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Full text of "American ancestors of Oratio Dyer Clark and of his wife Laura Ann King; ... ancestry of Anne Hutchinson"

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3 1833 01203 0653 

The American Ancestors 


Oratio Dyer Clark 

-^ and of his wife 

Laura Ann King 

together with the ancestry of 

Anne Hutchinson 

Ancestress of Oratio Dyer Clark 



Verified and Enlarged by 
George Castor Martin 









\ V-- 

oallsijur,", Jolm i'Mv/iri. 

I'he iijuerj OL\ri tcncetLorij of Oritio 
Dyer Clbrk ;aii.l of hitj v/ife Itnirji ^van 
lling together v;itli tlie c/noGstry'Of 
iinne Hutchir.son i-.j\cestre^-:c; of Or;j.tio 
Dyer Clrrk. . . veri '"ieu incl ezilar^-ed by 
Geor^^-;e Oc-::btor i..;irtln. ..sbury , Purlc, 
li.J., Ilcrtin ^ ixlli Tc.yGe , lUl'/ . 

I'/O p. 


Plan, 1. 

Parti., 3. Families— Clnrke-Clark, 5; Dyer. 15; Hutchinson, 20 
Nichols. 20; Reynolds, 22; Rathbone, 23; Dodge, 27; Dickens, 
29; Pearce, 30; Hill, 35; Greene, 37; Almy, 41 ; Sayles, 43; Wil 
Hams. 44; King, 48; Hollon, 52; Pomeroy, 53; Sheldon, 56 
Allen, 58; Earle, 59; Wait, 61 ; Borden and Cook, 63. 

Part II., 67. Families— Hutchinson, 69; Marbury, 77; Blount, 78 
Ayala, 85; King of Leon, 86; Byron, 87; Hawley, 91 ; Dryden, 
92; Cope, 92; Raleigh, 94; Charlemagne, 95; Knyvett, 97; Staf- 
ford, 99; De Audley and Clare, 100. 

Pzirt III., 101. Families — Norman Counts of Guisnes, 103; Counts of 
Flanders, 104; Charlemagne, 104; Guelphish Royal Line. 106; 
Saxon Kings, 111. 

Part IV., 1 13. Families — Beauchamp, 115; Newburgh and Manduit, 
115; Harcourt, 116; Camville, 117; Warren, 118; Russian Royal 
Family, 118; Charlemagne, 119; Saxon Kings, 121; Norman 
Kings, 121 ; Counts of Flanders, 123; Kings of Britain and the 
family of Mortimore, 123; Fines, Fienes, or Fiennes, 125. 

Part v., 127. Families— Cospotrick and Neville, 129; Saxon Kings, 
1 30 ; Norman Kings, 132; House of Anjou ; 1 34 ; Counts of Flan- 
ders, 136; Charlemagne, 138; Kings of France, 138; Kings of 
Scotland, 141. 

Part VI., 143. Families— Kins of Scotland, 145; Warren, 146; 
Charlemagne, 146; Counts of Flanders, 149; Saxon Kings, 150; 
Wittckind and the Emperors of Germany, 152; Norman Kings, 
152; House of Anjou, 154; Bohun, 156; Kings of France, 157; 
Russian Royal Family, 1 58. 

Part VII., 161. Families— Saxon Kings, 163; Norman Kings, 164; 
House of Anjou, 165; Counts of Flanders, 166; Charlemagne, 
167; Kings of France, 167; Kings of Scotland, 168. 

Authorities, 1 69. 


Chart I. begins with the children of Oratio Dyer Clark and Laura 
Ann King, his wife. These children each bear the numeral "I," and 
form the starting point from which each line of ancestry has been 
traced. Their parents are numbered "2," their grandparents "3," and 
that system is carried back until the extreme traceable point of each 
line is reached. In the body of the book, each line shown on the chart 
is fully historied. Chart II. is a partial record of the ancestors of the 
celebrated Anne Hutchinson, ancestress of Mr. Clark through two 
distinct lines, so let it be remembered that every progenitor recorded 
on Chart II., or in Part II. of the body of the book, is twice an ancestor 
of his, and where, as in many cases, the record shows three, four, five, 
or more descents from one man, that number must be doubled. The 
ancestry of Anne Hutchinson has been charted by the compiler, a very 
difficult task. When finished, it measured sixteen by six feet, and 
was too large to be printed by any press in the United States. Chart 
II. is a portion of that immense chart and is merely a key to the record 
embodied in Part II. of the book. Cross-references throughout the 
volume will assist the reader to follow back all the lines to their origin. 

No record has been printed in this work as a fact that has not been 

fully investigated and verified. A partial list of references has been 

included in the back of the volume, and should question arise as to 

the authenticity of any portion of the work, its verity can easily be 




b. — born. m. — married. d. — died. bap. — baptized. 


The American Ancestry 


The first of this family of whom record exists was — 

10. John Clarke, who, according to the old family Bible, printed in 
I 608 and now preserved in the library of Rochester University, was 
interred March 3, 1559, aged about 41 years. 

(9) 1. John, b. Feb. 2, 1541; bap. Feb. 11, 1541. 

2. Thomas, bap. Jan. 4, 1 543. 

9. John Clarke married Catharine, daughter of John Cooke. She 
died March 11 , 1 598, and was buried on March 30th. John died April 
4, 1 598, and was interred on the 7th day of that month. 

1. John, b. on St. Mary's Day, and bap. May 1, 1569. 
(8) 2. Thomas, b. on All Saints' Day, and bap. Nov. 3, 1570. 

3. Carew, bap. Aug. 17, 1572. 

4. Pason, bap. Dec. 6, 1574. 

5. John, bap. Mar. 17, 1577. 

8. Thomas Clarke, baptized November 3, 1 570, married Rose, daugh- 
ter of John Herrige, who died September 1 9, 1 627. He, Thomas, was 
of Wartrup, Bedfordshire. The foregoing facts and dates were written 
by him in the old Bible previously mentioned, together with the birth 
dates of his children. The record was continued by Joseph Clarke (7) 
and was brought to America by him, or by one of his children. 
Issue (born in Bedfordshire) : 

1 . Margaret, b. Feb. 1 , 1 600. 

2. Carew, b. Feb. 3, 1602; bap. at Walpole, England, Feb. 
17, 1602; d. after 1679. 


3. Thomas, b. 1605; d. Dec. 2, 1674. 

4. Mary, b. 1 607 ; m. John Peckham. 

5. John, b. Oct. 8. 1609; d. Apr. 20, 1676. 

6. William, b. 1611. 

(7) 7. Joseph, b. Dec. 9. 1618. 
7. Joseph Clarke married twice. The name of his first wife is not 
known, and of his second, only her Christian name remains on record. 
The date of Joseph's arrival in America is not known, but it has been 
ascertained that he landed in Boston and travelled to Newport, Rhode 
Island, where, in 1638, he was admitted an inhabitant of the Island 
of Aquidneck (Rhode Island). He was a man of considerable import- 
ance in the Colony, as is shown by the following list of offices he filled: 

1640. Member of the General Court of Elections. 

1648. Member of the General Court of Trials. 

1655. Commissioner. Also in 1657, 1658, and 1659. 

1658. Governor's Assistant. Also in 1 663, 1 664, 1 665, 1678, and 


1668. Deputy. Also in 1 669. . 1 670, 1671, 1672, and 1690. 

1667. Member of the Court of Justices of the Peace. 

He took the Freeman's oath on March 17, 1 641 , and was Freeman 
of Westerly in 1668. He was one of the original ten male members 
of the First Baptist Church in Rhode Island (1644), and in the Royal 
Charter of the Colony, granted July 8, 1663 by Charles II., he is men- 
tioned as Governor's Assistant. His name appears in the list of the 
inhabitants of Westerly, compiled May 18, 1669, and in a list with 
thirty-three others of that town who took the oath of allegiance in 


in 1679. In 1680, he wiis taxed in Newport, and September 25, 1685, 
he and his wife, Margaret, styling themselves "of Newport," deeded 
89 arces, or 1-154 share, of Conanicut Isl.'nd, and 1-154 share of 
Dutch Island to Francis Brinley. !n I 690 he was appointed one of the 
committee to proportion 'the taxes to the respective towns of Rhode 
Island, and died June 1 , I 694, in Westerly. 

1. Joseph, b. Apr. 2, 1643. 

2. John, d. Apr. 11,1704. 

3. William, d. Sept. 30, 1683. 

4. Joshua, d. after 1 702. 

5. Thomas, d. after 1705. 

6. Susannah, d. 1695. 

7. Mary, d. after 1695. 

8. Sarah, b. Jan. 29, 1663. 
(6) 9. Carew. 

10. Elizabeth. 
Of these cltildren, Joseph married, first, Bcthia Hubbard, and 
second, FFmnnh, widoAv of Thomas Peckham ; William married Han- 
nah Weeden; Joshua married Alice Phillips; Mary married Tobias 
Saunders; and Sarah m.arried Thomas Reynolds. 

6. Carew Clarke married, February 4, 1693, Anne, daughter of Sam- 
uel Dyer and his wife, Anne Hutchinson. See Dyer record. The 
ceremony was performed by Benedict Arnold, Assistant, in Newport. 
Carew died at Quidnessett, North Kingston, in 1759, and his will, 
which was offered for probate June 5th of that year, was admitted for 
probate July I 4, 1 760. Joseph Clarke, Carew's son, was made admin- 


istrator for the estate of his brother, Hutchinson Clarke, in January, 



1. Carew, b. Sept. 20, 1696. 

2. Anne, or Ann, b. Sept. 8, 1698. 
(5) 3. Joseph, b. Oct. 20, 1699. 

4. Mary, b. Aug. 8, 1 700. 

5. Caleb, b. May 22, 1703. 

6. Jonathan, b. Aug. 1 2, 1 705. 

7. William, b. Jan. 15, 1707. 

8. Elisha, b. May 6, 1709. 

9. Samuel, b. Oct. 1, 1711. 

10. Margaret, b. Oct. 24, 1713. 

11. Hutchinson, b. May 1, 1715. 

12. James, b. Feb. ?,????. 

Of these children, Carew married Judith Duccineer; Anne mar- 
ried Samuel Dunn; Mary married Whitman; Caleb married 

Dinah ; Joniithan married Mary Lillibridge; William married 

Ann Green; Elisha married Abigail Tillinghast; and Margaret married 

5. Joseph Clarke was born in Newport, Rhode Island, October 20, 
1699, and at the time of his marriage, at East Greenwich, November 

6, 1 718, to Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas and Mercy Nichols, resided 
in Warwick. See Nichols record. The marriage was performed by 
Thomas Spencer, Justice. Elizabeth Nichols was born March 16, 
1695. Joseph Clark lived on "Potowomut TJeck," Warwick, near 
the line that separated that suburb of Warwick from East Kingston, 



since built upon, and now part of East Greenwich. His property 
there was deeded, December 27, 1756, to Jabez Reynolds, and soon 
after that date Joseph was recorded a resident of North Kingston, 
where he was living as late as March 9, I 765. 

1 . Mary, b. Aug. 1 6, 1 7 1 9, in East Greenwich. 
(4) 2. Benjamin, b. Sept. 3, 1 72 1 , in Warwick. 

3. Elizabeth, b. May 28, 1 724, in Warwick. 

4. Ann, b. June 1 3, 1 727, in Warwick. 

5. Ruth, b. Aug. 2, 1 730, in Warwick. 

6. Mercy, b. Aug. 24, 1 733, in Warwick. 

7. Lydia, b. July 1 6, 1 735, in Warwick. 

8. Hannah, b. Sept. 5, 1 737, in Warwick. 
Lydia married Richard Smith. 

4. Benjamin Clarke w^as born in Warwick, Rhode Island, September 
3, I 72 L He married, first, Elizabeth Brown, of Newport, who died in 
March, 1753, the 28th day, in her 25th year. His second wife was 
Phebe, or Phoebe, daughter of John and Desire (Joyce) Arnold, of 
East Greenwich. His third wife was Patience, daughter of John Rath- 
bone and Patience York, of Exeter. This marriage was performed by 
Jonathan Bates, Justice, at Exeter, January 2, 1 780. Benjamin Clarke 
was admitted a freeman of Warwick in 1 741 . About the time of his 
marriage to Phebe Arnold, which ceremony took place January I , 
I 755, he removed to East Greenwich, and later went to North Kings- 
ton where he remained until the time of his third marriage. Benjamin 
was a sea captain, and made many voyages across the Atlantic. He 
and his third wife were living as late as February 20, 1 786, when they 


gave a mortgafje on 36 acres of Innd inherited by Ri'lience from her 
father. This mortgage was cancelled only one month after it was 
executed, and the land remained in Patience's po^cession initil March 
29, I 789, when she deeded it to Sjimuel Spencer, r am'ly tradition has 
it that Benjamin served during the Revolution under Colonel Babcock, 
who was in command at Norfolk. He entered in his mother's prayer 
book (published in 1743) the birth dates of his sisters as well as 
own record and those of his children, 
issue (by first wife) : 

i. Benjamin, b. 1753. 
Issue (by second wife) : 

2. Lucy, b. Apr. 5, 1 755, in East Glec^^vich. 

3. Desire, b. July 1 , 1 756, in East Greenwich. 

4. John, b. June 7, 1 758, in East Greenwich.. 

5. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 22, I 760, in East Greenwich. 

6. Mary, b. Mar. 29, 1 763, in East Greenwich. 

7. Joseph. 
Issue (by third wife): 

(3) 8. John, b. Sept. 22, 1780, in Exeter, R. I. 
9. Lydia, b, Mar. 7, I 783, in Exeter, R. I. 
Of these children, Lucy married James Sweet; Desire m.arried 
William Tallman; and the first John died young. 

3. John Clarke, or Ckir!:, was born Scptenibcr 22, 1 780, at r.xeter, 
Rhode Island. I !e married, September 3, 1803, Phoebe, daughter of 
John Pearce and his wife, Freelove Dyer. Phoebe was born Septem.ber 
25, 1779. See Pearce record. Soon after their marriage, John and 
Phoebe went to White Creek, Washington County, New York, v/here 



their first child was i^orn. 'i'hey mo'/ec! to Shaftsbury, Vermont, then 
to Arlington, in the i^uTie Stcte, then returned to White Creek where 
their fifth child was born. In 1819 they removed to Sandy Creek, 
New York, a then new eettL:-ment in Oswego County, where John died, 
June 29, 1865, and was interred in the Sc.ndy Creek Cemetery. 
I'hoebe died September 28, 1 872, aged 93 years. 

1. Retsy, b. Aug. 4, 1804. 

2. Benjamin, b. Feb. 22, 1807. 

3. John Pearce, b. Feb. 8, 1809. 
(2) 4. OratioDyer.b. July 27, 1811. 

5. Phebe Ann,b. Apr. 24, 1815. 

6. Joseph Arnold, b. Dec. 29, 1317. 

7. Ira,b. M-y 19, 1820. 

Of these children, Betsy m: rricd Zebulon Baldwin; Benjamin 
did not marry; John married Ammda Allen; Phoebe married Dewey 
Child SAvJnny:[.h mnried S.a„h Greenwood; and Ira died in 

2. Oratio Dyer Clark v/as born 27, 1811, in Arlington, Vermont. 
He married, in Pukaki, New York, May 4, 1837, Laura Ann, daughter 
of Henry King tind his wife, Elizabeth Allen. See King record. He 
resided in White Creek, Adams, and Sraidy Creek, New York; Eelvi- 
dere, Illinois; and Nkinchesler, Iowa, dying in the last named place 
May 29, 1 899. 

(1) 1. Prudence Allen, b. Mar. 18, 1838. 



(A) (I) 2. Harriet Allen, b. May 21, 1839. 

(B) (1) 3. Dyer 0.,b. Dec. 31, 1841. 

(C) (1) 4. AmandaB.,b. Feb. 14, 1843. 
(1)5. Frances Gertrude, b. May 4, 1 845. 

(D) (1) 6. De Alton, b. Jan. 25, 1847. 

(1) 7. Gertrude Emily, b. Nov. 18,1848. 

(E) (1) 8. ClarenceDon.b. Apr. 16, 1851. 

Of these children, Prudence A. died in infancy, as did Frances G., 
and Gertrude; the others are treated of in the order of their birth: 

A. 1 . Harriet Allen, born in Sandy Creek, New York, May 21 , I 839; 
married, in Belvidere, Illinois, September 9, 1857, Henry Fayette, son 
of Fayette and Lucretia (York) Hamlin. Harriet died in Manchester, 
Iowa, in 1 898. The children of this couple were: 

I. Frank H. Hamlin, born June 12, 1859; died Omaha, 
Nebraska, June 4, 1894. 

II. Charles F. Hamlin, born July 12, 1861, who married, 
December 29, 1 894, Jessie Kelley. 

III. Clarence C. Hamlin, born January 7, 1 868, who mar- 
ried, November 1 6, 1 898, Seddie Gunnel. 

B. 1. Dyer O., born in Ellisburg, New York, December 31, 1841. 
He married, first, in Belvidere, Illinois, May 25, 1864, Eliza Briggs, 
second, at Omaha, Nebraska, Margaret Boyd, and third. Margaret 
Stevens, at Towanda, Pennsylvania, May 27, 1909. Dyer O. Clark 
has resided in Belvidere and Peoria, Illinois; Manchester, Iowa; 
Denver, Colorado; and Omaha, Nebraska, and at present (1916), 
having retired from business life, he resides at Towanda, Penn- 



sylvania. Dyer served in Co. G, 36th Regiment, Illinois Volunteer 
Infantry, and was wounded at the battle of Pea Ridge. 

C. I. Amanda B., was born in White Creek, New York, February 
14, 1843. She married, jn Belvidere, Illinois, November 21, 1865, 
James, son of Elias and Lavina (Baker) Tisdel. James Monroe Tis- 
del was born in Alexander, New York, July 1 2, 1 840. He was captain 
of Co. B, 95th Regiment, Illinois Volunteers in the Civil War, and later 
served in the Wyoming Legislature. Amanda lived in Batavia, New 
York; Belvidere, Illinois; Rock Springs, Wyoming; Manchester, 
Iowa; and Washington, D. C, and died in Chicago, Illinois, May 23, 
1904, at the residence of her son, Fred Monroe Tisdel. Her children 
were:l. James Clark Tisdel, born March 10, 1867; married Emily 
B. Mason; II. Fred Monroe Tisdel, born January 7, 1869; married 
Nellie Lee Monroe; and. III. Frank, born January 1 I, 1872; died in 

D. I . De Alton Clark was born in Sandy Creek, New York, January 
25, 1847. He married, in Quincy, Illinois, September 21, 1870. 
Mary Baker. He resided in Belvidere and Chicago, Illinois; ManiiKS- 
ter, Iowa; and in Rock Springs, Wyoming, dying in the last mentioned 
place. May 6, 1889. His children were: I. Charles Frederick, born 
in July, 1871, who married July 26, 1900, Joy Ivy Flower; II. Flor- 
ence Adell, born in January, 1873, who married, September 29, 1897, 
Arthur McD. Gildersleeve; 111. Harry DeAlton, born April 12, 
1877, who married. May 17, 1899, Annie Elizabeth Kellogg; IV. 
Mabel Alvord, born in October. 1884; who married, July 16, 1903, 
Harry Morris Beveridge. 

E. 1 . Clarence Don Clark was born at Sandy Creek, New York, April 



16, 1851. He married, in Belviclere, Illinois, August 6, 1874, Alice 
Crinklaw Downs, daughter of George and Isabel (Mac Dougal) 
Crinklaw, both of whom died during their daughter's infancy. Alice 
was reared in the family of Mr. George Downs, of Belvidere. Clarence 
Don graduated from Iowa State University, and was admitted to the bar 
in 1874. He taught school and practiced law in Delaware County, 
Iowa, until 1881, when he removed to Evanston, Wj'orning, where he 
now resides. He was prosecuting attorney for Uinta County for four 
years; was a delegate to the Republican national conventions in 1 888, 
1900, 1904, 1908, and 1912; was appointed by President Harrison 
associate justice of the Supreme Court of the Territory of Wyoming 
in 1890, but declined the office. When Wyoming was admitted as a 
State he was elected to the Fifty-first and Fifty-second Congresses, 
but was defeated for re-eleciion to the Fifty-third Congress by a 
fusion of Democrats and Populists; was elected January 23, 1895, 
to the United States Senate for the term ending March 3, 1899, and 
was re-elected in 1899, 1905, and 1911, his term to expire March 3, 
Issue: I. George Laurence, born June 8, 1875, in Manchester, 

Iowa; died February 17, 1890, in Evanston, Wyoming. 
II. Laura Alice, born January 16, 1883, in Manchester, 

Iowa; married August 6, 1906, Charles P. Blyth. 

III. Margaret Helen, born February 1 2, 1 888, at Evanston,; married, September 22, 1910, Josiah H. 

IV. Frances Dyer, born February 17, 1889, at Evanston, 
Wyoming; married. April 12, 1910, George Hobart 




Note. Oratio Dyer Clark was descended from this family by virtue 
of two lines of his ancestors, the Greene and the Clarke families. The 
lesser numerals designating the generations under this heading refer 
to the Clarke co'nnection, and the greater numbers to the Greene line. 
Thus Richard Dyer was the eleventh generation back from and includ- 
ing the children of Oratio Dyer Clark in the Clark line, but twelfth 
generation back when traced through the Greene family. 

11 and 12. Richard Dyer, or Dyre, of Wincanton, Somersetshire, 
England, died in 1623. His son — 

10 and 11. John Dyer, or Dyre, of Roundhill, Somersetshire, had 
issue — 

9 and 10. George Dyer, of Bratton Seymour, Somersetshire, who 
died after 1623 and before 1639. His son — 

8 and 9. William Dyer was born in Somersetshire, 1587, and died at 
Newport, Rhode Island, in 1676. In December, 1635, he joined the 
church in Boston of which Mr. Wilson was pastor, and during that 
month on the 20th day, his eldest son, Samuel, was baptized there. On 
March 15, 1637, William, with others, signed a remonstrance defend- 
ing Mr. Wheelwright whom the courts had condemned, and on Novem- 
ber 20, William and the other signers were ordered to deliver up all 
guns, pistols, swords, powder and shot in their possessions, as he and 
his friends had been "seduced into dangerous errors" by Mr. Wheel- 
wright and Mrs. Hutchinson. On March 7, 1638, he was in Ports- 
mouth, and with eighteen others, signed a religious compact, the same 



day being elected Town Clerk. In I 639, William was still Town Clerk 
of Portsmouth, and June 5 of that year he was one of several appoint- 
ed to apportion the land in the new town of Newport. 1640 to 1647, 
inclusive, he was Secretary of both Portsmouth and Newport, and in 
1648 was General Recorder for the Colony. 1650 to 1653, inclusive, 
he served the Colony as Attorney General. In 1 653, he went to Eng- 
land with Roger Williams and John Clarke, their object being to obtain 
the revocation of Governor Coddington's power, and returned the 
same year leaving his wife, Mary, in England. May 18, 1653, he was 
commissioned by the Assembly as "Captain William Dyer, Comman- 
der in Chief upon the sea" against the Dutch. In 1655, he was Free- 
man. Mary Dyer, William's wife, having spent five years in England, 
returned to Rhode Island in 1657 via Boston. During her absence 
from America, she had studied and accepted the belief of the Society of 
Friends, and, such belief being objectionable to the Boston Puritans, 
Mary was detained in that city and imprisoned. William Dyer ob- 
tained her release "bound in great penalty not to lodge her in any town 
of the Colony, nor to permit any to have speech with her in the jour- 
ney." For some time after this Mary Dyer remained quietly in New- 
port, but in 1 659, the spirit of unrest again seized her, and she returned 
to Boston where she was tried and condemned to die in company with 
Marmaduke Stephenson and William Robinson. On the scaffold, 
with the rope around her neck, she was reprived. On October 3 1 , 
1659, she addressed a letter to the magistrates which caused them to 
again banish her to Rhode Island. The spirit of unrest was still strong 
within her, and from that colony she sailed to Long Island and from 
there back to Boston, where May 31,1 660, she was taken before Gov- 


ernor Endicott who sentenced her to be hanged the following day. 
This time there was no reprive, and marched to the gallows escorted 
by soldiers, drums beating to prevent her utterances being heard by 
the people, Mary Dyer became a martyr to her belief. June 1 , I 660 
is the accepted date of the execution, but some accounts place the time 
one day later. William Dyer was Commissioner in 1661 and 1662; 
Deputy in 1664, 1665 and 1666; and General Solicitor in 1665, 1666 
and 1668. He was Secretary to the Council in 1669. On March 27, 
1666, he was prosecuted for killing a mare, presumably the property 
of William Coddington. Dyer's Island was named for him, and Octo- 
ber 18, 1669, Governor Coddington testified that the Island had been 
granted to William Dyer. On July 7, 1670, he deeded to his son, 
Henry, the north end of his farm with the provision that if Henry had 
no sons, the land was to go to William's eldest son, Samuel, at Henry's 
decease, Samuel to give the daughters of Henry £150 therefor, the 
eldest daughter to have a double portion. August 5, 1670, William 
deeded all of Dyer's Island to William Dyer, his son, a free gift. It is 
not known when William senior married his second wife, but in 1681 
the records of the Town Council of Newport mention her dower, and 
it is known that she was still alive six years after that date. William 
died before December 24, 1677, when Governor Benedict Arnold 
made his will and mentioned William Dyer, Sr., "now late deceased." 

(7) and (8) 1. Samuel, b. 1635. 

2. Mary. 

3. William, of Newport, New York and Delaware. 

4. Mahershallalhashbaz, m. Martha Pearce; d. before 



5. Henry, b. 1647; m. Elizabeth Sanford; d. Feb., 

6. Charles, b. 1650; m. (1) Mary ; m. (2) 

Mary Wait, widow; d. May 15.1 709. 

7. Elizabeth. 

7 and 8. Samuel Dyer was baptized in Boston, December 20, 1635. 
He married Ann Hutchinson, who was born November 1 7, 1643, and 
who died January 10, 1 7 1 7. See Hutchinson record. Samuel resided 
in Newport witli his father, and was interested in lands in Westerly 
(Misquamicut), relating to which he signed certain papers on March 
22, 1661. In 1669 he was in Kingston, where May 21, he was ap- 
pointed Conservator of the Peace. He took the oath of allegiance to 
Rhode Island on May 20, 1671, and in 1680 his estate was taxed 15 
shillings and 6 pence. Ann, his w^ife, married, second, previous to 
October 18. 1687. Daniel Vernon, on which date she confirmed a deed 
to her son, Samuel Dyer. Ann died January 10, 1717. Her will was 
made January 1 , 1717, and was proved the same year. 

