 
pon gbSlgr-DU, mo ka-tsemp akS 'a son-ko; 

16. Mo yO 80 ka e-reka-^*on be, be o W ri tr^ka 
ama-trel ame; ma-lom katr(}n-ka-tsi ma^i ma-truT-trSra, 
amS ana-ts6-tr6ra-tr'ei de ana-ts6-ba e-m^ra e-kirin na 
k4na8, ma lia ^0 80 tr^ka ama-Gbal ama-lom, tr^ka ka- 
dinne-ka-han gbefi. 

17. Trika tsi n^d6, n^a a-b(}tar-'a-mi, ma na mt^ta 
trSra ama-trel am6, sobine n§n, kima ka-^^to ka ah'- 
Igs ka t^6 yo n^d so n§ tran-6a, n§ fumpo ka ama- 
kfrin-ma-nu gben. 

18. K^re bak ngn ka am-b^na, de ka ka-trSra ka 
0-RSbbu-ka-su de ka o-Futia Yisua Masia. Tra k(}Do 
t^a ao'-)^iki ak^ de tSakaa 6 tSnka6! Amina. 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


A£i*-R6ka 6a Y6han a£ia-Eat61ika 

Ara-Bomp 1. 

1 . Ar^ )ri k^bi ka ka-trap, ar^ 8§ pon tral, ar^ s§ 
pon n^hka e-for-'e-su, ard sa pon k§li, de ar^ ama- 
trd-ma-8a iiia pon gbons, tr^ka Ar'iin ra ail'-A68§in; 

2. (De ah'-n^sam na pen iiaibine, de sa pen 
nank-ni, de 8§ son t'amas^re (tr^ka tsi), de s^ 
tr^in§r-DU an'-nisam ana-tab^na lia-tsi, ai^^ yi ka o- 
Kas, de aM haibine rosu;) 

3. Ar^ sa pon nank, de ar^ sa pon tr§1, sa tr^mar 
80 nydn, kima n^d so n§ sgke a-pdntrane-'a-su : k^re 
ka-pdntrane a-ka-su ka yi re o-Kas, de re O^'^n-k'on 
Ytsua Masfa. 

4. De ama-lrel atn6 s§ gbdl§r-nii, kima ama-b(}ne- 
ina-nu ma Idsar. 

5. De 6ia-Ae an*-sOm, aikA sa pon trgl roA(}A, de 
aM sa tr^mar nyftn, fo K'uru o yi a-m6ta, de a-suia 
6 a-sutn na ts6 yi rok6r-k*on ko-ko. 

6. Be s§ pa, bo sa yi a-p6ntrane-iVou, de s§ kot 
ka an'-sum, sa y^ma, de sa ts6 yO atra-tsen. 

7. K^re be sa kot ka am-nHSta, mo k()nQ y\ ka 
am-m6ta, sa y'\ a-p^utrane katr(}n ka sya-sydne; de 

General Epistles. 3 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

34 1 Y6han 1. 2. 

aroa-tsir ma Yisua Masia, Ow*dn-k'oA, ma gb^i-sa 
Ir^ka Ir'el 6 IrVl tra-las. 

8. Be sa pft, bo sa bd-he tr'el tr§-las, sa tr^Asne, 
de atra-tsen tra yi-he rok6r-ka-su. 

9. Be s^ gbitane ama-trel-ma>su ma-]§&, q bd a- 
l^ne de ma-16mpi, tra ts^ra-au ama-trel-ma-au ma-Ias, 
de tra gb^li-su tr§ka ma-k^na be. 

10. Be sa pa, ho sa tse pon yO tr'el tra-las, sa 
s^ki-ko o-y^ma, de ar'im-r*o6 ra yi-be rok6r-ka-su. 

Ara-Bomp 2. 

1 . Nya a-fet-'a-mi, aroa-trel am^ I gb^lar-nu, kima 
n§ ts6 }rO tr'ei tra-l§s. De be iw'uni 6 ^'uni o pon 
yO tr'ei tr§-l§s, s§ bft k§-S§n ro ka 0-Kas, Yisua Masia^ 
OW(J yi o-l<^inpi: 

2. De kdno yi a-n^mtene tr^ka ama-trel-ma-su 
ma-las; k^re p§ yi-be gbo tr^ka am-ma-su son, k^re 
tr^ka (ama-trel ma-l§s ma) ara-rQ be so. 

3. De ka atr'ei ats6 sa tr^ra, fo s§ tr^ra-ko. be 
sa nvop ama-gb^ka-m'on. 

4. Kon' QY/^ pa ho: I trSra-ko, de wop-be ama- 
gb4ka-m'oA» ^i ^'uni ra-yem, de rok6r ka ow'uni 
Ow6 atra-tsen Ira yi-he. 

5. K^re w*uni 6 w'Qni ow(J wop ar'im-r'oft, rokdr 
ka ow6 ama-b(^tar ma R'uru ma yi ma-gb^ntis tr§- 
tsen. Ka atr'et atse sa trSra, fo sa yi rok6r-k'on. 

6. Kon' ow(} pd, bo tsia rokdr-k'o6> bft so tra 
kot yan k(}no-kODone, mo kiJno kot. 

7. Nya a-wontr-'a-mi, a-gb^ka a-fu tabo an^ I 
gbalar-nu, k^re a-gb^ka a-kur, aM n| bft kftbi ka ka- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

1 Yohan 2. 35 

trap. Afi'-gb^ka ana-kur iia ^i ar'im, ar^ na pon tral 
k^bi ka ka-trap. 

8. Hdlisa I gb^lar-nu mo a-gb^ka a-fu, alra ;yi tra- 
ilen ka kon' d@ ka ny^h; pakdsife an'-sum na tas, de 
am-m6(a aoa-trgts^h na gbenta ton. 

9. Kon' QVi^ pa, ho yi ka am-m6ta, de o gbena 
0-wontr-k*on, o ^'i ka an*-suni ha ak6. 

10. Kon* ow(} bdtar o-wontr-k'on, o tsfa ka am- 
m6ta, de tr'ei tra-pat tra yi-he ron(Jn. 

11. K^re kon' Qy/6 gb^na o-wonlr-k'oA, yi ka 
ah'-sum, de kot ka afi'-sum, de o IrVhe ro o ko-e, 
pak^sife ah*-sum na pon filas e-for-y'o6- 

12. 1 gb^lgr nyan, nya a-fet-'a-mi, pakSsife 'a poii 
ts^ra-nu ama-lrel-ma-nu ma-las Ir^ka *ra-bomp ra an*es- 

13. I gb^lar nyan, nyd a-kas, pakSsife n| pon tr^ra 
kon', Qyf6 yi kabi ka ka-trap. I gb^ar nyan, nya a- 
l^nba, pakSsife na poh tarn o^O-l§8. I pon gbdiar 
n>an, nja a-fcl, pak^ifg n§ Irdra o-Kas. 

14. I pon gb§lar nyah, nyd a-kas, pak^sife n| 
trdra kon', o^^ yi kSbi ka ka-trap. 1 pon gbdlar nyan» 
nya a-ldnba, pakdsife na y\ a-f(}sa, de ar'im ra K'uru 
ra tsia rokor-ka-nu, de na poi^ tarn owo-las. 

16. Tse na bolar ara-rQ, pa yi-he ey'^lr eye yi 
ro-rO. Be w'uni 6 w'uni o bdlar ara-rQ, ama-b(}lar 
ma o-Kas ma tse yi rok6r-k'on. 

16. Pak^sife r'dka 6 r'aka ar6 yi ro-rQ, afii'-fela 
na o-sem, de ah'-f6la na e-for, de e-y6nka tr^ka 
ey'^tr ya ah'-n6sam, e tse y^fa ka o-Kas, k^re e y6fa 
ka ara-rQ. 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

36 1 Yohan 2. 

17. De ara-ro ra tas, de an'-f^la-fia-tsi: k^re kon', 
0W(} yO ama-s6lo ma K'uru, o tsia t^nkaA tabSna. 

18. N^^a a-fet-'a-mi, pg yi am'^tr araa-l^p'so; de 
ma n§ pon tral, fo o-tr^gne ka Masia o tra der, 
jra ak6 a-tr§mone Aa Masia a-gb^ti na pon ^6kane: 
ka atr*ei atl6 sg gb^li n§nk, fo pa ^i am'^lr ama- 

19. I^a wur ka ka-tron ka sjdfi» k^re na ts6 ^i 
ka afi'-fia-8u: tsa be na poo' na ^i ka an'-ua-su, na 
Ira pon' na tsia rosu: k^re tia wur, kima ha haibine, 
fo ha be tibo ha yi ka ah'-ha-su. 

20. K^re n^ah oa poh soto ma-s6pa ka o^o-Sam, 
de na Ir^ra ma-trei be. 

21. 1 lie poh gb^lar-nu, pakasife na tr'a-be atra- 
tleh, kere pakasife na tr^ra-tsi, de fo ra-yem 6 ra- 
yem ra y^fa-be ka atra-tseh. 

22. Kdne yi o-ra-yem-e, t^mbe kon* ow(J p^nsa, 
fo Yisua yi o-Masia-e? Ow6 o yi o-tr^inone ka 
Masia, qw^ pensa o-Kas de Qw'^n. 

23. Wuni 6 w'uni owo pensa Ow'an, o ba-he so 
0-Kas: kon* QVi^ gbitane Ow*^n, q, ba-so o-Kas. 

24. Nyah, atr^ na poh tr§l k^bi ka ka-trap, tra 
tra tsia rok6r-ka-nu. Be atr^ na poh tr§l k^bi ka ka- 
trgp tra tsia rok6r-ka-nu, nya so na tra tsia rokor ka 
Ow'^n, de rok6r ka o-Kas. 

25. De ria-re ar*im, ar^ k^no-kgnone poh trah- 
su, ah'-h6$§m aha-tab^na. 

26. Ama-trel am6 I poh gb^lar-nu tr^a hah, and 

27. Kere nyah, ama-s6pa, am^ na poh s^iQ roh^h, 
ma tsia rok6r-ka-nu, de n§ tse y^ma, fo w'dni 6 w'uni 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

1 Yohan 2. 3. 37 

t^k'sa-nu: k^re mo ama-sopa, am^ na 8()(o roAdn, 
ma t§k'sa-nu tr^ka ma-treT be, de mo ma y\ Ira-lsen, 
de ma Ise y\ ra-yem, de mo o poii f^k'sa-nu, ya tsfa 
nan rok6r-k'oi^. 

28. De Bki, nya a-fel-'a-mi, tsfa nan rok6r-k'oA; 
kdma, mo tra naibine, sa bd ka-minta, sa tse wofi 
ma-lap rodi-k'on ka ka-der-k*on. 

29. Be na tr^ra, fo o yi o-16mpi, trira nan, fg 
/w'dni 6 w'uni so, OW(J yO ama-16mpi, kdno pon kOm- 


Ara-Bomp 3. 

1. Kali nan, ko ma-b^tar o-Kas o pon son-sn, fo 
na y\ tra bontr-su a-wul na K*firu-e! De sa vi tsi: 
tr^ka a'r'ef als6 ara-ra ra tse Ir^ra-su, pakdsife ra 
tr'a-he kdnon. 

2. Nya a-b(Jtar-'a-mi, ake sa y\ a-wul Aa K'uru, 
de pa tse ta pon tr(Jrine, ko sa ma yi-e: kere sa 
tr^ra, fo mo pa tra tr(^nne, sa tr§ bSlane mo kdnon; 
pakfisife sa tra n§n'-ko mo o yi. 

3. De w'Qni 6 w*uni, owcj bfi an'-r^tsa an6 rgfidn, 
gb^line, mo k(Jno yi O-gb^le. 

4. W'uni 6 w'uni, ow(5 yO Ir'el tra-las, o l§sar so 
an-toA: tsa tr'eT tra-las ka-I^sgr an-ton kafi. 

5. De na tr^ra, fo k()no fiaibine, k^ma o noT ama- 
trel-ma-su ma-las; de tr'el tra-las tra yi-be rokor- 

6. W'uni w'lini, owd tsia rok6r-k'on, o tse yO 
tr'el tra-las. W'dni 6 w'lini, ow(J yO tr'eT tra-las, o 
tse pon nan'-ko, de tse pon tr5ra-ko. 

7. Nya a-fet-'a-mi, tse na tser w'lini 6 w'dnf o 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

38 1 YAhan 3. 

v^tas-nu! Kon* ow(J yo ma-Mmpi, o y\ Q-\6mpi, mo 
k(Jno yi o-l6rapi. 

8. Kon* ow(J yO trVl tra-las, o y^fa ka S^taniy 
pak^sife S^tani q yO tr'el lr§-las k^bi ka ka-trap. 
Tr^ka alr'ei ats6 Qw'dn ka K'dru o naibine, k^ma o 
dim ama-yos ma S^tani. 

9. W'uni 6 w'uni, ow(J K'Qru o poA kOm, o ls6 
yO tr'el tra-las: pgk^sife ama-k6maQe-m'oh ma tsfa 
rokdr-k'on; de o gb^li-he yO tr'el tra-las, pak^ife 
K'uru pon kOm-ko. 

10. Ka atr'ei als6 an'-wul ha K'uru de an'-wut 
na S^tani Aa nafbe: W'uni 6 w'dni, ow(J yO-he ma- 
16mpi, de ow(J b(Jtar-he o-wontr-k'oA, o tse y^fa ka 

11. Tsa nia-ne an*-sOm, aM ng pon tral kdbi kaf 
ka-trap, fo sa yi Ira b(}larane. 

1 2. Tra sa lie yi mo K^yin, ow(} y^fa ka owo-l§s, 
de oy/6 dif o-wonlr-k*on. De ko tr'ei Ir'a ba tsi-e, 
fo dif-ko-e? Pak^sife araa-yos a-m'on ma yi ma-las, 
k^re ama-yos a-ma o-wonlr-k*oA ma yi ma-16mpj. 

13. Tse na kabSne, nya a-wonlr-'a-mi, be ara-rd 
ra gbena-nu. 

1 4. Sg Irdra, fo sa pon las ka ra-fi sa b^k ka aft** 
n^sam, pak^sife sg b(Jtar an*-wonlr. Kon' ow(J tse 
b(Jtar o-wonlr-k'on, o tsia ka ra-fi. 

15. W'dni 6 w'Qni, ow(J gb^Aa o-wonlr-k'on, o yi 
\v'Qni ka-dif: de na Ir^ra, fo a-ii^sgm a-tab^na fia tl6 
tsfa rok6r ka w'uni 6 w'uni ka-dif. 

16. Ka atr'ei alse sg nank ama-b(Jtar-m'on, Pgk^- 
sife k(}no I^nkli an'-n6sgm h'on tra Ir^ssa; de syS yi 
tra l^hkli e-n^sam-'e-su Irgka aiV-wonlr. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

1 Y6han 3. 4. 39 

17. K^re Wuni 6 w*uiii, ow(J ba ey'etr ya ara-rQ 
ar6, de ow(} nank, fo o-wontr-k'on o p^ni r'dka, de 
OW(J kdnta ka-but-k'on tr^ka tr'on, tro aina-b(^tar ma 
K'dru ma gb^li tsia rok6r-k'on-e? 

i8. Nya a-fel-*a-mi, tra sa tie b(Jlgr r| s'im, tra 
p§ Ise yi re tra-mer, kere ra raa-yos de r§ lr§-tsen. 

19. De ka atr'ei ats6 8| tr^ra, fo 8§ ba tra-tsen, 
de 8§ tr§ tiJnto t?-ra6ra-*e-8u ro-d*er-k'on kadi: 

20. Pak6sife, be e-m6ra-'e-su e ftap-su, p§ yi 
pak^sife K'uru o yi o-b^na o t^si e-m6ra-'e-su, de o 
tr^ra ma-lrel be. 

21. Nyft a-b(Jl§r-'a-mi, be e-m^ra-'e-su e tsfi nap- 
su, 8§ ba ka-minta rodi ka K'uru. 

22. De tr'el 6 tr'eT, alr^ 8§ t6lir-ko, 8a s(}to roncJA, 
p§kSsife sa wop ama-gb§ka-m'on , 8a yO ama-trel am^ 
yi ma-lesa ro-d'er-k*oft kadf. 

23. De aA'-gb^ka-i^'OQ ofa-n6, fo sa lane ka an'^s 
na Ow'dn-k'oQ Yisaa Masia, de fo sa biJtarane, mo o 
son-su a-gb^ka. 

24. De kon', qy/^ wop ama-gb^ka-m'on , o tsia 
rok6r ka KiJnoA, de k(^nQ tSfa rok6r ka k(^non. De ka 
atr'ei ats6 s§ trSra, fo tsia rok6r-ka-su, ka o-Ruhu, 
QW(} poifi soA-su. 

Ara-Bomp 4. 

1. Nya a-b($t§r-'a-mi, ts6 na Uuq o-ruhu 6 rubu, 
k^re m^m§r n§n an'-rdhu, be pa yi i\a y^fa ka K'uru; 
p§k^sife a-n^bi a-yem a-gb^ti na pofi wur ka ara-rQ. 

2. Ka atr'ei ats6 tr^ra n|A o-Ruhu ka K'uru: 0- 
rdhu 6 rubu, ow(J gbitane Yfsua Masia, ow(} poA der 
r* Q-sem, y^fa ka K'dru: 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

40 1 Y6ban 4. 

3. De o-rubu 6 rnhu, ow(} tis6 gbitane Yfsua Ma- 
8id, QYii pon der r' o-sem, o fs€ y^fa ia K'uni: de 
Qw6 ^i o-rubu ka o-tr^mone ka Masia, tr^ka ow(> 
n§ pon tral, fg q tr§ der, de ak6 ton o ^i ro-rQ. 

4. Nya a-fet-'a-mi, n^an na y^fa ka K'uru, de na 
pon tam-na; p§kSsife kon', qyt^ vi rok6r-ka^nu, o yi 
0-b^na tdsi kon', ow(} ^i ro-rfl. 

5. Nan na y^fa ka ara-rQ: tsia bd-tsi na fof tr^ka 
ara-ra, de ara-rQ ra tr^la-na. 

6. SyaA s§ y^fa ka K'uru: kon' ow(J tr^ra K'uru, 
tr41a-su: kon' ow(} tse y^fa ka K'dru, o tse Ir^la- 
8U. Ka atr'ei atsi s§ tr^ra o-rdbu ka atra-tien, de 
0-riibu ka ka-yeto. 

7. Nva a-b(}t|r-'a-mi , tra sa bot§rane: p§k^sife 
ma-bdt§r ma y^fa ka K'liru; de w'iini 6 w'uni, ow(^ 
ba ma-b(Jlar, K'uru o pon kom-ko, de tr^ra K'uni. 

8. Kon' Qyf^ tse ba ma-bdt§r, o tl6 tr^ra K*uru; 
pakSsife K'uru o :y'i ma-b()t§r. 

9. Ka atr'ei atse ama-b(}tar ma K'uru ma Aaibine 
Tosu, pak^sife K'uru o pon sdm Qw'^n-k'on qvi^ q 
kom gbo son ka ara-rQ, kama sa ba a-ne8§m ka ka- 

10. Ka atr'ei ats^ ama-b(Jlar ma trijrine, p§ yi-he 
fo sya pon b(}lar K'Qru, kere fo kono pon biJlar syfin» 
de fo 80m Ow'^n-k'on mo a-nemtene tr^ka ama-lrel- 
ma-su ma-las. 

11. Nya a-b^tgr-'a-mi, be K'uru o b^tgr-su yan-e, 
sya so s§ yi tra b()t§rane. 

12. Wuni 6 w'uni o tse pon n§nk K'uru tabSna. 
Be $§ botarane, K'uru o tsia rok6r-ka-su, de ama- 
b(Jlar-m'on ma yi ma-gb6ntis rok6r-ka-8n. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

1 Y6han 4. 5. 41 

13. Ka atr*ei at£6 sa tr&ra, fo sa tsia rok6r Xa 
K(}non de fo k(}no tsia rok6r ka s^Sn, pakSsife q poi^ 
jer-8u ka o-RiShu-k'on. 

14. De s^a pon k^]i, de sa sofi t'amas^re, fo q- 
Kas pon sOm Qw'^n mo o-Fdtia ka ara-ra. 

15. W'uni 6 w'dni ow6 gbltane, fo Yisua o fi 
Ow'^n ka K'dru, R'dru o tiia rok6r-k'on, de ^6n^ 
tiia rok6r ka K'tiru. 

16. De sy^ pon tr^ra de sa line ama-b(}t§r, am^ 
K'dro hh tra fr^ssu. K'uru o yi ina-b6tar; de koo\ 
QYi6 tsia ka ma-bc^tar, o tsia rok6r ka K'uru, de K'urit 
C tiia rokdr ka kc^non. 

17. Ka afr'ei ats6 ina-b(}tar ma y\ ma-gb^ntis rosu, 
hs sa ba ka-minta ka an'-r6i na ka-rgk e-t(^nka; pakd- 
ilfe mo k(}no yi, va sya so ^'i ka ara-rQ ar^. 

18. Ma-b(Jtgr ma ts6 ba ra-nes; k^re ma-b(Jtar 
ma-gb^Dtis ma iivtira ra-n€s: pakSsife ra-n^s ra ba 
kg-86mpane; k^re o^($ ba ra-nes» o ba-be ma-b^tar 

19. S^a b(}tar-ko, pgk^sife k(^nQ mijla b(itgr-su. 

20. Be ifv'dni o pa ho: I b^tar K'uru, de gb^na 
O-wonlr-k'on, o yi w'uni ra-yem. Tsa kon', o>v(J b(}lar- 
he o-^vontr-k'oA , Qyf6 pon n§nk, tro o t^na b(Jtar 
K'tiru-e, ow(J o tie po6 ngAk-e? 

21. De aA'-gb^ka ah^ sa poti 8(}to roin(Jn, fo konV 
Qy9i b(Jtar K'dru, o yi tra b(^tar so o-^ontr-k'on. 

Ara-Bomp 5. 

1. Wdnl Vdni, ow(J IjSne, fo Yisua o yi 0- 
Masia, K'uru o pon kom-ko: de iiv'uni 6 w'uni, Qyf6 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

42 1 Y6haii 5. 

btft§r kon', QVi^ poii kOm-ko, o b^tar so kon*, qvi^ 
pon kom. 

2. Ka atr'ei ats6 sg trSra, fo sa b(itar an'-wiit na 
K'dra, be s§ b()l§r K'uru» de be sa wop ama-gb^ka- 

3. Tsa mfa-ine ania-b(itar ma K'uru, fo s§ wop 
«ma-gb^ka-in'on: de ama-gb^kH-m'on ina \s€ yi ma- 
truT-wop. ■ 

4. Pgkdiife r'ika 6 r'ika. ar^ K'uru o pon kOm, 
ra tam ara-rO; de kia-k6 ka-tam, ak^ tarn ara-rQ: ka- 

5. K^ne yi tsi-e, Qyti tarn ara-rO, be p§ yi-he kon' 
i)W(J Uue, fo Yisua o yi Ow'6n ka K'dru-e? 

6. Ow^ yi tsi, ow() der r§ m'aotr de ra ma-tsir, 
Yfsna Masia; pa yi-he ka am*^tr gbo sOn, k^re ka 
flm*dnlr de ka ama-tsir. De pa yi o-Ruhu, ow^ son 
i'amas^re, pakdsife o-Ruhu yi Ira-lsen. 

7. Tsa a-sas na yi rl, hti son t'amas6re ro-ri^nna^ 
— 0-Kas, de Ar'im, de o-Ruhu owo-Sam: de ana-sas 
an6 ha yi h'in. 

8. De a-sas na yi rf, and soii Camasire ka an-tof, 
^— O'Rubu, de am'^ntr, de ama-tsir: de aha-sas ah6 
ina m^ne tr^ka n1n. 

9. Be sa wop at'amas^re tra ah'-f§m, at'amasere 
tra K'dru tra ta yi tr§-bdna; tsa tsta-tse at'amas^re 
tra K'uru, fo o poh son t'amasere tr^ka Ow'^n-k'on. 

10. Kon' QYf^ l^ne 0^'Sn ka K'uru, o ba at'ama- 
«6re rok6r ka am-m6ra-ft*oh gben: kon' ow^ tse Idne 
K'uru, pou s§ki-ko o-ra-yem; p§k65ife poA-he 
line at'amas6re, alr6 K'dru o pon son tr^ka Ow'^n- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

1 Y6han 5. 43 

11. De tsia-tse ai'amas^re, fo K'uru o pon son-su 
a-fi6sam a-tabdna, de an'-n6sain an6 na y\ ka Ow*^n-k'on.. 

12. Kon*, Qvii ba Qw'^n, q ba ah'-n6sam: kon', 
OW(J bfi-he Ow'^ri, ba-he an'-hisam. 

13. Ama-trei ain6 I poh gb^1§r nySn, an^ lane ka 
an'^8 ika Qw'^n ka K'uru; kama Da trSra, fo na ba 
a-nesam a-tabdna, de kama ua line ka an'6s ha Ow'^n 
ka K'uru. 

f 4. De kfa-k€ ka-minta, ak^ sa ba tr^ka tr'oh, fo, 
be sa t61a r'ika 6 r'aka mo ama-s^]o*in'on, o tr^la-su. 

15. De be sa tr^ra, fo o tr§la-su tr§ka r'ika 6 
r*4ka, ar^ sa t61ir-ko, sa tr^ra, fo sa tra s^to ey'^tr, 
eyi sa pon l61ir-ko. 

16. Be w'dni 6 w'uni o n§hk o-^ontr-k'oh o ^0 
tr*el tra-Ias, alr6 sOm-he ra-fi, tr' o n^mtene, de 
tr§ son-ko a-h6sam, ka hafi, m& y^-he tr'el tr§-l§s^ 
atr^ som ra-fl. Tr'ei tr§-las tra ^i ri, alr6 sOm ra-fi: 
tr^ka dts6 1 ts6 pa, ho .yi tra n^mtene. 

17. Ma-k^na be lr*ei Ira-las Iran: de tr'el tr§-l§s 
tr§ y\ rl, bItA sOm-he ra-fi. 

18. Sa fr^ra, fo w'Qni 6 w'uni, ow(J K'uru. o pon 
kom, tse yO tr'el tra-las; k^re OW(J K'uru o pon 
kOm, biimarne, de Owo-l§s o 1^6 gbon-ko. 

19. S§ tr^ra, fo s§ ^^fa ka K'uru, de ara-rO be 
ra y\ ka ka-tra ka o^O-las. 

20. K^re sa trdra, fo 0^'^n ka K'dru o poh der, 
de fo poh 80h-su k§-tsemp, kdma sa gb^li tr^ra 
Owo-tr§ls6h; de s§ yi rok6r ka owo-tr§ts^h, rok6r ka 
Ow'^n-k'oh Yisua Masia. QwA o yi Ok'uru owo- 
trats^h de a-h6s§m a-tabina. 

21. Nva a-fet-'a-mi, s6bine nan tr^ka e-roh! Amina. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 



An*-B£ka na T6han aAa-Eat61ika aAa-San. 

1. O-b^ki ka o-y6la o-b^ra owg-lit de ka aA'-fel- 
fi*Qtj and I b(}l§r tra-tseft; de pa yi-he min* sOn, k^re 
ha be so, aAd trdra atra-tsen; 

2. Tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra alra-tseii, atrd tsia rok6r- 
ka-su, de atrd y\ tqsu tdnkan tabdna. 

3. A-b5na Aa tra yi ronu, de i-n6i, de ma-ldfal, 
amd y^fa ka K'uru, o-Kas, de ka o-Rdbbu Yfsua Ma- 
sia, O^'v'dn ka o-Kas, ka tra-tsen de ka tna-bdtar. 

4. P§ b()De-nii hali, fo 1 pon bap a-lom katrijn ka 
aA'-fet-'a-ma, aM kot ka atra-tien, mo an'-gb^ka, and 
8| poA s^to ka Q-Ras. 

6. De aki I n^mtene-inu, mun' y6la b^ra, pa 
yi-be noo bo I gbdl§r-mu a-gb§ka a-fu, kere and 8| 
bfi kdbi ka ka-tr§p, kdma sa b()tarane. 

6. De mfa-me ama-b(}tar, fo sa kot mo ama-gb^ka- 
m'on. Nia-ne aifi'-gb§ka, ma na pon Iral kdbi ka ka- 
trap, fo na yi tra kot rl. 

7. PakdSife a-fam a-yetas a-gbd(i na pon wur ka 
ara-ra, nan, and gbitane-be Yfsua Masia, qv/^ pon der 
r' o-Sem. Ow6 o yi owo-y^tas de owo-trgmone Masia. 

8. S6bine n§n, kdma ama-trel, amd sa pons, ma 
t^e dfma-nu, k^re kama na s^to a-ram a-ldsar. 

9. W'uni 6 w'dni, ow(J paine, de Ow6 tse tsfa ka 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

2 Yohan. 45 

ama-trel ma-t^k'sa ma Masia, o tse ba K*uru: k'gn', 
QYii t^fa ka ama-trel ma-t^k'sa ma Masfa, k^uQ b& 
O-Kas de Ow*^n. 

10. Be w'uni 6 w'uni q der ronu, de k^ra-he 
ama-trel ma-t^k'sa am6, tse d^ m^lane-kg ro-sef, de 
tse n| mutsi-ko sen'-6: 

11. Tsa kon', QVii mutli-ko sen'-6, o y^rnne ama- 
^Qs-m'on ama-]|s. 

12. Tr^ka me 1 ba ma-trei ma-lal tra gb^l|r-nu» 
I ^^ma-he yO-isi f a-reka de ra d'uba: kere I r^tsa 
tra der ronu, de tra f()f|r-nu sg k^liane, kdma ama- 
hi^ne ma-nu ma las^r. 

13. An'*fet na o-wontr-ka-mu g-b^ra Qwo-tit na 
k6ri-mu. Amina. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


AA*-R6ka Aa T6haii ada-Kat6Iika ana-Sas. 

1. O-Mki ka G<j08 QWO-bi}tar, Qwi I biJtar tr§- 

2. 0-b(it|r-k§-ini, 1 rdmne, kdma ni§ nMa tr§ka 
tr'el 6 ir'el, de kdma ma yeiik ma-der, rog o-ruha- 
ka-mn q n^fa. 

3. Tsa PI b(Jne-ini hdli, ma ah'-wootr na der, na 
son t'ainas^re tr^ka atra-tsen-tra-mu, mo ma kot ka 

4. I bd-he ma-b(Jn6 ma-b^na, am^ Usi ka-tral, fo 
an'-fet-'a-mi na kot ka atra-tsen. 

6. 0-b(Jl§r-k§-mi, Ir'el 6 Ir'el alr^ m§ jO aji*- 
YiQuiT do an-tsik, m§ yQ-lsi r' a-ldoe; 

6. AnS pon son t'amas^re tr^ka ama-b(itar-ma-mu 
rodi ka an'-gb^nne: be m§ mar-na tra las kadi k^ 
am-bias-*a-han, mo p§ bekane K'uru, m| Irg yQ o- 

7. Tsa tr§ka 'ra-bomp ra aiV^s-n'on na wur, na 
y6ka-he r'dka 6 r'aka ka an'-K^fri. 

8. Tr^ka tsi s§ ba tra m^lane a-f§m a-wunou, 
k^ma sa s^ke a-p^Dtrane na ama-pant ma atra-tsen. 

9. I pon gb^I§r an'-gb^nne; k^re Diotrefes, ow(J 
b(Jt§r k§-^i o-ra-bomp katri^n-ka-oaA, o m^Iane-be-su. 

10. Tsia ba-tsi be 1 der, 1 \s\ n^ne ama-yos-m'on. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

3 Yohan. 47 

am^ ^'Of Ir^ka mo o f^fat-su ra s'im tr§-las; de 
atse Ira bek-he-ko, ki^no-k^none so o m^lane-be an'- 
wQotr, de bgntr nan, an^ ^^ma yO-tsi, o bal-na 

11. 0-b(Jl§r-ka-mi, ts6 triinsane alr*ei alr^ yi lr§- 
Igs, k^re alr'ei alrd yi Ira-fino ! Kon*, o\v6 yO 0-fino, 
Q yefa ka K*uru: kgo', ow(J yO o-lgs, q pon-he nank 

12. Dem^trios o pofi s^tg li^'^s a^fino ka a-fatn be 
de ka alra-lsen Iselsene: k^re sya so sa son I'ama- 
s^re lr§ka tsi; de ma tr^ra, fg at'amas^re-tra-su tra 
yi Ira-tsen. 

13. 1 ba ma-trei ma-lal tra gb^lar-mu, k^re 1 
y^ma-he gb41ar-mu ra d'uba de ra k§-t^nke: 

14. K^re 1 r^lsa tra yehk nam-mu, ka sa tra fgf 
sa k§liane. 

15. Tra ma-t(}fal ma yi re munonl Am-mdne na 
k6ri-mu. K6ri am-mSne k'in k'in. 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


Ail'-E6ka Aa Yehuda aAa-Eat61ika. 

1. Y^bnda, a-bol na Yfsna Masfa, de o-wontr k| 
Yakdba, ka nan, »ik& 'a routsi, an^ 'a s^nifs ka K'dru, 
H-Km, de ani 'a b^ne tr^ka Yisua Masia: 

2. Tra i-n6i, de ma-t^f§l, de ma-b(itar ma bar gbo 

3. Nvd a-b((tar-'d-mi, me 1 ^((na ma-yas- vas be tra 
gb^lgr-nu ir§ka ka-futi ak^ s^d be ^ ^^rane, 1 bd tra 
gb^lgr-nu, de tra man-nu, kdma n§ t&fmne e-lal tr§ka 
ka-ldne, ak^ 'a l^nkli wio-an ka an'-s§m. 

4. Tsa a-fam a-Igm na poh won sQi, an^ 'a poh 
m(Jta l6mi t^pan tr^ka ka-s(}mpa ak6, a-r§m a-las, aM 
k^n§s am-b6na ha Ok'tini-ka-su tr^ka ^0 ka-w^te, de 
ah^ p^nsa K'uru, o-Gb^ka owo-sOn, de o-R^bbu-ka-su 
Yisua Masfa. 

5. K^re 1 ^^ma n^nena-nu, k6ta na tr^ra ats6 
t^rap, fe o-Rabbu, mo o poh futia o wura ah'-fam 
ka an-tof ha Mfsra, o dim hah ka-rdrah-ka-tsi, ah4 
is6 Idne. 

6. Am-maleika so, ah^ ts6 b^ne ama-tr§ma-ma- 
hah ama-triJtroko, k^re ah6 trel o-^ira-*o-hah gbeh, 
poh b^ne tr^ka ka-rok e-t((hka ka ah'-r^i aha-b^na 
rg na-s^ka na-tab^na roraia ka o-biti. 

7. Mo S6dom de 6om6ra, de tra-petr atrd gb§tro- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Yehuda. . 49 

isi, and pon sdndne ka ka-rap mo am'^lo ina-lli, ma 
ane ha ;yO, de ana poh Ir^hane o-sem o-tsel, tra f§nla 
rodi ka e-for-*e-su mo a-balane, lr§ka ma ha sompane 
ka-sdmpane ka n'antr na-tabana. 

8. Ya ah'-wdrap ah6 so ha Wla Ion ama-der, ha 
sal ah^ ba ra-gb^ka, de ha fofiya ah^ ba a-;yiki. 

9. Kere Mikael, o-ra-bomp ka a-maleika, mo 
gb^lane S^lani, de mo pulane-ko tr§ka ka-bel ka 
Musa, tie minta Ira reh-ko a-gb^nlir a-fofija, kgre 
pa ho: Tra Yehofa o hal-mu. 

10. Kere ahe ha fof o-las Irdka ma-lrel be, am^ 
ha 1r^ra-he; kere ma-lrei be, am^ ha trara mo ama- 
labial-ma-hah, mo Ira-sem Ira-p^hi e-mera, ka ama- 
Irei am6 ha Idsarne. 

11. M'6ne rohdh, Isa ha kol ka ar*6n' da Kdyin, 
de ha gb<5nte ha trah ka-yeto ka Bileam tr^ka a-ram» 
de ha poh dinne ka ka-gbet-gbet ka Korah. 

12. Ah6 t\2iy\ ma-Ufta ka lra-fdn(a-tra-nu tra ma- 
biJlar, Ir^ka ma ha wdntane o-p^hi ra-nes, behafanlane- 
nu; ha yi e-bunl e*p6hi m'anfr, ev^ e-fef e Klira; 
/inlr, e-b^par-ya-lsi e poh w^Ia, ey^ ls6 kom, eye 
poh fi ma-rah, ey^ 'a lusi; 

13. E-muhkal e-b^hsa ya ka-bah, ey^ wur ka-foir 
ka ama-lrel-ma-hau gSih ma-16pas ; tr*os trg-siJkar, Ir^ka 
atr^ 'a poh b^ne o-biti wa ah'-sum Idhkah tabana. 

14. Kere Hdnok so, 0^(i b^ka tr*am^t de rah ka- 
r^rah ka Adam, o poh n^bi tr§ka ahe ka pa ho: KaH, 
Yeh6fa o der r* e-wul e-lal ya ah'-sam-h*oh, 

15 Tra rok e-l(Jhka ya a-fam be, de tra Ir^ri ah*- 
fam a-lgs be, fo ha fumpo k'dsi lr§ka ama-yos-ma- 
hah ama-las be, am^ ha poh yo o-p^hi ka-n^sa K'liru, 

General Epistles. 4 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

50 . Yehuda. 

de tr^ka tra-fgf-tra-fiaii atra-b^ki be, atra a-fatn a-las 
a-ts6-n6sa K'Qru na pon fof tr^ka Ir'on. 

16. An^ ua ^i a-f§m 'a k§-niintaDe, an^ tie botr 
e-m^ra-'e-Aaii tr^ka ama-tr^a-ma-nan, aM kgt mg 
e-f^Ia-'e-Aail gben; de tra-s§n-lra-nan Ira fof s'im Ir' 
e-y6iika, aAa k61o a-f§in tr^ka 'ra-boinp ra s'^be. 

17. K^re d^&6, n^fi a-b(}t§r-'a-mi, n^ne nail as'im, 
alr^ aA'-Som ta Q-R^bbu-ka-su Yisua Masla ha pon 
pa l^pan; 

18. Tsa Aa kSne-nu, fg ka am'^tr ama-l^p'so a-fgm 
a-sel-tr'el na tr§ ^6kane, an^ kot mo e-f^la-'e-Aan 
gben e^e-ljs. 

19. Ahi ha ^i tsi, aM gbMine, and ba gbo e- 
i^isam, ahA ba-he e-mira. 

20. K^re nyhh, n^^a a-b(^tar-*a-mi, bar n^h tra bdk's§r 
fi-m^ra-'e-nu rokiJm ka o-tr^n)§r wa an'-Idne-Vnu ana- 
s|m ha Uisi be* de rSmne n^h ka o-Ruhu Qwo-S§m, 

21. B^nenan aili'-ruha-'a-nu ka ama-b(^t§r maK'uru, 
ka kar anai-n6T na o-R^bbu-ka-su Yisua Masia tr^ 
an'-nisgm ana-tabdna. 

22. De a-lom ba-iia n§n Unix, n§ gbdski-na: 

23. K^re a-lem, futia-na n^h ra ra-n^s, ka ¥^ura- 
ha ka an'dntr; de gb^Aa naili so am-bar, and 'a poil 
Idfta ka ama-der. 

24. K^re tra kon', Qyv^ gb^li bene-nu r§ ka-fiimpo, 
de tra tr^mgr-nu o-pdni-tr'el ro-d'er ka ah'-jiki-n'oii 
kadf r| ma-.ydsane, 

25. Tra Ok'dru owo-ts6mpi sOn, o-Futia-ka-su, o 
ba a-yiki de ra-bdna, k§-tgna de a-Wsa, ake de tdA- 
kan tabdna! Amfna. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

KA YOHAN, 0-b6sRA. 







18 6 8. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Stuttgart: Printed by J. F. St e ink op f. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ak'ifa kja ama-Trei ma-Naibi ka Y6han, 

Ara-Bomp 1. 