1. Samuel. 

2. Nathaniel, m. Aug. 9, 1688, Elizabeth Parrott. 
(7) 3. Edward, b. 1670. 

4. Elisha. 
(6) 5. Ann, m. Feb. 4. 1693, Carew Clarke. See Clarke record. 

6. Henry. 

7. Barret. 

7. Edward Dyer, born 1670 at South Kingston, Rhode Island, mar- 
ried Mary, daughter of William Greene and his wife, Mary Sayles. 



See Greene record. Mary Greene was born January 8, 1 677. Edward 

Dyer died at West Greenwich, after 1 760. 


(6) I. Edward, b. Jan. 6, 1701. 

2. Samuel 

3. William, b. 1 705. 

6. Edward Dyer was born January 6, 1 701 . He married, first, Lydia 
Loomis, and second, Abigail Pate. He died March 1 3, 1 788. 
Issue (by first wife) : 

1 . Captain Edward, m. Elizabeth Fish. 

(5) 2. John, m. 1 754, Batsheba Dunn. 
5. John Dyer was baptized in 1 736, at Quidnesset Neck, North Kings- 
ton, Rhode Island. He married, March 17, 1754, Batsheba Dunn, 
ceremony performed by Elder Samuel Albro at Exeter. "Both of 
North Kingston" according to the record. 

1. Samuel, m. Natty Gould Eldridge. 

(4) 2. Freelovc, bap. 175'). 

3. Nancy, m. I 782, Peleg Slocum. 

4. Nabby, m. Stephen Heffernan. 

5. Hannah. 

6. Esther, m. John Cottrell. 

7. Elizabeth, m. John Anthony. 

8. Lyda, m. David Millington. 

9. Mary, m. Nathaniel Cottrell. 

4. Freelove Dyer, baptized 1759; married, January, 1777, John 
Pearce. See Pearce record. 



The record of this family belongs properly with the section of 
this volume devoted to the American ancestors of Oratio Dyer Clark. 
For convenience, however, it forming the connecting link between 
the old and the new worlds, the compiler has placed it with the Euro- 
pean pedigrees in Part II., which see. 


7. Thomas Nichols, of Nevv^port, Rhode Island, Freeman 1664; Jury- 
man June 7, 1671, with forty-seven other settlers, was granted 5,000 
acres of land, the settlement of which formed the town of East Green- 
wich. He held public ofHce, being elected a Deputy to the General 
Court in 1679, 1685, 1686, 1690 and 1698. In 1680, he was taxed 
£1-9-7, a fairly large tax for those days. The last existing record of 
him was written November 5, 1 708, when he deeded land to his son, 
John. This deed was the last of a series of three for land in East 
Greenwich, the first dated November 17, 1689, the second November 
20, I 703. " Love " li'jurcd as the consideration in each instance. 
Hannah, his wife, was born December 1 7, 1 642. 

(6) 1. Thomas, b. Aug. 6, 1660. 

2. Susannah, b. Oct. 15. 1662. 

3. John, b. Apr. 16, 1666. 

4. Robert, b. Nov. 22, 1671. 

5. Hannah, b. Aug. 7, 1674. 

6. Benjamin, b. Jan. 28, 1676. 

7. Jonathan, b. June 10, 1681. 



8. Joseph, b. Apr. 18, 1684. 

9. Elizabeth, b. June 14, 1688. 

Of these children, John married, June 8, 1687, Hannah Forman, 
after .whose death, he married, second, Rebecca, widow of John An- 
drews; Robert married, February, 1698, Mary Case; Hannah mar- 
ried, February 22, 1695, William Arnold; Benjamin married Mary 

, and died a widower, in 1736; Jonathan, who was Deputy of 

Rhode Island in 1727, married, February, 1707, Elizabeth, daughter 

of Robert Lawton; Elizabeth married, February 1, 1706, Gideon 


6. Thomas Nichols, was born August 6, 1660. He lived at East 

Greenwich, and married Mercy, daughter of James Reynolds and his 

wife, Deborah. He took the Freeman's oath in I 682, and was Deputy 

to the General Court in 1 707, 1 709, 1711, 1716, 1719, 1721, 1 724, 

1732, 1736 and 1741. His will was made December 27, 1738, to 

which document he appended a codicil on August 27, 1 744. The 

will was proved in 1745. 


1 . Hannah, b. Mar. 9, 1 684. 

2. Mercy, b. Oct. 26, 1686. 

3. Deborah, b. Feb. 17, 1688. 

4. Susannah, b. May 9, 1690. 

5. Mary, b. Mar. 19, 1693. 

6. James, b. Mar. 19, 1693. 
(5) 7. Elizabeth, b. Mar. 16, 1695. 

8. Frances, b. Nov. 29, 1697. 

9. Comfort, b. Mar. 7, 1701. 



10. Thomas, b. Apr. 27, 1702. 

11. Benjamin, b. June 28, 1703. 

5. Elizabeth Nichols married, November 6, 1718, Joseph Clarke. 
See Clarke record. 


8. William Reynolds, of Providence, Rhode Island, w^ith tv/elve 
others, complained to the Colony of Massachusetts of the ** insolent 
and riotous carriage of Samuel Gorton and his company," and later, 
January 30, 1644, he, and others of Providence, testified as to the 
outrage committed upon the Warwick settlers by Massachusetts. 
January 27,1 645, William sold to Robert Williams all his houses and 
home-share, together with three small pieces of meadow. The same 
day, he sold six acres on Fox's Hill to William Field. April U , 1 645 
he sold to Thomas Lawton his valley of 80 acres and three acres of 

(7) 1. James. 

7. James Reynolds, of Providence and Kings Town (Kingston), 

died there in 1 700. By his wife, Deborah, he had — 


1. John, b. Oct. 12, 1648; killed by Indians, 1675. 

2. James, b. Oct. 28, 1650; m. Mary Greene. 

3. Joseph, b. Nov. 27, 1652; m. Susannah ; d. 1722. 

4. Henry, b. Jan. 1, 1656; m. Sarah Greene; d. 1716. 

5. Deborah, b. 1658; m. John Sweet; d. before 1716. 

6. Francis, b. Oct. 12, 1662; m. Elizabeth Greene; d. 1722. 


(6) 7. Mercy, b. 1664; m. Thomas Nichols. 

6. Mercy Reynolds, born 1 664, married Thomas Nichols. See 
Nichols record. 


9. Richard Rathbone, the first of this family in America, settled in 
Massachusetts. He was, presumably, of the Liverpool family, and 
was born in England in 1574. He married Marion Whipple, sister of 
Captain John Whipple, the former being mentioned in the will of the 
latter made at Ipswich, Massachusetts, December 16, 1616, and pro- 
bated January 28, 1618. 

1. William, a minister, who was living and preaching in 
Vermont in 1 630. He was b. I 598. 

2. Joseph, b. circa 1600; left no issue. 

3. Thomas, b. 16??; left no issue. 
(8) 4. John, b. circa 1610. 

8. John Rathbone, born circa 1610, came to America with his par- 
ents. He married, about 1633, and had one son: 

7. John Rathbone, born 1 634, who married on Block Island, Mar- 
garet, daughter of Tristram Dodge. See Dodge record. John died 
on Block Island in 1 702, and was survived by his wife and eight chil- 
dren. In 1660, when the purchase of Block Island from Governor 
John Endicott, Richard Bellingham, Daniel Dennison and William 
Flawthorne was considered, John Rathbone Vv'as one of the sixteen 
who met at the home of Dr. John Alcock, August 1 7th of that year, 
and decided on the purchase. As one of the sixteen o-\vners, he set- 



tied on the island in April, 1661. In 1664, his was one of the names 
presented to the Rhode Island Assembly by Captain James Sands, 
of Block Island, for admission as Freeman, which list was accepted 
on May 1 st. He was Deputy to the General Assembly in 1681, 1 682, 
1683 and 1684, and was a member of the Grand Jury in 1688. His 
first office was that of Overseer of Highways in 1676. September 
21, 1679, John and his wife, Margaret, deeded to their son, John, 
their " Messuage and Mansion house " on Block Island, same to revert 
to the other heirs of John, Sr., if John, Jr., left no issue. His will 
was dated February 1 2, 1 702, and was proved October 6th, of that 
year. In it is mentioned his house at Newport, a negro slave, pewter 
plate, etc. 

(6) I. Thomas, b. 1657. 

2. John, b. at Roxbury, Mass., 1658; m. at Rochester, 
King's Province, Rhode Island, by Samuel Fones and 
Richard Smith, Justices, November 11, 1686, Ann 
Dodge. Austin states that this marriage occured Jan. 
10, 1688, and Cooley, in his " Rathbone Genealogy," 
gives Nov. 1 1, 1686 as the date. Nov. 1 1, 1686 is the 
correct date, extracted from the original records at New 
Shoreham. Cooley also states that Tristram Dodge w^as 
the father of Ann, but it seems improbable that John 
married his mother's own sister, though same may have 
been the case. Ann was John's second wife, he having 
married, first, June 20, 1 680, a lady whose identity is 
not known. He resided on Block Island. 

3. Joseph, b. Block Island, 1670; m. May 19, 1691, Mary, 



dau. of Hugh and Rebecca (Harndcl) Mosher; d. 1749 
He was of Block Island, Kingston and Exeter. 

4. William, b. in Massachusetts, 1661 ; m. Dec. 18, 1680, 

Sarah ; d. 1727. He was of Block Island and 


5. Samuel, b. Aug. 3, 1672; m. Nov. 3, 1692, Patience, 

dau. of John and Patience (Throckmorton) Coggeshall. 
He remained on Block Island. 

6. Sarah (third child) b. June 1 0, 1 659; m. ( 1 ) Dec. 20, 
1678, Samuel, son of Peter and Mary George. Samuel 
b. Apr. 12, 1651; d. before 1692. 

7. Margaret. 

8. Elizabeth. 

6. Thomas Rathbone was born in Massachusetts, in 1657, and moved 
to Block Island with his parents, where, August 21, 1685, he married 
Mary, daughter of Nathaniel and Joan Dickens. (" New Shoreham 
Marriages," page 1 7.) May 5, 1 696, he was made Freeman of Block 
Island, and in 1700, 1703, 1704, 1705, 1711, 1 7 I 7 and 1731, served 
as Deputy to the General Court. In 1 702, he was Lieutenant of the 
militia company, and in 1 730, was Captain. His will was dated 
November 16, 1733, and was proved June 10, 1734. 

1. Margaret, b. Jan. 17, 1686. 

2. Mary, b. Nov. 24, 1687. 

3. Patience, b. Nov. 14, 1690; m. Benjamin Bentley. 

4. Constance, b. Jan. 17, 1692. 

5. Thomas, b. Jc.n. 29. 1695; m. Oct. 7, 1715, by Simon 



Ray, Warden, Lydia Mott. The " Rathbone Geneal- 
ogy " gives this date as Oct. 27, 1715, which is not cor- 
rect and does not agree with the original record at New 

6. Sarah, b. Apr. 1 , 1 698; m. Jonathan Rathbone, of Lyme, 

7. Elizabeth, b. Mar. 1 , 1 700 ; m. Feb. 1 4. 1 720, John Gay. 

8. Samuel, b. July 1, 1702; m. (1) Experience ; m. 

(2) Abigaill . 

(5) 9. John, b. May 29, 1705. 

10. Syble, or Sylvia, b. Mar. 16, 1707; m. Wilcox. 

5. John Rathbone was born at Exeter, Rhode Island, May 29, 1705. 

He married, June 1, 1726, Experience . The marriage is noted 

on page 32 of the " New Shoreham Marriages." The original is im- 
perfect and almost impossible to decipher and it is probable that the 
wife's name really reads " Patience York," which was the name of 
John's wife as supplied by living descendants of that couple. John's 
will is recorded at Exeter. In this document, he calls his wife " MarJ^" 
Mary may have been a second wife, or that may have been a nick- 
name preferred by John to the longer Patience. The following chil- 
dren are all recorded in the printed copy of the New Shoreham Records 
as children of Thomas and Experience, but a certified copy made from 
the original record. May 12, 1915, by Edward P. Champlin, Town 
Clerk of New Shoreham, reads as follows, and corrects the printed 

"John Rathbun (son) of Tliomas, and Experience married 
June ye first 1726 and they had a daughter born named Elizabeth 



born ye 27 day of July 1 728 and they had a Son born unto them 

called John Rathbun August ye 7 Day 1 730 also another son called 
Simon (Simeon) Rathbun born ye 27 of June 1 732 and also a daugh- 
ter born called Miriam Rathbun born ye I 9 Day of May 1 736 and Had 
also another Darter born unto them called Paysbener (Patience) Rath- 
bun born ye 22 Day of January A. D. 1 742." 

" True copy taken this 1 2th day of May 1915. 


Town Clerk of New Shoreham." 

1. Elizabeth, b. July 27, 1728; m. Jonathan Spencer. 

2. John, b. Aug. 7, 1730; m. Alice Duane. 

3. Simeon, b. June 27, 1732. 

4. Miriam, b. May 19, 1736; m. Apr. 29, 1762, Samuel 

(4) 5. Patience, b. Jan. 22, 1742. 

4. Patience Rathbone or Rathbun, born on Block Island, January 22, 
1 742, married, June 20, 1 780, Benjamin Clark, of North Kingston, 
Rhode Island. Her birth record (" New Shoreham Births "), accord- 
ing to three different copyists, calls her Paysbener, Payschence and 
Patience. On page 26, " Exeter Marriages," wherein her marriage 
is recorded, she is called Patience. See Clark record. 


8. Tristram Dodge, first of the family in Rhode Island, came from 
New Foundland as is certified to by the following record: 


"To All Persons to Whom This Testimony Shall Appear": 

"Know ye, I, Simon Ray of Block Island, being eighty-one years 
of age and now upon oath do testify and declare that on ye first erect- 
ing and settleing of s'd Block Island there was some undivided land 
reserved by ye first purchasers for to accomodate fishermen for pro- 
moting of a fishing trade, and Tristram Dodge Sr. a fisherman came 
from New Foundland and ye freeholders willing for to settle him on 
s'd Island, gave unto him said Tristram Dodge three acres of land unto 
him and his heirs forever which land ordered by freeholders for to be 
measured unto him said Dodge situated and being on ye South East of 
ye Harbor that now is joined to the land of John Rathbon." 

"And unto ye truth of this testimony I set to my hand 

SIMON RAY, Warden." 
"Block Island, Feb. 28, 1718-19." 

Descendants of Tristram's grandson, David Britain Dodge, have 
carefully preserved records which state that the sons of Tristram fol- 
lowed him to Block Island in 1 667, coming from the north of England, 
near the River Tweed. Irlstram was made Freeman May 4, 1664; 
was Sergeant in 1676, and died, intestate, in 1 7 1 9 or 1720. 

1. John, d. 1729, aged 85 years. 

2. Israel. 

3. Tristram, d. Aug. 18, 1733, in his 87th year. (Head- 

4. William. 

(7) 5. Margaret, m. John Rathbone, Sr. 
6. Ann, m. John Rathbone, Jr. 



7. Margaret Dodge married John Rathbone. See Rathbone record. 
Ann, Margaret's sister, according to the " Rathbone Genealogy," 
married John Rathbone, Jr. It is certain that Ann did marry, Novem- 
ber II, 1686, a John Rathbone (See "New Shoreham Records"), 
and that John must have been the son of John and Ann's sister, Mar- 
garet, a most curious state of affairs. 


7. Nathaniel Dickens, of Providence, Newport, and New Shoreham, 
Rhode Island, married, first, Joan Tyler, widow, and, second, Sarah 

, who, after the death of Nathaniel in 1692, married, second, 

Thomas Brown. Sarah died in 1723. Records of Nathaniel are few. 
July 27, 1650, and August 12, 1 650, he sold land in Providence 
where he was then living. In 1655, he was made Freeman, at Provi- 
dence and about 1660, moved to Newport. May 8, 1671, he served 
on the Jury at Newport and February 28, 1677, he sold to certain 
Hebrews the land now included in the Jewish Cemetery in that city. 
Mis will was dated October 18, 1690, and was proved January 16, 
1 723. He was living on Block Island at the time of his death but -v/hen 
he moved there is not known. 
Issue (all by his first wife) : 

1. Dorcas, b. 1664; m., Jan. 7, 1680, Tristram Dodge; d. 
Feb. 18, 1737. 
(6) 2. Mary, m. Apr. 21,1 685, Thomas Rathbone. 

3. Thomas, b. 1668; m. Dec. 25. 1693, Sarah ; d. 

Sept. 4, 1718. 

4. John, m. (1) Jane Ball; m. (2) Joanna . 



5. Roger. 

6. Mary Dickens married, August 21, 1685, Thomas Rathbone, who 
was born 1657 and who died December 26, 1733. See Rathbone 


8. John Pearce, mason, (so called always by genealogists to distinguish 
him from another John Pearce, son of Richard) was born in 1 632, tra- 
ditionally in Cornwall, Britain. Just when he entered Rhode Island is 
not known. The earliest record of him was made January 5, 1666, 
when he took the freeman's oath. He resided on Prudence Island, 
about fifteen miles from Portsmouth, and there his descendants contin- 
ued to dwell for many generations. His first purchase of land was made 
April 1 4, 1 668, from William Cory, a house and thirty-eight acres. His 
birth year is computed from testimony supplied by him on May 7, 
1673 concerning the death of one Rebecca Cornell at which time he 
called himself forty-one years of age. He was one of the original 
forty-eight owners of East Greenwich, the land granted to him Octo- 
ber 31, 1677, which property, January 12, 1678, with the permission 
of the Assembly, he disposed of to Henry Matteson. He served the 
Colony twice only in official capacity; first, March 16, 1685, as jury- 
man; second, March 5, 1686, as coroner's juryman at the house of 
James Sweet, Jr., on Prudence Island. On February 23, 1691, he 
purchased from John Greene, of Warwick, 420 acres in Natick and a 
meadow near there, which property he and his wife, Mary, deeded 
August 23, 1691 to their son Daniel, he to have possession at the 
death of his father. His will was dated September 23, 1 689 and was 



proved April 26, I 692. His wife, Mary, surname not known, was 
executrix and residuary legatee; John, the elder son, received a cow, 
and his father's gun; Daniel received a mulatto boy; and Mary, his 
daughter, wife of Robert Hill, acquired a negro boy "George." Mary 
Pearce, wife of John, made her will on September 17, 1711, and that 
document was proved October 8, 1711. Daniel Pearce, her son, was 
executor, and the estate excepting only a negro woman, and 40 shil- 
lings for the poor, was divided into thirds, one portion to John, one 
to Daniel, and the other less five shillings which was to be paid to Mary 
Sweet (her daughter, who married, second, after the death of Robert 
Hill, James Sweet), was to be held by Daniel and supplied to the said 
Mary at his discretion should she need it, all undisposed of at the time 
of her death to be divided among her seven children by her first hus- 
band. Daniel received, also, a negro woman, Betty, but was ordered 
to pay £1 to his brother in lieu thereof. 

1 . John, d. 1 7 1 5 ; m. Martha Brayton. 
(7) 2. Daniel. 

3. Mary, m. ( I ) Robert Hill; m. (2) James Sweet. 

7. Daniel Pearce, of Prudence Island, married twice, but unfortunate- 
ly, no record of his first wife remains. His second ■wife was Elizabeth 
Tabor, whom he married December 1 3, 1 703, and both he and she were 
still living in July, 1728, when Daniel Jr. gave bond to the town of 
North Kingston to support his father and the latter's wife Elizabeth, 
and to furnish them with the use of a horse. The original record of 
this marriage reads "Daniel Pears and Elizabeth Tabor both of Pru- 
dence Island married by Giles Slocum asst. December 13, 1703," 



(Portsmouth Marriages). The name "Tabor" is certainly correct, 
ahhough other v/orks deahng with the family invariably copy Mr. 
Austin's error (in his Gen. Diet, of R. 1.) and give the name as "Tuck- 
er." Daniel v^^as a butcher by trade. He took tlie freeman's oath 
June 16, 1692, was constable in 1694, 1695 and 1697; Deputy in 
1698, 1701, 1705, 1720, 1721 and 1731; Assessor, elected September 
1 . 1707; Justice of the Peace in 1 708, 1 709, 1710 and 1711; and in 
1 724 was Overseer of the Poor, his last public office. In 1 700, he pur- 
chased 760 acres in Narragansett and in 1 721 he and his wife Elizabeth 
deeded 400 acres in Aquidneset to their sons Daniel and John, of 
Portsmouth (i. e. Prudence Island). In 1 723, he was living in North 
Kingston, where he and his wife gave a deed of mortgage for £650 to 
Colonel Samuel Brown, of Salem, 350 acres being the security. Here, 
August 11,1 724, he made a gift to the town of land for a road from 
Fones Bridge to the sea. March 10, 1726, he and his wife deeded 
200 acres to their son Daniel, of Prudence Island, and March 1 7th of 
the same year, 433 acres in North Kingston to Daniel and his brother 
John, both of Prudence Island, consideration £3,000. 
Issue (by his first wife) : 

(6) 1. Daniel, b. circa 1687. 

2. Margaret, b. circa 1 689. 

3. John, b. circa 1691. 

4 Mary, b. 1 693 ; m. 1 7 1 5, John Moss. 
Issue (by his second wife) : 

5. Benoni, b. circa 1704; m. Nov. 10, 1723, Sarah Rhodes, 
of North Kingston; d. Nov. 20, 1724. 

6. Nathan, b. 1706; d. Duchess County, N. Y., Mar. 15, 
1 790, aged 84 years. He m. Oct. 8, 1 724, Abigail Spink. 



7. William, b. circa 1709; removed from Prudence Island 
to North Kingston with his parents, later to Canterbury, 
6. Daniel Pearce, Jr., born circa 1687, freeman of Portsmouth June 6, 
1715, then residing on Prudence Island. In February, 1724, he be- 
came a freeman of Rhode Island. His marriage record (Portsmouth 
Marriages, page 34) reads "Daniel Pearce and Patience Hill both of 
Prudence Island married by Daniel Pearce, Justice, Oct. — I 708." 
Patience was the daughter of Jonathan Hill. See Hill record. Daniel 
Pearce, Jr., resided on Prudence Island until 1 737 when he removed to 
North Kingston where he died about 1 758. In February, 1 727 he 
and his wife Patience, of Prudence Island, sold lands in North Kingston 
to John Pearce, also of Prudence. In the same month he sold lands in 
the same place to Nathan Pearce for £1 ,000. In 1 732 and 1 733 he was 
Deputy to the General Assembly from Portsmouth and on August 30, 
1 737 served on the Portsmouth petit jury. On April 1 7, 1 738, Dan- 
iel Pearce, Jr., of North Kingston, deeded to his son Daniel Pearce, 
glazier, 80 acres in North Kingston; and, January, I 739, he sold land 
to his son Nathaniel, bordering easterly on the land of Daniel Pearce 
3rd (i. e. the glazier). On June 26, 1 744, Daniel, Jr., and Nathaniel 
assisted in taking the inventory of the estate of John Pearce, of Pru- 
dence Island. 
Issue (all born on Prudence Island) : 

1 . Sarah, b. Mar. 6, 1 7 1 0. 

2. Nathaniel, b. Jan. 20, I 7 1 5 ; m. Meribah . 

(5) 3. Daniel 3rd, b. Oct. 20, (or 22, as in some records) 1717. 

4. Jonathan, b. Apr. 6, 1719; of Portsmouth. 

5. Deliverance, b. Sept. 20, 1720; m. Elisha Tillinghast. 



6. Thomas, b. May 31, 1723; m. 1748, Martha Pearce, his 
first cousin, dau. of John and Martha. Thomas d. Apr. 

30, 1752. 

7. William, b. May 8, 1725; m. Jan. 5, 1756. Meribah 
Pearce. widow of Nathaniel, his brother. 

8. Patience, b. Nov. 21, 1728; m. Wall. 

9. Ebenezer, b. Feb. 17, 1731; in census of 1744 as "of 
North Kingston." 

5. Daniel Pearce 3rd, was born October 20, (or 22,) 1717. He was 
a glazier, and was made freeman of North Kingston and of the Colony 

of Rhode Island in 1 738. He married Mary , and his children 

are all recorded in the office of the Town Clerk of East Greenwich, 

where the name is spelled "Pierce." 

Issue ("East Greenwich Births and Deaths") : 

1 . Sarah, b. Oct. 9, 1 743, in East Greenwich. 

2. Lawrence Southcote, b. Apr. 12, 1745. in East Green- 
wich, census of 1 774 records him in North Kingston. 

3. Daniel, b. Aug. 19, 1 746, in East Greenwich; d. young. 

4. Langworthy, b. in Warwick; recorded in census of 1 774 
as in North Kingston. 

5. Jonathan (1.), b. Sept. 6, 1749, on Prudence Island; d. 

6. James, b. Mar. 17. 1751. on Prudence Island. 

7. Mary, b. Apr. 25, 1753. on Prudence Island. 

8. Deliverance, b. Mar. 12. 1755, on Prudence Island; m. 
Sept. 24, 1 780, John Sprague, of Rowland. 

(4) 9. John, b. Oct. 4. 1 756, on Prudence Island. His birth is 



recorded in both East Greenwich and Providence. 

10. Jonathan (II.), b. July 3, 1758, at South Kingston. 

11. Eleanor, b. Feb. 20, 1760, at South Kingston; m. Sept. 
1 , 1 782, Samuel Rice of Peleg. 

1 2. Daniel, b. Jan. 1 , I 763, at North Kingston. 
4. John Pearce, or Pierce, being recorded in the latter form of spelling 
at East Greenwich where his birth record is filed, and at Providence 
where same is duplicated, was born on Prudence Island October 4, 
1 756. He was a resident of East Greenwich, and in January, 1777, 
married at North Kingston, Freelove, daughter of John Dyer of that 
place. ("North Kingston Marriages," page 1 9. Date is not decipher- 
able in the original marriage record, and has been supplied by a mem- 
ber of the family.) See Dyer record. In 1809, this family removed 
into New York State and settled near Sandy Creek, Oswego County. 

(3) 1. Phebe, b. Sept. 25, 1779. 

2. Dyer, m. Phoebe Johnson. 

3. John. m. Hannah Ballou. 

4. Samuel. 

5. Ruth, m. Lyman Reynolds. 

6. Isaac. 

3. Phoebe, or Phebe, Pearce, b. Sept. 25, 1779, married, September 
3, 1803, John Clarke. See Clark Record. 


8. Jonathan Hill, of Warwick, and of Prudence Island, near Ports- 
mouth, Rhode Island, died before 1690. His wife's name was Mary, 


and the only record of her extant is resistered at Warwick and relates 
to the birlh of the third and last son, mentioning Mary as the mother. 
I . Robert, of Warwick, and of Prudence Island, married 
Mary, dau. of John and Mary F'earce. 
(7) 2. Jonathan, b. 1657. 

3. Henry, b. June 24, 1661, at Warwick. He removed to 
Kingston (then King's Tov/n) and later to East Green- 
wich. He m. Elizabeth . 

7. Jonathan Hill was born on Prudence Island in 1657. He died 
September 5, 1731. The year of his birlh is reckoned from his state- 
ment, December 24, 1695, in a deposition, that he was then "about 
thirty-eight." December 24, 1698, he was living on Prudence Island, 
being one of a number of parties to a suit. He owned land in Cowset, 
purchased from Philip Sweet, July 6, 1 703, and in Warwick, which 
latter he deeded to his son Thomas, of Swanzey, 1 05 acres, January 
16, 1721. Administration v/as granted to his two eldest sons on 
September 15, 1731. He was a comparatively wealthy man for his 
time. The inventory of his estiite amounted to £791 :3:6; his wear- 
ing apparel, buckles and buttons being valued at £30:5:0. He owned 
five black slaves, Jane £50; Dinah £50;Cuffe (Coffee) £60; Ex- 
perience (a child) £35 ; and Prince £40. 

1 . Jonathan. 

2. Caleb, d. I 755 ; will proved Feb. 9, 1 755. 

3. Mary, m. Isaac Lawton. 
(6) 4. Patience. 

5. Rebecca, m. John Allen. 


6. Thomas, b. 1692. 

7. Ebenezer, living in 1731. 

8. Sarah, unmarried in 1 731. 

6. Patience Hill married, October, 1 708, Daniel Pearce. See Pearce 


I 3. Richard Greene. His son — 

12. Richard Greene, of Bowridge Hall, Gillingham, Dorsetshire, Eng- 
land. His son — 

1 1 . Richard Greene, of Bowridge Hall, was father of — 

10. John Greene, surgeon, born in 1597, who married, November 4, 
1619, Joan Tattersall. She died at Conanicut in 1 643, where she had 
taken refuge when the Massachusetts troops under Captain Cooke 
made their raid on the inhabitants of Shawomet, now Warwick, Rhode 
Island. John's second wife was AJice Daniels, widow, and his third 
was named Phillip (probably Phillipa), who survived him, and who, 
in a deed, August 11, 1 668, mentioned her "granddaughter Phillip 
Greene." Alice Daniels, his second wife, held land in Providence as 
early as 1637. Phillip was born in 1601, and died March 10, 1688. 
It is probable that John Greene was born at Bowridge Hall, the seat of 
his ancestors. He resided in England at Salisbury, Wiltshire, and his 
first marriage took place in St. Thomas' Church in that city. The 
baptismal records of all of his children appear in the register of that 
church. Henry E. Turner, in his work "The Greenes of Warwick in 
Colonial History" states that John was the son of Peter Greene, of 
Aukley Plall, Salisbury, but later investigations proved this incorrect, 



and the authentic pedigree has been printed above. John Greene 
sailed in the ship "James," from Hampton for Boston, April 6, 1635, 
and landed at the latter place with his wife and five children on June 
3rd of that year. He went first to Salem, but August 1 , 1 637, he was 
in Providence, where, having spoken contemptuously against the mag- 
istrates, he was held in 100 marks bail to appear before the quarterly 
court. September 29, 1637, he was fined ^20, and commanded to 
keep without the jurisdiction of the court under penalty of further fine 
and imprisonment. March 1 2, 1638, Roger Williams deeded to John 
Greene a parcel of land. John was one of the founders of the Baptist 
church in Rhode Island, one of the twelve men who organized it. In 
November, 1 642, he purchased of an Indian, Miantonomi, the land call- 
ed Occupassuatuxet, which property remained in the possession of his 
descendants until it was sold in 1 782 to John Brown, of Providence, 
whose descendants still live on the property. From the same Indian, 
January 12, 1643, John and twelve others purchased for 144 fathoms 
of wampum (Indian shell money ctrung on skin cords) the tract of land 
called Shawomet, now Warv/ick. September 1 2, 1 643, Pomham and 
Socconocco, Indians, complained of unjust treatment accorded ihem by 
John and his companions and the Warv/ick settlers were ordered to ap- 
pear before the magistrates of Massachusetts. The Warwick men re- 
fused, denying the power of the Massachusetts courts and soldiers un- 
der Captain Cooke were sent to bring them before the authorities. All 
were captured but John Greene, and were imprisoned until March, 
1644. John Greene, Samuel Gorton and Randall Holdcn sailed to 
England from New York in 1 644 to obtain redress for their wrongs, 
but were unsuccessful, and Greene and Holden returned to America, 
landing in Boston September 13, 1646. John was Comm.issioner in 



1654, 1655, 1656 and 1657. He took the freeman's oath in 1655. He 
died at Warwick, in 1 658, and his will was proved January 7, 1 659. 
Issue (all by his first wife) : 

(9) I. John, b. 1620; bap. Aug. 15, 1620. 

2. Peter, b. 1621; bap. Mar. 10, 1621; m. Mary, dau. of 
Samuel Gorton. 

3. Richard, b. 1623; d. young. 

4. James, b. 1 626 ; bap. June 21,1 626 ; m. ( 1 ) Deliverance, 
dau. of Robert Potter, of Warwick; m. (2) Elizabeth, 
dau. of John Anthony, of Portsmouth; d. Apr. 27, 1698, 
aged 7 1 years. 

5. Thomas, b. 1628; bap. June 4, 1628; m. Elizabeth, dau. 
of Rufus Barton, of Warwick; d. June 5, 1718, aged 
90 years. 

6. Joan, b. 1630; bap. Oct. 3, 1630; d. young. 

7. Mary, b. 1 633 ; bap. May 1 9, 1 633 ; m. James Sweet. 

9. John Greene, born 1620, baptized August 15 of that year; died 
Noveniber 27, 1 708, aged 88 years. He was baptized, as before 
stated, in St. Thomas' Church, Salisbury, Wiltshire, England. John 
had but one wife, Anne, daughter of William Almy, of Portsmouth, 
who died May 17, 1709, aged 88 years. In 1651, he was elected 
Commissioner from Warwick, which office he held until I 659, when he 
was elected Assistant and continued in that capacity until 1686, hav- 
ing been elected every year with two exceptions, for 27 years. He 
was again assistant in 1 689, and in 1 690 was elected Deputy Gover- 
nor of Rhode Island, holding that office until I 700. In I 65 1 and 1 652 
he was Recorder, and in 1657, 1658, 1659 and 1661, Attorney Gen- 



eral. A full and excellent account of Deputy Governor John Greene 

is contained In the "Greenes of Warwick." 


1 . D-borah, b. Aug. 1 0. 1 649 ; m. William Torrey. 

2. John, b. June 6, 1651 ; d. without issue. 
(8) 3. William, b. Dec. 6, 1652. 

4. Peter, b. Feb. 7. 1654-5; m. Elizabeth, dau. of Stephen 

5. Job, b. Aug. 27, 1656; m. Phebe, dau. of John Sayles. 

6. Phillip, b. Oct. 7, 1658; m. (I) Dickerson; m. 

(2) Caleb Carr, of Jamestown. 

7. Richard, b. Feb. 8, 1660; m. Ellen Sayles. 

8. Anne, b. Mar. 19, 1662-3; m. Thomas Greene, Jr. 

9. Catharine, b. Aug. 15, 1665; m. Charles Holden. 
1 0. Audrey, b. Dec. 26, I 667 ; m. Dr. John Spencer. 

1 I. Samuel, b. Jan. 30, 1669-70; m. Mary, dau. of Benjamin 
Gorton. Samuel was the father of the first Governor 
William Greene; grandfather of the second Governor 
William Greene; great grandfather of U. S. Senator Ray 
Greene (elected 1 794) ; and great great grandfather of 
Lieutenant Governor William Greene (elected 1871 
etc.), and uncle, through his brother William, in the 
eighth generation, from U. S. Senator Clarence Don 

Note. Austin, in his "Genealogical Dictionary of Rhode Island" dif- 
fers as to dates of the above children viz. — John, b. Nov. 6, 1651 ; 
William, b. Mar. I. 1653; Job, b. Aug. 27, 1656: Audrey, born Dec. 



27, 1 667 ; and Samuel, b. Jan. 30, 1 67 1 . 

8. William Greene was born December 6, 1652. He married Mary, 
daughter of John Sayles and his wife, Mary, daughter of Roger Wil- 
liams. Very little is known of this William Greene. See Sayles rec- 

Issue (with other children) : 
(7) 1. Mary, b. 1677. 
7. Mary Greene, born 1677, at Newport, married Edward, son of 
Samuel Dyer and his celebrated wife, Ann Hutchinson. See Dyer 



1 0. William Almy, born 1610, was at Lynn, Massachusetts, in 1631, 
where, June 14, he was fined eleven shillings for taking the canoe 
of a Mr. Glover without permission. Three years later, July 1 , 
1634, he was fined ten shillings for neglecting to appear at court when 
summoned, and was admonished to appear at the next court with 
an inventory of the goods he had received from one Edward John- 
son. During I 634, or early in 1 635, William returned to England, but 
his stay there was short, for he returned to New England in 1635 on 
the ship "Abigail," with his wife Audry (aged 32), his daughter Ann 
(aged 8), and his son Christopher (aged 3). William's age at that 
time was given at 34. On March 1 , 1 636, having won a suit and ob- 
tained judgment against David Johnson, he E.greed, on receipt of five 
nobles from Widow Johnson and five nobles from James Ludlam, to 
settle for that amount. On the same day, one Robert Way was or- 
dered to serve William Almy "till he hath satisfied the sum of £l 1 1." 
On April 3, 1637, William and nine others at Sandwich, were given 



liberty to select ground sufficient for the use of sixty families, and 
from that time until 1642, he resided at or near Sandwich. Decem- 
ber 4, 1 638, he was fined eleven shillings for keeping swine without 
rings in their noses, an ancient custom still in vogue to prevent root- 
ing. April 1 6, 1 640, he had a grant of Q]/z acres of land, and Decem- 
ber 7, 1641 , a calf belonging to him, then in the possession of Robert 
Bodfish, was attached to satisl}^ a suit unsettled when he left Sand- 
wich. June 22, I 642, is the last record of him in Massachusetts, and on 
that day he disposed of his lands in Sandwich to Edward Freeman and 
went to Rhode Island, where, November 1 4, 1 644, he obtained a 
grant of land on Wading River. In this Colony, he led an unfined 
existence and prospered. He sold land there to Richard Bulgar in 
1656, January 5, and was made freeman in 1655. He served on the 
jury in 1656, and was of that bodj'- in 1658. He was Com- 
missioner in 1656, 1657 and 1663, and died in 1676. His will 
was dated February 28, 1676, and was proved April 23, 1677. By 
his wife, Audry, born in 1603, and who died after 1676, he had five 

(9) I. Anne, b. 1627. 

2. Christopher, b. 1632; m. July 9. 1661, Elizabeth Cor- 
nell, dau. of Thomas. 

3. John, m. Mary, dau. of James Cole ; d. Oct. 1 , 1 676. 

4. Job, m. Mary, dau. of Christopher Unthank; d. 1684. 

5. Catharine, m. Bartholomew West. 

9. Anne Almy, born in England in 1627, came to New England with 
her parents in 1635. She married John, son of John Greene and his 


wife Joan Tattersall. John was born 1620, and died November 27, 
1 708. Ann died M-y 17,1 709. See Greene record. 

9. John Sayles, of Providence, Rhode Island, born circa 1633, married 
Mary, daughter of Roger Williams and his wife Mary Barnard. Mary 
Williams was born in August, 1633, and died in 1681. John Sayles 
died in the same yec.r. Records of John are numerous, but the most 
important only are recorded here. He took the freeman's oath in 
1655; served ai; Commissioner in 1655 and 1 659; was Town Treasurer 
in 1639 and 1660; Town Clerk in 1653 and 1657; Warden in 1658; 
served on the Grand Jury in I 669 and 1671, and was fined twenty shil- 
lings for failing to attend the sitting of 1677, forfeit recorded May 7th 
of that year. In 1669, 1670, 1671, 1674, 1676, 1677 and 1678, he 
was Deputy to the General Court, and in 1 670 and 1 67 1 was a member 
of the Town Council. He owned much land, his first purchase of 
record being made January 27, 1651, from John Throckmorton, a 
house and Jot in Providence. On May 12, 1652, he purchased land 
near West River from Ralph Earle. I he name of his wife's father is 
given in John's deed, June 24, 1670, to Stephen Arnold for land at 
"Pawtucket which my father-in-law Mr. Roger Williams gave me." 

(8) 1. Mary, b. July II, 1652. 

2. John, b. Aug. 17, 1654; m. Elizabeth . 

3. Isabel, d. after 1716; m. (1) John Tillinghast; m. (2) 
Robert Hicks. 

4. Phebe, d. before 1 744; m. Job Greene. 

5. Eleanor, b. 1671 ; m. Richard Greene. 



6. Catherine, also b. 1671 ; m. William Olney. 

8. Mary Sayles married, first, December 17, 1674, William, son of 
John Greene. See Greene record. She married, second, October 1 2, 
I 680, John Holmes, who was born in 1 649 and who died October 2, 
1712. Mary died in 1 7 1 7. 


12. Roger Williams, Rector of St. Albans, April 30, 1583, Vicar of 
St. Peters March 1, I 592, nuncupative will made June 26, 1619 and 
proved January 2, 1626, married, nrst, January 23, 1583-4, Alice, 
daughter of William Asheton, Viciir of Meldreth, Diocese of Ely. 
Alice died April 3, 1613, and on June 7, of the same year, Roger mar- 
ried second, Affradosa, or Aphrodozn, widow of William Moore, gen- 
tleman, of St. Albans, and daughter of Alexander Zinan. The records 
of the F^arish of St. Albans state that Roger was buried "10 November 
1626," but he must have died before January 2, 1626. the date his 
will was proved. There is not the 'lightest doubt but that the two 
records refer to the one person. The existing records, well studied, 
have convinced the compiler that the Rev. Roger Williams was the 
father of . 

1 1. James Williams, of London, miCrchant tailor, will dated September 
20, 1620, and proved November 19, 1621. He married Alice, daugh- 
ter of Roger Honeychurch. Alice's will was dated August 1, 1634, 
and therein she styled herself "of St. Sepulchers, without Newgate, 
London." This document was proved January 26, 1 634, and is of pe- 
culiar interest, as it mentions "son Roger now beyond the seas," and 
"his wife and daughter," referring to Mary, Roger's wife, and to Mary, 



his daughter. 

1. Sydrack or Sidrack, m. Oct. 10, 1621, Anne, widow of 
Francis Pinner, of St. Michael ad Bladum. Sydrack was 
of St. Gabriel, Fenchurch Street at the tima of his mar- 
riage. He died in 1641, and April 28 of that year. Let- 
ters of Administration were granted on his goods, he then 
styled "of Olave, Hart Street, London, and of Bar- 
wick, Yorkshire." 

2. Catherine, m. ( I ) Ralph Wrightman, who d. 1628; m. 
(2) before 1634, John Davis. Both of these husbands 
were of London. 

(10) 3. Roger, b. circa 1600. 
4. Robert. 

10. Roger Williams, born about 1600, was living in 1629 at High 
Laver,, England. Roger was the greatest of New England's 
pioneers, and his history has been set forth by many writers. A 
mere outline of his life i-. given here. His wife was Mary Barnard, 
of whom little is known other than that her death occurred after 1 676. 
In 1621, Roger was a scholar in Sutton's Flospital, London, and July 
7, 1625, he entered Pembroke College, Cambridge, where he received 
the degree of Batchellor of Arts in January, 1627. On December 1 
1630, he embarked on the ship "Lion," at Bristol, bound for New 
England, and landed at Boston on February 5, 1 631 . Governor Win- 
throp mentioned his arrival, and in the record, which is still preserved, 
styled him a "godlpy minister." April 12, 1631, he was in Sah 



minister to the congregation there. During the following four years 
he was in both Salem and Plymouth, but in 1635 the General Court 
sentenced him to banishment and decided to return him to England. 
In January, 1636, a messenger was sent to Salem to apprehend him, 
but he found on arriving there that Roger had left several days before. 
Roger obtained from Massasoit a grant of land on the east bank of the 
Seekonk river, and here began the building of a home. Governor 
Winslow advised him that he was still within the bounds of the Ply- 
mouth colony, so, to avoid trouble with the authorities, with five com- 
panions, he embarked and landed on "Slate Rock" where he exchang- 
ed greetings with the Indians. From there, he travelled to a spot on 
the Moshassuck river where he settled and founded the town of Provi- 
dence in Rhode Island. On March 24, 1 638, he received a deed from 
Canonicus and Miantonomi for lands on the rivers called "Moashau- 
sick and Wanaskatuchett," the site on which he had already settled. 
In 1 639, he was baptized by Ezekiel Holliman, and in turn he baptized 
Ezekiel and others. In 1642, he was appointed to visit England and 
secure a charter, which he did, sailing by way of Now York, writing 
on the voyage his "Key to the Indian Languages," and on September 
17, 1644, having successfully performed his mission, and having re- 
ceived a safe conduct through Massachusetts, he landed at Boston. 
He made his waj'- from, there to Providence, being met on the Seekonk 
river by fourteen canoes containing his neighbors of Providence. 

In November, 1651, he again visited England, this time with John 
Clarke, and returned to Providence early in the summer of 1 654. He 
died in 1683, but before that time held many important offices. He 
was Assistant in 1647, 1648, 1664, 1665, 1670, 1671 and 1672; 
President of the colony in 1654, 1655, 1656 and 1657; Freeman in 



1655; Commissioner in 1658, 1659 end 1661 ; Deputy in 1667; Mem- 
ber of the Tov/n Council in 1670, 1678, 1679 and 1680, and Town 
Clerk in 1 675 end ! 676, that being his last public office. The place of 
his burial was on his own land, norlhea3t ol the junction of Benefit and 
Eowen streets. Providence. 
Issue (with five others) : 

(9) 1. Mary, b. August, 1633; m. circa 1650, John Sayles, who 
v/as b. 1 633, and v/ho d. 1681. See Sayles record. 



Note — Most of the following record of the family of King was taken 
from an old manuscript written years ago by a member of the family, 
who ends his valuable record with the following statement: 

"I have recently learned from Don Alonzo King, son of Henry 
(No. 3) that it Vi'as handed down to him by his father (Phineas King, 
No. 4) that John of Northampton was a son of Jolm, who was Secre- 
tary of Ireland under the reign of Queen Elizabeth of England and 
this Secretary John also had a son hy the name of Edward and that 
this Edward was a very prominent young man; was a classmate in 
college with the poet John Milton, contested with Milton for some 
prize in college, was successful in winning it." 

"Edward was afterwards drowned in the Irish sea at the age of 25 
years. His death was the subject of a poem by Milton entitled Ly- 
cidas, which is to be found in Milton's w^orks." 

For the authenticity of the traditional record, the compiler cannot 
answer, but the following account of the family is correct, each detail 
verified at its original source. 

8. John King, of Northampton, England, settled in Northampton, 
Massachusetts, in 1645, he then sirrteen years of age. He married, 
November 18, 1656, Sarah, daughter of Deacon William Holton. 
See Holton record. John died December 3, 1 703, his wife May 8, 

1. John, b. July, 1657. 

2. William, b. Mar. 28, 1660. 


3. Thomas, b. July 14. 1662. 

4. Samuel, b. Jnn. 6, 1665. 

5. Eleazer, b. Mar. 26, 1667; d. unm. 1699. 

6. Joseph (l.),b. Mar. 23, 1669; d. inf. 1670. 

7. Sarah, b. May 3, 1 67 1 ; m. Ebenezer Pomeroy. 
(7) 8. Joseph (II.), b. May 8, 1673. 

9., b. Mar. 1, 1675. 

10. Thankful, b. Sept., 1679, m. Samuel Clapp. 

11. David, b. 1681. 

12. Jonathan, b. Apr. 25, 1683. 

7. Joseph King, born May 8, 1673, in Northampton. He married 
June 3, 1696, Mindwell Pomeroy. See Pomeroy record. John died 
December 3, 1 734, leaving a second wife, Mindwell Porter, whom he 
married on August 30, I 733. 

1. Sarah, b. Mar. 10, 1697. 

2. Esther, b. Jan. 1, 1700; d. young. 

3. Eunice, b. Mm: I 2, 1 703. 

4. Mmdwell, b. Mar. 15, 1705. 
(6) 5. Phineas. b. Sept. 27, 1707. 

6. Joseph, b. Nov. 24, 1709. 

7. Thankful, b. Feb. 9, 1712. 

8. Simeon, b. Oct. 28, 1714; m. Mindwell Parsons. 

6. Phineas King was born at Northampton, September 27, 1 707. He 
married, 1 729, Anna Robinson, and died Jan. 10,1768. He was one 
of the early settlers of Southampton, in 1733, and became owner of 
much land there. 



1 . daughter, m. Wright, of East H:;mpton. 

2. Frances (or Fanny), m. DanlcE. 

(5) 3. Douglas, b. Oct. 19, 1731. 

4. daughter, m; Bajcom. 

5. Clarinda, m. Burg, or Burgh. 

6. Patty (or Polly) , m. Sione. 

7. daughter, m. Pomeroy. 

8. Princess, m. CIupp. 

5. Douglas King, born at Southampton, October, 19, 1731, married 
Hannah, daughter of Noah Sh.eldon and his wife Mary Bascomb. 
Douglas inherited the greater part of his father's estate, and occupied 
the paternal farm until 1 807, when he removed to what is now Midale 
Farms, five miles north of Westaeld. He died in September, 1814. 

(4) 1. Phineas, b. circa 1760. 

2. Olive, m. Ebenezer Gee. 

3. Bela, b. July 28, 1 77 I ; m. Doc. 27, 1 799, Miranda Hatch, 
who was b. Sept. 24, 1 772, and died in March, 1 850. He 
d. Apr. 23, 1826. 

4. Phineas King was born at Southampton, Massachusetts, about 
1760. He married Lowly Smith, who was born about 1767, and 
who died about 1802. Phineas died shortly afler or shortly before 
the demise of his wife. 

1. Hannah, b. 1785. 
(3) 2. Henry, b. 1787. 


3. Anna, b. 1 791 ; m. Sidney Houghton. 

4. Amanda, b. I 793 ; m. Henry P. Sartwell. 

5. Earl Douglas (1.), b. I 796; d. inf. 

6. Earl Douglas (II.), b. 1798. 

7. Timothy, b. 1801; d. young. 

Phineas King served in the Revolutionary Army. His name and 
description are contained in a list of men recruited July 1 1, 1780 at 
Southampton for service in llie Continental Army. He is described as 
aged 19 years, stature 5 feet, 6 inches, complexion light. He was dis- 
charged December 8, 1 780, having served five months and three days, 
and having travelled in that time over 1 20 miles. Later, June I 2 to 
1 7, 1 782, he served as a drummer in Captain Ebenezer Sheldon's (7th) 
Volunteers, 2nd Hampshire (Massachusetts) Regiment against the in- 
surgents at Hadley on June 1 3th. Still later, under the same captain 
he was with his company when it was ordered to Springfield for three 
days to protect the sitting of the Supreme Judicial Court, September 
28, 1784. Authority — "Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the 
War of the Revolution," Vol. 9, p. 269. 

3. Henry King, born 1787, married Dec. 24, 1809, Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter of Joseph Allen and his wife Prudence Earle. See Allen record. 
Elizabeth was born December 22, I 788. They removed from South- 
ampton, Massachusetts, to Ellisburg, Jefferson County, New York, 
in 1806. 

1. Henry Allen, b. June 10, 1810; d. May 4, 1875. 
(2) 2. Laura Ann, b. Sept. 18, 1811. 

3. Prudence, b. Sept. 1813; m. Stebbins. 

4. George Ives, b. June 1, 1813; m. Emily Betsy Sprague; 



d. 1873. 

5. Charles Phineas, b. Feb. ! 1, 1817. He was of Peoria, 

6. Don Alonzo, b. Mar. 27, 1820; m. Mary Barker. Re- 
sided at Pulaski, N. Y. 

7. Betsy Amanda, b. July 1, 1823; m. George Mitchell. 
Resided at Marshall, Mo. 

8. Benjamin Ck.rk, b. Apr. 16, 1832; d. Aug. 20, 1858. 

2. Laura Ann King was born September 18, I 81 1 , at Ellisburg, N. Y., 
and died January 5, 1883, at Manchester, Iowa. She married. May 
4. 1 837, Oratio Dyer Clark. See Clark record. 


9. William Holton, Deacon, of Northampton, Massachusetts, arrived 
in America on the ship "Francis" in 1 634. He went from Massachu- 
setts to Hartford, Connecticut, where he remained until 1655, when 
he returned to the first mentioned colony and settled in Northampton. 
Mary, his wife, whose surname is not known, died in 1691. William 
died the same year on the 1 2th of August. 
Issue (sequence of births not known) : 

1. Samuel, bap. Nov. 1, 1646. 

2. William, m. 1676, Sarah, dau. of Samuel Marshf^eld. 

3. John, m. Abigail ; d. Apr. 14. 1712. 

4. Mary, m. Nov. 18, 1655, David Burt. 
(8) 5. Sarah, m. Nov. 18, 1658, John King. 

6. Ruth, m. 1 663, Joseph Baker, who was killed by Indians ; 
m. second, Thomas Lyman. 


7. Rachel, m. 1 67 1 , Thomas Strong. 

8. Thomas, killed by Indians Mar. 14, 1676. 

8. Sarah Holton married, November 18, 1658, John King, of North- 
ampton, Massachusetts. She died May 8, 1 683. See King record. 


9. Eltweed Pomeroy, ancestor of the American family of that name, 
was born in England and came to the colony of Massachusetts on the 
ship "Mary and John" in 1630. He settled, first, in Dorchester, and 
later removed to Windsor, Connecticut, from whence he returned to 
Massachusetts, where he lived and died in Northampton. He took 
the freeman's oath March 4, 1 632. By profession, he was an armorer 
and gunsmith, a most important person in those troubled days. He 
was one of the first settlers and proprietors of Dorchester, and was 
first selectman of that town, 1 633. In 1 636-7, he emigrated to Wind- 
sor, Connecticut, where land was granted to him in 1638. He was 

married twice; first, Mary , who died in Windsor, July 5, 

1665; and, second, Lydia (nee Brown) widow of Thomas Parsons, 
ceremony performed November 30, 1661. Lydia died after 1665, 
in which year Eltweed made generous provision for her in his will, 
and probably before 1671, in which year he returned to Massachusetts 
from Connecticut, and made his home with his son Medad in North- 
ampton. He died in March, 1 673, at the last mentioned place, and, his 
age being then given as "about seventy-eight," he was born in I 595 
or 1 596. Tradition has it that he was blind at the time of his death. 
Issue (all by his first wife) : 

1. Elded, Freeman in Conn., 1638; d. Northampton, Mass., 



May 22, 1662. 

2. Mary, d. Windsor, Conn., Dec. 19, 1640. 

3. John, d. Windsor, Conn., 1647. 

(8) 4. Medad, bap. Windsor, Conn., Aug. 19, 1638. 