1. Mia-me ama-lrel ma-naibi ma Yisua Masia, ama 
K'uru pon so6-ko, Ira tr(}ri e-bol-)^'on aina-trel, 
ama yi Ira yeiik ycJne; de o lr(}ri o s6m-na ka ka-lra 
ka o-malefka-k'on ka Y6han, am-bgl-n'on: 

2. Ow(J son l*amas6re tr§ka arlrn ra K'uru, de 
tr^ka al'amasire tra Yisua Masia, de tr§ka ama-trel 
be amd nank. 

3. Wuni m^ri-lr*el won ow(J k^ran de an^ trgl 
as'fm tra afi'-nSbi an6, de an^ bene ama-trei, amd 'a 
pon gbal rl; tsa am'^lr ma fdtsi. 

4. Y6han ka e-gbdnne an-tr'am4l de r§n, ey6 yi 
ro-Asia: Tra a-b5na na yi re nyaft, de ma-t(5fal, amd 
y^fa ka kon', ow(J ^i, de ow(J ^'i nan, de ow(} y\ Ira 
der, de ka an'-Ruhu an-lr'amdt de ran, and ^i ka ka- 
wan-k*on k§df; 

5. De ka Ytsua Masia, o-6bdki owo-ldne» de 0- 
Bikgr ka ail'-fi, de o-ra-Bomp ka am-bai na an-tof. 
Tra kon', ow(J poii b(Jtgr-su, de 0W(} ^ak-su ka ama-. 
trel-ma-su ma^]§s ka ama-tsir-m'on. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

4 Ak'4fa ka ama-Trel ma-Nafbi 1. 

6. De Qyi6 pon s^ki-su a-bal de a-k6han tr^ka 
K'uru, o-Kas-k'gn; tra k(}no bfi an'-^fki de an'-f^sa 
t^nkan 6 t^nkan. Amina. 

7. K§H, lr§ der r* e-bunt; de ra-for 6 ra-for ra 
tra D§n'-ko, de nan, and pon so-ko: de e-b(^nson ^a 
an-tof be na tr§ kiilo tr^ka tr'ofi: Ye p| yi. Amfna. 

8. Mine ^'i am- Alfa de am-Omega, aka-Trap de 
aka-I4p*so, Yehofa K'urumasSba o pd, Ow(} yi, de Qyfi 
yi nan, de ow(J yi tra der, owo-T^na-lr*el 6 tr'el. 

9. Mine Y6han, ow(J yi so o-wontr-ka-nu, de 0- 
panirane ka ka-S(}mpane» de ka ara-bai de ka am- 
muyu na Yisua Masia, I yi ka an'-yel, and 'a bontr 
Pdtmos, Ir^ka 'ra-bomp ra ar'im ra K'uru, de tr^ka 
at'amasire tra Yisua Masia. 

to. I yi ka o-Rdhu ka an'-r^T 6a o-Rdbbu, de I 
tral r'im ra-bdna ro-r^ran-ka-mi mo ho (r'im) ra ka- 

H. Ard pd ho: Mine yi am-Aifa de am-Omega, 
Owo-Tr(Jtroko de o^Q-L^p'so: de ard ma na6k, gbal- 
ri ka a-r6ka, de s6m'ra-ri ka e-gbdnne an-ir'amdt de 
ran, ey^ yi ro-Asia: ro-Efeso, de ro-Smirna, de ro- 
P^rgamos, de ro-Tiatefra, de ro-Sdrdis, de ro-Filad^lfia, 
de ro-Laodikia. 

t2. De I s^ke tra n§6k ar'fm, ard f^f§r-mi. De 
me I poii s^ke, I nank e-^dmadan e-ma-b^no tr'amdt 
de raA; 

t3. De ka ka-tron ka e-sdmadan an-tr'amdt de ran 
k'in, QW(^ bdlane mo Qw'dn ka W^dni, ow(^ pon YiQh 
a-Mla and pc^lin hfi ka atr'dtrak, de Qyi6 pon sinne 
a-d^pen 6a ma-b^no rair^h ka an'-k^patr-A'o^. 

14. K^re ara-bomp-r'on de a6'-fon-6'oA na yi a<» 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ak'4fa ka ama-Trel ma-Nafbi 1. 2. 5 

tera mo m'ulfu ma-f^ra, mo a-s^lag; de e-for-yon e 
yi mo n'anir na-'m^ra; 

15. Do atr'Strak-tr'oA tra b^laoe a-kem a-ffno, mo 
ho tra sank ra-t^nnur; de ar'im-r'on mo r'im ra m'antr 

16. De ba tr'os tr'am^l de ran ka ka-lrS-k'oA 
aka-dio, de ka ka-san-k'on a-gbMo a-w(^ni slM ba ma- 
"wiJni ma-rgn na wur; de ad'6r-r'on ra yi mo ar'^lr, 
be ra gb^nta re ah'-f(5sa-na-tsi. 

17. Ke me I n§n'-ko, 1 fumpo ka atr'Strak-tr'oii 
mo w'dni fi: de ren-mi ka-tra-k'on aka-dio, pa 
romi ho: Tse nisa; mine yi owo-Tr(Jtroko , de owo- 

18. De owo-K^Ii: I yi^nan o-fi, de kaH, I ba a- 
nisgm tr^ka Unkaili tab^na, amina: de I ba ama-s^po 
ma ro-krifi de ma *ra-fi. 

19. Gbal ton ama-(reT, am^ ma poft n§nk, de ama- 
trei am^ yi, de ama-trei amd tra y^^ne ka-rdran-ka-tsi, 

20. Am-murdre Aa alr'c^s an-tr'amdt de ran, atrd 
m§ pon ngfik ka ka-tra-ka-mi aka-diot de e-s^madan 
e-ma-b6nQ an-tr*aro^t de rgn. Atr^iJs an-tr'am^t de 
r§n, am-maleika fia e-gbiinne an-tr'am^t de r§i\ naA: 
de e-s^madan an-tr'am^t de ran, ey^ ma pon nank, 
e-gbdnne an-tr'am4t de raili ya6. 

Ara-Bomp 2. 

1. 0-maieika ka an'-gbdnne na ro-£feso, gbSlgr-ko 
as'im ats6: Ama-trel am6 iiuQ pa, ow(J \\'op atr*(}s 
an-tr'am^t de rgn ka ka-tra-k'on aka-dio, Qvi^ kot ka 
ka-tron ka e-i^madan e-ma-bgno an-tr'amat de rgn: 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

6 Ak'4fa ka ama-Trel ma-I^aibi 2. 

2. I trdra ama-^vos ma-mu, de anrian-t((ro-ina-ino, 
de ama-Msgr-ma-mu, de fo in§ t^na-he rod^u a-f|ni 
a-l§8: de in§ pon in^nri§r iiBh, ahk pA, ho ^ .yi a-80nn» 
de 6a Xi^ yi tsi, de nri§ poA b§p-Aa a-f;nn a-yem: 

3. De n)§ pon s^ra (ma-trel), de in§ bfi a-mtj^, 
de ni§ poA t(^ro tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra an'^a-'a-mi, de ma 
\i^ poA Iq]. 

4. K^re I bina-mu tr'el, pfk^sife in§ pon trel 
ama-bi^tgr-ma-mu aroa-tr(HrokQ. 

5. Tr^ka tii n^ne ama-fi^ma, ka ami m§ pon 
fumpOy de tdbiy de yO ama-^os ama4r(itrQkoi K^re 
^^ P§ yi-^C yai^-e, I fli d6r§r-mu lemp, de 1 tsi noi 
afi'-s^madan-'a-mu ka od'^r-ka-tii , be p§ ^i m§ tubi- 

6. K^re atSi m§ bd, fo m§ gb^na ama-^os ma an'- 
Nikoliitiy ami min' so gb^na. 

7. Kon' ow(^ b& a-l§d8, tr' o tra), atri o-Kubu o 
pfi ka e-gbinne. Kon' ovfi siiQ ka-tam, 1 tsi SQD'^ke 
r^fl ra-di ka aA'^ntr Aa aA'*n68§m, aiii yi ka ka-tron 
ka ai^'-ffrdaas na K'fira.' 

8. De o-ma)eika ka aA'-gbinne i^a ro-Smfraa, 
gbilgr-ko as'im nisi: Ama4rel ami ki^no pft, o^'ii yt 
Owo-TriJlroko de owo-L^p'so, QVfi yi nan o-fi» de 
QYf^ kal poA 8((to a-A68§m: 

9. I trira ama-yos-ma-mu, de am'iine-ma-mu, de 
de ka-paA-ka-mUy (k^re m§ y\ o-sirma,) de ka-f6fiya 
ka naA, e^hA pa, ho na yi a-Y^hudi, de iia tsg yi 
t^i, k^re na yi a-gbinne Aa S^tani. 

10. Tse n6sa tr^ka tr'el 6 1r*eT, atri ma tr§ si^m-^ 
pane. KaH, S4tani o tra botr a-)om katr(^n-ka-nu ra- 
8its§n, kima Aa m^mgr-nu; de na tr§ bd m'lJne ma- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ak'Wa ka ama-Trel ma-Naibi 2. 7 

ri^'i tr'of^r. Ba a-ldne ha ka ra-fi, de I tsi sgA-mu 
an-n^O na an'-h^sam. 

11. Kon' ow(} ba a-l§n8, tr' o Iral, alra o-Rdhu o 
pa ka e-gb^nne. Kon' ow(5 s(Jto ka-tam, ara-fi ara-ran 
ra t^na-he yO-ko o-bafi. 

12. De Q-maleika ka an'-gbSnne na ro-P6rgamos, 
gbS]§r-ko as'im alM: Ama-trel am^ l^tiQ pa, QW(i ba 
an'-gb^to ana-w(iii[ anS ba ma-w(^ni ma-rai^: 

13. 1 tr^ra aroa-yos-ma-mu, de ro ma yira, ri-an 
ro ka-wan ka S^lani ka ^i; de na§ wop ah'6s-*a-mi, 
in§ tse pon p^nsa ka-l^ne-mi, ka ama-r^i ma-tsi so, 
ka ain^ Antipas, o-gb^ki-ka-mi o^'vo-I^ne* ^i» Qy^'6 
'a dif ronij, ro S6lani o yira. 

14. K^re I bana-mu ina-trei ma-tan, pak^sife m§ 
ba ri a-fam, an^ wop ama-trel ma-t§k'sa ma Bileam, 
Qvii t^k'sa Balak tra botr tr'el tra kg-pat rodi ka an'- 
wut na Yisrael, tra di o-sem wa s'6dka tr* e-ron, de 
tra yo ka-rap. 

15. Ya m§ ba so a-fam, an^ wop ama-trel ma- 
t^k'sa ma an'-NJkoIa'iti, atrS I gb^na. 

16. Tubi toA; kere be p§ yi-he yan-e, I tli d^rar- 
mu lemp, de 1 tSi tsim-fia ka afi'-gb^to na ka^san- 

17. Kon' QYfi ba a-Ians, tr' o tr§), atr^ o-Buhu 
pa ka e-gbSnne. Kon' Qyf^ s(Jto ka-tam, I tSi 
50i^-ko r'a ra-di ka am'^na ama-m^nkne, de I t§i 
soA'ko a-sar a-fira, de n'es a-fu, and 'a gbal ka an'- 
sar, ahA w'dni 6 w'uni o 1^6 trdra, tSmbe kon' o^^t^ 

18. De o-maleika ka an'-gbdnne iiB ro-Tiateira, 
|r-ko as'im ats6: Ama-trel am6 Ovi'^n ka K'uru 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

8 Ak'&fa ka ama-Tref ma-Nafbi 2. 

pa, Ow(} ba e-for mo D'antr Da-m^ra» de Qwd ba 
tr*^trak atr^ b^lane mo a-kem a-fino: 

19. 1 Wra ama-jos-ma-mu, de ama-b(Jlar-ma-mu, 
de ka-^^mmas-ka-mu, de ka-l^ne-ka-mu, de am^muyu- 
'a-mu; de fo ama-^os-ma-mu ama-l^p^so ma yi ma-laf 
ma t^si ama-tr(}troko. 

20. Kere 1 bana-mu ma-trel ma-tan, pak^sife m§ 
tser o-b^ra ka-tsi, Isebe], owii pdt he e yi o-n^bi o- 
b^ra, l^k'sa de e y^tas e-bol-'e-mi Ira yO ka-rap, 
de tra dl o-sem wa s'^dka tr' e-ron. 

21. De I po6 8oA-ko k§-f^na, k^ma q tubi tr^ka 
ka-r§p-k'on; de Q tie tubi. 

22. K|H, I fita-ko r§ k§-fant'r, de nan, aiiA yO 
ra-pure re kon', r§ m'<}ne ma-b^na, be na tubi-be 
tr^ka ama-yos-ma-nan. 

23. De aft'-fet-n'on 1 tsi difa-na ra-fi: de e-gb^nne 
be i^a tr§ tr^ra, fo mine yi kon', QVfi gb^len ama- 
bonk de tra-but; de 1 tsi son \?'uni 6 iw*uni katri^n- 
ka-nu mo ama-yos-ma-nu. 

24. K^re ka nyan I pd, ka ana-lom, aM yi ro- 
Tiateira, and tse ba ama-trei ma-t§k'sa am^, de an^ 
ts6 pon trdra ama-irel ma-bi^lon ma S^tani, (ma 'a 
pa): I gb§li-he ren-nu ka-r^na k|-lom: 

25. K^re atrd n§ bft, wop-tsi nati o-bdk§r, ha I der. 

26. De kon', Qn^ s^Xq ka-tam, de owd M^op ama- 
yos-ma-mi ha ka ka-I^p'so, I tsi SQA-kQ a-f(isa tr^ka 
tra-b5na : 

27. De tra gb^ka-Aa r§ ka-tr§k ka-fatr, de q 
tr§ wotr-na mo e/^tr ya w'uni ka-sal; me min' so I 
pen s()to ka o-Kas-ka-mi. 

28. De I tsi soA-ko ak'i^s ka 'ra-b§t. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ak'^fa ka ama-Trel ma-Naibi 3. 9 

29. Kon' ow(J ba a-lans, tr' o tral, atr^ o-Ruhu 
pd ka e-gbdnne. 

Ara-Bomp 3. 

1. De Q-ma)eika ka ah'-gb^one na ro-Sdrdis, gbS]§r- 
ko as'im alse: Ama-trel am6 k(Jno pa, ow(J ba afi'- 
Riihu Aa K'urii an-tr'am^t de ran, de atr'(^s an-tr'am^t 
de r§h: I tr^ra ama-.yos-ma-mu, fo ma ba n'es, ho 
ma yi o-k^li, k^re ma yi o-fi. 

2. Tr6mla, de bdk's§r ama-trel am^ tsia, am^ tr^ma 
tr^ka fi: tsa I tse pon bap ama-yos-ma-mu ma-gb^ntis 
rodi ka K'uru. 

3. Tr^ka tsi nSoe, tro ma pon s(^tQ, de tro ma 
pon tral, de \vop-(si, de iubi. Tr§ka tsi be ma 
tr6m1a-he, 1 tsi d6rar-mu mo ^v'uni kef, de m§ tra 
tse tr^ra, a-gb^len a-r6ke 1 tsi d^rar-mu. 

4. K^re m§ ba a-fam a-tan ro-S^rdis, an^ po6-be 
Wfta e-I6pra-'e-nan ; de na tra k(^iane-mi r' e-15pra 
e-fira; pak^sife ii'd yi a-m^ri tr^ka tsi. 

5. Kon' QYti s^to ka-tam, na tra wofis-ko e-16pra 
e-fi^ra; de 1 gb^li-he n^si aii'es-n'on ka ak'^fa ka au'- 
n^sam; de I tsi gbftane an'es-n'on rodi ka o-Kas-ka- 
mi, de rodf ka am-maleika-n'on. 

6. Kon' QYi^ ba a-l§fis, tr' o tral, atr^ o-Ruhu q 
pa ka e-gb^nne. 

7. De o-maleika ka an'-gb^nne na ro-Filad^lfia, 
gb^]§r-ko as'fm ats6: Ama-trel am6 ki^no pa, qyi^ ba 
ma-8§m, ow(J ba trg-tsen, ow(J ba an'-s^po na Dadda, 
Qyv6 k^nti, de M^'uni 6 Mv'uni o gb^li-he kanta; Qyvi 
kdnta, de i/v*uni 6 ^'uni o gb^li-be kdnti: 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

10 Ak'4fa ka ama-Trel ma-Naibi 3. 

8. I trira aroa-^Os-ma-mu. K;li, I pofi botr k§- 
r^re kg-kdnte rodf-ka-mu, ak£ w'uni 6 w'uoi q t^oa- 
he kinta; p^k^sife ma b& a-f(isa a-tan, de ni§ pon wop 
ar'im-ra mi, de ma \s6 poA pensa an'^s-'a-roi. 

9. K^U, 1 soil a-lom katri^n ka aii& yi ka afi'- 
gb^nne Aa S^lani, aAA pft, ho Aa ^i a-Y^hudi, de 
Aa ts6 yi \si, k^re Aa p& ra-}rem: kgU, I tsi ,\0-na, 
kima Aa der, Aa r^mne roii ka atr'dtr§k-tra-mu , de 
k^ma Aa tri«ra, fo 1 poA b(it§r-rou. 

10. Pgk^sife mg pon \?op ar'im ra am-mtiyu-'a-mi, 
min' so I tsi b^ne-mu ka aA'-gb^leA jna ka-m^mgr, 
aA^ y\ tra der rok(iro ka ara-rQ be> tra m^mgr nan, 
aAi yira rok(im ka an-tof. 

11. KgH, I der lemp: wop atr^ ma bft o-b6kar« 
kiroa w'fini 6 w'uni o is6 no! an-n6o-Vmu. 

12. Kon\ ow() s^iQ ka-tam, I tsi s^ki-ko a-k§r ka 
aA'-h^kal Aa Ok'dni-ka-mi ; de tr§ tse so wur ri: 
de I tsi gba) aA'^ Aa Ok'uru-ka-mi rok(}m-k'oA, de 
aA'is Aa ka-petr ka Qk'dru-ka-mi, kfa yi Yernsalem 
aka-fu, ak^ tor ro-ri^nna ka Ok'uru-ka-mi, de an'^s- 
'a-mi gbeA aAa-fu. 

13. Kon' ow(} bfi a-l§As, tr' q trgl, atr^ o-Ruhu 
pfi ka e-gb^nne. 

14. De o-maleika ka aA'-gbdnne Aa ro-Laodikia, 
gbi]gr-ko as'fm atle: Amartrel am^ o-Amina o pS, 0- 
Gb^ki owo*line owo-trgts^A, ka-Trgp ka ey'^tr e-tr^pi 
ja K'iiru: 

15. I tr^ra ama-yos-ma*mu, fo m§ yi-he o-trank 
pg yi-he 0-fgi. K^Ako mg yi o-traAk tal(}m o-fgil 
K^re ma mg yi 0-poi-poi, de ma mg yi-he o-traAk 
pg yi-he 0'fgi> I tsi luf I wura-rou ka ka-sgn ka-mi. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ak'^fa ka ama-Trei ma-lS^albi 3. 4. 11 

17. Pak^iife ma pg ho: I yi o-s^rma, de I pofi 
B^iQ e-n£nla, de 1 pan-he r'aka 6 r'gka, de tr^ka ina 
in§ Ir'a-ho, fo m§ yi o-ni(}ne, de o-nosi-n6'i\ de o-pani, 
de o-iit, de o-tsiA: 

18. I mafi-mu tra wair-mi ina-b6no, aind 'a poi^ 
m^mar ka n'anlr, kSma ma s^ke o-s4rma; de e-16pra 
e-fera, ksma ma won-yi, de kama ama-lap ma *ra- 
t2in-ra-mu ma tse trc^rine, de ma-s6pa ma e-for, tra 
sop e-for-'e-mu, k^ma ma gb^li n§nk. 

1 9. Na be an£ 1 b(^tar, I man de I s(^mpa-na ; tr§ka 
tsi tlfmne* de tubi: 

20. KaH, ] tsi tr^ma rodi ka ka-rdre, de I tsi gbalr: 
be w'uni 6 w'uni o tral ar*fm-ra-mi, o kinti ka-rSre, 
I \ii y/Qii ronc^n, de 1 tsi fantane-ko, de kon' q tr§ 
f^ntane minan. 

21. Kon', Qv/i si[Q ka-tam, 1 tsi SQfi-ko tra yira 
re mfnan ka ka-waA-ka-mi ; me min' so s^iQ ka-tam» 
de 1 poA yira re o-Kas-ka-mi ka ka-wah-k'on. 