5. Caleb, bap. Windsor, Conn., Mar. 6, 1641 ; m. Hepzibah 
Baker; d. Nov. 18, 1691. 

6. Mary, bap. Windiior, Conn., Apr. 21 , 1644; d. 1657. 

7. Joshua, br.p. Nov. 22, 1646; m. (1) Elizabelh Lyman; 
m. (2) Abigail Cooke; d. 1683. 

8. Josepli, bap. June 20, 1652; m. Hc.nnah Lyman; d. Sept. 
22, 1734. 

8. Medad Pomeroy was brplized at Windsor, Connecticut, August 1 9, 
1638. In 1659, he removed to Northampton, Massachusetts, where 
he was so welcome that the authorities granted him a chest of tools and 
some land. Sylvester Judd wroie of him — "Deacon Medad Pomeroy 
was a man of large estate, one of the first men in the tovv'n; a black- 
j.midi like his father ; a leader also like his father." Medad was a deacon 
of the church at Northampton ; Town CLrk from 1 692 to 1712; Town 
Treasurer freiu 1693 to 1710; selectman for many years; several 
times eiecied to the General Court; Associate Justice of the County of 
Hampshire; one of the committee for the resettling of Deerfield in 
1680; clerk of the Proprietors of Deerfield and Northampton; Com- 
missioner to the United Colonies, etc., etc. He took part in the battle 
or skirmish at Turner's Falls, May 19, 1676. He married, first, Nov- 
ember 21, 1661, Experience, daughter of Dr. Henry V/oodv/ard, of 
Dorchester, and of Northampton, who died June 8, 1 686. His second 
wife, whom he married September 8. 1686, v/as Abigail, daughter of 
Elder John Strong, and widow of llic Rev. Natha.nlel Chauncey, of 



Hatfield. Abigail died April 14,1 704, and MedcA married, third, Jan- 
uary 24, 1 705, Hannah, daughter of William and Joanna Warriner, of 
Springfield, widow of Thomas Noble, of Westfield. Hannali was born 
August 1 7, 1 643. Medad died December 30, I 7 I 6. 
Issue (by his first wife) : 

1. John, b. Aug. 24, 1662; m. Apr. 30, 1684, Mindwell. 
dau. of Isaac Sheldon. Mindwell was b. y665, and d. 
1735. Johnd. Jan. 23, 1686. 

2. Joseph, b. Dec. 14, 1664; d. Feb. 17, 1665. 

3. Mehitable, b. July 3, 1666; m. Nov. 4, 1686, Lieut. John 
King. Jr. ; d. Nov. 8, 1 755. John King b. I 657 ; d. 1 726. 

4. Ebenezer, b. May 30, 1669; m. (1) Hannah Strong; m. 
(2) Sarah King; d. Jan. 27, 1754. 

5. Joseph, b. June 26, 1672; m. Hannah Seymour; d. Dec. 

16, 1712. 

6. Medad, b. June 17, 1674; d. July 10, 1674. 

7. Eliakim. b. Aug. 10, 1675; d. July 23, 1676. 
(7) 8. Mindwell, b. July, 1677. 

9. Thankful, b. May 31, 1679; m. Oct. 27, 1698, Benj. Ly- 
man, b. 1644; d. 1723. 
10. Mary, b. Feb. 15. 1684; m. Jan. 2, 1705, Samuel Ben- 
ton, of Hartford, Connecticut. 
I I . John, b. Mar. 20, 1 686 ; d. June 8, 1 686. 
Issue (by his second wife) : 

12. Rev. Samuel, b. Sept. 16, 1687; Yale, 1705; m. (I) 
Lydia Taylor; m. (2) Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. Joseph 
Webb, of Fairfield, Connecticut; d. June 30, 1744. 



7. Mindwell Pomeroy, born July, 1677, married Joseph King. See 
King record. 


8. Isaac Sheldon, born 1629 in \v'eymoiilh, England, died July 27, 
1708 in Northampton, Massachusetts. On March 25, 1679, he tes- 
tified before the court at Northampton that he was then "about 50 
years," and from this has his birth date been reckoned. One writer 
has it that Isaac was the son of Isaac Sheldon, of Dorchester, who set- 
tled there in 1 634, but there is no evidence to substantiate this state- 
ment. In 1652, Isaac was living in Windsor, Connecticut, where he 
owned a house, three acres, a barn, an orchard, and other land, dimen- 
sions not specified. In 1654, he removed to Northampton, Massa- 
chusetts. He married, first, 1653, Mary, daughter of Thomas Wood- 
ford and his wife Mary Blott, of Hartford. Mary died April 17, 
1684, and Isaac married, second, Mehitable, daughter of Thomas 
Gunn, and widow of David Ensign, of Hartford. Mehetable died 
January 30, 1720, aged 76 years, having been born July 28, 1644. 
Isaac and his father-in-law, Thomas Woodford, signed the Church 
Covenant June 18, 1661. Isaac was Tithingman in 1678, and was 
elected Overseer of the Poor March 7, 1698. He was Selectman in 


Issue (by first wife) : 

1. Mary, b. 1654; m. John Bridgeman. 

2. Isaac, b. Sept. 4, 1656; m. Sarah Warner. 

3. John, b. Dec. 5, 1658; m. Hannah Stebbins. 

4. Thomas, b. Aug. 6, 1661 ; m. Mary Hinsdale. 

5. Ruth, b. ( ) m. Joseph Wright. 

6. Thankful, b. ('^^^S. -/, 1663;^ ^ g^^. ^^^^^^^^ 



7. Mindwell, b. Feb. 24, 1666; m. John Pomeroy. 

8. Joseph, b. Feb. 1, 1668; m. Mary Whiting. 

9. Hannah, b. June 29, 1670; m. Samuel Chapin. 

10. Eleazer. b. Aug. 4, 1672; d. 1673. 

11. Samuel, b. Nov. 5, 1675. 

(7) 12. Ebenezer, b. Mar. 1, 1677; m. Mary Hunt. 
13. Mercy, b. 1681 ;d. 1682. 
Issue (by second wife) : 

14. Jonathan, b. May 29, 1687; m. Mary Southwell. 

7. Ebenezer Sheldon was born March I, 1677. He married, Decem- 
ber 16, 1701, Mary Hunt, who was born in 1679 and who died Novem- 
ber I 2, 1 767. Ebenezer died in 1 755. 

I. Ebenezer, b. Sept. 14, 1702. 
2. Miriam, b. Mar. 6, 1704; m. Nathaniel Strong. 
(6) 3. Noah, b. Mar. 20, 1 706. 

4. Stephen, b. Feb. 2, 1709; d. unm., 1736. 

5. Kathariue.b. Mar. 7, 1711. 

6. Aaron, b. Mar. 4, 1713. 

7. Israel, b. May 15, 1715. 

8. Moses, b. Nov. 1716; lived Salisbury, Conn. 

9. Esther, b. Mar. 12, 1719. 
10. Elias, b. Mar. 13, 1721. 

1 1 . Jemima, b. Oct. I 6, 1 722 ; d. unm., 1 794. 
6. Noah Sheldon was born March 20, 1 706. He married Mary Bas- 
comb, and died in I 748. 


1. Noah (I.), b. 1 735 ;d. in infancy. 

2. Noah (II.), b. 1738. 

3. Catharine, m. Stephen Wright. 

4. Mary, b. I 741 ; m. Jehiel Clapp. 
(5) 5. Hannah, b. 1742; d. Sept. 19. 1818. 

6. Mercy, m. Abner Pomeroy. 

7. Gideon, b. 1745. 

5. Hannah Sheldon, born in 1 742, married Douglas King. See King 
record. The "Sheldon Genealogy" is responsible for the birth date of 
Hannah as given above, and for the birth dates of her sisters and bro- 
thers. A record preserved by the King family states that she died 
September 19, 1818, aged 73 years, which makes her year of birth 


5. Daniel Allen and his wife Betty had a son : 

4. Joseph Allen, who was born at Dartmouth, or Westport as it was 
then called, in 1 7 58. He married, June 27, 1 784, Prudence, daughter 
of Caleb Earle. See Earle record. Prudence was born January 14, 
1 767. Joseph died, September 1 3, 1833, at Pierrepont Manor, Jeffer- 
son County, New York. 
Issue (first three born in Westport; last five in Jefferson Co.) : 

1 . Nancy, b. Jan. 1 8, 1 785 ; m. Joel Brown. 

2. James, b. Oct. 23. 1 786. 

(3) 3. Elizabeth, b. Dec. 22, 1 788; m. Henry King. 

4. Joseph, b. June 23, 1791. 

5. John, b. 


6. Elihu.b. 

7. Hiram, b. 

8. Harvey, b. 

9. Ruth, b. 

3. Elizabeth Allen, was born December 22, I 788. at \X'estpovt, Massa- 
chusetts. She married Henry King. See King record. 


9. Ralph Earle, supposedly from Exeter, England, came to America 
in 1634 and died in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, in 1678. He was ad- 
mitted an inhabitant of Aquidneck (Rhode Island) in October, 1638, 
and on August 26, 1647, at Portsmouth, was chosen Innkeeper, "to 
sell wine and beer and entertain strangers." He was elected Town 
Treasurer on June 2, 1 649, and was elected Representative to the Gen- 
eral Assembly on April 29, 1650. By his wife, lone, Jone or Joan 
Savage, he had five children. 

1 . Ralph, m. Dorcas Spraguc. 
(8) 2. William, m. Mary Walker. 

3. Mary, m. William Cory. 

4. Martha, m. William Wood. 

5. Sarah, m. Thomas Cornell. 

8. William Earle married, first, Mary, daughter of John and Katherine 

Walker, of Portsmouth, and, second. Prudence — ■ . Prudence 

died January 18, 1718. John died January 15. 1715. 

1 . Mary, b. 1655; m. John Borden. 



2. William, m. Elizabeth . 

3. Ralph, b. 1660; m. Mary Hicks. 

4. Thomas, m. Mary Taber. 

5. Caleb, m. Mary . 

(7) 6. John,m. Mary Wait. 

7. Prudence, m. Benjamin Durfee. 

7. John Earle, married February 27, 1 700, Mary, daughter of Thomas 
Wait and liis wife Sarah Cooke. Mary died in 1 769. John died 
August 1 2, 1 759. See Wait record. 

1. Prudence, b. Nov. 18, 1701. 

2. Mary, b. Feb. 19, 1 703; m. Job Durfee. 

3. Oliver, b. Feb. 26. 1 706; m. Ruth Hall. 

4. Martha, b. Sept. 29, 1708; m. Stephen Brownell. 
(6) 5. William, b. Mar. 28, 1710. 

6. John, b. Nov. 10, 1717; m. (1) Elizabeth Hall; (2) Ta- 
bitha Flail; (3) Deborah Brownell, widow. 

6. William Earle, born March 28, 1710, at Portsmouth, Rhode Island, 
married, May 29, I 740, Mary Lawton. He died April 1 5, 1 797. 
Issue (first three, probably all, born at Westport) : 

1 . Lawton, b. Apr. 2, 1 741 ; m. Mary Palmer. 

2. John, b. Nov. 12, 1745; m. Pri^^cilla Hilliard. 
(5) 3. Caleb, b. Nov. 12, 1745. 

4. William, m. Edith Brownell. 

5. Pardon, d. unm. 

6. Stephen, b. May 4, 1754; m. (1 ) Mary Hicks; (2) Pris- 
cilla Hicks. 



7. Robert, b. Sept. 4, 1 757; m. Mary Cory. 

8. Paul, m. (1) Hannah Hicks; (2) Elizabeth Betts. 

5. Caleb Earle was born November I 2, 1 745, at Westport, Massachu- 
setts. Me married, December 6, I 764, Elizabeth Brightman, of Dart- 

1. James, b. Westport, Mar. 24, I 765; m. Elizabeth Soule. 
(4) 2. Prudence, b. Jan. 14, 1767. 

3. Najor, believed to have married in New York State. 

4. Arnold. 

5. a child, b. Galway, Saratoga Co., N. Y. 

6. a child, b. Galway, Saratoga Co., N. Y. 

7. a child, b. Galway, Saratoga Co., N. Y. 

4. Prudence Earle, born January 14, 1767, married, June 27, 1784, 
Joseph, son of Daniel and Betty Allen. See Allen record. 


9. Thomas Wait, born 1601, arrived in America in 1634. The first 
record of him in Rhode Island reads "July 1 , 1 639, granted to Thomas 
Wait a house lot next to Mr. Wick's." This property was in Newport, 
where he was made freeman on March 16, I 64 1 . On April 30, I 66 1 , 
he purchased land in Acushnet and Cohasset, Massachusetts. He was 
made freeman at Boston October 8, 1640, but returned to Rhode Is- 
land, where he died, intestate, at Portsmouth, April, 1677. His wife 
died some time before Thomas and no record of her remains, 

1. Samuel, b. 1640; d. 1694; m. Hannah Whitman. 



2. Joseph, d. Aug. 25, 1665, at Kingston, R. I. 

3. Benjamin, b. circa 1644. He was of Hadley, Mass., in 
1685, and was slain by Indians at Deerfield, in that Col- 
ony, 1704. 

4. Jeremiah, b. circa 1646; m. Martha Brownell, dau. of 
Thomas and Ann, of Portsmouth. 

(8) 5. Thomas, d. 1733. 

6. Mary, d. 1 7 1 3 ; m. Apr. 5 , 1676, Joseph Anthony. 

7. Reuben, d. Oct. 7, 1707. He was a proprietor of Dart- 

8. Thomas Wait, tailor, made freeman May 6, 1673. He, with seven 
others, purchaced the Pocasset lands for £1,000, and Thomas' share 
was one part of the total thirty. August 28, 1 680, he and his wife 
Sarah sold land in Dartmouth to Thomas Ward, of Newport. Janu- 
ary 14, 1681, styling himself "of Providence Plantation, in America, 
Taylor," he sold to Joseph Anthony, of Portsmouth, his share in the 
Pocasset lands. From 1691 to 1714, he lived at Little-Compton, and 
owned and operated a wind-mill there. March 2, 1692, he v/as at 
Tiverton, Bristol County, Massachusetts, on which date the town was 
organized, and he probably moved there in 1 696, but was in Boston 
in 1 700. He probably moved back and forth from Little-Compton 
to Tiverton several times, being at the former place at various dates, 
as attested to in the land records, between times at the latter where 
he also was recorded. April 22, 1720, he sold 53 acres of land at 
Tiverton to Job Briggs, and from that time until 1727 when he was 
in Dartmouth, no record of him exists. The inventory of his estate, 
filed June 16, 1733 by his widow, Sarah, amounted to £245, and in- 
cluded clothing, two old bibles, eight silver spoons, two silver cups, 



three linen wlieels, two woollen wheels, cows, calves, swine and bees. 
Thomas married Sarah, daughter of John Cook and his wife Mary Bor- 
den. See Cook record. Sarah died after 1 733. 

(7) I. Mary, m. John Earle; d. in 1 769. 

2. Thomas, b. Dec. 21. 1681; m. Elizabeth ; d. 


3. Benjamin, m. Mary ; d. Aug, 4, 1 734. 

7. Mary Wait married John Earle, c-nd died in 1 769. 


10. Richard Borden was born 1601 and emigrated to America, where 
he was admitted an inhabitant of Aquidncck (Rhode Island) in 1638, 
May 20, in which year he was allotted five acres in Portsmouth. He 
was one of the four men appointed to lay out additional lands in his 
town in 1 640, and March 1 6, 1 64 1 , was Freeman. In 1 653 and 1 654 
li_' \vas Govtinor's A-sihtant, aiid General Treasurer of the Colony 
in 1654 and 1655. He served as Commissioner in 1654, 1656 and 
1657, and was again Freeman in 1655. He attended the General 
Court in 1 667 and 1 670 as Deputy. September 6, 1 662, he purchased 
of Shadrach Manton, about 60 acres in Providence, near Newtokonko- 
nut Hill. He was one of the first land owners in New Jersey, and 
many of his descendants now reside in that State. His will was made 
by the Town Council, May 31, 1671, from testimony furnished by 
those to whom he had made his wishes known. He was interred in 
the Friend's burying ground in Portsmouth. 


1. Thomas, m. Jan. 20, 1664, Mary Harris. 

2. Francis, m. Jane . 

(9) 3. Mary, m. John Cook. 

4. Mathew, b. May, 1638; m. Mar. 4, 1674. Sarah Clayton. 

5. John, b. Sept. 1640; m. Dec. 25, 1670, Mary Earle. 

6. Joseph, b. July 3, 1 643 ; m. Hope . 

7. Sarah, b. May, 1644; m. Jonathan Holmes. 

8. Samuel, b. July, 1 645 ; m. June 1 , 1 679, Elizabeth Crosse. 

9. Benjamin, b. May, 1649; m. Sept. 22, 1670, Abigail 

10. Amey, b. Feb. 1654; m. Mar. 27, 1678, William Rich- 



9. Mary Borden married John, son of Thomas Cook. John was born 

in 1631 and died in 1 69 1 , a widower. 


1. Mary. 

2. Elizabeth, b. 1653. 
(8) 3. Sarah. 

4. John, b. 1656. 

5. Hannah. 

6. Joseph. 

7. Martha. 

8. Deborah. 

9. Thomas. 

10. Amey. 

1 1 . Samuel. 

8. Sarah Cook died after 1 733. She married Thomas Wait, of Ports- 


mouth and Tiverton, Rhode Island, and Dartmouth, Massachusetts, 
who died in June, 1733. See Wait record. 

Part 11. 

The English Ancestors 


Oratio Dyer Clark 

traced through 




In section I. of this work is set forth the manner in which Oratio 
Dyer Clark was descended by two lines of his ancestry from Anne 
Hutchinson. See Dyer pedigree. To make the matter very clear, 
the attached chart is herewith given. In the Hutchinson pedigree fol- 
lowing, the numbers are recorded beginning w^ith Anne as the eighth 
generation back from the children of Oratio Dyer Clark, tracing 
through their grandmother, f''hoebe Pearce. Were this not the case, it 
would be necessary to carry two sets of numerals throughout, which 
would lead to confusion. Edward Dyer, seventh generation back in 
the Pearce line, was the brother of Anne Dyer, sixth back in the Clarke- 
Clark line. 

8 aud 9. Edward KutchiuE 

:; and 9. CaUicriue Haiul)y. 

7. Samuel Dyer. 7. Anne IliitcUin 

1. Aime nutchlati( 

6. Edward Dyer. 

5. Joseph Clarke 

. Benj. Clarke. 4. Patience Eathbone. 

.. John Dyer 

I. Froelove Dyer. 

3. Jolui Clark. 




13. Hutchinson, of Lincoln, Lincolnshire, England. 


1. Christopher, clergyman, d. 1556. 

2. Thomas. 

3. William, alderman of Lincoln. 1545; sheriff. 1541; 

mayor 1552. His will was dated Jan. 4, 1656-7, and 
was proved Mar. 6, of the same year. 
(12) 4. John, b. circa 1515. 

5. Alice, m. James Remington, of Branston. 

12. John Hutchinson, born circa 1515, was apprenticed. September 
23, 1529. for seven years, to Edward Atkinson, glover. He was 
Sheriff of Lincoln in 1547; Alderman April 1 1, 1556, and Mayor in 
September, 1556. In 1558 and 1561, he was Justice of the Peace, 
and was again Mayor from September, 1564 until May 24. 1565. 
when he died. He was interred in the church of St. Mary le Wigford, 
Lincoln. His will was dated April 21, 1565, and was proved June 

14, 1565. He married twice; fir;;t Margaret (Browne?); second, 
Anne Clint, widow. 

Issue (by his first wife) : 

1. William. 

2. Thomas. 

3. John. 

4. Arthur. 

5. Jane. 


6. Alice, m. Thom;is Dynyson or Denison. 
Issue (by liis second wife) : 

7. Mary, m. George Freestone. 
(11) 8. Edward, b. circa 1564. 

I i . Edward Hutchinson, born circa, 1 564, was apprenticed, I 577, for 
eight years, to his brother-in-law, Edmund Knight, Alderman and 
mercer, of Lincoln. In 1 585, he removed to Alford, where he enter- 
ed business and where he died September 14, 1631. He married Sus- 
anna, who went to New England in 1634 with her son William, and 
who died at the home of the Rev. John Wheelwright, Wells, Maine 
(then in Massachusetts), in 1645-6. 

(10) 1. William, bapt. Aug. 14, 1586. 

2. Theophilus, bapt. Sept. 8, 1588, d. young. 

3. Samuel, bapt. Nov. I , I 590; came to America and settled 

1639, in Portsmouth, R. I., where he remained until 
1 (,',',. lied. unm.,in Boston, 1667. 

4. Heslhcr, bap. July II, 1593; m. (1) Oct. 7, 1613, Rev. 

Thomas Rishwordi, Rector of Laceby; m. (2) Thomas 
Harneis, of Laceby, who was buried Mar. 21, 1636-7. 
Hesther was buried at Irby-on-Humber, Dec. 9, 1 669. 

5. John. bapt. May 1 8, I 595 ; m. Oct. 5, 1 626, at Little Pon- 

ton, Lincolnshire, Bridget, dau. of William Bury and 
his vi^ife, Emma, daughter of John Dryden. Bridget 
was cousin to Anne Marbury, wife of John's brother, 
William Hutchinson. John was interred at Alford, 
June 20, 1644. 



6. Richard, bapt. June 3, 1 597-8. Me was n meichnnt, of 

London, and died in that city in 1670. His will was 
proved April 1 1, 1670, and was dated Nov. 4, 1669. 
From him is descended, through his great granddaugh- 
ter Christianna Nixon, who married the Rt. Hon. John 
Hely, the noble family of Hely-Hutchinson, Earls of 
Donoughmore, Viscounts Suirdale and Viscounts 

7. Susanna I., bap. Nov. 25, 1 599; interred at Alford, Aug. 

5, 1601. 

8. Susanna II., bap. Aug. 9, 1601; m. Nov. 21, 1623. 

Augustins Storre, or Stor}', who emigra.ied to New 

9. Anne, bapt. June 12, 1603; m. Jan. 23, 1631-2, Ralph 

Levitt, Rector of Gr:Mnsby, Lincolnshire. 

10. Mary, bapt. Dec. 22, 1605; m. Rev. John Wheelwright 

(his second wife) Vicar of Bih'by. 

11. Edward, bapt., Dec. 20, 1607, eniigroted to New England 

in 1633, and settled in Portsmouth, R. I., in 1638. 
where he signed the Portsmouth com.pact. He return- 
ed to England, became a member of the Ironmonger's 
company, and was mentioned in the Vvill of his brother 

10. William Hutchinson was baptized in Alford, August 14, 1586. 
He married, August 9, 1612, at St. Mary Woolnolh's, London, Anne, 
daughter of the Rev. Francis Marbury and hiy v/ife Bridget, daughter 
of John Dryden. See Marbury record. They resided at Alford. 



See the account of William and Anne Hutchinson immediately follow- 
ing this pedigree. 

(8) and (9) I.Edward, bapt. May 28, 1613. 

2. Susanna, bapt. Sept. 4, 1614; interred at Alford, Sept. 

8, 1630. 

3. Richard, bapt. Dec. 8, 1615; admitted to church at Bos- 

ton, 1634; dismissed from same Dec. 28, 1645 to Dr. 
Thomas Goodwin's church in London. No further 

4. Faith, bapt. Aug. 14, 1617; m. circa 1637, Thomas Sav- 

5. Bridget, bapt. Jan. 15, 1618-9; m. 1637, John Sanford, 

President of Rhode Island in 1 653. 

6. Francis, bapt. Dec. 24, 1620; killed with his mother in 


7. Elizabeth, bapt. Feb. 17, 1621-2; interred at Alford, 

October 4, 1630. 

8. William, bapt. June 22, 1623; d. young. 

9. Samuel, bapt. Dec. 17, 1624, resided in Portsmouth in 


10. Anne, bapt. May 5, 1626; m. Rev. William Collins; 

killed with her mother. 
1 1. Mary, bapt. Feb. 22, 1627-8; killed with her mother. 

12. Katherine, bapt. Feb. 7, 1629-30; killed with her mother. 

13. William, bapt. Sept. 28. 1631 ; killed with his mother. 

14. Susanna, bapt. Nov. 15, 1633; m. Dec. 30, 1651, John 



son of Isaac Cole, of Boston. 
15. Zuriel, bapt. at Boston, Mar. 13, 1636. No further rec- 

The first fourteen of the above children were baptized at Alford. 
Zurisl was the only one baptized in America. 

8 and 9. Edward Hutchinson, baptized at Alford, May 28, 1613; 
came to America in 1633, one year before his parents. He returned 
to England, where he married, October 13,1636, at Ipswich, Suffolk, 
Catherine, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Hamby. He rcLurned 
to New England, and follov/ed his parents to Rhode Island, where, 
March 7, 1638, he signed the Portsmouth compact. He was freeman 
of Newport in 1641, but lived principally in Boston, where his chil- 
dren were all baptized. He was a niembcr of the Ancient and Honor- 
able Artillery Company of Boston in 1638, Lieutenant in 1654, and 
Captain in 1657. I le served as chief officer of cavalrj' in tlie Massa- 
chusetts forces during King Philip's War, and was mortallj' v/ounded 
in an Indian near Wickabaug Pond, West Brookfield, 
Massachusetls, and died at Marlboro, August, 1 9, 1675. I lis v/ill was 
not dated, but contained a codicil dated August 19, 1675, the day of 
his death, and was proved September ! 7, 1675. In this document is 
m.entioned Abigail Hutchinson, his widow, who v/as his second wife, 
widow of Robert Button, and daughter of Alice Vermaies, v/idow, of 
Issue (by his first wife, who died circa 1650) : 

1. Elishua, bapt. Nov. 5, 1637; d. young. 

2. Elizabeth, bapt. Nov. 10, 1639; m. Feb. 8, 1668, Edward 



3. Elisha, bapl. Nov. 28, 1641, father of the Hon. Thomas 
(1674-1739), whose son, the Hon. Thomas (1711- 
1 780), was the last Royal governor of Massachusetts. 
(7) & (8) 4. Anne, bapt. Nov. 19, 1643; m. Samuel Dyer. 

5. William, bapt. Jan. 18, 1645; cl. young. 

6. Katherine, bapt. May 14, 1648; d. young. 

7. Susanna, bapt. June 10, 1649; m. Nathaniel Coddington, 

son of Governor William Coddington. 
Issue (by his second wife) : 

8. Edward, b. Jan. 3, 1651. 

9. Katherine, b. Feb. 13, 1652; m. Henry Bartholomew, of 

10. Benjamin, b. June 2, 1656. 
1 1 . Hannah, b. May 1 6, 1 658; m. Peter Walker, of Taunton. 

7 & 8. Anne Hutchinson married, first, Samuel D3'er, and a full and 
excellent account of her is contained in the Dj'er record, which see in 
Part I. 