22. Kon' OYi^ bd a-lahs, tr' q tr§1, atr^ o-Rubu 

pa ka e-gb^nne. 

Ara-Bomp 4. 

1. Ka-rir§A ka ama-trel am6 1 nank; de k§U, Aa 
kinti k§-rire ro-ri^nna; de ar'im ari I tral t^pad 
ra-f(if§r-mi mo ho kg-t^ma, ra pa ho: Gbep an(i; de 

1 tsi tr(}ri-mu ama-trel, am^ yi tra y(}ne ka-rdraA- 

2. De t^te lemp I yi ka o-Ruhu: de kgU, Aa poA 
botr ka-wan ro-ri^nna, de k'in o yira rok()m-ka-tsi. 

3. De kon' qv/^ yira rok(^m^ka-tsi , ama-k^li-m'o)^ 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

12 Ak'^a ka ama-TreT ma-]^aibi 4. 

ma Ulane mo a-sar a-j^spis de mo a-sar a-s^rdin, de 
a-b^tra Aa k'om na gb§tro ka-wan, ama-k^li-ma-tsi ma 
Uilane a-bar^ket. 

4. De tr§-waA k§-gba tr'&nle tra gb^tro ka-^rail; 
de ro-k*om ka tra-waA a-bdki k§-gba li'anle na ^ira, 
aM poA wQh e-16pra e-f^ra, de ro-k'om ka atra- 
bomp-tra-]^a]& Aa ba e-n^o e-ma-bi^ne. 

5. De ka ka-^an o-niktine Q-h\ q ^rur de s'en 
de s'im: de e-lamp ^a n'anir tr'am^l de ra& e m^ra 
rod( ka ka-waA, eyi ^i an'-Ruhu ha K'uru an-tr'amM 
de rah. 

6. De rodf ka ka-waA k§-baA ka-m^mne k§ ^i, aU 
b^lane ma-b^llor: de ^'etr e-hi8§m A'dnle ha yi ka 
ka-troA k|i ka-\?a£i, de ha gb^tro-ki, ah^ 1& e-for rodi 
de ror^r§h. 

7. De ar'd ra-h68|m ara-tr(}troko o b^lane mo a- 
86hala, de ar'd ra-h^s^m m& b6ka ha-r§h o b^lane 
0-na o-fel» de ar'd ra-h^sgm avA b^ka a-sas o bd d'er 
mo iiv'uDi, de ar'd ra-h£s§m ht& beka h'dule b^lane 
a-gb6yo a-fiilir. 

8. De e>'etr e-h^sam ah'&nle, k'in 6 k'in-ka-hah, 
ha ba e-kufna tr'am^t ro k'in; de ha la e-for ro-kal- 
kal de ro-k'or; de ha tse f6lane pali gbes, ha pa bo: 
Yeh6fa K'urumas&ba owo-T^na-tr'el 6 tr'el, Qyni ^i 
nah, de ow(J yi, de ow(} vi Ira der, o yi 0-Sgm, o* 
S§m, o-Sgm! 

9. De be ey'^tr e-h6a§m ha soh a-yiki de ra-lel 
de m'^mo ka kon', qyi6 yira ro-k'om ka ka-wah, ka 
kon', QYi^ k§li t^hkah 6 t^hkah, 

10. Am-biiki ka-gba h'anle ha gbap as'^r-tra-hah 
ro-tof rodi ka kon', ow(} yira ro-k'om ka ka-wah» ha 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ak'dfa ka ama-Trel ma-l^[aibi 5. 13 

rSmne kon\ Qvi^ kgli t^nkan 6 t^ukail, de ua fita e* 
n^Q-'e-nan rodi ka ka-wan, na pa ho: 

1 1 . Yeh6fa, Ok'uru-ka-su, muno m^ri f ra s(Jto an*- 
^iki de ara-lel de an'-fi5sa; Isa muno pon tr^pi ey'^lr 
be, de tr^ka 'ra-bomp ra ama-s^lo-ma-mu e yU de ha 
lr§pi-yi. • 

Ara-Bomp 5. 

1. Ke I nank a-r^ka ka ka-trd aka-dio ka ken', 
Owd yfra ro-k*om ka ka-wan, ha pon gbal rl rok6r 
de romut, na poh k^tain-hi ra ma-k^tam tr'am^t de 


2. Ke I nank o-maleika Q-f(^sa, qw0 ^6na r*im ra- 
b^na hg: K^ne yi Q-m^ri tra kumpi ah'-r^ka, de tra 
m^tll ama-k^tam-ma-t§i-e? 

3. De w'dni 6 w'uni o yi-he ro-ri6nna, pa yi-he 
rok^m ka an-tof, pa ^^i-he rorata ka an-tof, qw^ t§na 
Ira kumpi ah*-r6ka, de tra k^H rl. 

4. Ke I bok o-lal, pak^life ha bap-fe w'tini 6 w'uni, 
OW(J ^i Q-m^ri tra khmpi ah'-r6ka, de tra k§li rl. 

5. De k'in katri^h ka am-bdki o pa romi ho: Tl§ 
bok: kali, ah'-S6hala, qyi^ y^fa ka am-b(^nsoh ha 
Yehuda, an-Tahk ha Datida, o poh s^lQ ka-tam tra 
kumpi ah'-reka, de tra mdtli ama-kMam-ma-tsi an- 
tr'am^t de r§h. 

6. Ke I k^li, de kali, ka ka-trgh ka ka-wah de 
ka ey'etr e-h^sam ah'^nle» de ka ka-trgh ka am-b^ki 
ka-k^ruf ka-frdma, mo ka-fal; gw(i ba tra-len tr'am^t 
de r§h, de e-fgr tr'am^t de r§h, eyi y\ ah'-Ruhu ha 
K'dru an-tr'am^t de r§h, ahd 'a poh s6m*ra ka an- 
tgf be. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

14 Ak'&fa ka ama-Trei ma-Naibi 5. 

7. De der o ^6ka ah'-r^ka ka ka-trd aka-dfo ka 
kon*, QVfi yira ro-k'om ka ka-wa6. 

8. De mo o y6ka aA*-rika, ey*6lr e-Aes§ra an'anle 
de am-Uki ka-gba n'inle na gbap as*^r-tra-nan ro-tgf 
rodf ka ka-K^ruf, de k'io 6 k'in katr(^ri-ka-i^aii o b& 
a-p£Ag§U de e-bol e-ma-b^Ao, ey^ la y'eir e-f(Jlfol, 
ey6 yi tra-r6mne tra aii'-s§m. 

9. De na len a-IeA a-fii, Aa pa ho: Muno yi 0- 
mM tra y6ka an'-rika, de Ira k^nti ama-kdtam-ma- 
tli; tsa ila fal-mu, de ni§ pon bdnia-su ama-tsir-ma- 
mu tr§ka K'dru katr(}u ka a-b(inloil 6 a-biinsofi, de 
ka tr'§nlr 6^tr'gnlr, de ka a-fam 6 a-fam, de ka a- 
bdna 6 a-bdna; 

10. De mg pon yO-^a a-bal de a-k6han tr^ka 
Ok'uru-ka-su; de na tra gb§ka rok(im ka an-tof. 

11. De I n§nk, de I (r^I r'im ra a-maleika a- 
gbMi, an^ gb^iro ka-wan de ey'^ir e-n^8§ni de am- 
b^ki, de am'(}lQ-ma-nail ma beka e-miriad ya e*miriad, 
de e-wul ya e-wul; 

12. AM pdna r'im ra-b^na ho: Ka-K^ruf, qw^ 'a 
fal, yi O-m^ri tra 8(}to a-fiJsa, de e-n4nla, de k§-lsemp, 
de k§-f^na, de ra-Iel, de a-yfki, de a-ruba. 

13. De r'aka 6 r'^ka ra-tr^pi, ar^ yi ro-rianna, de 
Pok(im ka an-tof, de rordla ka an-tof, de ard yi ro- 
ban, de ey'etr be ey^ yi n, I tr^la-na a-pa ho: Tra 
kon*, ow(J yira ro-k'om ka ka-wan, de ka-Kdruf, na 
ba an'-ruba» de ara-lel, de an'-yiki, de ka-t§na tiinkan 
6 t^r^kan! 

14. De ey'^tr e-n6sam an'anle na pa ho: Amfna. 
De am-b^ki ka-gba n'anle na gbap as'^r-tra-nan ro- 
tofy na r^mne kon' Qvti k^li tSnkan 6 t^nkan. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ak'&fa ka ama-TreT ma-Naibi 6. 15 

Ara-Bomp 6. 

1. Ke 1 nafik-tsi mo ka-K^ruf o 1(^nli n*in Aa ama- 
k^tam. De 1 tr^la k'in ka ey'^tr e-n^s§in an'^nle o- 
pg, mo ho ra r'im ra r'en ho: Der, ma k^li. 

2. Ke I n§nk, de kali, a-soi a-f^ra; de kon', o^(} 
r^nsa-ko, bfi a-b^nlra; de na soi^-ko a-n^o: de 
wur, s^iQ ka-tam, de kama q s^Xq ka-tam. 

3. Ko mo k^nti an'-k^lam an^ b^ka ma-r§A, I 
tr^Ia ar'^ ra-ifiisam qy/^ b^ka iia-r§fi o p^ bo: Der, 
ma k^H. 

4. De a-sol a-Iom o wur, ow(J y\ a-yim; de ka 
kon', Qw(i r^nsa-ko, na son a-f(isa tra noi ama-l(^f§l 
ka an-tof» de kama na diTtane; de na son-ko a-gb^to 

5. Kq mo kfinli an'-k^fam niii b^ka ma-sas, I 
tr^la ar'4 ra-A^sgm ow(J b^ka a-sas o-pa ho: Der, m§ 
k^li. Ke 1 k^li, de kaU, a-soi a-bi; de kon\ ow^ 
r^nsa-ko, o b& a-misan ka ka-tra-k'on. 

6. De I trgl r'im ka ka-troi(i ka e^'elr e-A^sam 
ah'anle, ar£ pa ho: A-ttjnla n'in na roa-hfnta tr^ka 
a-dinar n'in, de e-tunta e*8as ^a ma-s^'ir tr^ka a-dinar 
h'in; de am'^ro de ama-waln ts6 ]^§r^fia. 

7. Ko mo kdnti afi'-k^tam an^ b6ka m'dnle, I 
lr§l ar'im ra ar'd ra-hesam ow(J b6ka n'^nle ra-pa ho : 
Der, m§ k^li. 

8. Ke 1 k^li, de kaH, a-sol a-faQ; de aili'^s iia qw^ 
r^nsa-ko na yi ra-Fi, de ro-Krift o Iran-ko. De na 
soii-ko a-f(}sa tr^ka am-b^la6 na an-tof afi^ b6ka y'^nle, 
tra difa (an'-fam na-tsi) a-gb^to, de d'or, de ra-fi, de 
ka tra-sem Ira an-tof. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

16 Ak'4fa ka ama-Trel ma-Naibi 6. 

9. Ko mo Mnti an'-ytam an^ b6ka tr'am^t, I 
n§fik am'ump§I ma naii, ahA 'a dif trAka 'ra-bomp ra 
ar'im ra K'dru, de tr^ka at'amas6re atr^ 'a wop, na 
^i rordta ka am-m^sbah: 

10. De na w^6a r'im ra-b^na, Aa pa ho: Mun' 
R^bbu, Qwo-sam de owo-trats^6, hfi a-l(iko a-r^ke ma 
t(}iika m§ k^la-he ama-tsir-ma-su ka nan, and ^ira 
rok(}m ka an-tof*e? 

11. De na son a-bfla a-f^ra ka vr'uni 6 \?'uDi 
katr(}n-ka-naii; de na kdne-na, fo iiB y\ tra f6tane r|s 
a-I(iko a-biir§p, ha o-Iom wa ao'-n'an e-boi so de wa 
aA'-wontr-'a-hafi , and 'a y\ so tra dif, ma 6a dif-na 
Afi-ii^oe, lfis§r. 

12. De I k^^i, mo O kinti aii'-kdtam and b6ka 
tr'amdt ro k'in, de kah', ka-^dtane ka an-tof k§-bdna 
ka }^(ine, de ar'^tr ra bia roo k'6ta kg-kdksa k' a-fon, 
de a6'6f Aa s^ke mo ma-tiir; 

13. De alr'iJs tra ka-r§ntr tra fumpo ro-tof, mo 
k§-gb(ino k§ tser ama-gbono-ma-tsi ama-n^sen ma kina, 
be a-fef a-bdki na ^fnkta-ki. 

14. De ak'uru ka tas roo a-r6ka, afid 'a kump; 
de a-rofi 6 a-roi^ de a-yel 6 a-yel na triinne na yih 
ka od*^r-wa-(si. 

15. De am-bal 6a an-tof, de an'-fam a-bdna, de 
an-tr§-bomp, de an'-k^lfa a-bdna, de an'-fam a-sdrma 
de an'-f§m a-f(isa, de o-trar 6 trar, de o-wdnkom 6 
wdnkom Aa mdnkne ka tra-^d6ka de ka e-gbdlaii ya 

16. De ha pfi ka ama-roA deka e-gbdlafiho: FAmpor- 
su n§n, de mank-su rodf ka ad'^r ra kon', Qyi^ ^ira ro- 
k'om ka ka-wan, de rodi ka ara-ban* da ka-Kdruf: 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ak'&fa ka ama-Trel ma-Naibi 6. 17 

17. Tsa aiV-r6i Aa ara-ban'-d*on afta-b^na na po6 
der; de k^ne ma t^na Ir^ma-e? 

Ara-Bomp 7. 

1. Ka-rdran ka ama-trel am6 I n§nk a-malefka 
n'aftle, na tr^ma ka e-kon ey'anle ^a an-lof, na wop 
e-fef eyanle ya an-tof, kama an'-fef na tse son rok^ra 
ka an-tof, pa yi-he rokdm ka ka-ban, p§ yi-he ro ka 
n'antr 6 h'anlr. 

2. Ke 1 naAk g-malefka o-lom, ow(J natr ro ar'^lr 
ra putr, q ba ka-k^tam ka K'uru QWQ-k^li: dt? o we^a 
r'im ra-b^na ro ka am-malelka an'dnle, ka an^ 'a pon 
son a-fgsa Ira l^sar an-tgf de ka-baA, 

3. p3 ho: Tse na l^sar an-lof, pa }^i-he ka-ban, 
pa yi-he ey'inlr, hs sa pon k^lam e-boT ,ya Ok'uru- 
kasu ka ama-bun-ma-naii. 

4. De I tral qAqixx wa nan afi^ 'a k^tam, na b^ka 
am'iJIo ma e-wul k'^me k'in tra-gba tra-ran y'anle, bM 
'a kdtam ka ka-trori ka a-bdnson 6 a-bdnson na an'- 
wul na Yfsrael. 

5. Ka ka-tron ka am-b(^nson na Yehuda fia k^tam 
e-wul lr*oKlr ye-ran;ka ka-tron ka am-b(5nson fta 
Riiben na k6tam e-wul Ir'of^lr ye-r§n; ka ka-lron ka 
am-b(Jnson na Gad Aa kStam e-wul tr'ofalr ye-rah; 

6. Ka ka-tron ka am-bcJnson na Aser na k^tam 
e-wul tr*oWlr ye-ran; ka ka-lron ka am-b(Jnson na 
N^flali ua k^lam e-wul tr'of^lr ye-ran; ka ka-tron ka 
am-bdnson na Men^sse na kdtam e-wul Ir'oKlr ye- 

7. Ka ka-tron ka am-bdnson na Simeon na k^lam 

Revelation. 2 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


18 Ak'&fa ka ama-TreT ma-I^aibi 7. 

e-wul tr'of^tr ye-rgh; ka ka-troi^ ka am-b(}ns9n ha 
L6fi na k^lam e-wul tr'gffitr ye-r^ii; ka ka-tron ka 
am-b(iDSofi na Yissakar na k^tam Q-y^ul tr'otttr ye-r^n ; 

8. Ka ka-troA ka am-b(inson na S£bulon na k^tam 
e-wul tr'Qf^r ye-r§fi; ka ka-tron ka am-b(^nson na 
Yusufu na kMam e-wul tr'ofdti; ^e-r§n; ka ka-tron ka 
am-b(^nlon na B^nyamin na k^tam e-wul tr'of^tr ye- 

9. Ka-rdran-ka-(si I k^li, de k§H, r'unia ra-lai, ar^ 
w'Qni 6 w'uni o t^na-he l(im§8, (ah^ pon y^fa) ka 
a-b6na 6 a-b6Da, de ka a-bi^nsoA 6 a-b(}nson, de ka 
a-f§m 6 a-f§m, de ka tr'§ntr 6 tr*antr, na tr^ma rodi 
ka ka-wan, de rodi ka ka-Karuf, na pon won e-bfla 
e-f^ra, de na ba e-r(}]^ko ka ama-trd-roa-Aad ; 

10. De na w6na r'im ra-b^na, na pa ho: Atr'ei 
tra ka-futi, tra Qk'uru-ka-su, owd )^ira ro-k*Qin ka ka- 
wan, tra k^no bd-tsi, de ka-K£ruf! 

11. De am-maleika be iia tr^a Aa r§p ka-wan, 
de am-b£ki, de e}''^tr e-n^s§m aA'inle, de na gb§p 
as'6r-tra-nan ro-tof rodi ka ka-wan, na r^mne K'uru, 

12. I^a pa ho: Amina. Tra Qk'uru-ka-su o bd 
an'-ruba, de an*-yiki, de ka-tsemp» de am'^mo, de 
ara-Iel, de an'-f(isa, de ka-t§na t^nkan 6 t^Akanl 

13. Ko k'in k§ am-b^ki o f(}f§r-mi, o p9 romi ho: 
An^, an^ pon woo e-bila eye-f^ra, k^ne Aa yi tsi-e, 
de re Aa yefa-e? 

14. De I pa roniin ho: Ps, muno tr^ra-tsi. Ko 
pa romi ho: An6 na y\ nan» an^ pon wur ka am't^oe 
ama-b^na, de na pon >£kas e-bila-'e-nan, na pon f6t§r 
e-bila-'e-Aan ka ama-tsir ma ka-K^ruf. 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ak'dfa ka ama-Trel ma-l'^aibi 7. 8. 19 

15. Tsia ba-t|i m y\ rodi ka ka-wan ka K'uru, de 
iia l^nki-ko p^li gbes ka an'-h^kal-n'on: de kon', ovi(} 
yfra ro-k'om ka ka-wah, q Ira tr^mar ka-}'dfa-k'on 

16. D'or ra gb^H-he so wop-na, ra-mun ra gb^li- 
he 80 wop-ha; de an'ef na gb^li-he ban-na, pa yi-ht 
0-f|i 6 o-f§i: 

17. Pak^sife ka-K^ruf,' owd yi ka ka-lron ka ka- 
wan, tr§ wdnta-na, o tra k6re-na ra tra-for tr§ 
m'antr tr§-nis§m; de K'dru o tr§ n&si n'^ntrar 6 n'Sn- 
Irar ka e-for-'e-nan. 

Ara-Bomp 8. 

1. Ko mo kdnli an'-k^tam and b6ka tr'amdt de 
ran, o-trank o yi ro-ridnna am'olo ma a-gb^len ratrcJn. 

2. Ke I n§nk am-maleika an-tr'amdt de ran, an^ 
tr^ma rodi ka K'uru: de na son-na tra-t^ma tr*aindt 
de r§n. 

3. De o-maleika o-lom o der, o tr^jrne rodf ka 
am-milsbab^ ba a-mdbkarat na ma-b^no; de na son- 
ko y'etr e-f(}lfol e-Ial, kima o bar-^^i ka tra-rdmne Ira 
an'-s§m be rok(^m ka am-mdsbah na ma-bi^no, and yi 
rodf ka ka-wan. 