!{■ f •¥ V- 

Anne (Marbury) Hutchinson, wife of William Hutchinson, Nos. 
9 and I 0, whose record see. 

The best and truest account of Anne Hutchinson was written 
by John Denison Champlin, Esq., and, as it cannot be improved upon, 
it is printed verbatim herewith. 

"William and Anne Hutchinson came to New England in the ship 
'Griffin,' landing at Boston, September 18, 1634. The family con- 
sisted of his widowed mother, Mrs. Susanna Hutchinson; a younger 



sister of Mrs. Anne Hutchinson, Catherine Marbury, about twenty- 
four years old, and William and Anne's ten children. William was 
made free with his two sons Richard and Francis, March 4, 1635, and 
he was a Representative in the General Court in May, 1635. In con- 
sequence of the Antonomian controversy Vv'hich resulted in the ban- 
ishment of Mrs. Hutchinson, he removed to Rhode Island. At first 
treasurer of the new colon}', he succeeded Coddington as judge (gov- 
ernor) on the formation in 1639 of the Newport Colony. In 1640, 
on the union of the two towns, wh.en Coddington was elected gover- 
nor, William Hutchinson was chosen one of the assistants. He died 
in Newport in 1642, and his widovs^ removed soon after, with part of 
her family, to Eastchester, New York, where she met her fate the fol- 
lowing summer in an Indicm insurrection." 

"So many errors have crept into circulation in regard to the place 
and details of Mrs. Hutchinson's death that a brief account seems nec- 
essary. The 'Cyclopaedia of American Biography' and the 'Interna- 
tional Cyclopaedia' make the site of her house 'near Stamford,' and 
Woodrow Wilson's 'History of the American People' calls it a place 
on Long Iskmd.' Richman, the latest historian of Rhode Island, cor- 
rectly follows Brodhead in his identification of the true site, but accepts 
the common error that 'she and all her family, save one daughter 
(sixteen persons) were murdered.' In regard to this daughter, too, 
who became Mrs. John Cole, he says: 'She was the ancestress of Thom- 
as Hutchinson, the last Royal Governor of Massachusetts.' One is 
tempted to ask, on reading this, why was not Governor Hutchinson's 
name Cole." 

"The 'Memorial History of Boston,' is alike inexr.ct in describing 
Mrs. Hutchinson as 'falling with all her family save one child in an In- 



dian massacre;' Brodhead, too, kills 'all her family save one, and care- 
lessly calls that one a 'granddaughter,' while the 'English Dictionary 
of National Biography' makes the sole survivor a 'son.' Charles 
Francis Adams, usually ext\ct, gives a more precise account in his 
'Antinomianism,' but oddly enough, makes the date of the massacre 

"Other instances might be cited, but these are enough to show 
the general inexactness of many of our v/ell known authorities on a 
subject of easy investigation. The truth is that only five of the ten 
children (then living) who accompanied Mrs. Hutchinson to New 
England perished with her and that she left numerous descendants 
besides the children of Susanna Cole." 

"The site of Mrs. Hutchinson's house and the scene of her mur- 
der is in what is now knov/n as Pelham Bay Park, within the limits 
of New York City, less than a dozen miles from the City Hall Not 
far from it, beside the road, is a large glacial bov/lder, popularly called 
'Split Rock' from its division into two parts, probably by the action 
of frost aided by the growth of a large tree, the stump of which sepa- 
rates the parts. The line of vision of one looking through the split 
towards the Hutchinson River at the foot of the hill will very nearly 
cross the site of the house." 

14. William Marbur5^ cf Girsby, LJncolnshire, married Anne, daugh- 
ter of Thomas Blount. See Blount record. Their .'■on: 

1 3. Robert Marbury, of Girsby, married Katharine , who died 

August 11,1 525, of land., in Lec'ke and 1 lemin-by. Robert's 


will, dated July 28, I 545, was proved SepLember 28, 1 545. In this 
instrument, he mentioned but one child: 

1 2. William Marbury, one year old when his mother died, therefore 
born in I 524, who married Agnes, daughter of John Lenton, Esq., of 
OldWynkill. Their third son: 

II. Francis Marbury, a clergyman, removed, about 1605, from Al- 
ford to London, where he was Rector of St. Martin's Vintry October 
28, 1605, of St.Pancras February 29, 1607-8; and of St. Margaret's 
January 15, 1609-10. He married, first, Elizabeth Moore, by whom 
he had three children. His second wife, whom he married in 1 589, 
was Bridget, daughter of John Dryden, Esq., of Canons Ashby, 
Northamptonshire. He died in 1610-1 i. His nuncupative will was 
made June 25, 1609-10, and was proved February 14, 1610-11. By 
his second wife he had thirteen children, second of whom was: 
10. Anne Marbury, baptized July 20, 1591. who married, August 9, 
1612, William Hutchinson. See Hutchinson record. 


In the Marbury pedigree, it is shown that William Marbury mar- 
ried Anne Blount. Under the heading "Counts of Guisnes," Part III., 
is given the ancestry of Sir Robert and Sir William Blount, brothers, 
twenty-seven generations back from the children of Oratio Dyer 
Clark, from both of whom he is descended. The history of this dis- 
tinguished family has been fully investigated by Sir Alexander Croke, 
Kt. of Studley Priory, Oxfordshire. The account of the Counts of 
Guisnes, in Picardy, is the result of his labors. Earlier writers, Beth- 
am, Kimber, Dugdale tmd Wotton, believed that the Blounts were des- 


cended from the Blondi or Biondi, in Italy, derived from the Romein 
Flavi. This supposition was supplied by a member of the family in 
1 727, a matter of tradition, and, as usual in such cases, tradition was 
in error. John Denison Champlin, in his "Ancestry of Anne Hutch- 
inson," records the Blount line. From Sir Robert le Blount (27) to 
Sir Stephen (23) his pedigree agrees with the following record, but 
from thence onward, the pedigree differs until William (21 ) is reach- 
ed. In this space, one generation only according to Sir Alexander 
Croke, Mr. Champlin has placed two extra generations, and alters the 
name of Sir Robert (22) to Sir William, of Gladston, Gloucestershire. 
Two extra Williams are also added, and William (21 ) is styled Lord 
of Belton. Had not Robert (22) married Isabel of Odinsels and 
thereby acquired Belton, William (21 ) could not have borne that title 
of courtesy, and yet Robert (22) is not recorded by Mr. Champlin. 
Curiously enough, after wandering through several generations of 
which the writer can find no record, Mr. Champlin comes back to the 
correct line and ends properly with Anne (14). He, however, makes 
Isolda de Montjoy the second wife of John (19) instead of his first 
wife, and credits her ancestry to Sir Walter (18). 

11. Sir Robert le Blount had | 27. Sir William le Blount 
command of the Conqueror's l youngest son of Raoul, third 
ships of war, and is styled, in the I count of Guisnes (28), brother 
"Doomsday Book," "DUX NA- | of Sir Robert le Blount (27). 
VIUM MILITARIUM." His was a general of foot at the battle 

portion of conquered England i of Hastings, and was rewarded 
was thirteen manors in Suffolk, j by a grant of seven Lordsliips in 
in which county he was the first Lincolnshire. His son: 

feudal Baron of Ixworth, Lord I 



of Orford Castle, Lord of Wals- 
ham, Lord of Laningham, Lord 
of Stepworth, Lord of Ashfield, 
etc., etc. He married Gundred 
or Gundreda, daughter of Henry 
de Ferrers, who was the son of 
the Norman Gualchehne or 
Walkeline or Walcheline de Fer- 
iers, Ferrers or Ferrarijs, who 
came into England with the 
Conqueror. Henry, first Lord 
Ferrers, was possessor of Tub- 
bury Castle, and 200 Lordships, 
I 14 being in the county of Staf- 
ford. Sir Robert's son was: 

26. Gilbert le Blount, second 
Raron Ixworth, came into Eng- 

ing during the reign of Henry I. 
He founded a priory at Ixworth, 
and married Alicia de Colekirke, 
by whom he had a son: 

25. William le Blount, third 
Baron of Ixworth, who lived dur- 
ing the reign of Henry II. He 
married Sarah, daughter of Hu- 
bert de Monchensi, or Mon- 
chensy, or Monchampes, Lord of 

le Blount, was seat- 
gham, in the coimty 
His son: 

25. le Blount, of Sa: 

lingham, who was father of: 



C E S T R Y 

Elwalston (not Edwarcleston, as 
given in Mr. Champlin's pedi- 
gree). By Sarah, lie hr.d a son: 
24. Gilbert or Hubert le Blount, 
fourth Baron Ixworth, living in 
the 20th year of the reign of 
Henry II. (1 173), who married 
Agnes de L'lsle, Lisle or De In- 
sula, who wa.s still living in the 
1 0th year of the reign of Richard 
Coeur de Lion, A. D. 1198. By 
Agnes, he had two sons 

I. William, b. 1153, fifth 
Baron Ixworth. This 
\\''illiam had a son v/ho 
succeeded him as s'lx'iU 
Baron, standard bearer to 
Simon de Montford, Earl 
of Leicester. 1 le fell at 
the battle of Lewes, May 
1 4, I 246. and he was af- 
terward attainted in Par- 
liament and his estate 
and title forfeited. 
(23) 2. Sir Stephen le 
Blount, whose record fol- 
23. Sir Stephen le Blount W£i3 

24. S,r William le Blour. 
Saxlingham, v/hose dai 
Maria, is next recorded. 

23. Maria le Blount, sole daugh- 



living in the 1 0th year of the 
reign of Richcird Coeur de Lion. 
He married Maria le Blount, sole 
daughter and heiress of Sir W'il- 

ter and heiress of Sir William, 
the last ol Saxlingham, married 
Stephen le Blount, her kinsman, 
whose record see. 

Ham le Blount of Saxlinghrm, the descendant and representative of 
Sir William le Blount, of Saxlingham, one of the brothers who entered 
England with William the conqi'.eror, and thus the two lines merged 
into one ag.iin after over a century of separation. Their son: 

22. Sir Robert le Blount, was witness of the charter of Hilton Abbey, 
in Staffordshire, A. D. 1 223. He married Isabel, daughter and co-heir 
of the feudal lord of Odinsels, and iicquired the manor of Belton, in 
the county of Rutland, as part of that Lady's portion. He died A. D. 
1288. His second son: 

21. Sir William le Blount. Lord of Belton, 1 270 to 1 31 5, chief of the 
fam.iiy b}' reason of the extinction of the line of his brother. Sir Ralph, 
married Lady Isabel de Beauchamp, daughter of William de Beau- 
ch:in'ip, first Earl of Warwick, and relict of Henry Lovet, of Elmley 
Lovet, county Worcester. He died, A. D. 1315 or 1316. His sec- 
ond son: 

20. Sir Walter le Blount, of Ockha, or the Rock, Worcestershire, 
whose elder and only brother, Peter, Chamberlin in 1313 to His Maj- 
ef;ty King Edw:ird II. died without issue, married Johanna de Soding- 
ton, sister and co-heir of Sir William de Sodington, of Mamble, Wor- 
cestershire, who died A. D. 1301. Betham's "Baronetage," 1803, 
states that Johanna was daughter and heiress of Sir William, but same 
is doubtless an error. By this marriage. Sir Walter le Blount became 



proprietor of the mnnor of Sodington, Worcestershire. He died in 
1322. Flis second son: 

19. Sir John le Blount, succeeded his elder brother, Sir Willinm, who 
died without issue in 1337. Through his brother's death. Sir John 
came into possession of the Castle of Weobly, Herefordshire; Batters- 
by, and lands in Fenton, Romesore, and Biddulph, in the County of 
Stafford, and Sodington and Timberlake in Worcestershire. He serv- 
ed, when thirty-nine years of age, in the retinue of the Earl of Lancas- 
ter, and obtained, for life, from that nobleman, a grant of the manor 
of Passingham, Norihampton-liire. He also had lands from the Earl 
in Holland, and in Duflield, Derbyshire, and at Tiberton, Gloucester- 
shire. He married twice, first Isolda, daughter and heiress of Sir 
Thomas de Montjoy and, second, Eleanor, daughter of John Beau- 
champ, of Hache, Somersetshire, widow of John Meriet, of Meriet, in 
the same shire. He died A. D. I 358. His son, (by his second wife), 

! 8. Sir Walter le Blount, innnortalized by Shakespeare. Burke states 
"the heroic Sir Walter Blount, so celebrated for his martial prowess in 
the warlike times of Edward 111. and Henry IV." Sir Walter fell at 
the battle of Shrewsbury, June 22, 1403, wherein, being standard 
bearer, he was arrayed in the same style of armour as his royal master 
and was slain in single combat by Earl Douglas who believed he was 
in combat with the king himself. In 1367, Sir Walter accompanied 
the Black Prince and the Duke of Lancaster (John of Gaunt) upon the 
expedition into Spain to aid Peter the Cruel, King of Castile, and was 
at the battle of Marjara on April 3, 1 367 which restored Peter to his 
throne. He married, about 1372, the Donna Sancha de .Ayala, daugh- 



ter of Don Diego Goinez de Toledo, alcalde mayor and chief justice of 
Toledo, and notario mayor, or principal secretary of the kingdom of 
Castile, by his wife Inez Alfon de Ayala, (See Ayala record) one of 
the most ancient and ilUistrioua lioutes of Sprin. The Donna Sancha 
was one of the ladies in waiting in the suite of Constantia of Castile, 
eldest daughter of Peter the Cruel, later Queen, succeeding her father, 
and still later consort of John of Gaunt. Sir Walter was one of the 
executors of the estate of John of Gaunt and a beneficiary to the 
amount of £66: 6: 8. In 1374, Sir Walter's half-brother. Sir John 
Blount, of Sodington, conveyed to him numerous manors, which he 
had inherited from his (John's) mother, Isolda, heiress of the Mount- 
joys. By his wife, Sancha, who lived until 1418, his second son was: 

17. Sir Thomas Blount, Treasm-er of Normandy, whose residence 
was at Elwaston, Derbyshire, and to whom the Duke of Exeter gave 
£666: 6: 8 to found a charity at Leicester. Sir Thomas married Mar- 
garet, daughter of Sir Thomas Gresley, Kt., of Gresley, Derbyshire, 
and died A. D. 1456, leaving an eldest son and heir: 

16. Sir Walter Blount, Lord High Treasurer of England, created, by 
Patent, A. D. 1464, Baron Mountjoy. Lie was treasurer of Calais in 
1460, and siding with the Yorkists, fought at Towton in 1461. He 
was knighted, and wr<s made governor of Calais, and in 1464 became 
Lord High Treasurer of England. By his wife Helena, daughter of Sir 
John Byron, of Clayton, Lancashire, he had three sons, second of 
whom was: (Sec Byron record.) 

15. Thomas Blount, who married A.gnss daughter of John Hrwley, 
of Girsb}', Burgh-on-Bain, Lincolnshire, son of Thomas Hawlej-. See 


Hawley record. Thomas Blount was the second husband of Agnes, 
who died October 1 4, 1 462. Their daughter, co-heir with her brother, 
Robert, was: 

1 4. Anne Blount, of Girsby, who married William Marbury, Esq., also 
of that place. See Marbury record. 


31 . The Infante Don Vela de Aragon, had issue a son: 

30. Sancho Velasquez, created Lord of Ayala in 1 074 by Don Alonzo, 

King of Castile. His son: 

29. Lope Sanchez de Ayala, Rico Hombre de Castile 1089, was the 
second Lord of Ayala. His son: 

28. Don Galindo Velasquez de Ayala, third Lord, married Donna 
Maria de Salzedo, heiress of that house. Their son: 

27. Don Garcia Galindez de Salzedo, fourth Lord of Ayala and Lord 
of Salzedo, married Donna Alberta Sanz. daughter of Don Garcia 
Sanz, Lord of Zurbano. Their son: 

26. Don Sancho Garcia de Salzedo, Rico Hombre, fifth Lord of Aya- 
la, died at the battle of Alarcos, A. D. II 93. He married Donna Maria 
Iniquez de Piedrola, daughler of Count Nuno de Piedrola. Their 

25. Donna Maria de Salzedo, heiress, inherited the Lordship of Ayala, 
after the death, without issue, of Jon Juan Sanz de Salzedo, eighth 
Lord, in the year I 328. She married Don Pedro Velaz de Guevara. 
Their son: 



24. Don Sancho Perez de Gamboa, married Donna Andrea Diaz dc 
Mena. Their daughter: 

23. Donna Elvira Sanchez, heiress of Ayala, married Don Pero Lopez 
de Ayala, inheritor of an estate in Uca and Ayala from Donna Maria 
Sanz de Unca and therefor called Ayala. He was at the conquest of 
Seville in 1253, and was evidently many years his wife's senior. 
Their son: 

22. Don Sancho Lopez, el Motila, or el Moco, married Donna Aldonca 
de Velasco, and had: 

21. Don Lopez de Ayala, Adelantado Mayor of Murcia, who married 
Donna Sancha Fernandez Barroso, and acquired many properties in 
Toledo. Their son: 

20. Don Fernan Perez. Senor en Ayala, living in 1375, died the year 
of the battle of Aljubarrota, aged 80 years. He married Donna El- 
vira Alvarez de Zavallos, and had: 

19. Donna Inez d-,> /\yala, who married Diego Gomez de Toledo, Al- 
calde Mayor of Toledo. Their daughter: 

I 0. Donna Sancha, married Sir Walter Blount. See Blount record. 
Sir Walter died in L103, and in 1406, the Lady Sancha Blount found- 
ed the hospital of St. Leonards, Alkmonton, Derbyshire. She died in 
1418. Her will, made in 1415, is still in existence. 


26. Don Diego Lopez de Haro fought at the battle of Ubeda in 1212. 


He died in 121 4. His son: 

25. Don Lope Diaz de Haro, Lord of Biscay, captured the city of Baeca 
and was thenceforth styled de Baeca. He married the Donna Urraca 
Alfonsa, daughter of Don Alonzo, King of Leon. Their third son 

24. Don Lope Ruys el Chico, who married, A. D. 1253, the Donna 
Berenguela Gonzalez Giron, and was father of: 

23. Don Pero Lopez de Ayala, who married the Donna Elvira Sanchez. 
See Ayala record. Don Pero v/as living in 1253, when he was pres- 
ent at the conquest of Seville. 


The Byron family had large possessions in England during the 
reign of William the Conqueror, as is proven by the Doomsday Book 
in which is recorded seventy-two properties held by one Ernies de 

28. Ralph de Buron, Lord of several manors in Nottinghamshire and 
Derbyshire, ancestor of the celebrated Lord Byron, and of 
Oratio Dyer Clark, is the first connected link of this family 
chain. What relationship he bore to the before mentioned Ernies de 
Buron is not known, but it is probr.ble that he was a, brother or a son 
of the former. In the survey of England made in the twentieth year 
of the reign of William the Conqueror, it is shown that Ralph de 
Buron held the mr.nors of O^cin'.une, Calun, Hochehale, Rampestune, 
Lamccote and Cotegrave, all in Nottinghamshire, and Westune, Hor- 



slei, Denebi, Halun and Hereby, all in Derbyshire. At Horslei (nov/ 
Horseley) Ralph de Buron built himself a castle called Horestan 
(meaning white stone) wherein his successors lived for many genera- 
tions. His son: 

27. Hugh de Buron, Lord of the Castle of Horestan, was living in 
the ninth year of the reign of King Stephen. His son: 

26. Hugh de Buron, Baron of Horestan, in the reign of hlenry II. be- 
came a monk and retired to the hermitage of Kersnie. He left issue 
two children. 

(25) I. Sir Roger de Buron. 

2. A daughter, m. Peter de Veil. 

25. Sir Roger de Buron lived in the reigns of Henry II., Richard I., and 
John. He held service of ten knights, and paid scutage on that num- 
ber in each of the before mentioned reigns. He married Nichola, 
daughter of Roelend de Verdun. 

(24) 1. Robert. 
2. Peter. 

24. Robert de Byron married Cecilia, daughter of Richard Clayton, 

of Clayton, Lancashire, his heiress. 


(23) \. Robert. 

2. Sir Richard, Kt. 

3. Henry. 

4. Peter. 


23. Robert de Byron. Lord of the manor of Clayton, had by his wife 
Maud, who was Hving in the second year of the reign of Edward L 


1. William. 
(22) 2. John. 

22. John de Byron, with others, was commanded, January 14, 1279- 
80, by Edward 1., to meet him at Carlisle with horses, arms and all men 
who owed him sevrice, on "midsummer day then next following," to 
march against the Scots. Later, by Royal command, he accompan- 
ied Edward in his expedition into France, and still later, again fought 
the Scots in the same monarch's service. Sir John de Byron suc- 
ceeded as Lord of the manor of Clayton, and lived there, but was, in 
the nineteenth year of the reign of Edward I., appointed governor of 
Dover Castle. He married first, Lady Joan, daughter of Sir Baldwin 
Thies (or Teutonick), widow, by which alliance he came into the pos- 
session of the Icinds of Bostworth, Gleggs, Garthside, Akedon, Holin- 
worth, and Halcht. By his first ^vife, the only one of interest to the 
readers of this work, John de Byron had : 

21. Sir John de Byron, Lord of Clayton in the twentieth year of the 
reign of Edward I. He married Alice Banastre, cousin and heiress of 
Robert Banastre, of Hyndeley, Lancashire. Sir John, with Alice, his 
wife, then (1313) living at Clayton, deeded the manor of Farlington, 
Yorkshire, to Sir Richard de Byron, Kt., their son. 

(20) I. Sir Richard. 

2. John. 


20. Sir Richard de Byron, of Cadensy, and Lord of the manor of 
Clayton, was Hving in 1 308 and in 1 322, as is proven by existing rec- 
ords. He served in Parliament in the last mentioned year. His first 

wife was Agnes , his second, Elizabeth , the surnames 

of both being unknown at this dr<te. His son: 

1 9. Sir James Byron, Kt., married Elizabeth, daughter of William Ber- 
nake, and died before the twenty-fourth year of the reign of Edward 

I. Sir John Byron, d. without issue. 
(18) 2. Sir Kichcird Byron. 

18. Sir Richard Byron married Joan, daughter of William de Colc- 
wick, of Colewick, Nottinghamshire. William de Colewick was the 
husband of Joan, daughter and heiress of John Peche and his wife 
Alice Hay ward. Alice was the daughter of Sir William Hay ward, Kt., 
and Joan, his wife, daughter of Sir Saier de Huntingfield, his heiress, 
of South Stoke. Sir Richard Byron died in 1 398, and was survived 
by Joan, his wife, by whom he had a son: 

1 7. Sir John le Byron, knighted in the third year of the reign of 
Henry V. He married Margery, daughter of Sir John Booth, of Bar- 

1. Richard, m. Lucy, dau. of Sir John Ashton. From 

Richard came the line of the poet. Lord Byron. 

2. Nicholas. 

3. Ralph. 



4. Elizabeth, m. Sir Thomas Ashton. 

5. Margaret, m. Sir William Atherton, of Walton, Lan- 


6. Jane, m. William Ratcliff. 

(16) Ellen or Helena, m. Walter Blount, Lord Montjoy. 
8. Catherine, m. William Brereton. 

16. Helena, or Ellen, Byron married Walter Blount, Lord Montjoy. 
See Blount record. 


20. Robert Hawley, first recorded of this family, resided at Girsby, 
Burgh-on-Bain, Lincolnshire, where A. D. i 309, he and his wife Joan, 
had a grant of land from Ralph le Muer, of Covcnham. Their son: 

19. Sir William Hawley, Kt., had: 

18. Sir William Hawley, Ivt., of Girsby, who made his w^ill at Bay- 
onne, Gascony, June 16, 1386, that document proved November 3, 

I 387, at Netllcham, Lincolnshire. In this instrument he ordered his 
interment al the h riars Preachers, Bayonne. llis son: 

17. Sir Thomas Hawley, Kt., of Girsby, married Margaret , 

who was living on January I 0, 1 396-7. Their son: 

16. John Hawley, of Girsby, had: 

I 5. Agnes Hawley, his heiress, who married Robert Sutton, of Lin- 
coln. Robert died in I 75 I -2, will proved February 23, 1751-2, and 
Agnes married, second, Thomas Blount, second son of the first Lord 
Mountjoy. Agnes died October 14, 1462, and was interred in the 



Parish of Curgh-on-Bain. See Blount recom. 

14. William Dryden, Driden or Dreyden, of Walton, County Cum- 
berland, had a son: 

1 \ David Dryden, of Staffe Hill, County Cumberland. He married 
Isabel, daughter and heiress of William Nicholson, of Staffe Hill. His 
second son was: 

1 2. John Dryden, who married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Cope, 
Kt., of Canons Ashby, Northamptonshire. John Dryden died Sept- 
ember 30, 1 584, and was interred at Ashby, near the body of Sir John 
Cope who had died previously. His seventh child was: 

1 I . Bridget Dryden, who married, in 1 589, the Rev. Francis Marbury. 
See the Marbury and Cope records. 

Note. Erasmus Dryden, first child and heir of John, No. i 2, 
graduated from Oxford University in 1 577. He was sheriff of North- 
amptonshire in the 4nth year of the reign of Queen Elizabeth, and 
again in the 1 7th year of the reign of James \. By the latter monarch, 
Erasmus was created, November 16, 1619, a baronet. His son, Eras- 
mus, Jr., was the father of John Dryden, Poet Laureat. 


17. John Cope, "a very eminent person in the reigns of Richard II., 
and Henry IV.," received from the first mentioned monarch, the twen- 
ty-second year of his reign, styled by that king "his trusty and well be- 
loved servant," the site and manor of Denshanger, Northamptonshire, 



and divers other lands and rents in Wickden, Wickhamman, Pesen- 
ham, Stony-Stratford, Pokesley, Witefield and Moghemoncotes. In 
the first year of the reign of Henry IV., that king confirmed the grant 
of the manor of Denshanger, to be held by one fourth part of a knight's 
fee, and later granted to him, "my esquire and beloved servant," the 
manor of Westbury, in Buckinghamshire. John Cope was born about 
1355 and died in 1415. He was Sheriff of Northamptonshire in 
I 378, 1 396, 1 400 and 1 404, and was Knight of the Shire, same county, 
in 1396, 1399, 1402, 1404 and 1406. He fought with the house of 
Lancaster during the Wars of the Roses. By his wife, Elizabeth, 
daughter and heiress of John Newnenham, whom he married in 1 393, 
Sir John Cope had three sons, last of whom was: 

16. William Cope, who married the daughter of William Gossage, of 
Spratton, Northamptonshire. Their son: 

I 5. Alexander Cope, of Denshanger and Grimsby, had one son: 

14. William Cope, of Grimsby, Northamptonshire, and Hanwell Ox- 
fordshire, a favorite of King i lenry VII. He was Treasurer to Henry's 
household, and obtained from that king grants of the lordships and 
manors of Wormleighton and Fenny-Compton. William Cope was 
born about 1450. He married, first, 1470, Agnes, daughter and heir- 
ess of Sir Robert Harcourt, of Stanton-Harcourt, Oxfordshire, K. C. B., 
Standard bearer to Henry VII. at Bosworth Field. From this union 
resulted a son, Stephen Cope, of Bcdhampton, Hants, ancestor of the 
Cope family of Pennsylvania. For the ancestry of Oratio Dyer Clark, 
it is necessary to trace through William Cope's second wife, Jane, 
daughter of Sir John Spencer, Kt., of Hodnell, Warwickshire, widow 



of William Saunders, of Banbury, Oxfordshire. The third son by 
this marriage was: 

1 3. Sir John Cope, of Eydon, and of Heale, Northamptonshire, and 
of Knowle Hall, Warwickshire, who married, first, Bridget, daughter 
of Sir Edward Raleigh, Kt., of Farnborough, Warwickshire. See 
Raleigh record. Their fourth and only daughter was: 

12. Elizabeth Cope, who married John Dryden. See Dryden record. 


22. Sir Henry Raleigh, Kt., married Mabel, daughter and co-heiress 
of Sir John Pincherdon, Kt. Their son: 

21 . Sir John Raleigh, Kt., married Joan, daughter of John, Lord Gray 
of Rotherfield. I heir son: 

20. John Raleigh, married Rose, daughter and heiress of Sir Peter 
Helion, Kt. Their son: 

19. Thomas Raleigh, married Agnes, daughter of Sir William Swin- 
ford, Kt. Their son: 

18. Sir Henry Raleigh, Kt., married the daughter and heiress of 

Bennell, and had a son: 

17. Johannes Raleigh, of Thornborough, who married Idon, daughter 
and heiress of Sir Thomas Cotesford, Kt., son of Roger Cotesford, who 
was son of Roger Cotesford and Catherine, his wife, daughter and co- 
heiress of Sir William Scarhull, Chief Justice of England in the reign 
of Edward III. Their son: 



1 6. Sir William Raleic^h, Kt., married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Thom- 
as Greene, Kt., and had a son: 

15. Sir Edward Raleigh, Kt., who married Margaret, daughter of Sir 
Ralph Verney, Kt. Their son : 

14. Edward Raleigh, Esq., of Farnsborough, Warwickshire, married 
Anna, daughter of Sir Richard Chamberlin or Chamberlayne, Kt., 
alias Tankerville. Their daughter: 

1 3. Bridget Raleigh, married Sir John Cope, Kt. See Cope record, 
also Chamberlayne. 


26. William, Count Tankerville, of Tankerville Castle, Normandy, ac- 
companied the Conqueror into England, but returned to Normandy. 
His son: 
25. John de Tankerville, was Lord Chamberlain to Henry 1. His son: 

24. Richard, styled "Camerarius Sire Chamberlaine de Tanquerville," 
in the "Visitation of Oxfordshire" (Harleian Ms.), was Lord Cham- 
berlain to King Stephen. His son: 

23. William Chamberlain, was Lord of North Riston, and held the of- 
fice of Lord Chamberhin to Henry II. He took prisoner Robert de 
Bellemont, Earl of Millain in Norm.andy, and Earl of Leicester in Eng- 
land ,who assisted Prince Henry in his revolt against his father, Henry 

II. By his wife, who was the daughter of Clifton, William had 

a son: 

22. Robert Chamberlayne who was the father of: 



21. Sir Richard Chamberlayne. He married Jana, or Jane, daughter 
of Sir John Gatesden. Their son was: 

20. Sir Robert Chamberlayne, who married a daughter of 

Griff^ni (Visitation of Oxfordshire) or Griffin (\X^otton), of North- 
amptonshire. His son: 

19. Sir John Chamberlayne, married Jana, or Jane, daughter of John 
Morteine. His son: 

18. Sir Richard Chamberlayne, married Jana, or Jane, daughter of 

Sir John Reyns, of Clifton Reyns, Buckinghamshire. 


(17) I. Richard. 

2. John, of Hopton, Co., Derby; m. Alicia Bensted. 

3. Thomas, of Denford; m. Katheerinc Kingston. 

4. Edward. 

1 7. Richard Chamberlayne, married Margareta, daughter and heiress 
of Nicholas Lovayne. After the death of Richard, Margareta took for 
her second husband, Philippus de Santo Ctaro. 

(16) I. Richard. 

2. William, who left no issue. 

3. Thomas, who left no issue. 

4. Elizabeth. 

16. Sir Richard Chamberlayne married Margareta, daughter of Sir 

John Knevett. See Knevett record. 




(15) 1. Richard. 

2. William, m. Anna johis Lideard. 

1 5. Sir Richard Chamberlayne married Sibilla, daughter of Sir Richard 

Fowler, of Ricott, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. 


1 . Edward, of Sherborne, m. Cecilia, dau. of John Verney, 

of Penley; d. Sept. 10, 1543, aged 63 years. 

2. William. 
(14) 3. Anna. 

4. Thomas. 

5. John. 

14. Anna Chamberlayne, or Chamberlain, married Edv/ard Raleigh. 
See Raleigh record. It is of note that in various Dryden pedigrees 
(Wotton, 1741; Kimber, 1771; Belham, 1803, etc.) Anna is given 
as the daughter of Sir William Chamberlain. This is an error. The 
true pedigree of Anna is to be found in the "Visitation of Oxford- 
shire," published in KS71 by the 1 larlcian Society. 


21. Richard Knevit, of Southv/ick, Northamptonshire, was appointed 
custos of the forest of Clyve in that county in the time of Edward II. 
His forefathers had for many generations been lords of Southwick, 
and at a still earlier d ite, it is recorded in Camden's "Britanicca," that 
the castle of Launceston in Cornwall was taken by the Conqueror frcm 
Othmar le Knevitt. then the Hereditary Constable, and given to Roger, 
Earl of Mortain, with the Earldom of Cornwall, from whom these 



lands passed to the possession of the Crown in the time of Edward I. 
Richard Knevit married Joan, daughter and co-heir of Sir Richard 
Wourch, and had a son : 

20. Sir John Klnevit, Lord Cliancellor of England. He was sergeant- 
at-law in the thirty-first year of Edward 111., one of the Justices of the 
King's Bench in the thirty-third year of the same reign, and Chief 
Justice of England six years later. Ten years after this, he was Lord 
Chancellor of England. He was one of the executors of the will of 
Edward ill., dated October 7, 1376. Sir John died in 1381, and the 
inquisition then held shows him to have held a vast extent of property 
in Cambridge, Northamptonshire, and in other counties. He married 
Eleanor, elder daughter of Ralph Basset, of Welledon, and left issue, 
an elder son: 

19. John Knevit, who was found by inquisition to be co-heir with Sir 
John de Aylesbury, son of Sir John de Aylesbury, by Joan, his wife, 
younger daughter of Ralph Basset, to the family of Basset, on the 
extinction of heirs male. He was one of the Knights of the Shire for 
the County of Himtington in the twenty-first year of the reign of 
Richard 11., and married Joan, daughter of Sir John Botetort, of Men- 
dlesham, Suffolk. He left, with two daughters, an only son: 

1 8. Sir John Knevit, Kt., who married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Con- 
stantine de Clifton, second Baron Clifton, and by this lady, who was 
eventually co-heiress of her family, he acquired Buckenham Castle, 
County Norfolk. He served the office of sheriff lor that county and 
for Suffolk in the fifteenth year of Richard 11. His only son: 

17. Sir John Knevit, Kt., married Alice, daughter of Reginald, Lord 



Gray, of Ruthyn, but this marriage does not relate to the ancestress of 
Oratio Dyer Clark, who was descended from Sir John's second wife, 
Joan or Joanna, daughter of Humphrey de Stafford, Duke of Bucking- 
ham, widow of WiUiam, Viscount Beaumont. By Joan, or Joanna, 
she being called differently in various pedigrees. Sir John had, before 
his death in the seventh year of Henry VII, beside a son, a daughter: 

16. Margaret Knevit, who married Richard Chamberlayne. See 
Chamberlayne record. 


21. Ralph de Stafford, second Baron Stafford, a descendant of Roger 
de Toeni, Standard Bearer of Normandy, who, in turn, was descended 
from Malahucius, uncle of Rollo, Duke of Normandy, was created 
Earl of Stafford in 1351. He married Lady Margaret de Audley. See 
de Audley record. His son: 

20. Hugh de Stafford, third B.nron and second Earl, married Phillipi 
de Beauchamp, whose ancestry is given in part IV. of this work. The 
son of Hugh was: 

19. Edmund de Stafford, f^fth Earl of Stafford. He married Anne 
Plantagenet, known as Anne of Buckingham, daughter of Thomas of 
Woodstock, Duke of Gloucester, brother of John of Gaunt, and young- 
est son of Edward II!., King of England. The pedigree of Anne Plan- 
tagenet occupies part \''I. of this volume. 

18. Humphrey de Stafford, sixth Earl of Stafford, and first Duke of 
Buckingham (created Duke in 1444), son of Edmund, No. 19, mar- 


ried Lady Anne Neville, daughter of Ralph Neville, first Earl of West- 
moreland. Anne's ancestry occupies part V. of this volume. Hum- 
phrey de Stafford w^as slain at the battle of Northampton in the reign 
of Henry IV. Ralph Neville, or de Nevile, of Raby, was created Earl 
of Westmoreland in 1 397. He v^^as Earl Marshall of England, and 
died in 1425. The daughter of Humphrey de Stafford was: 

1 7. Lady Joanna de Stafford, who married Sir John Knevit, or Kny- 
vett. See Knevit record. 


23. Gilbert de Clare, ninth Earl of Clare, seventh Earl of Hertford, 
and third Earl of Gloucester, died in 1245. He married the Princess 
Joan D'Arce, daughter of Edward 1., King of England. She died in 
1 307. For her ancestry, see part VII. of this volume. Their daugh- 
ter was: 

22. Lady Margaret de Clare, widow of Piers de Gravestone. She 
married, second, Hugh, second Raron Audley, and Earl of Gloucester, 
who died in I 347. 1 !e ^vas the son of LIugh, first Baron Audley. 
Their daughter: 

21. Lady Margaret de Audley, or D' Audley, married Ralph, Baron 
Stafford. See Stafford record. 

Part III. 

Ancestry of the Family 





30. Siegefrecie, Prince of Denmark, first Count of Guisnes, grandson 
of Harold V., King of Denmark, and descendant of Walter, Count of 
Ponthieu, Guisnes and St. Pol, claiming Guisnes as his inheritance, 
landed there with a band of Norsemen, took possession, and built him- 
self a castle on the River Guisnes. The property being within the 
domain of Arnold 1., Count of Flanders, that warrior summoned Siege- 
frede to appear before him to answer for his conduct. Well impress- 
ed ■with Siegefrede, Arnold endowed him with the Lordship of Guis- 
nes and bestowed upon him as well, Elstrude, his daughter, great 
granddaughter of Alfred ihe Great, of England. See record of the 
Counts of Flinders. Their son : 

29. Ardolphus, second Count of Guisnes, married Mnhaut or Matildis, 
daughter of Ernicule, Count of Boulogne. Their son: 

28. Raoul, or Rod..lphus, third Covmt of Guisnes, married Rosella, 
daugliter of 1 lugh II., Count of St. Vol. Their three sons were: 
I . Eustace, fourth Count of Guisnes. 

(27) 2. Robert, styled 'e Dlonde. 

(27) 3. WilliLmi, styled h Blonde. 

27. Robert and William, called le Blonde or le Blount, with their eld- 
er brother, Eustace, accompanied William the Conqueror into England. 
Eustace returned to France. From Robert and William are descend- 
ed all of the name of Blount or Blunt in England and America. See 
Blount record in Part II. 



36. Lideric, Forester of Flanders, living A. D. 792. His son: 
35. Engelrnm, living in 802, had ci son: 
34. Odoacer, living in 832. His son: 

33. Baldwin 1., Bras de Fer, Count of Flanders, died in 879. His 
wife was Judith, daughter of Charles 11., King of France. See the 
record of Charlemagne. Their son : 

32. Baldwin 11., Count of Flanders, died in 919. He married, in 889. 
Elstrude, Alfritha, or Elfrida, called Ethelwida on the chart of Hughes 
of Gwerclas, daughter of Alfred the Great, King of England. See 
record of the Saxon Kings of England. Estrude died June 7, 929. 
Their son: 

31. Arnulph or Arnold 1., Count of Flanders and of Artois, died in 
964. He married Adela, or Alisa, daughter of Herbert 11., Count of 

I. Baldwin 111., also an ancestor of Oratio Dyer Clark, of 
whom elsewhere. 
(30) 2. Elstrude. 

30. Elstrude married Siegefrede, first Count of Guisnes. See record 
of the Counts of Guisnes. 


In this line of the pedigree, the ancestry traces back to Charle- 


magne through Judith, daughter of Charles II., King of France, by both 
of her husbands, Ethelwolph, King of England, and Baldwin I., Count 
of Flanders. 

36. and 37. Charlemagne, Emperor of the West, Emperor of the Ro- 
mans, and King of the Franks, was born in 742, and died January 24, 
814. By his wife Hildegarde or Hildegardis, daughter of Childe- 
brand, Duke of Suabia, he had a son: 

35. and 36. Louis I., Le Debonaire, born 778, who died in 840. He 

became Emperor of the Romans in 814. He married, A. D. 819 

Judith of Bavaria, daughter of Guelph or Welpho, Count of Altorf. 

See record of Guelphish or Welphish Royal line. 


(34. and 35.) 1. Charles II. 

2. Gisela, from whom Oratio Dyer Clark was descend- 
ed through another line of ancestry, of which later. 

34. and 35. Charles II., le Chauve (the Bald) born 823, who died in 
879. He was King of France and Emperor of the Romans. He mar- 
ried Richeldis, daughter of Boso, King of Burgundy (the Hughes 
chart states she was the daughter of Bovinus, Count of Aldemir Waldi, 
in France), by whom he had a daughter, and, second, Ermintrudis, 
daughter of Odo, Count of Orleans. 
Issue (by Richeldis) : 
33. and 34. I. Judith. 

Issue (by Ermintrudis) : 

2. Louis the Stammerer, from whom Oratio Dyer 



Clark was descended tlirough another line of ances- 
try, of which later. 

33. and 34. Judith, married A. D. 862, Baldwin L, Bras de Fer, first 
Count of Flanders and Artois. At the time of her marriage, Judith 
was the widow of Ethelwolph, King of England. See record of the 
Counts of Flanders, also that of the Saxon Kings of England. 


This family is fully historied in Jacob's "Peerage of England," 
three folio volumes, printed in I 766. It is probdile, from a genealogi- 
cal point of view, the most ancient family in the world. Every royal 
house in Europe is authentically descended from it, and while doubt 
has been cast upon the first thirty-six generations (Nos. 88 and 89 to 
Nos. 53 and 54,) the remaining generations down to Oratio Dyer 
Clark are indisputably authentic. 

88. and 89. Marcomir I., first King of the Sicambri, who, with 1 75, 
658, or as others say 489, 360 men, took possession of what is now 
Holland in the year of the world 3573. In 3582, he crossed the Rhine 
and conquered part of Gaul, of which land he made his brother the gov- 
ernor. The Sicambri were of the Scythian race, and were settled at 
the mouth of the Danube but were driven onward by the Goths to the 
border of Germany and the German Sea. Flere they remained, and 
were later called Franks, Franconians and French. King Marcomir 
1. died in the year of the world 3592, or B. C. 412. His son: 
87. and 88. Antenor !.. died B. C. 384. His son: 
86. and 87. Priamus, died B. C. 358. His son: 


85. and 86. Helenus, died B. C 339. His son: 

84. and 85. Diodes, died B. C. 300. 


I . Helenus II., deposed, who died B. C. 286. 

(83. and 84.) 2. Bassanus. 

83. and 84. Bassanus succeeded his deposed brother as king, and 
diedB. C. 250. His son: 

82. and 83. Clodomir I., died B. C. 232, leaving a son and heir: 

8 1 . and 82. Nicanor, who died B. C. 1 98. His son : 

80.and81. MarcomirII.,died B. C. 170. His son: 

79. and 80. Clodius I., died B. C. 1 59. His son : 

78. and 79. Antenor II.. died B. C. 143. His son: 

77. and 78. Clodomir II., died B. C. 1 23. His son: 

76. and 77. Merodachus, died B. C. 95. His son: 

75. and 76. Cassander, died B. C. 74. His son: 

74. and 75. Antharius, died B. C. 39. His son: 

73. and 74. Francus, died B. C. 11. His son: 

72. and 73. Clodius II., lived and reigned during the time of Christ, 

dying A. D. 20. 


1 . Herimerus, who succeeded his father and died 



A. D. 32. 
(71. and 72.) 2. Marcomir III., who succeeded his eldest brother. 

71. and 72. Marcomir 111., died A. D. 50. His son: 

70. and 71. Clodomir III. .died A. D. 63. His son: 

69. and 70. Antenor III. .died A. D. 69. His son: 

68. and 69. Ratharius, died A. D. 90. His son: 

67. and 68. Richimir I., died A. D. 1 1 4. His son : 

66. and 67. Odomar, died A. D. 1 28. His son: 

65. and 66. Marcomir IV., died A. D. 149. His son: 

64. and 65. Clodomir IV., died A. D. 166. His son: 

63. and 64. Farabert, died A. D. 1 86. His son : 

62. and 63. Sunno, died A. D. 21 3. His son: 

61. and 62. Hilderic, died A. D. 253. His son: 

60. and 61. Bartherus, died A. D. 272. His son: 

59. and 60. Clodius III., died A. D. 298. His son: 

58. and 59. Walter, died A. D. 306. His son: 

57. and 58. Dagobert. 

I. Clodius IV., who v/as succeeded by his brother. 

(56. and 57.) 2. Clodomir V. 

3. Genebald, first Duke of East Fran 



56. and 57. Clodomir V., died A. D. 337. His son: 

55. and 55. Richimir, II.. died A. D. 350. His son: 

54. and 55. Theodomir, died A. D. 360. His son: 

53. and 54. Clodius v., died A. D. 378. His son: 

52. and 53. Marcomir V., last King of the Sicambri, Franconians or 
Franks, was slain in battle by the Romans, A. D. 393. The Kingdom 
was changed by the Romans into a Dukedom. 

5 1 . and 52. Genebald, son of Marcomir V., had a daughter: 

50. and 51. Argotta, who married Pharamond, fifth Duke of East 
Franconia, a descendant of Genebald, first Duke, brother of Clodomir 
V. Pharamond was called King of the East Franks, beginning his 
rule there in 404, and in 419 became King of the West Franks. He 
diedA. D. 430. His son: 

49. and 50. Clodio, died A. D. 455. His wife was Basina, daughter 

of Wedelphus, King of Thuringia. 


1 . Merovaeus, King of the Franks, an ancestor of the 
Emperor Charlemagne. He died A. D. 460. 

(48. and 49.) 2. Albero or Adelbertus. 

48. and 49. Albero or Adelbertus, Duke on the Moselle, died A. D. 

491. His son: 

47. and 48. Vanbertus or Wambertus, Duke on the Moselle, died A. 

D. 528. His son: 

46. and 47. Ansbertus, Duke on the Moselle for 42 years, died A. D. 




1 . Armoldus, Margrave on the Schelde. 

(45. and 46) 2. Gertrude. 

45. and 46. Gertrude, who died in 655, married Richemeres, Duke 
of Franconia. Their daughter: 

44. and 45. Gerberger, married Ega, Major Domo of France in the 
time of Dagobert I. She died A. D. 646. Their son: 

43. and 44. Erkembaldus, Major Domo to Chidovaeus II., died in 661 . 
His son: 

42. and 43. Lendisius, or Leudisius, succeeded him in office, and 
died in 680. 

41. and 42. Ethicus or Aldericus, his son, was made Duke of Alsatia 
by the Emperor Theodoric 111. He died in 720. His son: 

40. and 41. Adelbertus, second Duke, died in 741. His son: 

39. and 40. Ebcrhard, third Duke, died in 747. His son: 

38. and 39. Varinus, acquired lands in Bavaria, i~nd became Lord of 
Altorf or Althorf in Suabia. He attended the court of Caraloman- 
nus. King of Soissons, and when th-.t monarch died, A. D. 771, he 
transferred his allegic nee to Charlemagne. Varinus fought against 
the Saracens, and reduced Tortoso. He died in 780, leaving by his 
wife Aza, a son: 

37. and 38. Isenbart, Lord of Altorf, who married Irmintrudis, or 
Ermintrudis, sister of Hildegarde or Hildegardis, wife of the Emperor 


Charlemagne, and daughter of Child.^br.'nd, Duke of Suabia. Hic, son: 

36. and 37. Guelph, Guelpho, or Welpho, Count of AUorf and Duke 
of Bavaria, married Medwig, a Saxon. Their second daughter was: 

35. and 36. Judith of Bavaria, second wife of Louis h, Le Debonaire, 
King of France. See the record of Charlemagne. 


(For full details of the Saxon Kings see Part V.) 
35. Egbert, King of England, was born in 775. He was crowned in 
819, and died in 838. By his wife Redburgo, he had a son: 

34. Ethelwolph, who became King of England in 838. He married 
Judith, daughter of Charles II., King of France, and died in 857, leav- 
ing four sons, four successive kings of England. See record of Charle- 

1. F.thelbaM, became King 8S7; died 859. 

2. Fthelbert, became King 859; died 866. 

3. Ethelred, became King 866; died 872. 

(33) 4. Alfred the Great, became King 872; died 900. 

33. Alfred the Great, King of England, born in 849, became King in 
872, and died in 900. He married Ethelbirth, daughter of the Earl 
Elhan. His daughter: 

32. Elstrude, Alfritha, Alfrida, or Elfrida, married Baldwin II., Count 
of Flanders. See record of the Counts of Flanders. 

Part IV. 

Ancestry of 

Phillipi de Beauchamp 

Continued from 

Part II. 



24. William de Beauchamp, Baron Elmlj' and Baron Beauchamp, 
died in 1268. He married Isabel Manduit, daughter of William, 
Baron of Henslape or Henlope. Their son : 

23. William de Beauchamp, Baron of Elmly and Henslape, and first 
Earl of Warwick, married the Lady Maud, daughter of Richard Fitz 
John, and died in 1 298. His son : 

22. Guy de Beauchamp, second Earl of Warwick, married Alice, 
daughter of Ralph de Toeni and his wife Alice de Bohun. His son: 

2 1 . Thomas de Beauchamp, third Earl of Warwick, died in 1 369. He 
married Lady Catherine de Mortimore, or Mortimer. See Mortimore 
family and the record of the Kings of Britain. His daughter: 
20. Phillipi de Beauchamp, married Hugh de Stafford, Earl of Staf- 
ford. See Stafford record, in Part II. of this volume. 


27. Roger de Nuberg, second Earl of Warwick, married Gundred de 
Warren. See record of Warren. Their son: 

26. Waleran or Wallivan de Newburgh or Neuberg. died in 1205. 
He was the fourth Earl of Warwick, and married Alice, daughter of 
Sir Robert de Harcourt. See Harcourt record. Their daughter: 

25. Alice de Newberg, married William sixth Baron Manduit and 
fourth Baron Hanslape or Hunlope, Heritable Chamberlain of the Ex- 
chequer. He died in 1256, leaving a daughter: 



24. Isabel de Mnnduit, who m?.rriecl Willir.m de E?aucKnmp, fifth 
Baron Beauchamp and Baron of Elmly. See Befiuchamp record. 


34. Bernard, a nobleman of the blood royal of .Srxony, was born in 
Denmark, and was therefor styled Bernard the Dane. He was chief 
counsellor and second in command lo RoHo, progenitor of the Kings 
of England, in the Norman line, in his descent upon Normandy in 
876. He obtained for his services the Lordships of H-^rcourt, C^rle- 
ville and Beauficel from Rollo. all of which de'^cended to his son and 

heir of whom next. His wife was de Snrote, a hdy of the 

royal family of Burgundy. 

33. Torf the Rich added to the before mentioned inheritance, the 
Lordshiris of Torville, Torcy, Torn^' and Pontatou. He married 
Ertemberga, daughter of Launcelot de Brinquebec, a noblem'^n of 
Danish extraction. His third son: 

32. Turchetil, Eord of Turnuevi'le, Turnuevay. etc.. w-s joint gu^rd- 
ian, with his brother Touroude, to, and go^-ernor for Willir.m, Duke 
of Normandy. Owin" to his attachment for that Prince, he was at 
last murdered. By his wife, A,deline de Montfort, his elrjest .son was: 

31. Auchitil, first to take the name of Harcourt. He married Eve de 
Boessey, Lady of Boessey !e Chastel. Their second son: 

30. Robert de Harcouil;, the Strong, built the castle of Harcourt, and 
entered England v/ith William the Conqueror in ! 066. He married 
Colede D'Argouges. Their eldest son: 

29. William dc Harcourt, comm.: ncad the troopi; of Henry I., which 



defeated Walleran de Beaumont, Earl of Mellent, in battle near 
Bourgtourounde in 1 1 23. Walleran de Beaumont was also descend- 
ed from Bernard the Dane, progenitor of the Harcourts. William 
married Hue D'Amboise. Their second son: 

28. Ivo de Harcourt, inherited all of his father's possessions in Eng- 
land. His son: 

27. Robert de Harcourt, was Sheriff of Warwick and of Leicester- 
shire in the years 1 I 99, 1 20 1 and 1 202. He died in 1 202. His wife 
was Isabel, daughter and heiress of Richard de Camville, and through 
her Robert came into possession of the Lordship of Stanton, Oxford- 
shire, since known as Stanton-Harcourt. Their only daughter: 

26. Alice de Llarcourt, took for her second husband Walleran de New- 
burgh or Nuberg, Earl of Warwick. See Newburgh record. 


30. Gerard de Camville, Lord of Lilbourne, near Creek, Northampton- 
shire. His son: 

29. Richard de Camville, heir to his father, founded the Abbey of 
Combe, in Warwickshire. His third son: 

28. Richard de Camville, married Millicent, cousin of Adeliza or Adel- 
icia, daughter of Godfrey I., Duke of Brabant, second wife of Henry 
I. That King gave to Millicent the Lordship of Stanton, Oxfordshire, 
which became the property of their daughter and heiress: 

27. Isabel de Camville, who married Robert de Harcourt. See Har- 
court record. 




30. William, Earl of Warren, in Normandy, son of Walternus de 
Sancto Martino, whose ancestry is given in the record of Charlemagne, 
married a daughter of Rafe de Porta, a Dane, Protector of Normandy 
during the minority of Richard I. Plis son: 

29. William, Earl of Warren, was created Earl of Surrey, in England. 

He married Gundred, daughter of William the Conqueror, and died in 

1089. Gundred died May 27, 1085-6 See record of Norman Kings 

of England. Plis son: 

28. William, Earl of Warren and Surrey, died in 1 1 35. He married 

Isabel, daughter of Hugh Magnus, son of PIcnry I., King of Prance, 

and his wife Anne of Russia. See record of the Russian Royal Pam- 



(27) 1. Gundred de Warren. 