4. De ak'ima ka ey'^lr e-f(51fol ka hatr re Ira- 
rdmne tra aQ'-s§m, ka wur ka ka-tra ka o-maleika» 
rodf ka K'uru. 

5. Ko o-maleika o ^6ka am-mdbkarat, o l4sgr-ni 
an'dntr na am-mdsbah, o fita-ni rok(^m ka an-tof: de 
s'im irg ^(Jne, de s'eA, de o-ndkline o-Iai, de kg- 
}'dtane ka an-tof. 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

20 Ak'&fa ka ama-Trel ma-Naibi 8. 

6. De am-nialeika an-tr*am^l de.r§A, a^^ ba tra- 
t^ma an-tr*am^t de ran, ha b^n^ne tra fen tra-t^ma. 

7. Ko o-maleika owo-tr(}troko o fen ka-l^ma-k'on, 
de ma-b^rad ma y(}ne, de n'anlr an^ 'a poh kuluh ra 
ina-lsir, de ha ffta-yf rokom ka an-tof: de am-bem ha 
an-lof ah^ b6ka e-sas ha fai, de am-bem ha efinir ah^ 
bika e-sas ha fai, de ak'^reh k§-h6seh be ka fai. 

8. Ko o-maleika qw6 beka ha-rah q feh ka-tema- 
k'oh: de pa y'\ mo ho ha fita a-roh a-b^na a-m^ra ra 
B'antr ro-bah: de am-bem ha ka-bah ah^ b^ka e-sas 
na s^ke ma-tsir; 

9. De am-bem ha ej^'etr e-lr^pi ah6 b^ka e-sas, 
^yi ^i ro-bah, de ah^ bd a-h6sgm, ha fi, de am-bem 
ha tra-sip ah^ b^ka e-sas ha dfnne. 

10. Ko o-maleika o^^ b^ka a-sas o feh ka-l^ma- 
k'oh: de k'os ka-b^na, ak^ m^ra mo a-Iamp, ka fumpo 
ka ka-rantr, de ka fumpo rok(^m ka am-bem ha tra-boh 
ah^ b^ka e-sas, de rok6m ka tra-for tra m'antr. 

11. De ah'^s ha ak'(Js ha bontr-ki h'^fsantin. De 
am-bem lia am*^ntr ah^ b^ka e-sas ha s§ke m'Sfsantin; 
de a-fam a-gb^ti ha ffa am'^ntr, pak^sife ma poh s^ke 

12. De o-maleika owq b^ka h'dnle o feh ka-tema- 
k'oh: de am-bem ha ar'6lr ah^ b^ka e-sas ha sap a-sum, 
de am-bem ha ah'6f ah^ b^ka e-sas, de am-bem na 
air'c^s ah^ b^ka e-sas; ha am-bem-ha-tsi ah^ beka e- 
sas ha bia, de ka am-bem ha 'ra-yah ah^ beka e-sas 
0-wah yi-be-rl, ye pa yi so tr§ka ka-tralr^k. 

13. Ke I nahk, de I tr^la a-gb6yo a-f61ir ka ka- 
Iroh ka ak'uru, QVid pana r'im ra-b^na ho: M'^ne, 

m'(}ne, m'6ne ka hah, ah^ yira rok(}m ka an-lof Ir^ka 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ak'afa ka ama-Trei ma-Naibi 9. 21 

*ra-boinp ra as'fm atra-lom tra tra-tema tra am-ma!eika 
ana-sas, an^ yi so tra fen tra-t^ma-tra-nan! 

Ara-Bomp 9. 

1. Ko o-maleika QVfd b^ka tr'am^t o fen ka-tema- 
k*on: de I nank ak'cjs, ak^ pon fiimpo ka ka-rantr 
Toi^m ka an-lgf; de na son-ko an'-s^po tr^ka am-bi 
da o-bdiQn. 

2. Ko k^nti am-bi na o-b(^lon: de k'lma ka natr 
ka wur ka ain-bi, mo k'fma k' a-tdnnur a-b^na; de 
ar*6tr de an'-h6wa na bia tr§ka ak*ima ka am-bi. 

3. De ka ak'ima e-l^ma na wur, na der rok(}m ka 
an-tof: de Aa son-na a-f(Jsa, mo atr'ulis tra an-tof na 
ba a-fdsa. 

4. De na k^oe-na, k^ma na tse ]4sar ak'£ren ka 
an-tof, pa ^^i-he r'Ska 6 r'aka ra-n6sen, pa yi-he n'gntr 
6 n'anir; t^mbe an'-f§m gbo sOn, and ba-he aiV-kdtam 
na K'dru ka ama-bun-ma-nai(i. 

5. De na 8on-na, kdma na \s€ dif-da, kere kdma 
i\s gdssab-na y'of tr'amdt: de ah'-gdssab-'a-nan na yr 
mo an'-gdssab iia k'ulis, be o gbatr w'Qni. 

6. Ka araa-r6i ma-tsi aft'-f§m 6a tra ten ra-fi, de 
na tra bap-fe-ri; de na tra yima fi, de ra-fi ra Ira 

7. De ama-k^li ma e-I^ma ma bdlane trg-soT, atik 
'a po6 b^nene tr^ka kg-tsim; de rokdm ka tra-bomp- 
tra-i&an pa y\ mo ho Aa bfi e*n^O ey6 bAIane ma-b6nOy 
de as'ir-tra-naA tra yi mo as*ir tra a-fara. 

8. De 6a bfi a-fon mo an'-fon na a-bera, de e- 
sek-'e-nan e yi mo e-sek ya e-sonala. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

22 Ak'4fa ka ama-Trel ma-Naibi 9. 

9. De na ba e-sarddi^at mo e-sar^diyat ya a-fatr; 
tie dn'-s($Ako na e-kufna-'e-nafi na y\ mo ari'-8(^nko Aa 
e-m^rkab ya trn-so! tra-gb^ti, an^ gbuke ra ka-tsiin. 

10. De na ba frg-l^fia nig tr'ulis (tia ba), de ka 
tra-le^a-tra-iiai^ na ba e-sos: de na ba a-f(}sa tra yQ 
«-fam o-ban y'of tr'amdt. 

11. De na ba o-bal rok(^m-ka-AaD , (k(}no yi ho) 
'O-maleika ka o-b(}loA; an'6a-A'oA ka atr'^nlr Ira aA'- 
H£bri Aa yi Abaddon, de ka atr'§ntr tra aiV-YuliSai o 
ba aA'^s Aa Ap61]ion. 

12. Am'(^ne am'fn ma poA tas; kali, m'l^De ma- 
raA ma der r§s ka-rdr§A ka ama-tref ain6. 

13. Ko o-malefka Qvri b^ka tr'am^t ro k'in o feA 
4a-t^ma-k'oA: de I tral r'im, ar^ wur ka tra-len atr'inle 
tra am-mSsbah Aa ma-b6Ao, aA^ yi rodf ka K'uru, 

14. Ar^ pa ka o-m&leika qy/^ b^ka tr'am^t ro k'in, 
QYii ba ka-t^ma, ho: S^li am-maleika aA'dnle, and 'a 
poA sek ka ara-boA ara-bdna ra Frdt. 

1 5. De Aa s§Ii am-maleika an'jnle, bM poA b^ene 
tr^ka aA'-gb£IeA, de tr^ka aA'-r^i, de tr^ka aA'6f, de 
tr^ka ka-ren, tra dif am-bem Aa aA'-f§m aM b6ka e-sas. 

16. De o-lom yf^ ar'dnia ra aA'-f^ris o b^ka e- 
iniriad ye-raA ya e-miriad, de 1 tral o-lom-'o-AaA. 

17. De ye I ngAk tra-sol ka ama-naAk, de AaA 
aAd r^nsa-Aa: Aa ba e-sarddiyat ya an'-laOn Aa n'antr 
de Aa a-hfasint de Aa s'ulfar; de alra-bomp tra tra- 
soT tra yi mo tra-bomp tra e-86Aala, de ka tra-s^A- 
tra-AaA n'antr na wur de k'ima de s'ulfar. 

18. Ka ey'^tr eye-sas ey^ Aa dif am-bem Aa aA'- 
fam aA^ b6ka e-saa, ka an'dntr, de ka ak'fma, de ka 
as'ulfar atrd wur ka Ira-saa-tra-AaA. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ak'&fa ka ama-Tre! ma-Naibi 9. 10. 23 

19. Tsa an'-f(}8a Aa tra-sol na yi ka tra-s§n-tra- 
naA, de ka tra-l^na-tra-nan : tsa tra-l£na-tra-Aan tra 
b^lane mo e-bok, tra ba tr§-boinp, de ka ats6 Aa \0 

20. De an'-fam ai^^ tsta, an^ 'a tie difa ama-sibo 
ami, na ts6 tubi tr^ka ama-yos ma ama-trd-ma-nan, 
tra tl6 rdmne an'-krifi a-l|s, de e-rgA ya ma-bono, 
de ya ma-sflw§r, de ya a-kem, de ^a ma-sar» de ya 
k'§Dtr, ey6 t§Da-h6 n§nk, ey^ t^na-he Iral, de eyi 
t^na-he kot: 

21. De na ts6 tubi tr^ka ka-dif§t-ka-i^an, pg yi-he 
tr^ka Ira-ser-lra-iiafi, pa ^i-he t.r^ka tra-r§p-lra-nan, 
PI yi-he tr^ka tra-kel-tra-^an. 

Ara-Bomp 10. 

1. De I n§nk Q-maleika g-lom Q-f(^sa Q-tor ka 
ak'dru, QVfi 16pra a-bunt, de a-b^ntra na k'om fia ^i 
roki^m ka ara-bomp-r'gA, de ad'6r-r'oil ra :yi mo ar'^tr, 
de alr*^tr|k-tr'o6 mo ma-kgr ma n'antr: 

2. De bd a-rika a-lol a-ki)mpi ka ka-tra-k'on; 
de botr ak'Mrgk-k'on aka-dio rok(}m ka ka-ban, de 
aka-m^ro-k'on (0 botr) rok(im ka an-tof. 

3. De w^Aa r'im ra-b£na, mo a-s6hala o bok. 
De mo pon weAa, as*^fi aa-tr'am^t de r§n tra fof 

4. De ma as'en an-tr'amit de ran tra fof as'im- 
tra-Aan, 1 y^ma gbal-tsi: ke 1 tr§l r'im (ra ^^fa) ka 
ak'dru, ar^ pfi romi ho: K^tam ama-trel amS as'en 
an-tr'am^t de r§6 tra pon fof, tie gbal-na, 

5. De o-maleika, QVti I nank o-tr§ma rok(}m ka 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

24 Ak'4£a ka ama-Trei ma-Naibi 10. 11. 

ka-bain de rok()m ka an-tof, o n^tra ka-trfi-k'on aka- 
dfo ro ka ak'uru, 

6. De Q ghiii ka Q'wi k^li t^hkah 6 tinkan, qy/H 
Ir^pi ak'uru de ey'^tr eye yi ri, de an-tof de e/^lr 
ey6 yi n, de ka-ban de ey'^lr ey^ yi ri, fo ka-f6na 
k§ gb§li-he 80 yi: 

7. K^re ka ama-r^'i ma ar'im ra o-malefka qtv^ 
b^ka tr'am^t de rafi, mg o tra kg fen ka-t^ma-k'on^ 
am-murdre na K'iiru Aa Ifisar/ mo o pou tr(}ri-ni ka 
e-boi-y'on, a6'-N^bi. 

8. De ar'im, ar^ I pon tr§l ka y^fa ka ak'iini, ra 
kal f(}fgr-mi, ra pa ho: Ki^ne. m| y6ka ah'-r^ka a-lg) 
ana-kumpi» an^ yi ka ka-trd ka o-maleika, Qy/i tr§ma 
Tok^m ka ka-ban de rok(}m ka an-tof. 

9. Ke I k(^ne ka o-maleika, I kSne-ko tra son-mi 
an'-r6ka a-lol. Ko o p3 romi ho: Y6ka-ni, ma mer- 
ni; de na tr§ bdn'sgs-mu ro-k'or, k^re ka ka-san-ka- 
mu na tr§ yi a-b(iti mo ra-mal. 

10. Ke I y6ka I wura an'-r^ka a-lol ka ka-tra ka 
0-maleika, I mer-fii: de na yi a-b(}ti ka ka-8§n-ka-mi 
mo ra-mai; k^re me I pon mer-ni, na bdn's§6-mi ro- 

11. Ko p3 romi bo : M§ yi tra kal n^bi (rgka 
a-fgm, de tr^ka e-b6na» de tr§ka tr'§ntr, de tr^ka a- 
ba! a-gb^ti. 

Ara-Bomp 11. 

1. Ka na son-mi k§-gbetr, ak^ b^lane J^a-sett?, de 
0-maleika o tr^ma, o pd ho: Y6kane, m§ tunt an'- 
h^kal na K'uru, de am-m^sbah, de nan an^ r^mne rl. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ak'6fa ka ama-Trel ma-Naibi 11. 26 

2. K^re an'-kuhk, an^ ^'i rok^n ka an'-b^kal, paine- 
fti, de tse tunt-6i; tsa na pon son-ni ka ah'-Kilfri; de 
na tra nas-nds ka-petr aka-s§in }^'of tra-gba Irg-ran 
ye-r§n rokotn. 

3. De I tsi sQh ka aiV-gb^ki-'a-mi ana-r§n, kama 
ifta n^bi ma-r6i a-wul n'in tr'^me *ra-ran de tr|-gba 
tr§-sa8 ka Idpra k'ota k§-kdksa. 

4. Ahi na yi e-saitan eve-ran, de e-s^madan eye- 
rafi, e}'^ tr§ma rodi ka o-R^bbu ka an-tof. 

6. De be w*iini 6 w'uni o y^ma yO-na o-ban, n'antr 
na wur ka ka-s§n-ka-nan, de na som an'*gb^na-'a-nan: 
de be w'uni 6 w'uni o y^ma vO-na o-bah, ya na yt 
tra dif-kQ. 

6. An6 na ba a-f(}sa tra kdnia ak'uru, kama k'gm 
k§ tse tor ka aina-r^'i ma ka-ndbi-ka-uan: de Aa bd 
a-f(Jsa tr^ka am'^ntr, tra s^ki-na ma-tsir, de tra yO 
kjnia an-tof Aa sap ma-Sibo 6 ma-sibo, l({kQ 6 l(}ko 
bM *a y^ma yO-tsi. 

7. De be na pon gbdnti ka-soi^ at'amas^re-tra-Aan, 
0-sein, QY/i natr o wur ka o-b(}lQn, o tra tsim-na, q 
tra tam-na, de o tra dif-Aa. 

8. De tra-bel-lra-ftafi tra tr§ f^nta ka ar'6a ra ka- 
petr aka-b^na, akd g-Rubu o bontr S6doin de Misra, 
ro na trad so o-R^bbu-ka-naA r§-k'antr k§-p4nkine. 

9. De a-Iom katriiA ka a]&'-f§m, de ka e-b({nsoA, 
de ka atr'gntr, de ka tra-b6na na tr§ k^Ii tra-bel-tra- 
Aaii ina-r^i ma-sas a ratriiA, de na tra ts6 tser-tsi 'a 
botr tra-beJ-tra-nan r| tra-b6ma. 

10. De an^ yira rok^m ka an-tof Aa tra yO ma- 
h^ne tr^ka tranA^fi, de Aa tra y^sane, de iia tr§ 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

26 Ak*4fa ka ama-TreT ma-Naibi 11. 

sdm'rane e-b6ya; pgk^ife aA'-N^bi ana-r|n an^ 6a 
g^ssab iist, sM ^ira rok({m ka an-tof. 

11. De ka-rjrgn ka aina-r^T ama-sas a ratrdn q- 
rdhu ka a-A^s§m, qw(} y^fa ka K'uru, o won-na, de 
6a tr^ma rok^m ka atr'^trak-tra-nan; de ra-nea ra- 
b^na ra wop AaA, aAd k^li-na. 

12. De iiB tral r'ini ra-b^na, ra yita ka ak'fini, 
ar^ pa TQMh ho: Gbep n§A an(}! Ka na gbep ro- 
ri^nna ka a-bunt, de aA'-gb^6a-'a-6aA na k^Ii-6a. 

13. De ka a6'-gb6len na-tsi gben k§-ydtane ka an- 
tef k§-b6na kg )ri ri, de am-bem na ka-petr and b6ka 
tr'ofiitr na fumpo, de ka-:ydtane ka an-tof ka dif a-f§m 
e-wul tr'am^t de ran : de and tsia, Q-ninis o wop-6a, 
de 6a 8Qii a-yfki ka Qk'uru ka ka-rantr. 

14. Am'(}ne ama-ra6 ma poA tas: k|H, am'dne 
amd beka ma-sas ma der lemp. 

15. De Q-maleika o^d b^ka tr'amdt de ran o fen 
ka-t^ma-k'o6: de s'im tra-b^na tra y(}ne ro-ridnna, atrd 
pa ho: Tra-ba! tra ara-rQ ar6 fra pon a^ke tra-bal tra 
O-Rdbbu-ka-su, de tra o-Masia-k'o6, de kon' o tra gb§ka 
tdAkan 6 t^nkan! 

16. De am-bdki ka-gba 6'dnle, and yfra rok(}m ka 
tra-wan-tra-nan rodf ka K'uni, 6a gb§p as'^r-tra-6a6 
ro-tof, de na rdmne K'dru, 

17. I^a pa ho: Sg mutsi-mu m'dmo, Yeh6fa K'uru- 
masdba owo-T^na-tr'el 6 tr'ei, qvi6 yU de QVf^ yi na6, 
de Qvi^ yi tra der, pgkdsife m§ po6 j^6kane an'-f(iaa- 
*a-mu ana-b^na, de pak^iife ma ba ara-gb^a. 

18. De tra-b6na 6a po6 bdn'sa, de ara-ban-da-mu 
ra po6 bek, de am'etr ma an'-fi tr^a t(i6kas-6a, de 

son an'-ram ka e-bol-'e-mu, an'-Ndbi, de ka 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ak'afa ka ama-Trel ma-Naibi 11. 12. 27 

an'-sain, de ka nan, and n^sa an'es-'a-mu, ka an'-lol 
de ka am-bana; de tra dim Aan, and dim an4of. 

19. De na k^nti an'-h^kal 6a K'uru ro-ridnna, de 
ak'uma ka ama-I6m'rane-m'on ka tr^rine ka ah'-hekal- 
A'on: de o-ndktine o-lai o yiJne, de s'im, de s'en, de 
ka-ydtane ka an-tof, de ma-bdrad ma-bdna. 

Ara-Bomp 12. 

1. Ko a-l6ma a-bdna na triirine ro-ridnna: q b^ra 
<yw(J 16pra ar'Atr, 4^ an*6f 6a yi rordta ka alr'Mrfk- 
tr'on, de rnki^m ka ara^borop-r'on q bd a-n^o 6a tr'os 
tr'oftlr tra-ran; 

o o , 

2. De bfi k'or, de o sel a-roD, o yfra ka ak*^ntr 
ka ra-k0m, de Q 8(impane ma-baA ma-bdoa tr§ka ka- 

3. De a-l6ma a-lgm na tr(}rine ro-ridnna; de kalf, 
a-tdnnin a-bdna a-yim, QVfi ba tra-bomp tr'amdt de 
ran de tr^-len tr'ofdtr, de roki^m ka fra-bomp-tr'gft 
(0 bfi) e-n^Q tr'amdt de r§n. 

4. De ka-l^na-k'en ka \\h am-bem na atr'^s tra 
ka-r§ntr aM b6ka e-sas, de fita-tsi ro-tof. De an- 
tdnnin q tr^ma rodi ka o-b^ra, gw(i tr^ma tr^ka kdro, 
kdma gb§li sgm ow'ahet-k'on, be q po6 kOm. 

5. Ko kom w'ah^t runi, qyi^ yi tra gb§ka tra> 
b6na be ra kg-trak k§-fatr. De na l^mpi ow'ab^t-k'en 
ro ka K'dru, de ka ka-waA-k'ofi. 

6. De o*b^ra q tr66k§r ro-wula, ro K'uni q pon 
b^nene-ko d'er» kdma na \¥(}nta-ko rl ma-r^i a-wul 
A'in fr'^me tra**rg6 de trg^gba tra-sas. 

7. Ko ka-tsim ka yi ro-rianna: Mfkael de am> 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

28 Ak'&fa ka ama-Trel ma-Naibi 12. 

inaleika-i^'on fia tlim an-t^nnin; de an-t^nnin kon' de 
am-malefka-n'on na tsim. 