2. Adele de Warren, from whom Onitio Dyer Clark was 
descended through another line. Of her Liter. 

11 . Gundred de Warren married Roger de Nuberg or Newburgh, sec- 
ond Earl of Warwick. See record of Newburgh and Manduit families. 


(Full authority — Gibbon's "Decline and Pall of the Roman Empire") 
36. Basil the Macedonian, Emperor of Constantinople, A. D. 867, de- 
scended from Constantine the Great and Alexander the Macedonian. 
had a son; 



35. Leo the Philosopher, Emperor of Constantinople, A. D. 886. 
His son: 

34. Constantine VII., Emperor of Constantinople, had a son: 

33. Romanus II., Emperor in 959. His daughter: 

32. Anne, married, in 988, Waldomir, Grand Duke of Russia, and 
had a son: 

31. Jaroslaus, Grand Duke of Russia in 1015, who was father of: 

30. Anne of Russia, v.'ife of Henry L, King of France. Their son: 

29. Hugh Magnus, Count of Vermandois, married Alice or Adele de 
Vermandois, daughter of Hubert, fourth Count of Vermandois, and 
his wife Adelheld, daughter of Ralph, third Count de Valois. Hubert 
fourth Count de Vermandois, was the son of Henry, third count, and 
his wife, Edgina, daughter of Edward the Elder, King of England. 
See record of the Saxon Kings of England. 

28. Isabel, daughter of Hugh Magnus and Alice, or Adele, married 
William Warren, Earl of Surrey. See Warren record. 


42. Charlemagne, Emperor of the West. etc. (see pedigree of Charle- 
magne, in Part III. of this work) married Hildegarde, daughter of 
Childebrand, Duke of Suabia. Their son: 

41. Louis I., (see pedigree of Charlemagne, in Part III.) married Jud- 
ith of Bavaria, daughter of Guelph (for whose ancestry see the 
Guelphish Royal Line in Part III.), and had a son: 


40. Charles II., Le Chauve (the Bald), King of France and Emperor 
of the Romans, was born in 823, and died in 879. He married Richel- 
dis, daughter of Boso, King of Burgundy, by whom he h'-d a daughter 
Judith. This daughter married twice and from her, once by each mar- 
riage, in several lines was Oratio Dyer Clark descended. Charles II. 
married, second, Ermintrudis, daughter of Odo, Count of Orleans, and 
by her had a son : 

39. Louis the Stammerer, King of France. He married Adelheid, sis- 
ter of Welfrid, Sovereign Abbot of Flavigny. Their son: 

38. Charles III., the Simple, King of France, married Edgina, daughter 
of Edward the Elder, King of England, and by her had a son: 

37. Louis the Transmarine, King of France. He married Geeberg, 
daughter of Henry Aucep;T, Emperor of Germany and Duke of Sax- 
ony. Their son: 

36. Charles, Duke of Lorraine, married, second, Agnes, daughter of 
Henry de Vermandois and Troyes and his wife Edgina, widow of 
Charles III. That is — Charles married the daughter of his own 
grandmother by her second luuband, that grandmother the daughter 
of Edward the Elder, King of England. Their son: 

35. Charles Hugh, Duke of Lorraine, heir to the throne of France 
that was usurped by rlijgh Capet. His son: 

34. Wilgerius, Duke of Lorraine, who had a son: 

33. Baldrick Teutonicus, of Normandy. He m.arried a daughter of 
Richard Fitz Gilbert, first Earl of Clare and his wife Robesia de Bolbec. 
Their son : 



32. Nicholas de Doschavillc, or Bacqueville, of Castle Martel, in Ger- 
many, had a son: 

31. Walternus de Sancto Martino de Gaiirena. He married a daugh- 
ter of Herfastus, a noble Dane, and his wife Albereda, daughter of 
Ralph, Earl of Ivery. A sister of the wife of Walternus, by name 
Gunnora, married Richard 1., third Duke of Normandy. Their son: 

30. William, Earl of Warren. See record of Warren. 

(Eor full details of the Saxon Kinr;s see Part V.) 

42. Egbert, became King of England in 819. He was born in 775, 
and died in 838, leriving by his wife Redbingo: 

41. Elhelwolph, who became Iving of England in 838. He died in 
857, leaving four sons, four successive Kings of England. The eldest 
of these: 

40. Ethelbald, becam.e King in 857, and died in 859 leaving a son: 
39. Edwcud, styled, the Elder, who succeeded Alfred the Great, his 
father's youngest brother, in 900. With other children, he a 

38. Edgina, who married, first, Charles III., the Simple, King of 
France; and, second. Henry, third Count of Vermandois. See record 
of Charlemagne. 


36. Reginald the Rich, a Danish Earl, married Milder, daughter of 
Harolst. Their son: 


35. Rollo, surnamed Bygot, first Duke of Normandy. When bap- 
tized, he took the name of Robert. By his first wife, Poppa, daugh- 
ter of Beringarius, Count of Banoux, he had a son: 

34. William, surnamed Longa Spartha, second Dul;e of Normandy, 
who was murdered in 948 b^' contrivance of Louis, King of h ranee. 
By his wife, Adela, or Sparlha, daughter of Herbert, Coinit of St. Liz, 
he had a son : 

33. Robert, surnamed the Hardy, third Duke of Normandy, who died 
in 960. By his wife, Guinalda, a Danish lady, he had two children: 
(32) 1. Richard the Good. 

2. Emma, wife of Ethelred II., King of England. 

32. Richard the Good, fourth Duke of Normandy, married Judith, 

Countess of Bretaigne, and died in 1026. 


1. Richard, fifth Duke of Normandy, who died in 1028. 
(31) 2. Robert, sixth Duke. 

31. Robert, sixth Duke of Normandy, died in 1038. He married 
Hervela, daughter of Rollo, or Fulbert, Chamberlain to Rich^.rd the 
Good. His son: 

30. William, Duke of Normandy, the Conqueror, King of England, 
married Maud, or Mathildis, of Brunswick, daughter of Baldwin V., 
Count of Flanders. See record of the Counts of Flanders. With 
other issue, they had a daughter: 

29. Gundred, wife of William, Earl of W^arren. See record of War- 



This line is fully historiccl in Pnrf V. A brief pedigree is here 

40. Lideric. His son: 

39. Engelram. His son: 

38. Odoacer. His son: 

37. Baldwin I. His son: 

36. Baldwin II. His son: 

35. Arnulph, or Arnold I. His son: 

34. Baldwin III. His son: 

33. Arnulph or Arnold II. His son: 

32. Baldwin IV. His son: 

31. Baldwin V. His daughter: 

30. Maud, or N4alliildis, v/ife of William the Conqueror. See record 

of the Norman Kings of England. 


50. Constantine, FCing of Britain in 433, died in 443. His son: 

49. Uther Pendragon, King of Britain from 500 to 5 1 7 left a daughter 

and heiress: 



48. Name not known, who had a son: 

47. Wallgwyn, King of Britain, father of 

46. Rhum, King of North Wales. His son: 

45. BeUus, was King of Nortli Wales in 586. He had a son: 

44. lago. King of North Wales in 599. His son: 

43. Cadian, was King of Britain in 603. His son: 

42. Cadwallon, was King of Britain. His son: 

41. Cadwalder, was King of Britain. His son: 

40. Edward, was excluded from the succession. His son: 

39. Roderic, was King of North Wales in 750. His son: 

38. Cynan, King of North Wales in 817, was father of: 

37. Essyllt, who married Mervyn Vyrch, King of Mann. This union 

resulted in a son: 

36. Roderic, or Rhodri Mawr, King of all Wales. His son: 

35. Anarawd, was King of North Wales. 

34. Edwal Veol, son of Anarawd, was King of North Wales in 913. 
He married a daughter of Mervyn. Their son: 

33. Neune, was excluded from the succession, but his son: 

32. Edward, became King of North Wales in 993. His son: 

31. lago, was King of North Wales in 1021. He was father of: 

30. Cyman, excluded from succession. His son: 



29. Griffith, King of Nort'n V/nles, died in H 37. He married Augha- 
haud, daughter of Owen of Edwyn, and had a son: 

28. Owen, King of North \Va!c^; from 1 t 37 io the year of his death, 
A. D. 1 169. He married Gladys, daughter of Llynarch. Their son: 

27. Jowarth, was excluded from succession. He married iMargaret, 
daughter of Madoc, Prince of Powis, and had: 

26. Llewellyn, Prince of Wales in 1210. He died in 1240, having 
married twice. His first wife was Joan, daughter of John, King of 
England; his second, a daughter of Robert, Earl of Derby. Bj' one 
of these wives, which one is not knov/n, Llewellyn had a daughter: 

25. Gladys, Princess of Wales, who married Ralph de Mortimore, 
first Earl of March. Their son: 

24. Roger de Mortimore, Lord of Wigmore, married Maud, daugh- 
ter of WilHam de Breose. Their son: 

23. Edmund de Mortimore,, Lord of Wigmore, married Margaret 
daughter of William de Ficnnes. His son: 

22. Roger de Mortimore, Baron Mortimore and Lord of Wigmore, 
married Joan or Joanna, daughter of Peter de Grenville, Lord of Tim 
Island. His daughter: 

21. Catherine de Mortimore, married Thomas de Beauchamp, 3rd 
Earl of Warwick. See Beauchamp record. 


31. John, Baron of Fines, first hereditary Constable of Dover Castle 
and Warden of the Cinque Ports. His only son: 


30. James de Fienes, Warden of the Cinque Ports, had one son: 

29. John de Fienes, Warden of the Cinque Ports, father of one son: 

28. Allen de Fienes, Warden of the Cinque Ports. His only son: 

27. Ingelram de Fines, or Fienes, Warden of the Cinque Ports, was 
slain at the siege of Aeon, in the Holylands, A. D. 11 90. By his wife, 
Sibyl, daughter and heiress of Pharamus, son of William, son of Gal- 
frid, son of Eustace, Earl of Boligne, the latter the brother of Godfrey, 
King of Jerusalem, Ingelram had a son: 

26. William de Fienes, only son of his father, who married Agnes de 
Dampmartin, sister of Reynold and Simon de Dampmartin, Counts of 
Boulogne and Ponthieu. His son: 

25. Sir Ingelram de Fienes, fCnight of the Bath. Constable of Dover 
Castle in 1265, died in 1269. He married Maud, sister of Bartholo- 
mew Hampden, of Hampden, Buckinghamshire. His eldest son: 

24. William de Fienes or Fiennes, died in 1302. By his wife, Blanche 
de Brienne, Dame de Loupelande du Pais de Maine, his second child 
and eldest daughter was: 

23. Margaret, who married Edmund, Lord Mortimore of Wigmore. 
See Mortimore record. 


Part V. 

Ancestry of 

Lady Anne Neville 

Continued from 

Part II. 



30. Cospatrick, a Saxon, father of: 

29. Uchtred of Raby. His son: 

28. Dolphin of Raby. His son: 

27. Maldred of Raby. His son: 

26. Robert Fitz M.lclrccl (Fitz denotes "son of") married Isabel de 
Neville, d;. lighter of Geoffrey de Neville, who was son of Gilbert de 
N;vi!le one of the comp:.nions in arms of Willirm the Conqueror. 
The wife of Geoffrey was Emma, daughter and heiress of Bertram de 
Bulmer, Lord of Sheriffhutton. The son of Robert Fitz Maldred and 
Isabel de Neville, was: 

25. Geoffrey Fitz Maldred of Raby, who adopted the name of his 
mother and was known as Geoffrey de Nevill. He was father of: 

24. Robert Nevill, Baron of Raby and of Rranspeth in the 4lGt year 
of King 1 lenry 111. 1 le married Ida de PHn-tram, and h;.d a son: 

23. de Nevill, who died in his father's lifetime leaving a son: 

22. Ralph Nevill, Baron of Raby, who succeeded his grandfather. 
Ralph was made Baron of Middleham, and died in 1331, leaving by 
his wife, Euphemia, daughter of Sir John de Clavering, a son: 

21. Ralph Nevill, Baron of Raby, who was summoned to Parliament 
from November 20, 1331 to January 20, 1336. He married Alice, 
daughter of Hugh de Audeley, and died in 1 367. Flis son: 

20. Sir John Nevill, Baron of Raby, was summoned to Parliament 
129 J^ 


from February 24, 1368 to July 28, 1388. He married Margaret, 
eldest daughter of Henry, Lord Percy, and was father of: 

19. Ralph Nevill, Baron of Raby, who was created Earl of Westmore- 
land, and was Earl Marshal of England. He married Joanna or Joan 
de Beaufort, second daughter of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, 
King of Castile, etc. Ralph Nevill died in 1423. See record of the 
House of Anjou. Llis daughter: 

1 8. Anne Neville, married Humphrey de Stafford. See record of 
Stafford in Part II. of this work. 


38. Egbert, King of England, born 775, became King in 819, and died 
in 838. By his wife Redburgo, he had a son: 

37. Ethelwolph, who became King of England in 838 and who died in 
837. His children, four successive Kings of England, were: 
(36) 1. Ethelbald, King 857; died 859. 

2. F.thclbert, King 859; died 866. 

3. Ethelred, Kmg866; died 872. 

(36) 4. Alfred the Great, King 872; died 900. 
The Lady Anne Neville, ancestress of Oratio Dyer Clark was de- 
scended from both Ethelbald and Alfred. 

36. Ethelbald, King of England from 857 to 859, h:^.d a son: 

35. Edward, styled the Elder, who became King of England in 900. 
He died in 925 having had issue: 

1. Athelstan, King 825; died 941. 
(34) 2. Edmund, King 941 ; died 948. 


30. Edward, Prince of England, styled Edward the Exile. He mar- 
ried the Princess Agatha, daughter of Henry II., Emperor of Germany. 

1. Edgar Etheling. 
(29)2. Margaret. 

29. Margaret, sole heiress to the Crown of England, set aside by the 
Norman conquest in 1066, married Malcolm III., King of Scotland. 
See record of the Scotch Kings. Their daughter was: 

28. Maud, who married Henry 1., King of England. See record of 
the Norman Kings. 


35. Reginald the Rich, a Danish Earl, married Hildcr, daughter of 
Harolst. Their son: 

34. Rollo, surnamed Bygot, first Duke of Normandy. \X''hen bap- 
tized, he took the name of Robert. By his first wife, who was Poppa, 
daut;hter<)f Hcringarius, Count of Banoux, he had a son: 

33. William, surnamed I.onga Spartha, second Duke of Normandy, 
who was murdered in 948 by contrivance of Louis, King of France. 
By his wife Adela, or Spartha, daughter of Herbert, Count of St. Liz, 
he had a son: 

32. Robert, surnamed the Hardy, third Duke of Normandy, who died 
in 960. By his wife Guinalda, a Danish lady, he had two children. 

(31) 1. Richard the Good. 



2. Emma, wife of Ethelred II., King of England. 

31. Richard the Good, fourth Duke of Normandy, married Judith, 

Countess of Bretaigne, and died in 1026. 


1. Richard, fifth Duke of Normandy, died 1028. 
(30) 2. Robert, sixth Duke of Normandy. 

30. Robert, sixth Duke of Normandy died in 1038. He married 
Hervela, daughter of Rollo or Fulbert, Chamberlain to Richard the 
Good. His son: 

29. W'^illiam, Diike of Normandy, or William the Conqueror, was 
King of England, after his deieat of Harold at Hastings on October 
1 4, I 066, being crowned in Westminster Abbey on Christmas day of 
that year. The Conqueror was born at Falaise in 1 025. He married 
Maud or Mathildis of Rrunswick, or of Flanders, daughter of Baldwin 
v., Count of Flanders, and died September 9, 1087. See record of 
the Counts of Flanders. His eldest son : 

28. Flenry I., born at Sclby, Yorkshire, in 1070, was crowned August 
5, 1 1 00, and died in 1135. He married, November 11, 1 1 00, Maud, 
daughter of Malcolm III., King of Scotland, and his wife Margaret, 
daughter of Prince Edward of England. See record of Kings of 
Scotland. The daughter and heiress of Henry I. was : 

27 Maud, or Matilda, widow of Henry V., Emperor of Germany, who 
married, second, 1127, Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou, who 
died in I 1 56. See record of the House of Anjou. 




28. Fulco, Count of Anjou, and King of Jerusalem, married Erem- 
berga, daughter of Helias, Count of Mans. He died in H41. His 

27. Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou, died September 7, I 1 50. 
He married the Empress Maud, or Matilda, widow of Henry V., Em- 
peror of Germany, daughter of Henry I., King of England. See rec- 
ord of the Norman Kings of England. His son: 

26. Henry Plantagenet, born in I 133, became Henry II., of England, 
crowned December 1 9, I I 54. He married, in 1151, Eleanor, Duchess 
of Guienne, daughter of William V., Duke of Aquitaine. Henry II. 
died in 1 189, his wife on June 26, 1202. Two of his children were: 
(25) 1. John, King of England. 

(25) 2. Eleanor, wife of Alphonso VIII., King of Castile. Her 
daughter Blanche, married Louis V'lII., King of France. 
For Oratio Dyer Clark's descent from her, see the rec- 
ord of the Kings of France. 

25. John, King of England was born in 1 1 66. He succeeded his elder 
brother, Richard I., Coeur de Leon, May 27, 1 199, and died October 
19, 1216. He married twice, but his second wife only is of interest 
to the reader of this work. By her, Isabella, daughter and heiress of 
Aymer de Taillefer, Count of Angouleme, he left five children, eldest 
of whom was : 

24. Henry III., King of England, born October 1, 1206. He was 



crowned in 1216, and married, January 14, 1236, Eleanor, daughter 
of Raymond Berenger, Count of Provence. Henry died Novem- 
ber 16, 1272. His eldest son: 

23. Edward I., King of England, was born June 17, 1239, and was 
crowned August 19, 1274. He married, in 1254, Eleanor, daughter 
of Ferdinand 111., King of Castile, and his wife Joanna, Countess of 
Ponthieu, daughter and heiress of John, Count of Ponthieu. Eleanor 
died in 1290, and Edward married, second, Margaret, daughter of 
Philip III., King of France. 
Issue (by his first wife) : 

(22) 1. Edward II.. King of England. 

2. Elizabeth (7th daughter) who married Humphrey de 

Bohun, and from whom Oratio Dyer Clark was de- 
scended through another line. 

3. Joan d'Arce, who married Gilbert de Clare. She was 

also an ancestress of Mr. Clark, and is treated of in 
section VII. of this work. 

22. Edward II., King of England, was born April 25, 1 284. He was 
crowned February 23, I 307-8, having married previously, January 
23rd of that year, Isabella, daughter of Philip IV., the Fair, King of 
France. Edward was deposed January 20, or 21 , 1 327, and was mur- 
dered at Berkeley Castle the same year. See record of the French 
Kings. His son: 

21 . Edward III., King of England, was born November 13, 1312. He 
married Philippa, daughter of \\'illi:m. Count of Holland and Hain- 
ault, in 1327, and was crowned the same year. See record of the 
French Kings. Edward died at Shene, June 21, 1377, leaving, with 



other children, two sons: 

(20) 1. John of Gaunt. 

2. Thomas of Woodstock, from whom Mr. Clark was also 

descended, and of whom in another section of this 

20. John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, Earl of Richmond, King of 
Castile, etc., had four natural children by Catherine, daughter of Sir 
Payne Roet, or Roelt, a native of Hainault, and Guienne 
Arms. Catherine was the widow of Sir John Swinford, or Sir Hugh 
Swynford, as authorities differ. These four children were legitimated 
by an act of Parliament. John married their mother, his third wife, 
January 13, 1396. The only daughter was: 

19. Joan, called de Bc;>ufort from a castle of that name owned by her 
father, one of his Norman possessions. Joan's second husband was 
Ralph Nevill or Neville, first Earl of Westmoreland. Joan died in 
1440. See the record of Neville. 

39. Lideric, Forester of 1-landers, living in 792. His son: 
38. Engelram, living in 602. His son: 
37. Odoacer, living in 832. His son: 

36. Baldwin I., Bras de Fer, Count of Flanders, died in 879. His 
wife was Judith, daughter of Charles II., King of I' ranee. See the 

ord of Charlemagne. Tl 

leir son: 

35. Baldwin II., Count of Flanders, died in 919. He married, in 889, 
Elstrude, Alfritha or Elfrida, (given as Ethelwida on the chart of 


Hughes of Gwerclr.s), daughter of Alfred the Great, King of England. 
See record of the S:-,xon Kings. Elstrude died June 7, 929. Their 

34. Arnulph, or Arnold I., Count of Flanders and Artois, died in 964. 
He married Adala, or Alisa, daughter of Herbert II., Count of Ver- 

(33) 1. Baldwin HI. 

2. Elstrude, wife of Siegefrede, first Count of Guisnes. 
Mr. Clark v/as descended from this couple through the 
Blount family, recorded in Part III. of this work. 

33. Baldwin III., Count of Flanders, and of Artois, died in the lifetime 
of his father, A. D. 961. Fle married Maud, Mechtild, or Matilda, 
daughter of Flermand Biilund, Duke of Saxony. His son: 

32. Arnulph or Arnold !i., died in 988. By his wife, Rosella, daugh- 
ter of Berenger II., King of Italy (Hughes chart), he had a son: 

31. Baldwin IV'., who died in 1034. Fie married Eleanor, daughter 
of Richard the Good, i3uke of Normandy, or Olgiva, daughter of Fred- 
erick, Count of the Moselle, as authorities differ. His son: 

30. Baldwin v., died inn 1 066. He married, in I 027, Adela, or Adel- 
ais, daughter of Robert II., King of I'Vc.nce, son of ' lugh Capet. See 
record of Kings of France. His daughter: 

29. Mathildis or Maud of Fruniwick, or of Flanderr, died November 
2, 1083. She married, 1066, Williani the Conqueror. See record of 
the Norman Kings of England. 




39. Charlemagne, born 742, died January 24, 814. He was King of 
the Franks, Emperor ol^ the Romans, etc. By his Avile, Hildegarde, 
or Hildegardis, daughter of Childebrand, Duke of Suabia, he had a son: 

38 .Louis 1., le Debonaire, born 778, who died in 840. He became 
Emperor of the Romans in 814. By his wife, Judith of Bavaria, 
whom he married in 819, daughter of Guelph, or Welpho, Count of 
Altorf (see record of Guelphish Royal Line in Part 111.), he had a 
daughter, from whom Mr. Clark was descended, and of whom later, as 
w^ell as a son: 

37. Charles II., le Ch^uve (the Bald), born in 823, who died in 879. 
He was King of France and Emperor of the Romans. B}' his wife, 
Richeldis, daughter of Boso, King of Burgundy, (or Bovinus, Count .j> 
of Aldemir Waldi, in France, according to the Hughes chart) he had a 

36. Judith, who married, in Sbl, Baldwin I., Bras de Fer, first Count 
of Flanders and Ariois. See record of the Counts of Flanders. At 
the time of this nic-rria.gc, Judith was the widow of Ethelwolph, King 
of England. 


35. Robert the Strong, Count of Paris. His son: 

34. Robert II., the Great, Duke of France. His son: 

33. Hugh Capet, the Great, who usurped the throne of France, heir 



to which was Charles Hagh, Dulic of Lorraine. His son was: 

32. Hugh Capet, King of France in 987. He was father of: 

3 I . Robert, King of France in 996, who died in 1031. By his wife, 
Constance of Provence, he was father of two or more children: 

(30) 1. Henry, King of France. 

(30) 2. Adela or Adelais, who married Baldwin V., Count of 
Flanders. See record of th.e Counts of Flanders. 

30. Henry, King of France, was father of: 

29. Louis VI., who died in 1 ! 87. Fiis son: 

28. Louis VII., married Eleanor, daughter of W'illiam, Duke ofAquit- 
aine. Their son: 

27. Philip Augustus, King of France, had by his wife Blanche, a son: 

26. Louis \'lll., who married Blanche, dau-hter of Alphonso VIII., 
King of Castile, and his wife Eleanor, daughter of William V., Duke 
of Aquitaine, the divorced wife of Louis VII. Louis VIII. had two 
children from both of whom wa.s descended the Lady Anne Neville or 
de Nevile, ancestress of Orr.tio Dyer Clark. 

(25) 1. Louis IX., King of France. 

(25) 2. Charles de Anjou. 

25. Louis IX., King of France, j 25. Charles of Anjou was fath- 
died in 1270. His son: I er of : 


24. Philip III., crowned i 
1270. By his second wife, Mi 
rie de Brebant, he had issue: 
(23) I. Philip IV., King ol 

(23) 2. Margaret, who mar- 
ried Edward I. 
King of England, 
See record of the 
House of Anjou. 

23. Philip IV., the Fair, Kin 
France, married Jane, daughtei 
of Henry of Navarre, Count o 
Chf.mpaigne. His daughter: 

. Isabella, married Edward II., 
ng of England. See record of 
2 House of Anjou. 

24. Charles II., King of Naples. 
He married Mary, daughter of 
Stephen, King of Hungary, 
grandson of Theodore Lascaris, 
Emperor of the East. His 

23. Margaret of Naples, mar 
ried Charles de Valois, brothei 
of Philip the Fair, King o: 
France (Philip • IV.), son o: 
Philip the Hardy (Philip III.) 
and his wife Isabella of Arragon 
or Aragon, daughter of James 
King of Aragon. The daugh- 
ter of Margaret of Naples and 
her husband Charles de X'aloi 

22. Jane, or Joanna, de Valoi 
wife of William, Count of Hol- 
land and of } lainni'.lt, whose 

21. Philipa de Hainault, mar- 
ried, in 1327, Edward III., King 
of England. See record of the 
House of Anjou. 



•5. Donald IV., succeeded Gregory the Great, King of Scotland. 
He ruled for eleven years, and was followed by Constantine 111., who 
reigned for forty years and retired into a monastery, resigning the 
crown to the son of Donald IV. : 

34. Malcolm I., whose son: 

33. Kenneth III., was killed in 994, v/hen the throne was usurped by 
Constantine IV., who died in 995. Kenneth IV., son of Constantine, 
succeeded his father, but was deposed in I 003. 

32. Malcolm II., son of Kenneth III., then ascended the throne. He 
had no sons, but one of his two daughters: 

3 I . Beatrix, wife of Grimus, Governor of Scots Island, had a son: 

30. Duncan I., who succeeded Malcolm II., after that king was mur- 
dtMcd in 1033. Dunc:-.n was slain in 1039 by Macbeth, who usurped 
the throne. Macbeth was killed in 1057, and was succeeded by his 
son Lulach, who was killed by : 

29. Malcolm III., son of Duncan I. Malcolm Cean-Mohr, commonly 
called Canmore, (Cean-Mohr-the great headed), married Margaret, 
daughter of Edward the Exile, and fell in battle at siege of Alnw^Ick 
Castle, November 1 3, 1098. See record of Saxon Kings of England. 