8. De na l^na-he; de iia fir-be so od'^r-'o-naii ro- 

9. De na wura na fita an-fSnnin ai^a-b^na, am-bok 
ai^a-kur M-ih, qy/^ 'a bontr q-D^w§1, de S^tani, kon' 
OW(J y^t§s ara-ra be: na wiira na ftla-ko ro-tof, de 
Aa wura Aa ffta so am-maleika-a'on re kon'. 

10. Ke I tral r'im ra-bdna ro-ri^nna, ar^ pa ho: 
Ak6 ton ka-fQti, de ka-t^na, de ara-baf ra Qk'ura-ka- 
sa ra poA bek, de ah'-f(}sa fia o-Masfa-k'ofi : pakSsife 
Aa po6 wura na fita kon\ QVf^ gbSntir aA'-wontr-'a-su, 
0W(} gb^ntir-na rodf ka Qk'uru-ka-su ra-yan de tratrSk-aA. 

11. De Aa poA tam-ko ka ama-tsir ma ka-K^mf, 
de ka ar'fm ra at'amas6re-tra-i^aA ; de na isB poii 
b(}t§r e-n^8am-'e-6an ha ka ra-fi. 

12. Tr^ka tsi y^sane nan, n^a tr'ura, de n^an, 
aAS yira ri. M'(}De ka nafi, an^ j^ira ka an-tof de ka 
ka-banl Tsa o-D^w§I o pon tor ronti, o ba ra-baA 
ra-bana, pakdsife trdra, fo am'^tr-m'on ma yi ma- 

13. Ko mo an-tdnnin o n§fik, fo na pon wura tia 
ffta-ko ro-tof, bal-bal o-b^ra, qv/^ poA kOm ow'ah^t 

14. Ka Aa sofi o-b^ra e-kt!ifna ye-ran ya a-gb6yo 
a-b^na, kjma o gb^li f^Hr ro-wiila, ka od'^r-w'on, ro 
'a w(inla-ko tr^ka h'etr n'in, de tr^ka m'etr ma-r|n, 
de tr^ka n'etr ratri^A, ka b^Iane ad'^r ra am-bok. 

15. Ko am-bok o nantr m'antr ka ka-saA-k'o& ro- 
r^rgn ka o-b^ra mo ra-boA, kdma o yO ara-boA ra 
.4^-ko po. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ak*^fa ka ama-Trei ma-5faibi 12. 13. 29 

IG. De an-tof na mar o-bera, de an-tof na kdnti 
ka-sah-ka-lsi, na mer ara-bon, ard an-tannin o Aantr 
ka ka-san-k*Qn. 

o * 

17. De an-t^nnin o b^n'sar o-b^ra, de k(5ne, 
tsim ahA tsia ka ara-k6m*ra-r'on , an^ wop ama-gb^ka 
ma K'uru, de ah^ ba al'amas^re tra Yisua Masia. 

Ara-Bomp 13. 

1. Ke I tr^ma roki^m ka ka-sant ka ka-ban. De I 
nank o-sem, o hatr q-wut ro-ban, ow(J ba tra-bomp 
tr'amSt de ran de Ira-len Ir'ofitr, de rok(5m ka Ira- 
len-lr'on o ba e-neo Ir'of^lr, de rokdm ka atra-bomp- 
Ir'on ba ii'es na kafofiya. 

2. De o-sem, owo 1 nank, o b^lane o-sip, de 
atr*5lrak-lr'on tra ^'i mo alr'^trak Ira o-dub, de ka- 
san-k'on mo ka-san ka a-s5nala. De «n-t^nnin o SQn- 
ko ka-l§na-k*Qn, de ka-wan-k*on, de a-f(}8a a-b^na. 

3. De I nank r*in ra Ira-bomp-tr'oh mo ho 'a Irap- 
ri a-lrap a-sOm ra-fi; de an-trap-n'on aiia-sOm ra-fi na 
yenk: de an-tof be na kab^ne ma na tran o-sem. 

4. De na r^mne an-tSnnin, pak^sife pon son ah*- 
f(5sa-n*on ka o-sem; de na r^mne o-sem, na pa ho: 
K^ne ma bMane o-sem-e? De k^ne ma l^na tsim-ko-e? 

5. Ka na son-ko ka-san, ak^ fof ma-treT ma-b^na 
de s*im tra-f6fiya; de na son-ko a-f(isa tra tsim ka- 
tsim y*of tra-gba tra-ran ye-rah rokdm. 

C. De kanli ka-san-k'on tra fof s'im tra-fofiya 
tr^ka K'uru, tra fofiya an'6s-6*on, de ka-ydfa-k*on, de 
nau an^ yira ro-ri^nna. 

7. De na son-ko a-f(5sa tra tsim an*-sam, de tra 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

30 Ak'dfa ka ama-Trel ma-Naibi 13. 

tam-i^a: de na son-ko a-f(isa tr^ka a-b(}nson 6 a-b^nson^ 
de tr^ka tr'gntr 6 tr'antr, de tr^ka a-b6na 6 a-b6na. 

8. De Aa be afi^ ^ira rok(}m ka an-tQf na tra 
rdmne-ko, am'4s-ma-nan na pon-be gbal ka ak'^fa ka 
an'-nes§m na ka-K^nif, Qv/i 'a fa! kSbi ka ka-fak o- 
tr^m§r wa ara-rQ. 

9. Be w*uni 6 w'uni o ba a-lafis, Ir* o tral. 

to. Be w'uni 6 w'uni o yi Ira won ra-fiioti, o Ira 
won ra-funti: be na y\ tra difa w'uni 6 w'uni a-gbdtOr 
na ^'i tra difa-ko a-gb^to. An^ am-mu^u de ka-ldne 
ka an'-s§m ka yi. 

11. Ke I nank o-sem o-lom o natr o wur ka an- 
tof, ow(} ba Ira-len tra-r|h, atr^ b^lane Ira-len tra 
ka-k^ruf, de o fof mo a-tinnin. 

12. De ydna an'-f(}sa be na o-sem owo-lrdtrgko 
ro-d'er-k'oD kadi; de }'0 an-tof de n^n, an^ yira rl, 
na r^mne o-sem owo-lrcjlroko, an-lrap-n'on ana-som 
ra-fi na pon yehk. 

13. De yO ma-trei ma-kab^ne ma-b^na, ha o yQ 
so n'antr na tor ka ak*dru, na fumpor an-tof ro-d'er 
ka an'-fgm kadi. 

14. De ^et§s nan an^ ^ira rok(^m ka an-tof, 
trgka 'ra-bomp ra ama-trel ma-kabdne, tr^ka ain^ 'a 
son-ko a-f(Jsa tra yO-na ro-d'er ka o-sem k§df, o k^ne 
nan, ah^ ^ira rok^m ka an-tof, kdma na bempa a-ron 
tr^ka o-sem, ow^ ba an-trap na an*-gb^to, de ow^ ba 

15. De 'a son-ko a-f(5sa tra son a-n6s§m ka an'- 
ron na o-sem, kama an'-ron na o-sem o gb^li so fof; 
de kama na yQ, fo na dif na be, and rdmne-be an'- 
ron na o-sem. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ak'4fa ka ama-Trei ma-Naibi 13. 14. 31 

16. De yO> fo a-fam be, ana-Iol de ana-bSna, 
ana-s^rma de ana-mdne, ana-wdnkdm de an-trar, na 
siiQ a-l6mar ka ka-tra-ka-nan aka-dio, tal^m ka ama- 
bun-ma-nan : 

17. De fo w'uni 6 w'uni q bd-he a-f(^sa tra ivai 
laliJm Ira tila, t^mbe kgn* owd ba an'-l6mar, nia yi ho 
ah%s fia o-sem, taldm o-loni wa an'^s-n'on. 

18. And ka-lsemp ka ^i: tra kon\ o^d ba a-mera, 
Idmas o-lom wa o-sem: tsa o yi 0-lom wa w'uni; 
de o-lom-w'on o ^i Ir'eme tr'amal ro k'in de Ira-gba 
tra-sas tr'am^t ro k'in. 

Ara-Bomp 14. 

1. Ke 1 k^Ii, de kaU, ka-K^ruf o tr^ma rokdni ka 
an'-ron na Sion, de (am*dIo ma) e-wul k'^me k'§- 
gba tra-ran y'anle na yi roiidn, ana ba an*6s-n'on de 
an'^s na o-Kas-k'on, na pon gbal-ni ka ama-bun-ma-nan. 

2. Dfi I tral r*im, ra y^fa ka ak'uru, mo r'im ra 
m'anlr ma-lal, de mo r'im ra r'en ra-b^na: de ar'im 
ar^ I tra) ra yi mo ar'im ra a-fam n' e-p^ngal, aii^ 
fer e-p^ngal-'e-nan: 

3. De na len a-leh mo bo a-Ien a-fu rocU ka ka- 
wan, de rodi ka ^y^ir e-n^sam an'dnle, de rodi ka 
am-b^ki: de w'dni 6 w'uni o l^na-he l4k§s afi'-leh, 
Umbe (am'dlo ma) e-wul k'eme k'in Ira-gba Ira-ran 
y'dnle, aM *a wal (katrdn) ka (ah*-fgm iia) an-tof. 

4. An^ na ^'i nan, and tse pon Idftane r§ a-b^ra, 
tsa na }ri a-fdne. An6 na yi iiah, and tran ka-Kdruf 
d'er 6 d'er o kdne. An6 na pon wal katrdn ka an'- 
f§m, mo a-trdtroko tr^ka K'uru de tr§ka ka-Kdruf. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

82 Ak'4fa ka ama-Trel ma-Nalbi 14. 

5. De ka tra-saA-tra-AaA ha ts6 bgp ra-yem; tsa 
na ^i a-p^ni-lr'el rodf ka ka-wan ka K'uru. 

6. Ke I n§hk o-maleika q-Iqiti o fSlir ka ka-trgu 
ka ak'dru, ow(} bd am-b6sra aAa-tab^na, tra tr^mas-ni 
ka hat, aM vira rok(}in ka an-tot de ka a-bdna 6 a- 
b6na, de ka a-b(}nson 6 a-b({Dsoh, de ka tr'antr 6 
fr'§ntr, de ka a-fam 6 a-fgm, 

7. pina r'im ra-b^na ho: Nesa naA K'uru, 
de soA-ko nafi a-^yfki: tsa afi'-lo na ka-rgk-k'on e- 
t(}nka na pon b6k: de r^mne nan kgn', qw^ pon 
beinpa ak'dru, de an-tof, de ka-ban, de tra-for Ira 

8. De o-maleika o-lom OW(J beka Aa-ran o Iran, 
pd ho: B^bilon, ka-petr ka-tsi aka-b^na, ka pon 
fumpo, ka poA fumpo! pak^sife ka pon yO tra-b6na 
be na mun ka ama-wain ma ara-ban ra ka-rap-k'on. 

9. De o-nnaleika o-lom QYfi beka a-sas o trah-na, 
0W(} pdna r*iin ra-b^na ho: Be w'uni 6 ^'dni o ramne 
0-sem de an'-ron-n*on, de be o 8(}lo ah*-l6mar-n'oh 
ka am-bun-n'on, lal^m ka ka-tra-k*on; 

10. Kon' so na tra }0-ko niun ka ama-wain roa 
ara-ban' da K*uru, am^ 'a kal ka am-p(}ti da ara-ban'- 
d'on ramSn, de na tra gSssab-ko ra n'antr de ra s*ulfar 
rodi ka am-maleika ana-sam, de rodf ka ka-K^ruf: 

11. De ak'ima ka an'-g^ssab-'a-nan ka natr t^nkah 
6 t^nkan, de na tse f6tane ra-.yan de tratr^k, an^ 
r^mne o-sem de an'-ron-n*on; de w'uni 6 w'uni ow(J 
8(Jto ah'-l6mar na ah'^s-n'on. 

12. Ad(^ am-mu^u na an'-s§m na yi: and naA na 
yi, and wop ama-gbdka ma K'uru de ka-ldne ka Yisua. 

13. Ke I tral r'im, ra yefa ka ak'dru, ara pd romi 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ak*4fa ka ama-Trel ma.lSfaibi 14. 33 

ho: Gbal mo ats6: A-fi a-m^ri-tr'el nan, an^ fi ka 
0-R6bbu k^bi ka ah'-Idko an6. Ye pa ^ri, o-Ruhu q 
pd, kama tia fdtane tr^ka aman-t6rQ-ma-nan, de ama- 
yos-ma-nan ma paia-iia. 

14. Ke I k^liy de kali, a-bunt a-fera, de rokiim ka 
am-bunt k'in o 3^ira, qw^ bSlane Qw'^n ka Wdni, o ba 
a-n^O ifia ma-b6no ro-k(im ka ara-bomp-r'on, de ka 
ka-lra-k*on (o ba) a-w(Jrdo a-wcjni, 

15. Ro o-nialefka o-lom o y/m ka a&'-h6kal, owti 
w^na r'im ra-b^na ro ka ow(} ylra rok({m ka am-bunt, 
(o pa ho): Som'ra ah'-w(}rdo-'a-mu, ma rok: tsa ah'- 
gb^len na pon bek tr§ka tr^mmu tra rok; tsa ey'^tr 
tra rok ka an-tof e }'i e-161i. 

16. De kon', ow({ ,ytra rok(^m ka am-bunt, o somVa 
an*-w^rdo-n*on ka an-tof, de na rok an-tof. 

17. Ko o-maleika o^lom o >vur ka an'-h6kal, ana 
^i ro-rianna, kon' so ba a-w(5rdo a-w(5m. 

18. Ko o-nialeika o-loni o ^ur ka am-m^sbab, ovf^ 
ba a-f^sa tr^ka an'^ntr; de w^na r^im ra-b^na ro ka 
OW(J ba ah'-w(}rdo ana-w(}Ai, o pa bo: S6m'ra ah'- 
w(5rdo-'a-mu ana-w(ini, ma t(Jnto e-kulr ya an-tr6ne 
na an-lof; tsa ama-lr6ne-ma-lsi ma }'i ma-l(Jli. 

19. Ko o-maleika o s6m'ra ah*wdrdo-h'on ka an- 
iof, de t(}nto (e-kutr ya) an-tr6ne na an-lof, Q 
ffta-yi ro-m^sarat an^-b^na na ara-ban' da R'uru. 

20. De na nas-nas am-m^sarat rokSn ka ka-peir, 
de ma-tsir ma wur ro-m^saret, ha ma b6k ka e-k^rafe 
ya tra-sol, am'iJlo ma e-g61wa a-wul n'in tr'^me tr'am^t 
ro k'in. 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

34 Ak'dfa ka ama-Trel ma-Naibi 15. 

Ara-Bomp 15. 

1 . Ke I n§nk a-l6ma a-lom ro-ri^DDa, na ^i a-bdna 
de a-kabdne: a-malefka tr'amdt de r§n, and ba ama- 
sibo ama-l§p'so an-tr'aradt de r^h; p§kdsife ka am6 
ara-ban' da K'dru ra pon. 

2. De I nank ka^ban mo ho kg-ban ka-memne, akd 
a kuluh r§ n*antr: de nan, and pon si^to ia-tam tr§ka 

Q-sem, de tr^ka an'-ron-iVon, de tr^^ka an'-l6nnar-n'on» 
de tr^a <^-lom wa ah'^8*n'on, na trgmia rok(}m ka 
ka-ban aka-m^mne, na ba e-pdnggl ^a K'dro. 

3. De na len ah'-len na Musa, am-boT na K'uru, 
de ah'-len na ka-Kdruf, 6a pa ho: Ama-^os-nia*mu 
ma-^oa ma-bdna ma-kabdne man, mun' Yeh6fa K'uru- 
masaba o^O-T§na tr'e! 6 tr'el; as'6n-lra-mu tra j^i tr|- 
tr§ts^n de tra-16mpi, mun' Bal ka tra-b6na. 

4. Kdne .yi-he tra nesa-mu-e, o Rdbbu, de tra 
^ikis an'^s-'a-mu-e? Pgkdsife mun' sOn ma ^i o-aam: 
pakdsife tra-b6na be na tr§ der, na tr§ rdmne rodi-ka- 
mu ; pakdsife ama-^os-ma-mu ama-16mpi ma poii naibe. 

5. Ko ka-rdran ka ama-trel am6 1 k^li, de kaU, na 
kdnti afi'-h^kal na ka-^dfa ka at'amas^re ro-ridnna: 

6. De am-malelka an-tr'amdt de r§n and ba ama- 
sibo an-tr'amdt de rgn na wur ka an'-h6ka1, na 16pra 
ka-kdttan k§-fera ka-gb^nta, de na pon s^nne e-depen 
ya raa-bouo ratriJn ka e-k^pgtr-'e-nan. 

7. De k'in ka ey'^lr e-nesam an'dnle son am- 
maleika an-(r*amdl de ran e-bol ya raa-bOno tr'amdt 
de ran, eye la ara-ban' da K'uru, qyi^ ^]i idnkan 6 

8. De an'-hekal ha lasane k'fma tr^ka au'-yiki na 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ak'afa ka ama-Trei ma-Naibi 16. 35 

K'uru de tr^ka an*-f(}sa-n'on; de w'oni 6 w*uni o l§na- 
he >von ro-hekal, ha ama-sibo an-lr'ama( de ran ma 
am-maleika aD-4r'am^t de rau ma poA. 

Ara-Bomp 16. 

1. Ke 1 tral r'im ra-b^na, ra wur ro-hekal, ar^ pa 
ka am-maleika an-tr'am^t de ran ho: K({ne nan, na 
kusar e-b6l ya ara-ban' da K'uru rok^^m ka an-tgf. 

2. De owo-lriJtroko k(}ne, kusar am-b5l-h*oft 
rok(}m ka an-tof: de ka-sam k§-l§s ka-ban k§ iivur 
an'-fam, an^ ba an'-l6mar na Q-sem, de nan an^ r^mne 

3. De o-maleika ovf^ b^ka na-ran o kus§r am-bdl* 
n'on rok({m ka ka-ban: de ka s^ke ma-tsir mo ama- 
tsir ma w'uni fi; de r'aka 6 r*ika ra-n6sam, ar^ yi 
ro-bah, ra fi. 

4. De o-nialeika o^^ b6ka a-sas o kusar am-boN 
h'on rok(}m ka tra-bon de rok^m ka tra-for tra m'antr: 
de tra s^ke ma-tsir. 

5. Ke I tr^Ia o-maleika ka am'^ntr o-pA ko: Mun' 
]6mpi, R^bbu, owd yi de Qw^ vi nan 0-sam, pak^- 
sife ma pon rok an-t(inka van: 

6. Tsa na pon Ion ama-tsir ma a-s§m de ma a- 
n^bi, de ma pon sgh-na ma-tsir tr^ka muo; tsa na vi 
a-m6ri tr§ka Isi. 

7. Ke 1 tral am-m^sbah na pa ho: Ye p«3 yi, Ye- 
bofa K'drumasaba owo-T§na-lr'el 6 tr*el: tra-sdmpa- 
tra-mu tra yi tra-lrals^n de tra-16mpi! 

8. De o-maleika ow(i beka n'dnle kusar am-bol- 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

36 Ak'&fa ka ama-TreT ma-Nafbi 16. 

iVon rok(}in ka ar*^tr; de na son-ri a-f(}sa fra kal 
aiV-f§m r§ n'antr. 

9. De na kal ari**f§m k§-kal ka-b^na, de na fofija 
an*^s ha K'uru, qy/^ ba a-f($sa tr§ka ama-slbo ami^; 
de ha ll6 tubi tra soh-ko a-^iki. 

10. De o-maleika pwo beka tr'amat o kusar am- 
bol-h'oh rok(Jm ka ka-wah ka o-sem: de ara-bai-r'on 
ra bia. Ka ha hahs tra-mer-tra-hah tr^kn o-bah, 

11. De ha fofi^a Qk'uru ka ka-rantr tr^ka ama- 
bah-ma-hah de tr^ka tra-sam-tra-hah, de ha ts6 tubi 
Ir^ka ama-^08-ma-hah. 

1 2. De o-nialf ika qwq bi^ka tr'amat ro k'in o ku8§r 
am-bol-h'oh rok(^m ka 'ra-boh ara-b^na ra Frat: de 
am'^ntr-ina-tJi ma w5$§r, k^ma ha b^nene ar'oh tr^ka 
am-bal ha ro-toroh. 