I. David (third son), of whom in anoth.-r section of this 



(28) 2. Maud or Matilda. 

28. Maud or Matilda, married Henry I., King of England. See rec- 
ord of the Norman Kings of England. 

Part VI. 

Ancestry of the 

Princess Anne Plantagenet 

Continued from 

Part 11. 


(For other details Oi*^ this line see Part V.) 
35.35.36. Donald IV. His son: 
34. 34. 35. Malcolm I., whose son: 
33. 33. 34. Kenneth HI., w,.,s father of: 

32. 32. 33. Malcolm 11. He h;^.d no sons, but his daughter: 
31. 31. 32. Beatrix, wife of Grimus, Governor of Scots Island, had: 

30.30.31. Duncan 1., who succeeded his grandfather, Malcolm 11, 

when that king was murdered in 1033. His son: 

29. 29. 30. Malcolm 111., Cean Mohr (the great headed), commonly 

called Canmore, married Margaret, daughter of Edward the Exile, 

Prince of England. See record of the Saxon Kings of England. 


(29) 1 . David 1.. of whom presently. 
(28) (28) 2. Maud, who married Henry 1., King of England. See 
record of the Norman Kings. 

29. David I., King of Scotland, son of Malcolm III., died in 1 1 53. He 
married Maud, Matilda, or Mathilda, of Northumberland, daughter of 
Waltheof, Earl of Northumberland, and his wife, Judith, niece of Wil- 
liam the Conqueror. His son: 

28. Henry, Prince of Scotland, and ninth Earl of Northumberland, 
died in I 152. He married, in 1 139, Adele de Warren, who died in 


1 1 78, daughter of William de Warren, second Earl of Surrey. See 
Warren record. His daughter: 

27. Margaret of Scotland, married Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Here- 
ford. See Bohun record. 


(For other details of this line see Part IV.) 
31. William, Earl of Warren, son of Walternus de Sancto Martino, 
whose ancestry is given in the record of Charlemagne. His son: 

30. William, Earl of Wnrren, married Gundred, daughter of William 
the Conqueror. See record of the Norman Kings of England. His 

29. William de Warren, Earl of Warren and Surrey, married Isabel, 
daughter of Hugh Magnus, Count of Vermandois, son of Henry I., 
King of France, and his wife Anne of Russia. See record of the Rus- 
sian Royal Family. 

(28) 1. Adcle de XX'arren, of v.-hom presently. 

2. Gundred de Warren, also an ancestress of Oratio Dyer 
Clark, record thereof given in Part IV. 

28. Adele de Warren died in I ! 78. She married, in I 1 39, Prince 
Henry, son of David I., King of Scotland. Henry died in 1 ! 52. See 
record of the Kings of Scotland. 


(Seven lines of descent from Charlemagne reach down and come 


together in Anne Plnnlagenet, ancestress of Oratio D^-er Clark.) 

39. 39. 40. 40. 41.41.43. Charlemagne, for details of v/hom, .see 
Part V. of this work. 1 lis son: 

38. 38. 39. 39. 40. 40. 42. Louis 1., also recorded in Part V., married 
Judith of Bavaria, daughter of Guelph, of Welpho, Count of Allorf. 
See record of the Guelphish Royal Line in Part HI. of this volume. 

(37.) (39.) (39.) (41.) 1. Charles II., of whom presently. 
(38.) (38.) (39.) 2. Gisela, who married Eberhard. This 
couple were parents of Hedwig, wife of Ludolpho I. 
See record of Wittekind the Great. 

37. 39. 39. 41. Charles II., le Chauve (the Bald), born in 823, died in 
879. Lie was King of France, and Emperor of the Romans. He 
married Richeldis, daughter of Boso, King of Burgundy (or Bovinus, 
Count of Adlemir Waldi, in France. Hughes chart.), by whom he 
had the daughter whose record follows. He married, second, Ermin- 
trudis, daughter of Odo, Count of Orleans, by whom he had a son, of 
whom presently. 
Issue (by Richeldis) : 

(36.) (38.) (38.) I. Judith, who married, in 862, Baldwin I., 

first Count of Manders. See record of the Counts of 

Issue (by Ermintrr.dis) : 

(40) 2. Louis the Stammerer. 

40. Louis the Stammerer, King of France, married Adelheid, sirter of 
Welfrid, Sovereign Abbot of Flavigny. Their son: 


39. Charles III., the Simple, King of France, married Edgina, daughter 
of Edward the Elder, King of England. See record of the Saxon Kings 
of England. Their son: 

38. Louis the Transmarine, King of France from 926 to 954, married 
Geeberg, or Gerberga, daughter of Henry Auceps, or the Fowler, Em- 
peror of Germany and Duke of Saxony. Their son : 

37. Charles, Duke of Lorraine, married, second, Agnes, daughter of 
Henry da Vermandois and Tro3'es, and his wife, Edgina, widow of 
Charles III., daughter of Edward the Elder, King of England. His son: 

36. Charles Hugh, Duke of Lorraine, heir to the throne usurped by 
Hugh Capet. Llisson: 

35. Wilgerius, Duke of Lorraine, had a son: 

34. Baldrick Teutonicus, of Normandy, who married a daughter of 
Richard Fitz Gilbert, first Earl of Clare, and his wife Robesia de Bolbec. 
Their son: 

33. Nicholas de Boschaville, or Bacqueville, of Castle Martel, in Ger- 
many, had a son: 

32. Walternus de Sancto Martino de Gaurena, who married a daugh- 
ter of Herfastus, a noble Dane, and his wife Albereda, daughter of 
Ralph, Earl of Ivery. A sister of the wife of Walternus, Gunnora or 
Guinalda, married Robert, third Duke of Normandy. Their son: 

31. William, Earl of Warren is recorded in the Warren record, which 



(This line of ancestry, except for the numerals designating the gen- 
erations, is exactly like that given in Part V. For full details, see 
that section of this work. ) 

39.39.41. Lideric. His son: 

38. 38. 40. Engelram. His son: 

37. 37.39. Odoacer. His son: 

36. 36. 38. Baldwin I., whose wife was Judith, daughter of Charles II., 
King of France. See record of Charlemagne. Their son: 

35. 35. 37. Baldwin II., married Elstrude, Alfritha, Elfrida, or Ethel- 
w^ida, daughter of Alfred the Great, King of England. See record of 
the Saxon Kings of England. Their son was: 

34. 34. 36. Arnulph, or Arnold I., who married Adela, or Alisa, 

daughter of I lerhert II., Coiuit of Vermandois. 


(33) (33) (35) 1. Baldwin III., of whom presently. 

2. Elstrude, wife of Siegfrede, first Count of 
Guisnes. See ancestry of the Blount 
Family in Part III. 

33. 33. 35. Baldwin III., married Maud, Mechtild, or Matilda, daugh- 
ter of Hermand Billund, Duke of Saxony. His son: 
32. 32. 31. Arnulph, or Arnold II., married Rosella, daughter of Ber- 
enger II., King of Italy. His son: 



31. 31. 33. B^iHwin IV., married Eleanor, daughter of Richard the 
Good, Duke of Nori-nandj', or Otgiva, daughter of Frederick, Count of 
the Moselle. Their son : 

30. 30. 32. Baldwin v., mc-rried Adela, or Adelais, daughter of Rob- 
ert, King of France, son of Hugh Capet. See record of the Kings of 
France. Their daughter: 

29. 29. 31. Maud, or Mathildis, of Brunswick, married William the 
Conqueror. See record of the Norman Kings of England. 


(For other details of this line see Part V.) 

Seven lines of descent from Egbert, King of England, meet in 
the Princess Anne Plantagenet, ancestor of Oratio Dyer Clark. Four 
of these end in the 38th generation back from the children of Oratio 
Dyer Clark, the other three in the 36th, 39th and 40th. 

36. 38. 39. 40. Egbert, King of England. His son: 

35. 37. 38. 39. EtlK-lwolph, King of England. 

(34) (36) (37) I. Ethelbald, King of England. 

2. Ethelbcrt, King of England. 

3. Ethelred, King of England. 

(36) (38) 4. Alfred the Great., of whom presently. 

34. 36. 37. Ethelbald, King of England, had a son: 

33. 35. 36 Edward the Elder, King of England. With other children, 
he had: 

(34) (35) 1. Edmund, King of England. 



(j2) 2. Edgina, Vv'ho married, first, Charles the 
Simple, King of France, and, second, 
Menr}', third Coimt of Vermandois. See 
record of the Kings of France. 
Going back to: 

36. 38. Alfred the Great, King of England. By his wife, Ethelbirth, 
daughter of Earl Flhan, he had a daughter: 

35. 37. Elstrude, Elfrida, Alfritha, or Ethelwida, who married Bald- 
win 11., Count of Flanders. See record of the Counts of Flanders. 
Going back to: 

34. 35. Edmund, King of England, his son: 

33. 34. Edgar, King of England, w^as father of: 

32. 33. Ethelred II., King of England. By his first wife, Elgiva. he 
had a son : 

31. 32. Edmund II., Ironside. By his wife Algitha, he had a son: 

30. 31. Edward the Exile, who married the Princess Agatha, daughter 
of Flenry II., Emperor of Germany. See record of Wittekind the 
Great. His daughter: 

29. 30. Margaret, sole h-iirejo to the Crown of England, married Mal- 
colm HI., King of Scotland. See record of the Scotch Kings. Their 
daughter: , 

28. Maud, married Henry 1., King of England. See record of the 
Norman Kings of h.ngland. 




39. 40. Wittekind tlic Great. H.s son: 

38.39. Wigbert, had a son: 

37. 38. Bruno, Avlio was f.ulier of: 

36. 37. Liidloph I. He married I Icdv/ig, daughter of Ebcrhart and 
Gisela, the latter the daughter of Louis I., son of Charlemagne. See 
record of Charlemagne. 1 heir Gon : 

35. 36. Otto 1., was father of: 

34. 35. Henry I., the Fowler. 1 lis son: 
33. 34. Heinrich !.. was father of: 

32. 33. Heinrich II., father of: 

31. 32. Henry 11. 1 lis daughter : 

30. 31. Agatha, married Edward the Exile. See record of the Saxon 
Kings of England. 


(For other details of this line see Part V.) 

35. 37. Reginald the Rich, a Danish Earl, married Hilder, daughter 
of Harolst. Their son: 


34. 36. Rollo, was first Duke of Normandy. By his first v/ife, Poppai, 
daugliter of Beringnrius, Count of Banoux, he had a son; 

33. 35. William, second Duke of Normandy. By his v/ife, Adela. 
daughter of Herbert, Count of St. Liz, he had a son: 

32. 34. Robert, third Duke of Normandy. By his wife, Guinalda, a 
Danish lady, he had, beside Emma, wife of Ethelred II., of England, a 

31. 33. Richard the Good, fourth Duke of Normandy, vvho married 
Judith, Countess of F?ret;.igne,. His son: 

30. 32. Robert, sixth Duke of Normandy, married Hervela, daughter 
of Rollo, or Fulbcrt, Chamberlain to Richard the Good. His son: 

29. 31. William, Duke of Normandy, or William the Conqueror, King 
of England, had, by Maud, or Mathildis, daughter of Baldwin V., 
Coimt of ria.nders,, whose record see, two children: 

{IS) 1. Henry 1., King of England. 

(30) 2. Gundred, who married William de Warren, first Earl 
Surrey. See Warren record. 

28. Henry h, King of England, married Maud, daughter of Malcolm 
in., King of Scotland. See record of the Kings of Scotland. Henry's 
daughter was: 

27. Maud, or Matilda, widow of Henry V., Emperor of Germany, who 
married, second, GcofTrey PLantagenet, Count of Anjou. See recoid 
of the House of Anjou. 




28. 28. Fulco, Count of Anjou, nnd King of J<;rnsalc-m, uv.nrwA,n- 
berga, dauc'ntev of Hellas, Count of Mans. He died in \\4\. His 

27. 27. Geoffrey PU-.ntagene", Count of Anjon, died September 7, 
1150. He married the Emprecs Maud, or Matilda, daughter of 
Henry I., King of England, and v/idow of Henry V., Emperor of Ger- 
many. See record of the Norman Kings of England. His son: 

26. 26. Henry Plantagenet, born in 1 133, became Henry II., of Eng- 
land, crowned December 19, 1154. He married, in 1151, Eleanor, 
Duchess of Guienne, daughter of William V., Duke of Aquitaine. 
Henry II., died in 1 1 89, his wife on June 26, 1 202. His son: 

25. 25. John, King of England, was born in 1 166. He succeeded his 
elder brother. Richard, I., Coeur de Leon, May 27, 1 199, and died 
October 19, 1216. He married twice, but his second w^ife only is of 
interest to the reader of this v/ork. By her, Isabella, daughter and 
heircs,, of .Aynur de raillefer, Count of Angouleme, he left f^ve chil- 
dren, eldest of whom was: 

24. 24. Henry HI., King of England, born October 1 , I 206. He was 
crowned in 1216, and married January 14, 1 236, Eleanor, daughter of 
Raymond Berenger, Count of Provence. Henry died November 16, 
1272. His eldest son: 

23. 23. Edward I., King of England, was born June 1 7, 1 239, and was 
crowned August 19, 1274. lie married, in 1254, Eleanor, daughter 
of Ferdinand III., King of Castile and his v/ife Joanna, Countess of 


Ponthieu, daughter and heiress of John, Count of Ponthieu. Eleanor 
died in 1290, and Edward married, second, Margiiret, daughter of 
Philip II!., King of France. 1 he cliildren, bj- his first wife, of interest 
to the reader were: 

(22) 1. Edward II., King of England. 

(22) 2. Elizabeth Plantagenet, who married Humphrey de 
Bohun. Sec Bohun record. 
3. Joan d'Arce, wife of Gilbert de Clare. Her ancestry 
is given in Part VI!. of this work. 

22. Edward II., King of England, was born April 25, I 284. He was 
crowned Eebruary 23, 1307-8, having married, Janua.ry 23rd of that 
year,, Isabella, daughter of Philip IV., the Pair, Iving of France. Ed 
ward was deposed January 20, or 21, 1327, and was murdered t- 
Berkeley Castle in the same year. Plis son: 

21 . Edward II!., King of England, was born November 1 3, 1 31 2. H • 
married Philippa, daughter of William, Count of Holland and Hain 
null, in 1327, and was crowned the same year. Edward di'.^d at Shene, 
June 21,1 377, leaving, with other children, a son: 

20. Thomas of Woodstock, Duke of Gloucsier, Duke of Ireland, etc., 
who was born in 1335 and who died in I 397. Thomas married Ele; - 
nor, daughter and coheiress of Humphrey de Bohun, last Earl of Her 
ford and Essex, and Constable of England. See Bohun record. K 

1 9. Anne Plantagenet, at length sole heiress, married Edmund de St - 
ford, fifth Earl of Stafford. See Stafford record in Part II. 


11 . Humphrey At Bohun, E;m1 of Hereford, married the Princess Mar- 
garet, daughter of Prince Henr}' of Scotland. See record of the Scotch 
Kings. His son: 

26. Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford, married Maud, daughter 
of Godfrey, Earl of Es^ex. Their son: 

25. Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford and Essex, married Maud, 
daughter of Milo. Their son: 

24. Humphrey de Bolv.m, Earl of Hereford and Essex, married Elea- 
nor. Their son : 

23. Humphrey de Boh in. Earl of Hereford and Essex. Flis son: 

22. Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford and Essex, Lord High 
Constable of England, was killed March 15, 1321. He became the 
second husband of Elizabeth Planta genet, seventh daughter of Edward 
!., King of England, in 1 306. See record of the House of Anjou. 
Their son : 

21. Humphrey de Bohun, Ej>rl of Hereford and Essex and of North- 
ampton, Lord High Constable of EngLind. His daughter: 

20. Alianon, or Eleanor de Bohun, married Thomas of Woodstock, 
Duke of Gloucester and of Ireland, sixth son of Edward 111., King of 
England. See record of the House of Anjou. Their daughter: 

19. Anne Plantagenct, married Humphrey de Stafford. See Stafford 
record in Part II. 



35. Robert the Sirong, Count of Pciris. His son: 
34. Robert II., the Great, Duke of France. His sun: 

33. Hugh Ci^pet, the Great, who usurped the throne of France, heir 
to which was Charles Hugh, Duke of Lorraine. I lis son was: 

32. Hugh Capet, King of France in 987. He was father of: 

31. Robert, King of France in 996, w^ho died in 1031. By his wife. 
Constance of Provence, he was father of two or more children. 

(30) 1. Henry, King of France. 

(30) 2. Adela, or Adelais, v/ho married Baldwin V.. Count of 
Flanders. See record of the Counts of Flanders. 

30. Henry I., King of France, married Anne of Russia and was father 
of Flugh Magnus, Covmt of Vermandois, who was father of Isabel de 
Vermandois, wife of William Warren, Earl of Surrey. (see Russian 
Royal Family) ; and of: 

29. Louis VI., who died in I 187. His son: 

28. Louis VII., married Eleanor, daughter of William, Duke of Aquit- 
aine. Their son: 

27. Philip Augustus, King of France, hr.d by his wife, Blanche, a son: 

26. Louis VIII., who married Blanche, daughter of Alphonso VIII., 
King of Castile, and his wife, Eleanor Plantagenet, daughter of Henry 


!I., King of England, and his wife, Eleanor, daughter of William V., 
Duke of Aquitaine, the divorced wife of Louis VII. See record of 
the House of Anjou. Louis \'II!. had a son: 

25. Louis IX., King of France, who died in 1 270. I lis son: 

24. Philip III., King of France, was crowned in 1 270. By his second 
wife, Marie de Brebant, he had issue: 

(23) I . PhiHp IV., King of France. 

2. Margaret, wife of Edward !., King of England. Oratio 
D. Clark's descent from Margaret is treated of in anoth- 
er section of this Vv^ork. 

23. Philip IV., King of France, married Jane, daughter of Henry of 
Navarre, and had a daughter: 

22. Isabella, who married Edward II., King of England. See record 
of the House of Anjou. 


(Full authority — Gibbon's "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.") 

37. Basil the Macedonian, Emperor of Constantinople, A. D. 867, de- 
scended from Constantine the Great and Alexander the Macedonian, 
had a son : 

36. Leo the Philosopher, Emperor of Constantinople, A. D. 896. His 

35. .Constantine VII., Emperor of Constantinople, had a son: 
34. Romanus II., Emperor in A. D. 959. His daughter: 


33. Anne, married, in 988, Waldomir, Grand Duke of Russia, and 
had a son: 

32. Jaroslaus, Grand Duke of Russia in 1015, who was fatlier of: 

3 I . Anne of Russia, wife of Henry I., King of France. See record of 
French Royal Family, and the record of Warren. 

Part VII. 

Ancestry of the 

Princess Joan d' Arce 

Continued from 

Part II. 

.lilts of tlie liuca composing the ancobtry 
1 d'Arcy having been already jniblislied 
ns of this voluinc, tlicy are here briefly 



39. Egbert, King of Engl; nd, h- d, by his wife Redburgo, a son: 

38. Ethelwolph, King of England. The Princess Joan d'Arce was 
descended from both his first and fourth sons; 
(37) I. Ethelbald, King of England. 

2. Ethelbert, King of England. 

3. Ethelred, King of England. 

(37) 4. Alfred the Great, King of England. 

37. Ethelbald, had a son: 

36. Edward the Elder, King of England. His son: 

35. Edmund I., King of England. His son: 

34. Edgar, King of England, had a son: 

33. Ethelded II., King of England, who married Algitha, and had a son: 

3 I . Edward the Exile, Prince of England. He married the Princess 
Agatha, daughter of Henry II., Emperor of Germany, and had a daugh- 

30. Margaret, sole heiress to the crown of England. She married 
Malcolm 111., King of Scotland. See record of the Kings of Scotland. 
Their daughter: 

29. Maud, married Henry I., King of England. See record of the 
Norman Kings of England. 
Going back to: 


37. Alfred the Great, King of England, son of 38. Ethelwolph. He 
married Elhelbirth, daughter of the Earl Elhan, and had a daughter: 

36. Elfrida, Alfritha, or Elstrude, v/ho married Baldwin II., Count of 
Flanders. See record of the Counts of Flanders. 


36. Reginald the Rich, a Danish Earl, married Hilder, daughter of 
Harolst. Their son: 

35. RoUo, Duke of Normandy, had by his f^rst wife. Poppa, daughter 
of Beringarius, Coimt of Bnnoux, a son: 

34. V*''illiam, second Duke of Normandy, who had, by his wife Adela, 
or Spartha, daughter of Herbert, Count of St. Liz, a son: 

33. Robert, third Duke of Normandy. By his wife Guinalda, he had 

32. Richard, fourtli Duke of Normandy. He married Judith, Count- 
ess of Bretaignc. Tlicir second ,^on : 

31. Robert, succeeded hi? brother Richard, f^fth Duke, as sixth Duke 
of Normandy. By his wife M^rvcla, daughter of Rollo. or Fulbert, 
Chamberlain to Rick rd th.^ Good (No. 32), he had a son: 

30. William, Duke of Normandy, or William the Conqueror, King of 
England. He married Maud, or Mathildis, of Brunswick, or of Flan- 
ders, daughter of Baldwin V., Count of Flanders. See record of the 
Counts of Flanders. Their son : 
29. Henry 1., King of England, married Maud, daughter of Malcolm 


III., King oi Scotland. See record of the Kings of Scotland. His 
daughter was: 

28. Maud, or Matilda, widow of Henry V., Emperor of Germany, 
who married, second, in 1 127, Geoffrey Plantageiiet, Count of Anjou. 
See record of the Flouse of Anjou. 


29. Fulco, Count of Anjou. married Eremberga, daughter of fielias. 
Count of Mans. His son: 

28. Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou, married the Empress 
Maud, or Matilda widow of Henry V., Emperor of Germany, and 
daughter of Henrj' 1., King of England. See record of the Norman 
Kings of England. His son: 

27. Flenry Plantagenec, crc.vned as Henry II., King of Englrnd, mar- 
ried Eleanor, Duchess of Guienne, daughter of William V., Duke of 
Aquitaine. Oratio Dyer Ch.rk was descended from two children of 
Henry 11.. viz.: 

(26) I. John, King of England. 

(26) 2. Eleanor, wife of Alphonso VIII., King of Castile. Her 
daughter, Blanche of Castile married Louis VIII., King 
of France. For this line of ancestrj' see record of the 
Kings of France. 

26. John, King of England, had, by his second wife, Isabella, daughter 
and heiress of Aymer de Taillefer, Count of Angouleme, an eldest son : 

25. Henry III., King of England, who married Eleanor, daughter of 
Ri\ymond Berenger, Count of Provence. His eldest son was: 



24. Edward I., King of England, wlio had by his first wife, Elernor, 
daughter of Ferdinand HI., Ming of Castile, and his wife Joanna, 
Countess of Ponthieu, daughter and heiress of John, Count of Pon- 
thieu, a daughter: 

23. Joan d'Arce, who married Gilbert de Clare. See Clare record in 
Part II. of this volume. 


(For a detailed record of ihis family see Part V.) 

40. Lideric. His son: 

39. Engelram. His son: 

38. Odoacer. His son: 

37. Baldwin 1., Count of Fbnclcrs, had by his wife, Judith, daughter 
of Charles il., King of France (Ste record of Charlemagne), a son: 

36. Baldwin II., Count of Flanders By his wife, Flstrude, Alfritha, 
Elfrida, or I'thelwida, daughter of Alfred the Great, King of England 
(See record of the Saxon Kings), he had a son: 

35. Arnulph, or Arnold I., Count of Flanders, married Adela, or Alisa. 
daughter of Herbert I!., Count of X^ermandois. Their son: 

34. Baldwin III., Count of Flanders, married Maud, daughter of Her- 
mand Billund, Duke of Saxony, and had: 

33. Arnulph, or Arnold II., who, by his wife Rosella, daughter of Ber- 
enger 11., King of Italy, had a son: 


32. Btildwin IV'., who married Eleanor, daughter of Richard the Good, 
Duke of Normandy, or Otgiva, daughter of Frederick, Count of the 
Moselle, as authorities differ. His son: 

31. Baldwin V., married Adela, or Adelais, daughter of Robert II., 
King of France, son of hhigh Capet. See record of the Kings of 
France. His daughter: 

30. Mathildis. or Maud, of Brunswick, or of Flanders, married William 
the Conqueror. See record of the Norman Kings of England. 


40. Charlemagne, Emperor, by his wife Hildegarde, daughter of Chil- 
debrand, Duke of Suabia, had a son: 

39. Louis I., Emperor, who married Judith of Bavaria, daughter of 
Guelph. See record of the Guelphish Royal Line in Part III. of this 
work. Their son : 

38. Charles Il„ King of France, and Emperor, by his wife Richeldis. 
daughter of Boso, King of Brugundy (or Bovinus, Count of .Aldemir 
Waldi, in France, according to the chart of Hughes of Gwerclas), 
had a daughter: 

37. Judith, widow of Elhelwolph, King of England, who married, sec- 
ond, Baldwin I., Count of Flanders. Sec record of the Counts of 


36. Robert the Strong, Count of Paris. His son: 


35. RobertI!.,lheGreat, Duke of France. His son: 

34. Hugh Capet, the Great, usurped the throne of France, heir to 
which was Charles Hugh, Duke of Lorraine. His son was: 

33. Hugh Capet, King of France in 987. He was father of: 

32. Robert, King of France in 996, who died in 1031. By his wife, 
Constance of Provence, he was father of two or more children. 

(31 ) 1. Henry, King of France, from whom Oratio Dyer Clark 
was descended through another line of his ancestry. 

(31) 2. Adela, or Adelais, who married Baldwin V., Count of 
Flanders. See record of the Coiints of Flanders. 


36. Donald IV., King of Scotl-nd. His son: 

35. Malcolm I. His son: 

34. Kenneth 111. I lis son: 

33. Malcolm II. One oHiis two daughters: 

32. Beatrix, wife of Grimus, Governor of Scots Island, had a son: 

31. Duncan I., who succeeded his grandfather, Malcolm II., when that 
king was murdered by Macbeth in 1039. Duncan's son: 

30. Malcolm II!., or Malcolm Canmore, married Margaret, daughter 
of Edward the Exile. See record of the Saxon Kings of England. 


1. David, ancestor of Oratio Dyer Clnrk through another 
line of his ancestry. 
(29) 2. Maud, or Mntilda, who married Henry I., Kin?? of Eng- 
land. See record of the Norman K'ings of Enc^land. 


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I 1