13. Ke I nahk a-kn'Q a-sas n-n^ko, mo he e-tral, 
ha wur ka ka-sah ka an-t^nnin, de ka ka-sah ka q- 
sem, de ka ka-sah ka o-n^bi o-}em. 

14. Tsa ha ^i a-ruhu ha a-krffi, ah^ yQ ma-trel 
ma-kab^ne, ah^ wur ha k^nQ ka am-bal ha an-tof de 
ha ara-ra be, tra t6hkla-ha trgka ka-tsim ka ah'-rei 
ha-lsi aha-b^na ha K'drumasaba owo-T^na-lr'el 6 lr*ei. 

15. Kali, I der mo w*Qni kel. O-mari-tr'eT yfQh, 
Ow6 Iromla, de ow(} bene ah*-ldpra-h'oh, kdma o Ise 
kot o-tsih, de kama ha ts6 n§hk ama-lap-m'oh. 

16. De ha tohkla-ha rokfn ka od'er, Qv/^ 'a bontr 
Harm^geddon ka alr'^nlr Ira ah'-H6bri. 

17. Ko O'lnaleika ow^ b^ka tr'amat de rah o kusar 
am-bOl-h*oh rokdm ka ah'-h^wa: de r*im ra-bSna ra 
wur ka ah*-hekal ha ro-rianna, ka ka-wah, ar^ pd ho: 
.0 poh! 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Ak'4fa ka ama-Trei ma-Naibi 16. 17. 37 

18. De o-uakline o-Ial o y6nQ, de s'im, de s'eft; 
de ka-y^lane ka an-tof ka-b6na ka }'dne, a-yijko-ha- 
\si i\s po6-be yi ri k^bi ka ah'-lo a-fam na y\ rok^m 
ka an-tof, ka-y6lane ka an-tgf ka-wunon mo ake, ka- 
b^na mo ak^! 

19. De ka-petr aka-b^na ka gb^skine e-bem e-sas, 
de tra-petr Ira tra-bona Ira fumpo: de R'uru o n6ne 
Babilon aka-b^na, tra son-ko am-p^li fta ama-wain ma 
ara-ban'-d'on ara-bSna. 

20. De a-yel 6 a-yel na gbuke, de na bap-fe ma- 

21. De ma-b^rad ma-b^na ma (ma-sar ma) q-M 
Mra a-tSlent n1n na tor ka ak'urii rok^m ka an'-fam: 
de an'-fam i^a f6fiya Qk'uru tr^ka ama-sibo ma ama- 
bdrad; pak^sife ama-sibo-ma-tsi ma yi ma-b^na hili. 

Ara-Bomp 17. 

1. Ko k'in ka am-maleika an-lr'am^l de r§n, an^ 
bfi e-bol an-tr*amM de ran, o der, q f(}f§r-mi, o pS 
ho: Der, I tsi tr(}ri-mu ka-s(Jmpa o-b^ra ka ka-r§p 
ka-b^na, qy/^ yfra rok(}m ka m'antr ma-lal: 

2. Re 0^^ am-bal fia an-tof na pon yO ka-r§p, 
de iiBh bM yira rok()m ka an-tof fia poh s^ke a-tlis 
ka ama-waln ma ka-rap-k*on. 

3. Ko k^re-mi ro-wula ka o-riibu. De I nank 
0-b^ra o-r^nsa ka o-sem o-kinnisi, qw^ Id m'es ma 
k§-f6fiya, de ow(} ba tra-bomp tr'am^t de rgfi de lr§- 
len tr'of^lr. 

4. De o-b^ra o I(5pra y'etr e-firfir de e-kfrmisi, de 
y^sine ra y'etr ya ma-bi5no de ra ma-sar ma-b^ki 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


38 Ak'afa ka ama-Trel ma-Naibi 17. 

m'(}lo c!e ra ma-IuIu, o bd a-p(}U na ma-b6ifio ka ka- 
tra-k'oA, an^ la ^'elr e-gbeAs de y'etr e-n(}ko ya k^- 

5. De ka am-bufi-n'oi^ hs poh gbal A'gs, nla yi 
bo: A-Murare: Babilon aka-bdna, o-K^ra ka 
am-B^ra na ka-Hap de ka Ey'^tr e-gbens ya 

6. De I n§fik o-bera o tsis ka ama-tsir ma nh^- 
sain, de ka ama-tsir ma a6'-gbdki ua Yisua: de me 1 
nafi'-ko, I kab^ne k^-kabine ka-bdna. ' 

7. Ko o-malefka o pS romf ho: Ko tr'ei Ir'a vtik 
ma kab^ne-e? I tsi kilne-mu am-murare na o-b^ra, 
de fia o-sem, o^ci r^na-ko, Ow(J ba tra-bomp an- 
tr'am^l de ran de Ira-len an-ti'oKtr. 

8. 0-sem, QYi^ ma pofi n§fik, o y'l naft, de o ts€ 
ji, de Ira nalr o wur ro-b(}loA, de tra k(Jne ra 

k§-dfnne: de ka-kabSne ka tr§ wop fiah, ^ii& ^ira 
rok({m ka an-tof* am^^s-ma-naA Aa ts^ poA gbal ka 
ak'^fa ka an'-Zi^sam kdbi ka ka-fak o-tr^mgr wa ara- 
ra, be ha n§hk o-sem, fo o yi nan, de fo 1^^ yU 
de fo Ira b^par so. 

9. An6 am-m^ra Aa ^i, an^ bd ka-fsemp. Atra- 
bomp an-tr'am^l de ran tra yi ma-ron tr'am^t de ran, 
rok(}m ka amA o-b^ra o yira: de tra ^i a-baT tr'am^t 
de rah. 

10. Tr'amM na Isi na pon Wmpo, k'in o fh Owq- 
lom tse ta pon b€k; de be o pon bsk, g yi tra tsfa 
a-li5ko a-burap. 

11. De o-Jem, o^(J y\ naA, de ow(5 t5e yi, ktJog 
bl§ka 1r*am^l re sas, de yi k'in ka an-tr'am^t de raA, 

de k(}ne r§ ka-dinne. 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ak'&fa ka a-maTrei ma-Naibi 17. 18. 39 

12. De Ira-len an-tr'of^lr, air^ ma poA na6k, a-bal 
tr'otttr nan, ah6 iU la pon siJto Ira-bal; k^re na siJto 
a-f^sa mo a-bal re o-sem a-gb^len n'in. 

13. An6 na ba a-m^ra n'in, de na tra squ ka- 
t^na-ka-nan de an'-fiisa-'a-fian ka o-sem. 

14. An6 na trg tsim ka-K5ruf, de ka-K^ruf o tra 
tam-iia, — pak^sife yi o-R6bbu ka ah*-r^bbu de 
O-Bai ka am-bai, — de fiaa, aW yi roWn, aha 'a 
mulsi de an^ >i a-tit de a-lane. 

15. Ko pa romi ho: Am'dnlr, am6 iiia pon nghk, 
rok(Jm ka am^ o-b^ra ka kg-rap o yira, ma yi a-fam, 
de s'unia, de Ira-bona, de tr'anir, : 

16. De Ira-len an-lr'Q/^r, atrA m§ pon nank, de 
O-sem, ahi na lr§ gb^na p-bera ka ka-r§p, de na lr§ 
yO-ko o-yeAn de 0-lsin, de na tra di o-sem-w'on, de 
fia tra tol ko ra n'antr. 

17. Tsa K'uru o pofi bolr-l^i ka e-m6ra-'e-nan tra 
yO ama-s6lo-m'on, de tra ba r'im r'ln, (Je tra son tra- 
bal-tra-nafi ka o-sem, ba as'ira tra K'uru tra lasar. 

18. De O-b^ra. Q^i m§ PP6 nank, o yi ka-pelr 
aka-bSna, bH ba ara-gb^ka ra am-bal na an-tof. 

*• ' '. ■ .- ■ , . ■ ' . 

Ara-Bomp 18. 

1. Ka ka-rdrah ka ama-trel am6 I nank o-maleika 
0-lom o-tor ka ak'uru, ow(} ba a-f(Jsa a-b^n»; de an- 
tof na s^iQ ma^gb^nta ka ap'-yiki-n'on : 

2. De o-wiha r*im ra-bSkar, o pa ho: Babilon 
aka-bSna ka poA ftimpo, ka poia fumpo! Ka pon s^ke 
0-yira wa a-krifi, de a-s^tsan na o-krifi 6 krifi o-p(Siko» 
de a-s^tsgn 6a a-bamp 6 a-bamp a-n^^ko a-gbehs. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

40 Ak'4fa ka ama-Trel ma-Nafbi 18. 

3. Pfk^life tra-b6na be na pon man ka ama-Main 
ma ara-ban ra ka-r§p-k'on, de am-bai na an-tof na 
pon yO kg-r§p re kon', de an-t^tsir na an-tof na pofi 
8(ito e-n^nla tra ka-Ia ka an-trak-n'on tr^ka }^ etr 

4. Ke I tr§I r'im ra-lom ra .yefa ka ak'uru, arS 
pd ho: Wur nan rl, n^a a-f§m-'a-roi, k^ma n§ ts6 
^^rane ama-trei-m'on ma-l§8, de kama ng tse silQ ka 
ama-sibo-m'on ! 

5. Pak^ife ama-trei-m'on ma-l^s ma bek ha ka 
ka-r§ntr, de K'uru o pon n^ne ama-^os-ro'on ma-l§8. 

6. Ram-ko nan mo kon' so pon ram n^an, k^la- 
ko naA ma-r§n mo ama-yos-m'on: ka am-p(iti, ro k(^ao 
pon kgl (tr^ka tr^nnu), k§l n§n tr^ka tr'oifi ma-ra£i. 

7. Mo am*^lo am^ o pon ^^ikisne, de mo am'c^Io 
amA pon ndm's§r an-trak-fk'on tr^a y'etr e-t^sa, mo 
am'i^Io ma-tsi son-ko ngn a-g^ssab de a-mol. Pgk^iife 
pa ka am-m6ra-6'on ho: I yira mo o-bai o-bera, I 
gb§Ii-he ^i 0-b6ra o-b^ra, de I gb^li-he nank ra-b6ra. 

8. Tr|ka tsi ama-libo-m'on ma tr§ der ka a-r6T 
n'in, ra-fi, de ra-b6ra, de d'or; de na tra toT-ko ra 
n'antr: pakdsife Yehofa K'urumasiiba, QVf^ pon ti^nkas- 
ko, yi O-t^na-lr'el. 

9. De am-bal na an-to^ an^ pon yQ ka-r§p re kon', 
de and pon ndmsar an-trak-'a-nan tr^ka ^'etr e-t^aa 
re kon', na tra bdk tr§ka tr'on, de na tr§ kuio tr^ka 
tr'on, ma na tr§ n§nk ak'fma ka ka-fai-ka-tsi. 

10. I^a tr§ tr^ma Q-hdW po tr^ka 'ra-nSa ra an'- 
gdssab-h'on, de na tr§ pa ho: WaT, wai, ka-petr aka- 
bdna, Babilon, ka-petr aka-fi^sa! Pgkjsife ka a-gb61en 
n'in ka-s^mpa-ka-mu ka pon der. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ak'afa ka ama-Trel ma-Naibi 18. 41 

11. De an-t^lsir na an-tgf na !ra bok de na Ira 
b6ra trgka Ir'on; pak^sife w'uni 6 w'uni q wai-he so 
ey'elr-*e-nan e-s^kine. 

12. Ev'^lr ^a ma-b5no, de ya ma-silwar, de ya 
ma-sar ma-baki m*^\Q, de ya ina-Idlu, de ya ka-b68as^ 
de ya ka-Wrfir, de ya ka-h^rir, de ya ka-kirmisi, de 
li*§n(r 6 k'anir ka-ttiiya, de r'dka 6 r'aka ra e-lr^nka, 
de r'aka 6 r'aka ra k'antr ka-bSki m'^lQ ina-bSna, de 
r' a-kem, de r' a-fatr, de ra m'^rroar, 

13. De e-sinnamon, de y'elr e-f^lfol, de ma-s6pa, 
de e-gb6ngbo, de ma-waln, de ma-saitan, de a-gb^ra 
a-fino, de ma-hinta, de e-sem e-ka-pelr, de Ira-l^me, 
de tra-sol, de e-tn^rkab, de a-trar, de a-ruhu ila a-f§m. 

14. De ama-k6ini, tr^ka am^ a-trak na wop o- 
ruhu-ka-mu, noa pon y^fa roinu; de ey'^lr be, ey^ yi 
e-biiti-di de e-w^ou, e pon y^fa romii, de ma gbp- 
he so b§p-yi ko-ko. 

15. An-t^tsir na ey'^tr ey^, aM poo scjto e-ndnla 
ka ka-trd-k'on, na tr§ tr^ma Q-b^W po ir^ka 'ra-nes ra 
an*-g^ssab-n'on ka bok de ka b6ra-'n, 

16. De ka pa ho: WaT, yfal, ka-petr aka-bdna» 
aka 16pra y'elr e-bdsus, de y'elr e-h'rfir, de y'elr e- 
kfrmisi, de ak^ y^sine r| y'elr ya ma-bd^o, de r§ 
ma-sar ma-bdki m'l^Io, de ra ma-lulu! P§k^sife ka a- 
gb6le]^ n'io e-n^nla e-b^na ya-tSi e pon dfnne. 

17. De o-kor 6 kor, de w'dni 6 w'dni ow(J k(5ne 
r§-d'er ra-sip, de afi'-s^Igr, de fta be Biik s^kine ro- 
ban» ha Ir^ma Q-b^li po, 

18. De ha w^ha, ma ha nahk ak'fma ka ka-fai- 
ka-tsi, ha pa ho: K§-petr k§-r6ke ka b^lane ka-petr 
aka-b^na ake? 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


42 Ak'dfa ka ama-TreT ma-Naibi 18. 19. 

19. De Aa fak ka-bof rofc(^ ka Ira-bomp-lra-Aao, 
de Aa vf^ii^ ka bok de ka b6ra-'A, ha pd hoj Wai, 
i^al, ka-petr aka-b^na, ka ak^ na be, ani bft e-sip ro- 
baA, Aa s(}to e-n^nla tr^a 'ra-borop ra e-b^ne-^a-ta 
e-bdki m'^\Q\ Tsa ka a-gb^leA A'in na s^^i-ki jenn. 

20. Y^sane tr^ka tsi mun- ri^nna, de njA a-S§in, 
de nyfi a-Som, de nyft a-N^i; tsa K'uru o pon k^la- 
ko atr'ef-tra-na. 

21. Kq o-malefka o*f(^sa o y^ka a-sar mo a-sar 
a-gb()la a-b^oa, q ffta-Ai ro-baA, e pS ho: R| V^nsuo 
ka-wdnoA Aa tra fita Bibilon, ka-petr aka-b^na, de na 
gb§li-he so bap-ki ko-ko. 

22. De Bf'im ra a-fam A' e^p^Agal, de ra a-fam 
na k§-fer, de ra a-fam a-fi§na tr'uieA, de ra a>f|iB 
a-f^Aa tra-lema, Aa gb^li-he so lr§1-ri rok6r^ka-inn 
ko-ko; de w'Qni 6 Vuni trol ka ma^pant 6 ma-panl, 
Aa gb^Ii-he so bap-ko rok6r-ka-ma k6-kO; de ar'te 
ra ma-sar ma-gb^la, Aa gb^li-be so tral-ri rokor-ka- 
nia ko-ko. 

23. De a-m6ta Aa k'imder na gb^lKhe so mot rok6r- 
ka-mu ko-ko; de ar'im ra o-runi o-fat de ra o-b^ra 
<)-fat, Aa gb^ti-he so tral-ri rok6r-ka-ma k&<*kO: pak£- 
Sfe a-Utifr-'a-mu na yi oaA aA'-fam a-b^na Aa an>tof, 
p§k^sife ara-ser-ra-mu ra poA v^tas tra-bdna be. 

24. De na poA fir ri ama^tSir ma a-n^bi, de ma 
a-sam, de ma Aa be, aAd 'a poA dif ka an-tof. 

Ara-Bomp 19. 

1. Ka-r^aA ka* ama4ref am4 I trgi r'im mo r'im 
ra-bdna ra r'llnia ra-lal ro-ri^nna, aA^ pft ho: Halle- 
Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ak'^fa ka ama-Trel ma-Naibi 19. 43 

Wyal 0-R6bbu, Ok'uru-ka-su, o yi tra ba ka-fuli\ de 
aft'-yfki, de ara-lel, de an'-Msa! 

2. P§kasife lra-s(}mpa-tr'on tra yi tra-trats^A de Ira- 
i6m|}i: pakdsife pon sc^mpa g-b^ra ka ka-rap k§-b^na, 
0W(} l^s|r an-tof ka ka-rap-k*on, de o pon k^Ia ama- 
tsir ma e-boi-y'on, (am^ 'a lon) ka ka-lr5-k>on. 

3. Ka na pd na b^ka ma-ran ho: Halleluyal De 
ak'fma-ka-tsi ka nair t^nkan 6 t^nkan. 

4. De am-b^ki ka-gba n'anle de ey'^ir e-n6sam 
aA'anle 66 gbap as'<^r4ra-Aan ro-tof, na r^inne K'Qni, 
QYi^ yira rokc^in ka ka-wafi, na pd hg: Amfoa: Haller 

5. De r'im ra wur ka ka-wan, ar^ pa ho: Tc^kas 
n|fi Ok'uru-ka-suy nyd e-bol-y'oA be, de nyd an^ nesa- 
kg, anMol de am-b^na. 

6. Ke I trgl r'im mo ar'im ra r'dnia ra-bina, de 
mo ar'im ra m^antr ma-Ial, de mo ar'fm ra s'en tra- 
b^na, atr^ pd ho: Haileluya! Pgkdsife Yehifa K*dru^ 
masSba owo-T4na-tr'el 6 tr*ei o pou s^\q ara^gb^ka.^ 

7. Tra sa bd ma-b(ine, de ira sa ydsane» de tra 
sa son an'-ylki ka kon' : pak^sife ka-n^ntra ka ka-K^ruf 
ka pou b6k, de o-r^ni-k'oA o pon b^nene. 

8. De na son-ko, kima o ^on a*I6pra Aa k§-bdsus 
ka-f^ra ka-gb^nta. (Tia an'-l6pra da ka-b68U8 na yi 
ama-I6mpi ma an^'-sjm). 

9. Ko e pA romi ho: Gbal mo atl6: A-m^ri4r'ei 
naA, ana 'a pen miitsi ka an'-fSnta a-ndntrana na ka- 
K^ruf. Ko pa romf bo: As'im ats6 tra yi as'fm atra- 
Irats^n tra K'uru. 

10. Ke 1 gb§p ad'^ ro-tof rodi ka atr'^trgk-tr'on 
tra rarone-ko. Ko pa romi ho: S6bi, Ise yO-tsil 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


44 Ak'&fa ka ama-Trei ma-Naibi 19. 

1 yi o-jfia-no a-boT, de fta an'-wontr-'a-mu, af\A bd 
at'amas<^re Ira K'um: r^mne K'dru. (Tsa at'amasire 
tra Yisua tra ji o-Rdbu ka ka-n^bi). 

11. Ke I n§fik ka-r§Dtr ka kdnte, de k§Ii, a-soi 
a-r6ra; de kon', ow(^ r^nsa-ko, 'a bontr-ko oVg-Ldne 
de owo-TrjIs^iliy de o rok e-lOnka de Q tsiin k§>tliin 
r§ ina-16nipi. 

12. K^re e-for-j'on e yi mo n'antr na-m^ra, de 
Tok^m ka ara-bomp-r'ofi o b& e-n^O e-gb^ti; de bd 
ri ti'€s a-gbal, ai\A w'uni 6 w'dni o ts6 ir^ra, l^mbe 

13. De Idpra a-Mla, afi^ 'a pon mat ra ma-tsir; 
de ha bontr aA*^s-n'Qu: Ar*im ra K'dru. 

14. De as'^fa, atr^ y\ ra-ri^nna, na tran-ko, na 
r^nsa trg-soT trg-f(6ra, de Aa Idpra y'etr ya k|-b6sos 
kf-n^Asfr k§-fira. 

1 5. De ka ka-s§n-k'oA a-gb^to a-yt^iii na wur, kdma 
difa tra-b6na an'-gb^o; de kgn' o tra gb^ka-fta ra 
k§-tr§k k§-falr; de lino nds-nas am-ro^sarat na ama- 
wain ma ara-ban ara-b^na ra K'drumasSba owo-T4na- 
Ir'el 6 Ir'el. 

16. De ka am-bfla-n'on de ka an'-lafik-i[i*on q ba 
ik*€s a-gbal mo atl6: Q-BaT ka am-bal, de 0- 
R^bbu ka afi'-r^bbu. 

17. Ke I ngnk o-maleika ^ o-tr^ma ka ar'^ir, de o 
yiiiia r'im ra-b^na, o p& ka e-bamp be, an^ f^lir ka 
ka-tron ka ak'dru ho: Der nan, ng gb^noe rokin tr^ka 
an'-fdnta na Qk^dru aAa-b^na; 

18. Kdma na di o-sem wa a-bal, de o-sem wa a- 
k^lfa, de o-sem wa a-mlira, de o-sem wa tra-soT, de 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ak'4fa ka ama-Tref ma-Naibi 19. 20. 45 

wa nan, and r^nsa-ha, de o-sem wa a-fam be, a- 
wdnkom de a-trar, a-Iol de a-bdna. 

t9. Ke I nank o-sem, de am-bai na an-tof, de 
as'§fa-tra-nan, na pon gb^nne rgkin ira tsim kon', ow(^ 
r6nsa an'-sol, de ar'dfa-r'on. 

20. De na gbip o-sem, de o-ndbi o-yem re kon', 
QW(} yO ma-trel ma-kabdne ro-d'er-k'on kadi, ka amS o 
yetas nan, and pon 8(Jto an'-l6mar im o-sem, de AaA, 
and rdmne ao'-ron-n'o6; de ana-ran an6 na fita-Aa 
a-k^Ii ka am-b6nka na n'antr, aiiA mdra ra sulf§r. 

21. De and tsia, ha difa-ha afi*-gbdto i^a kon*, Qyt^ 
r^nsa ah'-soT, and wur ka ka-sah-k'oh: de e-bamp be 
ha ndm*ra ka o-sem-'o-hah. 

Ara-Bomp 20. 

1. Ke I n§hk o-maleika o-tor ka ak'uru, qy/^ ba 
ah'-s^po tr^ka o-b(}loh, de k'or^nta ka-bdna ka ka- 

2. Ko batr an-tdnnin, am-bdk aha-kur, ow(^ ^^i 
0-D^wal de S^lani, de o Irand-ko tra-ren a-wul h'in, 

3. De fila-ko ro-b(Jloh, o kdnla-ko rl, de botr 
a-kdtam rokom-k'oh, kama o ts6 so yetas tra-b6na, hd 
tra-ren a-wul h1n tra pon Idsar: de ka-rdrah-ka-lsi ha 
y\ ira s§li-ko a-Ii^ko a-bur§p. 

4. De I nank Ira-wah, de ha yfra rok^m-ka-tsi, 
de ha soh-ha tra rok e-t^hka. De I nahk ah'-rdhu ha 
hah, tra-bomp-tra-hah ha poh gb^ta trgka 'ra-bomp ra 
al'amas^re tra Yfsua, de Ir^ka 'ra-bomp ra ar'im ra 
K'uru, de and ts6 poh rdmne o-sem, pa yi-he ah'- 
roh-h'(Jh, de ahd ls6 poh S(}to ah'-l6mar-h'oh ka ama- 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

46 Ak'&fa ka ama-Trel ma-Naibi 20. 

bun-ma-ifian de ka ka-trd-ka-nafi : de na k41i de n* 
gb^ka re Masia tr§-ren a-wul iVio. 

5. K^rt? an'*fi ana-lgm ita kal-he s^k^ a-k^U^ hd 
tra-ren a-wul n'in tra pon Idsar. Kian ka-y6kane aka- 

6. O-no^ri-tr'el de o-s§in won, ew(i ^^rane ka- 
^okane aka-tr()troko: tr^ka an'-f§m an6 ara-fi ara-r|n 
ra bd-be a-f()sa; k^re na tra ^i a-k6han na K'dru de 
na Masia, de na tra gb^ka re kgn' tra-ren a-wul n'in. 

7. De be tra-ren a-wul n'in tra poh Ids^r, na tra 
8§li S^tani tra wur ka an'-s^ts§n^h'on; 

8. Ko tra wur tra ^^t§s tra-b6na, and yi ka e- 
kon e^'^nle ya an-tof, Gog de M^gog, tra td6kla-na 
rokin tr^ka ka-tsim: o-lom-'o-nan o yi mo ka-saot ka 

9. Ka na gbep ka an'-kin na an-tof, de na gbdn- 
sane an'-rdka na an'-sam, de ka-petr aka-bi^tgr. De 
K'uru t6ra n'antr ka ak'dru, and s()inat-na. 

10. He o-D^w§l, owd }elas-ua, na fi(a-ko ka ara- 
bdnka da n'antr de na s'ulfar, ro o-sem de o-ndbi o- 
^ein Aa yi; de na tra gdssab-na pdii gbes tdnkah 6 

11. Ke 1 nank ka-wan ka-fera ka-bdna, de kgn' 
OW(J ^ira rok(ini-ka-tsi, ro-d*er-k'ou kadi an-lof de 
ak'iiru ka gbuke, de na fir-he d'er tr^ka-tsi. 

12. Ke I nahk an'-fi, ana-lol de ana-bdna, na tr§ina 
rodi ka ka-wan; de na tepH tr'dfa; de na tepli k'dfa 
ka-loin, akd yi ak'dfa ka an'-nesam : de na i^hkas aiV-fi 
mo ama-trel, amd 'a pon gbal ka atr*dfa tra-tsi, mo 

13. De ka-ban ka Idnkli au-fi and ^i rl; de ara-Fi 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ak'dfa ka ama-Trei ma-Naibi 20. 21. 47 

de ro-Krifi na Mkli an'-fi ahA j^i rl: de na t(inkas-6a» 
w'uni 6 w'uni (kalr(5n-ka-nan), mo ama-}?os-ma-nau. 

14. De ara-Fi de ro-Krifi na tita-ha ka ain-b6nka 
na n'antr. Rian ara-fi ara-r§n. 

15. De w'uni 6 w'uni (aiVes-n'on) na fir-he a-gbal 
ka ak'dfa ka an'-uesam, na fita-ko ka ain-b6nka na 

Ara-Bomp 21. 

1. Ke I nahk k'uru ka-fu de a-lgf a-fu: Isa ak'uru 
aka-tr^trgko de an-iof aha-tr(}troko na pon tas; de ka- 
ban ka tse so ^i rl. 

2. De mine, Yohan, I n§nk ka-pe!r aka-sgra, Yeru- 
salem aka-fu, ka tor ro-rianna ka K'uru, ka pon b^nene 
mo o-bera o-fal, qw^ ^^sine tr§ka o-wos-k'gn. 

3. De I tral r1m ra-b^na, ra wur ro-rianna, ar^ 
pa ho: KaH, ka-^^fa ka K'uru ka y\ ka an'-f§m, de 
tra }?Tra rofi^n, de na tr| y\ an'-fam-n'on, de K'uru 
k(Jno-kiJnone tra ^'i rgnSn mo Qk'uru-ka-nan. 

4. De K'uru o tra n^si h'^ntrar 6 n*^ntrar ka e- 
for-'e-nan: de ra-fi ra tra tse so ^i rl, pa yi-he ra- 
bora, p§ ^i-he ka-kulo, de o-ban 6 o-ban o tr§ ts6 
so yi rl: pak^sife ama-trel ama-lr6troko ma pon tas. 

5. De ow(J j'ira roki^m ka ka-waii o pa ho: KaH, 
ma-trei be I ^0-na ma-fu. Ko p& romi ho: Gbal, 
pak^sife as'im atse tra ^vi tra-lane de tr§-trals^n. 

6. Ko pS romi ho: pou. Mine yi am-Alfa 
de am-Omega, ka-Trgp de ka-L^p'sa. Qw^ ra-mun 
ra wop, I tsi son-ko (tra mun) ka 'ra-for ra am*^ntr 
ma au*-hesam ka-tsin. 

7. Kon' ow(J s(5lo ka-lam, o tra ba ak'e ka e^'filr 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

48 Ak'4fa ka ama-Trel ma-Naibi 21. 

ey6; de mine 1 tsi vi ko K'dru, de kon* q tra yi mi 

8. K^re nan an^ n6sa, de an^ tse ]^ne» de a-fam 
a-gbens, de a-fam 'a ka-dffal, de a-f§ni 'a k^-rap, de 
a-ser, de a£i6 r^mne e-ron, de a-f§m a-yem, iia Ira 
ba ah'-ni-'a-]&aA ka am-b6i^ka, aiiA mdra ra n'antr de 
ra s'dlfar, and yi ara-fi ara-ran. 

9. Kq k'in ka am-inaleika an-tr'amdt de ran, aM 
bd e-bol an-tr'amdl de ran, e^^ Id ama-sfbo ama-l§p'sQ 
an-tr'amdt de rah, o f^far-mi, o pa Hq: Der, I tsi 
tr(^rj-mu o-b^ra o-fat, o-r^ni ka ka-Karuf. 

10. Kq k^re-mi rok(Jm ka a-rgh a-bdna a-bdli 
ka o-rdhu, de Ircjri-mi ka-petr aka-bdna, Yenisalem 
aka-8§in, ka tor ro-ridnna ka R'dru, 

11. Akd ba ah'-}iki na K'dru; de ama-gb^nta-ma- 
tsi ma bSlane mo a-sar a-biki m*^]Q ma-bdna, mg a- 
sar a-ydspis, a-^^rei^ mo ma-ballor; 

12. De ka ba a-tdta a-bdna a-b^Ii, de ka ba tra- 
rare tr'ofdlr Ira-ran, de ka tra-rdre a-maleika tr*ofdlr 
ha-r§n, de m*e8 amd 'a poh gbal ri, am6 yi am'es 
ma e-bdnsQh an-lr*oKtr ye-ran .ya an*-wul ha Yisrael. 

13. Ro-t(5roh (ka ba) tra-rdre trf-sas; ro ka ka- 
m^ro (ka ba) Ira-rare tra-sas; ro ka ka-dio (ka ba) 
tra-rare tra-sas; de ro-pil (ka ba) tra-rare tra-sas. 

14. De an-tdla ha ka-petr ha ba ma-sar ma o-lr^m§r 
tr'ofdlr ma-rah, de rok^m-ka-tsi m'es tr'oWtr ma-rah ma 
ah'-Som an-tr'oKtr ha-rah ha ka-Kdruf. 

15. De kon', owd fdfar-mi, o ba ka-gbetr k§ ma- 
b5ho mo ka-lunta, kama o tunl ka-pelr, de Ira-rare- 
tra-tsi, de an-tdta-ha-tsi. 

16. De ka-petr ka yi kcj-faskera, de ka-bol-ka-tsi 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ak'^fa ka ama-Trei ma-l^aibi 21. 49 

ka yi mo am'dlo ma ah'-kiA-ria-tSi. Ko o lunl ka- 
pelr re ka-gbelr (am'dlo ma) e-g^lwa e-wul Ir'oftlr 
ye-rau. Ka-bgl-ka-lsi de an'-kiA-ha-lsi de ka-bgl-ka- 
tsi Tok^in ka t^nane. 

17. Ko lunl an-tdla-na-tsi (am'(}lo ma) ma-lonk 
k'^me k'in Ira-gba tr§-ran ra'dnlo, mo ka-lunla ka 
w'iini, kia yi ho ka o-maleika. 

18. Do ama-sal ma an-Uta rokdm ma yi ka ma- 
y^spis; do ka-pelr ka yi ma-b^no ram^i^, mo m'^mno 

19. Do ama-sar ma o-lr^§r wa an-t^la na ka-pelr 
ta y^sia-na Ira-trgp bo tra ma-sar ma-bdki m'c^lo. Ah'- 
sar na o-lr^mar a]^a-lrt}troko Aa yi a-yispis; an^ b6ka 
ma-ra]^ na yi a-s^ffir; and b6ka ma-sas na yi a-kdikedon; 
ahA b^ka m'dnlo Jna yi a-smdragd; 

20. A fid b6ka Ir'amdl fia yi a-sard6niks; and b6ka 
tr'amdl ro k'in na yi a-sdrdin ; and b^ka tr'amdl do rafi 
na yi a-krisolil; and b6ka Ir'anadl ro sas na yi a-b^ril; 
afid b6ka tr'amdl ro n'anlo na yi a-t6pas; aAd b6ka 
tr*ofdtr na yi a-krisopras ; and b6ka tr'ofdlr ti*m na ji 
a-hiasinl; aAd b6ka Ir'ofdlr ma-rgn na yi A'dmelisf, 

21. Do Ira-rdre an-lr'ofdlr Ira-ran tra yi ma-lulu 
Ir'ofdlr ma-raii, k'in 6 k1n k§ Ira-rdre ka yi a-ldlu 
ii'in. Do ar'6n ra ka-petr ra yi ma-b^Ao ramdfi, mo 
m'^mno ma-y^ren. 

22. Do I nank-f© r1 a-h^kal: tsa Yeh6fa K'uru- 
masaba owo-T^na-lr'ei 6 tr'el o yi aii'-h6kal-na-lsi do 

23. Do ka-pelr ka y*ma-he ar'ilr, p§ yi-he ah'6f, 
kdma na gb^nta ri: tsa aft'-yfki 6a K'dni na m6lar- 
ki, do am-m6ta-Aa-tli ka-Kdruf lin^h. 

Bevelation. 4 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

50 Ak'&fa ka ama-Trei ma-I^faibi 21. 22. 

24. De tra-bdna, aM futi, Aa tra kot ka ani-in6ta- 
na-tsi: de am-bal na an-tof lia k^ra rl an'-^iki-'a-Aan 
d© e^*6lr-'e-naA e-b^ki ni'(JIo. 

25. De tra-rare-tra-tsi na lr§ tie kanta-tsi ka 'ra- 
ydiii ko-ko ; \h k§-tratr^k ka (r§ \s€ yi rl. 

26. De na tra k^ra rl an'-yiki de e^'etr e-b^ki 
m'(Jlo ya tra-b6na. 

27. De r'^ka 6 r'^ka n-uilQ ra gb^li-be rl won 
ko-kd, pa yi-he r'ika 6 r*ika ar^ yQ Ir'el tra-gbens 
de ra-yem; tSmbe Aan, an^ 'a poA gbal ka ak'^fa ka 
an'-A^aam ha ka-Kdruf. 

Ara-Bomp 22. 

1. Kq tr(}ri-mi ra-bon ra-gbiran ra m'antr ma 
a-n^sam, ra y^ren mo ma-b^llor, ra >\ur ka ka-wau 
ka K'dru de ka ka-Kdruf. 

2. Ka ka-tron ka ar*6n'-da-tsi, de niimorl de r6mori 
ka ara-bon yinlr ya a-fi6s§m e ji, ey6 wur tra-lrap 
tr'oKtr tr§-ran tra ma-k6mi, de e son ama-k6mi-ma- 
tsi h'of 6 A'of: de e-b(Jp§r ya ey'talr e yi tr§ka ka- 
y^nkas Ira-b6nd. 

3. De a-r^nka 6 a-r^nka na tra tie so yi rl; de 
ka-wafi ka K'uru de ka ka-Kdruf ka tra yi rok6r-ka- 
tsi, de e-boi-y'on Aa tra l^hki-ko, 

4. De na tr§ nahk ad*6r-r*o6; de an*6s-n*on 6a 
tra yi ka ama-bun-ma-nan. 

5. De k§-tralr^k ka tra tie so yi rl; de na tra tie 
>6ma a-m6ta na k'^nder, pa yi-he am-m6la na ar'^tr; 
pgkSlife Yebofa K'urumasliba o tra mot rok(}m-ka-nan: 
de ha tra gb^ka t^&kan 6 t^hkan. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Ak'^fa ka ama-Trel ma-Naibi 22. 51 

6. Ko pa romi hp: As'im ats6 Ira yi Ira-lane 
de tra-lratsen: de Yehofa, Qk'uru ka an'-N^bi ana-sam 
som o-inaleika-k'on, tra Ir^Jri e-boI-/Qn ama-trei, 
am^ yi Ira yenk y^ne. 

7. Kail, I der lemp. 0-m^ri-tr*ei wQn, ow(} wop 
as*im tra an'-n^bi na ak'dfa ak6. 

8. De pa ^'i mine, Yohan, qyi^ nank de 0^(5 tral 
ama-lrel am6. Ke me I pon tral de me I pon nank- 
na, I gbap ad'^r ro-tof tra r^mne rod! ka atr'^lrak 
tra o-maleika, ow^ tr(Jri-mi ama-trel am6. 

9. Kq q pd romi ho: S6bi, tse yO-tsi: tsa I .yi 
0-na-nu a-bgl, de na an'-wgnlr-'a-mu, an'-N^bi, de 
na nan, an^ wop as'im tra ak'^fa ak6: r^mne K'uru. 

10. Ko pa romi ho: Tse k^tam as'im tra aiV- 
n^bi na ak*dfa ak6; tsa am'^tr ma yi ma-f^tli. 

1 1 . Kon', ow6 yo trVl tra-k§na, tr' o yO tr'eT tra- 
k^na haHsa: de kon', owo yi 0-n(iko» tr' o ndkosne 
halisa; de kon', ow(J yi o-16mpi, tr' o yO ma-I6mpi 
halisa; de kon*, qw^ yi o-sam, tr' o sdto ma-sam halisa. 

12. De kali, I der lemp; de an'-ram-'a-mi na yi 
romi, tra kSla w'uni 6 w'uni mo ama-pant-m'on ma 
tra yi. 

!3. Mine yi am- Alfa de am-Omega, ka-Trap de 
ka-L^p'so, owo-Tr(Jlroko de owo-L^p'so. 

14. A-m^ri-tr'eT naii, anS yO ama-gb^ka-m'oii, kama 
na s(Jto a-f(Jsa tr^ka an'^ntr na an'-n6sam, de kama 
na gb§li won ka tra-rare ro-petr. 

15. K^re rok^n an-tran ha yi, de an'-ser, de aiV- 
fam *a ka-rap, de ah'-fam 'a ka-difat, de ah'-fam aha 
r^mne e-roh, de w'uni 6 w'uni ow(5 b(}tar de OwO 
yO ra-yem. 

Digitized by LaOOQlC 

52 Ak'4fa ka ama-Trel ma-I^aibi 22. 

16. Mine, Yisua, 1 pon sdm o-mafeika-ka-mi, tra 
son-ou t'amasere tr^ka ama-trel ain6 ka e-gb^nne. 
Mine ji an-T§ftk de ara-K6mra ra Dadda, Ak'^Js aka- 
kel-kel ka 'ra-bat. 

17. De o-Rubu de o-B^ra o-fat fta pa hg: Der. 
De tra kon', ow(} tra!, o p& ho: Der. De tra kgn', 
OW(J ra-mun ra wop, o der; w'uni 6 w'dni, qw(J y^ma, 
tr* Q y6ka m'antr ma a-fi6s§m ka-tsi^ 

.. 18. De 1 gb^ki-tsi ka w'dni 6 w'unit ow(i tr§l as'im 
tra ail'-ndbi fta ak'^fa ak6: Be w'dni 6 Mr'uni q bar tr'el 
ka ama-trci am^, K*uru o tra bdra-ke ama-Ubo, amd 
'a pon gbal ka ak'^fa ak6: 

19. De be w'dni 6 w'Qni q no! Ir'eT ka as'fm tra 
ak'^fa ka an'-n^bi an^, K'uni o tr§ no! au'-ni-n'on ka 
an'§ntr ha ah'-nes§m, de ka ka-petr aka-s§in, de ka 
ama-tref, am^ 'a poA gbal ka ak'^fa ak6. 

20. Kgn', qvi^ son t'amasere tr^ka ama-tref am6, 
pd ho: Ts^ntsene, 1 der lemp. Amina: aiik6, der, 
R^bbu Yisua! 

21. Tra am-bOua na o-H^bbu-ka-su Yisua Masia 
Ha ^i re n;ya be! Amina. 


Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

GooqIc '. ii 

Digitized by VjOOQ 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC